EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX005458; SV 19; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 140289 BP.
AC   BX005458;
DT   05-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 27)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-173L10 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate tumor necrosis factor
DE   receptor superfamily member 19-like (TNFRSF19L), the 3' end of the gene for
DE   a novel protein similar to mouse and human Rho guanine nucleotide exchange
DE   factor (GEF) 17 (ARHGEF17) and four CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-140289
RA   Humphries M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 5ae51f450ee60a983119955ccce36406.
DR   ENA-CON; CT993778.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-173L10. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-173L10 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-173L10 is at 140289 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-173L10 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..140289
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-173L10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..140289
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-173L10"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<10083..10254,12119..12327,13156..13165,
FT                   16245..16323,17855..17935,28328..28582,30299..30351,
FT                   33017..33201,36009..36098,38244..38285))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-173L10.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012126"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tumor
FT                   necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 19-like
FT                   (TNFRSF19L)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8BX43 Sw:Q8BX43 Sw:Q969Z4
FT                   Sw:Q969Z4 Sw:Q969Z4 Sw:Q9N092"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022248"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022333"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYA5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2361"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04232.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<10083..10254,12119..12327,13156..13165,
FT                   16245..16323,17855..17935,28328..28582,30299..30351,
FT                   33017..33201,36009..36098,38244..38318,66467..66616))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-173L10.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tumor
FT                   necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 19-like
FT                   (TNFRSF19L)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG799082.1 Em:CD282894.1
FT                   Em:CD754325.1"
FT   misc_feature    58411..58426
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    58501..58544
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(83857..84062,85934..86206,86420..86594,
FT                   90947..91095,93529..93596,93710..93796,102537..102777,
FT                   104364..104605,104800..105109,106588..106795,
FT                   107566..107684,108425..108510,110623..110732,
FT                   110812..110862,112224..112400,113454..113546,
FT                   115517..115633,120927..121109,127132..>127209))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-173L10.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to mouse and human Rho
FT                   guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 17 (ARHGEF17)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL922399.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(83857..84062,85934..86206,86420..86594,
FT                   90947..91095,93529..93596,93710..93796,102537..102777,
FT                   104364..104605,104800..105109,106588..106795,
FT                   107566..107684,108425..108510,110623..110732,
FT                   110812..110862,112224..112400,113454..113546,
FT                   115517..115633,120927..121109,127132..>127209))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-173L10.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012127"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to mouse and human Rho
FT                   guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 17 (ARHGEF17)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q80U35 Tr:Q96PE2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LYA4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000219"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011047"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYA4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04233.1"
FT                   V"
FT   misc_feature    136135..136618
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a clone PCR"
FT   misc_feature    140289
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-173L10"
SQ   Sequence 140289 BP; 46001 A; 25712 C; 23997 G; 44579 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttac aatctaattc gtacaattta gtacgatttg ctcatccccc aatgacggtt        60
     ggagttaggt gccacgcctc ctttttaaaa tcgtacaatt tcatacgact gaacttgtac       120
     gaattcgtac gaattagcca ctaaactggc aaaacgtaaa atacttacgt tttctcgtga       180
     gatcaggctg gggaaacacc catacacact catttacaca cataaaacta cggcaggggt       240
     gtcaaactca gatcctggag ggacgcagcc ctgcacagtt tggttccagc cctgcttcaa       300
     cacacttacc agcaggtttc aaacaagcct gaacgactta attagtttga tccggtgtgt       360
     ttaataaggg ttggaactaa actgtgcaga gctgcagctc tccaggaacc gagcttgacc       420
     acactacggc caatttagtt tattcaactc acttttagcg tgtgtctttg gactgtgaga       480
     gcaaactcca cacagaaatg gccactggtc cagctgaggc tggaaccagc aaccttctcg       540
     ctgtgcaggt gatagtgctg agccaccgtg ccacccattt tctaatcaat agtgctgtaa       600
     ttatttctat actgtttaca ctgtgggaca atagtcacct ggtgttttat ttaagtgcaa       660
     atcagaaata tgaaatacac agcagtacta aacaggacac cttctgtcac actttaaaat       720
     gtgtgaatta gctgagaaaa caccaaacca agctgcaatt atttacataa agacacacaa       780
     gcacactttt caagctaaca gtttgacagt gagtcgaaaa caagcaaaca acagatcaga       840
     tgaagaactt aaagagtttg ttagtcatta gtggaacttg ttgatagata atttgatgaa       900
     ctcaaatcat ataatgcagt ataatacgac attcacatat ttatgatttg cacctcaagt       960
     catgcaacgt aaacatcata aaaattaatt cagtctcttt gtaaatattt tagttggtgg      1020
     acgtgtgtta accatctttg cttaagtaaa tatcattgtg aaatatcctg ttcttattgc      1080
     cacagccatg tcaccctgca gcccaagacc ggttactcac tgaagctaag cagggctgag      1140
     tgtggtcagt acctggatgg gagaccacta gggaacacca ggttgctgtt ggaagtggtg      1200
     ttagtcaggc cagcaggggg cgctcaacct gtggtctgtg tgagtcataa tgccccagta      1260
     aaagtgaagg ggacactata ctgtcagtgg gcaccgtctt tcggatggga cgttaaaccg      1320
     aggtcctgac tctctgtggt cataaaaaat cccatggcac ttcttgtgaa agagcagggg      1380
     tgtaaccccg gtgtcctggc caaagtccct ctatcggcac ccttcccctt ccaccgaatt      1440
     ggcttaatcg ctgtctctcc actccaccaa tagctggtgt gtggtgagtg cactggcgcc      1500
     gttgtcctga ggcagccgtc gcatcatcca agtggatact gcacactggt ggtggtgtgg      1560
     agagaccctc ctctcatgat tgtgaagcgc tttgggtgta tggccataca taataaatgc      1620
     gctatataaa tacacattac attacatgtt ctatttgaat gtatgaggca tgatggtaaa      1680
     aacggtatga tataataata ataataataa atacatttat atataaaaaa aaaacggcaa      1740
     acataatctt actctgaatg tttctgcagt tttccagtat aaatgcccaa acatgcttaa      1800
     atgaagtacc tgagaagcaa agtgacatta ttaacatgtt gtaggattat aaattattaa      1860
     gtgtaattga aaattaaatg attgataaaa ctggagtaaa aaaaaaaaac aattcaaaag      1920
     gaaaacaaag ctgtttttct taaccaccca acacattttt tcttatttat acagctttca      1980
     ttattaattt agcagaaaag aacacaatct ctaaagtgat ttcatatgta tgtactgtat      2040
     acacacaaca cctgacaaaa gtcttgttgt ttcttgtaaa agcaagaaat aataagttga      2100
     cttctagttg atcatttggg aaagtggcag aaggtggatt tttcagatga atcatctgtt      2160
     gatctgcatc ccaatcatca cagatattca attcatttta ctttagcttt atatatacag      2220
     cgcttttaca atgaagattg tgtcaaagca gcttcacata aatggtcata gtaactggat      2280
     cagggtagtt cagtttttat tgtttaaggg tgctttcaca cttacacttg tttcggaacg      2340
     tgtctcgttt gctcagttat cgcggttcgt ttggcatatg tgaacagggc aatcgcgctc      2400
     tgttcagcga caaagtaatc gctccaagat cgcttgaatg aggtggtctt gactcgattg      2460
     aaacgaaccc tggagcggtt cgattgcagt gagaaagcga tccgatccga gcgcggttat      2520
     atcacagtgt tttatggata tgtaataggc ttacggctat atgaagagag aaatatgagt      2580
     atggcgggaa gtttcgcgag tctccggatg cccgcaaacg agggatgatc tcccggtaat      2640
     ctcacgtctc cctcccggta ctcaaatagg catcatcgag cacccttctc aatcctcccc      2700
     accgcgtctc tcctcagaca cgtagcacgc gcacccagtc aatcaccaac aaatcaccac      2760
     ctctcctgac agctgagcgg gactctgcaa gataaaccct gacactctga ccaatgtgtg      2820
     gagagtttac tcgcacgtga cttgttttag ctcttttggt ccgattagaa actttgcagt      2880
     gtgaaagcga accgctccaa gagcaaagag caacaatgta acaattgtaa tctctgtttc      2940
     agaacaactg aatcgattca cagctgtgaa agctccctaa gttcagttta gtttagctca      3000
     gttcagtgtg gtttaaagtc attattgaga gtccaacact gaagagaaaa tttatcgatg      3060
     agtagcttat catatcctga accatgcaag ccaaatactg cagaagacct actggaacca      3120
     acatggagcc acgattctca tagaaatcag tcaagtttgg caacatcaac agcctgaggt      3180
     ttcaagacat ttgtgctgcc cattacatta caaacctcag gagagggaca attctccagc      3240
     aggatagcgc tccttctcat acttcagcct ccacatcaaa gctcctgaaa gcaaagaagg      3300
     tcaaggtgct ccaggattgg ccagcccagt caccagatat gactattatt gagcatgtct      3360
     gaggttatat ggaggaggag gcattgaata tgtatccaaa gagtcttgat gaactctggg      3420
     agtcctgcag aaacgctttc tctgccattc cagatgactt tattaatcag tgatttgagt      3480
     cattgcaaag atgtatggat gcagtcctcc aagctaatca ttttattttg gtaaaacaag      3540
     tgtaatctag aggtctttgc ctttcatata agccgcttct gacaccaaat gattaattag      3600
     aagtcaagtt attagttttt tccaactcca aaatcttttg ccacacaatt tctgaaacat      3660
     ctcactctaa agaatctaga gtatatcttt tacgttgttt tttaaaataa tttttgtaaa      3720
     aaattttaca tacagtaaca gtatgtttat gttcttttat gccatataca ccagtaatgt      3780
     ttggcctaat agcattttta gtgttttcat gtcatcggtg tttgcagtgt acctgttcct      3840
     cctctcagca gactctcact gtcactgtag aacatagtat tgaactgtag atataagcct      3900
     aaagagcttt agatttagaa caacattgtt tacatggttt attctaacaa ttactattat      3960
     gagtgaagtg tttgccgttt gatgcagatg ctttattctg aagtgtgtgt atgacatttt      4020
     gaatgcagtc tgacattttg aagcagatgt gaggcgtttt gaagcagatg tgaggcgttt      4080
     tgcactttgt gtgtgcagtt ttgggaattg tgtgtagagt tttgaaaatg tgtgtaagca      4140
     gttggaaaaa attgtattac ttggataatc gacaagactt tatatatata tatatatata      4200
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      4260
     tacatatata cagtatatat ataaaaataa ttctatataa ataattaata catttaacat      4320
     aaaataaatt gacaactgca tattattttt gcatgtttac ttttattcat aattcataac      4380
     aaaacaaggt gcaaacgttt tgagcatgac tgtacatttt caactcatta aaaactttaa      4440
     atactaaaac acaaaactac aataaaaata ataataataa taataataaa aagtaagaga      4500
     tgtaaatcaa actagtttgc aataatactt ctgaatattt ttttttaaac ggagagaatg      4560
     gctgtccaaa actgcagact ctcttgagca ggtcattatg ttaaaacgat ttccccagcc      4620
     tctagtgtac ccatactgta aactcaaatt cactccagtc agttttttca cccactatct      4680
     agtgtggaaa gtatgatttg ggacgcagcc gcttgttctg agtgctgttt ttgattgtgc      4740
     agtgtgtcga tcagcagtag agggcactaa acccctttgt agtgtcttat ggaagcaccc      4800
     atgctatctg cttatccttt tgaataaaat agttctatga cttaagcaat aaatacgagt      4860
     tcaaagctcc tccaggtctt gaatactgac atcacgtcac atctctggcc tgattggtca      4920
     ccttctgatg atgtcatccg cacgaaggtc cgtcttgtca gtggatgtgc tctgataaac      4980
     cggtcataag ttcatctgag aaagagagaa cagaaagagt ggagtcattg attatgaagg      5040
     tctacacaga aagttgttga acaaaataat gtaaaagcgt tttatagcca ctagagggcg      5100
     ctgaataata gtcatttcat cctgactggg ttgacatgaa gtgaagcagt ggaaaaaatt      5160
     actccagcac tgacaggaag aggatagaaa ttgagaggga aaaaaaaaaa cccaaaacaa      5220
     aaacacaggc tcacatttaa caaataaact taaaatattt cctctatgga ccaaattact      5280
     gattttaaag taatattatg ttatgttata ttataagata atgtgttata tcaaattata      5340
     ttatattata ttttattaca ttatattata ttttattata ttatattatg ttatttaatg      5400
     ttatattata ttatattata ttgtcatatc atatgatatt gttatattat attatattat      5460
     attatattat attatattat tcattcattt tcttgtcagc ttagtacctt tattaatccg      5520
     ggttcgccac agcggaatga accgccaact tatccaacac gtgtttttat gcagcggatg      5580
     cccttccagc cgcaacgcat ctctgggaaa catccacaca cactcataca ctacggacaa      5640
     tttagcctac ccaattcacc cgtaccgcat gtctttggac tgtaggggaa accggagcac      5700
     ccgcaggaaa cccacgcgaa cgcagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aacgccaact      5760
     gacccagcca aggctcggga agctactttc ttttctttgt cactacgcac tgcgcaactg      5820
     cgtcacccta tattatatta tattatatta tattatatta tattatatat atatatatat      5880
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacatac      5940
     agttgaactc agaatactta gcccacattt ctaatcataa tctaataata gttttaataa      6000
     ctcatctcta ataactgatt tattttattt ttgccatgat gacagcaaat aatatttgac      6060
     ttgatattct tcaagacact tctatacagc ttaaagtgac atttacaggt ttaactaggt      6120
     taattaggtt aactaggcag gttaggggaa ttagtcaggt tattgtataa tgatggtttg      6180
     ttctgtagac tctcgaaaaa acatatagct taaaggggct aataatttta accttaaaat      6240
     ggtgtttaat aaattaaaaa ctgcttttat tctaggcaaa ataaaacaaa aaagactttc      6300
     tccagaagaa aaaatattat cagacatact gtgaaaattt ccttgctctg ttaaacatca      6360
     tttgggaaat attaagagaa gtaaaaatca aaggggggct aataattctg acttcaactg      6420
     tatatatatt atatgtaaac tgtcaattgc atttttgcac ttaaactact gtgcaaaagt      6480
     gtatcacttt acatttttta aacaaaatta ataattttat ttagcaataa ctgatcataa      6540
     gtgacattat atcacaatta ttttagcatt acaaacaaac tatattttaa ataaatatga      6600
     taataaataa atacacttta ctataaatac ggatactgaa atatgatttt gtaagtcagt      6660
     aaattctgct ttaaaacata tgaataaatt ataatttaaa tgatattttg aagggacgac      6720
     aaggtagctc agtggttagc actgtcgcct cacagtaaaa aaagtcactg gttcgagtcc      6780
     cgactgggtc agttggcatt tctgtatgga gtttcccagt actggattgc agctgaatgg      6840
     gcatcggctg cgtaaagcat gctggataag ttaagataag actaagctga ggaaaatgaa      6900
     tgaataaatg aaatattaaa atatttagat aacagttatt ttaaacagca aaaaattcct      6960
     ctgtacaata aatgaatcac gtttctgaac atgttgatct tcaataattt ttctgttttg      7020
     ccctattaat cacatcatta attaataatt aataataaat aaaagtaaaa ctgggtttaa      7080
     ataaaacaaa acccataaga cattaggaaa catttaaatt atgcaggatt gttctgtgtg      7140
     tcatgtatag acgccacaag gccacaaagg gttaaatgtc aagagcagct ggaaaataaa      7200
     tcatgaagcg aagccttgag gcatttctgt aaatcccagc agctattgat agtcaatgtg      7260
     aagcctttag tccaccgcca ctaaaatact tatgtaagac gtcaaactgt tgtgtcagga      7320
     aacaaacact gagcgccatt taaccaaaat ttagctacta ttctgattaa agcaaaacac      7380
     tacaggaaaa tgggctagta aaataagtca aagaagtcat agacatcaat atattgactt      7440
     attattcaaa taaaaactga tattaaatta ttttattcat tttcctttag ctttgtccct      7500
     ttatttatta ggggtctcca cagcggaatg tcccgccaac ttatccagca tatgttttat      7560
     gcagcggatg cccttccagc tgcaacccag tactgggaaa cacccataca ctctcacatt      7620
     caaacacaaa ctcatacact atggccaatt tagtttattt gattcaccta tagcgcgtgt      7680
     gtttggactg cgggggaaag cggagcacct ggaggaaacc catgccaaca cgaggagaac      7740
     atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactga cccaaccgag actaaaatca gcaaccttct      7800
     tgctgtgagg cagcaatgct aatcactgag ccctcgaatt cgtgctaaat caatccatct      7860
     gagatcgcct gaatgagatg gtctctgctc gattgaacta tggaacggat tgatagtagt      7920
     gagaaagcaa tacgatccaa cgaactacct taccaggcta catcacagtg ttatgtggtt      7980
     ttgtacagta atagccatgt ataaggctat atgaaggaga atgaggagta gggccggaag      8040
     tcattcctaa tggtaaatgt gcaaaatatt atcgagagct gtttatccat taggacagtg      8100
     gtcaccaaac ttgttcctgg agggccggtg tcctgcagat tttatctcca accctaatca      8160
     aacacacctg aacaagctaa tcaaggtctt acatggtata cttgaaacat ccaggcaggt      8220
     gtgttgaggc aagatggagc taaaccctgc agggacaccg gccctccagg accaggattt      8280
     atgacccctg cattaggaca attgaccgaa gttaccatct gagagttctt ccatatttta      8340
     atcttataat atgttgtgtt aggcctgttg ttttgttcat ctctgcactg acagccttaa      8400
     aagaaagatc cacattgatc tgcttcatga tctgatgtag tctcgcttca tctggtattt      8460
     ctctctataa tttaagccta gaataggcca acgtttcttt tccaaagatt gattaattta      8520
     atagatagat tttcacaaaa cttgacaact gaaatgagac tctgtatgag aaagtctgac      8580
     ctctctgatt tatatttggt gcacattttg tacttataaa ataatctata cacaactggc      8640
     caaatgtttg gcgtcagtgg gatttgtaaa ggttttaaaa taaccttctc ctgctcacca      8700
     aggctgcaat tatttgatca aaaatataga acaaattgta aaaactgtga aatattattg      8760
     cactataaaa taactgttca aaagtagttt ataatttaat ttattcattt attccagtga      8820
     ttttttaaag attaatttca gcttcattac tccagtcttc agagtcacat gatccttcag      8880
     aaatcactct aatattaatt atttttaatg ttattgttat tgttgttgca attgttatta      8940
     ataataataa taaaataaag ataataatat tcattcattc attcattcat tcatttattt      9000
     tcttgtcggc ttagtccctt tattaatccg gggtcgccac agtggaatga accgccaact      9060
     tatgcacaag ttttttttta cgcagcggat gcccttccgg ccgcaaccca tctctgggaa      9120
     acatccacac acacacattc acacacacac acacacacac tcatacacta cggacaattt      9180
     agcctaccca attcacctgt accgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggagcacccg      9240
     gaggaaaccc acgcgaacgt atggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac gccaactgag      9300
     cccaagttcg aaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgcgccact      9360
     gcctcgccta atattattat tgttattatt attattaata atattattat tatttgtgat      9420
     gattattatt aatattgtta ttgttttatt attattatta ttattattat tattgttatt      9480
     attattatta ttattgttgt tgttattttt tttatattat tattattatt gttattatta      9540
     atgataatag taatacaagc aataatggct ggagtaataa ttgcatttga aacaacaaac      9600
     aataagaaag cagttactca aaatgtgaat aaacaattac caaatttttt ttttttaaca      9660
     tttaataaat gccgccttga tgaacagaat tgttttcttt aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaca      9720
     taaaaaaatt aataaaactg accccaaact tttgaccggt agcctgtaat atatatacat      9780
     atatattacc ggctatattt ttttggtagg accaatgaaa attttgacag gggaagtaaa      9840
     aatttgaatc actggcccga ttgtgctagt agaaaaaatc cttagagttg aaccctgcca      9900
     ttatacggag tgtttcccat tcaagtactg atgacaaatg caagacttcc tgtggggatt      9960
     tttatgcacg gctttatgaa catcaaggac agaaagagga ggaagaggaa acccaaattc     10020
     cagtcaaaag gatgtattat atataaaaaa acatgctcgg aggaatatgt gtagtcactc     10080
     acttcctgtc ttgcctttgc ggaggcggag ttagaggatg aggacactcc cagcagcgat     10140
     cgctcctccg ccggctccgt ctgactgctg tccatagagt cggtgtcgct tgattcaggc     10200
     tgaggcgctt cctttaaaga tgacttcatt tctgggatct gagccacctg gaacctgccg     10260
     ttcacacaca gggataacac tgagcatcag tgagtgagtc tacaggcctg atgtgtcact     10320
     gtgagcatga ctgggtgtgt gtgagagaat caaacgtgaa taaacaccgg attcattcag     10380
     tcattaggat ttattggttt cttccaaaac ctttgttttg gtcaatatta tttctttatc     10440
     ctgctatttt ggattgcaac tgggattgag tgtttattgt ttagcaattt ttttctgaca     10500
     ctgaaataaa gctaaaattg cataaataaa caaattaatg actaaatgaa aataatagct     10560
     acatttctat acattaacta aaacttcaca ctactaaaat tttaacacta tacaattttt     10620
     aacactattt taatttaaat aaagtattgt gaaattgtaa ttgaaataaa agaataaaat     10680
     agatcaaatt aattatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     10740
     atatatatat atacatacac ccaccggcca ctttattagg tacatctggg caacagcttg     10800
     ttaactcaat ttctaatcag ccaatcacat ggcagcaact caatgcattc agacatgtag     10860
     acatggtcaa gatgatctgc tgcagtttaa actgagcatc agaatgggga agaaaggtga     10920
     tttaagtgac tttgaatgtc ccatggttgt tggtgccaga catggtctga gtatttcaga     10980
     aactgctgat ctactgggat tttcacgcac aaccatctct agggtttaca gagaatggtc     11040
     tgaaaaagag gaaatatcta gtgagcggca gttccgtggg cgcaaatgcc ttgttgatgc     11100
     cagaggtcag aggagaatgg ccagactggt tccagctgat agaaaggcaa cagtaactca     11160
     aataagcact cgatacaact gaagtctgca gaagagcatc tgtgaacaca caacacatcc     11220
     aactttgagg cagatgggct acagcagcag aagaccacac tgggtgccgc tcctgtcagc     11280
     taagaacagg aaactgaggc tacaattcac acaggctcac cacaattgga cactagaaga     11340
     ttggaaaaac gttgcctgct ctgatgagtc tccaattctg ctgaaaaatt tggattgtag     11400
     gatcagaata aagcgtgaat cattttagac tggtttcttg aacatgacaa tgagttcact     11460
     gtacttaaat ggcctcaata gtcaccaggt ctcaatccaa tagagcacct ttggaatgtg     11520
     gtggaacagg agtttcacat catgaatgtg cagctgataa atctgcagca actgcgtgat     11580
     gctatcatgt caatatggat caaaatctct taggaataat tccagtacct tgttgcttgt     11640
     tgacctatat gccacgaaga attaaggcag ttctgaaagc aaaagagttg tccaacccgg     11700
     tacttgtaag gtgtacctaa taaagtggca tatgagtgta tatacacaaa taaagccaag     11760
     tcagaaatga ataaacgcta taattgaata taaatgataa aatataaata ataataatgc     11820
     tggtagtacc ttatctgtgt aacaaaagca ataccaccat atgaaatgtt acaaataaga     11880
     attaacattt aaacttttag gtttgaattt gtttgtaggt gtttctatgt ttcatatgaa     11940
     aatgagaaca tacatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     12000
     tatatatata tatatatata tatataaata tatacatata tatatatata ggtttaaatc     12060
     cagccataca actcatatta cgtctatttc tttatatata tttatatttt ttcctcacct     12120
     tcccacagac agtatggtga cctcgggtgc tttgaccatg ttagtggggc tcttgtgcgt     12180
     atcggtgggc agtgccagcg ccggcagcag cagctcgggc catttcttct gactgcagcg     12240
     ggaacagcag acaccggagc gcgaggccag gccgtttata gtgtgcaaat gatgctggtg     12300
     tgtacacagc ctcggcagag aacgaaactg agagaaatga ggaagacccg gaaacctgaa     12360
     agagaaacac acacacacac acacagatgg tgtgtatagt taatattatc agcaatattt     12420
     tttttttctc gattgtctac aggacaaacc actgttatac aatgacttcc ccaaataatc     12480
     taatagactt agttcagttg attttcaata aaaagtggag tgttccttta aaacaacttc     12540
     ttattatttc tcatttcgtt ctctggacac aacacacatg aaccacacat tagaggagcc     12600
     gtgatattca gccgccccca tcccagagtt ccacagtgat gatgtcagag ctcacggcag     12660
     ctgtataatg cagcactctt ggcaggcaga gtagatcctg aattaaagga tctcctaaac     12720
     taagcagcca gcacatattg ttatttcagc aggcactgat gatggcagca cgacggacaa     12780
     ctgagccagc atgttcagga gtggccactg tacaactgtg attgtaatgc ctagttcaga     12840
     ctgcgcgatt ttagccccga ttttggctcg ctgacaggtt ttgagaaatc gccgacaaat     12900
     gcctgaaatc acaggcaaat cgctgctcgt gcacgtgagt gacaatcaca cagtatgaac     12960
     tatcaaagac gcgatctgag agaatcgccg atgagtcgcc gatgcctgtg agatatttgg     13020
     cgtgctgaat atctggagct gtcggcgatt caaatcatgc tgtgtgaatt gagttttgac     13080
     tgaaaataac atcagcgatc gcctacagcc aatgagagag cagcatccac ttgtgtgtgt     13140
     atacctgctg caggccagcg ggaggctggg ggagaagtta aaagtgctca ttttcggttt     13200
     atttggaccc acgaaatgga ggaaaatcta gtggaggttt gataggactc aggagcaacc     13260
     gtgtctgttt gacgtttcat acagaaagaa attagtttat tatcaatgtt gaggagaagt     13320
     ggcttatttc tttaaaccca ggtgagcaaa catgtacatg ttctacccca ttaaaggctt     13380
     ctttctcatt atgtagttat taacaaaaga tatacgacgt gtttttggct gtgagacgta     13440
     gtttggacta agttgtcggc gattcttcca ataataaaat catgcaatgt gaaagtccct     13500
     gtcgccgatc catcttgcag tgtaaacaaa gcagcgacga aatgctagcc cagatagtca     13560
     tgcagtgtga aaacatctgt gacacgacta ctttgaaaat catgtagtct gaactcggca     13620
     taagagatgc gaagcaggtc tgtcacatac cacgaccata ggagggccgt tttaacatac     13680
     aagcacaaga aaaaagtgta aacttgacgt aactgatgca ctcagacatt cttcctcaga     13740
     gtatcaaagc tccttctttc tcaaatggtc agatttgcac aatccatata caccacgctt     13800
     ggcttgtttc cctcactcga aaacttgaca gacctcctgc acgcaagcta tggttgttga     13860
     gccacgattg ttgtgtggcg gttttcaggt gtggcttagc aaagggtcaa ttgtttttat     13920
     ttattggcgc tggagacact gaggcacaag ctgtaaaaac tccgcccact tttctgttca     13980
     tttgcattta aagatacagt atgtttttgc ctacacccaa aagaatgcat tttagcatag     14040
     tgtaataaat aaataaatct gtgttgtgtt ttgagttcct aagagattta ttacatcttg     14100
     taaaccttgc cataatatga cacccgtgta tcgccttcca ttgtatttaa agagccttga     14160
     ccttacggcg gtgggaaaat aaacccgcac ttccttcatg atgatttata agcttgtcat     14220
     cgccgcaaac cagatgcaac ctaattaaca cagccacaat ctctctctct ctcagctttt     14280
     ctaacactac attgattctt cataaccagg gccggagtgg gactcctttt catccctgga     14340
