ID   BX005113; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 191785 BP.
AC   BX005113;
DT   21-DEC-2002 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-203B20 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   two genes for novel phermone receptors, the 3' end of the gene for a novel
DE   protein similar to vertebrate phospholipase C-like 3 (PLCL3) and six CpG
DE   islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-191785
RA   Phillimore B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 8337773304f6ed377a332bad9d3f64a4.
DR   ENA-CON; CT993849.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-203B20. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-203B20 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-203B20 is at 191785 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-203B20 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..191785
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-203B20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..191785
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-203B20"
FT   mobile_element  <11281..>14020
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.1-001"
FT   mobile_element  complement(<19237..>21049)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.2-001"
FT   mobile_element  complement(join(<27848..28385,28565..28700,28907..>29576))
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.3-001"
FT   mRNA            join(<70260..70370,70584..70875,71062..71883,72004..72231,
FT                   72385..72508,73516..>74429)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel phermone receptor"
FT   CDS             join(<70260..70370,70584..70875,71062..71883,72004..72231,
FT                   72385..72508,73516..74429)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015139"
FT                   /product="novel phermone receptor"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P48442 Sw:Q9QY96 Tr:O73636
FT                   Tr:O73637 Tr:O73638 Tr:O73639 Tr:Q6UNX3 Tr:Q80ZA8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0S550"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000337"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001828"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011500"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028082"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S550"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13262.1"
FT                   PERNTKNAIMGRETQKR"
FT   mobile_element  complement(<92392..>92911)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.5-001"
FT   mobile_element  join(<115743..115950,116040..116145,116253..>116391)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.6-001"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<146129..147030,147124..147247,
FT                   148036..148245,155476..155617,157991..158254))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel phermone receptor"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF996051.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(146129..147030,147124..147247,
FT                   148036..148245,155476..155617,157991..158241))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015137"
FT                   /product="novel phermone receptor"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O73637 Tr:O73639 Tr:O73640
FT                   Tr:O93553 Tr:O93555 Tr:O93556"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0S551"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004073"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011500"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028082"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S551"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-302"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13263.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<167215..167572,169273..169332,
FT                   171802..171881,173956..174102,176210..176294,
FT                   176382..176506,176622..176729,179897..180076,
FT                   180290..180387,182363..182448,185021..185083,
FT                   188731..>188892))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate phospholipase
FT                   C-like 3 (PLCL3)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<167215..167572,169273..169332,
FT                   171802..171881,173956..174102,176210..176294,
FT                   176382..176506,176622..176729,179897..180076,
FT                   180290..180387,182363..182448,185021..185083,
FT                   188731..>188892))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-203B20.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015144"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate phospholipase
FT                   C-like 3 (PLCL3)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7TPQ1 Tr:Q80WP6 Tr:Q86YU9
FT                   Tr:Q8CFQ2 Tr:Q8CFR1 Tr:Q8TEH5 Tr:Q9H9U2 Tr:Q9UPT3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0S552"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000008"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001192"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001711"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017946"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028392"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S552"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13264.1"
FT                   "
FT   misc_feature    191785
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-203B20"
SQ   Sequence 191785 BP; 58586 A; 37183 C; 37137 G; 58879 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacag acggtgtcgc cgaataggcc agcttgggat atgggggagt caagaaagcg        60
     gactttgttg agcatatcag ccaaatttat ccagaggtgg cgctcctgga ccactaatgg       120
     ggacatcgtc ctccccaacg cacatgcagc ggacttagtg gtctgaagag catagtcggt       180
     tgcggtgcga agctcctgta aaaagcctgg gttggaccca ccttcgtgca gctcggccag       240
     cacctgtgct tggtatcgct ggtaggtggc catcgtgtgc aacgcggaat caacctggat       300
     cgcagccttg taatcgcgcg ctcgacctga ggaatcgcca cataccccct ggccgctcca       360
     ccatcaagag tggtgagggt ggaggaacaa gcagcacggg cagagaaagg tgccctccaa       420
     gactgcgtga gcctactgtg cacctccaag aagaagggga cgagaggctt taaaggctta       480
     gccctctggt ccgatatgta gcacccatct agtcggtctg gccgcgaagc tggggattaa       540
     ccgaagcagc ctgggaaagc acagctaaca tatccatttc aggatccatt ttgacagcgc       600
     tcacctgccc aaggggggca agcgggcatg gattctcgta ggacaatgaa agcccaccct       660
     ccgatgcagc agtggacgtc aggtccccgg tgtcatcgaa cgtaagggct accatctggt       720
     tagacggatc gcttcctccg ctcaaggctt ggatggagcg cttggaggag cgggacccaa       780
     agaacgccag gcaagggaga agcccagctc gaccgtctgc cgctgtacac actctggacc       840
     aggagactgc tccgttcgct cgaaatcgct ggatcacagc aggaggaacc ctcatcgact       900
     ctctcagaag gctgtaaaag tctctgaagc taaaaggata gcgtttcctt gctttccctg       960
     tgcttatatg cagatttaat tgcaataagc cacatgtgcc caagcttgcg ctgcctactc      1020
     atttggcatt tcattggccc gttatatact ctttcagaca attggctttc tgaaacgaaa      1080
     tccccatacg tggattaaaa tccacttata gcattgaagt tccccatccg aaaggcaacc      1140
     ctggtttata agatcgatat tcacacaaca aacaaattga ggtacttaca atatagttta      1200
     taaggtctat atgtgctgac gaaaaaatag ggatagacaa aatgctctgt ttttgataat      1260
     aggtaaatat atattcggta gggaaatgtg taatacaagt ttgtgtgcag gtatatttaa      1320
     attggtaagg ggtaacagat aagttcatgc acaagcaagt atattgctaa aggaaaggga      1380
     taaatccata gtaaatattg tgaacaacta aagcgatgac cacatagcaa agcaggaaac      1440
     catttagggt ggttagtgga tctgtttgtt gttgtctctc tgttctcgct tgcatttcat      1500
     gtttctatgg cattgtatgg caccactggt ttttttgtaa aggtcagttt tttgttgtct      1560
     tttggagcac atgtactaat atgtatgtac acacacgcac acacacttat tgtatatttt      1620
     tttctctcta tcagaacaga aaattcaaat gtcccactca aaaaacattt atgatacaat      1680
     ctttttttaa aacacattct tttggatgaa gtatttacaa cattttttaa gcattaactt      1740
     aacactaaga gacattaagg actcaaaatg ctaaaagtgc tctatttttg atttataaac      1800
     acatgaggat tcattgctaa gtaactaggt attgcattat ttacaaactg ttacaatatg      1860
     cctaaaaaaa tactagaatg ttataaatgg tgatatgaaa agttaattaa ttgtttactt      1920
     attcacaata ttaaaaacct tcaactaatc ttaaaaaact tgtttgtaac tcatgcaaca      1980
     ttaatttagt aatgaaattt cagttattaa agtattaaaa tgctctatat acagtatgtg      2040
     aaaaacaatg tgcagagtat ctgttgctta ctaacatcca ttagggtaga gttaatattc      2100
     aacaaagtat gattcattca ttcattttct tttaggctca gtcccattat taatctgggg      2160
     gtcgccacag cggaatagac cgccaacttt tacagcacat gttttacaca gccgatgccc      2220
     ttccagctgc aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac actcattcac acatacacta      2280
     tggacaattt agcctaccca attcacttgt actgcacgtt tttggactgt ggggggaaac      2340
     cagagcaccc ggaggaaacc cacgcgagtg cagaaagaac atgcaaacaa cacataattg      2400
     ccaactgatc cagcctagtc tcgaaccagc gaccttcttg ctgtgaggag acagcactac      2460
     atactatgcc actacgtcgc caacaaagga tgaattattt ttaaatgttt aataaattat      2520
     ttgaagtgtg caattattat aaagtgctac aacacattta agaatcggaa aatcagagtg      2580
     aaatctatca agattttggt taatctgtac tttagggtca gccctctgtt tcggacaaaa      2640
     tccctgatgt tctgcagtct tctttcttgg aggactggct tacacttttt gcataattac      2700
     acttatttaa caatgccaga tgaccttgag caatgtgtga cctgaagtgc ttcataactg      2760
     gattgacctc tgttttcgac catggtctct tcacagtacg ttttggcttc tgtttgtcag      2820
     caactaaaaa aaaacaggat aatataattt ttgttaatca caaactacaa ttttatgcat      2880
     tgtgccctgc aagagcattt ggcatagtgt ttcataaaac acacaaaaaa aataataata      2940
     ataattttat cagatttttt ttttcagatt ggttttaact tgttttaaaa aaaatattta      3000
     atcttatcca cagtagtgat caactacaaa ttttaataaa attttgttat gttgctttat      3060
     atacccctgg tacaatgtga cgtctaatta tttttactag aatcaggcta aagcagttct      3120
     taattgcaca tcctatatca tgttgtttaa aaagcaagtg catttgcaca catttctatg      3180
     cttagagcat agggaaactc ttttagactg tgtgcaggcc agtttaaaaa aaaacaatac      3240
     aaaagattag accatgtgct taggttctta aataggggcc tcagtgttta aaccatcata      3300
     tgtaacatgt tgatattaaa tgtctatatg ttcacattgg ttgaaattat accaggacac      3360
     agattttttg tcaaattttt taaataaaaa ctactaacca tggatctgtg accctgcaga      3420
     ctggttgatc gattgtgaga tacgaggttc ttcaatcacc acagaaaaaa aacacaaaaa      3480
     aacacaaaaa taaaatcacc cattcccaaa cattttagtg cacaaacatc aaatatatta      3540
     tcactccagt atgatataaa tttgttggca tttaaaatac attgcagttt tcatctgcaa      3600
     tgcttatgtc taggttttca tcactcttat cattgtcgtc atggtcacca tcatctgtaa      3660
     aatctggaca ataagtcgga aagtatcaat tcaattttca gccaaaacac aacacaatta      3720
     aaatgtaatt tattgtggct gggatcttat tattataaaa taggactggg taaaattagg      3780
     ttttggcata cagtggaaag ttgtaaataa tgcactttta tatcctttcc tttgtaacag      3840
     acagttaaag taaaattaca ctatccagtg caaccagcaa tggaatgttt gatgaataaa      3900
     tcaaacatcc cattggaagg taagtatatc tgaaagggaa attgggaaga ggttataagt      3960
     atattccaaa agaaaatggg caacaggtat gttcatggac aggtaaatgt gtaatgggta      4020
     agtatattcc aagaggaaat gtgtatcaga atacagtgca aagaaaacaa acaataacat      4080
     gaacttacct ccaatttcat caagagattt tccctgctga tcacacagct tttcattttc      4140
     aactgcacga agcaatttgg aaatttttgc gcttttgaat ggtgtgctca gagagatggt      4200
     aaaattgtct atgaactgta atgtcttgac acagaaagtc aggaagttgt tctattttat      4260
     ttgtctaaaa gtttaaaatt tgagaagttg ttacaattta tattctcagc tgggaattag      4320
     gcttgcatag cacttgctta ttcatctgca aacttcctga gactttgatg tcctcatgca      4380
     gtgtagaaca gcaaataaat tctcattcct atttatctct ctcttcgtga tcatcagatt      4440
     tagggacttt gtcattttta agagttagtt ttttaagagt taggttcttc ccctttttca      4500
     tttgagctca acccactcaa aacacatgca caacttcagt tcatgtttag acaaattaat      4560
     cactttttgg ggtttgagca gtctctttcc aggaaaattt tcagtttaat tttttttact      4620
     tctctaatac accttctatt aaagaggaca agcttaatca atgttgtttt tgcaacactg      4680
     gagtagttct gttttttttt ttttttttgc ctccttcttc agtgccgcag ttgccgactt      4740
     tgcatggtca tcaagttgat tgttccattt catgatttct tcggtaagag gtcgttgcat      4800
     tggcttgtta tatttcaaat cactagttgt gcttaaggca ctgtgtgcaa tgtactctga      4860
     ccactttgct ctgcaaagct tttagaagaa catctgagga cttgatgagg ttctcatctc      4920
     cagccatgag agcatggcaa ttaataattt cactctcttt taacaaagat tggccaattt      4980
     ctaatgcaag gcttggaatt ttgtagctgt tctgatcctc atcaaatccc agtttctttt      5040
     acagccgcaa tcacatttag gaaatttgat ggtttacctg catcctctaa agttaagact      5100
     gaatacattt tacgcatgat ctgtagaaat cttccatgat ggcatactgt ttaccaatta      5160
     tagtcgtgtt ttgaggggtc atgcccgtgt ttactgaaga gggacttaga agaccttgca      5220
     aaccttagta gaaaaaagtc attgcgaact acacttgcaa ttccaacatc atgcatatgg      5280
     cttaacatct ttagcacccc ttctacaaca gcacttgaac atgttcattt aaccactgct      5340
     gctaggccaa gtcctctctt cctgcctttg tggtcatctt ccttcagatt ggaagagcac      5400
     cttctcatgt gtcttcacag ctctgctctt aaaaacatgc ccttacaatg gacacaatat      5460
     tcataatttt tagagtccct cttggctctt atcttgattt taattgaacc agatacatct      5520
     tttagcacct cacagttatg catgaagttt ttcttgattc aatgtttctc tagccactgc      5580
     ttcctacttc ttaagcttgc agcgaaaaaa cgacatttgg caatgtctgc attttcctta      5640
     acatgaacta taaaatgtcg aaacaaagaa aaaatgtatc ttcttctttg ctttagatgt      5700
     ttattgcttc atttacagtt attccaatga tgtgaccaat ttccatcatt ggtgtttctt      5760
     tttctgccag aaatgtagat ttgcttggtc gttcatcatc ttctgaatta gtttctgaag      5820
     ttggaacata gtctactaca tcatcatctg atattacctc tttgattgtt tcagttgtat      5880
     actaattcaa atacaaagac aacaaaataa aggtagggca tacatgaaac attacaatga      5940
     cagtgacata ttgaagcact ttgatgggca tataaatttc ctttggaaac tttggagtca      6000
     gcagtttttt tttactgata atctataatt gcaattattt tttaactgtt taaggattgc      6060
     cagaggcaga tggtgagtgc aaatactagt tttactaaag aaatgcaggt actacacagg      6120
     taaaaatcgt gatgtctaaa aactggacaa ggtgagtaaa ctcaggacat gtaggaaatt      6180
     caacaaacag ctaagagtaa ggcccaatcc caattctttt tagcttgaag atgtagggct      6240
     gaggggaaag ggtgaatagc ccttcgaacg aatatttttt aggactacaa ttgaaaccaa      6300
     attagtattt tttgtcaatt attaattttt ttttacaaca aacaatcatg tttatatata      6360
     tttatagttg catttgtttt ttactgtcat cagggccggc gcgtccatag aggcgaccta      6420
     ggcggctgcc tagggcggca gtatagagag ggcggcatcc gcaacacctc ccttaccacc      6480
     cgcgtcctca gttatgtccg cgacacctcc ctcaccatac gcgtcctcag atatattcgc      6540
     gcataggcga cagagtagag agggcagcgt cagccacacc tccatcagca cctgcatgtc      6600
     ctcagttata tccgcgcata gggcgacaga atagaggtct gcgacacccg cgcttccccc      6660
     gttatttccg cacatagggc agcagaaaag agaaagcagt gtcggcgaca tctccctccc      6720
     tccctcagca cccgcgtgtc ctcagttata tccacgcata gggcggcaga atagaggtcc      6780
     gcgacacctc acttcatttt cataaccggt cactttcgtt ttcacatatt ggggttgagg      6840
     gcggcgtgat cgtcctcggc ccagagcagc atttcagctt gctccggccc tgactgttat      6900
     gctttaaaaa gatgctaaaa ataaaaagga ctaaattttg cgatctataa tccataatat      6960
     taacccctgt acagaagttc cacaacattc tgacactcca tgacactcaa acaccctgtc      7020
     aaaagagtct agtggctggg gatgaacttt ttacagtggc tgctataatg aatgaatatg      7080
     gccactctgt aaatgcgcag tatatttaca atcttattgc cacattagat cattatgata      7140
     acatgatata tgccttcagt gattttctaa agataaatac caaaaaaaca caactagaat      7200
     aactacagta gtcgcaatta tctaatctca tatgtgtgtg acgtgtgcag gtgctgtagt      7260
     gctagcccaa ttcttagggg taaattttaa gcccttcccc ttcgctctca gttttaaggg      7320
     ccaaggggaa ggggtacaaa aatagaattg tttgttgaag tgacaaatat aattaaatgc      7380
     attatagtta ctcataacct ttaatatctt taatatagat ttatatgcta acttagaacg      7440
     taaagaatac ttaatatact ttaagtatat gcctgtaaaa agataaatgc atgtttgatt      7500
     aatgataaag tgtagtttat ttgtaacaag tacaagtaat attaatatat taatgcgagt      7560
     atacacacga tatacatatt ttacagaaga aatattttga atatctttat cttaatttgg      7620
     ccatccaaaa gtggcccatt taagttgagg cagcaacaga aattattggt gggttgtgtt      7680
     tgtgtgtgtg tctatgtctg tttgtattgt gtgcagtttt gttgtatcag ttcaatgcaa      7740
     tagccaaacg tttagtatgg gacaaagttg atagaccaat aattaattag cacaagtatt      7800
     atgaaatgat attacaagta tattcataag tttactttat tacaaatgga aattgccatt      7860
     gtatactagt tgtgcactta aagtataata gtattgcact tatagtacac ctttaagttt      7920
     attttatttt atacaaattg ggtcatttag ttcaaatagg tatttaggta gcatacaggt      7980
     atactactat tacatacatt ctaatacatt aaatatactt aaattatact tctacattac      8040
     ttaagtaaac ttaataaact taaattgccc aatacttttt ttgcaataaa atgaatgata      8100
     aaaaatattt tgttttctat cccaattgta ttgttttgct tcagattaca ttgagtcatt      8160
     tgggatgttt catattaatg aatgaatgaa tgtacatggt ggagatttaa agttttggat      8220
     cggctatggt ttaggaatga aaattatcat atgcatttgt ttatttggca aaacatgtct      8280
     ttttccacca aagaaggtcc acactgactc ctaaggcaga tactgatcag tgcctggtgt      8340
     gtggacttta gggttttacg atgtggtcac atgtggattg gtcagtttga atgtctcagt      8400
     atttgggctt tggtcacatg gtcaagaaag atacaaaata gttggtaaat tttgctctgt      8460
     catttcctgg cctgcttctc tcctgctctg ctcgtctcct gctctggagg ctgtcttctc      8520
     tgactccagt gctctcaggt tttcttcgag gcttacttac tctttttgtc tctctccccc      8580
     ctgtccctct tatcatttta tacaattctt tgtaactaat tcagttgtaa ccaatgcaaa      8640
     ttattgtcat taaatcatct tattttcaag tatttgtgaa ttacctttga tttaatatca      8700
     actcttaatt gctccatatt gcagtgcaac gctctcccac atttttagct attaatactg      8760
     cccttatttc cgtttccatt tttaccatga cagggactta caaagttagg gtgctttcac      8820
     acctgcctta ttcagttcgt ttgaatcgca ctaaagtttg ttttctcttt tggtgcggtt      8880
     cgtttgggca ggtgaaaatg cagcaatcgt actcgagtgc gcaacaaaag cggaccaaat      8940
     catattctca ccacaaacta actgctccag ggttcgtttg aaagcgtacc gagaccacct      9000
     cttcaaacgg gtctcggtac gctttcaaac gaaccctgaa gcggttcgtt tgtggtgaga      9060
     atataatcca tactaaaaca taaaggacac gcacatttta caaaacgtgt aaacataacg      9120
     gttgtttgta atctgattat ttgttattat caacgcgttg cttgtcatgt gttgttgatg      9180
     taagatgtat tcagtttgat cctaaaattc atattgatta taacgagctc gcatgagagc      9240
     tgtcaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca atagcacggg ggagaggtga gtccactcaa      9300
     agggtggact caagggtaac tagcccctca ttctgtctta atattctgct gtttgtcata      9360
     aagtcagctc aatgcaggtt ttgtatcaaa atctgactct gatggcaact ctgcatctac      9420
     agttaagtaa aactcacagc ggtttatcat aaacttttca tttatcattt tcccgcgatt      9480
     gacggcaaga acgagcgcag aagcgttgtc tgattgacaa gcagcaccta catgtgacat      9540
     gtcaaaacgc caaataggat aaatctgtgc cgcattttct attctgtatt aagctgtgtg      9600
     cttgtacggt ggctctgaac tgtcaaaacc cctgtgaaaa aggctttttc ggacatgaaa      9660
     tatttgtacg tgtacatcac tgtaacatgt tttattcatg accatttgag caggtttcag      9720
     tccttagctc tttcattttc atcttatttt aatatattta acttgcttgt taattaaata      9780
     ccattttgtc atttaaacta ttatttttat gcaacaatca acttgcatgt taatttgcta      9840
     tgaagaaaag gaaataattt tttgcatgca gatttatata aaatcgtaaa tatggatcta      9900
     taatcacctt gcaattttga aattatagct tttttgcttt gagtatagac tattcagttc      9960
     ataagagcag ttcattcttt tataacgttt gctgtataaa aatataacaa tttaaaatat     10020
     acataattat cggcctatac atatcggcta tcggcctcca agtctgaaaa attatcagtt     10080
     atcggtatcg gccaaaaaat ccatataggt gcatgcctaa agtaaataac taaaattaac     10140
     ataaaggcac atcaatgact gggtcaatca agttaacaaa ccttatttct atgatctggt     10200
     taagagacag ctgtgattac aacatctcac atacaccctc tgaatctaga catcaattga     10260
     cactcatcat caaaataatg ataataataa acaataataa taaacccaca aaaagaatat     10320
     ctaaataaca aaaacaaagt aaatactctg catagagtca aaacaaaaag caaactatta     10380
     ataatattca caaaaaaaaa gcagagcact actaaatgtt aacacaaatc aatatctaaa     10440
     acaaataaac aaatgactga agcggagcac aaagtggcaa actggtgatt aaaaggggca     10500
     gtacccttta aacagctgcg ttggtggcgt ccgtacgata gccaacaaca ccggtgttag     10560
     cattagtagc atggtataaa cagccgtagc acacgcccag acgacctccg ataaacacgt     10620
     caatagtgag ggatatgaaa gctaataaag ctaattatac acgtaaaaga aaggagaagg     10680
     aaagggacaa cacaagggaa agggagaatc caatggacac acaaatcgga agctttacga     10740
     gctcttgttg gtcagtgtta ggttacagag ggattcgttt cattgccggg agggagtaaa     10800
     aatgtacccg ttaagatctt gcgtgacacg ggagcttctg aatcttttat tttaaattct     10860
     gttttgcctt tttccacaga gtctgggttg gggaagaatg tgctggtgca aggcatcact     10920
     cttacttgta cggctgttcc tttacataga gtggtactgc gttctgagct tgtgaatggt     10980
     gaggtcatta tgggtgtgcg tccatcactg ctagtgggtg gagtagacgt gatcttgggt     11040
     aacaacctag cgggagagcg cgtgtggcca gacgcgtctc ctttacccat tgtcattacg     11100
     ccgcctgtat ctgttgattt cgttgcgggg attcccatat ttttccatca tgtgccgtga     11160
     ctcattttaa attaaaatta gatgaatctg tgcagggcga ttttaatgca actcctctga     11220
     aaaagtgtaa tttgcctggt ctgtctcttc ttcctacatt ttctagtgca gagcttatag     11280
     ctgcgcagca ggaggatgtt acgttgtctc cactgttcga tgctattttg tcccctgaag     11340
     aggcgcacag tgcagcagct gggtatttct tacaagacgg gatgttactg cgtaaatgga     11400
     tgtcttctag tgagatttgt ggaggtgagc tagtagtaca gattgtggtg cccacaaaaa     11460
     tgcgtacggc tgttctagaa gtggcgcatg gtcccgttgg aggtcatcta ggtgttaaaa     11520
     agacttataa tcgaatattg tgacattttt attggccttt gttaaagagg gatgtctcta     11580
     aattcattaa aacgtgccat gtatgtcaaa tgacaggaaa gcccaatcag tcacttaaac     11640
     ctgctcgctg tgtcccatac cagtgatggg gcaggctttt gagcatttat taattgactg     11700
     tgtgggacct ttaccacctt caagatcggg aagcaagttt ttattgaatg ttatgtgtca     11760
     aaatacccga taccctgctg cgtttccgtt acgaaagatt actacgaaag ctgtagttaa     11820
     agctctctcc cagttcattt ccatttttgg tatacctcaa atcattcaaa gtgatcaagg     11880
     aacaaatttt tcctctaaaa tgtttgctga gatcttaaaa caactgcgag tgcgtcatca     11940
     gcagtcgagt gcgtaccatc cccaaagtca gggcgcgctg gaacgtttcc atcagtcatt     12000
     aaagagtttg ctgcatgcgt attgcactga attgaatcgc gactgggagg agggattacc     12060
     gtggcttctt ttggcagcta gagaggtaat ccagtctagt ttaggcttca gcccaaatga     12120
     tttggtattt gcacataaaa ttcggggccc gttagcactg ttaaaagatt gtttaaaggg     12180
     ggaggagctg ctcttttgga ctacgttaat gggtttagga ggagattggt ccttgcgggt     12240
     cagacagcgc gagagaattt ggagaagaaa caggaaaaaa tgaagcagtt atttgatcgt     12300
     aattctgaag tccttgagtt ttctcctggg gatcaggtgc ttgcgctgtt gcctttgcct     12360
     gcttcacctt tccgagctaa attttcaggc ccttatatag ttactcgccg catatccgag     12420
     ttaaattttt ttatttcaac cccagatcga aagaagagtg agcagttgtg ccacgtaaat     12480
     ttgttaaaac catattattc ccgtgatcag actgattgta aaacatctgc tgtgttaact     12540
     gtttctcaga tagatgatat tgtaccggag atgaatggaa gttgaagttg aggctccaac     12600
     tgattgtgtg ctgcaaccga ggttatccaa tacagagacg cttcttaatt tagagagttt     12660
     aatgagccat ctaactattt ctcagaaggg agaattaatg aagctggtac acaaatttcc     12720
     agatttgttt ggtgatgttc catctcgcac ccatttgatc gaacatgatg tggatgttgg     12780
     tcacgcaaca cctgttcgtc agcgttttta ctgagcgcca cgggtaaaga aacaggtgtt     12840
     agaggctgaa gttcagtatt tgcttgataa taacttggca aaaccatctt gttctagttg     12900
     ggcttcacct tgtttattgg taaaaaaatc tgaattcata tcgattttga acagattatc     12960
     gaaagctaaa taagatcact aaacctgatg cttttctact tctagtcgaa gattgcgttg     13020
     atcaagtagg ggctgctaaa ttcgttagta aattcgacct gttaaaggat tactaacaaa     13080
     ttccgttaac acctcgagtg caagagatca ctgcgtttgt gacttcttcc ggattatatt     13140
     cctattctgt aatgagcttc ggattgcgaa acgctccggc aacgtttcaa agattaatga     13200
     atcgggttgt gtcaggactt ttgggttgtg cagtctattt agacggcata gttgtttgta     13260
     gcgatacatg ggaacaacat ctggagcgtg ttcgttcttt atttttgcgg ttattggagg     13320
     cgaaactcac agtaaatttt gccaaggcta ctgtgctcta tttgggaagg gaagtcggac     13380
     atgattacgt gcgtcccttg aaagagaaag tgcgggcaat tgaggggttc cccgtcccat     13440
     ctacaaaaaa ggatttaatg cattttttgg gaatggtggg ctattatcga gggttttgcc     13500
     caaatttttc ttctgtagta gccccattaa caaatctatt aaaagcgtct gttccatttg     13560
     tttggtcctc tggttgccag caagcattta acaatgttaa acttctgctt tcctcaaatc     13620
     cagttcttgt tgcaccgcag tttgacaagc cgtttatgat tcaggtggat gcgagtcaga     13680
     ttggggcagg tgcagttctt ttgcaaattg ggttggatgg tgtggaccac ccagtttgtt     13740
     atttctcaag gaaatttaac tcctatcagg taaactactc tgttattgag agagacactt     13800
     gctttaatat gggcactcca atattttgaa gtttatgtgg gaggtggttc tcaagttgtt     13860
     gttttttcag atcataatcc gttaattttt ctacatacac tgaaaagtcc cagtcagaga     13920
     ttgatgcggt gggttttgtt tttacaaccc tataatttgt taattaaaca cataaggggt     13980
     acggacaatg tgtttgctga ctgtttgtct cgagctcatt ctgagtgatg tgactgagtg     14040
     ggtaagttgt ttgctagtct tgttgtgtct cttctttttc ttaaatgctt tcaggatccg     14100
     gtttgctgga ggagaggaga tggggtagga gtatgccaaa ctgtagcttt actttaccgt     14160
     ttcatcctaa gaaaatttaa gcagtactaa tgtttaaagt ttagagagaa caaaatagga     14220
     aaaaaaaatt gtataaaaat tgaagagaaa ttattggtat ttgtggcata tatatatata     14280
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     14340
     tttttttttt ttttttttta gggggggaga tgttaggtcc catgtgggac ctgtttgtat     14400
     gcgtgtttgt tatttgcaga ttctgcgtga tgattgcaga ttggtgggtg ggtcatccca     14460
     cctgagactc atctcgtggt gtttataagg agtccggcat tctgtctggg gggaagctcg     14520
     attagccgac gtttctgctt ggcgcttttg atttattttt gtgtttggat catgagctaa     14580
     gtacacttcc atacacatgc ttttcactac tgactttcac ctatactgac tttgattgcg     14640
     ttaaatactt ttgttaatta tacgttttgt taataaatca tttctctttt caatttacct     14700
     ggtccgtatt gtctctctaa tattgcaact ttgagccggt tgtaacagtc aggtacaaaa     14760
     atacacagcg aggtgcagga attaatctgc aacggtgaac agtaatccag ccaacacagc     14820
     ccaaaaaaat gtcacagcca cacaatgcac tgtagccgcg aagacagaca cccaatcaaa     14880
     gtgcactaac cctaacctaa cagtttactt ataatctaat gagaattagt tggtatgtag     14940
     atttaatgta acttaaattc agcaaaatat gttggaagta ccatcagtga tacccatttt     15000
     cccactaacc tctaaatttt ttaatgttgc tgcaaaagtt gcacatatct tcaaacagtc     15060
     agcctgtagc gaaaagggtg tgtttccgga tcatcaggtt aaagttagtt catgttcttg     15120
     ttcatttttt tccactgctg ttgcagtttt ttgtttgttc agtgttgttt cttggccaaa     15180
     ttatccttat ctatgtatct ataataataa ttattattat tattattatt tattgttgct     15240
     tattttataa tttgtgcaat catgtggtgg cactgctttt ccaaactgaa cactacagta     15300
     ccaagggagt gaagacagta ccacccccac aatcagcagg acgaagttgt gttaaatcta     15360
     cactctatca ggcataccca ggtgagattg tacatgcata cagacagaca gacagacaca     15420
     cacatacaca aacacacgca cacaaacagt cagacatgca aagactcaca aagacacaca     15480
     caaacacact aaggtacaca gagagagaca gacctaaaga cgtatatcac ccaaaatggt     15540
     aaattctgct ataatttaat ctccctttac ttatttaaca cctaattgac tttctttggt     15600
     ttgctggaca cagaagaaga attttgaaga aagttaaaaa cctgttatta tggacttcca     15660
     tagaacttgt ttctcctact atggaaatcc ttggttacat gttttcagct ctctttaaaa     15720
     tatcttcttc tgtgtctagc agaacaaata aagtcaaaaa gtgttaaata agtaaaggga     15780
     gattaaatta tggcagaatt tacattttca acagaagaaa taaactcaaa tgtctgaaac     15840
     cacactaggg caggtaaata atgataacat tttcattttt gggtaaacaa tccactctca     15900
     cacagatgca gatttgtctg tcagaagtat tcactttctt aaattgtcta ttttcaggac     15960
     ctttttctga cccagcactg ctctccattg atgataaatt gagagaccta ggaccagagc     16020
     ttggtatttg ctcaatcttg tgtgacctct cgggcatgga attagtggaa tcaaaatttg     16080
     gtctagtccc atagggctcg gttctttctt atcaatgccc cactgcagta tcacatgaaa     16140
     tttgcaagca tcctgaagcc cctttattcc cacaactgcc attgcatggc tataaataag     16200
     acaggcacat gaattaggtt tcctgttttg aggagtatta tcatatttaa aggcgtactg     16260
     caaacatctg ccatgaaaag aagcattgaa gttgagccag aagtcctaca gctgtacagt     16320
     gacgtttgtg gtgtaaatgt gcaagtttac ggtttgtgca cccttctcac cactccccac     16380
     cgcatccctc cttggtcttc agacatgtcg cgcgcaccct gtcaaacacc accaaacctg     16440
     ccctgacagc tgagtgggac tctgcaaaat aaaccgtgaa actctgacca atgtgaggtg     16500
     agtttactca cacgtgactt gttttagctc ttttggtctg tttagaaact ttgccgtgtg     16560
     aaagcgaacc acaccaagag caaagagcaa agtaacaatt ttaatccctg tttcggaaca     16620
     actgaatcgt ttcacaggtg tgaaagcaac ctgaagaacc accctttggg ttggcttagg     16680
     tgaaatgccc aaatgttaac agcatagcag aagctataca aatcaaattt ccggctaaat     16740
     tgaaatgaaa ccacaaatat ttctggcagg tttttgagca gttggcaaaa acgccttggt     16800
     gtgattttat cacgtctact aaaagtgttc ttacaatgga gagaatttgg taggacgagt     16860
     ccctgatcta tgatttaaag gaaaaacttg acctttttta tttcaacaca tacatggaaa     16920
     cttacctgta aagccagtaa cataaacata tgttaaaaat gccaccacac acatgcattt     16980
     attgttcttt atgagttaga tttaataatt gaaaatggga catagctgta tattattgta     17040
     gtgtgtgtgt atatatggat tgtagacatg tgttagtgtg tgtgtataca atattgcata     17100
     tatgtaaatt tttatgcaaa tattaaacaa tctattcttc tacacaactc atttatattg     17160
     tgaaacacta tccaataaac atttcttaat ggagttcacc tttgttcaat taatttttta     17220
     cacacacatg tagtcttttg tatctagtgg atattggaaa ttggacatta aacagcagat     17280
     tgtccatagc tgattaacag aacctgaaag tgtaagagga acggttgtgt cccagatatg     17340
     gtactctttt attctcctga tagctttttc taccagtatt cttagacggg caaggctttg     17400
     tgttgttttc tgtgttctcc ttgctgaagc atgcacctct tttaaatgga aggatgatga     17460
     ggcatgcatc aacatctgac agcatctgat caattacgaa gcctttatcg gccatgcatg     17520
     catctccagg ctcaagtaat tggagaattc cacactgctt ggtttttttc ttggtcagat     17580
     attgacccgg tgaagagctt ggaaacaaaa gtgattacac cacatggggc aatacctatc     17640
     agagccttga aagtggtgtg atttttgtac actgtaaatg tttcagactg taatgtaagc     17700
     gatgatggag atttgcttct aatttctgtg cagtccacaa tcactctcag atctggacag     17760
     tattctgcaa atttagctgg catcaatgct agcctaatgc tcttttaggc cagcagcaac     17820
     actacagcag tacaggaaga gctcattcac aagcgcaagt ttacggtttg aacctgattt     17880
     ctcaacatcc tcgtcatttg cacagtatct gttaatgtgt aattttgagg cagatagatc     17940
     acagagttgg acttctgtct gaccttggcc tctagctctc tgattctttg agcagcagcg     18000
     tccaaatgtc ctgaaaggta caaaacatat ggaataaaaa tatatacatt ctcacacaca     18060
     cacatatata tttcatatgt tacaacacat atatgtacgt aaactatcta taaatacagt     18120
     ataaatgttt ataatttaaa tataataact tgtaatttta aatagaaatg ttatttgctg     18180
     tacataccag gtgatggttg acatgcatag tcgtgatctg cttgagggag tatcgacact     18240
     gctacagctg gagcagtgcg gtcaacacga atatcaacac caagccgagt actagcatgt     18300
     tgaaaagccg actcacgtgt aactttgtct atactcaaat tgttcctgca aaaaaggcga     18360
     ggtgcaacaa tttatcttcc ttcttccact ttcggttgtg caaatattgt ccactttaga     18420
     caatatttgc acaactcccg tgtttaattt gaaacaaacg accttcatct cgtctgataa     18480
     actttaccca tgatttcctc tgtccttcat ctttctggaa atcgtggaaa ctgaggtaag     18540
     ggtaactttt tttgagttta agcagccgag aacgctgcaa taacagtgac gagatgactc     18600
     tgccattctt tcctactaca ttgcattgga accagatgtt gtaatacact gtttcgctta     18660
     ccggaaaaag gaagtgtgaa aaagtcctat tggctctatc actgtgtctc cactccccca     18720
     ggcccagccc taaccaattt ggccccctag gcaagattca gagccatttt atttcctaga     18780
     gcctcctaat ccgctggggt ttaaagaact gccagtgtat cctgaatcta agactcctga     18840
     cccactgtgg gtgtttgacc tgtctttgtc ttctgaacct aagccctcag acgaactgca     18900
     gctccatgct ccaggcccac cgcagctcca cactccatgc cctccgcagc tccacactcc     18960
     atgccctcca cagctccacg ctccatgccc tccatttctg tattgaccac tgcttgcctg     19020
     accattctaa taaacctgca tgtgaatctg cacctctgtt gtcagtgtca catgccctgg     19080
     ttacactata ggtgtttttg gtgttgcggt accttaaaaa ctacaccatc acatcctcaa     19140
     tctcacataa cctgctacaa ctttactcct agtttttcat gcagcaaagt catctaacat     19200
     aatcatgaca actgttttga gaccacatga tttatgctga taaatggcaa gtccactgag     19260
     atgttcctgc atcatagtag atctcaggta atttcaatca gtttgagctt acagaagctt     19320
     ctttcagcag cagccactgt aacaggaaga gtggcagata ttctcaaagc aacccacaca     19380
     taagggtaaa gttctgacag cttattctca ttcaggaagg tcaaaagttc catgtttttc     19440
     atattgtttg atgacaacag tgggaaattc ttcatttcct ttgcaagttc tgtgccatca     19500
     atttctagct ggctatcatg ggtcagagta gtccttctgt agcaggtcct cttcttctaa     19560
     gtttgggaaa tggaggagca agctaaatgt gttatttact tttttaagat tctgaaatct     19620
     ctcatcaagt gaagtgatgg cagtatccac gaccaaataa aaaaaaaaaa ctgtggtctc     19680
     catttttcat agtgcatctt gtattggctc atctggagac tcatagccaa agtgcttttt     19740
     ttgtggttct caaacgcttt tgtttgagtt cagcctccac attcatcttc tcacacaact     19800
     tctctaaaat tgtctgcatc agaaaatcca gtgtttctga aactggtgag ggaatctttg     19860
     gttttcttta gcaagtcaac cgccacatca agctgcatag agggtgactg catcagctta     19920
     ctgacatagt ggatcttgct gagaatgcca taccatatgg ctgtacaaac gcaaaagcaa     19980
     taggatccaa tgtcctcagc caaagactgg gcttccactc tcaccacagg atctggagtt     20040
     tttcccttac ctccagaaga gcctctctga cttgcccagc ccgatacttt tattctgctt     20100
     cccctctggt cttagcccat aatttcagag tgatctttac atattttaag aggacatccc     20160
     acctatgggt gggggctgag aagagcttga gtagctttgt caagtaccct aagtgctcct     20220
     ttgggtatct tgcatctggt gagctttttg cagcatcagc tattaccaca tttaaaatgt     20280
     gggcaccaca tgggacataa aaagctcttg ggttcagctg aagcaactgt gcctgaacac     20340
     ctttattttt ccccttcata ttggcactgt tgtcatagga ctggcctttg cagtcatcaa     20400
