EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX005107; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 187251 BP.
AC   BX005107;
DT   21-DEC-2002 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-204F4 in linkage group 4 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein (zgc:77651), the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to laminin beta 1 (lamb1), five novel genes and two CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187251
RA   Pelan S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; aecb08a2462958b20407ffa3f1c78c50.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000033413; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000047113; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000132864; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000139053; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-204F4. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-204F4 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-204F4 is at 187251 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-204F4 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187251
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-204F4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..187251
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-204F4"
FT   CDS             join(<2560..2622,3745..3947,4518..4617,4739..4929,
FT                   7458..7621,7747..7866,7990..8072,17065..17158,17236..17316,
FT                   19612..19746,27932..28003)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008720"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P3K4 Tr:Q6PH28"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LYJ4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006862"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014940"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016662"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYJ4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04420.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<2560..2622,3745..3947,4518..4617,4739..4929,
FT                   7458..7621,7747..7866,7990..8072,17065..17158,17236..17316,
FT                   19612..19746,27932..28467)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI877534.1 Em:BI704914.1
FT                   Em:BI891953.1 Em:BM572836.1 Em:BM573985.1 Em:BQ262720.1
FT                   Em:CA474745.1 Em:CD760189.1 Em:CD760254.1 Em:CF348542.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC056738.1 Em:BC063956.1"
FT   mRNA            join(31189..31255,35195..35397,35814..35913,36077..36267,
FT                   37267..37430,37587..37706,37820..37902,40224..40317,
FT                   40407..40487,44927..45065,49258..49640)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI877534.1 Em:AL715638.1
FT                   Em:AL717643.1 Em:AW128594.1 Em:BI891953.1 Em:CD760254.1
FT                   Em:CK019401.1 Em:CK026250.1"
FT   CDS             join(<31193..31255,34524..34576,35195..35397,35814..35913,
FT                   36077..36267,37267..37430,37587..37706,37820..37902,
FT                   40224..40317,40407..40487,44927..45065,49258..49379)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008721"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6PH28"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LYJ3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006862"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014940"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016662"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYJ3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-201"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04421.1"
FT                   EHLYSSNDKDKL"
FT   mRNA            join(<31193..31255,34524..34576,35195..35397,35814..35913,
FT                   36077..36267,37267..37430,37587..37706,37820..37902,
FT                   40224..40317,40407..40487,44927..45065,49258..49640)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI877534.1 Em:AI959396.1
FT                   Em:AL717643.1 Em:AW128594.1 Em:BQ616076.1 Em:CA474745.1
FT                   Em:CD760254.1 Em:CF348542.1 Em:CK236774.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC056738.1 Em:BC063956.1"
FT   CDS             join(35253..35397,35814..35913,36077..36267,37267..37430,
FT                   37587..37706,37820..37902,40224..40317,40407..40487,
FT                   44927..45065,49258..49379)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008856"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P3K4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LYJ2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006862"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014940"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016662"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYJ2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-201"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04422.1"
FT                   QEHLYSSNDKDKL"
FT   mRNA            join(54473..54577,54731..54909)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG737651.1 Em:CK019401.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC063956.1"
FT   mRNA            join(62396..62467,62974..63043,65121..65323,65711..65810,
FT                   65969..66159,67631..67794,67929..68048,68152..68234,
FT                   71610..71703,71772..71852,73579..73720,74339..75779)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77651)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI877534.1 Em:BG729462.1
FT                   Em:BI891953.1 Em:CA472334.1 Em:CB359056.1 Em:CD760189.1
FT                   Em:CD760254.1 Em:CF348542.1 Em:CK026250.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC056738.1 Em:BC063956.1"
FT   CDS             join(63027..63043,65121..65323,65711..65810,65969..66159,
FT                   67631..67794,67929..68048,68152..68234,71610..71703,
FT                   71772..71852,73579..73720,74339..74460)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008862"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77651)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6PH28"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LYJ1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006862"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014940"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016662"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYJ1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2381"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04423.1"
FT   mRNA            join(64768..65323,65711..65810,65969..66159,67631..67794,
FT                   67929..68048,68152..68234,71610..71703,71772..71852,
FT                   73579..73720,74339..75779)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77651)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI877534.1 Em:AW128594.1
FT                   Em:BI891953.1 Em:CF266443.1 Em:CK360432.1"
FT   CDS             join(65182..65323,65711..65810,65969..66159,67631..67794,
FT                   67929..68048,68152..68234,71610..71703,71772..71852,
FT                   73579..73720,74339..74460)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008863"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77651)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P3K4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6P3K4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006862"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014940"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016662"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6P3K4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2381"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04424.1"
FT                   REHLYGSNVKAKL"
FT   mRNA            join(75915..75959,76553..76636,77750..77952,78871..78970,
FT                   79098..79288,81315..81478,81624..81743,81829..81911,
FT                   82204..82297,82924..83004,84186..84327,86429..87578)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL717643.1 Em:AW128594.1
FT                   Em:BG737651.1 Em:BQ616076.1 Em:CD760254.1 Em:CK019401.1
FT                   Em:CK360432.1 Em:CK399014.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC056738.1 Em:BC063956.1"
FT   CDS             join(75919..75959,76553..76636,77750..77952,78871..78970,
FT                   79098..79288,81315..81478,81624..81743,81829..81911,
FT                   82204..82297,82924..83004,84186..84327,86429..86550)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008722"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P3K4 Tr:Q6PH28"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LYI9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006862"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014940"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016662"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYI9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-254"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04425.1"
FT                   AFFHQHLYSSNIRAKL"
FT   mRNA            join(81845..82297,82924..83004,84186..>84293)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD595574.1"
FT   CDS             join(82208..82297,82924..83004,84186..>84293)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008857"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014940"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYI8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-254"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04426.1"
FT   CDS             join(<89545..89703,94321..94453,98990..99063,
FT                   101101..101289,101417..101480,102432..102628,
FT                   102695..102815,102974..103162,104367..104486,
FT                   104673..104785,106945..107024,107104..107239,
FT                   108963..109121,109238..109359,110992..111112,
FT                   111296..111485,113990..114133,114221..114452,
FT                   115561..115724,115814..116038,117570..117784,
FT                   117881..117977,122704..123073,125756..125940,
FT                   126022..126254,128213..128413,128637..128781,
FT                   129012..129216,130562..130703,130782..130958,
FT                   133385..133544,133620..133756)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008865"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to laminin beta 1 (lamb1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P02469 Sw:P07942 Sw:P11046
FT                   Sw:P15800 Tr:O57484 Tr:Q8JHV7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002049"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008211"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013015"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYI7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-197"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04427.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<89545..89703,94321..94453,98990..99063,
FT                   101101..101289,101417..101480,102432..102628,
FT                   102695..102815,102974..103162,104367..104486,
FT                   104673..104785,106945..107024,107104..107239,
FT                   108963..109121,109238..109359,110992..111112,
FT                   111296..111485,113990..114133,114221..114452,
FT                   115561..115724,115814..116038,117570..117784,
FT                   117881..117977,122704..123073,125756..125940,
FT                   126022..126254,128213..128413,128637..128781,
FT                   129012..129216,130562..130703,130782..130958,
FT                   133385..133544,133620..133924)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to laminin beta 1 (lamb1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL917817.1 Em:BI839934.1
FT                   Em:BI866423.1 Em:CD603303.1 Em:CK237068.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(137505..139450,140975..141110,
FT                   141728..142656))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI601322.1 Em:AL924715.1
FT                   Em:BE016725.1 Em:BF938808.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(138432..138489,138998..139450,
FT                   140975..141008))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.6-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL916920.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(139148..139450,140975..141110,
FT                   141728..142611))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-204F4.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008864"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8R310 Sw:Q8R310 Sw:Q9ULS5
FT                   Sw:Q9ULS5 Tr:Q8K2V2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019394"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYI6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-1811"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04428.1"
FT   misc_feature    162183..162184
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    187251
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-204F4"
SQ   Sequence 187251 BP; 60699 A; 33205 C; 32889 G; 60458 T; 0 other;
     gaattcccac aattatggaa attgtcttca agaagcagag ttagtctctc tcttttatct        60
     tcttttattt taagcatttc agagtagttt tctgttgtga taaaacataa catgtccacc       120
     ctgttaccta ttttcatata aggcaggggt gtcaaactca attcctggag ggccgaagcc       180
     ctgcacagtt aagttcaaac cctgctccaa cacacttacc tgtaggtttc aaacaagcct       240
     gaaggactca attagtttga tcaggtgtgt ttaattgggg ttggaactaa actgtgcaga       300
     gctgcggccc tgttggaact gagtttgaca cctgtgatat aagggaaaca ttttcttttt       360
     tgtaattttg agaaataccg ttaataaaca tgtttcaaat cttcttcaga tcatcatgtg       420
     ctagctcgtt gttcaccata atggtagtaa tgcctgagtt ttgcaaaaaa tgtcactcct       480
     gttactgtcc acactgttac tgttttgctc atggcttata gatcagttta aaccatgtgc       540
     atgatttttt cagggaacgg cacgcttgtc ggctacagaa aagcggaaat gatacagggc       600
     acatcatggt gcaaaccaaa ataaaatatt gattttaaaa taatagtttt atttgcaatt       660
     ttcagtattt cactatttgt actctaatat ctgtatgaaa atgctcttta tatttaattt       720
     ggctttttgg acaattgatg tgatgtctta gatgtgacat tgaaaaatgt tgctgtgttt       780
     tctttggata attcagtaac catcattttg ttattggtaa tcgaatgtga gtgtggcaaa       840
     caagttgcct atatagttcc tattgtaatg ttaaccctgg tactcctctc tccaccctgt       900
     taatgattat tatatattat atataatagt tttttcatat taattcaata aaatcaacat       960
     aaattacaca tttttctggt tacttgtatc caaagaactg acaaaattaa atcacttaaa      1020
     aacaggattt aattgcattg caatttattt ttatactaaa tgaaatacat taaatttaca      1080
     atgtgtcatc atagcaagct tttttagata actcttgttt agtaatagct tttaaaaaat      1140
     actattgttg gtgttctaag ctataacagg catacacagt gtaaagtgag ggacatttta      1200
     gcccttggaa aatgtaaata ttatagtaac tatttatttt aaacaccttt aaaaaggtat      1260
     gagaatgttc tgtaaaaggg gaacatttgg cctgtgttac atgtgaaaat tctatgtagt      1320
     atcctgaact ggatcagtat attttttctt atagttcaac atgtgctcct tcaactgaaa      1380
     ttataaaaat accagaaaat gtaaaaaaaa taaataaata aataaatcag tgacagttac      1440
     taccctgaaa tggcactgaa taataggaat aacccataaa tttaaaaaac gattaattaa      1500
     tttgattaat aaaatttctt aattcgtgca ttcagtcttc tctgtcaaat tgcattacat      1560
     ccttttttta aataaaacag tttcttaatc ttgacaaaag acttctgact ctgttccccc      1620
     aaattgtcat ctcttggttg tacaaaaata gaggactact tggattaaaa atagtcagag      1680
     tatgaaggtt acaatgagtt attttatctg aagaaggaat attaggttat ttgttcatct      1740
     ttataactat gactggtatt gtatttaatt aaattattat tgactactgt tttcttaaag      1800
     tgctacaata cttgcagata attgctactg tttgcaatag attacgttag atggcccata      1860
     aggagcaaat attttaatca tttattgaat catttattcg ttttcagctt agtcccttta      1920
     ttaatctggg gtcgccacaa cggaattaac tgccaacata tccttatgtt ttacgaagct      1980
     gaggtccttg cagccgcaac ccatcactat atatatatat ttaaatcacc tgtacagcat      2040
     gttttttgac agtaggggaa actcaagcac ccggaggaaa cccacaccaa cacaaggaaa      2100
     acatgcaagt tccacatgga aatgccaact ggctcggctt tgaggcgatt gtgctactca      2160
     ctgcaccacc gtgatatatt taaaatacta aaaataaaat atgtgctgct attgtcacat      2220
     ctttttacta aaagtaaata ccctctatta ctagcctaca ctcagtgtag gcttaaaaat      2280
     atagaatgga cgcaaatgcg ctgtacttca cattaacatt aggcatattt tttttttttt      2340
     tttcatttaa acgtacgccc acttttaatt tgaaaaacgt aaacccttgc cccgcctctt      2400
     acgtttatat tatcttgctt tcaatgcgga ttgatagcga tatgttaaaa aagcacgcag      2460
     gaaagtttag ctttgcaagt tatccatcct gaattggtaa acggtgtgtg cttcgttctg      2520
     ctttgccgat tgcaaagcgt gattgggaaa cggtttgcca gaatataccc tgacctttca      2580
     ggaaagtggc ctgccttgcc tacatatgac ttctgaagca aggttagtga gtgaaaaaca      2640
     aataaaagtt gttgatttat tcaatgaaaa tccttgtgtt ggcgtgctct tgggtaggca      2700
     tgggacgata actgttttca atgtatagac catttcaatg tggtcatgtc attggcccat      2760
     gaacatttcc tgcttgttat caaactattt catatctgta tcaagaggca attcaatcat      2820
     aacttaatgt taaaacaacc atcataaaat attttatcaa tatgtggata tgttttatta      2880
     tgataattat ttattaatat ttatcaatat atataatttt gagttatcgg attcagaagc      2940
     tatataaata aaaatgtaaa acaggaaata ttttgggact aaagtttgtt tacatctttc      3000
     aaaatagtgt atagcgtggt ttgaaaaaag tcaaggtttt aaaaccacta aaatgttctg      3060
     ctatactgtt cctactgtat atgtaagttt tttttttttt tttttacgtt ttgtattagt      3120
     tttttaggac aacagcatct ccagcaaaaa aagatatcca aagatgccat tttaaattgt      3180
     aaagaaattt gtgtttttga aataaaagaa gacaagattt tgaaataagc agaagtcaag      3240
     gatttatttg aattatatag cctgacatgt ttactgctct aaaacatttt caaagtttct      3300
     ttaaaaaaat gttttgcgtt taaaggggga aaaagttttt attgtttttt tttttactca      3360
     gacatttaaa aagattatat tttaaagcag taatcacaat acctcgaaac catgatattt      3420
     tttattataa tatcagaatc atataccgac ccatgcctac tcctgaggaa atgtctgatt      3480
     tgtcatatgg aacttttcat tgaattattt ggtatgtgaa tcaataattc agtcacaaat      3540
     cacttgcttt ctgtttgtac attttaaata ttttttttat ttaagggttc atttaaaaat      3600
     gtcttaaagt tagttttgag ttatattaaa aacatattag ccataaatag aaaccaatat      3660
     gtaaatggaa gtgtattcca tgcataatag ggaaaacacg acttgcaaac aagacgttac      3720
     tgtctctcat ttatctgtct gtagaactgt gagcactgaa agtaggagat gtcctatgtt      3780
     aactgttcag ccatgtcgag gaatggtgga cgagaagttt caagtaatca taaagaattt      3840
     actgccaaat caagaggtaa cgctacactc tctacatcag tctgaagata aggacttctg      3900
     ggaggctttt ggacactata tcagtgatga acatggaaca gtgacaggtg tgtagaacaa      3960
     cctgatgcat gactctttaa aatttaaaca ctgtaaacca actccaagaa aaaaaaagtc      4020
     tcattggaaa aactctgatc tgtacaacac ttcacacctt tctctttcaa aacctcatcc      4080
     acttaccact ctatcttaga ttgtttccat tcgttgctta tataaaaatg gctcattttg      4140
     tacagttggt acataattgg ctcatattct gcacagcaga tgatgataaa gaacttgctt      4200
     tgacaaacta aaggtaatat taacttaatt ttagctgaat gtttcagctg ggtaccaaaa      4260
     tgtacaatcc atccgtccat ccattactaa gaatcaaact ttaataacct aaaacaatgg      4320
     tgcagaatcc atgtatgaca tcatgactac atattgtatc catactgtat cctatttaaa      4380
     taatggcaca agcttacatt atgaaaaata accggtttga ctaattaaag atcatattaa      4440
     agtaacttta gatggatttt ccagctggac acttaaatgt ataatgaatg acatttgtat      4500
     gtatcctgtt gtaatagtgg caaaagatga aagtttggga ggcacgtatg aagggacaga      4560
     gcagatgggt ttgctgtgga gcttgaggcc tgtaccagga agtcgatctg cactcaggta      4620
     agttaccgta gtattatggt gtattttctg tagtctgttt tacaaaattt aaataccttc      4680
     ttttgcaaaa agcgaggtca ttatttttat ttattcctac acttttttat tattcaaggt      4740
     tacgcaagat gaatgtactc acgccaatgg tagttaacat atcagtctac aatgggcatc      4800
     tgtctcaagg attcagtcag acctcagcgc tggccacgac tgtcacagag cgctggtaca      4860
     tggcaccagg tgtacagagg gtggacataa gagagaacgg agttcgagga actttatttc      4920
     ttcccccagg taaaatacta ttcatacata tataaatgta aacatgtctc ctctaagatg      4980
     taagattttt atttttttgg tgatcgtcaa aaaaggcaaa attgtcagag tgaaaaatgt      5040
     tggttgggtt ttgaactaaa acccagactt ttttttgtgc cacttaaatg attaagagct      5100
     gtcaattgat ataagaggtg tgtgtgtgtt taaaggattg attcattatt ccagtgattt      5160
     tttttttgca tgataaacag tgacttgaaa ttgcaaatta actttttata taaatgtatt      5220
     ttttaaaatt tatatatata tatgtatttt ttttattctt aaatttattt gttttataga      5280
     ttatttcatc atttctgatt tgtaatatag tttagtcagt taatacaaat tattaactga      5340
     caacaaagta tagtcagtta aataagaatt tatcaccaga tgaagattaa cactggtaac      5400
     tgggaggatg tgaaaaagtg tctaactttg atcagtgtag atatcaaata tctcatttaa      5460
     agggcaccta tgatgaaaag catcttttgt aagctgttcg gacagaactg tgtgtggata      5520
     tattctgtcc actgtcattc tggaatgata taaacacaac aagtatcttt attattcaaa      5580
     atgtcctgat gttaaaatag gatccaaatc ccagtgattt tgagtccact gcaacgtgac      5640
     gtttgaagga ggttttccct gcccaccaaa ttgattgaca ggggccatat cttcataata      5700
     acatgtgtac acatgtccac ttgcaaagaa actggtatta aaacatgtta caactctctg      5760
     tgatcagctt cacctaaata ataaatttta tttttaaaat gttttaaaac ggagcatgtt      5820
     tgtaataaag taaatcgcta tgtaattctg aactgctata atcacaacag ccgcatgtag      5880
     agctgcttga ttctggctat aatgagaatc ataatttttt gcttaaaatc aagattatga      5940
     ttttctcatg attctatgga tgtaaaataa aggttaatat gagtagtcta ttgttatttc      6000
     tcgaacatat ggtaaaacaa caataataat attatgtgta tctactgttg gttaaaatac      6060
     tcaattttga atcgactttg aatggtggac ataaatagac tttaaatttg tcctggtcat      6120
     taatgcacag aatattcata attctaaact ttaattatta tgtttgagac atatgcttgc      6180
     catttgtcat tgacaacatt attagagaat ttttttctac tggtaaaatc agacatttgt      6240
     cattatcaga ttgcttcttg cattatattc aacattatat aggctagagt agttatacta      6300
     acactgttaa acatttatta tcatgcacaa cactatgtgt tccctatgaa agaaaaacac      6360
     tttaaatgct tgtaatcata actctaaaat gcgatatgat tatttaaatg acgtgcgtgc      6420
     ttttggtttc attttcactg ccaagtgcta ttcatacttc ctgcgcggct cccaaacgat      6480
     cactctgtgc cacaaactga atgttattta caactttatt acttgttatt cagagtctat      6540
     gcaggttctg ttcactaaag tagatgctcg tgcgtctatt attaagtagt gtgcgcgccc      6600
     accctatctg tggtaacagc tcacggtcag cagctcacgt cacgtgtgat tttgcagtta      6660
     cgaatacatc tttacattaa gacagaattt atttttttgg gtgaattata tctaatacag      6720
     tatgtgactc ttttaacacc atttggagtt ttccatgtcc atgcccaatg tgaatacttt      6780
     tgcggccccc tttgcttctc tcctgaactt gaaaatatga ttggcagaat tgtagaaatg      6840
     ctggattaag atcgtccagg gggtcgaatc gagatcgcga tcttttttcg attaatctag      6900
     ccgcatggtg tcagtaagca ctcttatgta tgtgtgtgtg tactgcaaac atcatttgtg      6960
     tgtgactcat tgcagaaagg cttgaataga ctccaccgga aaatacatta aataaacttg      7020
     ttggtatttc tgacaagtga ccttatttca gctttatccg tgtctgtctc tatcactgac      7080
     agctgtttat cagattctac aataaataat aaataatctg atgggtattt tgagctgaaa      7140
     ctttacagac acatattgga gaaaccaatg tcttatatct tgtaaaaggg gtaaaatagg      7200
     caccctttac attttgttta tactgtgctt cagaatatgt cataacatgc cttaaaatca      7260
     cttttttaaa ctcctgtttg tatgtcttgt tgacgactaa tcaatgacat cataatttag      7320
     gatattgtag gttgttctcc aattttatcg tatactctgt caaaataggg aagaaaggat      7380
     ctgtatgaac ttcaattaca ccacaacttt aatttaatga aatagtttgt aaataatcta      7440
     ctgtgtttct tttttaggcc ctgggccata tccaggggtg ctggacctat ggggaggagg      7500
     tggtggattg attgaatatc gttctgctct gcttgcatct catggttttg catgtatggc      7560
     ccttgaatac atctctccag gagagctgaa aaagactgac gttgataata catactttga      7620
     ggtaaatttt attttgtcac ttaatatgaa caattattac ccatgcatag tgtatgtttc      7680
     tccagttcca gatatttatt tttatttgtg tgtatgtatg tgcgtgtatc tacacttttc      7740
     ctgtagaaag cataccagat cttgcaaaat catccattag tacagaagga caagattgcg      7800
     atgcttgggt tgtgttttgg aagtgtcatc acattcagta tgactgtcta ctcttctgtc      7860
     atcaaggttt actcgcctaa atatatgtta aatatatgta caatatatgt acagtctcta      7920
     cattttaaat atagcttttt attgttgaat ttactacatt tttttctaaa catgtacttt      7980
     tgcttgtagc cccagtgctg cgtgtgtatc agtggaagtc atgtggttcc tgttaataaa      8040
     tgcatgtttg aagtcttcga ggacataaaa aagtaagtgg atgttaaaca tttatttaaa      8100
     atctgtctac aaactgagct tcatctatag agagtaatgc tcaatcctct ccatattttc      8160
     ttatattgtg aaagaggttg caaaggtcag cctttcaaat gtttcacaag tcagtgcata      8220
     cttaatgtga ttatatacgg gataactttt ggagcaatgt tgcagagtga tgttgttggc      8280
     tactttccta ttgagaatgg gcaacaaaac tttatctggg tttgttatat cagttgtatg      8340
     caagtttttg agatccttaa atcagatttc tagcagtaaa tcatgtaact ggcttggagc      8400
     tgtataaaaa attcaaacag gatggtcata acatgaactc atagcttatt attccggtga      8460
     gttgtcctgt gttaacagtt tttttaatct aatttaatgc ttacaatgcc aacagttgtc      8520
     caattttaag gtgatttgat caatttaaag ttttgtgttt ttattttgtg ctttcttatc      8580
     atgcattaat tatattaaca ttatcgttat aattattatt atttgctaag cattattttt      8640
     gctttgcttt tgctacaata aatggtcatc cattcttgca ttcggctagt gatagctatt      8700
     tagaaacatc aaacctaact gtagtgacac aaatgaccat tttgtcactt gaggtgttgt      8760
     agggttgttt ctgacgcgtg agagctcaac aaacgaatca tcctccaaat actgcttatc      8820
     agatttattt tttgcacaga cagttcttat ggttcaattt ccactcacag tctgatatat      8880
     aaatgctcat aaaatcacat tgaatgcctc aataaagctc tttcaaacac ggtcaaaaaa      8940
     tgttgtgctt ccctctaatt acacacctgt tgttctaagt ctttgtctac ctatatactc      9000
     ctccaaaccc ccactccacc cagtggtcaa aaacagcatt acaaaacata atggctctta      9060
     caccccggcc cctaattgta catggcaggt agacataaca attcaacaat gtacatacaa      9120
     agagccatta aagcaacact ataaacattg cattaatcaa ttctgtgtag gtgtcaaatt      9180
     taacagtctt taccatcagt ccattatatt tccatgttgt catacaacag acaaagtttt      9240
     gtcacgggtc tctcaagtat actggtttta gtttgtactc gcacagaacg aacaagtcca      9300
     tttttatctg gaaaaacctc cagaattcgc cccaataacc aagaccctcg aggggcagac      9360
     gagtccacaa tgacaacaat gtcaccagga acaaagtttc tcctttcctt attccatttc      9420
     tgccgatctt gaagcaaagg caaatattca tttgtccatc ttttccagaa taagtcacac      9480
     atatactgga cctgtttcca tctcctcttg ctgtataatt cagatttttc aaataatcca      9540
     ggtggtaata ctggtttacc tttcatctga agaagatggt ttggagtaag tggctccaaa      9600
     tcattcgggt catctgacaa cttagttatt gggcgatcat ttagaatggc ctcaatttca      9660
     catagtacag tatggaatcc ttcatcatcc aaaatctgct gatgtaggat ggaattcaaa      9720
     attcttttga ccattctgat tacacgttcc cagattccac cataatgcga acctcctgga      9780
     ggattgaaac tccactggac acctttctgg agcattgccc tttgaatctt gttttgattc      9840
     catgatctca gtgattcctt taattccttt tctgcggcaa caaagttggt accattatct      9900
     gatctaattt gagttacttg ccctcgtctg cagataaatc ttcgaagagt gttaatacat      9960
     gaatcagtgt ccaatgagta ggcgacttcc agatgaactg ctcgacttgc catgcaagta     10020
     aagatgactc cgtaacgttt tacaatggag cgtcctcttt taacttccac aggaccaaaa     10080
     taatccaccc caacattcga aaatggaggc aaatcgggaa ggagtcgttc ctttggcaag     10140
     tctgccatct tctgctcacc caccttaact ccaaaacgtc tacaatggcc acaactcgat     10200
     ataatccttc tggcagctgc attaccctta atgatccaat atcttttcct cagctctgaa     10260
     agcatataat ttcttccact gtgacctaac tgttggtgta tatgacgcaa gatgagcgtg     10320
     gcaatatgct gatccttagc cagaatgatc ggatgctttc tttcttccgg catagcagaa     10380
     tttctcaatc gtcctcctac tctcaaaata ccgtcttgat agacgggatc caatttatac     10440
     agcttgctgt ctcggcttat ttttgaaaca ggtgaaactg acagagcatc gatttccttt     10500
     ttaaactgtt gcctttgact gaatgcaaca atagctactt cagcttcatt cacatcctgc     10560
     aaacttaaat ttggtgtaac cacagaacca gttagttttc gaagttcttt ctccgtcttt     10620
     ttagaagtta ctccagaaga gtctaaagag gcttgaattt cctttctctt ttgacttcgc     10680
     tgtttcagaa ctgtctttaa tttcaagagc caagcaacag caaccttcaa ctttgtccag     10740
     tctgagaaat gagtaatcag cctatgagta gcatttgact gttcacttac aagagtgcta     10800
     tttacacata tgttcctctt gacttcagga tcatctgctt taagagcaga atcaaatatt     10860
     tgtgctggcc attcttccac tggtttccac agataacttg gtccattgat ccattctctg     10920
     tttgttaaca gctgatctgc tttcagacct ctggagcaac agtctgctgg attttgagtc     10980
     gtaggtatgt atcgccactg taatggtgtt gtaatttctc ttattgcaga gatcctgttg     11040
     gcgacaaagg taagaaaacg tttgtcctca ttttttatgt atttcaacac ggacgtacta     11100
     tctgtccaga atactgaatc aaccaatgga aactgcatct ctgcccttaa cattttgtcc     11160
     actcgagcag caagcacagc agctgtcaat tcaagacgtg gaatagttac tgatttcaaa     11220
     ggtgctactc tagctttact gagtaggaat gttacgtgaa catcatgttt tgtctccatc     11280
     ctaaggtacg tcacagtgcc atatccaagt gtacttgcgt cagcaaaatg atgcaactga     11340
     acgttggtaa gttcatccat tcctgctggt tttaggcatc tgtccatctt gaaatctgcc     11400
     atcttctcaa gctcttttaa ccataaagac cactgccttt ggagatttga gggtagcaga     11460
     tcatcccatc cacatcttat cctacataac tcttgcagga gaatttttgc tgtaagagtg     11520
     aatggagcca aaaatcctaa aggatcatag acagagcata cctttgacag gacaccccgc     11580
     ctggtgcaag gatgatcttt gctagttatt ttaaaattga aagtgtcgga ttcaacacac     11640
     caccacaaac caagagctct ttccattggc aactggtcct tgtccagatc catcattttt     11700
     atgccctggg ctcggtgttc ttcaggtaca ctttgtagca caatacggct attgctgatc     11760
     cattttatta actggaaacc tcctgctaag cagacatctg tgagatcctt gatcatcaag     11820
     acggcctctt cctcagaagg tacacttttc aaacaatcat ccatgtagaa gtttgtgtga     11880
     attgtgtcaa ttaccttttc aggaaagtca tctttgttgt cctcagcagt tctacgtaaa     11940
     gcatagcaag cacaacttgg ggacgacaca gcaccaaaca aatgcacttt catcctgtat     12000
     tccacagagt cctgattgat atcaccatct ggccaccata ggaaacgaag aaagtcagta     12060
     tcttcttctg caactttaac ctggtgaaac attgctttta catcagccat aaatgcaata     12120
     ggctcttgtc gaaacctcac aagaactccc aacagtgaat ttgtcagatt aggaccctgc     12180
     agaagctgat cattcaatga tgtaccttta aaggcagctc cacaatcaaa caccactctt     12240
     aatgtttgct tcttggggtg ataaacccca tggtgaggga tataccaaac tttcccttca     12300
     tcctgtttta attgatgtaa cggtactatt tcggcataac cgtgtttaat tacctcatcc     12360
     atgaaatctt tatattcttg atggaaaatc ttgtttcttt caaatttcct tttcaatcca     12420
     attaagcgct gtttagccac acaaaggttg tttggcaaca tgggaatttc catcctaaaa     12480
     ggaagattca atttataatg tccatcttga aactcaattg acttgcttac cttttccata     12540
     aaggcatgct cttctcttga catttccttc ttttcaacag aattctcatt aaagtcatga     12600
     ttgtattgtt taccaagcat atcctccaat tttcttacag aaatcctgtt aacagtcacg     12660
     cctgaacatt tgaccttatt cctgcttcct tggagtggtc catttacaac ccatcccaat     12720
     agggttctaa ctgcataagg tccatctcca ttgctgttta taacctccca gggctccatt     12780
     accctggaag catttgctcc aatcagcaaa tccacatcag caggaatttg aggaatctca     12840
     acacctttca gatatggcca attttccaaa tccttttgag tgacaatgtt gtctctggat     12900
     acaggcattc tttcttgagt gaagacttct ggaagactat aaaaggtgtc atcaagaagg     12960
     ttagacactt ccaatccagt caaaacagtg ctattaacag ccctttgatt gcccattgtt     13020
     ttcaaaacaa tattagtttc ctttcccttt aatttcaaac tatgcattaa gcgttctgaa     13080
     caaaatgtgg cagaactgcc aggatccaaa aatgcatagg tttgaattac cgtttgtccc     13140
     ttgctggatt tgacttgaac tggtacaatt gataatgcac agtctccatc gtcaccggcc     13200
     cctgtttgcc cacatgttgt aagggcaaca tgtgcactac ttaaagatga atgactttgt     13260
     tcttgagtgc acactctttc cttttgttgg atatgcaaaa tgctgggatg cttttgacca     13320
     cacactgtac aagtcaagcg cttatcacat cttttactta tgtgtccaaa agaaagacag     13380
     ccaaaacaaa cacctttttc ctttagaaag ttcaatttgt ctttatgcag cttgttttgc     13440
     atttgtgtac actgctccaa taagtgatca cgtttgcagc acaaacatac aactggggcc     13500
     tttgatctta aatcagtctc acagcattga attgatttat tgttggtgac aaccgttgtt     13560
     gcaaagctgt ttctaacttt agtcttaggt tggaatttct gttgcagagg ctgggtactc     13620
     tggatatcac caaacaaggg atctgatgac attttgactt gacgttcaac aaatatcaca     13680
     atatctttaa accgtgctct ctgcttgcgt ctttccatta actcacatgc aacagttctc     13740
     caattttccc ttaatttgta aggcaacttc atgatgatgg ttttcaaatt gcttggcatc     13800
     tctagctctt ccatatagtc aatttcttcc attacattac agcatccacg caaaaagaga     13860
     gcataactct gcaatgaatt tacatcctca gattttattg aaggccatgc caaaaccttt     13920
     tctacatatg cagaagctat tttgaattca ttgccgtaat gttcctttaa caatgcttta     13980
     gcttgcacat accctctttg tgcatccata tgctgacaac tgcgcacaat ctcccttggc     14040
     tgaccttgtg tatattgttc cagaaagtat aaacaatctc tactattttt ggttttgtct     14100
     tctattccat gctcaaatgc tctcataaaa gttttatatt gcagaggatt gccatcaaac     14160
     acaggaatat ctctttgagg cagtgtgctg gattgttgtt gttgtacaag cagggtggta     14220
     atctcatttt gtttttgcaa gatattacaa aggttcgaag ttattattcc atcactgttc     14280
     tgcattacac ttgaggattg catttgtgac gtgagatgag gatcaatttg tggcacactg     14340
     tgaatttgct gaatcacgtt ccttgagctt tcttgcaggg ggacttctat tggcacatat     14400
     gcctctgcat gagggttgag agtaacagtt cctttatcac aatatgcatt catatcatca     14460
     gtgcaggttt tgagagactg attatttaaa acagcaattt ttgcagtagc ggctgcaatc     14520
     tctgcatcaa tatccagctg ttcttgtcta tgtctcagct tttcttgttg tacctccaaa     14580
     gtatgctttt cctttaaagc agctgcacgc gccattaatg cagctttctc tgcctctgcc     14640
     atgattcgtg ctgaagcagc agaagatctc ccactacgta cactgcttga acttttctta     14700
     ctggacgatt tactggattt acatgaggat atgttggaaa tgctatcatc tggattaaca     14760
     tcctcttgac atacccttgc atcaacacca gaacatgaaa cttgactttc agcgctcaac     14820