     gtttcaagca ttggaccgga ccacctcagt tcacaactga ctatattaaa ataagtcatc     14400
     attatgatca cgtctttttc aagataacag ctgctttaga actttaaatg ttcaacaacc     14460
     ttacagtttt atgtcttaac aataaaaatg aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaaa     14520
     ctcctcaggt gagatttgaa caaggatcga cgacgtcgta acgcaacgtg ctgaccactg     14580
     gaccacaatg gcgctgttac gcctgtgtgg ccggaatgat agttacatca tcattaccct     14640
     gcaggctgca ttttgctcat ggggctgcaa gacaaaaaat aggaagagcg gagctgcggc     14700
     aaaataataa ataaaaagag tgaggctatg gtcaaataaa aaaataaatg aaaaaaaaaa     14760
     gtgcaactgc tgagagtgca agcagctaga aacacaggcc ctcgcggcca aaaaaaacgg     14820
     accgacccac cgggaactct cccagtcctc ccaattggcc aatccgggcc tgttcataac     14880
     gcagttaaaa gctgcacctt tatctgagca aacagaaaaa cgcttccttt tttacacttg     14940
     ggaatttcta taagagcttc agtcaacaag tgaacaatca tgaaatgcat tatggatgaa     15000
     gaagactcat gcaacaattc aagaagaaac gttgatcatt tcatgaactc cacactgtta     15060
     tgtcttatga tgttctaata agagggaata cttttatgtt cacagacaga ggcttcactt     15120
     atttgataaa aaatacagta aaaagaggaa tattgttatt aaatattatc acactttaaa     15180
     agaactgttg tgtttgaata tattttaaaa ttaaatgtat ttctgttgct aaaagttaaa     15240
     ttttttacat cattacttca tagcattatt attttagtgt ctgaagatgc tttataatat     15300
     gttgatttaa cacttaagaa agatttctta atattatcaa tgctgtaaac tagtgctgct     15360
     tgaaaaagag catgtcattc caattgtaat cataccttta aaaacactat gtgcaagttt     15420
     tttagattgt tctactgaaa aaaatcacct atatatttga tgatctgtgg gtaagtaaag     15480
     aaaaaactac cattttaatc caaaatcaaa cttcttatcc taaaaattaa cacacttatc     15540
     ttgtttagta atgacttaca gtaattgata ttattcataa agagaatatt tgagcacagt     15600
     agacaaactt tttttctacc taacattcat tcattttcct tcagcttatt ctcccttaat     15660
     ttatcagggg tcaacacagc ggaatgaacc gtcaacttat ccagcatatg attcaagtag     15720
     cggatgctct ttagcacaac ccagcactgg gaaacatcca tacactcttg cactccacta     15780
     tccaacagtt aaatacaaat aacacatttc ttggtaattt ccgtaggaac aacatacagg     15840
     aaggtttaaa cagaattacg agaataaatt tgtaaccgtt aaaacatgag tcacggcaca     15900
     cacatcttat cagaagttta cctaaaatgc ctacagcctt ttattctcca gaactcacta     15960
     ttgtgaaaca tatatggagt attcctgacg aaaaacaaac aaacacataa ggaaataaac     16020
     cacagttggg ttcttatgtg tttgttacaa gtgagtttca gagaaaaatg gactcctgaa     16080
     aaacctgttc tgtgtaagta atataaagga aactgcttaa aaatataatt gttacaagaa     16140
     caaaaatgca ttaatgtgta cagtattttg tctttttttt tgtatcctat gttgtttgtg     16200
     atttttggca tcatgtgtgt gcatctgttt gtgtgtgttc ttacttaatg gatgagctct     16260
     tgttaagggc catctgcttg tcctcatatt cctgcagaag ctcttccaga gcagctgcat     16320
     tttctgttac acacacatta agaagcatta aagaagccat attgtgcttt taacacttcc     16380
     aaccttattt aaagagcaaa gctgcagttt gagcatgaaa aaagatctgt aaattcactt     16440
     catagggaat tatgtgttac atcatgaact cttataatac tgtattgtca tattatacag     16500
     ctaagtcaga attattagcc accctgtatt ttccctcaat ttctgtttaa cacaaaaaaa     16560
     gacacatttc taaacataat agttttaata actcgtttct aataactgat ttcttttatc     16620
     tttgctatga tgagagtaca taacatttaa ctagatattt ttcaagacac tacacgataa     16680
     aacccaataa gttaaggtaa ctcaaatgct ttgaggaaac caactgcggc taaccattta     16740
     ggttttgaaa caaaatgctt taagtactgt aaacctactt aaatattgag tcatgcacac     16800
     atatattatt tgtgcagata tcatcaaacc tttagagtaa tagtaactca aacattttaa     16860
     gttcagttat aaaatcgatt tgagttcagt tacaactacg tagctgctta aatggtttag     16920
     tattgcttct agcattagag ttaacaaaaa aatgtaatta cttatttcat aactcattag     16980
     gtttgagctc tgcttaatca aattatttta tggattacca taactctttt aaattaagtc     17040
     aaagtaactt tgaggaaaat taaaagttaa agtaacttat ttcattaagt tgttttcact     17100
     gttttacagt gtagtgtgca ccttaaagtg acatttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg     17160
     caagttagag caattaggca agtcattgta ttttgaagat ttgttgtgta gacaatcaaa     17220
     taaaatattg cttaagaggg ctaataatat ggagcttaaa atggttttaa aaaattaaaa     17280
     actgctctca ttctagccga aataaaacaa ataagacttt ctccaaaaga aaaaaaaaat     17340
     tataggaaat actgtgaaaa ttccctcctc tattaaacat aatttgggaa atattttaag     17400
     taaaaattgt caggagggtg aataactttg acttcagctg tatatatggt catatattcc     17460
     tagccgaaaa gattctgagg gcaatcaaaa tgtaagtaaa aatcttacaa aatgctggca     17520
     gtggatggca actttttaat aacatatgca aaaccatatt tataaatcat aattctaaac     17580
     tgacacgact ttagaaatga tccagatttt atttgttgtt gatggagcaa ctgaggcaaa     17640
     agctgtaaaa gctcctcctt cttctggaaa ggcggtggaa gcagaaactc atttacattt     17700
     aaagaggcac acacaaaaac agcacctagc caaaaagggg catttaaagc atggtattat     17760
     aacatgatcc cttatgtatt tagggctgaa acttcacaaa agcattctta agacacctga     17820
     aaggcatatt atatggaaaa gagacaccac acacctttct tttctgtgat gagccgcact     17880
     agaatgctga tggtgtcttc attggggtca tcaacaatgt atggacaagg gtttcctgag     17940
     gagagaaaaa gaaaagttta tagagagaag tttgtagact ttctgtgaca tttgatccag     18000
     atttttattt taaagccaat aaaagtattt gaacatttga cattagtgag caaattgaat     18060
     atcactgtct gatttaacct caacgtttgc acaaataaac tttatattgt catttttatg     18120
     ttgcttttgt atatttttgg ataagtaaaa tgctgtccct ttttattgtt cttctctata     18180
     taatatatca taaaaaaatt tcaagcaaaa aaaatttagt ttctttttat taaaagtaga     18240
     aaaatgtata taaatttaga aggacaaatt cacatgtaag tctgtttttc ttcattttta     18300
     tcattaaaac tgtcaaaaat attatctagt tattaaaaca aaaatagaca aaatacaaat     18360
     attagatgaa aaacttatta aaataataaa tattagaaat cttgccttgg aatttaactg     18420
     taataaatat aagtgtactg aagttactaa tattactact gaaaatgctg aaattagtac     18480
     taaagttgct gaaaatagca ctgaaaatgc taaaattagt actgaaattg ctgaaattat     18540
     aactgaaaat gctgaaatta gcactgaaat tgctgaaatt agtacagaaa ttgctgaaat     18600
     tagtacagaa attgctgaaa ttagtactga aaatgctgaa attagcactg aaattgctga     18660
     aattagaact gaaaatgctg aaatcagcac tgaaattagt acagaaattg ctgaaattag     18720
     tactgaaaat gctgaaatta gcactgaaat tgctgaaatt agaacagaaa ttgctgaaat     18780
     cagtactgaa actgctgaaa ttagtacaga aattgctgaa attcgtactg aaattgctga     18840
     aattagcact gaaattgctg aaatcagtac tgaaaatgct gaaactagta ctgaaattag     18900
     tactgaaaat gctgaaatta gcactgaaat tgctgaaatt agtacagaaa ttgctgaaat     18960
     tagtactgaa aatgctgaaa ttagtactga aattgctgaa attagtactg aaattgttga     19020
     aattagcact gaaatagctg aaattagcac ttaaaatgct gaaattagta ctaaaattag     19080
     tactgaaaat ttggaaatta gtactgaaaa tgctaaaatt agtactgaaa atagtacaga     19140
     aattgctgaa attcgtactg aaattagcac tgaaattgct gaaatcagta ctgaaaatgc     19200
     tgaaactagt actgaaatta gtactgaaaa tgctgaaatt agcactgaaa ttgctgaaat     19260
     tagtacagaa attgctgaaa ttagtactga aaatgctgaa attagtactg aaattgctga     19320
     aattagtact gaaattgctg aaattagtac tgaaattgtt gaaattagta ctgaaattgc     19380
     tgaaattagt actgaaatta gcactgaaat tgctgaaatt agcacttaaa atgctgaaat     19440
     tagtgctaaa attagtactg aaaatttgga aaatagtact gaaaatgctg aaattagtac     19500
     taaaattagt actgaaaatg cggaaattag tactgaaaaa ttacaagaac attcaaaaat     19560
     actaaatgta ttcattcatt cattttcctt tcggcttagt ccctatatta attggaggtc     19620
     gctaaatcgg actgaaccac caacttatcc agcataagtt ttacacagcg gatgcccttc     19680
     cagctgcaac ccatcactga caaacatcca tacactcttt cattcacact catacactag     19740
     ggcaaattta gcttgttctg ttcacctata gtgcatgtgc ttagactgtg gggaaaacca     19800
     gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cgccaacacg aggagaacaa ctccacacag aaatgccaac     19860
     tgacccagcc aggggtcgaa ccagcaacat tcttgctgtg agcacaaaat actaaatatt     19920
     tatttttatt ttacaaatgt aaaaaagtca attcaaaata taaatacata ctacaaaagt     19980
     atatatatat atataatact aaaatactac tctttgaatg tgcttaaaaa taaaaagact     20040
     tgaatatgca gggaaaataa acagacaaat atttaatgtg acagaccggt tttgtgagat     20100
     tcaccctgaa caaacatgaa tttaagctca ggaattattt caaacactac tgtaggtgtg     20160
     tatttgtatt gacacgatgc cgtcttcata atgaagagct atttttaaag agcttaacag     20220
     aacaggagcc actgcgtcct cattaaacac atccatgtga gttaaaaaca cacccgttca     20280
     tcatcaatca cgaaaggtac agtaggattg gtatcgcaac aaaaatgctg tcacgccact     20340
     gcaaaaataa caaaagtcca tctcgtgagc cactgactgg acacagggga cttagtgtgc     20400
     atttgtaagc ttctctatgg tgaaaggaga aatcccagag ttccagagtg aagtgctgat     20460
     aaaaaggaga ggacaactca ttactgtcat actgatgtca cagaggggtt cgggtaataa     20520
     tattgacctt ttcagttttt acattgtttc ccagccaaat tcaaagaaat aaaccttttc     20580
     cagaaggaaa atatactaca tataacaagt tcgtcttcaa ctgtacatcc cagaaacaat     20640
     caactagatt aagccaggac taggccttag ttaaataagg ttatttaaga cacatttata     20700
     aaaatggcct tagacaaata ttactggtgt gcacctgggc ccggtttttc aaaagtaatc     20760
     cactaggatt ttggataagg gattggatca aatcttgaaa atgttttttt tcaaaagaaa     20820
     aaacggatta cgtacacgga ttagatcacg taatccaatc ttggttttga tccggatcaa     20880
     acctttagtt tgggtttttc agaccttttt tgtaggatct agatcagttt gatccaaaaa     20940
     ccctggatta aactgatccc atcagaaggg tggatttagc gtggatttca tgcctgaaat     21000
     gtaatgaaaa cttaaaaatg tattaaataa tactattttt ggatcatgca gtatcttacg     21060
     agatatacta tttattcata aggttttaat tttatttgtt catctgtcag gctatagtga     21120
     gtataggctt taacgtattc agcctttcag tataggccta cagcaaagta gaaagagttt     21180
     ggcctcataa aataatcccc caaacagctg tctaaactga ccaaaaaaca atcaatttta     21240
     ttctgtcact aattgatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     21300
     tatattcatc acaatggaaa atatttttct ttttagaata tttattagtg atgcatgcaa     21360
     tgattacaga ataacaaaaa aaaaattgca aagaatggca atcgctgatt ttttaaatca     21420
     ctttcaacaa ttgcaaaaag agacttaaag ggcagaagca cagcttcatc tggcagagaa     21480
     acaaccgact ctatccaaac tgcagcaaac caaggccaat gacttgagat tcgcctccta     21540
     taggctacgc tcagacaagc tggtctctcc aatcagatga ggaagtctaa aattattgtg     21600
     gagtttttga cattaagtct ttttttgatt tacatctata tttgaaactt attataaata     21660
     tcctcaatgt acagtgttat aggcctcaga tgagcggact gctgaaagag gatggggtgg     21720
     ggtttttctt gtttttatta tttattatta ttattatttt aataattatt aaattttctt     21780
     tagtttttat ttaaaataaa aataaagtta tattggccct acgctggcta tactacttgt     21840
     tgctctttac atatctatag ttctacattg tgatgtccta tgctgtttga gcactggtta     21900
     tccagattta gtgatcctga aaagttccta tccggatcag attgatccaa tccgatgttg     21960
     ctttgaaaaa ctggctcaaa aagtaagctg gattacgtga tcacggatcg caaaaacagg     22020
     attactaaat ctggatcaat tttatccgga ttaaaccttt tgaaaaaccg ggcccaggag     22080
     acaaaaaaat gacactgaca tattttaaga catcgcaccg caagttactt tgagttgaga     22140
     cagctcaaac atgcaattta atcctgacta gccttaaacc ttgtttgtga aaccgaggca     22200
     aagactattt acacggttag ggctagggtt atctcaagac attttgtaac attagtctta     22260
     tttataacat ccattttttg tttttgccct catgccagta cgtaatgtta tttgtaagat     22320
     attcaattta aagtgcagtt tttaggctta actaattagg ttaacttggt taaccacgca     22380
     agtcattgga caactgtggt ttgttctgta accaataata ttgacctttt aaattttttt     22440
     acatggtttc ccacacaaac taaaaaaatt actttttcca gaaggaaaat ctaccagatt     22500
     aaacaatttt gtcttctact gtacatccca gaaaaacaga aacaatcaaa ataaacagaa     22560
     acataaatgc actagctcat acggcaatgc taacaaagct gataatcaaa taactcaatg     22620
     agaacacatt tatcagatat caaattaagg ttagggttat atctcattgc tgaaattctt     22680
     agtcaaggta gatgtgcttt aaaacaaagt gctcatgtaa tcatcagaaa aagtgcctag     22740
     aactgaagat ttattttaga cagaaatcga caggggattc tgacgtaaca ccagcagcct     22800
     ctgactgcaa acgccttcac tttgttcaat gctttcgacc cctttaaaac cccagagagc     22860
     ttgtttcaac tggatgtgtt cacctgctgg acgagtgctg aatcagaccc agaattacac     22920
     acaacacaag ctttcagagc ctttcattat taaacagttc atagctatgt tatatcttgt     22980
     gatattttca ttgcggcgtg ttcccgaggc ttcttacata atcgcttcac catgtcaccc     23040
     aataggctat tttctgcccc tgagaatata aggagaattc gaatagagaa catgtgtgta     23100
     gagatattgt catttcattt tgtaacagta tcagaatttc tgttctaaag aaatgcatac     23160
     ttgaaataca ttatgaagcc tctcatatag aaatctgggt aatttttaat ttaaatatca     23220
     attctcacta ttatctactg gcttattaac ctgcctatta ttatctatta gtacatatag     23280
     agtttgatct tattctacat ttctaattct acccaatacc taaaactaac tagcttaata     23340
     agtattaaaa agacgctaat tatgattgtt ttttagctaa aagtcatagt taatggtttg     23400
     ttagccggag cacccgatgg aaacacacgc caacacgggg agaacatgca aactccacac     23460
     agtaatgcca actgacctag ccgggactca aaccagtgag cttcttgctc tgaggcgaca     23520
     gtgctaaaaa ctgagacacc gtgtcgatac taaaatcata acatactcac taaatactat     23580
     ttgttttgtt gtttttgttt ttgttttgca catcccgaag cctagttttc ggtgtttgct     23640
     tattgggtga gtgtgaatca gatataactg acattttgtc cgaactagtc aacagtgcat     23700
     ctccaagcag agaacagact aaattattga tttgaagaaa gaagatacag agggaatgta     23760
     tcgctgctca aagatacatg aagaaatgat agaaagtttc agcaaccatt tgacaaccat     23820
     tgcacatttt cacaaacaaa gaaacataac aatcagtttc tttatataca gtacagttga     23880
     agtcagaatt attagccccc tgtttatttt tttccccaat ttcagtttaa tggagagaag     23940
     atttttttta gcacatttct gaacataata gttttaataa ctcatctcta ataactgatt     24000
     tattttacct ttgccatgat gacagtaaat aatatttgac tagatattct atacagctta     24060
     aaatgacatt taaaggctta actaggttaa tttggttaac taggcaggtt aggggaatta     24120
     ggcaagttat tttacagtat aatgatgttg ttttctggag actattgaaa aaatatagct     24180
     taaaggggct aacaattttg tcttaaaggt ggtgtttaaa acatttaaaa ctgcttttaa     24240
     aataataata ataatgtttt gaaataaaac aaaagacttt ctatagaaga aaaaatatta     24300
     tcagacatac tgtgaaaatt tccttgctct gttaaaaatc atttgggaaa gattaaaaaa     24360
     atctaagaaa tcaaaggggg ctaataattc tgagttattt atttttttat atttatttat     24420
     tatatttata catttttgtt attttcttta ctatgtgtat gtttatttga tcatgtttag     24480
     gcttattagt caaaataaac aaataaaaaa cacaaaccat ttgaaatctt taatcattag     24540
     ctcattctaa tagtccatac ataaatctga tttatggcca tatataaaca tttatatata     24600
     aaattatagc taatatattt aacatacagt acgcacatat ttctaaattg agtggttgaa     24660
     aaaatatata tttaactggc catttttgta ataatttgaa atatatgttg catatatgac     24720
     atattttata tatgtgaaat ccaaaaatga acttgcatgt cttatttgca tatattgtca     24780
     tatatctgag ttagcatttt attttaaaaa aaattatcca tgtttaatat gtatttgata     24840
     gattttattt gataattaca attaaacagt attttttaga agtgagcgac atacttaata     24900
     atgtcagttc acacactgat aaaaaaaaaa taattaatta attaatcaaa aatataaata     24960
     taaaaaaaat aaaaaaaata aaaataaaat aaaaataaaa taaattttct gtagtgtagt     25020
     gtttcccaga gatgggttgc tgctggaagg gcatgcgctg cgtaaaacat ttgctggata     25080
     agttggcggt tcattccgct gtggcgaccc cagattaata aaaggactaa gctgaaaagt     25140
     aaatgaatga atgaatgatc taagagccaa tcacacagca gaaatgtgca attttcgggc     25200
     agcaaaaatg tatctaaaac atgcaatgcc atttaataga ccctctaatt gttgtggctt     25260
     cagtcattgt tggggtactc ttttaacact ggaagcatta acaactgata tcgaaataaa     25320
     tatcattatc gtttaatatg aaaataatta tccagatagc atttttgcca tatcgccgac     25380
     ccctaattat acaacatttt aatttaaata tcttcaacaa cctctattat gtattatgta     25440
     tactggcatg aggggggtgg tataaacctg tcaatcatga gatcaacctg tcaatcactg     25500
     tcaatcgact gacttgtcaa tcacaaccat ccaaaaaaca ccatttaacc aaaatcctcc     25560
     aattcaaaca tctgttttct cattgtaagc catttcatga catcttataa atacatcaca     25620
     gtctccatcg cgtatatata cgttcagatt atttattact cataaccctg gcaaattctg     25680
     acttgaagtg acttttattc agccagcatt atttcttttt gaccgaaaat gacccaggct     25740
     tctcccataa gataataaga tagaaattct cagcttttat ttacatttga acaaaaagag     25800
     tcagtgttga agaaatacta atttcgggtt tgactgtaac taacttcctt tatcattgta     25860
     attctgctaa acccaaacaa ttctgtcagc tgaacaaaag ccccaaatcc ggctgctctg     25920
     ctgtgtttac tcagctggta aacatgcagt gattaaggag tcatttaccc cgctttacag     25980
     gcagaacctg aatcatcata aacccgtgtc actgtactac tgtagttcat cacaacagct     26040
     gcgtctccac ccactgatac aaatgcagag aaacagacac aagctctcat tgtggacagt     26100
     cattttgctt agtttcactc tgaaactggg attttagtga aacaatccgg cctctgttgt     26160
     gctcatatta gagttttaaa tggctgtatt taaagataag ctatttgcac tgacgtatat     26220
     gcttgactgt tttgattgct cttctttcca ggagttttaa ttaaaaggtt tcttgattga     26280
     ctgcatcaag tttaagataa aagaaatcaa tatttaaatt tgagatcaag taaatcagtc     26340
     ttattttata ttcggtgacc ttgtacttac actgaaatta atgatttagt acattgtatt     26400
     tattgtgcaa atacctgttt ttatccttaa agctatatat ccataccacc aaatctgtct     26460
     ctaaccctac cttaactgaa ccagaggtgg actgactata gagaaaaatt cagccctggc     26520
     cctgtagcca caccacacca acacaaccac cccatggaca tgcacattca ctacttataa     26580
     tggtgtacat atggtgaaat aatataggca gtaccatatc atatgtaata gataattaaa     26640
     catttaacgt atgtgactgg aacaaaaaca acctgtttat aacactatct gtgaatcttg     26700
     taaagtctgt gtgctgtccc tttatacctt ctaatgccct ctatagaaag tctgaaatta     26760
     ctatagaaat gggccacttg ttcaataaaa tgccaaattc tagggacact cctagcaaag     26820
     caaataaaca aacatttgtc atgacctgtc actcaaaagc accttgctat ttagctgctt     26880
     accttaaaat atagccaaat tagatttctt gaaacctttc tttctgtata agctgtttac     26940
     agttgaagtc tgaattatta gcccccctgt ttattttttt ccccattttc tgtttaacag     27000
     agagcagatt ttttttaaca catttctaaa cataatagtt ttaataactc atttctaata     27060
     actgatttat tttatctttg ccatgatgac agtaaataat atttgactag atatttttca     27120
     agacacttct atacagcttg aagtgacatt taaaggctta actaggttaa tttggttaac     27180
     taggcaggtt agagtaatta ggcaagttat tgtatgacaa tggtttgttt tgtagactat     27240
     agaaaaaaaa tagcctaaag gggctaataa ttttgtccaa aaaatggtgt tttaaaaatt     27300
     aataactgct ttcactctag tcgaaataaa acaaataaga gtttctccaa aagaaaaaat     27360
     attatcagac atactgtaaa aatttccttg ctctgttaaa tgtaatttgg gaaatattta     27420
     aaagagagaa taaaattcag agggggcaaa taattctgac ttcagctgca ttttgtcatt     27480
     cttttaacat ttaggctcac tgttgattat acagatttat attttaaatg cagactttta     27540
     agtaatgagc tgttcatctt ctgtgattgc ggtcatcttt tcgtaaaaac agtgatattt     27600
     cagttgcatc tactcccaca tgaaaaaaat acaatagtaa tttatagcaa tactatagtc     27660
     ttttgatgcc tattataaaa acgcctattt aaattctata gttgctatgg tatcacaaca     27720
     ataaacataa ttcaatgctg aaaaaatcgt ttaaaacacg ataatattta ctataaatta     27780
     ccatagtaat tttttcttga ggtttttcac ctatgatgaa aaaaacgtga ccacgatctc     27840
     cgtcactggt gacatttcca gccagtaaaa cagcgagatt tgggaagtgt ccgaccgact     27900
     tctgatgtat tttttgagcc ctcctcttac tgcagccgcc tgctccatca gctgttttca     27960
     tgctgtcagc tttgcattta gttaaatata ttattacata aactattaca actcagaaca     28020
     atgttttgtg tctaatttgt atgttttgtg actagtagcc atgtaataag cagaataaag     28080
     tacatccagg aaggctgttt ttctcagaat aaacccttca atcttatgca acagcgttta     28140
     tactgttata ctttaaccca cttttacctg accaatattt taaagtacgt ccaataaaag     28200
     tattacttac tttaaacaac accaatgctt aatcttcatt actttagtgg ccattttttt     28260
     acagacgcac acacatatat atatatatat atatatatat attcagggct gtgattgtgt     28320
     tttgtacctt ctttctgtgg agtagcagct tctgcatcca cgccgtcttt ctcagcgctg     28380
     catcggtagc ccttcttctt gagcaggttg cagatgagga ttcccagcag ccccatcacg     28440
     cagaaaacag gcaccagagc aaacactgcg tactccgtgg ttttctcctc tggagcctga     28500
     acgctggtgg tgtttccaga tccagctcca gccctgatgg aggtgctctt aacaacgttt     28560
     cgtctccgcc ggctgtgcgg ctctgcagat tcaacacaaa acaagacctc aatgctcttt     28620
     ttgctgtatt aatatttata atagctattg atttacaaat agtgacatta tattataata     28680
     acactagggt gtaacactat gactcgatca gattaccaat gcaaataaaa atattgcata     28740
     aaatatcaaa taaaatatcg atacctacat aattactttt attatttcat tttgaaaaaa     28800
     aaaattactt ttattttaac actctccact atattctata ttattaaatg cttttttttt     28860
     ttttggtgga tcatacatga tgcataatca tcataatgta ttgttcttac taaaaataaa     28920
     tcagccacat aatacctcaa catcaattca tcaatgaata ttccactaaa tctaatgtaa     28980
     aatcatatca cagatttttt tgaaagggat agttcaccca aaactgatta caaatagtaa     29040
     cagactttta ttttataatt agtggtgtaa gactatttta caaacaaaaa taaaatagcg     29100
     caaaaaatat tgcaaaataa ccaactcaag ctcattctga aaacgtagcc ccacggacgt     29160
     ttctggagac cgcgatttac gtggccggag ataggtatgg atgcattttg ttttttcaag     29220
     caaaagctac ggggcggttt gacgccggtc ctcttcatgc tcgccggctg acggctcacc     29280
     tcctcaatgt ggagggcttt cccgccgcaa ccagtttgtc cggatagctt atcgtgttac     29340
     gtcggcggag cggaggctcg gaggaggagc cggccgcgac aacaaccggg ttcgagtttg     29400
     gggaagagcg gttccagaaa aaaacagaat ccaaaaagta aagcaaatga gttcataaag     29460
     gggcaagaat gcggtgaaat ttgaaaacgc ggtaaaaatc ggaccagggc tttttttttt     29520
     ctagacggct tttgtaaatc gaggagggtg gtcaaccgtt cagtcattca gtcagtcgga     29580
     cagacggtca ctcggctttc gagacgcgaa aaagcatgca cagcggcctc tcacggattt     29640
     gcgaaaacaa aaactgcaca aatatgcacc tcccggggcg tatttcgcgg tctccagaaa     29700
     ggtctgcggg gctacgtttc cagaatgagc ctgggttgaa aatatcaatg cctccataat     29760
     tagtttttta tttcattttt aaaaaattgt tcctttacta ttttttaaca ctctcctcta     29820
     tttttctgta ttatttaaaa aaactaaagt gatttttttg ctgatcatac ataatgtgca     29880
     atcctcataa tttaatgttc tgattaaaaa taaatcagcc atttaagttc aaatatacaa     29940
     ttattaattt aataaacaaa gaactgattt aaatgtactg ttttatattt tatataacct     30000
     gtgctgtttg attaaaaaac atgctaccac gatgtaccat taaagaaaat agtaaagaat     30060
     atgaaaacaa tttcagatgc agagtcaaac tacagacatc aaattagtat acatttgcac     30120
     cataaactgc tcgtcaagcg aatgcaaaat ttacatattc aaacaagaat actactgaat     30180
     tcaaatattt atggagcatc aaatttgttg tctgaattta tttgtttgtg aacagagtga     30240
     acaggtttgt ggtgtagtat gtttggcaga acatcatgtt taaatgctga acacttactc     30300
     ctgacgcagg cgtggggggt ggagggcctc cgtgtagcag cagggtgaaa cctgaaaata     30360
     agtaagccag ttcagaaata caaccatgat ttccatttca atcctttttg gacattattg     30420
     acgcttacgg gtttgtaagt tctaatgagt tgacagttca aataattcct ctgcaaaatg     30480
     actgaattgg ccaatttagt tttttaaagt tattcttgtg caaatacagc ggtgataatg     30540
     agtattgcac acgtcaccat ttttcaaaaa gaaacatatt tctaaaggtg ctgctgactg     30600
     gaaattttca ccagatgttg gtaacaacca aataaatcca tatatacaaa tctaattagt     30660
     tcacaaatga agttctgtgt aattaaatta aatgacacag ggagaaaata ttgaacatat     30720
     gaagaaaagg agatgtagtt tggcagttaa agctcagaca gcagctgaaa tctctcagta     30780
     gttcttcagc aaccctctgt ctttcctcag ctgcttcagt ccaacatcta cattagcagg     30840
     aggacgacga tgaatgcagg gtggacattt tagcaagaca atgatctaaa acacagccaa     30900
     ggaaactctc aaatgctttc agagaaagaa aatcaagctg tagaatggct aagccaatca     30960
     cctgacccga atccagtaga gaatacagaa taaagctcag atttgataga cgagacacac     31020
     agaagcatca agattttgac actgttgaag tctgtgaaaa cctcacacct gagcaatgca     31080
     tgtgacttca ttctccatat gagaatgagc ctacgtcttt aggctgttat cattaaaaaa     31140
     gctttttata aaaagtatta aatatattta gtagttctgt gctttctcct ttggtcattt     31200
     tcatgatgtt tttgtcttgt ttaattaatt aattaattaa ttaatttatt tatttattta     31260
     tttatttatt tgtttgttta tttatttgtt tatttttgta attgtttaac caggaatgtc     31320
     tcattgagat acaaaatgtc ttctactagg gagtcctggt caaatcaggc agcataggac     31380
     aaagttacaa aaaaaaaaaa aatacatgtc acaaaccatt aaacacacac aaaaatagta     31440
     taaaccctaa tcaatagtta aaacatgtgc actgttctag atttacagtg tttaaaatat     31500
     ttttaaatat agcgatagat ggtacggact tcatatgtag tatattatga agctcattgc     31560
     gtacataata tacttagaga atgcagatcg acctaactct gtgtgaaaaa atgcatctta     31620
     agtaagagta tatctgctga tctggtatag taagtaacag tactccaaca aagttatgtt     31680
     tgtattgttt gggtttttac caaaatctgc ttcaactcca tgtcaacagc tcctttataa     31740
     acattattcc caggagaaaa catgacctgt ttaatactta ttttgcccat ggtatataaa     31800
     actaaaacta agggtgcttt cacatctgta gttcgcttca tttggtccgg accaaaggta     31860
     ataaatgata cattgttgca tcttctgctg tctttgggtc gttttcacac cacactgctg     31920
     gctttggtcc gaaccagttg aaacgaacca aattgcagtc atctgacaaa atccacatct     31980
     ctcattggcc agatgttgtt gaacatattt cctaaactgc ttattgattg gtcagaattc     32040
     acgtgcggga aaatgccagt gaactcccgc aggtaaacaa aaccttttac tctggaggga     32100
     cgactgcgct ggctgattgt atccctgctt tagataaact atacattacg aaaatgaagc     32160
     gcagccgcgg ctggaaaaca gtgtttaatg catcgctcgt cacttcagga ggagccgtga     32220
     attaatttag ctaaactgcg acatggtcat cttgcgtaaa tattaccaac gatccatcaa     32280
     gtaatgtttt cccctctctc tctctctctt tctgttggta aagcgctgtc aagaaatatt     32340
     tttcctccat atcccataat gcacagcgca tcggcctacg gcagctgaat tagtccaaag     32400