     aaaggatatt aagttcatca agcctttgta ggattagaga cgacaaatgt tctcctgttg     20460
     actgctctgt cacaagaaag cccaagaaat gctcttttac ttgagaaatg tcttcttgtg     20520
     acactatcct gattatgaca gagagctgtt ccttatgact tagatcagga gtgcagtcta     20580
     aaaatgagag aaatattagg atatttagat ttctgtcaca atgtgttcta atatttttga     20640
     aatgatagat tctactagtt aattttggat tgttttgtca ggataatgta cattactcca     20700
     gctccacttt ccaacctact gacatgctgc ttcatcactg gattaaattt gggcataagc     20760
     tccacctctt tcaggaaatt tccattgtct tgttttttta atgtgtctgt ggaactccta     20820
     aaaggcaatt attttttttt tttagctaag gactgaatta ttgccactaa tcgatgtaga     20880
     acatcatgcc accttttttc tttcagcctc agcatgtgcc atctcatgtt tgtctattgt     20940
     gagccctttt gcaaaatgaa catccaactc tttccatgtt gccatgtgaa cattatgctc     21000
     ctgactatct tcatggacct tgagcaagtg acttgcgttt ttccattcct taaccagtct     21060
     gcaaattttc tttggccctg atctggccca aatgaacagc taagatgtgg cccagactag     21120
     tgttctccgg cccagtactg gcccacatcc gtttactcag aactgaacca aagtagtgcc     21180
     acaactccac caagcttgaa ccaagtaata tattttttat gtggccaaga tatgggcctt     21240
     gtattcaata ttagtaaggc tgagttcttt ggcccacatg tggcagacca catataataa     21300
     ctgagtaaat cacacaacaa aaatcacaat caaatagttt atttgaatca atgcaaattt     21360
     agaaaaaaac tattattgaa caaaatgtgg acaaataaag agttagaaaa caacattaac     21420
     aacatacaat aaaatataaa taattgttat ataaatatta aataataaat aaccatatac     21480
     acatatacat attctatata atgtaaaaaa acaattacat gaacacacac acacacacat     21540
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatta gcgctgtcaa     21600
     aattaatgcg ttaacgcatg tgattaattt aaaataatta acgcgttaaa aaaatcttct     21660
     tatgatctga tcggcccata aaacacttag cagactgtca tgtttttctg cctcagtgat     21720
     tgacggtgct gcgagctgtc acgctctgaa agtaagatgt ttcttttcct gacagagcag     21780
     ccgtgtgact taatctgcag cccattggtt cttttcttta ttgacattgg gctgacctaa     21840
     tcacaaactt ccatgttggg ctctgtgtaa cgtaggtctg tattcgtcaa aatagccgag     21900
     agtcatgcct gtttcttacg cgcgggttcg cccccaggag agcagacttt cgcgtctgca     21960
     ccaagtgtgc cgcaagcctg cgtttgagtg aaggtctcgg ccgttagatc gccccctggg     22020
     ggctggctgc agtacaagtc ataaagcccg cctcctccgt gttaatgaag gagacttgag     22080
     cccaaataaa aaaatgtatt acacttgcaa taaaatgtcc cgaaagatgg ttctggtcga     22140
     ttaaggcact ggttattgtg ctgaaatagg tgcagatctt catttttgta aacagtttgt     22200
     ttttagcagt aatttaatgc tgggcatgtc atcgtgattg acagctgtga ttgacagttt     22260
     ctcaaagcag cgcgtctgag cttcagcagg agactgaagt gttgttcgat ttcggtgtta     22320
     ttttaccatg acaacatgag ttcagcagta aactacagtt tctgacatac atgatcctgg     22380
     tggaacactg tttattcgct aaggtcaggg cttttttcgg gctttattag tttgctgata     22440
     cacgcctaac catccagata gcaaaatgca cttgagccag ttccggctag attctcgcct     22500
     gctggagact tacccctcag agctcagact gactaccttt gctgtaacta ctccggatgc     22560
     ctggactcac tgcccgattc cagcccgagt caatcgagcc agatgcggcg gccgagcgag     22620
     ccggcgctgc cgcatgcgag ccggaatcag cccgcgacgc cgtgagtagg ttatgcgctg     22680
     cggtccggag ctggcgcgaa tgaatatata aaaccctcat atttgttaac gttattacat     22740
     ccatttgtgt tgatatgaca gcaaacgcat gctgagaagt tcggggggcg tggttgattt     22800
     tacataaagc gtttggttga aagctcgatt ccgctcattt tcgcggctcc tcctctggct     22860
     ccatcagaca gtccttctgc gcatgtcaag gctccaattt cagcagtctt ttgcgacagt     22920
     ttgtgcctgt caagcaggcg tttggccctc aaggcgttca atgggaaaag gggctgtcgc     22980
     gtcgtccata ttttttacag tcattggtct gcactctgca gcggggcaca gatcaatata     23040
     ctcctgtcta ttccacctag ttacctatct gtccatataa atataccttt ttttaacttt     23100
     taatctgcac cacggccgcg gcaacttcct cctgctgttt cctgaacctg caagtcttta     23160
     ttttacaaat tataaagaat gtctgcttct caatttctat gaggagtgtc agtcatgtat     23220
     tttaagatgc actcggtcag aagacaagcg catgagatat catgacattg tgtttttgat     23280
     catcagcatg atgtaggctt atagtgacaa taatatttat acaatatgga tattataatg     23340
     atatttatac atgaccaaag tagtgtgcaa cttaagcaat ttttttttta catttagttt     23400
     tgtagttttt tgtagttctg cattttttta ttgtttaagt tcatttgatt gacaatgtaa     23460
     aatcttttag catcgtttga tgtttcattg ttgagttaaa cattgtttta gggtctctga     23520
     cacattgctt ttattattta tctttatttt attaatcaac attaactgtg tgcgtcagca     23580
     ggcagttttt gttatgctta ttattttctt tgctccctca aaacacacag gcacacacat     23640
     ttccagtgtg gattataatt ttattttaat aataaataaa aaatgtagtt ttttaatttg     23700
     tcaactctcg ttatttccta tatatgtatt atgtgctttt atagaatggg agttggtaaa     23760
     cctattcaag ggcatgcaca gattttcaat actttattat tattattatt ataattttcc     23820
     atatctgcaa tacttgtatt ttgacatttt tttgcagtcc acttagaatc caacatggaa     23880
     atcaatgttt tcttcattgg cattgattgt tttgaaattc aaatggcatt aacatgcctg     23940
     tgtttttatt tctgtaataa atatggctgt caagccagga tcttgatggt ttattgtggg     24000
     tatgttgttt acatgaagaa atctgttaca agttaaacaa aaattctaat aatgaattat     24060
     attttgaatt taaacagtct ttgtcttgcg tttacataaa ttttacactc gaatagccaa     24120
     aattacaagt ttcagtattt taaatgcaat taattttttt aaataattaa atagattatt     24180
     ttttattatc acacacacac acagacacac acacacacac acacacatat atatatatat     24240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acacacacat acacacacac     24300
     acacatataa atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatgcaagg tgcagccact     24360
     ttatgatgtt cctttcaaca tctttgtctg aggccctcag tgagggaatt ctgtctgaca     24420
     gcacctgcag tgaggaattt aaataatatt attagcaaca caacctgaag gtacagctgc     24480
     aaaattacaa tacaaatcaa aatgctaaac tgtgttaggt taatttttaa ttacttttaa     24540
     tattggatta aacattggat aacagatctg aattatatta cattatttca ggacaggttt     24600
     tgtctttcta taaagtttag aatgcttagt ataaaatctc caatccgttg tttatttatt     24660
     catgtaatgt ttgcactttt agaataaacc ttatcacacg tatgggcact acagtcagta     24720
     tagcctgaaa tgatagaaac tgaaaacact aacttggaaa aactaacgct gaagtcgaac     24780
     aatctgtgat ctgtagaaat gatcttacgc ttacttattt cctactcttg gtggtgtaac     24840
     acagctttcg cgtgaaacac ttcactgcac ttgatccgcg atgtagagat cagtactatg     24900
     caaataaagc tacgcacaca tgatatgatc cagaccacga tggatgcagg gagacttttc     24960
     ttttccccat cacacgtgca agcagcgcat atcgcagaag cagcgcacag gcatttgcct     25020
     ttcacaccgg ctgcatcagc aacgcgtacc taattgctgg cttgagcaca gaaaaatcta     25080
     tctctgtcta ttctagttac ctatctgtct ttatatataa atactttttc tatgtttact     25140
     tttaaaggcc cacgacaact aaaaggctca gttatattct aaacatttaa aaaaaagaaa     25200
     ataggtgact tatttctgtt catttgaaga ctctgtactt caaataaaga taaatctttg     25260
     caatcttaac taaaataaac ttactgtgca gtttaaactt cacaaaataa cactgaaatg     25320
     tatcataata tattgttaaa ttattatatt gttgctgttg tattgttgct gattcaattt     25380
     tatttaattg tatttatttc tagttgtatt ttgacacttc tgttatttgg caatgtttaa     25440
     agtttacagt aattttactt ttaagataag attgcaaaga ctattgttca tttgatactg     25500
     agcctttaat tgtcatttat atgggattta taaagcataa atagtcctca ctttagatta     25560
     ggtcacaaga ctgaatgaag ttgagttaat aaagcattca ttgacatgaa tagtaaccat     25620
     tactatatgc tgaaaaataa gatatgtgaa atgttaattt gaatagttta ttaatttact     25680
     aactcgttct gaatgattct aaaagccaca aactgctctt aaatacaaat ggtttttgaa     25740
     taatgcaata ctgaagtaat gaacaattaa taagtaataa agtatgaaaa ttaaattatt     25800
     aggcacaata taaatgtgct aataagtcaa gaatacagca tgtgtagctg tatttataaa     25860
     ctgcttacta acgtctatta acgtaatgtt aatacataac aaataatgac ttacctattt     25920
     gctaatgctt aataaatgat tcatagtgtg taattattat aaagtattac cacattttcc     25980
     tattaaccca gtatgcaatt gttaaaacta actgtaaaat acaaaaactt tactatcaac     26040
     agcactaaga aattgtaaaa aaaaaaaagt gtatggaacc tttgtaaatt gactattaac     26100
     gaaagcatct caccaattac aacctcctta agaaccatgt gctggagaga gatcttgcca     26160
     ttaattcccc tccaattcat accacagcag ttgtgaaagt ggctttcaac atactccaca     26220
     cagtgtcttt taggtcaaat cctccaacca ggccaaggta ggtaatctga aaaacatata     26280
     ttgtgttctt gtatttataa agttatcatt cctttaaaaa aagcattaaa atttaagcat     26340
     agtaggccat atgactatgc ataacaaatt actttaagta cagtacagca tgtgtatact     26400
     tatttgaaaa aaaaagaaaa aaagaatcag gctactacat aatttgctct gatatgtttt     26460
     agtttcattg ctctatccag atatagaagc actaaatcta aatgtaagct aattgcaatc     26520
     ttgtgaaact aatgctaatt gaaatgtgaa atttgtctta atacagctct atttaataac     26580
     atgaaaaatg agttttgatc atgcacctca agtaacaggg ctgtccagtt ctaatcaaca     26640
     caccgagtaa taatacaaaa gtagtatcag gcttcatctt tagttcagcc tccaagcact     26700
     ggagagactc cacatctttt actggaagac aatccttgaa catggcccca tcttggactt     26760
     cagaccttgg gtggtgtgtt gactatacaa ttcgaagaat tgtattctgt ttttcaagca     26820
     gcatttctta ttttgtcaaa atctctctaa gtaaaactgg ggggaaaaaa gtttacattt     26880
     ttaatagcct gacccatcat tcaagtgcat tacaaaatac atttctccag aaaagtggag     26940
     aaattataca ttctatatgt tacaaatcca tagaatttaa ttaggcaaaa agtagcgttg     27000
     atttttaata aatatttaag ggtgctttca cacctataga tcaattgtat tgttccaaaa     27060
     caaggataaa aattgttagt gttgcgcttt gtttttagtg cggttcgctt tcacacagca     27120
     atatttctaa gcagattaaa gtagtaaaac aagtcacttg aaagtaaaca ctcctcacat     27180
     tgatcagagt ttggtttata ttccgggatt ccactcagct gttatacatt tttaatttaa     27240
     ttcataatta tatacagggc cggccaaagc tttcaggggg ccctaagcag aaattttatt     27300
     tggggcccct tggtgcaatc aatatgatta attattgtca atccttaatt attcacacgt     27360
     tataaatcca aaattcacat tacttgatgt tattagttgt agctgtgctg cttacaacat     27420
     accaatattt ttacctttct accaatttta attgtaacag tagtgaaccc actagagtgg     27480
     tcaggtgtta atttgcattt taacattcaa agtcttgcat ttaaaagtag aattctttat     27540
     gtggtatact gaaaagcagt taaataattc aaacaatgta ctgattgact gtaaacaggt     27600
     tcacaatttt tattttgcta tgatagaaaa atagcaatgt gcaatttgag caatacaatc     27660
     acaacagttt ttttaataaa cacttttaga caaaataact ctttacatac tttacaactt     27720
     tttacagctt taaataccac ctcagtattt cacattttcc ctagaatttg tgtttcctgg     27780
     cttttctgga ggcaaaattg ttgatgatat catcataagt tatctgatgg gcaatcttat     27840
     tattaatgct aattattgca agtccactca gtctttcttg agccatggat gatctcaaat     27900
     agtttttaat caatttgaat ttagaaaagc tccgctctgc agatgcaaca gtgacaggga     27960
     gagtgcaggc tatccgaaga gctacccaaa gatttgggta caactcacag atctcatttt     28020
     aagagaggta agtgagaagc tcaaatgctg tcatcttttt cttggggaag atctggaaga     28080
     ttttccatct ctgtagcaag ggcactccca tccacatcag cctcttctcc acaggtcagt     28140
     ttgtctccaa gaagtttaca ctggtccctc cgtgtctgtg catcaagctg cactccgaag     28200
     ttgtctttaa cttcacttag agaatgaaag aggtcctcca aagactggat gcaacagtca     28260
     accacaacat taaaaaatga tacttccagt cttttcattg catcacttag tggctcgtca     28320
     gctgcctcgt aggcaaactg cctttttgtg gactttagcc tcttctcttt cagtactgcc     28380
     tcagtgttca tttgttcaca aatttctttt gctgaaacct gcgcatctat aaaacctgtt     28440
     gtcctataac tgcctaggtt ttccttattt ttcttaatga ggcctactgc aacatcaagt     28500
     tgcatgttgg ttgattgaag gtgctttctt cagcaagaca gtgggcctca actttcacta     28560
     tggagtcttt agtctgttcc ctgacttcca acaaagcttc tctcaccttt cctgcttggt     28620
     atcgtaaagg ttcaatacta ttcactcggc tttcccatcg cgtttcactc caagacttaa     28680
     gagtgacatc cacatacttt cgcaagatag cccatctttg aggagaccct gagaagagtc     28740
     tgtgaagttt ttccacattt ccaaaaaaac aagttgcatc ctttgaggct ttagcagcat     28800
     ctgaaaccat taaatttaag gtatgtgctc aacaaggcac ataaaaagca cgtggattat     28860
     tggctaacag cctagcctgc acacctttat gtttgcacca ttgtcatatg attgtcccct     28920
     acagtcttgg aaagggatgt tcaattcttc aagccgttta agaataagtg tggacaagcc     28980
     tagaccagta gattcaggag ttatgagaaa tcccaagaag tgttccttta tctctggtgt     29040
     ttttccaaga cttacagtgc gcacaacaac agacatctgt tcttggtgac taacatcttg     29100
     ggtgcaatcc aatattatag cataatattt agcatcttta atttctgcca ccattgtgtc     29160
     caatattttc tcactgacac agcctatcag ctcattttgg atggttttcc ccaagtatgt     29220
     gatatgttgt ggtccactgt caattcgtct cacgtgatct ctcaaaacag gatcaaattt     29280
     agctaacagt tctacttctt tcagaaagtt tccattgttt tcctgatgta atgtatcaac     29340
     agatcccctt agtgcaagat ttcgttctgc caaggactga ataatactga taaggcgtgt     29400
     gagaacatct ctccaacgat tcttttctgc ttccaaaagg gccatttcag cttcatcaat     29460
     cgttttcccc tttgaaagac ggagtgcaaa gtccttccat ttcgccattg tgtttgcaat     29520
     gatcatggct attttcatgc tgtttcagta atgcacctat attaacccaa tcctgttgtc     29580
     cctctgttgc cagttttgtt gactttttgg cgaacaattt acaacagaaa cagttgacgg     29640
     catcatttct ttttgaataa gtaagccaga tgcacttgat tttttctcca ttaacaagct     29700
     gtctgtatgt gtagtggtag tggaagcttc ggccatcagg ttttttgggg aatgttaatt     29760
     tttcgtttat agggagtgac tctctactta caagatcagt cctttctgag tcagacaggc     29820
     aggatgacca ctcagctggg tcaactggag gagctgctga tccatggtca agactggaag     29880
     ttgatgaggg tgtagatgtg acattgatcc caataatcac caaatattgt aaagtgtggc     29940
     tgctgtgcta ctaattactt gggacagacg aaaactgcgg acgttttatt tctgcagaga     30000
     attttggtaa aaatctgcgg atttctgtgg tattgttttg gaagaatcat acttaaaacc     30060
     ttaatatata aaataaaata ataaaatctt tttaacttta atttaatgtt taaaatgcaa     30120
     atccaattag attcacttta tttggtaaac aaagcatctc tcatataata tctctactaa     30180
     aagacagaaa atattaatgt acaaagtgca ttgtgcataa atcagatgaa cattttcatt     30240
     ttagtcaata atattactgt aattaattta agaactgaac aaatatagat ttacacacat     30300
     ttactcaagt gaataaacag aattaatgat gggctcaaaa atctgtggaa atctgcggaa     30360
     ttctgcgtgg gcagattcca tgtgggccta ctaattacct gccacctcca ctgagattgg     30420
     aacaggatca gtggacgaag gtgctggtga atgatcatca cctgcagaag atgtacctga     30480
     taaaagataa aacaataaca ttgaaacaaa tactgaaata ttgaaaaaac aataataaaa     30540
     atataataat attttaaaat aaagttagca tagttagatg tcataataga aggtgatgca     30600
     actataaaaa caactacaac aacaaagtaa caaaaacaaa aagatctcac aaatagcaag     30660
     atttattgac atcaacattg atgtagggtt gttaaaaaaa cttacatggt atatcatcat     30720
     cagctaaagc actggcactt gggtcagatg gtgttggttg tgctccataa aagtttcata     30780
     gaggtatagt tgaaggaata aaatactatt ttagcattaa aaaactattt caaaaaattt     30840
     agcctctaag tacacatgct aacattactg gaataattta taacatttta taacattact     30900
     gaaatttaat agcaaaaaga atccaaactc ttacacattg ataaaaaaga agcctatttt     30960
     caatgatcac tcccacaaat atttgtaaaa cagaagctta tttttccata gtaatatatt     31020
     aatgttattt tttccacagt aatatattgt tattttttac acagaaggca agaactttaa     31080
     tgtaaaggaa ctttgtatca tagtaatagc aaatgatcac aaagctattt tcaaatgttt     31140
     attaaatatt agcttcaatg ctatgttacc taatgttagc cagctaacgt tatcttccaa     31200
     tattggccta gttcagttga gattgatttt ctcaacttac ctttattata ttgtttcttc     31260
     tcttcctcgg atttcttctt ttttcttttc tccgcacccg atggatatgt ccttttttgt     31320
     gacattatgt tacagtacga ctaatatacg atattgatct gcagtgctgc tgtttcttcc     31380
     atcaacgtca gttacgtcaa tcagtcgtac tgtgcaatga gcatgcatcc tgcagtagct     31440
     cattaccata tttttatagc gtttactttt ttagtttcac attttttaac tgaatattgc     31500
     aatttgtatt attaccctta taaatggcat aatatatatt tatatattta tttataaaaa     31560
     aaagtttttt tttttaatca aaacacattt ttattttagg tactcttggg ggccccctcg     31620
     tggccacggg gccctaagca gccgcttatc tcgcttatgc cttgggctgg ctctgattat     31680
     atatatacct atatctatat ctgattatat atatatacac acatacatac atacatgtac     31740
     acacacacac acacatttaa tttgtcattg ctgaagaaaa ttttaataaa catacaattt     31800
     tttacataac caatacattt ttattttagt gtaaaacaag ttaactttga agtggcattg     31860
     ttgtataaca tactttgaag ttgttaattt tgcctcgaaa gagactgagc ctccttgttc     31920
     atcggggtga ctttgggaca ggcacatagt tggtaattta tctgaattta gatgtattgc     31980
     taaggatgaa taagagaaga ttgaaagaga agattgctga atcactggtg gttgactagc     32040
     aggctggtag agtgatgttt gagaagtcac tggtggttga ctagcaggct ggtagattga     32100
     tgtttggggg gtcactggtg gttgactagc aggctggttg agtgatgttt ggggaattac     32160
     tggtggttga ctagcaggct ggtagtgtga tgtttggggg ggtcacatgt ggtttattag     32220
     caggctggta gtgtgatgtt tggggagtca ctggtggttg atcagcaggc tggtacacta     32280
     atgcttgggg agtcagttgt ggttgagatg ctggctgatg gtgtgctggc tggtgatgag     32340
     tcagagctga ctgactaact ggctgataaa ttgatagatg ttgagtctgt gggggttgac     32400
     catgaggctg taaaattgat ggctggtgac tctaaagtgg ttgaccaact ggcttgttaa     32460
     gtgcagtctc gtctactgat tggttggatg gtaactgatt aactggctga aaaaatggta     32520
     gttgatgtgt tggcagctga cttgctggct ggatcgctga tagttgacat gctgtctggc     32580
     agagggaact aactgatttg aatgttggag gcgacacatg tggtggtggc tttaaagctc     32640
     tcaaactctg cccaaaatca tcatcatgat cactatcagt taaaagtgca aagtttctaa     32700
     gcttacagct tttcctttca tagaaaaata gaaatacact ctttaaaaaa aggttccttg     32760
     aggttctata tagaaccttg gggttctata cttggccagt agaacctttt acctaaaaat     32820
     ggttccattt agaaccctta gaaaccacat agaaaccttt tggattaaaa tggttctata     32880
     aattttgaat cataacataa ttatgtagta aagattataa aataattata agctataaca     32940
     cagagagaca aagctttttg tgtcaaaacc tagtttatag atactcagtg ttcaatattt     33000
     tttacaaatt attttgtgaa ataaataaaa taaccaattt atttagactg tgcagtaaca     33060
     tgttgttatg gtttaatgat ttattttaaa ctaataatca taaaaaaagc cctctggtga     33120
     cgtcattgac aaggacatca tcatggactg gtggtgaaga gcctcgagag tgacggttaa     33180
     ttcactattt cagcttcatc attcagatat gttagtacat ttaatatata tatttataat     33240
     agtgaaatat tttgtattat gaagtaatgt ttctatttga tagaaaatcc ctcgtgttat     33300
     atggtgatac agactgaatg ggggtaactt tagcgttaat aggttaatat ggataaacac     33360
     tgtgcttgtg atgacctcag tcgtcaccca tcggttcaga aatctgtgtt aagttgaatt     33420
     tgctctgctt tttattcgaa ataagttata atatcgctat acttgtttgt cagtactaat     33480
     taaattaccg ataacaatac agaagtcgag tttcgagaga gcgtgaatga agcatgtgca     33540
     cgctatttta aaagtaactt gatatgagcc aaattcattg cgttttcgtg ttgtttttag     33600
     ctccaacctt gaacaaatgc tcacttttag cttggttcgt gtgtgtttaa tcagtgatta     33660
     agctaaactc tgcaaagtag tggacattac tgcccgctgt tgagacgttc cggcaagtct     33720
     gcataaaacc gcaaggtatc agtgcagcgc tcgtgcccga gtctgtgcac gcgcggaagg     33780
     ccagtcacgg tggcaggttc tccctatggc caatccgccc ctgaatatta ttgaaacctt     33840
     taaaaagcca aacatatttt aacaatccat agatgaaaga tcaggtctta tttataaagg     33900
     acacaaaaac gcaggctaaa tgtattgtga aatattatta tatatattgt gctaaataag     33960
     tttaaaatga atattttaat gtatatttta tttttctata aacagcctgg aaactgaact     34020
     gcatcataaa acgtgtgctt ggtatgtatc attgttttaa aatccataca aactattgtt     34080
     ttcagtaaaa tacaatgaat attataaaag acttcaagat tgtatttatc attacagaaa     34140
     agtgtcatgg gacccatatt aagttcctaa ctttgatctg caggacacaa gtagctttga     34200
     agaagaagga tcccagctta aacaaaaaca cgcgtcacat ccataattgt ttaacatcat     34260
     cttcaagcaa acctggtttg tatgtatttt ataacatgca tatttcagac ttgttggttg     34320
     ttgtgtactg aaatcattta tttatctcaa aaatattcta ttacttattg ctgctgtttt     34380
     aatacgttga gaatattaag gttgttgctt aataaaaagt cctgcagaga agaaatatgt     34440
     attgaaaggt gtaaatttgc ctacaggata ccttgttgca atgtcttcaa aacaaatgta     34500
     aaaatgaaag gattttagtg gtgagctcat aatgatggaa tcgaaaagaa gtgaactgga     34560
     ctctataggg acttaacaca tggcaagttc atttcaatac attttatgtc aagattaatt     34620
     ctgtgcgtca ccgactcggt cccagtcatt cccctcgctg gccagcagag gccaccatct     34680
     ctggactttt aagcattaca tcatccatct acactgattt agcacacctg atcttcatcc     34740
     cgctaatgac ccacgtaccc tttataagca gctctctcac acacagtctt tgcgaagtct     34800
     tgtttagccc cggccagcat tacttagcgt tctttctgcc tgatctcctg tgtacaactt     34860
     ctgcccgtct cttgactctt ctctgccttc tgcctgccct cgaccaaagc ctgttgctcg     34920
     gactctgata ctcgctgcct gccctcgacc aaagcctgtt acatggactc tgaatcacgc     34980
     tgcctgcctc tgacccatgc ctggtaaatc actctgtgtc tatcaaccac cagccctaaa     35040
     ccttcattgt tgtgaatgtt gtatgttcgc acattcgtgc gtgttgtatg ttaagtaagt     35100
     gtgacttaat aaatactgca aaatggatcc ctctgtgtca gtctcctcgt tacactgtga     35160
     tttaaattca tatttacaca ctccacaaat gctgtcttcc tacctcagat ggtgatggac     35220
     ctagaatgcg acaccgttta cgaataagtc aagaatcaaa tgaaacacta ttttccagag     35280
     tacagattat ggagaggtct gcaaaactaa tggagcagtt tcttcttctt ggagtgccac     35340
     agcttgtgag taaccaaaca ctgttacatt gtgtgccaaa tagtaagaaa aatctgtgta     35400
     tatgacattt taaagctcat ttggtaaagc aatgcattag caatgtcaaa tgtgttccag     35460
     gtctcacata ttaataaatg tatagattaa acacaatcta agtccttttg gataaaagta     35520
     tctgccaaat atgatgtata atatttgata tatatttatt ttgttttgtt cttattctaa     35580
     ttttattgtt ttatttaaag agcccatatt atgggttttt gaaaatgccc ttccatgtag     35640
     tttgtaacac agctcgaagt gaagtatcca gctaaggctt aaatctgcta gtgaacagtg     35700
     tttaaaattg ttgattcatc tataaaagag tctactcata gtgcttcaaa cgagtcacct     35760
     tgataccgag tcattaggtg tttcgccatg acgtactaat gaaaccaagt tattcacatg     35820
     cacacgcaaa cctgggagat ttccgccctc taacacagaa acccagacac acacacacac     35880
     acacacacac aaacattccg gtcgattgaa gttacactgc agatggatat tattgagtct     35940
     ctacccaaag atgaaacctc agcattatag ccaagcagtt ggaaactact ggaaacttct     36000
     ggaaactaca tgctacaaag aatacttcat cggcgtttgt taaaggaagg atcagtaaag     36060
     agtaacttac tgatggacat caggatgggt ctcttcctcc atttctcaag tgtaagtacg     36120
     tgcgattaaa gttgtctcgt ttactctagc ttgcaaatgt atttagttgt gatttgctac     36180
     ttgtaaccgc gtgtactgta tcaggttaac tcgctttatt ctcatatcgg gtgcaaagcc     36240
     acgtttaaaa cgtgacgcgt gctgctttgt ttacggagct ccgtggagga gggtagtgtg     36300
     ggcctgtttc agaaaggagg ttaactgaaa actcagagta ttttaaccct gaaatgagag     36360
     aaactctggg ttttccgttt caaaatggca ggtttgttaa actcaagaaa tcagggtaag     36420
     tcaagcctgt ttctgaaaga aaggtaactt taactcagag tcagttactg tggtaactta     36480
     ctctgtgaat ctaacctggt ccggagcagg atttagtctc taaactctga gtttctgtcg     36540
     gtcccctcct cctttttctt gcctgagccg tacatttcca cacacctatt ttagagctca     36600
     ttttggagat ggctataaaa acgattgatg gaaacgtcat gattcacata acttttgaaa     36660
     atatgcataa taaaacatgt gcataactga gtaggttaaa cttttatttg ataagaaaag     36720
     atgcgcataa actactaagt gcacttaaca aattacagta tgtacattaa aaaaaggttt     36780
     gttagagatg atgatgaaaa tgtgtgtaaa tggacaaacc agcagactga gcacactgca     36840
     gaacatctta aatgttgttt tagccattct aaaatgactt aactgtttca gtattagtgt     36900
     atctattaat tacctccaag cgtctggagc gtgtcaagat ctccgcgttt ggcttcagac     36960
     gcccccacgt gttcattgtg tgtcaattgt tttctgaggc gcaagtatta aataaaaaat     37020
     cattgattca gcttgttcta ctgcggtaat ttctgttttt actgttgata tttgccgcaa     37080
     gttaatcagg aagtgacgat tgtgttctct ttgactcgtt ggataaaaac gctgctttat     37140
     tcgcatcttt taggcgttat tccagttttg cacaaattta tgtaatagcc tgtattttga     37200
     tggaaacagc tattgcctac ttttttgtca cacacagaac aaagtcacgt tcgaggcttg     37260
     tccttttttc cataaatatt tagcttaacc ttcgacatgt actgttacta gattaatggg     37320
     attattattc tgtctaaaaa ttatttttag cactgcttac gttctaaatg ttatatcaac     37380
     ctctattact tgatcaataa aaaggcagac acataagtgc actgttaaat ctattaaaac     37440
     tgataaacgt ttataaaagt ttaaaaaaaa agtataaacg tcacacatta cattacttat     37500
     tttattatac ttaaatgttt aaatacttta aagtaaaaat tacgcattaa cttgagcagc     37560
     tgttttccca tgctaactgt ctctgtttca ctgatggttg cttcttttta aatatataca     37620
     ctcatatttg ctataacttt gcatgagcag atcaagttca gctggggaaa gaaatggtga     37680
     tctctttttt ttaagatgtt gccatggtca ctcgtaatat ctgtgctcca ttgataatgc     37740
     ctttttatag tcacggtgtg cgcacttaac tcttgagttg gtctactcaa agatgattga     37800
     cccaactctg atcagctatt ctgaaaccga aaactcttga gtttttaatc tctctgtaaa     37860
     tcaactcaga gttcaagttt aaactatgag ttgtttgaac ctccttactg aaacaggccc     37920
     tgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgca tgtgcgcgcg ctgtcgtccg gagcagggtt aagtgtttgt     37980
     atgtttgtat gtgcaatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg     38040
     aaaagagcag agtgagacac gctagaagat ctcctcaact gtttttggag tttttgctca     38100
     ataaaataga tagacgtctg tattttcaag tccattgtct gtatttacat tgacccactg     38160
     gcagctaaaa tccacgccta cactatcgag cgtgtatgaa ctgtgattac ttttatattg     38220
     ctgattagct gttggccatt tcactctctc actgaaggca gtcgaccaat cgcaacagac     38280
     tgtcattggt ccaatcagcg cagattagct tcgcgctaag gaggggtttg ggaacaaatg     38340
     actgactgga cgattcatac aggagtcgct gggataattt ggtaaaaata aatgcagatt     38400
     ataagaccac gaaagtgttt tttgaccttg catgcacatt aaactgttgt tggagaccct     38460
     tacaaccaag atatgaccct atttcatgta taatatgggc tctttaatgt acatactgaa     38520
     ttgaggtcac tcagaaatgt caatttcatt aaattctgta acaaataaaa tgcagattaa     38580
     atagaaaata tattacgtgc ttagagaaga acacagaaac atctttaata gaaatggccc     38640
     aaaagaaggg aaggaaagaa ggaagtgctc tacactacac agaatctatc tgcattgtaa     38700
     tacatgtttc ttcatttgag agatgtttga aagttaagtt ttgtatttga aagaaatatc     38760
     catgtagtca ctctccaaat attctgtttt tgtaactgtg tcttatctta agttgtccct     38820
     gtactaggca ggcgccttga cgttgcgcct tgacattctt gagcactaga taaaattgtt     38880
     ctgcttaact gagctaaata tttgcacata ttcatagccc atgtaaccct gagtatgatg     38940
     tataaaagct gggaataccc cagtcttctt tagaaaagag caataaactg ttggattcac     39000
     atctctcagt tgttgttgcc ttcctggagc ttctgcttcc taagaagaca cagacagaca     39060
     atctgcaatt tatcccaaca acttggtgac ctctgacgtg atgaagctga ttaggtaaga     39120
     catgaatttg gttttgacta cctaattagt ttcatcactg aactgagtgt tcaggaagct     39180
     ggcaagacat gaatttggtt ttgactgcct gataagcttc attactgaac tgagtaatcc     39240
     ttggctggga ttttccgctt tacaaaagta gaacgatcat tctgtgtgtt ttctagtaag     39300
     tatttactaa catgggtggt tcatacccca agcctgagat aggggaaggc cctaaagatt     39360
     ggatgtatcg atgtgtgtgg ggatattaca ctaatccatg gttagataat ctagcagggt     39420
     ggactgaggc acaagcggtg cgtccctacc ctagagacag gtcatttcac ccccatgtgc     39480
     taaaacgggc tcacaaatta atttatgaaa gtgaaggaga tcccgaatgg gaccatgatt     39540
     atatgagaaa gggttatgaa atctggatga agatgatgag tgtgtggaat gataaacaaa     39600
     atattaacct accaaaagag gtaaaaaaat taattccgaa gcctcttaaa ggctcagcat     39660
     caaagattga ggtaaaaaga aaggagaaac ccaaagtgcc tccagtcccc gttgttattg     39720
     ttctctcagt taaagttact gttcctactc ctaccctctc ctcccccccc tcctgatgag     39780
     gggcaaggaa aggcacagca gaggatgcct ctgtatcctg tacaagaatt agaggggctt     39840
     cgcacagaga aaccagacca aggggataat caggctttcc tatgggtctc aaagaaaggg     39900
     ggacatgctg aagtaacccc tccctctgca acaaagctca aggatgtcat ttcactgctt     39960
     cctgatatga gcaggccagt ggaatttgta gaaactatga tacgtgtctc tagaaatgca     40020
     cagcttacag gagatgatta taaatttata ttgatgaaca aaatggggtc tcaatatgat     40080
     gagacagcgc tcattaatgc tgttccttgc ttgatgaggt taaactacaa ccccagcaaa     40140
     tgatgcgtag agtaaaaatt aaagaagggg attatgagga acaagaatac acaaaagatg     40200
     taccgtactt ttactggcgg gatgaacagg gtgctataga tatcctgaag cgacaactta     40260
     ttgcttacct tgtggatact cgttgtgctc atagagactt gtcacacgtg accagctgta     40320
     agcaggaaaa gaaagagaca gtttctgcct tcctccagcg tttttccaat gcttggatac     40380
     atctgggagg atttgatctc cctgaaaagc agccacaacc actgtttatt tccactttta     40440
     ttagtaactg tactacagat gttctgaaga tacttaaatt tcaattatct gatcgatctc     40500
     aaatgactcc agaacagctc aaacaaaggc ttcgaacgat gactggcgat ggtctgttag     40560
     atcaaacttt gaatgtcgcc ctcctacaaa tggggagtgc gcaatcatac cttcataact     40620
     gattaaataa tggcctgcca tcttccctcg caactggcca ttgttaaaac tcaaggccat     40680
     tcgaaggaac acactgatga agccaaagga aacgctctgg ctgaccgaca tgctaaatta     40740
     gcagcacaac agcccttgcc tgaggactct atgcacgttt ccttgttgtc tacaacctcg     40800
     gtacatgaaa tgatgcgatc tttgttttgt gtcccaaaac tagaaaccac cattaataac     40860
     atacttgaca aatgccttat atgtgctcaa tataatgtat caaagcctgt ggcacagcac     40920
     caacatttac caagaccaat cacacctttt tctgaatggc aagtagattt cacgcatatg     40980
     cccaagaggg gaccgtttaa gtatctgctg gtttgcgtgg ataaattttc aaaatgggta     41040
     gaagcttttc cctgctcaag ggaaaatgca aaggtggtaa cacagaaatt gatctctgaa     41100
     attataccta gatatgggat cccacaaagt atcgattcag ataaaggaac accttttaca     41160
     tcaaaggtaa cgcaacaatt ggcaactgaa ttaaatataa attggcattt ccacataccc     41220
     tatcatccac aatcatctgg atttgtggag cgaactaaca gaatcttgaa aggaaagata     41280
     aagaaggcct taagacaaca cagtcatata gattgggtaa aaattttacc aatagtacta     41340
     gcagatttga gaatgacacc acaagcaaat ttggattctt tatcaccata tgaggtggtg     41400
     atgggaagac ctttccctat cccatggcaa gggtaattat gggagtgggt attgagcttt     41460
     ctaaccacat gtcagaattc tcagtggccc taattcagaa acttaatcag tattgggaaa     41520
     gggtaacaaa gaaacaccct gaaattccac ttgaggcagc acaccctttc cagataggtg     41580
     acaaggtgct aataaaagat ataaaacccc agaaagattt aactgacccc aaatacgaag     41640
     ggccagctga ggttctggct gttacacgca ctgctgtatt aactgatctt tttccacagt     41700
     ggatccatgg caccagagtg aaaccattga agtaaatgtc tatgatatga tattaatagt     41760
     ttttgttttg cagactactt ctactgataa ccctactggg actgacacag gctcacactg     41820
     aagtacacaa cttattctgg cagtatgcta actggactgc acgacagaca accaatgagt     41880
     catgtgttgt ctgccaagaa gtgttctcct ctgctgtgat tatatccttg aaacctttgc     41940
     cttttacatg tactaaactt gctttttgta caaatgcttt gggagatatt tatgagtagc     42000
     gccccacatg tgtttctaac aagaaaacat gggagcctct ttgcagatca actagcagaa     42060
     ataatcattc tgttgtaata cctacaccta gaactatggg tttgaatatt ttgggtatat     42120
     ttaccgtggc gaaagaataa aaaatatagt tctctactaa gtgtttgtcc acgttacatc     42180
     ccaggcacct gtgaactaaa caaacttaaa tgtgctaata tcacaaattt gacagctgtc     42240
     acggcatgtt acagcctgaa caacacatac tgtcatcgca gcaatgtaac ttgtgtcccc     42300
     acttggccga gacaggatgc ggtcctggcc gatgactggt actggtattg tgggggagaa     42360
     accatcttca acacttaccc caccaattgg actggtcttt gtactgtgat ccaattacaa     42420
     cacatggtca ctgtcatgca tcttgccaga caatccaaaa gggaacggag gtcagttccc     42480
     caggacgacg tacccgacga acaccgtatg agatcacact ggactagatt ctgggaggct     42540
     atgattccca gttttggcat ggcagatggc ttaaaacagc aagagattat gcattataga     42600
     ctggcctctt ttattaacag taccacggat gccatttctg gactaagaga ggagatgaga     42660
     gctctgagac taatgactat gcaaaacaga ctggctctgg acatgctctt agcggaaagg     42720
     ggcggggtct gctccctggt cggagagagc aaatgctgca cttacgttcc cgcggatgat     42780
     gaggatcttg gataagttgg acaagctgta agggagatga aaaggatatc atcacaggtg     42840
     tatgaggatg agatgaagaa aagaaattat aattggggat ggggattttt agaaagcctg     42900
     tttggatcat tggctccata tttctcaatg gtagtaccgg tacttattat tttcttatgt     42960
     gtatgtattt ttggtccata tattctgaga tgttttatgg cacgaatgta taggatggtt     43020
     aatgccttag gtaaagggta tgaacattta gctatgaatg gaactgaggg taaccattta     43080
     acaattaggg tttatgagaa tatggtatga tccaggctct tgtaaaaaca gagcctggaa     43140
     gagggaattg aaagaaatat ccaaattaaa attaagaaat atgcgagatc ccaagagggc     43200
     atgagagggg ggcgatatgg attaattcgc ctagcacccc taaggaaccg gatgatgagg     43260
     ttatgctttc ccacggtgcc gccagctacg gcgctatgat aagcggagat ggcggccacg     43320
     taaaccttga gagtggaggg cgacagcctg ctgtccaact tcacttgaag gaaagagagc     43380
     acaacactaa tctgtttcgg gggtcttctc tgcgagagac gcaacattca gtgaatagac     43440
     tccacttcag ggcgtaggcg cgcctcgtgg agggggctct agcctgagtg atggtattaa     43500
     ccactgcagt cggtaggtta cctaagtctt cctcgcgtct aaggaccaca cgtggaggtt     43560
     ccaaagatcg gggcgagggt gccagatggt gccctgtccc tgagagagaa ggtcctctct     43620
     caaagggatc cgccagggga gggctgtcgc agggagtgag agctctgata tccaggtccg     43680
     gttgggccaa aggggcgcaa ctagcagaac ctgttcctcg tccgccctga acttgcacag     43740
     tagctgcgcg agcaggctca ctgggggaaa cgcatacttg cgcatgcccc gaggccagct     43800
     gtgggccagt gcatccgtgc cgagagagcc ctcggtcagg gaaaaaaaca actggcaatg     43860
     agcgttctcg ggggaagcaa acagatcgat ctgggcctcc ccgaatcgcg cccatatcag     43920
     ctgaacactc ggggtggagt ctccattctc cagagcgtaa cagctgtcgt gagagcgcat     43980
     cggctgcacg attgagcgtg cctggaacgt gaatggcgcg cagcgatttc agccacgggt     44040
     gactccagag gagcagacgg cgggcgagct gagacatgcg gcgagagcgc atacccccca     44100
     tgtggttgat atacgccacc accgccatac tgtccgtcct gaccagtaca tgttgccact     44160
     ccagcaccgg taaaaagcgg tggagagcga ggaacactgc caacagctct aggcgattga     44220
     tatgttaatg caactaggca cccttccata ggcccgcagc cgcatgcccg tgacacacgg     44280
     cccccaaccc atgttggaag catctgttga aacaacatgg ctggacgcct gtcctagagg     44340
     cacaccggcc tgtaggaacg aggggtcgtt ccaagggctg agggcgcggc gacacagcgc     44400
     agtaacagac ccagtgtgtg cccgcacgcc atgcgcgtct tgggacccaa tcgtgaagcc     44460
     agtgctgaag tagtctcata tggagcaatc cgagcggcgt gacggcggct gcggatgcca     44520
     tatgccccag gagcctctga aagaacttca gtgggaccac tagtttgctg tcgagctccc     44580
     tcagacagtt cagcaacagg cgagcgcgtt cctcggagag gtgcgctacc atggtgaccg     44640
     attccagctc catcccgaga aaagagatcc tctgttttgg tggcactgaa aagtaccgtt     44700
     ggaatcgggg ccccgccctc cagcggggaa agagcatggc gtgggggact gtctcaggga     44760
     cgcttcgcgg tccgtttacc ggacttaatg gcgccctggg cagggggggc tgcctgcttt     44820
     cgaggtgtac gccgcgcccg cttggccgga ggtgggggcg gggcagcatt atttggcggg     44880
     cgcccacggc gaggagcagc ggaggtggat ggctaggcgg gcgaagcggg cttcttcttc     44940
