ID   BX088533; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 265699 BP.
AC   BX088533;
DT   12-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-24B15 in linkage group 1 Contains
DE   the 3' end of a novel gene, two novel genes, the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to human IGF-II mRNA-binding protein 2 (IMP-2) and nine CpG islands
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-265699
RA   Whitehead S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; b8702a9f1d32a0814df2d45b03b45e51.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991210.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000026771; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000091513; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000033024; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000125759; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-24B15. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-24B15 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-24B15 is at 265699 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-24B15 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..265699
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-24B15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..265699
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-24B15"
FT   CDS             join(<5376..5458,25904..25984,37200..37369,42951..43119,
FT                   58294..58347,68632..68712,100202..100345)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007922"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O94896 Tr:Q80TR5 Tr:Q8CIG5
FT                   Tr:Q8K280 Tr:Q8N3P4 Tr:Q9H9B0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY85"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY85"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-348"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10810.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<5376..5458,25904..25984,37200..37369,42951..43119,
FT                   58294..58347,68632..68712,100202..100401)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL913587.1 Em:AL913588.1
FT                   Em:AW233610.1 Em:AW233704.1 Em:BQ480769.1"
FT   misc_feature    10369..10382
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    77989
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   regulatory      100373..100378
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      100401
FT   mRNA            complement(join(144229..145339,163443..163891))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI942617.1 Em:AL922656.1
FT                   Em:CD604076.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(144705..145339,163443..163617))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007923"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8C8Z2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029670"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1LY84"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-443"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10811.1"
FT   mRNA            join(206097..206307,213173..213323,213449..213610,
FT                   218285..218423,220626..220855)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL913986.1 Em:CD284662.1"
FT   CDS             join(206153..206307,213173..213323,213449..213610,
FT                   218285..218423,220626..220855)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007924"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q96HV5 Tr:Q96HV5 Tr:Q9D8U2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6NV38"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q6NV38"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2050"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10812.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(226993..227191,228169..228282,
FT                   229162..229293,229417..229491,233174..233290,
FT                   234223..234288,236483..236614,237155..237290,
FT                   237422..237544,238924..239058,240742..241048))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human IGF-II
FT                   mRNA-binding protein 2 (IMP-2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE201693.1 Em:BE556758.1
FT                   Em:BE557217.1 Em:BI883739.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(227093..227191,228169..228282,
FT                   229162..229293,229417..229491,233174..233290,
FT                   234223..234288,236483..236614,237155..237290,
FT                   237422..237544,238924..239058,240742..240923))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24B15.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007925"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human IGF-II
FT                   mRNA-binding protein 2 (IMP-2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9Y6M1 Tr:O42254 Tr:O88477
FT                   Tr:Q80US9 Tr:Q8CGX0 Tr:Q9NZI8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10813.1"
FT   misc_feature    265516..265699
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   misc_feature    265645..265699
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    265699
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-24B15"
SQ   Sequence 265699 BP; 82626 A; 49555 C; 49609 G; 83909 T; 0 other;
     aagctttata gctccaaggc ctctaaaagt ctttggaaat aaattgagat tcttcatact        60
     cctacaattt ctgctctaac atttggggcc ctttgttgct agttttaacc catagcaggt       120
     atcaattttt atgtcatgtt cacattgttt aaatagcgaa gacacttgca ctcatgattg       180
     tgctggtctg aaaatgaggt ttattatggc acattgttgg agtgtagcta ttttgaggca       240
     actgaaatta tcagcaagtt tatttattta tttttattat tttttttctt tttctattta       300
     atgagcccgt cattgatagg cagatgtttt ttcttcactc tcctatcggt gaagtttttt       360
     ttccctctcc gctgtcgcca ctggcttgca tggttcatga tcagtagagc tacacatcga       420
     tgagtttgct tttcagtgtt tggactctca gtaatgattt taaaccatac tgaactgagc       480
     taaactgaac tgaacttaaa cagtaaaaac ttaactaccc tgatccagtt actatgacca       540
     tttatgtgaa gctgctttga cacaatctac attgtaaaag cgctatacaa ataaagctga       600
     attgaaatgt aaaacatgca tgcacattgc ttattacata cactcaggga tgtgcagcat       660
     cgaatctgta tcctctacag caggggtgcc caaacttctt tttttatgac agaccaaaga       720
     caaattgagc ctaattgagg gctgtgggcc gaagttaaat atagcaaact atattagatt       780
     aaagtcgcca tgggtaattt tcagattttt ttattaatat ttcagaataa atagaaaaca       840
     ttactttaat tgtgtaatgc atttttacat tttatgatga acatattaaa gtgaaaacaa       900
     accattccat tttgaacaca attgagtttg atgctgaaca cactagtcaa gcagcacatc       960
     catttgcatt gtcttgtgca ttgtccttta tccactgaat gacagtatgt acattttaaa      1020
     aaatcagaac ttttaattga aacatttaat ttaagttagc taattttgta actcaacaat      1080
     aacacaaaga aataaaatat aatgctaaaa tagaaatgac aaactctatt aaaggcattc      1140
     cccaacccat gcccatcatt ttctctatgg ggctgtagtt taagcatttc tgatctatag      1200
     tgaagtgatc agtttacagc ttaccaagtc cacgatgtaa atagagaatg caccttcaaa      1260
     caaccacact taaagagaat aggagatttt gattgtacac tatggacatt ttgcacaaaa      1320
     aacactctgg gccctatcaa ggcacgacac aatagttgtt tgctagtttc agcttggcgc      1380
     aagagtcgtt ttgaggtgtc gcaccacgct gtttaaatag caaatgcaat cgcgcccata      1440
     tgtgcgccca taggtgttct gatctaaaag agaaggcatt ctgaggcgca ctgctggcgc      1500
     gttgctattt tgagaaacta ttatagattt ttcaatagac caaaacaaag gcgcagagtt      1560
     gcgccttgct tacacactgc ttaatacata cgatatagag caatacgcaa atatctttaa      1620
     atatgaaaaa aaatttaaat attagggata tataggatat aataaggata tatatatata      1680
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      1740
     tatatatagg atataaatat aaaggattaa aatattacaa aacatattat tttctaccct      1800
     acataaatat gaaaaaccac tgccttcatg ctgccttcat tttgggaggc tttttcagtt      1860
     cattcaattt gcttttgtat aatgttatca ttattagcag tattatttat tatatccata      1920
     tttatatttg ttttattaaa aacaagcttg gatttgccca cctccaggtt ttagaccata      1980
     tggggcgctg tgtatttgta tataactcag ttttttgacc acacttcgtt attattgtat      2040
     atttattagt ttgctggaaa ttagaactga atttagaaat agttttgaaa gaaatatttg      2100
     cgcttaacaa acgaaattaa ttatttatag gctaattgat gtctgtgcat acaaggtttc      2160
     cctatccaca aaagcaaaag tgaaagttaa taatttatct ctcattctcg cacagtagat      2220
     gctctgttta actgttttct tgctagtgaa atgctcagtt tttccactta cacttacttt      2280
     acatcatgta aatagcattt gtcccatggc gcgacgcaac tggctcttaa agggaatggg      2340
     aaatgagact ctgattggtt tattctcaaa acacacctat aactcattaa gaaaataaac      2400
     tcaacccttt aagaccatgc gccacggcga aaagctgatt tttccgtcct tatattggca      2460
     aaaatggatt ctgacacgcc ctgaaagcat ttgcgccctg tcctcttttt cgcatggatc      2520
     gtcaaaatag agccctctta cccattaaga gaatgaggac aacccttttt cgaccatgca      2580
     tggcaatgat ttttcccaac cttaaaatag caaaagtgga tttgacacac tctagctgtg      2640
     ctatacgctt tacactgtgc gcttagatat ttaaaataga tcccttacat ttgcatacag      2700
     tcattgaaca gacatctttg tccgaagaaa tttaaagttg aggattttga aatcacggtt      2760
     cggttcgata cgacagtggt gtcacgtttc ggtacatttt cgatatggca aaaagagaaa      2820
     aaagccagag gatttctctg atataaattt tttcttgtat taaaactaac atcataaaag      2880
     tatgatcttc tttttttttt tttttttctt ttactttaaa ctgtgataga gctacagtat      2940
     acttctgggg tttctgcttt gtagcaaata aaacaaatcc ttttttatac tcaaaaccaa      3000
     aaagcttcct attaaaaata aatttaatat tgtagtagtt aaacaaataa aaataaaaga      3060
     actatttagt tctcatatgg aatttcaatc tatttttaag ttgttgtttt tcagaaagat      3120
     gagtgtccac cttttcttca gacagcacag atctgcttga tttgatggtc acctgccatt      3180
     tcagtggatc tgaaagcagg aaatgggctt atgaaggaat aatgtaacgg ggctctatta      3240
     catttaacat tttcttaaaa ccaaaaattt ccactaccca ttaagatcta acagggctcg      3300
     aattttttat tttttaattc ttttttttat tgatagcacc ggtgctcata acttcaaaaa      3360
     tgtaggcgca acagacaaaa tttagtcgca cccaccaata atgatgagca ccgttactac      3420
     atgttttata ttggttgatt ctattttata ttaacactcc aatcataatt aacaaataaa      3480
     caaaaatctg cgtgcgctct cgaccctgca cgcaatgctt gatgtgaatg agatgaactg      3540
     aattaacaat aatcactgtg ctgttctcac aggtgctgtc tgatattgca cagatgatat      3600
     tgacataatt tattatttgc atacgtcatc ataatagtaa tgatcgtttc gtgtgctgca      3660
     atatcagttt catatcagtg aatgcacgct cttaagcgat ggtgaacgcg gtatcagtcg      3720
     cacgactgac agtatcatgt tgaataaata aaggattaaa taccgttaaa acatctcgtg      3780
     cttaaaatgt gtagatgaga caaacactgt taactgaaaa ctctgtccca ccagctttct      3840
     gctttacttt agtcatagca gactttaacc actggaagtc ttttatccac tcttcgaaaa      3900
     gtgtaaatgc tgaattgaca ttcagcacat gatcactaat cagatgtgtc attagttgta      3960
     actctagctg gtttctaaaa ctaaatctgc cagtgttgtt ttcattctcg tggatccagc      4020
     cctttacatt ttcgcggctg tagctcactg tcatcggaac tgagtaattg aaagctgata      4080
     tgaaccaatg gatttgcgtt ctgctctagt acagtgggcc aataagaaga gctttactga      4140
     tttactggga ttttcacaca taaccatctc tagggttaca gagagttaat atccagtcag      4200
     cagcagttct ttgggcccaa atgccgtgtt gatgccagag gtcagaggag aatggccaga      4260
     ctggtttgag ctgatagaaa ggcaacagta actcaaataa ccacttgtta caaccgaggt      4320
     atgcagaaga atatctctga acacacaaca cgtccaatgg gctacagcag cagaagacca      4380
     cactgggtgc cactcctgtc agctaagaac tggaaactgg ggctgcaatt cgcacaggct      4440
     taacaaaatt gaacaaaatt ggacaatgtt ggaaaaacat gacctggtct ggtcagtctc      4500
     aatttctgct gtgacatttg gatggtaggt tcagaattgg gtgtcaacaa tatgcaggga      4560
     tggatccata ctgccgtgta tcaacagttt aggctggtga tggatgtgta atgatatgaa      4620
     ggatattttc ttgccacact ttggacccat tagtaccaat tgagcatcat gtcaatgcca      4680
     cagcctacct aagaattgtt gctgaccatg atcatccaca gtgtactgat ggctacttcc      4740
     agcaagatat cgtgccatgt cataaagctc aaatcatttc aggctgtttt tttttaaatt      4800
     tggcaatgag ttcactgtac tcaaatggct tccacagtca ccagatccag catctttggg      4860
     atgtagtata gcgggaaatg catatcatgg atgtgcagcc accaaatctg tagcttggta      4920
     gctatcatgt taatatggac caaaatctca gaggaatatt ttcagtacct tgttgaaaaa      4980
     ggtgtaccta atatagtggc atagtgtgtg tactgtatgt gtgtatgtat gtatgtatgt      5040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      5100
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt atttatatat attccaactt tcatgtatga      5160
     aattacaatg aaaagaagta aaatgtagaa aatttcacag gagtgaaatt caggagtgaa      5220
     tttaattgtg tggttttagg ttactgtatt taactttttt ttgtatttta ctataatgtt      5280
     ctcaataaat gtcaataatg ttattaacca actgtataca gtgactgtag ctaatgggct      5340
     aattgcctgt tttaattgtt tctctccttc ctcagcacta aaagagctta ctatgaaagt      5400
     gttaaacagc atgtccagtt ttattgctcc acctgccatc attcagcgca tcctacaggt      5460
     aagatgcatt tagagttata aatatgccaa attcctttaa atatgccttt caatggcagc      5520
     cattgtttgc acatttagag gtccaccagt gtgttttggt gtatgcagta catacaagat      5580
     gttattgttg tgtgggttat ttgggttttc tttggaacaa cttaaagcct tctgacttga      5640
     caatagggta gcaggctcaa gctcaaaatc ccatggttct aatttgtgca aaaactgata      5700
     cactcacata gagtattgct cgcaaacaga tacagactgt tccagaaatg tcaacagatt      5760
     ttccatcata aatcttttaa catttcaggg ttatggtttt taaaatgtag tgtagttaca      5820
     gtaggtgtag atttgtgtat atatacagtt gaagtcaaaa ttattagccc cctttgaaat      5880
     ttttttttct ttctttttaa atattttgta aatgatgttt aacagagcaa ggacattttc      5940
     acagtatgtc tgataatatt ttttcttttg gaaaaagtct tatttgtttt atttcggcta      6000
     gaatataagc agtttgaatt tttttaaaca ccattttacg gacaaaatta ttagcccctt      6060
     taaccttaaa ataacttgcc taaataccgt aacctgccta gttgacctaa ttaacctagt      6120
     taggccttta aatgtcactt taagctgtat agaacagctt cttgaaaaat atctagtaaa      6180
     atattatttt ctgtcatcat ggcaaagata aaataaatca gttattagaa atgagttatt      6240
     aaaactatta tgtttagaag tgtgttgaaa aaaaatcttc tctccgttaa acagaaattg      6300
     ggaaaaaata aacaagcggt ctattcaggg gggctaataa ttctgtattt tttatgtatg      6360
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg      6420
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatt tatatatata aatatgtttt ttttttggat agtctacaga      6480
     acaaaccatt gttatacaat aaatttccta attaaccttg ttaagcattt aaatgtcact      6540
     gtaagctgta tagaagtgtc ttaaaaaatc tattaaaata ttatttacta tcatagtcaa      6600
     gttaaaatta atcagagaat agaaatgaat tattaaaagt aatattttta gaaatgtttt      6660
     gaaaaaatct gctctccgat aaaaagaaat taaaacctgt ttttattaat ctctttgaat      6720
     tgatgatgat ttatcgatga tctgaatata aatgttaagt gatgataaat gttaattatg      6780
     tgccctatat ctggtcattt taacagtatt ctgagtttta tatatatatc tgttttagca      6840
     tatattgatg ataatgttca accacgtgta accgcaaaca tgatgaatgc atctcaatac      6900
     acaggaggca tttacagata aggcctttaa aaagaattgc tatttttttg gtatgtactt      6960
     tcacaaaatg ttctattggc cttcatattt agactaatgg gcacactgta aaagcagagc      7020
     agcaaatttg ctttctaatg gctttttcag cttagagcca tgtgtagctg ttttaaacac      7080
     agacaaacac acacacacac acacacacac atgcatttgt ttttttctgg gattgatgct      7140
     gcagctcaca attcggttga agctttggtc agtggagagc ctttatcggt tttgatctgc      7200
     gcatgttcag agctgtcatc tttcaatttc cctcctcctt atcagtgcta ttacaccagc      7260
     actcctcttc ttcttcaaat tgctttcatt acaaattctg taatttcttt tgaatcagtg      7320
     cttatgaaat ttttttttaa aaaattgtct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt      7380
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt      7440
     cttttctttc tatatatata ttattagccc ctgatttttt ttcccagttt cagtttaacg      7500
     tagagaagat tttttcaaca catttataaa aataatagtt ttaataaatc atctctaata      7560
     actgatttat tttatctttt tcatgatgac agtaaataat atttgactag atatttttca      7620
     agacacttct atacagctta aagtgacatt taaaggctta actagattaa ttaggttatc      7680
     taggcaagtt agggtaatta ggcaagttat tgtataatga tgatttgttc tatcgacttt      7740
     cggaaaaaaa tatagcttga aaacatttaa ctctctttga tttttatatt atttatatat      7800
     atatatatat atatatatat ataactaatt aatcgcactt ttaaaaaaaa ttatcgtgat      7860
     taatcgcgtt taaaagactg aaacttgtaa ttttagctat tcgagtgtaa aattaatgta      7920
     aacgcaagaa aaatactatt taaattcaaa atataattca ttattagaat ttttgtttac      7980
     ttgtaacaca gatttcttca tgtaaacaac atacccacaa taaaccatca agatcctggc      8040
     atgacagcca tatttattac agaaataaaa acacaggcat gttaattcca tttgaatttc      8100
     aaaacaatca atgccaataa agaaaacatt gatttccata ttggattcta agtgaactgc      8160
     aaaaaatgcc aaaatacagg cattacagat atggaaaatt ataataataa agtattgaaa      8220
     atctgtgcat gcccttgaat aggtttacta tatataggaa ataacgagag ttgacaaatt      8280
     aaaaaactac attttttatt tatttattat taaaataaaa ttataatcca cactggaaat      8340
     gtgggtgcct ttgagggagc ctagaaaata atgagcataa aaaaaactgc ctgctgacgc      8400
     acacagttaa tgttgattaa taaaataaag ataaataata aaagcaatgt gtcagagacc      8460
     ctaaaaatgt ttaactcaac aatgaaacat caaacctagc taacagcttt tacattgtca      8520
     atcaaatgaa cttaaacaat taaaaaatgc aacaaatatt tgtttgggca gaactacaaa      8580
     actgtataaa aaaaaagttg caaaagttgc acactagttt ggtcatgtat aaatatcatt      8640
     atattaacca tattgtataa atattattgt cactataagc ctacgtcatg cttacgatct      8700
     aaaacactat gtcatgatat ctcatgcgct tgtcttctga ccgagtgcat cttaaaatac      8760
     atgacataca ctcctcagag cttgagaagc ggacattctt tatcatttgt aaaataaaga      8820
     cttgcaggtt aaggaaacag cattatagga ggaagttgcc gcagccgtgg tgcagaataa      8880
     aagtaaaaaa aaaagtatat gtttatggac agataggtaa ctagatagaa tagacaagaa      8940
     tatattgttc cccttcggtt ggggaactcc agtgctataa gtggatttga tgttctaaat      9000
     ccacgtatgg gagattcggt tcagaagcta cttgtctgaa agagtattga acgggccaat      9060
     gaaagcaatg aattggcagc gtaagcttgc gcaggtgtgc tgcattgcca attaactgaa      9120
     catataagca cacctggcgc cagcaaacgc catccttttc acttcagaga aaggttcctc      9180
     tgagggttcc tcttgctgac tacagccaca tcgagcgaac gagtgtctcc cggtccagag      9240
     cgagtccacg cagcggcaga cggtcgagct gggttttctc ccttgcctgg cgtccctttg      9300
     ggtccggtcc gccagagcgg tgcatattgt tgcaagtttt cctaaaagag caaaacagtc      9360
     gtgcaacacg tccttttcag gatggcgctc caactgcgtt tctggttgcg ggggtttcct      9420
     ggctccggat gatgggcacg atcactgctt tacatgtttg ggggtccagc atgttaatgt      9480
     gatgttcggg ggcggttcat gtcgtcactg cgatgccatg accgtcgcac agttgagatc      9540
     ccgtccaaag cctgtaggtt atctgcctcc cttggagcta gagcttacaa ggatgcgggc      9600
     ctggcagctt ctgccttgca cgcgatggcc acctaccatc gctaccaagc gcaggcactg      9660
     gccgagctgc acgagggtgg gtctaaccca ggcttgttac acgagctgcg taccgcgaac      9720
     gactatgctc tccagactac taagtctgcc gcgtgtgcgc tggggaagac gatgtccaca      9780
     cttgtggtcc aggaacgcca cctctggcta aacctggcag atatgcgcga tattgacaaa      9840
     gttcgctttc ttgactcgcc catatagcag gctggcctgt ttggcgacac catcggtgaa      9900
     ttcacccagg agttcaaggc ggtgaaggag cagtcggatg tgatgggcaa tgtcatctat      9960
     cggcgggacc gtaagcccgc tccgtcccct gccgagccat ccacctccgc tgctcctcgc     10020
     cgagggcgcc cgccaacggc cgctgccccg cctccgccga agcgggcgtg tcgagcatgc     10080
     cggaagccgg cagcccctcc tgcccagggc gccgctaagt ccggtaaacg gaccgcgaag     10140
     cgtccctgag acaggccatc cggaaaggag gaaatttgct ctttccccgc tggagggcgg     10200
     ggcccatatc ccaacggtac ttttcagtgc caccaaagat tcgaacaaag agcatttttc     10260
     cccttccgtg gatgtcgcag ctcaagccct gccagtctgg gacgcgatgc ctctcagctc     10320
     gcagggtctg catgctccag agtggctcac gggcgctggg gggacggtct cccttctccc     10380
     agcccccaag cccccccctc cggagtcagg gtgcggagcc agagcgaatc gctctcctcc     10440
     agctcttctg tgggaccctc gcgctccccg gatcagcaca cccactgcgc gctgcccctc     10500
     cgcgggtacg tcaatgattg ctgcgatgac gtcattagcg agggctctgc ctgcctggtt     10560
     agtgtgggcc agccactcgc ggtggctcat acgcacgatc agactcggct acgaacttca     10620
     gttctcgaaa cggcctccca agttcacggg cgtgtatttc accagggtca atcccctgtc     10680
     cgcccctgtc ttgcgagagg agattgctgc cctcctggcg aagggtgcaa tcaagccggt     10740
     acctccagcc gagatggaga gcgggtttta cagcccgtac ttcatcgtac ccaaaaagag     10800
     cggtgggtca cggccaatcc tagatctgcg cgttttgaac cgctgccttc acaagctgtc     10860
     gttcagaatg cttacgcaga agcgcatcct tcgatgcgtc cgccctcagg attgatttgc     10920
     agccatagac ctgaaggacg cgtattttca tgtctccatt cttccacgcc accgtcagtt     10980
     tctgcggttt gcgttcgaag gtcgagcatg gcagtacaag gtcctcccct tcgggctctc     11040
     tctgtctctg cgggtcttca ccaaactcgc ggagggtgcc ctagcgcccc ttcggctcgc     11100
     gggcatccgc atactcaatt atcttgacga ttggctgatt ttagcccact cacgggagca     11160
     attgactgcg cacagagacg aggtgctccg gcatcttcgc ctattggggt tgcaggtcaa     11220
     ctgggaaaag agcaaacttg ccccggtgca gaggatctct ttttttttga agctggactc     11280
     ggtcaccatg gtagcgcgcc tctccggaga gcgcgctcgc ctgctgctga actgtctgag     11340
     ggagctcgac agcaaaatag tggtcccact gaaatatttt cagaggctcc tggggcatat     11400
     ggcttccgct gcggctgtca cgccgctcgg actgctccat atgagaccac tccagcactg     11460
     gcttcaagat cgagttccaa gacgcgcatg gcatgcgggc gcacaccgag tctctgttac     11520
     tgcgctgtgt cgccgcaccc tcagcccctg gaacgacccc tcgttcctgc aggccggtgt     11580
     gcctctggga caggcgtcca gtcatgttgt tgtctcaaca gatgcttcca gcacaggctg     11640
     gggagccggt ttgtcacggg catgcagctg cgggcctgtg agtaggtgcc cagctgcatt     11700
     gtcatatcaa tcgcctagag ctgttgacag tgttccttgc tctccgtata tcaaccgcat     11760
     ggggggtatg cgctctcgcc gcatgtctca gctcgcccgc cgtctgctcc tttggagtca     11820
     cccgcggctg aagtcgctgc gcgccattca catcccaggt atgctcaacc gtgcagccga     11880
     tgcgctctca tggcagcaga ttcactctgg agaatggaga ctcgaccccg agtctgttca     11940
     gctgatatgg gcgcgattca gggaggccca gatcgatctg tttgcctccc ccgagaacgc     12000
     tagttgtttt attccctgac cgagggccct ctcggcacgg atgcactggc ccacagctgg     12060
     cctcggggca tatacaagta tgcgtttccc ccagtgagcc tgatcgcgca gttactgtgc     12120
     aaggtcaggg aggacgagga gcaggttctg ttagttgcgc ccctctggcc caaccggacc     12180
     tggatatcag agctctccct cctcgcgaca gccctcccct ggcagatccc tttgagagag     12240
     aacctaattt ctcagggaca aggcactgtc atcatccggt tcctcagagg tgctaggcga     12300
     attattccaa ctcgcccccc tctcatgctc tccttggatc tcgccctctt tctcacgagc     12360
     ctgcgatctg atcccttcga gccactcgat tcagtatcct taagatttct gtccctgaag     12420
     gcagctctgc tggtcgcgtt ggcctccatt aagagggtca gggacctgga ggcattttcg     12480
     gtcagtgact cgtgcctgga attcgggctg gatttttctc acgttatcct gagaccctgc     12540
     ccgaattatg tgcccaaggt ttctacaact ccgtttagaa atcaggtagt aaccctgcaa     12600
     gagctgcccc cggaggaggc agaaccagcc ttttccttac tctgtcaagt tcgcgccctg     12660
     tgcatttatg tggaccgtac tcagtacttt agatcttctg agcagctctt tgttatgacg     12720
     gacggcagca gggaagtgcc gtgtccaaac aaagattatc ccactggatt gtggaggcca     12780
     tttcatgtgc ttatttgagc agaggtcagc cgcgtccccc gggagtgcgt gcgcactcca     12840
     ctcggagcat tgcatcctct tgggcgtgtg cacgcggcgc ctctttaaca aacatttgta     12900
     gagctgcggg ctgggcgaca ccagacacat ttgcaagctt ttacaatctg cgagtggagc     12960
     cgattttctc aagggtgtta ggtaaccctt ggtgattgag gaaacaactc ggtggggcgt     13020
     tgtatcacgc ttgcggtgcc tttttttcct aacacggaga gatgtgcacc ttcctgtctg     13080
     tcagtaaagt tccctgtcgg tgagccctgc agattcctcc gaggccccca gcactgactc     13140
     agcggaggag tcacttgctg gcccactacg ttaggtctgc ccgctggtca gcccgcgttt     13200
     ttgggtatag gtgcctgcta tgtgcgttcc ccgctggtga tccccatatg cttatttccg     13260
     ccacggttaa gtcccccccc tgggtggacc cgtgctttcc ctatccgcta accaccttct     13320
     tatgcgcact ccccctcctt agggttagtc tatatgtaat tccatttgtc tccctattgg     13380
     gtgcggatgg tctccgcagc gtcctcccta ccgggattgc acgcttccca acgtactgtc     13440
     gtatttccta gaattagcta gacgctagcg actcccaaaa aaatatacct attacgtaaa     13500
     gcttcttttt gaagtgggga taagttaggg ccaagggcac gttggaggac cgcgccttcc     13560
     atgatttggg tacgtcacgc ttgcctaact gccctctcat cggaggcgtt ggtaaggtgc     13620
     agtcattatg gtgctttcaa tggctcccgt acgtggattt agaacatcaa atccacttat     13680
     agcactggag ttccccaacc aaaggggaac gttcgaggtt acagaagtaa cccttcgttc     13740
     cccgaggagg ggaacggaag tgctatactc cgtcgccata atgactgtcc cttagctgtt     13800
     taaaagtctc ttcagcttaa aaaggatggc gtttgctgac gccaggtgtg cttatatgct     13860
     caattaattg gcaatgcagc acacctgcgc aagcttacgc tgccaattca ttgctttcat     13920
     tggcccgttc aatactcttt cagacaagta gcttctgaac cgaatctccc atacgtagat     13980
     ttagaacatc aaatccactt atagcacttc cgttcccctc ctctgggaac gaagggttac     14040
     ttctgttacc tcgaacgatc tgtgccccgc tgcagagtgc agacgcaaaa gcctgctctc     14100
     ccgcggcgcg gacccgcgcg tgagaaacag gcgtgcctct cggctatttt gacgaataca     14160
     cacctacctt acacagagcc caaaatggaa gattgtgatt gggtcagccc aatgtcaata     14220
     aagaaaagaa ccaatgggct gcagataatg ttacggaaaa gaaacatctt tcagagcgta     14280
     acaactcaca gcaccgtcaa tcactgaggg ataaaaacat gacagtctgt gttttatggg     14340
     ccgatcagat cataagaaga tgatcagccc ggcccaaaaa gtacatcgaa acagcgggaa     14400
     actgcccgcc gtctgccctg gccacaacag ggaaaaaaaa aaaaactgtg ttaattgcgt     14460
     taattttttt tacacgttaa ttatttcaaa ttaatcgcat gcgttaacga gttaattttg     14520
     acagcgctaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     14580
     tatatatata tatttaaacc agtttatgta atgtagtgac atacagtatc taataaaata     14640
     atattattac agatatgcac aaaaactgtt ggaattttta aaccaaaatg taggtgaaat     14700
     aaaaatttaa ataaaaaagc tattttattt aatagtattt tgaatcacaa ttttacggtt     14760
     actgcttagt actacacctt cccaggaaac tttgaactga gaaaaatatc taaaaccaaa     14820
     catttgattt cacttgacat tcctcatgtt cattttgatt tagggatagt ctcttttttt     14880
     cttgcctatg ttgatttatt aatctccctg cttcagcatc tatctgagca gctctggttc     14940
     agcctggctg ctgatggtga catttgatgg catttgctca cagtgtgtaa ttattagtct     15000
     gctgctgtga atgcaaatgc acttctgaca gggaaaggga aaggttatga tgaaccctat     15060
     caacttatac taacagatga tcacaatcaa tatacagtat tacatcatcc acagatgttt     15120
     aacgtgctct tacacctgca tagagacacc tgcagctata caggctgtgg gcagcatgta     15180
     atcttgcaaa tcattaaaag tatgatttaa gtatatatca ttaaatcatt attagtattt     15240
     ctaattcaca cagtacaatt gatttccatt tcacgtgtac tgcacagcag aaattgaaca     15300
     gagggggttg tagtgtggtg ggaaacacca aatgtgtggt atatcacaaa actggtctaa     15360
     gcatgtcatc agctgaggca aactggttta gccacagcca tatcaccctg cagcccaaca     15420
     ccgtttttac tgaagctaag cagggttgag cctggtcagt acctgaatgg gaaaccacat     15480
     ggaaaattta ggttgctgtt ggaagtggtg ttagtgaggc cagcaggggg tgctcatcct     15540
     gtggtctatg tgggtcctaa tgccccagta aagcgaatga gacactatac aaacctctta     15600
     gttttgaata acaatgttat tttatttatt tatttatttt taactaggca tgtttgggat     15660
     aattaggcat gttattgtat aatgatggtt tgttctgtag actatcgaaa aaatataaag     15720
     cttaaagggg ctaataatat ttaccttaaa aatagtgttc agaaaatcaa aattgtctct     15780
     tattcttatt cttattatta gctgaaataa aacaaataag actttctcca gaagaaatat     15840
     aattaatcat attaggtagc ctatgttagg tgtgcaatct gatataatga caatgacaca     15900
     aatcatagaa ataaagcttc tttattttgg tctcttgtct aaaacagatc taaaatgtta     15960
     ggaattaagc caaaggaagg ttctataact cttattttta cccacaatct tagttttctc     16020
     agattttact ccccggagca tctgacatca tgtacctcac tcaagacatg tgttagggct     16080
     tcccctaccg taatacacat aaaacacaga ttactgtaaa acttgtcaat ggcagggaag     16140
     cattttctct tgttaactgc aggaaaagag ttcaactaaa tcgtttatcg gttccacgaa     16200
     catcataata ttagccatac atgtaaagtg gccttcaatt cggtcacgtc cagcgaaacc     16260
     ccgtgcagaa accccgctca tgattgtgaa gcgctttggg tgtatggcca tacacaataa     16320
     atgcacaata aattcactat ataaatacat ataacttact tactagctgg actagccttt     16380
     ggaggacatg tactgtacct gatcacatca ctgtacttta cttacgagat gtacaagaca     16440
     atcacagctg tttctaaatt gcaaatgcaa ttttacatca aactgttgtg cagccctact     16500
     gggaaacaca ctcctgctta gatcttgtag aatgttagac agcttaattt ccatcttctt     16560
     aactggttca ctcagtaata gcaaactggc acaatctgga atggatggaa tatttacctg     16620
     ccacagtaat ctgcaaaagt attttttttt tattttttag atgtgtcaga taatggtgtt     16680
     ttgaagggag tatgtttata ttacccccag ttaatttatt ttcaatttat atataccata     16740
     aagtgcagta tatttcctgt gtatatgggt aatttttcct caatactgga gtgggaatgg     16800
     tggagctggg taagcttaag tacataacag gaggccaaag caaatattac atttgctcta     16860
     aaggcaaatt aaataaccta ctaatacaat tccatgactt tctgaaagga tttgcctcga     16920
     aaaatggatt acagcagtca ggagtgaaaa acttgtcagt tttcttttgt actgaatttc     16980
     tggccagaat aatgctgttt tcaacaagat agcgcctctg ctgaagttgt gatatttctt     17040
     ctaataacag tccctgtttt tttttttttt tttcatatgt cagtcagtat aatttatgtt     17100
     tggatgcatc atgtgaagac ataattctat atttttagaa gagaacttgt aaatcctgct     17160
     gtgtatttag ttgattatat tataacttgt ataattgtat attataactt ttataatttg     17220
     tttttacatt cagtgtttat ttagtttaca gggtgtctaa ataggaatat ttgttgtttg     17280
     agaaggcaaa taacacctgc agctgaagtg ggatttttat gcatttataa ggaatttagt     17340
     caaggatact catctaagtc aaacatgtag gagtaatttg ttttcttttt ctactttctt     17400
     tctatctctt cccgaagcag tagtaatgct ctacatgatt tataattgct gccatttgtg     17460
     tacttcaagt cttgaatggc cccatgaacc atgcgatgag gcctcgaaag tgacatactg     17520
     taattcatca tatgtttaga aagacaactc tatttttata aaatgatcat aaatgaaaag     17580
     tgatatgcaa tgttgcactg tactttagaa accaaggatt cttgcaaaag aatcacaatt     17640
     ttcacaaaaa tatagcacaa ttatgataaa ctgtgatgat aacagtgata actgtaatgg     17700
     ctgtttctga agaatcatgc atcactaaag ggtggagttg gagttgctga aaaaattacc     17760
     actttaataa ctaatgtcaa tttaaataat aaattgcttt aactttaaat taatagagta     17820
     tttaattcct ttgaagttcc tttttggtca agatttttta gtttaacaat gcagaaagtg     17880
     ttcaaatatc atatgatttc atttagaata cacaaaatgc ttaacataac aggacacaga     17940
     agtcagagag agcttaacgt gctgcaattt aaggctgtcc ctacagcaga cgcagcacat     18000
     gcaaataaat tgtgcttttt ccatgtacat agacgcatga atagtttgag tttactcggt     18060
     ccagttgctc gtcaaattct tttcattggc atgacaaatt cactttacaa tatacgcaaa     18120
     ttcatgtcat gggctgggtt tctgtctgcc tgaagactgt agctttgttg ctaattggct     18180
     aacattgatt ttattgagag agtagctgct ttatgtgctt taggaaaact gaaaagcctg     18240
     agccccccac cgaaaacgac tgtgttctac gaatcacaag tccacttcgt gtgccctgag     18300
     aaaaacgatg gccacattag tggtcctgga atgccacctc tggctaaact tgaaaaaaga     18360
     taggcgcgaa gttgacaaag tccgctttct taacttgccc atatcccagg ctggcctgtt     18420
     cagtgacacc atcagtgaat tcacggctgt gcagtaggat gcgatgggct gagttatcta     18480
     tcggcgggga tgtaagaccg ctccccccac cgaatcatcc acatccactg cttctcgcct     18540
     agggcacccg cctgcgaccc gccgagcacc tcacaggcaa ccagcgctcc ccgccccaga     18600
     acgccgctaa atccagtaaa cgaacactgc acatggagga ggcagacgca acccctatat     18660
     tgctgtgtcc tgtttgcgct ttgcgtatta tacggatcgt actcagagct gttagagtgt     18720
     ctgagcagct ctttatctgt catgatgatt ggcagaaggg aggtaccgta tctaaacaga     18780
     tttaggaaca aacccactaa acagtggatg ccatctccct tgcttatcag agccaatgcg     18840
     agccgtgtcc accaggagtg agaacccact ccactcagaa cacgcatcct tttgggcgtt     18900
     agcacgcggt gcctctctaa cagacattgt ggagctgcgg gctgggtgac acctaacaca     18960
     ttgcaagatt tttttttttt tttaggggaa acgatttctt cacttgtgct gggaaacccc     19020
     gataaatgag gaatttctct ctaaggcgga gatacgtgca ctttctcgct ttgtcagtta     19080
     agtttcccac ctggcgaacc ctaaagagat tccaccaagg cccccagcat ctgacttcgg     19140
     ggctatgtac cttcgccaca atgtttgccc cttagctgtt gggcgtgaaa gtctctttaa     19200
     ctagaaaagg atacatcagc ttggcacgtg ctgcgcttat attccaaatt gattgtaagt     19260
     agtgccagct gtgcaactca ttggcatttc attggtccat ttatataccc ttttaggaac     19320
     ccttttggat tctgacgaaa tccccatagt tgaagtttcc acattgcatt tccgttcccc     19380
     tcatttagga aacgaggatt actttaataa cggagcggtt cttagatcat gttttcattt     19440
     tattgttgag acagtgaaac agcgtagcct gcagggtgat gtgaatgggg atatgaaata     19500
     cagtttactt tgaagattta cccaatatgt cctctggagt ttgtttacca tatcaaactt     19560
     gtgaagtctg aacttacaag caaaggatgc aagactgaaa tttgtgtaac ctatacttaa     19620
     tattgaagga aggcttaatc atagcaaaac ttttaaaact aaaacatatt agtgtaaatg     19680
     gggcctgaga ctactagatc ctttcagcgg tgcacccagc tctgtgagtt cattcaatcc     19740
     tccagaaact ataaactgct ttaatgatgc ttccagctga gccaaaaaca ctttgatgag     19800
     ctgtttctcg gtgtcaacaa gaggatttct ctttgggaca ccaacaacag gtgctacatc     19860
     ataatcacgt ccatactaga tcagttctga ttggttgagg tggcatgaat ctctgctgaa     19920
     gttaagattt tctaactcga gcgaattatt tacacgaatc gtgtcttctg tgccacctca     19980
     tttgtacgaa tagaattgca ggatgtctat tcacatcctt gcattgacta aacatgtaaa     20040
     tcactcgtga ttgtcgcttc atccgcatct ggtgtgaata caccataaaa aacacatgca     20100
     attacaaaaa cattagcaaa taaaaaaaaa aaaatcttta tttttttgac agcaatggaa     20160
     atgtttcaat gggaccctaa acatgactga cttagccatt ttgggtatgg ttctttagtc     20220
     taataaaata caaaagacaa gagaattaca atgttaaaat ataaaaacaa aaactaacct     20280
     ttcaaagatc acctacaact tcactaagcc atagtcacag ctcaataaac attttgcagc     20340
     agcgtccatc ttgttttagg gtgcccctga aacatttttt ttgtgtgtgt gttccatttt     20400
     atttacaaaa ggctagtgtc ttcgttgtga gaaaatgaag catgttttat taatttgttt     20460
     ttgttgtggg aaaatgcagc gtgttttttt tatgtgaaga tttacaaact aatttcaaga     20520
     ggagcatgtg atatgtgata gaggagcatg tgatatgaat gaccacagct ggtccctatc     20580
     agtaatcagc tagccaatcg gattatttca aatctaacat aaatatccag cctaacttta     20640
     ctccctatct tcgcttggga agaaccccct atccacccct tttccctctt ccttatttct     20700
     aggatcgggt gacacggtgg ctcagtgact agcactgctg cctcacagaa agaaggtcac     20760
     tggtccaagt cctagctggc cagtcagcat ttctgtgcag gtttatatgt tctccccgtg     20820
     tttgcttggg ttttcccaat atactccact ttcctccgac agtctaaaga catgagacac     20880
     aattaaatta aataatagta acagtctcaa ctacattaat actgagcttc tctaggtgag     20940
     taagcaccgg tgtggttgac ggcctattcc tattgagctg tctttattaa tcaaggaata     21000
     agccaaacga atcgggaagc tctcgagacc taccagatct tgtatctctt taaatgctta     21060
     ttgaccagac gggagccttg ggcttatcta tctccatgct tagggttctt acccaggata     21120
     gcatgccaaa cctgctatta tcatcaagca ttattaagtg tgaactcttg gggccctatc     21180
     acacccgatg caatgcggtg caagacacaa cgcaattgtt gtttgctagt ttcagctcga     21240
     cgcaagtgtc attttgacgt tttgaaccat gctgtttaaa tagcaaatgc atttgcattg     21300
     aggtgcattt gcaagaatgt gtgttgaggt gcattgctgg cgcattgcaa ttttgaggag     21360
     ctataataga ctgcacaata aatcaaaaga ggtctaaagt ccagcgcaga gtgagccttg     21420
     cttaaacatt gcataataca cacaggatgt acagcaatat gctgtaaaat atttaatgct     21480
     ttgtttattc tccaccaata aacatgtagc aaattataac aataatgtag attaacttgc     21540
     acgcatatct acatcaaaaa tctgtaaaag attataatgt atattaaagt gctcgcatat     21600
     ctacaccatt attactgtag taaattagct caaggttatt cttcccgcgc cttttccgcc     21660
     attataatgt taatagttat gatttagatt acagtgcatt atatatatag cgggctagct     21720
     taacaggagg aagattcatt tgaatggggc ttcaaatgaa tctactcttt agatctgaac     21780
     aaacgaattt tccagcgatg ctatgaaaaa taaacctatt aagtttgagc agggtaacaa     21840
     gatcaaagtt taagacatta gattcataaa tatacacagg cacctttctt tatacaaaag     21900
     taaactttat tgactaatct aacagaaaca aacacctaac acaaacacac attcattaga     21960
     aaatagagaa gattaacgaa cgtgaagtaa gaggttgaga agatgtaatg atgggagaac     22020
     ctcggagttt gtaagagcaa actaagcaaa ccaaacaatc aaattcaata taacccttct     22080
     agggtctttt agagttgcat ttagtctaca tcagttgaaa tggaagtgta cttgcgtgtc     22140
     catgtgatgt aaggaggctc ccttggttga gcatgtggtt ctgctggttg tacctttgct     22200
     cgcacgagtg ttggaggggg gtgagtccgt gtttgaagtt gaagcagcaa aaggattcag     22260
     ggatgtgaaa tgtccgagct gtgcgattaa ccctttctgt ctgggtttcc gcctgctttc     22320
     ttggaggttt ctctgcttat gtctcgtttt tagtttctga agaagttgca aagagtttga     22380
     agaaaagttt caaaacagcg tgtttcagag cagagccggg ttcaagagag aggttcaaga     22440
     gttgcagttc aaagagagac tagagaaaga gagaggggcg tagctttggt cccagcttat     22500
     atagggcggg ttcggatcca ccctccatgg aaagttgacc aattagaaac taacctctct     22560
     gcatctggtt tatggggctt tgtgcgtggc agcggaattt gcataggcaa attttatgca     22620
     aattgggaca gaaatgttaa agtctcttaa aatgttaata tgttacactc gtattaaaat     22680
     aaaatgtcaa cgatcaatta gtacagcaag taagctttac gaaaagtcta aacacgaaca     22740
     gtataagagc ttgtttagct tcggtaaagt taaacattta tacagaatta ttcaaaccaa     22800
     taatattaat acaggagcaa gggaaatgtt gcaaaacaca tgattacaca tgaagagaga     22860
     gtaaagttta cattaaaaca tcattcttaa gcaaggagct taaaaagtcc tgaaccgttt     22920
     tttgttcaat gctacatggc acattccttt tgggtcgtaa ataccttgga atcaggtttc     22980
     gagccttccc tgggaaaagg ctggctcagt tgtggaataa aagcaaaata attatgtgtc     23040
     tggtcggcca tatttggtac aatgcaaata tctttacaaa taaaaaagaa ttaaaggatt     23100
     aaaatattac aaaacatatt attttctagc ctacataaat ataaaaacta ctgcctccat     23160
     gccttcatct cgggtggagg gcttttttta gtttatttat gacaatttgc ttttgtaaaa     23220
     tgttattatt attagtattt attatatgca tatttatatt tgttttatca aaaataagct     23280
     tagatttgcc cacctctcag gttttatacc atatagggca cagcatgtgt atttgaaaat     23340
     aactcagttt ttgatcacac ttcgttatta ttgttcattt atttgtttgc tgaaaatcag     23400
     aactgatttt agaaatagtt ttaaaacaaa tctttgcgct taataaacta aattaagtat     23460
     gtaaaggcta atggatatct gtgcacacaa cacgttaccc tatccacgag agtaagagta     23520
     aaaatgaaag taaagaataa ataggctcat tctctcaggc tgttctcaca ctaggtacag     23580
     ttgcctcgaa cccgggccaa agcacgcttg tcccccctcc cgtctccccc gatggcccgc     23640
     gctcacacca caaacgggct tcggcacgct tacgtcatcg ctgctgggct gttcagtgag     23700
     aagcactctc tcactcagca gcacagtgga gatttctcta gttatatcgt ttcagttgtt     23760
     tgatatgccg tcaaatattt cgccaaacag tccttaggga tgcggggaca cgcagtcaga     23820
     tatttcgccg tacagatccg ccacttttgg cgctcataaa caatcataaa gctctcatgc     23880
     tgcaggaatg aggaggtctg ctgaaggcgc gcagctgtcg tgaagtgagg agtttgcgtc     23940
     tttaataaac gacggcagtt tgcgttcact gaacagtaat gattaataaa tctatatgaa     24000
     acagtccctt aaaagtcacg tctcactttc agtttcgggc tttggcgcgt tttgcactca     24060
     cacacaagcg taccgcgcca aagcccaagt gaaccgcgct taggcacacc tcttccaacc     24120
     gggccagggc cggccaagtg aaccgtgctt gagcctgatt tagcgcactc gcacttctca     24180
     aacgatccgg gaaacgggcc tgggcacgtt acggatggca tagtgtgagt aggccctcat     24240
     tctcacgctg tagatggtct gtttaactgt ttcctgctag ttaggcattc agtttttcca     24300
     cttacaaaat cgaccatgta aatagcaaat gcgccatagc gcgacacaac tgactcttac     24360
     agggaatggc agatgagact gattggttta ttctcaaaac acacctataa gtcattaaga     24420
     gaataagctc aacgctgtta gaccatacgc cacagagcaa agcaaatttt tccgtcctta     24480
     aaatagcaga agttgattcg gacgttccct gaatgctttt gcaccctgtg ctttgcactt     24540
     tgcacctgga tcgtcaaaat agagcccttg aagtgtgtat tattgtgagg atttgtcaaa     24600
     cggatgaaga tcttttctta atttactggt gttttttgta attgcatgag ttttctaaaa     24660
     tgtagcacgt ttatctatct cagcaatcgc acaaaaagga atgtcaaact tagtgatagt     24720
     attctttaaa ttcatccaag actacctcta tgtagaatta aagagtaaac actgtgcatt     24780
     tgccttgtta tgcaccttct gtgtgctata tgccagtggt ttggctccat aagttgtcaa     24840
     ttattagata gtgtaatata ataaatctaa aacaataata ttgtaaaaca ataataatct     24900
     aaagttatag acattgtaga aattattggt ttgaaaaaat acgccattat aaaaacctga     24960
     gtttctggta tttgatattc cagatatttg tgtgatggat ggtcttttcc gagggagagc     25020
     agatatggtc tttgggaatt gactgcattt ggaaggaagg aattttatgt ttagaatgca     25080
     caattttatt tccctaatct ctcagtacaa taaattatta gatcagaatc aataaaaaag     25140
     tttgctccct taaggaaaat aacttttact gtgttgagaa aatgttgtgc tggccattac     25200
     gggaccttgt tgtctgtttt cccaatgaca gcggtatttc tgcacccctt tgcccttcag     25260
     aataaaccaa ttctgtttgt ctctctcttt ctctctctgc agaatgattc tgtgagggtt     25320
     gggtttaggg taaggttgaa gtaaatgaac agaatataaa aaaaatcatg gtttgggtag     25380
     ttcttttaaa acaagcaatt tcagtgtgtt tgtatgtgtg taaaggttta tgtggtttaa     25440
     agagacatga agttatataa tgacatgagt atgatattgt tacagggata cagtgtgtag     25500
     gcatctgtgt gtgtgcaggc atccctgtgt gagcgagaga caggtagagt cttctaggtc     25560
     ttgatgtttg tgactccttc gatctgagct ccaaccgagc acagaattgc ccaagtgtgt     25620
     gcagtcctat gataacagct agagattgct gtgtgtgtat gtatttgctg tttctgacac     25680
     tgcactcttt catcatctga gggttatcag ctgtcattgt gaatgctgtc taacagacca     25740
     tactgttact ctcttatgct gtctgatttg tgtgtatttc tgcagaatgt ttctttaaaa     25800
     ttaacttcag aactgttttt ttactaatag aatcctgtga aatccaaccc agaccaaagc     25860
     tatgagactt aaagttctct ttgtatcctg tgttctcctt caggatcctg tatatgggaa     25920
     aggaaaactg gctgagatcc aggggctcat tttaggaatg ctggagactt tcaactatga     25980
     acaggtattg tactgtgggt gcatgcacgt tattagcata gttgttgcat agaaagaata     26040
     agatgttttt aaaaaatcaa gtatttgctc ttcttttctc ttaaaaaata ttggaatcga     26100
     ttagcagatt tggaatcaga accataaacg cttaaattat acttaaataa ccaaccttag     26160
     ctttgtgata tcaattgttt ttgattttgt ggttacaagt tgaacatttt aaacatttgg     26220
     ttttcagaat tttatttccc ttagataatg tcactttacc atgatacagt gcatctggaa     26280
     agtataaagc acttcacctt ttccacattt tgttttgtta ctgccttact ccaaaataga     26340
     ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga aattacgtgt gagttttctg     26400
     agagaaatta caaaacggga cggaagcagg agatgggtct gaaatacagg agactgccag     26460
     gaaaaatggg agtgttggca ggtatgctca cacatacact ctgcactcgg actacttcag     26520
     aattgttaat agggcatggt gggcatttct ctttttctca cactgaacac agtcgacaat     26580
     aacagcagac tgggtcatca gaccaatcag cgcagattag caccgcgcta aggaggggtt     26640
     tgcgaacaaa tgaatcgctg aacaaatcat atgggagttg atgggataat taggtaaaaa     26700
     tgaatgcgta ttataagaca atgaacgtgt ttttgacctt gcatgcacat cagcctgttg     26760
     ttggagaccc ccaaaatcaa aatatgttcc tttttaatgc ataatagggg ctctttactg     26820
     gcattcacat taagaaactt gaattgcgtg tttaaacaga gatttgtcca tttatgcaag     26880
     caatgtgata aaccaaagaa agaattggaa aaaaatgaaa ccaaaaaagg tggattggtc     26940
     gttcttttat tgtcttacag gagaggctgc tggcaagaga gaatgttatg tgctgtgact     27000
     gcgacgcgtg tcatttcata accatagggc ccattgtctg actgaattaa attagttcta     27060
     tggatgttag ggaaattaat tcactaagct acttgagggg ctcgagcaaa gtaccctgag     27120
     agccgggttg gtcttgcggg ctgccaattg aatagcatag cttaaaacaa tttaaaactt     27180
     gacagagctg ctgcaccagt aacatgactg aaatctataa atgcatgcat ttattcatcg     27240
     aatgaaatta aagagcaatg cagtttattg tgacaaaaaa ataatgtttt gagttacttt     27300
     aatctttttt ttgtgctacg tttagtttta tctcttccat cactgaaatt gcagtgatgt     27360
     agtcactgtc tgtatctaat aatacccatg tcatcctggc ttcatctcat cttagtcttg     27420
     gaaaaaaagg tcattaacaa catctttatt ttttgttacc gaaattaaca atggtctgtc     27480
     aacaaccatt ttaagatact gtatccccac agatgttcat ttgggtttag gtttgggctc     27540
     tggtgggacc actcaggggc attcacagat ttgtattgta gccacctctt tgtgattttg     27600
     gctatgtgct taaggtttct atcctgtttc aagatgaact gttgcctcag tctgaggttg     27660
     aaaacactct ggagaagttt ttcatcgggt atatctctac attgctgcat taatccttcc     27720
     ttttatcttg gtcttggtcc cccagatgtt tccactaaaa acaccaccat gcttcactgt     27780
     agggatggta ttggccagtt aaagaatagt gcctggcttt ttcaagacat aaatttttcc     27840
     caagacataa aaaaagaaaa gaaatcaaaa aaagaaaata attatttttt cttatggtct     27900
     gagagtcctt caagtgcctt taggtcatct gtctgactaa gcccttgtcc ttgatcactt     27960
     ggtttaaccg agcagcacac tcaaggaaga gtcctggtga ttttacattc tgctattcat     28020
     aaataatggc ggccacaaaa aatcctgtct tggaggtcaa cagacaattc catagacttc     28080
     atggcttggt ttgcactctg acatggtgtg tgcctttcta aatcaagtac cgtgaactaa     28140
     ttttggcaag gtttaaaaat atctcagtag ctatgtttcc attcacaaat gtttatatgc     28200
     attttggata tgctcataaa aatggttgat ggaaacacca atatgtgcat taattttgaa     28260
     aatgcactta aaaaacaaat gtgcataact gagtaggata aactatttat ttaattttaa     28320
     aaaatgcata aactacattg gaaacacttt taccaaacaa atgtttaagt cttgtgattt     28380
     tgttatgaga gatgatcaaa atatgtgtaa attggataaa tctgcaggct gactgcactg     28440
     taaaacatct gaaatgtttt ggttattcta aaatgcctag ccatctcagt attagtgtta     28500
     ttatattaat aattacctcc aaaactcaag agtgtctgtg ctccacgtct catcccttca     28560
     aacgccatca caccttcatt gaatgttagc attgtcttct gaggaaagag taatttatta     28620
     aatgaagaaa agattaacgc agcttttctt actgcagcac attccatttt ttcttttgat     28680
     ttttgccacc agtttatgag taagtgaaaa tagttttttc tttgatttgt tggaaagaaa     28740
     cgctgcttta catcatttac gtgatattct agttttgtgc ataaatttaa ttcacatgta     28800
     taaatggtca cacagctaat aatgatcagt agaatcagga ggcacttttg cggtgaatgc     28860
     tactgtatac ttatgtactg tactttagag ccgtaattgg gccataaaaa gttaggacca     28920
     atagtacatt ttgattggct gctttttaaa agcctgaacc cgtttacgcc ctggcattag     28980
     tcatctatat gtgttttaac atagtttatt cataaaaaat gtagggtatt ggtcgctttc     29040
     aagttaagat aaaataagtc ctctgtaaca tcaaaacatc tcagcactct aaataggctt     29100
     aggtacatac acttcgcctt taaattggcc aacacaccaa taacaaatat tgcctaacaa     29160
     attaaattaa aataaaatct aaattacgac gggtatttgg caataatgaa attgagataa     29220
     aggctctgcg ggatttgttt cgccacttct cttcacaatc cagccttaag gtgactttga     29280
     agctgaatat taaaataata atgacaacat atattccgtc tactttatgc acttttggtt     29340
     tatttaatat ttagttataa tttgaaaatc ttttgcttac caacattagg ctatgtggtt     29400
     ttgtggagga acattattca atccacccat tgtctttagc gtggtcttgc acttactgat     29460
     ggtgcgtcca tcagtactga acaagctttc actgctgctg ctactggccg gaatgtatac     29520
     tgttctggct aattttgcat gtttttggta ggattgtttg ttcatctttc accagccaag     29580
     aatatccatt taattttcca tgacagcggt ttcagtagca agtgaccttg tcattttctt     29640
     tgtcagcttg ctctacattt tcccactccg caaaattagc tctttttgac ttctctgtta     29700
     ttgcttgttt cacctttgca gggatgggtt ttaatgttgt aaaagacaat ttaattactt     29760
     tctcacgcta atcgaaatgc atcacatgac tgttcattta ccccacaagc cagagtgcaa     29820
     gcccgagtct ggcccgaccc cttctaaaat gatagatatt gagcacacat ttggacatac     29880
