EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX000986; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 151501 BP.
AC   BX000986;
DT   03-DEC-2002 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   06-JUN-2007 (Rel. 92, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-210B19 in linkage group 19
KW   HTG; rbb4; yars.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-151501
RA   Henderson C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUN-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 138fe0dbf3ccaae3f006ca89a1dcfda0.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000029058; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035909; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035913; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035918; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000047461; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000048144; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000052126; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000052134; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000124491; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000133101; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000136213; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000144337; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000147504; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   CH211-210B19 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..151501
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-210B19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-210B19"
FT   CDS             join(<872..955,1069..1181,1265..1408,1781..1957,3487..3538)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015451"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6UWU5 Tr:Q71RE4 Tr:Q71RE4
FT                   Tr:Q80ZW8 Tr:Q8NA29 Tr:Q96F59 Tr:Q9BRC8 Tr:Q9BRC8 Tr:Q9DA75
FT                   Tr:Q9DA75"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6DEJ6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016196"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04464.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<872..955,1069..1181,1265..1408,1781..1957,3487..4579)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW018761.1 Em:BF717971.1
FT                   Em:BF938594.1 Em:CA471977.1 Em:CB352956.1 Em:CF998621.1
FT                   Em:CF999372.1 Em:CK027297.1 Em:CK029805.1 Em:CK238491.1"
FT   mRNA            join(6124..6173,6456..6526,7265..7411,8029..8204,
FT                   8361..8490,10295..10375,11728..11820,11904..12039,
FT                   12121..12206,12971..13106,13191..13291,14335..14528,
FT                   14623..14764,15314..15953)
FT                   /gene="yars-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.4-001-2"
FT                   /product="tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL917085.1 Em:AW421319.1
FT                   Em:AW777876.1 Em:AW778597.1 Em:BG728210.1 Em:BI883899.1
FT                   Em:BM531992.1 Em:BM532018.1 Em:BM532041.1 Em:BM574276.1
FT                   Em:BM574489.1 Em:BM776538.1 Em:BM776821.1 Em:BM858510.1
FT                   Em:BM858523.1 Em:BM858579.1 Em:BQ132391.1 Em:BQ258826.1
FT                   Em:CB352706.1 Em:CB357916.1 Em:CB360024.1 Em:CB363475.1
FT                   Em:CB366307.1 Em:CB417239.1 Em:CK017750.1 Em:CK026754.1
FT                   Em:CK127733.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY398430.1"
FT   mRNA            join(6451..6526,7265..7411,8029..8204,8432..8490,
FT                   10295..10375,11728..11801)
FT                   /gene="yars-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.4-002-2"
FT                   /product="tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM184597.1"
FT   CDS             join(6470..6526,7265..7411,8029..8204,8361..8490,
FT                   10295..10375,11728..11820,11904..12039,12121..12206,
FT                   12971..13106,13191..13291,14335..14528,14623..14764,
FT                   15314..15424)
FT                   /gene="yars-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.4-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015434"
FT                   /product="tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6TGS6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002305"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002307"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002547"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012340"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014729"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04465.1"
FT                   ITCKTLKGGNIS"
FT   polyA_signal    15933..15938
FT   polyA_site      15953
FT   mRNA            join(111423..111483,114023..>114731)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF999645.1"
FT   CDS             114043..>114731
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015445"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LYR4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04470.1"
FT                   LFRAARD"
FT   polyA_site      complement(120400)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(120401..121049,121165..121275,
FT                   121372..121429,121535..121611,121693..121770,
FT                   121875..122001,122120..122280,123633..123748,
FT                   123966..124139,124233..124378,125621..125768,
FT                   126370..126538))
FT                   /gene="rbb4-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.2-001-2"
FT                   /product="retinoblastoma binding protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI477999.1 Em:AI545071.1
FT                   Em:AI545559.1 Em:AI584500.1 Em:AI601445.1 Em:AI667507.1
FT                   Em:AI721566.1 Em:AI722607.1 Em:AI957854.1 Em:AW116425.1
FT                   Em:AW128237.1 Em:AW134107.1 Em:BE017627.1 Em:BI866662.1
FT                   Em:BI889405.1 Em:BI889522.1 Em:BM095842.1 Em:BM096163.1
FT                   Em:BM102559.1 Em:BM140986.1 Em:BM571737.1 Em:BM571970.1
FT                   Em:BM778584.1 Em:BQ285838.1 Em:CB353815.1 Em:CF347341.1
FT                   Em:CF997852.1 Em:CK237286.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY394940.1 Em:BC045315.1
FT                   Em:BC063984.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(120427..120432)
FT   CDS             complement(join(120987..121049,121165..121275,
FT                   121372..121429,121535..121611,121693..121770,
FT                   121875..122001,122120..122280,123633..123748,
FT                   123966..124139,124233..124378,125621..125768,
FT                   126370..126385))
FT                   /gene="rbb4-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.2-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015447"
FT                   /product="retinoblastoma binding protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O93377 Sw:Q09028 Sw:Q60973
FT                   Sw:Q6P3H7 Sw:Q6P3H7 Sw:Q6P3H7 Sw:Q7ZTY4 Sw:Q9W7I5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019775"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020472"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022052"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXD4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04471.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(121190..121275,121372..121429,
FT                   121535..121611,121693..122001,122120..122280,
FT                   123633..123662))
FT                   /gene="rbb4-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.2-002-2"
FT                   /product="retinoblastoma binding protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL716762.1 Em:AL717196.1
FT                   Em:AL721975.1"
FT   mRNA            join(BX957237.11:60381..60435,BX957237.11:61878..61978,
FT                   BX957237.11:67924..67994,complement(148082..148258),
FT                   complement(140038..140141),complement(139020..139085),
FT                   complement(138718..138853),complement(137990..138099),
FT                   complement(135628..135798),complement(134567..134713),
FT                   complement(132087..132225),complement(129430..129552),
FT                   complement(128974..129348))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI706004.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC048052.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(128974)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(128995..129000)
FT   CDS             join(BX957237.11:67931..67994,complement(148082..148258),
FT                   complement(140038..140141),complement(139020..139085),
FT                   complement(138718..138853),complement(137990..138099),
FT                   complement(135628..135798),complement(134567..134713),
FT                   complement(132087..132225),complement(129430..129552),
FT                   complement(129320..129348))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015441"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZUN5 Tr:Q862B5 Tr:Q91VK1
FT                   Tr:Q96JW5 Tr:Q9H3F7 Tr:Q9WTT7 Tr:Q9WTT7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUC1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003307"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016021"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04466.1"
FT   mRNA            join(BX957237.11:60402..60435,BX957237.11:67924..67994,
FT                   complement(148082..148258),complement(140038..140141),
FT                   complement(139020..139085),complement(138718..138853),
FT                   complement(137990..138099),complement(<135635..135798))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM156706.1 Em:BQ075210.1
FT                   Em:CA475003.1 Em:CK695533.1 Em:CK870243.1 Em:CN179238.1
FT                   Em:CO807851.1"
FT   CDS             join(BX957237.11:67931..67994,complement(148082..148258),
FT                   complement(140038..140141),complement(139020..139085),
FT                   complement(138718..138853),complement(137990..138099),
FT                   complement(<135635..135798))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015444"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUC0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04467.1"
FT   mRNA            join(BX957237.11:67666..67751,BX957237.11:67924..67994,
FT                   complement(148082..148258),complement(140038..140141),
FT                   complement(139020..139085),complement(<138785..138853))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CB365193.1 Em:CK691970.1"
FT   CDS             join(BX957237.11:67931..67994,complement(148082..148258),
FT                   complement(140038..140141),complement(139020..139085),
FT                   complement(<138785..138853))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015443"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUB9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04468.1"
FT   mRNA            join(BX957237.11:60408..60435,BX957237.11:61205..61227,
FT                   BX957237.11:61878..61978,BX957237.11:67924..67994,
FT                   complement(148082..148258),complement(<140035..140141))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG304859.1 Em:BU709768.1"
FT   CDS             join(BX957237.11:67931..67994,complement(148082..148258),
FT                   complement(<140035..140141))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015442"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUB8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04469.1"
FT                   ENHTTIRSYAQV"
FT   misc_feature    151501
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-210B19"
SQ   Sequence 151501 BP; 48459 A; 27261 C; 26704 G; 49077 T; 0 other;
     gaattcatgt tcataaagag gattattgtt gtcatgtaat acaacattac tgtagagttt        60
     tttttttctt tctgactaca gtaatcctga gggagatgta atgaatagaa tgtttttaga       120
     cattgaaaat atgacaccaa gccaacattc tcatattgtt gtcaggaagg tgtgttggca       180
     ttcttgttgg cagtctgcgc ttatacagag atactgattt tgaaatcaaa tctttgtcag       240
     tgaatcgctt gcatgcctta tctatcctaa atctggaaag atagaacagt acaaaaaaca       300
     gagcatgtat ttagattgag gtcatggctt tgattctcaa aaatggcaca tataaataca       360
     attaaaatgt ttgagaattt tgcattaatg ttatttgaaa aaagtattta ttatgattct       420
     gattttcttt cagataattt gacctatgta atgttgtgct tgtagttttt tgtcaaatac       480
     tttaatttca aagtgattat cattttccag ggtaaaggta tagttcaccc caaaatgaaa       540
     atttacccac cattatgatg tggtttcaaa cctttgagtt tcctttttct gttgaacaca       600
     aaagaggata cttatactcc tctctattca tacactgacc ttcatacttg gggaaaaata       660
     tacctatcgg tttccagcat tcttcaaaat gtcatctttt gtgtttaaca gaagaaagaa       720
     gctcaagtag gtcattttta ggtgaactat ctctttaaat gttattgtgt caacctgaat       780
     aaaactttca gagaaaatgt ccctttttgt ccttcacact cttacagaat ttctcattga       840
     gccgcttcta ttttaatttc ctctatttta gctctccgcc acacttgcta tcccattttg       900
     gcaatggttc ctcacgaaat ttggcaagaa aaccgcagtg tatattggga ctacagtaag       960
     tattggcagt ggcacacttt taaacgttca gttaaactga ccatcagcgt ttgtcatcta      1020
     aatcctgttt atgattccag ttactgatgt tttatggtct ctttgcagtc tgtggtgcct      1080
     ttcctgatct ccgtagtctt ggtgccaagc agtcttgctg tgacttacat tgcgtcgttt      1140
     gctgctggag tgagtgtagc agcagctttc ctcttgccat ggtaaatatc cagcaacaac      1200
     aaagaaaatg tgcgccttcg aaattgatgc acttgtattc atgtgtgtct tcctatgtcc      1260
     tcaggtccat gcttcccgac gttgtagatg attttaaagt ccaaaatcct gaatctcaag      1320
     gccatgaagc catcttctac tccttctatg tgttcttcac caagtttgca tctggagttt      1380
     ctttgggggt ctcgactctt agtcttgagt aagtttacac tactaactat aagggtggca      1440
     ctggccaact tgttttgttt gagaagaaca attctaaata tttatcccca ttctcgcata      1500
     ttgtattgta aaattatata ctttaattca cgagtcaatg aggtctttta acgttggatt      1560
     atagtctgca tgatccaata agcctggatt tgtgttctac tgtatgagaa tcagtctggc      1620
     ctcctgacct gcagatataa tgcgattaac acttctctca tgggtctttt gagtttgtag      1680
     accgtgacca tgcaggacag tgtttcatgt gagattcatt gatcagtcac gaggctggat      1740
     ttaacgtgct aatcttttta tttcttgctc tttgaaacag tttcgctggc tatgtgacga      1800
     gaggttgcac gcaacccggt gaagtcaagt taaccttgaa aatcctggtg tctgctgctc      1860
     ccatagtctt gatcattatc ggactgctaa tattcatctc ttatcccatc aatgaggaaa      1920
     agcgacaagg caaccgcaaa ctgcttaatg aacaaaggta aatgcaccta cttactgtct      1980
     gaagcccaaa ttgtacttca ctttttatca aggatgttag tttaacactc taattgaatt      2040
     attcatggaa aacctaacat gcagacccac catcttacat ttgaaatgat tgattattca      2100
     taaacgtgat gcaggacaat gattcactaa tatatttatg ttcctacaat tcaagatatt      2160