     gccttctggt cctccacgta gcactagtcg gtccggccgc ggagctgggg gacgaaccag     45000
     ctccaacccc acggccgaag cagcccggga aagcacggct aacaagtcca cttcaggaac     45060
     catgttgatg gcgctcactt gcccggaggg ggtgagcggg tctggatctt cgtcggacag     45120
     tgaaagccca ctctccaatg ccgcggagga catctcatct ccggtgtcag ctagcgtgaa     45180
     agcttacatc tggttagaca gatcactccc actgcccgaa gcttggatgg agcgctttga     45240
     ggaacgagag gtccgcgagc ccttggatgg cagattatct cccgctggaa ccctcagatc     45300
     tgccagagtg ccagctgcag agcaggcggc aactggggtg gccgcgatct tagctctgca     45360
     acggtcatgg catcgcagtg acgacatgaa ccgcccgcga gcaccacatt aacatgctgg     45420
     acccccaaac atgtaatgca gtgatcgtgt ccatcatccg gagccagtaa acccccacat     45480
     ccagaaaggc acagtcggag cgccatccta aaaaggacgt gctgcacgac tgtgttgctc     45540
     ttttaggaaa gtttgcaaca atacgcaccg ctctggagga ccggacccaa agaaccgcag     45600
     gcaagggaga aacccagctt gaccgtatgc gaaaacctac tctggaccgg gagacactcg     45660
     ttcgctctga agtcgctgaa tcagcaagag gaaccctcat cgactctatc agaaagtcta     45720
     tgaagcgaaa aggatgatgt ttgctcgctc caggtgtgct tatatgctgg gataattggc     45780
     aatgaagcac acctgcgcaa gcttacgctg ccaattcatt gctttcattg gcctgttcaa     45840
     tactctttca gacaagcggc ttctgaaccg aatcctccca tacgtggatt ttccaagatc     45900
     aaatccactt atagcacttc cgttccccaa ccgaagggga actactggac cagtgtataa     45960
     ctagaactgc ctgagttctg tagttttcta tctgagtcta tgggccagtg gtcttggttt     46020
     acgggaagtc tgaggggatg taaattttca agtcttgaag tgaatctgaa atcacttgac     46080
     atagcctaga agacaaacaa acgcagagcg gccatgaact caaccaaagg tctaacagtc     46140
     tccgcatcac ccctagacat acaagatgca tgtaatcatg cggaaaacca agtcatcact     46200
     attatcaaca ttcatgtcat ctgctggctc atctttagaa accacatctg aaaagtcatc     46260
     agcacatggc tcttcagatt cagacacatt ctttacacta gaacgatccc aatgcaattc     46320
     ttcaccaact tcagcatcaa gagaatcaat aatcaaattt actctcttaa cagctctcct     46380
     tcttgagttt tttagtttgt atttgtttgt gtccatgttg ataatctgaa cggaagagac     46440
     tcaccaaaaa atctgttgga aaagcaaaac aaaaaacgct attagttcaa tttaagttta     46500
     tttatatagc acttttaacg ataattgatg tttcaaagcc agcaagaaaa aaagtgcaca     46560
     ttactgcatt acaatcaaaa tcaggaaagt taagtttatt agtttctaaa aatagttaaa     46620
     aagttattat aaataaacag ttaaaatgca gtagtaacaa aaattgaagt tttttaaaag     46680
     catactgaca tccaatataa tttcagataa tatataacaa gaatttagca attaaaggaa     46740
     aggtattgga acattggaaa ggaaatgaac agttaataat tcaatgcata ttttattatg     46800
     ttattatctt tatcataatt gtaacgagga gactgacacg gagggatcca ttttgcagta     46860
     tttaatagac acagttcaaa cacaaacata caacacgcac taaagttaga actcacatca     46920
     acagcattca atatagatcg tggggctggc ggctgaccga cacagagtga tttaccaggc     46980
     atgggtcaga gtccatctaa caagcgtggg tcgtaggcag gcagcgtggt tcagagtccg     47040
     tataacaagc gtgggtcaag agcaggcaaa aggcaactca gagtcagaaa cagtccgggg     47100
     taatgcacag aagatcaggc agggaataac gctcagaaat gttggccgtg gctgaacaag     47160
     acttcgcaat gagctggtgt ttgagtgtgg cttataaagg gagcgtgggt cgttaactgg     47220
     attcagttca ggtgtgtgca caatcagtct aggtggatgt aatgcttaga agtcctggga     47280
     tggcagcctc tgctgaccag cgaggggaat gactggaacc gagtcggtga caataataat     47340
     accttaatgt attacgttaa aggacacaca caaaattgtt ttatccattt caccaaagtc     47400
     ttttaaacaa ttcaaatgca ggaaattatt gttttgataa tcaataaatt taccaagtcc     47460
     aatcagctta aagaaaatta tctatgtgtc ctacagatat gtgcaagaca gccttcaaaa     47520
     cggtaacgtt aaagttaaaa taaaaaaaac acatctagag gtaaagttaa atttatattt     47580
     gcaccatcgt ttttttagaa gtctctacat tatttaacat ttaactttga atattccatc     47640
     agaataagca tagaggtaaa gttggttttt atattcgcac attcggactt tccccttaat     47700
     aatataattt tataaaagta ttatttgcaa actctaaatg gcgaaatcat ttagcagcca     47760
     atgacaatca aagtacaaca ttgttcacag tcaaataatc agtgttaatg ttgttttcaa     47820
     gtcttttttg catgctaatt ccgatcaaat attcaaagta acgcggtaaa caatatggag     47880
     acttctaaat gaacgaataa gcgaaaataa aaccaacttt acctttataa aattagcatg     47940
     caagtatgac ttctaaacaa cagttccaca gtttatttga ctgtgaacaa tgttgtactt     48000
     tgatagtcat tggctgctat aggatttcga catttagagt ttgcaaataa tacttttata     48060
     aaattatatt attaagggga aactccgaat gtaaaaccaa ctttacctct atgcattgtc     48120
     atcggtaacg catcgatcta atgttaattc taaatacttg atagtttttg actaaattta     48180
     gtcaagaagc aaagataaat aatttgtaat ttaatagcga agcggttgta tacagtctga     48240
     gcacacagtc gcgatgatga gagaacttgc agtttatttg aaaaagccta ttaaagagca     48300
     tatccagttt ttgcgattta acgtacatga ctgcgctttc gtgttaaagc actcgcgaca     48360
     tttgcagaaa tgggtaacgt taattgcaca atgcctgcat tcccatgccg acattcagac     48420
     tgtaataaac caggctttag aaggtccgag gcgagaagag agtgaaacgt gtgtgtagat     48480
     cgtcgaattg gcaggaagta tgtctgcatt attccaacaa aacatttgtt tttcagttgt     48540
     tattttcaca gcaacaaaca cataaaggac tttatcccgc ccttatgttt cacgcaaaac     48600
     tagagaaagt cgactgtgat tggccacttt tcatgtcagt caaatccctg cttcggaatc     48660
     ctggaagttt gtgcgggtat ttgtgcatta aattgtcact aaagttcaca aacattttta     48720
     ttttgcgtga aaattctcct tgttaatttt aagcacttta caacaaaaca agccaaattt     48780
     ccaggtattc caggacttga atttcttata gccaaattca agcactttaa gcaccttgtg     48840
     cgaaccctgt tggatgtatc aatacaacgt tagtccattt tacagtaata agacaaattt     48900
     tctattggtt tccactctca tgttataggc ctagtgctat ttttttttta caatttttaa     48960
     cctattttta accttactaa cgttaaacct cactgaaatg ttattgaacg ctttcattaa     49020
     tctttatcct ataatacata agccgtattg agtaattatt agaaatttgt aataactgta     49080
     atgctaacgt taatttaagc agtatgttgg agtgataaca ttaagtaaac atgcgatcaa     49140
     aagaggaaaa tactatttaa ctcgacgcat ttcttaatta agttaataac taatcactca     49200
     gtgagtccca acgttgacat atgatgataa atatttaagt aaaattactt caaatgacaa     49260
     attatcactt acctgaagca actgacgagg agaaggtttc gcgtgttttc caaatgcaat     49320
     cccaaagtca gttagaagtt gatttttact gatgtcagcc atagctgagc cttactaggc     49380
     tcttgtgtgt ttttttgtta actggcccac atactgcaaa aggagttgtg aaccagaaga     49440
     acattcccgc cttttctgaa catatggcaa aacatatatg gcaataatct ggcccatatc     49500
     tgttcagcca tgccatacct cagccacatg tgccagccac agccacatgt gccagctata     49560
     agccccttat ccctttcaac cctagcaacg cccctggttt caggtacagt ctaagaaagc     49620
     tagcatgcat attaatgaag ttgcagcgga tacataatag agcgcactga ttggtttgaa     49680
     ctaagcaata ctcatgaatc aatgcaacac actcagagac gtaatacggg actcccaggt     49740
     acagacgtcc agtctacacg ctggaataca cgctaaaacg ttttagtgaa atatatgtgt     49800
     cctaatagtt ttttttagaa gtgagggaca catattcgac tgtcaacagc tcaaaaaaat     49860
     gtgttttggt gtgtcgtgac tctttaaagt tagacaaaac tgatgtatta cttattaggc     49920
     caaaatctta ccctacccaa aacaaactta aaaattataa ttcattttaa agagcccata     49980
     ttatacatga aatagggtca tatcttggtt gtaaaggtct ccaacaacag tctaatatgc     50040
     atgcaaggtc aaaaaacact ttcatggtct tataatctgc atttattttt acctaattat     50100
     cccagcgact cctgtatgaa tcgtccagtg attcattttt tcccaaaccc ctccttagtg     50160
     cgaagctaat ctgcgctgat tggaccgatg acagtctgtc gcgattggtc gactgccttc     50220
     agtcagagag tgaaatgccc aatagctaat cagcaatata aaagtaatca cagttcatac     50280
     acgctcgata gtttaggcgt ggattttagc tgccacacac acacacacct ccggacgaca     50340
     acgctcccgc ttctgcccgc acccgccagg ttttagcctg aacctgaccg ctcccgctta     50400
     tatttagaat ttcttgtccc ggtgcccgac ccgccccgtt ttctgcccgc cgcgcccgat     50460
     cccgctaaag agcgggagag aacataaccg aaaatcaccc agctaaacag tccagacagc     50520
     cagacaaagc tctatctctc tctctctctc atacgcgcgc atacacatac acacaagcac     50580
     caagcaaaga cacaggcaaa gctctctctc tgtctcattc gcatagcaat atccacgata     50640
     ttgctagaca gcccgctccc gtcccaaatt taacccgtta ccgaccgctc ccgcgattta     50700
     ttcggaaatt tattcccggg gctgtcccca cgccagatgc agacttctac cacggagctc     50760
     cgtaaacaaa gcagcacgcg tcgcgttttt taacgtgact ttgcatgcga taagagaata     50820
     tagccagtta acctgataca gtacactcgg ttacaagtaa caaatcacaa ctaaatacat     50880
     ttgcaagcta gagtaaacga ggcaacaact ttaatcgcac gtacttacac ttgagaaatg     50940
     gaggaagaga cccatcctga catgtccatc agtaagttaa cttacttttt actgatcctt     51000
     cctttaacaa acgcagatga agtattcttt gtagcatgta gtttccagta gtttccaact     51060
     gcttggttat aatgctgagg tttcatctct gggtagagaa tcaataatat ccatctgcag     51120
     tgtgacttca atcgaccggc atgtttgtgt gcgtgtgttt gtgggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     51180
     gtgtgtctgg gtttctgcgt cagagggcgg ggcctcaggc ttgaaatctc ccgggtttgc     51240
     gcgtgcacgt gaataacttg gtttcgttcg tacgtcatgg cgaaacacct aatgactatg     51300
     agtcgactct tttatagatg aatcaaccgt tttaaacact gtattcttac agatttaagc     51360
     cttagctgga tacttcactt cacttagagc tgcgttacac actacatgga ggggaatttt     51420
     caaaaaccca taatatgggc tctttaatgt tttctttgaa tgagagaaca gaataaattt     51480
     cacataattg ggaagtaaat attctagcct acaagactgg ttacttaaag agcccatatt     51540
     atacatgaaa tagggtcata ttttgattgt aactgtctcc aacaaccgtt taatatgcat     51600
     gcaaggtcaa aaaacacttt catagtctta taatctgcat ttatttttac ctaattatgc     51660
     cagcgactcc cgtatgaatc gcccagtgat tcatttgttc ccaaacccct ccttagcgtg     51720
     aagctaatct gcgctgattg gactgatgac agtctgttgc gattggtcta ctgccttcag     51780
     tgagcgacag agtgaaatac tcaacagcta atccgcaata aaaaaagtaa tcacagtgca     51840
     tacgccctcg atagtgtagg cgtggatttt agctacctgt gggtcaatgt aaatacagac     51900
     aatggacttg aaattaccga cgactaacta ttttattgag caaaaactcc aaaaactgtt     51960
     gaggagatct tctagcttgt ctcactctgc tctttttaca gacacacaca cacacacaca     52020
     cacatattgc cctcgtcctt gcgcgcgctc acacacacac actaccctcc tccacagagc     52080
     tccgtaaaca aagcagcacg cgtcgcgttt ttaacgtggc tttgcacgtg atatgagaat     52140
     atagcgagtt aacctcattc agtacacgcg gttacaagta acaaatcaca actaaataca     52200
     tttgcaagct tgagtaaacg aggcaacaac cttaatcgca cgtacttaca cgagaaatgg     52260
     aggaagaaac ccatcctgac atgtccatga gtaagttact ctttactgat ccttccttta     52320
     acaaatgccg atgaagtatt ctttgtagca tgtagattcc agaagtttcc agtagtttcc     52380
     aactgttcaa agcttggcta taatgctgag gtttcatctt tgggtaatga ctcaataata     52440
     tccatctaca gtgtgacttc aatcgaccgg catgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgggtttctg     52500
     tgttagaggg cggggccgca ggtttgaaat ctcccaggtt tgcgtgtgca cgtgaataac     52560
     ttggtttcgt tagtacgtca tggcgaaaca cctaataact cgttatcaag gtgactcgtt     52620
     tgaagcacta tgagtcgatt cttttatagc tgaatcaaca gttttaaaca ctgtacacta     52680
     acagatttaa gccttagctg gatactttac ttcacttaga gctgtgttac acactacatg     52740
     gaagagcatt ttcaaaaacc ctttaaaagt cttgttcggg caaattcagt gcgtttttgg     52800
     accctatttc ttttttttct tcaaaactta ctaaccgatt gtaatgagac tatgtctggg     52860
     cactacaagt cccagcaggc ttagcgccat gcaaggaagt gttgttgttt atgtgcggac     52920
     actttatttc ctgtttgtgg cgtaaattaa caacaggttg tagattgctc agcgctatat     52980
     aagtgattca taaagtttgt ttgccatttt gctgtcgttg ttgcattctg gtcgcggcac     53040
     gtaaaggccg gtaggtagta agtttatttg tgtgatgtgc ggtctctctc tctttctcgc     53100
     ggagtttcct ttttttttta acgcatgcat aaactgacat atatagagtc aacacttcac     53160
     gtgagggtta gctgatgagc aaacaacatt taatgctgcc agatcttcat tgcgaactta     53220
     tttaaagagt aagtcgttat ataattttaa taaaccgttt ttagtattgt gttttaatga     53280
     tattatcctt tttatttcta gtgttattac ggaatcatta gcccctttca cacatacaga     53340
     cctttccgga aaattgccgg caattttccg aaaaggttgt ttgtgtgaac aggtcctttt     53400
     tgaaaatacc ggtaaattcg ttctggctat tttccggaaa gagaagttgt aacattaccg     53460
     gcaatttgcc ggtattttgg aatggatgtg tgaatgctct tttccggaaa atttccgtaa     53520
     cgtcctcgac tgtgtgaaca gcgctttttt gaatataccg gtaaagtcgt tccggaaatt     53580
     ttccagatat ttaccggtat cactgtgtga aaggggctat tgtctgctga ttgttgcctg     53640
     agtgtcagca tgggaaatta aggatcttag aggtattgtt caaaacaaaa gaagggtttt     53700
     tatctctatc ttaatgcgtg ttttatttat aggatgtttt attctgtttg tgacttttat     53760
     attctgagtt tctgtgttgt aataaactgt gtttcccctt tttagggatg cacggttgcc     53820
     gtttacttta gacttacaat aatgtttttg ttattgaatc ttgtttgttg acttttgttg     53880
     tatgcgaatt taggttgttt attatgttgc taggttgaca acaatttgta tttgtatttt     53940
     cctttgttaa acttttcttt cttttgtagg ttctgttttg gatttgcttt accatcagtg     54000
     gccactgggt tccctgcact gtgtggatgg cggtggagaa aaggtaattg ggattgtgtg     54060
     gtgatttggt cactgttgat ttttgtgttt tttaggttgc agtgtgattg ctgtgagctg     54120
     agtgtggtga aaacactgct gcttgggtac ctcatctgtc ctcactttct ggttaaccgg     54180
     tggccattag tggtttgttt tttttctttt cttatattta gtttatttac tttttcttcc     54240
     ttgtttgcaa tagagatgga gacaatttgt atactacaac ttgtgaaata aaatatcatt     54300
     gttctcctaa ttgtaagtca cttcatttac cctctgctaa atcattaaca ctgacaaaag     54360
     tcatctggtc acacatgcat aatatttttt cctaaaaaac acaaatcata tacattaatc     54420
     tgtctcacat attaatgtag cacattttgt gctgaataca aaaaaaaatg ttggccagta     54480
     ctatttaata agtagctgaa ataagcacaa atgtcagggc atgtcaagac acgtcagggg     54540
     ccacaaaatc atctcagacc cctgagggtt aacatatcct cacagctatt ttttgtccct     54600
     taaattacag agaggcatta atttacctgc gttgtccccc acaatctaaa gaaatgtggt     54660
     ataagttaat taaataagct aaattggcag tagggtatgt gtgtgcataa aacatgctgg     54720
     ataagttgca gctcatgccg ctatggtgac cctaggttaa tatagggact aagccgaaaa     54780
     aagactggat ttagacgagc atgttttttt tttttttttt ttgaagaaga agaagaattg     54840
     aaatattaca caaagtatat ccaagaccat tacaataagt gcaaaaaaca acaaccagga     54900
     ataataataa aacaaaaact taacaagtga aaataaataa aatataacat agtacttaaa     54960
     aaagaggaca caatcatcga ctacagcgag ggattagtac cagaaaaact cctccatgaa     55020
     atctaatgtc aaatcatttt tattattatt atttggcatt agggtctttt ttttttttac     55080
     attttggcat acacttcaca aatgtctatt accgtttggg aggagaactt tagtgtgcca     55140
     gtgattcagg caatcatcac acaagcagcc aattgttctc ttcctgatgg ctgcatttga     55200
     ttggctgtgt tttgggggtg ggacagagct gttagccaat agagttgctg tcaaattgtg     55260
     tagttctgaa ctctctcata aagatcattt acacattgtt gcactatatc aacgacaatc     55320
     actcaaaacc aagtcatata gtctaaacag catagcaatc tgtgaagggt taaagtcatg     55380
     tagtgtgaac taggcttaag ttaaccagtg tttatacttt aatatctgtc ccaacatgaa     55440
     gcctaacatg tatatcttta catgagctta ataataacgc ataaaaaaag taatttcatt     55500
     atttctatta ctattattac tgttttaagt aatcattctt tatctttatg tacctttttg     55560
     aatgttctgg cgcacttggc caaagccctg gacatactac aatctgataa aatggcttac     55620
     aaaggagtgc tggtgccaac attctcgatt cttctcaata gaatggagca gatgaaacag     55680
     gagacaagcc tgcaacattg caacccactg gtagatgcca tcatcaatgg ggtaaaaaag     55740
     agatttggtt gcttattcca agatgcaagg atgctcaaag cctctgcagt tcatcctcgg     55800
     ttcagacttg catacatccc cagtaagaaa aaaaaaaagg tagtgtcgag gctaaaagaa     55860
     gaggtcaacc tgcttctgtc tgaatataca gacagtcatg tgcagacaga tgatgaggac     55920
     ccaatagata atgatgaaat aactatttcc tatcatcaca cataacaaca gcaatgctga     55980
     atgaagtgga cagctttttg caatcgaatg aaaccaacct tgtcaatgga atgataaaaa     56040
     ctgtgaacaa tgaagaagat cttcctaaaa tacaacacag gagtccctgc tagtgcagcg     56100
     tgtgaacgcc tctttagtgt aggaaaagac attttctgac caaagagaaa ccgtcttacc     56160
     gatgaaaatt ttgtataact tctgttatgt cgtgcaaata aacacgtgat gttagaaata     56220
     catccagcct ggccatctct tgatatgttg tgacagaaac atgtttccat tgtaatgaat     56280
     cactgacatt gtcatccata ggctgcatgc cacaacagga accttttttt ctcatggaac     56340
     caagatatgg atatgcaagg gaatgatggg tgtacacctg aagcaacgac ccagtcacgc     56400
     cacttcagtg tgagaggcgg ggacaatcaa cccctcctcc agcaagaagc aggactgcga     56460
     gaggtagagg gtagacaatt cacaatcaac aggccttctg ttaataggct gtttaatcac     56520
     cagtgcccat tgttcccctc gactctctgt ctgtagaaca aaggtgcaaa ctacctgggc     56580
     cattaaagcc accaaatcag ttccagctaa tcctggaaac aaagtgagcc agtacaagca     56640
     gaaactgcag ttacatatgt tggctctaaa ccactaaaaa tagaaaagaa ctggaaggaa     56700
     aacataccaa gacgatatat aatcatccag gaaactatta ttaataataa tcaacaggat     56760
     cccaccaatt gatgagggaa aacacagagg agtgttacct taaacaactc cctttattct     56820
     tgtactctat gagttcagga cattgtcata agaactttgg aatggatgtg gaaaagaaat     56880
     aaaccatttc taaggtccta aaactctgtt ttgtttaact gtgttctttg ggagaaaaca     56940
     acaagcttcg caaaattgaa aggtgggaca tgatgggtgt acacctgaag caacgaccca     57000
     gtcacgccac ttcagtgtga gaggcgggga caatcaaccc ctcctccagc aagaaggaat     57060
     atagccttct cctacagaca cacccgggtt ctgagttcct acctgacaag gaagagacaa     57120
     cagcacagcc agaatttatt attgcaagta aacttgatca gcaagattct tctctcctgc     57180
     tacaataatc tgctacaatg gaattaattt ccatcatctc acctgtattc ctttggctaa     57240
     cccaatgatc ttcaggatca ctgaactaca ggttaagtta tcaagatggc accgagcatg     57300
     gctgccgtgt tgcgagctct tagcaaactt tgttgtgttt tctgtgtttt acttgtattt     57360
     ttgttgtttt tcatgccgga tgtacacact ctcattccct atgacagaca cacacttcag     57420
     gaaattggct ccctcgttgt acatcaaaga cctaactttg agttctttag cgacactcac     57480
     aaaaaacaca gcagcagtgt ggactcttac actgcgcggt tagaacgaaa gaactcacag     57540
     ggaaatgcaa aggaggaggt gtgtgtttct ttattaacaa ctcatggtgt gatgagagga     57600
     acatacacct agttagataa ttttggtctc ctaatctgga atatcttatg ctttggtgtc     57660
     ggccatactg gctaccaagg gagttcacag ctgctatcat tacggctgtg tacatacccc     57720
     cttaagccaa cacagagcag gcgctcaggg aactgtatgg aagcataagc gagcaggaaa     57780
     ccgcacaccc ggaggcagcg tttattgtta caggggtttt tatacaatgc caatcttagg     57840
     aaaatcgctc taaaatacta tcaaaacatc gtggggatca cattctggag cattgctact     57900
     ctcagttccg ggacgcatac aaatccctcc cccacccacc gtttgtcaaa tccgttcact     57960
     cttcggttca actcttgcct gcttacaggc agaaactgaa acaggaacca cccaccctca     58020
     gggcgttgca gagctggacg gaccaatcgg attccaaact tcaagactgt tttgatcacg     58080
     tgaactggga catgttctgg gcagcgtgtg acaacgacat tgatgtatac gcagacacag     58140
     tcacgtgttt catcaggaaa tgcatagaag acgtggttcc aacaaaaact gtccacatct     58200
     accccaacca aaaaccatgg atcaatggtg aagtttgaac agtgcgagct tctgcctata     58260
     aatccagaaa tgttgaggaa caaaaacaag caaacctcag aaaaaccatc aaagtagcaa     58320
     aacgtcaata cagagacaag gtagagggtc aatttaacac caacaacgca aggagcattt     58380
     ggcaaggact taattacagc acagacttta aaagttacaa atctgccact gtaaacatta     58440
     ctacatctct cagatgtaga tggcatacct gtatgtgtac ttaaagcatg cgcacaccag     58500
     cttgcgggag ttttcacaga cgtctttaac ctcttgctct cttggtctgt ggttcccaca     58560
     tgatttaaga cagctactat tgtgcccata ccgaaatcag ctaaaacgac atgcttaaat     58620
     gactggcgtc cagttgcttt gacacccatc ttcagcaatt gctttgagaa gctgatttaa     58680
     aaccacatct gctctgcact gcccgctcac actgaccctc tgcaatttga atacagtaat     58740
     aatcgctcca ctgatgatgc aattgctttc accttgcaca ctgctctgtc tcacctggaa     58800
     aacaaaaaca catatgtgaa aatgctgttt gtgaactaca gctcagcatt caacaccata     58860
     gtgcctgcca agctggtggc gaagctccag gatctgggtc tgaacagctc tctgtgcaac     58920
     aggatccctg tcaggaagac accaagtggt cagaatgaac aacatcacct tgtcctcact     58980
     gatcctcaac actggtgctc cacagggctg tgttctcagc ccactccttt actccctgta     59040
     cacacatgac ttcacagtca aacacagctc caacgtcatc gttaaatttg ctgatgacac     59100
     aacagtggtg ggcctaatca cagataatga agagacggcc tacagagagg aggtggacac     59160
     tctgatgcag tggtgtgagg aaaacccacc tctcactcaa catcagcaaa accaaggagc     59220
     tggtggtgga tttcaggaga gggaagagag aacacacccc atcaccatca acaggacacc     59280
     agtggagaga gtcagcactt tcaagtttct tggagtacac atcgctaagg atttgacata     59340
     gacggctcac acagatgcag tgctgaggaa ggcacaacaa cgactcttct tcctcaggtg     59400
     tctcaggagg tttggaataa gcccccacat cctccgcttt ttcatctgca ctgtggagag     59460
     catcctgtct agctgtacca ccacctggta tgaaaatagc actagcagca atcgcaaagg     59520
     cctacatagg attgtgcgaa ctgctagacg catagtagga ggtgagcttt cctccctcca     59580
     ggacatctac accaggcggt gcattgggaa agccaagaga attatcagcg actccagcca     59640
     cccaagccat agacttttct ctctgctacc ctcaggcaga cggttccgca gcagactatc     59700
     aggctgatga acacttaaca caccacacac agactcttcc ataaccctca ctgcacacca     59760
     tcaatatgta gcatgcactg cacttttacc aaaccatact ttaaccctct ggggtcgaag     59820
     accgcgtata tgcgttttga cctgtggtgg cgtcaaactc ctgaaataaa cttaaattac     59880
     actttcagtt ttaatcgtac agataagatc aatacatcaa tcgaatctgt tatgtgtcta     59940
     caacaacaac aaacgtgtgt gcttttccaa aataagaaaa acaaacagtg tgggcattct     60000
     gtcttttctc tctctgtgaa ctgcttttag aaacacgtca gtaaaatgcg atgaaactcc     60060
     gcgaataaaa aacgcacaca gatgagacat gtatttctag aaagcttaaa gtgtctactt     60120
     ttaaatgcag ctatggatgt tgaaaacaaa cattgcttga taaagtaatc ggtatgaaac     60180
     caacgctatg tctagtttct cagtctgatc tcattagttt taatgcgacc acgcccacga     60240
     ggcattgtca ttacaagcat ctgaggcgcg agcagactgt ggtcagaaaa acacgtcact     60300
     aaaatgaaag gaaactctgc aaatagtaaa caaagattat gatttctgat atctatataa     60360
     agcttgatat gtctactttt gcattaacca attcaagtcg aaaacaaata atctcttttt     60420
     atgtaatccg tataatctcc tatgttgcct ctttacagca gcgtggtccc gcctctcatt     60480
     aagcacgctt catatgtaaa tccagatgtg aaaacaacag aggtaaagga ccagcagcaa     60540
     agtgagctaa agtagacaag aagtgctccg agtttggtca gtataatgcg agtaatgatg     60600
     gtttgtgtta tgccgacaaa ctgttagatg aagatgtagc cttcaacgtc acaaaaatgt     60660
     ataaaaacgc tacaaaagtg gaccaggatc aaataatcct gcgtctgtga gtttccgctg     60720
     atgtcaagaa gaaggccagt tgttacagtg aaatactgcc tttttcctgt gcccctcctc     60780
     atcacaagat acctgtctgc aagactacat ttgtaaaatt tacatttctg aaattacatt     60840
     tctaaaattt ttgttagttt attctttaaa taattactgt gaataccgaa tgagaggatg     60900
     ataacttgtg ccaaaagctg ctgtgatgca cgcgactgtt taaaagattt cattatcgca     60960
     ttacatggtg tttttttcac ctgctttctt ttgctcagtt atttttgtta atatggatta     61020
     atcatcattc tttaaaataa cattgctcta atatgagatt accaaaacta actcagaatc     61080
     gtattattat aattcaaact ttgtatatac tattccatat atttatgatg tattgtttct     61140
     taaccaattt aagatgtttg acaatgttaa gtaatatatt gcattttggc atgttttttg     61200
     acttatttgt aaactattta tagacaaagt aaaaaaaaaa tatcctggat ttgaagaata     61260
     ttgtgttcct ggacttcact gagcttaata gtttaatgta taaaattgtg aatgagcttg     61320
     actgttgatg tcttaaataa tagtgtcaaa taaccaacat ttctcaaaat ggaaatatct     61380
     aattttgcaa ctaaactctt catttacaaa aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaatctg     61440
     tagatttgct atgtgaaagt ttaaaagatt gcagagtttt atagagtgtt ctgactctca     61500
     caaaagtatc tcaagttatt ttgtgtaatt aatatatttt aaataaactg aaaacaaaaa     61560
     agtatataaa cttttttctg attccttctt taaactttcc ctcctagtca catactgtac     61620
     ctgtctgatg gctcattatg cagctcatta tgcaggtctt tgtattctca ggtgtgactc     61680
     actgcatagt aatgatagtt cacacttccc gcataaacca atttcactta aaaagtgact     61740
     tagaaatttt tattcattat attgttttct gtaagcaagt gaacacgatg attctcacat     61800
     cattttgaag caaaaacact agactaccag atccagttct caaaagtctt gtgcacaaat     61860
     gttctctgag tgtttcatgg ccttgtttca gtgacttttt aattttagtt tttcacgaac     61920
     cacgcataaa cgtttctttc tcaaaaacac aaacgcatac aaacatgccg cttaggtatt     61980
     attgtagccc aacttgtgct gtttacagtg ttatcacact ttagccatta atatgttttt     62040
     aagatactga aaacaacaca aatgtcagtg catgtccaaa cttcttcaga gccccaaaac     62100
     accctcagac cccagagggt taaacaacac tgcctacgac tatgtggaca cctattcatt     62160
     gtacatattg ctgtcaatct tacattgtcc tgtttttttt tttttttttt ttttgggagt     62220
     atgctggtgt aatttgcact gtcattgtat ttgcaccgtc tgtcatttta tttgcactgt     62280
     atgtattttg tactgtctgg aaccagcaac taagcttttc actcaacata gcacacgtgc     62340
     tgctgatgat atgacaataa aagtgatttg atttgatttg atttacagaa ggacaattca     62400
     catgttatcc cacactgcaa gccatccaag gtatcctgtg gaaagaatcc accattgctg     62460
     gattgattat ctgagtgaag tataattata agcattttat aaaagctttt tttttatata     62520
     agcaaaactt tttttctttc aacattggca taaggttttg cttatatgtg attgtttcat     62580
     gtgtagagac tgttatttag ggtcaattta taagatagac cttgcatatg ttaggctaac     62640
     tgttaactgc aaatgcccat tttcaaccgc attgtcctga gaaactgcaa agcaatttct     62700
     cttcaagact accaataata caattcattc tctcattgct tcatcctacc ccactgaaag     62760
     aaatatccat gtagtcactc tccaaatatt ctgttttgta actgtgtctt atcttattgt     62820
     aagttgtccc tgtactaggc gccttgacgt tgcgccttga cattcttgag cactggataa     62880
     aattgttctg cctaactgag ctgaatattt gcacgtattc atagcccatg taaccctgag     62940
     tatgatgtat aaaagctggg aataccccag acttttttag aagagagcaa taaactgttg     63000
     gattcacatc tctcagttgt tgttgccttc ctggagctcc agcttactga ggaaacacac     63060
     agacgatctg caatttatcc caacaacttg gtgaccccga cgtgatgaag ctgatcaggt     63120
     aagacatgaa tttggttttg actacctgat tagtttcatc actgaactga gtgttcagga     63180
     agctggcaag acatgaattt ggtttgactg cctgataagc ttcattacgt aactgagtaa     63240
     tccttggctg ggattttccc tgaaaagcca agaagagcgc gctatacaaa agtaaaacga     63300
     tcattctgtg tgttttctag taagtattta ctaacatggg tggttcatac cccaagcctg     63360
     agatagggga aggccctaaa gattggatgt atcgatgtgg gtggggatat tacactaatc     63420
     catggttaga taatctagca gggtggactg aggcacaagc gatgcgtccc taccctagag     63480
     atgggtcatt tgacccccat gtgctaaaac gggctcacaa attaatttat gaaagtgaag     63540
     gagatcccga atgggaccat gattatatga aaaagggtta tgaaatctgg atgaagatga     63600
     tgagtgtgtg gaatgataaa caaaatatta acctaccaaa agaggtaaag aaattaattc     63660
     cgaagcctct taaaggatca gcatcaaaga ttgaggtaaa aagaaaggag acacccaaag     63720
     tgcctccagc ccctgttgtt actgttccct cagttacagt tactgttcct actcctaccc     63780
     tctcctcccc cattcctgat gaggggcaag gaaaggcaca tcagaggatg cctctgtatc     63840
     ctgtacaaga attagagggg cttcgcacag agaaaccaga ccaaggggat aatcaggctt     63900
     tcctatgggt ctcaaataaa gggggacatg ccgaagtaac ccctccctcc gcaacacagc     63960
     tcaaggatgt catttcactg cttcctgata tgagcaggcc agtagaattt gtagaaacta     64020
     tgatacgtgt ctctagaaat gcacagctta caggagctga ttataaattt atattgatga     64080
     acaaaatggg gtctcaatat gatgagacag ccctcattga tgctgttcct tgcttgtgct     64140
     ataaaaatga tgaggttaaa ctacaacccc agcaaatgat acgtagagta aaaattaaag     64200
     aaggggatta tgaggaacaa gaatacacaa aagatgtaaa taactaaatt tgatctaagt     64260
     tctgtttgat taagtatgtg ttagtttgta gttatttctg atgcctgatt gtgattatta     64320
     gttagtagtt tattcatttt tatgagtaat ttgtgtgtga ttattgcttc tatgtctttt     64380
     gttcaataaa tgtatccttt tatttaaact attgttttta tgtttatact gaggctctac     64440
     aagttaacga tatctcactg tttcttcaga tttggccaga taataatttc cttaatattt     64500
     gtataaatca attaacaata ttttattgtt atttattttg acagtcaaag ctgtctggtg     64560
     ccccgtttaa aaggagttag ttatctgtca tttctacatt atttggtcat atataataat     64620
     ataataatta taaatgccaa tattaatatc aatacaaaaa tattcatttt aatacactgc     64680
     aaaaaatgct tttcttactt agattttttt gtcttgtttc tagtctaaat atctaaaaag     64740
     ctgtcttgtt ttgaaaaata atatgtcaat attaagtgag tttttcctta aaacaaataa     64800
     tcttacgtca aaagaaaaaa caagattatt ttgcttgttt taaggaaaaa tttgtatgta     64860
     cagggtacag aaaaaattac acacaaactc acacagaaac aaagtatacc caaacaagta     64920
     aacacaaacc ctctctctca cagaaaccat cacaaataca caaagaaaca gaaacacaag     64980
     caagcacaaa tgaacaaact ctcgttacca gacacacacg ttttaacagg acatgatttt     65040
     tgtgccatgt tagtattgtt tagagcaggc cttgattatt ttttgtgcac ttgttagagc     65100
     taagatacgt tttatgaact tacagcttgt tctgcaaatg ctttttgtgg atgttttgtt     65160
     tgttgccaaa ttagtttttt tttttctgtt tggaacacaa acgcacaatc actaatttct     65220
     ctcacttaca caaacaaaaa aaatgtttca catgctacct ttaatctcac acacaatcta     65280
     atatgtttta acaagaaatg atttttatgc catgttggta ttgtttagag caggttttat     65340
     tttatttttt ccgagctctt gttagagctg agatacgttt tatgaagtta cagcttattt     65400
     tgctaatttt tgtggatgtg ttttgtctgc catattgggt aaaatctgtt tttactgtgt     65460
     ggaacagctg ttaagtacag taaagaaatg ttactaaaca attatgcctc ctgtttcaca     65520
     gttttattga ttcgttattg aaacctattg aagtttgtta ataacataaa aaacaaataa     65580
     ccattgaaaa atagctttta gtgtagctaa gctacatttt atgtagagta gttaatagct     65640
     tagctcacta catttaccaa gtagcttgcc caagtagctt gaactctacc agcctgggat     65700
     gctatgcctt ccggcttgca ggttctgtgc atttcgccag tggctcacag gtactgggag     65760
     aacggtctcc tttcttccac ttctcgagcc ccccttccgg agtttgggtg cgaggtgaga     65820
     gtgaatctca gtcagactca gctatgggat tcagttcgta aaacaacttc ccaagttcat     65880
     gggtttgttt tttaccaggg tcagccccct gtctgcccct gtcttgcgag agcagattgt     65940
     tggcgaagga tgcaatcgag ccggtccctc cagccaagaa ggagagcgag ttttaaagcc     66000
     tgtacttcat catgcccaaa aagagcagtg ggtcactgcc aatcctagat ctgtgcattt     66060
     cgaaccactg tctgcacaag ctgctcttca gaacggtcac acagaaacgc atcctccgat     66120
     gcgttcgtcc ttgggattgg ttggcagcga tatacctgaa ggacgcatac ttccatatct     66180
     ctgtttttcc acgccaccat cagttttttc ggtttgtgtt tgaaggtcaa gcttggcagt     66240
     actaagttct cccctctgtc ttcaataagc ttacggaggg tgccctagtg ccccttcggc     66300
     tcgcgggcat ctgcatactc aattatcttg acgactggct gattttggcc cactcttggg     66360
     agcaatttat tatgcacaga gacaaggtgc ttaggcacct ccacttaaag gtgcttcagg     66420
     tcaatggaaa aagagcaaac tcgcccctgt gcagaggatc atttttctag ggttagagct     66480
     ggactcaatc accatgacag cgcacctctc tggagagcgc gctcagctga tgcagaactg     66540
     tctgagagag ttcaacagca aaatagtggt cccactgaaa tcttttcaga ggctcctggg     66600
     aaatatcaaa ttagtttttt tgtcacatca tcagcagcac gagtgctata atgagtgaaa     66660
     agcttaggtg ctggctccag acagtacaaa atacagacaa tgcacgtacg acagtgcaaa     66720
     atatagacag tgcaagtaca atgatagtgc aaaatacagt cagtacaaaa tacaacagca     66780
     tactaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaggtc aatgtaaaat tgacagcgat atgtacaatg     66840
     gatatacttt tgttttggaa cttgcctcat ttgcctagtt agagcggttc gtttggcata     66900
     tgtgaaacta ccaatcagat ctgcgccaaa tcaatcgctc cgagatcact tgaatgaggt     66960
     ggtcttggct cgattgaaac aaactctgta gcggatcgat tgcagtgaga aagcaatcca     67020
     atccaagcgt ggttatatca atgtgtttta tagatatgta ataggcatac ggctatataa     67080
     agagagaatt atgagtaggg caggaagttt cgcgagtctc cggatgcctg caaacgaatg     67140
     ataatcttct ggtaatctcg cgtctccctc ccggtcctca aataggctac actcggcacc     67200
     cttctcaccc ctccccaccg catctttcct cagacacgtc gcccgtacct tatcaaacac     67260
     caccaaacca acacctctcc tgaacgctga gcaggactct gcaaaataaa acctgacact     67320
     ctgaccaatg tgaggagagt ttactcgcat gtgacttgtt ttagctcttt tggtctgatt     67380
     agaaactttg cagtgtgaaa acgaaccgca ccaagagcaa agagcaacaa tgtaacattt     67440
     gtaatctctg tttcggaaca aatgaatcga ttcacaggtg tgaaagcacc ctaagtcact     67500
     gttaatgcac tgtgttgctg caccctcagc ccttggaatg accctttctt tctacaggct     67560
     agagtacctc taggacaggc aatcagacat gttgttgttc gacaaaagct tccaacacgg     67620
     ggggggctgt gtgttgcaag catgcagctg cgggcttgta gataggaacc cagtagcgtt     67680
     ggcatattaa tcgcctagag ctgttggcag tgtttctcgc tctctgccat tttttactgg     67740
     tgctggagcg acaacacgtg ttggtcaggg cggacaggag gtttcaaaga tctgggcgag     67800
     gttgtgagtc tccattctcc tggacgacag gctgccgtga gagcatttgc aggtacttta     67860
     gtaactagag tgtttatgaa taaaatattt accttgtaag atgtaaaact aaacataata     67920
     cttaaatgtt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtatgaaa agggcaaatg acattttaaa gagagcctga     67980
     attaacattt ctttgcacaa ataacaaaaa ttaaaataca aaaatttagg agagacatca     68040
     aagttgagat aagtcttcct tgcgtatagt gtcagggttc tgccactctg gtctggtaaa     68100
     ttcttgtttt ggtggcagag ctctgacact acccatgtct ggtcctgttt ctgtctctgt     68160
     gtgcacgcgc gccgtcgtgg gtgtacgcag agtgtgcgcg ctgccgcttg atgcagccgc     68220
     gcgcactctg cgtccctcag acgcgcgcac tcttgtacta gagtttgtgt ttgttctgtc     68280
     agcatcgcgc tgctttattc tcggcgcctc cgtctaattg gtttcagttt tggttggcgc     68340
     tgagatgaag catgtgtgtt gcttatgtgt gagcgcacgg tatggtgttt atctatcatg     68400
     tgctcgtgtc ttgcgtctct tgtcaaagca catggctctg tgtttacatt gtggtcacat     68460
     gcttttgttg tgtgcttcag tgttgtgctt gtcatgaaca tgcggttaat gagttctctc     68520
     attggctgca tgttcttgtc ctgttatatg tgagcgcatg gcttgtgttg tctttctgtg     68580
     tcatgcgctc tcccgtctgt tgtctaatcc caccctcctt gttaactcgt tattagtttg     68640
     tcatgttcac ctgtgtgtca aattacattt gctttataat cccctcatgt gtttagtcct     68700
     gtgccagttc gtcatcgatc tttccctatc ctgctgtgtc cagtcctgcc ttgccttgtc     68760
     tgccctgtca agtttatttg ttttattagt ggttttcccc ctcggggttg tttgttttgc     68820
     ctttttgttt tatttgtatt cttcaataaa tccttagtta tctgcatttg ggtcctcgct     68880
     cctttttccc ctcaaccaac cctgacagta tagtatcgtc aacatccatg tttatttaga     68940
     atttagattt aaaatttagt ttttgtgaag tattttcaaa tgtacttctt taaccttatt     69000
     ttaccttata gtgtaaacta taaaggtagc tttccagtta atatcagtaa tttttgcatt     69060
     ccataaaaaa attcttttag gggaaatgtt gtctttagat tgcaacattt gtctgatatt     69120
     ttttttatct ttatatgata gagaaaactt ttttttaaat attctggggg tatcttttca     69180
     atgcatgcat gggcgattat taattagttg tattagacca gctggaatag ccctaactac     69240
     ttggtgaaat tctttaaagt gaattagaaa gttatgtatc ctcataaagt ccttataaga     69300
     gagtatgttg ccattatcat agaacacatc tgtaacaaaa gatgtttctc tgaaaccatt     69360