     catttctcaa catcatctac aaactcatcg caaatcaaca tctttccatt gaaccatgtt     14880
     tgttgttttt ccttttcttc actgggcaaa agaaccatca ccgaattgtg catttccttt     14940
     gtttcgtctc tcaatttgat gaatttctca aaggaacact gcacctcctt ttcatattct     15000
     cggttggaca taaaatcctt tataatagcc attaagttct ttgccttgct tagtttacac     15060
     tttcgtgtct tttgcagagt ttccaatttt tccaataaag ccttaggagt aagcttaatg     15120
     agccgctttt ccctcacatg ctctgtttca aacttctcaa atggcacaat attctctgtc     15180
     tgttcacagg tagccgcacc atcatcatca caattcatta aactcatatt cacagctgaa     15240
     atcgtttgcc tcctaagcaa ctttaaaact taagcaacca atgcattgga tttacgctat     15300
     tgtgtgcaca caaagtcatt cattaagtag cgctacacat acctttgttt cattcattca     15360
     gttcatcacg gctgctcctc aagaaagtcc aaaaatgatg catgatgatc cacaaagaag     15420
     ccattttttg acaaatgtag tgacacaaat gaccattttg tcacttgagg tgttgtaggg     15480
     ttgtttctga cgcgtgagag ctcaacaaac gaatcatcct ccaaatactg cttatcagat     15540
     ttattttttg cacagacagt tcttatggtt caatttccac tcacagtctg atatataaat     15600
     gctcataaaa tcacattgaa tgcctcaata aagctctttc aaacacggtc aaaaaatgtt     15660
     gtgcttccct ctaattacac acctgttgtt ctaagtcttt gtctacctat atactcctcc     15720
     aaacccccac tccacccagt ggtcaaaaac agcattacaa aacataatgg ctcttacact     15780
     aacaatcagg gcttggagca aactgctgga agcagataat aacaatacat tttgttaagc     15840
     taaatagttg tccagtcttt tacctgattg cttgttgtat catcacatgt aaagacatgt     15900
     ttgacacgat ttgttgccat tttcagagca acgcaatcct aattttccgg tttgcaccat     15960
     attgtttaaa tagtaaattc atttgcgcca ctttgtggat tcatgggtgt tgcggtctag     16020
     acaggaggtg tgttaaggcg cattgttggt gtgttgctgt attgaggaac taaaatagac     16080
     tgcacaattg accagctgaa tgcaggtctt aagtccaggt tcaaatgctt acacattgct     16140
     taattcacaa ataatgtaca gtaatataaa tttcagcaat tatctttaca aatgaaaaag     16200
     aattaaggat taatatatgg taaaaaatat tattttctac ataaatataa aaactactat     16260
     ctccatgcct ttgtctgttt tttttttcag tttatttatg acaatttgct tttgtataat     16320
     gttattagta gtagtagtat ttattatatg catatttatg tgttttaata aaaacaagtt     16380
     tatatttgtc ctgtcaggtt ttggagaagt ctgcatcatc atatgggacg tgtgtttgga     16440
     tattactttg tttggatatt attatttttg accacaagtg gattcggaca tgcccttaat     16500
     gcttttgcgc catgcgattt agactctacg cctagatcgt taatatagtg cccatagcat     16560
     tggccatttg atttgattga agaaaaccag tcggaataga ttaggccatc cttctaatca     16620
     gagaagagtg tacttttcta gatggagggg tttagtgaga gtaaatcatt tgagacgctt     16680
     tccgaaatta gttgaggcca catagtctat gagaaaacaa aatgtttgtt ttaaacattg     16740
     aatgcatgta tatcttttta gcagacctac aaaacaaaat taacattttt aaaattatag     16800
     caacaggcat ttttaacaat aagatttttg caatattttt acaaaatata aataatattt     16860
     tgtaatattt gactttatcc actgtattaa aataaggata tcatatgagt atttgggttg     16920
     gtacatattt gcatattttt ctaatgcaat tgaatgtttt tgtcatgtgt agtgttcttt     16980
     cacaaagtaa ataaatcctt tcatatcagt gaatgactgg tcctaatgat aaacagtcac     17040
     acattttgtg aatgttcatt gcaggcttat gggtaaagta caagagaatg aggacaaaca     17100
     tatagtgacc agagaaatta tcttgccgat tccctcagac ccggctctca aagcagacgt     17160
     atgtatgact ttagtatgtt tttcttttca gtgtgttttc attttttaaa tatcagttgt     17220
     gatttatttt ttcaggttgg gagaataaag tgtcctcttt tgttggtgaa tggtactgat     17280
     gatcagaatt gggctactaa tgaatctgct gaagacgtga gttatttgta tgcttgtatg     17340
     aatgtttgta tgcatgattt cagggttacc actttaagtc atttcaaatt ctttcactga     17400
     ccaaaaagct gattttccac aagctataat gttgagcagt gcctccagaa ttttttgatt     17460
     ctgtgaatgc taaatgctgc aataattaga ggaccttgcc atttttattg atgccaattt     17520
     tggtcacact ataggaaata tccattacta atattttttt tatttttgtg atttgtctaa     17580
     tgcccgaaat gctcaattgt gttaaatgct gttttatgtt caatcaactt aaattcataa     17640
     aaatgaataa gttgacttaa atccttcatg tgtttcaaca catattgatt gtgtggaacc     17700
     caccatttta agtgtataga ctgttatgtg aacgagaagc tgacaacaga ggtgcgaatc     17760
     caaatgcagg tatattaata atagtcagct aagcaacaat caacacaggg gcaaacagat     17820
     gtacacagta aatcgagagt tgtagtcaaa tacacaggcg agtcatcagt acaggcagac     17880
     atcagacaac ataaacaaac aatcaaggcg tgagggacaa aaacgtggca aagcaaggta     17940
     agggaaatgc gtcgtaatgt ttacaaacag tataacaaga cttagccaag aggtagtgtc     18000
     tgtggtatat ttaaagtcca tctaatcagt cttcgagcag ctcccagctg tgtgtgtgta     18060
     atcaattgtg atctggaaca ggtgggtgtg tgtgtggtgc atgactggaa cttgtagtcc     18120
     atatatcagt gggtttgtag tcattaagtg atcagccagg attagatctc tggtgattgt     18180
     gacaatagac agtgtattca cagtatagcc ttcatcatat atacacaatt gcagttaatc     18240
     tttttttaaa ttccacacat taaaatgtct aatgtttaat ctgtaatgtt caataaactt     18300
     ttcagtaact atgatcaaac tttgcaatga ctccacaagt ctgtttttaa atgtggctct     18360
     gactataatc ttgattcgac attgctgatc ctgccatgtg actatattgt ggatgaacaa     18420
     cattgcgata tcgatgctaa aacaatatat tgtgcagcta gaatagtgag cattttcagt     18480
     tcatttatat ggaagttgag cgaggcaaga aaggcatggc aaaaagttga cttatgcttc     18540
     caagtgttta cagacctgaa ttacagtgct gaaatcactt acatgtaggc tactgagaat     18600
     gtaatccttt acacttacat tttcaaaagc accttaaaac atggatgcct gtgtgtttat     18660
     gcactgaaca tttcttgcat gcgtgataaa tgggtaaaca ctctgtcttt cacctgatca     18720
     aaacaggcgt gctcagtcgt aaatatgaca tgccccatgg cagtgacatt gtagctttgc     18780
     taagtgcaga tttgatgctg tagtagaaat gtattattag gaggaggctc ctataatact     18840
     tctctatagc ttatctgtac tgcacttgcc agctggccaa tcctacacgc tatactgcaa     18900
     tatgaatgta gcatttatta acaaatagtt gtaaataaaa tattacaatt tagtaataca     18960
     ctttagtatg gttcaaaaac tttttgctat aaattactat tgtattttag ttgaatgact     19020
     ggtgtttaag cctttgaatc aaaatgtgaa gcagtcacat aggtataggc aaaaataaag     19080
     ctttgcacgt cacggatcac gtgattatgg caaaatgaca tggttcgcta tggctcactg     19140
     cgagatgtat cgtgtttttt tgatacttgc tttgaagcct ctatgcacag tgtctcatca     19200
     ctaggaaata ctacaaaact ttcctcgcta tttgtttttc ctactataat tgattttgtg     19260
     ttcaatgtaa acaaaaatgt tacaaatgta aacaaaaatc ccatgttacg ggatgtgtga     19320
     acaatggcag aattaccgct tttggtgaac taactctagc tgaaacccat taaaagattt     19380
     aatccctatg acatttaaga aaaatgtcaa acctttttca ttgtttaagt taacaggctt     19440
     tctaaaatgt gttttactta caaaaaaagg agatatacta atgaatgttg gcatccaaaa     19500
     aattctgttt accaattgac ttgcatgttt acttttaaat aacagtttaa ttgtgtcgtg     19560
     tccacaccta tgacattaat tagagccttg atatggttca tttacacaca gattaagatg     19620
     atgatggaga aagcaggaaa tcgacacctg ctgactgtct tgacatatcc tgatgctggt     19680
     catctgattg aacctccata cacgcctcac ttcagagcaa ctaacttcct tctgcatgac     19740
     atgaaagtga aaggcaagca tacaatccat tgttgccttc tgtttgtatt tttttatttc     19800
     cacctttttc ctcacatgac ggctacgata aattatgagc tgcactttca gattgaggaa     19860
     ttttcaatta aataaactaa atcttttgaa taataaggct gttataatat ttaatatact     19920
     ataaggctac atttacaaga taatgacgta gccaaaaata gaatagtttt gccttgtgtt     19980
     ttatactgtt tttcatatgc gtaacaacat tgtcaggata atctgcattt acaaatttca     20040
     aatatctgca aaaatgctgt attacatatg cccaacctgt atttgccatt acaatcttgt     20100
     tagtaaacag tatatgtaag gaagtgacta gtctgaagca gctcagggta ttggtatgca     20160
     tttagaattt gccatttaca tataaagcgt ctacactgtg ggatgtaaca ttggtgaagt     20220
     aaatccccat actacattag caaactcttg accagcaaca atattaccat atacatcttc     20280
     attgtaatgt atgaataaat cgcccttccc tttaaatcaa caagtactgt acatgtcaac     20340
     atacctaaca catatgtatg atgtcaacat ttacaaagat ttccctatat ggaagatttc     20400
     ctttacatgg aaaagaccag ggctaaagtt tcaaaaactt tcactttaaa atctatttta     20460
     tattgtatgc attttcagtc cccaaaacgc tggtaaatta aagagcccat attatgggtt     20520
     tttgaaaatt cccctccatg tagtgtgtaa cacagctcta agtgaagtga agtatccagc     20580
     taaggcttaa atctgtaaga atacagtgtt taaaacggtt gattcatcta taaaagagtt     20640
     gactcatagt gcttcaaacg agtcgccttg ataccgattc attaggtgtt tcgccatgac     20700
     gtacgaacga aaccaagtta ttcacgtgca cgcgcaaacc cgggagattt caaacctgag     20760
     gtcccgccct ctgacgcaga aacccagaca cacacacaca cacacccaca aacacacgca     20820
     cacaaacatg ccggtcgatt gaagtcacac tgcagatgga cattatcgat tctctaccca     20880
     gagatgaaac ctcagcatta taaccaagca gttggaaact tctggaaact acaggctaca     20940
     aagaatactt catctgcgtt tgttaaagta aggatcagta aagagttact tactaatgga     21000
     cgtcaggatg agtttcttcc tccatttctc aagtgtaagt acgtgcgatt aaagttgcct     21060
     cgttgactct agcttgcaaa tgtatttagt tgtgatttgt tacttgtaac cgagtgtact     21120
     gtatcaggtt aactggctat attctcttat cgcgtgcaaa gtcacgttaa aaacgcgacg     21180
     cgtgctgttt gtttacggag ctccgtggta gaggtctgca ttcccgcggc tgtccccgcg     21240
     ccagattttt gcggcgcggg aataaatttc cgaatcaatc gcgggagcgg tcggtaacag     21300
     gtttaatttg ggacgggagc gggctgtcta gcaatatcgt ggatattgct atgcgaatga     21360
     gacagagctt tgcctgcctg tgtgtctgct tggcgcttgt gtgtatgtgt tagtgcgcgc     21420
     gtatgagaga gagagagaga gcgagctctg tctggctgtc tctggactgt tttgctgggt     21480
     gattttcggt tatgttctcc cccgctcttt agcgggatcg ggcgcggcgg gcagaaaacg     21540
     gggcggttcg ggcaccggga caagaaattc taaatataag cgggagcggt cgggttcagg     21600
     ctaaaacctg gcgggtgcgg gcggaagcgg gagcgttgtc gtccagaggt gtgtgtgtgt     21660
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtggcagc taaaatccac gcctacacta tggagcgcgt atgaactgtg     21720
     attactttta tattgctgat tagctattgg gcatttcatt ctctgactga aggcagtcga     21780
     ccaatcgtga caggctgtca tcggtccaat cagcgcagat tagcttcgcg ctaaggaggg     21840
     gtttgggaac aaatgaatca ctggacgatt catacaggag tcgctgggat aattaggtaa     21900
     aaataaatgc agattataag atcatgaaag tgttttttga ctttgcatgc atattagact     21960
     gttgttggag acccttacaa ccaagatatg accctatttc atgtataata tgggctcttt     22020
     aactgacaaa gttcataaag ttgcccctaa gtccataata cagctgtgga aaggcaaatt     22080
     ttttgagtat ttagggttat tgcaacacaa tctcatggca attcgtaact tttagtggct     22140
     aattcataag aatttgtaca atctcatttg taccatttaa tacgatttgc ttatccccaa     22200
     tgaaggttgg gtttaggggt ggggttggat gccatgcctc ctttttgaaa atattgtaca     22260
     tttttgtatg actgaatttg tacgaattag cttctaaact gacaaaactg atatgtccag     22320
     gctggactat ttatgatctt gctgcaagta ataatacact ttactgattt atattttaga     22380
     gtttaaaaaa cgttacttcc caaagtagta gtcccaaaac actaagggct ctattttgac     22440
     gatccaggtg caaagtccaa agcacagggc tcaaaattat aaagggcatg tcagtatcca     22500
     cttttgctat tttaaggaca aaaaaatcag cattgcgccg cagcgcttaa tctaacagag     22560
     ttgtgctaat tctcttaatg agttataggt gtgttttgag cataaaccaa tcagagtctc     22620
     atctcctatt ccctttaaga gtcaattgcg tcgcaccata gcgcacttgc tatttacatg     22680
     acggactttg taagtgcaaa aactgaatgc ttcactagcg acaaaaaaaa ggtaaacaga     22740
     gcaactgtca cgttacagat tgaaacggga acaaaaaggt gtaggatcca agtgcagatt     22800
     tatcaaagga tcgtgcagca aacagaaaaa cacggtgtcc ggtgttcaaa aataacaaag     22860
     taacaaataa acagcaaaac aagaaactat gacagaaatc aagatcagga acaggaacaa     22920
     gactcgggta acaacaaact cgctataaaa gacttactag atactgttga caaaatagac     22980
     aagaaagaca aacgacgcag tgacaaacag tgggtaaatg gttgtataaa tagtccagga     23040
     aagggcggag tggagaagga acaagcggag ggatgggagg gtcagaccag ggtgggttct     23100
     gtggggagga gcgggaggga tgacccatgg acgatcccgt aggagacaca aggcaggggg     23160
     ttttaggaga gccggctgga gaggcaactg gactggagcc ggcaggactg gaggcagctg     23220
     gactggagcc ggcgggactg gaggcagcgg gactggagcc ggcgggactg gagggcagct     23280
     ggactggagc cagcaggact ggaggcagct ggactggagc cggcgagact ggaggcagcg     23340
     ggactggagg tagctggact ggggtcggca gagcacggag ccaggctggg gtcggcaaag     23400
     caaggagcca agctggagtc gacagagcaa agagccaggc tggagtctgc agagcaaggg     23460
     gccgggctgg agtcggcaga gcaagacgtc tgggaagtgt cagcagagca agaaatctgg     23520
     atggcgttgg taagaccaga aactgggctg ggaccggcag agcatggagc tggattggga     23580
     cggcaaggca agacgtctgg gaggtgccgg cagggcaaga tgtctggatg gcattggtaa     23640
     ggccaaaagc cagactggga ctggcaggac caggagcctg gttggcgccg gcagggcgag     23700
     gagtcggact ggaaccggca ctgtactgca ctctggggct ggagccagca ctggcgggcg     23760
     cactgaggct ggagccgaca ttggcgggct ctctggggca tgggcagtcc tcctcctgcg     23820
     cctccctcgt ctggtggttt gagtaagagg aagagagttg tcctcagaag aaggaacatg     23880
     ctctggagct ggaactgaca ctggcgggca ttgtggggct ggagcaaaca caggggtttc     23940
     acacagttca agaagactct ccagaggctc agagaaaggc ggtctttgga cagcccgacg     24000
     cggacaagct cgcaactcca acccagcttc tctccttctt cccacagaca aatctgtggt     24060
     cggttgtctt gttttatctg catgataaga tcatctgctg aaaccattgt gactgcgtca     24120
     ttctgtcaca ttacggattg aaacgggaac aaaaagatgt aggatccaag tacagattta     24180
     tcaaaggatc gtgcagcaaa cagaaaaaca aggtgtccag tgttcaaaaa taacaaagta     24240
     acaaattaac agcaaaacaa gaaactacga cagaaatcaa gatcaggaac aggaacaaga     24300
     ctcgggtaac aacaaactcg ctatacaaga cttactggat actgacgaca agatagacaa     24360
     gaaagacaaa cgacgcagtg acaaacagtg ggtaaatggt tgtataaata gtccaggaaa     24420
     gggccggagc ggagaaggaa caaggtgagg gatggaaggg tcaaaccagg gtgggttccg     24480
     ttggtcaggt gccatggcag gaagccacgg tgtagccgga gggtcagtcc caagtagtaa     24540
     aaaaaggacc accagggaga agcgggaggg ttgacccatg gacgatcttg taggagacac     24600
     aaggcagggg gttttaggag agccagctgg agaggcaact ggacaggagc cggcgggact     24660
     ggaggcagcg ggactggagc cggcgggact ggaggcagct ggactggagc cggcgggact     24720
     ggaggcagct ggactggaac cggcgggact ggaggcagct ggcctgtagc cggcgggact     24780
     ggaggtagct ggactggggt cggcagagca aggagccgtg ctggggtcgg caaagcaagg     24840
     agccaagctg gagtcgacag agcaaagagc caggctggag tctgcagagc aaggggccgg     24900
     gctggagtcg gcagagcaag acgtctggga ggtgtcggca gagcaagaaa tctggatggc     24960
     gttggtaaga ccaggaaccg ggctgggacc ggcagaacat ggagcggact gggaccgaca     25020
     gggcaagatg tctaggaggt gccggcaggg caagacgtct ggatggcgcc ggtaaagcta     25080
     ggagccgaac tggaaccggc actgtactgc gctctggggc tgaagccgac actggcgggc     25140
     gctctggggc tggagccgac actggcgggc gctctggggc tggagccgac actggtgggc     25200
     gctctggggc tggagccgac actggtgggc gctctggggc tggagccggc actggcgggc     25260
     gcactgaggc tggagccgac actggcgggc tctctggggc ataggcagtc ctcctcctgc     25320
     gcctccctcg tctggtggtt tgagtaagag gaagagagtt gtcctcaaaa gaaggaacat     25380
     gctctggagc tggaaccgac actggcgcgc attgtggggc tggagcagac acagggtttc     25440
     acacagttca agaagactct ccagaggctc agagaaaggc ggtctttgga cagcctgacg     25500
     cggataagcc cgcaactcta acccagcttc tctcctcctt cccacagaca aatctgcagg     25560
     tcccgaaaat atacctctct gttgccctcc actcaggcct ccctcctgag ggttctcctc     25620
     cttcagggca aaggagagag gggagccaga gatcaacaga gccgttttga tgaaccgatc     25680
     gggttccagt cttcctcata aggtggcatt tgtgaacaga ctggttccaa aagtcctccc     25740
     cgaaagaaca tcaccagcag tatgtcactg taagagctct ttggggctag ctccaaaaac     25800
     tccttaacat aacgcacaac tgagtggttg ccttgtttta tctgcacgat aagatcatct     25860
     gctgaatcca ttgtgactgc gtcgttctgt cacgttatgg attgaaacaa gaacaaaaag     25920
     atgtaggatc caagtgcaga tttattaaag gatcgtgcag caaacagaaa aacaaggtgt     25980
     ccggtgttca aaattaacaa agtaacaaat aaacagcgaa acaagaaact acagcagaaa     26040
     tcaagatcag gaacaagact caagtaacaa caaactcgct ataaaagact tactagatac     26100
     tgacgacaag atagacaaga aagacaaaca acgcagtgac gaacagtggg taaatggttg     26160
     tataaatagt ccaggaaatc aacaggaaac aggaacagct gtgaatggcc aatcagtgta     26220
     agtgaaccgg gtgtaatgca cgtgggatgt atggacttgt agttcttggg tgctgttgtt     26280
     cactctcaga gtttgttgaa ctaggtggtt gctgacagtc atgacagcaa ttgcagcgcg     26340
     agaatgagag aataagcctc ctcgttcttt actttcactt tcagtctcgt ggataaagaa     26400
     aatggtgttg tacgcacaga catccattag cctatacata attttgttgt tgtgcgcaaa     26460
     gatttgtttc aaaactattt ctaaattcag ttctaatttc cagcaaacga ataaataaac     26520
     aataatgacg aagtgtggtt aaaaaaagta tatccaaata cacatgctat gtcccatatg     26580
     gtctaaaacc tgacaggtgg gcaaatctaa gctagttttt aataaaacaa acataaatat     26640
     gcatataata aataatactg ctaataataa taacgttata caaaagctat ttgtcttgaa     26700
     taaactgaaa aagccccgca aaggaggcag tggtgtttat atttttgtag gctagaaaat     26760
     aatatttttg ttatattata atccttaaat tctttttcat tcgtaaagat atttgtgtat     26820
     ggctgtacat cttgtgtgta ttaagcaatg tttaagcgag gcgcacaact aacgtgctct     26880
     gcgctacact ttagaactcc tcttagctgg tcttttaaac agtctattct agtttctcaa     26940
     aatagcaatg tgccagcaat gcgcctcaac acacctcctt ttttagacca gatcacatat     27000
     aggcacacat atgagcacaa atgcacttgc tatttaaaca gcgtggtgca aaccttcaaa     27060
     atgactctcg tgtcgagctg aaactagcaa acaacaattg tcttgcgccg cactgagcca     27120
     gatgtgtgat gggtacctaa gagtttcttt cttctgtaaa acacaaattg cactgaacaa     27180
     ttaatttgtg aattggaatg acatcttttt atgagtcaac aacgcactaa ttcaaatgat     27240
     ttattcagaa cgggtcactg gtaaatgatt tacagattca aatgatatgt taagagtgag     27300
     tctccagtca aggattcact cattcaattg aaacatacag agtgagtctc cagtaaatga     27360
     ttcactgact gaaatgatct gtacagagtg agctccaagt aaaatattca ctgattctga     27420
     ttcactgatt cactgattct gattcactga ttcacctgta ctgagtgagt ttccaataaa     27480
     aaaacacatt ttcaaaatga tatgtacaga gtgtctaaat agtgttgtaa ataattaatt     27540
     gaatttacaa actgatttga gtgggtttca gcatgtgaat gtggtttcac ttgttttcat     27600
     ttaatgtcta actttaatta gtaaatttaa aattaagtac ttttgtactt tgactagtgt     27660
     attattgtat aggaggactt tatttcaact ggagtaatat tttatttggg tatttgtact     27720
     taatttgtgt aatttgtgta ttttgtctac cactgcattt ctaagaatat aatctattgt     27780
     gtaaaacaga ataaagacac gcatactgtt tttaaacgtg gagagtaaat aatgtacact     27840
     atcattttgt tagtgatgca ccttttaaat attctcaaat gtgcctgtat ctgtgaatgt     27900
     acatctgaat gttgttttgt tgtttctgca gttgtcatgc tgtggggtgg acaaactaaa     27960
     ccacatgcgt acgctcaaga ggactcatgg aaaaagattt tagcattttt tcaagagcac     28020
     ctctacggtt caaacgttaa ggccaaactt tagttccttt atttgaaact gatatatgac     28080
     caacttcatt caaaatgcta ttaaatgcaa tgatgttgct gccagttctt tcatgttaca     28140
     tttcactttg gtatttgtac tgaataaaag gggatcttaa gtatattttt taagtaatac     28200
     ttttgtagca gacacatgcc ataatgcatt attaatgaat gtaataatta taaatataaa     28260
     taaataaatg aatactgaca tggttatggt gacactgcca agtaaatgta ttagattttt     28320
     tttttgtaaa gaaaaacact taagatcatt ttgacacact atgttttctt attttgtaac     28380
     cacaatctac ctctggttaa aataaaagca taaatttaga ttattttatc aaattttgtt     28440
     ggactttttt gttaaaaaca ataatgttta ttgtctaaat tgagtataac gtgtgtttta     28500
     aacaggaaat tatgtatgca atccagaaga tttgaaatca tttggatgaa tttttaagta     28560
     cctgcaataa taaaagtatg atttatttgt attgatagtg aatcgctgaa ttaatgactg     28620
     tcatggtatt tttggatgta attaactatt gaataattaa cctgtatgag ttgcaaatac     28680
     aatgaatttg ctaatttcct aattgataca ataataatat caataaggca atcaaccaag     28740
     ttttgatgac atcagacagg tcgaaccaca acttaagtca aggaaattga tggtaaaatt     28800
     ttgaaagaga tcatacagat tatgaaaacg ttaacctgca gtcttgacac actccacaca     28860
     tcgttcttca aaatgattta attgtttaca agtagatctc ctaaaagcgg taaatgctta     28920
     atttctttct tggactttat taatgttgga atcttcagtc aattccatgc ttgttcaata     28980
     aaaaaaggtc aggagaggtt tttcttcaat gtcaaaagtt gtaacaactt attggattca     29040
     aatgaataat tcgattttca gaattctgtt atcctctatg aaatgcaaaa gttacattca     29100
     ggaggtgcgc aacaactttc atttcctgac ttcaactttt ctatgcagct gatattaaca     29160
     ggtggagttt gtgaaattca tcatttgtcc atcattctca agtcctccat tggctgcacc     29220
     cttccataca taccttttat ttctacaaat tctctgcaca acattaaaag cataagactt     29280
     tctgtgttca gtgttcagtt ttaacacctt tctgctgaca ggaagtttct gcagagctga     29340
     atttaatttt ggaccagcat ttatctactc tgcaaaaaat tttcattaat atgcaaaaca     29400
     tatcagactc gagaaaaact tcagttaaca tatgaccttt aaaagaccaa ttcaattaat     29460
     tgtttaataa aaagaaaaaa aagcgacaaa attatataaa agtatatata tattcctctt     29520
     tcccaagacc aaactgctga tgttatacct cccttgaaaa agagcaacct ggataacacc     29580
     acgttgagca actacagacc catttcaaat cttcctgtca ttggcaaaat tattgaaaag     29640
     gttgttttta accaggttaa ccaggacaca tgagaatgcc atttgtgtgg ctatttccta     29700
     gcaagactga aacctgaaat ctgtcaagga gtgaaagaca tctgtgcgaa ctggagaaat     29760
     tgacagttaa cagacattct gctgtgcgct caacagctcc gctgacctgt gagacagagg     29820
     ggggcaaagt tttcaaccac gcatttgttt gttcaccaaa agatcccgta cctctccttg     29880
     gaaagaatat tttgtgtgaa ttaaacttag ttctaacagc agactcctca ggtgtgagag     29940
     tggaggaagt ttgttgaggg ttgaatcacg gacaccacaa tgggcttata aatggctcat     30000
     tgaaaacatt gaatgggttg atttaatttg aaaattggct aaagaacgag taaaaccttt     30060
     cgacattgac aatgtctcct ggtaaactgc attctacgtc acatgtcgcg actaatacag     30120
     atgaagggtt taaaaaagcg tggtttgaga cagaagtgaa taaaccttta atgttagaac     30180
     agctgtatcg gacaaagttt gtgtgcagtt tcagtgtctc tgacagaaaa acaccgctaa     30240
     ttttatctca tgtcagaacg ggttgtacct cacttatcag tttgcaaagg taaacgtcag     30300
     tcttggtctg agttgggcta gtttgtgaaa ttatgcgtta aagcagcaga ctgggagagc     30360
     agagaaggtg gggtaggatg aagcgagcac ttgaaatcat tgaaatagct gtatcaagaa     30420
     ctcctaatga caaactttgt gtgcagaatc cttgcatggc tgactttaat gcagtagaca     30480
     ttcaccgggc tttagcagaa gtgccaaatg aatagtgggc taaatgcaaa cagtgagaga     30540
     cctatccctg atctataagc acagggaagc ggctctctca ttcaccaggg atacctacaa     30600
     cacatggcag ctgagctggg aagttataag caagcccaca ccagaccgct gcttctcaac     30660
     caagggcaac tccaaaatag aaaagggtcc agccaatctt gagaagttga gtactagagg     30720
     ctaaacggtc tgtgggaagg tgagctctag ttggtactgt tcaatttact gcacaagttc     30780
     agactccatc cctccagtga cgtggcacac actgtcctat actctcagaa ataaaggtac     30840
     ataaaaggtc catattaata cctcaagggt acataatagt acctaaaaag tacaaaagtg     30900
     ttcctcttca aattggtagg tgctaatata aacttttgag gtaccagtat ggacccttta     30960
     agtacaaatg tgtacccttt gaaatgatac caccccagtg acagcttgca tacctttatt     31020
     tctgagtgta ggagccagtt tccatatgca aaaacctggt aatcgtcttc gatcactgcc     31080
     caatccacac tgcactggac ccatttggct cctcctactg gttgtgggtt ttacagaaac     31140
     atggtcctat atgtccctct gttatgttac taccttggga aaccctacta aggggcattt     31200
     agccacagat aacacagctc ctatgatcat tcggcactca aacccctcca ctatggtaag     31260
     attcaagaat caagtgtaaa tttaatctaa aaataatcat tgatatggca aaaagtgctt     31320
     tcttttgtcc tcatttctag taacgtgtaa caaagtttca gttttaaatg cagacggagg     31380
     acttataaag tttgttgttc tgatctgaaa tgttacaagt aaaacagttt attacatttg     31440
     cagttatttg taaaagtctc tatagaagta ctgtgaaatg tcatgttgtc taaaacattc     31500
     gctatacatt ttggtaaaag aaaagctcag tttggtgtta aatttcataa ataagtgttt     31560
     atatttcata gaagagatgt ttttcctagc tatgtgccac atggtgcagg agggtacaaa     31620
     cagaggagtc atgtagctgg gagggagaaa ggactctgtg tgacataacc accagcctaa     31680
     tcgactggaa attgtttttg atataagtca caagcagatg gcagtaatac actgaaaagt     31740
     gcagtatgtc aaaaaattga aaaaaaaaaa ccggaacagg tcgggatcat gagtgggaca     31800
     agaagagttt tattactcaa aagcataaat attttgtttt aagtgtggga caatatgttg     31860
     tcatttaata atttttatat ccattgaaat gtatgcaatt tacgcattat ctttgtggtt     31920
     gttggagctt gtgttgcaat aaatgtaatt gtcttccctt taaaatgaca tgctaaatta     31980
     gaattttagt agtgtatcgg actttacatt ctttaaatta aaaaaatgta tgccctggct     32040
     tcaaaaagtt ataaaggaca ttcactgctg tgatgaatga cattctgtgt caaaggtaac     32100
     atttcatcat cagcattagt ccatggtgaa ctgaaagtca atattactgc gggtagttat     32160
     ttgaatgaca agttaaatga tctatattag tggttctcaa actgtggtac gtgtaccact     32220
     agtggtacgc aggcttcctt cttgtggtac gcggatgaat caaatatgta atatgtacat     32280
     gctacatata tttaaagaaa ttatcaaaaa tgatttatat acgaatatga tgacataaag     32340
     cctatattta tgaggtctag gcaacatttc caggtgctaa caaaccagga gttatttctt     32400
     ttttaaactg tacagagctt aagctgcttt actagaccta atacgctact gtatttcaaa     32460
     actgctcatt atggtggtac ttgcaaagac aatttttttc cgaggtggta cttgatgaaa     32520
     aatgtttgag aaccactgat ctatattaac cttacatctt catatgtagt tttaacattc     32580
     atttcctcaa ggtaagattt aaatagtttg gatttaaata agatagattt cttttgacat     32640
     ttcccagttc cctctcccca gctcttcttt taactggtga gatgtagaga atgctgactg     32700
     tactcaagct tcatgtttat tggacatact agactgtttt aattttgttc agcatgtcga     32760
     cttttcaaca cataaaattg atcacacatt agacttggta tgctcttctg gagtaaatat     32820
     ccaaccacac ttattacgct gtacacacca cgatctgact actatctatt gtttttagga     32880
     aacttgctga tatcaaccct gaccagctca atcaatacat tgaggtttac ccatcacatc     32940
     cacagctgac tagtgtaata atggttttaa atctgttctc gaccacattg ctccgctaaa     33000
     aagtcaagag gttttgtcta aaaggtcaac cccttggttt acacagtaat tatgaaaaat     33060
     gaaagctgca aacaggcaat taaattaaaa gtaaaccaaa tctggtttag taatacacaa     33120
     acaaatgttt gagtgaaaaa catttttaaa gatattttaa gtcatattct aagatacaca     33180
     gatttatatt agtacatctc ctagtctatc ggccacattg ttgacactta gattgttgac     33240
     agcctgaatg caacaaatct caaattaaat agctccaaga ctgcgatttt actaatttta     33300
     ctcactcatt tactcatttt actctactgt taatagatgt ggtaatctta tgttaacagt     33360
     tgatggttct cttctaactt cttctatgca ggtacgaaat cttggtgtac tttttgacgc     33420
     ctaaaactca ttttaaacaa gtaacaaaaa acacatttta tcacctgctc gcatctatcc     33480
     ttttctctca atgatgttga aaggctagtt catgctttta ttatttttgt aactctttat     33540
     tagggggtct accagccaat ttacttacga ttttacaata tgtttaaaac ttgtgtcccg     33600
     cacatgtttt aactcataca tcatctcggt ctcatattac ctctttactt caacagttac     33660
     attaaatgcc tgttaaaggg gtggtccact ttgatatcat atttgaaact ttagttgaca     33720
     tgtaatgtag ctgtgtgaac ataaacaaca tgtctggatg taatacgctc aaagttcaat     33780
     gcaaagagag acattggctt ttacagagtt agcttagcaa agcctacagc aaatgaagtt     33840
     tggggactac gaataaatac atccaggcta gtgagatcac aaatgcttgc agttatgcgc     33900
     attcactaag cacacacacc tggcgcagcg aagggtgtca tttaataata tccctattcg     33960
     ttgcaatcta acattaactc tagagtattt ctacatgttt tttgggatgg tggcaggctt     34020
     gttttgcagt tattgtgatc tgtctcccta ccaaaacagg cgattttaaa gattttacga     34080
     ttttaaagtt tatcggaata gaaaaaattt agataagcat gtatgccctg gctcccgaaa     34140
     gagttaaaaa aaaagcctat gctgctgtaa ggacaacatt tgtgtcaaag gtaactgtaa     34200
     tgtttcgtca tcagcagtag tcccttgcta aactgcaaat cttaattcat tactgcaggc     34260
     gacgttactg gaagattata tatgtttttt gtactattat caactactac tattaatttc     34320
     cttaaggtat tgatttgaac ttaaagttaa tacatttcac agttttaaac actccttccg     34380
     tctgggtcta aaatgtttat gggttttctt tcattttact acacgctgtg ttgtaaagtt     34440
     ttggagaaga gaagtagcac atttttttta cttttttttt ttcaggaata ttttgattta     34500
     ctgtaattaa tttattatca cagatgaaat gctggtctac tcttattgga cgtttcatca     34560
     tgttagcacc aattaggtaa tgtacagata tttattttat gtttcttaaa acaagtaaac     34620
     aaaattagtt ttttttttct tttacagaaa aattgcattt ttgtcattta attatttaat     34680
     tgtttgatga cagttaacag tatagattgt gacactaaaa atgtgccatt ttgatggaaa     34740
     gctagtgaat ttttccaccc cacaataatg atgcaatgtg cattaatgtg taatagccac     34800
     tgaatagttg ttagtgtgtc agctttaaaa aggatgcata aacagccaca gatgttttat     34860
     aaaagttgcc gttcttgcct acatatttct tctgaagcaa ggttagtgag ataaaaaaca     34920
     aaccaaaatt gttgaaacaa tgcattattc aatgaaaatc ttaacatcca catatgttgg     34980
     cgtgctcatt tgctttatgt ttctgcattt taaataattt ttattttaac tattcattta     35040
     atttactttt tttgccttaa acttagtttt gagatataat attatttata tctgccactc     35100
     aactataatg cgaatagacg tgaattccta aaagtggtat ataattggga aaacaagaca     35160
     tacacgttgc tgtctttcat ttatttgtct ctagaactgt gagcactgaa agtaggagat     35220
     gtcctctgtt aactgttcag ccatgtcgag gaatggtgga cgagaagttt caggtcgtca     35280
     taaagaattt actgccaaat caagaggtaa cgctacactc tctacatcag tctgaagata     35340
     aggactgctg ggaggctttt ggacactata tcagtgatga acatggaaca gtaacaggtg     35400
     tgtacaacta tttgatacat aaaaaatacc actgtagaca tctccgacat actgtaacat     35460
     agacataaat tctgattaaa cactttagac ctttctcttt caaaacctta tccacttacg     35520
     actctatctc agattgtctc cattgactgc ttgtataaaa atgactcatt tttacagtta     35580
     cagtagtagg tacagaactg gctcatattc tgcacagaag atgatgataa agaacttgct     35640
     ttgacaaact aaagataata tgaaattaat tttagctgaa tgttccttct gggtaccaaa     35700
     atgtacaatg cacagatcta tctatcaaaa ttaaggattg aacattaata aactaaaaca     35760
     atggttcaaa atccatgtat gaccttatga ctacatttat cctgctgaaa tagtggcaaa     35820
     agatgaaagt ttgggaggca catatgaagg gacagagcag atgggtttgc tgtggagcct     35880
     gaggcctgta ccaggaagtc gatctgcaat caggtacaat aagtcactgt agaatgatgg     35940
     tggttttact gtagtctgtt ttataaagtt taaatacctt tttttctaaa aaaaaaaaaa     36000
     aaaaaaaaaa gtgaagccaa agtcattatt tttatttatt cctacacttt ttgtctttca     36060
     tctcttttta tttaaggttg cgcaaaacga atttactcac accaatggta gttaatatat     36120
     cagtctacag tgggcatact tctcaaggat tcagtcagac ttcagcgctg gccactactg     36180
     tcacagagcg ctggtacatg gcaccaggtg tacagagggt ggacataaga gagaacggag     36240
     ttcaaggaac tttatttctt cccccaggta aaatacgatt catgcgataa tatttaaatt     36300
     cacataaaaa tttaaatatc cctctttaaa gatgtctgat ttatttattt gtatagtttt     36360
     tttatacaat accacttttg cggtaccttt tccaaagggt accaaaaaag aagagctaga     36420
     cgcgcagctg aacgctattg gtttacagag aacttcacta gtgtgtacac aagccaggag     36480
     aatgaaaaca aaggaagtgc tatttttaaa tacacagcgg agatattacg ccgtaatata     36540
     tataataacg agccatggtt gacccgagtt caaactagtt ggttgggtga agtaccaaaa     36600
     cccagacttg cttttttctt tcttgttttt tttttttttg acacttaaat gacagagctg     36660
     tcaacttaaa taaggggtgt gtgttttttg ttttgttttg ttcttgtttt aagaataatt     36720
     ttaaggactg atttaacata gcaagttatt gcatattaaa tagtgaaagt acaccaggct     36780
     cataactttt ctgtttaaat gcattttttt taaatatgat ttgtatttat actttattta     36840
     tttgtttata gatttcacca ttttaaaaat ttaagcttat atgtacacat agtatagcca     36900
     aatagttaaa tagtcagata aataagaaat gatctccaga taaagattaa cactagtaac     36960
     tggaaggatc tcaaagtgtc tctaattttg atcagtgttt atttcattca gtgttaattt     37020
     cagatttgta tacagtgcat caaaatttat gtcccaatag aagctttaaa gctgtttttt     37080
     aactcttgtg agtataactt gcttatgaca aagcaataat taaaacattt taattaaaaa     37140
     tttaggttat tgtaggttct tctccaattt ttaacatgga aaaggcatct gtatgaactt     37200
     taattacacc acatctttaa tttaatgaaa tagtttgtaa ataatttgct gtgtgtcttt     37260
     ttttaggccc tgggccatat ccaggagtgc tggatctatg gggaggaagt gctggattga     37320
     ttgaatatcg ttctgctctg cttgcatctc atggctttgc atgtatggcc ctagaataca     37380
     caactccagc aaagctaaaa aagacagatg ttaataatac atactttgag gtaaattttc     37440
     cttgataata catactttga ggtaaataat ccttgaattc ctgctatcag ctttggttat     37500
     gtaatttcat tacccctgca tagtgtgtgt ttcccacttt cccagatagt gtatttttat     37560
     ttgtgtgtat gtgtgtgctc ctgtagaaag catacaagat tttgcaaaat catccgttag     37620
     tacagaagga caagatggcg atgcttgggt tgtgttttgg aagtgccatt acattcagta     37680
     tgactgccta ctcttcagtc atcaaggttt acttggctac atatatgtca catatgtaca     37740
     gtatctacat ttttaatgaa gctttttatt attgaatgta attcaacttg tttttctaaa     37800
     catgtacttt tgtttgtagc cccagtgctg tgtgtgtatc agtggaagtc atgtggttcc     37860
     tgttgataaa tgcatctttg aagtcttgga ggacatgaaa aggtaagtgg atgttaaaca     37920
     tttatttaca atttgattga gtttcagata tatagagtat aaagagtaat gctctttgtg     37980
     ctacatatat ccttacacta taaaagaggt ttcaaaggtc agcctttcaa atgtttcaca     38040
     agtcagtgca caatcaagtt gcttatatgt ggaataactt taagagcaat gatactgagt     38100
     gatgttgttg gctgctttct gattgagaat ggccaacaaa actgtatctt gttgtatcag     38160
     ttttctgcaa gtttttgaca tcttcaaatc agaattctag cagcgaatca agtggatcaa     38220
     ccaaaaaatt aaaacagtat tggccagtga gcagtacgat agaggctctt tacactgtca     38280
     aaaggtacca aacagtggta tggtgcagtt taaaaaggag aatgaaaaca aaggaagtgc     38340
     catttttaaa tacacagccg agacattacg tcttaatact atatacatat aatgctgagc     38400
     catggttggc ccgagctcaa agaaaccatg tcgtcatctt gatgaacggc cacgaagcca     38460
     acaagaacaa aatctgccgt ttcctgttgt tgttttatga ggctgtgtaa aagcgccagc     38520
     ggtttcgatt tctccagaga gcttgcatgc taagtgcttc taatatcctt tcagaaacgg     38580
     acaaatgtga gagtcaagca caaaaacaaa ggtgcaattg attctttcag caacctaaaa     38640
     catgaacaaa ctgccatgtt taactattat catcaccttt tggactatta taaacttgga     38700
     attatggaat tacttcctaa caaccggttg catgtgctgg tgaagattaa agatacagat     38760
     gagaggtttg ctctgactgt gttgtttttg aacccaaata aagactaaat gtaagctgtg     38820
     tgtagttttt ctgtaattgg taacatatcg tagactataa gggtatgtgt tattatatgt     38880
     tgcatttatt tatttatttt gtgtaattgc agacgttaaa gtaggctatt tcgcatcatt     38940
     tcacattatt tgatcttgtt ataattaaat catgttcata gaaaggtttg ttttaagcat     39000
     ttatacacaa gtatttatgt gtataaagca tctattttgt gagaagtgct tcttatggga     39060
     catgtgaatg acccgtacag cttttttatt cgctcgagcc gtacatgtcc tcgagcaaga     39120
     atgatgttga ctaaaacttt gtcgtacacc acgcccacca aaagtgtacc ataaatgggt     39180
     atccactctt gctttcagct agtaacaata cattttgttg agccaaattt gccctgaatc     39240
     ttacctggtt gcatgtttgc cgggcaacat tgctgttaaa gtttccccgt gtatcaccac     39300
     ccactttcag ggctgggttg ttgctagatg tgcgtccacc ataaatttta tggttttatt     39360
     gtgtagataa aacatcaaca ttctaatgca acctattgac ttgtcttgtg cacaaaacgt     39420
     tttgcattgt tctcataaac agaaacatgt gattggttat tattccgagt taacgtttgc     39480
