EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX005312; SV 20; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 207484 BP.
AC   BX005312;
DT   29-DEC-2002 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 28)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-79N12 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate cell adhesion
DE   molecule-related/down-regulated by oncogenes (CDON) and six CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-207484
RA   Mashreghi-Mohammadi M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; ddfc35228521744071f9e7047eb5920e.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-79N12. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-79N12 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-79N12 is at 207484 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-79N12 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..207484
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-79N12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..205499
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-79N12"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(43054..43159,43318..43656))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-79N12.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel putative transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL926509.1 Em:CF348584.1"
FT   mRNA            join(67594..67858,90784..90923,91062..91340,93754..93900,
FT                   93987..94130,94281..94571,94897..95166,105736..106019,
FT                   108393..108567,110399..110512,118332..118538,
FT                   121176..121357,123274..123379,126918..127040,
FT                   130115..130306,132965..133260,135505..135584,
FT                   140940..141202,144455..145479)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-79N12.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cell adhesion
FT                   molecule-related/down-regulated by oncogenes (CDON)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI585087.1 Em:BG799268.1
FT                   Em:BI672282.1 Em:BM183643.1 Em:BM316437.1 Em:BQ616635.1
FT                   Em:BQ617504.1 Em:CA408053.1 Em:CA496183.1 Em:CK691938.1
FT                   Em:CN319156.1"
FT   CDS             join(90851..90923,91062..91340,93754..93900,93987..94130,
FT                   94281..94571,94897..95166,105736..106019,108393..108567,
FT                   110399..110512,118332..118538,121176..121357,
FT                   123274..123379,126918..127040,130115..130306,
FT                   132965..133260,135505..135584,140940..141202,
FT                   144455..144606)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-79N12.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013682"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cell adhesion
FT                   molecule-related/down-regulated by oncogenes (CDON)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O35158 Sw:Q32MD9 Sw:Q4KMG0
FT                   Sw:Q90Z04"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003598"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003961"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYF7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11208.1"
FT                   ISTGSLTGDLIQPTVQEI"
FT   mRNA            join(125496..125781,126918..127040,130115..130306,
FT                   132965..>133212)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-79N12.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cell adhesion
FT                   molecule-related/down-regulated by oncogenes (CDON)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK026405.1"
FT   misc_feature    126553
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 600bp by restriction digest data"
FT   CDS             join(126935..127040,130115..130306,132965..>133212)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-79N12.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013683"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cell adhesion
FT                   molecule-related/down-regulated by oncogenes (CDON)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003961"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYF6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11209.1"
SQ   Sequence 207484 BP; 62926 A; 40189 C; 40475 G; 63894 T; 0 other;
     aagctttagc aagatctttt agggttaatt attttgttgt gtagaaaaaa atagcatctg        60
     tcccacttta tccttactga tattttaatg catccatctg tccaacatct gtgtgtattt       120
     ttttgtagct ctgtaaatgg tctttttgga ccgtagtctt ttactataaa taatatagga       180
     ccatagtact tttcatagta tgttgaagtc tttttatcaa aagatcaagg aaaataatat       240
     cctaatgtga cctcttttta catctattgg cactgacaca ggcagtgcaa tgaaccatga       300
     gctcatacga tgagtgcaga cgcacacacc acagcataag tgtctgactc tgactattca       360
     gtttctaaag ctcttcagtt ttgaagactc tttatacgga gtgatatcca tctcctttat       420
     ctatcagtct cgctctcgtc tctgtctttt ctagcctaag gggagactgt tacccagctg       480
     ctacttttgc cagtaaaagt gagtcgatgg aggtgaagaa agaggagttc aaacacagat       540
     aaagtctggt gtgtgtgcag tcataagacg cccgacactt tcctatagtg gcactgttgg       600
     tgtgtaaatt catacagacc aactgtcaaa gtgatccagg cgtattttcc cctgttgctc       660
     gctttgcact gaaaacatgc cagttctttg gaatgccatt atgttccccg aaggcaaagc       720
     caagactctg tcctggcaca aacacacaga cacacacacg cacaaaaagt cattctctcc       780
     ctctcgtatt ggctcagtcc aggattggtg gcgccacata gcagcgttgc cgatgtggca       840
     caagcacaca cgaaataact tgaccagctt atgcttaaaa cactgacaca caaaccggca       900
     ttgcaatgaa agcagcagga acggaaagtg cccgaaagct ctctcacctt ccactgtcca       960
     gaatagagta ttgttagtta acttggctga attcatccga ggggttgtcc catccctagt      1020
     agcaaagaat tctggcccag atttggcata aagctgggac atcaggcatt gatccggcac      1080
     tggcatacag catgtgggcc aaccatggcc tgggtatggc agaggtggca ccgtctataa      1140
     tgcggcacac aagatttggg ccagatgtaa aacgtagtat ttggcccaga ttttaaaaat      1200
     tgattgtggg ccacgtgagt ttggccagtc ttgacccaca tttaaaatac ataaaaataa      1260
     tttttgatta aataaatcaa ttcaaccaat caggtcactg agaaaaaaca aggcccatag      1320
     tgtgcctaaa gcgcaacgct tcataggttt attaattgta ttgcaatcgt gacacaccaa      1380
     ccttactggc ccagttcagg cccagttatg agttaataac ttggctgaga cttggcccag      1440
     atatggtctg tgtttggccc ttgtctggaa gccagatttg gtccagtcat gtaccataat      1500
     tcactgcggc atgtgggcca aggaaacctg attgtgtggg ccagagctgg gccagagaaa      1560
     ttttgctata tgggatcata cagatctgag ggcctgtgga gaggactggc tgtccatccc      1620
     ttgccttggc actgaacttt gatatccatg ctcatctatc cattggaaat ttatctcggt      1680
     ttgttttcat tcatttgttt attttccttc agcttagtca cttaattctg agtggagttt      1740
     gcatgttctc cacgcattca tgtgggtttc ctccaggtgc tctggtttcc ctcacaagtt      1800
     caaagacatg cgctataggt gaattgggtt agcttaattt acgtacactc tcagaaataa      1860
     atgtacgcga gctgtcactg gggtggtata ccttttcata aggtacaaat ttgtacctaa      1920
     aaggtccata atattacctc aagggtacat attaagacct taaaagtaca aaagtgttcc      1980
     tcgtaaattt ttgggtgcta atataaacat ttgcggtatc aatatgtacc ctttatgtac      2040
     agaaaatgta ccttctgaaa aggtaccacc ccagtgacag ctcgtgtacc tttatttctg      2100
     agagtgtaga gtatgtgtgt aaatcggtgt gaatggatgc ttcccagtga tgggttgcag      2160
     ctggaaaggc atccactgcg taaaacacat gctggaaaaa gttggcggtt cattccactg      2220
     tgtcaacccc agattaataa agggtctaag ccaaatataa aataaatgaa tgaatagtcc      2280
     attatttatt aaggaaatgc caactggccc agctgagact cgaaccagtg accttcttac      2340
     tgtgaggcga cagtgctaac cactgagcca ccatgcctcc cctcagtttg tttttttgca      2400
     tgtaaaattt ggtgtctacg ctaacccaca aaagctaaac aaagatggac atacatgctg      2460
     cgctttgctt ttcattatgc gaccagcttc aggatgctgt tgaaattctt gccgaaccac      2520
     aaaatgaaac ctatagtttg tagtcattga agtggcatag cagacatctc gcgtctctcg      2580
     gaagctccag gagtctcccg catattcata gtggctccct gatgcccgtg aatgagattg      2640
     tatgtctagc cagattcaaa ggcaaccatt catcttcgta ggacgtccac ttataacaga      2700
     atggcttgtc attgctgact ttgaattaaa gtaaaaacag ctgcaaatga attcattact      2760
     actatgtttt aaagctagtt ctatgtggcc ttgacctaaa agtaattccg atatagagta      2820
     tattcattca ttcgtttatt ttcatttcgg cttagtccct ttattaatca ggggtcgcca      2880
     caacgccaac ttatatagaa tatgttttac gcagtggacg ccctaccagc tgcaaccctg      2940
     ggaaacaccc atacacactc attcacaccc atacacgatg gactatttag atttcctaat      3000
     tctcttatac caagtctttg gactgtggag gaaaccgaag cacccagagg aaacccatgc      3060
     gaacacaggg agaacacgca aactccccaa agagatgcta actgacccag ccaaggcacg      3120
     aaccagcaac cttcttgttg tgaggcgaca gggctccata aagtatatat aaactaaaat      3180
     gatataatgt ttttttagga ataagcacag tttttttctg taaaattact cttgttttgg      3240
     tatttcattg ttacattcag agcttgttca tgctgaatat aactttgcta ataaaatata      3300
     tagttgaagt cagaattatt agccgcccta aattattgga ccgcttattt tatttttccc      3360
     aatttctgtt taagggagag cagatttttt taacacattt ctaaacataa taattttaat      3420
     aactcattac taatagctga tttattttat ctttaccatg atgactgtaa ataatatttt      3480
     actacacatt ttttaagaca cttctagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt aactaggtta      3540
     attaagttaa ctaggcaggt taggggaatt aggcaagtta ttgtataaca gtggtttgtt      3600
     ctgtagatga cagagaaaaa atatagctta aaggggctaa taattttgtc cctaaaatgg      3660
     tacataaaaa aatatgaaac tgctttattc tagcctaaat aaaacaaata agcctttctc      3720
     cagaagaaaa aaacatcaga catactgtga aaatgtcctt actctgttaa ttatcttttc      3780
     gaaaatattt aaacaacaaa aaaaaaatcg aagggggcta ataattctga cttcaactgt      3840
     atcattgcag tactgtcaaa caataggttc tattttaaca atctaggcgc aaagtcttaa      3900
     gcgcatggca caaaagcaat acgggcatgt ctgaatcaac ttttgcaatt ttaaggatga      3960
     aaaaatacgc tctgcgcacc ggcgcacggt ctaacagggt tgtgcttttt gtcttaatgg      4020
     cttatgggta tgttttgagc gtaacatgca ttaaataatc agcctctcat tccctttaat      4080
     agtcagttgc gtcacgccat ggcacatttg ctattgacat agcggacttt gtaagtggac      4140
     aaactgaaag cttcactagc aagaaaacag accatctgca gcacgaggat aaagaaagag      4200
     cctcctccat tcggcctctt tactttctct ttactttaac tctttaattt actcctttac      4260
     ttcagtgaat aaggaaacag cgttgcacgc tctccgctga agacatcact agcttacata      4320
     tttaatttag tttaagcgca aagatttgtt tctaaactat ttcttaattc agttctaatt      4380
     tcttgcaaat gaataaatga acaataataa cgaagtgtgg tcaaaagatt gagttatatc      4440
     agttatagac caccaaatcc atgagttcac aaagtgccgc aaatagattt gctttttaaa      4500
     caacgtggtg caaaagataa aaaattactg ttgtgctggt ctgaaaatag caacaaatca      4560
     cgccaaacat gtcttgcgcc ttattgcgcc cggtgtatga tagggcccgt agagtccaat      4620
     cctaaacaaa agcatagaaa ctgcaattct ggttaaaatg taaagctgaa aaaatgtata      4680
     tgcacagctg aagaaaaata aaaaatatgt agggtatgaa tcaatttaga atcgattgtg      4740
     actcccagaa tcggaatcag agcatgagtt tcccaaagat tcccacccta tagtaaataa      4800
     aaccaaagaa tagtgtcgaa taaactactt aaaatagaat agacggcaat ggaattcaag      4860
     ctactgtaac catctggtta aacaagataa tttgtttgta tgtcatatgg aacaggtggc      4920
     ttcttcctca ggccttggtg gtcttcaaac actaaccttg caaacaattt tggataccct      4980
     gaacaaatta gggaaaattt tttttggtcc aatccaatga tctaaaaata tccatgttcc      5040
     atatagttca taaaaaaggt tacatttttg gaatattatt ttataggaac caaaaaccaa      5100
     accaaatgtt agggtaattt tatgttttgc gtttgtccac tctgtccagc atgaagtatt      5160
     gctggttaac ttggctcgct ttatttaagg gctgtcacat cattcagatc tgcaggcctg      5220
     tggagagttc tggctgtcgt tctgtggcct tggcacttcc catctgcccc aaactgccct      5280
     tctttagaag ccccctgtga tcagactgtg tgccctcact acgaaccttc cctctccaga      5340
     catcaggcct ggcaccatct gcacagtgtc cgctctgtgc tattaaatgg gagatcaaat      5400
     ggaattaatg gacataaaca tgtggcttgt taaaccaaat atctttcagc caatcacatg      5460
     gcggcaactc aatgagatat agacatggtc cagatgattt gttgaagttc aaaccaagta      5520
     aattcgattt ttcttgttag taccagatga aaaagtatga gtttttcaaa aactgcaaaa      5580
     caaattaaat atttgtttga gtgacgtgtt gtgcaaccca ggctcattct gaaaatatat      5640
     ctctatagac atttctggag agtgccaaat acatctcagg aggtacatct tttgcaattt      5700
     ttgttttcgc gaatccatga gaggccgctg tatctttttg agatctcaaa tttctctcac      5760
     gagggccatt tgtgccagct gttctcgcat aaaaaaatac cagaggctgc tgtacactga      5820
     ctgaatgatc gattgactga cccaccctcc tctttcccta aacccaacca atagtgtttt      5880
     taaaagtatt gattgacccg cggccaccca cttccctaaa cccaaccaat attgttttca      5940
     taagcactga ttggcccatg cccacccact tccataagct caaccaatag tgttttcata      6000
     agcactgatt ggcccatgcc cacccacttc cataaaccca accaatagtg ttttcataag      6060
     cactgattgg cccatgccca cccacttcca taaactcaac caatagtgtt ttcataagta      6120
     ctgattgacc catgcccacc catttccata aacccaacca atagtgtttt cataagcact      6180
     gattggccca tgcccacccg tttccataaa cccaaccaat agtgttttca taagcactga      6240
     ttgacccatg cccacccact tccataaacc caaccaatag tgttttcata agcactgatt      6300
     gacccatgcc cacccgtttc cataaaccca accaacagtg ttttcataag cagtgattgg      6360
     cttgcgccca cccactttcc taaagccaac caatagtgtt ttcaaaagca ccaattgacc      6420
     cgcgctcatc ttactcattt tgctgcttgt gggtcaaatt caggtgctca agtgaccgag      6480
     atgtaaaaga tcgttcagac tcagataata aataaaactg aaataattaa tggtttcttg      6540
     tatggcccgg taccaattga tccatgaacc gatactgctc cgcggcctgg tggttctgta      6600
     gtgtttgcta ataatccatg cttgccgaca ccgtttttcc ccagaagttt tctgtatttc      6660
     acactcatgt cacgccaccc tcccgttttg ttttttctcc caggaaaact caatttacca      6720
     caatacagtc tgtaacatgc cctggttgcc aaccttggta tagtatccaa tcccagtggc      6780
     tgcccgaaac ccgctccaca gtacatttac taacactcag cagtgttatc cagacacccc      6840
     atctcccacc aactccaaat ggtggcaggt tgataaatgt tggcaggtat gtaataatca      6900
     tacgagagta gattgacaaa ttgaagaatg actctgtttt ccaatgtctg tgtttcaatc      6960
     tgccaatact gatatgggaa accagcatat ccaaatcaaa atggagactt caaagggtcg      7020
     aagtggccag aggacgccag gtataaccat aacagaactc atgtatttta aaacaaaatc      7080
     agaaggtgca agaattaaac tattcctctt gtaatctgtt cctataaagt caatgggatg      7140
     ccagaaggac tggacatttg atacgtggcc aggataaaaa gacagagatc ttacaattgc      7200
     tgttattatg ggtcttttgc atagccccat ttatctattg ttcacccgat gcttgagagc      7260
     cctcagattt cttacatttg ctaagacaga gaagctcagg tgatgggaaa gcaatgagct      7320
     gtggcttgta gacaaagaca ttaacattgg ctctgatgag agttttttgg tgtagtagtt      7380
     gatttaaggt gttttttatg ggggttatta aggggtctgg agtgaagctg ggtaggcggc      7440
     agtggtggag ggacagctgg gcagcaggag tgccaaacag agatcagaga gctcatctta      7500
     cagtcactga actggcaaaa cccaacacca tgctctttct ctagcacaca cttatgtgta      7560
     tatggtatat aaacatacaa aaccacacaa tgtcatgctt taaagccttt actaacagtt      7620
     tcactcacca acggactgca agctactgta atccagtgat ctctggtcca aaaagctagt      7680
     gtgtttggac actattagca gatttttttt tggagaatga cgttaaagat ggcatattta      7740
     gaatattgca gttaacagca agtttctgaa atcttaaatc actgtcattt ccatatactg      7800
     atctcttact attcaactat gcctatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7860
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacaatttt      7920
     acattctatg gcacctttac atctctctct gacagcatta tattcattca tgtaaaattc      7980
     ctcatttgga aatccgatat atgacataca atttcatatt tggatttcac atagataaaa      8040
     tgtcataaat gtcaaatggc agatatatat taaggatgcc ctgaatattc ggtcaccaaa      8100
     aattattatg ttacataatc tagtgtgtaa cttaagcaaa aactgatact aaaatagttt      8160
     taaatttggt tttgtagttt gggcacaaaa caaatttgtt gcagttttta gttgtttaag      8220
     ttcatttgat tgactatata aaaatttgtg gaaataatcg ccacagcgga atgaaccacc      8280
     aacttctcca gcatatgttt ttttgcatat gttttttggc tatatatata tatatatata      8340
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      8400
     tatgataata tatatatata tatttaaatg ttttatattg ttatttagtt actgtatatt      8460
     taaatgttta tttatatatt tgatatttat ttatatattt aatatttata tatttattta      8520
     catattattt tttatatatt ttttatttta tttctacatt ttttgtttaa tatttgtttt      8580
     atatattata tatttttttc ttcaaccatt ggaattacaa atatgttcaa atacattagc      8640
     tataatgtgt ttttagccat taataactta aaccagtcag tgtttgtttg atggtgtttc      8700
     tgcccaccag attggttttc actggactgg taaatcagtc tagttttaca aaccagcgga      8760
     ctgcaagata ctacaactaa catttgatac taacatttgt acatcttttt ttgttgaata      8820
     aatagcattt tatgtagtat ttaaatacta catagtatat aaatagtatt ttatggtttc      8880
     tagcatccaa attgacttcc actatagggt tttcctaatt tcacaccaac ttctccagta      8940
     tatgttttta tgcagtggat ggcttccagc cacaaccatc actcgaaaat atatttatat      9000
     atttaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      9060
     tatatatata tttatttaaa tgttttataa ttttatttag atactgtata tttagatatt      9120
     tatttatata ttttatattt atttatatat ttgatattta tatatttatt tacatattat      9180
     tttttctatt tttttatttt atttataatt ttttgtttaa tatttatttt atatattaaa      9240
     tattcttttc ttcaaccatt ggaattacaa atatgttcaa atacattagc tataatgtgt      9300
     ttttagccat taataactta aaccagtcag tgtttgtttg atggtgtttc tgcccaccag      9360
     attggttttc actggactgg taaatcagtc tagttttaca aaccagcgga ctgcaagata      9420
     ctacaaccca ggacgggtct ctgtttaaac ttttttgttg aatatccacc gtaaagcagc      9480
     tgaaagatgt ttgctggctt tcatgcctac aaaactaaat tccactggcc aggttgattt      9540
     agtttcagct actgtagggt cactgcttga acaataaact ctatttgtac atcttttttg      9600
     ttgaataaat agcattttag tatttaaata gtattttatg gtttctagcc accaaattga      9660
     ctatagggtt ttcctgattt cacacacacc aatggattgc aacctgctat aacccagggg      9720
     tttctggtta aaactaattc tgatgtcttt ggttaaacag atatactatt tggatcatgt      9780
     tagattgtct ttctctacac caaactgact tattgtgtca atttggtgta gtgtgtagct      9840
     ttttatgctc tgtttacact ggacatgtgt gtctattaag cgctagacac agtgtacatg      9900
     aatcatccag aaaatatgaa catgacacac cataagtagc gctcatggcc caagacacta      9960
     ttaaaacagt atgatcatta cagtaggtgg atcaccaaaa tgaactaccc cttaggctga     10020
     tttaagctgt tttctcagca gggagtttat ttgacattag taatgtggct ctacaaacaa     10080
     gtcagtcaaa gtccttttgc ttcatcttgt gttgaatgga gccgattgtg cgggtgtgta     10140
     aatatgtcac cgcaaattca taaacagctg agctgattat ggatgctgtg actgtttatt     10200
     ggtgtaaagc aacaacatgt atattaacag cgcattcata ttctattatg cattctgaag     10260
     cagtgacatc atcccattaa atgactttgt tttggccggt gctcagagtt gtgctagatt     10320
     attttgttgc catgtgagag ttagtacctt agtaactgtt gtcgtcagtg atggaatgga     10380
     ataaggtgac atcaacgagc gtcgtcgtga tgaggacgag agacaaagat tcttttgagt     10440
     cggggtgaac gaggcctgac ctcgacgccc tgcgtccagt gctcaaattc atgatgacac     10500
     tcactctaca ggccctttga gttaatgaga aaccagtact ttgagactga acgagataaa     10560
     tgaggagaga gagagacagg gaaaaggaca aagacagaaa gagagggaga cggggggaat     10620
     ggtctttgtt aatccctgca catctggctc ctattaggat gtgggggccg ctaaaataat     10680
     gtttttcacc ctgcaagcct ttctgtgcta taaattaccc accagccact gtgccttctc     10740
     ttactctccc tccagtccct ctctccctca ctctgtctat cgttttcctt tttaagacag     10800
     aaagctcctc ccactctccc tgtctcctac tttctttatg tcttcttctt ttctgctttc     10860
     catatttctt tccccttcac cttccgttcc atatgtctct aatcttctta tgctcatcat     10920
     tgattttcaa ccaacccaag ttcattgtga aaacgtagcc ctgcggacaa ttctagagac     10980
     cgcgatttac gtggccggag gtacatatgg cagcatttcg ttttttcaag cgaacgctac     11040
     ggagcggtgt gacgccgctc ctcttcgtgc tcgccagctg acggctcacc tcctccgtgt     11100
     ggagggcttt aacgccgcat gcagtttgtc tggttagcca gcctgatctc acgagaaaac     11160
     gtaagtattt tacgttttgc cagtttagtg gctaattcgt acgaattcgt acgagttctg     11220
     tcatacgaaa tggtacgatt ttaaaaagga ggcgtggcac ctgaccccac ccctaacccc     11280
     aaccgtcatt gggggataag caaatcgtac taaattgtac gaattagatc gtacgaattc     11340
     atacgaatta gccactaaat gaaaaagtta cgaattgccg tgagattgtg ttgggttagc     11400
     tcaccatgct aaggagcgga ggcctggagg aggagccggc cgcggcgaag actgggttca     11460
     agtgcgggga agagcgtttt cagaaatcag ataagatgaa aaacagaatg caaaaaataa     11520
     tgcgaacgag ttcgtaacgg ggcaagaatg ctgtgaaatc cgaaaacgcg gtcaaaatca     11580
     gacgagggct tttctttttc tggacggctt ttgtaaatca ttgcttgggt ttagaaaaga     11640
     aggaggaaga gggtggctgg gtcggccgat tggccgtccg tcctgtcaat cggtcagtca     11700
     ttcagtcagt cagtcggaca tagagtcgct cgacagcagc cttcggcggc tttttacccg     11760
     tgaacagctt agtcccttta ttaatcaggg gtcaccacag tggaatgaac cgcacataac     11820
     atatatcaag cacataataa tattgaccct aaaaatgatt ttaaaagttt ttattctagc     11880
     cgaaataaaa caaataagac tttctctaga agaaaaaaaa ttataggaaa cactgtgaaa     11940
     aattccttcc tctgttaaac atcatttagg acatttttat caaaatattt acaggtgggc     12000
     taatcatttt gacttcaact ctaggctata cgaaaggctg agagaatgag caatatagat     12060
     gagccgagaa agatggaagg agaaagagtc gtctgtgatc tgtcattttt cggacaaggc     12120
     ctggcgggag ggccagcgtg gggcgtccag agcgggggcg tgaggttaaa gggtggaggg     12180
     tcagtgcctc ttcaccagaa actccaatta gctaaattga atctgacaag gagcagcaga     12240
     tgaaagaggc aaaatattgg ctaatgagca gagctgagcg ctaatgacga gtatgctagt     12300
     tcagatcacg ccctattagg cacctgctta cccagactgc accgggccac agctggacct     12360
     gacagaaggg tgaatgtgcg gttcagtgat gggtgttttt cctgtatttt gtgattcatg     12420
     tttttatttt cctcatttat taatgcctag aattggaata tgagaatttg agctttcttc     12480
     caaaccttga aaagttcgaa aaagggactt tattaagatt tttaatagtt taaagtatta     12540
     tatagtctgg gttggggttg tatattatgc tacaaacaca ttgtaattaa ctggcagtac     12600
     atttcctgtt attttacaga cttatttctc tatatattat ttataataca ttacattatt     12660
     tcaaattact acaatatcaa ataaagtcac gttattaaac tgtagagttc aaattttcat     12720
     atcaaaagac tacagagcat aatgcaattt aaaactgtaa ataaacgaac aacactagtg     12780
     aattacacaa tacagaagct gttaattatg aacattagtt cagattgcac cccattaggg     12840
     ggttgttgct ggatgagata cggttgtggg gaaagctcaa cccttgtgca ctgttcaaat     12900
     gtactaccct tttgttatgt tcaaaatgca aacatccact gaattaaact gatttaaaaa     12960
     tgcattagat aaatattttt tttacatttt tttttttttt tttgcaaaaa tctgttaatc     13020
     aaactcagtt ctgatcaaag gagcacgttg gttgtgcgcc tgcttacaca ctgctcaata     13080
     cacacaggtt gtacagcaat taacaaatat ctttacaaat gaaaacaatt aaaagattaa     13140
     aatgttacaa aaattattat tttctacata aacataaaag ccactgactg catgccttct     13200
     tcacctcagg atgctttttt cagatttttc atgacaagtt acttttgtat aatgttatta     13260
     ttattattat tagtagtagt agtagtagta gtagtagtat ttattacata catatttatg     13320
     tttgatttat taaaagctta gatttgtcca cctgttaggg tttggcccat gtagagcaca     13380
     gcacatgtgt ttagatataa cagttttttt gaccacattt cattattatt gtttatttac     13440
     tcatttgctg gaaattagaa ctgaatttag aaatagtttt ggaacaaatc tttgcgctta     13500
     aactaaatta aatatgtagg ctgatgtatg tcttcagtgg aacaatgttt cattactcca     13560
     tgatagagag aaaaaaaatg aaagtaaaga ggctaaatgt aggagactca ttaagagaat     13620
     tagcacaata agtcactgcg gcgcagagcg tatttttgca taaatagcaa aagtggattt     13680
     ggacatgccc ttaatgcttt tgcgccctgc cctttagact ttgcgcctag atcattaaaa     13740
     gggagcccac agtctttgtt tttgtttact ccatgtagtt ctgagagctg agatgcatgt     13800
     tttgattttc tcagacacaa caaggtaagt gcataaaggt cactctcaca cactcacata     13860
     cacacgcttt aacttgctgt tatattccat ataaaatcca gaaactcaca atttttttgc     13920
     acaggcctat ctaaagggtc agtggtgcca actgatgatc aacagtaaaa attacaaatt     13980
     tgacgtcttc cctacaggga aaaccactaa tatcacaaat gcctgattca atggtgtcat     14040
     ggttttgtaa tcaaaatatg tggttataaa ggaagtcaat gtggcaaaaa cagccaccaa     14100
     cagtaaatta gggagaaaaa aagcgaaaat taatcaaaaa caatatatca aaggcaatgt     14160
     tgtttcacaa tgtccaagac tttgataaaa ggttaaaaca actccagtcc tcaattactt     14220
     tttatattga aaatacacca gtttgtgtgt ttttcaccat atcagtgaca acatttatga     14280
     atattgcagt taaggagtta aaatcctgta catatctatg caatttagta gttttgatca     14340
     attaacagat ttatgcaaaa aaaaaattga aagaaatgtt tatctaatgc atttttacag     14400
     cagtttaatt cagtggatgt ttcaatcccg aacataacaa aaggttagta catttgccca     14460
     gagtgtattg ttgagtttta aaaaaaatca aagcattttc tctaaaatat ctgtctgaat     14520
     aagatttgtt actaaaaatc attctgctag ctaaaacgca gaaagtgttg gtgccaaatt     14580
     aagacacaaa atcaccccag agtggatgaa aacatccccc acagcacata agggttaatg     14640
     agaattatga atattattta ttaaattacc tatcaaattg tattttatta acatctaccc     14700
     ctaccccaac cctaaaccca atcatgacag taataataat aatcattgtg cagtgtccca     14760
     aaagttttgc tacagtatat gttgtgcgca tctgcagctg tatcctatct agactttacc     14820
     ccattaggca cctgtttact gggcctgaca gaagggtgaa tgcgcagttc gatgatggcc     14880
     gcttttccac cgccatcaag caatctgctg cgagagacgc atttatccag gttccacact     14940
     gacaggctaa tcagagagat caaatcagca gcagcgtgat gaacatacag ctcaaggcaa     15000
     ccgcctcggg gagcaactat tatagccatt agcggagctt tacctcacta gctaaatcta     15060
     ggatcgctac atagcacgct aaccttcaga ctagcatcaa gcataagcgt gattggtatc     15120
     gacgtaagag atgtgatgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgcagttttc tctgctgctc gtatgaatga     15180
     ggctgttgta aaatgtcaga gctgcacatt acctcatgcg tttcaaaaac agccccttta     15240
     atgatgttat gatgaagttc gacaactaat tcaagtgcgt ttgtgagcta atctctttat     15300
     gattatggct tttggcagaa gagtcatgtc tttttaagat gagggggcac gtgccagatc     15360
     tgagtcatta actttacaaa cttaacaaac atgagtgtct ctgacaatta aaccaagtta     15420
     ttgttaattc acattaaata agataatttc acttggaaaa aaaagacttt tgctgcttgt     15480
     tcaaagaact tctttaaaat aagctgaatc aacacaatta ttaagatttt ttttggcaca     15540
     acttatttgc tttatgtttt ttccacttta ctttgtaatt taattggttt gtgttgggac     15600
     aacaagaaat tgtgtggaaa aagtatcaat tctgtgattt aaaatgggca aaatcaatgt     15660
     gattcatgat tagaattatg ccttaatcct gtaagattct tgtgttttgt gtttgaataa     15720
     ggaagtttca atgcaattaa tgttgtcaac atactggaat tcgataccaa tcgatactga     15780
     atttgtaaaa atgttaattt cccactaaca tttaagaact gttgaacgcg ttcctaaaca     15840
     gcgctgattt accattgggt tcgcatgctc aacagaaatg accatgattg gtcgtgaagg     15900
     tcatcagttc gccgaactta ccgctgttta ctgagtgtaa ccacagatac agggactccg     15960
     gagtgtttta aagctgctta tagacaaact agcccatcca agtgactttg aaacgctcca     16020
     gtgtccctgt atctgtggtc acactcagta aactgcagtg agtttggtga actgatgatc     16080
     ttcacggcca attgaaaaat attacaagga agttccatcc cctctctcat attttaaaaa     16140
     ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttggaaggac atccactgtg taaaacaaat     16200
     gccagaatag ttagtggttc attctgctgt ggcgacccct gataaataag ggactaaacc     16260
     gaaagaaaag aaaattttgt atagtttatt aaatagaatt attacaagga agttccaacc     16320
     cttctctcat attttcaaga acgataaaaa aaaaatcaaa taaaaagtac aaaaaaaaac     16380
     ataaaaaaat ataaaataaa tttggatggg catcggctgt gtaaaacata tgccagaata     16440
     gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggtgacccc tgataaataa gggactaagc caaaggaaaa     16500
     ttaatgaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aataaaataa aataaaataa aattaaatta     16560
     aattaaatta aattaaatta aatagaaagg gaattctgct ttaaacatat gcctgaatat     16620
     ttggcagttc attccgcaat gtcgatttct gataaacaag ggattaagcc aaaggaaaat     16680
     gaattaataa aataaaataa gttccaaagt gtatccgctg cataaaacat atgccgaaat     16740
     ggttggcggt tcattctgct gtggcgactg ctgataaata agacaaagtc aaagaaaaat     16800
     taataaatat tataaaataa aataaaataa ataaaataaa attgaaaagg cattcgctgc     16860
     ataaaacata tgctggaata gttggtggtt cattcccctg tggcgacacc tgataaaagg     16920
     actaagccga aggaaaataa atgaatatat ttttttaaat aaatagaaag ggaatcctgc     16980
     gtaaaacata tgccggacta attggtgatt cattccactg taaagatccc tgattaataa     17040
     gggactaagc caaaggaaaa ttaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat tgaaagggca     17100
     tccactgcat aaaatcatgt gccggaaaag ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggcgacacct     17160
     tataaaggga ctaagggact aagtcgaagg aaaattaata aaacaatata ctgtatttta     17220
     tttaaataga atctttacaa ggaaactcct ctgtcatatt ttcaacaata gggtattatg     17280
     acaaatattg aaaataaaaa taaacagaaa gaaaattggt tataaacatc aaaacacgac     17340
     tcccgtctga agcagtgaat ctcctaacat gacacagtgg tgtgtgttta tagaagcccg     17400
     aagcccacaa cccatcgcag gcgtcctgtg agctcctggg aacggtgcca tgctctccgc     17460
     ctcaaatctc cacaccagct cataattacc ttgaggattt ctctttttct gtccaacttc     17520
     ttgctctttg cctggttgcc agctcctcag atgtcgctgc agaagcatgt cattagctca     17580
     gtagtgtgtg gacgggcctg aggagagagt gtctacggcc tgttgtctgt ctgccgcatg     17640
     cttctggaga tgcttcttcc tattttctgt ttttatttgt gtgtggagaa atttatgtct     17700
     tctgttcatt catttacttt tcttcacctt tatcagcggt cgccacagtg gaatgaaccg     17760
     gcaattattc ctgcatatgt tttttgcagt agatgcactt aatatttatt ttattttatt     17820
     cattttcctt caacttagtc ccttatttat caggggtcgc cacaattgaa tgaaccggca     17880
     actattcctg catttgtttt atgccgtgag tgcctttcct attgtttttt taatttgttt     17940
     cattttattt tattcattca ttttccttcg gcttagtccc ttattatcag gggtcgccac     18000
     agtgtaatga accaccaact attccagcat ttgttttgtg cagtgaatgc ctttcctata     18060
     ttattgtgct ttattttatt ttataatatt cattaatttt tcttcagctt agtcccttat     18120
     ttattagggg ttgccacagc agaatgaacc gccaactttt tcagcatatg ttttacgcag     18180
     ccgatgccct tcacatttaa ttttatttta tttataaatt ttccttcggc ttaatcccta     18240
     atttatcaag ggtcgccaca atggaatgaa ccaccaacta ttccagcatt tgtccaatcc     18300
     ttttcctatt ttatctttta ctttaattta cattacttta ttttacttta ttttattcag     18360
     tcatttttct tcagctttgt ccctttatca ggagtcgcca cagcagaatg aaccgccagc     18420
     tattctggca tatgttttac acagcagata ccgtttgtat ttttcttaaa attttatttc     18480
     atttcatttc attttatttt aattattaag taccttattt atcagggatc gccactgcag     18540
     aatgaaccgc caactatccc ggtatatgtt tcacgcagcg gatgccctta gtatttttta     18600
     tttttattta ttttatttat taattttcct tttggcttaa ttccttattt atcaggggtt     18660
     gttacagcgg aatgaaccgc caactattcc agtatatgta ttatgcagtg aatgcctttc     18720
     ctttattatt ttactttatt ttatttgata ttatttatta tctttccttc tgcttaatcc     18780
     ttaatttata aggggtcatg acagcagaat gaaccgccaa ctattccggc acgttttacg     18840
     cagcggatgc cctttgtatt ttattttatt ttatttatta attttccttt ggcttaattc     18900
     cttatttatc aggggttgcc acagtggaat gaaccaccaa ctattctggc atatgtttta     18960
     tgcagtaaat gcttatccta cttcatttca atttattcac taattttcct ttagcttagt     19020
     accttattta tcaggggtcg tcaccgcaga atgaaccact aactattcca gcacaggttt     19080
     tatgcagcag atgcactttg tatatatttt attttatttt aatttccttt ggcttggtcc     19140
     cattatttat caggggtcgc cacagcagaa tggactggca actattccgt caaatgtttt     19200
     acgcagcgga tgcccttcca gcagcaaccc agtactggga aacacccata cactctcaca     19260
     ttctcgcaca catacacaca cacacacaca caaacacaca cacacacaca cactattgtg     19320
     tatttggcta catcgtagtt gtttaaatgc ctaaaagact ttactgattg tttagtcatc     19380
     ggaagttact tccataattc ccgcaaagca tcatgggatg ttgaaaaaag gcagatgagg     19440
     acacatgcca gagtcattca gcttttttgc atggtcagat tatagaatct ctcattgtct     19500
     tcatgtttct ctcacatttg ggctgaaacg taactctctt tcatgtctgt cctgtgtctg     19560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtcctctcc cggcctttat ctattaacta tggagctatc aagttcagct     19620
     ttccgcccaa gggagggctg ttgtggttaa tctcagtggt cgtcactcgt gggctcaggt     19680
     tgagatgatg agaccatggc attgtgctga tgatgatgta tggagcggta atccagtgtt     19740
     gaggaagcta ctttgaaacc gtagcttgcc agtttatccg tcatttaaag ctgcgtaatt     19800
     taaaccttta aagttcaaat gaaattaaaa ctagccatat tgagtttgtt agctcacatt     19860
     gctagttttg tggtgaacaa tttatctgtg catttcatta agaaagacaa aattactttg     19920
     ctctgtttgt tttaagttaa actctcagat taggtttgtc taagacgaac taccaaccta     19980
     cgtcacacat gatgtcacac gggttcccag ttgcaaaaag agaccgctga aaatggtaaa     20040
     catgtcatgt tgtgtggtag gataccaaat tcgaggccaa aaatagaaaa cttaacattt     20100
     accgtacacc acactgattt tacagcctac cgcagacatc tttggctaaa aaggagctga     20160
     ttgaaatgat gacttaatta aaaatgctgc agttctcatg ttaaatcagg taagttcacg     20220
     ctatgctgaa tcatacacat tactcgtgtt agattgcagc aatgatttca gcaaaaacag     20280
     ttaaatatgg tgaattaaac tgcgcacact gcatgctaag aatgaaacgt gaaagtgtag     20340
     gttattaagg taaacttggt tttatattca caaattcatt cagtgacaac ttgtgacaca     20400
     ctccctatgt tgtttaccac ggcactttga atattcggtc tgaaataacc tgcgagcagt     20460
     gttgggcaag ctacttgaaa atgtagtgag ctaagctatt agctactcta cttaaaatgt     20520
     agcttaacta cactaaaagc taccccctgg gaaatgtagc gagctaagct aaaagctaca     20580
     tggcaaaagt agcttagcta catctatttg tacaatttta atttttaaat cgaagtaact     20640
     gaaatccaag tcaatcatat cttagtgatt gataaaactg tcaatgaaac atagagtcag     20700
     aatagttcag ttcagttatt tacagtaaat aatatgctgg accaaacaga aacacactat     20760
     agtatataac agctaaaact taaaatccag taaaaccagg tgtcacattt aaaatactat     20820
     agtcatttat agtaaaggga aatatggatt aagcattata gtgtatatat atatatatat     20880
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacag     20940
     tagtgtatat atatatatac agtaaagtaa ttgtattttt tgagcacagc atcagaaatc     21000
     acgttattgc attgtaatgt acttctcgag gtatggtcat gaggaatcct gcttcataaa     21060
     taactcctct ccctcagtca tctttccatc aagcaagttt caccagcggt ggcagtaacg     21120
     caccaaaaac tttgttgttg aacgctgtaa aacagggaga agaagaaatc ctccttgtcg     21180
     ccatcgtatg gatttactgt catcagctag acaccggcct cacagctccg tatatgtcag     21240
     tgccgtcact tattgatccg cgatcactaa atgtagcttg tgtggatgct actgcgctac     21300
     ttgcctaata aaatagcttc gctactgaaa agctatttga tttagaaagt agcgatgcta     21360
     ccaccacgct actgaaaaat gtagttaagt tagtagcgtc actacttgta gtgaaaacaa     21420
     cattcccact gtttatttga ttgtgaacaa ggttgtactt tgatagtcat tggctgctaa     21480
     tatgatttcg ctatttagag tttacaaata atacttttat gaaattatat gattaaggaa     21540
     aaagtctgaa tgtgcgaata taaagtcaac tttacctctc tgtgtaagtt cacataacct     21600
     gcagtacagg tgcagttcgc tgtcagaatg cagaagtttt gcttgttgat gattacccag     21660
     gccttgtata acgttagctc tgtctttttt ccttgtcttt ggctaggcag aacctcggtt     21720
     tttagcacta caaagttttg aatctggtaa tcatggaaaa tgatttcttg cacacgacta     21780
     cacagaacaa cattgtaggc atcgaaagac ttgtaggcct ctaacttctc tcttaaaatc     21840
     acttgaagct tcaatgagat tgtttatttg gggctggatg cttggccatt ttgtcttatc     21900
     taatattcat tgggggttgc tatcgcaaat ggacctgtca gatgaacgtc gctcacttta     21960
     acgttaattt tgctgaatta ctgtgcttat cactgggtga caagctgtta taatatggtg     22020
     aaagcattat gtttatataa tacatatagt atgttatcaa tataacttat ttctaacaac     22080
     aaactctgta ccgcagcgga tgtcattcac tctctgtaaa tgctacccct tccgtttttt     22140
     ctgccacctt gctgcacgca tccctaatgt ttacaaacat ggtaatttgt ctattgggtg     22200
     tggctaacat acttaaccac acccctccaa ctgtaactaa ccgcaccaag agggaaaacc     22260
     aactctagtg caattcaaac taactaaata aggcccttag ttgtttttac aaatttaagt     22320
     tgtcctaaaa aacaaaaaaa atgtgtttat tcagctaatt ttaaataagt agtttgaaca     22380
     agcagcaaaa atatttttgt agtgtaaata ttaagacttc cacatatttt tttcaagttc     22440
     tatgactgac agaagcacag aatctctgcc tgtttgtccg tacagcattc ctccagaagc     22500
     gcaatatcaa aggctcgtgg agagtcttgg atgagtgaaa cagacaagct ttcatatatg     22560
     ccatctgact ggggactcta agtccgtcat ttttctgtca tgatccgtgg gattatggag     22620
     cgagggggag gtgggcttct ccatgcgggg gtctaagata tcaaagccgg aagggtgtat     22680
     ggagaagagg ggagcagggg gagacggagg cctttgttcc agctccaccc caggattcca     22740
     tgaaaagatc accaagcagc ctgattcgtc acggcctcgg gctctgcact ctgattggct     22800
     gatccgagcg ggcagatgtt ccggctgcag cagggggttc ggaggattcc aactctacac     22860
     tctcacccca caggcagcca catacacaca cacgcacaca cacacacaca cgatggacaa     22920
     ctactgcata ttctctcaca cactttaaaa atgacttttg ctgcttgttt aaactactta     22980
     tttaaaatga gttgaaactt ttttaggaca atttaatgat tttatgtttc attcacttaa     23040