     tatgtgaaaa taaagatttg ctctataggt aatgagataa ttattccata atagcatttt     69420
     atttggagga agtttatgct gaaaacaaat tttccaagct aataacacat gcttgtgaaa     69480
     tttggacaat ttaagtgaca actttccagg aagaaaattg cattttttag aatggcatat     69540
     gggtcagtaa acgatgaagc aacatctgac tagaacaatt tgaccatttc actggttaaa     69600
     aggacctacc acctcaaacc atgttcatta attaatgctt tgaaactgat tattgtatga     69660
     gacatgataa aaaagaccta tgcatttgtt tgagaaatgg ctttttttca taaaattgca     69720
     gtagtgtcaa ccacacctta ataacaggtt tctgttttaa gttcgtgtct gacatctaga     69780
     ggacattctg agaaaaatcc ctgtcaatta gaagaactgg acaaggaatc aaatcggaac     69840
     aaataggcat ctatgagtaa gaactttact aaaatgatgt gcaatattct taggtgtttg     69900
     tcttccatag tttagggagt gaattaggta tatatacaca tcagtaacaa tctggtggca     69960
     aactaaaaac taaattaaat cctgaagttc tcattccata aatagaaatg aaaacaaagg     70020
     ccttaaaggg tgacgtcctg tttcaaggga tacccactcg gcaccgcctg ctctaactcc     70080
     acataacttt tactataaat tactgagttg actggatggg tgggtgtatc tgaaaaaaaa     70140
     caagagatgt ggattacttt gtgtatttat ctatacctgt ccttgaacta tatttgtgca     70200
     cattcaatcc tcaggacatc agattcatgc cggctccaga gacgttttca cctgaatggc     70260
     atgtacaagg atggagatgt gatacttgga ggcttgtttc aggttcattt ctttacagtg     70320
     tttccagaac agagcttcag aactgaacca gagccaccat tctgtgaaaa gtgagtctgg     70380
     agccacacaa tataaaaaaa agaggaattt gtttgtttgc tttactttta ataaataaat     70440
     aatattagaa gatatgaata ttcgtgataa tttggttaaa taatgtgttg agacagttat     70500
     atttttgctg aaattaatca ataaataatt aaatgaataa aaccccactg ttattttctg     70560
     catgtaactt ttgttcttgt tagatttgat atggaaagct tccaacaagc acggaccatg     70620
     gcttttgcaa tagaggagat caacaagaat ccaaacttgc tgccaaatat cactcttggt     70680
     ttccatcttt atgacaactg tgtgagatta ggaatggcat tccgggctgc catatctctg     70740
     gctagtggga cagaggagtc cttccaaaac ttaaactgca ctgggcctcc accagtgatt     70800
     gggattgttg gggatccaag ttcaactcct tctatagcga tttccagtct tctgaggctg     70860
     tttcgagtgc ctattgtaag atgggatgac aaaactaaaa ttacactgta tgcaaatttt     70920
     tgaactcttt tggtattttt acattccaat atttatcatg tatgaatttc ttcctaattt     70980
     tacttatctc tgcacacaaa atgacaaaat cactgatcat attatgtgtt tcttgctctc     71040
     cattctctat cttcatataa ggttagctac tacgccactt gctcctgttt gagtgacaga     71100
     aaaaagtacc cgtccttctt cagaacaatt cctagtgatg ccttccaagt ccgggctatg     71160
     gttcagatat tgagacattt tggatggacc tgggtcggtc ttatttacag tgatgatgac     71220
     tatggtgtct atgctgccca gtctttccat ctggaaatgc agatgtttgg acattgtgtt     71280
     gctttctctg aaattctacc acataataat aaccaaagag atattcagcg cataatgggg     71340
     gtgattcagg catccacagc tagagtggtg gttgtttttt caacttcatc ctttctgttg     71400
     cctttgatag atgaggtggc atctcagaac atgacaggca ggcagtggat tgcaagtgaa     71460
     gcttgggcta cttcacctgt ataccattct cctcgtttac tgccctttct ggggggcaca     71520
     ttgggtattg ctgttagaca tggagagatt ccagggcttc atgattttct gttacatctc     71580
     ggccccggca atgagtcaag aaataatatg ttgagaatct tctgggagaa catgtttgga     71640
     tgcagttttg aacctggagt taaagacaca aacagtgaga taaaattgtg cacaggccag     71700
     gaggatctaa gcaccacaaa cacaccatac actgatgttt caggactgag ggcagcttat     71760
     aatgtctata aggcagttta tgccctggca catggactgc atgacctgat gcagtgtgaa     71820
     aaggggagag gaccattcag gggggaaagc tgtgctgaca taacaaatct aaaaccctgg     71880
     caggtaagag atacagttat tttgcatatt acctgtagac tacctaaaca tgaaaaacct     71940
     aaatgtctaa ttaaaaaaaa atctgataat tgtataacac ctgtgttttc tacaaatgta     72000
     tagctagttc actacttaca gaaagtgaac ttcaccacag gctttgggga tcatgtgtca     72060
     tttgatgaga atggagatgc tctggctatt tacgatgtgc tgaactggca gccaagctct     72120
     gatggatcaa tccaaatctt cactgttggt gttgtaaagg aaaggacaga aacaggaatg     72180
     gtgctcacaa tagatgagga tgcaatatac tggaactttg agacaaaaaa agtaattaaa     72240
     atgcacgtta ttgtcactta ttgtgattta taatttaatt atagtcagtg atttgataag     72300
     accaaaattt gacaaaactt gtcttgtaat atgtaaaggt atacaaaata aacatgacag     72360
     ataacatgtg atgtttttcc tcagtcccca cagtctgtgt gcagtgagag ctgctctcca     72420
     ggcaccagac gggccacacg caaggggctt ccagtctgct gttttgactg tctgccatgc     72480
     agagatggag agatttccaa tacaacaggt ttttattcta ttgatttgat gatatataaa     72540
     ttttgtaaag taagaaaaag tagaaaaatc atttaaaaat aaacaataac actacagaat     72600
     aaagtactac tactaccact aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata aatatatata     72660
     tagttgaagt tagaattatt agcctcccat tgaatatcaa tacaaacaat aaaaataata     72720
     ggcaaggcaa gtttatttat atagcacatt tcatacacag tggcaattca aagtgcttca     72780
     cataaacaag aaaaaaaaaa gacaagtgta agaaaatgaa aacaactaat aaaaatgata     72840
     aaaaaaaaga ataaaaaata gataaaacag ataaaaatgt gttaaaatat gttataagat     72900
     aatgaaaaag aaaagaaaaa cataatagtg cgatctgtcg gatgcagcac agtgctcatt     72960
     cagtaaaggc acagctaaac agatgtgttt tcagctttga tttgaacatg cctaatgttg     73020
     gagcatattg ttataatata ataacaataa atacaataac ttgcctaatt accctaacct     73080
     tcctagtaaa cctaattaac ctagttaagc gctgaagggt gctttcacac tagcactttt     73140
     ggtccgcacc cggattcctt tgacgtcata gtatggtaca tttagctagt gtgaacgtgt     73200
     cttctgaact catgtgaaca ccactgaacc gtacctaagt ccacctgaaa gagtacagta     73260
     cggttcatgc aaactcttgt acggttcact tctgatgtga ttgcaatctt accaaataac     73320
     ggaagtgaac caccaactgt acaacaaact atcgttttca taacgttcat tcgtgtgtgt     73380
     gtgtctgtgt gtcacatatc gtaccttggt gacaagcaga actgaaacag ggcaaacacg     73440
     gagatttctg cttgtctctt cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatatt aattcatcac     73500
     ctgtcttact cacagatgct attgagtgta tgctgtgtcc agatgagttc tggtccagtc     73560
     cagataagga tcaatgtgtc ccaaaggaag tagagtttct gtcctatgag gatcccctgg     73620
     gcatctctct gaccactgct tccctgcttg gctcctgctt ctgtgttctt gtgatgatca     73680
     tctttggtct tcatcgtaac acacccatag tacgagccaa caattctgag ctcagcttca     73740
     tgctgctttt gtccctaaaa atgtgtttcc tgtgtgttct gctgtttatt ggtcggcccc     73800
     agttatggac atgtcaatta agacatgctg tgtttggcat aagctttgtc ctgtgcatct     73860
     ccagcattct ggtcaaaact atggtggtaa tagctgtgtt caagtcctct cgacctgagg     73920
     gcaaaggagc aatgaaatgg tttggagcag ctcaacaaag atgtacagtt ctggtcctca     73980
     cagtcctcca ggttgtcata tgttcagttt ggctatcaac tgcctctcca acaccttata     74040
     aaaacaacca gtacattcgt tctaaaatag tatatgaatg tgccattggc tcagttgctg     74100
     gtttctctct attgttggga tacattggac tgttggcagc agtaagtttt cttttagcct     74160
     tcttggcaag aaaccttcca gataacttta atgaagcaaa gttcatcact tttagcatgt     74220
     tgatcttctg tgctgtttgg attgcatttg ttccagcata tgtgagctct ccgggaaaat     74280
     atgcagtggc cgttgagata tttgctattt tagcttctag ttttggatta ttggtggcca     74340
     tatttgcccc aaagtgctac attatccttt tgcatccaga gagaaacaca aaaaatgcta     74400
     taatgggaag agaaacacaa aagagataga gaccattttt tctgcatatc ttgtgtatag     74460
     tgaatcaatg ccttgctttt agaaatatgt atgattgttc ctaatgcata taattataaa     74520
     gtctattctt aaaatttaca tacagatgac tcaaataatg cctgttttgt atgctttatt     74580
     aaacaatgta ctgaagttat taatttaatt tgtaacagta aacaaggatt caaacaaaat     74640
     atgctattta gtacaggttt gtaattgacc aaatactttt aacattgggc aaagcattaa     74700
     gccaattact ctgaaaacag tactatcaag ataaaagcac tactgtataa gtattctaaa     74760
     gtgtgtacat cttttattta atcagttcta ttaaggtggg ttcacccaaa gtgtgaccct     74820
     ggaatttttc tccaaaatgt aaatttatca ttcaaacata catatataaa agcacacctc     74880
     tttaaacaac aaacatgcat tatactttta tacactgcta caataaattc aaaagacatg     74940
     ctttacatat gtaagacgtg agatattaca aatattttta tgtctttgac atttcaaaca     75000
     tgagccaaaa aaagacaatc agctccacaa cccagcaggt gggaatgcgg gaaaaaacag     75060
     ctccccttca ttcctccatt tacatttgaa acatttctca actcgcacag aatggtcatt     75120
     tcaaagtctg aatgttctaa atcagcccaa gtgactgtat ctatcatgtt tgatatcatt     75180
     tgaaatgtct tagtgcgact ggtacaatgt tctcattccc tcagaaataa acataatcaa     75240
     aacaataaat atatgacttt aggtatcttt tgaaccactg tgaagggtgt gcctttccta     75300
     taggcagaaa ctctttgact aaatgcaaat gccttttgtt attcacatac cccttttctt     75360
     gaggggattc ttggatttac tacaaaaggg aaggtttcta aaatgttctg tgcgattctg     75420
     ctactcagat cagcccatat gtatgtgtat gtatgttttg aagtcaggta tgcatctttt     75480
     aatcttggat ttatctttga gaatttgatg ttttgtattg atcctttatg aattgactga     75540
     atgaattggc ataatacaca tttacatgac tattaaatag ttatgtttga acatattttg     75600
     cttactctgt aattattcat tccagtagat tacgctgtat ccttgtttcc gcactttcta     75660
     tgtcaggtca gtagacggac taaaatccaa ttgagatgga gcattgggca cactaattgt     75720
     attttaggga tccgactgac tcttgatatt gattcaagtg tacttaggtg aaagggcgtt     75780
     aacttccgtg taggacagca aggagttgca cgactaacct aaattggtgt aggagtccat     75840
     ctattagccc aatgacgaaa ctaccagcat ggtcgaaggt ttaatgcatg taagcctttt     75900
     ctagtgcttc tgaaaaaatt tgtattattt attagaattt atttatatta attttttagc     75960
     tccgaattca atctgacacc aattttaatg atcctaaaat ttagattgta tttctaattg     76020
     taagaacgga tcacattcat tatctatgat ctaatttaga gttttgatat tttctgaggt     76080
     ccgatattct aattgtacgt tcattaggga ccaacatcgc tcagagttcc acgccccggg     76140
     tttgcgcatc ttctcacgga caatatgtcg acactctgaa aatagtcaga ggatgcagga     76200
     taaactattt ttggataagc tggtcgcatt aacgcttacc tagtcttaaa aaaacagatc     76260
     cttagccaag cccatacaac ttgctacttc cagtggttaa atgattaaaa ggtctacatg     76320
     ttataggctc tctatggcta cgtataatca aatgtgccta ttaatcaatt cagttatgcc     76380
     atacaataaa ggtaatgaag actcctctaa tctactggat acaatgaatt cgcaaaactc     76440
     cagaattaat caaaacttga cattttattt gtcaggtaaa attgtattct gccaattaca     76500
     taataaatca tcaggaagcc aattcagaga tgagactaac aatataacat ccattaatca     76560
     aagataaatc aaagaattat agatgcatac ctgaccagag aagtacattg cagcataagt     76620
     ctcagagatg ctgcaatgtg gtgtcttttt ataagatctc cccccgtcct aaagcacatc     76680
     ttaccttata tactcaagtc aaaacaaaca gccataaatt caagacaata gaagtgtcac     76740
     agaaaccctg gcctggtgaa tttgaggact taaccatctc agaggaattg agagcatctt     76800
     atcaagatct tatagaagtc aaaaaccaaa tcaacatata ccagtaaaat attactgtaa     76860
     aattaagacc actttaccaa tcacacagag acatttaaaa tgataccaaa catgaatata     76920
     gtgctgcaag atacaccatg ttaaaacctt gaacatgtta tgtgaaatgt gctctaatca     76980
     gaaggtaaca taagggtcaa gaaggggggt ttaggtggaa ggagaagggt gacttcttcg     77040
     cattatcccc tgctgtaggg taggtctgtt tctccagcct gtgtttgcat tgtcaacagt     77100
     gatttgaata gaacagtgga acagttggtt tcttcatcac ttctcagatt agaaaatgca     77160
     ttggagcatt gcatcttgtc tcatgaaatt cctaacagat ctcagggtca gctattttgg     77220
     atccttacat tgggtacccg acctttgttt gaaagtaatg ttattctaaa ctaagttcat     77280
     atattcatag gagcggccat ctaaaagtag tagtcatcta cctgtttaat attcaagact     77340
     gacaagagtg tgaccacaag ggacgccatc ggccggggtg atctctctga gcgacataag     77400
     cacccgaatg aacaaatgta atagttgcga gtgaagacaa aaggtttgaa catttatcta     77460
     aattatatat tggttttatc ttcttaatgt tttatgattg gagtcagata aaacgaaata     77520
     taaatatagt aatattctaa accacctcat attgtaattg aaatcagata tgagttaaat     77580
     ttaaagtaaa tcaacattat gcactggaaa gaccgaacag gcattgaacc ttcatccacc     77640
     agtggacacc cccattggac caacttgatg gaccttacac atataagcaa taagtagcca     77700
     tgcaaaatat ttctatatca tagactcctt tgacagttat agcccagcaa acaaatgtga     77760
     ttactgtgtt ttatacatca gttcaattgc acaggtgtgt aggaataaat accactagta     77820
     ttcaataaat gcccttttag gcagttttgg gacactggaa attagcaaaa cataatgtta     77880
     atcttatcta agaaaagcag taagcatcat aagcaattgt cttgacagga aactggtgat     77940
     ccactgacag ttggaggtgg gtacagagag ctgagtcagt ttgtcgaagc ggaggacagt     78000
     tagtggttgg caaagataaa aatattttag cacaatataa tactaatttt ttatcatatg     78060
     gattagacca ggggtgctca atccttgaga tctaccttcc agcagagcac acctgcaaac     78120
     ttgatgaaac acacctgtct taaattacca agtgctcctt cagatcctat ttagttggtc     78180
     tagttgcgtt tgaccagtgt tggagctaaa ctgtgcaagt agatctccag gaactgcatt     78240
     gatttttatt tgtatatatt cataattact aaaaaaaaaa gtataacaga cagtgagggc     78300
     tttctctttg ttttctgtca acatgactgg caaacttgtc agaataaaga gctgagtttc     78360
     tgtgaatatt tgcttcacag acatgggaga catacctgca taaatcctga aatgtacact     78420
     tttatttgaa ccaacccttt tttgaaaaca aacattttct gggtccatca tctgcatgga     78480
     accaatgcaa tgcagtattt gcagatatga gagtataaag atacttcgat actgtgttta     78540
     cactagtgca tgttctgttt aaaagggcat tttcgaatga aaacgcttct tatccagacc     78600
     tttttcagaa aactagcttt gacaaaatgt atgtgtttta aacaaaaatg tacttgtgta     78660
     aatggcactt aaaacacctg tgatgtgctg ctttttctgt tttctccctt tatggtttac     78720
     agtctttttg tcttgatatc taccttgaat cttctttttc tcttagctgt tgtcatttca     78780
     ttatagtata ttcagacaga cagacacacc tacagaagat gatgtaattg aatccctcgt     78840
     ctaatatgga tcagttattt tttaagtgtg tgagcatcat gtatcacaca ccaagaataa     78900
     ttctgattgc gggatgtttt tttttttttg tttgtttttt ttttagaaaa tacccaatca     78960
     cattcttgtc ttgttttcat tagtcaacaa aacttgcaga gttgcgagtt ggacattggt     79020
     gtgtcccaga cttgcaacac tcaggacttc aaacccagag agagaaatct acttaccttt     79080
     ctctgtgtat ttctcacaga aataatccct ggcctttcga tggggtaaag aaattttgtt     79140
     tacttatctg cacttgatga catcttccca cagcatgctc aacatggccg cttaagccat     79200
     ggttccaggg cagacacttt cagtgaaaag ctgctttcgg cacttaccgg tgactgagca     79260
     gtcttctgac caccgataaa atgtgctttg ctcctctttt cacaactgag aagtcctggg     79320
     catagtcccc atcagtgttg ttgattagga tagcctggga tacagggttg tcaagaaggc     79380
     gaaccttatc taaatagttt aagccagagg tggcgttcaa tgaccacagt gtgggcatca     79440
     ccctccacag ggcatgagca gctgattcaa agagtatcat cagccactgt gtgaatgtca     79500
     tgtatgacac ctggaggaga ggtcatcctc gtgcagcctg gcccagcacc ataggtgtgt     79560
     ggccatgaca tgcagggcag aggcagacag gctcgcagca gtgtaggctc tggtcgtgag     79620
     gtgtagaaaa tgctacatgc tttaaagggc acctatggta aaaaatctac ttttcaagct     79680
     gtttggacag atctgtgtgt tggtaaagtg tatagaccgt catactgggg tgatatgaac     79740
     acacccagtc cttttttctc aatttaacta caaaaaaggg tcggccaatt ggagctgttt     79800
     tcaaatcgat cacaccatta cgtaggtgtg cgatcccccc gcccaccgaa ttgattgaca     79860
     gctgcgcgaa ttaacatgtt ccggtagtcg cgtgtatatg tcaacaagac caggcagaca     79920
     tgcgcaaagc aaccgggaat aaaaggtcta ttctgttcgc aaggatcagc aatcatcatc     79980
     aaatgtgatt aagagtaagt ttcacatgtt taaaacagag tatgtgtgta attaattaca     80040
     gcgttttact tcagctttac ttcatcagca cagccgcgtg tcagaacaat tataaaagaa     80100
     gacgcttcaa tcccggtttg tgaaagttaa atcaggttta ttttgtacat tagcataaca     80160
     gatatccaca cagtacttga ggttagcctt aactaagcta agcacgctct gtctgtctgc     80220
     ctgactgcgt gcgtgcgtgc gctaactttg taacgatatt gtgtgtgact catcaatgca     80280
     acttcacaat actgattagt aaaggttagt tcttactgta gtatctcaca aacgctacgt     80340
     gagaccttct tcctttaagt ctgtctgttg tctgatgcag ctgagggagg aggcatgtag     80400
     aaatagtagg cgggaaagac tcgtcttaaa ggcgcagtac gacaaaacca ccccctgctg     80460
     gaaatcagta taaaacagca tcttttaaaa ggtataatga aaaatctgat gggtattttg     80520
     atctgaaact ctatgagctt tttcagctgg tggattatcc cacattataa ttgttgtgtt     80580
     tagcatatta taagatttat tgaagtgctt gaccgtgcat gtggtgcgtg cgcgtggaaa     80640
     aataaagcgg aagttttagt gtgttcatct ggactaatgt gtagactgag ttactgagtg     80700
     tccataaagt tcatacaaaa taataatcct tagatatgct tgccagactg cgggaagcac     80760
     aaaggtggcc catactaagt gctagccatg attttagctg tacaacagtc ttacagtgaa     80820
     agcatgaact gtccatgagc actactacca tatgctggcc accacatcca gaaatgcatg     80880
     atcggtataa tgtctttggc tgactgtgta cctctcttag ttaaactgcc ctttttgact     80940
     gctctttata tgcagccagt gaactaaacc tattatgggc attattagct attggtagtg     81000
     tttataattt tatttttttt tattaaattg tatgaaataa caggattctt actgcaaaaa     81060
     cttgagttct tagaaacagt ttcacacgta aattaaaaca ttttattaga aatcatttta     81120
     ttttaatggc tacctgacac acatattttg atttcattgt tgcaaacccg taataggatt     81180
     aagtttagtt tttgttttat gtaatgacga acactgtaat tacaccatga tgaaaaataa     81240
     atctaagaaa aggtgtagtt ggtgtatctg gtttatcaga ttaaatataa tgtgtactat     81300
     tgtatagaaa tgaaagtgaa ctcttttcag ccagttagca tgtataaacg gcctatacaa     81360
     tacattttac gtatgatatt attattatgt aaatgtaaag ttgtgacaga cttgatagta     81420
     aatagcacca caaagataat tctaaagtgt agtttacagt attttatttc tcaacagtac     81480
     aacataacaa tgttacaatt attgctgctg catgaaaaaa tgttgcagag cagattttgc     81540
     atctgaactg tcatccccaa tataagatag tctttcaaca tctttaccag aaccatcaga     81600
     ggaccactct ggctcaaacc tgtccatgtg taattcacac aagttatgca gtgtacagca     81660
     tggctcagcc atatcaacca ccgcatttac attgcagtga tttattttac tgagacattt     81720
     ccacctgcct ttcaacctcc caaatgcatg ctcaaccaca cagctggctc gagttcttga     81780
     gcctcttgga gcctgtcagt gtctggatat ggttttaaca accatttctg cagtggattt     81840
     gcttagtcac caagaatgaa ataccttaca tcagttccgc aagcgttcta tactctgcca     81900
     ggaaaagctg tggtgaacgt ggcccaggtc caaaggcttg attttttttg tcaggacgct     81960
     ggcatcatgt tctctaccag gctgttcaac attaaggtcc cagaaaaggc ctttaccatc     82020
     cacaactgct tgtaaaataa tggaatgcca gccttttcta ttgtgaaaat cggactggta     82080
     ttatggaggt ttcagtatgg gaatgtgtga accgtcaata gcaccaacac atagtgtaat     82140
     tccaaatttt tcctcaaaat aatcagcgat ctctgccatt ttagcttggt caggtgtgtt     82200
     tatgagctta ggtctaagca cagcaatcac agccttacaa aagtcatgca cacagcgaca     82260
     cactgaggtc cgactgacag cgaacaggtt agctactgct ctatgttgtt gatgctagtt     82320
     tatagaatgc aatggctacc cgtttcgcca gtggaatgca caatttgaat gaaatgtcta     82380
     gtcgctgtaa ttaaggctta agtattgtac atatgtatct gaacgtttct ctagagactc     82440
     tgaagtcctc cagccactgg tcatctgtgt acttttgagc ggtgttctcc caccagtcac     82500
     tcgttctact gttggcccac ccatcagatg tacgcagtat atttgtttag tagtgatgta     82560
     gcatctaaaa atagagcaaa acaacaggaa caattagtta ctatggatag acatatacca     82620
     tacaatacat ccatatcagc taatttgtat atactccatc acaaacaagt tatttataca     82680
     atctgaaatc tccttccact ctatatgcta taatatttat ttaatagatt aatagatttt     82740
     tatgacatac taacggtcct aactaatact aacggtaaaa caaaatgaca atcatgacaa     82800
     ataaaacgcg tcaggttacg aatgtaacca tggttcccta agggaacgag acgctgcgtc     82860
     tctttaggga taccatccct ctcttataac cttctgaagc acaggtgtaa tcaatccaat     82920
     gtaattggcg ggacgcaacg tgcgtgtggc gtctgaccga aggtataaaa gccccacact     82980
     tacagtgaac ttcagcttat acctctcgaa cagagcgcac caggtatgaa aaagtatggc     83040
     aacgcgacgc agcgtctcgt tcccttaagg aaccatggtt acattcgtaa cctgacgcgt     83100
     tccctttcgg gaactctacg ctgcgtcact ttaggagaca caatgggaac gctatcccaa     83160
     acaccccgta gttttacatg ccggggatga gttctcctat attgctagga cactggaact     83220
     cggagtaggg tccaggtcca actgataaaa ccttacaaag gtatgtgggg tagaccaccc     83280
     agctgcattg cagatgccag tcagggactg gccagaacga aaggctttcg aagccgccat     83340
     actcctggtt gagtgagcac tgatcgcctc aggtagaggc cgatgcaggg cttcatatgc     83400
     tagtgaaata gcctccgtta tccaccggct cagagagcac agcgattggg gggaaaagcg     83460
     tacagacgaa gcctcggcca cgtctgcacc atggcatcca gccccaaagg tgctggatgt     83520
     gtttgggaga accacaatgg gcaatgtgtt gttttctgac aggcgaatag atcgacgtcg     83580
     gctctgccaa atggccgcca ccacttttgg gtgtagtcac catcccccag gctccaaccc     83640
     ctgtctcgac aggtggtccg ctcgtacatt catcggacct gggatgtaag ctgccttcag     83700
     agagagcagc ctcccctgag cccacagatg gatttgattc gccaacctgc acagagggcg     83760
     ctaattcaaa cccccttgat ggttgatgta agagaccacc gatgtgttgt cggtcttcac     83820
     taacacatgg tgacctctca cttgagggaa gaagtgcctt agagcctgaa acactgctaa     83880
     catctccaag cagttgatat gcatgtggag atgatggtcc ctccactgtc ccgatgcggg     83940
     aaggcccctc agggtcgctc cccagccctt gcgtgaggca tctgatgtca gagccaggcg     84000
     ctaagatatt actcctagtg tagggccctg ggaagaaacc agggcttttt ccatatcgat     84060
     aacgctcgta ggcaacgcct cgatgctttg attgtgcgga acggatttcc cctcggggaa     84120
     aaccccctgg ttttgagcca ccactgtaat ggtctcatgt gtagcagacc caatgggatt     84180
     atgttggagg ctgccgctag tagacccaac agcttctgga actgtttgac tgtgatggct     84240
     tggcccagtc tgatcctctt tgcggctgca cgaaccgact cgattcgggt gggggacaga     84300
     cacacaaaca tcgtcgtgga gtcccaaagc acacctaaaa aagtggtcgt ctgagctggc     84360
     acaagcacac ttttcttttg gtttagccgc aaccacaaat ttctctatgt gagcgagaac     84420
     aacacctcga tgttgaaccg ctaactccct cgatcgggct agaatgagcc aatcgtcgag     84480
     gtaattgaga attcgaatcc cttgtagccg cagcccccga aggcgaatct gaggaacttc     84540
     ctgtgacttg gaagaatgga gatgtgtaag tatgcgtcct tcagatctat cgtgacaaac     84600
     cagtcctcgg actgtatttg tgacacgatg gtgctgatag tcaacatttt gaacttcagt     84660
     gtttgtacgg agcgatttag ctgtcttaga tctaatatcg gacgcagccc tccatctttc     84720
     tttggaacga tgaagtaacg gctgtaaaac cctgactcga tgtctagagg agggatctat     84780
     tctatggctc tcttcctcag aagaaattct atttcttgtt ccatcactag agcctgctct     84840
     ggcttcacta gggtatggag caccccgtta aagcgagagg ggcgtgaagc aaactgaatt     84900
     ctgtagccct tctctatggt aagcaggacc cactgcgaaa cattcggcag ccgtttccac     84960
     tctgccaaaa atttctgcag gggtaccagt ctctcgagac tggtctctat gttcccctga     85020
     gtagctaact ctgggcactg aggcgaactc accacaagag gcccttgatt taactgctct     85080
     tggaccctca gtagaggggg cgagtccact aacgtcacca cttttgggat gaaacgtttg     85140
     tggatatcgc cgggggtctc cacgccctga ggcaccaacg gtgggagggt tggtggatag     85200
     accccctgtg ggcaacgagg aggtggcctt tgctcctcgt tgtgggctgc ccgaagaagt     85260
     cccagtgcta ggacttcttc tgaggcccag accgtttcac aacggtcctc agactatgtc     85320
     accgtctttg cctcttaaga gcgtttccca ccccatttcc tttttggggg ctgacgggaa     85380
     gccacactct ctttttgctc ggctctatac cgggcagatg agctggttga cggctggggc     85440
     tggtcccgct gcatagcccc agaaggatgc ccttttgggc gaaggaagct cccgtaggag     85500
     cccgacctct ttttcgcccg ctcaaacgat ttggcgacct acagagtcgc cgaacaaacc     85560
     cgcgggcgaa atgggagcat caaggaaaat tcgtttatct tcctccttga tgtctgcttg     85620
     attcagccat aaatgtctct ccgttaccac catggccgcc atagagcggc ctaaagatct     85680
     agctatttct ttggtggcat ggagagacag gtccgaggcc cgaagtactt ctcttactgt     85740
     atcgggcccc gccccttcat tatcaagggc ttccttcagc aggtccgcct ggtatgcctg     85800
     taaaagtgac attgtgtgca gacacccaac agactggcct gctgccgcat atgccttgcc     85860
     gactaacatc gacgttaatt ttactggttt tgacggcaag gcgggggtct tcgccgacga     85920
     tgcctgaggt agcaaatggt gcgcaaaatg ctcctccatt ttcggcattg tgcggcatcc     85980
     gtgctcattc agaccagcaa cggctgaata tattgatccc tgctggctta taacgcgggc     86040
     agtgtatgga tttttccaag tgtaaatgat ctctttttgg agatcgttgt taaatggaag     86100
     acccatactt cccagttaat attatattta gctgttacat tggccaggac ctctgccagc     86160
     tcatcatatt cagggcataa tgggggaacg tcattttggc cccgaaggcc ctccatactc     86220
     tcgactccct cagaagccgg gaggcggagc agccgcccat cagcgcgaga ggaagaagcc     86280
     gatgaacggg cttccagctc gcgctgactg gacctcgatc tcacagtaga aggaggagaa     86340
     gaagccctct agcttgtctc catcccctct gccagatcga gctgcgatcc ccacgacatt     86400
     aatcggcgct cggcctcagc acgggcggga ccagtgccgc gaggcacacc tgccgccggc     86460
     tctttataaa acagcgcggc gacttcgcag cactcgacca ggaagtgaat tgcaatgcac     86520
     acagccaccc ccctcaaggg ctaactatgc gtgctcctga ccgaggcgct gcatacacaa     86580
     atcatgcgtg tcctgttctg tgaggaaaca aggacatggc ggtacacatg atctaaatgt     86640
     cttttccatt ttgctaattt ttaaatagac aaattgtgtg ctttgattca gtttaaatgg     86700
     tttttgtagt gccttatcag cgctgtgagt gcttcaaaat caacgaactc attcacagag     86760
     tgaagagaga aaaagctgaa gttcactgtg agtgtggggc ttttatacct tcggtctgac     86820
     gccacacgca tgttgcgtcc cgccaattac attggattga ttacacctgt gcttcagaag     86880
     gttataagag agggatggta tccctaaaga gacgcagcgt agagttcccg aaagggaacc     86940
     atgttcaacc acttttacaa acaaacaaac aaacacacac acacacacac acaccaaaat     87000
     tctcaaaata attatgcaac atcaaaatac cacaattaga ataccacaat aataataaat     87060
     gttactttaa atgcctgtta gtacattttt atgcatagat gctactttca gaatgaatca     87120
     agagataaaa tacttatcat tctatgttat ttccttacaa tcaatggtat caacacagtt     87180
     cacaaagaac aaaaagctac aaaaacaatc acgaaaaata ttactatgct catccactgt     87240
     tgccgttgct gttgcctttg tatacaactt gctcgtcgct cggctactct tttgcgcctt     87300
     gcagccaaaa tctgttttcg acgtgaatgc tgctgaactc aaatctcctc atccaggaat     87360
     cgctgtctgg ccttccacaa acagaccacc aacagtaaaa aaaaaaacaa tcgcttcgct     87420
     tgtctccatc ttccagctct cgtaatgatg tgaggttgtg tttgtgatta taattagagt     87480
     tttttttatt cccgctgaaa tgggtgggtt gtgtgacatt tgattcaggg gacgttctgg     87540
     gggcgaggtt tgcgtgacgc actgcaagtt actagcccca cagtacaaac gcgacatgat     87600
     ttcagcctca ctgctcaacc tcctgggcga ttgacccggc ctgataaaag ccctggctcg     87660
     cactggcccg agagtggaaa tgcggctagt gaaaccatta cctctgcagc tcaatcacag     87720
     agagggactg aatcaggcta cgttcacact gcgaggtttg ctcgtcctga ttttgccaag     87780
     tgctagttgt cctgagacca acataattta tgatgaccca gggacaacaa ctctatcagc     87840
     caatcaaacg ttattacgtt atcattatgt gcctcctgca gagttcgcca aaaacgcaat     87900
     ttcaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa cccacaccca cacgcagctg ccattttcac tggtgaagag     87960
     gaaaagtgaa gaggtaagat catcagtttt cttctgttta cagaagcagt aatgatcgta     88020
     aaatttatat gtgtttatgg atttaccctt atttcagttt agcgaacgag caacatttaa     88080
     ctttagcttg ccttaagtta gcctaattag ccgtccctac ctaacattag attggcgtgc     88140
     tgctctaccg ttacagtgat ttactttctg gctttaattt aaacaggcta acaatattgg     88200
     tttgaatatt ttaatctagc taaccttttt aaacacgact aaacttggcc tgttgctaat     88260
     ttagtgacca ttttttgcta ataatttgtt tttaagcatg tattatatca atttctttta     88320
     aatacaaatg cgagaaatgt ggaacaaaac agcactagtt taaacgcaag gttatttgag     88380
     acgttaactt ggtgtactgt gaatcactgc aaaatacaac tagcgattta atctgattaa     88440
     atattttaac ctcaggtcat cattgctgat ttattaataa cctaaatata ttaacctcag     88500
     gttatcttca ccgatttatt aatattatta atacattaac ctcaggtcat catgactgat     88560
     atattactat gttaacctca ggtcatcact gaggtattaa tattattaat atgttaacca     88620
     caggtcatca tcactgattt attaatatta ttaatatgtt aaccttaata tttttaactt     88680
     agtacgttaa cctcaggtca tcatcactga tttatttata tcattaatat gtttatctca     88740
     ggtcatcatc actgatttat taatatgtta acctcaggtc attatcactc attcattcat     88800
     tttcttgttg gcttagtccc tttagtaatc cggggtaggc acagcggaat aaaccgccaa     88860
     cttatccagc aagtttttac gcagcggatg cccttccagc cacaacccat ctctgggaaa     88920
     aaataaacac acacacacac tatggacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct gtaccgcatg     88980
     tctttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc cagaggaaac ccacgcgaac gcagggagaa     89040
     catgcaaaca ccacacagaa acgccaactg agccgaggat tgaaccagcg acccagcaac     89100
     cttcttactg tgaggcgaac atgcgtcacc atcatcactg atttattaat attattaata     89160
     tattaaccac aggtcatcat cactgattta ttactattat taatatgtta accttaaaat     89220
     tattaactta gtacattaat atcattaata cgttaaaatc aggtcatcat cactgattta     89280
     ttcataacat taatatgtta atctcaggtc atcatcactg atttattaat attattaatg     89340
     tttgttaacc tgaaaattgt taacttagta cgttaacctc aggtaattat cactgattta     89400
     ttaatatcac taatatgtta acctcaggtc atcatcactg atttattaat attcttttta     89460
     tgttaacctc aggtcatcat cgctaatgta ttattatcat taatgtgtta acctcaggtc     89520
     atcatcactg atttattatt atcattaata tgttaacctc aggtcattat cactgatttt     89580
     agaatttatg ataattttgc aacttttctt tttgctataa acacagggct tgtttgttgg     89640
     gtctgtttta gttactgcaa atagtattgt taagttggtt tatccaatca tagacctaca     89700
     gtgtttcaga cagtataaga acattacaga ttctcagtag atttaccaca cacaatgggg     89760
     tatatgtctg tgtgaaggat tatttaatga cctaaaaatc tacagcagtt ctcatgctaa     89820
     caatatgaaa catgattttc cttgtcaatt ttacaggcac aagaatgagc tgagatgttt     89880
     cactgccagt ttaggaactt caaatatgtc tgcaagtact tcaggaacca ctgggagaaa     89940
     attggtcatc tgtggtctta ctttggaaga tgctataaac atgtagactc tgacacaaac     90000
     aaactaatag aacggtatat ataatttgta tccatgttca ttttattata gaattatgag     90060
     taatctgaga gctagcatag tgcctagata atttaccagt ttaagtgtac actgtactag     90120
     tcgttgcacc tcattcttgc atgttttttc ttctttttct gtggcatccg aaatcataga     90180
     ttggatcatc tgatcgttgt gcttctaatc aaaacagaca actactttaa tacaatacag     90240
     gatttgcagt ctgttggaag ggtcaaacac cctgtacaat gcaaaataga agaaataaaa     90300
     aaatctgcag aaaggatgct ggagaattga tgggccatca accatagctt caacagaaac     90360
     atacatgtac aatgttccgt ctgagaacaa tttgcatgca gtttacagtg cgtgtcctgc     90420
     agaacagttc tgcagttgtg tatctggcac taggggacat gtaagaagac ttaataaaaa     90480
     gaggtgctta cacacttgtg gtgatcatgt tacttctcca gacatggaca cacaactgca     90540
     agcccatacc aataacttga tactaacaaa taagtatagc atttctgcaa agcctgaaaa     90600
     aacaacagca attgaaagct tatttgaaag agctgcatca aaaccatgta tatgtgagag     90660
     atatatgtga ctgttgtatt ttttcatacc acaaaacatg tgcttgtcta ctgcttgcta     90720
     agagactttt taataaggtg acaaacaaag tccaataatg ctacatacat ttttgtagtg     90780
     tcaatacaaa atgacattga gaaggaaagt acagataaag acaggcttgt atctgttata     90840
     cagacatggg aaaacattcc agaggatatc gcccaaaaaa tgaatgatct agaagtacaa     90900
     acaaaggaga aaactattaa caacttgttt tagagactgt gtgatgcgga caagtcatgt     90960
     taacaagtca tgtaaaaata cacccaccaa acagaaaaag aaagacagag atgcacaaac     91020
     ttagaaacaa aatcaggggt ctgttcttcg tactttgctt aaatgattta agatgatttg     91080
     gcagatcctg gatctttttt ggttcttcaa acaagtttgt gaatcagatt aaaatgtctg     91140
     gataaactga tctgagatcg ctgtgtgttg aaaaggactg atctatcaat cctcaaaatc     91200
     atgatcagca atgcaaggat tggcagatgg cacagcaatg taatgacatc atctgattaa     91260
     tattcaatta tccatgtgag ctaaattaca tcaaatcaga agtaaacgga ttgttaaata     91320
     tgattcacaa taactttaca ccttgtagtg ggctgcatgc ttggcccttt catgtgtcaa     91380
     gagcaattta tttagtttta cagtaagagt ggattttcct tattatagta gtactatttt     91440
     agtcgttttt tttaatcggt gtaaagaata actggatgtt tacaaaagca ttttgatgtc     91500
     tgcataaatg tattattgct ttttaaaaac tcacatattg tgcatgtcta ttatgataca     91560
     caaattgtaa taaagcatat atatattaat aaaacttatg caatctgcaa ccccgaaatg     91620
     aaagtagtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacagttga     91680
     agacaaatta ttagccccct ataaaatatt tctttatatt tcaaataact cccaagtgct     91740
     ttttaatgga ttaaagattt tttcaacaca taatttttaa acataacagt ttattcagga     91800
     agctttgagt gtttgtaata caaacagaaa cacaattata atcaaaaata aaaaaagctt     91860
     ggaggtcaaa attattagcc ctctgatgtt aatagtcaat agtgtaaccc ttttgcttga     91920
     taacagccat cagtcgttta ttgtagctct caacaagttt caagcatgtc tcctgaggag     91980
     tgttagccca ttcttcctta gcaaatctct ccagctcttc cagatttgtt ggtcttctgg     92040
     catgaactct agacttcagt gtcccccaca gattttctat tggattcaag tctgggcttt     92100
     gtgcaggcca gtcaaggact ttcactttgt tctgttgaag gtagttcttt accagaagtg     92160
     aggtatgctt tgggtcatta tcatgctgga atacaaaacg tcgacccaaa ccaagttttg     92220
     ttgcagactg tttgaggtta tttttcaaaa tcttctggtg gtcttccttt ttcatgtttc     92280
     cttcaaccct gataagattc ccagttccac atgcactgaa acatccccat agcattatac     92340
     tcccaccacc atgtttcact gtgggaacgg tgttctttgg attaaatgcc tctcccttct     92400
     tcctccaaac ataggcaaca tctctatggc caaagagctc tagttttgtc tcatctgacc     92460
     aaaggatacg tttccagtat tcattatttt tctctagatt gcccctggca aacttcagtc     92520
     tagcttggag gtgtctcttt tttaaaagag gagtctttct tggtcgacaa cctttcagtt     92580
     cactcctgtg cagggctcta gtgaccgtct ttgctgagac attaattcca gacttggcta     92640
     agtcattcac tagtgtcttg gcagttgttc ttgggtcttt agaaacctct cttactaatt     92700
     ttctttccaa agttttggaa atctttcgct ttctacctct gccagtcatg ttctccacag     92760
     tgtggatctc attaaacttc ttgataatac ttctcacggc acttcttgac acttgaaaac     92820
     gctttgataa acatgtatat ccttctcctt ctttgtgagc ctcaacaatt ctttttctca     92880
     agtctaaact tatttctttt gtctttgtca tgatgacaga atgcattatc gtactatttg     92940
     tttttcaaga caccagtttt aagctttaag tgcaatttaa aggcttaatt aggttaatta     93000
     ccttaactag gcaagttagt gtaattaggc aagtcattgg acaacagtag ttttttcctg     93060
     gagccaatca aacaaataat tacttaagag ggctaataat attgacctta gcagttttta     93120
     cttaaaaaaa tatataaata attatttcac ccaaaataaa agaaaaaaaa ccttttccag     93180
     aagaaaaata caaaaggaaa tgccgtgaaa acaattttct tgctctgttc aacagcactt     93240
     gtgaaatatt tgtaaaagaa tacaaatttc ataggagggc taataatttt gacttcaact     93300
     gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga gcaatatcac     93360
     atgagtagca gtgtacgact gctacgagtg tgatattgcg tttatacaac agttcaatgg     93420
     cacaatcttg gacataaaaa agaaaatcaa acacagtcta aaaccgtttt gtattaggaa     93480
     ctactttctt acaccattca ttcacatctg cagttgacgt caaactagca gaagccatta     93540
     ctaattcacc aacgtcacta gagctagtgt tagaattact ctgtctaaag tgaatacaga     93600
     actgctgatt ttgctttaag attataaggc tgaatgtcac atgaaatgcc atccatctac     93660
     agagatattt tcttacagtg ttacagccta cagtatttct ctgttgcaat cgggatttca     93720
     caataataga gtggaggaac tatgacgtca atttgtatgc aaaaacccgg aagcgagtta     93780
     gcattttagc acttccggtt ccctcgtccc aaagtcaatg ggttttttgt atggggtttt     93840
