ID   BX005427; SV 19; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 134851 BP.
AC   BX005427;
DT   03-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 29)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-24F17 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to elastase 2, the 3' end of the alas2
DE   gene for aminolevulinate, delta-, synthetase 2, the gene for a novel
DE   elastase protein (zgc:637440), two novel genes and two CpG islands.
KW   alas2; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-134851
RA   Henderson C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 34326c1f0d2da5a0325dc55ca0c5c91b.
DR   ENA-CON; CT994087.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-24F17. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-24F17 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-11I10 is at 132852 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-24F17 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..134851
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-24F17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..134851
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-24F17"
FT   CDS             join(<2876..3038,3142..3308)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="alas2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011266"
FT                   /product="aminolevulinate, delta-, synthetase 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIZ3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004839"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015422"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015424"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIZ3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001229-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21059.1"
FT                   TVAAQ"
FT   mRNA            join(<2876..3038,3142..3999)
FT                   /gene="alas2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.4-001"
FT                   /product="aminolevulinate, delta-, synthetase 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF095747.1 Em:BC056338.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI617483.1 Em:AW077819.1
FT                   Em:BI475953.1 Em:BI563253.1 Em:BI884147.1 Em:CD605025.1
FT                   Em:CF348527.1"
FT   regulatory      3980..3985
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      3999
FT   mRNA            complement(join(4016..4097,4234..4386,5074..5219,
FT                   5554..5690,5772..5894,6173..6270,6569..6657,7374..>7425))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-24F17.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel elastase protein (zgc:637440)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY179345.1 Em:BC054136.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(4080..4097,4234..4386,5074..5219,
FT                   5554..5690,5772..5894,6173..6270,6569..6657,7374..>7425))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="DKEY-24F17.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011267"
FT                   /product="novel elastase protein (zgc:637440)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SZ51 Tr:Q804G1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIZ2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001254"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001314"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018114"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIZ2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040511-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21060.1"
FT   CDS             join(<11288..11340,11488..11576,14469..14566,14702..14824,
FT                   14905..15041,15855..16000,16391..16543,16640..16657)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011264"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to elastase 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q803Z4 Tr:Q92077 Tr:Q9W7P9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q803Z4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001254"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001314"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018114"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q803Z4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041117-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21061.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<11288..11340,11488..11576,14469..14566,14702..14824,
FT                   14905..15041,15855..16000,16391..16543,16640..16730)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to elastase 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC042328.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI705588.1 Em:BQ618563.1
FT                   Em:CD014170.1 Em:CD014229.1 Em:CD014293.1 Em:CD014370.1
FT                   Em:CD014450.1 Em:CD014723.1 Em:CD014769.1 Em:CD014792.1
FT                   Em:CD015394.1 Em:CF101976.1 Em:CF102680.1 Em:CF103227.1
FT                   Em:CF103246.1 Em:CF265654.1 Em:CF347086.1 Em:CF599481.1
FT                   Em:CK143050.1"
FT   regulatory      16710..16715
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      16730
FT   CDS             join(19262..19357,19541..19816)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011270"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8BLA4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000253"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008984"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIZ0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-354"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21062.1"
FT   mRNA            join(19262..19357,19541..20049)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT   CDS             join(<53493..53525,53643..53725,54730..54825,54918..55144,
FT                   56242..56410,56739..56813,59377..59556)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011265"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIY9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-350"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21063.1"
FT                   LTEAH"
FT   mRNA            join(<53493..53525,53643..53725,54730..54825,54918..55144,
FT                   56242..56410,56739..56813,59377..59646)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-24F17.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM342133.1 Em:BM342386.1"
FT   regulatory      59628..59633
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      59646
FT   misc_feature    132852
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-11I10"
SQ   Sequence 134851 BP; 42439 A; 24878 C; 25008 G; 42526 T; 0 other;
     aagctttaaa ggggatctat catgccaaaa tcacttttca gggggtttaa acacagttgt        60
     gttgcaacag tgtgtgaata gagccagtct ctgtcggtaa aaatggatta atttagtttt       120
     ttttgtaatt acatttgata aaaacagtaa cactatagcc ccttcacata tacagaactt       180
     tctggaaaat taccagcaat ttgccgcaag ggatcatatg cgaaacggcc tcctaaatta       240
     gttccagcaa ttgtctggaa aaagaagttg tagcattaac ggtaatttgc ccgaatgttg       300
     tgatgtgtga acgcaagagg aaaattgccg gaaagacttt gttcatgttt agaatgcgct       360
     cacgtgagat gtctactcca gccaatcaga acattcaaat ggattcaaat ccacgctgtt       420
     tatgaaaata aaagcctttg aatatttttc cagacacatt tagatgttag ttagataacg       480
     tttctatgtt ccttaacgcc aaccctgtaa aagattatcc ataaaatgct taagataaat       540
     tggtgtgttt accttcaagc tctgcttcag ttgcttgacg cgtgtgcaca tgaaagacta       600
     ctccggtgag cgccagcaca cacacacaca caacacaggc tcattctgaa aacgtagtcc       660
     cttggacgtt tctggagacc gcaaaatatg gcctgggagg tgcatatttt tgcagttttt       720
     gtttttcgcg aatccactag agctttttca tatcttaaat gtctctctcg agtgctgttc       780
     gcaatcgcgc tgttctcgtg taaacccacc aaaggccgct gtcgaccgac caatggactg       840
     acccaccctc ctccttccct aaacccaacc aattttagag attgacccgc ccacccgctt       900
     acttccctaa acctaatcga cgatttacaa aagctgttcg tcgtcatcgt ggtcaattcc       960
     tctctgtgtc tcaagtccgc cgacgcacac gacaagctaa agggacaaac tggttgaagc      1020
     gggaaagccc tccacacgga ggccagccgt taagcatgaa aaggaatggc gtcataccgc      1080
     cctctagcgt tctcttaaaa aattaaatgc agccatgcgt acctccggct acttaattct      1140
     ctgcctccag aaatgtccac gggactacat ttttagaatg agcctgggtt gcacacacaa      1200
     caaaagcctg accactttta tgttgataaa tacaagcgca gccatttaga gctcatttgt      1260
     ggttaatgat gtgagaattt accggtggtt tggaatggat gtgtgaatgt ttttttctgg      1320
     aaaaaattcc agaatggctt tacctgtgtg aacatcaatt taaaaaaaaa attactggaa      1380
     aagtgtaaat tttctggata tttaccagta ttactgtgta aaaggggctt atgattaaca      1440
     tttttccatt tgtacatgtc atcagtgggg gaaagccctg tccattagtg acaatctctc      1500
     cctcattagc ataaacagcc ctaagtgaga agcagtcgtc catcattaga ctttccacca      1560
     tacctgctga acataaagtc agaaagtact gcaagtggca ttaaaaatgt ggagttttag      1620
     gatgcacaaa ggaacactgt attccccata gtagactaaa gctggtccag atagtcagat      1680
     acttcttctg tagtctattt tttcagtttt tcacagagat attgctggtc ctgtttttga      1740
     atctgcagcg atgctgacgt aaagacgttt gtagctccac ctcctttgaa aaaaagaaca      1800
     caacctaatc taaagtgtca gtcaccaaaa cgaaacaaca gaaattttaa tgtaaataag      1860
     catctctggt gcagcttaca atcatcatcg ataaagtgcg aaggaaggct caagtatggg      1920
     tccatcatcc ttcttgactt gagatgaccg cggaagtata aatcagcctc agactaaagg      1980
     tgcagggtca catgacgcat gccgtaggga aagtaattgt aaaaatcgtc ctggaaaaaa      2040
     ttgatagatt ataggttctg aatttcgatt acttttttta ttaatcaccc agccctagtg      2100
     tgaaccaaac aaagttgcca agcaccaaac aataagatgg gtccctgccg gcatatgtgt      2160
     attgtggttt ggtgcagggt taaagagata aaaataaaaa ttctgtcatt atttagtttc      2220
     caattgtcac agacctgttt gaatttcaca aaatatttaa aaccggtaat acttccacag      2280
     tatttgtatt ccatactatt gatgtcaggg gctagcaaat tccaacattc ttctaaatat      2340
     cttctttcgt gttctctaaa aaagaatgtg tatcttaatc cattgttctt catccattat      2400
     ctgtaagatg actgtatgtc tgcacaatac ttggacctat ctgaaagatt tttatgttgt      2460
     tgttttatga cacatttatt acccttttag gtattcctaa ctttttgtct atacataaaa      2520
     tcgaggagtt aaaacctctt aatgtgtgtt tcaaagattg acaaaagtgt tttaaaaagt      2580
     ctgtcatcat ttacttagcc catttaaatt tctttttttt ttaatgttga acacaaaaga      2640
     atgtgctgta tattgaaaat tgttggaaaa cagtaactaa tgatgccata gtatttttcc      2700
     ctatgatggt tgtcaatcag tttttcaacc agcattcctg aaaatatatt attttgtctt      2760
     taacagaaaa aggaacgcta gttattatgt acagtaaatg taactgaatg tgcatactac      2820
     tgtataaaat cctcactctg cacaggtata aatgttcgca atgtgtattt ttcaggttgg      2880
     aaatgcagcg aaaaattcgg aggtgtgtga tattctgttg gagaagcata acatctacgt      2940
     gcaggcgata aattacccaa cagtgcctcg cggagaggag ctgctgcgat tggctccttc      3000
     cccattccac aaccccatca tgatgaacta ctttgcaggt gagtgctcat acaattaggt      3060
     aaactgaact tcttactgta tatgtgtata aaataataat gatttataac tgtgttttta      3120
     acaatgtttt ctgctgcaca gagaaactgc tggatgtctg gcaggaggtc ggactgcctc      3180
     tgaatggacc agctcaggca tcctgcacct tctgtgatcg gcctcttcat tttgacctca      3240
     tgagcgagtg ggagaagtct tattttggta acatggagcc aagatacatc actgtggctg      3300
     cacaatgagt ccgtttcaac aactcaagat gtagatcttc catcagatta cactgacact      3360
     tcaaaccaaa aaaatcctct tccaatacta aatgaaacaa tggtatataa gataaaacta      3420
     gagggtgctt aaaatgtctt aaattattta aaacatgttt ttctgtattg tttgctgtgg      3480
     tttagtgatg gaaagataat ttgttgtatt tgagttaatg tactgctaaa attagttatt      3540
     gagatattgg ttaaatccca tgttaattgt gtccttacct gcatgacaac aagcctgcac      3600
     atggacactt tttgattaat ctcaattatt gtttttaata atactttaag atgttgcctg      3660
     catgtaagat catctttaat aacaacatgc cttaagtctt cttcctgttt tggaccattt      3720
     tattctcctg gactcataga aattcattaa atgtggtcag tttaaagaaa acgtttctga      3780
     taacttgttt taaccacatg gttacagtca gatctcaaca aaaacaacag agtctgaaca      3840
     ctctaaagtt gtcactttag ttgttttgaa tgggccctct ttctaaaaaa acaccacact      3900
     gccacctgcc ggaatgtatt ggaaatgttt aaaacattaa taaataatat aataaatgta      3960
     tttgaacagt ggataaaaaa ataaagaagc tgaacaccat atttgcacat ttttatttta      4020
     ttttatttta aaattttttt caaggcatcg atgatacaaa tcccatttct gtttgaagtt      4080
     taatagctgg ccatgttctg taagagaata gaagtgggag aaaatgtaat aatggtacag      4140
     ggtctttagt ttccgtcacg ataaacgctg tccaaaacga caaagtttaa tccgtacgtc      4200
     atcacggcat gtttgctaat ataaaacact caccttgctg atccagtcgc tgtaggcgct      4260
     cacgcgggtg aacacggtgg gcttcttgtt ataattgcag ctcaatcctg aaccgaagct      4320
     cacgataccg tggacctccc aggctccatc gctgccagcg cagttcagag gaccacccga      4380
     gtcaccctgt gtcgagtggg acatgaaaag agttattttc gacaaaaact tcctcataca      4440
     aactttttat aagacatcca aggtagtatc gcgcatacga tattgctgct tatgttagtt      4500
     aattaatgtt aacgtttggc ttcatttttt actcaaatat atacttgttt attgtaattt      4560
     ttttactgtt ccaccaaaag gcagacttgt taccatagga acaaaattga acattcatta      4620
     gacatcatgc taattctgtg tgaaatgtat gcattttcta ttatgctact tgatttttgc      4680
     ttagttttct gctgtttgct tttacatttg actcttacct gacgtgcttc agagagttat      4740
     tctactctaa ttaaagttca tgtaacattt gttaatgttg caatgaacaa tacatgaatt      4800
     acattttttg tttttctttg ttaacattaa tgaaaataag cgtgttagtc cttgttctca      4860
     cagtacatta atgtcaacaa gcacacattg gatttgaata atgcattagt aaatattgaa      4920
     ctatgattaa gtttaagatt agttcatctt agtaaatata ttaacggccg ttatctaatg      4980
     gaaccttttt ttaaagtgtg actaagttgg atatagtcaa atgtgcttct gattatagaa      5040
     aaagatgtca agaagccatt aaaatctgct tacattacat ccagcaacaa caccatctcc      5100
     accagcgcac accatgcttg tggtgacctg agagccccac cagtcagact tggagcaggt      5160
     ggcatgatcc accacgggca gaagagcctg ctgcaggata tcggccaggg gtccattagc      5220
     tagttattca caaaaatagg tgagtgggaa gaagaaaaaa gaagcagaca tgtctaaaat      5280
     ttgttatttg tcattttgtt ttccatctgc aaactaaagc taaaatatag ggataaatga      5340
     ttctataaaa atcctttaat acccatggaa tcatttcatc aaatgcctgg aaatgtttgg      5400
     tctttgcgct ataaaaatat tgtcctttgg tgatctcaaa aaggtttgtc aatgacatca      5460
     ctatgaaaaa ttctgtgtga atatccctga cacctttatt tttaagactg tagcagcaca      5520
     gcctggtcca taataaccat cagcctgact tactgtagag acgtccccat ccagtgacgt      5580
     agcagggagc attatggggc agcacatagc cagcctcggg aagacatgca ggagtgatgg      5640
     tgtcacctat ggtaacagca gtctccagtt tgatcagggc gatgtcatta ctgtggtgca      5700
     gagagagaaa tagggttaat tggatttaaa cacacaacgg ttcaataaat ggatctctga      5760
     atagtcttta ccggattgtg aaggagttcc aagcctcgtg gacaatgatc tttccagcac      5820
     caatagcgac agagccgttc tcctcctggc tcaggctatg ttttcccaaa aacactctgt      5880
     aagttctgct actgctgcag ggccaccaga gaaagacaaa tcacttcatt tacatttagt      5940
     cagaaaatgt aatcaaagaa cgcaaatgaa gcaattcatt caagtgtgac taatacaaag      6000
     tttctgattt agttagaaaa atacaaacat gaaggaatta agatgttttt ttttcataaa      6060
     aacaaggtac ttttatatat ggtgttaata cttttatcat gaactgttac taaaatggtt      6120
     attttttatt tgtaaccagg cctgtgttta ggatcttctc tctgttacta acctgatgca      6180
     gtgagcggca gtcaaaaccc actgtttgtc aataaggctt ccaccgcaag tgtggtacca      6240
     gttgcttcca cttttgtact ggagggagat ctggatgaag aacagaacag cggtcagtaa      6300
     ttatccttga aaacgtttgt ttgtaagtca gcaaattaac tatacgttca tttatgttat      6360
     ctgtatgatt aaaacttcga gaatctggtt gtaaagttgt agaagatgaa gatacaaaag      6420
     tttattttga aaacgctacg cttttcagtg gtttttttat ttattttttt actccaaatg      6480
     atatgaaaat tttaatgaaa tacaaaatca gttttttttt ttttcggtca ctgtgactag      6540
     agaattaagt aatgtaataa tttcatacct gccagggcca gctgttagga cgcacatcca      6600
     cacctcccac aaccctcgtc acaataggag ggaaagtggg aagcccacaa ctgtacgctg      6660
     aggtaaaaca aaacacatca tgcctctttt aatagcaata aatattataa ggctttttct      6720
     tttattattt ttttcttaca atatacatta tatatatata tatataatat acagttaaaa      6780
     tctgaattat tagacctcct ttgagatttt ttcctttttt ttttttaaat atttcccaaa      6840
     ttatgtttaa cagagtaaga aaaatttcac agtatgtctg ataacatttt ttcttctgaa      6900
     gaaagtctta ttagttctat ttcggctaga ataaaagcag tttaaaaaac attttaaggt      6960
     caatattatt accccttatt aagctatttt tttgatagtt tacagaacaa accatcatta      7020
     tacaataact tgcctaatta cccttacctg ctaagttaac ctaattatcc aagttaagcc      7080
     tttaaatgtc actttaagct aaatagaagt gtcttgaaaa atatctagtc aaatattgtt      7140
     taaaataaat aagttattag aaatgagtta ttaaaactgt tatgtttaga aatgtgttga      7200
     aaaaaatctc tccactaaac agaaattagg gaaaaaaata aacagcgagg ctgataattc      7260
     agggggttta ataattctga ctttaactgt atttgagaac cactttatta attaacaaca      7320
     atgcttcttt tttgggatta caccttaaaa gaaagaatat taagtcgtct tacctccgac      7380
     aaccagaaca gccaagacca caaacttcat catccttgta tcttcagtgt ttggctgttc      7440
     tgctggggtt tatatactgg ccagtgcaac gaatgaccac aatcgtgcag ttttgtggaa      7500
     caaatgtcct tgattgatgt aggaaaaata aacaccctcc tccccacttt catccaatgg      7560
     tggttctgag ggtacagttt gaccctgtcg tgaaggataa tcaaataatt taaaaataat      7620
     ttttgttatt gattaacatt ttaaatattt gctatgtcta cacatttaag ctcccccatt      7680
     tttattttgt accactactt tgtataaatg tatttaaatg aagaacaaat aatacacaac      7740
     ttacaaatat atctatgttt gttattgatt tacattaata gccagtttcc tctcataaca      7800
     cccaaatgca tgaattcaga tgaatgtata gttagttgtt ggtaatgtgc acacagtatt      7860
     atttttcata tcagcatgtc atctgtgcat ttctcaggaa tggtgaccac ctggttttgc      7920
     actgttgcag gactgcacgt gcaattctgc aggacacgtg tgagaaagat aaatttatac      7980
     cattagagtc tataaatatt gacccaaaat tagttggaaa gcctatttgc tgtgttgttg      8040
     gatgaaaagc tgcagtcaat cgccaatgaa ctttgtttat tgtctccaat tgatatgatg      8100
     taatttacct caaagcaaca aatcagtttg ctaaaaatgt tgaaatgaga aatgggcttg      8160
     cacacattgt gtggttcata gttgttgttc tcagcaaatt attacaagac tctgggttca      8220
     gtattgctat atgtaaagtt gaaggcaaaa ttatcagctt tttcagatgt tacctaagtg      8280
     atgtttaact ttatttccta tataaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      8340
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tatatataag gttgaagtca      8400
     gaattattat cccacctgaa ttattagacc gcctgtttat ttttttcccc aatttctgtt      8460
     taagggagag attttttaaa cataatagat ttatatggag atatgtatgg agaaagtctc      8520
     atttctttta gtttggctgg aatgaaagca gttttataaa ttttaggggc cgatattatt      8580
     agccatctta ctattctttt ttaattgact aaaataatgt aaatcacctg ttaaaatatt      8640
     atgtacttta atatgattaa tgtcatcatg gcaaagacaa aaatttgttc aactattttg      8700
     tttaaaaatg gggcgagacg gtggagcagt ggctagcaca aacgcctcac agcaagaagg      8760
     ttgcttgttc gaaccttggc ttggtcagtt ggcatttctg tttggagttt gcatgttctt      8820
     cccatgtacg cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc tccggtttcc cccacaagtc caaagacatg      8880
     cactatgtgt taattgggta agctaaattg tccgtggtgt atgtgtgtga ttgagtgttt      8940
     atgggtgttt tccagtgaca ggttgtggct ggaagggcat tttctgcgta aaacatatgc      9000
     tggataagtt ggcggttgag tccactgtgg caaccccaga ttaataaagg gactaagctg      9060
     aaaagaaaat gaataaatta attatgttta aaaatgtgtt ttgaaaaaat atctccttaa      9120
     aacaaaaact tggaaaatca gaaaaagaat ttaaatttca caggagggct attaatattg      9180
     tcctcaactg gaagatgtct cttggctgcc atatactgca taagtgctga aatcccgcat      9240
     aatgattttg ctatcagaca tagcgactga tccactctct tgccctatca tgttattttc      9300
     ccagatacac tccataagtt ctgccactgt tgcaaagcag caacaaaaac aaaaacgttc      9360
     agaaactggg ttatattcat tttaaaaaat ttgcaacaac actgtgtaaa aatagtatga      9420
     agtgaaatca acatagaact cgccattgta ctgaatgact cccacattct catatagtac      9480
     tgcattatca ctgactctaa ctttaagaag ttctacagtg ttttttaatt tttcactcag      9540
     cctatttctt aacatttcta aacgtagctt tccactggag aatcccttcg ttaactgatc      9600
     atcaatcaac tgaagtgtaa gctgccatga cccactaagc acaattttta aatgcagtaa      9660
     acagtcacac gttgaaagaa attgtgccgc cacaagtgtg atatcagctt ccagggagat      9720
     ctaggttaaa aaagactttt actgtagttt gcaagtgggc acatatgaac actgtttatt      9780
     gtaaaccatg taaagtaatt tcattgcagt aatgaaatgt gcatctacca gctgtgagga      9840
     tgggtatctg tatagggaaa aaccctgtat ttccctgtct agggaaaaac actgacaatt      9900
     ttttaaataa ttatttttag gaggttttca ccatttatcg aaattggaca gtggaggtta      9960
     cagacaggaa agtattggga ttggaatgga actcctatgt ctttgtgctg catgtcggca     10020
     tgcttaacca ctaggataaa actgtgaaaa gtagcttaaa tttatgtact gctttctatc     10080
     ttttttaatt tattttttat tttacaacac ctgaggtttt gggtgactaa atgtaacgat     10140
     gtttttcagt ttttaattta gtcacttttt taccattgac cagaccgaac aaaagtgatg     10200
     ttctttctta ataatttttg tgctggttcc cacttcaaat aaagactctt gaggtcagga     10260
     tagaccagaa agcaaaatta cgtgacacaa gaagtcttcg ttttctgtga aattgatcaa     10320
     aatgaagttt gatcatggtt aaaacaagaa tgaatgttta tttatttgtt tttaagaatt     10380
     actttcaaca accagaaccg acaagataac agatttcatc atgatataca gaagaattca     10440
     cgcttaattt gtctttgatg gaaagaatag agaaaaacaa ggctgaaaaa agtagttctc     10500
     tggtgcacct tcaactaaat attacacagt gtgaatgttt tttaaatata aaaataatta     10560
     gattaaccgc tagtttcttt tctaccaggt ttgtgtaatt gttttttttt tttttttttt     10620
     ttttttaagt ttacacttac actttatttt aggtcacaat tcatgctatt accaaactat     10680
     taactgagac tattaactta ataagctatt aattagttgc ttattaatag ttagtagggt     10740
     agtagttgca tttaggtatt gggtaggttc tgggatgtag aataagatcg tacttaatag     10800
     ctattaatat acagttaata tcatattaat aagcaggtta tacgccagta tttaaaagtg     10860
     acttaggtgt tagcttactc tttaattttc cccacttttt atgtaggtga tggtcgtcat     10920
     atttgatcca gaacatgtgg cactttccat ttttacagtt tgtttgaaat gtattttgat     10980
     agttaaaaga tcaaaacaca acatgactaa aaaaaaaaaa aattccatta aacatacagt     11040
     ctatgcgaag cactaaaaat gatctgggtt tggcaaggca ttactgttca tatcagcgtg     11100
     tcatctgtgc acttcacagg ccacatatat gaatcctcac agataactga tatttttggg     11160
     ctgtttatct acaaggctaa atgatactgg gaaggctatc tgtacattgc aacaggaaat     11220
     gtcactgctc cgtcacacca tccagatcca ggttagctat aaaagtgctg gatttttgcc     11280
     tgtggtcact gcaatcaggc acgatgaaac ttgtgatctt ggctctgttt attgctggtg     11340
     gtaagatgga cgttaaaaaa ggagctaaaa aaaactgttg ttcttttaat cctcagtagt     11400
     agattgagga tagatttcac ttacagtttg cactgaagac aacgaacttg agcagacagt     11460
     aatttatcat tttatgtatt ttaacagcct acggttgtgg gcagcccacc tacaaaccca     11520
     tcgactcgag agtggtggga ggaagtgatg tcagacccaa cagctggcca tggcaggtat     11580
     gatctctaca gttgattgtt ctcatcctaa aatgctttac aatcaaacta tgagcacact     11640
     aatatgtatt gattatcttt tgttacactt cttttagaga ctctgctgac tataagtagc     11700
     tttggaacta ctgtatgtca actattatta agccacatac agtatacaat gaagttaaaa     11760
     tcagttgtca gttacatgtt tctttcttaa ttctgctctc tatacacact ttaatatagt     11820
     tcaggagtga ccgctgtatt ctgcaactga atgtagcaac aataatgttt acgctaatgt     11880
     tatgcagggt ttatgaaatt taactttaaa ggatagtcca aatttttaaa ttctgtccgt     11940
     atttacacac cctttacttg atttattttg aaaattcttg ataaacacta ataaaaatgt     12000
     tggaaactgg taaccatcga cataaatagc aggaaaaaca aatactgtgg aagtcaacgg     12060
     agaacggttt ccaacactca taagaatatc ttcttttatg tctaacaata acgaaacaaa     12120
     acaaaaactc aaactggttt ggaagggtga gtaaatgatg gcagcgtttt cttttttaag     12180
     agaactaaag gatgttatta gagatgtatt taatgtgcat caaagatgtg cctctcttct     12240
     gcttccgctc aataatgaca cttaaatggc ataagaaata acagaaaaag aggcacaagc     12300
     cttgacattt gatttgccag atctcactag aaaaaacaag aacatgccca taagaaacta     12360
     aaataaatac aaaaagttta tcttgacaat aagataaaaa tattgcttct gcaatctata     12420
     atacttactc actttctcac tcaatttcct ttggcttagt ccctggtttt tcaggggtca     12480
     ctacagtgga atgaacctcc cacactctaa taactgtatt aatttaaaac atttatgagc     12540