     ataaaaaaaa aagtaactga tttgtgttca gacatcatga aggaattgtg tagaacccaa     23100
     cattttttac agtgcacaca cacacacaca cacacactga aaaaaatgct gggttcgaca     23160
     caattctgtt actgtaaaac agtgaaaatc actaaatgaa ataagtttgt ttaacttata     23220
     atttttatta aaaggttact ttgactccat gaaaaataaa ttattgtaac tcatgaacgg     23280
     atcgtattaa gcagaactca aatcgaacga gtaatgaatg aaataattat atgtttgtgt     23340
     taactctaat gctaaaagca atactaaagc gtttgagttg ctaaatagtt gtttggattt     23400
     aattcgttgc atacataaaa aaattaggtt gccccccaaa aacaaacaaa ctcatccatt     23460
     cattatcctt tggcttagtc tctttattta tcaggggtca ccacagcgga atgaaccacc     23520
     aactattcca gcatatgttt taagcagtgc atgtccctcc agccacaagc ttttaatggg     23580
     aaacaacctc acactctgac atttacatac ttatacacta caaccttttt tgttaccccc     23640
     atttcaccct ggtcaatttt aggattttaa ttttaggggg gctcagctct ttataaggta     23700
     aaaaataaat aaataaaaaa tacatacata tatatataaa gcctaaaatt tcatttataa     23760
     gtagtaattt aatagtgata tggtatataa taatggtatt ataatagttt aatatggtag     23820
     ggttgtatac ttgtatttca ctgtattaca tagacaggca cagccatttg agttctgact     23880
     aagccaaata tgctcttccc acctgtttac tgtagtaaaa accactttct atattcaagt     23940
     tccttttttt gtttccatgt attaaataaa taaacttcca cttttctaat taaatgacat     24000
     aaaaataaat atatattttt aagcttacag gctaattcca acccgggctc attgtggaaa     24060
     cgtagccccg cggacgtttc tgcggaccgc aatttacgtc ccgggaggta cgtattcgag     24120
     cggttttttg ttttcgcgga tccgcgagag gccgctgtgc gcgcttttcc gtgtctcggg     24180
     cacctctcgg gagccgttct cgtgcgaaaa gccgccggat caaaaagccc ttgatttcga     24240
     ccacgttttc gaatcccgcc acgttctcgc ccttattttt cggattccgt ttttcgtctt     24300
     acctgatttc cggaacctgc tgttccccgg actcgatcac ggtcatcgtc caccgcggcc     24360
     ggctccggct cctcctccgg ggcctccgct ccgccgacgc aacgctgtaa gctaagcgaa     24420
     caaactgatt gcatcgggaa agccctccac tcggaggcga gccgttggcc ggcgagcgcg     24480
     aagaggaggg acggagcggc gctacgtcgc ccgcagcgtt cgctcgaaaa aaaacaaacg     24540
     cggccttcac gtacctccgg ccatgtaaat cgcggtctcc agaaacgtcc gcggggctac     24600
     gtttccagaa tgagcttggg ttggctaatt cacatatttc acgatctgaa agataataat     24660
     aaataagaag tattttttta attttagaca acacttgatg tttctgtctt tgtcagtgac     24720
     tcagtgacag tgaaattgag tggttctgtc actgtttaat cctttctgtg caagactgta     24780
     tggtatagtt aatgtcacac taagtgttta atattggtag ttcattttaa aataaaatag     24840
     tgaaatgttc gttaagagtt acatttctcg ctggaggaaa tagctgtgct gatgaggtga     24900
     atgccaagaa aaccagaccg atccttcatg acattgggat acaggtgata taagtttatc     24960
     tatatcaaag aactgaaaat tagcagatat tataacaatt tatcaataaa cacacacctc     25020
     gttctctcgc tgtccacagc tgtggtttgc tgatcaaatg aaaaacaaga aacggagagg     25080
     agccgaattc tgctgctgtt ttcttatcaa atttaaaggg gaatgaggcg ataatgtagt     25140
     gtacagttta tgagctgatc gcaaaagttt ttcaagagtt caaacttagc tgataatcaa     25200
     agagcgtaat tggcatgctg tcccgggaca gagccctgag ttcataatat cgtcgagccc     25260
     ggggctccct cgcgttagaa gggcaagagg ggacttcgag ctcaggtagg taataataat     25320
     aatttataat tccttacact ttctgggcac tcaaagtgct ttacacatag gggggaatct     25380
     cctcatctac caccagtgtg cagcatccac ctggatgacg cgatggcagc cattttgcac     25440
     cagaccgcac accacacacc agctgattgg tggagaggag acagagtgat taagccaatt     25500
     atgatatggg gatggttacg atgccatgat gtacagaggc cagtaggcag atttggccac     25560
     ggtgccgggg ttaaacccct actctttttc gaaggacatc ctgggatttt taatgaccac     25620
     agagagtccg gacctcggtt taacatctta accaaaagac ggcgctcact gagcagttta     25680
     gagtccctgt cactatactg gggcattagg acccacacag accgcaggtt gggcaccccc     25740
     tgctggcctc actaacacca cctccggcag caacccagct ttcccatgtg gtcttccatc     25800
     caggtactga ccgggcgcag ccctgcttag cttcagtggg cgaccactcg agaactcccc     25860
     tgcttgtcgc catgtgagaa gtgtaaataa aggttctctt gagtgataat ttggtttagt     25920
     cgattgactg tggtgtatgt ttttagacag tgggaggaac tcggcggaaa cccacaagaa     25980
     cacggggaga acatagaaaa ctccgcacag aaacgacagg gggaacttca aaacgaacat     26040
     aactggagta aaaaactttg gttatttaac aattacaatt attacaattt attatataat     26100
     tgttatttat aatccataat catctgatag agcagattac agaactaatg aggtgccagc     26160
     cgtgttgatc ataagcacgt gatcctctcg aaattagtat ataaataaac cacactaggg     26220
     gggctgagta gaaatactca ggcctagcaa ctctcatgct ttggactggt gggtggggga     26280
     aacctgagaa cagggaggaa acccacacaa acacggggag aacatgcaaa ctgctaagtt     26340
     aaattttcaa actaaataaa atataaccca actttactcc atatttgtca acattttgtc     26400
     tagaaataac tcattttacg ctgcacagtt taagatttca gtcagatgag aacatgtcac     26460
     ttcttcatga agtcctagag aagtctaata gctcacagga cagctaatta tgcaactctg     26520
     acaaacaaaa tgaagcatca gatgaaaaac aaaagcagat ttgtctaccc tacatgtccc     26580
     gtgttcacag tgtctgtgtt gtgttgtttg taaatcagat tgtttacgta ggctattatt     26640
     aagtgcactt tcctgtgttc caaaaagcac actcgcatga gacaggaaca ttaagcagat     26700
     gtccgcggac agacacacag agcaatttgc cgggacaaaa tcacagaaga gagatacaga     26760
     gtcattgaag ccagggaaat ctgcgtaatt gtggtaggcc tgattaaagc ctggggtcta     26820
     atggggaaca tggggagctc tggcagggta agtggagata ccttatctca gcagatcgca     26880
     gccggtcact attttaaaga attcccacaa tgcaactctt ctttcggcta tgtaaaaaac     26940
     actggagtta tcacacacat gcacatgcca ctgaagtcat acactgctgg catctgtatt     27000
     actatcccac ccacccaacc aaccacactt aacttaatgt tagcggcgca cccgctacgc     27060
     atgcaatgac tccaaaaagt acactgaata gaaccatttg cagtgccaac ggggctttat     27120
     aaatgagcgt tcttgtaaga attatggatc attttatagc atttgtgttg ttttcttatt     27180
     gagaaacaaa acagatgtag gatgcactca tggtggcaag tcaattcata atcagaagca     27240
     ggctgcctag ttatgtgaaa tatacagttg aagtctaaat gagtagccct cctgtgaatt     27300
     ttctttttca aatatttccc taatgatgtt taacagagca agggattttt caaagtatat     27360
     cctataatgt tttttttctt ctggggaaag tcttatttgt tttatttcag ctagaataaa     27420
     agcattaaaa ataaaacaat ttaaggtcaa tattattagc ccccttaagc aatatttttt     27480
     cagattgtct acagcagtgg ttctcaaact gtggtacgtg taccactagt ggtacgcgag     27540
     cttccttcta gtggtacgtg aaggaattaa atatgtcgta tgctacatac atttaaaaaa     27600
     ttatcaaaaa tgatttatac atcaatgtga tgacatatag tttatgaggt ccaggcaaca     27660
     tccccaggtt ttaatgaatt ggctactata tgttaatact ttacatttaa gtacaacaga     27720
     tttttttttt tactttttaa gaacagtaat ctaccatttt ttacttttaa aagcacattt     27780
     taattttaaa tattaacgtt tttagtttgt ttgttttacc tataagcaca gtacagtgtt     27840
     aatgtttaga ctatttataa tgtttaaagt ggctgacaat aataaatatt cttaatatta     27900
     gaaattaatt tgccacgttt ttgaactgtg cagagttgta gctgctttac cgggcctact     27960
     acgctactgt atttcaatac tgctcattat ggtggtactt ggagagacaa tttttttctg     28020
     aggtggtact tgatgaaaaa ggtttgagaa ccactggtct acagaataaa ttattatgtt     28080
     tgaaaatgtg ttgaaaaaat catcatcgtc acccatcgtt aaacagaaac tggggaaaaa     28140
     tatacagaaa gggctaataa ttcagaaggg ctaataattc tgatttcaac tgtatatatg     28200
     gcagaatatt gatggaatat acactcaccg gccacctttt taggtacact tgtctaactg     28260
     cttgttaaca cagatttctt atcagccaat cacatggcag caactcaatg catttaggca     28320
     tgtagacgtg gccaagaaaa tctgctgctg tttaaattga gcatcagaat gggaaagaaa     28380
     tgggatttaa gtgactttaa acgtggcatg gttgttggtg caagatgggc tggtctgggt     28440
     atttcagaaa ctgctgatct actgggattt tcacgctcaa ccaactctag ggtttacaga     28500
     gaatggtctg aacatgagaa aatatccagc gagcggcagc tctttgggcg caaatgtctt     28560
     gttgatgcca gaggtcagag gagaatggcc agactggttc cagctgatgg aaagacaaca     28620
     gtaactcaaa taaccattca atacaaccga ggtaagcaga agaggatctc tgaacgcaca     28680
     acatgtcaac ccttgaggcg gatgggctac agcagcagaa gaccagctcc tcctgtctgc     28740
     taagaacagg aaactgtgga tacaattcac acagtctcat caaaattgga caatagagtg     28800
     gaaaaacgtt gcctggtcta atgagtctcg atttctgctt agacattcag aatttggcat     28860
     caacaatatg aaagcataga tctatcctgc cttgtatcaa cagttcaggc tggtggtggt     28920
     ggtggtgtaa tgctgttggg gttattttct tggcacattt tgggcccatt agtatcattt     28980
     gagcatcatg tcaacaccac agcctacctg agtaatgttg ctgaacatgt ccatcccttc     29040
     atgaccacag tgtacccatc ttctgatgga cactttcagc aggataatgc gccatgtcat     29100
     aaagcacgaa tcgacttaga ctgatttctt taacttgaca atgtgttcac tgtactcaaa     29160
     tggcctccac agtcacaaga tctcaaccca gtagagcacc tttggcatgt agtggaacgg     29220
     gggattcgca tcatgcatgc gcagccgaca aatctgcagc gactgcggga tactatcatg     29280
     tcaatataaa ataacttgaa gtgtttaaaa ttagattcac attgatactc ttatatgatg     29340
     tttttacaaa tcagtttctt ttaagtcctt tttttccatg ttgtgatggt taaaaacagg     29400
     ccgttcctgt tgtcagccgc aggtcagagg tcagtaattg cagggagcag agaagacttg     29460
     tctcaaccat tcacaatcaa ccagcaacac acaaacacag tctttcagag caggaacggc     29520
     atggcgtgac taactttgcc gataaaaaga gagcaaaaga agaaagatgt tctggatgtg     29580
     gttatcgggc atcaggtttg agagataaca agccccagag agcccgtcca cctcctaatg     29640
     gcacatgacc agagctccac ccagggtcgc cagcaattga agtccgagcc aggaaggcac     29700
     atctggccct tattttattg gtgttcaatt ttgcgtcggt atgtggagag ggcaacaaac     29760
     aaagctccag tcccaccctg ttcccatatt cctgcctgcc tgccgccacc agccccctac     29820
     tttccccccc tgggcctaag attcatttta acacacatag gctcggcgca cattagcctg     29880
     tataggtaca gatcttatat tgaagtggaa ttccggagta gcccccacag ggtagatgac     29940
     agggtttatt taaaagaaaa aaggcaagga ggagacttca agtctgaaga ggatattaaa     30000
     aaaatacaca ggaggaaaaa agcacccctc cggcaggaac aattttgtac ctttccagcg     30060
     agacgcagta tgtgcttgac tgtgcaaaga cctgcaaaaa gagctacaat gcaaactatt     30120
     attgtcacct gccaaattta agcaaaaaaa aactgaaact aaactagagt gaaagtgaga     30180
     gggagtgtgt gtgaaacgtg aatgcaaaaa aacacctaat gaaaaccaaa tgccagcctg     30240
     tcacctatat atcacccatc tattccgcta caggatgcca tgaacgtgaa taacagcctt     30300
     cccttcttat ccaatctcca ctcaactccc tctcactttc cttctttttc ctccagtctt     30360
     cctttcccgt actttgatta catttttatg aagtaaaaac atcccctgct agcgagagtc     30420
     ttgaaattgt actgcacgtt tcggttacct tccatttcta atggcacttc agtgaatact     30480
     ggatggcagt cagttttgga tgtgtgttaa catgttgctg actcctcctg tagaggctgt     30540
     acgcccttca tagtaactac tgtgtgattc aacattcaat tcttctttat ttccatagcg     30600
     cttttacgat gaagattgtg tcaaaacagc ataacataga agattatagt gagttggaac     30660
     tgtgtcagta cagttttcag aggtgttcta ttcaattcag aggtgttcta agttcaattt     30720
     agttccgttc agtgtaaatt tcactgctga aagtctaaac accagtgatg ggtcgttcat     30780
     gaacgattcg ttctttttga acaaatcttc aatatgattt gggaactacg agtcctctca     30840
     gggagtgatt cgttcatccg cacatttgtg caggtagtat cgttaatttc aagtcttcat     30900
     cacattggca gaagccaata atatgcgttt agagctggaa aaagaattga tccgctcacc     30960
     tctcgagtcc tctatcgggt ctgagtcact cgttcatcac gggccaatca tacgcgttta     31020
     aagccaggaa aaagaattga acagttcatc tctcgagtcc tcgggtttga gtcattctgt     31080
     cacgtgatga acgaaggatc atggctccta tcggcttaga ttgtgcattg attaagattg     31140
     tatgtgactg tcagtgtaat gtgaatgaac ccctgacatt tgaagacatg aagagttgag     31200
     ctgagcaaag tgacaaaaat gccttcatag acaaaagagc aggtaaacat tgaattatta     31260
     ttttctcctt gttatattct acttatgact tattcgtcgt gagatcaacc ttttgggcta     31320
     gttgtagatg tgtttggaac caattcgtaa cattttaata atattttggc aaattgaacc     31380
     aaatgaacga aatgactcga aaaaagattc gttcattttg atgaacgata ctcaaagatc     31440
     tgagtcagta aaatgatccg aacttcccat cactactaaa cactgaagag taaatccatt     31500
     gatgtgctgc tccacaagtc ccaaaccaag caatccagtg atgacagcgg cgagaaacaa     31560
     acttcaccga ttgacgaaag tgaaggaaaa aacctcaaga gaattcaggc tcagttggga     31620
     ttaaaagagc tgaaaactac taaatttaac aatagtttta tttctttgtt gttgttgttg     31680
     aagaggggca cctcaataat tgtgattata ataagttcaa gacagaaggg aagtttattg     31740
     taaagtaata ataaatcaat ttatattatg caaagcaaca tacacggatg agattacagt     31800
     cacccaaatg gtgagaatga ttgaatgaaa tgaatcgttt ggttgttaat aaacgtgcat     31860
     tatttagttc ataaagtaga cttcttttaa ttgatcgtcg tttagacgat gcagcaaaaa     31920
     ggcactggaa aaaaaaagaa tgatgtgaca cttctaaaat aattgattcc tccaaatttt     31980
     aaagagccca tattattgtt ttttgaaaat gaccctttat gcagtgtgta acacagctct     32040
     aggtgaagtt aaatatccag tttaaatctg aagtgcgccc tatttaaaac tattgattca     32100
     tctttaaaag agtcaactca gagtggttcg aatgaatcgc tgctgtaacg agtctttagc     32160
     cacgttgacg tgacatcgat gcagaactca agcctcgccc atttgttgcg tgtgcagacc     32220
     caggaaaatt taaacccctg gccccgccca caaacactgt agaaagaaaa agaggaagac     32280
     aaacactagc agatccctgc tgaatcatgt cacgaagagg ctgtgctctg aagtgtgagg     32340
     ggaagttagt tttattttcc ctactcaaag atgaggctgt gaagagtcag tggttgaagt     32400
     ttatttttgc aaaaatacct cagcattata gccccagcct tgtgctgtgt tcccgtcatt     32460
     tttctcacga gtgcttcagc aatctacaca catataacgg aggactcaac ggccattacc     32520
     taaaggaagg atcagaaagt ctattgatgt atgggacttt gtcagagctt gacaggaact     32580
     ttgtagtaca cagttcatgg accagtttct tcctccactt cacaagttta agtaaccaat     32640
     taaaatggtt gcctcattgt tttctctagc ttgcaaatga tgtatttaat tgtgttttct     32700
     tacttgtaac cacttgtgct gtatctggtt aagtctttat attctcatat cgcgtctaaa     32760
     ccacgttgaa aacgcagagt gtgccgcttt tttacagatt taaacctgtt gctatggcca     32820
     ccgtcagctg ttcctacact tgtgcggcgg tcaagtttca aaatagttca ggttttgccg     32880
     ctgtgtggat ttatactgat ggttacaaat agagtaatat gctggtgtta acctgcattg     32940
     ctttaatgca ctcctgcatt gggctcacac acacactctg actacttcaa cagtgttgat     33000
     agtgtgtcaa cagaccaatc agcgcagatt tgcatcacgc caaggaggtg tttgggaata     33060
     tatgaattgc taaatgaatc aattgggagt cgctgggata attaggtaca aaataaatgc     33120
     atattataag acaatgacag tgttttgttt ttttaccttg catgcatatc ggcctgttgt     33180
     tggagaccct caaaaccaat atatgacctt ttataatgca aaataggggc tctttaactt     33240
     tctgaactaa gaggtcatct tgatcttctg ttggtctcac gcattcatat gatgtgaatc     33300
     tgcagttcaa agttcactag actttaactt tacttcgcag tgaaatgtga aatatctttg     33360
     aacaggcttg caattttgat atggtacatt cccgtgtgca tgaatagaaa tcaatgggac     33420
     aaataggggc tttaaaattg ttaaccaaaa atggcgcaat taaacttttg ttgggcagca     33480
     cagtggctca gttgttagga ctgtcacctc acagcaaaaa ggtcgctggt tcgagtcgca     33540
     tctagggtca gttggtattt ctgtatgaag tttgcatgtt ttccccggtt tcccccattg     33600
     aatgaactaa attggccata gtgtatgaat gtgtgtgtaa atgtgagaat gtatggctgt     33660
     ttcccaatac agtcatctgc tgtgtaaaac atatgccaga atagttggtg gttcattcca     33720
     ctttagttac ccctgataaa taagggacta agccgaagga aaatgaataa atgaatgaat     33780
     aaacttctgt ttgatgtaaa ttgaagtagc ttttttcaca atagtagata gtagaacaga     33840
     caatgcccaa tcataatgcc taacctgtcc acagaccccc agattattta ttgacccaaa     33900
     aagtccaaaa gtaaaagagt gtacaataac gactgattga aacaacaagt gtgaaataca     33960
     acaaacctcc cttatttact tgtgatctac ttgtgatctt aattactgtt gtaaacagga     34020
     accaaatgat gacaaaagtt cttgaagaac tcttatccca ccagcattta tatctccaga     34080
     gatctttttt ttccggagat ctcctctcca ccatggctaa acacatcaaa tatcttctgt     34140
     aaatctggca gattacatca caactgaggt tatcagtcag tctctagtcc tggtgccacc     34200
     agccagcatg caggaaagac aggaagtgaa aactgtggaa atcagagacc ctcaggctga     34260
     gggtggaatt gctcaagagg ggaggaagga tacagacttc atacctttct tctttcatcc     34320
     tttttctcca aacttctttc actctccgtt gggtgaaagc agtctttttg tccggcctga     34380
     tccctgaggt tggatagtag gcacagataa ggttggaaag actggatttc tttcacactt     34440
     ttctctagtt gctaatctgc tccagcacag ccaaaccaca cagtccagta ttagctttcc     34500
     tgctgagacc agcgctacgc agccaatgaa tattagcatg tttgttttat tgtccgtgta     34560
     ggtgaaatat cctgaatttt aataggaaac tcatcgttga ggttttggcc agtgcactgc     34620
     acttgaccta ggaaaatatg tacactgtaa aacccaaaat gtcaaggtat tcaaaccatt     34680
     tgaggaaacc gattgcaaca aaccatttaa agggccatga aaccccctcg tttcagcagg     34740
     gtgttttcac acctctactt tggaaaaagt cagaaaagtg ggcgtgtcca gctctgttta     34800
     ggggggagtg tcggaggaac taaagtggga tggtgtggga gtgtctattt gtgcacgcgc     34860
     gagtttcaga gtcaaaatac aaactccaca cagaaaggag aaagtgatgg tgtttaacct     34920
     acatggacat ctttagtcga attatttgcc gaattattaa atgttggact ttaactgcag     34980
     tttggctctt tcattcaggg aattcattca tgcccctcgc gacaaacgag atatttgatt     35040
     cgaggaactg ctgcaagcgt gtatttttca tgcaatgttt gataccgcac agcgaatgag     35100
     agaaaaaaac ctcagcattt cccggaaact tagatgcgca cagcaggtag catcagaaag     35160
     ccgcgtgtgt tattccggtc acaaaatgcg gtgctatcat ttctgcactc agtgcaatag     35220
     ttaacttaat tcgatacgaa caaactgaat aaacaaagag cactggtcac tcacttacca     35280
     aatctgtaga gacaggacaa tcaccagcaa ctagagccgc gtctttatga agagaatact     35340
     acaagcaaat ccagatttca gcgtttgcag atgagaacag ctctcaggta aacaataaac     35400
     ctccttagac acgtaagtta ttgttgtcga gcgtcgcgta cactgttaat ccacacgtga     35460
     tccagctgag ctctcacaga gagaaaatga aaacgaaact taacagcagc aaactataaa     35520
     agcaacactt cacgcttgtt ttgccaacac aacgtggcgt ctttgtggtg taaacacggt     35580
     gacacaaatg aatattaatg aagttgcaca atagagcgcg ctgattggtt taaaccaagc     35640
     cttactcatg cattaatgca tcacactgta agacgtaata agactcactc aggcacagac     35700
     gcccagtctg cacgctggaa tacacgctat tatgtcatga ccgtgacgca gcttcaaaaa     35760
     ttcgtttcaa acaggaagta cgaatttgct tgaaataacg caaaaacaac caatttacac     35820
     tttttagtga aatataggtg tcctaatagt gtttttagca gtgtgggaca catatacgac     35880
     tgtcaacagc tcaaaaaatg tgttttggtg tttcgtgacc ctttaagttc aaaaactaat     35940
     cctaatgagt gctgtgatct taatccattt aagtaaatta agcaatttaa gcacagtaaa     36000
     ccccgataaa taaaaagaac ttaaatcaaa acccaataag ttttgtttta aaaattttat     36060
     atttaatttg taaaacccaa ttagttaagg caactcaaac cttttgaggt aacagattac     36120
     aacaaaccat ttgagctaaa aactaatcta catgagtact gtgaaccatt taagttgaag     36180
     taatgaggta tttaattcac tcattacctt taacattgag ttcaaaactc tttttaattg     36240
     agtagaatta actttcagta aattttgagg ttaactacac tcatttcttt tgataaagtt     36300
     gactgttggg ttttacagtg tactatatca ttgcagattt atcaacaagc acttacttga     36360
     agctaatcat tatgttccac tgctcatttg ggtgtgccag cagttttaaa gaatgaagaa     36420
     tgacgcctga actgatggaa aaacaagcaa accacagtaa acttaaaaca ttatctaatg     36480
     ccatactgta gctccatgac acagcacaca gttctgacac aatgtatgaa gtcatatgaa     36540
     tgatatgaaa gtctctctgt gcagtttggc cagaagagaa atggttttgc ccaactgagc     36600
     ctggtttctc ttaaggttct tttccttcac tttcgtcaat tggtgaagtt tgttcctcgc     36660
     cactgtcatc aatggcttgc ttggttggaa cttgtggagt agcgcatcga tggattttct     36720
     cttcagtgtt tgaactttca gcagtgaaat ttaaactaaa ctgaactgag ctgaacttca     36780
     actcaaaaaa actggactga cacagtttca atttacttaa acttctatgt taagctgctt     36840
     tgacacaatc tacattgtaa aagcgttata taaataaaca tgaattaaat tgaatcgttc     36900
     agcattacct caggctaata ggctacggtg cagtcttacc tgcatatctg ctaccactct     36960
     ttagcttccg ttgcactagc caccaaacat cattctctct ccatttatta ccttaattta     37020
     atgagggttt tcccttcgta acctttccag actgatttac tgcccgccaa gctgagatca     37080
     gagaaccagg cactataggg cactctagga caccccgctg ccccttcctg aatccaagca     37140
     ctgggccgat agaggctaaa tgcagtgtaa ttcacagctg ggcccaacat ggtgagaggt     37200
     gtgaacactc gcgtcttaat gaggcaagag gacaagcggt ttaaaacaca ggtcagaggt     37260
     ggtgggagtg gggccagaga gactggctct aatacagggg aagtggatta atggaagaaa     37320
     ggagattagg actatgtgct gtaactctta agagaaacac atcgtaggca tggaacggaa     37380
     cttttgatgg tgatgatatg gggcaaactg cgaaccaatt tatttttcag ttgcagcagc     37440
     tacacctcaa gagtttctgc aggtccatga tggtctaatg ctgacgatac acacagaaac     37500
     cttttgacca atgttgctgg gcaactttgt cctggttgcc catttatggc atcatttccc     37560
     agacactatg aaattaatta ggctaatggg ttacaaaaat attaatagaa aagtaaaaaa     37620
     gcaacattac tttgcaaaat tgcataacaa gattgcacag aaaggtgctg tatgtatcat     37680
     cagcacaaat catctatatt ttggtgattc aaagagccac tgatctaaaa caagaaccta     37740
     cggtgtagac tttaataccc tttattgtga atatccacca gctcagaaaa gaaaggcctg     37800
     aaatgggaaa caattgatca tacctggatt ctggtcagat acttttggga ttgtattcac     37860
     caaccaaatg actacattgc gataaatggg aatacgtaca ttcttaagat cctgatatac     37920
     tcacatgcat cttagctttg agtctttgtt taggggagag cagtcgtacc caacttcctt     37980
     cgacttacct ggctagaagt tactagtata cctagaaaga gcttgattag ctggctgagg     38040
     tgtgtttaat tggggttgga actaaaatat gcaggacact ggccctccag gaccaagttt     38100
     tggatcctct gaggtaaagg tttgaagcag gggtaatgtt aacccataat caaatttggc     38160
     ctactgcttt tgacccatat tagtgcacac actcattatg agtgaggagt gagagcacat     38220
     acaaacacac tctgtgagca gacaaccaga caacccaggt tcattcagaa aacgtacccc     38280
     tatatacatt gctggagagg gcgaaatacg tcccatgagc tatgtttttt gtagtttttg     38340
     tttttgtgaa tcctccagag gccactgtgg atgatttttg agatctcgca agtgccattc     38400
     acgccttcgc ataaatccac gagaggccat tgttgactga ctgactgact gattgtctga     38460
     cagactgacc aatcgaccga caaatgctcg tccttcccta aactcaacca atagtaattt     38520
     caaaagcact gattgacctg cccaccccct tacctaaaac caactgacag ttttaaatag     38580
     caatccagta aaagaaaaag ccctcacctg atttttacca tgttttcaga ttttaccaca     38640
     ttgtcaccct gttattgttt attttatttt ttggcttctg tttttgttgt acccgctttc     38700
     tggaactgtt attcaccggt cttgaacccc atcgtcatgg tcagctcctc tctgcatctc     38760
     aagtccgccg aattacatag cgagctactg gacaaactgg taacagtgga aaagtcgtcc     38820
     atatggaggt aaactagtaa aatcagctgg taagtgtgaa aatggactgc ttcatattgt     38880
     cctgcagcat tcgttttaaa gacatacttc tggctacata attcgcaatc tccagaaatg     38940
     tatatagggg tacattttca gaatgagcct atgttgcaac cagagcagta gtcagctatt     39000
     gcttccagcg cccagggcaa aattaggtgt gagatgctca agagcagctc agctgggtgt     39060
     caaaaatggg agagggtgtg attcattcac tcatcccacc ttcacctcct gtttggacca     39120
     ggagtcaaac tttcaacttt tggattacaa gtgtcctaac cattaggcct caactgccat     39180
     gttagttaag taaacatccc aatgccaacc aagctactga tatcagttag gatcaggtct     39240
     caaactcaat tcctggaggg ccgcagctct gcatagtctt gctccaatcc tgatcaaaca     39300
     cagctcatcc aacaaataaa ggtgtttatg actcttttga acacctcgat tatttggatc     39360
     cgctgtgttt gatagggttg gagcaaaact gtgcagagct gcggccctcc agaaattgag     39420
     tttaagacct atggtttaga tcaatatgta aacacattct gcatgttttc ctctcaatca     39480
     caaaataatg tacaactaaa attacaacaa ttagataaca gcagataaga aagcatctga     39540
     taatagtatt gtgggtgttt gtaaaagctc tgcatttcag cactccaggc aaaaacaagt     39600
     catgttacgt tgaaagcaag tttcaaactc gtgttagcaa actcttatat ttgacctgct     39660
     tttgttcata aatggtcaca acagcttcct ctttgatttt acaatacatc caaatctaaa     39720
     ttcaagaaat tatttgggga aaactctgca gaagttaacc agatgtcatt ctagaggaca     39780
     aaccgatatc tctgaaaaca aaaaccattg taaagctgtc ttaaagatgt tcttcatcag     39840
     ttccctaaag gttaagtatg cgatcaggtt caattctgct tatttatggg ggctgtaagc     39900
     tggtcgtgtt tctagaagag gggggcatgt gagaaatgtg ttgtttttat ggtgaaagct     39960
     ttgggttcat ggctgtacga tgaccagcag ggttgccagg gtgaactcat ttggacagtc     40020
     acactcccta caacaaaact gagccaatgg aatcaatttt acacttgagg aatgtctgga     40080
     tagctcctcc atgaaaagac ggcaaacatt tcccatgatg cactgcggca gaccattatc     40140
     aaagactgat aattgtgaaa gtcataacca gactttaggg cacattaagg atgaacttgc     40200
     agtttctgta ttcaccattt gatgttgtga aacaacaact ggaaaacagg gatgagacag     40260
     aactatgtca aggggccatg attccctgat ttgtgggtgc ctgttagcct tttcacccag     40320
     aatgcttacc ctctcgccct ggatcatctc aataactccc tttcccctga cgactcccag     40380
     cagcaccatc aatctgtcct acgccaggat aagagaccgt cctgtctcct gccttacctc     40440
     gtctctattt cacccgattt gcgtcggggg tcaaatttcc aatgtgaaag tcaaaacaac     40500
     aacctcgaaa ctgcaaaaga aacatgcctc atatccattt tagaaccaag tcagtttcat     40560
     ggcttgtgct taccacaata tgtttgattt gaaatttggg actctatgtg acccaggacc     40620
     aatagttaca gatagacttt ttgggtcaaa ttgttagatt tttttttttt tacttttatg     40680
     tcaaaaataa aaatcatgtt ccagaaataa ataaataaaa aatagggcga ataatgactt     40740
     caactgtata catgattagt ccttgagtgc attcttattt tatcataaat acagctagga     40800
     tattaacttt agtatgttaa ggatgtgacc ttgctgggtt gtacaaagtt gtgttcaggc     40860
     agtcacctga cctgactctg tagtagcttt acagagacgt caggacagca ctgttttcga     40920
     gcagagcagg gttacagcaa tatacacact gggtgggcta tgaaatactg tgaatgaaag     40980
     cgaaggcacg agagagagag aaaacgagag cgtggtactg aaggccgtga aatacgtgcc     41040
     tcagtggaaa gcgctcttta tttactttta acaggcctgt aaacttactt tcaatgcccc     41100
     aatcaggaca ccatataagc ctgggctacc caagccagca gtacaagaga gtccggtcag     41160
     tgttcagtct gtacttgcat tcgaccaatg ggcagtttat aataactaca aaggataaat     41220
     agtcctcact ttagattagg tcacaaaact ggatgaagtt gagttaataa agcatttatt     41280
     aacatacaaa gtaactatta ttatatgcct gagtaataag atacattggg tgtactaatt     41340
     ttggaccgtt atcacaagtt attatgttta gctccagatt tgatttttat ctaatgtata     41400
     tttgtaaccc ttaccggtcc tacaacaccc aacccactcc aagctaggat cgaaccggtg     41460
     actcttatca aaggaatcgg ttgctttaac aagaaggcta aagaccatgg cctttagcat     41520
     ttgttgctag agcaccttct cgggttcaga gaagtgatgt ttacctgaac agcacttcac     41580
     tagctggcct ctgttacact caccctccct ataccccact cctatccggt tcaaggcacc     41640
     aatgtaacca accgataact ttccgcatgg caatcggttg ctttaacaag aaggctaaag     41700
     accatggcct ctagcgttgt tgctaaagca ccttttcggg ttcagagaag tgaggtttac     41760
     ctgcacagca cttcattagc aggcctctgt tacactcacc gtcccctatg ccccactctc     41820
     atccgggtca aagcaccaat ttaaccaacc ggtgattttg tgcatgggag acatctgctc     41880
     taaataggag gctaaaaacc atggtcccta gtgtttgttg ctagagcacc ttttcaggtt     41940
     tagaggagtg aggtttacct gcacagagct ttactagctg ttttctctta cacccccccc     42000
     ccccccccat accccactcc catccaggtc acggcaccaa tgtaaccaac cggtgactct     42060
     ccgcatggga gtcgtttact ctaacaagaa ggctaaagac catgccccct agtgtttgtt     42120
     gctagagctc cttttcgggt tcagaggagt gaggtttacc tgcacagcac tttactagct     42180
     agcctttgtt acactcagcc tctatacctc actcccatac agataacaga accatagtaa     42240
     ccaaccggtg actctccgca tgggagttgg ttcctctaac aaggaagcta aagaccatgg     42300
     tccctagcaa ttgttgctag agcacctttt cgggttcaga ggattgaggt ttacctgcac     42360
     agcacttcac tagttggcct ctgttacaat cacgccctta aacctcactc caatcccggt     42420
     cacggcacta atgtaatcaa ccgatgactt ttcgcatggg agtctgtctc tttaacaaga     42480
     gggataaaca ccatgacctc tagtgtttgt cgctaaagca ccttatcggg ttcagagaag     42540
     tgatgtttac ctgcacagca cttcactagc tggcctctgt tacacactca aaaaaaattt     42600
     gttgtatgaa catgatttaa tcgtggcacc ctttatgcat ctaatccaat caagtaaacc     42660
     tgaactgctt tgaacatgtt gtatgaacac aaagcacatt tgtagataaa acatggtttc     42720
     aatatgtcag tctaacttct ttgcaactaa ttgactcaaa atgtttgtat tgtgttattc     42780
     taattaaaat gattctaatt tactcaatgt aacactaaag ctttacttta acaaaattat     42840
     gtcttgttaa atcagctagt aaatttcttg ttcaatattg ttgtttaaat tacatttttt     42900
     aaatgacaat actatgaagc aagatttaaa attaagtaat tcaacacaaa aaggacagaa     42960
     aacatgtttt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacatatct     43020
     tttattatag cctttagcag gcaccaatca catttaaaca aatttcttct ttaatattct     43080
     gatacaaaat gttacataat atccaaaatt gtaatatgta atataaaatg tataagaaac     43140
     atttagccaa taaaataacc ttggctctta agaaaactga tccccaagca atatctgtag     43200
     gacgttaaca tatatttttt ttaccaattg agtttaaaca gctttcttca ctttggtact     43260
     cctattcaaa atgtaaaagt ataaaatgta tgggaaacat atagccaaca acataacatg     43320
     cataacattc aagcttttgg gaaaaccaat tcccaaactg tgccgaaaac acgcggtgat     43380
     acttcttctt gttgtttttg tatggtgaca tccaaacgca ctaccaccac ctactgatat     43440
     gcgcgaagtg actctgcaga gtgagagttg tcgatttgaa gcgtctcagt ctcattgaat     43500
     caacatcttc tggtcaaatt aatttgatta tttcttgatt cagtttcaaa taacatgaat     43560
     taatcattca acatacgtaa acttgatttg ttcttttcaa tctgacaaat ttttattttg     43620
     taaatccaat acatgcctag ttgatttttt tgagtgcact caccccccta tacctcactt     43680
     ccatccggtt cagggcacca atgtaaccaa ccgataactt tccgcatagg agttggttat     43740
     tctaacaagg agtctaaaga tcatggcctc tagcgtttgt tgctagagca ccctttcggg     43800
     ttcagaggag tcaagtttac ctgtacagca cttcactagc tggcctctgt tacatatgcg     43860
     ccaatatatt attgtaaagc ttcctataga aagtattcac ttaaatgaga gatctgtgag     43920
     ttgtgtactc gtatatgttg agcagcttat ataaaggtta aattgaatag cttatgaatc     43980
     attttactcg ggcattctga aggatttaaa aaaaaacctc caactattcc tgaataactg     44040
     gttcgtaaat acggcaatac ttaatttagt aatgaaaaat gaatcaataa caaagtatga     44100
     aaacaaatta tacatgtgct tttgagtcaa caatacagca tttctagctg tatttgtaaa     44160
     ctattaatgt agagttaatg cttaacaaat aatgaattaa atatttgcta atgcttaata     44220
     aacggtttat agtgtgtagt tagtatcact tgcccagtta ccactttata atctctcata     44280
     tacagagata tcactcaaat acacagatat catgggcctt ttgagttggt gaccttctgt     44340
     cccgcaaaac taatttgaaa cagaagcttc ttcagacagt ttcatctctt tttttttttt     44400
     ctacgaccgg ctgtctctct atccaccccc agggagctgc aatttatgcc caaggaacag     44460
     gcacagagaa tggggccgaa aaagtcctgg aaggctggaa gcgattgtcc acgggttgag     44520
     agagagaaag agagggagag agaaaggacg gatgagacca ttatagagag acagtgagag     44580
     agtaaatgga gattattatg aagacatcag tgcaggtctc cggtttccca tctgccaaag     44640
     attcctgcct cacatcctgt tgaagggaat ctttcgtcgc caccatgttc tgacctctct     44700
     cgccttacat ttcctcacgc tcataaccct gacagaaata ccatggtaat accatgttac     44760
     ttaatactct ggacaatgat gtccggtgat actgtgggca tgcaattttt ttaaagattt     44820
     acaacctaaa tcagataaag ttgggacagt attgaaaaca caaataaaaa aagaaatgat     44880
     ttacacttta aaatgcacca cgcattctct attggagaca ggtcgggaaa aaaaagtcac     44940
     caaaatccaa cgtcgggcca acatcttaaa ggaacattat attgacgtta aatactgaca     45000
     tttattcgtc agttaaggca accaaaatcc aacatctgat agacgtcata gcagtaacgt     45060
     catgctataa catcattaga cagtgatatt tgattgcttt taggttggat gttggattct     45120
     gacgttgacg ttaggttctg acgtcaactc gattttcatt tacaaacaaa atgcaacgcg     45180
     tccacgatga tggggtacaa cgtcaaatct gatgtcatgt tgcctgcact gcaaaaactg     45240
     cttttcttac ttagtgttga ctcggagaac ttgcattaaa ctgatagaga aacagggttc     45300
     aaactaatca gtgtttatta acagtgggca cagaaggcac acagcagctt cacttagtat     45360
     cgacgcacat acatactgaa tgactgtgtg actgagtgag agcgaggtag agggggagga     45420
     gctacacaga acaatacaga tcccatatac gcactgtcat aaggatcaat gcacaacact     45480
     tacatttttt tgtcttgttt cttgtccaaa tatctaaaaa ttcttatatc aagaagcatt     45540
     ttctaggcaa gcaaaacata ttgtcttgtt ttcagaaata ataatgccaa tattaagtga     45600
     gttttttctt aaaacaacca aaataatctg ccaatgggat aagcaaaata atcttgtttt     45660
     tccttttgac ataagattat tttgcttacc ccattggcag attatttaac ttgttttaag     45720
     gaaaaactca tttaattttg gcatattata tcttaaaaca agacagtatg tttttcttgt     45780
     ctagaaaatt ctgctcgatt taagagtttt tagatatttg gactagaaac aagacaaaaa     45840
     atctaagtaa gaaaggcatt ttttcagtgt gttggctcac tatcgagtct cctcaaaagg     45900
     cttagtaatt ttgtataaca ctgttcttct atggtaaaag ttccctcaat ttttaaagaa     45960
     tgaagaatac tttatttctg aaatttctat aaaataaaag tcatagaaat gtggcatgtg     46020
     aaattttctt cttaaatgag aatattagtc acaggctcct gtgtgtaggt tccaataaag     46080
     taggttattt tcattacttc aaatgcgaaa taactgaaca ataacagcag actgagaatg     46140
     ctcatttcag agagcgctta aaggcacttg atcaactctt taattgttct ttaaatttga     46200
     tctccactgt ttataccagg ggtgtcaaac tcaattcctg gagggccgaa gctctgcaca     46260
     gtttagttcc aaccctgctc caagacactt acctgtaggt ttcaaacaag cctgaaggac     46320
     tcaattagtt tgatcaggtg tgtttaatta gggttggaac taaattgtgc agagctgcgg     46380
     cccttttgga actgagtttg acacctgtgg tttatacact caacattttt ttcttgcatt     46440
     gcaacagtaa agcaattaca ctttcattct tatatttttt tttcttttac atactgatat     46500
     ttgattcatt cattcatttt cttttcggct tagtcccttt tttaatctgg gatcaccaca     46560
     acggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcata tgctttacgc agcggatgca cttccagctg     46620
     ccacccatct ctctgataca accatacaca ctcatttaca ctcatacact atggacaatt     46680
     tagcctaacc aattcacctg tcccacatgt ttttggactg taggggaaac cgaagcacgc     46740
     ggaggaaacc catgcaaaca tggagagaac atgaaaactc cacactgaaa cgccaactga     46800
     cccagtcgag gctcaaacca gtgaccttct tgctgtgaag cgacagcact acctactgcg     46860
     cccccgcgtc gccccttata tttgatattt ctgcatttta gttaatatta ataatagcaa     46920
     tttctatgta attaaattga aaaagtaaca ccctgttgct gttttcaatg ttatgttgcg     46980
     ctttctattt gtgtctgcat atgcacgtgt tcatgtctgt atccaggggc atttcaacgc     47040
     ttgcatgttt gcatatgtta ttgcttctcc actccatctg acgtgcgaca tccctgccca     47100
     accaaaactc caagcaacag gctagcagca taacactgag taaacacgca tgacattcac     47160
     tcagcagctg ggaaaactgc taccaatggc aaggactata tttaattggc agagaaaaaa     47220
     aatttggtct cattccctgg caagctgggt gtgtaatata tgagaagatg tctgttcgtt     47280
     atgaaaatat ttccgtgtag aaatgcatga caaaatattt taaggattta ttaagaacgt     47340
     caaagtatat tataatctgc agactctata catgcaatgg aaagtaccta tatcttctag     47400
     ctccaagctt caagcatggc aaagttgctt tagtcaatgt tctgtgtctc gcagcatttg     47460
     aatcacatcc agataagtta gttcaaacgt gaggttacaa gttaatcgaa agccacaccg     47520
     cttgacaaaa caaatgactt tatcaaccca agctcattct gaaaacgtag tcctgtggac     47580
     atttctggag accgcgaaat acgtcccggg aggtacgtat ggctgcattt cattttttta     47640
     agcgaacgct acggggcggt gtgacgccgt tccctttcgc gcttgccggc tgaccgctta     47700
     cctctgtgtg gagggctttc ccgctgcagt cagcggactt cagatgcaga gaggaggagt     47760
     tgacaaaggc gtctgggttc gagtccgggg aacagcggtt ccagaaacca agtaagacaa     47820
     aaacagaatc caaacaataa agcgaacaag ttcataacag ggtgagaaca tggtgaaatc     47880
     cgaaaacgtg gtaaaaaaaa aaacagacga gggtttttct acattgttgc tcgggtttag     47940
     ggaagtgagc gggcgggcgg gtcaatcggt aaaactggtt gggttcagga aaggagggtg     48000
     ggtcagccga ttggccggtt gcatagtcaa ttaattgtca gtcagatagc agccactggt     48060
     gcgttgacgc gagaacagcg tgggcgcgaa cggcactcgc cagatacgtt cgagatacga     48120
     aaaagcgaac acagcggcct ctcgcggatt cgcgaaaaca aaaactgcac aaatacgtac     48180
     ctcccgggac gtatttcgcg gtctccagaa acgtccgctg gactacgttt tcagaatgag     48240
     cctgggttgg actttatata tcgaaaacac attatttcac acaaatatga gcacacattt     48300
     aacacattta ttaaaccaat gatgcagcat ggggagattt cggagtttgc agtagctgaa     48360
     atgccaacac aacagcactg gtctgcagtg gtgtaaagta actaattaca aatacttaaa     48420
     ctactgtaat tgagtagttt ttctcaggaa ttgtaattta ctaagtagtt ttaaaaatgt     48480
     ggagctttac tttcccttta ggacattttt agtgcagtat ttgtactctt actccactac     48540
     tttccttcag cctgcagtca ttactttatt tgatcttgtc tatggggatt agaaacatca     48600
     gtggtcacac tttacaataa ggttcactat ttaatgttaa ttaatgcatt tactaacatg     48660
     aacaaacaat gaacaataca tttaccacag tgaaaataca gttgttcatt gttagttcat     48720
     gttaattcat ggtgcataaa ctaatattaa caagcatgga cttgaatgtt aataatgcat     48780
     ttgtaaatgt tcaattatga ttaataaatg ctgtacatgt gttgttcatg attagttcat     48840
     gttagtaaat gcattaacta atgaacctta ttgtaaagtg ttaccaaatc agtcctggga     48900
     ttcctgccca atccaaggta gatcatatca taattaccta cctcaagaca ttgagattta     48960
     tagttgcagc aaactgtttg gaaacattaa aagtgtccaa gaaaatgtcc aaaaccttta     49020
     cacgcattga cccagagact gtttagatgc atgtcactgc gagatgcatg taccacagtt     49080
     tgagaaccac tgccttaagg aatcaccaaa atatgaacat tttgagaaaa tgcaaaaaga     49140
     tagtatttag ccatttaatt ataattattt tttaataaat tattttcatt cactatatca     49200
     tagttaagtt aaagtgtcct atccatgaaa cctaaagcta tgcacattgt agtgatgggt     49260
     cattcatgaa acttcaatat gattcgggaa ctacgagtcc tctcagggag tgattccttc     49320
     atcggcacgt gtgcacattt gtgcaggtgg tatcgttcat ttcaagtttt tcagtaattt     49380
     attgcggaaa ggcagaagcc aatcatatgc gtttagagcc ggaaaaataa ttgatcagtt     49440
     catctctcga gtcctctctc gggtttgagt cattcgttcc tcacgaggca atcatatgcg     49500