     ggcaagtaga tgtgcaaaac agtgcaaaag taaacgtgtg catgtgtgtg tactacaaac     39540
     tttgtaagaa aataggtaat accacaaagt ttattatgag aaaacaaaat gttttttttt     39600
     taattgaatg gatgtaaacc acttttgcag acctatacaa aactatatta agattttaaa     39660
     gtatcatgac aagcaatttt aacagacctg actttttcca cagtattaaa ataatcttat     39720
     ttagtattct gagtatttga gtgaacattt acagcagatt taattttcac tttggatgtg     39780
     tacagtttgt ttaacaagta aacctcttta gcagacctac aaaacaaaat taagattttt     39840
     aaaaatatca caatagaagc attttaacaa aaaataaaaa aataaaataa attgtaatac     39900
     ttgactttat ccacagtatt aaaataatca aatttagtat tctgagtttt tgagttaact     39960
     tctacggcat atttactatt gtgtgtgtat agattaatta agtaatttaa gagattaaag     40020
     catttaataa actaatttat cttgctaatt taacaagaga tggtacaaga gctttagatt     40080
     tttgtgatgc cagtgttatg attaaatgtt tccgtcgtat ataaaaactg aataaatcct     40140
     ctcatattag ggacttgatg aatgactgtg aatgactggt cctaatgata aacagtaaca     40200
     cacaatgtga atgtttattc caggcgaatg ggtaaagtgc cagtaaatga ggacaaccac     40260
     ttgatacaca gagacacgat cttgccgatt ccctcagacc cggctctgaa agtagacgta     40320
     agtctaattt caatgttttt tttttttgtt ttttttttgt ggttgttgtt ggaaatatca     40380
     gttcagttta atatttatct tttcaggctg ggagaataaa gtgtcctatt atgttggtga     40440
     atggtactga tgatcagaat tgggctactg ttgaatctgc acaagatgtg agttaaatac     40500
     atgtatgcat gtatgtatgt atactaacta tttatttcag ggttatggct tcttaaattc     40560
     ccagaatttc actgacttaa aagctgagtt ttcataacct ataatgaata gaaaaacaag     40620
     cagttgtttt tttgtgcagt ccttccagta ttttttgatt ctgcgaatga tgaatttaaa     40680
     gcaaaattct ggacaatatt tagaggacct tgcaacttat attgatgtac agttcctaca     40740
     aactttagtc acactataaa aaatatacgg ggcatcgtag tggtggaatg ggtagcagta     40800
     tgattcctta cagcaagaag gtcgctggtt cgagccccgg cagggtcaat tgacatttga     40860
     atgttctccc cgtgttcatg tgggttttgt ccgggtcctg ttatttttat tgcctaaact     40920
     gaacatgttg cttgaaagtt atgatacttt aaaaagacag cttacgtaag tattaataac     40980
     aatagacaat agacgagttt tctgtctgta aaaactttat tttttctgta atatattttc     41040
     tccttaaatc ttgattagat aaataaaatc aacttaacca aaaattagaa atgtggatgt     41100
     accctggtgg atttgtcttt gccatttttg tgataacttt gttgttttga taattttttg     41160
     ttgaatggat aattcatcca aaaatgaaaa ttcttccatc atttacttga cttgtttcaa     41220
     ataaacataa tgaaaaatat ggaaaaacct ttaatcattg acttctatag tttttgtttt     41280
     tcctattatg gatgtcagtg gttacaggtt tccaacattc tgtcaaatat tggcttttct     41340
     aatcaaagta aacaaaaaag ggggcagggg ctcgtagttg aagggggggg atgggggatc     41400
     gtgaggggaa ggggatgtga tcagaaagtg aagggggagg gttgaattta tgtttaataa     41460
     atttagcaag aaagtaaaaa aaaacctttt tatatttcag cattgtttcc tctgctagat     41520
     cacagaaata tcctcactgg aaccctttaa aacctttaat cccaatggca tttaagcaaa     41580
     atgttaaact ttttttaatt tttcaaattc attgttaagg gttttttttt tttttctttt     41640
     cttttttttt tttgaaaaaa cccaacaaaa cttgctttgg actaaaggga atttttatga     41700
     acacggggaa aaagcaagcc gtttattatc tcaccagata aaaattcagt cagcttccag     41760
     gttaatccca caaattcgta atgcctcaca acatctgaca gttgatccta aagaaattaa     41820
     tgataccttt aaaaaatatt ataccgactt atacacctca gatttttttg gagatacatc     41880
     aggtatgtca tcttttttta ataacctgaa tatccagaca attaacccaa atcaaaaaga     41940
     aatgctagaa caaccaattg atctacaaga gatcttagat tctattaatg gtatgcaaaa     42000
     cggcaaaagc cctggccctg acggctatac agtggaattt tataaggctt ttgcccccaa     42060
     attagctcca cttcttctaa aaatgtttga aaattcttta attaattcag agttaccaag     42120
     gtctcttaca gaagcattta ttacacttat tctgaagcca ggaaaagacc cacttgactg     42180
     cagctcctac aggccaatat cactgctaaa tgtcgatgtt aaaattcttg caaaattatt     42240
     ggcctccaga attgacacca tcataccaga aattgtatca ccagatcaaa caggcttcat     42300
     aaggggtcgt cactcattta ctaatttaag aagacttctt ggtattctgc attctcctgc     42360
     gtccagggag gccccagagg tggtggtgtc cctggacgca gagaaggcgt ttgatagagt     42420
     ggagtggcac tatttattta cagttttaaa aaaatttggt tttggatcaa aatttatagc     42480
     ctgggtccaa ttgctatatt ctaatcccaa agtatctgtt attacaaata aaatacgttc     42540
     ccaatttttt ccaatattta gaggaacaag gcagggctgt cctttaagcc ctcttctttt     42600
     tgcattagca atcgaaccac tttctattat gcttagatcc tcgcagtcta tccagggaat     42660
     tgatcgaatg gggtcggaac acagggtctc tttatatgca gacgacctgt tgttatacat     42720
     ttcacatcca gttgaaaacg tcccaaagat agtaaaaaat ttatctgatt ttggtagttt     42780
     ttcaggatat aaactaaatc tttctaaaag tgaatgcttt ccaatcaatt cccttgcttt     42840
     acaaattaat gtaacatccc ttccatttag ggtttctcaa tctggattta aatatttggg     42900
     agtccatatt acccgcagtt tttcaggttt atatgcaaaa aatttcttac cactattaag     42960
     taaaattaaa ttggatcttc agagatggga cgcactacaa ttatccttag caggcagagt     43020
     gaactgtata aaaatgaata tcctacctcg attcttatac ttatttcaat gccttccagt     43080
     ttttctccca aaagcttttt tccataaaat aaatacacct atcttatcat tcttatggaa     43140
     tgggaagaat cccagaacca gtaaggagct tcttgaaaga catagatccc agggaggttt     43200
     agcacttcct aattttatta gttactactg ggccgctaac ctccaaaaaa ttgttagttg     43260
     gtataatacc ccagaggttg attggtgtaa agctgaagca aatacctgta tttctacatc     43320
     actttcttca ttaataacaa tgaagttacc attttctccg tctaattatt cctcaagccc     43380
     cgttgtatgc tctacactca agatatggtc ccagtttaga cagaagcata aactgaccga     43440
     tttttctatg ctaaaccctt tatgtaataa ccacttgttt cctcccggta agctagattt     43500
     cacatatgtt caatggcaga aggcaggcct ggctagatgt tgtgacttct atatagacaa     43560
     caccttcgct aattttagtg acctctccaa aaaatttcaa ttggcacatt ccaatctatt     43620
     tcgttatttc caggtccgac actttgtcca agctcagagc tcaacttttc ctgatttacc     43680
     accagcctca atgctggata aaattctaca atctcctact gctcttaaag gtcaaattgc     43740
     agcattatac atgattatca tgtctccaaa tgatgcttta attgaccgaa ttagaggaaa     43800
     gtgggcaaac gacattggaa ctgaaatccc tgataatata tgggaagagg ctctgagtag     43860
     agtaaatgga tccacttcct gcgcacgcct caatctcata caatttaaaa ttattcatcg     43920
     agcctactac acaaaatgta gactctcaaa aatatatcct tctattgatg aggtgtgtga     43980
     tcgatgtaga agtgaaaagg cagacttttt ccatatgttc tgggcatatg gaaaaagttg     44040
     agtgactatt ggacacaaat atttaaaaca ttaaatgacg cctttaattt agagataaaa     44100
     cctagtgttg agttagctat ctttggggta ccagaacaca atatattgtt gacaaacaag     44160
     gaaaaaaatg tattcgcctt cgctactttg ttagcaagga gaagaatact acttgagtgg     44220
     aaatcagcag cttcacctaa agcttcaatg tggatgtgtg atctgatttt atatttgaaa     44280
     ttagagaaaa ttaagtattt aatgaaggga tcagtccaaa aattttatga gacatggcaa     44340
     cctatgatta catgttttgg gaaaaggaag actctctcct ttaactgatt tatataaata     44400
     aatctgtgca aacaggttta actgtgatca ccaatatggt ttagtttgat atgtatgtaa     44460
     aggaccacta taaatgtaac agaatattga tttgtattaa catgtactgt aggtaattat     44520
     ttatttgaat tttttttttt taagtttatt tatttatttt ttattaattt actattatta     44580
     ttattattat atatatataa ttttttttat ttttatttat ttaattattt actattatta     44640
     acaatatttt caattttgct atacttttat ttatttctgt tgtaattgta ttttaatttt     44700
     atttgtttgc taatttattt cggcggcaat gttcgaaaat ggggggaaag ttacaacttt     44760
     aaatgtacaa aatgttttgt taaagcttga gaaaattatc acaaataaat gtttaaaaaa     44820
     aaaaaaaagg gttttttttt tactcaccca cggaaattac ctttaaatag cagtgaagtg     44880
     ttctcaccaa tgacatagag ccttgatatg attcatttac gcacagattg agatgataat     44940
     ggagaaagca ggaaatcggc acctgctgac tgtcttcaca taccctgacg ctggtcattt     45000
     gattgaacct ccatacacac ctcacttcag agcaactaac gtcctcctgc ataaaaagga     45060
     gaaaggcaag catacatgat ccattccatt gttgccttct gattgtattt ttcatatcca     45120
     cctttttcct cacatgactg cttcgtttaa attatgagct gcacttccag acaggggaac     45180
     atccattcca cttaaactta tcttttataa taataaggct gtgttataat atttaatacg     45240
     ctataaggct gtagttacat gataatgagg tagcaaaaaa tggaatagtt tttgcgtttt     45300
     aacagtttct cgtatgcaca acattttaca gataatctgt gtttacaaat atcagcaaag     45360
     gggattggta tgtatttaga ttttgcctgt tataaatgaa gtgtgtcaca atcaccagcg     45420
     atctaatcct tgcagatccc tggtaaactc acagatagca tagaactaca aatctaccgg     45480
     tatatggact acaagatcca gtcacacaca cacacacacc tgctgcaaga ctccattgat     45540
     tagaatctca tagctgatta cactacacat acagtatatg gctcactttg agacactcat     45600
     tgctgagtct tgtgatacat tacgacgcgt ttccctagcc ttgtcggttt tgaccgttgc     45660
     ttcgttttgt ttgcctgcct tctgaccact tgcctgttat tttgactata aatctggtct     45720
     tgcacgtata tttttgcccg tgttgaccgt tgcttgcttg acaactcaat aaatctgcat     45780
     ttggatccgc acctccaatg ttagcgtcag cttcacgtta caaggtgtaa ctgtgatgtg     45840
     ggatgtaaag taaatccaca ttttgcatta gcaaactcat gactagcaac tttatttcca     45900
     tgtgtgcttc cattaatgta taattaatag cacttgcctt taaaatcaac atgtactgca     45960
     aatgtctaca taactaacac atatgcatga tgtcaccgtt ttcaaagatt cctctatagg     46020
     gtgtttgcat agaaaggaca atggcggtgg tttcaaaaac ctccactttg aaattgatcc     46080
     tgttgtaata ctacacttca ctgattgtta atagtttaag aaaagttact tcaataattc     46140
     aaacacagca tcatggcgca atgggaaaag gtagattgga ttgatatata tttaaaggga     46200
     aagttcacta aaaatgaaca tttgctacca tttactgtac ctctagtagt cccacacatt     46260
     aaatttcttt ctattgttaa acacaaattg cactgaacaa ttagtttatg atttggactg     46320
     acatcggttc atgagtttac aactccctaa ttcaaagatt tattcagaca aagtgtttag     46380
     taataattta ctgatacata tgatctgtac agagtgaggc cccgtttaca cgaatacatt     46440
     ttagttttaa aatggcattt tagaatgaaa acgatccacg tccacactgg caattcacct     46500
     agcatttctg aaaacgcaca tcacgtgtcc acacacacac tctggcatgc tctgcagcaa     46560
     cgagagctgt gcacgtcgga ctgttcatca aggatctacc gctggatcta actatatttg     46620
     ttaaacgtga tatttaagtc atcttgtcta tatctaacaa catattcccc gactttggtc     46680
     ctttgaatct actacttgct ctcaggtaat gcattttggc tgattgcaaa gttaatatat     46740
     taatttaagt acacatacac tgattctgca cattttactg atcgcttgcc tttatttcct     46800
     ataatgtata aacttatcgt acgttatact tttataataa ctaatatcga ttattaaaac     46860
     tgatattcag caaaagagat gtggatatgg ttataaagta cactgttccc tttgaagatt     46920
     tacccgacgt gtcctttaga gtttgttttc cataaaaact tggaaattct gaactttcaa     46980
     ggagaagatg caagacttaa ctttgtttag gctacttaat attgtggaaa aatctcaaat     47040
     tagattttca gatgtctctg ttttccccca ttcacactaa catggagcag cagcatttta     47100
     aaataaaaac ggcctcttta gtgttttcaa aaagatctgt tgtcaacgct caaaaacttt     47160
     gccgtaatgt ggacgaatgg cgtaactgta gcaaaacctt tgcgttttaa aacgaaaaca     47220
     tattagtaaa cagggcctga gtatccaata attgattaaa tgattgactt attcaaatga     47280
     cctgtccaga gtgagattca agtaaaagat tcactgattc aaatgaccta gtgtgagttt     47340
     ccaaaaaaat cacttattca catgatctgt acagaatgag tctttagtaa atgattcact     47400
     tattcaaatg atacagagtg agtttccaat aaaaaatcac ttatttaaat gatctgtaca     47460
     aagtgtcttt agtaaataat tcactgatta tacaaactga tcctaatggg tttcagcatg     47520
     taaatgtggt ttcacttaaa ttactaaagt aaattaaaat tcaagtactt ttgtacttta     47580
     attctagact actgaaaagg aggactttat actcttccta aagttacatt ttatttaact     47640
     atctgtactt ttcctcaagt gcctaatttg cacatttcgt ccaccactgc attcctcaaa     47700
     aaccgaaatc agctaaaacc acatgcttgg atgactggcg tccagttgct ctgacaccca     47760
     tcttcatcaa gtgctttgag aagctgatta aaaagcacat ctactctgta ctgccgggtc     47820
     atactgaccc tctacaattt gcattcagga ataatcactc cactgatgat gcaattgctt     47880
     tcaccttgca cactgctctg gttacctgga aaacaaaaca catatgtgag aatgctgttt     47940
     gtggacaaca gctcagcaag ctccaggctc tgggtctaca caggtctctg tgcaactgga     48000
     tcctggactt cctgtcaagc agacgccagg tggtcagaat gaacaacatc acatcatcca     48060
     cactgatcct caacactggt gctccacagg gctgtgttct cagcccactc ctgtactccc     48120
     tgtacacaca tgactgtaca accaaaaaca gctacaacgt catcgctaaa tttgctgatg     48180
     acacaacggt agtgggccta atctcagata atgatgagac ggcctacaga gaggaggtgc     48240
     acactgatcc agtgatgtca ggaaatccac ctatcactca acatcagcaa aaccaaggag     48300
     ctgggggtgg atatctggag agagaagaga gaacacaccc ccatcaacat caaccagaca     48360
     ccagtggaga gagacagcac tgtcaagttt attggagttc acatcgctga ggatttgaca     48420
     tggactgcgc acatagacgc agtgctgagg aaggcacaac aatgcctctt catcctcagg     48480
     tgtctcagga ggttttaaat gagcccccac atcctctgct cgttctacac ttgcactatg     48540
     gagagcatcc tgtctggctg tatcaccacc tgatatggaa acagcaccag cagcaatcgc     48600
     aaaggcctac attggatagt gtgaactgct ggacgtgtag taggaggtga gcttacctcc     48660
     ctccaggaca tctacatcag gcggtgcatg agaaaagcca agataatcat cagtgactcc     48720
     agccacccaa gccatagact ttcctctctg ctaccctcag gcagacggtt ccgcagcctc     48780
     cggtcacaca ccaacagact gagggaaagc ctttccctga gggagaactg agtgaaagcc     48840
     tttccctcag actatcaggc tgatgaacac ttaacacacc tcacacatac cctaaaaaca     48900
     atactgccaa cagccatggg tacacctatt cactgccaat tttacattgt cctttttttt     48960
     ttttaaagta tgctgttgta tgttgttgta ttttgcactg tctgtatttt aactgtccag     49020
     agccagcacc taagcttttc actcatcaca gcacacgtgc tgctgatgat gtgacaataa     49080
     aagtgatttg atttgaaata taatctattg ttcacaacaa acgggtttga aacatgtgga     49140
     gggagagtga atgatgtcaa aggtcatttt ttttagtaat gcctctcttt aaatctcctc     49200
     aaatgtgcat gtatctgttt gaatgtacat ctaaatgttg ttttgttttt tctgcagttg     49260
     tcatgctgtg gggtggacaa actaaaccac atgcatacgc tcaagaggac tcatgggaga     49320
     agattttagc ctttttccaa gagcacctct acagttcaaa cgataaggac aaactgtaat     49380
     tcctttattt tagactgtga tatatgacca acttcatttc aaatgccgtt aaatgcaatg     49440
     atgatgcagc cagtacttga tgctagattt cactttgtta tctgtattga ataaaagaaa     49500
     gtgcatcctt ttttagtaga aacatgccat aatgcattat tattattgta ataatttttg     49560
     ttataattat acaagataat tttgactcta caattttttc tttggtaacc acctctgctt     49620
     aataaaagca taaataataa tctgagataa tttcattttc taatttagtt ggacttttga     49680
     tttaaaaaaa gaatgtctgt tttcatgtct gttgaatgat tacgtatgag tgtctgtcat     49740
     ggtatttttt gatgtaatta actattgtat aattaacctg tataagttgc aaatgcaaaa     49800
     agtttgctca tttctttact gataagataa tatcagaaag gcaatcagct catcctatca     49860
     gccaagtttt gctgatgtca gacaggatca accacaactc aagttaaggc aattgatggt     49920
     aaattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatcatacag gttatgaaaa catcaacctg cagtcttgaa     49980
     atactcccca aaacattctc caaaaacaat ttgattgttt acaaatttat ctcctaaaag     50040
     tggaaaatgc ttcacttttt tctgggatat ttccaaactc ccttaaaact gcagttgata     50100
     accccctctt taaaaagagc aacctgggta acaccatatt gagcaactac agaccaattt     50160
     caaatatccc tgtcattggc aaaattattg aaaaagtgtt taaccaggtt aatgagttct     50220
     taaattctaa gggatgttta gtcaattttc aatctggttt cagtgctcat tatagtacag     50280
     agcgcactct cataaagata aatcagtgaa attccactaa atacagattc aggcaaacta     50340
     ccagtgctgg tattgcttaa tccctgtact tcatttgaca ctgtcgatca aagcatactt     50400
     tttgacaggc tggaaaatat gttgggttgt ttatcatcac agttggcatt aactttttcg     50460
     attggcctga gcagaaaagt ttctggcttt tatatggagt tctgtgcaga ttgttgtgtg     50520
     tataaataca cttactaagt ttactatgtt ttgagagctg actgagctgc ttattttgat     50580
     tttctcagac acatcaagat aagtgtgcaa aggtcacaca cacacattgt actccatata     50640
     gaaggcagaa actaagcttt ttttttttgc actgcaaatg atcaaccgta aaaattaaat     50700
     attttatctc ttccaaacag ggaaaaccag caacaatcaa gaatgcatga ttatatggtg     50760
     ccatggcttt gcgataaaat gcccttaatt gtaaataata atagaaatta acgggacaaa     50820
     aacagttaca aacatgacga aaggctagta aatttgccca gagtgtatca ttgaattttt     50880
     ttaaacattt tccaagcatt ttaaaaattt gtgcataggt ttgtcactaa aatcatttca     50940
     cttgctgaaa cagagaaagt tgtggccaaa ttaagactta aaatcaccca agagcgaatg     51000
     aaaacattct catcccccaa ccccagttaa gtaagttttc actatatata attgtatttg     51060
     tgtatattaa aaaattataa aaagttttta ttttattttt atttcatttt tattttattt     51120
     tattaaaagc aaactgaatg tccgaccgaa tgaaccacag acttccctct actcaaatgt     51180
     ttcctccagc tcctctagag ggatcccgag gtgttcccag gcaaatagac agacataagc     51240
     tgcgtctcaa atggcacact atatactatg cactcatgca ctatgtactt atgcacttac     51300
     acactcaaca gcatagtaaa tgtatgtagt gttgtcccaa atcgagcact aatgtgtttt     51360
     tactaatgcc gagttcagac tgcatgagat tcaaagtatt tgtgtcacag atattttcac     51420
     actgcatgac tatctgggct agcgtttcat cgctgctttg tttacactgc aagatggatc     51480
     ggcgacaggg actttcacat tgcatgactt tactatagga agaatcgccg acaagtttgt     51540
     ccaaactaca tctcacagcc aaaaacacgt agtatatctt ttattattaa ctacataatg     51600
     agaaagaagc ctttaatggg gtagaaaatg tacatatttg ctcacctgga tttaaaggga     51660
     attagccatt tctccttaac attgataata aactactttc tttcagtgaa acgtcaaaca     51720
     gacacggttg ctcctgagtc ctgtcaaacc tccactagtt tttcctccat ttcgtgggtc     51780
     caaataaacc gaaaatgagt gcttttaact tctcccccag cctcccgctg gcctgcagca     51840
     ggtatacaca cacgcacaca caagtgaatg ctgctctctc attggcagta ggcgatcgcc     51900
     gatgttattt tcagtcaaaa ttcaattcac accgcatgat ttgaatcgcc gacagctcca     51960
     gatatttagc atgccaaata tctcgcaggc atcagcgact catcggcgat tctctcagat     52020
     cgcgtctatg acagttcata ctgtgtgact gtcactcacg tgcacgagca gcgatttgcc     52080
     tgtgatttca ggcatttgtc ggcgatttct taaaacctgt cggcgagcca aaatcggggc     52140
     taaaatcacg cagtctgaac taggcataag cggaaattca aacccttttc ctgatgacgt     52200
     ttgacggtag ccaaatcagt gaaataaatg accaaacaat caaataatgc ctgccatgag     52260
     tattgccgca tttaccatcg ggaggcgcta taatcactct ggtgggagaa ttttgctttc     52320
     accatccaaa ataaataaag ttatccaaca tgtgcacccg ataggtccac cccttccggt     52380
     acgtgagcaa acctacggtc attgagtgca tttagtatcc aatattacac acttcatttt     52440
     accggcttaa tgagtgcatc gtccgggtaa ttaaagtgct gttttatttt ttgagttttc     52500
     aatgtaaaag tcaatactta caatatttat gctacaaaat ggcgtagaat agtgcataag     52560
     tatgtgattt gggatgcagc cttagtccct caagtatgtt ctggaggaac gcttccccag     52620
     gaaggtgtcc atgaggcatc agaaacagat gtccaagcca cctcaactgc agtggctcta     52680
     ctctgagttc ctcatggggg acagaactcc ttcaccctgc ataagaagct cctttcagcc     52740
     acttgtattt aagattttga ccttaaaaat cttatgactc atgatcataa gtgagagtaa     52800
     taatgtagat tggtaaatca agaggtttgc ctttcagctc agctcctcct tccccacagc     52860
     tgactggtac attgactgca ttgctccagt gctgcaacat gcttggcctg tcagtaacca     52920
     tcagctgcac tgggagtctc acaagccaac cttcaacttg atagcatcta ttacttcttg     52980
     tgtccaccac tgaggtcatg ggttaccccc acattaggca ccagagccac aaaaccttac     53040
     agttgtatcg acaatgaaag ggtgatccat gttctaactc caatgtcttc agattcctat     53100
     gtgatttggt caaagttctt caggttgtga gagttaaaat cactcagata tctggttcaa     53160
     ccaaatgttc ccagcagacc tatcccagat ctataggcac gcagggaagc aactctctca     53220
     ttcaccagga caactccaac aaatggctgc tgatctggga agcaagccca caccagcccg     53280
     ctgcatcaca ggcaactcca gcgtagacaa ggatccagac tatcttgaaa agttgagttc     53340
     tagagcctaa agtgtctgtg ggaaagtaag ctctatttgg tactgttcaa tttaatgcag     53400
     gctacatccc tgtcccaaga gccagtttcc atattcaaaa atccacacac gcacatacac     53460
     gcgcgcgcac acacacacgt gcacacacac gcgtgtgcac acacacacac acacacacac     53520
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat cagaagttgt cagaacgatt     53580
     cttgacatcc aaacttacag attgaggctt gacaatactt tctctcatcc tattccttta     53640
     cttgtcagat tgtctaaaaa aaattcagtt caccagtaaa catttggctc aaacattatg     53700
     cagtcggcga agaagtggat ctcattttcc acagttcatt taatgacatc attagaaaca     53760
     agcatggcca actttagctt gaaaactgtg tttttgacaa ttaacttttg tgatttgttt     53820
     tctgaataca agagcatcat agtgcagaac tgtttagtga gtgatattgt tgcagtttgc     53880
     ataaagactg catgggattt gcaaattgta taaaactttg tttgtttaag gttttgcaaa     53940
     aatactattt tgtaatgtca agactgaatt ttcagcagtg attactgttt aatgtcacac     54000
     aatccttcat aaatcattat aatatgttaa tattgtgctt aagaaaaatg caatattatt     54060
     taatgttagt attggtatta tttttattat taacatcatc attatcatca ggtaaaaatg     54120
     attgtgctgt ttactgcgat aattttgtca agaatcttgg aagaatagaa agtttaatgt     54180
     ttaattcttt aaatgttttt taaacttttt atatttttta ttttaccgac ctcaagcttt     54240
     aaacagtata ttgtataatc tacaatgatt gtttattcca tgatacacca tgttcaccaa     54300
     ttaggaaatt ggtaggttgc cagattgtag tttatgaact gcttaaacaa ccttaagtta     54360
     tgataaataa cctgctttga ctaattatag gtcatattaa agtaacttta gctggatttt     54420
     caagctagac accaaaatgt acaataaatg acatttgtat gtatccagtt gaaatagtgg     54480
     caaaagataa aagtttggga agcacatatg aaggcacaaa gcagataggt ttgctgtgga     54540
     gcctgaggcc tgtaccagga atttgattag ctccctggta agttgataag tgtacacagg     54600
     taaaaatgat agtgtacaca gtttaaaata cattttgtcc ctaatgtttc aaaattgtga     54660
     gattttagtt ttggtgaaag ccatttcttt gtcatgcaca ttcatccagt aattattcct     54720
     tttatttaag gttgcgtaag acaaatgtac tcataccgac ggtagttaac atttcagtct     54780
     acagtgggca tctgtctcaa ggactcagta ctgctcacaa ctgtcacaga gtgctggtac     54840
     atggcaccag gtgcacagag ggtaaacata agaaagaaca gagtttgagg aacttaattt     54900
     cttcccccaa gtacacacac acacaggaga agtggtacac ttgtagtaat ataagagaaa     54960
     aataattctg tgcaattttc caaccaattt taaaacaatt ggacgagtaa atgcacaata     55020
     tgtcattgcc tttaatgttc aggttatttt agtgtgcagg gttttgttag ttatcagcac     55080
     tagctactag tgatgtttta agttcgatct gttttttttt ttttttcaaa tatctcatta     55140
     aagttttttt tcaatacgtg ctttagaata taagaaactc atgacatgtt taaaaacggc     55200
     tcttttaact gctgttagga aaatgttatg caggactaag cactgacctc aaattttctt     55260
     catttttatt gtcaattttc aacctctaca gtatgtcatc atcctcagtg tcagttacct     55320
     gtggagtact tcagggctcg attttgggcc ccatcttatt ttccctttat ctactaccat     55380
     tgcatttgat ttttgagtgt tgagtgacat aagatcactt atcacaaaaa tgcagatgac     55440
     acccagctct atttaccgtt agattctgta ttctgattcg atctcttctc tgttagcatg     55500
     tataagtgac attcaactat ggatggaaga aaatgtctta caactaaatg aaaataaaac     55560
     tgagctgatt ctgatcgact ggaagcttca gctaaaaaaa tacagcactc ttttggggcc     55620
     agtcaaataa tccctctttt gtcatttttg actcagatct gaaatttgac atgtaaataa     55680
     aatgtgtggt tagggccagc ttcttccaac taaaggaact aagaaagtta aagccttttc     55740
     tttcctttaa agacttggag actgttattt acgcttttat ctattctagg cttgattatt     55800
     gtattgcact gtacactgta atgatgtgag ggatattttc ttgccacact ttggggctat     55860
     tagtaccaat tgagcatcgt gtcaatgcca cagcctgagt attgttgctg accatgtcca     55920
     tccctttatg accacagtga acccatcttc tgatggcaac ttccagcagg ataatgtgcc     55980
     atgtcataaa gtgcaagtga tttcagagtg gtttcttgat catgacaaga attcaggaga     56040
     tttccattat tgatgtgcag ccgacacatt tagggactct gataagaaaa gtgtttcaga     56100
     tcatggtcac tagcagatag caataaagcg ctgataaatg tggaatgcta aaaatattta     56160
     aaaaaaaaaa ctaaactggc aaccgccgtt aaacaaagaa gaagaagaaa aactggacaa     56220
     gtgttatttt gtattcagta cccgtttacc ccattttccc ctcacaacat gtgcacggta     56280
     caaaagtatg gtgagataaa tgaaacacac acactttaaa aaatgccggg ttcaacacaa     56340
     tcgagttgcg ttgggacaac ataaagtaaa ttacaatttt aaatggattg aacttaaaac     56400
     aagacccccc ccccccttaa ttacaaatta gttttttttt tgtgcaaggc ttttgttgtc     56460
     attgctcaag cacaaatgtt cattttatat ttttgaatga aatatacata ttaatgtgcg     56520
     tatcctcaga tttcccttct agctttatgt catctttatg gggcatagtt catggggcat     56580
     ggacataatt ccatcttcat tttgctggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     56640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcatatgac ctcagcatgt     56700
     acttaaacct atattcaaaa aatattttaa aaaaaactga actataaaat tactatatcc     56760
     tgcacaaata gggcagtttt cttttctatt ttcttttttt aagtttcagt gaggctcatg     56820
     atgtttttaa tgttaaaatt acatctaaac tccgcagaac agcgccgttt gaggatttaa     56880
     aacacaatgg agtgatgctg gttatatttt taatgtctta attatgtctt gggaattttt     56940
     tcgttaaaca tagtactctt atccaagtat catttggtct tcgaagaact ggcagaagtt     57000
     cactcacttt gctttggctt attctctgtt cctgtccctt tttattttag gcttaacgac     57060
     agcagaatga ataactagtt actggcagaa gttgttacac attttaatga aatgttgaga     57120
     aaatcatggt aattaaacac actaaaatct ttcagattgc cttaattttc agattacctt     57180
     ttttgatatt tttcccacag ttggcaccaa gagcgagcat agaagcaatg tcaaagcaac     57240
     aacagtgaca ggataaagga atcaagacac caactcacac atcaattaat acataccttt     57300
     ataaataatt ttactctgtg tactgtattg ctgttgtata ttaacccaga gtccttttat     57360
     tttatgatca tttgtggacc ttagttctgg aacaatgtgg tttgatttct ctgtgtactg     57420
     tacagagtgt ttgtacctaa aacaattatt aaactacttt ttaaaaaacg aaattaccat     57480
     gccatgccta tgtaaaaata ttactgggga attgtgctct ccttttaaca actgttttta     57540
     aggttatcat aaaacaaact gaaataagat ctttttaaac aaaatctaga taaaaaaaaa     57600
     tttcttgact taattctgca gtgttttttt tttcttttcc ttttttcggg aagttcgttt     57660
     ctgctcttaa acacatttaa gcaattgacc ctttgctaag ccccgcccac cttagctact     57720
     gttgtcacgc ctttcaagtt ttcatgcctg gcacgtctac tatatatgta tgtgctatat     57780
     aatatgtatg tgccgatgtc agacattcct tggaatataa ttagtccttt ttgttgaaca     57840
     ggtgagatat cttagaaagc gagaaaaaaa aggattgcag tatatatcac gacaatcgtc     57900
     aattgattag aaaataaatt ttaaataaat taatcaaaat aaaagctaaa gcctatagcc     57960
     gcctcatacc ctgaccattt aacagattag ttcatgcaca gaagcatagg tgaaatttta     58020
     aattaatata ataataacaa attaaacagt gatttctctt tcttttagcc aaaaagcctg     58080
     atagactatt gatgtgtaat aaaatatagc gttactataa ttgcagttaa atagaaaaaa     58140
     taaaaaaaac tgaaatgcaa atcaaagtat aaatagcaga agtgaacaat tagattttcc     58200
     ctaccagcaa atattaatct gacaccaaat ataaaagcat taacccgcta ttttcacatc     58260
     ctgtcttcca tgtatgtttg ttttcgtcat gtgactttca ccatgtgctt cttttctcct     58320
     gtgtatttat accgcttagt ttcattcagt cttcgttcgg tattctcagt tgatgtctgt     58380
     tttaaaccca tgttcttcct gtgttaatcc atgtaagtga ttatctataa acctatgagt     58440
     tttgataatc ctgcaatcat gtgccttcct gtagtgaacc caggcgttat agctacaatg     58500
     actaaatctc caaaagattg aacaaaacaa cggtgaactg tagctctgac atggacatga     58560
     ggtttataaa tttctgaaaa acagctgcgg gtgaagtata tggatcgcaa gtgctcagtg     58620
     atatgtaatt tcaaataatc gtaacttgaa acagatgctg tttttacggc tcctcacaca     58680
     gcttgatcca ccctgcattt ctccacttgg gttttaggat ttacaaaggg gaaaaagttc     58740
     caccacctct tccaaacttt taggatatcg ggtattagat ttgcccaatc caaatgcaca     58800
     aacactttgg ctcgttttcc tcgcctgaaa gcttgacaga tctcctgcgc acagctacgg     58860
     ttgctaatcc acgactggtg tgtggcggtt ttcaggtgtg gcttagcgta gggtcaatta     58920
     tgtaatcagt gggtgtgatc tgcaagcgat ttcttccaca tttttttctc attctacggg     58980
     tgtcagatga gttgagtaac tagagcatat atatcagcac ttgtttaatt gcttgaaaaa     59040
     gatattttaa agactttaaa gacaccagat aagaagccca tctcagcatg gccaattttt     59100
     ttctttgagt tcgcatgcac cattaccact attcggtgcc tgtccacagc aaatagaaaa     59160
     caatgtaaag atgtaacgtg ctgtggtggt gctactgctt aaaaaaaaca tcagggcatt     59220
     taattttcca tgttgttaaa attgaatata atatattatt ctacactatt taaattgttt     59280
     ttatttttat ttagattatt taaaacaaga tgtttttaca aataaagtgt ttgtgggtta     59340
     ataacacaag tgctatggcg ttttagttta gtcagcttct tgagcttaga atttaacaat     59400
     ttcaaacgaa tcgattattc tgcaaacaat tacaagtttt ccatgtttac accattcctt     59460
     tttaacaaag acactgtcat gtgtctacat tctcactaca tttttcaatg tagaaatcta     59520
     agacacgaaa gggatgtagc aacattgttg cgtgacattt tacaacatga cactactttt     59580
     tttgtccatt gcttgtgaat atagcctttt ctgcttatta atagtagcct tatagtatca     59640
     aaatgttatt taatattaac tattgctcat taactaagtt tattaattac tggatgaatg     59700
     tgcatgacaa agaaatggct ttcaacaaaa ctaaaatctc acaattttga ttcattaggg     59760
     acaaaatgta ttttaaactg tgtaaactat ctttttttta cctgtgtact tatcaactta     59820
     cctgagagct aatcgacttc ctggtacagg cctcaggctc aacagcaaac ctatctgccc     59880
     tgtgccttca tgcctcccaa acttttatct tttgccacta tttcaacagg atacatacaa     59940
     atgtcattta ttgtacattt tggtgtctag cttgaaaatc cagctaaagt tacttaaaaa     60000
     ttacctataa ttagtcaaag caggttattt atttaaggtt gtttaagcag ttcataaact     60060
     acaatctggc aacctaccaa tttcctaatt ggtgaacatt aactttacat ctgcttgatt     60120
     aaaatctaaa gagaaaagaa aatacataat ccaactgtat ttcatccaaa atcatatgta     60180
     tatacaataa attggtttta atattatcat aagtgacgca gtggcacagt aggtagtgtt     60240
     gtcgtctcac agcaagaaga aggctgggtc actggtttga accttgactc ggttggcgtt     60300
     tctgtgtgga gattgcatgt tctccctttt atacatatta aagaattaac attatagagt     60360
     gtattaagtg atttagtttt taatgaaaaa agtcgggcat gggattggtg gaacagtata     60420
     ttgctcccaa tattactgca ttcctaacag ctagaaccta caataagttg ccagcagaag     60480
     tatccttcta agctacttct gcgagcacga tgcaggagaa aaaaactatt cattctccaa     60540
     tcaggacatg tatttccatg ccttgatcct ttctcgacac gttgcttctt cgaaggtcag     60600
     gtatggcagt acaaaaatcc tccttcatgg actcgcccgg tcttcacagg tcttcaccaa     60660
     ggcagagaga gtgccctcaa ttattgtgat acctgtttga ttatagctca gtctcaagat     60720
     caattagaca tgcacaggga caaggtgctt ttacatttta gtcagtggat tttggtcaat     60780
     aaataaagag caagcttatt cctgaagaga gcatctatat ccttgtgatg gagatggact     60840
     taatttctat gatggtgcat cgcaccatca aaagctttgg gttgatgctg acatgtctga     60900
     gaaaatttaa cagaaaagca gtggtcccat taaaactatt tcaatcgcat ctcaagccaa     60960
     ttttaagctg ctaggattgc tgtatatttg atcacctcag agctgtggtt tcacaagtcg     61020
     gccagcactc ctttgtttca ctaagtcccc cagtcttccc tgtttttcta catgcttttc     61080
     tatgctttcc acactttcat ttttcctgga aaattaagtc accaaacagt gatagcgcat     61140
     ccaatgttgt gttcacacca aaaggagaat taagtaacct attcgcatga gtaagttact     61200
     ttacaaagtc aatgccaagg caaatagagg caaattattg atgtctataa ttagtgatta     61260
     ttgatgaata acagtttctg aaaggtgtca acagctaaac ataccctcaa aatgtcccac     61320
     acagcttaca gtctttcact cgcactcatt ttacacacac atacacacac acacacacac     61380
     acacacacac acatgcaggt atatcaatta aaataaatat cagaacattc attcattcat     61440
     ttttcttcgg cttagtctct tctatagcag cagtcgccac atgggaatga accgtcaact     61500
     tatccagcat ttgttgtacg caatgcatta gttatgtgaa cttagtgttg gtagtcactt     61560
     gcagtttcat atatggctat atttgcaaat tacatatatg atcaagttca tatttggatt     61620
     tcacagatgt aaaaatgtga aaatatttca gattatttca caaaaacctg ttaatattta     61680
     ctatgctttt taaacaatta caaatgcaca tattttaaac aaaattaagt atagttttat     61740
     catatttcat aattttgtaa ttttatcaga tttacctaca acaaggaaaa aacccattga     61800
     tatggttcta aagcatgttt acagcataaa gaactattta aatctattca aaattcctac     61860
     accttttgga cctgcatcgc acattgcaga tacacatgta cacacataga ttttttcaac     61920
     atgcataaag tataaagaaa gaataaatgt atttcataaa tgccatgatt aaactttaca     61980
     tataaaatca aatcacctct ctcaatcagg atcatattac attctctgat ccatctgtat     62040
     actttttaat tttcaaaaac attcaattgc agttaagttg tttttgttgg ctatatataa     62100
     actgtgaata ttaaacatcc atataatttc atagtgcgtt attacactgt atgtccgtta     62160
     tgttgtctgt ctaatatgtt atagcgttta caattaaatt cactactgaa aaagttaaat     62220
     tgagtctcat tacttcaccg tcctatttgg acgaatcaga aacacatagg tgcttgagtc     62280
     gcagatctgc ctgctgcaca ggtctgcaaa ctccccccta atcgtttcaa tggccagggg     62340
     gaagggacag gggtaggcgt acactataaa atagtttttg gtttgaaccc taactgcagc     62400
     gcgtgtgcgc gaagtggatt gcggtttggc cggggagtcc ctacaacatc agaacgacat     62460
     caatttggta cgaaactaga agttatgttg tcatttcata atgtcccgat tcattgcaat     62520
     ttatcgctat agcatttcta caagttatct ttgagatggt ggcaggcttg ttttgcagtt     62580
     attgcccaac aaaacaactt gttaaacttc gattttgcgt gtcaaaggta acgttaatgt     62640
     tgttttatca tcagcagtag cccttgctga attgcatatc ttcattcatt actgcgggcg     62700
     atgttatagt gagcgacagt aaaattatat atttttctta attttaagac ttttttgctc     62760
     aaagtaacat tttattaatt tggattgatg cttgacacat ttcgcagttt gaaacgctcc     62820
     ttaattccgt ctggaaaagt tgcgtgctaa aatgttaaaa gtgttttttt gtttgtttgt     62880
     ttgttttttt aatagttttt attttacaat acgctgttgt taagttttgg agaagtgaag     62940
     taacacattt atgtaacttt tatttctttt caggaatata tttattttcc tattatttta     63000
     tatattgtct tatcggacgt ttcgtcatgt tggctccagt taggtaaagt acagatattt     63060
     cttttatgtt tcttacaaag agtaatcaaa attatttttt tctgttacag aatcataaat     63120
     tgcctttatt gtcatttaat tgtttattag ttgatttttt attacagtta acaatatagt     63180
     ttctgacaaa aaaagccatt tgatggaaag ctgtagtaaa ttttgccttt cgactccacc     63240
     acaattatga atagatagta atgtgaaaca gactctgaat gtgtcagctt tgaaaaggat     63300
     gcagaagcac tatactttca taaaagtggc cagttttgca tacatgtgac ttctgaagcc     63360
     atatcaaagg ttcacactac aagtttaaat gcttaaattt gattttgttt ctcagatctg     63420
     atattgcata actgttcaaa atgttatgat aaatgtggcc aatatctgat tgcagtgtga     63480
     acagatgatg ttcttaaaat gacctgcatc tgcaaaagta caattacgga cagcacaaaa     63540
     cttctaatta cggacacaat gtagtatact gtaagcacgt tgtcaaatta tgctaatgat     63600
     tattgccctt ttcacagaca acaagttgta ttttattaaa tgtaaagtgt tgttttgcta     63660
     tttttaatgt ttattttgcc atttaaaact taaaaaaagg tctcttgtga ttaaagctgg     63720
     gcattatggc aaaaaaatat cacaaaaatt ttcttcatat ctgtcgatat cgataattat     63780
     tacgaaaaat gtaaaatctt tatatctatc aattttatac gatttttagc tcgagttgcg     63840
     agtctttctg accactgatt taatgaactc atcaagggtt aatgagcacc cgcagactga     63900
     actaggaaga tctctgcaaa attatttaat tttacttcgt tataaacaac aggcacatgc     63960
     tgaagggggg tttggatgct tgagcacctg cccttttatt tcatctctca gaaagaaagt     64020
     tccccttaaa ataaaagtag gctacccttt gtacacagat tccctatctg caacaccctt     64080