     cgtctcactc atgctttgta aggtgttgaa attcacaaag ttgttgttaa atatgtctgt     29940
     acagtagagc aacccacggt gatttttttt cacattgcca ttattgggat gttgtttata     30000
     aaatattgag gaaaattatg aattattaat aattagcaaa ataatttatg taatctgctt     30060
     tagaattagg ctgtaaataa acaaaataca gaaaattgta agcactgaac tctttctgga     30120
     catactgtat ctcactcatg ctttgtaagg tgataaaata gacaaaatta ttgttaaata     30180
     tgtccgtaca gtaaagcaac ccacagtgcc tcattaatgt cttactctcc tatttattgt     30240
     gcacttgtgg atcttggaca gcagtgtaga aagatatttc atttagcttt gttaaattat     30300
     aatgagatct ttttatactg ctcacacagt tcaagctaca gcagctaaat tcacactgtt     30360
     ctatgtgata attggaatga gatgtgaggc gagatttttg gggttctttt cctttttcag     30420
     tgttgtaaat tattttattt tatgtaaagt gacatccaag cacacagtgt cagtcagcaa     30480
     acgagagctg catgacagac acttgatccc ttgcataaat tacactagtt ttttttcttg     30540
     gccaacacta attattatgg atgctatatg ttcttaaagt tgtgcactgt ttgtttataa     30600
     gagatttgtt gtgtacaact gcagtaacta tgtctattta aataaataaa aaaacacaca     30660
     tacattttca gacacacttg cgttgggttt tcatgtttta tggagaccat ccatagaaat     30720
     aattattttt tttaatactg tacattctga atagtctatc cttttacact aacccttccc     30780
     ttactcccaa ccctcacaaa aacattctgc agttttaata aaagtaatat atataaataa     30840
     ctttctttga ttaatgaaca tttttctaat ggagaacaac tgctgattat aatattagta     30900
     atgataataa taataatatt actaataata attctttata tttatatagc acatttctgg     30960
     gcactcaaag tgctttacac atggggggaa tctactcatt caccaccatg gtgcagcagc     31020
     cattttgcgc ctgaccacac accagctgat tggtggaaag gagagagtga tgaagccaat     31080
     tatgatatgg ggatggttag gagcccatga tggacagagg ccagcgggca aatttggaca     31140
     ggctggggtg gggtgaggct ggggtgaaaa tcctactgtt ttttaaaggg catcctggga     31200
     gtttttatta ccacagaaag gcaggacctc ggtttaacgt cttatacaaa agatggcggt     31260
     cactgagcag tagagtcacc gacactatac tggggcagta ggaccacagg ttgggtggcc     31320
     cctgctggcc tcactaatac cacttccagt agcaacttag ctttcccatg tggtctccca     31380
     tccaggtact gaccgggcgc agccctgctt agcttcagtg ggggaccatg tgagagttgc     31440
     aaagagctaa ctgccggcta tattgattat tcctcacccc gaaacccccc aaacacacat     31500
     aacggtttaa aatggtttta atttgaccaa gtgctgatgc tttttctttt gaccataccc     31560
     acatctgcta ttaggactta tatctgtgca cctctaaaat actttaaaac agtgttattg     31620
     aataggctga tgccatttcc actaaaacaa aatgacaggg ctggacctat caagcagctc     31680
     cttgctctgt ttttttttaa acagccaaac gtgttttatt tatatcacag catgcccaga     31740
     accactgagt tcaataaagc tgcatttgac tgcttatgac aaccaccaac cacacattat     31800
     aatttcccct aaattcccct cccctcgatt tgtgcatatg attcattatg tactgtaagg     31860
     tgaacatgaa aatgcactat aaacatccat gatgtgaatg tagatgtaga ctgtggcatt     31920
     gacacgatgc tcacttgata ctaatgggcc caaagtgtgc caagaaaata tcccccacac     31980
     cattacacca ccaccaccag cctgaactgt tgatacaagg caggatggat ccacgctttc     32040
     atgttcttaa tactaaattc tgaccctacc gtccaaatgt cgtagcagaa attgagactc     32100
     accagaccag gccatgtttt tccaatgttc tcgtgcaatt ttagtgagcc tttgcaaatt     32160
     gtagcatcaa tttcctgttc ttacctgaca ggagtggcgc ccggtgtggt cttctgctgc     32220
     tgtagcccat caagattgga agttttgtgc gttaagagat gctcttctgc atacctcggt     32280
     tgtaacaagt ggttatttga gttaatgttg cctttctgtc agtttgaaca agtctggcca     32340
     ttctcctctg acctctgaca tcaacaaggc atttgcccta caaaactgcc gtttactgga     32400
     tatttttttt tttttctttt ttagaccact gcgtgaaaat cccagtaaat cagcagtttc     32460
     tgaaatactc agaccagccc gtctggcacc aacaaccatg tcacattcaa agtcacttta     32520
     attacctttc ttccccattc tgatactctg tttgatctgc agcagattgt cttgaccatg     32580
     tctacttgcc taaatgcatt aagttgctgc catgtgattg gctgattaga catttgcatt     32640
     aacgagcagt tggacagatg tacataataa agtggccggt gagtgtatct tctaaatgtg     32700
     aatttcgaca tttttcctag accacacatt cataataaaa gccaaacaac ttccgttttg     32760
     attttatgag gactttataa gatatgaatc ctatcaaggc ctgtttcagc aatatttatt     32820
     aaagagcaca gtgatcgtgc agttgcgcgc ataccttaaa actttttaat cactttgaat     32880
     aggccttttt gaaagtgacg tcccttcaga aaaacttaac ttattccacc tcatcctcac     32940
     agctgcttta atcgggtcag tggagggtgg ggtgttatga gaactcatta atggctgttt     33000
     cttcattaat taacaagtgc ataattgaag aggctctcag gacttctcag gttccttgtt     33060
     ggttatcagt ggcatgcaca catacaccct acagttttac tccacaaaca agaccccata     33120
     aatgctttcc ctttgcttaa gttcagagag agtctttttt taaagccgtc agaaaatttg     33180
     gaagtaccct ctcctccctc tctctctctt agtgttatta taaagtaggc attgaattaa     33240
     attccttcct agtttttgct taattgaaat ggctttgcta gaggattttt gaaagtcacg     33300
     atgaaacttc cactgaattt ccatgacact tattgacatc tgtttgtaat gcaaatttgt     33360
     tttatagatt ttttatagat ctttgggtgc agttgctttt tccccttttg tcttttcttt     33420
     gttgtcttca gtactcaatt ctgaggtcac ctgtaggcta atagcattca gaaatctgca     33480
     tctgagtaac attttgtgcc tgtttgtttc tttccatttt gaggtatata ttttaaaacc     33540
     tgatgctgga atctgtaatc tgtaaatgta atttttttga aggtgttttt ctttggctgt     33600
     tgtgtccatg gatcataggg tatttgttgt cagcagtaaa ttcttactct tatgctttta     33660
     agtgttttag tatgggcaca atccaatgaa agatattaca ctgtctacat caggtttgac     33720
     catgtgaggc catttacact tgacatgtta aagcaaatat tgcaaatcta tttgctttgt     33780
     tactagaagt ggtgcaatga tcctatacct ccgggtttct ttccaacgag cctcgctttc     33840
     atgttttaaa atggtggtcg catgaaatat tcgtaatgtt attatcagta tttgcatatt     33900
     tatatttgtt tacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca tgtttagatt tgtccataga ttttacatgg     33960
     cataagaata ggacgtgtgt ttggatataa taggaagaat agcatgtgtg tttttttacc     34020
     atgcatgtgt gttattattg tttatttatt catttgctgg aaattagaac tgaatttaga     34080
     aattttgaaa caaatctttc cacctaacaa acaaaattaa atatattaga tgtcttcagt     34140
     ggagtgaggt tccaccattt ccttatccac gaatgtaaag aagtaaagta aagagtaaaa     34200
     gtaaagacag taaagagtaa agcattgtcc taatgccttt gcaccattca ctttagactt     34260
     tgcgcttata tcattaaaaa agagttccaa atcttaacat agaatttata ttaaacaggt     34320
     aaaactaaaa tcataaaaaa taaaacaata aattcctttc tataacaaaa cacacattaa     34380
     tttaagaact tgaggaagaa caagagagga attatttgct gttttttttt tttctaaaaa     34440
     aactgtttac attaatgcac acagaaaagg cattctatta gaaaacctgc tttcttatta     34500
     cttcagctta ttttatctat aaactattcc ctcgatactt gcaaaaattt tgctgagcca     34560
     ctctctttct actgaaaaaa agttaaatgt gattttctgt cattttctta cactttttcc     34620
     acttttgctg tctaaactat cagcagatgt gctatatgga tatgtggtct ttcattttgt     34680
     cagtgaaagt aagcgtgtgt cagcgtgtgt ttgcactctc cctcccgtga ccaataggaa     34740
     tttaaagcct gtcattcaaa gtaaatagca agcaaggggc aagaaaacca cctgattccc     34800
     ccttcacaca aacatatgcg cacacacatt tccccgttgg ctgagacgct ccacttggtt     34860
     tcactgcagt aaataacatg aagccacaaa attgagacat aaattacaca tgcataaatg     34920
     ctcacatttt gaagcttccc taaggaaaga tttcctggta tgtttttaac acacaaactt     34980
     ggtgaattcc cccacagctg atgaaatatt ttgaaatatt tttcttcaat cctcagaaac     35040
     gtctgtgggg gttaaatgtg cttccctgtg tatgtgcgtg tgtgtatgtg tgcaatactc     35100
     ctgccaaaaa tgctgcacca acagcaaaat aacatacatc aagccatact ctctctctct     35160
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcccactct     35220
     tctgtctttt taaatgacct tgctaaaaca cattgcccct ggggaaggct gtaaattaat     35280
     ggagattttt ccactcatag ttataaactg aaccaatttg agtgtcagca gaagctcaag     35340
     tgttaatctg ctttaaacat ttctaaagat atttgattag gataaaaaag aaagatgtat     35400
     aagagaattt gcatgttctc cccgctttcg catggtttcc tccaggtgat ctggtttccc     35460
     ccacagtcca aagacatgca gtacaggtga attgggtagg ctaaattgtc tatagtgtat     35520
     ggatgtttcc cagagttgca gctggaaggg catccgctgc gtaaaacatg tgctggacat     35580
     gaaatatttc tgtttaatgg agggattatt tttttctcat ttctaataac tgatttattt     35640
     tatctttgcc atgatgagag taaataatat ttgactagat atttttcaag acacttctac     35700
     acagctttaa gtgacattta aaggctttac taggttagtt aggttaaata ggcaggttag     35760
     ggtaattagg caagttattg tatggtttgt tctgtagact atcgaaaaaa tgtatagctt     35820
     aaagaggcta ataattttgg ctaataataa gaggctaata attttgatag ctgttaaaaa     35880
     attaaaaact gcttttattc tagccgaaat aaaacaagta agaattcccc agaagaaaaa     35940
     aatattatca gacatatggt gaaaaggttc ttcccctgtt aaacatcatt tgggagataa     36000
     taagaaaaga aaagaaaatt caaagggggc taataattct gattcaactg tacatactgt     36060
     atgtatacgt tacatgttcc ccaacttttc ttatgttttt ttatgaagct ttcttaaagg     36120
     gttagttcaa ctacaacttt tacctccctg ttgtttaaaa cctttaaagg taaaattata     36180
     ctttcacctg gctatgaaac gcaaacctcc gctgtctgca cacaaataca agtaatggaa     36240
     gcttatatac ttgactttgt tactgctgta ctgttattta acaacagagg gcataactgt     36300
     tgctacaaat aatgctgtaa caatttgtaa caatgttgtt ccaaactaac ttaggagtaa     36360
     ctttcataag gtgaagaagt aatcagtgca aggagttgcc taaacaaatt agttttatac     36420
     atgtatacag ttgaagtcag aattattagc ctttctgaat tattagccct tctgtatgtt     36480
     tttccctaac taatctttaa tgaaaagaag atagtttcaa cacatttcta caaataatag     36540
     ttttcataac ttatttctaa tgtagtattt gttttgtctt tgccatgatt ccagtgcata     36600
     atattttact aaatattttt ctagatatta gtattcagcg taaaacatat gctggaatat     36660
     ttggcagtac attttgctgt ggtgacttct gataaataag ggactaagcc gactgaaaat     36720
     gaatgaatga aataataaca aattatgttt aacagagcaa ggagagttca cagtatttcc     36780
     tttttttctt ctggagaaag tcattaaaat tgtttaaagg aatcattttg gcagtttttt     36840
     atatatccat gtcaactgct tccttaatgc aaaatctttt atatgctttg gacaacctgt     36900
     gcacaaaaga tatacatttt tcctcaaagc ttctataaaa caagctcaga tttctgtcac     36960
     atgcacattc atcctccaag ttgtgcatct tcagatactc agccacacgt gaagttacaa     37020
     aaaaagctgt taaaaatcaa ttaaaataaa tggtttaaaa taaatccatt gatgagacac     37080
     atcaccttta caaaatcaat gtgtgaaaaa gcaggactgt tcattgtgtc atgacacatg     37140
     attcattttt taaagccctt ttgaatagtg tgctgtattt ttctctttgt ttccctcaga     37200
     cgttgttgga gaccaccaca aatctgttga actcagatct tcactggtct ctctcacact     37260
     tgcgcaaggc agtcagtaaa ggtcttcatc caagacagga ccactgcaac atctgcttac     37320
     agcagtacaa aagacgacag gagagcgagg aggaaatcgt tatcttcagg tacatgcacg     37380
     tatatagagc taatattgtg ctgcacctgc ctgtgttatt attatatcac agataaccac     37440
     agggaaactt ctcttttaaa atgcttcttt tttttgttgt tgttggcaac agttttttaa     37500
     agcagcctca ttgcacactt tggaaggttt tttcccttat tttgagtttt taatgtactt     37560
     taaaagtgac tcaaactgct tttactacta aaagaacaaa attgctcttt gacactcaaa     37620
     tcactggtac tatggactgt gtgtatagct agatattttt gcttaacaat atcatattat     37680
     tcgaatattt tcagtatata tatatatata tatacgatgc agattacttc ctattagtaa     37740
     gaatatgtat tattgtcagt cactttaaac atttgaaata gtctgaacat taactgtgct     37800
     tgcagataaa aaaaaaaaag ttttagttaa aatgtgcttt taaaagttca taaaaaaatg     37860
     gcgctgttct taaaaagtaa aaagaaaact gttttactta aatctaaagt atttatagta     37920
     gcctattcat caaaagctgg aaatgctgct tggaccttat aaatataggc tatatgtcat     37980
     attcatacac tttcagacaa atcttgaaat aaatgttaaa tgtacatgac agggttcata     38040
     caggcacagc ctaatgaaaa tcaattccag cacctatttt tttttttcaa gactgacatg     38100
     ctatgtattg aagacctgaa atgtattctc agcaacccat taaacactgc ataggaatag     38160
     atacaaataa aaaccattaa taataatatt tattaatcat atattaataa tataataaac     38220
     ctgcactaag tgcttgtgaa atcttttttg tactcaagta aaaatactat tacactgcta     38280
     aaataacaaa aattttagta aataatacta atattaggta aaagtacaaa ttactctttt     38340
     aaaaagtact agttggttac ttttgaaaaa aaaatctgat tttcattatg aaatcacttt     38400
     ttttaagtgt aaacctaatt taatggtttg attacttaca tcccaaagct acatgtataa     38460
     tttgcactaa caaaggaatt atagtaaatt tttcctttca tgacaattaa tctttttcaa     38520
     tagcactggt aaaactacca aataatcttt aaggccatag agacactttt tgcccatttt     38580
     taaaaatata tatttttaag ctttgaaagg ttaaattaaa gtatatggta aaaagattta     38640
     aatttagcct tttatttaca tattttacac tattttcttt acaatatggc aaatttgttt     38700
     cttaaatagc ggtacatcac atgtagattt tattttacac ttgatcttaa tctaaaatag     38760
     aaacgtaaaa aaatacaagt acactgtcag taaacaaata aaacaaatga ctttatttta     38820
     cttgaggtat ttgaaatatg acgacactac atttatcaaa gcagtgcttt aagagcctta     38880
     ttgtaaattg tgataaataa acaataagta ggctaacaat ggattgcttt gacctgtaat     38940
     gctttaggac agatcagaat acagctaaat gtataaatca cacaaatacc tcacccagaa     39000
     acatttccag cataattatt ttgtcgtaaa gaaataaaaa aatgttccac ctttgctaaa     39060
     agtaagtttc acttcacaac acagccaaat aagaagacca ttagcattgt catcgatcat     39120
     gtatcaatct atttctaaat atttgataac tttgaatact tttgattaaa tttagttaag     39180
     gagcaaagag aaataatgta tactttaata gtggagagat ctcgattgta ttcaatctga     39240
     gcacacaggc gatcatgaga ggacctgcag ttcatttgaa aaaagcctat ttaagagcat     39300
     atctgtttta gcgatttgcg tacatgaatg cgctctcgtg ttaaaataaa gcactcgccg     39360
     catttccaga aatgagtaat tgcgcaatac cttcattccc gcgcggccat tcagaatgta     39420
     tttagaggag tgacaggtca gaggcgagtc gactcgctgt cggagagcga aacgtgtatg     39480
     aacatcaaat aggcaggaaa tatgtccgcg gtttaattac tctgctagac atctctgtag     39540
     tgaaaacatc cgagaagcat tattccaaca aaacatttgt ttttaagttg ttttttctgt     39600
     ctctgcaaca cagaaagcct ttgtcccgcc cttacgtttc acgcaactag acaaggtcga     39660
     ctgtgattgg ccacttttca tgtcagtcaa atcacgcttc agaatcaatt cttaaacttt     39720
     ggaaactgat tttcagcagc ttatgacaca atgcactaaa ataaacattc taagcacagc     39780
     gttgtgatcg tacgcttcac aaaacagcca atgctgatca catcaatgtt atattacgca     39840
     ttaaaggatt aaaagtgtta attgtttctt tcattattca gcgattcctc cgcgtaccac     39900
     taggaggaag cccgcgtacc actagtggta cgcgtaccac agtttgagaa ccactgcttt     39960
     agaccatgtg atatttattt ataacaattc tttgcttttc agtcaatatg gggtgctgtg     40020
     tgtacattaa tgagaaaaaa aaaattactg aaattatttt agcgaatggc tgcaatataa     40080
     caaagagcga aaaactttgg gggctcgaaa tactttccat acccattgta tgtactgcag     40140
     tacacataat ctgcacacag caataagtta gtttctctaa gatataaaat aagacatatt     40200
     tcttttcttg tttttcatgt ttttatgtgg ttaacacaaa ccatttaatt tacattatat     40260
     gtgttttata acatactgga ttacatactt tacgaaatat tgtattgtat tattgtgtaa     40320
     tatagttcta gaagttattt ttcacacaca cacacaataa aaatgtaaca taaataatat     40380
     ctgtagtttt gtacttcttg caaacatatt ttttagggat tccaaaaaac tcccactctg     40440
     ttgatctcat ttgctttcag gtgtgggtag aggagccttg tatctcctct gacatggtgt     40500
     tgtgaagcgt tagttgctac tcaatgtctt tactttttct ataacaatcg tgccaacctt     40560
     ttttaagcac cacaactagc tgtcaaccag atcgtagatg tataataata ttgttgctaa     40620
     ctatatacat acatagtttt gcccataata taaacaaaac aagctagatt gcttgttaaa     40680
     cagtgtccca tcaaaagtca ttgtaaagaa aatgcttatg acttttgcat ttatgcattt     40740
     gcattttatc agtttcaccc aaaactgaaa attccatcat caattactga ccatttacct     40800
     atcacaaatc ggaatgagct tagttatatt gttgaacaca aaataaccat tggcttctta     40860
     ctatggatgt taatggttat tggtttctag ctttcttcaa aatatctttg tactgtatgt     40920
     tttcaacaaa agaaagaaac tcataaaagt ttggaaattg tgagtaagtt tccattttat     40980
     gctgaactat gcctttaaga tcataaatat atttttgtcc ttctgtagta tacatttttt     41040
     ataaggtgta tataacagtt atataatgtt gtcattatac attaaactac ttaagtgatc     41100
     tgacgtgatt ctcaaaaaac ttgccatcta tgcacataaa tttgtttttc ttcattttga     41160
     gatgtaatct aaatgcaata tacagttagg tccataaata tttggacatc aacacaattc     41220
     taacattttt ggctctgtgc atcaacataa tagatttgaa atgaaacaaa caagatgtgt     41280
     tttaactgaa ttttgtgcta ttttgcattc tgtgctattt tgagggtatt tacatccaaa     41340
     tcaggtgaac ggtgtaggta caacagtttg catatgcgac tcccacttgt taagggtcca     41400
     aatgtaattg gacaaatggc ttcaaagcag ttccatggcc aggtgtgtgt tattccctca     41460
     ttatctcaat tacagtgagc agataaaggt gtccagagtt catttcgcgt gtgctatttg     41520
     catttggaat ctattactgt caactctcaa gatgagattc aaagagctgt cactatcagt     41580
     caagcaagac atccttaggc tgaaaaaaca aaacaaaccc atgagagaga tagcaaaaac     41640
     attaggtgtg gccaaaacaa ctgtttggaa cattcttaaa aagaaagaac gaaccagtga     41700
     gctcagcaac accaaaagac ccgaaagacc atggaaaaca actgtcgttg aagactaaag     41760
     aattctttcc ctggtgaaga aaacaccctt tacaacagtt tgccagatca agaacatttg     41820
     gtaggtgtgt atgtgtgtca gagttaacag tcaagagaag actacaccag agtgaataca     41880
     gagagtgtat acagagggtt caccacaaga tgtaaaccat tggtgagcct caaaaacagt     41940
     aaggccagat taaagttcta aaaaagcctt cattgttctg gaacaacatc ctaaggacaa     42000
     atgagatcaa gataaacttg taccagagtg atgggaagag aagagtatga agaataaaag     42060
     gaactgctca tgatcctaag tagtgaagca tagtggtagt agtgacatgg cgtgggcatg     42120
     tatggctgtc aatggaactg gatctttcgg caggataaat tctgtggtgt tttaggcaat     42180
     attttctgct catattaagc caaatgcttt caaactcatt ggaggacact tcacattgca     42240
     gatggagaat gactcaaagc acactgcaaa agcaaccaaa gagtttttaa agaaaaagtg     42300
     gaatgttatg caaagtcaat cacctgatct gaatccaatt gagcatgcat ttcacgtgct     42360
     gaagacaaaa ctgaagggga aatgccccaa gaacaagcag aaactggaga cagttgcaat     42420
     aaaggcctgg cagagcacca ccaggaatga aacccagcat ttggtgatgt caatgcgttc     42480
     cagacttctg gctctaaaga atttgcaccc aaatattaaa aagtgaaagt ttgatttatg     42540
     attattattc tgttcaatta cttttggtcc cttaacaagt ggaaagcaca tatgcaaact     42600
     gttataactc ctacatcatt caccggattt tgatgtaaat accctaaaat ttaagctgac     42660
     aatctaaagt taaagcacat cttgttcgtt tcatttcgtt tcgttcgttt catcaaatct     42720
     aatctggtgt aaagagccaa aaatattaaa attgtgttga tgtctaaaaa tgtatggacc     42780
     taaccatata tggcttgaaa ctaataaaaa cttgactggt cttctgatct ctgcaccagc     42840
     tttgacgtca ttatactaaa aatctgtgta ttcagtggtg atgcattatt tctgttgcat     42900
     aaccttgtca agtccctgaa ctcttttttt tttttttttg gtatgtgtag ctgtggacac     42960
     ctgtaccatt gccagtgtct gcagcgtaaa gagacaggtg ttttgagtga gaggcagtac     43020
     ccatggagct gctacaaatg cacatccaat cagggctcac ggccagcgga cagagccagc     43080
     gctgaaagct cacgatcacg ctctgcttct ctggcacagg tcagtcagac atacttcgca     43140
     atcatgtgtt catcaaaata caccatttct attttactca acatcttgtc tttctaaaca     43200
     atgtcaggtt cttaggaaat aattgtttct aagaatcatc ataatgtatg caagttcaaa     43260
     cttcccaaat caagcctcaa tatgaactaa aacacagagt gacatagtcc atacaacttt     43320
     ggtcctaaat tcgatgtata aatacttaag acatcatcat gattttattt atttgtatga     43380
     gacagtacta aaaaaaacag tatttgcagt atttaattag ccagtgtcag gatgtggatg     43440
     tactgggtgt ttacaaatag attacatcaa aacgaacatg agtaatattg acaaactata     43500
     catcggtcta aatctacagc ccttaagcag ccattgttgc tagttgtttt tcaatgggaa     43560
     gcttattaag aatatatttg ctaaatttgt ctaagttgta cagaaaactc ttattagata     43620
     taaagtacat ataatcgtaa taacaacaca cacacacaca cacagatgca agatgataac     43680
     atagcttaca agtaaaatga gtccacaaac taaatgaaaa gtcaaagtta ttgttactat     43740
     aatctaaaca aagcagtcga gtgttttggc gttctgcata tgcatatctg tgagtcactt     43800
     ttagccagct actttaagcc aatcttccta aaagtgcacc agtcatattg actacttatt     43860
     attttgtttt gttcttttca attcaaatat tcatgatttt tcaatttttt acaatgtcaa     43920
     ttgtgtcaaa gcagaataca ctatatatat ttataaatta gcagttttct gtattttgtc     43980
     atgcacccct tttcatctat gcttttgaat tgttttatgg aaccttgatc ttacctctaa     44040
     taacttttaa ccttttttta taaccttttt taacctttta catttttaat agtttaaatt     44100
     gatatattgg ctgggttggt gttgtatata ttatgctaca aaagccttgt aatatgctgc     44160
     tagtacattt actgttattt tgcatgctta tttctcacac cacacagaaa tgcatgcatc     44220
     taaacgtgaa ctttttatgc acaaacacac cttatgacaa aaactctcaa cataataaaa     44280
     aggtggtctt tgctacttca gcactgcgca tgacaaattg cagcactgca tgtaaagaga     44340
     cgcgcattct cagtggccat gtctgtataa ataatttatt gtacattata ttatttcaaa     44400
     ctacttaaat gccaatcaaa gtcactttgt taaactgtag aattaggtta tcaaaatcaa     44460
     aagtcggcag agcagaatta acatcccaaa atacaattca cagccgtaaa taaacagaaa     44520
     acacttgtga atcacgaaat acaaaaactg ttaattaaga ggtatttttt acagtgtagg     44580
     tgaagaaaac agaataaaaa tccacaacaa taggtgccat gtaaacacct cagtcagaat     44640
     aaaagtgcta acaaagaatg caatttaatt tggttttaat ttgtttgctt ttaatgtgat     44700
     tggtgacaaa aaggtattcc acacagttca aaattgtgca tacacagctg atcgtgatgg     44760
     taataaattt ataaatatga atatatgggt tatacaaatg caagatataa agtgagctgc     44820
     atgacttctc gttcgctttc tcttgctctc agcaagacaa agtattaggc tttaaagggt     44880
     catgaaaccc ccctctttca gttcaagtct acctcagatt tttttcaaaa aatgcttcat     44940
     gatgggtgtg gagtgctgtg accaaaggga gcattgggct tggccagcag agcaggggaa     45000
     aaagaggaga gtgaactact ctcagttggt ttacaaaatc agacaaaaaa aaaaaatctg     45060
     acacaaaata ttcaattcaa ttcaattcag ctttatttgt atagcgcttt tacaatgtag     45120
     attgtgtcaa agcagcttca cataaatggt caaatgtagt tcagttttta gtgtttaagt     45180
     tcagtttagt tcagtttagc tcagttcagt gtgatttaat cattactgag agttcaaaca     45240
     ctgaagagca aattcatcga tgcgtagctc taccaatcct gaaccatgcg agccagtggc     45300
     gacagcggag agggaaaaaa aaacttcacc tgatgggagt gaagaaaaaa aaccttgaga     45360
     gaaccagact cagttcggca cgaccatttt aatttctccg ctggccaaaa ttcttgtgca     45420
     gagcttcagt caccgcggtg ggctggaaga tggcctcagc gaagactcgt atgtccctgg     45480
     agtgtcgctg gaatcagtct catgttctca gcttcccatg actatcagtg cagcagcagc     45540
     tcaggatatg gcctgttccc ggatatggaa accttgggat catctcgtcg ctgttcttgg     45600
     atccaatcag cgactccgca taatctgagg acctcgggat gagtatcccc ctgtgaaaat     45660
     agagaataaa gagaataatt tgcgtagctg ctgttcatag tgaatataag caagatgcag     45720
     aagcctgtgt gaaacccgct aggtgatgca ttgagtgtat gctttactaa acagataggt     45780
     ctttaatcta gttttgaact gggagagtgt gtctgagcct cggacttatc aggaaggcta     45840
     ttccagagtg taggagccat gaaagagaag gctcgacctc ctttactcga ttttgctatt     45900
     ctaggtacta ccagaagccc tgagttttga gatcttaaag agcgagttgg attgtagcga     45960
     gacagaaggt tggttagata aacaggagct agattattta gagctttata ggtgagaagc     46020
     aatattttaa agtcaatacg aaacttaaca ggcagccagt gtaaggagga taaaatcata     46080
     agaagaccca tgattttata gtttagaaag ttaaaatgca aagaaaaaaa aacaggaagt     46140
     gatttaatgc tctgctacat atatgataag ttattcataa tttcatataa tatatacaca     46200
     taaccacaat ttgttatacc attataaaga aaataatgtt tatataaaca ctataaataa     46260
     ggaggacgtc tcctgctgaa tcctcgggtc tgaattcaga ctcagtggac agcaggtctt     46320
     ttgtcttatc tatttcaacc attaaccctg ccggtaatcc gaatgatttt aaacatcggc     46380
     gaacacgagc acggatatag acgatagaac tcaactgata aaagacaaag tccaccattc     46440
     tgcaattctc ctacagctct cctgacaaaa ctgcttgcta cacacaaaca gatgtgctgt     46500
     attagtcctg acagcatcgt ggggaaaacc atgcaacaaa caccatgcat catggaaaca     46560
     aacatataca acccttcatg aaaggttaaa tacagtgtgc tgtgcacata cgatctcaca     46620
     gcttggcagg tctatcatca aaagcacatg ctgtcatgaa taattaagaa gcagggtctt     46680
     ctcataggat aagtaaactc tgttatgaat aataatgaga aaccatcacg tcatctcaag     46740
     actggcagac gtgcactacg tcattgattt tgattctgcc ccaaaaatca ctgttaaaat     46800
     ctcaaaaagt tcttaagggt ttcttgaacc tttaagactc attattacca gcaacaatct     46860
     tttgtatatt tggatatttt tcttcatttt gaagatgtat tgaatgaata tcaggatttt     46920
     tataaagtgc agagggatag ctagataatg aaacaatgtt catttcgatt ctgaaacact     46980
     aacatggggt aatgacttgt tgatgtgagt gcagtaattt atacgacttt tctttctgta     47040
     tagtttgcct aaatgcaaac accaaacatc cactaatgcg tgaatggctg gcgatcggtg     47100
     actgactcaa aagtttagtt tagtttagtt taacttccat tgcaggtcac tcattccagc     47160
     acttaatttc agcaatacaa cccactccca ccagcctgtt ctatagtatt gaccagggtt     47220
     gccaaaactc ggtcctggag ggccggtgca tattttagct ccaaccccaa ttcaaacaca     47280
     cctgaactgg ctaataaagt tcttcctaag tatactcgaa tctttcaggc tgatgtgtta     47340
     attggagcta aactacttta ttcaggacac tggccctcca ggactgagtt tagacacccc     47400
     tggtatagac cttcatccac atgctactgc ttttcttatt ggggtattga gatcctcatg     47460
     cagccaccta aaacacctaa aagtgacaca tgtaaacacc acattagagt agataaagtc     47520
     tgatgtaaac acaccaccaa atctttaaga ctgaatgatt ttaaacagaa tgacgaaaag     47580
     gtaaacatgg ctactatttc agattgtgga acattaaagc aaagcgggca ggcatgaaag     47640
     tagtagtaaa atgtctgtgt agttctagtt aaatacaaaa agagagagag gggtattgtg     47700
     atcctcttgc agccacccaa aactcagatt tccctgccca tcttttcctt atagtctaat     47760
     gttaccctcg taaataaaag tgacacatgt aaacactaaa ttggagtaga taaagtctca     47820
     tgcaaacaca ccatcaaatc ttttaggcag aatgattata atcagaatga cgaaaaggta     47880
     aacatggcca atatttcaga ttgtggaacg cagcaaagca ggcagacagg agagtagtag     47940
     tagaatgctg ttgtagttct agttaaatga aaactgattg agtttggttt agtataaatg     48000
     tcactgttga tgtcaagtta attttagttc atttcagcat aaaacaaatg tccctgttaa     48060
     aggtcattcc actgaaaaga tattttttat aaattgttct acggagaaag aaggaaaagc     48120
     aaatggactt taaattgcat tgtagttagt aaattatgat ttagaataaa ttattatttt     48180
     gggcgaacta ttccttagtt catttaaact gtttgttcgt gcctttttct gcccaacttc     48240
     ttataaaatt aagaactttt gttcagttca gtcatgtttt tattcatcat tgtgtgtccc     48300
     atagtctatg gactacagag ggttcagatc aggggtgata tgatttttaa gtacttttat     48360
     gtgcatacaa gctgtatgca taatctacgc taattgaatc tctcttatga gagatgtgat     48420
     ggaagtggta tatgtaaatg gaatgcaaat gggtttctca acatgcacct gtattagtca     48480
     taaccacagg aggctgatgg ctgcaggcac aaaagagagc tgggctagta tccctaatca     48540
     cagaggtgtt gccacggtga ttcttttgga agtgatggaa aaaatgatgc ccgactaggg     48600
     tgattagggt attagcacaa cagcaaaaac aagccaagaa tgttcctaga acacattatc     48660
     tatgaattct gttgactgaa tcagcactgc atttttttgt atgatgatgt aaattagcta     48720
     aaagtgcagt atcaatgggt tcatataaaa tttgaataaa tgcgatttta tgttttatat     48780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     48840
     atatatatat atatttgtat atatataaaa aatatatatt tggtaaaaat ttggtatata     48900
     tatatttggt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac acgcatttca ttcattcagc cagtggctct     48960
     caaatcatgc attcatgacc aaaatgcaac ctcctgtgga cagtagcaga atctgaaatg     49020
     agatgtggat tcagagttcc acatgaggtt attattcatg gcaacaatat aaatgttaca     49080
     attgtaaaca ttaggtgagc aggttacgtt ttctaacaac acgctacatg atgagaattg     49140
     cagtgataag caatttggct gtttgcacca gacgaaacac aacagaaatt aaatacagct     49200
     atttagaagc acaaaatatg accttactca caaaacggta aggtttctaa tataaatcat     49260
     acacattaag cctcattaac attattaaat gtacattcaa aatcactgat atgtgttggt     49320
     ttgcagtatt tcacagtttt aaagttcaat tttaaatggt ttattttatt ttcaagatct     49380
     gaggctttca gtagtatggc aataattgtc ttgtgaaatg gcattcaaac tcacattatt     49440
     aactataaca ctaaataaag cacatgagct gtacctgagg tgatcatgtg atcaagtttt     49500
     ctgtttatct gcaaaaaata taaagtgctt ctaaaatata aatttcaggt gttggttagg     49560
     gcaaaaactc cttttaaaat gaaaatattc tttctattgc atgccattgc ttttatataa     49620
     acaggattta aattggcctt aatcagcatt tagtcttgat agtcaagctc gctcctgttg     49680
     gtcctcaatc tggcaacctg tgcttgcgtg ttaaaatcca ggaatgcaat acctagttca     49740
     gtcactgggt ttcaaactta catactgcac cttaaaggtg ccattttaaa acttttttta     49800
     aacttttctg gactgctgcg tctcgttcga ctattacaca agtggtagac ttcaagtact     49860
     gagtaccagc aaaatatgca cgtgcccagc aagcatgaat ggtcatgcat cgcgtgtttt     49920
     aagcctatta aacaaaattt atcctgttga ttttgaatct tgcacctaac aaatattctc     49980
     attcagaaaa aaaactacaa ctaatactgc aactaataaa aactatacta aaactaagac     50040
     atttttaaaa tatagaaact aataaaaact aagaactcta cctctaaaac taattaaaac     50100
     taactgaatt ttgaaaacaa agttaaaacg aaatagaaac tgaaaccaat gaaatgaata     50160
     tgatagacca ggattgatta atcagtctgg gcaagaactg ttttattgca aaatgctgct     50220
     tcgaaacaaa acgccagtta ccatatcttg actccaataa tgtccttagc acttgtaaac     50280
     aaagttatgt gaagtgatct tttatttcac atattaatat gtgcctgagt cttcattctt     50340
     cattcaagta caggtaaagt agatttgctt ttattgtgca aaaaacatca tctctgtata     50400
     aggaaataga agtactaata tgtactttca gaatcacaaa tagattcagc tctcattgta     50460
     tcttgctagc ataacatagg aacagatgct gaaaacccta tctgttactt tcacattctc     50520
     tagtgaatac taattattaa aaataattat taacacaact aatttgattt cttagatatg     50580
     ttgttctttg tgtttagtta aggtgagcct aaacaggtta gtttaaataa ttaagtcaac     50640
     attaacatga ttgaataaca ctcaaaataa actaaaaaag ttttcagaac ttaatgttaa     50700
     tgtgttaaga atcacaactt gagtaataca ttttctgtgc atgacatcaa ctatttgaca     50760
     tggcaaaaat taagttttta tttctgtctt ttttaaaatt gtgaaattaa ttattaattt     50820
     taaaaggtgt tgaaactgaa ccaacaacta ttattatcag tatacatcac ctgaattacc     50880
     aaaatcataa atcataaata aacacataag taattcaatg ataaaaactg actgatgatt     50940
     gatgatgtct gtaaaaaaaa gtatcactta acacttagca ataaggtgca gtatgtgtat     51000
     ggcaaggtta taatagtttt ggatttttta tttgtttcag tttctatttc gttttgactt     51060
     tgttttgaaa attctgttag ttttaattag ttttagaggt agatttctta gtttttatta     51120
     atttctatat tttaaaaatg ttttagttta gtttttttta gttttagtat tagtttcatt     51180
     tttttttcta aatgaggata tttattaggt gcaagattca aaatcaacag gataaatatt     51240
     gtataataaa aactcaacca tacaattttt aaatatgtat tcagagaaca catgaacttt     51300
     atcatagcac aaccatctac ccatactcaa attcaaaaac agcccacaag atagcagtct     51360
     taagtacaat atgtgtgcaa ggctgcttct gaggttagaa acacagtagt gatgggccgg     51420
     gccgaattaa acaatagtca ttatgggata atacttgaac aagtactaac aagtacttga     51480
     acaagtgtgc ttttaatgct tgaaaaataa gttaaaacat ttgtagacta gaaatatatg     51540
     tagtggatat catttatttt aaaaatgtgg acaatacatt ataaattaat tttatttaac     51600
     aaatattata ttaatcttat tttttaattc aactatgggg tgcggctata gaggggcttc     51660
     aagacattgt gcccaggggc ctctaaatta ttaatccggg cctggtgatg gttcagattt     51720
     ttaacccggt tgttaggact caacattatg tattcagcaa tagtaatttc agtcagttaa     51780
     aacatcgcca tgatgtgaaa aatgtcttac agtaaagttt tgcaacccaa ctgaatcatg     51840
     attcatttat ttaaattcca ttacgattgt ctgtcatgaa ataaacataa tttttttcac     51900
     cagatcctct tatttaagcc ctcagtttac ccgcgctgca gatgttccag tttagtttat     51960
     tcacacagca ggctgtactg tttgtgtttg gttcactgaa tcacgcatgc tcagtattat     52020
     tggttcaccg cttctcactg taaccgtgta acgttactgt tctaataact gaatgagagt     52080
     atatgttggt ttatttagag tcagagggtg gtattgggct tgttaaaaag taagtagttt     52140
     gtggataagt gcttactgga gacgcaaatt gtttcaaatg attcagttcg atttggttga     52200
     actagttcaa ccggttcact cagaagatct gagtgaaaga tttgtttgtg atacagaaat     52260
     aaaacccatt attgggcata aagttttgga atccctggct cacacaatag agtgcactga     52320
     ttggtttgaa ccaagtcttt ctcatgaatg aatgcaacac actcagaaat gttataagga     52380
     acgttcgagg ttacagaagt aacccttgtt tccccgagga ggggaacgga agtgctttag     52440
     gtggatgtga tgtagaaaat ccatgtatgg gaggattcgg ttcagaagcc gcttgtctga     52500
     aagagtattg aatgggccaa tgaaagcaat gaattggcag cgtaagcttg cgcaggtgtg     52560
     cttcattgcc aattatccca gcatataagc acacctgccg cgagcaaacg ccatcctttt     52620
     aagctgaaga gacttttaac agctaaggga cagtcattat ggcgatggaa tatagcactt     52680
     ccgttcccct cctcggggaa cgaagggtta cttctgtaac cttgaacgtt ccccttcggt     52740
     tggggaactc cagtgctata ggtggatttg atgtagaaaa tccacgtatg ggacactatg     52800
     gaaaacgcca taatgactgc accttaccaa cgcctccgat gagagggcag tcaagcaagc     52860
     gtcacgtacc caaatcatgg aaggcgcggt cctccaacgt gcccctggcc ctaacttatc     52920
     cccacttcaa aggaagtttt acggaatagg tatatttttt ggggagtcac tagcgtctag     52980
     ataattctag gaaacacaac agtatgttgg gagcgtgcaa tcccggtagg gaggacgctg     53040
     cggagaccat ccgcagccaa tgagggagac aaaatggtaa tacatatgga ctagccttaa     53100
     gaaggggggg tgcgcataag aaggtggtta gcggataggg aaggcacggg tccacccgag     53160
     agtggggact gaaccgtggc ggaaaaggca tatgggatcg catatagccg gcacctatac     53220
     ccaaaacgcg ggctgaccag cagtcagacc taacgtagtg ggccagcaag tgactccttc     53280
     actgaatcag tgctgggggc cacggaggaa tctgcagggc tcacagaacg gggaacttta     53340
     ctgacagaca gggaggtgca catcagggaa aaaaggcacc gcaagcatgt tacaacaccc     53400
     taccgagttg tttcctatat caccaagggt tacctaatac ccttgaggaa accggctcca     53460
     ctcgcagatt gtaaaacctt gcaaatatgt tgggtgttgc ccagcccgca gctgtacaga     53520
     tgtctattaa agaggcgccg cgtgcacgcg cccaagagga tgcaacactc cgagtggagt     53580
     gcccacgcac tcgcggggga cgtggctgac ctctgctcaa ataacatgaa tggcctccac     53640
     aatccagtgg gataattttt gcttggttac ggcacttccc tgctgccaac cgccataaca     53700
     gacaaagagc tgctcagatg atctaaagta ctgagcacgg tccacataga tgcgcagagc     53760
     gcaaactgga cagagtaagg aaagggctgg gtctgcctcc tccgggggca gcgcttgtag     53820
     ggttactacc tggtctctga agggagtggt aggaaccttg ggcacataac ccgggcgggg     53880
     tctcaggata acgtgagaaa atctggcccg aattccaggc aagagtcact gaccgaaaat     53940
     gcctccaggt ccctgaccct cttaaaggag gccaacgcga ccagcagagc tgtcttcagg     54000
     gacagaaatc ttaaggatac tgattcaagt ggctcaaagg gatctgaacg caagctcgtg     54060
     agaacgaggg taagatccca agagggcatg agggggggtg ccgccagcta ccgtgtcatg     54120
     ataagcggag atggcggcca cgtaaacctt gagagtggag ggtgacagcc tgctctccag     54180
     cttctctaga aggaaagaga gcacaacact gatctggcaa gttcgggggt cttctctgtg     54240
     agagacacac cattcagtga atagactcca cttcagggag gtgcgcctcg tggagggagc     54300
     tctagcctaa gtgattatat caaccaccgc agtcggtagg ttaccttagt cttcctcgcg     54360
     tctagggacc acacgtggag gttccagaga tcgggacgag ggtgccagat ggtgccctgt     54420
     ccctgagaga gttggtcctc tctcaaaggg atctgccaag ggagggccat cgtgaggagg     54480
     gagagctctg atatccaggt ctggctgggc cagaggggcg caactagccg aacctgctcc     54540
     tcgtcctccc tgaccttgca caatagctgc gcgagcaggc tcactggggg aaacgcaact     54600
     tgcgtgtgcc ccgaggccag ctgtgggcta gtgcatcagt gccgagagtg ccctcggtca     54660
     aggtaaagaa caactggcaa tgagcgttct cgagggaagc gaacagatcg atctgggcct     54720
     cccagaatcg cacccatgtc agctggacag agtcggggtg gagtctccat tccagagcga     54780
     atttgctgcc gtgagagcgc atcggctgca cagttgagca tacctggagc tatacctcca     54840
     gaggagcaca cggcaggcga gctgagacat gtggtgagag cgcgtactcc ccatgcggtt     54900
     gatatacgct gccgccgccg tactatccgt cctgaccagc atgtgttgct gctccaacac     54960
     aggaaaaaat ggtggagagc gaggaacact gccaacagct ctaggcgatt gatatgccaa     55020
     tgcagctagg cacccttgca taggcccaca gctgcatgcc cgcgacacac agctccccag     55080
     cccatgttgg aagcatctgt tgaaacaaca acatgacttg acgcctatcc cagaggcaca     55140
     ctggcctgca ggaatgaggg actcgatcta gaagccagtg ctgaagtggt ctcatatgta     55200
     gcaatccgag cggcgtgaca gcggcagcgg atgccatatg ccccaggagc ctctgaaagt     55260
     atttcagtgg gaccactatt ttgctgtcga gctccctaag acagttcagc aacaggcgag     55320
     cgggctctcc ggtgaggcgc gctaccatgg tgaccgagtc cagctccatc ccgagaaaag     55380
     agatcctctg caccggggcg agtttgctct tttctcggtt gacctgcaac cccaataggc     55440
     gaagatgccg gagcaccttg tctctgtgca tagtcaattg ctcccacgag tgggctaaaa     55500
     tcagccagtc gtcgagataa ttgagtatgc ggatgcccgc aagccgaagg ggcactaagg     55560
     caccctccac aagtttggtg aagacccgcg gagacagaaa gagcccgaag gggataacct     55620
     tgtattgcca tgctcgaccc tcgaacccaa accgcaggaa ctggcggtgg cgtggaagaa     55680
     tggagacatg aaaatacgca tccttcaggt ctatggctgc aaaccaatcc tgaggacgaa     55740
     cgcatctgcg taagcattct gaacggcagc ttgtgaagac agcagttcaa aatgcgcaga     55800
     tctaggattg gccgtgaccc accgctcttt ttgggtacga tgaagtacag gctgtagaac     55860
     ccgctctcca tctcggctgg aggaaccggc tcgattgcac ccttcaccag gagggcaaaa     55920
     atcccctctc gcaagaccgg gacagacagg gggttgaccc tggtgaaata cacgcccgtg     55980
     aacttggggg gctgtttctc taactgaatc gcgtagccga gtctgattgt gtgtatgagc     56040
     caccgcgagg ggctggcccg cgctaaccag gcaggcagag ccctcgctaa tagcgtcatc     56100
     gctacaaccg ctgacgtacc agaggtgggg cagcgcggag cgggtgtgct gatttgggaa     56160
     gcactgactc ctcaccctga ctccggagag ggggctcgag ggctggggga aggaaaccgt     56220
     cccagcactc gtgagccact ggcggagcgc accgaacctg cgagctagag agcacagtgt     56280
     ctcagactgg cagatttcgg gctgtcacat ccggggaagt ggaaaagtgc cctttcattt     56340
     catggcagta aaaagtgcca ttggaaatgg ggccccgccc tccagcgggg aaagagcaag     56400
     ttccctcttc tccagatgac ctgtcccagg gacgcttcgc ggtccgttgc cggacttagc     56460
     ggcgttctgg gcagggggct gcttcgacgc gccttcggtg aggaaaagat ataaatggta     56520
     cggcgggcgg agcgggctta cggtcccacc gaaggtgaca tcacccatca gactgctctc     56580
     tcaccgcccc aaattcctgg gtgaattcgc agacggtgtc gccaaccagc ttgggatatg     56640
     gggaagacaa gaaactgtac tttgtcgact ttgcgcatat caggcaagtt ttagtcaggg     56700
     gtggcgctcc tggaccacta gtgtggacat cgtcctcccc aacgcacacg cagcggactt     56760
     agtagtccga agagcttagt cggctgcggt gcgaatctta taagcctggg ttggacccac     56820
     cctcgtgcag cttggccagc gcctgcgctt ggtagcgctg gtaggtggct atcgcatgca     56880
     aggcggaagc agcctggccc gcagctttgt aagctctagc tccgagggag cagaaaactt     56940
     acaggctttg gatgggagac gaggcggacc ccgccaagaa gaggtgtcgt gcggattgac     57000
     cgccatcgcg cactcaacct gaggaatcgt cacatacccc ttggccgctc cgccgtcaag     57060
     agtggtgagg gtggagggac acgcagcacg agcagaaaaa agtgcctttc aagtccgtgt     57120
     gagcctactg tgcacctccg ggaagaaggg aatgcccctc tagtcggtcg gaagcagccc     57180
     gggaaagcac ggctaacatg tccgtttcag gatctgtttt gacagggctc acctgctcaa     57240
     agggggcgag cgggtctgga tcatcatcgg acaatgaaag cccaccctcc gatgccgcgg     57300
     tggatgtctg gtctccggtg tcatcgagcg taagggctac catctgttag acggattgtt     57360
     tcccccacac gaagcttaga tagagcgctt ggaggagcga gaggtccgcg ggcccgtggt     57420
     cgacggatta tctctcgctg aaccctcaga tctgcccgat agcccgctgc agagcagggg     57480
     acaactgggg tggtttgcct ttttgcaaag gctagccgcg atcttgactg cgcaacagtc     57540
     atggcatcgc aatgaacaca tgaactgtcc gcgagcagcg cattaagcga aaaggatggc     57600
     atttgctcgc gccaggtgtg cttatatgct gggataattg gcaatgaagc acacctgcgc     57660
     atgcttacgc tgccaattca ttgctttcat tggcccgttc aatactcttt cagacaagcg     57720
     gcttctgaac caaatcctcc catacgtgga ttttctacat caaatccacc tatagcactg     57780
     gagtttccca accgaagggg aactccctgg tacagacgtc cagtctacat gtggaataca     57840
     cactaagatt tcatggccgt gaagcagctt taaaagtaag ttttaaacca gaagtacgaa     57900
     tttgttcgaa ataacacaaa aacaaccagt tttcagtttt tttgtgaact acaagtgtcc     57960
     taatactgtt tttagcagtg tgggacacat atatgaatgt caacagctca aaaaatgtgt     58020
     ttcatgagcc tttaaaatag caaaagtgga ttcaaacaca tccttaatgc ttttgcacca     58080
     ttcgctttag actttgcaac tagaacgtca aaacagagtt ttagaaagaa ctgtgcagac     58140
     ccttgtgatc aaagacagat aataaccttt ttatgatgga atgaaaatag agttgttggc     58200
     aacttattac aggaggtctg cattacagcc tgtctgtctg tgttttgtca tattttgtga     58260
     gtcatgtttc acctgtcacc ttgtgtgttt cagaacaaag tgacatctgc tcatcgtggg     58320
     attacggcag aggctcatgg gagaaaggta agtaaatgga attatattgt aaagctagac     58380
     aggatttgat tagttaaaca taattaaatc taatgttagg ttaaagaaat gtgacagttt     58440
     ttattatttt atatttagct tgtcagttca tttagtcaca aacgtaattt agatttaatt     58500
     gaattcagat ttgatttcaa agtgtgtcag acctttataa tatattgcgt aacatttctc     58560
     ttttctggga cgtacaaaat ccagcacttt aagaggttgc tctacttctt gaagggaaat     58620
     gatagttatc ttccactttg acttttgtgt gtttattcat tcatgaaaca taaatggctt     58680
     tttccctgct ggttcaaagc aaattagctt gcttatgatt gcattacatt cgctctcttc     58740
     tttcatacat ttgtttactg gcatgaatgg attgatgaaa cagacctgcc cagctgtctg     58800
     tctgggtttt ctttcttcct atctctctca cctgcatttt tatctctcat ctatcactct     58860
     tttgaaaaca ttatttctcc ctctcctatt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     58920
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccattg agtattcatt gcttgttggt caagtgactt     58980
     ggcgttttat gcaatgtgac agtgagcctt aaagacaaga cagaaagtga catgaacctt     59040
     ttgacctatc tcatctctcc agcatccctt cgtcctttct ctctccaata aacccccaac     59100
     cattagcatc actaagcact ccattatctg tgacatggaa aattcagcac ttttcttcac     59160
     ttctgaggtt tcagaaagct gcgaatgcac agtattatac ctgtggagac tctggcttta     59220
     attaacacgt aatgcttcag aactcctgcg tgctaatgat aacaaggctg acagaatgac     59280
     acacaacagt cttttgttct gttctttttc ttttcatctt tgaatgcact cctactgcag     59340
     caccaatttc ttttttatat ccatagagaa agatgcgaga attcagtcca acctatgtta     59400
     aaatagacat gatcaaatat attcagatct ggaaatcgaa taatcaattg aattacctga     59460
     tctgcaaatg aattgtatta atcacaagca tgtaatgtaa gtttttttgg cataaaatat     59520
     tgtataaata gaaaatcctt aaaaatgctt gcattttaat gtagggcttt caaggtttca     59580
     aaatatgctt agatttcgaa tgaagtgctt taaaaattgt ttgaaaaagc agttatgttt     59640
     atttcataat aatatatcct atttaacagc tacatatttc aatataaata aagtcctttt     59700
     tcttttgcac aaaaaaagaa aactctgctg gagtctgtgc ttgtgcctgt agcataatct     59760
     gcaggtcttt ttttatctac agtatgtgcg cccttcgagc tgtggagttt gccacgtctt     59820
     gagcactaga ttgatgaaga cgaattatat aatctaaata agtgagactc aaatcccaaa     59880
     gggggttttt gttacaattt attgtatagt tattattatt tttaaataat gtaatatttg     59940
     tatattctac attaaatata agataaatat acagttgaag tcagaattat taaacctcct     60000
     gaattattag tttgtcactt attagttact gtttattttt ttccactaat ttctgtttaa     60060
     cggagaaaag tttctcaaca catttctaaa cataatagtt ttaataactc atttctcaaa     60120
     actgacttat tttatctctg ccatgatgac agtaaataat atttgactag atatttttca     60180
     agatactttt atccagtctc tccacaccac aacaagtgtg cagcatccac ttggatgatg     60240
     cgacggcagc cacaggacaa tggcgccagt gtgcccacca cacaccagct attagggcag     60300
     ttgagagaca gtgatacagc caatttggtg gctggggatg attaggaggc catgatgagt     60360
     attggccagt tgagtgtaca tggaaagagc ttgaaaagtg cttaaattaa tctttctaaa     60420
     aggtttaaga tggctttgtt ttaggtaaac cttgttttag gtgttttttc gtaattgtag     60480
     tataattagc atcaagtttt taatacttaa ttcttaaatt tttgtgtttg cttcaagttc     60540
     attgtggaga tgcactaata ctgtatatag taataatgtg tatcattatt tgtgttttta     60600
     ttatatcctg ctaattaaaa gagatcaaac ttattagaat tgtcctgtcc ataaagagac     60660
     tgtctcattt gtgcaatgac tttgaaatgg gtcacactga tacagaattg cagtttgcaa     60720
     gctctgcagt gctcaatttt tgcaaagtgt aggagtttaa agtgaacttt atgcattctc     60780
     agttgctata aactttagag taagtactat tcacaaaata agtgctgaat ctactagtgc     60840
     tttattgtat gcataataaa aacaatatta caaattattc tgttgttcaa atgttgttgt     60900
     aacggtttgt catctgctaa atatctgaac ttaacctgta acctgccaca cttgaatggg     60960
     aatcacatta atttaaccac attaaaagta ctgtttcaca ttcctatgat agtaatggct     61020
     tgaagtaaaa gcttattttt agtgttacta caacagatgt ataactgttt ttagtttttt     61080
     gtatttatat ctcagaagct tatatttggc tttaggaagt gttacccaaa caaatgagtt     61140
     tactgtattt taaaggtctt cggagtagca aaggcatagt acataaatag ttatcatatg     61200
     catgttctgg ttgggttttt gttttagtct tccttaggcc tgttcactaa tacattttcc     61260
     ttttaaatca gcattttaca attaaaacaa tccacgtcca cactggcatt tcatctagcg     61320
     tttctgaaaa gccttccatc cacactacac agctaaaagc gcacgtcatg tgaccataca     61380
     cggactctgg aaattgctga aagctgcttc agcgtattct cgcgtctgag ctgaaggcag     61440
     tcagcggtag ctctgagctg agcacagctg cttatctgag aaaagccaaa catcgcccag     61500
     cctattttga atctgccgct ggatctcatc tctctgtagt tgttaaagcc tcttgtctat     61560
     acctatatcc agtgagtcgg tcttggatct attagcctac ctcaggtaac atgttttgag     61620
     ataagttaaa cagatacaaa gataagttaa tatacctatt aatttggttt attaagcaca     61680
     tattggtaaa accacacaaa gagcctaatg tttcatattt ttcaatgaaa atgaagggag     61740
     gcagttatta ggcctagttt tgatataaat ttgcatacag tgtagatgac ggtcatataa     61800
     atatgtacat gatgcattaa catttttgtt ttctattatg tttaagttgt taatataaaa     61860
     attaaaagag agtgctttat gtcatgtttt cattttattg ttaagtttat ccagggtgaa     61920
     tgatgttata aaagtacact gctgttacat ttgaagaatt ttcaagaatg tgtcctcatg     61980
     tcttcgggag tttgttgcaa ggaaaggatg ctagtctgaa ctgtgtgtac ttgatcttga     62040
     gaaaaagccc caatcaggta gtgcgaatgt cattttcaaa acactccgtt tttggtgctt     62100
     gaaaacactg gcgtagtgca gatggaatat gtaaccgtag caaagtaatc gttttagaac     62160
     ttaaatgtat tagtgtaaac agaaggtaat gttgaaaacc aatataattt tttttcatca     62220
     tttgtacata tcattcttca aaatatggta ttttgtgacc aacataaaaa agaattccat     62280
     aaatgtttga aaccacttga gggtaagtaa atagggaatc atttggggtc agttaaacct     62340
     ttaagcagga cactgcagca aattgtttgt atgttgtgta tttattattt tggatatttg     62400
     tcaaaattta gcaagtgaca atttttggag catatcgacc tcaactatat ttactagcca     62460
     gtacagaatt attagccccc ctgaattatt agaccgcttg tttatttttc cccaatttct     62520
     gtttaactga gagaacacat ttctaaacat aatagtttta ataactcatt tctaataact     62580
     gatttatttt atctttgcca tgatgacagt aaaaaatatt tgactagata tttttcaaga     62640
     cacttctgta cagcctaaag ttacatttaa aggcttcact aggttaatta ggttaactgg     62700
     gcaggttagg gtaattaggc gagttattgt ataacagtgg tttgttttgt agattactga     62760
     taaaaaaaat ttagcttaaa gaggctaata attttgtccc taaaattatg tttgaaaaat     62820
     taaaaactgc ttttattcta gccgaaataa aacaaataag actttctcca gaagaaaaaa     62880
     atattatcag acatacagtg aaaatttcct tgctctgtta aacatcattt ggtaaatatt     62940
     taaaaaagaa gaaaaaaatt tgaagggggc taataattct gactacaact gggtgaatat     63000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatctga agtctggact     63060
     ttatttgtac ttctatgtat tctatgctgc tttgatacaa tctacattgt aaaagtgcta     63120
     tataaataaa tataaaataa atggaattga atgattgacg gaaacatgat gcttaggaat     63180
     gctaattaag gatgctaatt aaattgaaag gaatttaatt cacagatttt ttgctacaag     63240
     acacatctgg tcttatcata cacccggcac aaggcgcgac ttagggctgc tcggtaataa     63300
     ttattattac ataattattt tggtcataat tgtaatcatg attattcaaa acgattatta     63360
     gttgaagtca aatatattcg cccttctgtg aatttatatt tatacataaa tatttcccaa     63420
     attatgttta acagaggatt tcctatattt tttttcttct ggggaaaggc ttatttgttt     63480
     tatttcatct agaataaaat ccggtttaaa tattttgaaa cctattttaa tagctcgata     63540
     ttattagccc ccttaagcaa tattttgatt gtctgcagaa gacaccactg ttatataatg     63600
     acttgcctat ttgccctaat taaccctttg aatgtcactt taagctgaat actagtatct     63660