     aaagcaaaaa tgcccattat tagtttttgt cccctatttg aattgtataa ttcagtggac      2220
     ccttttcaca agacttattt aatgctcatc agcatcttaa atcctcaaaa gtttttcatg      2280
     tttagataaa aaaagaatgt atgtacattt ataaagctat acgttgtatt atatcatcct      2340
     tgcatcaaat tacaaaagaa aacaaattac agcttatgtg aggtgtttgt aatgcagcat      2400
     ctatgggcaa gacagtaaat tttacatgtt ttctctcctc tggctgccgt catcagtctc      2460
     acacaattta tttttttttc taaaagttct ggatttctca ttttcatttt agttatttga      2520
     tcagattgga atgtgaaaca tgtatttatg gtactttcac attcatttct ctatgtaaat      2580
     ccaactatga catgaattcc actgctgaga aacacggaaa tgtgaaaaag atctgttatg      2640
     ccacacaggc caaaaactca gttttgtttt gaaagagcat gagtgcaaat gtcatattaa      2700
     ttttatacag tagttctaat acaataatga acaactggta cgaggcaaaa tcctctgagt      2760
     aaaatttact caatttagat agtatttgat ccttctctaa attgagttac tcaaattaat      2820
     gaaaggatta attaggtgtt gattgagcac tgatggtgaa cgcctgctgt taatatgcag      2880
     aaatacagaa aagaaaccta aacctacaac taatttcagt cacagcctta aaagaaatca      2940
     gctgaaattt aatgcattaa atctctcaaa atctcagcag aggatctact cgatcaataa      3000
     gcaactccac aaacagcgac ttattctcaa cccgtttgtc tttatttaaa gagggaccaa      3060
     atactctctg aactgagtac attttactca gaggattttg ctttgtaaca acaaaaataa      3120
     tggccatact ttttgatgag tgtgagattg agagaactaa aagatatttg catgtttcga      3180
     ataaagcact gcaaagtcat tctctgtgca tgctcatttc cttttagatg aagaggaatg      3240
     tttgtaatgt gcatgtcaag taacagtgct acactgtgtt caactgtata ctagctttta      3300
     ctgtaaaaca aagtatatgt cgggcttcca ttcttccagt cacatgtctt gcttaacttg      3360
     agcctgctca acattctcaa aactgtaaat tcaaacgttt aaatctgatt agtagcattc      3420
     ttgttttttg ggggggctgt gattctttaa ttttgcctaa ctctgacctg tgtggctctt      3480
     ttacagagaa aacgagatgg attcagaaac ggactccact gagctcaatg tggtttaata      3540
     ccaccaaaaa ccctggacgg gacattgtgc catttgagtt ggaccaacag agctggaaca      3600
     aaccagagcg aatactctga accaaccatg ccttgtggct gaaatcttcc agcatcatca      3660
     caaatatgga tcaactggaa acatagcctg tgccagctca agctcaatgt gccttgccat      3720
     tttcagttgc aagaactatt atggagtcgg cttgtacgtg ttgccaggat ttgtcctgct      3780
     tactggttaa aaacaaaaaa agccagcttt tgaaaagcac acatctatat actgcactaa      3840
     gaaaatgacg aggtgggaca tatctacctt ttagatgaga cttgaaacat ttacaaaggt      3900
     ttttaggtgc taaaaccaaa aatgcttttc aatctgattt gaaaagtgca ttttggaagg      3960
     aatatctgtg aactgtacac tacaatgttt gtatgtaatt taatatttat aaatgctttt      4020
     gtgcttctaa ctaaatgagc atacttgaaa ccatgacacc aagtggggtt tgattacatc      4080
     aaactgtagt attgcacaca aagttaccac ctttttcttc ttgtattact ttccttttca      4140
     tcttcgtggg gcgtacagag ggatgtgctg agggaaaagt gtacaaattt gatccctcaa      4200
     caccttccaa ttagatcgat caatatccac taaagtactg ctgaggcttt aaattagatg      4260
     aacgccatca gaatgtgtgg gctagaaatg tatgattatt ccttctggtg agaggtgaag      4320
     attatttaag tatttattac ttttctttta aatcatatgt tgatttgatt gtctttttct      4380
     ctcatcttcc ttaatttatc ttgtttaagg gcctgtcaca taaaataagg gcaattaggg      4440
     tagagctgtc actgctgaat tatatctatt atgccattaa ttcctatgga acagccaacc      4500
     agtgtgttta caggtgacac tactgtttgt ttaggtgtta aatgtatttg atttctggtc      4560
     tgatcgtttt gattcaccgt ctagtctagt gcttttatta ttgtatagta ttaatgttgg      4620
     ttctcagcct gtaactaagt gtcaaagatc tgaatgccaa gtgttcccta caaatgtgta      4680
     cgtgctgtga aatatgtaca taaacctgtt ttcattttct atcttttggg ggaaaatgga      4740
     attatttgta aataacattt gtgtatatac gagtgttgta tgttatacat atgtacattt      4800
     gatgcacatt gaactcgcat cagtgcagtt tttttgcatg tttctgatta atactgtttt      4860
     ctaacatgtc agttttgtat tgatgcagta actgtgacat ttcgattgct ctcattaacc      4920
     ccagtttgtg gttatctgtc aagatttccg cattctgata tcaaaaatac agttattgta      4980
     aataataaat gtgctgatgt ttgtacatag attttatata tatatatata tatattttgg      5040
     atggaatcct aaatgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtagtt atttaaaaga aacaatggaa      5100
     atagtcgtta ataaatggta attgatatta aaagatcatt gtgtcttttc taattttcca      5160
     cctatacaat ttcaaaacgc ttaagaaata acatgaataa attagttttc tatctatcta      5220
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctgtctatc tatttactgt ctatctgtct gtatctatct      5280
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctctattttc      5340
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc      5400
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta attctagaca gataaacttg tattatttat      5460
     tactgcggta atgattaatt catttattga ttggctgaat aaaaatataa taaatgtttg      5520
     gcatatattc ttatttttaa tatttgacac gatactagat ggtgtatagt acacattcag      5580
     tttttatata atgacataaa ataacatttt atattcgtaa aagtaaatgg cgttatacaa      5640
     acctgtttga gcgggaaaga tatacgcttt tttaggttac cggcgacgac attttagaaa      5700
     caaactaggc cctcctgtca ttttatcaat attaattttt aaaacagaac gaagactggt      5760
     actgagtctg tcagtatgaa ctaaaaagtt tattaaatat taaaaagcaa tatattaaaa      5820
     aaagttccct tagagttggg gcgcctcctg gaggagaaaa ttcgacagca gcttaatgat      5880
     cgtccctcga ttactcgtcc tgctgatgat tgctcgacaa tttattgttc agagctgatg      5940
     caatactgcc attacaaggc aaaatatgtt aaaaactgtt atataatacg tatttaagtg      6000
     catttataaa attataaata attagatatt tttaaaaata tgtctataca attttaactg      6060
     aagtttaatt aaacttttat attagatgtg gcttttatta tgatacacgt gatgaaatct      6120
     tggttcaacc ggaacagcct gtcaccggca cacacgtttc tcagcgacca ccggtgagat      6180
     ataatgcatc ttattatgaa tatcaaaatt ttgttatggt tattatcact gacgatttat      6240
     aaacataata ttcacattta taccgacaca ttttccgctc tgcagtgttt ctagcactct      6300
     gttttagaca gctcagcgat tcattcacta cagacgtcac tgaagaattg agatcgtaaa      6360
     aacgtcaatc gtgacacaaa gtttctaccg aaatgacaag ttctgtgtat gtctattact      6420
     tgacatatac acttataata ccttattttg cacagaagca gcagacatca tgggagagca      6480
     gctgagtcct gatgagaagt tccagctcat caccagaaac cttcaggtga caaacgtgtt      6540
     attttctgtt tgctatgagc taaaaactta gttaacattt taagaatatt atcaaaagaa      6600
     tatacggaaa tacatttaaa aaatagtttt tgtttcatct tcatttgagt acatgagctg      6660
     tcacaccctg ttgttttctc ttttgaggta aagttggttt taattttctc acgttctcct      6720
     taataatatt cattcattcg ttcattaatt ttcttttcgg cttagttcct ttattaatca      6780
     tgagtcacca cagtggaatg aactgccaaa ttgtccagcc aatgttttac gcagcggatt      6840
     tccttccagc tgcaacccag ctctgggaaa cacccataga tacaccacgg tcaatttagc      6900
     tcattcaatt cacctacagt gcatgtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga gcacccagag      6960
     gaaacccacg ctaatactta gagaagatgc aaactttaaa caaaattgcc agctgaccca      7020
     gccggggttt aaaccaacaa ccctcttgct ttgaggcagc agcgctaccc actgtaccac      7080
     cgtgttgcct ccttaataat atagtttccg ccaatataga cagcattgtt cagtcaaata      7140
     aatagcgata gtgttgtttt gaagtcatac ttgtactatg gtaaacaata tagggagcgt      7200
     gtcacaagtt gtcacttaac aaatgtgcga atataaaacc aactttacct cgatgttttc      7260
     tcaggaggtt cttggtgagg agaggttgaa ggagatcctg aaggagcggg aactgaaggt      7320
     ttactgggga acagcgacta caggcaaacc ccatgttgct tactttgtcc ccatgtcaaa      7380
     aattgctgac ttcctgaagg cgggctgtga ggtttgtatt cagcactatg tatttgttct      7440
     gaatgagcat ttagtaactt atttgtcttt ttaaagatca tttttaattg ctggaattag      7500
     ggatctgtat atagctgttt ctgggtaaga aatgatggat gttttcaatt atcagtcaat      7560
     gtaggctaat acagtttttt tacagtctaa tactgtctcc tttttttgtt actttttttg      7620
     atgaaagaaa tgactaaaac catatttgag gatcacagtg ctaagcggtt ccaaacatta      7680
     taggttatgg gaaccttcta tttgtgggtt gctttttggt tttgctcctg ctgaatatgc      7740
     agaaaaatgt tttaaagaaa attggaagct gtatttatta acatttaccg taataaaaaa      7800
     ttcagtggct ttcagtttcc aaagatatcg tcctttgtgt ttgaaactca aacagacttg      7860
     gaattattgg tggatgagta aataatgaca gaattttagt ttgtttttga actatacttt      7920
     taagatgctt tcatgtgaaa ttgtttgtaa aggtcacgtg aataagttac aaaaatgtga      7980
     tctcacatct ttgcccctct catacctatt tgtccatttg ttctcaaggt gaccatcctc      8040
     tttgctgatc tccatgctta tctggataac atgaaggctc cctgggagct gctggagctc      8100
     cgggtgaagt attatgagca ggtcatcaag gccatgttgg agagcattgg agttcctctt      8160
     gacaaactca aatttgtcaa aggcacagat tatcagctca gcaggtaacc ggatgatgat      8220
     tgactgaaaa tttgttttac ggatatttca ggtttattcc atagaataag aaatgtattt      8280
     taaccatgca tgtataaggt ttgtctgtgg ttgctttgtt aaaaagaata aatgaaaatg      8340
     tcatggttgg tttgttatag agaatacact ctggatgttt accgactgtc atccatggtc      8400
     actgaacacg atgcaaagaa agcaggggca gaggtggtca aacaggttga gcatcctctt      8460
     ctcagtggtc tgctgtatcc tggactacag gtatgcagat tgggtttttc ccatctttgt      8520
     cacctactga aggattaaaa cagctcttaa aaacatctct tcattctttt ttcagttttt      8580
     ttaaaatgat tgttattatt tttagaactt gtatatatat tttaacttac tttattaaaa      8640
     ttctcacaca ttctgttctg agtctataaa ataatcacca aagtttccac aaaacatttg      8700
     atgcttaatt tgaaggaatg tgtaatgcgg aaaacagaac taatgctact taaaattcag      8760
     cttgctaata ttacaagata aaaattacct aaattgtgaa aaggtttgac acattgactc      8820
     tgcgtttagt ttggcctgtc actatatcca tggtacgata tattgcacca tcatgttttg      8880
     ctataaacaa tatttagtgt ttcctatagg atttttccag ttgtggtggc aggccttttt      8940
     tacacagatc taccaactac ctgtggtgtt atttcattga caaatgtcgt gagcgcagta      9000
     ttacaagtcg agatggcatt aatttaatac cagcatgtga atctcctttc ttgcgcgccg      9060
     attttctctg ttagtgcaca aaacttcttg cacgccctca aatatacgct gctcaagtgc      9120
     atctttttgt gcgttctcaa ataaacgctg ctgaggtgcg atttagcgca tttatatagg      9180
     atgtctccaa catttatttg atttgctagg aattttatga atgtctccaa tagacatact      9240
     gagcggcatt aatgcatcct aaagtaaagt gaaacgacta taaactccag caagataaag      9300
     tctttgtatg cagagccata gacctttatc tataaagtat aattatggta actgtgttca      9360
     tcttaactga aagcaaagtt gagtttgcta gcatcatgca cctgtcagtc agtcatcata      9420
     ttgatgacct tcaatattaa ggtcatcaat aaatgcttaa acatatagca cacagcagta      9480
     tgtgcttaaa tgcttaaaca tatagcacac agcagtacta cgattactga aaaatttgtg      9540
     ctgttataat tcacttacct tttaatacgt tttggtgcga ttattacctg ctatttaaaa      9600
     aaacacgagt gaatgttgta atgtagccgt ggcgggatga agtttggcat ggcaccccac      9660
     cacggcagaa taaatgtagc ggaaaccatg atattaagat aatttaaaga ctattttgac      9720
     atagcatcat aatacaagta aaatcttcca aagacataat atttttaatt cttaagtata      9780
     tttaattata gttattttaa ctatttaata attaggcatt ggaatcagat tgtgaaaacg      9840
     tatattctaa acaaatgtat aaataataat caatgtaaac aaaaatgtgc aaggtaaaaa      9900
     gaactagaaa aatgtaactg atcttttttc tgtcatcatg cagccacatg aaaatatact      9960
     atagtaattt atagtaaata ctagtgtttt ttatccatac tgacaatgac acatctaata     10020
     gagatataga ggctgtgcaa tcagcttaaa tgttgctgga attgcttttt atgtagtggt     10080
     gatatatatt acatctccaa aagatgaatg aggtccacgt gttgtgcgac aagtcaattg     10140
     attgattgtt tttattggac tacttttagt acttttaatt aattctgttt tcataattaa     10200
     acctaaatga tttttgtaat gaattcatca tacagttttt aagtatttta actagctgct     10260
     cattccatac actgtgtttt ttcatttcca tcaggcactg gatgaggaat acctaaaagt     10320
     agatgctcag tttggtggtg tggaccagag gaagatcttc acattagctg agaaggtaca     10380
     ttttaaatgt attataatca tactttgttc cagtaattcc aatacactgg accttacatt     10440
     gcatattcgg tattacaagt tttcatttca gataaaaaat aaataggaga ctacttatgt     10500
     caggggtgcc caaactcggt cctggagggc tagtgtcctg catattttag ttcccacccc     10560
     aattaaacac tcctgaccca gctctactac tagaaacttt aggaaggtgt gttgaaggaa     10620
     gttggagctc aactatgcag gacaccggcc ctccaggact gagtttagac ataagttcgg     10680
     acttaagtga gtcgtaggat aagatttact aatacttgcg tgtcacggtt tcatgtttgt     10740
     ttattcagtt agaagcacaa gagcatttat aaataataaa ttacatacaa tcattgccta     10800
     cagagtgtac aggttcatag atattccttt caaaagcaaa ggatatattt acccatctca     10860
     cacctgtgtt gtcagttgat aacatgtacc agctctgctt atttgcgacc taatttgtac     10920
     ggctctttta agatgtttgt catcatggaa atgggcggca ttagtagtgg tggtgtggag     10980
     agacccctcc tcatgattgt gaagctcttt gagtgtaagg ctgtacacaa taaatgcaat     11040
     aaatatatat aaatacacgg tcccacttta tattaagtgt atattaagtg tccttaacta     11100
     atgtacttgc atcaaaaaaa taaatacaat gtacttactg tgtttatgat gtatttgaga     11160
     acacttgtgg ttctttttag ttgggataga ggttgggtta tgaacaggtt tggtggtatg     11220
     ggtaggttta agggagggtt aaggtgtaag ggatggtcag cctcgtattt acaaatgtaa     11280
     ttacaaaagt taattacaga tataattaca tacatgtatt taatcaagca taagtacaca     11340
     gtaaatacaa gtatttacac aataagtaca ttgtaacaaa ctattagttc ctatgtaagt     11400
     acatattagt taaggccact taataaaaag tgggtccaaa tacacacatt acattacctt     11460
     acttttgcat tacattagtt tacattcatt catactttgt taatagatca ctcacacact     11520
     ttgtgttcaa attagtgttc gtctttagca ctgtttatta aatgccttta ttaaaacttt     11580
     cttgacgtct gtgtttacac ttagtctact cagttattag cgataaccat attagaaatt     11640
     ggatcaattt tatcgagtat attaaataat ggtcttaact ggatataatg ttcctatgaa     11700
     ttatggttga gttggcttgt tttacagtac ctgccttccc ttgggtacac caaacgtagc     11760
     cacttgatga acccaatggt tccaggactc actgggagca agatgagctc ctcagaggag     11820
     gtacggaagc acctacaact tctttcatga gttcatgaat ataataaaac aaataattcc     11880
     gtaaatttct tgtgtaacat caggaatcca agatcgacct gctagacaag aaccaagatg     11940
     tgaagaagaa gctgaagaag gcgttctgtg agcctggaaa tgtggagaat aatggagttc     12000
     tgtctttcgt caaacacgtg cttttccctc tgcactcagg tgagcttggg aggaaaaaat     12060
     aataatcttc acacaatgta aacatccatt caagtgctta atgatgtgtt tcgtttacag     12120
     agtttgtgat taaaagagat ccaaagtttg gaggtgacaa agtctacaca gattttgagg     12180
     aagtggagaa ggactttgct gcagaggtac agtatctgaa cagtgtcata cacttcagat     12240
     tttttaattt aaaattgtat tggcttgtaa aataaatccc ctctgctctc taaaggcaag     12300
     gaagtgtcac atgatccttc agaaatgatt tgtattggct ttttttggtg caagggtatt     12360
     gtaaatatat aatttatttt tatatgttaa tattaattgt tctaattaat gttaaaaacc     12420
     attgtggtgc atactgttta tgtagaaaag gtgatgcata tatttttgta ttatttgatt     12480
     agtaaaaagt aaaacaaaaa attaatttaa atgaaataga aatcttctgt gatgtttatg     12540
     taagatgaat gtctttactg ggaagtttga caaatttatt ccattgttgg caagttattt     12600
     aattcaatga taattatttt atccagattt ggaatagtag tgtatcagag gttccacaca     12660
     aaatgtttta ataataattg ttcatgtagc atcaaattag cacattagaa tgatttgaaa     12720
     agggtgatat gacactgaag agaggaataa tggttgctga aaatatacat ggcataaata     12780
     aattaatgaa taattaacta tttaataata taataattaa gcactattat atttgtttct     12840
     ttatttttaa atgaatctta atgagcaaga ggcgtcattt agaaacatga attacttcat     12900
     ttattactcc aaaccggaag tttgtgttaa aaactgatgc atatgctcac cctgcacttc     12960
     tcacccgcag caaattcatc caggtgacct gaaggcttca gtagaattgg ctcttaacaa     13020