     caatcctaaa caacaaaccc aaaaatcatt ttaaaaaagt ggaatggcaa cacaatagtt     12600
     tgctctgaga aacagccttt caaaaaacct tctgtctttt gtatttttgt ttatatatat     12660
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     12720
     tagggatggg aagattaacc gatatgtatc gatacgcggt catgcgcgtg cacgatgcga     12780
     gtgcattggt tgagcagcag aggatgaatg aaattttgag atggatcgat ttttccgaga     12840
     tacagcttat atttttaata tagaatgtat tttttattta ttaacaagtg ttgtcaacct     12900
     gtttttggcg cataatttaa tcgacctaca caaagtaagc cttagcaacg gatttgcgga     12960
     tgtgcacaca ctacaactca gtgtatcagg tgtgcggatg aagctagtgg tgcgccctca     13020
     gaaagcgcga gaagcaaaac aaacatattc cccactgagt tttaaatcta aagtatggca     13080
     agcaacatta tggatttaag gatggacgac atgacaggac agatgcaatt tgcaaaatgt     13140
     gccgcgcatc tgtaaaatac gcgggcagta cgactaatct gaaatctcac ttgaagcggc     13200
     gccacggtgt tgttgtgaaa gcatcttcca gtgtttctgc atccccggct ttcgcactgc     13260
     ttcaaccagc tccaaaagtg gtgagaaaag cattgcaagt ttttttttcc atgcgcaaca     13320
     gttctgctcg ctctacgcca ataacgaatg ctattgcatt tttcatctgc aaagatattc     13380
     agcctagtgt cacggagaac gaaggtttta aacacctcct cctgttattt ttttttaaat     13440
     attttaataa taataatatt aataataata atgataaaaa taattgggtg tcacggtggc     13500
     acagtgggta gtttgaccac ctcacagcaa gaagattgct ggtttgttat atttttatta     13560
     gcctgttgtt tacagtgaca gtgatgtttg aaagcagcat aacactgcta gttcacaacc     13620
     ttaagttttg aataatcagt ggcaaaatat atctttgtaa aacttgtttt catagttgaa     13680
     aagttaaatc acaattcttg ttgtgcaatg ctaaatttat ttatgttgaa agagtgcaaa     13740
     tatatacata tttatttaat atatattgca cttatacatt ctgtttatct tgaaaatact     13800
     taaataatat gtgctatatg ttctaaaatg gccctctact gtaaactgac actttggctc     13860
     tgagagaaaa gccagtttgt aaaaaaaagt cttggttttg cttggtttat aaataatcaa     13920
     actcattcaa tggcacagca tcctctttca catcatctca taaacttgat ctaattagtt     13980
     agtgctgaaa tatcgcatcg tatcgtgata tgggtgtgaa ttgtatcgtg ttgcatcgca     14040
     atatgtcaca aatgtatcgc taatatatcg gatcgtattc tttgtatcga gatgcgtatc     14100
     ggatcggcat tatagcttag atgcccaacc ctaatatata tatatatata tatatatata     14160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa acaatgttta agtgctgtta     14220
     tgttaaataa aaataaaaaa atagctggaa ccaaagtcat gcagtttaca ggagcagatt     14280
     tataatttag ggaagtaaca aagttttatc tgttaataat tctttggttg tgagacagtt     14340
     gtgaaaccac gtgtcaaatt ctgtgtgtta cttgcccaaa ctgttttttg caatttctca     14400
     gtgaaaattg ttttcagact agttttctct gtatatattt acgcatcttc atctcctcaa     14460
     tatttcaggc atctctccag taccagagtg gctccagctt ttaccacacc tgtggtggca     14520
     ccttgatcga caagcagtgg gtcttgaccg ctgctcactg cattaggtaa aaaaaaaaca     14580
     gctactcttt ctctaacatt aagaatcttt aaaccagaaa cccactttca aaaaaaaaaa     14640
     aaaaactaaa tttgcattgc gaaatagtct aaaacttatt taaacttttt ttgccaagca     14700
     gcagccgaac ttacagagtc ttactgggca agcacaacct gccactcagc agcgagtccg     14760
     gctctcaggc catctctcct gccaggatta tcgttcatga gaactgggac tcctacaata     14820
     tccggttggt cctcgtttca ttttaaagca agagaacaga agtttaatct aagagcatgt     14880
     ttttaatgca tgtgtgtctc tcagcaatga catcgccctg atcaagttgt caactccagt     14940
     gactttcact gacaagattt cacctgcttg tctgcctgat tccggcagca tccttcctca     15000
     caactccccc tgttacgtca ccggctgggg acgcctctgg agtaagcctg catcttttgc     15060
     atcgctattt tcatcatttt aatcacagac ttcaacattc aaagacaaaa ttatttctcc     15120
     aatgtatcct ctaaatacag ttaaaggcaa aattattatc tgatttttaa tcagagagat     15180
     atttttttca attttttttt gaatataata catttaatca cttatttata ataactaatt     15240
     tattttgtct agttaatttg cagtttattc gtatttagat taaagtgcaa tttaatgctt     15300
     aacttagact aactaggtgg aagaacaaaa taactttgac cagatcctaa gggagactgg     15360
     agacaattga gaccgagtgg tccatgatct ccaactcttt tgttgacacg gccagaagga     15420
     actgtgggtg gaaggtgctg cctgccggtg gtggaagttg gtagtaatgg ggcccagggg     15480
     cagacccagg acatgctgga gggaccatgt ctctctgatt gactggaaat gcctcgggat     15540
     ccccctggag gagctggagg aagtgtctgg ggagaggaca gttccctcag atctacctcc     15600
     tgagactgct gcctccatga cccagcccca gaaaagcgac agacaatgaa tgaaagaagg     15660
     cttttaatct agccaaactg aaataattaa gactttctcc agaagaaaat ataaaatata     15720
     atactaaaag atttagttgg gaaatattag acagagaata caattttcac aggagggctg     15780
     ataattttga ctttaactgt gcaatggttc ctggtttgta gcaataaaaa aaatcattat     15840
     tttgtaaatt tcagccggtg gtcccattgc tgatatcctg cagcaggctc tgctccctat     15900
     tgtggatcaa gctacctgca ctaaatctga ctggtggggc aacctcgtga ccgacctcat     15960
     ggtgtgcgct ggtggagatg gagttgtgtc cagctgcaat gtgggtttga tgtgcactta     16020
     catttacatt ttcatagact ttcatagact tatgaaactg agtgttctct gattcaacaa     16080
     gaagaggcaa tacacacaag aaatactaat tttacgaatt aactgtgctc agagaactaa     16140
     gtgatagagt tgagggttga gagttatttt agtattttta gtattaagtg atttttaaga     16200
     acatgactgg tgcaaatgta ggtaaaagtg tcagaaagat taaaaaaagt gtttttacta     16260
     caggtggttt gtcaagccca ctcacctgtg tgaagcacac tcagaattga taatgtttta     16320
     ggttgttgtg tggtttttat ccttgatgta tttgaaaatg caccctaaaa atataacctg     16380
     actgctgcag ggtgattctg gtggccctct gaactgccag agacgtgacg gcacctggga     16440
     tgttcacggc attgtgagtt ttggctccag cttgggctgc aactacccca agaaaccctc     16500
     cgtcttcacc cgtgtgtctg gatacattcc ctggatcaac aaagtgagta tagaagctgc     16560
     tggtgactga acaaacaaca tcttttcttt actttctgtc gacacattca gataccttaa     16620
     ctggcctcct gtttttcagg tgatgacctc ttattaaagc ttggaaggcg tggatacctc     16680
     aaattaaaca acaaaataaa tgtgggatta ataaacatga ttctccaaaa ttcttctctt     16740
     tgtctgttct tggccatttt aatgaggtaa aaaaaaaaag aaacattaaa atatttttcc     16800
     actgtacttg gttatgtatc gtggcataat caagatattt tcttatgcaa tgatggaaaa     16860
     agtaagacat ttctgagaaa cagttatctg gatgtacacc aacaagaatt atgtaaaaca     16920
     tgtaaaacat tctactgatg acactgcttc aaagtcacaa gtaattaagc atttgctgtt     16980
     ctaaccagtt accattttat taaaaataaa taaatatata aataaaagaa gctgtaaata     17040
     aaatatttta ccccagtcca aagacatgga gtatagacaa attggcttgt gtgtgagtgt     17100
     gaatgggtca cacgcaggat ttttgtaatt agcaacacgc ctattaccat actgtatatt     17160
     gaatattatg tttattatag tataaatcct tctgttgatt ttttgaatga atgataattg     17220
     aatttaaacc gattaaagac aatgtgaggt ccctataaat agaattgcaa taaatagtat     17280
     tctggaaata taaacaaatt tttattttga taccgtcaac agacttaaaa catttatagt     17340
     gaaaaagtaa tagaatatag agataagatg agagctttat ggttgggtac aaaacgagcg     17400
     tctcattctt tttaagcaaa ctaggtcaca gagtacgcat gagtgcgaat tgtcaaacaa     17460
     ctaaaaaaaa tatcactgtt attaaagcct cgtaagctca ggaggagttc cgaaaaaata     17520
     ctgaaattga acacagtcta ctgctgcatc aagaaatgcc accttgttgc tctcattcat     17580
     attgctttaa aaaaacaaac aaaaaaaaca tactctgatg ctttaaagat attttattat     17640
     ttggaaatac aaatcaagaa gtctgtattt attaataata aaaagagcct gtgatgtgat     17700
     tttttcaatc actctggtcc tgtaaaactg cattcactta ttggtgtcac ttaatttctg     17760
     gtaggctatt ccacatacag tgtaatgttt tgtattaaaa gtttttaatt ataacagcaa     17820
     catgattgtt ttataaagta ttcgttcata tttgtaaagt acagtttcgt aggaggaaac     17880
     agctgtggtg taattaagtg aacaaaaatg ttacagtaga tggaaaaccg actgctcaag     17940
     cgtgacattt aaatactgaa aaagaactat gcagatatta ttactgtatc gatacattaa     18000
     caattttctg cacttctgtg gtatgtggat ttaaggataa tacttatctt ccacattcat     18060
     aacatgtatt ttgacaaagt ttgccacatt tcctgtgagg gaagggtata agtaggggtg     18120
     ggcagggcca ataaatggtt ttgaagaacc cccttgcttg ctgtcgatgt tgtccaaatt     18180
     gggacctaga aattttttcc tgaaactgca gcctatccag tgggtcccac tgtgctctaa     18240
     ccataggtct acagtagctg ctcactcaga ctgacagtca agccactgcg cgcggtgtta     18300
     aaggcgggac ttcgcgtgac ttgatcgtgt taccatggcg cttgtacaca acctattgta     18360
     gacagacagc agaacatgag gagaggtgtc gaacagtgaa aaacttaaag gcctggtgag     18420
     tttttttaaa taaatgcgtc tttagtattt aaatgcagat tcgtgttaac ttaacttcgt     18480
     gtacaactag tgtaaagttc aagacagaat aattagccct cctgaattat tatccccctg     18540
     tatgtatgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     18600
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatagt tttaatagtt     18660
     ttaataactc atttctaata gctgatttgc tttctttacc atgattacag tacattatat     18720
     tttactagat gtttttcaag actctagttt tcagcttaaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac     18780
     taggtaaaca attgtaggct aactaggcaa gttttggtaa ttaagcaagt ctgtagacaa     18840
     ttaaaggggg tctatattga ccttaaaaag gtttaaaaac aattaaaagc tgcttttatt     18900
     ctagccaaaa taaatttaca aaactttatc cacaagaaaa acaatgttac tttgttgaac     18960
     gttatttggg aaatatatta atttaaaatt ctgacttcaa ctagactgta gactgtacat     19020
     ctgtgcaatt tttttttgcc atgctaatag tttattttcg accttcttga aaataggcta     19080
     tgtaaataag agaataatag tgaatattat atcttgactt ttgggtgttt gactggggcc     19140
     gaacatttgg tgctactcct ttggtagata tagctgttta caacagactg caattaaatg     19200
     ttaaatatgg gtgaactaat tagcagggat tttttatttt tttatttgtc agcaggttca     19260
     aatgaggggt tttcttaaaa cgccaaactg ggtatttaaa ctccagccta aaaccacaac     19320
     tataggaaga cacaaagact ctgacctctg tctacaggta ttaacccata ttgtctccag     19380
     tgtttccact caatatgtca tttcaattgg ttattgattt agtatttaat tattcattct     19440
     gattagcaga tgatttaatg ttggatatga aaggccaatt cctgctggat gaatcacttg     19500
     agaggacagt ctttaagtgt ttgtcatctc atgtactcag aacagtgggg tggatgaata     19560
     tcatgccact attgactggt gtgaagcgga cagctgctat gttatccgtg acttaaactc     19620
     agcacacggg acatacgtta atgactgccg gatccacaat gcaacagtgc gtctctctcc     19680
     aggagaccag cttcactttg gctatggagg atcaacctat gagctgtcca ttgacaacga     19740
     gaaatcagta aaattagcag tatatttgaa cctttgttgt tgtttttgga aatataatgg     19800
     aagatatagc aattaattct ttctaataaa taatatgata tttttatatt aaataatata     19860
     ataaataaca ttcaaatctt tataatgaaa aaacttttcc taaacagttt cctcatttgg     19920
     ctgctcagtc tccagttcca caggcctggc cacgagttcg gactacctct gtttcacccc     19980
     atcctccaac cagacctcgt cctatgagtg ccggaatgaa acggggttcc actacaactg     20040
     atcgaaaaac tcaatctagt agaccaggta gcagcctttt tctttagttt taagaaaaat     20100
     atatttattg tcagtccaag ttaagtattt tatgatagaa agaaaatggg taaaacaagc     20160
     tattgccaaa taagggttat tcttgataaa taattaatat ttttataaat tatatatttt     20220
     ttaatgatta aaattgtaaa gtataattaa aaaaattaca ttttttaaat tacaacaatc     20280
     aaataactaa taaaagttta agagttttag ttaagtactg gaaaaaaaaa tgtaattgag     20340
     gtaaaactga aacttaaaaa caatatactt aaaaatgcat actattatta aaaatcaacc     20400
     tgacatgaaa aaaactacgt tcaaatctaa ttcaaaatat gtccagtata aaacctaaag     20460
     cagtacagtt ccataaaaaa ataaaataaa aaaattcaaa ccggcaccaa acggatggat     20520
     cctcatggga acctctgctt caacaacttt tcatgttttg tatctaaatg taaacttcaa     20580
     caaactttta tagtcttttt agtgaattgt attatattat ataaatattt ctgaccttgt     20640
     atatgcagtc aagtccaaaa ttattcacac ccactgggtc cgtatatctc ctggagtcta     20700
     catcaaaaac tgtcagagca gagatcatga ttggacatgg gacgataacc attttcaagt     20760
     ataccccggt ttggaaagtc aaggttttaa aactgccaaa attttctgtt taaccgttcc     20820
     ttagttatgt gattttttta tttacgtttt tttttaaatt agttttttag gacaacagta     20880
     tctccagcaa aacacattct gttttaaatt gtacagaaat ctgttgtttt tgaaacaaat     20940
     aaagacagca gagtgattga tatagtgatt tatttgaatt atttagcctg acatcccagc     21000
     tggcacataa catcatagac aataatttta ggtagatgta ggtcgtaatg tttggtgacc     21060
     aaaattcaat gttttgccag catctaagga caaagttaat ttgacgttca aaaacgatgt     21120
     caaatgattt taatattagg ttgattttag gttgtgttgg aaagtgacca aaatctaatg     21180
     ttgagccaac atcttaaacc aacgtcacat tgatgtcaaa tactgacatt tattcattag     21240
     gtatggcaac caaaatccaa catctgatag acgtcatagt tggttaacat caacacattt     21300
     tcaagctgta acatcattag atgttgatat ttggatgatt ttagaatatg acattatgtt     21360
     tacattatgt ggctgctggg atgtttactg ttccaaaata tttgaaatgt ttctcaaaat     21420
     aaaatgtttt gtgttcaaat tggaaaaaaa gtttttgttt ttttacccag acatttaaaa     21480
     agaatatatt ttagagcagt aatcacaata ccgtgaaact gatattttta tccaacgtta     21540
     ttgtactgtc agaatctttt actgggccat gacttccctt gatacagttt aaaaatataa     21600
     actgaaaaca cctaaaaatc caaagctaca ggctattttt tttacagtgc agaatatttt     21660
     agacaatgtt ttcctttgtt tactattcaa ctgtatatgt tttgcaggaa gctggagtgc     21720
     taacagagga tgtaatctca gaagtataac tcaacctaac atttctcaaa acatccaatg     21780
     ccttcctatg gacgaggtga tcaacatcca gttaaaaaaa aacaccttgc tgtgtacaca     21840
     taagcagaca cctcatttta atgtttaatt tctgcttttt ggtgtcaact gccttccagt     21900
     catttttagc tgcagaaaac cccagctttt tttcggttta aaaataagga ctgacccttt     21960
     gcttgaccat ccatgctact gatatgccta aataataccc tgttcttcct caggaggaga     22020
     gcttgcatag ccttggagag ggacatattc gtgtgtctct gtgctttgac gatgagtccc     22080
     agaggaagaa tgatgcgatc gcggccctga aggaggaagt gtcagctctc aagagccagc     22140
     tgtctcagaa gaagcagggt gatccagatg tcacacacag acttctctgc ctggagagtg     22200
     acatcaaaga gaaaagggat cagatacagc agctaaagga gcaggtgtgg tagaacatgt     22260
     tttgctttct tactttacac tgtgtgtagt tttgtgattg taatggataa tgggattgtg     22320
     ggtaattttt atcttaaatt ggtgtgtaca ttaatttcgc ttttatttac attcagaagg     22380
     tttattccaa atagcatatt cacgcacaat tctgaaccat tttgtaatat aaatagtgta     22440
     cgaaataaaa ataacacttt aaatactcag atgcttattc aactggtaaa aagaagtgtg     22500
     gaatgttgaa catttcatgc actctacatt tacgttttgc tcatgtaacg gaatgggagg     22560
     ggctattaga aactaaagtt tgatctttta ttttggattg gccaagtaaa attctcctac     22620
     agagatgatt atttcacctc ctgattgtaa atgcagtttt acacatgagt catggcagga     22680
     actatttgat agtttggact tttgccacag ccatatcacc ctgcagccca agaccgttta     22740
     ctcactgaag ctaagcaggg ctgagcctgg tcggtacctg gatgggagac cgcatggcaa     22800
     aaactaggtt gctgttggaa gtggtgtcag tgaagccagc agggggagct taatctgtgc     22860
     tctgtgtgag tcctaatgcc ccagtaaagt gaaggggaca ctgggacact atactgtcag     22920
     tgagcgccat ctttcagata agacattaaa cggaggtcct ggctttctgt agtcatttta     22980
     aatcccatgg cacttctcgt aagtgtaacc ggggtgtaac cctggtgtcc tggccaaatt     23040
     cccaccattg gcccttaccc atcatggcct cccaatcatc cccatccacc gaattagctt     23100
     tatcattgtc tttccacaac ccttatagct agtgtgtggt gagtgcattg gcgttattgt     23160
     cctgtgactg cggtcgcatc atccaagtgg atgctgcata ttggtggtgg tgggttggtg     23220
     agactcccct catgattgtg aagcgttttg ggtgtatgac catacatgtt aaatgtgcta     23280
     tataaataca cattgcatta catactgtac actcttactg tgaagtagcc gggctgcttc     23340
     cctttatctc tggcgaccgc actggttcac acacacccac agacgctcac agacacgcac     23400
     atacatacgc acatacatat gtctactcac ctctcctttt cctctcagta tgctgctagt     23460
     gacaaagggc cctgtcatct cgcacgcatc cagtcatcca ttccatatct ccattttccc     23520
     acaggttaac attaagcata catttacaca cacctttgtg ttcgtgtctt tgtgtttttg     23580
     tttcgtcatt tgtccgggaa agttggtctt cagtgttgtg ccggccaaac cgagcgagcg     23640
     aatggcgccg gcttatgacg tcaccggccg cgccatggca gcaccaatca cagaagcgcc     23700
     aaccgtacca attgtttgtg tttgtagggt acagccagcg ttgtagagga gcgatttata     23760
     tgtctttaaa cctctgattg ttggttgttt tatgtatgta tgtatgtcag atattattag     23820
     tagctgtgtg cttttatatt tagagatgcc acatttaaat gtttaatggt gtgatgtaga     23880
     agtttacctg aattacctgt ttatggtatg ctccaaaagg gggcggagtc tagcctttaa     23940
     aaggagacgg cagactcaga aacggggtca gttcacctgg ctagcgagcg tgttgtggca     24000
     gaaccgtaag caatcccctt tatcaatcta ttgtctgtgt gacatagatt tctttcgtat     24060
     atattgtaga tatattgttt tgtgttgtat atatcgtatt ttgttttttt gttttattga     24120
     gttgttactt tgtttttttt ttgtacatac cttttgggaa ataggtcact gtacatttat     24180
     ctgcactgga ctgttttgcg ttatccttgt aaataaacca tcttttttac acttctgtga     24240
     taaggccatc atttttgaga actctttatt tttatttatt ttttgctggt gttgggcatc     24300
     ccacacctgg tagtgaaccc attccgggtc cattacataa ttactcacgg cggcacggga     24360
     accattctga cacgcaccac tctgtggtga gcactatcac cgctcgaagc tcacagggtg     24420
     ccacagcagg tggcagtagt gagtttgtgg gtcgcgggcc gtcgcagttg gtgtcagaag     24480
     tgggatggcc acccggaaga ggacaacgag aggtcgaaag gcggggctac gatccgctgt     24540
     gaaggacgca gcttggcgta ggctgtcatc ggaggatgat gaggaagcta cagagcctta     24600
     cagcagcctt gatccttcga ctgagtccag tggaggcatg gagagcctga tgagggattt     24660
     cctcaaagca caaaaaacaa gagaagagat gtttcttcgg gaactgcagg gtttgcgagt     24720
     gacggtccag caggcggtgc aggcagcacc ggaacgacca acaggcaacc cttcaccaga     24780
     gcctgaaaga gaaaacacag gggagtcttc gctgccacca cctaccccac caccacccgc     24840
     acttccatca catcaccggg cccagtttgc acaccgtcca gaaacgccgt tgccaccgtt     24900
     tcagatgggt gacgacatgg agaactatct acggcgcttt gaacgtctgg cgcagacatg     24960
     gcagtggccc aaggagcaat ggagctgtcg gctggttccc ctattaaccg gtcgagcgct     25020
     ggaggcttat ctggcaatgg atgaggtcag tgctgataat tacttacaat taaaagactc     25080
     tctgttgcag aaattcaatg tgtcggcgga aagctatcgg cagcgcttta gagcagcatc     25140
     aacgccggaa ggagagtctc cgacagaaac gtattatcgc ctgaaacatc tatatcagcg     25200
     ctggattcga ccagacattc attcggtgga ggaaatcggt gagcagatta ttctggagca     25260
     actactacgg gtcatgaaac cggaagccag gatctgggta aaacagcatg agccaagcac     25320
     aggactggca gcagcacagt tagcccagca gtacgctaat gctcatcgct ccggtctgcg     25380
     cacgcaacct gaaagaggta gtacacgaca cattcgtcac aatactgata accgacatac     25440
     acaggaactt gagactgaac tgacacctaa attgatctgt tatgcatgtc gtcaatatgg     25500
     acacaaagcc tcagtttgcc cagcaagaaa gcctaagcta acgggtatgt gctacgtacc     25560
     acgtgagggt gatgctaaca gtgactattt aatgtctcaa agtgttgata tggtgaatgt     25620
     ggtggtgaac ggtcgtgaac ttaaagcatt gctagacaca ggaagttcaa tttccctgat     25680
     taaatcatgc caggtaaaca atattgacta tgcaaatacc acagatgtat gctgcattca     25740
     tggggatgtt aaaagctatc caaaggctga agtgcttgtt catattcaag atgaaatgta     25800
     tcttttgaat gtggccgttg tcactaattt gtcagttgac atgattttgg gtcgagatct     25860
     accaattttg aatgaactgt gtagcaagac tatcaaaatg aactgtgcag ggctaaatga     25920
     aactgaaaat gtgttgactg ttgtgacacg tgctcaagct aagactggtt tgctaccgtt     25980
     gccagacttg gatgatagtc tactgcaagg tgcaaccaag ggtgagagaa aaactagaaa     26040
     acagaaaaga ctgttaaaaa aactgggtgc gccagttaag aaagcacaat tagacggctt     26100
     agaagctaag aattggcaaa taccagaaaa catttctgag ctgcaaaaaa atgatgagtc     26160
     tttggaaaaa ctgtttaaaa gagctgagaa cccaaacaat gccactgtga atgatgaaca     26220
     ttttgttatc attgatgatg ttttgtatgt gcaggtcaaa gaggttaaac gtttggttgt     26280
     acccatgtct gtccgttcta ttgtgttaca cctagcacac acactaccat gggcaggaca     26340
     tctagcattt cagaaaacat atgcacgcat cagtacacgt ttcttttggc caaccatgta     26400
     cactgacgtc cagacatatt gcaacacatg cagcacatgt cagactacca gtgcagtgcg     26460
     ccacagagac aaagcaccat tacagccact tcccattgtt tcaaccccct tccgccgcat     26520
     agctatggat atagtagggc cacttgaaag aagtagtgcc ggacatcgct acatcctagt     26580
     cgtttgcgac tacgccactc gttaccccga agctttccca ctccgcacag tgaccacatc     26640
     aaaagttgtt caagctctta ctgaactgtt ttctagggtt ggaatcccgg atgagatcat     26700
     cacagaccag ggaacaaact ttatgtcacg ggtaatgaca cagtttcacc agcagctagg     26760
     catcaaagct ctgaaaacaa caccttacca ttctcagact gatggattgg tggaacgttt     26820
     caatgggacc ttaaagagta tgctgaggaa gttcgtttca gacacaggta aagactggaa     26880
     caagtggtta ccattcctac tgtttgctta cagagaagtg ccacaggcat ccaccggatt     26940
     tgcaccattt gagctgctgt atggctggcc agtccaggga cctttggaca tccttaaaaa     27000
     ggcgtggacg aaatctccaa cagtggcaga ggacagcagc attgtgaagt tcatcttgga     27060
     gatgagagac aagctggata cctacaggga gcaggcgatg gagaacctaa aagaggcaca     27120
     gacaaaacag aagagatggt atgatatgaa gagcagacta cggcagttcc aacctggaca     27180
     gaaggtactg ttattactac ctacatcaac aaacaaactt ttagcaaaat ggcaggggcc     27240
     atacgaaatc accaggaaga tgggtccagt gacatatgaa atactccaac ctgagagaaa     27300
     gaagactcga caaatttacc acgtgaacct gctaaaggag tggaaagaga gaaaggaacc     27360
     agagaagaca ttgatggtga gagaagtcaa ggaggaggat gaagaacctg ctgaagaaat     27420
     ggttactccg agagaagctg cagaactgaa gctgaatcat ctggaggaaa acaagaaaaa     27480
     ggagttacaa gagctactaa gcaagtaccc tttgctgttc caggagagac caggcaggac     27540
     agaggtaact caacatacca tccacttaac agaccctaca ccatcaaggc aaagaccata     27600
     ccgtatacca gagaaactgt taaagccact gaaggaagaa atcgagacga tgaaacaact     27660
     tggggtgata gaaccatcat catcggagtg gagcagtcct attgtgatcg tgccaaagaa     27720
     agatggatca ctgaggatct gtgtggactt caggaaatta aattcacagt cgaagtttga     27780
     tgcttacccg atgcctagaa tagatgactt actggagaga atagggcagg cccgcttcat     27840
     aaccacactg gatttgtgta aaggttattg gcaggtgccc ctccatcact catctaaagc     27900
     cctgactgcc ttcagaacac ctgttgggct ataccagttc acggtacttc cctttggatt     27960
     acatggggca cctgctacct tccaacgcct gatggaccaa gttctccagg gttgtgagga     28020
     atacgcagct gcttacctag acgacgtagt gatctacagt cacacgtggg aggatcattt     28080
     aaagcactta agacagaccc tggagaagat acaagcagcg ggcctgtcct taaatgtggt     28140
     gaaatgtgaa tggggacgag gtgagactaa ttatctgggc tatatactgg gcaatggtgg     28200
     actcaggccg caggtagata aagtcgaagc gatcaagaaa agccaacgac ctaggaccaa     28260
     gaaagaggtt cgatcctttc taggactact gggctggtat cgtcgcttca tccctgattt     28320
     cgcagcaatt gcagcacctt tgactgattt actccagaaa ggtacaaaga acccagtcat     28380
     ttggactgaa gcctgtgagc aggcctggac agtattgaga gagagactgt gtgcacaacc     28440
     tgtgctgaag agtccggatt tctctcaaag attccttgta caagtagacg catcggagag     28500
     agggataggt gcagtactgg cccaaggacc agctggacga gagcgacctg tggtattcct     28560
     gagtaggaag ctgttgccca gggaaacgcg ttactctaca gtggagaagg agtgtctggc     28620
     gataaagtgg tccctagaat ccctgaaata ctacctcctg gggcgggagt ttgacttaca     28680
     gacagaccat cgggcactga cgtggatcaa ctcaatgaaa gaccacaatg ctcgagtaac     28740
     tcggtggtac ctatctctgc agccctttca atttaagatc agtcattgcc ctgggaggag     28800
     taatcttgta gccgactacc tgtcaaggtt cccagacagt gcgcggcatg gagaggggga     28860
     ggatactgtg aagtagccgg gctgcttccc tttatctctg gcgaccgcac tggttcacac     28920
     acacccacag acgctcacag acacgcacat acatacgcac atacatatgt ctactcacct     28980
     ctccttttcc tctcagtatg ctgctagtga caaagggccc tgtcatctcg cacgcatcca     29040
     gtcatccatt ccatatctcc attttcccac aggttaacat taagcataca tttacacaca     29100
     cctttgtgtt cgtgtctttg tgtttttgtt tcgtcatttg tccgggaaag ttggtcttca     29160
     gtgttgtgcc ggccaaaccg agcgagcgaa tggcgccggc ttatgacgtc accggccgcg     29220
     ccatggcagc accaatcaca gaagcgccaa ccgtaccaat tgtttgtgtt tgtagggtac     29280
     agccagcgtt gtagaggagc gatttatatg tctttaaacc tctgattgtt ggttgtttta     29340
     tgtatgtatg tatgtcagat attattagta gctgtgtgct tttatattta gagatgccac     29400
     atttaaatgt ttaatggtgt gatgtagaag tttacctgaa ttacctgttt atggtatgct     29460
     ccaaaagggg gcggagtcta gcctttaaaa ggagacggca gactcagaaa cggggtcagt     29520
     tcacctggct agcgagcgtg ttgtggcaga accgtaagca atccccttta tcaatctatt     29580
     gtctgtgtga catagatttc tttcgtatat attgtagata tattgttttg tgttgtatat     29640
     atcgtatttt gtttttttgt tttattgagt tgttactttg tttttttttt gtacatacct     29700
     tttgggaaat aggtcactgt acatttatct gcactggact gttttgcgtt atccttgtaa     29760
     ataaaccatc ttttttacac ttctgggata aggccatcat ttttgagaac tctttatttt     29820
     tatttatttt ttgctgatgt tgggcatccc acacctggta gtgaacccat tccgggtcca     29880
     ttacataatt actcacggcg gcacgggaac cattctgaca cgcaccactc tgtggtgagc     29940
     actatcaccg ctcgaagctc acagggtgcc acagcaggtg gcagtagtga gtttgtgggt     30000
     cgcgggccgt cgcacttaca catacactac ggtcaattta gtttattcaa ttcacccaca     30060
     gtgcatgttt ggactgctgg ggaaactgga gcacttctca taaagagatg taaggagtgt     30120
