EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX088560; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 156486 BP.
AC   BX088560;
DT   14-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-237O15 in linkage group 10 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein (zgc:110614), the rhof gene for ras homolog
DE   gene family, member F, the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein
DE   (zgc:112051), the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein (zgc:91974), two
DE   novel genes and two CpG islands.
KW   HTG; rhof.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-156486
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; b45d181e6c3d8155682a3f2becb9d545.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992662.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000042929; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000054389; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000076575; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000126248; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-237O15. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-237O15 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-237O15 is at 156486 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-237O15 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..156486
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="10"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-237O15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..154487
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-237O15"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<74..236,1894..2051,4165..4309))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-237O15.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018672"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:112051)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q4R842 Sw:Q6PF18 Sw:Q8C5T4
FT                   Tr:Q567H6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003409"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY81"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10777.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<74..236,1894..2051,4165..4315,8330..8459))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-237O15.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:112051)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM036542.1 Em:CO914766.1
FT                   Em:CO915307.1 Em:CO957310.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC093170.1"
FT   mRNA            join(8615..8699,14669..14787,16730..16846,22100..22159,
FT                   22238..22333,22424..22513,31502..31567,31647..31708,
FT                   32118..32210,32310..32374,34981..35049,37260..38081)
FT                   /gene="DKEY-237O15.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:110614)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK697469.1 Em:CN015137.1
FT                   Em:CN016302.1 Em:CV108972.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC095336.1"
FT   CDS             join(8637..8699,14669..14787,16730..16846,22100..22159,
FT                   22238..22333,22424..22513,31502..31567,31647..31708,
FT                   32118..32210,32310..32374,34981..35049,37260..37373)
FT                   /gene="DKEY-237O15.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018671"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:110614)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q3TA38 Tr:Q4SJB0 Tr:Q5XJ49
FT                   Tr:Q63ZG0 Tr:Q6DE21"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY80"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012926"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1LY80"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050522-49"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10778.1"
FT   regulatory      37919..37924
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      37941
FT   mRNA            complement(join(47026..48417,49320..49454,54608..54717,
FT                   57786..57873,58794..59104))
FT                   /gene="rhof"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.1-001"
FT                   /product="ras homolog gene family, member F"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK142038.1 Em:CK237189.1
FT                   Em:CK239193.1 Em:CO926778.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC095646.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(47616)
FT   regulatory      complement(47631..47636)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(48077..48417,49320..49454,54608..54717,
FT                   57786..57978))
FT                   /gene="rhof"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.1-002"
FT                   /product="ras homolog gene family, member F"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD760128.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(48250..48417,49320..49454,54608..54717,
FT                   57786..57873,58794..58922))
FT                   /gene="rhof"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018670"
FT                   /product="ras homolog gene family, member F"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8BYP3 Tr:Q3SZA1 Tr:Q4VA10
FT                   Tr:Q502M0 Tr:Q5DH40 Tr:Q5ZKS2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY78"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001806"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003578"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY78"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050522-280"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10780.1"
FT   mRNA            join(65016..65226,65339..65391,65544..65698,65978..66076,
FT                   66342..66612,71465..71586,73683..74705,80943..81653,
FT                   85501..85671,85767..85860,86519..86718,87511..87586,
FT                   87684..88067,88678..90047,92089..92265,94291..94416,
FT                   96398..96517,96599..96736,98744..101396)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL922232.1 Em:AL926170.1
FT                   Em:AW059298.1 Em:BM183575.1 Em:BM183898.1 Em:CA983777.1
FT                   Em:CK683705.1 Em:CK692037.1 Em:DN899208.1 Em:DR724141.1
FT                   Em:DT206778.1 Em:DT271709.1"
FT   CDS             join(65156..65226,65339..65391,65544..65698,65978..66076,
FT                   66342..66612,71465..71586,73683..74705,80943..81653,
FT                   85501..85671,85767..85860,86519..86718,87511..87586,
FT                   87684..88067,88678..90047,92089..92265,94291..94416,
FT                   96398..96517,96599..96736,98744..98917)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018669"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q3URP1 Tr:Q4SJA7 Tr:Q5F3P8
FT                   Tr:Q66J90"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY77"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000504"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001214"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003616"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012677"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024657"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1LY77"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050309-289"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10781.2"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(105722..105839,108301..108420,
FT                   109600..109760,109835..109901,109985..110077,
FT                   112794..112939,115451..115627,115718..115744,
FT                   117883..117984))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO960501.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(105825..105839,108301..108420,
FT                   109600..109760,109835..109901,109985..110077,
FT                   112794..112939,115451..115627,115718..115744,
FT                   117883..117943))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018668"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q4SJA6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY76"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001148"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018338"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018426"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023561"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY76"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-091204-152"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10782.1"
FT                   ASKLLLF"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(128480..129533,131659..131895,
FT                   134897..135049,137482..137685,141085..141267,
FT                   141405..141481,141552..141762,143832..143918,
FT                   147831..147953,150748..150780,BX957312.8:9953..10225))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-237O15.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:91974)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL918008.1 Em:BI887603.1
FT                   Em:CK018609.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC076492.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(128480)
FT   CDS             complement(join(129307..129533,131659..131895,
FT                   134897..135049,137482..137685,141085..141267,
FT                   141405..141481,141552..141762,143832..143918,
FT                   147831..147953,150748..150780,BX957312.8:9953..10028))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-237O15.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-237O15.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018673"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:91974)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q3TQ62 Tr:Q3UZE8 Tr:Q6DG59
FT                   Tr:Q8CB23 Tr:Q8IWC8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001007"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001304"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002172"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016186"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016187"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY79"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040718-404"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10779.1"
SQ   Sequence 156486 BP; 49944 A; 28132 C; 28289 G; 50121 T; 0 other;
     aagcttttta attcaagact ttaggcattg attttgttcc ataaatgaac ttatgcaaac        60
     agttttaagt gtgtacctag caaaatcaag ccctccccat gatgtttgtc cctcagccac       120
     tctccttcat acagctctcc attctcatac tgcattcgtc cccatccgct cctctcatct       180
     ccactccact ggccctcata aaacgcagat gcactgtaga aataagaccc agcaccctgc       240
     cagtgaaaga caggcatgca gtttaaatgc ggacataaag tcacggtcaa aaatattggc       300
     tattatacag tttctgtcaa aattagattt ctttttctaa tattttttta aatgatgtta       360
     aacagattca ggaatttttc acagtatttc ctataatatt tttttcttct gtagaaagtc       420
     ttatttgttt tatttcggct tgaataaaag cagttcttaa tttttttaaa ccattttaag       480
     gtcattatta atagccccct taagcaatgt ttgtttttaa ttgtctacac aacaaaccac       540
     cgttatacaa tgacttgcct aattacccta attaccctag ttaagcctta aaatgtcact       600
     ttaagctgta tagaaatgtc ttgaaaaaat atctagtcaa atattattta ctgtcatcat       660
     gtcaaagata aaataaatta ttaaaactat tctgttgaaa aaaatctgct gtccattaaa       720
     caaaaattgg gggaaaatac acaggaaagc taataattct gacttcaact ataagcaaaa       780
     aaagcattgg aaataaatgt gtataccaac tgatcctttt atcttttgtt acaatattta       840
     gataatataa tctttcattg aaaaaaaatt atggtaatac atgcgagcgc ataagtgatg       900
     tgagcatgca ctctatactg acactgagaa gaaaaagaac ttttaataaa gtcaacattt       960
     ttatactcgt ggcttgaaaa tattctgttt caacccctga aggcatgata tggtcggttt      1020
     tgaggaggtt tttggtattt ttctagattt tgaataagtc tggaacttat tttgctgtct      1080
     atggaggatg agggagctct ctgatttcac ttaaaacatc ttagtttgtg ttcagaagat      1140
     gaacaaatgt ctttggggag acttgagggt gagaaatgga taacagagtt ttaatttgtt      1200
     ttgattaatt ctaaaagtgg acctacagac atctgaattc taagtttgtc acccaaatgg      1260
     cttttctatc ttctttattt ttgtgaaata gacaatgaca aataataaca catttttaaa      1320
     gatgacctat tatgcccctt attacaagat gtaaaataag tctctgatgt gccaagagtg      1380
     tgtatgtaaa gtttcagctc aaaatatcac acagatattg ttttataact ctctaaatct      1440
     gaccctttta ggctttgatc ctaattgtgc cgttttgatg actgtcgctt taaatttaaa      1500
     tgagattgtg ctcttttcaa aaaagggtgg agctacaaat gcttatgtgt cagcatagag      1560
     gcagatttaa aattaagact aatgttctat gctaatgagg gagagatggt cactagtggg      1620
     cggagctttc cttccctgat gacacgtaca aatggagaat gtcaatcaaa gtgtttctgc      1680
     agactgttta tatcaagagt gactataaac aaatacaatg aattaatttt tactattaga      1740
     agctgcttat attcacaaac ttttgccaca cgacccctta taaaaatgat atttgcataa      1800
     taggccccca ttaagccctg ccaaggaaca ttgtttattg aatgtcctaa tttggcaaac      1860
     catgtaattc aataaggtgt ctttgctact tacttccttc ttgtcattcc tccaagaccc      1920
     gacataaacc ctcgtatact ctttggtttc tgggtccatc ctgcttagag ttccaaaccc      1980
     gtcccgcttt ccacacctcc agtctccatc atagactatt cctgctctct tccaaacctg      2040
     ctttcccttt ccttagcaga gtaagatgta cgttagtgag cagttgttta aagagacagt      2100
     tcacccaaaa atgaacattt cctcatcaat tactgaagtg attctaaact tttataaata      2160
     aatttctaca acaacaaaaa aaagatattt tggagaatgt tggaaaaaag caaccattga      2220
     catcaattga gccttcgcta atccacaccc gaaaacagcc acagaccaat cgtggcttag      2280
     caatcgtaaa taggcgcggg aggtctgtca agcttttgag caagggaaac aaaccaaaga      2340
     gttttgcata tggattgtgt aaatctgata accggtatcc taaaagtttg gatggggtgg      2400
     tgaaattttt gccaggcatt gatcaatcat gtgtggggct gtaaaggcag cacaatttaa      2460
     tcatatttcc atgtttcaag ctccgaatat ttggatcaca tttaaacaaa aatagagata      2520
     tgagatatga tcacaaattg ggcacttgtt tatgcattca ttcattttct tgtcggctta      2580
     gtccctttat taatccaggg tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcaagtt      2640
     tttacgcagc ggatgccctt ccagccgcaa cccatctctg ggaaaagcac ttgtttaata      2700
     tacttctaat tatacttctc ttatactaat aatatcgatt aatatacttt acccgcagct      2760
     gtttttcagt cattttaaat ctttgtgttt ctgtcaattc ctcgatgttt tcatctgtct      2820
     tttggagatt tagtcattga cggtgttata gcgggtaagt atctcctgct gtgcatgaac      2880
     taagctgttg aatggtcagc gtatgaggcg gcttggcttt agcttcaatt ttaattaaat      2940
     cattctctat cggttgcata ttatgtcatg aatatacccc tgtaatgtat actacactgt      3000
     taaaaaaaat ccgtaatttt acagtttatt tctggcagct ggggtgctgg aaaaaaaaaa      3060
     aaagcgtaaa ataacggacg ttaaattaca gaaatctact gtaaaataac agaggttgaa      3120
     taacagaaat ttaccagaaa tttaaattta aggaaatttc tgtaatttaa tttcaaattt      3180
     tctctatttt acagtaaatt tccgtaattt aacggccgtt attttacgtt tttttccggc      3240
     accccagctg ccagaaataa atcgtaaaat tacggatttt ttttacagtg tgcagtcctt      3300
     ttttgtctgg ctaacctaaa aatctcacct gtttgccaaa aatgaccaat aatctccctg      3360
     gaaatgtctg acaccggcgc acacatactg taaggcacga aagcttgaca tgcatagcaa      3420
     cagtaaataa ggaggggggc ggagcttagc aaaggttcaa ctgtaggaat aaaaaaagtg      3480
     cattgtcagc attcttgagt atattttctt ttgtgtttaa cagaaggaag aaactcaaac      3540
     cagtttgaaa caagtggagg atgaggaaat gatgacagaa ttttcatttt tgggtgaaat      3600
     atgtctttat tcattcattt tccttcagct tagtctctat attaatcagg gggccgccag      3660
     cataaaccac caaattatcc agcatatgtt ttacacagca aatgctcttc cagctgcaac      3720
     ccagtactgg gaaacaccca tacacactca ttctcacatc cactcataca ctacggccaa      3780
     tttagtttat tcagttcccc cacagtccaa acacatgcgc tgtatagggg aaaccggagc      3840
     acccggagga aacccacatc aacacggaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaacaga      3900
     cccagccggg actcaaacca gcaaccttct tgctgtgagg cgacagtgct aaccactaag      3960
     ccaccgtgtc accagaacta tctctttact tagggtaaaa tgaggtctca ttctacttag      4020
     tcaaacttta atttaagaag cacacaacct gcagagcaca tctgaatatc aaagtcggtt      4080
     caattgaggc ttgttctcac tgtgatcttc aaggcctgcc atgtttaaaa catgccaata      4140
     aatattcaag caattaaaca ttaccgtgct tcttattatc catccattcg cccgtgtatt      4200
     gatctccatt gaccgaatac accgtgtgat gaagtccata tttttgagcc tttctgtccc      4260
     aaagtttcac tagcggttct gcggtcgggg gtcttttcac ataaggcata ctgcactgaa      4320
     aaaacatcaa tattatttta ttagattgtt atgtgccaat atgcacatta ttttgcagtg      4380
     tggttcattg attccacaca attggtgcat tttactgtct ccaagaaata atcagatata      4440
     gaattgcatt gatgtatgct cataatattc attaatgcag catttatttt ttggtttatt      4500
     catttttctt ttaacccaca tgacaaatac tatagtaact tatacaaatt cgttgttttt      4560
     gctttatgtt taaagctagg gataaatctg aaatgcatac aaaagttttt tgaagaaaga      4620
     caaggggggt ataatctgag attttaggag gttgaaaaca aagacaactt aaaaaagttt      4680
     gtgcatgtct gtatgtggag tgaaattatg gaacagtcta gaacagactc tcaaagactg      4740
     tcaggatatt attaaaaaag ctgtataaat atatattatt aaaggaatat aaggataaag      4800
     gtgattgaaa aagcatcaaa tgagaaaggt atgatgacat tttaattaat ggctgtttgc      4860
     agtactgatt ttttgggggt ctatgttata aaatgtaaag atacacatgg gatcgaacaa      4920
     ataatatgtc aaagatgcca aaaggataaa atatgtttag tgtaaaaaga agataagtaa      4980
     aagaagaaat aagtttaagt aatagaggaa tgatgtacag ttgaagtcag gtaggctaaa      5040
     atcatctgtt aactgcatcc caatcatcac aaatactgca gaagagctac tggaacccgc      5100
     atggagccaa gattctcaca aaaatcagtc aagtttggtg aaggaaaagt catggtttgg      5160
     ggttacattc agtatggggg cgtgtgagag atctgcagag tggatgatca acatcaacag      5220
     cctgaggtat caagacattt gtgctgccca ttacattaca aacgtcgttt ctcatacttt      5280
     agcctccaca ttaaagttcc taaaagcaaa gaaggtcaag gtgctccagg attggccagc      5340
     ccagtcacca gagatgaaca ttattgagca tgtctggggt aagatgaagg aggaggcatt      5400
     gaagatgaat ccaaagagtc ttgatgaact tcaaatcatc aaatgagaaa ggtatgatga      5460
     cattttaatt aatggctgtt tgcagtactg attttttggg ggtctatgtt ataaaatgta      5520
     aagatacaca tggaatcgaa caaataatat gtcaaagatg ccaaaaggat aaaatatgtt      5580
     tcgtgtaaaa agaagagata agtaaaagaa gaaataagtt taagtaatac acaaatgatg      5640
     tacagttgaa gtcagaatta ttcgccccct tttgattttg attttctttt taaaatattt      5700
     cccaaatggt ttttaacaga gcaatgaaat tttcacagta tgtctgataa tattttttct      5760
     tctggagaaa gtcctatttg tttgatttcg gctagaataa aagcagttat taataaaaaa      5820
     aaaaaacatt tttgggacaa aattattagc ccctttaact tattttttca ttaatctaca      5880
     gaacaaacca tcgttttaca gtaacttgac taattaccct aacctgccta gttcacctta      5940
     ttaacctagt taagccttta aatgtcactt taagctgaat agtagtgtct tgaaaaatat      6000
     ctagtcaaat attatttact gtcatcatga caaagataaa ataaatcagt tattagaaat      6060
     tagtttttaa aactattatg gttagaaatg tgctgaaaca atcttcccag aacagaacag      6120
     aaattggggg aaaaaataaa caggggcgct aataattcag ggaggctaat aattctgact      6180
     tcaactgtat gtggtaggtg aagcagtggc gcagtgggta gtgctgttgc tgggtcactg      6240
     gttcgagcct cggctcagtt ggcgtttctg tgtggagttt gcatcttctc cctgcgttcg      6300
     tgtgggtttc ctccgggtta gggttaacac acacacacac tcatacacta tggacaattt      6360
     agcctaccca atttacctgt accgcatgtc tttggactgt ggggggcacc agaaggaaac      6420
     ccacgccaac acggaacatg caaactcctc cagcctccaa cattctacca gctgacacaa      6480
     acagaactcg aaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca tagctaacca ttcatccacc      6540
     gtgccaccac atttataata atataaacaa atagttttca actacagagt aatttatgca      6600
     atacctcaca atttactgta gcaaaaacta aagtatacta tagtattcat tagtttttca      6660
     gatcagtata atacaatttg aaatagtatg gttcaaaaac actttagtgt ttactaaaag      6720
     ttactatatt atttttttat gtgggaaatg ttttgtttta aaactcttat tgaaaagagg      6780
     gacagatata cactacctga caaagtcttg ttgttgatcc cagttgtaag agcaacaaat      6840
     aacttctagt tgatcatttg tgaaagtgtc agaaggtgtt ttttttttct gatgaatcat      6900
     ctgttaactg catcccaatc atcacaaata ctgcagaaga gctactggaa cccgcatgga      6960
     gccaagattc tcacagaaat cagtcaagtt tggtgaagga aaagtcatgg tttggggtta      7020
     cattcagtat ggggggtgcg agagatctgc agagtggatg atcaacatca acagcctgag      7080
     gtatcaagac atttgtgctg cccattacat tacaaacgtc gtttgcatac tttagcctcc      7140
     acattaaagt tcctgaaagc aaagaaggtc aagctgctcc aggattggcc agcccagtca      7200
     ccagagatga acattattga gcatgtctgg ggtaagatga aggaggcatt gaagatgaac      7260
     acaaagagtg ttgatgaact ctgggagtcc tgcaggaacg ctttctttgc cgttccagat      7320
     gactttatta atcagtgatt tgagtcatgt cagagatgta tggatgcagt cctccaaact      7380
     catgatggag tcagacacaa tattcatgct gtctccactg cagcaggact ttatattcta      7440
     gactggacat tatttctatt cagtgatgag actttttttc taagcagagt cagaccttac      7500
     tgtcctaaag aaatcattaa taatcaaggc atgatcatat tttattgtgg tcaaataagc      7560
     gtcatctaga ggcctttgac tttcatataa gccacttctg atactaaatg atcaattaga      7620
     agtcacgtta ttatttgctg ttcttaaaac ttgaatagtc gacaagactt ttgtcaggta      7680
     gtgtacatgc tcattttcat tcattcattc attcattttc ttgtcggctt agtcccttta      7740
     ttaatccggg gtcgccacag cggaatgaac caccaactta tccagcaagt ttttacgcag      7800
     cggatgccct tccagctgca acccatctct gggaatcgtc cactcacaca tttacacaca      7860
     cactcataca atacggacaa tttagcctac ccaattcacc tgtaccgcat gtctttggac      7920
     tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccggaggaaa cccacgcgaa ctcagggaga acatgcaaac      7980
     tccgtaatgc tcattttata agaaatatta aatggttata gtaatgtagt gtattagagt      8040
     aatgcttgtg tatgacagaa atgcggtaca atttctactg ccttaattct accgatgtta      8100
     aagaggtata taataaacac aattttattc aaatgcacaa atttcgtggt atttacttaa      8160
     atatttattt attaaaagct ttttgggaag aataacaaag tgtaaacaga tgtgtttata      8220
     ataccctata ttcaccaaag gctattaaac aaaaagatat ggtgaatact agagcttttt      8280
     tgcatttaaa acgtgtaaat atagtaaata aatcatagtc aacacttacc tttacagtcc      8340
     agaccgctta aaaaaaccca aatcaaccat ttatctacga aaatcaactt taattgtcaa      8400
     gcaatggtcg atctcgacta aacctcttaa aaataattag tgtactgtaa ccaagcaacg      8460
     aactctctaa tgtttatttt cgctgactct cccggtcgtc agatggcgat gtcatcctct      8520
     gaacctaatg ctcggctgtg attggctgac gtggtggaag cggagcttat ataaatggct      8580
     ggagcgccta ctagcggcag ttaagcggca cagcagcgct aacgcggacg ggtacaatgt      8640
     cactggagag atgtcaaagt gaatggacag aaatagagca agaatatcag caattacagg      8700
     tttgagctga acggataaac gttatatttg tgcgtcgtta accaaaatat gagttaatga      8760
     gtcattaaag aagcagtcgt gtgtgtttgg gatgtttatg atgcggctag cgggctttag      8820
     ctcatcagat gaactgattt ctattgttac tgtacatgtg tattaaatct gtatcagctt      8880
     tctatattat atatagtaga atacaaaata ataagcattg tttttgtaca tctgctcggt      8940
     tttaatgaac tcggtgtgtt actgatgtaa ttctgataat gcttcacgaa tgtaactggt      9000
     taaactaggt tagatgttaa ccaagagtta ttgcttaact gttaaaatga tctattcttg      9060
     atatcaaggt cagattacag tatgatgaag ctcaaaatga atgagagaaa gttcatgaag      9120
     ctccaggggt ttgaatgcct tggaaaaagt gccttttaaa gtaaattacc atgggagtac      9180
     taggtttttg ggacacaatt catgatagta ctctggtatt atttcaatta ttttggactt      9240
     ccatgtaata aacatttaat attgtatctg atataaaaat attgtatata agccaaagat      9300
     gagtttttta acacgcatgg aaattactat agtaacttat gtagtagaca tgggctagac      9360
     cagtggttct caaagtattt tccccaagta ccacctcaga aaaaaatggt ctctccaagt      9420
     accaccataa tcaacagtat tgaaataaag gagcctagtg ggctaaatta agcagctaaa      9480
     gcactgcaca gttcgaaaat gagacagagt cattcattca acgaaattat attccataca      9540
     aaatatttta tcagtcagtt cttgtcacat gactcgcggt gctgcattct gaaaagttaa      9600
     gatgttttca actggggagg cctggaatac gcaagcgcgt cgtgctgcag gtcttactca      9660
     ttttgctagc ctgtgggttc aattttggca ctcaagtgac cgagatgtaa caagagaata      9720
     cggtcatttt tcaaaatgaa agatttttca aaataaatga tcgttcagac tctgattata      9780
     aataaaactg aaataattaa taattttttg tgtgtggccc agtaccaatt gatctataga      9840
     atggtgccgg tctgcggccc gggggttggg gaccactgct ctagcatgta tctgctctgc      9900
     aagcaccacg cacctctttc tctagttctg cgccatttgg attgtgcatt ttaaacatcg      9960
     ctttgatcgt aggctttgga gaacagccaa tgctgatcac aatggtgtta ttgtacacat     10020
     gaaattacta aaaatgtatt aattttttca ttcattactc agtgattcct ctgcgtacta     10080
     ctagaagtaa gcccgcgtac ctctagtggt acacatacca gtttgagaac cactgggcta     10140
     gacggtatga taaccttgga taaaaatacg gtttcacagt atcacagtat tgtgaatgct     10200
     gctctaaaat atgttctttt taattgtctg ggtaaaaaac aaaaactttt tcccctttga     10260
     aaacaaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     10320
     atatatatat acatatatat atatattttt ttttttttct tatattttta taatattttg     10380
     gagcagtaaa catgtcaggc taaataattc aattgaatca ttgactcctg ccgtctacat     10440
     tagtttctaa aacacagatt tctttacaat ttaaaacggc atctttggaa tttttttctg     10500
     ctgaagatat tgttttctta aaaaaaaaga aatgtgaata aaaaagctta tatttacctt     10560
     tggaatggta ttacagaaca ttttggctgt tttaaaacct tgacttttcc aaaccgcggt     10620
     ataccttgaa aacaggttat cgacccatgc ctaagtagta gtagtggtta actttattgt     10680
     gcttgacagg gattttgtta tgggcatcac catactgctg cagacattcc ataaagacaa     10740
     acaataaaaa caaaacaaaa tgcagcagtt acaataatta taatgctaat taagattaat     10800
     tattgttaaa caaacaaact gaaacagcta caaaggattt ctattatcgg ttcagcttac     10860
     agctttatat ctcctacaag agggaagtag gcatcggacg attaccgttt tcaaagttta     10920
     ccgcgatttg gaaaagtcaa ggttttaaga ccgctagaac tttgttatat cattcctaca     10980
     gtatatgtaa gctttttaat tattattatt tatgtttttt ttttacaact attttattca     11040
     gttttttaag acaacagtat ttccagctga aaaggaccat caacatcaaa agctactgtt     11100
     tcaaaatagt ttaaatgctt cttaaaataa tgtatagtgt attcagtgtg ggaaaatgtt     11160
     attctctttt acccagacat ttaaaaacaa catattttaa agcagtaatc cagataccat     11220
     gaagccgtga tattttatcc aaggttatca taccgtcaga atcttataga gggaagcagt     11280
     tcatattgtg gaaacaaaaa atgaacatta tgtgccaata aatacaatca atacaatagt     11340
     gttatgatcc atactatagt aaaaaacttg aatgaatccg ttgtgataat actatagttg     11400
     tacaccaact atagtaatat aaaaaatgac caaatacttt actgagtttt ctataactat     11460
     atatgtatta tactaaacaa atataccagt ttattgtagt aaaactaagc catacagtgt     11520
     actataatat ttattagttt atattggtag ttaaatatac agtatgctgt atcattcatt     11580
     aattaagagt tgtaaatact ataatatagt ataatacatt ttactatagt atgtttactg     11640
     tagtatttta tataacttta atacactgta aaactcaaca gtgtatttta tcaaatgaaa     11700
     tgagtgtcgt taactcaaca ttcactgaaa gtcaattcaa cttatttgaa aagagttttg     11760
     aactcagtgt tgaaggtaat gagttaatta aatacctcat tacttctact taaatggagt     11820
     acgttcacag tactaatata ggttagttta actcaaatga tttgaagcaa tcggtttcct     11880
     caaatggttt gagttgcctt aactttttgg gtttgcagta cttagttggt ttgagttctc     11940
     ttcatttatc gggttttact ttgcccaaat tgctttgttt actcaaatct gagttcacag     12000
     taatcattag gattagtttg ttaacttaaa tggtttgttg caatcggttt caaataggtt     12060
     ttgttttttt aaattaaaga ggaactaaaa tactgctcat tatgtaattt tgtatatttt     12120
     aaatatttcg aacatttaaa atattttaat atttcaaata ttttgtgcat gggacgataa     12180
     ctgggttcaa ggtataccgc ggtttggaaa aatcaaagtt ttaaaaacgc taaaattatc     12240
     tgctaaaccg ttcctaaggt atatgtaaag taatttatta ctgttgtaaa gaaatctgta     12300
     gttttgagaa taatgaagac agcagttagg gttagtcaat gatttatttg atttatttac     12360
     cctgacatgt taactgtttc aaaatcttta aatctttcct aaaataaagt atattgtgtt     12420
     caagttgtcg tttttttact cagacatgaa ctgaacttaa acactaaaaa ctgaactacc     12480
     ctgatccagt ttctttgacc atttatgtga agctgctttg acacaatcta cattgtaaaa     12540
     gcgctataca aataaagctg aattgaattg aattgaacat tttaaaagaa attattttag     12600
     agcagtcatc acaatactgt gatactgtga tgtttttatc caaggttatc acaccgccag     12660
     acacatggga gaaagacgag agatgtctta ttttgttgtt ttggtgaaat aaaatttctg     12720
     aaagtggttt tatatacgta gtacaaatta gggctgcatg atattggaaa tacgtacgtt     12780