     tttagagccg gaaaaaagaa ttgatccatt catctctaga gtcctctatc gggtttgagt     49560
     cattcgttcc tcatgggcca gtaatatgca tttagagctg gaaaaagaat taaaccattc     49620
     aactctcgag tcctcgggtt tgaatcattc tgtcaagtga tgaacgaaca actcaagaac     49680
     cagaaggctc gaaaggtgaa ctaattatca tgactcctat caacttagac tgtgtacatt     49740
     ggttaagatt atacgtgact atcagtgtaa cgtgaacgaa ccactgacat ttgaagacat     49800
     gaagaggtga gctgagcaaa gtgataaaaa tacttttata gacaaaaaga gcaggtaaac     49860
     attgaattat aattttctcc ttcttatagt attttattta cgacttattt gtcgtgagat     49920
     caaccttttg ggctagttgt agatgtgttt ggaagcaatt cgtaatattt taataatatt     49980
     ttgccaaatt aaaccaaatg aacgaaatga ctcaaaaaaa gattcgttca tctcaatgaa     50040
     cgagactcaa agatccgagt cagtaaaatg atccgggctt cccatcacta gcacattgca     50100
     gtaaacgaga gttgactgaa ctctttctcc cccctcggtc ctgctctacg acctgattga     50160
     ggcccgatgg gaaagccatt gtttgtttaa ctactgtttt atggaatacc tagtgacagg     50220
     aagttcttaa aacagcagca gttactattt atatagtgtc ccttttggag taaatactca     50280
     ctaaaaatcg cctcctcccc cctcagccac acacagaacc ccacgggacg tcccaacaca     50340
     gaggaatgca cccattcaca agctggtgac catcccgaag gcttgccccg cacttcctat     50400
     taccaggaca acacccagcc actccgtcgg gtgtgaatga gggcccataa gcgctgtttt     50460
     ctgagtgcgc gagcgctaat ccctctcatc cagctcattt tctaaatctg ttcagcccat     50520
     tcagagtcac aaccacgacg ccatttagcc gtgtctgcct cctttattgc ttttattagt     50580
     tggccgctcg tctgcttgcc tgacagctag taaccgatgt catctaatta cttggctctc     50640
     tctgcgtgcc cttcgaatgc actcttattt tgggttcatg cagagatcac gactagagta     50700
     aagcactaca aaagtaaagt attacagtgg ggtaaataaa tattgaacac gccacaattt     50760
     ttcttttaga aaacatattt ctaaaggtgc tgttgacttg aatttttcat tggatcttgt     50820
     taacaaccaa atatatccaa atgtgcaaag aaaacaaaac taattggttt acaaattaag     50880
     ttatgtgtaa taaaatgaac ggacgcaggg gaagtattga acacatgaag aaagggggtg     50940
     tagaaaggca gtgaaagcac agacagcagc tgaaatctgt cagtagttct tcagcaaccc     51000
     tctgcccttc atcagtgaaa tgaatattag ctgcttcagt tcaacatcta gcagatgatg     51060
     aagataaaac cagggtggac atttcagcaa gacaatgatt caaaacacag acatggaaac     51120
     tctcaaatgc tttcagagaa ggaaaatcaa gctgtagcat ggcccagcca atcacctgac     51180
     ttaaatccaa tagaaaatac aaaatttaaa tcagatttga tagacgagac ccacagaatt     51240
     ttttgggttt ttaacaaaat ctggttcaat tccatgtcaa caactctttt ataaatatta     51300
     tttaacccag gctcattctg gaaacgtagc cccgcagaca tttctggaga ccgcgaaata     51360
     agtcccagga ggtatatata tgtgcagttt ttgttatcgg gaatctgaaa gaggccgctg     51420
     tgagcacttt tttgcgtctc gaacgccttt cgcgagctag cgtgcgccgt tcgcgctctc     51480
     gctgttctcg cataaaaagc cgccggaggc tgctgtcgag tgaccatctg tccgactggc     51540
     tgaatgactg aatgattgac tgggcggtcg gccaatcagc cgacccggcc accctcctcc     51600
     tcctccttct tccctaaacc cgagcgacgg tttacgaaag ccgtgcagaa aaagaaaagc     51660
     cctcatccga ttttgaccac gttttcggat ttcaccgcat tcttggcccg ttatgaactt     51720
     tttcgattta ttattattat tattattttt ggattctgtt ttttgtctta cctgatttct     51780
     ggaaccgctc ttccccggaa cgaacccggt cgttcccggt ccttccccgg aacgaacccg     51840
     gtcgttgaac actgctggct cctcctcctc cgggcctccg ctccaccgtc ctaacatgac     51900
     aagctaacag gacaaactgg ttgcgtcgtg aaaaccctcc acacggatga ggtgagccgt     51960
     cagcccagcc gtcacaccgc cccatagctt tcgcgtaaaa aaaataaaat gtggcaatac     52020
     gtacctccag gcacgtaaat cgtggtctcc agaaacgtcc gcggggctac attttcagaa     52080
     tgagcttggg ttgaaattat tcccaggaac atgccacaac gaatacttat ctcccccact     52140
     gtatgtgacc ctggatcgca aagccagtct taggggtaca tttttggaaa ttgggattta     52200
     taatttaaat gaacgctcaa taaataagta ataagctcat tttaaataag tagtttcaac     52260
     aaacaacaaa tgactatttt ttgtatagtt agtaaggtag tagttgtgtt ttaggtattg     52320
     ggtaggatta tggatgtaaa ataagatcat actttataag tactaataaa tagttaatat     52380
     ctcattagta ataagccagt agtaaatgat gcaaactgtt atttaaacta aagtgttgct     52440
     gtttttttcc ataaatcaat aataaatcat ttttacccat tcaatgtatt gttggatatt     52500
     gccaaaaata tacccatgca acatttaact agtcttgtgt gttcccggga cacatttcat     52560
     gacttgctct aatgcagtag tggaaattga tataaaatta catcatagtg tcatcggctg     52620
     acggctgtga tgaaaagaag ccaatgcttg ggtttcaagg attagaggtt ccattagaat     52680
     tgggagtgtc tgaaacagag tattagcata tgtatgtgtg agagtgtttg cttatgtgat     52740
     ttgcactcta ttcatttgca aaaacaagta attgcctggc aaaaggaatt ttgaggtttt     52800
     aggggtagtg tattagcatg gcctttgaga aatatgtctg gagtgttgct gggttcagac     52860
     tagaggtctt cattgagctg agaaccggag gtctgaactg atatctaatt ggatttggct     52920
     tcaaaacttc aactagtgct tcaaacactg gttttgtaaa tggtaaacca ctgtaaaaat     52980
     gtatgataat aagtacattt ggttataaaa atacatcccc aaataaaaaa aaaacaaaaa     53040
     cgtatgggac catatggaaa acgcaaataa aaaaaagaaa gatttctaaa tttactgacg     53100
     tatttcatta cagacaatac aacttgttta tcagaggtcc ccacagtgga atgaaccaac     53160
     aactattcca gtagcgtgtt tactcaatcc cgtctgcagt gcttttgcga atctccatgt     53220
     gtatctgctc atgttctcac acacacatgt agccgtgtga gtgaatgtgc tgtgatgttc     53280
     tcagccggac ctcgctataa atcagccctg gtgcactgaa ggagacatta ctgcagcctg     53340
     tgactgatca ctctctttac ctgcttcctt cccctctgat tccctcgctc cacattcact     53400
     cactcactca ctccatcgcg tgtcatcctt ccagcttatc ttcaatgaca ccccatctac     53460
     aatagccatg caacgctcca gagggggaaa agatagcaaa caatataaag cggcctcatg     53520
     gatgctatgt actgtgtgtt acacagttgc attctgggaa acgtcctcat cagacaaaga     53580
     atatgtttgt ggttaaagtt cacatgtgtg ttacatctgt ccttctttac agagaagaca     53640
     atgcaagaat gcattgcgac aggctaactc tgaaaacgta gtcccatggg catttctgaa     53700
     gaccgcaaaa tatgtcctgg gaggtacttt ttttgcagtt tttgttttta gcgaatccac     53760
     gagaggccga tgtgtgcgct ttttcgtatc tcaaattttt ctcgcgagtg ccattcgtgc     53820
     ctgcgatgtt ctcgtgtaaa cccaccagag gccgttgttg actaactgtc tgtctgactg     53880
     gctgaatgac cgactgggca accggccaaa cgactgaccc accctcctcc ttccctaaac     53940
     ccaaccagtt ttatcgacac gcccacccac ttacttccct aaacctgacc aacgatttac     54000
     aaaagccgtc cagaaaaaga aaagccctcg tctgattttc accatgtttt cagattctac     54060
     cacattctca ccctgttatt cgcttgctcg ttttattttt tggattcggt ttttgtctta     54120
     cctgatttct gaaaccactc ttcccccgac aacccggtcg ttgtagtcgt ggtcaactcc     54180
     tttctgcgtc tcaagtccac tgacatacac gtcgagctaa ctagacaaac tttgcagcgg     54240
     gaaagccctc cacacggagg taagcagtta gctggtaagc gagacaagga acggtatcat     54300
     actgcctcga attgttcgct taaaaaatga aatgcagcca tacgtacttc tggctacata     54360
     attcgtggtc tccagaaaat ccacgggact acgttttcag aatgagcagg agcagaaagg     54420
     gttgtaaaga actatcagtg ggtagcacga tcacctcaca gcaaggtcgc tggttcgagc     54480
     cccggctggg ccagttggca tttctgtgta gagtttgcat gttctcccca tgttggcgtg     54540
     ggtttcctct tgctgcttcg gtttccccta cagtacaaag acatgcacta taggtgaatt     54600
     gaattagcta aaattgtaca tacttttggc agaattcatg gaacgaaagt caactcttgt     54660
     gggttgtctg tgacaagcgc aatagatgca aatcatttgc tcttaggccc cgtttacact     54720
     agtgtgtttt agttttaaaa tggcgtttta gatcaaaaat catttagttg ttactaaatg     54780
     taacaaatga ataactgcac aatggcgcct aaaacagaca atagtgcaaa caacgctcct     54840
     atttctgtgt ccatgttgtt gtttacagtg aaggctggtc tgctgccttc cggtagcgtt     54900
     aaagccatgt gttatggtca tgtgataggg gcttgacgaa taagggaagg atacgcaatg     54960
     acacaaaagc cccaatcagg tagcgaatat cggcagcccc gcttccgttt tcagatgtct     55020
     ccgttttcca tcatccacac tgagacgaag cagcagtgtt tcagaatgaa aacggcctct     55080
     ccagcgtttc caaaacgcta tgtttatggc actcgaaaac tccggcgtag tgtgaacgga     55140
     tggcgtaacc ataggaaaac ttatgcgttt tcaaactaaa acgcattagt gtaaacgggg     55200
     ccttagtttt ctacaagcag aattttaaaa aacgtgctgt atttacttgt aatttatcaa     55260
     aagtatgaat gacaccatct tgtgctgacg aaagtgactt gaactcacac aacgtcattt     55320
     ttgtgacttg ttgactcaag taggaacttc aggacagaca tcatgcagca ctaacaaaag     55380
     ttaacacaac aagttagcat agcaggttag aacaataacc taccagaagc acacttttga     55440
     tgccttaact cgctgtttag ggaagcttac tacatttgga gaccgaaccc gaactgttgt     55500
     tgtcattttc acacagcgta actgtttctg cagtgagcat aaagatagca tgaggggagt     55560
     aaataagaca aacactctgc agactctcca gagaaacaag cagggttcag agtgtgtgga     55620
     tgtgtgtgaa tgacttatgt ttgaggctga aagaatgtat gcgagtgtat gtgtgtgtgt     55680
     gagagaaaga gcagagcgca gagagatgag tgaataagtg agatgtaaca tactgatgaa     55740
     attcccagag aggccagaat ggatcataca atctcagcac agtgatgcac aaaccagatg     55800
     ggtggagggt cgtagtgctc aaatcacaca cacgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     55860
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacctgtc     55920
     cgggtgaaga gatatatagc cttcctgagg gatattggtt acgtgtgttg tacaacagta     55980
     aagggagttt ctttacatac tagtaactgc tttgcgggtt tcacaaaatg gggtttcatg     56040
     cctgaacact gagcttagta attgtatatg catcaaatgt atacattttt atatacagtt     56100
     gaagtcaaaa tgattcgccc tcctgtgaat ttttattttc tttttcttat atttcccaaa     56160
     ttatgtttag ttaagcaagg actgtttcac agcatttcct ataatatatt attttccgga     56220
     aaaagtctga tttgttttat tttggctaga attaaagcag tttttaattt ctttcaaacc     56280
     attttatggt caatattatt tgctcgctca agcaatattt tttcctgact gtctacagaa     56340
     caaaccactg ttatacaatg actctctgca gactgcccat tcctctttgc agtatctctc     56400
     aaggtctatc aggtttgagg ggaagtgacg gtgtacagac attttcagat ctttccggag     56460
     atgtttagtt ggatttaggt ctggactctg gctgggccac tcaaggacat tcacagagtt     56520
     gttgtaaagt cactccattt atattttggc ggtgtgcttt ggatcatcga agagcagaaa     56580
     gctgaaccgt cgccccactc tgaggtcaag agcactctga agcagatttc attcaggatg     56640
     tctctgtaca ttgctgtatt catctttccc tctaacctga ctagtcttcc agttcctgct     56700
     gctgaaaaac atccccacag catgatgctg ccaccaccat gcttcactgt agggatggta     56760
     ttaggctggt gatgagcggt gcctggtttt ctcaaaatgt aatgcctggc attcactcca     56820
     aagagtccaa ttttagtctc atcagaccag agaatttagt ttcttatagt ctgagagtcc     56880
     ttcagatgcc tttggcaaat ttcagggggg ctgctatgtg ccctttacta aggagtggct     56940
     tccatctggc cactctacca tacaggcctg attggtggat ttctgcacag atggttgtcc     57000
     ttttgtaagg ttctcctctc tccacagaag aacgctggag ctcagacaga gtgaccattg     57060
     agttattgat cacctacctg actaacgccc ttctcccccg atcactcagc ttagatggcc     57120
     ggtcagctct aggaagagtc ctggtgattc caaacatctt ccacttacaa ataatggagg     57180
     ccactgtgct cattgtaact ttcagagctg cagacatttt tctgtaacct tccccagcct     57240
     tgtgcctcga gacaatcctg tctcggaggt ctacagacaa ttccttcatc ttcatgcttg     57300
     gtttgtgctt tgacatgcac tgtcaaccct ggggccttat atagacaggt gtatgccttt     57360
     tcaaatcatt tccaatcaac tgaattgacc acaggtgaac tcaattaagc tgctgaaaca     57420
     tctgaagaat gattagtgga aacagaatgt acctgagctc aatttagagc tgtgaatact     57480
     gatgtacatg tgatttttca tgttttttat ttttaataaa tttgtaacaa ttaaaaaaat     57540
     atacttattc acattgtcat tatggggtat tgtgtgtaga attttgagga aataaatgaa     57600
     tataatctat tttggaataa agctgtaaca tataaaacat ggaaaaaaaa gaagcgctat     57660
     gaatactttt cggatgcact gtttgtttag aaatgtgttg aaaaatatct tctttccgtt     57720
     aaacagaaat taggggaaaa atatacagag gggttattta ttcaggaggt acgataagct     57780
     gttgacttct ttacgtttat caaagtaaat gtcaaaatat gggtttaata atgtagaatt     57840
     tttattcaga gttgcaaatg tatatctata aaaatgaaac aacatattct cacctgcact     57900
     gaaaaaaggt tcattgcaaa ctgcaaacaa tttatataag ctgaatttaa acaaacaaat     57960
     taagttgatc attactcaat ttaattagtt tgtttaaatt cagctcatat aaattgtttg     58020
     caactactta ccttaaaata tgcagtaaat ccaatgaagc gtattttttt cagtgtgtgc     58080
     tataaaatga ataagtgatc atgctgaact ttaatcaatt ctaaaattat taaaagcatt     58140
     gctgacaaat gggtaaaaca gtaaatctga aaggggcaaa acaaagattt caaatgacaa     58200
     ttcatttgta tttgtgggct gcattgtaat gctttaataa ccttttaata gggattttaa     58260
     aaagtaattt ttgagacata aactattgtt aggctgaatg atattttagc tggtgtaaac     58320
     tcatcaaaaa atattaaatc aacaaaataa aaatcaggta aaatattaca attatattat     58380
     attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat tcattcattc     58440
     attttctttt cggcttaatc cctttattaa cctggggttg ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc     58500
     aacttatata catatgcata gtcagcggat gcccttccgg ctgccaccca gtactgggaa     58560
     actatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat     58620
     attatattat attatattat attatattat attatgggcg aagcagtgga gcagtaggta     58680
     gtgctgtcgc ctcacagcaa gaaggtcgct gggtcactgg ttcgaacctc ggctcagttg     58740
     gcgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc ctgccttcgt gtgggttttc tccgggtgct     58800
     ccggtttccc ccacagtcca aagacatgcg gtacaggtga attgggtagg ctaaattgtc     58860
     cgtagtgtat gagtgtgtgt gtgaatgtgt gtggggatgt ttcccagaga tgggttgtgg     58920
     ctggaagggc atccactgcg taaaaacttg ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccgctgtg     58980
     gcgaccctgg attaataaag cgactcagcc gacaagaaaa tgaacgaatg aatattatat     59040
     tatattttat taaataatat gatattatat tttattacat tatattgtat tattttatat     59100
     tatattatat tgtatttgaa ctaatacaaa tataccattc aaaactagtt agaagaatat     59160
     ttaattgtga atatatctac ttttgcatgc aacatattga cacttaggac attattttct     59220
     ggttttgaaa ttttgtgttt gtgtaaatta tcaaagaaat tgttattaat attcaacaat     59280
     acatttactt acatttctgg ggtgctcctg tgcacaattc attattcccc tagaaaatac     59340
     tctgtcaata cttatcatgt aaatcaaaag gtagcaactt tctctgcctc tatccctttt     59400
     aatgtttcaa atacgaaaac aaaaataata ataaattggt tgcaaataaa aaaactacaa     59460
     tactactgac ttaaaaatgt caaatttaat tcaatgtatt tttgttgcat tgtaattact     59520
     tgaatcatat ctgtgtaaaa aaatattact gcagcactta attgtgtttc tgtaaggact     59580
     aattattaca tctcaatcaa ttccttcaaa gtaatatatc accttatgat gctaaatatg     59640
     ttaaatacaa caaataaagt gtaattttgc attaaacaaa gcatattcaa agtagctgcc     59700
     tttatttcac tgtgtcagaa actgataaac agtgagttca ggactcatac gctataggct     59760
     gagatcttcc aggcaggatt taataagctg acctttgaca cgaggacaca catttctgcg     59820
     tgaggttgag gattgtccag gtttgattta gcactgtatt ttgacctctg agccctgatg     59880
     gcactcctgc aatctctaat gaccttctga tagtgggaga gaaagaggat tgcggccccc     59940
     gctggaagag tcaacaacgg cctgtccagc tttacagctc gtaaacactg tgcggacgct     60000
     gatcagatcc tgattattct cacacacact cacacaaaac acacaataaa caggagtgtg     60060
     ggctcagcac ctgacagtag ggagctgcga tacactggag aattgtaaaa ggccacaagt     60120
     ggaaagggaa ggagcttttt cattttaaaa ataaaagatt ttattttggg ggctgtgcgc     60180
     attttattag tccactaaaa aaaagcagat tggtaaatct caagtgtctt gaaaaatatc     60240
     tagtcaaata ttatttactg tcatcaaaga taaaataaat atatacatat atatatatat     60300
     aaataaatat atatatatac acacacatat atatatatac acacacatat atatatatac     60360
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatgcaaac agggaaaaca ataaacataa     60420
     ataattgttg ttatgtactg taacatttaa ataatttccc attaaaaatg cttgaaggtc     60480
     atgcgaccat caggaagaac gcagcatcac atttctcaga ggatgcgttc tgtgttctct     60540
     cctgagttcg ttcttctgag gtaacctgcc aagaccgctc ttcgcaagaa cacaagtcca     60600
     ttctttgtgt tcttggaatt gagaaactgc ctcactgata agaagatgac ggatgtttac     60660
     tgtagtacgt catgattttg ccaagtacga tgcaattctg gattgacatc tatgtcctga     60720
     aacataattt ttgttctcct tgtacccctt tacccaatcc taaatgcaaa ttattcctga     60780
     aaatcagaga ggaatgttat aaaataattg tgcataaacc taactgtaag cctaaacttc     60840
     acataaaata taaacaaatt ctttaattct gattggctta ttaaaatttt gttttaggct     60900
     taagatactt agtgatggga agttcggatc atttcactga ctcggatctt tgagttttgt     60960
     tcattgagat gaacgaatct tttttcgagt catttcgttc atttggttca atttgccaaa     61020
     atattattaa aatgttacga attgcttcca aacacatcta aaactacccc aaaaggttga     61080
     tctcatgaca aataagtcat aaatagaata ctaaaagaag gagaaaataa taattcaatg     61140
     tttacctgct cttttgtcga tgaaggtatt gttgtctctt tgctcagctc acctctttgt     61200
     gtcttcaaat gtcagtgatt cattcacgtt acactgacag tcacatataa tcttaaccaa     61260
     tgtacacagt ctgagtcgat tggagtcata ataattagtt cacctttcaa gtcttctggt     61320
     tgttgagttg ttcgttcatc acgtgatata atgactgaaa cccgaacgat gatgaagatg     61380
     aacgattcaa ttctttttcc ggctctaaac gcatatgatt ggcccatgat gaacgaatga     61440
     ctcaaaccca atagaggact cgagagatga acggatcaat tctttttccg gctctaaacg     61500
     caaatgattg gcttctgcct ttccgcgatg aacgacttta aagacttgaa atgaacgata     61560
     ccacctgcac aaatgtgcgc acgcgcggat gaacgaatca ctccctgaga ggactcgtag     61620
     ttaccaagtc atattgaaga ctcattcaaa atgaacgaat cattcatgaa tgacccatca     61680
     ctaatactta gtgaaatcag gttggtggtt aaactgtatg atgaccgaaa tggccttaaa     61740
     caataactaa atgcactaca gaatgttacg tttacacaca tccacaaatt agatgtaagt     61800
     gcatcaatca gctttttaca gcgtaatact cattactcat aactcttgag tactttaaaa     61860
     aggtctgctt cttgctatta ttgtgagtaa tattcacaac agatattttt actctacttg     61920
     cactacattt ttgggcaagt aattgtactt ttacttgagc atgatttttt ttagtattct     61980
     tttcaccact gtgcagatct aaaacttcta cactatatta aatttcagat tcatttcttt     62040
     ttttattttg cattacactt ttcatttatt tttgtttaca ctttctcatt ttaagctaaa     62100
     tctaatttct ttatttttga tgtgaggcaa aatacgcact agtcaaatcc aaacactagc     62160
     attacctctt aactcatagc tgatgttgaa actgaaaagc aaatgctgtt cagaagcgcg     62220
     cacagccatc agaatgcttt ctcatttttg aagtgacatg ttggtatgag aagcagagtc     62280
     tgcagggccg agaggaatct gcgcagccgg cttcacttcc cagcatggct ccggcctctc     62340
     caagtctctc gctgctgtgc ctgaccccct ccaaactctt ttgtgcgaag acccctggcc     62400
     gctttctggc ctttcacatg agactgtgtc aaattattcc cctcgagccc ccctccacga     62460
     ctcagtagct ccttctcacg tgcatcagtc tgaaacacaa agccagagga aaagagggcc     62520
     aaacagaggt aatgaactgg atggggaaag atctcaggtc ttaaaacgga gcgatgtaac     62580
     atacatgacc tgtgttttga agaggtctgt atgtagcctc ctggagtcag gttcatgcta     62640
     gcacctttga tttcaggcca ggacctgttg agtccatgca gctcaaaaac agaggccttt     62700
     agagccggag cggggctcac gggacggcct gctgctcttg gcttgggctg agctgttttt     62760
     ccttgacaaa atctcattga agaagaccaa aagctcaatg tattgaggta cagagaggtc     62820
     agaggaatgg aggacttggg gcaaaaataa aaatttaaag tcaccatgaa atcaaaatgt     62880
     actcttctta tttaaatatt tatattgtgg ttcttattat aaatgtttta tctgcgcact     62940
     tcattattgt gtaaacttta ttattaactg taatcgaata tcataacttt tccttcttct     63000
     ttaaacgcct ttcttcactt cctggtcaca tgaaattcct ttagtgtcgg gctatcagtc     63060
     ctttagagcg gggctatcag tcttttaggg cggggctatc agtgcacgtc ttgtatctgc     63120
     tctgaattca ccattcatcc atctttcttc aattcctggt cacatggaat ttctttaggg     63180
     cggggctgtc agtcctttag agtggggctt ttagttcttt agggcagggc tatcagtcct     63240
     ttagggtgag gctatcagta atttagggtg gggctatcag acatttaggg tggggctatc     63300
     agtcctttag ggtgaggcta tcagtaattt agggtggggc tatcagacat ttagggtggg     63360
     gctatcagtc ctttagggtg aggctatcag taatttaggg tggggctatc agacgtttag     63420
     ggtggggcta tcagtcctta agggtgaggc tatcagtaat ttagggtggg gctatcagtc     63480
     gtttagggtg gggctatcag tcctttaggg aatggatatc agtactttag agaggggaca     63540
     tcagtccttt aggacagggc tatcagtcct ttggggtgag gctatcagta atttagggtg     63600
     gggctatcag tcctttaggg tggggaaatc agtcctttag ggaggggata tcagtacttt     63660
     agagagggga tatcagtcct ttagggtggg gctatcagtc ctttaggggg ggggatatca     63720
     gtactttaga gaggggatat cagtccttta gggcggggct atcagtcctt tggggtgagg     63780
     ctatcagtaa tttagggtgg ggctatcagt cctttagggt gaggctatca gtaatttagg     63840
     gtggggctat cagtccttta gggaggggat gtcagtactt tagagagggg atatcagtcc     63900
     tttagggtgg ggctatcagt cgttttatgg tggggctatc attgcacgtc ttgtatctgc     63960
     tctgaattca ccattcatca atttttcttt aattcctggt cacatggaat ttctttaggg     64020
     cagggctatc agtcatttag ggaggggata tcagggtgag gctatcagtg ggtttctcat     64080
     tgctctgaat taatccattc attaatcttg cttcattctg ttagcaacgc ctgtctttca     64140
     acaaaccaat cgcttcccaa agaacaaaca tgtttttttt tttctaattt caggaacatt     64200
     tcaagtggat ctacatcatg atagtggaaa aaaaggataa tcttaacttt ggtttcatgg     64260
     cgactttaaa atgggccaaa aacttttttg gggataatta acactacact cttaaaggga     64320
     tacttcaccc caaaaaatgt ggcgttaaaa gaatagctca cccaaacaaa taaaaacttt     64380
     ctctattatg ttgaacacaa aaggagatat tttgaagaaa gctgacaacc tgtaaccgtt     64440
     tatatccaaa gtaggaaaaa actaattcta tgaaagtcaa aataaaaata atttgaatgg     64500
     tgttttaggt aagttagctt aattacaaca aaggctcatt ctgaaaacat agccccatat     64560
     acatttctgg agatcacgaa ttaggtagcc agaggtatac gtatggctgc atgtcatctt     64620
     ttaaaatgaa cgatatgggc cggtatgacg acgatccttt ttgcacttac cagctgaccg     64680
     attacctcca tattgatggc tttcacactg atatcagttt gctcaatagc ttgccatgtc     64740
     atcggcagac ttgagaaaaa aaatcaaata agtaaataac agggtgagaa tgtggtaaaa     64800
     tctgaaaaca tggtaaaaat caggcgaggg cttttcttct tctggattgc ttttaaaaac     64860
     tgtccgtttg gtttaggaaa gggggtgggc gggtcaatcg gtgcttttga aaacactatt     64920
     ggttgggttt agggaaagag gagggtgggt cagtcgattg ctcactccgt cagtcagtca     64980
     gtcagtcagt cagtcagtca gtcagtcgac agcggcctct ggtggttcat gtgagaagag     65040
     ctggcgtgaa tggcactcac aagagttatt tgagatctca aaaagaatac acagtgggga     65100
     tcaaaacctt tattcaaaga tgtcctaaaa ctattcaaac aaaacctgtt cgtatcatag     65160
     gacaattttg aaaaacttcc actttaaatg ttaacttatg tgtctgtgta tagtcatgtt     65220
     gtgaccaatc atgtgccaaa ctgtaatact ggccttaata ttattagcaa taatgatagt     65280
     gaggcaaaat tgctaaaaat gtaagctttt gattatttca cagtgttttt atattcagaa     65340
     cagctgtaaa tctgtttcca attaaaatca aaagagggaa atgaggagca cctattgagg     65400
     gcatgttggc agaagcagaa gagaaagcag cagctgtcag ataagagcaa ctccactctc     65460
     tagcagcttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     65520
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgtggc atcaggaata tactcttcat acctgggaga     65580
     aactgaatca caacttccac tggaacgggc tgtcaaagag ccagcagcac ctgctgtcct     65640
     ccggtccggg tgggccgtca catcaccagc ccagtccaat gattacatgc gaaaagatga     65700
     ttatgttatt tacacatgcc caaacacaga acagttgact gcttcacgca agctctggcc     65760
     ttgcacactc gcacattaac cagtcagaca tttcttccac acctaaattt ctccacacac     65820
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat acacaagtgt     65880
     tgaggaaata gccctggcca aacaacataa gctgcatcca atcaaaaatg agccacagaa     65940
     tgaagcttct caaagaagac acaaagtact tcaaaagcag aaacaccaat cgtcttttaa     66000
     aactctatcc tttttttttt cttgtagctg tccttgtcag tgaatgactg aggaatgtgc     66060
     tctgtgcaaa tatatcacat tcttcctgaa aactccgttg ctgaggatta tggaggcatg     66120
     caaacaggga caccacctgc caaccggagc aacatctgtc tcagaaacgc tgaggaaaat     66180
     ccaccttttt aagatttaga gcaatggggg aaaagttgaa ttcaattcat ttatccactg     66240
     aaagatttaa acgatcaatt taaaactttt tgttgcaagc tgcgtttttc gttatacttt     66300
     ttttgtacaa aatctaaact tttggacaaa tgtttctcac tgttaaagag atttttatat     66360
     tttttcctat taaaaaatgc actcatggag ttttgttgat ttatatgctt gatctatcta     66420
     tctatctatc tatctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtcta     66480
     tctatatatc tatatgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     66540
     tcataattga ctttttacag tgtgataaga gtaaggtctt ataattcatt atagtgtaat     66600
     tataataatt ggtacatagt tataaataat gactatttat gcaaaacaat gcacaaacta     66660
     atgattcgaa ttatattaag catacaagat ttaaaaaatg tattggtaaa ctttaaaatt     66720
     gaaacatgat aaatacaaat acattatttg gatttctttg attttttatt tatttataag     66780
     gcaacaagtt tactttcttt ttttaagtaa tcaactaatc acttttacag ttttacagtg     66840
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     66900
     ttttacttaa aattcacttt aaagttagtt taaaagccag taaaccaatt tacttcattt     66960
     aactgttata agtatgcata gtttgtttac ttaattatat gcgattactt tcttttttaa     67020
     gtaagatcaa ctaatcaatt ttacagggat aaatagatta tatagataga tagatagata     67080
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     67140
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tgagtgtaac taaatccata ctgatgtgaa     67200
     cataatttga gtcaggtaca aaaacagaat gattggggtg ataggggtgc aggcggctgg     67260
     catgttggta atattcattc atacacacac acacatacac acacacacac acgcacacag     67320
     tcagtagggc aaccccctgc atactgaagc tctgccctgc tgctgaaagg ctggaacatt     67380
     cctgctctga cgagctgctg agcaatatga tcctctctct ctctccgagt gtgtagaaaa     67440
     agacagtagt agtagtagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     67500
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagtgtg tgtgtgtggg agagagagag     67560
     agagtgaacg tgtgcaggga aaaaaagact gagtgaaaca gttagacgag tagggttcac     67620
     ttactacgaa cttcacgggg aactgaaggc ttgagtacgt actttgactc cgcggcgttc     67680
     acgcgtctgc gcgcctggaa cagagagcga gcaaagcggc atatctttcc tcttttcccc     67740
     gttgttttgc actttgagcc cgcgtctaat ggagggcccc gtacggatct gccatcggga     67800
     gaatgtgttt cgctgctagt gtgtccggct gcccgcagct tttgccctcc tgtgaaaggt     67860
     aagaaacttc ggagagtgtt cgcagacatg ccaagggaag agattcttcc gctgaacagt     67920
     gtgaagagtt catgtattct ctttatttat tcttcgcgag acgcagcggt ctgcaaacac     67980
     catagctgag gagaaagtgt aaatcacttt tgttttgttc tggaatgtat ggaaatcgtt     68040
     gtaccgtcat actgaagtga gcagaacttt tagatttgag ggttgtaatt tactctactt     68100
     acttgtaact cgtctaaatg tcaaaatgta aggtgtaaac aaatgaatag ttttgttttg     68160
     cttgcataaa acaataactt tcctcccaaa aatatataaa caaatcaaaa catttcgatt     68220
     gttacagggc gtaataagag aagtgtgtag agtttaacga ctttaaatat atttataatg     68280
     ttattttata atgttttaac gatttttagt gtatcagttt atggaaaaaa agtttatcaa     68340
     agtttttttt attgcagaaa gttgactttt cattagtttt aaagtgtttg aagtgtagaa     68400
     actacactaa aaaatgcagg gttccacaca attcattcac gttgtcccag cacaaattga     68460
     taacttgaca cttttaacaa atttatgtgg cttgaacata aaaaattaag ttgtccctat     68520
     gaaatctcaa gaattatgtt atttcagctc attttaaata agtttgaggg ggcgaatata     68580
     tatatagagt gtaggcttca gggtgaagtt ttacagagta agtgtataat atgtgataat     68640
     tttccttgga gtgtaaaagt gtgctgaata aaagtttcta cagtataaaa cataaaaaaa     68700
     gtggttagca taaaaaaaaa taaaaatcag ccttataaaa aaaaagccat tacacttttt     68760
     ttctgagtgg atttgatgta ttgttcattt ttcctgacag tgtttttaat cataaatcta     68820
     accctaagaa caaaacatga tgttcttgtt ggcctaaggg gcttatagag tcatgtcaga     68880
     aaacatataa agattaaact atttaaaatt gagagtgttt tgtgttgtta gtgtgatcgt     68940
     aagctcctat agtaaattta ggtgttgaat gcaaagacaa cagattaaat aatcagtcaa     69000
     aacataatat tcattttagt agcactcatt tgaagtgtct tagttgacat ccaccccatg     69060
     gatttttaat cgtatgtgtt tattaagatg aagtgatgat gattacttta gcgctgttgg     69120
     aacttgatta tagacatttt tttgtgatga aaacaaaccc gacaatatgt gttagcgaga     69180
     ccccaaacac tcagctcttt gaaatgagat acctgtgaga cagaagagtt tcttttcatt     69240
     ttttttctac tggaaattaa atagttctag aaataattaa agttataaca aaaatagaac     69300
     attgaatgca atgaaggttt taatgttgca ttttaaatga tctaaaatga gcatttgatc     69360
     tcattattac acactagtta ttagtattta gagataaaag gtttagattt agccttagcc     69420
     acatttgata gacatgctta ttttatttta aatacactgt aaaattgcta agttttgtat     69480
     ttggacaaca taaagcaatt aagttaactt agtttttaca catttaagtg gattgaacat     69540
     aaaataatta ggtcgccccc caaaaaaccc aaaaattgtg ttgttttacc ttattttgaa     69600
     taagtagttt gaacaaacat cacttgcact ttaaatgcac tgattcgtgt tttcaaacat     69660
     agactgacaa aaatgtctta gaattgttgc aaacaattta tttgggatga atttaaacaa     69720
     acaaattaag ttagcagtgc ttaatttatt cgtttaaacg cagcccaaat aaattcttta     69780
     cagccacttg acttaaaatt gtttgtaagt ccaagaatca tctctgaatc attttttcag     69840
     tgacaaaaac tcatatttgt atattatttc aattatttaa atatatatcc caagagttaa     69900
     taagtcttag aatttaaata aacccatttg catgttaaac atctcaaaat actcaagaat     69960
     tcttcagaat atatttaatt ttggttgacg atttcttcta tattgcatgc attcttgtta     70020
     actctatatg cttttggaga tgattacttt tttgtgttgc ttatttgtat actgatgttt     70080
     atgatcccac gagctgatag agttttgtat ctgtgtattg ttcctcccgt gggcgtaatg     70140
     actcttttga tgttccgctt ctaaagaggc gtaaatggat gcctacatgt ggcatgtgag     70200
     tggcttttgt gcgatcagag aggttaggac aacatgactg ctgggtaaca aagccctcat     70260
     gcttttctgc tcgggagaga ctgaaagatc gtctcaagat accagcacaa taaaaaaaaa     70320
     aaggttttaa aaagtgattt ccaggaaaag gcaagtgtaa tgaatgaacg ttttaatttt     70380
     tcagcacatt cacagctttt taccaaacca tgcatttagc tggagattgc tatgcagtta     70440
     tgttgtggtt tttttatggg atgtgtgaaa gacatagagg atgagctact gtaggacagc     70500
     agtgtcaact tttatcatca tgtcttattt ttgtctgggc tggaatgttc aactcggtca     70560
     cgtataatcc acctgttggc tctcattttt tgatgatcgt tttagaataa acaacagtgc     70620
     tgatgggata aacgtatgct tatcgtcgaa tcgtaatcac tacacaacaa agtcttgctt     70680
     tgcgcagttg gagctgtcta atttgtttcc tgtcgcactg gttggttaca gataaaacaa     70740
     tgtttagagt tcataaccgc agtaatattg gagatgcaca actggggttg tgcttaaaat     70800
     gttctgctgt ggttaaagtt ttcagttttg ctctttcggt tgtatttttg gtttggtttt     70860
     caagtgccat gttgagtgtg tattactccc cttcttcaga agaattttta gccttaagtg     70920
     atatcagagt tagcagacga gtagaaacgt aatgtttcag tatcttgaca gtagctgtaa     70980
     tgttttcaaa acatgagtta ttttgcactg cacacatagt tttagagtag actgatgtca     71040
     taataattgt aactaatgat taaatgtgat gtttagcatt ggaagttaat ttaaataatc     71100
     agtttattca tgttaagttg tctcactgac tctgtatgtg ggtctgtatg tttgtgtgtg     71160
     aaataactta ttcagttttg cagtcgctgc atttgttgat ctttattaag acttgtctta     71220
     aacctttttt taaaatatac atttaaagtc agaattataa gccccctgtt tattttttcc     71280
     cccaatttct gtttaacgga gagaaactaa tttctagaaa ctgatttatt ttatctttgt     71340
     caagatgaca gtacataata ttttactaga tatgttctaa gacacttcta tacagcttaa     71400
     agtgacattt aaaggcttga ctaggttaat taggctaact tggctggtta gggtaattag     71460
     gcaagttatt gaataacgaa agtttgtttt gtagacgata gaaaaaatat atcgcttaag     71520
     ggggctaata attttgacct taaaatgttt ttaaaaaaat taaaaactgc ttttattcta     71580
     gccgaaataa aactttatca gacatagcct actgtgaaca tttttttgct ctgttaaaca     71640
     taatttggga aatatttaaa aacgaaaaca aaatcaaaag ggggctaata attctgactt     71700
     caactgtata tttgtgtgta ttcaagagct gcacaatatt gttttagcat caatatggta     71760
     tgtgtggatt tgcagtagtc acatcactag atatgcaatg ttgagtctga attattgttg     71820
     accagcagct aaagaattta tttaattact ttatttatat agaattaata taagattttc     71880
     tcacttagat tctcacttca ttttaaatca aaaacacgat tattttactc cattactcca     71940
     ataaggaaaa acttttaatt gtgccttatt tctactggat ttaaaacaaa acagtattct     72000
     tacttgatct tttttagatg tttttttttt tttttttttt ttatagatat ttggacttga     72060
     aacaagacaa aacaaagtaa aaaaagcatt tttgcattga aaggatttaa tttctgtacc     72120
     tgaacactta aactccccag aaaacgtcta tagtgctatt caagctatct tgtgaaactg     72180
     tattcatatc gtttttaaat ttatatgtac tttttaaagc aaaaacaaga tttttttact     72240
     ccactggcag ataattttgc ttgttagatt tttttttttt tagatatgtg gactagaaac     72300
     aagacaagca tgatagagat gattcaattt ctgtacctca acactgttag acttccccaa     72360
     aaaaccatat atttataata taacaattaa tttatatagc gcttttaaat ttatttgtat     72420
     gttttaaagc aaaaacaaga ttattttact ccactagcag ataagttagc ttgttttaag     72480
     gaaaaactct taattttgct ttatttctcc tgaatttgat tttatttatt tatttttttt     72540
     agatttattt tttaggtttt attttagatg gaatagaaac aagacaaaac atgattgaga     72600
     tgattcgatt tcttgaacac tagttagact ccccaaaaaa ccatcaaatt gagctattca     72660
     agcaatcttg tgaaactatg catatcacaa tatatatcac agaaaaataa agagtattct     72720
     attatttatt tctatttagt gtcattttag tgctattttc aaagttaaat agttggaatt     72780
     gatctttata caaactttca tgatgacgtt ttcaccatcc cacttttttt ggtaagtttt     72840
     tagtaataaa aagtaaggtt ttctgggcca tcttcctttg atgcttttac ttatagtggt     72900
     tattaagctc ccacatctca gatgagatct ccgctttttt ctgctagtcg gatgtaatga     72960
     tgcccgtatg catccagtgt ttcaaaaaga ctttccttac ataggggctg cacttagaat     73020
     cgagaaaaag cgacgttcca gaaagaagta ccctgaatat tttcggtctc caggtgggca     73080
     ccctgagaaa acccatactc aggctgtatt ttgtactgga ggaggaggac agatattaat     73140
     ttcctcttca tatcctttag ttgaatgaaa acatgtttcg gtcactcttt attgtaaggt     73200
     ataattcctg ctatattaac aaaccattaa ctaagacttt cagatcagaa aagtattaat     73260
     gcgctgcttt ttaatattaa ggaagtcgat gggtttaggt attgcgtata ctgtaaaaag     73320
     caattagata ctttacttta aaaaaagtga gtaaacctgt tgcttttaaa gcaacaagtt     73380
     gattttactt aaataaagtc agtaaacgta ttaacctaac cttaataatt ataaggcaat     73440
     gagtttactc tcatttaggt aaaggcttag tccctttatt aatctgtggt cgccacagcg     73500
     gaatgaactg ccaacttatc cggcatatgt tttacagcag atggccttcc agctgcaacc     73560
     taacactcat tcacacacat acactatgga aaattttgct tacccaattt agtaaagtgt     73620
     aaagtgttaa aattacagag ttagattttg ataaatgaac acaatcagag tccaaagctg     73680
     gcaacgcagt ggcgtagtag gtggtgctgt cacctcacag caagaaggtt gctggttcga     73740
     gtcttggctg ggtcagttgg cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc catgttcgca     73800
     agggtttcct ccgggtgctc cggcacagtc caaagactga ggtgaattgg gtagggaaaa     73860
     ttgtccgtat tgtcaatgag tttgtatgga tgttacccag agatgggttg cggctggaaa     73920
     ggcatctgct gtgtaaaaca tatgccggat aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtagtgacc     73980
     ccaaattaat aaagggacca agccgaaaag aaacgaatta attaatgaga gtccaaagct     74040
     gctttgatcc agtgtaaaat caaagagtta caggtattca acacttgatg gtgttatttc     74100
     caacattcac ttgacccaac accttaatag aacatgaaag tcatgccatt tttaaagtct     74160
     taaaaagtgt taatttgtaa aaaagtgtaa gtttgtgatg atggctgtcc agtgttaata     74220
     tctttttgtt gataaaaatg attaataaca taattgtgat tttatttttc tgtctttttt     74280
     tcattcttgg agaattgtcc tatgtaagta actatcaatc gggagaatta taatgtttac     74340
     taggtagact agagttaaat tctctctgtt aaagtgttga attttcactt tttacactag     74400
     agtcggagaa caatcaactc ccaggagagt agaccagagt tattttttta actctataca     74460
     gtgtaaatat aactcattta cagtgtggta caggtaactc tctcaagagt gttaatttaa     74520
     ctctgaaaat attgtgacga tcgggtaaca tgattgcctc acagcaagta ggtctccggt     74580
     tcgagcatgg ctggatcagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccccatgttg     74640
     gcacttgttt cctcctggtg ctccggtttt cccccacagt ccaaagacat gcagtacaag     74700
     ttaattgggt aagctaaatt ggccgtactc tatgtgattg ggtatgtaat tgtgattgag     74760
     tgtgtatggg tgtttcctag tgatgggttg cagctagaag ggaatccgct gcataaaaca     74820
     tatgctagat aaattggcag ttcattcctc tgtggtgacc cctaataagg gactaagcca     74880
     aaaagaaaat taatgaatga atgaatgttc acttatttga cgttgatttt aactcaaaac     74940
     attgttatag ttttgaatat tgttagcagt aggaattggt acgtaaacta aagtgttacc     75000
     caagattcta aggtcatctt tttgcataac ttgctagaca gagaggtact gatcttcaag     75060
     tgcttttgcg atttagtttc tttcatgttt cgatcaagat ccttaatgaa atgactcgat     75120
     gacattttgt gattgcaaag tcatgaccca tcagtgttct tgcgctaatt acaagcattt     75180
     ctaaatcatt agcagggcat cggttatcca gtacagactg gagctaaacg ctgcagttct     75240
     atttagagcg ctagaataat gtttggccgt ttagagggtt ctgggtaatg ataaacacat     75300
     ggggctgttg aaaaggtatg ctaagtggcc aatttgaatg taagcatgtg taatgattcg     75360
     gacccagtga tggcctttcc agtcgttttg gtggtctgtt gtagtttgtc gcagtttgtg     75420
     ggctggaaat gcaacttcga atcaatacat ggccaagcac aaaccctgtc tcgcgagtga     75480
     ggactatgct tgttgtggga gatcattccg ggcggaagag acaggcaagt aaaagtggat     75540
     tgagcaatcg agatgacgtt ttctgctgtt ttttttttaa ttccatccgt gtgtgtttgg     75600
     gctgcgggca ggatagaatg taaatgcaca ttaaaaatga gtgatgaata tgttttagta     75660
     gctttgagct gcagtctggg cgtgttagcg tgggagactt gagcgaatga gagaaagttg     75720
     gagagtcaat gaggaggcac tctgggtata tttatggagt cattcactgc cctgcctcga     75780