     tgcgcagtac ttttcgcggt tggacctgtt ttagtacgga tcataatctc accacaaacg     32460
     aactgctcca gggttcattt gaaagcgtac cgagatcacc tctacaagca ggtctcggta     32520
     cgcttatttg gtccgctttt ggtgcgcact cgagtacgat tgctgcattc tcacctgccc     32580
     aaacgaaccg caccaaaagg ggaaacgaac tctagtgcga ttcaatcaaa ctaaataagg     32640
     caggtgtgaa agcaccctaa actaataaag agccaagccc acctattatt cacaccagtt     32700
     gttactattg gagtcttgtt acagtatgta gggcaagctt tgtgaaatgt tgtttaaatg     32760
     caaataagcg gttatcaatt aaaatatcct cagaataaca gtgaaaggat gaacactgta     32820
     aaaaatgcag ggttccacac aatcccttca agtcctctta aaacaaatca atttggttaa     32880
     tcgtcttggc aagtttaaat ggattgaata taaagcaatt aagttgttcc cccaaaaacc     32940
     ttattgtgtt gatttaactc attttaaata agtagtttga acaagaagca acgagtaagt     33000
     gtttcgtgtt gtgtacccgg gaaggcatcc tccacacacg gcgtcagacg ttgaggttgg     33060
     tttggtggag atccatcggt tgagcgtccc gcaggaggtt tgagggcggc acggctcagt     33120
     gtcctgactg tcagagaagg ttcccgctgg gcagatccgg cacaacccga tctcccgggt     33180
     gccctcaggt tccccacagg ccttacagaa acaaaaacac aacaggtcag atgagacact     33240
     catagactgg gaaagaacaa actgtgcaca tagcatggtg tcaaattcac tgcagaaatg     33300
     tgttaatata tacagttgaa gtcaaaatga atagcccttt cttttttttt agacgtttcc     33360
     caaatgagtt tttcacagta tttcctataa tatttttttt tctcctggag aaagtcttta     33420
     ttaatttatt ttatttattt attttatttt attttgtcta aaataaaagc agttttaaaa     33480
     ttttaaaacc attttaaggt caaaattatt agccccctta agcaatattt gctatgattg     33540
     tctacagaac aaaccactgt tatacaatga cttgcctaat taacttatgc cgaatatgct     33600
     aaagcatgtt gataggactt ttaatttgcc agtaccctgg gttaagcgct tcccgtgaac     33660
     tgtatgctaa tgcaaaaatc tgctcgttta aggtctgttt tctttaaaaa tcagcgacct     33720
     ccactggctg agtgatatac gatataaagt gggtctcaga ttgtacaaga agcactgcat     33780
     taaattacat ttttccccac catgtcttta taatatgagc atttattttg ccccagtata     33840
     ttcaatggag cttctgcatt agcctgccta ttctgacggg cgagtgcgag taaaagacct     33900
     ttgttctcgt tttacacttg aacaactaaa tgaatgacaa agtttattta actgaatgtt     33960
     tttaaattac attacaccat cggtgctgta aaaggaactg aaaaaatgga aaaaaaattc     34020
     acaataaccg gtcaccggaa gattatcagt atgggaacca cactagctcg gcatatactc     34080
     tattaaccta gttaagcctt taaatgtcac tttaaactgt atagaagtgt tttgaaaaat     34140
     atctagtcaa atattattta ttgtcatcat ggcaatcata aaataaatca gttattagag     34200
     atgagttatt aaaactatta tgtttagaaa tgtgttgaga aaatcttctt tccattaaag     34260
     agaaattggg gaaaaaatat acaggggggc taataattga ggagggctaa taattctgac     34320
     ttcaactgta tataaacaag gcaattgctg ttttacttta aaagaatgct aacatgtgtt     34380
     gagttcgatc gaatgcaaaa gaaaaaatta aatgaattga accaaaaagt gtaagaaaaa     34440
     aaagttctgt tgttgtaaaa agtttttttt atacaaaagt gatgtattct attatttttt     34500
     atacggatat gttcattttt aaagtgtctc taatacttaa gcttatcttt tcgatcattt     34560
     tgtttgttat ttaaaattat ttattgtatt attttataac actttatttt tttaatatag     34620
     taaatagtaa atgcttttca tttcagtccc ttttggaaat tattgatgct tcagcatggt     34680
     ggcacagtgg gtagctgggt cagttggcgt ttttgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgt     34740
     gcttgcgtgg gtttcctcca caagtccata gacatgcact atacatgaat tggttaagct     34800
     aaattgtccg tagtctatga gtgtgaatgg aggtgcatgg atgtttccca gtgatgggtt     34860
     gcagctgcaa gagcatccgc tgcgtaaaac atatgctgga taagttggcg gttcattccg     34920
     ctgtggcgac cccagattaa taaacggact aagccgaaaa gaaaatgaat gaataaatga     34980
     ctctgggacc cgatacccgg tgacatcatt tacatccaca ttttttacat tttaaaggtc     35040
     cgtactggcc caataccccc ataaatgctt ccgttctctc atcagataaa atagaataac     35100
     ttgtgcatag attatggtag agacattttt cttttctcct atgattactg acatgtgcag     35160
     gaaccaacaa aattaattac agcaaccgag accacacaga acctaaaggt acccttttaa     35220
     atttgagttc acaaaaaaag cacctctttt ttggaggggt ttataacaac acagacaaca     35280
     tatacaatta ttttaatcac ttattctaat cacaagtttt atgaacattc aatactaaac     35340
     ctttgcattt acaccactgc atgtggattt ggtaagcttt ttaatttggc taggcaaaat     35400
     tcaggcgtaa accccaaaat agcactcgac tttattaaaa tgaatgtgtg attttagttt     35460
     ttaaagttat tcttgtgcaa ataaataaat atttttatct acctaataaa gagccatgcc     35520
     cactattatt aatatatatc tattataata cttcattctt ttaataattg aatgctttcc     35580
     atttcagtcc cttttggaaa atcctgaaat cagatgcttt gtttttaaaa acagatgctt     35640
     aattcttgtt aatgtgtcag taatgctgat aaattaaaga tgataaaaat aaaaaagaga     35700
     aaaaaaaatt gtgtatatat taaaaaataa aacaagtata cattggtaac catggtttct     35760
     tattctgttc cttgttaaca cttcatgttt tgtcttttta agtgtgattt cttcttcaaa     35820
     agattaaaga aaatacctgc atcattctat tgaaattctt cctcatttgt gacaaaatgc     35880
     aataaagtta aacactgttg tagtatctgg tatgtttgta cacccaaaca agagtgccag     35940
     agtttagaaa gcaggatgta cagaaacaaa attgtgtttt gtgtgtgttt ggaggtgttt     36000
     tctcttaccg tgggctcgtg cccggctgga cagaccggac acacacagcc gtcctcccac     36060
     cgacactgcg tcgctaatgt cccccataac tccagcagct aaagaaacac agaaaacact     36120
     aaatcaacac ctcaactgat ggctaaagca aggcaagttt ttttctatag cacatttcat     36180
     acacagtggc aattcaaagt gctttaaaca ggagtaaaag agacaagtat aagaaaagaa     36240
     aaactaataa taaaagtgat taaaaagaga tcaaaatgtg ttaaacaggt tataaaagaa     36300
     tgaaaaacaa aaagaaagac ataacagtga aatctgtggg agtccattac agtaatccac     36360
     cctgctgctg ataaaagcat gaacaagttt ctctaacttt atttatattt atttataact     36420
     ttaatttatc acatctctct gcattgtcat ttttcatata ttgtgcagcc ctcatattat     36480
     atttccattt tcttagttag gaatatttag gtcagatgac ctgctggatg aactgtaatg     36540
     taaaatagtt ggtaaaacgc agacaggtaa agtgcacttt aaagcatggc atttgaatta     36600
     ggtaagaatt gactgatata ctctaaacaa agtagttttt ttgtttttct ttaaagggta     36660
     aaaagaaagt tgacattttt acgtatggat atctgaccta aatagtctga actgttggca     36720
     gttcattcct ctgtggcgac ctctgaaata gagactaagc tgaaggaaaa tgaatgattg     36780
     aatgcatata tgttgtttaa tcaaatttga ccaatcactt actattaatt aaactcgcct     36840
     cccatgtagg tattgactac agcaatccaa ctgtgaacct agatattaaa ataaatacta     36900
     atggacaaga ctggaacata gtgtctaaac ctttttttgt tcaattagcc tgaataagat     36960
     ttcgttagat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     37020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt tttttttttt atgaccacta tatacatcaa     37080
     ttgtttcaaa atatagctta taaaaattat atttttcaaa aaatgtattt aatatcatct     37140
     aaaagcattt tttttctatg ctcctctgtg tatgttcagt tatatcactt ttatgggaaa     37200
     gactaagtca cttttctggt ctttaaaagt gaaataactt aacataaaca aaggaggctg     37260
     agagaaattt tcattttcaa tggaaatttc agatggcact tggtttttgc aattgaactt     37320
     tcattttttg attaaatgcg aataaggcat tatcttataa ttatctgtac atgggacaaa     37380
     gcaaaacatt ttggaaatct cttttaatca ctctaagaat atcaaatcga ttatttattt     37440
     atttttagtt actataatta gccctaagag aaggggaata aaacttgatg cccataaatg     37500
     caaccaaagt ggagattcca gactcattca ttcattttcc ttcagcttgg tctctttatt     37560
     ccttaaaggt tgccccaacg gaatgaaccg ccaactattc aagcatatgt ttaatacaac     37620
     atgccttttc tgctgcaacc cagtactggc aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     37680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacctgg     37740
     aggaaaccca tgccaacatg gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaatg ccaactggaa     37800
     cagcccggac tcgaaccagc gagctaccca ctgagccacc gtgttgccat actctttttt     37860
     ttgagaaact gaattaaaaa gataatatag tactggaaat ttacttatac aaatagatga     37920
     agtataataa aataaacaat attaaatcca tattttgcac actttctcat attatgacac     37980
     acaagagata atggaaacaa aatctgaaaa atatccagtg catgaagaac ggcaggtttg     38040
     ccagtattgt cttgcagcat tgttcatgtc ccagtttgta gccactcatt gtattgtgtg     38100
     ttacagaatg aactgttttt tactggctgc atcacaggtg aaggagtgaa agaaagaaca     38160
     ttcagaaaag ggagaggaga gacacagagt acacactagg tacacacaca cacacacaca     38220
     cacacacaca cacacacact tacgatcaga cagacaggag ctgagcagta aaggtggttc     38280
     ttcatcttct tcaaaatatt cttctatatt catgtaacct gaaaaagaca caacaggagc     38340
     ttaatgacac acacacagta aatataacat cgtcagcgtc agcacaaacc accaaaacca     38400
     ggtaaacagc acttggactc tcctgtgatg gacacagtgg gtttgtatgc atacaaaagt     38460
     catctataag gtaaagcgtg gtataaatag tcggcagaac taaagcaggc ctgtggtttg     38520
     gagcagcact gcttttcttg gactattttt agagcacata tgcccagtca agccaaaaac     38580
     cacttactgc atgtgctgat gatcacatac tggactatat catcagactc ctctcatact     38640
     gtgcaaactt catgatttac agcagactag attaataagt ttatgatgat agttttcact     38700
     tcttaaacca gtaactggct gaaaaaaaga ttaaaaagag atctctaaat acacttgatt     38760
     gtaaaatata ctttgctttg cttcaaatga tctgaatcac gaatacttta cagctctgaa     38820
     tcagttttat tttagtttac atcattagtt tgaagaactt ttttttgttt tacagtttta     38880
     aatggtgtta tttaatattt ttttatttgt cattgttcaa catggctata aagttttaca     38940
     taaaaagctg tactgaataa taaggacctt aagactattt caaaataatg gtattttttg     39000
     ataccattga tgatttatgc tgttttgatt gcacataaag ttttagctaa ataatatctg     39060
     ttatctatta tactcacact acactctcag aaataaagat acacgagctg tcactatgga     39120
     ggtacctttt taaaaggtac aaatttgtac ctaaaatgtc catattaata cctcaagggt     39180
     acatgttagt acctaaaaag tacaaaagtt ttcctcttaa aattaggtac taatacatac     39240
     ttttaaggta ccaaaatgga cccttcatgg acaattgtgt accttttgaa aaggcaccac     39300
     cccagagaca gcttgtgtac cagtttgtat cagtatatca gttttttctt catgtttttt     39360
     aaagaaaagt attgttcatc aaggcatcat ttattacatg taataaaaaa agaaagttaa     39420
     agtgttaaat atttattaca tttctaaata actgcattct tattgtttgc atttttaaat     39480
     taatttatta cttcaatcat tattgtttta ttactattac catcaataat aataataata     39540
     ataataattc tatttagagt gacttctgaa ggaccatgtg acactgaata ctggagtaat     39600
     gaagctgaaa attcaataac atttcacaat tttacaatat gtattgtatt tttgattaga     39660
     taaatgcagc ctctgtgaac aggagaagct tattttaaaa cattgaaaaa tcttactgac     39720
     cctaaacttt tgaccggtag ttaaagtcag aattatttgt gccccccttt ggaattttta     39780
     tactttttaa atatttctta attgatgttt atcagagcaa ggaaattttt acagtatgtc     39840
     taataatatt ttgtttttat ttgttttatt taggctaaaa taaaagcagt tattattttt     39900
     ttagaaacta ttttaaggtc aaaatgatta gcccctttaa gttttttttt tttcagactg     39960
     tcttcagaac aaaccattgt tataaaataa cttgcctaat taccctaacc agttaaccta     40020
     attaagactt caaatgtcac tttaagctgt atagaagggt cttgaaaaat atctagtcaa     40080
     atattattta ctgtcatcat gtcaaagata aaataaatca gttattagag atgagttatt     40140
     aaaactatta tgattagaaa tgtgttgaaa acatctctcc gttaaacaaa aattggggaa     40200
     taaataaaca gggggctaat aattctgact tcaactgtat tttaatgatc agatactact     40260
     atttatttta tttcactaaa agaaattaca atttaagttg gtcaaactaa aacaacttat     40320
     tttttatgat atgataacta ttgaactatt tcagatgatc atgagtttta aaggaacaaa     40380
     ttttactcgt tttattaata gagaattctg aaggcataag aacttctacc atttccttta     40440
     acccttcaac acaacacagt tcaatttaaa tattcgcatt cattgcacta cattgcacta     40500
     attcatcttg aattgtagat atccactgca catattgtaa tgacattcat atatatctgc     40560
     aattctgcat gtctctaaat attgataaca acctctacat atattcatca tttgaaaatc     40620
     tcagatcata gtcaatacaa cctgtgtata atgttcatag tacttccatc tttaaatatc     40680
     accatggttt ttctataatt gaactagctg ctattgcact cctggttaga actaaactgc     40740
     atttagttgc cttgtacttg tacacgtgta atgataataa agttgaatct aatctaatct     40800
     aaaaatgatt tcaaatatct atgctttaca tttatgccaa aacttcatac gatattaaca     40860
     cattcagagt tttcattaaa ttcaaatata ttaaagcaca gccaagatca caacttacat     40920
     cataagacat taatagtgtg aaaaatcacc aaaaaatgat acaaaaattc accaactctt     40980
     ctaaaatgct aaaataatcg caaaataaat agcatcatct ctgcttttaa cacacacact     41040
     gacactaata acctgactca ccccagactg ccactgctgt tgtgttgctg tagtaacagc     41100
     tgaggatgct ctgctcactc tctgactgta cctgcctgca ttacactgtc actccttata     41160
     ctgccactca aaaccacagc tctgcccacc acccagacag gctcctcccc tttcaccaca     41220
     accctccaat cacatgattt acacattgtg gtggtgtcct ttcatttttt ttaaagcaac     41280
     tcaagttaaa ctcaagtgaa ggatataaaa gttgaatgaa taaaacacaa tagctgagct     41340
     cagacagcac gtgtgtgtgt gacatttcag cccacgctgc tttataccat tgatttgggt     41400
     gcatgactag agcgaaagtt tattatctac actacacatg tctactaata gtgaaagtga     41460
     ttgtagcaag aagacaaaat cactggatat tagaattaaa cagtttcctg tatcagtttc     41520
     ttttatgatt gtcaggatgt actggaaaac atcgatacac attcatacac tacggccaat     41580
     ttagctcacc caattcacta tagcgcatgt gtttggactg tgggagaaac tggagcactc     41640
     tgtgaggtga ttaatctaca cataaagcaa tcatgagaca ctatatgtca tttgaaagct     41700
     aagaatttct agtgtccaaa tctgctgact gattatagat attacagagc aacagcaatt     41760
     tattaatttg caactaggat gctcatcaga gttgtaaatt aatactttgc tacagcaatc     41820
     cacatgtaaa aatgtattag atgtatttta gaggctaaat accaccaaac tgcgagttct     41880
     gctttggaat ttgatgtcta tttactaaat attttcaaaa gtataaaaaa aatatggttc     41940
     acattcctcg atggtcatga atggaaactg tatatcaact ggtgatgatt tttggtactt     42000
     ccgccaaaca aaatgttatt gaaaactctt tttttgagat atcaacttca aatttggaac     42060
     aatttgttca gatatttagt ttagattttt tgtcaaatga gggctgaacc cagttttgta     42120
     agagacaata aattataaaa taaacagctt ttaaaaacaa atttccaaat tttttttttt     42180
     actttagcta gtgtcttttt tttaaatgag acaaagctta aatatctgca ccaaagggtt     42240
     gaagattgga aatcctttaa attaaactag ggttgtcttg atactggaat tcgataccaa     42300
     taggtactga aagtttaaaa acgaccattt cccgctaaca tttgatcaat gttgagcacg     42360
     tgacctctat ggcatatcag ggatgtttaa tgctcaacat tgctcaattg ttagctggaa     42420
     aactaatcag aaatgattac tcaccactgt ttactgacac aggagcgttt tagagccttg     42480
     attcatcagc acatgaacac aatagcaaat ctgcgctgtg ctccacagcg cttaaatatt     42540
     cgcaagaaat gggcgctttt aaaactccag taccaattgg catcaaattt cagttgagac     42600
     aaccctaaat tgaacatgta atttttatat ctatgatttg aaaaaagtgg gggtgacatt     42660
     tgaagagtta aaaaatgttt tcttcaacac cagatgaaga atattggtaa ccaaacagtt     42720
     gatggtatcc atcggctttc ataataggga acaaaaacaa ctatggaagt ctatgagcac     42780
     ggttaagggt gtttttattt ttattatcaa cagtttttaa tttattttat ctcttcaaaa     42840
     acatatacat ttactccatt tctttcccat gtaacatcgc aaatgggacc tagaattaat     42900
     atatttaata cttatttgaa aaatatatat atttttagaa atatgaagtt ttctaggggc     42960
     gaagtagtgg cgcagtaggt agtgctgtcg cctcacagca agaaggtcgc tgggtcgctg     43020
     gttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccctg cgttcgcgtg ggtttccttc gggtgctctg     43080
     gtttctgggt cgcagttggc gtttctgtgt ggagtttgca tgttctccct gcgttcgcgt     43140
     gggtttcctt cgggtgctct ggtttccccc acagtccaaa gacatgcggt ttaggtagcg     43200
     taaaaacttg ctggataagt tggtggttca ttgagctgtg gcgacccccg gattaataaa     43260
     gggactaagc cgacaagaaa atgaatgaat gaagtatcta ccatttatgc tctgttgact     43320
     ttaaaaatgt aaaaaaaatt tgacatacag gacttatatt atttgcactt tcatgttttt     43380
     aacgctgtat tgaattattg agaatctgaa atataatttt atttatattt ttagttttca     43440
     tttgactgta aactaaaata accaagctga agtgattaga ttcgaaatga tttaaatttt     43500
     ttttaaatac aataaatgtt tgtaaaatgc tttatagtgc tttagaataa atgcgagacc     43560
     aacatctata agatcgcact taaattttaa gctttgaaca ctatcaaagt attgaagtgt     43620
     gtaattcgtt cttatcaccc tataaattcc actatttctt tacaattaat taacttattc     43680
     ttggattaaa tctcccaatt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacatttaaa tgtggaatta     43740
     tcgccttaaa aaaaagccaa actgctgcta aacacacgca gtcttaacca catccggtgg     43800
     gcaacaacta aaatcacgac tagttaatct atttaaactt gcatgtttaa aaaaaaacta     43860
     aaacgaatga atgcaacaaa caaataagtt cacagttttg gcaattcctc ctgagcaaat     43920
     gacagggcga attgggagaa atgttcaaag aatgaaagag cccccacatt tcgagatcag     43980
     ctgccagtca gacgcgatta tatttagctc tttcattaaa aagcaataaa gtcccaacgg     44040
     acagtaatta cagttcttgc agctccatct ccatactgtc caatttccca ttccgtggct     44100
     tttgggagcg catgaaaaaa aacgggataa agtaaataaa acaacaacaa acataaaaca     44160
     atcaccaaga acgatccatt ttaggatctg tcatgtttac aaattggaaa caacctaaga     44220
     ggttgccctg gattgacttg tggacgcgtg gcgttttttt ttgtagctcg atccagaagt     44280
     ttttagaccg gaattgagcc ataatgcaag acaaaataag agtcccggtc caagagtgga     44340
     gctctattct acagccaaaa cttcagggta aaaaccacag tctagccatc tcctgattga     44400
     cacattcttg tgaagctttc agaagtattg attggttaca actaaatata gccagatata     44460
     aagcacaact catttttgct gactaataac aactgaaatc ttgaatcagt aatgatactt     44520
     ctggttgatc acagacaaaa atgtcttagt ttgacctaat aaagtttctt aaagaaacat     44580
     tccattcaaa aaaaattata atataatatt gcattacaaa taggaatgca caacatatca     44640
     tatcagcatt gatattgcaa tctgtgtgtc tgaaatggtc acattgtagc atatgcaatg     44700
     ttgagttggg attatagttg agaagacaag agatttgcga agtcatacca aagtataccc     44760
     ataacagagt gaaactcatt tccatgtgtt ttaaaggcat tttaagagag tgtaaagcat     44820
     ttgggcacaa taacgtacaa catttgtaac tttaatgaag aataatctaa ctgaatttta     44880
     ttaagtttta ttttacattg cattattcaa tttctgtacc tgaacactgt tttacccctg     44940
     ttttgacttt tttctttgct ttattgtaat tattcttgct tgcgattttt tttttatttt     45000
     ttatacgtga tttacaccct tacaataaat ctaaattaat tatttttcag cgaaatagag     45060
     ctattcaagc actcgggtga aattatattc ctattgcaat actgtatata tctcacagaa     45120
     atacttaata ttgcaatatc cagcaatatt ttccaaaatc gtgcaaccct tatcccaaaa     45180
     taatattact aaatcatata ataattttgt agacaagcaa aacatattgt cttgttttaa     45240
     tagaatttaa agctaaaatt aggtgagttt ttccttaaaa caagcccaat aatctgccaa     45300
     tggggtaagc acaataatcc tatgtcaaaa ggaaaagcag tagctgcgtc ccaaatcgca     45360
     tacttatgca ctattctatg ccattttgca gtataaatag tgtaagtagt gcgttcacac     45420
     tgaaaactct aaaaataata agtgcacttt aattacccgg atgatgcact cattcagccg     45480
     ctaaaatgaa gtgtgtaatg atggacactt cacgcactca acgaccgcag gtttgcctac     45540
     ttagcggaag gggcggagct atcgggcgca catgttggat aactttattt attttggatg     45600
     gtgaaagcaa aattcaccta cgagagtgat tatagcgcct cccgatggtg aatgcggcaa     45660
     tactcaaggc aggtattatt tgaaaattcg gttgtttatt tcactgattt ggcaaccgtc     45720
     aaacgtcatc agggaaacgg tttgaaattt cgcttagtaa aaaaacataa gtgtgccatt     45780
     tgggacgaca ctacatacat gtactatcct gttgagtgtg taagtgcata agtacatagt     45840
     gcatgagtgc atagtgtagt gtgccatttg ggatgcagct aaaattattt tgcttacccc     45900
     atgaattgca gattacactt tattaggtac acctgtgcaa ctgcttgttc acgcaaattt     45960
     ctaatcagcc aattatatgg cagcaactca atgcatttag gcatgtagac atggtcaaga     46020
     tgatctgctg cagtttaaaa tgagcatcag aatggggaag aaaggtgatt taagtgactt     46080
     tgaatgtggc atggttgttg gtcccagacg ggctggtctg agtatttcag aaattgctga     46140
     tctactggga ttttcatgca caaccatctc taggatttac agagaatggc ctgaaaaaga     46200
     gaaaatatcc agtgagcgac agttctgtgg gcgcaaatgc cttgttgatg gcaaaggtca     46260
     gaggagaatg gccagacttg agctgacagt aactcaaata agcactcgta acaaccgagg     46320
     tctgcagaag agcatctctg aacacacaac acgtccaacc ttgaggcgga tgggctacag     46380
     cagcagaaga ccacaccggg tgccgctcct gtcagctagg aacaggaaac tgaggctaca     46440
     attcacacag gttcaccaaa attagacatt agaagatttc tgcttcaaca tttagatggt     46500
     cgggtcagaa tttgatatca acaacatgaa agcatggatc ctgccttgtt tcaatggttc     46560
     aggctggtgg tggtggtgta atggtgtggg ggatattttc ttgccacact ttgggctcat     46620
     tagaaccaat tgagcatcat gtcaacgcca cagcctacct gagtattgtt gctgaccatg     46680
     tccatccctt tatgaccaca gtgtacacat cttctgatgg ctacctccag caggataaca     46740
     caccatatca taaagcacga atcatctcag actggtttct tgaacatgac aatgagttca     46800
     ctgcactcaa atggcctcca catttacaag atctcaatcc aatagagcac ctttgggaag     46860
     tggtggaaca ggagattggc atcatggatg tgcagccaac atatctgcag caactgcgtg     46920
     atgctatcat gtcaatatgg agcaaaattt ctgaggaata tttccagtat tttgttaaat     46980
     ctatgccaca aaggattagg gcagttctga tggcaaaagc gggtccaacc cagtactagt     47040
     aaggtgtacc taataaagtg gccggtgagt gtattttgct tattttaagg aaaaacttgc     47100
     ttcattttgg cctattattt cgtaaaacaa gacaatattt tttgcttgtt cagatttaaa     47160
     aagttgtaca tatttggact agaaacaaga caaaacatct aagtaagaaa agcattgttt     47220
     ttgtgtagtc aatcagcatt ttgcaaaata tcttctattg tgttgaacag aattaagaaa     47280
     ctccaacagg ttttgactga acaagtgaaa agtcagtaaa tgatgacaga atttaacttt     47340
     tttggtggaa taattgctga cctcaatact tttaagcatc acttttaatt gagagcaaac     47400
     taaaacaagc aaatgtgaaa gaattccagc catgtgagct tgtcctgtaa cttctgtcag     47460
     caagtctcag tgctaacatg tgccacacca ccacgtgtca cttcctgttc aatacagtca     47520
     tctttcttta aaatccacac cagcctgaca gacatacacc aagattttaa aagccagaca     47580
     ctttttctct gttgttttta aatgacttga ccaccctttt catccggtat tgttgtatat     47640
     ccagcatgtg tttgacaacc acgtgctgcg gtcggtcggt cggtgaccac cacaatcctt     47700
     ccgtgaggaa ggttatgcaa caactgcagc gtccaaacgg agacaccaaa taaaagctgc     47760
     atagacaatg ggataaaaag ggggtttctg ctcataaagt tgcactgggc ttcattttgt     47820
     gttgcttatg agtattcaga gctgagcaag ggattatgag ccacgtgcat catcctactg     47880
     tggtttcttc tgaatcgtga atcgaaatga ttcactgtta acaataccac tgtatggaag     47940
     ctattcattg gttgactgcc gagaaactat aaacaaagtg atgttatcaa aactttactg     48000
     tttgtatgag gatcttgatc agcctcacac actcaaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa     48060
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaaatgtatg tctttaaact acttatttaa     48120
     catttatttt tttgggaata cttaattatt ttatgttcat tccactcaaa tttgtcaaaa     48180
     ccaagttagc taaacatact tgtattgagt tgggacaaca tgaatgaatt gtttgggacc     48240
     ctgcatttca cttgtttgca tctctttggc agagcagtgg aagacaaaga aaaccttttt     48300
     ggaaactatt agtattatat tattattaaa ctctttcact ttacatcggc ttagtccttg     48360
     atatatcagt cgtcgccaca gcagaatgaa ctgctaacta ctctagcata tgttttaagc     48420
     agcggattct taataccatt acatttaaaa attattagta tctatatata tatctatctc     48480
     tacacactgt aaaacctgct gggttctaca caattccttc atgttgtcaa aacacaattc     48540
     aattaagtta acctaatcac ttaaattaat ttaggtcgac tgaacacaaa aaactaagtt     48600
     gctgactcct cccaaaaatc gtaagaatgt ttagtttgaa caggcagcaa aaagtccttt     48660
     tttgattgat ctttaaacct aaaattttaa aataaattta ggtcaaaagt gaagtttaat     48720
     atttcatttt aatacaaaaa aagtcttcag attaagaaaa gtctttttaa atgtagatac     48780
     atttagtata cactcgccac tatattaggt acaccttact agtagcgggt tagacaacct     48840
     tttgccttta gaactgtctt aatcctttat ggcatagatt caacaaggaa ctggaaatat     48900
     tcctcagatt ttttggtcca tattgacatg atagcaccgt gtactaatgg gcttaaagta     48960
     agccaagacc attacactac caccaccagc ctaaaccgct gatattaagc aggatggatc     49020
     catgctttta tgttgttgat gctaatttct gaccctacca tctaaatgtg gccgccgaaa     49080
     ttaagactca tcagaccagg caacgtttat tttgagttac tgttgccttt ctatcagctc     49140
     ctccaagcag tctgcccatt ctcctctgac ctctggcatt aaaaacgcat ttgcgcctac     49200
     agaactgccg ctcactggat attttccctt tttcggacca ttctctgtaa accctagaga     49260
     tggttgtgcg tgaaaatccc agtagatcag cagtttctga aatactcaga ccatttcact     49320
     taaatcactg aacctttctt cctcatcctg atactcggtt tgcactgcag cagatcatct     49380
     tgaacatgtc aacatgccta aatgcattga gttgctgcca tatggctgat cagaaatttg     49440
     catttacaag cagttggaca ggtgcaccta ataaagtggc cagtgagtgt agatgttact     49500
     tttttattta aataaaaaat attaaattac aactttaatt taaaaaatct gttatctttg     49560
     atataggtta tttaatatga aaaagacaga aattgaatgt tttcaaattg cttcaattat     49620
     tttataagtg tacagaaaga cagataaata cacagataga taaacaaaca agtatttttt     49680
     gtgaaggtaa aacccagcac aggatttcag gtatctgaat agtttcaact gcatgcagtt     49740
     tttacattta taaaatagtt tcttttttaa tctggcacat accaggtcat tgcatggtgg     49800
     atctgtttat tgccaaccag gaggaatgac ttcacatttc caaacagttt tttaatcaga     49860
     gctaaagaaa ttgtagtgtc aaatgaagtg ttttgttgct tgtttggaag cgtctcaggt     49920
     tcctgttttg aagcttttgc tgttaaaaga cgaggtcacc gatacacaaa catgattacg     49980
     ggccatgtgc atcattctcc tgcggtttct gctaagaaaa accaattatt ctctgagatg     50040
     aaacatctgc tgttcaaaat aaggcccttg atgtcatagc taaataacag ttgcaaacca     50100
     ccattctgga caaaataact acaaaatgcc cattatctgc tcctattgac aattcataac     50160
     cactatagat agcatcacag ctgctgtttt caccattaaa tacatgattg tgtcatatgt     50220
     attagattgt gtctgtattt aggtttgttt gttgtttact cagtgttggg agagttactc     50280
     aacataacac aaacagttta gactagagat gcactgattg cgattttcta ggccgattcc     50340
     gattcctgac gttttggtaa gtgtgacctg ccaatacaga ttctatctat gaactaaatt     50400
     tgacagagca tacacaaaca aaaatataat tctattgcat tttattaaat tttccattta     50460