     aacccgttgt ccttgccaaa ttcccaccat cagacgatct aatgatctga tcataatcat     30180
     cctcatccac tgaattggct gtatcactgt ctctccacgt ctatagctgg tgtgtggtga     30240
     gcgcactggc gctgttgtcc tgtgccatgt ccaagtggat gctgcacaat ggtggtgaag     30300
     tgggaagaat cccctcatga ttttgaattg ctttgggtgt atagccatac acaaaaaatg     30360
     cgctacattc attcattcat tcattttctt ttcggcttag tccttttatt tataaggggt     30420
     tgccacagca aaataaactg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt tttacccagc agatgccctt     30480
     ccagctgcaa ctcatcactt agaaaaaccc attcacactc atacactttg gacaatttta     30540
     gcctacccaa tccaccatag tgcatgtctt tagacttgag tgggaaactg gagcacccag     30600
     aggaaaccca tacaaacacg gggagaacat gcaatctcca catataaatg ctaactgacc     30660
     cagccgaggc tcgaaccagc gaccttcttt tagttagatg acatcgctac ccactgtgtc     30720
     cctgctccgc ctaaatgcgc tatataaata taaattactt acttagttac ttgcttttac     30780
     tgtatttcac cattgaaagg attggctggc caatcctgga aatggttata attttccata     30840
     aaaaaacttt ttcttttggt atgacactat taactctaat acaaagaccg taaggttggc     30900
     ttcaggatac atccaacata cagtataagg ccagtttttc ttgtcttttt ttgataatat     30960
     gcagcataat tactattgcc atgcagtaaa tatttaagtt agttatagct gagatttata     31020
     tagggtctat atgtataggg tgggtttaaa aacacctaag gattaaacat gggttttaag     31080
     gtccatgttt taatactgat tttcatggcc aatgcctgta ctgtaaaaaa ggctgggttc     31140
     cacacaatcc cttcatctcg tctcaactca aatcgattaa atgaacttaa tggtttttac     31200
     aatattatgt tgactgaaca aaaagcaatt aagttatccc taaaaactca agaactttgt     31260
     tatttgactt caattaaaat aggtagtcta aagaagcagc aaattttttt gctagtgtat     31320
     agaagctagt taaaaatgaa tgatactgtt atcattgaag tgttatcaaa gtacttattt     31380
     aaaaatgtaa aaaaaatctg aatatttaca tatgtagttt ttgtttattt atttattaca     31440
     aagcaacact gccatctact gacctagaat gcataataca acttgtcatt gacgccattt     31500
     agtcaaagca gttacagtat gtaaactttt cacaaacaca aaagaaaaac ctttacattt     31560
     ttagttgtca tgtaatcata ctttacattt agattcctat aatagtttga tgataaaata     31620
     ctgtataaat gacaatacac tacttgacaa aagtctttcc aagcctatcc aagttttagg     31680
     aacaacaaat aataacttga attctagtta atcaaatggt atttgaagtg gctaatatga     31740
     ttggcaaagg cctctagatt acggtgtact ccaataaata taatcatgct ttgattatta     31800
     attatttaat taggacagtg aggtctgact ttgcttagat aaaagtcttg tcaattaaca     31860
     gaaataataa tgtacagtat agaatataaa gttatggtgc agtgcaaaaa gaattagcat     31920
     ccacacatct ctgcagtgac tcaaataact tattaataaa gttgtctgga atggaaaaga     31980
     gagcgttctt gcaggactcc caaagtccat caagattttt tttggattca tcttcaatgc     32040
     ctccttcatc taactccaga tatgctcaat aatgctcatg cctggtgact gggctggtca     32100
     atcctgagca cttcgacctt attgctttca ggaaatttaa tgtggaggct aaaatgggaa     32160
     ggagctctat cctgctgaag agtttaccct ctcctgtggt ttgtaatgta ataggcagca     32220
     caaatgtctt gatacctcag gctgttgatg ttgccatcca ctctgcagat ctcttgcacg     32280
     cacccataca aaatgtaaac ccaagccatg atttttcctt caccaaactt gactgatttt     32340
     tgtgagaatc ttgggtctat gcgggttcca ataggtctac tgcagtattt gtgatgattg     32400
     ggatgcagtt caacagataa ttcatcagaa aaatcgacct tttggaactt ttccaaatga     32460
     tcaactagaa gtcaagttat tattttttgt acttacaact gggatcaatg acaagatttt     32520
     gtcaggtagt gtacagccat tttcttaaac actgcataaa cattaattta atgtttcaca     32580
     gaactttgaa aggttgacgt aaaacatgca tctttcacat tatttatata cttttatcaa     32640
     aatgccccaa atcctttgca ttaaaatcca tcaacaaata ttgaaagatc atggccactg     32700
     aagtctgcta taccaggaaa aggcaaaaac actcattaca gatagtaatt attcaagttt     32760
     ctttatattt aaggtttaat ttaagcaatg cttgcatttt ggtgaagcta tttctccact     32820
     ttccaaattc atcgaaaatc tttcaagggc taattaataa ttaactgctg cgcctcattt     32880
     caagcttgat ctgtttaatg gatgcagatg ctggagcttc agagatgttc tggagagatg     32940
     cttgaacaga ctgtgactga gagagatcag aagatcagcg ctttattaga acagatggat     33000
     aaactcagga gacaaaattc ttcctctaca ggtatgagga tgctattaag tggatgacat     33060
     gtataggtca tttacattcc tgtaatgtgg aaaaaaatat ataaatactt tatcacagaa     33120
     aaccatattt cacacagggt taaacttaat ttatgtacat ttaaatgtct aaaaatacac     33180
     tttatactcc atttatagtt catttatatt catactaaac ttcagtttga agatattact     33240
     actattaaac tgtattttct gtattttatt tcgtactttc tattcatcca tttaaattgt     33300
     attttatatt gtactttcta ttgtttgagt catgatttca acaaaacagc aaaatggttt     33360
     ataataaaag tttttgtgat taaattttga gtaatatgga tggaaataca ctgttttgta     33420
     gtgaaattac aaataaatta ttgcataaat aaaaatattt tgacattttt gtggcatgtc     33480
     tgtatagtga gtaagataac ttgttggaga taaaagtttt agcacaaaaa cattgaaaaa     33540
     aaatatgtaa gttttatcaa cttactagat aacatattat tttattgcaa atatccaaac     33600
     tttgaattaa aaaataatgc gtaaatgcat aaaaaacttt ttaagtcatc caacaggtct     33660
     aacatactaa ccagtaccat atttgtagca tgcatgcacc atcctgtccg atctgtggag     33720
     ttattttgtg ttttttttca ctttcagcac tggttagcag tctgcagaga gacttgtctg     33780
     cccgagagaa acaggctcta aaactagccg ctgaggtgga caagctcaga caagatgtga     33840
     gacgcagaga agccaaactc tcaggcatta tggacaaggt tcctgcatcc ctctccttct     33900
     acagctgttc agctctctag gttaacacgt agctttcaaa gtgttttatc aataaaagat     33960
     cacactttct ctggtctgat cttgttttag aagttgaaag actcccagaa gcatcagagt     34020
     gagctgctcg ccaggcagag cgaggtggaa tctctcaaca aagtgagtgt tttatgaaga     34080
     acacctttac aggcacaata acgcattggt aactcacaaa gatgacctta ttgaaataac     34140
     cccatgtcag agtttacatg caaaccaata acttggcaag caggagaaaa atactgtagt     34200
     gatttgtagt aaatactata gtgtttttga accatactat agtaaagtac ttgaattatt     34260
     ctgttttggc tatatagttg ctgtggtaat actttagtat tataacacaa attctacaag     34320
     aatatggtac attatactac aatacaccac agtttactgt aaagtattac tgcagtaaat     34380
     attttttagt ttatactaaa ctgaaattca gctattttaa ttgaactaga actaaagcag     34440
     caaaaccctt caacagaaat catcaattct aatttaacaa aaccagttgt tgtttgttta     34500
     cttgcttgac tacaaaaatc aaactgaaaa taaatgtttc aatttaatgt aatgatttaa     34560
     aaaaaatgta aataccgtta gagaggacaa tgcattgaac tccattgtgt tatgaatgtc     34620
     actgtttgtt tttaccgcaa taagttcatt gttaaatgaa taagtgtgta tggatgtttc     34680
     ccagtgttgg gttgcagctg cataaaacat atgctggata agttggcggt tcattcctct     34740
     gtggcgaccc caaattaata aagggactaa gccaaaaaga aaatgaatga atgaatgaat     34800
     gtataaatga atcaatatta gacaggagtt actttctcaa gtttaattta atacctttgg     34860
     atcgtcatta gacaaaattt gggcacccct ggtctacaga agaaattgtc caatatttaa     34920
     ttaacttatc ttgcctactt aacatattaa cctggttaag tctttaaatg atacttttta     34980
     agctaaatac cagaatcgtg caaaataaat agaaaaatat tatgcaatgt caccatggcc     35040
     aaaaaattaa acaattatta gcggggttag acggcatctg tggacattaa aaatatctgt     35100
     gggtttatgt ggactaaatt tgtgagtatt gtaactaaaa acttaaaaca tgaaataaaa     35160
     aacagacttt ttattcttta tttaaggtta aggaagcttt ttaactttta tttaggtttg     35220
     caaatccaat tagatccgct tgtttggtaa acaaagtctc tcatacaata tatccaatga     35280
     aatacaattc attcatgttg tcccaacaca aatcgattaa gttaacttaa cacttttaaa     35340
     aatgtatgtg gattgaatat aaaaaattaa gttgtcccaa tgaaatctca agaattgtgt     35400
     tgtttcagct catttttatt aagtagtttg aacaagtaaa aatatatata tatttttgag     35460
     tgtatgtaaa tggacacttt tgcaaacttt ttatatatat atttcacatt tgcaatgtat     35520
     tttatatatg taaaatccaa atatgaactt gtatgtcata tatgtcattt gcatatattg     35580
     acatatgtca gatttctatg gggtctttcc ttctctgcta cagcaaagca tctgttgcat     35640
     ctgtatgtgc ttaaattaat tcctgtcaca catcacactg cactcttcag taaactgaca     35700
     gagagcaggt taatacgttt acaagctggg tgaaaacagg ttaatgtgtt tacatgatca     35760
     catgcattgt cggtttatta aatgcaatcg ggtgaagaag tgcatgtaaa catactctta     35820
     tccattactt acctccacac agcttcccac aatacccagc tccggaggct gatgccttgt     35880
     ccattaggcc actgggccag atagtattca tttatgaaat tagacgtcat gtatctgtta     35940
     attatgtgtg ctgtaggaac gagcttctct gctgacagag ctggagaaac tgaagcagct     36000
     tcatgagcaa acgcagcagc gagaacagag agttcaagaa aggcttcaat gtactaaatc     36060
     aagggtgagc aagcttaaga caggggaaaa agtcaggtaa aataactcct gtatctattt     36120
     tgataaccta tatgaaattt ctttaaagtt tgacagtttt cgcgagcaga ttgtcaggat     36180
     tgcacacgtt tctgacaagc aaccagacca agaggtataa gaaaacattt cagtttattc     36240
     taaagacaag tttacatgaa atgatttgaa aattgctgaa acatttaaaa aaaagttatc     36300
     tctaaatatt tgttaatgtc attttaaatg tatttttttc ttttaaataa attctatggt     36360
     attattttaa atgtcacaga aatttgattt tgatacactt ttgttgaaaa aaggctccaa     36420
     taaaacaatc aaataattgt ggtgccacat tacacatgac atatacacaa aaatacattt     36480
     gacctgcatc catatattgt tttaaactgt tttatttggg aaaataggaa taatgggtca     36540
     aaatagataa caatatagat tatgaaaata aaccctttct aaataaatat ttctcttttt     36600
     taattgcatg caaattctag gatgatacgt taaatgtcac tgaaaacttt tttgaataat     36660
     cacaaataaa tgttttctca gttctgggtt gtggctggaa gggcatccgc tgtgtaaaac     36720
     atatgctggg aaagttagtg gtttattgtg ctgtggcgac ctttgaaata gagaccaagc     36780
     cgaaggaaaa tgaatgaatg aatgagacaa ataaatgctt gttacataac agtagaaata     36840
     aatagaaact aatctgatat catcatgatt gagcagattt ataaacaaaa atactaatat     36900
     tatatatcac atttatattg atatattaat atataaaata ttaaagatat ttactaatat     36960
     ataggtattg acattgctta ttctttgcta agtcatggaa atttgtaact tttgattttg     37020
     tggttaaatg aatttgtaca tctcattcat aaaaattagt atgatttgct tatgcccaat     37080
     tgacggttgg gtttagaggt ggggtctggc gaccttgttt taaaaattgt atatttttat     37140
     atgactgaac tcaaacaaat tagccactaa actgacatac tattgcttga aatagtttca     37200
     ttttcttgtg acttcaggct cacttattgt agttcaactt tttcatactt ctgatgtcac     37260
     atgacattat aaatgtaata ttgacatcac atttttatag aaataaaaca tgcatctgtt     37320
     taaaaaaatg ttgactggaa aactttaatg atattatttt attttatttt ttgtcatttt     37380
     cgagcctgcc agttttattt tgccactttc attctgaaat atcattttgg agcctgtcaa     37440
     cttcattctg agtggccaaa atattgcaaa attccacagg agaaagagag gttttaacag     37500
     atatgaaagt gtgaaaactc tgccagattt tgcattgtcg gatgaacttg ttcatgcagg     37560
     tgctggactg tttatcagag aaaatggaac agatggagat gtacaaaacc aaagtgcatg     37620
     actttgaact aaaactcaaa gagcaagctc acacacagag aaaaattttg gacgagagcc     37680
     aggaatttag agctagactg caagaatgtc aggtattatg tggtggaaac attgattatg     37740
     ccgtgtacag ttgtttatct gtgttacagc agtacaaacc atgctgcaca gctatgtaat     37800
     gtctgtttgc atttgtctat agagtcgagt gcaagatgca tgtattgtgg acacagtgca     37860
     aatggaaata gctggtctgc aggagatgaa tctgaatcct gtgcttagtt gggttcaaga     37920
     gcattccctc tacacactga atctcctgca cagtgtattg ctgaatatga ctcagaggtt     37980
     acaagaagca ggtcttgatg tgtcagtgaa aactggaggt atacgcttca gctaaaattt     38040
     agcatgggtt tcacaaagca agaatttcag tgttcatgaa atgcattaca aaaatgaagg     38100
     tgacacttta tttgaaggga gtgttcataa cactgtcatg acacatttat aataatgaga     38160
     tgacacattc tttgaataag gagattttat acatgcttat tacaactgtc atgatgtgct     38220
     attcgctcag ttatgtcatt gtttaagatg tctttgttat aaaaaattga catgaaagct     38280
     tgacattatt aagacagcat aatctgtcat aaatctgtca taaacatgat tgtcattagg     38340
     ccattataaa tcctttagga atatttttct gatcactttt caatggaaca aattaattag     38400
     tcagtaattt gtctcactta aagtgtctca atactctgtc cgataaatta ataaaagcgt     38460
     gattaatatt taataacatt ttataacatt ttaatgacaa attccatgtg tgccactcta     38520
     ataacaaaac tgttataaaa ttacacaatt ctcatggccg catggcaatt aagtctataa     38580
     cagatttatg acaatttatg ttgtcttggt tatgaaaagt tgtcatgaca aaggcagaga     38640
     caagtgtatt tgtttgtgtc aagctgccat aaagacatct caaacagtgt cacctttgga     38700
     attaaaataa aacaactaag tgattgacac ttaatgacag ttaagtcatt aagcatgcat     38760
     aaaatctcct ttcatgactg tcttatgaag gctcccctca agtaaagtgt taaaaaatta     38820
     attagacctc aaattcaatg tgtttcaaat tcaaaagtag ccttaataac tgtcatttgt     38880
     ttttatgtag gagtattagg tgccttacat attttgtgcc aaaacctcaa ggacacccaa     38940
     tcagagctga gaaacctaaa ggtaatgcac aaagtatttc aatatcagtt atagattctc     39000
     aaaatctgca cttaaattaa cttgactgta tttgttttct atactaaaga cagagatgca     39060
     aaaacttgag gacacaaaca tgcagagcag agatcttcac aacaggctgg aggtcatgca     39120
     gaagcagttt gagaaggaga aacttcaggt gcctctttga aacaccacaa gtcaaattaa     39180
     actccatttc attcagtctc tgaggcatag acctcttgag ggatggtctc aattagattg     39240
     tcatttagct ttttcagata taattatgtg aaactcatcc tagttccatt ggaaaataat     39300
     gaaagtgtta caagcaaatg actccaagtt gatagactag attaacttca tgaattcaat     39360
     tcatcaaaat gtgtttcttc ggacctttga cccattaatg atgtaggcag ccgaggggca     39420
     gagtgagatg aagaacacac taatgcgaca gttggaagag gccacggctg atctgcagtc     39480
     agtgagacaa actgaggtga atcaaaacta cactctaaaa aataaatatg ttaattatcg     39540
     tagcagtcac ctatagttat tcactggtat tttttttaca atttggtttt ccatttacaa     39600
     acttgaagtg caatgtctgc tccagcaact tttgatgttc aaaactgatc tctgcatttt     39660
     taatgccatt tttagtagtt tgatacattt tatatgaaat aatatactct atttaaataa     39720
     atcagttaaa aaaatgaaaa attactagca gtttagattt tgtaccacaa tttacatgac     39780
     atatccagac aatttatcat ttcaaactgc taaaaatgtc aatgtcaaaa gctactttaa     39840
     actattcaat ataagttgtt tattagaaga gatgcaattt gcaactgtac ataaatagaa     39900
     aatacaggac actgttgatt aacttaatct tttagtgtgt gaattaaatg tattacctga     39960
     aaaattaaac tgctcttagc actgaaaaga tgctacatct atgaatttga tctgtttttt     40020
     gagatttttt aattagttct ctgcatatat tattatgcca tatacatcat gtcataatat     40080
     atcatataaa ctatttttcc ctttgacata tattgacaac tcaaacccaa tcaagtcaaa     40140
     tcaaatcaaa tcaagtcaag tcaagtcaag tcaagtcaag tcaagtcaag tcaagtcaag     40200
     tcaagtcaag tcaagacaag acaagacaag acaagacaag acaaagcaaa gcaaagcaga     40260
     tccaaactaa aatgagccca aaccaatact aaaccaaagt aaagcaagcc aaacctaaaa     40320
     aaaccaaacc aaaccaaaat cacacaaagc caaacctaaa cgaaacaaac ccaaaaccaa     40380
     tacaagccat accaaaacaa acccaaaccc aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaacccaa     40440
     aatcaaactc aaactcaaac tcaaactcaa actcaaagca aagcaaagca aactaaacta     40500
     aactaaacta aactaaacta aactaaacta aacttaactt aacttaactt aacttaactt     40560
     aacttaactt aacttaactt aacttaactt aacttaactt aacttaactt aactaaacta     40620
     aactaaacta aactaaacta aactaaacta aactaaacta aactaaacta aactaaacta     40680
     aactaaacta aactaaacta aactaaacca aaccaaaacg aacccaaacc caaactaaat     40740
     caaaccaaac ataatcaagt caaagcaaag caaaccaaac caaaccaaac caaaccaaac     40800
     caaaacgaac ccaaacctaa actaaatcaa accaaaccta atcaagtcaa ataaaatcaa     40860
     aatcaagtca aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaccaaccca aaccaaccca atacattcca     40920
     aaaccaaccc aaaacaaaac aaaagaaaaa caaaaatgac ttttatctta taatttcaca     40980
     cacaacacac aaaatgtctg tcattcagct ctatggatat gacaaatttt tttttgccat     41040
     tcaagagtgc cttgcgcagg gacatcgaga accttaaagc tgaatggcaa actgagatgg     41100
     aaaaagcaaa gattcaagag gcagagttga aaaaaacgct gcgtgaatta catctcaaag     41160
     aggaggagca gacgaaaaag ataaagcagt gtgaggaaag agaagctatg gctgaagaag     41220
     agcaacgaca gcaccgggtc gaggtggagg agtacagaga gcaggtgcga cagcatgcgt     41280
     tcaccattgt ggccatggaa aatcaaataa acaaagccaa gtggagtgaa gaaagatgga     41340
     gagagatgga agaccaaaga gacttgctga aggagcaact caaaggtgag acacagtttc     41400
     attttcacca agagagggcg ccttcccagc agccctaggt tcccaattaa agcaaatttg     41460
     tgcaacagat tttatgtgtc ctacatacat gttctgtctt cattatcatg tttacatttc     41520
     tttttaccac agaagcgctt gatagactgg agggctttga aagcaaaagc gcatcacaca     41580
     catcagagaa acaaccggaa ttggatcaaa ccataacatc cctccggtat aacacaacag     41640
     agcactcatg aatattaacc acagaaatca atattaccta catatagtat atacctgtac     41700
     tgcctagagt atcgcctgaa atctgcacac tgttattcta aacatttgac caatttagcc     41760
     accagttgtg attataacgt agttttgaag cattactgtg taaaacactg tctttactgt     41820
     gagttgaata ttatccatag tgtgagctct cgttaatgca ttatgtatga tgttcgttat     41880
     ttattcatgc attatttatg aaactgttgc ttaataagta attacacagt ccatgcctct     41940
     ctctttaaat catctgatat atcaggcact gctggaatgg agccacagat acatcttatt     42000
     ttctatctca attcattttt actgcttctg tcaaaagcct aaatagttta tacattgtaa     42060
     atacaagcat tatcaacaca ttagggttat tttagtatta ttagtaaaca ttgacatttt     42120
     tatatacagt ttagatttag agtttagttt tattttctct tttcattgat gttttaaatt     42180
     gtgtaaagta gtttttgtaa ttttattgca tttaaaaaaa gaagtattag tcaagtcaag     42240
     tcaagtcaaa ctacatttat agagcacttt acaaacacag aagtgagcca aagtaatgta     42300
     cagaaaatat acaacaaaaa taaacctaat agtataaaaa ataaataaaa tgcaagataa     42360
     aatatagcta aactaataca ttaaataaag ttattaagat caggtgccaa atgccaacga     42420
     aaaaaaagtt ttaagagctg atataaatga gaacacagaa gaggcctttc taatgggcag     42480
     cggcaaatca ttccaaagtc taggacctgc cacagcgaag cacgatccac tctaagctta     42540
     cgttttgttt ttggcacact caggtgaagc tgatcagctg acatgagagt acgagtgagc     42600
     ttttaggggt gtatcagctc agagatataa ggtggggcaa gaccatttag agattcaaaa     42660
     acaaataaaa gaatgtttaa ctatattcta aaatgaattg gcaaccaatg aagcgaagct     42720
     aacatggggg aaatgtggtc atatttgcaa gtaccagtta ccaggcgtgg tgcagcattt     42780
     tgcaccattt gcaaacgggc aatagctgat cagctactcc ccacatacag tgcattacgg     42840
     taatctaaca gagtggtcac aaaagcatgg atcactgtct caaactattg ttttagtata     42900
     tattgcttta tttttgctag ttgtcttaat taaaaaaagc tagttttaac cacggcccta     42960
     atttgattat caaatttaaa gtaaaatttt acccctaaat ttgtgactgt aggctaaata     43020
     tgctgagcta ttgagcccaa attgaataga agagacccaa cggtacgttc aaaaaccatt     43080
     acttctgttt tattttcatt aaaacttaaa tataaaagta ttaaagtatt aaaaatgact     43140
     taaatattta tacttaaaca atttttaata ctttcatact ttatttacat ttatacatct     43200
     atttatttac atatatttat ttatattttt gttaaatatt tttacataca caaatatatt     43260
     acacttacat ttagatttat gtttagttac aattcatttt aaaatattca attatattat     43320
     atgaattatt atattatgca tattatttaa attttcataa ttttggcagc tagctgaaat     43380
     cgttcgaggt tacagaagta acccttcgtt ccccgaggag gggaacggaa gtgccatgaa     43440
     tgggaggatt cggatcagaa gccgcttatc tggagagtat tgaacgggcc aatgaatgaa     43500
     attaattggc agcgtaagct tgcgcaggtg tgcgacatct gcaatcatct cagcatataa     43560
     gcacacctga agccagcaga cgccatcctt ttaagctgaa gagactttca aacagctaag     43620
     ggacagtcat tatggcgacg gaatatggca cttccgttcc cctcctcggg gaacgaaggg     43680
     ttacttctgt aacctcgaac gttccccttc ggttggggaa cttcagtgcc atgaatggga     43740
     gaatatggaa agcgccataa tgactgcacc ttaccaacac ccccgatgag gagatagtca     43800
     agcaagcgtg acgcacccac atcatggggg gcgcggtcct ccaacgtgtc cctggcccta     43860
     atttatccta cttcaacaga agttttacgg atttagatat attttttggg aagtcgtgag     43920
     catctagata attctaggaa atacgacagt acgttgggaa gcgtgcaatc ccgataggga     43980
     ggacgctgcg gaggccatcc gttacccaag ggggggatag atggcagaat ttacctatgg     44040
     actagcccta aaaaggggga gtacgcatag caaagagtgg ttagcggaga gggaagacac     44100
     gggtccgccc agggggggga cttaaccgtg gcggaataag catatgggat cgcctagtgg     44160
     ggatcacgca tagcaggcac ctatacccaa aacgcgggct gaccagcggg cagacctaca     44220
     acgtagtggg ccagcaagtg actcctccgc tgagtcagtg ctgggggcca cggaggaatc     44280
     tgcagggctc acctgacggg gaactttact gacagataaa aaaggcgcac gtacctccgt     44340
     gttagggaga atggcgcagc aagcgtgttt caacacccta ccgagttgtc tcctcaatca     44400
     ccaaagggtt acctaatacc cttgaggaaa ccggctccac tcgcagattg taaaaccttg     44460
     caaatgtgtt gggtgtcgcc cagcccgcag ctctacagat gtctgttaga gaggcgccgc     44520
     gtgcatgcgc ccaagaggat gcaacgctcc gagtggagtg tgcacgtact cccgggggac     44580
     acggctgacc tcgactcgaa taagcgagtg aaatggcatc cacaatccag tgggataatc     44640
     tttgtttcga tacggcactt ccctgctgcc gaccgccata acagacaaag agctgctcag     44700
     atgatctaaa attctgagta cggtccacat aaatgcgcga actggacaaa gtaaagaaag     44760
     ggctgggtct gcctcctccg ggggcagcgc ttgcaggttc actacctgat ctctaaaggg     44820
     ggtggtagga accttgggca cataaccggg gcggggtctc aggataacgt gagagtaatc     44880
     cggcccgaat tccaggcacg agtcactgac cgaaaatgcc tccaggtccc cgaccctctt     44940
     gatggaggcc aacgcaacca gcagagctgt cttcagggac agaaatctta gagatactga     45000
     ttcgagtggc tcaaagggat cggatcgcag actcgtgaga acgagggcga gatcccaaga     45060
     gggcatgaga ggggggcgag atggattaat tcgcctagca cccctaagga actggatgac     45120
     caggttatgc tttcccacgg tgccgccagc taccgcgcta tgataagcgg agatggcggc     45180
     cacgtaaacc ttgagagtgg agggcgacag cctgctgtcc aacttctctt gaaggaaaga     45240
     gagcacaaca ctaatctggc aatttcgggg gtcttctctg cgagagacgc accattcagt     45300
     gaatagactc cacttcaggg cgtaggcgcg cctcgtggag ggggctctag cctgagtgat     45360
     ggtattaacc accgcagtcg gtaggttacc taagtcttcc tcgcgtctag ggaccacacg     45420
     tggaggttcc aaagatcggg gcgagggtgc cagatggtgc cctgtccctg agagagtagg     45480
     tcctctctca aagggatccg ccaggggagg gccgtcgcga ggagtgagag ctctgatatc     45540
     caggtccggt tgggccaaag gggcgcaact agcagaacct gttcctcgtc ctccctgacc     45600
     ttgcacagaa actgcgcgag caggctcact gggggaaacg catacttgcg catgccccga     45660
     ggccagctgt gggccagtgc atccgtgccg agagagccct cggtcaggga aaaaaacaac     45720
     tggcagtgag cgttctcggg ggaagcaaac agatcgatct gggcctcccc gaatcgcgcc     45780
     catatcagct gaacagactc ggggtggagt ctccattctc cagggcgtaa cagctgtcgt     45840
     gagagcgcat cggctgcacg attgagcgtg cctgggacgt gaatggcgcg cagcgatttc     45900
     agccgcgggt gactccagag gagcagacgg cgggcgagct gagacatgcg gcgagagcgc     45960
     atacccccca tgcggttgat atacgccgcc gccgccgtac tgtccgtcct gaccagcacg     46020
     tgttgccgct ccagcaccgg taaaaagcgg tggagagcga ggaacactgc caacagctct     46080
     aggcgattga tatgccaatg cagctgggca cccttccaga ggcccgcagc cgcatgcccg     46140
     cgacacacgg ccccccaacc cgtgttggaa gcgtctgttg aaacaacaac atggctggac     46200
     gcctgtccta gaggcacacc ggcctgtagg aacgaggggt cgttccaagg gctgagggcg     46260
     cggcgacaca gcgcagtaac cgagacccgg tgtgtgcccg cgtgccatgc gcgtctgggg     46320
     acccgatcgt gaagccagtg ctgaagtggt ctcatatgga gcaacccgag cggcgtgacg     46380
     gcggctgcgg atgccatatg ccccaggagc ctctgaaaga acttcagtgg gaccactagt     46440
     ttgctgtcga gctccctcag acagttcagc aacaggcgag cgcgttcctc ggagaggtgc     46500
     gctaccatgg tgatcgagtc cagctccatc ccgagaaaag aaatcctctg cacgggggcg     46560
     agtttgctct tttctcggtt gacctgaagc cccagtaggc ggagatgccg aagcacctcg     46620
     tccctgtgca taatcaattg ctcccgcgag tgggctaaaa tcagccagtc gtcgagataa     46680
     ttgagtatgc gaatgcccgc gagccgaagg ggcgctaggg caccctccgc gagtttggtg     46740
     aagacccgcg gagacagaga gagcccgaag gggaggacct tgtactgcca cgctcgaccc     46800
     tcgaacgcaa accgcagaaa ttggcggtgg cgtggaagaa tggagacatg gaaatacgcg     46860
     tccttcaggt ctatggctgc aaaccaatcc cgaggacgaa cgcattggag aatgcgcctc     46920
     tgcgtgagca ttctgaacgg cagcttgtgc agacagcggt tcaaaacgcg cagatctagg     46980
     attggccgtg acccaccgct ctttttgggt acgatgaagt atggactgta aaacccactc     47040
     tccatctcgg ctggaggaac cggctcgatt gcacccttcg ccaggagggc agcaatctcc     47100
     tctcgcaaga caggggcgga cagggggttg accctggaga aatacacgcc cgtaaacttg     47160
     gggggccgtt tcgcgaactg aatcgcgtaa ccgagtctga ttgtgcgtat gagccaccgc     47220
     gaggggctgg cccgcgctaa ccaggcaggc agagccctcg ctaatggagt catcgctaca     47280
     atcgctgacg taccagcggt ggggcagcgc agagtgggtg tgctgatccg ggaagcacga     47340
     gggtcccgcg gaaaagctgg aggagagcga ttcgctctgg ctccgcaccc tgactccgga     47400
     gagggggctg gagggctgag ggaagggaga ccgtcccccc agcgctcgtg agccactggc     47460
     gaagcacgta gagtctgcga gccggaaggc agcgcgtccc ggactggcag aactcgtgca     47520
     gtcacatccg gggaagggaa aaagtgctct tttactgatg ttttggtggc actgaaaagt     47580