     ttgcccaaca gatgttgggc agctcttcgt tttaccccca ccctggacag ggagggataa     75840
     gagtgatttt gtagggtagt gtggttgatt tagcttgggg ctataatctt tgctcccaac     75900
     atcattccta gattagctgt tgaacatagg tggttatttg gattaaacta tgtttacata     75960
     ggggagtgtg caataatcgc taaataaatg tatattgtga tctaacttta tatatataca     76020
     gtatttcatc ttttgcaacc tctctgttgc ttaattttta atacacggaa aatatatgtt     76080
     ggttccctaa ttccgtgcgg aaaatacaga tgtggtcacg cagtgtggca agcgtaccat     76140
     ttctctgcat gcttaatcag ccccattctg attagagaaa ccaccaaaca gatttgcggg     76200
     tcattttaat tgggaccatg acatccgact tccaacgaga taaagaatgt ttcatagagc     76260
     tggaagactt caggatggca catcacacat accataactg cactgataat gagttggtcc     76320
     accacccgga ataattgact ttaatccctg aagtgcaggt ctcattagtt cgggttagct     76380
     gacagccgtc gtccttctgg agtgccgtag gaactggaga gggattacgg ctggctgcca     76440
     aagctttgct gtgctttagg gccctggtgg tggtgatgga tagcgtccag cagctatgta     76500
     cattgggtga atggtacatc acacaggttt tgcttctcgc tcaacagatt gtagtaaata     76560
     ttactctgaa tagatgatcc taatacaatg gaattcacta gacgccaagg tcatctccca     76620
     ctggtctgag gcaacaataa gtgctcgtga tttataaccc atcatacttt taatgtcctt     76680
     ggagttgaac taaattatag acgcatcctt aaaatctact ccttagattt taagctaaat     76740
     taattgtcac actaaaccct aaagttatgc ttctgacata tttattagcc agatatagaa     76800
     atattttcct cttttgcttt ttcattacac atttctccaa aaactattgc aggttttatc     76860
     aagaccatag gaggtaaaag ttaggtacag tcgagtgtac caaagctgtt ttataatata     76920
     aaaattcctt atatttatat aagcttttat ggacactcaa agtgctttac acatttttga     76980
     gggggaatct cctcatcccc cactagtgtg cagcatccat ctggatgacc cgacagcagc     77040
     catattgcca gactccacac cacacacacc agctgattgg tggagaggat tcaaagccaa     77100
     ttatgatatg gagatggtta ggaagccatg atggacagag gccaatgggc aaatttggcc     77160
     aggatgcctg gcttaaaccc ctactatagg gacatcctgg gatttttaac gaccacagag     77220
     agtcaggacc tcggcttcac atctaatttg aaagatgcca ctgagtagta tagagtcccc     77280
     attaaaatgc aaggggcgtt aggacccaca cagatcgcag gttgagcggt acctgctggt     77340
     ctaactaaca ccacttccta gcaacctagt gttcccatgt ggtctcccat ccaggtgctt     77400
     accacacaca gcattgcaaa gctttagtgg gcgacaatgt caaagttaca gagagctagc     77460
     tatgtaatag ctatgtaata tgtaaattaa ttaatttctt gtgatgggga ttgtcgttta     77520
     aagaagttat gtttttcttt gtgtcacact gcagatttgt gacctaagaa ggagtatact     77580
     tacattatca ttaaatattt aattatttaa aaaaataccc ccttccccca ctgacgtttt     77640
     tgcaatatgt gggacaatta gagcacattg ctttccctgg ggccatgttt gtggtgaact     77700
     tttgaacttt actcactgct gacagttccc acattataaa aaagtaaagc aaagcctgac     77760
     cttgtgcaga atgtaggagg gttttctgca tcctcggcac cttcctgttt tttaagattc     77820
     atttctcgga gagttcctgt gctgactctt cttcaccaga tcctgttctc tgtccagccc     77880
     tgagagcagc cactcctctt gtatgttttt ttttcttttt ctacttgttt agtaccagcc     77940
     cagctacacc acagctttct atttcaaatg ctgcagctca aaggcgacat ctgacatggg     78000
     ttttctctgc agcccaatgc ccaagccagg caacagatca gcaggactat attaaggcaa     78060
     aagtggccac gactggctcc cccttgctcc tgacaaacag actgtttgtg tggaagggct     78120
     gcacaactgg cggatcagag cctgaggcac tgtgggtact actgctgtga ggcctgtggt     78180
     tgcaagtgcc attttgagct tcgcaatgcg ggaagaggca gcccctctgg ggaacgaagt     78240
     taaatggtca tttatagagt ctttttcaac tgcttcagga aacaggaatt aattacaggg     78300
     gttagcccga agaaggccct gcattgttat gcctctgacc catctcttta gaacggccca     78360
     gattagatta agatacagga tgggagatgc ataatattta tgattgtggg acagacaagc     78420
     atcctggtct gtgtccgtaa aacctcatcc aatggcgctt tgaatgaggc cttttataaa     78480
     tgttccccag ctgttaaaac caatgagcca ctactagtag atcctgcggt ggaaaggtct     78540
     atcggagatg ttctaaatgc agggtgcatt attatttgta atttttaagg ttatcttagt     78600
     gttatgctgc attcacacca gacgcagaac gcgtgtcaag cgcaagtgat ttacatgtta     78660
     agtcaatgca aacgcgcgaa cagacatcct gcggcgcgat atgtgcgaat gacgcaaagt     78720
     gcgggaatgg cgcggtgcga atggcgctat acacgcgaat cacttgagtt cgaaaatctg     78780
     aacttcagcg gacattcgtc ctgcgttagc caataagaag cttgctcttg tgggggcgtg     78840
     attgtgacgt atcgcctgtt gtcagtgttc agtccatcaa actgggctag ctcagtcaga     78900
     agcaccgctg aaagcctccg tcatccaggt tcaatttctg gaggagttta tgagttcaca     78960
     gagctggatg cacctcttaa aggatgtagt ggactcagac acgaccctaa acgtatcgaa     79020
     gctgtttttc agtcttcata aagcacataa gcactgttat tttcttcgta aaatccatgt     79080
     tagccatttt gctatgaagc tagagtcacc gggcagacag aagccctgcc catcatgtga     79140
     atccgcgtct gttctgaagt gaatttgacg cgcaaatgaa gcagggtttg atgcgcgaat     79200
     aaagcgagta acctcaaatg ttcacgcggc tatttacgag cgaatagcgt gatttatccg     79260
     cgcgttccgc gtctagtgtg aacacagcat gaaggttatt attgtcatca tcttatgcta     79320
     ctgttttgag cctgctcaca ccatcagcag atggctaaag cttgaacttg actgaaagtt     79380
     taacatgtta acgtaatctg acatgaagcc agtgatagca attcagacaa gcatgtttgt     79440
     tgaactcaca ccacacaatt tgttttgtta ttttggaagc actggaaaac atgacctctt     79500
     ggcttgcaga ggactgcaag acaagacaga taaacattta gacaacctaa atagattcag     79560
     tcagaggcgg cgtttggagt ggatatttat ttcagagccc tcaagcttga acatacaagg     79620
     cagagagttg gccttatgct tttgaggggt tttcaacaca ctcaaaacga ataattcagc     79680
     ctttacagcc tcttagtact tgtttgtttt tgttctgtga gactaatttt tcaattgtga     79740
     aaaccaatgc ttgaaaaggc aggttaaaaa ataactgaag atgtactttg aaacttgata     79800
     ccatattaat ttatcttggg tgagtttgaa gcatgtatct aagtgtaaat tttatgtttt     79860
     ataatctttt ttttgtggta gcatgaaagt ttaaacgttg tttctggtcc ttattatttg     79920
     caagtgatga tttcaagttc tgctgtcttc ttgtttttgt tttgtgcatg ctttgaattg     79980
     cagcttctga tatatatccc tgccctgtga gggcttttgg tcacaggcca aagacctatc     80040
     gtagggatac taagcaggac ctgttgtgta gctgtatgtc cagcttagtt tccatagaga     80100
     tggagaggtg atggaatcca ggagggtgag ggaggactgt atctgagctg aagcagagag     80160
     agagagaaag cagagatatg cagacattag gtggaaaaac actaactgcc tctaactttt     80220
     atgcagcact gaattatcag aaacttgagt ctgtttttat gtttgcaaga cttattagtg     80280
     tggacagagt gaagaacagg tcaaattcaa accggcgttt cctgcacaag caacaaagct     80340
     taatatgtct ggaacttgtg caaacagcta ggtcacagct ctgacatgtt actcttttct     80400
     ccagttaaag gttttggaat ttgagtgtgt agcatgcatc gtagatgtca cccaatgctc     80460
     tgctgactgt aacccccgca catacagact tgctctcatc caccactgct tgcctgatga     80520
     atcagacact cttggcaaag cctgcctatc aactttgtct ctcagcacac cctctggaca     80580
     gacagaaccg ctgtctctcc tgtctctaac attcctcctc tccattagaa ttacccttcc     80640
     tgtgtgaaaa cgtcccctcg agggttctga gtaactgtga actcagctgg aaggatattc     80700
     tgtagcttcc acaatgctgt gggtgttgtt agttatgcgt gttgctttgc cacagttttg     80760
     gctgctgccc tttgcagcag gataccctga gatccatttc cagtgtccga gacgacccta     80820
     ttgagtttca gtcctctgcc taatccctgt tgttgaaaac cttgggaaac agccccctta     80880
     cctctgcacc cctcctttct cactacctcc ccttccacac catctcctcc tcctattccc     80940
     aggcaaacaa gacgccacag aacaaactct aattaagagg gttcttctgt actgtactgg     81000
     ggctaagggt ctccctccca ccctgtctta ccgagcgatc tgtgtgtgga gtgtttgtga     81060
     ccaaggccaa gctgcctggg gcaggaatta gcacagtctt cctggtctga ggcctggcac     81120
     tcatgggaag gaggcggagg tagacagggt tgctgctgaa acccccccgg gatgagagtg     81180
     gagggaaaga gatgtgtgtg ttcttggtaa acagtgcttt gttagaagtg actgtctgat     81240
     ccctggggcc tctgttctca ttcctctcta ctctcctcct ctcccatctt tccttttact     81300
     gttaaccaca ctgcggtcac ccaggctgtg ccccgtcaac ctcgcgagca tctcacccca     81360
     aggtcaccta cactctgtag actctgatat gatttcctgc aaacagaggc aagttgcgtt     81420
     ctatggcaga gaaggccagt cctggaaagt agaatcaaac ttttgatgta attcctctcc     81480
     agacatgctt atagttgatg gttaacctct gttgtgtttt attctgaata gcggctgata     81540
     aggcacaact gtagtttgat tttcatctct gctcatggta aaagaagtgc agttttatgc     81600
     taggtacttc acagatgtgt ctgactattt ctatcccagc cacccccccc accctctctc     81660
     tctttaataa tgtctgcacc ctttaatcac tgctcagttc agaggcccag tatttccatt     81720
     cattagtccc atctgcatgg cctggagctg ccctcattcc tgccatttgg accaaaagta     81780
     gcctgttata ttcccagtcc taccatccat acaggccttg gttcccactc ctttaactct     81840
     tctccctttc ctgaattgcc aggtctttct gattgcacca agtcaagaca ttgtactgtc     81900
     agttgacttt gaggattaca agcaaggttc acacagtttg agtttgtctg tcaggcatta     81960
     tctggggaaa tgagctgagg tttggcaagc atccatctcg ctatgaatcc cttttttcca     82020
     ctggcttttt ctttctcata ctatctgcct cctgtccttc ctgtctcact tatcttgtct     82080
     ttcttttatt gttgggaggg gggcttacta catctacctc tctctttgcg tctgtcatat     82140
     ttgtcttgct tttttatttt tgtaacctat gcactgctat atttgttttc cttcacctct     82200
     ctctctgtgg aatgtgtgga gagcagcttc tctgtcagca tttgtggggg acgagtgtgg     82260
     acaggtttaa aatactgaat atcaatctca ctacacaggg tcagatcaga ctatcagaaa     82320
     agactttcac tctacctttt caccatgttt aattgtgtct tccgttctgt tttttttaca     82380
     tatttcttat tatggtagcc cctcatgttg ttagtgcttt gtatgctggt aatttatttg     82440
     tggggtcttt tttccatgtt tgttcagtat gatattaaac tgggaagaag gcaggtgact     82500
     ctcaaaatat tgccattcat aggaatgcat gtaacactac ctgtcagtag gtttctagtc     82560
     ggaatgttta tttttcctac tgtcatcctg tgtcattttc tgctaatact tcatctgtct     82620
     tagttcaaat gtgtgccaaa gaatttaaga agagggtgtt tttgtaagct atgtgccaca     82680
     tatagatttg atggtatcag aggcaccttt attcatcatt gatactcctt tctgcacatt     82740
     aaataattgc tggagtagtt gggacagcat attgcagaac gtattaattg taaggacaga     82800
     tgcttattga catttaacgg aaatcaggtc ttccttcact gcactttggc aaaatcttag     82860
     gtatgacctt gatcttggag aagaaataga aaagaaaaac agttttttgc tctgacaact     82920
     gataaggata gatttattat catcaactgc ctgtgggttt gtttgactgc ttgtgatcaa     82980
     gctatttgga agcctctctg taaaacactc agtgtgtgta tcttctcttc tggcttgata     83040
     aaatcttcac tcaaacttgt aaatgcaata ccagaaatga atgaggcacg tagaagtctt     83100
     ccataccagt tggaggctct ggagtagtaa actggtctaa gattcatgca tgccaataaa     83160
     ataaactttc tgatctgcaa aattagtttg ggatggaaag tgccaaagtt ccaaccagga     83220
     tccataacat gttaagcaag aactttattg ttttaccatt ttcaccatct aaagtttgag     83280
     aatgatttgc ttgactgatt cctgaaagac ctctgtgaca aacgagtccc cgcattgatc     83340
     ctgtgggcca gcctgacctc ccgccggtgc catactcaca cctgcagttc tccacgatgg     83400
     acatccagct tcaccagcct ccggcaccta gactgcagcc ctacacagaa agtttggcca     83460
     gaagaataat ggtcatgtcc attgtttttc cccattactt catcaattgg tgaagttttt     83520
     ttcctcgcca ctgtcaccac tggcttgctc agatcgggaa ttgtggagct gtgcttcgct     83580
     gcatttgctc tgcagttttg aactttcagc agtgaaattt aaaccacact gaactaaact     83640
     aaactaaact taacctctga aatctgtact ttactagaac tatgttaagc tgctttgaca     83700
     caatctatat tgtgaaaagc gctataaaaa taaacctgaa ttgaattgac ttgcacacta     83760
     gcttgactaa cagctagcta gcctcaacca tcatagaaat aaatgcttgt ctaggctggt     83820
     cttagacagg taaaaacagt gaaaatcctc tgtcaatgat ttactaaaat aacactacaa     83880
     agaccattaa atgtcaaatt tgagagttcc aaacatcggg ccctatcata cacctggcgc     83940
     agtgtggcgc aaggcacggc gcagtagtct tttggtagtt tcagcttggc gcaagagtcg     84000
     ttttgaggcg ttgcgctacg ctgtttaaat agcaaatgta ttagcgctca tttgtatgct     84060
     cataggcgtt ctggtctaaa aaggaaggcg ttctgaggcg gaccgctggg gcgttgctat     84120
     tttgagaaac tataatagat ttttcattag accaaaacta acccggtcta aactccggcg     84180
     cagagttgcg cctcgcttac acactgctta atacgcacag tcattattgt taatttattc     84240
     gtttgctaga aattagaact gaatttagaa atagttttga aacaaatctt tgcgcttaac     84300
     aaacgaaatt aattatttat aggctaattg atgtctgtgc ttaaagattt ccctatccaa     84360
     gagcgaaagt gaaagtagat catttatctc tcattctcac gcagtagatg ctctgtttaa     84420
     aagttttctg ttaaaaaact gttaactgtt tactgttcgc ttgtgaaatg cttatttttt     84480
     tccacttaga cttactttgc atcctgtaaa tagcgaatgc gctcttggcg tgacgcagct     84540
     gactcttaaa gggaatggga gataagactc taattggttt attctcaaaa cacacctata     84600
     actcattaag aaaataaact caaccctttt agaccatgcg ccatggcgca aggcagattt     84660
     cccgtcctta aattagcaga aacgcgtcct gacactccct gaaagcgttt gcgccctgcg     84720
     ttttgcgctc tgtgcatgga ccgtcaaaat agagcccatc aacttaaagt agactgatct     84780
     ggtttctatc tggttctatc tacaaagctt gtaatttatg gtcattggat gttccatact     84840
     caagcgttct tgtttatacc ataagtagtt cagcaatagt ctgtcaactt aatgtatgtt     84900
     attgctttta gtttgttatc ttctcttttg atgtagcctg tatgatggag atcttcttga     84960
     ggtatacggg acttcccttc tgccatcaga catgtctcgg cactttgcta cccactctgt     85020
     ctttctctat acttatatct ctgttattga aggcttaaga ctgctcgaat tctcggctgt     85080
     ctctcctacc tgcatgtagt agtagctacc tgtctctctc tctctctcag atggaggaca     85140
     gcagatatcc tacaaagtgt ctctctgccc tgagcctggc acatctaggc ggatgtcaaa     85200
     agaaaggcac agagataaaa cacaggaatg atgcttgtgt ttcctcgtca tgccagatct     85260
     gttgtagaga tagcaaggga tgcagcgtca ctcctcacac ccgatatctc gagccaagct     85320
     tacaccccct caagggtaca tactataatc ttctaagcac agtcttgtac accgaggatg     85380
     gtgttgccta tctttgtctg tgggtcttat tcaagactct tgttattgtt gtaattatat     85440
     attattattc tgggagtgag aagactgttt ccaccgatgg catacgggca ctgcggaggg     85500
     cttgttggga ctcgtggaca aagacatgct acccttagaa tccttggatt gatgaaccat     85560
     acactcacat atggttatag ccattgcata cacatttgct atgtttatga ttttaaaaaa     85620
     atatatgaca ttgagctcta aaggtgtata gattgatcca attattaatt tgacttgctt     85680
     tctggcttgt tgggctgttt ttgtgcttat caagagcaga cgatgtcagc cttttcatac     85740
     cctttttttg gggtgacccc aatgggtggg gccatggctg acagacaccc gctgactttc     85800
     tgctctctgg tgacccttga cctttgagtt tagagggggc gtgagcagga ggatgggaga     85860
     gtttattatt tcctgtgttt cctacttcgt cttcctcttg agtagtctct cgggggcggg     85920
     tgagatgata tttatgcatg tgtatgtttg atgcttgcag ggagtgtttt tggggcctct     85980
     tttagctaaa atgaatgatt ggctccttta aaaagaaagt ttactagatt tctttgtcct     86040
     aaccttggac atgcatcaac tgtcccagtc acaaaactct gttactccat gaggaaagtt     86100
     tttttgggat tctataattg ttaacattta atgaaggaaa tcatggtaaa tactgtatac     86160
     atttagtatt cctaataaaa taaaacaggt gcacttttaa atgttgcaca atatttaccc     86220
     ctgtaatgca ctcttgtcca aatattggga tgttactgat atttgcacct tttgtaaaaa     86280
     caaatgtgaa gacatttgac acttgttttt tttcatgcaa tgtatcatta ttgttttgga     86340
     atgatttaag ttcacattgc ttttccaagg ttaatatgag ttgtaacaaa gtccctttaa     86400
     ggcaagtcat ttcactcagc ggtcatcttt gaaacgcctc ccgggcattc tgtttgaata     86460
     gggaaacatc aaatcctcca aaactactag ccaagcttat gaataaattt catgatataa     86520
     ataaccaata aaataaaaca acaactgact ctacggtttc ttttctaaat gttcatatca     86580
     cacaaaacct gcagaatctc acgtttggtt tgagcccctc cctcagagaa ttgacattct     86640
     atggtgatcg ctgattggct cctttactag aaggcgaact ttattcacca tatagcgatc     86700
     gctgattggc tcctgtacta gaaggcggac tctattcgcc atatagcgat cactgattgg     86760
     ctcctgtact agaaggcagg ctttattcgc catatagtga tcactgattg gctcctgtac     86820
     tagaaggcag gctttattcg ccatatagcg atcgcagatt ggctcctgta ctagaaggcg     86880
     gactttattc gccatatagc gatcactaat tggctcctgt actagaaggc aggctttatt     86940
     cgccatatag tgatcactga ttggctcctg tactagaagg caggctttat tcgccatata     87000
     gcgatcacta attggctcct gtactagaag gcaggcttta ttcgccatat agcgatcact     87060
     aattggctcc tgtactagaa ggcaggcttt attcgccata tagcgatgtg tcacaatgct     87120
     atggtgtcaa gggtagttga ctgggcattt cagtatggtt gctagtttgc tctttgttta     87180
     tttagcataa tgctatcagg tgtctgaggt tctatgagtt gttgtgattg acaaaaaagg     87240
     ccaattccaa gtttggtccc aagatataaa tcacacccca tcttcagtgt cattttgcag     87300
     aaacattaaa aatagcatta aacagaataa aaacactgta gaaggaattg gtatgcttga     87360
     gtatgactaa cactgagcat gtgtgtcctg tcacagaccg gttcagctct agtggtccca     87420
     cccagacatc acctctttaa tttaacccag tcgagtggca tgtcctttgg gttgatgttg     87480
     ggccgggcac agagccccat ggcaccctca gtgtgaatat cacagctggg cggccattgt     87540
     ccgccaaccc ccggcccaaa ctacactcac agaccaggag cctgtgatca aaggccctcc     87600
     ggattaacgc agcccagata cacaggactg gcgctagggg agggatgggt tcaaaagcaa     87660
     agaggaatgc tcctaattac gctcctttca ctcttttccg tgtctcaccc tttgggcgct     87720
     ccccttgtct ttcttttagg gcggttgaga ctgtgtgtga gtgtgtgaac gccatgtgga     87780
     ggctcttcag gctacagtga gcctgtgaga aagcagtgca ctgtgacagg atagtgatat     87840
     taagagtaga ccacaagcag accctacgaa tgcagtccat cacagatggg cagaaatgaa     87900
     gggagcaagg gagaagaggg gttgttggtt gagggtgggt gagggggcgt agaggttcag     87960
     gaatttctgt ttcactggag aagcactctg tgggaatggg tcgtagatca gcagaaataa     88020
     atttctcctg ggtggaaggc tctgggagat caatgcgtgt ttaatggatg tcttaaagat     88080
     tattaaaaat aatgtttagg atgttgttta tattcctagg atttaactgt aaatatgtaa     88140
     attatcctat aaactgagct caactagcta cagagagaaa acagtgcaac tttgtagaaa     88200
     gaatgggtct gtgtaagaca ggggtgtcca aacttggtcc agtagggccg gtgtcctgga     88260
     gagtttagct ccaaccctaa tcaaacacac ctgaaccagc taattaagct ctaattagat     88320
     atgctagaaa cttcctggca ggtgtgttga agcaagttgg agctaaactt agcaggaaac     88380
     cggccctcca ggactgagtt tgaacacccc ccgtgtaaga gcactttaat gattcgtgtt     88440
     tgttcaagta gtccagcttc tctacaaatg tcttatacca agaatgacac ttctgtacaa     88500
     attttaattg tcatcttatg tattatggtc gttaattctc gatgcaactg tcaaagagaa     88560
     gtgacctatc tatgacctat ttaagagacc agatttggaa tttttcacct gggaatgata     88620
     gtataagcta agaccttaaa gactgttgaa ctgagctcaa ctagctacag acagaaaaca     88680
     gtgcaacttt gtagaaagaa tgggtctgtg taagacaggg gtgtcctaac ttggtcctgg     88740
     agggccagtg tcctggagag tttagctcca accttaatca aacacacctg aaccagctaa     88800
     tcaagctctt attagatatg ctagaaactt cctcctggca ggtgtgttga agcaagttgg     88860
     agctaaactc agcaggatac cggccctcca ggactgagtt tggacacctc tggtgtaaga     88920
     gcactttaat gactcgtgct tgttcaagta gtccagcttc tctacaaacg tcttatacca     88980
     ggggtgtcca aactcggtcc tggagggcca gtgtcataga gagtttagct ccaaccttaa     89040
     tcaaacacac ctaaatcagc taatcaagct cttacttcac atactagaaa ctttctggca     89100
     ggtgtgttga agcaagttgg agctaaactc agcaggacac tggccctcca gggctgagtt     89160
     tggacatccc tgtcttatac taataatgac acttttgtac aagtatcata tgtactatgg     89220
     tcattaattc tcgatgcagc tttcaaagag aagtgactta tctatgaact ttttaagagt     89280
     ctaaaacctt aaagactgtt attgttggag taattaaaac catatcttgc taccaaaata     89340
     ttagaggcgg taacctacac tggtctcaca gttccgttca gttaccatta tcatatcatc     89400
     gattgggttc agttctgtat catggtgcat tgatgatgct ttctatacac agttagattt     89460
     ttttcttcac acacaagaat tcttcaatta aattttttta aatacattta tatttataca     89520
     gtatataatt cgtaatgcaa ttttgtcctt taataaagca gttagatata tgtactgtac     89580
     cttcaataat taaatgtgtt cttacatccc tatgattggt cattgtattc acacgctcaa     89640
     ctgaaagagc gattggctct aaaattgtta gcgctgttca ccaataagtg acgtggacac     89700
     tgaagaatgc acggtaacag tctatatgtg tgtaacaaag catacattgc acagaaatca     89760
     cagctgatct gggatagacg gcatggaaaa cacttgctct acaaggcaaa ttgtgtcagg     89820
     gtccacaagt attgctttaa cagcaataga ggagaggaaa agttacctta caaacatgcc     89880
     aacagttcaa aggtccaaag tgagagagag agacagagag agagctttca ttttctctcc     89940
     agcattgaat taaggctgat ttttacttct gcgtcaaacg tgttgacgtt cacctctcaa     90000
     aaaatgtaac tacacgttgc aatgagcgta gtgcaagctc tgtgattagt cggcttggta     90060
     gcgctgatga gtctgggcag gacctagagc cgcgtgaatg atgcgagccc gatgaagcaa     90120
     ttgtttacaa gtgtggagtc ccgtgaagga gctccggatg gaaagttttg ttttgtgttt     90180
     acctcatagt taaagttgtt gcacgtccgc ccgtttctcc cttaaaatga gcaagtttga     90240
     gccacttgta catcccggaa gtgttcagga aaagcaaaac agcagcgaag aaactcgaca     90300
     cagaggaaca tttacacctc actgccaact agcgtttcgg aagtgttaat gcagaccaac     90360
     agagacagcg cgcagaagta taaatgcaca gctacgcgcg ttgcatgcgc cgtgggttac     90420
     gccggtcgct tgacgcagaa gtataaacca ggtatacgtg tctcctggtt ctgctgtact     90480
     ttagtgttgg tgaaagactg tccagcacat gcagtgaatt gtgcagttgt ctgcttttca     90540
     agtagttgga gcattttaaa tactcgccct tgcctcattc gaatagtcta ccgtgacagc     90600
     gcatataaga taaatgacgt agtacgtaat aatcggtaat gatctaataa tgaaccaata     90660
     acgaattgtc cacttctgca ttgtggtaca tcgaagaaac aattgatttt gacaccccta     90720
     caaaatatca atattgtatc gcccatgagc gttttttaat gaatgtgttt gactatgttt     90780
     caggtgtgga gtttatgtgg agggggtgtg tgtgaggccc caggttagtg cacagacgtg     90840
     aaacagcgtc atggaggacg gtggcctgag attattgtcc gctgtgcttt gtgtgtgcca     90900
     tactctgctc ctcaactgcc caagtgagta tcacactcaa aaaaagtcat tgcaattgaa     90960
     acacttacta agaagcagca ttcagccatc aaagttattc ttcctagcag gctgaagaat     91020
     gtagatgaaa tgtttttaat ttacttcatt ttatttttca gctgttcttt ctctctcttt     91080
     ccgtgcggag cctttctcag cgatactgaa gcaaggttct tcagtccacc tacattgcac     91140
     aacacatcca gccactgcca gaatcagctg gctgtttcaa gggcaaccac tagatcccag     91200
     tcaccattct ggagtggaac taagtccaga ctccctctca ctgtcaaacc tccaaccggc     91260
     tctcacaggc tcctaccagt gctcggctcg ctccgagaca ggctccatca tcagcaggca     91320
     tgcacgagtt accattgcag gtaagcacat ctgatcacat gtatattgtg ccaacaagta     91380
     cactttgaac tgtaagaaca attttacaaa caacaatgaa cttcaaagag attgccggag     91440
     aagaaagaca ggaagtatca gaaggcagat ttctcgaacc attaacactg ttagaatggt     91500
     caaccataga tgagtgtcgc aggggaagga aatggttctt ttttttttca gtctggcact     91560
     tatccagaca cctcttcagc agtatcctta atgagcctgg gggcttcctg tgtcgtacca     91620
     tgagctgatg ccgaaagggc gccctatcgg acacagtacc cccgacgctc gacccagggc     91680
     gtgatcaggg ttgcagataa ggctgcatta ttcagtggaa agcacatgtt ctccgccact     91740
     cacaatccaa tataaacacc acattgacag aaggtctttg tgtgaagtgc cgcagctacg     91800
     aatgaatata ccagtttatt gcacagctct tgcaaatgtc tgattggtcc cctgccacat     91860
     tctttggtca gatgatttgt gtaatgactg ttgtactgca taattgaacg tctttgctag     91920
     tttaatgttt ctaactacag tccctgacaa aagtcttgtc gcttgtgtac aaattgacct     91980
     aaagtgctgc tgaaatatat ttctgatcaa gattgtttta taagaaatgg ctcattttaa     92040
     tcccaacagc ttttgtaaca atgtttcagt gcaaaacgaa actgttaaaa agtgttctaa     92100
     tactcgcagc ttggtaaagc tcattgagtc aatttttgca aagacatgaa tgttgttgcc     92160
     ttgtcatatg aacttcactt gtgactaata atggattaat tgggtctcag gtgtgcatta     92220
     aaagaacccc agtacactag accttcacat caaactgcaa ctagacctct gcaaacatgc     92280
     ctaagattca ccctgagacc aagggcgcac tcacactatg ctgtccgaat cgtgcccagg     92340
     cacgtttcct tgtttgtttg agaagtgtga gtgctctgaa tcgggctcag gcgtggttca     92400
     attggccgac tctggcccgg taggaagatg tgtgccaaag cgtagttagg ttgggctttg     92460
     gtgtgatacg cttatagtgt gagtgcaaag tgtgcctaaa cccgaaactg aagatgagac     92520
     gtgactttta agggtctgct ttatatggat ttattaatca tttttactgt tcaatgaatg     92580
     caaactgttg tagattatta aagacgcaaa ctcctcactg cacgacagct gtaccttcag     92640
     caaaccttct aatactggca gcacgacgac ttttattatt attgatgagc tttaaaagtg     92700
     tcttatctgt tcaatgaaat atctgactgt gtgtcactgc atcccaaatg actaaaatta     92760
     tataactaaa gaaatctcca ctgtgctgag cgagtgtgct tcttttctgt taaactcaac     92820
     agcgcatcat cagacctcgc aagataactg cttgagtgga ccatttgttg gctcaaatca     92880
     atgttccact tcagcatacc catacctgcc aacatttgtc cctgaaaatc cgggagacca     92940
     ggggggtgaa gttcgggagg aattgtctga ataacactat tgagagccgt ttactgtggc     93000
     caactgtact atgtagcgtg tttcgggcag ccgccgccat tgaatcttat accaaagttg     93060
     gcgacctggg ggtttcacag actgtaccat aaagcttttt ttggggtggg gggcaatttt     93120
     tcggtttcct ggggggggtt gggtggctct gaaatatggg agactcctgg gataaacagg     93180
     agtgttggca ggtatgagca tagcttcacg agacctggtt acctgaagtc cctgtagagc     93240
     gtgttttggg cagccactgc gattggatct tataccaaat ttggtgacct gggggtttca     93300
     cagactgtgc caaaatgcta agggccggag gtgtgtgggg gggagggggg tgcggtgaaa     93360
     ctgcaggagt ttttgggaga aataacacaa cgggaggctg gcgggagatg agtctgatat     93420
     acgggagact cctgttggca ggtatgagca tagctccaca agacctggtc acatgaagtg     93480
     cctgtgtcaa ccagaacagt ttgttggatt ctgtttcgaa atggcttcca tgtccgaatc     93540
     aatttctaat gctaattgat taattaaaag ttaggtaata gcaggttttt ctacaaaaat     93600
     agatttttgt cagacttttg tcagggactg tacaatccaa atcaatactg cattttcaat     93660
     gatttgttta catcatagat tgactaaaac tttagtctgc ctatttctgt tttgctatga     93720
     agtgattgat cactctttga tttattcctt cagatattga ggagtttgcg gaaacccatc     93780
     ggaggtcatt tactgtaaat aagggcgaca ctgctgttat tgaatgtcca cttccgcgca     93840
     gcaatccacc tgctcttcca cgcttccgga tacgggggaa atggctggaa cagtctacag     93900
     gtagatcaga tgatctgcaa tgccaaaccc tccagaaatg catgaagata catttgaacg     93960
     ctttgtctct tttgtatttc tttcagacga gtatttaatc ctgccctctg ggaaccttca     94020
     gattgtgtct gtgtcttcag aacatcaggg aatgtataaa tgtggagctt ataatccttt     94080
     aactcgagag actcgagtag aggctcatgg cactaaactc ttagtcaaag gttggttgaa     94140
     caaactgact tgtctttctc taagtttcaa ttaagtatat tctattattt ctttggtatg     94200
     ctagattttc tgtgtactgt aaatataaat tgtactgtta taaactctaa taaagccatt     94260
     gcttcatttc tttgacgtag attcagaaag ctcttcacct gtaaggattg tctatcccat     94320
     cacacctcgc agtcttacag tggaccagtc tagatctcta acccttgagt gtgttgtatc     94380
     aggaagtctt tcttcaaagg tcaaatggat taaaaatggg gcggagctat cactgagctc     94440
     caaaaggatg ttgtcgcata gcaacctggt gttgaatgac attcagccgg gtgatggagg     94500
     acattatagc tgctctgttc ctactgaccg tggagctgtg gtcagtgtca actacactgt     94560
     gaatgtactt ggtgaggagt caatatttat accttcactt tggtaatttt agcaatgttt     94620
     agggcagttt gatgctagga gatcagggtt ttctcaggtt tcttaaaggt gtagtaggtg     94680
     atctgcctaa atgctaactg gctattgtaa tatgttcaaa acacgataaa taagtagact     94740
     gaacaaacag caatttgagt gtactttcca accaacaatc aactaaatga tcagatgcta     94800
     aaatattatt agccataagc aacagttcac ttcatatttg aagtagttgc atcattatgg     94860
     tgtaaaataa ctctagcatg cttctctact ttacagcaca tgtatccatc ctgcgaggtt     94920
     tgtcagatca ggctgcagtt gttggatcct ctgtgagatt tacctgtgct gccagtggca     94980
     atccaacccc caacatcaca tggctcctca actctgcccc tttatcttct tcaccccgcc     95040
     tcaaaatctc tggcacctcc cttctcatct cttcaacaac gcttcaagat cagggaatct     95100
     accagtgcat gtttgataat ggcattagct ctgcacaatc cacaggaaga ctcagtatgc     95160
     aatcaggtaa gacacccaaa acactcatgt acagtatatg tgtatgagct tcacaggggg     95220
     cttcagtcac tagatcttga atcgggtcct tcacctaatt aaagtttaaa gggccatgtc     95280
     accccttcgt ttcagcaggg tgttttcaca cctctacttt ggaaaaagtc agaaaattgg     95340
     gcgtgttcag gtctgtttag aggggagtgt cggaggaact aaagtgggag ggtgtgggag     95400
     tgtctatttg ggcacgcgcg agtttcagtc aaaatactca cacacaggag aaagtgatgg     95460
     tgtttaacct acatggacat gtgttgtcaa attatttgcc aaattattaa atggtggact     95520
     ttagctgcag tttggctctt ttattcaggg aattcattca tccccctcgc gacaaacgag     95580
     atatttgatt cgaggatctg ctctaagcgt gtatttttca tgcactgttt gataccgcac     95640
     ggcgaatgag aaaaaaacct tccgcatttc ccggaaactt ggatgcaaac ggcaggtagt     95700
     gtcagaaagt cgcgtgtgtt attccggtca caaaatgcgg taaaaaccct acacgaggtt     95760
     aaagtttggt tgtggtgcta acatgtttac actcggtgct atagttaact tagttcgata     95820
     cgaacaaact gaataaacaa agagcactag tcactcactt accaaatctg tagagacagg     95880
     acaatcacca gcaactagag ccgcgtcttt atgaagagaa tactacaagc gaatccggat     95940
     ctcagcgttt gcagatgaga acagctctca ggtaaacaat gttcctcctt agacacgtaa     96000
     gttattgttg tcgagcgtcg cgtacactgt taatccacac gtgatccagc tgagctctca     96060
     cagagagaaa atgaaaacga aacttaacgg cagcaaacta taaaagcaac actttacgct     96120
     ttttttgcca atacaacgtg gcgtctctgt cagtgtaaac actgtgacac taatgaatat     96180
     taatgaagtt gcacaataga gcgcgctgat tggtttgaac caagccttac tcatgcatta     96240
     atgcatcaca ctgtaagacg taataagaca gactctggca cagacaccca gtctgcacgc     96300
     tggaatacaa cgctattata tcatgaccat gacgcagctt caaaaattcg tttcaaaccg     96360
     gaagtacgaa tttacttgaa ataacgcaaa aacaaccaat ttacactttt tagtgaaata     96420
     taggtgtcct aatagtgttt ttagcagtgt gggacacata tacgactgtc aacagctcaa     96480
     aaaatgtgtt ttggtgtttc gtgacccttt aactggaatt gcttattaaa agttagcata     96540
     tacacacatg tcacatggca gcagctcagt gcatttaagc atgtagacat ggtcaagacg     96600
     atctgctgca gttcatcaga atggggaaga aaggtgattt aagtggttag cggttagtgg     96660
     ttaactggtt cgagctgaat gaaaggcaac agtaactcaa atagccaatc gttacaacca     96720
     aggtatgcag atttcatctt tgaatgcaca acatatcgca atatatattg caaaaaaact     96780
     gaatattgca atgtcagatt tttcccaata tcgtgcagcc ctaatactgg gctttatcca     96840
     ttgtgcgccc caaattgtgg aatcgtctac ctttttctat tagaataatc tctacagaat     96900
     ctgtgctcaa ggggaaattg aaacttttag aaaaggcttt tattacccga gttatctgag     96960
     ctttcttttc ttttcctttt tttgtgacag tgaaaatgca acctcttatc aacccatacc     97020
     tgtctctaaa caactaaaca tgactttatt aacagacata tcagaaaaga caggtttcac     97080
     atacagtgag agttgagaca gtatgtcctt ccagcagggc agagagttta gctggagttt     97140
     ggctggagaa gggggagtcg ggttgggtgt atttggctgg caatgagaag gctgtgagtg     97200
     tgagctttgt gcgtgctgtt ggggataagc tcttggacag cggaatgtaa ggagtaacta     97260
     cacaaggtta tgacgaggac cagaccaccc agctgtcaac atcacacaca actagcccta     97320
     tatttattaa tacacatctc acagtcctcc cctgccctcc tctgaggctg ttcctcctcg     97380
     gccttgctct ccaaacgtga ttgataagct tagagatatg cagacttcag aatagataaa     97440
     acatgacgga ggaggtcttt tccaaatgtt ggcttgtatc gcttttttcc tggctcgtct     97500
     actagggtga tttattttgc accgataaaa tgcaggtcag tataaaagca gagttgttta     97560
     tgtgtaactg caacatttta gacagatgtg tgatctgtgg gatgctggag aaagcagaaa     97620
     tggcattagg tggtgatgtt tttggaatgc tttagatttt gctgaggatg ttggctggac     97680
     ttgttctcga agaccctgta aaatgtccca atgagtccag tttcatttcc tgtccttgat     97740
     gcagtttcat ttccttgcat ttttaattct gtttagtttg actcaaccat gaattgcagt     97800
     ttgctatatt tcacttttct acaatgtata tttcgatatg aacacaattt caccacatga     97860
     ttgaaaatct ctgttttaaa aggactcatt ctttaatgga attattagtc ttaatcagaa     97920
     taagacaata atatgattta ggtgtttaca tgagttgctt tttgaatgtt cctttcatga     97980
     tcccgtttta catgttattg cacataattc gatatcacgc tatccaattt tcctcttgag     98040
     tttcatgtaa tttcgagtgt ttcattctta atttgtcgac tgtaactgca gtttggcact     98100
     ttcactttca ctcaggaaca tttcctgcat gcctccttga caaacgagat attggatgcg     98160
     aggaactgtt ggaagagaga atgaacagtt gtttctgctt tacagtacta aattagtttt     98220
     tttcggggct tattgtgata ttactatttc agtgtatgaa tcttgtggac taaataagca     98280
     agtgaccaaa gctcatagac atgaacgaat ggtcaaattt aaatgaaagt ccttgtgaac     98340
     tgaaagttgc tgacacttca gtttttcagt atgttgatgt acttacaatt gaaatggaat     98400
     attgagtagg gacggggctt tattactgca catcattccc tcaaagcaaa ctaaggttaa     98460
     ggggggttaa agacaacccg ggctcattgt ggaaacgtag ccccgcggac gtttctgcgg     98520
     accgcgattt acgtcccgag aggtacgtat tcaatcgttt ttttgttttc gcggatccgc     98580
     gagaggccgc tgtgcgcgct ttttcgcgtc tcaagctcgc gtcaaaagcc ctcgtcttcg     98640
     atttcgaccg cgttttcgga tcctgccgcg ttctcgccct tatttttcgg attccgtttt     98700
     tcgtctcacc tgatttccgg aacccgctgt tccctggact cgatcccggt cttcgtccac     98760
     cgtggccggc accgctccgc agcgttcgct cgaaaaaaac ccaaacgcgg ccttcacgta     98820
     cctccggcca cgtaaatcgc ggtctccaga aacgtccgcg gggctacgtt tccagaatga     98880
     gcttgggttg gttaaagaat attgtggctg aagctgtcaa gctgacatca aaaaaagaat     98940
     gactgccagt ccaaatgtgg aagctaatga tcagactttg attgaagatt accaaaaaca     99000
     ttttttagaa ttgaatggat taattgtaca cctagagcag gggtgtcaaa ctcaattcct     99060
     ggagggccga agccctgcac agtttagttc caaccctgct ccaacacact tacctgtagg     99120
     tttcaaacaa gcctgaagga ctcaattagt ttgatcaggt gtgtttaatt agggttggaa     99180
     ctaaactgtg cagagctgcg gcccttttgg aactgagttt gacacctgtg ccctaaagaa     99240
     tagtaacata cttttttaga gaaagtttta aacccatgac cctgttccct cgtaagagtt     99300
     gtatttacac tacctggcaa aagtcttgtc acctatccaa gttttcggaa taacatataa     99360
     taacttgact tctagttgat catttggtat caaaaatggt ttatatgaaa gacaaatgcc     99420
     tctagattat gctgatttta ccaaaataaa atatgatcat gccttgagtt ttaatgattt     99480
     aattaggaca gtaaggtctg actttgctta gacaaaagac ttgtcacctg tcacaacaga     99540
     aataatgtcc agtatagaat ataaagtcat gcaatgactc aaataattta ttaataaagt     99600
     catctggaat ggcaaagaaa gcattcttgc aggactccca gagttcatca agattcattg     99660
     gatttatctt cagtgcctcc tccttcatct taacccagcc atgcttaata atgtttatgt     99720
     cttaagactg ggctggccaa tcctggagca cttggaccgt ttttgctttc aggaactttt     99780
     atgtggaggc tgaagtatga gaaggagcgc tatcctgttg aagaatttgc cctctcctgt     99840
     ggtttgtaat gtaatgggca gcacaaatgt cttgatacct caggctgttg atgttgccat     99900
     ttactctgca gatctcttgc atgccccata cttaatgtaa ccccaaacca cttttttttc     99960
     cttcaccaaa cttgactgat ttctacaact ggaattgatg acaagacttt tgttaggtag    100020
     tgtacatgga gggtgactgt ggaattctcg catgcaatgt taatgggtgg ccacattctg    100080
     ttgtcaacta aaactctgcc agtccaattg cacattcctc cttgcgaatt catcccccat    100140
     aggtggcagc cagggtgcca ctttacaacc caggccagct gtccttatac attcagacag    100200
     aggatgtaat tgtggcttat ataaagcctc ataaatgtga ctatttcaat gagctcagct    100260
     cttcccaggc agagatctaa tggcagtgag tgagtgagtc aagattattt aaaacccaaa    100320
     caccatcaaa atttatttta ttgtctcatg tctttgtccc ttcttttgca atatttatat    100380
     tacattcacc agaccaatta ttaatgatca tacatgaaat ttgtgcacgc atgagtcaca    100440
     aagaagaaag tctttctgaa tagagacaca agagaagatc aaagcatcag aatcatattt    100500
     tatgtaatat ttgtctgtaa ttagtggtgt ttaccaagcc aagcttagtc attattacta    100560
     ttgctcatac ttacgattag ggatttgtac aaacctgtaa cttgagtacg tttaatctaa    100620
     tagttggccc tagtactgtt tgtgctgcat gttgtaatac ctcaaatcac caggtgggtt    100680
     aaagaataaa tgactgccca tagatgtggt cttgcatttg accacttgtt tacttacatg    100740
     acgtatcccc agtatttggt ttaagtaaag accacaagtg tgtgtagaat atgacgaatg    100800
     atgggaaaca tttagcctta aatacatatc caaaaagatt tgaaagtgtg gatttcgtgt    100860
     gcactgagtt ctggcccctt tctaatctga actcttcatt tattcatttt cttttcggct    100920
     tagtcccttt attaatctgg ggtcgcccag cggaataaac cgccaactta tccagcatat    100980
     gttttatgca gcgaatgccc ttccagatgc aacccaacac tgggaaacat ccatacactc    101040
     ttatacacta tggacaactt agactaccga atgcacctgt accgcatgtc tttagactat    101100
     gggggaaacc ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgaacac agggagaaca tgcaaactct    101160
     acacagaaac accaactgac ccagccgagg cttcgaagca gtgatcttgc tgtgaggcaa    101220
     cagcactacc tactgcacca ctgcgttgcc aatctgaact cttaaaaata aaagttattt    101280
     attagcattg atgctgtcat caagaacctt taccatatat tgagccattc cacaaaagtt    101340
     tgcttaaagt agaaaaggtt tttagataat tcaaatgttc tgcacattaa taaaaaaatt    101400
     aaaacaggtt aattatgaaa acatactccc gaaacatttc tggagagtgc taattatgta    101460
     gccagagcta cctatggctg tgtttagtct ttaaaacgaa caccacggcg cggtatgaca    101520
     ccaacaacag cttttgtttc taccagttga ctgcttacct ccatctggag aaaaaaagtt    101580
     gaacgcaatg atggggttca attctggcaa aaaaacgttc cagaatgcag gtaaaacaaa    101640
     tacaaaaggc aaaaaataaa ataaacaagt agggatgtaa cggtcagtgt caacgacata    101700
     caaattagcc atctatctgt aagctttgaa acggaactca attttaataa caaaaaaata    101760
     ttaaaccatg taaaaaaatt aagtttcaat ttagtagtgt tgaaaactca tcacattcaa    101820
     catttaatca ctcactcact tagttagaga tgggtttaaa ggaaaattat catataaata    101880
     taatctggta aaagctggta tctctgggta tttacaatgt cccctgcaac agaaaaacac    101940
     cctctcattt gggactgagg tttctgggac aagagagata tgacttggcc caggttgaca    102000
     gcagtgggta acgttgtgca ttgtctttcc cccacttgag aggacaaacc atgagtgaga    102060
     tagagatctc atgtctgcat caatctgaac agtgtgctgt gtttctgcag tccccatgac    102120
     tgattaatag tcgtattccc caacttgcag gcacgtgcac acacagggct caacctgtgc    102180
     agtgcacatg ccctttttag tcttggatag aaagttccct tccaaaatga tcaaaagtgc    102240