     aaaatactaa ttgttaaaat aaaaattaca gctttcctca aactgcaaca acgctaacaa     50520
     aacgtgtaat ttttttctgt ttttctttca ctttccttct tccttactat ttcataaaag     50580
     ttcaaatatt atatactgta tgcttatgaa aaaagttttg attaacacta actagcgtca     50640
     actgacatat caccacaacc aatatattgg ccgatatttt tcaaccaact atcaccacag     50700
     ccaacatatc tgccaatatc tgtcaactga aaaatcacca cagcctattt atctgacaat     50760
     atttttcaac caatctataa ccacagccaa tatatctgcc aatatctgtc aaccgatata     50820
     tcaccacagc cagtatatcg gtcaatattt ttttaaccaa tatcaccaca gcctatatat     50880
     ctgccaatat ttttcaactg atatatcgcc acagtttata tatctgccat atctgtcaac     50940
     cgatatatca ccgcagccag tctatcggcc aatatttttt taaaccaata tcaccacagc     51000
     ctatacatct gccagtattt ttcaactgat gtatcaccac agccaatata tctaccaata     51060
     tctattaacc gatatatcac catagctaat atatcggcca atatttttta actgaaatat     51120
     caacagccta tttatctgcc aatatctgtc aaccgatata tcaccacagc ctatatatct     51180
     gccaatattt gtcaactaat atatcaccac agccaatata ttggccattt tttaaaactg     51240
     atatattatc acaaccaata tattggtcga tatttttcaa caaatatatc acggtgatat     51300
     atttgttgaa aaatatccaa tatattggcc aatatattgg ctgtggtgat aatatcaata     51360
     ttaccacagc ctatatatct cccagtattt ttcaactgat gtatcaacac agccaatata     51420
     tctaccaata tctattaacc gatatatcac catagcttat atatcggcaa ttttttttta     51480
     ctgaaatatc aacacagcct atttatctgc caatatctgt caaccgatat atcaccacag     51540
     cctatatatc tgccaatatc tgttaaccga tatatcacca cagcctatat atcagctaat     51600
     atctgtcagc agatatacaa ccacagccta atataaatgg cagtattttt caaccgatat     51660
     atcattacag ccaatatatc tgctaatatt atttaaccga tatatcacca cagccaatat     51720
     atcggccaat atttttttaa ccgatatatc atcaaagcca atatatctgc caatattttt     51780
     aaccgatata tcgccacagc caatatatct gccaatattt ttaaccgata tatcgccaca     51840
     gccaatatat ctgccaatat ttttaaccga tatatcgcca cagccaatat atctgccaat     51900
     atctgtcaat caatatatca ctacagctaa catatcagcc tctatttttt aaccgatata     51960
     ttgccacagc ggatatatcg actgaaattt ttcaaccgat atgtcaccac agccaattta     52020
     ttggctatta attttcaacc gacatatcag cacagccaac atattggccg atatttttca     52080
     aatacctgca ttggtataat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     52140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataggcat tattggccta     52200
     atgccaataa ttccagcatt aggcaaacag gaaaaattta tcagtcatac agctatttga     52260
     aaaaaaatat ctgccaatat tacgactgtg gcgatatatc atttgaccac tagttggcat     52320
     taataaaaac atttttcact ttcttccttt tgttggtcat catcattaag ttctaataca     52380
     gatagaaacg tatcttgtaa tcagatagaa ctttggtgca tatagacaaa agagtgtatt     52440
     atttagtatt taatattctc tcgtttgcca tcaggaaaaa tgcatttttt tttaataatt     52500
     taaacaaata tttgaatgac tattagacat gctatgaacc aatgcaactt cctttaataa     52560
     gaatacaatt aaactacaag tatgatgcca atatcatata ataatgtcaa aaaatgtaat     52620
     gttagatagc atggatgttt gcagttttct attctgtgtt tgctacagta aacacaagct     52680
     gcggtaaaca tgtaaactga cacagagagc aaagaacgtc aagggtgttg aatttcaccc     52740
     gtttgattga cagattgact tcactagctt cagattcgat gtctgcttgc tgaatatcac     52800
     aaagaacatt tcactggcaa aagagaggaa gccatttaag cgattcaaga gtagaacaaa     52860
     acaaggaaga aggatccttg ccatgccaaa caccactaat aaaagcagga atttaagtca     52920
     tcaccctata gcaacgctga gatcatttct agcaaataaa tattaatgaa atccatatgt     52980
     gaagtgattt catgttgaga ttctcacagc ttgatgcaca ttttgttgca ccccacaaga     53040
     gtgtgacttt ggctatgcat tttgcagttt cacacaaatc gtatacattg aagccatcat     53100
     cttgtgggtg aaatatttaa ctaattatag ttaacatgca catttaagga atttcaaatc     53160
     ttgacagcat cttcaaatga tatatactgt acttccagat gatataatat tactaaaata     53220
     ctttaaaata gtatacttac atgcatgttt ctaattatgt aagtgtaata agcatgatat     53280
     gtcgtgttta aataatcatg cgttttaaag tatatttctg aatttgacta cttgacgaat     53340
     ttcactagaa acaacattaa agattatttt agcttacctt aaatgcttgt cgacacttga     53400
     ctgcgcactt tgacaatttt ttaaagacag tagaagacat gaaaaaaaaa ttatataatt     53460
     tataattacg aatataaaat ataattatgt tctggaaatg aactaaatga acttcatttc     53520
     taaacatcga tgcgctattc gacatcatga ttctaaaagt cctgttgcgc agcatttctc     53580
     atttatgaga cattctgtct ccactctaca atacataggg actgaagttg tagagtgtcc     53640
     atgtcgggag ggagatttta acaaattgtt gttacaaagt gaagcctatt ggttttttat     53700
     tctagataaa tagtctccaa aaggtttaaa tcagaagata caatatgtgc agtaggcttg     53760
     ggcgataata cggtaatacg gtataccacg ggatctaaaa atagcaacgg tgtcagtttc     53820
     aataccgtta taccatcata aaaaaacaat ccacttaaat tggagactgt gatattaaat     53880
     attatttatt taatacctac aaatgcatat gcgtgattgt catcgcggaa cagtgtggag     53940
     cagagagaga gagggagagg gagcgggagg tggcgagtat gtatggttgg cagtatttcc     54000
     ggtttcgacc gaatgagaag ggagacgtgg taaatacgaa ctagaggtct gcattcccgc     54060
     tgctgtaccg cgggagccga ccagatatct tgcggtgcgg gaattaattt tcgaataaat     54120
     cgctggagca gtcggtaact ctggtgtagt ttgaaagtga gcgggcgagc tgtctagcaa     54180
     tatagctccc gagcgtgcgt gcatccgtgt gtgtgtgaat gaggcagaga ggcctgtaca     54240
     aatctctaat acgaacaaaa caaacaggtg accgcgaacc taaggtcgca tatacggtat     54300
     tcagtttctg aatggtttag gcacaagcca acactttggt gacgctgtct gagcctttcc     54360
     tcataatttt ttttattatg cacgttaata ccggggtaaa atagggagga ggtttgacag     54420
     tatcaaaatt tggataccgc ccaagcctaa tgtgcagcac atgaaaccac ggatactgga     54480
     cgcctgtgct ggcatttctc ctgcagtgtt gctatcagtg tgtgaagagt gggagaagag     54540
     ggttgcattg acaatccaac acaatgggca gcacattgaa cacattttat aagtggagag     54600
     aaacttgtaa ataactcatg aaagaataaa gttacgttaa aaccaagcac cccattgttt     54660
     ttcttgtgaa attcccaatt agtttgatgt gtcaaatgac ccttttccta ataaaaaaac     54720
     aaaagttaaa tccaagatgg ccgacttcaa aatggccacc atggtcacca cccattttga     54780
     aaagtttgcc ccctcacata tactaatgtg ccacagacag gacgttaata tcacaaacca     54840
     ttcccgtttt attaaggtgt atccatataa atggcccact ctttatactg gacattattt     54900
     ctgttaagtg acaagacttt tgtctaaggc cccgtttaca ctaatgcgtt ttcgttttaa     54960
     aacgcataag ttttgctacg gttacgccat ccgtccacac tacgctggag ttttcgagca     55020
     ccgaaatgga gcattttaga aacgctggag aggccgtttt cattctgaaa tgctgctgct     55080
     ccgtttcagt gtggatgagg aaaaaccgag acatctgaaa acggaggcgg ggctgccgag     55140
     atttgctacc tgattggggc ttttgtgtca ttgcgtatcc ttcccttatt cgtcaagccc     55200
     ctatcacgtg actataacac atgactttaa ctctaccgga agacagtact gtaaacaaca     55260
     acatgggcac agaaatggga gcgttgtttg cactattgtc tgttttaggc gccattgtgc     55320
     agttattcat ttgttacgtt tagtaacaac tcgacctcgt cgtctgtcca caaaaatacc     55380
     tctcttgctt tctttgccat cacctttaat gtccaaccgg tgtttgttga ctaacaataa     55440
     ccaaatgccg agttagacgc atgctttctg tttatactag aacgcgcatg cccagagtgc     55500
     gcgaatgatc acgtgatata cattcttggt ggcgtagtgt ggacggagat atgttcagag     55560
     acgctaggta aaacgctagt gtggacgcgg atcatttttg atctaaaacg ctgttttaaa     55620
     actgaaacgc actagtgtaa atggggccta agcaaagtca gaccttactg tcctaatgaa     55680
     atatttaaaa atcaaggcat gatcatattt tattttggta aaataagtgt aatctagagg     55740
     cctttgtctt tcatataagc cacttctgat accaaatgat caactagaag tcaagctatt     55800
     atttgttgtt cctaatactt ggatagacga caagactatg gtcaggtagt gtagaagtaa     55860
     aaggataaac ctgcaagtag atatgttcat ttcaacagtt tgcaaattta atactagcca     55920
     atacatattt tgatgggagg ttgaaacaat ctctgttcct gagggggaaa ttccaccttc     55980
     tcagtcctgt aagagcagga atgttaaatg cacccatatg ccagcattaa agaggcgttc     56040
     gggacacttt gcgtattaaa tttgctgcga gtatcagtta actctttcaa ggatgccaaa     56100
     aagtctagaa taaggaggtc acaagccttt agatggctag gtcacccaac tccaatggct     56160
     gcgtcttgtt ctctaaaccc gtaattaggc tccggctaca ggaatgtcac attacccatg     56220
     ctgcccggtg ataattaatg gatgcccatg gccagggtca tgtggcctgg catcagaaga     56280
     aggggtactt cctgtcacat gttcgtctgt gccctctaat gacaccctga aagacccaaa     56340
     tgtggccccg gcaaacaagt gctgtatcat cacatcatga atagctaaac tttccctttg     56400
     tgttggtctt tgtggccaca gctagtgtaa aaactagcat tcctggagct caatagggtg     56460
     tgagtgatgt caagatcatg ggtttgactg ccagcgaata acatacatgc catatttgca     56520
     tgtttgggac atgaaagaat cgttgttctg agtcaaacct ttcattcatt tgatgaagtt     56580
     gatcgcaaaa ccagactaaa tggtttgtac ataaaattga attaattggt cattgttatg     56640
     ttcacaaacc agagtgcatt gctcagaatt acagcagatt tcaagtcaac aacccatgta     56700
     cttactaggc atgggccgga ataagattct gatggtatga taaccttgga tataaatatt     56760
     acggtttcac agtattgaga ttactgctct aaaatatatt ctttttaaat gtctgggtaa     56820
     aaaacaacaa ctttttcccc tttgaacaca atatatttta atttgagaaa catttcaaat     56880
     attttggagc agtaaacgtg tcagactaaa taagtcaaat gaattattct gctgtcttca     56940
     ttagttttaa aatacatata aataattcat gtagtttcaa aatacagact tttttttaca     57000
     gtttagcact gctgtcctaa aaagctataa aaaaaaatgt aaataaaaaa tcccttagga     57060
     acggtatagc agaaaattgt gacagtttta aaacattgac ttttccaaac tgtatatctt     57120
     gaacacagtt atcgtcccat gcctagtact tactgaacca aaaatgattt gttcaaaaat     57180
     tgcactgatc gctcaaagtg gttcttgaac agttaactga ttactgaatc aaaaatgact     57240
     agttcataaa tgacaatgaa tcaatcagaa tttactgact caccaaagaa tgattcattt     57300
     accggaacgg aatcagccaa atacactttt atgccagcaa cccactgact cgctgaacta     57360
     acaactaatt cttcacaaat ctgactgaat ctctcagagt tgagatatgt tttttcataa     57420
     accagactga atcactctga aagattcttg aaccaacaat ccactgactc attcaaccac     57480
     aaaagatttg ttcataaacc aaactacatc gctcaaggct gttctcagat caaccaccct     57540
     atgactcatt caaatatgga caaactaact gttaagtgaa aatgtttatt ttagtttaga     57600
     atcataatct taattaaata aagctctcat gttaggaatg taaaaaatac aacattggct     57660
     cattctaaaa gcgtagccct atacgtttct ggagaccgcg attcatatag ccagaggtac     57720
     atatagctgc atttcatttt ttaaatgaac gctacaggcc ggtatgcatt ccctttcatg     57780
     cttaccagct gaccgcttac ctccgtatgg actgctttcc cgctttaacc agtttgtccc     57840
     tttagctcgc catgtatgtt ggtggacctg agatgcaaag aggagttgac cacaacgacg     57900
     gggttcgagt ccggtgaaga acggttccag aatgcgcgta gaacaaaaac agaatccaaa     57960
     aaataaataa acaagtaaat aacagggtga aaatgtggta aaatctaaaa acttggtaaa     58020
     aatcaggcga gggcttttct tttatagata ggttttgaaa ttgtttgttg gatttaggga     58080
     agtgggtggg cgggtcaatc aataaaattg gttgggttta gggaaggaga agggtggctc     58140
     ctctttgata gtcagtcatt gagtcagtca ggcaacagcg gcctctggtg ggcttacgtg     58200
     agaacagcag gagcgaatag cactcacgag agaaatttga gatctcaaaa agccaaccca     58260
     agctcattct gaaaacgtag ccccgcggac gtttctggag accgcaattt tatgtggccg     58320
     gaggtacgta tggctgcatt tcgttttttc aagcgaacgc tatggggcgg tgttagaccg     58380
     ctcctcttca cgctcactgg ctgatggctt ttgagggctt tcccgccgca accagtttgt     58440
     ccggttagct cgtcgtgtta cgtcggtgga gcggaggcct ggaggaggag gagccggttg     58500
     cggcgacgac cgcgttcgag tccggggaag agcggttcca gaaatcaggc aagacaaaaa     58560
     tcataataca aaaaataaag cgaacgagtt tgtaaagggg cgagaatgct gtgaaatcca     58620
     aaaacgcagt caaaatcgga cgagggcttt tctttttctg gacggctttt gtaaattgtt     58680
     gcttgggttt agggaagaag gaggagggtg gctgggtcga ccaagcgttc agtcattcag     58740
     tcagtcggac agacggtcgc tcgacagcgg cctccggtgg cttttcgtgc gagaacaacg     58800
     tgggcgcaca cttgcggatt agtgaaaaca aaaactgcac aaatacgtac ctccccggat     58860
     atattttgcg gtctccagaa acgtccgtgg gtctgcgttt ccagaatgag cctgggttcc     58920
     aaaaagcata cacagcgacc ctctcatcga ttcgcgaaaa caaaaactgc acacaaaaaa     58980
     aagtaccccc taaaacaggg gtcaccaatc tcggtcctgg agggccggtg tccctgcagg     59040
     gtttagctcc aacttgcttc aacacacctg cctggatgtt tcaagtatac ctagtaagac     59100
     cttgcttatc ttgttcaggt gtgtttgatt agggttggag ctaaaatctg caggacaccg     59160
     gcccttcagg aacaagtttg gtgaccactg tcctaaaacg tatttcatgg tatccagaaa     59220
     tgtatatgga ggtatgtttt cagaataagc ctgggttgta aaaatacatg gttgcttaac     59280
     atttttaagt tgaatcaaac aaaccttatg agtcatataa cttaaattat attaaactga     59340
     tttaaaacag cttgtacaaa ttttaaaaaa taagttaaac atgattaaca tatattaaaa     59400
     agttatgatt agaataaaaa catgttgaca tgatcatata ttttttccac atgattttcg     59460
     gaatgattaa gagcatgtaa aagtctttaa aataatcaat gattcatttc aataccttga     59520
     ccctgagttg ttaatataac acaaaggttc tgcttattaa ttcatacaga atatatcaag     59580
     tgtgtaataa cattaccaca atataccttc aatgttcagt cacagaactc aatgcatcac     59640
     tgtactgatc tggcagagtc agcagaaccc acggggacac caagtaaatc ctggctgatc     59700
     tgaggtcaga gcactttttg tgctagcatc gcccaaaccg ttccgaggtc aacacggaca     59760
     tggctaccag ctcaggtaaa tgactgtaca tgaagtacgg acaagtatac agtacatttg     59820
     gtttgtgtcc ggtgaaatgg tccaccaaca caaataataa atctttaatt aaatcattga     59880
     ttccttcatc cagccgtgga gagtttggat cttgcccaga cgcttgcttc ataatttcag     59940
     acaagcgtgc ccaaaagtca gagctgccaa ccaaactccc acttcaaaac tctgaattgg     60000
     tgctgttgct ttagtatggg tcaagaaaag gagcatggat aattacagat aacaaaccca     60060
     gcaagacctt tcgggcttcc gggcagaact ggattttgtt tggacagcag agacacacag     60120
     aatccggata ccggtcagat gaactcaatc aaaacaaaat tatgcaagca tgtgagaaat     60180
     gcacagacag ctatgcaaac acatgcacat aagtctcgtt catatggaaa ctttatggcc     60240
     cattttggca ctgatactga cggattggtc tgaagaattg cagaattatc caatgcgaat     60300
     taaattctct ttggcagttt atcgtaagtg tttagaggat ctgcggcggt aatgtgtatg     60360
     ggtttgaatc tgtaagctgt atacatttac acagtcaaag ctggtctgtg tctgctcaaa     60420
     aaaaatgtgc cacaaataaa gcagagtcaa tttttggctt ctctgaccca cctctgccct     60480
     caaaatgtaa agtatatagt tactttcaca tcatcttgga tagggctagt ctatgcctgc     60540
     ataaatttag tgtaaagaca agctcaagct catttgaaat acatgcttta gcttactttt     60600
     gttgtgaaat ccccaaaaaa cgtacaccaa catacgtttt actgctgttt ctaggtaaaa     60660
     caaacactag ggggcagtat gacggaaagg acttttgctc cttttcacac taattatgtt     60720
     taattggaca tattattgac aaataaaggt ttatttttgt gcagctcaag aaataaacac     60780
     cacaaagcaa cttaacagtg tctatgattt gtaatcgaat atgcttacaa catacaccgc     60840
     aaaacactca ttgtaaacac accgtacatt gtaaaaaaaa atcggtaaat tagcagtttt     60900
     ccctatttta tgattcatgt ttttaaattt ttccccattt atttatacat ttgaattgta     60960
     ttatgggacc ttgatctttc ttgaaccttg acaagtttga aaaagggact tttatgagca     61020
     tttttaataa tttaaagtga tatattgtct gtgttggtgt tgtatattac gctacaaaaa     61080
     ccttgtaata aactgaaagc acattttctg ttattttaca cacttttttt tatttattat     61140
     ctcttaatac attaaactac taaaatgtca ataaaagtca ctttgttaaa ctgtagttga     61200
     attttcaaca tcaaaatgcg acccgtaata cataaattaa gggaaatcac ttgtgaatca     61260
     caaaatacag aaattgttaa ttaacagata tttattacag tttaagtaac atatttccaa     61320
     ttcacaaaaa tgtagacagc gccctctagt gtttctgaca tctgaaacga gcaacataat     61380
     taaacgtatt ttatgttgta ctggcctgta ttaaacacag tgcaaagaca tttaagtacc     61440
     actccaagtg aagacatctt tagttctata gtgttttata caatgtagat tgtgtcaaag     61500
     ctaatataaa tggatgaaca ggaaaaaggt ttaaaatcat aacaatattt aaccttgtgt     61560
     gacatattca acttatcaag taggtagaat aaatccagaa atatttctgg cctacattta     61620
     atgagtaaat ttgggttaag tcaatcttag tacaaattac aacaatgttc gcattgcaat     61680
     attttcacta agcttgcaca aaagtggctc taatttagca ttcaggctat gatttgtaat     61740
     cgaatacgtt tacagcaaaa cgcaccctac attgtaaaaa tttgcatatt ttccatattt     61800
     tgagtaaatt tgggttaaat aagttttagt acaaattaca acaaagttcg ctttgcttta     61860
     tttacactaa gcttccacaa aagtgactct aacgcccgat acacacgggg ctttagcgac     61920
     aatggttgac aaagggcgtg tctgaagttt gggctgacgc gattgtcata gcagtgtcag     61980
     ccaatgaaat ttgtccacat tcggccactg tctgagctgg ggtatttgca taaagcaatc     62040
     tgatttgctg atgcttccac tgatgcttga aaagttaaga aaaaagttaa gcaacgcagc     62100
     tgaatcagcg ccaacgaatc cacaattcag ttcggcatcg cttgatgtca cccattcata     62160
     gtgaatggga atcgttgaag ctgacacccc atgtaaatca gaggtaatgt agcatttagg     62220
     cattttaaag ggagaattca gatttgtaat cgaatatgtt tacaacatac acagcaaaac     62280
     gcaccctaca ttgtaaaaat ttgcatattt tccatatttt gtgtaaattt gggttaagtc     62340
     aattttagta caaattacaa caatgttcgc attgcaatat ttacactcag cttgcacgga     62400
     agtgtcactg aagtagcatt taggcattta aaaggaataa ttctcccaaa aattaacatt     62460
     tgcttacaac ccaagctcat tctggaaacg tagcctcgct gacggtattg tacgtaaggc     62520
     cggaggtacg tgagggcgcg tttagttttt ttcgagcgaa cgcttccggg cggtgtggcg     62580
     ccgctccacc cctcctcttt gcgctcgccg gccgacggct cgcttccgag tggggatcga     62640
     ccaggatcga gtccggggaa cagcggttcc ggaaatcagg taagacgaaa aacggaatcc     62700
     gaaaaataag ggcgagaacg cggtgggatc cgaaaacgcg gtcgaaatca aagacttttg     62760
     cttttttttt ttctggacaa attttgcgaa ccgtcgctcg gttttaggga aggaggagga     62820
     ggaggaggaa gaggagggtg gccgagtcgg ccaatccggc gacttttcac gtgaacacgg     62880
     cgcgagcgca aacacgccgc gggcgagaac ggccttcgct cccgagaggc acccgagacg     62940
     caaaaaagcg cgcacagcgg cctctcgatg atccgcgaaa acaaaaaccg ctcgaatacg     63000
     tacctcccgg gacgtaaatc gcggtccgca gaaacgtccg cggggctacg tttccacaat     63060
     gagcccgggt tgtttactta ctatttactc tccctcaaat acacaaaaga agatacttga     63120
     aagaagtatg aaagccattg acatccatag taggaaaaaa atatatatca aagtaaatgg     63180
     tttccggctt ttttttcgaa atatcttctt tgatgttcaa caagttttga acaagcataa     63240
     agtgagataa aacttcagtt ttaggtgaac tatttcttta acacactgtt taatgctgct     63300
     agaaagtgcc attaatttac atcaaaaatt gtattcaacg ccaaaatgaa ctgaacgctt     63360
     taggtttcct ctgtgggacg aatcaaaaca agttgtaaca ctgatgagtc aaaaactaaa     63420
     acgtgctaaa tatattgcaa tgccaaatta gtctgctggc ccgtcccatg acaaacacaa     63480
     catctgtatt agactcatgc atttaatccc actagtactt caagagcctt aaagcatctg     63540
     tgtgcctcat acattgattt caaacgtgag cataaaacac gtttaggcat ttttcctcag     63600
     cgaggatgtc aaactacaaa gacatggcaa ttacacatcc tgcttgataa tagtccgggc     63660
     tctgcgccaa tgctggatat cactacaata ttgatgtgag gctttacaaa agatgttaat     63720
     tacaacgaca agggtggcgc cttgtaactt aaagatttct aaaagggaat ttcgtgatgt     63780
     atacgttata aaacagcatt tttgttaata gtgcaggcca taaattatgc atgcggcaca     63840
     aacatgtgtt tccagctggc aaaaaccgca gctggcgcag cgtgtgccaa agtctggtgc     63900
     tataagtgtg tgtgtgtcaa actgcccagt gggcgacaca ttacgatgag ctctatttaa     63960
     acatgctcgc tgcttctctt agttgaccaa gttcactgga aatgagcaga gcaattcgtg     64020
     atccctgaaa tgatttaaag agcagaagtg gatgagacgg tcacaagagg taatgatggt     64080
     aatatattat catgttacgc ttcgtttgat aaaaccaata aacgctgttc ctctttaaac     64140
     tctcatatat cagattccac agagattcga ccgtctttaa acactgtggg taagttcaca     64200
     acagacaacg aaacacaatg ttcctggctg caacgtcaaa gtcatttttg gtgcataatg     64260
     ctaaccaaat gctctttaat aattggcttt acatataagt aaatacattt gatccatcaa     64320
     tcaaattaaa atgtatctct gaataatctg ataatactaa attatattat ttactcttcc     64380
     tacaaaaatg actacgctgt aaaaccataa taaataaata taataaactg caaatatgtt     64440
     ttttttgctg tattttgttc catcatttaa tgtctttgtt ggtttatact aggtcagcac     64500
     agttttactt ctttttatga tgtgttaatg atttgcttat gatctgttta gcattataca     64560
     gtctaatgtc atcatatgag tttgtcttat tcatgacaat aaaaagtgtt accggtttta     64620
     acatagctgt aaatgatgaa ctcggaatga agagtacgtt taaaatgttt tcattaaata     64680
     acaacacata tgctagctac atcataatga caatgttttg gcactagcca aaagctaact     64740
     caattctgct aatttctttc atatttctaa catttctaaa ctaataacac tacaattata     64800
     ttatttatac tttctactaa aatgaatgtg ctgtaaaact ataataaatg aatataatac     64860
     tctgcaaaca tgttcaatag tatatttttg ttgcatttcg ttccttcgtt cggtgtcttt     64920
     tgttggttaa tactaagtcc gcactgtttt acttcactcc atttgacttt atgatgtgtt     64980
     aataacatgc ttctgtatag cattatgcag tctaatgtca taatatgagt ttgtcttatt     65040
     catgacacta aaaagtgtta caagttttaa caaagctgta aatgatgaac tctgaatgaa     65100
     gagtacgttt aaaatgtatt aattaaataa caaacatcaa cacttatttt aaaagacgca     65160
     catatgctag ctacatcata acgacaaagt tttggcacta gaagtgattg acgcaaacct     65220
     agctaaccta attctgctaa tttctttcat atttctaaca tgtctaaact gataatacta     65280
     caattatatt atctatactt tctactaaaa tgactgtgct gtaaaaccca taataaatga     65340
     atataataaa ctgcaaacat gtttaatagt atatttttgt tgcattttgt tccttcattc     65400
     ggtgtttttg ttggttaata ctaagtccgc actgttttac ttcactccat ttgactttat     65460
     ggtgtgttaa taacatgctt ctgtatagca tgatacagtc taatgtcata atatgagttc     65520
     gtcttattca tgataatatg ttacaggttt taacatagct gtaaatgatg aaatctgaat     65580
     gaagagtatg tttaaaatgt attacttaaa cattaaactt aatcttcatc aacacttgtt     65640
     ttagaagaca cacatatgct agctatattt acacagtgaa gctataatac acagttttgg     65700
     cactagaagt gaatgacaag aaactagcaa actcaattct actaatttct gtcacatttt     65760
     aaccttataa tactaaaatt acattattta tactttctac tgaaatgact gacctgtaaa     65820
     actataataa atgaatataa taaacttcaa acttcaatag tatatttttg ctgcattttg     65880
     ttccttcatt cggtgttttt gttggtttat actaggtcag aactgattta cttcactcca     65940
     tttgacttta tggtttgtta ataacatgct tatgatctgt atagcattat acagtctgtc     66000
     ataacatgag gtcgtcttat taatgatctt aaacaggttt taacatagct gtaaataatg     66060
     cactcggaat gaagagtacg tttaaaatgt attacttaaa taacaaacat caacacttat     66120
     tttaaaagac atgctagcta catcctaatg acaatgtttt ggcactagaa ctgaatgact     66180
     aaactagcga actcaattcc gccgtattac taacattaag gctaaaatat aagcaaaact     66240
     tcattggctt tctcactcaa actcaataaa aacacaagtt cgtgtgcgta gcctacagta     66300
     tattatctga atattcagtg aacagacacc gcaagcgtcg tactgtacgt taactgagaa     66360
     acagacgtta caaccggcaa aaatgccgca tccgcactgc aactgtccct agcctttctg     66420
     ttaataaact ctcgttcaca caaactgaat aaagttcgga tcttacctgt tttagcgtga     66480
     aatcataaag ctcctataat catcatatgc cggatgtgtg atctataatt acagaaaaag     66540
     agaaaaactg aaccgcaaag atgagcgtga tgatccaaca tttgaacaga gtcacggaga     66600
     acagacacac acgtcacaga cagcgagtgt ttgtaatttg agcttaaacc ccgcctccct     66660
     ccttcttcac cctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     66720
     tctctcctct cagtttgtca gacatgacaa atgttacaaa tgtattgcca aagcatttat     66780
     aaagtgtact ttaaatatac attatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcacg     66840
     catatatata tgcactgtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     66900
     atatatatat atatatatat atatacataa atatatgtgc actgtattta ctgtaaattt     66960
     tctttttctt aaactctact attttttata tatatttttt atattaatgt taagcacctg     67020
     gggtctgaga gtaacgcaat ttcggttctc tgtatgtctt gtacatgtgg ctgaattgac     67080
     aataaagctg actttgactt tgactttgat atacatacac atgcatacat acatacatat     67140
     atacacacac acacatacat acatacatac atacatactc accggccact ttattaggta     67200
     catcatacta gtcccaggtt ggaccctcgt ttgccttcag aactgtctta atcctttatg     67260
     gcatagattc atcaagatac tggaaatatt cctcagagat tttgctccat attgacatta     67320
     tagcatcaca cagttgctgc aaatttgtca gctgcacatc catgatgcga atctcccgtt     67380
     ccaccacatc ccaaaggtgc tctattggat tgagttctgg tgactgtgga ggccatttga     67440
     gtgcagtgaa ctcattgtca tgttcaagaa accagtctga gatgattcgt gctttatgga     67500
     agtagccatc agaagatggg caaactgtgg tcatagaggg attgacatgg tcaccaatac     67560
     tcaggtagtc tgtggtgttg acatgatgct caattggtac taatgagccc aaagtgtgcc     67620
     aagaaaatat cccccacacc attacaccac cacaagcagc ctgaaccgtt gatacgaggc     67680
     aggatggatg ctttcatggt gttgacacca aattctgacc ctaccatccg catccgcata     67740
     gcctcagttc cctgttctgt tcttaatgaa tcagaataaa cggtacattt aacaaacatt     67800
     ttaggatgaa acagtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     67860
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     67920
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtaatataa tatataatca tcaatgcaac ataatcatca gtatatttac     67980
     atgattcatt tagattaatc taactttgtg tgtggtggag agtgtttgca ggggcatcat     68040
     tgatgttttt attggactcc tctctcattt ttggacaggc attattgtat tatgccgcta     68100
     gaacgataca atctgtcatt atttatttaa tcattttatt gtctaactca gtgaattgag     68160
     agtaaatgag ctgtaatctg gggtggaaag tttctctgat gtgttgatag ttctctctct     68220
     ctctctctct ctctctctat cactttcttt ctcactctca ctctcagttt gattagtatt     68280
     tacatcaggg caatttaaaa caatacagga aatcctctta tataggggag agcggggccc     68340
     aaagtaacac ttttttattt ggtcaaataa ggatcaaagt aatgggcata ttatggacta     68400
     tagaattatg atcgctgggc ccatggtttc tgtgcagtat tgccaaaagt gccagaagta     68460
     aaaatgttac gattttcccc actttccctc ttgaagaatg tctggtcaaa tattatttac     68520