     gaaatatttt ttattttctg ctatttatat tgcgatattt tatcaaataa catttatagc     12840
     tcttttattt aaataagtaa aacctttata taggatggga agatttttta gaggactgca     12900
     tctgcagaga atataataga ctaatttcca gcattgataa tacagtagag gaacggtata     12960
     aatgaacaag gtgtccgcta agcatggtct ggtataagtt tctgatggta tgataacttt     13020
     aaataaaact accacagttt cacggtattg agtgtactgc tgtaaaaagt tcttttaaaa     13080
     tgtctgggta aaacaaacaa aacataacct tttccccact gaacacagtt tattttcttt     13140
     taggaaacat ttataatatt ttggaagagg aaacaaatca ggctaaatag ttaaaataaa     13200
     tcattgaatt ctcccctctt tattagtttt aaaagcacag atgtatttac aacaaataaa     13260
     aaatacatta aatagacctt acatatacct tggaacggta taacagaaca ttttagcggt     13320
     attaaaacct tgagttttcc aaatcgcggt aatccttgaa actggatatc gtcccatgca     13380
     tagtgtccac ggagtcttaa aaagtattaa aagctgatca attattgtag agaaatgtga     13440
     ggcccttaaa aattatatta taaaataaat attataaagt ctatagctga taaattaatg     13500
     tagagaaatt taaggccctt aaattatatt ataaaataaa tattataaag tcttaaatgc     13560
     tattttgcaa gctattaaat tttatttaat ttttgattat ggtatggttg aatgctaaag     13620
     tttgcctgaa ttaaatctgc aaatatcagg atgctgtgta gtttatgaaa tcaatgaatc     13680
     ctgctagatt tgacatcatg ctgctttgtt tactgcagga aacactgtta tgtctttagt     13740
     tctattgatg ccgacctgct gaattctcta gatctactcg atttttattc agtatatgaa     13800
     taatgtttta gttttggttt agtttcttac attaatattt agtcaatata ctgtacgtta     13860
     aaatctcaca tctgtttcca gttgaaattc aagtggtttt aaggtgaagt gcattaaaat     13920
     gtatgcaaag agtcttaata aaggtcttta aatgaatttc actctctgat tcctgtatat     13980
     gctctgatga tggagtctga cagtattcat gcacagaaat aaaatgatca aacagagaag     14040
     aaagttatat agtcttcatt atatgcatca ttaaataaca tttatgtttg ttaaagctac     14100
     aaaatgcaat aattccttgt gcccaaatgc tttaaactca tttaaaatgc ctacacagtc     14160
     acaggcctta aagcacgcac aactaatact catttttatg gttaaactga aatgtacctg     14220
     ctttaatcct gactccacat tacagattct gcgatgtgaa tattgctcgt tcgttaacac     14280
     gttgcaaaat tgatgctaag acgatttatt gtgcaatgtg cggtcctagt agtaataata     14340
     aatgcactta aagttaattt aaaatatatt gagatataat aaagtacgtc actgagtgta     14400
     acatacttat tttgacctga tgttaaattt aagtgtttat acatcatgca cctgatcatg     14460
     gcggtttcat tcagtacggt actgtggtat tatcccagag caacctttgt taaaatgact     14520
     gtttaaattt agagccgtaa tggagtgacc cgtgattaaa atgcctcctg cttaaaataa     14580
     agatgtcatg ggcacaccga aaggtcatgc atgttttatg gaacaatttt gatttcatgc     14640
     cgactaacgg tgtgtatttg tattttagga aacgcacaaa gtttacagac agaagctgga     14700
     ggagctgacg aacctgcagg ccatatgcag cagtgccatt agcaaacaga gaaaaggcct     14760
     gaaagacctc aagcagagcc tttataagta tgaacaccct ttcagatctt actaaagaga     14820
     aaaaaataaa taaattatct cgttattctg gcagttagca aatgttaatc atttaggtag     14880
     tcctaacaga cctaaaatga gtaaacgtta gcatgattta ccatcagaca ttttttttaa     14940
     atggttatgt tccttttttt acagtgtatg taaacttctg gtttcagctg tatgtgctgc     15000
     atgttttgtt cttaattaga aaatgaataa aaaggaaaac agcagttcag aaggcatctg     15060
     atcgttgtga catgaatttt tgacttttag cactccagtc aaatcctgtc atgtttattt     15120
     ataatgcact ttatgctgaa cgctgttttg gcacagtttt tccattatta aacttaaaat     15180
     tcagtttaca tttaatacga aacacacctt aaatttggat taagtcagtg ttaatatttt     15240
     tggtgatgga agaaatgagc tggagaagat attgggccct atcatacatg cggcacagtg     15300
     tggcgcaagg cgcgacgcag tagtcttttg ctagtttcag cttggcgcaa gagtggtttt     15360
     gaggcgttgc gctacgctgt ttaaatagca aatgcattag cactcatatg tgcgcccata     15420
     ggcgttctga tctaaaaagg aaggcgttct gaggcggact gctggtgcgt tgctattttg     15480
     agaaactatg atagattttt cattagacca aaacaaaccc ggtctaaact ccagcgcaga     15540
     gttgcatctt gcttacacac tgcttaatac acacaagatg tagagcaatg cgcaaatatc     15600
     tttacatatg aaaaataatt ataatattaa ggatatacat atatatatat atatatatat     15660
     atatatatag gatataataa ggatatatat aggatataaa tataaaggat taaaatatta     15720
     caaaacatat tattttctag cctacataaa tatgaaaacc actgctttta tttcgggagg     15780
     ctttttcagt tcattcataa caatttgctt ttgtataatg ttattattat tagcagtatt     15840
     atttattata tccatattta tatttgtttt aataaaaaca agcttagatt tgtccacctg     15900
     tcaggtttta gaccatatgg ggcacagcat gtgtgtttgg atataactca ggtttttgag     15960
     cacacttcat tattattgtt catttattcg tttgctggaa attagaactt aatttagaaa     16020
     tagttttgaa acaaatcttt gcgataaaca aacaaaatta attatttatg ggctaattga     16080
     tgtctttgta taaaggtttc cctgtccacg agagtgaaag tgaaagttat taatttatct     16140
     ctcattctcg cgcagtagat gctctgttta actgttttct tgctagtgaa atgctcagtt     16200
     tttccactta cacttacttt gcgtcctgta aatagcaaat gcgcttatgc cgtgatgcag     16260
     ctgactctta aagggaatgg gagatgagac tctgattggt ttattctcaa aacacaccta     16320
     taactcatta agaaaataaa ctcaaccctt ttagaccatg ctccatggcg caaagcagat     16380
     tttcccgtcc ttatattagc aaaaatacat tctggcatgt cctgaaagtg tttgcgccct     16440
     gcgttttgca ctttgcgcat ggaccgtcaa aatagagccc tttagcttaa agtaggcgga     16500
     gtctcagaga cacacccacc tatttcatca tcaccatggg ctaataggaa tttaaagttg     16560
     tttactaacc acattaaaca tttctgagaa gctatttcac atttcaaagt agtttgattt     16620
     gagcttgttt tttttttttg aatgatgccg gttcatggtt caggttcact tgaagtgcat     16680
     cagggcgtca tcacacattc cctccttttc ctctttttgt tatcaacagg tgtaagaaaa     16740
     gttgcaatgg taaagattcg gaggtgataa atgacctgca ggtccaaatt aaagaaagac     16800
     agaatgtctt ttttgacatg gaggcctatt tgccaaagag gaacgggtga gttcaagttc     16860
     ttcattttgt ttctgatctt tttaatgacc acagcgctgt ggtctggttt tgaggttttt     16920
     tacaatctca aaattggtgt gaagcagaag tcacaacagt cctttcttcc ctattatgat     16980
     gtatttttaa gtcaagctat ttttgagtga ggcacggtgg ctcagtgggt agcactgtcg     17040
     cctcacagca agaaggttgc tggtttgagc cccggctggg tcagttggcg tttctgtgtg     17100
     gagtttgcat gttctcccca tgttggtgtg ggtttcctct gggtgctccg gtttccccca     17160
     cagtccaaac acatgcgctt taggggaatt taacaaactt aatagcttgt agtttgtgtg     17220
     tgcatgggta tttcccatta ctgggttgct gctggaaggg catgcactgc gtaaaacata     17280
     tgctggaaca gttggcggtt cattctgatg tagtgacctc tgaaatagag actaagctaa     17340
     cgaaaaataa atgaactttt tgagtgagaa aaaatgtggt ggggtagagc tgcatgatat     17400
     tgaacaaatc tgacattata tttagttttt ctgcaatatg tactgcaata taaatgcaat     17460
     ctcaccagat gacttgaata gctctataat ggcaagaatt cactcatatt tagattgatt     17520
     gcgattattt gtaagtcagt gaatcgatta acaagcacag ataattacaa cagagcaaag     17580
     atgaacctga aataagaaaa aagctcagat gctgttggtt ggttgctgtt ggttgtgcac     17640
     cttttttacc aaccaagttt gttgacggca tcataacgac acagatcact ctgcatattc     17700
     atgccagagt cctgcagaaa aagtgattga caggtggtca tttgtgtgta acttttatct     17760
     ttgtttattt atgatttggt tatgggtaaa acagaccgtg cgggtcaggt agttgaaacg     17820
     gtaggctaca aatcattaat taattatgta ttaattaatt attcataaat aattaattca     17880
     ctaatgccat catccatcac aatgttttac attagacatt gtacgatgcc aaattggtcg     17940
     acattgccca acactatatt atatatattt atgcacaata attatacaca atgagtgtaa     18000
     ttacattata taaataaaag ttttgtacta tatattgtat tttggatgca atatatacag     18060
     ttgaggtcag aattattagc ccccctattt atttttttcc accaatttct gtttaacaga     18120
     gaacagattt tttcaacaca tttctaaaca taatagtttt aataactcat ctctaataac     18180
     tgatttattt catctttgcc atgatgacag taaataatat ttgactagac atttttcaag     18240
     acacttctat acagcttaaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac taggctaatt aggttaacta     18300
     ggcaggttag gggaattagg caagttattg tgtaacaatg gtttgttctg tagaccagtg     18360
     gttctcaaac tgtggtacgc gtaccactag tggtacgcgg gcttcctcct agtggtacgc     18420
     ggaggaatcg ccaaataatg aaagaaacaa ttaacacttt taatcctttg atgcgtaata     18480
     taacatcgat gtgatcagca ttgtctgctt ggtgaagcgt acgatcacaa cgctgtgctt     18540
     agaatgttta ttttagtgct ttgtgacata agctgctgaa aatcagttcc cgaagtttaa     18600
     gcattgattc tgaagggtga tttgactgac atgaaaagta gccaatcaca gtcgaccttt     18660
     tctagtcgcg tgaaacgtaa gggcgggaca aaggctttct gtgttgcaga gacagagaaa     18720
     acaacttaaa aacaaatgtt ttgttggaat aatgcttctc ggatgttttc actatagaga     18780
     tgtctagcag agtaattaaa ccgcggacat atttcctgcc tttttgatga tctacataca     18840
     cgtttcgctc tccgacagcc agtcgactcg cctctgacct gtcactcctc taaatacatt     18900
     ctgaatggcg gcgcgggaat gaaggtattg cgcaataact catttctgca aatgtggcga     18960
     gtgctttatt ttaacacgag aaagcgcatt catgtacgca aatcgctaaa acagatatgc     19020
     gagctcctaa ataggctttt tttgtttcaa attaactgca agtcctctca tgatcgcctg     19080
     tgtgctcagg ttgaatacaa tcgcgatctc tccactatta aagtagacat tatttatctt     19140
     tattccttga ctaaatttag tcaaaagtat tcaaagttat caagtattta gaattagatt     19200
     gatgcatgat cgatgacaat gcaaatggtc ttcttatttg gctgtattgt gaagtgaaac     19260
     ttacttttag caaaggggga cttatttctt tacgacaaaa gaattatgct gaaaatgttt     19320
     ctggatgagg tatttgtgtg atttaacgtt atacatttag ttgtattctg atctgtctta     19380
     aagcattaca ggtcaaaaca attcgttgtt acgtattgtt tatttatcaa aattaacaat     19440
     aaggctctta aagcactgct ttgataaatg tagtgttgtc atatttcaaa tacttaaagt     19500
     aaaatgaagt catttattta ttttttttac tgacagtgta cttgtattat tttttttgta     19560
     ttttagatta agatcaagtg taaaataaaa tctacatgtg atgtacagct atttaagaaa     19620
     cagatttgcc atattgtaaa gaaaaatagt gtaaaatatg taaataaaag gctaaattta     19680
     aatattttta ccatatactt taattaaacc tttcaaagct tgaaaatatt gtttaaaaat     19740
     gggcaaaaag tgtctctatg gccttaaagt ttatgtggta gttttgccaa tgctattgaa     19800
     aaaagattaa ttgtcatgaa aggaaaaatc gaccatactt cctttgttag tgcaaattcc     19860
     tatacatgta gctttgagat ttaagcaatt aaaccattca atcaggttta cacttaaagt     19920
     gatttcataa tgaaaatctg attttttttt tcaaaagtaa ccaactagta ctttttaaaa     19980
     gagtactttg tacttttacc taatattagt attatttact aaaatttgtg ttattttagc     20040
     agtgtaatag tatttttcct tgagtacaaa aaagatttca caagcattaa gtgcaggttt     20100
     attatattat taatatatga ttaataaata ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     20160
     ttattattat tattattatt aatgtttttt atgtgtatct attcctatgc aatgttttat     20220
     gggttgctga gaatacattt caggtcttca atacatagca tgtcagtctt gaaaaaaaaa     20280
     taggtgctgg aattgatttt cattaggctg tgcctgtatg aaccctgtca tatgtacatt     20340
     taacatttca agatttgtct aaaagtgtat gaatatgaca tatagcctat atatatgtgg     20400
     tccaagcaac atttccagct tttgatgaat aggcaactat gaatacttta aatttaagtg     20460
     cagcagtttt ctttttactt ttttaagaac agcgccattt tttatgaacc tttaaaagca     20520
     cattttaact aaaacgtttt tttttttttt ttttacctgc aagcaccagt taatgttcag     20580
     actatttaaa atgtttaaag tgactggcaa taatacatat tcttaataat aggaattaat     20640
     ctgcatagtt tttaaactgt gcacacatgt agctgcttaa ttaggcccac aacgctattt     20700
     ttaatactgg ttaaaaaata gcgtcgtaag gtggtacttg gagagacaat ttttttctaa     20760
     ggtggtactt ggtgaaaaaa gtttgagaac cactgctgta gactattaaa aaaataggta     20820
     gcttaaaggg gctaataata ttgaccttaa aatggtgttt gaaagattat aaactgcttt     20880
     tattctcacc aaaatgaaac ataagacttt ctccagaaga aaaaatatta tcagacatac     20940
     tgtgaaaatt tccttgctct gttaaacatc atttgggata tatatatata tatatatata     21000
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt tatatatata     21060
     tatttatata aatgtaaata ggggctaata attctgactt ctactctata tacacaatat     21120
     gtatacacaa tgagtgtaat tacattaaat taattaaagt aaataaaatt atattatttt     21180
     atattgtatt ttgtttgcac tatatatgtt tttttatata attaattttt ttttatttga     21240
     cagcagtagt caaaaaatgg taacacatgg taatgtaatg taatttaatg taatgtgtat     21300
     ttatatagtg catttattgt gaaagcgctt tacaatcatg aggggtgtct ctccacacca     21360
     ccaccagtgt gctgcatcca cttggatgat gcgacggcag ccacaggaca acggcgccag     21420
     tgcataaatg cataaactaa catgaacaaa caatgaaaac tgcatttact acaatacttg     21480
     ttgatgttag ttaatgttgg ttattgaaaa tacagttgtt cgtcatcagt tcatgttaaa     21540
     tcacgatgca ttatctaatg taaacgtgca tgaatttgga tgttagtaat gcattagtag     21600
     tgttgaacta tggttaataa atgctgtact agtgttgtac ataattagtt catgttagta     21660
     aatacattac ctgatgaaac cttattgtaa cgtgtgatca ataaataacc ttatttaaag     21720
     ttacaaatag tacaatttct tgtgtctgaa tatttgaaac cctcttgaat tgctcacaca     21780
     tgcagtcaca gaccttaaag acacatgcag atgaaaatca ttcactccat tgtggttaaa     21840
     ttgtaaaggt ttatacatat agttaaacta taatcccaat taaacattgc acatttgcga     21900
     tgggactctt gcacatgcac tcattctcct cttgttgttg aaaccattta ttgtgcaacc     21960
     tttacatttt gtccaatagg aattgactgg attgttctgc tctgctattg gtcaatcgca     22020
     tgtgattgac aggtctaata atactgtatg tcatgcatgg atatattatt gatgatgaat     22080
     aatggtcttc tcttttcagg ttgtacctaa atttggtcct tggaaatgtg aatgtaacac     22140
     ttctcagcaa tcaagccaag tgagtcagac gtgagcgtgt gcattgagat ttcccaatgc     22200
     tgaattgctg atttttatta ttttattttt tccacaggtt tgcgtacaaa gatgaatatg     22260
     agaagtttaa actttatatg acgataatcc taatgtttgg tgccgtcacc tgcctcttcc     22320
     ttttgaacta ccggtaagaa agagatttgc ataactcatt tcatgttgtt ttgaggaggg     22380
     caatgtgctt tcggagtcta ataggctgat gtgacgttca cagggtcaca gacgaaatct     22440
     tcaacttttt attggtgtgg tattattgca cattgacaat aagagagagt atcctcagaa     22500
     gcaatggctc acggtgagtt cacaatacgt gtctatatat atatatatat ataattattg     22560
     atattgtaag gtccagccag ttggtccaat gacggtatcc aatggtggat gaaggttcac     22620
     tgcatgttcg gtctttccag tgcacaatgt tgatttatat taaacttaac tcatatctga     22680
     ctccaatttt agtatgagat ggtttagaat attaatatgt ttatcctcgt tttatctgac     22740
     tccaattata aaacatagag aaggttattt tgtttccttt cacattattt tagattatga     22800
     ttgaatattc tcttcggttc atcattttat gttattctcg ttcattggga tctctataac     22860
     atcctgaatc ttgtaccggc cgagtataca atttcttaag cacaagcatg tcagtcttgg     22920
     tcactaaaca ggggcgattg accgctatcc taaaaaggca gaaccctact tactcagatt     22980
     aggatatttt ttatgcggtc cccataggtc tgctacctcc taaatcagac agagctattt     23040
     agtcatataa cgatcattac tatagaatta agcagaccag tcgtacttaa actagtagta     23100
     actttgaata atcactatac tatctaaata gtattaaaag tttatcgggt gaaggactat     23160
     ccccttagat atccttttac agcctaagta tacatgaata aatgccaatt tgttagtcgg     23220
     agctctagag acatcgtgta acgtgccgca atgctccgtc taccgtgttc tagtccgcta     23280
     ctaacctgaa caggggcttg tggtgctatg aaattaccac aatctactaa agataataac     23340
     acgaactctg tttgaatcat tcaaaacata acaatttatt agtcaggtaa atgtattatg     23400
     ccaattcaat tagtcaattc ataaacgatc aatacaaaac atcaaattat caaagataaa     23460
     tccaagatga aaaagatgca ttcctgactt tgaaatatac ataacatgga actagccatg     23520
     ttatgggctg atctggttag gcagaatcgc cctgagcttt tcttaggcct taccttaaat     23580
     aatccaagaa ttccctcaag gaagggggtg tgaatgtata acaaaaggca ttcacactta     23640
     gtgtcacacc cctcacagtg gttcaaaaga tgcctgaagt tatatattta ttgttatgat     23700
     tatgtctatt tctgagagaa tgagaccatt gtaccaatcg cactgagaca tttcaaatga     23760
     tatcaaacat gatagttaaa gtcagtttgg ttaattctag aacattcaaa cattgaaatg     23820
     accatatgtg tgagttaggg ggatgaagca gactcagatg caaatgcagc aggaactggt     23880
     ttttcccgca ttccccttgc tgagttgtga agttaccagt ctctgttttc agctcatgtt     23940
     ttgaattgtc aaaggcatca gaatatttgc aatatttcaa ttcttacaga taacccccat     24000
     ttgatcccgt gggtcagata taaatgtgtc catggggtca ctatgtatcc ttgttgaggt     24060
     catttagggg caattcaaga cagtctctgt agcattttca gttgtaagtc gtgttcagca     24120
     ggtggctaaa caggtccagg ctcgttttca cctcttttga ggagcctgat tcgaatgcac     24180
     tgctcattca gtccatacag gccttcatag cctccactgt gtccttcccc tggcaaaagt     24240
     gtccacgtcg tgtgggcttc tcatagtctg cttcttctga tgaatctggt catctccaga     24300
     tatgcagaca tcggcatgtg ggggtctaca gtgtgtatac actgccttct cccggacacc     24360
     taaacagcaa ctcgatggct cagcgattga acagttatga acttgtgtca ttctgcattg     24420
     gagaaagtca tgaggttaag cataaaatat atgatcaaaa cataaaagtc agcaagtgcg     24480
     agtcgtacaa ctggtctcag gtctctttca atctgtttaa atggtccaat caaaaacaga     24540
     taagtctttg tcaccactga gatagggtat aatgataggg agaatattaa atattcttgg     24600
     tttgaattac tcaaggtaaa gctatcaaaa ggtcagtgca aattattaaa acagtataac     24660
     aggcagtatg catcataaaa catatcatca tgacaataca ttcaaataaa tgacattcat     24720
     tttcaaaatg aaaaaacgtg aagatatttg tcatacatga tagtaaccac attatttaac     24780
     cataattatg aaggtatatc tataataatg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtatg ttgtgtggtg     24840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     24900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     24960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     25020
     tttatgtgtg tgtggggggg cttgaacaca attgatggta tttgtcaaat ttaaatgtcc     25080
     tagtgattat tagaagtgtc ctcacttcgg tttaatttta atcactttag cacttatacc     25140
     tgttattggt gatagattgg aaaaccaggg gccctctgat ttgtcaacca tccccacaac     25200
     agtcagtgta tctatggcaa gttcgcctct attgaagttt tataccatca atttgttgtc     25260
     aaagccatgc aaatgtgtaa tttcttttca gctgacagag ggtgtcagag ggtgtttgtt     25320
     gtctcgtctg tcatcagatt aattattctg ttctatgtgt gtgaggctaa tgtgttttgt     25380
     ttgtataaac atggacaaaa gatcttaact aaagagattt gactcctggg tctttgaaga     25440
     ctaaggtgtt atctgtgcct gggtttacct gtggctatgt gtcagtgtaa tgctccgaac     25500
     aatggtaatc aacttttata attgtgttgc gaaattttag tcctgtctta gcagggagcc     25560
     agcataagaa tgtgaacatg aggtgtgttc cggctcaaat tgattccata taatatcttt     25620
     tacggagcat gttaaggtgc aatgttcaaa gctggatctg caggtgaggt gttagcacca     25680
     caggggttct tgctttgaga tgcaagatgg gagacttttg gcctcaggtt atggcctaac     25740
     cttttgttgc cctcatttgt atttgtttga tgtggaccgg atcttgagtg ttctttgtta     25800
     ttggtccgcc taagatgaga acaaaagcag agagaaccat ttttagaatt ttcatcagtt     25860
     tcaaattcaa tcatgtggaa ttaatgttaa tgcatcatct tgcaatatta attctggaag     25920
     ccacatgatg ttgctggtca gatctgaata gctgttgttg atttcagcat attgtgagtg     25980
     tgtaacacct gtttacacag tctgctgtat tctgagcatt atctcccagt tccgctgggg     26040
     acatttttct gaatcaatca atgatttttc attaatttca gttcacaatc taatgggccg     26100
     atacccatag ttcatctttt gctctcatta acagtcagat ctgttggcag aaatcatttc     26160
     acccttttgg tgttctctgc ttaacggttg tcattttatg gtgtgactca cagattctta     26220
     gatcttttga cccataaaaa ctttggtaac tctgaatgtt atcatatcca tccccctttc     26280
     attatgtttt ttctggtgag cttaactctc tgatcaaatt ttaattgtag gtggtgtttt     26340
     tcagcgagga ttttattggt ttacaatcag ttatgctata gtagttctgt cagtgttttc     26400
     attaagcata aagaaagcaa acctcctcaa agtgaatgtt tcatctctag tctttagtgc     26460
     catgaattgg cgattataat ataatgtaca ttattgttta ttcctaatgt aattatatta     26520
     tattaaaata gtaagtatta aaatttaatt atatctggtc tctggagagt gtttttagaa     26580
     tggcagtgca ttttagctga atgcttttat cttgtgataa gggctgtgtt tgcttgtagg     26640
     ttgcatggag aacaaaaggg taatgttatt gttttatgca aatacagcaa acacattctg     26700
     agcatcttat tatcactgag gtgagatttc tctgctctct gtcaggacat ttgaatatga     26760
     aaaggtttga gccatcagga ggtctaaggg ctgatttaaa gttaaaatct tagaatttct     26820
     tttatattta gtctgttttg agattaaatt aaagtatagt ggatatttta cactgtaaac     26880
     cctaatgctg taactaatta attgaattga gctctattaa cttaaatcct taaaattcgt     26940
     ttatcttaat taaccttaat gagtattcag aactttttct tatttttgag tttgaaaaaa     27000
     tgtaatcttt aaaaaatgct atcagctggg tgatttaagt atttaaagtt gaaagaaatt     27060
     aaagcaatta agttaattgg tattaaaatg tatgagctgg gtgactaagt atttaaagtt     27120
     tggaaaaatt aaaataatta agttaattgc aattaaaatg tataagttga gtaacttggg     27180
     tattttaagt tagttgaagt gtcttgcatg agtataacaa actcaaaact taatgtttct     27240
     gttcacttaa aatagataat ttcataactt aaaaaatttg acacaactga ttgcctcaaa     27300
     atctttttga gttttgtcaa cttattcggg attacagtgt agttgatcag catcatattt     27360
     gaatttatca ccattaaatt taaatggcaa atttctgatt tgtaaaggca gagttttcat     27420
     tagagcttat ttgtcttttt tgcaatcaaa tcattctgtt ctgctcacct ttatttttca     27480
     catgcaaatg ccttaaacag actgttgtta ttaatccaat ttaaaagttt acaattgttt     27540
     ttaaatctta aaccattttt ttcctgtttt ccttttttcc atttttctct tttttataaa     27600
     acagtagatt taaaacaatg gatagttttt gatttaaact tttaggatct aatttataac     27660
     tctccactga gtcccagaat ataatttgga tgatgttatt ccaattttaa gcttcaactc     27720
     ttgctgccta gcagacaaag agatttcaga gcaagggatg gcatttatct atactgctgc     27780
     tatcatgtcc ctgataatca aagtggtttt gtctaattct caaccccacc ggataacgca     27840
     ttccggtcta acatttttga gcatttccga ctcattctat caatgtgttt atatagggtg     27900
     cgtccagctt tccctcaaca tttctaatag gcaaagaaga attgacttac cacagcagct     27960
     gaagatagaa tagaagatcc aaacctcttg gttgatataa atccattttg tgctggaaag     28020
     acgtaactcg cctgagttgg gagatcacgg agatgggtca ccattttgta aggtccagcc     28080
     agttggtcca atgacggtat ccaatggtgg atgaaggttc actgcatgtt cggtctttcc     28140
     agtgcacaat gttgatttat attaaactta actcatatct gactccaatt ttagtatgag     28200
     atggtttaga atattaatat gtttatcctc gttttatctg actccaatta taaaacatag     28260
     agaaggttat tttgtttcct ttcacattat tttagattat gattgaatat tctcttcggt     28320
     tcatcatttt atgttattct cgttcattgg gatctctata acatcctgaa tcttgtaccg     28380
     gccgagtata caatttctta agcacaagca tgtcagtctt ggtcactaaa caggggcgat     28440
     tgaccgctat cctaaaaagg cagaacccta cttactcaga ttaggatatt ttttatgcgg     28500
     tccccatagg tctgctacct cctaaatcag acagagctat ttagtcatat aacgatcatt     28560
     actatagaat taagcagacc agtcgtactt aaactagtag taactttgaa taatcactat     28620
     actatctaaa tagtattaaa agtttatcgg gtgaaggact atccccttag atatcctttt     28680
     acagcctaag tatacatgaa taaatgccaa tttgttagtc ggagctctag agacatcgtg     28740
     taacgtgccg caatgctccg tctaccgtgt tctagtccgc tactaacctg aacaggggct     28800
     tgtggtgcta tgaaattacc acaatctact aaagataata acacgaactc tgtttgaatc     28860
     attcaaaaca taacaattta ttagtcaggt aaatgtatta tgccaattca attagtcaat     28920
     tcataaacga tcaatacaaa acatcaaatt atcaaagata aatccaagat gaaaaagatg     28980
     cattcctgac tttgaaatat acataacatg gaactagcca tgttatgggc tgatctggtt     29040
     aggcagaatc gccctgagct tttcttaggc cttaccttaa ataatccaag aattccctca     29100
     aggaaggggg tgtgaatgta taacaaaagg cattcacact tagtgtcaca cccctcacag     29160
     tggttcaaaa gatgcctgaa gttatatatt tattgttatg attatgtcta tttctgagag     29220
     aatgagacca ttgtaccaat cgcactgaga catttcaaat gatatcaaac atgatagtta     29280
     aagtcagttt ggttaattct agaacattca aacattgaaa tgaccatatg tgtgagttag     29340
     ggggatgaag cagactcaga tgcaaatgca gcaggaactg gtttttcccg cattcccctt     29400
     gctgagttgt gaagttacca gtctctgttt tcagctcatg ttttgaattg tcaaaggcat     29460
     cagaatattt gcaatatttc aattcttaca atataaacaa agttgccttt tcttttcatg     29520
     tatagataga ttgatagttc tttttagtgt atttttattt gttatattta tttctttaaa     29580
     tacaagtgtt gttgttttgt tcttaataaa ttggttgata tttttattta ttttattaat     29640
     tttattattt atttttttta ctttttatat aaatttattt attcaattat ttatttactt     29700
     atttgcttta tttatttatt aattttccta tttatttact ttattttttt cttgtttatt     29760
     tacttatttc tttatttgct tatatatttg tttacttatt tatttgttaa catatgtatt     29820
     tacttattta tttacttatt tatttattta catacagttg aagtcagaat tattagcccc     29880
     ccttttaatt tttttttcta tttttaatat ttcccaaata atgtttaaca gagcaagaga     29940
     attttcataa tatgtctgat aatatttttt cttctggaga aagtcttatt tgttttattt     30000
     cggctaaaat aaaagcagtt tataattttt caaacaccat tttaaggtaa aaattattag     30060
     cccctttaag ctatattttt ttttcgatag tctacagaac aaaccatcgt gataacttgc     30120
     ctaattaccc taacctgcct agttaactga attaacctag ttaagccttt aaatgtctct     30180
     ttaagctgtg tagaagtgtc ttgaaatata tcttgtcaaa tattatttac tttcatcatg     30240
     gcaaagataa aataaatcag ttattagaga tgagttatta aaactattat gattagaaat     30300
     ctgttgaaga aaatctgctc tccattaaac agaaattggg ggaaaaataa acagggggct     30360
     aataattctg acttcaactg tattcattta gttatttact tatttattta catttttata     30420
     tactttattt ctttccttta ttcatttatt tacttaatca tttagttatt catttattta     30480
     tttatatatt tatttgttta cttatttatt tactttattc atttatatat gtatttattt     30540
     atttactttt attactttat ttatttactt acttatttac tttatttact tattcattga     30600
     tttatttatt tacttattta ctttatttat ttatttactt tatttattag cttatttatt     30660
     taattattta tgtatttact tatttacttt atttacttat tttcttactt tattcacata     30720
     ttcgttcatt tatttattta tttactttat ttatttatta gctcatttat ttacttattt     30780
     atgtatttac ttatttactt tatttactta gtcatttatt cacttattca tttatttatt     30840
     tatttactta tttactttat tcatttactt tatttattta ttagcttatt tatttactta     30900
     tttatgtatt tactcattta cttatttact ttattcactt attcatttat ttatttattt     30960
     atttacttat ttactttatt tatttactta tttattttct tatttatgta ttttcttatt     31020
     tacttattta tttaaatatt catttatttt tcttaattat gtatttactt ttttatttac     31080
     ttatttatta atttatttag ttgttagaat gtaaaacttt ttggaaaaaa attaaatgga     31140
     aataaaagtg tagtttttat catttgatgt ttttttattt gtgtttactt tattattttg     31200
     tatattattt attcatatta tttaacagta gggtttataa tttgatgttc ggctctataa     31260
     ataaactatt aattgattga atttgccaaa aagctactat atcatgatca tatatatata     31320
     tatatatata tattgttatc tgaaaactat atataattta tattgtttgt ttattgttat     31380
     ggtgctgaaa ttatttcacc acattatgtt taatgtttta gttgtgtgtg tttaattaag     31440
     tttgttaaac atatttatta tttcatgatg aatgcttatc atctcactta ttcatttcca     31500
     gaattaaagg atggtgggtg tcacatcact acgtctcaac ttttttatca ggtgttatgt     31560
     tgacatggta agtgttttac atgctcaaat tcaattctct tttccagctt ttagttcatc     31620
     tttactctcg gcttttgtct tttcaggcca gaaggtccca tgtatcagat gttcagaagt     31680
     caattcctgg ctttctccat ttatcagagt gtgtatcatt attgtatcat cagctagggc     31740
     tgtcaaatat gacaataagc atcatattgt ggggaaaaaa gtctattttt aagtctattt     31800
     tgctcttatt tcctattttg tgatgttaaa aaagtacatt caacctaaat aacagcaata     31860
     ataaattgaa taaagctgca taaaatggag agaagatttg ttcaacacat ttgtatacat     31920
     aatagcttta ataactcatt tttaataacc gatttatttt atctttgcca tgatgacagc     31980
     acataatatt tgactagatg tttttcaaga tactagtatt cagcttaaag tgacatttaa     32040
     aggcttatct aggttaatac aattcaacat ttccatattg tcatgcttga atgtgcgaga     32100
     tgttgtctct gtggcaggtt gtgtgcagtt tcttcagtat tattatcaga gcggctgctt     32160
     atatcggtta cgggctctgg gggaaagaaa ccagctggac ctgacagtgg gtgagagtcc     32220
     ggacagagtt gaatcatggg agaaatgttg atctgtgtga tgtcagagcc cagcttgact     32280
     tctcgtgttt ctctctcgcc ctatttcaga ggggtttcag tcctggatgt ggagaggcct     32340
     cactttcctc ctaccttttc tattctttgg ccatgtgagt gtcgcctttc atttcccgtg     32400
     catcttttcc ttgtaaaaat cttcattctt atgcatctta aagggacagt acacagaaaa     32460
     aaaatatgat ttcctcagca tgtacaccac ctgacaaaag tcttgtcgcc tattcaagtt     32520
     ttaggagcag cgaataataa cttgacttct agttgattat ttgatataag aagtggctta     32580
     tatgaaaggc aaaggcctct agattacact tatttgaccc aaataaaata tgataatgcc     32640
     ttgattttgc atgatttaat taggacagta aggtctgact ctgcttagac aaaagtctca     32700
     tcactgaaca gaaataatgt cgagtcttga atataaagtc ctgctgcagt ggagacagaa     32760
     tgaatattgt gtctgactcc atcatgagct tggaggactg catccataca tctctgacat     32820
     gactcaaatc actgattaat aaagtcatct ggaacggcaa agaaatcgtt cctgcaggac     32880
     tcccagagtt catcaagact ctttgggttc atcttcaatg cctcctcctt catcttaccc     32940
     cagacatgct caataatgtt catgtctggt gactgggctg gccaatcctg gagccccttg     33000
     accttctttg ctttcaggaa ctttaatgtg gaggctgcag tatgagaagg agcgctatcc     33060
     tgctggagaa tctgccaaac catgattttt ccttcaccaa acttgactga tttctgcgtg     33120
     aatcttgggt acatgttggc tgcagtaggt cttctgcagt atttgtgatg agtgggatgc     33180
     agttcaacag atgattcatg ggaaaaatcc accttctgcc acttttccaa ttgatcaact     33240
     agaagtcaag ttgttattat ttgtttatct tacaactggg atccacgaca agaccataaa     33300
     agtgtttttt tttttttttt ttcaactttt atgtgttact tctgttaaac acaaaagaag     33360