     tgataaatat ctagtaaaat attatgtacc gtaatcatag caaagataaa agaaatgagt     63720
     tattaaatct gttatgttta aactgtgttt taagcatctt cacggtaagg aagaaacttt     63780
     agatacaaaa gtccttcagt caagagcagt gaggtatttt ctccttttgt tgtttgatta     63840
     ataataaaaa cagtcagcag caggaatatc acacaatttc actttaagaa tggtgcggct     63900
     ctgatatggt tcctttttca tgtgtctttt gattctcaac ctgtttgttt attacacaaa     63960
     tgagggttat tatgaataat cacctaacac cgcgctctga cacaaatgtc catgtatttg     64020
     atgattaaag cgctcacatt aagttggcgt gtgtgctctg ttgtccaagg ctttgcgcgc     64080
     acacacacac acacacaccc acactcacta cctgtacgag gctaagcgcg gcgcggacac     64140
     acacaacagc atgtgctttt tcgcgctttt gaaaatatga atgatgcgca aacgttacat     64200
     aacagcacat gcttttaatc attttcacgt gggaactgag ctttgcagag caacaaatgt     64260
     gtacaactgt aaagggggcg gtatatgatg gaataattgt ttatctcgat taatggttta     64320
     acataatcat tagaagccaa aatcgaaatc gaaatcggat tttcgattaa ttgcacagca     64380
     gtagtgcgac tcaattgttg tttgctagta tcagctcaac gcaagagtca ttttaatgtt     64440
     ttgcagcatg ctgtttaaat agcaaatgca tttgcactca tatgtgcccc caaaggcgtt     64500
     ctggactaaa aaaggaggtg tgttgaggtg cattgctggt gcgttgctat tttgaggaac     64560
     tagaatagac tgttaaatat accagctaag aggaggtcta aagtacagtg cagagcttgt     64620
     tagttgtgca ccttgcttaa acacacagga tgcaatatga aaatattttt ttacaaatga     64680
     caaagaatta aaggattaaa atattacaaa aaatattatt ttccagccaa aataaatata     64740
     aaaaacaaaa ataaatataa aaaggcctcc aaaagcagat ttttctgtcc ttaaaatagc     64800
     aaaagtggat tcggtcagac ccttaatgct tttgcgccct gcgctttgga ctttgcgcct     64860
     agatcatcaa aatagagccc atcatgttta ttctaaacaa aacacataca tcttctggtg     64920
     gggctgatcc taagtgacac aggaaagaga aaacatcttt aaaagtcagt tagacctttt     64980
     tatagacatt ttcaacacaa tttttataag gtgtagaaaa ttttttagtt ttttttgcaa     65040
     acaaatgttt tcccttaaag caaagaaagc cactggtcaa caaaaaactg tgtaatttgt     65100
     ttatttaaat atgttgtcta taaataatgg gtttaatgag cgctcaacca aattatccta     65160
     cctttcccag aaaaatctgt cacgcaaaat ctgggtccct cagctcagtg caccataaac     65220
     ggagaaaact gaagcagcat gacagtgctc atctccttct ttctgctgaa gggagggctc     65280
     aataattgca tttatccttc tgcagtgaca gcagcatttg tcctttgtgc cactcaaaac     65340
     aatctctgat tatatataga ggcccagtga ggtaaaatga ggatactctt gctttttatt     65400
     cctggaacat tcaagcctct gctcgggtgg agtttggcag atctttaggg tttgtgcttg     65460
     acttcatgcc tttgggactg gagaagtcat tgaaggatga cagagactga gagggttttg     65520
     atcaccggag gctgatttga gccaaaccat agtgatgaaa tgattctgat tggtgtggag     65580
     gacactggaa tgtgtcttta aataagtgaa cgtgtcactg ttcaagatgt gcctgtctgt     65640
     aattttagca gtaaatgctg ctgtaaatca gagccaacaa tatctcaata tagatttttt     65700
     agattatatg aggaaggttt agatttcatc ctattttttg aagatttata agttatgaac     65760
     cctcaaatac catcatccac gtgtgtggaa actatgctgt actacccagt aggggtgtga     65820
     cgagatgttt actccacgag atgagacaca atattgtgtt catgataacg agacgggata     65880
     agattttttt tttttgaaat gatggaaata gtcttttatt aaacagaaaa aaaaatctta     65940
     atgcaaagct atttagaagc tttatgaaat caacttgtat taaaagttat tttgcttcta     66000
     ttgtaatgaa tcgtatgctt taaagaggat tcatacactc tactgactcg acaaagctat     66060
     tggatgtttt gatggaattt gatacctcgc gcttaatgaa aaaaatactt ttttccagac     66120
     ggcataaatg atgatgttgg ttgagtcttc aagagttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     66180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     66240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gttgtgtggt     66300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg     66360
     tcgtgtccgc gtgcactcgg agaagatgtg tgtctgtggc actttactga ctcagtacac     66420
     gaggtgcaga gaataatgtc aaacagtcat gggtgtatgg cttattagac aatggtaata     66480
     gttttattac agagtttaca tatctgtaca aaacttaaat attttacatt ttttatgtgg     66540
     gtttacgaca attgtggctt taagcatatc taaaatgcta ttctatcgca tctttaattt     66600
     gtgtagtggc agttgtagta gcatttgctt ttggatatgg taacctttga actacagtga     66660
     aaaaatcggt tatgtcacac ccactcaagc aaacaagtga cgtgcatcca gtcctgcttc     66720
     caatctccag tgctaaattc accctcacac tccatcataa caacacaact cacgaaacaa     66780
     cttttcacct caatgagaaa tcttgtcgcg attcacgccc catttacaca ggacttcagc     66840
     gccaacgctt catagaaggc gtgtctgaag ttggggctga tgtgatcgtc atagcagcgt     66900
     cagccaatga aattagttcg caatcggcta ctgtctaagc tggtgtattt gcatacagcg     66960
     atctgattgg ctgacgcttc cgtcggcact tgaaaagtta agaaaatccc aacttctgaa     67020
     gcagcgccga tggatccagc agttcggcaa tgcctgacgt cacccattca aagtgaatag     67080
     gaagcgctga agctgatgcc ctgtgtgaat gaatctcgca agatctcgta gtccgagatc     67140
     tcgtcacacc cctactaccc agactatgcc atatatatca atgttactga atgtatttgt     67200
     tttactctaa tttcttaatt aatcatatga ttgaatattt aacgtttatg tattttgtat     67260
     gtgcaaaatt gttgtaaatc tttttcttct tcatgttagt cttcttcttc ttcatcctct     67320
     tcgataattt ctattaaaaa ttaagtttcc aggtcacaga tgttaaaaag accccgaact     67380
     aaaaagaaat aaattaaaag accaaaacct gcctaccaaa caaaatccgg tccttatatt     67440
     tacggaacca caccgctttg gaaatgacag aaagctcttt gattacaaca taaatataca     67500
     taaatgaaat tcacaaatca ttctaaacaa ataattaaaa taatgcacaa gcattgtatt     67560
     cacgtataca tcaatcctga aaaaagaaac agctattttt ttgcttattg ttttatgtca     67620
     ttcacctgca tgaactctag tgaatagaaa gtatagaagc taactgctgt cctcttgcac     67680
     gctacaaaag acaacataac cacaacataa gacaacataa cttcatgtta gtttttagtt     67740
     agttaagaca acataacttt aaaataaatt aaaaaaaagg ttatgaaata taaataatta     67800
     cataaattca atatatcaat tcttaattaa tctttatttt tatagtgctt ttacaatgta     67860
     gatcgtgtca aagcagctta acatagaagt tctagtaaac tgaaaccgtg tctgtccagt     67920
     tttcagggtt aaagttcagt ttcagtgtgg cttatttttc actgctaaaa gtccaaacac     67980
     tgaagagaaa acccgccagt ggtgacagtg acaaggaaca aacttcacta attaatgaac     68040
     gtgaagtgca aaaaacctag agagaaaccc atgtacatca aaacaaaaac aaaaaaattg     68100
     ttaaataacc atttaacctt taaaattctc ttaatattta tgtcacctat gttctcatgc     68160
     taactaacct ataacttata ttccctcata gacatttgaa ttcaaccaaa ctcagtatga     68220
     aattgtttcg ctgcttcagt taattctgct tgatattgct gtttttcctt taaatgtcac     68280
     atccatcagg ctttaatcac ttgtcttttc cacatcttct gcttatgtat gaaaatgtca     68340
     catttgatgc gagcaacact cctccactga ctcttaaagg gtttatttat ttgttgcgca     68400
     ttccgttatt tataaagtcc atacctggca gcaaagtttg tcccttcata agcctcgttg     68460
     acgttcttat gtttatatac tgttgatgtg ctttatgcaa catgctttat gaatttgcct     68520
     ttagggttcc cttgtgacca ttgcaaattg aatagtgaca agggtgtatt ggctctgtga     68580
     gtgtgttgaa ctgtttttgt gaggttttat ttattttctt cttttatgca gatgatggct     68640
     gaagccactt tggatgccca acagacacag gcctgggatc agttccgcac tatttacaga     68700
     ggaccatctc gggtatgact gaccaacagt aacatttctt atctccccac ttctactcta     68760
     tacagttgaa gacatcaata ttggtcacac actttatttt gatggttcgt tggttgaata     68820
     tatactatac tatattatat tattatacta tataagtgtt accaaatgat taggcctaat     68880
     gcaaaagtgt aattatttga cttttttaaa catctgaaca aatataattc aaaggttttt     68940
     tttttttttt caacacttat ataaacgtga aaattatttt gtctttgcct tgatgacagt     69000
     acataatgtt ttaataatta tttttaagga ttcttctagt gtaaagaaat atacagagac     69060
     ccagaagtga cgtgatggtg gaagaaaaaa aatgggtgaa aaaaaaaggg ttgggaggaa     69120
     aataaaacga taataggtag tttttgcgtt atctcacaaa actgttgttc gacaaacact     69180
     tcatttcata catgacaacc ctgtttttgc caggattctc ccgtatttta ccaatatatt     69240
     ttattatttg gtattttccc atatttttct catattatta atcttgaaag catgttgaaa     69300
     ttaaaaaaaa aaagtctgaa ttcactttct tttcattaaa gctgtgcgtt gatctgcgcc     69360
     cctcatatgc gacctctaaa tcagtgaatg catgtataag cgctgactga ctgactccca     69420
     ggtcagctgt acactgattt aaagaggagc taaagtgtag gacaatttgg gattcaggtg     69480
     tgtgtttaaa cagacaaata cacttaataa aatgtaaaca tgcttgcctg gacgtccttc     69540
     ttgttttatt ttaaacacaa ctaatttcct ctttaatgac cacaaacggt taaagtatgc     69600
     ttttattata tattagtggt aagtgacacc tctgttatca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatga     69660
     gagactcatt tgctgctctt cacttgtttg ataacagagg tatcgcttta aatggcatga     69720
     acagaagcta atctgggatc agtttatcat acagagtgcg accgtcagtc agcgcttatg     69780
     aatttactga ttcaaaggtt gcaaatgaga ggtgctgatc gacgcacagc tttaatggaa     69840
     agaaagtgaa ttcagacttt tttttttttt aaattacaag aagcttttaa gattagtttt     69900
     tttttttatc cacttttttt ttatacacca tcacgtccct tccgggtctc tgtagaaata     69960
     taactttttt ttaaagaaat aaataatggg acactgaaaa aatgttatta ctctgttaaa     70020
     catattagaa aagaaaaaaa tatatcatag gaggtgaaat aattctgtat tctgctgtaa     70080
     atatagttgt gctcaattat ttactgtatg tgccacctaa tctattttac tttatttatt     70140
     tatttaattc attaatgtta ctaacttttt tgtcagtgtt ttacctctgt cattaaaata     70200
     tttttgtagt cttttatgta gccttttcaa aagtaagggt cagtgtttta gaaagcacta     70260
     taagattaat tttaaaatgt catgaatact aaagttcact gctgttctgg aaaagaagcc     70320
     ttggttcttt ttaagctctt gcattctgtt aaagttcttc ctcgcagtgg ttcagtgatg     70380
     agattcagct gtaggacaat tcaaaaactt acatcattgc aaaagccaag attacatcaa     70440
     cattattttc ttcagcaatc tcttgttgta tttgtgaaat atttgtgaaa tgtctcaaat     70500
     gcagcttttc tactaaaact ttctactatt ctactgaaaa cgaaatcaag tactacagta     70560
     cttttagcca ttttaaggtt aaaattatta gcccctttaa gctatatata tatatttttt     70620
     tttcgatagt ctataacttc cctaattacc ctaacctgcc tttttaccct aatcaaccta     70680
     gttaaggcat taaatgtcac tttaagctgt atagtagtat cttgaaaaat atctagtaaa     70740
     attttattta ctgtcatcat agcaaagatc aaataaatca gttattagaa atgagttatt     70800
     aaaactatta tgtttggaaa atgtgttaaa aacaatcttc tctttgttaa acaaaaatga     70860
     aaaagtatgg acaatatata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     70920
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatatatata ttgtccatac     70980
     tttttcaatc ctaaatagaa gtaataataa attatttgtg agtaataatt tgttttatta     71040
     ttgtgtgcgt ttgcattcat agatgtgtca gtgtgtgtgg gtaaggtaat tctcctcagc     71100
     tctatatgta tatatagatt agagagcttt agcattagat cctatttgtg cctttatttc     71160
     cactcacagc tgtttatcca tcacatatgt acttaaatgt actctcaccc gcatttacac     71220
     accccctcat acacttacac acatttatag agcctcaact gaattaaatg aagctgtttg     71280
     ttgactcaat gctgctggtt aaaaaataag ttgtcccagt gtcaaaaggc gtccaatagc     71340
     agcacgtgtg ttcttgattg aaaatggcta caatgccacc atgtgcacat gctattaatt     71400
     tattgtgatc ggataacact tgacctcatt aagtacattc ctctggcccc aataaatttg     71460
     gaattgtgca ataatgtaaa atataaaata catgaagttt atacctaatc agactaaact     71520
     atacatggtt tgttccatta taagtctatt atgggagaaa tctaagtact tcatatagga     71580
     aataatgcca ttatattgct atttgcatct gacctcttta ataactcaaa caaacttgat     71640
     cgatttatta gataagccta aagaaccagc tcacatatgt ttataataag tggacatatt     71700
     aacactgcag gcatgcacaa accatgactc atctgttttt caggtttgtt gatgtaatat     71760
     taaattagtc agaaatagta aatgccaagc acacaaaaag cctgagtagt ctgtagccat     71820
     ggtgacaacc atccactttt gttgtgtact gtaagctaca atttgaacaa tttaactcga     71880
     ctaagggcat actcacacta tgtacagttg cctcgaaccg agccaaagca cgcttgtccc     71940
     ccctcccgtc tcccccgacg gcccacactc acattacatt cgggcctggg cacgcttacg     72000
     tcatcgatga tccgctgttc agtagagaag cgctctcgct cagcacagag atttctctag     72060
     ttatattgtt ttagtcattt gggatgaggt gacacacagt caaatattat gctgaacaga     72120
     tccgccaatt ttgacgctca aaaacagtca ttaagtcctg gtgctgcagg aattaggagg     72180
     tttgctgaag gtgcagctgt ggtgcagtga ggggcttgct tcttttataa acttggacag     72240
     tttgcgttca ttgaacggta agaatgatta ataaatccat atgaaacagt ccctttaaag     72300
     tcacgtctag ctttccgttt caggcttagg cgcgttttgc actcacacac aagcgtaccg     72360
     cgccaaagcc caagtgaacc gtgccaagtg agcccaatcc agcgcactca cacttctcaa     72420
     acgttctggg aaatgggcct gggcatggtt tggatagcat agagtgagta tgccctaaat     72480
     gtattgtcat tcctgaaatg tttatagtgt gcgcatttag ggggtcacac aacggatgtg     72540
     ccgctcaaca ccatggcgcg ccatgtagat ttcagccata gatttctatc agagtacgca     72600
     catcgtcgcc acaagtcggt ggctgtccat ttcgcctagc tacaactcag gacactgttc     72660
     ataaataatg ataaatgcta attaaaaaat gcagggtaaa aagaggcaca gaggctgcga     72720
     tatctcctat atcttttctc agttgtcagg caccaacatg aaagtaaact gtagtgagtt     72780
     ataataaata ttatagtgtt tttttaacta tactgacact gacccctcca gcagagatag     72840
     agatgttgca caatcaacta aaatgtttta gttatgtttt atgtgttgtg cagtaagtcg     72900
     aaatattgat tattgtgaca agcctaaatc agacatgagc attgttattc attttattaa     72960
     acattacaag attattgtaa ctaaaataat tcattataat tttaacacaa gactctagta     73020
     gctgatgttg atgctattgt ccagttaaat atcacactac caagccctta tcctctgatg     73080
     aaataggaag ttgctgaagt tatccagtat ccctcacaca cactgtcaat cttaacatct     73140
     gtcctcggca ttaccagttg aaggagattg gcattctgaa gtggtacaga gagacttttc     73200
     attatcagct acctccgtct gtgtcatttt tgtttgtggg gggtgtttgt gttgtcattc     73260
     gtttcctgtc tctgtgtcag aattcacact cttgttaatg aggatcagta ttatcaagat     73320
     gtcacgtaat accaaaatga tgatcgggat gaacagatgg agaaataaat gcgtccatgt     73380
     tctcactgtg cacgtgtgtt tacgaataca taaatagcat gtggatgatg caactatgaa     73440
     tgattggatt tgaatgaccg gcaagttctt atttaaaaaa aaattaataa ttttattact     73500
     taaaggtgca gtagttgatc tgccaaaatg ctaacaaggt ctagcctcct gaagtcatga     73560
     acgcactccc aatagatgac catacacaac cttataatag acaaccacag aaatataaaa     73620
     tcaaatttgt tgactgattt taacactttg tgttatctat cataattgag ttattcatca     73680
     gacagactaa catttttttt gtcttatgcc ttactcagaa tataaaaata catataaaca     73740
     catttagatc attcacttta atcattacta tttcaatgtg aagagacttt taactagcac     73800
     agcaaaaatg ttcctaaaga caatcacctg caccttaaag ttttttaaca ttatcattga     73860
     gaatttggtt aaaatgtttt cgtttttttt tttttaaggg tgctccttaa ctagggtaac     73920
     tagggttgcc tttaattggt caaaaaggaa caacattggt tcagttaaat aaattttact     73980
     tcagtataca atgggtaaaa taagttttgg atatgtcata atttgtcctg gtaaatatat     74040
     ttttaaaaga gctattgaca tgaaaccatg tccagatttt gtccatgtcc agcccaaaca     74100
     tacaaacaat aatgacgtca aatgtccaaa atatcatgca tttaaagttt aaagaaagaa     74160
     gtgatttatt caaatccttt ggcgatggag aattaaatca caattaaatt aacaacaatg     74220
     gttacaatga tttacacttt atatctgctt caggcatgag aagttttgtg atctggagga     74280
     agaggtttta taagacattt tagtctttga gtttggcaga cgtaatgcgt atggcaaaag     74340
     gggtttactt ttctaggtcc ctaatgtccc caaagtcttg agctaaataa aaagtaaatc     74400
     attgcttaaa agaactcctg taaaggggtc attcttttct gaagtccact tactcaaatt     74460
     tgtgttttag tcaactgttg cattgaggct atatgaagga attaagttat cttattagtt     74520
     tgtatattgt aaaacctaac agtgaaaatc tctaaattaa attagttagc ttaacttatc     74580
     atttttaaga acgttaccta gacctaatga aaaagagtta tggtaacttg taaactaatt     74640
     agattaagca gaactcaaac caaatgagtt atgagtgaat ttgttagatt tttttctgtt     74700
     aactgttaac tctccaagaa gcaataccaa accttatata attatttaca gtactcaaac     74760
     catttagttt tttaacttaa atggtttgcc acagtcggtt ttcttaaaca gtttgagcta     74820
     actaaactta tcgagtttta cggtgtacag atgttaagtg gattgaacat aaaacaatta     74880
     aattgtgtcc atagaatcaa gaattttagt ttttatttta aataagtagt ttaaacaaac     74940
     agcaaatatt tttttgagtg tatttcgttt aaaaatataa gcagatattt acaacttttt     75000
     tttttttttt ttgcttgttt ggcccaaaaa tataaacttt aaaactaata aaatggtaaa     75060
     ataaagttgt aaaaaccctg atatgtcatc agatatcttc tgcactgtga atacttctgt     75120
     ataaatgttt ttgttgtttt aaatctttaa aacttgtggc acatatttaa tgtgagtgct     75180
     agctctgctc atggatgagc ttgttggcct tggaaaaagt acatttttta aatgttaatt     75240
     cagtgctaga tgcttgcaca aagaaagaaa ggcaagtttg atgaattact gttaataata     75300
     ttacaggttg aattatgttt ttcttttggt ggtttgaaaa gttaatgtct atcctcctgt     75360
     acatcctatt tttgtacaaa tataccaaaa gatcaaaata tgattgctta tttctgaata     75420
     atttaatttc acatttacaa gaaaccatct cactattgtc caggttaagt tgtctatatt     75480
     acattatttt cttagcctaa aattgagtta aacatgggca aagccctaaa atctgctatt     75540
     ttaggactgt cctcaatgct tttctgggtt agtatattaa ggataggtta tttaaaaaac     75600
     tccatgtaga aagcaaagtg tgtgcttatg tatacacaga ctcatgagtt gctcttcctc     75660
     cagtctaaac aaacagctga catctttttt ttttttttgt ttctgtatgc agactcagtg     75720
     tttgatcaaa gctgagaact gggcacagaa ataaaactag aaagggagat ggaatacaag     75780
     tgggcttttg aaaaatcaca tttgtgagaa ggcaaatcat taaccaataa aatcctcaga     75840
     actcgtttta aaacattgag gaacattttg atgtctttca taacaactat tttatctttg     75900
     agattgtatg tatagttttt tttttttttt ttttttttcc cctcattcaa tttccagttt     75960
     ctgcttttga gctcctagac tctcagctct tgggttgacc tttactgtta aagatgtgac     76020
     actggcagtg cgagtttgat cagcttgact ttctccccac agtccctgtg ttcatcaagc     76080
     accctctgcc ccatctctcc atcctaaaat atctgaaaaa gaggccagct tcccgtccat     76140
     ttcagtgctt tgctctctgg aatactatat tctcactgat ggcatttcca taatggctgt     76200
     actgttcaat ctaaatttag ttttatggca atcaaggctc ctcttatcaa aaaaaaaaat     76260
     aaaaaaacaa ccaatcaaaa ccaaccaaac aaacattttg tttacattgc aatctggtca     76320
     agatgcattt gaaagcttgt aacgtttaaa aaaatgaatt taacacattt agattaaata     76380
     tggttctgtt actagtaatg ctgtctttcc ctcatctctg tactgtaatt tatctggagc     76440
     agaggacact ttaatgcctt tttcacccat actcatagac gtctgcagtc tatttccagt     76500
     cagaattgtt tttattttct ctggtaatgt tacagctttc acactgcaca cagttgcggc     76560
     tttgccatca gtatttaata ggcatgattc atgaagctgg agattctcga aagcatttga     76620
     ttagatttga ttggtaaaga tctgatgtca ttgtttttaa gcacactagc ttatagataa     76680
     taaaattgaa ctaaagggaa cataaaggga taacaaaact gagaaatatg ttatcatgta     76740
     ctttttcaca aaccagtttg agtgaccgac ttgtcacaag ccagtttgag tttcttttat     76800
     acgtggaaca caaaataaga cattttgaaa aagtatttgt ttactataga agtcgatggt     76860
     ttcttgcatc cttcaatata aaatcttttt ttgtgtgttt gccagtgaaa aacaagcaca     76920
     taatggtttg gaaccaattg agagtgagta aatagtgtgt atttttttta ttttactccc     76980
     tttaagacta acataaatat ggcaaaaaaa catgaataaa aacattcatt ttgatttcat     77040
     aataatttaa aaggtcttct tttttttttt tttttttttt ttagagccat cgtctagcag     77100
     catccatgca tgctaatgtg aatttgatgg tgtcattttc actttttctt tttgcaacac     77160
     tttggaaaat agaggcatta aaccagctgc atggtattaa acaggaaagt gagagaatta     77220
     ttgatgcaaa ctttaacatt aagtcctgat ataaagcacc tgtagtgagt tcacacttta     77280
     atgttaattc tgttcagtga attataaatc aagttcagtt ggtttttaac caaagttagg     77340
     tttgttgtca tcaaagctaa atttactaca gaatattaaa tgtgttttta aaccccaact     77400
     gaacaagcca gaggcaacag tggcaaggaa tataagctcc accaggtgat agaaatggag     77460
     aaacatgcca ggcgcattca gggttgttgt agatttgtag tctgtcaagc aggttaaagg     77520
     aaaaacagct tgtaacaggg ttataatttc ttatttcaaa ggtagtaggg gtctggaatg     77580
     gatatacatt ttaatcactt taataaataa ataaaccttt gattgatccc atgattccct     77640
     tcgtgtaaaa ctaaaatatt agtgccttaa tttgaccagc atttgaccct gattgaggct     77700
     ttttgcgatg ttttgcagta gagctacctt gggcagagtt aagccccggt cagatcacat     77760
     gatttttatt cttggttaca acagtcacta tgtcagatca tgcaatttat ttattttctt     77820
     tttttttttt tttctttatt cttgataaaa tcttgaattg tcgtgggtag caaatgtgcc     77880
     agactacacg ttccttcatg atcagtcatc ctgtgttttt tcccaaagca gtcacacctt     77940
     gctgtaacaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     78000
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca cacacacata     78060
     cacacacata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgtgtgtg     78120
     tgtgtgtgtg tatataatat aatttttatc ttgttttcaa ttttttttta agtcttattt     78180
     taatctctaa acactgatac atgcagacaa ctaataacta cattatttat gggcgctcat     78240
     tagaataggt gaagcaagta gcaagttcat tgctgtgaca cgatatattt catggaggct     78300
     gcatgagaga aagcgcatat tgtttatttt cgttattgta caaatatgca actttggtga     78360
     tattgtgtgt aaatatattt ccatggttat atagaccaga ttctagtatt gcataagtgg     78420
     ggtcattatt ttaccggggt aaagtggagc atttcttggc aagttaatgc tttattgttt     78480
     agtaattaca tttcatagtt ataaaataca tttaaagaat attttaacac tttacgtcgt     78540
     gaactatagc acattacacg agaaagaaaa aattgaatct tgtgtcacaa tgcccatttg     78600
     tcaatcatga atccccatga caccatacgt ccaggaaatc atgcctaaat cgtgtgatct     78660
     gaccggggct ttagtgtaaa tagcttcttc cactctaaca atttaaacaa aatatttcat     78720
     tagaattatt catattttat ggactgtagt atttatttgt ttttagtcat caaatttaat     78780
     taaacaattc aaatttaatt aattttcttt tcagcttagt ccctttatta atcaagggtc     78840
     accacagtgg aatgaactgc caacttatcc agcatatgtt ttatgcagcg gatgcccttc     78900
     cagttgcaac ccatcagagg gaaacaattc aaagattaat tatttaatta aatatttatt     78960
     caatatttat ctaatttatg atcggttatc gaacgttatt tgttcttcaa gaaaattgca     79020
     aaaactaacg accccatttt ttcccattca tgcccagcat gcccttccgc taagccactg     79080
     aagcagctta caacatttta atgatatttt ggcaaaattg aatgaaatca ctgaataaga     79140
     tttatcttgc tgaatgagac tcaaaggttc gagtctgaaa aatgatctga actttagttt     79200
     cttgtctagt ttagttttat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt     79260
     tattatcact ggtgttaacc acagtgaaca tcctccatat taagattgtg tatcgagccc     79320
     cgctagtcct ggcatgacac tttagagata gccagtctgt gcagggtcat aacacaatcc     79380
     tatttcaccc tttttctccc ataatttcct gttctttctc cacagtctct atcatattaa     79440
     aaaagagcca aaagtaatat ttgtgtttaa tgattgtcac tgccatgatg atgtttagtc     79500
     cttaagaaca ctgtcaccta ttagaaaaca gacattaaat ctatttcagt ctttctcttt     79560
     ctcatatcat tgaccctgac cctgtgtatg aatgacagaa atttactctt atttatctgc     79620
     aggacattat gttagtgaag gtctatacag gatatgaaga ggctgaggct aggctctgtc     79680
     actgaataca aatcctgtat tgaaatatgc tttgttcact ctgtgttcgc tctggcttat     79740
     ggtcaatgca tatttaatct tcttctgata aacttatttt aaacaggtaa acctcacaga     79800
     tggcattatt atttccacac agccatgtgg agtaagaaat taactctatt tcaattgaaa     79860
     accaattgat tgctattaat taacattccg ctgaccaaca aagagaaaaa cacctgttca     79920
     tgcacttcca taagattaaa ataaaaataa tattttatta atataaaatt aagtcatgtt     79980
     tctaaactcc aaattagcat atcataatta ttactaaagt catataagaa taaagatttg     80040
     agtaatggct ggtaaataaa attgctttgc caccaccaaa gagattagaa ataaaaataa     80100
     ataaaaattg tgagaattta aatatctgtt caaataaaaa cacatatttt agcttacaat     80160
     aatgttccac aatacttact gtatctttga ataaatcagt gcttccttgg tgagcctaag     80220
     agacttctta ccgactttaa aatgtggggc actctgtgtt ttccctgtaa agcttttggg     80280
     tgggacatga atcgacatgg ccatctccca caaggcctga gagtcaggta aacacacatc     80340
     agtcttttgt gccaacccct cagttactca cacaagcgtc ctcaagagtt ttattagaag     80400
     tgtttggtca gcacacacac atacacattc ccaataggct tcccataatt aacacagcag     80460
     aactgcacag cccagttctg tgctctttaa ttaaaccata aatgatttca aaggatgagt     80520
     agataggaga aaaaactgag catccaacaa ggtgtgcgtt tgtgcagttg tggtttggct     80580
     gttgttcctt tgtttgggtg aagattctag aatttaggct tgcaggaaac tgaaccaaac     80640
     tgatgtgtgt attcgtgtgt gtagaccaat ttgaggcaag taaacaaaag tactggaccc     80700
     aacatatttt cttttttaca gttttaattt ctagggcttc tgggaatcca aaaagagcca     80760
     tgttttgatc aataatgtca tggttaagat atgattgaaa tttcttcgtt acagtcatga     80820
     aatattttga tagcaagcag gaaatgttca tgggccaatg acatcaccac attgttttct     80880
     ggtaccccag ttgccgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cattacgttt tttgtttttt gttttttttt     80940
     tttacagtga gggtgcgtgc attaaaatca atttttaaaa tgaatgggaa gagtagtagt     81000
     tgatattttt taaagatcct gcacctaaca ataccaattt ggcacatgca tgtttgggta     81060
     tgcatgtgtg tgtgtttata gcattaattt gaaagctgcc aaacaggcac tggcaataaa     81120
     ctcaagtcat gattatgtca gcagttgcac atgtgtggtt tgaatcttta aagtgctgtc     81180
     taaacctttt agatttgctg attgagctaa gtggaacatt tgattttgac ctagaggaaa     81240
     agaaacatgt gtttttttta tgtgtatgca tatgcatagt ttagtgtcat tctgaaatat     81300
     gtatgtgtgt acgcatacat gtgtatgtgt gcacagtgat cagcataatt gggtacagac     81360
     cattttgaaa atgaatgttt ttatttattt ctttgtgaat ataggcaatg tattttggtg     81420
     catttaaaca agacagattt attaaacaga tatatttgtt aaaataatat tttagtcacc     81480
     aaacagattt agatattaaa agttaattaa attaaattca atcaaaatat ttcaaaaata     81540
     aattacaacc tacaattttt aaatttattt tttcaaaaaa aaatgttttc ttctcttaat     81600
     ttttcctctt ttttttacac ttgtgttaaa tatttttcta taatatatac atttggctgt     81660
     actagttttt tgaccgttat tgtaagatat tttgttagaa taagcttcag atttggctgc     81720
     agtactgact aatctaatgt atatgcacaa atataatatt caattacttc ctattaaaaa     81780
     tatgaattta aaggagagat ttatgagggg tgtacttata tatgctgagc actgtatgtg     81840
     catgcatggg tgtctgtgtg tgggaggctg tcaagagttt ctctgatgct ttgtcagggc     81900
     agagctttga ttgctctctt tgaggtccca gttggtccat tttccttcaa tacagcagtt     81960
     tcagggagaa agcgaggaag aagaataaag ccactggaaa agagatgtac tgtatatgga     82020
     gagagatgag acaagtctgt gataagagct taaagaaagg gtgacaatga aatgacagag     82080
     tttagaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaaagatg     82140
     caatttaagt gagatataaa gactaaaaat gagagacgag aagaaattat ggattttgtt     82200
     tttgtttgaa acatacatac tgtattgaaa atcatctccc acacactact aaatgttgtt     82260
     accgaaaact aacacaaaaa aaattctagc ttaaatggac gcatgattta ctatatgcat     82320
     ctttacaacc tggcagccag aagcagtttt ctaattagct gaaaattttt taggcatcta     82380
     tttaacgata cccattctgc ctaaaattaa aattttgtgt tgccaaacag cttctatgac     82440
     acagttacgc aaatctgcag tgtaaccttc acttttttag ctattgagag aagtcaaaca     82500
     aatgatgtaa acttttctgt cttatctatt ataatatcat gtaaataaac aacataatgt     82560
     gataatcatt ttaattatca ttcaacatag ctaacatata acgtttaaca ctagacagta     82620
     tatctaaaga aaaaaaaaac atgataaaac ctataaacag tgaatcactc tgcattccac     82680
     atgactcatc acaaataata aatcacaaac taaagactaa aactggaact agacaaacag     82740
     ttgtatggaa tttggcataa ctaaaacttg acttgtaaat aaaaaataca ttttagttac     82800
     attaatactt agggccgttt atattgaagt tgatatttag ccgcacgatg ttggtgtttc     82860
     gtagcatcta atttgcgccc aatgctcaac ccccaacctg gaggaccagg acatacacca     82920
     cggataattt aattacccaa ttcacctata gcgcatgtct ttggactgta gggggaaact     82980
     ggagcaccca gaggaaaccc acgcaaacac ggggaaaaca tgcaaactcc tcacagaaat     83040
     gccaactgac tcagccgggc tcgaaccagc aaccttattg ctgtgaggtg acagcgatac     83100
     ccactgtgcc actgtgctgc tcctaactta ataatacaga atacaaaatt cgagaatgct     83160
     tattaacaag tgtgtaaaca agtactgtat ataattgttt gtctatcaaa caaaatacaa     83220
     tagacataaa aatgtgtatt ccttcagacc catggtatta ttattatttt cacttgtact     83280
     cagacagtag taatatcaac taaccaatat ctttgaaatt acagttctag aaatgtttga     83340
     aaatttactt ttttttattt tatctgtatc tatgcattgg atcttatagt atgcaccatt     83400
     acaaacagac atgtgagttc atatccaagt ctttgacagc tctctgccaa tgtaattaaa     83460
     ataaaccaca gttttcacac aaagacacac ttttcatgca gtgatttcat atatgactca     83520
     ccctgagaag cttcaagctg acacactcag aagtgcagca catgaaaaca cacgcagaag     83580
     tgttgtactg tatgtgtccg tttctataaa agtaaacctt ccttaaacag atacattaac     83640
     atttatacat atttatcctg tagctgcagt atatgatata tattattatt attattatta     83700
     ttattataat tattattata tgaaatgaat tagttttgac atttacatgt atcccttcat     83760
     gtgaggtttt taagaataaa accttttttt taaccacatg attttctagg atttttatca     83820
     tgataagtct cgttcactaa gcaatcctac gcatcaattt ttatatttta ccttgaatat     83880
     atttcattat atgttgtcaa agtaaataaa agttgcatta tctcttaagc tgcaaggtat     83940
     cagtcagtat gtttacacca atactctgat tttaaaaata attaagataa tgctctgatt     84000
     aaaagtctac caagtataca gcgttttttg attatcttaa tctgactaaa gtcataatcg     84060
     tagtaaacac aaatagggct ctattttgaa gatctaggtg caaagtctaa agtgcatggc     84120
     acaaatgcat taagggcatg tctgaatcca cttttgctat tataaggacg gaaagaaacg     84180
     ctctgtgccc tattgcatgg tctgacaggt ttgtgcttat tctcttattc gtttattctc     84240
     ttgaattatg gttgtgtttt gagtataacg tgcattaaaa aagtcagagt ctaatccccc     84300
     attcccttta agagtcagtt gcaccccgct atggtgcatt tgctatttac atgatggaat     84360
     ttgtaagtgg aaaaactgag cacttcatta gtgaaaaaac agttaaacag accatctgca     84420
     gcacaaggat aaagaatgag cctccttcat ttggcctctt tactttctct ttctctttac     84480
     atttattctt ttaagtttgt ggataaggaa acgttgttgt acacacaccg ctgaggacat     84540
     ccataagcct atatatttaa tttagttagt taagcattaa agttagttaa gcatcaaaga     84600
     tttcatattt gtctaaaaac tatttctaaa tacatttcta atttccagca aacaaatatt     84660
     ttatgctcca gttatgtcca aacacgtctt attcttgtgc cccatatagt gacgtgtata     84720
     gtctccaaaa cctgacaggt ggacaaatct aaacttgttt ttataaaaaa aaaatatata     84780
     taaatatgca tgtaataaat aatactgcaa ataaaaatta cattatacga aagataatta     84840
     tcatgaatga atttcaaaaa aggcatggag gtagtggttt ttatatgtat gtaaaaaata     84900
     ttttttatac caaaaattgt aacattttaa tccttttttt ttttttcaac tgtaaaggta     84960
     tttgtatatt gctgtacatc ctgtgtgtgt attaagcaat gtgtaagtgt ttggacctgc     85020
     ataggtgcgt aactaacgca atctgcgctg gactttagac cagcttttac ttggtcaatg     85080
     gcacaatcta cttcagttcc tcaaaacagc aacatgccaa caatgtgctt taacacacct     85140
     ctaatttaga ccagcaggcc cataagtcca caaagttgca ctaatcgagt tgctaattaa     85200
     acaacgtggt gcaaaacatg aaaattgtac tggctgcgct ggtctgaaaa taggaagaaa     85260
     ttgataatac agccaaacat gtcttgtgcc tttttgcacc gggtgtatga tagggtcctt     85320
     agtgtgagaa attcaactgc tgttgaataa caaaattaaa agtgaaacac ccaaaatcat     85380
     aaatggtgac atgatgaaca ccaactgttt ttacatgaag cgtcggagaa aacctgcatc     85440
     aaatgttgac gtaatgacaa ttattgaact atggactgtt acatgtaata caggaacatg     85500
     aaaggagcat tcaaaaaaca actcaagtaa acaccataat catattattg tctcatttgt     85560
     attaaggcaa ctaatcagat ttggtttgtg ataatgttat acagtacagt tgacaataag     85620
     aggtacagta tatggggatg gtttgggtgt gccttatgca aaagatcaac tatatgctgc     85680
     tgcccattta gaatatttca tattcactaa cattaggtca aatctttatg aattaagcat     85740
     catctcagtt tggtctcaaa gaaaattgag attttatttt taggcacatc gccctgcttg     85800
     ttatcagagt actattgtta ggatcctcca cagatgtgtc acaggcttgg ttagctgagt     85860
     gtaaaattgc tcatagtaaa gaacgaggac tgttactggc gttagacgtg cccagacttc     85920
     atactcagtg tttagcttgt ttgctaacag tatgggggaa ataataaagc cagcgttgtg     85980
     acagaggtga tgattagcca ctaacgtgct ctccgtgtct gtatttactt ttatctctgt     86040
     cactctctgc tgcttttgct tagcaggtgt ccggtttaga taggaaaatg aaagaaaaaa     86100
     aaagaaaaga agactgaatg aggaataaaa ccgggtctaa taaatgcctg tctgttttga     86160
     agactgctaa taagcagcat gagtaagcgg atgatgcaaa gaaaaaaaga gtgaaattaa     86220
     atgagtaatg ctgacagaaa aaaaaagttg tacagaaagg gtaggaagtg aatggaaatg     86280
     aggaaagtaa atgtgagtga gacgagagag aaaatgagaa gataaagatg caaaggaggt     86340
     cttcaaagtg aggctggaga aagaaggata gattattctg tttgattcat gctgtttcgt     86400
     taaatgcgca ttgattgctc aggctgtaac aaggtccctg ctgaaaatat acacattaat     86460
     gaatgactct ggacaggcta atgctgctaa tgaatgggag ttggttactg aaaatatgtc     86520
     tctttttttt tttaaagatc atgtcactgt gtggtgcaac acagattctt ctacttgcta     86580
     taccatcctg atctcacaag gacatgtaac tattttacga attgcagaaa agtggccaat     86640
     ttattcctct tttcagaggt gtaccccaga ccccaccctt aaagcgcact tattttacct     86700
     ctattttaca attattacaa gtcttttgtg tcttcagaat gtgtgtcaag tttcagctca     86760
     aaacacccac cagattatag atatattata tcttccagaa tattaaatct tctgctttga     86820
     acacagctgt ttttgttgcc tgtgccttta atgctagttc tccctgtcta cctttcccat     86880
     gtgcctgtca gtgtccccat ctctgtttga taaacagcac agtgacagac atgaaggaag     86940
     cagatctcac ataatgtttg tgagaaatac tacaagaact ttcctaataa ttatttgatg     87000
     tatttgttgt aaatttgcaa caatgagtca cacacaatgt tgttacaaag ttcatgtacg     87060
     cacacacacg cacagcacat gcatttaatt ttgcactgtt tttgcatgca aatgggatgg     87120
     catacatgtt aatatacagg attcttggac atctgttatg gtaatgtaca aacctgattt     87180
     aatactcaca aaccaggatt gaagcgtctt cttttataat tgcactgaca tgcggctgtg     87240
     gtgataaaga cggtaaaatc gctgtaattc attacaaaca tgaatgttgt aaaaacattt     87300
     taaacttgta aaactcttga tcacatttga gaatgattga tgatcaaagc aagctaaaca     87360
     gatcttttaa tcccagttga tttgtgcaca ttcagtcttg ttcatatcat tatatgcgtt     87420
     actaaggaga catttcaatt tctagctgtc aatcaattaa gtgggaaact gcacttttat     87480
     ttcacgttgc ggcaggcctc aaaatgggag gaatttggat catattttaa tgtcaagaaa     87540
     tttcaaaaaa gagacttatt ttctttatat cactccaata taatttgtgg acacactata     87600
     cctacacaca gttttgttca aacaacttac aagagatttt tatcataggt gtcctttaac     87660
     agggtttccg cggggtccga aaaagtctct aaaagtctca aatttaaaaa tctaaattta     87720
     aggccttgaa actcttaaat tcgcctttct aggtcttaaa tatttttgca caggtcttat     87780
     ttttgcgatg tccatgtaat gctatatcta atgctcattt aaattcttct ttgttgttgt     87840
     tgctaggttt tcgtggtgtt gtaactcttt atttcactag ttttattgta atttgcggta     87900
     ttacaactac aaaaatttca acttgcaata gccaatcagc tttctgttat taagctctgt     87960
     gtgcgcggcg aatgtgatgt catcgttgtg tttgcggacg ttcgtgttga gtgcgagcaa     88020
     catgattttg gctggtaaag tatatttcac tggcaaatgt cataatcaca gttttataag     88080
     ttggaagtgc atttatgtaa tacaagagag tgaatatctt tgctcatgcg ccggtttcct     88140
     ctgtttgtgg acaaaactgc tcgcgagctc tcaaaacact ggctgcacat gtgcgaatga     88200
     tctgcggacg gtctatttta gtattatagt attttagtac tataagtagt gtaataacat     88260
     aaatcatatc aaaaagcatg aaaggaagag ggacctgttc tgagagcgag caagcatata     88320
     tgagtgagca gtgcttatat gagagtgaga aaatttgcgt gtgagcagcg ttttatgttt     88380
     gagcgctcgc acgcagtttt gtcgacaaac agaggaaatc ggtgcaggag caaagaaatc     88440
     gctcttgtta catgaatgcg ctcttggctt gtaatactgc actcacgaca tttgtatgtg     88500
     aaataacgcc atagcggagc taatggattt tattgagact ccggtaaaca gttccatggg     88560
     tgtaaatctg atataacaat agagggatgg ggacaataaa tattaaattt cttttgagca     88620
     tttttttgaa ggggacacaa atattacacc tgaattcttc taataaaata tgtcccctca     88680
     tttaataatg gttctatcat tattattaat atagcatgga ggctacatca ttatgatatt     88740
     ctcaacgttt ttctcaggtt caatgtcaaa gcaaattttt cttcagaact atttattgca     88800
     ttgtttgttg tgttgtttac agtcaataga ctgactcctg aagcagaata aatgcagaaa     88860
     tagacgtttt ccatactcat aataattatc ttgttaacat tacacttgtt aaattgaccg     88920
     atcatattgt aaatcagtgc gcctgtgaag tgtctcctaa acagccacaa ctctgaaaac     88980
     ataaaaaaaa ttgttcaccc tccaaaagaa ttgtcattat tccttcaact tgtacttgta     89040
     cttggcgttt agctgcactg aaaaattatc ttatgtccat tttctctatc attttatcca     89100
     atgtaagaaa ctgcaatgca agtttattta tgctgtagca cattttatac acaatagcaa     89160
     ttcaaagtgt tttacatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     89220
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     89280
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtacg tgtacagcag gtgaggtgtg ggaagcacgc     89340
     agtgggccaa accactctga ggaagagcag ggggaactca actgtttcta aatgcatttt     89400
     aaataataaa tgtggttttt ttctacttat ataattattt taagtatgta tatacatata     89460
     tttttttata gttttttggg gggggcaacc tcaaccccaa acccccctct gtttatttat     89520
     gcccatgaac agtccgcgcg gcgccgcatt taatttgagt tgaatatgag acagtttaaa     89580
     gagattttgt ctgaaatctg taccgacatc tttatgatcc gttgatgtgt gatcataggg     89640
     tgaaccagtt gaccaataat tcttggctag aaattgcaac cgcagtggga aaagaggaaa     89700
     gtttttataa aagtttgaaa aacctgagag ataagtttgt taagtttgtt gtttgttttc     89760
     cgaagttcaa tggtgcatct aacctgtctt tagtactgtt caatttgaat acatttattt     89820
     taccaccaat tttgtgattt taaattttct cgcatgtttt agatattgcg atataggtct     89880
     taaatttaat acttaatggt cataaaaagg tcttaaattt gacattatgc tatctgcaga     89940
     aaccctgttt aaaacaaaca ataattgggg gatgagcaaa tcatactgaa gtatacaaat     90000
     gagattgttc aacttcatat aaatttctat gagattgtgt ttgctacact ctaaaatgca     90060
     cacaataaag aaatgtcagc aacatgttca gtagcatgca ttggcctctg tcgatagcac     90120
     tgtgatgttt acagaacaac tcattattga ggtcacactt tacaataagg ttcattagtt     90180
     aatgttaatt aatgcattta ctaacatgaa caaacaataa acaatacatt tactactgta     90240
     tatgttcatg ttagttaatg aaaatacagt agttcattgt gagttcatgt taactcatgg     90300
     tgcatcaatt atgattaata aatgctgtac agttgttgtt catgattagt taatgttagt     90360
     aaatgcatta actaatgaac cttattgtaa agtgttacca ttattgatta tttagttcag     90420
     ttgaatcgca caatagttca ttttccctct tggtgcggtt cgtttgggca ggtgtgaatg     90480
     aggcaatcgc actcgagtgc acaccaaaag cagaccaaaa aagcataccg agaggtagtt     90540
     cctgtacagt ttcgaacgaa ccctggagtg gttcgtttga ggtgagaaca tgatccaaac     90600
     ttaaacagac ctaaccgcaa aaagtactgc tcatttttaa actaatccag ctgctgtagt     90660
     ccgatgcact gtgtcgtttt agaatgtgga ggcaagatat ttgttcacag cactttacca     90720
     actgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagac attacctgat ggatcgttga     90780
     taatatttcc ggaagatgac catgttgcag cttagctaaa ttaattcacg tctcctcctg     90840
     aagtgacgtg cgatgcgtct tcgtcgtttg caatgcctta aaatctagtt tttctctaaa     90900
     agagatcatg taatgcttaa aatgtgtgtg aatggataag actgagcaca ttataaaaca     90960
     tctgaaatgt tgttttggcc attataaaac gccttagcat ttcagtatta atgttattat     91020
     attattaatg acctccagaa tcaagagtgc ctgtgctccg cattcattta gaaaagattg     91080
     atgcagcttc tcctactaca gcaaatgcag tttttactgt tgatatttgg caccagttaa     91140
     tcaggaagtg atgattttgt tcgctttgac tcattggatg gaaacgatgc ttcattcgca     91200
     caacttgtat gggataatcg agttttgcgc ataaagttta ttcgcatttt tggatggaaa     91260
     catagctagt gtccggacca agtgaaccaa actacagatg tgaaagcacc ctaagacaga     91320
     aatcccatcc ggaccatttt ttcttctgtt ctgctcagtg aatttccaaa tatgagtttc     91380
     aaacatgagc acaatctctg tagacccatt taatctattt caaacagaac gttcgaggtt     91440
     actaaagtaa cccttcgttc cccgaggagg ggaacggaag cactataagt ggatttgatt     91500
     gtaaaatcca cgcattggga ggttcggttc agaagctact cgtctgaaag agtattgaac     91560
     gggccaatta agaatgaatt ggcagcgcaa gcctgcgcag gtgagcggca taagcaatca     91620
     actgagtata taagctcacc tggcgcagca gacgctatcc tttttaagct gaagagactt     91680
     tcaacagcta agggacagtc attatggcga cggagtatag tgcttccgtt cccctcctcg     91740
     gggaacgaag ggttacttta gtaacctcga acgttcccct tcgggggtaa cttcagcact     91800
     ataagtggat ttgattgtaa aatccacgca ttgggagccc attgaaagcg ccataatgac     91860
     tgcaccttac caacaccccc gatgaggaga tagtcaagca agcgtgacgc acccacatca     91920
     tggggggcgc ggtcctccaa cgtgtccctg gccctaattt atcccacttc aacagaagtt     91980
     ttacggattt atatatattt tttgggaagt cgtgagcatc tagataattc taggaaaata     92040
     cgacagtacg ctgggaagcg tgcaatcccg atagggagga cgctgcggag gccatccgtt     92100
     acccaagggg ggatagatgg cagaatttac atatggacta gccctaaaaa gggggagtac     92160
     gcatagcaaa agagtggtta gcggggaggg aagacacggg tccgcccagg ggggggggac     92220
     ttaaccgtgg ctgaataagc atatgggatc gcctagtggg gaccacgcat agcaggcacc     92280
     tttacccaaa acgcgggctg accagcgggc agacctacaa cgtagtgggc cagcaagtga     92340
     ctcctccgct gagtcagtgc tgggggccac ggaggaatct gcagggctca cctgacgggg     92400
     aactttactg acagataaaa aggcgcacgt atctccgtgt tagggaaaat ggcgcagcaa     92460
     gcgtgtttca acaccctacc gaattgtttc ctcaatcacc aagggttacc taataccctt     92520
     gaggaaaccg gctccactcg cagattgtaa aaccttgcaa atgtgttggg tgtcacccag     92580
     cccgcagctc tacagatgtc tgttagaggg gcgccgcgtg cgcgcgctcg agaggatgcg     92640
     aagctccgag tggagtgcgc acgcgctctc gggggacgcg gctcatctcg gctctgatag     92700
     tgaaagaaag gcatccacaa tctagtggga acttatttcg gtacggcact tccctgctgc     92760
     cgaccgctat aacagacgaa gagctgctca gatgatctaa actctgagtg cggtccggat     92820
     aatacgcaaa acgcgaactg gacaataaat aagggctggg tctgcctcct ccgagggcag     92880
     cgcttgcagg ctcactacct cgtattaaaa cggagtggta ggaaccttgg gcacatatcg     92940
     cgggcggggt ctcatacgtg agagaagcca gcccaattac aggcacgagt cactgaccga     93000
     aaaatgcctc cgggtccccg accctctaat cgatatcaac gcgaccagca gagctgtctt     93060
     cagggacaga aatatactga gtcgaggatc gaagggatct gacgcggctt gtgtagcgag     93120
     ggcgagatcc taagagggca tgagaggggg cggggtggat taattcgctt aacgcccctg     93180
     aggaaccgga tgatgaggtt atgcgttccc acggtgctgc cagccaccgc gttatgagag     93240
     cggagatggc agccacgtaa ccttgagtgt ggagggcgac agcctgctct ccaacttctc     93300
     tcggcgtaaa gaaagcacaa cgctgatctg gcaaattacg ggggtcttct cagcgagaga     93360
     cacaccattc agtgaataga cttcacgtca gggcataggc gcgctcgggg agggggctct     93420
     agcccgagtg acggtattag ccaccgcaat cggaggttac ctaagtcttc ctcgcgtcta     93480
     aaaatctcca aagatcggcg agggtgccag gtggtgccct gtccctgaga gagtaggtgc     93540
     tctctcgaag ggactgccag gggagggcta tcgcgaggga gagctctgac atccaggtcc     93600
     ggttgagcca gaggggcgca accagcaacc tgttcctcgt cctccctgac catgcacagt     93660
     aactgcgcga gcaggctcac tggggaaacg cgtatgcgcg tgccccgagg ccagctgtaa     93720
     gccagtgcat ccgtgccgag agcactcggt cagggaaaga acaactggca atgagcgatc     93780
     tcgggggaag caacagatcg atctgggctt ccccgaatcg cgcccatatc agctgaacag     93840
     actcggggtg gagtctccat tctccaggac gcaaggctgc cgtgagagcg catcggctgc     93900
     acggttgagc ttgcctgaat atgaatggcg tgcagcgatt tcagccgcgg atgactccag     93960
     aggagcagac ggcgggcgag ctgagacatg cggcgagagc gcacaccccc tatacggctg     94020
     atatacgcca ccgccgccgt actgtccgtc ctgaccagca catgttgccg ctccaacacc     94080
     ggaaaaaaac ggtggagagc ggggaacact gccaacagct ccaggcgata tgccaatgca     94140
     actgggtacc tttccacagg tccgcagccg catgcccgca acgcacagcc ccccagcccg     94200
     tgttggaagc gtctgctgaa acgacaacaa gactggacgc ctgttctaga gacacccagg     94260
     cctgtaggaa cgaggggtcg ctccaagggc tgagggcgcg gcgacacagc gcagtaacag     94320
     agactcggtg tgcgcgcgcg tgccatgcgc gtctggggac tcgatcgtga agccagtgct     94380
     gaagtggtct catatagaat aatccgagcg gcatgaagcg gctgcggatg ccatatgccc     94440
     caggagcctc tgaaatagtt tcagtgggac cactatttta ctgtcgagct ctctcagaca     94500
     gtacagcatc agttgagcgc gctctccgga gaggcgcgct gccatggtga ccgagtccag     94560
     ctccagcccg agagaagaga tcctctgcac gggggcgagt ttgctctttt ctcggttgac     94620
     ctgaaacccc cacaggtgga agtgccagag cactttgtct ctgtgcataa tcaactctgt     94680
     gcataatcaa aagagagggc aattcagcca gtcgtaaaga aattgagtat gcagatgccc     94740
     gcgagccgaa ggggcgctga ggcaccctcc gcgggcttgg tgaggacccg cggagacaga     94800
     gagagcccga aggggagggc tttgtattgc caagctcgac cttcaaacgc aaaccgcaga     94860
     aactgtcggt ggcgagaaag agtggagaca tggaaatacg cgtccatcag gtctaatgct     94920
     gcagaccaac ccagaggacg aacgcaccgg aggatgcgct tctgcgtgag cattctgaac     94980
     ggcagcttgt gcaggcagcg gttcaaacgc gcagatctag gattggccgt gacccaccgc     95040
     tctttttggg cacgatgaag cgtgggctgt aaaccccgat ctccatctcg gctggaggga     95100
     gcggctcgat tgcatccttc gccaggagga cagcaatctc ctctcgcaag acaggggcgg     95160
     acagggggct gaccctggtg aatacacacc cgtgacttgg ggggccgttt cgcgaactga     95220
     atcgcatagc cgagtctgat tgtgcgtatg agccaccgcg aagagctggc ccgcgctaac     95280
     caggcaggca gagctctcgc taatggactc atcgctacaa tcaatgacgt accagcagtg     95340
     gggcagcgcg gagtgggtgt gctgatccgg gaagctcgcg ggtcccacgg aaaagctgga     95400
     ggtgagatat ttgctctcac tccaaacccg agctccggag gggaggctcg aggggtggga     95460
     gaaaggagac cgtcctccca gcgctcgtga gccactggca aaacgcaccg aatctgcaag     95520
     ctagaaagca tagcgtccca gactggcaga tttcgggctg tcacatctgg ggaagtgaaa     95580
     agtgcccttt cataatgttt tcatggcagt aaaaagtgcc gttggaaatg gggccccgcc     95640
     ctccagcggg gaaagagcaa gttccctctt ctccagatgg cctgtcccag gggcgcttcg     95700
     cggtccgttg ccggacttag cggcgttctg ggcagggggg ctgcctgctt ccgaggtgcc     95760
     cgacgcgctc gcttcgccgg aggcgtgtgc gggggcggag cagctctcgt aggcgggcgc     95820
     cttcggcgag gagcaggtat gaatggcacg gcgggcggag cgggctacgg accgccgata     95880
     agacatcacc caccaactgc tctctcaccg ccttgaattc ctgggtgaat tcacagacag     95940
     tgtcgccgaa cctggctggg gatatgggga agtcaagaaa gcggactttg tcgactttgc     96000
     gcatatcagc caggggtggc gctcctggac cactaatgtg gacatcgtcc tccccaacgc     96060
     acacgcagcg gactcagtag tccgaagagc taagtcggcg gcggtgcgaa gctcgtaagc     96120
     ctgggttgga cccaccctcg tgcagctcgg ccagcgcctg cgcttggtag cgctggtagg     96180
     tggctatcgc atgcaaggca gaagcagcct ggcccgcagc tatgtaagct ctagctccga     96240
     gggaggtaga taacttacag gctttggatg ggagacgagg cgaacccgcc aagaagaggc     96300
     gccgcgcgga tttaccgcca tcgcgcactc aacctgagga atcgccacat accccctggc     96360
     tgttccaccg tcaagagtgg ttagggtgga ggaacacgca gcacgagcag aaaaaagtgc     96420
     tttacaagac cgcgtgagcc tactgtgcac ctccgggaag aagggaacgc ccctctagtc     96480
     ggtccggccg cggagctggg ggataaacca tctccaaccc acggctgaag cagcccggga     96540
     aagcacggct aacatgtccg tttcaggatc cgtagtgaca gcgctcacca gcccgaaggg     96600
     ggcgagcggg tctggatcat cattggacaa tgaaagccca ccctccgatg ccgcggtgga     96660
     catctggtct ccggtgtcat cgggcgtaag ggctaccatc tgttagacgg atcgcttccc     96720
     ccgcccgaag cttggatgga gcgcttagag gagcgggagg tccgcaggcc cgtgggcgac     96780
     ggattatctc tcgctgaaac cctcagatct gcccgagtgc ccgctgcaga gcaggggaca     96840
     actggggtgg ttcgcccttt tgcaaaggct aaccgcgatc ttgcgcaaca gtcatggcat     96900
     cgcaatgacg acatgaactg cccgcgagca gcgcattaac atgctggacc cccagacatg     96960
     taacacagtg cccgcgccca tcatccgagg acaggaaacc accgcatcca gaaacgcaca     97020
     gtcggagcgc cgtcctgata aggacgtgct gcacgactgt gttgctcttt ctgtgaagtt     97080
     tgcaacttta tacgcaccgc tctggaggac cggacccaaa gaacgccagg caagggagaa     97140
     acccagctcg accgtctgcc actgcgtgta cacactctgg accgggagaa tgctctcgtt     97200
     cgctcagaat cgctggtcac agcaggagga accctcatcg actcgatcag aaaggctctg     97260
     aagcgaaaag gatagcgtct gctgcgccag gtgagcttat atactcagtt gattgcttat     97320
     gccgctcacc tgcgcaggct tgcgctgcca attcattctt aattggcccg ttcaatactc     97380
     tttcagacga gtagcttctg aaccgaacct cccaatgcgt ggattttaca atcaaatcca     97440