     agtaaaatcg cttaaataag gtctgtggct aacacaaatt caagatactt tcacgttttg     93900
     ttctacgaca taaaacacat cagttacaac acactcttga atttttaatt cggccatgct     93960
     tctttaaaaa gacggttgct atcaagttgc taaatgggac tacaggcggt gtcggagaca     94020
     atatacgtca tcgagctgat ctggtcagga gcgcagcccg cttgtgttag gcgtttggat     94080
     ttgtctgtta tttaggtatt ttcataatta gtattttata gtttgttgtg tttttctaat     94140
     agggaattca tattgtgtgt aaataattcc ttcactgtcg agacagattc atttgttaat     94200
     catttatttt aattaaacga tattatgaag atactgctca ccagtgcaag cctgtctctc     94260
     ctctgccctt agtaatgcaa acgtgtgaat acatgtgtaa aaaaacatat attaactgtc     94320
     attttaacgt gagcaagtga tttttctctt tttcttcatc tgaagacatt taactcggtc     94380
     ataactgcaa tatttacatt cctccataaa acgcattata tatgtgactg tattgggctg     94440
     cttttcactt tacgtcgtga catgaaatga acattgaatg ttgttctgtg tccatgatgg     94500
     aacttgcagg tatttgatag acttattcct cctcacgcct catttctgtc gtctgtctaa     94560
     ggtgagcagg ctgtgtgcac gcacgcgata cacttttttt tttaaatatg tcttatgata     94620
     atactatgta ggcagattta tacacgcagt tttaaaactt ttggaacaac cgcaaagcaa     94680
     aacagatgta tttcccacgt aaaaacggtc caaaatgcac gtagttatat gtgtttttgc     94740
     gtatttatta gtttataaat atatagcgtg gattataaaa taataaacag agagattaac     94800
     tctttgtcat ggacattatt tctttttttt ttttataatg tatttattag tttttttaag     94860
     caatacagat acaacaacaa acaagtgaac agaacataag gagaaagaaa ataaaaataa     94920
     aaaaatataa aaaaaagggg gggagggcat taattaaagt agcgatattg catattcatg     94980
     caccacaaac ccttacaaga tctgaccttg ttaaatcaac cctctgatga ttatggaggt     95040
     tatgtttaaa cccatatgta acaaaaatgg atcccacctc tcatgaaata aaacatcttt     95100
     gccatgtaag acacaagtta tgtagtccag tggtacatat tcaagtatta ccctgtgcca     95160
     taaagacttt gtaggagttt gtccgttatc cagttcagga gaatacattt tcttgcacaa     95220
     aatgtcagga acttgcaaag tgttttttat acttgtccat attaatctcg tcgaatatcc     95280
     caagcagcat atgcttgggg tcacaaccaa tattaaaaga taaaattcca ctaatttctt     95340
     gttcattcat gggccagaac ttttgaattt ccgtgcaaag ccagaaacaa tgaacaaggt     95400
     ctccttcctc ggttttacat ttcagacaca ttggtgacaa ctcctcttta aacttgtgcc     95460
     tctgtgaggg agagatgtga gcttgatgta gaattttcag ttgcattgct tttactctgt     95520
     tacatacact tagggacatt gcatttttcc aagcttcctt ccattgatca tctgtgattt     95580
     gtgtatcaag ggtcctttcc caagtctctt tcaagaagcc cgtatttaaa gagccacaat     95640
     ccttcaggac tttgtagaaa cagcttgtgg aattgtccct gtatgaaaaa agttgtcttt     95700
     ccacaactga aatgtcctga ttttcgagta ttgtagtgtc ttttttcaca tagtctctta     95760
     gttgcaagta gcggaaaaaa tcttgtcgct gaatattata tttattggtc agttggtcaa     95820
     aagacattaa aatatttcca tcaaacaagt catgtaatgt ggtgagacct ttttgtgacc     95880
     agactttaaa ttgtgggtct tcagttcctg gcagaaagtc aaaattatca cagatggggg     95940
     taaaggttga ggtgagtcaa gatctccctt ccaaacgttt tatagattgc catgctttga     96000
     tagtacaaac cgtgatggga ttattgcagg caattttcac tgatttaagc ttttttaaaa     96060
     aaagcaaatt tctgagaggg attttacaga gtgaactttc aatgtcaaac caaactgcac     96120
     tgggaccttt atgtatccag tcagaaataa agtgcaaatg tacgcttaat tggtattttc     96180
     gaatgtctgg aaggtcaaga ccacctgccg aggatgaaag cattaaagtt gaaattttga     96240
     tacgtgctct tttgtttgcc caaataaaag aattaaacca gccattcagt ttcctaatga     96300
     ttttgtgtgt aaaattgatc gggatcattt gaatagggta gagtattcgc ggtagaatat     96360
     tcatcttcag aagggagatc cgacccatcc aagaaatagg gagaatgttc catctttcta     96420
     ggtccattcg aatgcgttca aaaagtggaa taaaattgtc tttatacatt tgttcataga     96480
     agggggtgcc attgatgccc aaatatgtta aaccttctgg ggcccaccta aatggaaagg     96540
     atggtagtgt ttgtggtatt tgttgtaaac ttcctatagg cattgccact gatttatggt     96600
     agttaatttt ataaccagaa aaatctgcaa acctgtcaat cgtgtctaag agatttgggg     96660
     aagaggtttc aggatttacc atgaatataa gaatgtcgtc tgcatataga gcaatcttgt     96720
     gtggtttgtt tgctaccata aaaccattaa ttttattatt ttactgtact gcttctgcta     96780
     atggctctat tattgaggca aacagaaggg tgagagaggg caaccttgtc ttgatccttt     96840
     ctcaattttg aacatagagg atctacagcc attagtgagt acagcactaa aaggctcatt     96900
     atacattatt tgtacccact taataaattg ttcaccaaga ccaaatttat gtaacgtatg     96960
     gaataaaaag ggccattcaa tgcgatcaaa agctattaaa aaaaagctat taaaagatgg     97020
     ttgtttgatg aggataatta gttttgcagg gtggatgagg atcttttaaa ttatgttact     97080
     tgagtgtgaa taggttggcg gctggaggga cattgtgctg gataggttgg ctgttcgtac     97140
     cgctgtggca actgtttgtt ttattcttca ttggtatttt aaagccatac attgttttta     97200
     tttaacagag gaccacaatg gaaataagcc cagggcttta ttgtgttttt atcctcgtca     97260
     gtttttttta acaaagtgta tggaatactt tttgtacagt ttgtctaaaa tctgtcaaat     97320
     aaaataaaat tcaattcaat tcaattcaat tcaaacgcct tttcccatct aatgagatca     97380
     caagaccttc gactgattgt tgtttagaaa attgaatcac attcaaaaga cgtcgcatgt     97440
     tatttaccga gttacggcct acaataaagc ctgtttggtc atcctttact aatacaggaa     97500
     gaaagccttc aaggcgggtg gccaagattt ttgaaaagat cttcagatct acatttagca     97560
     gtgatatggg gcgatatgac gaacagtact ctggctgttt tccttttttc aaaattaagg     97620
     atatatttgc ctctctcagt gactgtggta ggcggccttt tctaaaagag tcattaaaca     97680
     tatttaataa tggatccact aataagtctt tgaattcctt atagaattca caactaagtc     97740
     catctggacc aggtgctttc ccagattgta aactctttat tgctgctaga acctcatttt     97800
     agatacaggg gcattaaggg gtaatgactg atcttcagat aacgtgggga gattaagtgt     97860
     cgagaagaaa agctctgtgg tttgtgttgt gtcccctttt agttctgatt tgtagaaatt     97920
     cttaaaataa tctttaaatg tattattaat gaatatgctg tccatagagt gtttaccgtt     97980
     actatctata atagattgta tagattgaga gtctgatttt ttctttgtta ggtgtgctaa     98040
     atatttccca gctttatccc catgttcaca cattttctgc ttatcaaagt gaattttcac     98100
     ttctgcctgt tttgttaaaa gggagtctaa agcagacctt agcgccgtaa tttcctttag     98160
     tttaacaggg cttggtttat taatatatgt tctctcagca tccctaagct tagactctaa     98220
     aatctttttt ttgttcagct tgtttacgcc ttttactatg tgtgtacgct attataatgc     98280
     ctctagaaaa tgctttggtt gtttcccata ataaggatga atcttccgtt gagaccgaat     98340
     tgatggacat aaaagtgttg aattcctctg taaaatatgt aataaagtta tgatcagcta     98400
     atataaatgg atgaaatctc caaccactgg ctttattatt ttgatttcca aaggaaaatt     98460
     cagtgaaaac tgccgcgagg tcagatatta ttatatctcc gattttgcaa gatgttatgt     98520
     gctctaacat atttttggga gagaatagat agtctattct catgtgacaa ctatgaactt     98580
     ttgaaaaata agtgtactct ctgtctgcag ggtggcaagc cctccaaata tctacataat     98640
     caaagtcttc acacagggcc ttaagtgttt tagcctgtac tgatagtaac ggttcccctt     98700
     cggttgggga acttcagtgc catagagtgg attgattaaa atcggaccga ctagatgggt     98760
     gctacgtaga ggaccagaag gcgaagcctt cgaagcctct cgtccccttt ttcccggaag     98820
     tgcacagtag gctcacgcag tcttggaggg cacctttttc tgcccgtgct gcgtgtccct     98880
     ccgccctcac cgcccttgac ggcggagctg ccagggggta tgaggcgatc ccgtcagtgg     98940
     agtgcgctat cgcggtcaat ctttgtccgc acggtgcctc tacatggcgg ggtttgcccc     99000
     gcctcccgtc caaagcctct aggttgtctg cctccctcgg agccagagct tataaggctg     99060
     cgggccaggc tgcttttgct ttgcacgaga tggccaccta ccagcgctac caagctcagg     99120
     cgctggccga gctgcacgag gccgggtcta acccaagctt attacatgag ctgcgcaccg     99180
     cgaccgacta tgctcttcgg actactaagt ctgccgcgtg tgcgctgggg aggacgatgt     99240
     ccacacttgt ggttcaggaa cgccacctct gcctaaacct ggccgatatg cgcgattttg     99300
     acaaagttcg ctttcttgac tcgcccatat cccaggctgg cctgttcggc gacaccgcca     99360
     gtgaattcac ccaggaattc aaggtggtga aagagcagtc ggatgcgatg ggcaatgtca     99420
     tctcctctgt tccttgccgt gggcgcccgc caacgagtgc tgccccgccc ctgcctgcgc     99480
     ctccggcaaa gcgggcgcag cgtacacctc gaaagcaggc agccccccct gcccagggcg     99540
     ccgttaaatc tggcaaacag accacgaagc gtgcctgaga caggccatcc ggagaagagg     99600
     aaacttgctc tttccccgct ggagggcggg gccccgatta caacggtact tttcagtgcc     99660
     accaaaacat caatcaaaga gcacttttcc ccttccccgg atgtgacacc tcgaattctg     99720
     ccagtccggg acacgctgcc ttccggctcg cagattttac gagcttcgcc agtggctcac     99780
     gagcgctggg gggacggtct cccttccctc agccctacac ccccctctcc ggagtcaggg     99840
     tgcggagcca gagcgaatcg ctctcctcca gctcttccgc gggacccttg tgctccccgg     99900
     atcagcacac ccactccgcg ctgccccacc gctggtacgt cagcgattgt agcgatgact     99960
     ccattagcga gggctctgcc tgcctggtta gcgcgggcca gcccctcgcg gtggctcata    100020
     tgcacaatca gactcggtta cgcgattcag ttcgcgtaac ggccccccaa gttcacgggc    100080
     gtgtatttct ccagggtcaa caccctgtcc gcccctgtct tgcgagagga gattgctgcc    100140
     ctcctggcga agggtgcaat cgagccagtt cctccagctg agatggaaag taggttttac    100200
     agcccatact tcatcgtacc caaaaagagc gttgggtcac gaccaatcct agatctgcgt    100260
     gttttgaacc gctgtctgca caagctgccg ttcagaatgc tcacgcagag gcacattctc    100320
     caatgcattc gtcctcggga ttggtttgca gccatagacc tgaaggacgc gtatttccat    100380
     gtctccattc ttccacgcca ccgccaattt ctgcggtttg cgttcgaggg tcgagtgtgg    100440
     cagtacaagg tcctcccctt tgggctctct ctgtctccgc gggtcttcac caaactcgcg    100500
     gagggtgcct tagcgcctct tcggctcgcg ggcatccgca tactcaatta tctcgacgac    100560
     tggctgattt tagcccactc gcgggagcaa ttgattgtgc acagggacaa ggtgcttcgg    100620
     catctctgcc tactggggct tcaggtcaac tgagaaaaga gcaaactcgc ccctgagcag    100680
     aggatctctt ttttcgggat ggagctggac tcgatcacca aggtagcgca cctctccgag    100740
     gaacgcgctc gcctgttgct gaactgtctg agggagctcg acagcaaact agtggtccca    100800
     ctgaagttct ttcagaggct cctggggcat atggcatccg cagccgccgt cacgccgctc    100860
     ggattgctcc atatgagacc acttcagcac tggcttcacg atcaggtccc aagacgcaca    100920
     tggcacgcgg gcacacaccg ggtctctgtt actgcgctgt gtcgccgcgc cctcagccct    100980
     tggaacgacc cctcgttcct acaggccggt gtgcctctag gacaggcgtc cagccatgtt    101040
     gttgtttcaa cagatgcttc caacacgggt tggggggccg tgtgtcgcag gcatgcggct    101100
     gcgggcctgt ggaagggtgc ccagttgcat tggcatatca atcgcctaga gctgttggca    101160
     gtgttcctcg ctctccaccg ctttttaccg gtgctggagc ggcaacacgt gctggtcagg    101220
     acggacagta tggcggcaga ggcatttatc aaccgcatgg ggggtgtgcg ctctcgccga    101280
     atgtctcagc tccgcccgcc gtctgcttct ctggactcat ccgcggctga aatcgctgcg    101340
     ccccattcac attccaagca cactcaatcg tgcagctgat gcgatttgga gcaattttta    101400
     ttcgttaaaa ataagttgtt ttttaacgaa cagcgcccag cggaagacca tcattgtttg    101460
     atcagtttgc cttctcagat catcacgact tgcctaaaat aaaagatata aaacagttca    101520
     agtataaaac aatggtagct taaatgttaa agaatgtgtg ctattaggcg catattttgc    101580
     ttataaaaag cttgcaggac atcgaggcgc cagagcaatc acttgcattt tttcagtggg    101640
     agcaatttaa agttatccgt catttttgct cacaaagtac gagtaataca tcaaaaacca    101700
     ttacagcgtt tttataaaat aaagaaaacc aaaattatgc gctttctgtc gtctggtttt    101760
     tgaacaggag cgcttaacaa aatgaagcaa aatgtatatg cctcacagac ataataaata    101820
     tattaataga aagctttaaa ttattacata acgaaataaa acaaatcgaa aacaaaaaaa    101880
     ctccttcatg taatccgtaa agatgaattt ctctctaaag gcgagtccaa gaggagattg    101940
     ccagtcagga tctttgcgac tcagaataag tttattaata aataattatg atatgatcct    102000
     tactctttcc tcgacacatt cattgttatt tgtttttgcc ggtgcttgga gcgagtttta    102060
     gcttattgtg tgcgcttgaa cgcggattca cagtagcagt tttaacatgg agtgacacga    102120
     catctgacgt acagatgaca ctggcacatg ccactgagtg tagtgacact tccggtggca    102180
     cgtccggttt tctgctgtca tgtgtcactc gctggcatgt gtagtgacct gtgtcactca    102240
     gagtgtcgcg ctgcatgcca ctgcagtgac atcgacaccc ggcgaagctt atgacattaa    102300
     ttaacacgag caaaaccata tttaatcatt acgcgacttt taacctaatt tatcgcgtcg    102360
     caagttagtt tatttgctga gctactcttt taatttaaac tcatttattt tatgtattcg    102420
     tagtcatact tccgtacgta atatagtcat ttgacagtac atgtcagcca aatttattgt    102480
     ggcatgctta tatatgggag gggttacact tatctgttgt actgtatatt attgcatctt    102540
     ggcagttcct ttgttcccta caatatggac ttctctatgt ttttaattca atcatttatt    102600
     taattattta acttattttc attttaaggt attttaaata atatccttta aaaagttata    102660
     ataaaatgca tgttgaaaac tcataacata tatgcatgta agataacagg tgtcatttgc    102720
     ctaatgattt ttaaatatta aagcaaagag acttataaga ttaatgtgct tataacgtgc    102780
     ttatactgac acctactggc acatgtcaca agatcactga cactggcatg tgtcactgac    102840
     attactggca tgtgtctaaa aagagccact tgacaataat gatgatcagg gttacacata    102900
     ggctgttaat atatttgggc ccaggggccc acaagttatg tgttaaaagt gcgttgcata    102960
     catagtaccc ccacccctac tcacctcagg ggcaaggaaa aaaagttcag gctcaggaat    103020
     tttttccact atcagccctg taagctgaat aaaatacgaa actaaataca aacactttgc    103080
     cattaggcta catacaaaac tgaactattt tatagctgaa acactaaatt gtttaaggag    103140
     aagggggaaa tatatttttg tcccgtctat tgcttcaccg ttatttcgag aataaaccca    103200
     ttgtaaatat gcagatgtca ttcccaaaac aaatcagcgt atatgtgccg aaaacgaaag    103260
     tttcatacaa attctgaatg gattatagcc tggaaagtgc aaagcacgct cctcttatta    103320
     tcactaaaaa gcgttactaa tcttagttca tagagatctc acaaagatcc gttataattt    103380
     ataaagctct ctaaattaca caattaatct tttatttaca tggcgtctac actcaaaaga    103440
     tgattcacga gcacacaaaa tggcacttaa taaaaaccaa tccggcgctt tcagcagtga    103500
     gtgaattctg tgaatctaga gaaatgacag atcaatatcc gtgaacctga tttttttttt    103560
     ccgcagccac agtacgccgg aaatccggcg tggtgccgga acgctatcac ccctgcactg    103620
     aagttcccca accgaagggg aacgttcgag gttacagaag taaccctttg ttccctgagg    103680
     aggggaacgg aagtgccata ctccgtcgcc ataatgactg tcccttagct gtttgaaagt    103740
     ctcttcagct taaaaggatg gcgtttgctc gcttcagctg tgcttatatg ctgggataat    103800
     tggcgatgca acacacctgc gcaagcttac gctgccaatt cattttcatg cattggcccg    103860
     ttcaatactc tccagacaag cagcttctga tccgaatctc ccattcgtgg atttcaatca    103920
     atccactcta tggcacttcc gttcccctcc tcggggaacg aagggttact tctgtaacct    103980
     caaacgtttc cctgctggga atttatcaat aataggacat aaatggcagt taaagtcacc    104040
     cccaatgaat aatgttttaa ctccccagtc tgctaatttg gcaaaggctt cagtaagaaa    104100
     aatatttggg tgaccaggag gccaataaat gttcatgaag acaatttctt ccacatgtaa    104160
     aagccctttt agaagtacat agcgccctct agtgtcttta ataacttcca ccgattgaag    104220
     tggcacacct tttttaatta aaataactac acccctactc cttgaagtaa aagagaaaaa    104280
     atgggcttgg gcataacacc cctgcgaaag cttagtatgt tcttggtcat ttaagtgggt    104340
     ctcttgaagt aatgcaacgt ccaccccctc cttttttaga taagtcagga ccattctttt    104400
     cttaataggt gtgtgaattt cattaacatt ccaagtacag accttcaaat ttaccatttt    104460
     aagtatatat taaacataat gtgaccccca tttgtataga taaggttgca tgaatatcgt    104520
     acgaaaagaa atgaaaaaat aaaataaaaa gaatggaaaa agaacaaaaa tgaaaaaaat    104580
     ggggagataa aaaagggatt catccaagta tacaacaaac acaaaactgg aacaatagaa    104640
     cagtcattaa acattaaaaa tatttcacac cagctctcgt tatgagagta actgtgaatt    104700
     agaggcccct taacgacaaa aggaactact aagaaaactc ctacctaaat attaagcggt    104760
     agtgccgcta taaacatcag catggtttta ataaaccaaa cagtacgcct tattggccaa    104820
     tttttctcaa atacccagat aaattcacaa tgtctgcctt cacgttaatg tgtgagtgtc    104880
     tgtggtatga gttggccgac tatcacgcaa gtggtctccc atcaggtgat tcaggtacta    104940
     tcgttagacg ttgcattcaa cgagtctagg aatgcagcag ctgggtcatg aaacaccttc    105000
     actgagccac gaaagtttac cttgaggagg gcagggtaaa tttgcctgta ttccgcgcct    105060
     atggacttca ggcgtttctt gacttcgtcg aacatcctgc gtttacggag aacggacgcg    105120
     gagaaatcct gaaaaatcat cactgtgctg tctacaaatt ttaaaggaga acctctggat    105180
     cccagctccc gcaaagcatt taacacacgt tgtttgtctt ggaaattgtg aaatcttacc    105240
     aggataggac gtggtcgttg tgtggcgggg ggtttcggag cgagggactg gtgcgctctt    105300
     tctaacttta tacggccctc ttttgttgtg atggcgaggg tctcaggaag ccatgattca    105360
     aagaatcgcg ttggattttc accttctatg ccctcaggta atccgacaat tcggatattc    105420
     ttccgtctgc ccctgttctc aaggtcgtcc gccctttcat tcaaatcgtg cacaagtttc    105480
     tccaggtttt gtattttagt tttgaaaggg gacaattctt cttccaccac agatatcctg    105540
     gtttctgctt ctgcaatcct tttattatgc ttgtctagct ccgcgcggtg catttgcagt    105600
     agctgtgata ttgggtctat tttatcatct atgagtttag agatattagc tgtaatctcc    105660
     tctaccgcgt ccgatagtgg gtttgtggat gagctcatgt tagcgccgtc agggtgttcg    105720
     ttagcctctt cacggctggt aaactgcgtt tttttacgtg gcatattttc cgattgcctc    105780
     agaaagtagt catctatgtt catactgtaa aatactgagt ctgcgcgtgt aaaaacgtaa    105840
     cctactgaaa gttttaaaat aaaatatgac aacgtgacac taccgcttaa ctacacacag    105900
     ccttccttca agctgccatc tgggaacccc ctcatggaca ttatttctaa aaaataagct    105960
     tgataagtcg actgtagcag gggtgtgctg acgtcacagg cgagcgcccc gagggcactg    106020
     tagtccgttt atagcctaat gttagcgttt taactcttgc gtttgcattt aagattcaaa    106080
     agtgctcaaa gttgtatttt tgtgtgagga ttatccagct ggacaaaacg tgtaagtgta    106140
     atgaacagtg tttgaacaca gagcttatta tttgcaatct ttgaaaagcc tatgggaaaa    106200
     tcctataggg attttcacga gggaaccagt tttatgctag cagccgatta gcctacaaag    106260
     tgacgtcata gttcctcctc tctattaacc ccgaaaataa ccacgaatcc actaatgtta    106320
     ccagactgct gttgcgcttg cattaaggaa aaacgataaa cacatgcaga ctttgcttat    106380
     ttcaatctgc caacacaaca cacattcctg atatgcgagc aaattggtat aaatacagca    106440
     ctacaacata caaaaacaga gatcatctaa tctgccaaca tgtctctgaa aacccgggag    106500
     actggggagg agggggtgtt cgggagtgat gttgagaata ggatgcagtg ggtattgggc    106560
     ggccgcttcg atcgagtact gtaccaaagt tggaaaccca gggctgttta gtttacagac    106620
     tgcaccaaag agtggggtgg gtgaaattac gaaagttttt tttagaaaga aataaaaacg    106680
     cgatgttttc gggagactgg tctgaaatac gggacgctcc catgaaaaat gaaggggcag    106740
     gtgtgcttac cagtttaata tttgatctgc tatagttaga aatcaaactg ttatatcttc    106800
     taagcgtaaa ggcttattat gcggttttgt cgccatcttg tggatagaaa acgtcaactg    106860
     tcgcagatga gctgtctctc agaaatttgt aaatatttta aaataggcac ttttcttgca    106920
     aataaactcc atagtggcaa tcttaacaac tacattatca tcgaaaaaag cctcaaaagt    106980
     atattttgtt gtctaacagc agtaatattt gttatactgt agtgtctgct tgttgctggc    107040
     tgtatgtggg tgcagtatta cacaaagggt aaagaggctg tacggatgct gatgttactt    107100
     aaatgtatca cggctatcag ccaatcagat ttgagatcca gacaaaactg ttgtataaat    107160
     aaataacttt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    107220
     atatatttat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatagttaa    107280
     aaatatttac taagtgtata taactactac tgtaagaaaa ttctgtcaga atttggtaca    107340
     ttctttctgt attatcttag cttgaactga cctggggcct gtttcagtaa ggaagttcaa    107400
     acaactcgga gtttaaactt gaataatatt aggtttcaga acagctaatc tgagttaggt    107460
     caatcaactt tgagtagacc aggggtccgt tcttcgtacc tcgcttaaat gatctaagat    107520
     gatttggctg atcctggatc ttttaatctt gataactgat ctctcgctaa tttggttctt    107580
     caaacaagtt cgcgaatcag attagaaagt ctggaggaac tgatctgaga tcactgcttg    107640
     tgttgtgaag gacagatcta tcgatcctcg aaatcatgat cagcaatgca acgattggct    107700
     gacggcacag cagcgtaatg acatcatctg attaatattc aattatccat gtgagcaaaa    107760
     ttacatcaaa ttagcagtaa acggtttgtt aaatatgaca cgcaataacc ttccacattt    107820
     gttgtgagct gcaggcttta cactttcatg tgtacattta gaaaatattt tctttattat    107880
     agaaaccgtt ttttaatctg tgtaaagaat aactggatgt ttacaaaagc attttgatat    107940
     tggtaaaggc gtctgcaact tttgtgaagc atcaaatcac tggcatatta actgtcatgc    108000
     atgtttatga ctgcataaat gtattattgc tttttaaaag tcacatattg tgcatttcta    108060
     ttatacacaa tttgtactaa agcgatctaa aaagttcata tcaataagtt ttctctttgc    108120
     accacaaggt ggcagtcttt gtactttcat ttcgagggtg cagattgcat aggttttatt    108180
     aatatgtata actttattta ttttattaat aactataact ttatatatat agttaaaaaa    108240
     tatttaccat tttcccaagt gtatataact actactgtaa gacaatatca gaattcgaaa    108300
     catactttct gtattatctt tgcttaaact gagccaatct aatcctgttt aaatgaattg    108360
     aacctgctcc cgatcaggtt tgagctagca gaactgttgc tatgacaaca actctcggat    108420
     cagctttgaa gaacgaaacg atcctggatc atgtcaaatc gtcaatatcc aaatccagct    108480
     gagtaatcca cgtacgaaga acggacccca actcagagtt aagcgcgcac accgtgacca    108540
     taaaaaggca ttatcaatgg agcgcagata ttacgagtga ccatggcaac atcttaaaaa    108600
     aaagagatca ccatttcttt ctccagctaa atttgatgtg ctcatgcaaa gttatagcaa    108660
     atatgagcgt gtatatttaa aaagaagcaa ccatcagtaa aacaaagaca gttagcatgg    108720
     gaaaacagct gctcaattaa attattgtta atcattaata ttctgcatta acttattgtt    108780
     aatttgacca aataaatata cccagacctc gttgctcatc cgagcggact ccgtacggat    108840
     atatttattt agaaagggaa ttcttactac tccttgtgag gtagctcaat cattcataag    108900
     ttttgattaa cttaagtagc agccggtagc aaaagattta tcatttcagt gacctttttc    108960
     tgtgaggcaa acaaaaacaa tccaatgcga ttataataag gtttattgac taatctaaca    109020
     catatcaaac gtaaactgag tataggaata tatgggcata acatataaca gacaaacgca    109080
     tgctaattct aaataggcta taaacggata tatggaacat ataacaaaac cgaaagagac    109140
     agaaaagcga ggaaatacag aaattagata cagaatgaca atttcgctca gttcaaccac    109200
     acataacgag aataatcagt tgatcataaa caccttaatg aaaaatatac ttgcatttat    109260
     tctctctcgt gtcgtgcgag ctttggttga tgcgcggggg acgtcagaga tttggtccca    109320
     cgaggcgcga gattaaactg agttcaaaag tcggaaaata aagaaacgag gacagaagaa    109380
     ggttctctgc ggagaagttt acccgagggt ttttttctgc ttctgcccag atgttggggg    109440
     gcagaatgag ttatacctgc gggtcacgtg acgacccgtt cagcattctt gaccaatgat    109500
     ttcaggacaa agtttgagcg cgaaacctct ctttgtctct aggctgttcg tatgcaaatt    109560
     ttgggtcctc ccacaaccta aggacggttt ttaattcagg gcattaaaaa aatgcaggcc    109620
     gtgcctgtta ttatcatgct ctatgcatca tgtgttataa aatgtccagg gcattctatt    109680
     gacaccaaac actctacaag tacatcaaca ttaaaagtac atcaacatag ttcccatatc    109740
     cttacatcat tgatgctttt aaaaaggcct gaaagtacga atgtgtatag tctatatcag    109800
     ggattgtaca cattacaaaa gttaaatgta attaaacaag agatttgggt tctaaatgtc    109860
     tttgtttaat ttttttgagg aatgtcttgt ctgtgagcag ttggctaaag aggtttttct    109920
     tttcgtctct tatctgtcat gttcttttga agtcgcagag agtggttctg tgaagtctac    109980
     cagacttgtt aacatgtcac cagggatttc taagccagac tttttgtcac caagtgattt    110040
     tattgtcctg gcgattgaac ccagatcgtt ttcgtggaat gttaaatgga atttttatct    110100
     ccagaatgca ggttacaata tgttacacag tactaaaaat aatttttaga aagaataatt    110160
     aatctagtta cagtacatgt cgaaggtcag gtaatttaag ctaattattt attgttctgt    110220
     gtgtgactaa aagataggca atatctatgt ttttatccaa atatataaca taaatttatg    110280
     tgcaaaactg gaatattgta taaaagatgc gaataaagaa gcgtttccat ccaatgagtc    110340
     aaagagaaca aaatcttcac ttcctgatta actggcacca aatatcaaca gtaaaaacag    110400
     aatttactga tgtagaagaa gctgcgtcaa ttatttcttt atttaataaa tgtacttgcg    110460
     cctcagaaga caaggctgac acacaatgaa cacgtggggg cgtttgaagc catgagacgc    110520
     ggagactcca gatgatcgga ggtaattaat aatatacact aatactgaaa gttaaggcat    110580
     tttaaaatga ctaaaacaac atttaagacg tgttacagtg tgctcagcct gctggtttgt    110640
     ctattcacac acattttcat catcaaatga tgaccttttt ttaatgtaca tactgtaatt    110700
     tgttcagtaa aagtgtttcc atcgtagttt atttgcatat tttctatcga attaaagttt    110760
     atcctactca attatgcatg tgtttttgtg catattttca aaagttatat gcatcttgac    110820
     gtttccatca atcgttttta tgcacatcat ttagaggtgt tttgacagtt cagagccaca    110880
     gcacaagtga taagctagat acagaatgta ttattttcaa aaatgtgaca taaattcatc    110940
     ctattagcat caacgtttct gtgtttgttc ttgctgtcaa ttgcagggaa aatgatcgat    111000
     gaaaagttta tgataaaacc gctgtgaggg cgcagatttg cccttgaatg ttgatacaaa    111060
     tctgatcatt gagctcagat gactttatga caaacacaga gcagaatata aatacagaac    111120
     gtgtggcccg tatgctggat ttagtggtcg gtgcacctag gcttgttgat ctgtgaaggc    111180
     tcaagatcta tgtgtgtgtg aaggctgtta gatctgtgtg tgtgcatgcg gtgaaagctc    111240
     tcgcgtgctc gttataatca atatgaatat tccgatcaaa ctgaatacaa tcttacatca    111300
     acaacacatg ggaagcaacg tgttggtaat aacaaataat tatattagat tgaaaacctt    111360
     ccataaagtt tttgtttagc acgtcacatg tgcaggtcag tttggtgtgt gtgtatgtgt    111420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtcgttcatt caccggctgc aactaaaaga attaaccccg aaactaatat    111480
     tattcggccc tggagtaata agtaaatctc cctgctatct ctaacacaac aaagagacag    111540
     agcagaaaag gctttcatat gtaatttttt tttcctgagg cgatttgaag caaaatacac    111600
     aatggcactc aatcaaacat atctacaatg ataaggataa tggttactta ctgagttatt    111660
     aacgcacagc aattccacgt gaacaaagga tggactttga aggaataatc agtttgagga    111720
     gagatccatg aacaagtctg aacatgtttc gcccacgcgt gcgcagcaac aattacgtaa    111780
     tttatcggct taaagatatc agcctaattt ataatattaa taaagcagtg atgatgacct    111840
     gaggttaaca aattaataat attaataaat cagtgatgat gacctaaggt taacatatta    111900
     ataatattaa taaataagcg atgatgacct gaggtaaaca tattaatgat attaataaag    111960
     cagtgatgat aacctgaggt taccatataa gttatattat taaatcagcg atgatgaccc    112020
     gaggttagcg tattaatgat gttaataaat cagtgatgat gacctaaggt aaatatatta    112080
     ttgatattaa taaatcagtg atgatgacct gaggttaaca tactaagtta ataattttaa    112140
     ggttaacata ttaataatat taatagatca gtgatgatgg cctgaggtta acatattaat    112200
     aatattaata aatcagtgat gatgacctga ggttaatatt ttaatgaatt ttaataaatc    112260
     agcaatgatg acctgaggtt aacatattta acagaatcag attaaatcgc tagttgaatt    112320
     ttgcagcgat tcacagtaca ccaagttgac gtctcaaata acctactgtc ttgcgtttaa    112380
     actagtgctg ttttgttcca catttctggc gcttgtattt aaaagacatt gatataatac    112440
     atgctaaaaa acgaattatt agcaaaaaaa atggtcgcta aattagcaag aggccaagtt    112500
     tagtcgtgtt taaaagagtt agctacatta aaatattcaa aacaatattg ttagcttgtt    112560
     ttaattaaag ccagaaagta aatcactgta acggtagagc agcatggcaa tctaatgtaa    112620
     ggtagggaca cctaattagg ctaacttaat acaaactaaa gttaaatgtt tctcgttcgc    112680
     ttcactgaaa taagggcaaa tccattatca gatattaatt ttacgatcat tgctgcttct    112740
     gtgcatgtgg ttctgcgtgg gcatgtgttt tcttcttttt tgaatttgcg ttttggcgga    112800
     ctctgcaaga ggcacataat gatgacgtaa taacgtttga ttggctgata gagttgttgt    112860
     ccctgggtca tcataaatta tgttggtctc aggacaacta gtacttggca aaatcatgac    112920
     gagcacgagg ctcagtgctc aaatctgatt tttctcagat ctgattcttt tgcatggctg    112980
     ttcacggtcc aaaactgacc caaatgtgca aaagtactta acggaaagca caaaatgtct    113040
     aattatgcac gtgtgtgtgc tgcatgagta gcttatatga ttattaccct tttcacagac    113100
     aaccgttgtg tatttcatga actgtaaagg gttgttctgc tactacaaat gtgtattcgg    113160
     catatgaaac ctaaaataaa tctcctgtga taaaaacact gatcatttgt gatttatgac    113220
     aactgcggtg tgtggcgctc tgaccactag tgtagaaaac tcctcaaagg ttaaagaggc    113280
     catattatgg gtttttgaaa attcccctcc atgtagtgtg taacagctct aagtgcagtg    113340
     aagtatccag ctaaggctta aatttgttag tgtacagtgt ttaaccccct gggaacgaag    113400
     accgcgtata cgagttctga caagttttta cctcattgag ctgaaatgaa cctaaattac    113460
     actttcagtt ttgatcgtac agataagatc aatacatcaa tcgaatctgt taggtgtcta    113520
     cttttaaatg tgtacactca caacaaaaac aaatgtgtgt gcttttgcaa aacaaggata    113580
     ataaacagtg taggcattct gtcttttctc tctccgtgaa ctgtgtttag aaacgcgtca    113640
     gtaaaatgcg ctgaaactcc gcgaaaacaa tacacccaga catgagacac atatctttat    113700
     aaagcttgaa gtgtctactt ttaaatgcag ctatgcatgt tgaaaacaaa tattgtttga    113760
     taaagtaatc agtatgaaac caacgctgtg tctagtttct cagtctgagc tcattagagt    113820
     taatgcgacc acgcccacaa agctttgaca ttaaacagcc tgcatagtag atagttcacg    113880
     ccttctcgca taaactattt tcaatcagaa agtgacttag aagttttaat tcattgtatt    113940
     gttttctgtg agcaagtgaa caagatgatt ctcacatcat tttgaagcaa aaacactaga    114000
     ctaccagatc cagttctcaa aagtcttgtg cacaaatgtt ctctgtgtgt ttcatggcct    114060
     tgtttcagtg acttcaaaat tttagttttt cactaaccac gcataaacat ttctttctca    114120
     aaaaacacaa acacatacaa acatgctgct taggtattat tgtagcccaa cttgtgctgt    114180
     taacagtgtt atcacacttt agccattaat atgtttttaa gatactgaaa acaacacaaa    114240
     tgtcagtgca tttcaaaact tcttcagagc cccaaaaaac cctcagaacc cagagggtta    114300
     aaactgttga ttcatctata aaagagtcga ctcatagtgc ttcaaacgag tcgccttgat    114360
     acagagtcat taggtgtttc gccatgacgt acgaatgaaa ccaagttatt cacgtgcaca    114420
     cgcaaacccg ggagatttca aacctgcagc cccgccctct gacgcagaaa cccagacaca    114480
     cacacccaca cacactaaca tgccggtgta gcagtcgatt ctgttccctt ctggaattcc    114540
     agttccacct ctacgaagcg tatccgctaa cagcgtatgc ggacacaccc aaacacaact    114600
     ggatgtacgg aaagcgaaaa gggacaaaag tgttggcaat gctttttatg tcttgcaatg    114660
     tcaaagtagc gcaataaaat caatcttaca cttccattac atattacctg tggttcttgt    114720
     ttgcattctt agctttttta taatgtctga gtttatgcac cctaatttaa tattgcatgt    114780
     aggcctacag ttatgttagt cctctagaca catgtttccc agaattggcc tagtgtgttt    114840
     gtgcgcacgc gcgtacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatat    114900
     atatatatat atatatatat atacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    114960
     ataattgttt acaattaatt attcaattaa tgaattatca gtggagctat aaattgggaa    115020
     catggccata ccacattgtc acttgatagt cacaccaatt tgtattgctg gtggttactc    115080
     tctgactcaa acaacaataa tggatccaaa aatgtatgaa caaattatga actataaaca    115140
     gcaaggcaca taccctgttg gtataaagaa ggagcaaaaa tataatatac gcagtcgttc    115200
     ttccaacttg atggtaagca aagtactttt gagttaagat ttaaaattat ttattcataa    115260
     aagaattaaa taacaataat gctgtttgaa tagatggaaa actttaccac ttttcaaaaa    115320
     aaatgacgtg gagttaaaaa aaacaagtgg ttgttgggga aaatgaagca aatgaaattt    115380
     tttaagattt tcatgcaagc tcccatggag cacactgtgg aacggagaaa acaaaacttg    115440
     ccatttcagc ccgattttac tggcctggaa tgggggtgga tattgataaa tgggtaagat    115500
     ttaaataatt tctttcaaac ttgttatgag atctcaatgg attgtttctc atttgcttat    115560
     ttctgatttt caggttttgc agtgtgctca atgccagttt agtaggccat ccataaaaca    115620
     ggagccaaag tatattccga tatgtgtatg taagcttgtt cacattttca aatacaaggt    115680
     gtcacagcat tcacatttat ttgtgctgtt tttccttcct aaggtggata ggccactaga    115740
     actgttggac ctggtgggca aagtgaccaa aaccgacaag ggcaacgaat acatttgtgt    115800
     cattgtcgat tattacacca aatggtcaga ggcgtatccc atacccaaca aatcagctgc    115860
     agttgttgca cgctgtatca ttaacttttt ttatatgttt ggggcaccaa agaggatcct    115920
     aaccgaccaa ggcagagttt gtgaaccagg tttgcaactt atcaaattac attcagaaaa    115980
     taagtataaa tattttgtgc aaatcagaat tatacaaacc ttacatacgt tttgcaaata    116040
     gatcaacaaa gacctctgtg acttcctcgg tgtggaacga agcctctgtg ccccatatca    116100
     tacacaaact aacggccttg tggaaaaact aaatgggacc atccagaagt aagttggcat    116160
     tgtgggaatg caatattgat gtaatattgt acatccttgc aattgtttac taataccttc    116220
     ctgctccttt ttattactct agagccttgt gtaaacttgt ggaggagcga cctgaaaaat    116280
     gggatgagta cctagatgca gtgatgtttg atctaagaac taagccacag ctgacaacta    116340
     ggtactcccc atttttcctg atgttcggct ttgaggcccg atacccttca gaggtgcctg    116400
     agacatttga ggtatatgtt cagtctttaa tttggtttaa atgacaaagt gaaatcattt    116460
     ctaagtgcta tatttcctaa aaggtcaaca gcacagtgaa aaatatatta actgaggaca    116520
     ccgtgtcagg ggccatttct ctaaaagaga aaattgacca catggtaaag gaaaatgtaa    116580
     aaaaaaaaaa caggagcgca gacagaaagt gcaaaatcaa gcacagttct ctgttggtca    116640
     aaaggtccta cggaaaaaca taaggtccca gcagagaaaa ggtggcaagc ttgagcggag    116700
     ctggctagga ccttttgaaa tactccaaca ccaagaaaaa agtgctgatc taaaggatga    116760
     gagaggtcac atttacccaa aaataagcac agaccacctt aagttattta aagtagatgg    116820
     acctcatgta ccccacagga tccttgctgc acaacaaaat caaagacctg accagcatcc    116880
     ttcacctaca cctttagacc tcaccatcac aaaactgcag ccccaaccat caccgccatc    116940
     ctcaccaaat gcaccacaac tttctcccca tgtctccccc aagtcttcct ctttcctgtc    117000
     tccactcaac ttaactgtca gtctctcctc tcctcaatcc cacacaacta cagtggaagt    117060
     gcttggacag gctgactcca aagatgcaaa acatggctgt aagtgctgat atactataga    117120
     atcaaatgct gtaataaaag taaaaatatt tttcaggtgt gaaactatat tttttaaagt    117180
     gctgcttttt aattgtttat agacctcaaa agtgcttgga aaggcaatgc aagctatgta    117240
     ttgctgtcca aagtgggacc atataaatta ttttattctg acatttcaag gctcagacct    117300
     ggcatggagt tggagagtga ggtaaagata aaaaaaattt ttgtcacgtc aatcttttat    117360
     gtaatgttct attaatgttt tatttttatt tttttattgt ttgacaaggt aataaatgct    117420
     tatcttacct tgaaagtgag ggagcacaat gaaaaatcta aacgtaaagc ctttgctttt    117480
     aacacatttc caatgtctga gctgtggaaa ggaaaacctc agcaattcaa ggtgtgtgtt    117540
     tgtttgtttt tttgtgtgtg tgtgttttta ttaataaata ttttagtttt ttttctttct    117600
     gaccatgtgt aaaatttaat aacaaaatgg gtctttaata acaaaatggg tcaaaatggt    117660
     tgtgtaatta tatatagtta tatagttgtc taatattgtg ttcatttata tttaggtgga    117720
     cccagcaaaa tatgatgtgt tgttgggtat tgtcaatgat tgtcaccact ggtttttgat    117780
     ggtaaatgct tctgatttga aacagactct tcttgaaact ttccctattc tcaagttttt    117840
     tatttttatt tttgttaaat gtaggctata tacccagccc aaaggaaagc tcttcttctt    117900
     gattctcttg gagagactga ggtgtagaaa aagaagtgtt tggaaacggc aaggtatttt    117960
     aattcggcat aatctgatat tggaagttaa ctgacagaca gacagaaaaa aacaaaacaa    118020
     aacaaaaaaa cctttttgca gcacaattat gaagaaactt ccagtttcac attgggtgtg    118080
     tgaaacactg cctcacccac atcaaaaaga tggaacatca tgtggtgtgt ttgcgttgaa    118140
     ggtatgtgtc attgaccata tgaaatatta ataaaatttg gattgtttat ttatttttgt    118200
     ttttgtccag tttgcagaat acatccttaa agagaaggaa attgacttct gcagtgcacc    118260
     acaagaagta aaacgactcc gattagagat tgcatcaaca cttcttgacc aatctggtat    118320
     gtttttattc gtttttaact tgaaaatttt cagtgcatta atgcattttc agaaccaact    118380