     tgtcatcatg gcaaagataa aataaatcag tcttaagata tgagttatta atattattat     68580
     gtttagaaat gtgtttaaaa aaattaaaca gaaattagag caataaataa acaggagggc     68640
     taataattca ggggggctaa taattctgac ttcaactgta tatgcatgac taaatgttta     68700
     aaaacatata tttttattaa aattaaaaag tgtaatttac ttacatgaag tacataatgc     68760
     taataagtaa tgtgattcgt tgtgtgcagc tgaggtgatc tgacttcata agttcagtta     68820
     gtaaagttag tacggagaaa acacttctta aaatgaggtc aagcatgttt cgaaaggtaa     68880
     ataatgcagt aaataatgct ttttttgtta gttgttaaac agatataaaa aaaagtaaat     68940
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaatctaaa tattatctgc atgctctact cttttggttt cgcgtgtgtg     69000
     tacatagcat tccttcatga gcacatgctg caggccattt gaacacaatc ttgtaattcc     69060
     agctgaatct ccctctctct ctctctctct gctcaggctc tgtcgtgaac taaactctgc     69120
     ggcaaaaaac tggcaaattc agcattgcag attttgtcta ctagtgattt cactcttaga     69180
     agaactcaaa aaaccagata gtaaaagtat taccttatca tcataactta tcataaagat     69240
     cttaatagta aagtctgcaa tgacaatatg aagtgtgatt gcacattagt ctgaagagtt     69300
     tatgatgttt tttttagtgt gtgcctcatt tgtatctgca acatgggatt taaagctctg     69360
     ttaaaaggat agtctatgtc tgtttccaac attcctctaa atgtcatctt ctgggacatt     69420
     tgaaggggca gttcactcaa aaatgaaaat tcggtcatcg ttttccaaaa ctgtttgagt     69480
     tttattagac acaaaataat atattttgaa gaatgttgga aacttgtaac cattgacttc     69540
     cgtggtgcat ttatatattg aaaatcaatg catacccatt tccaacattc ctcaaactgt     69600
     cattgtttga tccactttaa gggacagttc acccaaaatg aaaaatctgt catctttttc     69660
     caaacctgct tgaatttctt tttcttattg gacacaaaag aagatatttt gaagaatgtt     69720
     ggaaacctgt aaccatggac ttccatggtg tattcatata ctgaaaatca acggatatca     69780
     atttccaaca tttctcaaaa tggcttcttt tctgtaccac ttataggggt ggttcaccca     69840
     aaaaggaaat ttctgtcctc ttttttccaa acctgtttga gtctcttttt cttattggac     69900
     aaagaataat atgttttgaa gaatgttgga aacctgtaac cgctgagttc cattgtgtat     69960
     tttttcctac aatgaaaatc aatggcaacc ggtttccaac atttcttaaa atatgatcat     70020
     ttaaaccact taaagggata cttcacccaa aaatgaaaat tatgtctcct ttttcaaaac     70080
     tgtttcagtt tccttttcct attggacaca aattaatata ttttaaagaa agttgtaagc     70140
     ttgtaaccac ggacttccat ggtgtattta tatattgaaa aacaatggat accaatttcc     70200
     aacattcttc aaaatgtcat cttctaaacc acttaaaggg acagttcacc caaaaagaaa     70260
     aaaatctgtc gtcatttacc aaacctgttt gagtttcttt ttcttattag acacaaaata     70320
     atatatttga agaatgttgg aaacctgtaa ccattgactt ccatggtgta ttcatatatt     70380
     gaaaatcagt gcatacccat ttccaacatt cctcaaaatg ttatcttcta aagcacttaa     70440
     aggtatagtt cgctcaaaaa agaaaaatct gacatcattc tccaaaacgg agtttctttt     70500
     tcttattaaa cacaaattaa tatattttaa agaatgttgg aaacctgtaa ccattgactt     70560
     tctatagtgt ataacaaacg gtttccaaaa ctcctcaaaa ggtcatcttc tgaaccactt     70620
     aaagggacag ttcacccaaa aagaaaaatt ctgtcatcct tttcaaacct gtttttagtt     70680
     tcattttctt attggacaca aaataatatg ttttgaagaa tgttggaaac ctgtaaccaa     70740
     tgacttctca tatacattgt atgtatcgct gtcaacattg ccaattttac attgtcctgt     70800
     tttttttttg ggagtatgtt gttgtatgtc gttgtatttt gcactgtctg gagccagcac     70860
     ctaagctttt cactcatctt agcacacgtg ctgctgatga tgtgacaata aaagtgattt     70920
     aagtaatttg atttgattct gttgtgtatt catacagtat attggaaatc aatgcatacc     70980
     ggtttccaac attccttaaa atggcatctt ctgaactatt tatagggaca gttcacccaa     71040
     aaaggaaagt tctgtcatcc ttttccaaac atgcttgttt tttttttaat ttttattaaa     71100
     cacaaaataa tatgttttca agaatgttgg aaacctgtaa ccattgactt ccatggtatg     71160
     ttaatatatt gaaattcagt gcataccgat ttccaacatt cctcaaaatg tcatcttctg     71220
     aagcacttta agggacagtt cactcaaaaa ggaaaaatct gacatcattc tccaaaactg     71280
     agtttctttt ttcttattaa acacaaatta atatatttta aagaatgttg gaaacctgta     71340
     accattcact tacctggtat attcatactg taaattgaaa atcaatggag agggatttcc     71400
     aacattccac aaaatgtcat cttctgaatc acttaaaggg acagttcact caaaaaggaa     71460
     aaatctgtca tccttttcca aacctgtttg agtttctttt tattaggcac aaaataatat     71520
     gttttgaaga atgttggaaa cctgtaacca ttgacttcca tagtgtattt ttctactatg     71580
     aaaatcaatg gctaataatt tccaaacaaa aaatgtcttt ttttttaacc tcttaaagcc     71640
     ggggtgctca accctgttcc aggagatcta ccttcctaca gagttcagct ccaaccctga     71700
     tcaaacacac ctgaaccaac taattagtac ctgaacggca ctgggtaatt acagacaggt     71760
     gtgtttgata agagttgcac ctgaaatctg caggaaggtt gatctccagg aacatggttg     71820
     agcacctctg tcttaaaggg atagttcact caaaatgaaa atgtactcta tttactcatc     71880
     ctcagatggt tccaaacctt tatgagtttc tttattttgc tgaacataag agaagttatt     71940
     ttaaagctag ctgaaaacct gtaaccattg tcttccaaag tagggaaaac aaatggaagg     72000
     caggtctcca gctttgttca aaatgtcttt gtttgtgttc aactaaagaa agaaactcat     72060
     aaaagtttgt gataagtaaa tcgtgagtaa atgatgataa aacagggttc aacactgacg     72120
     accttttata ctggcccgat ttgaccagcg gttcagattt ttacttgccc tgccaaaata     72180
     aataaataaa taaatagaaa atagcaattt cttagccaca tattttaaat aatgtgtcaa     72240
     aaataatgta tgtgaatcta gaattcaaat atttttaaaa tgttaaaaca tttagcagtg     72300
     aaatacagca gtatggaaaa tgtgcaggga ttttattgca aaacaaaagg tggctgactt     72360
     aaaagtgacg gaaaactatg caaaacgtca ctttattttt tcgttgtgtt gtacccatgt     72420
     aaatgtccaa cacaatctca cggcaattca taactttttg atttagtggc taattcgtat     72480
     gaattcgtac aatctaattg gtacaattta gtacgacttg ctcatccccc attgatggtt     72540
     gggtttaggg gtggggttag ctgccacgcc tcctttttaa aattgacaat ttcttacaac     72600
     tgaactcgta caaattcgta tgaattagac actaaactgg caaaacgtaa aatccttaag     72660
     ttttctcgtg agatcaggct gaaatgtctg tttccacaac gttaaaaaca gacgttttct     72720
     ttcagtctca taatttgatg ttgctgtcat gttacagtct cttcactgta ctggtttaaa     72780
     caaaattgtg gaaaaaaaaa acgtgctcac aacatccaat cagataaaag gaaccaaaaa     72840
     gcaatatggt gtttacgtct tcacaaaaaa ggtagcattc aaagacttaa aagcacaaat     72900
     tgttaataga ttttaagact gtttgcatgc aattgacaaa tagtcgcagg cagcactggc     72960
     ctgatcgggc cagtaacaat tctctctact gtcccgaaca tcttccacgc tggccccggg     73020
     ccatcaagca gtccttacgc cccattcaca cggggcttca gcgtcaacgc ttgacttaag     73080
     tcgtgtctga agctggggct gaagtgatcg tcatagaagc gtcagccaat gaaattcagt     73140
     cagcaatagg ccactgtcta gctggtgtat ttgaatacag cgatcttatt ggctgacgct     73200
     tccgtcaaaa taaaagttga gctagtccta acttctgcag tgagcaatgc ctctgaaacg     73260
     gcgccgacgg atccacaatg cagttcagca acgcctgacg tcacccattc aaagtgaacg     73320
     ggaagctttg acgctgaagc cccgtgtgaa tggggtgtta ttgttaagcc ctgcagaata     73380
     atttttttag ggggtaaact atccctttaa gtcatctaac agaaaagcac atccatcaga     73440
     gctagaaatt acttccaaaa tatgtctgca tcataattta aaataaatga attataataa     73500
     attatttaaa taaataaaaa tatatattaa aagcaatcac aaagaaacat ctcaattttc     73560
     ttgttgaatt gggaatattt gttatccttc ataaaaaaaa catgttttct gatgttttta     73620
     tacatatatc caaatctgtc atcattccac atatgcaaat atagtttaaa atacagcagt     73680
     ttcattggtt gttgtgcatg ttgatgcact gcaacaaatt acagacaaat agttcccaat     73740
     taaatttcac atcttgtttt tggccatgaa acccttccat gcttaagtaa tttgtgtttt     73800
     atttgtcatt cattcataca ttttccttcg gcttagtgcc ttatttatca ggggtcgcca     73860
     cagcagaatg aaccgccaat taatccagca tatgttttat gcagcggatg cccagccaat     73920
     ttagttcatc caattcacgt acaccacatg tttttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc     73980
     cataggaaac ccacaccaac accgggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgacaattg     74040
     acccagacaa gactcaaagc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgacagtgc taacaactga     74100
     gccacgtgcc gccccttcta tagaaaccta ccaatgttgt ctttaaatgt ttaatgaaac     74160
     ggtagctcct gtaacccgat agagagatct tgtaggctcc ctttacgcca gctacactga     74220
     atagtgcgtc agaataaaac cagatctctc acacaaagca tgaactgcag gatcaggcca     74280
     tgaatgttca ttgcgtgatc acataaagct ttcattgtgc cctcacacaa ctcgttccct     74340
     gtgagttgat gtgaatcagt cttgtgtatt tcattcagtt tatatgagtg attcagagca     74400
     tatacatgta gcactgttta cactacagct gcattagtaa gacttttgat tcgaaaagaa     74460
     actaaaactt gtttaaaaag cagtttatta taaatagagc actttatcct ctgaaaatgc     74520
     tgtgcaatgt gtttagattt gtcattttat tatggttatt tatatttatt tataatatag     74580
     tataataatc tttcgccctt cacctcaaaa gtaactacat ttaaagataa ttatattgct     74640
     tataaaagta tatgatattt atagacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa actaaaatag tcatggaatg     74700
     gcctgcacag tgtccagacc ttaatatact gtattgctag caatagccac tttattctaa     74760
     gatcagtgtt ttgtttatct taattttgtg tgcatattta ttttctatct ttttatatct     74820
     taatgcagag accagtctaa tatctggaag atcattaaaa cgtaaaaaaa aaaaaaacat     74880
     caaaacggtt gggggaccaa aacttttgca cagtactgta tatatcacca tttatacaaa     74940
     aataaataaa tcagtttttt tataaatcaa gcattttatc cactgagaat actgaaaaaa     75000
     catacagtac tgtgcaaaat gcgtttacat ttgtcattta aatatgatta tttttattta     75060
     taatatagta taataatctc tcgctcttca cctgaaaagt aacgacattt aaagataatt     75120
     atattgatta taaaattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     75180
     tatatatata aataaaacta aatcaatcat ggaatggcct ccacagtgtc cagaccttaa     75240
     aatactgtag ttttgctagc aggagccatt tgattctgaa atcagtgttt tgtttttctt     75300
     aattgtatgt gcacatgtct tttctatctg tttatatctt aatgcagaga ccagtctaat     75360
     atctggaaga tcattaagac tttgataaaa catcaaaact gttgggggac caagactttt     75420
     gcacagtact gtactgtgta tataattatt tttatcaaaa aataaaaata aattgagaaa     75480
     attccttaca aaccaagtac tttatcctgc gagaatgctg aaaaagcata cagtgctgtg     75540
     caaaatgtgt ttggatttgt cattttaata taactattta tatttatttt taatacagta     75600
     tattaatttc tcgatcttca cctgaaaagt aacgacattt aaagataatt acattgatta     75660
     taaaagtata agatatttat agacaaaaaa acaactacaa ctgtcatgga atggcctgca     75720
     cagtgtccag accctaatat actatagtat tactttttaa ttctaaaaac agtgttttgg     75780
     ttctcctagt tttgtgtgca tatttctttt ctatctgttt atatcctaat gcagagaaca     75840
     gtctaatatc tggaagatca ttaaaacttt aataaaacac caaccctgtt gggggaccaa     75900
     aacttttgta caggactgta tatatatcac catttataca aaaataaata aatcagtttt     75960
     tttataaatc aagcatttta tccactgaga atactgaaaa aacatacagt actgtgcaaa     76020
     atgcgtttag atttgtcatt ttaatatgat tatttttatt tataatatag tataataatc     76080
     tctcgctctt cacctgaaaa gtaacgacat ttaaagataa ttatattgat tataaaatta     76140
     tatgatatat atatatatat atatatatat aaaactaaat caatcatgga atggcctcca     76200
     cagtgtccag accttaatat accgtagttt tgctagcagg agctcatttt tattctgaaa     76260
     tcagcgtttt tgttcttaat tttgtgtgga tatttctttt ctatctgttt atatcttaat     76320
     gcagagacca gtttaatatc gggaaggtca tgaaaacttt gataaaacac caaaactgtt     76380
     gggggaccaa aacttttgca cagtactgta tatatcacca ttcaccattt agacaaaaat     76440
     aaataaacaa attcgaacaa ttctcttagg accacaatga agactggact ggacactttc     76500
     ccagtgtttg tggctgcaag ggcatccact gggcaaaaca tatgctggat gacccctgat     76560
     aaataaaaga ctaagctgaa agaaaataaa tgaatgagta aataactgaa ctacatattt     76620
     tataaactac atgttgttat ctttgctcta tattgtttcg ttgttatgac atttttaaag     76680
     tgtaagaaaa ttgattattt gactttattt tatatagaag tctcaatttt ggcagaatta     76740
     gaatctaaac acttgttatt agctaattgt tattataatt gtgcctgtca taggctacat     76800
     tacagcaaat gattcattaa ctacaggatg aattttacat tatttgttaa aatacccatt     76860
     gcattgtgtt ttattaacac ctgcccttac tcaaccctaa accaaaccat aacaataacg     76920
     tacaaatagt aattattgtg cagtatcaca atgttagcct atatcgaagt gccttcaagt     76980
     attcgcttat tgatgtgagc acacccaaca agtagtcgca gctgtatccc ttccctacta     77040
     aacgtttctc tcatatttcc aatagtgttt cacaggactt ctgtatgacg tttttcccca     77100
     actaatagct gttacaggtg cggttcatca ctactgtaac ccataatctc tgttaaacct     77160
     gggttcaaca agcaattgtc acaaggtgct aatggattcc cgatgctagc tatagggatc     77220
     gattaatatg ctaattagag acagttctgg acattccagg aacagggtgt ttctgtctgg     77280
     agtttcctac acctgtaata cacatctggg acatttacct cactagaaac acacttttcc     77340
     actacacagg cttggctatt actctgtgct catgtaatgt cgtagtatcg tcacgtttgg     77400
     tcgcagtttc tcttttggca aaacactaaa tgtcgacgtt acaacccaaa taaaaattac     77460
     tataatggtt tatagtaaat accactgctt ttttgaacca aaggctactg taagttattg     77520
     ttattgagtg gtacagcata gacaaactgt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agtttagcgt     77580
     gcttactgca gtaaaactgt gaaaatgtag tttgggtaac ttgtttatac tagttgttgt     77640
     attaccatag taattgccct agcaggtcaa ttctactata gtagcctagc tattgaggtt     77700
     tcaaaatgaa taggaacaca agattgcaga ctcacactgt gcatttcctg aagtgataaa     77760
     acattaatac tgctacattg ttaagttttt gcttgtttat ttatttattt tacagtgtaa     77820
     aaattattaa actttagtca gacaagagta ttattaattt ttttttaatt cagacaactc     77880
     ttttttttat tttcttctgc gtttgtagaa tgtaaaaatt tgtattaaat aataatcatt     77940
     attgtataat aacaaaaagg tctaattaca ctcaccggcc actttattag gtacacctta     78000
     ctagtagcgg gttggatcct cttttgcctt cagaactgac ttaatccttt gtggcataga     78060
     ttcaacaagg tactggaaat attcctcaga gattttgctc cataatgaca tgttagcatc     78120
     acacagttgc agcagatttg tcggctgcac atccatgatg tgaatctccc gttccaccac     78180
     atcccaaagg tgctctattg gattgagttt tggtgacagt gagtacagtg aactcgtcgt     78240
     gtttaagaaa ccagtctgat attattcagg ctttatgata tggcacgtta tccggttgga     78300
     agtagccatc agaagatgtg tacactgtgg tcataaaggg atggacatgg tcagaaacaa     78360
     tactcaggta ggctgtggcg ttgacatgat gctcaattgg tactaatggg cccaaagtgt     78420
     gccaagaaaa tatcctccac accattacac caccacaacc agcctgaacc attgatacaa     78480
     ggccggatgg atccatgctt taaatttgtt gacgccaaat tctgacccga ccatccaaat     78540
     gtcacagcag atatcgagac tcatcagacc aggcaatgtt tctccaatct gctattgtcc     78600
     agttttggtg aacctgtgtg aattgtagcc tcagtttcct gttcttagct gaaaggagtg     78660
     gcacccggtg tggtcttctg ctgctgtagc ccatccgcct caaggttgaa cgtgttgtgt     78720
     gttcagagat gctcttctgc agacctcgct tgtagcgagt ggctattcga gttgctgttg     78780
     cctttctatt agctggaacc aatctggcca ttctcctctg acctctggca tcaacaaggc     78840
     atttgtgcaa acagatctgc cactcactgg atgttttctc ttttttgaaa cattctctgt     78900
     aaaccttaga tatggttgtg cttgaaaatc cctgtagatc agcagtttct gaaatactca     78960
     gaccagcccg tctggcagca acaaccatgc cacgttcaaa gtcacttaaa tcatctttct     79020
     tccccattct gatgctcaat ttgatctgca gcagatcgtc ttgaccatgt ctgcatgcct     79080
     aaataaattg agttactccc atgtgattgg ctgattagaa ttttgcatga acaaccagtt     79140
     ggacaggtgt acctcaaagt catttgttta tattagtata tttgttgttg tgttaccaca     79200
     gcaactatac aattaccaca gcagattaat ccaatttctt cacgagtata tggttcaaga     79260
     aaattcacaa attacagtat ttggacaaat aggcgacgcg gtggcacagt gggtagcacg     79320
     ttcacctcac agcaagaagg tcgctggttc aagcctcagc tgggtcagct ggtatttctg     79380
     tgtggagttc gcatgttctc cccgtgtttg catgggtttc ctccgtgtgc tccggtttcc     79440
     ccaacaagtc caaacacgtg gtacaggtga attgggtatg ctaaaattta ccgtagagtg     79500
     tgtgtgtttc ccattgatgg gctgcggctg gaagggcatc cgttgtgtaa aaacatatgc     79560
     tggataagtt ggcggttcat tccgctccgg cgaccccaga ttaataaagg gactaagccg     79620
     acatgagaat gaattaatgg acaaataaaa atagatattt aaattgtctt ttttaaataa     79680
     agcaatataa taatgcatta aaaaattacc tttaaatgta taaataaatg tgttacaagt     79740
     tctataattt ctaatattca atctaaaacg atttattaat aggtgttttt tattgtttta     79800
     ttaatcagcg ttttaaaata gaaattaaaa aatataaaat tgtctatttc attaatttcc     79860
     cttgcgctta gttccttatt tatcaggggt ttccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaactattc     79920
     cagcaaatat tttacgcagc gaatgctctt ccagccgcaa cccagtactg ggaaacaccc     79980
     acacattaat atcactatag acaattaagt taatccaatt caccgatagt gcatgtgctt     80040
     gaactgtggg gggaaactga agaaaaccca cgccaacacg gacagaacat gcaaactcca     80100
     cacagaaatg cctcttgctg tgagcagcag tgctaaccac tgagccactt atttatttaa     80160
     ttaattcaat tattaaattg atattgtgat acttgaattt atttctaacc agcactcctg     80220
     ctcctccata ttccttcatg tgagtttgct gtgtactgaa acctaagcgg tgtcttgttt     80280
     ggtttctaat gaacttcctg cccccgagtg actcatttga gagcgatcgt gtgtgaacgt     80340
     gtttgtaaat gacgaagcga agcctattgg gttctggcat cggtgaaatg tttaattaca     80400
     aagaaaccca cagtgacaaa ataggacaaa cggtgtgaaa taagcacaag gactgttaca     80460
     ggacccgcag agtggcttct cttcttcttt taaaatactg taatagattt aatttaaatg     80520
     aggcggcacg tgccaaatga agaaaataac aacagacaaa atacttataa aaatatgcca     80580
     ttagattcat atgaacaatc gtggaccgtg agagcactat gtacagagaa aggcaatata     80640
     taccaaaata tttacaataa acattgatgc tgtctttcac tagaatgggc ttacaacagt     80700
     aagactccac aatcatcact ggctgattta gatatctcga ttaaaaagcg aactaatggt     80760
     ttatgaaaat atgattctcc tgttcataag aagtcacgct ttcatagctc tgacatcaca     80820
     tccttcaggt cattgggtgt gtttttgtga ctgattcact tctttccaga cagacaaaag     80880
     gcagctggaa tagctcactg aacagtaagt cttcacaggc agagcggttt agtagtttat     80940
     aatgcagatg aagggctgaa acccgtctga cttcattctg tacgtcatca cctataaaca     81000
     cacactcata aacatcagaa tatatctaac tctgttggtc aaatcgatgc aggatcatca     81060
     tttaagaagc aacgcagttc cctttcctga atcatcatgg ccatgaaaac aatcattgaa     81120
     ataacaacct gtaaagcagg ggtgtccaaa cccggttctg gagggtcggt gtcctgcata     81180
     gtttagctcc aacttgcctc aacacacctg caaggatgtt tctggaaagc ctagtaagag     81240
     cttgactagc tagcccaggt gtgtctgact ggggttggaa ctaaaaattg caggacaccg     81300
     gccctctagg attaagtttg ggcacccatg atgtaaaaca taggtgtcaa agtcaactcc     81360
     tggagggcag cagctctgca cagctttgct tcaaccctta tcaaacacag ctgatgcaac     81420
     caatcaaggt gtttaagaga atctcgatta tttagatcag ctgtgtttga ttaaggctgg     81480
     agcaaaactg tgcagagctg cgaccctcca ggagttgact ttgacaccta atgtaaagca     81540
     ggggtgcact aactcggtct tggaaggctg gtgtcctgca tattttagtt ctaacccaat     81600
     taaacacatc tgaaccagct tatcaaactc tttctaggta cactaaaact tccaggcagg     81660
     tgtgttgaag gaagttggag ccaaactatg caggacaccg gacttccagt acgaggtttg     81720
     gacagcccgg ctgtaaagaa atatgtccag gttatatttc attctgaaaa ggttattttg     81780
     atagatgctt ttttaggtca gggaagaatg aaaatgcagt gaagtgattt aaaaaaaata     81840
     gctgatgtga ttaaatttac ctggaaataa cgaacatgaa gtacatgatg taagtgagat     81900
     tgtttgttat tttaccacta catttttata tatttagatt tttagggtga aataacccat     81960
     tattttcacc ttaaaataat atttaaaaaa attatccata ttttttttaa cattattctc     82020
     acagcaacac accacagttt ccccaaatta gacttaccaa gtttatatat atatatatat     82080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     82140
     atatatatat atatatatat attttttttt ttaatatata tatatttgta atttgtattc     82200
     aattttatat agctgcctgg aaagaatgaa acttgcatta cattataaat caaattagat     82260
     ttgtttaatc taatgagatt aaaatgaggg aactatattt aagggtcaat cagatgtaat     82320
     agaaaagcat atttttttca aaaataatta gccttcagct tcatttcaaa gtattattgt     82380
     cacaacattg caatttaata ccaatcaata ctaaagtttg aaaaatgtcc atttcctgct     82440
     gagcttaaac agcaatgatt caccattatg tttaggtgct caacagaaat gactatgatt     82500
     ggctgtgaag gggtcaccag ttcaccgaac ccaccgctgt ttactgagtg taaacacaga     82560
     tacatagatc agctggtttg tctataaatc actttaaatc acttttgtct atgaatcacg     82620
     gctttaaaat gctccagtgt ccctgtatct gttgttacac tcagtaaaca gcggtgagtt     82680
     cggtgaactg atgaccttca cggccaatca tagtcatttc tgttgagcat gtcaacacaa     82740
     tggaaaatca gcgctgttta agaacacact caaatgttag cgtgaaataa acatttttaa     82800
     aatttcagta tcaattagta tcaaattcca gtatcatgtc aaccctattt caaagtacgc     82860
     cattattaga gggaaatctg cttaattgtg ctgaaaataa tgcagatctt aatgcaaaac     82920
     tattttaaat gttagtttat tttgatttta agaatgaaat ataacctgga tgtttcatca     82980
     cgctttaatc tttgaatgat ctcacgaatg caaccctacc caacgtcaaa acctttcagc     83040
     agaaaaaaaa acaagccccg ccagactacg ctttatttat aaattaagtg ctatgtaaaa     83100
     aaaaaagacg taactaaaaa tgaaaaacat aaatactgta caaaacgatt tcttttgtca     83160
     caatacctct atatggaatg tcattgcagt attttaacat aacatagtga agacgtaatc     83220
     tttttttata cataaacatg attcaataaa cgaaagaata aagtgataat gtgtaataac     83280
     tctgacggtg agtttgttga ttattggagt gttagagtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgatata     83340
     gcggttttgt aggtactcta gccttatatt gcacattggt tacgtaagaa taactctcgg     83400
     cacaaataga gagctttaac aaaaacaaaa acttcattct ccaatgaaat cacagtcttt     83460
     ctagaccagt agttgaccat atagtgtgcg gactgacctc tacgatgaaa aaaccccccc     83520
     ctctttaacg ttcattaccc gaaatcctcc ctgcttcagc atttaaacca atttatatta     83580
     tgtaaattta cattaatgta aattcgaacc gtctctcgat caattctttt ctctttcctc     83640
     cgcttttcca aacgtacacg atatcaaaag cgcccacagg aaacatcaca ttgcaaagcg     83700
     cgatcgatat tttacaccat ttacgaaata cacaacgtag cgtaatttgt cgacatctta     83760
     caagcgcatc accagagaac agaaaggggg tggggttttg gggtgaagtg catgggcgtg     83820
     tccagcagct tgtacgtaga ggaggcgggg cttttgttag acacgccaca gcaataggtg     83880
     gttggtgctg tcgtcccgcc ccaccgtctc gctgctattg gtcagtctga agtcttcata     83940
     gccatcgccg ccgctgatga ccagcaggtt ggatttggtg gggaggaggg tggaggcgcg     84000
     tcgtctggct gaatctcgcc tctgtaggcc tcccgtgccg ctgtctgagc tgttctgtga     84060
     tgctacaata ttaacacaca catatggttg ataaaatgtc tagtcaaata ttatttactg     84120
     tcatcatggc aaagataaaa acaatcagtt attaaagatg agctattaaa actattatgt     84180
     ttagaaatgt gttgaaaaca tctcgttaaa cagaaagtgg ggaaacaaat atacaagggg     84240
     gctaataatt cagaagtaga gatctgcgcg ggactaaatt ttgaatcccg cccgcacccg     84300
     tcaggtttta gcccgaaccc gaccgctccc gcttatatta agaatatgtt gtcccgctgc     84360
     ccgacccgcc ccattttctg cccgccgcgc ccgatcccgc taaagagcgg gggagaacaa     84420
     aaccgaaaat cgcccagcta tacagtcaag ctgtctgtat aaacacacac acagcaccaa     84480
     gcacacacac agacaaagct ctctctcatt cgcatagcaa tatccgcgat attgctagac     84540
     agcccgctcc tgtcccaaat taaacccgtt accgaccgct cccgcgattt atttgtaaat     84600
     ttattcggga atgcagacct ctattcagaa gggctaataa tactgacttc aactgtacat     84660
     cacatgactt taggtaaata taaaccttta ggtaaaaata aaatatttag gtgaatataa     84720
     aataaaataa taaataataa taataataat aaaataaaaa taataaattt tataaatatt     84780
     ataaattaat aataaaaata aacactagta tcatctaaaa tatcttctta aatagtcata     84840
     gattcaactt tttttcttta tctttaatgt aaacaaagcg aaccactttt ttccaagtgt     84900
     gttttactgt cgatacgtag cagctaatgt ctcagaggaa ttttaaaaat attgcattgt     84960
     cataattatg tttagccctt ttcatccttc aaggcacacg gggcatatca tttttaactt     85020
     ttaaaagcat attttaattt aaacatcgac gctttatttt tatttgtttg tttgtttttt     85080
     acacataagc acagtacagt gttaacgttc aaactattta taatgtttaa agtggctgac     85140
     aataaatatt gttaataata ggaatgaatc tggctcgttt ttaaactgtg cagtgctgta     85200
     gctgcttcat cgggccaact acgctactgt atttcaatac tggtcattat ggtggtagtt     85260
     ggagagacag atcttttctg acatagtact tgatgaaaaa gtttgagaac cactgctata     85320
     gaaaatatta atttaaatga gagatttgta aggggtgttc tcatattcgt taagcactgt     85380
     atctatggga actattgtat gaattcaata aaagcattac cataatacaa ctatgcactc     85440
     aaaaaatgtg cacccagtga ttcaaaagtt gtattctgat agcagtggcg tacacacagc     85500
     aatacacgca gcaagactgg tgacagagtg gtttgatgaa catggcctgc accatcaccc     85560
     gatccaaata ttattgagcc actttggggt gtttgtgagg agcgagtccg gaaaggtttt     85620
     gctctaccag catcacagag tgacctgaac actattctgc aagaagaatg ttttaaaatc     85680
     ctgtgcagga ctggtatctg tcattcccaa gacaaactaa tgctgtatcg accgcaaatg     85740
     gatgctgtac atcataataa tgaactattg tggtgtaaaa ccatgcgttt cagtttaatt     85800
     ttccaaccct tgcaggaaga gtaataattt aaatgcaatc acataattat taaggcaact     85860
     tactataaaa tgggacccat ttctgcaatg cacatgtaat cagcatgtcg tgtttattta     85920
     ttgagtagcg cacctgactc tgctggcgga ggaaaagaca cgtcgaatcc ctctggcagc     85980
     tcgatgcagg tcagaaagcg cacatgtcca gtgtgtccgt gagcagagcc catggggatc     86040
     agcgggacac gcagagatcc agatcctgtg ctggaggaca ccggcgggac caccagagtc     86100
     aacaccaccc ctgcactggt gccgatccac agcagatcct tacaggccag aagagctgtg     86160
     atccgcaaac acgccgcctt gtgctgacgt ataatagcat cagagcctag cagagcaagt     86220
     cacacagcga catatgagtt tattattaac ctaaaggtca ctaatagcac aacaattcac     86280
     atttgaaacc gtgttaaaag gacagttcac cgctaagaat taaaaatata ctgataatag     86340
     catcgattgt tattctaatt gttgtaccgt tatattaata ttctggcatc tttataaata     86400
     aaacgtcact atacagtacc tgctagcatc ttgtgaacgg ctggagcgac gtcgacctca     86460
     gtgagactct cgtatgtgga ggagtgatag agacgcacct gagcgctgcc ctgcagagcg     86520