     accgttgtta tcggggcccc gccctccagc ggggaaagag caagtttcct cttctccgga     47640
     tggcctgtct cagggacgct tcgcggtccg tttaccggac ttaacggcgc cctgggcagg     47700
     aggggctgcc tgctttcgag gtgaacgccg cgcccgcttg gccggaggcg caggcggggg     47760
     cggggcagca ctcgttggcg ggcgccctcg gcgaggaaca gcggaggtgg atggctcggc     47820
     gggcggagcg ggcttacggc cacgccgata gatgacattg cccatcgcat ccgactgctc     47880
     tttcaccgcc ttgaattcct gggtgaattc accgacggtg tcgccgaaca ggccagcctg     47940
     ggatatgggc gagtcaagaa agcgaacttt gtcaacgtcg cgcatatcgg ccaggtttag     48000
     ccagaggtgg cgttcctgaa ccacaagtgt ggacatcgtc ctccccagcg cacacgcggc     48060
     ggacttagta gtccgaagag catagtcggt cgcggtgcgc agctcatgta ataagcttgg     48120
     gttggacccg ccctcgtgca gctcggccag cgcctgcgct tggtagcgct ggtaggtggc     48180
     catcgcgtgc aaagcagaag cagcctggcc cgcagcctta taagctctgg ctccgaggga     48240
     ggcagacaac ctacaggctt tggacgggag gcggggcaaa ccccgccacg tagaggcgcc     48300
     gcgcggacaa agattgaccg cgatagcgcg ctccactgac gggatcgcct cataccccct     48360
     ggcagctccg ccgtcaaggg cggtgagggc ggaggcactc gcagcacggg cagagaaagg     48420
     tgccctccag gactgcgtga gcctactgtg cacttccggg aagaagggga cgagaggctt     48480
     cgaaggcttc gccttctggt cctctacgta gcacccatct agtcggtccg gccgcggagc     48540
     tgggggataa accatctcca accccacggc cgaagcagcc cgggaaagca cggctaacat     48600
     gtccgcttca ggatccgatt tgacagcgct cacctgcccg gagggggcga gcgggtccgg     48660
     atcttcgtcg gacagtgaaa gcccaccctc cgatgccgcg gaggacatct gatctccggt     48720
     gtcagcgagt gtgagagcta ccatctggtt agacggatca ctctcaccac ccgaagcttg     48780
     gatggagcgc cgtgaggagc gagaggtccg cgagcccgtg ggcggcggat tagctcccgc     48840
     tgaaaccctc agatctgccc gagcgcccgc tgctttttta gaacaggagg caactggggt     48900
     ggctcgctct cttgcgaaag ttagccgcga tcttagctgt gcaacggtca tggcatcgca     48960
     atgacgacat gaaccgcccg cgagcaccgc attaacatgc tggaccccca aacatgcaat     49020
     gcagtgatcg tgtccatcat ccggagacag gaaacccccg catccagaaa cgcacagtcg     49080
     gagcgccatc ctgaaaagga cgtgctgcac gactgtgttg ctcttttagg aaagttgcaa     49140
     ctatacgcac cgctctggag gaccggaccc aaagaaccgc aggcaaggga gtaacccagc     49200
     tcgaccgtct gccaccgcga agacccactc tggaccggga gacacactcg ttcgctctga     49260
     agtgctgatc agcaagagga accctcatcg actcactcag aaaggatctg aagcgaaaag     49320
     gatggcgtct gctggcttca ggtgtgctta tatgctgaga tgattgcaga tgtcgcacac     49380
     ctgcgcaagc ttacgctgcc aattaatttc attcattggc ccgttcaata ctctccagat     49440
     aagcggcttc tgatccgaat cctcccattc atggcactga agttccccaa ccgaagggga     49500
     acaaatatta cctattgtta ttgtttaatt aatatattac ttcttgttat acttcttatt     49560
     attacaaatt aaaattattg ctaacattta ctaatccatt attgtgtctt tgtatttgtt     49620
     aacattagtt agtgcactgt caagtaatat taacatataa atgctgtgaa atatactgta     49680
     ttttacttat taatagttcg ggttagctaa tgcacaaatt aacacaactg ttaagtgttt     49740
     tttcaatggt cagaagtgat tattttgata aggaacctct attcagaatt gttattgctg     49800
     ttataaatca gtcatgtggt ttctgatggt tccctcaggg catctctggc cttatctgaa     49860
     caggaagtgg tcagtcagag cgagatcatc aatgcactga gtcgtgatct ggctttggct     49920
     cacgctcggc tctctgatat gacaggtgcc acacaatcaa tacaacatga caaacaaccg     49980
     cgttctgtgt tctcatttca caacatgcat ctctctgcag gagaactgag tgaacagcag     50040
     aagctggaac tggagagcca taaagcttta gtgatcgatc aaaggattca actgagcacg     50100
     ctcacaaaca agctgagcat gatgtcacaa ctagtgcaac agaaagatga agaaacaaag     50160
     acactgggag taaagcttag gtacagttga aatcctgaaa gacccagtgg acataaacac     50220
     acataaatat caaacccagt ggcgtgttgt cttttaaaaa aaaaaagagc agaaacacaa     50280
     caaatgaatg agcttctgaa aaggtactgt tctgtttttg atagacaaac tgaagaggaa     50340
     ttgaagaatt cagcagcagc aaacagagac atggagagca cgagccttgt gctgtttcaa     50400
     acatcaagaa gcactaaagt aagatcaaca actagagagg cgtttatagt aacttaccaa     50460
     aatctaaatg atctgtcact tttgaaatgt tttagggaaa atcaagactg aacagaattt     50520
     tttttttttt ttttgtcaag tgctgtaggt atcagtgttg gggacagtta cttcagaaag     50580
     taatgcatta caatattgag ttaaaaccta aaaatgtaac tatttgcatc acttagttac     50640
     tttttatggc aagtaatgtt atgttacttt tgagtaactt ttgtgttact ttatatacct     50700
     ggctgaggct tgatctcttt tagaattttt ttcctttctt ttttagatag agaagttctg     50760
     caattaacaa cacactgtat aacctacacc ttcattcaac ttctcatcaa aacatttata     50820
     aataataaaa aatatatata tagtttagaa tagggttgca tggcggtgca gtgggtagca     50880
     tgttcgcctc acagcaagaa agtcactggt tcgagcctcg gcagggtcag ttggcgtttc     50940
     tgtgtggagt ttgcatgtta tccccgtgtt tgtgtgcttt tcctctgggt gctctggttt     51000
     cccccacaag tccaaagaca agtggtatag gttaattggg taggcaaatt tgtccttagt     51060
     gtatgtgtgt gaataggagt gtgtggatgt ttcccagtga taggttgcag ctggtagggc     51120
     atccgctgcg taaaacatat gccagataag ttgggggttc attgcactgt ggcgacccca     51180
     gattcataaa gggactaagc tgaaaagaaa atgaatgaac gaatatttta ggataatgtt     51240
     atctgagaac ttcctgatct ctgagctata tatgccgcat atgcagatta ttgaaattta     51300
     aacagtgtgt aagctacatt tgtactattt attgtgagta aaatcacggt cccttgagac     51360
     aatccccttt tgcttttctt tgatgggttt gaaataataa acacattctc tcactgcgtg     51420
     atttattgct tttaattcag caatttgttt attaaacaat aattaatgaa actaaaatgt     51480
     aactcgcatt acattttcaa aaaagtaact caaatattat tacctatttt tttaaatgaa     51540
     tatgttactt tttacttaga aaagtagcat tacgtactgt aacttgtgtt tactggtaat     51600
     gtgttacccc aaacactggt tggtatatgt atgagaaatt tgtcttggta attttgtcat     51660
     tgacaaagac aacaggaaaa aaggatgtga acagttaaaa aggcaagtaa acgctaaatc     51720
     taaaatctaa atgctaaata ttaaggtaaa atataaaata accatcaatt ctacttttga     51780
     gcagaatatg tacattaggg ctgatacact gtaaaaccca aaaagttgag gtaacgcaaa     51840
     ctatttgagg aaacagattg caaaaaataa tttaagttaa aaaactaatc ctaatcagtt     51900
     atgtgaactt aattcatttg agaaaacgaa gcaatttgag cacagtaaaa cccaataaat     51960
     gaagagaact caaaccagtt gagaactgta aaacacaata agttaaggca acttaaaccg     52020
     gttgaggaaa ccgatttttt ttacaaacta tttaagtaaa aaaaatgtat atgagtactt     52080
     taaacttact ccatttaagt tgaagtaatg aggtatttaa ttaactcgtt accttcaaca     52140
     ctgagttcaa aactcttttc aaatgagtag aattaacatt cagtcaattt taagttaacc     52200
     acactcattt catttgataa agttgccttt tgggctttac agtatattaa ctgaatctga     52260
     aatttctgtt aatcaaagaa tattggaaaa taacagtttt taatgttgac aataatcaga     52320
     attttttttt tttttgatca gcaaatcaat agattagaaa gatttctaaa ggctcatgtg     52380
     atattgaaga ctggattaag gatgcatttt tgcaataaaa tttattttaa aatgtattga     52440
     aatagaaaat agttgtaacg ataattattt tatcttattt ttaacttaaa aaatgcagcc     52500
     ttagaggcac agtatgtaat tttcaccact agatggagca tattcacaat aaacaaaagc     52560
     atatattgat gacaaagaaa tcatagttca cctcaagttc ttccagtcat gctcacatgc     52620
     tgttttatca tactaaatac attttaagat tatgttataa tgctgctgtg tcacgcagtc     52680
     taataaaacg cactacatat taaaacacct ttagtgtttt aaataaatcc tgaaattgag     52740
     agtgtcatta gcatggcagc acaggacacg gtccatatca ctagtttaaa tagtgtattt     52800
     gaacattctt cgaaacattt ggaaaaaagt acatacagca aaatatataa cactggtttg     52860
     agtcctggcc agttggcatt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgcg ttttcgtgtg     52920
     ttttctctgg gtgctccggt ttcccccata agtccaaaga catgcactta aggtgaattg     52980
     gattaactaa attgaccata gtgtgtgaga gtgtgtttga atgtgagagt gtatgggtgt     53040
     tttccattac tgggttgcat ctggaagggt atccgctgcg taaaacatat gctggaatag     53100
     ttgacggttc attccgctgt ggtgactcct gataattaag ggactaggct gagggaaaat     53160
     ggaattaaaa tgaaaatgaa tgccttttgg gtatttgaat taaaatactg taacagtaca     53220
     tattgtgtct taaagagact tttagaagta tctctgtaga ctagtcagtg tacattcaca     53280
     aaagaaaagt caatgggcca caaagacagc aagcacaact tcatagatca cagcggacac     53340
     tttgctaact gttttataaa tgttgttttc tcaggatgtg gcagtcatga cggctcctaa     53400
     tgatgtcatt catcaggggt caaaacacaa aggtcatcat cgcgagaaag cgatacttca     53460
     acagaaagaa ggtttgcaag acatgagaga gcgaatccga gcgctagaac agaagtggcc     53520
     gagcagtgag tcttggagtg gcttataact catgatcaaa ccattggatg tgttgatgct     53580
     tcactgatct aatataagac caacattaac ctacattatg actctcttct gccggtttac     53640
     agagcgtctg ggccagcagc gggagccgga gaaacagggt caggtgaaga cacagagact     53700
     taagagaaga tccgtcactc ctgtggtatt cactgttata caatctgatc tatgtgctta     53760
     agaagaatat atatttaaga ttcttcaccc tttcttatag tcatttacaa actgcacata     53820
     taataaagtg aagcttgggg ggaatttatt gctggcaaaa aacagaaacc ttttgatttt     53880
     ttgtttttta agaataactg aaggaatatt cccactttat ataattgttt taaagtttcc     53940
     agtaataagg aaccatcaaa aattatttgg tgtgcgagta aactgtttga atgaatcaaa     54000
     ctgaatggga aatctgttcg gaaatctgct tgactgatta ggaaaaaaag catgaaatat     54060
     tattttgcag gttgttaact atattatact tttaatcctt tgatgctcca aactcccttc     54120
     tcatctttga ctttagtgat gcactgtatc atgtaagccg ttagctagct ctctgcaact     54180
     ctcacatggt tgcccactga agctaagcgg ggctgcaccc ggtcagtacc tggatggcag     54240
     acaacatgga aaagctgggt tgctgctgga agtggtgtta gtgaggccag cagggggcac     54300
     tcaacctgcg gtctgtgtgg gtcctaatgc cccagtatag tgacggggac tctatactgc     54360
     tcagtaaatg ccatctttcg gatgagatgt taaactgagg tcctgactat ctgtggtcgt     54420
     taacaatccc aggatgtcct tcgaaaaaga gtaggtgttt aaccccggca ccctggccaa     54480
     atctgtccat catggcctcc taaccctccc atatcataat tcatcactct gcttcctctc     54540
     caccaatcag ctggtgtggg gttttctgtc tggtgcaaaa tgccgttgcg taatccaggt     54600
     ggatgctgca cactggtggt taatgagaag atacccccat tttgtaaagc actttgagtg     54660
     cccacaaaag taatatataa atgtaaggaa ttattattat tattaattgt gctcatttga     54720
     ttgctgcaga atggttcagc atttcctgaa gcactgaccg aggcagcaag ggaacgcaca     54780
     gccagactgg acatgtctga tgctctggag ctcagtgaga gaacagtgag ccacacacga     54840
     catacatatg cattttatga ctgcattatt ttgagtttgc ataactgata aatcattatt     54900
     ttttgttttt ggtttagtac ctggagctgg tgcgtgtgct gtgtgaagct ctggagctca     54960
     gtgacgatga gctgtcaggc tgtgcgagtt tacagcacct tcctcctgat gagagacagc     55020
     gcatcgtttc tttgagacaa acagacctgg agtttgtgag aagccgcttt gatctgcaga     55080
     acagccagag ccagaaacaa gagctactgc tgcaggagaa ccagagagag atacacacgc     55140
     tcaggtgcaa acaaactcac aaacacacac tctggacaaa tgattccctc ccttgtttcc     55200
     tttaagggtt cagattactt tttggaaaaa aaatgcacaa ttacagtatg tctaacttga     55260
     taatattgac tctaataatt ttgacacagt tattttattt gataccgttt cgagagatgt     55320
     aacaaaattt aaattcgttc attcattttc tttttggctt agtttcttta ttaatcaggg     55380
     gtcgccacag tggccacagt ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcattat ccagcacatg     55440
     ttttacgcag cggataccct ttcagctgta acccatcact ggaaaacact caaacaccct     55500
     cattcacaca catacactat ggacaatttt agctcaccca atttacctgt actgcatatc     55560
     ttgggacctg tggggaaaac cagagcatcc ggaggaaacc cacgcaaaca cagggagaac     55620
     atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactga cccagtcgag gctcgaacca gcgaccttct     55680
     tgctgtgagg cgacagcact acctactgcg ccaccgcccc ttattatatc atgttatatt     55740
     atagtatatt atattataat ttattattat attattatat tatattatat tatattatat     55800
     tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tataattttt ccttatgttt ataatttgtc     55860
     tttctctaca tttttaggaa tttctcaatt tgtaatcatt tgaaacaggc gattgcaata     55920
     acatgttaaa aagggcaaca tatactcata gatgagaagt tgctcataaa aaaattaatg     55980
     gttttaatta aaaaatatct caaggaaaaa ttgcatttta aattatattt aaatataaat     56040
     attatatttt cttatatttg gcaatattaa tttgtattat gtattttttt ataaacaaat     56100
     acagctttaa ttaacttttt gatattaaaa ttctacagct atatttttat gtttaaaata     56160
     atgtattatt ttttatttta ttttgattaa aatatttttt atattatatt ttatttgttt     56220
     tgttttgttt tttcctcata gagaaagagg tgagctgtgg acacagacac aggctgagct     56280
     tgagagtgtg aaggcagaac tagagactca gagacgagag atggagaatc ttcagcaagc     56340
     tttacaagac agcgtcatcc agctgcaacg aaacaagcag gaacgcgatg ttaccaacag     56400
     aaataatagg gtatcacaca tacaggctca cacagaaagt gagaaagact gactgacact     56460
     taatctgtga tagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aaacatcaaa aaggtgactc gtttctagat     56520
     caaacttcca tttgactttc tgttgattac ctgagaaaac tattttgact tgttttacca     56580
     ctatgatggt attactttta ctttatggaa tgacagataa cgcatcattt tgaacatttt     56640
     cagacaccat ttctcactgt ctgtctatag aaagccatct ttaagtgtct tcatagctcc     56700
     ccaaagtgct gtctataata aaagtgcttt ctcaacagag ccttaataca gagaaaatgg     56760
     acaaaagaag agtgggccat cataactgta taccaaatga cagctatgaa aaggtaagct     56820
     cgatggcagc agtggattgg ttttgaatca tcgttctgca tgtgtttgat cgcctgaaca     56880
     tatgtaaggt ctaaatccat gctgtctggc gcaggctgcc tggggtttta cggagaaact     56940
     ccacactgtg cagttaatag atttttcagc agcaccaaac aaatttgctc tttcctgagc     57000
     tcataatctc acagctataa atggagcatg aatctgttcc agtttgcttg atgttagacc     57060
     taataaaaat agcacaggca agaatacaag aatgcatcta tttcatgctt ttggctgcca     57120
     tgataatgta cccattttta tgatatttac atactaaata actaaatcct taaatgaata     57180
     cacacagtat gtgcaatggt acacagaaat gacagaatat acctcatgag ttattatgat     57240
     gatagattta ttcaatcata cgcattaaat aataacccaa attccagaaa agttccaaaa     57300
     atcaagaatt tttctggaaa cttttctgga attcgggttg tagacaacat taaaaggtta     57360
     agtaaacttt gatgaatgta aaaatatata ttttaaaagt tataacaatt aatgaattaa     57420
     taataaaaaa ttatatatac atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     57480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatttat atatctagtt gatcatttgg     57540
     tatcagaagt ggcttatatg aaaggcaaag gtttctagat tatgcttttt ttaaaccaaa     57600
     ataaaatata accatgtctt gttttttatt attatttaat tagaacagta aggtctgact     57660
     ttgcttagac aaaagtcttg tcacataaca gaaataatgt acagtataga atttaaagtc     57720
     atggtccagt ggaaaaagaa ttcatattgt gtatggctcc catgaacttg gacgactgca     57780
     tccacacatc tctgtaatga ctttagtatt ttattaataa agacatctgg aatggcaaag     57840
     aaagcgttct agcaggactc ccagagttta tcaagattct ttggaatcat cttcaatgcc     57900
     tcctcctgca tctttcccca gtcatgctca atactgttta tatctggtga ctgggctggc     57960
     caatcctgga gcaccttgac cttctttgca ttcaggaact ttgatgtaga ggctgaagta     58020
     tgaggagtgc tatcctgctg aagaatttgc cctttactgt ggtttgtaat gtaataggca     58080
     gcacaaatgt cttgatacat caggctgttg atgttgccat ccactctgca gatctctcac     58140
     acaccccata ctgaatgtaa ccccaaacca taatttttcc ctcaccaaac ttaattgatt     58200
     tctgtaagaa tcttggtcca tgtgggttcc agtagttctt ctgcagtatg tgtgattata     58260
     gggatgcagt tcaacagatg attcatctga aaaatctacc ttctgcccct tttacaaatg     58320
     atcaaagaga aatcaagttc atatttactg ctcttacaac tagaattgac gacatgactt     58380
     gtcaggttgt ggacataatt tttaaaataa ggctttattg gagtctttcc acacactact     58440
     gggatgtttg ctcatgttta tcatgttaac agtagtaaat gatgattatt tacacaaaag     58500
     tctgatatgc cagtaatcaa agcagcattt attgtttgaa tttactgata aaatggacag     58560
     aattgaaaga tgacacttta tttcttaacc aaagaatatt ggatacaagc tcagggttta     58620
     aattatacat gaattgaagc agtatagact agagacgccc aaactagggt ccgtaggcca     58680
     aagttggccc atagtaacct ttgatttggc ccaccatccc atctgagagg gagaatgatg     58740
     gagatggttt acagtaggta gtcatttcaa atttaattta accttttatt agtttgtttt     58800
     attgctaagc tacaaaaaag ctaactgaaa tggaatgtct caatttaaat gttgtaattt     58860
     tatttaaaat atacacactg tcacccgaag gatagaggac aatgcagaga ctttggtgag     58920
     caaatcaaga caaaggcaga ttctgcctga ccattgtatt cagcattgaa cttcactgtt     58980
     ttataaatgt gactgcttat gttttttatt gcaggtttaa ggtgatattt tctatttatt     59040
     tataaatatt attaaacaaa ttaggaaatt acccatggca actttaatgt aaaaaagttt     59100
     gagaatttta tcttcacccc atggctctct atgctttttg gattttggct cttcatacga     59160
     aaaagtttgg gcacccctgg tagactaaaa gatcagtttt ggaagtcaaa attgatattg     59220
     attagttaaa aaaaaaagtt aatttcagtg gttaaaaacg cattactgac taccaaactg     59280
     aaaggccttg taccgaaaag tttcagtatt cttatctact gctacagcca taatgtatca     59340
     tgcagcagcc ttagatttta ctgtttgtgt ctgcaggcct cagcagtgaa gaaacggact     59400
     tcccagatga ggctgaaaaa gaaggcgagt gaggtggata atctgaagaa agaaatggag     59460
     cagaaacagc agatttgttc agtggtctct ggtttgtcta gtcctctgca agcctcagag     59520
     agctcccgaa tccccctgct cactgaggcc cactgacatg gacacaacta tgatgatgca     59580
     actgtgcagt taatcacact atacagggta aaagaaaagc ttaaattaat aaaaaatgta     59640
     atatacctaa ttgtctcatc tcattattat atacatatat attgtatact ctttgtgttt     59700
     atgagcagtt aaacaagtat accctataaa gtggcttgtc tatgtaagtg ttaatatttt     59760
     gaagacaaat tattagccct cctgtgaatt tataggttta aaaataaatt aagtgatgtt     59820
     ttacagatca aggacttttc tcagtgatgt tttgtttttt attcttatgg agaaagtttt     59880
     attcttttct attggcttca aaacaaatca ctgttgtcca ataacatgcc taattaacct     59940
     agttaagtct ttaaactgca cttaaagcag aatactatct tgcaaaatga ctatctagta     60000
     aaatgttgtg tactgtcatt atgccaaaga taaaaaaaga aaaaagtaaa actgtagttt     60060
     acaattgtgt taaaaaaaaa aacatgggaa gtattttaaa aagattaaca atttcacact     60120
     agggataata attatgtttt agggctagaa aattaataac tttataacta aaactgattt     60180
     tatgagtcaa gaatcaatta atcaaaaacc aagaaaataa ataaataaat aaaactcaga     60240
     ttaatccata aaaattacga gtctctgctg tattctattc tttagggata atccctgtat     60300
     cctaatctct tgaaagtgtt taccctccag agtgagagct gtaaagatta aggcaagact     60360
     taatgtaaat gtagtcaagc ctatccaata gaagcagact agcaccggac agcaacatga     60420
     tgcacagtgt attatgggtt ttgaagtttt cctacttatt aggaataaaa gacattttgc     60480
     taaagtcttg cagcagaaga tatttttgca gctttcattg gccaataatc agccatgtaa     60540
     acagccaatc aaaattgatt gtttaggtgt gtaaaaaggt gttacataat tgccccctgc     60600
     tggtcatgtc tttcttgtgt aagaccattt tgtgctgtgt ggcgcagtac tgcagcacta     60660
     catgtgacat tgtttatttt ccgtagccac atctgtaaca ttaataatat agtaacagac     60720
     cggaatgtaa catttcagga tatatctgtc tatggcataa acttctgaaa taccataatc     60780
     tagttcaggg gtcaccaacc cttttaaact gagagctact tattgggtac caattaatgt     60840
     gaagggctac ttgatacaca cttctcaaat aacaaatatg ctcaatttta attatatgtt     60900
     attgttaata attaatgata ttaatctatg tgaagacact gatcatgtta atgacttctc     60960
     gcaatagttg tcaacaatga ttcaacaagg taggaaacag ataaatatca atacgcaata     61020
     cttcattttt ctaaaatagt ttcaaagttt attttataga catttaaagg atttgacaca     61080
     atcatttgaa gaataaaaac cctctgaatt gaattacaat tgcctttaag cagtggttct     61140
     caattttggt tcttgggccc cccctttgaa tagtaggtag gaccatttga caaggtagga     61200
     caaatcacca gaattgagat ccactgcttc agatttgaat gacagataac cagatacagt     61260
     aaaaggatac acttaaaaat gaatatacag ttaaacctgt ggtgaatggg cattatatca     61320
     gtaatcacca gaaatctggc atttccactg agtaaatgtc taaagtatct ccttttttaa     61380
     agatgccaat acctgaggta taaaagacat tcctgttccc aattaaatga aagaatgcaa     61440
     aaaaatctgc tattcaacaa caaacatgcc tttggattta actttaattc gttgtgtgga     61500
     tcatttccca actgctccct gttctctgag gaagaattac cgcagtactt tttgttcctc     61560
     acatctgttc ctcatttaca gagccatctg acaacgggac ggagattctg caaaacagtg     61620
     atgtattacg ttaattaaat acactcagtg ctgtgtagac aggcatcaag ggtaagtctc     61680
     ccctcatcat tttgtctgaa ttactgtcac actgctctgt ttgcttgttg tgggcagagg     61740
     agaacagaga aaaaaaacat aacagacagt tttcaataaa gcaaggctcc tgcaagtgat     61800
     cattaaattt cattatacag gcagatagga tcacattaaa gcatctgaag cacacagttt     61860
     gcattatctg tatttgcaga attttttttt ctttgaatgt agaatcggat tatcggcaat     61920
     atagcaatgg ccttgtgcac gtaatattcg aaatgattct catcttcctc attagtgctg     61980
     atcactttat gaagtgggtg gatgaattcc agctggcatc tgctccattc agactgctgg     62040
     catcaatcca gcccattaca ggatcaagag aggaaaatca gttcaattat tgaaagaggg     62100
     tccaaatctt tgttcatggt aattcaaata gtacaagcga tgctgagctc cccgaactgt     62160
     ctcctccgat tagaggctgc ttccctgtgg caaaatgttg gtattgcatt atcagctgct     62220
     gttataaagt ttgctcacac tgcctgcaac cggaatctaa acactagaca tacaatcgca     62280
     agaaccagga catgtattaa tggcttttta ttacatttac ctatattctt attagcattt     62340
     ttataacatt tctgaaaaag tcactcgtat ttattaaata aaaatactac gaaaagaaaa     62400
     aaataactat tcaggactag attttacata gtaaatggct taaaagtgaa caaatcggtc     62460
     aataattgtt cgaaagtcac ttttttaaaa atactttgtt ttggtaattt tttttttaag     62520
     tcttacaaac tttacacaaa ctttaaaaaa attctgtatg ttgggttttc agttaataat     62580
     ataatataat ataattaata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataaaa     62640
     taatataata taatataata taatataata tttattactt tttcagtcag tcattttctt     62700
     tttgtctttg ttcctttatt aatcaggggt cgtcacagca gaatgaatca ctatcactgg     62760
     gaaacaccca tacacttttt tttttgcatg tctttggact tgtggggaaa accatgccaa     62820
     cgcggggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aataccaact aacccagccg aggctcgaag     62880
     cagcagcctt cttgatgtaa ggtgacagcg ttacccagtg caccaccgct ttttcatatt     62940
     gttttaatta gatgtaacgt ttatttctta aaaacttaac attaattaaa atcttgatta     63000
     aatataacaa gaagtttttt tttcttgttt attattttgt ttaaaaaaat cttttaagcc     63060
     taatttaatt tcttagtctt ttttacaaaa aaaaaatctg aattcattca atcattttct     63120
     tctcagctta gtccttatat taatccggag tcaccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat     63180
     ccagcacgtt tttatgcagc ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa accatctctg ggaaacatcc     63240
     acacactcat ttacacacac actctgtgga caatttagcc tacccaattc acttgtatcg     63300
     catgtcttta gactgtaggg ggaaactgga gcacccggag aaaacccacg caatcacagg     63360
     gaaaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaatgcc gaggttcaaa ccagcaacct tcttgctctg     63420
     aggcgacagc actacctact gcgccactgc gtcaccaatt tcagaattag tttagcaaat     63480
     tatttacatt tatttacttt ttggggacat attgaaatat ctcatgcact gtacatttat     63540
     taaaaacagt acgacaaaac aaaaaacaat ccttatttcc tttcgctttt tcttgttcac     63600
     tcaacatttg aatacatcag ctgcattgac ctaaaattat ttgtcagtaa tacaaaaaaa     63660
     catttaattg ggttaacatt agattattag ttttctggag aagtaaacta ctctgcaaca     63720
     aaacttttta agttgtgcca actgaacatt tctttttgtt tgcagaactg gaatgcctga     63780
     agttgagtga aaaaaaaaaa caatccctat ttcctttcat ttttcttatg tacccatgac     63840
     agaacagagt atggacagaa aagtgcaggg agaaaggaaa tatcagcgta ggaccttaag     63900
     gtgagaatca agctcaggtc gccttgtaca ctggagtaac atgtgtcaac atacactgta     63960
     caaactgtac aaaccactac accactggca ctcaacttca ggcatcttca gacaaatgat     64020
     tttcagttgg cacgacttaa aaagttttgt tacagagtag ttcacctctc cagaacctaa     64080
     taatcttatg ttaacccaac taaatgtttt tgtattactg acaaataatt ttaggtcagt     64140
     gcagctgatg ttttcatgaa caagaaaaag caaaaggaaa caaggagtgt gttttttatt     64200
     ttgttgtact ggtttaaaaa tgcactgcta aaatgacatt gaaatgcacc gtttctgtca     64260
     ctcttatcta ctgtctgcca tggttttttg actgaagctc tgtgtttaca tgcattcatg     64320
     tatattcaaa agtctaacct gtgatgtttt tatctcatag cttatataaa gacacggaca     64380
     gcacattaca tcacaggagg agatatacag acatctgagt gctgatggac catttcatca     64440
     aaagctattc tatcattcac agatacccgg cgctcccctg agagagctct gaaaagtgta     64500
     ggcattttcc catcctcgtc cctcttgaaa atgctgatga tttcatgaag gcgaatgaca     64560
     gaagcacttt gaaagcggct agaaatagca ctggctagtg aggttgatgg gagtagctgg     64620
     agcagggatg gattccttaa tgaccaaaat aaatggcctc tcaatccatc cacaaacaca     64680
     gttcatcttc acctgaatcc ccctctgaca acctgtcctc cctaaacaaa tgttcgcttt     64740
     tgatgtagtg tgccatgatc aagatttatt gttgtggcgg gaggcagtca gtctgtcctg     64800
     tcatggaact ttcactcctg caggtggcac taactaaaca caaagacccg atgctgttgt     64860
     aaatcaaatt aatatgtgat tttggacatt ttccccactg caattgacgc tgaataggaa     64920