     taaaattcac aaaagaaatt taaacagctc attttatctc aaagatgatc taagtgacct    118440
     gtgtcacttt tgtggggagg cagagacatt tgatgaatct gagaatgttc tctgggtaac    118500
     aacatttgtc tttttttttt tttgtaaatg cattgtaagc gagttttatt tatttacttt    118560
     ttaatcatag catatgattg aataacacga acattttgct tacaacgttg cttccctttt    118620
     tattatgagg cagatgtatt attaataccc cctctctatt tttagatttc ctgtgaccaa    118680
     tgtgggcgat ggttccacgt ggcctgcgct aataatccag caacagaagc agactacaaa    118740
     tgcttttcct gtaaataaaa aaatgaaatg taaaaacgtt tattttcttg tttatctctt    118800
     tggaaattgc tatggtatac ctgctgtaaa tttgtctcta aaatgtaaac ctgtgtatgg    118860
     caaacatgtt gtctaaaata aaattccgct taaggaataa ggaaaaacct tctagattac    118920
     gttgagaaac ttaattttca ggtttgcgaa aaataggaac tactctgctt cccgtacatc    118980
     cagttgtgct tcacgggtat gttgtttgcg atcatacgta tggtgcctcg gcaacaacac    119040
     aaaccatgta gtttaattgc gtaaagggga acagacattc cgaggggaac agaatcgact    119100
     gctacactgg tcgattgaag tcacactgca gatggatata ttgagtctct acccaaagat    119160
     gaaacctcag cattatagcc aagcagttgg aaactactgg aaacttctgc aaactacatg    119220
     ctacaaagaa tacttcatcg gcgtttgtta aaggaaggat cagtaaagag taacttactg    119280
     atggacatca ggatgggttt cttcctccat ttctcaagtg taagtacttg tgattaaagt    119340
     tgcctcgttg actctagctt gcaaatgtat ttagttgtga tttgttactt gtaaccgcgt    119400
     gtactgtatc aggttaactc gctttattct catatcgggt gcaaagccac gtttaaaacg    119460
     cgacgcgtcc tgctttgttt acggagctcc gtagaggagg agtagtgcgt gtgactgtgt    119520
     gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgcgctg tcgtccggag gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctttgc aatatgtgtg    119580
     tgtgtgtctg tgaaaagagc agagtgagaa gcttggagat ctcctcaact gtttttgctc    119640
     aataaattag ttagtcgtct gtattttcaa gtccattgtc tgtatttaca ttgacccact    119700
     ggcagctata atccacacct tacactatcg agcgtgtatg aactgtgatt acttttatat    119760
     tgctgattag ctgttggaca tttcactctc tcactgaagg cagtcgacca atcgcaacag    119820
     actgtcattg gtctaatcag cgcagattag cttcacgcta aggaagggtt ggggaacaaa    119880
     tgagtcactg gaagtttcat acgggagtcg ctgggataat taggtaaaaa taaatgcaga    119940
     ttatgaaacc ttgaaagtgt tttttgacct tgcatgcata ttaaactgtt gttggagacc    120000
     cttacaacca agatatgacc ctatttcatg tataatatgg gctctttaat gagcagctgc    120060
     agactgagct gtgaaggcgg agttggttta atcctcgttt gcagagttat ttaattttaa    120120
     ttcgatataa acagcagaca cgtgcagaag gggggtttgg gtgctcaagc acctgccctt    120180
     ttttctctac actgccaaaa atacttttct tgcttagagt tcttgcttag agtttttgac    120240
     ttgtttcttg tctaaatatc taaaatttct tatttcaaga agcattttct agacaagcaa    120300
     accatagtgt cttgttttga gaaataatat gccaatacta agtgagtttt tccttaaaac    120360
     gagcaaaata atctgccaat ggggtaggca aagtaatctt gtttattctt ttgatgtaag    120420
     attattttgc ttaccccatt ggcagataat tttgcttgtt ttaaggacaa actcacttaa    120480
     tattggcata ttatttcttt aaacaagaca atatgttttg cttgtctaga aaaatcttct    120540
     tgatttagga atttttagat atttggacca gaaacaagac aaaaaatcta agtaagaaaa    120600
     gcattttttt gcagtgtagg agggaaagtt cttcctcctt tgcacacgga tcccctaccc    120660
     acaaaactcg cgacaatttt tggctttgcg atcaacccgt gcctcaatcg ttatccagat    120720
     tagttaacaa gcaccagtta taccatcaaa atctttttca acatgaacaa ctaagtctct    120780
     gtggtaaagt aatcaccctg tatgtcattc tactgtgctg ctgaggggta gaggatgttt    120840
     gcagcacaga atgatgacgc atgtcgctca aagattatgc aaaagtcaca tgaaatctga    120900
     ctttaccgtt cacactgcag tcacataaca aaacatcagt gtctgattta agactacata    120960
     taaaaggcta cgttcacact gcaggcaaat gtggcccgaa tcagattttt tgccgatatg    121020
     tgactcaggt tgtgatagtg tgaacagccc aaaccgcatg gaatttgatc ttttcaggtc    121080
     agatttgtgc cacttcatat atagtattac atctgacaca gatctggggc ctcaggtacg    121140
     aagacttgca tggaaatctt actaaaacat tgcgtacgct caaagctgta aatgtgcgta    121200
     cgcagaaaaa aattcagatg tatgaaacac tgcgtacgcc aaatctcacg catattcttt    121260
     tgtacatccg aatgaacgtg aaactgagcg caacatgcac gagcacaaaa cccctccctg    121320
     cctcctcccc cgtatgaata tgctaatgac tatgctaatg gcaaaaccca acgaaaaagc    121380
     aatggcaaaa tcaagcaaaa agagaaactt tgaatagaat gtaaaatgga tgtgctgctt    121440
     tcggaggtag accggagaaa agctgtgtta tttgcaagtt tgttctccgg aattaacaaa    121500
     aaaagaaaaa aaatagagtg ggagagttta gctgatgcgg ttaacacagt tgggtctgaa    121560
     catcacactg agtgcattaa aaaaagaaat agtgtggttt atatctgtaa aatgttgcag    121620
     tacccttagc agtctcagtg gcgcacctcg taagacgcat gtgatcatat attgacacgt    121680
     tcgagcataa actcagcttg aatccagcgt ctgatgaact ctttcttctt tttttccccg    121740
     ctacatatca gattttgccc actatttatc acgagaaaga caaaaaggaa tcatcaataa    121800
     gtttgtgcat catattttat ttgcacattt attgaatgga aatgtttccg attcacgcat    121860
     gcaaattcat cttcagatag tgtctttata gcaatgtgcg tgcagtagat agctcagatt    121920
     acattgggaa aacaggcgac cgctgcaaat tgtgctttaa tgtttagctg gtcaactgta    121980
     tggtgtggaa accttacata cctactagat gaacccgtct catacagctg ccattgcaag    122040
     gctcagacac tttgtagaga ggaatttaac acaactgcct ctaggagtcg ccaatggaaa    122100
     taaaacagac acgcacaaaa aatgtgcgta cgcctgccag aaagctgccg tgaagctgcg    122160
     cacattccca cgttcagttc attgttagta aatccaaatg tgagcgattc tgagcgtgaa    122220
     acctggcgta cgcaaagttt ttgtgcgtac gcagcgttga tacatgaggc ccctgatctt    122280
     ttgaaatgcg aacgcagtgt aaacaggcat gtcgatcatt ttcaatcgac taatgtcatc    122340
     aacctgcccg ggcgcgaaaa aaaaaataca caaacagcta acatcatgga ggaaagtagc    122400
     gaaattagtc agtggagaga cagtgaagtg atagacttca taagtatttg gggtgacagt    122460
     tccatccaag gaaaacttga agggtcgtat cgtaataggt ctgtttttga gaacattgag    122520
     aacgttacaa atgctcgaac gaggacatcg gagaacgtgg ttgcagtgcc agagaaaagt    122580
     aaaatccctt aaaggcaaat ttaaagaagc taaagattct aactagcaga gtggacgtgt    122640
     cacctgtccg ttttataatg aactagaacg catcttgggt gacaaaccga gctgtcaacc    122700
     attagaattg cttgacagtt ccgtacttgg agatgaggaa gctacagcaa acagcaacga    122760
     tgatgttgag acaggtaagt aaatttgtcc ctgaacattt tttactctct gaactgtttt    122820
     aaatgatttc aatatactcg cataatgcat ggataatgaa atttgaccgg ggttacaacg    122880
     aatgaacatt attcaaatgt tactataaat taactatggt attgcaatga catttctagg    122940
     ttaaatatag catttgcgtg gttatcctaa gggtgataaa aatcataaga ataatgattg    123000
     tactataata aaatcagtgt tatcttcctg agaaaaacgt caacatttaa aaaaatctct    123060
     ttttgcagta ttaataatgt tggttcattt aaatatttac caatgaattg tttttagtta    123120
     tttaaaaata aaattaaata aaagttaatg gctgtatttg tgtatagatt ttaataagta    123180
     ttacataaaa gtgtatgtgt gactgtaact ttatgttaaa taatggggca cttattgtaa    123240
     aattttgttt acaagtttgc ctaaatctca taataataaa aaactggttt atagagtcat    123300
     tgacattgta ttctaatatt tctttgtttg catcagatga cacaaccagt gattcactta    123360
     catcaacatc tggagacagc acattttcaa ctacaaaagt gcgtgaaggg aacactccag    123420
     ccatcatccc ctgtagaagt aaggaatatt tattaaagca ttacttaaag agcccatatt    123480
     atacatgaaa tagggtcata tcttggttgt aagggtctct aacaacagtt taatatgcat    123540
     gcaaggtcaa aaaacacttt cgtggtttta taatctgcat ttatttttac ctaattatcc    123600
     cagcgactcc tgtatgaatc gtccagtgat tcatttgttc tcaaacccct acttagcgcg    123660
     aagctaatct gcgctgattg gaccaatgac agtctgttgc gattggtcga ctgccttcag    123720
     tcagagagtg aaatgccaaa cagctaatca gcaagataaa agtaatcaca gttcatacac    123780
     gctcgatagt gtaggcgtgg attttagctg ccagtgggtc aatgtaaata cagactatgg    123840
     acttgaaaat acagacaact aactatttta ttgagcaaaa actcaaaaac agttgaggga    123900
     tctcctagca tctcactctg ctcttttcac agacacacac acgcatattg cacaaacaca    123960
     cacacgcact tatacctgct ccggacgaca acgcgcgcgc acacacacac acacacacac    124020
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacctccgg acgacagcac    124080
     acgcacacac agacacacac actactcccc gtccacggag ctccgttaac aaagcagcac    124140
     gcgtcgcgtt tttaacatga ttttgagaat atagccagtt aacctgatac agtacacgcg    124200
     gttacaagta acaaatcaca actaaataca tttgcaagct agagtcaacg aggcaacttt    124260
     aatcgcacgt acttagactt gagaaatgga ggaagaaaaa tccatcctga cgtccatcag    124320
     taagttacgc tttactaatc cttcctttaa caaacgctga tgaagtattc tttgtagcat    124380
     gtagtttcca gaagtttcca gtagtttcca actgcttggc tataatgctg aggtttcatc    124440
     tttgggtaga gactcaatat atccatctgc agtgtgactt caatcgaccg gcatgtttgt    124500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtttgt ggatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gggtttctgc    124560
     gtcagagggc ggggcctcag gtttgaaatc tcccgggttt gcgcgtgcac gtgaataact    124620
     tggtttcgtt cgtacgtcat ggcgaaacac ctaatgaatc ggtatcaagg cgacttgttt    124680
     gaagcactat gagtcgactc ttttatagat gaatcaacag ttttaaacac tgtattctta    124740
     cagatttaag ccttagctgg atactttact tcacttagag ctgtgttaca cactacatgg    124800
     aggggaattt tcaaaaaccc ataatatggg ctctttaaag atgcaagctg ctcaacatga    124860
     acatgaactc aagatgtttt ttcatgttca cactgtttct tgaccggttc aaccactccc    124920
     tgcatctacc tttctgtcag gcaccagtcc agtctccaca actttacaat tcaagacacc    124980
     caccacctaa accaaccttc cacaatttta cccatccatt ccaaatgtct tcaccactgg    125040
     tcaccatcat tttctaaaac aacaaagcag cctgtatcat ttctgcaaga tatttctcag    125100
     cctctacctt tcagcaatgc tcctgcacat caaccagatg ccagatctgt cacaacatat    125160
     gcccgtctca aataaggctt cggcacatcc aacatttgat gcatgtccag agagtaagga    125220
     cagctaaata agtaattaaa atgcattttt tttccctctg ttctatgttc agattgtttt    125280
     cagatgagat aagacacatt gttagtttgc acagttgttc acttaaaggt taattataca    125340
     gttgccactc tgtttaattt aggttatagt tttaatgtac aaaacaatat agaataattt    125400
     aattttgaat tgagtatgtg ttattcttta cagcagaact gagataaaaa aaacatttag    125460
     atgatcaaac tacttgtata gaaaaatatt tttgttattt ttctaatgta ttgaaaagtt    125520
     tgttgactag ctgcttacac tgatcctgca cggttgacag ggttattcag gaaattactt    125580
     tatttaaatt gtttaggtta aaactcaatt cttagaatag aagaaatgtt ttctttaatt    125640
     tgcatttgaa actgcactga atggtacatg ttgttaatta aagctgatat cttatttgaa    125700
     aaaaaaaata ataatgttgt cattcctgag tcaaataaca ctaaaacact ttaaaacaaa    125760
     ccattttctt tcacaaactt aaaattaggg aaatctttac aatgtgattc aatgttggct    125820
     ataaaaaagt ttagttagtg gctgtctgac tatcgaaggc tgagtctgtt gttgtgtccc    125880
     tccttcctcc cgtccttctg cccctccatc atcatgaaga acttgagcag gttcctcaaa    125940
     agcctcacca tgcttctcac acagattgtg gagcatgcag catgcactaa tcatggtggg    126000
     cacattggag atgtccacat ccaggcgttt tcctaaacac ctccatcgac ccttcagacg    126060
     tccaaatgtg cactccacgg tcatcctagc cctactatgt cgctcattga aacttctttg    126120
     ctcttctgta aggttcccag agtcagtgta ccctttgagc agccaatttc gcagggggta    126180
     agcagggtca tcaagcagca tgactggtac ttcaactcca ttgatgttcc ccttcggggg    126240
     ggaacttcag cactataggt ggatttgatg ttctaaatcc acgtatggga ggattcggtt    126300
     cagaagccgc tcgtctgaaa gagtattgaa cgggccaata aaagcaatga attggcagcg    126360
     caagcttgcg caggtgtgct gcatcaccaa ttaactgagc atataagcac acctggcgct    126420
     agcaaacgct atccttttcg cttcagagac ttttctgatc gaattcatga gggttcctcc    126480
     tgctgatcta cagccacttc gagcgaacga gtgtctcccg gtccagagcg agtccacgca    126540
     gcggcagacg gtcgagctga gtttctccct tgcctggcgt ccctttgggt ccggtcctcc    126600
     aagagcggtg cgtattgctg caaagcatcc taaaagagca acacagtcgt gcagcacgtc    126660
     cttttcagga tggcgctccg actgtgcgtt tctggttgcg ggggtttcct ggctccggat    126720
     gatgggcacg atcattgcat tacatgtttg ggggtccagc atgttaatgt ggtgctcggg    126780
     ggcggttcat gtcgttactg cgatgccatg accgttgtgc agttgagatc aaggttagct    126840
     ccttggttag ttaggagagc tccagcgaga gataatcccc cgcctaaggg ctcgcggacc    126900
     tctcgctcct ccaagcgctc catccaagct tcgggtactg ggagtgatcc gtctaatcag    126960
     atggtagctc tcacgctcgc tgacaccgga gatcagatgt cctccgcggc atcggagggt    127020
     gagctttcat tgtccgacga tgatccggac cctctcgccc cctctgggat gctccagggc    127080
     accgctaagt ccggtaaaca gaccgcgaag cgtccctgag acaggccatc cggagaagag    127140
     gagacttgtt ctttccccgc tggagggcgg ggcccatatt ccaacggtac ttttcagtgc    127200
     caccaaagtt tcaaacaaag agcatttttt cacttccccg gatgtgacag ctcaagccct    127260
     gccagtctgg gacgcgctgc ctctcagctc gcagggtctg catgctccgc cagcgactct    127320
     cgggcgctgg ggggacggtc tcccttctcc cagcccccaa gccccctctc cggagtcagg    127380
     gtccagagcc tgagcgaatc gctctcctcc agctcttctg tgggaccctc gcgctccccg    127440
     gatcagcaca cccgctccac gctgcccctc cgtggatgcg tcaacgattg ctgcgatgac    127500
     gtcattagcg agggccagtc cctcgcggtg gctcatacgc acgatcagac tcggctacga    127560
     actacagttc tcgaaacggc ctcccaagtt cacgggcgtg tatttcacca gggtcaaccc    127620
     cctgtccgcc cctgtcttgc gagaggagat tgctgccctc ctggcgaagg gtgcaatcga    127680
     gccggtacct ccagccgaga tggaaagcgg gttttacagc ccgtacttca tgatacccaa    127740
     aaagagcggt gggtcacggc caatcctaga tctgcgcgtt tagaatcgct gccttcacaa    127800
     actgtcgttc agaatgctta cgcagaggcg catcctctga tgcgttcttc ctcaggattg    127860
     gtttgcagcc atagacctga aggacgcgta ttttcatgtc tccattcttc cacgccgccg    127920
     tcagtttctg cggtttgcgt tcgaaggtcg agcatggcag tacaaggtcc tccccttcgg    127980
     gctctctctg tctccgcggg tcttcaccaa actcgcggag ggtgccctcg acgactggct    128040
     gattttagcc cactctcgag agcaattgac tgcgcacaga gacgaggtgc tccggcatct    128100
     ccgcctattg gggttgcagg tcaactagta aaagagcaaa ctcgccccgg tgcagaggat    128160
     ctcttttctc ggaatcgagc tggactcgat caccatggta gcgcgcctct ccagagagcg    128220
     cgctcgcctg ctgctgaact gtctgaggga gctcgacagc aaattagtgg tcccactgaa    128280
     atattttcag aggctcctgg ggcatatggc ttctgctgcg gcggtcacgc cgatcggatt    128340
     gctccatatg agaccacttc agcactggct tcaagatcga gttccaagac gcgcatggca    128400
     tgcgggcaca caccgagtct ctgttactgc gctgtgtcgc cgcaccctca gcccctggaa    128460
     cgacccatcg ttcctgcagg ccggtgtgcc tctgggacag gcgtccagtc atgttgttgt    128520
     ctcaacagat gcttccagca caggatgggg agccgtgtgt cgcgggcatg cagctgtggg    128580
     cctgtgggta ggtgcccagc tgcattggca tatcaatcgc ctagagctgt tggcagtgtt    128640
     ccttgctctc cgccgttttt ctccggtgct ggagcagcaa cacatgctgg tcaggacgga    128700
     cagtacggcg gcggcagcgt atatcaaccg catggggggt atgtgctctc gccgcatgtc    128760
     tcagctcgcc caccgtctgc tcctctggag tcacctgcgg ctgaagtcac tgcgcgccat    128820
     tcgcatccca ggtatgctca accgtgcagc cgatgtgctc tcatggcagc agattcactc    128880
     tggagaatgg agactccacc ccgagtctgt ccagctgata tgggcgcgat tcggggaggc    128940
     ccagatcgat ctgtttgctt tcctcaagaa cgctcattgc cagttgtttt atttcctgac    129000
     cgagggcact ctcggcacgg atgcactggc ccacagctgg cctcggggca tacgcaagta    129060
     tgcgtttccc ccggtgagcc tgatcgcgca gttactgtgc aaggtcaggg aggacgagga    129120
     acaggttctg ttagttgcgc ccctctggcc caaccggacc tggatatcag agctctccct    129180
     cctcgcgacg gccctccaat ggcagatccc tttgagagag gccctacttt ctcagggaca    129240
     aggcaccgtc tggcaccctc gcccgttctc tgtagacgcg aggaagactt aggtaaccta    129300
     ccgcccgcgg tggtcgatac catcactcag gctagagccg cctctacgag gcgcgcctac    129360
     gccctaaagt ggagtctatt cactgaatgg tgtgtctccc gcagagaaga cccccgatct    129420
     tgccagatca gtgttgtgct ctctttcctt caagagaagc tggatagcag gctgtcgccc    129480
     tccactctca aggtttatgt tgccgccatc tccgctcacc atgacgcggt ggctggcggc    129540
     accgtggaaa agcataacct catcatccgg ttcctcagag gcgctaggcg aattaatcca    129600
     actcgccccc ctctcacgcc ctcttgggat ctcaccctcg ttctcacgag cctgcgattt    129660
     gatccctttg agccactcga tacagtatcc ttaatattcc tgtccctgaa gacagctctg    129720
     ctggtcgcat tggcctccat taagagggtc ggggacctgg aggcattttc ggtcagtgac    129780
     tcgtgcctgg aattcgggcc ggatttttct cacgttatcc tgagacccca cccgggttat    129840
     gtgcccaaag ttcctaccac tccctttaga gatcaggtag taaccctgca agcgctgccc    129900
     ccggaggagg cagacccagc cctttcctta ctttgtccag ttcacgctct gcgcatttat    129960
     gtggaccgta ctcagaactt tagatcttct gagcagctct ttgtctgtta tggcggacag    130020
     cagcagggaa gtgccgtgtc taaacaatgt ttattccact ggattgtgga ggccatttca    130080
     tgtgcttatt tgagcagagg tcagccgcgc cccccgggag tgcgtgcgca ctccactcgg    130140
     agcgttgcat cctctagggc gtgtgcgcgc ggcgcttctt taacagacat ttgtagagct    130200
     gcgggctggg cgacacccaa cacatttgca aggttttata atctgcaagt ggagccggtt    130260
     tcctcaaggg tgttagggac ctttggtgat tgaggaaaca acccggtggg tgtggtagca    130320
     cgcttgcggt gccttttttc cctaacacgg agagatgtgc accctcctgt ctgtcagtaa    130380
     agttccccat tcggtgagcc ttgcagattc ctccgaggcc cccagcactg actcagcgga    130440
     ggagtcactc gctggcccac tacgttaggt ctgcccgctg gtcagcccgc gtttttgggt    130500
     acaggtgcct gctatggccg atccccgctg gtgatcccca catgcttttc tgccacagtt    130560
     aagttccccc ctctgggtgg acccgtgctt tccctatccg ctaaccacct tcttatgcgc    130620
     actccccctt ctcagggtta gtccatatgc atttccattg tttccctatt gggtgcggat    130680
     ggtctccgca gcgtcctccc tactgggatg gcacgcttcc caacgtactg tcgtatattc    130740
     ctagaattat ctagacgcta gcgagtccca aaaaaatata cctattccgt aaagcttctt    130800
     ttgaagtggg gataagttag ggccaagggc acgttggagg actgcgcctc tcatgatttg    130860
     ggtgcgtcac tcttgcctga ctgccctctc atggtgggtg ttggtaaggt gcagtcatta    130920
     tggcgctttc aatgggctcc catacgtgga tttagaacat caaatccact tatagtgctg    130980
     aagttccccc cgaaggggaa cgttcgaggt tactaaagta acccttcgtt ccccgaggag    131040
     gggaacggaa gcactatact ccgtcgccat aatgactgtc ccttagctgt taaaagtctc    131100
     ttcagcttaa aaaggatagc gtttgctagc gccaggtgtg cttatatgct cagttaattg    131160
     gggatgcagc acacctgcgc aagcttgcgc tgccaattca ttgctttcat tggcccgttt    131220
     aatactcttt cagacgattg gcttctgaac cgaatcctcc catacgtgga tttagaacat    131280
     caaatccact taatagtgct tccgttcccc tcctcgggga acgaagggtt actttagtaa    131340
     cctcgaacgt tttcagtgtc cttagaacaa gcaataagaa atatacttag gagacttgat    131400
     taaatttaca ataattttta tctaatttaa tgtatcctat aacaaaaggc agtattaaca    131460
     ggcggtgttt tgttaatttt tttacatgta aactgccaga gagtgagagg ggaggtggtg    131520
     tgctgtgagt tttggcagtg atgagaagta tataaataaa taaattaata taataaagta    131580
     attaccggtg gataaagctg tcccttttca gcccgtgcat agatgttgga attcttaaca    131640
     actctggcat catggacgct tccaggccat aaagtgtatt tgttggtgaa actgttgagg    131700
     taatataaaa atcactggca aattactcca ttcaaacatt aagatatata tatatatata    131760
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatagtctat tttgagggat gtaaacacaa    131820
     acaatggtcc taacgtattt cccgacttac gctttttaat gtctatagct tctgagaatc    131880
     caaaaaagtc ttaatattga tatataataa tatgccaggt gttttaacgt aaagttaaca    131940
     ttgaattgct tcttgttaca gttatgaaat agtttgacaa caagcaggaa attttcatag    132000
     gccaatgata tcaccacatt gaaatggtct atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    132060
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac atttaattag gctataggtt    132120
     gtacattaca agttttgttg tgtaaaggca ggagaaaaca atattgtagt acacacaaat    132180
     aatttaagtc aaaactacaa ttggaaattc acatgaatgt tgtgttttac caaaattata    132240
     tatcttactc aattacttag ttatagaaat tagatcattt gaaaatatgc ttaccagaac    132300
     tgatgatcta caactccctg tagaattact gaatgccatc ctttgcgatt ggattaatcg    132360
     ctgtcattgt cttgaggggc aataatatga ctcccgtcaa tcgcacctgc gcactgtgga    132420
     aaacacatct tgtttggaag ccttgtatga tcgtgcgaag atcttttcat tgaggcagct    132480
     ttatgtactt gggcatgagt acacggcgca tggccttaca aaactggtga acaatcgtgc    132540
     aaacgatgga cttggcgact ccaaacaagt tagccaatgt gcggtaaccc gcacctgttg    132600
     ctaaccaata caacccaact ccgatgcgtt tttttaggga gatgggtcgt ctgagatgtg    132660
     tcctgtcgtg aaaaagtttc agaaagacgc tgagaaataa agttaaaggt tgtccttgac    132720
     atcatgaaat tgtcaatata ataattttag ctaaagctcc caccactcct ggctacagca    132780
     acgcatccat acacatttca tcacaaaagt agcagccact gctccacaac atgacataaa    132840
     taaaaatttt gtccttttcc tcctaattct ccttctcctc agcataatct cagtagctcg    132900
     atgttgcccg ctgcacatca atttataaat gcaacctaac acgtaaatgc cttgactgta    132960
     ttacatgttt atttttccat gtgatgatgc tgtgtgacgt agtatatgtt cattttgcgc    133020
     atgcgggtca gtttaggacc atgatcagtt cacactggaa atctgatatt ggccacattt    133080
     aaaacagcag tgtgaacagc gacacaaaaa aatcagatct gaaaaaaaat cagatttgag    133140
     cacaaagcct cgcagtgtga acgtagccaa agtggcacag atctgaccta aaaagatcag    133200
     attccatgcg gtttcggctg ttcacactgt catcacctga gtcacataag gggaaaaaaa    133260
     actgattcag gcaacatttg cctgcagtgt aaacaaagcc ttagtctgtg gagagctggc    133320
     ctttctcgag gttgctggga gttctgctgc aactctcttc tcttctttat ccatgacctc    133380
     aaacccagcc tgggttttct gcctttgggt ccactattac aagtagccat ctcacatctg    133440
     acaccaactg tgacagagtg ggcctcagct cattctggtg gggaaactaa acatgtatgc    133500
     acaatatata caatagaaga atttgttcaa gggaccaccg taacactttt gctgactttg    133560
     cagagttgcg tcgctacgac ccgcgttgac atcataagca gctgccgcag actcctcagg    133620
     ttggccaaca caacagacat acaaaaagac ttcactaaac caatagataa ttaacaagga    133680
     caacaaacaa aatgatgtac gtatgtgtgt ttgtatgaaa acaaagaatg aattactgta    133740
     cgtactggga aattgagttt gaggaactgt ttgtaagagg ggaaacatcc acggaagaag    133800
     gcgagtcagg gagaaggtaa ggtgaaccat ctgacatcga ttgcagctac tgactggctg    133860
     gaatcgagga ggcttcatgg ggagtcttta ttatgtgtgc atgtgtgtca gattagaact    133920
     gaaaaagtgc tcaggcatga tgagaggtgg caggagataa ggagcgatga ttggaaactt    133980
     gatggtgaaa gaaaatgaaa gtaactggaa ctggagcagc acgatcgagc cggggatgtg    134040
     acagtataac tgcagcaaaa tatatgtatt gtaaaatgaa aaacataaac taagttgcaa    134100
     atatgacgtg catcttcagg tgagtctgtc agagcagatg agaagtgaca ttagtggtcg    134160
     agcacctcct aagccatagt accttagtga ttctccttag ccatagaagt gacacagcca    134220
     ataaattcca ctcatttctc agagaccaca agttcatttt ttctaaaatt cagtcttttg    134280
     tagaaatgcc atcttggtca gtattcacat aaacaatatg aaagttcata aagagacatg    134340
     caactattaa ttactggaca cacacaatag actgataaat tttcaggcat tttgtaatat    134400
     cattgcacct gctgcagtca tggtaaagct gaaaagtttc ttgactatta cgccagaatg    134460
     agagtatagt tcctacctat attggcctag aacatagcag gtattcaatt taaattggtc    134520
     ttaaaacatg attgttgtgg tccatctgtt atcccaatga ccaaactaac agcaagggtt    134580
     aaggttaaat gcgtgtaagt cctattccaa atttaatcta gctatctaca tatgcacatg    134640
     gacacaactt caccagttca gggtcttaga cagaggatat aacggtaaac taatttcttt    134700
     aagctgccca ctgcttgcta atgcagaaac aaaaaatatt cagccactat gttatatcat    134760
     actaagttaa agagcccata ttatgggttt ttgaaaattc ccctccatgt agtgtgtaac    134820
     acagctctaa gtgaagtgaa gtatccagct aaggcttaaa tctgttagtg tacagtgttt    134880
     aaaactgttg attcatctat aaaagagtcg actcatagtg cttcaaacga gtcgccttga    134940
     tactgagtca ttaggtgctt cgccatgacg tatgaacgaa accaagttat tcacgtggat    135000
     gcgcaaaccc gggagatttc aaacctgagg ccccgccctc tgacgcagaa acccagacac    135060
     acacacacac ccacaaacaa acgcacacac acacacaaac atgccggtcg attgaagtca    135120
     cactgcagat ggatatattg agtctctacc caaagatgaa acctcagcat tatagccaag    135180
     cagttggaaa ctattggaaa cttctggaaa ctacatgcta caaagaatac ttcatcagcg    135240
     tttgttaaag gaaggatcag taaagagtaa cttactgctg gacatgtcag gatgggtttc    135300
     ttcctccatt tctcaagttt aagtacgtgc gattaaagtt gcctcgttga ctctagcttg    135360
     caaatgtatt tagttgtgat ttgttacttg taaccgagtg tactgtctca ggttaactgg    135420
     ctatattctc ttatcgcgtg caaagttacg ttaaaaacgc gccgcgtgct gctttgttaa    135480
     cggagctccg tggacgagga gtagtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgcgtgtgcg cgcgctgtcg    135540
     tccggaggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgtt gtcgtccgga    135600
     gcagggttaa gtgcgtgtgt gtctgtgaaa agagcagagt gagaagcttg gagatctcct    135660
     caactgtttt tggagttttt gcttaataaa atagttagta gtctgaattt tcaagtccat    135720
     agtctgtatt tacattgacc cactggcagc taaaatccac gcctacacta tcgagcgtgc    135780
     atgaaatgtg attactttta tattgctgat tagttgtttg gcattttact ctctgactga    135840
     aggcagtcga ccaatcgcaa caggctgtca ttggtccaat cagcgcagat tagcttcgcg    135900
     ctaaggtggg gtttgggaac aaatgaatca ctggacgatt catacgggag tcgctggtat    135960
     aattaggtaa aaataaatgc agattataag accacgaaag tgtttttttg accttgcatg    136020
     gatattaaac tgttgttgga gacccttaca accaagatat gactctattt catgtataat    136080
     atgggctctt taatgattgt cagaaatcaa catgtgcata tgcatgttgt gctctattct    136140
     ccatccatct gagcctgact gtatgtttaa tcctggtttg cagtaacttt agcctaaata    136200
     atctagatat aaatgatttc aatggcacac aaaatatatc aaatataaat attttatttg    136260
     tcaggtaaat attttccata attaaacaaa aacaagccaa ttctgaaaag tgcaacatca    136320
     attactcaaa cataatcaga gaattgatca gagtaaagga cttatgttgt aaaggattta    136380
     tgttcttttt aagtattggc acttaatgtt atgctttcag gtattccaaa tccatgtttt    136440
     ctctctcttt aatcgccgtg tattaaagcc ccaggaccaa atgtcaattt aaaaaaaaat    136500
     aaaaaattct aattaaattc cttactagtt aaaactgata aaatacaaat tgtagaagat    136560
     tttaacatac atatagatga cactagtagg acttgtgtta cagatttatt actatcattt    136620
     ggaataaagc caaatgttgg gtgaccaggc actgaaaatt ctaaaagtaa acaaaaattt    136680
     cttaaagtaa acaatcatca tgaacaaagt ggaagtggca gaacttcctg ggcctattat    136740
     gatctttgtc cgtctatttg ggggtccagc catacctgcc aacactcccg tttttccagg    136800
     agtctcccta atttcacatc tatctcccgc caccctcctg gttttttatt tttcccggga    136860
     aactcccgta atttgtacgt cccaaggcag ttgcaaataa agcatttttt gtgtatattt    136920
     gtcaagttga tagatcttta atgaagttca ttacctcaca caattgatga aatattcaaa    136980
     ccttgtattt tatatattat atattttacc ttaatctggc aacaaacatt acaactcggg    137040
     tgcgttgtta atttctgcac agcgggactt gaatgttggc agtagcaaca agcagcattt    137100
     tgtgacgatt ttaacactag tatggcaagc atggtacttg attctggcac agccaaaaaa    137160
     attcctctgg gaggacaaag acaatgcaac taattaaagg caagttcatg ttgcaaaaat    137220
     ttatgctact tttaaacaaa ctttatatta tatagtttat taaatgcttg tttttttatg    137280
     atttactgga tgtattttat ccctgactta atacatattc ttatcttatt attttgatca    137340
     atgtcgtcac aatgtatttt gacaacttat tcttcttctt tgtaaggtgc cattgctcca    137400
     gagcttgatg atgaggtaaa aaacatctgt cagaccaggc tatttggatt actttgtgat    137460
     gaggcaaaca acatgcagaa agaaaaagaa cttgtaattc tggcaagagt gtatgatgag    137520
     aacagccttg aagttgtgac caagtttatt gacatgccag tctgcaatgt gggtagtgct    137580
     gatagtattt atgagaagct ggaaacctct ttgagttggg tttattgtca tgataaatac    137640
     aactgttcaa tatcatgaat tttgactaaa acatttgtct gatttttatg acagaaatag    137700
     aggaatccca tgcaataacc tggttgcatt taactctgaa cactgtggtg taatgataga    137760
     aaaacataat tcagtcatca ccagactaag agatggtcaa ccgtatgttc aggatgtggt    137820
     ttgtttatgc caccttgccc aacttgccac aggctgtggc atgaaggcaa tcaaaactcc    137880
     agtggaagat ttactggtta tggtgtatag ccactttcac aaaaggtttg tataaatatt    137940
     aaacttgtat ctgcaatttc tctgtacaga gtacgattac acactattaa tgtccttctt    138000
     actgtcattt ttttttaatt gagttacctg tagtgccaaa aggtgtgagg tgtataatga    138060
     gtttgtggag ttcacaaaca cagacaacct gaatttgctt agatactgca gtacaagatg    138120
     gctcaccctc cacacatgca tacaatgtgt gataaatcaa tgggctgctt tgcaggctta    138180
     ctttaatagc catgaggatg agaagagtgc taaaatcagg aacctggcag gctactttaa    138240
     tgatcctgag ttgaaggttt tttttttttt tttctgtttc tgagtgccgc tcttaagccg    138300
     ctggttgcat tcaacaatgc ttttcaggta cagtaggtag aatatatgct ggagacctag    138360
     cagtactgta tatttatata aaagtaattg tctgttttga gtttactctt gtttgctcaa    138420
     taggcagagg tagtgatgat ccataagcta cacggtgaga tgataaggct ggtaaagagg    138480
     tacttggggt acattcatcc agctagatta attgtggata ttccagtcac taaggtttca    138540
     tatggacaca aacatcaact ggcgaatagc gatctttttg ctttacaaga cctcattgtg    138600
     ttaccaggag ccatagatat tgctttgggc tcatttgtat gtttattttg ttatttgtat    138660
     tttttattta taatctgaaa aaccatcacc attctactga agaaaaaaaa tcactactgt    138720
     atgtgttgga tgacctgtgg gtgagtaaac gtactggaag ttttgaattt aatatattac    138780
     aaacaatgtt aaaagtcaca atgaaaaaaa taaaattttg ctgtctgtct ttatttgtat    138840
     tttacgtaaa taaatagccc aacctcagcc ctccattcta ttccgaaact gtcaacccct    138900
     acgcccacag ccaattaccc cccaggattg actttcatgg tatttgttta cctttataga    138960
     agtcgttaca gcttttcagc tttcttcaaa atatcttctt ttgtgctaaa aagaatgatg    139020
     aatctaataa aaggtttata acaagttaag agtgagtaaa ttataacata gttgcttaaa    139080
     ttattgattg tgttgtgttt ttcttttccg tcctcttttc ttttaggttt caatcagcga    139140
     tcaaggaaga aaaaggaaaa aaaaacaaag gtctcaatgt tgactccata gctacattgt    139200
     taaacactat gtaaacaaca ttcagagagc aagaagcact ccgtgtccat gagcaatgag    139260
     agtatgtaga aatgttatgc aaagaggcaa aggaagagca aaaggaggaa agggcaagca    139320
     tgatgggaat ctgaaaagag atgatggagt tccaaggtaa cctcctaaag gtcattaata    139380
     tgcatccatc cctgacagtt tttcttcctt tgaatccact gtaccaacat cctctcagct    139440
     tctcttttcc aagccctagc actagctaca tggtaccaaa tcaccctcca gaacaagatg    139500
     cagatgcctc acaccatccc cagtttaaac tgaattattg gaatatttgc aagactaaac    139560
     agaaataaaa cagttcactt ccatttaaaa aatgctttaa tgatacatgt aattacatgt    139620
     gttaatattg cttctgtttt cacgaaccaa tatttatttt gtgcactaca gtatttgttc    139680
     tttccacaaa agtacaaatg tttgtattga gttgatacaa tttgaatatt atttatgata    139740
     aacaaaatgt gtaataacat tcataaaatg ttaagatttt tttttttttg cccagctaaa    139800
     ataaacagtt taaacccatt aatagcaggt tgtgttatca aatttaaaat aacagaaata    139860
     gacaaagcat gtttggaagc atatgagtag cataattcat tttgaaatgc aatatgcaaa    139920
     atggcaatgg aatatgttaa acggcagtgt atttctgaaa ttctgaaatt tgcattttcc    139980
     aagacacatg cgcaatgttt ggtgcagaat gaaaatgaaa attaaattac aacttttgca    140040
     tttcacattt caaacacggt tttaatatgt acattttatc cacattttaa agctttttaa    140100
     gttgcaaaac tgaattgaaa atgcaataca cagactgaat ttgatgtgtt taaagtacaa    140160
     gcagaaactg tagcaaaatt atcattgata ttgagtgtaa atgcatttag gacaaataac    140220
     atttaaatga taattttgct acagtgtgga tttaaaaaag aaagtgaaat gtataggtgc    140280
     aaaacgttgt attgctctta accgtctggg tggtgcagct cgtaaaatgc atgtcatcat    140340
     gttttgacac gtttgttaca tgccagcact tatttgatta ttttgttttt gtttttgtgt    140400
     ctcatcatgc gtttctgttt gtcacccagt ccacttctgt gcttgttccg cctacactca    140460
     tctctgattg gctgtttcac ttgttcttgc tgcaaccaat ccctgcatgc cacctgacct    140520
     ttaaaaggcc ttcagtttgt tagttctaga gcagaagagc tagaggaatg gcggcatcaa    140580
     gtggaggagt agcagtacag gcggttggca acgactggat tgagaatggt caggagtggg    140640
     gagacggaaa tgacggatca gaaaatgaag tagaggagat ggagggtagc gagagttgcg    140700
     aaccgtggac aaactgtaga ggtaaaaagc ggaaaaaaag aaaaaacaaa ctagatagtg    140760
     acgaagaaat gagatccaat gtaaaggaag gaaatgaaga gtataatgtg tttgttagac    140820
     tagtacagga aggggcgaca tttgaggatt gaagtcctac acaactaacg aaagctctgt    140880
     ataaggagat tggggaggta agatgtgcta aaaaattaag gaatggatgc ttattggtgt    140940
     catgtaaaga tgaggctcaa caaaagaaag caatcaaagt aaataaaata aatggtaaaa    141000
     aagtgaaatg ctctgaggtc tatgacagaa aacttataag aggagtaatc acaggcatac    141060
     cggtaagtga gtcattaaac aacgtgattg aaggaataac gaatgctaaa ataaaagaag    141120
     ctaaacgctt aaaaacaaga tggaacaaag ccatatgtga cagtctttcg ataatgctga    141180
     catttgatga aacaaaacta cctgacaaag tcttcatagg atacatgagc tatgaagtga    141240
     aaatgtacat accaccgcct gttagatgct acaaatgcca aagatatggt catattgcag    141300
     cgatctgtaa agggaaaatg agatgtagca aatgtagtgg agaacatgag tatggacaat    141360
     gtgataagga agcaaaactc aaatgttgca actgtggtgg agaacataat tcagcataca    141420
     gagggtgtga ggtaaataaa agaatgcaag aggtacagag aataaaagtc actcaaggta    141480
     tatcttatgc agaagcaaca aagaaagtta ggaatttaag aaatatatag atgatttaaa    141540
     tgaaaaacct gatatagtgt gtgtacaaga atcatggtta atatcaagac tagaatttaa    141600
     tattaaaggc tacaatgcag taagaatgga taggaaaata ggtaaaggtg ggggaattat    141660
     tacatttata caaaaaggta tccaatatag agaagtaaag agagggaatg aactagaata    141720
     tattattgtg gaggtatggt caagtgaagg taatattaaa ataataaatt tttataaccc    141780
     atgtagaatg ttagagaggg aacagttaga agagatatgg gagggtatta atggaaaaac    141840
     tatctggtgt ggagatttta atgcacacag tacattatgg ggtaatagaa atgataataa    141900
     tgggagagta attgaagaat ttattgaaga agaagagcta gtgtgcatta atgaccggac    141960
     aggaactaga ttgaatacag caagaggcac agaatcagca atatatatta caatagttac    142020
     aaaagatatt gcagataggt atgaatggga ggtattaaga ggtaatacag ttggaagcga    142080
     ccattaccca atcagaactc aagtaggaat agaatgcgca aaagaaattg aagtgagaga    142140
     ggagaaatgg attttagaaa gagcagattg ggataaattt agggaaatca gtgaagatcg    142200
     gttgcaaaag atttaggata acttagatgt tgtaaatatg tgtaaaataa ttagtggggg    142260
     aataattgag gcagaaaaca tggcaatacc taaatctaaa cctaaaataa ttaataaaat    142320
     tgttccatgg tggacaaagg agtgtagaaa agctataaag gagagaaaca aagcatttaa    142380
     aaaatgaaaa tgacacacaa ctttcaaaat cttatgaaat acaaacaagc acaggcaata    142440
     gttaggaaaa cggttaaaaa aaaaaagaat attggagaca attttgtgag tattggtaga    142500
     acaacgtcag tagagagagt atgggggatg attaaaaaaa tgaaaggaaa tcgaaaagaa    142560
     tatggatatc caatgctgat ggatgggcag agggttatta ttaataatta agagaaagca    142620
     gaaattatag caaggacatt aattaaagta cacagcacag acaatttaag ccaaaaggaa    142680
     aaaagaggga gcgtggagac ttatgtaaga taccagtttg atttagggaa agatgacgag    142740
     gatcaggtac taaatataaa tttctcaggg actgagctta gtagggcatt aaagaaatta    142800