     atccagacac ctttaccaaa acacaccata ctggtcacgc agcgcccgct gtcctgaccc     86580
     acctgaaacc agtgctggac aacacaaaca catctattta cttaatatat atttttaaac     86640
     tattcacttc aataaacact ggatataatc atctttttta atataaatgt catttatgtt     86700
     attacacggc tgactagaat actcgattct gattggtcag ttaagacatt ccaagataag     86760
     ttattcccag ataacggctc aacaacacag gatcatcatg gtactttgaa gcaccttgac     86820
     cgtcaatgaa gacgttcaaa tgtatatata ctgatatcca caatcatatg tatctgcttg     86880
     tccgtaacac tatggtttct gactgtttgg tgccctctta atgaatgaat aatcgttttg     86940
     gttctgtcag ctttgtgttt tttgactgtt tagtgcaata tgtgacaata atgtgcaggt     87000
     tagtgtatac tccatcagct gttttcgttt ctgtcagctt tgagtttttt gactgtttgg     87060
     cgccatcttg tgtctgaata atgcacaggt tagtgtatac tccatcggct gttttcgttt     87120
     ctgtcagctt tgtgtttttt gactgtttgg tgccatatgt gacaataatg tgcaggttag     87180
     tgtatactcc atcagctgtt ttcgtttctg tcagctttga gttttttgac tgtttggcgc     87240
     catcttgtgt ctgaataatg cacaggttag tgtatactcc atcggctgtt ttcgtttctg     87300
     tcagctttgt gtttttttga ctgtttggtg ccatcttgtg tctgaataat gctcaggtta     87360
     ttgtatactc catcggctgt tttcgtttct gtcagctttg tgttttttga ctgtttgccg     87420
     ccatcttgtg tctgaataat gcacaggtta gtgtatactc catcgtctgt tttcgtttct     87480
     gtcagctttg tgttttttga ctgtttgccg ccatcttgtg actgaataat gcacaggtta     87540
     gtgtatactc catcggctgt tttcgtttct gtcagctttg tgtttttttg actgtttggt     87600
     gccatcttgt gactgaataa tgcacaggtt agtgtatact ccatcgtctg ttttcgtttc     87660
     tgtcagcttt gtgttttttt gactgtttgg tgccatcttg tgtctgaata atgcacaggt     87720
     tagtgtatac tccatcggct gttttcgttt ctgtcagctt tgtgtttttt tgactgtttg     87780
     gtgccatctt gtgtctgaat aatgctcagg ttattgtata ctccatcggc tgttttcgtt     87840
     tctgtcagct ttgtgttttt tgactgtttg ccgccatctt gtgtctgaat aatgcacagg     87900
     ttagtgtata ctccatcgtc tgttttcgtt tctgtcagct ttgtgttttt tgactgtttg     87960
     gcaccatctt gtgtctgaat aatgcacagg ttagtgtata ctccatcggt tgttttcgtt     88020
     tctgtcagct ttgtgttttt tgactgtttg ccgccatctt gtgtctgaat aatgcacagg     88080
     ttagtgtata ctccatcggc tgttttcgtt tctgtcagct ttgtgttttt tgactgtttg     88140
     gcgccatatt gtgtctgaat aatgcgcagg ttagtgtata ctccatcagc tcttttagtt     88200
     tctgtcagct ttgagttttt gactgtttgg cgccatcttg tgtctgaata atgcacaggt     88260
     tagtgtatac tccatcagct cttttagttt ctgtcagctt tgagtttttg actgtttggc     88320
     gccatattgt gtctgaataa tgcacaggtt agtgtatact ccatcagctg ttttcgtttc     88380
     tgtcagcttt gtgttttttg actgtttgcc gccatcttgt gtctgaataa tgcacaggtt     88440
     agtgtatact ccatcggctg ttttcgtttc tgtcagcttt gtgttttttg actgtttggt     88500
     gccatatgtg acaataatgt gcaggttagt gtatactcca tcagctgttt tcgtttctgt     88560
     cagctttgag ttttttgact gtttggcgcc atcttgtgtc tgaataatgc acaggttagt     88620
     gtatactcca tcagctgttt tcgtttctgt cagctttgag ttttttgact gtttggcgcc     88680
     atcttgtgtc tgaataatgc acaggttagt gtatactcca tcagctgttt tcgtttctgt     88740
     cagctttgag ttttttgact gtttggcgcc atcttgtgtc tgaataatgc acaggttagt     88800
     gtatactcca tcggctgttt tcgtttctgt cagctttgtg tttttttgac tgtttggtgc     88860
     catcttgtgt ctgaataatg ctcaggttat tgtatactcc atcggctgtt ttcgtttctg     88920
     tcagctttgt gttttttgac tgtttgccgc catcttgtgt ctgaataatg cacaggttag     88980
     tgtatactcc atcgtctgtt ttcgtttctg tcagctttgt gttttttgac tgtttgccgc     89040
     catcttgtga ctgaataatg cacaggttag tgtatactcc atcggctgtt ttcgtttctg     89100
     tcagctttgt gtttttttga ctgtttggtg ccatcttgtg actgaataat gcacaggtta     89160
     gtgtatactc catcgtctgt tttcgtttct gtcagctttg tgtttttttg actgtttggt     89220
     gccatcttgt gtctgaataa tgcacaggtt agtgtatact ccatcggctg ttttcgtttc     89280
     tgtcagcttt gtgttttttt gactgtttgg tgccatcttg tgtctgaata atgctcaggt     89340
     tattgtatac tccatcggct gttttcgttt ctgtcagctt tgtgtttttt gactgtttgc     89400
     cgccatcttg tgtctgaata atgcacaggt tagtgtatac tccatcgtct gttttcgttt     89460
     ctgtcagctt tgtgtttttt gactgtttgc cgccatcttg tgtctgaata atgcacaggt     89520
     tagtgtatac tccatcgtct gttttcgttt ctgtcagctt tgtgtttttt gactgtttgg     89580
     caccatcttg tgtctgaata atgcacaggt tagtgtatac tccatcggtt gttttcgttt     89640
     ctgtcagctt tgtgtttttt gactgtttgc cgccatcttg tgtctgaata atgcacaggt     89700
     tagtgtatac tccatcggct gttttcgttt ctgtcagctt tgtgtttttt gactgtttgg     89760
     tgccatatgt gacaataatg tgcaggttag tgtatactcc atcagctctt ttagtttctg     89820
     tcagctttga gtttttgact gtttggcgcc atattgtgtc tgaataatgc acaggttagt     89880
     gtatactcca tcagctgttt tcgtttctgt cagctttgag ttttttgact gtttggcgcc     89940
     atcttgtgtc tgaataatgc acaggttagt gtatactcca tcggctgttt tcgtttctgt     90000
     cagctttgtg ttttttgact gtttgccgcc atcttgtgtc tgaataatgc acaggttagt     90060
     gtatactcca tcgtctgttt tcgtttctgt cagctttgtg ttttttgact gtttggtgcc     90120
     atcttgtgtc tgaataatgc tcaggttatt gtatactcca tcagctgttt tagtttttgt     90180
     cagctttgtg ttttttgact gtttgccgcc atcttgtgac taaatattgc acaggttagt     90240
     gtatactcca tcggctgttt tcgtttctgt cagctttgtg tttttttgac tgtttgccgc     90300
     catcttgtgt ctgaataatg cacaggttag tgtatactcc atcggctgtt ttagtttttg     90360
     tcagctttgt gttttttgac tgtttggcgc catcttgtga ctgaataatg cacaggttag     90420
     tgtatactcc atcagctgtt ttagtttctg tcagctttcc atttttgact gtttggtgcc     90480
     atcttgtgtc tgaataatgc ataggttagt gtatactcca tcagctgttt tagtttctgt     90540
     cagctttcca tttttgactg tttggtgcca tcttgtgtct gaataatgca taggttagtg     90600
     tattctccat cagctgtttt agtttctgtc agcgttgtgt ttaattaaat aattaataaa     90660
     ctattacatt tcagaacaat gttttatgta aaatctatat gttttgtggc aaacagctgt     90720
     gtaataagca gtaggaacag ctgatttgca gaataagttt tagttttata caacaatgct     90780
     ctgcttcacg atggactgcc aataaaacta tcaggcttta ttctgtgata acaacctccc     90840
     agatgtactt aatccgaaac ttaatcatat cagctaaata taataatatc agcttttact     90900
     aaatagaatc atcttttaca gcaaattgtt gtcattagtg tctaacctct tgtgttaaag     90960
     tgctggtgtt gatgataagg atgcggttct gacagccaca ccacagtttt cccgccacag     91020
     gaaccatttt agtcacaggt ccgcttggag acccgagaca cagagtctga gagctctgag     91080
     gatcccagaa actccctatg acacagaaaa aacacatgcg cagataaaga cttaaatatt     91140
     agagaaattg ttattctttt ttcaaacatt tctcaagtgc tgtttaacag agcaagacat     91200
     tttattcaca ctatttccta ttacagtata ttttattttg gagaaagtct catttttttg     91260
     tgtttgccta aaaaaattag atttttttta aactgcttag gtaaattgta ttatccccct     91320
     tattaaacag tttttcagat tggctacaaa acaaatcact gttgtccaat gacttgctta     91380
     attaacctaa cttgcctagt taacctaatc tagttaatcc tttaaattgc tgaatacaaa     91440
     catcttgcaa aaaataagta aataaaatat tatgtactgt tatcctggca aaatataatt     91500
     aaaaactaat tattaacaat atttttaggg atgcaataca ctggtgatca ttaggggtgt     91560
     caaaattaat tgtttcttcg atgctccgca atgcagatgg gaacaattcg gtatcggttc     91620
     agtaataatc ataaccagtt ctcatgtact gacgtcattt attacatatg cgttatatgg     91680
     cagtagcttc ataaaggagg agaccacgag taattaaaat gctccaactt gtgagtcttt     91740
     actgaaaggg aagtacataa gaactcagct agaaaagtaa aagctgtata ctgcctctct     91800
     ctcgctctct ctatgaccac tttgacgtgt tggcgtgttc gtgaggtgac gttttatctc     91860
     ctctctcggc tcttacaaca ataacgttac atgtggatcc agacacaagc ttgtccgcac     91920
     agtgagtttt ctccaccgcg tcgcagtcca gccgttatca acaatgtccg tgtcactgtc     91980
     tgctgaagca gtgctggcca ttcaagccaa tcgcaattga gcacttgatc aatcataggt     92040
     gttgaagaac tcgcttaaca tcgctcaaaa agcaagtggg ataatattta tattttttaa     92100
     tttgctataa atgctcttgt tgttctgtgc atgtagttta gttttgttag atacatctag     92160
     aaagagtgtt ttctttgagc aggtcaaata aaggtacagt tcacttcttg tattaaagga     92220
     caaaattgta ttaaaaataa tatatacagt tgaagtcaga attattagcc tccttttgat     92280
     ttgatttgat ttttttaata tttcccaaat gatgtttaac agagctagga aatattcaca     92340
     gtaagtctga tcatattttt tcttctgaaa aatcattttt tttttttggc tagattaaaa     92400
     gcagttatta atttaaaaac catttttggg ataaaattat tagccccttt aagctatttt     92460
     tttttttcaa tagtctacag aacaaaccat cattatacaa taacttgcct aattacccta     92520
     acctgcctaa ttaacctaat taacctagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt aagctgtata     92580
     gaagtgtctt gaaaaatatc tagtaaaata ttatttactg tcatcatggc aaagataaaa     92640
     taaatcagtt aatagaaata agtttttaaa actattatgc ttagaaatgt gctgaaacaa     92700
     tcttccttcc attaaacaga aattggggaa aaaaaataaa caggggtgct aataataaag     92760
     ggggctaata attctgactt caactgtaca tatatttata aattctgaaa tttaaaacaa     92820
     gatttattgt gttgctaagt aaaatataaa attgtgtatg gaaagcatcg tcaatgcacc     92880
     aagatatcga attgaactaa tcgatggcat gataatcata actaaaccga attgtgagac     92940
     cagtgtaggt tcacacccct tgtggtcata ttgatatagg ctgataaatt atattcttaa     93000
     tgtcatcatt attggtttga taacaaaatt aggctgatag cttaagccga taaattatgt     93060
     attatttccg ctgattgaac cacttctcat gccagttaca attattgtac tggtgttttg     93120
     attttgttaa tgtgatttgt ttgctttatt gatgcttttt tttttgttaa gctctatatt     93180
     ttatttacat aacagaaagt tagccacaaa aaagaatagt tgattaataa tgttcagaga     93240
     tccgttcaaa cttttctgaa ggtaaggttt taaaataaaa tcagctgttt aatgtttgtg     93300
     cttgcaatca tgcagaaaca ttagtaaaat cggctaactt attagtatat cggcaagtta     93360
     tcggtatcag tcaaaaatgt tatatttgta aatcccttac tattatgttt aaaaatgtat     93420
     taaaaatatc tctgttaaac atcacctaga aaatatttta aaaaactaat ttgaataata     93480
     atatttttgt cagtcatatc agctgtaatg gaatgattgt gagcttacct gcctcccgct     93540
     gatacacaat aacctctccg tttgccagag acacaaacac tttattgtca agatacctgg     93600
     gaataacaat aataataata acaatataat aataataaca ataataataa aaaatcactg     93660
     agtctccatg ctgaaagtgt attgatcata gaggagagag tctgcttaca ggatacaaag     93720
     gactgaagcc gagtgttgca tcttcatact gttcttccgg tttctgatgt tgtctgatga     93780
     ctggtacaca tggatgctga aagaaaacag acagatttta ataggagtta tttctgtact     93840
     gcttattttt ggtaaatcac aaacataatt tacgctgctg tttggatata ttacttcaac     93900
     acatttatag cgttatggta cagtgtaaat gatatctgct aagtacagtt tccgcatttt     93960
     ataagtgctt tctttttatt tacagttgtg aattgcatta agggatgttg atctccgctc     94020
     tgtcgacttc tgatgttgaa aattcaactc tacaggttaa tgaagtgatt gttgttttag     94080
     aagtttagaa taatataatg tataagaaat aatatataga gaaataagta tgtaaaataa     94140
     cagaaaatgt attggcggtt tattacaagg tttttgtagc gtaatataca acaccaaccc     94200
     agacaataaa aattgaagct attaaaaatg aaaaaggcac cttttccatc ttttcaagtt     94260
     taaaggttgt tggagaaaat atcaatatcc cataatgcaa ttcacaagca aaaataaagg     94320
     ggaacatttt taaaataaaa acatgtatca caaaatatga aaaacagctc atttacattt     94380
     ccccccatag ttaacaaaat gttaagtcaa aaatggacaa ttttttgggt ttgtcatatt     94440
     tgtcccaaca ttgtgttaca acaacgcagc atgttttaga ttgaaagctg acatctttaa     94500
     aaaatactgg gttattataa cataacgttg ggtctaataa ggacaaactc atcttaggga     94560
     attttgtttt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     94620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaccctt tttaacccta     94680
     aatttgggtt tgcccatatt caacccaaag ttgggttgca acaacccagc attttttata     94740
     atgttgagtt tatttttaat gtttttggga gtctttgggg attaaaaatg cagagaaatg     94800
     aaatgaaaat ttggtttgtt tttattttca tttcatcaca caagcagaca gaaatcatat     94860
     tagaaataag gtcatctgat catcatcgat gatgagttaa aaagagtggc aacacagtgg     94920
     ctcagtggtt agcactgttg ccttacagca agaaggtcac tggttcgagt cttggctggg     94980
     tcagttggca tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccctg tgttggcgtt ggttttctct     95040
     gggtgctccg gtttccccca cagtccaaac acatgcgcta taggggaatt gaataaagta     95100
     aattggcact agtgtttgtg tgtgaatgag tgtctatgag tgtttcccag tacaaggttg     95160
     tagctttaag ggcatccgct gtgtaaaaca tactctgaat aagttagcgg ttcattctgc     95220
     tgtggtgacc cctaattaat aaagggacta agctgaagga aaatgaatga atgaatgaga     95280
     ttaaaagaac aggatttatt tggaaggtaa ccttatggta attttagaaa tgtcttcacc     95340
     gccacttttt tcaattgtat gtgtccttgc tgggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattata     95400
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     95460
     tagagtagaa cagtagaaaa aaaacctaat gccaacgaca ctggataaag aaagtctgga     95520
     cagtaataca gaatatggta acagaaaatc catagtcata ttcatcacta cacgaagtct     95580
     gactcagcac agaataaatg caatctacca gtggatatat ccattcagac agacgtgcag     95640
     ctgtgttatg tgtacatgag gctcagactg tcatcattgt aatcatgcag ctaaacacac     95700
     aatcagctgc atttctcaca gtagacagac gctattgata ctatgcatca cagtgcacgc     95760
     aacgcaagac ttaaatgcac cattatcaaa gatataactc aataatacac tgcatactga     95820
     tgtaaagttg tctatttaat tattatttta ttattattat ttagagtttg tttaggtttt     95880
     taaaaaataa ataccatttg taacctcagt aatgtgaagc aagtacaata tttacactgt     95940
     taaaatgtca atgttattcg aatttatttt tattatatac agttgaagtc agaattataa     96000
     gccccccctg tttatttttg tccccacatt tctaatcata atagtttcaa taactcatct     96060
     ctaataactg atttatttta tctttgccat gatgacagtg aataatattt gactagatat     96120
     tcttcaagac acttctatac agcttaaagt gacatttaaa ggcttaacta ggttaattag     96180
     gttaactagg caggttaggg taattaggcg agttattgta taatgatggt ttattctgta     96240
     aactattaaa aaaaatatag cttaaagagg ctaataattt tgtccttaaa atggtgttta     96300
     aaaaattaaa aactgctttt attctagcca aaatataaca aataagactt tctccagaag     96360
     aaaaaatatt atcagactgt catgtttacc agtgaacaaa ccaccagatg tcgctggtaa     96420
     acactcactc atgaaactac aaatctgcca gttaatggac ttcaacttca tacatgctct     96480
     tcacccacac acctgctttc tcatttagct tgatttacat tcacacctga ggactttcag     96540
     agactgatta acacacacta tttaagccac acattcactc cttcagtttg ccgagtcttg     96600
     tttatctgta aggtgacatt acaacgcgtc atcctggtct tgttttcccg tgttttgatc     96660
     tttgccttgt ttatttattt aatgctgttt gctgcctgcc tctgaccaac tgcctgttgt     96720
     tttgaccttg actctggatt gccctcatac atctgtttgc cgttattgac cactgcttgc     96780
     ctgacaattt taataaacct gcacgtggat ccaaacttct gttgttggtg tcactccccg     96840
     gcgttacaca gacatactgt gaaaatttct ttgctctgtt aaacatcact tggaaaatat     96900
     tttaaaaaaa gagaaaaaaa atgtataatt attttttata attctgactt caactaggga     96960
     tcccttcaaa ttcatcaaca cgcacgtttg cattcatcaa atttgcttaa actaagcgta     97020
     ctaaattagg gctgtatttt caagcaaaaa ttatgacaga gtaacgtgaa gcagacaaac     97080
     gggggaaaca cgtcaaactt atgaaatgtg agggctcatg gatgcagctt aaaggcagag     97140
     aatagggctg tggctgtctt tgacagcttg cgacttcatt tgccactttc actgagtaca     97200
     tttacatgga caccaatact ccgcttttat gattaagatt aagattatga ttaagcgcgt     97260
     ccttggtatt attcaaattt ctttgcacgt taaacacacg cagagccggt tgcgagctga     97320
     agtagcgttg taggcaaaca gcaatcatgt cgccctcaac ccgaaagtga ccggtttgag     97380
     gatgaaagta aggaccgtaa gggagggggt ggatgtagcg gacgaaagag aggactgggg     97440
     ggttcgctca ctattctgct gcccaagacg gccgcctagg ttacctctat gcacgcccca     97500
     tccctaaaca cacgtcagcc gcaaaaggaa atgaaaaaga aaaaactgca actgcgtttt     97560
     ttttttccac gttaaaaatt tcaaattaat cacgagtgct aacgcgctaa ttttgacagc     97620
     cctaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat accgtatttt     97680
     ccgcactata aagcgcaccg gattataaga cgcagtctca attacggagt ctatttctgt     97740
     acttgaccca tacataaggc gcaccgtatt ataaggcgca cgctaaaata cactgtctgc     97800
     aaaaaaggta atggaagcaa aacagttaac atagtttagt tgaactttat tgtactattt     97860
     aacaatacac tcacattaat atttttttca atcagtcttc tcccaaaaat ccatcaaagt     97920
     cctcatcttc tgtgtctgaa ttgaacagct gggcagtttc gtcatcaaac acgccgggtt     97980
     ctctctcatc attgtcggag tcagtctcat tgccgggtgg ctgttccggc ttttgcgaaa     98040
     gctcggacaa cagttaaagc agacacccta gcccaggcat ccacaatcca ttcacatatg     98100
     gtggcgtaac tcgcccggca tgcttaccag tcttagtaaa agtgtgttcg ccgtctgtca     98160
     tccattgctc ccacgcagct cgcaacttca ctttaaacgc cgtctacacc aatatccagc     98220
     ggttgaagtt cttttgttag tcctcccgga atgacagcaa gctccgaatt cattcaagtt     98280
     ggtcttttaa ctgtggccac cttgctttgt tcccgcggaa actccgtttc gtcttcttaa     98340
     ctcggcgcag ttcattttct tgtttcctcc acttccgaac catagattca tttatgtaga     98400
     attgtttcgc agctgctcta ttcccattta caaccgcgta actagtagct tgtagtttga     98460
     agtgttcctt gtaaacatgt ctcttcactg gtgccatttt cggagatcat taaacatatg     98520
     tggttttgat tgatttattg atgctgcata cggagtgtgc gttttacgtc tgtgtcggcg     98580
     tgaaatgctc cgacagccaa tcaagcggag cgctttccga aatcacacaa catttttaca     98640
     gatttttgaa ctccgtgcac acataaagcg caccggatta ttaggcgcat ggccgttttt     98700
     taacaaaatt taaggctttt aggtgcgcct tatagtgcgg aaaatacggt atacatatat     98760
     atttttttaa cttagctgta ttatatttaa aataagtatt cagttaattt atatgtgctt     98820
     caacatttct aaacttctta tttattatat tagttatttt aaaaaaaagt tttagcagtt     98880
     ttaatacctt tttaaggtta gtcaggttag taaggttagt atacagtgta ctactgcaat     98940
     attgcactgt taaacagaca ctaatttaac acatttttat acaatagttt taataacgaa     99000
     ttattaacaa caaaatttat tttctctttc aacaattaca gtacgtaaaa ttgaattaga     99060
     tattttgcaa ggtagtattt agtttaaagg tttaactaga ttaattgggc aagacaaccg     99120
     tggccaatct gtagccaatc aaaacaaaat taagcaaatt ttaaaattaa ttaaaaagta     99180
     ttttttaaat gataataata attttttaat ataaataaat aaaaatgatt acagccaaac     99240
     taaacaaata agaaaaatat aatacaattt agtatgaaaa tgtcctagct ctgttaaata     99300
     tcaattaatt catttttcac atgcagtagg gcataataag ttaaatgcaa taatcaactc     99360
     tacgtaacta ggaatgaaat gcatgacaca gacagcgttg cagtgttttt ggtttgtttt     99420
     gtctgtggat tggcagtgag gcatgagaaa tgctttacac ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat     99480
     gagttggaaa gcaggagagt gtgagtaatg tttatatgga aagtggcaag atgctctgag     99540
     gacatgggca ggcctgaaca ggagttaatg atgatgctct ctgtgggaac actggattca     99600
     catcaaggtc acccgaggag agttaaaacc caacaggagc agcaggagga ggatgtttat     99660
     gcaggacaac agcactgctg taatgaggcc cgggggctta caatgatgtt tcaacactag     99720
     tttaataata acttccaata gttacgttga ctcattatct aacagatcat taattttaca     99780
     ttcaaacagt ctggattgac atgaaatgga ctgatataag taaacagggt tgtttgtcag     99840
     aagcttaaag aaaagaaaaa aacaaatgaa caaaacattt aaatcttgaa catggcatta     99900
     tttccctaat tttgacctaa attcgtgact aaattcgtaa atttatcttg tgactgaata     99960
     atgcgcaggt tagtgtatac tccatcagct gtttttgttt ctgtctgctt tacatttttg    100020
     actgtttggc gccatcttgt gtctgaataa tgcgcaggtt agtgtatact ccatcagctg    100080
     tttcgtttct gtctgcttta catttttgac tgtttggcgc catcttgtgt ctgaataatg    100140
     cgcaggttag tgtatactcc atcagctgtt tcgtttctgt ctgctttaca tttttgactg    100200
     tttggcgcca tcttgtgtct gaataatgcg caggttagtg tatactccat cagctgtttc    100260
     gtttctgtca gctttacgtt attgactgtt tggcgccatc ttgtgcctga ataatgtgca    100320
     ggttagtgta tactccatca gctgtttagt ttctgtctgc tttacattat tgactgtttg    100380
     gtgccatctt gtgtctgaat aatgcacagg ttagtgtata ctccatcagc tgtttcgttt    100440
     ctgtcagctt tgcgtttttg actgtttggc gccatcttgt gtctgaataa tgcgcaggtt    100500
     agtgtatact ccatcagctg ttttgtttca gttagcttta tgtttttgac tgtttggcat    100560
     gtgcatcttc ctctgcttgt gaactcgtaa acaaacactt gcgatcggtt catgggatcg    100620
     gccagatcag caagtaccaa tcaagtcatg aaatgtgatt aacggccaat accgatctcc    100680
     gggcaatcga tcagagcatc catacgtgtt attattgcaa aaccacaatt taaccaatct    100740
     accatctaac ttttaaatag gccaactgaa tgccagctaa agacatgcct gaacacttat    100800
     aatgaccgat gactacatta gcaaatatta ttggatgatt ttaataaata ccatgtaaaa    100860
     aaaatttgtt ctaaaaagca aacatgaaaa aatattacag aattttatag caaatactac    100920
     agtacttttg aaccatactg tctgctttac atttttgact gtttggcgcc atcttgtgtc    100980
     tgaataatgc gcaggttagt gtatactcca tcagctgttt cgtttctgtc agctttgcgt    101040
     ttttgactgt ttggcgccat cttgtgactg aataatgcgc aggttagtgt atactccatc    101100
     agctgtttag tttctgtctg ctttacatta ttgactgttt ggcgccatct tgtgcctgat    101160
     taatgcgcag gttagtgtat actaccatct accatctaac ttttaaatag cccaactgaa    101220
     tgccagctaa agacaagcct gaacacttat aatgaccgat gactacatta gcaaacatta    101280
     ttggatgatt ttaataaata ccatgtaaaa aaaataattt gttctaaaaa gcaaacatga    101340
     aaaaatatta cagaatttta tagcaaataa tacagtactt ttgaaccata ctatagtata    101400
     tttataaaac ctttctgtct ggttctcgat tctgaatctg gctgatagcc atgagatatt    101460
     ctgcaatatc agaactcgta cagcctcttc actctagtgt attactccgc ccacatagag    101520
     tgacaagcag atcactaaac tcactacagt ttgacaaata ttgcagctgt tggacaacat    101580
     aatgcacttt tgaggctttt taaggcaagg atgtagttga ttagattgga actatgcagt    101640
     ttatttataa ggacagtgcc tattttaaat gttcataatt tcagagattc agtgcctcgg    101700
     cagtcattag cctgtcaaac tgagcagagc aaagacggtt cacattccac cacaagatga    101760
     cgactgagac cacattataa gtccttagcg gaaaaaaaca gcttcaaacg taagtttcaa    101820
     actacatctg cagatgtaaa tgaacagcgg aagaaagtag ttcctcgtac aagagggttt    101880
     ttgagactct ccgtgtttgt tttttttttt tatatacatg gttatgctgt cggactgttg    101940
     tataaatgca atatcactct cgtaatagtg cgatatggct gtatatcatc actggtgggg    102000
     aactaaggca ctaggcctgc agcctcgagc caacatacca gtgccgaaat acggccataa    102060
     cgcactgcta cgagtgtcta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    102120
     tatatatata tatatataca catacataca tacatacatg catacataca tacatacata    102180
     tatatataca tatatactta aatatatata catacataca tgcatacata tatatatata    102240
     tatatatata tatatactta aatttccaga ttacgtacat atatatatat atatatatat    102300
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtaa    102360
     tctggaaatt taagtgaaaa caaacaggaa atgcattatc agatttctat ttttaattat    102420
     tacaactgca agcatttttt tcccccataa ttacatgcac accaaaaaac tagggatgca    102480
     agctaacaaa atcaacatgg ttaattttta agcattattt cctagcattg acccaccatc    102540
     catcctcggt gccgagccac acggagctct ggtaggcctc ggggtcgatg ctcagcaggt    102600
     cctccaggct ggcgcgggtg aaggagcctc gactggagcg gcgcatggct cgtccatcca    102660
     tggggctctc agcactgagg cgaggggctc caaaagagct gggcactggg aactcctgct    102720
     cctcctctga gctggtggtc tctgtggcca tgtccttcgc caccaccgct tcatcatctg    102780
     acaaacacac aaacagcatc actgagagct gatctaagta aaagtagcat attttaaaat    102840
     aggagcaata ccagcattat agatgtgaca tttgcaataa aaactttact tacagagaaa    102900
     gtatatgtta gcattatatt gaaacgtctg tttatatttt ccaaaaatac taaccacaga    102960
     gttatgggga taagaaaaat atcaatctgt aaacatgttt tatatatgaa atgaggtaaa    103020
     taataatgtg tgatgtgacc aaaaaagtct gtgaagtcag tatacaacat actttgtaga    103080
     aattccatta attaaactgc acaacctaaa agaatcaatg ctcatcaaaa agatgagtca    103140
     gttttgttta acatttctgc attgatgagg gaaaagcttg gttatggatg tgactgatgt    103200
     gaaattggca cttctgtgaa atacagtata attgcttgaa aacattgaca gagacatttg    103260
     agtattttag cagtaagtta aaatacaaat ataaaataca atacacaaaa aaacctagaa    103320
     agggtttcgc tattttggtg aaaacatatt atttttttaa tgcaaaggta tgagaatgaa    103380
     attactcata agaagtctct tctgcggcat tacagtttaa tttatattca agaagaaaac    103440
     agttagaaca cttaaaaaaa tgttcgctgt ttgttcaaac tgcttttgta aagtgagata    103500
     aaaccacaca attcctattg tggggggctt aattgtttta tgttcaattt acttacattt    103560
     gtaaaaacta ttaagttaac ttaatccctt aatccctttc aaaacaagtc aatggaacaa    103620
     aaacagccac caacataacg aaagggtggt caattcgaac agtacacaag ggtgcatttt    103680
     tttacattgc ttaagcattt agaaattttt ttttcattgt gagcgtttta aactctagat    103740
     gatggataat aaagccctaa gtgtcttttt tccaaagata cataaaccat aaatgtaggc    103800
     caaattattc agcagctgtt actgttttag tttggaaagg tcagttttga gaaagtgacg    103860
     gtgtgagaga aaaggacacc gatatagtct tgaaaaactt tgtacagaca tcttattttg    103920
     catgctatct tcatcaaatt tgaaatataa actaatttga atgcatattt tttctaggtc    103980
     attacatgtt tttccgtgtt tttatttgga aaaataaata ttgaacacag taaaattttt    104040
     ctttctcatt acttcataat gtataacttt tcatattttt tagcatgaaa ctttaagttt    104100
     aaagtgtctt ctttccaatg atgcctaatt tatgcttgta gctcactggg gtgaagaact    104160
     gctactattt aaatttaggt aggtgtaaac ccccaaaagt gagtgctggc taataggttc    104220
     aactgcttct ttgctggtca gggttaggct ggctgtgtga atcctaccta acaagtgtac    104280
     tcagtttttg ttcagcaggg gactttacta tctaggttta attaataata ataattttaa    104340
     acagcatgtt tttgtagact cactgccgaa gctggatgat atggtggagt gtgaggcctg    104400
     gctttgcagt gttgatgaag ggctgggcga gtcctcatca tcagtgtcgt cgctgtcgaa    104460
     gggcacgagt tctgcagtgg gcaccgctgg cggctcgctg agctctagag acgagccgga    104520
     gatgcagatg tggagctgtg gttgagttgt tgctgcagag tttgaatctg atggagccgt    104580