     gatgctcttc agcttcacga tcaacccgtg gcctcatcat tatccagatt ggttaacaag     64140
     caccagtttt gccttcaatc tttttttcaa aatgaacaac caactttctg tggtaatgtt     64200
     attcccctgt gtgccattct actatgctgc tgaggagtag atgatgtttg tagcacagaa     64260
     aaataaagca tgtagctcat cctacataac cgatcacaat gaggttgcat tgccaaacat     64320
     cagatctgtg tctgatttaa tactacatat aaaagtggca taaatcagat ctgaaaagat     64380
     cctactccat gcagtctggg ctgttcacac tgtcattaac atttcattta acataacatt     64440
     ttcttgttgg cttagtccct taattaatct ggggtcgcca cagcagaatg aaccgccaac     64500
     ttatccagca cgtttttact cagcagatgc ccttccagcc gcaacccatc tctgggaaac     64560
     atccacaaac actcattcac acacactcat acactacgga caatttagcc tacccaattc     64620
     acctgtacca catgtctttg gactgtgggg gaaactggag cacccggagg aaacccacac     64680
     caatgcaggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaacgcca actgagccga ggatcgaacc     64740
     agcgacccag cgaccttttt gctgtaaggc aacagcacta cctactgtgc ccctgcttcg     64800
     cccttttcat taacaagtgg gcaaaaaaaa tcagattcac atttcacaaa aatcaggtca     64860
     catttggctg tagtgtgaac ctagccaaag gaaatgaata aaaaacaaac cagaattgtt     64920
     aaaacaaatg catgattcaa tgaaaatctg acatctacgt gtgttggagt taattatttt     64980
     tgtctaaata gttttgagat atattattaa acatatctgt ccctcataga aaccagtgtg     65040
     agaatagaag cttgacagtg gtctgtataa tagggaaaac aagaaataca tgttgctgtc     65100
     cctcaattat ttgtctctag agctgtgagc actgagagta ggagatgtcc tctgttaact     65160
     gttcagccct gtcgaggact gatggatgaa aagtttcagg tcgtcataaa aaatttactg     65220
     cccaatcaag aggtaacgct acactctcta catcagtctg aagataagga cttctgggag     65280
     gcttttggac actatatcag tgatgaacat ggaacagtaa caggtgtgtt caacaatctt     65340
     actctttaaa aatttaccat gccaaacata ctccatacca acataaacta cccttcaaga     65400
     tagtggagaa aaaagtcgca gaggaaataa ctgatctgta caacacctta cacctttctc     65460
     tttcaaatcg ttatccactt atgactcaat ctcagattgt ttctattcat tgcttgtata     65520
     aaaatggctc attttgtaca gttggtacag aacttgcttt gacaaactaa agataatatt     65580
     aaatttaatt tagctgaatg ttcaagtcct accagatcta tctattaaat ataattaaac     65640
     attaataacc caaaacagtg gtccagaatc cacgtatgac attatgacta aatgtatcct     65700
     gttgtaatag tggcaaaaga tgaaagtttg ggaggcacgt atgaaggcac agagcagatg     65760
     ggtttgctgt ggagcctgag gcctgtacca ggaagtcgac ctgcactcag gtaacatact     65820
     gtagaatgat ggtgttttac aaagtttaaa tattattttt cgcaaatgaa ttcaaaatgt     65880
     gaggcaaagt cattactatg tttattccta cacgttcccc cccacccccc caccccccac     65940
     cccccacccc tccctcccct taatcaaggt tgcgcaagat gaatgttctc acaccgatgg     66000
     taattaacat ttcagtctac aatgggcatc tatctcaagg attcagtcag gcctctttgc     66060
     tggccacaac tgtcacagag cgctggtaca tggcaccagg tgtaaagagg gtgaacataa     66120
     aggagaaagg agttctagga actttatttc ttcccccagg taaaatacaa ttcatgcgtg     66180
     tataaatgta aatatgcctc ttctaagatg taagatctat ttatttgttt gtttggtgat     66240
     agtcaagaaa gtccaaactg tcagagtgat aagttggttg agttatgtac acttaaatga     66300
     cacttaaatg acagcagtca actgaaataa ggggtgtggg aagtaatttt ttatttgaag     66360
     gaataaacag gattgattca acatagcaaa ttattgcatg atcagtggta aaaaagtact     66420
     gaaaaaccat acttaaaagt accattactt gcttaaaaat gtagcgcaag tagagtaaaa     66480
     gtatctgtga taaatattac tcaaagtatg agtaaaaagt agccatttta gaagtactct     66540
     agagtagtga gtattatgca ataaaaagct gatgcactta catgtaattt gtcgatgtgt     66600
     gtaacataac attctgtagt gcatttagtt attgcccagc aggtacacaa tgtcataaaa     66660
     cattatacta ggttagattt aggtcgtgag gtcaggtgac cataattcca tgtctagcat     66720
     gtatctaggg acaacgttat tttgatcacc aataacaacg tcaaatgatg ttgatatttg     66780
     gttgatttta ggttgtgtta gaaaatgatc agaaatccaa catcaagcca acatcttaaa     66840
     tcatattgac gtcaaaatct gacatttatt tgtcaggtat ggcaaccaaa atccaacgtc     66900
     tgatagatgt catattggta acatccacac aacgtcaagc tgtaacatca ttagacagtg     66960
     atatttggtt gattttaggt tggacgttgg acattgacgt caaaccgatt ttctttggac     67020
     gttggacatt gacgtcaaac cgttctgacg tcaaaccgat tttcatttcc aatcaaaatg     67080
     cagcgttccc acaacgttga ggtataacat caatctaacg ccatgttgat cttgtgcctg     67140
     ccaggtgttt aaggccagtt tggtcttgat acagtaaaca tccatcatct tctcatcagt     67200
     gatatgcgtc taaacagtca ctgagtcaat gcatctacag attttggaca tatttaatgc     67260
     ttccaaacag tttgctgcaa ttataaatcg actatacaaa ttatagtcaa ttaaataaga     67320
     aatcactact tgatgaagat taatacagta actggtagga tgtgaaagtg tctctaattt     67380
     tgatcagtat tgattttaaa tgtctaattt gcattttttt aatactgtgc ttcagaatac     67440
     gcgagtcata acatatgctt taaaaccact ttttaactcc tgttagtata tcctggttat     67500
     ttttagcata tcgtagattc ttctcctcca ctctgtcaaa atagggaagg atatgcatgt     67560
     acgtctatta catcacaact ataatttaat gaactagttt gtaaatattc tgctgtgtgt     67620
     ctttttttag gctctgggcc ttatccagga gtgctggacc tatggggcgg aggtggtgga     67680
     ttgattgaat atcgttctgc tctgcttgca tctcatggtt ttgcaagttt ggcccttgaa     67740
     tatctctctc cagaaaagct gaaaatgact gaggttgatg gtacatattt tgaggtaaat     67800
     ttaaaatgtt gacatccttg gattcctgct tccttggatc atcttttgta aaatcatttt     67860
     attacctatg tattttgtgt gtttcccaca gatatttctt tttactttgt atgtgtgtgt     67920
     tccgatagaa agcataccag atcttgcaaa atcatccatt agtacagaag gacaagatgg     67980
     cggtacttgg gttgtgtttt ggaagtgcca tcacattaac tatgactgcc tactccagag     68040
     tcatcaaggt ttgcttccct acatatatgt tatatatgta caatattttg aatgaaactt     68100
     tttattgttg attgtaattt tactttttta aacatgtact tttgcttgta gccccagtgc     68160
     tgtgtctgta tcagtggaag tcatgccatt cctgttgata aatgtctctt tgaagtcttt     68220
     gaggacataa aaaagtaagc aaatcctaaa cttttattta caatctgact gagcgtcact     68280
     ttatatttca ttgaataggg aaagaagttg caaatgtcag ccttacaaat ctttcacaag     68340
     tcagtgcacg aggtgattat atacaggata agagcaatgt tgcagagtga tgttgttggc     68400
     tactttccca ttaggaacgg gcaacaaaat ggaacaaaat tctagcagcg aatcactgat     68460
     gactggcatg gagcagtcca aaaatactaa caagatggtg attgctcagc agcagtagag     68520
     ctagaaaaag gagcgtaaac ttatagctta tcaacaaaaa aagacaaaga taaaggacaa     68580
     agattttttg tatgtgataa aagcattgct gataaagcaa aaattaagcc gaaggaaagt     68640
     aagtgagaat aagtaaagtc ccccattatg ctttgagtat taccagtgtt ttatgtagct     68700
     gtttttgaat gtcaaaagtt ttaaagggtc tttgcattgc gctcatagtc agaagcatgt     68760
     gatgggttat tattaaatct gttgcagcac acagatataa tgcctcattt cctctgggct     68820
     gtatcgtacg gaacaataag attctgtaca ggtcactgtg atcagatggt ttttgtggtt     68880
     tcactgccaa tattaccctt acttggtgta tgccagaatt aagtgatcca catcattctt     68940
     gttcaaagag agccatatgg cttaaatata tgcagtacat aaaaaatgca cttcctttgt     69000
     tgtagttccc ctggcttgtt ccaataagct agcacagcta gtgtttttca gccaatgatg     69060
     aacttccggt gaaagcttta tgtaactatt ttcaatttca taaggtttct tttacagcat     69120
     cgatgttgta atgcaattca aatatattta gttacataga cttatgaatt catttagttg     69180
     ttcaagcata aaaagtgatt taaatgcagg tgccattatt agcagcaggc tagcacagaa     69240
     attcaattga aaatactagg gtaaaattaa tttccatata ataaaaacat ggcattgaaa     69300
     aaaattactt aatgcagtgc ttcttatttg gtctgatacc cactttatat cgtatttcag     69360
     ccaggcagtg aagatcactt ttttattttt tttttaaatc aggtcttaaa cgaagtgaat     69420
     ttgtatggga tgacaattaa ccggaagccc tgaggctggt ggactgaata gtctgtgtgc     69480
     atatacccca ttattggtaa aaacaatatg cgtctcacag aatctagtca atttttaagg     69540
     accatactca ttaaaggatc ccaaaaagtt atttaaagtg cacctatgag ggaaaaataa     69600
     gctttgagaa actgcttaat cattacggtg tgtagatata gtgtgtttat actgagaaat     69660
     aaactttctt aatgaataaa ctttttttaa tgacctgacc ttaaaatatg attcaaatcc     69720
     cagtgaattc gagggttgct gcactgtgac ataggagaaa accgccctgc tcaccatatt     69780
     gagtgacagg catgtattat gtgacagtcc ttcttcactg gttacttata taggtgtaca     69840
     tatttaattt tttggtgtgt gatcacagtt acaattaaca tatgtccgta taatgtgtaa     69900
     aaatatgtcc acaaaacagg gtttgcaaaa aaactgagat taaaagatct gtcccaactc     69960
     tccgtgatca gctgcacatc aaaaaatgag ttttgcaagt ttaaatgaga aacagacacg     70020
     catgtgggaa tagtgggtgg ggagaacaag atttaaaggc acaataagca acaatatcta     70080
     caaagtcctc taaccccaaa attcacatat tcaggagagt ataaaaatga tctgttaggt     70140
     attttgagct ggaacattct ggaaacacca aagacttctt acctcttata aaagagtatt     70200
     caagatgatg ttcataaaat aataaaattc atctttaaaa gtcacatcaa tctctgctgg     70260
     aagtttattg gtggctgcaa aacaagtctg tgtatactgt atatcccatt cgtaaaaaca     70320
     caatctacat aagctttgtg tgactaaaat agtctttaaa atatcatacc ggtcaaaaag     70380
     aaatgatggc atcatccttc aagcctgaac attcttcagt ttgaactgca tagttgcctt     70440
     cagcatgaaa aagcaactcc gttattcatt cattttcctt cggcttagtc cttttattca     70500
     tcaggggtcg ccgcagcgca gacccataca cactctaacc cactacagcc aatttggttt     70560
     aatcagttca cctattaagc atgtctttgg actatgtacc cggagaaaac tcaggcaaac     70620
     acaaggaaaa catgccccca tgcctccaat cccatccttg aaaaacagtt ttgctttttg     70680
     ttatggatcc aggaccatat tagcctttaa gaaaaaagat tgggtaaagt ttgcctgccg     70740
     agatgctctg tcagatcgac acattgcaca taaactgttt taaaaaataa atgacgtgtc     70800
     tatctgcata aacgggatgc acagatatac aaatctacat ttgttgacag acagttaggg     70860
     ctacctattg taaatttcag cctgaatatt ttgagtgggc aaacatttta gtcctatacc     70920
     ttagccagaa tataaagtac acttttaaag tttactttaa tcattactat tggaatgtga     70980
     agacactttc aaagcacaac aaaaatgttt atgaagacaa tcacctattg aactttaaga     71040
     tatagtattg gacatttgat ttccaatgcg ctgtcagcag aaaaccaatc agaacagatt     71100
     tggccatctg acctatcaga gaagcgtgta cttatccaaa tggaaggatt tagagagact     71160
     aaatcatttg agacactttg agaaatagag gtgataccac attgtgtgat tatgagaaaa     71220
     caaaaaataa atgcagacct acaaaacaaa attaggatct tttaaaatac tacaatagag     71280
     acatttttaa caaaaaaaaa gttatatttg actatgcaca atattaatat aatcatattt     71340
     agtattctaa gtatttgaat gaacttctac agcatattta tttataattg tgtgtacagt     71400
     ttaattttaa caagtaaatt aaacagatta aagcatctaa agaactaatt taccaagaaa     71460
     tagcacatct tacaattttt gtaatggtat tagatgtttc tgtcatatat attgttcttt     71520
     cacaaagtga ataaaccctc tcatatcagg cacttgaata actggtccta atgataaaca     71580
     gtaacacaca atggtaatgc tcattgcagg cttaacggta aaatacaagt gaatgaggac     71640
     aaccacttaa tacacagaaa cacgatcttg ccaattccct cagacccggc tctgaaagta     71700
     gacgtaagtt tgacttcagc atgttttttt gtcttttttt ttttttttgt aattatcagt     71760
     tccgttttca ggttgggaga ataaagtgtc ctcttttgtt ggtgaatggt actgatgatc     71820
     agaattgggc taccgttgaa tctgctgaag atgtgagtct actgtttgta tgaatgtttt     71880
     tttttttatg tatgtatgtt aatttatata tttcagtcaa attccctgac tttcactgac     71940
     ataacgccac atcagtagga aatactgcaa aactttcctc tatccttgct caaagataac     72000
     ttgaaaaaga agtatttaaa aaaggattaa aaatttcact gtagggctaa taacattaac     72060
     ataaacctgt agctcaataa tgattaacct ttatagaatt tatacagtaa agactatata     72120
     cagtttgcaa tgttatactt gattactgta tattattcag tttgtttaac gaaaaagatg     72180
     catgaaaaac ctgaaaagca ctgtttattt aaatagtgtg tatgctatat tttattcatt     72240
     ttgtgttgtg ctttactttt attaattttt attttctttg acagtgcttt tttactgagc     72300
     atatcatata taccgtaccg aaacagtggc cagaaaacca aacatgagaa gtctgtatta     72360
     ttatacagca agtaaacacg tggttgacga acatgcatga ctgttaagct cacgtctttt     72420
     aaagcacttt gtacatgagc atctcgctca caaaccagct gaaatcggcc tggctggtca     72480
     atcgagtgtc tctaattgaa agcaagttaa atttaatatg atgagaaaaa actaattctg     72540
     atattccatt aattggacat aaaatataac catttccttg actttcaatg actggaatag     72600
     accttttgta atttaatggt tatacttcaa aaagatgtgt gtaagctgag ctcatataaa     72660
     ggaataataa caatagatct tttttttgta aaaatgttat cttttacgta atatatttta     72720
     tccttaatta gatggataaa aatcaactta accaaaaatt agaaatgtgg atgtaccctg     72780
     gtggatttgt tttgatacat ttttgctgaa gggaggacat caacatgaca tcaggttgac     72840
     gttgtacgcc aatgtcgtag gactttccag tttgtttgga aataaaaaat caggttgaca     72900
     tcagaaccca acgtcaggct gatgtcaatg tccaacctaa aatcgaccaa atatcaacat     72960
     ctaatgatat tacagcttga cgttgtgtag acattacaga tatgacatct atcaaaatcc     73020
     aaaaatggat tttggttgcc atacctgatg aataaatgtc agtgtatgat gtcaatgtga     73080
     cgttaatttg aaatgttggc tctacattgg attttggtca ttttccaaca caacctaaaa     73140
     tcaacaaaat atcaacgtca tttcaaatca ttattggacg tcaaaataac attgtcctta     73200
     gatgctggtg acctaaatct aacctaatat taacgttgta agacgttatg tgccaactgg     73260
     aatggttcac tcaaaaaaga aaatcctgcc ctgggttatt cacctttgac ttgctccaaa     73320
     tgagttttta tatagataca ctggacaatt tgaaaatcct ttaaccactg acttccattg     73380
     catttgttta gtaggttcta ctatgcatgt cactggttac aggtttccac ccttcttcca     73440
     atattattca tcagatattc tcatgaatgt tggtacccaa aatgttctgt ttaccattga     73500
     ctttaaataa cagttatccg tatagtgttc acacatatgc aattaattag aaccttgata     73560
     tgattcattt acacacagat ggagatgatg atgaagaaag caggaaatcg acaactgctg     73620
     actgtcttga cataccctga tgctggtcat ctaattgaac ctccatacac acctcacttc     73680
     agagcaacta acttcctcct gcataaaatg aatgagaaag gcaagcatac atgatctatc     73740
     attgccttct gttttgcagt tttcatatcc tttttcctca catgacaact acgttttatt     73800
     tatgagccgc acttagaaat tagggaactt tcattcaaat gagcataaat aatatagctg     73860
     ttataatatt caatatacta tatggcttta tttacataat agtcaggtag ccgaaatgga     73920
     atagtttttt tgcgttttac agtttgtatt atacacaata acaatcagga taatctccat     73980
     ttacaaatat caaatatctg caaaatggcc aaaaacgctg tattacaaga tgacagtggc     74040
     aaatgctggc ttggtatccg caagtatgta gaaaagtgac aacatgtcta cagcagctaa     74100
     tttggtatgc atttagaact ctccatttac atataaagca tctgcgatgt gggatataat     74160
     attcgttatg tgaatccaca tgttgcacta gtatgaaact catacaggtt tgaaacatgt     74220
     ggagggagag tgaataatgt caactagcat tttttagtaa tgcgtctctt taaatctcct     74280
     taaatgtgta aatatctgtt taaatgtaca tctgaatgtt gttttgttgt ttctgcagtt     74340
     gtcatgctgt ggggtggaca aactaaacca catgcgtacg ctcaagagga ctcatggaag     74400
     aagattttag cattttttcg agagcacctc tacggttcaa acgttaaagc caaattgtag     74460
     tttcttcatt tgagactgtg atatatgacc aacttcattt caaaatgcct ttaaattcaa     74520
     tgatgatgct gccagtactt gatgttacat ttcactttgt tatctgtatt gcagaggatc     74580
     ttaagtatat tttaagcaat acttttgtag cagacacatg ccaaaatgca ttattaatta     74640
     ttgtaataat tatgtacaga aattaataat tacatggtta tggtaacact gccaaataaa     74700
     tgtattagat tctgtttgcg gagaaagaca cttaagatga ttctggcact acattttctt     74760
     attttgtaat caaaatctac ctctgcttaa taaaagcata aataataatt tgagatcatt     74820
     tcattttcta ctttagttgg acttttgttt gttttaaaaa aaaaagattg tgtgttttct     74880
     aaaatgacta ttatgattat gagaatctgt gttttaaaca tgaaaaatat ttatgcaatc     74940
     tagaagattt gagataattt ggatgaattt gctataataa aagttagttt tatttatatt     75000
     aatggtattt tgggatgtaa atacctgttg tataattaac ctgtatgagt tgcaaataca     75060
     atgagtttgc tcattttttt accgataaga taataatatc agaaaggctc atccaatcag     75120
     ccaagttttg ctgttgtcag aaaggatcaa tcacgactaa agtcaaggca attgatagca     75180
     aaattttgga agcaatcgta ctgattataa aaacattaac ctttagtctt gacacactcc     75240
     acacattgtt cttcaaaatg atgcaattgt ttagaaatcg atcttcttga agtggaaaat     75300
     actttacttc ttcctgggac atttttaact cccttaaaat tgcagttgtt aaacccctct     75360
     ttaaaaagag caatttggat aacaccctat tgagcaacta cagactgatt ttgttttcat     75420
     attttgacaa cttcaactcc tctgctacag gtgtttttta atcatttact tatttatttt     75480
     tgtttgttaa tttttgttat tttatttata agtttgtatt attattatta ttgagaatag     75540
     aaagattgtg aatgtatgca aactgattgt tatcttttgt gaaattataa actgtattaa     75600
     tgcctttctg tttccgttca agcaatgttt ataaaaaaga tgttcctcga agccaagaaa     75660
     atcttcatct atagctcaac agataaggga gaagagcagt ctgacatgct ttaatttact     75720
     agccttagat aaaagaaaca gattttaaaa aggtggcact tagtgacact tttgcttgta     75780
     caataaactg cctgcacaat atcaattcat ggaagaagat gaaaaaaaaa cactaagctc     75840
     tgaatatatc ctatctactg gaaaatgttt ttgattcgag tcaccagcag atggcagtaa     75900
     tacactgata agtgtggcat gttaaaaata gaaagaagaa gaacaggacg ggaccatggg     75960
     taggtctatg gagggacacc actcaaaaac ataaatattt tgtttaagtg tgggacaata     76020
     tgttggtatt taataatttg tatattcgtt gaaatctatg caatttacgc gttgtctttg     76080
     tggtggttgg agcttgtgtt gcattaattg tgatttgtct tcccttcaaa atgacatgct     76140
     aatttagagt ttcagtatcg gaatttacag tatttgcatt aaaaaggtat gccctggctt     76200
     tagaatgtta taaaggacat ttgctgctgt gatgacattc tgtgtcaaag gtaacatttc     76260
     gtcatcagca ttagtccatg ctgaacttca gaacgtcatc actacaggta gttatttgaa     76320
     cgataagtta aattatctaa cgttatacta acgttacgtc tacaatttgt agttataacg     76380
     ttcatttcct gtaggtaaat taaaatagat tggatttaaa ttagatggat atcgttcttt     76440
     aaaacttcct tctgcctggg tctttcactt acgcaagctt acacgttaaa caagttgtaa     76500
     actttttgag aagtgaagta atacataatt tatttatctt ttgcctttgt aggaatattg     76560
     tgactgactc taatcagttt attaccatag aagaaagaaa cgtctattat cggactacca     76620
     tgttggcacc tgttaggtaa cgtacatata tttcttgtca tcaacaaagg ttttaacaaa     76680
     atactgtatg tattttttac agctacagaa tcatgacttt gtcatttaat taattcgttt     76740
     atttttttgt ctgtgattgt gattaagtta acattattat aatttgtgac attgcggcag     76800
     gtaattgttg attttactag cgtttattag gcaacatgat tgcaactcac ttaccctgat     76860
     tgttccaaag tcatgtaggc taactgtgta gtgtgtagca tggggaattt tgccttttcc     76920
     cctccatgac attgatgaat agtaactgac taacgttagt gtagtgtaaa aataaatgta     76980
     aaagcaccac atttcataaa aatggtcaga gtcttgtctt aaatgtgtct tcaggaaaaa     77040
     aaatacattt tcagaacaat tcttctcctg agatagtaat gcctggttta ttaatcaaag     77100
     tcagctttgt tgttgtctat taaatgatat gtacagtaaa tacaattaca catataattt     77160
     aatcttaaaa tataagtaaa aaaattgtaa acaacgcaat tacactcaag ggcacatggc     77220
     aaggagtgca aaccagagtt gtgcagatgc taaacagttt atagtgcaac aagcttgtaa     77280
     atatgatcat atttactata tttatcataa gtatgataag gtaagatgat atgaaaaggt     77340
     aaatatgatt aaacatttgt gaatcaatga tttagtcaca ttactttgtc tttttaaatt     77400
     taaataattt agcatttaag tgtgtttata taataatttc tataaaaata acataaaaat     77460
     aattaaatgt aatataaaaa tagataggcc cactgtatac agtagtcaac attgaaagtg     77520
     ggtcacaaca ttttattaaa gttaaagtcc taaaagtttt caacaactct tattgttgtc     77580
     caagaaaaat attgaataac taataataaa ctaacaacca ctaataaaaa ccaataagtg     77640
     tattcacaac agtgaatcaa agggaagatt tgtacattgg aaagacttat agggaaaaaa     77700
     aaattttgtt tgtttattta tttatttttg tttatttatt tctccctagg actgtgagca     77760
     ccgcgaatag gacaagtcct ttgttgactg ttcagcctcg tcgaggactg gttgacgaga     77820
     agtttcaaat tgtcataaca aatttactgc caaatcaaga ggtaacgctg cactctctac     77880
     atcagtctga agataaggac ttctgggagg cttttggaca ctatatcagt gatgaacatg     77940
     gaacagtgac aggtgtgtac aacaatctga tgcatgactc caacctaaac atactccata     78000
     ccaactaccc ttctaaagtg tggaaaaact gacagactga ggctagacat tattttacac     78060
     tttgcactct catcccctta cttttcttgt cctttactac attcattgct tgaaaaaatt     78120
     ggtttatcag tgcacatttg gctttaatat tatacagttg gtaaagaagt ggatgcatgc     78180
     tgcacagctg gtttgatgac atcattaaaa acaagcatgg gtaactgcac caactttagc     78240
     ttgaaaactg tgtttttgac atttaacttt tacggtttgt ttcccaaatt caagagcatc     78300
     acagtgcttt actgtgtttt agtgagtgat aatgttgcag tttgcataaa gagtgagtgg     78360
     cgtggcaaca aaaaactcca tgagtttgtt taaggttttg cagaaataat gtcaaagctt     78420
     aattttcagc agcaattact ccagtgttga atgtcacaat ccttcctaag tcattacatt     78480
     atgttgatat tgtactcaag aaaaatgtaa tattatttaa ttattattat catcattatc     78540
     atcatctgtt aaaaatgaat gtgctgctta taatttttat gcaaaccgag atacattttt     78600
     caagaatctt tgatgaatag aaagttcaat gtttagtttc tttttttaca actaatatta     78660
     cagttttttt aaacttttga aaagtttata ttttaacagc ctcaaactta aaacagtagt     78720
     gtataatctg caaagactgt ttattcgatt tgttatttgt tttgtcaagt acttaaatta     78780
     cctcacatta tgataaataa cctgcttcga ctaatagaag atcagtcact ttagcaatga     78840
     atgacatttg tgtgtatcct gttgaaatag tggcaaaaga tgaaagtttg ggaggtacat     78900
     atgaaggcac agagcagatg ggtttgctgt ggagcctgag gcctgtacca ggaagtcgat     78960
     cagctctcag gtaatgaatg atagtgtact aagtttaaaa tacattttga tcctaatgaa     79020
     tccaaattgt gagatttaag ttgatttatt ttattgcata ttcattcact aatttttcac     79080
     gtctcttttc atttaaggtt gcgcaagaca aatgtactca cacctatggt agttaacatt     79140
     tcagtctaca atgggcatct gtctcaagga ttcagtaaga cctcagtgct ggccacaact     79200
     gtcacagagc gctggtacat ggcaccaggt gtacaaaggg tgaacataag agagaacgga     79260
     gttcgaggaa ctttatttct acccccaggt acacacacac aggagaggtg gtacacttgt     79320
     ggtaatacag aaaaaaatga ttctgtgcaa ttttccaacc aacgttttga aacatttgaa     79380
     tgagtaaatg cacaatatgt acttgctttt aatgttcagg ttattttagt gtacagattt     79440
     ttgtttgtta tcagcactag ctactagtgt acgcgaaaaa tcgcattaag agtttaggga     79500
     tatggcacaa ggcataaacg tggattaaac acttatatcc agcagtctac atgtgtttgt     79560
     tgcattacaa acatgcacag caagttttaa taaatataat taaacacacc ttatgccttt     79620
     ttggggtggc gctgaataaa tgtataatcc gtatatcctt cattttgcat tgcgagaact     79680
     gcagtgcatt ggtgttagtt gcttagcaac acaaaacaac cgcaaaacca ttgctttatt     79740
     gctctacctg catacgagtc ctacatacaa agtaagttta aaatatgcta agacacttta     79800
     aaataaggta acaatctttt ttttgacagc tcatgcaggt ccaggtgatg tagaaagtga     79860
     cctaaagtgt acgcaattgt taagctaata aataattcca tgtacaattt aatctgatag     79920
     gcctattttt ccctaatgtt ttacacttgc tagatttaca tgagaatgag agaacagtgg     79980
     tgtttgaggg tcatggtgtg gctatttcta cacttatcat tcagctaggc ctacgtattt     80040
     tagaggccag atttgtaatc atatggcact tttaaggaat gtacaaccag atacagatta     80100
     acaccagtaa tataggctat attcactggg acttttaaat ttgaataagc tagctcaatc     80160
     acttcaggta aactttcacg ccattataat attacagtgt ttaagattag tttaaatgta     80220
     attctttttc actgcctgac tgagatacaa tatgacttat gtcttatgtc acagacaata     80280
     agcagcacta cattaaaatt cattgttccc acgccatgtc ttaaaaatac tctggtaaaa     80340
     gaaattttca agagttcaca cttagctgat gattgattat aagcaagttt ggcatgctgt     80400
     cccgggagag agccctgaac tcgaaggttc ttgagccctg ggctccctcc catttggagg     80460
     aagagagggg agcctcgagc tcaggtagat ctcgacaact cccctttgat aatagctaaa     80520
     gactaagatt gaaagctatt aaaagatatg ctgcattatt tgattatctg tattgaaatt     80580
     tagatttaac gattaacttg ttgtgtatgt ttttggaatg tgggaggaaa ccggaggacc     80640
     cggggaaaac ccacgcaagc acgggaagaa catgcaaact acacacagaa acgatcaccg     80700
     gcctgttaag gaactagaac cggtgacgtt cttgctgtga ggcgacagtg ctagtcactg     80760
     agccactgtg ctgccctatg gagggaaagg tgaaaaggta ggggtggaag gggggattct     80820
     taaaatcgaa gatgactgta gtgaaaaaac cctggctctt tatagtggtt aggaatggcc     80880
     tgattggtgg atcaagcatg ctaatgcaga accagccgtg tttaatcata atcacatgct     80940
     cctctcgaaa ttagtttatg aataaacttc acttcgtatt tttaatggag ttttgcactc     81000
     gcctgctgct cctaacagtg cttgcattta ctgtaaacag cctttttaca attgaacaat     81060
     tgaatgagtg ctgaattcta tttaactgat tatattttaa ttaaaattgc attatcaata     81120
     tgttactcat gtcatgtgtt tcaaaaaact cctgtttgga aaactttaaa taagacaaag     81180
     cagtcacata aacctttttt caacctgtgc cataataagc aaaaaaggat gtttcccttt     81240
     tccgtttcat cacaacttta aatgcagaaa aactaacttc actatataac ctgatgtgtg     81300
     tgtgtgtttt ttaggtcctg ggccataccc aggtgtgctg gacctatggg gaggaggtgg     81360
     cggtttggtt gaatatcgtt ctgccttgct tgcatctcat ggctttgcat ccatggcact     81420
     tgaatacctt tctcctgatg agttgagaac ggctgatgtt gatgtctcat attttgaggt     81480
     acattttgaa tttggtctcg taatgttatc gtgacttcct tggttttctg ctttcttttt     81540
     gacttgtcat tttatttgct tcccatgttt cctggatatt acattttact ttgtatgtgt     81600
     gtacatctac atgtttcctg tagaatgcat accagatact gcaaaatcat ccaaaggtac     81660
     agaagaacaa gatggcgatg cttgggttgt cttttggaag tgccatcaca ttcagtatgg     81720
     ctgcctactc cacgatcata aaggtttatt taactacaca caaagtatag taagctgcat     81780
     tttgaatata gctttttagt atttaaatgt actcctactg tcttgtagcc ccagtgctgt     81840
     gtgtgtatca gtggaagtca tgtggttcct gttgataaat ccctctttga agtctttgag     81900
     gagataaaaa agtaagtgaa tgctcaacat ttatttgcag tctggctgag cttcatctaa     81960
     agagagtaat gctgggtctc attccttcat acaacgcata aagcaaccag ctgttaacat     82020
     atcattagtg atataggtag atccatcacc ttgatggccc aagcaatgac agaattggcc     82080
     atctgaccag tcagagcaga gtcacttcga taaaggagtt atgaattaga gtggctgaat     82140
     ctttgaatta ataatttgag actctttgag aaatttgttt ctaaaaaata atgttcattg     82200
     cagaaatatg gataaggtac atgtgaatga ggataaccat gtaatacaaa gaggcatgat     82260
     cctgccgatt ccctcagacc cggctcagaa aatcgacgtg agtaatactt gctacaaatt     82320
     tgttcataca gttgtagtca aaattattag ccctgctgtt ttttcttttt caaatatgtc     82380
     ccaaatcatg tttgatagaa caaggaattt tttacagtat ttcttttttc ccccccgcat     82440
     tatttttttc ttctggagaa agtcttattt gttttatttt ggctagaata aaagcagatt     82500
     taaaggtcaa ttttcaagtc aatattatta gcctctttaa gcaatttttt ggcattgcct     82560
     acagaacaat ccatcaatat acaaagaatt gtcttattac cataacttgc cttattaacc     82620
     tagttaagcc tttaaatgtc actttaagct agtaaatact agtatctcga aaaataacta     82680
     gtaaaatatt atgtactgtc attatggcaa agataaaaga aattagtttt tataaatgaa     82740
     ttatttaaac tgttatgttt agaaatgtgt ttaaaaaaat ctgctctcgg tgaaacagaa     82800
     attaggaaaa aatataagtg ggccaataat tcagaagagc taataaatct gacttaagct     82860
     gtatgcagag atatttcagt tttttgaggc tctttataaa tattacatct atttttaacg     82920
     caggttggga gaataaagtg tcctgttatg ttggtgaatg gtggtgatga tcagaactgg     82980
     gcttctgttg aatctgctca agatgtgagt cataatatac atcttcagtt atattgaaca     83040
     tgtacagtgc acagtatata taagaatttt aaaaaataat tattttgatt atttctcatt     83100
     gcatataaac aatatatttt gatgcattta aaaaaaaact gttatatcaa taaactgagt     83160
     tgtcatctaa catcttaagg aatagaaaaa taatacattt aaattcaaat gagttttttt     83220
     ttttcttgct gggtatcgat gtaacaattt tgtattgcat tacatctaca tgttttgaat     83280
     gacaaaataa aggaaactaa atttatttag ttctcttgag tttttctcta ttacattttt     83340
     atttaatacg tttttctaac atattcattg gggtgtacta ctttttgcac catgataatt     83400
     tattttgtta aatttgtgac agttttagct ttggatcaaa actaaattag ctggtcaagc     83460
     tgggagatga ccagctaaaa tcagcttgac cagcctagcc aggctgggag cccagccaaa     83520
     accagctatg tccagcttaa accaggctgg tcaagctggt tttagctgga tttagctggt     83580
     cattttccag cctgaccagt taagaccagg ctggaaatgg ctggaaacca gcctggaaat     83640
     ggccaaaacc cctctaaaac cagcctggtc gaccagctaa gcctaggctg gtctgagctt     83700
     gatttttcag cagggaaaaa ttcaaataag gaattaaagt tttcagatga cttttcatgt     83760
     aactaaactc ttagaagtct ttcaaatgct ttgtgtgact gtttgtatta aaaggaatta     83820
     gagtctgcat ttaagggata gttcaacaga gtcataattt actcagccat tacttggtcc     83880
     aaaggttttc aatttttggt gaactatcac tttaactgct gtggattgat ctttaaatta     83940
     gacaattttt aaaaattgga tcagcttatt cactaaaata atcaacccat ctactcttaa     84000
     taggctggca gggaaaagct agaacggacc tcaagatatc agtaatatta aaataataac     84060
     atgctgattt ttcagtgggc gttaccttta aaattacaca agtagacttt atatacttgt     84120
     tacttacttg tgattcaaat gttctgatgt gatttggagc cttgatatgg atgttttaca     84180
     ctcagatgga gatgatgatg gagaaggcag gaaatcgaca cctgctgacg gtcttgacgt     84240
     atcctgatgc tggtcatctg attgaacctc catacactcc tcacttcaga gcaactaact     84300
     tcatcctaca agaaatgaag gagaaaagta agcatgcatg atcaattact tcttttttat     84360
     atgcacattt tagttgtgtt tcatttaaac cttaattcaa aagaactgaa acaagtcatt     84420
     ttaaatatta agtttacaaa tgttccattt acaaagtgta gactgggtaa gaggtacatt     84480
     tgacttggta ctttactttt ttttgtcatg aaaataacat taaacttaat tattttaatg     84540
     tgacataagg accaatgaga atatatgtgg ccaaagctct tttgatttca ccattttgtt     84600
     cctccagatt attttatttt tcaaattatc attttttaca gtaatgttaa gaggggacat     84660
     attatgcaaa aatgatacgc ataagcattt gtagctccgc acttttgtaa aaagagggct     84720
     ggaagcacaa cttcatttga atttgaaaaa gacaaaatgg cacaattaga atcaaagctt     84780
     aaaaggggaa gtttcagagt tgtaaagtat ttgtgttgta ttttgagctg aaatgtctca     84840
     tacagactgt aggtacatca tattatttat ttattttaca ttttgtaaaa ctcgaaaact     84900
     ccggaaagtc gaaaaatcgt caaaaatcca attcaagata tctacaactg taattcgact     84960
     attagtaaat taattagaga tatcttcaaa tatatttgta aatatctcta aatatgatga     85020
     attaaagaca tctccaaatg tattatgact agtaaaaact cagagatatc tctaattaca     85080
     attgtgacta gtcaaaactc atttagagat atctgcaaat atttttcaat ggaagtcaat     85140
     gtaggaatat gactagtcag tcataatata tttgcagata tctccaatct gatttcgtac     85200
     tagtacaatt gtaattgcag atatctctaa ttgttattct gactagtcga attataatta     85260
     tgactagtca aaatataatt agagatatct ctaaatatat ttaaggatag tcagaacaag     85320
     gtttaaatgc taaaaaggct tgccatagag agcgcttctg aacagcgcag cagcgatgac     85380
     gtaagcgtgc cgaggcccga tatggtgtga gcgcgggccg tcgggggaga cgggaggggg     85440
     gacaagcgtg ctttggcccg gttcgaggca actgtaccta gtgtgagtac ggcctatgtc     85500
     tcttggctgg cctaggaagg cctcgggatc cctccaaaag tgctaaagga agtttctggg     85560
     gagagggaag tctggggttc tctcctaaga ttgctgcccc cacgacctgg ccccggaaaa     85620
     gcggttgaaa ataaattaat aaatgaatct tgttaaaagg gacataatag atctccttta     85680
     acatgtccaa actactgttg cagaaagtct ttttttaagt cgtttggggt tattcactgt     85740
     ctgttgaaag tcatgttcat ttcaataagt agctgtttga cattctttca atggattaat     85800
     tccgtggaga atagtgtcac ctaattgtag ttgtttatta aaacaattaa cggattactg     85860
     tttttagttt aaagggttag ttcacccata aataaacttt tgtgattaac tcgcactctg     85920
     cttgttccaa gtttgcccag tttttttctt ttgttgaaca caaaagaaga tattttaaag     85980
     actgaaaact ggtagacctt tacttccaaa ggattttttt ttactactat gatattaact     86040
     acctacttgt taccaacatg tttgggttaa ctaaccctct attggacttc catatttcat     86100
     gcaaggtatt gcaggtgtat gaaaatggtt atgggattag tatatttaaa ctaatatttc     86160
     tgtaaaaaaa aaatttaaaa agtacccatt tactctctca atttgttcca gacctttttt     86220
     tttcctacta tctatgtcta atggttccaa cattcttcaa aatgtgttgt tttatgttcc     86280
     acagcaaaaa aaagaaacac agatgggttt aatatgtaga gggaaagtaa attttctttt     86340
     acagataaac catccccaaa tcttctgaaa tgtgtgtgta tatgtttgaa tgtacatctg     86400
     aaagcatgtt gttttgttgt ttctacagtt gttatgctgt ggggtggaca gactaaacca     86460
     catgcatatg ctcaagagga ctcatgggag aagattttag catttttcca tcagcaccta     86520
     tacagttcaa acattagggc caaactgtag ttctttcatt taaaactgat ataaaaagag     86580
     caagttcatt tcaaatgcct ttgcaatgat tatgcagcca gcacttgatg ttacatttca     86640
     ctttgatatt tgtattgaat aaaagaggat cttaaatata ttttatataa tacacttata     86700
     ttagacatat cccattatgc aataattata atatttacat actatagaaa atgcatcatt     86760
     attaaatatt accactaaag ggattagtat tgatattagc ggggaaagac acacacaaaa     86820
     tgtaattttg ttgaacacta catttccttc actttgtacc cacaaactat ctctataaga     86880
     atgcttgggg ggatgtttta gatttcatta tctaatttat ttttacttga ttaacaagaa     86940
     ataatgtcta tttctaaagt ttttttaaac caattactgt atgtgtgcta gccagaagat     87000
     ggtaaaatat ttgggtgtat ttgcaatacc tgcaaaaaaa aaaaagtatg ttttatttgt     87060
     tttagcagcg aatatctgaa taatttgcat gtacatacag agatattgca taatggtatt     87120
     tttggatgta attaactctt gtgttgttgc catgtctaat ttaatgtttt acacagatca     87180
     gtcatgaata ttaaacattc taaaaacaaa aagctacagt tgtttttact ctattaaaaa     87240
     aaagtcacta tttaactata tatgtttggt caaataataa aatggcaatc acactaagac     87300
     atggggcaat gttaatttac acattttatt ttttattttt aaatgatgta aagatgtttt     87360
     atttattaat catgtatgta ttaagtaaat aaagtctatt acagattatt taattataag     87420
     tgttgtaatt ataagtgttg ttgttaatag catagtacat tggttttaaa aagttttgta     87480
     gttaaaagct aactacattg ccaatcataa gtctgttgga caaaagtttc cctcgattat     87540
     ttgcacaaga aaacaaaata aagttatctt ttacaatata aatgtatcta aatcatttta     87600
     tgttttgctt tgaagcatgt tgtcagtgtt tgtcagttta tcaatccgtc aaccctttca     87660
     tgtagctacc tcagtcgtct gaatgtaagt tgaagaaaaa acatgaaata cgccaaatgg     87720
     agcgtttagc aaacaatagc aaaatactct tttcacaaca ttctttcgtc ctcgtctctc     87780
     gtaacaaagt ttcagtttta aacgcgtact gttgtcattc gcagaaaaga gttcggtgtt     87840
     gttttaacca catatgatta ccgaatgact tcgagctcgc accctgaaaa atcatatcta     87900
     aaataaagtt atgccgccca gaactgcggt cttggcacac ggagatgaga gacatcgcca     87960
     gaaattttgg cgtggtgcag ggtttgtagc ggcactgcat gcgtaattca ctgttgttta     88020
     atatcatggg cgggagctct tctcccacga tccacacact cagttcttca gctctggaaa     88080
     acactgctgg agaacaagca aaacgatgag gcttttccac actacagctc ttgtcatatg     88140
     taagtttgtt tatcgttatt attattctat tctcgtcttg agaatggtct ctccctgtgg     88200
     ttttcatttc ataaagatgt ttgacttggg agtttgacaa cttgttattg tttttcagtg     88260
     ttttggttgc ttggttttat attggcatga gtacagttac tctaggattt tttttttttt     88320
     ttttttttgt gctttgagtt actaaacatt tttaaaaact ttatattttt acattttaag     88380
     aataaaacta tgtcttaggg ggaagtttgt taacatcaaa gcattgtgaa ttgttatgct     88440
     gtccaaaatt ggcgttcagt atacatttca gtttggggtt acatagtgtc aggttttggt     88500
     ttccagaagt tggtgtggat ctcatctagt ttcctgcatg ccacattcaa atttatcggt     88560
     tcaataagcg ttcacatgtg atattcattt aaataattag aaacagactt ggctcctacc     88620
     agaagccaaa atcattaacc atgagaatat ttcacacaga ttcaggggtg taataaatta     88680
     cacatttaaa attaaaatgt aaagtgaaca gtcttggttt ttgaaggaaa tcctgggctg     88740