     gggaaaacgg ctccagggag agatgaaatt tgttatacta cgttagaaaa cctaactgat    142860
     aaaggaaagg aggtgctgtt gaagttgtat aacaagatat gggaggtagg agttattcca    142920
     aaggaatgga agaaagcagt tatgattccc attaaaaagc ctgggaaaga tcccagacag    142980
     ccaaccagtt atagaccgat agccctaaca tcgcatattg gaaaaacgat ctttaaggag    143040
     atagaaacta atacaggagt tgcattattt gctgatgatg gtgcgatttg gaaaagaggg    143100
     agaaacataa catttataat gaagaaagtg caacagatat taaatacagt gcagaaatgg    143160
     acaattaagt ggggatttag aatatctcaa gaaaaaacta aagccatgtt gtttaccaaa    143220
     aagaaaataa tagaggattt aaaattgaaa ttgggaggta aagatttgga gaatgttgaa    143280
     tcttttaaat atctgggatt gtggtttgat aggagactca catggaacac acatattagg    143340
     aaaatggtta ataaatgtaa gagagtgtta aatgtaatga ggtttgatca gggttagagc    143400
     tgaactttgc aggaaggtcg atctccagga acagggttga gcaccactgc tctaatataa    143460
     cactaacatg tgtttgtcat ttgtgctatt ttagaaagac accaaggcct agctatattt    143520
     cctaaaccaa atgcatacac tctctcctcc cctgcactgc taggaccaat ctctagtaga    143580
     gaagctatta cacatacgtg acacttcttt gtttttctaa ccttactcaa cgtccttatg    143640
     tctttgtgtt cttttctttc tctctctctt aattactttt ctttcttgcc tcaccaggaa    143700
     acccccacag atgatgttta agtccagagc tcagaattat gattgacttc tttcaccaat    143760
     cctcacggat caatgcctta gaggcgtgat cgctgtattg ataatttaac attgtagcac    143820
     ctgtctgaaa acatgtttta ggtgaaaact caaaagtttt gttaaccaca tttcttcatc    143880
     tttaatccag aacagaaaag aggattgagg gtaaagaatt aaatttattg gtttgactcc    143940
     catcaaaacg gcatcgtagt gtatgttccc tttgtcttca tgcttgtttt gtgctttagt    144000
     atgcactgtc aaccctggga ccctatgtag acaggttcat gccttttcaa aacatgtcca    144060
     atcaactgaa tttaccacag gtagctccaa ttaatttgca acaatttaga aaatatatat    144120
     tttttcacag ttattatggg gtattgtgtg tagaatttta aggaaatgaa tgattttaat    144180
     acattttgga ataaggctgt aacataaaaa aatgtggtaa aagtgaaacg ctatgaatac    144240
     tttccggatg cactgtacta tgtatactga gttgacgtct atacaaaaga aacatgagaa    144300
     gtgagagtgt catctagtat atcaggggtg tccaatctca atcctggagc gccggtgtcc    144360
     tggagagttt atctccaact tgcttcaaca cacttgccag gaattttcta gtatatttag    144420
     taagagtttg attagctgat tcaggtgtgt ttgattaggg ttggagctaa acattcatgg    144480
     acaccggtcc tccaggacta tatgatacaa gagcttgtac tagtgcgcac agatctaaag    144540
     agtcaaatcc aaaagctaaa aaaggtttca agtatgcttt agcgtttact gatgattacc    144600
     ctggtgcagt gcttatttac tttttttaaa ggctaaaagt gaccatattc accccaccaa    144660
     aacagaactg ctgagaggaa ttggcgaaca ctctttgaga tggcaagatg tatgctcttt    144720
     cccacacgga aagaacctat ataatgcata tatgttttaa aataggtttt gatattggtc    144780
     tatatatgtc atatataaaa tttgatgttt tactatgtta tatgtacata gatgcacatg    144840
     tatgggtaca tatgttcacc tatatggtag taaaattatt aaaatacagc tgctagacag    144900
     cattatttaa aagaaattta cttttttttt ttacctcatc aaataataca agacgtatat    144960
     atatagtaca agaacagaaa taaggcaaaa aacaccatta atattgttat attaataact    145020
     attaatatat gcctgaataa cgatatgtat atgttaatct taatagtttg ttaatcattt    145080
     acttaagctt tctgctttag tctattgaat gaactattct ttaacaacta gtttgtaaat    145140
     aatactatac tttatttagt aatgaaaaat ttatcattaa cagagtaaga aaacacaatc    145200
     attaagcaca tatgtgctaa taagccaaga aaactgcatt tgtagattca tttaaaaact    145260
     gcttatatct attaatgtag aggtaatgct taacaaataa tgaattcact gtttgttagt    145320
     gcttaataaa tgactcatag tgtgcagtta ttataaagtg ctctcctttt ttttcttttt    145380
     atatgtaaac gagctgtggt gtcaagtgag aaattttaga taatgataca atgtctgcac    145440
     aaggctccac caagataaca tgacataata acatggaaac aacataaaat gcttgtattt    145500
     gtaaatgctt gcttgcttgc tacataaatg cttgcttgtt atatttggtt gaaccaattg    145560
     tttttataca tttatttgta aatataaata tattttttaa aaatcacaat actaaaaatt    145620
     aaactatctt tttgtttaat tgtttaacaa tgaacaattt acaaaggact tttccatttt    145680
     ttaatttaat gaaattgaat tgaagcttat caaaacataa aacaagaaaa caggcctcac    145740
     ggtggcgcaa tggttagcac aattgcctca tagcaaaaaa gtcactggtt tgaggcccag    145800
     ctgggtcagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgtgtgttct cactgtgttt gtgtgggttt    145860
     cctccaggtg ctccgatttc ttccaaagtc caaagacatg ctgtataggc aaattggata    145920
     agctaaattg gttgtagtgc atctgtatga atgcaggagt gtagggtgtt tcccagtgtt    145980
     gggctgcggc tggaagggta tccgctgcgt aaaacaaatg ctggataagt tggcaattca    146040
     ttccgctgtg tcaacccctg attaatgaag agactaggaa gggactaaaa tgaatgaata    146100
     aaaagtagaa aatgtctgaa atgtatattt attcttttcc cataagaaac tttttagtgt    146160
     tgttttctgg cttaagtaaa ataatgtaac attttgggac aaaaatacaa aacaaaagtc    146220
     caaaactaga ggccaggatg gcaaaaactt ccaccactac actgtacttc cctggcgagc    146280
     taacatatgc tggcacaaat gcaacccaga cagcacaaaa gatcagcatg ctgaaagtaa    146340
     taaattttgc ctcattaaaa ttatctggaa gtttgcgggc aaagaaggcc agtaggaagc    146400
     agacagtcgc caaaaagcca atgtaaccca gtacacaggt gaatcccaca acagacccaa    146460
     ttgtgcactc aaggatgacc tttgatctgt gcattccaaa gttttggtaa ggtaaaggtg    146520
     gactgacaca gagccaaatg gcacaaataa ccacctggac gcaggtaaac accagcacaa    146580
     ttcctctctg cttgcccagt ccaaaccatt tgataagagc tgaagattca ggtctagtag    146640
     aatggaatgc aattagaaca acaaatgtct tgaccagaat acaggagata cacaggacaa    146700
     aactaatccc aaatgcagcc tgttgtatcc tacatgacca gagtgaaggc tggcccacaa    146760
     acaccagtgc acagaggaag caaagtttga gagacaacag gagcagaaag ctcagctctg    146820
     agttgttggc ttttactatt ggagtgttcc ggtggtagag gaaaatcaca gctactgtag    146880
     ttgtcatgac agcaccggaa acagcaacac tcatcagcgt gatgcccatc gtttctttaa    146940
     cagaaagaaa ctcagtttca cgggccacac attcattttt gtaactattt gaccagaact    147000
     ctttaggaca gcgataacat tttattgagc ctaggtgggc aaataaaaaa aagaccatta    147060
     tagttttatg gtgacttcat tcattcatgt tgtagtaaat aagttttgga gaacattgaa    147120
     gacctgtact gttgctgatt tccccctctg tgcagggcag gcagtcaaaa cagcacactg    147180
     gaagaccctt cttaatggct ttacgtgtgc ctggaggaca ctcagacgtg cacacagata    147240
     ttggaacctg ggaattggaa agacaaggat ttctattcaa ttttaatgtg catgctttct    147300
     tgaagaaatt atttgcattt ggtaagagcc ttgaaggctt agttcaaacc aaaatgaaaa    147360
     ctgactgaca ctcatgtttt gccaaaccct gtcgattatc atttatcttt acaacacaca    147420
     caatgtaata atgcactttg aataaatctg ctcagttaaa ctaaaagttt gctagtttaa    147480
     tgaaaaaaaa actcagtact gttttccagt acaaatatga tccagccgcc cccccaatat    147540
     ttctcaaata cataccaatc taagaaatac cactctaagc aaattttatt tttgtttgtt    147600
     tttaaagaga accctttaac tggtgtcata actgcctgtt tgaccgtttg tacatgagtt    147660
     aagcaaaata acacagcaag ttatttcctt aacatatttg cagttattca ttcatttttt    147720
     ccggcttagt ccatttatta atcaggagtc gccagagcgg aatgagctgc taacttcaac    147780
     ttcaactacc aacttcaagc atagtgtacg ttttactcag cagatgccct tccgtttcca    147840
     ttctgcttgg atgtaaacat gaactcgttt agcttagtag tatagcattg tatttgtgtg    147900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatata    147960
     tatatatata tatatatata tatagaaaga gagagagaga aagagtctat gttattgtta    148020
     gaaatcccac cttaccttgc cagaatctcc aggccatgtg atagctgagt cattaatact    148080
     gagctggttc ccatccacat gtccaataaa agcatattgg agtgaaccat caggagctat    148140
     ctgccagttc accaagtcat agactggtgg aatgccacct tctaggaaat aaaactcctc    148200
     tcctaactga gtggtgtaat gaacgtcttt aacatgctgt aaaagctgaa aaagtcagga    148260
     aaagagaaaa tgtaataagt ggaggtccga aaaaaaaaag acatttaacc tatatataaa    148320
     atttcttaaa taatacaaag tattgcataa gaaaaagcgg ttgcatttaa atcatacaga    148380
     actggttctg ttgttgtttt ttgtacctac agtacatttt aaaagaactc taattgcatc    148440
     ccaaatggca cactatatgc actatgtact tatgcactta tatgtactaa tagtacttca    148500
     cactatttgt atgtagtttt gtccggaaat tcaaactgtt tcccaaataa agtttgacga    148560
     ttgccaaatt agctaattaa atgaccaaac taccaaataa tacctgccac gagtataacc    148620
     acattcacca tcgggaagca gaataatcac tctcatagga gagttttgct ttcacaatcc    148680
     aaaatagtca gtgcccaaaa gctccttctg ctacctaagc agagaagtgg ctgctgagtg    148740
     cgagaagtgt ccgagaatta ttccacactt attttcatgg gttgaataag tgcatcattc    148800
     aggtatttaa agtgcactta ttctttttgc agttttcagt gtgaatgcac tattacacta    148860
     cttatactac aaaattgcac cgaatactgt gtgatttggg aagcactttc tgtcttttgt    148920
     gttagcagtt taattttcag ccttgacttc cataccagtt agagttatat ttgttgtctt    148980
     gaagacaaaa aaaggtattt cgaaaaatgt tggaaacaaa aaatgaagct gagaaaaaaa    149040
     aaaaaaaaac agtctacaca aacatagaag gtccgtgtat catccgttca tttgattatt    149100
     ccttttatta cggaaaacga aacatcagaa aaacgatgaa tatttcgttt ttctgtttat    149160
     tctgtaggca gaaaaaacgg aaactcatct gttattctgc ttattaactt aaaacgaaat    149220
     atttaaacaa acacaaaacc aaaacgaaat aatgagtcaa aaatggtccg tgtacggtcc    149280
     gtgtacattt tgttcatttg ttttccattt tcaaacggaa taaaggaaat ggagaaaacg    149340
     gccgtttttc cgtttttctt ttgctcacga gaaaacgaaa aaacgagatt ttggctggat    149400
     ttttgttttt tggtttaggg taggaaaacg gataaacgac tttaaaattc attttacaca    149460
     tgtaggcggt gctgaaacgc ccactttcct ctaattggtc aaccaaatct gcgctcgtga    149520
     cgtcaccctc aaaataaaag ccttacacgc aggcttttaa ttattactat ttaattatat    149580
     atataaacaa agtttacata ttctatcatt tgaaccacac acagttagca ggcttacatt    149640
     cattgcgtat gtataaatta aataaaaacg taaatcagca gtattcttag acatttgtca    149700
     ttaaaataag gtcatagttc actgccaagc ttcttgctgc tgtgcacctg atgctgagca    149760
     aagaaagcca tttccgagca gcacttggtt tacatgattg tttcagagca agggctttat    149820
     aataataata ataataataa ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttaggcctat    149880
     tattattatt attattatca gttactagtg tttttattgt ttggtgtggt ttttttcttt    149940
     ttaatagttg ttagcagaac cagaataaga acactttggg ccctgctata aaaacaaagg    150000
     gtaccatttg ttttcattta taacttccta ttttaattat atattgtaat tatttatttg    150060
     ataattaata ctattttatt gcaacgccaa agtaggcctg tcttattatt atttttatta    150120
     ttaaatttgc tgttattgta ggctagatgg caggctttaa atattttaaa taacatttac    150180
     tcataacctt actaattcga gagccgaacc taaaaatgtt taagtgcaat aagcctgtac    150240
     aataaaggga gccgcaatgc atatttctag cgcattcttt cactcaacaa ttattgctgg    150300
     aataataaaa taaatttcaa attaactaat taaacacatt atagttgata aaaaattgtg    150360
     tctagtagtt ccgacaaaca gatgagctcg ctacatgtgc gttgcgctaa taatttgaca    150420
     tttgctcttc ttgagaaagt gctacagcag gccctgctat ttcacatata aggttagtga    150480
     tacgtatttt aaattagtat tgcacattat tcattcattt tcttgtcggc ttagtccctt    150540
     tattaatctg gggtcgccac agcggaatga accgccaact tatttagcaa gtttttacgc    150600
     agcggatgcc cttccagcca caacccatct ctgggaaaca tccacacata cacacacact    150660
     tatacagtac ggacaattta gcctacccaa ttcacctgta ccgcatgtct ttgaactgtg    150720
     gggaaaaccg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cgcgcacgca ctacactact gaattagaca    150780
     cacaatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacttg atgcttattt acattatcta aagtaatttc    150840
     ttacgaggta agatctgttg ttgtattata tattttcgtt ttaatatgca aataattttc    150900
     tttaatttgt aataggccta ttgtccctca ttgtataaaa taaccagcct ttgtattcaa    150960
     tatgtgtgta aattgtccat ccagtttgac gcaagctaaa caacattttg gcctgttttg    151020
     cttattaaat gagtgatttt cacggagaaa caaatcatcc atccacacaa ttttgtatag    151080
     gacctgtgta aacaaaaata tacacttcat catagcctat aggaaaatgt atctgtttag    151140
     aaccaatttt gtgtcgtata attaaaaata ttaaaaatac atacataaaa aaaaaaggaa    151200
     taacatttga agtgcaatgc ttcaaagatc caatacgctg catgcagagc caaaacacaa    151260
     actggtttgt ttgtttaata aaataataat atgaaattaa agtgaaatag ttccataacc    151320
     tgtattataa ctgtagtcac cctagatgac aaatcatccg ttgcgccggt cagtttcacc    151380
     tttaatcaag aatgtgccag aaccaaatga gaatatttac agattacctc ggaatgagac    151440
     ctcggtctgt gaaggatgca gaacacataa actcgttgag aatggatttg catgttagat    151500
     gttttatatc cctttagata ttgtaaataa acaacaagtt tttatagaga ttgtgtcatg    151560
     tcttttcttt gacgcacgcg atgaacagcc ccgaaaaggc gcctttattt agcctgtagc    151620
     ctaaataata gtttcgattt tataacatat aatgttccat tactttaaat gtataatgtt    151680
     ttttaatatt tatggattat ataaaatata tagtttatat aaatgcgctc tgatcattca    151740
     aggatcataa tgcgttgcat attcttgtta ttcttcatta ggcttgatcc gtaaattgtg    151800
     tattttataa actgatcatt tataaggact aagctattaa taactgtaat tcctcgaatg    151860
     gaaaagtctt gattaaagaa aaagagaact taattcgaca tatacatata gtgcgcttat    151920
     ttctgcgcgc atcgcgcgct ttaccgaatt acctttttat tttttatgca ctataaatgc    151980
     atctggcagc accgaaaaga gcaaatgcca agttattagc gcagcgtaca gacagctagc    152040
     tcgtctagtc tgaaccaggg gttttcaaac tattcattgc acaccgatcc cattgcattt    152100
     tatttaggat aaaccactta tttaaaatta attaattaaa aggtgcttac tctctaatac    152160
     accactgaat tatagtgtca taatatttaa taattataat taagatagac acctgacctc    152220
     catttaataa acaatttatt tgccatactc tgttaatttg aagtttaaag tttaaatcat    152280
     ttatgttaaa cttaaattat ttaaaaactt aaaaagactt aaatttaatc atttaagaca    152340
     ttttaggtca taagtttaca tacattgacc ttgcatttag taggcctatt ctggtctaaa    152400
     taagcttttt gcatcttagg tgtttacaca cacaaattaa gccgtttata cgtacattta    152460
     atgttacttt gaaattactt ttgatgcaat aaataatcct gaatagttga aagtgttaac    152520
     atattcttga aatgtagtta ttttattttt attttatgaa atttattact aaacaaagtg    152580
     aatcattatg aatttgccaa gaaataatcc actttaccac tgtaaagcaa tgccccacac    152640
     tcactagaac ggtagaacct ggactgtatg atatgttatg tagcctatgt aaaatagaga    152700
     aaataagcaa gatgcgcagt ctcatgcagc ctgattagtg aaatatagcg cgtcacagca    152760
     atgaactaaa aataaaacca cccttgaaat gctggcgatc ttaatttttt cagcctacac    152820
     tgactgagaa taatgttgca ctactttatt aacaaataat tagaatgttt tttccttcaa    152880
     cacattcatc attacttttg cctgtgcaag tttttttgcg cgcgcttgag cctgaaggca    152940
     tctattttca ggtgcaagat gccactttgg gtggaaccag cacactctgc cacacctgtg    153000
     actatgtccc tgctacaata ataataacaa caacaacgac aaaataataa caaaaaataa    153060
     taataataag acaggcctac tttgacgttg caataaaaaa gtattaatta tcaaataaat    153120
     atttacaata ggctaaaggc atatattaaa ttaaaatagg agaaaatcca atagaagcaa    153180
     atggtaccat ttattatagc cccatgcagg gtccaatgtg ttcttacaac cattgaataa    153240
     ctaagtaaat aataataata ataacaatac taataataat aggcctaata ataataataa    153300
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataaa ttattatttt atacagagta    153360
     ggctattatt taggcctaca atagctctga aacaatcatg taaaccagtg ctgctcggaa    153420
     atggctttct ttgctcagca tcaggtgcac agcagcaaga agcttggcag tgaactatga    153480
     ccttatttta atgacaaatg tctaagaata ctgctgattt acgtttttat ttaatttata    153540
     catacgcaat gaatgtaagc ctgctaactg tgtgtggttc aaatgataga atatgtaaac    153600
     tttgtttata tatataatta aatagtaata attaaaagcc tgcgtgtaag gcttttattt    153660
     tgagggtgac gtcacgagcg cagatttggt tgaccaatta gaggaaagtg ggcgtttcag    153720
     caccgcctac atgtgtaaaa ttaattttaa agtcgtttat ccgttttcct accctaaacc    153780
     aaaaaacgaa aatccagcca aaatctcgtt ttttcgtttt ctcgtgagca aaagaaaaac    153840
     ggaaaaacgg ccgttttctc catttccttt attccgtttg aaaatggaaa acaaatgaac    153900
     aaaatgtaca cggaccgtac acggaccatt tttgactcat tatttcgttt tggttttgtg    153960
     tttgtttaaa tatttcgttt taagttaata agcagaataa cagatgagtt tccgtttttt    154020
     ctgcctacag aataaacaga aaaacgaaat attcatcgtt tttctgatgt ttcgttttcc    154080
     gtaataaaag gaataatcaa atgaacggat gatacacgga ccatagaacc ttaagctatt    154140
     gtaaaatgtt cagtaattaa aagacatcct acagtgtaca catgattgtt tgcttgtttt    154200
     ttttttatca ttttaattta agtctattat ttgtatcact tgctatgtga gatggctacc    154260
     tgcgctggtg tgatgttgtc tggagaggag cactttggtt ttatttttga attggtgtga    154320
     ttttgtgagt tacactccag caatgaatga agtgcgtgag cagcagcata aacagccaaa    154380
     taaatattat atgaaactgt cagatgagat gtatcagtaa attcaatgtg accctctaga    154440
     ctctctctgc cactgcatgg aggcaaggag ttctggataa tcttggaaga gcttattgta    154500
     ggactacaac caaatgtatt ttcccaaagg gtccttaaga atttatcctc aggataatgg    154560
     gaaggatgta actgctgaag atgtgcactg aagccaggta tgggtgcact tcttaaagct    154620
     acacctaaag ttcccttaga gatggtatag agctggggat tagccatgat attgtaactg    154680
     gtgctccaga tctcactggc caggaacagc ctatctgtca cattcctacg catcaattcc    154740
     aacagaaatg cctccacatc tgtataccaa gccaaaacca ggatcactcg agcagaggag    154800
     gcttggactg ttctggcagc aaaggccacg tccttttgta accgctccct gtagagtgta    154860
     tgataaaagg ccaagcagat cccagtgcct ttaatttctt cttcaagcgc ctgcaaagtc    154920
     ccgtgcccat tgtcactatc tgcaatcacg gctccaatcc aggtccaccc aaagcgtttg    154980
     gcaatctgta ccatggtgcg tgcctgataa aaatcactgg ggatagtgcg aaaaaaattt    155040
     gggtactttt gcctgtcact gagacatggg cagccagcca ggtaactgat ctggaagcac    155100
     attttaaata atcaaacaaa ccatcagtct aaagcactcc aaaaatgtag ttatatgtag    155160
     ttcttcacat ggatagtagt cacatgaatt tgccttcatt agggtgacaa tatagaggcg    155220
     caactgcatt tcatgtgtca catgtcacat ttagatatct aaacagcaca gaaaattatg    155280
     actcaaacaa taataacaaa ttattagtta ctgtaaattt acactaaccc aaacttcaac    155340
     gctactgtct actaataagt tggcatgtgg ttgaaatgtg gtaaattaaa accaacaaaa    155400
     catgttaaaa gtaccatcca aatgaacaca tgataacaaa tgttgcagcc tacaaacatc    155460
     aattgataac ctcaccattg gaatcttcag gggaaccaag gttgtggata gaagaatgct    155520
     ttgagtagat gaagaatctc cgattagaag cttggctggt ttagtgggac cgcaagtttt    155580
     gtttcctcca ctgatcattg acatggctgc tgtcaggctg tgtgggtaac gggaacaact    155640
     atccattatg tgataaccca gtttgacccc cggcaacagt gagggatttt ggttaatttc    155700
     ttcaactgta aaaacaattg cctgaaacca gcggtaagta cgttcctgaa acctgacaat    155760
     agacaatttc cagctatgtg aacaagtgaa tgaaatcagt aacaatgaaa aaaataataa    155820
     ataacaaata ttcaaaactg aagataccat cagaaataag ttactatata cagttaaagt    155880
     cagaattatt agcccccctt tgaatgtgtt tctatttttt taaatatttc ccaaatgttg    155940
     tttaacagag caaggacaca gtatgtctga taatattttt tcttctggag atagtcttat    156000
     ttgttttatt ttgactagag taaaagcagt ttttagtttt ttaaacacca ttttaaagac    156060
     aattattagc ccttgtaggc attttttttc tttattgtct acagaacaaa ctattatgtt    156120
     tggaaatgtg tagaaaaaac cttctctctg ttaaacagaa aacggggaaa aaacaaacgg    156180
     gggcttataa ttgagacttc aactgtatat atgtgtatgt gtgggcatat aaaagctaat    156240
     agataatata tttgtaggta aaatatataa cataataggt aatatattta tgtaacatat    156300
     atgtacacat ttgtaatact aacggtaaac aattggcaat ttttgcaaaa ttttgacatg    156360
     tatgacatat tttatatatg tgaagttcaa atatggagta gtattccaca tgcaatttgc    156420
     atatattttt atatatcaga tttatttttt gggatacatt ttcatcagtc tgcatttagg    156480
     aatttggcta caggttctcc acatgacaat agtgttttct ttagtcaaac atcttagtca    156540
     ccttttgtca gtgtgaattt aggcttgaca ttggtctgta tttgattggt ctttcatgca    156600
     tacagtaatg ttaaacatga aaaaagtaat gtccagtatg aaaacattgt ctgtaaaagt    156660
     ggtcctagaa accaaatatg gaataagaat gaaatctata gataatgtag tgccgttgga    156720
     tcatcttctg tggtaattga tgtaatttga tctatcctga aacttacatc atctaaactt    156780
     gtaatattgt acatcagttt caatatagca tcaagagtaa tgaaacagtt attacattta    156840
     gtacatggat cagttgacag ttatatcatt ttaattaaat gaatacatgg ttgttccaga    156900
     tgtaatgtgt gagttgcatt ttgaaataag atgaatttga tgtttaattg tattatactg    156960
     aaaaggtgat tttagttcaa tgaccaaagc atctttgact tgtgtgtatc atatccaagc    157020
     atttgaaaaa gcatttggca gtggttatga tttttgtgtc tagagtttta aaaatttact    157080
     ccagggttct gacatttgta gcgaaacaat tgtaaaaaac tgaaagagtt cttttcattt    157140
     atgttgatca caaaatatga caaactgaag aatatcattg agaccatttg cagggaaaac    157200
     aaatactgtg gaagtcaatg attatttgtt tctagcattt ttcaaactgt tattttgtgt    157260
     ttaacagaag aatgtaacgg gggtttgaac aggtggagaa tcagcaaatg atgacagaag    157320
     ttgtactatt cttttaaatg tatatactta ctcatggcat aacactacaa tgatgtttat    157380
     gtatttacat tataatgcat tgattaccat gcacatccat tcattaattt tctttcagct    157440
     tagacctttg tttatcaagg gttattaaat gtatgcccat ccagtcgcaa atgggataca    157500
     cccatacact ttcatttaca cacacactca tacataacag ccaatttaga taatccaatt    157560
     cacctatagc gcatgtcttt ggacagtgga tgaaaccgga gcacccggtg aacatccggc    157620
     aaactccaca cagaaatgtc aggactcgaa ccaatgacct tcttgctgca aggtgacatt    157680
     gataacctct gagccataga gcattacaca ataacaagta caataccatg ttatatgata    157740
     atatactgaa atgaatataa actacaatta gtacatgctg tagaactgtt tccattgttt    157800
     gctcatttgt taaagcattc ttgtaaattt aaaaaggtta tgagaaagtg actgcaatct    157860
     taaagatact gagatttaag aagttattgt gaaatgttca aatggtggaa aaatactcca    157920
     ataggcttct tctagatgat atgcagtgcc acaataaata aagaatacag gaaaagcata    157980
     tatgacttac tctaagcatt gtgctaatcc aggttttctg gtgaagctca ggtctggagt    158040
     tgcagccagg ttgtgtaaat tgatgagacc accaataatc acgtcaccgt cttgataggt    158100
     accaagttca tctgagtact gtggcgtgat caagtacaca catgtttcca gcggagtcac    158160
     ctcagttcca gatccacata ctggccacaa cagaagcacc ggcacagaaa gtgtgagcca    158220
     tgacaggaca tgtatagaca tttgcacagt tctacgttct cagcttgtct gacagttgtc    158280
     ctgcacccta cagtgtcaat gcaaaacaag aagatgtatt tgttttgacc acaatcccaa    158340
     aagatcagtt gagaaacatg gagcagagaa aacaccaaat tacacatccg ctgagccaca    158400
     gaattaaata taattaaaca atcatttttg atgagctcgc agttaataga gctgcacagg    158460
     gacattcagt gtttttggaa tagtggcacc gagacagttc acttgaaaaa caaaaatatc    158520
     ccatctgtgg aaaagcttct gatgcaatca catttaattg taaactctcg cctgagtttt    158580
     cttaacaaat cactcttgtc tgacatcagc atgatgcagt ttgtgtttgt tgttattcag    158640
     aatataacat ttaaattata acctggctac ccttgttacc ttctaaatgt aaccctttta    158700
     cagacttaca ggaatagacg taaatgcatg ttatggttta atttttactc ccttcttttg    158760
     gggttcatga tgctaaaaca aatattttac attaagtgaa gtgcttaaga atttgtccaa    158820
     tcagtacact ctcagaaata aaggtacagg agctgtcact ggggcagtac cttttcaaaa    158880
     ggtacatatt tatacctaaa agtcccataa tggtacctca tactttttag gtccatttgg    158940
     gtactaatat gcacctttta ggtatcactg tggactattt gggaacacat atatatcttt    159000
     taaaaaggta ctgcccccgt gacagctcct gtatatttat ttctgagagt attgtgtagc    159060
     caagtgacag ttcaccacga aattcactat acacaaatgt ggtcatgatt ccagtaacat    159120
     tatactaaaa taccaactca atctcacagc aattcgtaac tttttcattt agtggctaat    159180
     tttaaaatac tttcgttttc tcatgagatc agtctgaaaa tacccagata acacagctgt    159240
     gtaacatatt gtatgaagat tgagaggtag aatcaaggga ttgatttaaa ctatcttttt    159300
     attaatatta acaaaacctg tatttatcct gacggaaccc attaaacaag tgtgctctta    159360
     taaatatctg catgtttaca tggataactt gcttacctga gatccatgtg tagacaataa    159420
     ttgttcttgt atgcagcagt gattgcgagt tttaggggtt aagcaaaagt tattttacca    159480
     gtctgtaagc atagtaaact atagttttac tgtatggttt ggaagtgatg cagtttaatc    159540
     taaagccagc ctttcatgtt tggtacagcc atgggaatca taggtaaaag aaagaatcaa    159600
     tcttttgaat ttttatgaac aatgagttat taatgaagct gttaaaataa tatctgagcc    159660
     ctcacatgat atcttttgtg agtattaatt gctgctttct ggtaaacgat aaaaggctgc    159720
     cggtgtgcag atacaatcgt ttcaagaaat ctttttttta actacattaa ttagagtttt    159780
     aaatatgtaa ttttcttcat tgcatgtaat ttaactgttg atatgttgtt gtttactttg    159840
     tccagccttg gtctagggtc caagacaatg aagcttataa actaaactaa acttctcaac    159900
     ctcattttct gttaaacaca aaaaagttat tttgaaaatt aataagaata tgaaaaaaga    159960
     aaaattacca tggaagtcaa tggctactag tttcctacat atttcaaaat aacatgttct    160020
     gtttttatca gaaaaaagaa actgaatcag gtttctgaca tgtgaagggt gagtaaatga    160080
     tgacagattc ttcagttttg ggtgaactat ctctttaaag taatggctga tcaagctcgg    160140
     aatcacatta ataaaatatt aaaaaaatca agtaaaataa ggttttcttc attttaaaaa    160200
     taactctgtt cctgttttta attttatttt agattaaata aatgcagtct tcatgagcag    160260
     acttactaat cccagatatt aaagataacg ctaaaagaag aagaaaaaaa cacacacaaa    160320
     tatgttttac ctcatagcaa acatttcatt ttttattgca atggtaggaa aatgcttaca    160380
     ctcatcttgg atgagaagca gtaaaaagaa gagacttaat gccttaaagc acagggcaat    160440
     tgggggagaa tttctacaaa aaacaaacaa aaacaaaaca aaaataaaat aaacaattct    160500
     aacaaacatt atttttgctc tctgtatcaa agcaattata aaaataaaac tttaaccata    160560
     caactttaga gtatgaagaa gagtttcagt cttctttaaa ttcatgacta ttagaaagca    160620
     agcaggttag caagcaggta aatgtgctgt attgcattca atacaacaga atcattctgt    160680
     gcaaaatcaa agcacagcat ctacaggtct gtgcatagtc atgcttaaaa tgtttacgct    160740
     tcacatgcta aagaaaaatg tcacagtaaa tttaaacata cataaaaaac catagtgctt    160800
     cgactgtcga taaatgtacc aacaaagtat gcacatacta cacagatata taaacaacat    160860
     aatacacagg aagactgaat aaaaattgaa gccccttcat gattttgttg tattatgtag    160920
     tctaaaaaag aaccaatagt cgacaacatc aaaactgtct caaagagata tccaattcag    160980
     tcatttactg ttttattatt atcattatta ttactactat tattgttgtt ttactttgag    161040
     acagtacaca ttttgaacaa gatatttcat tcaagcatga caaggaccac aaatatcgaa    161100
     agtaatttgt tcatagagca gggtagcaca tgtaaggccc gtttacacta atatgtttta    161160
     gttttaaaat ggcattttag aacgaaaaca atctatgtca acactggcgt ttcacctagc    161220
     atttctaata tttctctatc taatgacact ttggcctttg gaatattata tattgtgttt    161280
     tggctgagcg caaagataag ttaaagagcc cctattatgg gtttttgaaa atgaccttcc    161340
     atacagtgtg taatacagat ctaagtgaat gaaaacatcc agctgagggt taaatctaaa    161400
     agtgcaccgt gtttaaaact attgattctt tagcaaaata tttgaatcat agtctaataa    161460
     actaatcgag ttgggttcga atcttttgtt cgattgcata aacatcgata cagtacatca    161520
     ccaaatatgt agttccaatt ctgttagaat gtgtgcgcgc tttccttcca cacactagtg    161580
     gaggcgcagg ggatcatgag aatgaactgg tgctctaggc aaaagatgat catgctgccg    161640
     tcaaacggaa agtgaaaaca agagattggg gtgtgattgc gcgaatgata tcggcggtgg    161700
     aggggattgt cgcagacgaa agtgagcaga tgtcgcagac gccatcctct ctattctgcc    161760
     accctaggcg gccacctggg ttacctctag ggatgcaccg gccctggctt tagtgaataa    161820
     agggttaaac ttcattttca caacaatacc attgtatagc aaacctagtg ctgtgtttgt    161880
     ttttgtaatt ttctgatttt tgatacaata acctacgctg caatgtggga tttgtcggct    161940
     gtttgccatt caaggagcag cagagactat gggactttat cagactttga cagggacttt    162000
     gtgagtaact tttacagttc atatggacca gtttcttctt tctctggatc ataacatatg    162060
     tgtaattgaa attgttgcct cattttgtat agttggcaaa atatgtttaa ttgtgtgttg    162120
     taacttgtaa tcacgtatct attatagatc agtgcttgta ctgtatctgt cagggtaaat    162180
     ctgtatgggg ctgttcacat atcatgtcca aaaccacgtt aaaaacgtga cacgtgcttc    162240
     ttcctttacc gatttaaatg catttctgaa ctggcgatcc actgctgttt gcctttacaa    162300
     tggccaccat cagccatttc tacacatgtg atgcggtcaa ttttctaaat agttcaactt    162360
     ttgctaatgt gaattagtac taaatgtgtc tcgttgttat tacttggggt taggtttaag    162420
     agtagaagaa tatgctggtc tttaactgca tttatttatt gcattcctgc attgggttct    162480
     catacaatct ggctgctatt tcatagccgt ggagggcttt tctctctgtc tcctgcttaa    162540
     cgcagtgaac caatctcaac agactgggtc attggaccaa tcatcgcaga ttagaatcgc    162600
     acttaggagg ggtttgggaa caaaggaatc gcagaacgat tcataaggga gtcgctggga    162660
     taatgaggta aaaataaatg catattataa gacaatgaaa gtatttttga ccttgcacgc    162720
     atatcagcat gatgttggaa atccctaaaa ccaaaatatg accgtttttt aaggcaaaat    162780
     aggggctctt taatatattc atttatataa ccatgttacc caagtctgca catttgactg    162840
     gctgcttgac tttatttcct ataactataa acttattgta cattatactt taaatgaaca    162900
     ttattgatta ttaaaactga tattcagcaa cagagacagg gtgtgtttca tattttttca    162960
     attatgaaag gacagttata tgttataggc tcaacattgt cataaatatg catagagtga    163020
     agatgatggt cctataaata tgtagctaca aaacgccaaa atattttggt gtctgttaag    163080
     ttgttaatat taaaatgaaa atcggtagtt tttcatacca tgcttacttt ttattgttaa    163140
     gataatacag catagccagg gtgatgtgaa tgttgttata aagtacactg ttccctttaa    163200
     agatttgccc gaggtgtcca caggagtttg ttttccatat taaaattgtg atgtctaaac    163260
     ttacaaggaa aggatgcaag actgaacttg gcctgcagct acatcagagc agcattgttt    163320
     taaatgaaaa tgacctccct ctatagcatt ttgaaaatgc tcagattttg gggctcgaaa    163380
     actccggggt agtgtggacg gaagccgtaa tcaaagcaaa actttttaaa attttaaaat    163440
     taaattttaa aattaaaatg tattagtgta aacggggcct gagagactgt tttatgatat    163500
     tctacacatt tctggaagtg tcctgctaca tgtagttgca gttgttacta cgaaatacat    163560
     gcagagtcta aacaatgggt gagatgcaca gtcaaagtct aagcaggaag aacacctcag    163620
     gttccgatgg attggagaaa tcaggaggga gaacagaatc gtcattatag tactgatctc    163680
     tgtatccata gtgtagcgag gtacaggctc cttcaggcaa gcctcgagac tcagtaccca    163740
     actggtccag gtaaccagcg atatatgagc ctgtagagtg tctatttggt ggatggtatt    163800
     gggaggacac tggtttattg cggagtacta cgtccatggt accttcaaca ggccgttgtt    163860
     taaaggcctc ttgttgtctc tcacgtgcac gactggctat atgacgaaca cgactttgac    163920
     tgcgggatga cagtcgcctt gacagaaatg gtggagggtc ttcaggatca tcagccaatc    163980
     tctgagaaga gcacattggc agtactgaaa gaggtttcgg ggtgggttga gaacaagggg    164040
     cacatgtaaa gtcttcatgt tccaatgtca caagtttacg aagctgctca gttaagggat    164100
     cggcagattt tggacgacca gacaacccac tcacccgtct ttggtcttgc attgcaggag    164160
     tgacaaaact tcggctgatt gacttgtact tgctttgaaa gttacatgaa atgtcttcag    164220
     atgttagatc tcccaggctc ttagacttgg cagaagcagc ttgggagagt ccactgatct    164280
     gagaaggagc tacaggaaag gcctgattat atggggatgg ctgggaacag tagtcctgca    164340
     attcaactga aatcatgtca tagtcagata cagttgtgcc gtagatgtcc ctttctatgg    164400
     aattattgca gccttttgtt tttgtgagac attctggaga tttgtgtaaa cgttctgctc    164460
     tgctgatcaa gctgtttcga tctcttgtgt cctggtgcct tctatctgca ctatctattc    164520
     tgttactagg tggaaatcta ccaatgtcat tataacagtt aaacttcctt ggctgggatt    164580
     tactagaaat gtgtgtgctg gagatcggac ttttgtgtag aaactggttg tgtctgtgaa    164640
     atagtgacgc gtctgtggag taagcaggag tgggatggta tgaagatttg tggagatgcg    164700
     ttggttcaag tcttgacaag tgataggggg aagtctcgtt taagctttga actcttctaa    164760
     aatcttgaag aggtctcaaa ggggtcaggg tgttgtccaa gggatcccca tccacattta    164820
     tttccagttc catcaaactg ctgcttacgg agtcttggca cattaagaat cgatcagagg    164880
     ctgtactgtt gattgatgtt tctctgtaac ctctgaaatc aaagttcttg aaagaatcag    164940
     tggaaggact ttgactgcta ctgctttcct ttggatttct ttgagccgtc cattctaaag    165000
     gctttttgat gggtgaggat ccctggctta ccatggaaga ttcattggga aggttctgac    165060
     aaaagctgtt tgttgatact ggagaaagca cttcctcatc caagatggta aagacagcag    165120
     gttcagtagt ttcaggacta gaagatctca ttgttggatc tgaagctgtg tacacagatt    165180
     tttctgtgag tttaagtgga gtgctagaaa gaccattgct tagatgagaa tgagaatgtt    165240
     tcatggattg cgaatcggat ataatttgag tgttctgctg agcagtgagt tcaaattggc    165300
     caatcagagc agatatggac ccacaagtgt catattcatt ctctagcgat acagcatcaa    165360
     taaggcgaga cagagcactg tcctggaggg acatttgact gttctggtct ggcagatcca    165420
     ttttaggaga gtgggatttg gttaagttac ctgaagaata ggaagaagag gaggttgagg    165480
     aatacgtggc tgccttggtt gttagaaggt tctttttatc actttccaat tggctacatt    165540
     ctcttccttc actttgcacg atactgccac cattacactg atctgaagga cctgaccagt    165600
     ggtctgctgg ccttttggaa gaacataatt tatcgacttc agtgaaactc ttcccaaaat    165660
     ctcttgagtg ttctttttga ggatcactca gactgttctt actgccttcg atgaccaagt    165720
     agggagtttc ttttaaatct ttgggctcag tgtcaaagtc ttgaatgtga tcagcagaaa    165780
     gttcatggga atcaggttct ttgaaggcag aagtttcaaa aagaagatcc actgaaatgg    165840
     atctgggctt ctcacggagg aaagaatctg tggaaacatt acagaggaaa atattgtcag    165900
     tacattttta taactatggc aaaacacact cacagaactt caccaaatga acaccaaaat    165960
     ccaacacacg tcactctgta cacaggacaa atggaatgca ccaccaagta caagtcagat    166020
     aatgaaaatg tgtgggtcca tggagaacat ccagatagtt ggttaacatc cagatacttg    166080
     ttgctttttt tattaacaat ttcattcttt taaaagcact tctggttgta ttttataaag    166140
     aaaaacaata gctgataaaa aacattggtg caatgactta aaactggaat gtttggatga    166200
     atcagcctga gtatggcttt gtggattacc tgcaagggtt tcctattcag ttttctacta    166260
     tagagaagca cagcagtaaa gacagaacaa gacaaaggca agttaaggta attaagaacg    166320
     aaaagcctat aagtctgaat attttaacgg accaacaaag aaattaaata taaaacaaag    166380
     atattctcaa tccaaaaaaa tgaaattctc aaaatgtttt tatctgtata tgtactgcac    166440
     aaaaggcaat caaagtgggt aaatggcaac ataatttgaa tatttgaaga gctgtgtaat    166500
     atttgaagtg ttgtaagaaa tttctttcat gaagcatttt cataggctcc tgtgtgtagg    166560
     ttcagtaatt gtatttttat ggcagtaaat aggttaattt gattaccttt aaagggaaat    166620
     aactgacata aaagtgaaat aacaaagatg agaaaatgac catttcagaa atatttttca    166680
     gacaccattt tgaggttttt gtatatgaac aattcatttt attaatttat taatttaaaa    166740
     aaaatgatag cataatataa tgttgacaat gaaataaatt tgtagtttat agttaatttt    166800
     catataacaa ggctgttgta gcatttgttc tacatggagt tgactgaaac tgataagcag    166860
     gcaacattca ctctgatgca ttagagcagg ggtgtcaaac tcaattcctg gagggccgaa    166920
     gccctgcaca gtttagttcc aaccctgctc caacacactt acctgtaggt ttcaaactgg    166980
     cctgaaggac tcaattagtt tgatcaggtg tgtttaatta gggttggaac taaactgtgc    167040
     agagctgcgg ctcttttaga actgagtttg acacctgtgc attagagcta caatggtaag    167100
     taataacaaa aataacaata acttaatgtg tctgatgtaa cagccttcat tctgcttcaa    167160
     tatgacatag cccttctaga atgttaagta aattaattta aaaaagaaac tgaccaatga    167220
     tcgtgtctgc tccaggatca gactcctcct gctcaggagt ggaaaggttg aggttactgt    167280
     gcaggagttt atccaggggc atggatgctg ggcgatgctg tagtgctttt ctgttcccca    167340