     atattttgaa gaatgttaag cagttttgac agattatttg acagatttga caataaatta     33420
     ctatttaaag ggacagttca cccaaaaatg acagttacct tataatttac ttttatttgc     33480
     gtttacatac cgcgaaagtg gttctaaacg tttccaagtt tatttttttt atctgttgaa     33540
     cactaagggc tctattttga cggtccatgc gcaaagcgca aaacgcaggg cgcaaatgct     33600
     ttcagggcgt gtcaggacgc gtttttgcta atttaaggac gggaaatctg ccttgagcca     33660
     aggcgcaagt tctaaaaggg ttgagtttat tatttcttaa tgagttatag gtgtgttttg     33720
     agaataaacc aattagagtc tcatctccca ttccctttaa gagccagctg cgtcgcgcca     33780
     agagcgcatt cgctatttac aggacgcaaa gtaagtctaa gtggaaaaac tgagcatttc     33840
     acaagcaaac agttaacagt tgacagtttt ttacagaaaa ctgttaaaca gagcatctac     33900
     tgtgtgagaa tgagagataa tggatctact ttcactttcg ctcttggata gggaaacctt     33960
     tacgcacaga catcaattag tctataaaaa aatacttttg tttgtcagtt ctaatttcca     34020
     gcaaacgcat aaattaacaa taatagcaaa atgtgctcaa aaacctgagt tatatcctaa     34080
     aacacatgct gtgccccata tggtctaaaa cctgacaggt ggacaaatct aagcttgttt     34140
     ttaataaaac aaatataaat atggatataa taaataatac tgctgataat aataacatta     34200
     tacaaaagca aattgttatg aatgaactga aaaagcctcc cgagatgaag aagacataaa     34260
     agcagtgatt tttcatattt atgtaggcta gaaaataata tgttttgtaa tattttaatc     34320
     ctttatattt atattctata tctattctta ttatatccta tatatatcct taatatttaa     34380
     atgttttcat atgtaaagat atttgcctat tgctctcttg tgtgtattaa gcagtgtgta     34440
     agcgaggcgc aactctgcgc tggagtttag accgggtttg ttttggtcta atgaaaaatc     34500
     tattatagtt tctcaaaata gcaacgcgcc agcggcccgc ctcagaacgc cttccttttt     34560
     agatcagaac gcctatgggc gcacaaatgc atttgctatt taaacagcgt agcacaaagc     34620
     ctcaaaacca ctcttgcgcc tctcttaaag gaacagtcca cctttttttt ttaaaataca     34680
     atggaactac agaagactca agctttaagt ataatcaatt attttttttt tttttttaat     34740
     gaaatgctaa cggtctaatc cagttcaatt cattatgcta agctaagcta aaagtgaccc     34800
     agccaggaca ggaattcagc tgaatggatt caaaagtggt tcaagtcaat agtttaactt     34860
     taggagattt gtaaaatgag acgctttcaa aaaaaggtgg agagttcctt taattgtaat     34920
     tatatttgag aatattactg tatttgatga attaaatctg tttttctgtc ctgtgctcag     34980
     ttttggcagc tctacaatgc tgtgactctt ttcagactgt ctgctcttga cgactgcaag     35040
     gagtggcagg taaaagctga caaacatcat tgctattgct caaaatacaa tgtacacctc     35100
     aatataatcc cccaattcac aactttgaac aggaaagtta ctctcgcttt tattatatct     35160
     gtattaactt attgaactgg ttataatttt aatttctatt gtccaattaa tgttcttaat     35220
     tacttgttat tattatgttt tattgatata atcatatcaa gctcttgtgc cttattttta     35280
     ttttgttgtg tattattatt attattagta gtagtagtag tattagtagt attaataata     35340
     tcattatcat aaagttactt aaaatgcttt ttcaatagtt ttactagttt tttgtgtcaa     35400
     atattgtcat tcattattag tttcagtaag tattattatt atttatcatg atcatcataa     35460
     aggtattagt attatcaata ataattaata ttttattagc attattaata tattaagtat     35520
     taaaaatatc atcataaagc tactatgctt tattagtatt atttttagaa aacattatta     35580
     ttattgttag tagtagtgtc attattatca taacgctacg ttgctttatc attagtttta     35640
     caaaatattt gtttcataat cataaaacta ttgtcattta ttattaattg tggtaagtat     35700
     tattactatt tatcatcatc ctcataaggt aatagtatca atgataatta atatttttat     35760
     tatcattatt agtttagtaa gtatttaaaa tatcatcata aagctactat gctttattat     35820
     tattattttt taaaatacct tattattatt attattacta gtagtagtat caatattatc     35880
     ataacattac tctgctttat cattagtttt actaattatt tgtttcataa tcataaaact     35940
     attgtcattc attattagtt ttagtaaata atattatgat ttattatcat catcatcata     36000
     aaggtaatat tatcaataat aatttatatt ttttctttca atattagttt agtaagtatt     36060
     aaaaatatat ttgtaaagct actatgctgt attatgtatt attattagta ttagtattag     36120
     tagtagtatc atcattatta tgaagttact ctgctttatc attagtttta ctaaagaaaa     36180
     tcatcataaa attgtcattt atcattagtt taagttagta ttattattag cattatcatc     36240
     atcatcataa aggtagcatt atcaataatt aatattttta ttatcattat tagtttagta     36300
     agtattataa atagttttaa agtaatatta tagtatatta taatagtaca atagcagtag     36360
     tataaaggta ctatgcttta ttattattac ttttagaatg tattaatagt agtagtagta     36420
     gtatcattat cataaagttg ctatgctttg tcaatatttt taaataatta ttaggttggt     36480
     ataattatta aagattattt attattagtt ttaggaagta ttattattag cattcttaat     36540
     ttgtcatcat cattgtgtga tattattaaa aatcattaat tttattatca ttattagttt     36600
     gagtattata aatatcatct taaagctact atgcttcatt agtagttagt taatagttat     36660
     tatatatata acattcaagt atatattcat tttaaaatta catttacttt aaaatgtgta     36720
     cattttttta actataaagt tataagaaaa taaaaagaat atagttttgg taaacttaca     36780
     actattagtg ctgggcaaac aatttattgt gtccgaaata aaagtttgtt tgtacatatg     36840
     tatgtacttt gtatatttat tatatatata agctatatga atacacacat gcatatttta     36900
     tatgcaatgt ttatttatat ttacacataa aacattttgc atatgtacat gtatatgata     36960
     caaataatat atataaatgt aatagttttg aataaattta atatttgatt agttttgttt     37020
     ctatgggttt gtgtgtatca tgtgcacata atacattcat ttatttattg acttatttat     37080
     tttttataca aagtaaatgt atataataca tgtaaatata atgtcaaaac caactttttg     37140
     tatgtgatga agctttgtcc agcactgatt ttacttctaa taattcagtc attaattatt     37200
     gaataataaa gtttgctcgg ctaaaaaaaa aaatgctctg gaatgcttgt gccctgcagg     37260
     tcttcatgtt ggccttgacg tttctcgtgc tgttcctggg aaatttcctc acgactctga     37320
     aagtggttca tcagaagctc ctgaagaaca aagacaaggt gaaaaacaac tgagtctctg     37380
     cgtcagactg atactcaaaa gcgcacaaaa ctctttcgtc cctccagcgg tttgagggag     37440
     atgttgacgt ctcctccaac tcgttaggag aatcaagttt ccgtgtcacg tcgccctgcg     37500
     ttctgctgtg ttgtttttgc tctttttcac atcatctcaa gcaacgtttg ggctcagaaa     37560
     cccactgaca aacttcagac actgtatacc caatgtgtga ggattgtttc gttcctgtgc     37620
     atggatatgt ttacaaaaaa agccactttt atactttatg caatgcagca ggaaggctgt     37680
     agaagtgcgc actctcaaag ggattcgtta gcgttcataa taaagctgtt aattaaaaac     37740
     actcgcattt cagctgcagc agacgttaca tatatgtggg aaagcattga tacttaatgc     37800
     cacttgaagg gaagggtgtg ttttgcacgt cgtggcttgt tagtactgtt tcagcaaggc     37860
     taacttcttg aatttaggtc acatgatgaa cgtggggatt tatgttttta acaatggcaa     37920
     taaagtaaca ctttcgtagt atgtttgagt caaaatcacg cctctggtaa ttgtccacct     37980
     tttgtgtttg aaggcataaa cgtgtgactt tattttaaag agcccctatt atgcattata     38040
     aaaggtcata ttttagtttt gggggcctcc aacagcaagc tgatatgcat gcaaggtcaa     38100
     aaaacacttt cattgtctca ttatatgcat ttatttttac ctaatcatcc caacgactcc     38160
     catataaact gttcagcgat tcatttgttc tcaaacccct gcttagcatg gtcaatctgc     38220
     actgattggt acgatgaccc agtctgttgc tattggtcga ctgtgttcag cgcaaggcag     38280
     agacgaacgc tcattacggc ttatcagcat tgttgaagta gtcggagtgc agtgcgtatg     38340
     cgtgagccca atgcaggagt gcattaaagc aatgcagcta aacaccagca tattgctcta     38400
     ttcttaacca taactcagag tactcacaac gacacacatt ctgtattaat ccatacagcg     38460
     gaaaagctat tttgaaactt gactgctgca cgtgtgtagg aacagctgat ggtggccaga     38520
     gcaatgacaa atgacagagg atcgcgagct cacgaacgca tttaaatttg taaacaaagc     38580
     ggcacgcgtc taaacatggc ttcaaacatg atatgagaat ataaaaagtg taccagatac     38640
     agtagaagct gcgtgcagca attacaaaac acaattaaag ctgcaagcag caatgaaagg     38700
     gacctcgcac ccgggctcac cagcgcagtg acagagaaca gcgaacaata ataattaaag     38760
     ctcatatatt taaaaaatct gagaaaattg cagatttata ccaaacgtac ttctgtcagc     38820
     aggtggcgct atgactgact taatattggc atgtagatgt ctccaggggg ggaatcttat     38880
     tgaacatgtg aattttcagg caggtcagac attgtgtggt tgagttataa gccaaacgta     38940
     cttttgtcag caggtggcgc tatgactttg actcaatatt ggcatgtaga tgtctccagg     39000
     agaggacttt tattaatcat gggaagtttc aggcagatca gacattgtgt ggttgagtta     39060
     taagtacttc ctgttccatg gcgaaacact gaggtttgtc aggccgccgc ggacacgccc     39120
     tttggcgaaa actctagatc ttcacaatat atcatcgcca gaacttccag ataacaccac     39180
     acaaatttgg tgctgatacg ataagatttg taggaggagt ttgctacttt gtaaaacatg     39240
     acatttcctg ttgccagcag gtggcgctat aaatctaaat ggaaattagt tcgttaaaat     39300
     acaacgcctg gaaatgggaa aaacactttt tcggcgctgg aagttaaaaa tatcgcattt     39360
     cctattaggt ttgagatttc gctcaaagag acttttttgt aggaattggc atgtttgagg     39420
     tatgtgccaa ttttcatact tgtgcatgaa tcgtagttcg tggggcactt tgtaaaattt     39480
     tataggtggc gctgtcgagt cattttgcca cgcccacttc cgaaatattt atcaaatgta     39540
     cattttcgcc acttctggcg cgtgtgcaaa gtttttatga gttttcgggc atgtttagac     39600
     cctcaaaatc gcaattcatt ccggaacgga ataataataa taaagaagcc attccaatag     39660
     ggtctttgca ccgttttagt gctcggccct gaattaaata catactgtgc aagcttccac     39720
     tttactttgc aaggtggttt gccttctcca aattggagga aagtccttac cccaggtgga     39780
     ggagtcaaag tatcttggtg ttttgttcag gagggatgga acgtgagatt gacaggtgga     39840
     ttggtgctgt ggcagcatta atgtggtcga tgtaccggtc tgttgtgata gagaaggagc     39900
     tgagccgaaa ggcaaggctc tcgatttaca ggtcaatcta cgttcctact ctcacctatg     39960
     ctcatgagct ttgggtcatg acctaaagga caagatctcg gatacaagca gccgaaatga     40020
     gcttcctatg cagggtggca gggcgcaccc ttttagatag ggtgaggagc tctgtcaccc     40080
     gagaggagct cggagtagag ccgctgctcc tccacatcga gagaagtcag ctgaggtggc     40140
     tcgagcatct gtttcggatg tctcctgtac gcctacctag ggatgtgttc caggatgtcc     40200
     caccgggagg agaccttggg gaagacccag gacacgccga ggggattatg tctctcggct     40260
     ggcctgagaa tgcctcggga tccccctggg ggacctgaag gaagtgtcta aggagagaga     40320
     agtctgaagt tctctcctaa gactgctgcc cccgcaaccc ggccctggaa aagcagatga     40380
     aaatgaataa atgaatgaac tttgcaacca ttttaattgc acctacttgg gggctttcat     40440
     acctgcctta tttggtttgg ttgaatcgca ctacagttcg tttgggcagg tgtgaatgta     40500
     gcagtcgtac tcaagtacgc acaaaagcgg accaaaagag caaaccgaga cctccttgaa     40560
     gaggggacgc tttcaaatga acactggagc ggtttgttgt ggtgcgaata tgatctgaac     40620
     taaaacagac tgaactgcaa aaggtactgc gccttttcgg actgatccag ctgccgtagg     40680
     ccaatgcact gtgcattatg ggatgtgaag gaaaaacatt tgctgacagc actttactaa     40740
     cagggaagga gagagggaaa aacattagct gatggatcgt tggtaatatt tctggaagac     40800
     gaccatgtcg cagtttagct aaagtaattc acgcctcctg aagtgacctg caatgcgcca     40860
     tcgccgtttg ccttaaaaca ttgaaactgc gctttatttt cgaaaagtag tctgtctgaa     40920
     gtgatgtata caatctatat agtatactat gagcagggat acaatcagcc agcgcagtcg     40980
     accctcgata gtcaaaagca acattttgtg tctgccggtt tgtttacttg cgggagttcc     41040
     attggcactt tcccgcacgt gaacatctgg ccaatgagtg atgtggatct tgtcacatga     41100
     ctgcattttg gttcttttca aatggttcgg accaaagcaa tgagtgtggt gtgaaaacga     41160
     cccaaagacg gcagaaaatg caacaatgta tcatttgttg ctcttgatct ggaccaaatg     41220
     aaccgaacta cagatgtgaa agcaccctta cacttgtgaa atggattaat gtaccggtcc     41280
     atgacctgtg tactgataaa gctcttgtta agctctgaca aagttccata catcaatagt     41340
     gttttctgat cctttcttta acaaatggcc gacgaatcct ccgttgcagg gtagattatt     41400
     gcattaatca gcaaaatgtt cactcattaa tgttcactca tctttagtca tgatcagtcc     41460
     tacacacacc tggactctgc tagtgtttga agggaaaggc acgttcacgt tttaccagat     41520
     ccggcacttc atatttgaca atgttgccta ataatgttga tacaggcaag caaaagatcc     41580
     ggacacaaaa tgaatcattc agttgactct ttccttgaag aatcaataga tttaaccctc     41640
     agctggatgt tttcattccc ttcgagctgt ttacactctg catggaaggt cattttcaaa     41700
     aacccataat agaggctctt taaatgcgag taacagctga aatgctaacc tgcattatgt     41760
     taatgaaagc tgttttaaga tgacatatat gaaccggtgt gtgtttctgt gttgctcatt     41820
     ttccatcagg gagttttttt gctgacaaga ccttctttcc atgcaatttt acaaaggcaa     41880
     aggttgtatg ctggctgatt tatttgcctt aagctctcct tttacacctc ccacatgaag     41940
     aaatactata gcaagttata gtaaatgctg tattgttttt gaaccatact tgagtattga     42000
     ttggaagtgc gctcattttt gaggtagttt acttgtgttg cctaggggag aaatgagtag     42060
     gaataataaa cagcagaaaa ccggtcaaac tactcgctct aggtgtgttc ataaatatac     42120
     atataaagaa gaataatatc ataagaaaat atcagtttgc aacttcaagc tgtataatga     42180
     gctgtgttaa cgtctaaaaa tcatcatggg agtgaatgag actgaaagtc tcgtgccaaa     42240
     acggctgcat ttgaatttaa atctgttgtg gaagttctgt agttgctatg gtaacacaac     42300
     aaccacagta atataaacaa aaatagtttt ctacaactac acttaccggc cactttatta     42360
     ggtacacctt actagtacaa ggttggaccc cctttagcct taattcttcg tggcatagat     42420
     ttagcaaggt aatggaaata ttcctcagag attttgctcc atatttacat gatggcatca     42480
     cacagttgcg gcagatttgt tggctttatc catgatgcaa atgttccatt tcacctcatc     42540
     ccaaaggggc tatattgcat tgagatctgg tgactgtgga ggccatttgt gtacagtgaa     42600
     ctcattgtca tgttcaagaa accagtctga gattattcac gctttatgac aggataacat     42660
     gcgctggtac actgtggtca caattacttg ggtaggctgt ggtgtctaaa cgatgctcag     42720
     ttagtactaa tgggcccaaa gtgtgccaag gaaatatccc ccacaccatc acaccaccac     42780
     cagcagcctg aaccgtgcat acaaggcagg atggatccat gctttcatgt tgttgactcc     42840
     aaattctgac ccgaccatct gaatgtggca gcagaaatgg agactcatca gagcaggcaa     42900
     cgtttctcca atcttctatt gtccagtttt ggtgagcctg tgtgaattgt agcctcagtt     42960
     tcctgttctt agctgacagg agcggcaccc ggtgtggtct tctgctgctg tagcccatcc     43020
     gcctcaaggt tggacgtgtt gtgtgttcag agatgctctt ctgcagacct cggttgtaac     43080
     gagtgcttat ttgagttact gttgcctttc tatcagctgg aaccagtctg gccattctcc     43140
     tctgacctct ggcatcaaca aggcatttgt ggccacagaa ctgccgctca ctggatattt     43200
     cctctttttt tgaccacacg gtaaacccta gagatggttg tgcgtaaaaa tccatgtaga     43260
     tcagcagttt ctgaaatact ccccaacaac aatgccatgt tcaaagtcac ttaaatcatc     43320
     gttctgatgc tcagtttgaa cagcagcaga tcgtcttgac catgtctaca tgcctagctg     43380
     cattgaggtt ctgccatgtg attggctgat tagacatttg tgttatcaag cagttggaca     43440
     ggcgttccta ataaagaggc cggtgagtgc atattggtat atcatactac aacacaccac     43500
     aaaactaaag tatactgtag tatttataac ggtttttcag ttaacactac aatatgctga     43560
     atctgttaat cagtctaata cactttacta gtatggttca aaacgctagt atttaatata     43620
     aattactata gtaaaatata aattactgca gtaaaataaa tgactatagt tttttttcac     43680
     atggtttagt ttaatcttga agtgttgcaa gttgtttgga aattcagctc ctccgggaat     43740
     tgtacctgaa agctgtaact aaagggattt ctcatgttgg gaaacgcttt attgcacaga     43800
     taaaccccag cgtaaatgta tttaagcgtt tgtgttgagc aaaattactg cacttttttt     43860
     gtttggaggg aaaaggtttc caaagtcccg attcgataac aggcaagatt tgcattctct     43920
     ttctgttact gtagagccaa taaaaacaaa ctgttgcaat tcatctgcgt ggaaaatcag     43980
     tgttatttac accttctcca ccagagggcg cgactgtgaa gcagattcat gtggaagaaa     44040
     tcaatggtga tttttgtgtg ccttattttt ttatttgttt atcattcaga acatgatgga     44100
     taacatgttt cactgtttaa atacaacatt aatgctacct gatgcattac actgatctag     44160
     atgtcgtgtg caaaaacaca gacatgctct gtgaacatca atggagaagc cgccctagat     44220
     ggctttgcca atcagaatct ttatctgcct gtcaatcatt ttgacatttt ctgagggggc     44280
     gggtttttta aaaatggtcc tgccattgaa gtttaagaaa ctgatagttt tgtacatgac     44340
     ctattaaata aaacatctct gtacaaatat caagctatat ttatgttcat tgattattat     44400
     tatatggttt aacatataaa tatacatata aatcttctaa aagtagaaat agagtgtcta     44460
     acttaatgtt gcaattaact ttttttattc atttaactat actgagtaat attaattcat     44520
     ttcaatttct tactttatga ctggtgtttg aatatgggtt atgtttagta gcatgaaatt     44580
     atttataatt aattttattt actgttttaa ataggtattt agtgtaacag atatatttat     44640
     gtgacaataa aaaaacgtgg aattattgaa atgcaccaac cggccacttt attaggtaca     44700
     ccttactagt accgggttgg accccctttt gcattcagaa ctgccttaat ccttcatggc     44760
     atggatttaa taagctactg gaaatattcc tgagagattt tgctccatat tgacatgata     44820
     gcatcacgca gttgctgcag atttgtcggc tgcacatcca tgatctgaat ctcccgttcc     44880
     accacatccc aaaggagctc tattgaattg agctctgatt actgtggagg ccattcgaat     44940
     gctcggtttg aactgcagaa gatcgtcttg accatgttta catgccgaaa tgcatgcatg     45000
     aatgaacata tatatatata ataatctaat aatgataatg attgtcctgc tgaaaatcta     45060
     gcttaaacca gcctaagttg gttggctggt tttagctggt cgaccagcct ggttttagag     45120
     gggttttggc catttccagc atgtttttag ctggtcaggc cggaaaatta ccagctaaaa     45180
     ccaacttgac ctgcctggtt taagctggac atagctggtt ttggctaggc tggtcaagct     45240
     ggtttaagct ggttttagct ggtcacctcc cagcctgacc agctaagacc aggctggaaa     45300
     tggcaaaaac ccctctaaaa ccaggctggt cgaccagcta aaaccagcca accatcctag     45360
     gctggtttaa gctggatttt tcagcagagt gtgttgtaaa tatgtcaaga ttagtttaat     45420
     acgctgctcg catttcaaaa tgtatgatca tcaaacagga tgcattataa tcttcaagaa     45480
     taaataaatt aagctacact tattgatgtg aagcttgaaa accttctcaa gttttatgcc     45540
     aaattcatga gcaattgcaa cataaaaata acattgaatt tctagctttg tagatgtcac     45600
     ttgcagcagt atttcaaggc ttccgttacc acagtcatat cctgctatat gtgcaggagt     45660
     tcttctaacc acagcaactt ttgcattgac caattttgtt ttgcagagaa agcagagatt     45720
     ttcagaaaca tctttctaaa atctgacaag aattgcatca tgcagtctgt ttcaatgtca     45780
     aaagaacacg ctgttataaa acagctacag acttaaaata tggtgacatt attgtcatca     45840
     gcaggcaaac atctaatcat gtatataaat aaaaaggttt atttgtgcaa cacttgtgga     45900
     acagatacaa attttaaaca atactttttg gcatccgtat gatactgtta acaggaagca     45960
     acacaaagtc aagaaaatgg cggtgttctg cagctacaat tatagcattt atttctccag     46020
     atgtaggcta cattttgtat ataaaattta aaaagggtta aataatatag actgacaaaa     46080
     tactgcaaag gtgcattaac aaaaaaaatt ttaattataa gtacgttagc gtccacacca     46140
     aacgcactat aatgttgtaa gcataataat cgcgcgctgc agtttacttt ttgaatattc     46200
     gcgctctttt gaacggtgtg gattttgatt ggctgttgat gttctttgga aaaaaggtcg     46260
     ttgtaaatgt gacgggtgac gaacatgcta tttatgaatg aacgaggcta gcttccagtt     46320
     ttcccactgc ttgacgtcgc aaacaggtaa gaattatcat taatctttga cttattatca     46380
     taatcgcgaa ggcaatttat agcagaaagt tttacaggtc actgcacttg tttgtttgtt     46440
     attcgtctag cagctaacgt tagcctacat gagggtagtt gactaatagg cagtaagaaa     46500
     acgattgctt tacaccattt ttgaagaaaa aaagttatat ttatagtttg attttgaggt     46560
     gtttttgaga aataaggtgt ttgatgtcac tattaattct ttaatattac ttttattttt     46620
     tactaaactg taaaaatgtc atatgatggg atgtagcaag aaaaaaaaca acactcttaa     46680
     tataaatagc gtgagagcga tttatcttca ttgacgaaca caaatcttca tataatgcct     46740
     tttattgtat ataaaaatat taatatttta tttccatgac taaatagggg tgtaacacca     46800
     aaagacaaca ctttgtatta gttttacaac tatatattgg taataacgta cagttgaagt     46860
     cagaattatt acccccttgt ttattttttt cccaatttgt gtttaaccga gagaagattt     46920
     tcttcagcgc atttctaaac ataatagttt taataactca tctctaataa ctgatttatt     46980
     ttatctttgt catgatgaca gtaaataata tttggctaga tattcttcaa ggcacttcta     47040
     tacagcttaa tgtgacattt aaaagcttaa ctaggttaat taggttaact aggcaggtta     47100
     gggtaatcag gcaagttatt gtataacgat gatttgttct gtagactatc ggaaaaatat     47160
     atatcttaaa ggggctaata attttagcct taaaattgtg tttagaaaat taataactgc     47220
     ttttattcta gctgaaataa aacaaacaag actttctcca ggataaaaaa tattattaga     47280
     cacactgtga aaatttcctt gctctgttaa acatcatttg ggaaatattt aaaatagaga     47340
     aaaaaattca aaggagggct aataattctg actttaactg tatatagact aattttacaa     47400
     gtggctattt tagtaaatgg ccattctttt taatgtgttt atttctaaca atatagaaac     47460
     ttaatacatt ttgtcactga agaacatgtc ctctggtgtg actggatatg ctaattttta     47520
     aaattgggca gttccattta aaacttaaat taagttgaag gactccattc attattatga     47580
     ctgaagtttt tgtctcagaa attatatatt aatgtattgt tacatacaat tttatgtggt     47640
     ctttcaaatc aaatagcata cacactacaa aaataagatg catattctgg catggtctgc     47700
     tggcattaat cagtgacgta aataccaaat tttaaaactt tgttgttgac agtatagtta     47760
     tagttcatgg tgttaacagg tcttaactca acaattaacg ttaaatactt tggtgcatga     47820
     cttatactgc agaaacatgt tacaccaagt gcataataat agcggtgtgc attataaatc     47880
     acaccaatta taaccaaact tacaatacga ccatctaata tgcgtttggt catccctgag     47940
     acatcagcag cagttttttc atctccatga tcaacatgga agataaaact ccattaagtc     48000
     aaatgaggaa acaccaccag aaaaatacgt ggagtggatc gtaacaaaca tatcgcgtgc     48060
     acacagtggt gatctctgtc aaacagtatg tcttgctagg tgggtagatt gaaaacacgc     48120
     actcagtgtc ttgaaaatat tccttcaaga agtcttaaac attcccggaa gctctgcaga     48180
     tgattcctga atgtttataa catatcatag ttcgaatata caaaatgtat gcatgtcttc     48240
     caggaaaggt cacaaaactg tgcagtgttt cttcttcttg ctgcgatgtc tggctttagc     48300
     tctggctgct agcgctcgct ttgttgcttc tctgaaaatg tcctcgacgt tttctctata     48360
     tttagccgaa cactccaagt aaatctcagc gttcatttcc ttttgcgtct gttcaccctg     48420
     gaggagaaaa attcaagttg gttaattaat acttctatca ctaggcctat tttttatata     48480
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     48540
     atatatatat atatatatat atataaactt gctggccact ttattaggta cacctgttaa     48600
     actgattaac acaaatatta gcttagccaa tcacatggca caacttagcc acacatggca     48660
     caactaatgc aggttatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     48720
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttcataatat atataatgta ctttacaaac     48780
     gatcatgtta taaactccaa tttaaatgca gtacctactc actaaagttc aactcgggta     48840
     tctaaaacaa gaacaaaggg gatttaaagg gacagttcac ccaaaaagga aagtttactc     48900
     tctatttact ttccatcaaa tggttctaaa cctttatggg tttctttttt actttttaaa     48960
     gaaaagcaga tgacctgtaa ccattgactt taatacaaaa acaaataata tggaagtcaa     49020
     tggttacagg tttacaacat ttttcaaaat atccttttct gtgtttaaca gaagaaagct     49080
     ttgaaacaag taaagcataa gtaaatgatg actaaattaa agttttggct gaattatctc     49140
     gctttaaagc agttcagaaa gcaaaagcgg tccagtctgg taagtttaca agaaagccgt     49200
     acctaataaa gtggccagta agtgtataca catttttggc gggctcatta agtcacaagg     49260
     atacattaaa tcaatcaaaa gtgatgttat taaatgaata aataaaagca aactctgacc     49320
     aggaggtagg tgatgggcgc ctgatctaaa gctttgagcc tcctcatctt ctccttgtcc     49380
     tttcgcaggt ccgtcttgca gcctatcagt ataatagggg cgtcacggca gaaatgacga     49440
     acttctgggt accacttgag gaagacagga aaaaattatt caaactaaaa ctaaacatac     49500
     aatttgaagg caaaatgatt atccctcttt aaattattct tctcaaatat tttgttgttc     49560
     aacagagatt ttatttcaac acatttttat taatgtaata gcaatatttt attctttgcc     49620
     atgatgacag tacataatat tcattcatta attttccttc aattgagtcc cttttttatc     49680
     aggggtcgcc acagtggaat gaaccatatg ttttgtccag catatgtttc acacagtgga     49740
     tgcccttcca gttgcaaccc agtactggga aacactgcta aactctcgca ttaacacaca     49800
     caaactcata cactttgacc aatttagttc atcaattccc ctatagcgaa tgtgtttaga     49860
     ctgtgatgga aaccggagca cccggtggaa acccacgtcc acacggggag aacatgcaaa     49920
     ctccacacag aaatgccaac tgacccagct gggactcgaa ccagcgactt tcttgctgtg     49980
     aggcgacagt gctaaccact gagccattta ggttatttaa ctagatacta gtaataagtg     50040
     caatttaaag actttattag ttaaactagg caagtcaaca acagtggttt gttctgtaga     50100
     aaattgacaa ataatcagca taagtcagca agacgtaaga gttgctgaga cttttatttc     50160
     agtatgttgc tgtacttcca actgaaatgg aatattgagt aaggggcgag actttctttt     50220
     tgggcattaa gaggtaagag gggcgtggtt aggaatgttg ttatacagtt gctatggaag     50280
     ccatcactct gatgtcaacc gaaggactgt caaatgcaga agcaaacggt cagattttca     50340
     taaaagatta cccaaacaaa cttctttttt caccggaata acgtgcagac taattgttaa     50400
     agtggtcgca caccggatgc gccatgcagc gccatggatt ttagaattct aaacatagat     50460
     ttctatcagg gtatgcacac cggcaccaca agttgacgac agtctgcagt gcccagctac     50520
     gactcgacac tgttcatatt ttgcatagcc ctagccgtgg ctgacgctaa tgtgcacctc     50580
     tcaaaagatg taactacatg tcgcaacgaa acataatgca aactctgtga ttggtcggtt     50640
     tggtagctgt gacgagtgtg ggcaggaccg agagccacgc aaactcgatg gagtgagtgt     50700
     ttacaagtgt cgagtcccgt caagtagctc tagatggaaa cttttgtttt gtttttacct     50760
     tatagtgata gttgttgaac acatgctggt tcccgacgag ttttagctac ttgtacatta     50820
     aagtagcatt cagaaaaaaa caaaacaccc tcaaagaaac tcaatacaga ggaacttaaa     50880
     aactgtaatt gcagagcaac acaaacagca tgcaaaagta aaaactgcat gtcgtgaggt     50940
     cacgttgatc actcgagaag tataaataac aatgtgtgct agcaaaataa acattgtcaa     51000
     ttttgatttc acagcaactt taagggggct aaaaatattg atcttcgccc tgtaagaagt     51060
     gcaaataaga accgtgatct ggacctctct ctaacttttt tatgtacaat tgaagtcgaa     51120
     atcctgtgaa tttattgatc ttttaatatt tcctaaatga tgtttaacag agcaaggacg     51180
     ttttcacagt attacctata atattttttc ttctgcagtc tttttttgct tttattttgg     51240
     caagaatgaa aaccaatatt aaccatttta agggtcaata ttattagccc ccttaaggaa     51300
     tatttttttt cgattgtcta cagaacaaac catcattata caagacttgc ctaattaaac     51360
     tagttttaag ttaaacgttg ttaaatgtca ctttacgctg aatactagta tcttgaaaaa     51420
     tatctagtca aatagtatgt gctgtcatca tggcaaagat aaaagaaatc agttattaaa     51480
     actaaaacta atttcacagg aaggctaata atgttgtctt caactgtaaa tactcctcac     51540
     agctcttcct caatgctctg atagtgcact atatctgtct ttaggctcta aatgaacctt     51600
     ccctttattt aaacaaggct cggcacattc ctccaagctt acgtgacatc aaccctgtag     51660
     gaatacagtt tgtttacatg tcagcggtgg tccgtttgta caatcatcta ctgatgaggt     51720
     caaagtttat ctgctgcttt ttacctgatg aacacttaag agcagttcca gcgttacgaa     51780
     tgtgacattt gcagtaaaaa cttaaaacac aaatgcgcaa gcatatgtta gcattaaatt     51840
     ggagcatctg ttatatttta caaaactacc tataactcag gggaccccca ggatcctcca     51900
     aatgaaattc aaggcttttt aagacctttt tagtatcatt tcaaatgaaa ttcaatgcca     51960
     acttcgcaac cattctaaca gaagtactgt atgagggaaa aatgtaaaat ctgtataaat     52020
     tttgaaccct aaaaaataat tatgtacaag tgactactta aattaaataa aacatttgat     52080
     ttaaattgtc agttatattt atacgcaaca gcgtaacaca catttgattt ttaataaaca     52140
     tataaatttg atcttggtgt tgaacactat agccttcaca gctctgctgc cttggccgca     52200
     attttgactg caagacttgg tcttgtcaaa ttctgcttgt gcctttttct caacgcgttt     52260
     gccgtagagt tggtgttgag ccacggtaag ataggatgtt ctttggctgt ggtgacaatg     52320
     cttctcatgt agaaattaga ggtgtgaacc tacactggtc tcacggttcg gttcgtttac     52380
     gattatcatg ccatcgattt ggttcaattt aatatcacgg tgcatataca gttttatata     52440
     aaaaggggga ctgtctgtaa acacacacac acacacctgt gacaagctgt ctgtgtaaac     52500
     acacacacac atagacacag agcattacgc gtgggcttgc tcgctcggga ttaaaattta     52560
     gaatacattc agaaatgttt tcccgcgctg caagaaatct agtcgggtcc cgcgactccc     52620
     gccgtacagc cgcgagaatg cagacatcta tccagaagta ttgctgtaac agccaagaag     52680
     agaggaaaag tcacgccagc aggtcaaatg agccacagtg agagagagag agagaaattg     52740
     agtttacttt cattctctca atcgcagtga aataggagct tctgctgtac ttgtcagtaa     52800
     tagactgtcc agagaacaca tgcagtgaaa ttgtgcacag cttctgcgtt tttaaaggtt     52860
     caggacaccc tggagaactt ttttatatat attaacagat gtgtgtgtgt tgagcatcag     52920
     ttaagacaat gttagcacct gtcagcttta attgtgggaa aaactggata attttgagct     52980
     tttgtcagct aatttcagct tccgtgttta aaatgaattt tggggcggga tcaaaatcgg     53040
     cgacgtagcg cagtactgca agtgcaatga tgacgcgtcg gtttctcatt attattcata     53100
     gcagagtttt cttatcctat gagaagagcc ggctgcttaa ttattcatga gacctgccag     53160
     acctgccagt gtcaagcccg agctgtgaga cacggaccca cggcacacag tatttagccg     53220
     ttcatgaagg ctcatatgcg tttgtttcca tgatccacgg ggtttgttgc atgtttttcc     53280
     ccgcgatctt gtcagggccg gtcatacagc aaagctgtgt gtgtgctgct agcatttttg     53340
     tcgggagagc agtgcgagaa ttaaagaatg gcggacgccg tcttttatca ggagttcgtt     53400
     cacattcaga cacatcactg tgctgcagtg tttgcctaaa tcctccagat taccagcagg     53460
     gctaatggtt aaaatagaca ggtcaggaga actgctgcac tgagtctgct ggatacgggg     53520
     attgagggag aatcctcatt tataaggttt acataaacac acttattaca atttaatgat     53580
     ataaattgtg gttatgttta tatgaaatta cgaataacaa atgtagcagg gcattaaatc     53640
     actgttcatt tctttgcatt ttatctttgt aaactataaa ctcatgcgtc tcctcacggt     53700
     ttgtctcatt ttgcgagcta actgacaaca acagttgttc gctcatgttc tcccctgctg     53760
     gccacgccca ctcctactcc tcgtggagct ccacgcccat taatcatgca tcttttgaaa     53820
     aaattctgaa gtagacttta actgaaagtg ggggctgtca tggcccttta agtagttgag     53880
     cgttgtaaat aatagtaagc tacggcgaca cactgtctgc tatgacatga agcacaatat     53940
     acactcaacg ttacgctgca tgaatttttt aattagccta caatggtaat agttaatttt     54000