     aggttcacct ataattagaa atagtgaaat tctttctgct tattattgat gctgttattt     64980
     tgattgctgg ggtgaaaaaa cttttaaatt aaaagtttac tttgcctcag aggtttaaaa     65040
     tttcatcaaa cctctttcac acatatagac ttaacccagt agacacagta tgtcaacatg     65100
     acatcagatt aacgttgcac actaaggtcg ttgggtcgtt gcattttgtt ttgacgttca     65160
     gggtcaatat acaacgtcca acctaaaatt aatcaaatat cagttttgct aatgatgttg     65220
     cagcttgatg ttgtgtggac attaccatgt ctatcagatg ttggattttg gttgccatac     65280
     ctgacaagtt aatgtcagta tttgacgtca atatggcgtt ggtttaagat gttggctcga     65340
     cgttggagtt tcactttcca acacaaccaa atatcagtca attgacatct gtataagtaa     65400
     cattgtcctt agacactggc tagacataaa ttttggtaac ttgaaatcac aacctaaaga     65460
     taacctaata ttattgtctt atgctgttgt gtgcctgctg ggaagagacg gaaaaggcct     65520
     ttaaagagcc catattatgg gtttttgaaa attcccctcc atgtagtgtg taacacagct     65580
     ataagtgaag tgaagtatcc agctaaggct taaatctgta agagtacagt gtttaaaacg     65640
     gttgattcat ctataaaaga gtcgactcat agtgcttcaa acgagtcgcc ttgataccga     65700
     gtcattaggt gtttcaccat gacgtacgaa ctaaaccaag ttattcacgt gcacgcgcaa     65760
     acccgggaga ttttaaacct gaggccccgc cttctgacgc agaaatgcag acacacacac     65820
     acccacaaac acacgcacac aaacatgtgc agaatttggt gtaacaccgg tcgattgaag     65880
     tcacactgca gatggatatt atcgaatctc tacccaaaga tgaaacctca gcattataac     65940
     caagcagttg gaaactactg gaaacttctg caaactacat gctacaaaga atacttcatc     66000
     ggcgtttgtt aaaggaagga tcagtaaaga acaacttact gatggacgtc aggatgggtt     66060
     tcttcctcca tgtctcaagt gtaagtacgt gcgattaaag ttgttgcctc gttgactcta     66120
     gcttgcaaat gtatttagtt gtgatttgtt acttgtaacc gcgtgtactg tatcaggtta     66180
     actggctata ttctcttatc gcgtgcaaag ccacgttaaa aacgcgacgc gtgctgcttt     66240
     gtttacggag cttcgtgcgt agaggtctgc attcccgccg cgggacccga ccagatttct     66300
     gcggcgcggg aataaatttc cgaataaatc gcgggggcgg tctgtaacgg gtttaatttg     66360
     ggaagagagc gggctgtcta gcaatatcgc ggatattgct atgcgaatga gagagagaga     66420
     gctttgcctg tgtgtctgct tggtgcttgt gtgtgtgttt atacagactg cttagctgtt     66480
     ggactgttta gctgggtgat tttcggttat gttcttcccc gctctttagc gggatcgggt     66540
     gcggcgggca gaaaacgggg cgggtcgggc accgggacaa caaattctta atataagcgg     66600
     gagcagtcgg gttcaggcta aaaactggcg ggtgcgggcg gaagcgggag cgttgtcgtc     66660
     cggaggtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     66720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgctcg     66780
     cgcgcaagga cgagggcaat atgtgtgttt gtgtgcattt cactctctgt ctctgtctgg     66840
     acagactgtc atcggtccaa tcaccgcaga ttagcttcgt gctaaggagg ggtttgggaa     66900
     caaatgaatc actggacgat tcatacggga gtcgctggaa taattaggta aaaataaatg     66960
     cagaccttgc atgcatatta gactgttttt ggagaccctt acaaccaaga tatgaccctg     67020
     tttcatgtat aatatgggct ctttaagagg aaaaaaattt aaaaatactg taaacttgat     67080
     tgcgccaata tttcataaag taatggctac tggtaaattt ccataaaact aacataacaa     67140
     cttaatcatt aaattaaaaa atgcactgtt cacacagtag aatttcgaca atttactggt     67200
     ttgcttctta atcatgaaaa cttttattag gaaaaattca cagcaacatc tcttcacaac     67260
     aatttaccag caattttctg ttggagtcta tcagtgctta gcataactga atacacccca     67320
     ttttgaaaat gaatattttt atccatttct cagtcaatat aggcaatgca ttttggtgca     67380
     tttaaacaaa acatttattg tatgttgatt tattaaaaag gtatatttat taaaataata     67440
     ttttagccaa caaacatatt tagaaactga aagataatac aattaaattc aagcaaaata     67500
     ttgcaaaaaa acaacctaca aaatttcaac aaaatgttta cttttttttt cttctcttga     67560
     tttttcctct ttttaaaatt tgtatttaat atttttccat aacatataaa tatactagtt     67620
     tttcttaagt tattttgtta gatgagcccc agattacccg taattatatt tggatatgca     67680
     caaatataat attgtatagc tttctattaa aaaataaaca tacatttaaa agatagattt     67740
     atgaggggtg acagtgacta acataaatat gtaatattta tgtaatattt ttaaatatgt     67800
     aatatttttc tgctgaaaaa cagtagaaac cctcatggaa tttgtaatga tttttattgc     67860
     tacttttata atgggatttg tatttgtgaa tgcaaacctg gcactgatga ccaatcctgc     67920
     gggtctagac tcatttctta cactcaattg gcaagttaaa acaactaaat gctaatgaaa     67980
     tatgtccttc aatatgaggc acaagaacat ttgaaaagtt ctgtttttaa tgtttgaagg     68040
     ttgacagtgt catttttagt ggtattatta gtggcagcta tcagaacttt tttggtggtt     68100
     tctattgttt tagtgtttca gcaaggttga cgatataaga ttatctattc actacttctc     68160
     atttgaaata tttttaggtg taaatgttga tccatctgat tattatttca cctatttttc     68220
     acttttttca aggaacattc tggaacattc ttggcaaaat aatttatata aatatataac     68280
     tttatataaa tataaccatg agggaaccaa accgaacatc atccaatacc aaacaggtag     68340
     tgtctttgtc tctatctttg tgcttagttc taattgacag acaaaaaagt taatatgttt     68400
     tcttgaactg ctttataaat agaccaatga atgcaagcac acacacacac acacacacac     68460
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaatggaca     68520
     agcagtcaaa tggtgcaaca cattaaaagt cagaaaactg agacagtgtc aatagtttat     68580
     ctgtctttta tattcgataa ccttaaacaa aatcacaaga tcagattctc attccttgca     68640
     tatgatttca tgacagtcgt aaaggttgct ttgttgcttc ttcctctgtt ggaggagtct     68700
     tatcaaaggc catgattctg ggtggtacta ttgtggcata gtggtggaat cagggtgtga     68760
     gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtaaaa tgtgtctgaa aatgccgcct gaaagactgg ctcctcgtcc     68820
     aagataactt tgttcttagg gaccttaagg atgacatcat aataggtgat catacggcgg     68880
     caggatgtgt tatctgtgac acgttcaatc acaataacct caactgcaca cagacacaca     68940
     tttgcagaca cacactgcat cctactcttt cccaaaaggc tgctttttta tcaaacaaga     69000
     tagacgcgca cacacaccca ttcacatcca caaacagttc ccgaatcctc atggggagag     69060
     gttgtgtttt cagtttaaaa gcaccatctt caacttaagt gtagacagag gatttttgtg     69120
     gatgtgtgga agcttttgtt ttggtaatct ctgaaaacaa gtacaaaata ttttctaaaa     69180
     aaacccactt gaatatttct ggatccttta gctgtaccca ctgaaggtaa gtctgatata     69240
     actttattgt aagagatgca taaatatgag taagcaccta gcagaggctt taggagcttc     69300
     aaaatgttaa taataatgca aaaaggttgt tattattatg actaatattg aataaaattt     69360
     gtataaatta tgattaataa atgctgtaca tttattgttc acacatagtt aatgttagta     69420
     acaaatgacc aaaaactgta aatgtacatt tatgagttaa agatgctttt tgtaaaatga     69480
     cttttgatgg tatgtttgca taataaaact ctttatatta ctctatatat acagttgagg     69540
     tcagaattat taatcccact gaattatttg ccacccttgt acatttttcc cccaatttgt     69600
     ttaacggaga gaaggtcaaa tattattact taatgtttta aattaatgcg ttactttact     69660
     tgttacttag aaaggatatt gcgtttcccc caacactgtg tgtaatgtag agtatagcct     69720
     gtctaaataa acttgttttc tttgttcggg gagaatctct gtgaatggag agatcctcta     69780
     gggcatgatt aaagcatatt caaaggcatt gtctggagtc tctctagttc ttactgcagt     69840
     gaggtttatg gagctgtaaa aattgtactg agtgatagtg ttcaaaaagg acaagttgtc     69900
     gcctgactca gcaagagtgg ctttttagac actcttgaat atagtttata ggtaagcgtt     69960
     gagagtagac gctacaatgg gtacattgtt agtagatggt ggtcaggtac atgaagaaac     70020
     ggtttaaatt aatttaatta aattccatta atttaaatag ttatattacc actgttagta     70080
     ataaatttaa ttgttatggc aatttaatca cataatacaa tttctcaatc atatttaaaa     70140
     tatatatttt tccttatgtt ttgtactgtg gttcatgtgt aaatagtttg aaatatcata     70200
     tattttatgt aaatgcagta atagtactta atgagaaggt tttataaaaa aatatgacta     70260
     ttttataaaa taacgcttct tctgattaaa tggacacaat tacagtattt tcaaactaat     70320
     atgaattttc aatttagtgt aatgtgagga catttattta cgctgtgatt tgtacaaccc     70380
     tggtaacttg ttacaaaaat tataattata catttataac taatttaacc aaaatgaact     70440
     tttctctgct ctcctcttca gttctgtctc tttggtcagg attgcaccaa ctagacaatg     70500
     tgtagggtcc tgaatattct atcagctctt ttgagccgct tcctgtttgc agtgcatggc     70560
     gtagtgacag tgtggcgtgt ggtggaggtg acaggcgagg cttcctattg gctgctggtg     70620
     atgggtgtgg cactgctggg ggtggagatg gccataactg tcaaatacac acgcaacaca     70680
     gaatggcgat ggtgaggtta tgctctcata ttcctgtcat caacttaaat attaccacac     70740
     agaccagcag acaaaactga tatttgtgct gaaattttgt ataaaaaaca gcattttttt     70800
     tggtaaatga attctgtctg aagcactgca aaaatgcctt cttattaaga gtttttgcct     70860
     tgctacttgt acaaatatat ataaatttgt aaaacaggac aacatttttt tacttgtttg     70920
     tagaaaaggc ctcttaatta aggattgatt ttaatatttg gactagaaat aaggcaaaaa     70980
     ctcaaagtaa accccccccc cttttttttg cagtgtgcaa cattttacta ttaaaaatgt     71040
     aaaagtaaaa agaaatggct ttattgacat aaacatattt tgtgactcac attttataca     71100
     tgtttaaagt ctcagtcctg tccagctgca ttatgtctgc tataacaatc aacagtttaa     71160
     atggaattaa gaataaaatc atatttgttt ggatccttat gttggtgagt aaataatggc     71220
     aatattcttc tttttagtta tttataaaga accaaattta ttgtaggtag aacggttttt     71280
     tgtagccatt tttgttttcc tgaatatacc agagaccgct gtgtatgctt ttggagatct     71340
     caaatttctt tcgcaactgc tgttctcatg taaatccacc agaggctgct gtcaacttat     71400
     tgactgcttg accgatcgac tgacccaccc tcctccttcc ctaaacccaa ccaatagtgt     71460
     tttcaaaagc acagattgac ccgccaaccc ctttcctaaa cccagctgac agttttaaaa     71520
     agcagtccag aaaaagaaaa gccctcgtca aatttttacc acattttcag attttactac     71580
     cttctcacgc tgttatatac ttgtttattt tattttttgg ctactgtttt tgtcttaccc     71640
     actttctgga accgttcttc accagactcg aacctcacca ttgtggtcaa ctcctctctg     71700
     catctcaagt ctaccaacgt acatgttgag ctaactggac aaactggtaa tagtgggaaa     71760
     gctatccaca cggaggtaat cggtcagctg gtaaccctga aaaggaacag catcataacc     71820
     gccccgttgt gttcatttta aagacgaaat gcagccatac gtccttctgg ctacataatt     71880
     tgcgatctcc agaaatgttg actgtagaac tgtggtgttg gtgaaaaaaa gaaaaaagag     71940
     aatccgtttt gccttttaaa aataactttc caaagtttct ccaaacattc tggtattaaa     72000
     agacttaggg ctcaaaagca gggggccgtg ataatgatta acgctaacga gaacgtggga     72060
     aattacactt gcattccttc aagctctgca cttcagtctc tcttgtgggg atgggtgata     72120
     ataataacac agtgaagggg aaaaacaacc tctgcctttg caacttcgca ctcacacaga     72180
     gcatcagctg atcatgttca gctagacttt ttaaaatgta tgtacattga gattgctctg     72240
     ctaagatatt tattaatgag actctgcact cctgctgaca tggatggagg acctgctgag     72300
     aacatcctcc tcatcatccc cttcactctt ccatgatctc catttgaacc tttctctccc     72360
     gtactacttt tttatgcatt tctatctctc tctcatgcat gctacacttt gaagtctctg     72420
     tactctttag agaggcttgc ctctgtcagt ggggatttgc atagctaatg ggagtaattt     72480
     gcagtctgtg ttgtgctggt gtgcctgcag caccggactc tgttgtgtga cccagcttta     72540
     ccacccaatc agaagtatct gacacacata gaagtatttg gtggctttaa taaggctatg     72600
     ttaaactgag tttgtgtaag tctcggaatg tctttcttac acaggagctt atgatagagg     72660
     tttaaatact gtctgtatag ttttatcttc agatgttaca gcattttctt ttcggcttag     72720
     tcccattatt aatcaggggt caccacagca aaatgaaccg ccaactaatc cagaataagt     72780
     tttatgcagc ggatgccctt caagccgcaa ctccacacag aaacaccaac tgactcaggt     72840
     gaggctcgaa gcagcaacct tcttgttgtg aggcgatcgt gctacccact gcgccatcgt     72900
     gcagccctca gctctcttat ttctgggaaa acaataaaca taaattgctt ggatggaaat     72960
     taatttatgg attgaaagta gactgttttc agtacaatgt ctgcaattct gggaaaaaag     73020
     gtctattgca gaagattaat agattaggag tggaggagag ctcagtttca cctttaaccc     73080
     aagtgccttc ttcaaaaagc tccatcccac acaatgataa ccacagcacc acaattatga     73140
     agacagccgt ttcctgtaac agtgccttat cgacattacc aggaagtttc gcttacatta     73200
     aatatattgt ggaattagac actgaagcag ccaatgactt caactgggaa ttgagctaga     73260
     ttaaactttt tttcaagaaa acttttttag cataacaaaa ccacccctca tttgacagct     73320
     gtagatttct acacatcctt gttggagcac ttcaggcaat tagagtaagc gccatgttgc     73380
     tctttgcttc tcctagtaca ggtggattgc atcatgatct ggtattaacc cttgtatcct     73440
     tttgtgaaag gcagccactt gtttatggcc cattgaaggg caatttgctc cagcaccacc     73500
     tcaatgacca gctatgggtg gctgttcccc ccagactgtc cccagagtac aagaaagccc     73560
     ctccagctga agggcgtact cacactatgt acagttgcct tgaaccgggc caaagcacgc     73620
     ttgtcccccc tcccgactcc cccaatcccg cacttacatt aaattctggc ctgggcacgc     73680
     taacgtcatc gatgatgcgc tgttcagcaa tcgcttttgg tcagcacagc gaagatttct     73740
     ttagttatgt cattttagtg gtttgggatc cagacaaata tttcgctgaa cagatcagcc     73800
     acttttgacg ctcgtattgc actcacacta caagcgtact gtgccaaagc ccaagtgaac     73860
     ctcgctctgg cacacctctt ccaaccgggc cagggccggc caagtgaaca gtgcctgagc     73920
     ctgattcaga gcactcacaa ttctcaaacc atctgggaaa caggcctgga cacagttcgg     73980
     atagcatagt gtgagtacta gggttgggta ctgaaacccg gagccattat agcaccggta     74040
     cctttgtaac cggtatgtat aggatcaaat cagcatatga atttcattgc ctaatttcag     74100
     tgccactggt acagcgaaaa gacgtaagag gaattaaggg gttcatcaaa ggcacacata     74160
     ggcattgtgt cacaccatca ctaaacattt aattctaaac aactttgagg aatacggaca     74220
     ggcgatgtca ggcatttgtt tttgttgctt tgggaacgga cgcacacaat gcacgcagta     74280
     cagcgcattt agcctgcttg ttggtgagcg agagcgacac tcttcagatc tacactcatg     74340
     atcgcgttca tcaaatttgc ttaaactaag cattctaaag catattttac aagcaaggat     74400
     tctgacacag caacgtgctt tacaaaagtt gcgtgtaagg gggaaacatg tcaaacttaa     74460
     tgacacattt gagggcttaa aaaggcaaag gaatgcctct ctcgcgtgct ctaggtgtca     74520
     cgtgcaatcg ctccctcagg cactcgttcc gtctgctttt gcggcacttg ctctctctct     74580
     gacggtgccg cacgaatcag ttccccgcat ttgtcaaaag ttaacaccca aattgacaca     74640
     ggtaataaag agattaaact tcagtcatgt tcatgttgtg aaacactatc aaaatgtcca     74700
     ctgttgatga tattatactt ccgttttcaa tagtgatttt aacactttta atataggaag     74760
     tcctcggcta tgcagagacc attattaatc agaaatctag tgtacatagt tttacattag     74820
     gatatgcagt cttgaattta caaacagtcg gcaagtacca aagaacagat gaaacactga     74880
     tcaaatgtag ttttcagtca cgctcatgta agtcatattt aactcaatca gttttacctt     74940
     cattcatttt tgatttccat cttcaacaca tgatttattg acaacacatt tttaaacata     75000
     atagtttaac taatttctaa tatctacttt tttatctact ccatggtgac cgtttaaagt     75060
     ccatttaagt attttatagt ctttaattca gattaaagtg taatttaaag acttaatcag     75120
     ttaactacga aagttgaaac aattagtcac attattttgt aactgatttg ttgtgtatat     75180
     caaaaatatt cagtaaatat ttcttaaaga ggctaaaaat actgacctta tttttattta     75240
     aattaaaaac tgcttatatt cacgaaatta ataatatgaa ataggactta ttatgactcc     75300
     agaataatta tttttaagaa acactgtgaa cattttcaga aacattattt taaatgaatg     75360
     ggagggcaaa ataaattgac ttcaactgta ggcctgtctg ttaaagtttt caggtgcaac     75420
     aatgtgcttt gatgtattag aatgttagaa atgtgttatc ctacaccagt acaaaggtac     75480
     ttgtcaaata aattaacaag gaagattatt ttgagtttaa gttatttaat tatcttgttt     75540
     atgaagactg cagagtgtgg catgaaaaaa attatttaga tttttttttt tttttgaatt     75600
     ttgtgatata tatgttaaaa tttgccccca aaagtacaag tgctccctgc ccgcccccca     75660
     catggttagt tgtaagctaa tgtaatttca taatgcaaat cttaaaatca tggtaaccaa     75720
     caaatgatat atattatcat atatattata tatttcatat atattaaatg aaatatatta     75780
     atgtaattca aatgtatgaa atatgaattg atgtttactt taaactttaa ttatattgtt     75840
     ctattaaaat atatatatat atttaaagat tttgtcaaat aaaagatttt tttagagtca     75900
     tccaccataa ttttgtggct aaaaagtatc ggttaaggca gcgctttgac accggtttta     75960
     ttttaaaact aacgatttag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacga tacccaaccc tagtgaggac     76020
     gcctgaaaat tctttgttct tcctccaggg ttttggcact acagtaacaa agttgaagtc     76080
     ttcaagaaca tatatttact taagtgtcag tgtacaccac cctttgggtg agatgtcgat     76140
     ataaggtcct gactctttgg tcattaaaaa ttcataatgt ccttcaaaaa gagtaaatga     76200
     gtctccctag catcctggct aatcttgccc actggcctct ttccatcatg gcctcctaac     76260
     cacccccata ttatctgatt ggcttcatct ccaccaataa gctggtgtgt gtggtacaca     76320
     tcacatcttg gtagattctg caaattggtg gtggttgagg agattccccc aaatctgtaa     76380
     agtgcattga gtgcccaaag cacttattgt taattattac tttaattcat aactcatatt     76440
     taattcacaa ctttgtttta ataaaaataa acaaagtaag cagaagactg tcacagatta     76500
     ctgcaacatc aacataaaca aacaatcagt ataaatgtac ctagcatcaa taaagccacc     76560
     tcatggtgca actcaagctg gccattgtga actttcccaa ggacttgctt tttcaccgtt     76620
     aaaaatggtt tgctttacac actaaacaat tttttgcttt acatgttggt cttacagcct     76680
     attggggcaa tgacaatggt agtgtagtaa gtggattcta gggatttgga ttcttggccc     76740
     ttggcacaag ttcctattct gggccccctc agttgaaatc atgttctgaa gccagggaaa     76800
     ttgtgccatt tggtaccccc ctagtcttta tcatgggaac cttgaggctt ctggacctta     76860
     taaactctgc tacagtacgt ggatttcaga tcttctgcct tcactctgaa ggtctgtctt     76920
     ccagacattt ctctctgtat gaagtcaaat ctttattctc tttgcgacta tcatctgtaa     76980
     ccatattgac agaaaccaaa ttgacagggg tcaccaatct cgacccagga gggccggtgt     77040
     ccctacagga tttagctcca acttgcctca acacacctgc ctggatgttt caagtatacc     77100
     tagtaagacc ttgattagct tgttcaggtg tgtttgatta gggttggagc taaaatctgc     77160
     aggacaccgg ccctccagga acaagtttgg tgaccactgg cttaaagggt atacagaatg     77220
     ttacaactgt aaataaccaa atatgtgtga aatttacagg actgaaaaca gcattttgtt     77280
     gcaataagtg aacaagtgga aagtaatgtg taagtacatt aatccatcca tctatccatt     77340
     aacaggacgt ttctcccact cttctgcagg ttctcaccta tggtttttct ttacctgagc     77400
     actgttattc cctcagtctg gttcctggag ctaaacctcc tacagtccaa tttgcccttc     77460
     aactcaagca caaactctga tccgcaactc ctctcccaga tcccgctaac aatggtgggt     77520
     ggaaaacaat tgttagcaat aaaactctga cttgaccagt aaaaaaagta caggtatagt     77580
     cttgaacaaa atgagaatct ctctctttct gcctctgctg ttttggaggt ttcagctctc     77640
     ataaattctg ggaaagcaat aaacttaaaa catttggatt gaaattgatt catgcattga     77700
     aagcagacta ttttctgtaa aatgtctgcc attctgggaa aagaattgaa tgcagaagat     77760
     taatacatta ctgaggagag ctcagtttca cctttgacat atatgccttc tttaaaaagc     77820
     tcaaacccac acactaataa ccacagcacc acatatctga aaactgcagt ttcctctaac     77880
     attgacttat cgaagttacc aggacagtgt tggggaaagt taccttgaaa agtaatgcat     77940
     tacattattg agttactccc cccaaaagat gcattgctta gttactcttt atcgtaagta     78000
     atgcgtcatg ttacttttga gtttaatctc ttccaaaact tgtagggtgt ttttcctttt     78060
     tttaaataga ggagctctgc atttaatgac acactgtact acctgtacta cctgtactac     78120
     attattcaat taaaaaaaaa aattaacaat gttatcttct gataaattcc tgacactaca     78180
     catgctgtat atacagatta atgaaagttg aaaggaacgt gtttgctact tttgtatttt     78240
     tgtcttatta gttgagtaaa atcactgtcc attgagacta tccccttttc ttccatgtgt     78300
     tcaaaataat gagattactt ccatcacaga aatgtaaggc tctgccatct tggtgtctgt     78360
     tcccacgagg agctcatttt tttagttgaa tgtgtgattc aacatgatta tactaattat     78420
     aattgagcaa actattttta aaagaaaata attaaaactc cagttacatt tttaaaaaag     78480
     taactaaaac aatttttcgt catttttaaa gcaattcagt acttgttact tagaaaggta     78540
     atgttatcat gtgactcgcc ttactaataa tgcgttaccc ccaacactgc tcacgtaagc     78600
     attcattgac ttccattggg aacttgtatg accactttct tattatgaac aatcataaaa     78660
     tgaataagat gtcttaaaaa ttacaattgg aaactgcctt gtctatcact gaaaagaagc     78720
     tataattgta gcttgcacaa tgactcaact tttgtagaaa ttaaggaaaa ctaaagtgat     78780
     ggtcagtcac acattatttc aaaaaggtca caaggcacaa aatatgagct catggtgaca     78840
     gttcaaaata actgagccaa ccccttgcat agcaaatatg caacctcgct ttcaaaaatg     78900
     aagtcctata tacagttgaa gtcagaatta ttagccccct atttatttat tttttcccaa     78960
     tttctgttta aaggagagaa gattttttca acacatttct caacataata gttttaataa     79020
     ctcatctcta ataactgatt tattttatct tacccatgat gacagtaaat aatatatatt     79080
     ttagattttt ccaacacact tttaaacaat agttttaata actaattttt aataactgat     79140
     ttattttgcg gttgccatca tgacagtaca ttatatttgg ctagatattt ttcaagacac     79200
     ttctatacag cttaaagtga cacttaaagg cttaactagg ttaattaggt caactaagca     79260
     ggttagggta attaggcaag ttattgtcga acgatggttt gttttgtaga ctgtaaaaga     79320
     tatttatagc ttaaaacggc tactaatttt gaccttaaaa tgtttttttt ttttttaata     79380
     aaaactgctt taacttttag acattaactt ttttagaact ttttttctag ccgaaataaa     79440
     acaaataaga attttctcca gaagaaaaaa tattatcaga aatactgtga aaatttcttt     79500
     gctctgttaa acatcattta ggaaatattt taaaaagaaa aaaaaaattc aaaggggggc     79560
     taataatttg gactgtatat cgattattgt catctatcaa taaatgaccc ttacaaaaaa     79620
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa caaaaaaaca acaacaaaac aaccttcacc cacaatttgt     79680
     aacgcaacat aaccaaacag gccagtattt ttgtattata gccaagtttg ttttgctctc     79740
     ctttttaaat ctaaatcttc tgtctctctg aacaaaattt tatattctct taatattcta     79800
     catacaactt aattctatta aaaaacatac agcaatacta cacattaaaa taaacattct     79860
     tcatcaaaat gccagtagta aatgaaattt taggttggcc tccaggctgg cgaatcagat     79920
     gtttgtgtcc tcaagaatat tattacaaag ctagactcaa gatcatgatt gagtgcctaa     79980
     atatgtgaca gtgaagctct ttttctactt taattgtaag tataaagtag tttaaaacac     80040
     ttttgcagaa ttatacagaa aattaacttc cactgcccat tcccactgca gagttgcttt     80100
     taacatttca gctatcacct ccgtatcctc ctgacagctg cgaatctgaa tattcagtat     80160
     attgtttaat attgatgact gtggcaattt ctttgtcgca cattcatgtg ggtggaaagc     80220
     tcacaggata tctgtcaaaa tattcagcaa aagctaatca gcgactttag tggaaagctt     80280
     ttaggggaaa ccgtatcatc tcagttgtcc tcttttatta ggtaaatcct caaatgcatc     80340
     ttttgttcag gcactccaat gagtcaaagc aatcaatttg ttcttagaaa ctgtttgaac     80400
     ctttttaatc tggtataaca ataacatctt aacaacaatt ttgattcttg cattcaaatt     80460
     atcgcagtct cactgtgtgc tcttgctgtc tggtctgtta ccatggtgat tagactattt     80520
     gtgtgtctct ctttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaagacagg gcttggagga acttgatccc     80580
     gagaactggg tgaaggctct agagcagact atgctgatca ttttggttgt gggccgctgg     80640
     ctgatgccga agggcgacat gtcccgtgac cagctctctc agctcctcat ggcttatgtt     80700
     gggcttggag ctgatattct ggacattttt gacactttta aggagccgca agtgaagaca     80760
     aatccggctg tgatcattgt tggcctgagt ttgttctcct gggccttgat gcagtttcct     80820
     gttgttctca cccagaccag tcatcctaaa atccaggaag aagatcagtt agcggacgcg     80880
     ccgtgtgggg aagcatgctg gactgtttcc tgctgctcca gtgaagtctg gagccttctg     80940
     ctaactgtgg gtctgcagga tggaccgttc ctgatttacc gtctgtacct catgatacgt     81000
     gagaatgttc tgaaccagct gatgatcttc ttcacatgca agaacatcct tactgttttg     81060
     ctggaggtct acaggatttt tgttgttcat tttgaacaaa acaattcaga gaggagaacg     81120
     cagtcaagtg acccgcctca gagacactca gaatggactg aagaagagaa tgtagaagtc     81180
     accactcagg aatagcgtct acctcattta ttcatttact tttcagctta gtccctatgt     81240
     taattagggg tcgccacagc ggaataaact gccaacttat ccagcatgtg ttcagtcagc     81300
     ggatgccctt ccagccggaa cccaacactg ggaaacaccc atacacactc tttttcacac     81360
     acatacacta caggcaattt agttcattca attcaccaac agtgcatgtc tttggactgt     81420
     gggggaaacc agaggacccg gaggaaaccc acgccaacat ggggagaaca tgcaaactct     81480
     acacagaaac ggcaactggc ccagcttggg cttgatccag cgactttctt gctgtgaggt     81540
     atttgtgcta cccactgcgc caacatgaca cccagcatct gtatcaatca atcaatcaat     81600
     caataaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat     81660
     caacctacct acctacctac ctacctacct acctacctac ctaccaacta accgaacaac     81720
     caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca acctacctac ctacctacct acctaccaac     81780
     caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca acgaatcaat cagttaatct gtctgtctgt     81840
     gtctgtctgt ctgtttgtct tattatgtga ctgtcttctt ttatcaattc aaacaattat     81900
     tattgttttt gtatatcaat gaatgaatga atgaaatggt gaatgaacaa acaaacgaat     81960
     gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gatcgatcaa tcaatcaatc gatcgatcaa tcaatcaatc     82020
     aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc     82080
     aatctgtcta tgtctataca gtcaaagtca atcctgtctg tcagtttcga tcaatcagtt     82140
     aacctgtctg cctgtttgtc ttcctatgta tcttcctgta tcaattcaaa caattattat     82200
     tgtctatcaa tatcaatgaa tgaattaaat gatacaagat tgaatgaaca aataagagaa     82260
     tgaatgaatg aatgaataaa ttaatgtctg catgattgcc tgcctattca atcaatcaat     82320
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat     82380