     gttgtcacaa tgattataat acagtatctg tatatgcatc aaaatccaaa cacagaagct     88800
     tactttactt agcagtgttt tttttttttt ttttggctat tgtgtaatgt tgtcacagga     88860
     cttgttttat taattattct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctctctct     88920
     ctctctcgct ctctctcgct ctgtttcttt ctattcatct accgacctat ccatccatct     88980
     tttcatacat atatataaat tttttcaatt attatgttta tccatccatc cattcacctc     89040
     ttcaccatcc ctatattcat atacttttgc atctatccat ctatttatgc atccaaccac     89100
     caatttctct attgactgca ttaatctatc acatccataa atacgtcttc atcctttcac     89160
     ccatttctct atcaacccat cgtatgtata cttatctatt catccattcc tactacgtcc     89220
     atctacaaat tatgttccat ccaccaatct ctatgtccaa ccattcatca atctatgaaa     89280
     tcacccattc aatttactag tcaattcatc catccatcca tgaactttct ctatttttaa     89340
     tctacctatc cacccatcta tttccataat tcatcctatt catttctctt ttcatccatc     89400
     catatatgca ttttcctgcc atccatccat ccatctaatt atctattaaa cttccttgat     89460
     caagtttcat cgtgcaacct ttcatttaat ttgaaacaca ctctgatcaa atcaaatgcg     89520
     tttcccacag ctattgctct gcacactttg gcacaactgc ccgatcacaa tgacatgtgt     89580
     gcggagggca gctgttaccc tgcgaccggt gatctgctga taggaagagc acatcgactc     89640
     acagcctcct ccacctgtgg actgaatagt ccagaggaat tctgcatggt caacatatta     89700
     gaggtaggcc caacgaaaca agacaaacct actgtcatgg actataacag ccagacaagc     89760
     cctcgttttt attgctcaat aagtcatttc actcatcaga ataaagacat tgcagcaggg     89820
     gtgcttaacc ctgttcctgg agatctaact tcctgcagag ttcagctcca accctgatca     89880
     aacacaacta aaccaactaa gaagggtctg atggagcact tggtatttaa aagacaggtg     89940
     cttttgatca aggttgctac taaactatgc aggaaggcag atctcagaaa cagggttggg     90000
     cacccttgta atacagcatt tcattattaa atgttacaat acaaataatg ataaaaaaag     90060
     aagagtttaa tgttaaatgt gacacttttg tagttaaaaa caccctataa atttgccgtc     90120
     agttctgcat gattttcatt ctaaatttaa tatacttttt tttttttttt tttttacaat     90180
     aaatttaaat tattgtatca ctgtaacaaa gtagtcacta agaacagact tgcaaatgca     90240
     gtttaataat caaggtcgta caggcaaagg tcagaaacag gagcaaaacg ttacaaggga     90300
     aatgcgaaag aggacagtat acaggcgaga gtttagacaa ggtggcaatg aatcaaaaca     90360
     atgaaggcaa ggatcaatac ataggaaaac aaactagggg tctgttcttt gtacctcgct     90420
     taaatgatct aagatgattt tgcaaatcct ggatctttta atcttgataa ctgatctctg     90480
     gctaatttgg ctctttaaac aagttcgtaa atcagtttaa tatgtctgaa tgaactgaac     90540
     tgcgatcgct gcgtgtgttg tgatcatgat tggtaatgca acgattggct gacggcacaa     90600
     cagcgtaatg acatcatctg attaattatc catgtgagca aaattacatc aaattcgcag     90660
     taaacggttt gttaaatatg atccgcaata actttacacc ttgttgtggg ctgcatgctt     90720
     ggccctttca tgtgtcaaga gcaattgatt tagttttaca gttagagcga attttccatt     90780
     ttatagtatt atagtagcca tttttttatc agtgtaaaga ataactggat gtttacaaag     90840
     cattttgata ttggtaaagg ggtcacactt tacaataagg ttcattagtt aatgttaatt     90900
     aatgcattta ctaacatgaa caaacaatga acaacacatt tactacagta tttgttcatg     90960
     ttagttatca gtagttaatg aaaatacagt tgttcatgat taattcatgt taactcatgg     91020
     tgcattgtct aatgttaaca agcatggact tggatgttaa taatgcattt gtaaatgttc     91080
     aattatgctt aataaacgct gtacaagtgt tgttcatgat tagttcatgt tagtgaatgc     91140
     attgactaat gaaccttatt gtaaagtgtt accggtaaag gcgtctgcaa cttttgtgaa     91200
     gcatcaaatc ataataactg tcaaaacatg tttatgactg catgaatgta ttaattcttt     91260
     ttcaaaaagt cacatattgt gcatgtctat tatcatacac aaattgtact aaagctatct     91320
     aaaaagttca tatcattaac ttttctcttt gcacctttgt gctttcatta tgggggtgca     91380
     gattgcataa gttttattaa tatataaatg ttttactaat atatatatat atatatatat     91440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattgtt     91500
     aaaaaatagt tactattttc ccaagtgtaa ataactacta aagtaaaaaa tatcagaatt     91560
     cggtacatac tttcagtatt ttctcagctt gaactgaccc gatctaatcc tgtttatatg     91620
     aattgaacct gctcctgacc aggtttaagc tagcagaact gttggtatga caacaactct     91680
     cggatcagtc ttgaagaacg aaacgatcct ggatcgtgtc aaaacgtcaa taaccaaatc     91740
     cagctaattg agtaatccac ctatacgaag aacagacccc aggaaaccga ataaattatt     91800
     tgttatatat aaattatata taaatgctcg cctcttatta gaatctgcca aacctcttga     91860
     gcaatcttgt tgtgcttcag ctgcttttag ccttacttgg tttcatgcaa caaagataat     91920
     ttgtttagat ttagctcatc tatgagcatg atttttgcag gagtcccata aaatgtaatg     91980
     aactcatgat tctacttttg aggcatcatc aaactatact tttggttgtt gtgaatacgt     92040
     gtcctctagt ggtgaaaaaa attacatact gtgcttttaa aggtaaagaa gtatgaatat     92100
     atgaaatatt taacaataca caaattctaa acataggttt atgtctttat aattattatt     92160
     atctcttata aatggtgaac acaacctaga agcatcgcta tgatttgatc gtaatctttc     92220
     aatgtcattg cgtgagtaac acagcattca tctttttttc ttcccacact tatattctgt     92280
     ctgatgaaca atcagatatc tgtgtggaga gtatgtagtg ggaggatgga ggcccctgtc     92340
     agatgttcca gaccccctta ggccactgtt ttagccttta cactgtctgt gtggcctact     92400
     actatctatt ctcagttgta tattgtgagt gatgaactga gcaatggtga aatgccagtg     92460
     cataaccctg tgttcaaccc tgtgtagatt tgatacagaa ttcggtccaa cacatctacc     92520
     actcacaatt acgaaatacg atattctatc aaaccttaaa ataattgttt acacaaataa     92580
     atttgcttat gttaataatt ttattgtact acaaactcat gactgatttt tttagtgcaa     92640
     tacaggaggc attttgtaga atatccttct acttaaaaaa atgtttaaca ctattataaa     92700
     ctaagaatca acaaaattgt agtatgaatc ttataccagt tgttacctaa ttgcaaaaat     92760
     aaagcatatt ttcaagtcaa cattgcactc attattcaca ccacagcctt acctaagaat     92820
     cctcaagtcg aagtacagat actcatgttt aaaatgactc tggtaaaagt tgaaattatt     92880
     attcaacttt gataatttga aaataatttg aaattaaatt attattatta ttattattat     92940
     tactgttagt aaaaagtatc cagtacaact acatgtttta gtagtatcta tccggtttcc     93000
     ccccagtcca aagacatgca aaataggtga ataataggta actaaattgg ctgtagtgta     93060
     gaagtgcata tgtgaatgtg agtgtgtatg ggtgtatccc aataccgggt tgtgactgga     93120
     aaggcatccg ctgtgtaaaa catatgctgg aataattggc tgttcattcc accgtgacga     93180
     ctaccgataa atcagggact aagctgaagg atagtgagga taggtaggta aatagacctc     93240
     acatcctgtt tatacagtag tataaaatac tttcatttca aatttttatg taaaatgttt     93300
     gttggcaaat ttatgaaagt agatagatcg cgccgataga acgaaagtaa cgaccgtggt     93360
     ttaaaaatgt aaggagtaga aagtacagat gtttgtgtaa aaatgtaaaa ttgaaaagtt     93420
     gtccggaaaa taaatcgtgg agtaaagtct tgatactaga acctttgcta cacggtgaac     93480
     acaataagat gcgaggagtg gctgtacttc ttttgaacat gaaggcactt ttgtgatgcc     93540
     ctcagctatt ggagtcgtct ttaaaaaata gtccacaggt ttgtccttgc aactgggatg     93600
     tttgctttct aaatgttaat ttagaaggtt tcatgctctc ttgtgagagg ttttaagcct     93660
     ttttttgtcg tcaatatatg taaatctgca ctttacatac tacgggtcgt atacttgcgg     93720
     tttaacatat ttgttgctat aatgaaatga aatttcacat gtcaaacgat acggttgtcg     93780
     tgcgtgcatt tcaaaatcaa agtccgatat aagcaaaata agttaaactt ttgttgtttt     93840
     ttgaccacac actccgcgac ccgctgaaaa tgttgcgacc caccagttga gaaacactgt     93900
     tgtgtataat tagccattgg tatctgcctt tatcatacat tgaaacatcg gtgcataact     93960
     agttattatg tccatattct gagatgaggc aattatgtag attatgagag tatttaatca     94020
     agtatgtact gatttagaga aaattgtcat ttgcacagat gtttggtgtg ttttggagat     94080
     ccgtatctgt aatcacaacc aagaactctt gccagttaaa tttagtcgtt cagttttgct     94140
     ctgtatacgt gtgtttatat tagagtcatg tgtatgagtg gctgagaaaa acaggtgcac     94200
     atccagagca tctggattcc ttctgtctgc aatgtttttc attcctctaa acccccaaaa     94260
     gactctgtgt gtctcacacg ctctgctaac atctgcatct ccatctttgt ccatcgtcag     94320
     gataccgtgt gctttgaatg tgattcgcga cggctgtaca atgaattcac ccatcccgac     94380
     agccacacca ttgagaacgt ggtgacaacc ttcgctccca atcgccttaa aacctggtgg     94440
     cagtctgaaa atggtaagag ttaacatgac tgtaaattct attactaata agattgtata     94500
     aatatcttag ttctttcaca tacactcaga tataaaggta caaaaaggtc acaggggtgg     94560
     tacattttca aaaggtacta ttttgtttct aacaggtcct taaaaataca cattcatacc     94620
     taaaaagtac aaatgtgtac cacatacagt gttgccagat atagctgact tttgccaccc     94680
     caaaagctgt ccaaaacctg ctaaaatgca caaaaaaatg cacaaaattt taagattaat     94740
     aatttattta gttttaattt atttaaatat aaatgtatct agttacttca actgtcatca     94800
     tttttaacca tacagcaacc aacatcagca atcacagaac cacaacataa ccggttcaca     94860
     tcgaaacact gcccccttct cacccacaca cactgtgtag tttacactac ccattaaagt     94920
     atgttttccg acgacatggg gtatatattt gacgttttaa attctttgaa cctaattaaa     94980
     tgctgcttgt caatcagaca acgctttttc ttgctgtcaa ttgtggaaac aatgatcact     95040
     aaaagtgtca tgataaactg ctgtgagttt aactgcaggc gctgcgtgat gcatgtgcac     95100
     aagaaggggg gtcagatttt aatacagctt tcctttatct tcttttgggg gtggaaccca     95160
     cccacccagt ttatgttttg caaaactatg gtcactacta actgaacgga gtaggagcac     95220
     aaagttatgt tttgttgaat aagtagcata taaaagttca gtttcaaaac cgcccaaatt     95280
     ttgtcaacct gccaatgcca ttttttaccc gcacaatcaa ttttaaaacc acccaatctg     95340
     gcaaaactga ccgcataata cattaaaggt atcgaagtgt accctaaatg tactaatgtt     95400
     tacctttaca ttttactttt tgaaaagcta ctaccccagt gacatgtttt gtacctttac     95460
     ttcagtgtgt agcgatttct cagttgtctc atctccagag attcaaaaaa gatcatgata     95520
     gaattttaaa ctaagggact ttaggagata tcaaagatgt gaaaaagcct tccaaagtaa     95580
     tattaataaa gtctttgttt aaatattttt tgctgggttt caattttatc acgagtaaaa     95640
     gggaatttgg gaaaatatta aaacttctaa ttcaaaaatt ctaataaacc gatgtttaat     95700
     tgaatattct cctttatttc aagtatgcat actttattac ttatacttat tttatccatc     95760
     aaaacagagt ccagataaac aaaacaaaac aaaacattcc aaaaataata aacaggaaaa     95820
     tttaggatta ggaaaataat aataatttgt gggggaaaaa ataagtataa aggccctaat     95880
     aaaatggaaa gtttatccct gaaaatcaca tagctcgaag accctaatgt cctttcaaat     95940
     ctgttcttcc ataaaagaag tgtctacata taaaattact catttgaaat ggatcaaatg     96000
     agacacagat gtttgatgtt cacgttttac gacaactttg atcaccttca aatgttgact     96060
     atgtacacaa cagaagtcaa aggtcaacaa agctaactgt tacccaacat tcatccagta     96120
     tttaaccaaa atgttaccaa catttattcc agtgaaaatg ggataggatt aatttttgga     96180
     ttaactattt ataaagcaca agagactctt gatctattaa aaatcaagca tgctgtcata     96240
     tatttattaa aactccctca aatattctaa aagctaatac aatccacttt tatgactcac     96300
     aatacaatac acatctctat cattggtccc aaaagaatat acactggaag aacatacgga     96360
     gtcttgagac agaaacttgg atagtcaaaa agaaagagtg agcaaagggg aaaaaaagag     96420
     tttagctaag aagagctgac aggaagtagt gggaatgaga aagtgagatg tgggatgaat     96480
     gcagccgctg gccatgggaa acagctggcc tgttctttcc ccagtgactg gcttcttcca     96540
     caacagtcac gctaccggac tcagtcaacg ggtggggcgc accatcacta atttagagaa     96600
     tttatgactt tggatgcttt ttttggcata gtgctgactt ttgatggacc ctttttccca     96660
     atttttttga gagaagttaa atgtgaacat tttctatcaa ttttatttgt ggtttaaaaa     96720
     aaataaaatc attagtaaat gaagtttttt ttttttttgg tcaaaattgg ggatatagca     96780
     gggaaaataa gtatttaaca tgtcatgctc ctggcaatac tatctctaaa ggagctgttg     96840
     acatggaatt taaccaaatt ttagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatctga aacgcattat     96900
     gtatgataac aataaaatga cataaggaaa aagtacagaa cttctgaaac acttttaata     96960
     ttttggtgat ggcagcttaa agacaactct aatatggaga atgaagtcgc atgaaatgct     97020
     caggtgggag tttttccaca gacttcaaaa aagtgtaaaa tggttctgta ggtcccgtct     97080
     ttcaaatctg atctttgatt tgtattttct attggattca agttaggtga ttggctgggc     97140
     cattctacag cttgagtttc tttctctgaa agtatttgag cgtttccttg gctgtgtttt     97200
     agatcattgt cttactgaaa tgtaatttca tcttcatcat cctgctaatg tagatgttgg     97260
     actgaagcag ctaatattaa ttttcaatga cgatggggtt tgttaaataa ctactgagag     97320
     gctactgaga gattagagct gctgtctggg ctttcactgc ctttccacac atgcctttct     97380
     tcttgtattt aatacatttt ccctgcttca tttcatttta ttatgcataa cttaatttct     97440
     taactaagtg attttgtttt tgttgcatat atgtatttct ttggttgtta ccaacatcag     97500
     ggaaaagtca atgacacctt tagaaatgtg tgttctgaga aaaatagtga cttgttcaat     97560
     acctatttta ctcactgtac agcctattta cggaccaatt ataacattag tcaaggtttt     97620
     ttgccaacat tgttatggtt ttttgatgaa tgtttgagta tatgacttaa taaaaccact     97680
     gttgctgctg tacctttaat aatgtaaaac aaaactgaaa acaactgttt aagtgctttt     97740
     gtatcgccac aaaaatgttg cattccttca atttgggttg gttattgata atttaaaaat     97800
     ggtacatatg cctgaactaa tacagaccca caaaaaagac tattgaaaat aatgcaattt     97860
     taatgtaatt actatgtcac gaaaatggtg gatacaatac aattacaata aaattactaa     97920
     agcaaaatga aatactaaaa tgaggacagt aacctcaatt ttgattcaat caaagtacat     97980
     tctgattata aagagatttt tgccataccc aacactaacc accagaaaca tttgctacag     98040
     atatgaaggg ttatgctatt tacaagacaa tgcaaaactt ttcagaacaa atgcgaaggc     98100
     aacatcattt tcatctgtat ttttaactta aaatcagtta taatgcttgc ttctagattt     98160
     actgtcaggt ctacaacagt ttaaacagcc cagtccttct cattgcttaa cctaaattca     98220
     attgtggttc acaaaagaac ccaactatgc tgtcatcagc cactatgttg acattgttaa     98280
     agttcagcat tcctaatgtt ttccacttcc tcagacctcc tctggtgttt tggaataata     98340
     gtatctgtat cctttattac ctcaccatga cctaaaaaca caaaaggagt cactggagtg     98400
     taaatatgag atgttgtgtt aatataggat tgggattagg tagggtctga gcaggattca     98460
     atggagtatg tctggcatgt gaatggggct tggttaccta ctataatggc attgacattg     98520
     gacacagaga tcatccaggt gctggggttt tattaaacgc tatgagtttg aacctattgt     98580
     tcaatttcat gttttccgcc ttctgtgtac aaggaaaaat tccacacgtg gggattggct     98640
     ttttagactc ttgaggaagt cctgacttat agtgtgttta tataacatag tgaatacttt     98700
     tgtttcaaaa gatcaaggga attctttgtg ttttttgttt tttcccccac atggaacaac     98760
     ccacagactt tgatatatat atatctataa cagattgctt aaaacaagta aatattacta     98820
     ttatttgtca aatgtatgac attgtttaaa atatgtgtct ttaatttaaa ttacctatac     98880
     atacaatgaa taaaacaact gtataacatt tacataaaat aatttattgt gtttttagaa     98940
     agtttaactt ctttatttct ttaataattt gttcattcct ctccatcagg agttgaaaat     99000
     gtgaccattc agctggattt ggaggctgaa ttccacttca cacacctcat catgaccttt     99060
     agggtgagac agacattcac acacacaaac atgaagacct ggaacacagt ctttaggaat     99120
     gtagagcata tgtgtagata agtttaaaga gctggctgta ttttctgaaa gtgttgcatg     99180
     cctatgtaga accactggaa taaagggcct ctctagcatc tactcggaca ctaaaaaaag     99240
     attgacgatt tttctgtact ggattcaact gtaagaaact gaaggaggtg gtcggaggag     99300
     cacagggaaa tgatcaaaat tccacttaca attctacagg gtgtgaaaac atttgttaaa     99360
     gatccaaata actgataaaa agcacttttt gtatacaaca cttattgaat agattagcat     99420
     gtaatcttta tatctactgt gtaatataat ggatgttttt aaaattttgc ttttgatatt     99480
     gttgttatac cgttttcaga caacctctta caccaaacac aaaaccattg ataaacctga     99540
     tcatttgcac tgactaagaa tgtatttttt tcttgctcca attttggatt cattacatag     99600
     ataacataac atagaagttt ggggttacaa cacaaacact ataactgtaa tctatagtac     99660
     ttacaagacc ttacaagatt tgtttgaacc aaatacagca taacaatgca gttgggtgac     99720
     aggcatatta gtgctactta gcatcaaggt acacatcaca ctttatgata ttagccctat     99780
     ttgctgtggg ttgcttacaa cccacttcaa tccatcattc agtgcttgta atttcttgcg     99840
     atggcattct aaagtgaatt ctgagtattt accaagcaga catgcacatt tgcagtgctt     99900
     taccaataat ggactgaatg cttcctgctt gacattaaaa taaccacatg atttatcata     99960
     agaaattatg cctgataaag tcgcagtaaa taagtaaaac actatctctt tgaggtctcc    100020
     caattttaca aaaataaaag acaggaagaa caggaattat gatcacttaa tataactgac    100080
     agatctagac caaataagca ctatgaatac atgcacaact gaaagaaaca actcaaatca    100140
     ttttatgcaa gctcttcaga ttggactttt taatggaaaa tgcatagaaa ttatatttag    100200
     tataataaag tattaggtaa acatgagaat aaatctgtta ttagtggtat accaatgata    100260
     gactactctc attttgaaac cagtgtaaaa acagaagaaa agtactctat ctaaatctaa    100320
     ttggatggtc taaaacgcac aggaaccttg tcttttttat tgtgtcacac atcaacattg    100380
     ccttcatttg acagtgagat aaactatatt ccttaatatt aacattttaa actttgagat    100440
     tcttgtatct gctttaaggt ttaattcaca tgttaactcg ctaccatatt tatagaattc    100500
     ttggacctac attcaaattg agaacacaaa taaaaatatt ttagacgaaa tccaagcatc    100560
     ccacatagac agcaacattc cagagatgtt caaagtccag aaaaggagcc gaaaacattc    100620
     catgtgactt tagtggtaat cgtttaaagc tccaagaaca cttttgtgct ctcaggaatc    100680
     actttgttag actttgtctt ctcttttgtg gcagatcatg gtgcatgttt actacaggca    100740
     gtacaccgtt atgggcagta atatgcaagc tttgtattgt cttgtgtatg tatctgcatc    100800
     atgacctgat gtggaagtag gcaagcaacg tcattttcac caatgtttat ttggcaatcg    100860
     ttcaattcaa ttaaattttt tttggtttct tttctggacc aatgatgtct atgggagaat    100920
     gagacagact tcatccaaaa tatcttcatt tgtgttctga agatgaacaa aggtctgagg    100980
     ggattgcaac aacatgacag cgagtattaa ataacagaat tagatagttt tatgtaaact    101040
     aatcctttaa gcaaactttt gtattcttca gtaaatttca cctttttact tttttgccag    101100
     acatttcgtc ctgcagccat gctgattgag cgatcagcag attatgggag gacctggcag    101160
     gtgtaccgct actacgcttt caactgcaat gaatcctatc cacatgtccc aaaaggaccg    101220
     atcaaaaaag tagatgatgt catttgtgat agccgctatt ccggcatgga accatcaaca    101280
     gaaggagaag tgtgtaatac acaagaaaca cagacacacg cacacacaca caatgtatac    101340
     acatatggga ttaaatacac aatgcaaaca gtacatatta accccatgag tcctgttctt    101400
     gtctatatgt gctcaggtca tttttagggt acttgatcct gcatttaaga ttcctgaccc    101460
     ttatagtcct catattcaga gtaagtaatt aacacaaagt tgttttctag aaggtttttg    101520
     gttctatttg taaattctag tatatgtata tacaatttat gagaacatga ctatagcatg    101580
     gctatagcaa gtagcatgct agcagaacag tgttttacaa aataaccaag acacttccaa    101640
     caaaaaaaat gacccttcct cctccacctt cttcggttta gtctgtccgg tttactgatg    101700
     accataatgt tgagccatta ggctgccatt taaattgggt ttaccacatc attactacca    101760
     catgccatat ttacaccaat aataggagac attgatcata gaacattgat aaaaattaga    101820
     gagcagtaat atttttttaa aagtgaaatt gttctctaat tttgattaat gttctgtcaa    101880
     atatctcact taacttttat gataactttt aataggacta agcagtgacc tcaaaatgta    101940
     ttaaattgta gttcgttctc taatgttgat cttttctctt taatccgctt gttaagtgtg    102000
     acgtcacgcg gagtggcttc cgggtccaag cgctctattc aactgaatgg ggagattcaa    102060
     gaaatggtaa taataaacgt ttacaaagcg atttaatact ttcgaaagtc atgatcgcaa    102120
     tatatatgtc catgcctaat atctgagggc cagaaagtga ttcattgttt tataaattgt    102180
     taaaattttg gtatttgtta tgcagcaagc ccagagattg ttgtgtacac tatgactttt    102240
     tgtaaaatta cctttaatgt gtgataggaa taaaaaggga tcataaatga atgacttctc    102300
     aactcaagtg aatggcggct tggacccgga aacagtatta catatgtcac aaacacatca    102360
     tcacttaaca agcggattgg tctgctatgt gttctgctga tatttgtttg tatgtgtgtt    102420
     tgtgcatata gacctactga agatcacaaa cctgcgcata gcaatggaaa agttgcacaa    102480
     acttggtgat ctgtctaatt accgaaaaga agcgagaaag aaatatttct atgctgtcta    102540
     tgacatggtc atacgtggca actgtttctg ctatggccat gcctcaaaat gtgctcctat    102600
     tggcaacgag gcaggcgttg aaggaatggt atgtaaacac aacaaaggtt ccattccaaa    102660
     ttcacttgga atactgaccc atctgtgtgt gtaggttcat ggtcactgca tgtgtaatca    102720
     ccacactact ggactgaact gtgaagagtg tgaggacttt taccaagatc agccctggag    102780
     accagcagta ggccgagaga caaacgcttg caagagtatg acaaagaacc cacagttaac    102840
     cacacattat atttaccaaa ttaacaaata gtccagcccg acattatttt ctccaaatat    102900
     accgttttca caattaccaa aatcaaaaat tagccatcca tctgctcttt gttttttctt    102960
     cgatatctct cagaatgtga gtgtaaccgt cactcagact cctgtcactt tgacatggcc    103020
     gtttatctgt catcgggaaa ccgcagtgga ggagtttgtg atgactgtga gcacaacaca    103080
     cagggccaat ggtgtgagaa ctgcaaacct ttctactaca agcaccctca aagagatatc    103140
     agagacccca ggatctgtga gcgtaagtgc ctctacctct gaactatcct attgtctaaa    103200
     aagagcattt aacctacaac taatcagctc acaaccttta gatcttcatc tatttgcttg    103260
     gctatcctaa agctagccat gctggcagca tgctgaccat gtcagaagca ttcaagcaat    103320
     gtgtcaaatc atgatagcta acacaattca tgctacatac atgctaaaaa gctaaatacg    103380
     attagcagca atctaattcg tccaagaaag atgttcctag catcatctga attaaccttt    103440
     attcataaga acaactaggc acagtttgcg catttctcac atggttggca tattgtttac    103500
     aagagttttc atgtatttag catgattaag cataatttta gcaagttcat attttgaaac    103560
     aacatgttgg tttgtatgaa tcatcatatt gccatcatga attaacacat tacttgcaat    103620
     tttgtcacat ttttagcatg tttcagatat cggttcatgt tacaaactta caaaaaaatt    103680
     atttttgtta gcaacatgct taatcatgtt ataaacatgt tagcaacatg ctaccagatt    103740
     aaaacatgct aacaagccaa ttcatgctta aaatgaaaag tcatagtaga aaaacacgag    103800
     ccctatacta atttgtgtta aaacatgtta gcaacatggt aattatttct gataacactt    103860
     taaatcatgt aaaaaaatgt aacaacatga taattaatgc tatcaacatt taaggtaaaa    103920
     acaaaaaggt taacttgtgt ggaaatgtta acagcatgct tattctttat tcttgttaaa    103980
     acatgatcat ttaactataa tagtttttat ttgcgcatac aggctagtta atgcctaaac    104040
     catgctaaat gatttaactt aaaaacataa aatccacatg tttatttatc ctaaaaccat    104100
     tttagcaaca tgctaattct tgccagaaac atgacagtaa catgttaatt catgccagaa    104160
     gaatcctagc atagtgttct aattttaaaa acatttaaac atgttaatgt aacaaaatca    104220
     tctcttaaaa caacatgcta gaaacatgct accaacatag ttatgctaga aatgtgtctt    104280
     tgtcaaggca acatcaaagt ttgtcaataa actttactac taacattgct actttattat    104340
     tgaataatgt atgtgtctgt gtttagcttg tgactgtgat ccgcgaggtt ctctatatga    104400
     aggcctgtgt gacagcgcta caaatgttat gagagacatg attgcgggac agtgtcactg    104460
     caaagctaac gtggagggac aacgttgtga ccactgtaaa aagggacact atggcctcag    104520
     cgatgacccg ttaggctgtc ggtgtatgta aacacaaatt tacacaaagc agttgctttt    104580
     ttaaagcctt tggctaccac ggtcttcctg ttttctgcat tcagtgagta ggatcctgtt    104640
     tttctttctt ttgtgtgtgt ttgtgaaccc agcatgcagc tgtaatcctc taggcacact    104700
     cccaggagga actccttgtg atatacagac aggaagctgt tactgcaaac gtcttgtgac    104760
     tggacgtaat tgtgaccagt gtctggtgag aaaacacgac atgtgtttat ttatggtgga    104820
     agtaaaatgt acatataagt tcattccagt aattgttgat ttttcttaag ttacaataca    104880
     aaggaacgtt attattgtgt gtacttaagt aaaaagtgtt gatggattaa tgttcattta    104940
     caataattac tgtttacaaa taagtgaaaa caaaatgtat cacatagcgt aatatataac    105000
     aaaaatcagt taatataatc tgtgtgaatg actgctgggc aatataaaaa atatagtgga    105060
     aaatgctcca tttttaaata aaaacacatt catgtctaag atgtctacat tcaggcactt    105120
     catacagtga gcttaatgta aactgcttaa attttgcttc acaaagaact gacaaccatg    105180
     acctaaatat tattaataca aataaaaaca tttatttcca taaattgtgg ccactcaagc    105240
     tcacattttt gactcatttt gtacattcac ctattcttac tagagcattt agtgagttgt    105300
     taactgtaga ctcgttctga atggattatt tctgtcagtc agtggttacc tgtagccatt    105360
     tcattagaat cagtgagtca ttgacttctt agaagattca attgaatcgg tccaattcac    105420
     aaattaattg ttcgatttaa caactagtca gtttaactga ttcaatattc agcccactta    105480
     catactggat acagctatca agtgtagtac aactccagat caaaattact tttgctatat    105540
     ttagctgcac catgttggtg cccaacgctc aaccccaacc taaaagacct gcaatattta    105600
     tgaaaatgta aaaggtacaa tattttgttt tcgaaagtag agaagtaaaa tctaaaacaa    105660
     acctatatgt actttaaata aagtgcagat atttaaacat gtttgagtac aatataagta    105720
     aaaatacttt gtcatccatc accgatttat tttttgtgcg tataggtaaa tgtgcttgta    105780
     tatagtagta gtagtaaaac tttattgtcc ctgacaggag atttgttatg ggcatcgcca    105840
     tgttgctgca aacattcact aaaacaagca ataaaaaaca atagaaaata caacaattac    105900
     aaaatgtata gtgctaatta agatatacta ttattaaata aacccactga cacaggtaca    105960
     aagtatttct tatagcggtt taacctacac tttggaactc tatatcttct actagaggga    106020
     agcagttcgt actgtggaaa caaaaaatga gttggcttgt ttacaatcct ttccacctga    106080
     ttgaggacac agttctcata taaaacttga ggattaaaat attcatcgtg cccgacaatt    106140
     ttccatgctg tctttaagag atgcatcagt ttagatttac actgaacaga taggttgcca    106200
     aaccacactg tgattccata cctgacaatg ctttccagaa ctgctttata aaacaacatc    106260
     atgagctttt tgtttactcc aaaaagacgc aacctccata aaaaatacaa cctctggtgt    106320
     aatcgagaac aaacccactc aatgtgtgtt ttccatgtga aagaattgtc gatgtaaatg    106380
     cccaagtact tataggtttc tgactgggta ataggatggt catgtacaac cacttgacga    106440
     tggtcaccta tacacttagg gtcaaatacc atctcttctg ttttcttagt atttattttt    106500
     agcctatttc tatcacacca ctcaacgaac tgactaatag ataacaccaa tatcatcatt    106560
     ctcataaagt aaacttagta tggctgtgtc atcagagtat ttaaaaataa aattctgtga    106620
     atgcttactt aaacattcat ttgtaaaaag tgtaaaaaga ataggccaac tgacacagcc    106680
     ttgtggaacc ccagtgctac tgttcttttc atctgaacag atgtttttaa cctttacaac    106740
     ctgagttctg tttgttaaaa atgagaaata ccatttgcat atgcatgggt ttatattcag    106800
     ctgttccatc ttttcaatta acaaatgtgg ttggatcgta ttaaaagcgg aactaaaatc    106860
     aataaaaagc agtcgagcat aagctttagg attgtctaag tgcttaagaa tcaagtgcaa    106920
     tatatgaaca gttttctctt tcagcctcag cactggggtc tcagcaatga tatggacggc    106980
     tgcagaccat gtgactgtga tgtgggcggg gctttgaaca ataagtacgc acttgtatcg    107040
     acccaataag acacaataat caatccacat atttacaaat ttttaacatg ttgttctcta    107100
     cagttgctct caggagacag gacagtgcgc ttgtaaggag cacatgtttg gtaggcgttg    107160
     tgaccagttg caatctgggt actacttcgc agccctagac cactacattt atgaagctga    107220
     atttgcttcc ttcggaccgg taagtttaaa tattttaatg attaagcaag catttttaaa    107280
     tacttttcag taatagtttt acaacatttg catggtaatg ttttattaaa catttttaag    107340
     aacaaaacat tcttaatgtt aaattataca tgacaatttt atgaaaaacc tgtacttcta    107400
     ccacaatgga aacatgtttt ctttttaaaa ctttgtgttt atccttgaca aataaagtgt    107460
     attcacaact tttctgtcaa agaaagaaat aaagaaagac agaaataata aaatcaatgg    107520
     tatgtaaaaa cataaaaagg ttatacaaac aaattgaatg cagtgagaag aatggtttta    107580
     tgaattaact gaaagtgaga attcatgtaa caaagatttt accatcattc atactggtac    107640
     aattatctgt aagcgtaagt gcctccaact ctgaactatc ctatagtcta aaaagagcat    107700
     ttagcctaca actaatcagc tcacaacctt aagattttca tctatttgct tggctatcct    107760
     aaagctagcc atgctggcag catgctgacc atgtaagaag catttaagca atgtgttaaa    107820
     tcatgatagc tatagcacaa ttcatgcaac atacatagta cacatatttc tcttaaaaat    107880
     gatattattt gatgaatttg aacatttata tataatgttt tattaaagaa ccgaaagtta    107940
     aaacacgtaa caaggaattt cttaacaaaa acgcatgtta acccatttta tgcattaaca    108000
     ctattccaaa ttttttttca gtcttttaaa acaactttta aagctcttag cacttatttt    108060
     aaaacagacc accaaaaaat ttctttttta accacattag tacaaaaatc ttattttcac    108120
     tatacactaa tatgactata ttataatttg tattttaaat agacagggac aagcattcct    108180
     aataacagta ctatcaaact ttttactttc tcttcacata gggaactcat aagactgtta    108240
     tgtaaattat gaaagttgtg ttgtaagtaa taatcattta atgtaattaa taacaattat    108300
     gtagtggtaa tggggcgact gtgctatata attcagcaaa tggtttattc gaaatgttta    108360
     ttgtattgtt tgctactcaa ttaactgatt gttaaacata ctgtactaac attagagata    108420
     aatattattt ataaaaaaaa gttcttctta tgaataaagt cattacatgt actgaaaatg    108480
     tgtacaaata atgaaagtac aactatagaa caatggtttt acgagcaaag tgcaatcatt    108540
     tatctgcaac tattttgaaa caagaatggt ttcaaacttg ttttaatgtt ttaaataaaa    108600
     atgttttgta ctaactaaag gtgacaattt tactttttat aaactaattg aagacattaa    108660
     tttcggattt gtgaacaatt tagtttatgt acatttgctt ttacaatagt gtattatgta    108720
     aatctaataa aaagtatagg ctatatgaag taataacatg ggttaggttc atgggtgtaa    108780
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaaa    108840
     ttaatgaaaa ttacacatta caaaaaaaat gtaagtacat ctgtattcac tgcatgttaa    108900
     tataaagaac taaatgtgtt tgtaggagta aatttaaaat gtttattgtt gatcctgtgc    108960
     aggcagtaaa agtggttcaa agaccgttac ctcaggatcg taaacctaca tggacaggta    109020
     caggctttgt gaatgtacca gagggtgaaa cgctgacatt caacattaac aatttcccaa    109080
     gatctatgga atacaactta atgatccgct atgaaccatt ggtaattaac aaatacacac    109140
     acacacacac atacaatatt cagtgtatac tatctttatc tgccacccag gcagcacaca    109200
     tggtcacaat caagcattgc acatgtgttt attatagttg ccagatgaat gggagcaggt    109260
     tatagtaaag ttggagcggc ccagagacat tgatcagtca acacactgca ctactacata    109320
     cgatgatgaa cagatggtct cactgcaccc tggatcaagg taagtggacg ttacatgtac    109380
     acaaaaacat tccactaaaa acagatgtag ttttttttag ggatgcacag attcttgctg    109440
     atgccaatag ctatatattt ggaagctgat aattataaac atcataaaca actggtttaa    109500
     ttttatttat ttatttattt atagaagaca agaaactaca agaaaacata tagattgtac    109560
     ttttcacaaa agtaatttac ataaggcaat tttgatgtct taattttcac aagttagtta    109620
     agaaccacaa catattctgc tgctgtttaa gtttgttttg gggtttttaa caagattgtg    109680
     ggtgtaacag cagcatgctg gacaacagag ttgaggatcc atgcgcagtt tattaataag    109740
     agcagttagg caggcaacag tcaaacaggt agcaaacagg agcatataga taatccaaaa    109800
     tacatagtca agaaataggt gaatggttag gacaggtgac aaaaacaacg gaaaaataaa    109860
     acaatgcaaa aggttatgcg gctagacaaa gaaaataaat gcttcatagt gctacaggaa    109920
     aacaagactt agaaatgtgt gtgagaatgt gagatgtata aatatagcat ttccaggcca    109980
     ctaaatgaaa agccaaatta gattaaaaag atttctgtgc cctaaaggtg tctattctgc    110040
     atacactgat tactcagtta actggatatg gctattgaca atgacacgat ccaggatact    110100
     ttcgttctta aactcataca agagttgttg tcatagcaaa caggtctgga aactcaaaca    110160
     tgctcacgag caggcttatt tccaaaaaca gaattagatt agcaaagact attaaagcat    110220
     gactaacaaa gcatgactag caaaagtcat tctgaaagtc aggaagaact gctaataatt    110280
     tcttttagta ctgtattaaa ctgtgcaaaa taacaatatt gtagaataag tttaaagtat    110340
     ttttttaaaa tgtaatctga atttaaaaaa aaagaaataa ctgaaagaaa atgtataaaa    110400
     acttacatgg gtgtggtact ctggttcaaa gataattttt ttatagtgat attatgcatg    110460
     tgatgaaagc taatgtgggt gacttgatgc aacacaggac atgcagacat ttctcaatta    110520
     tcaaaatgct tgcatgaggc aaaatttaat gtaaatagcc agttattcct tatgcgacag    110580
     gattaagaaa cttaaaaata tatattatcc cgagaaaaat ctaacaaaca gtaacaaagc    110640
     aaagcctgca gcccacaaca aatgggaaaa gttcttgcat ttcatattta gcaaattttg    110700
     acaatttaaa attttgctta cattgctgat aactaaatat taatcaatca gatgatgtca    110760
     ttatgctgct gcaccacctg tcaattgctg cattgctgat catgatttca agatttatat    110820
     ctctcctttg caataaatac gagcacacat agcaatctca gatcaattaa tccagatatt    110880
     tcaaatctaa tgcgcaaact tgaagaacca atatagagtt atcaagatca aaatatccag    110940
     gatctgccaa atcatcttag actgtttact gtatatgttt ttttgtttca gatatgttgt    111000
     tgtgcctaat ccagtgtgtc tggaaacggg tcaaaactac accctcaaaa ttagtttccc    111060
     acagtactct tcatacagct atcactcctc tcctcgcaca cttgttgatt cagtaagttc    111120
     actacttata catttgtaaa gtaatatttt tatagaaatt gaaatgtgtt atttatttat    111180
     tttttaaaca agtttgttgt gtgctgtatt tgtccagtca ttataaaatt aaccataatt    111240
     gcacagacta ctatcatgct cagtgatttt tacattgaac tcttgccttc tacagctagt    111300
     gcttttgcca gaggtgcaag acctggacct gttttgtgga ggagaccatc agcagaaaaa    111360
     ctgggagatg ttccagaaat acagatgttt ggagcggagc cagagtgtta ttaaaatccc    111420
     tttaacggat atttgcaaag actatatctt cagtgtgtca gctctactgc acaacggagc    111480
     ccttggtgag aaaggcaaaa atatattaac taacatgttt taacacaact aataaaagct    111540
     acctcgtctg atgtcagagc caaatttccc tattcaaaca gtacacaagg gctctcaaaa    111600
     ccccatagtg gtgccttcac atctgcctta attcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aataaggcta    111660
     tttatatagc gtcttactac aaccaggagg ctgcccaaag tgcttcaaat tattaaaaac    111720
     aaaaattaaa catttaaata tctaagatag taagaacaca agtgtcaata aaacaacaaa    111780
     acagcatttt gtactaatga atatcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtcta aataaatagg    111840
     ttttaagttt cactttaaac agtaccacat tggtgatgat gcaaagttct aaagggtatt    111900
     ccacagtttt ggacctgcca ctgaaaataa acaatcaccc cattgtttat acctggatct    111960
     gagaaaggtt tggttaattc caacataaaa tgcattgcaa tagtccagac gagagctgat    112020
     aaaagcataa atggctttct ctagatcacg ctggctcaga aagggtttga ctttggcaag    112080
     gcggcaaagc tagaaaaagc ttgccttgat cactgaatta acctgtttat caaattctaa    112140
     actactactt aaacaactaa aaactcccaa atttaactac atggctaaaa tgtgaagaaa    112200
     acgtaatata atttgaggcc aactcattag gcaggtttga gttgccaaac acaatcgttt    112260
     agagaaagaa agttctgtga cagccgaagt ttgatgtcaa ttaaacatcc gtgcagagat    112320
     gcctgaagag tctgaagcaa cagatttgaa catcgttagc atacagatga aaggagacat    112380
     tttgattttt tgtgattgac cctaacgtaa gcatatataa tgaaaagaaa acagggccca    112440
     aaattgaacc ttgtggaaca ccagaagtca atggagcaga aggagaacta aactaaacat    112500
     aactaaaaaa aactgttaaa taagatctga acacaacaca ggcccctgta ggccaacctg    112560
     atgggccaag caagacagga gaactaagta gtccacagaa ttaaaagcag cagaaggtcc    112620
     agcatcacaa gtaataccgt tttaacatca agagacgaaa gaatatcatt ttgtacttta    112680
     agaagtgcag attgagtact gtaacatgat ctaaaacctg gctgaaacgt ggcatttttg    112740
     tggcatagat ttaacaatgt agtagaaaaa ttcagaagaa attttggtcc atattaacaa    112800
     tttagcatta catatttgca ataaagatag ttggatacaa acttaccaag ttagtaacat    112860
     ttttgctgta tttagcgact tttaagaccc ccttagtgac aaattttcaa aaaagcgact    112920
     agtgacaaac ttagcgactt tgtgttacag gagattttgt atagactccc atgtgcccat    112980
     actgtacagt ccctaatcct agtcctagta catgagtctc tcccacctgc agcctgagag    113040
     cagatcattc ctctgcgtac tgacggcaaa tgatttagca cctggagtgt gaggtatttc    113100
     tattgtgcag tcaaaccgat ctgcttctcc tttatattaa caatttattt tgaccttgtt    113160
     cacaataaca gatattttgg tgacagtttc ggaacttgtc tgagtttatt atatcttaga    113220
     gattactgca aatttactac acatatatat tgatatactg tattcaaaca gcaatacatt    113280
     tatttaaatt gataataccc ctttattaat catcggctgt taaacaaaca gaaacgccat    113340