     tcctcttctc tacaaaagtg ctctgagaat cttcagtgct ctgctttctg tcatatgtag    167400
     cttcagccaa tggcatcttg ttctttttgc ggccttttgc aggggcactg gcagtcctcc    167460
     gaagaaggtg atcagttatg gatcgtttac gaggtggaac tccattatgt gtgtctacag    167520
     aggacttgga acttctatta aataaccctc taaaaccccg aagctggcgc ccctgagaaa    167580
     tgagaaagac caaacataaa gggaagattt acaagttaac tattaaactt tctgggattt    167640
     aataaaaaaa aagtgtccac tgattcctta tgtttatgcc tattattgtt catttacatt    167700
     tgagctgatt atagggccct gaattatgtg atgtaaaaaa ggtaatggga ttgcagaaac    167760
     cagtacaaca cttaaataag agttgttttt aaagtaaata gtaattatta aattgtaaaa    167820
     tagtattaga gttttaggaa caacaaataa taacttgtca tcagaagtgg cttatatgaa    167880
     aggcctctag attacactta ttttaccaaa ataaaatatt atcatgcttt gattttaaat    167940
     tatttaatta aaacagaaag gtctgacttt gcttagacaa aagtcttgtc acttaacaga    168000
     cataatgtac agtatggaat atgaagtcat ggtgcagtgg aaaaagaaaa ttgtgtctga    168060
     ctcccatgag cttgggggac tgtatccata catctctgca atgactcaaa taacttatta    168120
     atacagtcat ctggaatagc aaagcaagag ttcttgcagg actccaagag ctcatcgaga    168180
     ttctttggat ttatcttcaa tgcctcctcc ttcatcttac cccggacatg ctcaataatg    168240
     ttcatgtctt gtgactggag caccttgact gtctttgctt tctggaactt tgctaaagta    168300
     tgaggagcgc tatcctgatg aagactgatt tctgtgagaa tcttgggtcc atgtgagttc    168360
     caataggtct tctgcagtat ttgtgatgat tgggttgcag ttcaacagct aattacttgg    168420
     aaaaatctac cttcagccac ctttccaaat ctataactag aagtcaagtt attatttgtt    168480
     gctcttgcaa ctaggatcaa cgacaagaca tttgtcaggt attgtataca aactgttttt    168540
     tgtagatata ttcaaatctt tttttttttt ttttaatttc agtagtttgc aagaggctag    168600
     tattcagctt aaagtgcaat tattattcat tattagtgca attctatgaa aattatattg    168660
     ctgtgttaaa cagcaaaaag ttttgccctc aactatatat agtagtcaaa agttatattt    168720
     ctattttcgg tagatactca ttaaaaaaaa aaaaatcaag gatgggaagc tgtagaatgt    168780
     ccttattatg ataattcagc ttcatagtat ggtgttggaa acatccccta aaatgggttg    168840
     ctgggtcagg ttataataaa catacagtat tcacaagcaa cgacagtaca tacatgcagt    168900
     ggctcacatt taaacgttca aatggtcaac cttaatatct gccacagcaa tattttttag    168960
     actacagtgc ctacgaaacc caacagatgg cagcacattc ctttgaaaca aatgatgctt    169020
     cattcagtca actctcatct ttcaatcctt caaaattcag caatattatt ttactaaaat    169080
     aaacacattt attagaaaca gacataactg atcaaaacag aaattctcac aaaaactgag    169140
     aagcaaaata aacttgaacg ataatgactg aacatttacg acagcttagt gttcactgag    169200
     caagaacagg aattcacaag gacgtcagac aacggtcatg cagtagcatg caacactaca    169260
     tagccatggt accttattag ctcctagcaa gtgcattatg gtatagcttg gattgaggac    169320
     taaaggactc cactggaaag taaaaaggtt ggaggaactt caataaaatg tcaatgagat    169380
     caggatattt tgctgtttta gaggttgtgt ggtgtaaatg agaaccaaat accattgcac    169440
     tgcaaaactt tcttttttag tatagagtta caaccttatt ttaagacatt tttaaaatta    169500
     aaatacaatg cacattcaga ttgtgtgaga ttttttatga ttgttgtaaa atcttgctta    169560
     tttagaaaat tttaacagaa aaagtagctt aattacaatc agagacctaa ttaaaacctt    169620
     gtatttttag gactttattt tggctattag aagttgtttt aaaggtgcag tatgttagct    169680
     tgatgcccag tggtatgact aggtattgca gttcaaaatt aaaaaccctt tttttcactg    169740
     ggcccctctt ctaaagactt tacacaaaca caggttgcca gattgacaac atcaacataa    169800
     gcgagtgtgc ctgactgtcg agcctacacc gtaactacat gcaataacat gtgacaaaag    169860
     gaatgtgttc cattttaaag gagttgtttc taaaatatct gcaaacatgg tatctttact    169920
     ctttagaaca gacaaacaat tacatataga acctttaagt ttgcctaatt aaaaaaggtc    169980
     cacaatcaca cattttctta ttttagctgt agtaacttgt tttccaataa caagtttagt    170040
     cacacttgtt cttaagattc aaaatacatt ctgttatgtt ttgttgcaat ccatatgtta    170100
     agtgtgacgt catgcaaagc ggcttccagg tccaagcact atatcaaact gtatggagag    170160
     actcaacaaa tggtaataat taagatttac aaagcgatgt attactttca aaataaccat    170220
     tgcagtattt atgtccctgc ttaatattaa atggccagat agtgaatctt tcttttgtaa    170280
     attgttaaaa gtttgttgtt tgggatccag caagcccaga gaataatgtg tacacaaaat    170340
     tcactttaat gagtgatatg actaaaaagt aatcataaac aaatattttc tcaatttaaa    170400
     cgagcagtgg cttggactca aacagtattt catacgtcac tgttacgtca caacttaaca    170460
     agcggatact tttacagtgt caattctgtc aaggcttaat ttgaatattt aaaaatgtgg    170520
     acaatatgca tgtatgtgtg atcttgatct tgtttttaag tttaaatgtt tggctcttta    170580
     aaaaaaagaa tgacaattct taaataagag gttttatcct gctttgtaac ttaagttttt    170640
     agactttttc acacaaaata agaaaagcat atagatttaa aagctattaa caaggcagtt    170700
     ttaagataat tagactaaat acactgcttg taataagtgt tataatatag tgctcagata    170760
     attgagtgcc gcccaatttt aaaataaata cttttatcta tttctcagtg aatataggca    170820
     atgtatttgg tgctggcaat ggtcaatggt gcttttaaac aaaactgatc tattaaacag    170880
     gagtttttat taaaatcatg ttttagtcac caaacatatt tagaaactgg aagataatac    170940
     aattaatttc aagcaaacat tgcaaaaaag tgacaaccta caaaatttca actattcgtt    171000
     tattttcttt tcggcttagt ccctttatta atccggggtc gccatagcgg aatgtaccac    171060
     caacttatcc agcacatgtt ttatgcagcg gatgtccttc cagctgcaac ccatctctgg    171120
     gaaacatcca tacacacttt cacactcata cactacggac aatttagctt acccaattca    171180
     cctgtagcgc atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccggagc actcagagaa aacccacgca    171240
     aatgcaggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaacgctaa ctgacccagc taaggctcga    171300
     accagcgacc ttcttgctgt aaggcgacag cactacctac tgcgccactg cgtcttttat    171360
     ttacaaaagt ccaaattaat tttcttctta ttttttttat tacatctaac caactataat    171420
     tatctcactg ccctggcaaa tcatttgctt tgtttctagt ctgtatcttc ttaaaccatt    171480
     aatttacttc tcgtttttat ttattttttg gcagtcatac ttgcttggtt acacaacagc    171540
     agaaatggac aaaaacaaca gtctgcataa cagattgtta tgataaccag ctaagccttt    171600
     ttacaccttt tctttttttt tcatttaatc aaatgattac aaatcctgga aaatgttgca    171660
     tcagtaatca atgctggtct aattatgaaa tgcattagga attattgtgt agagctcaga    171720
     tctgtaaaat gtctagtgga aatagctgtg gatttttatc agactgatta ggtacagttg    171780
     tctgtgtggt aatgagctca ccttcccata gatgtcatgc actgtgatat ggacaaaaat    171840
     ggatgcttct gtcattccct ccaaataaac gtgtctatat cctgtgggag tggaagagag    171900
     gagcaatgat tgaaaatggg atgaagaaag gcatttgtga gagtgttcgg agagtgaatg    171960
     gaattgaaaa gacatgatgc catctgtatt ttggtgacca gtatttgatt ctctgagtga    172020
     taagagcaga gagagagttt agccctgctc ctgttcaaca gcaacgcctc aggcctttat    172080
     tactccaatg aaacacttca catgacacca ctccaagaaa cagcaacctg ctcatctcac    172140
     tcactttaca agctgtttat taatgaccct gagttattta gcgctcttta tgcttgtctc    172200
     ataatctatt tttctttagt tttttattgg ttatgtaatt gcttatagag tgactgctgt    172260
     tcacacacaa ttaagtggtt gtttgttacg cctgtttcac actgcaagca tgagcagagc    172320
     atgagcagtg cgtgcacagc atgtatgggg agcagaagca gcatgcaggc gctggccttt    172380
     cacactgact gcagcatgca cctcatcggc agctgttgca cagatcaata tatctctgtc    172440
     tattctatct agttacctat acatctacat aaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    172500
     atatatatat atatatgcac acacacactt tttttttact tttcatctgc accaaggctg    172560
     gcagcaacct cctcctttgc tgtttcctta tactgcaagt ctttattttt acaaaatata    172620
     tagatcctaa agaactgtat gcttcacaag ctccatgaga agtttcattc agcacttaga    172680
     ggacaatcgc ctctcaaatc aggtcatttg gatattgatt gtcagtatga tgtaggccta    172740
     tagtttaata atatttatac aatatagttt taacgatatt tatacatgat caaactagtg    172800
     tgcagcttaa gcaaaactac taattgtttt aaatttgctt ttgtagtttg ggccccaata    172860
     aatgtttgtt gctgttttta atcgtttaag ttcatttgat tgactttata taaatcagtg    172920
     gatattatca atgcatttat tgggtaaaat tgctactttt tactgtcatt caatgtgttt    172980
     ttggtcatta taaatgcact ataactttaa ccctctcaag gcaggcgttg ctgatttgca    173040
     acagttaaaa gcatagattt tgcctgtttc taaaatttaa tttgagcctg aaagggttaa    173100
     ttgagcgtga gcagcacggc aaaaatagac ccagcgctga atcaattgcg gcactgctgc    173160
     tacagcaacg ctcatgcact aatctgttaa aatggacgca gaaaaaacaa gcgctgctca    173220
     tgcttgcagt gtgaaacagg tattagggtg aattcccata aatagttctg ttcacatttg    173280
     gctcagacca acaaattaaa taaatttctg attcatttat cactcgctat catttttaag    173340
     accaagatag attgcagaaa atataacaat aattactcaa cactagcaaa gtcactaaca    173400
     aactagcaaa gtcatgcagt gtggtctgtt tatgttgcca tccatgtggt cccctttcac    173460
     ccattggcac ccattaactt ccatagcatt ttttttttcg tactataagt tgatgtgtgc    173520
     cagcaaccaa cattgttcaa aatatctcat aaaagtttta aaccacttat aaaaaaccaa    173580
     taaaaccaca tgagggagaa taagtcctga agtaattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    173640
     gtggtgaact attactttaa attgtgattt acaataaatt taagctttaa aaaaaaggcc    173700
     cttaaaaact cactcgtcgt tccaatcccc taagcccttt gttcacattt acatcttcat    173760
     ttgtgttcca aagataaaca aaggtctcag ggtattggaa catcatgaga gtgtatgatg    173820
     gctgtatatt ggcatagctt ctcttatgaa aaaataaagg caagttgcat ctggtttatt    173880
     tgcatgtgga atagcattct ggtggaatag tttaaagtta cacaggtcta aaagaacaca    173940
     cagaatatct cctacctggc attagactgc tgaaagctat ggttctctgg cccacaaagt    174000
     ctcgtccaat ggggtcatga tcccagacca gaaagcgaac cagagccacc tcaggcatgt    174060
     gaagtgtgaa ggacagagtc tcttcccaca cagggttaaa tcctgcaata acaaccacaa    174120
     aacaactagt taataagtga aatgtcatcg aatcttgttt aaattcaaat aagtttgctt    174180
     aagaagttct cattatcttt taaatttgat ggtcaaggct gtaaaaattg tatcatctat    174240
     taatagctgt aaatgtgtgt aggtactgta tgtgcgtatt tattaatgta ttttaatgta    174300
     ttattttatt ttaagatgac aataggacat ttaataactg gtttcattca catttttctt    174360
     ggcagatgaa gtgttcgaac acctgttaat cgtcatcatc aacaagatta taatgtcaat    174420
     ctgaaattaa ttaaattaga atgtacagaa tgactttgaa ctgttaaaaa aaatctcgtc    174480
     tcattttaaa tttttcattt tacttgagca aatagcacca tagcataaac aacaacacat    174540
     cattattccg tatcataaat aattctgtat aaaacagtgc tcatcattgt gactttttac    174600
     ccaactgtca aagtcaacag aggagacggt tacttaaact ttaaatgaga taccaataat    174660
     aaagtactga caaggcttcc aaagtgtgtt ctcaagtatt ctcaaaagac accagctaga    174720
     gatttttaga agacagtctg gtaatttgaa cctggttaaa atgcattggt gggcgtaagt    174780
     tatgttaata ttcattgtta atatgaccta ttttttctta tacttattag ggagttcaga    174840
     atatttcact gtgttcctgg acacataact tgcgtacagt acttgtaatt atacactagg    174900
     gttatgctac tctatttgta aatacgaata tttggcactc attaacacac tcacatttaa    174960
     ctatcaaatc tgctgtttac aaagcatttg taaatccgag tttttgggaa ggtctgtttt    175020
     acatgcaaat tatacttgca tgtattcatt tagcagaggt ttttatgcaa agtgattcgc    175080
     aaaagaagat aatatttgag tttttctata tttatgaatg tttcataaat gagccagaat    175140
     gtacacacag aatcaaagta aacacttaaa cagttcaaat aattatatct ataggaccta    175200
     aaagtattta gtattttaag ctgtttaaag aaaaaatgca gccttatctt taaaaccgtg    175260
     ttgccaactt agcgactttg cccccccagc gacaaatttt cataaaaacg actagcgaca    175320
     aatctagtga cttttttccc tattctattt ctattcctat tcctatccta gtccctattc    175380
     ttctacgagc tgtggatgat gccgccggcc cctcccccac ctcagagcac tgagcccagt    175440
     cctcgtacag cagcctctcc cacctgcagc ctgacagcag atcacccctc tgtgtaccga    175500
     cggcaaatga tttagcacct gcagcagtgt gaaggtattt cccttgtaca gtcaaaccga    175560
     tctgcttctc cttagtttaa ttcgaccgtt tacttttttc ttggtcacaa tcacagatat    175620
     tttagtgact gaacttgtct gagttgatta catctcagag attactgcta attcactaca    175680
     caactatact gatatactgt gttcaaacag caatacattt agttaaattg acatgctttc    175740
     ataaagcata gtgcaaattt aattacccct ttattgattt aggctgttaa acagaaacga    175800
     tagaacgtga tgacatcagt aatacaaatt aacgcatgac gtaataaagc aatttttagg    175860
     gattttatgg gcagatctta acgccttttc gttgaaaata gttggcaaca gtgcttcaaa    175920
     accaaaatgc ataaaaactt aacattagaa ggatgaaaaa ccatgaatga catgtttcac    175980
     actggtaaaa ttgtgcatga tagtaaattt gaaagggaaa ataaataatt ggcaagggtt    176040
     gtgtgttgtg ttgtgtcatg tataccatgt acgacagaca ctttgaattc agaattgcat    176100
     tgtcagtctg gcaacagtct gaactaatca atgatggatt ttttttattt ttttatctcc    176160
     acctttggtt gaaataagct caacagcaac ctagatacaa aaaaattacc attatcatcc    176220
     acaactctgg tttgctcttt acagcaatcc acaggcagac caataatctc cacctcaaca    176280
     aatggatcga tgatctgtga aagaaagcca caaacatcaa aaatatcaag tgaattttac    176340
     tgctcaagcc tggaggagat ttttgtgagg tattttctta cctcaccacg gtcccctagc    176400
     attgaatctg gaggtttggg cagctgctgt ccactaatga tttttatcac gagctgtttc    176460
     ttaggatttg caggaagtgg ttcatcactt agagggttga aggcgcctgg aatagatttt    176520
     cagagaaaaa cacaattcct cgagtacatg aagaattact tgagctatat tgttgagata    176580
     ttgttgagac tataaagcaa cagaagtagt tccatgctta cctttcgaca tcaggctggg    176640
     tttgagcaca taaccactac ctccattcac catgaatttc gctctgttta actgcatcat    176700
     acgaccctct gtctggtaat ttaaagccac tgtgggttaa gcaagagaca aacttcttat    176760
     tccccattct gattttcatt atttccatct atatttccag cttattttca tttattcatg    176820
     atttttttga aatatcatct atttattcag ctgtttaaat ctaaataaac tggatggcta    176880
     acaaacgatg aggtttcatc atggcctggt aaacatttca ttcagcaaac aatcaggcga    176940
     agaactcagc tgtggctccc caagttccaa tttgctcttg cttattggac ccatatgata    177000
     tcagacacac acacacacac acacgcacac gcacacacac acgcacatac acacgcacac    177060
     acacacaaac acaaatacgc agatttttgt ttttgtaatg cttcttgatc ctcttttgca    177120
     ggttttttta tgtgtttgtc ttggttaatt tctagttatt tatttattta tttttttcca    177180
     ttaaagcaaa atcatttgga tatactatta tttaaatgtc tgggacagtt tgtactgttg    177240
     aagtcatttt gtcatgaagt attttttccc caatttctgt ttaatgaaga gaagactttt    177300
     tttcaacaca tcttatcata atagttttaa taaataattt ctaataacta aattatttta    177360
     tctttgccat gatgacagta aataatattt tactagatat ttttttaaga catttctata    177420
     cagcttaaag tagcatttaa aggcttaact attaattagg ttatctaggc aggttaggat    177480
     aattaggcaa gttattgtat aacaatagtt tgttctgtgg actatcgaaa aaaaatatgg    177540
     cttaaaaggg ctaataattt tgtccaaaaa ttgtgtttaa aatattaact ttattaaata    177600
     ataacttttt tttagctaaa ataaaacaaa taagactttc tccagaagac aaaatattat    177660
     cagacatact gtgaaaattc ccttgctctg ttaaacatta cttaaatatt aaaaaaattc    177720
     aaaggtgggc taataattcc gactttaact gtatgtgtga atgtacatat ttttattatt    177780
     atatgcaatg accactttct acctagcttg tgatgactat caattcaata catctcaaac    177840
     tggacaataa gttcactaaa ttctaattgt ctccacagtc accagatctc cagatcaata    177900
     gaacatcttt gcaaagtggc agaacaggag ctacacatca tggattttta atccaacaag    177960
     attaaagcaa ctcagtgaat ttattatgtc aatatgggcc aaaatgatcg tgttaaatct    178020
     acgacatcaa aattgaaggc gatgtggaag gcaaacagga ttccaatcag gtagcaagga    178080
     atacctgaat gtatgttgtc actccactga gaagagcaaa atgtgcatat cttaattttc    178140
     aaatggcata aataggtgaa tcaaacttat cagtctgtct gcaaaccaag acccagatgg    178200
     tttgtgcaag tgggaacata tggttttaca gagaggatcg ctaaaacaca cagcatgcac    178260
     acattaactc ctaaagtggg tcactgggtc atcagtgaat ttttattaca cattgaatgc    178320
     acattgtcta tttgtttctg atcctgttgt ctgtttattg ttctcagtca ctttcctacc    178380
     acttagtccc taatttataa gtgaaatgaa ctgccagtgg atgtccagac actctcccat    178440
     ttacacagtt tagtttattt aaagggccaa gaaaccccct cgtttcagca gggtgttttc    178500
     acacctctac tttggaaaaa gtcagaaaag tgggcgtgtc cagctctgtt taggggggag    178560
     tgtcggagga acgaaagtgg gagggtgtgg gagtgtctat ttgggcacac gcgagtttcc    178620
     gtcaaaatac tcacacacag tagaaagtga tggtgtttaa cctacatgga catctgtagt    178680
     ggaattattt gccaaattat taaatggtgg actttaactg cagtttggct ctttcattct    178740
     gggaattcat tcatgcccct cgcgacaaac gagatatttg attcgaggat ctgctctaag    178800
     cgtgtatttt tcatgcaatg tttgataccg cacggcgaat gagagaaaaa aaaacctcag    178860
     catttcccgg aaacttagat gcacacggca ggtagcgtca gaaagccgcg tgtgttattc    178920
     cggtcactaa atgcggttaa aaaccataca caaggttaaa gtttggttgt ggtcctaaca    178980
     tgttacggtg caatagttaa cttagttcga tacgaacaaa ctgaataaac aaagagcact    179040
     ggtcgctaac ttaccaaatc tgtagagaca ggacaatcac cagcaactag agccgcgtct    179100
     ttatgaagag aatactacaa gctaatccgg atctcagcgt ttgcagatga gaacagctct    179160
     caggtaaaca ataatcctcc ttagacacat aagttattgt tgtcgagcgt cgtgtacact    179220
     gtaaatccac acgtgagtct gagctctcac agagagaaaa agaaaacgaa acttaacggc    179280
     agcaaactat aaaagcaaca cttcacgctt gttttgccaa cacaacgtgg cgtctatgtc    179340
     gtgtaaacac agtaatgaat attaatgaac ttgcacaata gagcgcgctg attggtttga    179400
     accaagcctt actcatgcat taatgcatca cactgtaaga cgtaataaga ctcactctgg    179460
     cacagacgcc cagtctgcac gctggaatac aggctattat gtcatgagcg tgacgcagct    179520
     tcaaaaattc gtttcaaaca ggaagtacga atttgcttga aataacgcaa aaacaaccaa    179580
     tttacacttt ttagtgaaat ataggtgtct taatagtgtt tttagcagtg tgggacacat    179640
     atacgactgt caacagctca aaaaatgtgt tttggtgttt cgtgaccctt taatcaacaa    179700
     cctatatcac atgtctttaa actgtgtggg aaaccggtgt acctggagca aatcatccac    179760
     acagacatgg agagaacaag caaactccat aaagaacgtc ctcttggtcc acaaaccagt    179820
     gaccttcttg atgtgaggta actgtgctaa ccactttaaa ttcatgagtg tacatttatt    179880
     tgtgtgcttt tcttaccaag ttggcaaccc acattccagt atgtttgtgg gttaaagttg    179940
     ctggagtcga ttcggtaggc agagggatag attcgagaaa gctgtcgttg gttgaatgtc    180000
     aagaagcgct ctgctcgatg gtgcaccaag ttctgagctc gtgcctcact aaatgacaaa    180060
     acattacagg gtgatcctga aagaaatgga tgtgagaaag cctaggttag aagcatgtcc    180120
     ttgaaaataa aatggataaa aaaaaaattt gctgaacaat ggaaatggat atgctgaagc    180180
     cattcgtgtc atttgtttac aacacgaaag cataaatgat tgtatattta tattgtattt    180240
     tcttaagttc ttgacagcat ggctcaaaag cagataaaag tgttctcacc ctcatctaaa    180300
     cactcctgag aggcaacaga attggtaaag accaccagat ctgaaagatc tctgcttagc    180360
     tttattgttt tccttctccg tccacctcta cagacagaca cagcaaaata aactttgtta    180420
     aacacttcag aatgctacag agactggatt cacaaaaaac attaaaggtg cactaaaata    180480
     atgaatttaa actatgttgt tagtagcatt aaagtgataa cgactctatt ccaacaggac    180540
     ctcacatcta ttttgctata tctgatataa ttttgaaaaa tacattattt taaaaataaa    180600
     acatatattc tattctactt taagaagagt ttaaattctt atgaaaaaaa tcactactac    180660
     ataaagcctc tgacttgcct tatatcccca aagaggagaa taacttaatc acattactgt    180720
     gctgttttaa ggtggcacca gtaagtgatt ggtaatctag agaggattat aatgtttaca    180780
     atttaataaa aagggagtca aaaagactaa tagtttattt tcatttttgt cataacttat    180840
     tttttatgaa tatttatgtg aatatttttg tgaatccagt cccaggtgat tcaatcaaca    180900
     gcccaatgtc attattcaat caacaggttg aaagaaaaaa ttaggatggt cttaaggata    180960
     ttttcaagaa gtttaagaga ttccctaact tattttttat gaatgttttt gtgaatctag    181020
     ccccaggtga aattaacagt ttaaagaaaa aaggcaaaaa tgattcataa atagcttatt    181080
     ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    181140
     atatatatat atatatatat aaaaagtttg cgttatatgg ctcccaaagc tcaaaatatg    181200
     taaaaattaa aacctttaca tttattgtat cacttaatgt atcttaaact atcccacttt    181260
     ctacagcaag atatgtttaa acattgttag caatatgaca tgtttacttt atataaaaca    181320
     aaggatagta ttacacttaa gtgttacata atggctgcta aaaagaagtt caacattctt    181380
     attaaagaaa cattttgagt tttaatacaa tttttacaat attgcataaa tataaccagg    181440
     acaattcttt caaaaacttc catctttaag atgctaagtg tttgctctta gcttatgtca    181500
     caaactaatg aacatttcta attgttcgga tgctccaacg cttacaataa gaggtttgca    181560
     atacagacaa aagctcaaat gttaccataa gctattttaa ttagtcaccc cattcttact    181620
     gcatgtctag actaggaaat cgggtaattg aaagatataa gaaaacgtcc ttacagcgtg    181680
     acggtttcat tacaaatgac tttctcttgg tcttaatgta cccattaagc atacaaatta    181740
     tgccaaatcc tcataaaata caaacattct attgcttgtt agattgtgtg tgtgaagtta    181800
     tgaatttata tagtagtttt cccaaaacca agctcttttt cactttccat agaaatattt    181860
     aatttttctt gagcacaatc accatatttg aatgattgct gaaagatcct gtggcactaa    181920
     aaactagtaa tgacaatttg gcgttacttt aaccttatta attaaaacta atacattttg    181980
     gcaacagtct tccatgaggc ttttctttgg ctaaaaaaca ttgatctttt taattacaat    182040
     ctccatcata agtagtgcag gaatcttttt atttgtattt tttcgaattt tttttgtata    182100
     tcatttgctt acatgcacct aattataagt aagatttgtt agtaccaaac atgcacaaat    182160
     ttctacctca ctagtttatc aatgccatca caggaaagaa cattttaaaa taatatattt    182220
     ttatgttaaa taaaaaaaaa catttatgca aaaatactaa aatacatcac aaaaatctga    182280
     atattaaaat atggtatatt gtttatttaa atgcttactt ataaaatgac aaaacaaaac    182340
     aactaaatat ccagaggcac acctgttgaa ctgtccacct gatggctctt gctggctgtc    182400
     atcttctgtt tcaacacttt gacatttaag ccttgattta gagtgcctct gtggaaacac    182460
     agagaaagag agagtgagag aaagaaagag cgcaagctaa ataaatagat ggaattttta    182520
     ctcctttact ttgaatggga ggtaatgaaa ttcctcctac acaaaacagg aaaactgaaa    182580
     agcacaagcc tgtttttaaa gggcatacta aacataatga cgtgtgtgtg tgtgagtgtg    182640
     tgtagcaagg attaattctt accatgtgtc aatattgtcc aaatcatttt actttttagg    182700
     gccatgaggc ccacaaataa tcactacagt attatatatt acaggcttca ggctcatcag    182760
     taacaaaaga ggaacctttg agacaccgtg agctcacata tacagacaaa tgttaagagt    182820
     gggaggaaat atgtgtacac gaaagacaag cctgcctacc tcctatagga ctgacagaca    182880
     agatcaatgc aagctacagg agatgagaaa actttgacaa tccacacaaa catttcaatc    182940
     aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc    183000
     aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcagtaag gacaaaaaca    183060
     aatactatgg aggtcaatgg tttgaagttt cattgcagaa ttgtcgtttt tgggtgttct    183120
     atccctttga gggtcaaaca tgaaaaaaaa taaggtcaag aatcttggtg tgattctgga    183180
     gtctgatctg agtttaagca gtcaaatcaa agcagtaagt aaatcatcat ctcaaaaaca    183240
     ctgcaagaat tagatgcttt gttcccagta agaaacttga tcaagctttt ataacagcag    183300
     tgtagattac tgtaatgcac tcatgcaccg gccttcccaa aaaggcagtc agatagttac    183360
     agctcatcca gaacgatgcc gccaggattt tgacaagaac cagaaaatct gagcacatca    183420
     cacttgtcct caggtcttta cgctggctcc aagttacatt cagaatataa ttaaagtatt    183480
     aatacttgtc tataaatcac taattggtct aggaccccca tacaatacag atatgctcac    183540
     tgaacaccaa cctaacagat cactcagatc attaggatca agtaaattag aaattccaaa    183600
     agttcactca aagcagggtg aatccatctt cagctactat gccccctgct gctggaatca    183660
     gcttccagag atcatcagat gtgctccaac actagacaca ttcaaatcga gactctatcc    183720
     ctctattaca ggggtgggca aactcagtcc tggagggccg gtgtcctgcc cagtttagct    183780
     ccaactctaa tcaaacacac ctgcttatag atttctagtg atcttgaaga cactgattag    183840
     tttgttcagg tgtgtttgac tagtgttgga acaaaactct gcagggtcac cggccctcaa    183900
     gaatcaagtt tgcccatccc tgttctatta tgtctttttt tctttttcat tttagtctgc    183960
     ttttaatcat ttttaattat tttaatcatt tttattttct tgtttgtttt attctttttt    184020
     atgtaaaata ctttgaatta tcattgtgta tgaaatgtgc tttataaatt aacttgcatt    184080
     gcataaaaag cagcaaccgc aatccttgtt tactttcttc attgatttgc tactgaggtg    184140
     ttgatattta tcaatccgat tcaatataca atgtggagat gaacaaaata gttattctaa    184200
     ttctaatttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttcaa    184260
     gccttcaagt tttcttttga gcttagtttt tttttctttt cagaataaat ttccctatag    184320
     tgttaggttt aagggtaggg attaggttta aataacatat ttggatgact gacccaggaa    184380
     tgtgtttagg ggtgtattct catcttgttt gggtaaatta aacttaagtt catttcccct    184440
     tttggtgtat atctttttgc caaatgggaa tacagcaata gaactctggc atgcaccaaa    184500
     catgttgact ttattgattt tctactgagg tgttgatatt tatcaatctg attcaatata    184560
     caatgtggag atgaatgatg tggttttatg taaaggataa aatatgagga tgtcactaca    184620
     gccattatta tctgtgtaca caggcagggg tgagtgacta tcagatatca agtgaatgta    184680
     tgatttctgt tgtaacctca ttaaatacat gcctaaaata aagtgactaa aaagcatgtt    184740
     tgcctgctgg cactgctctg acatcagtaa ctgccctcaa ataactgatc aaaatgactc    184800
     atgcatcttc atgatctgtt ccgcacttca atctatcaat agcgattatt cttcaaatcc    184860
     ttctgcccct ggggatcgaa accggcacat ttacgtaaca tttgagactg tagacacaca    184920
     caaaaaggac aggaaatagg atagtcctga ttctgcagta gagagaaaaa agaaagagag    184980
     aaagtaagag aaagactgga aaggctgtct ttatcctgac cttatgcttg aggttgctga    185040
     taaaggaacg gctctgggat ttcttcatgc cgtctttgga attctgcaag acacatgcat    185100
     gcaaagacat ttattgggac taaagagggt aaattggtaa acctttattt gaagggcatg    185160
     ttcatgggac tgtcatgaaa cattcattat cataacatga cacatgacaa ctttcactca    185220
     gttaggttat ttaaaaaaaa aaaattgaca taaacaaata cattgccaag acaacataaa    185280
     tctgtcataa acaaaattga gaccattata gttgtgtcaa taatattata acagcatcat    185340
     tgatatcttt cacgacctca actactgtgg tacaatttga ttttgtcatc aaaaagtaat    185400
     tacatgacat taaatattaa tgacgctctt ataaaataat ttgacagatt atttaatttg    185460
     gatccactga aagaagtaat cagaaaagcc ttcatgacga gctcaggaca atcaaattta    185520
     tgacagattt ataactagtt ggttatgtca agctgttttg acaaagacag gttgagaagt    185580
     atttttttat gtcagaccaa cacacatcag atcagctaaa tgggatgtag cctcttacga    185640
     cactgattac attttataat tgtggtgtaa aactccacca ctacaccaac tgactactgt    185700
     ctgccacaaa ggacattatg acaagcattt tttctgatat tatatgaacg tcaaatgtag    185760
     ttgaggaacc aactacatca gatccaaaaa ataaaatata gtaagctatt gtaagccatt    185820
     gccgtccttc ctaaataaca aggcagagaa acaaggagga acaaacagat aaactagtat    185880
     caaatgaata aaataagttc tagtaaatta aatagaaact actatctaac gattaagtac    185940
     tagtcagtta ccattttcct acatgcaaaa gagcattgaa aaaaaaggat gagcattctg    186000
     gaattacagt aaatgatgtc ttatttatca ttttgagatt taactcttct tttgaaatgc    186060
     aaccaattct acatcaaaca gccgaatgtc aaactattca aggaagtatt tttggccata    186120
     caagatcaga gaaaggtttt cacatgcagt gatgctttaa actaatgcaa cttgaatcat    186180
     ctctaaacag actcttaata taagcatgcg atcaatcatt tatttatttt tttcttctca    186240
     taaatattat gcaggaaaac cggaggggag agaaaatccc tccgtgcatt acaaatggca    186300
     catcaaaatg aagtttagaa agtgcaaagt ttaataatag gccaagaaaa gaggcagaat    186360
     gaatgtcaat taagtgatgc tccatgtctt tttctggatc gcatatgtga ttaggtttgt    186420
     actgaatagg tattctaatt ctaatttctt tttttctttc ttttctttct tttgagctta    186480
     gtttctttct tttcagaata aatttcacta tagggttagg tttaagggta aggattaggt    186540
     ttgaataaca tttttgggtg actgacccag gaatgtgtct aggggtgtat tctcacctgt    186600
     tttgtaaata cactcaagtt catttcccct tttggtgtat atcttttgcc aactgggaat    186660
     acaataattg aaatctagca tgcaccaaac aaacgaacca aacgccgaag aggtgctatt    186720
     agccctcttc caaacaaatt ctttctgttt aacacatatg tggttttggt tacaatttgt    186780
     ttttcacttg caaaaagggc agtttgaaag caaaaaaaaa aaaaacattt ataaattagg    186840
     aaccttaaag agcccctatt atggagtttt gaaaataacc ttccatgcac agtgtaacac    186900
     agctctaaga gaataaaaaa catccagctg aggtttaaat ctgacagtgc atctagttta    186960
     aaacatataa acgactccga attgactctt ttttttttga gaatcaaaaa aaaaagagtc    187020
     aattcggagt cgtttatatg attcgatttg ggtccaaagt atttgcctgc atgtatcgac    187080
     gttgacacta aacaatatca aatatgaggt gccagatacg gtaaaatgta aacacgtctt    187140
     tccctttaaa cactagcgga ctgcgagtaa acattttaat gattaatcca ataggctaac    187200
     ctaccctgca actgggaatt ttgttaaagg aaaaatcatc aaagactatt agggcgcact    187260
     ctcactattc acagttgcct tgaaccgggc caaagcatgc ttggcccctc tcccatcttc    187320
     cccaacggcc cgcactcaca ttacattcgg gcctgggcac aattatgtca atgatgccgc    187380
     gctgttcagt aagcgctctt gctcagcaca gtggagatta ctttatttat attgtttaag    187440
     tcgtttaatt tcactgaaca gatcagccac ttttgacgct aataacgacc ataaagtcct    187500
     cgtgcggcag gaattaggag gtttgctgaa ggtgcgcagc tgtcatgtga ggggtttgcc    187560
     tctttaataa actacgacag tttgcattca ctgaacggtt agaatgatta ataaatccat    187620
     atgaaacagt cccttaaaag tcacgactcg ctttcagttt cgggcttagg cgtgttttgc    187680
     actcacacac aagcataacg cgccaaagcc caagtgaacc gtgctcaagc acacctcttc    187740
     caacttggcc aggcacagcc aagtgaacca tgcctgagcc cgattcagag cactcacact    187800
     tctcaaacga tccgggaaac gggcctgggc acggttcgga tagcatagtg tgagtaggct    187860
     ctaaatgtat ggcactttgt cagtacacaa ctcatggacc atttttttct ttctctagtt    187920
     cacaacttgt gtgattaaaa tggttgcctc ctagttttct ctagctggca aaatatgtat    187980
     ttaattgtgt tttgttactt gtaattgctc catgcagctt ttactgtatc tggttaactc    188040
     tttataatca catatcgtgt tgaaattgtg ccactttctt taccacgtta aatgcatttc    188100
     tgctcatgat tccttgttgt ttgtcactgc tatagccact atcagctgtt cttacacaca    188160
     tgcagcggtc aatttttaaa atagttcaac ttttgctact gtgtgggtta atactgaatg    188220
     tgtgtctttg ttattactta gggttatggt taaaagtaga gcaaaatgct ggtgtttaac    188280
     tgcattgctt tattgcattc ctgcattggg ctcacacata agctctgtac tctggctact    188340
     aaatattaat attgatgggc attagtttcc ttctcgccct aaacgcagtc gaccaattac    188400
     aacagactaa gtccaatcac cgcagattag catcatgcaa atgaagcgtt tgggaacaaa    188460
     tgaatcgctg aacaaatcat atttgagtga ttgggataat taggtttaaa aaatgcacat    188520
     tcagacaatg aaagtgtttg ttgaccttct atgcatgtca accttttatt ggtggcccca    188580
     aaaacaaaat atgacctttt ttaatgcata ataggggctc ttcaaaaata gcacaactgg    188640
     gacaatttaa gcacaattca aacacagttc atcattatga ataatggaag agaaagaaat    188700
     gtaaaatcac agatagagag atcgtgtcac cttgcgtagg tttctttgga ggccctcgtg    188760
     agtggcacga agcagcgcac ggatagagaa actgtctgtg tcctctttgt ccccaatctg    188820
     agactctttc atcaatgagt ctagtttctt cctgatgtgg gactccactt ggtgctgact    188880
     aggcccatta gactgaaaag caggaatgta ttgtcaaaat cattaagcaa ctcattaaaa    188940
     ctctacatac attgccttaa attggttaaa aaactgtcca ataagaccac tttctaaatg    189000
     ccttaagaag tcaaattgac ataacaggat gtctatgaat ctgtgatgtt cttcaaacat    189060
     acacaaagca ataagccaca tattatatat atttttataa aatagaacaa taaaagaata    189120
     ataaatggct caaaatagta tcaaccatca aacctttttt ttttgtaaaa aataaatctc    189180
     tgtcataatt ttttctttct tgttcagaac cattttgagt tttctaaaaa gcaatatatt    189240
     taaaaaatgt tgaattatat tttgttgaat tgtggaagtc agtgtgtgcc atcaatctat    189300
     ctaatctaaa atctatccaa aaagatttac cgaagaaaaa aaaaccctat ggggaattta    189360
     aaccatatga gagagtaatg gtgaggtaat tttctttatt tttattttct ttattttctt    189420
     tatttatttt taattcttct tcttttttta tggggggggg gggggggggg gttaactata    189480
     ccttttaatt ttttaataaa gacaaaaaca actgcttaac tagaaacaat catttgtttt    189540
     tagtaaatta attgaacatt tataacctgg gaaaagctat tggtggacta aagtgcaata    189600
     aaaaggtttt gatagcagca ctactggatg gatctcttgg caaatggcta tgttttcaca    189660
     aaagactttc tgctagattt tagaggtgtt tccaaacaaa caaaaacatg ccaggggttc    189720
     agcctgtaat tgattggctt ttagagatga ataccaacag ctcactgagt cagaatgggt    189780
     gagaatgcag ccagacaaaa tactggctcc agcaaaagga ggagattttc agaaaaagtg    189840
     cagagacaga gatgccaaga aggtgataac gtgattaaaa gtggcatagc agaacatgga    189900
     gaaagtgata cctatataac agcttgcgtg ttgtttgttt tttgtgtttg tctttaaatc    189960
     tagatctcat tacttactgc attaaagaaa gtgttcacct aaatgttaaa tgttatttac    190020
     ctctgtcatg tcatacaggt tagttatttt ttttagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    190080
     acaaacaaac aaaaaagcat gagaaatata aaactgcagt cagtagcccc tttcacacat    190140
     acataccttt gcagaaaata acaggcagtt ttccaaaaag gtctgtatgt gtgaacagga    190200
     tctttttgaa aataccggta aattcattcc ggctattttc gggaaacaga agttgtaaca    190260
     tttttggtaa tttgccggaa tgctgtgctg tgtgaacgca gaaggaagat tgctggaaag    190320
     agcgcattca cgtctagaac gtgatgacat aagatgtctt ctttagccaa tcagaacact    190380
     cagacgcatt cacgtccacg cggtttgtga gaataaaagc ctgttaatgt tttcatagac    190440
     acatttagct gctagatgtt agtcagtatt ctggaaaatt tccataacat cctcacctgt    190500
     gtaaatattg caattttgaa tttaccggta acgtcatact ttaacacagc tcataagaat    190560
     tatcattccc aagatccacc ggctacatac ccgcccctca accctgctat tgaccttatt    190620
     ctaaaatgcg gaagtgcgcc tgttttcgcg attgtcttag aacttccgtt tcagtcgcct    190680
     atgggagaaa tgacaaggaa taataaacgg caaaaaacgt tcaaactact tgctctacaa    190740
     acaaatgttt gcatgactat acagaccaag tagaataata taacaaggaa atatcagttt    190800
     gcaacatcaa acagcgaaac gagctgtttt taatgtctaa aaatgaatgg aagtgaatga    190860
     gaccggaagt ctcgtgccaa aaagattcaa atggcagcgc ccgctcgtct gcggagaata    190920
     aggtcaatag gccctatcct tgctctccct tttctcactc ccgcacccag gcaactactt    190980
     cggcgtgtgc acacgccgtc agccaagtgc taagtctagt gaaaacagga attacttgtc    191040
     gacttctgtc aatattttta atatttttac tgaattatgt ttgcaccctg atctaatttt    191100
     tctgaatttc tcatttcagg tctgtctaat ggatcccagc ccagtatcac agcactccct    191160
     tcccataacc tcaccctccc tccaccaacg ctaaaccaga aatcacaagc tattaatcga    191220
     gaaagagatc gacagtaaat atatgatcaa tcctttttgt cgctccccgt ttaagttagc    191280
     acattcacat cagcccaact gaaatgggca ttagaacgtt tctaaaaacg tccaataaca    191340
     gacctttcat ctcctcataa ttccacctct ttgagcatta attattacgc ctaacaaaga    191400
     tgctttaaat taccatgcca taaaccaagc atctttctaa ttaatttagt cggctgcaat    191460
     gcttggctcg catgtcaaca ttacccccgc ctttaagtta ttctattaaa ccccaatctc    191520
     tgacatctcc ttcgatttct ggcattaatc ggacatcaca attctacttc gcagtctgtc    191580
     aaacattttg acgcaaaagt aacccacatt tatgcttcag aagctatttg aattctcgcc    191640
     aatatacggc gtttgcatgt agttcatcta ctagaagatt tccttatatc tctcccccta    191700
     atatccccta gccaaaactt agtgacaggt ttttctaata ttggcattac cattgtggaa    191760
     gaacccaagc acttctatag aattc                                          191785