     attattgtat gaactttaat ccttaggaaa ggcacaaata aattaataaa ataagacgtt     54060
     tgtaacgaaa tccaagaatt tgtataccaa attcaaggct attaaggcct taattttaga     54120
     ctatcatatt taagactatt tcaatgcttt taagacccca ctatttatgg gataagagaa     54180
     atgtcaatct gtaaacattt tttaaacttt aaatgaggga aataaacatg cgttatggat     54240
     gtgaccaaag tctgcgagtt cacagtaaac aacatgtgga aattatgtga attaaactgc     54300
     acaacccaaa aggaataatg ctaatcaaaa ggatacgagt tggctctcta tataacaaac     54360
     atgactgatt ttattttatc taacattttt ggacatttat gaggaaaaag cttcattatg     54420
     gatgtgacgg atgtgaaatt gccacttgtg tggcttggta aatcaaagat aattgtttga     54480
     aagcatcgac agagacattt ttgagtattt gtgcagtact ggtaaataca agcctacaca     54540
     cacacacaaa agatagattt gctatttttt ttcatggcaa ggttattaat attcgtattc     54600
     atttcacctt tatcttgaca ttgtcgaatg acgttggatt ggtcacatcg tagcagatga     54660
     gaacaatgtt tacgtcctga tacgacagag gcctcaagcg atcgtagtcc tcctggcctg     54720
     ttaataaaca gatttcggtt agaaggagat gacatgttat attgaaacca ttttggacgg     54780
     tttccagagc catgcttcta gacaagaagt cactcatgca gaggaggtgc tttctgacca     54840
     tatcgagcgc cttcctgtat ttcttatttt atgaacagag tattatgttg aaaaaatgag     54900
     atgtggtaga aaaaaccaca tcctgtgttc aacatcctgt tactgctgag aagttctggg     54960
     cagcagcatg gctctgataa cagctcaatt acggaagatg tggatgagtt tattcctaaa     55020
     aaacatgcat ttcacagaat ttgtgcttaa atttgccata aaagcctcag cgatgaataa     55080
     gatatgatat aattatgatt ccaaataatt caattatacc ctgcagttgt tgaatttaca     55140
     gtataatgtg gcttaaaaat gtattccaag actttttttt taaataacta aaaatatatt     55200
     tttgggtcag taagttttga atgtctttaa tgagcactaa gaccaccaaa acttacattt     55260
     ttttaatata tacagtatac tgaatgaata tatataaaaa aataataata aaaataaaaa     55320
     ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     55380
     aaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac atacacacac     55440
     acgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac agtaggagtc agaattatta gccccccttt     55500
     aaatttgttt ttcttgtttt tattatctcc aaaatgatat ttaacagagc aaggaaattt     55560
     tcacactgtg tctgataata tttttttctt ctggagaatg tcttacttgt tttatttaga     55620
     ctagaataaa agcagttttt aattttttaa acaccttatt acaaaattat tagcctcttt     55680
     aagctatata ttttttcgat agtctacaga gcaaaccatc attttacaat aacttgccta     55740
     attaccctaa cctgcctggt taacctaatt aacctagtta agcctttaaa tgtcacatta     55800
     agctgtatag aagtgtcttg aaaaaatatc tagtcgaata ttatttactg tcatcactct     55860
     cagttattag agatgagtta ttaaaactat tatgtttaga aatgtgttga aaaaaatctt     55920
     ctctcggtta aacagaaatt gggggaaaaa ataaacgggg gctaataatt ctaaactgtg     55980
     tatgtatata taaacatatt taaatgtcaa tttatttagc aatgatcatt ttaattttga     56040
     gaatacatga tccttaagaa atcatataaa ctgcttattt gatttcactg tataaagcat     56100
     ttattctttt attgagggga ttaatatatt ttcaggactc tttaatagat agtaagtaca     56160
     aaaaaaaatc ttttaacaca tttaaaacat ccttattgaa taaaaataca ctctaaaatg     56220
     tttagctttg ggtcaaatat ggacaaacta acattgggtt aatttttcca attaaattta     56280
     aatgatacaa ttttaaccca acagctgggt ttgtccatat ttaacccaat gctttaagaa     56340
     catgttcatt tctatttgtc tccaaacctt ttaagcagta cattctaaaa atgctggatt     56400
     atttcaaccc aaatttatgt caaatatggt caaaacatac cactgggttc attttttaat     56460
     taaatagccc aaatttctct atatttaccc aaatttgtgt tgaaataacc cagcattttt     56520
     taaactgtag attagagttg tttagattag aacagtggct cccaaagttg gggtcgtgac     56580
     cttccggggg gtcacaagac attaggggga ttgcttgttg atttccaaaa atctcattta     56640
     tattattaaa ttaataaaat taccatattt tatccaaacc tacaggggat taaaaatagt     56700
     atttaatagt tacaaaaaaa caacatgcaa ataagaaaat catcagcctt tcaaatgctt     56760
     ttttttcatt ggattgcgac cccttggatt ataattaaca acacagcaat agtgttagtt     56820
     gcagaagact gattttacag aacaatgttc aactttgaca cctttgcggc actcatacat     56880
     taaaaataaa ggccacgact gaacatagag gttgttctcc aagtgaaggt ctccaaaatt     56940
     aaagtatagt cttgtgctgt aaacattgtg cccacctgcc tcattaagtg aggttaatat     57000
     taaagtgaac gcactataaa aagaagatat ggtcgttaga ctgtgacact ttttgtgttg     57060
     tcaatatgct tttgtttata tagtgtctat tggcgtgtgt gagtcattgt gtgcaatgtt     57120
     tgtatgttta tagccacctc cgaggatagt aggggttacg agtaactgga attgttattt     57180
     tggggttcac gggctataac atttttggat gtagatcatt ggagtttata aaacatgcaa     57240
     catttatcaa cacgtttatt gatgtaattc ttacacattc aatagtggac tttgcatgtt     57300
     tcaccacatc cacaaaatga ttctggctca ataagcaaca ctccacacac acatacatac     57360
     tattacccca actttgaaac aaatatgtac aaactcaacc attgggttaa aaaaacgttt     57420
     aactgaaaat tgaatttaaa aaattaaccc aatgtattat ttgtctacgt ttgacaaccc     57480
     agcattgttt aaagtgtatg ctactgagca tatcaatatt tcaacaagtt atttacttca     57540
     accaaatgct ctgataagga atcattgtaa ggaaaaaacc ttcgtgtcaa actgaactcg     57600
     taatgctctt catcttcact taatgatcaa acaccccgca accatgacag ctatgaaaaa     57660
     tattactaat ggcctcacac ccatttggca ttcaacattc ctgcctaaaa tacttggcat     57720
     atgaggcgtg tcactgaaga caatgcagac tgaggtgtgt cgcagacggg tggacgaaca     57780
     ctcacctgct gtatcgtaga gattcagctg gatgtccttc cctccgtatg acacggtggt     57840
     gacatatttg tcgaacacag atggagcata tttctggtaa acatcaagca taatggatga     57900
     tgatgatgca tgaaaagtgt gtgttttagc aagaagcaaa tcaaggcgta ggcagaaact     57960
     gctgagtgga aaaacttgct gaggatgttg tgtaaataac tgttgtacat tttgcaatgt     58020
     ttccttctct tcaaattcga agaaacgata gcattaaaag taagtgatgt ggagaaatgt     58080
     cctaaaagaa gggaaattta attagaaatt gtgcctcttg tgtatttctt ttttgggtaa     58140
     acccaaatct tgggttatat ctggtgcagt aaatttaatt gcaaaaataa cccagcagtt     58200
     ggtttttctt tatttatatt accctaaatt gggttgacat gacctagaat ttctttatag     58260
     tgcaactgtc ttcatgattt atgattgaat gttttgatat ttgcataaga atgttaattt     58320
     cctgtttaaa ataaaggttc agaaagaatg tgttcacctc aaagccacag gagaaacttt     58380
     ttggatacca aaaaataata ataatcagaa taatcttttt ttttttttat ttaaataaat     58440
     ttaaagaacg tattttccaa tgaatgttaa aggttgtaga agcatgaatg ccaataaatg     58500
     gtctttattt aagtaattta aactatttat aatgcttcaa tcactatatg attaaaatag     58560
     actttaggaa taaaactaca ctctataatg gatatttcat gtaacccaac gttgggttag     58620
     tttttttttt aattcaattt taatgatact ttttaaccca gcggttgggt ttgtctatat     58680
     ttgacccatc gttggcttac aacaacccgc tattttttaa gtgtactcca cacacacaca     58740
     aagttcatgt acatttacca cgtgtaatat tgacgatcta aataaaatct cacctcagga     58800
     aagtctcctt tggcgtacac cataagtaag gatgttttcc cgcatcctcc atccccgacg     58860
     atcacgattt tgagcgcatc agcgtgtgtg ccattaccgg ctacagtgcc gttctgtgtc     58920
     atgtccaccg gccggtcaga ttctccaaca ggtgcccaaa tcctcagaag cgtcaggtga     58980
     actcattggg gagaataaag tctggcaggt aagcatgctg tcatccggtc cacacttcct     59040
     cctcctcttg ctcttttttt tcttgttaaa ccatgtgact gttttcacat atactttcag     59100
     atctgagcgc gcggctgtaa ttgaggtctt tctacacatg gtctggtctg cgcgataagg     59160
     cggggcttgt gagtgaaacc acgcccactt acagttcttt gtatttactt cctaaactaa     59220
     tcgagacagt tttttgagaa gcttcatttt tcacattctc gccggtctgc agagggtgga     59280
     gctgaaccgc ttgagatgct tgggattaag tgatatataa atagattatt ttacattgca     59340
     taactaatga caattacata tttaattgta ttactaagag gtttacaagt gttattttaa     59400
     ataagagaat ttaacatttt aatttagttt ttatttattt ttgtttgttt taatgaatca     59460
     ctaaatgaca acctattatc tgattaattg tgtattatat atacaccatc ggtcaaaagt     59520
     ttggggtcag taggattttt aaatgtaaat acagcacaaa tcataaaatt gtgaaatgtt     59580
     attgcagtat aaaataactg ctcaaaagta gattataatt taataattca ttccagtaat     59640
     tttaaagatg aattttcatc ttcattactc cagtcttcag tcatgtgatc cttcagaaat     59700
     cactctaata ttaataataa ttattaatat tattattggt aatagtaata aaagtaataa     59760
     ttactaaatt aatagtttta tttgaagcta catacaataa gtaataaata aatatatatt     59820
     ttttacattt attaaatacc gccttaataa acagaatcat tttctttaaa aaaaaacaaa     59880
     catgacccca aacctttgac ctgtagtgta tatatataaa catatacaca tacacacaca     59940
     tttcctgtgg attgacatta aaatatatac actcacatat agtcaacatt tgaagtgcat     60000
     gaaatcagtt tatcaaaatt gtcctaaggc aagaatgggg attcagtagt ttttgacaat     60060
     ttttataagc atgatccact tccaaatatt gactacagta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt     60120
     tatttttatc tgtttttatt cgatttaagt cattttgtgt tttggctttt tttctttttt     60180
     ctaattgttt gtcttttaaa acacgtttgt aaaaaaattc attaatttta ttttaatgta     60240
     agttatttta ctacagtgta acctaaatac tatatatata cactatatat atatatatat     60300
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atagtaaata     60360
     caatagaaaa caacatattt tttgtatttg agttacttaa tgtagtaaaa caacttaaat     60420
     ttaaataaaa ttaataaaaa actataaacg atttaattgt tttatttatt ttttattata     60480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataatattt     60540
     tttatgagaa aaaactcttt aaaataacat ctagatccag atagaactaa atgtaacttt     60600
     aaccatttat tgcagcgtga attgaatctt gttatttcga ttcggaggcc gattatatat     60660
     ctatatataa tatcttaaaa ttattaaagt attaaacatc ttggccagaa ctccctaggt     60720
     agtgatttcc tttcatctca atgagatttt cttggaaaaa attaaagcat aaataaataa     60780
     aaagggcgct gttataggca ggaaagacaa acctctaggg atctgtgaaa ataataaaca     60840
     gcttctttta ttttaccagt ggccaatggg tggcggtttg cgtctctccc agagcgtcac     60900
     agccaatcag aggccagaaa aataaaatgt tgttttgctc tcattcctca cagataggag     60960
     gcgtcatatt atcacttctc gtcacataac tcttcagctg acagattcag aaccaggtaa     61020
     cggagagaaa ctgcttcaat tatttacaaa ggccaccatt tattttctac gtaagttaat     61080
     tataatggta caaaatagcg cattaatcca ttaacacagg acaaatgcgg cctacagcag     61140
     tgatgaacgg acgtgtctgt ttttcgccat atgggccctt ttggttgttt tacatcagct     61200
     aaataataat aaaacaatgt gacttcgagg aaaagactaa ctgggtgaag atgcaagaaa     61260
     gtagaaggct acaagcaaac tcagctgtca ataaatacaa gacatcattt atgcaagcac     61320
     aaagtcttta ttaggctacg atataaaagc aggtcagtgc agcattttat tgcaagcata     61380
     catactacac aaaatagatt acaatccaca tttattatag ttaataaata agagaaaaac     61440
     ccaccgtgag aaatgcaaat gagaacagtg tatggatcag ctgcttttcc tcggatttca     61500
     tgtggattga cattaaaatg gcattaatag acaataaaga cagacatggt atacattaag     61560
     caatatttca catgtttcca taacgtttta aaaattattt taaaaaagcc tacagaatac     61620
     ttttaaaaaa tgtatttttt tttttttgct atagtgctgg gaattgttcc caataaaata     61680
     aaaatatagc ctacttaaag atctatgaga tttatagcct atgattaatg tcgaagatcc     61740
     tctccagcta tccagaacag aaatgaaagc gcacatctct atacatagag ttgaaagaga     61800
     aaaaacgcaa ctagctaaaa tatataaact gatgatctgg ttttagccct tctgtcctgc     61860
     ccttagaaac agcttacgtt cggaggatac gaaaataaag aggattttcc taattaaaca     61920
     gcactaaaat ggcctcatga cccacttcag cctcggtcac cacgtctcca gtccttcttt     61980
     tctagtatat tcagacacca gtcctacttt agactatggc agagagacag aatagtaatg     62040
     gtgtgcatgc agagaccaag cgtgaatcct aaccgcggaa aacagatggc gcgtttcctt     62100
     gcgcaatacc agtctgcttg ataaattgga attggcgtcg acccaaaacg cacagaaaaa     62160
     ggggaaataa agatttaaaa aataaaaaga aataaaatca atttccactg atgatttact     62220
     tgggaattaa taatatccga ataaactgag aagatttaca ctaccataaa ttgtgcgaac     62280
     acacgacgat ttgcatacca cataccggta tgtgttgcaa cagtgtgata aattcagcag     62340
     aagatctgag aaagctataa gcaatgcgca aatcctgcat gcatcacgtc aaatgctcct     62400
     ttgaaatggc tggcgaataa actgcgccga atgttcttga aagggggacg agagagagag     62460
     cacagaggac tggatattcc ctttgtactt gctgattgaa atgccacaca gtgtttgaga     62520
     ctctttctcc gaccttaaat ggttaggtgg gtgcagtcat ttcgcggcag gcgtccaagc     62580
     tctcagatta ctgctgtgtg ctttgtgcca cagggtttcc agagcttagc gtcgagggcg     62640
     cgctttacgc acaagaaatg aatgcgagtt tttgtgcaat atcctgcttt cttaaagagc     62700
     gagcacatct tgtcgatttg tttgcaatga tagccacgta ttaaaaggca aagtcagtag     62760
     aaaccgacag actgacagcc tcgcccataa atggcgcagc aagctttcct ttccacaatg     62820
     atgtccttgt gaagacgcca tgttgaaaat gagaacagca gagaagccat taaacaacag     62880
     gctatttctg aggtcgcctg gacatgggtc agcaatgaga ggtgtttaga ataattttta     62940
     cacctttatc tgtctatttt ttaaacaact aataaaaata cacagtgagg aaacaataat     63000
     tgtacttaaa ggcaaatgtg actttaaatg taaaacgttt aaacaaacat tcccaatttt     63060
     ttgtgtgtgt gaaataaggt cgtttaaact attaccttcg taaagagaaa ggaaatccct     63120
     ctcagtggtg aaggacgagt gaatttctct tgtcattctg tcttcaggaa gagaaagaga     63180
     ggcattgttt gcatattgca atatctaaaa gtgcctcaag atttccatca gctccactcg     63240
     ctggagactg cgcagatatg tgtgttaaat ggtgaattat gtcgaaaaag acggcagaaa     63300
     atggttattg tcgttttctt ccttttaggc gttgcaaccc aaccccccca tctttaaagc     63360
     cagtgtgtta aaggatccga agatgggaat gaaaaccttc ctgtttctcc atcgtatagg     63420
     cctgatagat ttatttcaac aaaatgttaa ggtaaatata tctgctagtg tattaataat     63480
     tatgtatgtt caaagtcgta tttaacagtt tctgttcgat gttgtgtggc tagtagtgtt     63540
     ataaaatgaa ggtttgccct tggcacaagg tcagatatac attactaaaa aaaaagcaaa     63600
     gggatttact tccattccat tgtaaaacca ggaatacatc aatcccaatc tgcacacaat     63660
     gaaagagaag tgaattccac ataattattt aaatataaaa tgtacttttt ctctcccaaa     63720
     aaaatgtgtt tagataaaaa ttctgctgtg gggttacaaa tagtgaggcg caactaggat     63780
     gagcattaaa acaaccacaa accctatcaa ccatacctgt gattcagcat ttttgtaaaa     63840
     ggccaatcgt ccttttttct ctttggcctg ccttgtttgc tgaaatgtga gaagcaatca     63900
     atttaaatgg agatttaaaa gagaacagca tgcaactgaa tgtatctgaa gacaaagctt     63960
     ggctttaaac taaaaatcac acatagggag cactgaaaaa aaaatagaaa aaccagccat     64020
     aaaatgcctt ggtttaaata gcaataaaac atttattttg cagctaaata agcaaagata     64080
     acaaagataa acttacttat tgattaatga ttggccctaa gcaaggcagg gccttaaaag     64140
     cagttggcaa ttttcatgtg tttttctttc tttctttttc taaacatcct agttagtaat     64200
     gtaaatcaaa atacaaaatt tttattcagt agcatttgac taaagaataa aatactgtta     64260
     tatgggtgtg ccatgaccta gtttgctggg acaaagatgg tttccaggaa gagaaaaaaa     64320
     gtgtaaaaat gtcaaaggga tatcatccaa catttcatct tccttcttct cagatcctgc     64380
     aaacagaaac actgtatgta ttaaatagtc cataaaaggc tgatgaaatc aagatttaga     64440
     tccctttagg aacaaaggaa acccattttg accattgagt cccaatgtag gagaaaatgg     64500
     ctgcgcctgc atacagcctt ctttctgctc tctgtaggaa gaactgaagg ctgtgcttct     64560
     aatagctgaa tccaccgtgg tgcttcaatc tgattggcca gagagggaac tgctgttaac     64620
     cagccaattg cccaagcacc gcagaatatc aaacaatgtt gaggacggat tgagaaacta     64680
     ctgttagtac gagataaacc taacattagg tgtttaaaca caataagcta cacggaaaag     64740
     ctttattata cacatttata tgttttgttt atataaggtc acttaagttc tttttaaaga     64800
     cgtatattta tatacaccac ctaaaacata tttataaata aatgtttgaa cgaatgcaaa     64860
     tctgcgtttc atttttaaaa cacattatgt gcgcgttcgg cgcgtgtccc aattcagttt     64920
     taacaacctt ccccagcgtt gctcctccat gtccatcttg tatttaacgt tcatgtaaat     64980
     ctatcgcgca gattcaacgc ggacccaacc ttcgtgtttc tgctggaaat gcaagatatt     65040
     ccacctttct tttcatttct cacacttaac tcaatttgtt tgatttatcg acgctcgtat     65100
     aaaaattctg cgttttctca acgcttcaga ataataattt gaaagcgcgt gtcgaatgtg     65160
     ctggaaggtt gagatagtgg tgtattgtaa gagacagaaa ccccagacta gaggcacaca     65220
     atatgtgttg gctcgcaaaa aggaggcagt atctttaaaa tcatgtaatg tgatcggcga     65280
     atcgttcaag atcaagccgt tttatataaa actactcgat cgggcacaac atgtccagac     65340
     ctggagaaag aaataagcta aatgaagatc acggtagaag acagagttca agtaagctct     65400
     ctttttttcc ttcctctgta atgtctgttt cgggcaccgc ttcaaacccc ccatttttta     65460
     caatgtagtt tttgtgtgca aataaactgc ttgcgatgtc agtatcatga ggagtacttt     65520
     atgttttgtc atctcttcgc taggtttggc gaacggaatg gacaacagcc atcctatctg     65580
     cagttcggga gagaaacgaa gtcatcattg gagaagttac aagttgatta ttgacccagc     65640
     gttgaaaaag ggttcgcaca aagtgtaccg ctacgatgga catcaattca gcacgccggt     65700
     gagaggaacc agccgttata acgaccagaa ccggatgcac gggacccccg tgtatcgtcg     65760
     cgcgttcaat agatacaata cgttgtaaac acttgacaca acacatcaaa gagtttcacc     65820
     gctgccaaac ttgctttacc aaacactcta ttaacatcgt taaactaaac aagcttattt     65880
     aagttagccg tgctgcatta gttctgttga cagcggctga gccgtttaaa gtacactcgt     65940
     gtaaagtttg tataaatgtt cttctttttg tttgcagagc tttggaatgt cacccgtgga     66000
     catcgtccga gatccgagaa tcggtcgtct gtggactaag tacaaggaga ctgatctccc     66060
     ggttcctaaa tttaaggttc agtcacaccc cccttgacac atgtgtgcag tcgtcttgag     66120
     tgttttctac actttacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cacacgtaac ggattaaacg     66180
     tttatttttt cggttaaatt tcaaacgtta ttcaactgtc atctgattta aattcaaatt     66240
     tccaacggtt ttcagggact actatgagag gccgttgtta catataactg tgggtgcatt     66300
     atgaaatgaa gctgtactaa ttattggttt atttacctca gatcgacgag tgttacgtcg     66360
     gccgtgttcc cccgaaggag gtcacgttcg cgaaactcaa tgacaacgtc agagagggat     66420
     tcctcaccga catgtgcaag aagttcggcg acatcgagga ggtggaaata ttgtacaatc     66480
     cgaagaacaa aaaacatctc ggaatagcta aagttgtttt cgaaaccgtc aaggcggcga     66540
     aagatgctgt ccagaacttg cacaacacgt ctgtcatggg aaacatcatc cacgtggagc     66600
     tggaccctaa aggtaggaaa gaattaactg tttaactatg agactgtgga tatataactt     66660
     aatagcaata ggaaagttat aatttgaaag aatagctcct aaattacaca cgcgtctgca     66720
     gtttttaatg gattgtttgt aacttcaagt cacgtgcgta aatttacgtt ggttgcttgg     66780
     taaccaccac taaacagcat gtcagctgga gagggattaa ctgatgtgct tgctttgagt     66840
     ttgtttattg aaaaaataaa gttattagaa tataattaca cactaaatat atttgtttaa     66900
     gcataataag ctataacaat gatcatcaag tatttagatt cagaatgtat gttttaaaag     66960
     agaaagaagg tgcttagcat cgactaaaca taatagttac acaattgaaa atgtttgtaa     67020
     cgttaaacct ttcatttaga cgctttactg aaggacaagc acattgaatg gtcattaacc     67080
     ttgtagaagt gagatcttaa aggcaggatg acagctgtag cgggttctcc tctctcttaa     67140
     agagacagta ccctttcatc tgttatcacc agggatgtgg atttcatttc atagtttata     67200
     cacttatttc ttatttgatc taatgtcaca tatgttgtgt atatgtattt ataaattgtt     67260
     aaatgtaaac ttgttatttt acataatgga tattttaata actttttatt ttcaagtgag     67320
     attgctttct ttttgcaata ggttttaata atattgactc tgaaatagtt ttctgtaatg     67380
     tttttattat aacacaacaa caattttatg taaacaacta aagttgaaca aattggcctg     67440
     taaaagatgt tctggacagc atgagaaatt taagttgtct tgtcatatat atatatatat     67500
     atataatttt tttttctcac aattggtaat ataagaatat tattatactt tatcttatag     67560
     ttaatatata tacaaagcat tttacaaaat aactttattt taaatcaaaa taatttgtca     67620
     gtaatgtctg ccattgcatt aaaacaatat gagaaattca agttagatat tctatgtttg     67680
     tttatgtatg tatatagttg ttattattaa accccctttg accttttctt ttctatttta     67740
     aatatttccc aaattatgtt taacagagca aggaaatttt catagtatgt ctgataatgt     67800
     ttttttttca tctgtagaaa gtctcatttg ttttattttg gctagaataa aagcagtttt     67860
     aaatttttta accaccattt taaggacaac attattagcc tctttaagct atattttttt     67920
     cgcagagcaa ttactattga ttaatttcta tttattctat atatattttt ttaaattatt     67980
     attattattt ttttatgtgg tcaaagatga gacatgcctg catcaaatta aattacaaag     68040
     tgactgtttt atatacagaa agcatattaa tattataata ttaatattaa gcatattaaa     68100
     gtgcaagtaa agctttaaag taattttcaa atcgcttttg tcaaaatcat gtgggtaaaa     68160
     taatgttcct ccattattca gtgtaacata tttagttatg taaaagatga atcctcttat     68220
     actgatctgc acttactgtc taaaataaca gtagatcata ataaatagtc gctttggata     68280
     aaagcgtctg ctaaatgact aaatgtaaat gtaatgtaaa tgtaaattgt tatattttaa     68340
     gttgtcaaca tttgcagaca aattagtaaa atgtgtgtat tcgggctgca cgatattgta     68400
     aaaatcaagg attgcgatgt cagggtgtct gcggggtctt aaaatgtatt aaaagctgag     68460
     aaatcaataa tgaaaaaatt aaggctctta aaaagtatta taagtcctaa tcgtgttttt     68520
     acgaggtctt aacttttgtt taatcgttgt ccaaagtgtt tgactacaaa aaagcataaa     68580
     tatatttgtt ttccatctaa tattaacaac ggcgtgctcg atccatgcga ttggtttgag     68640
     ccagggcgcg cccggccaag tttcaccatg cggtttgaat tcacataatt tgcgacaatt     68700
     gcaggaaggt gatgtgacgc tctccacacg tagcaaaacc atagatcgaa acgtacggaa     68760
     aaatgggaag tttgcatact cctggttgga gaaagacgag tttaaacagt ggctgaagcc     68820
     tgtcgctgaa aacaaatgca taatttattc tttcaagctt tgtttcttcc gagcttatcg     68880
     gagttctgtt gcatggttgt gctctattga tttatttaac tctaactggc gaggaggtct     68940
     gaaaatattc tgagaaggtc tttaaaaagt cttaaaaagg tattgaaatt acctttagga     69000
     ttcctgcata taccctggat attttttatt ttgcgatata tattgcaata tgaatacaat     69060
     ttcaccagat gaatgataaa aaatatatac aaactcaaca ttgcataaat cttgcgaagt     69120
     gtctatattg caaattatca cattgcaaca tcaatgctga aaatatatag tgtaacggcc     69180
     ctagtgtgta tagtataaaa ctttaaagat ttaaaatttc aatgatttag tattttgtag     69240
     ctgcactatg atctacagct gcacactata atgtttcagc atcaatatca taatgtttgc     69300
     atctgcaaca gtcaaattgc aggatctgca atgtcgaatc aagattatgg ttaaccagga     69360
     gagaaagcgc tcatgtaatt gtaaagttac tgaaatgttt gtcatttgta agtgttttag     69420
     ggcttgtgat tgtgtgaaca tttcaaagca ggtaaatcat ttgggcacaa gaattacact     69480
     gtttgtaact atataaaact ttaattgtaa ttgtgccatg cttttgttca caatttgtgt     69540
     acctgaatac tgctagactc gtagttaatt ttacttgcat ttttccttta ctgtattaat     69600
     aaatactttt gatgaattta ttgcatttta tgcggataca ctccactaca aaatttatca     69660
     cagtctaaaa taatagtttt ttattccaga tgtgctactc ctgtcatctg gtgaaaatgt     69720
     actcaatctc gcaatatgta tcgcaagaaa aaagtatcgc agtgtttgat tttttccaat     69780
     attgtgcagc cctactatga tctttaaata taataattta atttcataaa attattctaa     69840
     atatgcctag attattatta tttttttttt ttttacagtt gaatgacatt ttagtatgtt     69900
     ttcgttaaat cggggtaata atgtgcagta tagggatgca ccgatatgga ttttttagcc     69960
     gattcaataa ccgataactc ttaagatttg gaggctgata accaatatat tacctgatca     70020
     atatttcaaa atgttttata cagtaaaaaa tattatacaa taaacaactg attttatttt     70080
     aaaaacttaa aagtgtaatc tgatcttatg aactaaatag cctactcaaa gcacaaagca     70140
     ataatttgaa aggtgattat gtagatatat tcacctgaat cagcatgcca aaataaatga     70200
     tttccttttc attgcatagt aaattaacat gcaacttgac tgttgcacaa aaataatagg     70260
     ttaaataaca aaatggaact ttagtaacaa acaagtaaaa aaagtatgtt aaatgaaatg     70320
     aaaatgaaag aactaagaag tgaaaccagc tcaaatgttc ttgaataaaa tgtgttacag     70380
     taatatacaa atatgtagtg tgccaaaatg catttggaga ggtgttttga cagttcagag     70440
     gcaccgtact accgaaaagc taaataagat aatattaata ttactttaaa aaatgcagca     70500
     taaattcgtt ccatttggtg ttttagattc ttttgaacat gataaacata acttgtgctc     70560
     gttataatca ttataaatat gcagatcaaa ctaaatacaa tcttacatca acaacacaag     70620
     ggaagcaata atagcaaata atcatattag tttacaaaca acccaacgag ttgtttagca     70680
     cgtgtgcatc gctgctatta tgtttacaaa taaaatattt ttcctgaggc aatttaaacc     70740
     aaatatacaa tgaaactatc aaatatgtct ttgatgatat ggtttcttac tgagttatta     70800
     acgcacagca ataccacaca aaggacggac tttgaagaag gcaggcagtt ctgtacaatt     70860
     acataatcta tcggcttaaa gatagacaca aaggaatata ttttgaagaa agttgaaaac     70920
     ccataactat tgacttccac atcatagatg tcgacctaat ttttacatgg aaccgagaac     70980
     aataacatta aaaatagcct ttatcggcca atattgatat ggccttcgat attttgtgca     71040
     tccctagtgc agttgttatt gtttgcacaa gacaaaattg ggttttaaat tgaacacatt     71100
     ctaatgtaca gggaataaag cacaaacctt tagtttgtat agtatttatt gtttttataa     71160
     tcaaaaagct taaattttac cccatatgtg gcgtaaacaa acatttaagt ttacaaaaca     71220
     taccatttta gtaattactt ttaaatcaga ccttcttttt ccttttttct ttctttttct     71280
     ttcttttgtt tcctttttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     71340
     ttctatttaa tgcctagatg cctacaaata gtcacaacat gtgtatttca tttagatgta     71400
     gtgcacgttg tgtttgactt atcatgttca ccacagcaga gttcgctctc atccatctgt     71460
     ccaggtgaaa atcgccagag gtacttccag cgtcttatca atggaagtta tactccgctc     71520
     actcttccag tcggtggcga agaggcctgt gatgtttctc cacgcagctt ggctgaagcc     71580
     ctgatggtaa aaacccaaac attattccat tacatctgac attaattaca caatacatta     71640
     gaacacttca tattttacta caaagacatt atttgtataa tgcattggta ttgcatggta     71700
     ttacatattc agaaacataa acttgtaatg tcaaatcttt tgatctttgg taagaataat     71760
     tcagttggtt tgtgcagccg gtttaaaaac aataaccttg tttagttaac aaaagaatag     71820
     tatttttctt ttctaatctt gcagtgttgg ggtttgtttt taatcatttg tgacttgaag     71880
     tatttatatg gatctgttta acaaagtttt aacagaaatt gtatttaaca ctagtgcgcc     71940
     atacaccatg ctgtgagtcc ctttgtaaca gaaacgtctt tatctctaat ccagtttatc     72000
     agttcagcag gtggttaaat ggacaccggc tgaaaagcac ataataactg ctaccagcag     72060
     agagctgtag actattacaa catgcacttt gaacggtctc ccctcagtta tgcccattat     72120
     ctcacaaggg ggccgtattg aaaacagtgt catcaaccaa tgtttataca atgtatttga     72180
     ttagcatgta aatggttaaa gaggtcctaa tgtgctttta tttttttaga tgggagatac     72240
     catataatat agctgtctca gaatgtgttt gtaatgtttg tgctcataat ttcacaaaaa     72300
     taattcataa cacttgactg gaaatgctca gttttgttta acgtcacttt aaatacaaat     72360
     gagcttctgc tccactccca ttttacagaa gagggcggag tttttacatc ttgtgcctca     72420
     gttactccag caagtacagt tttaatgcct tgtcatttca aactcctatt taaagtgttt     72480
     tttaaatgca cagaaagcca actgcccttt tatttgacag ccattacgta atgtattgca     72540
     tgttagggtt ttcattaaat tcagtgttgt tgttctaaaa ttattttaaa caggggttaa     72600
     aatacttttt aaagttgcct gatcaggcca ggtctttgat ttggtgaaac cttgcatgtg     72660
     aaatgagcaa caaccaatgc aaattaacca ggcttgctcc tagaattaga gatagttctc     72720
     tcaaaaatga aaattgtcat catttactca ccctgcaact atttgagttt cttcttttga     72780
     acccataact attgacttcc atatcatttt tgttcatagt atattatttt cagttcaaca     72840
     gaagaaagaa actcattaag gattataatc acttgagggt gagtaggggg gtactcacac     72900
     tatgctatcc aaactgtgcc ctggcacatt tctcggttcg tttgagaagt gtgagtgctc     72960
     tgaatcgggc tcaggcatgg tttagttggc cggccctggc ccggttggaa gaggtatgcc     73020
     agaatgtggt tcacttgggc tcagtttcag aaactgaaga cgagacgtga cttttaagga     73080
     actgtttaat atgtgtttat taatcattct tactgtttaa tgaacgcaaa ctgtcgtatt     73140
     aaagacgcaa acccctcact tgccgacagc tgcaccttta gcaaacctcc taatacttgt     73200
     agcacgagga ctttatgatt gtttatgagc gtcaaaagtg gctgatctgt tcggcgaaat     73260
     attcaccgca tcccaaacga ctgaaacaat ataactatag aaatctccac tgtgctgagc     73320
     gaaagcgctt actgaataac gctttattga tgatgtaagc gtacccaggc ccgaatgtaa     73380
     tgtgagtgtg ggccgctggg agagatggga agggtgacaa gcgtgcttca gcctggttca     73440
     aggcaactgt acatagtgtg agtactccct aaatagtcag taaatgggtg aactgtcgct     73500
     ttaagagagt tcagaaatag tgatttgtgc tttgtacctt tgcagatcta tccagcaaac     73560
     aataaacaaa attaaaattg taaaaacaat ttgataaatc cattagaaat ggttcgcccg     73620
     gggttttatt cacagaatgg ttggcacttt gaaattcaga agttggtctg ttgtgtccgc     73680
     aggcttgcga gccctccaga agactgttcg aaggcggttc gtctgtagtc gcaggcacaa     73740
     caccgagtgg caccaacaca cccatgtccc tggatacagc ctactccagc ctaaggcagg     73800
     atacgcccca gtcgcaaggc accccgcaca ccccacgccc atcaggcacc ccgttctctc     73860
     aggactccag ctactccagc aggcagggca cgccagcgtt ccaagccaac cgtgccgaat     73920
     catcaggagg ctacaaatcg aggagacatg aaaccaaatt ccaggatgcc tacaaccgta     73980
     gaccagaaag gcgatatgtc catggaccca cgcaacgtgg taacacagaa cagccgccta     74040
     gttttaagca gcatcaacca cctgagccgc catcgcctgc attcacgcac acgccgccgc     74100
     cacctaccag tgcaaatttt aaaactgctt attcccaata tcaaccccca attccccaag     74160
     agtacacagt agcctcctac caccagcctg ttcagcggga attggattac agaagaccac     74220
     ctcaagctcc gcctccccca agcactgact tcctgcctgt cagagacaga cccacaactc     74280
     caccaatccc tgagcctcct cctgctccag agacccaacc aacgacacct ccgtcttcca     74340
     caccagagcc ctgtccatcg cctacccaag agtctgagcg taacagccta gactcccgta     74400
     tagaaatgct cctgaagccc ttcctgaatg agcgcggaga ctcggatgct gaggtgcgga     74460
     tggatgggag cccgatctcc tcctcgtcat cccagctgtc cccaatccca ccccagcgac     74520