     aacgtgaaaa tgtcagtaat atgcaaattg gcatatgatg taatcaattg acagttagca    113400
     acttttcaaa atagttgtca acactgtgaa actcctgttc taccacatct taaaggtata    113460
     tcattagact gagcttcggc tgttgttctc taatatcaag aagtaatttt cactcccaca    113520
     tctgcaaatc aaagaatatt ttcaggcaat tcatatatat atgtgcataa atctccatgt    113580
     atgtgaacaa tttctagaat aatcagacca ggctgtctgg caccaacact cttgcaacac    113640
     tcaaaattac ctggtctgac ctagagcaga tcatcttgac ctatgtttat gtctaaatgc    113700
     actgagctgc agatatgtaa ttggctgatt tgatatacaa acattatgct gcagttttga    113760
     tgtcaaaatc tatttagtgg ggcacatttg tgtgcaagtg agacattaag tcagctaagc    113820
     tttcttttta agttttattt ttgcacatct ccgctctaaa gtaaatactt tatcaatgaa    113880
     tgtggctttc tcagtgattg gttatgaaat caaacttaac caaccaatca gatttttgct    113940
     gccattgggc ataaggatta attgtctatt tcttatttat gtttggcaga gtgtaagtgt    114000
     gacccacgag ggtctctgag caccgtgtgt gatcctatcg gtgggcagtg tcagtgtcga    114060
     cccaatgttt caggaaagaa ctgtgatgcc tgtgctccag ccacctacct gttcggaccc    114120
     tcaggatgta gaggttagtg aacactgtac acatgcacaa ataccccaca tttagttcac    114180
     tattaatata aagtaacctt tctgattaaa ttctcttcag cttgtgactg taatccgctg    114240
     ggctctcaga accttttctg ccaccccagc actggccagt gtttgtgtgt gcctggagca    114300
     tttgggcgcc aatgtggcaa ctgtaaaccc aaccattggg gctaccctac ttgcaagccc    114360
     tgctcctgta atggaaacag tgaacagtgt caccctctca caggcaaatg tctgaactgc    114420
     aggggtcaca cctcaggcca caactgcgag aggtaagaga gggcaatata ttgttatctg    114480
     atggagctaa tatgattttg atcactttca aggaaggttt taaccaccga ttatgaaaac    114540
     cttcattaga gcagaacagg cttaaaattg atggagtaaa ctgtgtaaaa caatgtgtta    114600
     tgtaatactg gttgttttgc aaggaataac atattaataa ttttattaaa ttatacattt    114660
     tctgcaatag caaaaacaca ataacaacag agctgactat cattgtctga aaaaaaacac    114720
     tggaatgatt gagatgctat cactttgttt taaaatcctt tatggaaata tatggaaata    114780
     tttctacaaa cagacaaagt gctattctct tgtgtggtgt attggtctag tgcttaggcc    114840
     atgtattgca gctccacctt tgttagcctc atggtgctgt ttgtgccaca tgactcagta    114900
     gggcaggctg tgtggtgctg ctccactact gcgcacagtg ggccacgtgg tactgcttag    114960
     cctcaggact tgataggccc gatggtgcag tttcactctg agctttgtgg gtttcattgt    115020
     gcctagctta acccctcaat ggcacccatg atgcaggtta gcctctaggt cagtgaccac    115080
     actaataaat ctttcattta aaagtccaac atgtgcttga tatatatata tatatatata    115140
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgcagctg ggattatttt    115200
     ttctgactag tcaattgttt atattgaaat caaaatcatg atatgaaaat gtatatttaa    115260
     gaaataaatt taggcaatct ctctgaaaac caatatatgt ggatactgat aaaaagcatc    115320
     tggcttcaaa taaatgctta cagacacact gtttttagta tgtacacaag acatgcaaac    115380
     aaccttagtg gatctaaaaa gttggagctg gggaggttga gggttttaca gtatgctagt    115440
     acagattttt acaggttcct gtatttcttg ctaatttatt ttctgttggc agtggaatgc    115500
     tcttctgttt gacatacatg gagcaacata gctagagttc tccaaaatct tctgttccag    115560
     gtgtgaaagt ggttatcacc gtagcacatt gttgggctcc agagatcaat gcaggccttg    115620
     tatgtgtcct aatggacccg gaagtggtat gcagttttct gagagctgtt accaaaatcc    115680
     caacactctt caaatggtct gtgtctgcaa cgcaggctac aagggtaaat taattcactg    115740
     gagaagttaa cataacagaa actgtttcct agaactaaca taaaacaatt cttatcccta    115800
     ttccactatc taggacctaa atgtgaggaa tgtgcttctg gttactatgg caacactcgg    115860
     gtaccagggg gacggtgcca cccatgtcaa tgtaatggaa atattaatat gcaggaccct    115920
     gaatcatgtg acgcacgcac tggtgcttgt ctcaaatgcc tgtttcacac tgatggcact    115980
     gagtgccagt actgtagtcg tggctactat ggagatgccc gttcacagaa ctgtaggagt    116040
     gagtattgtc aagtaaacaa gtatatttag tgtgtgtgtt taagttaaaa cattgatcta    116100
     caatattctt atatgcagtg ttaatttttt ttgacaaata gtcatcatat ttttcaagaa    116160
     catgaaatta atgacaagaa ctatgatgaa attggctact gtatattaca tttgtgcaaa    116220
     tacagtaatt gtttgcttga aagaataaag aatgttataa atattttaag ttattctaag    116280
     aatgtgttta agttttatat tattattatt attattatta ttattgtcca attttacctt    116340
     tattgttcaa accttagtat cattcattca ggtttatttt tcaggaacat tcagagacat    116400
     tttttttctc aaaagtttag acattttaaa aattgcatta atttataatg ttttaaccaa    116460
     acttcttacg gtgcattcac aaggggcttt agtgtcaaca cttgacagag ggcgtgtctg    116520
     aagttggggc tgacgcgatc atcatagcag catcacccaa tgaaattagt cagcaatcag    116580
     ctactgtcta agctggtgta tttaaatata gcaagctgat tggcaagact aaaagtacat    116640
     ttgcagtcaa aattaacaaa atacagccac ttatgcacat atgttttggt cttgtataaa    116700
     gcttacagta actgcttttg ggacactaaa actacactta aaactacatc tgggtttttt    116760
     ttcataatct acctctcatt gctcacattg taatcttgca aagatgcaat ctgatagcat    116820
     agcttttatt gtgctccaag ccaaacaact aatattgctt aggtggaagg atcagaaacc    116880
     tccaacacag tggatctgtg atgtcctctt cttcctaaag ttggaaaagt tggactgtct    116940
     agaggttcat ataaccagtt taagaaaatt ttggactcat ttaacaaata tatccaagaa    117000
     catgttttat tgtcaaatac agaccaagag tttgttccag caaattaatt atttttcttt    117060
     cctacgtgca aagtaggggg tattgtgtga tacagattgt acatttgtag gttttgttaa    117120
     gccaaattat tatttacctt tttgtttgtt ggtatgtttt tatttttcat tgtatgcact    117180
     taagttaata ctatctatat atttttaaaa tataattggg tttttggggg atttttttgt    117240
     ccttttttac tctaatttgt tataagtcat aaataaatac aattattata aagtgaataa    117300
     aaaaattatt aactaaatat gcagtaaacc attttcttct tctgaagaac acacaacaac    117360
     taatttagaa gaatatagca aatgttcttg tttataaagt gagtctttgg ggtccaacac    117420
     aatactgaac cccactgagt cttatctttg tgcgccactg gattcatttt tagactcttc    117480
     tacttctgat catagtttta caattcctgc atggtaaagc aggtttcaca aataatttga    117540
     tttgcttttt ttgtttgttt tgtctttagg atgcatgtgc aatctcgtag gtagttccag    117600
     acaaagctgt gttgatggcc tgtgtgagtg tgaccggata agtgggcagt gcccatgtct    117660
     gcctggcgtg gagggtcagc tctgtgaccg ctgtgccccc aacacatgga atatcaacag    117720
     tggaagagga tgccagcctt gccggtgcca ccctgaacac tcctacagtt cctcctgtga    117780
     cttggtctga gcacacacac gctttaacag ttgacaaaag tcaatcagct gaatcacaaa    117840
     ttagatgtaa tttctgtgtt tctgtttgta ttctgtgaag ctgtcaggtc agtgttcctg    117900
     taagcctggt tttggaggca agacatgcga ggagtgcagg gaactgtttt ggggtgaccc    117960
     tgaagttgaa tgccatggtg agtttgcatt gtgttattaa aactggttcg cacattggat    118020
     gactcaagtg gaatcttaaa ttctttagct gtatagaaca atttcctttt taatcaattt    118080
     agtggcatat acatacttcc tcaactacag aattggcagt taacaaattg gcagtgttgt    118140
     gcaggttact ttcaaactgt agtacattac agatgaactg taactgttat ttaaatgtaa    118200
     tcccttaact tacaatattc ctgtctcaga attgtaatgc attatatgat cctgtattac    118260
     atttcagtta cttacactaa attaactaca gaagtaaagc ttaaaaggca aaatatgtaa    118320
     gattgtttta ttacgctgga acagaattct aaaaccatta aaattgtcat agtagtgatt    118380
     attcatgcaa gtactaaaaa tactttgtca tatttacatt tgtcatgcac atcttctcag    118440
     gcaaggatgc tgtgatctgt agtaaattac ctccaaaagg cagagggcgc tcataaagaa    118500
     atcaatgaac ccctccaaat acacacaaaa ttgctcagaa acccaggaaa tcttctgggg    118560
     aaatagcagc tgctgaataa acagaacatt taactgattt cttgattcaa cattaataaa    118620
     ctaatataga atcatctcac tgaaggatct atttcaaact tttagctgaa gttatgagat    118680
     aaacaccact ttctaagaca agacaacaaa tatatataat cagaaaaact gttttacact    118740
     atgtttagta caatgtgcaa catatctctc tcggcttgtc tgcaacacca cctaagatca    118800
     caggtcgtgt catttaaact gatggatttc ctcttgaatg gtgcaataaa atcttaaatc    118860
     ccttttaaat agattgaaag tttgaaataa agaccactga gcacaagaag aagccagaac    118920
     acacagtgta aaaactagag tttacaaaag cagcagcaaa ttattaattt gtggaagact    118980
     tcatattgtg gggttaacag gctgtgggca agatagagtg gcaggaagag gaactgaaaa    119040
     tttaaatatt ataagaaaat gatatgaaat acaagtttca catgagatag agacagaaat    119100
     tccatgggtc caatacatgg ctatgctgat tcatggggcc atttattgat tttgttaaat    119160
     aaaaattaat ttaaaaaaac taactcaaac tggagagact gcaaaaatga atattaaaat    119220
     gaccacaaat gagcagaatc taataattcg tgattatttc agcaagaaat tcagaaaact    119280
     ttgaaataaa atccttattg tatttggatg ggtggtagac aacagcacat gctactggac    119340
     aaaacaaaaa acaagttgta ctgtagctca aagctaatat agctttacga aggaagtagt    119400
     caacaggtaa aatcttgctt gaatacagaa gtgaagtgag tattgtcaag cacttgaaat    119460
     tatactagaa attagtgatc ttcaattcct gctgtgaccg agaattggac ttgcaacctt    119520
     tcgattataa gtccaactcc ctaaccatca gttcataact gtcgccaaag aagccaaacc    119580
     accaccgtaa gtaaacactc gaggggtgct caggaaggaa tagctgtgag tagatagctg    119640
     cagagagaaa gcattgccat caccatatta aagccagata gatcttggtg agtaaaagag    119700
     aatccagatc ctgagtggaa atcagatatt tcaggatgaa ggtctttgtt tgagagatat    119760
     aaagtgatgt gcagaccgcc ttgtcgttca tggtccactc atcagcacaa ttgagcaggc    119820
     tgtgtgtcct aggcatgcaa ccctgactct ggatccccac atgcaagtga catgaatgtg    119880
     atctggcata gctcagattt tctgcatttt ttcaatagta tgattgctgc atatgcaagc    119940
     tgagaaacta attatcatag tagaacagtt tcacaagcag tttgtgatgt ggaaatcgga    120000
     gatgaggcct tggtctaatg cgccacctgg cttgagaacc ccgttctcaa agactttttg    120060
     tttgggtagc acccatattc tgaatgcctt cggcataatt caaatgagcc attttaagat    120120
     tacaagatta atctagacaa aaaaatctat tttttttgtt tcgattatat cattaaatgt    120180
     ggagggggcc ttacagtatt ttctggggaa aaagagggtc tcaggcaaaa aaaggttggg    120240
     aatcactgct ttacaagaac catattaatc ggcaatagtc ctagcagggg tggatggcga    120300
     gccatgcaca gcagcaccaa catacaccca gtataattaa aacaaaaagc taatgtttca    120360
     gaaaattctc atacattcac taacatgtcc agaacagagc taacaatgaa acaatgacaa    120420
     aaaaatccaa atatacaaca gaaacgtgac ctaacaaaca ctcacaagaa aatacggcac    120480
     agatatacaa tttatagtta ccatgttttg taattttaaa gattttcatc aaatgtaatt    120540
     cttccatcta cattgaataa atgatagcag cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaaca    120600
     cacacacaaa taactcccag aatgtttaaa ctgtttggaa agtatattca caagtgctta    120660
     catatgtcag ggtgatttat tttcctctct ctgatactcc acagaaagca gcagagaaac    120720
     ctagagttta tttaaatagg ggtctgttgt tacttttagc ttgactgttc ttgttgaacg    120780
     agaaacaaac aagcattatc tctcttttcc tctattcccg catttaatct ttctggcaag    120840
     cttaagtaac cactgaccat caaagcaaaa atgtgtctta tgttttaaag tgcattggct    120900
     tgggaatgat aataaatagt ttatatgaaa cttgactttt tttgtagttt gctttgaggt    120960
     cataagcaaa aaaaatctat tacagatata ctcatgaata aataaggaaa aatattgcca    121020
     gcaaggtaag gttttatctt aataataaaa ttctatgcat tttcatatta aaaatataaa    121080
     aggtttataa tatgccatag ggcgacacag tggctcagtg gttagcaatg tggcctcaca    121140
     gcaagaaggt cgctcttcaa gtcctggctg ggtcaattag catttctgtg tggagtttgc    121200
     atgttttctc gttctcactt gggtttccta cgggtgcccc ggtttcttcc acagtccaaa    121260
     catgtgtgct atagataaac atgtgtgcta tagataaatt tggtaagcta aattgtccat    121320
     ggtgtatgtt tcccagtact gggttgtagc tggaagggta tccgctgtgt aaaacaaatg    121380
     ctggataagt tgaccgttta ttccgctgtg gtgacccctg ataaataaaa gggactaagc    121440
     caaggaaaaa tgaataagtg aataacattt catatgggtg ttattttagt aaggattcaa    121500
     ttattctgtt tttttttttt ttgttgtttt tttttgatat tttgatttac atttgaaaat    121560
     atattttctg ctttccttat aatcttagtt aaagtttcag taatttttat ttatcttttc    121620
     cggggtcggg tgacgggtca cagggcagca gtctaaggag agatctacag acttccctct    121680
     taagtgaaac ttccaccagg gcctccgtgg gaatcccgag gcattcccag gcattcccag    121740
     acattgtccc tcctgcatgt cttgggtctt ccctgagccc tccttcttgt cctaagcccc    121800
     tttagatgac ttatcttaat gtggttgagc tcctcccgga tggcagagct ccaaaaggtg    121860
     ggcagcttgt atccgagatc tggtcctttc agtcatgacc caaaactcat gaccatatgt    121920
     gagagtagga acgtagattg gctggtaaat cgagagcttt gcctttcggt tcagctcctt    121980
     ctttaccaca acggactggt ccatcatccg cattactgct gtcgctggac caatccacct    122040
     atcaatctca cgttccatcc ttccctcact cgtgaacaaa accccaaaat acttgaactc    122100
     ctccacctgg aaataaagac tttcctccga cctggagatt gcaaaccacc tttttctggt    122160
     gtagcaccat ggcctcagac ctaggggtgc tgattctcat tccagccacg tcacactcgg    122220
     cagcaaaccg ccccagtgca tgttgaaggt ccatgttcga tgaagacaac agaacaacat    122280
     tgtctgcgaa taacagagat aaaatccgta ccaaaattgg tgacaatggg cacccctgcc    122340
     ggaaatttgt atttatggta ttttatatta atttttaaca ttaaaataaa atatttacat    122400
     aacacagtat aatgatacaa aaatttagca ctcgccagta caaattgtaa atatattttt    122460
     ttctgggatt tttgttttaa atagaatcta aacactatgc ttgggataaa tcacccaaac    122520
     acacattttc ccattttcca ctgagcacag atgtgttctc atgcattcca atacaagcaa    122580
     acacacacac tcaaatcaag aatgcaccga ttcttcctgc actcacatcc aagattttaa    122640
     accacattaa gtcttctgac ctcatttcat tttctaaatc atctgtgctt atttgtgttc    122700
     cagcatgtga ctgtgaccca agaggcattg ccactcagca gtgtaataag acatcaggtg    122760
     actgcgtttg catagagggt gttgccggcc gcagctgtga cacgtgtggg cggggctttg    122820
     taggcacctt tccagattgt gaggcgtgtc atcactgttt ccgtgaatgg gatgttaatg    122880
     tgggagagct gaccaatcac acgcagaggc tggtggatac ggttgaggaa atgaaggatt    122940
     cgggggtggc gacaccatat aaagacatca taaagagtct ggacgatgaa agtaggcaac    123000
     tccgagaaat actggaggat gacaaggttc agcaaacttt cgcacacacg cagaggatga    123060
     tgaagaaagc taggtatgta gaagaaatgc atttttttta gtagccagtt ataaaacata    123120
     aaatttactt tatttttggg ccctatcata cacccggcgc aatgtggcgc aaggcgcgac    123180
     gcaatagatg tttgctagtt tcagcttggc acaagagtag ttttaaggtg tggtgccacg    123240
     ctgtttaaat agcaaatgca tttgtgctca tatgtgcgcc cataggtgtt ctggtctcaa    123300
     aaggaaggcg ttttgaggcg cattgctggc gcgttgctat tttgagaaac tataatagat    123360
     ttttcaatag accagaacaa acccagtctt aagtccagtg tagagttgcg cctcgctttc    123420
     acaatgctta atacacacaa gatgtagagc aatatgcaaa tatctttaca tatgaaaaat    123480
     aattaaaata ttaaggatat atataatata tagtaacgat atatatagga tataaatata    123540
     aaggattaaa atttcataaa ccttattatt ttctagccta cataaatatg aaaaaccact    123600
     gcttttatgc ctttatctca ggaggctttt tcagttcatt caatttgctt ttttataatg    123660
     ttattattat tggcagtatt atttattata tgcatattta tatttgtttt attaaaaaca    123720
     agcttaaatt tgcccacctg caggttttag accatatggg gcacagcatg taggatataa    123780
     ctcagtattt tgaacacact ttgttattat cgttcattta ttcatttgct ggaaattaga    123840
     actaaagtta gaaatagttt tgaaacaaat gtttgcgcta acaaacgaaa ttaattattt    123900
     ataggctaat tgatgtctgt gcgtataagg tttccctatg cacgagagcg aaagtaaaag    123960
     ttattaattt atctctcatt ctcacactgt agatgctctt tttaactgtt ttcttgctag    124020
     tgaaatgctc agtttttcca cttccactta ctttacgtca tgtaaatagc aaatgtgcca    124080
     tggtgcaacg caactggctc ttaaaggtaa tgggagatga gactctgatt ggtttattct    124140
     caaaacacac gtataactca ttaagaaaat aaacttaacc cttttagacc atgcgccaca    124200
     acgcaaagtg gatttttcca tccttaaaat agctaaagta gattctgaca ggccctgaaa    124260
     ctgtttgcgc cctgcgcttt gcgcatggac cgtcaaaata gagcccatta tcttaattat    124320
     tacatctgtt attttcattt tcattttatt tataaatatt aaattacccc atttcacatt    124380
     tgagaaaatg cttcagtaca ttaagtgctc aatactaagg cctgatcaac catctaaagt    124440
     tgtacaaggc aaggccaata tacaagatca agcatttccc cgcaatgtgg tacttattat    124500
     caattaacaa actatcgaaa tcatagcact gtcctgttgt gacaaaggga acaaatccac    124560
     aagcagttct gtgttttttc tggtttgagt tgatggtgaa taataaatta attaaataaa    124620
     tacaatctat taggcagact gagatgcaag caacaactat cagtagaatt agaagagaat    124680
     ctttaaaaga acagcgatag aaaaatttat ctttctaaag gtagatccta gtgatggtgt    124740
     ttatatggag aaggaagtgt gccagtactg agccctgaag caaccaagta gctgctggga    124800
     ccttactcct ccttgagacc ctaaaaaacc tatctgagag gtaaaatttg aacctgaaat    124860
     gttgtttatc atgaggatag atagaataat gtggtggtta gctgtttaaa gcaggagaca    124920
     agtttagcaa gaagaatatc atttactggt tattttaaat ctaagataca gttgcataat    124980
     tttcttattt cttttaactt agaaatactt gccttcttct tttttaaatt ttttttgcac    125040
     ttattatttt tatcgaattt tatattattt tgcctcattt ttgtgcttta taaataaaat    125100
     taatgaaatg ataatctttt agaaactgtt tcgctagttt tgcagagagc agtcgtagtt    125160
     aaatgtgagg ttttgaagaa agaaagactg aaaaaaaaaa ctgaataatg cagtttcttt    125220
     tctgcagccc atgtaagagg atactggtct aaagttttct aaaactggcc agttaaagtg    125280
     attttctttt atttttgggt taatccaagc ctgataaatt ttgtgggaaa gtaatcagtt    125340
     tatgctttac taatttgaca gtgcgtgcac gtacaactga aggacaaagg tcttgatgaa    125400
     gataagttca taggataaag tggaaagata ggtagggtga ttggaagaga taagtttggt    125460
     gacttcagac caccaatcaa ttttcaattt agattaaaaa ataaaataga taataattac    125520
     agcaacagca ataacaataa caacacatag aaataaaaac aaatgaaaca atgtgaatac    125580
     acctaaacac agtattgaaa ttttaacaca atttaataaa tgaaatgggg gggggttgtt    125640
     gcgtgccaga aaattgttga gtaccagtca caagtaaatg gagaaagttg aaaccaggga    125700
     catagtgtct gtagtgtgat cttttacaca tgttgacttt ttcttttaat cttagtgaga    125760
     cagcatcact tctgagaaag tctatggacc gatctgaaac agacttggac atggtatcta    125820
     ctgatcatca ccgggcaatt aaggacctaa aaagtctgac caaggaggcc caaaacctac    125880
     aagaaatcac ctctgataaa cagcagcagg ttttgaacat aaagcattca gaccccagag    125940
     gtaaacactg cacaatcata tgcaagattc aatttaataa aatgctttgc agctgaagca    126000
     tgtgctgatc tggctttgta ggtgcagtgg acagcatccg tgactattat agggaatcag    126060
     ctgaagcaga tttccgtgtc agtcaagcca tctctgaacc agtcagacag tctgccttgc    126120
     tacgaaaaga tgcagaggcc aaactagaaa gaactgagaa tgaatttaac ctgaaacatc    126180
     agctgtacac acagaggctg agcaaaattg aaactgaact gaactcgaca gacctttcac    126240
     gactaagccg tcaggtaatt aatcctacat tttaaaatag ttagtgaatc ccaacaatat    126300
     gcttatttaa atgcatgaca cctccaagga aaaccaaaat ttgagaattt aaaagacttg    126360
     tctaataatc catcttgtct aataataatg tctccatcat caagttaagg agttttagtt    126420
     gtgactatgc atgctagtat aataatgtgt cctaaaatac tcaagggact tcaagcaaat    126480
     acttttattt catttagcta taaaagaaaa attataacaa ctgctgcaga aaacaccaca    126540
     aaactcgggc ggcataatat tgaagaaaaa aactgacatt ttattattct ttaataaacg    126600
     gctatgatat tttacttttc tgcaatacat attgagaata atttcacaag atgaaatgaa    126660
     tggttctttt tgcatttgta aagtatttat aattttaggt tgattgggaa aattttcagg    126720
     agactgcata aaacacaata atccaaaaat caaaacattg ataaataaag cagagaaaag    126780
     atgcaaataa acataaacat tgcctcatgg ttttctgtta ttgaaagttg tcctaagaca    126840
     aaaatcgtta ttgttttatg gtattgtcaa tgaaaggttt tcaaatgtta tatttacata    126900
     catatagttt cttttttagc taactggatt gaaatgctca cacagccaca ggctttaaaa    126960
     agacactaaa attacattct gttccgtaac tttgtttaaa cttcataaat catttgtttt    127020
     caactgtatc tcctgatcaa ctgtaatcca gactcgacat tgcatatcct gcgatgtgac    127080
     tagcagatgt gcatattgca atattaatgc ttaaacaata tattgcatat ccctacaccg    127140
     acctctgaca cttcacctcc acctaaatag acttctgcac actttgggtt cagtttctcc    127200
     caagcttgct aaacacaatg ttttttatca gactcaaata catttttgtt gttgcaaaag    127260
     ggtgactgct atatattagc agtgcaaata agtccgataa agcaccataa taaaagaaat    127320
     cctatcatgt ataaaacatg catatgtttt acgcagcgga tgcccttcca gctgcaaccc    127380
     atcactagga aaacccacat gaaaaaaact ggccagccca catgaaaata tattttggta    127440
     atttatagta aatactatat atatatatat atattttttt ttttttttgg ttaaccatac    127500
     tgacacctct agtaatgatg ctagaactgt ttatgttcag acgatatcac caaaaactat    127560
     tgaggtcatg tttatctact gtcgatattg attgtgacag gcataatcct gaccttttga    127620
     ggtgtttttt tatatcttga gtgttaagtg caagtgcagt tgaaatgaat gtgaaagtgc    127680
     tgtaaagaca gacaagcaaa acacggtcca gtccagctga tggcgctaaa tgcatcactc    127740
     cccaaaaaat tgcaccacaa cagatgaaga tgatagtggt ttatagttgt aaatttaaac    127800
     atttggttca ctacaaggag actttattca ccccagaagc catataaggc acttttttct    127860
     tttccttttt ttacagataa attagttttt atttgaactg ctgatgaaaa gccaaatata    127920
     attttcaaaa taactgattg gatttaactg aaagaaaaag ataaaaggtt atatatacac    127980
     acctaccatg agagttcaaa agcttcattt tagggtgaaa aaattattta attatatgta    128040
     tggcttcaga atatatgtaa ctcttgaaat ctgaataaaa actactttta gattcttggt    128100
     ataaataagg acaaagcaaa gacctcgaaa tggagaaaat tgtagttgta atttttatct    128160
     ctactctata ttgtcatgag ttgtaatgtc aaatatgtaa atgtgtttgt aggtgtgtgg    128220
     aggggctgca ggtctagatg gatgtgagga ttgtggtggt ctgggctgta agcatgagga    128280
     tggcatgtcc cattgtggtg gggaaggatg tgatactatt gtgacacgat cccaagactc    128340
     cttaaataaa gccaaaaact tagaccagga ggtcctgcac actctaaaag aagtagacaa    128400
     gttaaacagg atggcaagta cacaaacaca ttaactattc ttatttatta atgaagatca    128460
     atatgctttg aatcacagta atacattttt agatataaac ttttatttat ttttaattga    128520
     tgtttaaaat aaataaatac agccttgata aacttgaaaa aagtacaatt ataatcaact    128580
     ttacatcaaa ttcaacactg caagcgtttc caaggacatg aatgtgtttc ctgtaggtgt    128640
     cagacgctcg aggacgtgcg gatgaggcta aacttagcgc tcaggatgtg ttactaagag    128700
     ccaatcagag caaagcacga gtggaacaga ccaatgagga tctcagaaac ctcattcagc    128760
     agatacgaga cttcctcaca agtatgtatt gtcatatgta acacgagcac tcacactatg    128820
     ggtctgtgca caatatcaca atttcaaact tctagtttgt cagaactgta atagctttag    128880
     ttttacacca gtctttttgc tagttacaat taccattgct tgttgactat aggagcatgg    128940
     tatatcagtt atgaagtcat taagtgatgt aacggatata tgaaaacact tgaatctgat    129000
     tgtctgtgta gacgaaaccg atccaaagcg tatagaggaa gtggctaatg aggtgatgaa    129060
     actgagtcta cctgtgtcgt ccggggcgct aaaaaacatg accacagaaa tacgcaaaca    129120
     tgtggccaga ttgaccaatg tggaggatat tctttcccag acggcagaaa aaacccgcaa    129180
     tgcagagaga ctcctggaac aagcaaaggc tgccaagtca gtaaacaaaa cacacatact    129240
     gggttttcat gctttatgag gatttcttat ataggcatga tttttatgct gtacatactg    129300
     tacactctgt tattttaacc ccaaccctca actgtcaatc aagttatgcc taaatagtgt    129360
     cagaaccttc aaaaattatt tactgctggt tactgcagtc attttccagt gtgttttaat    129420
     aggttttgtt catttatgag taaacaaaat gagaaaaaat acattaaaat aaattctttg    129480
     ttttgttaat tagattgcat ttttaaatta caatgtgttt agacagatcc ctgtcaaaaa    129540
     cactcatttt aaagcatttg tataactttt tttttatata taaaaaccta ttttgctagc    129600
     catttgtgat ggagtgggag aacatgttgt aaagcaaagg tgtcaaatcc agttcctggt    129660
     gggccacagc cttgcacaga ttagttccaa ctctgctgca taacacttac ctgttggttt    129720
     caaacataac tgaaagactc gattattttg atcaggtaaa agctaaactg tgcagagctg    129780
     cggccgttca ggaattgtat ttggcaactg tgttgtaaag caaaacattg acgcatcaca    129840
     aattaatgtt taccaaagat cttacctaac taattagttg aacatcttaa aggaatacgt    129900
     ggtgaataaa gtctctgggt cttgacgtca tttctgcact actataagat tttcaattga    129960
     ttatcacaga ctatgatttt catttgtgtt ttacaatatt ggatttgtgt caatattttt    130020
     tgacaaaatt ttagctaatg ccaaaatctt ttttagtttt ttgtttcttt ttgttccaag    130080
     tactgggttg cggctggaag ggcatccgct aagtaaaaca tatgctggaa tagttggcgg    130140
     tccattcaga ctaagccaaa gaaaaatgaa taaacaaatt aattaattaa ttaatttgtt    130200
     tattcatgaa taaacaaatt aattaattaa tgatggaata aatgaatgtt tctttttgtt    130260
     tccttttttg ttaggaaatt gttaatttac aagtcaagtg ttagtttatg ctgatgcttg    130320
     aagctgtagc ttgtgaacag tatatcaaat cagattaatc tttatgacat taaacaacta    130380
     aattggtttc ttattcttaa tttgttttta atgagatggt acatggttaa tcctaattaa    130440
     taaatgaaac tgaaaaaact accactgaat gatctacatt tctataatca tctgtgacaa    130500
     agctgaagta ccttcacaaa aataccttgc ttttctacat aactgtgtgt ttgtgttgca    130560
     gtaagaaagc aacaattcta aaacacacct ctgatgaggt gaagaaaact ctagaggaca    130620
     ctgaccgtgc tcaaactgct gccaatgaaa aaattaaggc agctgagcgt gacctaaacc    130680
     aaacaaatca acaaatcact tctgtgagta gaaaactgca tgtcacactt cttaacttgt    130740
     gccatttaaa tacactcttt ttaatgaaat ctgtgcatca ggtacaatca aaaactgaag    130800
     cgaccgaatt caaactgagc agcagcacag gcagaatggt aaatctagag aaagatgtta    130860
     atgatctcca gaggaaaact gcagaaacgt cccgcagtgc agatcagact cagagacaag    130920
     ctgaggacac cacagcggag ctggagcaca cagaacgggt aactagaaga tgacattcaa    130980
     cttcctttat tcacaaatcc tgtagaaatt attgcttgca catacagcca tccacctaaa    131040
     aataccttgt atttgttgga catgttgtaa ttgttgtatt taatttgaac aactcaatga    131100
     gtcacaaaca attgtattta atttaccaaa gtcacaactt ctcacatgca aaatgaagct    131160
     tttccccata aaggcaaaaa tataaaataa aatatttttt tttttctaaa agaagcctta    131220
     tcatttaatt agtattattt attttggttt gtgcgtttta attcacatat tgttttacaa    131280
     agcatgttgt atactgaaaa aaaattcata agccttagaa atcactcgag tgtgtaaatg    131340
     gtatggaaat gtagtggagg tgagtttttg gtaaactatc cccttaaatc agaatactat    131400
     tagacattta catttataca tttagcagac acttatctga gacaacaaac taaacagcaa    131460
     gaaaaataaa aatcaattca ctaaagtgtc atcaatggtc agaatgagct gccaaccacc    131520
     atccaaacta ctgagagcat cactggactt tttaaatgca atatgttcac atttataaaa    131580
     ttaatatgca aaaaatgttt tttttttttt tttacttaaa tggattttaa gcataatact    131640
     catttattga cacattttga aataagatca ctttcagatc actaggatgg gatcaaatca    131700
     ctttacccat ttgtcagcaa gaagttttta ataattttaa aatataataa aattaaagga    131760
     tggtgactta atcttgtgtg cattttaatg ataacagata agaataagta ttattttcac    131820
     aaatataatt tgtgacaaac atattttaca tttttttcac aagttatttg aaaatgctcg    131880
     catttaaagg gatagttcac cccaaaaaga aaaatactct cattatttac tacacagttg    131940
     tcaaacttct ggagtttagt tccaacccta attaaacata cctgatcaaa caagtccttc    132000
     aggcttgttt aaaatctaca ggaaagtgtg ttgcatcagg gttggactat gtagggctgc    132060
     agccctccag gaattgagtt tgaaacccct aatttactcg atgattagtg aattttcatt    132120
     tttgggtgaa ctattccttc aatatggttt tctatgcatg taaaatccct agtgatctga    132180
     cacaattcat tgtgattaat cacattcaaa aaaaactttg ttttcataga atataaaagt    132240
     gtgtactgtg catatttaaa catgtataaa tactcacata aaatacaaaa atatccaaat    132300
     ctttgccagt ctttcagatc gctaatttac ccatttgtaa gcaataagat tttaataatt    132360
     taaaacataa taaaatttaa ttatggtcac ttagtcttct gtgtatttta atgagtacag    132420
     gtcagaaaat gtatgttgta taattttaac aaatatatct ggactgtaca caaaatacca    132480
     tttatttcac ccatattttg acattttttt aatcaacaga tatttgaaag tgcgcacatt    132540
     taaagagata gttcacctaa aaattttaat tctgtcatca tttactctcc ctttacttga    132600
     gcaaattttc atttatgtgt aaattattcc tttaatatgg attctatgta tgtaaaatca    132660
     ctacgattgt ttaaccaccc tctttgaatg taattacttg attaaatggg cgttattagt    132720
     ggttattagc tgatagatat aggccagtag gggccttctg cgccgactgg tagtctcaga    132780
     aggctgttat catccatcca catggttaat cagctatatt aataggaaag actccagatc    132840
     tgttttaaca ttactgtgac agttgggttt aaggtaggtg tagatgttaa taaaatacaa    132900
     ttaatgggaa ttttgataaa taatataaat aattctcatt aacttccagc cgtagccgta    132960
     tgtgatctat agctgattaa tcaagtggat ggatgataac agacctatga gcctaccagt    133020
     aggcacagaa ggccaatact ggcccatatc tatcagctga taaccactga taatgcccat    133080
     ttaatcgagg gataacattc gaattgactg gttaaacaaa taattgtgat ttatcacatc    133140
     caaaataaaa gtttgtatta atatacaata tacactagtg tactgtagat atgtatgtat    133200
     gcatgtataa atacgcacgc ataaaataca aattcaaaac ttaaattaac ttttatttcg    133260
     aattatatta attgtttgac agcactaata atctctttag caaattattg tttaattgtt    133320
     tgtcacaacc aggttgaaaa aagtcattgt ttgtttcatg catgtgtata tttgtgtgtt    133380
     ttaggatttg gatacactcg tgctacccaa gtatcagctg gccagtggcc tgatagatca    133440
     aaaagcagca ggtgtgtttg atgcacgtca aaaggccgag caactacaac aggaggcaaa    133500
     agatctatta atagatgcca ccaacaagct acagagacta agaggtaaac acagctcata    133560
     gacttcaata gtagatatat atcagaatat tcacttttct ttcttttgaa ctctttcaga    133620
     gctggagaga tcatttgctg caaatcagcg cattctaatg gggaaatctc aagagctaga    133680
     agggctggag aatgaagcca gagatgtgct gcaagagctc agtcagaaga tcaacatcta    133740
     cagcacctgc gcttaaccat ttccaccaaa actaataaat aacgctatcc gattgttgtg    133800
     tctagtgtca aaacggacac agtttctagg tccaaatatt acaaaagtga acaacaaatg    133860
     ttactaatat aaactcacag tgtctgtaat actattaaaa acatgatggt gttgtttaaa    133920
     tccatgactt atgtcacatg gtgattcgaa tttttaaata ttggtgtctg ggatggatag    133980
     agcaagccca ttgaattaca ctatgatttt gtaaagtttt cctaattcta atgagaagag    134040
     gcttggacct gatacagaac ttgatacata ataacatatc caatgtttaa acaaactata    134100
     aaatcacaaa gtgcctgaaa agtgaagcca aaacactttg gtcactccct ggttgttggc    134160
     tgcagtacag gtaaacccaa ccctgtaaat gaatgggata taaaccaaaa actttaatga    134220
     actaataaaa acaaatgact aattattgat gcaaactccg gctctaaata acaatcatta    134280
     atgcaagacg acagcagcca ttttgagaca ttttttggct tcattttaat gaaggcagag    134340
     attggtctta ccatcttttt tttgctataa tcaatgtgta atccaattgt gtaatgtcac    134400
     aatgatctta cgaacttaca aaatggtaaa actgtgtaaa aaaaattatc atgaccccct    134460
     taacattctt aactataaaa agcttacgca ctgtattgtg tcctatcatc ccagtaacca    134520
     gaatgatgtg gtgtgaaata gtaatcatac aaatatataa tcaaacatgt atttgggaga    134580
     aacatgtgga aggatttcac aaaatgtgga ctacaaatca ggtaatgttt gcggagtaca    134640
     gtgataatga aaaaatggca tcagaatatt tgatcacaaa gcaataaatc actaaagctc    134700
     agtcttcata cacacacaca caaccagtct ggaaacagta attgtaatgt actgaatgaa    134760
     gcatgttttc ctcacaacag ttggattgtt tacattttaa atttgatata gtacataaat    134820
     attgcatttt aaaaggggga acatggccta tacacgttgt ttccctcctt ttaaaatact    134880
     tttttatttt tcaacaacac attaaatttt tcatatttga ccacatcacg tattatttca    134940
     ttgtattgca tgatgtctga taaaattaat gcagtattgg attagcaata cttctttaaa    135000
     cattaaataa atatgtattg aaacatttga ctattacatt ttaatcaata atgattgata    135060
     ccaaactgtg ataccatagc taagtcaagc caaatattct aatttgaaat taaaacaaat    135120
     ttaagaatct tacaagaatc agacacactt tgcaatgtca taattatgaa cgcagacaca    135180
     aacaatcttg gcacggtggc caaaagaaat aattacatca aatactcact cgtttggtgc    135240
     ttcataggac ttccttgtgt cattccttgc aacttatcaa cagttactat cgcgtttatg    135300
     tttgtattta atatccatca ttatttttcg ggtggttcta cgctacgaaa gcccagtgcg    135360
     tgacatgcgg gggaaacaga tgtcactaat taatcatttc ccgcgattta gtcaatagcg    135420
     gccattttgt gctaattaaa tctaaatgtg tgaaacaagg gtgcgaaatt cttacagttg    135480
     tggtgactgg cactgcacca cttttaaata attaggttct gttaatatta gtgctattct    135540
     gggaaatatc tgaaatatta agctttaaca tttgcattca catggcaaaa ttaaatgagg    135600
     aacaggcctc tttcatacat gaaaactgac cgtggagact cagtaggcct atacaaaaga    135660
     gaacattttc ggaacaggtc aatacaattt agaacataaa aaaatctatt tctgcttcga    135720
     tttatgaggt tcattgatat tattagattt aacattaatt tacgcaataa ttttcaaaaa    135780
     aataacaatt tagctactta tttttatatt gaaattttta attcatatgt tacagcattt    135840
     atagactact gtagcctaca tataattttg tgactcaatt tttttctaaa actatattta    135900
     catcagatgc aatttgtatc gtttgtcagt aggttgtcct ggatgtgatc ctttttgcca    135960
     ctaagttgta ttttaaaaca gtcatcagtt tactattgaa tatctactaa ctatgtgacc    136020
     acgaggtgtc caaactttat tctggaaggc cagtgtcctg cagagttcca acaccaatta    136080
     aaacacatct gctcaagcaa atagtgataa tcttataggg tttgggctgg agcaaactct    136140
     caggaggaca gtgtttggac acttctgcat aaaggaacaa atttaagcac aacttcaagt    136200
     caacagctaa tttaaatgtt tttttaaaga atgactttag ccatttactt atctttcatt    136260
     tgtttcaaac ctgctttatt tctgataaac acaaaataag atattttaaa gaatcccatt    136320
     gacaaccata gtgttttttt ttctctttct ttgaggccag tggctacttt ccatcatgtt    136380
     tcaaaatatc ttcttttatg ttcaacaaaa aaaggaaatt caaaggtttg aaaacacatg    136440
     aatgtgaata aatgatgatt ccatttagat ttctgctatt ttttactaac atttacttaa    136500
     tgtcatgtag caatcaataa gaaagttaat tagtttagtg gtgaccattt tagtaaaaaa    136560
     aaaaaattga gttagctctg cgctgtgtca aaagtaaaca aaatattaca ctggtctggg    136620
     tctgaatttt ctgataaaac aacttcacat ttaattcccc acatttaatt ccccatggat    136680
     tgtttgtaag aaaaggtctg gtgtaaatac ataaatagag catgctgttg tggaagatat    136740
     tttgaagaat gttggaaatt tgtatttctg ctactatgga tgttaatgcc ttatggtttc    136800
     cagcaatctt taaaatatct tattttttgt tgataagaaa gtgccaggtg catgtggaaa    136860
     ggagagaatg catcctacag gtggtttata aagcccactc acctttgtga agcacactca    136920
     aaattctaca cgttgttgtg aataaatgtt acttgtctgt tgtaaatgaa tgattaagaa    136980
     gatattttat attggatgaa tatattttaa agaatgttgg aatctggcag cctttgcatt    137040
     ccacaggtgt cctctactat gaaagttaat tactactagt ttccagcatt cttaaaaaat    137100
     atcttatttt gcattccaca aaacctttaa gtagtagtac atttttattg ttgagtgaac    137160
     taccacttat tttagtggac tgtacggaaa actaggtgcc tgcggcttaa catgaaacat    137220
     tgtatatgat tattttgttt ttgatcgatt cgcgctcaat tcccttcacc aaccacaaga    137280
     gggcgacact cttctgaaag acactaaaac acaagcgtca tcagtgacct ttgaaaataa    137340
     tgaaagacat tcaagccttc agctattgaa aaggattatc ttacaagtaa ttagacagca    137400
     ccgtttgtga tatacaaagg gaggagaaag aaaaatggag caactataaa ttttcaaaac    137460
     aaatttgttg tcgtcatgtg atcgagtgaa taaacaatca agaatagaga aaaacgaggc    137520
     catttatttg caggtttaga caacaattaa agactagaca agtttcctac cagtgacact    137580
     gaagcgtgtg taaaacaaat gaaatcactt aaaaacccat gcttaaagat aaaggcctct    137640
     tcttacacag gttcatgggt aaattcagat tttggcttct acaatcttca gtcaagacca    137700
     caggcaggca cacactcaga gaaacagtgt ttaaattcct taaatcagtt tgcagatgtt    137760
     ggaatcatta agacatacat tcaacaatgc aaattaataa tgtataaaaa tagtctaact    137820
     ttgacgaaga acagttcaga atgttactta aacttgacag agatatttgt tccttctcat    137880
     gttctagttt ctagtttcac ccccaaggca tttctattat acaagagtta aaaagactaa    137940
     gtgtttgtgg tcagtacaga gtaaagctgt aaggagtaaa gaaaaaaaaa aactgaatct    138000