     actgttggac cctatcagga agaagtttga aagccctgag ttgaaaaaac tgacatcatc     13080
     tgcttaccca gaaccatcta aaaacagtga gtgaaaatgc atatctaaaa aaacatttta     13140
     aaatgttaga ctgagtttca aggtctgatt cgattgtcat tatttcacag aaggaggagt     13200
     aaagggcaac cctaaacaaa ccacagatga cgatgaggtc atcccatcca gattagacat     13260
     cagagtggga aaagtcatca gtgtagaaaa ggtagagact gcaaacttgt atgagcattt     13320
     taacttctat gatgtctaaa gtatcgactt cgataactgt caatactgaa attttaaaag     13380
     cttcttccca ctgtttggct gcttagtttg tgctcaacag atataaaagt gattatctct     13440
     gaaggtcagt tgacatttta aagccacatc tattagctaa tccatcaatg agtgaatata     13500
     tgagttatcc gccaatgttc cagtgttttg ttgtgagtaa acaatgtttg ttttgaatat     13560
     gatggagttt ttaacttgtg gattatcagg aatttttgtt tgtcatttat caattttttt     13620
     ttcactttgc tctttatcaa tatatgtttt ttgtacttgt ttttttccac acctattgca     13680
     atggtaataa ttcagctcca ttttattgct ttccgctcat caacttgcag tcacttaagt     13740
     cacaagactg tatctgttaa ctaaggaaaa catgttggga taatgtaatc tttgaaaaaa     13800
     atggctccga aatgaccaat tttttaaagg caaaaagtgt gacaagctaa atatgtttgt     13860
     actattaaac tatcaaaaat tggacaagga gtacttcaaa gccacacaaa gtacttcagg     13920
     ttttttttta atctgaggga aattaaccgt tgttattctc atagtcgcta gtaaagtcat     13980
     gggaaattat attcaagcta taacccgcag tctgttttta tcctctttag atgtcatgga     14040
     aattatcttt acagttagga aacttgatat ttggcttaaa gttgatgtgg cttttaaata     14100
     gtctgtgtat ctgtgttgta ttttatgaag agcagtgaat tgatggcctt cagagccaat     14160
     cacagtcatt tctgttgagc acatgaccaa tggccaatct gctaagtctg atatgtcctc     14220
     aaatgccagt aggaatgcta ctaaaacatt tttttgtatc gatcggtact aaagtcgata     14280
     cttttgaaaa ccctataaga gtgtatttaa ataatctttg tcttgatctg ttagcatcca     14340
     gatgcagact cactatattt agagaagatt gatgtgggtg aagaacagcc gcggactgta     14400
     gtgagtggac tggtggctta tatcacagag gaacagcttc aggaccgact cgttgtgctg     14460
     ctctgcaact taaagcccca gaagatgagg gggattgaat ctcaagcaat ggtgctctgt     14520
     gcttcaatgt aagtagagca ccaaacaccc caattgattg acagattttc atagtaaaag     14580
     taattttttt gcattgatct ttctaaatgt tttggccttt agcgaaggag agcccaggaa     14640
     agtggagcct ttggatccac cagaaggatc tgcagcagga gatcgtgttt acgtagaggg     14700
     ctatgaatct ggcaaaccag acgatgaatt gaaaccaaag aaaaaggtgt ttgagaagtt     14760
     acaggtatgt ggtgtttatg ttttgtgtgt tctatatata tgttttgtac tttaatcaag     14820
     gtactatatg taatttcttt tcgttaacac tttattttaa gtatcaatat taattactac     14880
     ttataaggta atggttttat tcctaccgaa acccatctac taccttacta actattaaaa     14940
     agcagctaat tagtagtttt agctaatagt gttagttaat ggtttgttaa tagtgtaagt     15000
     tgtatataaa agtaacaggc gaccgaattt taagtattaa tcacttttct attgtcatta     15060
     ggagccaaca aatctttaaa aaaaattgag accttcccca aattaatgtt ttctatgaac     15120
     aatttgtttc agtatgtcat tatacattat tttagcttaa attaaaggat aaaaaaacct     15180
     ataaattgct ggctgttgtt tattgtccac tggtctcact actaatagta atagtttctg     15240
     aattctacac atagctgcta ttaaggtatc gttttgtctt catggtttat atttatttgt     15300
     ttgatctctt caggttgatc tgaagatctc cggcgagttt gttgcacaat ggaaagagca     15360
     aaatctgatg accaaacttg gacgaatcac ctgcaaaaca cttaaaggtg gaaatatcag     15420
     ctagaatatc cacactattt ttctcaagct ccagtgggag agttttcatg acagccgtaa     15480
     tccacataac atctacactg tgtatatcac tcatcatagg catcaaaaac tgaactaata     15540
     gttcaccatt actgcagaag aatgcatagg agtattgtct gtcctttaca ttgcatgtaa     15600
     tggcgtccaa gatgatttat gcattaagta ctgcagtaaa catgctaata tgcattagtg     15660
     ataaatgggg aatcttgcag gagctcatct gttatcttaa aactcaggtt ttcctgtggt     15720
     gccatgtctg ttgatcagtg cttataatga tcagtgtgac aatgtacaaa ctattattta     15780
     accttcaaag taaacggttc agatgtggga caatctacag tatataaaca gcaaaatgtt     15840
     atgatgaata ttttaagatt agttgttccc agaaaacaga tagaatttca gataacgtaa     15900
     cattcagatc taatgttaac cagactcgct caaataaagg atgattcata actgatttct     15960
     gtatgtcttg atggaaatta ttgtagagat gtctttaatt tttctgatat tatctcttaa     16020
     aatgaggtat ttgtatcatt ttaaccagaa aatacaaatt ttggagccga tttaaaaaga     16080
     agtgataatt tagacattaa ggttaaagat tatgggaaaa acaacttatt ttctgtgtat     16140
     ttttctgtgc tgaaatagta gctttatcag aaaacaaaga ctgcatttac actgcatgat     16200
     tcaagtgact ccattttgtg gcacagatca catatggccc gtgtaagcgg gacacaatca     16260
     catggattac aatttactca aatcagattc aggccttgtt catatgtgga aatttattca     16320
     atatgacttg aatttgtgtc cttgtgtctg cagtgtaagc aggtagatct gattaacacc     16380
     tatcaatgtg agctgcgcct cgttaaaaac catcgctaat aacgtcaaca ctgatgcttt     16440
     catttcagaa cagatttcag cagagtccca aacctaaaat ctcatacacg aggactaaaa     16500
     aagcttttgt attgtcatgt agcacaagta tttaggcatg tttaacgaga gagagagagc     16560
     aacatctgcc acgtaaccaa ttgtaaaact tttgcataca tcacatgcat aaatcacgct     16620
     attgtcatta cattaagatg cctactggtt taagtaggcc tagattaaaa gaagagatga     16680
     gaatgtttct gtcataaact atagcaaaat gatttgtcaa aagaatttaa attaatgaaa     16740
     ccctgggaac agattaaata cagaaatgga gaaaatagtg ctcttttatt attagctgtc     16800
     agtcagtgcc cactcttttt tttttgtctt tactgtttgc tgtgtaaatg cagacaatca     16860
     gatacgagcc acttttaaaa gatgatgtga acaggtcatc aaaaagaatt ggatacaggt     16920
     cacaaaaaaa tctgaattgt ccatcaagat ctgcagtgta aatgcattgt taatattaat     16980
     aactgcatta atcatgcaaa tttataatga tatttctata tgttacgttt gtatggtcaa     17040
     gtcattaatg ttaagaacac aattaaaaag tgaaaacagg gtaaatctat aaatatcttt     17100
     aatgcatatt tcattttaaa acagtgtagc acttctattc accccctctt gaagcaaata     17160
     gctactaaaa tttttgtata tatacatttt acatcaaatc cagagggacc atcagtcaat     17220
     actcttacct ttttttttgc tggttccaac ttaaatgcag catctagctt acaaagtgct     17280
     tcaatctaat gaaaagtaaa tatgtagatt tttgtgtata catttcagcc atggttagcg     17340
     tactgcagat ttcataaaga taacagaagg ttctgtacat gtataattac atatttgagt     17400
     tgattgcagt agcactaaat ctttcacaat tgttagtatc ctcaactttc attaaaagct     17460
     caaatcaagt gcttggacat acttggatat atcaaaaaaa tatgatacag ggtttttttt     17520
     tttggcgcca agcagtgatt actaccaaca gtgaccacta gatgtcagtt cggtcttgca     17580
     gtcatttgct ttaataagtc gattataaac taaatgcgac tcttcccaga gcagagaggc     17640
     tcttaaaaaa atacttgaaa gctgtaataa agctatttta taaaacatgt tttggggagt     17700
     aaaagctttt tgcatacgct tgaaggccat tttcaggcta aggcttttaa gacgatggtg     17760
     gtaaccataa attcttgatc aagaccttac ttgggctttc atcacttgct ttgtcctttt     17820
     ctctttacta gcagtccaat caaaactcat cttatgtctc ttcaacacga ggtctctgta     17880
     cttcctgaaa cgaaaagtaa ttataatgat catttacatg tccattgttt atttcatgca     17940
     caaattgaca tgttcattgc gaatgcttcc ttacttgctt gttcctggtt ccctaatgat     18000
     tgtgctcgct ggccagcagg atgcacttga tcactttgcc cattaacatc aaccctcatt     18060
     atttgcttat ttgtcaagat ctccgtctta tcctgtgttg cattttccat cttgttcgga     18120
     ggattgcttc catgcactgg tttcttagca acaggtggcg gcaccttaat tggctttttt     18180
     gttccatttg taatcatcgt cttggcttgg tcggaaacct gcattatctc agctgcaaga     18240
     ctctgtttga ggcttgcttg aacatcagga gaagtaggtg tttcaatcac aactcttttt     18300
     gtgcttttgg agaatatgaa actggctcta gatgcagggg acattagcaa gtcacatccg     18360
     tctggtgatt taggagatgg cacgggtgaa gtagcactgc tacctgaaga tgagcgaaga     18420
     tttagcattg caggtactcc actgcaggac attgctgcag tcttcatacg tatggcctcc     18480
     tgaagacaca tggatgggac tgcggatgaa gcagaggatg acttcgcagg tgagttggac     18540
     ttaaaagtaa gggatctgcg aataggcttc tgtggtgtta cttgactaga aataatatga     18600
     tcctcatttg ttgtaggctc agtacttggt ttggaatcgt tgtttacttg gtcttcacca     18660
     acatttacag atcttagtcg caccatctgg agtaaagaag gtgtgacgag tggaatgttg     18720
     gcatcctctt ttggaatagg tgtgcttttg tgtcgacaga gaagttcttt gctcctgttg     18780
     tctttatcta caaagctcag ttgctttcgg aagttaatag tagattgttc ttctacagga     18840
     agaggaggtg caagtggaat gctagtggaa accagcgttt ccttctcatg taagtactta     18900
     tctggaaaat gactggatat tatagtagag gctacatttg tgttttctat ttcagcttgg     18960
     tcctccaaat attctgatac actgtcagaa gacttgtctt gttgtctgac ctccacactg     19020
     ttttgtacta ttctttttgg cagaatggta tgcctttctg agtcttgttc tggactactg     19080
     tccatatctg agacattcgt tgacaataat tttatactga cctcttcaca tgactcttca     19140
     tggaaattgt cagatatctc tgacatgggt tcatgtatga atgaaagagg tggtggaggg     19200
     aagtcaagct catcttgttc ctcaaacatc aattcagttg actcttccat tggtggtgga     19260
     ggtggaggcc aagaagactc tgggaaagtt acttgttcct cttgctcttg cttttgttcc     19320
     tccttttcgg aaggtcgtat agacactgag atgtctgaca tctttttaat aggtggggga     19380
     ggagggtggt gttctggagg tggagaagga ggtggagaaa ttccattgac ctcaggtacc     19440
     tctatactga gtgtttgcac tgatatacga ttcacgatgt cggtaacaat gcagtttctt     19500
     tggttctcat tgctgctcac agttgcagct tttgtttttt ctatagagtt tgtttgtgac     19560
     agcatgcttt gatcaactat aatagatggt acatttgttg taggaagtgt ttgactccat     19620
     ctgtcctttt ggtcctctat cgttttctca tcttgtgtgt gagggatctg gtttaccttt     19680
     gcaagtgttt ctggactttt taattcatta tgtaaaatgg acttttctgt atgccttaca     19740
     tctggaggtt ctaccatcat ttgtttatgc acttgtggtg atgcagattt agttagctct     19800
     tttacaactg tgttctcagt cttagtttct tctgttgtct gtgtctttgg aattacttgt     19860
     tcattgattt gcattgaatt tttattttga gttttacata ttaatgactc caacttatgg     19920
     atgtttgggc ctgggccaca tagtagttca agggtctgtt tattttgaac ccaggtttca     19980
     gggggtgggg gagatggggc ttttaccttg ggtggtgggg gaatgttgaa tagtgtccta     20040
     agagcaatag tttggtgtgt aggtgtaact ttgtttttca ctgttgtaag tggaggggag     20100
     aatttgagtg gttccgatga agtggtattg gtttgaatgt cctgatgtgc tgtatctgat     20160
     atgactgaag acagagatgt tagtgatgaa gacaccgaaa ccacaggtga agtctttgca     20220
     aatactctct caggttttga aggctttact cttctctttc caggtgagga gggactgacc     20280
     tctttagggg aatgcgtagg tgtcccactt tggcttgagt agccacttga aggagacaaa     20340
     gtcctatcaa aattttcacc acattctcta gttttctgtg gggatgagtt acctgatctg     20400
     gcatgccttc cagtgaaaac ttgatcagga ctaagtggac tagatttcac agttgtgtgg     20460
     aagtctgatc taagctctaa agaatggact gaactcttct tgtttttagc ggactgatga     20520
     ttttcttttg tactgctgat atctctgttt gtttgctcat tattatttgg tgccacatct     20580
     ttgggatctt gtatgtctcc ctgctctctc tgtctctgca tgttttcatg atgcagagag     20640
     taggttctct gaggtggtgc tggtggtaat tttgtcttca taacagaaag actacgggag     20700
     aacgaatggc tgtttctgac attgtcccct gcatcaccat actctctggg gttcagtctg     20760
     tgatttgtac ctttcccctc agaacttttc caactgcttg agctcgaaac actcatgtcc     20820
     tttgggatta aaactgaaat gtctttggcg ctgtcagcat caaaggttgg tagacacttt     20880
     ccttttgaag agattgtgga tgaattggag actatagtct ccgatgattg tgaattgctc     20940
     ctgctgggac tagtagtggg aggagcttga tttgtcccac ttccagaccg tgaagaagat     21000
     gggctagctg atgccatact acccttgcta gctgtacttg cactgcatcg gttgtgatca     21060
     tgattgattt caatgatatc tattgcagct ggcaaaactg catttggaat aatcttagat     21120
     aaatatgttg cctgtggaga aatagacata acagggcctt gaggctcttg taggaaagag     21180
     taagtggtca tccctggcac agcaagtgac ttaggcctct gtgtagggca tgctccaagt     21240
     ccaagctttc tgtttaactc atcttggtag acagaatgga tgtggttcaa aagcaagtct     21300
     tcatctcttg atgcctgaag gacttcaatg ttctgcaggt gtacacgagc cccttcatga     21360
     tttacagatg ggagatctcc atcaattgtt tgtagaacaa ctgttccaga tgaatcatct     21420
     tcactgtcat gtcctctgtt tggaagctgc tgcagcatag ttcctcttgc catatctaag     21480
     gtatacaaaa tatataagca attattataa tttcttttaa ttttgtggaa aatcatagtc     21540
     ttacatactt gttggcacta ctgatttgag gtatgctatg ctcaaacaat gatgccttaa     21600
     tatatgtcaa tggctttaca taccaagttc tctttgaact tgctgtggta ttcccatgat     21660
     agttgttctt cgactccgtc tcttggactt atccagtcgt ttaacagggt ttaagggctt     21720
     aaatgtagaa cctaaagagt gatagttcgt acagagatta aatatttttt aattaaagca     21780
     atataaaatg tatttttttt ttctttgcat tgctattact atgataactt gctcaagcta     21840
     ctgccatgca gtgtaaacca ggggtgtcca gttcctggag atttaccttc ctgcatattt     21900
     tagcttaaac ttctactgtt caggtcctaa taaattagtt cagatgtgat tgaacagggt     21960
     tagaactgaa atctgcagga aggtagagct ccaggtacag ggctgagcac cactggtgtc     22020
     aactgcaatt gttaaacctg aaaacaaatt agtggggaaa aacaaagagg cagtgccact     22080
     aagcatgttt tattttaaaa cttcttatta agtcagcatt gtataccttg acgtgtaagc     22140
     actggacgtg aagagactgc tgaggcagtc gacactgaaa tgatggagtg tcctgaggtg     22200
     ctatcgttct caagcgattc attcctttct tttgagcttg tgtcttcctc tggctgtgca     22260
     agcaaggagt tcaaccgtat aaatacatcc tttaaaggtt caatttatac attatttcaa     22320
     cccttcttta aaatgtgaag aaatacgaaa ttacagttaa aacattttca ggaacttgtc     22380
     atttatgatt ttacttgtta ccatattgta ctttatttgt gaaaaactta aatttcagag     22440
     gcttaccaca atatggtcat cctgaaagtc cgctccattt ttgttctctg tatggaagaa     22500
     agactgagtg aggtgcatca gaaaacacaa gtgtatgtta gaaggccaga atgcgagcag     22560
     tgtgttttgt gtaattggaa aaggtgggtg taatgctcac cctcctgctg tagtatcttc     22620
     agtccctctt gagcctctgt atgcaggtcc tccagatatt ttggcctgct cccctctatg     22680
     aacacattct cctggtagtg ctgggaagca gtgtagtgta cagtcagctt tttttgctca     22740
     tcctgcttct gacctggtac agacacacag acagaaggaa ggtgaaggta cgcacacata     22800
     aatggatgca ctctttcaca aaaccttctc attaacatgc agtatgtcat gcagggatat     22860
     agaatcctgc tcctgaaaga ccaacatcct gcagattgaa catatttgtc tgtaggtttc     22920
     tagttgatcc aaactattga ttacctgtta gagttagatt ttttactagg cttggagttt     22980
     ttaggagagt ggtctaccag gatcaagtta aaagacccca gatgtatgat atcataggta     23040
     gttcatcaat ttcaaaagtt gcattcaaat caaatcaaga tgttgatgca taagcaggac     23100
     agttttgcaa aaggcacaga aaggttaaca tctgcaaatc atcatctctc tgctggattt     23160
     ggaaaagctt ttacactaga tgaccttcct cactcaaccg atcacagagg ttgtaatgac     23220
     atgtgtaacc acagtgctag gacacatgca cactcttaat gtcaatttac agtagtgcat     23280
     gtattcactc acttctgtgt ctgtgaggaa aaccagacca ctcttagcag gaaaaaatgc     23340
     aaactctgta ccgaaaagac ctgtggatca ctcaatcatc cggagcttgt gaacgtgatt     23400
     tctacatacc cattttgtga atgaaaggct tttaaatctg gctgttaaaa gttcttactc     23460
     tgcccatcct ttctttgtcc attggcaaca tttgctaagc ttggcagcca attctagttg     23520
     gatcattgac aggagtaagt ggtacatttt gattgtaggt gtccaaccaa gtcatggttc     23580
     aactcaagct gtgaccaggt aatctcttca gatctttaat tcctcgaaat accagattac     23640
     cctttctata gctgcccctt cagcatatgt cagcacatgg gggctttgct ttttctttct     23700
     atacatccat ttaaaattga aatattacaa tcagtgttca taattaacaa acaaccttgt     23760
     ctgtaatata aaaaaactga gatgaatcct ttaaacatat tcctaaatca cccaaggtat     23820
     taaaaacata gtttagtagt tttagaatat atcttatact gaggctagct gttaactttg     23880
     taatgtggag aactgggact cttgagggtt gcccatcgtt ggactgggtc actctcaaag     23940
     gaacagtgag acacttcatt ctcgtccccc tatcattttc ctggcgtact actaaggtgc     24000