     cttatagtgc tgaagttccc cccgaagggg aactctatat ctaacaaatt acatttcaag     97500
     tgtatttcac attcaggatt tcacaaatca gttgcaaatt ccatagtgga ttcaatcatt     97560
     aattcattca tttttgttcg acttagtccc tttattcatc tagggtcgcc tcagcgaaat     97620
     gaaccgccaa cttattttat tactttgtaa taaaaggagt atgagtaaaa taagtaaatg     97680
     atgttttggt catctatatt tccccttatg taacggaagc cagttggtga tcgcgtaaac     97740
     ctcactcctc ggatccagcg acagacaatg ttctgcaatc ttttgcctcc tcagagcatt     97800
     tgtctccaat gccggtatcc ctgctcagac cggtgggatt acattcacat aaaccgtctt     97860
     ttgacaaata tgatgttaca cattctctat ctttattaac tcattcttcc atagacgtaa     97920
     agtattatat tgacagctaa agaatataaa tgtaagagaa acagcagagg aaatattata     97980
     ataatacaaa atagataaac ataattatca gggctacaaa caattaagaa caaagatatg     98040
     caaaaccaga gagattttat gagaatgaaa cacaaaacag tttacttgga actgttagaa     98100
     agagtgttca ggtatggttt agggttggac atggatggga tttgtaatta aaaataattt     98160
     aacataacga gcgaatgcat taaaggagcc tcttcagtta ttcatacaga accgtctaat     98220
     atttggcata accataaggg gttattagac tataaagtgt tagcgctgtt aacgcggcta     98280
     tgtcaggatc gagataggct atatattttc attatataaa ttattattct tatgattatt     98340
     aatattatta ttttatgaca tttatttagg ctattgtgcc taaataaatc atccgtgatt     98400
     ctaaattaat atttatcctg cctttctctt cttttttcta atttttgggg ttctgccacg     98460
     agtaaacatt tgctaaattt tcagtttgta ttattcaaca agctttttat tttaatgttt     98520
     ttggcattga ttttgtttca ttcatatggc aattaatgat ttggcgatat atgatgcgta     98580
     aaatgcatgt ttatggcata attcatccag taataaatca aaatatattc acatcgctaa     98640
     cctgtatgtg gtttcacttt tgtgcaacac aaaataagtt attttaaaaa atgctagtag     98700
     ccagatagtt ttggttaact tcagttgtta gcagagtttc agatcttctt ttgtgtggat     98760
     gactgaagat aagtctagtc aagtaatatt tatttttata atgctttatg caatgcaaat     98820
     tgtgtcaaag cagaactgca tgattaatca aaggtgattt catgcgcatt ttgttagtaa     98880
     agctggttct gtaatcagcc gtaaatgtcc agcacctgct ttctggagca gctttactac     98940
     acaaagccat agtttactga caaaatacca aaaaaagcac agactattta atcagcacta     99000
     ttctgaaata attctaaaaa taataatttt aaaagctttt tgcattactt ttcagtgatc     99060
     tacctctcct ttttaaataa ataaaaaatc ctatttaata tcaggtcttt actttcataa     99120
     tagttgagta taagtcaatc attcattttc ttctcggcct ggcccctaat taatgcagga     99180
     ttgccatatt gtaataaacc gccaacctat ccagcaggtt tttacgcagt ggatgccctt     99240
     ccagccgcaa cccacctctg ggaaacatcc acaaacactc attcacactc atacactatg     99300
     gacaatttag cctacctaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg     99360
     agcacccgga ggaaatccat tcaaacgcag ggagagcatg ctaactccac acataaaccc     99420
     ctattgaccc agccgaggct cgaacttgcg acccagccac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca     99480
     gcactaccta ctgcaccact gtgtcgcctg agtataagtc attctgggat aattctaaag     99540
     tcatgttatt gttagtcatg ttgaataaat aaaagcagtt aaatcctgtg tttgatttct     99600
     tttgcggcat atttgcattt tcagtgagaa agcacgccct ttggcctata gatgaaattt     99660
     actactgatc acagggccat gcttcgctga caagatgtgc atgaaaatca cagctttttc     99720
     taaataaaca ttttgatttc attttaatgt atcatgcagt catattcgaa gcagttttgc     99780
     aaggatgaac atgcaataat aaaaattagg cctgtgtttc atatttatga atcaaattca     99840
     gtatatcaag cacattcagt ttagcagaat gttagttttg ttccagttga tgatccgttc     99900
     agttcaatgt gaagatttga ggatttttgc ctactttgtg aactaaatca tgtggtgttg     99960
     aaaaatgatt atttttttgt actgtttaat ttgcttgcca atacataaac acatttttcc    100020
     ctaacatttg tgatacactt tgctgtcagt attatatacg gaatgtgctt ttttgttgta    100080
     attaactata taaaaaatgt tgttttattt ataaactgct tctaaattgt taacattacc    100140
     atgaaatgtt ctactgctgt tgccctgcca gtattttcat ttctgtttct ttgtttttca    100200
     gcttgctgtt ctgacagaac tcacccattc gcatggcact gagagggccg gtttgtcaaa    100260
     ccctgcccat ccaggaacag gaagcattta ccacagcgag aactttcagt taaagctcac    100320
     tcctccgcca ctggtggagg aatagatgac tccgtccact gttaccaatc ttaataaagc    100380
     actaccatgt ctgtacagaa ataatgtttg acattgtgtg ttttaaaaaa ctaggaatgc    100440
     tttgttagtc atcaataaat atattcaagg aacatttaca cattgctacc tgaagcatac    100500
     aacgacaaag aaggtgttat ggatggataa gcctgcatta gtattgtagc gttcactacg    100560
     gataagaacc agatggtggt agaagctttg catttttaat gcatttttaa aataaactgt    100620
     tgggctactg ttttggctgc aacccattca gtacaacaga actcaaagtc aacccattgc    100680
     tcaactctct acttttacct cacagcccaa aactctaata tatatttaag gtgaacttgc    100740
     actgacaact agaaccttaa gaaactttaa tagtgccatt acactcacaa ggaaaaaact    100800
     aatttcataa caatcatgtt cagtacttaa ttgcacacag caaggattta atttaatcac    100860
     tattcttcag cttagtccct gatttatcag ggtcaccata gtggacagaa ccactaatta    100920
     ctcaggcata tgttttatac agcagatgcc cttctattta gaaacattca tgcattctct    100980
     cattcacaca catactgtat attttttcac tacagcaaat ttagtttacc caattcatta    101040
     tatatacaat gtatatgtac acatattgca atcagaatta gtaaatcccc tgaattatta    101100
     gccccccccc cccccccgtt tattttttcc cctattttgt ttaacagaga gaagattttt    101160
     ttgacacatt tttaaacata atagttttaa taactcattt ctaataactg atttatttta    101220
     actttgccat gatgacagtg aataatattt gactagatat ttttcaagac acttctatac    101280
     tgcttaaagt gacatttaaa ggcttaataa aattaataag gttaacttgg cagactaggg    101340
     taattaagca atataacaat ggtttgttct gtagactatc ggaacaaaat atatagctta    101400
     aaatgttctt aaacaaatta aaaactgctt ttattctagc taaaataaaa caaataagac    101460
     tttttccaga agaaaaaaat attatcagac atactgtgaa aatgtgtttg ctctgttaaa    101520
     catcatttgg gaaatatttt aaaaagaaaa aaaaatcaaa gggggtttaa tacattgaaa    101580
     ctgtaaatat aattatagtg taatagatag aattatagtc tatatattac tttttttttc    101640
     atcgatagat ttgtgtgaat catagttaat ggttcagatg gcaccaaaaa tcctccgtca    101700
     agaaaattca tcatgcactt ttttggggga gtttggcaac ggaaccgaac cagatgtatt    101760
     aaggactaaa gttcattcca ctcaaaaggc atgttagaca tgccatgttt tgactatttt    101820
     gtggcagtaa aaaaaataat aatcaattat cattatcaac gaattagcat aagctttata    101880
     catgtttact atgttttagc cttatttcag tgacattaaa aataattatt ttctactaac    101940
     ctcacatttc attttaaatt tatttatttt ccttcggctt gatcccttta ttcatcaggg    102000
     gtcaacttat ccagcatatt tttaactgga atgcccaaac acacttaatc acactcatac    102060
     actacagcca atttagttta tttaattcac ctatagcgca tgtctgtgga ctgtggggga    102120
     aactggagta cccagaggaa tcgcacccca acacggtgag aacatacaaa ctccacacag    102180
     aaaatgccag ctgacccagc taccttcttg ctgtgaggca acagtgctaa ccaattagac    102240
     accatgctgt cctcacatat cattattggg ctcaaaggta aaaccacaca tatagtacat    102300
     gctgcatgca tattattgtt gcacagtttg tgctaagtac actgctgttc attcattttc    102360
     ttttaggcct agtcccttta gtaatccgga gtcaacacag cggaatgaac cggcaactta    102420
     tctagcacgt ttttacgcag tggatgccct tctagcccca acccatctct gggaaacatc    102480
     cacacacaat tattcacact catacactat ggacaattta gcctacccaa ggctccaata    102540
     ggtctcctgc agtatttgtg atgattgaga ttcagttcaa gagatgagtt ttcagaaaat    102600
     ctactctctg ccacttttcc aaaggatcaa ctagaagtca agttcttatt tgttgctctt    102660
     acaactggga tcgataacaa ggcttttgtc aggtagcgta cagcagtatg taataatgaa    102720
     agaattgtct ttatttttga aaaaacatct ccaagtcagc gggttgaccc tttttttttt    102780
     tttttttaga tggtgataaa aagcacatcc tctttgcatc tgcaaatcag tatcactgac    102840
     tgtaatacaa acactgtcac gtccacatga aacggagacg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    102900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    102960
     agtgctaaaa acagagagtt ctttaccctt caaagagcag tcattgttct cctacaaaaa    103020
     aagctttgtt ctcttcttaa aagctcattt gagtgtcctg aacagtgtta ggcagagagc    103080
     tgcactgcaa acactgatct gttgatgtag ctctgatcat gttgtgtagc tacattgata    103140
     cttactatag agtctccttg ttggtttcat attagcacag aaaccaacaa aacacctctt    103200
     gttgtaagaa acagcaacac tgcctatctt atttttttcc acctacactt ctatagatag    103260
     agcactaatg ttccctaaac tgttcagcaa aggcctgact gcttccatct cacctgctac    103320
     atttatgcac ttcaacaccg cggataaaag gcaatttcta agtgtgccga tgagtgttta    103380
     taagtgtggg cagcggaaga gagtgaatca aaaggatgaa gtgtttttca atgatggctc    103440
     caaatccctc tgattgcgcc gagcctcggc ctgtgtctct gaagtgccgt aggaaacatg    103500
     acaaatgtgc attcagggca aaaaaatata ttgcaggtca cctttgaaaa gttttcgacg    103560
     tgacctttca tactctcagt tgtgctgtat gaggttaatc atttttttaa agcacatgtg    103620
     aggtgtaata tattacaatt atttattttt tgaaaagggg agggaaaaag ttctgtttta    103680
     tttgctctac aatacaagga tgcattgcaa actatggtta gttagaatgc atgaggcagg    103740
     ttaatagtgt gaacacactg aaagtgcaaa gattaggcct ttaactgtaa aagagcatct    103800
     cattatcact aagaaagcta tgccattaaa aacctgttta atagacttgt ttcgtgagtc    103860
     tttccatttc aaggatcttc cactctataa agcacaaata gaaaggaaac gaaaatggca    103920
     tcatattgtg ctgtgttgat ctcgttttaa ggagagttta ttttatactg ctggatataa    103980
     aatcaagtgg agagagctgt aaaatgcagt gtttgtgttt cttattttga agggaaaaaa    104040
     agcattgagc aaactactgt ggcatgtgta gtctttcaag gacaaataca gtacagtaca    104100
     tatatatttt tgtcctatag atatggttgt gccatagaag ttgaatgtaa aaatcttgat    104160
     aattctgtgg gtcttgagtg attggctagg ccattctaca gcttgatttc agctgcagtc    104220
     taggctttca ctgcctttct acacctctct ttcttcatgt gttcagtact tttttcttgt    104280
     gtcagttaat tttatcacat ataacttaat ttgtaaccta attaatatag ttttcattgc    104340
     atatatgttt gtttgttttt ttggttgtta ccaacatctg gtgaaagtca aacttccctt    104400
     tttaattcat aatgaacagt ggtggaaaga gtactgaaat tcttacataa gctaaagtac    104460
     cattacttgc ctataaatgt ggtgcaagta gagtaagtat ctgttgtaaa tattactcaa    104520
     agtgtaagtt aaacatggac ttttcaaaag tatttaagag ttatgagtat aagggcgtac    104580
     tcacagtatg ctaggcaaac cgtgcccggg cccgtttcac ttatcgtttg agaagtgtga    104640
     gtgctctgaa tcaggctcag gcatggttca gataccttgg aagaggtgtg ccagagcgtt    104700
     gttcacttgg gatttgtcac ggtacgtttg tagtctgagt gcaaagcacg cctgagcctg    104760
     aaactgaaga cgagatgtga attttaagga actgtttctt atgtgtttat taatcattct    104820
     tactgttcag tgtattcaaa ctgttgtaga ttgtttaaga agcaaacccc tcactgcaca    104880
     gcagctgcac ttctagcaaa ctcataatac ctgccgcgca aggactttat gattatttat    104940
     gagcgttaaa aatgcctgat ttgtttggag aaatatttga ctgtgtgtca ccgcatccca    105000
     aataactaaa acaataaaac taaagatatc tccactgtgc tgagcgagag tgcttcttaa    105060
     tagtgtgtgt acaccattac actgtaaaaa attagatcct tttacatgta atttaaataa    105120
     accgccaact tatccagcac attttcacgc agcggatgcc cttccagccg caatcatctc    105180
     tgggaaacat ccatccacac acactcattc acacacacac acacaccaac acacacacac    105240
     acacacatac actatggaca agttagcctt cccaattcac ctgtaccgta tgtctttgga    105300
     ctgtggggga aaccggagga agcccacgca aacgcaggga gaaaatgcaa actccacaca    105360
     gaaactcaga aggctcaaac cagtgacctt cttgctgtca ggtgacagca ctacctactg    105420
     cgccactgca tcgccttgaa gtcatttaaa agtcattgaa atttcttaga gaagcagttc    105480
     agtgaaataa ttgcaaatat catgattatg aatatcacgg cttagcttga tttacctagt    105540
     caattaattc aaggacttgg aacattctga agcaagaatt aaggtttttt tttaagcact    105600
     tagcacagaa attgctctgt cattaaataa ttaaactgca gaatcagtat gttcgttcta    105660
     aattcatgaa actgtctgct tactttctcg gagtaaacaa taacaaaaat gtgaaaacag    105720
     ttgttgtttt tttttataac aatttctgta tacaagcgtg atgctgaaat aaaagatcag    105780
     ataaaaagag gagactgatg tgaaagtctg agtccgttta catgagtaaa agtgaaactg    105840
     aacactggct gttgcttgga tacactgacg gcaaaagggg aagatcaagg cagagtagat    105900
     actctgagct gaaaagatga aaggctgcaa acaggagatc ttctcatgca ggctgtaggt    105960
     tcattcatcc tcacatttcc atcctccgca tagagatgat gttctccata tcagtccgtt    106020
     ttcaatccat gtccgcatgc ctcactgtac tgaaaatttc atgtttccct ttttaggtca    106080
     gacatttgtt ctaattcaac aataacttcc ctgcaaagtg gactctgcag gatatttttc    106140
     accatgattt ctgttagcaa atttgtgtct cgatcagctc ccttgttcag gattcagggc    106200
     actgaacagg gagtctgtct caatcgcaca attcttccag tgcactgaaa aagtgccaca    106260
     gtgcattatg aaaatcacac aatgctccgt taatggacgt ttagaagctg gaaatatgaa    106320
     tcatgtgaat caaacataac aaatgagaga tgtgcgtctt atttgttatg tcagtaaaga    106380
     tgacacgtaa tgtaggctac tagaactttc atactttaat tgttgtcctt cactttcctg    106440
     ttacaaaact ctcacactct gacaaaaact cgagatcctg tttaacatca acgacatcac    106500
     atattttccg aactcttaaa gtgacctgcg ctctttaact attatttgta taatgaacac    106560
     attgctctaa tttaactcaa gataatgatc aactaaacat gcaacagtat ttatttatat    106620
     ttaacatgaa caaagaacta gcaaacctcc ataattgttt aaagattgaa atattgctga    106680
     tattcgaaaa gtcaaattat ttagctataa tcctctctgt atacatcaga cactttctta    106740
     tcattgctcc atatttctga aaacattgtg caaaattaat aatgtgcttc ccgtaggtga    106800
     gtgagcttga caaaccgcct gtaagtaaca ctctctgtcc actacttatg caccagatgc    106860
     ttcatgaagg cttaatgctt ataaaaacat tttggaatta ttggtgtgtt ccatgggtga    106920
     gtgggtttaa taaaccccct ctagaacata ctcaaggcaa actttcacat atctgtttcc    106980
     actacaaact ttcttgtcaa cagtccatgt ttctgaaagc atcttgcaat ttttggcgtg    107040
     ctccatgggt gaatgggcat gtcaaaccac ctgtagaaca tactcttaaa gtgcttcttt    107100
     tctcatttgt aggtcacttt ggataaaggc atctactaaa tgttgtatta aatgtattaa    107160
     atgaataaat aatgtattgg tgaaaaatga aaaatattat tcttgctgtt gttcataaat    107220
     gacagttttg atgttgtaca acgatgacct tctcatgtca cacaggtgtc ccaatgtgca    107280
     gtgaactaag ctcatcactg tttttaccac tgccctctta ccactgatcc atgacctcct    107340
     gatctaggaa gctgatcgag aagcacactc catgtttcat atgttgtatt tatttacaga    107400
     ggtaagttat gtcacacaac gcttctctag taagatgctg caggcagtgc tgttgtgcaa    107460
     atccataaat taacatttag aagtgaatta agtatctcaa catgctcagg tagcgagcaa    107520
     tgcacacttt ggctatgttc cagtcctcat ttcgacacgc acttgtgaac ttcccctctc    107580
     ctgttctcct tggggaatcc caaacaccat tttgaagtgc gtttcacttc atcaagtgaa    107640
     caaaggaaac ttacatggac atccttgatc cccgattttg acaaagggag caagtcggcc    107700
     tcatatgtcc acttcagcac ctatgtctca gaatacgatg tgattgtgac ttcacaacag    107760
     tgtagttccc aagtgctcca aaatagtacc aaatgcttgt gtaacaggtc ccactttata    107820
     ttaagggtcc ttttgtatgt acttacatca aataataaat acaatgtact tactgtgctt    107880
     ataatgtatt tgaggacacg tggtgctttt gagttgggat agaggctggg ttatggacag    107940
     gtttggtggc ataggtaggt ttaagagtgg gttatggtgt aagggatggt caacagtgta    108000
     tttacaaatg taattacaaa agttaattac agatgtaatt acatacatgt atttaatcaa    108060
     gtataagtac acagtaaata catgtattta cacaataggt acattgtaac aaactattca    108120
     ttcttgtgta agtacatatt agttaaggcc acttaatata aagtgggacc gtgtaacatg    108180
     tcaatcagtt atgaagtcag tgagagaagg gcattaaatt aaaatgtgga ctggaatgca    108240
     acccatgcag tgaagtgtca gccagaacac agtttctgca tggagctcct ctacctatat    108300
     gaggatattt gagcatttat gaaacctata tgcagtatat atgcaaatat atgataatat    108360
     aaatgctgca tatatgtgta tatattccac ataggcaaaa ttggggtcca tatatgtgca    108420
     tttacaggcc atatgtctcc tgtattgctc atttatatcc acctaagccc tatatgtaca    108480
     tacaagatgt ctcctattat ctcatatccc actttggcca catggtgcct agctcatatt    108540
     ttctgttatc aaggcaataa ctaagaacta aaaaaaagaa gaagaaaaaa ttcacaaacc    108600
     tatatatgtg caaacacttg aaattggtgt catatgtact gtaattggca agttatggaa    108660
     tttaactgtg acaaataagt tagaggagat ggaaacctat aatgatacat ttataaggtc    108720
     tattctttct tgacgataat ggaaaagaag gaaatgtata acaaaatggt ttgccatttt    108780
     atttattgtt ttctgttcag tttttttgtc atattgttgt tcttgttcta tatatatatt    108840
     tgtatttagg tttaaagtaa ataaaaaaat ggacatttct atattttggg cttttatgtt    108900
     gttattttaa ttttaccaat atatagataa acctatagtc gaacatatag gtgaacacac    108960
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatgt attatatata    109020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tatgtgtgag tgtgtgtgtg    109080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtacc tatataggta catgtatgaa cttgcgcaca    109140
     tatgtgcaca cactgttgca gtcagaatta ttagcccccc ttagaacttt attttctttt    109200
     aaaataattc ccatatggtg tttaacagag caaggacatt tttacagtat atctgataat    109260
     atttgtttct tctggagaaa gtttgtttta tttaaaattt ttaaacacca ttttgaggac    109320
     aaaattgtta gcctctttta tctaattttt ttttgttttg atagtctaca aaacaaacca    109380
     tcgttttata ataacctgcc tagttaacct aattaacctg tttaagcctt taaatgtcac    109440
     tttaagctgt acagaagtgt cttgaaaaat atctagtcaa ctattattta ctgtcatcaa    109500
     gacaaagata aaataaatca gttaatagaa atgagttaaa actattatgt ttagaaatgt    109560
     gttgaaaatc ttctctccgt aaacagaaat taagggggaa aaataaatgg agttcaactg    109620
     tatgtacata taatatagaa aaatagacaa ttttacatct gtcacatata ttaaaagcag    109680
     aacctatatt aaaacacata tgtttatata ggttctttcc atgtggataa tgagctggtt    109740
     atctaaatta ggtgtgttaa ataaaaacac atgcaaaata tactgatggg agggatgaga    109800
     tcatgagaca atgctctaca caggtgtcaa actcagttcc tggatggcca ccaccctgca    109860
     cactttagtt ttaacctagt taaacacacc tgatcccact aattgagttc tttaggattg    109920
     ttcgtaaact acaggtaaag tgtattgaaa cagggttgga actaaaatct gcagggctgc    109980
     ggcacacccg aaggtttgac accctttctc tatccaacat tattactgta attatgaccc    110040
     tcttacttcg ccccatcaca gctgtgtttc tatagagtca tatacacaac tgtgctattg    110100
     cgatttatta aaatattccc cagcacaagt ctgtaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aataatgagt    110160
     gtcttaaaac accccatttc acctttattg cctgactgag caagtctgat tacctgcatt    110220
     gtctttattc ttcagatcat aataaaacat tagctagaat gcttactgtg ggtagtgata    110280
     gtattgtcat ggtacacgtc catgacagca ctgaacaacg aatacagatc gcatcatatt    110340
     taacatttct ttcaccactt tagaggcatg catcagctgt agattaccga agaactgtga    110400
     gaggtaagca agtcagttca ctagaataaa tgtatttgta atttttactt tgagtttaat    110460
     tcttcaccat gacactttct tttaaaattt atgaaagagg agtgataaaa tctgataagc    110520
     agttcatgtg atggaatatt gaaaagcaaa gatcccattt gattatatat tttgtatata    110580
     ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat    110640
     ataattacta cctattgtgc cactgcgtcg cccctattta tatttataat attttataat    110700
     ataaacttct ccactttata caattaatca atagcttttt tgtcattttt gtgactgaat    110760
     ccattcgtat acaacatctc cttgtgtttt aatattccac ttttcaccta ctctttttct    110820
     taagaaaaca cattcttcca aatgtgttaa aaaaggttac ttttttcata tttcacaagt    110880
     ttgccaaagt caatagaaga agatgagcca gaaagctttg tctaaaaaga catacagtag    110940
     cagctaatgc tgacaatttc actctgtctg taagccaatg tggcaaagga gactagaggc    111000
     cattttctaa aatggatgtc aattgagaag aggcatcata cgctgaaaaa ggaatctgct    111060
     ttttgaggag atagcttact attagcttga atcgtcaacc tgttcactat tcagcgtggt    111120
     ttatgaataa caagatgtta atggtgaacc atattttacc ctgataaaat gttattttga    111180
     gtgggtaatg aatcaactgt gacattaaac tgtgctataa taatggtact gtatatgctg    111240
     tgtataaatg tgtactgtat gtgttaatat tttctttttg tttctacctg aaactatact    111300
     tttattgcaa tggtattttt ttatgcctga cctcatgttt atataatgca tttgaatgaa    111360
     tgtgtgcaat tttttaaaag tttttttcaa ttgttttgcc acaaatttca gaaccctaat    111420
     gttttcaaaa ctctagacac aaaactcgaa acagtcacta ctttgaacat tctccagtgt    111480
     tcaaaactct gcatgctgca ttcattttct taaagaagtc ttgcatttgc aggatcattg    111540
     gttcacataa tccttttatt ataaaaacac tacaggaaca caactttaga tcaccagcac    111600
     ttttccaact catttctaag atcgttccaa taaacaatct ttaacaatcg catcacgttt    111660
     attatggttt atacatgtgt agagggaaca gtacagacag tggacacgct gaacgtccag    111720
     gttacgtacg taaaccacat tccccgaata gggaacggag acgtgtgtct gtataaacaa    111780
     actttcagag tgctttagag ttcaatcttt tctgaagata taaaaacgag ccaatgaaat    111840
     gccaattgaa ttggcggcgc ttagctccac aactgaaact gataagccaa ttagggctat    111900
     attagtcggg tgtgtgagtt agctcgtcag aattttgcct gctgaagagt caatcgctca    111960
     gctcccagct ggagactcag gtgatgtggc agtggagata cacgtctccg ttccctattc    112020
     ggggaatgtg ggttacgtac gtaacctgga cgttcccctt catatgggaa cttcgacgtg    112080
     tgtctgtata aacagacttt gggagacggt atggaaagcg ccacggcaac caagcctgtc    112140
     acgctcctaa tgtgtagttt gccaagccaa agcgtgagcg cactgacatc accaagagcg    112200
     caaccttcca acgtcccctc agcccaacat attacaatta catgggaata aatgtttaaa    112260
     gttaatcggg ggttgtaagt gtgcttttac ctagctaata tagacttggg atttttggaa    112320
     aaacgacagt acgttgggaa gcgtcagtcc ccgcaggggg aggacgcggt ggagaccacc    112380
     ttctacccag aaggggagac ctgatggtaa ggaggcatat ggactagtcc taatgagggg    112440
     gagtgataca tatgataagc tggttagcgg ttagggaaga cacgggaccg cctgataagg    112500
     gggaacacac cgtggtaatg atgcatttgg catcaccaag tggggatgca catagctgcc    112560
     accgatcctc aatatgcatg tagaccaaat gggcgtacca accgcacact gagccatgca    112620
     ttcgactcct ccgctgagtt gatgatggtg gcctcggagg aactctctaa ggttcacctg    112680
     agaagggaaa cttaccagca gagtagaata aagcgcacgc atttccgggt tagggagctt    112740
     ggcgcagcaa gcgtttgtga cactgagctt aattcccccc caattgattg gggttacaca    112800
     ataaccggga ggaaactggc tccactcaaa ggttatagaa cctcccgaat gtgttaggtg    112860
     tcgcccaacc caaagctctg caaatatctg tgagagaggc gcagcgtgat aatgcccatg    112920
     aagaagcgac acctcttgta gagtgcgctc tcacattagg agggctcgcc ctggcattaa    112980
     taagcgaggg caatggcatc aactaaccag tgggccaacc tctgttttga tatggcactt    113040
     cccttctgcc gaccaccata acagataaag agctgtttac atgatcttac attttgcgtt    113100
     cgttccacgt taaggcgcag agcgcgaacg ggacaaagca gtgagtgggg tgagcctgcc    113160
     tcctccgaag ccagcgcttg caggttcacc acctgatctc taaatggggt agtaggaacc    113220
     ttggggacat agccaggcca gggtctcagg acaacgtgag agtaaccggg cccgaattca    113280
     aggcatgatt cgctgaccaa aaatgcctcc agatccccaa ctctcttgaa tgacgccaat    113340
     gcgatcagca gagctgtctt taatgacaga attttaagag atactgactc gagtggccag    113400
     aacggatctc tctgcagacc cgctaggact agagagagat cccatgagag catgagaggg    113460
     gagcgggacg gattgaaccg ccgcacgcct ctgagtaatc ggatgtttag attatgcttc    113520
     ccgagcgtgt tgccatctac cgcgtcatga tgaacggaga tcgcagccat gtaaaccttc    113580
     agtgtggagg gtgacagcct gcgctccagc ttaccctgaa ggaagcataa cacaatgctt    113640
     atctggcaag ttcgagggtc ttctcggcaa gaagcgcacc actcagagaa tagactccac    113700
     ttcagggcat aggcatgcct cgtagagggt gctctagcct gagtgatggt gttaagtact    113760
     gccggcggta agtcacctaa gtcttccgcg ctccgtctat ggaccacacg tggaggttcc    113820
     agagatctgg gcgtgggtgc cagatggtgc cccgtccctg agagaggagg tcctccctta    113880
     ggggaatgcg ccaaggaggg gccgccacga ggagtgtgag ctccgacaca caggtccggt    113940
     tgggccagag gggcgcaaca aacaagacct gctcctcgtc cttcctgact ttgcacaaag    114000
     tttgtgcgat taggctcaca gctgtgagcc agtgcatccg tgccgagggg ggcctcggtc    114060
     agggaaaaaa acagctggca atgtgcgttc tcggtggaag caaacagatc gatctgggct    114120
     tccccgaagc gtgcctatat cagctggacc gaatcggaca ctagctgccg tgagagtgca    114180
     ctggctgcag ggttgagctc gcctggaatg tggatggcac acagcgattt cagccgcctg    114240
     tgactccaaa gcagcagacg gtgagcgagc tgagacatgc tgagagagcg tacacccccc    114300
     atacggttga tataggccac cgtcgccatg ctctccgtcc tgaccagcat gtgttttcgc    114360
     tccaacactg gtaaaaagcg gcggagagct agatacactg ccaacagctc caggcagttg    114420
     atatgccagt gcaggcgggg tccggaccac gaacccgcgg ctgcatgctc gttgtacatg    114480
     gccccccagc ctgtgctgga ggcatctgtc attacgacaa catgcctgga tactagccct    114540
     aggggtactc cggcccgtag aaaaaccaga tccgtccagg cgctgagggt gcggagacac    114600
     agcagagtga cgcgcacccg atgggtaccc acgcacatgc ccgtctgggg actcgatcgc    114660
     aaagccaaca ccgaagtggt ctcatatgaa gcaaaccgag cgccgtgact gcagctgcag    114720
     atgccatatg ccccaggagc ctctgaaaac atttcagtgg gactactatc ttcgtgtgga    114780
     gctcgcttac acaggaaagc atcagcctag catagcatag cgaccgaatc cagctccagc    114840
     ccgagataag agatcctctg cacagggcaa agagtgctct tctctcggtt gacctgaaac    114900
     cccaactggt caaggtgccg aagcactttg tctctgtgca taatcagctg atcgcggaac    114960
     gaggctagaa tgagcaaatc gtcgcgatag cggagtatgc ggatgcccgc atagcgcagg    115020
     ggcgctaggg caccccccgc gagcttgtga aaacccgggg agacagagag agcccgaagg    115080
     ggaagacttt gtattgccat gcttgtcctt cgaacgcgaa ccagggaaaa aggcggtggt    115140
     gtggaagaaa ggagccttga aaacatgcgt ccttcaggtc gaccaccata acagataaag    115200
     agctgtttac atgatcttac attttgcgtt cgttccacgt taaggcgcag agcgcgaacg    115260
     ggacaaagca gtgagtgggg tgagcctgcc tcctccgaag ccagcgcttg caggttcacc    115320
     acctgatctc taaatggggt agtaggaacc ttggggacat agccaggcca gggtctcagg    115380
     acaacgtgag agtaaccggg cccgaattca aggcatgatt cgctgaccaa aaatgcctcc    115440
     agatccccaa ctctcttgaa tgacgccaat gcgatcagca gagctgtctt taatgacaga    115500
     attttaagag atactgactc gagtggcctg aacggatctc tctgcagacc cgctaggact    115560
     agagagagat cccatgaggg catgagaggg gagcgggacg gattgaactg ccgcacgcct    115620
     ctgagtaatc ggatgtttag attatgcttc ccgagcgtgt tgccatctac cgcgtcatga    115680
     tgaacggaga tcgcagccat gtaaaccttc agtgtggagg gtgacagcct gcgctccagc    115740
     ttaccctgaa ggaagcataa cacaatgctt atctggcaag ttcgagggtc ttctcggcaa    115800
     gaagcgcacc actcagagaa tagactccac ttcagggcat aggcatgcct cgtagagggt    115860
     gctctagcct gagtgatggt gttaagtact gccggcggta agtcacctaa gtcttccgcg    115920
     ctccgtctat ggaccacacg tggaggttcc agagatctgg gcgtgggtgc cagatggtgc    115980
     cccgtccctg agagaggagg tcctccctta ggggaatgcg ccaaggaggg gccgccacga    116040
     ggagtgtgag ctccgacaca caggtccggt tgggccagag gggcgcaaca aacaagacct    116100
     gctcctcgtc cttcctgact ttgcacaaag tttgtgcgat taggctcaca gctgtgagcc    116160
     agtgcatccg tgccgagggg ggcctcggtc agggaaaaaa acagctggca atgtgcgttc    116220
     tcggtggaag caaacagatc gatctgggct tccccgaagc gcgcctatat cagctggacc    116280
     gaagcggaca ctagctgccg tgagagtgca ctggctgcag ggttgagctc gcctggaatg    116340
     tggatggcac acagcgattt cagccgcctg tgactccaaa gcagcagacg gtgagcgagc    116400
     tgagacatgc tgagagagcg tacacccccc atacggttga tataggccac cgtcgccatg    116460
     ctctccgtcc tgaccagcat gtgtttccgc tccaacactg gtaaaaagcg gcggagagct    116520
     agatacactg ccaacagctc caggcagttg atatgccaat gcaggcgggg tccggaccac    116580
     gaacccgcgg ctgcatgctc gttgtacatg gccccccagc ccgtgctgga ggcatctgtc    116640
     attacgacaa catgcctgga tactagccct aggggtactc cggcccgtag aaaaaccaga    116700
     tccgtccagg cgctgagggt gcggagacac agcagagtga cgcgcacccg atgggtaccc    116760
     gcgcacatgc ccgtctgggg actcgatcgc aaagccaaca ccgaagtggt ctcatatgaa    116820
     gcaaaccgag cgccgtgact gcggctgcag atgccatatg ccccaggagc ctctgaaaac    116880
     atttcagtgg gactactatc ttcgtgtgga gctcgcttac acaggaaagc atcagcctag    116940
     catagcatag cgaccgaatc cagctccagc ccgagataag agatcctctg cacagggcaa    117000
     agagtgctct tctctcggtt gacctgaaac cccaactggt cgaggtgccg aagcactttg    117060
     tctctgtgca taatcagctg atcgcggaac gaggctagaa tgagcaaatc gtcgcgatag    117120
     cggagtatgc ggatgcccgc atagcgcagg ggcgctaggg caccctccgc gagcttgtga    117180
     aaacccgggg agacagagag agcccgaagg ggaggacttt gtattgccat gcttgtcctt    117240
     cgaacgcgaa ccagggaaaa aggcggtggt gtggaagaaa ggagccttga aaacatgcgt    117300
     ccttcaggtc tattgctgca aaccaatcct ttggacggac gctctgcatc aagcgtttct    117360
     acgtgagcat tctgaaaggc attttgaata aatgacagtt cagtttgcgc agatttagga    117420
     ttggccttaa ccccccgctc ttgttgggca cgatgaaata cgggctgtaa aacccggacc    117480
     tcatctcggc tggaaggacc tgctcgattg catcctttgc caggaggaca gtaatctcct    117540
     ctcgcaagac aggggcgctc tcagggatca ccctcgtgaa aaggacaccc gtgaacttgg    117600
     gagggcgaaa aagctaactg aatcgcagag ccgagtcaga ccgtccgaat gagccaccgc    117660
     aacgcgctga gcggcgctaa ccaagccagc agagcgcgca ctaatggcac catcggagcg    117720
     atcattgacg tgccagcaga ggggcagctc gggatgggag tgctcatccc gggaagcaga    117780
     gctcccttat tctccataga cagcaatacc atctcgttca atatcaagac aggtaccaaa    117840
     aattattgtc aattttccgt caaaatatta taatcatgca ccctattctg acactgagga    117900
     gaaaaaactg ttgatctaag ttattaattt agtcttttta tgcgcacgca ttcttgtagc    117960
     ttcataatat gctaattgaa acattgaagg catatggtct gtttagagga tattttgctg    118020
     tatttttctg gtttctaaga ggtcgcgatc attgctgcct atagaggatc tgggagctct    118080
     cggatttcat cgaaaagtat ataatattgt attctaaagg tcccaggggt ttggaacggc    118140
     attaatgtaa ttgtaacagt aaataacgac atcattttca tgtttggctg aactaaccct    118200
     ttaaatcttg gattattaca gtaatatact gcagacagca tgttacctcc gttgagttat    118260
     ttacacaata tctgcattga attcaaataa aactgacttc acttgtgaaa tgtgcaatat    118320
     ttttcttgta aaatgctgac attaatgcta ttagctgatt ggctgggtct gtgttagcct    118380
     ttgcgctttc tccaatagta aataaaacaa aagcttttca ccctcattta gtaagaaatc    118440
     tctgtaattt gctctttatg catgaacaac tgtttttcaa atcaaaagaa aaatcaaagc    118500
     aggttaaata agatccgtat cataaccagc cacaatattt catgcttcaa ataattttct    118560
     tttttgttat tattattcat tctccagcag ttaaatgact gattagtgtc ttttcttgtc    118620
     ggccatgaaa ggccatccac tttaaaaaat gtttgttgaa aatgcatttt ctaatttctt    118680
     cgacaatgac ttcacacaac agcaattaac acatccaaaa ggattatgat tcatctttaa    118740
     taacaccgac aaacttgact tgtaaatgaa gctgcgctag acgttttgtt gccctcgtga    118800
     ttgggttgat tgagctttgt ggaggagtgt tcggtctcca ttcccttttt ttcttccttt    118860
     tttaatgatc tgactcaacc acagctggcc tctcttgagt atttaaaccc tgccatgtct    118920
     cagcactgaa cagctctgct cacactgtga atattcactc atatggaaag taaaaagctc    118980
     cataggctta aagagataga gcaggcaatt acagagtctt cacaagttgt gaaattgact    119040
     gaatgtggtg ttaaataatt gcactgccaa agctgctatt ggcggtggct gcatttgtta    119100
     gtgtcatgct aattccaaag tcaatcttct aatcagggca atttacctga aaccacccac    119160
     accaacaata caacgagata tctaaatcta gcactgcatt ctatgaggag tggagttcac    119220
     agtggacttg aaggcttcat gtttcattct gtattatgcc ttcgtaatgc tatgagagaa    119280
     aatgtcatat atttggagac aattctccag agtgctcttc aaggaacttt ctgtggtatt    119340
     caacatagat ttatttgtat ttgaggaaaa gaatataact tcttgcttct gctgaactca    119400
     aaatcctgtt gttgtcattg atttgtttgc tcttatctgc ttttacatgg aaatataata    119460
     cttttagaag atgagcaatt ccagcgttat ggatgctacc taaagacatg agacacaaat    119520
     tcacagatat gtacagttga agtcagaatt attagccccg tttatgtttt tcccccgaat    119580
     tctgtttaac agagagaagt ttttttcccc aacacatttc taaacacaat tgttttaata    119640
     actcctttct aataactgat taatttcatc ttaaccacga tgagagtaaa taatattttg    119700
     ctagatattt ttcaagacac ttctatacag cttaaaggga catttaaagg tttaactagg    119760
     ttaattaatt aggttaacta ggcaggtaag ggtaattagg caagttattg tataatgatg    119820
     gtttgttttg tagactacta aaatatagtt taaaggggct aataattttg accttaaatg    119880
     gtcttattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    119940
     atcaaaactg cttttattct agccgaaata aaacaaataa gactttctcc agaagaaaaa    120000
     aaaatatcaa aaaaactgtg gaaattccct tgctctgtta aacatcattt ggcaaatatt    120060
     taaaaaagaa aaacaaaaat tcaaaggggg gctaataatt ctgacttgaa ctaatgttaa    120120
     cagtattgaa atatctgttt ctaaaacaac taaccacaga gtttaatccc aggtaaaaaa    120180
     caattctggc ccagatttgg cataaagctg gcacagcagg cattcttacg gcactggcat    120240
     acaacaattg ggccaaacat ggcctgggtt tgtcataagt ggcatcgtct ttgaggttgt    120300
     atttgggcca gatttaaaag gtagtatttg gcccagatgt taaaaaatga tatgtgggcc    120360
     atgtgagttt ggcctgtcct gacctgaagc atgggttcat caatttcatt gcaattatga    120420
     cacgccaaat tatctagctc agtttaggtc cagttctgag ttattaactt ggctgagact    120480
     taaaccagat ttgatcaata tttgaccctt gtctggaagc aagatttggt ccagtcatgt    120540
     accaccattg cggatagcat agtgtgagta ggcccttagt taaaaagcag taggtgatct    120600
     gcctaaatgc tatcccttaa cataatagct ttgaaaactc tgtccctccc ctgccgttcc    120660
     aaagccacgc tttctgaaat caccaacgcg caccaacatg atgacagtag acaacccatt    120720
     catgccattc gtcagaaaac tttatagtac tttataatac tacagttcca aatgaaaaac    120780
     tgtattatat gtaatgtagc ccattgtcag ttgtgtagca agcaaaactt ttcaaaatga    120840
     ataatatttc atgcatgcaa ggatggctgg tctcactctc tcatgcgctt tgtcttaaag    120900
     taactgtatg cttagtggtt ggcaggcggg gtgcagaaat gacacttatt attaagccat    120960
     acgtacatta tattttcaga tcgaatattc aaagtagcat ggcaaagtag caagaaagcg    121020
     cgtcacaggt tgtcattgtt caaaaattaa ccaatgtgat ctgattgtaa atccaacttc    121080
     acctcagtaa agcaggatag gtggaatatt tctatttact tatgttttat tgttaaacta    121140
     aataaaaatc tactttatct atgatgtcaa aggtccctta tgaaattgaa aatagtccca    121200
     ttaatcattt gccggaagat ttcagtggct gaacaacact ttcgtgcata taacctattc    121260
     ataaaacaac acaatctaca tcagctaaac taaactagtt ttaaaacata acctgttaaa    121320
     agaaatgctt cagccatggt gtcgtccttc tccagcgtgc aaaagtaact ccaatattga    121380
     ttcaggattt ttaaagtatt gtttgagcat ttgtttttag cgctgtgact ttctctctca    121440
     tgcgcaaatg tcatgaacgt tgcgcatgtg cttgagcgaa cagcggatct ccgtgagcgg    121500
     gtgcgcagat gtacaaatct agatttgctg acagacagtt tgggctactt atcagaatta    121560
     tgggatttat cagcccgaca aattttaatt ggatgaacat ttttagtctt aatccttacc    121620
     catattaaaa tacataaaaa catttagatc atttacttta atactattgg aatgtgaaga    121680
     gactttcacc cttcacaaca aaaaaatgtt tctaaagaca atcagacaaa gacagacaat    121740
     gtgctgttat tatgtttgtg tttttaatag tgtgtatgga tgtattgatg tcatccgtga    121800
     tgaagacaaa tttctgatct gtgacaagca gaacagacaa gtttaagaga caaatgtctg    121860
     taaaatggtt ttatatttga aataagtgaa atacgcatgt gttttggatg tgaccaaaag    121920
     tataaattta cagtatcacc atactttgag gaaattcttt gaattactgt aaactgcaca    121980
     actaaaaaga aataatatta aacaaaatga taagagtttt tttctttcta tagaacaaaa    122040
     aaggtttcaa aatggtttta ctatttttat gaaaacgttt gaaaggaatt gctcacatca    122100
     aatagttttc agcattgttg tttatatcaa attgaggtgt gaagcatgca atttctatat    122160
     cactaacgtt acaaaatgga aacatggtgg ctttttcctt ccagacggct ttgtgaagtg    122220
     gtctctgcat gtcaggccta gacaggacat ggcattataa aagaaaagtg cacacactgc    122280
     attcaaagaa atgacatgga tttcaagcgc taactggaat gtttcagtat cagctttcac    122340
     tgaaaagtct aaagatacat gagacaaaaa ataaaactct ataaaacagc ctacaagaca    122400
     gagcttttat gttcttttaa gagtcttaaa gcatgtcaac cgattgtaag agaaatagtt    122460
     gaggcattta tgctgatgct ccttgaatac aaaatagtat atttgaaacc aagtattctt    122520
     ttatctacag cacaagccca tgctttgatt tggcatgctt tttatacata aaactcatct    122580
     atcaatttat atgtgatctg caatggaaaa aatgcagttt tgtatctgat ttgaaggtaa    122640
     cgttataaca agataacaat agcaatcttt tccagagggc tggccagcat gaagagttgc    122700
     aatggggcct caaaatcttg cgattttttg cttagttttg tgttgtagaa tgcattttaa    122760
     tggctgattg tttcaaaaca ctttttatac atgttttaca ctgttctgac agttaattta    122820
     gctcctgttt gaatgaatgt ccttacaaaa tacaaaaagt gcaggtaatg gttagctggc    122880
     ccattgtggt gattgacact tacagcatgt tgaaatgtct tgcccgtttg gcataaccat    122940
     aagctcattt gatcagctgt aaatattaaa gtccccaaaa aatcaaagct aaatatgatt    123000
     ttgttagttt acattgctag ttttggagtc aacaatacat ttgtgcatgt cattaagaaa    123060
     aaaaaaaaag tatgacagtc gatttctgaa aatgtacttc ctgtttttat ttttttccag    123120
     ttaaattgtt agattatgta tatttaatat tgcatattta atcacgctgc tccaactgtc    123180
     agtttttaca acaaacaaat ggtgaggagt ctgttgtgtt gtacactgtt agacatttct    123240
     gtaaattaca cagttattta ctgtatttca cccagtgtaa tactgcaaat tccttttacg    123300
     gtaaataact gtatttaccg ttgcattatg ggaatttagt gtgacgtcga acaacatata    123360
     cagccatgta ctgtatttgt aaaaattcgt gtattatact gtattttcca caactgcttc    123420
     aacgccacct tgcggcgatt cgactactct gcaccacatt ttgcctgagg accctggagc    123480
     aattctggag gacaatttat tagtgtgcct gaagaacata ctggatttaa caaactttac    123540
     tctggtaagc tgaggcagtg tttcatttta cagaatgttt tgtggacgag aatagaacaa    123600
     agtaaagtat aaagttggct atgattattt tctctggctt ggcgttattt cgcccatttg    123660
     agaaatatat aatctattaa gatgttacct ttatttaatt tattacatta acactactat    123720
     tactttaaat aagactgttt atgactatta gccattgttc tcgtcatatc tttttattta    123780
     tttacatagg aaccggtgtt gcagcgggtt ttggtttagg agggaaccag aggtatgcag    123840
     acagttttgg aggacactta gcacgagaca acggtccggc agagagtgtt ttcccccaca    123900
     agaatatgaa tgaaagacca acaaataatc caggtaaaag cgcgtctgtc tgtgctgaca    123960
     acactcgaca ttgatttgag cacctctatt ggcatttgtt tgctcggcaa cattggctga    124020
     agcgatctta aaatggtaat gttaactgtt agctaaactg agctaagttt atactgaatt    124080
     ggactcaaac tcattttaac gtgcaacgtt taacttatat tgatttatac tatatatatt    124140
     agatgttgtg aacttatttt tctctggttt agagtaactt ataacgttag cttgagaaaa    124200
     taacatcgcg acgtaaccta taagaacgtt aacgtaaatc tataacgtta caatatgcat    124260
     agaggtaaag ttggttttat attcgcacat tcgttcattt agaacagtgg ttctcaaact    124320
     tttttcacca agtaccacct tagaaaaaag ttgtctctcc aagtaccacc ttacgacgct    124380
     attttttaac cagtattaaa aaatagcgac gtaggcctaa ttaagcagct acaggtgtgc    124440
     acattgttaa aaacgatgca gattaatttc tattattaag aatatgtatt attgtcagtc    124500
     actttaaaca ttttaaatag tctgaacatt aactgtgctt gcaggtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    124560
     aacgttttag ttaaaatgtg cttttaaaag tttattaaaa aatgacactg ttcttaaaaa    124620
     gtaaaaagaa aactgctgta cttaaatcta aagtattcat agtagcctat tcatcaaaag    124680
     ttggaaatgt tgcttggatc tcataaatat aggctaaatg tcatattcat acactttcag    124740
     acaaatcttg aaatatctgt taaatgtaca tatgacaggg ttcatacagg cacagcctaa    124800
     tgaaaatcaa ttccagcacc tatttttttc aagactgaca tgctatgtat tgaagacctg    124860
     aaatgtattg tcagcaaccc ataaaacatt atataggaat agatacaaat aaaaaccatt    124920
     tataataata ataatattta ttaaccatat attaataata gaataaacct gcactaaatg    124980
     cttgtaaaat cttttttgta ctcaagtaaa aatactatta cactgctaaa ataacacaaa    125040
     ttttagtaaa taatactaat attaggtaaa agtacaaagt actcttttaa taagtactag    125100
     ttaaaaaaaa tctgattttc attatgaaat cacttttttt aagtgtaaac cggattgaat    125160
     ggtttaattg cttaaatccc aaagctacat gtataggaac ttgcactaac aaaggaagtg    125220
     tgaccgattt tttctttcat gacaattaat ctttttcaat agcactggta aaactaccac    125280
     ataatcttta aggccatcaa gacagttttt gcccattttt aaacaatatt ttcaagcttt    125340
     gaaaggttaa attaaagaat atggtaaaaa gatttaaatt tagcctttta tttgcatatt    125400
     tttctttaca ttatggcaaa tttattttct taaatagctg tacatcacat ggagattttc    125460
     ttttacacct gatcttaatc taaaatacaa acttaaaaaa aatacaagta cactgtcagt    125520
     taaaaaaata aaacaaatga cttcatttta cttgaggtat ttgaaatatg acaacagtac    125580
     atttatcaaa gcagtgcttt aagagcctta ttgttcattt tgataaataa acaataagta    125640
     acaacggatt gctttgacct gtaatgcctt aagacagatc agaatacagc taaatgtata    125700
     aatcacacaa atacctcatc cagaaacatt tccagcataa ttcttttgtc gtaaaaaaaa    125760
     ttaaaaaaaa taccaccttt gctaaaagta agtttcactt cacaacacag ccaaacaaga    125820
     agaccattag cattgtaatc gattatgcat caatctattt ctaaatactt gataactttg    125880
     aatacttttg actaaattta gtcaaggagc aaagataaat aatgtctact ttaatagtgg    125940
     aaagatcgcg attgtattca atctgagcac gcaggcgatc atgagagcac ttgcagttca    126000
     tttgaaaaaa gcctatttaa gagctcgcat gtctgtttta gcgatttgcg tacatgaatg    126060
     cgctctcgtt ttaaagtaaa gcactcgccg catttgcaga aatgagttat tgcgcaatac    126120
     ctccattccc gcgccgccat tcagactgta tagaggagtg acaggtcaga ggcgagtcga    126180
     ctcgctgtcg tagggcgaaa cgtgtatgaa gatcataaaa taggcaggaa atatgtccgc    126240
     ggtttaataa ctatgctaga catttctata gtgaaaacat ccgagaagca ttattccaac    126300
     aaaacatttg tttttaagtt gttttctctg tctctgcaac acagaaagcc tttgtcccgc    126360
     ccttacgttt cacgcaaaac taggtcgact gtgattggct acttttcatg tcagtcaaat    126420
     tacgcttcag aatcaattct taagctgctg aatatcagtt tccgaagttt atgacacaat    126480
     gcactaaaat aaacactcta agcacagagc tgttatcgta tgcttcacta aacagaaaat    126540
     gctgatcaca tcgatgttat agtacgcatc aaaggattaa aagtgttaat tatttatttc    126600
     attatttggc gattcctccg cgtaccacta ggaggaagcc cgcgtaccac tagtggtacg    126660
     cgtaccacag tttgagaacc actgatttag aagactctat actgtttacc atgttacttt    126720
     gaatattcga tcagaattag catgccagta tgacttgaaa tcaacattaa cactgtttat    126780
     ttgaccgtga gcatgttgta ctttgatagt cattagctgc taaaatgatt tcgctattta    126840
     gagtttgcaa ataatacttt tatgaaatta aattattaaa ggggaagtct gaatctgcta    126900
     atataaaacc aattttacct ctatgcatta tgctaataac cacctttttg ctatttattg    126960
     tttgctaatt atttttttat cacaactctt gacatttggt ttaacataat tgttaccatt    127020
     atattttttt ctgtttagat atggcactgg cacagcagca ggttttgtct gaagaaacaa    127080
     acagcatttc ggaggaacat cttgatcagc acagccttat gcttaaaaaa taagcaagac    127140
     cagtaagcaa ccaaggtaaa caaataaaaa aaagttgtgt ggaggttgtg gattgtagca    127200
     tggtattctt atctgtattt ttggcttttt tatggtctca atatagaata ctgggagcct    127260
     gcctgtgcaa actggacctc atacaacagt aagtactgta catctatttg tttctcaata    127320
     tattaacgtt acttttaata caaaatgtgt cacatgttta gttgctagct aaataaaaaa    127380
     atcattttcc cttttttatt aaaccattta gtaggttttt tttcatcttt gtttataata    127440
     tttttgagca gattgaggtc tgtcatgggt cagacatttc aaaatacaat aattagtatt    127500
     gggatacatg catttgtcta tgtattaaat gtctttttcc ccatttcatg ttgcctaaat    127560
     attttgtaat aaataaaata atacaatttt ttgtataaat aattccagag gatgaaacaa    127620
     aatgcacagc aacaaccaga gtgagccaga agatagcagg agaagtagtg aagagaatga    127680
     caaccatgaa caacagtgag ttatccttct ttcaccagct aactgagaac ttggattagg    127740
     tgagacactc tcaataattg tatcagtatt cagtcagttt tagtttatta ggaatacata    127800
     aaacaaagtc taatctgtcc tgcagtgaat caacccatca caaatgctac aatgtttttg    127860
     taaaaccttg ttagggaaaa aaataaacag gacattctgg ttagttatct tttaaacatg    127920
     gtagtgagca ggttatgagc aggagccagt tgctcagtac cagctgaaaa ctaccccaac    127980
     ctagctgcca tgcttcaaaa taattaacca gtatatgatt tatttttttt aaacaagctt    128040
     cttctatgct tatgttagtc tgtttgtcct tatccagagt tcttcataat cctggactgg    128100
     gccaaatcct gaccagatgc tgtggtggtc atggaggagt gaatcctaaa agacacacgt    128160
     gatcaatgag tttccgcatt gatccaatgg gccagcctga ccacccgctg gtgaactttc    128220
     aagcctccgg tgcctagact gcggccttgc acaagtttgg ctagaggaga actggtcgtg    128280
     cccaactgag cctggtttca ctcaagggct tttattctac actttcgtca gttggtgaag    128340
     tttgttccat gccactgtcg ccactggatc acttggctac gattggtgga tcggtggatt    128400
     tgctcttcag tgtttggact ttcagcagtg acatttactg cttcaattct gaaaactgga    128460
     ctgaagcagc ttcaatttat aagaacttct atgttaagct gctttgacat cattgatcta    128520
     cattgtaaaa gtgcaataga aataaagatg aattgcattt gaacatgtga attcagacct    128580
     tgttgagcat ttgacaccag aactagtaat attttaaagt tgggttgttt ctgagtcggc    128640
     taatagttac aaatatttat ttttccaaca atatgcaatt cagaagttaa aatttttatt    128700
     gtacatgtat gttctagtgc tttgtgtaat ttatttattt ttaatgtgtt gattttattg    128760
     cttaatgtaa ttttcacaca ttttccttaa atgctttaag cattattaat gttttaaaga    128820
     atggaatatt ttgtaattgt gtctggttta atgtcagtag tacttagtac aattggtttt    128880
     tttttttctc aacaatatgc aggtcagaca cttaaattat ttttgtacat gtatgttaat    128940
     gtgctttgtc attttcaatg tttttttttc ttaaaataaa atattttgaa tgattgaaat    129000
     gtaatgtttt tacacatttt taagcttgtt ttaagcatct ccaatgtttt aaataaagag    129060
     tgtttatttt gttaatattt tgtaattgtg tcttttttag gtctatagta ttaaaataat    129120
     attaataaaa ttatattata aaatatttag gacaaaatta aaaggtttac agtagctaac    129180
     tgttaactta ggtttttaca gtagttaacc attttcagac actacggtaa catgctgtaa    129240
     acggatttac agttgtatac tgtaaatcta aaatacagta acttactggc aacagtgttg    129300
     ccagtaagtt actgtaaaaa ccctttgaaa tgtctaacag tgtaataact cttctaaaac    129360
     ccctttactc gatctttccg aatgaaatgc aaactttact acatctaatc agcttgcagt    129420
     agaaaaacca agccacgccc acttttgtct tttttttaat aatcaataaa tttttattca    129480
     tttattttat tattattatt gttattatta ttattattat tttatttatt tatttcgctt    129540
     ttgatgaaca tttccaatcg aatgcagaac aaatcttaca ataggatatt cacattttag    129600
     cataaaataa aaaaacaaaa gaaagaaaga aaaaatgaga gaaaaaacaa acaaagaaaa    129660
     gagcaggtat acataacaat taccacagag aagaggaatt tagtttactt attgataaaa    129720
     agattgtgaa aagatggtca cactttacaa aggtttatta gtaaatatta agtaatgcat    129780
     ttactaacat gaacaaacaa tgaaaaatac atgtactaca gtatttattc atgttaataa    129840
     acattagtta atgaaaatac agttgtccat tgttagttca tgttaactca tggtgcaata    129900
     aactaatgtt aacaagcatg gacttaaatg ttaataatgc attagtaaat gttcacttat    129960
     gattaataaa tgctgtacaa gtgttgttca tgattagttc atgtaagtaa atgcattaaa    130020
     taataaatct tattgtaaag tgttaccgaa aagatacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaattt    130080
     aagcaaacat ttctcattaa ttgtattttg ttaaagtcta cccctacccc aaccctaaac    130140
     ccgaccgtca cagtaatgta aaaacagatc tggatcagaa gtcttctcta ttagtaaagc    130200
     tgattaacta tgtggatggc tgataagatt taaagttgaa ttggtcaaat cgattcactg    130260
     tacttctttg tttaaaaatg tgaataaata ttattatagt atgtgtttga atgtaacttt    130320
     atttcacaaa ttggaaatgg gctatatgca cggcagcgcg tgacgcatgt ccggtaaaat    130380
     gtaagacccc gagccaactt ccgccaatcg tcaagtacag tgctacaacg ggagcgctac    130440
     tgatcaaaac aacttacttt ttggagagtt gtcttaatgt tttatgccat tatagcccac    130500
     ttacgtttat gtcagctaca taaatatgac atctaaacgt ttgaaagtgt catttcaaag    130560
     acatgagaac agtactttta gcttccactg ctgtgtttag caatttaatt attcaatatt    130620
     caataattat attcaatagc aatattcaac atgaaaattt tacagaaaca aaaaagacaa    130680
     gaatgtagct gacataaata ttacaaatat taaatattat tcatttattt aattttaaat    130740
     taaattgtca aaaaagtaac attttgaaaa aatattttat tcagatgaac agaaacaata    130800
     ccattaaatc agttgttttc tcagcacggt gcttcttctg ttacttgtgc atagagaggt    130860
     atttgggctg atacgtattt aataaataga taaataaatc acccctctgt ttcatggaac    130920
     ttaacacata attgatccat tccaaaccat tgtttatggt tcatgcaact tctgctccat    130980
     ttgggtgcag gagggataac agacattaca catttcagag tattgggctg tctggaaaag    131040
     caaagcaacc aaatgtttgc aaatcccact gtcagccaca gaagagcagg agctattaac    131100
     cagcagatga tggcatgata ggcatggatt ttctgatgaa tgtccgctcc agaatggagt    131160