     caaaccgggg cgacatgttt aaagtgcagg tgaaaagaac ttcaggccat ttcaataata    138060
     caaataatgc ttgaaaatgt cgttgtcaaa aacatccggt ttgtaattca cccttaataa    138120
     taacaacaac aacacaaaat tcataaagaa aatcaagcca acttcaagtt tacatcccag    138180
     cttcttttta aagtatctgc aatttcaatg tataataatg aagaaacttg aaaattaata    138240
     cataattgta tacctaaatt ctgaaatcag aatttagagt ttatattttg aacatttata    138300
     tttataaact caaatatatc aactcaaaat tctcaacaac aaaaaaaaga tataaacttg    138360
     aaattgtgag agaaaaaagt ttgaattcct ttcgtttaaa ttccgcggca tttcaacaac    138420
     agtcttatta ttgcaattaa agaaaaaact attttttatc aattaaaaca gtgtttctca    138480
     accatgttcc tggaggaccc ccagcagtgc atgttttgga tgtctccttt gtcacaccca    138540
     tcacaggtct ttcagtctct gctaatgagc tgatgatctg aatcaggtgt gtttggttaa    138600
     gaaaacatgg aaaatgtgca gggctggtgg ttctccagga acgtggttga gaaacactgt    138660
     tttgaatgat ccaaaaaaac atctatatta aaaatcaatt atcatcattt catgtaaaag    138720
     tattaaaacc caagaatgaa gaaatattag aattattcaa tctgtgacaa tcagaatacc    138780
     gaaaaatatg gtccctaaat agtttaactt aagcattttt tgatcaaatt aagtttttgt    138840
     gaacccaaat acactatcac cacctaagaa agcacataaa acataagaaa ggtagtgaac    138900
     cttttctttt aagacacaga tgacaaacaa aacattacta aacaatacag tcacctagat    138960
     ggacccgttt ctgctacagt acatcatcaa taccaactct tcccgataca aaaaaacaaa    139020
     caaaatagac agataaaaaa gtcaattaaa gccattgtct tgggacagtc acattgtgaa    139080
     gggaaaatcc cattgaggag cacttaatca gaagaaattc accacacaaa gccatgtttc    139140
     ccgaccctca tctgggaagc agcattcgct ctattgcgca ctgcagatgc tcccagttgc    139200
     tccagctata cagcagtaaa cacacacata ctattgtccc gaacacatgt aggcgacttc    139260
     gcatcaacgg agcggagaat ttagcagcgg tggagacgca aaccaggatc acggtgacga    139320
     tggccagcat gatgttgatg cattttccca gcaggacttt ggcgtcggtg ccttccaact    139380
     gcaagacctg ctgctgctgt tgctggagct ctagtttact gacacgcgtc tgacagactt    139440
     ccaaagcgtc ctggggatgg cagacaagtc aagttgagct ttattgtcat tcagcaacat    139500
     gtgtggacat acagaaaaat gaaatattgt gtctcgcagg acaacgatgc tacatactta    139560
     atcataaaca cacacacaac actagacata agagctattt taaaaaacct gagtatagct    139620
     aacaaatact ataagacact taactataca caagacaggc tctaccagta cttttgcatg    139680
     aaactaaaca atgttgtgct ggatattgtg aaagagaggt attaaatgtt gattattgtg    139740
     caaaagaggt atttaaggtt aaagcaagca gtgcaacatg atagtggtac atttatagta    139800
     aacatcgttt cccttattgt gttcttgtaa gatggagttt aaataaagtg tcaagttgac    139860
     attaatttat ttgtgtaaat acaaaaccct ttataatgct ctaaaaacaa attaaatgct    139920
     ctatttttcc ttcccattca cagagatatg gatacaacag gtatgtgatg agtcaccgtt    139980
     gttaatgctg ttatttgatt ctaatttatc attaacattt aacagataga gacaaaaata    140040
     gaatgaaaag caaaaaatca aatctcccaa actgccatct gtggcataat tttgcattag    140100
     cgctgttata tctgatatgt caaatgacac gcaattatat tttaggagga gtaatatttg    140160
     catatgtggt ttcaaaaacc aggtgcaaca acctgtcctg ttttatctgg aatgtgtcct    140220
     agtttgagcg attggattta tatccatctc gaatgcattt cggaggccat ttacctgtct    140280
     ttttcatgat cagaaagata tttgactaga aaaaatgcat taagttatca gctggctggc    140340
     cagttaggtt tcagtttaga aggtagctca gctgcttcat aacttccatg gcaacaaaga    140400
     gtgattaaag tcgagctgcc ttattgttag ctaaaaccca aggttggtgc aaactaaacc    140460
     aaaatttaac tggttagcca gctaatccag cttaatccca gcagacacac aatatcataa    140520
     aacgttcatt ttaggttaga tttaggtcac cgtcatctaa agacaatgtt cttttgacat    140580
     ataataacaa catcaaatga caagtttttt agttgattta aggttctgtt ggaaagtgac    140640
     caaaatccaa cgtcacgagc caaatccatg agcccaaatc ttaaaccaac gtcatattga    140700
     tgtcaaatac tgacatttat tcgtcaggta tggcaaccaa aatccaatgt ttgataaaca    140760
     tcatactggt aacgcccaca caacatcatg aggtcagcct gacattaacc tgatctttat    140820
     ttccaaacaa aatgcaacat cacgcgacgt tggggttcaa ggtcaacctg acgtcatgtt    140880
     aatgttccgt gcttgctggg atagtgcagg ccccagatca atgaaaatga tgtcagcacc    140940
     agaagtgcta ttgaacatgc atgtttgatt atacctgtat atctcgagct cgttcataag    141000
     cctgataggc catcttctcc tcgatgctcg cgagctcctg tttgaggttt gcggtttcat    141060
     tctgatggag ctctgtcagg tcgttcagct ggtcttctag atgctcacac cttataaaaa    141120
     caacaacatc aaaatttact ttaagccaat gtgcttgttt tttttcagta ggatcttggg    141180
     taataggttt taatgttaat attggtttat actttaaata tctataaatc aggatttgaa    141240
     tggactcaag aggtaagaaa agtatttgat tgcattagaa gcgttaacat ttctagccaa    141300
     tagctgatat ggtgcattgt gcatgcctgc taagtgaagt tttttaaact aatttcaaga    141360
     gggccatgtg atatgattga tcgtggctgg tctttaatcc gcaatcatcg atacaacgat    141420
     cagattaatc ctagcctaca ataaatagcc cattttcacc ctacttcaaa aatcccccat    141480
     ccaccccatc tccccctttt cctcctttac caattggagc tctcaagacc tacatgatca    141540
     cagaacccct tttcatggta attgaccagg caggagccct gggctcaatt atctcagggt    141600
     tctctcccgg gacagcatgc caaacctgct gttagtatca agcaatatct aagagggaac    141660
     tcttgaagtt ctatatgtgc caatgaatct acactcacga gaccaccaac agtaaatatc    141720
     aactgacctg tatcgctcct cttgtagtgt ctgcgtgatg ttctccactt cacatttaaa    141780
     ctggttcttg agtgtctcga tgtcgtcagc caggagactc tgagcttccc tcaactcccg    141840
     gatctccaca caggcctcca gcagtcggct attgacttca gcttctcttg cagatccgct    141900
     gtgttgcccg gtggtgcccg atccagtcac ctgcccatta ctctccacag aaactgacgt    141960
     ctcggtggaa cactcgtcat cactcggata tttaggtttc ggggtcaatg tggcgctgcc    142020
     acttaaaatc cgggctcctg cctccgcctg caacccagac ccagtctcca ttgagctttt    142080
     caggtgagcg atgttgtcag cgctgccgaa tttgttgcga ataaggtttg cgatttccct    142140
     gggcttgcta aagaagaacg gcggagataa agaaactcca gggccgatgg ttttgacttt    142200
     gtccaaatgt ggatgtcgtc cgcttccggt gaccacagtt tctttgaggt tgtcgttgtc    142260
     tttgtctttt ggcgttgagt gtttggtgcc gttggagatg tctgactcct tcatcttgcg    142320
     ctgatactgc tcaagttttt tctggagttg ggagatgttg tgggcagttt tttggttctt    142380
     cttctcgaac acttgtttaa tgcggccgct ctgctgtttg tctgcgcagt tgatgagttt    142440
     aagatattcg gccacgttct catcttgtag gttttgctca attcgcagct gttcttttac    142500
     tttgaggatc ttttgttgga ggctgtccag gccaaatcgt gatcgcgggc cgtcccgtac    142560
     tgttagatct gaatccaggt ctaagcacgt ctctgagccc cctcttcgca tgggcacagg    142620
     gatgctgagg gtgttcacat caacacctct ctccgcctga aatcaaacac agacagagga    142680
     aaaatcaata aagatttaat caataagatt ttagcattta ctagttcctg gcaaatattt    142740
     accatcagag tcaaataata aaactctgca agcaattttt atgaattgta atgcaacgca    142800
     ttgagttgag ggtaggagga ctgaatttgg tttactactg cagtatattg ctgtcaaata    142860
     tatgcttctg agtcaaaatg cccatattga tgtttattct tttaaacact gttatgtata    142920
     aaatgaatgt gagctatctg aaatacatta tctgtgcata agatcttaaa gtgagagcag    142980
     cagaaaaccc tttaggcaac tgttgaaggg aactgagtat tagaaatgat gggtgtgaaa    143040
     acaagagtat gctgatttga ctgtttgggt ttcagtcagt aaaatgaatc aaatcagcat    143100
     ggaaaaaaaa aagtctaaaa atcccctatt cagtttgtgt agattatttt ttgaaagata    143160
     agaaatagca aattaaaaag atcgtatata tggttagtta gtagcgatgt aacgattcac    143220
     cgtgagttgg ttgaaaatcg atttaaatat gtgacgatgc aaaccggtag aaatgttgaa    143280
     caaattgtga tacattttga acagaggggg cattgtgctg cacatcagcg gcaagcaaga    143340
     ggtggggcga caggataaaa taacagtgat aaagtggcgc cagacaaaac acaaattgtt    143400
     tgcaagtact gcacacactg tggttactta cactaataga acaacgaata tgatgcacat    143460
     aaaccatcag cacagtgaaa aactactgtc acagatgttt ataagcaaaa aaaaaaacta    143520
     ttaataagcc aaaccacgta atattaatac aaaacaagta atattaatta ttcaacttca    143580
     taattatgtt caactcctgt ctcgtctggt gaatcgttac atccctatta gtcagtgtag    143640
     taccaagggt gtagaattgg catggacgga gtgtacgtat ccccaataat atccaccaat    143700
     tactgaaatg tccctaccaa aaatttaatc gacttcaaaa ttaaataatg ctccgtcagc    143760
     cattagtaac ctacatgtgc acaaagtcaa gtttgctatg agttcactgt ataccaaggc    143820
     tgtgcaatta atcaaaattt cgattcgatc aaagtttaaa ttttggcctc catgtttaca    143880
     ataaacaata attgggataa aacagttcaa ttgcgtcaca caccactctg aatttctctt    143940
     tcatacttcc ttaaagcctg acagtaaagt catgtaaatt gacttttgca gtattggatg    144000
     taaatgttat ttgtattatt tattttttgt tatcaagtac tttattcatg ttttttaaaa    144060
     gcgtgaaaca gaatttgttc tttttaatgc agctctaggg atgtatgtcc ccaccaatgt    144120
     ggagcaaatc tacacccttg agtaatagta taactgcttt tattatttaa aaaactattt    144180
     tggcttgtca cttgcaggtt tgttaaaaag tttgtttagg ccatgttttc aatatatttg    144240
     atattacatt gttggtttaa aaagagtggc tttcctattt tagaaactgt tattatttat    144300
     tatgaattag cttctgtttg gacattttag ttcattttat tttattgtaa actctttatg    144360
     tgcatttttc tttttattat tagtagtaat tcaacatttt tattattttt tttttttttg    144420
     cttttaatta aagcagggat gtccaaactt tttcttataa agggccaaaa acaaccttga    144480
     ttgaggctag tgggccaaaa gtaaatatag ttgccattgt atttttctaa cttatttaat    144540
     catatttaca aatgactaga aaaacatgca ttatattaac taatacagta tttttaaaat    144600
     cttattacag taaaaatttt attcagaaat ttattagttt tttttgcctt gatttgctta    144660
     ctgatgtctt ctgcatagtc ctctatacgt tgagtgacag tatttacatt ttataaaacc    144720
     ggattcattt acaacattta attaaaaatg ttttaattca atttgctttt tttgtagctc    144780
     agaaataacg gaaacaaaaa agttacattt cgtcaagtta gaaatgacga tctctgtgtt    144840
     aaaggcacca aagcgattcc tcaaccctca tcatactatc ctcagatggg attgtgggcc    144900
     aaatcaaagc atataatggg ccaattttgg gccgcgggcc ctactttggc catctctgat    144960
     ttaaagcaac atacaaaaat caaaatcaag tagcattttt aatagagact ttgcagcatc    145020
     actcggaaat gtgttttaga taaataaaaa gatttcatac tacacacatg catacacata    145080
     catttaaatg aaacacccct caatgtttaa ctcaatttgc cttctcctat gtagtggttg    145140
     cttccttctc actatctctt tattattcaa ataaataatc tgtacatgca caaatgaagt    145200
     attttatagg ctttatttat gcaccagaat tattacagta taggacttcc aataaatagt    145260
     aacataattg aaaatcagct gaggatgtct aaggtattta attaaataga aaagctttaa    145320
     taaagaagac tgccaacaga tatagcaagg gcaaagactt ggtcaaaatc cagaaaatat    145380
     gctcatgaat ctactttagc atccataaga ctaaaggaaa catattttat aagaacagga    145440
     aacaagccaa gaagcacatt ttttcagtct cacgtcacat gatggcattg gcctgacctg    145500
     aaaacaggaa aataacttca taaactgcat aacaattcaa gattgctcca ccacagtgac    145560
     catggctgaa gaaaaagtct ttatttcgta gtagtaaaca cagatttggg tcagcctttt    145620
     tgggctgaaa taagccgagg accgaatgga gtgtaactaa tgagattaag ccggtaaata    145680
     aaactcttga gaatgtagaa atgaatgaag ctgtttataa ggtcacttta tgtacctgtg    145740
     caatggtctg acaataacaa gccttccctc gagtcctgaa gaacatcaca ttcattcagg    145800
     caaaccaaag agtcagttca tcaaaatata caggtcaggt caatccagct caagtccatc    145860
     attagacctg gcattttata aatgcacact ttacatactt tggcacccac tgaaacgaaa    145920
     aacactgaag ggaactgaac cttcccatta tgaaataccc ccaaaaatgt gtattgtcat    145980
     ttgaatttct tttgctaatg tttaaattgg tttgatactc tgaaacactt aagtgtgaca    146040
     aacactggaa atatatttag ttatttattt agttatttat ttaattgtat gtattaaact    146100
     gcatttattc aaataatatt ttagccacca aacatattta gattcaatta aattcaagca    146160
     aaatattgta aaaacaaatt aaaaccataa aaaatttaac aaaatttgta cttttttttt    146220
     tttttttttg cttctcttga tttttttctc atttttaaac gtgtatttaa tatttttcca    146280
     tagcatataa atttgggcgt actagttttt ggactgttaa cgtaagatat atttgttaga    146340
     taagctccag atttgccttc atacggacta atttaatgta tatgcacaaa tataatattt    146400
     taaagctttc ttttaaaaat atacatttaa aagatagatt tgtgagcagt gtacctatat    146460
     atgctgagca ctgtacattc ataccacaaa cacttgtact gaataaactt agtatggaat    146520
     ttgtacatgc acattatttt aaaaataagc acactgacta tttttttttt tgttaatatc    146580
     ttaaaaaatc tataatattg ttatcataac taagaaatat agtatacatt agtaataatc    146640
     tatcataatt ccttcaactg aaatctatgt gattagatta atctatatac aataaaaggt    146700
     cacactttgt tttgatggtc catttgttga atttaggtta cattgcatct acatgctaac    146760
     taattctcat tggattaaaa gtagactgtt aggttggtgt tagggttagt gtaagttgac    146820
     atgtagttgg aaagtttctt atagccagtt aaatatctgt tgaaatggac cataaaaata    146880
     aagtgttaca aaataaaact gttcagagct catcagtgtc atctcatcca ataggctttc    146940
     tcatccaaaa atgtataact tataatttaa tatggatgct tattttgttt gtttacattg    147000
     ctatattgtc tgatttgctt taagtaatta aaaacatggc tgcttacttc ctgaaagtgt    147060
     agtgatgctt tctgttccct aaattaattc gaaacatatg ttaattataa aatgtttaaa    147120
     tgtcaaatta ttattattac agggaatttt tcattagtat cacacaactc tacatataag    147180
     tatgttaatc acataccctt aattgattta tttttatttt taaaaatgtt ccagtttgct    147240
     gaagtttaaa aaaaaataat acaattggtc aagttaattc aaaaatttat atctagctca    147300
     aggcagaaat aataaactaa tattatcaag agtcaagagg aattgatgct aaaacaaagt    147360
     aattgttgac agtaggttga ttttaaattc tctacacaag actgtgaaga tggttcattt    147420
     ttgtcaggcc ttaccaagcg ctttaatcag catctcgaca catacaaagc ccactaacaa    147480
     gagccagatg gaggctgcaa tttactaact tatgagccat cagtacggct ttagaaaagc    147540
     tcttttcagt gttgaatact tatcattatc agctcttagg gggcgaatta tcagcgtgtg    147600
     cttatataaa actttattca gatgcccaaa tgtcagatat ttgcaatgaa atcaaaattc    147660
     ctctgttacc atggcagcga gccatcatga acgaaccggc cgccagagat cagggacacg    147720
     agcctttatg actcgactgc agtgcagtgg agaaaagata aagacaagca aatgcagagc    147780
     acaggcaact gatacactat catctccaga attatcatat tattccatac aatagagcca    147840
     gtgagtagat gaggatgttt tatgctttaa cattcataac tctcctcagc tatttggttt    147900
     aatctgtggt actgatgacg tcaaaggagt tctgcaatgt gtcaaatgcc tgaattcggt    147960
     tcactaagtt ttaagggcag gcccatacat atgatttagt gcatagatat gttcagtgga    148020
     gataaaaatc agcaataaaa ctgcagtttc tgcttagttt ggttttaggt ttttctaaca    148080
     aaagcaaaat agcacatttt aagcattttg atctgttaca tagtataaag agcataaatg    148140
     agacacagtc aggtctataa atattggggc atcgaaacat tttttaaatt tttggttctt    148200
     taaaaaacgt ggtttaactg cagactttca cctttggtga atggtgtagg aactacaaca    148260
     gtttgcatat gtgcctccca cttgttaagg gtccaaaagt aatgggacag aacaataatc    148320
     ataaatcaat cttttacttt ttaatacttg gttgcaaatc ccttgcagtg aagtgtagcc    148380
     tgaagtctgg aacgcataga catcattaga cgcagggttt catccctggt gatgctctgc    148440
     caggcctcta ctgcaactag ttcctgcttg gcatttgtct ttagcaagtg aaatgcatgc    148500
     tcaatcagat tcaggttagg ggattgattt ggccattacc taacattcca cttctttctc    148560
     tttaaactac ttaatgctac ttttttactg tttttcaatg taaaaatgtg tgtgaccatt    148620
     acgctcatgt ctttaaaaag tgccgcacac actgtgtttt ttaaacattg tgtcaagtgt    148680
     aaagatcttc aactttcaca aggagcacag ctcattattg ttagttccat agcaatggac    148740
     taatcagaag agctcagagg cagggcaacc attgcgagct tgtttttaca ggcactctat    148800
     gattgtgtcc gaataccatg ctttaagtca tgcttttttt caagccattc taaaacgttt    148860
     ttcgttttaa gaattaaggt tgtatttagt gtaaacgaac ccttaatcta catctagcgg    148920
     taatttaact gacacactct atttaactga ctttccagtt tttactgacc attccaagat    148980
     agtgagtcat tcaaaatatt gaatgctgga aactgctaac ctctgacatc catatcaaga    149040
     gaaccaaaac acatgaaaag tcaatggtta ccggtttttg acctttcaaa aatatctaga    149100
     tcttttattt tttaaaagaa gaaagtagta aaagcacaca aataatagta aattacgagt    149160
     aaaagaaaat acattttttg ggtgaactat ttcattgaat acagaatatt ttgctctaaa    149220
     tttgcatatg cacaaaatta ttattctgta aatgatcaaa atggctgaac attgcccgtc    149280
     taattggcct atataatacg gatttatcag aagatttctt tgtttatttt tctgccacat    149340
     cagcaacttg tggctatttt atggcaatca atatagataa atatagacca atatagataa    149400
     aaaactatta cataataaca acttcaaaat tcaataagat atgataaaaa agacattaaa    149460
     acaacagata tgatttttca gttcgattta tgataaataa cttaaaattc ttcccgttat    149520
     gcatttttaa aaacatctaa agttctttga aatttttttt tttttttttt gttaaatgat    149580
     gtttaatgac taatgtttgt aaaagagctg caattctgtc attgaagcac ctctgtactc    149640
     ttgctttctg actttgagca gactgtatca gtgtcttcag ggcagaagtg ctcctctggc    149700
     aaactaggtc agtcagatca aacgtgtaac agaccgtctg ctcatctaac ttaccttact    149760
     ttacccttcc agtgtgacac acacacaaac acctggttta aatgtctgtt taaatgcatt    149820
     ttaattaaaa tctttatttt aatcaaatca ttaaatgttc atcaaattgt taaatgtcat    149880
     aaattattta actgatagtt cacaaatagt gtgaatacat taaactttta taatctgtga    149940
     aaagttattt taagtatgat ccatataata ggtagaattt catgatactg gaaaaaaagt    150000
     acattgcgat atttaatttt tctgtacctt tttcacagga tgactttgat aacttaattt    150060
     agaaaaaaaa tgtgttcatc ccgttacatt tgtagcattg tgaatctata cattaaaata    150120
     taataagcaa actgcaagca gaaatgaata caatagaaca acaaaacaaa cattgttgta    150180
     taactttctg tggagcctaa cagtaatgag gtacagaaat acaataatca aatgtaaaga    150240
     aacactgtat tgtctacatt gtttaaatca ttaaatacaa ttaatctttg ttaaatctgc    150300
     aaatgttaga atttctcggt ttcgattcac ttcttacttg atttcagttc agtcttacta    150360
     ggtcacaggc cctaaaaata catccagaag aaattctttc gctctattag ggttaaacgt    150420
     tgcgaattac tcaacaaatc acatgttctg aactttggtg cctggtcagc tttaatccca    150480
     actcaacatt tcagatattc cgtaataatt attgcaggct ctcatattgc cttattgatg    150540
     ctgaaacaat atgcagggtg ggccatttat atggatacac attaataaac atattgggaa    150600
     tttcacaaga aaaaacaatg gtgtccttgg ttttaacgta actttattct ttcatgagtt    150660
     atttgcaagc cccctcacat atatgtgcca caaacaggac gttaatatta ccaaccattc    150720
     ctattttatt agggtgtatc catataaatg gcccaccctg tatattgtgt gaccctaata    150780
     tgtaggactt attaacactt cattcattca ttcattcatt ttgctttagc ttattgcctg    150840
     attttataag gggtcaccac agaagaatga accaccaact acactacgtg acaaaagtta    150900
     ctgcaagttt taggaacaaa aaataataac ttaacttcta gtagatcatt tggcatcaga    150960
     agtggcttat atgaaaggca aaggcctcta gattacactt actttaccaa aataaaatat    151020
     gatcatgcct taaactttaa ttatttaatt aggacagtaa ggtctgactt tgcaaaagcc    151080
     ttgtcactta ccagaaatga tatacagttt agaaaataaa gtcatggtgc agtgggaaaa    151140
     aaattaatat tgtgtatgaa tcccttgagc ttggacgact gcatccatac atacatcttt    151200
     gcaaggactc aaataacgta ataatagtca tctgaactgg caaagaaagt gttctttcag    151260
     gactcccaga gtttatcaag attctttgga atcatcttta atgcctcttc cttcttactc    151320
     cagacatgct caataatgtt catgtctggt gactgggctg gccaatcctg gagcaccttg    151380
     accttctttg ctttcaggaa ctttcatgta gaggctgaag tatgagaagg agcgctatcc    151440
     tgctgaagaa tttgccctct tctgtggttt gtaatgtaat ggggagcaca aatgtcctta    151500
     tacctcaggt tgttgttgtt gccatccact cttgcatgcc cccatactca atgtaacccc    151560
     aaaccatgat ttttccttca ccaaaattgg ctgatttctg taagaatctt aggtcgatgc    151620
     aggttccagt aggtcttctg cagtgtgtgt gatgaatagc atgcagttta acagatgatt    151680
     catctgaaaa atgccacatt tccaaatgat caattcgaag gcaagctatt atttgttgct    151740
     cttacaactg ggaccaacga caagactttt gtcaggtagt gtactctggc ataagtttta    151800
     cgcagcggat atcaacactt cttatttctg gtaaaacaat gtgcaattct gagtgtgctc    151860
     cacacaggtg agtgggcttg acaaaccatc tgtaggacac acttttccct ctcagcatgc    151920
     cactaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacatacatt tttttaaatg atttcttaca tcatggatgg    151980
     actggagatg attagctcac aaggttccag actgcgatag aatcgtcata cagtatattg    152040
     tcaataacat attttttcct gtctttgtga caaaagtttt tagaggttgc gctgcaccaa    152100
     gactgatttg acaaactgat aaacaatgac attattttgc tcataagaca cattgcacaa    152160
     tgaaacaaaa acagaaggaa actgtgttac ctgtttgaac tgtactaaat attttatcat    152220
     gttgttcaaa agaaaagaca gcactgtgtg cgctagagaa aatgtgttta attggactgg    152280
     ttgtatacat atttgacata aacagcactg taaggcacaa attaaactac ttaaaagcta    152340
     atttaaatct tgttctcatt ctttacacca ctagtgcgga aaacagctga aacacaatca    152400
     ccaacacaat cagttataat ggttttactg tagtagaaac tatcaagcag aaatatagga    152460
     cattaatgtc ttaggtacat taaagaatta atatacaatt tcggagttgt ttgcactata    152520
     tgaaaaaaaa tcacaaaggc accaggagat aactaacgcc ataacttact actgtttgct    152580
     ctagagaaaa atttgcattt aatttctgaa tatttataaa caaatttgaa taaaagttgg    152640
     agttagttaa tatctcttca gttgcatacg atacagaata ttgagctgaa gcttgactac    152700
     aaaattaaaa tcgcaaatca aatcaaaata tctgtaaaat gtatcttgta aattttctaa    152760
     atcacgctgc cctacacatg cccatttttt ttaaatctct gtaaatcgaa agtgatgtca    152820
     caaacttcca cattacccac acatgaatac tgaagggtca tatgcattta aacaaactta    152880
     tttgctatta ctatgtgtgt atggatgtat atacagtata tgtacacgta tgtatatatg    152940
     taggtatgta caatttttct tatgtttgtg tttaagatat gtgtatctta tgtttatatg    153000
     tatgtatata ttttctgtta gttatttgtc ctgattgcaa tgctatttga aggatggcat    153060
     ggactttggc attgctgggg ggctggggtg agtgttttct gggtgggctg gggagttgag    153120
     gggtgaatct tagttttgtt tattggaaaa aaaaagatgc tgtgaccact catatttaaa    153180
     ataaaaataa aaattaatca caaaaaacaa acttatttgc atttaaagcg gcaagtactt    153240
     gctttggccc aaaaatgaca tttttaatag ttaataataa attatctgta ttacattctg    153300
     acctgacact tcaaagagag gtctaatgta aaaaggggca taattggtgc cctttacatc    153360
     tgtagcgcta ccaaatcaag gtgttggtgc taacatctgt ggaactttca aatgagctct    153420
     caagtgataa tctaaagcca tcattcattt attttctttt cggcttagtc cctttaatca    153480
     tccagggtcg ccacagcgga ataaaccgcc aacttatcca gcacatgttt tacgcagcgg    153540
     atgctcttcc agctacaacc catctctggg aaacatccat acacatttat tcatactcat    153600
     acactacgga caatttagcc tacccaattc acctgtacca caggtttttg gactgaaacc    153660
     agagcacatg gaggaaatat agcaaacgca gggagaacat gaaaactcca cacagaaatg    153720
     ccaactgacc ttgctgtgag gcaacagcac tacctactgc acctgcgttg ccaatctaaa    153780
     gccctaaatt tccaaaaatt acattattga tgaaggatcc tcttaataat aacattaata    153840
     ataatagtaa taatagtaat aacattaata ataataataa taataataat aataataata    153900
     ataataataa cacaaacagt gctttccaca ggtttgaaat atacttgcag ttttatctgg    153960
     attgaaacca tttacccaca tcacataaat agttagctat atgtgaaaaa caaagcataa    154020
     tttcattttt aatattaata gtatttatta tgacacagtt tcttttcaat gtgttaaagt    154080
     ttaaaaaaga ctgaaatgaa aagaaatgct ttatgctatt caggagccat gtgctccact    154140
     gacaggtaaa atctgcttct ttctctcttt caagttcaaa gcaaacttga atgccaaagc    154200
     attttaaata tgtatataaa acagcctatg taatatatta acatcaccaa attaataaaa    154260
     taatcagcaa atgggaaata aatgacagaa aagttgatat ctcaaaaaat tatcataatt    154320
     gcaagattaa aacgagtata tttttttaaa taaggcatat gcattgatta actattacta    154380
     atggtgtaca tttattttgc agccaattta gatgtcattt cgtcaaaaga gtttttctaa    154440
     gtattttaga ttattattta ctttttctgt cggtcttgca actgtgcgcg ctgtctctgt    154500
     gaaaccagtc agaaagcata ctttaattaa agagtaatgc aaaaacgcat acaagattta    154560
     gaaagtgaaa ggaaaaattg aatcccggac attttatgaa aaagaaactt gattgttgac    154620
     aggtctcacg ggcacaaaac gaaactggta aacaattgaa gattttccac tacattatcg    154680
     atggcgggta tttggttata ttgaatggat acaaaaattg taaaaggatg ttaataatag    154740
     taaaaaattg ggtcactaaa tatacttggc cgaccgttaa tatacctggg ctgcccacct    154800
     aagtaaagtc tatgtgtgtg aagcattgac atattacatc ccactaataa aattatatct    154860
     tttttagcag tgaaacgtga ctttagaatt tagaattcac ccaatattac aacataatca    154920
     aataaaatgc ataacagcat ctccatctgg tctcacaaaa caaatcagta agatcacatt    154980
     ttaaaggaac atcatgtttt gtttctttct gtacaactaa tgcttgactc tggattatta    155040
     caagagagag agagggttaa gataaaaaga ttagcgttag catgtggcca gtggaagtga    155100
     cctcgcagca tgcaggccca tcatgtgaag agctctcaga cttcaagtag agaacagttc    155160
     tgcaaacaga agacttataa aaacgcttct aatgtgtgcg tgcggactgc tcacatgctt    155220
     tacataatgc tgagctctac agaaacatta ctgctcgaaa tcgtgatgaa actgaaatga    155280
     aaccgctaat ggaaatttct acaccccaca cactcaaaca atcagaccat aaaaaaagca    155340
     caaattatct ttcgcgttca acagtgtttg agtgctagat aaagagaatg gggaaatgaa    155400
     agaagacagt cccaaaataa aaaaagaaaa aacaacaaaa agcggtgaaa tggtggtttc    155460
     tgacacaata catttccata taactgccaa cacacttttc atttcttgca cacacataca    155520
     caggacaaac agagctcagt tttcagccct tactggaaag ccagtgttta ctaaaagtct    155580
     taatctgaaa tcaaatgttc acaggcttgg gttgtcaagc tgctgtagtg aaacaggttt    155640
     ttcttttggc aatcccctaa gataaacgat aagattgaac tggctgaact gctcacacag    155700
     gccatgggtt ttaacataat atactgtaca gggctttatg ctgcagggtt ttaaattgtt    155760
     tttacaggat cctacactta aaaaaaatga ttaaaaaaat gatttactaa agttttttaa    155820
     ggtaagcggt tgtaaacaat ttatttgggc tgaatttaaa caaacaattt aggctgaaca    155880
     atactcgatt tcatttgttt gcttaaatta aacccattgt cttttttttc agtgtacata    155940
     ccaaacaaaa caatgctgca taataatgaa aatacaatgt attgagtgat gataagctat    156000
     tttatttcta cattaaattt taaaatcttg aacgcataag acactgaagt ttaaaataaa    156060
     taaaaatgac aataatatca cttatcgcca caatttctgt gacaaaatgt tgtagcacaa    156120
     caaaagttct ttagcgttac aggcctaact gcaggtgtaa cagctttaat gtccaccctt    156180
     taatataaca ccttaacttg tttataataa taatgtgcac ctcttggaaa gctgctttta    156240
     tacaataatt gttacggatc gatctatcta tctatcggtc ggtcggtcgg tcggtcggtc    156300
     tgtctgtctg tctatctatc attcattcat tttctttttg acttagtccc tttattaatc    156360
     tggggtcacc acagcggaat gaaccaccaa cttatccagc atgtttttac acagcggata    156420
     cccttccagc cgcaacccat cgctggtaaa catccacaca ctaatacatt acagacaatt    156480
     tagcttaccc aattcacctg taccgcattt ctttggactg taggggaaac tggagcacca    156540
     ggaggaaagg ctcgaaccag caaccttctt gctgtgaggc gacagcacta cctactgccc    156600
     tactgcgtcg cctatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    156660
     tatatacagt ttaacagggc atattctcct gtacgctgaa aattagctat atacacttat    156720
     tgttgacaaa gacatcccgt cagtaaatca gataatcatt tactaaaatg ttttcaggat    156780
     ttagcaacca atttgttgaa atgaacaaaa aaaaagtttg aaagacatcc ggtcagtgtt    156840
     aggcacggga cgataaccag tttcaaggtt taccgtagtt tggtaaagtc aaggttttaa    156900
     aaagggctca aattttctgt tataccgttc ctaagatata tgtaagggta ttttttatat    156960
     atatatatat atataatgtt ttttgtatgt gttgtgaaga aattgtgttg tgttgaaact    157020
     aatgaagaaa gcagaggtca atgatttatt ttaactattt agcctgaaat agttaaaata    157080
     aaatatactg tgttcaatgg gggaaaatgt ttttttgttt tacccagacg ttttaaaata    157140
     acttgtttga gagcagttac cacaatattt tgatacagta aaaccgtggt gtttttttct    157200
     tgaaggttat cataccatca gaaacataaa ccggctcatg cctactcagt gcatggctcc    157260
     acctccgatt aagtaatgac ttcaggacta ttcaaagaga tgatgtagaa gataaagatg    157320
     actattcaat gatgtttgtc ttgaatctgt gtagcatgac tgcaatctga acaaactgca    157380
     tttgtcatgt tgtcattgtc atgtgactca aagcattaga tatgccactt tacaactcct    157440
     tttctattgc cgcaagggat agcaaagtat ctactgaatg cactagaaga agaaggtcat    157500
     tcagtttatg attactgttg aattcagaca tatttcagca gtaaactgtt aaaatggaga    157560
     gctcattatt agcaccagcg gatgctaata aagtaaaata aaaaggtttt tatatatctt    157620
     tagataatta aaatgttttc cacactttca attgtccact ggaaggttct ttaaagacgt    157680
     tttttcagag tgatggtata ttaggataga gactgtgctt attttacatc cagtcaaaca    157740
     gaaaaacatg cattttaatc ataattattt caataataat cactattatt attattagtt    157800
     ggttttttgc ttttatttat aagtgaaata tgacatttca caccaaatac actggattgt    157860
     attgaggtag caactaggag ttaaggtcat atcataattc ccacaaacaa aggcctaaaa    157920
     atgcatttac tagctcactt ctttttcaaa tctcctgagg agaaagctga atctctcttt    157980
     aacttcttaa agtcacacac atacacacat gcacacagtg ggcaggctgc agctgtgtgt    158040
     tagcgtctgt gtgtttgcta agctctaatc cagtcaaaag agccctgctt tagaagtaat    158100
     gtaataaagc caatagcaaa acctcaaaaa caaactgctc caagcaaaga acagcaagga    158160
     aaaacctcag agttctgggc aagtcgtcac cttaattata aggttttagc tgacattttt    158220
     gtcaaaactg agttattgac atattcttat ttattgacgt cttatttaaa ttatgggaag    158280
     ttgtttacat tgttaaactt tttatttaaa aagcaaatgt tacacatata ctgtttgcta    158340
     tggaatgcaa aaactttgaa gctcaatatc tctaattcac tcagaacgca gatagaacct    158400
     tataattcca aggtgacgaa gtgtcaaatg ttttaaaaat tcccagttaa aaatgtctgc    158460
     gtggctgaca tgtcttgctt tctccagggt ttttcttctt caactcagga atgtgctgca    158520
     ggaaacggtt atgctgtaat gaggaagcct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct ttctagaagt    158580
     tcactcgagt gtaacaggaa gaaacatgat ggagtcatgc agttacagta ttttcggtca    158640
     ttttggaata catcactcat ctcgacctga ccttaagatg caccagtagt agaacactct    158700
     tctcctttcc atgtgcacca gacactttcc aaacaatctg ttccaaggac tcaaggttat    158760
     tttagtcaat gaaaacctaa ccctaaaact aaacctattg ggaaattaaa aaaattgtta    158820
     gttgaaatta aaaaaaagaa aaacaaacta actgaaacta aaaactgtca ctgatattat    158880
     aattagcaat aataataatt gggtattaca ttattttaat agtctcttta tcacattttg    158940
     tgaatttaag ttacattgca tcgacatgcc aactaattct tattagatta taagtagact    159000
     agggttaggg ttagtgtaag tttatatgta cttgcaaagt ttcttatacc aatttaaatg    159060
     tgctgaagga gcagtatcag cagatattaa gcagacagtg tactaatact caaatgagaa    159120
     ataattggca tgtagttgca atgcaacttt tagtcaacaa aacgtgcaat aggaccatca    159180
     aaatgaagtt taaacagtaa ttgttttcaa acagtttaca gaagtacctg tagatgcact    159240
     ttacagccaa acacataatt gaaacacagt cacatgataa aaaacatctt tctaaaactt    159300
     taaacttgtg ctttaacttt ttttttattt ggcaaaacaa cacacaaatc taggcattaa    159360
     tttttacatg gtctttaatg tgagaagtta tttaacttgt agttatgggt tcagtctgtt    159420
     caaattattt tatttttata actacaaggt ttacactaca gtttacgtaa gctatgcaaa    159480
     tacaacactt tgctttggtt gattttgggc gttttccgtc aactcttgtt aaacaggaat    159540
     tactaaaact gaaattacat atataaaaac taaacataaa tctgttcacg aaatcaaaac    159600
     taaagtaaaa ctgacaaaac catcaattaa attaactaaa actaaactgt ttagtttaac    159660
     tgttttattt aaaaatagta actgaaaact ttttaaaatg ctgaagtaat ctataataat    159720
     ttaaaaaata actaaaaact gcaaaactaa cttttgctgt gttccaattt gcaaaatatc    159780
     catcctaaat agcattcaaa aatacaatta gtatatttca aatcttaata cactgaattg    159840
     gtctactatt tgtagtagaa atgtaaagcg cagggccatc tatactccat acatagctaa    159900
     aattgcccac aatacatgta aattcaaatt agaccgactt aagtggaaaa gctttggtta    159960
     agatgttcgt taatgattgt taattaatat ctaacttact gtaaaatatg taaatcatgt    160020
     tttcctgatt acatttcatc tgcaaaaaca aagcaaattt ttatgaagac gtgtttgacc    160080
     attaacttaa atacctgaga agagttctta gtatgaaaga ctcgaattgc agattaacct    160140
     gctgctgcat ctccagtttg gtaggtgagt aaatatgaaa gaaatgtgga tgatgtcaca    160200
     agatgaggac acgtaacaaa gcaacaaaac tgtctgttga ggaagtagtt tgtcccagac    160260
     cttttgttag acactcaaaa gtgtatactt tgtagaatgt agtacaagta cgtgaattaa    160320
     gattcattat tagactagta aatgtaaata aaaaatgtaa ataatcatta ttattttgat    160380
     taagagattt ctactttaga gttttaatgt caagtttata cggatgagtg tatccaatca    160440
     ctaacatttc tgacatgcac attatagtta tatttaaagg cactttatgc aagaattgcg    160500
     tttcataaac atcaccacct tgcctcaaag cccaaacaca gcatttcttc atgacatata    160560
     ggatatttat gtacagagct gaaagactgt attttcaggt gtttggaaat cacggtatct    160620
     ttcccacttc ctttatatta catcattgaa actgggtgtg tcaaatgcct atgcaccaaa    160680
     tagttgctgt tatcatgtaa atgtgggctt ttatgggtta atgtactcaa cgttctaagg    160740
     taaaacaaca acgatggcaa taaaaaagcc atttgtgtgg cttagtttca gttaaatgtt    160800
     aagttcagat tctgaaatga tttcttttgg ctgaccacag cacctaaaaa aataggacgt    160860
     gacttaaata aaattcaact aaaaaataaa ggttaaacta tttaccaaca attgattgtt    160920
     ttttaaaaat accataaatt gcacataaac tacagcaatg atatttttca cgagagcttg    160980
     agaaggtaat atgattttca gcttgtcata atagttttga ggaatactaa aatcggagat    161040
     caaatcacaa atcaagattt attatagttt actaaaccta aaatcatcaa ttacaaatat    161100
     atattttctt attaaacata caacagattt gaaaaatata tatatttata tatttgcatg    161160
     tatatattat ttttaaaata ttaaatatat atagtttgtt ttatcattct tgaaataaat    161220
     ttaaaactaa gtatattaat tcaaattatg aaaacatgtt ttatgaataa acaaaaacaa    161280
     acacggttta aaattaggtc aataattttt tgtattgcta ctgtagtggc agtggcagca    161340
     caccggatct gtggtttgca ttgtcgcctc acttcaagaa gtcccagctt gaccagttgg    161400
     catttctgag tatagttgcg tgttctcaca ggtttcttcc aggtgcttca gtttccccca    161460
     cagcccaaag acatgaatga agtataagtt cactataagt tcagcgtagt gtatcactat    161520
     gtgcgaacgt gagagtgtgt acgcatgttt cccagtactg ggttgcgact ggaagggaat    161580
     ccgctgtgta aaacattgca aaaaagttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggtg acctaaggga    161640
     ctaagctgaa ggaaaatgaa taaattaatg tattggcagt gtattaacac ccgattcaaa    161700
     gtgcgcatca gcgtcaaggc ttcctattta ctttaaacgg gtgacgtcaa acattgccaa    161760
     actaaatagt gtattcatcc acgatgtatc agtgacattc gctcactgca gtagctagga    161820
     atttcactac ttttcaagtg ccaatgaaag cttcaaccaa tcagatcgct ttatgcaaat    161880
     accccaggtc aaacagtagc taattgcatt tatgcagttt aatagcagta aatggaggac    161940
     aaatgtaaaa tggaggaaaa actttttatt gtggtgggca tatacatata taacggagtt    162000
     catatattct ttatgtattg tttatttata tcttgttgtg gtttaatttc attggctgac    162060
     gctgctataa tgataatttc agcaccagca cctatgtaaa ggtaaaggct tatcaatctc    162120
     tgtacaaata aagacatttg tatttgtcca aaaaataagg agggttgagt ttggggggtg    162180
     gagggggggg gtgggggggg ggggggctat ttctgttaaa ataaaaacag aaaattggaa    162240
     aacaaaagct aatacaaaac tataataaat actcaataac aataatgtaa tattgctaca    162300
     gtatttatgt attaaaaaag ttatttatgc aaaagaactg actgttttat aataaatatc    162360
     tgatttaata taataaaggt aagggggtta tgtttggaaa actttgtaca aaaaatatat    162420
     gaatcactat gaagccctgc tgcctgcaaa actgtaagca aatcagactg gttaatgagg    162480
     tcagttcatc tgattaagat tagacactaa accccacaag agctctccaa acagcagaga    162540
     aatgttctca aataaatgaa caggaagtcg tctgccctaa actgtacaac tacagtctta    162600