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcatttacc cacccactat ctatctatct     82440
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     82500
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     82560
     atctatctat ctatctatca tttaaaaata aaaggaaggt taaacttact caaaattctt     82620
     acatattgta aacatcctaa ttacattcgc aattttagag tctgccagtc agagcgtggg     82680
     caacaacagc acagcacagg gggtgatggt ggtttcagta cgtctcttgg ccagcagatg     82740
     gcagcgtgaa caaattgatg acgggcagag ctgtgatgaa tttcttcaac tgctgcgtgt     82800
     ggtggagatc atgacgcctc ttcaactgta acgacacgca ccctctgcac gcagtaacct     82860
     gtgacatttt accatctaac atcagatcaa taggtaacaa atcagttact gggtgctttc     82920
     tgttgtttgt gaacgatctg tccacggttg tctcattatt taaagttcaa gccttccctt     82980
     ctcactcact cttgtatctt tttgacggtg acatgtttga ttgaagcgtt gtcatgaaga     83040
     ccaatatagc acgcttaaaa aaaatgggag tttgggatac acagctcctg tcagtaatag     83100
     gattgaaaga aagaaattct gacctgtgtt tgcggtttgt taaaacgatg gctaattatg     83160
     atatcagtaa gaaagaaaag acgcgtgtac tctcgtttgt tttgacaagc ttttggaaag     83220
     ttggataagc taaaagagag cagagaaacc tgacagattt gaagagggaa acacctcaaa     83280
     gagatgctct gtcattagtg ctgttctgtc actaaatctt tcatttctgt gatggctgac     83340
     agtgcttgta acaaaagaac cagacaaaaa cagggcaaca gacagtcttt tctctctctc     83400
     tctctatctc tctctgtact cagctctcca ttaaaataaa tcaaaaacaa ttaaagtccc     83460
     aggagaacac tgtaacagaa tgaaactgtc ctgcatcttt ttcctgtcac ccctgtaggc     83520
     tccccagagt gcagattctc attttcaaag tcctctcttc aaaatggagt gagtgtggat     83580
     actactgtaa cacatcgagg agaaggatac agagagaggg aaagagaagg agaaaggtga     83640
     agaaaggaga gtgaagagca gattgttgga ggagagagat gaactgcacg ctttaatgag     83700
     atttgaactc gtgggaggag acacgcagtc agctgatcaa atggttaaac aacgacctgc     83760
     cctagataga cacaagaaaa gaagagagga gaggaaaaag tgtgcctctg tttggtttgg     83820
     aatggttcgg tttctgaagt tcctgttcaa aaagagttga atggtttaga aagggagaga     83880
     atgttagatg cattcagttt atcatttaca gagtcacgta actttctgaa cttttgtgat     83940
     ttcttttttt tttgtaggag ggtttcatgt ttttatgcac attatgaaag taagttgggt     84000
     cccaaacaat actggactta ccagataaaa tcatgatgca acatttaaaa aaatatggtg     84060
     aatgaaaaat gttgctagtt tgaaaagaca aagataaaat gtaaaattgt ataaacatca     84120
     aaaagtcatt caccagcctg gaccatgcca cactttgagc tagaccatga gtcctaaact     84180
     caattcctag agagccacag ctctgcacag ttttgctcta actctaatca aacacacctg     84240
     atccaagtaa tcaaggtgtt caaaagagtc ttaaacagct tgatatgttg gatcagctgt     84300
     gtttgattag ggctggagca aaactgtgca gagttgcggc tctccaggaa ttgagtttga     84360
     gacctatgcg ttagagtcta gcggctagac tttattgtag ggatgaaaag gggtgggaac     84420
     aatgaactgg tagtgaacag gtaggtaggt tggtctggcg tcctacgctg atacccagag     84480
     actcagagtg gtggtaccat ctctgtaata ttttggtaga gtgattagga cccccaattc     84540
     aacctaggag gaaagagaag gttataagaa ttgttaatgg gaagcgagga aatataggga     84600
     aggggggtgc attcgagaga acgagaagaa ctgtgctaga gggctggtct gccttaaata     84660
     agttttaggg agtaggtgat tggttaaggt gtggtcccac tgacgaaatt aaatttctca     84720
     gttcttacct catttgttct tattttacaa aggagttaca tcagaagtgt gatataaact     84780
     caacaaaaaa caacatttct ttgtaagagt ttatatccct caactctgac cttctatata     84840
     catagaccac ctagtttttc acaatttatt ttatgatttt gaaaaatgac ggtgataatt     84900
     cccagacaat gttgcaataa aaatatacat aaatataaat aattatatta taaatatata     84960
     ttatatctat atatattatt taatatattt taatcatact atgttaggtg tgcaatctga     85020
     cacaatgaca caaatcataa aaaaacttcc aatttgctcc acagcatgtc taattccatc     85080
     tttgcattga cttcacatgt aaatcacctc tgcttcattc acaccttctt actgcacagg     85140
     ctgcaaaaca atcccccatg taatttaatg attgtaagag cataggtgag acgtccagag     85200
     acgatcaaat acatcacgtg ccctacgtat gcaatgtcta caagtcttgt aaaacaatta     85260
     attgcaaact gaaataagtg tattttgatt atatggtttg gattttaatg ttttattcat     85320
     tttcttgcga ttattttacg tttaaattaa gaatttacga gcttgacatg agatggattg     85380
     ttcaaagaac tataaaggaa aaaagtcaga acattgatct tatacagttt aggtcagaat     85440
     tattagcccc cccatttgaa ttttttttct tcttttttta aatatttccc aaatgatgtt     85500
     taacagagca ggaaaatttt cacattatgt ctaataatat ttttttcttt tattgagagt     85560
     cttatttgtt ttattttggc taaaataaaa gcagtttaat ttttttatga acaattttaa     85620
     ggtcaaagtt attagcccct ttaagctttt tttgactgtt caatacaatt caattcagct     85680
     ttatttgtat agcgatttta caatgtagat tgtgtcaaag cagcttcaca taaatggtca     85740
     tagtaactga atcaggatag ttcagttttt agtgtttaag ttcggttcag tttagctcag     85800
     ttcattgtgg tttgaagtca ttatttagag tccaaacact gaagagcaaa ttcatagatg     85860
     agtagctttt cagattctga accatgcaag tcagtgatga cagcggagag ggaaaaaaac     85920
     tgtctacaga acaaaccatc attatacaat aacttgccta attaccctaa cctgtctagt     85980
     taacctaaca tagtgaagcc tttaaatgtc actttaagct gtgtaaaagt gtcttgaaaa     86040
     atatctagtc aaatattatg tacagtcatc atgctaaata ataaagttat taaaaataaa     86100
     tcaagataaa ataaatcagt tattagaaat gagttattga aactattatg tttagagctg     86160
     tgttgaaaaa atcttctctc cgttaaacag aaattaggga aaataaactc aagaaattct     86220
     gtatttatta taacatttct gaattttatt tccttaaaaa ttagagatat aaactcacaa     86280
     ctgtggttta taacttaaaa ctgcaatata caatcttgca attatgagaa aaatattaag     86340
     aattgtgagt aaaaaacaca gaaaacacac aaatccacac ataaatgaga acatcttaat     86400
     tttctgttga ataaaacaca tttgttcata tttgcaccta attttaaatg aacaggtgca     86460
     cacctgtaga acaacacctg acaagaatta catgactaat gtttcttttg aattcccatc     86520
     acactcaagc agcccatatg tggaaaagca gcttgaaact ccagcagcac acttacattg     86580
     tgctgtcagt gtaaagcagg ccttaaacat tcactcactc catcttaaca gatttgatca     86640
     gctcctgtta ctgtcagtcc tttttaccaa gatacagagt aatagcactt tacttgaact     86700
     attttatgcc atatttatga atgattgaag ctgcatgttt gcggcccggg agcacaacgt     86760
     accagagtgg tgcaatgtga cagctatgga ttataatcta taagtaatct gacagtaaat     86820
     gctactgttt tgtagtacat tcataaaaca catttatttc ttttataact ttcggcctat     86880
     tttctccctg gagctgatct aaatcgtctg cagacatcac acgtgtattt tgcataattt     86940
     aaggatcata catcatgagc tgtccgtcac tttccccgga gctttttatc agatgattca     87000
     catgtgacgg cattaactct cgttttccgc ctcctctgct gctcacccac tgcactgcac     87060
     tcacccgctg acactgccat gccttaatat aagcacatat ttaggatatt taaatgtaaa     87120
     tacaaaacga aaaacaaaat accacttttt ttaacaggca ttaagataca ttcatacaga     87180
     tagtggtgta aagtaacaaa ttacaaatac tcaaactact gtaaataagt tacatttttg     87240
     gaaccattcc aaattaatca aaaattgtaa ttcactaagt agttttaaag ttgtgtactt     87300
     taactttccc ttaaatgcat ttttagtgtt gtatcggtac ttttactcca ttccttcact     87360
     tcaacttgca gtcagtactc taatttttcc tgtgattaga aaagtcagtc ctgtgattcc     87420
     tgtccaatca aatcacacat agaaaataaa ttgcaccata atgaactacc tcaagacatg     87480
     ggcgatttat aattgcagca aactgttcgg aagctataaa agttgccaag aagatgtaca     87540
     aaatctttac acgcattgac ccggagactg tttagataca tgtcactgat gagaagatga     87600
     cggatgttta ctgtacgatg actgaaatag ccttaaacag caagccaaga cgtcaacatg     87660
     acgtcagatc aacgttgtac cccaacattt tagggacatt gcattttgtt tggaaatgaa     87720
     aattgggttg acatcagaac caaacgtcaa tgtccaacgt ccaacctaaa agcaaccaaa     87780
     tataagcgtc taaggatttt aaagtttgac gttgtgtgga tgttaccact atgacattta     87840
     tcagatgttg gattttgctt gctatacctg ttgaataaat gtcagtatct gacatcaata     87900
     tgacgttagt ttaagatgtt ggctcgatgt tggatattgg tcacttttca acacaaccta     87960
     aaatcaacca aatatcaaca tcatttgatg ttgttattgg gcatcaaagt aacgttgtcc     88020
     ttagacgctg gctagacatt gaattttggt cacttgagat cacaacctaa atctaaccta     88080
     atattaacgt cttataaagt tgtgtgcctg ctgggcaata actaaataca ctagtacaga     88140
     atgttacgtt tagacacatc cacacaatac atgtaaatgc ttcaacctta cccagtgtaa     88200
     tactcactac ccttgagtgt ttttttaaaa cactttaagt aatatttaaa acagacactt     88260
     ttactctact tgcactacat ttttaggcaa gtaatggtac ttttacataa gtatgatttt     88320
     tcagtactct tttcaccact gcaatacagc ctactgtgta ggggtttgca aaaaaaaggt     88380
     cagctaaacc ttctagatat tgtatacagt aaaacattct aaactctgga attgttagct     88440
     aatggtcaaa tcacaaataa gtgctcagaa aaaaatattt atacttactt tagttttaca     88500
     tttgaatata atttatgcta ttttgatggt tgagtttttc atattatatc caaatttggg     88560
     ttaaaataac tcatcctttt tagtgtgtgg aacagtttct atactgacag ctcttttcac     88620
     tgagaaatga aatatatagg taaccatatt tagataatat tattgcttta acacaaaccc     88680
     tcttaaatag aaaaaaaatt catgagattt gcatttgtgc ttaaatgtta tgcacatctt     88740
     atatctttta catgttatag aacagaaatg ttgtaaacag tataataaaa acaacttgaa     88800
     tactgatatg attataatat tgaaaaaaga tttcatttca ttttgacaat aaatcaagct     88860
     cttgctactt aaaattaaca ttctgtaggg aaaaggatgt tccatttgta tataaattcc     88920
     gactgtgcat aatacatgat tcagatgctc ttgccttcag tttttgacac gattttcctc     88980
     acatcatttt tttataatgt gcctgtatgt gggcagaaat aaaatccata taggcctaaa     89040
     aaggaagcta ttctcagtta cctacaataa gtattgcaga cattagttaa aatagtatgt     89100
     agttcattaa aaagaaaaat agctactagt tacttctcac aaaaatagta actgaattgc     89160
     atcattataa aagtaactag ttaccatgga aggtatattg ccttactatg taaaaagaat     89220
     caactgtatg ttgattaaag cagactctaa attaaataaa ttcttaatat aaaactgtgt     89280
     caatgtataa tttctacagt ggaatagcat aatagattat gtagaacttt taaaatgtac     89340
     cacaactggc caacaaaaag tctaaaaata aattatgctt cttaagaaat ggtgattatg     89400
     taaggtatta cagcctgttt gcattagagt ttctttcaac aaaacttcta atgttcattc     89460
     atatcaaggt atacctgtag taaatcactt ttgcgcccac catgatcatt gcagagttct     89520
     tgacatgcta tggccggagc ccttgctcta attatggcaa gccgatgata tggagtagat     89580
     gattgtaaag tcaaaatata ctgtcattat tgctactatt gatcattgtc acatgtctgg     89640
     aaataaacta gttttagttg cttaatgaag tggctccatc tactcctttg aaagcgtcac     89700
     ctgtgttttt agccagtcat cattttttat gaggttgtcc cacccccaca cacacacaca     89760
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catgccaatc     89820
     atcatcagtt atgtagttgt tccaccccta cacacaccta aacacacatg caccgatcat     89880
     catctgttat gtggttgtct tacccctaca tacatgctaa tcatcgtcag ttatgtagtt     89940
     gttccaaccc tacacacacc taaacacaca tgcaccgatc atcatctgtt atgtggttgt     90000
     cttaccccta catacatgct aatcatcatc agttatgtag ctgttccacc cctacacaca     90060
     cctaaacaca cacgcaccga tcatcatctg ttatgtggtt gttttacaca cataccaatc     90120
     atcatcagtt atgtggttgt cccatcccta cacactggcg tgctaacaat aatcagttat     90180
     gtgccacact ttagacacac agacacagac cagagcaggc agagagagac agagtcggta     90240
     taatataata tatataatgc tgcattttat tgtcagtaac ggtcatttat ttgattaata     90300
     attactgaaa cacgtaattc cattagtaat gccatttata atgctggagt tgtcaacact     90360
     gcttacagta caatacatat cgttttgatt gcaaaattga gtatctgaag tgtggacgtg     90420
     ttctcacaat gagtaattta cgaaaaccgt acaacaatgt aaacataagg ggaaactggg     90480
     tgtcaaagaa agcaggaaca tactcattct agtgtttttg caaatgacct tttttgagca     90540
     tgcggccgtc ttctctatgc acatacgtag tttgtgtagt ggaaatgcaa aactaagttg     90600
     aaacatacca taatttttag ctgagagtag tgtaagcatt tatgtgatcg ccactctctg     90660
     tatatcagaa gtccccttgt catccttttt tacccatttg catgtgtttt cttaacttgc     90720
     agtttgttta agctctctcc gcccccatgt tatctatttg ttttgcccct gaaaatcacc     90780
     gtcagtttaa agattgttag ttgatcttgt caatggacaa aataacagtt gcatgtgtgc     90840
     ttcagtttct aatacaggca gtaataagat aaaaccaaag aatatttcct aattttgcta     90900
     ctcagattct tgccttgata aaaatactca agtgacctcg catgatcctc tggacttcaa     90960
     aaaacagcct gcaatcatca ttcagagatt tcaatatcaa ctcccatcaa aagtgccggt     91020
     ggaggtctct cacaacaccc tttatttttt tgactgatat gaaaattgag aggtcattta     91080
     agtctcctga gatgtgaatg aacatccttc tgagcaattt ggctctgggc aggcactttc     91140
     acattcggca aaaagcattt ccccaaactc ccacagtctt tccacatatt tccatggctc     91200
     aagctcatgt gtctgaggtc tataatttgc gggcagaggg caggctcgtg ggtggacagt     91260
     ttcctgaatc ttttcacatg aattactcag aaaacactga gcatattgaa gcaatcaacc     91320
     tgatgacacc tacataagat catccaagaa taataatgag atgactttgt gacatgagag     91380
     atttgtcacc ataattgaga acacatattt agcaaggatt atttttaaaa ttgagatgac     91440
     aaaaatcaga attcataatt ataaaccgta tatttttgga gatgctgtag tttactgtga     91500
     acaactttgt tctttgcaga ttggacactg attctaaaaa ttagtttgac accttttctt     91560
     gttctaatca ttatatttgg cttatttaca tcagttctgg aggcgaagag ggcaaagcgg     91620
     ggtttaattt gagccaaagt ggcacagcgg agcgtaatat cctgtgattc atttgtgtaa     91680
     ttgctcatct gctatgtcca tcacacagag tttggagttg ttgacaatga tttggatgct     91740
     gaataggtgc ttttgtgaaa taagacacac tgcacttcat gttggattta aaagcctaaa     91800
     gatctgtttt atttttattt tatttaagca agagtggata tatgatgaat atatagtcac     91860
     ctgtcacttt attaggtaca cctatccaac tgctcattga cacaaaatct aatcagccaa     91920
     tcacatggct gcaactcaat gcatttaggc atgtagacat ggtctagaag atctgctgca     91980
     gttcacactg agcatcagaa aggagaagaa aggtgattta agtgactttg aatgtggcat     92040
     tgttgttcgt gccagatggg ctgatctgag tatttcagaa actgcagttt tgtggatgca     92100
     aatgccttgt tgatgtcaga ggtcagagga gaatggccag actggtttga gctgataaaa     92160
     aggcaacaga aacttaaaat agcacttttt acagttgagg tatgcagaag agcatctctg     92220
     aatgcacaac atgtccaatc ttgaggcgga tgggctacag caacagaaga ccacaacagg     92280
     cgcaactcct gtcagcttag aataggaaac tgaggctata attcacacta gctcaccaaa     92340
     attagtcaat agaagattgg aaaaacgtta cttggtctga tgagtctcga tttctgctgt     92400
     aacatttgga tggtagggtc cgaatttggc gtcaaaaaca tgaaagcatg gatccatcct     92460
     gccttgtaca aactgtggaa atataaattt ttatcatcta atttcaaatt aacaataatc     92520
     tacgtataac taaaaagtta tattctctgg tttttaatta ttttatttca ttgacatgcc     92580
     agctaggagg gtcatttaac ttttcccttg ctgactacag actaagccaa agtgatgcaa     92640
     ttatcagttt cacagcatgg ggtgtctatt gttttctctt ttcgatcaaa tggtcaggcg     92700
     gtttctgtct ccagaacatg atgagatcaa tgcctgaaag agcagtttac cctgccgacc     92760
     acaactctta atttgcatac tttgtttagc caaatcccct cctcctaaga acacaatata     92820
     gacatgaaat ctttgtctca attcagacta attcagacct gtgtgagact tgtgagagac     92880
     ttgtgaaaga acttgcagac tgcggacctc tagtaggctc ttgcagacac attagacatc     92940
     ttaaagacgc tgtatgactg cagattaacc aacacgtctc aataaaggaa ttctgcttgt     93000
     ttcgagtctc ctggactggg ttctcttctc ttttcatctg attttttttt tttttacaac     93060
     aacaaacgtt tcaggctgct ggtggtggtg taatggtgtg ggggctattt tcttggcaca     93120
     ctttgggccc attagtacta actgagcctt gtgtcaatgt cacaggctat tgttgctgac     93180
     catatcaatc cctttaagac cacaatgtgc ccatcttctg atggctactt ccagcaggat     93240
     aacacgccat gtcaataaag cgcaaatcat cttagactgg tttcttgaac atgacaatga     93300
     gttcactgtt ctcaaatggc cttcactgtc accatatctc aatccaatag agcccttttg     93360
     gaatatggtg gaatgggaga tttgcatcat ggacgtgcag ccaataaatt tgccgcaact     93420
     gcgtgtgatg ctattaagtc aatatagtcc aaaatctata taaaaacatt ttcagtatct     93480
     tgttgaatct atgccatgaa ggattaaggc agttctgaag gcaaaagggg ggttcaacct     93540
     ggtagtaagg tgtacctaac aaagtggccg ttgagtgtat gttataatag tgttgtagta     93600
     cttaagactg gcattaataa ctttgtgact tcttaatctt gtcttgttct cagaataata     93660
     gaacattcag ttcaagatta taactcaaga tcacagggat gatcttttat ttacgatcta     93720
     atttattttt taactcaata tattacactc cttcaactga ttatacattt ttttatttaa     93780
     tccttttcac atcataaaat tctagatgct cgacaattag agagatgtac cagatgtaaa     93840
     gctttatatt ccatatgcaa tatgcttatg tattgtttga ttatctttgt taatgttttg     93900
     ctgtcagaaa tgaacagaaa ttgagacaac aatgccacat tattagaaat tgcaaccaat     93960
     ttcaagacat gatggcaaaa gtataaatac ttgaatgcaa tctttttgta ttatagcaaa     94020
     ttatataatt aagcaacaga taacaagcaa gagagcagta ttcacaacaa ttagcatgtt     94080
     tgcaaattgt atattgattt tttagcaaat gctggaaata actgaaataa ttcagcatct     94140
     ttttgtagga aaccaaaaat aatgcaatat actggatact ttaatctgac acactctaaa     94200
     caaaaaaaaa attattgtgt aagatccaga tggactgacc atcaggtgca caagtagcat     94260
     ttccgggggc ctggggagtg atttgactga tttgaaaaaa atattattta ttttaaataa     94320
     ttaaccataa taccataatt aagaaatcgt ttccaaatta agcattcaat ttgaatgact     94380
     gatgataata atagtacaaa aattattatc taaatgtctt gactggcaat gttgtgatac     94440
     agttcaattt acatcttctc tgccctttta gttaaacatg caagggtgca gaaagagtgg     94500
     ccaggtggtg cagatagatg cagaagacaa aaacttcaag aaaaagcagc agcaaaatgt     94560
     tccaaaatgt cctacagggc ttcaaatgca ggtcagttat tggtaacacc ttattttgat     94620
     ggttcattta agtgtggttt attcataaac taatttcgag agaatcacgt gcttataatc     94680
     aacacggctg gctccttatt agctccgtaa tcagccctat tagatgatta cggaagcatt     94740
     ataaataacc tgagtttatc actccagtta tcttcgtctt gaagctcccc cctttccacc     94800
     ccttcatcct cctcctttcc tgattgggcg acacggtggc ccagtggcta gcactgttgc     94860
     ctcacagcaa gaacaccgcc ggtccaacct ttcgggctgg tcgatgtttc tgtgcggagt     94920
     ttgcatgatc tccccgtgtt cgcgtgggtt tcccccgggt tccccggttt cctcccaccg     94980
     tccaaaacat gaaccatagc caaatcgaat aaaacaaatt atcacccaat acaacctcag     95040
     ttcacacttc tcacggtgac aagcagggga gttttcgaga cctacctgac ctcgaactcc     95100
     cctctcgccc ttctaacggg agggagcccc gggctcgagg atattacgag ctcagggctc     95160
     tctcccggga cagcatgcca aatacgcttt attgattatc agctaagtgt gaactcttga     95220
     agtattagta cactgtcagc ttaatatatg ttgatactgc tccttcaaca tacaattaac     95280
     tgactatatg gaactttgca agtacatgta catgtcaact tacacttaaa caactttaac     95340
     cccaacctaa cagtttacta ataatctaat gagaattagt tggcatgtag atgcaattta     95400
     acttaaattt aacaaacgga ccatcaaaat aaagtgtgac ccagttattt tatgaaatct     95460
     gtaaatagtg ttgaacttct agaggatatt agcattagca cacctactgt actatactcg     95520
     cataaaataa tgttgaatga tgctgttgaa tgttgaaatg atgtattgta aagttacatg     95580
     agtattttag cattaagatc tttatagtac atatgattca ttagtcgtat taattagtca     95640
     gatttcctca gctcaaaccc tggttgtggt tcagtctgtc acactgagaa tccagttgga     95700
     gaacagcttc atttcctcct ctcaagagtt acagagtgtg tggaagtgtt atctacacac     95760
     tgcactctgc ctccagacag agtcagtcag tcactctcag acggagagcg gaagggctta     95820
     ccgaagcctt ttcaggggtg ttgagtcggg gatgaagcta tctgtgagcc gtgctcggga     95880
     gttttcttaa ggaaggagtg cagcttggag agagagagag agagagagag agagagatat     95940
     gtgcactttc cctctcacac gcacacaaac ttgcaatgag ttcaaacatc ttcaccggca     96000
     aacaggaaga tgtgtgtgat aatttgactt taaaagcatc ctgctcccag aaacgagtgg     96060
     aaatatctgt ggcaggcctg aatctgagct ctcagatgta catgcgatgc attaataagc     96120
     cccgcttgcc tgcaagaatt tatacagacc tacacaaact gtgcaagcag ggaatcaata     96180
     atggaggtac acaaataacc acacatatat gcaattcata gcagggtatc tgtgtagagc     96240
     gtatagatca aaatattctt ttgatatcat agctgcttag cggaagatta tggaccgttc     96300
     ttttgacact aaagatcatc tgtaagtggc tttaaatatt taaaagaaac tctggaaaag     96360
     tttgtgcttg cactttatac gaaatatcaa ggccacacgg catagcgaat gtcacaatgc     96420
     aggctatcta aaaacaaaac aaaagcagaa ccatccttga cagtgaaatc tgcttggatg     96480
     aaagtgaaag aaaacaacag cacaaaattg tataggtaag gttatttatc tttaaactca     96540
     gccttcacgc gccatgcaag cagcttttct gagataccct gaccctgtca agactgacaa     96600
     gagagtcaaa gaagcaagaa acaaatcttt tactgcatac tggagtctcc ctgcttaaca     96660
     aactcatatt tccagtgctg tcagtttact gtatgtagag ccgggcagga tttctagtgt     96720
     atttcagaga acagacctct tcctccagct agacgtctgt aacatgaatt atacagaacg     96780
     gtgacttatg aaagagcatc atcaaaatag ccctttccta cagtacctgc tgtttttata     96840
     ttttccaatg cagttttctg acaaatgaca tctggaaact tttggatgtg ttgttctcat     96900
     ttattggaca catacagtca aaattattag ccctcctgtg aattaatttt ttctttttca     96960
     aatatttcct aaatgatgtc caacagagca aggaactttt cacagtatat cctataatat     97020
     ctgcagtctt ctggaagaag tcggcaagaa taagagcagt ttttacattt ttttaaaaac     97080
     atttcatagt caatattatt agcctcatta agttattttt tttttccgat tgtctacaga     97140
     acaaacgatc attatacaat gacttgcctt attaccctaa cttacctaat taacttaatt     97200
     aacctaggta atgtcaggat cctgccctgt cattcctgtt tgtgtttaat gtctctttgt     97260
     ttgttttgtg tattagcaca tggctgtctc ttttgttgtg ctagccgtgc tccccttgtc     97320
     ctgcctcctt gttttcctat gcgccccctc ttctatagtc cttgtttgtg taattatgtt     97380
     cacctgttcc ttgtgctctt tacttcattt atattgtgtt catttccacc ttgtccttgc     97440
     cggttcgtct cactatcttt ttctgtgctt gtctagttag tccttgatag aagtatttta     97500
     tacagtgtag tttttttttg tctagtctta ggcccaatct caattctacc ccttaggcct     97560
     tccgcttact gttttgtgtg ttcacgtgaa ggggtagggg tttcccaata ctcttttgct     97620
     tgaaggcgta gggctaaggg gaagggctag ataccccttg gaaactgaga tttttcagga     97680
     ccacactcga aaccaagggg taagaaaatt tacactaaaa gaatacacca tctacaacgg     97740
     gagcatgggc acacacggaa gtcaggagat gcacaaatta gtatttacaa aaatagaatt     97800
     gggattgggc cttagtctag ttctagtctt gagttcattt actctttagc ttttgtttct     97860
     ttttttcttc aacaaggttg ctgtcattta tatttctgtt tgtaattcaa gacttatttt     97920
     agatttattt ttattttgtc atttttgtga tcttcattcc cagtctagtc ctagtctttt     97980
     gctagttctt tatttttagt tccttctact gtgttttgct ttctgtttta tttctagctg     98040
     cagcttattt cttttagcct ttaaaacttt tgtaaaagtt ttaatagttt tatttggtcc     98100
     cttatttgtt ttattttttt tctttagctc tatcccccct ccttaaatat ttcttgtttc     98160
     tacttagttt ctagtttgtt tttgctcact cttcttttag atttttttgc ctccccagct     98220
     gtcttgtctt gtctgttttg ttgcttgtgt cacttgcctg ctgagtctct gctagttgtg     98280
     gatccccctt aattgatgtt cagtcacttt gccaccctcg ttccaaacct gaggaactgc     98340
     tatctactta ctgactgctt ggcctgaagt tttgaatttc ccctttcctg accagcccgt     98400
     tctaccccca aaagacactc ccctctgtat catcttgaag tcctgattct ccattcctca     98460
     ccagcctgtt ctcctgccct caccctgcac tatcgtgtgg gctgtccttc agcattgcct     98520
     tgttaccctc ctctaaataa actttgtgtt ctcctgtcta ttctgcattt gggtcctact     98580
     tgccaaccct gacagttaat ccttaaaatg tcactttaag ctgaatacta gtatcttgaa     98640
     aaatatgagg taaaatatca tgtactgtca tcatggcaaa gaaaaaagag atcagttatt     98700
     agaaattagc cattaaaact attatgttta taattgcctt gagaaaaaat gtcatttcgt     98760
     taaacaactt ggtagaaaat atacaggggg gctaataatt cagaagggat aataattctg     98820
     actgtatatt gactgataaa tgaaaacact atgaccagtg acaggtgaag caaacagtgt     98880
     tgatcaactt ctaacaagat gacgaggttg atcagatgac aataagtcct tgttatcagt     98940
     gtgttgggtg ctggagacat agacaggaat agagaactga gctgtttata taagggccag     99000
     attgttacag caagatgatc tgtattgaag attctactcc ttctttgtgg gtttgcgctg     99060
     ttttcgactc attctgacaa gtaacagcac cttcggcagg tggtcatgat gttttgtctg     99120
     tctgtttatt tatattcttt actttttctt taacagaaaa actcagatca gtgtgtgatc     99180
     atgtataaag cttgttatgg agtatattta actgactctc cagaatcacc agttgtctgt     99240
     ggagatattt gtgtatagta ttttcatttt taagccgatt atacttggtt atatctgtca     99300
     tggtccagtg cttggaaatc actgtaaaac actcgctgtc actgtcatct gccaccaaac     99360
     tggactacat atcccatcat gcacctcatg catcagttct agatcaccac tgattgctaa     99420
     cacacagctg aagcttgtga ggactgatta ccatgacttt aaatacacct cactttcaca     99480
     cacacttggc tgagtcttgt taactataag tgagcattat gaagcatgtc cttgtcctgt     99540
     cttgaccgtt gttttgtttt actgttaatg gtgttttgat gcctgccttg accattcgcc     99600
     tgcgatgctg accattctct agattacatt cctgctctca tctgtctctg tgttaacctt     99660
     gcatgtacaa ccattttgtc taaataaaga ttcgtttgga tcctcacctt tgttgccact     99720
     tagacaatat ctttcatgaa gactagatga aattttacat tttgtttatt taaataggga     99780
     atcatcccaa gttaacagta gtcaaatatg aagttcctca aggatctgtc taaggccatt     99840
     tcctgttttc agtatatacc tgtatgctga tctttggcaa tattttcatt gttattcata     99900
     tgatactcat caatatattt aataaacatt accagaagaa atggcaaaca tttgtaagtt     99960