     aacatgcata attttctagc tttgaatcac ataatgttac ctagaaaaca gaaacaagaa    131220
     tattaatggg ttaaaaagag tcaataaagg cagtttaccc aaagctgaaa attctattta    131280
     ctcatccttc acttgctcca aacctgtttt agcttcgttc tgctgttcaa cacacatcca    131340
     caaaaaagat attttgaaga aagctggaaa cttgcaacca ctgatattta tagtagttct    131400
     ttttcctact atggaagtcg atggttacag gttttcagct ttcttcaaaa tatcttcttt    131460
     tgaaatgcgt tctgcatctg caccaataca atcaggtgaa actacactgt aaatcattac    131520
     tttaaataat taaaagtaac tcctattagt cgcactttaa aataaggttt cataaacaat    131580
     acttgtacag ctcttaatca tagttaaact aatttattaa tgaataaaaa tctaaagtca    131640
     tgcttgttaa cattagctat tgtgagttaa caagcacaat gaatatgctt ttgttcatta    131700
     acgtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatactgcaa tagacaaatt gttgatgtga aattacccta    131760
     tgacgcctta ttgttttggg tcaccctccc atttaattac aatgttatag cttaaataga    131820
     aagcatgtca tctacactgt tacactgcat ctgtcatgtc cactgtttca tgtcagtgct    131880
     atttgtctgt tgtgaatgga tctgcattgt gttattttat tcctaatata ttatgctcca    131940
     taatcatgct taaatgctga gatagcatct gtgtttctgt ggctatccga acagtgcagt    132000
     ggtggtcact ttaaaacagt aaaatataac agaacttgac atttatgctg tcctactctc    132060
     agctggtgag gagacttcga tttcctcata gatagatcgg taataatgag ctctcactga    132120
     gatcttattc ctgccctgtt tttcacctga cactttgaga cagacttacg tacaaatatg    132180
     atcattttta ctaatgtgat aaagttgcag atggacggat cgtaaaagta ttaacgctag    132240
     ctttcatgct agctgaactt acctttataa ttgcacaagt acaaaaatgc attaagcttg    132300
     aaaccttttt caagtttgct ctgcggtgtt gtagtgcaca tcctgacaat catttgcaca    132360
     tcgttgaccg taattcccgc aaacagcgat caaatattga cgactctgcc atattactgt    132420
     ttacctccat ttaaaatcac ctgggccgga agttggacgg cagcattaga caaacgggga    132480
     agtaatgtgt gcatatagcc aattacttac aaataaattg acccttcgct aagccacacc    132540
     caacaaccgc cacccaccaa tcgtggctta gcaaccgtag ctatgtcaag ctctgtcaag    132600
     cttttgagcg aaggaaacag gccataccat tgtgcttatg gattgtgtaa atctgacacc    132660
     cggtatccta aaagtttaga cggaagaact cacacacctc ttaccctaaa caaatctaag    132720
     ctgtgctttc tacattatat acgttatgtt taacagctgt ctttttcttt ttgtcttttc    132780
     gctcgatatt ataagcaatg ctctttttaa gccttcgcca tgactaacgt tagtcatact    132840
     aaaaaagaat aggtcataat gtcatgagtt attgatctgc tgtaacaccg gcaaatacga    132900
     atctgctgaa cttcatattt ccatctattt caagctacga atatttgaaa ttacaaatca    132960
     acagaacaaa accgagatgt gatcacaaac tgagcacttg cgatcaatat acttcacgag    133020
     cagctgtttt tcagtcattt ataaagagca cacaaacata ctgacagtaa tgggtaattt    133080
     actgtacatt attatgggtc aacgatgcta atattcggca caaatcaatc agtttcccct    133140
     ttctggctgt tctttctatg aataaactat gtattgtaaa agctctgtcc atgcgtgttt    133200
     ccttgtcggt tagtaacgct atattttatt gcacagcaat agtctatcag gcttttttgg    133260
     ctaaaaatag agaaatcaca gtttaattag ttattattat attattttta aatttcacct    133320
     ctcctgctga gcatgagctt agctgttgaa tggtcagggt atgaggcggc taagctaagc    133380
     tagtttaaat tttgattgaa ttattctcta atcgattgcc tattatgttg tgatatactc    133440
     ctgtaatgaa tactgccgtc cttttttgtc tggctttctc agatatctca cctttttgtc    133500
     aaaaatgaca ttatatccct ggcaacgtct gacaatggcg ctaacacatt tataaagcca    133560
     tgtcaggcac gaaagcttga caggcgtagc aacagtaact aaggagggct gggcttagcg    133620
     aagggtcaat taagaatgtc aaacaacctt gtgacccatg ctcagggagg aactactata    133680
     catattgaac agttctatgt tagacaatta atagtactta tatttttaaa atgttttgga    133740
     tatattgcct aagattaatt ttgtgtctgg aaagttttca tagcctttac tttttccaca    133800
     tttttaaatt ttacaacctt attccaaaat ggttttaatt aatttatttc tttaaaattc    133860
     tacacaaaaa tccccataat gacaatgtaa aaaagatttt tttgaaattg ttgcaaaatt    133920
     attacatata aaaaacctga aaaatcacat gtacggcaca caagtattca cattgtcatt    133980
     atggggaatt gtgtgaatat taaggaaata aattgatcaa tttcggaata aggctgtaac    134040
     ataaaaaaag tggaaaaagt gaaacactat taatactttc cacatgcact gtaaatttta    134100
     attcattgtc acttcatgtc acttttctaa aatgaaaaaa aaataaaaaa atacattcat    134160
     ctttacagta tatttgaaag tgtctctcag cacagaaagc tgtatttaaa agttttacct    134220
     ttcacaatgg cagtccaaat attttaattc gtaagaagct cattataagc tcaaagcaaa    134280
     agtctgcttt gaatagtgat gtatttgtaa gctagtttag gttttgtttt ttattttgcc    134340
     ttgggttagc ttggagtaat tagctgaatt gtatggatgt tttctcagtc tacctctcag    134400
     cccgctgtgc tgcactgttt tcatgaagat taacaacaac agaccccctg aaattgagtc    134460
     aaccccacca ccatattctg acaatggaag aaaacgctgt ttactttctg caaatgatgc    134520
     caccccaggg gtaatggtct aattctcctc taatggtttc aaatagagcg catatctaat    134580
     gagatgagct gtgttattag atggtctgcg tttaaactca ccatgaaatc aacattgaca    134640
     gtttcgagtt tttatggaat actgcagcat ttattatgca ccctcatatt ctttttgcat    134700
     aataaacctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctatcttctc    134760
     ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttctcttctc ttattatatt    134820
     gtaataagag ggagaatatg tctattaaat tattaatagg tacaacaaaa ctgggcaaat    134880
     gaaaaataag aaagaacaaa gattttgctg tcataaatcc taaagtcgtt ttgaatatgt    134940
     ttaaatatct ggtggaagaa tttgcacatt acaaagttta ttatattaaa aagtaatatg    135000
     tgcatgatga tttcatcatt tcgattttat tatattttga tgccactgtt aactaagtaa    135060
     atttaaccct aaccttaacc ctaaaggcag agcttgcact cacaatctct atttttgaac    135120
     catttcttca tgaccacata tgggaaatgc agacattata ggcacacatt taggtcaagt    135180
     gagtgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcttct gttgttgagc aatgaccggt gattagttga    135240
     tatataaaat actaggacaa ttataattgt agcgaattag ctcaaaggga attaaagatc    135300
     aatttgaatg gggcttcaaa agaatcaact ctttatatct gaacaaagaa tcgtccagca    135360
     atctttcgct atcaaaaata aaaacccatt taagcaggat agcaaaatcg aagtttaaga    135420
     cattatattc ataaacatgc acagacgcct gtctttatac aaaatgaaac tttattgact    135480
     aatctaacag aaacggacac ctaaaacaaa cacacattca tacagttgtg gaaaaaagta    135540
     aagaaactga aatgagagtt tgagtgtgtg taatgatgga aaaacattat tttgtaattt    135600
     agcataccaa aaataatcaa tttaaccctt ccatcgtctt tttatggtta catttaattt    135660
     atacatttta atttatatag tttagtggta gcctggaagt gcttcttgca ttccttttgt    135720
     gaagaccttt ccctgttgag catgtggcta gctggggtac agtctttgtt cttgtgaggc    135780
     ttggagttgg ttggaaattg gatttttaag ttgaggtggc aaaactgttt tccatttcat    135840
     ggcacactaa acttaactag actctcgatg gaaaagaaag aaagaaatgt atcggagatg    135900
     atattgtctg agctgtgcaa ttgacctatt ttgtctgggt ccctgcctgc tccctggagt    135960
     ctttctgggc ttttagttct gggttcaaat ctttctctgg tctgggcctt ctacagtctg    136020
     acacagtctt gacctttgct ttatgtatgt atgttgtttt atgttgtctt gtcacctgtc    136080
     ctgaccacag tggcatagtg gacgggcacc acaggggcac cagtgtgggg tgaccagggg    136140
     tccctgcgtc ttaatacagt atatcgatat agatgtgtag tgaatttgta gtaatctctc    136200
     agacgtaata aactcagaca agttctgaaa ctctcacata aaatatctct gattctgaag    136260
     aaaagaaaaa acgattaaat taaatagtta aaataaagga gaagcagatc gctttgactg    136320
     tacaagggaa ataccttcac actgccggtg ctaaatcatt tgccgccggt acgcagagta    136380
     taatctgctt tcaggctgca ggtgggagag gctgctgtat gaggactggg ccgcctgtaa    136440
     gtgagggagc tcattgagaa gagtagagac ggtacattat aaaaaaaaaa aagacagact    136500
     atataaatct caagtaacac acaaaaaagt cgctagattt gtcgctagtc gctagggggg    136560
     tctgaaaagt cactaaatct agtgacaaag tcgcttgaca agttggcaac attgcctcct    136620
     accagtttca gacccaattg tgccaattcc ctctattaat ttctgcctaa tacctgttta    136680
     ttattatgat attgattatt tcttaaaaat tatgatctta ttctacatcc ataatactac    136740
     ccaacaccta aacccaacta caaccataca gactactaaa aagcagcaaa tctgtgcttt    136800
     aataagctaa aagtcatagt taatataaaa aaatttacct tgaataaatc taaatttaca    136860
     atgcttattt tgctagcgct tgttattata ctttaggtgg aacaaattat tcaaaaattt    136920
     gttttggtaa aaatccaaat ctgaatcagt caaggaagta acagtccttc tctattgtca    136980
     gttacaatat tcttaaccac acctctctta ccgttagttt cctatggaga atgatgcgca    137040
     aatagaaatc cccaccatat actaaatatt ccattgcagt tagaagtaca tcaacatact    137100
     aaaataaaag accaggcaac gtccggttca cggaaaagat tgcagttgta tttgtttatg    137160
     tctctgtctc ctctgatccc cagataaatg tctccttgac aacctgtggg gttgaatgca    137220
     catgctggat cccacatttc tgtttgctca ttagtacatg tttcctgtgt gctgtatcat    137280
     tgagagggtt cttcagattt gtggacaatg atgtgaacat tacactcaac aggctccccc    137340
     atcactagga gtgttttcat cctgttatgt actactgaac tcattctgtt cactagacta    137400
     atagagccag cgatcaaccc ccactagttg ttgagaggga ttgacttgat agacttccct    137460
     gttttctccc ccctgcaccc gtaggtctgt gctcggttgc tggtgtctct tgtagtttac    137520
     atagcattgc atcatttata ttataatatg tgaaagcaat gtcagtgcca gaggcctagc    137580
     atgttagttt atgtacccta gtaatacatt gagtttcagc tgaaatagca gtacacacac    137640
     acacacacac acacacacac acacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    137700
     atatataaaa ccattagatt ctatgtggag tttgcatgtt ctctccatgt tgacatgggt    137760
     ttccttggcg tttctttgtg gagtctgctt gttctctctg tgttcacttg agtttcctcc    137820
     aggtgctccg gtttccccca caagtccaaa aacatgtggt ataggtgaat ttggtaagct    137880
     aagttgtcca tagtgtgagt gtgaatgagt gtgtgaggat gtttcccaga gactgattgc    137940
     agctagcatc cgctgtgtga aatatatgct ggttaagttg gcattccgct gtggtgatcc    138000
     tagattaata aagggattag ctgaaaatta gaattaatta atgagttttc ttctgtcctg    138060
     ttctttgaag caagtccttt agctctggca ttggttatcc attatttatt cacgttttaa    138120
     ataaagtcca attttgattc atttttgagc tgagatatta atgttacatc ctcgattttt    138180
     gcagtcagag caaaacataa aataatggac tcctattgaa ctttagtgca tagaagaaga    138240
     gcaaccactg aacaagaata accatgagcc ccggcgcagc gtcttcattg cagcagagct    138300
     actgcctgcc ttacctcatg tctttttagt gcgactgtag ccctaacact aaatatgtga    138360
     tagacatgcg tgaaatatat tacctataat ttgcaaaatg aggacatata ataaaaaatg    138420
     tcaacaattt atcaaaaaaa aaaacatttt aataaagcat tacattggta gcataaccag    138480
     agtaagcaaa aggtgggcgc tcaagccagt gtacagggga ttgcacaatc tgccatgagg    138540
     ctcagcttga cgctgcctca gctcgctttt tacgctgtaa ttgaacatga aataaatcaa    138600
     atacagtgat ttgattatta aaaggattga agtcatttga atcacacata aattgcattt    138660
     atatcacaga tcagtagacc aatatttatt ttatcattag tatacagtac aactcagttg    138720
     aggatgatga caggtgaggc actggctcac cctgatctaa cagtagtttt cagagaaact    138780
     atgaaacaca agtgctaatc ctgaaaggag tgcagctcta gaaacctctc aataataatg    138840
     tttttgatta gttccggcac taaaaataac ttgcccaaga agatcttgag acaagagagg    138900
     tgtaaaaatg aggattaatg tcatgtcact atttccaaaa ctgaaagatt gaaataacct    138960
     tggactagag aaaaattgat tttgcatggt tttatgacag gggtgaccaa ccctgttcct    139020
     ggagatctac cttcctgcag atttcagttg caacctataa caaacacact agcctgtaat    139080
     tatcaagtgc tgtatatatc tttagcaatg aatatttcac atcaagcctt taaactagta    139140
     actaagttta aattgttact gaaaataaat gaataaagtg ttagaaatat gaatattatt    139200
     tgctcaaagc atgtcacttc acattattaa gttgaaaaat gtatatatat atatatatat    139260
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    139320
     atatatatat aaatcagata gacacttctg gacattggaa gctgtaaatg actttagaaa    139380
     cacacagctg tgacctcatt acaatattgt tgtgccgctg catctgtgct gcatgatctt    139440
     ttttttttct ctctattgct tggcagaaga tgatcaatat cattgcattt ttgctgtcaa    139500
     gcgtttattt ctgtttcctg cctaaccatg ctgttctaaa ttcaaaagct taggcctatt    139560
     gctttcattt gtagcttgtc cacaccactt tgtttgctgt aatgagagga ttcactagtg    139620
     gattgcaaaa cttagcaatg atcacaaact catgtcgcaa agtaagtgga ttctgagtat    139680
     atgaaacacc tttgattggt aactggtttt aagaaatcag tgttgtaaaa aaaatacttt    139740
     ttgttgtcag ctctcctcca tcagatactg tttaatttgt tgatcttcca cctaaaccaa    139800
     caacagattt aaaagaagca ttcatttatt acattagtta aatctgatca attttgcttt    139860
     atttattttt ttacacacct tcttgttttt ttttttgtat tattcacaca tattcaagag    139920
     gtggacttgt tcattctatc cacttacatc agttttactt tagcagtcac tgagggcctg    139980
     tcagctcaag gcctctaata cttggatgcc ccaggcaaaa tccatccatg atgttttttt    140040
     gtatcactcc acttatttac agtgtaaaca tgctgttcag gagtaagtgt cttatcactg    140100
     tttacttttc ttacatactc ttaggtcaca tgaatggagt atgtttttgt tgtctgttac    140160
     tctgcctgat tcccaaaatg tttattcaac cgaaatatga ctaacatgaa agttattttg    140220
     tgttttccaa gtagcaggcc tatagccaag ggagtttggg tggttcggaa gacccaccgc    140280
     tcactaacaa aggcccagaa tttgtcctaa acatgagctc atttgtcctg ttttgactgc    140340
     tatgccatca tgaaaataac caattaaaaa aagaaaaata accgtgaaaa taaccaatta    140400
     aaaaagagtt catgagtcca acatccagct gcgcaagaaa actactgtat tgttgagaaa    140460
     atgttttaca agtaagtata attctgaatc ttggacctta ttcttgaaac aaaaaaaata    140520
     aataaataaa aaggtgtgaa gcaccaaaaa cggaccatat taaaattgat ttgaaaacta    140580
     ttttggctaa aatagtcaaa tctaattcag aatagtgctt aaaatgtcac taaaatgcag    140640
     tatttaaagt ccatagataa taggaattga ggtgtataat tgcaaaaaaa ggtcaacctt    140700
     ttgagaaaaa agaaccacaa ccctcaacca ggctggttac ggcctgagta ggcataagat    140760
     attactgctt cagttgctgc aaaccggttt ctatgcgtac ctcaataatt cccaaatgtc    140820
     ctctcttctg gatgaagcta gtaagttgaa gtgtaaattc tttaggatta tctagaatta    140880
     aaatgccaat gcagttagcc tttattggca aacgaatcac acaagtgcca tctgagattt    140940
     cttactgtga atagtaaagt catattttgt gtaagcatgt gaaatacagt atgcacattt    141000
     tcaaaataaa agactgaggc attcattatt ttgtatagtt ctttataaga aaaaaataag    141060
     aggtgagtta cagtaattga tataagaaaa aaaaagagaa aaggggtata tttaaatatc    141120
     tgataaacct ttgtataata cagtatacat ttttagctac agtatcagtc cctgatatga    141180
     aactgcaggg acaggatagt cacactcctt cattcattct ctaatcaatc atggcccttc    141240
     agtgattatc agagtttccg tctgcataat tcaaaaattt atatttttat ccaggcagtg    141300
     aagttacata tgtgcttata tattacatgt gtttggcaac ccttacgcca gtgtaataac    141360
     tttgagccat tacttgaaat aaactgagtt ggattatcaa atcggttcac ttggttttca    141420
     tccagtcagt acattcttgg cagtctcagc tcatagacct ttaattagct aattctctgt    141480
     cataactttt atttttggtt aacaaagttg tattcatttt acaaaaatga agcaaaacat    141540
     tgatgtatga atattgtgca attttgatat ttcatttagg tctgtattcc acctcaccat    141600
     gtggatgcta agaatccaac atggctgaca cctaaacaaa gattttaaaa acacacttga    141660
     ggagtttcat gtgcttgata aaccaggaaa aaagtagtac ttcttgacac acaggtcttt    141720
     ttctcattca agggcagtct gtaactgtgc ttggttattt cgagctacca ttcatagaca    141780
     taatagaata aaattaattt ggataaaata agtactgtag atgctgcatc aagtcaaatg    141840
     gggcaaatat tcttgaacct ttaaaaaaac tgaaactgtt gcatccagtg aagatctcaa    141900
     agatgtattt tcaatgacac taaggggccc ttcatgcaca gtgcactctt gcattaaata    141960
     caactagaca agggcaacag aactgacctg gatggtttat agcatttctg tagtaacacc    142020
     agtttaatgg gtttgcttct ctagatatgc atcagctcaa aaaacatata gctagaatgc    142080
     aatttcaaac tgcaaaaatg ttcattacta ctgcattatg atttactagt gtaaacactc    142140
     aaaacacttg tccaaatgta attgtttcga tcctgcctaa ttcttataag ctctgtgttt    142200
     aaaacagtca tcacctgatg tagaatgaat aggcaatttg tggcctaaaa tgttgaaaac    142260
     cagcaagatg tgctgcaagg gtcaaaataa atctgtttat aacaatgttt cccaacaatg    142320
     cattggatac acatcaattc caaatattat taaactaatt aaatacagct gatttaatta    142380
     atctgcgtgg tattcaagac tacaaggctg tttctcaata ccatgaacac tgtgattgga    142440
     ctcgcgttct cgtgaagaca ggtcttgttg agttaccttg gaagaaaaaa gatcataaat    142500
     acacatgttg tgaggaatgg gatgctgcag tcttcctgat ggttacatga gctttacgtt    142560
     ttcactgaaa atgattaaac attcatacac tgatctgttc tatttgtttt tgtttttaat    142620
     atataacatg tacaaaacca ttacaaagtt actttgcaaa aagcagtaaa taaacacctt    142680
     tccatgtgtt tatgccttta tttaaatttt catctgaaag tttacttcat ctcatttaaa    142740
     gaagctcctg agataaacaa gttatatatc taaactttaa ataatattga atataaaatt    142800
     tggagctttc ctcttctttt atatagctgc aataactctt cgatgcatct tcaatttcat    142860
     ctggattctt taatgcatcc aactttggag actttggaga tggtgacggt ggattataca    142920
     tgcgatgata atttttcaag gtataacgtg gtttggtaaa gtcaaggttt taaaacagcc    142980
     aaaattatct gttatagcat tcccagcagg cacaacatca taagacctta atattaggtt    143040
     agttttagat catgacatcg ggtgaccaaa attctccatt ttaacgtgca ataaaaacat    143100
     caaattaagt ttgtatttgg ttgattttag gttgtattgg aaagtgacca aaatccaaca    143160
     tctgatagat gtcattgtgg taaggtccac acaacgtcaa ggtgtaacat gattatacat    143220
     ttggttgatt ttaggttgga cgttggacat tgacgtatgc ctgacgttgg gttctgacgt    143280
     caacccgatt ttcatttccg aacaaaatcc atcatcctca tgacattggg gtgcattagg    143340
     gtaaaccgtc agtataacgt cataatgacg tcctgcgcct gcagggtacc taaggtttat    143400
     gttagaaata aaaataaaat atactgttta aaaaagtttt tgttttttcc cagacattta    143460
     aaatatttta tatattctag agcagtaatc acaatactct gaaactgata tttttatcca    143520
     aggttatcat accaccagaa acattaacag gcccatgcct atgttggatg agaacacatt    143580
     gaacacgcat attgagaaac agcccaagaa cagaaatcga tggatagata aagacatcca    143640
     aaatgtgtgt tctattggtg tgcctacagg aacacaaact aacattagaa aactagttta    143700
     gatggagaca agtacacagt ttgtttgaat ggcccttgag cagtttctgg cttttgtcaa    143760
     agtaacgaca gacccttcaa agtaggatag gcgcttttgc tgtgatgttc ctggaaaacg    143820
     aaagacaatt ttaccttttt ctcttaactg ttattctaaa cctaagataa actatttttt    143880
     ctataactga ttgtcaaaaa gttgtattcc actcttaagg aagccacaaa gaactatgag    143940
     gatgggagaa ttggttctcc ccaaatagac tggtgccaga caagaaacgt ctggtaatgc    144000
     acccttggct gcgcctctga ggaatttgtg tgtgtgagag agtgtgagtg aaggggcatt    144060
     ccctctagca cagagcttca atctcgtttc atcgcaaggt ttcattacca tcctctgagc    144120
     tcatgcatga tttagccact gttctgacta atcctgctaa caggatgttg aaagcctccc    144180
     tacttcaatt tttttctcct atctttgttg ctctctccat cctcctaaca cacacagact    144240
     gtcttggtct agatctctct atattgcatc agccatttct tcttccgcct atatgcaatg    144300
     gacagagccc tctggggaga gacatatcct gggtaccctc agttttttga gcttgacttt    144360
     gatatatctg ttcagccatg aaatattcta tcaagttttg tgtcccgttt ggtcatagtt    144420
     ctcacgatat gtgtatgtca gcgcacttaa atgcgtgtaa cctacattag cctcaccatg    144480
     cgtaagggac tatagggaaa atgagagctg tagtaagtac aggagagaag tccttgtgac    144540
     tcatctctcg agggtttttc tgggacaacc tcgaattaca ttgccataac aaggagtgtg    144600
     tgcttgcact ggctcattga actcatgcac ctgcagacag gatggtgaag ggaagtgttt    144660
     ctgtgactga ggaattccat ttgtgctatt gactgacagg tgcatcaaac tgtagtctca    144720
     atcttctcaa tgatctcaac gattgattta gatggtgata gtaaagtgca ctcgtcctgg    144780
     tcccagaagc tacctgggct ggagtttcca tcagtactca gctcatcgtc ctcttcttcc    144840
     tcatcatcgt catctacaca agagtcctcg tcgcatgatt ccatgtagtg caaacccaat    144900
     gcattgattc cagagtcctc tgagctggag ggagaggagc agtggtccat tttaggggct    144960
     gagatcttct cctttgcttg gccttgttta acagttgggc ccacttgatg actgtttttg    145020
     gaacgttggg gcacaggctg aggtgccgcc gtttgaggtt ggtgtgtggg atttggtgta    145080
     ggcgggggag gcctttgcac gtaacacatt ttaccattga tacgcttgac catgtaatca    145140
     tccacaaaga ggtcagagat gacacagaac ttgggagact cagggcaggg tggagcctgg    145200
     aacttgggag ctgtcctgag aaaacgttca gccagcgaga tggacaagtt catagtgtgc    145260
     gtatgacctg agggagcgac tggaaccgct gtgctgggaa gttggcatac gctggtcata    145320
     ggttggtaga cgtatttacc tgcaaagatg gggaaaataa aagaagaaac attttgattt    145380
     ataagcaatg aataaccttc gcaatttcca ttcaaatgta tttaatacaa cagctgctac    145440
     atgacaaata atatgcccag gacaatgata tcattgactg aatgtgagaa aactactaaa    145500
     aatagatgcc agataattag ggaaagtgag gttgagcaat aataagttct tgttgaaaac    145560
     tttttctatg acagacagaa agggattatt ttacaagcca gagcatagag agaatatttc    145620
     tatatacact acctgacaaa tgtcttgtta ttcaagtttt attcaatact caagttttag    145680
     gaaaaataaa taataacttg acttctagtt gaatagttgt atacatgcat ttcatgtata    145740
     caaatcacag attatctgaa aatgaccttt aatcatcaga tataagagca aatatgcaag    145800
     caaacttttt gtggagtcat tctgtaaaaa agtttgcagg gttttttatt ttatttttta    145860
     tctgaatcca atttcactcc atttccccca gagttacaga tggatagcca gtatcacaaa    145920
     ggcagaattc cctatagtga tggaatggat tcttcactct ggaacattct aaggcccagc    145980
     tggctgtcag gatgcagtaa tagctatttc catctaaatc aaatctctgc tcttatttag    146040
     atatgataca aatctgtctg gtgtctcata tctaatacaa agcaaagcaa aatatgtttt    146100
     ctgtaacatc acaggcttat atctcacata tcaatttata gagatttcag agtcttataa    146160
     tctaagccat gaaatgctgt gtatctgctg attccaagtt agagtctgat acttgaaatt    146220
     cctagaaaaa tgcaggttat gcacttcaag tacataaaaa atttccaact aaataaaata    146280
     aatacataaa tatatgcatg atgtatgttt gatgatgcat aaatatgttt tgtgtagagt    146340
     aggtgcaata aatattgcac aaatcataat ttttaaagga aaatctattt ctaaaggagc    146400
     tgttgacatg aaaaattgca ttgacaagct tcagcttcaa gatgcctctt cagggtttct    146460
     gcaagcttca tcacgtcaat ttaaagactt ttaaagacct ttttaagacc attatgaatg    146520
     aaatgtcaga ctttcatgtg gcaaaacact aacaattttc agtaataacc ataggatttt    146580
     tttctaactt acaccattat aattaaaact cagttattta ttagccacat attttaatta    146640
     atgtgtcaaa acaagcaaac tatacatatt tatatacata tatattttta ttagcataat    146700
     atttactttt aaaaagagac aagttttaaa agctataatt aactaaattt atgcacaaca    146760
     aatttatcca taaaaacatg gagaactttt aaacaaatgt tattgtaagg atgtaaggaa    146820
     gacaattaaa ccatattgct aaacagttaa taaatgttag ttttgttaaa cgtgtttctt    146880
     agattgattt gttggttgta ctgattgact atagctttac atggacaatc agtgaaaatt    146940
     aagacctgtt taaaagtatt taagacccac aacagcatat ttcagttaat ttaatacttt    147000
     tagggcttaa atttagtttt tgaaatttaa gacattttaa gactttttaa gaccccgcag    147060
     acaccctgct cttttacaga gaattcagtc acatgtgttg ctcagttgtg attttttccc    147120
     agacttcaac aaagtcgtca aatctttacc cgctgcatgg taagatgaac ttacatgcaa    147180
     tataagtaat tgtaaagcaa cataaatatg aaatggaagt actttaatat tgaaaagcat    147240
     gaagcttgca ttgtcaggta tctgtgactg tcaggtggta aatacaagta agcaataaac    147300
     gactggctta ctaaagtgta catcaaacac cttgaacaag aaagtataaa tgagaggaat    147360
     gccttggaac agacctacgc ggcgtccaaa agcagtcagc tgacttgttg cctcactgcc    147420
     ctaacaggca gtgactctag aggcagtgtt tgtgcacaaa ggcaccttgt aaaactgatt    147480
     tcagaaagac ttctgagaca tttgcatact acaatgaggt atgggccagt ataagtttct    147540
     gatgatatga ttaccttgca taaaaaaaaa aaaaataaaa tagagagaaa attgcatgcc    147600
     atgtaatggc taagttcaca atttatttcc ctatactaca tggtcagact gttaagctgt    147660
     gaattgacag ctcacattaa atgtgtgaaa tcaacccttc acagcccttt tctacttttt    147720
     ccttaaatga cactttggac aaaagcgtct gctaaatgag taaatgtaaa ttgcagctgg    147780
     caaacaacat tagctatttt caccaacaaa tggggtgtga atatccaaat caatctaaca    147840
     aagaaacgta gctattttac aaattgtcac taaagtggct aatggataca aaattacaca    147900
     attttattca tattaaaaca ttctattttt aaaaggacac ttttcccaaa ctcctaaacc    147960
     tagcccttat tggaggatgt gcaaatcgtg cttaaatatg tgaatgagtt tgttcaaatt    148020
     aatatgaatt acccactaaa tcaaaaggtt ggaatatgtg aatatcagac gtagaagaac    148080
     aattccgaaa tagattctaa tcagctctgt ttctcacaaa aatgttgata aaatatcact    148140
     caattgtttc tgtgtcttct ttaatatatc ctttaaatca cacacaactg aacctagtct    148200
     gttttcacac agtttcagtg gccagtcgat ttgtatctca gattcaactg tacaataccc    148260
     tgacaagggc tgatcatatg ttctgacagg tcaaacattt tccaaccatt caattgctgt    148320
     cataacaaca ctaaaaaaag gctgaggtgg atataaacaa aaaaatgtat aaaataacct    148380
     gattatactt aagttgctat aaagttattt tgcttaagtt gctcctataa aaataggcta    148440
     taaaaaagac tacttttctg aaaaacatct ttctgtcttc ctgtctcttt tcattaaacc    148500
     cagcgtataa tgtgtttgta aggcaatgag agtctgaaga tgagataatc atcagtttct    148560
     cattatgttc gtccttgact atgctccatc atttggtctt tcaatgctgt tttagattta    148620
     ggcaggttaa attatatatg aggccaggct cattaaaaat acatgcttca gtcatcattt    148680
     ttgtaaagca taaaatacat tcctctgggt aagttttgtt gcacatttcc agtgacaaat    148740
     ccactaaagg gtgctttcaa agtcccatta aaggcaagcc atttcaccta gcagatatct    148800
     ttgaacagcc tcttgggcat gcaagtgcaa atttctatct tttttgaatc atacactcca    148860
     aacccaagct taggattaca tttcatattt ggaatcacta atgaaattta acaactttta    148920
     aattttgttt ctaaacattt gaatcacaca cacgcacaca cacgcacgca cacacgcaca    148980
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata atacatgaaa aaattcatgt    149040
     gtactagaag ggaacaagat ctcatttatg gctgtttcta caagatgcaa tcaggtgtaa    149100
     tcctgtcaaa ttatgtatat ggcttatgtg ttacacaata tcattctctt gatacaatat    149160
     aatgctgtgt ccaattgacc cttcactaag tcccgccctc cttagatact gttgctacgc    149220
     ctgttaagtt gtcatgcctg caacgtctat tacaatgtgt atgtgcaggt gtcagacatt    149280
     gccagtgata taatcagtca tttttagtga acaggtgaaa tattcgagaa agccagacaa    149340
     aaaaaggact gcagtatgca ttacaggggt acattcacga cataatacgc aaccaattgg    149400
     aaaataatcc aaattcaagc tagcttagcc tagccgcctc atacgctgaa cattcaacag    149460
     ctcagtttat gcacagcagg agaggtgaaa ttttaaacaa tctaataata ataataaatt    149520
     gaaccgtaat atctcttttt agtcaaaaag cctgataaat taattgttgt gcaataaaat    149580
     atagcgttac taaccgacaa ggaaacacgc atagaacagc tagaaaggcg aaattaatgg    149640
     attgtgttaa atattagcat cattgaccca taacaatgta cacctatcac tgtgtacgca    149700
     tgtttgtgtg ctctttatgc caattctatt tctagtggaa taaataaata aattgaaatg    149760
     aaaattaaag tttaaatagc agaagtgaac aaatagattt tccttaccag caaatattaa    149820
     tccgatacca aacataaaag cagacaccaa cccgctataa caatgtcacc aatgactaaa    149880
     tctccaagag actgccgaaa acatcagtga actgtagctc tgacatggac attgaggctt    149940
     ataaattact aaaaaacagc tgcagatgta gtatattggt cgcaaatgct cagattgtga    150000
     tcatatctct tttttgttct gttgacatgt aatttcaaac attcgtagct tgaaacagat    150060
     ggaaatttca tttcttttca ttttcttgtc ggtttagtcc ctttattaaa gggggtcacc    150120
     acagcggaat gaaccaccaa cttatccagc aagttttgat gaccttccag ccgcaaccca    150180
     tctctgggaa atatccacac acacattcat acactacgga caatttagcc ttgccaattc    150240
     acctgtacca catgtctttg gactgtgggg gaaaccagag cagctggagg aaacccacgc    150300
     aaaggcaggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaacggca actaagccga ggttcgaacc    150360
     agcgacccag cgatcttctt gctatgaggc gacagcacta cctactgcgc cactgcctcg    150420
     ccccacagat ggaaatatga ttgctattag tttgactact atggcgaagg ctttagcgga    150480
     gcagtgctca tagtatcgat tgaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa aaaaacctaa cccgctttgt    150540
     atttttgtag gaaacaccgt ttagatctgt ttagggtaaa aggtgtgtga gttattgtca    150600
     ctccgctcct ttaacgcccc tcacagagct gtatctatgc tggcatttct cctcttgggt    150660
     tttaggtttt gaaaagggaa aaacttccac caccctgtcc aaacttttag gatactgggt    150720
     atcagatttg cacaatccat atgcacaacg ctttggtctg tttccttcgc tcgaaagctt    150780
     gacagagctc ctgtgcgtag ctacagttgg tgggtggcgg tttttgggtg tggcttaacg    150840
     aagggtcaat tgtcttctga agtatttccc aacttaatca gtccagcaaa tatctggtca    150900
     gacaggacag attttaccac cgcattcatt tcatgagttt attatgagtt cttcacccta    150960
     agctggatat gaatctatct aaaaccacat aggtttacct tctttttaca tattttttaa    151020
     tattacatac attttaattc ttggtggaac tgtgttttac tgaactcaaa ctctctacaa    151080
     cacatgtaca acactgtaca atgtgagcta ctgagcaaat tgaccacaac agaaatgttg    151140
     tccaaatgga gaggtgaggc atagatgagg cacatgtttt tgattacaaa ttatagatat    151200
     actattgaat tgtttgtgta atttgtttgg ttttgtgaaa agctttgtcc ctgtaagtat    151260
     cattaataag aaaaggaaca aaagttctag gcttcatatt actttgtacc attaatgttt    151320
     accctgaaac tgcagtcaaa agtatgttga agtatgcttt tacagtttca caaaaatgta    151380
     ggctgaagca cttatttcca atgagcttgt gtgcagaatg cagttctcag tttgtactga    151440
     ttaattcgac tggttacatg gcataggctg aaaaagatgg atctaatcac aagcacacaa    151500
     cgatcacatg acaccccatt tgtatagcat caattaacct tgctaataac acatacatta    151560
     taaaaacaaa catgaagatg catcagcaga aataaaatgc taacttaagc ccaattcaca    151620
     ctgcaccgac agacgtcgac aaatgaaaac aatcaccagc ttacagtgca tcacttatca    151680
     gacattccac aactagacaa gcacagcaaa agcaagattt aaaatatccc aacagacaca    151740
     gatggggtaa tgcactgatg caataaaacg tagcagtgac tctggattat tcattcatta    151800
     tcacagccta ttaatttaca tggagaggac aaggtttata attcttcact gcagccatcc    151860
     accagggtgt gatcaaaata tctgggccta actttcagga tgtgtgagga atacttgcta    151920
     tatacagtat atactaaata gtgtgttctt ggagccaata gccctgtggt ttgtgctctg    151980
     acacatggtg ctgttgcgct tcgggcaacc agaactgagt cctgccttgt ggtacttttc    152040
     aattcctttc cctgactctc tcctcctcac gctactttct gtcaagtctc tgttgtttta    152100
     ttcaataaag acatgtcaaa aatgaaatag ggcattcgat aaatccaaaa tattctccag    152160
     ggaattggaa tgaatcagaa tcatctaaat ataagaagac atgcatttct attaaaacct    152220
     atgatgtaga ggatccacat aatcttccta catgggcaga tttgtcatgt tagctgtggt    152280
     aggctgaatt cttatctgct tctgatggaa aatgaacaga aagcaggcct acctcactga    152340
     catttcataa aagaatggaa aaaccttgcc ccagttaacc acagaacaac agtaaatacc    152400
     cctaatcctg ccattcagta cagtcattga caattttagc gacagtaagg ctttcacctt    152460
     ttctactgcc aagctaaaga atttgaaaac cgaatagacc catctacata acaattggct    152520
     ccacatcact atggatctga aatacaagca tttgcagtca agtgtttaac atgaaatgtg    152580
     aaatgataga tgctttgagc cctgcaaaaa atctcctagc catgatgaaa aaaactgtcc    152640
     cctgtaataa tcacatcaac atcctgtcaa gaagcattct tgcttctgta attgtaaccg    152700
     tcatgtctgt ctttttaaat taggctttga aaacacaaag tctttcctga gtataaggga    152760
     acaaaaacat tcccaaccct ttaaaataat tgtttctaat gaaaaagtgt gtgcctatcc    152820
     ccaagtcatt ttaataagat gtcagatcta ttgatgtgtg taatgctaat taccaagagt    152880
     aaaaaaataa aaaaaatgat aatataatag ttaacgtgtg aagtaactgt gccagggacc    152940
     ttaatgttta tgcaagttag taatttttaa ggcataagct gaggttcagt gctcatgaat    153000
     ttatgaacac agcatatttg cacgacttta aaactctgct aacatgctaa atatttgaca    153060
     ggccttttta ctagatcttt gaagtataac atcctttaca aagtaaattg gtaagataac    153120
     agataataat gtgccactaa agacttgtaa tcttatacag tatgttacag tttactataa    153180
     gcccaaacta tttactaagt ccatacactc tcaaaaatta aggtacgcaa gctgtcactg    153240
     gggtagtacc ttttcgaaag gtacaaaatt gtacttaaag ggtatatatt ggtacctcaa    153300
     aggtatatat tagaaacttt aagaggtaac tttcaaaaag gtacctcctc agtgacagct    153360
     tttgcacctt tatttctgag agtgtaggtg ggttagcaat ctgtgccaag tgctaagaaa    153420
     gaagctttac atctaactga aaactcatcc aagtttctcc caaagaaact ttaaagctgc    153480
     cgttgtctgt tttaaccatc ctcatgtttc atttacaagt gataaaatga tgaaagctaa    153540
     tgaaacagca tacattacct tttgacatat ctattacact tatgaccagt gttttaaaac    153600
     tacaaattta agctattcaa aaattccact agccagaaaa atatatcaga aatgaccaaa    153660
     gtcaggcctt agattgaact ttcttacatt ttttaatttg attcggatca agtggtaatg    153720
     cagtggcgca gtaggtagtg ctgtcgactc acagcaagaa ggttgcttgt tcaagccttg    153780
     gctgggtcag ttggtatctc cgtgtggaat ttgcatgttc ttcctgtgtt cgctcagttt    153840
     tctccaggtg ctcggatttc ccccacagtc aagacatgcg gtacaggtgc attgggtagg    153900
     ctaaattgtc tgtagtgtat gagtgtgaat gagtgtgtat ggatgtttcc cagagatggg    153960
     ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc actgtgtaaa acaagtgctg gataagttgg tggttcattc    154020
     tgctctggcg accccggata attaaagggt ctaagccaaa aagaaaatga atgaatgatt    154080
     cggataaagt ttcattttag gctttacaac aaccagtcac agcttgcaga tataaaagtg    154140
     tctgtgattt ttattataca tttaattgca tttatttctt tataaattct aaatatagct    154200
     cacttaaaat taatgtttaa tggtaaacat tttaaagatg agcaaaaagg ttgtcaattt    154260
     ataaagtgat cagaagtaaa aatagtgtac ttaggaaatt taagcctcta ttctgctgaa    154320
     atgaaattca ttccaaaaag gcaaagatgt ctgataatga taatgaaaat catgcactaa    154380
     attatcatgt catgataatt ccattttagc ttcccagcat atattcacaa tgataaaatt    154440
     accataactt ttaagcaggg ccagacaaaa tctgtggaca ttttttgctt tttctatgct    154500
     atattttcta aaagatcttc agatttaagc taaaacaata tgatcttttt aacttttatt    154560
     tattatttac aatacaaatc caattagatc cacttaattt gtaaacaaag cacaaacaaa    154620
     aacaaagtct tttatatgtt tactaaaata tttctttaca agccttattg taaataaatc    154680
     atatgaaaat tttcatatta ggcaataata ttacaaaatt taaaaactga ataaatatga    154740
     ttttacgcac atttacacaa gtaaataaat agaaatctgc atttttctgt gtacacaaat    154800
     tccctgttgg cctacctaat tgctattgaa cacaaatgtt cttcaatgaa atccatgggt    154860
     ttacctctgt gggaaaaaac aaaagttaag aagctgtcaa tgtgtttgac ttcaagtatc    154920
     tgataaaacc gcagagaaaa aagtcataaa atggccagtt attattgtga gagtgcaatt    154980
     caaacactgt ttataatgca taattaagat ctgagtgatc cagtgagtat tatggtaggt    155040
     tttatcagtg gaaaatccaa aacttttccc atttatggga taacaggatt tttaaaacct    155100
     ctgctgactg agagagacag aatgtgtctg ccgataagaa gtaatcctgt gattgttggt    155160
     cttattttta ggctttgagc tcttgtgctc atacaaatat tgtgcaaaca aagtctgatg    155220
     tactgtacag ttggggttta caggcggatg tgaccaggac tttccatatc ctgttataca    155280
     gagttgcatt ctgagcatca gaaatcagaa attaaagact aaaaggaatg agaatcgatt    155340
     aagttacgga tttgagtaat tatgatttga tatttacaat aatttttata ttgacaaact    155400
     ggaatatgac tataatgcaa actggtcact tttactgatc agtctggaga attgacaact    155460
     accaataacc tgcaaataaa tgagtttatt tgcagttgag ttcttagagc attttatctt    155520
     attttacagt gttttgtgct gatcctgttg atttatgctg gctttgttct gaacaccagc    155580
     aaaatacagt tggtgaagat gatcaaaaaa catgatgttt ttgtttaacc acagaaatct    155640
     ttctggttat ggttgataac ccagattaaa aaaaaaaaag tgaaactgaa tgctgaccag    155700
     ctaatatgct cttctttccc aacagatctt acagacttac agagtttgtg gtgctaaaca    155760
     attatttatc ccaagaattt tttacataaa ccttcatgtt gtttaagacc tgtttagttt    155820
     cttcattaaa aaaaaaaaat aaataaataa aatcatattt ttaagaatct gcagattctt    155880
     gggtttcgga tacgttttct ttttttcctg taaaccaaaa tcaaaatgag gcaccaaatt    155940
     attgtatcat gcaaacaatt gacatgggtg aattaattat ttttattatt tttaagaaat    156000
     taattcttaa tttgctgtgt gtgtttgttt cagcatgccc tgtaaaaggc tctgtagatt    156060
     tggaatggag gtaaataatt tgtgtcagtt ttcttccact ttcaaaataa accctgaaga    156120
     acttcggtga aaccagtgct gagaaaactg tagtttctct caagctacat gtaatgaaca    156180
     ttttgagaaa agcttgagag tgaactctga ttagaaaagt agtcacagat gacaggagtt    156240
     gattctacac tccaacaatc tctatcctgc aattacagat tggaccagtc actgagaagt    156300
     gtgaaggtgg gcttgcctga agactgatga tcaaagccgt gaaaatctct tagtgtgaat    156360
     cattcatcag gattagatag acaggcaagg ccattcacat ttgcttcttg gctcacctca    156420
     agtagaacaa tcacttgcag tctgcctgac tttttctatc tgcccgagcc cttatactta    156480
     ttctctgtct tttgtaaaat ttacaataaa attcaaaaat ctgatttatt ctcctgtcaa    156540
     aatcacttct cttctttatc taataaccgt ggattaccta caagtctaaa acactttaaa    156600
     cttgtgtctt ctgagaagcc taaggtccca agtaatcacc atgtactgta tgtggatttg    156660
     tactgtatgt ggatagactc agagccctag tactcatcct gtactgtata atatattctg    156720
     ttgggagcct agtatttaac attagctgta acaaattttt gggataattt aaatgtttta    156780
     tttttaatcc atttacattt gtttttatca atttgtgttg aggcaacatg aataaattgt    156840
     gtgaaacttt atgttttaca gtgtgggctg agggtctttg ggtccaaggc aatgaaccgt    156900
     acagactgag gcctctagta accaatgtac atgcatgcgc tgagggtcct aaggccctta    156960
     gtaattatct tatactgtac agtatgtgtt aatgacacca agagctccta gtgatgacct    157020
     tcctgtaaat actcaggacc catagattct ctactgctta atgattctct actgatgatt    157080
     tgattctcag cttaaattgt ttctgttgta ttcaacaatc actgtttgct ctgttaatcc    157140
     tggtgggcct tagtaattat cttacatcaa aaattttttc tgataacaat ggggactcta    157200
     ctgtagagta tccatcacct tcgctgtaaa tacttggccc ctagtaatct actaaaggct    157260
     cattaagtgg ccttggtaaa gttttcatct ggagctccat caagggactc aacacttaaa    157320
     caatccctcc atccagcacc gcccatactc atcagtgcaa ctaagtcgac caatcacttg    157380
     gtcggcttgc actgcacgtc gtagcaatgt gtagctatat atatttttag ctataggtgc    157440
     gcatcagtgt tggtgtcagc catggtgagg gctatgcgac cacatgaagg ctgtgccgaa    157500
     ttacaaaaaa tataagaagt acaaatcagc ctttgcaatg aggatttaaa aaaaatcagc    157560
     atacagtacc ctgtacttag tgttctgtag cttctattat ttaatttttc atgaaagcac    157620
     tgagggcccc ctggttcttg gtaatacaca ctgtatatga gtcctggttc cccaattgat    157680
     aatcttacat tgtacagtgc tgtttggcat gtgaccttat agtaatttcc tcacactaca    157740
     gtatgagagc tgtatgttct ggggcccctg ataataatct tcagtgcact gtaaaaactg    157800
     aagtcccatt aattacctat tggtcagcta acacagtttc tacttacact ccaactatta    157860
     gggaaaatgg catcttattg acactaaaca aggttaagtc gaatgatagt actgacttgc    157920
     tacggtctac cccacagcct gctgggagaa acttagctct ctaacttcct tttccaccaa    157980
     agcttgacaa gtacagaaca gaattacacc cagaacacca atacactggt gcctctggaa    158040
     ggaaacattt ctgaaagaca tctggtggct gccaaataac agttttaaca accgtaaata    158100
     aaatttcatt tccgaagaac tcaaaatcta accacacaca cacacacaca cagtagattt    158160
     actgaactct taaaggcttc ctctacagtt tgaagtccct gaacggcata tcctttctcc    158220
     taacctttag ggaggtaaac aagaacaacg actgctgtgt ttacacacat ccaaacagca    158280
     aagacaaata aaagacagaa aaggagaaaa acgagagtga aaaacaacag aattctctag    158340
     gggctgcaga gaactgctct aaaaggctta tctcaaagga caaagcctat ctttattcag    158400
     ttattcactc ctgcaagtgt gtataaatac atttctaact gcctctgggc tttatagtgt    158460
     acagtgactt cttgtttcca tgttttcttg tactgtatca tgggatcttg ggatcagttt    158520
     ttgcacggcc attttttaaa ggtgtctact acatgaaata tttttcctaa aattcactat    158580
     aatcaatgta catatggaaa aatatgtgta ttataaatgt gtaccatctg tgtaagatgt    158640
     ttcttctttt gtatctgatc tgagtcaccg tgccacacat tttatttctc ttttattaat    158700
     attatttgtt tataatattt atctatttta ggattcattt attttataag cagttatgtt    158760
     ataaatggaa agttgtatag tcagctgtcc attttcagta aataaatcac cttcaagagc    158820
     taataacctt gcctgtagtt tattttgtga tatggatgtg attttgtgat tttgtgatct    158880
     gttggtacag cattcatcaa ttacacaggc acgtcctgaa tttgccaagt gctagttgtc    158940
     ctgagaccaa ctttttttat gatgacccag ggacaaaaac tccatcagcc aatcaaaaat    159000
     tatcacgtca tcattatgta cctctgcata atccccccaa aaaaacaaac aaaaaaaaca    159060
     cagctgccat tttcttacct gtaaagatga caagtaaaaa ggtaagatca caagttttct    159120
     cctatcagtt tacagaagta ctaatgatca taacatttat atttgtttat gcattatatg    159180
     gtgcataaaa ttataaaaca tatcaaaaat gctaggttta gcaactatac atgttgcctg    159240
     ctttatttta atatttacta aaatggccta gtaaatttta ttatttaatt tacccacgca    159300
     catgtatgca atactcttat taactttatt gggccatgaa aggagacaaa atgcatgcaa    159360
     ttccgctcac aagtaggaca agtgtcagtc aagttcccag gaggatcctt gtcgttccat    159420
     tttaaacaac actggttccg cctgagagcc tgtgcagcat tgcatgaaga atcaaattaa    159480
     tattcaacat gtttacataa tgcttctaga attgcaagta taaacatcct ccctttaatt    159540
     agaacaaata atggcttaat taccgatgac tgaactttac ggttatgtag tgtgggtgtg    159600
     tctatgtaaa cgcagctttg taatgtattg aataattgta ttcctttgtt gttaaaaccc    159660
     tacaatttcc taaaataaat ggcagcaaaa ggatctaaag tatgattact aacatcccag    159720
     atttagaatt ctgcattaat ttccttatat gtactgtagc agatttttca actacggaaa    159780
     acatttttct ttgcatagtc atcattcatg tcctaaaaca tgcttaacag gaaataactt    159840
     ctgactattt tgtggaaaga aaaggcatct taattacttc atttactcag tcattcttaa    159900
     ttctgtttcc ttaaattgta actgcaattt tgcatcctga tgctattgaa cttctggaac    159960
     ctaattatta gtactggaat ataactatgg gcgaggcagt ggcgcagtag gtagtgctgt    160020
     cgcctcacag caagaaggtc actgggtcgc tggttcgaac ctctttgttt ctgtgtggag    160080
     tttgcatgtt ctccctgcct tcgcgtgggt ttcctccggg tgctccggtt tcccccacag    160140
     tccaaagaca tgtggtacag gtgaattggg taggctaaat tgtccatagt gtatgagtgt    160200
     gtgtgaatgt gtgtgcggat gtttcccaga gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gcatctgctg    160260
     cgtaaaaact tgctggataa gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggcgacccc agattaataa    160320
     agggactaag ctgacaaggg aatgaatgaa tgactataac tactatcata ctgtaagtgt    160380
     taagtgagtt taatgttgta cttctacttg attctgttga aaatcatgaa cttaattgga    160440
     atctgaggtc aacaagcata ataaatttag cttcaagtgg ttgatgggtt tgatattgta    160500
     ctttgtattt taatactgag cgagtctaga agctcaaaga cttgaccgct ataatttttt    160560
     ttctgaaagc gaaaggttga actttaaaaa agcaaagcca aagctaagac cttaaagctt    160620
     ggaataaatt gagctgacct ttaaaagctg agataaaaaa gcccaactta gcaacaaggt    160680
     cagtagcgct tgacctctga cagagctatg tgaaccctgt catatcctga ataatttcct    160740
     tttcaacttg tcagtcagga aaagtagcaa cattgttgga tttatttttc atagctccaa    160800
     gccaaagtta cttaaagggt tatgtgtctc taataaacaa ataaataaca attttttttt    160860
     cttctagtgt ggttttgctt gatagtggat ttctcacaga acctttcttt taaaattgat    160920
     ctacattgct tcacagattt tagaacagga agtgagactt aagaatcaga cagtattttg    160980
     gcagaagccc agtatttatg caacggcata ttaaaactaa cctatactga cctcatttta    161040
     gaatcacttg cccaaaagaa tctgcattca gtgttaaaaa agctccttat gggacgataa    161100
     ctggtttcaa ggtttaccac ggttaggaaa agtcaaggtt ttaataccac taaaatgttt    161160
     tgttataccg tttccgaggt atatgtaatt tttttaaatg tgttttttat gtattgtaaa    161220
     gaaatctgtg tttttgaaac taatgaagag aacaaagtca gttatctatt ttaattattt    161280
     agcctgacat gtttactgtt ccaaaatatc ataaattata atgtttccta aaataaataa    161340
     aaaaatgtgt tcagaatgga aaaaaaaagt ttttcctacc cagacatttg aaaataactt    161400
     attttagagc aataatcaca atatcgtgaa actgtggtat tttttatcca aggttatcat    161460
     actgtcagaa acttatacca ggccatgcca attatttgtt tgtttattta tgtatatata    161520
     cagataaatg tgttcaaact aagagaagaa tatgacttgt gtcactgatt ccccctccct    161580
     ccacttttct tttgctctct taaacacaca cacacacaca tttggagatg attatcagac    161640
     atcgcaggaa tctaaagaat ctgctccctc cttcacagtc ataagacatc tgttagcctc    161700
     acaatgactg ccatttttat ctgacatccg aaatggcctg atcgtatcac ttcttcatga    161760
     agacatctta gtgctcagct ttgttctgct gttgacttcc tcctctataa tgatcattct    161820
     ttatggtaat tctcttttac tagtacagtc ttggtcatta taccaagaaa aaaaaatacc    161880
     taaaagtctt tttgtgttag atcctgtaat tgtattcaat catttttgca atttttgacg    161940
     ttttcactag taaagttctg catttattct ttttcttttt aaaactgatg acttacatat    162000
     ttacataata acttttttga acaaaaaaca tttgttcaaa caaagagaaa aacatgactt    162060
     aagatttgtc aaaacatata acttgtttaa agtcagtata ccataaaata ataataataa    162120
     taatgataat aataataata attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attgttatac    162180
     tgataaataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa acttttaatt ttatttttat    162240
     aactttttaa tttcaatttt aattaaatgt aaactacatt gtacttaaaa aagaacaaaa    162300
     attaaataaa tcaagcatct ctaaatgtca gtattatttg attaattcca gttaaagttg    162360
     tcaaagagct ttctaaaagg cacatttcaa atcacaaatg tgtacaaaat acgctacgtt    162420
     acgttatatg agtgtgtaaa aaataaggca cgaataaagt ctaagaaata gctccctccc    162480
     ccggtgcatc tgatcatctt tggaaattcc tgtaataact ttaatactaa ctgctacgct    162540
     gaaccataat atttgatggt atctagccta tctttatcat tttgtgtctt ccgtcatggc    162600
     aatcataaca gcaatgttta ttcccattta gcccacttca aagattgatt taaaactgtt    162660
     ttttataaag cttccttgga gggactacat tcacaaccag tggtaggcta agatgtttat    162720
     ccatcattta tagaactgtt taatatttca cgagtgacac tataacgaaa gatttccatc    162780
     cttctgagaa tatgagataa gcggatgcta tattgctaca tacgcagatg ccgatgataa    162840
     actttgcatg gttatcagat taattaacat ttgtctattt gacttttcta ttaccaatta    162900
     ctgcactttt acaatatgat agaattattt tctaatctat ttttgccaag ttaaatttgc    162960
     aagagtatcg tcgagcttcg aatattgtgc tctctacaaa aaaaaaaaat aataaaaaaa    163020
     taaaagacgg tttaattaag cctttattag cctacatctg gctagatctg gttaaaaagt    163080
     aggttaataa aaaaaaataa taataataat aataacaata gcctaaaaaa atagcttatg    163140
     gaaatgagaa caaaagaatt tccacgagtc tgcactaaat ctgtgtttta ttacatcaca    163200
     agtcttgacc gaaaaaaaca tagttttaag cttaaaattg atcatattca cctacatttt    163260
     tctagcataa cgtctttaat gagttactgg ccactgatga actgttaggg cgctgctctt    163320
     ctcattgtgg gtgatatttt aaagtctttt cgtggatcat ctgttttgtg caactgatag    163380
     cagcctatac ttcgtctatc cacatctaaa cggtgctgga gaaagacagt acgaatactt    163440
     acagtggcac caacccagat gacagcacca gtgcagcttg aaacatttcc cgtggctgtg    163500
     tgtggcgcag atggatagtc catcgcaggg cagaaagtcc ggtcgtcctg cgcaactcct    163560
     ggctaaagcc tgagcttcat ctaacttctc actcttctgt ccgcccgaag cggccatcgc    163620
     gcaccgatca caccgacaaa gccctcatca gcaccgggcg ctcgggggag atttgatgcg    163680
     ctcaacgtcg gttggttttc aattcgaccg tatcgaacaa aagtggaaat acgcccaaga    163740
     cttcggctac ccaagttcca cttcaagcgc ttaaaccaaa aacatctcgt ttccacccga    163800
     gttgccttta aaatcgtgtt gttttccccc ttggatatga aatcggcgca ccgaacgcgt    163860
     ctgtatacag ctacagatag atacggtgaa tgatcttgat tcttattgtc gaagaaggat    163920
     tttccgtttt gccttgcgcc gacgatcccc gcctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    163980
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gttcctatat gaattgattt ccacgcattt    164040
     actgaatgca tgtgtgaaaa atccgcacac tacagtattt atttcgcaga acctgctttc    164100
     tgtgttactt tggaactttg ttcattaatg cagttagttt catctttgac cacataggct    164160
     atgtgacagt aggttagact aaatgtggat gtaagatgat gtactgtagc tcaggggcgt    164220
     tgctagggtc aagagggcta aaaggctgag ccacaaggaa tcctccatct tcctccagac    164280
     attaggtatt ttcttaaaaa ataaagttga tttataatcc gaagtgggtg agtaggtata    164340
     gtgctatcgc ctcacagcaa gaaggtcgct cgttcgagcc tctgctgggt cagttggcgt    164400
     ttctgtgtgg attttgcatg ttctccctgc gtttgcgtgg gtttcctccg ggtgctacgg    164460
     attcccccag agtccaaaga cttgcggtac aggtgaattg ggtaggccaa attgtccata    164520
     gttgtatgag tgtgtatgga tgtttctcag agatgggttg cagctggaag ggcaaaggtc    164580
     tgcgtaaaac atatgctgga tacgttggca cagttcatta cgctgtggtg accctaaatt    164640
     aataaaggga ctaagccaaa aagaaaatga atgaataatc cgatgttaac tgacatagca    164700
     tgttacagta aaatgataag ctatatgcat gaactcactg tgatttaact atattacagt    164760