     ctactattga ctggactttc tatgtttccg aaaggcaccg caaaattgat gagtgtttta     24060
     ggacagggac tttcccttaa aagagaccga ctcagcctct cagccattta tgcagatttc     24120
     taactgctca ccgggtatca acttttaagc ttcttgtgta gtacacccca tggggagtgt     24180
     caggtgtcct gccactgact gctggcactg tgatataaca gagactgaaa acacaatctg     24240
     taggcaagtg aactatatag aagtccaatt tgcaaattgc tcctgcatat aaaagttaga     24300
     atgttttatt cacggtacag cacagctcta tttgtaaaac attaccagtt ccgcactcat     24360
     acacccgttt acagcaaata ttctaaattt cacaagactc aaatttcaag tgaatttctg     24420
     tcaacccttg ttgggggggg gggggggttg cactgtgagt gtactttaac agctccttac     24480
     cctgtttttt tatttattat tttaaatata tatataaatt attttaacag gaatttccca     24540
     atgagatatg caacccttct accagggggt cctggccaaa atggcagcac aaaaagtttc     24600
     agatatgaaa tgaaatatgc ataaaatatg attaattgaa ttttacacaa aacatttgca     24660
     tgattcttcc aggtaataaa aggtggtttt ccaggtaaga tttaaagatg tttctgatat     24720
     gaaaatactc aataatgtag ggccgaagga gaaaaatgct gttttaccaa actctgacca     24780
     tactcttgga acagttaaat gtcatttata agaattttgt ttactataac tgcaagtata     24840
     atatgataaa agattacaaa tataagatgg ctgttacctt gggtatgaat tataatagac     24900
     ctagccaagt tctttttaaa taatctaaaa tggaataatc ctcggttggc acacactgat     24960
     tctgtaaatg tcattatgag taaagcacat tttgggaagc tacagatatt cagagaactt     25020
     tgtctctaaa tccacactga cagttatgtt tttacagcag tgcatatttt atgctatttt     25080
     agaaaccagt acctgcataa aaagttaact tcgaaattat ttaactcaag tacccctgtc     25140
     ttgataaatt tactgtaatg catcttgcac tgtgcactca atatgtaaac agtattttag     25200
     gaactaggtg aaatgttaaa taaaaggatg tatctactca cccttcttct tgaagattga     25260
     caacagagac cgaacatttt tgcttaaaaa caccaccatg tctgtcttga gataagggtc     25320
     caggcagaga tcattgtagt ttgaaagggt ctcttaaata atcaaagacc aagcagaatc     25380
     atgactacat cggtccacta gtgcggccgc agacttactg gtgtcaacta gctgtctctt     25440
     gtgaaggata atcaggtcgg acacaatgag atctactgtg tgccaccaat cctccagctg     25500
     ccctgatctt tcccacccct cttcatctct cctccccctc ggcattggct tttgtcagca     25560
     tcttaactgt gtggtgtccc cccaacttgt tggctgtttt cctccattgt atgtacacaa     25620
     accgaacttg ccttgacagg gaagcctggc taatctgcct ctcctaaaat ctgcttggat     25680
     tcatgccatg ctatcagggc aaggcatctg cttcacaatt tgacccacag tgcacactat     25740
     aaatagtaaa aggagcatag atttgattga atctttcaaa tgtctaaaat acctgttgaa     25800
     aagtgttaca ggagctatac ctgaaaattg aggatctggg taagtaactt gaaaagtgaa     25860
     catattttag tgggctttat gatgattatt tttgaacatt tagagcatgg atgcatcaag     25920
     ctgtgagcat taaattggct ttcttttatt ggtgtatcac tatacagtcc ccatctggaa     25980
     ctttttggcc aatggaaaat gatgaactgt tctatgtgta taaggtagag aactctacct     26040
     gattggctga ttgatttagc aaatgattgg gtgtttaaaa taaaagtgaa agtgatgaaa     26100
     ttgagtaaat taaagaggcc aagatgcttt gattacgttt tgtatgactc taggcctagt     26160
     tttaggattg atatagactc tagattaaat atgtgaccct ctgtaccaga ttggtgtttc     26220
     ctttcacaga gatgcagacc tagcatgcag ggttgcagtg tcaataccat ttaaagcatt     26280
     cgtttaccaa aaagtgagca ttttgattgc actgtgagtg tactttaaca gctccttacc     26340
     ctgttttttt atttattatt ttaaatatat atataaatta ttttaacagg aatttcccaa     26400
     tgagatatgc aacccttcta ccagggggtc ctggccaaaa tggcagcaca aaaagtttca     26460
     gatatgaaat gaaatatgca taaaatatga ttaattgaat tttacacaaa acatttgcat     26520
     gattcttcca ggtaataaaa ggtggttttc caggtaagat ttaaagatgt ttctgatatg     26580
     aaaatactca ataatgtagg gccgaaggag aaaaatgctg ttttaccaaa ctctgaccat     26640
     actcttggaa cagttaaatg tcatttataa gaattttgtt tactataact gcaagtataa     26700
     tatgataaaa gattacaaat ataagatggc tgttacctat atatgtgacc ctctgtacca     26760
     gattggtgtt tcctttcaca gagatgcaga cctagcatgc agggttgcag tgtcaatacc     26820
     atttaaagca ttcgtttacc aaaaagtgag cattttgatt cccgcactcg aaattgagtc     26880
     taaaagtttt agaaacaaaa accacaaaag gtgttctgaa gaaagttaat gctgctattt     26940
     tccatggata cagtattacc gtgcgttcac accgaaagca gcgagagcgt caatggcaag     27000
     caatctgaat gttgaagtcc accgcttggg agaagtccag agaacacagt cctgtgaaat     27060
     ttggttccga ccacagttgt taccaagggt ttgattatta cggtcaccgg gtttacaatt     27120
     cttcacctta gaattataag gttctatctg acaatttttg tcaaaataga gttattgaca     27180
     tatttttatt aaatgacaac ttatttacat tatttacatt atacaagttg tttacatttt     27240
     aagacttttt atttaaaaaa caaaacggtt tatctacaaa gttgaactct agcttgtctc     27300
     tataagattc tttctgtgag ccaatcagca tttttaatgc acgcacaagg accaataagg     27360
     atcagctttc tttgtcattt tgccgggatg ctccattgac agcgaaaaag atcaaaaaga     27420
     caaaatcgca caaaatcaga gtcggctaaa taatgccaca tcacacaaat tgagatgtgt     27480
     gtaaatgtga tgatttaaaa gcattttttt acactgagat taaatgttaa aatttacact     27540
     gttgagaaag aaacaaaata taaaaaaatt atatattaaa tgtgaaatat ttgtatttgt     27600
     gtgtatatat agtcagtgaa acaattttca gtgtttattc aactcatttg ctcatcgtct     27660
     gttttctttt aaagtcttta aacgtaatac taagccttga agggcacata cttaatttta     27720
     ttcatggggc atatcattca ataaatatag aataaaattc aataaatata attcaatatt     27780
     tcatataaag catacagttt aataattatg accatattaa ttacataaaa ttaacatctg     27840
     cactagatga aatattcagc acagccttgt atgttaaatt tgaacaagta aaaaatattc     27900
     atccaaaaca atatataaat gttatagaaa gcagaaattt tactttctta agcatcaaca     27960
     tattgttaca ccgccaaatt gtgagtgttt ttgattgtat ttcttgaaaa gtaacgcttc     28020
     aataaatgat ctgccagata gaaccttatg attccaaacg gaaaatgact tttcagaatt     28080
     aaaggttcta tctgcattta ccatgttttt gttactccaa tttgcaaatg aaaaaaaaaa     28140
     agttttgata atttacattt agagtacttt taggctctct gtcacgttga aagagaattg     28200
     ttacacacat attattagtt atatggattg caaaaactga agctcaatat ctcaaaatca     28260
     ttcagaacgc agatagaacc ttataattct aaggtgacga attatttaca atgtttcctt     28320
     atggggacat acattaaaaa aacttactgg ccagttactg atgtgcatta atgttatata     28380
     tttttttttt ctttaaaaaa atggaaatct catgccaact ataaggacaa tacgaaacta     28440
     tattgctgct tcagaatatt tcaaacatgg acatattgga taagttgagc aaaggcacac     28500
     cacatgcaac aacttgatct tccattgtta aatgaatttg ataaaaaatt atgggagttt     28560
     tccgggagac agaacaatac gggagatggc cgggagatgg gtctgaatgg cagatatgct     28620
     caccaccttc ggtgtgaatg cacagttcta gtgcaatatg ttgattaatc tacatataca     28680
     aatacatgac aaacttagaa aggctatttt ctaagttttc agaagccatc taatatgatt     28740
     tgggactcgt ttgattccac tttatgaaga ataattgaac atttttcttt ttttatgata     28800
     aaatgcacat tcaagtctga aatagtttta tttatttaga tttttctcat ttaactgtaa     28860
     attgtttaac aggtgtttga tgtctgcact ctagagttgc aatctttggc acttcagtat     28920
     agagtggagc tggctcaaaa ttatggcatt ttcacatcaa actaaaaaaa gaaaagtcac     28980
     cattttggtt ggcaaacttg ccatttttgg ttttacgcca aagattcacc acttttcact     29040
     ttgcaacttt actgttttta aacagtaaga atcactgttt atatttatcc taattacatt     29100
     aacaatctct ctgattgcac aagtgagtcc acagctagat agtgtggatt ttttgctttt     29160
     ttaatcccat taatctcata tcctttcttt ttccttcaag tctgccattc agctctacca     29220
     actgcctgtt gtccaaccca agaaatccca ttaatattta tcagggaaga caaaggacac     29280
     catctggtac atggtctgat ttgagggttg agaatgcctt taaaccgcca ccagacccaa     29340
     attcaatttc ttcatattga agtttttgtt tgcaaaaatg cacaggaaaa aaaaaacgac     29400
     acatggtaaa tttatggtaa attacagaag cataatgtcc tgaatcctca tctgactcaa     29460
     aaagactttt ttatactaat agaatcattt ttgtatactg taatactata atattttgaa     29520
     ttaccttagc ttgtgtactg tatgcatgtt taacttaagt tattgtgata tatttttgtg     29580
     cagttttact ttttcctaat tttatttcat atatttatat ttattagttg tttttgtttc     29640
     atggcgtcca ccaggtggtg gtaaaagatg tctgtttatc agtctctgct tcacatatgc     29700
     acatcttcct gttttgtgca gttccctgaa ctttctgcac acacaaaaaa aaacttaatt     29760
     taaactgaca agaaatgaga gctcatttta aacaaaggaa ataattctca aagcataatg     29820
     tatccataaa gtatttcatt gctgtagtac ttatagtaca aatgttgaca aaaaaagcac     29880
     atgattgtta ggttttaaga ttgaatgatt tatatataat acagtacacc atgcatggtc     29940
     aaaagtggac aaaagacttt tacctcattt aaatgccagc tttgaacaga aatgcatctc     30000
     ttggtttacc tgtgatccaa ctgaccaaaa cacatcgtat tacctggtat aaacatgaca     30060
     tcagttggca gttcttgccg ctccaatcgt aagctgaata aacaagccta tttatggtgc     30120
     atgatcagag gtttgactta ataaaaataa cgttcaaatt gcgcaatgac aataaataat     30180
     atacactgta aaaaaaaatc tgttttactt tttagttttt tccaggacct gtggtgccgg     30240
     gaaaaaagtt aaataacgtc cagtaaatta caaatatatg ccgtaaaatt acagatggta     30300
     aattaaagaa atttacagca aatttaaatt taagaaaatg tgtgtaattt gaaatctgct     30360
     tatttttttt atattttttt acagtaaatg tctgtaattt tacggccgtt attttacggt     30420
     aaaagtctgt aatttaatgt ccgttatttt acagtaaatg tctgtaattt aacgaccgtt     30480
     attttacagt aaaagtctgt aatttaacat tcgttatttc atggtaaatg tctgtaattt     30540
     aatatccatt tgttacagta aatgtttgta attttacggt aaatgtctgt attttaaagt     30600
     ctgttatttt atgtgaaaca agcggcaacc tcccgctctc cctcgggagg ccaatacgga     30660
     agtaactgaa actgcaattc attgaaaatc cgctagtcct ggctccatag aacaaatttc     30720
     aattgagctc acttttagaa tggccaactt tacagcagac tcatcagttt ctgtaattta     30780
     acatccgtta ttttacagta aatgtctgta atttaacatc cgttatttta cagtaaatgt     30840
     ctgtaattta acgtccgtta ttttacagta aatgtctgta atttaacatc cgttatttta     30900
     cagtaaatat ctgtaatttg acatccgtta ttttacagta aaagtctgta atttaacatc     30960
     cgttatttta caataaatgt ctgtaattta aaatccgtta ttttacaata aatgtctgta     31020
     attttacgtc cgttatttta caataaatgt tggtaattta tcatccgtta ttttacagta     31080
     aaagtctgta atttaacatc cattatttta caataaatgt ctgtaattta acatccgtta     31140
     ttttacaata aatgtctgta attttacgtc cgttatttta caataaatgt cggtaattta     31200
     tcatccgtta ttttacagta aaattctgta atttaacatc cgttatttta caataaatgt     31260
     ctgtaatttt acatccgtta ttttacaata aatgtcggta atttatcatc cgttatttta     31320
     tggtaaaagt ctgtaattta acgtccgtta ttttacagta aatgtctgta atttaacatc     31380
     cgttatttta cagtaaatgt ctgtaattta acgaccgtta ttttacagta aaagtctgta     31440
     atttaacgac cgttatttta cagtaaaagt ctgtaattaa acatccattt gttacagtaa     31500
     atgtttgtaa ttttatggta aatgtctgta atttaaagtc tgttatttta tgtgaaacaa     31560
     gcggcaacct cccgctctcc ctcgagaggc caatacggaa gtaactgaaa ctgcaattca     31620
     ttgaaaatcc actagtcctc gctccataga gcaaatttca attgagctca cttttagaat     31680
     ggccaacttt acagcagact catcagtttc tgtaatttaa catccgttat tttacaataa     31740
     atgtctgtaa tttaacatcc gttattttac agtaaatgtc tgtaatttaa cgtccattat     31800
     tttacagtaa atgttggtaa tttttcatcc gttattttac ggtaaatgtc tgcaatttaa     31860
     cgtccgttat tttacagtaa aagtctgtaa tttaacatcc attattttac aataaatgtc     31920
     tgtaatttaa catccgttat tttacaataa atgtctgtaa ttttacgtcc gttattttac     31980
     aataaatgtc ggtaatttat catccgttat tttacagtaa aagtctgtaa tttaacatcc     32040
     gttattttac aataaatgtc tgtaatttta cgtccgttat tttacaataa atgtcggtaa     32100
     tttatcatcc gttattttac ggtaaaagtc tgtaatttaa tgtccgttat tttacagtaa     32160
     atgtctgtaa tttaacatcc gttattttac agtaaatgtc tgtaatttaa cgaccgttat     32220
     tttacagtaa aagtctgtaa tttaacgacc gttattttac agtaaaagtc tgtaattaaa     32280
     catccatttg ttacagtaaa tgtttgtaat tttatggtaa atgtctgtaa tttaaagtct     32340
     gttattttat gtgaaacaag cggcaacctc ccgctctccc tcgggaggcc aatacggaag     32400
     taactgaaac tgcaattcat tgaaaatcca ctagtcctgg ctccatagag aaaatttcaa     32460
     ttgagctcct tttagaatgg ccaactttac agcagactca tcagtttctg taatttaaca     32520
     tccgttattt tacagtaaat gtctgtaatt taacatccgt tattttacag taaatgtctg     32580
     taatttaacg tccattattt tacagtaaat gttggtaatt tttcatccgt tattttacgg     32640
     taaatgtctg caatttaacg tccgttattt tacagtaaat gtctgtaatt taacatccgt     32700
     tattttacag taaatgtcag taatttatca tccgttattt tacggtaaat gtctgtaatt     32760
     taacgtccgt tattttacag taaatgtctg taatttatta tccgttattt tacggtaaat     32820
     ttttatttaa catctgttat tttacagtaa atgtctgtaa tttattatct gttattttac     32880
     ggtaaatgtc tgcaatttaa cgtccgttat tttacagtaa atgtctataa tttaacgtct     32940
     gttattttac ggtaaatgtc tgtaaattaa cgtctgttat gttacgttaa atgtctgtaa     33000
     tttaacttaa cttattttat ggtaaataac tatattttaa cgtccattat tttatatttt     33060
     tttcggcatc ccagctgctg aaaaaaaatt acaaaaataa aaagtagaat aatgtaaaat     33120
     aagtgtagat tgcgtcacaa aacacataaa aacgaaagta acaaacccta ttaaaaatgt     33180
     aagaagtaga aagtacagat atttgtgtaa aaaagttgtt cgaaaaataa atagtggagt     33240
     aaagtactga tactagaaaa atctacagta acaaagtatt tgtactccgt tacttccagt     33300
     ttctgcagat ggatggattt ttttattttt ttttaagatg ttgttttgag tttcctagaa     33360
     agcaggtaaa gtcaatttta aaacccaggg ctaatttaaa tactgtctca gatatgtttt     33420
     taattttatt tgaaccaaat atttatgtgt caatggaagt tttgtgttgt atatgtaagc     33480
     aagatgtaaa cacaaggaaa atttgagaac aaaatcatgc tttaaatatt tacatccacc     33540
     acctagtgag actctttgct taaagttact tataaatgaa agtcatgttg gcctgggggc     33600
     tttcagagca gggcgaactc tttaacattt gacttaatct gggataaatc aatagaaggt     33660
     taatgtagct tgcagccgct ttagcttcta ttttccacat ttttccacac aggtacacat     33720
     caaccaaaca atgcatgagt ttgccatgag taatcttcca tgaaattttt atgaatgcct     33780
     agaaattaga atgatttgtt accgttatac accctgaata ctcaaaagat tagcttgact     33840
     tgcgtttgtt tcgcagttgc caacaagtgc gtcatttgtt gatttctatt tattgaatta     33900
     tatatatata accctccagt attcggttgt tttagcgtga ctaacagagc cctgccccag     33960
     atatcagact caaatctccc gttctgacaa taggctgctt tcatcgaact ctccctatgt     34020
     tgttttcaag gaatctaagc ccaaacgagt agatgagatg atactgatga ctctcaatgt     34080
     cccgggagat gatgagctgt gttttctctc cttcgtttag cagggcaccg cctcaaatca     34140
     ttagctctag gaagccaaag acaagcctat tttcttgtct gtgatggagt tctgcatcta     34200
     tcagggttta caagtccctc gaagcatcta taaatcttct gtacaaaaaa acacagtgcg     34260
     aagtaatcct tccccccctg cctgaaagct tcatcaatac ttactaataa tagcacgcgg     34320
     ggttgagaag caagcagggt ttattctgca ggcgtcatga tattttaaga ttcttgtttt     34380
     ccccccttat tagacatgaa gtcttgggta cagacagagg acaatgtagc caagatgata     34440
     tgttccctaa atacattctc ttataatact accacattag aaacaataaa ggaaaagatg     34500
     gaatataaaa gtgcataaca tcatatttct caatgacaaa catcaatgac ctaaaaaata     34560
     catacaaaaa ttattttaag gcatttatta aaacattcaa gagatggagt ttttctaatg     34620
     gaagcaagcc aggaacttca caactttgga gcaatttttg aaaataacct gggctgcgtt     34680
     ccagtccact tttaaacaag cactcgccaa tgtcccttca cttgttcaat tgggaattcc     34740
     caatgccatt ttgaagtgtg ttccacttca tttagttaac gagggaagct tagatggaca     34800
     aaccctcaat ccctcgattt caaggaagtg agtaggcttc atatgtccca aattacaaca     34860
     cgattgtgac accacaacag tgtattaccc tggtgctcaa aggtttatcg gattccattc     34920