     aacagagtgt gttatagata tgaaagattg aataacaagt aatttttctt ctaaattaag    100020
     attctttgga ccgaatgcct gtgcacagaa gattatggat aaatatagta attcaattca    100080
     gatggattta ctattacttt atccaagacc tggttgttat gttagacagt gtaaagtcat    100140
     aaaactataa cataaaaaca tctgttgtta tgactttttg tcatatcctt tttgaagtgc    100200
     aacagcttga ctttttataa tgatatttct tatggctaac actttagttt aggtcacatt    100260
     tcacagtaat atcaaaccat taactaatgc taacttaata aactactaat tagctgctta    100320
     tttacagtta gtaggtagaa gttgggttta ggttttgggt aggattaggg atgcagaata    100380
     agatcatact ttataactac tactaaatag ttaataactt aatgataggc aggtaataag    100440
     ccagtagtta atagcattaa ttgtgaccag ctaaagagtt accttcatat gacctgcatt    100500
     agactgaagc tctgcacaag aagtttggcc agaagagaaa tgagcctggt tctctcaagg    100560
     tttttttcat ccactttcgt caattggtga agtttgttcc tcaccactgg cttgcttggt    100620
     ttgggacttg tggagttgcg ttgttgtgca ccttctgcac atggtacata attagatgcg    100680
     ccatgtgcta aaaggtgtgt ttgacataaa gcacggctgc agccggcaat caacgagatt    100740
     agccgaggtc aggcagggcg gagttgaaaa cgagcctgtc aggtcggaca cttcggggct    100800
     cgtagtttac tgcatgatga cagatcacct gatgtgatca atggtttatt tatttattac    100860
     aacaacaaca aaagagttac aattattaat gacaattaag tagcctataa aaaagtataa    100920
     tcagagaaat aaggaaaaaa caagagggca catgaaaagg aaataaatat taatgagtag    100980
     gcctattaaa caaagcaatg agtacaaatt ctaggagttt aaactactct ttaggctact    101040
     aaatgttgaa tggtatgtta atactgttct agcttgttgg aatatgctat aaagaggttt    101100
     acatttgttt agggatatta aattgtccaa taaataacat gaggtttatg caaaaacgtg    101160
     cattataaaa cattttaaag ataatataag tgattaaaat tattttggat aataaaagca    101220
     ttcacattaa tccaaaaaca tttaacaaaa aggcattctc aaaattttct gtgtaaacga    101280
     ataaatatat aaattatttt agaaatatca gtgtcgacat cgcagctctt gcagtcgctc    101340
     ttcagatgct gctccggctg agtccgccgt ttgatctcgg agggatgtcg tggtagtttg    101400
     atgccacatg tgacagtcat gtggcatctg cgcagcatca agctggacaa aatgtctaac    101460
     cagcatgcac tgcttttaga cagatttcga tcaatctgcg ctgcataaag tcaaacgcac    101520
     atatagtgtg ctttgagaac acgtggttga tgagttctgt tattggctgc gtgttctagt    101580
     cctgttttac ctgagcacat ggcttgtcgt gttttcttgt gtcatgtgct ctcctgccta    101640
     ttgtctagtc ccaccctcca ttattagtta acccattatt agtttattat gttcacctgt    101700
     ttgtgtgtga agtatttttg cttatattct cctcatgtct gccgttctgt cagtatgttg    101760
     ttgtatgttg ccttgtcctg tcctgtcttc cagccctgat ccctgccagc ctgcccagtc    101820
     aagtttgtct gtttagttaa tgttttccct cttggggtag tttttttttg tctatttatt    101880
     ttattttcat tcattttatt cattcatttt cttgtcggct tagtcccttt attaagccgg    101940
     ggtcgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccggcaag tttttacgca gtggatgccc    102000
     ttccagccac aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac acattcacac acactcatac    102060
     actacggaca atatagccta cccaattcat ctgtaccgca tgtctttgga ctgtgggaga    102120
     aactggagca cccggaggaa acccacgcga atgcagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag    102180
     aaacgccaac tgagccaagg ctcgaaccag cgaccttctt gctgtgaggt gacagcacta    102240
     cctactgcgc cactgcttcg cccttatttt attttattat aaataaaaac ccattttgcc    102300
     tgcacttgag tccttgctcc tttccccatc accaaccatg acaaattgaa tatgaaacaa    102360
     aaacaaactt tttctacctt aaatatattg ccacgctatg gaacatgctt gtaacacata    102420
     aaaagtggtt catgcattca tgaaatccaa actagattat gtatgaggta ttttattaat    102480
     tcagttgcct cacaccaaag ctgtacatgt agctattttt aacattcctt ttttctgtct    102540
     tgtattagaa gcatcaacaa aacggacatt ggatttaacc ccaatagatt tttatgcatc    102600
     ggcacttggc tgaaatcctg actgaactgc cttagctgta ctgtcacagt ttgctgcttg    102660
     atacccccac atttgttcta gaagttttac aaggtaaaca cattattatg ctattcattt    102720
     taatatatga tgtcttgagc ctttatctta tatttagcaa acataatggt actcatattt    102780
     ccccacaatt gctgttgatt tcattagaaa acttttttaa ttaaaaaaaa tttagcactt    102840
     ttttatttat tcagaaaaaa gtgaatattt aaggggacaa taataggaaa aattatgcaa    102900
     tggaaacact gtttgtgagt gataagagtc tgaatattaa aaggcaaaca aaacagccca    102960
     ttttgcttag ttgagatcaa cgtccacagc atgaccataa ttatcttcac cgcacgctca    103020
     tttctcttga taagacttga tcttgcatgc tgtttactgt aaggtcctcc actgttaata    103080
     cattaatgca tgttacattc aaatcatttc cacctgcagg ataaatcaga aaacatgtgc    103140
     ccggtttaaa cagacctata aataaatact ctctttatta atgagtattc attaaatgtt    103200
     ttggccaggc caatagcgtc cattcatttg agccgcatac tataatttaa tcatgccttt    103260
     tcgagtcaca cccaagaaga tctgataaag actctgtcgg tgtccctcat taccaattca    103320
     tcatgcggtc ggcaggcacg ctaacagtca cacttgtttt tcctataggc taaattcaga    103380
     cataactctg ggatgagatc tcccgagccg acaatcagac gagcaaattc aattatgagc    103440
     ggcatgttga aaaatcccat tctcgctgtg acccagacaa gctgttgtgt tgccgggatg    103500
     aactttgttg gataacttca gctgctttaa taattggatt ttcaaccatg aaaaataagg    103560
     atgacatttg taacaggggc aggagattgc gattaaatgt gttgctattt gcttctctag    103620
     ggaaatgatc tttgcacatg gaaagaaaaa catgtttata tatgtttggg taataaacaa    103680
     atgagcaagt caaaataaag gccgttgggc attatgtaaa gaatggtaaa agtatttctg    103740
     ccatttgttt ttagatttta attgagttat tttaaaataa gtttaatttt ttatttttgt    103800
     tgttaagatt ttgtcttttt tttcattttt taaagcatct atggggcgaa acggtggctc    103860
     agtggttagc actgtcacct cacagcagga agcttgctgg ttcgagcctt ggctgagtca    103920
     gttggagttt ttgtaagaag tttgcatgtt ttccccatgt tagcgtgggt ttcctcgagg    103980
     tgctctggtt tccctcacag tccaaagaca tgtgctgtag gtgaacttaa taaactaaat    104040
     tgcccgtagt gtatgtgtct aaatgtaaga gtgtacacag aaaaaaaaat cctggttgcc    104100
     ttacgttttt tagctgaatc aaattaacct tatgagtcca ttaaacttta tatatgttaa    104160
     actgacttaa aaaaagcttg tataacttat gaaattaagt tagaacatga ataactttgt    104220
     ttaataagtt acaacctaaa acatatgctg tcaggactaa ttgatcatat aatatttttt    104280
     ccagtgtata ggtgtttccc attactgggt tgcagctgga agggcatctg ctgtgtaaaa    104340
     catatgcttg gcggttcatt ccgctgtgac ccctcatcta taaagggact aagataagga    104400
     aaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaaaatgtct gtatagtaat aagtaaataa ttactaattt    104460
     atttactgta ttgtaattaa cattttaaaa ttgttttcat ttgaagttaa tttgcttggt    104520
     aactaatcaa aataccaatt tattcaatac aaagttgatc aattaatatt atgtacagct    104580
     tgacattacg tttttgatca ccaaccactt tggcaagtag ttttccaaca ttactagcca    104640
     ttcatcattt tcactagcca caattttgtt gttgggaaaa tatattttat atgcaacaaa    104700
     tttgactttg gcatgctaaa attactcgat ttagatcttg ttatttccac atgcctcctt    104760
     attcatttaa ctatttagtg ttgtgtatga tctttctcaa tgagcatgag caaatgggtt    104820
     ttggttaaaa ataattaact tttggttaat aattactaaa aatagataat gcttagccta    104880
     aaataactaa gtaagagaaa gctggtgaaa aacataccgt gtgcgatatt gaaaggacac    104940
     tgatgggaaa tgggagcgac tgtctaatcc gccacagctg aaatctaccc tcatttggca    105000
     ggttggtggg tgttaatgtc aagccctgat tatgtacatg atgatacact caaaaatgta    105060
     cttttgctgc ccgttcaagc tacttataag ttgaagcaac acacattttt gggggacacc    105120
     ttaattgttt tatgttcaat catcttaaat ttgtaaatag attcgtgttg agacaacatg    105180
     aaggaattat gtggaaccca agatttttta cagtgtaagt agataaagtc acagccacat    105240
     atttctttca aatgtactgt actaggcatt tagggatttc atgtcaattg attacaaaat    105300
     gtaattaaac ttgtaattaa ataatattat cagtttacag ttactgttta tggattacag    105360
     gatattgaat tgttcataaa gttaaagtaa attattcagt tattcaatat tacattttaa    105420
     tgtgttaaaa atgatagcca tattggtttg ctttgaaagt tagacagtat taaatagcta    105480
     tgctaatgtt cacatggaaa aaatgttttg ggttataaac aagtgagttg ttcaaaatca    105540
     aggctgtcag acattatttt attatgggaa aagcatttct gtcatttttt tataagtaaa    105600
     agtctgaact gcttaatttc ccatttccta atatagcagt cttgttacct gtaggcaaca    105660
     ctgtcaacag atttaaaaat acctggataa cctgctgtac atgctgagat tgtgaagtga    105720
     aaactgtcat cttgcaggag ccgagaagac aacaaattca gaagtttaaa agataagata    105780
     ggcagagctt tccaaggatt tttaggtata caaaaagtat acaaaatgtc cctgtttaga    105840
     agcatcagaa taaagtcaaa ctatttagca gtcatgaatg tgaaacaggg gaagtttaat    105900
     gatgaaatgt tataggctgt ttaaaaactt gattttctaa cattaatata agatttttta    105960
     ttatgttgta tttaaacaga tgcattttga tggaatgttt gacattaatc tatgctgtgc    106020
     tgaacttcat gcaccatgaa gaatgcagat ctactgatta tactaaaggt acagtatgaa    106080
     gtgtttttaa ttaaatacaa aaatgcattg tctttaaatg tgcatgacat attcatatgt    106140
     aaaaatagtt aatggtattt gagttaagtc ttgttaaagc catgacaaca tggcgggcag    106200
     acaaaaaaac tatattacag aatatacact gtaaaaaatt attgctgctt aattttttta    106260
     gttgcatcaa agaaactttt atagtcatct caacttgcat caatccaact gactaaaata    106320
     ttaagtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cggagttgaa acttaattaa atcattaata ttagttaaag    106380
     taacattaaa catttgtttt cattacctat ttgtcattaa tagtttaaaa tacactgtaa    106440
     aattttaagt tgttgttttt actaattgtt tatttgtttt ggtctttatt ttttaaaata    106500
     tgtctataca tttttatata aatgtttatt gtacttttag tttgagttat tttaacttta    106560
     aatcaatagt tttgaaagta aatttttaaa tatttccttg gcaactagtg aagtgacgta    106620
     tactttgaca ttatttaatt tctttagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacacg    106680
     cacacgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    106740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aaagagggat atatacagtt gaagtcagaa    106800
     tttttagccc cccctgttta tttttattcc caatttttgc ttaactgaga gaagattatt    106860
     gcaacacatt tccaaacata atagttttca ttacttattt ctaataactg atttatttta    106920
     tatttggcat gatgacagta aataatattt tactagatac ttttcaagac acttcaatac    106980
     agcttaaagg gatatttaaa ggcttaataa gggttaatta ggttacctag gcaggatagg    107040
     gtaattaggc aagttattgt ataatgatgg gttgtactgt agactatcga aaaaaaagat    107100
     agcttcaaat ggctaataat tttgacctta aaatagcttt aaaaaaactg cctttattct    107160
     agccgaaata aaacaagact ttctccagaa gaacaaatat tataggaaat actgtgaaaa    107220
     tttcttcgct ctgttaaaca tcatttggga aaataaataa ataaataaaa aataaataaa    107280
     aatcaaaaaa tcaaagggag ggtaataatt ctgaattgct aacatgtaat ttatgatcag    107340
     taacaatcta gtaagaacaa tttcctatgt gaacttttat gcattagatg caaaaagtat    107400
     gcaaataaat tgtgaaatat cgattgttca tatataagga tttatttttc tttgtgtacg    107460
     gtaatggacg atggcaagac ggcacatgta gtttatctgg acatgcattt atattgcaca    107520
     cctgtgtata atctactggt cgagaaacat cagattcagt acaggaattt ggacacagct    107580
     tataaaacaa ataatgttgt ttgttcataa aaattaatct acttttacca ttaacccatt    107640
     tcctgaaata gatcctccta attcacactc acaaatgttc caaggagaga tattgcttct    107700
     ggcagtcaat gtcctacatt atgtcattat gtaaactcaa aagatgagga gaaaaaaaaa    107760
     acatacaggc ttatagaaaa ctgatgactg acagtgaagg cccacacaga gaagatgtga    107820
     tgtcactaaa agatgggctt aggattcatg attgcctgcg aacattggca gtctgctttt    107880
     agtaaaatta gacctcaaaa gaaacttcaa taaaggtatt ctcattttaa agtttgggaa    107940
     aaaaatcaaa aataccatca ctttttgcca caattggatt ttgcatggca actgagtatt    108000
     aactgtcatt tgttacaatc caccttccgt acgacatatt ggaagtctca aataaaaatc    108060
     taaaaatttt aaattaacct agtactcatt ttttggatca aatataaata ttcctgaaaa    108120
     caccattcgt cagcagaaaa taatgctgaa aaggaggcat aagaataaga ggttcagtaa    108180
     gtggctcgtt cactctttca gacagatctg cactggactc aagtcacagc tcatttcctc    108240
     aaaactcctc tcagctctct ccttcacggg ccggtagtta aaagtcaaag aaattggttt    108300
     taaaaacatg tcttgtgctg ttgtcgaaca gataatcatt atagttaaat cagtccaaat    108360
     tcataaagat gtataatact tgccctttgc ataggtgata ataggttgga gacaatgtgt    108420
     aatgtgtcac atcaatgaaa ttataacatg ctgaaaatat ttagacgtgg aaacattgga    108480
     atgattttat tggacatact atatacgtat ggctgcattt tgcctttaaa aagaacgcta    108540
     tggggtggta tgatgccatt gcttttcatg ctcaccagct gaccacttac ctccatatgg    108600
     acggcttttc cgctgttatc agtttgttaa gttagctcag catgtacgtt tgtggagttg    108660
     agacggctca ggcgagggct tttctttttc tggattgctt tttaaaacac tgtcagttgg    108720
     gtctatggaa gggttgggcg ggtcaatcgg tgcttactat tggctgtgtt tagggaagga    108780
     gtagggtggg ggtatcagtc ggttggtcag tcagtcagtt gacagtggcc tctggtgcac    108840
     taaggcaaga agagcaggcg ctaatggcac ttgcagaaaa aaattgagat ctaaaaaagc    108900
     gtacacagtg gcctctggtg gattcacgga cacaaaaact aaaaaaaacg tagctcccgg    108960
     gacacatttg gagctctcca gaaatgtatg gaggggtacc taattggaat gagcctggat    109020
     taagtatgtg catgtttaca taaagtatat ccacataaat tagtaagaaa acaaaattga    109080
     aaagggatta aactgcatat gcttagcagg ctattattct gacatttgta agtttttgct    109140
     atttaatatg ttaagctcta aatggtctaa aggttgactt tatttaatat ttgatgcaat    109200
     ggcaaccttt tgtcttagtt taataaacct ttaaactaga gaattcaata tatatatata    109260
     tactgtacat atgtatatac atgccttcat tacagacttt atagatatat cctcttttcc    109320
     ctcttaaata ccatcgtctg tcttaaacat ttattaatgt tgacaaagat tcttacactt    109380
     tggaaacaca gttacatatt tactaggact attactgttc attctgctca gcaaatgtca    109440
     gtgatctgtt tcatacattc cagtgacaac tttaaatgac ttaaataatt gtatttctgg    109500
     tcacgtagtg cagtcttggt ctgcttttct gcaatataat gagtctgtta cagtctcttt    109560
     ccaagataca gtcagtttta ttgacacagc aatttaaaag tgggaagaaa gattacaagt    109620
     aaagactgtc agataattta aaagaaatgt tgacaaaact tgtcattatt tactctcacg    109680
     ccattctgaa ccattatcac tgtttctgtg caacatgaat ggggcatttt tgcacaaatc    109740
     atgtggacta ctttatgata cgttttatgg tgcttttaaa atcccttgca tttcacagaa    109800
     gaataaaggt caagtttaga atgaagtgtg tgtgaaatga taacaccatg ctttaaatat    109860
     aatctttaaa ataaaaaaga acaaaaatta cagttgtgct ctttcaaaat tgcatccagc    109920
     cttgttaata tgtttcagct tcagagattc atctgcagca ttttcattat cagacggtga    109980
     ctattgaatt ctgctggaca gcctgattaa aactcaatgc tgtgcataat cagttctcat    110040
     cgattcatgt gctcaatact tcagagtagc cagaagcttc gactgcttga ttatatatag    110100
     gcatcttttc tcaaactgaa aacaattacc tgttgtgttt tcctttaccc gaaccctctg    110160
     gatcactatc tttaacacat tcagaaacaa gcaacatcca caacctttga aagctgtaac    110220
     aacaacatga gtagctgcca acatcaagct tggagctgtg attcaataaa aatctaactg    110280
     catggcatca ttaaagagaa tctgatggag caaacacaca gtctgtcctc taacctgtat    110340
     gactgttttt gtcatgtgtc actttcctaa attatgaccc ataggaatgg ttaataaaat    110400
     agtgctgtaa gacactgtgc attgggccct gtatgcaaaa atttaggaat cgtgtagctt    110460
     gatttgtaga acactgcgct attcttagag aaaaaaaccc tgttaaaatg tgtacttgga    110520
     cgagatgcat ataaaagaaa tccaattctc aaacctagaa aagaaaattc atactaaaat    110580
     atttgcaaag tgcaggctgc aaaaataact gagtgaatct ggccctaata attttattaa    110640
     gggtcaaagt cagtatgaaa tggacgttgt gatagtagtt tttgccctta ttgaaaaaac    110700
     ccaggttttc atcctttatt aattggttgg attgtgggaa gtttgacatt gctaacaaga    110760
     tagaagtaga tttgaatcgc agtttgtact cagatgtgga ggattactct ctaccagact    110820
     tacggtcagc accttcattt gtaggatctt ttattgagga gcccgaagac aatgagaaaa    110880
     atttttttta aataaaaata aaaaaaatcg ccttatattt attcagtttc aaatatttga    110940
     ttaaagatta ttgtgcattc caaacaggat atattgtcct ctaaagtgaa aacaatcaaa    111000
     gccgcaatgt ttaaatgttg ttttaaattg atgagctcaa aactgcctac ttcaaatggt    111060
     cattcagtat gagagatttc gaatggtaca actgatgaac atgtcaggcc cttattattc    111120
     tttgtgtaga gaagtcgatt agtgttgtgt actgcaatgc atttgcattg taattggtca    111180
     ataatgatat tgatataatc attcagtgat aatgacaact gtttgtagct tctcaatgaa    111240
     ctgcggctgt gtgtagtaaa tgatgcatgt gaaattacca catattatat catagtttta    111300
     cttcaaactc acctcataac ttcagtggag tgtttgaaat aaatctttct gttagagtat    111360
     ctcttagcca tattgtttat tagtcttgct gaatcaatga aagcagttaa atcttctgtt    111420
     tattcagcaa ccactatttg cctagggggt tttctagctt tcttcatttg cagtgggagg    111480
     gctctgtgag agggtttctg tgagagcgcc ctctagcctt tagattggat atacagtggt    111540
     accttgttta ttgcaggaat tacgttccta aaccgtgata ggtaaccctc aataggtgaa    111600
     attcacaaag tagttagcct aagtttttac aattattata gattttttaa gggtgtaaaa    111660
     cccctcacta cacacttaat acacttttct cagacaggca taacattttt acacttttca    111720
     ctcttgttta aaaatctcag agttcaaact tacatggaaa aaagtctagt gttatagaat    111780
     caagccaaag atccaaaact caggcgcaaa cattcatcac tgttagcaaa agattcataa    111840
     agtttttaag cttttgtgca gataatgtta gcatccagtg taatattatt tttcctgcac    111900
     tcactgatcc acaaagtaag agaagactcc atctttaaag gagttgcaca aaggatgcgc    111960
     cgcgtatatg acagttgaaa gtaacacatg gcatgttatt taaaattaaa ttattcagat    112020
     gctctctgtc agccgctgac ttgcagtgcc ggagtgcgta ccctgatata aatctatgat    112080
     tacaatttta aaatacatgg tgcggtgcat ccggtgtgtc acccccttta caatgttttg    112140
     ctactataga tcacatcatg ctttactgac aagttgtgaa tagaaatccc agatttgttc    112200
     attgcgtatt tgtgatttca attcgatgaa tttcatagcc ttaagtgcat aacgtttgaa    112260
     tgaattactc agataaataa tttacaataa tcactacaat attacatata aaataaaaat    112320
     atgtcaattt tgatttcatg gtcacttaaa aaaagaaagg gtatgacaat gttccttttt    112380
     actcagattt gcaaaatcca ctataatcac tgtatggtgt gagtatctta agcacacaca    112440
     aacacagccc ttcatagact gccttttttt aagggttggg tcaagtgaac aggcaatgtg    112500
     tttaatgtgc tgattttatt gtttggccat tttattttat agcctacata atcgggataa    112560
     aaaaaagtca tgaggcccta ttatacagct ggcacaataa ggcgaaagac tttcattttc    112620
     acgttttgcc acacattttt taaatagcaa aaccatgttc gccactttgt ggactcatag    112680
     gcgtgctggt ctagaaagga ggtctgtaaa ggtgcattgt tggcgcattg ctattttgag    112740
     gaatgtgtgt ttggatataa ctctgttttt tgacaacatt tcattattat tgtttatgta    112800
     tttgttggaa ttgaattcag aaatagtttt gatacaaatc tttgcactta acaagttaaa    112860
     taaaaaagtg ggctaaagga cgtcttcagt ggagtgctta caacactttc cttatccacg    112920
     aaagtaaagg agtaaagaga aagtaaagag gccgagtaga ggagttttct cgctagtaaa    112980
     gcattcagtt tttccactta caaagtccgc catgtaaata gcaaatgtgc catggcgaga    113040
     cgcaactgac tcttaagggg aatgtgagat gaaactttga ttggtttaat gcacattatg    113100
     ctcaaaatac acccataact cattaaggga ataagcacaa ccctgttaga ctatgcagcg    113160
     tggcgcaaac caaaattttc tatctttaaa atagcaaaag tggattgaga cacgccctta    113220
     atgcttttgc accatgctct tcagactttg tgcctagatc tttaaaatag agctcctggt    113280
     ctttaaaacc attttttttt tttttaagtt ggcaccttta ggcttctaaa acatggccaa    113340
     actccgaaaa atgttccaaa tgttaattgt tattaattga aaatattgtt gtgtactgta    113400
     taacttcaaa attcaagttc acgaaaaaaa cctaatgctt gaggaaagat tgccaaaaga    113460
     tttatgtaat tatgatgcta gaagcaatta atcagggacc tcttgaaaaa gctggagagt    113520
     cactaataat gtacatgaca cctgttgctt tgtttctgtc tcctcctctg tcttctttat    113580
     ttgcttatcg acacgtgtgt gcttcagcgt gaaatctcct aattggttta tcggtctcgt    113640
     tagaaacaca attcaaactg aagtggcctt attgaccccc acatcgagta caaacatcca    113700
     tcataaaata acacattcga cctcgataca cagtctttta tcagcataac tcatgaagcg    113760
     ttattaaaac ccggttctta tgatttatag atcaaaagat ttatccattt gctagagaga    113820
     gaagttatgt tttggctttt ttttgcttac ttcagaagta cataaataaa ccaaaacaac    113880
     acatttaatc cttttaaata cagacatttt gattaacagc tttgatcttt tccccacgga    113940
     tcaaaatatt ttatctgaat acattttgat aggatgatag cattttgatg ggggtatcat    114000
     gtaaatctgt gaaagcaagc tcagtttatc tggggtctct ggctgttttg tgttatcagt    114060
     ttttccttcg tctgctctaa cagccgttta attctgctcc tctggttcag gacgtcgggt    114120
     cttattggat tccggcttga gtctctcctg cgtgatctgt catgatcaat cgccaccgca    114180
     gccgtaggga taatgaatat agttaatgac ggggacgcca ttggagaata gtgcctgcct    114240
     gttaacttat ctaattaaaa cattgcatca ccagacaatt agactggcac cgctctttct    114300
     tttctcaggc caaaatcgga gccattaaag gtctacgtct aattagaaaa agtctttttt    114360
     gcaccgtggg gtgtcctgct gaggtgaaaa cacataaaac actatcgatc tgtcctactt    114420
     gcccttaata tttttaggtc aatgctttca gagacaaaga aagcgactga caaaacgtac    114480
     aatgtaaaaa gagaaaaata cagccattta gattaggaga acgttgcgat tttccaatga    114540
     catttgcttg tatagtggtg ttctgtattt gtttgcagaa actagcacat tcattaagtg    114600
     tacaggagga atttacaatg gattgcgtga attaaaatga ttattttcaa aggttacata    114660
     tatttgacat ttaaaacaag ccaaatagcc caaatgtctt tctagttcaa atagatactg    114720
     aaataataca tgaggatgaa ttgtcttaca tttataaccg gtttgatcag taagatcttt    114780
     actttttggt tgatacaata cacattttca taggaacaat gatgacatgt tgcttgccca    114840
     agagccacaa ctatgaaaca ttaatagacg tttaaaaatg tgaaagcatt aacagattgc    114900
     tttcaacatt ccttatataa tcccacaaga ctgattattt cagcagcaaa tattgtacgg    114960
     ttaaaaacca ttgtagttaa agaggtctat acacttaaaa atgacttttg ctgcttgttc    115020
     aaactactta tttaaaatga gttgaaacaa tgcaattcgt aatgtttttt gggccactca    115080
     attgttttat gttcaatcca cttaaatttg taaaaattat gaagttaact taatagatct    115140
     gtgttgggac aacataaagg acttgtgtgg aaccaagcat tttttaaaaa gcgtatatta    115200
     tgtaacatac attgttttaa ataaaaaata tttagaacat cgagtgcaaa tatttctata    115260
     taataataaa agttatttgt agcattttag aaaattatag cctggtaaaa ggtgtgattc    115320
     tttttctaaa aaagtggacc tatttgcagt tatacacctt attttctatt tcgttatgag    115380
     atttaaatac tgcatttaaa tgctgctaaa gctacatgcc gcttttctgg actgttttaa    115440
     gaaacttctc aagactcacc tttttacagt tgcttttaat ttaagttgat tatttttgtc    115500
     aatttaatca ttcaatttta ttgtttatat tttattgtca tgttgtgaag ttttttactg    115560
     tttattgttc tgctttgtca ctgtttgcct tatatgcctg ttagagcttt gggtctgaaa    115620
     aaagtgcact ataactaatc ttgattatta ttattgttgc actttcagtg acattttaag    115680
     cactattttt agctgaatta gcttgtcgga tggtcatcat aaccacactt tttgaaatat    115740
     ttcacaaaga tttctaataa agaaatgtga aattatactt attttcttaa aatacacatt    115800
     tattaaatca tatatcatta gaaaaaaaat tggcatcagt taaaggttta aaataaaaac    115860
     tagtcttttg tcatttatta gccaaactgg acagcacatt gaacttctct ttatagtcag    115920
     agtttgacca tttgaataat aaaaaaaatc aaaaataaaa taaaataaat aaataaattt    115980
     gagcctcggc tgggtcattt ggcatttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctt cctttgttgg    116040
     catggctttc ctttttttca aatgcactct cttgtaaaaa agtgcatttg aaaattaatg    116100
     gaaaacaaat ttagccaaat tagtattcaa attttatcat gggctgcttt tggtgcttta    116160
     cactttttta ttgctcattt tttgtttcaa gaataatgtc caacatttag aaataaaagt    116220
     tacctataaa atgtttaaaa acaatgcagt agtgaaacgt gacttctctt acgtcagatt    116280
     gtacaataaa aaatatttgt tagcgttggc taaaactgat tagctgaagt cacaccggag    116340
     cgacagccca cagaggatac cgcttggtct taaagccttt tttcatgggt tagtttcatt    116400
     atttatgatg gcatagcaat caaaatcgga cagtgagctc atgtatagga aaaattttgg    116460
     aactttgtta gtgagaggtg ggtcttctga accagccaaa cccccctggc tgtaggctat    116520
     aaaaaaaaaa aagggctata aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacat tcagttgttc tttctgaata    116580
     tctacgaata gcacatttac agcttttgtc taatcagagg cttaggtgct gaaaatttac    116640
     tttccgtatt atcatcatta ttttatgtca aacatgtcat catttgaata tgaaatattc    116700
     tttccttaaa aacagcttgc tctactctct acttaactgc taattagaat ctgaattatt    116760
     atattgttcc caattccagt ccctacacag aacacaaaag catttcctct tgtgtatttc    116820
     taacacatca ttaatgcaca tatgtggagg tttcctgtag gaggaagcaa gggaatatga    116880
     ttggctgagc tgttctgaat ctgaaactgg cagctgtggt tcttctgatg tttgacatgt    116940
     acctaactca ctggaagatg agtctaggat ctcagcgaat gcctgtaaat tatatatgtt    117000
     acactataac atgaatataa gatggttcta taatagtgta aggcatagta aaatatgaca    117060
     gatagcttta aacatttagg agaatattta aattatactt tgtaatttta atgtgaagtg    117120
     gcagtgaagc ttaacctgaa aacttggctt cagttctgag aatcacactc cacatgggtt    117180
     cagtgttggg actaaacaat ggattctata ttagaaattt aggtttgaat gctgctattg    117240
     aatatattca ttttacacat ggtggtttct gatgtgtccc atcatgcata gctaaaatgg    117300
     tgacgcttta ttaatatata atgatcataa gtcatataca ttattgtata cataattaat    117360