     cctcgcggcc ttcaagcact ggtctggagg acatcagccc aactccgctg cctgattcag     74580
     aagatgatga accgatccgt ggtactgctt cactgttggc aaactcaagg ggtatgtcac     74640
     ccaccaacat gcacagtaaa agctgtgtgg gagaaccacg gacggccatt gacaaaatgg     74700
     acacggtaag atttgagctg tactttattg ttgagtcaca tttatttgaa aaacaaaaag     74760
     tttatttaag gtgaaaaatt tattctgcgt agattcagag acatttaaaa ggttttacta     74820
     ttctctacta atgcgagaat tttaaacagc agatggtgct gtatgattca caaatagcag     74880
     tattctgctt gcatccaatt ccttacaaat accacttgaa cataaaataa tcatttaata     74940
     aagttaggaa tggtttgagc gaattacaag tgttcatatg aagctgtgtt tacattaatc     75000
     ttgtgacata aaaacctact tgcctgactg aacgctcaag tgctcctcct catgaacatt     75060
     cgagtgtagg cgtagagtgc catctgctgt taaaaactag cctagcgcgc aatttgctat     75120
     taaaaactag cctagagtgc catttgctgt taaaaactgt actagagcgc catctgctgt     75180
     ttaaaactag cctagagcgc tgtctgctgt ttaaaactag cctagagtgc cgtctactgt     75240
     taaaaactgg cctaaagcac catgtgatat gaaaaaacta gactagagcg ccatctgctg     75300
     ttaaaaacta gcctagagcg ccatctgcag ttaaagacta gcctagagtg ccatctgctg     75360
     tttaaaaact agcctagtgt tatctgctgt tcaaaactag cctagatcgc cgtctgctgt     75420
     taaaaacaag cctagagcac catctgctgt ttaaaatata gcctagtgtt atctgctgtt     75480
     aaaaactagc ctagagcgcc atgtgctgtt taaaactagc ctagagcgcc atctgctgtt     75540
     gcaacctagc ctagagcgcc atctgcagtt aaaaaatagc ctagaccacc atttagccta     75600
     gagtgccgtc tactatttaa aaactagcct agagctacat ctactgttaa aaactagcct     75660
     atggcaccat ctgttattaa aaactagcct tgactgccga aagcggtacc cgaaatgtag     75720
     cccaaagtgg cttcttttgg gaacttctcg ctaacttatt atatgtaatt tttaaagaaa     75780
     atcactttag gtaactaaag taaataagta aattaggcaa gtaaataaat ctctaaacaa     75840
     tccaattggt aatgtgttaa acgatagtgt aacaatgctg tctcaaaact acataaggtt     75900
     tgcccagaaa gtgtctaaat ctgtcaacac acaacaacaa aaaagttgca cgaaatcgct     75960
     aaattgatag ctgcatactt gcttattttc taactcttac tactcttctt tattaatttt     76020
     ttgggttgtc cgaattgcaa agaataacat acaaatgttg ttatatttcc tgctgttttg     76080
     ttttgaaaat aaatatctca ttgcattgtt aaatatgata gtatgaattg ctgcctggag     76140
     ggttttagga cccaggagaa ttgtaggaat caaccgcacc aatcttcctt tagagcggcc     76200
     ccctgctttc ccttttgttt cacattttag cagtagaaga agttgtgcaa tctgactgca     76260
     aacatgtttt gcaccatttt tttcttaaaa ggcaaattct tgaggctagt tttctgaatg     76320
     tataaaagca gcgttttgtg gcgcatattt gaacccattt atataataat ttccatgttt     76380
     gcttgatgtt ttgtaacttg actgtttgtg ccacatcagc agaaacacat gaaataaaaa     76440
     aatagcaagt ttatcctggc acacttttaa gtcctacatg ttaatctgca ccaaaaaaca     76500
     ggctaagcat cacattccat agcaaaattc aaccatcttc agcggttgca ggaagcacat     76560
     aaacattcag tgcatgatga ggctctcttg taaatgaact ggtttgcatt gcatcctcca     76620
     gcgctgtatg gcaaacccat gaaatatgat cctgctttga atgccgctta tgtgcaacac     76680
     actttcactt cctcttacac gtcgttcaac acaagaaaca atgctcagcc gttaacttgc     76740
     ttttgtgcgg tacttcctgc ttaaaaagct ggaccgtcag gatagtgctg ttcttattaa     76800
     atcaccaaag ccatcagctg tattgtcaga ggcttggctg aaagagattg ggttcctaca     76860
     ttgaagatgc atccaatgaa gagtttcaag agggatttta tgactagtgc actattgata     76920
     gacactacta aactgagtga tacctcaaga catgcagttt cttaaggaga tgtgtgctat     76980
     ttctttaaat tctcttttta gtacaatgga aaagaagcgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt     77040
     gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt     77100
     gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gcgtgcgtgt     77160
     gtgcgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgcgtgc gtgtgtgcgt gcgtgtgtgt     77220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgttttg     77280
     tacataaagg cgcaatccca attagggttg tgacgataga cgatagtatt gtgtatcaat     77340
     gatacctatg acgattttta aagacgatat ttagctcgtt tcgcattaat gttgaccaat     77400
     tacttgtttt aatttcattg ttgaataaaa ttaatagcat tattattttt aatcatcatc     77460
     attattaata aatgaactaa aaataattgg acagcttcag ctgttcacat cagcatcact     77520
     tgacgacacc ttcggataaa aatgaattat ttcgattgct ctcttgcgct ctctctctct     77580
     gtaattagtt tgcaatgttg tggcattaaa attatagact aaataacaaa acttcaacga     77640
     acaaatcttt gttaatttat ttaactaaca agttaaataa aacgattttt aaaaatggaa     77700
     aaactgaaga gcaaaatgaa agaactctga aactagctct gggatagaac gtgttgcggt     77760
     cgtcctttat aacagcaccc tgcaatattc tttcttgctt ttacaaaaaa agttttaata     77820
     tgcttttata tccgttaata atactctgtt aaaattgctg ggttaaacta cttttattgg     77880
     atgtatggcc tgttacagtt gattcaaata gaaaaaatta gatacacaat taatggcaaa     77940
     acagaggatt tctatacagc ttggcaacca tttctgttgt atttaaaaaa atagctttat     78000
     gtataccata ttgcatattt aaccctgtct gtatctgaca tccccccccc cctcttgctt     78060
     ttaaatgata caaacttatc taatagtgta ttaaaaaaag aaattgtgtg atattttaca     78120
     tttaacggta atggcctact tgggtgtcat ttgttaattt attattatta tgtatatgta     78180
     tgtgtttttt tcttgttttt ttttttggtt tgtttgttct ttttttgttg ttgttgttta     78240
     ctttatttca atctcaatat ggttcagaga gtaaggaatg tgtttaataa ccactcagtg     78300
     ttttatttac actgtgaaag taatgtgttg tggtttttct ttgcctcacc tgtaatgcct     78360
     ctctgattga gaattgtcaa taaaaagagt taaactaaaa tagctgggtt aaaaataccc     78420
     caacatataa cccaactata ggttattata ggttatttta acccaatgca ttgggttatt     78480
     ttgattaaat gttatttttc cattctggta ttacttttga agtactacta ttattttcga     78540
     tttatggcta tgtaaaataa cgaatgtctc tgctgggtcc taaaggcgag aatgacagct     78600
     gaatatccca aatatgtgta ttattttctc ccaaaaaaac tgtagagatg aacatggtag     78660
     agaaagcgtt ttatcggcta tgaaacgcgc gtttgtaata tcatcaataa ttaggagtgc     78720
     tggtgaaacg aataaaaaaa atatgacacc agaggtaatt tgataaaaaa gaactacaat     78780
     attattatgt tcgagcttaa ataaacttta caacgcagaa acaacattac ttgcacatat     78840
     taatacagct gttttgtgtc agttgaatca gttaactgtt aaaattctaa atattaaccc     78900
     aactggttga gttattatta aatagcctaa taaaggttaa aataacccaa caaagcacca     78960
     aatatgttaa ctcaactatt gggtaaaata aataactcaa ctctaaaaaa agtgtatgca     79020
     tgttctcctc gtgtttgtgt gggtttcctt cgggtgtcca gtttcctcca caagtctaaa     79080
     gacatgcgct ataagtgtat taggtaagct aaaatcgtcc gtagtgtatg tgtgtgaatg     79140
     agagtgttta aatgtttccc attgatgggc tgtagctgta aggacatctg ctgtgtaaaa     79200
     catatactgg ataaattagc agttcattct gctgtggcga ccaggactaa gccgaaaaat     79260
     gaatgaatga taagaaggat tttgtaactt attcattata aattatataa caaacaaatt     79320
     acaggcaaag atgactacaa aagaccagag ataaaagtga aatattgggg aggaaatttc     79380
     gacaaagtct aagggctcct acacaccggg atgcttttcg tttgcgttta tcgtcagcgt     79440
     ttttcaagac gtttttccgg attcaacccc aagtgatttt ctttggcgtc gagcagaaga     79500
     gtatgcaaaa tcggtccttg acattagatg gcgccacaca actttaagct tctgacacct     79560
     gttgtaacac agaagaagaa gacaaagttg acacgcttgt tgttatggat ggttcaagca     79620
     gcagctgcag ctctagcgat gaagaaatga ttattgttca tcagagcaat aagctgctcc     79680
     atgtttatat cccctctggg catcttcaat gtgtacccgc attgacagtt ttgaacttga     79740
     gcaccttcaa gtgctgttta ctgtaacttc agcagctccg tgcacatgaa caaaagtgct     79800
     aatctgcggt gtgtcaaaaa aaaaaaactg agcatgaggc gtttgtttaa aaatgattct     79860
     tttgcgcctg ccgttttgca tgttggtgtg cacgatcaca ttgacgtctt ttatttagtc     79920
     acgtggcgtt aaatgttgac gggaaacgtg agcaaagaac gtcttgttgt gcacgggcct     79980
     taacagtatt cacatacaga aattaaagga tctaatgcag tggttctcaa acttttttca     80040
     tcaagtacca cctcagaaaa aaattgtctc tccaagtacc accaaaatga gcagtattga     80100
     aatacagtag cgcagtaggc ccagtaaagc agctacaact ctgcacagtt aaaaaacgtt     80160
     gcagtttacc tcagaaatgt aggctatatg tcatatatga catattatat acatcctttt     80220
     taatacattt ttgaaatata tgtagcatgt acatgacata tttcatttct ccgattagca     80280
     ctagaaggaa gcctgcgtac cactagtgat acacgtaaca cagtttgaga accactgatc     80340
     taatgtacaa aaaaacacta cattggccca aggtattcgg cgcgccgaaa aacgctggcc     80400
     gctggcctta agaaagccct gctttggcct gattaggccc cggaagtgac agtggaaacg     80460
     cgccctggct tgttcgcttt aggcgcgata gtggaaacgt ggctaatgag gcccactact     80520
     gggctgcggc tcaccggttg agaatctctg ctttatcaga tgatatttac catttgaagt     80580
     tgcgccatcc agtggtcaca attagaacag cagcctcttt tattgaaaaa ttgcagctcg     80640
     ttttatactt tacagaatca tctcgtgggc cggattaaac ctgtttgcga gctgtatgtt     80700
     tgacacccct ggtctggggg gtcgaatcga gattgcaaac ttttttcgat ttattgtgca     80760
     gctctaagtc acaggcctta aaaacacatg caaatgccgt tggcttcatt atgattaaac     80820
     tttgcggtga ctggtcaact ctcaactcaa tattgtgact tttgttgatg ctcacattgt     80880
     gaagctgatg ctgaaccaat atattgtgca atgctaatgt cttttttttt ttttaaacac     80940
     agggtcatca gtcttcaggt gaagacatgg agatatctga cgatgagatg cctggcacgc     81000
     cgatcgccag cggggactgt gacaaaaaca ttgtggtcaa ctcagcattg tctctaatac     81060
     agaccatccc catgcctcca ccagggtttc ccccgctgcc ccatgcggct ggtttccccc     81120
     taccgccgca ccaccttcca caccattcaa ccgtttccca cttgcctagc catcacccga     81180
     tgctccaccc actgcactct tatggcatga tgcatttttt acctgtagat ctgcttagct     81240
     ctttaccaca gttgctccag atgccctttc agatgcagac tcaaatgctg agtcgcatgg     81300
     cacagagcca gcatccgtac gcttacccgt accctgctcc cagtgccaat cctgccgcca     81360
     tgccatttgg gggtccgtat ccaccattgt cagtggttag cgctcctgca gacacgctcc     81420
     atgggcaacc atggccacta cccagcatgc cccaatttaa ccccgctgtt cccccacctg     81480
     gctacgagcc ccagaaggaa gacccgcaca aagccaccat agatggagtg ctgatggcta     81540
     tcgtcaaaga gctgaaggcc atcatgaaga aagatctcaa ccgcaagatg gtggaagtgg     81600
     tggccttcag gaagtttgat gagtggtggg acaaacagga gctttcggca aaggtaagtg     81660
     ctaaggatgt cactatactc aatcgatgct tcccaaatcg caccgttaaa cactattcta     81720
     cgccactttg tagtatagta aaagtatatg aagtgtacca aatataaagt gctggatcgg     81780
     ttaaaacgtg aacgtgcctt tcccttcaaa cattagcgga ggtcagggga tcatgggatt     81840
     gatcataaca cgaagaatac tatcactatg ggcagatttt cacaacaata ccacagtata     81900
     ccatgtgctg tgtgtgttcc tgtcattttt ttgacgattg taagcaccat tttgcaaact     81960
     cagccctgtt ttaaatgtta cacgatacac gttgaaggat atgtaaatgc ttttggaaat     82020
     gagtcataac aaatgcagca aatttggttt tcaagcgatt gaagtcgtgc ccggtctaaa     82080
     atcagtgaca agttgatttg tagctttcag aggtattgcg tcccttcatt tgtagtgttg     82140
     gcttgtgata gagtgaacac aaatgttttt atgattttcc atatgtaaat ttttgcatct     82200
     gacatattat aatacagtct gcggctaaca catccattag gattgtatgc aataatgtta     82260
     ttattataat agcatcctaa atataaaaca aacactattt tctaatgtta taagacaaca     82320
     gttgcttatc tggagagaat ttgaaggatc tatttttaaa tgtgaatata tatatttttt     82380
     taacatattt ttaaaatcta aagtagatat taaaaatcca gttactgcat gatttagatg     82440
     aatcatcttt tagctgtcga tagggcgaag cagtggcgca gtagttattg ctgtcgcctc     82500
     acaacaagaa ggtcgctggt tcaagcctcg gctcagttgg cgttactgta tggagtttgc     82560
     atgttctccc tacgtttgcg tgggtttcct ccgggtgctt cggtttccct ctcagtccaa     82620
     agacatgcag tacaggtaaa ttgggtagga taaattgtcc gtagtgtatg agtgtgtgtg     82680
     aatgtgtgtg tggatgtttc ccagagatgg gttgcggctg gaaggccatt cgctgcgtaa     82740
     aaacttgctg gataagttgg cagttcattc tgctgtggcg accccggatt aataaagtcg     82800
     acaagaaaat gaatgaatga atagctgtca atactaaact acttagtctg ttcattttag     82860
     tgtattaata tttatcttaa accattatat aatcttatga tatttttaga tacacattta     82920
     ttaattttat tgtgtagcct ggattaggca taggggcggt ataagatata agacggtatg     82980
     ataaccttgg ataaaaatat cacggtttca tggtttgaca gtattttgat tactgctcca     83040
     aaatatattc tttttgcgtg tctgggtaaa aaactaaaac ttttttccca ttgaacttta     83100
     tatattttat tttttagaaa catttaaaat attttggagc agtaaacatg tcatgataaa     83160
     taaaacctct tcattagttt ctaaaacgca gatttcttta caatttaaaa gggcattttt     83220
     agatatcttt tctgctggag atactgttgc cctaaaaaag cataaataga aaatcctaca     83280
     tacactgtag gaacatagca gaaacttttg gtggttttaa aaccttgatt tttttttttt     83340
     ttttaaacca cggtaaacct tgaaaacggt tatcatccca tgcctagctt ggatattttt     83400
     tggcggtaca acgcttatga ttaatattta attgtatttt gtattcattt aatttgatgt     83460
     ctagtctgtg gtgtttattg tttgtccatt caggacactc ttaacaaaga gattacaaat     83520
     cacaagagtt tttcctgata acagaaaaga aaaagatttt agattttcat ttagtgtgta     83580
     atttattatc atttatgtat tctattgtaa taaacatgta ttcaccttat tcttcgacga     83640
     cgagcgggtt tagtcatttg aatctttttg actcgagact tccggtctca ttcacttcca     83700
     tttattttta gacattataa actgctcgtt tcgctgtttg atgttgcata cttatttttc     83760
     cttattatat cattctactt ggtctgtata gtcatgcaaa catttgtttg tagagcaagt     83820
     agtttgaccg ttttctgccg tttattattc ctagtcattt ctcccatagg cgactaaatc     83880
     ggaagttcta aaacaatagc gaaaacaggc gcacttccgc attttagaat aaggtcaata     83940
     aaagggttat ttataaacta gggatgtcac tatactggaa ttgaatacta atcgatactt     84000
     aaatttcaaa aacgtcattt tcccatcaac atttgagctc atttttaatc agagctgatt     84060
     tggcattgtg ttcacatgct caacagaaat gactgtgatt ggccgtgaag gtcatcagtt     84120
     cactgaactt accgctgttt atggagtgtt accacagata cagcgacact ggtgcatttt     84180
     aaagacttga ttcatcagat cgctcaaatt tcagcttata aacaaaccag ctgatcaatg     84240
     tgattttaaa atgctccagt gtccatgtat ctgtagttgc actcagtcaa cagaggtgac     84300
     ttcggtaaac tgaagacttt cacattagag ttgtaaacct agactggtct cacggtttag     84360
     ttcagtaact attatcatgc catcgattcg gttcaattcg atatctcggt gcatcacagt     84420
     gcattaacaa tgctttttat acacaatttt agattttact tcacagcaca agaattcttg     84480
     tatttaaaat gtataattca taaatacatt ttctacgtat ttgtaataca attatgccct     84540
     ttaatacagt tagctatatg acctgtacct ttaattttac ctgctcaaag aacctgctta     84600
     ctctttttga atatatcaag caaaactcga ggacatgcac agaacaacat gagcatttaa     84660
     agcaaacaaa cgtaaatatt atctcgcttg ctttttgagc attgtcaagc gagttgttta     84720
     actcttatga ttggtcacac gctcaacaga aagggctgcg attaaggtcc aatgctctgg     84780
     cgctgttcac tgatgagtga cacataaaca gcagcggtga tcacagctta tccatgatag     84840
     acaaagaaga gaaactcgtt ctgcagacat gctcatgtct gggtccacaa tccacaagta     84900
     ttgctggaac tgctgagagg agaggcaatg tgtgcttgct aagtagttgg agtgttttca     84960
     ttacttgtac ttgcctccct cgccatagta aacaaccaca atatagcgta tatgagataa     85020
     aagtcagtac ataataatcg gctatgatct atcactgaac cagtaccgaa ttatctgcat     85080
     ggcggtgcac cggaaaaact attcattttg acacccctac ttcacggcca atcacagtca     85140
     ttggtgttga gcatgtgaac acgatggcaa atcattggtg tttatgaacg cgctcaaatt     85200
     tttccgggaa atggacaatt ttttaatttc agtattgatt ggtatcatat catgacaacc     85260
     ctattataaa cagtttttgc catgtaatag ccattgacgc taatacggca ataaactcca     85320
     aattctcctg tttaatcttg ttgcaaaata aatgttaact aattccagaa ttgaatgttc     85380
     ttgaagagtt agtcccatag aaaaccacca cttgctaagt tacagaagtg cttaacttga     85440
     aggcatgcca ttatacaggc agaattatct aatggtgtta tggtgttttt gcacatgcag     85500
     gctacactta cacctgtgaa aacaggtgag ggcaaagacg aggagaaaga acgggccaaa     85560
     cccaaagaga caatgtcctc gcatttaccc tggaataagg gcgagggtct gggctttgag     85620
     ggaatgggtc tcggcatcgg cctgcgtggc attcgattac cgtcctttaa ggtattagaa     85680
     cactacctgg tggtgttgtt actttttttt aagcatcatt atacctgtaa gttgttcatt     85740
     attaatcgct gctcattcgt ttgcaggtta agaggaaaca gccccctgaa ccgacatcca     85800
     ccagtgacaa caaaagggtc cggccatcca cacctgtcga cgatgagctg gaggatgaag     85860
     gtgcgttctt gatacttacc gggttgattt gtgaggttat tagggtagct tattcccact     85920
     taaacactca caacacattt aaagccacta tatgtcattt tcacctctag agggtgtgta     85980
     tttagtacaa aaatgggaat tggggtcttc atcatcccac aggacgcctg cggaagtcat     86040
     gttgatagat gaactaaagt tttcaacgct taatattatg gtagcatgaa gcagaggaat     86100
     gctggaagct gtcaaagaca ggaaagcagt atatctatta ttatgccaca gtccaacact     86160
     ttcggttctt ctgctcatga tctcgtggag aagaagcagt gcagttttat cagactgaat     86220
     agactttagg cttctggtat gatgctgctc tgtgcagtct aataaaacac acaacataat     86280
     aagtccttgc tgctctttca ctgtttttta taaaaccaaa gcagaaattg aggatgtgtg     86340
     atggcattag catgaacaca cagcacatgc tccatgtcac tagttaaaat aacttatttc     86400
     tttgtatttt aatattcttc gaaacatttg ggattgagta caaatatcag ctaaatataa     86460
     caaaaatatt taaaaagtgt cttttttata tatatattaa gtaacatttt ttttccagag     86520
     tcagaaagaa tgggtcgcac ggacggatcc agagtggatc cagctggttc ttcttctaaa     86580
     cgaagaccag ccaggcctct ggagctggac agcgaaggtg aggaggagga ggaaacatct     86640
     ggtaaagagg agtcgtcact ttcagatcat gaagaagagc cagtggacga tgcatctgaa     86700
     aggttgtcct ctggcaaggt gagcaccatc tacagttctt ttgtgacttg gggaagtaat     86760
     agtacaattg catgagctta caaagattca aggatttgtt cacttccata ataaaagttt     86820
     ctctcataat ttagtcacca ccttttcatc cacaatgttt atttcttttt tttcactttt     86880
     catatctgaa caccgcatct tccatggtac tcagtggttt gaatatcagc ttaaagaggc     86940
     tctaaacaat cccagcagaa aataatggcc ttggttaaac aatcagtagt tttctttatc     87000
     atcccagaga ttgtgctaga ccagcttttg tagttaaaat gtgcatgttt ttatttattt     87060
     ttcaaaatta gcaaaacttt tcattagata agactagaat tctttagacc ataggtctca     87120
     aactcaattc ctgaagggcc acaactctgc agttttgctc caaccccgat aaaacatagc     87180
     cgatctaact gaggtgttta tgactctttt gaacacctcg atcttttaga tcagctgtgt     87240
     ttgatagggt tagagaaaaa ctgtgcagaa ttgcggccct ccaggaatta agttcaggac     87300
     ctgtgattta gatcatttta aagctgcatt gaaactgcag attggaagtt caaaccactg     87360
     aaccacctta aaaggtcatc acactccggt gtcctttaaa ctttattttt gtctatgatc     87420
     atcaaatctt agtcaagcgt agttattatg cattatatat gtattatttg tatttgaacc     87480
     aaatttacaa aagcaaacgt accttcttag gatttggagg aagaggatga aaagaagagc     87540
     gaatcgcact ccagcgagag tgaatcgtct gactcatcag atgatggtaa tgattttaat     87600
     gactagaggc tgatgaatat tgtgcccttg tgttcagctg taataacttt gagataataa     87660
     cctttaccat ctgccttctt cagaagcttc cagctcatcg tcctccaaat ctggttctga     87720
     ttcctcaggg agcgagagct catctgacta tgaatcaagt tcagaggagg aagaggaaga     87780
     ggaggaagaa gaagagcgaa tagtgggaat ggatgatgaa gaggatgtgg atgcacgaac     87840
     ctcaacgtct tcatcaacta cttctacttc atcctctgat gaagaggagg ttgttgaggt     87900
     aaaagccccc agtaccccca caggaccacc cccagaagag gaacccaatg agctaggcag     87960
     actggaggct gtagatgaag cagagatcga tcacaaacct agtatggtga gcttaatcaa     88020
     gacaaaagtt gaggaggtgc gacccccttc acccaaagga ttgccaggtc agagtcttga     88080
     ttgttttttt tttttcttag attgattttc ctttagacac ttattctgtt ttaagtcatg     88140
     gaattatgtg tttgcatgag taaattagca caaaatagtg gcatgaatta tacataattt     88200
     gcatctacta tctcaaataa ctcgagctga aaatttgtat gggagaaaac atcccgcgag     88260
     tcaaccagaa ggcatgcagt caagggctgt ttacatggct gttgtgctgc tgaatacatt     88320
     gtactgctca tagtaaatgt gcactcttaa attaattaaa tcttaaataa attaaatctt     88380
     aaataaaact tgccgagatc atcgtctgat gttaaaaatt tgcctcatgc atgactttct     88440
     gttaagacct agccaaagct tcatctgcta ttataaacta aacttagaaa attaatctag     88500
     aaagaatagt gataattcaa aaatctatta ataaagtatt attaattaaa gtattcatat     88560
     aattgcatgg taaaaatgtt ctgtttttgt agcctgatgc aattgtgtaa tcatgtaaat     88620
     gtagtctgag aatcatgtgt tgacgtcaga tggtaattac ttctcatctc attccagctg     88680
     acgaactaga cgttgatctg gaggtgaaaa ttccagtgcc caaaactgaa gccagtctgg     88740
     aggaagttgg taacttgcgt ccaccaaccc caacaggttc gtttgcagat agtgatcagg     88800
     acacccgacc aaagatcccc acagaagact tccctagaac ccctggtcat gaaggcccag     88860
     ttcccctaga atcagagacc acagtccctc gatctcttcc tacaccctcc atgcaccttc     88920
     cacttcctcc aagtcacgtt cctgatccac aatcccttct tccaccccct gaaactttgc     88980
     cggatatgcc tgtgcgtggg cgcttgccta cagaagagga catcccgcga acacccggta     89040
     gagacctcat ggatagagct cgaggtttgg gcaagttgca gagcactgat acggttcctg     89100
     tcacaccagg tagtgacact cctctaacag gtaacagctt gagttcgcca catattctcg     89160
     gcagcccttt ctcttacccc gctcaatccc ctgtgctcag tgctggcatt cctcggactc     89220
     caggtcgaga ccttactttt gctccagctt tccctgactc tgctggttta tctgcaggcc     89280
     ttcctattca caggaaggcc tcgtctgaga tcttggagga gaagcctctc tttaaagagc     89340
     ctctactcag tgcctctccc caggccagcc tacctaataa tgctgcttct tccccattcc     89400
     ctggtcctcc ccttcctact gcttcacttc cggagcctgc tttgcctccc caaggctctc     89460
     ctcctgcttc aatagagaat tcctttcccg cttctccaaa agaacttcct gttccaatga     89520
     tagatgttcc tgtgccctta gatgatactc cgtcaaagaa gaaactggta cgctctaaga     89580
     ataaaaaagg gattcaagat tctgaagagc ctcaagttac tttaatagag gcctcttcac     89640
     ttccagagct cccagtcaat aaccaatacc cagaccttcc ttcagaatcc atcaaagaag     89700
     aagatggtga acccgcattc tctgagaaag aagaaagcca agtgccgacg atcataccca     89760
     aggttgagga gacgtctttt tatgttgagg aaccaattca gaagacgcgg cgacagagac     89820
     ggggctggca ggagttgttg ttgtctatgc actcgcctgt cgcttcacca cgccgtccca     89880
     gcttcatgcc ccgctctgac tttgaggaga tgaccatatt gtatgacatc tggaatgatg     89940
     gcattgacga agaggacatc cgatacctta agatcaccta cgacaaaatg cttcagcaag     90000
     ataatgccca tgactggctc aacgacaccc tctgggtcca ccatcctcat atcctttact     90060
     gctatgatct ctgttgcaat atttgcaaac agtagtgttc tgcatcaatt ctgagttttt     90120
     aacagcagat tgcgctggat gttttacaaa cagacatact ctgcttgctt ccaattcctt     90180
     acaaatacca cttaaacgta aaatcttcag gtagggagtt taagcaagtt tgttcatcgt     90240
     gagttatgtt tacattaatc ttatgcacaa gtgctcttca ttgggagcgt ttgagtgtat     90300
     ggcttaaaac tagcctagag agccatatgc tgttaaaaac tagcatagat cccatctgtt     90360
     gttaaaacta gcttagatcg catctgctgt tataaactag cctagagcac catctgctgt     90420
     taaaaactag cttagatcgc atctgctgtt ataaactagc ctagaacacc atctgctgtt     90480
     aaaaactagc ttagatcgca tctgctgtta taaactagcc tagagcgtta tctgctgtat     90540
     aaaactagcc aagagcacca tttgctgttt aaaaactagc ctagagcact atctgctgct     90600
     aaacactagc ctagagcacc atctgctgtt aaaaactagc ctagagcacc atctgctgct     90660
     taacactaat cttataatcg aatcagaaga gattagcgat gttttttttt aaatgtcaga     90720
     attgatttct cagaaatatt tttcaccacg gctctcttaa attaacatct agctttgtca     90780
     aaagtatatt gctgtgattg gctccagtga tcatcaaatt ttgctcttca tcaagtgctt     90840
     acatggacat ggcagtgttt gaaagccatg tcacatagct catatatctg cttatagatg     90900
     tatcctctga tagatgtggc tttcaaatgt gtccgtgtaa gttataagtg aagagcatga     90960
     agagaagatc actggagcca atcagcgatg ttaaagaatt tgcacatcag tgctcaaatg     91020
     ttagcagaaa aacagaattt taaaaaatgt tataccgatc agtaccaaag tcgacacttt     91080
     tgacaatcct acctgacatc acattgagtt tttctgttgg tcaacaaaat taattgtcac     91140
     cgacttaaac acactttgag cagaatgttt atctctcatg caaaatgaga gttcacatag     91200
     aaataactgg atattgccct caaaatttgg taaatgtgag cacaccttta ttatcatgcc     91260
     cttgaacttt aaattatgtg tattatggtc tctgtttttg tgtgtgttta aattctattc     91320
     tattaaacat cagtgtataa tttttattca atggggtata tgccgtagca tgctaatagg     91380
     acttttaatt tgccagtaac ctgggttaag cgcttccggc aaattaaatg caaatgcaaa     91440
     atccggtgcg tttaaggtct gttttcttta aaaatcagcg atctccactg actgagtgat     91500
     atccgattta aagtgagtct cagattatac aagaagcact acgttaaatt acatttcccc     91560
     cgccatatct ttataatata agcatttatt ttaccccagt atatttaatg gagcttctgc     91620
     gttagcctgc cgattctgac gggcatgtgc gagtaaacag ctttttgtct cgttttacgt     91680
     ttgagcaacc aaataaatgc tacagtttat ttaactaaat gtattttaat gacattacaa     91740
     catcgatgct gtataaggaa ccgtataaaa tggaaaaaag ttcacaataa caggtcaccg     91800
     gaaatgtatc agcatgggaa cagcactagc ccggcatata ccctaataaa aaattaaaat     91860
     gcaaacctgc agcttccttt ttgtgccact agaggtataa aatttatgct tttagtggca     91920
     ccaaacaccg tagcaaaatg taactgctgt tgttcttgat gctgacaatt gtttcaccta     91980
     ccaattgtac agtgttcaca ataatttcga agattgatga tctttaagcg cagtatagat     92040
     gtgctgattt ttattttaag aaagtagtat ttccttgact cctttgaacc taccaacatg     92100
     ggcagtgcaa caggggtgaa gaagaagcgg aaagaagatg gtatacgtga tcatgtcacg     92160
     ggctgcgccc gcagcgaggg ttactacaaa atcgacaaga aagacaaaat gaaatacctg     92220
     aacagctcac gcttgcagtc tgaagagccg gatgtggaca ctcaggtaag ctgatggagc     92280
     ttgctcatga ttaatactta attcacccaa agatgaacat ttgatcactt gccctgaagt     92340
     ggtttcatac cttaatgatt ttccttttct cgttgaacac aaaagaagat attttgaata     92400
     atgttggaag cctgtaacca ttgacttcaa tagtattaaa aacaaatgct attaaagtca     92460
     ctattagtta caggtttcca acatttttta aaataactta ttttgtgttc aacaggaaaa     92520
     agaaactcaa acaggtttgt gaaaagtgaa taatgagtgg agaggagaca cagtgatgaa     92580
     gccaattatg gtatggggaa tgttaggggg ccatgatgga cagaggccag tgggcagatt     92640
     tggccaggat gccagggtta aacccctact ctttttttga aggacatcct gggattttta     92700
     acaaccacag agagtcagga cctcggttta acgtctcatc cgaaagacgg cgctcactga     92760
     atagtatagt agggcattat actagggcat taggacccac ccaaatcaca ggttaggtgc     92820
     cccctgctgg tctcaccagc aacctagctt tcctatgtgg ccttccatcc aggtactgac     92880
     cgggtccagc cttgcttagc ttcagtgggt gaccatgtga gagttgcaga gagctagctg     92940
     ccggataaat caaaataaaa acaaaatgac atgaaatcac aggcgattgt cttttgatcg     93000
     agtgcacctg aaaagacatt cctcatagag cttaagaagc atacagtcct ctaagatcta     93060
     tataatttgt aaaataaaga cttgcaggtt aaggaaacag cataggaggt agttgccgtg     93120
     ggctttggtg caaatgaaaa gtaaaaaaaa ataagttgta tttatagcta gataggtaac     93180
     tagatagaat agacagagat agatagatct gtgcagcagc tgccgatgag ttgcacgctg     93240
     cagatgcagt ctgtgtgaaa ggcaaacgtc tgcgtgctgc ttgcgttgtg aaatagacgt     93300
     aattgtgcct tctctttttt ttttagttct ttttaagctt attttaacac tttttgaaat     93360
     ctgtttaaat tttaaattct ttgttgtttt tatttcttat acttattgtg tgatcatttt     93420
     ataattaatt taacccttgt ctaatgttca aacgaactac tctttcgtta tgttggtggc     93480
     tgtatttgcc ctattgactt tgattataag gacatttttt gattgcaaag ccatggcagc     93540
     atatactcat gtattcttga ttgttggtgg ttattcctgt ggggagtttc tactgttgat     93600
     catcagttgg cagcacttac actttagatg tgcaaaaagc tttctggcat ttatatgaag     93660
     ttctgtaaat tatatggagt aaaacagcag atgatagcgt gtgtgcagaa atacacttac     93720
     tgtgtttact atgtgaagag agctgagctg cttattttaa tttctcagac atatcaaggc     93780
     aagagcttaa aggtctctca cacacaaaca cactatactc tatatagaag gcagaaaata     93840
     cgcttacaga ttcaaataaa acaattgacc ttcccaacag gataaaccag caacaatcaa     93900
     gaatacatga ttatatgctg tcatgacttt gcaatcaaaa aaagtcatta taatggaagt     93960
     cagttgggct aaatcagtcc cgaacataac aaaagggaag tcaatttgcc cagagtttat     94020
     tgttgaatta aaaaaaaaaa aatcgaagca ttttcccaaa atatgtgtca aaataagatt     94080
     ttgtcaccaa aaatcattcc atttgctgaa acacagagaa cagtgtggcc aaactaagac     94140
     tcaaaatccc accagagagg atgaaaccct ctccaacagc acacaagggt taatcttggt     94200
     ttatgtaaag tattttggac ttacctctgt gtatgaaatg tgctttatga ataaatctgc     94260
     ctggctttag actaatgtgt tttgtcatag ggaaagagta taccagcgca gccccaagtg     94320
     tccaccagag caggttcaga gcggcggtcc gaacagcggc gcttgctgtc gtccttcagc     94380
     tgtgacagtg atctcctcaa gttcaaccag ctcaaggtaa gacaagcaca aaccaaacta     94440
     tttacagtac tgtgcaaaag tcactagtat tttcaccaaa ggttaaagtg ggttatttct     94500
     ataattttct gtagtatgtc agtttgaaat gtcaatttac atttaccaac attatttctg     94560
     tcattaattg taattatgca gcatgagatt gacaggtgga ttggtgctgt ggcagcatta     94620
     atgcggtcga tgtaccggtc tgttgtgata gagaaggagc tgagccgaaa ggcaaagctc     94680
     tcaatttacc agtcaatcta cgttcctact ctcacctatg gtcatgagct ttgggtcatg     94740
     actgaaagga caacatctct gatacaagcg gccgaaatga gtgtccttcg cagggtggca     94800
     gggctcagag tagagccact gctcctgaac attgagagaa gtcagctgag gttactcgag     94860
     catctgtttc ggatgcctcc tggaagccta cctagggagg tgttccaggc atgtcccacc     94920
     tggaggagac ctcaagtaag acacaggaca tgctagaggg actatgtctc tcggctggcc     94980
     tgggaacacc tcaggatccc cccggaggag ttggatgaag tgtctgggca gagggaggtc     95040
     tggggttctg tccgaagact gctgccccca cgacccagcc ctggaaaagc agtagaaaat     95100