     gacagatgtg actggctata tcatatctaa ataaatatgt ctttctatat caaatctaaa    164820
     aagctagtac aattgatgtt tttcagaatt tttcagattt tctgaattca catgtattta    164880
     ctttaatatg acggacattt tattgattac agttatttta tttcaccaga actacacatt    164940
     ttattttgtc aaaataatta aggttcatca gtagttagac ctattcagtt ttgaaagaaa    165000
     atacaattaa attcaagcaa aatattgcaa aaaaataaaa aatacaacct acgaaatttt    165060
     aacttaactt tatttattat tattattttt ttgcttctct tgatttttct ttttttttta    165120
     attccatttt ttctataaaa aatctgggtg tgcttatttt tggaccgtta tcataagttt    165180
     gttagataag ctctagattt ggcttcagta atgactaatc taatgtacat gcacaaatat    165240
     aatactgtaa agcttcctat taaaaatatg aatttaaaag acagatttgt gaggggtgta    165300
     caaatctatg ctgagcactg tatttgtcaa agttcattta tcgtggttct gcttaggcta    165360
     atcatttaac atttgtgcag cctactaatt tttgatgtac tgctttgtca tttatactac    165420
     ataaattaat gaacatctca actaggagct gagctgggct gtaaaaaatg tacagatagc    165480
     cttattttta ttatatttat acagtatata aatagaatga aaaaaaaatt acaagttttt    165540
     cttttgatga gtaatttgga agagttccag tcccaccata tattggctgt ggagatgaaa    165600
     atattcagct ttcaaagaga gcctacagaa tgtcacagtc atagagggca tctgtcctca    165660
     aagtgttccg ttttcaaagc tactgtattg tcagcacttt tccagagcag ctcacccaac    165720
     atttttatcc ttcaaagcca gtgttgacag cagagtgact gacttcacat tggaccacct    165780
     caagagaaat gcctgtcttt ttgaattgct cagtagactg gttggtgtgg aacaaaacgg    165840
     tcaaggccac attatgccat gcatagaaga tgtgctctat agtagcttgc aggcaatctt    165900
     ttatcaaaga taaaagaaga agttggattg tagaaattcc ttatggcata aaatgtacaa    165960
     agcatatgta atgacatcaa aggagtagtt gattttacat cagttaaaaa ggggagggag    166020
     gactatgcct ttagtacagt aaacaattgg attcatgtgt tctgtaacag tacagtttgt    166080
     gtgtgccttt agaataaagc ccaggcacct gtaggtatat actgtagctt tgtccaagca    166140
     aatacttttc tcaagatttt gattgagcaa caaacttttt tttttttttc aaattactgc    166200
     tgtcgtgtgc aatgcttgga gtaaaagtct ggtctaactt tctagctcag cttaatggtg    166260
     cggtaatggg gatttattaa ttccggaaat gtaaacaaaa ttgtggaatt tgctagtgca    166320
     gaatgtcact gaaagtactt ttgaaagtag aactagtggt agtagcatta atactaatta    166380
     taataataat taattcattg attaatcctt tattaatcta tataatataa tatatatata    166440
     tatattaatt tcttgtcggc ttagttcctt tattaatccg gggtcgccac agcagaatga    166500
     accgccaact tatccagcaa gtttttacac agtagatgcc cttccagctg caacccatct    166560
     aagggaaaca tccacacaca cattcataca cacactcata cactatggac aattttgcct    166620
     acccaattca cctgtaccgc aggtgtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccaga gcacccggag    166680
     gaaacccaca cgaaggcagg gaaaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacacc aactgagtcg    166740
     aggttcgaac cagcggcctt cttgctgtga ggcgacagca ctacctactg cgccactgcc    166800
     tcgcctatgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtac taattcataa    166860
     agcttatagc aggataaagg tggatataag agagggaatc agcaatgtaa acacaactga    166920
     taccctgtta accatgagta ataacatgcg ttttggttga ttggatcaca ggtaaacaag    166980
     ggagacacat tgctatttaa atctggctct ggaaaaacta aacaaacaaa ccaacaagta    167040
     ctgaaatcaa aggagcagca tgagagctgc tatttgaaga gaattaagca gatggtttaa    167100
     tgcaaaactc tgatatttaa atacttattt tagcaaaaga aaaaaatgtt tggggtgtaa    167160
     ttaaggggta tatttaaaac atttattatt tataaaaata tagaaatgtt tatttttttg    167220
     tatacattta taaataaaat gtggagtcta gttattagca ttaaactaaa atagaaagta    167280
     gtaatagata cttttgaggc tgtacatttt gacttttctt ttacttatta taaatgtcct    167340
     tcaaaaatca gtccttcatc ttttaccaaa atatgaaaca tttataatca atggagacca    167400
     atatgggcaa gtcttaatta gcagaataaa tcaataacag aataaaatta gccttgttta    167460
     ctggaaagaa gatgatttac tccttgttta attaatggat tctgcttcag tgtaaaaata    167520
     cataaaatat aattgcataa taatatattt tagactctaa ataaagcatt tttatttttc    167580
     ccagcagtga catgtagttg ctaaagaaaa aaatgaaaac acaattgcct tacaaataaa    167640
     ttctagttca ctgaaaagta aattactgaa aagttaaaag ggtagtgtat gtatacaata    167700
     gttcaaatat aaagacgcta gatttgtgca attttaatgg catgctacaa taaaatggca    167760
     gcatgtatgc atctataaat ctaaataatg gctttacatg tgctttgctt tgcagagcag    167820
     aattaatgca tggatttatg tttggtccta tgcattgttt atgacctttc tcttgacctc    167880
     ttctggttta attacatttc aaccttcagc tgaaatgtca gtactcactg tctccagggc    167940
     aacaaggatg ttattcatca ttcaaaggtt tcattggcgt taacagtatt tatttgttta    168000
     aattgtcttg tcaatgagca aagcctcctt aatgttagta aagattggta atgtcatgtg    168060
     actacaacct cgtttcgatt ttatcacctc cccagaccca tattattgtc tctgactcta    168120
     gaaaagacac acacacacac acctaccatt aaattgccaa catccataac cactttgtca    168180
     gaggctgcag gctggccatg caggatggtt aggcttataa atgagccatg tttcattgga    168240
     gcgtggagtc aagcgtttgc tgccaccaca tgtgtcacaa taactataca atcaatgaag    168300
     ttagtgctga tcgtagggaa aggattgatt agattttccc tatagagatg ggacctgtag    168360
     ttatcagtcg gggtgaagtg tgtgcataca ttccctttat gggtgtttga agagtcctgt    168420
     ggggtctggc aatatgattt cgaagtaaaa atctgtgtaa aactgtgcag ccttggtata    168480
     ttgatttttt ttgttgttgt tgtttgattg ttttcttcat gttttaaata atgactcgtt    168540
     acatttactg cttaaaagaa atgcggcaaa atgcctatac atttgcattt gcctttcact    168600
     tataaccata cactgtaaaa atgctggttt tcacaattct ttcatgttgt tcacacacaa    168660
     atcgatacaa tgaacttaaa tcatttttac aaatgaaaat ggtttaaatg taaaacaatt    168720
     taattttata aaaattccgt tgtttgtgtt gtcactagca gaccttgttg aaaccatggt    168780
     tgaaacccat ataggcagtc aagcagcata acacagagag tgaataatta ctgacgtaat    168840
     gaggacgggt accttcactt ttcactacta cagcccctca cctctgctcg tcttcaaacc    168900
     aaactaagat tggtacgttt tttcacatga aaggtttttg cgtccttcat acatgttaag    168960
     agattgagtt aattgactta ataagagaat atgtcttgat ccagaaagat gtgacttagt    169020
     aaagcatgaa gtcatgtatc attttaactg ttccacttgt ctggaagtaa atcccttcat    169080
     caggcagtgc tggagcagtg tgagagagtg caccaaacac atcaaacgag aggtattaac    169140
     aaaaagatat acctaactca aaacacttaa atgcttgcat ttgttgtatg tgcaccagct    169200
     ctgtgatgca ggtccacaat ttcacgcatt gggttaaatt aggctgttca gcctctatgt    169260
     tcagtcagtt acaatcatgg gttgatgaca ggcagacagg cagcataata cagagtgaat    169320
     caaagtgtaa tttaaagggg gggggggggg ggggggttat cattgtatct gttcagcgga    169380
     gggaaccaat agtatctgta tgcagccttt ataatgcaag ctgagattgc atcactcagc    169440
     tatgcaatgt cagacaaaat gcactcaatg gagtgagtga cgtcactgtg aggtagggtt    169500
     aggggtctgg ttaggtgagc gcaataaaaa gcatcggatg cagctcagat tgcactgcac    169560
     cacgtctgca gccagacccc tctcaaatag ttacactaat agagtttgtt taacattttg    169620
     atttcaagtg gaatccaatg tacaaaatgt tgtaaacttg actgagtgct tcatttcccc    169680
     tataaaaaaa gtagtttaaa caaccatcaa aatatgtttt aatgcatatt ttatttattt    169740
     agtgtgcagt ttatttacct ttaaattgtg tctataaaat taaatacctt ccaattactt    169800
     ctcatcaagt tcattagaaa tacatgcttc agcttatgtg aaaccccaaa aacatatact    169860
     tcaacatagg ttcgacagtt tctagagaaa atgaaagcta catggggcag tatgacacca    169920
     ataacttttt ttttcttttc agactaatga tatttgatat aggaacacat ttttgcaaat    169980
     ataagattat tttcttgcag ttctttgcac aacaccacat aaatactaca aaacaactta    170040
     acgttgtgtc gcaggacaga gagacacagt gaaagctgtc tatatgtttc cgtttaatta    170100
     tttttatgca caatttgtgc ttgtggaaac gccaagatgc acatacattt tgaaaatgta    170160
     cataaaaaaa tgtatgtgca caactgagta ggataaactt aaaaccaaat gtgcataaac    170220
     tataatggaa acccatttac tgaataaatt ccggcatttt gttatacgga ataaggatat    170280
     taaaaaatgg gtgtgatgga cagcattaat gaacaaacca gcagaccgat cacaatgtaa    170340
     aacttttgaa atgttgtttt ggtcattcta aaatccctta gaccaagggt gtctaaactc    170400
     gttcctggag ggccggtgtc ctgcagatat cagctcgaac ttgccttaag atacctgtta    170460
     ggatgtttct agaaagccta gttagagcat gattagcttg cccaggtttg tttgattggg    170520
     gttggaacta aactttgcag gacaccggcc ctccaggacc aagcttggcc atgcctgcct    170580
     tagacaaagt ccatcattaa aatggtccag ttttattagc tcctgaactt gaaccagtgt    170640
     gtcaggaatt gatgattttg ttttcttcga atcattggat atgaacagtg ctttttttct    170700
     tttgcaatat ttcttttaca cttttttttt gagatattcc agttttgccc acaaggttaa    170760
     atttacatca ttggatgaca acaaaggtta tgatgtctaa ttaaatacat ctacttcacc    170820
     catgtatttt tcttatggac atttcattca agccttgtat attttgtttt atgttgtttt    170880
     atttttgggt gaactatcta tttaagtgat ataatgttaa ttacatgaac taacattttt    170940
     taatgtacca gcaaccacaa caataataca ggtgacgctt gaatcagaaa taaacaaata    171000
     gcctgattct gaatttgggc caatacttgg tgtgatcgaa cacttagaaa caaaaaaaac    171060
     cttaggttaa tacattttat gtatttatta gtggttttag cagtggttta gaatgaaaat    171120
     agaggtttac aagtcacatt tatactgtaa acttgcctta agtcaagtta agtcttgaaa    171180
     gtcaattcac attgcacaaa ctaagacaac aaacttgtat ttggtatgtt ttgaaaaaat    171240
     gacatcatgt catgtttaca cgccccaaca attgccaatc cattgattat cccttactta    171300
     taagacaggg ctgttggata cttggtttta attttccaat gaatactcta atgtctacaa    171360
     ttattttcag agagccacaa ggctatttct ggaaaggttt tgattattac agtttcatgt    171420
     cactacactg aatgatttca attattacaa cagtcaaaac tgtcaaagat caaattaaaa    171480
     caaaactaaa gtctttgaat gagatgtgta ataaattaca caggagctgt ttgaggacaa    171540
     aaaccgaaca aattgtaaag tggattaact gagtctgatc cctttaatta ttaaaaaata    171600
     atgcattact tttctaaata ctatatactt taataatttg attggccaac accagttccc    171660
     cttcaggagg ggaacttcaa tgctatgtgg aaaaaacttc cactacgggg attttgttca    171720
     gaaagccacc tgaaagagtg tgtaaatggg ccaataaaat gccaataagt tggctgcttc    171780
     agcttgtgca gctgttgctt gttgcaatta atttggcaat ataagcacag tgcgtgcaaa    171840
     caggcgtcct ttgggtccag tcctccagag gggtttgtat tgttgcgaat ttattaaatg    171900
     agcaacacgg tcgagcagag tgtctttttc aagacgtcac tccaactgta cgttcctgga    171960
     tgtcgctgtt tcctgtccca ggatgatggg cgtgagcact gcgttatata tctgggggtc    172020
     cagcatgtta atgcggtgct cacgggcagt gcatgccatc actgcggtgg catgtctgtt    172080
     gcgcagttaa aatcgtggct cactcttgca aaagagccac ccaccctagt tgtcccccgc    172140
     ttcgtggcag atctgagggt tacagtggga gtaaatctgc tgcccttggg cttgcaaacc    172200
     tctcgctcct ccagagagaa gtgctccgtc ctcagatggc cgccctctca cttgatgaca    172260
     ccgaggttca gatgtccacc gctgcatcgg cggacgggct gtcattgtct gatgaaggat    172320
     accctccctc cactccggag ccagcgccgt ggtgtatcta gaaaaagact cgataaccaa    172380
     gctcttccgg gctgcttcag ctgcaggcct ggagatggtt tatcctgcgg ccggactgac    172440
     taaatgcaag accttctagc ctcccatcac tttcttcccg gaagtgcaca atgggctcac    172500
     gcagtcctgg agggcacctt tctctgccca atctgcgtgc atctctacct caccaccctt    172560
     gatggtggaa cagctagggt gtatgagtcg attacccaga ttgagagtgc cattgtgggc    172620
     ccgtttggtg cctctttctg ctggagtcag cctcgtctcc catccaaagt gtgacggttt    172680
     tctgcctcct tcggagccag agctcactca gccgcatgcc aggctacttc catcctgcat    172740
     gttagggtcc ataagcacac gctggcccag ctgcatgagg gaggttctga cctaggcttg    172800
     ttacaagctg cttgtgccct tattgtgccc acattagtgc tccctgcccc agggtgccac    172860
     taagtctagt aaaacggacc gtgaagcacc cctgagatgg atcatctgga gaagagggaa    172920
     gttgctctct tcccggtggg gcgccgggct tctcatccaa cggcgccacc aaacctcaga    172980
     gagagagagc atttttccct tccccggatg tgacagccca aactctgcca gtctgggacg    173040
     cgatgccttc cggctcacaa gtttggcgca tttcgccagt agctcacgag ttctaggaag    173100
     acggtctctt ttctctcacc ccccgagccc ccctccagag tttgggtgcg tggtgagagt    173160
     gaatctctca ccaccagctc ttctgtggga ccccagcgct tccctgatca gcactcccac    173220
     tccaggcagc cccactgctg gtatgtcagc gattgtagtg atgagtctgt tagcgaaagc    173280
     tctgcctacc tggttacatc cagcccttcg cagtgactta ttcgcacaat cagattcggc    173340
     tacggcattc aattcattct caagtgtgga tctcaccagg ttcagccttg tgcccacccc    173400
     tgtcttgcga gataacatta cgaagaagga tctaatcaat ccatccaatc gagatggaga    173460
     gcgggtttta cagcctgtca ttcatcctac ccaaaagaaa ggtgggacac agccaatcct    173520
     acatctgcgt gttttgaact gctctcttta taagctgctg ttcaaaatgc atatgcagaa    173580
     ttgcacactc tggtgtgttc atcctcggga tcggtctgca gcaatagacc tgaaggacgc    173640
     gtatttcatg tctccattct tccttcccac cgtcagtttc tgcgatctgc atttgaaggt    173700
     caagcctggc agtacaagtc ctcccctttg ggctatctct gtcactgcgg gttttcacca    173760
     agctcacaga gggtgcccta gtgtcccttt ggctcatggg catccgcata ctcaattatc    173820
     tcgatgactg gctgatttta gaccactctc gggagcaatt gattatgcac agagacaagg    173880
     tgcttcggca cctctgcctg ttggggcttc aggtcaaccg agaaaagacc aaactttctc    173940
     cgtgcttctc tggcccaacc ggacctgcat gtcagaactc tccctcctca cgacggccct    174000
     gacctggcag atccctttga gagaggacct actgtctcag gaacatggca ccatctggca    174060
     ccctcaccca gatctttgga acctccgcgt tggtccttag atgcaaagaa gacttagata    174120
     acctactgac ggcgttgctg tccatgacgc agtggctggc agccccttgt gaaggcataa    174180
     cctcatcatc cggttcctca gaagtgctaa gggaattaat ccaccctgcc cccctctcat    174240
     gccctcttgg gatctcgccc tagttcccac aagcctccgt acagatgcag tcgaaccact    174300
     tgactcagta tctttaagat ttctgtctgt gaagacagtt ctggtggtcg ctttagcatc    174360
     aattaagagg catggaggca tttttggtca gtgacccgtg cctcaaattc gggccggcct    174420
     actctcacat tgtcctgaga cctcgacctg gatatgtgcc caaggtttct accacaccgt    174480
     ttaagaatca ggtagtgagc ctcaagcgct aaccccagag gaggtagacc cagccctttc    174540
     attacttttt ctagttcccc gcttaggcga gctctgcaga gatactcccg aggcccccag    174600
     catttgattc agcggaggag tcagatgctg acccgttatg ttgtaggtct gcccgctggt    174660
     cagcccgcat tctgggtata ggtgcctgca atgtgcaatc accactaggc gatctcatat    174720
     gcttatacag acacggtgca gtaccccctt acaggtggac acgtgtcttc ctgcaccgct    174780
     aaccaactta tcttcatatg tgtactccct cttctcaggg ctagtccata tgcctccgca    174840
     gcgtcctccc tattggcact gcaagctttc ccaatgttct taaatcccta gaaattaact    174900
     agacgcttgt ggctctcgaa aaatatatct aaatccgtaa attttctgtt gtagttggat    174960
     aagtaatgac ttatgattgc cctttagctg ttgaggtgtg aaagtctctt cagctaaaaa    175020
     aggatgcttt ggctttacaa gtgctgtgct tatattgcca aattgattgc aacaagcatc    175080
     agctgcgcaa agtgaagcta ccaactcatt ggtatttcat tggcctgttt acatactctt    175140
     tcagatgatt ggctttctga acgaaatctc catagtggaa gtttttccca catagcattt    175200
     ccgttcaccc cctcggggaa caagggctac tttggtaacc ggagtattat tccacatgta    175260
     tttatcatgt atttactaac tgaatgtgtc atcacaagaa atgttttttt ttttttggca    175320
     tatctatcat tctcaaaggt ttaggataag ctaaaaagta actcaaactt taacccaaag    175380
     ggcaatcacc tgctctttct ctttttgaat aagtcccagg ctgcaggcgt tccttgtgtt    175440
     attgctttgg tgctctttgt gaaaaatagc ttctgcttgc agcagagaga tgggatactt    175500
     tctttaattc attcaatttc cgcacagaca aagtgcccag tgagattgca caatttgagg    175560
     atcagggaag aaagcaagta cctgttctct ttgaggcctg gataaaactg aaaacagatt    175620
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttcacagtgc actttcttct tagactcagc    175680
     tgttaatcct gtataacgat gtttcacaca tgtaatttca tgactgcttt tgaccttttt    175740
     ttagcacttg cattgtgcta ctgaggatgc agtgtgaagc agttgcaacc aatcataaac    175800
     tgaacagctt ggcaaatgaa atattcatgg gctttataca gtcaatgtct ttcccatgtt    175860
     gtattttagc atttgagggg aaaaatgtaa aaaaagaatg tcaaacagtg atgggaaacg    175920
     ttaaatgtta actagtgtga acaaaagaca gttattccta catttatggt gtgaatttta    175980
     gtgaggttat tttaataggt cataagctgt gttcttttaa taaatgccat cataaataat    176040
     tccaccatac agaacagcac aaaacaaata ggtttaaaaa gcatgtaggg ggtcaatttt    176100
     gctgtggcga cccctaataa accagggact aagctgaaga atagtgagtg aatgaatggt    176160
     agtgggatac ccaatttatc catagaactg tttttggatg tctctgactt ttaacaactt    176220
     aagcctggtt tatacttctg catcaagtga tcggcgtgac ccacagcgca tgcaacgagc    176280
     atagctgtgc atttatactt ctgtgcgatg tttaggttgt tctacaataa cacttccgaa    176340
     acgctagttg gtagtgaggt gtttatgttg ctctgtgtcg agtttttttg ccggtgtttt    176400
     attttttcta aacgcttcct gaatttacaa gaaccctcac aatcagattc aagatcttta    176460
     aattattgta caatactaac tatttttttg gtctatggtc tatagcagtg gttctcaaac    176520
     ttttttcatc aagtaccacc ttagaaaaaa atggtctctt caagtaccac cataatgagc    176580
     agtattaaaa tacagtagca tagtaagccc agtaaagcag ctacagccct gaacagttca    176640
     tgatgtgtca gattaattcc tattattaag aatatttaat actgtcagcc actttaaaca    176700
     ttataaataa tctaagcatt acactgtact gtgtttatat gtaaaacaac aaacaaacaa    176760
     acaaaacgaa aaacattaac atttaaatta ttgtgctttt aaaagttaaa aatggtaggt    176820
     tactgttctt aaaaagtaaa aaaaaaaggg gggtacttaa atgtaaagta ttaacatata    176880
     gtggtcaatt catcaacacc tggaaatgtt gcctggacct cagaattata ggctacataa    176940
     taatataata aatattatta gatgtcatat ttatatataa atcatttttt ttacattttt    177000
     aaatatatat atatatttat atagcatgta aatatgacat atttgattcc tccgcttacc    177060
     actagaagaa ggccgcgtac cactagtggt acacgtacca cagtttgaga accactggtc    177120
     tacagtattt aaaaatacta taatagtttg attaagcact taagtggttt tgaaaatttt    177180
     gaaaaaagta ttaggggaaa ggagagtagg tctagcttga agccagtgag ggttctcgat    177240
     tagaacaaca aaatccagtc tacgcactca ataacaaaat ctttaataaa ctcaggatgt    177300
     aaataaatgt ctgaatgtgt ggtttctatg aggcaaccag aaaaactgaa cactcaaata    177360
     aagctcataa aaagaagatc taaacatcaa atctatttca ggcaggacta aagacaaaat    177420
     aaatcactgt cattgtcatg tacgcaaaca tgaggaacaa agaaaacaca ctctgcacaa    177480
     caaagccaca cacacagtag agcaaaaggg ctaacatggc cacaggtgca gttaagaaaa    177540
     gcattggcat ggatctgatt tgttagtgga gcttgaggat aataaaaaat agcaggattg    177600
     gagagggtgt ggtctcatgt cgaggagtgc agttcaaggc cacattctta ccaataggct    177660
     ccatgcacaa tgactgaaaa caccatttac tgcactcaaa aaaataatta tttttttgct    177720
     tgttcaaact atttaaaatg agctgaaaca acacagtttt caagacttca ttaggacaat    177780
     taattgctat gttcaatcca cataaacttg ttaaaagtgt taagttaact taaattagtg    177840
     ttaggaaaac atgaatgaat tgtgtggaac cctgcatttt taaagtgggt atcaacatgt    177900
     tatcgccaaa ctgctgtgac acatacaaca aacaatcaac aaagtttcca gattcgtgtt    177960
     actctgtaat actgtatctt gtcttggaca tttcatcttg tcacaaaagg taatataact    178020
     ttatagaaat gacatgatat gtcataaatg tgatgatttg caatatatac cacttgcaca    178080
     tccatttcca tcttgtagac aacaaggttc ttcaaaatat aattttgtgt gtgcgtttaa    178140
     gtgcaccatg gaaggaaaga aatgttttgg tgtttggaaa aatataggag acagtaaaat    178200
     gatgataacg tttaaatatt tagttattta ctcttaagta gaaatgttct tctgagagaa    178260
     aactgagttt taaatgataa cttattaaca tatcgagtga tttgatttat agatatccat    178320
     gtaggcagaa aaaacatact atgaataaaa taaaatcacc ttgtatttat atatttttgt    178380
     tgatataata tttcaattac agtcaaggtc ttaaagcagt tcttatcttg tgagagagtg    178440
     tttgtctctt ccgttgtgtg ttgcgttaga gagaagggca tggtgccatc tctgctcagc    178500
     actgctgcat atgcctctgc cagagacaat ctgcgcacat acggaacaaa accgatcctg    178560
     ttataaacct cttctgcttt ctctttctct gacagaaaag acctgctgtg tggcgtcgtg    178620
     ccattgtgct gactttagaa aagctatatg ctctgacaga aaacagagta ctcacgtcta    178680
     gtggcattct tttgtccaca ttcactcttt tttattacag aattgttggc tttacagaga    178740
     aactcagcca catgcacatt tccaacatac agcactcagc gaatgaagca caattatcaa    178800
     taaaaacaat aatattctta gaaaaaaata cttgtacagt acatgctttt attcattaga    178860
     ttttttttca tggtgaatac aataaagaac aaagtcttgt aatacattaa gtttttttaa    178920
     gtttaaatct ggctacaatt gacatagctt attaggatat gaagtttatt tgagtttaga    178980
     ttattatgtt caatatagga tgtattatat aagcataaaa taaattataa ccatagtatt    179040
     aaaaagttac aacttggtta tttctttgtt gggacttaca ttcattaatt tattttcttt    179100
     ttggcttagt cagtttatta tgctgttgtt gtcacagcgg aatgaaccac caacctatcc    179160
     agcatatttt ttacagcgcg ggggccctgc cagctgtaac ccatcataca ctaaggacaa    179220
     tttagcttac ccatttcacc tgtaccacat gtctttggac ttgtggggca accggagcac    179280
     ccaaaagaaa cctgggactt acatctaaaa taaagaataa aaaaacatga gatcctaatg    179340
     tttacccatg tcataggatg acagtccttt tgtagcgaca aaccaaagaa tgcattagtg    179400
     attgtgattt acaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aaaaacatgt ttaaaaagaa tgaaataaaa    179460
     agcttagtaa aaataaatgc atccttttca tatgtgtcat tttaagattc aagaccactg    179520
     accctgaatc atgaatccaa gtctttaaat atttaacaga cgctttcata caattgcatc    179580
     cattgcatct gatacttttc ccatagacct tcataccttc aagtcagaaa cttggactga    179640
     atatgtaaga tttattttat taaagtatcc aaaaaacact agaacagtag gcctacagca    179700
     tacagttgaa gtcagaatta ttaatccccc tttgattttt ttttcttttt taaatatttc    179760
     ccaaatgaag tttaacagag caaggaaatt ttcacagtat gtctgatcat atttttttct    179820
     tctggagaaa gtcttatttg ttttattttg actagaataa aagaagttta cattttcaaa    179880
     gccattttaa ggtcaatatt attagcccct ttaagctatt ttttgataat cgttatacaa    179940
     ttacttgcct aattaaccta cactgcctag ttaatctaat taacctagtt aaacctttaa    180000
     atgtgacttt aagctgtata gaagtgtctt gaaaaatatc tcgtaaaata ttatgtgctg    180060
     tgatcatggc aaagataaat aaatcagtta ttagagatga gttattacag ctattatgtt    180120
     tagaaaagta ctgaaaaaaa tcttccctcc attaaacaga aattgggaaa aaaattaata    180180
     gaggggctaa caattttgac ttcaactgtg tttcattcat tcatttattc attcattcat    180240
     tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc attcattcat    180300
     tcaatttctt ttcggcttat tccatttatt aattatgtac ttacattatt ccaaaggttt    180360
     caaagaatgt taaaatccaa agaaatgagt tatttgacaa ggactatgca atcgtgacac    180420
     aatcctaatg atctcataaa ccctcaattt tcagtgtggt tttgtaaaaa aaaaaagaca    180480
     ccaaaacaac cttaaaagca gttcacccag aaataaaaag atatatatat atatatatat    180540
     atatatatag attatttcct ccaaaccttt atgggtttct tgcttctgtt gacttccata    180600
     ttagaaataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataaag    180660
     tcaaacatta caggtttcaa tctttcttca aaatattatt tcttttttaa tagaagaaag    180720
     gaacacataa agattttagt aaatgatgac agaattttta tttttgggtg aactatccca    180780
     ataaaactat ccctataaaa tgtataataa ctatccctat aaaatgttgt acgatttatt    180840
     tgactgagtg ggctaaatga gactgagcta tataccttaa aatgtatata gcacacttct    180900
     tccctaggcg attataacca ggaaaacaga aagcagtcaa ctgtgtcaaa aagctcagct    180960
     gctttcgtgc tgtgttgtac tggcctctca tcagcaattg cttcagaggt ctcaaattgc    181020
     ttcaacagat ttctgcctta ctctgcttca tactagcaca ataatacttt ttttgaatag    181080
     cctactttaa ctcatccatg aacatgactt ctgcaggagt gccgtatgta atgacaacaa    181140
     cttccatcat tccaagtcac tgcgtcatca aactataact ttattttcat gcatctagag    181200
     gtgataatta cataattaca taaccttaaa ggtgccaaat aatgaaaatc tgggtataat    181260
     gtatccatag gcatagctga ataataggag tccagtgcaa gtgaaacaat cagaacaata    181320
     taatatagaa caatcagaac aaatcacaca cattattgtt aatatgcaca ctccaggctg    181380
     catttaattg gccaaaacaa cttagatatt ataagggtat ctttttttgt ctttaaggtt    181440
     atcacactgt attttttact tttcgagcat agtacgtcat caataatgta actgtttagt    181500
     acaatggata ttgctttata gttttgcatt attttgagtt gcttgggata cacatggata    181560
     aatcttttgc ttaacagatt cactgctttt gaactttgat acaacaaatc tgtgctgcat    181620
     ttattaggaa gttagctgaa gttggcagct gaagtgcagc atatttgata aactatgata    181680
     gtttgcattc attaaaaaag taggaaagag ttattaatcc atatcaaaca ttcccttaaa    181740
     agtgacatag catgtttagt ttcatgctct agcccaccac atccaaccca gccaggtctg    181800
     accaactgaa ccactactgg tcatggcaca ggggactcaa acttgtcaag catgcccaag    181860
     catggttcgg acagtataaa gtgtttaaac cctaagttta tattatactt actatgtgtg    181920
     tgtgtgacta tgtatgtgtg aaatggagat acacaaatcc atgccactgc tattttcctg    181980
     atatgaaaca atgcccataa acatcaaaac ctcatttgtt tatgcaaatc ttgatattag    182040
     tccttgcctg tgttttcatg tactttgaag ctttaaaacc caactttaaa tatgtctctg    182100
     tcagttcctt ttgttgagaa attaaaccta tcccagcaag cacagcacat caataaaatg    182160
     tcagattgac attgtaccac attttgtttg gaaatgaaaa tctagttgac atcagaaccc    182220
     aacaccaggc tgacatcaat atctattgtg ggacagatgt tgcatttagg ttactttcca    182280
     atgcaacata aaaaacaaca aaatttcagt gtctaatgat gttacagctt aatatcgtgt    182340
     gggtgttacc acaatgacgt ctatcagacg ttaaattttg tttgccatac cttacaaata    182400
     aacgtcagta tttgatgtca atatacgttg gtgtattata ttgtcttggc gttggatttg    182460
     gtcattttcc aacacaacct taagtcaaca aaatatcaat gtcattaatg tcattcacat    182520
     caaaactcag gagataaact ctggtgactt aaagatatct ctagctaata gggcccaatc    182580
     ccaattctgc ccctcattat tactaatttt taccacaaac cagaacatgt tttaatactg    182640
     tatattcata acctcgttcg tgttttaccg tcatgcttta ataaaaagct aaaataaaaa    182700
     aacgctaaat ttcgctataa tccataataa taactcttgt atagcagttc tacaacattc    182760
     tgacactcga taacattcca atatcctgtt agttatgtct ataggccgga aaggaacttt    182820
     ttacggtgtc tgctatattg ttaatgttgc ttttggtttg tttaaataaa tgaatatggc    182880
     cactatgtaa atgcacggta tagtatctta ttgccacata agatcattat gataaaataa    182940
     tatatgccat cagtgatatc ctgaagataa ataccaaaaa ataacacgac tggaataact    183000
     acagcagtcg cgatcgtctg atctcatatg aagcaagagt ttgtgatgac atcttatgat    183060
     gtgcaggtgc tgtagtgctg tcccaattct taggggtaaa ttttgaagcc ccctcccttc    183120
     acactcggtt ttaagggcca aggggaaggg aaaggggtag gggtaaaaaa aatagaattg    183180
     ggattgggcc ttaatctctc cattacatca ctccacaatt caggggcgga ctggctatct    183240
     gacaattctg acaaatgcca gaagggccgg accatttttt aaatgtgggc cggtcagcta    183300
     tttttatttt tttttatatg tattgttttt taaatgtagg cagcttttat ctcgtgcgag    183360
     atgtaaatat tatgatgatg atggtgataa tagtaagaat aatagtaaat gttaggcatt    183420
     ggcccaatca gcaacaaccg gctggtttcg agatgggccg acaaaatctg aggttatgca    183480
     gacataatca aaatttggca agaatgacaa acaaacagta agtgcaacac aagctaattg    183540
     tcagagatag accataaaaa gggaaagaca gtcaagtcag acattgccaa ttacataaaa    183600
     ttaactgaac tagtctcgaa agggggcagt gaagtggcgc agtagttagt gctgtcgcct    183660
     cacagcaaga aagtcgctgg tttgagcctc atctgggaca gttggtgttt ctgtgtggag    183720
     tttgaatgtt cgtgtgggtt tccttttggt ttccttcaca agtccaaaca cattctatag    183780
     gtgaattggg taggccaatt gggaattgga taacccagta atgggttgca gctttgaggg    183840
     catccactgt ataaaacata tgcaggataa gttggcgatt cccagattaa taaagggact    183900
     aagccgaaaa gaaaatgaat gacatgattg cataaataaa tgtttttttt ttttgtttca    183960
     gtcacataca ttaaatgttt aaatatctct taaataggta ctgttaatat aattttacca    184020
     tctgtacaca aatttaagta gtaaatgtgc gtgtccttgt gtggggctgt gtcggtgtgg    184080
     taatgtgggc tggtgtggct acaatgccag ggctgatttt tagtcccagt ccgcccctgc    184140
     cacaattaat tacagtatgt aagtttgaca cccagtggtt gaactaggta ttgcattcct    184200
     ggatcaaaac aaactcaagc gcagcttgcc agattgatgg ccaacagtaa gactattgag    184260
     cctaaaggct gatttaaatc gtgtgctaaa taaaagcaag ggcacatgat agaaggaata    184320
     ttttcaatct taaaatgaat tttttgttcc aaccaacacc tcgaattgat atattataaa    184380
     cggcttctat ttttcacaag tgaacaatac cattttgcca ttttatgagt gagtgcatat    184440
     tctgtgcttc tgaatggctg tatttaattt ctgttgtgtt tcgtctggtg caaacaacca    184500
     aattgctcat cactacaaat ctcatcatgt agcgtgttgt tgggacatgc agttacaatg    184560
     taacctactc atctaatttt tatgttcata atgcttgtat catttgcaaa ttaataacct    184620
     catgtggaac tctgaatctg cgtctcattt cagagtctgc tactgtccac cggaggtcgc    184680
     agtcttcctg actgaatgca tgaaatatgc agttgtccaa caagacaacg cagggtgagg    184740
     aaattataat tggcttaact ggcattgggc aggtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaagacagc    184800
     gttccggaat gcccatttca aagcagaata tctgacttca gggctccgtt cttcgtacct    184860
     cacttaaatg atctaggatg atttggcaga tcctggatct tttatcttga taacggatct    184920
     ctggcttatt tggttcttca aacaagttcg cgaatcagat taaaatgtct gtatgaactg    184980
     atctgagatc gctgtgtgtt ttgtgaaggg cagatctatc gatcctcaaa atcatgatca    185040
     gcaatgcaat gattggctga cggcacagca gcgtaataac atcatctgat tattattcaa    185100
     ttatctatgc gagcaaaatt acataaaatt agcaataaac ggtttgttga aatgacacgc    185160
     aataactttc cacatttgtt gtgagctgca gtctttacac tttcatgtgt caagagtatt    185220
     catcatgttt ttcaatgcat atcaatgtat ttatcgacat aaggaataac tgtataaata    185280
     aattttacat caaaaaagca atttgatatc ggtaaaggtg tcaatcaccg gcatattagc    185340
     ggtcataaca catgcatgaa tgcataattt attatccttt aaaaaagtcc aatattgtgc    185400
     atttacgcgc ttgtaatttt tctctttgat ccaccaggtg gcagtctatt acttttattt    185460
     cttagtgcag attgcataag ttttatcaat atatatatat atttttaaca ctattatata    185520
     tatataacta ctgtaagaaa ttatcagcat tcggtacata ctttcagtat tatctttttg    185580
     aattgaccca atctaatcct gtttatataa aatgaacata ctcccaagca ggtttgagct    185640
     accagaactg ttgctatgac aacaagtctc agatgagttt tgaaaaatga aacgatccgt    185700
     gtcaaatctc aagatccaaa tccagctaat tgagtaatcc atgtacaaaa aagaacccag    185760
     cattgttttt cagacacaca agaatgttca cttggcatgt tacataactc acatcttaca    185820
     tacagcacct ttaaatttga aggattgaaa gataaagtat gattattttg tacatgtgta    185880
     tttcagagta catcatgctg tgcgtgcgtg cgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    185940
     tgagagagag agagaccttt aatatatgta agccagctca tttaagtatt taagttacaa    186000
     aacatcactg ataaataaat gagaagaact gagaagaagc aagtctcaag ctatgaaaga    186060
     attatcattg gtgttctcct actacaactt cagctcatcc tcatgctgct catgcttctg    186120
     tatctcagca aggacgctgc ttctaaaagt cattcattta tgatgaaaca acagcaaagc    186180
     ttcatcttta tttcacattt catgccctat ttgctgtaaa atgtattaaa acaatgattt    186240
     taggcaccct gcacacaaat ctagacaatg tcataaagag gcagtcttga tgtgtagagc    186300
     tttgcctgaa ggttcatgga gatgataaat cacgagataa acttgccctc tgatgtgctg    186360
     gtgttgaaag cacagaaacg gagagtaaaa ttagcccagg atttgtgacg tagatgttgt    186420
     gtctgataga acattccccc tttggatgct ctttgagtct ggcacgtgaa ctggagggac    186480
     gttttcaata tatcctaaag cctgcagcta tactgtaact atatttaggt tgaaagcacc    186540
     cctcctccac acactcacaa cgcgcgcatg cacacatttt tatttaacat ctgagaaatc    186600
     cttctcacac tcagacattg ggctttattg agcaacttaa atatcacatt tgctatcatc    186660
     cacctaacag acactgcccc aggcactgag attgttattg gcaggatggt gcatttctaa    186720
     agctgtttag tgtgtgtgag gttgtcttgc tttctctgtg taatgagatc tgggcagaaa    186780
     ttggactctc agcttgatgc actgagttat atccatcacc gaaactgggt tactcttcca    186840
     tttcaacagt gcagcttccc agctggggga aaacctcaac taacatgatc ctgcaaatga    186900
     ttttacatgc ctgcaatgca tggctgctca attgctttct tctgaacctt tctaaagcat    186960
     gactactgtt ttactattat tattgattgt tattcattca tatttagcca gaattattta    187020
     attataaaat gtatgtgctg aatgttggat tttttttttt ttaactcaga ttaatgtatt    187080
     atgaatttat tatgttcatg cattcatgca ttcatttaga gacatattct ttacagcttt    187140
     gtgatgttta tattgtgtga atatctttct ccattcttct ttgtagcctt gactcctccc    187200
     ctcctgagtt tctagcaggt tgcttcctaa cactgtgttc acttattatg gcggagtgag    187260
     agtggataaa aacagtggcc agatgcttat atgtaaaata ttatatttga gccctggctg    187320
     ggtcagttgg catttctatg tgaagtttgc atgttctccc tttgtttgcg tggtcctccg    187380
     gttttccccc acagttaaaa aaacatgggt cccactttat attaagtggc tttaactaat    187440
     atgtacttac ataggaacta ataatttgtt acaatgtact tattgtgtaa atacatgtat    187500
     ttactgtgta cttatgcttg attaaataca tgtagttaca tctgtaatta acttttgtga    187560
     ttacctttgt aaatacactg ttgaccatcc cttacacctt aacctaccct taaacctacc    187620
     catgccacca aacctgtcca taacccagcc tctatctatc ccaactcaat agccccacaa    187680
     gtgttctaaa atacattata aacacagtaa gtacattgta tttatttttt tgatgtaagt    187740
     acatataagg acacttaata taaagtggga ccaaaacatg cattataggt gaatcgcata    187800
     agctaaaatt ggctgtagtg tttgtgtgtg catgtgagag tgtatggatg ttacccaatg    187860
     tggtgttgtg gctggaagag cattgactgt ataaaacata tgctgaataa gtttgcagtt    187920
     cattccactg tggcgaaccc tgattaataa aaaaaatgaa tgaacaataa aatataatca    187980
     taaatatttt ccattactgg gttgcagttg ggcaacacga tggtgcagta ggtagtgctg    188040
     tcgactcaca gcaagaaggt tgctggttcg agcctcggct gggtcagttt gcgtttctgt    188100
     atggagtttg catgttctcc ctgcgtttgc atgggtttcc ttcaggtgca ccggtttccc    188160
     ccacaagtcc aaatcagggc atccgctgcg taaaacatgt ggtggataat ttgacggctc    188220
     attccgctgt ggcaatccct gattaataaa ttgattaagc cgaaaagaaa atgaatgaat    188280
     gaatgagttg cagcgggaag gacatctgct gtgtaaaaca tatgccagag tagttagtgg    188340
     ttcattccac tgtggtgacc cctgataaag gggactaagc tgaaggaaga caaatgaatg    188400
     tatgtataat cataatataa acactagctg tttgaacctt atatgttggg tcaaatatgg    188460
     acaaacccaa cactgggtaa aaatttttta atgtaattta atttacactt ttaacccaac    188520
     aatggttaag tttgtccata tttgacccag cattggggtt aaaccaacaa tctaatgtgt    188580
     gatctagata tttccgctgt attaagaaaa gaagtcatta agatggcagg tgtgtgtatg    188640
     ttgcaggtat acggacatgt tagcagattt aaatctatgc tttgcaaaca tcctttttaa    188700
     atttcttcag tttaaacatt tattttggtg gcagattgag tagtgctgtt gtctcacagc    188760
     aaaaaagttg ctggtttgag ccccggctag gtcagttggc atttctgtgt ggagtttgca    188820
     tgttctaccc atattttgtg tgggttttct cctggtgctc cggtttccac cacagtccaa    188880
     agacatgcgt tagatgaatt aggaaattta aattgtccat agtgtatgtc ctggtcttca    188940
     aggttgggga ttgagcgttg ggctaacgtt ccatctcatt aaaactagat gttaagaaac    189000
     aacattatgg tgtaactaaa tatcagcttc gatataaatg gccctgtgag taagtaaaac    189060
     attttatttt aatattagga tcaaatttac ctaccacaaa tcattctaaa catgcactga    189120
     tttcttccat gcaaaggaac aatagccatt cttttaaaac agtcacaatg aaagagagac    189180
     tgagtctttc aacctttaat ttgtaacatg aaagtggttt tatacaacag cattgtgtat    189240
     tcactttttc ctatgccaca tggcacttaa attaaaagga aaagtgtagt aacaaattac    189300
     tttcagcaga tcataaatct aaaagcttat tattgcgaca atatatggat gtgttaaatg    189360
     aaactgttgt aacgtgagtc tatattaaaa aacacaaagt gatatttcag tatgatttcc    189420
     atcaactcaa acaactgaag aaacttactg cattttgtca caagacttgc agatatccac    189480
     ataacacaat ggaaatgttt caaggggacc caaaaacatg acagacagtt ctgagatatg    189540
     gataatgtta ttatgctgtg actgctgctc agtgaagttg ttagtggtct ttaaaatgtc    189600
     agttttttgt ttgtttttat atcttgatta cacgattcca ttgcctttag taaattatta    189660
     tcctagaaaa actgatgatt aaatgtgaaa cattgttttt tatatacagc gcatttaata    189720
     aatgcagcgt gtttctacag ttgtttgtat tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcat tgtttcagtt    189780
     gtttgagttg tgagaatttg caacacgtgt gctatcaaac tgattaagat tgtttcttaa    189840
     tttgctggtg tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgcagt gcattaagct ctcttggcca    189900
     ccacatttct aaaagtctat ttaaatacat ttctttgtca tcctctaatt attattaatg    189960
     taaaaggcac ctattcttct atggtttaga catgctttta taatgctaaa cacagtctga    190020
     atgacacact ttaacactga tgatggacaa ggcacaatat ctttactttc tttcttgaaa    190080
     aggttaattc cttctcttga ataattcctt atgtatgtgt gtcctgatgt tgtggcttgt    190140
     aaaatcactc ttttttttct gtatagtttt gatatcaatg acaaacctga tactgactcc    190200
     acaatgcaaa atcaatacat tcgttctgta tccagcacag cctgcagtgt gtgtgtgggt    190260
     atgtgtgtct gttcaccacg tgtattcatg ctgcccatca atgaacgggt ttagttgttt    190320
     aaagatgttc cacagaatac aaatcactca atcctcaacc aatcatgaaa atgtggaaac    190380
     aaatgtgcct caatctataa ttcccagtca tggcatctct ctggggaact gcagtctaaa    190440
     cacaggaatt ttatcaatga atctggctct gcaatatgct gggaaggttt attttaatct    190500
     ttgatgatga aataacttcc gcaaggggaa cattaattaa acatttataa gtctctctct    190560
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    190620
     ctctctctct ctctttctat ctgtttgagg gggatatgca aaaaaacaaa acataaaaat    190680
     aaataaacag acaggctagc atccttgctt tactgctttg tgcctgggcc ttgagattgt    190740
     ctttgaagta gttcaatttc cccttactct aaaattaaaa ccacattgct aaaaagattt    190800
     tttcagagct gtgcatagaa ttaaaatgat tgacttacat tttacatgac aatattagcc    190860
     tatttgtgat gttagtgagg ccagcagggg gcacccaacc tgcgatctgt gtgggtccta    190920
     atgtcccagt ataatcatgg ggactctata ctgctcagtg agcgccgtct tttggatgag    190980
     acattaaacc gaggtcctga ctctctgtgg tcattaaaaa atcaaaaaga gtaggggttt    191040
     aaccccggca tcctggccaa ttatgcccac tggcctctgt ccatcatggc ctcccaaccc    191100
     tccccatatc ataattggct tcatcactct gtctcctctc caccaaccag ctggtgtgtt    191160
     gtgtacggtc tggcacaata tggctgccgt cgcgttatcc aggtggatgc tgcgcactgg    191220
     tggtgaatga ggagattccc ccctatgtgt aaagtgcttt gagtgcccag aaaagcgcta    191280
     tataaatgta aggaattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    191340
     ttattattat tattattatt atcattatta ttattattat tattattatt atttatgctt    191400
     tatactttaa aaaaacactt tttattaaaa gttaatgcca atttcaacca tttctatacc    191460
     aatctttttt tccccatgca ctgtactgct aaagttagct actaagcagg cacggattgg    191520
     ctaatccgga ggaccgggag aattcccggt gggctggtcc gttttttggc cgcgagggct    191580
     ggtgtcccta gctccagaat ctgccgctct cagcagtcac actttttaaa aataatttat    191640
     ttatttacat gaccacagcc ttcttattca ttattttacc gcagctctgc tcttttttat    191700
     ttattttctc gtagcctcgt gagcaggttg cagcctgcag gttaattatg atataactag    191760
     ataagtcact attcaatgta cagctgttgt ggtacagtgg ttagcatgtt agattattac    191820
     gctaccaatc tgggttcagt cctcgtcctt tttttattgt taagacatac aatactgtaa    191880
     gggttgttga acatttgaag ttctaaaaca gctgttttct caaaaaaaag atgtgatagt    191940
     gtaattagaa actgaattag aaattacctt attttaatat agtcagtggt gaactgaggt    192000
     gggctggtct aaggcttgaa actccagggc tgaaaaagag tcccactccg gccctgctag    192060
     caaggttatt caagccttaa aacctcttta aaaataacat ctttaaaaaa tactttttta    192120
     agaacatctt aaaaaaaaac tgaatatttt ctttttgatg agtattgtga acttaatcca    192180
     tttgagtaca caaagcaatt tgagcagtaa aacccaataa gttaaggtaa cttaaactgt    192240
     ttaaggaaat tgattgctaa caatttgagt aaaaaaaaat ataataacaa tatatatgag    192300
     tactgtgaac ttattccatt taagatgaag tagtgagatt tttaagtaat taagtaagtg    192360
     ttgattaagc ataaatgatg aacacctgct gttagcaagc agaattcctg atgagaaaca    192420
     caaaactaca gcggacttca gtcacagcct taaaagaaat aaaacacatc gatttctcaa    192480
     catttcagca gaggctcatt aaacaacttc acaaactcac taaaacccaa cagtcagctt    192540
     catcaaatga aatgagtata gttaacttaa aagttactga aatttaatac tactcatttg    192600
     aaaagagttt tgagctcagt gttgaaggta atgagttaat taaatacttc attacttcaa    192660
     cttaaatgga gtaagttcac agtactcaaa tagattagtt ttttttaacc caaatggttt    192720
     gtagcaattg gttccctcaa acaatttaag ttgctttaac ttattgggtt ttacagtact    192780
     caattgcttt gagttttcta atttattggg ttttactgtg ctcaaattgc tgtgtttact    192840
     caaatggatt aagttcactg tactcaggat tagtttttga acttaaattg tttttctcaa    192900
     atggtttgaa ttaccttaac tttttgggtt ttacagtgca gtatcaacag cttcacttct    192960
     tactaactag cttgaattta tctttgtcag atgtttactg aaatttacag aaaatcataa    193020
     ttttctttgt catcaccact gatgtgaaca gtgtttgctt tatagggcag ataaatttga    193080
     ctgttgtttt acctgaataa atcggtcaca ctttacaata aggttaatta gtaaatgtta    193140
     attaatgcat ttattaacat gaacaaacaa tgaacaatac atttactaca gtatttattt    193200
     atgttagtca atgttagtta atgaaaatac agttgttcat tgttagttca tgttaactca    193260
     tggtgcatta actaatgtta acaagaatgg acttaaatgt taataatgca ttagtaaatg    193320
     tttaattatg attaataaat gctatacaag tgttgttaat gttagtaaat gcattaacta    193380
     atgaacctta ttgtaaagtg ttaccaataa atcaaagcat gtgtttaaag taagacagta    193440
     tattagtgat tgttatggat attgatgaag tcagaaggat gtgtcagtct tgtattgtaa    193500
     gaaagctcca tgacctgttg gatgtgtagt ccgtaaaaaa acgtatcagt tggcaccagt    193560
     gtgtcaaaca acttttcaag aatctattaa aacactattc ctaaaggtta tggaaacttt    193620
     acatgttgtc tatcatgtct gtgttgtctt tgtttcatgt ttctgtgttt gtctaccatg    193680
     tgcttccttg ttctttctcc tcatttccct ttaccatggt cccttgttta tctctattct    193740
     attgcttgtt agtgtctcca cctggtcctt gtgtgcttcc ttccctttat agttcccttt    193800
     atgttactct tcccttattt ctttgctatt tcattttgtg ctttatacag tactttatgt    193860
     gatctttgca catggtgtgt gttgctttgt tcctgagctt caagagtctc cacaacttgt    193920
     ccagtttatc cttttattag agttcttgtc ttagttgtta tattccattt ctggtttgct    193980
     tttgtttagt taaatctagt tgtgtaattt tcttcctttc acaatcttgt tttattttga    194040
     tctcaagcct cttttatgaa ttttagactt tgcttttctc tttcttcagt tacataactt    194100
     tatccttttg ttatttggtt catcgtttgc tttggttttc tagtttttct ttgcttgttg    194160
     tttgttcgtc atgtgtactg tctctgtttg actggacctg tttagccctg cctcatgtga    194220
     gcctctgggt gctggtaatt tcgttgatgg gtcccaagac tactaatctt gattaactgt    194280
     gctctgctgt gccttgtcca agacatccac cacctcctgc cagtcctggt cattcctgac    194340
     ttgtctgcca gcttttcgcc atccgtgact gccatccaca ccattccggg ctaacctgca    194400
     ctatctgcaa tcatcacctg tggactgtta ttgtttctca cccctgtttt ccctttgtca    194460
     ataaaccctc tcaactcatt ctgtatttgg atcctttttc taccagaact ctgacaataa    194520
     gcgttttaca gtgttgcaaa atttatatga tctttcttat cacaagatct tcacaaggct    194580
     ggcttcgaat attgtttcta attctagtca tgtgttgaat catgaatttg tactattaaa    194640
     atcccaagat tttataaagt gaaattaaaa catttgtttg tatatcaggc tgtctagaaa    194700
     catactgttt tagtctatgt gtcttgtctg tatcaactta tgcaggagaa aaaactgaca    194760
     caagtctgac aataaatgta taaaaaaaga aacagaaact tcactttcat ccaatagtat    194820
     ctggatgcag cctttatgat gcaagctgag attgcaccac tcagcgatgc aatctcagac    194880
     acaatgcact caatggagta attgacgtca ctatgacggg tagggttagg ggtaaggtta    194940
     ggtaagcgca ttaaaaagta ttggatgcag ctcagattgc actgcaccag gtctgcagcc    195000
     agacccctct cctttcatct gccaaagctt tcagaaacaa cacctgatac attatacatg    195060
     ttttctgcac attttagaca gcagtttaag ctattttctg tgatacaatg gcagttaata    195120
     attccaaatc ctttcaaagc cttgcctgtg ttgacagctg tttgagcttt taagtcaact    195180
     ctgccatcaa gtggtaatga agtagaacaa acctttccag tcctctgcta aaaagagggt    195240
     tgttaaaatg caggttaaga cttgattaaa gacattgtac gatttatttt cacaattctt    195300
     ttcactgtgt gggtcaaact ggcatacagt tttattttat ggataaataa acattcttga    195360
     cctactcttt gttttttttt tgcacatttg atgacattac tagccagaag ttattaatta    195420
     agcaaatatt cccttagtta tcatgctctc tttactttgt tgtacatgat taaactgtca    195480
     tgctgttcat gaagtctgac tgaaatctgt tttgtgaggt gactttacgc aaaaacgcag    195540
     ccttcaaaga ctctgcctga tagtgcagca aggttacatc tgcctgacct tttaacacaa    195600
     ccaacaaaca tatgtattgc acaagtcatc tactagtttc atcaataata aaaatgactt    195660
     attaaacatt ttttaaaaat acaatttttt tttagataat caacttctgt tctgtgatgc    195720
     tgtgtcaacc ctcgttctat atctgttggt gtactaaaga tactgataaa gtctttttgt    195780
     agtatttttt tttgttctat tttctttgat taagtgattt tttattaaat aaaaatttgt    195840
     taaaacgtca ataatgaaat aaatagggaa gcatcaaagc tctagtgaga attattctgc    195900
     ttttatcact ttcaatgaaa tgccaattga aatgtgataa tttattggtt tcaccttggt    195960
     gacaaggttg cacgtcctca taataaacca ccatcttgca atcaccgcct ctgtcatcat    196020
     acccatgtta tcatgtgtgt tctgacacac acacacacac acataggaga aacatatgat    196080
     ttatgttgtg ggatggttat cagctgaagt actaaaaaca tacacggtga aaggttacat    196140
     ttttattttt attttttacg tttttttaat cagcaggatg aatgattcag tgacactcat    196200
     taagttcagg cacactaatg taaacatcaa agcttaagat ttatgtgggc tactcatact    196260
     ataagacccg attgttgagc agcaacttga ctgctcacac tatacatgtg acatcaaggt    196320
     tgcacccttc atggttgcat ggcaaactag catatggtgc atttacacca tctactgaaa    196380
     agcttgaatg aaagggtttt gggggcttaa gcccctgatg tattgtcaaa agcccctgat    196440
     cttttagaat ttgatgcact taaataaaaa taggttgtat aacatttatt ttgttatcta    196500
     agtacttaaa atgaccacat gcatcacgca cattccactt aaagcagcat ttgtgtctgg    196560
     tgattaaata gtcagctgtt cagcagtacc tgtttctacc ggcaggttgg agtagcactg    196620
     ttgtcacata gtgttaaaaa aatcccgcca ctgcactctc atcattcctt cattattttg    196680
     aggagctgaa gctgatgagg taataataaa actgattcgc gaaactgaat aattccaact    196740
     actgatgaag cttaatattt gttttcataa aatgtgtgta gttttggtga aataaaataa    196800
     cttatcaata atatgtgcat catataaatg taaatacatg cgaattagag aaaaaaacgt    196860
     aaattgtatt agcttagata tgataaagat atctaaacat atttatctag atatgatata    196920
     gcccgtcaca tctgttccta taatagttaa atgacagtga gcatattatt ttatagctac    196980
     tgtaacatgg ttctgggggg tgaactgtga actcctttcg actctagcaa cgcccctgcc    197040
     tgtgccaaat gcaaatgagc tggttctccc tgcccaccat tcccacagtg cttgtcaaag    197100
     acacagagat agctctctat tgctctgaca catcatgtct ccattttctt atgtcacatc    197160
     aacagcacag cgacagataa aaagaaagag aaaaatacta gaataaaata ctaaatactt    197220
     agaaatacta tagtaatagt atggttggtt gatgtacttg ttgtgaagtg aattaaagct    197280
     tttctagagc aaagagtcgc acacacaagt ttgcgtgaac acacacacgt ttaactttgc    197340
     actgtttgca tggcaaatgt gacaagaaac acattaatat ccactatgtg tatgttatgt    197400
     acaaaataaa cctgatttaa agagcaaaat caatattgaa gcgattgtac tgacatgcag    197460
     ctgtggtgat gaattacaca gtgattttac tctttacttt agagtaaagt ttattttaaa    197520
     ggcaagttta ttttattaga aacatgcact gtttcaaaat attttaaact tgtaaaactt    197580
     attctttagc tgaacagact ttttaatccc agttgctttg cgcatgtcct gtcttttgga    197640
     tacatgtgtt actatggaga catcttaata cgcggctgtc agtcaattcg attggtagaa    197700
     aaacccacac tgctcctgtc aagttgcggt acccttagaa ctgcagggat ttggattcta    197760
     ttttaacatc aggaaattta aataaagaga cttattgtgt ttctatcact ctattatgac    197820
     tgtgtacgca ctatacctag acacagttct gttcaaacat tttcatcata ggtgcccttt    197880
     aacacacata cacaggctgt ctgccctatg ttagacacaa atggcccatt tccactgagc    197940
     ggtatagtat ggtacagttt tttacttctt tacagtatgt ccatttccac tgtctaaagg    198000
     taggctacca aaaagcaaaa cgtaccataa aactttttag gtactctttc cataggtttt    198060
     caaaacaaca gaacagtacc aagaacaggg atgggcaaaa tttgatccac gattgtctgt    198120
     gtctctgcag tattttgctt tagcactaat caaacacacc taaacaaact aatcaatgac    198180
     ttcaagatca ctagaaagct acaggcaggt gtgtttgatt tgggttggag cgaaactatg    198240
     taggacagtg gccctccagg atcaaatttg cccatgtatg ctctagtctt acagctgaac    198300
     gctattggtt tacagagaaa cgtcaaccat ttttgactca agctcaaaca aattttgccg    198360
     tggtgttaaa cagccacatg ccaagaagaa gaacagaatc tgctgtgcgt cctgttgttg    198420
     taatgaggtt gtctgaaagt ttgtggaaag cacgagttgt ttcactttct ctagagagct    198480