     ttgtaatatt atgcaaaacc tttcacattc cttgacatat ttgaaaaaga cagactaaga    117420
     cgaagaaaaa aaaaatttat caaccaaata gttcatggat aatgcacaac attaaagggc    117480
     acctataaat aaaatcatct tttgtaagct gtttagacag aactttgtgt cggtatagtg    117540
     tgtcatattg ggatgatata aataagtcta atttatttaa tttcctgacg ttaaaatagg    117600
     atccaaattt ctcccatttt gaggctgaat gcaacatgac ataggagtgt ggtttccccg    117660
     cccaccgaat tgattgacag ccacatatta acatgtctcc gtagtaacac gtataatcat    117720
     ataaacaaaa caggacgtgt gcaaagcaac caggataaaa agatctgttc agctctatac    117780
     gatcatcaat catcatcaaa tgtgatcaag aataagtttt acaagtttaa aacgttttta    117840
     aaacagtcaa tgttaatgaa ttacggtgat tttaccgtct ttactttatc accacagcca    117900
     catgtcagta caagtataaa agaaaatgct tcaattgaaa aaatgtttgt ggaagttaaa    117960
     tcagctttat tttgtacatt aacttaacga atatccatac agcagttgat attaaagtgt    118020
     atcctgtccc atttactgtg cgcagtaagt taattgtgcg caccctgtgt gtgtccgctt    118080
     tgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcatg atctttgtaa tgacattgtg    118140
     tgtgactcac tgaaaggctt gaattaactt tacaacaaat acattaaata atcattggca    118200
     aagttcgtat tgtagtattt cttacaaacg ttatgtaaga tctgctgtta tgtgagtctg    118260
     tcactgtgct ttttatctga cacagccgga gactgaggca cgtggaaacg gtgggcgggg    118320
     agacaattag ttgttttctc tgataacgag taaacatgag acttacttta gtatttacaa    118380
     atctcactta aacaaaacag attcagtatc ttttaaaata aaaaaactgt aaaaagtgat    118440
     ctgtgaaatt cccagctgaa atatatatat ttttttcatg aatcctgttc ctcatgtaat    118500
     acataattgt acaggcttga atttatattt ccttcagcct gaagtttatt cagttcacat    118560
     ttccctttaa agggctttac atatttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    118620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataat atattccagc attatgataa    118680
     aagagatgaa agagtaacac aatgtcacat aacacattac ttttattata ccatatttag    118740
     ttacttttga aagaagcaat gaaagattgc aatattttat ttttaatatg taaatttccc    118800
     caacactgat tatatattat attactactg tacaaatact tacagtaaga taaaacagaa    118860
     aataactatg tttattcagc aaagacattc aaatttagaa gtacaattaa attgaaaaag    118920
     tataactttt aattagaaat taaatttcta tggagaaaaa atgcttttat ttcagacttt    118980
     ctatttatcg aagattattg taaagttaaa tgtgtcaaca ataattttaa gtagaaacaa    119040
     aatcaatagt tgtattaata atgattaagc actaactgat cataatagaa ctgcaaatca    119100
     gcatattact gtatatgatt tctgaaggac catgtgtcct cttaagactg gagtaatgat    119160
     gctgaagaaa ttttttaatc acattaataa attatattta aatgtatatt tgtataaaaa    119220
     acttgaaaca ttaaaaaaat ataattttga ccaatcaaat aaatttcttt caacaaacaa    119280
     taaaaaagtc agtcagataa gaagtgttga tttcgggcag catttggcaa tttcaccaga    119340
     cagtctgtgt gtcggtctga ggctgagact acagttccac atcagcttct gcagaacatc    119400
     tgtcacagat caggctgaga aaatgagtca agctgatgat gctaaaattg ccttttgtct    119460
     tgctgctttt ctcatattgt aacatctgcc aaagattgtg gtaaatcccg gcaacgtcat    119520
     aattcctcca acacagctag aaagtctcag agaacagctg aggtcagatc taagcctctt    119580
     tctaccaatc gccaagagaa aatcacacaa gttaagactt ttactgtttg ccattgagaa    119640
     cccactccag cttttcctac actgtgaaaa aaacatatat tgtaaaatat atttcaagat    119700
     ataaaaaatg accaatatat ttgctaaaat gtctttcaaa attatattta cacaaatatg    119760
     ttttgtacaa attatttttt ggacatttaa gaaaatacta tttgacaata ttatttcata    119820
     agaaaataca ttaatgtaac atatgagaaa catttttatt ttatgtttta tatgtcttac    119880
     atttacattt agtcatttag cagacgcttt tatccaaagc gaagaaatct aaataaggga    119940
     agtctaaaat aagggaacaa acaaataata aaagtaataa taataatgag agcagcatgg    120000
     tggtacagtg tgtagcactg ttgcctcaca gcaagaaggt cgctggttca tccaggctgg    120060
     gtcagttggc atttctgtgt agagtttgca tgttctcccc ctgtttgcat gggtttcctc    120120
     tcgtgtgctc cgggttaccc cacagtccaa agacatgcac tataggtaaa ttgggtgagc    120180
     gaaattgtct gtagtggatg tcctggtcct acaggttagg ggttgagcgt tgggctaacg    120240
     acccacacgt aaaaatgaga tattatgaaa caccaacatg atgcggctac tgtaaatatc    120300
     aaaatcgata taaatggccc tggaagtaag tactaataat attaatgaac aaataaacta    120360
     ttgtctgaca aaaactacag ctatatatat ttttttagct ccatcaatgc tacatcattt    120420
     gtaccgttgt tcataatata cgtttctcta aattatttta gaggataatt cttctaaact    120480
     cttttttaat tttgaataat ggattccatc cagatcagca tccatattct actgccagcg    120540
     tatttttttc aacactgaaa tacattttga ataatattta ggtatatttt ttagtattta    120600
     tatttaatca tttattttta tatgtaaaaa atgcaattaa gcctcacagg tacaaagtaa    120660
     ttcctagttt taattataat tcataatatt taaatattta tgctacggct aggcgatatt    120720
     gcaaaaaaat tcttacaata taatgtttaa cgtcactcca tatcgataat tgttaattat    120780
     ttttttaaca atacattgag tattgttttt tttttttatt taaccacttt attttaattt    120840
     accaacatta ctaagataaa tagttttata gtaaaaaact aaaaatattt aaacaaaata    120900
     tctgatctct ttataacaaa ataaacataa gagttaaaga gttaaagtta aacttcatgt    120960
     catgttacaa agtgtgtgca atagtgaagc ataaattctg aacaatgaga cagcaatgag    121020
     acagttaacc tcaaactctg tcaacaacac aaattatgat catcaaatct gagtctacaa    121080
     gtaaaggaac aagccatcat tattcaaatg caaatcgcaa cattacaaat tgtgaagttg    121140
     gaaaactata ttacccacta tgctaaaaaa aattaagacg gggagctagt gactgggatg    121200
     ctcaagaaaa gaaaccaaaa agccactctg gcgacatcct tgcaaccttt ttatttacaa    121260
     tctcctcact gctgctagtt agcgctctta ctttaacatg cgttgttatt ctgacctaaa    121320
     gtgacaagtg tgagtgcgtg gcttccttga ccattttaaa tagtctctcg taacttggcg    121380
     accatccacc gttttctcaa agggtgacaa tatatcaaac cattactgca gcttcgatac    121440
     aagtttatga accactgtgt ttggatggaa aaacatatag tgcttcatac cgataaaaaa    121500
     catatagtgc ttcataccga acctacatac cgaatctttt tttatcgata ttgacaaaat    121560
     aaacattggt gttcggttaa taaataccaa tacagatttt attgcccagc ccaaatttat    121620
     gcatatactt ttaattaatt ttagacagaa aaaaatgaca agcctgttac aagttatgac    121680
     aagcctgatc ccacaaataa tcataactat ttaatgcatt gtcagaaaag tggctaattc    121740
     gtacaaaatt ataggatttt atttatataa aaatgaaatt tttttaaaat gtggcgtggc    121800
     cacagatccc acccctgacc ctcactgggt gatgattaaa tcatactaaa atgtgatgaa    121860
     aacatacaaa ttaatacgaa taaaccacta aatcaaaaag ttatgaattg ccataattcc    121920
     agttgccatt gtgtttctaa caagacgtct attgtagctg gacgtcaaga acgtgtcaca    121980
     ggtgtgccat ccaaataaca atgacatcca ggtgttgagg atcaaagcac cgtcaccgag    122040
     atcacacagt attagtggtg acagtgacag cgtttcataa agttatctaa gtgcagcttc    122100
     acttggaaga gactgtaata atgctaatgc tattatgcat ccttcctgga ggagcattta    122160
     ctccattccc atttatatcc atgacaacaa gcgtcctcgt gagccttaat tgctaaaacc    122220
     aatagtgttt gtttgcttct gcaatctgta ggacgtctta atctgctcca gttcacagga    122280
     ttagaattta acagctccta acccacctcc aaatgttatt aggaccagag attgcctgaa    122340
     aaacatgaaa aaaaaagcac acacacacaa aaaaaaaaaa cctccctgtg tgccaatcgg    122400
     gcttgttaaa tatgtaatga cccactcaga cggtgaggac tctgagagga acatgtcatt    122460
     atagagcagt tttggtgaaa cattcttcgt ttttatgtgc ttctgcagtt gctaaaatgg    122520
     agatttcttt ttttttttgc tgcatttatg taattctcca aagtggtggc acgcatcgct    122580
     ggcatgtgat gtgatttcag actcacgacg ataaaacatt catgtcccac atcatcttca    122640
     ctggggttac aggcagactg cttgcaaatt cattacagaa tattgcgctt tgtcaagaaa    122700
     gttttagatc tttagactgg tcttgttgtt aaatgttaaa ttgtttttat ttgcattctt    122760
     tttcaccttc aaatatgatt tttttttgtt attcagtgag atacataatc agctgattct    122820
     agtttgtagt tttcatattt aaaatatttt attcatttat ttatgacctt cataattgta    122880
     caatttggca gtttgaggat ataaaagtat atactgtata ttaataataa ctgaaaagct    122940
     tttatgtgtt taattatttc ttgtttgttt attcatttat aacatggaca tattttttta    123000
     ttaagcgctt ttacaatgta gggctctatc atataccaca cacaagacat gtttggtgcg    123060
     agttgttgct attttcagaa cactgcaacc ctaatttaac cataatcacg ttttgtgcca    123120
     tgttatttaa acagcaaacc catttgcgct actttgtgga ctcatgggcg tgctggtcta    123180
     taaagaaggt gtgttaataa gcatcgttgg tgcgttgcta ttttgaggaa ctgaaataga    123240
     ctgtgctgtt gaccaactca aagcaagtct aaattccagc acagagcatg ttagttatgt    123300
     gccgttatat gcagtttagt tatatgcagg tacaaatgct tagtacccac atgatgtaca    123360
     gcaatattca aaatctcttt acatattaaa aaaattaatt aaatattact caattattat    123420
     tttctacata aatataaaaa ccactacctc cataccttct tcatgtcgtt tttttttttt    123480
     ttttttgcaa tttattcacg acaatttgca gttttattat actgttatta ttatgattct    123540
     atgcatattt atatttattt taataaaaac aagtttagat ttgaccacat gtctagtttt    123600
     ggagacatac gtatgcatcc ccatataggt caaaagaata agacgtgcgt ttggatataa    123660
     ctctaaaact ataaaagttt tttttgatca cactttgtta ttattgttca attattagtt    123720
     tgctggatat tagaactgaa tttagaaata gttttgaaac aaatctttgc acttaacaaa    123780
     attaaatatg taggctaaga aatgtcacca ttgaagtttg tacaaaacaa tttcctcatc    123840
     tataaaagtg aaggagtaaa gtgtaaagta cagtaaagag aaagtaaaga agccgaatgg    123900
     aggaggcttg ttctttatcc tcgcgctgca gatggtctgt ttaactgttt aatgcgccaa    123960
     tgctttgtgc catgcggttc agattttgcg cctagatcat taaaatagag cctttggaca    124020
     gtgtcaaagc agcttaatac ttgacagtcc agtttttaga gttgcagttc agtttagttc    124080
     agttcagtgt ggcttaattt tcactgctga aagtccaaac accgaagagc aaattcatcg    124140
     atgtgcagct ccacaagtcc caaaccatgc aagccagagg gaacattgga gagaaacaaa    124200
     cttcaccaat tgaccaaaga aaaggaaaaa aacttatgag aaaccaggct cagttgggca    124260
     tgaccatttc tcttctggcc gaactttttg cacagtctag gcattagagg ctggagaatg    124320
     ctggatgtct attgtataga agctgctggt gtgagttggt caccagcggg tgttcagaaa    124380
     cacttacttg tagagttttg aatgccagca ttgtaaggat tcatttgaaa aaaaaaaaaa    124440
     taaatttaat acagaaaaaa tcttttgtct acatttttta aaaactacta ataatacatt    124500
     tccaatttct aattattttg tttttgcatg gatgacagta catactagtt tactagttat    124560
     tttgtaatgt attattattc agtctttctc caaaagacaa atataagaga agatgctgtg    124620
     taacatatta cttagaagat atttgtaaac taattacatt ttgtagtaat tttgtcttca    124680
     acttcatttt gtctttcata catattttat atagatggat attcttacag taaatgttct    124740
     gcggttgacc taaatagctg atcctaactc taatttggaa tgttttcttt taatattatt    124800
     aattaggtaa aaatttttat ttcattcatt tagaatgaag atttgttaaa agcaatagtt    124860
     taaaaatgtt ttattaaaga aatattgtgt atttcaaagc aactgtggtc ttttgggctt    124920
     ctctgctttt aaatgttaaa aggtgtcata tgttttttgt gttctttttc acatctaaaa    124980
     taattttccc attataaata taattaaagt tttgactatt tcacagtcag ttaacttttc    125040
     aaagccgata aaccactaaa ttcatgtttt ttcaatgtta cattactctt ttaaaactgc    125100
     aaatgcctgc ataaaagatt tatgaatgtc agattttgtc tttcttccta gacatgaaac    125160
     aatctgagcg ttgtcgggat gccagaaaag atcaaaaaac aggtatgtgt tttgatgttc    125220
     gtgggattga gttttttttt tttactctga ctgatttttt cctgactaat aagtagcact    125280
     gtatatttct gcatacattt caatctgcat atttaaaaga aaccctcagg cagacacaga    125340
     aagacagaag gaacatctgc caaagaacac ttgtggatct gaagagtgtt agatggtgtg    125400
     tgaaggtcat aggtgactaa tgcgccatct aagctggaga tatatctcaa atcaccagct    125460
     ggcaatgaca cacttcttca aactgcagtg ttcaatcttg tgctaaagta aatcacagct    125520
     gatcacagct cttttttatt tttgccacag gaaccttcaa tgtcaggttt ttgcttttat    125580
     tatgcatttt attaaaagta aatgctgtta taaatgctgc attgaagaaa gaagggtcta    125640
     gacatggttt taacatttct tttgcattga tttgcatttg ataatcttta aaatgttgct    125700
     tggtaacatg agctttctgc ctgtggtcaa gcagtgcact agtgttggag agtgagttga    125760
     atgtggtagt taattgaaga atctaaggtt ttgagattcc ttgtagtaat ccttgtagta    125820
     tgtgtgtgtt gctttaagat agcaactatt catgtgtgtt gtgttttatt ttcatttgtt    125880
     tacattcatt tattcttcat ttaattattt aaattaatta tatgattttt tgtcatttat    125940
     atatttatca ttttattgat cattagtcaa tgatatgata attattatga actattatgt    126000
     aatttaatta tttcatactt tattattact attttcctat ttaattattt taataattat    126060
     tgcttaatta ttatttcatt tttccatgtt gttataacct tatgactgcg gtttcaagcg    126120
     acacctgttt tcaagagtaa gagattagag agtgtctcca ttttaagttc tgtattgtct    126180
     ttggataatc ttgtgaagca gtagttttcc attgctgctg gttgtggtat aataacactt    126240
     gttggattca tcccggtcga agtctgagca ttgaaacaca cacaaactaa gattattcaa    126300
     taaactctgc tctttttcta tcatcattac tttgtctcct gcttctgctc ctctttggct    126360
     ttttcagtca actcacattg ataggagatt gttaattcag ttgattgctg cttaacaagt    126420
     ttgggtatag ggcagctctg ctggcttgtt gtctggataa tcagagaaac attttctaac    126480
     aggatctagt gtccagggat cctattgatc tgacatggag agtgtgttct cacataatca    126540
     aagcaggatt tggtatgggc aagttataca ggacagagtg tggagccgct ttctaactgt    126600
     ctattatctc taaatacagc tgttttgatt caccccctag tggcagtttg atgaacagtg    126660
     tattctgaaa ccttctgaat taccttcatt gaaagagaat agccaaagag catttgaact    126720
     acatttattg gatcattttg gataaaatca tttggtaaaa gtctaaaaaa aaatgtatag    126780
     ttagagcaat acaggataaa tgaccactaa tattttccaa aggaacatgg gatgaaagtg    126840
     tcacattttt taaacttact aattcacaat caagtaataa taagtagcca ggttttgtat    126900
     tgtcttgtaa tatttacagt gtttaagtca cagtttgata aaataaatgt catagattca    126960
     atttaaaaat gttgcacaac aaatgctatt ggcaataggc tacaatgaca agcaatgctg    127020
     caccgatttg tgtaatgatt gattgaaaga gctcatgtac ttgtttacaa gttgtgtttt    127080
     taaaggcaac agtaactttt gttgcatttt tgtgttagag tcttttgcaa gaatcatttt    127140
     gaccatgagt gccactactt aggcatgtgt gttgatggct gcatcaaagc aatcatgaaa    127200
     aactgtaatg actaagtacc ccattcggtg gaataataag tacacaagta agcaaaattt    127260
     acaactttat tctagcgttt agttatttaa cttattttgc ctttaagttc tattctgtac    127320
     ttattttagt gaaagtaatt acagaagtaa tgtgacatta caattctgaa acagaagtat    127380
     tgtaaggtaa ggggttactt ttaaataaca gtaacaagtc tgtaaataac tttcacaaca    127440
     ctacctttaa tgcctacaga ttcttttgta tgttctactg attttgtttg ctagatttga    127500
     atgctcatgt ttttgtgctt gttttggttt cttttcttta tttaatacaa ttaatagtgt    127560
     tctgctctgc ccctctttta tgccactcca tttgcagttt gcctcaataa caaaagggaa    127620
     aatatatatt cctatacaaa aacagggaaa atacgtagag aaattgaagc gatctcagca    127680
     ttcaggagaa gcatggtggt atacagtaca gtacatcccg tttacattaa atatgctttt    127740
     gtttgcttgg aataatttct gatagtcggt aagaattatt agtcatcttg catttattaa    127800
     gtgggcttca cacaggtgag tgggtttgac aaaccacctg tagaaatact cttctctatt    127860
     tctcaaccaa aaaatcattt tattgtaagt ctctttggac taaatcctct gctgagtgac    127920
     tatattatga atgtatgtaa tgtagaaaat gtttgctgat ttgaagagag ctctcagctg    127980
     agtcccagct cttcgctgta ttgaaacatt gtcgcagtgt ttatgttttt gcaatatact    128040
     aagaaaaaac ataattatag aagtaatttt tcttaacaac agtaatgttg aaacttggaa    128100
     aaaaatgtaa aactttagtg tacttccaat gttgataact gtgaaaatgc gacaatctgt    128160
     gaaaagatca tttggcttca ttgtattaat gcatttggca ggtgcttgta tccaaagtga    128220
     ccgatctgct tttgatccaa catccacaga gggtctctat tgaagatgaa tgagttcatc    128280
     tgtcattttt cataaacagt gagaaggcct gttaagagat gagtgcagta tgagacttgg    128340
     caagagtgaa gaagcagaat gaaactggac aaaaagtggg cagggagatg gagacatgac    128400
     aaaagtggag atgtagagtg agacgaggta ggacgaaagt ggcataagac aggagtccaa    128460
     atgggttctt tcatctttta tctaattgct cagtgtcagc aattaaatct ctctcgacaa    128520
     tggaagcagc tctcaaatta ctgttcagtt ttgtaaacgc gttcatgcat gtgtgacgct    128580
     cctgctgtgt gcaagcttgc aatgcgccag cattgctcct ttattttcat gttttttttc    128640
     ctcaacttgg gtttaacgaa gaaagaatat gctaattaaa catttttcct tttcattttt    128700
     gcctgcaacc taggaggtca tgttatatca gagaccctcc tcaccttttt tatgcttgca    128760
     agaattttta tcagcctgat ttgaatgtga ccaggcattc atttctttca aatctaaaaa    128820
     aaatatacat gatggcaaat caagcagttt ccaggtgcag agctgaagat gacagatgag    128880
     gctcaatatt taatcagacc caaccaacag aaatacattt attccagcaa catctcacat    128940
     tttgcaagaa cataatcaaa tttccccccc ctcatgagac tgttactttt ttgtaacata    129000
     attaaagttt cacaacattt tttgtgcgac tcaaaaactc attcatcact gcttgtggat    129060
     ttgaggagat cctggagagt ctgtaaccta gtgttggagt ggctgttcca gtacttgcct    129120
     agattttaca gtctccctaa gtgctgactg gaaattgtgg gctgtcagaa aggaaatgtc    129180
     aataattcac ttgcaaacaa ccgactctga ggatcagcac agaaaacaag acttacattt    129240
     tatgtattca ttggcccaga atgtgtttgg tttcagcttg cagctacata atttgttaga    129300
     agaaaatcat ttggaaaaat tgtctgcata cagtattttc cggtactcta tacaccacat    129360
     tatgtcctgg taagaatcca gttcaatgac tgtataacca agggcaaaat atctcttata    129420
     ttggttaaca taacaagccc taggttagaa tgcttcatta aaactaaaca gtatgtgata    129480
     caaccctttt cttggacaaa ttactggccc tgatttctct taccggagtc tgtcagatac    129540
     tgaaaatgcc tgttttaata ttcagcatgc agcttggaga tgaccataac ctcagtgcca    129600
     cgaataccgc tcaggttatt ttaatttctt tgtcgctcgc actaattaga tttcctgctc    129660
     ctcttttaca gcggcggctt ttgaatggca ctttgaactt ggctcctctc tgaggtggta    129720
     cagcgaggct gaaacgataa gaggaaaacc gtaggatggt taaagagaac ttcctcgtgg    129780
     aggcgagcct tgggagatta tgatctaaga tgagccctgg ctgtctcttt ctcactccat    129840
     gtatatgctg agggatagaa tggaaggttt tatgtgctgt taagacagaa acacagacct    129900
     gctatggatt atatcatgtc taagcccatg tgtggtattt tgtttatcag ataattattt    129960
     aaactgcttg cacatacaat agataccagt gtagatgtta ttattaaagg gatagttttc    130020
     acaagaaaaa atcgatcaca ttcactcacc tagtgttgtt gattcttttt ttaaagacag    130080
     actcagtcaa tggtagcaat gtcgtaattc atcttgggtc agttaaatat tgatgtaatt    130140
     ccgttcaata ctattgtcaa ttacatgatt catctgtaaa gcagctctac agatctgcca    130200
     ttattcagct taaaggctcg ttcatgccag gaatgatgat gataaataca acaataacta    130260
     tatttgcctt ttcaatctaa acatgtgcac tgcagtttca aagttaattg gaaatagatg    130320
     tatataaaga gaaacagaag ctgttttgta gatacaatcc ttgaaatatg aagtgagttt    130380
     ggaaaatctc ttattctgct tacatttata caaatatcag atttcagttt ttaatattct    130440
     tgttgcattt gcacgtaacc ggcagatgac cccagagtgc tgtttttagc ataactacac    130500
     tgtaaaaaaa aaaaatctgt aaattaacag ttttctgtat tttgtgattc atgtttttaa    130560
     tttattatta taatttttac ttttaaatca cattttggca ttttgatctt tcttccgaca    130620
     acttttaacc ttaataagtt ggaaaaagtc acttttatga acatttctaa tagtttaaag    130680
     taatatattg gctgggttgg tgttgtaatt tatgctgcaa gaactttgca ataagctgcc    130740
     agtacattct ctgttatttt aaagacctat ttctttattt attatactat ttaaaaatac    130800
     taaaatgtca gtacaagtta cactgttaaa ctgtacagtt gaattttcaa catcaaaaat    130860
     agacaaagca gagatcaaag ttccattatg aaatttacaa ctgtaaatag actgaaaaca    130920
     taatatggaa aatgttattt aaaatatatt tttttacagt gtagcatcta gtgtagcttg    130980
     tgtaatcagt gtaaatgtag cttttatagt cattgtagta gaaaaagaac aacacaaaag    131040
     aatataacta gtcaaatagt ataataaaaa caacacagga aagttcaaac taagctgcat    131100
     gtctgagata cttctatttt aatattacac tgcgttgcat agccaggctc aattgggaga    131160
     acatttctcc tctggcctaa gcctaaggct aagaaaggta accttgaaag ttctttcttg    131220
     atagatacct aaccttagaa catgtgttgt gtattcctgg agtatacaat tgagcttgat    131280
     aaaaacaaac ccaaatgtaa ggtgttattt aaccaaaatc aactaattct tattaaagag    131340
     tttattagct ttttgcagtg tgctgtgttt gttgccgtta acatgttatc atgttaatct    131400
     gtcatgctaa tatctgtcat atacaaaagg aattctggcc tggagatatt aaattcagtg    131460
     taattcctgt caagttatga ttcaacttta tttaggaaaa taaaaagtga gatggttaat    131520
     agttttcgat aaacatgtga aaataaagtc caaaggcaag gctcaggctt tttgttaatg    131580
     ttacataatt aatgcatagc attttgcttt gtttgcaaca atcccaatct tgtattataa    131640
     gaataatttc ataggttgaa atatttatct attttttaag cttgacgctg gatgctattt    131700
     aaggccgttt tattgatgat ttttgactga ctccttttgt ggtgcaaaaa agaaagaagg    131760
     gtatttacaa ctaaaagagc aaagagagag taaaggtgga aacatttatg gattaattaa    131820
     ttaattacaa taatacctta catttatatt tcactttttt tggacactca aagtgcttta    131880
     cacattgggg ggaatctcct cgtccatcac caatgtgcag cattcatctg gatgacgtga    131940
     cggcagccaa attgggccag accacacacc acatgattgg tgaagaggag acagagtgat    132000
     gtagccaatt atcaaatggg gatggctagg aggccatgat ggacataggg caaattttgt    132060
     ccaggatact gtgataaacc cctactcttt tttgaagaac atcctaggac ttttaatgac    132120
     cacagagagt caggacatca gtttaatgtc tcatccgaca gtgttactca ctgagcagta    132180
     aagaggaccc acacaggttg agcgccacct gctggcctca ctaactccat tttgggtagc    132240
     aaccttgtgg tttcccatgt gatctcccag ccaggtactt acgggtgcag ccctgcttag    132300
     cttcagtggg cgaccatgtg agagttgctg gatagagcta gctgccagct taaaaatact    132360
     taattttttt ccatcatgaa taattcctct atcccactat ttagatctat gaaggacctt    132420
     ctgtgtaatg gaaaggttct ctgaacttta aaggttctta atgaaaccac agatgccaat    132480
     aaagaacctt tatttttaat gaagataata aacagttcag cttcagtggt gtgtatgcct    132540
     cattatatgc ttcatcaaaa taaacaaatc aataccttac aaaatttgtc atcatacata    132600
     cagtgttctc tgggtttatc agtattagat ttgaaagaca atagcttgaa acctgaaata    132660
     ttattcaaat gctttcccac ccccgtctac ttgtctctct gtctttatcc attttgtctc    132720
     tctgtctctc tctctctcta tctctctctc agtctgtctt tttctctctg gctcttgcga    132780
     acttcacaga ccataaaatc agcgatttca ttgctaggca actagcattt gcaagaagca    132840
     ggatggagtg gaagcttctc agtgctgttt ctgatgttga atatggtcat gattgttaac    132900
     gagagacaca acatatttag atggaataaa ctcttcatct aaagtcacga cttaacacaa    132960
     tggggatttt agattactgt agccgtaacc cttgagtctt catgtgtttt ctcgttatat    133020
     aatattgatt aatatctgac tctagaaggc acagattgtg tttcatccta tcttttcttc    133080
     atgaatacag aggtgatctg tgtcagttga caggaattag cttttagaag attttccaca    133140
     gaatatccac tgggcagctt ttgtaaaaat aaaaaaacgt gtgcaaaaca caaaattagt    133200
     tataaattca attacatctt gaactttgtg gccaaaattt gttatcaatc ctgaggctac    133260
     tttcaaaacc agagatgtgg agcggctgaa atattactca tcattatctg ggttactaat    133320
     gttttcatca cctcctccag tgttttgaac tctggaatag ttcccaggta cataagctga    133380
     actcagaatc ctctgatttc attactgtcc acacagagcc tttatgttgg atgcattttt    133440
     agatgcaagt tattgaagga ccaacagact attttaacaa aatttattag cacaatcgaa    133500
     acacttttgc acaagaacaa atcttttatg tgaaataatg cacttaaact tagatttaaa    133560
     catcaagttt catcagattt gctcgtgaat tttaactaca cgatgcagta gttttaactg    133620
     atttgttcaa agacacacgc tgaactttaa catgtctccc caagctgtaa tccttgctac    133680
     gcctctgcat ctgtaaaaat gtttataatg cactaagaaa tggacatgtg caagtagctt    133740
     ggaagtattt attattagca caaataaata attcacagat tgctcaaatc taaggccaaa    133800
     tataaccagc tggcttatta gacacaggtt gtttataaat ttttcttctg agggtacttt    133860
     tgaccttatg gacttttagg aaaagaacct ccattacaac aaacccttta cattctcact    133920
     aggattaatt tatccacaaa caacggccag caatttatat tgtaataagc attattggag    133980
     aattcaggta attttctgaa acaccctaaa catttgcagc gcagcacttc tcaaaatatg    134040
     tttttgtatt taccagactt ctgtgaactg aaaacatatt tagaagaaaa cggctcattt    134100
     gtcttgagtt tcagctcagt tgacagaact ttcccttttt aggccagagc tgtgttaatt    134160
     gcatcttgat gatgctaggc agtgtaaaca acgtagtctc ctataacatc ctttcctagc    134220
     aaataaagga ttccaatttt gtgctgggtc agttaaacag aagaaactgc attggaactg    134280
     tggagaaaaa aattgtcttt attggtgagt cctgataaga caagtgtaat cattcagttt    134340
     atactgtatc agagaacgta tggtagtatt agagtctgat agcatctcaa ccactgtata    134400
     tggcactgtc accgaaggca acgtcttctg aaaagtaatt ttaagaaagt ccagctagtg    134460
     ctttgtcatg tgaagtcttt gtagctgcat taatgctaca caatagcagg gaagtaaatg    134520
     cagctcctgc aagtcactag aaatgctact ctttgctgcc attctgaaaa agattcagac    134580
     accctagatt gaatacacta aaatgtattt attattttat cttttgttca aaacttagcc    134640
     ttaaaaaaat ctataaatgg ccttccaatt tgtaacatat acaggctcgt agccagcctg    134700
     gtgaaagggg tggggttttt tttgggcctt tttgctgtta ttctatttat attttctatt    134760
     taattataag gtttaaatag gttgcgtttt agtgacattt tagggactat tttttgctgg    134820
     agtacttctt gatgtaccaa aaatacttcc t                                   134851