     gaatgaatga atgtatttat gcagtgagat taatgtctga gggtaggact gtcacctcac     95160
     agcaagaagg ttgctagttc gagttctggc tcgatcagtt aacatttctg tgtggacttc     95220
     tcctcgtatt ggcatgagtt tcctccgggt gctccagttt cccccgcagt ccaaacacaa     95280
     gcactataga ctgtttcaat gtggtcatgt cattggtcca tgaacattta atttataggt     95340
     tttaatttat agtagcctaa gttatttatt aaaaattgtg tatttactga attgggccta     95400
     tatcctaaaa catttctgca gtgttatgaa tgtgtcaaag ttataaatgt gtgtgtatgt     95460
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     95520
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atattgttat tcctattatt     95580
     attattatta ggtaagatat tgttttgtat ttcttaataa atggcctact ataaattaaa     95640
     actattaccg gtatgattta tataaaagat tacaattgtg ttttttgtaa gtggtcttat     95700
     gttttaggat ataatatggc atattcctga taatatttgt caaggaaaca tacagtaggc     95760
     cttatatgtg ggacgatata aaacgagtgc atgtttttac cacaactaat attagatttt     95820
     taatttattt ttttaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     95880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tagttaaaca gtttgcacaa agctatgggg atcattatgg     95940
     cgtcatttta gatgttttac attataacta atgtggttta cacaatggat ctgtgacaga     96000
     gaaactacgg ttttgggaaa cacttgtcac tacatcgttc tgttcccaaa tgatgcatca     96060
     tactataata gttcagccac gagttttgtc gttgtttggg aaatgcaccc aggtcttcat     96120
     tgttaatgag aactggtttt caattgactt atctggttaa ataaaggtta ttattaataa     96180
     tcacactgta tataattaca attaaatggc atagtaatgt ttggaaagtc aattgatatt     96240
     tcaaactgac atgctacaga agaatataga aataacccac ttttatctat ttattttttg     96300
     tgtgaaaata ctagtggtct aagatttttg cacagtactg taaatttcgc aaacatgtat     96360
     gagccaaggc aacatctgag tcaaaatgtc tccgcagttt cgtaagaaga agatccgctt     96420
     ctgtagaagt cacattcatg actggggatt gtttgccatg gagcctattg ctgctgatga     96480
     gatggttatt gaatacgttg gccagaatat ccgacaggta agcttgaagc taaccaatat     96540
     ttcagaatct tcatttttga gtgcccggtt tgtaactgtg tcctgtcctg atttgcaggt     96600
     tattgcagac atgcgagaga agcgctatga ggacgaaggc atcggtagca gctacatgtt     96660
     tcgtgtggat catgacacca ttatagacgc aaccaaatgt ggcaacttcg ctcgattcat     96720
     caatcacagt tgcaatgtga gtttatctgt atgtgatttg cataggggcg acacgatggc     96780
     ttctagcagg aaagtcgctg gttcaagtcc tggctgaact ccggtttccc ctacagtcta     96840
     aacacatgag ctttggggga attggattaa ctaaattggc cgtagtgtat gagtgtttgt     96900
     gaatgacagt gaatggatgt ttcccagtat tgggttgcag ctgcaaggcc atacgctgtg     96960
     taaaacatat gccggaatag ttgactgttc atttcgctgt ggtgacccct gatgaataaa     97020
     gaaactaaac tgaaggaaaa ttaataaatg ttttgcatag gggtgccaac gatttcgaat     97080
     caggtccatt ttaatagttt aactgcctat aaaaaatcag catctggaat cagtcattaa     97140
     aaatcaagat tggtgcatta ctaaatatta gacacacatc tgatgcagct ccacaacttc     97200
     acgcactggg ttaaagtagg ctttacagtc tcctttactt ccattgtttc tgttcagcga     97260
     atagaactca accaaccccg tgacgtcaga cacagcgaca ttccaagatg acggcgcctt     97320
     aggtctaaaa accaatatta aaaccaaatt atgatactct caaagtctgc agatttttac     97380
     caaaattctg cgcagaaata acaaacaatg tccgcagatt ctgtctggcc ctagttatca     97440
     gtctcacacc aattttttcc tttttctgaa actcttgata acgccattat caagttcttc     97500
     ttaggttatt tttatcaaat aggattgtaa agaaataatt agttgtactc tcccattcac     97560
     tgcgctcaga tttatacttc tgcatcaagc gtatgcgtat ggtccggcgc aactttttag     97620
     agcggtcaca tagcccttgc cgtggctgac gctgacactg aatccctcct ctcaaaaaaa     97680
     tagagcaagc tctgtgattg gttagcttgg tagtggtgac aagtgtgggt ggcgcggaga     97740
     gctgcgagcc tgacggagcg agtgtttaca aatgtggagt cctataaagg agctccagat     97800
     ggaaactgtt gttttgtatt taccttatga ttaaacttgt tgccagtccg gcagttcccg     97860
     agtttgaact actagtacat taaagtaacg tttcgaaaaa acaaaacacc cactaaagcc     97920
     tgatttatac ttctgcgtca ggtgacccgc gtaacccacg gcgcaggcaa cgcgcgtggc     97980
     tgtgcattta tacttctgcg cgctgtctct gccggtctgc attaacactt ccgaaacgct     98040
     agttggcagt gaggtgtaaa tgttcctctg tgtcgagttt cttcgctact tttttgcatt     98100
     tcctgaatat ttccgggatg tacaagtggt caaactcgct cattttgagg caggaactgg     98160
     cggatgtgca acaactttaa ctatgaggta aacacaaaac aaaactttcc atccggagct     98220
     ccttcacggg actccacact tgtaaacaat cgctcgcgcg gcgtcgcgcc attcgcgcgc     98280
     catccgcgcg cctctcggtc ccgcccagac tcgtcagcgc taccaagccg accaatcaca     98340
     gagcttatgc tacgcgtcgt tgcgacgtgt agttacattt tttgagaggt gcacgtcagt     98400
     gacggcgatg gccacggcga agggctatgc gtcagcgccg tagcatacgc cggtgtttga     98460
     cgcagaagta taaatcaggc ttaagaaact tgacacagag gaacatataa ggctactgcc     98520
     agctagcgtt ttgaaaatgt tattgcagag caacacacac atcacacaga agtataaatg     98580
     cacaactatg tgcaaggcag gcgccgtgcg tcacgccgat cactcgacgc agaagtataa     98640
     ctcagcctta agtttacaca actatgacga cttgctagcc aaattcccgg aattgggaac     98700
     aggcataacc cacactgatc atgtcctcct ttctgttctc cagccaaact gttatgccaa     98760
     ggtcatcact gtggagtcgc agaaaaagat cgtcatatac tcccggcagc caatcaatgt     98820
     taacgaggag atcacctacg actacaagtt ccccatcgag gacgagaaga taccgtgcct     98880
     gtgtggtgcc gagaactgca ggggaacgtt gaactaaccc cagcggacca taggtgagaa     98940
     cttaaacacg cactgcccca caacaagccc agacgccacg tcttctggag cgacagagga     99000
     acggtggatg aaaccaaacg catccactgg atgtaacgtg cagctaagcc tctgggactt     99060
     cttcttcttt ttgtactttt ctcatgattg tttacgaatt acaggtgctc tttcaagcat     99120
     aagaaatgag ttttctacca ctcttccatt gacctcaata gaaacggatt tctattttcc     99180
     cccaaatatg tatgggcgct aagtttgact gcccatttgg cacagtctgt cttcgaatct     99240
     ccttttcttc catggtttgc ttacggcgag acctcccgtc atcctcttga acactttaag     99300
     ctgctcaaaa tgatttccac acgcacaaca atctaaattc attcatttcc tagacgttcc     99360
     tagagttcat tgtcagaatt caatggttaa gcattcatcg tgacactaac caacgctggg     99420
     ggtaatcgga tcagttgtct tcagtttgca gaacattcaa caaaagcaca cacacctgcg     99480
     ccggccacaa aacaaatgag aagagaaggt ccacgtctca ggcaaattta cacaaagcga     99540
     ataaacgcac ctacattatt attacagcca gagctctgcg gcgtcagcaa atcactcatg     99600
     acttttttgt gtttccttgt ttgttttaag aagcaaacgc aaatcaacac aaaagcaaca     99660
     cactacagtt taatctttca tcatccgggc tcatttgagt gtatctgctg ccccctagct     99720
     tttgtatagt gtaactgcag aacgctgctc gactgatttc agattcctgc ttagtattaa     99780
     ctctgcgtta tcacatcgtt tcactaaaga ttttgtgttg tttcttgcct aaacatctat     99840
     aaattcttaa agcaagtagc attttctgga ctagcaaaat atattgtgtt ttaagaaaaa     99900
     atatgactga attaagcaag tttttgcata aaacaagctt aataatgtgc aaatgtggca     99960
     agctaaataa tcttacgtca aaatgaggaa cacgattatt ttgcttatca tgttttaacg    100020
     ccaagcctca cttcattttg atgtatgtct taaaacaaga caatatgttt tgcttgtcaa    100080
     gaaaatgctt cttaatttta acccatttta gatatctgga cttgaaacaa gacacaaaac    100140
     ccaagcagtg aatagataaa catgtagaga tccgattggc atcatgcata catccagtca    100200
     ctgcagagct tgtccatcat ggagagaatt tcactaatat aatgctgcta ttctaacaca    100260
     aatctccatc ctttcacttt acgatggcta aatcccaatt agcttgggtt tattttgtat    100320
     taggcattct ctgcgagcac caaatgaaaa aaagatgctc gatttgaagt gtacctggag    100380
     tattagaaat gtccgaaaaa tcaacaatac ggtgccaaaa gatcgacttc agtcacagct    100440
     ccatgggtaa agctttttcc actagtcttc tcctgtttgt gtatgtttgt atgaatgaca    100500
     taagctcact ggtacttcag gcggccctct cgaggtgctc tttgctcagt atttacagcc    100560
     tcattcggcc aaatttccct ttgaaagcat tcgctgtgct tttctttgtg attctcttgg    100620
     tcatgtttat taatgcacta gaggcttgca acaacccatc aagcccaaac ggcactcaca    100680
     aaactcacaa gctatgaaac gtgtgctttt ataagtaaat cactcacagg gtaaggtctc    100740
     ccccgattta tgttctcctt tttcttttta aatatgttta tattgtacag gttatgatga    100800
     tggtttgtat aaaggaatga ggcttttttt tatcttgacg gggagtgatg atgatgacga    100860
     tgcatcgttc tgcttttacg agcgacagac ggagtattta aaatgacaat ttttcaggga    100920
     tcgttgtacg aaaaaaaagg ggttgaatag ctaatttaaa gaaattgatg catcttgtac    100980
     ataaacagat ttgtacttcc tttttgaaag attgtttctt gtagaaacgt ctttttttgg    101040
     cccattttcc tttggattct tatgtgtaaa tactttaact gtgaatatat aaatataaat    101100
     atatatattt ttgttcctga ggatttgcta cagcgtcaca gctcggaaag gtctacggga    101160
     tggcgagtac agagagctgg tggcagtatt ttcagcttgt gtcaagcttt attttttatt    101220
     ttttgggttg taaattctat gaaaatctgt ttgcagtgtc agaggggggg aaagcattat    101280
     ctttcagaaa tggcaagggg cattaggtga aattggcctt tatccccggt ctatttatta    101340
     taccacaaat gtatggaaaa aaaatcatgg aaaaaataaa ggattttttt ttcaaatgcg    101400
     tcgttccaga gctgatcttt aaatcatcat gttttcagta tttggagtcc gttcctgtat    101460
     atggagtttg cagcagtagg aggagagact ataatgatgg attaatgtga ttgtattttt    101520
     cttcttcttc ctctggtgtt ttataaaggt ttgttagacc aatgataagg cacttttccg    101580
     ccacctactg atttggagtg tggaatgtgc agagtttgga aagaaaatga catatacact    101640
     cactggccac tttattaggt acacattact agtaccaggt tggacccttt tttcctttag    101700
     aactgcttaa tccttcatgt catagattca tcaaggtact ggaaataatg ctcagagatt    101760
     ttactccaca ttgacatgat agcactaggc aattgctgca gatttgtcgg ctgcacatcc    101820
     atgatgccaa tctccggttc caccacattc taaaggtgct ttattggatt aagatatggt    101880
     gactgtggag gccatttgag tacagtgaac tcattgtcat gttcaagaaa ccagtctgag    101940
     atgattcacg cttcatcaca tggtgtgtta tcctgctgga agtagacatc agaagatgtt    102000
     acactgtggt cataaaggga tggacatggt cagcaacaac aatactcagg taagctcttg    102060
     agttcaaatt tacttaaagc tgcattgatt tatatttgct gatgtttgaa tgcttttttg    102120
     ctaggagatt taacgttacc ccttagtttc tttcaacacc taatctttga agtttacaaa    102180
     gtgtttaaaa gcatttagaa atagatatta atgtaaataa aagctatagg cacagatcat    102240
     gttaattttt aacaattaat ctttttaaat aaatcattct agtaaaaaat gtttatagaa    102300
     aaacgtattt agcatagtaa aaagaagctg aggcagttga tactatcata ctaaatatac    102360
     gacgccatcg gacatacgca caaattagca ttttatttaa actaattatt tagagttaaa    102420
     acatttaaag taaatattat taatcattct aactgattat gttttaaaag caaccaacgt    102480
     tatttatcca gataaataaa acgtgcctaa aatgagcttc tttccatctc ccctcccccg    102540
     cgtggttgtt atgacttggt atcgtccagg tgaataaata cgcagcacgc gctaattgac    102600
     cgctcgtttg tcagtcgaaa gtcgtgacga gcagacaact gatctccagt caaacgtcga    102660
     ccgaaacacg acgataaacc ttgtaagtgt gcaatccaca cctcaaacaa agtcctaaaa    102720
     ttgattaata aagccctaat ggcatcaaat tgagactgtg tggcgttttt acctacttaa    102780
     accttaatta tacggtagaa aacgcaaggg gttaagcatg tgtggcaatt tgttaactgc    102840
     ataaacctta catattcgat ataaaaccaa atcaaattaa aaagtgatta aattacgaga    102900
     attaactttg tatttattac agtaaaaata gtctagtcgt cagtatgaaa gaatgttaat    102960
     gtagttttta ttttcaagag cagcacaaca cattacaata aaaatacatg caagggggta    103020
     ggaataaata aaatacaaat atacaagata tacatatcta atacctaaat agtcttgggt    103080
     tggaccccct tttaccttca gaactgcctc aatccttcgt ggcatagatt caatatgttt    103140
     gtgggttttg taatattaga atttcatgcc tttgccctga aaaataatat ctatatatat    103200
     atatatgtac atgtacactc atgggccact ttattaggta caccttacta cattatagag    103260
     ttcacaaatt cgtaaagtgt gtaaggcttt cttgtttaga gagtctctga cattggtaaa    103320
     aaataaataa ataaataaaa aaaaaccctc gaatttcagt caccgatact taaaaatgag    103380
     gtttcttatt agtaaattta catttatgag tgtaaattta gtttattaaa tttagtatat    103440
     taaataaaaa cttttctttt tgatttggat aaacactaca gtgctcagtg tatacaagta    103500
     caccctcaca aattgatctt ttaaattcat atttttaata ggaagctcta cagtattata    103560
     ttagtgcata tgcattagat tagtcagtac tgaagccaaa actagagctt atctaagaaa    103620
     ataacttacg ataacagtcc aaaaactagt acagctagtt taatatgtta tagaaaatat    103680
     taaatacaaa tttaatcaag agaagcaaaa aaatgtggga aatttttatt gaaattttgt    103740
     aggttttagt tttttgcaat attttgcttg aacttagttg tattgtcttc caatttggca    103800
     aagcagtggc gcagtaggtg gtgctgttgc ctcacagcga gaaggtcgct ggttcaaact    103860
     ttggctcagt tggtgtttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccttgccttc gcgtgggttt    103920
     cctccggatg ctccggtttc ccccacagtc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgggta    103980
     ggctaaattt tctatagtgt gtgaatgtgt gtgtagatgt ttcccaggga tgggttgcgg    104040
     ctggaagggc atccactgca aaaaagcttg ctggataagt tggcggttct ttctgctgtg    104100
     gcgaccccgg attaataaag ggactaagct gacaagaaaa tgaatgaatg aacatctttc    104160
     aatttctaaa gatgtttggt tactaaaata taatttgaat aaatatatct gtttatcaaa    104220
     cctgttttgt ttcaatgctc ctaaatacat tgcctatatt cactgcgaaa tggagagaaa    104280
     tattcattat ctaaattggc ttactcaatt atgcactgta agtgtaacac taggtgtgtg    104340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgaataggaa tacgcctaat taaaaaggga    104400
     tagttcaccc aaaattgaac atgttgtcat ttactcatcc tccgcttttt ttaaacagtt    104460
     taaaattaag ttttgctcag tctatttttg ttgtttcatt ttcatattca tgtgtgaatt    104520
     ttaacgataa gtcttgtttc agtgtttaat aaagagttga aaattacttc tatattattc    104580
     atcatagtac tatttttttt taaatagtac taatattctg tactaataac ttttgtgttg    104640
     tatttcttga ccattgcttg tttataattg aataactttt taatttattt gtattattag    104700
     ttgtgatatt gtgtgtatat atatagttta aagcataata cctaaaatta ataatgataa    104760
     aatgtatttg tctagctacc attttaacag aaaaattgga gttgaatgtt atacgctgtc    104820
     aaaaatatcc ataagttagc aaatttccat attttgtgaa ttctttttgt ttgtttattt    104880
     atgctgttga attgtgggat cttgatcttt cttctgacaa cttctaacct taagtgactt    104940
     ttatgaacat ttttattaga ttaaagcgat gtattgtctg gtttggtgtt gtatattaca    105000
     ctacaaaaac cttataataa accaccagta cattttgtgt tattttatag acttatttct    105060
     ctatttctta tacattatat tatttcagac tactaaaatg taaataaaag ccactttgtt    105120
     aaactgtaga gctcaatttt caatgttaca agtcgacaga gcagagatca acatcctata    105180
     atgcaatata caaccgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacacttg tgaaattgtg tgaaataata    105240
     attgttaatt aacagatatt gtttacaaca tagttaagct taaaagtgat tgtaaagtgt    105300
     tgccagcttc actaaagcac cataatttat tggcaggtaa tctttaatga gctccacttc    105360
     agaatctgag gctgaaatag tgactgcttt gttctgtcag agagcaccag ggaatgacct    105420
     caccgactgg attagcaaac ctagaaacct cgaaagagac caaaacaagg gctctttgtg    105480
     cgattgagca gcctcccagt gtcagtaaca ggacgtggag ggtttgacca ctacaacaac    105540
     ctgcttgtgt gagtgaacca gtcagaatag acaaacacac actgaaaaca atgtcatttt    105600
     atttgacaag actttatcat ttgtaaaaac gacactttgg acttgagtca aactactgct    105660
     agctctgcta ctgtatatac agtggaagtc agaatgattc gccctcctgt gaattttctt    105720
     ttacaaatat ttcccaaatg atgttcaaca gagtgaagat attttcacag tatttgcgat    105780
     aatatgtttt cttctagaga aactcttatt tgtttttttt ccggctagaa taaaagcagc    105840
     tttaattatt ttaaaaagca ttttaaggtc aatattatta gcccccttaa gcaatatttg    105900
     tttggatatt ctacagaaca aaccactgtt atacaatgac ttgtctaatt accgtaactt    105960
     taccttaatt aacctagtca aacatttaaa tgccacttaa agctgaatac tagtgtcttg    106020
     aacaatatct agtcaaatat tatggtgaaa agaaatcggt tgttaaaaat aagaccttaa    106080
     caagggatgc acgatatatc ggaggccata tagttttctg ccgatatatg ctatttttag    106140
     gattatcgtt atcagtctga tgtcaaaatt aggctgttat cttcaagcca atatattacg    106200
     taattgtaca gaactgcctg cctcgcgcat gcgtgtgtag aacttgttca gtcttgtcca    106260
     gtgtacagaa taattaacat tacacccccc atgacatatg aagcataaac atatatttaa    106320
     aaaaaaagac aatatttacg tttttacaaa gtctatgtca agaatatata ggttagagat    106380
     gaaaatttac aaacttaaaa tgctaaaata ccaagagtct taagataggt cctcatgtgg    106440
     tttcagctct tttctgtgaa gttttaagac gtaatagctc catttaaatg acataaagca    106500
     gctcattcaa ccatctttta taacagggag cctttggaga tttccaatta agtaagatca    106560
     ttttttagct gtaatcatgc caaccatcag ggcttgctgt tggattgatg gaaaggtgtc    106620
     cattacatta gaatttccca aaaatagcca aattgtagtc aggctagatt ttggttccat    106680
     aagcactgga aaacaattca atgctgcgtt ttctaaatta atattatctg tgttatcttt    106740
     tcacttgtat ggtggctctg aactgtcctc tcaaaacgca ttttcagaca ttacatattt    106800
     gtactgtatg tacatcacgg taataccttt tattcaagat aatttgagct ggtttcagct    106860
     ctttattctt taattttcat tgtatttgaa aggcgctata taagaataaa ttattattat    106920
     taatataatt tttatttaaa ctatttattt tacttgtttg ttaattaaat ctcattttgt    106980
     tatttaacct attattttta tgcaacagtc aaattgcatg ctaatttgct atgcgaagaa    107040
     aaggaaatca tttatttttg gcatgctgat ttatgtgaaa tcgtgaatat atctatataa    107100
     tcacctttca aatttgaaat tattgctttg agtagactat catgagaaca gttcacactt    107160
     tcatgaagtt ttaaaataaa atcagttgtt tactctataa aaatataaca tttttaaata    107220
     tttatcggca gatatatcgg ttatcggcct acaaatcttg agttatcgat atcagccaaa    107280
     aacaattcat tatggtgaat tcctaattaa aactaatgtt gaaaaaaaaa accttcattc    107340
     cattaaacag aaattgaaga aatgaatata caggagggcg aataattctg acttcaactt    107400
     tacatcgact agtttgtctc ctgaggtaag tttgtatttt tcacagaatg attataacac    107460
     tatcagaggt gcatgtacag tattacaccc tacccccctc tcatccccta ttctgcacta    107520
     ctatttatca tctacagtta tttttactgt aacttgttgt ttagtgtgat ttgtattgta    107580
     aggatatatt tacatgtttg cactgagtat tgagatgctc ttaatctcat cacacatgca    107640
     ttaaccattt caatgtggcg atatcattgg ccaataaaca tttccagcat gttatcaaac    107700
     tatttcataa ctgtaataag aggcaattca atcataacct aatgttaaaa caaatttctt    107760
     aacattattt atcaatatgt ggctcttttt ggattctcgg aaagctgtag aaattataaa    107820
     tgtagaacag gaaatatgtc aggaccattg tttttgttta cgtccctcaa aatggtctat    107880
     ataaatatac attgtatata tgtacagtga caataaaatg taatctgttg tattattagc    107940
     tccacttgta gcgtgaaatc tatacagtga gctgaaattc agtctttctt ctaggtatca    108000
     gttgaaatcc ctttaagatt ctttcgtgta ggactaggga aaagcctttt gtaataccag    108060
     aatcatattg agtgtttctg gtactaagag ttttttgctt atttctcatg taagatgtaa    108120
     attccatcca actgtacagt ccactgaaaa cattttcatc tgtgtcagaa attaaatatg    108180
     gcgctacact gattacggtc tatatgcaaa atgctaaatc tttaataaca gatatacaat    108240
     tacagacaca gaattaaaac aggcaagaga ggaaactcca ttggtgagca gcttggcatc    108300
     ttttgaggcg tacacggggc gactgtaggt tgggtgaatg tgtctgtagt tgtcatgcag    108360
     aagagcctgg atttctgctt cttcctccgt ggaataaatc ccgcttacaa actgctcgaa    108420
     ctgaccaaaa aaaaaaaaac aagcaaatca atatacttaa attatttctt cacaaacata    108480
     ccaaaaatct gcacacaaca tattctacat gacagtattc ttgcattaaa tttaatatgc    108540
     tgttgtgatt taatgtaata tggggtaata ttatttttgc agaagatgca gcactctgta    108600
     agcatgcatt gtgtgttttt gttttactaa tcagggttaa acactaagga ttttttctac    108660
     tggcccaatt gtaagacttg ggatgtctga atatcacgtt taacaactat agtgagacgt    108720
     gatcctgcag tacatcttcg ataaactgtc cgacgtgcac tgctcactgg agctcagaga    108780
     aatgcatggc agtgcaaaaa aaatttttga gaggtgtttt gacagttcag agccaccgta    108840
     caagcgaaaa gcaaaatact gataataata ctttagaaaa tttgtcatag agtcgtccca    108900
     tttggcgttt tagattcttt ttgaacatga taaacatcac gtgtgctcat tataaatatg    108960
     cagatcaaac taaatacaat cttacatcaa caatacaagg caagcaaagc gttaataata    109020
     gcaaataatc taattatata acaaacaacc caacaagttg tttagcatgt gtgcattgct    109080
     gctattatgt ttacatatat aatatttttc cagaggcgat ttaaaccaaa atacccaata    109140
     acactctatc aaacatattt acaatgataa ggattatggt tactgagtta ttaacgcaca    109200
     atgtgaggaa agctctgttg tagtgcactg gacaagtctg aacaagttcg atccacgtgc    109260
     aaggcagcca gtactgtacg attatgtaat ctatcagcct aattttgaca tcggatcaat    109320
     atcggtaaca ttaaaaatag cctttatcgg ccgataacga tgtggtcgcc gatatattgt    109380
     gcatccctag taataacgta acgcagcccg gcttactgaa atcatatgac cttgccaatt    109440
     tgattcgttc tccgaaacgc tgcatcgaag caaaaagttt gtaaaggttt caaagcttca    109500
     tgaagcagtg gttcgaaagt gaccatcact tattttttgc cgtatactag actataaggg    109560
     tgtgatgcaa gcagtttgat caactttaag atgacttacc tgagcccatg aaatatacac    109620
     aggcacttca taaatggtcc acaaaaccac ctctgaacag ggtggcgttg tgaggctgcc    109680
     gtgataacga taatactgcg tcaggttgtt ctgaggtaac aagttcacca acgggaatgg    109740
     tttgatcgac tttgtttgtc ctacaagaac atttaaatcc atggattaaa ctttcaaata    109800
     tactggaata tacaaacata ctgcattgac tgacctttgt aggcaacata agaaagtgca    109860
     cttgagatgg actggaagtt ttcattgtgc agataagtca cctgcagtag agtattaaag    109920
     atgagggtga ttgatgctga tgaaatagag atgagatgct ctttcaggta gagctacgtc    109980
     ttacgtcaac aaatactcca agcacagcaa tgccggttgg gtcttcaagt gcagacgtca    110040
     agtttggatg cgtggatttg atgttcacta tgtgcatctg cacacaaaca acatgagcaa    110100
     acactgaaaa tgtattcagt cagaattatt cgccgcattt ttgtattttt caaacatttc    110160
     ctaaatgatg tttaacagat tcaggaaatt ttcacagtat ttcccataat attttttctt    110220
     ctggagaaag tcttatttgt tttattttga ctagaataaa agtagttttt aacaccatat    110280
     taaggtcaat attattagcc ccctttaagc aatatttttt cgattttcta cagcaggagt    110340
     ccttaaactt ttcagcccac gacccctaaa ataacaatcc cagtaactcg caacccccaa    110400
     attcctctga ggaggttata aatatacaaa ttttgcgcac acaacaatag ccccattaaa    110460
     caccagcata ttaaaaacac aaaaaacagt ctaacaacca tatcattttt tatagtaatt    110520
     tatttattag tttaagtgtt aaccttagct aaagagactg gtggacacaa tgttttcagc    110580
     ataagtttac gcttggttta tttttggaga ccgccactca gagatcactc ttaatgctca    110640
     gttgtggcct gtatttcttt attttaatgc cataaaggta tcagaaagtt ttaccttgtg    110700
     ctataaaaat caatctgctg aacctgacgc tattgctgtg ttgttaatct aaagtaaaca    110760
     caaatcctag aaaacaaatt attgaaaggc tgatggcttt tcatttgaat gttgatgctt    110820
     ttttattatt aaaaactact attttatctt tagtaggtta tggataaaat atggggattc    110880
     taacagtgta ataaaattta ttgtccgcgc aatagcctag tggttagcgc gccaacatat    110940
     ggtgtaatag catgtcaggg cgttgcgagt tcgaatcctg gctcgacgac atttccctac    111000
     cctactccct gtctctctct cccactttgc ttcctgtctc aatactgtcc tatctaataa    111060
     taaaggccaa aaaaaaactt ttaaaaatct atatatgata ataataataa aaataataca    111120
     atttaatttg acttttgaaa atcaccaagc gactccctgt cattgtcccg accctcactt    111180
     ggggaaccac tggtctacag aacaaaccac tgttatacaa tgacttaact aattaacttt    111240
     aacctaatta acctagttaa acctttaaat gtcactttaa gctgaatact agtgtcttaa    111300
     agaatatcta gtcaactttt atgtgctgtc atcatggcaa agaaaagaaa tcagggtaac    111360
     actttataat aactacacac tataaatcat ttattaagca ttagcaaata gtgaatttat    111420
     tatctgttaa gcattaactc tacattaata aacgttagta agccgtttat aactgcagct    111480
     acaaatgctc tattcttgac ttataagcac ccatataatg tggttaataa ttgtattttc    111540
     atacttggtt aatgatttat ttttcattac taaattaagt atcgaattat ttacactgtt    111600
     atttataact gtttgtattt aagagtagtt gagggttttt aggatcattc agaatgagtt    111660
     agtaaatgat taataaacta ttgaaatcaa catttatatg tcttattatt caggcatata    111720
     ctaatagtta actaatatgt tagtaaatgc tttattaact caacttcatg cagttttgtg    111780
     acctaatcta aagtgaggac tattcatgct ttataaatcc cttataaatg actattaaag    111840
     gctcagtatc aaatgaacga taatctgtgc aatctttctg aaaagtaaaa ttaatgtaaa    111900
     gtttaaacaa tgctgaataa caggagtgtc aaaatatgac atccaactgg ataaaacaac    111960
     aacaatataa tcatctaaca ttataataat gtttaaactc aatagtgatt ctattttaga    112020
     tcaggttgca aagatttatt tttcatttga agtacagttt catttgtgta tcttcaaagg    112080
     aagagaaatg aataatgtct tttcctgttt agaatttaac tgagccttta tttgtcattt    112140
     ataagggatt tataaagcat gaaaagtcct cactttagat taggtcacaa aactgcatga    112200
     agttgagtta ataaagcatt tattaacata catagtaacc attaatatat gcctgaataa    112260
     taagatatat aaatgttgat ttcaatagtt tattaatcat ttactaactc attctgaatg    112320
     gtcctgaaaa ccctcaacta ctcttaaata caaacagttt gtaaataatt agatacttaa    112380
     tttagtaatg aaaaataaat cattaactaa gtatgaaaat acaattatta accacattat    112440
     atgggtgctt ataagtcaag aatagagcat ttgtagctgc agttataacc tgcttactaa    112500
     cacttattaa tgtagagtta atgcttaaca gataataaat tcactatttg ctaatgctta    112560
     ataaatgatt tatagtgtgt agttattata aagtgttacc gaaatcagtt attagaaatt    112620
     agttattaaa actattatgt taaaacaatg tgttgaaaaa ttctctttat taaacagaaa    112680
     ttgggggaaa caatatatag ggagactaat aattcaggag ggctagtcat tctgacttca    112740
     actgtatgta acggttagct tacactagat attgaccaaa cgaaggcaca aacctccata    112800
     ggaaacctga ggtggtcgag ggtgtgttca gacccatttg aggagacgct tccccagtgg    112860
     aaatgcagct ggaaggtgcg ataagttgca ggaagacctc cgccactgac ctgcataccg    112920
     tcaccaacct ccagcacaac tgcacaccag acacacaact ccaattagaa acagtggaga    112980
     catggattat tccaacttcc tgaagacact tgaagcaaca actttctaaa agtcaatgaa    113040
     ttgcattatt gtgcacatta attttccttg agggatattt aaagttcttg tgaagtgctt    113100
     tgaactgtgc atttttcatt tgatgtttga cgtaatggag agagcatggg gcatattgta    113160
     gcccatcccc tttaaaaaac agccaatagc gtttagtttt tatcacagct ctgccaggga    113220
     aagtggttga gctcaagcac atcaaatgaa aagcaaatga gaagggggcg gggcatgtca    113280
     ggagagtatt tgattggcca gaagattaat aataataata ataataacat tatacagatg    113340
     cagattgtca tgaataaaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaataata gagaaagcac agggaaaccg    113400
     atttaattat atcattatca gtgctttatg gttgtgcaat gttatatcac tgaggctttc    113460
     tgatttgtgg aattatctgt acagcagcta attttttagg cacaaatttt gctatttaac    113520
     ccgtaatcat tgtctttcat ataagtaagt caatgctatg gaagtcaatg gttaccggat    113580
     tccaacattc ttcaaaatat cttcttttgt ggtcagtaga tgaaactcaa acaggtttgg    113640
     aacaagtgca gggtgagtaa acgatgacag aattgtaaaa ctctagcatt taaatatttg    113700
     atatttagca attcacttta aattttgtac actctaaaaa atattgttta gacaaaacaa    113760
     aaaaaattaa cgcaacagtt tgcattaata tatttaagtt acgacaacat ctgacaaaat    113820
     gaggttcaga caacaacttt attgtttgcc aaatcttttc ctcttcaatc agaggcattt    113880
     ttacttagca taaactccat ttttttaagt tgagaactca aaaaaataag ttgtttcaaa    113940
     tagttttttt tgaaaacaaa tcagtgtttt gtgcgtgatt gcatggtttt aagtttagaa    114000
     cctagagtag ctgtaattgt tcaatttttt tttaaagcaa atttactgtt catgcttgta    114060
     tgaaatacat ttaacaacag catttttgtt tttcagtaat ttgtttttta taaaaaaggt    114120
     ttttattgtt ttacaaaaca aaaacgtgta gtgttccata ttatcagtat aaaaacagca    114180
     aaaaacatca gtgaaaaaat acaaaacaac tccattagtg tggaaaaatt gagctatcaa    114240
     cccaatttct ttgggttgct acaagttaaa tattgtttaa aagtaagtga catttttgtt    114300
     tacttttaaa ttagccgaat tttaaattga tgtaattttc aatattttcc tgttttgaaa    114360
     acttaataaa attattctgg caatttaaaa gtcttaatct aatcagcatt tttaaaattt    114420
     taagttacaa taatgtatta aactatgcag tggtaacaga cctcttgagt tattttttag    114480
     agtgtagatg taattattta tgcattcaca gtgcctcatt gaagctgtta aggtccacct    114540
     tttaatgaaa atcttcattg agtttattaa tttatttaaa tgtgtgtaaa tatctttatt    114600
     tattctgttt ttataataat ttcagtaata tcactcaata aaatcaaaat gggtataata    114660
     ttcctgtact atgcagattg taaatagttt tagtagatat atcatataag aagggatcta    114720
     atcaatacct atatctataa caaacaagtg gatctaattg gatttgcact gaaaacatta    114780
     agaggcgaca ctgtggctca gtggttagca ctgtcgcctc gcagcaataa ggtcgctggt    114840
     ttgagccctg aactcagttg gcatttctgt gtgtttgcat gagtttgcat gttctccctg    114900
     tgtttggttt cctccgggtg ctcaacagta caaacacatg cgctatagaa gaattgaata    114960
     agccgtattg tgtgaatgag agtgtatggg tgtttcccag tactgggttg cagatggaag    115020
     gtcatccgct gtgtaaaaca tatgttggat aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggccacc    115080
     cctgatgaat aaagggacca agctgaagga acatgaatga aaaccgtttg tagaggaata    115140
     tttcagtaga tatatcatat gagagacttg ctttgtttac caaacaagtg gacctaattg    115200
     gatttgcttt ataaatatta aataaatgtc tttagtatct atactcaaaa acattctgca    115260
     tatatccaca tattttgtat ataaaactct gtgcagaaat aaaaaataaa cacctgtaga    115320
     ttctgtctgg ctctgctcat ggcttacgat gtaataaatg atgataatta aattgaataa    115380
     agacttttct aaaaccccaa tgcagaaaaa aaccctattc taaacaagac ctaatgtaga    115440
     gtttctgtac ccgagtgtcc ctggttcgtc agccaccatt gacctttatg agtcagatta    115500
     aagccatgga gctgcagaga gtccagcgag tggttcttca tcagatgatg gtccaggttg    115560
     atgggcgaat gatggctgtc cagaagcgga tgacaggaag gataactgtc tccccatgca    115620