     ctaattgctt gctgcacatt tatttggaat aattaacttg agctcaaata atccagaaaa    198540
     aaacagagag gcaaatgatt ctttcagcaa cataaaacat gaacaaactg ccatgtttaa    198600
     ttatttttat caccttttgg actattatga acttggaatg acggaattac tttctaacgt    198660
     tcgaagttac agaagtaacc cttcgttccc cgagtagggg agctatacag tggatttgat    198720
     gttgggaaaa tccacgtatg ggaggattcg gatcagaagc cgcttgtctg aagagtattg    198780
     aacgggccaa tgaatgaaat gaattggcat cgtaagcttg cgcaggtgtg ctgcattgcc    198840
     aattatccca gcatataagc acacatggag cgagcaaaca ccatccttta aagctgaaga    198900
     gactttaaaa cagctaaggg acagtcatca cttctgtaac ctcgaacgtt ccccttcggt    198960
     tggggaactt cagtgctata cagtggattt gatcttggga aaatccacgt atgggagaac    199020
     tatggaaagc gccataatga ctgcacctta ccaacgcccc cgatgagggg atagtcaagc    199080
     aagcgtgacg cacccacatc atgggaggca cggtcctcca acgtgtctct ggccctaatt    199140
     tatcctactt caacagaagt cttacggatt tagatatatt ttttgggaag tcgtgggcat    199200
     ctagataatt ctaggaaaat cctcccgata gggaggacgc tgcggaggcc atccgttacc    199260
     caagggggga tagatggcag aatttacata tggacaagcc ctaaaaaggg ggagtacgca    199320
     tagcaaaaaa gtggttagag gagagggaag acacgggtcc acccaggggg gggacttaac    199380
     cgtggcggaa taagcatatg ggatcgccta gtggggatca cgaatagcag gcacctatac    199440
     ccaaaacgcg ggctgaccag cgggcagacc tacaacgtag tgggccagca agtgactcct    199500
     ctgctgagtc agtgctgggg gccacggagg aatctgcagg gctcacctga cggggaactt    199560
     tactgacaga taaaaaggcg cacgtatctc cgtgttaggg agaatggcgc agcaagcgtg    199620
     tctcaacacc ctaccgagtt gtttcctcaa tcaccaaagg gttacctaat acccttgagg    199680
     aaaccggctc cactcgcaaa ttgtaaaact ttgcaaatgt gttgggtgtc gcccagcccg    199740
     cagctctaca gatgtctgtt agagaggcgc tgcgtgcatg cgcccaagag gatgcaacgc    199800
     tccgagtgga gtgtgcacgc actcacggct gacctcgact cgaataagca agtgaaacgg    199860
     catccacaat ccagtgggat aatctttgtt tcgatacggc acttccctgc tgccgaccgc    199920
     cataacagac aaagagctgc tcagatgatc taaaattctg agtacggtcc acataaatgc    199980
     gcagagcgcg aactggacaa agtaaagaaa gggctgggtc tgcctcctcc gggggcagcg    200040
     cttgcaggtt cactacctga tctctgaagg gagtggtagg aaccttgggc acataacccg    200100
     ggcggggtct caggatgacg tgagagtaat ccggcccgaa ttccaggcac gagtcactga    200160
     ccgaaaatgc ctccaggtcc ccgaccctct tgatggaggc caacgcgacc agcagagctg    200220
     tcttcaggga cagaaatctt agagatactg aatcaagtgg ctcaaaggga tctgctcgca    200280
     aactcgtgag aacaagggcg agattccaag agggcatgag aggggggcga gatggattat    200340
     ttcgcctagc acccctaagg aaccggatga tgaggttatg ctttctcacg gtgccgccag    200400
     ctaccgcgtt atgataagcg gagatggcgg ccacgtaaac cttgagagtg gagggcgaca    200460
     gcctgctgtc caacttctct tgaaggaaag agagcacaac acttatctgg cagttttggg    200520
     ggtcttctct gcgagagacg caccatttag tgaatagact ccacttcagg gcgtgatggt    200580
     attaaccact gcagtcggta ggttacctaa gtcttcctcg cgtctaagga ccacacgtgg    200640
     gggttccaaa gatcggggca agggtgccag atggtgccct gtccctgaga gagtaggtct    200700
     caaagggatc cgccagggga gggccgtcgc gaggagtgag agctctgata tccaggtccg    200760
     gttaggccaa aggggcgcaa ctagcagaac ctgttcctcg tcctccctga ccttgcacag    200820
     taactgtgcg agcaggctca ctaggggaaa cgcatacttg gggatgcccc gaggccagct    200880
     gtgggccagt gcatccgtgc cgagagagcc ctcagtcagg gaaaaaaaca actggcaatg    200940
     agcgttctcg ggggaagcaa acagatcaat ctgggcctcc ccgaattgcg cccatatcag    201000
     ctgaacggac tcggggtgga gtctccattc tccagggcgt aactgctgcc gtgagagggc    201060
     atcagctgca cggttgagca tgcctggaac gtgaatggcg cgcatcgatt tcagccgcgg    201120
     gtgactccag aggagcagac ggcgggcaag ctgagacatg cggcgagagc gcataccccc    201180
     catgcagttg atatacgtcg ccgctgccgt cctgactcca gcaccggtaa aaagtggtgg    201240
     agagcgagga acaatgccaa tagctctagg cgattgatat gccaatgcaa ctgggcaccc    201300
     ttacccaggc ccgcagctgc atgcccgcga cacacggccc ccccccgacc tgtgttggta    201360
     gcatccgttg aaacaacaac atggctggac gcttgtccta gaggcacacc agcctgtagg    201420
     aacgaggggt cgttccaagg gctgagggcg cggtgacaca gcgcagtaac agagacccgg    201480
     tgtgtgcccg cgtgccatgc gcgtcttggg atccgatcgt gaagccagtg ctgaagtggt    201540
     cttatatgga gtaatccgag cggcgtgacg gcggctgcgg atgccatatg ccccaggagc    201600
     ctctgaaaga acttcagtgg gaccactagt ttgctgtcga gctctctcag acagttcagc    201660
     aacaggtgag cgcgttcctc ggagaggtgc gctaccatgg tgatcgagtc cagctccatc    201720
     ccgagaaaag agatcctctg cacgggggcg agtttgctct tttctcggtt ataatataaa    201780
     tattgtaacg taacgtaaac attaggcgag caggttacat tgtaaccctg ttacctagct    201840
     acatgcttca tgaagagata cgcaatttga gatatttggc agttttctct agacgaaaca    201900
     catcagaaat ttaaatacag ccattcagaa gcacagaata ggccctcatg aaatggtaag    201960
     gtttataata agtttaatat atatttactc tcgttaacat tataaaatgt atatgctgta    202020
     ttactgatat gtcttctaaa gttcattttc aaatggttta ttttattttc aagatctggt    202080
     gaactatcta ctgctgcttt tagtatatgg caataaatgt catataaaat ttgtattcaa    202140
     cctcacattg ttagcattta acactgaata cagcacacga ggtgtacctg ataagatcat    202200
     gtcagttttc tgttgttcac ctgtgaaaag tagaaaaagt ttctaatata taaattcgag    202260
     gtaaaaaact taatttaata tgtaaaatat tccttctatc gggtgctgtt gcttttattt    202320
     agaacacagt ttaaatcgct cgctcctgtc ttcaatctag caatctgcac ttgcgtttgt    202380
     tttgaaccag gggtgcaata cctagttcaa ccactgggtg tcaaacttac atactgcacc    202440
     tttaatacct ttagtaatct cttgtagtct tgaacacctt gattagtttg atcagctgtg    202500
     tttgattagg gttggagcaa aactgtgcag agctgaccgt ggaaacgcgt catgcgtcaa    202560
     gtttcacagg atgctgcagt gcaaagttca agcttggtga actctgacct gcgaaatcac    202620
     attacttgac tgcgtgagac caaccaggta tcaaaacatg acctctctgg acagaaattt    202680
     taaacattga gcaatggctc gcttttttaa tgtctaatca tcttgtttaa tcccgcccct    202740
     tttcgcagcg ccgtacgaca gaatttcgca cgctcaaact ctagtgtgac cgcagcttaa    202800
     acctaatttg agcttgatta gctagttcag gtgtgtttaa ttggggtaga aaataaaata    202860
     tgcaggacac cggccctcag ggaccaagtt tggacaccac tggtttatat gaacagtacc    202920
     actgagagga aacgaggcaa aaggggttac ccctttaagg aaaccaggtg tgtgttttat    202980
     ttacttttga gggcgtactc acactatgta cagttgcctc gaactgggct aaagaatgct    203040
     tgtcccccct cctgtctcca ccgacggccc gcactcacat taaagtctgg cctgggcacg    203100
     ctttcgtcat cgtcatttct ctagttatat cgctttagtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgcattat    203160
     tttaatatgc ttacttttat ggttattatt tttaataaaa aagaaaacta aaaatatttt    203220
     gatttcagtt ttgggatgtg gatggtcagt attgagggga gagtgacaca ttgcacttat    203280
     gagtagtttg atttcactgc agccctttca atgtctttgg ttccttttac atttctaata    203340
     ttgaatatca gaattcaacc aatacaacaa tagtgcttat tcaaagggta agtattacat    203400
     agacaagata catttgaaga caaaattatt cacccttttt gttataatta ttttatcaaa    203460
     tatattccaa gtgatgttaa acagagcaag gaagttgaca gttataattt tattttattt    203520
     acgtttgcta tatttaacct acataagcct ttgaattgcc cattaagctg aatattagta    203580
     tcttactaaa taatatgcag tagcctaatg aattttactg gaaaacttca aatgaagtaa    203640
     gtaaaatggt atttgagtta gaaaaacttt ctcaaataaa tgcataaatc atttattcat    203700
     tggttttctt ttcagctagt ccatttatta atttggggtc gccacagcgg aaaaaaaaca    203760
     ctaactcatc cagcatatgt tttaatatcc caacccatca ctgggaaaca tccatacaca    203820
     tacactacag acaatttagc tttcacaatt caccagtact gcatggactg tgggggaaac    203880
     cagagcgccc ggaggaaacc cacgtgatta cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacggaaa    203940
     caccaactga ccccgccaag gctcgaacca gcgaccttct tgctgtgagg tgatcatgct    204000
     atccactgcg ctgccgtgat gcccaaatgc ataaattgga ttgttattat ttttatttat    204060
     tattactgca gatttggagt tatttatttg tttgtttgtt ttttattggg tatgtgattg    204120
     tgatataagt tggcagttgc tttaaaaata ggttatatac tattgatgtc aaactcctgg    204180
     agggccgctg cctagcagaa tttagttctt tccctgcttc agcaactaac aagccagata    204240
     gactcaatta gtttgatcag gtgtgcttaa taagggttaa agcttaactg tgcagagctg    204300
     ttgccccgag tataattttt taatgagatg atttttaaat gtttgacacc atgtgtgcta    204360
     cacactgcac atgttgttta ttagtttaac ctttttgttt aattgtaaat aaaaaattca    204420
     ttgtttaatt tgaatataca ttttctgttg tttatttatt tgctgccaaa ataataaaat    204480
     acatttgtct gaagaattta tatgctctct atttttaaca acagataaga atactgattc    204540
     attttagtaa cactacaata actatatcca gtgcatctag aaagtattca tagtgcttat    204600
     tcatagtgct tcattttttc acttatggca aaatggatta aaaaaaataa taattaaaca    204660
     ttctgcacac aataccccat aatgacaatg tgaaaaaaaa atttgcaaat ttattagctc    204720
     taaaaaacct ctttattagc tctaaaaaag aaaagctcta aagctctaaa ttgagctcag    204780
     gtatacattc tgatcattct tgagatgttt cagcaactta atagaagttc atctgtggta    204840
     aattcagttg attggacatg atttgaaaag gcatacacat gtctatataa agtcccaggg    204900
     ttgacagtgc atgtcaaagc acaaaccaag catgaagaca aaggaattgt ctgtagatgt    204960
     ccagttcagg attgtctcga ggcacaaggc tggggaaggt tacagaaaaa gttttgctgc    205020
     tctgaaagtt ccaatgagca cagtggagaa gagccttagt cagagaggtg atcaataacc    205080
     cgatagtcac tctgtctaag ccccagcgtt cttgtgtgga gataggaaaa ccttacaaaa    205140
     ggacaactat ttgggcagca atccaccaat caggcctgta ttaaggctgt aacataaaaa    205200
     atgtgcaaaa agtgaagcgc atgtatacaa tattactcta tgagtagtag ctacactgtt    205260
     gttaattaca attagtttaa ttacactatt gcaagttact cactgtaacc aaaccattaa    205320
     agtgacaaac tggcaacagt gttaccaatg tttcactgta aaaagcctga taaggtctaa    205380
     cagtgcagac tcagtcagtt ctttttaaat ttcaaagtgt ttgtttgcat tgcatgtgta    205440
     atgccatgaa gtctgtgctt ttagggctgt ttaagagttt aaactccaaa aatgtcaaga    205500
     atctacagat tttgcagaat taattgaaca tatactagta gatatgagga gctgttaaag    205560
     caatactcaa acttaaaact catttacggg gcctcccacc cgaccctgca cgttttgtat    205620
     gtattaggac acctgattca gatcatcagc ttgtaaacag agagatccat gaactgatcc    205680
     ttgtgtcaaa taagagagac atacacattc tgcagaacca ctggattagg gggatgacat    205740
     gtatcatgga aaaaaatctt ttccattgca ggaataaatc ataattttga aatttaaaaa    205800
     taaatacata gccttctttt taagcattca acattttttt actatagtag tagtattgaa    205860
     tttttccaaa cattatacaa ttctagtctt tgtatattca tgtttttttt atttactcag    205920
     aatttttcca gagttacctc accatgggct caaatatttg gggggtctca tgtgacagat    205980
     cggtccaccc tcaaaagggg cttcactcac actgtcgcaa tacagtaagt ccacgtactt    206040
     ccatgagctg gagacgtaac atgtataaac tgcccaccga ccggatctgc tatttaacag    206100
     gtgtagcagc aagtgcagaa gggtcggttt taggcagatc tatcccggga ctatgcgctc    206160
     aatatggggt ttaatcgttc tggtggccgc agcaactttt tacttatatc tgctgtctgc    206220
     cttcctgccg ccgggtccgc gtgctattcg agttcacgac acgggaccag aacacacaga    206280
     cgatgagccg gaggagaaag tgctcaggta aggtaattga acttttttac gttaatgttt    206340
     tgtcagtttg gtgagttttt aaaggaggcg tggcacccaa ccccacacct acctaaccgt    206400
     gattgcgaga taatcatact aaattgcaag aatgagatct tacgaattca caagaattga    206460
     taaatcgaaa cgttacgaat tgctgtgaga tagctttgca acaatctgtc tgatcctggg    206520
     gaattttatg tttgtatgta tagctaaata aatataatga actcaaattg gatattgagt    206580
     aagttggtaa cacatgtgtc tacaatgttt taattagcac agattacaac agggttaatt    206640
     tatatatggc caatattcgt gtaaaataat agggaaaaca ttgttttatt ttactaaatt    206700
     attatatcaa ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    206760
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataaattt taattatttg    206820
     attaattata ataaaacgat catataagaa aatatatggt atgttttaaa cattagggcc    206880
     tatgttataa caatattaag attattaata cgctgattta aatattttat taatatgttt    206940
     aatgatatta aaggagcagt tcaaccaaaa ctgacaattt agtcgttaac tcgccctact    207000
     tccaatcctg tttgactttc tcttttttaa aataaaatgt tttaaagaaa gctggatttt    207060
     ttttttttta atttgatgtg attgtaataa ataaattaat taattgccac ttactgtaaa    207120
     ttgaatcatt ctatctgaat tgaaaactgt actgccatta tgacattcct acattaaaaa    207180
     tgttttggtc tatctgaata ctgttgagtt aaacatgtat ctctttgatt tggacactgc    207240
     acataatgct tttcttactt tttgatcttt ttttttttgt tacaatatct aaatattctt    207300
     aaatcaagaa acaactaaaa agattgtcta aatcttattt caaagagaaa acaaaattat    207360
     tttgatcacc ccatttttta ataaaaaaaa attgaaaaca actaattttg gggggcatat    207420
     agttgataaa gtttctcaaa ttaggaattt taagatattt gcactggaaa caaacaaaaa    207480
     ttagacaaaa agaaaatcat tttttgcagt ggataaagta atttgccatt ttgttttagc    207540
     tgtacattgt caaaacacaa tatattatat atattaatat atcaatatat tagatattca    207600
     tccatacatt tattcatcca tcaatatctt taaaataaag cttctttatc tcccttagtt    207660
     atttcacaaa gaatttttaa catccatact aacttttcat taggactgaa caatatatta    207720
     attgagcatc aatatcataa tgtgtcacat cactggatta gatttttttt tttaaagatt    207780
     aaaagataaa gacattatga aatattattt tgtaaaaatt actatacaat gatgaccatg    207840
     ttattttaca tttaattgat tgttaagttt ctgtattgaa taatatttga ataaaatttc    207900
     tctctccaga aaactataaa gcattgttta tttaactctg ttatatttat attgtgactt    207960
     attatatttt aagcagaagc actgcaaata aaaagactta ttttaaacta aattaatgaa    208020
     atctttccaa atagagctat ctaaagtatc tggtgaaatt atattcatgt cacaatatat    208080
     attgttacaa tacaaaatat gtgtaatttt tccactatca agcagccata cattctatcc    208140
     cacaaagcat tctttataat ttaaataaaa acattattta cacaatcaac atcttcttca    208200
     caataagaaa taaatgttta gcttacaaac ctttcaccaa aaatgttttt gtttctatgg    208260
     catcactgtg acaacacttt gtttaagttt tttatcaatt aaagcatatc catccttcca    208320
     tccatccatc cgtccgtccg tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca    208380
     tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc cattcatttt ccaaacaacc ttttttttat    208440
     aatgttttag gctgaatcct ttcatttgga acatttcaat tgtttattat taatgaatta    208500
     tataaatgta tttatctttg tgttctctct tgatatgttt gaaagctgtt cagcattagc    208560
     agacaagtct cgggggcctg gcggagggca tgaggtgaca gttataagat caggcaactg    208620
     ccttctgagt gttttgaaac ccccttgaat ttgctgtgat gtgcaacaca gtgtaaaaaa    208680
     agatggaagt ttcatacagc atacaacatg tctttggcag cacaagctaa aataaatcga    208740
     gagaagaagg tctcaaaagc ttccaagctt agggttagtt tcatcctgtc ttccagatat    208800
     tttgaataac aaagaagtga aaaggacgtt tcgtgttgag taatggatct gctgtacttc    208860
     caccatcatc acattccatc taaagatctg accttttcat agtatcttgt gacccgcatg    208920
     tcgtggttca tttcttgatt agctcactct tctgtaccct gggagctgat gaggctgaga    208980
     ggaagttttt cacatgttgt tcagcggtga tgtcagagac agctgtactc tgtgtactca    209040
     acagtggtgg aaatagatgc tggagtcttt aggatgggaa tttcagtggt tatcagagaa    209100
     gggaaatttt gcgttaacat agcacatgca tgtatcatgt tttacatcag catagctata    209160
     aaaatctgca gtttttatgg ccttttaaat agactgaaca tgtaagtgct tttaaaggaa    209220
     aaagtatgta ataaataaac aattaagtaa ttaaatgaat agtaaaatac ataactatgt    209280
     aataataaat tagatttttt tgttttagtt agatttcttt acattattct ttagttacat    209340
     ttagttacat ttttgttagt caaattacaa ctgtgtaaac attttaaatc aacatatatt    209400
     aaagtagtca tattttttta aactaagttc taattggttt agttaaactt agtttaaact    209460
     aagtttagtt taataactca ttttaaataa ataaatgaat aaaatactat acattattta    209520
     tttcttcaat acttatctta cctctttagc agtttttcgt ttttgtttta agcaaaaaaa    209580
     tttgtgtttt atacattttc cagaaaataa catttaaaat cttttgtatt tttgcttctc    209640
     aaataaatga ttgtgattat tttattgcag aacaaattca ttagatacca gagcacattt    209700
     ttgttctatt gtatttatta ttcattcatt cgttttcttg tcggcttagt ccctttatta    209760
     atccggggtc gccacagtgg attgaaccgc caacttatcc agcaagtttt ttttacgcag    209820
     cggatgccct tccagacgca accaatctct gggaaacatc cacacacaca ttcacacaca    209880
     cacactcata cactacggac aatttagctt acccaattca cctgtaccgc atgtctttgg    209940
     actgtggggg aaaccggagc agccggagga aacccacgcg aatgcaggta gaatatgcaa    210000
     actccacaca gaaacgccaa ctgagacaag gatcgaacca gcgaccttct tgctgtgagg    210060
     cgacagcact acctactgca ccactgcttt gccctgtatt tattatataa tataaaatta    210120
     tataaaaaca taggcgtcac ggggcacagt gggtcatttg atttcttcat agcaagaagg    210180
     tcgctggttc tagccccagc tgggtcagta ggcttttctg taaggtgttt gcatgttttt    210240
     ctcgtgttgg cataggtttc ctccgggtgc tctgatttcc cccgaagtcc aaagacatgc    210300
     agtataggtg aattgaataa gctaaattac ccatagtgta tgtttttaaa tgcaagaatg    210360
     tttcacagtg ctggaagggc atcaacatat gctggaaggg cataaagcat atgctggatg    210420
     agtttggaga tttattccgc tgtggcaacc cctgattaat aaagggacta agccgaaaga    210480
     aaatggatgg atgaatgaat ataaaaacat aataataata aaaaaatgtt ttagttagat    210540
     ttcctagtta aacatttctt agtcaaatta aaaatgtata aacattttaa atcaacatat    210600
     accttattaa agtagtcatg tttgaaaaca taaagcaatt ttaaaataaa taaataaatt    210660
     atttttaaca tatgataaat tattttttat tatttatctt acctcttacc ttacaatttt    210720
     tttaaaagtg ttttataaat tctccaaaaa ataacttgaa aatcttaagt atttttgctt    210780
     cttaaataaa tgatcttgat atttttatcg ctgaataata cacatttttt tctattgtac    210840
     ctatttgcac tcttgtcatt ttgtttaaaa aggtttgagt aaagattttt taaaagttca    210900
     cttacttttt actttattca ttagaatctt ttttttaagt ttaaaaagta ctagaagcta    210960
     taaaaacaat tgctagaaaa ttatatggtg taagaaaatg tttttttgta ttattgaggt    211020
     tgtttgttgt ccaattggtc cacactggtc tctcttactg ttgtacttgt gagccactca    211080
     cactagtgta cactcagcat taggaataat cacaagctta tattcgtcac actgggtaca    211140
     catgtgaaat caaaccctcc tctttggcac atgggtgggg aatacagccc tactgtgtgc    211200
     ccaaattacc cactggatgg ccgcgagaag cttagattac tttcagctgc acaagatatg    211260
     attcatgtgc tgcaggccaa tgaccagaac tacagtccat actacataca catttattga    211320
     tgatgttgtc agatgtgttt caagacattt caaacaatct ggacctcaag tacagccaag    211380
     cctgtacaga cacacaagtg tattttcaca gctgagagtc tatttccatc cacttgctgg    211440
     atcgtgtttc gttcctttgc tcacactggg gacagttttc actcttatct tgctgacact    211500
     ctagtgtcta tcaggagtct taaaactttt tcaggtcaag aaaaaccctt ggggaataac    211560
     cttcatctgc cccaaaggtc attttaacat aaaatgtttt ttttaatcaa gtgttatttg    211620
     tataatttcg aataaactaa aaattatatt acacactcca aattcaatac aattcaattt    211680
     tgttgttggt acacataata gtaataaatc cttcactcta cactcaattt gaactgctat    211740
     aagaattcct gagattggtt gattggttgg taggtaggtt ggttggttgg ttggtaggtg    211800
     ggttgagagt atgattgatt gattgattga ttgattgatt ggttggttgg ttgattgatt    211860
     gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattgg ttggttggtt    211920
     ggttggttgg ttggttggca ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggtagg ttagtaggta    211980
     ggtaggttgg ttggttggtt ggtaggtggg ttgagagtat gattaattga ttgattgatt    212040
     gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattgg ttagtaggta    212100
     ggttggttag taggttggta ggttggtagg tgggttgatt gattgattga ttgattgatt    212160
     gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattga ttgattgatt    212220
     gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt    212280
     ggttggttgg ttggttggta ggtaggtagg taggtaggta ggtaggtagg taggtagatt    212340
     gacaaattaa ttaattaatt agtcgattag tctgcacaat ccaaattaat gtttgttttt    212400
     gttgtatatg gatatagaaa aactaaattt gcgagttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    212460
     agtgcgcgtt gtcaaattca gatgttttct caatgtgttg gtgtttgttt tctttgcatg    212520
     tgtttgagtt ttctctgcca cagtgacgtt caatagatca gaaggttatg aagtgtgtaa    212580
     gcgtcattct gtcgttttct ttgtcagtaa cattccacat tgtactctgt ccacttttga    212640
     ttgattgtcc acaatctaca actacatgca aattaacccg tactggagaa ttagagcagt    212700
     attattagta gactggtaac tacgtttaga tctagtagaa attgtttata cccttaaaaa    212760
     gttacatgag catcacatac aggtacgtta gctgtcacta tggtaccttt tcaaaggtac    212820
     acatttgtac taaaagggtc catagttgaa cctcaaaagt atatattata gtatataaag    212880
     aagaacactt ttgtactttt aaggtactaa tacagtatgt acccttgagg tattaatatg    212940
     gaccttttga aaaggtacca acccagtcac agcacgcata cctgtttgtg attctcatgt    213000
     gactgttttt aagggttacg ttttttgaat gagaaactca tcccatcctt gcttgggctc    213060
     aagcaaaaga catttttgtt gcaagtagtg cataaaattg ttgcaatagt ttaaccactg    213120
     aaccaccgtg tggtgtgact ttaaagatag atatgtcctt cattttttcc aggttgaagt    213180
     tcccatctga tctggaggaa ttgagggaac tagccgaact tctgaagttc tacaagacag    213240
     aacacacagg ctatgtgttt atcctcttct gcagtgccta cctctacaaa cagtccttcg    213300
     ccattccagg ctcatctttt ctggttggta acagaaatcc actgtgttaa acagtttatt    213360
     gtaattgttt ttctgaacca cctcagtaga ctgaacttaa agtgcttaat attaaaaata    213420
     ttttcccaat ctttcttgtc atgtctagaa catgctgtca ggggctttgt tcgggccatt    213480
     acatggactc atcattgcct gcactttgac tacagtgggt tccaccaact gctacctgct    213540
     gtctcgcacg tttggcaaac gtcacattgt caggctcttc cctgagaaag tggcaatgct    213600
     gcagagaatg gtgggtcacc cctaaccctt cagcacatta attaatgttc taaaaatagt    213660
     caggaagtgc atgtgtgact ttgcattttg tttgtttata ctgtactttg catgtgttgt    213720
     tactctgtag cacaacaatg gcaaggttat aggtttaatt cccagagaat gcatgaataa    213780
     aaaaaagaag ctaattcaag cattctatga gtatcatata tttattttat attgatttat    213840
     ttatttttat ttgatgtttt gttgactata ctttatattg caactacatg caaactaatt    213900
     ctcattagtt tctcagatta tagcagactg tctgatttac atctgctgat actgcttcaa    213960
     aaacagacat tcaatgtaac ttataattat cacaatctgg tgtttttgtt gtgtcgtgtt    214020
     gtgtttcatg tgctctctgt tattttcatg tgattctttg ttcagtttta ctgacaatta    214080
     ttccaactgt atatccacct gtgtcccctg ttagttatca attcagtcat gtgttttgta    214140
     ttcgtcctta agtgtgctta gtttacagtt tttctcagtc gctttggtgc atttctcaca    214200
     acactgttta catttgcaca acagttaata catttttttt aaaacaatta ttcatttgtg    214260
     cacatcatag tagcagtttc tcattccttc caacaaattg caaatgctat tgtgcgtgca    214320
     tcaattgctt tcatagaact ctctgctgtt ctataacata cataattatt tgcctctgtc    214380
     atgtttgtca aaattaacta aacttttgag tgctgaatag tctatcaatt taaaactaat    214440
     agtcctcatc tcatcacttg agtcagcata taaaaaatgt tgaactaatt gtcaaaaaaa    214500
     tgtaaatctt tattttcctg aaaatgtctt aaaaattgta caatttcagg aatgatttac    214560
     agacctgtgt atgttgtttg ttcagttcca atatgttctg caatattgtt tacagttgtg    214620
     cacagctcta cccaaagaaa gtttatgttt gttgtaaata aggtgtgttt attcttttgc    214680
     acaatgatgt gaataaatta caattgcaaa gagcaaatgc agtaaaaatg taaaacacat    214740
     attcagtgtc ttgtactcag atacctcact aaatgcagtg atgtctaaat tcactgtagt    214800
     tttcaaatgg ctgtgcaaat agtatatagt gctgtcttga gaattttcag gaagtgtcac    214860
     caaaatctga cttttttgca ttggaaaaaa tgtacagagt taactgtcat aatgaaaaca    214920
     tgacaaagcc atttgactat cttgttcata aacaatggtg tcaggacttt cactgacatg    214980
     aatacttgct tttgaggaat gagctatcca ttttgagcaa atgacacttt tacaggttat    215040
     caactagatt ttgcagttta tactatttgt tttgagaaac gcattaacta ttgtgcaaat    215100
     ggaaatagtg ttgtgagaaa tgcaccaaag cgactgagaa aaactgtatt gttcagtatt    215160
     gtcacaactt cctgtcctac ctgtgttttg gtgttctagt gcctgttgtg agtggttttg    215220
     taaataaata tgtttttcat atttcctgag atgcatgtgt ttgtgaataa gcttactcat    215280
     gacaataatt aacaaaatgt attgaaggga ccatcaaagt aaagtgagac agacagactg    215340
     acagacagac agacagatag acagataaat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    215400
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    215460
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    215520
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatgaaa aagccaatat cggagtgtat ttttaggcta    215580
     agtgcaaata gcacacctag ttggaataag ctatattcat ggtttacgcc catcaatgcc    215640
     tgattgacag agacaacatg agtaaagagc gaagcaggat tacagcgtgg gtggcgtacc    215700
     tcgtaaagca cacagcattg tcttttgatg cgatcgatca tcaaactggt tcgaatccac    215760
     catctgcgga agttgtgcta ctttttctct ccccattaca tatcagattg gaaatatatt    215820
     tatttttaat agaaaagaaa catttaaaaa aaataatgca aatgtgatat aaagtcacaa    215880
     gtgcctcgtg ggtatttaat aatgtttaac tttagcctat tttatctgtg taacagtatc    215940
     tacagtaagt agtgattata tttttaaaca gttgttttcc acctggtgtt aaatgttagc    216000
     aacatcaggt ttataatcaa gttatggtgt ttgcctcttc atcacgacga gagtagagaa    216060
     aatacaggga gaggaggaga gagacagtaa atcattgata agtgtgtgta ttatgaaaga    216120
     ctcagattca tagaactaga ttggagaggc attatgtgtt atatgccatg gcaataatat    216180
     gatttatatg tttgtaaaag ttttaaatta aaaatgcccc ttataatact tatagattca    216240
     ttttatttga aaattattat attattctta tttttttaat ccaactatag gggtgcggtg    216300
     gggtaggggg ccttacaaga aaatgtgccc ctgagttctt aatctgggcc tggtaatcac    216360
     agtaataaaa ctataatgca taatatttca gatatgctcc agtcatcagt gtgaccttca    216420
     gaagcaatat taatatgaat aattcattat caagaaacat aagtagacag ttgtggaaac    216480
     tatgatataa ttaattactc tctttactct ttaaataaat tactttatta cttatcaaaa    216540
     gtgacaaaaa acatagatag atttatattg ttgcaaaata atttatttca tacatatgct    216600
     ggtcattttt gagcataata taaagtcaaa tttatgtttc caaaaaacac aaatgaaaaa    216660
     atgattcata ataaaaacct ttatgaatag taatatatga ctgttataaa ttagcagata    216720
     atcataataa cacgtgttct gaaagttaca cttaactctg aagtaattat gctgaaaatt    216780
     catcatttta ttattattat tttgaaatgt acttttggtg agcaggagag gcttcttcat    216840
     atgcatgaaa caaatatgaa tgtttgcaaa catttgactg atcgtctgtt tactgtacaa    216900
     atgacatgtt taagtttaca gtcagctatg tgtggaatag cttagagtaa ataatgcatg    216960
     agtggaactg aactttgtac atacatgcga tgaacccaca ccgaaaagga taaacagttg    217020
     gctgatgtta ttgatatttc agttccactt tatattaagt ggccttaact actatgtact    217080
     taaatcaaaa attaaataca atgtacttac tgtgtttata atgtatttgt gaacacttgt    217140
     ggtgcttttg agttgggatg gaggttgggt tatggacagg tttggtggca tgggtaggtt    217200
     taagggtggg ttaaggtgta agggatggtc aacagtgtat ttacaaatgt aattacaaaa    217260
     gttaaataca gatgtaatta catgtattaa tcaagcgtaa gtacacagta aatacatgta    217320
     tttacacaat aagtacatta taacaaacta ttaattccta tataagtaca tattagttaa    217380
     ggccacttaa aataaagtgg gaccgatatt tctttaaatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaaaggat    217440
     gtaactaatc cattaaacta gttctttact aagtaaaaaa gtgtacttac gttacaaaat    217500
     taagctagaa atacagaaac ataacacgta aagtgtaaca ctgaagttga tttatagacc    217560
     attttgagta atgtaaacaa taacaatggt cctaacatat ttctcgtatt atatgtttaa    217620
     tttgcatagc tttcaagaat ctaaaaatgt ccacatatta ataaataatg ttatgacatg    217680
     cattttaaca ttaagatatg attttcctat tgttaaattg acaaaatagt ttgacaacaa    217740
     gcagcaaatg tttatgggcc agtgacatcg ccacattgaa atggtctata gtgtagcttg    217800
     cacttcagtt acaaaaaaaa aaaataataa aatctttgaa ctattgtcta attaggatgt    217860
     tttacaaagt ttttggtccg gttggcaatg aacagcttcc tgaagggaaa gttcaaccca    217920
     acatgaaaat atttttacca tttgctcaca ctgaagtggt tctaaacgtt tataaatttt    217980
     tttcttctac taaacacaaa gcgacatgtt ctgagaaatg cttctgttgg aaaccagtaa    218040
     accttgattt ccatattagg aactgaaaat acaatggaaa tcaatagctg ctgctttcca    218100
     accttcttca gtatatcttt atttgtgttc aacagaagaa agtagagtaa atgttgacag    218160
     aaattctatg tttgggtgaa ctatctcttt aatattttgt ttctaaatga ttataattat    218220
     tttcatctgt tatcttaaca atttctgagt tgaattatga tgatgatata tgtcttttta    218280
     tcaggtggaa gagaacagga gcagtttgtt tttcttcttg ctctttctgc gcttctttcc    218340
     catgacaccc aattggttct tgaacgtcac ttcaccaatc ctcaacatcc ccatccctat    218400
     attcttcttt tccatcctca ttggtgagca ttactttact catgcactta tacatgtata    218460
     tattttcttt gttggaggtg taataacagt acattgcagt tctttttttc tgagcttata    218520
     ataaaaatga atctgttgca tgttgacttt aagtaacttt aaaactacat gtcagctagc    218580
     agtgattaga ttattagtag actgtttggt taatatctgc ttagcagttt cagaaatatt    218640
     tgtgtgacaa tattgtattt cattacctaa ttatttgtta ctctattgta ttgtatttca    218700
     aatacatatt acttatgtta tcagtttctc atttggaatt tttaccaata actttctaac    218760
     aaaatgttat cagcaactgt ttaaaactgt atataaacta ttccataaaa aaaaatccta    218820
     tactcaatac agagtagggg tgcaatatca aaaccaaaaa gcattattgc agaatatgga    218880
     atgatgtgtt ttgtgggaaa ttgtttgtca taatatagca acgcaaacaa aaatgctgat    218940
     gttagcacag cactatgaaa taatttgttg gggtgcaaac aaaatttgtc agtttacaaa    219000
     catcacctaa atttaagtgc aacagaaaac tgtgtgattg gttgaaatca atcaatcaat    219060
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat    219120
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaattg gaaagtaatg    219180
     gacaatttaa ggtgctggat gtatgacatc attgtctcca ttcgcaatgt aacatttcac    219240
     ttgaaatgta cggtatagaa tagaatagaa tagaatagaa tagaatagaa tagaatagaa    219300
     tagaatagaa tagaatagaa tagaatagaa tagaatagaa tagaatagaa tagaaaactt    219360
     tattgtccac acgtgtagtt catttttggc ctcccaaaca tcacaaatac aaaacacaaa    219420
     cacagagcac aaacacaaac acaaagcttc ctacaccaca gattaccaaa cctcaacgct    219480
     agacatacat ttatctactt cattgtcatt tattcaatat ggtaatagca taacggtata    219540
     aaagatttct taaaaatatt tgttttttgc tgtgggtatt ctgtatcatc taccagaagg    219600
     aagcttttca aattcataat aaagaggatg agttgagtcc tgaactatct gtgaggcttt    219660
     ccgtctggtt tgatttatat acagttccac aagctacttc tgggggtcca ttctgatctt    219720
     actaccggtg ttaacgatct ttacaagttt atacatgctt ctagctccaa gatttcggta    219780
     ccagcaagaa atattatagg agataatact ttcaaccaga ctggtataaa cctttctcag    219840
     aatacccata ctaacattaa aactatttaa tttccttaaa agaaagagtc tctgtgttgc    219900
     cttcttatag atatagtctg cgtgttcacc aaaattaaag ccactatcta aaatcatccc    219960
     cagatactta aaactgttta caatctccac atgttgaccc tcaatggtaa ctggatgaca    220020
     tataggctgc cctttcctac aataattagt tccttagttt tcaaagcatt tagtgacaaa    220080
     gcactctcct cgcaccatgt caccagatgt tctatgtgct cgaagtagac cctctctagc    220140
     tcctcctttc ctttgaccct aagaccaacc acagacatgt catcagcata cttaaatatg    220200
     gtaatattgc tttcagaaat ctgcatttca cttatataca gttgaagtca gaattattag    220260
     cccccttgtg attttttttc cttttttaaa tatttcccaa attatgtttg acagagcaag    220320
     gaaattttca cagtatgtct gataatattt ttttcttcta gaaaaagtcc tatttgtttt    220380
     atttttgcta gaatacaagc agttttgaat ttttttcaca ttcataataa attattttgc    220440
     tgtctgatat attcaatatg ttctgtcatg atgggatttt tattgtttaa ctttaacctg    220500
     ttcatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taatctacat    220560
     tatttacatt aaaaataaaa acgctataga aaaaaactta acaaaacctt tatttctctc    220620
     cccaggttta atcccttaca acttcatctg tgtccatacg ggtgccgtct tgtcagagat    220680
     caactctctg gatgacatct tttcatggtc caccctgctg cagctgctgc tgatcgcgtg    220740
     tgtggcgctg cttcctggag ctctgatccg ccgctacagt aaagaccacc tcaaactcca    220800
     tggcctggag cccaatggac accagaagat cctgaatgat cgcaagacta gatgacccaa    220860
     ggagagacta aataggacac tgtgtctgtt gaaaaaggac tgatcattgg cctggggtca    220920
     aagccttata aaggagagtg gaaattaaat ggacgtaaat actaaatagt agttatcaga    220980
     tgcctaagtg ccaaagaaga gagtgtcaat gtcttaatgg aggatacact ccaactgctg    221040
     atttattaca tacaatgtta agcactggaa attgcctcat tttatagaaa aacagattca    221100
     ggacagctta cagttttgaa gagctttaag ttttttattg aagtaaaaaa agatttagct    221160
     atgtttgttt gtatgctaag gctttattta tttgtagcat ctgtaaatat ctataaatgt    221220
     catgtgtttt gtatggttta cacaattaac aaaagtaaac aaatattttc ccttaaatat    221280
     tttatattaa atgtaaatca attcatattt acacatgaac actttgtttt aaaaaaaaaa    221340
     aaaagtttat ttgtaactaa tatctcccta ttctgacttg gctatttttt tttgaattgc    221400
     aaagctgtga aatgtaaaat gtgaattttg agaaagtcag aactgcaata agacataatt    221460
     catagctctt cttcttagaa ttgtgaagca aaaagttcca attactacaa ttgtgaaaac    221520
     aggattggta attatagtcc tgctgtactt atcaccagag cctctgtgca cttaaggctc    221580
     ttaaaaagct ttaaatattt aaaatattaa atattttata agtggttttt agaaatctta    221640
     cccacatatt ttccataagc aacattatgt tcattatttg cagtttgtta ctgaggctta    221700
     tttgacatcc tttgaaaaaa aaatgtaatt tgcaattgta agaattgcat gaacaggtgc    221760
     tacttgatta ataagtacat tacaaaactt ttagggtctt gtgcttttta aagtcagcta    221820
     aagctggaca aataaactgt tgtcttaatg catactgagg ttgtgaaggt ttctttcctt    221880
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtataact ttgctatttt cagtattaag acgtttttta aaaagttcaa    221940
     aacatcataa atgtaataaa aagcattcat ttgaaactaa atcattttca cgtaacctac    222000
     tatacgttca gggccatatc tcacaaattt tctgctaatt ttaaaaatct gttaaagtcc    222060
     atggaacatt tacacagtaa atacaatcca gctgaactaa acaaactata gtttggcagc    222120
     tgcacagcaa aatcaaatga aatatttcca catagttcaa tgtaaggaag cttatacact    222180
     ctcagagata aaggtacagt acctttttaa aagatacata tttgtaccca aatagtccac    222240
     agagtcacct taaaagtgct taataatacc caaatgtatc taaaaaatat ctttgaggta    222300
     ccattataaa ctcttcgggt acaaatatgt accttttcaa aaggtactga cccagtgaca    222360
     acttctgtac ctttatttct tacagtttag ttgatcacac agcttacaaa tcatttagct    222420
     tactttgaat tgcaatgtaa gctgaatacc ttgtaaataa tgtatcaaac aaattatgta    222480
     tttattgtca acaaaattat ttaaagggag acatggtggc tcagtgatta gcactgtaat    222540
     gtcacagcag atcgctggtt cgagtcctgg ctggatcagt ttgcatttat ttgcagagct    222600
     tgcatgttct ccccatgttc atgtgggtta ccttcgggta ctccggtttc cccctacagt    222660
     ccaaacacat gcgctacatg tgaactaaat tggtcggatg tttcccagta ctagattgca    222720
     gctagaagag catctgctgt gtaaaacata tgctggataa gttggcggtt cattctgctg    222780
     tggcgacccc tgatgaataa aagggctaag tcgaaggaat atgaataaat gaataaaaat    222840
     tgtttagtta ttaactatta gttgcttttt tctgttttaa taatctcttt atttacagca    222900
     cactatacaa ataagtacaa tttcacaggc cggaactgta taatttgacc aactgtataa    222960
     ttacaaggta attcaaaaag aataccacaa ctttggaaat ctgtatttaa tcaaagaaac    223020
     atgataggac cttgaataat taatgtggag tacttaaagt tttttttttt tttccagtat    223080
     aaagcaagtt catagatgtt caatatgacc ctctctagat acagactgac atcaactcaa    223140
     aaaattttta tctccctgta tagtatacaa gttttgcttt tgagtcatca gtgacaccaa    223200
     tgaactgata tactgattta gatgttgttt taaacactct ttattgctca aatccataag    223260
     gaaggtattg tgaaccttcc aaaaaacata aaaacagaca agtgtattca tgaatattca    223320
     cttaaccctc ccacttttaa ctaacaccct aagtctgaaa ttagtttgtt tacccttcat    223380
     tgacttcaca tgatgtcatt atatgaatcg atatcaaaaa ctgatgtcag atcagcatta    223440
     acacccaaag tgatttatta tatgtggtct agaaagacat gagaaacaga cacagaaaca    223500
     gctgcagata agtactacag caaagattat gtttcatcta catgatgtct ttgtaaatga    223560
     tatgagaaga gatggtcttg agacagccgg acaccatccg gtttgacaca gcaatttttt    223620
     ttctacagaa acccaaattg aaaagatcaa attcaatcgt gcctactgtt attacactaa    223680
     tattaaactg tcggagatta ttcctatact aaaacctcac acaaatacga tgttagaata    223740
     aattcaaagc tgacgtgtta gtggccattt catcagacat gaccttgaaa tacagattat    223800
     aaactacaga gccatttgta acagtaacat aaagataaca ttgtctaaat gtctccatac    223860
     aggctgaaga acactgcgta tagttggatt aagctgtatt cttagacaag actacttgtt    223920
     gagacgatta ttttagtaca aacataaaac tgcaagaaac gaagtactgt caacccaaat    223980
     gttcagttgc ccaagagttg ttttaacctc agagttcatt cgatccaaac ggtccataaa    224040
     gcaacgatta gtttctcgtg aagcggcctg aaacctcttt ttgcaagaac gagcaggtct    224100
     tatttgtgcc ttgcgctaac tctttttttc ttgttctttt atttagaaaa ataaaaaaag    224160
     ctctaagttt gagagctcta caaggtatac aaaatatgca aaagggagaa aagatcggac    224220
     tgaggtaccc tgttcttgag gtagaacgtt atattgtact gattcacaca cagctgtgtg    224280
     gactttcaaa atatgatttt catatctcaa tcgtggatgc ttaatatcaa tcttacagta    224340
     tgctctatga ttaggtttaa actgtacata actgcaatgc tggttgtttg catttgatca    224400
     gtcaactgta ttttgagcat atatacattt atatttgatt ccattggcct ttccaacatg    224460
     caagggttaa ggatgtcatt tttattcttt acctattgaa tttatcgtca ttatatatca    224520
     aagaaatgtt tttacaaata aaaatttaaa taataataat agtttgtaga cattttctcc    224580
     gtcattttct gatgtcacgt ttcaaaaaga actttcaaaa gaaacagtgc actcatttca    224640
     gcgcataaca ataggaggaa aaaaaaaagg gggggggggg gtatattgat ttgctccaca    224700
     aaaagtatgc ttgcggaagg cattagcatc atatacagta cattcatgag tgtcaggtag    224760
     acctaaaaag gcttccatgg gctcctatta caggacctac agacacattg cagattacac    224820
     atcaaattct gctttttcaa gtgtgtacaa tgctgtttgg ggtcagtaaa atttgcagat    224880
     taaatctgaa acactgaata aattttaatt taaaatacaa tttattcatg tgatagcaac    224940
     gctgaacctt tagcagtact tcagtgttat aatttatgag aaagttaatt tggtaaaaga    225000
     tttatatata tttagtaata ttcaaatgcc tttactgtca cttgatttat gcaaataaaa    225060
     agtatttcca ttatactcac tgactctaaa ctgaatgcta gtcggttaat attaagatta    225120
     cgtgtaaaat cacaagtggg gtgtacagta catttagatt cccaaagatg atgcacattt    225180
     ttttgtgctt tgcaactgta cagtaattct gcttttatgt gcagttggca cacagacagc    225240
     tctcgtgttg tgtgaggaat aagatttgtg ttggggaaac atttaaaaat gaatacaaat    225300
     aagagcgaga aaaagagaac agaacagcaa acagagataa aagctcagac tcagcagtat    225360
     aaaagaggat ctggaagtca aatgctggca cacatgttag cgctctactt tcgtcataca    225420
     tgctataata tcattgaatg tatctaggat atatttgtaa taatttggct gagtacacac    225480
     taaagatttt acaaagcaca ttagattttc tacatggtaa acaccacaaa catgaagacc    225540
     aaaaacataa aaatttaatt cactatagga gttttgctcc tataatgtgt gttgtggtgt    225600
     aacaaagtcc cgaatgtgaa tactttaaat ctcataaaat ctcttgagac ttgaaaaata    225660
     cacatgaata aacaaacatt tgcgctgttg ccaccaggca cgtgcacaca tagggctcag    225720
     gctcaacctg tgcagtgcac atgccctttc tagtcttgga tagaaagtgc ccttccaaaa    225780
     tgatcaaaag tgcccccgcg acacccccaa ccctcaccgc cccccaccca ccgcccttca    225840
     ataggcacgt gacaacaccg ctcttgagta cgcgcgctcc ccaccccctg ctttacagta    225900
     agcgcgcaac aacacagctg atcagaatgc gagcgacaac accgctcttc agtacacgtg    225960
     cgacaacaac atcaatgttt aacaacaaca atgtttaact ttgcataata atctcttact    226020
     cgtatttttt aggccacagc taaattagcc tgattatctt gtggtgtgta tatatatata    226080
     tattacaaaa gcaaattttg ctaaataaat ctttagaata tttttttatt ttaggattgt    226140
     tttaacatag ctgtgaaatt tattatataa gttcattaat tgatacacct aaagcccaaa    226200
     gtacacttta ttttttttca tatgtgcgtg cacatagcca aaacaacaga ctcaaaaaat    226260
     tctccatttg atagtgtaaa tgaatacaac agacaagaca ctgaaatgca taatagatgt    226320
     ctgtgtactc tcttaaaata gttgcatgta tgccttttta ttccctaata taactgtact    226380
     gtttttgctt tgttccatat ttctttagct caaattgtaa agcaaaagtt ttagcaatgc    226440
     ccacccacca agcaattttg tgtttaaaag cctataataa aaatctaagt ataaacatct    226500
     tggctaatac aaagctaaat ttggaatttg tattggttat actaggtagg gaactatgaa    226560
     aactatgcaa gccagacttt caaattgaac taaaaaatga aagtacctca gttatccaaa    226620
     gaaatctgca tcacacgcaa tgtatgcaga ttctagcaaa cacatatatg acaaagtata    226680
     ctttgggcac aatccacatg tagagatcta cccacagtgt gccatcatca catccagtac    226740
     tcaaatcaca gtgcacatac cctccatata gtctttcgtc ttttcatctt ttttaaaaag    226800
     ggctcaaaga aatatcaggt atctctttga cctgataaca ctttcaatca tcacttttgg    226860
     gggtttttca tgcgcaaaaa acacgttttt gtgcttaagg ttctttggtt gtttttaact    226920
     gctgatcatc tttatcatct tttctcactc tctctgcttc ctgctctgtc tcattcgcat    226980
     tttgagtatc tctttaaatc tttctttctc tttaattctt tcttttacat ttttttcgat    227040
     ttgtccttgc atgagctaca ttcattagct gctgcttgct ggcgtctgct gatcaatttg    227100
     attgttcaga aggtgtttgc ggcatttgct ggtgcttccg ctcttgctgt ttgacctgtt    227160
     gaacgatctc cctgatcttg cgttgggccg tctgtaaaca agcacattgt agccaaaagg    227220
     tgactggagg gcacatgcaa atagatcatt tacatcaaca gctaatgttt atacattgtt    227280
     atgtagtgta aacctgtctc cagtgacctg tggaataatt tgtccaaatg aatcaaacat    227340
     tccgttactt ctctaacaaa agtggcaaaa aaattaaata aaattgcccc ctgttggttc    227400
     ggcatgccct taacatgtat cctagagcat ttttgcaatt tcatgtggac agagattttt    227460
     taaaattaat tttaaaaata tcaatgtatg tgtgggtatg gcctgcaacg tttcaataat    227520
     ttttgaaatg ccactttttg ttcaaaggta aataaaagct gagaaataca tttgtttttc    227580
     tacaatgatg tattttgtaa ataatgagaa gcccatgtaa tttctggtaa aaaaaaaaaa    227640
     attgcttcag aatgtgccag gggtatgaat aattttgggt ttgactatat acatacatat    227700
     acatatacac ttgtttaaaa tccgttctga gttgatttgt tctgttttac acaaagaaag    227760
     aaatactgaa gcatgttggg aaaacagcag tcgttgaatt ccataatatt ttagttctta    227820
     tactgtggct gtttttttcc aatgtatttc tttaaacaat agattcacta ctcttgtgtt    227880
     acttacactc aaatagttta aggtagttac agtagttccc aattagtatg atttcccttc    227940
     ttgggttact cctttgggca ttaattcatg tttgtatgta aataaaatca taaaataact    228000
     ttttattgtc taatcaaaaa accttggaat aaaaatcaat tttaagttat taattttgat    228060
     ttgatttatt gtaatgacgt cttcatgatt ttagcatggc ttgacaccag tcttttaaac    228120
     aacaaaaaag taaaaggttt aagacctggg agattgtcaa aactatacct gactggcaaa    228180
     gaaatgtcca attattttga caaatacatc atcgttctca tctggtgtct ggtcccgtgg    228240
     tacaatgacc tcggcgctgg tgagattctg cagctcattg acctgtgggt ggtaggaggt    228300
     cagaggtcaa acacacagac tctgttacag aattttcatt cttgttttaa ctatcccttt    228360
     aaagaggtgc cattattcat cacaagatga aagagcaaaa tatgaattat tggtttctgt    228420
     ttttatttta agttaatatt aatcttaacg ttaatgtttt tatgcaattt tcattacttt    228480
     attgcctact ctgtgtgtat gttttactgt ttcttaacac acaatgttat tcagtaattg    228540
     atgttgggtg tagttacttt taaaagtaac aatcttactc ttaaacaaca caaaaaagta    228600
     aaaaacacat tcagtgctca gcataaatga gtacatccca ttttgaaaaa taatatttta    228660
     tcaatttctc agtgaatatg ggtaatgtat attggtgcat ttgcacattg cagatttgtt    228720
     gaacagattt atttagtaaa ataataattc agtcaccaaa ctgaaaaaaa aagtcaaaaa    228780
     aaaaaaaaac tacaacaatt taacataatt ttatatgtac tttgtttctt ttaatgtttg    228840
     ctattttgaa aatgttattt actattttcc ctaaaatata aaattgggct actaattttt    228900
     gaaccattat tgtaagttat tttgttagat aagctccaga tttggcttca gtactgacta    228960
     aacgaatgta tatgcacaaa tataatatag cttcctatag aaaatattaa tttaaatgag    229020
     agattagtga ggggtgtact catatatgat gagcactgta tttcacatac tttccttaaa    229080
     aagaagaaca aaagaagaat acaattagta atgttcagtc ccttgatgag aaaatcaagt    229140
     tgaccaaaca agcacaccta ccgttttgcc ccccttccca atgactcgtc ctgcagcagt    229200
     tgatggcacc tttatatgcg cctccaactt cacctcttct ttagctgtga aaaaattctc    229260
     ttctttcagc ttcccatata tcctcccctg tgcctacaac cacacacata tacaaacaag    229320
     ataaacgaag aacaaatata caggtggatg tgaaacatgc ctaatagaat ctatttttac    229380
     gactgggagt gtaagcaatc aaattgcatc ttttaccttg aactgagctt ctggtggtcc    229440
     agtgataatg accatcctct cgggttcatc agggctctct ggtgcagcaa tctaaagaag    229500
     cacaaaacaa agattttttt ctatttagtc ttatttaagc atttaggtag caataaaaaa    229560
     gaatctcaac tgctatttct atgtttactt ctatatttca gctgggctct gcagcactgt    229620
     gattgcagcc tttaaacgat gggttgtatt attgcatcaa atcattgaat tacaactgac    229680
     tgtctagacc agggatgggc aaacttgatc ctcgagggcc ggtgtccctg cagagttttg    229740
     ttccaacagt agtcaaacac acctgaacaa accaataagt gtcttcaaga tcacttgaac    229800
     tctataagga ggtatgtttg aataggattg gagctaaact atgcaggaca ctggccctcc    229860
     aagatcaagt ttgcccacac ctggtctaga ctgtagagcc actttaccca tgtaaatatg    229920
     aataattttc cagaaagtat ttcatttttt aaccatattt tgtggctgtg ctctagtaac    229980
     tgccaaatgc cacagaactc agtttggcat tttttgccgc tatggggtat ggggtcagag    230040
     gcgatctttt gagggccgtc tcgtccctgt atgaacagta agagtctagt tcgcactgcc    230100
     agcaataagt cagatttgtt tccagtgcat gttggactcc ggcaacgctg ccgcttgtca    230160
     tcaattttat tcaaaatttt tatggacaga atttcaaggc gcagccttag gctaagatgg    230220
     tctggttcgg ggagcacagg atttcatctc tgttattcac agacgatgtt gttctgttgg    230280
     cttcatcaga catggacctt cagcatgcac tggggcagtt tgctgccgag tgtgacgcgg    230340
     ctgggatgag agtcagcacc ttcaagtccg aggccatggt gctccaccgg aaaaaggtga    230400
     tttgccatct ccaggttgga ggaaagttct tacctcaggt ggagtttaag tatctcggga    230460
     ttttgttcac gagtgaggga aggatggaac gtgagattga caggaggatt ggtgcagcag    230520
     cagcagtaat gcggtcgatg taccggtcag aagtggtgaa gaaggagctg agccaaaagg    230580
     caaagctctc gatttaccga tcaatctacg ttcctacttt cacctatggt catgagcttt    230640
     ttatcatgac cgaaaggaca aaatctcgga tacaagcagc cgaaatgaat ttcctttgta    230700
     gggtggcaga gcgcactctt atggataggg tgaggagctc tgacacccag gaggagctcc    230760
     aagtagagtc gctgctcgtc cacatcgaga gaagtcagct gaggtggctc gggcatctgt    230820
     ttcggatgcc tcctggacgc ctacctaggg aggtgttcca ggcatgtccc actgggagga    230880
     ggcctcgggg aagacccagg acttgctgaa gggactatgt ctctcggctg accagggaac    230940
     gcctcatgat tccttcgaag gagctggagg aagtgtctgg ggagagggaa gtctggggtt    231000
     ctctcctaag actgctgccc ccgtgacccg gccccggaaa agcggcagaa gatgaatgaa    231060
     tgaatattat attatattat attactaatt catttttggc ttagacccta tattattctg    231120
     gggtcgccac agcagaatga accgccaact tatccagcat ataatataat ataatataat    231180
     ataaaataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataac ataatataat    231240
     ataaaataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat    231300
     ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat agagtggcaa catagtggcg cagtaggaag    231360
     tgctgttacc tcacagcaga aaggtcgctg ggtcagttgc cgttttttgt gtggagtttg    231420
     tatgttctcg cagtgttcgc tttggtttcc tccgggtgct ccggtttccc ccacagtcca    231480
     aagacatgcg gtacaggtaa attgggtagg ctaaactttc tgtagtgtat gagtgtgtgt    231540
     gtgaatgagt gtgtgtggat gtttcccaga gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gtatccgctg    231600
     cataaaaacg tgctggataa gttggcggtt aattccgctg tggcgtatta atgaggggag    231660
     gcgacgtgtc accttacatt gtattttatt atattattat ttattttatt atattatatt    231720
     atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt    231780
     atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt ataaaaatcc catggcactt cttgtaaaaa    231840
     agtagaggtg taaccctggt gtcttggcca aaagtccctt aatcagccct tacaatcatg    231900
     gtgtcttaat catccccatc caccaaactg gctctattac tgtctctcca ctccaccaat    231960
     agctggtgtg tggtgagtgc actggcgccg ctctcctttg gctgccgtcg caccatccaa    232020
     gtggatgctg cacactagta gttgtgtgga gagacgcccc taattgattg tgaagcaatt    232080