     cggtgtggag tgaaccacac gctctctgaa ggagacacaa tgaacatttc ggactattca    104640
     caagcatgca aaaagtacag gcccataggc agcctggctg gggtgcttct tgtattgttt    104700
     aaacctatgc ggtcttcatt gggtcacact tgtaaaccat gtaggttgaa atgtccaatt    104760
     aaatgtacct tttgagatct caagtggaag tgtgcttact tttttgttat tgtttttgtt    104820
     gtttgtgtgt ttttctcatg atctgacctg ttcttgagtc ccggaacagc ggcgatgcag    104880
     atgatgcgag cggagcagac ggcgatgcag gcctccaccg tgggctcgtc ccggatgttc    104940
     agcaggcaca cctgacccac gtaaccatcg ctgttacaca cccacacctc atacgtgttc    105000
     tccgggcagc tgtggctggg agacgcacag gaaaactgca tcccgctgcg cgtcttcatg    105060
     atcgggatgg ccttcaggaa ctccgggtcc cactggtcct tgttcatggc tggagaaaca    105120
     aaaggaaaac acagcagata tatcaatata cagcatcaat aaacataaca gttttaatga    105180
     ctctagggct gctcgattat gggaaaaatc ataatcacga ttattttggt cataattgta    105240
     atcatcatta ttcaaaacga ttatcagttg aagtcaaaat tattcatcct cctgtgaatt    105300
     tatttttata tataaatatt tcccaaatga tgtttaacag ggtttttttt acagtatttc    105360
     ctatacattt ttcttcttct ggagaaaggc atatttgttt tgtttcagct agaataaaag    105420
     caggtttgat tattatgaaa cctataatag ctcgatatta ttagcccctt taagcaatat    105480
     atatgtttga ttgtgtgcag aagaaactac tgttatacaa tgacttgtct atttacccaa    105540
     attaagcctt ttaatgtcac tgaatactag catcttgaag aatatctata aatataatgt    105600
     gtaaaatata atgtgctgtc atcatagcaa agataaaagt aatcagtttt tagaaatgag    105660
     ttattattat gtttaaactg tgctttaagc atcttcactg tatttttgat tttattattg    105720
     attaataata aaaacagtct ccagcagcag gattaccgca tgctgtcttt ataagaatag    105780
     tgcggctctg atatggtttc tctttctcgt gtcttttgat tctcaacttg tttgtttatt    105840
     acacaaatga gggttaatat aaataatcac taaacaccgc gctctgacac aaatgtgcat    105900
     gtatttgacc attaaagcgc tcacattagt gctgcaaaag ttacattaca gcacacgctt    105960
     ttagtcattt tcacgtggaa ctgagctttg cagaggcaga gttttcacac gtgtacaact    106020
     ggaaaggggg cggtacgtga tggaataatc ggttatctcg attaatggct tttcataatc    106080
     gttacaagcc aaaatcgaaa tcggattttc gattaattgc acagccctaa atgactcatt    106140
     tctaataact gatttatttc atctttgcca tgatgacagt atataatatt tgcctagata    106200
     ttttttaaga tactagtatt cagcttaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaact aggttaatta    106260
     ggcaggttag ggtaattagg caagtcattg tataacagtg gtttgttctg atgacacttt    106320
     aaaaaaaatg cttaaggggg ctaataatat tgaccatcat atggatttta aaaaattgaa    106380
     aactgctttt attctagcca aaataaaaca aataaataat aaaaatatta taggaattac    106440
     tgtaaaaatg tactctgata aatatcactt gagaaatatt taaataagat taaatattgc    106500
     acaggaggtc tgatagttca ataaacttgc cctcaactgt ctgtgatgtg tattgcagcc    106560
     tgatttctga atattgtctg tgcttaccga gtttcttctt ggcctcctcg aaggcctgct    106620
     cgaagttgct gcgagtgtcc ggactgctga actcaaagat gaagctgctc tcggctgaag    106680
     tgcaactcag ctccagttta gtgggcagta aagtcatgct gaaggccaga gactgcttct    106740
     cggccagctc acggtgaacc gacgccatca gatccttaat cacatcgtcc aaactctgac    106800
     acaaacacag agagaaaagg atgtcagtca ttctacaatg aagtacatat agatagtctg    106860
     acacaacctt aatatgtttt ctttgcaaag ttgatctgtt tatatacagt tgtatacaaa    106920
     atgtttagac ctcttatata tatatatata tatatttata tgtatattta tatgtatatg    106980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtatt tgtttgttta ttttatataa ataaataaat    107040
     gtttctataa ttctttaaaa atattatgta atttataatt taataattgt atttatttat    107100
     tttttattat tttttatttt ttattacaat tattttaaag tgctgtttaa caaagagaaa    107160
     gattttttta gatataatat tttctgaact aatttctgat aagtattttt attttgttat    107220
     aataaaaaga tattcctaat aatattgacc ttaattgttt aaaattaaaa aatgctttta    107280
     gtccagccca actacaagaa ataagacatc aactgagaaa tgattgaaaa agaatgaaaa    107340
     tttcacaagt ttgccttcaa ctgtgtatat tttaagttct aaatatgcac aaatatagtt    107400
     gaggtgcact tgagttgagg tgtatatgca ttcaacatta ttttctgtac ttttttgctg    107460
     ctgtctacaa actaaacaga tatgtaatac accaggaaaa aaaaaaagaa taaataaaat    107520
     ggatgcttgt tatgttaata aatggagaca tacagatgga cagacctgat gggggaaact    107580
     gagtgtttct gacagtttgc tgacttgtcc aagtgtactg agatcttcat ccagacgact    107640
     gatggttttc tggatatttt ctctgttagt ggcttgatta gaacctgtga ggaagaaatg    107700
     acaaaaaaaa aaaagtcaaa gaaaaagaaa aagaaaacaa aaaaacagaa ttaataaaca    107760
     aataaaataa aattatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    107820
     atatatatat atatatatat accattttga gggatgtaaa caaaaactgg tcccaatgta    107880
     tttcctgttt tacattttac atttcggaga atccaaaaag acccacatat tgataagtaa    107940
     tgtaatataa tgtcatgatc gttcttttaa cattaaggta tgattgaatt gcctcttgtt    108000
     acagtaatga aataacatac aggaaatgtt catgggccaa cgacatcacc acattgaaat    108060
     ggtctataca catgatgatc ataataatac agaagatgaa taataaaata tataataata    108120
     taaacagaat aaaattcatc atcataattt taataatagt gatgatgttg ataacaaaag    108180
     aaacacacaa acaataaata acatatagac acttttcatt taaagatcat gtaaaaataa    108240
     tattaatctt aaagagcaaa taataataat agacagaatt atatgcatta ataaaaatac    108300
     ttaataaatg aataatattt ataaaacaaa cacacacatt atttaaagga ggacttaatg    108360
     tgaatcaaaa ctttaaaaat aaggaaaagt gcaagcatga atattcagat gataataact    108420
     ctacctttca ccacctctat gtcttccaaa ggcagtttcc acaggaactt gtatttactg    108480
     gaggtatcga tgacactagc agcagaatat ctgaaagaca cagaaaaata aacctatgag    108540
     ttaaaggtct agtctctcat tgacattcac tcattaggca gacacgactt acaaatgatc    108600
     ctgtaatgaa ttagcatttt cagtctacac tgtgatcctt aaataaagtc tgttaataca    108660
     ccatcaaatg attcttgctc tggaaaaaag cctcactgca tatatacact gcaaaaatgc    108720
     ttttcttact ttgttttttg tcttatttca agtccagatt tctacaaatt ctttaatcaa    108780
     aaagcatttt ctagactagt aaaaaaatag tcttgttttg agaaataata ggccaaaaat    108840
     ttgtgagttt tatcttaaaa caagcaaaat ctgccaacga ggtaaactaa ataattttac    108900
     gtcaaaagga aaagcaatat tatttagctt actccattag catataatgt cttaaaacac    108960
     atttttttta attgtaagat ttaattttaa caaaaaaaaa ataatttttt tttttgcagc    109020
     gtatgtattt taatatcaac tattgttaca ctaaatgacg ggaaaaaaaa tcaatttcga    109080
     ctgggatgca gttccactga gtgtccacta gggttcagtg ttgttcagtg acggagcaga    109140
     agaactcgag ggatttcgtg gtttttctaa agtaaacagt atttttctca tgccctgctc    109200
     tcatcatctc tgcactattt aaccctgctg ttgactcaat ggtcaaaaat tgcccgggca    109260
     ccattttaac agcaggacaa aacctgaaca atgtttttta ttatcttgaa gtttagtgac    109320
     atttttcttt aaatcagggg tttccaaaca attcagcctg tgacccacaa aataacaacg    109380
     ccagcgagag tgacttcgat attctctgag gtggttataa atatgtatac cttgcacaca    109440
     aaggcgcaca cataccaata ggcccaagtc tattcattgt ttaattttgg agaacgccat    109500
     tcggagacca tcctccatgt tcagttgtgc ctgtatttgt ttttaatgta tgtgtgtgct    109560
     gtaaaggtaa ataaaaataa aataaaatca atgctctgct tctgatgcta ttgctttgtc    109620
     tttaatatga cacaatcacc ctaggggttg taaaaaaaaa taaataaata aatatttgaa    109680
     aggctgatgg ttatttcttt gcatgcagtt tttttatgtt tattaacaac atgttaacaa    109740
     ttttactatt aactgctatt ttgttttaca gtatgttatg gataaaatat ggttattcta    109800
     atagtttaat taaatgaatt agatttttgg aaatcaccaa gccatatctg tctcagtcaa    109860
     ggtaataacc cataactggg cctcaactgg accagatatg ttggtgtgtc acgactgcaa    109920
     agaatttgat aaacccataa agcatttcac gcgtccttgc tttttctcga agcgtagaat    109980
     tttaaaattt tttctaaaaa tacttaaaaa gtttactcaa aaataattta aatatatttt    110040
     aaaagtgggt caagatgggc caaacgtacg tggcccacat acaatttttt ttaacatctg    110100
     gtccaaatcc tacagttgat atctagccca agtcttttgt gccatcttaa agatggagcc    110160
     actttaacta aacccgggca atgtttggcc cacatgcctg ctatgccagc tttattttaa    110220
     atgtgggcca gaatgctttg ctacctgtgt tatgtacctt taaggacctg ttaggaatga    110280
     atatgtagct tttaaaaagg taccgccaca gtgacagatt ttgtaccttt atttctgaga    110340
     gtgagttgtc ttaaagtact aaaaaatgtt ttacacttat gtatgtactt tcagcattag    110400
     aaaatacacc ctttacttta gtcaaaaaca agtgttgtcc tctgattcaa tactccacag    110460
     tgatgaagga tattcacaga gtttgtgatg aagatgaggt tgtttcttca tgtaaaatag    110520
     ggggtttagt ggttcatttt tgacccatag ggtgaagatt gtatacagaa ctgttggacc    110580
     acagaagatt taaagcacaa aacagagaga agaatcgctc acaaactcat ggagctcctg    110640
     cgcagagagc cggatttcct cttgagcgtg gtgcagatca gcagatcgct gaacagaaac    110700
     agagagcggt ccttcttccc gcccaccgtt ttctgcacaa aggggtagaa agatcacaat    110760
     gagtttacat ttaaaatgac atgatttcta tttatttatt tattcattta ccgcttccac    110820
     caccatctct tgtctcagga actttctctg tgggtttagg atctgataaa gtaaaaaaaa    110880
     aaacattatg aggacaaagt agccgtcata ctagttaaat gtacatattt ggtcacacac    110940
     aaaattgcat acaaaaaaag gtgagctggt aacttgttca gtaatcaaat tgtggatcaa    111000
     gcatgtttat ttaaatgtca aactttgtct gtctgtctat catccatcca tccattcatc    111060
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc    111120
     catccatcca tccatccatc tgtctaatcg atctatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat    111180
     caatcaatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    111240
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ccatcatgaa atacaactac    111300
     tactaataat ccttctgatt ataaatattc taatattatt aaaatataaa ataatttaca    111360
     ctaataattt atcctgaata ataaaaatat taaactgaat ttaaaagaat aataaccgaa    111420
     attttaaata ataaaagaaa ttacataaaa aacacttcgt tgacaataaa ttaagtagtg    111480
     tgggtcctga tatctagaaa tacatttttt tatatgaaaa aatatctatt ttcatatttt    111540
     ttattaaact ataaaacatt ttaaacactg aataaaataa atattaaaag aaatttcaaa    111600
     taataataag aaaatgcata aaaatctgaa accaaacact aaaatgacta aagcttgaaa    111660
     taaatagtgc acacatgctg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtatggc ctgatgaact atgcatgtgt    111720
     gtacagttga agtcagttga attattagcc ctctgtatat atttttatcc ccaatttcgg    111780
     tttaacagag agatttttac aacacatttc taaacaatag ttttaataac ttatttccaa    111840
     aaactgattt cttcatcttt gtcatgatga cagtaaataa tatttgacta gatatttttc    111900
     aagacacttc catacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt aactaggtta attaggcatg    111960
     ttagggtaat taggcattgc ataacgatgg tttgatctgt agatgatcaa aaacaaaata    112020
     ttgcttatgg aggctaataa tattgacctt ataatgccaa aataaaataa ataagacttt    112080
     cccagaagaa aaaatattaa aggaaatact gtgaaaaatc ccatgctgtt aaacatcatt    112140
     tgggaaatca ggagggtgaa taactgactt caactgtatg tgtggcctaa tgaaccctct    112200
     gtgtgagttt gtgtgtgtcc tacatgttct acaccctcga tgtgcgcctc gatctcctgc    112260
     atgacgcgtg tttctctctc cagctcctct gcactgcgtc tgcccttgtt gatccgctcg    112320
     gccaaacgct tgatgttctt ctgagcatcc aacagaaaca ggtaatctgg atgatcctca    112380
     ggagtgtgtt tcagcagatc ctgacaaaca caaacacaac atcaggtgga catctgacaa    112440
     aatttgttaa atccgtatat aaagaacaaa aactaccact aaatatgatg tttaaaaatg    112500
     ttaagcaaat aataaaatac aacatgatta ttacaacaaa tttattatta ttattattat    112560
     tattattatt atcatcatta tacatttatt attattattt ttttattatt attattatta    112620
     ttatcatcat tatacattta ttattattat tattattatt attgttatta ttattattat    112680
     tattatcatt attatcatca tcatcatcat tattactatc attattatta ttatcactat    112740
     tactattatt attattatta ttattatcat atatttatta ttattattat cattattatt    112800
     attatcatat atttattatt attattatta tacatttatt atatatatat atatatatat    112860
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataattatta ttattattat acattcataa    112920
     ttattattat tatacattta ctattataca tttattatta ttaatattat tattatcatt    112980
     attattataa gcatacattt attattatta ttatacattt attattatta ttattattat    113040
     tattattatt atacatttat tattattatt attatgagca tacatttatt attgttatta    113100
     ttattattat tatcattatt attatgagca tacatttatt attattatta ttatacattt    113160
     attattatta ctaatattat tgttatacat ttagtattat aattattatt atcattcatt    113220
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tatcatacat ttactattat acatttatta    113280
     ttattaatat tattattatt attaattatt attattatta ggaatttcag acaaatctaa    113340
     caaaacttat atcaatttgc cagctcaatg tctttatttg aatttattat tctgccttgc    113400
     ttcaaaatca agacatgaag atacaaaagt ttaagaaata atgtgagagt caccttgacc    113460
     agcagctcgt atcgagggat tctctgaacc ggctttatca tcaggtcacc cagagcttgt    113520
     ttttctctgt tctcacgcat gctttgctga agaggaaaga caaacaatta cagacaatta    113580
     acaaaacaca acagtttata acagccctgt actggagagc tcagatcagt ttgagttttc    113640
     accactagag ggcagaaatc agcgcattca tttctcaaac cttttatgat tcagcacaaa    113700
     cattaaaagc agataaatga gaagttttaa acaagcctga aggactcaat tagtttgatc    113760
     aggtgtgtta aattagggtt ggaactaaac tgtgcagagc tgcggccctt ttggaacggc    113820
     ttcttggaaa ggcttctttg atgggttatt ttcacaattt attatcaaaa tagaaaataa    113880
     caagcttgtg tacgggacaa atttgggacc tttatcactg agaggtgggt ctttcgaaga    113940
     ataaagcaac aaataaagca attttttttt tctaattaat gcaatttcaa aacccaaata    114000
     aataaaagta tttcatatgg tgcataaata aaagaaaata cactgattta atggaaaatg    114060
     tacaaaacta aagttagtca ttttactttg ggagctaaat aaaaaacatt aaagaaaagc    114120
     aataaaaaaa aactattaaa atattaaaag aacttttaaa aatgacacaa atacataact    114180
     aaaaccatat tatatttaag aaaataaata tgataaaaac agcaaataac taaaataatt    114240
     ttaagtactg gaattactaa tacacacata tatatatata tatatatata tatatttttt    114300
     tttatatatt aaattatact taacaactaa ttaacactaa aagactaaaa taaatcaaaa    114360
     gtaaaactaa ttataatatt agcattaata tgaaaaatta aaccaaaact agtaaaaatt    114420
     aaaaaacaca acaaacaaca aatgatacaa aaaaatctga tatatagtga aacactaaaa    114480
     taattgagtt aagctaataa gacttcaaat aaaatagcca gctggcttaa ataaggaagc    114540
     tttttttttt actattcacc attttgtacc tttaaaatac aaaacttatt agagtacaac    114600
     taataaaaag aaattatata aataaaaaac atcaaaatac aagatgatga aggctattta    114660
     taaaaataaa agcgttttac aaaatatgaa tacatactaa tattaactat acctctaaaa    114720
     taacacagtt tcacctcata tgtctcgcca tctccaacta aagacgaaaa attccaacat    114780
     aaagatagaa gatgaacctc ttcagcatta tttatttgca agacaaaatc cattacactc    114840
     tcatataaag gtatgtgatc tgtcatttgg gtggtacctt ttcaaaaggt acaaattaac    114900
     tggtatataa tagtacctaa aaagtataaa agtgttcctc ttaatttttt taggtactaa    114960
     tatatacttt tgggttccac tttatattaa gtatccctaa ctacaatgta cttgcatcaa    115020
     aaaaataaat acaatgtact aactgttttt aaaatgtatt tgagaacact tgtggtgctt    115080
     ttgagttggg atagaggttg ggttatggac aggtttggtg gcatgggtag gtttaagggt    115140
     aggttaaggt gtaagggatg gtcaacagtg tatttacaaa tgtaattaca aaagttaatc    115200
     acagatgtaa ttatatacat gtatttaatc aagtataagt acacagtaaa tacatgtatt    115260
     tacacaataa gtacattgta acaatatatt aattctaatg taagtacata ttagttaagg    115320
     ccacttaata taaagtggga cctacttttg aggtaccaat attgatcatt taagtacaaa    115380
     tgtgtacctt ttgaaaaggt accaccccag tgacagctca tgtgccttta tttctgagag    115440
     tgtaagtttg gcaatgtgat gttttaatcc ggctctccat ggtttctgtt ttaggcagaa    115500
     aaaagctgta ctgtacctcc agaaacttga ggaaagcagg tttggcctcc ttggcgattc    115560
     tcacagcgtc tttggcgttc atgaaattgt cgatgtatgc agaataaata ttagccagag    115620
     tctctttgga aaactgagga aaaaaagagg agataacatc agtcaagcgt attcaactta    115680
     gcctaaagat cacggataga aattgaggta atgctgtttt gtaatcgcat attagttcat    115740
     ttttacaact tgtgacttgc acattgaata ttcagtctga aatagcatat agtatgactt    115800
     ctaaacaaca ttagcactat ttaattaact aaacaatgct gtattttaaa agtcatcggc    115860
     tgctaatacg atttccctat ttagaaatac ttttctgaaa ttataggcta gaattgagaa    115920
     agtttgaatg ttggaatata ataccaacat acctcagtcg aatagaaatg tttgaggtag    115980
     aatattgtcc tcagagagtt ttgaaatagg ttatataagg gataaagtac atccaggagg    116040
     ttgttattgc agaataaggc ctgacagcat tgttgtatca gaccgaaggg ctttattctg    116100
     agaaaacaac cgtcctggat atactttatc ctgcttatta cacggctact tgccacaaaa    116160
     cataaacatc acacacaaaa cattgttctg agccacaatg ctgacctgcg cattactcag    116220
     tcacaagatg gcgccaaacg gtcaaaaacg caaagctgac agaaacgaaa ctggctcaat    116280
     aaagcataaa ctaagtattc attcacaagt cgaagccaaa cagtcagaaa caagtccaaa    116340
     acagtcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacgcag cgtgacactg acagacaagc agatgcatat    116400
     gaatgtggat gcacttttaa cggcattctc tgacggtcgc ggtgatttgg agtcccggat    116460
     agaccaatca gaagcgagtg ttccagacag ccatgtaata aattaccatt aaaaatgcta    116520
     attagcttca tacagtatgt ggatgatgga gctggtagac acacagaaag tatttgaaat    116580
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaatacatac ataaaaaaaa ttcaattaaa aataatacta    116640
     aactctgaac ttaatttgaa accctcaaag taactagatc atataaaata aaaaacaatg    116700
     aacatgtatt ctaataatta gtacttatcc tataaataaa tttaacaaag ctgtaatcct    116760
     aaaatttcca aaactatgaa taaataaaat aataaaaaaa cattaaagtg atagtaatta    116820
     aactactaaa actatatata ataaaaagct agttgaaatg agttgaaaga gctttttatt    116880
     ggtcataata caaaataaaa caggcaaaaa gctgaaataa aaagctgaaa tactcaaaag    116940
     tcaaaatata aataagataa gataaaattg gcaactaact gaagcaaaca caagcactac    117000
     aattaccaaa actatgaata caacacaaca aaacaaaaat tactgaaatt ataaatgaaa    117060
     taaagtaaac tatgttacag ttacagtatt aaaaacagta aaacaataag aagtaaatac    117120
     acacacaact tactagacta caaaacagca ataataataa tcaaataagc tcaagtaata    117180
     aattactgat actaaaataa aacaaaacag gcaactagct gaagtcattt ggagtactgc    117240
     aattactaaa aatagaaaaa gacaaatcaa gtaactaact gaaatatcct agaaaatagg    117300
     tcaagatcaa aaacaacaag acttttttac aaaaagaaaa agaaactaaa gttttttaca    117360
     tccacgtggt gcacaggttt cctcaagtct agctctaagt tgttcttaac attaaactgc    117420
     acatgaatgt aatataacca accaaattaa ataatttaat attttaactt atgaaacaag    117480
     gtgaatgacc cttggttttc atgttttact ccagcatgtg actttctgtt atttaataaa    117540
     agaggataat gctgctttct tgcagaagtt atagcaggac tttttaaggg atagttcacc    117600
     caaaatatga tcttttactt gctgattact ctccctcaag tgttttaaaa catttattct    117660
     gttgaacgca aaagaagata ttttgaagaa tgctgacaac ctgtaaccac tgacttccat    117720
     agtaggaaaa aaaatgccat gtaagtcaat ggttaaaggt ttccaacatt cttcaaaatg    117780
     tcttcttttg tgttcaacag aagaaagaaa ctcataaagg tttgtgataa gcaaagagtg    117840
     aatgaatgta ttttttgttt gtttgttttt gggtgaacta tccctttaaa tgtttttttg    117900
     tgatgctcct gttatgtctc aaagcttaaa attgaaaaac atattgaagt ccccattgag    117960
     agaaatcact tcccgacatc ataacataac cataataatt acaaaactaa actacacccg    118020
     actgagcctt tcagttcata tcagagtgtt caaaacagca gcaaagcaga ttaacccctt    118080
     aaaggggtat tttaccccaa aaaattaaca tttcctgttt atttactcaa ggtcatccaa    118140
     gatgtaagtg actatttttt tccagtacaa cgttaaagta gattttgagc agaatataat    118200
     ggcagtgaag caaaacgatc agtccattta agaaattgaa cattatttac aatattatta    118260
     cagtagcttt aatccacagc ctgctcaaac agttcttgga gcaaatgcaa atgcagtcca    118320
     gtctcagttt cattctaatt acactgattt gatgaggacc tagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    118380
     gtactggttt tggcaacctt cttagggcct aactaaatat ctcttttata gtgaaatatt    118440
     atgacaactc tacagacaac tctagtgaag atattttact ggtcctcatt agttataaag    118500
     acttaaaaat acactgtaaa aaatactgac tttcttttat tcattcattc atttattctg    118560
     tcattttctt ttcggcttag tccctttatt aatctggggt ggaatgagcc gccaacttat    118620
     ccagcatgtt ttcacggagc ggatgcccgt ccagcctcaa cccatctctg ggaaatatcc    118680
     atacacactc attcacacac atacactaaa gacaatttag cctacccaat tcagctgtac    118740
     cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gagaaaccgg tgcacccgga ggaaacccat gcgaacgcag    118800
     ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaacgc caactgaccc agcctaggct cgaaacagcg    118860
     acctacagac gagagtacta catactgcgc cactgcgtcg ccccatataa atatatatat    118920
     atataagtac ttttattttt tatgcacagc atcagaaatt aagttactgc atcgtagcat    118980
     gtacttctcg agatatggtc aagaggaatc ctgcttcaga aataactcct ctccctcagt    119040
     catctttcca tcaagcaagt ttccccagag gtggcagtaa ggcaccaaaa actttgttga    119100
     cgaccaccgt aaaacaggaa gaagaaatcg tcattcccgc tatcatatgg atttactttc    119160
     atcgactaga caccggcctc acagctcagt gaatgtcggt gccgtcactt tttgatcgac    119220
     gataattaaa tgtagcttgt gtggacgcta ctgcgctact tgactaataa aatagcttcg    119280
     ctacttaaaa gctatttgat ttagaaagta gtgacgctac cgccacgcta ctgacaaatc    119340
     tagttaagct agtagcatca ctacttgtag ccacgctact gcccaacact gatattgctt    119400
     aaccttaaga tggttctaaa aaaaaaaact gctttcattc tagccaaaat aaaacaaata    119460
     agattttctc cggaagaaaa aaatattata ggtaatactg tactccctgc tctgttaaac    119520
     ataatttggc aaataggtaa aaaagaataa aaaatccaca ggaggtctaa taattctgac    119580
     ttcaactgta tacaagtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgta agacagagcg    119640
     gctccagcat cacgtcagca cagaccctaa caatgtaaga tcagagggtt gagacaatgc    119700
     ggctccacat aagctaataa ccaaaacctc cacatcaacc caaacaaaca cctgctgtcc    119760
     atcaaatcac tgtccagaga cattcacaca ctactatcag ctggaaacac taatcgcaac    119820
     cctgagctca aaactgaggt acgtacataa caagctattg tgttttgaag ggggctaggc    119880
     aggtcaggta ctagagagca tttgattggt tggaagattt gatgagaaac gtgacgtcaa    119940
     aaaaatcatt gatccattaa gtgacaaaat gcaaacatta aggttaaaag agccgctatt    120000
     atgggttttt tgaaaatgac cttccatgta gtgtgaaaga tcgaagtgaa gtgaaatatt    120060
     cagctaaggc ttaaatctga aagtggacag tgtttaaaac tgttgattca tctataaaag    120120
     agtcgactca tagtggggtg gggggtggtt aggttcgggg gcgaggtgtc tgaataacac    120180
     tgttgagaac tgggtactgt ttactgtgtt tttagtaacg actatgaagc gtgttttggg    120240
     cggccactgc gatcggatcc aataacaatg ttggccaccc aggggctttc acaaaacata    120300
     ccaaaaatgc tatgtaatat agaatgtatt attaaaaaaa tagtacttaa acagtatatt    120360
     aatattttgc aattatgcta ttataataat atgtattaca actagttatt attcttatta    120420
     taaatgtaat aaaataaatt acatataaag taacataaaa tgcaataaaa acaattacaa    120480
     acaaaataaa aaatatatat aaaataaaaa atctatttgg ttctgtcttg attggtctca    120540
     aaaaggcatg acaactaata tttttatgtt gcaatccagc gcttatttat ttatttgttt    120600
     aatatattcc tgttttattt gtatttttta ttgtattttt tatttggtat gtttgtatgt    120660
     gtttattaca tttacaataa aaatattaat ttgcaatatg caatttttta agttttgcaa    120720
     tgtctaacta aatattttta gaaaaaaaaa taagtcagca agaatatttt tagtgtggaa    120780
     ttggtgttta gcaagaacat gacgtgatat ttatatgcac tgtgacttta aacctcaaac    120840
     aaatatgact ttgtttcacc atcagctctg atttctccaa tgcagcatga atgtaaacag    120900
     tacagaaaca ggaacacgag tctcaccgac tgaatgagca cgtgtccgat ggtctgcttg    120960
     tcgtgccact ggtgaacaca gtccagcacc tgctccagaa actgctcatg gtgctccagg    121020
     atctctggga tctggtaaaa catctcgtcc acaagtgacg ggtcacacag aggcgggttt    121080
     tctggatgct tcagcggctt catgtagccc tgcacccaaa aacacaaaga cagatctcaa    121140
     acaaacctgc atttatgcaa tttattgctg aaaccataaa tgcatcactg aaatgtgcac    121200
     atctgacaca tttttacatt cacacatttt cttaggctga gaactgaatg cagtaaaaat    121260
     aaagatgaat atgcattaat acacatcaat caatatgcat gcaataacag tgaatatgca    121320
     tgagtaaatg agagaatgcg tgtgtgcgca tgtagtttgg gacagactgt gattaaagga    121380
     aatgcctgac tctccctctg ggatgtaaac tgtgtcgcat caaatgctaa caaacattct    121440
     gctccgactt tactgacaca aaacatggat ttctgaacaa taattttcct aacaatcata    121500
     aatgacatca aatgtctatt acaaatgatt taccttcata taaaatcaaa taaaattgaa    121560
     tattagtata tataagaaca gttattaata ttaataatat ctttactgac aaaacaacaa    121620
     tacttcctaa aaagtaaaat agtatcagat ttagggcatc aatatcgcaa tgtgtgcatc    121680
     ctaggatatg caatgtttga gtttatatgt tgggattata tttgagcaag agccagaatt    121740
     ttgacaacat gatatttgtg gagtttaacc acagagtgaa agtttatcat ccgcatatgt    121800
     ttataaggct gtgactgtgc attcaggaac acaaaattgt gccatttgta actgtaagcc    121860
     atgtatattt cacttttgat ctttgctata ctgtatttat ctatgcttta aactgattat    121920
     tatattttat gcatgattca cacccagaat attcccaaat cagtgtaaat aaatgctttt    121980
     ttaaatagag ctagatctca gggctctaga gtgcaaccta atttctcaat attgaaaaaa    122040
     tgatctgagg tcacaccggt gtgaccagcc attcaagcgc aaaataaagt ctctgtgact    122100
     gtggttatat ggattgtgct gatgcaccta agaaaaaaag tgcaccagtg caaaaaccag    122160
     ttaggcacgc cattgcaacc agtgtcaaaa gttagtttag agccctgttt ctggtgatat    122220
     tgaattcatc tcgcaatata tattgcagaa aaacaaaata tcccaatgtc atattttccc    122280
     aatatcgctg aggcctaatc agaatgttat ttatcaataa ataacatcag atgacagaaa    122340
     aaattgcata ttcgtaggta taagaacata aattaatatt aataagtctt tactgacgcc    122400
     aaacaaaagt ttcttcacaa caaaaaagca tcaacatgct atttatttat ctgtaaatga    122460
     cccagatgcc acttacaaaa tatttatctt ctataaaatc acatgaaatt gcatattagt    122520