     tatggatctg acaacaacat tatggccttg tttaagctca tcacaacaga aatagcatgt    115680
     ttgaataacg catgattgct ttcgctcatg aactcaccac agtggtcctc gtcataacaa    115740
     aagtctgagg acaaatattc aaatcaatat caaatattca tcacatttaa atcaaaaact    115800
     aaaagaacgg ttgggttgtt ttaactcagt gttgggtcag atatggacaa tcccaaacgt    115860
     tgggttaaaa agtgtttgta ttgatatttc atattgaact tggagtttca ttccgttaat    115920
     gaaactaaat atgaataata aaaatgtcaa cattatttaa ttttatttgt ccataaatga    115980
     gactataaat ataaatctaa taaaaataat catcattttt taattgatta ttgttcataa    116040
     atgagactaa aatccataat tgagactaaa taaaaataat gcaaaaccaa cattttttat    116100
     tagatttttg tccatagatg agacaaaatt ccataattga atctaaataa actaataaat    116160
     ttgtcaatat tctgtaattg atttctttgt ccataaatga gactaatttc attaataaaa    116220
     ctaaataaaa ataatgcaaa accaacattt ttaattgatt gtttgtccat aattgacact    116280
     aaataaaact aataaaatat caatattctt ttattgatta ttgttcataa ataagactaa    116340
     attccataag ttgcattaaa taaaaataat caaatatcaa cattctttgt gattcttttt    116400
     ccaaaaaatt tactaaaatt catttataaa actaaataaa aataatacaa agtcaacatt    116460
     tttaaaatta attaataatt tttttgtcca taaatcggac taaataaaat attaaatgga    116520
     tttctttgtc cataaatgaa actaaattcc ttaatgaaga ttaaatataa agaataaaaa    116580
     atcaacatgc tttaattgat ttcttttgcc cataactgag tctaaataaa actaataaaa    116640
     atatcatcat tttttataga tttttttgtc catagatgat acaaaattcc acaattgaga    116700
     ctaaataaaa ctaataaaaa tattacttgc tttaattgat ttctttgtcc ataaatgaga    116760
     ctaaataaaa ataataaaaa tactaacttg ctttgatttc tttgtccata aatgagacta    116820
     atttcattaa taaaactaaa tagaaatatt gcaaaatcaa cattttttat agattttttt    116880
     tccacaattg acaccaaata aaactaataa aacatcaatg ttcttttatt gattattgtt    116940
     tataaatgag actaaattcc acaaattaca ttaaataaaa gtaatacaaa tatcaacatt    117000
     ctttgtgatt ctttttccaa aaaatttact aaaattcatt tataaaacta aataaaaata    117060
     atacaaagtc aacatttttt aaattaatta atttattttt tgtccataga tgggactaaa    117120
     taaaatatta aatggatttc tttgtccata aataaaacta aattccataa ttaagattaa    117180
     atataaagaa taaaaattca acatgcttta attgattttt gtccataaat gagactaaat    117240
     tccataatta aaacttaata aaatgtccaa ataatttaat aatgattttt tgtccatgtc    117300
     atcagacatc aaggcggttt gtactttata aaaacaatat gccaacatca aattaaagat    117360
     caaacaatcc aaatattggt ctgtagttga agtttctgaa catcacacac tcgaaaatga    117420
     tcaaatttaa cctttattta gatgtttttt gttttatatt ctgcgcatga ttagaacaga    117480
     ctagacatta taatggacag acatcattta aaagaaaaat ttgcgatcaa ttttaacatt    117540
     aatgtgtaaa tgcaatcctt ctctacattt ttatatggtt ctttagcatt ttcagtggtt    117600
     ttattcgcat ttaatgctat gtttgacatg gtttcactga aatgtcaaac attttttaat    117660
     aaatgtgaat aaaaccactg agaattgagc ttctgtgtct gcagcaaagt gctgccatgc    117720
     ctctcttcag tgtagtggat agtgttcaaa tcagaacaag cttgaaccca gcaaattggg    117780
     tggaaaagtg atgaataaat ggaaaaattg acccagcatt gagttaaaac aacccagcat    117840
     tttttgtttc aaagtgtaaa cagtgaatct gccgtcactc accatcatca gtgcgtgcca    117900
     ataaaagcac ggacatcatc agcatcagta tcatcatcac catcagtaaa caggctcccg    117960
     ccgctcctgg actccaaaca atccaaaacg taaagaagtg ctgcgtttaa atagagatgg    118020
     aggtaggatg tcaggggttt ttttttttct tcctctgact gtgctcattt gagcgtgtcg    118080
     ctgccgctgc gctcgtcccc agactcacac aaataacagt tgttgaacga ggaaccggag    118140
     aaatgaacac tgagagcatc tgcaatcagg agaaagagag agagagagag aggatacaga    118200
     cagaatgact tacagagatt aaatacagtg gagacattct agatcagtcg atcaataatt    118260
     aaaatgacta ttaaaacgtt tacatttaga cgcttttgtc caatgtaaca caattgagga    118320
     ggcattcagt aattcaacaa gaagaagcaa tacacacaac aagtgctgat tatacaaaca    118380
     aactgttagt gcccagagaa tttagtgcta caataaggag gggaggctgt ttcttttata    118440
     atagagagaa gagtgtttct gctggtggtt tgtcaagccc actcacctgt atgaggcaca    118500
     cttcataaat gcacaatgtt ttattttatc atttcttcat tgtgaaaatg taccccgatt    118560
     tctggaaagc gccaaatatg tccctggagg tacttttatt ttttatttat tttttattta    118620
     tttatttttt tgcagttttt gttttcttga atccaccaga ggccgctgtg tactcttttt    118680
     cagatgtcaa atttctcttg tgaaagccat tcacgcctgc tgttcccccg taaacccacc    118740
     agaggccact gtcaactgac tgaccaatgg actgactcgc cctcctctgt ccctaaaccc    118800
     aaccaatagt gttttcaaaa gcaatctaga aaaagaaaag ccctctactg atttttacca    118860
     cattgtcaga tttgaccaca ttcttacctt gttatttact tatttattta tttttttggc    118920
     ttctgttttt tttcttacct cctttctgga accgttcttc accagactcg aaccccattg    118980
     ttgtggttca cgtctcaaat cctgtgacgt acgcggcgag ccattggaca aactggtaac    119040
     ggcggaaaag cagtccatac ggaggtaaga aaaaaaattt ctccatcatt tattaatttt    119100
     cctttgggtt agtctcttta ttcatcaggg gtgaccacac tgaaatgaac caccagctta    119160
     tccaacatgt tttacacagc agatgccctt ccagctacaa cccagtactg ggtagcatcc    119220
     atacacactt attcacacac tcatacacta cagccaattt agttaactca attcccctat    119280
     tacgcatgtg tttggactgt gggggaaacc agagcacccg caggaaaccc acacgaacac    119340
     ggggggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgacaacta acccagccga ccttcttgct    119400
     gtgtggcgac agtgctcacc actgagccac cgcgctgccc tagtgcccta ctcatatggt    119460
     tttaaaccat tgggctctat tttaacaatc tgaagctcat ggtgcaaaag cattaagggt    119520
     gtccaaatcc acttctgcta ttttaaggat ggacaaaaat gttctgcact ctggcgcatg    119580
     gtctaatgct gcgttcacac cagacgcgga acgcgcgtca agcgtgaagg atttacatgt    119640
     tgtcaatgca aacgcgcgaa tagacatcct gtggcgcggt gcgaatagcg cgatacacga    119700
     attgagcatt ttgcgcgttt gacgtgctta acgagcgttt cgcgttaacc aatcagaagc    119760
     ttgctcttgt gggggcgtga ttgtgacgta gaacctgttg ttggagtcct gggggaaatc    119820
     ctccaggcga catcgacaac aagtcatcaa actgggctgg gctcagtcag aagcaccgct    119880
     gaaagcctcc atcatccagg ttcagtttct ggaggagttt atgagctctc agagctgaat    119940
     gcacctctga aagaatctag tggactctga cacagcccta aacgtatcgg cgctgttttt    120000
     cagtctccat aaagcacata aacactgtta ttttctcaat aaaatccatg ttagccattt    120060
     agcaacgaag ctacagtcac cgggcagaca gaagccctgc ccatcacgcg aatccgcgtc    120120
     tgttctgaag tgaatttgac acgcgaatga agcggatttc acgcctgaat gaagcggggt    120180
     ttgacacgcg aatgaagcga gtaaactcaa atgtttacgc agcaatttac gtgcgaatat    120240
     cgcgatttat ccgcgcgttc cgcgtctggt gtgaacacat caaaacaggg ttgtgtttat    120300
     tctctcaatg agttctggct gtgttttgag cataacgtgt attaaaccaa tcagagtctc    120360
     atctcacatt tcctttaaga gtctgttgtg tcgcgccatg gggcatttgc tatttacatg    120420
     gcggactttg taagtgtaaa tactgaactc ttcactagtg ggaaaccaaa aattaaaaca    120480
     gttaaacaga gcatctgcag cgcgaggtta aagaacgagc ctcctccatt cagcctcttt    120540
     actttcactt tacttttact ctttactcct ttactttggt gaagttagaa aacggtggaa    120600
     actcactcca ctgaagacat ccattagtct acatatttac ttttgtttgt ttaatgcaga    120660
     gatttgcttc aaactatttc taaattcagt tttaatctcc agcaaatgaa taaatgaaca    120720
     ataataatga agtgtggtca gaaaactgag ctatatccaa acacacccag ttcttatgcc    120780
     ccatatggta atgcagtcgt ctccaaaacc ccacagatag acaaatctaa gcttgttttt    120840
     attaaaagaa atataaattt gaatataata aataatactg ctaataataa taacattaaa    120900
     ctaatgcaaa gtgtcatgaa taaactgaaa aagccccccg aggtgaagaa ggcatggagg    120960
     cagtggtttt tagatttatg tagaaaataa taatattggt aacaattgaa tcccttaatt    121020
     gggcgttcgc gtgggtttcc tctcggtgtt gttccctcac aaatccaaag acaatcggta    121080
     caggtaaatc ggataagcta aattgtccgt agtatgtgtg cgaataaatg tgtatagttg    121140
     ttttccagtg atgggttgca gctgaaaggg catccgctgc gtaaaacata tgctggataa    121200
     gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggccacccc tgatcaataa agggaccaag ctgaagtaaa    121260
     atggatgaat gcagtttgta aagtaatatt ttagtagata tgtcacatgg gtgaattgct    121320
     ttgtttacaa aacaagtgga ccttattgga tttgctttat aaatattaaa taaattaccc    121380
     atgattaata aagggactaa gccgaaaaga aaattaatta ataatcctgt aattgttttc    121440
     atctgtaaag atatttgcac atgctgtacc tcctgtgtgt attaagcaat gtgtaagcgt    121500
     ttaaggcgca caacttacat gctctcaatt gtgcgatcta tttcagtttc tcaaaatagc    121560
     aacgcaccaa caatgcgcct taacacacct cctttctaga cccgcacact catgagtcca    121620
     aaaagtagcg caaatggatt tactatttag tgaagttttt aaactaattt cgagaggagc    121680
     acgtgatata attgactgca gctggccacc tatctacact cattagttag ccaatcagat    121740
     ctatcctaac tcactataag tagcctagct agatatcact ccattatctt cgttttccga    121800
     agaaaccccc catccacccc ctttctcctc ctcatctcct ttacaaaaaa gggggagctc    121860
     tggagaacca cctgatctcg tactcccctc acatgctcta tggacctggc gggagccctg    121920
     ggctcaacta tctccgagct cagggttctc tcccgggaca gcatgccaaa cctgcttaca    121980
     gttgtcaagc aatatctaag tgtgaactct tgaaaacaac atggtgcaaa actggataat    122040
     tagggttgcg ctggtctgaa aatagcaaca aatcgcgcca agcacatatt gcgccgggtg    122100
     tatgataggg cccattatgt tcaaatcaaa tctttaaata caaatcttta tgtacaaaag    122160
     aagatatgtg gaaaatgttg gcacctattg acttccatag tcaatatctt tcctactaag    122220
     gaagtcaatg ggtgcaacca gcattcttca aaatatctcc ttttgtgttc aacagaagaa    122280
     actcttaact gcctttaaat agcctgaaca cttgtcgttg tatataccat gcagatctta    122340
     tgcaacacgt cacacatctg tgcaacagtg aatcctttat ttgtgaatgt cagacctctg    122400
     tcaccgatgt ctaatctctg tggaccggga ctcccagagg gcccgaggat cggcttttac    122460
     acgggggtca ttgagtgcgt ctttacatct gggatccccc tttttggctc acgagacatt    122520
     taagagcgat cgatttccag gacggacaga aatgaatgag cagccattca atcgttcaaa    122580
     agagtcattc tggattagag tcgtcccacg ctcaagagaa tcaaataaca gttatgagat    122640
     cttaaagggg ggaactatta cgcaacaatc acttttatat ggaggttaaa cacagttgtg    122700
     tgtcagcagt gtgtgaatat aagcagcttt taatggtaaa aaatgtatta actttataat    122760
     ttataatcac tctcgatata aacagtctgc agaaacactt cggttgacat tctccctttg    122820
     tacgtgtcat cagaagggga aagccttgcc cactagtcac cgtctctccc tcattagcat    122880
     aggacattaa tcttgttttt gaatctgcca ctatgctgac acataggcat ttgtagctcc    122940
     gccctcttct gaaaagagct caatctcatt tgcatttaaa gcgaccgtca ccaaaatgcc    123000
     acaattagga tcgaaaccta aaagggtcag tttcagagag ttgtaaaata aagttatatg    123060
     ttacatcttg tgaaaaggca cataaaaggt cccctttaaa gagattgttc acctaaacaa    123120
     tcatcattta ctcgtcctcc agttgttcaa aacctacttt agtttctttc ttctgctgaa    123180
     cacaaatgaa gataatctga agaatgaaaa cgaatgagaa agaaaaaaaa caacaaccat    123240
     tcactttcat agtatttaaa atatactaca ctaactttta catgtacact taccaggtca    123300
     ctttattagg tactagcacc aggttggacc tacgtttgcc ttcagtactg ccttaatcct    123360
     tcatggcgta gattcatatt cctctgagat tttgctccat attgacatga tagcatcaaa    123420
     cagttgctgc agatttgcac atccatgatg tgaatctccc attccaccac atcccaaagg    123480
     tgctctattg gattgagatc tggtgactgt ggaggccatt taggtacagt gaactcactg    123540
     tcatgttcaa gaaaccagtc tgagataatt cacgcttcat gacatggtgt gttatcctgc    123600
     cagaagtaga catcagcaga tgtggtcata aaggaatgga catggtcagc aacaatactc    123660
     gggtacgctg tggtgttgac acgatgctca aatgcccatc cgccttaagg ttggacgtgt    123720
     tgtgtgttca gagatacgtg tgagaaaatc ccagtagatc agcagcttct gaaatactca    123780
     gaccagcccg tctggcacat acaaccatgc cacgttcaaa gtcacttaaa tccactttct    123840
     tccccattct gatgctcagt ttgaactgca gcagatcgtc ttgactatgt gcctaaatgc    123900
     agtgagttgc tgtcatgtga ttggctgatt agaaattaac gttaacaagc agttggactg    123960
     gtgtacctaa taaagtggac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtcta taaatatacc aaattattat    124020
     attggtttga acaatattaa tttgttgcgc caattttata gttgccatgg caatacaata    124080
     gcaatataaa ctaatgatcc aacactctaa agatgctggg ttatttttaa atccaatttt    124140
     ggttgtaatg cagctaaacc aattaatggg ttaatttttt taaattcaat ttaaaagacg    124200
     ggtgacgcag tggcgcagta ggtagtgctg tcgcctcaca gcaagaaggt cgctggttcg    124260
     agcctctgct cagttggcgt ttctgtatgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgc atttgcgtgg    124320
     gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttcccccag tccaaacaca tgcgctatag gggtattgat    124380
     gaactaaatt ggtcgtagtg tgtgagtgtg tgtgtttgaa agagtgtgtt tgggtgtttc    124440
     ccagtactgg gttgcgactg gaagggcatc cactgcgtaa aacatataag ctggcgctgt    124500
     gccaacccct gatgaataaa gggactaagc caaaggaaaa tgaaagaata ataatgtaat    124560
     aataatgttt tgtgcactat gttttataaa tgtgttgtca aatgtcggtt taataattgc    124620
     accattagat acagtaacac atacaaaatt aaaaataaca cttgcagatc agtaggagaa    124680
     aacatttgtt ttaataaaaa ataaattaaa taatgtttag tttgctaaat taaacacgaa    124740
     acaaactctc acaactacga aagtcatggc aaagtgttac tcttataccc tgcgacaaac    124800
     ataatgatca tttaacataa aaaataataa taataaaaaa tgatttcact tacctttccg    124860
     acaaaagaga cccaaacacg actgtgcttc atttgtacaa tttatttggc atttgattag    124920
     atgtacatct acttcagaat aaagaaaaac aaaagccctc tgacgaaaaa agcagtacat    124980
     gacattaaaa aaaataacaa tcaagaatcg acaaattcac caactgctgc actctacaga    125040
     aaacaattca tgatgctttt tattttctcc tcattgcacc ataaagtcta tctagaattg    125100
     tctacttttt tcattgctat tataattatt aaataaaaca aacatctgca aatgagagct    125160
     gggaagagga ttgggatgta ccggtgtatc aaagctcagt ctgtaagcat agcagaaatg    125220
     aagtaacatc agcagaagag aagagagtcc tctctgcatg ctcaaaaaga gtaaaacatg    125280
     caaccacaca tctgcaaaac attcatgcca acttttacag ttcacacaca cacacacaca    125340
     cacatacaca caaaaataac gcaaacagac gttcacagga ttgtctgtgc cgatgaaacc    125400
     ctggaattaa atgtaaaaac aaagactgta cagtgaaaga acattgacct ggatgatgga    125460
     aaacctccgg ctgattattt cggtgctggt gatggaaact gggatctgtt tagttttttt    125520
     ttactcgtct ttgcattatt tttttaagca caacacttac acttgaggct tatgttgtgc    125580
     caaaacatcc tttgtatgaa atgcctgatt gtcatttgtt ttgggctttt tgttgcattt    125640
     ccatttagga aaaagaagtg tgcatatgct acaaaagtct gaataataac aacaacgtcc    125700
     ataaaagagt gttcatttca gcgaccttga gttcataact tatttttcca tttggacagc    125760
     ttatttcaag tgagtgaaat atatgtttaa tggaaaatct aagtagtctg tgaattgaaa    125820
     attgactaaa actaaagaaa aacaaagcgt cttgctttta cgtacattta tgcacttgcg    125880
     tgtgcaaata cacgctccca tttagtttgc atcaagtaac aaatgcttta cttgttagtg    125940
     atttacatca aaaagacatt tgacttgttc taggtgcgaa caactcacac acagaacata    126000
     cacctcatta ttccaaacac acaaatccaa aaatcaggag ctcaacatga agtattaatt    126060
     acaaacagcg tgatttgctt gagcacactg tttgagatca gtctgacaga caaaatttag    126120
     ctttgtgaaa cgtttacatt caacaaacac acacacacac acaaaaatgt atagtactgg    126180
     tggagttttt ggatgaatct tttttcaatt tataaaataa aatcattacc agaatgaaaa    126240
     taattcacta tgactaccag aatggaaaca attactgtaa tgcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    126300
     gaaaaaaaat gtcattactg taatgcaaaa aaaaaatcac tatgagaatg aaaacaataa    126360
     ttctttactg taatgctgaa aaaaaaacta ccaacataaa aatatttcat tgaaaaaaag    126420
     tcattaccgt aatgaaaaaa cactactgaa tgaaaaaata agtcattact gtaatgaaaa    126480
     caacagtacc agaatgaaaa caataagtca ttaccgtaat gaaaaaacta aaaaaaacta    126540
     ccaaaaagaa aacgataagt tattacggta atgaaaaaaa cactactaga atgaaaacaa    126600
     taagttatta cggtaataaa aaacactacc agaatgaaaa cttccgtaat gaaaaaaaaa    126660
     aaacactacc agaatgagtc attacagtaa tacagtttga ttagctggtt caggtgtgtt    126720
     tgattagggt tggagctaaa ttttccagga cactggccct ccaggaccta gtgtggacac    126780
     ccctgccgta ataaaaaaca ctaccaaatt gaaaacaata agacattacc gtaatgaaag    126840
     aaactaccag aaagttgaca atgagtcatt acagtaattt aaaacaaaac actatcagaa    126900
     tgagaaagtc attacagtaa tgaaaaaaaa cactaccagc atgagaaaaa gtcattacag    126960
     taatgaaaaa acactaccaa aaacatgaca ataagtcatt actgtaataa aaaacactac    127020
     cagaatgaaa agtcattacc gtaatgaaaa aaaaaacact accagaatga ctcattttca    127080
     taaagaaaaa aaacactacc agaatgagaa aaagtcatta ccgtaatgaa aaaaaactac    127140
     cagaaagtta acaataagtc attacagtaa tgaaaaaaac actaccagaa tgagaaaaag    127200
     tcattacagt aatgaaaaaa cactaccaaa aacataagtc attactgtaa taaaaaaaac    127260
     actaccagaa tgaaaagtca ttaccgtaat gaaaaaaaaa acactaccag aatgactcat    127320
     tttcataaag aaaaaaaaca ctaccagaat gagaaaaagt cattaccgta atgaaaaaaa    127380
     aaacactacc agaatgagaa aaagtcatta ccgtaatgaa aaaaaaaaca ctaccagaat    127440
     tagaaagtca ttaccataat gaaaaaaaca ctaccagaat gagaaaaagt ccttaccgta    127500
     aatgaaaaaa acattaccag aaagatgaca ataagtcatt accataatga aaaaaaatac    127560
     taatttcctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaactccac cagaaagatg aaaaagtcat taccgtaata    127620
     ctaaaaaacc ctaccagaat aaaaatgatt cattactgta aaaagaaaca ctaccagaat    127680
     gaaatcaatc agtcattact gtaatgctta aaaataaaat aaatcctgac atttattaaa    127740
     cgtattgaaa atcaacctcg ctttaaaaaa caaaacaaaa aaaaaacatt gttaataaca    127800
     aatatcagca gcacaaatga ctgcatatga ctgcaaaagt acagtataat aacatataac    127860
     attgtttctt ttagcattac ggtaatgaaa atgtagtttc tttgaaacac catgtgccat    127920
     taaaaaaccc cattatcatc acaagaatga aaaaagtaac tcactacagt aatacacaaa    127980
     gccataaaat tatgttttaa gagacagctc aacccccaaa aatgaaattt cctcatattt    128040
     actcatgtgg ttctaaatgt ataagaattt ctttcttctg taaagaacac aaaagataaa    128100
     taagagcagc cactgacatc catagtaaga acaaaacaaa tactgtgaaa gtcaatggct    128160
     gatctccccc aatattcatc cattcagtca ttttccttca gcttagtctc tatttcagag    128220
     gtcgccaaag cagaatgaaa tgtcaactat tccagaatat gttttacaca gcggatgccc    128280
     ttccagctgc aacccagtac tgggaaacat ctattcactc tcattcacac acactacggc    128340
     aaattttgtt aactcaattc ccctatagcg aatgtgtttg gactgtgggg gaaacccgga    128400
     ggaaacccac accaacacaa ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgc cagctgggcc    128460
     ccctttttcc caacattcct tttttttctt ttgtgttaaa caggagaatg aaactcaaac    128520
     aggtttgaaa cgagttggat gagtaaataa tgacagaata ttcattttta gtgaaattat    128580
     ccacatttgt aacatttttt ccagcattac tgtaaagaaa aagggacttc ctttagaata    128640
     tgtggcccat taaagccaag ttaacataat ttgggcttgt ttgagtaggt aacatcacat    128700
     tttgtttctg ctttgggtgg aaatgagtaa tttcttggcc tttttaataa gattcatcct    128760
     tttagatgcc aaactgatcg atgaaatgaa aagttaacaa aacgaatagt gtattgatgg    128820
     aaatcttctc cacaaacatc atcatcatca cgtcacagca gggtgtttaa aagtatccca    128880
     aaaccgactc gtacctcaat gtaaaatatt attatatatt tttttagagc tttagagttt    128940
     gtgttactga cctgacagac aaaataaaca agaagtcaag cagacgtcac agaattgcag    129000
     attaagaaca cagttttgct caaacccaaa cagatccttc ataaaaacgc atcatctgaa    129060
     gggtctgttt ggagcgctca agaaaaaata acattgcttg ttttgtgcca gaaagagtca    129120
     gtgtgcagga caggactcca gtgacgggac gtccactcgt ttccttacca aacaaacgtc    129180
     tttgccagtg caaaatcact cgtcctcaag acttaaccaa tggccgacgg aagtatttac    129240
     acgtgaaaaa gcgcggagta aaaaccccca gtgcacgtct tctgttgtga agtctggttt    129300
     ttgggtttag accacggtgc tgagcgaggg tgcgtccgcg ctggagctct gcgtgatgct    129360
     ggcctcggag ccgctcggtg tgtccggaga gacgagcatt gtgctgctgt cgatggagtc    129420
     ctcgcgctcc tccagtggtg gcgggacggc cagcggcggc gcagggaaat ctctctgcag    129480
     agagtctgag gtgctgccca tgtggccgga cgacagagga acacctgccc gacctgcgca    129540
     gaccagagaa catgctattg attttatagt gcttacaggg tattacaagg tcaatattta    129600
     aaatctaaaa gcgttcaata tcaaattttc atgattgcag gctaagcaca cagcaaaaat    129660
     aacaaaggag tggcttcaca acaactttgt gactgttctt gaacggccca gccagagccc    129720
     cgacttaaac tcaattgaac atctctggag agaccgaaaa atggctctcc acaaacattt    129780
     accatccaac ctgacagaac aaagagtggc tccacaacac gtcagtggat tgttctggat    129840
     tggcccagcc agagccctga cttaaaccca aatgagcatc tctggagaga cctaaaaacg    129900
     gctgtctaca tatggttacc atctgacctg gcagaataag gagtggcttc acaacaattc    129960
     cgtggattgt tcttgaatgg cccagtcaga gccctgactt aaacccaatt gagcatctgg    130020
     agagagacct taaaatggct tttcacaaac gtttaccatc caacctgatc gttgatttta    130080
     aagaaactag atcttaaaca aggtgagttt ataatgatat gacagttaac caaaagcacc    130140
     tgagtgggct aattacaaat gaaaagtctc agtgcataaa tcctcttacg tccggtatat    130200
     tgtgaatctg caccctctag tggtggaaat tacatactgt gcatttaaag ggccatgaaa    130260
     gccccttgtt tcagcaggat gttttcacac ctctgctttg gaaaaagtca ggaaagtggg    130320
     cgtgtccagc tctgtttaag ggggagtgtc ggaggaggaa agagatgata tgggagtgtc    130380
     gatttgggca cgcgctgagt ttcagagtca aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    130440
     acgcacacgc acacacacac acgcacacac gcacacacac acgcgcacac acacacacac    130500
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaggg gagaaagtga    130560
     ctgtttaatt tgacatcagt aatcaaatta tttgctaaat tatttaatgg tggactttag    130620
     ctgcagtttg gctctttcat tcagggaatt cattcgttcc ccacgtgaca aacaagatat    130680
     ttgattcgag gaactgctct aagcgtgtat ttttcatgca atgtttgata ccgcacggcg    130740
     aatgagagaa aaaaacctca gcatttcccg gaaactttga tgcacacggc aggtagcgtc    130800
     agaaagctgt gtgtgttatt ctggtcacaa aatgcggtga aaaatcctac acgacagtaa    130860
     tagtttggtt gcggtgctaa catgtttaca atcggtgtaa tagttagctc gatacaaact    130920
     aactttgcca tctgtataaa caaagagcac tgatcactca cttaccaaat ctgcaaagac    130980
     aatacaatca acacccacta gagtctttat taagaggaga cgagcagcaa atccagatct    131040
     caccatttgc agatgacaaa agctcttggg taaacaatgt tccttagaca cgtactgttt    131100
     tcgtgcatca cttgcactgt aatccacacg tgactccagc tgagctctca tagagagaaa    131160
     atgaaaacaa aaccttcact gcagcaaatt gtaatagcaa cacttcacgc ttgttttgcc    131220
     aacacaacaa ggcatctctc tgctgtctga acactctaac attcatgaat attaatgaag    131280
     ttgcacaata gagcttgcca attggtttga accaagcctt actcatgcat taatgcatca    131340
     cactcggaga cttaatacgg tactctcagg tacagacgtc cagtctaaat gctggaacac    131400
     acgcttagat ctcatggccg tgacgcagct tagaaaattt gtttcaaacc ggaagtatga    131460
     atttactcga aataacgcaa aaacaaccaa tttacacttt ttagtgaaat ataggtgtcc    131520
     taatagtgtt tttagcagtg tgagacacat atacgactgt caacagctca aaacatgtgc    131580
     tctggtgttt cgtgaccctt caaaattcat taaaaacagg ctgggaaacg atgaattggc    131640
     atgtctgtag aggcgtaccg agatccatgt agaggatgct gtcggggttg atggaggcct    131700
     cgtatggagg cggtgggtcg tcggggtggt ggatgtctgg gtatttgtaa gcagcgtatg    131760
     gtggtggagg ctcttggaag tgaaacgctc ctccttctcc atcatccgag agatgcagag    131820
     gcgtcaggcc cgtcccgaat gcatccggtc tgtagtcgaa gccgggcacc cgccgaccca    131880
     gattaaaatg atgcactgcg ggtcagaaac acatcattta cacacgtgct ttaacacagg    131940
     tctgcttaca ggatctgaag agggagttga acctgctgtg atcgatttac acatcagtga    132000
     tgttagtttt agcatatgaa aaacatatga cttgttaaat tggaggttta tcagaggtgg    132060
     ggaaaacatt tggcattctt ggaggaggct gaacagtgca tttgtggtga gacgcaaagt    132120
     aaatgtatga ttattttatt ataatgataa aataaatgat ttgtaaactg atggtacaat    132180
     tgaattattg aagaaaatta attaaataaa taaataaaaa aacacagatt agttttgtta    132240
     caggtacacc tgccatacac actttgcagt gaaaatgtta gcatggatga aggagcattt    132300
     tcattttaaa acgtcagagg ctacatttca tttcaactat tgctccttgt cattacaggc    132360
     tacaaagtta gggaaagact atattgtatt tagcagggat gtgattctgc tgtagggtgg    132420
     ggggtgtctc cattgtcatc aaagcagaca acctgcttca ttctggacgt cttccaagaa    132480
     tgtaattgta gacctaccta ggctactgtg catgtaacat aatgatatag tcctataatg    132540
     tgactaaggc tgctttcaca cctgtgaatc gattcagttg ttctgaaacg gggattaaca    132600
     ttgttacatt gttgctcttt gctcttggtg cggttcgctt ttacacagca aagtttctaa    132660
     acggactaaa agagctaaaa caagtcacct gcgagtaaac tctcctcaca ctggtcagag    132720
     tttcacggtt tattttgcag agtcccgctc agctgtcagg aggggtggtg gtttggtggt    132780
     gtttgacagg gtgtgcacga cgtgtctgaa gagcgaggag ggatgcggtg ggaagggatg    132840
     agaagggtgc gcgacgtatt tgaggaccag aagggagacg cgtgattacc aggagatcat    132900
     cactcgtttg cgggcatcct ggagtctctg tgagactacc gaaacttcag ggagacttgg    132960
     gatgtctgga atgaccttcc gccctactca aaaatttctc gtcatatagc cgtatgccta    133020
     ttacatatcc ataaaacact gtgatataac cgggctcgga tcgtttcctt tctcactata    133080
     atcgatccgc tccagagttt attttaatcg agccaagacc acctcattca agccatctca    133140
     gagcgattgt ttagacgccg atccaagagc aattggtggt tttacatatg ccaaacgaac    133200
     cgcgctaact gggcaaacga gacaggtgtg aaagcagcct aagccgctga caaaatacaa    133260
     gattatgaaa tcgatttgga tgcgtgtgcg gctgtgcact ttttccacac tcacatttgc    133320
     atcacgacca tgtgtgctct atgtacatta taaatccagc caggatgcac atttcttatt    133380
     attctctgca agtcttctgt cctgatgatg tcttcattag ttcagtgcta cagccgggca    133440
     cctcaaattt aatacctgaa agtgtcatat aagtttagat gatattacaa atttactaaa    133500
     atatgtttta taaataatta aaactatgct gttaaaaaca gggactaagc cgaaggaaag    133560
     tgaaagtgat aaactctttc taacgatgta tgatcatttt tttacagggt gaaatgttaa    133620
     gtatgttagg ccacttaatt caactggact taaaattttt acagtttgaa ttgtttactg    133680
     actagtactt tattcatcat gtagaataca aagtcgacta aattacaggg aaagttatat    133740
     tctgtgaacc taacaccgat ccacctgggg cttcagcgtc aacgtttgac agagggcgtg    133800
     tctgaagttg gggctgacac aatcgccata tcagcgtcag ccaatgaaat tagtcaccaa    133860
     tcgtatacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacacacac acacacacac    133920
     acacacacac acacacacac acatatatat atatatatat atatatgtat atatatatat    133980
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    134040
     atatataaaa tttattatta ttattatttt ttgaagaagt ggcggggtgt cgtcttcctt    134100
     ctttcttgtc ctcagctgat cacatgcctg atttagccac aatgcaaatg tagtttgtca    134160
     tgatggactt tggtggatat taatgtcaag acttgcttaa gttttctgtt tgattcctaa    134220
     ttaactgatg aaaacaactc tgtgaaactg aaatttaatt tgaaagtttt tccttttcta    134280
     ctgtccttcc ttgctacact acaagtgctc aaaaaacatg gcactaccat tgacaacacc    134340
     agaaaaccaa cactcagctc gagaaacaag cgcagcctaa gagctattct gggaaaatag    134400
     gtatgtctga caagctcaag ctagtctgga acctgaatta actgcaacaa atgtacagtc    134460
     aacagcatct ccttcatttt atagttttga tattttatta ggggatgtca ccgccacata    134520
     cgtgtagagg tagtgtgcat tatttattaa taattcaatg tcatgtcatt tattattcct    134580
     tacctatact ataggtctgt tgaatgcttg attgtaattg aggtgtgctg tgactctcaa    134640
     ataaaccaac agctaaagta gttccagcag gttttgagcg tattatccag ctccatatca    134700
     ctgcgctgaa tgatttcagt cattttaaaa catataaaca gtcaaaaaac acatcaactg    134760
     aaggctttag atgagatgtg tgagaaacta gtgctacaca gaggagcagt ttgagcacaa    134820
     aaacctgaca aatgtctgaa catcctggcc tcggatgtgc attatttata ttagtgattg    134880
     acgcaggttt gcttacggtt tcctccgatg agggtctcga tgcgctcgcg ccgccgctgt    134940
     ctcagtctgt gcaccataaa gagcagcaga gacaggatga ggaaagagga gatacagctg    135000
     acgatcagac gcatcccgct ggccatcgag tcaaacagac tgctgccgtc tgaaaacaca    135060
     ccagaaacag gtctctagcc actgttcact gcataatata cactacacac tacagctgaa    135120
     ggtagaaata tgaacccccc ccccccctgt atgtttttgc ccaattctgt ttaaaggaga    135180
     gaagattttc ttcaacacat ttctgcacat aatagtttta tttgactaga tatttttcag    135240
     gatactagta ttcagcttaa aatgagattt aaaggcttaa cttaaagtta attagggtaa    135300
     ttatgcaagt cattgtataa cagtggttgg ttttgtagac aatcgaaaca aatattgcaa    135360
     atagggttaa taatattgac cttaaaatgg gtttaaaaga attaaaaact gcttttcttc    135420
     tagtcaaaat aaaacaaaga agactttctc cagaagaaaa aatattatag gaaatactgc    135480
     ggatgaattt ctgtgaaaaa aacaggaggg cgaataattc tgacttcaag tgttcatgca    135540
     cacactctat aaactgaaag atacttcgtc tcagtaagat aaataaatct gtgcctaaca    135600
     cattttgcaa gctttttttg tgagtataat gtttattcaa aacaacttca actatttgac    135660
     actctgtcct gctaactaac tgaaacaagt taatttatta aatatggaaa agaaaatgct    135720
     agaaggaatt acttaactga aaaagtaaat tataaatcat aaacttaaaa ataaataact    135780
     ttatttaaaa tgtcatggta aaaaccttaa ctttaaaatg attaactgca tatttgacaa    135840
     gtcttcctaa ctatccgaaa ctaaggttta aacacaaact ggtagtgaag ctaaatatac    135900
     agtgctcagc atgtatacaa atctctcttt caaatttata ttttaatagg aagctctaca    135960
     atattatttt tgtgcatata cattagatta gtctgtactg aagccaaatc tggagcttat    136020