     aaacgcattt aaaagctacg cctttcctag atgggtgaca cggtggccca gtcgttagga     34980
     ctgttgccta acagcaagaa cgtcactggt tctagtcctt actaagccag cggacgtttc     35040
     tgtgcagaga ttacacgttc tgtgcttatg tgggtttccc ctgggttccc cggtttcctc     35100
     ctgcatctaa taacatgcaa cttaagttaa ttgaataatt caaaccagca ccataggctt     35160
     gcgtctagta agtagttgtc ttttaagagc aattactatc tgttcattag ctactacagc     35220
     aggggagttc tcgagatcta cctgagctca aactcctctc tcgccatgcc aacgggaggg     35280
     agtccagggc tcgaagatct taagagcaca gggctctctc gcaggacagc atgccaaaca     35340
     tgctttataa tcaatcatca gctaagtgtg aactcttaaa aaatgaaaat cgtctcgagc     35400
     ctaaatgaga tttctgtatt tgtttagaaa gtctcctgcg ataggtttac atgcctccca     35460
     tgtaaaaaac attcattttc tcattgcatt ttacacttcc taaaaggttt caaatagggc     35520
     cactattgga taaatgtaac atttttttag gttttttcat ttcccgatat atattgtgat     35580
     atgaatacaa tttcaccaga agacttaata tctcaacttg gaagagggat gattctgcag     35640
     cggaagtgca tttccataaa atctaataaa atctataaca tttttggggt cacctgacag     35700
     attttcgttg ttgtctgcaa tttgcagtgc gtttctgatt ctttttttaa accccttata     35760
     aacccaagtt tattaagtct gttatgatag cttgtagagc ataacagtta aataatcatt     35820
     atctgaattt tagctctgga ggtgtcctga aatctacaga ttgtacaaag tagacaataa     35880
     ttatgccgtt gattttgcta tatcaatgaa agtgtgagtc ctatgttgaa atggtgaaag     35940
     aactactaga tcaaccacaa acttgatcat ggaaccagtt gaagaggaca tttctcagtg     36000
     gtaacttttt ccttagttaa tggtgcattt taaactgtca tgtatgagga tttcttctgc     36060
     accagcatta aaatgagctt aataaatgaa caaaggcttg tggcaaaaat ggataagcac     36120
     aaatacccaa catttttgag tgttggctaa cagatgttct aggcagctaa ttattgccat     36180
     agttgggtat tataccaatt tgttatggat ctacattatg tagaacgtta aactaattca     36240
     atgacttttt ccagcagttc agaatcgatt aggggacaat aacttttgct gtgcaaataa     36300
     caaactttat agacctttga cattttcaaa cagctaaatt acacactcca ttaaaggtga     36360
     tatctaaaaa gcaaaatagg gccaccttga tgccaaaata ttaaatgtta aaaatgttat     36420
     taaacattta ccacatgctt aaaatgttga tttgtcactg tgttagaaaa ataacaaatc     36480
     atatggcttt tgttttaaaa taattcagcg tcagcacact tttaaagcta taacaagagc     36540
     agttaaaatg agtttaaata ataaaaccat acacagtgta aactacttgg ttttacattt     36600
     tgcaaattat atgcacacat tttaagtgca caattacttt taaagtcatt acatattaca     36660
     aattaacatg atattttgat cctccaagac tttcaaatac acactgaggt tcagcttgtc     36720
     tgtgtatagt ggcaaattaa tatgtttatg ttcatattaa gatatggaat attcgatttc     36780
     aggaaatcta tttagtctgc atcgctctca tcccaaacaa catcagtcta attttcatga     36840
     tgcagatgtc tgccaaaaca cacacacaaa gaacccatca tccaattact aaggttgtgt     36900
     gttgaatgtt aaatgttact accaataaaa tcttacagtc aaacacatgc accctgcatc     36960
     atgcacacca actgctgagt attttattac catcataaca gaggtcaaac aaggtcatgt     37020
     gattctaaca agcagctgca tgtccacaat tatagaacgt aaaagagtgt gtattgtgct     37080
     ttctttctct ctatcacatc tgatccttca tttgtgacaa catttccagg caacacgcca     37140
     ttttgaccaa aacaatgtca attacactgt tatgacaaat acagcacagg attatattgc     37200
     acagatcatt gtgcaactca atccagatct ttcacaatgt attccttttc aaaaaacaat     37260
     tattataaag cgactttagt atccctttaa gtttaatcta ggagtttgga atgcaatatg     37320
     gtgcaattaa acatttgtgg ttaggacttt caagaaagcc aaggaaagag acacagaaaa     37380
     caccaaaatc ataaatatta tagtcaatat ccttccaatg tggttaaatc aaacacttgc     37440
     cgcatgcaac atttctgtga gggatctgaa tccagtggta tttttactct ttaacagtat     37500
     agagggcagt tgaggactgt gaggaaagcc gtccaagcct cgatctgcaa gcatatgagt     37560
     aacctaaatt cacataaact ttttaacgtt gaccaagtaa gtgccctctg attttcagtg     37620
     catttaaatg cttttattat ggcctgaacc atattttgca ttgcaacttt tgaccaaatg     37680
     tttaacagct cgctattaaa acagggcacg agaaaagaca gttgttatgc tcaaaataag     37740
     tgcgaatata gtttttattg catgataaac tttaaacaaa catggattat atccactgaa     37800
     caagatgttc tttacagtga aagaatgttc atcagataat tcaaatcttc ctcatattaa     37860
     gaacaaatta aaacattttt taaaaatctg taagatttct gagattgaaa aagattgagt     37920
     gcactcagat ttttaaatgc tattattatt acctaaatgt atattgaatt gctatttttg     37980
     atcaaacgtt tgtaagctca ttactaaagc atttgaagag acaccactgc actgctgcaa     38040
     tgctttctcc tgttttattt tctaaaaagc cacatttgga aacaactgaa tgcatgacct     38100
     gttgatggca ctgtgagtaa aacatgttcc attccatgat gttatagttc aattattaaa     38160
     attgacttca aaacaaggta aaccagagaa tgtccctttc aatgagtgtt acaaagcaaa     38220
     gcagtgtgtc ttacaaatga gtgaaagcat catgtttttg cctgtgggcc agtgttttgc     38280
     agcatgacca aaaaaacatt gaattctcgg ttggtaacta ctaaaacaca attatgtagt     38340
     ttacggtcac taagcctgta gggcttttac agtcattact tcctttcttt gaacagttgt     38400
     gtaggatatt ggtgctgcat tgcagcctca taactatcat ttaacccata gggccaaaac     38460
     ccagtcttga ataagggtgg tgggtcaaag ctaaatatgc caaactttat tacattaaag     38520
     ttgccatggt cttttaaaat aactaggaaa cattgcttta tattaactat tttttaatga     38580
     acttattaca gttaaacact atgcaagttg cacctgtttt ttgtttttgt ttttttgcct     38640
     tgatttgctt gccaatgttt tctgcattgt cttctatcca gagtaactat ttatataaaa     38700
     aaatatgtat aacatttgat tgatttacaa catttaattt aattgtattt tcagcttgct     38760
     tgattgtagc tcatcaataa aacaaacaaa aatgttacgt taaattagaa attacaatct     38820
     gtgaaatgca ttcaccccaa ccctccccat cattctcatt ctcttctcat atcaaaagtt     38880
     tctcttctct catcaaaagt tatcaagggc caactttgac ccacaggcca tagtttggac     38940
     atctctgaca ctgactaatc atgctgtaat tatatttgaa aattatgaaa cgcatgagtg     39000
     atgcttgtct gctaagtttg ccaagatgtt ctttagtttg aagctgatat taacatgttt     39060
     ttagtgatta gataacaagc ggtttaccta gaaataacaa tttccacctg atattagcat     39120
     gtttaaatat atttcttttg tgtaactgct cacatttttt cttatttgtt ttcccacaac     39180
     acactgtgat tgacacaatg aataaactaa cccatatcac agttctatgt gtttaatgag     39240
     tgatcaggaa agcaggcaaa tgaaaaagaa gtggacatga actacaattt ttatcaaatg     39300
     tttctgcttt ggtacaatcc tgtaaagtat gaatattttg ttttagtgtg cttccacaac     39360
     tttaattttt taggtcggta ggcagagaaa atgaggtctt tctttgagtg cattgggcca     39420
     catgaccatc tacactaaac aataaatatt tttttggatc aagcactggt gactgatgaa     39480
     ataagctcat cagtccttgt tagtgtgccc agcttcccca caaaaacacc agtttaaatc     39540
     ctgctcaaag tgggtttagt gaattggtgc tgtgacccgg atggtgtaag gttcagtgag     39600
     aagagcaccg ctttcaggga tctttaagta agatctttaa gtctcttcac tggtctatat     39660
     catccttgtt ttaacaccca cctcccatac agacactggt ttgtatcccg ctctgagcag     39720
     tatgctgtta gtacaatcag aggggtaaca ttgacctcac agtgaactgg agcagaccaa     39780
     actttaaagc agctttagtg acactgatgg gagtgtcttt actgctctca gtacattaaa     39840
     gggtctgtga gtacacagat aaacatgtgc ttcaaccaga tgtgcaacaa caagccaata     39900
     gccctgtgtc ttccatcatg tgtctgttta tctttgttcc cattaatttg aaacttaatt     39960
     tgtcttccaa taaaaatgct agcttaatat tatgattgaa aaagcggtgt ggctattagt     40020
     tgagagaata gcattatcaa cattacattg cattagagtt cacttgtatt taaatgaagc     40080
     tcatttaaga catttaacaa tggtcaggaa ttagagcaat gttcttttca acagttaaat     40140
     taaagtgaaa atctggcacc aaaggaaaac accacacctg cttccaacag aaatggaacg     40200
     ttttagtatc gttcttgtgt gaagttgata taaaggatgt ttgctacatt agctcactaa     40260
     ataaactgtg aaaaataagt tagcattcca ctggttagta ttatcatctt taaattaagg     40320
     taggttgtgt ttaataatac cacacaaaga cacaatctct gttagtttta acaggaaatt     40380
     ttaccccaaa actaatagtc tgtcaaaatt tactcacatt gtattagtgg tgtaatgaat     40440
     cacaaatctc aaggttcgga tcacattata gttttttagt catggattgg accatttttc     40500
     agatcagtca ataaggggag acaaatgtta tttgcttccc atttattaca aaaacagcac     40560
     tgcaagaatt attggtttta acaaacagaa cttagaagct gtaattttat taaaaataaa     40620
     atgaagatat aatcagctga ataaaaataa atagtaaatt atttagtact gtaaacaaaa     40680
     taaaatgtat aataaatgtg tatttagtct ccatttcaaa aaaaaattca gttactcact     40740
     cataaaactt tgtttcactg ctagatgtat catttttgag gaattattca gtaaaataat     40800
     gtaaaataat gttaaattaa gtaaaaatgt taaatactgt aattgctgcc tacaactttc     40860
     ctttttgagc gtcaagttaa atgcacatga ttttaatctt taccataaac atcagtggtt     40920
     taatcaaaac taaaattgtt attccagtac ttatctgtat ttgtttgtaa cttcatatct     40980
     caaaagacca aacactgatt ctcttaagat taataaacat gcaaatcacc atcatttata     41040
     acttatgttg cgtgggtgtt gagatcccga tcttttaatg attaatcatg cagcttacaa     41100
     tgaatgcatt aatgcaagct taacaaatag tgacagaaaa cacctttaat aacttaggaa     41160
     acccaccacc acatcccaaa taatctacca caactttttc catcatcatt atattttaca     41220
     gaaaagccta aatgctttca tacatgtgat ttaaatgacg tgagagacga tctctctgcg     41280
     atcattacaa atttaggatt caaatacaag ttgtgtgttt acaaaacgta ttaatctgta     41340
     ggtcacttgt gttccgaact gtagggttgt gatccgtaca aatcctgtat gtaccctgta     41400
     tgtattgaaa aaacagtggt agtttataat caactaatac agtcaatgcc ctttttacac     41460
     attcacttgc ataaagccac tgtactactg acctgatttt gtcagcaaga taagatgcag     41520
     aagctgtaaa tgtgaattgc tgatgtcttg agcagtctat tttgtcagac aggatgacgg     41580
     gcagaaatgc cacctggatt attaatgtga cttgaacgca tatgactttg acaacagagg     41640
     atgaacatca gcgttttagt ggatggatga ttctgcaaag aacaacagct tgctgagggt     41700
     tttctaacaa tacctaaact acaagcaaca ttaccaccaa gtcatgtgat ttgtattgtg     41760
     tgtacagtct ataggcatca gcttaccaac caaaacaact atctcagact acatggttgt     41820
     acagtatgtg cacataaatc taaattctta ggtaaacatt tccattctta gcacttttag     41880
     ttgtgcaaac aaccccggat tttattaaaa ggaccatagt agtctttcgg atgtattaaa     41940
     atgagaaaat acgtatagag tatttgttgt atggcataca gtttatgttc tctgaagtaa     42000
     acacaaaggt ttattttttt ctgtgaattg tcagtcctgt gactccgact ttacataaaa     42060
     atattgagtc ttgtgtagaa ctgtcagatt caaaacatgg ttgcattagt tcaagtgtgt     42120
     gtgtgttact ttcacaagct cataacacaa cagaacagtt ctgtctacac taatggtcat     42180
     ggtgtgattc tgatgcagaa cagacgcaga ctttttctga aaacagacac tacctggtgt     42240
     tacataagct ctaggagtca aatgccaaat ctttgttgct gatatattcc taattacaaa     42300
     ataaaccatg aaacaaattt ggaatagttc acacaaaaat gaaaatgttg tcatctcact     42360
     gtcgtcattt tctcacaatg ttgtttacca agccttagta aaacacaaaa aaagtgtttt     42420
     gcagggttta taagaagact taagttgtta agtctatgtt tattttaagt ctttttattt     42480
     gcaggaaaat ccaacaacac attttatttg aagagttcac acttagctca caatttgtac     42540
     atagcttgtt tggcgtgctg tcccaggaga gagccctgag ctcaagggat tctcgagccc     42600
     agagctcccc tccttctctg ggcaagggga gattgagctc agtttgatct catactccct     42660
     cgctgctgag gccaagggga acttcctgag agtaagacat tagaaaaaag atttaggctg     42720
     cgtccgaaac cgcctactac taagtaggta ctgcatttga atttaaacgt actactcgcc     42780
     cgttagaaaa gtacgttcta tacagtatga atgtgaaaag taagaatgga attcggatgt     42840
     actgcatccg ccattttgtc atggtcacgt gacctacctg cgtcagttgc gtcgctttac     42900
     ttccattcat gaattcgctc gcggggcatc atgggatagc gcagcatgca tgggatgcgc     42960
     actccggaat ctcgccggaa gtagtaagtt atcctggtac ttctcgcata ctgattttcg     43020
     aattctatga tttcggacat actactcggc tcgcatactg attttggcgt actatgaagt     43080
     atgcggtttc ggacgaaacc ttagacttat ttgtctataa tatatagcac atttggatgg     43140
     tgggaggaac ccggggaacc caggggaaac ccacacgggg agaacataca aactccgcac     43200
     agaaatacca gatggcccag cgaggaccca acaccattgg tgttctggct gtaaggcaac     43260
     tgtgctaatc atgagcacct gctccttccg aaattagttt aaaattaaac ttcacgggtc     43320
     aaaattatcg agaaaatctt tataatatta tgtaaagatc atatttcatg atgacatttt     43380
     gttagtttcc taccgtaaat attgcaaaac atcattttta ttagtaatat ccattactaa     43440
     ggacttaatt tgggcaactt taaagtagat ttttggagct ataggattcc agattttcaa     43500
     atagtagtat cttagccgaa aattgtccaa acaaatcaat gaaaagctta ttcattcagc     43560
     gtttttaaca tgtataaatc tcaatttcaa agaaatcacc cttataactg gttgtatggt     43620
     cctgcgtcac atttgtttaa atcactctta gtcataatca ttattcagca tatcagcttt     43680
     catgttagaa caattaaata caagttgtca ttgtggttga gtaatggtga gataattgtc     43740
     cttctttggg gggtgaacta agagaataac catagctctc ttttttaatt acagtggagg     43800
     agatatccat taagaaaagt tattatgtaa gggataatga atatccagct ggttctcaca     43860
     gaacaaagcc caacaagctt atcagcagcc caacacgaaa ccttgaaatt tacagtaaaa     43920
     tgctacacat tcatttactg ctgttataaa tgatgctgcg tggactagac agtctcctga     43980
     ttttatatgc atctgatatc tgcttttcat aacttgacta aggtaacctt gtgcattagt     44040
     agaaatgctt cacaagtact tacctgcagt ctggctgtaa gctttcctct aacagagcca     44100
     ctgtgccgct accactgaaa cattacccag tcaatacaaa ctgcgttcca tggccttgag     44160
     aattcattgc agacctttac atcatacgac attcaacact agtcatgagc tagctaaatt     44220
     atagtttgct tgcagaagaa ggtgattatt taataaaatc caattaaaat ctgaatgttg     44280
     agccaaagaa cgaaaaaaag cagatttcac agagaaagtt tggagaatac agaaatgtgt     44340
     cgcttgggat tgtcttaatt tggtacattt acacaattag tgattttagc agtaatgtgt     44400
     gtgtgcattt aaacactgtg taggtctggc ctcagcatgt ttgtgtatat taggatgaaa     44460
     caagcattat agcaatcatg agtctgcttt ctcacactga gtgaatgcta attctaaact     44520
     tttaacattg acgttcacag gtaagcaaac taagcgctgg caaagctgga gtaaactgaa     44580
     aacttcagca cattggccta cttcattagc agaactagca ttgtagcact agcaatgctg     44640
     atgacagtat cttaaaaaca attgaaatgc tgtcatcatt ttaattttga ttcattcagt     44700
     aaatgacact tcattataag gacatccaaa aagttatttt tagttatcaa ttatttattt     44760
     accctcatat tgttccaaac atgtattaat gtcttaagtc tgtggaacat aaaatctatc     44820
     ttttaaatca tcatgaaata aaaaataaaa aatctattga aatttgatat acatgcagta     44880
     tatcaccaaa atgttattga attaacgcag cgtgaaggta agagcattta tcaataatct     44940
     tactgtgtaa taaaagccat ataagtattt aacattattt agagaccgta tgctaatgtt     45000
     gtcccaaaaa ataaaagaaa aacactctcc ggatcagtct gagagaaatt caccaaatca     45060
     cagagcataa catgctgtaa aagatgatat gaatacagtg taaggaagtt actaaatccc     45120
     aaatgggtat ttactggttt tctgaaagaa gtgatcgcct tgatattaaa cgtttttcac     45180
     agacagtatt ttacacatta tttggagcaa taaactttga acacttttat gtttgatact     45240
     ttatttacct ggataaacag tggtaagaaa aatcttaaac tccatttaaa gggttagtaa     45300
     gtgaaaattc agtgatcatt tactcatcct tcactgttca aaaccatttt gactttctta     45360
     cttctgttga acacaaaagg atatattttg aagaaagctg gaaagcctta accattaggc     45420
     ctgttgcgat agtcaatata ttgaattatt gcacaatata tgaaaatgat agtggttaat     45480
     tttggaggca tgatatattg tctattttat ataaagaaat ttaagatgat gatgatgatt     45540
     attaggctac ataatataac aagctaaatt tggtaacact ttattttgat ggtccatttg     45600
     agtattagta gactgcttaa tatctgctga tactgctgct tcaacagaca ttataagaaa     45660
     ctttacaagt tcatgtcaac ttacactaac cctaacccca acctacgatg ggttataaga     45720
     gtctgcttat aatctaatga gaattagttg gcatgatgca atgtaactta aattcaacaa     45780
     acagacaatc aaaataaagt gttaccataa tttagcttgt tatattacgt agcctaatca     45840
     ttatcatcat ctgacacaca aagatatttg atcaaacttt attttggtgg tccgtttgtt     45900