     ccccgcgacg cgacacaccc tccgtcccgc tttacagtac gcgcgcgaca acacagctga    102300
     taagaactcg cgcgacaaca ccactattca gtacacgcgg cgacaacacc cgctttaggg    102360
     ttttccagct ctttttcatc ccgcttctag cagcacactc catttccgca ttactggatc    102420
     tgtagcgaca acagaccgca agggattatg gccacgcctg ggctgatggg aattgtagtt    102480
     tccggtacct cccgttcgct tcattcgcct gagcaaattt tcttagaaga cctatagttt    102540
     taccgagtca tgcgactacg gtaatttcgg aaaaaattga tattgcggta tgacggtatt    102600
     tacaataccg ttacatccct ataaacaagt gaataactgg gtgagaacat ggtaagattc    102660
     aggaaagggc ttttcttctt ttggattgct tttgaaaaca ctattggttg agtttaggga    102720
     agggtggggg tctcagtctg gctgtcaatc agtcaatcga cagtcaagcg acagtggctt    102780
     ctggtggatt tacacaagaa gagcaagcac gaatggcact cgcaaaagaa atctgaaatc    102840
     tgagaaagca tacacggcag cctctggtga attcgcgaaa acaaaaacgg caaagaaagt    102900
     acctcctggg acgtatttca caatctccag aaatgtatac cggggtaggt atcagttatg    102960
     agttgaaaaa aaatatttta agaactgttt actcaaaggt tctttgggca accaaaaatg    103020
     attcttctat agcatcatag caaagaccct gtttcataaa gtgactcata atcttgtcca    103080
     atgcagcaat gattgacatt tggacacacc gagaagtttt aattaaggaa ctggagtcat    103140
     tctggtccag aatatcctag aaacgtggtg ggttgggtga cttatcatat taccatgtcc    103200
     taggaaccac cctaccaaga gcctggcaaa ctgaaaggaa gtcttagctt tgttacatga    103260
     aagttttctc ctatttgttg tctagttctg ttcacattac atttctatcc attagctcct    103320
     aagataaagc cttcaagact cgagacagga gtgaaggtgg atatgtgagc tggtgaaggg    103380
     ctctgattcg ctttggtatt ttaatggccg atgggtggaa tgtgtggcga ctggcggcag    103440
     gcccagtttg agctctagtg ttactgactc tggggctgtt tgttttgtaa ggtaaaccag    103500
     tgccacacac ccatcaactg agaatgagag accccgaaga accagcaaca aacctcacct    103560
     ctcctacaac tgcatttcaa ctgtttcagc tgttagcata cataaataaa aacacacagt    103620
     cgatttgata acatggacaa accctgaaac attaaagcca gcttcacttt gaataaagtt    103680
     gacatcagaa tgattttgag gggaaaaaaa atttcaagat caagggtctc caaactcaat    103740
     cctgcagggc cgttgtcctg catagttgca tcgatagctc caactttctt caacacacct    103800
     ccctggaagt ttctagtata cctagaagga gcttgattag ctggttcagg tgtgtttaat    103860
     tgtggttgga accaaaatat gcaggaaacc agccctccaa gaccaagttt ggacaccccc    103920
     gactaaattt ttacttgctt tctgcagtta aggttttaga gtaaaaccag ttgtacactg    103980
     tatttgcttg ccatttgtgt ttgtaatcgg cggcacagtg gctcagtggt tggcactgac    104040
     agcaagaagg tcactggttc gagtcctggc tgggccaatt ggcatttctg tgtggagttt    104100
     gcatgttctt cccatgttca cgtgggtttc ctccacagtt caaagaaatg cgctctagtt    104160
     aaattggatg aaataaactg gccatagtgt atgagtgcgt gtgtgaatgt gagagtgtat    104220
     gggtgtttat cagtgctggg gtgtggctgg aagggcatcc actgcgtaaa gcatatgcag    104280
     gaacagtttc tagttcattc cgctttgacg acctctgata aataagggac taagccgaag    104340
     gaaaatgaat gaatgttttt gtaaacagtt acagataaga tttataatta tcagcctata    104400
     tcatatattg gcttccaaat atctgtatcg agcaaaatgg ctatacttaa gtacactttg    104460
     gagtttgcat tgaatattat atgtattatt aaacacttgt tacaaaatta atactagtac    104520
     agtgcatgat tactcacacc taaacgaaat ctacttgaac gcaaggttaa gttgagtttc    104580
     acgttcacac caattctgtt aagatgaatg tctgccaagc caccctcaaa agtaatgatt    104640
     cttttaaatt acatcgattc ccaagtggat cattctggtg gggcctaata aaaaataaat    104700
     gaattaataa taatacagct ttattatatg ttccccttgc aggttccctg tgttttatct    104760
     gaacattttt acaaccttgc atttagccag tctgagtacc agagccttgt atactatagt    104820
     aataaaataa aatcatccat aattactagt gactaaccct aaacctaagc tatagttagg    104880
     atatgcaatt aacattactc attactaagt atgtaattgc acggtaatat cttgcgtttt    104940
     aaatagtcta ttgtgttaag ctttctatta tttaagataa catgcatatg cagcgctcag    105000
     ctcatatgag tagacccctc acaaatctct catttaaatt aatatttttt tataggaagc    105060
     tttacaataa tatagttgtg catacactgt aaaaaaaaaa gcagggttcc acacaattca    105120
     ttgatgttgt cccaacacaa atcgattaag ttaatttaac acttaacaaa tttatgtgga    105180
     ttgaccttaa taaaatcaag tagtcccaat gaaatctcta gaatttacct cattttaatt    105240
     aagtagttag aacaatattt ttttaagtgt atacatttga ttagtctgta cttaagccaa    105300
     atctgatgct aatctaactt ataataacgg tccaaaatta gtgcacccaa atttatatgt    105360
     tacagaaaaa tattaaatac aaaatttaaa aaaagaaacc aaaaatatat actattttgt    105420
     tgaaattttg aaatttgtaa ttttttcccc caatatttgt catgcattta aatgtatttt    105480
     ctttctattt ctaaagatgt tcagcgacta aaatattatt ttaataaata tatccattta    105540
     ataaatctgt tttgtttaaa tgcaccaaaa tatatgacct atattcagta aaaaatggaa    105600
     aaaaaatatt cattttcctg aatcatttat gttgagcact gtatgtcatg aaacctgtca    105660
     aaatacatgt ataaactgaa tgtatatagt catattaatg tgatttttga ataaaatgat    105720
     atttccctcc cacagaacca cagtctagtt ccatatctgc agttccagtg aagacgcaac    105780
     cttctgttca cccaatccag agtgatgagg gtgatgaact gttcctctcc atgggggagg    105840
     cggcgcttgg agaaactgta ggaccgccca ccgagagaat cggcgacaga cccacaccag    105900
     aagcaccaat cataatcagc cctcctcaaa cacacaaacc caacatgtac gatctggagt    105960
     ggagagcagg ccgagactgg ggcatcgcta tcatcgcata ctttgtcaaa tatcgcaagg    106020
     tgagaagagt tcatacagtg cttataaact ttctgcttca cctatgtact ttggagcctt    106080
     aatgtcaaag tttttttgat tttttactaa tatttctcaa atgattaaca gagcaaggca    106140
     tttttctgta ctgcagggct aataattaaa aaggattaat aattctgact tcaattgtag    106200
     actattatta cctcttcaag aaggactgaa tctcgctcca ccctcttcta ttcccccggc    106260
     gttagttctc aggtcagatt tatagctatt agatttgcga atgagcacat actcataaca    106320
     acgccctgtg gcgtttactg caaaatcagt gctaacacaa ttcagcagta tctgccagcc    106380
     aagagcgttt tggtaagaag ttggtcattt cctctttaaa agcctgtgtt ttcttcaata    106440
     ataagctccc ttggctaata aaactgctcg ggttcttttc aagattgcat tggcagcgtt    106500
     tgtcacattg gcccaggaaa aagtgacaca gcgtgctctc tcaggaatcg ttgagtgggt    106560
     tgatcttttg tcatgattca gagtaggaga atgagaaagg agttactgtt ctttgttgaa    106620
     ctttacgtgc aaagtcaaac agaaaatgag ggtttaacgc tacgcatatg tgcatgagat    106680
     cagcacatac ggtaagactg ttacctgact gtgcataagc tgtaaaaaat gcagggttcc    106740
     acataatacc ttcatattgt cccaacacaa atcgatttag ttaactcaaa cattattaca    106800
     aatttaggtg gactaaacat aaaagagatt ttatgtgcag ttttgccaga tttgtgcagt    106860
     gctcccagta caaatgtcat tcaactgcac tagtcaagac taaagccaat ctgaaaatgc    106920
     tggacttttg cgtggcttac gggtgtaata atgagcaaac aaagaaaaca aagcacaaag    106980
     gcagaacatt tcataggtaa gatttctttt ttaacgtttt catataatac gaacttttgt    107040
     gcttaaaaag cattggtaat aatacagtct cttcctgcat tgaccataag gcaaagtagc    107100
     accaacttgc actaaatacc aggcttatgc tagtttgatt gaataaaatc agcaaacaac    107160
     gtaatctaaa tatagaaact tgagtcgttc ataacggaga ttcattcaca aacgtatcgc    107220
     tccgcgttca caccagacgc ggaagaagcg tcaagcctga gcgatatacg ggttaagttg    107280
     atgcaaagac gcgaatagat ctgtggcacg atacgcgcga atgaggcagc gcgaatagtg    107340
     ttatttcgcg caaaatgcta aagtttgaaa aactgaactt cagcggacat tagcattaac    107400
     caatcaggag cttttttctt gtaagggtgg gattatgatg aagcgcctgt tgttggtgtc    107460
     ctggggggaa atcgtccagc cgacaccgga cagcagttga tcaaactggg ctcggcttag    107520
     tctgaagcac cgctgaaggc ttccatcatc caggttaagt ttgtgaagga gtttatgaac    107580
     ttgcagagct ggtacacctc tgaaaggatc tagtggactt tgacactact ccaaatgaat    107640
     caatgctgtt tttaagcttt cataatgcac ataagcactg ttattctctc aataaaatcc    107700
     attttagcca tttagcaaca aagctacagt cactggcaga cagaagcccc gcctatgaca    107760
     cgaatccgcg tctattgctc agtgaatttg acacacgaat gaagcggatt tgacgagcaa    107820
     atgaagcgga tttgatattc gaatgactcg agtaaactca aaatgttcac acgtctattt    107880
     acacgcgaaa agcgtctgat gtgaacacag cattagaagt gattgcagga gagggggtgt    107940
     gcttcaggac atggattaga tcaatttaac aaggtgggag gataatacat ttctgttcgc    108000
     acaaacacat gctctttgtc tgtaatgtcc gtgcggtcac ttatcgatgt agaaaagtga    108060
     ggtaaaattc taatcttcgt aatttaaaca aatatttgca aactaactcc ccatcacaga    108120
     tatatgtgta tatgtgtaaa tatctcctgc tctggatgac cacagtcctc cactgcacct    108180
     tggtccccca ttcatttcag tggagcgcta cccctgtact aatatagcgg ctctattgat    108240
     gcattcctgc caatagacaa caacagggta ggcgacatcg aatgtaaata tctatgagtt    108300
     gtcccaaaga aaacatacaa attgtgttgc tttaactcaa ataagtccag tagtttgaac    108360
     aagcagataa agtcgatttg ctgtgtctgt aggtggatga tatgggaaat gtggtgggga    108420
     gctggcacac ggtgcgggta cccggcagcg agaagtccct gcccttgtca gagctggagc    108480
     cgtccagcct gtatgaggtc ctgatggtgg ctcgcagcgc tgcaggagag ggacagccgg    108540
     ccatgctgac cttccggacc ggaaaaggtg agaacacaat gtgcagttca cccagctgaa    108600
     gcatattttc actgatgatg ctgtattaca gcgaatggta acaatgagta caattacatg    108660
     gacaccaata ctctgatttt aatacgatta agacaatact ctgattaaga gtcgaccatg    108720
     taaacaaaga gttcttaacc ttaatccgat caaagtcata atcagctaaa cagaaattga    108780
     attaagacat gtaaagtatg ccgattttag tcgcattatt gaattatttc catcgtgtag    108840
     gattttcgcc acaatttgcc ccaggatatt ccatatacac acggctgttt gacactattc    108900
     actattgaat agtacctacc aattcagtga aggacaacag acatctgcat cgtgaaatgc    108960
     ggagggtttt ttcccattcg gcgtgcgaat actcaatgat tacaatgatt aatgatacaa    109020
     tactctgatt aagagtctac catgtgaact gaggtttttg atggccttaa tctgactaaa    109080
     gtcataatct gacttaacag aaactgaatt aagacttgga gtattcttgt tttaagcaca    109140
     ttattaaagt gcagtacaga catgtaaaca cttcactcaa actattaccg ttttgtggta    109200
     cttttcgctc atattgcgac aggacacaca cacagcagtt gtcagacgtt tgacgacaaa    109260
     caaatgagaa tggcttgaag taaaacagca catttttggt gcgagcagaa aatgatgact    109320
     atgctgagat ttctggaaga aatgtacatt tatgaagtgc gttcatgagt ttgttgtaga    109380
     gccatgaata aaaagtgagt aaatgaaatg gcagagataa cctgttgctt gataatttgt    109440
     atctgcagtc atctgtttgc acacatagtg tgagaaatta acttcagttg aactcgttgc    109500
     aaaattaaaa atgaaagacc agaaaatcac atacggtgcc atatggagta agaactgttg    109560
     atgcaaaaaa ccaaagaaaa ctagcgtatg taaaaacggg aatatgaaag gaacttttaa    109620
     aatgcatctc atgtaaacac cttaatcata ttattgtctc attcagatta ggaaaaataa    109680
     tttgattact gatgtccatg taaacaaagt cattgagaac agctcaagaa tggaattagg    109740
     tataggaaat taatgtattt tatgtacata ggtaccaatt ctcattatga aataatagtt    109800
     tattgtctgg gtattattaa gatattgact gtttataagt acacaatctg aatgacccat    109860
     gacctggaat gatactatta agtagcaaac taggagtctt aggtaatgtt ttgttaacag    109920
     caagatgtgt accttaatat aaagtgtgac caaagaattc actatttttg ttcagcaagg    109980
     atgaattgaa atgattaaat gttacaatta agatgtataa tgttttgatt aatacattta    110040
     atttcataaa tgttattttt tgataactgt gttcattaaa gactcttaaa gaaatcatga    110100
     aaatgtttaa gagatttgaa actattttga aaacaaatgt taaaaagaaa atagcattaa    110160
     aggcttttta gccaacccca acttttaaag gatattatat tatattatat tatattatat    110220
     tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat    110280
     attatattat attatatatt atattatatt aatgatatta tattatatta tattatatta    110340
     tattatatta tactatatta tattatatta tattcacttt tttttctctc cttctcagag    110400
     cgggcgtccc ccaataagaa tccctccaaa gctccaattg tgtctctacc agagaaaact    110460
     ccagaagata aaactactaa cacttattat ggagtcgtca tacatgacag aggtaagagg    110520
     actgctctcc atactagtgt accctcttta aaatagttca ttaaaaaatc taattcatac    110580
     agctataaac agaattgaga ccactagata atactgtttc tccttgttta cagtttatcg    110640
     ttatgtgctt gaatagataa ttgtttttgt tctacaaact actgatgaca tttcttctaa    110700
     atttaaaata agaatgttgt ccgttaaatt atagaatgac aattgggaaa aaatgggttt    110760
     cagaaatgtt tacaatgttt taactttggt gaacattagt tatattgacc aattgtcatt    110820
     ttctttcccc caaaaataaa ataataataa taataataaa ttaattaaaa taataaaatt    110880
     aaaaaatgca aataaataaa ttaaccaatt gtcattcccc ccaaaatata ataataataa    110940
     agaaaataaa ataaagaaaa atttaattta aattaaatta aaataattta aataaattat    111000
     ataaaaaata taattaaaat aaattgattt aaataatcag ttgtcatttt cttcctccca    111060
     aaaaattcaa taataataat aataataaca attataatta aattaattta aataaataaa    111120
     aataatttaa tttaatttaa tttaatttaa tttaatttaa tttaatttaa tttaatttaa    111180
     tttaatttaa tttaatttaa tttaatttaa ttcattcatt ttcttttcgg cttagtccct    111240
     ttattaatct ggggtcgcca catcggaatg aaccgccatt aatttaattt aatttatcaa    111300
     ttgtcatttc attgtcattt tcttcctcta aaaagctcta aatattttta tttgatatat    111360
     ggaagaacta ttttaaggcc ttaatagaac aaaatgaata ttagcacaga ataaatatag    111420
     acttaaatta atattaccat ttgaattttc aagtgatctc ttaattctct tcatagctgt    111480
     atgccatgtg tgaaacacaa aaggagatca tctgaagctg cttgttttta tacattttag    111540
     tctacgaaag tgctctaaaa tcatatttta gctttcatgt atgaaaaact tgtaggattg    111600
     taccgatacc aatactcacc aatactgcaa aaattctggc atcagtatgg gcaagtagtt    111660
     gaaaccataa accgatagga tgccatctgt ttaaatgaga catatgcctg ctatctttgc    111720
     ttgacacggc aaacctgaag tcagttcttc actgctcaga atgcaaacac aggaggttgt    111780
     gctgtaccac tgttaaagca gcaactttga aagaggttat ttttctatat tattcatatt    111840
     catgttttat aattctttgt tttttgcaca gattttaaaa atatttttaa agattttatt    111900
     ttggggtttc agtaaagtaa agttaataat attattgttg aatgtctgat aataaacatg    111960
     tcagatcata aaaatactct agttcactgt atgtatttgt atatttttta ttaatcggta    112020
     agtctgaagc acaccgtaaa taaattctgt caattcatcc aggacttgta gtatacacaa    112080
     ctgtttctac agatacatac tcgggtatca gttcagtact ctctatcggc ctataccagg    112140
     ggtcagcaac ccccggctct agagcgcatg cggctcttta gcgctgccct tgtggctccc    112200
     tggagctttt tcaaaaatgt tcaaaaagat ggagaaggtt agtatatatt tttgttttaa    112260
     tatgatttat ataggaggac aaacaatttt aacgttttca aatgctgtaa aagtgtgtag    112320
     aattaatatt taatttcaac atttttgtca acgaagattt gcgtcatagc ttgcgacaca    112380
     ggtttccatc agcagggcgg gataccaggc aggtggctgt tgtaaacaaa ccgggagata    112440
     ttaaagcatg gaaaaccgtt cacagatggt gactacatga aggagtctca ttatcatatt    112500
     agaacaccta tttgcagact tcaaaaccaa aataatacaa aaattaaaga tatacccctc    112560
     tccgctaaga cagtgaagga aagggcaggt aacatcacag atcagcaaac caaggacatt    112620
     aattcagtgc cagcatactc aattgcctgt gatgtgaccg atattcaatg cgcttttatg    112680
     caggtatgtg aactctgatg ggctgaaaga agaaatgatc aaattaatac cgctgaaaga    112740
     ccagaggctg tgctgaagtg tttaaatgac aacaaaataa acaccaacca cctgatttca    112800
     gtggctattt aatcatgaag actcattatg tatttgtagc caacttagtc atttttatag    112860
     taggctaata tagctactat agatacatac agcatgtgtt tccttcatta taaggcttat    112920
     ataaggcttt acatttttta tctagacata tttgtttttt gtttgttttg gtccaatatg    112980
     gctctttcaa cattttgggt tgccgacccc tggcctatac cctaagctca ggtgttggta    113040
     tctgtatctg gaatgggaac atattggaac atccctaaaa acgtatatga aaaagctatt    113100
     tcaaatgtct tcttttgtgt ttctcataag aaaacaacac agggttgagc gaacgttcat    113160
     attttgcgtt gaagttttct tataacacgt ttaggcattg acaaatgtgc acatttagct    113220
     cctaatgggt ccaggcctgc tcttatttgc cacataaatt ttgctctgtc tttctctctc    113280
     tgcttgcgtc tctgtgtctg tggctcagag cccaatcagt aagtactcca ttgactctgg    113340
     catgccgtcg ctctgttgtg tttgtgttgg tttattttat ctttgtctgc tcttttggtt    113400
     cactgatgga tgttgaggtt acacttgaaa acatgaaaga cacttcttat ttttgggaaa    113460
     actgaataat tagggtgtag tttgttttag ggctgcatga tattggatat atcatgataa    113520
     attttgatat attaatacag tttcactaaa tagcttgaat agcacgattt gatggttttc    113580
     tgggaagtat atccaacagc tatccaatta gagaaattaa ataatcacaa tgcaaaacat    113640
     acttttctta ctttgccttg tttctactct gcctgacaaa agtcttgtcg ctttgtatgt    113700
     aaaaagtctt tagcacaaca aatattaact tgacttctag ttgatcattt ggtatcagaa    113760
     gtggcttata tgaaaggcaa aggcctctag attacgctta ttttgcacac ctgatacatt    113820
     ctatacatat acagacatga tacattccat acatatgcac acatgataca ttttatacat    113880
     atacacacat tatacattcc atgatacata ccgtcctgtc agtgtctggg atagaacctg    113940
     ggtctctggc ttgagaggtg agtgacatta ccacttagtt acgggaggtt gatgaagaca    114000
     gccatgcata tagagacctg atacatacta cacatataca gacttgatgc actttataca    114060
     gtctatacat atgcacacct gatacattct atagatatac agacatggta cactttatac    114120
     atatgcacac atgatacatt tcatacatat acagacatgg tacactttat acatatgcac    114180
     acataatact ttctatacat atacagacat ggtacacttt atacatatgc acacatgata    114240
     cattcataca tatacagaca tggtacactt tatacatatg cacacattat acattctata    114300
     catatgcaca catgatacat tatatacata tacacactat atacatatga acacatgata    114360
     cattctatac atgatacagt cctgtcaggg tctgggatag aacccgggtc tctggcttga    114420
     gaagtgagtg acattaccac tgagctactg gaggttgatg aagacagcca tgcatataca    114480
     gacctgatac atactacaca tatacagaca tgatacactt tatacatatg gacacattat    114540
     acattctata catatgcaca catgatacat tctatacata tacacacttt atacatatgc    114600
     acacatgata cattctatat atatacacac aatttataca tatgcatatt accactgagc    114660
     tactggaggt tgatgtagac agccatgcat atacacacac ctgatacatt ctatacatat    114720
     acagccatga tacattttat acatatgcag acatgattca ctttatacat atgcacacat    114780
     gatgcatttc atacatgata cactttatac atatacacac atgatacatt ccatatatat    114840
     acatacatga tacaccttat acataaacac acctgataca ttctatacat atacagacat    114900
     gatacaattt atacatatgc acacctgata cattctatac atatacagtc atgatacact    114960
     ttatacatat gcacacatga tacactttat acatatgcac acatgtcaat gtagacagcc    115020
     atgcatatac acacctgata cattctatac atatacagcc atgatacact ttatacatat    115080
     gcacacatga tacattctat acatatgcac acatgataca ttctatacat atacagccat    115140
     gatatacttt atacatgtgc acacatgata cactttatac aaatgcacac atgatacatt    115200
     ctatacatat acagacatga tacaatttat acatatgtac acatgataca ttccatacat    115260
     catacacatg cacacatgac attccataca tatacagaca tgatacactt tatacatatg    115320
     cacacatgat acactttata catatgcaca catgatacat tctatacata tacagacatg    115380
     atacacttta tacatatgca gacatgatac attctataca tgatacagtc ctgtcagtgt    115440
     ctgggataga acccgggtct ctggtttgag aggtgagtga cattaccact gagctactgg    115500
     aggttgatga agacagccat gcatatacag acctgataca ttccatacat atacagacat    115560
     gatacacttt atacatatac agacacgatt cactttatac atgtgcacac atgatgcatt    115620
     tcatacatga tacactttat acatatacac acatgataca ttccatatat atacatacat    115680
     gatacacctt atacataaac acacctgata cattctatac atatacagac atgatacact    115740
     ttatacatat gcacacctga tacattctat acatatacag acatgataca ttctatacat    115800
     atgcacacct gatacattct atacatatac agacatggta cactttatac atatgcacac    115860
     attatagatt ctatacatat gcacacatga tacattatat acatatacac actatataca    115920
     catgatacat tcctgtcagt gtcggaaccc gggtctctgg ctggagaagt gagtgacatt    115980
     accattgagg tactggaggt tgatgaagac agccatgcat atacagacct gatacattct    116040
     atacatatac agacatgata cactttatac atatggacac attatacatt ctattgatat    116100
     gcacacatga tacattctat acatatacag ccatgatata ctttatacat atgcacacat    116160
     gatacacttt atacaaatgc acacatgata cattctatac ataaacacac ctgatacatt    116220
     ctatacatat acagacatga tacaatttat acatatgtac acatgataca ttctatagat    116280
     acagtataca gacatggtac tctttataca tatgcactca tgatacattc catacatata    116340
     cagacatcat acactttata catatgcaca catgacattc catacatata caggaatgat    116400
     acactttata cattctatac ataaacacac ctgatacact ttatacatat gcacacgata    116460
     cattccatac ttatacagac atgatacact ttatacatat gcacacatga tacactttat    116520
     acatatgcac acatgataca ttcatacata tacagacatg gtacacttta tacatatgca    116580
     cacattatac attctataca tatgcacact atatacatat gaacacatga tacattctat    116640
     acatgataca gtcctgtcag ggtctttgag aggtgagtga cattaccact gagctactgg    116700
     aggttgatga agacagccat acatatacag acctgataca ttccatacat atacagacat    116760
     gatacacttt atacatatac agacacgatt cactttatac atgtgcacac atgatgcatt    116820
     tcatacatga tacactttat acatatacac acatgataca ttccatatat atacatacat    116880
     gatacacctt atacataaac acacctgata cattctatac atatacagac atgatacact    116940
     ttatacatat gcacacctga tacattctat acatatacag acatgataca ttctatacat    117000
     atgcacacct gatacattct atacatatac agacatggta cactttatac atatgcacac    117060
     attatagatt ctatacatat gcacacatga tacattatat acatatacac actatataca    117120
     tatgaacaca tgatacattc tatacatgat acagtcctgt cagtgtctgg gatggaaccc    117180
     gggtctctgg ctggagaagt gagtgacatt accattgagg tactggaggt tgatgaagac    117240
     agccatgcat atacacacct gatacattct atacatatac agacatgata tactttatac    117300
     atatgcacac atgatacaaa tgcacacatg atacattcta tacataaaca cacctgatac    117360
     attctataca tatacagaca tgatacaatt tatacatatg tacacatgat acattctata    117420
     gatacagtat tcagacatgg tactctttat acatatgcac tcatgataca ttccatacat    117480
     atacagacat catacacttt atacatatgc acacatgaca ttccatacat atacaggaat    117540
     gatacacttt atacattcta tacataaaca cacctgatac actttataca tatgcacacg    117600
     atacattcca tacatataca gacatgatac actttataca tatgcacaca tgatacactt    117660
     tatacatatg cacacatgat acattctata catatacaga catgatacac tttatacata    117720
     tgcacacatg atacattcta tacatgatac agtcctgtca gtgtctgacc cgggatagaa    117780
     cccgggtctc tggttttgga catgatacat tctatacata aacacacctg atacagtcca    117840
     tacatgatac actttataca tatgcacaca tacattctat acatatacac acatgataca    117900
     ttttatactt atgcacacct aatacatgca tatacacata tacagacata atacaatcta    117960
     tacatataca ggcatgacac aatttattca ctgagttact ggaggttaat gaagacctca    118020
     tttgtgcatg tgtattaagt gtatcatgtc tttaaatgta tcaggaatgt atcaggtgtg    118080
     aatatgtaaa gaatgtatca ggtctgtata tgcatggctg tcgtcatcaa cctccagtag    118140
     ctcagtggta atgtcactca tttctcaatc cagagacctt ggttctatcc cagacacata    118200
     aatacagtaa ttcaatataa tactttagtt cctggtccaa ctatagatgt gcacgttgcg    118260
     ataatgatgc tgaaacaata tgttgttttt atttttttcc taacttctta ttggttggat    118320
     tcattctcta gttcctgagg ctccagaccg ccccacaatc tcaatggcga cagaaagttc    118380
     tgtttacgtc acatggatac ctcgggccaa tggtggctct ccgatcactg catttcgcgt    118440
     ggagtacaga aaacaggggc gtaatggaga ctggatcatt gcagctgata acatctcacc    118500
     gcttaaactg tcagtggaag tgcgcaacct tgagccaggt gaggttactg cagtatgttt    118560
     taaaattttt atagaaaaac ttgaggaact tagagctgca tgatttaaag cagggatctc    118620
     aaactcgcgg cccgcaggcc atttgcggcc ctcagtgcaa tattttgtgg cccgcgccga    118680
     ccactgtaca ctgacagaat ctgacagcgc tctctctccc cgctccgctg attctatccg    118740
     tacacagcgg tcactggcat tccccgcccg ccgtgtaaac aaaggggcgg ggatgccggt    118800
     gacgtcacca cgcaccccgc ccctttgtta gacgctgtga cgggcgggaa gtgttaggag    118860
     ggaactcacg ccggccagaa ccaaggtaag ctgttcccgc ccctgcctgc cacttagcta    118920
     cctatctgca gcctgcatct tatatatatt ataggtagat acagactgat gtgactggag    118980
     tggggtgggg gtgttttatt tatacatata tacgcctttt tttttaggtg agggcaggca    119040
     cgtgcacaca tacggctcaa cctgtgcagt gcacatgccc tttagtcttg gatagaaagt    119100
     gcccttccaa aatgatcaaa agtgcccccg cgacgcagca caccttcggt cctgcccttc    119160
     agtaggcgcg cgacaacacc gctcttgagt accaaagatg ccatgttcag aagaactgtt    119220
     cactcaatgt tctattaatg ttcaggacac ttcatgttca gaagaaataa ttaaaactgt    119280
     taataatgac atttgaggac tttttttgtg aaatccctta tgcggcccag cctcacccag    119340
     actttgcctc ctgcggcccc caggtaaatt gagtttgaga cccctgattt aaagtaaaca    119400
     aatctaattc agatttatct gaccaacagt ttactaacat ttcataaaag agctacaggt    119460
     ttgacgaggt agtattaaca gcatcaaaaa aagaccaacc ataatcacaa agtgcactac    119520
     aatactgttt atttaaaggg ccacgaaccc cctaccccct tccccccctg tctcagcagg    119580
     gtgttttcac acttctagtt tgaaaaaagt caggaaagag ggcgagtcta gctctgttta    119640
     cgtgggagtg tcggcggagg aaaagaagga aggttttgca aaaaatgtga gtttcgattc    119700
     gacaataaca cagacacagg ggaaaaagat agtgactgag tgtacatgga catcagtgat    119760
     caaattattt gccaaaatct taatttgtcg actgtaactg cagtttggca ctttcacttt    119820
     cattcaggaa catttcatgc atgcccccta tgacaaacaa aatattgaat gggggaaact    119880
     gctggaagag tgttgtttta attgaatgtt tgataccaca tggcgaatcg gagaaagaaa    119940
     aaaaaacctt ttagtttctt tgtaacttag atgcacatgg taggtagcgt cagaaagccg    120000
     tgtttgtata gactataatg tcacaaaatg tggcgaaaat cctacccgac gataaatagt    120060
     tttatatatt gtatataaaa caattgtata ttgtagtgtg gtatggctga ataaccaaac    120120
     tgtatttcta tattatttat ttatttaatt ttttcatagg tcatgtgctg ctgacctcct    120180
     ggccatgtca cccttgtgaa taatatttcg atctctatgt ttttttttta ccttgttaaa    120240
     taaaggaaca taaaaatgtg cttgcaaact gtcaaaaccc tcagaaacgg tatgcttgtt    120300
     accatatttg atagcgcatc ataataatta cagctttttg gtttaaaagc aattaatcat    120360
     gcaggcctac ctggtattat tcatacattc attgttcact tataaaatta ctaatgatga    120420
     aatattaaag aggaaagcaa ccatacattt gtgttaaatt ttagttagct tatttattaa    120480
     tgtttatctt ttaaccatat actctttaga catttatatt attaggtttt tgttatttat    120540
     ataatgtcat ggttaattat ttaataattt atttaatgct aacttattta ctggtaaatt    120600
     cattgtcatt tttaaaaata tatactttat tattatatct cttattactt tcttggtaac    120660
     acttcacaat aatgttccat tagttaatga tagcaaatta atttattaac atgaaaaagg    120720
     atatacatga aaaacacatt tattacagta tttattaaac tggtaatcca ttagttaatg    120780
     ttagttaatg tatttattaa caaaaaattg atgaaaaata tacatttaat acagtattta    120840
     ttcatcttta ttaacgttag ctattgaaaa tatagttctt tattagatca tgctaacaag    120900
     cacaacttta gattttttag taatgaatta aatgttgaat atctacataa tatataactg    120960
     aatgttaaat tatgaataat acgtgctatt gtaaaataca ttactaaaaa tcatacatgc    121020
     taatacaagt atttatcatt catagttcat tattaatttt tacccatttt tagaaattcg    121080
     aaaactttgt ctgtaaatcc tgtacataaa attaaaacat ggtgtataaa agcatataaa    121140
     aagtcttatg tggtcaaata tgttttttca aacaggttcc acttaccgtt tccgtgtcat    121200
     tgccatgaat aactatggtg aaagcccagc tagcgccacc tccaggccat accaggtctc    121260
     catgtcaagt tcacctgtct cgaaccgtcc agtcactggg cctcacatct cttccactga    121320
     tgctgttagt gatactcaga ttctgttacg ctggaccgtg agtacacttc accaatacac    121380
     tacattcaca cactttaccg tatactaact gccaattaat ctaaaatgac tgacatggtt    121440
     tgggttagat tctgagtagg tctgtcacaa tattgactta tcgtgcaata tctgtacctc    121500
     aatcattttt ggtgttgcaa tatacattca ccggccactt tattaggtac accttactag    121560
     tacagggttg gccttcagaa ctgccttaat ccttcatggc atagattcaa caaggtactg    121620
     gaaatatacc tcagagattt tgctccatgt tagcatcatg tagttgctgc agattttttg    121680
     gttgtgcatt tatgatgcga atctttcgtt ccgccacatc ccaaagatgc tctattagat    121740
     taagctctgg tgactgtgga ggccatttga gtactgtgaa cttattgtca tgttcaagaa    121800
     accagtctga gatgattcat gccttatgac atggcgcagt atcctcctga aagtagtcat    121860
     cataagatgg gtacactgtg ctcataaagg gttggacatg gtcagcaaca acaggtgtac    121920
     ctaataaagt ggccgatgag tgtactttct aattgggcca catcgggcta ccataaaccg    121980
     aagagtgcct gccataaagt ctactaggga tttagaaatt atacaagctc tgggttcatt    122040
     caataaaaat acccaacttt actcctataa tagtaggaaa aaaaaatctc aaacgaaggc    122100
     agttggctat agaggcagca gacagcgagg cagcagcctt ctgtcaggca ctcaataact    122160
     catcactgaa taaactgtga gtttttctat cattccgtgc ttctgtaagt gtattattag    122220
     cacattaatc ttataaaggg tctcgccact tgtacaaaca aatgttgttt ctgtttctgg    122280
     cctgttgaag gaataacgct ggaacctcac attagcagct ctgagcttta aacctaatgt    122340
     gtgtgtgcta atgttttagg catatgcctt ttatatctaa tggccaattt aattacactc    122400
     acatttcatg cttaattcga aaatgagagt gtaaaaactg tccagaacta accacataac    122460
     aagctctctc gcaacggacc tctctgcgtt tttttgttct tctctgcttt gccagttgct    122520
     ctcaagtgtt ttcagcacat tagcagtgtt tgtgtgtagt tttccaggca caatgtagtc    122580
     gtttttccac atcagcctcc gagagccatc ctaaaatgac cagtcagatt ggtaattggc    122640
     agagatatgg tcactggggc agtttttgct ggaaaaaagt atgtgtgtga gatcagtgtt    122700
     agcagattaa gaggctttat cctgctctaa ctagtggaac ggagagagat gagctatttt    122760
     tagaagacat gcatgagaag aaaaagctct gacgggtctc tatagagttc atccagaaat    122820
     gttgcacgta aatgcttttc caaaccttta tgattgtttt tgtgtaaaat taaatatttt    122880
     aaatgtacta tttgttatta caagcatcag aaatggaatt aaaacattat aaaagtatcc    122940
     tgtacaaatt tcccaagcct tctcatgtca caccatcagt ttgggtattg actgaattta    123000
     atactaaata aattcagaaa cttttagcaa ttaatttagt tgtttagcag ttaatttaac    123060
     aatttatcaa ttggctgtta aatagttgaa ttaacatctt aaattttcat ttgatacttt    123120
     atttgaatga aaaatacatt tactttcagg aggtcaaagt gaagcaggat tctttgcaca    123180
     ttaacaattc agatagtcat gatgtcttga ttctagttca actttagcta tcttatcttt    123240
     tccatttgct ttttcctgcc ctctctttca tagtacactc cctccagcaa taacaacact    123300
     cctatccagg gcttctacat ctactatcgg ccaacagaca gcgacaatga cagcgactac    123360
     aagaaagatg tggtggaagg tgagagcatg ctgtctgtct ttattcggtt gttgctcata    123420
     ttacacatgc tacttgcaca aatataaata aacaggcaat agatattgac ttatttatgt    123480
     gaaaatattc accaaagcgt tgaagatcgg caatcgttta cgttgaacat ataatttcga    123540
     tgtcaaaaag tgaaggggac atttaaggag ctaaaataaa tcaaatctca cagtagggct    123600
     aatcattttg acgtcagctg taagtgctgt gtccaatcag attgaagcat tccagatcgg    123660
     cgtgtagtat gagtgtgtaa tgtatattca gtctcagagg ggggcgggac aaggaaagcg    123720
     taatctgttg attgatgtgt agtgagtcct gggctccaag taatgagcca gtgtaaaatg    123780
     tgtttttaat aaatggctgt cgcactaatg gtcctaaact gaaacccaac actggccgct    123840
     cggagaggga ctcaagtttc ttctgagagg aatgttaact gccgtcgcct cctattttta    123900
     ccttttaccc cccgattcca ttcattcata ttggctcctc aatcctcaaa cagcatgttg    123960
     tcagaaagac gctgagctga taagatgacc tcatacgtct cagcatgtac agacatactg    124020
     taggtcagga gtgtgttctg ctaattttac ttaggaaatt atgtttgtga gccatttaac    124080
     ttgcaatatg gaattttaaa gggcaacata aaagtgtttc catcgcagtt tatgctcatc    124140
     ttttgttatc gaataaactt agttatacac acattttcaa aactagtgcg catcttggag    124200
     atgcgcacat ccaaaatgca cataaaaata ggtggatgga aacgctatag acatagtgtg    124260
     tgtgtgtgca ggacataact gcactaaaca gcctgtgatg catttttcat gtatgtgtga    124320
     gtttgtaagt gtgtgtgatt tcagtttttc ctcctctctc tcaggccgta ctcacactat    124380
     gtacagttgc ctcgaaccgg gccaaagcac gcttgtcccc cctcccgtct cctccgacgg    124440
     cccgcgctca caccatatcg ggcctcggca cgcttacgtc atcgctgctg ctctgttcag    124500
     tgaagcgctc tctatggcaa gcctttttag catttaaatc tttgttctga ctccataaat    124560
     atatttcgag atatctctaa ttatattttg actagtcata attataattc cactagtcag    124620
     aatgacaatt agagatatct gcaattacaa ttgtactagt acaaaatcag attggagata    124680
     tctgcaaata tattatgact agtcatattc ctccattgac ttccattgaa aaatatttgc    124740
     agatatctct aaatgaggtt tgattagtca caattgtaat tagagatatc tctaactgag    124800
     tttttactag tcatacattt ggagatcttt aattcgtcat atttagaaat atttacaaat    124860
     atatttgaag atatctctaa ttaatttaca aatagtcgaa ttacagttgt agatatcttg    124920
     aattggattt ttgactagtc aaaattcatt tggagatatc tctaattaca attatgacta    124980
     gtcaaaactc atttagagat atctgcaaat atttttcaat ggaagtcaat ggaggaatat    125040
     gattagtcag tcataatata tttgcagata tctccaatct gactagtcga attataatta    125100
     tgactagtca aaatataatt atagatatct ctaaatatat ttatggatag tcagaacaaa    125160
     tgctaaaatg gcttgccata cactgaatat gcggggacac gcagtcagat atttcttcag    125220
     acacttttgg cgctcataaa caatcataaa gtcgggcttt ggcgcgtttt gcgctcacac    125280
     acaagcgtac cgcgtcaaag cccaagtgta ccgcgctcag gcacacctct tccaaccggg    125340
     ccagggccgg ccaagtgaac cgtgcttgag cccgattcag cgcactcaca cttctccaac    125400
     gatccgggaa acgggcctgg gcacggtacg gatggcatag tgtgagtagg ccctcattct    125460
     gcagtgcagc agctggtcat ttagtttaca caagcacgct ctaactgtat taaataaagc    125520
     caagcgaact gcacaaataa aatattgtgg cacaaattgt aattagagag ttggctcttg    125580
     gcttatgtgt gtgtgagact gcggcgagct gctgctacga gctgtgagtg tgtgtaggtg    125640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacacagg gctttgagtg tgttcagtgg gaatactgga    125700
     gccaggccag aacaaacgtt aagctgcctt ataaggagcc tgtctgcagc aaagcaactg    125760
     tctgaatcct tttgggacac tgtgagattg agagcatgag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    125820
     tgtgtgtgcg cgcttgcacg tgtgtctgta tgtatgtgtg tatgcatgta tgtgtgtttg    125880
     tgtgtgtgag agagagatat atagagagga aatgtttgtg aatatgtgtg tgcgcgcata    125940
     ggtgtgtatg tgtgttaacg tgtgtgcgtg tgtttatgtc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg    126000
     tgtatgtttt caaataggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtttg    126060
     tgtctgtgtt tgtctgtatg tttggttgta cgtgaatatg tgtgtgtctg tatgtgtgtg    126120
     tttgtctgta tgtttgtgtg tatgtgaata tttgtgtgtc tgtatgtgtg tgtttgtctg    126180
     tatgtatgta tatgtgtgtt tcaataggtg tgtatgtgtg taaataggtg tttgtgtgtg    126240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgtatg    126300
     tttgtgtgta tgtgaatatg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtttgtc tgtatgtata tgtttgttta    126360
     aatagttgtg tatatgtgta aataggtttg tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    126420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg    126480
     tttgtgtgta tgtgaatatg tgtgtgtctg tttgtgtgtt tgtttatgta tatgtgtgtt    126540
     aaaataggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgattgtg tgtgtctgcc tgtatgtttg    126600
     tgtatatgtg aatatgtgtg tgtctgtatg tatatgtgtg tttaaatagg tgtgtatgtg    126660
     tgtaaatagg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg attgtgtgtg tctgcctgta    126720
     tgtttgtgta tatgtgaata tgtgtgtctg tatgtatatg tgtgtttaaa taggtgtgta    126780
     tgtgtgtaaa tgatagagaa aactgagaca aagcaaatga attgtggtta ggatttatca    126840
     acacatgctt tgaaagaaga agtccatgtc cttcagtaca gccgctctca ttgcatcctg    126900
     tcacttcctc ccctcaggct tcaaattctg gcacatgatt ggtgaactcc aacccgagac    126960
     atcttatgac atcaagatgc agtgctataa tgacggcggc gagagcgaat acagtaacgt    127020
     catgatctgc gagaccaaag gtgagagtct gaagtaccgt cacaggaatg ctatacttaa    127080
     catgcagaca ggaacccata aagccccggt gctaatgaca gaggacagcg agcaatggtt    127140
     ttattatcgg gtagacaaag agagacattg tgctgcgtct ccttgacatc attcactgat    127200
     aactggcctt aatgcaacac tgttgaaatc caagcagagt gtcattcaca gccagagcaa    127260
     ataaaaacat cggacttgct gctacaacag gctttaagac tgacaacaga tgcattgttg    127320
     tatgctagca cttgttaggg ttctggatta ttgctaatac ttggggatag acatttcaac    127380
     aaatccatga tcctaagaat taaagcatta gtattaaacg ctgcataatt aatcctgttt    127440
     aattagttct acagtgcatc aaatcaagca ctttataagc aacagatctt taaaggtgct    127500
     atatgtacgt gttgactctt ctaaagcatg aaaataccat aatacagggg caaactccaa    127560
     gtcctggaag gccggtgtcc tgcatagttt aactcaaact tcctttaaca tacccgcctg    127620
     gaagtttttg tatacctaga aagagcttga ttagctggtt caggtgtgtt taatttgggt    127680
     tggacctaaa atatgcagga cacaagccct ccaggaccgg atttgagcac ctctgtcata    127740
     atatgtttgc agatatgcaa gaagtcaaca ttcttgttta tctaaaaaca atgctaaagt    127800
     cagatattct gcttcgaaat tgcacattat gtgtcggcat gtctttgttt tggtctcttt    127860
     aacccgccgc aatgccagtt tagccaatta tatttcagca cctggagttg ccttggtgga    127920
     aaacagcgta tttcattcaa tctgtcagga aggattttga agtatgtgtc cgtgaccgaa    127980
     acgcgacctc cggtggacag tagcagactc cgaaatgaga cacagattca gagttccaca    128040
     tgaggtggtt tttaattagc aaatagtaca aatattgtga acgtaaacat taggtgagca    128100
     ggttacattg taaccccgtg tcctaacaac acagtacgtg acaagatttg cagtgatttg    128160
     gctgtttgca ccagacaaaa cacgatagaa gtttaaataa ggtcatttag aagcacaaaa    128220
     tagtgcactc actgcatgaa atgcttataa tttaattgtg tagagttgct gaagtttacc    128280
     ctgtgcgttt gtggttttaa agaaacttct ttggtacgtg aatcttgtca atgctattat    128340
     tcaaaaagtt aatgattcgc actcaagtaa ttgctctgta ctgtttttat aatattttcc    128400
     cagagatggg tttcggctgg aagggcatct actgcgtaaa aatgtgctgg ataagttggc    128460
     ggttcattcc gctgtggcga ccccggatta ataaagggac taagctgaca agaaaagatg    128520