     ctaagaaaat aacttaccat aacggtccaa aaactagtac agccaaatgt atatgctata    136080
     gaaaatatta accacaaatt tagtaagttg taatttgttt ttgcaatatt ttgcttgaat    136140
     ttaattgtat tatcttttca tttctatgtt tagtgactaa aatattattt taataaatat    136200
     atctgtttaa taaatctgtt ttgtttaaat gcttgcaaat atattgccta tattcactga    136260
     gaaatgtaga aaaatattca taatgggctg tactcaatta tgctgagcac tgtgaataaa    136320
     tcaaataata ataacaacaa caacaacaaa aaaaataata ataataatat atatatatat    136380
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    136440
     gcaaaacatt gtaggaaata acaaaattaa tattaaaata tatattttaa attattatca    136500
     atacttctat tttaattatt gattacgttt tatttatatt ccaactttgt gttcaaataa    136560
     atttaacaac tataaaaaaa tttaaaatta atttgtaaca ttttcattta gatgatatta    136620
     aaataataca tgtaaaaata aactatttaa aacaaaacaa aaacataact taaataaatt    136680
     taaaagacta aacaataaaa agaaaataac agaatagtag actgaaaaaa aaagaattgg    136740
     taaccttaaa tgacaccagc cttttttccc caattaattc taatgttgac agctaatagc    136800
     tttacaaatt ttttcagagt attttttcct ttttaaacat tccagcagat tttagattta    136860
     caaccggaaa aagcagagca gctccaccta gtggtgagac atgagaactt cagctcacaa    136920
     aaacaggcat ccaatgtggt aaacaagtcc acatgaatgg aagctgcaac tatttctttt    136980
     tcccatattg tgacagttcc tacagaaaca gaatactaaa tgagacatgc agtaggcgtg    137040
     gcttgttgtt tttactgcga gctgattgga tgtagtaaag taggtgtttc attcagaagg    137100
     atgggcaaaa gggtttgggg agagtaatac agcctaacag actcctcctc ctcaccattt    137160
     ctgtttgttg tcaaaactga cagattgagg ggagtggtta agtatgttag ccacgcccaa    137220
     tacctcaaac agacctaatc tgagaattga atgcaagtgc attttcagat ttcccttatc    137280
     gattaaaagg gcaaactatt cttgtttctt aatgacctgc acagatgaat tgttcaccac    137340
     aaaactagca gtgagagcta acaaaatcaa tatggttagt ttagatttta tgtgtacttt    137400
     aaagtcctat attgatttta aagcttttat tcctcaacta gcactgagta aaacagcgat    137460
     aggacgagct gctaaacgca ccggggtcca gacaggtgaa tttgcagcac tctttggggt    137520
     ctttgcggaa gtgctgacag ccctgcggac gctcacacag agctgcaaca cacatctccg    137580
     gctctccgtc gtgacacgtg cagctcagac acggatcatc gcctttaggt gtgaaataat    137640
     agccctcgtt caccacgtta tccttgatgt ccacacatgt ctgtcctgta ggagagcgag    137700
     agaacagcag agagtgatac tgatgccatc attcacttct gactctcatt taaagcctgt    137760
     ttccactgag cggtatgata cagtacagtt cactacattt ttttgtctgt ttacactgtt    137820
     aaaagataac aaaaagcaaa ccgtaccaaa ccagttattg gtaccctttc taaagggtac    137880
     gctgtaaatc caacagtcta ctttatcaaa tgaaataggt gtagttaact caaaatttac    137940
     tgaaagtcaa ttctacttgt ttgaaaagag ttttgaactc agtgttgaag gtaatgagtt    138000
     aattaaatac ctcattactt caacttaaat ggagtaagtt cacagtactc atatagatca    138060
     gtttaactca aaagttttgt agaaatcagt atcctcaaat ggtttgagtt gccttaactt    138120
     attgggttta cagttctcag tttgtttgat ttctcttcat ttatcggttt tactgtgctc    138180
     agattgcttt gtttactcaa atggaaaagt tcacagtact caatatgatt agtttttgaa    138240
     cttaaatggt ttgttgcaat cagtttcctc aactagtttg agttacttta attttttggg    138300
     gttttacagt gtactagaac aacagaatgg caccaaatga ggtggagcta gacgcgaggc    138360
     tcaaagctat tggttcacac agaaatgtca ctagcttgtg caacaaacca ggagaataaa    138420
     cacacacatt ttaaatacac agccaagaca agacaccgtt ttaatacata atgcacactg    138480
     tgtgtaattt ttctgtcatt ggtaacatct tggagactgt aagggtccgt gtgttcatat    138540
     atgttttatt gattttatat aattgcagac gtcactgttc tatagcaatg atcaaatcct    138600
     gttcgtagaa aggttagtaa ttaccattta tacataataa ctggccactt tattaggtac    138660
     acctaagcca ctcctgtcag ctaagaacag gaaactgagg ctacaattca cacaggctca    138720
     ccaaaactgg acaatagaag attggagaaa cgctgcctgc tctgatgagt ctccatttct    138780
     actgtgacgt ttggataatg caccatgtca aagcgtgaat catctcagac aatggaacat    138840
     gacaatgagt tcactgtact caaatggcct ccacagtcac cagatctcaa tccaattgag    138900
     catctttggg atgtggtgta atggaagatc cgcattatgg atgtgcaaat ctgcagcaac    138960
     tgtgtgatgc tatcatgtca atatggacca aaatctgagg aatatttcca gcaccttgtt    139020
     aaatctatga catgaaagac taaggcagtt ctgaatgcaa aagggggtcc aaccttttac    139080
     tagtaaggtg tacctaataa agtggccagt gagtgtaagt atttgtgtgt ataaagccaa    139140
     attcccttta aggcaggggt caccaaactt gttcccggag ggccggtgca ccacagattt    139200
     tagctccaac tctaatcaaa cacacctgaa caagctaatc aagctcttac taggtatact    139260
     tgaaacatcc aggcatccag gcatgtgttg aggcaagttg gagctaaacc ctgccgggac    139320
     accggccccc caggaccgag attggtgacc cctgctttaa ggcaagttct caaattctct    139380
     aaaactactt ggcaaactta cgattacatt tcatattttg aataaccgtt aacaaaatta    139440
     aacaacagct gtctctttag tttgatttct aaacgttcgt atcacagaaa atctgcagaa    139500
     actcaagtct ggtccgagcc cattccccgg agaattgtct ttctatagcg atcactgatt    139560
     ggctcctgta ctagaaggcg gggcttcatc cgcaatatga tatgtggacg acccgtacag    139620
     ctttactttt acatatcttt tagcgagatt gacgtcaaca acaactttct gtcgtacacc    139680
     tgggcccggg ttttcaaaag taatccacta ggattttgga taagggattg gatcaaatct    139740
     tgaaaatggg tttttccaaa agaaaatgga ttgcataatc ggattaggtc acgtaatcca    139800
     gtcttggttt tgatccagat caaaccttta gtttgggttt ttcagacctt ttttgtagga    139860
     tctggatcac tttgatccaa aaaactggat taaactgatc ccatcagaag ggtggattta    139920
     gcgtgaattt catgcccaaa atgtaatgaa aacttaaaag atttattaaa taatactatt    139980
     tttggatcat gcagtatctt acgagatacg ctatttattc ataaggtttt aattttattt    140040
     gttcatccgt caggctatag tgattatagg ctttaacgta ttcagccttt cagtataggc    140100
     ctgcagcaag gtagaaatag cttggcctca taaaataatc ccccaaacag ctgtcaaaac    140160
     tgaccaaaaa caatacattt tattctgtca ctaattgata tatatatatt catcacaatg    140220
     gaaaatattt ttctttttag aatatttatt agtgatgcat gcaatgatta cagaataacc    140280
     aatgcaaaga atggcaatca ctgatttttg aaatcacttt caacaattgc aaaaagacac    140340
     tgaaatggca gaagcacagc ttcatctgca gagaaacaac tgactctaac caaactgcag    140400
     caaaccaaga ccagacttga gatccgcctc ctaaaggcta cgctcagaca agcagctctc    140460
     tccacatcag atgaggaagt ctgaaataat taagagtttt tgacataaag tctttttttt    140520
     atttaaatct atatttaaaa cttatcataa aaatcctcaa tgtacagagt tgtaggtctc    140580
     agataagcga actgctggaa cagggtgggg tgggcttttt cttgttttta ttatttatta    140640
     ttattatttt aataattaaa aataaagtta tattgaccct gaccctggct attctacttg    140700
     tcgctcttta catatctata gttctacatt gtgatgtcct atcctgtttg agcactggta    140760
     atccagattt agtgatcctg aaaagttcct ttccggatca gattgatcca atccgatgtt    140820
     gctttgaaaa actggctcaa aaagtaaact ggattacgtg atcacggatc gcaaaaacag    140880
     gattactaaa tccggatcaa ttttatccgg attaaacctt ttgaaaaacc gggcccaggg    140940
     taccatttca cagaggagct acaaacctga taatgttgac ctgtactgaa ccgaactgaa    141000
     ccataccact cagtggaaaa gaggcattac aagccattca acctgattca gtttgtgcct    141060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttac atacgtctct tgcagaggaa agggaatttc ttatagcagt    141120
     tttctgcatg ccagctgtgc agaccgcgct cattcatgct cttgatctgg aaacgctgca    141180
     gctgagcaca gaaaacattg tcctgggtgg gattggcttc accgagggct tcaagaccct    141240
     ccggaggcag aaacacctgc atggaccctg agaggtgcag acacaccata aatatatacg    141300
     agagataaat gtacactaaa tatacgcatg atttacagac gtgtttgatt tgattctttc    141360
     aaataccaac atgctttgac aaaagcagca aacattaaac cgacctttat aagccacttc    141420
     ccagcgtccc tcgagcgtgt ggttttggtt agtgatcacg tactgatatc caacccagaa    141480
     cctgcaggac aaacacagcg ttcagcatca ggattcaaca acagcttagt tttcctctcg    141540
     ttcacactca cttgcactgg tccttgcgtt cgcacacgtt ctcgtcaaag tccacctcga    141600
     tcttgaggat gaactgcagc tcctcattgg tgccgaaggt tgcgagcgag ccgttgactt    141660
     tctgacaggt ttccaccgcc tgccagtagt tctcactgcg caggtagact ttataacagc    141720
     tggccgtttt ctcgtagtgg tgccagccgc tcggacactt ctctgtttgg aggaagagta    141780
     cgtgtcttat atgcagagat tcacactgaa tccaaaaaca cactcgctct gaattactca    141840
     cgcatgtgtt ttcatctcac atgaattttt tggctcaagt tgaattttat gtttcactcc    141900
     agtagaaaat ttaaaggttt aattaaacca ggggtcacca aacttgttcc tggagggccg    141960
     gtgtcctgca gattttagct ccaaccctaa tcaaacacac ctgaacaagc taatcaagga    142020
     cttacttggt atacttgaaa catccaggca ggtgtgttga ggcaagttgg agtaaaaccc    142080
     tgtagggaca ccggccctcc aggaccagga ttggtgaccc ctgaattgta ctaacaaaaa    142140
     ctggcagaag catgcgagtt agtaaaaacc aaatacgctt gagatgagtg tataaaaatg    142200
     tgtaagtgca catagatact aataaaataa cttgtactcc tcaaattgct aaaactaata    142260
     attaagagac tacagaagct attaaaacag tcagaagcaa ataaattcat tgagaaaagt    142320
     tgaacttgca ctactaaaat gacaaaattt ataattaaat agtattaata aattttttta    142380
     aactaataat agacaataaa tactattaag acaaatgcac aagaattaat aaaataaatg    142440
     ttaaatttgt accacaaaag ttaagaagcg tttaaggaaa tgcctatttt tgcacaagaa    142500
     tacctaaatt tggattttgt gtgaacccag cattaaaaag caggtcattt ggtattttaa    142560
     aaagtgtcct aatatggtgt tggggttcct acaacacaat ggtttgtttg aatcaataag    142620
     ggtcttaatt ttttccaaag ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatag gagattagta    142680
     aaaaaaagat aaatttaaca ctcactgaag ctggatttat ttcatgcatg tggtaaaaat    142740
     agtacaacta tgacatacta ttagaaactt ttctatatac tttacagaat attttatttt    142800
     attttcccac tgctgaaatg ttgttctata acatttattg caggcattaa aacaaaccaa    142860
     atcttgtttt aaataacact gtaaagaact ttagaaaaac tacacaaaaa caaaacaata    142920
     acataaaata acaaaacaaa aaccttacca aaactaaaat aaacataaca taaaacaaaa    142980
     aaaattataa aaaaaccaaa aaccataaca taacaaaacc aaaacatgaa acacaacaaa    143040
     aaccatgcaa aaacaaaaat ataaataaca caagtacaac caaaaaacat aacacaaaaa    143100
     acaaaaaata cgaaaatcta aacaaaacca aaacccataa aaaaaataaa aaacataaca    143160
     aaggaagcca aaaacataat aaaacaaata accataaaga aaaaacaaca aacaaaagaa    143220
     aactgaaaac cgtaacataa aacggaaaca aatcaaagaa aaacagaact ttaaaaatta    143280
     aaataacaaa acaaaaagtc ataaaaaaat aaataaaaat aaaaataaca aagaaaaccc    143340
     aaaaccgtaa caaaacaaaa acaaaacata aaacaaaaca ccataacaaa actgaaaaat    143400
     ataacataaa ggaacccaaa atgaacaaaa caaacaaaca aaggaaacca aaaacataaa    143460
     aaacaaaaca aataactata aaaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa aacaaaacca acaaacaaaa    143520
     gaaaactaaa aacataataa aagaaaaaac ccaaacaaag caaaactaaa ctaaaaaata    143580
     aaacaaaaac acaacaaaac caacaaacaa aagaaaaaca aaaaccgtac cataaaacca    143640
     aaaacaataa aacaaaaaac ccaaacaagc aaaacaaaaa attaaacaaa aacacaacaa    143700
     caaaacaaaa acaaaagcat aaaaaccaaa aatgaaatat gacaaaacta aaaaccaaat    143760
     caaaacacta aacaagacaa caagacacaa accaaaccac aaaacaatcc aaatcaaagc    143820
     agtgctctta ctgttgaagc gcacgggctg agcgaccccc atgacgtcct cgaccggctc    143880
     caggccattg ctgtatcgat agcgttcctc ttttatagct gccacacaca gaaatgacag    143940
     atcatcacaa catcctctcc tacatgacca aaatatcagg ctgaagagga taaatcatgt    144000
     gtgaagatga tccatatttg ctgtttaagt tcttcataca catttgatga gcgatgtcag    144060
     atctgtgctt attttaagca acacgcttgc aaagaaataa tgaggctaaa tctttaatcc    144120
     tgagcaaacg gatgggaaat gcagaggcag caggtctgct gaagctaaac accgtttcta    144180
     agaacatcct tcctcagagg gagaaaggga gatttgtaag agcgtcctaa aagtacactg    144240
     atctacacca gacgagtcat gtagagctga aataggccaa catcagcatc catggatgca    144300
     ttcaaagtga atgggaagcg gtgaagttga catcccgtgt caatgggcgg ttaagcagct    144360
     tccccttgca tccacagtta ttcctgttgg atgtgattca ttacaaagac ttgctgtctt    144420
     ggtcacagag gcaccagtga gacaagcacc aacaatttgt cttcttttaa actctgacat    144480
     gtcacacata atgctgtgtg gattgtaata tttgaagcaa aactgtgcta taactctgct    144540
     gattaaacct tcacagtctg ctcttactgg tggaatgtgc aatcaatgaa gattgaccac    144600
     caggctgctc acatttagcc atgaaacctc caacaccaaa tcagccagtg tttcagtttc    144660
     attgtccaac ccccgtaagt ccagtaaaat cattgcaaca tttaattcta catccctaaa    144720
     aaaatgtaat cattatattg tgaaatatac atttacacac acacacatac tcaaccctgt    144780
     agaacaatgt aaaagaaaag ggagccttat tttagctctc tgaactgttc aagactgaaa    144840
     aacagtccga agaacatcat aaatcaggga agagatatga agcgcaatcc tctgataaac    144900
     tcaggaaggt taaatcaata aacaatcaca acaaaacctc taaatgtgac agtctttatt    144960
     ttcttttttc ttttctgata tatactttaa gtacatctgt tgcatttcat ttatttatta    145020
     ttgcattaat gccatttcag cagtgttagt tttttattta tttatttatt tatttattta    145080
     cgccatttta gcagcattta gtattaattt atgtaatttc agcagcattt agttatttgt    145140
     cttaatgcca tatcagcagt gattgatatt aaatcaaatt aattaattaa ttaatttatt    145200
     tatgtatgtt taattgccct ttaagcagca tttggtattt atttatgttt gttttcattc    145260
     tataccagta gtacttggta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatgtctt aaagcaattt    145320
     cagcagcatt tgtacattta tttatttcta aatgctgttt tagcatttat ttatttgttt    145380
     atttatttat gtcttaattc cattatttat ttatttattt atttatgtcc tattgccatt    145440
     ttagcagcat ttatttattt atggggttat ttattaatgt cttaattttg tattatttat    145500
     ttatgtccta atgccatttc agcagcattt atttatttat ggagttattt ataaatgtct    145560
     taattctatt atttatttat gtcctaacgc catttcagca gcatttattt atttattaag    145620
     ttatttgtta atgtcttaat tccattattt atttacgtct taacaccatt ttagcaacat    145680
     ttatttattt atttgttaag ttatttatta aggtattaat tccattattt atttatgtcc    145740
     taacaccatt tatttattca gttatttatt tatgtcttaa ttccattatt tatttattta    145800
     tgtatttatt tatttatgcc atttcagcag catttattca tgtcttaatg ccatatcagc    145860
     agtgtttggt atcagtttat ttatttattt tttccttgat gccatgtcag cagcatttgg    145920
     tatttattta tttatgtttt aattccatat cagcagcatt tggtatgcat ttatttattt    145980
     aattgtttat tcgtttatat atttacttat gcattactgc catattcgca gtatttgtta    146040
     catatcatgt ttatttattt aggttttaat gacacattga caatgtttgg cagttaatta    146100
     tttatgtttt aatgccatat cagcagcatt tagcatttat ttatttttgt tttaatgtca    146160
     tatcagcagt tttagttttt atgtattatt tttctttgtt tgattgacct aatatggatg    146220
     agggaattgg ggttcacagg attaatagtg cacaatatat tatacaatta ataatgcaca    146280
     atatattact ttttacttct ttatccatat tcaacttgtc acacaaaaga ctaataaacc    146340
     atttaaaatg aatgaggcag tgtttgctgc tcaagagttg ttttctcctg tactctcgag    146400
     tctgattagc ttgaaggagc tgcagatcac atgctctgta aatccgctca gtaagtctcg    146460
     ttatcctgag cagaatcaga cgacgagctc cagtttcaga cacaagccaa acaacccccc    146520
     gagccgagaa acaacaacac taaactgaag aagtctgaat catgagctgt gcaaaaaaat    146580
     agtcagatca taaggaaagt ctgttcactc aacagccata tttgcaaagt tcctccaaga    146640
     cccgtctaaa taaatggggc aatccaaaaa tttaaaaacc cacaattaac ccttacagac    146700
     ctagactaca gcaaaaaaaa aaaagtatta tataaaatgt ttagtaactg tttgatttgc    146760
     tgatccgatc tgtacaagtg ctgcacgata ctgggaaaat atgcaatatt gttgttgagt    146820
     gctgcgataa caatacttat tttatctctc tgaactatta aacaagacta aaaaatcagt    146880
     ccgaagaaca tcataaatca gaaaagagat ataaagagtg atcattagat caactcatgg    146940
     gaagattaaa tcaataaaca atcacaacaa aacctctaaa tgcgacacta ttacactatt    147000
     ttattaccaa ttttaaataa aattatttat tgttatgaac aataaaagac aaaagatatt    147060
     tttctgagat aattaaataa aaaaacaaga tagattgaga acaactgaga tctagataac    147120
     aattgaattt tacaattttt taatccattt agccaatttc cgaaaatagc aggagtatcc    147180
     ttagcttagc ttagcataga caattaaatc ggattagacc attagcatca cgctcaaaaa    147240
     tgtaaaacaa aacaacaaaa aacctattta aattgcctaa aacctgaaga gtgcaggaac    147300
     tagcttcttt gtaaataatt acgtctaaca ctgtgtacag cactgaatgc ttgtttgaag    147360
     gtctgttaaa tgcttgattc tgattggctg atgggcattc taaggtgtgc agttattttc    147420
     agtaaagcgc actgctaaag tagttccagc agattttgag cgcattttac agctccatat    147480
     cactacgcta aataatttca gccattttaa agcccataaa cagtcaaaca tcacatcaaa    147540
     acacaactta aggctttgga ggagatgtgg aagaaactag tgctacacac aggatgaaaa    147600
     cctgaaaaat gtctgatgag tctaaatgga ataaaagact ccagtgcatt gaattataag    147660
     aaaataatgc atactgcttt gcattgtggc tgcattattt actaataact caatgattgt    147720
     tcagtcatca tttattcctt agtttaacac aagccatgac ctttcaaaat agcatcgcaa    147780
     gtccacttaa tagcacaaga atgtggctgt gtgtgctagt gtgcacttac tagggcagtc    147840
     tatctcatcg ctcttgtcct cgcaggccgt ccagccatcg cactgccagg ttgacgggat    147900
     acactgcaat tttccactcc ggcaggcaaa ctggccaggg ttgcagcgca gatctgaaat    147960
     cacacagcgg tcagacgata aaccgagcgc agctaatctg gtaagagaaa gacctgcatg    148020
     acagactctt ttatgtgtga tcacaaatgc tttattatgc aacagcaaaa agtctctagt    148080
     ttagtctgca aagccaaatt tagacgaaga gtcatcttac tgcatcaagg acagtgccaa    148140
     tgtcaggcaa aatagaccca aacagggtca aagtaacact ctgaggatga acataaaggg    148200
     gctgtatcta tgtttttgat cattataaat cataaaaata ccataaatac cataaatgtt    148260
     taagaattat gctaagtgcg catacttgtt tatctgaaaa acaatgctaa agtcagttaa    148320
     tgtgctttga aaatgtgcat tctgtgtctg aatgtctgac tttgttttga tctctgccag    148380
     cccactgcca gtttactcag ttatatttca gcatcccggg atgccttcac tgtaaaaaaa    148440
     atgcagggtt ccacacaata agttgactta acactttaaa caaattgatg tggattatac    148500
     ataaaaaatt aagttgtcac attgaaatct ccagagttat gttgtttttg ctcattttaa    148560
     tttagtttga acaagtaaat aaagataaat aaaattttcg agtgttggtg acaaacatga    148620
     aggctgtctc aatgtggccg tggctgaata tgtaacctcc aaaagacaga agcagcctct    148680
     gaaatgagat gcagattcag cactataaaa atccacagca tgtggtttaa actaaactaa    148740
     actactactt taaactaaac caaaaaaaga actgaaatta cctaattttg aaccaaatct    148800
     agccaaaaaa gttctgtttt aagtccgttt tggcagttca gagcagttga ccaaacagca    148860
     aactggggga gttgtttttg tctaaaacat ctctgaaccg ccattggtcc ctgaacatta    148920
     tgcaatcagt gggtgtgtct tgggacttca cctacttaga ttgacttcat atctcgcagt    148980
     tcgtagtcag acaggaataa aaacatccag catgacaaca ccaggggtct gttcatcata    149040
     cgttgattac tcagttagct ggatttggtt attgacaatt tgacacgatc caggatcgtt    149100
     tcgttcttca aaactcatct gagggttgtt gtcataacaa cagttctgat agctcaaacc    149160
     tgcgagggag caggttcatt tcatataaac aggattagat cggtcagttc gagcaaaaat    149220
     aatactgaaa gtgtgtagca aaggctgata atatcttaca gtagttatat acacttggga    149280
     aaaaagtaaa tgtgtctaat tttaattata tatatatata tatatatata tataaaccta    149340
     aaaaatatat atattaataa aacttatgca atctgaactc caaaataaaa gcgcaaagac    149400
     tgaaaatgta ttgatatgaa cttttttaga tttaaacgtg tacatgcaca atactcaaaa    149460
     aaaaaaaaaa aaataggata ataatttatg cagtcatgca cgtgttttga cgtgccggtg    149520
     atttgttgct tcgcaaaagt tgcagacacc tttaccgata tcaaaatgct ttttttgatg    149580
     caaaattaat ttatacagtt attccttatt aaaacacttg agtaggccta gactactata    149640
     ataaagaaaa tcttctctaa atgtagaact aaatacgatg atatgcattg aaatacacga    149700
     cgaatactct tgacataata aagtgtaaat attgcgtgtc atatttatca aaccgtttac    149760
     tgctaatttg atgtaatttt gctcacatag atcattgaat attaatcata tgatgtcatt    149820
     acgctgctgt gccgtcagcc aactgttgca ttgctgatca tgattgagga tctatagatc    149880
     tgtccttcac aacacgcgca tcgatctcag atcagttcat ccagacattt taatctgatt    149940
     cacaaacttg tttgaagaac caaattagcc agagatcagt tatcaaaatg aacagatcca    150000
     ggatctgcca aatcatctta gattatttaa gcgaggtaca aagaacagag accaggttag    150060
     caacacagag ctatcactcg tagaagaatt ttcaaagagt ccagacgata aactcaacca    150120
     catcagtcaa cgtctgataa agttctaaac attgttatta agtgttttaa agctgcgata    150180
     tgttgcagat cgcttgtatg tcagcttata gacaaactag ctgatcgatg tgaccttaaa    150240
     acactccagt gtccctgtgt cactcagtaa acagcggtga gttcggtgaa ctgatgacct    150300
     tcatggccaa tcacagttat ttctgttgag catgtgaacg caaaggcgta tcagcgctgt    150360
     ttaagaacat gctcaaatgt tagcggtaaa tggatgcttt taaaattaca gtatcgattg    150420
     gtacagtatt caagtatcat gactacacta gcagtgtgac gcatttataa ccccacctac    150480
     tgcagcacca agttattgga cattgtggaa agggtatatc gtcactcaac ctttttaaac    150540
     ctctatttga cctcaaacga agatgaaaaa ataccttgat ttgacatgca ccttaaggct    150600
     cgattttcag gcatgtttgg ctgctatttt tgttgtcaag atgcttgtga gtcaagtcgt    150660
     tgggagatgg ggcagagccc ctagctcaag cactagtgtc aatcctacat actatacctt    150720
     taaggaatgt caaacatttc ttcttacctg tcaacagtct ggccagagcg agccgcggac    150780
     ctgcagagag acacacacat tcactgattg aagaggctga tttttcatca actaatcttt    150840
     cacaggttaa acagacagtc tgtctcctgg ttatcatgtt gtagctatca atagatggca    150900
     cagatacatc tgcatatgca aacagtcaat gcaagtcact agtcatctca ctagtaatct    150960
     cttatgtgag ctttgaaatg ctcttcaaat tacaattcaa gaaagcaaaa cttttagttt    151020
     tacaattagc taaaataaat aaaatcatac aagtttaagt gccgtgtaat gattaatcgc    151080
     aactattggg tacaaaatca aactttgtat taatgtaatg taaacacgtg tatttattat    151140
     gtatatatga atgcacacac atccatgaaa ataatcaggg ctttacatta acattactga    151200
     gactgcagct ctgcacaaga cgtttggcca gcggagaaat taaaatggtc gtgccgaact    151260
     gagtctggtt ctctcaaggt tttttttctt cactctccta ttggtgaagt tttttttccc    151320
     ctctccgctg tcgccactgg tttgcatggt tcaggatctg taaagctatg catcgatgaa    151380
     tttgctcttc agtgtttgga ctctcaataa tgacttcaaa ccacactgaa ctgagctaaa    151440
     ctgaactgaa cttaaacact aaaaactgaa ctaccctgat ccagttacta tgaccattta    151500
     tgtgaagctg ctttgacaca atctacattg tgaaagcgct atacaaataa agctgaattg    151560
     aatacattaa cacccgccaa cctgccaaat gcgggtagat ttcggttgtg gcgggttaag    151620
     cctggtttat acttctgcgt caagtgaccg gcgtaactca cggcgcaggc aacgtgcatg    151680
     gctgtgcatt tatacttctg cacgctgtct ctgttggtct gcattaacac ttccgaaacg    151740
     ctagttggca gtgaggtgta aatgttcctc tgtgtcgagt ttcttctctg ctgttttgct    151800
     tttcctgaac acttccggga tgtacaagtg gctcaaactc gcttattttg tggcagcaac    151860
     cggcggacgt gcaacaactt taactatgag gtaaacacaa aacactttcc acccggagct    151920
     ccttcacggt actccacact tgtaaacaat tgctaaattg ggttcgcgcc attcacgcgg    151980
     ctctcggtcc cgcccagact cgtcagcact accaagccga ccaataacag agcttgcgct    152040
     acgcggtgtt gcgacgtgta gttacatttt ttgagaggtg cacgtcagtg acggcgacgg    152100
     cgaagggcta tgcatcagcg ccgtagcata cgccggtgtt tgacgcagaa gtataaatca    152160
     ggctttagac agccactagc cactttggct ggctgaaact catttttaaa ttgccagtgc    152220
     tggctcgtca tcaccacaga ttagacagat tagtttatga ccgtttatct acatgcgtac    152280
     aaatgtgatc ttagaatgga gaagcagtac ggctgacaaa aacagctttt cgcgtgggca    152340
     aaggaaagca ggtgaataac gaatgagagg atcacacgca cggtgagaga ggctttcctc    152400
     actcgctgac gagggcttta gtgtctcgag cacagatgat ttgatgtgca cgaatgttta    152460
     aaaactcctg tgccgttttc tcactggaag caaccgtgcc tgcaaacgaa attagtgcga    152520
     tgctcatgca cccacagtcc ttcaagggtt tgagattatt tgtaagcagc agcagcagca    152580
     gcagttgtcg ctttcgcttt attcattctt tgaacagatt attaattggc ctaacattaa    152640
     ccgtgtgtgc ggcatcatcc tttcatcatc acgcacagaa tgttttttac ccgctttcgt    152700
     ttgcttgctg taacttttgt taatatagtt taataattgt ccttcacaat aatattgctt    152760
     taatatgttg ttgtatgcat ggttaactgg tgatctgaga tcttgagcca gaacagacca    152820
     ttgtgcatag ttttagatgc atgagaataa atatatatat ttttaaatgt cagctgtttt    152880
     gtcgaataaa aagtgtatgt atacagaagt attttgcttg ttttgacact ttattttaaa    152940
     aaatgtggca aggaaacaac tagtttggtt tggccagagg acaaaaaaaa ggtacatcct    153000
     tattgtgttt ttttataaaa gcataaccta tttgctcatg ctcattgagt aagctcatga    153060
     accataaaca gttaaatgaa tgagaagtag aaaaaacaca aaacacaaca gaccgcaagg    153120
     gattatggcc aatcctgggc tgatggcaat tgtagtttcc ggtacctccc gttcgcttca    153180
     ttcgcctgag caaattttct cagaagacct atagctttac cgagtcatgc gactacggta    153240
     atatcgaaaa aaattaatat tgcggtatga cggtatttac aataccgtta catccctagt    153300
     gagaggtgct gtataatcct tcatttaagc ggcagctata tgtaacattt accacagctc    153360
     atgaaaagac ctttattgct attaaggtga catgcaaata acaagttata tatcaatata    153420
     aatgcggggc ggggcgatgg atcgtgatgc aagctcagca tcataaagtt tgtcggccat    153480
     tggcgatgga tgatgccata gtctatcggc acaaccctaa tactgcatca aattaaatta    153540
     attccatgtc aaataactag taaacgtgag ctccatcagt taatgcttta ccaaacaatg    153600
     agcaaagaaa gcaatattat gtaatctcta gggctgtaac gatacgcaat atgaaaccga    153660
     aatcgccaca ctctgatcta caatcctgtg tcgcggtgtg ataagggaga atcgcgacac    153720
     accctgtgac ttccaataac gtcacgcgtg cctgcaaaag ttgagctagt tgaagaagaa    153780
     cgtgaggaaa cattttttta cgctcgacat tacgagcact gctccgttta agccctcaca    153840
     atatgcgttt agccgggaga actcgcgcag agctcttagt aagggaccgt ctgaatgtgt    153900
     caggaatatc aaaaacaaaa ccaacgtaac cccgcttgac aacggcagaa acattgccaa    153960
     tgctgttgaa cgatgctttg ctcacattgt taatgtggct gtgcagagag ggatgggcgt    154020
     tgcgttcacc agatgtccga atcctcggca gagtaaggaa agttgtcacg ttttttcact    154080
     gcaatgttga catgatggtg tttcggaaga attttcaact cccttaaatc caacaagttt    154140
     ggttttcttt agagaaataa gttgtttatt tgtttaatgt ttacttgatt agtggtttgc    154200
     agcacaggca tttagcctta gttacctcag tgtgaaacag cagccattta atttactttt    154260
     ttaatgtaaa agaacttgat tgaaaaagaa ttttcaacat gcttgaacca tctccacaat    154320
     ggagtttagt tctgtttggt ttttcaacag tattttgtta caaagaaaac agaagtgtta    154380
     tagctttggc tatttattta ttttatatat tttaagactc ttgggaatct agcattttac    154440
     ctttggaaat tttcatctct aactcatata ttcatgacac tgactttgta gaaatgtgaa    154500
     tactgtcatc tttttcaaaa atttgtttat gctacatatg tcatgtgtat acttatgtat    154560
     atttgataac tgagacgatt cctccctttg tgtttttttt tttttttttt ttgagggggt    154620
     gggatggggc taatgtcaat tattttgtat tgtatttatt attatatctg tattattatt    154680
     agtattgtac tgtgtttgtt aaaaatctta aaaaaatggt aaataaaaca aaatattttt    154740
     aaaaaattat ttattttata tatggctatt tatattgtta aaaatttgca cagttaatat    154800
     tgttctttga tgttcagttt ataaagagtt ttcaaatgtt atttaataaa tttagtttta    154860
     aaaatctttt ttcccacacc acacgaaaaa aaaaaacgtg atacgaaccg aatcgtgggt    154920
     caaaaattgt gatacgaaca gaatcgtggg tttggtgtat ctttacagcc ctagtaatct    154980
     cataacataa tttctgtttt ctgacgttag caaacaccca attagactga tcctccaatc    155040
     tgctaaagaa tctcctgaaa aaataagacg aaagatttca cagacaaact gttgactttt    155100
     taagaggagc ttcttgggtg gtccagacgt tcagatgttc aatcaatcat ccgttcaacc    155160
     cgtgagtcta aagttaagct taaccaaaca ctgcttcact gggatagatt agcggagcag    155220
     atttacagca cattacagaa aggctcttgt gaacaggtga acacctgctc cactgctgaa    155280
     ataacacctt ccctgtggat ctataaatta cactgagacc gaggaacact ggtgtggaac    155340
     aatcaatttg cgtcagggaa acataaggga attaggttaa ctcattagtt tttacaaatt    155400
     taagttgatg gaacatgaaa caattaagtt gtcctcccac aaaactctag aattgtgttg    155460
     tttcagctca ttttaaataa gtagtttaaa caaacagagg catttttgag tgaacaaaac    155520
     tacttttaat aggtctgttg tacaatacat ttcaccaaaa tatattgtga tgaatgacat    155580
     agttgtcatt ttaaggccat gttatgccac tcattattat ataatgccag aacgacaata    155640
     taatatcatc acgatgcttg aagtacactc ttccaaagag cacatcatat ttcattatta    155700
     agaatatttc atttaattat agtaatttta ataatcaggc attggaatcg ggatgtgaaa    155760
     gtgcaaatcc taaataaata ataataaatg ttaacaaaaa aagtgcaagg taaagagtaa    155820
     cagaggctgc gatatctgct atcagatctg ttttctgttg tcagacagcc acatgaaaat    155880
     atactatagc aataatttat agcaaatact ttagtgtttt attgaccaga tagagatgtt    155940
     gcacaatcag ctcaaacgtt gctagaattg gtttttatgt atgggcgata tatactgcat    156000
     caccaaagat gactgaggtc atgtccatgc tttgtgcgat aaagtcatat attgattatt    156060
     gtgacaggcc taattataaa tagcccattt gggctattta aaaatccacg ttttaattaa    156120
     acgttaagtt tttaggctta tatttattta tgtttacact gtaaaaaagt atatagaaaa    156180
     aaagtcctga taacaaatgt ttttatgttg ctttttatat tgttttatgt aacttatttt    156240
     aattttttta ctttttgttt acttattttt ttttttttta cagaacaacc ccttccccaa    156300
     aagtttaacc ccttacagat gagggaaaaa agaatacata aataatgcaa aataaatcat    156360
     tattgtcatt ataaattctt ttcaggggga tagaaaaaat tttttagatc aacttagatt    156420
     gtgctacatt gtagttacct caagttaatg aggttgcaaa tatgttgtct gcgttataca    156480
     aagctt                                                               156486