     aaatttaagc tacaatgcat aactgcatac atgctaacta attctcatta gattataagt     45960
     agactgtttt gggttagggt tggcgctagg gttagggtaa agttgacatg tacttgcaaa     46020
     gtttcttata gtcagttaaa actctgttta ggagttgtat caacagatat taagcagaaa     46080
     gtttactaat actcaaatgg accatcaata taaaatgtta caaaagatgg atgtcgtaac     46140
     agtcctaatc ctagacatcc atcacattaa tttttttcta ctacagaaat caatggttat     46200
     agcttttcag ctttcttcaa aatgaatttt gttttcaact gaataaaaga aacctataaa     46260
     gtttagaatc cacttgagtg tgtgtaaata gtgattacat tttaatatta gggtgaatta     46320
     tcccttgggg ttaataaggt gcagtgtttt tttggacacc gctgcatttc ataaaatggg     46380
     caaaaacaaa gaacatcaca tgtttgaaac catgaatgtg agaaattatg acagaatcga     46440
     ctgtccattt tattagggct gaaataataa ttgtactcca gctcccctgt ttttatatta     46500
     tttgttgtaa gaaaagtgaa caacaaggct ttggtgttgt ctccctgctt ctaatatgct     46560
     aaatcaaatt gtctgtaatg gaggaaatgg ctgcaccagg ccccattaca ttcagacaca     46620
     atggctctat tataaactgc tacctgctag atgtgagaaa taaaaacaaa actgcagtca     46680
     aaacacttca agaaacaggt tgacaccggc agggcttctt gaaatgtttg gcgagatttt     46740
     tttccctttg cacctccccc ccaaaaaagg aaaaccctct ccagttcagt ctgagaacaa     46800
     atccagtcct ggggtcactg ccgttggagg gattaattgg agtatgctca agaatcctat     46860
     taaaataaac attaaaaatg gtaccggttt ctattctggg taggaaagaa tgtccctccg     46920
     ctgacacaga ttatcctgct gttctgtgac tctctgtggc actgggcttg attgaagcac     46980
     ttttaacaga aacttcaaag caggaaggat gtgttgctag tcacgcgatt caaagggatt     47040
     agcctgtgtg ttgctcgtgg gataatgaaa aatgaaatat cttgcccacc acagcctgtt     47100
     gctatggatt tattaaatac tgtatccaac ctctgaagat ttcagcttgt cgtcgacttt     47160
     tgtttgaaaa ctggtgaaaa gtttgcatgt gaatttatta aacgtatctc ttttttgtcg     47220
     atatatagac acagttgtac taagttcatg tctaggtcag tcttgctgaa cataataagc     47280
     aaaaaaggcc tgaagttgca cagcaggatg actatagggg ccattcatac aaatgtaaaa     47340
     atgtgagaca caggttaaag aggtggaaaa aactgtcttg aggcctttta aaagttaaga     47400
     attacttgag catcacagtt tcaggatgct gtctcatgca gaagatgtta gaacaatgct     47460
     tgaagtcaaa gacgtctatc ttgtatattt ttacacagaa atgcagcaca gtgaattata     47520
     gcaacatttt ccaaacagcc acttgtgctt taaaatatta ctgttataaa aaaatgagct     47580
     gatctcctta gctttctctc acctactttg catttactat cacaaaaaac agcaaaaata     47640
     aatgtttttt ttttgttaat aaaagagaga atatatttaa acataaaaac aatgtgtccg     47700
     ttaaaacctc attatggacc tcaataaaac tacctcatta tattgcaata ttgcaaataa     47760
     ataaataaca acaacaataa taaaacataa atacatcttt tttacagtga atacataaat     47820
     acatcttttt tacagtacta ggaaaatact agggatgtaa cgattaaaat atgtgtcaat     47880
     tcaaatgggt agaaacactg cgtttacagg tgcaaattgg ctttacctgc acatcattgg     47940
     cgagcaagag gtggggtggc agagtaatag gtaaagtcta gatcagatat gcagcctgca     48000
     atatgcacat caatatagca gcatttttta tgacactgta taacaataat taatattttt     48060
     aaattactgt gatggttggg ttaagggttg gggtgggagt aggtgttaaa aaatacaatt     48120
     tattgggtaa tttaataaat aacataaata atactcaggg caactactgt ttttacatta     48180
     ctattacgca aaaagctatc attgggccaa accattcgac ctggagaatt ggcagcttcg     48240
     cttgctctga cgagtggtgc ggagatcacc cggcgcatca gtgttttcat agcaaaagag     48300
     tgaagatgtt tttcagactg aaagagaaag ctgtgctgtt acagaaccag gtatttgatt     48360
     gttccttttt taccctctct atttcatttc cgtttatgca tcttttaata atttgtttat     48420
     tatatcatat attatttaaa gaatttacac ttagctgatg attaattata aaagcttgtt     48480
     tggcatgctg tcccgggaga gagccctgag ctcatgagat cctcgagccc agggctccct     48540
     cccgttgcaa ggcgggaagg gagtttgagc tcaggtagat ctcgagaact cccctgctgt     48600
     agtaagtgat tactcttgaa aataactacg tactataagc gtgtctatgg tgccaatttg     48660
     gattgttcaa ttgacttaat tgcatgtttt taggcggtgg gaggaaaccg gggaacccgg     48720
     gggaaaccca tgtgagcacg gggagaagtg caaacttcac aaagaaatgt ctgctagttt     48780
     ggtaaagcca ggaaccagag acattcttgc tgtgaggcga cagtgctacg cactgggcca     48840
     ccgtgtcacc cgtctaagaa ggaggagtag gggtggaagg ggggactctt caaaacgaag     48900
     atagcagtgg aatgaaaccc agggtattta tagtagttta ggagtcatct gattggagag     48960
     tagtgaattg gataatgtgg atccagccgc tagcaatcat aagcacgtga tcctctcgaa     49020
     aattttttat acataaactt cacgtattat aatcagtatt ttatgccagt atccagccac     49080
     ctggagcaga gagcctattg accacctttg tacacactgc tctttggttt aggcaaggct     49140
     ttcctttcca caccacctat ctcagtcccc agtaaaagag gtttttttaa tcagcagggg     49200
     acatagtaaa tgtgaaaaga cctcagctta tgccagaaaa gatatgctaa tatttctttt     49260
     aaaaacctta gtttgtttat attaaagagt cttctttagt ttgttttatt cacttttcat     49320
     ttggattttg ttttaaaatt ccaatgtagt tattgcataa gaagatttta ttttgtaaaa     49380
     aaaaaattgt gcagtatttc agaaaaaatg aaagggctct tcacctttaa tatgtcttaa     49440
     ataatttggt caaaaactcg taacaaaatc atgaatcgtg agattagtat catgaatagt     49500
     gtcgtattgt gagtcaggtg aatctttaca ttcctagaaa aaactactga atcaaaaatc     49560
     ttttgaatgc acactactcc caagaaggga gaaaaacata agcaatcatg atataacttt     49620
     ttagaaatgg agaaaaccta acatttcaaa actataaagc tgttaaaaaa gtaatgcatc     49680
     tcactgtatt taatgtgaca tcaaaaaatg gctgctattc tggaaatctt tattgttgtg     49740
     ttatattttg tgttatctta tccaaatgta acaaagtgat gctgcgtatg tgggaaacaa     49800
     ggtcaagcaa gtcttcttta aggaaaaaca atcacaatgt gcactgatat atctgcatgg     49860
     gaaccatcag ctgcagatct taataattca ctcagagtga taatcaattt tagaccccat     49920
     tacccagcat gcattaatgc catcccacca tgcatttgac actctgatga tggttagtga     49980
     gtatttctca tggctataca gtaacagtgt ttacataaac aatgtgcaaa ttagatgttt     50040
     ctgaaatact ccaaccagcc tgtctgggac caaatccgag actctgagaa cttcaaccac     50100
     atctacagtg agttgcttgt aagtaaaaaa aatgctattt aaggttaaac aatcccagtt     50160
     tccacttcag tccaaagaca tttattatag aatactgtga attggcaaaa gtgtgtgtat     50220
     gagagtgtga gtatgtgtaa aacaaaaaca aaagcagaaa gaaaatttgt tattattcag     50280
     tgaaataggg ctgtatcact tgatattatt taataactca aatgtagaga ttttagattg     50340
     atttgtttga acataaatca gttttcgttt taacatccac tcctctgggc tcctatagtt     50400
     tctcacacat tactatagaa ttatacaaac aacatggaag ccagcagaga agaactcgtt     50460
     acaactcatt ttaagtagtg gtagaaaaat ttatttaaac tgtgattcac cggcataaac     50520
     catgccttta tgcactttga gctagccttt attgtaggga tgtaggaata aaagggatgg     50580
     tatagaaatg gttggatgaa agggaaagaa agtaagagga tatatggtta acaggtaggt     50640
     tcatcaggca tcctacgatg atgcccagag gttcagagtg ggtgtacagt ctctgtaata     50700
     ttttggtaga gtgattggac tcctgattca acctaggtgg gaagagaggg ttgtaaggat     50760
     tgctaatggg aagcaaggaa atagagggag ggagggtggg tttaagagaa tgagaagaac     50820
     aatgctagag gctggtctgc cctaaataag ttttagggag tatatgtgaa tgacccgtgc     50880
     agttttactt taacatttcc ttgagcaaga aagacgtcga ctgaaacttt ctgtcgtaca     50940
     ccacttctac caaattggta cccttttggc agtggaaatg caagactgat aaagttgacc     51000
     cgtaccgact tgtaccgtac tgtaccactt agtggaaact ggccataagc acctaatttt     51060
     cttcttatta atatcttacc aataggcagg taataagcca ctatagttag tagtaagaat     51120
     tggtatttaa actaaagtgc taccgatggt ttaacttaat ttctgtgtat tttctaacca     51180
     aatatacaaa aattgtagca aataatgcca cacgttttga gaaatcccat cacaaactca     51240
     gtcattttag gcaacaaata tcaaatgaac atctctgcat tattctggac aaattgacca     51300
     aagattgcag tattttttga acaataccgt gttgcagtga aacagatatg ccattcagat     51360
     acggctcaca cctttgtgta tgcactttta gcttcgattc aaactgctgc gtgtgtattt     51420
     actgctcgaa attcaagaca gcatgcttgc aaattagttt gcagcaagaa agacacacac     51480
     atggatggtc acactacatc ttatgacccg ctctgcatat tgtgtaagca tagcaggtta     51540
     taagaggagt ttgacaaact tgttttgact gctaaaatga gattaaagct caggttgtgt     51600
     gtggaaactc ccagactggg tgctgatgaa catttagttt ggaccacaca cacacacaca     51660
     cgcacacaga gtttctacag gccgacaaca ctgctggagt aagaggattt ccctcaaaac     51720
     aaaagcacac tcgctctctt ctctttttca gctgtaattc tgttcaaacc agagatgctt     51780
     tcttccctct ctagaggtta cttaagatca gcatgtggtt gtacttgttc agaatgttca     51840
     gttttatgat gtgtgggaca gtgtgatcag taaacatgaa tacaatgttt caaaaacaca     51900
     tcgcttctta tatttactac tgttactctg aaagggcatt tttatatttc ggctagatca     51960
     gaagtgatgt attctggttc tgcttgtaac tttgtttaat tcagatccaa aaagaaaatg     52020
     ttaaatgatt aaaccgtatt tccttactac cacactacta tgccacaaag accgaaccta     52080
     aaggcacaaa aaagaaagtt gtgacatatt tagtcacaca acacaatgga gatccaaaac     52140
     aatgtattat actcaaccca agctcattct gaaaacgcag ccccacggac gatactggag     52200
     accacgattt acgtggctgg aggtacgtat ggctgcattt tgttttttca agtgaacgcc     52260
     aaggggcggt gtgacgttgt ttctcttcgc gctcgccggc tgacgactca ccttctccgt     52320
     gtggagggct ttcccgctgc aaccagtttg accagttagc ttgacgtgtt atgtcggcag     52380
     agcggaggcc cagagggaag ccggccacag cgactccagg gaaacgcggt ttcagaaatc     52440
     aggtaagaca aaaaacagaa tccaaaaaat aaagcgaaca agttcataac ggggcgagaa     52500
     tgcgttgaaa tccgaaaacg cggtcaaaat caaatgaggg ctgttgtttt tctgattggc     52560
     ttttgtaaat cgtcgcttgg gtttagggaa ggaggagggt tgctgggtcg gctgattggc     52620
     cggccgccca gccaatcgtt cagtcattca gtcagtcgga cagtcagtca ctcgacagcg     52680
     gcctccggca gctttttacg cgagaccagc gtgggcgcga acggcgcata ctcgcaagaa     52740
     gcgttcgaga cgcgaaaaat cgcacacatc ggcctctcgc ggattcacgt aaacaaaaac     52800
     tgcacaaata cgtacctccc gggacatatt tcgtggcctg ggttgaatat actagactaa     52860
     atgtgcttgg tgtatatttt tatcagttgt aaagagctta aagaagatta aactaaaaat     52920
     gtcttcctca cacgcactag aatagcaaaa tcatgattat gatgagaaaa acattttatt     52980
     tctgttcttg tgatttcaaa ttcagttttt agattgtttg gacacccatg acccattttc     53040
     ataattcagg caaaccacac ctccattttg attcaaccca ggcttattat ggatatgtac     53100
     ccctgtatac atttttgtct acttacaaat atgtcccagg aggtacattt tttgccgttt     53160
     ttgtttatgc gaatccgaca gaggccactg tgtatgcttt ttcaaatctc aaatgttctc     53220
     gcataaatcc acactagccg ctgttgactg gctgactgac cgaccaacca accaatatcc     53280
     ccacttataa catctctaaa cttgactgat ggtgttttta aaagcaccaa gtgatacacc     53340
     caccacctcc ttaaacccaa ccaacagtgt ttttaaaagc agagattttt actacatttt     53400
     tagatcatgc cacagtcttt ccctgttata tacttgtcta attaattttt ggccttttga     53460
     tttacctttt ttttctagaa ctgttcttcg ccagcctcga accccattgt cgcggtcaac     53520
     ttctctgtct gtgtctcaag tctgccaaca tacatgggga gccactggcc agactggtaa     53580
     cagtggaaaa tctgtccaca tggaggtact gtaagtggtc agctggtggc ggaaaaggaa     53640
     acagaagctg tcggcggtct cataccatcc ctggcattca ctttaaagat taaaatgctg     53700
     ccatatgcac ctctggctac acaatttgcg ctctacaaaa atgtaaacgg ggctacgtat     53760
     tcacaatgag cctgtgtagt attgattgca aggtttggac ggcagcattt acacataatc     53820
     aaatgaacta acagagctat aaaagcagaa tctattttgt gctgtcaagc ataaacatgc     53880
     tctacaagca gaaatgccca aactaggcat ttctaacaac cttttatttg tttgtatcat     53940
     tgttaagcta caaaaaaatc tatttgacat taaatgtttt aatttaaatg gcgtaaatga     54000
     atcagattta gtttaaaatg tacatatgat gcatagagga caatgcagag ccttgggtga     54060
     gcaaatcaag gcaaagcttc tgcttgacga gtgtattcag cattgaactc catacatgta     54120
     taactccata aatgtcactg tttatgtttt tatcacaata agtaataata aaaacagtta     54180
     tactggatta gatagtacga ttcaaagtaa tgttttctat tatttatact attatcatgg     54240
     gaattaggaa atcacccatg gcaactttga tgtaaaatag tttggtatat ttatcttcgg     54300
     cccacagcta tcaatcatat ttgtttttga aaaagattgg gcatctctgc tctaaagaat     54360
     gttctgaaaa tgtatctttt tagattggtt ttattatgat acaatagcta tgtttccatc     54420
     tacctatttt agtgcgcagg ttggatatgc acataaaaaa aatgtacgag taggataaag     54480
     tttttgttcg ataagagaaa atgcacataa actatgatga aaacatattt agccaataaa     54540
     ttccagcatg tgcatttggc cattctaaaa tgcctgagcc aaaatccgtc atcaatgtgc     54600
     ttcgttatca ctacctccac aacagttttg agcaattgtg ctaccaaaga gcatctcatg     54660
     cctcgcaaag ccaatgtgca tccattgcat tttgtcttaa tttttctgag gcacaagtaa     54720
     tttcttatgt aagaaaaaag gtccacagtg gcttctcctc atgcagcaaa ttccattttt     54780
     cttttttgac tatttggtgc aaatttatca ggaggtgaca attttgttgt ctgactcatt     54840
     ggatggaaac cgagctttat ttctttagct ttactgccta ataactttag ccctattgac     54900
     accctctgcc agagcaatga taaaattaac aagtgtcaaa actttcttca gttaaacaaa     54960
     gagaaaacgg tcattgcatt tgggaacaaa gaaaaggtcc tcaaggtgaa tgcgtacctt     55020
     ggcactaaag gtcaaacaac aaaaaataag gtcaagaatc ttggtgtgac tctggagtta     55080
     gatatgagtt tcaatagtca tgtcaaagca gtaattaaat cagcaaacta tcatctcaaa     55140
     aaaattgcaa gaattagatg ctttgtttcc agtgaagact tcactggact atcaccagca     55200
     gagtggatta ctgttatagt ggcaccgact cggtcccggt catttccctc gctggccagc     55260
     agaggtcacc atctccggac ttttagcatt acatcatcca tctacactga ttgcgcattc     55320
     acctgatccg aatctagtta acgacccacg tacctcttat aagccgcact caaacactca     55380
     gtcagtgcga agtcttgttc agccccggcc tgagtgttat atccagcctg atctcttgtg     55440
     tacgactcca gcctgtctct tactttgctt tgccttctgc ctgcccacga cccacgcctg     55500
     atatacggac tctgattctc gctgcctgcc tttgacccaa gcctgataca cggactctga     55560
     ttcatgccca ctgctctcta ctcatgcctg gtaactcact ctgtgtctgt tcaccgtcat     55620
     tcttgaaacc attactacta ctgtggatgt gtgtgtgcac ccaggtgcat attgtgtgtt     55680
     tgagtgaagt tgtgattaat aagtactgca taatggatcc ctccgtttca gtctcctcgt     55740
     tacatataga ctcctcaacg gccttcccaa aaagacagcc agacagtttc agcttatcca     55800
     gaacgctgca gccagcattc tttcccgaag cagaaaatca gagcacatca cacctgtcct     55860
     caggtcttta cactggctcc cagttacatt cagaataaat ttcaaagtat tatttgtcta     55920
     taaatcataa atacaggacc tcaatatatt acagatcact cagatcttta agaccatata     55980
     aactaggaat tccaagggtt aagtcaaagc agggtgaata tgccttcagc tactatgccc     56040
     cccactgctg gaatcacctt ccagaaatga tcagatgtgc ttcaacatta ggcacattca     56100
     aatcaagact gaaaacacat ctgttaagct gtgcttttac tgaatgagca ctgtgctatg     56160
     tctgagagat cgcactatta tgtctttctt ttctttttta ttcttttata atctgtttga     56220
     acacattttc ataatcactt taattatttg tttttatttt cttacacttg tctcttttat     56280
     tcatgtttat gtaaagcact ttggattgcc actgtgtatg aaatgtgcta tataaataaa     56340
     cttgccttgc cttatttgtt aatctttaat cgatattcca gttttgctca tgaatcaaca     56400
     gtaattcaca tcttcaaatg gaaacagcta atgatgtatt cacaaatcga ctatcagtag     56460
     aacaaactga atagatacac aatttttttc atcatattaa tctgaatttt tgcagaatta     56520
     cctgaaaaac acatcccctt ctgtacagca gcactgacaa gtgtatttca caagaaaggt     56580
     ctatagcctt taggtctata ttggattcct gctgaccctc ccccattccc acttgaactg     56640
     tagcctggtt caccgtcggg atgagcgatc tgtcagagtt atgtccagtg ttaatcttca     56700
     cacacgtgac cgtggagaga gagagagatc taacagattg gatttctcac catgagacct     56760
     gcttccacag tgattcctgc actgactgga tgagaactca ttctccataa tccaatgtcc     56820