     atgatgtctt tatattataa tttaattacc acatattaaa cctcttaaac attattaaat    128580
     gtagatgctg aatcactgat atgtgttcac ttgcagagtc acagttctaa cgttcagttt    128640
     caagcggttt attttatttt caagatctta ggggaacgat ctattgctgc tttcagtagt    128700
     atggcaataa atgtcatgta aaaaagcatt caaactcaaa ttattagcat ttaacactga    128760
     ataaagcaca tgaggtctgt ttgaggtgac cattgtcagt tttctgttgt tcagttgtaa    128820
     gcaatagata acgtttctaa agtataaatt tcaggtgctg ttagaaaaaa aaaagattaa    128880
     tatttcttct atcacgagcc atttctttca tttagaacat ggcctaaatc agcctttaga    128940
     ctcgatagtc aggctcgctc ctgatggtgt ctccaatctg gcaacctgca cttgcgtgtg    129000
     tttcaaacca ggcatgcaat acctagttca accattaggt gtcaaactta catactgcac    129060
     ctttaatgat cgaaaatagt tgaaatctga tagtatttgc gcctaaagtc ggtcggaaca    129120
     ccctagtaag cacttctaaa ctcagcctaa acattacatt ttgtaatttt tttttgccat    129180
     caatttttga tgttttaagt taaaagattt taacccttat atgctgttgg ggatgtcttc    129240
     atccagtctg gggtgatctc gagtcttaat tcagtcacag ctttctctgt ttttcatcaa    129300
     atagaaagat ttatggtgac aaatcttatt ttgacacata ttttgggaaa tgctttgaaa    129360
     acataaaaaa ttcaacaata caatctggga aaattgacaa ccatttcgtt atgttcaggg    129420
     ctgtttttgc cccattgact tccattataa acacattttt tgattgcaaa gccatgacac    129480
     catataatca tgcattcttg attgttggtg gatttcctta ttgggaagag gtgaaatgtt    129540
     ttattttaac cgttgatcat cagttgtagt gcaaaaaaaa aaactttctg acctaaaatt    129600
     atatggctgt atggcttata gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga gagagtgtgt gagagagacc    129660
     tttgcgcact tactttaata tgtctgagaa aatctaaata agtagctcag ctctcagaac    129720
     atagtaaaca tagtaagtgt atttatgcac acacaaaata aatagtcgtt ttaatccata    129780
     gaactccata tagaagttgg aaacttttgt tgctcagacc catcttaagg gttaatgctg    129840
     tcaactcata atcaacagta taaatgacaa atttgacctc ttcataacag ggaaaacacc    129900
     atcaaacata acaaaaacag ccccgaacat aacgaaaggg taggctgttt gaacagtaca    129960
     taagagttaa gtgatttctt tcctaagcca tggacaaaaa caactggcaa caacgagaat    130020
     caatacatta gacagtatta aaccaaagct attgagtttt gtgcacaccg ggactattaa    130080
     tgattgactc tttttgtctg ctctgttcct ccagcccggc agcctccagg tgtgcctagc    130140
     ctgcgtccta tcactcctcc aggcttctat cctgctgata cacccagcca gccaggcggc    130200
     ctgctctacc tgatcgtggg ctgtgttctg ggcgtcatgg tgctcattct gcttgtcttc    130260
     atcgtcatgt gcttatggag gaatagacag cagaacagta tgcatagtaa gtctcaagct    130320
     ttcaggtcta ttttttattc aaacgcttgt tgggggttga cgaatgatta tcatgcttta    130380
     taccaggagt gttcctgaag gatctacctt cctacagagc tccaaccatg atcaaacaca    130440
     cctgaaccaa ttaattagga tccgaacagc aattgttaat tacaggcacg cgtgtttgat    130500
     atgggttgca actgaaatct gcaggaagac acatctccag gaacaccctg ctttatacat    130560
     acagtatatt tcatttatgc tgtttgagca agaaaactaa tttgcaaagt tgcactccaa    130620
     agtcactcca aacagggtac ttttgaccct ttttaaaacg ggttacttaa agaatcaatt    130680
     tcttcttcag ccactgttat tattatattt agatacgtag taatgagacc agcagtgctc    130740
     tgttgtttta gtttatgtag taggtctgta aggttaagag aggttatgtt gtgtcaataa    130800
     tgcctttatg aatttgagtt ggaatccacc tcctgatcta tgcctggttt tcattgcctc    130860
     tcgccgacag ccggcccttt gaagttttct ttctttctct cttttttccc tctctcttcc    130920
     actctcaatg agattgaata acagagtaaa cagtgctggc cgcagcggtg tgtataagta    130980
     gtaacacaga cacacctccc cctgaaatag gccacaaatg gccctgctaa ctttcatcac    131040
     acacactctg gtttgctgct actccacttt tcaactgcac ttggcaaaag catcataatt    131100
     tcatattcat gcttcctttc tttttttatt attttttatt tttttgctat ttttagtgca    131160
     atatagacaa ttagacaaat ttccaaaaca taaaatatac agtgctcagc aaaaatccct    131220
     ctaaaattca tatttctata ggatgtttta caatatttgt atgcatataa attagattag    131280
     tcagtgccaa aactaaatct ggatttaatc taaccaaaat gaagagcata gtgcaaaaat    131340
     gagtacacac aaatgaatat attggggaaa actattgaat aaaatattaa taaacaggga    131400
     aaatcaatta aattttttgc aataacacat ttgaatttaa atggattagt tatctaattt    131460
     tagatatcca agatatgttg taatttaggc aattttaaaa atacattgat tttaagacaa    131520
     cgatacaatt tactttagaa gagttaagaa atttataata ctgatgttta gacaatattt    131580
     aatatttggc agaatatcag tttcctcaaa agatttagaa actcttattg gttcataaaa    131640
     acagttatta atgattgaac actaatacaa atgatcataa catagaatca gatcatcata    131700
     gtagaattaa agtggttgta gaaggatcac atgacactaa aaactggagt actgactgct    131760
     ttgaatcaaa gaagtagatt ttattttatt attatttaag ttagatttta tttagagatt    131820
     atttatttag tttaataaat tttaaaaata ctgaaataga aaaaaatata catttaaaaa    131880
     aaaattggat gtaaaagcat cacgacacaa aaaaactgga ctgctttgaa tcacagtagt    131940
     agattttatt attattaata ttattattat tattattatt atatgattta gataatattt    132000
     agagattatg tatttattta aatagattta tttattttaa aaagtactga aaaagaaaaa    132060
     aaatgatttt tttaaattga aaagtggttg tagagggatc atgtaacact aaaatctgga    132120
     gtaatgactg cttttaatca caaaaaataa attgtatttt attattataa acatttaatt    132180
     ttatttagag atttttttat ttactttaat acattttgaa agtactgaaa tagaaaaaac    132240
     tgaaatttta aatcgaaaag tggttgtaga atgacacaaa aaattaaagc aacgactgct    132300
     ttgtatcaga gaagcacatt ttattttact attatataat ttcgatttta ctttgagatt    132360
     attcatctat ttgaatagac ttaatttcct tttaaaagta ctgaaatagg aaaaaaatat    132420
     cattttaaat gaaaaaattg gatgtaaaag catcacgaca caaactggag taatgactgc    132480
     tttgaatcac agaagtagat tttattatta ttattattat tattattatt atttttatat    132540
     aatttagatc atatttagag atgattttta ttttaataga ttttatttat tttaaaaagt    132600
     actgaaatag aaaaagattt aaaaaaaaaa acttaaattg aaaattggtt gtagagggat    132660
     cacgtgacac aaaaattgga gcaatgactg ctttgaagca ccggagtaga ttttatatta    132720
     ttaatattat tattatataa attttaaaat atgaatttta aattgaaata atatttccta    132780
     atattgctgt ttttactgtc tatttgaaaa aaaaaatcta tgcaccttta tctaagcaaa    132840
     aaatacattt gaactccgct cataataatt acagaaaata aattgcaagt aatttgagca    132900
     tgcactagct attaattcta tactaaaaat atactaatgg aataaaaata tatcttcttc    132960
     atagaatacg accctccaaa ttacatctac cagtcagcgg agatgagcgg ccatgttctg    133020
     gattattctg ctctgcccgg ctccagtcat gtgaatggca gtgtgcacac ggggtgcgga    133080
     cacacggctc ccatgatgcc ccagacctgc catcatctcc atcacaaact gcccaacgga    133140
     ctggctctgc tgaacggatc aggaggcctg taccctgctg gacaccctca cgcacacgac    133200
     acctcgctac accaaaataa catggagtat gagcacccat cccctcatca cctacacaac    133260
     gtgagtacac gtggatggat ttcatttctg tttgatgaac ttttaacttt ttcctgtgcc    133320
     ttatgatgct tagtgtgaat tgtgggactt actctgactg taaaccatca gataaatgtt    133380
     ttaaaagact atgggaggag ttcagatgga aaaacatcta aaagtgccgt ctgaaatttt    133440
     cttctaaaag gatttttttc tcaacctcct atacacttac ctgacaaaag tcttgtcgtt    133500
     gattccagtt ttaagagcca taataacttg acttctagtt gattatttgg aaaaatggca    133560
     gaatgtcgat ttttctgatg aatcatccgt tactgtagaa gacctattgg atcctgcata    133620
     aatccaagat tctcatagaa atcagtcaag tttggtgaag gaaaaatcat ggtttggggt    133680
     tacattcagt atgggggtgt acgagagatc cgcagagtgg atggcaacat caacagcctg    133740
     aggtatcaag acatttgtgc tgcccattac aaaccacagg agagggcaaa ttcttcagca    133800
     ggatagcgct tcttctcata cttcatcctc cacatcagtt cctgaaagca aagaaggtga    133860
     aggtgctcca ggattggcca gcccagtcac cagatatgaa gattattgag gcattgaaga    133920
     tgaatccata gaagtcctgc aagaatgctt tctttgccat ttcagatgac ttcattaata    133980
     atttattaga tgcagtcctc caagctcatg ggagtcatgc aaaatattaa ttctttctcc    134040
     acggcagcat gatttatatt ctatactgga cattatttct gtttagtgaa aagacttttg    134100
     tctacacaaa gtcagacctt actgtcctaa ttaaatcctt aaaaatcaag gcatgatcat    134160
     attttatttt ggtaaaataa gcgtaattta gaggcctttg cctttcattt aagccacttg    134220
     tgataccaaa tgatcacaaa agtcaagtta ttatatgctg ttcctaaaac ttggattggc    134280
     gtcaaaactt gtcagattgt atagtttgtg tgttttttga ctttaaaagg aaagaaaaga    134340
     acatattctt tgccataagt tttaaaatac tgaacataca cagaggaggc taagaaaaat    134400
     gctaatttta gaggtttttg catctttttt tgttgttgct caattctcat tttttagatg    134460
     tttttgaact ttcatgtaca atgacgtggt atttagttgg gtgactaaat tatgatatat    134520
     ttttaagtga actattcctt taagcatcaa aaaaagacac acgtgcccac acatttattt    134580
     atttttgtcc tattactgag tctagttatt tatcaatgta tcaatggtgg atttacacaa    134640
     gaagagcaga tgggaattgc actcgcgaaa gacatttgag atctgaaaaa tcgtacacag    134700
     cggcctcagg tggatttacg agagaacagc aggtgcgaat ggcactcgcg agagaaattt    134760
     gagatctgaa aaattgtaca cagcggcctc tggtggattt acgcgagaag ggcaggtgcg    134820
     aatggtactc gcgagaagaa tttgagatct gaaaaagcag acacagcgac ctctggtgga    134880
     tttacgtgag aagagcaggt gcgaatgtca ctcgcgaaag aaatctgata tctgaaaaag    134940
     cgtacaaagc gacctctggt ggatttacac aagaagagca ggtgcaaatg gtactcgcga    135000
     gaaaaatttg agatctgaaa aatcgcacac agcagtcttt ggtgaattta catgagaaga    135060
     ggaggtgcga atggcactcg cgagagaaat ttgaaatctg aaaaagcgta cacagcggcc    135120
     tctgttgaat ttatgcaaga acagcaggtg cgaatggcac ttgccaaagc catttgagat    135180
     ctgaaaaagc ttacacagcg acctctggtg gatttatgtg agaagagcag gtgcgaatgg    135240
     cactcgttag agaaatttga gatctgaaaa aaacaaaaac tgccaaaaac gtacctcctg    135300
     ggatgtattt tgcgctctcc agaattgtat atactgggtt atgtatccat aataagcctg    135360
     ggttggattt ttaacaaaat tctccataga aataacccaa attccccaca cccaccacag    135420
     tgtattacaa tgtagcgact gttctatagc agaagccaaa tccagcttgt gctaaatgtg    135480
     tgtttattta tttgtttata tcagggtgga ggaatataca cggctctgcc ccagaacgac    135540
     tcgtccgact gcatgagctg tcagaacttc tgcaacaaca acaggtgaga gaatgagaaa    135600
     tgggatactg caaaagccaa gcccagtagc ttgttaatga ttgctgttta catgcctgca    135660
     gaattatgtt ttgctcagcg cgcctccaag tcagcaaacc aatcatctgt tccatctgct    135720
     tctcatttca cccctgacct gagcttattc taaacacaca cacacacaca cacaaataca    135780
     cgacgggctt gtttgtgtac actagtgtat ccggcagtca cagattacac tgaacgcaac    135840
     ctcgctacag tcttaatgag cgcagtgttt atttagccac agccagcagg agagctgagg    135900
     gaaatgcttc tgaatgcagc tcatattagt ctaaggctgc gtttataata gcgcattaca    135960
     acttttggta aatgccttgc atttcgagcc ttgaaaatag agcgctttta tataaaacta    136020
     tagatggatg gatttatgat ttataattac agttgaagtc agaattttta gccctcctct    136080
     gtatattttt gtcacctgat ttctgtttaa cagaaatatt ttttcaacac atttttaaac    136140
     atgatagttt taataactca tttctaataa ctgatttctt ttatctttgc catgatgaca    136200
     gcacgtaata tttgactata tatttttcaa gatgctagta ttcagcttaa atgacattta    136260
     aaggcttaac taggttaatt aggcaagtta gggttatcgg gccaatcatt gtataacgat    136320
     ggttagttat gaagacaatc aaaaaatatt gcttaatcca ttgactgccg ctctaccaaa    136380
     tggttgacaa gtaatgactg ttaaaatcat ttaaagaatg actgtattaa ataatggttt    136440
     acacacagca ttgttggttt acaaaacaaa tcaaatttat ttatttattt atttgtttat    136500
     ttggcaggga cagtgtacat taataagcat ttctgccaat gcaccagaat tagcccgaag    136560
     gctatttttc atctgttgtc cttgaacaac ctagaaaaaa caatccaaaa attatacaat    136620
     caatcaaaca tagtaaaata gacatggtca tatagatgtt aaaagagaat atttacaagt    136680
     taagctaaaa aaatttgtaa tagagataaa aatagttgaa acactttaac acaacagatc    136740
     attaagatgg tgggcacaaa tggaaacaat caacaatcct gttgcactac tacacttgat    136800
     tttcgtttta ttgtaaaaaa aaccaacaac aacaaaacat gttaaatgag aatctgaaat    136860
     attttatggt atacttcaca aaaataaagg tgatttaatg tttaaaaatg tttcattttt    136920
     aatatttttt acaaataaat tggtcttaca cctcatattt ttagattttc atagtatatg    136980
     tattaattcc agtattttac cataaaccag caaccatttg ttagaggatg atattttaga    137040
     aattatggga tgtgttaact agcgacatta ggagtgaaat ccaaatgcaa tccaaatttt    137100
     tgtttcttag tggtgtagtt aaagggtcaa gaggactaat aatattgaat taaaacctaa    137160
     aatgttttgc aaaaaaaata aaaaacggtg gttctcctag ccaaatcaaa gcagataaga    137220
     ctctctctta aagaaaaaaa tataatagga aatactgtgt aaaattcctt gctttgttaa    137280
     ttataatttg ggaaatattt taaaaagaaa caaattaatt ttgtctttaa ctgtatgtgc    137340
     ttgagcaaaa agcttttttt tttaaattat gtaacttact gattacagtt cttccaagtt    137400
     tggaataatt gccattagag attttttatg aaatgacaaa aagatgtcat tcaggcatac    137460
     ttattttaat ttttagacat tagccccttt caaacaatga tgctgtaaat atctggataa    137520
     tttccgagac gactttaccg gtaaattcaa aaaagcgctg ttcacacagg cgaggacgtt    137580
     acgtaatttt tccagaaaag accgttcacg catccattcc aaaataccag taaattctga    137640
     catcattaac cagaaatgag ctttaaacgg ctgcgcttgt atttgtaaac atttgacaac    137700
     attacaaact ctgtggatgg atcagtattg tgaacaactt cgaagaaaac atagagatac    137760
     actttcgcat gtcgagatgt acatattatg tgtgtgtgct ggcgctcacg ggctgtttca    137820
     cgggcacacg caaagcttga aggtaaacaa acaacggctt atcataagcc ttgtatcgat    137880
     aattatttac actgcattaa gatgaacata taaacgttat ctgactaact tctagcagct    137940
     aaatgtgtct ggaaaaatat tcaaaggctt ttattctcat aaaccgcaca gacgtgaatg    138000
     cgtctgagtg ttgtgattgg cttaagcaga cgtctcacgt cagcacgttc tagacgtgca    138060
     tgcgctcttt ccggcaatct tccttctgca ttcacacagc gcagcatccc agcaaattac    138120
     cgataatgtt acaacttctg tttccggaaa atagcccgaa tgaatttact ggtattttca    138180
     aaaagaatca gttcacacat acacaccttt ccggaaaatt gccggtaatt ttccggaaag    138240
     gtctgtatgt gtgaaaggag ctaatgtcaa tctaatgttt gaacttcaga agtgttactt    138300
     gttacttgaa aaatgttggt ggaataaccc taaatttcaa tcgcaaaaca tcaaaacatg    138360
     atcatcattt tcttaaaaaa atatcgctct acatgacaat gtttacttac atattcatat    138420
     agttttatag taatttagtt tttagatctt tgtagagcta aaaaaaatga atattttact    138480
     caaaaaacac accaataaat ccaacattgg ctcattctga aaatgtagcc ctatatacat    138540
     ttctggagat cgagaattat gtaaccagaa gtacatatgg ctgcgtttgg tctataaaaa    138600
     cgaacgatat agggcggtat gacaccgttc cttttctcgc ttagcagctg accgcttacc    138660
     tccctattac cagttaccag tttgtccagt agctcactat gtacatcggc agactttaga    138720
     cacagagagg agctgacaac gatggcgggg ttcgagtctg acgaaaaatg attccagaaa    138780
     gggagaaaga caaaaacaga agccaaaaaa taaaataaac aagcaaataa cagagtgaga    138840
     atgtggtaaa atctgaaaat gtggcaaaaa tcaggtgagg gcttttgttt tactggattg    138900
     gttttctaaa ttgtcggttg agtttaggga agtgggtggg caggtccatc gatgcatttt    138960
     aaaacactat tggttgagtc tagagaagga ggagggtggg tcagtcagtc agtcagtcag    139020
     tcagtcgaca gtggtctctg gtggatttat gcaagaacag caggcgcaaa tggcattcgc    139080
     aagagaaatt tgagatctga aaaagcgtac atagcagcca ctggtggatt ctcgaaaaca    139140
     aaaactgcaa aaaaacgttc ctcccgtatt tcgctctcca gaaatgtata taggggtacg    139200
     ttttcagaat gagccgggtt aaatcaatca aatccaatac caataaataa accaataaag    139260
     taaacccaga gaaatttcaa gtggtctcgt aaaatttcta aatattttca gaatggcctt    139320
     gtgcatctgt gtacacttaa tctccctgat tacttcttga gtgagcatac agtgatctgt    139380
     gtgtgtttgt ctctcaggta ttgtttgttt atgtgtgtgt gtgcgtgttt gtgtgttatc    139440
     ggcctgtgca aacacacaga gacacaggct gttgagtctg ctcattcagc gtagaggctc    139500
     gcggaaataa atctgtgatc tgagatgcga tcagagctgg cacatagcag agatgcttgt    139560
     tacagctggc acacaggctt aagatggagt agaaaagtgt aatcaaacaa acattcacca    139620
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cacacacaca cagcatcata gttcaaatct gctagacttt    139680
     aagaaacagg agacattcaa aacaatgttc atgctgctgt ttttagtata ttattatatt    139740
     ttatttgaaa ttctaaagaa acgttatcaa acatttatcg aatgaactaa atattgacat    139800
     gtatgtcaaa tgcatacctg agaaatcctg aggaatgagc ttgcgttatt taagctaatt    139860
     gctaacgtac catttgtctt tttacaatgt gttcgcacag ttcgcagcat cataacatcg    139920
     aatgtaatca aatgtatctt tccatgttaa attgagtttt tgtcgtaacc atgtgctttg    139980
     tcgactcaca aaattagttt ttttaagaaa tgggtcattt ctgtgacttc acagcagaac    140040
     aacagcaaat actactatga caatgcatat acagttgaag tcagaattat tagcccccct    140100
     gaattattag ccttcctgta tatttttccc caatttctat ttaacggaga gaagattttt    140160
     ttcaacacat ttctaaacat aatataataa ctcatctcta aataataact gatttacttt    140220
     actttattga cagtaaataa tattttacta gaagtttttc aagacacttc tatgtgacat    140280
     ttaaaggctt aactacgtta attatattaa ctaggcaggt tagggtaaat aggcaagtta    140340
     ttgtataacg atggtttgtt ctgtagacta ttgaaaaata aattagctta gaggctaata    140400
     atttcgttct taaaattgtt ttaaaaaatt taaaaactgc ttttattcta gccgaaataa    140460
     cacaaataag actttctcca gaagaaaaaa tattatcaga catactgtga acattttctt    140520
     gctctgttaa acattgtttg ggaaataatt taaaaaaaag tatgtactaa catgaacaaa    140580
     cagtgaacaa tacattatta tatctttgtt aacattaatt aatgaaaata cagttgttag    140640
     ttgatgttaa ctcatagtgc gttaactaat gttaacaatc aatttagaat tgtaataatg    140700
     catttgtaaa tgttgaacta tgaatattaa taaatgctgt agaagtattg ttcgtttaca    140760
     ttatcatcta cattaactaa cgaaacctta ttgtaaagat tgaccactac atggttatcc    140820
     ctgtttttaa tacctcaaaa aaggtcagct ttaagttttt gattgaagaa agactacgtt    140880
     taatcctcga cacgtgcggc ggccatcatt tatgctttcc ctttgtactt catcgacagg    140940
     tgttacacaa aaaccaatgg cactttctcc ggcggcactc ttccactaat gcaccgcgtg    141000
     gcagctcgcc aacccgatgg cctggaaatg atgcccctca accccatcct gtcccgctgc    141060
     catggatgtg acagtccaca gctcaacggc tgccaggaca gagactcagt ccaacaggcg    141120
     gaggagggca acgtgccgcc cctgtctcac aattccccct gcttgcctgt ggaaacaaag    141180
     tccagcctgg agcagcagag aggtaagaaa gttacaaaca gcaaatttgt acaaatcata    141240
     aaaaaaattg gtaacactta attcagatca cgattcatgt tattaagtgc tggcttatta    141300
     ttaataagat attaactgtt cattagtagt tatgaagtat gatctcatta tgtgtcacta    141360
     atcctaacct aaacccaact tctaccttat taactattaa taaacagcta gtagtttatt    141420
     aagctagtag tgttagtgaa tggtttgttc atactagaga tgttccgatc aggttttttt    141480
     ccccttgagt caagagtcat ttgatttaga gtatgtatcg atactaaaac ccgatccgat    141540
     acttcaaaaa tacattcaaa tataaagagc gaagaaacag atccaggatg ctccttatct    141600
     tttatgtaat tcaccttatt ttaacattca acaactctgt taacagggca cttctgtgag    141660
     gtagcttgat caatcaagta ataaataaca tcaattcttc actattgaac tttagtgcaa    141720
     cagtaaaata tgtaatataa aaacaaatag ctcctcaatt taaaacaccc ggcaagcaat    141780
     cctaagttta caaatctcac agtattctat ggcaatgttg tcgtcattgg ggattgggta    141840
     tcgttaggtt tttaacagta ttactacatt tatcgatacc acttatcggt tcggtacttt    141900
     aatggttctc taaacggtac ttttttattt tattatcttg tttttaatgt aaaataaaac    141960
     gaaaccaata ttgtaaaaca tttaaatatt ttttttcctt aaaaatgtac aatggtttga    142020
     aggcaaatga ctttattatg tttttaacca ttattctgga gaaaatcaac atgtttgcct    142080
     tttctggcag aagtcttgat ctttcttggt ttattgtgct ccctgcagtt gaaaatatcc    142140
     tttttgagtt ccaaaatgca tttaaatgag aacattgtgt gaatcggacg ttatacttga    142200
     cacgttcgcc ggacactcga gcatttctca tgtgagatgt gcagaagaat attaaatatc    142260
     gcaaattaaa ggttggtcag ttaaatcatg ctactgtaag taatgtctat tcagcattaa    142320
     ttctccagta ccgatagcag aaacattaac gtcagagctt atcgatactt cagtgtttta    142380
     taatgtagca ccaataccaa taaagtactg agtttcggta cccatcccta atcgtcatca    142440
     acttcataat acctccattg gagttcggta tgtttagcta gtgttaacgc tgtcttctaa    142500
     actcatgtgc gcacccatga accgtacaca agtaaggctg aaagagggtc cgattcactt    142560
     ctagtatgaa tgcaatcgta ctaaattatg gaagtgaacc gtcaacagta caaaaaaact    142620
     atcgctcatt cctgtgtgtt tgagaagttt ttagctcaaa ataccatcat tactatatac    142680
     cacgtgtatg gctctttaaa tgcaaattag ctttttattt taccccttgc cttactggaa    142740
     gagggtggtg ccttttataa accgaactct ggcttgtgtt ttaaagtctt gtcagtagtg    142800
     atgagagaca caaagctttt caaagctcaa aaacaattga accaattaga gacacctgct    142860
     ggtcaaaacc atgtaaatgc aatacaaact caggcaaaac atggactaaa attgtctgtg    142920
     tatcacatac tgtaccttgc taacaagcgg gactgagcca gggcaaacac agcaataatg    142980
     tcggcttgtc tcctccaaaa agagtcgctt tctgtatgtc caaaaccaaa agattcatta    143040
     aaagcagaac gactgcagct tgatgattca agcgtactgg ggttcagaag gaaaaaagac    143100
     agtgtgaaca caaaccagcc gagaaggtgg caatcaatct tggctatggt ctaggccagg    143160
     ggttctcaac tggtttggcc atgggaccca catttttaca tggccatcaa gccgtgaccc    143220
     aaatttttta ggaactatta aacaatttta ggaattatgc ttaattttta tttatttgtt    143280
     aacataaaca agtagtgaca gataaatcat gaataaaaca aaatggatca aattatagaa    143340
     atattacaaa gtaaaaacga caaatactgt taataataaa ctgttaataa aacgtgtgtt    143400
     ctggtttcta aatgttgttt taatttagaa ggtttaatgc tctcatgaga gcacctcact    143460
     acatatgaca ctgaggcttt aagtcttttt tgttgtcaat atatatccat attttacata    143520
     ttcagggttg tacttacgct tgacatattt gttgcaataa ttaaatgaaa tttctcatgt    143580
     caaacagtag ggttgtcgcg catgcatttc aaaataaaag tccgatataa gcaaaaataa    143640
     gtaaaaattt aacttttgtt gttgtttttt taacacacac tccacgaccc actaaaaatg    143700
     ttaagaaaca ctggtctagg ctattgaacc aagtgtaaaa gcatcctaaa aaaccatagc    143760
     gttatctgaa ccctcagact tgtgatccat tacaccacca gacattatcg tcagcaggtg    143820
     aaaaccctaa tggcggacga ctgcttctta ctcagggctg tttacgggct aatgagggat    143880
     ttttgcataa atggtcactt ttaaattgga tttaatatca ttcattcatt ttcctttggc    143940
     ttagtccctt tattcatcag gggttgccac agcggaatga accgcctact tattccagct    144000
     gcaacccaat actgggaaac acccatacac acactttcac acacatacac tacagccaat    144060
     ttagtttatt caattaacct atagcacatg tgattggaat gtgagggaaa ccggagcacc    144120
     cagagaaaac ccacaccaac acagggagaa catgcaaact gacccagcca ggactcaaac    144180
     caacaatctt cttgcagtaa ggcgacagtg ccaaccactg agccactctt gactcaatat    144240
     aaagaggtga aagtcttgcc ttagtgaaac ctgcagtata aagagctctc tgattcactc    144300
     cgcatgagga aagtctgtgt ttcttctggc tcttcaggaa attactgcat tggcaaactg    144360
     taaattaccc atcatgcaat attatttgac ctgactagac tcctgcgtac tggtgtataa    144420
     tttagtattt tctctctcgc tgcgtgtgta acaggagttc agcaggtaca gcatgaagac    144480
     tcggagggtc ctgtggtgtg ttgggagcgg ctgggactgg atctagactg taaggagaaa    144540
     acagcctgga tctctactgg aagcctgact ggagatctca tccagcccac cgtgcaggag    144600
     atctgaacac attgttaaac aacgcgcata aacgctggaa aaaaaaaaga gaaacaagag    144660
     aggcagtcga ttaaataaag gatgctccca gtgttggaat ggtcagagac attgttgtga    144720
     cttgaagtgg acactaacgg actgctggag atgaaacgaa tgaagatatt ggtggaatca    144780
     aagactgaaa cgatcccgat catgggagga cgttaaaaaa aaaagtcaac acaaaaaaac    144840
     tctttagatg acttatttat tttttgtagt agtaaaatat tatttcatat gaatgtatct    144900
     gttgtaagaa aaaaagtttc ttttatatta tttatgcctt tttttttttg gatgagaaac    144960
     ctttattttc tttgttgttt attttgttga ctatattttt gtctgtttct tccacacagt    145020
     gtggagttta gccattgtac gtgtaaagtt ttgtaataat ataaagagaa gattaagtat    145080
     tattatgtct gtccatcaat attgagctct ttacctcact aaatggctgt taaactatca    145140
     atcatggatg aatattctca tatgctcagt ttgcactgtc aggtcttgat gcccgattcc    145200
     gatttgtttc caataactga ttattttgcc tgtccgttta cacgttcttt taattgtgac    145260
     caatatccga ttcttgtgtt tacacttagt atgcaattta caacgtcgaa catgagtaaa    145320
     agctggttct agcatctgtg ccacacaata tggaagaaac tgccttgctt ttagctctgc    145380
     gaaatatgtg aaattgaccc aactttaaaa tgattttgat acttcagtct tttataatgt    145440
     agcaccgata ctgataaagt acagagtttc agtacacatc cctaatcgtc atcaacttca    145500
     taataccttc attttagttc ggtacattta gctagcgtga acgccgtcgt ctgaactcag    145560
     gtgtgcaatc gcacaatcgt taagtattat tatgcctatc aataaatatt gagctcttta    145620
     cctcactata tggctgttaa attatcaatc atggatgaat attctcatag gccccattta    145680
     cactgtcagg tcttgatgcc cgattacact tggtatacaa tttacaacgt cgctcatacg    145740
     taaaggttga ttctagcatc cacaccacac tagccacgat ggaagaaatt gtcttgcttt    145800
     tagctctgcg aaatatgtgg ttcacccaac tttgaaatga ttttgatact tcagtcgata    145860
     ccgatgaagt accgaatttc ggtacccatc cctagtcata tcaacttcat aatacctcca    145920
     ttttagttcg gtacgtttag ctggtgtgaa cgccatcgtc taaactcagg tgtgcaatcg    145980
     cgcaatcatt aagtattatt atgtctgtcc ataaatatta agctctttac ctcactaaat    146040
     ggctgttaaa ctatcaatca tggatgaata ttctcatagg ctccgtttgc actgtcaggt    146100
     cttgatgccc aatttcgatt ggtttcctta agtgtgatta ttttgcctgt ccgtttacac    146160
     gttcttttaa ttgtgaccca tatctgattc ttgtgtttac acttggtata caatttacaa    146220
     cgtcgaacat gagtaaaggc tggatctagc atctgcgcca cacaatatgg aagtcttgct    146280
     tttagctctg cgaaatatgt gaagttgacc caactttaaa atgattttga tacttcagtc    146340
     ttttataatg tagcaccgat actgataaag tacagagttt cagtacacat ccctaatcgt    146400
     catcaacttc ataatacctt cattttagtt cggtacattt agctagcgtg aacgctgtct    146460
     tctgaactca ggtgtgcaat cgcaggtcgc aggtcttgat cgatgaggtc ctcctcatcc    146520
     accagtgtgc accatccatc tggatgaccc gacagcagcc atattgcgcc agactgcaca    146580
     ccacacacac cagctgattg gtggagagga tacatgatga tgaagccaat taggataagg    146640
     ggagggttag gaggccatga tggacagagg ccaatgggta aatttgacca ggatgcaagg    146700
     cctaaagccc tactcttttt tttaaaggac atcctgggat ctttaacgac cacagagagt    146760
     caggattaaa catctcatct gaaagacagc actcactgag cagtatagag tccccatcaa    146820
     tatactgggg cattatggcc cggacagacc acaggttaag cgccctctgc tggcctcact    146880
     aacaccacct ccagcagcaa actagctttc ccatgtggtc tcccacccag gtactgacca    146940
     ggtgcagccc tgcttagctt cagtgggcaa ccatgtgaga gttgcagtgg gctagcagcc    147000
     ggcttacaag caggctaaca agctcagacg agaggcaaca tgtggaacac actaaaccaa    147060
     actagccgga caaacaaagc ccaacggccg accttcctaa taggacgctt ccaaccttag    147120
     aagccggcaa acttgcatcc ttgagaaaca tttgtttttt atggctttaa tcaagcacag    147180
     agttagattt actcccactc aataatgcaa tccatggtgt gcctgaagag agatcaggat    147240
     tactgtatgt cctcaagtat tcagtaaatg caacagatct ttgaagtcat ccctggggat    147300
     ctctcagcca tgtctcctca cttcgtctct ttgtcaacca taaacaaaca ttagagtgcc    147360
     tgaatgacct ttgaccatca cagacagtgt tgaagagcgc tggtcatgtt gaggtgtttt    147420
     tgtttggctg gagctcatca tagtggtctc catgtttccg cttcagatgt ggtttggact    147480
     cgacgtgact gtctacataa gcagattgcc aaaaggctgg atgatgcatg gtcatgtttt    147540
     gtggtctttt aacagctgat ttcagacaga cgctgcagaa tggtttagat gtgttgtttt    147600
     tgtagataca aacaaatatc atcccccgtc catttaaagc atttcattaa atcttttcat    147660
     caattttcct tcggcttggt cccttattta tcaggtgtcg ccaaagcgga atgaaccgcc    147720
     aactattcaa gcatatgttt tacacagcgg atgctgttcc attactggga aacaaccata    147780
     cactctcaaa ttcacacgtg cactcacaca ctacgttcat tcaattcacc tataccggag    147840
     aacccagagg aaacctacgt ggacagtgag ctttccctta attgttttga taaattttaa    147900
     tatttggtgt gcaaatttcg tttagcaata acagagtgtg ggaactagga tttagggtgt    147960
     agggtgttgg tcaggggtgt ccaaactctg tcctggaggg ccggtgtctt gaagagtttt    148020
     gcctcaaccc taatcaagca cacctgaacc agcaaatcaa gcacacctga accagcaaat    148080
     caagcaactt cctggcaggt gtgttgaagc aagatggagc taaactctgc cacatggtta    148140
     ctacctcaga aagtggtcaa caattgacat ttttggactt attttacgct ttgattgaca    148200
     aaaacgcacc ttaaagtaat ctgaaaaagg ttatagtgat ttcttcctgt aaagtcacat    148260
     aaaaacaaaa tatttgacat ttgattgtta ctttatcaca cactttacac agggcatcag    148320
     cgtcagcgct tcctgttcac tttaaaccgg tgacgccaag aatcgccaga ctgaattgtg    148380
     attgcgttgg cgttgcttca gatggagttg ctcgctgtag aatttgagaa tgtgttaact    148440
     ttttaagcaa caatggaagt gtccgccaat cagatcgatt tatgcaaaaa gtagttgatt    148500
     gcagactaat ttcattggct gatgctgcta tgatgatcac gtcagcccta acttcagaca    148560
     caccctccgt caaggagtgt gaatctggag taaggtttct tgctaacaga tgaatgcaaa    148620
     gcatattaaa tagggccgtg tcttgactaa gcacttctgt ttacatgtct gtatgtagta    148680
     tattgtatgt agtattgccg gcagtcaact ctctgcaact ctcacatggt cacctcacta    148740
     aagctgtcag ttcctggatg ggagaccaca tgggaaagct aggttgctgt cggaagtggt    148800
     gttagtgaaa gcagcagggg atgctcaacc tgcggcccta acgccccagt atattgatgg    148860
     ggactctata ctgctcagtg agcgctgtct tttggatgag atgttacaaa tcccaggagt    148920
     aggggtttaa tcctggccaa atttgcccac tggtctctgt ccatctcctt ttcaccacct    148980
     ttcgcactgg tgtgtggtgt ggtgcaatat ggctgccatc acatcatccg gatggatgct    149040
     gcacactggt ggtgaatgag gagattcacc ttgaatatgt gtaaagccct ttgagtgtcc    149100
     agaaaaatgc tacatacatg taaggaatta ttattattat tataagaggc cctttacact    149160
     gttttcagcc aaaacaagtc aactttttat gtgtttacat gacaattaca ttttattgac    149220
     tgaaaacaca taacctatat ctgaaattgg gcttcaaatc atgggcacag cagccgtgta    149280
     aacacctaaa aacaagagtc tttgcaaatg atgacattat acacggtagg tgtagattaa    149340
     acgcaatcac taacaaacac agcaattgca aggtatgtag catttgttgt tgttaaagtg    149400
     tttgctaatg ttctataagc gagtttgggg ctaaatcgta gtcatcaaaa tgtagcaaag    149460
     catccagatt tttatcatat gagcacttaa cactgattaa agtttgattt cgctcacagt    149520
     tgaccgacct ttatgtaaaa agctattaaa agagatgaaa aagagggtga tggtatgtga    149580
     cctaattgtc ataagttatg cctttgctat gatatgacat tattatttgc ccacgcatga    149640
     cttgagtgat gtagtttggg tgttgtagat ggtgtctaaa gaggcgtcag cttttaatct    149700
     gaccagtctt aagtaaatcc catcaccatc cacccattac tgagccaaca ctgccaccag    149760
     acacccaggc ctgctggtta ttccccacaa aaaccctttg aaatcatgaa gcttccatct    149820
     gtcattctag gttggaaagg aaaaaaatga tgatgaggga agacaggagg ttttactgtc    149880
     gccaaattgt ggcaaaccgt ttagcgcaca gtctggtcca cttcaaggtg gtttcttgaa    149940
     tcctggctga gcttacggtg tctggacttt aaaaatttcc cttctgttcc actaggcttc    150000
     agctgaataa ccaaagccag gatctaaaca acaggcatag ataggcccag aaaccatatc    150060
     agatcgctca gtgattctgg aacttttcct ttaggtcttt actgtaacat tgtaaagatg    150120
     tgttttagag gggtgccctg tatagcttga gccactaagg tattcctgta ctacaaacag    150180
     gaaatacaag aactgattaa aaaaagtgtg taaacgtgat caagacaatt gtatattttt    150240
     ggcaaggaac taaaaacatt tgttttgata cttaagttct atcccttatc aaaagtggct    150300
     ctcaatgacc agttattgga actcacgacg aaacttaact agtatatgtt ttgtcagtta    150360
     agttgccagt tcatacaagt tcagtcgtat gaaaatgtat gattttaaaa aagaggcgtg    150420
     acatccaacc gtcattggag gaagagtgaa tcatactaaa ttgtatgaat ggaatcgtac    150480
     gaattcatac aatttagcta ctaaatcaaa aagttaagaa ctttacaata ttaaagcaaa    150540
     aacaatattc aagcaaacag gaaactacaa aattatcccc tacagtcatt gtcctattta    150600
     gcctgatctc atgaggaaac actattatac attttgtcag tttagtggct aattcgtaca    150660
     aattcataca agttcagtcg tacgaaaatg tacaatttta aaaaggagac gtggcaccca    150720
     acctcgcccc taaatccaac catcattggg gaaacagcaa atcgcactaa attgtataaa    150780
     tgagatctta tgaatttaca cgatttagcc actaaatcaa aaagttaaga tttttacaat    150840
     attaaagcaa ataggaaact acaaaatgtc tccctacagt cattgtcctg tttaggctga    150900
     tctcatgagg aaacttaatt attatacttt ttgtcagttt agtggctaat tcatacaaat    150960
     tcatacgagt tcagtcgtac gaaaatgtac aattttaaaa aggaggcgtg gcacccaacc    151020
     tcgcccctaa atccaactgt cattggggga acagcaaatc gcactaaatt gtacaattga    151080
     gatcttatga atttacatga tttagccact aaatcaaaaa gttaagattt ttacaatatt    151140
     aaagcaaata ggaaactaca aaattgtcct ctacagtcat tgtcctgttc agcctgatct    151200
     catgaggaaa cattactatt atacgttttg tcagtttagt ggctaattcg tacaaattca    151260
     tacaagttca gtcgtacgaa aatgtacaat tttaaaaagg aggcgtggca cccaacctcg    151320
     cccctaaatc caactgtcat tgggggaaca gcaaatcgca ctaaattgta caattgagat    151380
     cttatgaatt tacacgattt agccactaaa tcaaaaagtt acgattttta caatattaaa    151440
     gcaaatagaa aactacaaaa tgtctcccta cagtcattgt cctgttcagg ctgatctcat    151500
     gaggaaactt aattattata ctttttgtca gtttagtggc taattcatac aaattcatac    151560
     gagttcagtc gtacgaaaat gtacaatttt aaaaaggagg cgtggcaccc aacctcgccc    151620
     ctaaatccaa ctgtcattgg ggaaacagca aatcgcacta aattgtacaa ttgagatctt    151680
     atgaatttac acgatttagc cactaaataa aaaaaaaagt tacgattttt acaatattaa    151740
     agcaaatagg aaactacaaa atgtctccct acagttattg tcctgttcag gctgatctca    151800
     tgaggaaact taattattat actttttgtc agtttagtgg ctaattcata caaattcata    151860
     caagttcagt cgtacaataa tgtacaattt taaaaaggag gcgtggcacc caacctcgcc    151920
     cctaaatcca accgccattg ggggaacagc aaatcgcact aaattgtacg aatgagatcg    151980
     tatgaattta caggattttg ccactaaatc aaaaagttac gatttttaca atattaaagc    152040
     aaataagaaa ctagaaaatt gtcccctaca gtgaatatcc tgttcagcct gagttcagtc    152100
     aaacaaaaat gtacaatttt aaaaagaaga cgtggcaccc aacctcgccc ctgaatccaa    152160
     ccgtcattgg gggaacagca aatcacacta aatgtaaaat ccctgcagag ctaacattgg    152220
     ccatccctgc actacataga gtctagaaac aattgatggg aaaaggacat taagaaagaa    152280
     taggttgtct gtgacataaa gaaagaaaag aagagatgct gacaggtctc aggtcatttg    152340
     atgagatgaa gatagggttg agaacctcct gataaagacc tgcctctgtc tgaagtcgat    152400
     ttctacttac cctgtcctgt tgtcttctgc aaaggactcg gaccccttaa taagggcact    152460
     atgggaacaa atgtgtccat tgtccgccct caaaattcct cccccagtct ttgagtggac    152520
     ctgttagcgc cctcttcaac cccctcctcc gcccaccatt cttcggctgt ctctttggca    152580
     caccctgaat gaatgtaaca ctcatgaatt aggctgcgtt ttctttctct ttccgtgtct    152640
     cttttttctg agagtggcct gatttgactc ggcttccagg ccgtttatcc aagagaggtt    152700
     acaaaaccac acaaagactc cgggactctg gccctgcccc agacctctat tattttaggc    152760
     aaatttcagc ctcataatca gtgttgtaca aataaatctc cattttcttg accatgatct    152820
     tttgggccaa cagggaaatg taagtagact tcccaaatca gctgatgatt gggttgtttt    152880
     tatatatggg gtttaaatta tgaacggcta tcacaatatt ccggtgacgt ggaagggatg    152940
     aagccctcgt aaagttaatt tacaagcttt ctgtctttcc taaggtcaga cttctgtgtt    153000
     ccacatgtat atgctcctgt acataattag accaatgatg acaagtcact tatacatgct    153060
     gacagaacta gctgttacct cagtcagcct tctcaagatt ttccaatcac aacttgttgc    153120
     tgtttccaag tgaaatccat tattcattta cttattttta acattaacct tagtagcttt    153180
     aagatttatc aacctatcat ttgcctctga ttgggggttt aggttagggt tgtggtttgc    153240
     ctataggatg gaagtgttta ttttcccagg tccatctgct gcagtacctg gttagtagta    153300
     gaatcaatat gatgtagtca tcaatattag taactaatct gaaaaaataa ataagaaccc    153360
     ttcccccagt gaaatgtgtt gtttataatt tgtagacata tcattttgga cgtgctacaa    153420
     ttgcggtgga ttcccattgc tttagctatg gccaaatctg aattccccac cataaaaata    153480
     actgagttat gtgaccaata tttatatcgg tacttctggt ttcctgactg atctattgca    153540
     gcatagaagc ccagacatgg tggttttatg gatccattac tcaaggccaa gagctgttta    153600
     tttcccacac taagggatag ttattttctt ggtggtgaac tacaaacaaa atatttagct    153660
     acacagatat tcagggacag ataagactgt cattcatcag atcggagaga tgtaaacatg    153720
     gatgaggtct gtgtaagtta ttgagttgaa tgtgagtagg tttccatcat cctaagttaa    153780
     tgcacatttt gaagtactgt atgagaaacg agggacataa acaccacctt ttgagtaaca    153840
     gtcaatttgt aacaaaaaaa gtttttccgt tcaattaaag tgattttgga ccacttccaa    153900
     tcttctattg ttcaattttg gtgagccgtg cgaactgtag ccattatgag ccttaactgt    153960
     ttcctgttct tagcttacag gagaggcacc cggtgtggtc ttcttctgct gtagcccatc    154020
     tgcctcaagg ttcgacgtgt tgtagtttca aagatgcttt tgaaaacctc agttgtaata    154080
     agtgcttatt tgagttacgg ttgcctttct atcagctcaa acctgtcctc gaagtctggc    154140
     cattctcctc tgacctgtgg catcaacaag gtatttgtgc ccatagaact aagttaatgc    154200
     acattttgaa gtactgtatg agaaacgagg acgtacatgt caaatttaaa ataacagtca    154260
     gtttgtaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaagttt ttacgctaaa ttgaagtggt tttggaccac    154320
     ttccaatctt ctattgttca attttggtga gcctgtgcaa actgtagcct caaattcctg    154380
     ttcttagctt acaggagtgg cacccagtgt tgtcttttgc ggctgtagcc catctgcctc    154440
     aaggtaggac gtgtagtgcg ttcagagatg ctcttctgga tacctcggtt gtaactttgc    154500
     ctttctcgca gctcgaacct gtcctcatag tttggccatt cttctctgac ctctggcatc    154560
     aacaaggcat ttgcgcctac agaactaagt taatggatat tttgaactat tgtttgagtg    154620
     acgagggatg taaacaccac attttgaata acagtcaatt tataacaaaa aaaaaagttt    154680
     ttacgctcaa ttgaagtggt tttggaccac ttctaatctt ctattatcca cttttggtga    154740
     gcctgtgcaa actgtggcct cagtttcttg ttcttagctt acaggagtgg cacccagtgt    154800
     tgtcttttgc ggctgtagcc catctgtctc aaggttggac gtgtagtgcg ttcagagatg    154860
     ctcttctgga tacctcggtt gtaactttgc ctttctctca gctcgaacct gtcctcatag    154920