     tggatgaatg accattcatg gtaaatgcac tatataaata caaattacat tacattacat    232140
     attataattt atattatgat aataaagatt acccatatac tctttatttc aaattgtttt    232200
     agttgtttca aatttccctt gatataatgc ggttcacttt tcgcggtctc gcagttttac    232260
     agattttttt ccgtgcaatt cgacatgctt cgtgcaatta caaacatgct ctgttttaaa    232320
     aacgttttaa acttgaaaga gtttatttta atccgagttt atttgcaaaa tgttccatgt    232380
     tcatgtttat acatgttatt acagaaacat ggtgcctatc agtcaatcac tgggattagg    232440
     gtcctatttt aatgtcagaa aatgtaacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagactttc atttttcaaa    232500
     agattcattt tactccaata tgacagtgaa cacactatac ataaacagtt ctttccaaac    232560
     agctaacaat ggtttatttt catcatagga gtcctttaat cttttgtttg ttttattatt    232620
     gaactccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcaagc ttgaattaaa gttttaatga aatgttttta    232680
     ttatcattta aatgggcatt gaactccgtt gtgttataaa tggaattgtt tgttttcatt    232740
     ttaataaatt aattatgaca ttaactattt tgcctaattc aattaaagta atgatttata    232800
     tttattttta aatatcattt aaaaaattag atagaaaatt accttagcaa atgtaataca    232860
     atttgatata tttaccttta gcccacagcc ctcaattatt tttgtttttt ggggctccat    232920
     aagaaaaagt ttggccaccc ctgatttaaa caaaaccaca accattgact aaataccatt    232980
     taccaaataa aaaagtaaca gttttattaa gtgacaatac cctttagaga aaactaaatt    233040
     aagtaaaaag ccttaacaca caatctgctc caattcattc tctcattcaa gccccattta    233100
     aagctggtta atgttggcac tgagagtgaa gtgaactgca gtgggaatca gcgtgtgtct    233160
     gtaagtgtct cacctttatt gaggctccag cgaagtgtgc cagctcttta atgtgctgcc    233220
     ctttcttccc aatgagagct ccaactgccg gagtggggat aaagagataa accacttcct    233280
     gttcaccacc ctgacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    233340
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca cataaacaaa aagtaagtaa tcttacttgc    233400
     caagatacat ttattcatac agtgcttata aaatagctgc aaatcaactt tacagcatta    233460
     ccctacttag atatgttgac aaaagcaaga gagagtgaac agatgaacag atattcactt    233520
     cacttgaaca gattcaagtg ggaaactgaa aaatgactaa attaaagaat caacccaaaa    233580
     ggcctcaaaa tcttcacact taataaaatt tgactcaata cacacataaa cactatatcc    233640
     tctggtaggt tttaaaaaaa aatcttgaat gcaaaaactg aatgcacagt aataaatgca    233700
     ttgaaaatag acacacaaac tattgtttga cccccatgga tcataaagta caaagttaaa    233760
     gacttaataa ttaaaatata aataaaaatg tgttaaaatt aggtaacaac tttgaattaa    233820
     catgctttta tttatttatt tacttattaa taaaataaat tgaaatattt atacttattc    233880
     ataatccaat aacataaaat attttaataa aacacattag tttgcattat atattttgta    233940
     taacactggg taaatgtgtg tatgtgtaat atgttaaatg tgtaatatgt tgtttacaga    234000
     acttgttaaa atatgaaaat atgaataaaa aacaatgaaa gaaactcaga aagatttgaa    234060
     acaaggtaaa aaggtgagta aatgattaca gagttttctt tattgggtga actatcccac    234120
     acacacatca atttaaaatg ttttactcga gtatgagact atgtgacaat aaacagaatt    234180
     atgcagagta gaaaattaaa tgaaataata acaagtactc actgcttgct gaagagataa    234240
     agctccagaa gaaggaaccc catatagacc tcccattatt gagggtccct gtgatggcaa    234300
     acatacacac ataggatttg atgagctaaa tgtgaaaata tatcttaaac gcatttaaaa    234360
     ataaacagat aaataattaa ggcaggacac tgcagatgat aaggatgatt ttgtcataaa    234420
     attgttatac atttcgaaaa caacaatctg aacattgaat aaagtcaggt tcaatattct    234480
     tgtttctttt ttttacaaat tagagtgaaa atattttatc agaaaggaat ttaagtatct    234540
     ctatttatca atccataatt cataataata ctgctaacat ccatgaatac ttattcataa    234600
     taatttattt aattaatcaa ataaatgatg catgaacata tccctctcta aaaccttcag    234660
     aatgtagatg tgaataaaat taaaagttgg gtgtaacttt ggcatttgaa aagtttgaaa    234720
     attatagctt aattattatt ttttaaaaga ttttaacaga ctttaatgtt aactatgttt    234780
     tgctatagaa atctacacac aaatttaaaa agtgccatta aaacaaatat tagtctacat    234840
     tcgctggtca ctttgttagg tacactttac tagtgccagg ttggaccacc tttggccttc    234900
     aaaactgcct taatccttca tggcatggat ttaacaaggt actagaacta ttcctcagag    234960
     attttgatcc atactgacat gaaagcatca cacagttgct gcagatctgc acatccatga    235020
     tgcaaatcac ctgcttcacc ataacccaaa ggtgctctat tggattacga tctggtgatt    235080
     gtggaggcca tttgagtaca atgaactcat tgtcatctta aagaaaccag tctaagatga    235140
     tccacctgct accctgctga aagtagctat cagaagatgg gtaccctgta gtcataaagg    235200
     gatggacatg gtcagcaaca atactcaggt aggctgtggc attaacacaa tcctcaattg    235260
     gtattaatga gcccaaagtg tgccacgaaa atatcctcca caccattaca gcatcaccac    235320
     cagcagcctg aaccattaat acaaggcagg atggatccat gctttcatgg tgttgacgcc    235380
     aaattcttac cctaccatct gaatgtcgca gcagaaatcg agactcatac caggcaacat    235440
     tttttcaatc ttctattgtc taattttggt gagcctgtgt gaattgtagc ctcagttgcc    235500
     tgttcttagc tgccaggagt ggcaccctgt ttggtcttaa ggtaggacat gagatgcgtt    235560
     cagagatgct cttctgcata gatcggttgt aaaaagtggt tgttttaaat actgttgcaa    235620
     ttctttcaac tcaaaccagt ctgaccattt tcccctgacc ttgggcatca acaaggcatt    235680
     tgcgcccact agatatttcc tctttttcag accattctct gttaacccta gagaatccca    235740
     aaaacctcaa aaaaaaaata aaatacagtt tttattcctg cagtctctca tcttaaagtg    235800
     gacctcttat accccattta caagatggaa aacaagtctc tgatatctcc agagtctgta    235860
     tgtgaaatta cagctcaaaa aagcacacaa ttttattata actctttgaa aaaatttgaa    235920
     aactctttga tccaaattgt gccatcttgg tgactgtcac tttaaattca atgagattgt    235980
     gctcaagccc tgttaaaaaa aggggtgaag ctacaaattc ctatgcatca ccatagcggc    236040
     agattcaaaa caggactaac gttatctctt tgaaaaactg aaacttaaaa gaagaaggtt    236100
     cagaaaaagg taggaatgga gattatgcac tgacattatc ttcagcaggt acagtgtgaa    236160
     aactctaatg gcggacagct gcttcttact tagggcagtc tatgctaatg tgggagcgtt    236220
     ttgaccaatg ggtggaataa aaggtgatta taaaaaaata gaattaagaa aatttttcta    236280
     ttaaaggctg gctatattca cacaatgttg ccgcacagct gggtttaaac cccttataaa    236340
     acgtattttt gcataatagg tcccctttat gtttaaatgc aaatttacac acatgataca    236400
     caaacattct tttgtccagt cattcacatc tcagtgtccc aatgcagcag cttgtggcca    236460
     ggctgcacgt gctgatactc accagcagag ggctgtagtt ggcaggggtg gacagagatc    236520
     cacgcagccc tgaggcagga gggagaacag acatgccaga ggagaagatc cccagcgcac    236580
     tcagatttag gccagccatc atgttagtct gctgctaaaa tcagatagac agagacatgt    236640
     caataataga gtacaagtga gtctgcaaat gcaattgaga gactaaaatg aataagtctt    236700
     ttccagtttt acaggtttga tcgacaatca actgtgaatc aaacagttac caaatcagca    236760
     aattaaatga ttgaactgtt gtactgaatt aatgccattc tgccagatta tctgtccagg    236820
     caaaacaagt tttgctttac taggattaaa gaaacaggat taaagccatt ctctggcact    236880
     gttaaacctg ttccagttaa aatgtaaagg aatgtgtctg atgtttatca ggcctcttgt    236940
     agcataagtt acaattcatg attcggataa attgtgaaag caaaaatatg atggtaacta    237000
     aagtgtaaac ttcaatagct actttttaat acatctgttc atcatataat aaagcaagtg    237060
     taaactttga caacaaattt tgctgcgctt ttgctcatag cattttgatc gaaatgtaga    237120
     tgaaaaatta actctaaagt tatgatatac tcacattaac cgaagctaca tcattctcat    237180
     gggcttctct aagtttcttc atgatctccc cttctgcttt acagcactct tctacccctc    237240
     ctctcaccga gatggtacgt tcctggttat aaacggtcag gtcttgtaat ctgcaacaaa    237300
     tgaaggaaat gacaattatc aattgaggtg aacattcaat aaattcagta attgattcca    237360
     gttcctatta aaaattttaa acaaaatctt agcaccatta atttacgaat accacactta    237420
     cgcagagatg gtgatcttgg tcccagtatc ttgctctatc tttttcaggt tcctgccctc    237480
     cttccctatg agtctgccaa caagactgtt gtgggccaag atcttcaaag gaacttcctc    237540
     aacactgaga aaaacgtgca cttaacttaa aacgacatga agttgatgat cttgcacata    237600
     agcacatgct tttagaagga taactgcttt tagtatactc agaggtgggc gatattgaaa    237660
     aaatctagga aagtattgat tcaccatttt atcatgattt gtgatgttgg tttgactaat    237720
     ctgaaagttg tcagagcagt atagccaatc taatttcttc ttttaaaaac aaaaatcaca    237780
     aggcaattaa atattaaatt aataaagaat ggtaagaatg acaaagataa aacacggaac    237840
     aaagattcac attacatata cacataatac caataaaaca aactatgttc tatatttttt    237900
     aagttacagt aggtgtattt agaagcagag tttaagaatt gaattgaatt gaatgaagaa    237960
     attgaaatta aattgttgtt tcattaattt taaagggata gttgacccaa aattcaaatt    238020
     ctgtcaatat ttacttactc tgaacttgtt ttaaacttga aagagatcct ttctcttgta    238080
     aaaaacaaaa gatttcaaag aatgtgggca acccaatact tgctggtcct cattcactgt    238140
     ttggtcaccc acattcttta tctaggatat ctaccattgt gttcagcaca agaaataaac    238200
     tataacattt tttgaacata atcagagtaa gcaaaaattg acagaattac aatttttgag    238260
     acaaattatc ttttaatggc aagtggcagc atgttaagtc tattaatctg ctgtcatttt    238320
     aagacctgca catattgtca cacagggtct tacagcacat gaaatttaaa tatttctgtc    238380
     ttcatgaaaa aatttactat cgtgtgagtt taatggtact actgagttaa tatatgtcaa    238440
     tgtatgtcag gttgtacagt ttattaagac agagggttct agcaacatat acaacaggca    238500
     ttgtagcaca aaactacaat attttttcaa aatcagattg tggagacaat taaatctgcc    238560
     acgaccaaaa agcagcacat gattgcacac ccctcctaat gccatccaag atgtaagtta    238620
     tattttcctt cagtacaaca gttaaaaaaa ggtttcaata tctgaaacca tagtcatttg    238680
     ttattcataa aatggaagtc aatggcagtt tgagagttta aaaaatcaca ctctttaggg    238740
     aacgcaagat actcaaacac tgaagtgaaa tgatgagtca tttcaacatt atttggacca    238800
     tggtttcagc tgaaactctt cttcaatgtt gtactaaaaa taataattca gctagatttt    238860
     ggatggccta taaatgtgag tttactatca ggaaatgtat ttataaagtg taaagttact    238920
     gacatcttag tgtcattggc ctctttttcc atgatttcca aaatcatcct gcaggcttgt    238980
     gaacagccct ctttagagga gtgaatagtg atggccttct cagtcgcccc agcattctct    239040
     ttacgatgga tatctaccct gagatagagg aaagaatgac accacaattt tgaagaataa    239100
     tgtgactgaa gagttaggtg tcagaaaaca ttaataccac gctatacatt tagcacccat    239160
     catgaaattc ctgtacattc attcattttc ttgtcggttt agtcccttta ttaatctggg    239220
     gtcggcacag cggaattaac cgccaactta tccagcatgt ttttatgcag cggatcccct    239280
     tccagccgca acccatcttt ggggaacatc cacacactca ttcatacaca cacttataca    239340
     caacggacaa tttagcctac ccaattcacc tgtaccacat gtctttggac tgtaggaaaa    239400
     accggagcac ctggaggaaa cccgcagaaa cggcaactga gccgagccga ggtttgtacc    239460
     agcaacccag cgaccttctt gctgtgaggt gacagcacta cctactgcgc cacggcgtcg    239520
     ccgaattttt cattgagaat gtcaagcagc attgttagga taatgaagta gttaaacagg    239580
     tgaaacaggt catctacagg tgatttattt ccattgcttt gtgttacata tagttttatt    239640
     tgaacacacg ataactcaat ttaaacattg cttaacgttt gtacccgttt tcgaatgcaa    239700
     atatttgcag atgtttgcac aacaaatatg attattatat tccactggtt aaactatatg    239760
     cagtataaat gcaatctatg gtgttttcta atgatgtcta atgccttata attttttcta    239820
     tgtaaccaac agtatattca ctaatttgcc aaatctctgt acactggcaa tcatgcattc    239880
     tgcatataat acaaacagat taaattattt gtatgtacag tatgggccgt catgcacata    239940
     gtacctatgc ttttatacaa gttacacgtt ttatactatt aggtttgtga cattaaatgt    240000
     tcctgaaata gtcagattat gcaaatatga cagtgcaacc atttaactag taaaataatg    240060
     gttaaataaa gataatatga gctcaagtgg gcagcatggt tgctcattgg ttagcactgt    240120
     cacctcacag caaaaaggac gcaggttcga atcctggctg ggctgattgg caatttttgg    240180
     gggaatttgc atgttctccc tatgttcata tgggttttct ctttgtctct cagtttgccc    240240
     cagagtccaa agacatgcgc taaaggtgaa ctgaataaac taaattgacc ttagtgttta    240300
     agtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgcgtg    240360
     cgtgcgtgcg tgcgtgcgtg cgtgcgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgaa    240420
     tgataaagta tatgggtgtt ttccagtact tggttgtagc tggaagagca tttgctacgt    240480
     gaaacatatg acagaatagt tggcggttta ttcctctgtg gcgacctttg aaatagagtg    240540
     taagccgaag gaaaatgaat gaatgagctc aaatgctgac tctaacaaaa gttctgcttc    240600
     ctactttttt ttcaactaaa cagaaaaaaa tgtgtcaagt gtaaatgtaa aatgttccca    240660
     gtcattaaac tataatacat gatcaatatc taaatattta aataaacaaa taaaacaaac    240720
     tgattcgaaa tactttctta cttggactgt gtttgcttgg taatgttctt tatagtgagc    240780
     ccctcttttc caatgatggc tcccacaaac tgagtaggta ctaggattct tagaggcagc    240840
     tcttgctgac gctgcctggg cccctggggg cctcccatgg cccctggttg accaaactct    240900
     tgctcccgac ttcctgtcac cattttagat gcccctcgcg ggacctgggg tcttccagcc    240960
     ccgtcccttc ctgcctcctt gtccagtatg tacgacacac tgaaggagtg attctcaaaa    241020
     actgtggcct gtcaacttgt caacagccct agagaagaat aagagagaga gaaagagagc    241080
     gagagagaga gagaaagaga gagaatttga attttacaaa acttcattac atcaaatcat    241140
     atcaaatcaa aaatcaatca catcactttt attgtcacat cattggcagc acgtgtgcta    241200
     tgatgagtga aaagcttagg tactggctcc agacagtacc aaaacagaca gtgcaaatac    241260
     aacagcatac tccccccaaa aaaaacagga caatgtaaaa ttgacagtga tttgtacaat    241320
     gaataggtgt ccacatagtt gtacgcaata ttgtttcaag tatggattgg ttaaagtgta    241380
     gtgcatgcta catattgatg gtgtgcagtg aggagtatgt taagtgttca tcagcctgat    241440
     agtctgaggg aagaagcttc tctttcagcc ggctagtgcg tgaccggatg ctgcggaacc    241500
     gtctgcctga gagtagcaga gagaaaagtc tatggcttgg gtggctggag tcgctgataa    241560
     ttctcttggc tttcctcatg cactgaaccc aatgcaatac aactataaat aattcatttc    241620
     aagttgtata agaccatatg catttcaaat aaaagtaaaa gcaacattct tctcatacat    241680
     acagcacaaa gcaccaaatg ttttcaaaag tgtcctaatc atccatttgc ttttagtaat    241740
     taaaatcagt caaaaccctt tcctgtacca tacttgaaat aaaaccgcta cattacgctc    241800
     tacgttgtgt acaaaatcaa acaattgaca aagaaatatc tttttcttta cataaaacca    241860
     aggataaaca tttccaaggg aaaagtctca caacaacttg tgaaaaatac tttataatac    241920
     gtaacaatat gtaaaaaagg gacccagcct aacacatttg acaaaagcat gaaaaatggt    241980
     ttctttctca ttacaaaaaa agggcattaa ggacccattt ctgggtttaa aattaagagt    242040
     gattctcaaa actgtggcct gtcaacttgt caacaaccct agagaagaat gagagagaga    242100
     gggaggagag agagagagag aaagtgcaag agagagagag aaaacgatta attaattcct    242160
     agaaaatgac atactttgga taggcgtcaa aaaacaccag taacaaggaa gtggttataa    242220
     attggcttta aatattgtgt tactataaag gattatgcaa ataagaataa gtatataaga    242280
     atagatttta acagttgcta ttattctaat aaatttctca cattttgtac attttaaatc    242340
     acattgctgt gacggactca tcagtagggc tgggcaaaat gtactgtagt atttcacaac    242400
     tgacgttcat tcatgttcct cattctaaac tgaatttgcc acaccctgca gattggcttg    242460
     tgattgaaat tgaataacca gcaaaagata ttgggattca aataaagtcg caaaatagga    242520
     gaacttcagt aagtttacat agttgaatga ccagtatttt taactaatta tacttcttta    242580
     aaatgtattt aattataaac aagtgtgttt gcatgtgaag ccaatattat tcattcattc    242640
     attttctttt cagcttagtc actttattaa tctggtgtcg ccacagagga attaactgcc    242700
     aatttgtcca gcatttgttt tttatgcagt ggatgccctt ttagctgcaa cccatcactg    242760
     ggaaaaagcc aagattacaa aacagaaatt atcctatttt ggccatgtca tgcatagcaa    242820
     ttcatcagag aaggcattcg tgctggaaat ggtcagtgga aggcctccca agaacttgtt    242880
     ggtttgatac agtcaaatat gataccaaca tgagcatgca caaactcaaa gaagattgac    242940
     agaactgtgt ggagtggaat aatccataga atgactaaaa atcgaacccg attgaacaga    243000
     taattgatta attgattgat cgattgtatt tgcatgtata gtgttactga taaagagaat    243060
     atttagctgg attaggtata aaaacacaaa atataccttt aaaaaataaa taaataaata    243120
     ttattaaaaa ttaattaaat taaattaagg tgacgtggtg gctcagtagg tagtgctctt    243180
     gcctcacagc aagaaggtca ctgattgagt cagttgacat ttctgtgttt tctccgggca    243240
     ctccgcaagt ccaaagacat gcgataaagg tgaatttgtg tgtgtgaata agtgtggatg    243300
     tttcccagtg atgggttgca gctggaaggg cattcactgc ataaaaacat gctggataaa    243360
     ttgggggttc attccgccgt ggctacccca cattaataaa gggactaagc cgaaaagaaa    243420
     atgaactgaa ttaaattgaa tttaattgat ttttattttt atttttgtac tttacagtat    243480
     gtactaactg ttacaacttt ctaccaaaca aactggttaa acatttgaat gggcaagaat    243540
     gaatgtataa accaactaaa ataaaatata taatttatga taacacattt atgcataggt    243600
     tataataaaa atatttaata ggcttaaaat aaaaaaaaag actgctgctt gttcaaacta    243660
     cctgtttaaa atgaactgaa acaacacaat tcttgtaatt tctttggccg atttatttgt    243720
     tacatttcag tctactggtc caacaacctg gttaggggat ttgtagttcc catcatgctt    243780
     tgtgtgggat taatgtaaga aaggaaaatg ttgacaataa aagtaatctt aggtgtttaa    243840
     agttaataaa aagacttgtt aaagttgaat cttcacttca gtttgaagac ttagaagatt    243900
     ttcatgtaat gcttcgagtt tcgagattgt caccttgcaa aagcacccat gttttgggtg    243960
     ttggcagctt aattagaaaa aaatgcagtt tgttgctttg ctctgtgaga tcagtctcga    244020
     tcaactgtac atgtaactca tgacattggc tgaaaaaggg ctcttttatg taatttaaaa    244080
     taactttaaa taatactata agagactgaa atgtacggca cataatagac atacataata    244140
     ttatcatacc tttgagttta atgaagtaaa gttaaagtta aatgaaaata caaaatttca    244200
     aaattttcaa ttgcatttag ttttgtatat actgtatgta tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    244260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatata tacatatata tatatatata    244320
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    244380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatattagag gtgtgaacct    244440
     acactggtct cacggttcgg ttcggttaca attatcatgc catcgattcg gttcaattcg    244500
     atatctcggt gcatcacggt gcattgacga tgctttccat atacagtgtt atattttagg    244560
     ggggaggcta taacatgctg tctgtataaa cacacagaca cacagcacca cactgtctct    244620
     cattcaaaca cattcacaaa catagacggt atcaaacaaa caaacaacca cacgcacaca    244680
     cacaaacaca cacacttaag accttgcaac agggagagct cgcgctgagc agagcagaaa    244740
     aacgaaaaaa aaaacgaaaa atataagcac ttttccgacg gtcccttact gagagctcct    244800
     ctcagcgcga gctctgccga ctaaagtaaa cgcagactgc gagggcttaa acagagcaat    244860
     gctcgtaatg tcgagcgaaa aaaagaaaga cagctgtgaa acataaccag ctttgtcttt    244920
     ctgtaggaaa cacactttag atctttttag ggtgagaggt ttttgagtta ttgccgtcta    244980
     taactgaatg tgtgtccgga aaatcgaaaa caaaaccaac tgaagctcgc tcatttctgg    245040
     cgccccactg gatatacagc acccttagct tttgcccatg gtgcctatgc cacgggccgg    245100
     ccctgagttg gctgagtgtt gtaaataccg gcgctcacct ccctcgcgac agagagcata    245160
     ggagataaat gacgtcagta cataataacc ggttatgata attactaaat tgataccgaa    245220
     ttgtccgcgt ctgcatcgcg gtgcacagaa gaaataatta attttgacac ccctaatata    245280
     tatatgtgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    245340
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cagttgaatt tagaattatt    245400
     aggcctcctg ttattttttt tttcccaatt tctgtatttc tgtttaacgg agagaagatt    245460
     tttttcaaca catttctaaa catcatagtt ttaataactc atttctaata actgatttat    245520
     ttgatttatt atagatattt tttcaagaca cttctataca gcttaaagtg acatttaaag    245580
     gcttaacatg gttaatcagg ttaactaggc aggttaaggt aattaggcaa gttattgtat    245640
     aacaatggtt tgttctgtag actgtcgata aaaaatttgc ttaaaggggc taataatttt    245700
     gatcttaaaa tggttcataa caaattaaat acggctttta ttatagccaa aataaaacaa    245760
     ataagacttt ttccagaaga aattacctca atcatttttg gtgatgcaat atatatcgtc    245820
     tttacataaa taccaattct agcaacattt tagctgattt tgcaacatct ctatgtctgt    245880
     tggagggatc agtgtcagta tggttaaaat acattgtagt atttttttat aaattactaa    245940
     agtatatgtt tatgtgggtg tctgacagct gaaaatagat ctagtacaga tttcgcagcc    246000
     tctgttactt ttaccttgca atttttaaaa gtatatttct tattctttat ttaggatatg    246060
     cattttcaca ttatgattcc agtgcctgat tattaaattg ttaaaatgac ttaaattaaa    246120
     tgaatattct taagaataaa atattatgtg ttctttggaa gagtgtacat gcactatgat    246180
     gatattatat tgtctttcaa tcattataaa atgtgtggca taaaatggcc ttaaaatgac    246240
     aattatataa tttatggcaa tatattttgg tgcactatat catacaacaa aaaatagata    246300
     tcatgacagg cttaatattt aatgtaataa ggttgacttg atacaataat ttcagtaata    246360
     caataataca ttttttaatg gtacttttat attatattag tttatattta cttgctcaca    246420
     tgaaatttag gaaattgact acaattgaat tatcatgtca gttcaactct gaatagtgca    246480
     ctgtcctgct tacaacaaat gctggtacaa ttactgagcg ccggtctgtc gcccaatgac    246540
     aggaaatata aatcagacaa ctcacaacac acacataacc acccattggg atagacctcc    246600
     ctgagatcaa agctccaaaa taagatccct ggagaccaga aatcctccaa aaccgtaaac    246660
     acttcttccg ccacaagcat acatattaag atacaacaac caaagcactg cagacagtca    246720
     aaaccacttt ttacaacagc caccaaaatc tgatgacagc ttgactgatc gattctgact    246780
     aatacagcca tataaataca aacagatttg ttaaactatt atctacagtg tcccacaggg    246840
     agaaaatcct caagtttact gatgtggaac gacttcaaaa atctaaatta gttagcagga    246900
     agatttgatg attcagaaga agacatttgt ggcttaaagg gtttgaacgt gtctgtgtta    246960
     gccatatgag acatgttgaa gagagggtta gacactagct gccaaaaaca gaacaggtcc    247020
     aacacataca caacaaacat gtgtatgata cacaaacctg tatcatacac atgcatacac    247080
     acatgtactg tatacggctg cacaacatat cgttttagca ttgatatagg aatttatgca    247140
     tctgcaatag tcctgtcact gagtctggat taaagttaat caggtgccaa agttctaaac    247200
     tgtagtattt gtaactttaa taagatacat tttgagttat ttatgcaagg aagtagtcta    247260
     tccatggttt ttacatttga ttttacagat tagggctgcg cgatatagaa ctaattatat    247320
     tataattata ttaataagta tattatgata taggaaaaat tcaacattgt attcagtttt    247380
     tctgcgatat atattgtgat attcttggtt atacgtgagg ccggccggaa tgtgtaaaaa    247440
     aaaaaaagtt gttatatgga caagtctaaa atggcttgtt ccaaagagcc gaccccgcaa    247500
     ccatacagga ctaaggccaa aaaagaagaa gaagatactt tgttatacgt ggaaataatt    247560
     tttggtcaca ctttatttta aggttcagcg cgtgtttttt cggtgtccat gttaacacat    247620
     tagagctttc atttgcatgc aaaagcagcg cgtcaacgca agcgtcactg aagcagcagt    247680
     gctgctatag tttcggcact gggtctattt tttctcaagt gacagtgcat tgataatgac    247740
     caaaactcac ggaatgtcag tacaaagtag caattttacc caataaatgc atcaataata    247800
     tctactgact tctatatagt caatcaaatg aactttaacg attaaaaact gcaacaaata    247860
     tttattcagg cccgaactac aaaaccaaat gcaaaacaac tctagtatta gtgttggtta    247920
     gtaagttgca cactagtttg atcatgtatt agtatcattt taactatatt gtataaatat    247980
     tattataata taggcctaca acatcctgac aatcaaaaac caaatgacat gatatcacag    248040
     gtgattgtct tctgactctg agtgcaccag acatgaacga ctcccctcat agtcctgtag    248100
     gatctaaata atttataaaa tataaacctg caggtaaagg aaacagcata ggaggaagtt    248160
     gccgctagtc ttggtccaga taaaaagtaa aaaaaaaatt gtatttatag atcgatagga    248220
     aactagatag aattgccaga gatagattga tctgtgcagt agctccctgc tgcttttgtt    248280
     ctcaatgtgc gcagcgcatg agctgcgcat gcactgcttg tgcttacgtt gtaaaacagg    248340
     tgtaatttgc ttcttattaa tagttattat ggtagtagtc tagttattgg agtcacggaa    248400
     gtagacactg acaacagagt tgcggatcca aatgctggat ttattacaga gaacgatcag    248460
     gcaggcaatg gtcacaaaca ggggcaaatg gtaacataca ggcaaatcca agagagtgac    248520
     aggtgagtgg tcaatctggg cagcaagcaa cataaaacaa acaaacaaag caaagtttgg    248580
     tacacagcaa ggcaaaattc atcataatgt tcactagaca gcttacaaga ttcaacaaag    248640
     tgtgtttgag aggtgtataa atagtgtgtg tgattagtcc tggacagctt tagctgagtc    248700
     tgtttgcaat catgggggaa ctaggccagg tgtgtgggtg aagtatatga tgggatttgt    248760
     aatgcagttg aatgtaagtg ttgtccagca gcctgcaaga gcaacactgc tggtgattat    248820
     aacaattggg taggattagg gatgtaaaat aatatcaaac agaacatgtg ctttaaaagt    248880
     actaataagc agccgatatc ttaataacat gcgtgttaat aagcaagtag ttaatagtga    248940
     aaattggtct ctaaaacgta ccaaatgtat taattttaat tgactgggag gattctgtag    249000
     gggagtgaat catgcataac acgtaataaa caaactacaa caaataaaaa cgcaataaag    249060
     caaagataaa agtgaattta acagtgcatt aattatgtat atgtaaatat aaaattacac    249120
     tgcaaactca acttaacatt gcataccttt gctatgtaac tatttcagat gcacacattg    249180
     caatattgaa gctaaaatga tacacttgaa gaaaatgaat ttgcgatact ttatcttctg    249240
     taatatattt tggatacata caaattcact tgaatagcct ttttaaaaaa taattcataa    249300
     ttcttgtttg attagaatca ttcttcttaa cacaatcaaa ttgcaagcat agataaagac    249360
     aaaagagcaa agatgcaaat aaaataaaca gtgcttttct gagaagttct atagtactca    249420
     gatacacaac ttgaataatt aaattaaatt gtgtagtctt taacgtataa ataattatat    249480
     atagataaat ttggcaattt acaaatgtta gaatttcttg tccttttaag ctctttaagc    249540
     tttaaataca ggtctaaaaa catacaaata ataaacttac tacataatga ataaacttcg    249600
     taacaacaaa ctattgtacc tgatcaacta caatcataac tcaacattgc gcatgctaca    249660
     gtgtgattat ttatatgtct acattgtgat tttgatgctg aaataatata ttgtgcagcc    249720
     caagtagatt ctatagctaa atactattag actccccaga aaaccattaa gcattttcct    249780
     tttatctttg ctctaagcat gtaacttgct tctgattttc accagtacag aaccatccag    249840
     atcaatctaa cttaatggat gcaatccaaa cagagcaatc caacttatca ggtgaaactg    249900
     tattcacatc gcaatctata atagcagaaa atctaagtat cacaatgtca gattttccaa    249960
     atattgtgca tttcgaaatg taggtatgat ttataatggg gtatgttctc agaagttaac    250020
     ttccccttgc aaacctgtat catacacgtc atccaaattt gtgtgatttg tcagcatgaa    250080
     atccggtttc aaggtttaac acagtttgaa aaatttgagg ttttaaaacc actaaatcat    250140
     tttaactgtt tcaaggtgca tgtaagttat tggtgttttg ttgtcaagta ctatcatttt    250200
     ttagggtatc ttcagcagca aaggagcatc cacatcaaaa gttactggtc agccatcgat    250260
     ggagcaaaca tttaaaaata aattgcttat acaccaacat cctagccaaa ctatagacct    250320
     gaacagttca gttgcttatt tatatcaaca gaaaacaaag atgaataaag atataatgac    250380
     aaaagttgca atttttaccc agacatttaa acaaggacat attttagagc agtaatcaca    250440
     atagtgtgaa acaatgataa tttttccaaa gttatcatac tgtcagaatt ataccaggcc    250500
     agctcatgcc taatgtcatt aacttatttg cgcatgcata cacacacaca cacacacaca    250560
     cacgcacaca catgctaaac atatgtattt aatgccgcta gtaaacactt gaagaatcag    250620
     ttgtaaatta ggtcaatgga gttgttgttc tctgactacc tgcagctttc tgctgcagac    250680
     ctgctgtggc taaaagggct gaagtgatag attgcttcag ttataataaa tgaagtgatc    250740
     tttgcttatt ttcttcaacc tagtcataat ttacatgtta atttcagcat gaatcttaaa    250800
     agaatgcata ctgctaaaca gtgtactaga cctaacaatg tagctttaat ctggatattc    250860
     agatgtaaaa tgtttgttgt aaaacatttt atatgatgat tacttttaaa aacagaatat    250920
     atagattata aacactcatt tagggcgaca ttgtggccct gtggttagca ctgtcacttc    250980
     acaccaagaa ggtcactggt tagagtccct gttgggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt    251040
     ttgcatgttc tcccagtatt cgcatggttt cctctgggtg ctctggtttc cccaacagtc    251100
     cacagacatg cgagtgaatt aaataaacta aactggctgc agtgtatggg tgtttcccag    251160
     tactgggtta cagctggaag gacatccgct gtgtaaagca tatgctggat aagttggcag    251220
     ttcattttac tgtggcgacc cctgatgaat aaagggacta agccaaagga attaataaac    251280
     actcattcag acataccaca aaccatccct agcaattctg ataaacaata gaaaaagaac    251340
     agaagcacta aactacaaat tcttacaatt cggtttggtt ttaaattaca taaactggaa    251400
     aatataatca tataacactg catactatac ataatcttca ctgtataaat taaataaatg    251460
     tactgagcta gctatttcca tgatcaccag caatctaggc ttttccgatt gctggaaaac    251520
     atacattatc agccggacta caattctgcc accatatgaa ctacaacatc cttcaggcac    251580
     cacacacaga cacctgttct ggtttacctt tgattgcaca cacacaactg gaagcttctc    251640
     aagaactgac cactcaaact atatgaactg ctcagtttga cactcacatt gcagagtctt    251700
     attgctaaat accctgtaac atcgcaaagc gttttctgtt tagtctttcc attttttgag    251760
     cctctcattg tattattgtt tataattatc tgcctgctgc ctgtatcacc aatttgcctg    251820
     ttttctgact acacttccgg gttttcctgt atgttacagt tgatcctgat tgtgaccatt    251880
     gcctgcctaa ccattctctg tgtatactaa agtactgcat aaagatcctc aactccgttg    251940
     tccagcgcgc cggtgttaca gctattcaat caagagcaga gtgatttcat tattttttgt    252000
     tgtttggtta atactaaaaa cgaagaatga ataagatgtt ttactttaag acgtggcaca    252060
     atgtgaaagt tacagacagt actatttccc aaatgtttac attccaaggc aaaactgatt    252120
     gaatgctcat caagttaaac tggtgggcat aattattggt cataactgag tcataccact    252180
     gaaaagactt aatttgctca tggacatgca ttgacatgca cagagccagt tcagagagta    252240
     attaaaaaag ggcaaaacac tatttttttt attttaatta aaaaacggac aatcacaata    252300
     tccatatcca agtgcattga accgtgaagg tcatacagaa gagttcaata ttactgagta    252360
     ttgcagaatc cctaacacaa gccaacaact acaagactgc cagctctgtt aaagtctgaa    252420
     cagtaggtga gatttacttt aatacaaaag gatgagccaa taaagctaca cattgacaca    252480
     aatttgttca gagtagggtt aagtgtacaa tatgtgtcag tcagttgaaa taaggataaa    252540
     caacaagact cactatcaat cgccagtgac tgcaacagag tgacataaca gcacttgcag    252600
     gccaaatgac atcaccagct ataagaagat cagtaggaca catcacctcc actaatgggg    252660
     tcagataagt gtcagttaca gttctgacat cacctttgac tctgagtttg ggtcacatca    252720
     caattcacac tgcaaagagt gctaaaatgc atctgtaaca actttactga tcagtttctt    252780
     cccaagataa gccttaaaac actattgtaa gtctaacctg tggtatttag attgattcaa    252840
     ccataataaa taatattttg tatttggatt ggatatcggt tcgataccgc attttttgct    252900
     ggaacgggta tcagccagct ggcactgatc caaatccgat ctagcgcgtg cgctacattt    252960
     tgtgtaattt ataaccaaca aatgccatga atgtagtata taacaaggca ctgaaaaatg    253020
     tgtcatgcag gcctaccata tgccaaatct tctgaggcca ttctatagtt ttaagtgaag    253080
     cattaagcag ttttaagcgt gaatattcac gtggtaaaat tcatgtttag ttcagcgctt    253140
     cccgccactg tgcctgtcaa tcattctcca ttcattcact attaaaactg cgggccctat    253200
     catacacccg atgcagtttg ccagtttcag ctttgcgcaa gagtcgtttt gatgttttgc    253260
     gccacgctgt ttaaatagca aatgcatttg cgctcatatg tgcacccata ggcgttctgg    253320
     tctaaaaaag aaggcgttct gaggcgcatt gctggcacgt tgctattttg agacactata    253380
     atagattttt aaataggata taaatattaa ggattaaaat attacaaaac atattatttt    253440
     ctagcctaca tcaatttaaa taccactacc ttcatgcctt cttcatctcg ggagcctttt    253500
     tcagttcatt cataacaatt tgcttttgta taatgttatc attattagca gtattattta    253560
     ttatatccat atttatattt gttttattaa aaacaagctt agatttgccc acctttcagg    253620
     tttcagacca tatggggcac agcatgtgta tttagatata actcagattt ttgaccacac    253680
     ttcgttgtta ttgttcatta attagtttgc tggaaattag aactgaattt agaaatagtt    253740
     ttgaaacaaa tctttgcact taacaaaatt aattatttat aggctaattg atgtctctgt    253800
     gtacaaggtt tccctttcca cgagagcgaa agtaaaagta gattatgata tgccttatct    253860
     ctcaaataaa aaatagcaaa aaagtaaata gcaaatgcgc ttatgacgcg acgcaactgg    253920
     ctcttaaagg gaatgggaga tgagactgac tagttttctc gaaacacacc tataactcat    253980
     taagaaaata agctcaaccc ttttagatca tgccccatgg cacaaagcgg atttttccgt    254040
     ccttataata gcaaaagtgg attctgacac accctgaaag cgtttgcgcc ctgtgctttg    254100
     cactttgcgc atggatcgtc aaaatagagc cctgcatgtc ccgttcatga caactcaaaa    254160
     aactccacaa gactatttgt tcctgttaga tttaataatc agtgaagaaa tgcatttagc    254220
     tctgcaataa acgggttcat ttagacccgt aacttagagt ttattgctgt ttctacatca    254280
     tgttgcgctg tgtctgtcag cagatcacat tcgcaacact ggagtgggtt attacctgct    254340
     cttcacacac aaagaaggcc tacctgaaag tttaaataga aaaggctcaa tcatacatta    254400
     gacagatcct caacacactg atttctcccc tttgtgctgc tgtttgaaag tgtccgcagg    254460
     taccggaggg ctgcccgctg tgtctcagtg atgcatcaag cgcttcatca agcgcaccgg    254520
     ctgtgcaaaa gcgacatgca tcgtttcgta aaattattct cataaagagt ttatgttctc    254580
     tcttccttcc aactgagttt attctttcaa gctaaatatg ttaagtgctg ctaatagttt    254640
     gtaaaagcct ggctcattgt ggtcaaagta gttaattaaa ttaataaaag ttaagttttt    254700
     cagtaacaga aaattattta gcctaatata ggctacttct cattttattt atattaatat    254760
     tttatttaac agaccagttt gtcagtttgc gccctgaaac atataagtgg accttgtttt    254820
     gaacttcacc tcaaatattc gtatttattt tgtggataac tgaccaacaa acatacactg    254880
     aaataaccaa caaattatac caaatgaaat ttgtttggat ctgtatcaat cgatactcag    254940
     aatttagata ttaggatcgg attggttcca aaaaaatggt atcggtgcat ccctaattaa    255000
     aagtattttt ctaaacatgc tttctgtaag aaaacattac attgatcaaa acaaccggaa    255060
     aataaggtat agtgctgaaa acaattagta tatttcaaat aaactctgtt catcagatga    255120
     aaaagaaaag aagaacagtt tgcacaaact gttagaattt gtttaaaaat aataatgtat    255180
     ttgcccttac agaaacaaat tacattttaa aatctgttaa aatagaaaca gttttagcta    255240
     tttaagacgt aatattctac actattactg tttttgtata tcaaagcttt gatgtggtta    255300
     aaactttcag ttaccagccc caaatttaca tatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aataaaaatg    255360
     tagtattatt aatataataa ataacactat taaaggggtg gtttagagtg tatttttaag    255420
     gcttggttat ttttatggga tgcaaagcaa tgtgtgctca tgcttcattt gtaaaacatc    255480
     tcgttatttt ttcatatatc ttactttaat tatataccac tcggctgaca tgaaaacgaa    255540
     atcatattcc ctagttcctc tgaaggccag ccctcaaaaa gctaacataa ctgtaatgtg    255600
     ctgtgattcg cggatcggct ccatgtcacc aggaagcata aagcatgcaa atcaccattg    255660
     tgtaaacact gtcagttggc gtaactatta gctgcagcag tttgagcctg aatcagacag    255720
     aaaatgaaga gaacatagct gaacctaatg ccagctctct aaaatattcg ggttgtaggc    255780
     atgtgtattg ttagtaatat aaaacatatc ttttgcgagt tcattatttg agatgtagaa    255840
     cgcaggaaaa gcagtcgctt agagagacac tgcagcgctg ctgaagactg tggctgttta    255900
     catgggtttt tacagataaa tattaattgg tatagctaaa ttgttaaagg tgcccagcag    255960
     catttcccct tgtttatgtc cttgctacaa cataccatta acgctagaaa ctctgcatgt    256020
     atcaaaggtt gtaactattc cttctttgag aggtttttag ccgaatccag cacttttgta    256080
     taactctcta gaacaaaatg aaaattaaat tgtaagcact tctctctttg tgtcctttgg    256140
     aagcccaaat acagaaacag aacaagctct gtggaaatag cagtgtttgg atgacatttt    256200
     agctttctct gctataacat tacagcgcct caggccaagc cccttcactg cacgagatgt    256260
     atgcgcataa cctaaagggt ttttgacttc attaaccccg atgtattgtt ttgttgtcct    256320
     caaactacgt tcactgtagg ctttgctaag ctaactctgt atagccaatg tctccctttg    256380
     cattaaactt tgagtgacag taccattcag agatgttgtt tatgttcaca cagctacatt    256440
     acacatcagc taaagtaata aatgaataaa aaataataat agtaaataaa ataacatact    256500
     tttaatgtat atatacatta tatgtaatac aatctatacg ctctcagaaa taaaggtatg    256560
     caagctgtca ctggggttgt accttttcaa atagtacaaa tttgtacctt aaaggtccat    256620
     agtaacacct caagggtaca tattagtacc taaaaagcac aaaagtattc cttttttaaa    256680
     ttttgtaggt actaatatac ttttgaagta ccaatatggt actaatgtgt accttttgaa    256740
     aaggtaccac cccagtgaca gcttgtgtgc ctttctttct gacagtgtac aaattgccac    256800
     aatcacatca ttttactacc tacaaactga tatgtcaata gttattatca attagattgt    256860
     ttagcctagt tgtttttgtc aggataagtc attgtaacct atttttgaaa tcaaatttgc    256920
     agacacagta atggctgtga aacagggtaa taaggataag gataaataac aatattttaa    256980
     acaataatcc aattttaatc tacttccatc cataaagatt ttgggatttt tgtaaatcat    257040
     ccatctgtac aatatgttac aattactttc tctttcactt atacacttat aaccaatatt    257100
     gactctttct ttgtatataa ataagttttc atatttaatg tgagtttgac cctttgacca    257160
     ttggaaataa taatagattg attcatttac cttacagtgt gctcatcttg ctgacacgga    257220
     tacaaacatt aactgtgcta actaaacaag ctgccagaga gatcaccttc acactacacc    257280
     ctgctcttcc agttctgcag acatgctgag acttctgtca aattccacta ttttaaatac    257340
     acattagtga cacacctctt tacagaaaaa agacagagat ggtacactca cagaacatag    257400
     caacaggaca atccagacac ccctcagaca gacaccacaa tgatttaaca gtagttccac    257460
     gtcatttttt ggtgtcacca atcaacatta gtcatgtaac agaggtttca ggctctccac    257520
     ccatgtgttt gtgaaaagcc aggaaaactt gatctgtttt aatgagtcac agggtaaaca    257580
     tatcctactg tacaatcctt gttaaaacac atcagggcca tggccagaga atataacgca    257640
     ggaatatatt gtatcaatgt attgtgaagc ctgtatgaca ggtcgttttt gacatatctt    257700
     gaatgccagt ccaaaggcac caagaaatgc atttatacta caagtcctaa tgtttgggct    257760
     atgtttcctg tcaacgatgt attgtaagag aatttactaa gtgcaaagtt acaaatgctc    257820
     atggcaatcc agataacatg accgcacagg tagtcaagaa cacattctac atgcaattta    257880
     ggagttgctg ttcatttgca aagtgttaaa tacaaattta tatggaatca cgtttatatg    257940
     gaatgatcga ttaacccaat aatccgcaag aaggtcgctg gttcgagccc ccgatgatag    258000
     gttgtggcga ccccagaata ataaaaggac aaagccgaaa agaaaatgaa tgaatgaata    258060
     aatgtatcct taagtgaagt ggataagcca taaaagcaat gtgcttacat acacctacag    258120
     acagacaagg cttttagctg taaataatta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    258180
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt agggttgtgc cgatatgccg    258240
     atagaggatg ccatcgtcca tcgccgatgg ccgacgaact tcacgatgct gagtctttta    258300
     tccactcttg gaaaagtgta aatggtggat taggattcag cacatgatca ctaataagat    258360
     gtgtcattat tagtaactgg gtaaatctgt cagtgttctt ttcattctct catcttcagt    258420
     gcttcacatt tctgcggctg tagctcctgt catctgaagg cagcaggcat tgactgagtg    258480
     attgacggct gatattaacc aattgttcgg ctaaaacttc agttttagag cagtgagcca    258540
     ataagaagag cacaaaggta aggcaagcac tgtgggcttt tttacttcag caagttcaca    258600
     taatcacata acaactgttt atctgatcct gagcattgcg ttgggcaatt tttaggtgca    258660
     aaaatgcatt ctgcataaat gtttcctaaa tccgcgcagg tggattggca ggattttgca    258720
     gtgaaaaccg tgaaaatgta tgccctacag tgaactccaa ccgaactttt atctcctcca    258780
     ccagctgtgg gaaaagccat tataacgaca cagatcactg tgcctattca ttttcgagtc    258840
     ccgcgaaaaa aaagtgattg acaggtggtc atttgtttgt aactttattt atttatggtc    258900
     tatttatggg taaagcaaag accatgtggg tcaggtagtg aaaacggtag gctacaatta    258960
     atttgttatg aattaattga tatttaacaa ccaccacccc cgccaacggc gacgatggca    259020
     tcgtccatcg tgatttttca cattagacat tgtacgatgc caaattggtc aacatcgccc    259080
     aactagagct gcacaattaa ttgtaaaaaa attgtgttct cgattcgacc ccctagacga    259140
     tcttaatcca gcatttctac gattctgtca atcatatttt caagttcagg agagaagcaa    259200
     tggtggccgc acaagtctag tttttcatac attgttcagc aaagtggaca ccttcaaatg    259260
     gtgttgaaag agtcacatgc tatatttcta agatacaatt catctcaaaa atgtaatttc    259320
     taccttcatt taatgtattt gcgaccgcaa aatcacacgt gacatgagct gactgtcagc    259380
     tgttaccaca gagagggcgg gggtgtgcgc acctctgaat gaagtttact ttagtaaaca    259440
     gaacccccat aagctgtgaa taacaggtaa taaagttgta attaacattc agtttgtggc    259500
     acagagtgaa tgtttcggag ccgggtggca agtgaaccgc tcaacccgag ctcattgtga    259560
     aaacgtagcc ccgcggacgt ttctgcggac tgcgatttac gtcctgtgag gtacgtattc    259620
     gagcggtttt tgttttcgcg gatccgcgag aggccgctgt gcgcgctttt tcccgtctcg    259680
     ggcgcctctc gggagtgcct ctcgttctcg cccttatttt ttggattccg tttttcgtct    259740
     tacctgattt ccggaaccgc tgttccccgg actcaatccc ggtcgtcgtc cccgcggccg    259800
     gctcctcctc ctcctccggg gcctccgctc cgccgacaca acgctgtgag ctaagcggac    259860
     aaactcgttg caacgggaaa gccctccact cgaaggcgag ctgtcggccg ccgagcgcaa    259920
     agaggagggg cggagcggcg ccacaccgcc acgcagcgtt cgaacgaaaa aaactaaact    259980
     cggccttacg tacctccgga aacgtaaatc gcagtcttca gaaccgtccg cggggctacg    260040
     tttccagaat gagcttgggt tggaaccgct cttagcaatg aaaattaaac caaaagcgca    260100
     cacagtgttg ccagatgtag ctgactgatt ccagccaaaa aagtattcaa aacccgccga    260160
     aatgcaaaaa tacccaccca gtcttctgta ttcatgaaaa gcacatcagt gacagatttt    260220
     aagcagaaaa taacagattg taagcatatg ttccaaacaa aattattcaa catcagaatt    260280
     atcatcagca ttaatgacca ggacaaatct aaagtctgtt caagtccacc attccaagtc    260340
     tatacaaaat ttagcatttt aaagctacac aaagcctatt gctgttttac cacatgttca    260400
     gaataacaat aataatagcc cactcatatt aacctttgtt ttatatctac agaatcgtga    260460
     gaaaatcgtg aacttaattt caggcaaagg atacgcatta attattttac tcattgtttt    260520
     tgttcagtca tttcatttag atattctttt tctcccgttt ttaattattt aatttatact    260580
     ttcattaaaa caaggatcac actttacaat aaggttccat tagttaacgt attcactaac    260640
     atgaactaat tatgaacaat acttgtacag aaattattaa tcatcattca acatttacta    260700
     atgctttatc aacatcttaa atcatgcttg ataacattag ttaatacaca gtgagttaat    260760
     gaactaatga ggaacaacat tatttccatt ttctaatgtt cactaacata atcaaatatt    260820
     gtaactaatg tattgttcac tgttcatgtt agtacaagta ttaagtaata ttaactaata    260880
     caactttatt gtaaagtgtt accaaattaa ataataaagt gtacaataaa ctacaaacaa    260940
     aagctttaat tttgatcaca ttgcactata gaataaagtt agaggtgtaa tctgctgatt    261000
     ttcctgcagg tgaccttata actcttaaga tgtacatagg gctttgatga ctccaaagta    261060
     aagactctaa cattatggtc agtcatacaa acatttttta gctttatata aagtattact    261120
     taagtattac catttaaaca tttaaacaac aaactataac aaaacaagac aaaaaaaaaa    261180
     aaggtcaaac aaattaagaa acaccgagag gggcacacaa actgaaatat atactgtagt    261240
     gatggtgatg agtgggaaga agccgcacct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    261300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc ctttgaaatt    261360
     ttgtaggtac taatatactt ttgaggtacc aatatggtac taatgtgtaa cttttgaaaa    261420
     ggtaccaccc cagtgacagc ttgtgtgcct ttctttctga cagtgaacag tgtgtgtgtg    261480
     tggcaaatca tttcagtctg cggccatttt ttaaacatac gatctcaaca tacaaattaa    261540
     acaaaatctg cattttttct ggttacccaa gctattgcgc atgtgcaatc aaaagaacag    261600
     agatcacaac accaacctca tttatggcca ttctacacat tatcatggga aaggctagat    261660
     tgagtagacg ttaataaaat acaataaatg ggagatgaaa taaataataa aaataatttt    261720
     tgttaacttc cgtccgcaat cgtatctgat ctagcaacaa cccattatca tcctccggat    261780
     aaagatcgtc tgattgcact ggtcttctga agtaatccac aatttggtct tgagggtgaa    261840
     tctcctgctg aaatgacttt aactaaaact tcatcgttta caagtttgtg agcatttcag    261900
     tagttgctgt catgtgatgt gcatttgaca ggatggactg cacctcatgt tagtttcata    261960
     cagattacaa aaccaaaact cttttgtttt caagagcact tggttcattt aaaagtagag    262020
     attttaatct ttatttggat aaatttctta tgtctctgaa gcttgttctt cccgtgtgtt    262080
     tgttgaccaa caaactgtca taaaagcaga catctgttat gagcttctct gtcagtgtat    262140
     agcgatcgat gattggctcc tgtaccagta ggtgaagctt catttaccat attgcttgtt    262200
     acactactcc caattcaaaa ctatacgagt gacatatctt gtgttattct acagtcttca    262260
     acttagttca tcagcgatct acagtcccta gatcactggt aattgttcca gtaaccttct    262320
     ttaggttaat tcaagttatt gagcaaaact tacagtatga ataagtatac accactactc    262380
     tgcttctctg agtttataca ataaactgtc atgaactaat ttcgcactca atttaatgtt    262440
     tatttagcat gtgcagttgt cttaattgat gtaaccttct ttagttagaa tctagaatta    262500
     ttctattcta tatatatata tatatatata tacatatata tatatttttt tttttttaac    262560
     agaaccacaa tgtctcttct tctgaatcaa tgtttgcaga actgctgaat ttatgtatgg    262620
     tacttagcaa gtacattaca agtaactgtt cttacattaa acatgaaaag gaatttaatt    262680
     acagtaacta gttaatgtat aattctgtac agtaattact gtagacaatt acactaacta    262740
     gttaactaat tacactcaga gctgtgcaac aaattccagt ctgtcagatg agaggagatt    262800
     ttatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt cagtgggaaa acaaaagcaa aaaaaagcta taggaaacac    262860
     accaaacaag tacatttggg ggcttagtga tcaggtttaa gcattgaact acaactgttt    262920
     tcaaggtcta ttgtggttta gaaaagtcaa ggttttaaaa ccacaaaaat attctgttat    262980
     ttttttttcc tttttaatag tacaacagta tctccagctg aaaagttatt caaagatgca    263040
     aatttaaatg gtaaaggaat ctatgtttta gaaactaatg aagacagcag aagtcaatga    263100
     ttgattttcg ttatttagcc tgacatgctt actgttccaa aatattttaa atgtttgtca    263160
     aaataaaata tattgtgttc aaaaaagggt aaaaagttat tgttttttta accagaaatt    263220
     taaaaagaag atattttaat agcagcaatc acaatacagt gaatccgtga ttttttattc    263280
     aaagttgtca taccatcagc ccatgcctac ccaggttctt actgaacaac aaaatgatta    263340
     tgattaaaca ttcccaaacc tttccaataa atcaataaaa ccactgctga gctcaggttc    263400
     tccattaggt agattcaaga tatgtttaag ggccctcaac cgcctacaga cacttctaag    263460
     ctgaattaac ccgatttccc acttcgtctc ttaatcactt aagcacataa gcatcctgaa    263520
     agagtcaggg ccaagaaagc gagcaagtgc attttccact tgagcaaaag aggtagaaga    263580
     gtgtattatt aaaagtacaa caaatgaaaa tctactttat agactatgac tgaagggtgt    263640
     gtgttaagtt ttaatcttga ataccagccg taaattcaat ttctaatcaa attagccaag    263700
     cactagacat aatctctctc agtgctttgg tgcgcgaaag aattttgcct catcagcaac    263760
     taatgcctcg ccttaatcag atctacaata tctggccatc tagaccagca gaatcacatc    263820
     taggtctgat cagctcacaa tctgctcttg caagtgtatg tctccctgaa gtgaaccggt    263880
     cagttttgta acactgccaa tttcagtctg agctactacc agtgggatca aagctaagac    263940
     actactgact ctttaataca cagagtgatc catatgaact ttcacctctg ctcattagat    264000
     ggatctatac tagtcaagcc tgaacttaaa tgttactttg aaccaaccgc ttgaaggtct    264060
     tggcaagatt tgctacacac aacaaaaaca ctgtcttagt cctcctgatg ctacatgatt    264120
     aatcaagttc tgttctaaac acttactgta gctacccaca aatgcatggt gaaatctttt    264180
     catatttaat agtcatattc atatctgaca gaggactatt ttatctgcta ctggacatta    264240
     cacacaaaaa ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    264300
     atatatatat atatatatat ttatatacac acacagttga agttagaatt attagccccc    264360
     tatttatttt ttccctgttt tctgttaaac agagagcaga tttttttttc aacacgtttc    264420
     taaacataat agttttaata acttattttt aaactataaa aagtaaatct gtaaaaaaaa    264480
     cgacagctgt taaaaatacg gtacaaacag taaaagtaat ttctcatttt tacagtaaac    264540
     tactgttttt cattcattta tatgtaatat gtctgtattt tgaattagca acatctacac    264600
     atcttttgtt acacagatag gcacgtttac acagccatat gcaggtggtg atgagaaagt    264660
     tacataatac aatcaatcac tacacatcaa aacaacttca accacaagca gaaaagtgta    264720
     tcagtgtata gaaggtgctc agtgtcattc acacagctac taaacaccag tttggtaaca    264780
     cgcaaaaaat aaaagtcatg aaataaacat tgtttatcaa cattagatgt aacataaatc    264840
     tctaatgtac attactgatg gggaaacaac taaaaacatc catagtaatg acaacaaaaa    264900
     gtataaaaag ggatgtgcca tgcagggaat tctgggaaag tcagtttacg gttaatcgca    264960
     gtatatatta aggaaaccta ctgttaacca ggttacggat ttttactgtt gcattttttc    265020
     agttttttgc caagacactt ctgtacagtt taaagggaga tttaagggct ttactaggtt    265080
     aattaggtta actgagcagg ttagggtaat taagcaagtt attgtatacc aatactttgt    265140
     tctgtagact atctggaaaa aaattgccta aaggggcgaa ttattttgtc cttaaaatgg    265200
     tgtttaaaaa atttaaaact gcttaaatta aaagcagggg ctaaaaattc aaatatttaa    265260
     attttattta aatattattt actgtcatcg tggcaaagat aaaataaatc agttattaaa    265320
     aataagttac taaaactatt gtttagaaat gtgtggaaaa aaatctctcc gttaaacaga    265380
     aattggggaa aaaaataaat aggggggcta ataactctca tctatatata tacatatata    265440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    265500
     tatatatata tatatagacc tttctgtctg tctatctgac tacccccaca tgcacacact    265560
     tagattatta ttttttttta aatttacaac agtattataa aagctgtaat agatgattgg    265620
     agggagataa ttatatatat aatatattta tatatgcaaa atacccatca tcaaacagcc    265680
     ctaattaaat gtgaagctt                                                 265699