     atctatcaat ctcaactatc actaatgtct ggagggcctt gagcgtcatc ttgtactcat     56880
     cgcttgaaca gtttgctgca cacgaggtca gctacaagaa cacttatttt cctctaaata     56940
     tttcaagcgg tggacacatg gacacagaac cgccgagccc tctgttgtca ttcagctcag     57000
     tcacgcgtga ggagagagac tggtatgctg gaatgcattc agattcaaca cttctgaaca     57060
     tacagctcga tcaatgaata gggacacttt aaaataaagc cttgtactgg cattgatcat     57120
     tccatgaaga acctttataa tctatggaaa cttttcattc cacaaaagtt tttaagctaa     57180
     ttagatggtt aattattttt taaatagatc ttctatggca tcaccacaaa aatgatacac     57240
     ttatacacaa gagtgcatgc atgaaggtaa ttcaaagtga agtgtatact gtaatttaat     57300
     aatgtcattt tatatagcag agcattcaaa catttgatca actaaagggt agttcaatca     57360
     aagattaaat gttctttatt agcatcaatg gttagtttaa gatcagcaga aatggctcct     57420
     taaaaaaaaa ctgttgactg gaagggtcct gggggaaatc aaaaatactt tggtatcatt     57480
     gcaaaaacat gccttgggaa tctttattat taagaatgaa aatagtttca ctttgtttat     57540
     cataccagaa tagaaaaaaa ctgtcctgac tgcacttgtt caagagacca gcattgagcc     57600
     tttaaaaagt cacaaaagta ttttatagat tatagacagt gttgtgctag ttacaaaaaa     57660
     atggtaacta gttacagtta ctagttactt catttaaaaa gtaaccaaat tactttgtcg     57720
     attacttaca ccaaaaagta gtgcattact gataaaggtc atttttgagt tacttttcca     57780
     aagaacattt tttaatgctc ccattaatat aatcccttat aatatcactt cagtgctaaa     57840
     atataacaga aatgtgtcac tgtgtctacc aaccattttt ttatacagat aacaaatgtg     57900
     tgcttatttg tttgaaacaa cattactatt actattagta atagtaatta ataatagtaa     57960
     tgttaatagt ctctcgcgag agcacaatcg ggctacctcg cgggcattcg gtctttctca     58020
     cgcgcacctg gtctctctgc ttttgcttta cttttgtcca gtctgttggc ttgtatacga     58080
     cacgtcttct ttacagtggt tggttggcat ccactaatct cacaatacgt tgtcactgta     58140
     aacaggaaga tgtatactag actgcagcca aaattaatta atttaccaag taatgaacaa     58200
     acgcatcatg ttgtaacagt ataatagagt taatatatta aaaaagtaat gcgttacagt     58260
     attagtcaca gtcaaacgta atgccgttac agtaattacc taacattgat tatataatat     58320
     atgctatgca atacaatata ctttaaccat aagatttggt gaaaaacttc actctattat     58380
     ggctcatttc cagtggtata gtatgcttca gtaaggcaag gcaaggcaag tttatttata     58440
     tagcacattt cacacacagt ggcaattcaa ggtgctttac ataaacagga ataaaagaga     58500
     aaagtgtaag aaaataaaaa caaataataa gaattataaa aataagaaaa aaaatagata     58560
     aaacagataa aaatgtgtta aaataggtta taagataatg aaaaagaaaa gaaaaacata     58620
     atagtcggat gcagcacagt gctcattcag taaaggcaca gcttaacaga tgtgttttca     58680
     gtcttgattt gaacatgcct aatgttggag cacatctgat tatttttgga tgttgattct     58740
     agtagcgagg ggcatagtgg ctgaaagctg attctttgac tttgactgaa ctcttggaac     58800
     ttctagatta tatgatccta aagatctaaa tgatctgtta ggtttgtatt cagtcagcat     58860
     atctgtaatg tattgaagtc ctaggccatt tagtgattta tagaccagta ataatacttt     58920
     aaactctatt ctgactgtaa cagtactgta ttgtatgcat ttatttaggt ttccactgac     58980
     aaaagttcta aaacagcaaa tcattcctat gcaaatcata ttccttttag tgaaaataat     59040
     gtcaattgca actttctggc attcacaaca cttataaagt aagggtactg atcaggctga     59100
     ccagtaccga cccataccgt actgtacctt accacttagt ggatatgaga cattattgca     59160
     gtagttaatg catgccaact aacacgcaca aaatcttgga agtaaagata aattgaaatt     59220
     catcaaaaac ataaattcag ttggttcttg attacagtta cagttattct ttttgcaaca     59280
     gcaagttatt gcattcatct tttaactgtg atatcaaatt cagtgaagga aaaaaacaat     59340
     gttttttaaa gggattttag ccattgtgaa aaaaagatgc acttgtgtgt gcatgtttta     59400
     tttttctggg tgagttggag tgaactgtag catgggttca gtttagtgaa cacacaagga     59460
     caggtcagga tttctgttaa aaaaaataaa ataaaaatta tatatatata tatatatata     59520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatttttttt tttttttttt     59580
     taaataattt atactaatac taatacctgt tcttactatt atctatagtg gcttattacc     59640
     tgcctattat taagatattg gctgtttact agtacttata aatgtacata ttctgcatga     59700
     tcttattcta catccctaat tctacccaat acctaatttc taccttaata attattattc     59760
     agcagcaaat tagaagctca taaattaaat gcaactttaa ttaaatcatt aaaaagcaaa     59820
     gcatttgttt gttgattttt ttttgtttaa cttcaagcag gattttttgg atatttaaaa     59880
     ctgaataatt tgagttattt tgtttttgtt taagagcatg gtttcaaatt tgtctcattg     59940
     ttcatttact ttaaagccag gatctgcatg agcatgttgt ccttgttatt cctttacaac     60000
     agcaagaagt aaagcatttg ctatcaaatc ttttattatt attatttata gcaaacgcca     60060
     taataatgaa gcattctaaa gtcttttttt catagcatgc tgagaaagag tcatcttagc     60120
     atttgaacat aatgcttcct gcaaccacaa atgacattag tgctaatagg ctaatttcct     60180
     cattccattt tctctacaga gatattttga tgtagcagtc tttgcactgc aaatgtgagg     60240
     agccttacca agcaagttag atgcttttga ccgtagattt tctcatctct gtaaatggca     60300
     atccttcttg acatgtactt tgatttcctt ttttgtccgg tgtctcattt ccatgtcatt     60360
     cccctgtgat tttcagtgac agaaaactga ctgtctgccc acaaacactc aaagtcacag     60420
     acccgtgcta atgctgatgc actttactat gaaacctttg gtcaaagcct gaaaatgaaa     60480
     ggttgcacac tacagaaagt cttaataaca gagctgtgat tgcagtgaat ttgaggaaaa     60540
     caagctataa atgatggact tctgacaggt ttacaacatt ttccatttca gtaaaactcc     60600
     caaacctccc agccattgaa acgacacact gaagcacagg aagagacacc tggttctctt     60660
     tccctcccag actgataaaa gcacaacctc tcccaggatt cccacaccaa caaatctcct     60720
     aaaaaagtat gatgatgcaa ccgttgatgg acgggttagg aattaaaaag tgaattgttt     60780
     atttctcatt acctttcata gatttagccc cggtgctgca gtttgacatg agatggtttc     60840
     attttttttt taatgtgatg caggtatagt ttttattatt attattatta gaacttattt     60900
     gtcatgaaaa aaatatttat tccattaagt atattttaag aaattatttt attgatttca     60960
     ttttttgttg aaaacaataa cccttaaacc aatatcgaaa aataatagta attatatagt     61020
     atagaataaa taaatatttt gatgtacttt gggtatagga atcgttttag acattttagt     61080
     tatttgcata tattcataat agaatgtgtt gcattgcctt taataatcca tttaattaca     61140
     tttattatta aatttaaaaa aatattttat aattgatatt ttttattact ttaaatttaa     61200
     attttaattg ttataataat ttttttgttt atattttcta attgttgttt ttattagtat     61260
     ttaattgtta tgttatatat tttcatttta attgttatat taattttatt tttatatttt     61320
     ataattgtta ttctgtattt gtttattagt atttaattgt tatattgttt atcttttatt     61380
     ttaatagttc tataattcta atattaatat attttatttc tatattttat aattgttatt     61440
     ttgtatttgt tttctatttt taattatcaa taatacaact aataatgaat tttattatat     61500
     tatattttat tcacttacct ttcatttaat taattagtta agtaattaac taattattaa     61560
     attttaataa tgtctttatt tcataatttt aattcaacca ttactttaaa gatataatta     61620
     atcatttaat tgtttattag tagtttaaat gatagtatgc atcatttagt atttgcacta     61680
     gtatagtcat gcctgtcaac atttttagta tataagatat tttttatcaa aaataattat     61740
     aaagaatgta tgatagtctt tttttttcag aacaaaaaac gcagttttag gcgctgacaa     61800
     atgcacatga atactgaaat aagcacactt ttcatacaaa attaaaaaag gcacagtacc     61860
     acccggacaa ctgattcact taacaactat cttagctggc caacactaaa caagcatgaa     61920
     taacaaaatg catcatttgc catctcttcc tacctgtttt aaatttctcc acatgtctaa     61980
     agtgccagat ggactttact ctgcctgtgc ggagactgct gctgaggttg gcctggcttt     62040
     tcttcttgct gtttgagttc cccatgctta agatctcaag tcccaccagc tatagactcc     62100
     acaaagccac cggagagcca cataaggacc cttgtttccc ccaatctctg ctccagaagt     62160
     ctgtatattc ccgttcagtg ctccagctgc cgcagcaggg acagagatgt cccgctctct     62220
     gctgtatgtg tgtgtgcgtg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tatgggatcc tccctcctct     62280
     cctctgttat tcagaccaca gtatagctct cagcaatgat cagtctctgc tcactccagc     62340
     cattttaaat gtgcaattaa gtttccagcg ttaattgaaa tgctattcaa atattgctaa     62400
     ttatcatttt tcatctttaa ttgtagtgta tccatgataa atactaaata agcaaactaa     62460
     aactcgcaat tataactata tacattaggt gtcactgtgg agcatgagtt ggaaactggt     62520
     ttactgtatt tgaggtgcaa gtctgggatt accttcatga gatttataaa tgtcgcgtct     62580
     aatcaaggcg ttacatgatt agcttaataa tcaatctgca atacttattt gaataataaa     62640
     aacactattt gaattcagct aaatgttaat ttgctggtcg taactagagt gaatcaatga     62700
     tggatagtca aatattagaa tatttgatct gaatacttaa aaaataagta ccactcttta     62760
     aattttgcta aatgtagtcc acagatggag tttgttggcc ataaatggag tcaatcccca     62820
     tataaatttg cattaggtgg cgctgtggag catgcagtga aaataggctt acaataaagg     62880
     catggtcacg ctagttttta aattcattcg caaaactgga atatcacata aaacacgtgc     62940
     aaataaagcc ttcccgatta aatggcgcca aataaagtaa caggacaaaa gtaacggaat     63000
     ttatggcggt gggagaagct gtgtgaagct tttctttatt caataaatta attgcacctc     63060
     agaagacaat gccgacatgc aatgaacgtg tggtggcaat tcaaggtgtg agatgcggag     63120
     cacagatgct cttgacaatc ctgataatta ataatatagt attactaata ctgaatgacg     63180
     taacggcgtt ttagaaatga ctaaaacagc atttcagatg ttttaaaatg tgctcagcca     63240
     gctagttttt ccattcacat gcattttttt tcatcacatg atctcttata acaaaatcac     63300
     aagactttct taatgtgcaa tactgaaatt tgttcggtaa aagtgtttcc attgtagttt     63360
     atgcgcattt attcttatcg aataaaaagc gtatcctact cagttatgcg cattttaaaa     63420
     atttatttga atcttgacgt ctccatcaac taaattttta tgcacatatg caaactgcac     63480
     ataaaaatag gtggatggaa acgcagctat ggataaagcc atattttttc aatttatgta     63540
     cagaaaggtc acgtttttat cttcgacctg tatgatgcaa tcacatgatt tgatttaatt     63600
     ttcacaaagc ttgaactttg caataaaatg caaaacttgt aggtttcgtt tccgatctgc     63660
     cacattcgca aattagcatg cgtatgaatg gaagtcaata gctacatttc catccaccta     63720
     ttgttatgcg ccttttggat atgcgcataa aaaatggttg atggaaatgt caagatgcgt     63780
     atacattttg agaatgcgca taaaaaattt atgtgcatag cggagtagaa taaacttttt     63840
     attcaattag aaaagatgcc atttaattgg cgtttttgga tggaaacata gctattagaa     63900
     cgaaaaatag tgcagtgtga agtctggaat tacattgatg ataatgataa tcatgttgtg     63960
     cataaactat gagtatgcat gaagagttaa atatttgatt tgcaacaatt atatatcaag     64020
     gaaggatttg aaatattcaa atgtaatatt tgctaaaaac atgttataaa aatccatatt     64080
     atacacttgc ctcagccact tgtgcttgcg cacatgcaca aacacacatt aaagtgctca     64140
     tagacatgta agtgatgcag tttaactctc aggatgcaca tgtttgagta tgtttgatat     64200
     tgtctcttgc tttgtctttt ctagacctgg ccttgggcag ttcatacctc tgtttgcatg     64260
     gttgcctgct tttatttcct ctaccctcat ccactaaatc ccaatgactc catccaagac     64320
     atgttttctt aagccttggg tgggtgaatc ttatgaaagc tattaagaat tgtcggggag     64380
     ggggaattat tttgcagaaa gtttattttt aggcccttta agattgcttt gattctttaa     64440
     tttttttaat gaacatttat gctagcagct aaaagaaaat taaggaacaa gacactttat     64500
     tgtatttaaa tgttttttgt tttctgtacc atttacattt ttagcttatt attcacactt     64560
     ataattatgt tttttttaat aatgttttat tttattttta actatgaaca aaattaatac     64620
     actttttatt ttacatttaa tttacttaat ttaattcaat ttattcacaa atgtagtaat     64680
     tttactttaa tttcattaca ttttaattta aatattaaat gtaattaaat taaaattatt     64740
     ttttataaaa ctttaatttt aatttattca gtttcattca gttactatga ttgatttttt     64800
     gattaattgc ataattacaa ttatttaagt ctacttttat tgtaaatgca tttttacttt     64860
     tttgtaatta caatagttta gttgttaaat ttgtaaataa attgtaaata caatattttt     64920
     gttgaaataa tttaatcata aaaatattat taacgtatga aattaaatgc actaaattta     64980
     aaaaaaaaaa atctgcattt tgtttaattt acttcttaat ttagcttatt caatttcatt     65040
     taattactgt ggtcgatttg tggaaaactt aatgtaaaac ctgtatatca ccccacacac     65100
     atttacacaa actggacgga ttaaaaattt aaaaaaatta ttgacaaaat cattgtatgt     65160
     ttcataatgt tccagactga catttattaa tactttactg ctctaggcgt gaaatccaag     65220
     tcgactaaac aaaaacaact tattattcaa ctgcttcaca gtgcacatct caaaccccat     65280
     cccacctcaa cctcgaatat gccaaaaacc tgcatatttg atccactgtt gttttccacc     65340
     agcatttctt tctttgtcct atttctggtg cagttgtctt cttatgtttc ccactttttc     65400
     tccctccagc ttactgtctt tcactctttc tctctatcag gaaacctaat atttgatgat     65460
     tctcatctat agcaagaagt gcattaatgg tgcacaggat acacactacg caatccacaa     65520
     tagaggaaaa aaagatcatc tcaacttctg tttcatggca actttaaaac ggcaaaagcg     65580
     gtttcaatga acttggatca ttaaaacaga gcacataatc taacataata tttaatggtt     65640
     tgtgttgtta tttgcatggt ttgacagaaa tagttgtgat tcagaatcag ccttgcttaa     65700
     ttaaatttgc gaataacaga agacataata tggatgatgt tacgaaaagg tctgttgtag     65760
     agagaaattg actttatgca gagaacatct gttggaaatc cagagcataa gttgtggatc     65820
     tgtttcgcag tattgaaacg gtcgtcatgg tcgttttctg tatcacgatt caactaaaag     65880
     tgtttccccg gccaagttac aagaggataa cataattccc aggattcctt tttgtttgca     65940
     tgtgctttag ctgaggcctc ctgcgttttc tgtctgtttc agattaacaa tgattcgcaa     66000
     agctttcagt atttataaag gctgggcagt tgattacagt gagaggagga tgaaggaaga     66060
     gaatcaagag aacaggaggc ccgactggta cctggaaaag gtcaacaaca ttcctgaggc     66120
     actgagtttc cctcctaaaa tctccaaagg gcagtgcttt tcttctagat cattacgcaa     66180
     tgaagaaatt aacatctcaa aaggcgtagt gagctgagat tcagttacag ctatgtcgca     66240
     cacaaatgtg aaatatccag caatataaaa ggctgcctca tatcctaaaa taaagactaa     66300
     ataaggcttg aagactactt agaggagtca actaacaggg aattaacatg ctaaacattc     66360
     ccaaaacaaa taactatatt ttcacacttt aagtcatact ggatgttcat caccttcaag     66420
     caacgttgct taatatatat ataaaataaa ttaataaata tttaataaaa ccttttaaaa     66480
     catttttttc atgacttaac atctaaatta aaattaaata attaattcat tttcttttcg     66540
     gcttagttcc tttattaatc tggggtcgcc acagcggtat gaaccaccaa cttatccagc     66600
     aagtttctat gcagtggaca gggccggcgc gtccatagag gcgacctagg gcggcaatat     66660
     agagagggcg tgtgagggaa ttagagtgtg agggaaaccg gagcaccctg aggaaaccca     66720
     cgcgaacaca gggagaacat acaaactcca caaagaaacg ccaactgacc cagccgaggc     66780
     ttgaaccagc aaccttcttg ctgtgaggcg acgcactact tactgcgcca ctgcatatat     66840
     atatagtagc attgtatata tatatagtat tgttaatcaa ttaaaaaaat taactaatta     66900
     atcgcacttt tcaaaaaaat aatcgtgatc aatcgcgatt aatcgcattt aaaactctga     66960
     aacttgtaat tttggctatt tcaatgtaaa attaatgtaa acgcaagaca gaatataatt     67020
     gtttaataga atttttgttt aacttgtaac agatttcttc atgtaaacaa ctaacccaca     67080
     ataaaccgtc aagatcctgg attgacagta atatttatta cagaaattaa aacaggcatg     67140
     ttaatgacat ttaaatttca aaacaatcaa tgccaataaa gaagacattg atttccatgt     67200
     tggattctat gcggactgca aaaaaaatgc caaaatacag gcattacaga tatggaaaat     67260
     gggaaattat aataataaac tattgaatac aaacatacaa atacaaactg ttgcactcat     67320
     tgtaaagttt tcttataagt taagaacatt aattataaag tagaaacaat tttgcctaat     67380
     cttcctttac attcatccag ttgttaagac taggagtatc ccacaaatgc acagagactc     67440
     ccggatgccc gcaaatgaat gataatctct cgcaatccgg tccttaaata aattgcacac     67500
     ccctctccac tgcatccctt tccctcctag gtatgtcctt cacccccatc ctccttcagg     67560
     tacgtctcgc gtgcacacgc ccctacttag atacttcgct cactccaccc ctgacacccc     67620
     tcaatgagcc tgacacagac acacatacac acacacacac aacgcgctgg agcgactccc     67680
     ttcagattca acacgtatga tcgcgttcat caaatttgct taaactaagc aatctaaagt     67740