     tttggccatt cttctctgac ctctggcatc aacaaggcat ttgcgcccac agaactaagt    154980
     taatgcacat tttgaagtat tgtatgagta acgagagacg taaacaccac attttaaata    155040
     acagtcaatt tttaacaaaa tttttttttt ctacgctcaa ttgaagtggt tttggaccac    155100
     ttccaatctt ctattgtcca attttggtga gcctgtgtga actgtagcct cagtttcctg    155160
     ttcttagctt acagaagtgg cacccggtgt tgtttttttt gctgctgtag cccatctgcc    155220
     tcaaggttgg acatgttgtg cattcagaga tgctcttctg gatacctcgg ttgcaacgag    155280
     tggtttgagt tactgttgcc tttttatcaa ctcaaacctg tcctcgaaat ctggccattc    155340
     tcctctgaca tctagcatca acaaggcaca ttttgaagta ctaaatgaga aacgagggat    155400
     gtaagcagca aattttaaat aacagtcaat ttgtaacaaa aaaaaaaaag tttttacgct    155460
     caattgaaga ggttttggac cacttccaat cttctattgt ccaatttagg tgagcctgtg    155520
     ctctcactgt gtattctcaa ttgaagtggt tttggacttg tgcaaaaaaa ggttaatgca    155580
     aataatggga gatggaacac catttctatt tataactgac ctagcaaata taacaccgtt    155640
     gtgactaatc agatgtctcc attatgcttg tcttgtttac agttggttag taggttacca    155700
     atacaacagt catcatggga actcttattt ggagattttt tcctttcttt gcgaacttct    155760
     aaaaaaattc acgtcatgtt aggataaaaa cctggctagt gtgattgcag aatatgatct    155820
     ataattaaaa agaagtaaac agatcacaca atgaacatca gtttatttgt atttataact    155880
     catttcatat cttaaagggt aaacacgtta ctttagggat gttacctcta aacgtaaatg    155940
     aattgcagtg aatttacctt cacataaata ctgtttcacc aacatcgacc acaccacact    156000
     ttgaggcagt ctttgttgtg gggatgtagg gatgaaaagg gatggtaagg aagaggggga    156060
     tgaagaggaa taaaagtaac gcaattataa acgagcagat ccattaattt ggcaatcaac    156120
     gctgatgccc agagactcag agtgggggta gcatctctgt aatgttttgg tagggtgatt    156180
     aggactcccc caattcaacc aaggagggga gagaaggtta taaggaagga tggagagtgg    156240
     gtttgagaga atgagatgaa cagtgctaga gggctgatct ttcttaaata agtttaagca    156300
     gtagatcagg ggtcaccaat gtcggtcctg gagggctagt gtccctgcag ggtttagctc    156360
     caacttgcct caacacacct gcctggatgt ttcaagtata cctagcaaga ccttgattac    156420
     tttgatcagg tgtgtttgat tagggtagga gctaaaatct gcaatacaag tttggtgacc    156480
     cctgcagtag atgattggat aaggaggcaa agtgaggcat ggtcttgctc ctggacttcg    156540
     gttaacaagt taacttcata aacttctcaa tacagttatc actttaaaaa tatgtattct    156600
     agttagtcga cctgtccttt agtcactgtc cggtggtgga gatcccgacc ccctggatct    156660
     ctcctcttca tcctgcagat gcagctgggt gtagtaaaac ctaaccttag gcggttcatc    156720
     catgtcgtat agggcctggc aagtgtatac cccctcagcc tcttctgaaa ccccttcaat    156780
     cacaagagtg gttgtgttgg tgagcaagga aatctctcca agggtgctgg ctaaggacag    156840
     gagtttcgac ccctggccgt agttgtatgc caaaggctca tttctctctg tgccaggccg    156900
     ggagaacacc cagatgaaca gtgtgggaac atcagatcca caataaaggt ggacagtgcc    156960
     gtttactgtc gcttcttcct gttgtctgat gtactcgatt tcatccgggt cagggatgtc    157020
     tagacctaag attacacaaa tacaaactag ttgtgaattt gttagtaagg ttccaggaat    157080
     catatattca agtatagcta ttttaaagtt gggcagttgt agcgtaatgg tttaaaagtc    157140
     acacttgtaa ctcaaaggtt gtaagtttga ttttcagtac cagcaggatt aattggtggt    157200
     gggattaaat gaacaaatgg atagcaagga accaacacct ccttaggcac tgttcaatgt    157260
     tcttcggttc cctactcgct aagatgagtt agtttgtgag caaatattct gaaagccaat    157320
     tattgggcac tttcatccag tgaagcaatc aataatatta ataggcgtca atataaagca    157380
     ctcatgccaa aatgaacatt ctgttattaa ttaatcaccg ccatgttgtg tcattccctg    157440
     agatctttgt tcatctttaa aattccaatt cagatatttc agatgaaatt aattgagctc    157500
     ttttcctagt tctgggttgc agctggaaga gcatccgctg tgcaaaacat atgctgaaaa    157560
     agttggaggt tcatcccact gtggtgacac ctgataaata aagaggctaa gaacaaatag    157620
     ggtttgaatg aatgaatgaa aaattgagct ctttgactct ccatagtcag tgacggtccc    157680
     agtacaatta aaatcatgga accattcatt cattcatttt cagctcagtc tttttattta    157740
     tctggggtca ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc aacttatctg gcacttgttt tatgcagcgg    157800
     atgcctttcc agctgcaacc catcactggg aaacactcat acactctcat ttgcacatat    157860
     atactacaga caattttaga ttaaccaatt cacctgaacc acatgtcttt ggactgtggg    157920
     ggaaaccgaa gcacccggag aaaacccatg caagcgcggg gagaacatgc aaacttaaca    157980
     aataaatgcc aactggctcg aaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcattaccta    158040
     ctatgccacg aaaccaattc ttgtaaaata caactttctt cacctttgtc ttcttttgca    158100
     acaggccaga gtggatgttt actaaggaca ataccactga aagcaccata tttcccatag    158160
     taaatgcaac aaaatatgat gtggaaaaca taaggacaaa gtcgccaatc tgattttacc    158220
     aagtaggaca tgttcctgga tttacatcat gttgatcctg gaacaacatt ccaatcagcc    158280
     aataagaatt aagggatatg tttaccgttt atgttaagtt tgggcttagt taggttcacg    158340
     tcaacctaac aaggatgatt gttattcaac tacactcaaa aaacattttt tttttgtact    158400
     tgttaactac ttaattaaac acaattgttg aaatttcatt aggacaatta cattttttat    158460
     gttcaatcca cataaatttg ttaaaaatgt taagttaaat taatcaatta gattttttta    158520
     cagtgtatca ttcccctctt ttttttggga gtaatttaca gttatggtta attttagggg    158580
     cagggaatag gtatgaatta ttttcgaaca aaaataatgt tccaggatag acatagatgt    158640
     taatccagaa ttgcatcata cttggtaaaa tcataatgtg cggacaaaga ttacagtttt    158700
     ttttattggc acacaaaagt gttcttggag ttttgtaaaa attacagttg aactactaaa    158760
     gtcgcatgga atgttttgac aagagtttga atcctattct gaacgttttg gggcccttgt    158820
     tgtctatgaa gggtcagaga gctctctgat ttcatctaat tatcttaatt tgtgttccaa    158880
     agatgaacaa tgcggattgg acaacatagg ctatttctga aaacttatcc ctatatacat    158940
     ttctggagat tgttgtagcc agaaatacat atggctgaat ttcgtcttta aggtgaacgc    159000
     tatggggcgg tatgacaccg ttccttttcg cgcttaccag ctgaccgctt accgtatgca    159060
     cagctttccc gctgttacct gtttgtccac ttagctcgcc atttacattg gcagacttga    159120
     gaagcagaga ggagctgacg acgacgatgg ggttcaagtc cggtgaagaa cggttccaga    159180
     aagcgggtta gacaaaaaca gaagccaaaa aataaaataa acaagtgaat aacagagtga    159240
     gaatgttgta aaatctgaaa acgtggtcaa aaaggcgaga gcttttcttt ctctggattg    159300
     ctttttaaaa ttgttgatgg aatttaggga agtgggtggg cgggtcaatc ggttcttttg    159360
     ataaccgttt tggttggatt tagggaaaga ggagggggtg ggtcagtcaa tcagtcagtc    159420
     agtcaacagc agcctctagt ggatttatgc gagaacagca ggtgcggatg gcactcgcga    159480
     gagaaatttg acatctcaaa atgcgtacac agtggcttct ggtggattcg cgaaaacaaa    159540
     aactgcaaag aaaacgtagc tcctgggaca tatttggcgc tgtccagaaa tgtatataga    159600
     ggtacgtttt cagaatgagc ctgggttggg attggaatga catgagggtg agtaataacc    159660
     aaatgtaaat ttttgagtaa accaaccctt gaatgaaatc caaactaaat ctgttgtgga    159720
     tctgtttggt tttatcacaa aacagcattc tccctttgca aatatgactg ttttaataac    159780
     tctaaagcgt acacacaact gccagtacat cacatctcca cttatgtctc ctcttccaac    159840
     atgaactctc tgccctctcg ctttatatcg agaacattct tgacaacctt ctgtccagaa    159900
     acataaaaca gacattatgc tccttacctt gtacaaaaac caagaggaag caactgagca    159960
     ggaggaagaa tcgcgcgatc cccatggtgc cacaaacttc aggaaatgct gaaagcagac    160020
     atacagacaa caggcatttg gacagcttct ctcatgtccg atctaaacca gaaccttcca    160080
     atggagagcc tgctgggact tagataaccg acagagtact ccatctcagt tactttaaat    160140
     aatttattag tgccttacat tggcctggtg tgcctcgtat ggtttctttc attctctgaa    160200
     gagagagaga ggtatagtgt gtctggaggt ggcactgcat cattcattat tgagcagccc    160260
     agggacagga ctttctgaaa tcccatctga ctgttacctg cacaaataag aatatgttca    160320
     gggaattcag gaagaagagc aagcgttata tactttgaaa acaatcagtt ctgttctcat    160380
     tattagaagt gtgcagaggt gggtagttac aaattacatt tactttgtta catttacttt    160440
     agtaaaattg ttggtaacat gtactttttg agtacatata aaatgtatac ttttactgtt    160500
     actcgaataa attaaagggt cacgaaacac caaaacacat tttttgagct gttgacagtc    160560
     gtatatgtgt cccacactgc taaaaacact attaggacac ctatatttca ctaaaaagtg    160620
     taaattggtt gtttttgcgt tatttcaagt aaatttgtac ttccggtttg aaacgaattt    160680
     ttgaagctgc gtcagcgtga tataatagcg ttgtattcca gcgtgcagac tgggcgtctg    160740
     tgtcagagtg agtcttatta cgtcttacag tgtgatgcat taatgcatga gtaaggcttg    160800
     gttcaaacca atcagcgcgc tctattgtgc aacttcatta atattcatta ctgtgtttac    160860
     gcgacataga caccacgttg tgttggcaaa acaagcgtga agtgttgctt ttatagtttg    160920
     ctgccattaa gtttcatttt cattttctct ctgtgagagc tcagctggac cacgtgtgga    160980
     ttaacagtgt acgcgacgct cgacaacaat aacttacgtg tctaaggagg attattgttt    161040
     acctgagagc tgttctcatc tgcaaacgct gagatcggat tcgcttgtag tctcctctta    161100
     ataaagaagt ggctttagtt gctggtgatt gtcctttctc tacagatttg gtaagtgagc    161160
     gaccagtgct ctttgtttaa tcagtttgtt cgtatcgaac taagttaact attgcactga    161220
     gtgcaaactt gttaggacca caaccaaact ttaacctcgt gtagggtttt taaccgcatt    161280
     ttgtgactgg aataacacac gcggctttct gacgctacct gccgtgtgca tctttctgga    161340
     aaatgctgag gtttttttct ctcattcgcc gtgcggtatc aaacattgca tgaaaaatac    161400
     acgcttagag cagatccttg aatcaaatat ctcgtttgtc gcgaggggca tgaatgaatt    161460
     ccctgaatga aacagccaaa ctgcagttaa agtccaccat ttaataattt caagtggtgc    161520
     tcgctgcaga gccatttgag gagaggtgag ctccagagag ggggagctta agcttgagct    161580
     ccaccttttt tgcatttctt ctacgagtga tgtcactggg ggtagggtta ggggtggggt    161640
     tggtgtacgc attaaaacag cttacaggag gaggagcgac agctcatgct ccccctcgct    161700
     ggagctcacc tctcctcaaa tggctctgca gcgagcaccc tctcaataat ttggcaaata    161760
     attcgactac agatgtccat gtaggttaaa caccatcact ttctcctgtg tgtgagtatt    161820
     ttgactgaaa ctcgcgcgtg cctaaataga aactcccaca ccctcccact ttagttcctc    161880
     cgacactccc ccctaaatag agctggacac gcccactttt ctgacttttt ccaaagtaga    161940
     ggtgtgaaaa caccctgctg aaacgaaggg gtttcatggc cctttaagag ataaatcttt    162000
     actcttactt cgctacattt ggtggtgttc ctccattact gtcaaatgat aataaatagg    162060
     attcatataa cttgtttgca aatatcgcga ggtgccacag tggagagatt gtgtcgctaa    162120
     aggtttcccg ctgtcagtta gagtgcgaac gatggaacga tggctgaagt cgaggaagac    162180
     atgtttatac agcagtcaca ccatggcctt ctgcggttct gaggtctgtg tagtgagttc    162240
     atcggatcag gtcacccgca gcctcaaatt cagtctatgt ttttactcca acattttgtt    162300
     gtcaccaaca cacagtggac atccgctgtg taaaaaaaaa catatgctgg ataaattggc    162360
     aatttattcc gctgtggcga ccccagatta aaaaagggac tcgaaacgaa aatgaatgaa    162420
     tgaaatgtaa tcccttactt tacttttatc taagttccat gtaacagcca tcttcgtttt    162480
     gaagaatccc cccttccacc cctactcctt ctcctccttt cctagatggg tagatgtcaa    162540
     atatcaatta aaaaggactt ctgtaaacga tttttgatgt ttttaaacca atgttagatg    162600
     tcaatttgat gttttttttt tgctgtgtta gttacattta catttttaca tttacattta    162660
     gtcatttagc agacgctttt atccaaagcg acttacaaat gaggacaagg aagcaattta    162720
     cacaactata agagcaacaa tgaataagtg ctgtaggcaa gtttcaggtc tgtaaagtct    162780
     aagaaggaaa gtattagtag tattagtatt tttatttttt tttttttttg ggtacagtta    162840
     gtgtgatatt cagagaggca attgcagatt aggaagtgaa gtggagacta attagttgag    162900
     cttttagttg tttcttgaaa atagcgagtg actctgctgt tctgatgcag ttagggagtt    162960
     cattccacca actgggcaga ttaagcgtga gcgttcgcga aagtgatttc ttccctcttt    163020
     gggatggaac cacgaggcga cgttcattca cagaacgcaa gtttctggag ggcacataga    163080
     tctgcagaag tgagagcaga taagaaggag caaggcctga agtcgctttg taggcaaaca    163140
     tcagagcttt gaatttgatg cgagcagcaa ctggcagcca gtgcaaacgg atgagcagcg    163200
     gagtgacatg tgcttgttta ggttcattga agaccactcg tgctgctgcg ttctggagca    163260
     gttgaagagg cttgatggag ttagctggaa gcccagctag tagagagttg cagtaatcca    163320
     gtttggagag aacaagagct tgaacaagga gttgagctgc atgttcagat aagaagggtc    163380
     ggatctttct gatgttatag agtgcgaatc tacaagatcg agcagttcta gcaatgtggt    163440
     cagagaagtt tagttggtca tcaatcgtta ctccaaggct tttcaccatt ttggatgcag    163500
     taatggttgc cccatccatc tggattgaaa agttatggtg tagagtcggg ttggcagaaa    163560
     ctacaagcag aaactacaag cagtaaaaac agtttacttg cattgtagaa aaacaaaatc    163620
     aaatgtacat gttttatttc ggaattgaag ctttcagatc aataaaactt acctgctatt    163680
     ctaatacttt ttgtttatta atttggtggt caatttggct ttaatgtgtg gatttcaaat    163740
     gaacatcaaa gttttgacat caaattgctt tgcagttttg acaagttttt tgatgtcaat    163800
     atcagtttca tgtagttttg acatcaaagt gcacctctga gagacagaca tacagacagg    163860
     caatgtggat agtgtgggat tatttctatg cgttgctcag ccatttcgat aaccccagaa    163920
     gccattatgg ttttcattct ctttttggaa agtttgtgat ccatatcttt tctaaatata    163980
     tccaactctt cctgaagaag tgcagcacca agcctctgtt aattagagtg ttggtgtaac    164040
     gacggaaggc ctgtaggttt aaaaaaatac tggaggaaag agaatttccc acaggcaagg    164100
     acaacattta tactttaagg aagtaaacaa gttagttaat tcagtgattg aagacttttt    164160
     ttgaaagaca tcgagaaggt ttggaagagt taagaattga atggttatac tttatttgct    164220
     ggtgctcaac attttgttga acataactga ctttgcaact attatcaact atttgagtac    164280
     acgactattt gaataagtgc gtttacgtga caaagataac agcaaactac agtttcagac    164340
     aatttgacat tagttttctt ttcaggtcca caaaaggcaa ttgtaatgaa aatgaagtca    164400
     aaaagcaata aaagtgtgct gtctgtagtt ggaaatagcc tcaatgtatc aaaacgtttt    164460
     agcagatatt aagaaaacaa gtctactcaa accataatat tctaacagtc agctaataat    164520
     agtggttggt agacgtcatg tagttataat aaaatagtta taatagttat atcacaagtc    164580
     ataataatga catcaggtgc ctttaagtca ctttcattat gcaaaagatg gttttgataa    164640
     cttacaaaag ctgggtttgt taactgagaa tctgcatcag tggtgttttg tcactgacaa    164700
     cccacaagag ttgaattata taatatgata tgagcaatat cattcgtagc agtgtgctat    164760
     agccttatat cagcactggt gggaggcatg tgttgcgccc caccagtgct gatatacagc    164820
     catagcacac tgctatgagt gtgatattgc gtttatacaa tagtttgacg ggacaatctt    164880
     gtacataaaa aagaaaatca aacacagaga gtctaaaacc cttttgtatt aggaactacc    164940
     ttcttctgct attcatttac atctgcagct gacgtcagaa cagcacaagc cgttactaat    165000
     tcaccaacgt cactttagag ctagtatttg aatgattctc tatagcgtaa tgagaagcgg    165060
     cgcttctggt gtgtgactaa ggtgatgaca aaaaaacaaa ttttgctcac attttaagat    165120
     atatggctga acgtgacatg aaatgccatc catctacaga gatttctcac cagactgctg    165180
     ttgtgtttgc gataaggagg gacaaggcta aatccaactt cttatttaca gcttctaatt    165240
     gactctatcc ggtccacctt aaaaaccacg aggcctccgt ttttcagctt tgtattcgcg    165300
     ctcaagaaaa cacactaagc aagtgcttat tatgcagttc tggcgccatc ttgtggatag    165360
     acaacatcaa ccgtctttga ccgccgacaa ggtctcagaa atgttttaaa ataggcacta    165420
     tttttacaaa taaactgcat agttgcaatc taaacaacta cattcttgac taaaaaagcc    165480
     tcaaaagtac attttgttgt ctaacaacag taatatttgt caaactgtag cctgcttgtt    165540
     gcttgctgta tgtggtcgga gtaatacaca gaggtgaagg gtgaagaggc ctttgtgtga    165600
     tgtcactagc aaaatattgc acagctatca gccaatcaga ttcaagaacc agacagaact    165660
     gttgtataaa atgatacata taattctcga ttataaatca ctcattatgc catgagggtg    165720
     gcatggtggc tcagtggttt gtggttagtc cttagtcgtc ttcatagcaa gaaggttgct    165780
     gattcgaatc caggctgggc cagttgtcta tttgcccctg tgatcgcatc caaagacatg    165840
     tgctgtaggc gaattggtta gctaaattgg ccatagtgta gtgagtgagt gagtgtgtgt    165900
     gtgtgtgaat gtgagagtgc atgggtgttt cccagtactg ggttacagct ggaagggcat    165960
     ccgctcaata aaacatatgc caggatagtt ggcggtttat tccgctgtgg cgaaccctga    166020
     taaataagga actatgcaaa aggaaaatta ataaatgaat tacgccatgt ttctcactga    166080
     catgccgcca actcttctaa tgaaaatttc aagtttcaaa ctcaaaataa cgacatggtg    166140
     gtgttcatgt acatctgact cattaatata atttgtccaa tatgacttga atgctctgtt    166200
     atatcactgt ttgcttttat atggagaaag aaaccatgga gggtctggct gctaagttcc    166260
     acataggaaa aaaaagtaat gcaagtcggg attaatgtaa agaaaatatg ttgaactttt    166320
     tgcaacttat aattgtttgc taggtatata tagttttgtc agaaatcaaa tccaagttca    166380
     cataaaaaag gcaaaagcaa cccctgccat tttattacag cagatgctgc atcgcacgac    166440
     gacaatgatg aaaggtagat aaaaggcaaa gattccaaag cggagttgat ttgtgatgag    166500
     taggatgagt gggcctgctt cagatgggcg gactggccga ccaaattcct taccggtgaa    166560
     acacatccct tattaaagca gtctgagact gcggaggcca gacacatctg ctccggcaga    166620
     cctacagccc taggagggaa ggaggaagag agggagggaa gctggaaaat atgagcagta    166680
     aaaaaaatgt tttgggggtg tgtttttttt cgttgagagg ggggaatggc attgagtgaa    166740
     gatggaattg gagagattgg agtggaaggt attacaagtc taggagtctt atctggggcc    166800
     tgtttgggta aaagctttca ggtgtggtgc cctttcaaca cagatccggc tgtgcctggc    166860
     aggggggttg gcagcacttt agagtgaggg ccaggttgct ataacgaact caggtttttt    166920
     gtaactgctg tccttttgga gaagaaatta attatatgtt acgtcctttt agatgttaat    166980
     attaaactaa gggtatttga cataacatat aactacacta aactacatat aatagttaag    167040
     tgtgtttgtg acaaatagat gcaaaaagaa actactcaaa accaaatatt cattcattga    167100
     tttttttgtc ggcttagtcc ctttattaat ccggggtcac cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca    167160
     actcatccag caagttttta cacagtggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccta tctctgggaa    167220
     acatccacac acacactcat acactacgga caatttagcc tacccaattc acctgtaccg    167280
     catgtccttg gactgtgggg aaaccagagc acccggagga aacccacgcg aaggcaggga    167340
     gaacatgcaa actccaaaca gaaacgccaa ctgagccgag gttcgaacca gcgaccttct    167400
     tgctgtgagg cgacagcact acctactgcg aaaaccaaat accactgcaa ttatttactg    167460
     cccataggga aaccagtgaa aatatattgt acagtgaaag aaaaacattt acaatgaata    167520
     aataataaat tacctgtggg agaattagag gtgcttaaat caaggaaata aatataacaa    167580
     aacccgctag ctgtattaaa caaactaaac ttgaaaagaa aaaaagaaac atcttcaacg    167640
     taccaaacgt cttaaatgaa ctaatccaag taaaaaacaa aacatacaca aaccagcaca    167700
     ctttcctgaa cctaatgaac taatacaaaa atgaatctct gtgttttata cagtatgtct    167760
     atcgcgcgac ttactcctac accctctctg aggtatcact caaacaggta tcagttaact    167820
     ggacaagttc acaagcaaac acatttgcga tttcaaatct ctaaagactt tagacaagag    167880
     cattaaacac aagctagccc tcttgttaaa acttcttaat agctgaatgg tacagtgaag    167940
     gtaacactgg aaaaaaaaaa agtgtaatag ttttacctgt tgggcggcac agtggaccag    168000
     taggtagcgc tgtcgcctca cagcaagaag tttgcgggtt tgagccccaa ctgggtgagt    168060
     tggcctttct atgtaaagtt tgcatgttct ccccatgttt gcgtaggctt cttccaggtg    168120
     ctctggtttc ccccaaacgt ccaaacatgc gctatagatg aattcggtaa gctaagttgt    168180
     acgtagtgta tgtgtgtatg tcctggccct ccaggttggg ggttgagcat tgggcaaccc    168240
     acctcgtaaa aattagaagt caagctgcgg tcacactgat cttttcatcc catagacttc    168300
     cattcacacg cacgcaaatg agaaaccggt cagaccggaa acgcagggtc atgcgttaag    168360
     tttcgcaggt tgctgcggtg caaagttcaa gcttggtgaa ctgacctgca aaatcgcatc    168420
     acttgactgc gcgagaccaa tcgaggatca aaacatgacc tctctggaca gaaatgtaaa    168480
     acatggagca atcgctcgct tttttaatgc ctaataatct tgtttaatcc cgcccctttt    168540
     cgcagctctg tacgacagaa tttcgcacct acaaacattg accgcagctt tacaaaacac    168600
     caacatggtt cggctttata tcaacttcca cataaacggc agtgggagta atagttttat    168660
     ttattctttt tttaatgctt ttgagttgct ttatgggacc ttgaccgttt ctgcaagaat    168720
     gtttgatgtt aaaaagtttg taaaaaagct tttactgact taagagtttc agaaaatata    168780
     atgcttgggc tgttaacaaa cctggtaata aactgccagc acattttcag tcattttatg    168840
     gacataatta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    168900
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatc ctgataatca ttttagttta    168960
     taaagatgca attcagtctg accggctgac tcaaatggtg aaaaaatcat gaagtagtgt    169020
     ctcaattgca tctgaaatcc catatagtgg attctacatg tggtttaaac ttaacatttg    169080
     aaaagcatga agtgtacaca atctcagacc attaaaaaga gtgtcctcaa tgaatgtgta    169140
     tcactggtat ttacttagat attaagttac ctcaaattat catttttaaa aacatcatat    169200
     aacatagtat gttcctttaa ataaagcaga gtcacggatg tttgcagtgc cttgatggaa    169260
     tgcattaaaa gataaagact gcaaaacaga tagcacaatc tctgccattg atttcctttt    169320
     cagtgatcac atgaccatat aatgatttca acgtctggcc tcggctgaaa cgattgcaga    169380
     aaatgattgc atcaggatct gtgtttacac ggactcgaga aagccttatc aggatcagat    169440
     ggtgtttgcg ctgtaattgg tgagtgtgtg cagatactct gtgtgtcatt aatttatgaa    169500
     gctctaagct ctgtgtgtag ttagcatgca gcgctgcaca gtttccttct gtgtttttaa    169560
     atatataacc tggcatttta ccctctagct aagagcaaat accccctacc cacataatta    169620
     tgcgttcccc cttctttctt gttttccata ttatgtacag gtaaagttgg accatatatt    169680
     cacacatatg cacactattt tcttcaagaa aatatctctt attacagagt aaagagaggt    169740
     caggttatgg gcatgggaac caacaatgtt gctaaaaaga gagatgccta tattgcatcc    169800
     tttaagggca caatgatttc gatttagacc caatcccaat tctacctctt accccttgtt    169860
     ttgcaagttc acgtgaaggg gtggggttgt cccaattctc tttagcttga aggcataggg    169920
     tagcagtccc ataacatact ttcacatctg acactccagg gctcgcaaaa tctagtagcc    169980
     caatgtcaca ggctattgtt ttttcagtct agctaccaca gtctacacca tgtctggttc    170040
     cgctcataga tagcctgctg ggcatggtgt aaatagattt tggtaccccg actgaaaaaa    170100
     caatagccca gggatgttgg gctaacagat tttccgagcc ttgcactaga ataccctggc    170160
     agaaaagtct agtggcaggg aaatcccttt tacagtgtct ggtataatgt taatgttgtt    170220
     tttgtgtgtt tacacagatg aatatggcca cagtgtaaat gcaaagtaca gttacgagct    170280
     tattggcaaa ttgtatcatt atgataacat gatattgttg ccttcggtaa tttcctgaag    170340
     ataaacttca aaaaacaaaa cgcaactgaa ataactacta tctcatatga agcaagagat    170400
     tgcaatgata tttgggaacg tgtgctggtg ttgtagcggt gtcccatttc tcaggggtaa    170460
     attttgaagc cattcccctt cacactctca agggccaagg ggtaggggta caaaaataga    170520
     attgagattg gggcttactt gcataggtac aacttgcttg cctccattac tgacctccct    170580
     aaacttccct tctacccaat gcaactcttc tggttcctct tgctctgctc tgaaaggccc    170640
     attaacaaga atgctgaaga atacagcctc tattgtaagc ttctaataca cctgtttttg    170700
     actacagacc ctagaccaga ggtgtcagac tcgattcctg gagggctgca gccctgcaca    170760
     gtttagtttc aatcatgctt catcacactt acctataggt tttgaacatg actgaaagac    170820
     tcaattagtt taatcctgtg tgtttaattg gtgttggaat taaactgtgc agagctgtgg    170880
     ccatccagga actgagtttg acacctgtgc tctaaactaa aaaagaaggg cttgaaaagt    170940
     tgggctttat cagggatttg agctcgggat gtcttgtaat attttatttg ttcttgtctt    171000
     ttttttttct catcgcattt tttctccaca tttcatcttg gctcctctat tctagttttg    171060
     tcatatctca taaagcatgc tagcagcctg ccaaaaaatt atagcattgt tttaaatgcc    171120
     tcctgaggcc acaggagtga gcttttcaat ttaattatct ggttgttaga ttgagccatt    171180
     ccatcagggg catcatagta tcccctctgg ttgtactcac cctccagctc ttcgtgctaa    171240
     gactgcaaac tttagtggca cagtttgtac tagctggcct ccgttacatg atcatatacc    171300
     ttattccatt ttgtctcctt tcccttttta cttatctctt ctcaatctca tcccacctac    171360
     agtatttatc agtatcactt ctcaactgtt tcatctcttt tttcatcatt tttgtccact    171420
     tgtaccttca tctgtttttg tcacctcttc ttctctcatc tgctctcctt tggtcgtcca    171480
     ccttctataa tatgtattgc ataagttctc agtttcattt attttctcca cttgtttctt    171540
     atctcctata tattcttctc atcttagctt gcctcttcta gtcttgtatt gtcttgtctc    171600
     atctcccact gcctcttaca tcatcaaacc tggacacctt tgttttgttt ttctcataat    171660
     attgcaagac ctcctgtaac tttttttgat tatgtctttt ctcctcctca tttctatctc    171720
     attttattta ttcttacatt agcccctttc acacatgtcg acctttccgg aaaattacca    171780
     gaacttttct ggaaaggtgt gtatgtgtga acaggccctt tttgaaaata ccggtaaatt    171840
     cgttctggct attttccgga aagagaagtt gtaacattac cggttatctg ccggaatgct    171900
     gcgctgtgtg aatgcagaag gaagattgcc cgaaagatca tgtgcacgtc tagaacgtgc    171960
     tcacgtaaaa cgtctgctta agccaatcac aacactcaga tgcatttacg tccgcgcggt    172020
     ttatgagaat aaaagccttt gaatattttt ccagacacat ttaactgcta gaagttagtc    172080
     agaaaacatt tatatgttca tcttaatgcc gtgtaaataa ttatcgatac gaggcttatg    172140
     atgagccgtt gtttgtttac cttcaagctt tgcgtgtgcc cgtgaaacag ccagtgagca    172200
     ccagcacaca catatcaagt acatctccaa atgcgaaagt gtttctctat gttttcctcg    172260
     aagttgttca caataatgat tcattcacag agttggtgat gtagtcagat gtatacaaat    172320
     acaagcgcag ctgtttagag gtcatttctg gttaatgatg tcagaattta ctagtatttt    172380
     ggaatggatg tgtgaatgtt cttttctgga aaaattacgt aataccctcg cctgtgtgaa    172440
     cagcactttt ttttaattaa ccggtcaagt cgttccggaa attttccata tatttaccgg    172500
     tatccctgtg tgaaagtggc tattgtctac tcgtatcctt atccttctgc tttcatctca    172560
     tagtgtctcc tctcttttca tattctttcc cattgtctct ttttgtgtac ttgcagttgt    172620
     catctttgca atggttctgt cgtcgctgtc ctgtgattga ggttagggac agatgacaga    172680
     catacaggca tgatcagaaa gaagaggaag cttgacagca aaagtggaca gcactgcaaa    172740
     gacagcctat gggaggcagg gaaatagtag agcacatttt cataactttc aaccacagaa    172800
     ggattacagt ggagtctgat gcccgatggg acattccagc agcatcagat ttatccagac    172860
     taacttcagg gagggtggcg gacaagctgt tttttttttc atttccgatt cagtcattac    172920
     tgtaactgct gacagctttg tgttttcttc ttactgtaca cacaaaccac attttcccag    172980
     gatccacagt tgcagaacac tacgtaactt ctttggctgc gacacccagg gcactacagt    173040
     aatggcttct cacaggccca ctccggctcc taatgatgga gaggggcttg tggcctgtca    173100
     acaaagtgtg tcaggctctg aatggatgag cttaactgct tctcaaagtg ccgtggatgt    173160
     atttgtggct ctgccaagca gcggacacac tagagtgagt tttacagccc agctgacctg    173220
     ccaccgaggg agcgagagac ccatgacata gtgagactga accagtgtgt gaaccgcaaa    173280
     accccggaga cggtttgctt gtgtttcggt ggagcagctc tgaagcagaa cacaggttga    173340
     agtcagggat cgtgtatata agagaagggg gcggtccagc tgacctggaa agagccagat    173400
     ggggaaaaag caccacagag gccttctgca aacaacatgt ggaaaggctt tggcctctaa    173460
     tgtagcgtgg agcgtttatg tactgcatgc agaccgatct actgtccatc agagagaaga    173520
     agctttgccg ctcgcagcta cgcctgtagt cgagtggccg cgacgacctc atcttctgct    173580
     tcctgcttcc tcttaatctt gccgaccccc agtcggcgaa aaagactccc tcagggccgt    173640
     tgcctcagca gctccgcttc agctgttcag tgtgcggaag tgcttaccca caatcctccc    173700
     tgagcaggtg gcccttaaca gacctctttg ttttcctctg tcttgccaaa agaagctaaa    173760
     ggcagagaga acgagaagct tgtgaaaatt aatttctttt ttcccccgct ttggtttcac    173820
     atcttggcgc tctgctcttg gctcatgctg gcccaaatgt atatgaagca ttcacaggct    173880
     ccaaaatagg atttcctgca gttgtgtgat gtcatattac tcagggtcca aggaaaaacg    173940
     agaagcccaa tttgcgctct gtggtgaaac acaaagatgg tccgtgggga ctaagttggg    174000
     tataaatgtt ttgcaagcgt ggccgtttgc ttaatcttct atacactcca cacacttttc    174060
     tcacattctc agcgacccct ttgtgatccc acaagacatg tggggtttta caattcctcc    174120
     ttcggtcagt aggaaaatgt ggtatctttg ggcaaatgac ttcctgaact ctctgatgtc    174180
     tatctcgtat ctcctcagct cagtggctct attttgctcc cagagctgct tgtttcggtc    174240
     tcagagccag tgagcaatta tgtgcaatta gcctttacaa tccagtgttg cttctgatga    174300
     tctcatggat aaatgccatt gggataaaga gaggagatta ggcttcacat tgaaatctga    174360
     aggatagccg gacggaacag ccttcaaaga gatcaggctg gtcctgtaca ctcaacacct    174420
     gcctagataa ctgatgaagg acaccataag gagacatcaa ggacaatgct gagaacaact    174480
     ggaacagaac tgcattccta caaaaacaca cacacaaatt cttcaaggaa cattccaaga    174540
     taagtttact caaacatttt acgtctctca tcatttagtc acccttttac ttgtttcata    174600
     ccgtattgag taataccaaa ttttgaagaa cgttggaaac ctgcaaccac tgactcccat    174660
     agtagtaaag gtttctaaca tttttctatt cttctttttt gtgtctaaca ttcatttatt    174720
     ttctctctga ttaatcagcg gagtgataga tagccgcaac ccagtgatag acagcggtaa    174780
     cccagcactg ggaaacaccc acacattctt attcacatac acacacacgc atactcatac    174840
     actactgcca aactagctta ttcaattcac ctataccgca tgtctttgga ctggaacaag    174900
     tgatcttgct gtgaggtgac agtcctaacc actgacccac cgtgccatgc attttggata    174960
     tgcgcataaa aaaacggttg atggaaacgg caagatgcac ataaattttg aaaatgctct    175020
     taaagatcaa ctaagtagga taaacttttt atccaataag aaaagatgaa catactgtga    175080
     tgtaaacact tttaccgaac aaattccagt atgcgcatta aaaaaggtca tgtgattttg    175140
     taatgagaga tcatgtgatg ataaaaatgt gtgcgaatag acaaaccagc atgctgacca    175200
     cattgtaaag catccaaaat gttgttttgt attctaaaat gtcttaacga tttcggcatt    175260
     acagttatta tattataaat gaccaccaga atcaagaata tctttgctcc gtgtctcatg    175320
     ccttttttac gctttgacat gttggatgga agcactgctt taattgcatg tcttttaagc    175380
     gatattacag tttttgcgca taaagttaac ttgtattttt ggatggaaac ataactaatg    175440
     tgattacaat gatgtctatt gcacaagttt acaaatatgt aggttatcaa gctaatcaag    175500
     gtcttagcag gtgagttgag gcaagttgga gctaaactct gcaaggcaca ggacccctta    175560
     ggaacgagat tggtgacccc tgatgtaggt actgaatata tgatggcaaa actaatttgc    175620
     acctcatttg cttataattt agtatattaa gaaatgaatc acttcttcaa aattataaac    175680
     aatgcaacaa tttagcaaat gttatgtaca acagaatcat tatttattaa atgggtattt    175740
     ttctcaaatt ttcaaattaa aaatatctaa atgtaaaggt ttattttaca gagcgtaaac    175800
     aaaaatgttt ctattattaa cgtctcaatt acatgaacat aagcattcgc tatcttattt    175860
     ctgaggtaag gggctgcatg gtggctcagt ggttgcactg tcacctcact gcaagaatgt    175920
     cactggttag agtcccagct aggccagttg acatttctat gtggagtttg catgttctgc    175980
     ccaggtttat gtgggtttcc tctgagtgct ttggtttccc ccacggtcta aagacatgga    176040
     gtataagtga attaggtaaa caaaaatgac catagtatgt gtatgcaggt gtcccagtac    176100
     cgacttgcaa ccggaagggc attcattcat tcatttttaa ccgcttttcc agggctgggt    176160
     cgcgggggca gcagtcttag aagagaaccc cagacttccc tctgcacaga caattcctcc    176220
     agctcctctg ggggatcccg agccaaccaa gagacatagt ccctccagcg tgtccaatgt    176280
     ctttaccgag gcctcctccc gttgggacat gcctggaaca cctctctttt ctcttccgaa    176340
     aaaagatgcc cgagccacct cagctgactt ctcttgatgt ggagaagcag cggctctact    176400
     ctgagtggtg gtggaggtcc tcaccctatc tataagggtg ccccctgcca ccctgcgaaa    176460
     gaaactcatt tcggctgcct gtatctgaga tcttatcctt tcggtcatgc cccaaaggct    176520
     catgaccata ggtgagagaa gaaacgtaga ctgaccggta aatctaacct ttcggctcag    176580
     ttccatactg ccagagcacc ctccacagaa tgccacaagg gacatggtcg aatgctttct    176640
     caaagtccac aaagcacatg tagactggtt ggtcatactc ccatgaatcc tcatgcaccc    176700
     tggtaagggt atagagctgg tcctgtgtac catagaatgg gtgaaaaccg cattgttcct    176760
     cctgaataat aggtttaact tcctgaatcc taggttctac tgggggactc aatgcccatg    176820
     taggtaatga cagtgatacc tggaaaagaa ttcgctgttt aaaacatatg ccggaatagt    176880
     tggcggttta ttccactgtg gcgacccctg ataaataata agctgaggga aaatgaatga    176940
     atgatgaatg atttctgttg taaattacac cattatatca taaaagttcc ttctaagatt    177000
     actccagctc ttaaaaatat tacaatattt cataaaatat gccatttttg ttaagaattc    177060
     tgaaggtttc tttactgaag cttcgcaata ttttccgagg tactgtctta tgagtactgg    177120
     gatttttaca tcagcttctt agactgcaaa cacacacaca acaacacaca ccagaactgc    177180
     ccttgaaagc caccatcaca acattttctc tctcaataga aaccagacca catcgctaac    177240
     catgacaccg tgtttgaaat gtacaaggat aatatgcttt cttaacactt agacgagcaa    177300
     acaaacattg gtgcgcaaac aaacagacga gtaaacaaat tactctcagg aattccacag    177360
     ccacaaagag agaaaaaaaa agatgtctta ttttctcttt ctctcgcaca tgctttcact    177420
     ctttccatct gtccgcagct aaaggtactc gtttgcagac ctgctgcttt atgcagtttt    177480
     tttgtgggag tcaaagacat tatagcatta cattttctga aaaacaaact tgaaccctgt    177540
     tgtgccttct ccatctggaa acggtagagg gcttgtctga aagataaaaa cgatatgaat    177600
     cgcttctggc aacgcaaaca gacaatctgg gatcaattac ggggacagcg ttctgaaagt    177660
     aaaaatggag gaggggaacc aagaactgca gtttcgtcca gacacaaaca cacacacttg    177720
     actactaatg ctatctgtgt tctcaagctt aaatacggtg tctatagagt tggtttttct    177780
     atgagtaatc gcaattaata agggagtttc agaaacagac agaacaggcc agctgtatta    177840
     gtttgcggga tcactcgtgc tgtaattaca aacacaaata tgtgtccgtt aagttgcaga    177900
     tgttgtgcga atgaaaatca ttaatgcttc attcaaacag tcacattcgt gcctaatatc    177960
     tggaaaagcg cacacgctga tttaacttac atggagccac aaactgtgaa acatctgccg    178020
     ggcagcccag gaggagcagt gcattgtggg agcagcggcg cttaatgaaa ggaatatgaa    178080
     tagcacaaag taaaaacaga gagaaaacag gagggaatcg gaggagagga agaagaaagg    178140
     aggaagagag agagtgagac aaaagaaagt aatgcaggcc agattgtaag gcactctcgc    178200
     tccagatgag gcatagtatt tttgcaagca agaaacctgg aatcacagtg acttaattta    178260
     tcataacaaa gattccatta caaagcataa ctttatttaa agtggtagtt catccaaaaa    178320
     tgaaaattct gttagtgttt accgaccctc tacttgtccc aaatctgttt gagttttaat    178380
     cttctgttga acacaaaaaa agatctgtta aaaaaaagct gtagtgtttt aatatagtac    178440
     tttgcgtttc tactatgcat gtcaatggat acatcagttt tcttcagaat agattcaact    178500
     ttactgtcat tacacatgtg caagtacaag gcaatgaaat gcagtaaaag aaatgatcag    178560
     gaacaaacca atatccaaaa gcttctgttg ggtgtacgat gtaaaggctc tactgttctg    178620
     cacgaacaga cccaaaatta gcaggaaaaa tacggcaaaa ctacagaaaa atggagagcc    178680
     gctgagcatt gcgatgttta cacacagcca tcttggtcat atgtgatcta cttttcagac    178740
     atcttgtttg tgttcaacag aagaaatggt aacactttat tttgacggtc caattgagta    178800
     ttaatgtctg cttaatatct gttgatactg ctcctttaac agaaatttaa cttactataa    178860
     gaaactatgc aagtacatgt caacttacat taaccctaac cccgatctaa tagactactt    178920
     ataatctaat gagaattagt aggcatgtga aagcaatgta acttaaattc aacaaacgga    178980
     ccatcaaaat tgagtgtgac tgaagaaata aatttataaa tttgtgagta aaattactat    179040
     tcatttttgg gtgaactaac cttttaagtg tgctaattgt aagtttcagt cttcttttta    179100
     tgtgctgctc agaaatatac gtattgtgta gcatataaaa tactttttca catacagcag    179160
     ttttacattc ttttctataa actaacaaat atgtggagca actaagtccg taaagaagtt    179220
     gaattagccc cgtttatttt tttcctcaat ttctgtttaa tgagggaagt tttttgttca    179280
     acacatttct caacataata gttttaataa ctcctctatg atgacagtaa ataatttgac    179340
     tagatttttt caagaaactt ctatacagct taaagtgata tttaaaggct taactaggtt    179400
     aataaggtga actaggcaga ttagggtaat taggcaagtt attgtatatt gatggtttgt    179460
     tctgtagaca atcaaacaaa aacatatagc ttaagggggc taataatatt gaccttaaaa    179520
     tagtggttaa aaaataaaaa aatgcttata ttttatccga aatgaaacaa aaaaagacgt    179580
     tctccagatt tctctccata ttatcagaca tactgtgaaa gtttccttgc tctgttaagc    179640
     ataatttggg aaatattaaa aaaataaata aacaaaaatc aaagagggtg ggagatgggg    179700
     gctaataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtatatat atgggacatt ctaccaacaa atgtggcaac    179760
     aattcaatga tagagcgcat ccttgatcac tttcagcttc tcctccatca aataatgcac    179820
     acaatttatg ttaaatttat tgcaaatgtg acaggactgg ggacaattgt aaaatagcat    179880
     ttatttatag aatttgtaga ataattgatg tgaatgataa caacttaaac ttgctatttc    179940
     tgaagttttt tttctaaata acagttttta gcataacaaa actattaaag ctgtaggttc    180000
     aattggctaa ggacaaggac aatggcaggg tttgtaaatt tgtaaagtgt ttttaataat    180060
     aaaagttcaa aggaaaacct gagaatgaaa taattgacca tcagtcaatt taaaaaaaaa    180120
     atgttagaat gtatatatgt ttttatttta gggacagata gtgtgcgttt ctggtagaat    180180
     gtcccctttt tatctaaata ggaatatagg agttaactta agctgcaaaa taatattgag    180240
     atagtaaata ataagattaa ttgaaagtta atttccagta taaaatgtaa ataagcttat    180300
     tgacaacata ctgcaaaatg tataggccta cttttatatg ctaactatgc tattagtatt    180360
     taaaaagtaa actaccagta ggcatataac tattgtactg taataaagtt actgtgcaaa    180420
     ggaaaaagtt gtatatttcc tattactgtt gaaatagtac actgtaggct actaatactt    180480
     taatatttga atataaaaca ttagaataaa agtcattata aaaatgtgct taggcgctac    180540
     catttagcat tagcaacctc aaatgtgcac tatttatcca tagtgtacat tcctacacat    180600
     ttacgttttc accacattct gtctttgttg ttaaatgtgt tcttgtcatg tttattgctc    180660
     tcgttatgta gttaattaga tagtgagtta actttattta tcccctaagg gaaatttcat    180720
     ttgcagcata aactcacaga gatttctgac attttacatt tggcatttat atagataaac    180780
     aatcatttta aaaacctaaa gcactggtac ccatcctcta aatgaatatc cagtttaatg    180840
     gctatcaact gagagaggtg gaatttaaaa actcaattgc ttgaagtatt aatgataatt    180900
     tttcctattt ctcacacatc tgagaacaaa atatcgctga cctgatggta acaattgaaa    180960
     ggtgtctaat aaaggatgtc tctcatcatc aacaagcatg gtagcttaat acactttctt    181020
     tgtatatact atcaatgctg tttaatttta ttccccacaa cttcctggct gttgttacta    181080
     tcttctccag tgacctcttc tgggcctcag catttccata ccaattgatt acaaaaaaat    181140
     gttgcaatac tttcaataaa acactataaa atatgatcaa caatgtgttg tcaacattta    181200
     aagacaatag tttctttaag aagtacgttc tctattgaag ccttttcctt atacactcag    181260