     aggtataaga acacttatta taaattagtt cttccacaaa atatgaactt ataaacaaca    122580
     aagtatcaaa atcttattta tgtattaata aattgcatga aatgtcaatt gtaactcatt    122640
     ttaatttgat aaaatcacat aaaaactgca aattacaatg tataagaaca tttattagta    122700
     ttaataaatc tttactgaga caaaacaaca cctgcttaac aaccacaatg aaggaaaatg    122760
     ttatttatta atcaataaat tgcattaaaa tgtcaattac aactcattta ccttctataa    122820
     atggcctatt agtacgttta aaaactttta gtaatattaa tagctcttta ctgacacaaa    122880
     acaaaaacta aaaaagaatc aaaatgctat ttatttatca gtaaataaca ccagatgcca    122940
     cttaaagatc atttaacttc ttttagagta cgacctaatt tctcaatggt gaaaaaaatc    123000
     tgaggtcaca ccggtgtgac cagccattca agtgcaaaaa aaaaagtctc tttgactgtg    123060
     attatatgga ttgtgctgaa gctgataaaa aaataagtgc accagtgtaa aaaccagttt    123120
     agcacaccag ttaaaccagt ttaaaattta gtttagagcc ctgtatctga tgaaattgta    123180
     tttatatcgc aatacatatt gcagaaaaat attgcatagt catatttttc caatatcgtg    123240
     tagctctaat cagaatgtta cttattaata aataacacca gatgtcaatg acaattaatt    123300
     taacttctat aaaattgagt attagtaggt ttaagaacat ctattaatct taataatcta    123360
     aatcttaaca aatgatttca cgtctactgt ataaaatcag ataaaattgc atattagtcg    123420
     gtataagaac atttattatt cttaataaat ctttactgag accaaacaaa agtttcttca    123480
     caacaaaaaa gtatcaaaat gctatttatt tatctataaa tgacaccaga ttccatttac    123540
     aaatcattca acctctataa aatcacataa gattacacat tagcacgtat aagaacattt    123600
     attaatatta ataatatttt aaatgtaatt ttttttctaa ttctaaacat gttaaaatga    123660
     tttcaataat aaacatttga atacttttaa atgcaatttc tgttctgact tttatttttg    123720
     gaaaccataa aaagatcatg tcatataaaa atagactttt tattaataat gtaaatatgg    123780
     ccaatttaca tctaaagtcg acttacatta caaataataa caaatgcaac atcaattaaa    123840
     gtaaaatatt gtgatcttac catggtacaa tgatgcataa taaactatat aaatacacac    123900
     caacaactaa aacacaaaac caattatcat aaaaccaaat aatcatattc atatatcatg    123960
     ttattctcat gatactgcgc tgatattggt ttaaaaaagc ctgttaatat tgcagtacaa    124020
     gtccaaaatc aacacacaaa atcaactgtg tctgtctcag gtcacaggct ggttcatttt    124080
     ctctgttttg actagagcac atctggccaa tgatcttcat acgtgcccga aaacatgatg    124140
     aacactctcg tctttcatcc atccttcatg tagatctcca acaccttctc cagatttgca    124200
     catccacacc ttcacgctga tatacccata aacccctgct ctcacgccat ttaccagtgc    124260
     tgatgtaaaa cactgccttt aagaccagac actccagaca aaacattttt tcacctgtta    124320
     atttacagat tttgggctat ttgtgttttt tttttttttt tggtactttt tattctaatg    124380
     gaattaaaaa taataataat tttttttatt tctgtctctg acatatgaag tcatataaga    124440
     agattcttca aaatgaatat gaaatatgaa atgaatgaat aaataaataa ataaatacat    124500
     taaataaata aataaataaa tacatacatt aaataaataa actaaattaa ttacataaat    124560
     taattagatt cattcattca ttcattttct ttttggcttg gtccctttat taacaagggg    124620
     tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcacatg ttttgtgtat taaagaaacc    124680
     cacgtgaaca caggagggga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaact gaccaggccg    124740
     aggctcgaac cagcgacctt ctttctgtga ggcgacagca ctacctactg cgttcactgc    124800
     gccatattta aacataatac tttaaatcgt acaacaaaaa atgctaaata aatagacgca    124860
     aatgtaaatg aaataataat aactttcttt atttctgcct ttctgacagt atatgaagtc    124920
     atataagaag attcctcaaa atgaatatga aatatgaaat aaataaataa atacattaaa    124980
     taaattaatt aaataaatac attaaataaa taaaataaat taattaaata aatgaataaa    125040
     ataaatgtat taaaataata aattaaaata attaaataaa ttaattaaat taatgaaaat    125100
     aaataaataa aaataattta tttaataatt aattaattaa aaaataaaca aacaaacatg    125160
     aattttgaac atgaagttca ggcttttgtt tttagaaatg tgtgcaaatt agtgcatatt    125220
     tacctaaaca atgcctcatt tgcatattta aaacataaga ctttaaatcg tactacaaag    125280
     tatactaaat aaagaaatgc aaatataaat gaaaataata ataattttct ttatttctgt    125340
     ctttctgaca aataaattca tataagaaga ttcctcaaaa tgaatatgaa atataaaata    125400
     tggaattaat aaatacatta aataaataca atgaattaat aaaataaatg aataaaataa    125460
     ataaatttta taaatttaat aaattaaata aataaaaata cataaataaa taaaattaat    125520
     aagttaaata aaataaaaaa tatataattt aatgaataat taattaatta gttcattaaa    125580
     aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa catgaatttt gaacaagaag ttgtcaaaat agtcaggctt    125640
     tttgtccaag aattgtatgc aaattactac atatttaact aaacaatgct tcattagcat    125700
     atttaaacat aagactttaa aaagtactac aaaatatact aaataaataa atgcaaatct    125760
     aaataaaaca aatatatttt taaatatatt tctgtctttc tgacaaataa aagaagattc    125820
     ctcaaaacga atatgaaata taaaatgaat aaataaataa ataaacacat taaataaata    125880
     agttaaatta tttaaataaa attaatgaat taatttaatt aataaattaa ataaataaat    125940
     aaataattta gattaataaa ctaaataaat aatataatta ataaattact taaaaataaa    126000
     caaacaaaca tgaattttga acatgaagtt gtcaaaatat tcaggctttt gttttagaaa    126060
     tgtatgcaaa ttattgcata ttaaactaaa caatgcttcc tttgcatatt taaaattttt    126120
     taaatcatac tacaaatttt ttttacaact ctttatgtaa tccatcaagt ggggaagtat    126180
     gatgataatt tttcgttttt acactatata taaatatata tgtttttatt cagaagcact    126240
     cagtaatgtt gtggttttgg agcagcgctg gtcacccgct caccttgttg ccatggcagc    126300
     catgggcaca ggcggttatg agtcaggaga gactggaaaa gattatttgt ttctctgttt    126360
     ggcttattaa acgcagtttg aggcttccgc tgtcacgctt acagtaacat catgcttctg    126420
     tcattcagtt ctcctaatgt gcaaatcatc tgcgggtgtt ttcatcaaac acaaattgcc    126480
     tatattgttt tttatgatta atgttcttga agcacttgga gatttgcagt gatatcaaaa    126540
     tgataaaagc ttcagttgaa aatgttctca gagctgaaat cagtcattat ataaggtcag    126600
     tcatttattt gcacagttga agtcagaatt ttatttattt tttttttttt atatttccta    126660
     aatgatgttt aacagagcaa ggaaattttc acagtatgtc tgataatatt ttttcttctt    126720
     ccttaaatct tatttgtttt atttcggcta gaataaaagc agtttttaat ttttttaaag    126780
     ccatttttag gtcagaatta ttagcccctt taagctatat tttttcgata gtctacagaa    126840
     caaaccatca ttatacaaca acttgcctaa ttaccctagc ctgcctagtt aacctaatta    126900
     acctagttaa acctttaaat gtcactttaa gctgtataga agtgtcttaa aaaatatata    126960
     gtcaaatatt atttactgtc atcatggcaa aggtaaaata attcagttat tagagatgag    127020
     ttactaaatt ataatgatta taaatgtgtt gaagaaattt tctctccttt acaataattc    127080
     gggggggcta ataattctga cttcaactgt ttataaatat gcctttcata cctgaatgag    127140
     tgtgcgcaga gactccacat aagactgttc agcgtccagc agattcatca tcacatgtct    127200
     tctcatatcc tgtagaaaga caataaatga ttgattaaac ttgctgcaaa acatcctcta    127260
     tgataaatat atgaaacata caatcctgat gatgcaatac acacaaaact tcagaattat    127320
     taaatcaacg gaagataaga aatgaatgat ttaggcagaa tagtgatgtc cagaggactt    127380
     tctgctatca taaggtcaac tttcacattt acctaatcca ttgtaccttt gttttcattg    127440
     gtcaaatagt gaaaaagtct tacttgagca ctgctaacca cacaacaata taataaaaca    127500
     cacccagaac acttttagac cctcttagaa tttacctggc aactattaaa gagcccctat    127560
     tatgggtttt tgaaaatgac tctaagtgaa gtgaaacatc caggcttaaa tctgaaagtg    127620
     caccatgtat aaaactatcg attcatctgt aaaagtcgac tctgtggatg aaacttttgc    127680
     tgcgtcggtg tgacgtagat atggaactca agccctgacc atttgttgtg cgtgcagaaa    127740
     attgaactcc cggccccgcc cacaaacact gaagaaagaa aaagaggaag acaaacactg    127800
     tagcagatcc tggttgaatc atgtcgtgat gacgctgtgc tctgaagtgt gaaggaaagc    127860
     tagtgttatt tccctaccca tggcttaatt tgtgtcagaa cacgtcggat ctggatcctc    127920
     tgaaatctga tccggcacct catttgaccg atccctctct tcaaccgccc tcctttcccg    127980
     tccgcagttc actttcactt tcttccgcga tcatcttaac tttcctccgc gacaaccccc    128040
     cgctctccac tttcgcatgc gacacctctc catcctcggg taacatgcta gatccgttac    128100
     cccgatctgt tccaggacct cgcaatttac aaattaggca ctgtcccttc ccaaagatga    128160
     aactttgaag agtcagtggt tgaagtttat ttttgcaaaa ataccctagc attatagccc    128220
     cagccttgtg ctgtgttcct gtcatttttc tgacaagtgc tttagcaatt tacatgcttc    128280
     catcggggga ttcatcagct gtttgttaaa ggaaagatca gaaaagacta ttgatgtatg    128340
     agactttgac agagcttgac aagaacttta cagtacacag ttcatggatc agtttcttcc    128400
     tccatttcac agtgtaagta tgtgcgatta aaatggtcac ctccttgttt tgtctagctt    128460
     gaaaattatg tatttaatta tgttttgtta catgtaaccg tttgtattct catttcgtgt    128520
     ctaatgccac attgaaaatg cgatgcgtgc tactttgttt acgtatttag ttcagctttt    128580
     tccactgtgt ggattaatac tgaatgtgtg ttatagttaa gaatagagca atatgctggt    128640
     gtttaactgc actgctttat tgcactcctg cattgggctc acataccccc tgcactctga    128700
     ctacttcaac aatgttgata agccgtggtg ggcatttcac tctgtctcgt gctgaacgct    128760
     gtcgaccatt tgcaacaggc tatcaacaga ccaatccccg catattagct tcgcgctaaa    128820
     gaggggtttg ggatctaatg aatcactaaa cgaatcatat gggagttgtt aggataatta    128880
     ggtaaaaata aatgctgttg gagacccttc aaaccaaaat atgacacttt ttaatggaaa    128940
     ataggggctc tttaaggcac tttggtttct atagtaatgc atacatgcac acacacatag    129000
     aatagtgagg ctccaatcaa ccgtttcctg gttactattt taataaaaca ccctagcaat    129060
     caccaaataa tcacccagag taccttagca accattaaaa caccctagca tagtggttct    129120
     ctaatttttt tcatcaagta ccacctccga aaaaaattgt ctctccaagt accaccaaaa    129180
     taagcagtat tgaaatacag tagcgcagta ggcccagtaa agcagctaca actctgcaca    129240
     gttaaaaaaa aacatggcag actacctcag aaatataggc tatatgtcat gtatggcata    129300
     ttatatacat catttttgat aaattttgaa atatatgtag cacatataca tgacatattt    129360
     cattcctctg cgtaccacta gaaggaagcc cgcgtaccac aagtggtact tgtaccacag    129420
     tttgagaacc actgccctag cagcgacaca gagaacccaa aaaaaccatt gaaacaccct    129480
     ataaacacct cagaataccc aacaaccaca ttacaatgta aataaaacaa aaacagaaca    129540
     ctttagaaac tacttaaaat gtcccaggca acaattcaca aaactagaat cttgtttcaa    129600
     atttttactg aatataaaaa tacatataat tatttcacag cagtcaagat ccgctgtatg    129660
     gcatttcgat tgctagtaaa acacacaaca tcagcaccat catcatcatc atcatcatca    129720
     cacacatttt ataatgaatc tctaataata taaagagttt gctgtttaat aatttattag    129780
     aaaagtacta acaaacctcc tactacaccc tagcaccaaa agcaacacaa acacacacac    129840
     acacacgcac tattataatg agtctctaat caaaataaga atttcctgtt tactagttta    129900
     tgtcagccac tgagccaaat atgtgtgtgt ttccgccaga gagatgataa ccttttctaa    129960
     ccgctgtgtt tcagccctga ctgaccgcac aaacacatcc gagcgagaca tttgaagaaa    130020
     agcgctgata atgggccaga tgtggtgtgt gtctttcacg gttaaatatg ttatatgcag    130080
     tatccagtga aatgcccagc tcaaagccac acagacgtga atgtaatggg aaacggaagt    130140
     cacgtcgagc gtttgccacc caaagtcacg tatactgcac catctcacgg ctgaaggacg    130200
     ttcatgcaaa cgtcactttt aaacggcttc gtgagaactg aggcctcgtc tgtttacaga    130260
     aacacttgca gggtttcaga agagtttctt tctgaaggaa tatcagtctc atcccacact    130320
     gagggcatta cagaacaaca ctgatgatgt aaaactgttt caaataagtt catagagtca    130380
     tgtcgaaaga ataaaaaaca tgcaagagag aacaaatagc attaaaattg atcaaaattg    130440
     acatttacat catctctcaa aagattctta aattaatgct gctcttttga tcttaggaat    130500
     gccttaaaca gtgcacaaaa ataaacaggt atgaagcaga gtaacgtttt atacactgaa    130560
     atcagtatat gcactgctac aagaaaacag tgaaggatca aaggagaaaa gggaaaaatc    130620
     accaacgata aatgaaaaaa gatggaaaga atgaaagaaa gagatattga aggaaaataa    130680
     aagaactgac gaaagaatga aagaaaaata ttgaaggaag gaacgaaaat aaataaatga    130740
     caaaagatca aataagaaaa aattccaaca gagaaaaaaa atatttaaaa ataaataaaa    130800
     caggaccaaa cgaaagtaag agaagaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaaacaaaca gaaagaaaaa    130860
     tactgaaaga aaaaataatc aatgaaaaaa taaataaata taaaaagaac aaaacaatga    130920
     aggataaaaa agtgaagaga agaaaatatc atgggtgacg cagtggcgca gtaggtagtg    130980
     ttgttgcctc acagcaagaa agtcgctggt tcgaacctcg gctgggtcag ttggcatttc    131040
     tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccctgcgtt cgcatgggtt tcctccaggt gctttcagta    131100
     aattgtcagt agtgtatgag tgtgaatgag tgtgcatgga tgtttcccag agatgggttg    131160
     cagctggaag ggcattcact gtgtgaaatg tatgctggat aagttggcag tttattccac    131220
     tgtggcgacc actgattaat aaagggacta agctgaaacg aaaacgaatg aatgaatgaa    131280
     aataagatca ctgaagaaag aaagaatgtt gaagaacaaa aacagagaaa aaaacattta    131340
     aatattaaaa gaacaaaact gcaaataatc aaacaaaagt gacagatata gaaattaaaa    131400
     tcatgaaaat aaacaagaaa gaaataaagc tgtgtgttct tgtactgtat gtcagactta    131460
     ttgtcatatc aatcaattgg atcagcagca ggtttgatag actgaagtga ccacagctct    131520
     acaacagctc taaataaacc tgctgacctg ctgctctaaa cacactgctg atccagttta    131580
     aagcggtttc tcagcaggac accagttact ttcacctgag accaatcaaa gcaccacaca    131640
     tgatacgtat attgaaagta tatgcagtat ctatattgca gagaggtgca atataataca    131700
     gtaatataat agtgtatgtt tcgataagat gatttaaaac atgaaataaa tttgcttatt    131760
     aaatttactt agtaaagtgc aacatatgca atgtcaaggt cataggatcg atcccagaga    131820
     ctgcataggc taaatgtatt aagtcggtgc aatgtaaata attctgttag ccaaacacat    131880
     gacatgaagg tgtattttca gacaaagcac tgctattttt aaccatctta acctttcctg    131940
     aattcacaga gtctgcatgt gtcttcatgt cagactgtgt tttcctcggg gtattgcaga    132000
     agtgctgtgg cgggacgtgt ttcactgctg ccacacatgc ggatggagct gccggactta    132060
     ttctgccccc tcgatgagcc tccagagagc agttctctcc aaatgcagtt taaaacgttt    132120
     tattgccagt ttatttttag gcctgagttc aggcagaggc tcgggcagca catcctgacc    132180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgttgacaaa ataatgacaa aagatccttg aattaccatt gtgaatgaaa    132240
     tgtgctatat aattacattt agatttcctg gaatttagta tgatcattac aagatcaaaa    132300
     aaataaaaat aaaataaaat aatctcaatg taataatgca agaaatatca ttataacatt    132360
     gactttatgc atttagctca tgcactgtca ttttctaaat gtaaaatgtg gcataccaca    132420
     aggatcagtt ttaggtccaa tattgtttat aaattatatt aatgatatgt gtaggatatc    132480
     agagttcatt cattcatttt cttgtcagct tagtcccttt attaatccgg ggtcgccaca    132540
     gtggaatgaa ccgccgactc atccagcatg tttttatgca gcggatgccc ttccagccgc    132600
     aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac tcatacacta ctgacaattt agcctaccca    132660
     attcacctgt acctgtggac agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac gccaactgag    132720
     ccgagccgag caaggttcga accagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag cactacctac    132780
     taccacttca tcaccttaaa taaattcaat aataataatt atacaacaat tccaataata    132840
     caaatacata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    132900
     tatatatatc attattaatg attaaactaa attatataat ttaataactg tataactagg    132960
     gcagcgtagc aaagcaaaac acatgcgcta taggtgaatt ggggatgtta aattgaccat    133020
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    133080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgaa tgagagtgca tgggtgtttc ctagtgatgg gttgcatcac    133140
     taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggcaacccaa aagaaaatta    133200
     atgaatataa aaataaaata actcaataca tcaatcaata caaactacaa cagatacttg    133260
     atgcttaata acactgttca atggcaacag acaatttttt cttttcggct tagtcccttt    133320
     attaagctgg ggttgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcata tgttttgcgc    133380
     agcagattcc tttccagctg caacccatca ctgggaaaca cccatacaca cttattcaca    133440
     ctcatacact actgacaatt tagcttaccc aattcacctg taccccatgt ctttggactg    133500
     tgggggaaac cggagcaccc ggagcaaccc acgccaaccc acgtcactcg aaccagcgac    133560
     attcttgctg tgaggcgatt gttctaccca ctgcgccaca cacacgcaca cactcacaca    133620
     ctgtgaggcc tcaaaagtca aagcactgct tcagaaatct aattcattta tacatcaaca    133680
     aaagccttga acattcttgg catttgcctt acataatgtc aaaaggtgcc ttgtgtgccc    133740
     gattgtcccg gtgcattatg gggcggattc attattataa aatcacatta tgaacgcagc    133800
     aacctgcaaa tgcttttctt ggaaggacga ggtcaagctg agcggcgccg cggaggaaca    133860
     tgaagagaaa tatgaatctg taatgagcaa atgttgatgg cagcgcatct gtttaacatg    133920
     ttcagtgtga ccaaacgaca aatcaatgag catttctaga gccaacaaac aaacgacaca    133980
     cacactttca caacacacag acagatttta ctcaagagga acagattcag gattatttca    134040
     ttagcttaaa gagcccatat tatgggtttt tgaaaattcc cctccatgta gtgtgtaaca    134100
     cagctctaag tgaagtgaag tatcctaagc taaggcttaa atctgtaaga atacagtgtt    134160
     taaaacgttt gattcatcta taaaagagtc gactcatagt gcttcaaacg agtcgccttg    134220
     ataccgagtc attaggtgtt tcgccatgac gtacgaacga aaccaagtta ttcacgtgca    134280
     cgcgcaaacc cgggagattt caaacctgag gccccgccct ctgacacaca cacacacacc    134340
     cacaaacaca caaacatgcc ggtcgattga agtcacactg cagatggata ttatcgagtc    134400
     tctactcaaa gatgaaacct cagcattata accaagcagt tggaaactac tggaaacttc    134460
     tggaaactac atgctacaaa gaatacttca tcagcgtttg ttaaaggaag gatcagtaaa    134520
     gagtaactta ctgatggaca tgtcaggatg ggtttcttcc tccatttctc aagtgtaagt    134580
     acgtgcgatt aaagctgcct tgttgactct agcttgcaaa tgtatttagt tgtgatgtgt    134640
     tacttgtaac cgagtgtact gtatcaggtt aactcgctat attctcttat cgcgtgcaaa    134700
     gtcacgttaa aaacgcgacg cgtgctgctt tgtttacgga gctccgtgga cgagggtagt    134760
     gtgtgcgtgc gtgcgctgtc gtccggaggt atgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtttgcgcgc    134820
     gcgttgtcgt ccggaggtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgcaagg    134880
     acgagggcaa tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtgaa aagagcagag    134940
     tgagacaagc taggagatct cctcgacagt ttttgctcaa ttaaatagtt agtcgtctgt    135000
     attttcaagt ccatcgactg tatttacatt gaccctacac tatcgagcgt gtatgaactg    135060
     tgattacttt tatattgctg attagctgtt gggcatttca ctctctcact gaaggcagtc    135120
     gaccaatcgc aacaggctgt cattggtcca atcagcgcag attagcttcg cgctaaggag    135180
     gggtttagga acaaatgaat cactggacga ttcatacagg agtcgctggg ataattaggt    135240
     aaaaataaat gcagattata agaccatgaa agtgttattt gaccttgcat gcatattaga    135300
     gtgttgttgg agacccttac aaccaagata tgaccctatt tcatgtataa tatgggctct    135360
     taaaggtcac actttcttac actttactat acggtttcat ccatcaatcc atccatccat    135420
     ctagatgtcc atcatccctc tatccatgtc aatcatccat ccatccatct tttccactgt    135480
     ccatccaagc acctgactat cattaattta ttcttctaga tgtctatcat acttccattc    135540
     atgtcaatca tccatcatcc aacagctaaa caactttcct acagtccatc tgaccacctg    135600
     actatcgtcc atctattaat ccattcatcc atccatctgt ccgaccattc atccgtgcat    135660
     ttatttttcc atcaatcagt ccatccatcc atttgtccat ccctccatct acttgtcagt    135720
     catccataaa ttcattcatg tcaacctcca tccatctgtc catccatcca agtgaccatc    135780
     atctctccat ccaagtcaat tatccatcta tccatccatc catgtcaacc atccatatat    135840
     ccatctagat gactatcatc cctccatcca cttgtcaatc aatcatccat ccatccatcc    135900
     atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccaa atgtctatca tccctttatc tgcttgtcaa    135960
     ccatcaatac attcatcaat ccatccagat gactatcatt cctccatcca cttgtcaatc    136020
     atccatctat ccatccatca atgtcaacca tttagatgac tatcatcctt ccatccactt    136080
     gtcaatcatc catctatcca tccatccatt tgtccattca tacatgtaga tgactatcct    136140
     ccctctatcc acttgtctat aatccatcta tccatccatc aatgtcaacc atccatctag    136200
     gtgactcatt cctctatcca cttgttaaac atccatctat ccatccatca atctaagtga    136260
     ccatcatctc tccatccatg tcaatcatcc atctatccat ccatccatgt caaccatcca    136320
     tatatccatc tagatgacca tcattcctcc atccacttgt caatcatcca tctatccatt    136380
     catccatcta tccagatgat tatcatccct ctatcgcttg tcaatcatcc atcaatccat    136440
     gcatccatcc atccaaatgt ctatcatccc tccttctgct tgtcaaccat caatacatcc    136500
     atcaatccat ccagatgtct atcatccctc catccacttg tcaatcatcc atctatccat    136560
     ccatcaatgt caaccattta gatgactatt atccttccat ccacttgtca atcatccatc    136620
     tatccatcca tccgtttgtc cattcattct tgtagatgac tatcatccct ccatccactt    136680
     gtctatcatc catccatcca tccatcaatg tcaaccatcc atctaggtga ctcattcctc    136740
     tatccacttg ttaaacatcc atctatccat ccatccatct aagtgaccat catctctcca    136800
     tccatgtcaa tcatccatct atcaatccat ccatgtcaac catccattta tccatctaga    136860
     tgactatcat ccctccatcc acttgtcaat catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca    136920
     tccatgcatc cagatgacta tcatccctcc atccacttgt caatcatcca tctatccatc    136980
     cctgtcaacc atccatccat tatctgtgta tcttttattt acaactctat ccatccattt    137040
     tccaccaatc catccttaaa tttaaccatc cacccatcca tcctactgtt catcaaatca    137100
     cctgactatc cattctcact actgttcatc tatgcacctg actatcattc atgtctttat    137160
     acctccattc atcatcatct gtatatcctt catctacaag tttatccatc cattatccac    137220
     caatccatcc ttaaatttat ccatccaccc atccatccac ccaattacct cactatccat    137280
     tctctctact gttcatctat gtacctgtct atcatccatg tctttacacc tccattcatc    137340
     catcatctgt gtgtttatca tgtacaagtc tatccgtcca ttatccacca tccatccatc    137400
     catccatcca tcaatatgtc caatcatcca tctatcaata tatctgtccc ccttcaattg    137460
     ccaaatagca aaacacaaac acactccata aaaaaagaga cataagcaga atggactaaa    137520
     ccattacagc ataacattaa atcatttctc cacaaataac agtcagacca tacagagcat    137580
     ttattttaca catctgaaaa cataaaaatt tccaaattta gtacatttaa tcagaatcaa    137640
     ctatttaggt catagagggc aagagtaatc cactgttcaa gactctgact gaagcgtttg    137700
     gttgcgtttt ataagcaaca ttgttttcta agttatgaga agatctcatt tcctccaaaa    137760
     gcactgtgta cttaagccaa acatggtatt tctgccaacc acatcagctt caataaaaca    137820
     cacacacaca cacacacctg caatctgcaa tttgatccat catcgccaat caaacgcacc    137880
     tggctttgat gtgatcagaa acggtcaccg gtcgctaatc acaatgagaa aactctgcac    137940
     gctcaatcac gaaagagtgc ggagaacgtt caagcgttac acgggaattt gtctgctgga    138000
     cgcggttcaa acaggtgcag tgggggatta gctggctatg gatacaggtg gtttataggt    138060
     gtatatatgg gtagcaatgg aaggtcactg gtttaactgg taaaccagct aaactggtgc    138120
     cattcagttc agggaacaac gttttctcat tgacaagcca tttggagaag tcaaagcatc    138180
     aaaaaaaaaa ttcattggat ttatacatac tgcattattg aaatatacct caacctcaaa    138240
     tcagagaaag ttgagacagc ttgaatgtta aagaggcact cctatgaatt gtcagtcact    138300
     gatatggccc cccaccaatt tgagtttgag acccctaatc tagaagcaat atcaccacat    138360
     gggctcaggg ctactttggc aaacctttgt caagtaccaa tatacgtagt tatagttgaa    138420
     gtattcaccc ccctgtttat tttcccccaa tttctgttgg agagcagatt gtttcaacac    138480
     atttctaaac ataatagttt taatacctca tttctaataa ctgatttatt tcatatatgc    138540
     catgatgcat tgatgttatt caagacactt ctatacagct taaagtgaca tttaaaagct    138600
     taactaggtt atttaggttg acaaggcagg ttagggtaat taggcaagtt attgtataac    138660
     gatggtttgt tctgtagact atcgaaaaaa attatagctt aaaggggcta ataattttga    138720
     ccttaaaatg gtgtttaaaa aatttaaagc tgcttttatt cttgctgaaa taaagcaaat    138780
     aagactttct ccggaagaaa aaatattatc agacatactg tgaaaatgtc cttgctctgt    138840
     taaacgtcaa ttgggaaata tttaaaaaag gaaaaattta aaggggggct aataattctg    138900
     acttcaactg tacacaaatc cacaaatgcc agtgaaccct gtactgtgcc aaaaggaagc    138960
     cctatgttaa cagtgtccag aagcgccatc gacttctctg ggctcaaagg catgtgggat    139020
     ggaccataac acagtgccaa catgtactgt gttcagatgc atttcatttt gttttgtttt    139080
     ttgcagaaat catataaaat aacacccgtg ataaacatag cttgaatatt tagaaaaaaa    139140
     ttgaaaacat aaatttgcct aagaccattt caagtaattc acgttaacac gaaaaaatac    139200
     aaccatagaa tattaatttc ataaccatat acgcttttaa aaaataatta atgtgtcaat    139260
     gcagatagga aatactgaaa aaaatgttta gttgtttaaa catgctatgt gagcttttca    139320
     atcatatagt aaggtataaa aaatgcttaa tcaatattgt gaacaacttt cgcaggatca    139380
     ctttcgcatg tcgagatgtt cataatatgt gcgtgtgcag gcgctcatag gcacacgcaa    139440
     agcttgaagg taaacaaaca acggcttatc ataagcatct catcgatgat tatttacacg    139500
     gttggcatta agaagaacat ataaacgtgt tctgactaac ttctagcagc taaatgtgtc    139560
     tggaaaaata ttcaaaggct tttattctca caaaccgcgc ggacgtaaat gcgtctgact    139620
     gttgtgattg gctaaagcag atgtctcacg tcagcacgct ctagatgtgc acgcgcttat    139680
     tacgggaatc ttccttctgc attcacacag cgcagcattc cggcaaatta ccggtaatgt    139740
     tacaacttct ctttccggaa aatagccaga acgaatttac cggtattttc aaaaaggacc    139800
     tgttcacaca tacaaccttt ccggaaaatt gccggcaatt ttccggaaag gtccgtaagt    139860
     gtgaaagggg ctagtgacag agccaatttg gtgaacaggg atgtttagaa ggccatgata    139920
     agtaagcgcc tatggaggaa tctggccaga acaccgaggt tacacaccta ctctttatga    139980
     gaagtgggat ttttaatgac cacagagagt cgggacctca gtttaacatc tcctccgaaa    140040
     gacagcgctc actgatatta tagctacccc ttcactgtac tggggcatta ggacccacac    140100
     aggttgagcg ccccctcctg gccacaccac ttccaacagc aacctagttt tcccatgtgg    140160
     gctcctatcc aggtactgac caggctcagc cctggttagc ttcagtgagt aagtcttggg    140220
     ctgcagggtg atatggctgt gatcaaggta tattgtaaat cataaatatc tgttacaatt    140280
     tctgaattc                                                            140289