     aaaaaaacaa taagcactct gaattaacat caaatacaac agactcataa ttgggcctta    162660
     aactctctgt aaacacaagc gtaccatgag ccatccgtta tcacactgct gatacttcta    162720
     acacacacac gtatctgcag gaagacacat aaacattcgg gtgtgaccag catatgcggg    162780
     tcctgcagaa acttgctcta ctcatgtgag taacaaacaa cacagaaact aaagggccag    162840
     agggcaaaga catgccgatg attgtgtaag ctttaaaact aaaactcaac accacattga    162900
     aatacataat aaatataaat tttacacata tattgccata taagcaactc tatgcttata    162960
     ttagagatgc tgggacaaca aatcagtctc ctgtacctta aatatcttca gttacaggtg    163020
     tcaaactaag ttcatggagg gctgcagctc tgtacagttt agctccaacc ccaattaaac    163080
     acacctgatc aaactaatta agtgcttcgg gcttgtttga tacctactga taggtgtgtt    163140
     gaagcagggc tggaactaaa ctctgcaggg ctgcggccct ccaggaattg agttataggg    163200
     tgcctataaa gctttttatt tgctagaatt aatgctaaac tgacatggtt tcattttgaa    163260
     aagaaaaacc gccatatact gtattctgta tactaatcca cacaggctga gatagaataa    163320
     acaacaaaac tattaggtat ttttggatca gcaaataaaa tgtctacaat aaaataaatt    163380
     caattcacct ttatttctac agtgctttta caatgtagat tgtgtcaaag cagcgtccca    163440
     tagaagatta tagtaaattg aaacagagtc aggtcggttt tcagagttta agttcagttc    163500
     agtttagctg ataaatactg aagagcaaat cagaaatgga aaatcagact taaagtacta    163560
     tgaaaagtaa tttgaaatag aaggcttcaa attatttatt gcaattatta tttacataaa    163620
     ataaattgca caaaaactgc atagtgagag aaaataaaaa tgttttaatt gttacaatac    163680
     ataaataaat aaaaattgtg ggattcaaag tttattttta gcattaaacc taatcaaatt    163740
     taactataaa aactatgttt tatatgtttc acttgcttga tgtctcttgc attgccttat    163800
     caagtctgtt tacagcacaa gtcataagat gtcttaaaag agacattact gacttctgtt    163860
     ctgggaaaac aaaagtatca ctttcaaaat ttcaaggttt taatgtgaat cacacttagt    163920
     cagagtttcc atataatgct ttaaagcata tgtttagcta tagtgttttc taaatgttgt    163980
     acaagagcgc aacactaatg ggctggagaa tgtcaatgaa agggtttctg cgaaccattt    164040
     ttatgaagtg ttattataaa aaatatataa ttaatatttt tttaccatta gaggctggct    164100
     atattcacac attgttgcca taaaactgtt taaaaagttt aaaccacttg tatatttgca    164160
     aattggtccc ctttaaagat gtataaatgc tgccataaat ctgaaccctg ctgagcatca    164220
     acagttggat tgagaatatt gtaaatatgg gtttcattcc acttctgaag tgattagacc    164280
     gaattgtaaa tacaacatac accaaagaag acaacattat ttagaatttt cggcaagttg    164340
     tcacagaaaa tacaaaaaaa aaaacagtct tagggttctt tcacatctgt agttcccttt    164400
     atttggtttg gaccaagggc aataaatgat acatagttgt atttttgctg tctttgggtc    164460
     gttttcaaac cacactgctg actttggtcc gaactagttg aaaagaacca aaatgcagtc    164520
     atctgacaaa atccacataa ctcattggcc agatattgtc gaacatagtt cgataagttg    164580
     cttatcaatt ggtcagaatt cacatgcgga aaaatcccaa tgaactcccg caagtaaaca    164640
     aaccggcaga cacaaaatgt cactttttac tatggaggga tgactgcgct ggctgactgt    164700
     atccctgctt taaggttgat ttatactttt gcgtcaaacg caggcgtatg ctacggcgct    164760
     gacgcatagc ccttcgccgt ggccgtcagc gtcgctcgtg cacactctca aaaaatgtaa    164820
     ctacatgtcg caacaacgtg tagcgtaagc tctgtgattg gttggcttgg tagcgctgac    164880
     gagtctgggc gggactgaga gccgcgtgaa tggtgcgagc ctgatggagc gattgtttac    164940
     aagtgtggag tcccatgaag gagttccgga tggaaagttt tgttttgtgt ttacctcata    165000
     gttaaagttg ttgcacgtcc accagttcct gcctcaaaat gagcgagttt gagccacttg    165060
     tatatcctgg aagtgttcag gaaaagcaaa acagcagggg aaaaactcgc cacagaggaa    165120
     catttacacc tcactgccaa ctagcgtttc ggaggtgtta atgcagacca acagagacat    165180
     aaatataata taagacataa gtataaatgc acagctacgc gcgttgcatg cgccgtgggt    165240
     tacgccggtc actcgatgca gaagtataaa ataggcttta gacaaactaa acattcaaag    165300
     aataaagcgc ggtcgtggct ggaaaacgat attataatgc atcgcacatc atttcaggag    165360
     gaggcgtaaa ttaatttagc taaactgcga catggtcatc ttgaaagcgt accgagacca    165420
     cctcttcaag caggtctcag tatgcttttt tggtccgctt ttggtgcaca cttgagtacg    165480
     attgctgcat ttacacctgc ccaaacgaac cgcaccaaga gggaaaacaa actctagtgc    165540
     gattcaaccg aactaaataa ggcaggtctg aaagctccct tattgacaat gtatggccag    165600
     gactatttgt ataagagatg catcgaacaa cagatttttg ccctaaatgc acaaatccca    165660
     aaacaaatgt tttgggtttt ttagttcaga tgctctcgca acagtcttct acagcatata    165720
     acaattttga aagtatacta tctattttga atctctaact aactgcccaa gaaaatgtat    165780
     gttggatctt tgtgttgatc atgattaaag tgtatttgtt gcctccagtt tgaaatcaac    165840
     acagatagtt cagcctgtga taaagcaaaa aaaaaattgt tcattatctt tgttggaacc    165900
     aagataaggg taaacacacc attactctat ttttcaatgg tattgtctga cctaaaaaca    165960
     gttatcgcag ttcttctgtg ataagtagat tccgattcat ttttctatat tccagaaaag    166020
     gtactatttt gttgaaaaga ctaaagactg aagctaaaaa catgacatct acactttatt    166080
     gaccctcaga agtatgaaca aagattggaa tgtttacttc catacccata gaaattacaa    166140
     tcaaaatgag caattagtat agatataaac cttattttcc attatttaat ttacatccat    166200
     gtgtgaaatc tctttaataa gtgtcaaatg ttcacataaa agacagaaac ttttataacg    166260
     catctacacg cacataactc agttcacaca acacatcttt tcagcattcc ggtgcattgt    166320
     ttgccctcta cacttccatt atagattcat ttctgcaaag cccacttttt gttagctatc    166380
     gcaacctcag tgatgcatca aaattgcttt tgcaattaat caccaacgtc acagtcgtgg    166440
     tccttgagac ttcaatttca ccccagaaca ctcctactga tttgttttcc accagtaaat    166500
     acatcaaaca tcgctttcaa tagagtagga agatataaaa taccagatcc accctcgtcc    166560
     acaaatcctg aatcttcttc gcagagagct ttctggggaa cagccagttc cacaatctta    166620
     tttgtgacac acacacaaac acacacacat ggacaatagt gcaatagtaa attatggcca    166680
     cacaggacaa agtgtcacca cggggacaga aacactaata actcggacgg agagtgagag    166740
     agtgtgtcaa cactgcaagc tttgacgtgg acagtggcgc tgatgggaat gctctagttt    166800
     ttttttggcg atgcatcagt ctaaaatcca gacatgagcg ggttgagggg ggatttttcg    166860
     ggttaccctg gaaactacag gaattcagaa gacctgcaac cagcagagtg tcctcaaaac    166920
     aacaactgca tgctggagtg tttgcttgag agagtagtgg tggctatttt ttgatggtct    166980
     tcattaagta atttcaagcc atttttagac tgcttaatat ctgctaaatc ttcttctaaa    167040
     gtaatatttt gtttttaaag tggcccgagt aattaattac atttttataa tgtaatttct    167100
     ttttttaatt gtattaaatt ttattcaagt gtttatttaa ttgtatttaa ttttatagac    167160
     ttattgattt aatactattt aatttgtatt tatttattta cttaactgta attattttat    167220
     ttattcactt aactgtattt attttattta gttacttaac tgtatttatt ttacttattc    167280
     acttaactgt attaatttta tttatttaac tgtatttgct ttatttattc acttaactgt    167340
     gtttatttta tttacttact taagtgtatt tgttttattt atttacataa ctgtatttat    167400
     tttatttatt tacttaactg tatttatttt atttattcat ttaactgtat ttattaattt    167460
     atttacttta ctgtatttat taatttattt acttaactgt atttatttta cttatttact    167520
     taattgtatt tattttattt atttactgta ttgtgtttat tttcattaaa ttagtttttt    167580
     tttatttaat tactcatttt tagttatttt tattatttct tttactataa tttatttcat    167640
     tttacttatt tattggcatt acaaaaacat tggttatgtt catggcaaca ttggtattaa    167700
     atattcagca cataatttac aaacataaca gattattaat aacaaatagc atcatacaaa    167760
     aataaaacat tcagacaaca acaatactaa taaaaggtca tattagatct ttcaacttgg    167820
     ccaatgataa atattctaaa attattccag gagtaggcct gtcacgatat ctatttttta    167880
     tgatacaata tatagcaaca acatttattg cgataaacta tgttattgtc attttaagac    167940
     cattcaaact aatagcatca taatgcacgt acactcttct aaaaaacaca tatttcatta    168000
     ttaaaaatgt taacaattta ataattaggc aatggaatca gaatgtgaaa atggacatcc    168060
     taaacaaaca ataatatatg taaaaattat ttccaagata aaaagaacta caaacagatc    168120
     tattttcagt catcaggcac atgaaaatat tactactaca atagtttttt aaccatactg    168180
     acactgacac ctcaaataga gatagaaagg cagcgcagtc agctaaaatg tggttagact    168240
     tcgtttttta tgaacgggca atctatattg catcaccaaa atttattgag gacatgtcca    168300
     cgtgttgtgc gataagttga tccaggagac gacactttta catttccctt aaaaacaata    168360
     tcatttgaaa gtatacattc tatgaaaaat atttttttag ttcaattatt cttacaaaag    168420
     taaaaaagtg gttcttttca aaatatatga gaatgattgg ctaatatttg taattacaac    168480
     atggtcattt tgaaaatggt agttatttct gtcatttacc aatagacttc atacaatttg    168540
     ttgtttgtga gcaattccag cgttatggat gtggcatcag caataaaatc tcaacataca    168600
     tttccagagc aagtatatat gttaccatta gggatgtaac ggtatcagaa tttcacggta    168660
     cggtaatacc tcggtatgaa tgtcacggta cggtatttat tgaatcattt acaggaaaaa    168720
     aaaaactttt gaaaatactc caaaaaagtg ccaaaagtgt caatgacata caaattagcc    168780
     atctatctgt aagcttttaa acaggaactt caattttaat aacaaaaaaa tattaaactt    168840
     gtaaaaaaat aacgtttcaa tttagtattg ttgaaaactc atcacattta acatttaatc    168900
     acacacttag atagagatgg gtttaaagaa aaattatcat ataattataa tctggtaaaa    168960
     gctggtatct ctgggtattt acaatgtccc ctgcaacaga aaaaaaccct ctcatttggg    169020
     actgaggttt ctgggacaag agagatatga cttggcccat gttgacagaa gtggggtaac    169080
     gttgtgcatt gtctttcccc cacttgagaa gacaaaccat gagtgagata gagatctctt    169140
     tgcggtacaa gtcaatgtct gcatcaatct gaacagtgtg ctgtgtttct gcagtcccca    169200
     tgactgttat tagtcgtatt ccccaacttg caggcacgtg cacacatagg gcttaacctg    169260
     tgcagtgcac atgccctttt tagtcttgga tagaaaatgc ccttccaaaa tgatcaaaag    169320
     tgcccccgcg acgcgacaca acctccgtcc agtccagccc ttcagtaggc gcgcgacaac    169380
     acctctcgag tatgcgcgct caaccccccc tcggcgcttt acaatacgcg cgccacaaca    169440
     cagctgatca gaacgcgcac gacagcaccg ctattcagca cgcgcgcggc gacaacaccc    169500
     gctttaggtt cgatcatttt catctttttt tcatctccgc tactagcagc acactccatt    169560
     tccgcattac tggatctgta gcgacaacag accgcaaagg attatggcca cgccggggct    169620
     gatgggaaat gaagttttag ctacctcccg ttcgcttcat tcgcctgagc aaattttctc    169680
     agaagaccta tagttttacc gagtcatgcg acttcggtat tatcgaaaaa aattaatatt    169740
     gcggtatgac ggtatttaca ataccgttac atccctagtt accatcatat gaaaacatct    169800
     attcatattt tccaaaacaa ctaaccagag ttatgggatc aaaaaatgtt aatctgtcaa    169860
     cattttatat tttaaatgag aaaaataaac acgcgctata tatgaatgtt acaaaaaagt    169920
     ttgcgagtta acagtataca aaatactttg tggaaattcc gtgaattaaa ctgcacacaa    169980
     aaagaaataa tgctaatcaa aaggataaga atttgctcac aatagaacaa aaatgaatga    170040
     ttttatttaa tacttttgca atcctgaggg aaaagttttg ttatggatat gacaaaagtt    170100
     aaattgccac ttgcgtgact ttgggaaatc aaatacaagt atttaaaaac atagacagag    170160
     acatttttga gtatttttaa agtactgcaa aatacttgct tccacaaaaa aaaaaaagta    170220
     gaaacagatt tgctattttt gtgaaaaata atttttttat ggcaaggttg acatttggat    170280
     ggaattgctc ttgtacattc atcccattcc attcgccatt tctcattagt gtagagattc    170340
     aaagcagctt caaaggcttc cttagctgct ttatctcccc gttcattttg aaaatgaatc    170400
     ccacatggtt aggtatccaa caaaaaaaat aacatcaatg tcttccttct ctagagtccc    170460
     ctttttctat tatgttgaaa ataggatgat cagttttttt agacttgagc gagcaagcaa    170520
     gacatagaaa tagaaaatga cattgcggtt cttttctatt tgtccaagag ctaaatgtaa    170580
     tgtacaagct ttagctgtga aaattgagct ttatgcgaga atactctgtc caaaacactt    170640
     tgaactaatc ataaatgcag cagatacctt tccaatgact ttgacttggt aagtagcatc    170700
     ttacattcaa aaattcttaa tggtctacaa gttactttct agaatgtctg cttaagatct    170760
     gctaaaatgg caagccatgt ttggcagtgg cctgtgtaat gcactttttg acatcatgaa    170820
     ggtcgtgcac accatctgtg tctgtgattt tgtgttcgca gactgtgcac atacgacaac    170880
     acatgcttag ggtgaatgaa gagttcactg gtcctccata tgtgcaaaac ttgtccattt    170940
     gcaatttgaa agctgtgaat aagattgaga agaatgtaga aaatgagagg aaaaagagga    171000
     agatttttaa aattctgttg tggtaaaatt agcaatagcc agtagatcaa cgattgagac    171060
     catttgcact gcgtaacaaa attaattcca ccctcatagt caatctataa ttggataatc    171120
     caaaactata tacgaagttt cagttccact ttgtggaagt ggctttttaa ctactatgta    171180
     ttcacatcaa aacataaata caatgtactt attgtattca taatctattt cagaacactt    171240
     ctgttgctac tgatgtggga tgataggtta gtgaaagctt tgcaaattgc aagtggtgtg    171300
     gctaggtggt gtggctaggt ttaagggtgg gttaaggtga aggaacgatc attgtactta    171360
     taaatgtaat tacagaaaat acttacagtt aattaggtat ttaatcaagc ataagtacaa    171420
     tataaaacat gtatttgcag tgtaagtaca tattagttaa ggacacatac ttgaaagttg    171480
     ggctggagtt tatgtttaga cgatgattat taaagtgctt ctgacatcca atcctttcaa    171540
     aatctgacaa acgcaagtga aaccaaaaaa acaaaaggag aatctggaaa aacaaaggag    171600
     caaatgattc tttcaacaac ctataccatg aacaaactgc catgtttatc ttcgccttat    171660
     ggacttttat gaactcggaa taatggtatt actttttaac agaggttaca tgtgctggtg    171720
     aagattagat gacacagata cagatgagag gtttgctgcg ctatatgttg cgtgttgctt    171780
     ttgaacccaa ataaggacta agtgtatacc gtgtgtagtt tttctgtaac atatcggaca    171840
     ctgaaaaggt gtctacgtgt tcatatatgt tgcatttatt tatttagtgg aaatgcagta    171900
     gaaacgcaag cctgataaag ttgacctgta ccaacccata ctgtaccagt cagtaaaaat    171960
     gggccattat agtcgtccaa gaacatatga taaaaacaat aagacagtca ttgataagag    172020
     atatgtgcca tacacaggtg agtgggcttg acaaaccact tgtagaaaac acactctctt    172080
     tcatagctct cacatttaac cgatgcttac accaattttg cacatttcta ccagatatgt    172140
     tcttacaatc actctaaaca aacaagcaaa aacactgcat ttatgaagtg tgcttcacac    172200
     aggtgagtgg gcttggaaaa ccacctgtag aaacactctt ctttctcaat tttttttata    172260
     accaaatcac actccccctt aatctggcac ttattccaaa cagatctata atataattag    172320
     cactttttga gtgaattgcc tctttttgtt gacgagctaa atacctcctc aattggaagt    172380
     cgctttggaa caaagcatct gctaaattac taaaagcaaa agtaaatatc tatggctgta    172440
     aaaaaaaaaa aacatgccat ccattttgca ccatactcat gcattccaca cagtattggg    172500
     taagctcctt caaaatagta atcgattttt aactgcatca ttaaactttt atttaaacta    172560
     cattttatat tacattgtca taaatgtaat cttacccaac aaggaattaa attacttgaa    172620
     tcaatactaa aaatcacgat aaatctcaat gtatagaccg tacaatcaca ccacatttca    172680
     aacatagttt gaaattatca aatttctgac tcaatttatt gtttcttata gcacaattgt    172740
     tcgtagttaa aaaattgtta ttatagcaat ttctatttgt gtaacaaaat gacaatatct    172800
     gcttcttaga aatgaataac aatggcttag aaaggcatta taatgtatta caactaggga    172860
     tgtcccgatc aagttttttt gctcttgagt cagaggaatt tgattttgag tatctaccta    172920
     tcccgaaaac ccgatctgac acttctataa tacataaagg cttagtacag acatggaagc    172980
     tacagacgaa ctccatatat ctgtggtgaa agaaacatgg ggtacatctt ataacaggac    173040
     aagtagttcg tcagaaatct tcttataaag ggatggcata gcattctctg caaaatagtg    173100
     gcaagacggc atttcaaatc gagattctac gtttgttttt aaggtgtctt atcaggtttg    173160
     ttgtggtaaa cgtagccttt tcttttccac ctcttgcaat gccaagttta catataccac    173220
     aatgttggca atgacaatgt tggcaatggc attgttgttg tcttcaactt taaaataccc    173280
     ccaggccgca gacatactcg cgctttccgc ttcaagctgc ttccatgttc tacttggctg    173340
     gcatttaacc aatagcatct ctgcaacaaa gttatgtcat gctgcacgcc ttgctgtttc    173400
     tgtgtgaagt caagactcta tgcccccgca taacaataga tgttttaaaa aataatgatt    173460
     cgtatatata ttcatatata tctaagtcct tattgggagg taacaaccta ttccgatcga    173520
     gtctaaaacc gcatgatcgg gcccgatttc agttcacatg atcagatctg gacatctcta    173580
     attataacta taattaaatt gcctaaaaat gaaccgtaat cctttgcaat acttcttcag    173640
     tggataagta gcttaattac agtaactagt tactttgtaa atgtatttac atgtatttat    173700
     ttactcgttt aaaaatgtat ataattaaag tgattcaaaa tgaaaacaaa gactaaaatt    173760
     tatcacatgt ttgtattata tattgtggtt gccaaaaaat gtctttattt agatggatct    173820
     aaaagtgttt tgcttttgtt tatcttaaag tggcaaaaca caatggtcaa cttttgactg    173880
     ttgagtatat tagtaatatt aactcaataa atggttccat ttgatctgtc atttaatcaa    173940
     tgctctatct cttcatccaa tcggctgagc cataaagaca gctttactaa cggcacacgt    174000
     ttatgatatg tcaaattgca cacgtaaagc aattcaataa caaaagccta atcgaacgtg    174060
     ttttacattc tccctccatt aacgacgggc taaataatgc actggcagac acatagaaaa    174120
     caatcaatta agcctatcag cgccccttcc attcactaaa acacacttct gcactaacag    174180
     catgtaaaat gtgtttcctc cgagagcctc atttaaacac aaacacaagt tctgctacta    174240
     atgcactcat tatcttgact taaaagtaat tctcttgagg tttattataa aaaaccaaca    174300
     caaatgtggg tactaattta tttattttgt attatagagc atcttaatgc tacttaagta    174360
     tatatgtagt gttatataca gtttaattca tttattacct gttaccattt tcttttctct    174420
     atttttcagg tacaaacctg aaatcacatg tctaacttaa acgtataaac cttgaatgct    174480
     ttagagcaca gacttaagtt cctatttgca atgaaatata tatttcctaa aacttgcttt    174540
     attctaaaac tgtgggagga aaatccaagg caaaaatgtt gttctagttg tttatcaaat    174600
     ttgaacacaa tatcacaaaa atactttttt aatacgaaaa aaaaagacta aacataacct    174660
     gaagcactgc aactgcattc actatcttga cttaaaggta ccatttgatt aaaatcttgg    174720
     tatgccttga catgactgta taaaaaaaaa agagttcagt acatggaaat atataggtcc    174780
     caaacaccat tgtttcctca ttctcatgta aatcctgtga gtgtaaaatc ttggtaaaaa    174840
     acagggcaat cagaacaaaa cacagactgt tatgccacaa catttcctag tgagattaca    174900
     acaatcatat ttccccctta tatttaaaat tgtttaagct ttcactaaac ttactatagc    174960
     tgtgttccaa atggcacact ataaactatg tacctatgcc cttacacact caacagcata    175020
     gtatgtattt aatttcatcc caaactgaac attaatgttt ttttaccaag cagaaattta    175080
     aaccatttcc cctatgacgt ttgttggttg acaaattact aaaataaatg accaaagtac    175140
     caaataataa aaccttattc accatcggga ggtggcataa ttactctcgt aggagaattt    175200
     tgcattcaca atcaatgtaa tatacacaat attgcataag tatgcgattt gggatgcacc    175260
     ttatgtatgt ggaactttta ttttaaaaac tgaaaaggca gtgagactaa atcctacgtt    175320
     tttacgttgt tttatatttg tgcctataca acagactggt tactttaaac agactaatta    175380
     ttttgaagtg catacactct taaaacattg ttttgaattg taaaagatgt ggtgtggtgc    175440
     agcgcttcat gtctggtgtg taatcgcttt taaagagcaa ttcttagcca tctgttccct    175500
     tggatgtcaa aacacaaaat gcaggatata tagattaagc atttattcag tgccactccg    175560
     aagaggtata tgctctgttt aaataggtct tttgttaata taacgtgcat gttgttaaac    175620
     ttaccatatg tttgtaataa gtcaacaagt acatgtagat tgctcagcgt tcgcaaaatc    175680
     tagtagcccg aagtcccagg gatattgttt tttcagtcag ctatcaaagt ctggcgggct    175740
     atctagatct tttatctatc tagatctaga tagactttgt tagctcgact aaaaaaacaa    175800
     tacccccgga actttgggct accagattga gagcccctta tgcatattac tcagctctta    175860
     ctgtgattca tactgtaaac acttaactac tctggcttaa gttgatttta atacctctct    175920
     gtgttgtcat acttttaggc ttcaaaatac aaatacattc cagtcaattg ctttaaaaaa    175980
     gtacaattat aattcagcct ttatttcatc cacaacacaa ctcagtagat aaagagttat    176040
     ctcactcact ccttctagct aaaataaaac tctccaccat tacagttaaa aagatttaag    176100
     gcacatactc attttgtttg cacattaatt tcagagtacg ttacggtctg tgtgtgagag    176160
     agagcacaga tactgatgag cagtggagca ataaagcaga gctcattatt attcaagacc    176220
     tttccaaata tgatcaaacc taagctttca ttcgagggct aagttttgac gtcataaatt    176280
     agcatatgaa aatatttctg gagaaatttt aaacttagta cccaagctat gaagtacata    176340
     tcaaataata gtttaactta ataaatcatt gaacattgtg gcagctttaa aaatgataat    176400
     cttgaggttt atcatgacaa accaatgcaa gaagttcaca aagcaaagtc tactcaaatt    176460
     tgaaagagaa aaaagaaaca caatgtgggc acagcttcag tctggcacat gtattgtctt    176520
     ggtgccaggg gttgaagggt ctaaacacac acacagacat gcacgcgcac acacacagga    176580
     cacaagcgca cttgttctgc ttacaacagc ctgactcaag acccaagcac atgctccagc    176640
     acgccaccgt agccccagtg tttcaaaagc atctcagtgt ggtttaagta tgtgtgcaag    176700
     aaatgcctgg aaatctgatt tccattattg gaatggtaaa gcacggccat tgcctaattc    176760
     cctaatggaa aacacaagcg gaaccggtct aactggggtt aagtattatt attgtttgat    176820
     ccaatgacct ttgacacact cttttaagag agtagtagta tatgcacttt taaaatagta    176880
     gttttaagga attgttcgcc aaaaacattt actcactatt tactatccct caagcagtac    176940
     caagccttta tgagttttat tagttatacg ttaaggaaga tattttgaag acagctgaaa    177000
     acctttaacc cttgacttac atagtaggac aaacaaatac tatgaaagtc aatggttaca    177060
     ggttttccac tttcttcaaa atatcttctt taatgttcaa caaaatagtt aaactaatta    177120
     gcattttttg taatgtttat accaaaaaag tagagattca attataattg aagagacaac    177180
     aaacaaataa ctttgtttac cgaactgaaa tactgaacaa ataaaagaga aataaatgtt    177240
     ataatattct ataaaatgaa aatattttat cacacattta ggactgggtc caatttatga    177300
     caaaaattcc aacttttgtt tatttaggaa cttgctcctt gtgtgcggtc aaacataacc    177360
     attgtgtttc ctgtgaaatt caagtagtac tgtctaatat tttaagtttg aaagattttt    177420
     aaaaactata cagttattta gaattttaag ggcacattcg tgttactaca ttataggtct    177480
     gggcgatttg gcctaaaatt aaaatctcaa ttaattgaac attttaactc gattacgaat    177540
     attgaacgtt tattaaattg atttatttta tgcttttgct tttagttcac ttacaagttg    177600
     tgtacagtaa atatgttcag ctattacaag tgggagattt ctggatttag ggtggattat    177660
     ttgataaata attgaagtaa acaaacacac tactatcaca catctactat ctatgattgt    177720
     ttgttgaaca tcaacgctaa acaactgata ataaaacacg cattgcctaa aatgcgccac    177780
     ccaccctcgt cactgctacc aaaccaatca atcacaaagt ttgcgctaca cgttgttgtg    177840
     atgtgtaagt aacgttacat gtgctatata tgatataata agtagaaatc ataatacaat    177900
     aagtataatt cagccttaac agagcggggt catgtgactc cacacatggt atgaaaagta    177960
     tatgaaaaaa tgacttggaa aaaatagatt tattataggt tctgaatgtc gatttcgatt    178020
     acttttcgat taatcgccca gccttactac attatactta tatattagct ttaattaggc    178080
     ccacacggaa tctgcgtatg cagattagcg cattgagtct atttatggtg taaatgtgtg    178140
     taaaagtata tattttgttt ttaaatttat ttcagtaata ttattgacta ataaaatgtt    178200
     catatgattt atttaaaata caatttgtaa agtaatattt tctgtctttt agtagataaa    178260
     taataggaga tacttgcttt gtttaccaaa taagtggatc tgattgattt gcatagtaaa    178320
     cattaaataa aagttacaaa gttattgttt ttatttcata tattaagttt ttagttacga    178380
     tattcccaaa ataattctgc gtaaatcagc agatttttac aaaattctcc acagaaacag    178440
     taaaaaatgt cagcagattc tgtctggccc tagctatatt ccatatataa cctcaaacat    178500
     ttagaacttt agtatttggt gcaaaattac atctagctta atgtcattaa ctttatcaga    178560
     acaatccaaa atttcttggt gtgtttacat tccaagttac aaaaccttct gaggttttac    178620
     atatttaaat ttcaaagtaa tagtaaaaaa tctttctcta aattatgtat ttattggtca    178680
     aaacaaacca aacagcgcca gaagtttagc ctgaccttta agtataactt attgccattt    178740
     atatctgtaa acagtaaaca ctaacttatg agataaacaa cgttactttt actgtctttt    178800
     gagaaaatta cgtttgcatc aaaacattat tctaaaacaa caactataaa aatcaagtcc    178860
     taatgtaacc aatatatgga tttgaatttt ctgacatcct agcagtaaga gtttaaaaaa    178920
     tacaatattt ctaaaacact agcatcaatt gttgttgcag tcataacaaa actccctcac    178980
     tgcatttaaa cagaatttca caacaggtac cttgctgttc aaccacaata ttaaaatcta    179040
     ttcaaataca aacaagcaag catgataact gtcccattgt tagcaaaaca taaattaaca    179100
     atatccattg tatcaaataa cagcatttcc agcaaacgta cgaaagtgtt actacaatga    179160
     aactgttacg ttataaatgt caacccccag acagacagat gtaaacagaa aaacaacatc    179220
     acaactacca acagtatcat atgttatccc aacacattat gcacagactg agggttagat    179280
     aacagataac acgctgcacg gatggattaa aaagactcaa gcataactac catgtcgcag    179340
     tgtaagaaag agttcctctc gagttcgggt aaagttctct cggcgctggg catagttcag    179400
     ttgactccgg tccggtcaga ctggactctc gtctcgtgtg cggtccggcg gatcggttct    179460
     gctacatcgt gtggcggatt gcggggcgcc accgcgcgct ttcggtctgt ggattcctct    179520
     ttgtgatcta cggttcaaca cacacgcatt cagtcagtca gtcactcgac ccgcatgcat    179580
     atttatctgg agagagaggg ggagagagag ggggaggagc tagactggag ttcgacatga    179640
     catcacatgg gttcagggga ggcgctacaa atgaaatttg tttataccca acaaatacct    179700
     gttgaccaac aaaactagag aaatatcatt taagataatt cattatcaag ttttaccctt    179760
     caaacgacca tattgttaaa acatttttta aaaaggatat tgatttaatg tgcacttttt    179820
     gttatgtgaa tatagaaaca gtatacctat ctgttttggc actgccaaag tttctggtct    179880
     gacttttttt tttattgcag aaaaattgag aaagatttca agttattctg gaagttattc    179940
     tttttggcct ttatgacctc agcagaacta agactatgcc taataaaact tttattatta    180000
     atctcacgat tcttttggca aatattacat tcaaaacatc ttttatttct tttaacaata    180060
     aggtcaagca atgacaactc gattaagcat tctcttaatc aaaaggcaac aaaaactgtg    180120
     aatgtttgta aacactttga tatattttgt aaatccctac ttcccctggc aaaatgtgat    180180
     gacttgtgtc tttgtttatg tttgtttatg ttcaaacacc agcattgttg gaatttgaac    180240
     aattcgttat gtttatgatg gatatttata ttcttgtaaa atgtgtaatt catgaattaa    180300
     aaaagttaaa tctgtctgga acttagtaaa tagtctcacc aataaagtta aagaagtgac    180360
     atataaacta ataaattaaa ttcatccagt gaaaaaagtt gctaaaaaaa tttttagaga    180420
     catgaatcta catgcacttt tgtgaaattg aagaggaatt aataaaacac ctgttttttg    180480
     aatgcacacc caaatgtttt agtgtgatgt tgaatatctt ataattaaac ttacaaaatt    180540
     aaaaattcag tttttttgta aagatatttt ttgatataca ataataataa caaaactttg    180600
     gagcaaattt aattttaata tttaattata attatataat tattataact ataactataa    180660
     tattataatt ataattaatt ataaatattt attaatttaa tgataatata tgggaagtac    180720
     catgaacata aagaaaaatg gtccaatgat cttaagcatt atattgaaac cttaaaacac    180780
     acaaaaaata tattttaaaa aatcaataag gatgtatgca aattttgaaa tccttttctt    180840
     ataagttttt ttgtaattta tatattccct ataattttat tcattttatt ttttttattc    180900
     tcttctgatt tgttcctttc atgtgaaaaa aaatataagc attgtattcc tcattttttt    180960
     gtatgctatt gttcttgtta tgcaataaaa acaaaccaaa aactaaaaaa ggggaaattt    181020
     gtctaaatgt gaattacttt cagttaagga atctagtctt ttttcaatta ataatatccc    181080
     agttaaatat aaagtaattt acttgggcat ttttatttgt aaaaattaaa aagatagatg    181140
     ctctattatt tttaattcta ttattaagaa aacccgtaga aaattaaact tattactttg    181200
     aaacaagttt ttaaccctta tacaaaaagg cttttaaaac aacagaattt tataaatgat    181260
     aaatcttaaa tctttttctt tattgtgatg tatatacccc ttttgttcgt atgttttttg    181320
     ttgttttcta ttttcaaatt gtgtattttt ttttgttttc tttataatgt actgtgattg    181380
     tatattctca cttttagcat aataaaaaca aaataatagt aataataatt ttttaaaaat    181440
     gaaaggtgaa aaaggttttc ttttcgttta tcaaaataca aacatgtaaa gattcaaact    181500
     taatatttca tatatgtgtg aattgtttgg tcaaggaaaa gtaacaaact ggcatttttt    181560
     tttttcattg tatttactca agaatatttt gggaagattt ggaattgttt ttttcctagt    181620
     gatgggttgc agctggaagg ccatccactg cgtaaaacat gcgctgaata agttggcggt    181680
     tcattctgct gtagctaccc cttattaata aagagactaa gccgaaaaga aaaagaaaga    181740
     atgaatggaa ttgtttatta acaaagatgg agtatacaca aaaaatttgc taatttgatg    181800
     tactgtttta ttctgataat gagaacttca actgtaaagg acaacatatt tttattttgt    181860
     tcatgttttt taggaaaata ctatatacat aagaaaaagt ggactcaatg taaacaaaac    181920
     gtatcccatt ttgtgggtga cttcaaatta tatgtaaatc ttttagaaca atcacaaaat    181980
     agaaaagcac taaaatatgg aatactctaa aaatatttaa tttcatgcaa atatatgtat    182040
     atatttttat ttttctcgtt cagaaaacta tctgatattt aatacctctt gttcttgtgg    182100
     cattgaatta ataaaaaaaa ttaaaacatt taatttcaat ggaatttgac gcatcaaata    182160
     gttttgtatt ttggatttca cacatgattg caaatgagac tgaatatttt gaaaagtaga    182220
     actgaatatt tattaattta tatttgtata aatgtcaata aaagagaaaa aaactgatta    182280
     agaacagcaa tggacaaaaa agggatatta tgaattaggg caagaataac ttgtgaattg    182340
     cataatttta gctttttgtg ctgagttgtt tttgtaatct aaaacagtca aaaacatatg    182400
     ccatataccg tatagcccac aatgtaatca caaattaaaa tattaaaaat acctaaaata    182460
     aacatgttta agtgcttaaa tgacttaaac gcaaataaat tgaatacaat taatagttaa    182520
     agttaattag atattaaaaa acaagacttg aacatgattt cacacactga tacaaatatt    182580
     acattaaaca tgactcggac atatctggcc ttctttgtta aatctaataa attaaggagg    182640
     tttggaacaa gctagcaaat aacaaaagaa tgacattaca aaaggaagca aaaataattc    182700
     tgtatacatt ttacacttat ttcaggcttg ttcatttgta gggttctgtg cagtgttgat    182760
     ttttgtttac tgaaataaat ttaaataaaa catgatcaaa ttaatgaacc cttcagtaca    182820
     aacctattac taccaataac atcaaattat ttaatcatca ttttaattat atatgtttat    182880
     tagagcctaa aatataaatt tttccaaaag ttccaacaga tatacaagca gatttacatt    182940
     gtactttcaa gcacaaaaaa aacaaatgtc tatccatagt caaggattaa aacatgatta    183000
     ataagcagga gaagtttaaa agcagcagca tcttatactc aagtaattat ttatctgacc    183060
     tggagattaa ctgcaattca caacgtcatc cgatattctc taaccataaa taactgtaat    183120
     ttctcacagc attaatgttt taaaggggaa accttttgaa atgagtgttg aatatttaaa    183180
     catctactgg tctgaatgag ttacgtcaag ctcatattca gagggttcca agctttacaa    183240
     accactgtct atctttggct ctcatagaaa cacgcaaagt gtacagtatg tgttgtcaag    183300
     agtcactact acaaggccag agtgtttact tatatttcac ctattgttac ctatagagta    183360
     tgaaaaaata atgaaaataa atgtacaaaa gcatgcacat cactttgaat aggtgctcag    183420
     ccaagcagca accaaacagc aaaatgtatg tcgatgaact aatcactgat aaacatagtc    183480
     agatgaagag ccggtgtgct tgaaacaata aacgccttat atcagccttt tttattgaat    183540
     aaactggcat ttttggagtt ttggtgttgc cgcctatttg aatatatata ccctatatat    183600
     gtttaattta catcattggg tggaaacagc cactgaaaag ttctttgtga aacccaaaat    183660
     gattttttta ggcattactg taaaaactat ctttattttt aaaagaataa aagctatttt    183720
     ggactattga agaaatttga aggtggaatt tgaaacatct gtatcttgta ttactattat    183780
     tatatgtatt ttatgtccaa agatttgatt gggcctttga aaatatccag tgcatacctg    183840
     cacaattgta atatttacct acatttctta tgcttgacta agcactctgc acaaagctga    183900
     aataataaac ctcagctaca ctacggcatg ggaaagtcca tggggagcag ttacaattat    183960
     tcccatctgc cctgctgtgc agctaaataa tctcattttc ataagcacaa atcccagaca    184020
     gtgaattgtc actcatctaa tcgtattaaa gcgcagcggt ctgttgggtg agggtcatgc    184080
     atgggtcagc agggtcacaa acactggggt cttgggtctg aaattgattt taaaattgct    184140
     gcaggccagg gcatgtctga aataacaaat tgcttctgac atatttgtgg taagactagt    184200
     gcggctatag ctgaataaat atgtggtttt aaaaagaatt tgatgcatgc acattctgag    184260
     atgtacagca caacaaatga tctattaaac atccaaggag agctaccaaa acaaaagcat    184320
     aataattcaa aggagaaaga caatactgta gatttgtgtc ctctttctgt gtagaaggtt    184380
     attataaaaa taaaacacca attaaaacag tggccttgca aggactgcac attcttgata    184440
     ataagtcttg aaaacagatt ttaaagtctc agaaattgat tttcaaaggg gatgtttcta    184500
     tgaaatattc ataaagtggg tctctcgttg tgtgttgact ttgtgtgtta tatttttgca    184560
     taacactaaa accagaaatg tttttttttc ttgaaaaatt ttacacatca tacagcagtc    184620
     ttgtcaaaag actgatgttc acactgctcc ctgaaaaaca tccatatgga tatctaacat    184680
     acacagtgca tctggaaagt attcatagcg tttcactttt tccacatttt ttaatgttac    184740
     agcattattc caaaatgtat taatttattt cctcaaaatt ctactcacaa taccccataa    184800
     tgacaatgta aaaaaattct ttttgaaatt gatgcaaact taataaaaat gaaaaccctg    184860
     aaaaataaca tgttcacagc ctttgcttaa tactttgttg atgcacctgt ctttgggaat    184920
     tgttgcgcat tcctctttgc tgtacctgtc aaactctatc aggttgaatg ggaagtgatg    184980
     gtggacagcc attttcagat ctccttagag aggttcaata ggatttaggt ctgggctctg    185040
     gctgggccac tcaagaacat tcacgagttg ttgtgaagcc actccattga tattttggcg    185100
     gtgtgctttg ggtcattgtc ctgctggaag ataaactgtc accccagtct gaggtcaaga    185160
     gcactctgaa gcaggttttc attcaggatg tctctgtacg ttgctgcatt ggtggttcca    185220
     aacatctttc gcttacagat gatggaggcc actgtgttca ttggaacttt tagagcagca    185280
     tacatttttc tgtaaccttc cttagccctg tgcctcgaga caatcctgtg ttggagttca    185340
     gcagacaatt cctttgtctt catgcttggt ttgtgcttag acatgcgctg tcaattctag    185400
     gaccttatat agacaggtgt atgccttttt aaatcatgtc caatcaactg aatttcccac    185460
     aggtgaaatc catttaagct gctgaaacat ctcaagaatg atcagtggaa acagaatgtt    185520
     cctgagattt tctcaggttt ttttatttct aataaatttg caagaattga aaaaaaaatc    185580
     ctttttcaca ttgtcattac agggtttttt tttttttttt ttgagatttt tgaggaaatt    185640
     aatgaattca attcattttg gaataagacc tgtaacgtta aaaatgtgga aatgaatact    185700
     ttccggatgc actgtatatg agtacacccc ttacaaatct ctcattcaga tgaatatttt    185760
     ctataggaaa atttacatta tcatatttat acattggatt agtcagcact gaagccacat    185820
     ctggagctaa tctatcaaaa taagtttcga tagtggtaca aaattagtac acccaaattt    185880
     atatgtaagg taaaaaatat gaaattcgaa atttaaatag aacaaaaatc aagggaaaca    185940
     aaaaatttgt aaaattttgt tgaaattttg tagtttgtaa ttttatttcc caatattata    186000
     tattaatttt aatgtattgt ctttatattt ctgaagaaat atatgtgttt aacaaatatg    186060
     ttttgttcaa atgcaccaaa atatatgacc catattcact gataaatgga taaaaatatt    186120
     cattttttca aaatagggtg tactcaatta tgctgagcac tgtagatgta taccttataa    186180
     ccccactgaa aacaaacatg gctctgtagc tgctgcttaa tttttctaga gcaaaaatat    186240
     ccgaagcggg agattgtgag atcaaaaata gtcacactag actatgaccg gttctaacat    186300
     ctaatctctt gccgttttca aaacaaatgg agagcataaa atattcacca gaagaaaata    186360
     caccgctctc aagggcctac tttatttcaa gtgtgtgaaa tagccctgtt agtaacacac    186420
     acacgcacac acacacgcac tctgactgat accttttcac ttgatgttca tcgaactgaa    186480
     cagagactga aatgagatct cacacacaaa cacacacagg ttactcaatg cacaagcatc    186540
     ttacacaatc acatcggcac ttatcctact tgtaggagct tgcacatact ttcataccag    186600
     actgaattgt gtgtattgag ccctccagtc taaaatgaca gaatgtatga atacacaagc    186660
     atgtggtcag ataattcaga tgtttgacca caagttacat tagcatctaa acccactgag    186720
     aaagttatta ccatgtgacg tcaagccaat gaacaatagt gacccctgat acaactgctg    186780
     acacactggt caatgctaca gtaattagtg actctcaagg gtcgttcaat gtcaaaaaaa    186840
     tgttaggcac gtaaagtgtc aatatttagt ctgctaaaac attctagagc acggcacctg    186900
     ttacaaaatg aaacctttca aagaattgtc aacaatatat tttaattcat gagtaaaata    186960
     atgtccttgg taaacagact ttgttgactg taatatgctg tgctgtgctg tatataatct    187020
     agaattagca aaacagacag acatgaacag aatggaaatc attatagacc attatagaat    187080
     ctccccctcc tggaaggcat gtccttgcac catggaaagg ccaacagagg aggatgcatg    187140
     cagcgtttaa gccctcctgg gatgtttcta cttacgattc gaaagtaata ttggcgtcaa    187200
     gtccgtacac tttcttcagc acaatagagc atccaaggta gcaaagaatt c             187251