     tccatacatc ccgcttaagt tgtttgtcca acaacacaca caattattta taatttgtta    181320
     ctaactgaat ttgctcccca ataataaatg tgggatgttt tttgctttgt gctctctctc    181380
     taaaatcaat aaccatctca ttagttttag gaatacttag gagaaggttt gattaaatat    181440
     tatgtatata taaatatcat aaacatcatt attgttgcca taaatgaaca tattttgtcg    181500
     ctgtttgtgc agcttgttgt gtcagaaatg acattttcct catctgtata ctaaaaggat    181560
     gaactaaagg gtaattatgg aattaaaata tttattaaaa gcattgataa catgtggagc    181620
     ttacagtagt ttatattgct tgattgaata attagaaatg tgcagtattt catgaaataa    181680
     acatcgctaa cactaccaca tgctagaatg ttacgaagtt ccataacaaa atgtaagtta    181740
     atcaggaaag cgataaactg ttcagatgtc tgtttactgg agtaagccat ggctttcctt    181800
     cagacttcaa ctacaaccac cagtttcaac atacttacct gaaagtttct agagagatta    181860
     aagttcatga ttagcatctt caggtattta attcgtttat gtactgttct aacagttgtt    181920
     gtctgcggaa tagtagccct acagcaaccg gttggatgtt tttgtagctc acaatagttt    181980
     ctgctctgat actcgcgcca ttttagacaa gactctatcg ccatcttgtg gctatgcatg    182040
     tattctgcgt tacaaataag gccttgttaa tgtcttagtc gagtgtataa gatgtctaga    182100
     gcgatggtgg agaaagtctg atatatttaa aatacttttt agatataaac agatatgcag    182160
     atatattata agtggatata ataaattaaa tattttataa acctctgatg catttacaat    182220
     agaagtaatt cactgtgttg catgtcaagc ctaagattaa cgtaatagag ttgtttggag    182280
     gatattacta atactgttac taattactaa atattattga taacatattt taatatatta    182340
     atatttaatg aataatttaa ttattttaat tatatttaga acataacatg aataatatat    182400
     tactgcaaat aataatatct tactataaag taataaattc tgtaatcgct tttgacagtc    182460
     ttgaattaaa ttctaatgta atattcatta acaaaccacc aggttcagaa agtgtgttgt    182520
     tattttagta aacacacttc cctgttgaaa actccagctt aaaccagcct aagctggttg    182580
     gctggtttta gctggttgac caggctggtt ttagaggggt tttggccact tccaggctgg    182640
     tttccagcca tttccagcct ggtcttagct ggtcaggctg ggagatgacc agctaaacca    182700
     gcttgaccag cctagccaag ctgggagtcc agccaaaacc agctatatcc agcttaaacc    182760
     aggctggtca agctggtttt agctggattt ggctggtcat tttccagcct gaccagctaa    182820
     gaccaggctg gaaatggctg gaaaccagcc tggaaatggc caaaacccct ctaaaaccag    182880
     cctggtcgac cagctaaaac cagtcaacca gcctaggctg gtttaagctg gatttttcag    182940
     cagggttgcg gcacacttgc aggtagcaga acatctccca cctcccataa caggggctgc    183000
     taggagattc atgaattatt tagtgcctca ttagccctgc aaaatctcgc attagcccaa    183060
     ttaacactac agtgcaccag cgttaacaca ccaatcaaca ggtaatttta caagacccag    183120
     gattgaggaa cacacatccc acccatgtgc catcctgcac acctgcacat ataacgcaat    183180
     tattatgcta gctagggcat gcatacacac aaaatgtgaa ttcattcacg ctctgcttgg    183240
     atatgtgcct tgatagtggg gataaaattt agagaacaac ctacaatttc ctaagttttg    183300
     agtcactttt tagttacctg aacagacaga cagacagata gacaaataga cagatagaca    183360
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    183420
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagaga gacagacaga cagacagaca    183480
     gacagacaga aagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    183540
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagaaagata gatagataga tagatagata    183600
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    183660
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tcaattttaa aacagatttc ataatataca    183720
     tatattaaaa agcgatgaac caggctgttt cctgttacga gtcagcaata ttgttggatt    183780
     ttgtggggtg agttttggtt tattttaata ttctggatgt acggttcgtt ggttcgttgg    183840
     tatattttgt aaaaaaatgt agctataggc taataatctc ttagttcaac ggtgactctt    183900
     aagctgcgtc cgaaatcaca tacttaaata tagcatgcta aaaacagtat gtgagcaata    183960
     tgtgagtatg tgagtagtat ggccgaatta ataaaatttg aaaatcagta tgcgagaagt    184020
     acccagatga cccacttcca gcaagatcct gaagtgcaca tctgatggac gccacgatat    184080
     cctgtgatgc cccgcttaag aattcattaa tggcagtgat gcgacgcaac tgttgctgat    184140
     aggtcacgtg atcataaaaa aatggcggat gtagtaggtc caagttccat tcaaactact    184200
     cagattcata ctgtattgaa cgtacttttc taacagttga gtagtaaatt taaattcaaa    184260
     tgcagtactg agtagtaggc ggtttcggac gcagcctaaa aggaagcagc caggtttgcc    184320
     aggtttttct gttgtcacca gcgatatttg ctggatgttt ctgtatttgc atgtgttatg    184380
     agaatcagca tgtacatgtg ttgttaaatg tcaaacggat gttgttttct cagtttgttt    184440
     ccatttttct atttgcaaat gtttccttgc acaaattttg tgcagtcttt gtcaccataa    184500
     caaatatgag actaggttaa aacattcaat taaagtttta acctggcagt taggggttgt    184560
     ctctattttc caaaatcttt tggaaaaagt ttttctagtc tatgcattca cacataatgt    184620
     aaatgtatac atatttgcat aaatttatag tagaaattta aataagaaaa ggacctacaa    184680
     attccaacat tttgacatca ctggttagtg ctatctgcag ttattgcaac aggagtaaaa    184740
     gctgtttttt gcatatttta tgagataaat atagtctgaa gcacagtgta aaacacttaa    184800
     actagatatt tgaaaaaata actaatcaaa attagagatc ctcctaggta tggagttttt    184860
     taattatctt tcatttgttt tattttcagc ttagtccctt tattaatctg gggtcaccac    184920
     atcagaatga atcgccaact tagggtgctt tcacacctac acgtttgttt cagaacctgt    184980
     cccgtttgcc cagttagtgc ggttcgtttg gcatatgttg aaccaccaat cgctcttgga    185040
     tccacaccaa atcaattgct ccgagatcga ttgaatgagg tggtctcggc tcgattgaaa    185100
     tgaactctgg agcggatcga ttgcagtgag aaaataaatg atccaagcgt gattatatca    185160
     ctgcgtttta tggatatgta ataggcataa ggctatatga agagagaatt atgagtaggg    185220
     cgggaagttg cgcgagtctc cggatgcccg caaacgagtg ataatctcgc gtctccctcc    185280
     cagtcctcga ataggctacg tcgctcaccc ttctcaccca tcgcatctct cctcactctt    185340
     cagacacgtc gcgcgcacct tttcaaacac caccaaacca ccacctctcc tgacagctga    185400
     gcgggactct gcaaaataaa ccctgacact gaccaatgtg aggagagttt actcacacgt    185460
     gacttgtttt agctcttttg gtccgattat aaactttgca gtgtgaaagc gaaccgctcc    185520
     aagagcaaag agcaacaatg taacatttgt aatctctgtt tcggaacaac tgaatcgatt    185580
     cacaggtgtg aaagcacccc tatccagcat atgttttacg gagcggatgc ccttccagct    185640
     gcaacccatc actgggatca ctttgtttcg agtgtgatct tgaaaaatct cagtattgag    185700
     ggctgtttag cccttcccct tagctctacg ccttcaaact aaagagaatt gggacacccc    185760
     taccctttca tgtgaacgtg caaaaggagg ggtaagggaa agggctaagg ggtagaactt    185820
     ggattgggcc ttattatcat agtaatatga agcagagtaa ttactgatga gagatgaata    185880
     tgatgggagc agcagagctt ttattatgcc acagtccacc tgttctggtt ctgctcgtga    185940
     tcacatgggg aagaagcagc actgtttttt cagcctaaat acattttagg cctctgttat    186000
     aatgctgctc tgtgcagcct aataaaaaac aacatattta gcttattttt ttgcatattt    186060
     gatgttttac tctgttctat aaaaccaatc aagggtgtgt gatgtcatta gcatggcgat    186120
     acagcacatc cgaagtgaaa aaaatatata attaaatgca attaaaatac acttaaatac    186180
     ccgcaaatac atttttagta cattgttatt tttttgtatt aaataaaagt ttgatggttt    186240
     tacactataa atatactaat taaaagtatg tttatacttc agtaggactt tagtacactt    186300
     aactaaagta tactgattcc agtagtactt aaataatttt ttagtgtact acaatacaag    186360
     tacaatacag aaaaaacatc caaaagagtt ttattagtgt aacccgagga gtgacacaaa    186420
     caacagagat aggttccacg tgcatgtact tctactacaa aacccctggg atccctttaa    186480
     aatatattct ttaaataaat ttttaggatg ttaaaagcac attttagatc agcttcatgg    186540
     tgtctcataa tagcacagtt gagtacactt agatgtactt aagtttatct taaaatgtac    186600
     ttaatactaa tttttagtac attaaataca aaattatttt gggaaaatga agcactttta    186660
     atacagtatt tagcacactg ctttcacatt ttgtatattc ttttaatata ttactattat    186720
     gctttaagct attcttaaat gtatttataa atgtttaaaa ttagggttca agtgtatttc    186780
     tagttataac taaatatatt tttttaaata cagatatagt atgttaaaag cacattttag    186840
     atcaatttca gggtgtctca aaatagcaca gttgagtaca cttagatggt attaagttta    186900
     tcttaacata tacttaatac tatcttttag tactttaagt acaaaattag tttgtgaaaa    186960
     tagagcactt ttagtacatt actgaaaagt atactatgta tacttaaata aagtgctttt    187020
     ttgtgcactt ttttttacct gggatggtcc atttctggat tcaaacattc ttcgaaacat    187080
     ctaggataat gcaagtattt aggtcagcaa aacataaaac attgttctag tggtttttgg    187140
     atattataat gaaaaaatct tgcatattga gccattaact ggcctgtttt cacgggcttt    187200
     ggaggctttt tccagcagtg aggatcatgt accatctatg tgccatcctg cacctctgcc    187260
     cataaaacgc atctggttta ggtgaacatt gtgatgctga gagatgcttg aaaatgcagt    187320
     tttgcctttt atgtggcagc agatgagagc ggcagcaggc taatactgag agctttcaga    187380
     aacgagggtc attcacggcg aggagcaggt taagatgact tacagacaca atggcagggg    187440
     tattgttgtc accacggaaa ccattagttg ccaggcaact gacctatcaa ggcaagactg    187500
     tgagcgtgtc aactaatgat gggattccag cagctccgag tgttaaaata catctgcgtg    187560
     atgtttgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgagg gaaagagaaa gagcgaatgg atgaaagaaa    187620
     ggaaggtggg tggcaatctg tgggaagagt aaagtattgc tttgaaaatg taaaaagatc    187680
     agagattgat ggtattgaaa ctgcaaacat gcacaaaatg cgctttcagt cattgaggag    187740
     aatgaattgg tggggagtga ctcactttgc cttcagcgag agtgttttga ctaaacgtcc    187800
     attaacacag tctttgtatg aagtgtacct ggccttggaa gtgttccagc cttgaatgaa    187860
     ccttctatca tctgtgacac gtccttcggt atttgaggac atacggcacc gagtggctgc    187920
     tatttctcat caaagaaaca atcacagaac aaagactgag cagcagacca agatgaaatc    187980
     accttgccac aaattgatct atgcaaaatc tataggaggt ccatagagtc gaccatagag    188040
     tggaaaaatg agtgttattt actttttaaa tgcacttttc ccacttcaac tttggtaagc    188100
     catgcattgt aagagcgcac tgaaacattt gaatggtatt tatacaggtt ttaattaatt    188160
     atatgatatt tgaaacactc tacttgcata tgtgccttga tttatggtgg agattaaatt    188220
     aagggaacaa cctagaacct acagtacaat ttttaacgtt tcgatgctac tgcttattcc    188280
     actgctacag tacactacct gacaaaagtc ttgtcttcga tcctagttgt aagaacaaca    188340
     aataataact tgactagttg attatttgta aaagtgtcag aagggggatt tttcagatga    188400
     attatctgtt gaactgcatc ctgatcatca caaatattgc agaagacctt ttggaacctg    188460
     catgaaccca agattctcat agaagtttgg tgaaggaaaa atcatggttt ggggtttcac    188520
     tcatgtacaa aggggtgtgc gagagatctg cagagtggat ggcaacatca acagcctgcg    188580
     gtatcaggac atttgtgatg ctttttcagc aggatagcgc tccttcttat acttcagcct    188640
     ccacatcaaa gctcctgaaa gcaaagaagg tcaaggtgct ccaagattgg ccagccaagt    188700
     caccatacat gaacattttt gagcatgtct ggggtaagat gaaggaggag gcattgtaga    188760
     taaatccaaa gaatcttcct gtactctggg actcctgcaa caatgctttc tttgccattc    188820
     cagatgactt tattaataag ttatttgagt cattgcagag atgtatggat gcagtcctcc    188880
     aagctcatgg gagtcataca caatattcat tcttttttcc actacaccat gactttttat    188940
     tctatactgt acattatttc tgttaggtga caagacattt gtctaagcaa tgtccgacct    189000
     aacggtctga gttaaataat ttaaaaaatt aaggcatgat cgtgttttat tttggtaaaa    189060
     taagcataat ctagaggtct ttgccttcca tataagccac ttctgatacc aaatgatcaa    189120
     ctagaagtca agttcccaaa acttggatag gtgacaagac ttttgtcagg tactgtaaat    189180
     gtgtttagat aaagggatga atatggtcag caacaatatt caggtcagtt gtggaattta    189240
     aaagatgctc agctgatact aaatctcagt gtgccaagaa aatattcccc acaccattac    189300
     atcaccagca gcagcctaaa tgcttgacag cagaaatcta gactcatcag atctgtgcga    189360
     ttttgtcatg cctgtgcaaa ttatagcctt cttccactgc tgtagctcat ttgcttcaag    189420
     atttgagatg ttgtgcatac agagatcatg tgccatggtt gtaatgagtg attgtttgag    189480
     ttaccttagc ctttctatca gctcaatcca gtttggctat tcttcagttt tggcatcaat    189540
     aatccaattt taattgatgt tcaccatata ttttctcttt ttggaccatt cactgacaca    189600
     ctattttcca ctccatatgc accagacatc ttcttataag attcattgaa aacaatgttt    189660
     aattctgagt gtgtttaaca cttggtgagt gggcttgaca aaccacctgg ggcagtttgg    189720
     ggtagctgtg gcctactgat cagggagctg gacttgtatt ccaaaggttt caggttcaat    189780
     tcttggttct ggcaggagtt taaggtagaa gaatgaacaa acagccctat cttgaaccct    189840
     cgataccaag ctgaagtacc cttgagcaag gcatccaacc cctaattgct ctccaggtgc    189900
     tggaactctg ggtgtctgat cgcagggtgc ttgtgtgtgt attctctctt ctcactcatg    189960
     tttaagcact tggaaggggc aaaagcaccg ctttttatat gggtaatcac acttgacaat    190020
     actcatttca ctacaccagt aaaatctcct ctccatatgc atcagacact ttttttaatc    190080
     aactctccat gtttttttcc catttttcaa ttgttatagt atccttcaca caggtgagtg    190140
     ggcaagacaa accacctgta gaagacactc ttttcctctt catatgcatc aaatatttaa    190200
     ttaaaagcac ctcatacatt cattcattca tttattttct ttttagctta gtccctttat    190260
     taatctggga tcgccacagt ggaatgaacc accaacttat ccagcatatg tttttacaca    190320
     gcggatgccc ttccagctgc attccatcac tgggaaacag ccatacacac ttattcacac    190380
     tcatacacta cagacaattt agcctcctca attcacctgt actgcatgtc ttcggactgt    190440
     gggggaaact ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgaacga gggagaacat gcaaactaca    190500
     cacagaaacg gaaactgacc cagccgaggc ttgaacaagc gacccatcga ccttcttgcc    190560
     gtgaggcgac agcactacct actgcgccac tgtgtcgccg aactcaagga gaacatgcaa    190620
     actccacaca gtaattccaa ctgaaccagc tgggactcga actagagatc ttcttgctgt    190680
     aaggcacttt ttataatcac cttatacttc ttggaaaaca ttgtgcaatt cggagtttgc    190740
     ttcatacagg tgagtgggct tgacaaacca cctgtagagc acattctttc ctcttcgtat    190800
     gcccgtatcc tcagggggga aaaatcataa ctaacacagg cctttttcag aaaattactg    190860
     gcaattttct aataagggat catttgtgaa caggccattt ttgaaaatac cggtagaccg    190920
     gggtggggtg ggaggcgggt ggtggggatg tctaggtgtc tgtactatgc accaagtttt    190980
     gtgcagccgc tgcgattgga tattatacca aaattgacga tgcggtggtg ttatagattg    191040
     taccaaaaag ctgaggccgg ggtggggggt tggccaccac caatgtgcag catccacttg    191100
     gatgatgcta cggcagccac aagacaacag cgccagtgca gctgtagata gagtgtagag    191160
     acagtgagaa agtcaattca gtggatggga ttgattggga ggccatgatg gagggaattt    191220
     ggccagaaca ccaggcttac actcctacaa tttacaagaa tgggattttt aatgaccaca    191280
     gagactcagc acctcggttt aaagtctcat ccgaaagatg gcactcactg acagtatagt    191340
     gtccccttca ctacactagg gcattaggac tcacacagac cagactgagt gctcgctgtt    191400
     ggcctcacta acacctcttc caacagctac ctagttttcc catgtggtct cctatttagg    191460
     tattgaccag gctcagccct gcttatcttc agtgagtaac cagtcttggg ctgcagggtg    191520
     atatggttgt aagttgtttt ggatcaaatt gtctgataaa tgaatcaacg taaatgtgac    191580
     cctagagatt gctgtgcatg aaaatccctg caagtttctg aaatactgtc tggcaccaac    191640
     aaccatgcca cactcaacat cacttaaatc gcatttcttc ttcattctga tacttgaacc    191700
     tcagcagatt gtctggtgaa agtaatgcca attatgaaag taatgtcttg tgaatgactt    191760
     cagatcatgc attttacctc aaacaccatc aaacacaaca atgtctgtac tgtaaataca    191820
     aaatgaagaa tgacttgatt ccttgcacat taaacctaaa atgaataaca agagtgattc    191880
     aatattatct tatccttcaa atgcagcttg aaccagttct gagtaaatat gctgataata    191940
     accataatgt aagactctga aatattagtg tgtaactact gttttctatg cttaatatct    192000
     tcagttttcc acggggactc atccagcctg ctctttcttt ccgccggtgg ctgtctgtga    192060
     tggagttatt tcatttttct ataaaacact gatgtggggg aagctccagg tctccagaga    192120
     accactaaca agctaaatta aacttgtgaa agacaaacaa ggcaacaaaa aaacgcagtg    192180
     gcacacacac acatttctct ttaacccacc tcagttcctc ccaaggctaa ttaaaagcac    192240
     ttcataatta cttaagtcac tgatttggct gcgtaattag atgctgtttc ttccaattgc    192300
     tcctgttgca ccagatattc tcctaagcag tttttagatt tggtatgttt acggtgtgtg    192360
     aggttgctgg ttcgagtccc ggctgggtta gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt    192420
     ctacctgtgt tggcatgggt ttcctccctg tgctctggtt tcccccacag tccaaacact    192480
     gctataggtc agtggtcctc aaccacattt ctgtatcggt ctgtgcatca attacaaatt    192540
     attcccgttt tatttattat ctgagtctga acgatttttt attttgaaaa gtcttttatt    192600
     tagaaacatt actgtattct ctcgcttaca tctcggtcac tagagcgccc aactttaacc    192660
     cacaaaatgc aaaatgtcta agaaactcaa cgtctttgga aaatttattt gctaagagga    192720
     aaaggcccag tgaagggcct acgaactgcc aaggaaggga tcaacaaccc atttgtgaac    192780
     aaatcaggtg aatccaccat ggctgtgcaa gaagatcaac ttttttcagg ggctgttcgc    192840
     atttagcgtc ttttcattgc tgtttcttaa catgcgctct tcagggatct tgcgtcctcg    192900
     tgttctcctg taacgtcatc atcagctgcc aaggttcagt tccaaaactc aagaccacaa    192960
     gaccgaagga cacgtaaaag ttcccgaata tgttcttgat atcaaggacg catagatgca    193020
     gacttgagcg gaaaactcgc tccagaagaa ggtgggaagc gcagcattct atatagattt    193080
     attattaaag ttcagagcta tgacttattt gacggtgaaa gtaaacatta acatgaaaat    193140
     ctttataaag gcataaacgc attaacagtg tttatttgct gaaattcata ttaaaattag    193200
     ttttatttgt attgtgcaac gtatatttat aatgttttac gcatatagta catattgaag    193260
     gggaaaacca ataaatcgct gtatgaatgc tgtaatgttt aaataatttt cccttaaaag    193320
     cgcataaagg tcatgtgacc atagggaaga cccagggaag aacacagcat ctcatttctc    193380
     acaggacgcg ttttctgtta tcgcggtctc ccgagttcgt tcttgcgagg taacttggca    193440
     agagcggtct ccacaagagt ctgttctctg tgtttttgga attgagaaac agccctagag    193500
     tttgtgcaag ttaattattt ccaatggaag tgtgcgcaag tgacgtgacg tgctcgcgac    193560
     ttccagacgc acactcccag ttgactgaat agcaggagtg caccgcgagt cacattaaaa    193620
     gaattgaccg ttcagcttca gcttgtatag aataaacaca tttcggtaaa ctaattacct    193680
     caaaaaacac agaacaccta aacactgcag tgctttgtca ttttttccat gaataaaatt    193740
     tgtattttgt atgttgctgg tcgcctagcg acctacgaaa aaccacctca tttgagaagt    193800
     gtgagtgctc tgaatctgag cgcggttcac ttgggctttg gcggggtact cttatgtgtg    193860
     agtgcaaaac gtgcctgagc ccgaaactga aagtgagacg tgactttaaa aggactgatt    193920
     catatggatt tattaatcat tcttgctgtt caatgagccc aaactgtctt agattattaa    193980
     agacgcaatc ccctcactgc accacagctg caccttcagc aaacctccta atacctgcag    194040
     cacgaggact ttatgattgt ttatgattgt caaaagtggc tgatctgttc ggcgaagtat    194100
     ttgactgtgt gtcaccgcat cccaaacgac ttaaatgata taaatgaaga aatctccact    194160
     gtgctaggag aaattgctta ctgatcagca catcatcaat gacgtaagca tgtccaggcc    194220
     ggaatattat gtaagtgcgg gccatcagga gagatgggag gggggacaat cgtgctttgg    194280
     cccggttcaa gacaactgta catggtgtgg gtacgcccta agagtgtatg gatatttccc    194340
     agtactggtt tgcaccacac aggctcattc tgacaacgta gccctatata catttcagga    194400
     gattgtaaat tatgtagcca gaagtacgtg tggctgcatt ttatccttaa aacgaatgct    194460
     acagggcagt gtgatgctgt tccttttcac gcttaccagt tgaccaatta cctttgtatg    194520
     gacgaatgtt accagtttgt ctggtggctc gacatgtaag ttgttggact taagatgcag    194580
     agtggattta attgagacaa tggagttgga gtcggtaaaa caaaaacagt tcaaagagca    194640
     ggtaagacaa aaaaaaaata aacaaggaaa taacagtgag aatgtggtaa aatctgaaaa    194700
     cgtttctgga ttgcttttca aaacactggg tttagggaag taggtaggtg ggtcagtcgg    194760
     tgctttttaa aatactattg gttgggttta gggaaggggg tgagtgggtg atattggtca    194820
     gttggtcagt cagtttagtc aacagcagcc tctggtggat ttacgtgaga acagcaggtg    194880
     cgaatggcat tcacgaaaga aatttgagat ctaaaaaaag aaggatacac tacagcctct    194940
     gaaataataa tgtaaatgat gtattttgct ctctccagaa atttttatag gggtacattt    195000
     tcagaatgag cctgggttgg agttgcagct ggaagtgcct ccgctgtgta aaacattcat    195060
     tcattcattt tcttttcggc gtagtccctt tattaatctg gggtcgccac agtggaatga    195120
     accaccaact tatccaacat atgttttatg cagtggatgc ccttccagct gcaactcacc    195180
     tctgggaaac atccacacac tcattcacac tcatacacta ccgacaatgt agcctaccca    195240
     attcacctgt actgcacgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc gaagcacccg gaggaaaccc    195300
     atgtgaacac agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac gccaactgac ccagccgagg    195360
     ctcgaaccag caaacttctt gcagtaaggc gacagcacta cctactgcac cactgcgtca    195420
     cctgtgtaaa acatatgctg gataagttgg cggttcattc cactgtggtg acccctgata    195480
     aataaaggga gtaagccaaa ggaaaatgaa tgaaggttta atacgtgact ttgacgctca    195540
     taaccatttt ccttcagcct cgatcataca tcactcctcc ttttttatca ttcccctact    195600
     ctttttctct gctcttgtta tccaattcca tcagactcgc ggagggtaaa ccaatttaca    195660
     ttcttgtttt ggtcttcaga tccttgccag tttccatgac aacactgctt tcgcactctt    195720
     tctccccctt tctcctcctc gggatctttc attccccact gtttcgctct ccttctttac    195780
     tcttgacctt cctcttctgt ctcattttcc ttctctttat attctgtttg gttctagcgt    195840
     ccaactctca tttccttgcc taattgatgt gcttgctgcc gtggcacggt aacggcgtga    195900
     aagtgagacg ggcaggaggg agatgcatct caaacgtctg tattaacaca catcacgctc    195960
     tctgtgtgtt aaatgatcag tgccaggagg aaatgatttg ggcgtctctc agtctctgct    196020
     tcaaaaagct gtctggtctt tgacgctttt atttgctgct gtctgccgac cgaggatcac    196080
     tttaaatgag tgatataatt aaataactct gcaaatgata ttaatcatca aattcgttgg    196140
     gtacagccat ataaactact cacaaaaatg cacacagaga tcatgggaag acattttaaa    196200
     acaaaccctt gcgtctttaa tatgcacttt ccagaaattt gaccctgttt atttaatatc    196260
     gttgcattgc tctctggagt gcttgaatct gattggagaa catgcattct gtggtcaaat    196320
     atttgtgttt aatggctgct aactatttaa ttgtccctag caaccaattt cctaaacggc    196380
     tcatgttgca ttgtggtctc cttcgtccca catattacaa ttcttttaaa ttaagtcaat    196440
     acttcatgtc aatttctgtt cattatttga taaatagcca tgtaataagc atggtagtat    196500
     ccatttagct ggtcgttatt gcgaaatgaa cctcataggg atgatacaag acttctctgt    196560
     ttgtgtttat tttatgatga tgaccggttg tctgtacctt attctatatt aatatctttg    196620
     ttgcggttca gggtcatttt taataacctc ataacctcag ctatgcatta gcttcatccc    196680
     agtttgctgg tacttatgta ctgacctttc atagtataag tcaggggtca ccaatctcgg    196740
     tcctggaggg ccggtgtccc tgcaaggttt agctccaact tgccttaaca cacctggatg    196800
     tttgaagtat acctagtaag accttgattt gcttgttcag gtgtgtttga tgagggttgg    196860
     agctaaaatc tgctggacac cggcccttca gaaacaagtt tgatgatact ggcataagta    196920
     gtgctcgcaa tttgttcaca taaaaactcc tacaagaata tatggacaat tcatttacta    196980
     aaaagtgaca actttattca ttcagtctct cttaatccat agcaaatatg ttcatcttta    197040
     ttcattaatt cagaaatgtc cttcaggccg caacctagta ctgggaaaca cccatacact    197100
     ctcagattcg cacatactca taccaaccca agctcattct gaaaacgtag tcccgtggac    197160
     gtttcaggag acggcgaaat acgtcccgga ggtacgtatg gctgcattat atttttttaa    197220
     gcgaacgcta cgcggcggtg tgacgccgtt ccctttcgcg cttgccggct gaccgcttac    197280
     ctctgtgtgg agggctttcc cgccgcagtc agtttgtccg gtcagctcat cgtgttcatc    197340
     ggcggacttc agatgcagag aggaggagat gacaaaggcg cctgggttcg agtccgggga    197400
     agagcggttc cagaaccagg taagacaaaa acagaatcca aaaaataaag cgaacgagtt    197460
     cataacaggg tgagaacgtg gtgaaatccg aaaacgtggt aaaaaaaaaa aaaacagacg    197520
     agggtttttc taaattgttg cttgggttta gggaagtgag cgggcgggcg ggtcaatcgg    197580
     taaaactggt tgggttcagg gaaggaggag ggtggcactc gcgagagaca ttcgagaaac    197640
     gaaaaatcgc acacagcggc ctctcgcaga ttcgcgaaaa caaaaactgc acaaatacgt    197700
     accacctggg acatatttca cggcctccat aaccgtccac tggactatgt tttcagaatg    197760
     agcctgggtt gactcataca ctacggccaa tttaggttat ccaaatcacc tatagcgcat    197820
     gtctttggac tgagggggag acggaagcac ccggaggaaa cccacatcaa cacagggaga    197880
     acatgcaaac tcctcttcat cacaaatatt gtccctctgt ttaaagtctg ttcgttcaaa    197940
     attctttatg aataatatca acatgttcaa aattaaatct ataatttgag cagtttaatt    198000
     catgtctgaa cagaggcaat caccatgata tatatagaat aaacagattt cattgatgcc    198060
     tttattcaca tataaccaat gtacagtatt tatatttagt cactatgttt ctttctaata    198120
     gtggcacggt ggctcagtgg gtagcactgt cgcctcaaag caagtaggtc cctgtttcga    198180
     gtcccgactg agccggttgg catttctgtg tggagttcac atgttctccc catgttcgcg    198240
     acggtttcct ccgggtgcca tgatttcccc cacagtccaa acacatgcgc tataggtgaa    198300
     ttgaataaac taaattggcc gtggtgtatg tgtgtgaatg caagattgta tgggtgtttt    198360
     ccaatactgg gtggcagccg gaagggcatc cgctgtgtaa aacatatgct gaaatagttt    198420
     atggttcatt ctgctgtggc gacccctgat aaataagctg aagcaaattg aatgaatgtt    198480
     tccatgcaaa gatgcgaatt aaacgtatgc gcaaaactgg aatatcacat aaaatatttg    198540
     caaattaagc accatttgca tccaaatagt caaggagaac aaaatcgtca attcctgata    198600
     aaccggtgcc aaatatgtag aagaaaaata gaatttgctg cggtaggaaa aaccactgtc    198660
     agccctttac cttctataat agattacttc cacctcagaa gttgaaacgc agtgaacgtg    198720
     tggtggcttt tagaagtgtg agatggtctt tgggagcgta gaagctcaag aaagttctgg    198780
     aggtaataat actgaactca taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa    198840
     taacgagaat ttattaatga aatgtaatat ttattgttta ttagaaaatt tttaaaatcc    198900
     tattttaatg ataatattga tgataatgaa gattatgatg attattatta ttaagtagga    198960
     tattgtttat ttcattttat tttttgaaaa gtctactttt acaacttgac acatgcaaac    199020
     cactacagaa atgttctaac cagcaggctc atgtcatata cagtacagat acttaataaa    199080
     taacctacta gcattaatgt atgctgtgtt ttttgttttc acaagctttg gtaaattccg    199140
     cttttaaata ataggtcacc tttagctttc gtcatgagcc gcgtctgtgt tcaaaatgac    199200
     atcaatgttt tcaaattgca ctgcgaaggc agcacaattg taaacatgaa gatcactata    199260
     acttaactgt aaaatacttt taaagcaaat tataccgaat agagacgact ttaatgctct    199320
     tttaggttct aaggttctaa acaaacaggg catagggggg ataactggga atagaacaca    199380
     gccaggaagt gtgtttctaa ctacagctct agaagtgtag ttgcaaacat acaagtttgc    199440
     gaatgctcgt tggaatgatg gatttgggaa atggaaaatc aacaaaacat gtttgtaacg    199500
     acggaacttg cgagacctta tagttggcta acaatggttt ttggaaacac atcccagatt    199560
     ggtttaacca ggttgactga acataaaaca attaagttga ccccaaaaaa actcaagagt    199620
     tgtgttattt caactcattt taaacaagca gcaaaaatat tttttgaatg tacactgaaa    199680
     aaaaatattt aaagatgatt cattagattt actcaatttt ttacgttaag tggttgtaag    199740
     aaatttattt gggctgaatt taaacaaaca aattaagtta aacattatta aacttaattt    199800
     gtttgtttaa attcaacaca aataaattgt ttgcaacagt tctgcatgca acactttttt    199860
     cagtgtacaa gggtgagtaa actatgacaa actccccacg taagtgtttt caagcagcag    199920
     aaacactgta aaaaatgctg agttccacac aatggattta tttaggaaca acatgaaggt    199980
     taacttacta gtttttaagt tgattgaaca taaaacaatt aagttgaccc ccaaaaaact    200040
     caagaactgt gttgtttcag ctcattttaa ataagcagtt taaacaagca gcaaaaacat    200100
     attattttaa gtccactaaa cagaaaaatt tttgtatctc tacgtagatt cttagtactt    200160
     tcattcattc atctctctcc ctctctctct ttgccacttt ctccttcagg cttggcatta    200220
     gagagtgtaa cacaacaccc gatctgggag acaaagaaag agcccagttc ttttcaggaa    200280
     aaaactcttg ccagtgcaaa atatctcttc ttttttactt cagtcataca gcagtcaggt    200340
     ttcagtggtg tttactacac aattttaaca gcataattag ctgcatttct cttggtttca    200400
     tcatgtatat gagattataa cgcacacttc cttggggtgc aaaaatataa acacaagcag    200460
     ctcataaagg agctatttgt atgcgcacaa ttagattagc ttgtatttca gtttaaaaag    200520
     tggttgattt ctcggtggtg caacttttgg tgcatttagc gcaagcctgt cggatatgaa    200580
     actgtgctta attcacttta ggactaatcc tagtgtcgtt ttggatggat tgacgaaatg    200640
     tccgtaaatt aataaattca tcagggcttc actaaaggga ctttttggac tttgaactgt    200700
     ttggtgcacc accagaggga gtgctcacct gtgaaatgat gactgcacca gcagttgagg    200760
     gctccaaatg tttcagaggg tctcgtgcct cccagggaca gagccctgat caggcatatg    200820
     ccaggtaagg ggtgatctaa gagggttgat acatctgata cctctgttgt cagatcaggt    200880
     tatgtgtctg atgtctaagt gtgctccttt cagcaaacca caaaactgtg tggctcaaag    200940
     ttttggtgag aaagcaggga aacatgcttt gatcagttga atttgtgtaa ctccagtgtt    201000
     attttagatt taattgtagc cctatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    201060
     tatatataac cccaatttct gtttaatgga aagaagacac atttctaaac ataattttac    201120
     taacaaattt ctaataattg atttctttta taattgacct gatgacagta aaaaaaaaat    201180
     cactatttat ttgtaagata aaattcagat gaaagtgata tttaaaggct taactaggta    201240
     actaggcaag ttagggtaat taggcaagct gtataatgat tgtttgttct gccgacaatg    201300
     gaaaaaaaat atagcttaaa agggctaata attttgaccc gaaaattgtt taaaaaaatt    201360
     taaaactgct tttactctag ccgaaataaa acaaataaga ctttctctag aagaaacaaa    201420
     tattattgga aatgattaaa aaagcaaatt ccttgctctt ttaatcataa tttgaaaaat    201480
     agttgaaaaa gaaaaaaaat aaatcacagg agggcgaatc attttgattc aactgtaaag    201540
     agtaacggaa ttatgacatt tactcataaa tcaataaata ataaagtaaa aataaactac    201600
     tttatgtaca atccacgaga ggccactgtg tacgcttttt cagatcttaa atttctctcg    201660
     cttttcatgc ctgctgttcc ctcataaatc caccagacgt cactgtcgac tgactgactg    201720
     actgactgac taatcgactg acccacccta cccctttcca aaacccaacc attagtgttt    201780
     tcaaaaccac agattgaccc gcccaccaat tttcctaaac ccagccgaca aatttgaaaa    201840
     gcaattcaga aaatgaaaaa gccctcggct gatttttacc acatgctaac ccttttgttt    201900
     acttgtttat tttatttttg ccttctgttt ttgtctaacc tgctttcttg aactgactca    201960
     aacccagtca tcaaagtcat ctctctgcat ctgtagtcca ccggtgtaaa tggtgagcta    202020
     actggacaat catcatactg ccccgtagcg tgtaaatggt gagctaactg gacaatcatc    202080
     atactgcccc gtagcgtgca tttaaaaaat gaaatgcaac catatgtatt tctggctaca    202140
     caactaacga tctccaaaca tttatttaca gctaagtttt cagaatgagc ctatgttgga    202200
     tttctgcgat gggaagatgt ggtaaaaatt attattggtt aggtttaggg aaggaggggg    202260
     gtgagggatt ggtgggtcag tcagtcagtc agtcaattga gagcgggctc tggtggattt    202320
     aagcaagaac agcaggcgta aatggacata cctcctggga tgtatttggt gctcttcaga    202380
     aatgtatata gggatgcgtg cacaacaaaa gtgtatgaag tattttctaa ttacggctgt    202440
     ttgtttctct tttgctattt gttaaggcaa aagtgcaaag gcaatggttt gacatggctg    202500
     taaataaata aaactttact ttgtccttat ttctatttgt ttgctctgga accaatcaca    202560
     gattattgaa actgaagatt gagaagctgt gcatgagaag gaacgtaagc acagaacacc    202620
     tgaaaaatct atgtaatacc tatataataa ctaaactaaa ctatatagag tttatatata    202680
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    202740
     ttgctataac attatatggc tgtaacatta tatggttgaa aaaatctctc agccaatcag    202800
     atttgagagc cataacaaat ctacaagttt ttttagtatt catttattta ttaatcatta    202860
     tatactatca ttttgtatta agtggcctta actaatacgt acttacatta aaagtaatca    202920
     tttgttacaa tgtaattgtt atttaaatgt atttacggtg tacttatgat tgattacata    202980
     cataatttct gtaaatacat ctttaattac actgttgacc ttcccttgca ccttagacca    203040
     cccctaaccc taccctgtat cccacctcaa gagcatcaga tgtgcactgc aattcattat    203100
     gaacacagta agtacattgt attttttgat gcaagcacat attagttcat tcattcattt    203160
     tcttttaggc ttagtccctt tataaatcag gggtcgccac agtggaatga accgccaact    203220
     tatccagcat atgttttaca cagaggatgc ccttccagct gcaacccatc tctgggaaac    203280
     atccataggc taaagacaat tttagcctac ccaattcacc tgtaccgtat gtctttgggg    203340
     gaaaccgaag cacccggagg aaacccacgc caacacaggg agaacatgca aactcagtat    203400
     agaaatgcca actgacccac ccgaggctcg agccaccaac cttcttgctg tgaggggaca    203460
     gcactaccta ctgcgccact gcgtcgccta catgttaagg ccacttaata tatagttgga    203520
     cccatgactt tcattcattc attcattttc cttcagctta gaccctttat tcattagggg    203580
     ttgccacagt ggaatgaacc aacatcttat ccagcatatg ttttacacag cggatgccct    203640
     tccagctgca acctagtact aggaaaggac ccatttttta ttttgtttta tttcttctct    203700
     gtaaagccca ttacgatatt atgatattta tgactgtaaa aaattctgtt tgttttataa    203760
     atatacaaat acattttgag aatgtttcct ttagtgttta taacttagtt cattcttttt    203820
     taatagtttt attcacatat ttgctgcaaa acctactaaa aactattttt ttgaatatgt    203880
     aaaaaatgta tattatgata tgatatatat tatatatatt ataattatat acttttaaac    203940
     tgattgtgtg ttattttgat ctaaaatgaa agcccattga aacagcagga aacagtaata    204000
     tagtaataaa gtgctttctc tctgagtgaa aaagagagcg tatgccactc atttaatttt    204060
     taaatcatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    204120
     atatatatat atatatatat tagtatttgt ttataagtaa acaagtacat tctgcagaat    204180
     gttttcttta tttattattt acaaatttta ttatgatttt attaacaaat ttgctgtaaa    204240
     cctattgtaa acaacaattt tctggataat atttaaatga tattataata ttactataat    204300
     aatatgtaca cataataatt atattacaat aaataataat aattctgatt gtaaaaatat    204360
     tttgtatgat tacaaaaaat aataacttaa ttattctttt taggtgacgg tgtattatta    204420
     tgatctatga aagcagctca ttgaaacggc aggaagcggt cctcatatag ctctatgtgt    204480
     gtgtgagtgt gtgcgtgcgt gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagaga gagagagaga    204540
     gagagagaga gagagagtgt cactcatatg tgtgtacagt gagttgagta atgagcgcga    204600
     gcgcggctgt ctgtctgagc gccttctgct acctctacag tacaggctgg aataagcaga    204660
     cagcgtctcc aacagcggag tcatgatccg ccgtcttccc cgggactcat cttccgctcg    204720
     gagaaccacc gacacaccat tgtgaggcat ctgatattta accagcggct ttacttcggg    204780
     ccatcgcatt ggtcgcttta acgcagccgg ggaggatctt gcgcagtggc ggcggacact    204840
     tcgggtgatg tcggctggcc gtcactcttg acatcggcct ctgctcgcag gacgctcggc    204900
     ggaatggggt aggaaagctt cgcggtcacg cacccacaca agcacggcgt aaaaatgccc    204960
     tgacagaccg cgtcgaactg tcacgtatgg cggcgcgtcg gtagcgttgc gctccggcgc    205020
     tgaactcgcc gtcacagcag cagctgtagg ggatcctgga gttagcctcg cctgctaact    205080
     gcctcttcag tgcaatggat gctaatgagc tgacgatagg ctcgggcccg tctccatgtg    205140
     accgtaaaaa gacaggaaag acttgtagct gctgctttag agcgagttag ggcttttcga    205200
     cagtcatttg aaggtctgag tttaaggaaa acgcgcgagg ctgttacaat gtcgcgactg    205260
     attggcagaa agaggcaggc acttgaagaa tgtgacggtg aatgtggccg ctgctctcca    205320
     tcaagtcaat agagaagcgg tagtagtact gtcaggcgtt agctttctta ttgtggaaaa    205380
     gtgcgttgcg aactgtcagg gcatgcatgc agaacatttg tttctctttg cattttgaat    205440
     attgtgcaaa tgagtgttgt gcatacacac acacacacag tggccgttgc atcacatacc    205500
     aaaatatcaa tccaagaagc atttactgta aacaaagaga gcacaagcac tgtttgtaag    205560
     ccaaacacag acacataatt tgtacactgt tcagaatgtt attgtttata gtttaataat    205620
     gagtattttt agatttagag tcctcattta tgtcataaat ttgatctaaa cttgcattca    205680
     tcctttttga agagttcaga tgaagcgcta gctcctttct gtgcagtagt aatgaatggg    205740
     gattgaagct cgtgagcttg aaaaggagac caaaatattg taaaagggtt tcatatactg    205800
     tacgacacat ggatgatatt ctaaagctct taataaaggg atagttcacc caaatctgca    205860
     aattctgtca tcgtttactc accaaacttg tgtgactctc tttattctgt taaaaacaaa    205920
     aggagtatta agaagaaaac cggaaacccg ctgactttca tgatgtttgt ttataaatcg    205980
     atcattacag gtcttaagca ttcttcaaaa tatctacttt tgtgttcaac agaaagttat    206040
     aaaggttttg gaccacttga gggtgattaa acagtgagca aatgtttatt tttggatgaa    206100
     ctatctcttt atacagattt gtgtgaggaa atgtatcaaa tttaccacca gtgatgcttt    206160
     gcgtatgcga gttcaaatca agtcttaatt ttgaacgaat cattcaaact agttttgtga    206220
     gctcgatcag cagattcatt cactcaggaa taattcattc atgaagtttt gtgaatgtgc    206280
     caaggagaac tagggcagat gtggagataa tcaataagcg gtggctttaa ttgtattctt    206340
     tttgtcacac aaatctgttg tatagtttca gaagactatg gtggaagtag tatagaccac    206400
     ttttatggta cttttaccca gatttgtttg caatcttgct gcttggcata cttagttgtt    206460
     cataaagtga tcagcacata ctgcattgaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagtca tatagatttg    206520
     tatataatgt caaaatgtat gtcttggctg aattatacta actacacctt tgtgaatgtg    206580
     agggaaactc aattaagatg acttttaatt ggtggttgac cagggaaata actacaaaac    206640
     gatttaggaa agtgcatttc ttgtttgcga atgaccttta cgttgatgtt tttattttct    206700
     aatagactta aattaaagta caagtgttta aatgattttc tggatcactt tagatgtgtt    206760
     tacctcatta tattatctga tgttcctatg gaaaagcaca tggttgattg attaattgat    206820
     gaagatgcta gcctgataga cttttatgag gggggggggg gggggggggg ggggggttca    206880
     accttatata tttacatgtg accatagtat cattatacag tggcttgttt gttgttatga    206940
     tgacccaaaa acagttacat ttgtatgttg ctctgcctta gctgtctaaa aactgattaa    207000
     gggattgaaa tgattgagat gacctatcaa atcaaagtgg acaggtttac tgtttacagt    207060
     agcagagcac aaattccagc tcaaaggatc agttttagtg ttgaaagaga gcaaagatta    207120
     aagtacaaaa ctacaagaat gactgaaata tatctaaacc cccccccaaa aaaaacaata    207180
     gtaatgcaaa ctcattatca aaaataaagt agcatttaaa ttaatcatgt cataactgta    207240
     tttaatgaga caagctgtgc tttgcatgtt aaacatgtca aataaaagtc cttgcatgca    207300
     aataacactt gctataaata ttagttaggg ctgggtgata tggccaaaat gcaatctcga    207360
     taaatatttt ccatattgaa caatagtaat atatatattt gatagaagtt gttagggctg    207420
     tgcattttgg gaaaaacatc taattgcgtt tttttttgac agatattgga tttaatttaa    207480
     gctt                                                                 207484