     atggctgtat ttcacaagga ttctgacaca acaacgcaaa gcatacgctt tcattgagaa     67800
     aacacgctaa acttggaggg ctcatgctga aaggcagagt attgccctgt ctttgacagc     67860
     tcgcatcttc accagagact ttctgagtac atttacataa gacaccaata ctccgatttt     67920
     aatatgatta agattatact cttattaaaa gtctaccgtg tagcctaagc agcgatttta     67980
     ttaccttaaa ggaacaccga gtcacgaaat acagaggatt ttctttctgt tcgccatgcg     68040
     gtatcaactt acaccagagg cgaaagttac aaatgaaaca cccgaaattg catgaaactc     68100
     tggataacct gtgatgcaac taattgtttt atactgaaac ttgccttcaa aatatgcttc     68160
     cttggtctta tccacatttc ttgcatgtta aacacacgtc caccacaaca ggaagtaaaa     68220
     aaaacctgca actgcgttaa ttgcgctaat tttttgtaac gcgttaatta tttcaaatta     68280
     atcgcatgcg ttaacgcact aattttgaca gcgctaatat atatatatat atatatatat     68340
     atatatatat atatattata aagaaaaatt atttagatat tttataaata tctttacatt     68400
     ttagtttaat gtatattcaa caactttaag caaataaatt taagataaat acatttaatc     68460
     atcctaatta ccagtatccc aacacatcat taaaatcata tctgtacagt ttagttttta     68520
     ctgtgtgttc ataaaatata aaaataaaca aaataaaaac tgtttatagt aaatgagggt     68580
     ttctgcaggt ttcaccatga tattcacagt gagaaatact gcatgtggaa tgtttttttt     68640
     ttctttattt tttgctgaac tatctcttta aacacacatg aaatgccagg tttgactgag     68700
     acaggcgcat catcagttta cagacactct gtagcagtag tctgaacacc acaagaagct     68760
     ttcagaggac atcaatagac taatggctaa taatgcctta taaatcgatg tggagactca     68820
     ctccagctca tctgaattct gtagatttct cctgctctgt gaatgcgctc gaggacagcg     68880
     ctctgctatt ttagaggctt gtgatctgaa gagaggaatt tcagctgaca gaaatataag     68940
     gccctgaagg tgtagtgata ttactgcttc ctacctgctg ttgcttcatg cgtcggccca     69000
     aaagtctgtc agttgttttc atctcaagca tcagcttctc cagaaaaaaa aaactttctc     69060
     tcagctagaa acttgctttt ctgcttcctg tttcttacac tgggaatata caagaatact     69120
     gaaatacctg ctttatttat aggcatttgt caaaatcata cgtgacatat ttattaacac     69180
     atgtgggtgt ataggaatat atacttgtag tgttgcttta actgagatac tattgtttat     69240
     tatttattat tatctgtaat gggtacagtt tgcagatctt attttagttt aggatacatt     69300
     ttgtttgtgc tattgttttt atatatttat attttccagt tttcattttt agcacaataa     69360
     tttttgctac ttaaattcac atttaatttg ataacattag ttaacattaa tgagctaata     69420
     caaacaaata tcaactaaca ttgactatgt ttacatggac atcagtactt gaattatttg     69480
     ccttaatctg atcaagacag taatatgatg aaggtgttta catgagttgc tttttaaatg     69540
     ttcctttcat gatcccgttt tacgtgttat agcacataaa tctttatgat taatgtcact     69600
     gcgtcactgc cctatccacg tttcctccag agttttatgt aatttcggtt gcttcatttt     69660
     taatttgtcg cctttaattg cagtttagca ctttcacttt cattcagaaa catttcatgc     69720
     atgcccccca tgacaaacga tactggaagc gaatatgaac tgcaggaaga gcgttgcttt     69780
     aatggaattt gataccacac accgtatggg aaaaaaaacc ctccgccttt cgtgatgtgt     69840
     tagtctgttg tcctactgac tcggttggtg cagagcatag tttccaacaa ctgtgtgtgt     69900
     atagactatt ctgttgcaaa atgaggcgat aatcctacaa gacagtaata gtttgattaa     69960
     ggtgtttaca tgtctaaaat cgacatgact aaaaacgaca tactgctcat gtcttaatcc     70020
     gatttctgct tagttcgatt atgaccttaa tcagattaaa ttaatcaaaa atggatgttt     70080
     aaatggtaga ctcttaatca gagtattgtc ttaattgtat taaattcgga ttattgttgt     70140
     ccatgtaagc gtactcaatg agaaattaat ttaattaaaa ctattcatta atcattgttc     70200
     aaattatttg ttagctgaag tccattaaaa atattaaaag acagaaataa atattaatga     70260
     atatcaaact cattataagc ttatcaaatt atataagctt aattaatatc taatagtcaa     70320
     tctaacttat taatctttgt taacattgtt tgttaaaaat acagctgttc tttgttagtc     70380
     cacatcagac ataaaaaatg tataaataaa tttcaactaa tgtggtttaa aaataagaca     70440
     atctgcaatt ttataagctt aattaatacc ttaatagcta atataacttt gacatttttt     70500
     cttttatata ttttggaatg cagttttgac ctccgcgaca taataattca ttgaaatact     70560
     gctccacaac tttgcccatt ttgttactgt taagtaataa attatatctt ctatatttat     70620
     cacactttca gattctggac aaaaagtatt tttcttaaat tccacaacat tctcaaatca     70680
     ggttttttgc aatctcatat ggctataaat atcttataaa ttcactaata gcaaacatgg     70740
     caaaataaca ggctgctgct cactgctgtt tagtgttagt catacagttt cattagcagt     70800
     gtttatgact cctgttgtca aggtgaactt catttttctt gcacctctag aaatgtaaca     70860
     gaccttcatc tgtgcatgag taagcatttg tttatatgtg agagagctca tgtttcacat     70920
     tagacagaac ttcaactcaa gactccacaa agtgcatttt tattatatac tttgtattaa     70980
     atattgctag gcctgattta atacaaatta cttagttctt ctaaatttca aataaaatag     71040
     aaaaataggg ttgctttgtt tgttagggtg gcacggtggc ttgctggcct cacagcaaga     71100
     agggcactgg ttcgagtcca ggttggacca ggaggccttc ctgtgttgag tttgcatgtt     71160
     ctccccgttt tcacgtgggt ttttccaggt gttccggttc tcacaacagt ccaaagacat     71220
     actgtattgg ttaattggat gaactaaatt gcccatagta tatgagtgtg tatgtgaatg     71280
     ataatgtgtg ggtgtttccc agtattaggt caatcataag cacgtcatcc tctcaaaatt     71340
     agtttataaa taaacttcac aaagtcatga caattttttt attagtttag ttatgttaat     71400
     atacatatag ttatgctaat cacgtttagc tatatttatt tatttattga tttatttata     71460
     catgattaac atatctttag tcagtttgac tgatgtaagt ggaatatgac taggaaagtt     71520
     tatttggttc agttaaaaaa gaagcttctg tccaacacat ttacttaatt tattcattta     71580
     ttattaaaca cttttattca agtaattttg ggcctggtat tatatatgaa gaagctttag     71640
     ttttatgaag ctaaattact gtcataatat gatattcaaa taaaattcct catcattatt     71700
     caatatatac agtagtcaac atttaaattg aatcctttca ttaaagttgt cctaaaacta     71760
     ttaaacaaca cccattctgg tctttgaaca attatacaaa aacttcacaa tgaatttttg     71820
     atcctcttca aatgttgact actgtatata tttagtcaga tttttttcac ttgaagtatt     71880
     gtacaaaaac cttttatttt aatttacaga ttactgtatg tcttcaatgt actcaaatga     71940
     atgttgagag gagaactgag agttttgttc cacactgccc tctagtgctt gaatgtgtgc     72000
     atagttggca aacactgcct cttcgtaatg cattattaca ccactgacca gtaactcaaa     72060
     catgctgtcc tcactgttct caagagcaca aaacagccaa acaaaaacaa actccatagt     72120
     gagaagagtt agctgaagtt tctctagcac aaatctgcga ttgttctggg tttactggga     72180
     tattgccaac ctggaatgag ggatgtaatc caaaaggcat caagtcaaat tccatccacc     72240
     tgcattccaa ccagatccaa cagttggcag acacacgggc agcctattta gtgccaacct     72300
     gcaaatgcaa ttcacctgct cacagaagga accgctcatc cttttcaggt gatcgtttta     72360
     gcactgtttc accattttta atcatctgag actctttaca agttaaagga gaaaaagcag     72420
     acctaaagct gaacttcttc aatctttata gcatatctgt gttcattgtt ccctgccttc     72480
     attcctagca tgcctgctca cagtgccaga gttatgaaga ggctaaagga ggtactagag     72540
     actcaaggtc aagccaagat gatgagtcaa gagccattat aaaagctgaa aagacattca     72600
     gcagaattgt atctttgtgt caaccaggtg gaaggagaca aagcataaca tgaggtgtgc     72660
     aagtgtcaat gaagagctaa tcgtgggagt gaaagtgttg tgcttaacaa caaaaccgta     72720
     ccgatttctt tcctcattca tgtcctagtg agacgtttgt cttaagagtg acagcgcata     72780
     gctttctgag acatggaaaa atagactgca cttcctgaat gcctccaaaa tctattaatt     72840
     gacactgtgg taaaggttta aacaaatgcc attagtgttt agcatttgag agttttagtt     72900
     atcagtaaac atgaattcaa tattgctcaa atttacccta ttaatatatt ctttttgttt     72960
     tcgcttggac agtttttcag tgtattttga ttttaaaaaa gtcttgataa tatttcataa     73020
     cacaccaacg ggaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa ctgactgaat gatttgttgt tgttactagt     73080
     aaatagttgt tatctcagct ctattttaat cctgcttgga aaaaaaaata acagaacaga     73140
     caaacaagag agcctgcaat taattgtatt cagactggtt gtttcataag acctcaatag     73200
     ctatgtttcc attcacctat ttttatgcac attttagaat attgcacaaa aaatggaaat     73260
     gccaagatgc atatacattt tgaaagtgca cattaaacat gcatgcacac atttgagtag     73320
     gataaacttt tcatctgagc agaaaaatgt gtataaacac tatgcggaaa cacatttacc     73380
     agataaattt cagctagaac ataagtcatg tgattttgtt ttaacaggtc acgtgataac     73440
     aaaaataggt gtaatggggt gacattaaca gacaaaccag aggatagacc acatttgaaa     73500
     cttttgaaag ctattttttt gttagtggtt tgtaaatcca ttagccaaag tccgtcatta     73560
     aagtggttca ttattataat ctgacttgag tgtctgcacc cgcaaaacca tatgtccatt     73620
     gcattttgta ctaggtacaa gtaatttatt aagaaaaaag gtcacagtgg ctacacctac     73680
     ctaagcaaat tctttttatc attttgatat ttgatgacaa cgtatcagaa agtgacaatt     73740
     atgtattgga tggaaatgtt gctttatttg caaatgtttt atgcgatatt ccaagttctt     73800
     ctatgaatgg aaacacagct gttgtatcat caggagccac agttaataat ttaggtttgc     73860
     ctgcatatat atttttagac aaagtgtcat aagcccttca cttaaatctt atgaattacc     73920
     agaaccaaag tttcagccaa aaaacttctt taatcttcta aaacaaaagt tacataccta     73980
     ggacagttat aaaagttata caaataattt agcacaatta ggaagctgag aaatggtggt     74040
     aaaattctgt atacattaca aacgtacagt ggtcaagaga gcttgacgtg ctgcaattta     74100
     cacaggcaat taaataaatt aagaaaatat cctatttggt ttgacagcat acgtgttgca     74160
     aatcctaaca acgcaaacac aataaagggc acctatgatg aaaatcatct tttgtaagct     74220
     gtttggacag aactgtgcgt ccacagtcat actgaagtga tagaaagaca ataagtctct     74280
     ttttaaaaat tttcctgacg taaaatagga tccaaatccc tcccattttg aggccgacca     74340
     caacgtgacg ggagggtagt ttccccgccc accgaagtga ctgacagctg cgtattaata     74400
     tgtctttgta gtaacacata taatcataac aagacaggac atgcacaaag caagtgggat     74460
     taaaagatct gttcagctct ctgtgatcat caatcatcat caaatgtgat caagaatgag     74520
     ttttacgagt ttaaaacgtt tttactttat cacaacaatt ataaaagaag acgcttcaat     74580
     cacagcttgt ggatgttaaa tccggtttaa tttgtacatt gcataacaga tgtccataca     74640
     gcagtgcatg ttaatgttta tcctgtcaca tttgtgtgca aaaacagtgc aaagttaaat     74700
     gcaggtgctg tatgtgtgtc cgctgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat gaacttcgta aaaacatagt     74760
     gtgactcatc gttgcagaaa ggcttgaatt aactccacaa caaacacatc aaataatcat     74820
     tgggaagttc ttactgtagt atttctcaaa aacgttatgt gagatctgct tccttcatgt     74880
     ctgtcactgt gctgtttatc tgaagcaacc gaggtggaga ttgaggcacc ctctgacaga     74940
     cacgtgggaa cggtgggcgg ggagaactag cattaaaggc acaggcaaca aaaacagcta     75000
     caaaaacatt gttcaaatca gaaaatgtca acattctgaa aggtataata aataaccgaa     75060
     tgggagtttt gagctgaaac tttacagaca cattctggag atacaaaaga tttaaatgtt     75120
     gaaaaggggt aataggtgct ctttaaaaaa aactaattaa gaaaacattc ctattttctc     75180
     acaatgcaga atagcacaga acaaaacaaa aatgtttcaa gggaacccta aaacgtgatg     75240
     gatgggtgct ggacttcttg taattgcatg cgttttcttt aattgcagca tgttaagctc     75300
     tcttggcaac cataaaaaac agctctttga tgctgatgtt agtttagtat actgctgtgc     75360
     agattattcc atctacagtg gtattattag aactaaacaa agcgatatgg aggtcaagag     75420
     gttatgggct gctgccatga caacaggaaa tgtccctata ctgttatcgg gtgtcccagc     75480
     agtgaagtat gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gttggacagc agggtgtaac catcatgacc     75540
     cagactgagg tcagaaaaat tgttcatgac cttggcagct tcttttagac tatcctcatt     75600
     cctgtacttt cactctgagt ctctaactcc catttcatca attattatca ctgtgttagt     75660
     gtcttgtttc actacaccaa cattatggcc acagtcacta ttaaatacaa gtaaagaggt     75720
     gtagcactca gcaaaatgtg taaaagggat gtttttcccc acttatcttg actataaatg     75780
     aagtgtgtga gaagtgtacc ttagtctgtc tgtcaggttt gtgcaaataa atgctttctt     75840
     atggaaatga aaaatggagt gagtggctgt ttataagctc tcagtgatgt tttcatgcaa     75900
     aggctcggag agggtgacag aggccaagtt tttgttggag taaatggtga cgaacatgtc     75960
     aacaggtgta tccattaccg tgagttacat aatgaaaccc acaaacacca aaacacatga     76020
     gacaacttgg ctgattggga ctggcaagca acaatgcaca gaggtagcag agttaatata     76080
     aagaaaagtc aaaagtttgg agccagtagc attgaataaa attgcaaaag tacttttttt     76140
     ctgtagataa ttgaattaaa taatacttga tgtaattttt atcatatttt ttatttattt     76200
     tagcaaaagt ctggaagaag aaaaacaata ttaagcagca cttgttcagt catttatttt     76260
     cttctcgact tagttgtttt ataaatgtgg ggtcaccata gcggaataaa tcgccaactt     76320
     atccagcaga tgttttacgc agcggatgcc cttcaaactg caacccatct ctggaaaaca     76380
     tccatacaca ctcagtcaca cacatacact acagacaatt tagcttattc aattcacctg     76440
     tagcgcttgt ctttggactt gtgggagaaa ccggagcacc cggaggaaac ccacgtgaac     76500
     atgagtagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgtcaactg aggctcgaac cagcgatgac     76560
     cttcatcctg tgaggcgatt atgctaccca ctgcgccact gtaatgccct gcaaaacctt     76620
     tttttaaaca ctaattatta aaaaacaatt ctgaagaaac atgtgacaat gaatactaga     76680
     gtaatgatgc tgagaagtct gttttgtctt cacaggaaaa ttcaaaactt tggtcatgct     76740
     taacaattac ttcccattaa tgttaatgta cttactaacc tgaggtaaga ataaataata     76800
     atacttgtac agcatttatt aatcatagtt caacattttc taatgcatta ttaaaaccca     76860
     aggttttgaa attgtacatt aatgcaccat gagttaacaa gaactaacaa tgaataactt     76920
     tattttcatt aactttaaca aagatgaata aatattgtaa taaatgcatt tattaatatt     76980
     ttatacagtg tataaacaat atatattgta caaatacaat atatagtaaa tactagagat     77040
     gccccgattg atcggccatt tcctacttga ttatttaaaa atatatcttg ttgtaacata     77100
     catattgcaa taaacaatag ttgatatgca tatttccttt ttagaaaaga agtaatggta     77160
     agcagtggcg cagcaggtag tgctgtcgcc tcacagcaaa aaggtcgctg gttcgaacct     77220
     tggctcagtt ggcatttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc cctgccttag cgtgggtttc     77280
     ctccgggtgc tccggtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc ggtacaggtg aattgggtgg     77340
     gctaaattgt ccatagtgta tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg tgtgtgtgga tgtgttccag     77400
     agatgggttg aggctggaag ggcatctgct gcgtaaaaac ttgctggata agttggtgat     77460
     tcattccgct gtggtgacct cggattaata aagggactaa gccgacaaga aaaatgaatg     77520
     aaaagaagtt atgcatttta acctcctatg catcaaatat gcactccaaa ctttttttca     77580
     ttaagacatg atgaagtatt cttcattgca atgtttccaa attgcattgt ttgtaattgt     77640
     tcttaccaat ttaaaaaatt agttgtatct attattttct gtaaaactgc ttctgatcat     77700
     gacagatcca cacctaaatg tttataagag acgggtttaa aggatttttt tgcaacaacc     77760
     ttaatttatt ctcttaggta agaagaaaac tccacttact gtaagtatca tacttcaaga     77820
     gaaaatgtgc ttaatacatc ggtatcgggc gatcaccaag acaaaatatc agtacttggt     77880
     atcggcattt tctttcgtga ttgtctatga ttttcacagc ggaatgaaac tgcatctgct     77940
     ctggcatatg ttttatacat tcgatgccgt ttcagcatag tacttgaaaa taacattaac     78000
     taatggaaca cttacacatt ttaacatgta ttaaaatgaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaactaaa     78060
     caaaatgact atttttgttg accaaataaa ttcagccatg gtgagcgact ttttcaaaac     78120
     tcttttaaat atattccaac ctcaaaattc tgaagaatat atgtgaaatg agacagaaag     78180
     agtgttagtt agagttatta tagcttattg aacctgtatc tgtctcgtaa tttaacggaa     78240
     gcattttatc caacttattt gctattctca tctgcactca caaagcaata tcaaatttac     78300
     ttgaaacaaa aaagctgtta cacttcaggg tggattgata ttcaacaaag tggaggaggg     78360
     tctggagtca ggcctggtgc agtgcaatct gagctgcatt caatgctttt taatgtgctc     78420
     acctaaccct aaccctaacc ctacccctca cagtgacgtt attagctcca ttgagtgcat     78480
     tgtgtctgac attgaatcac tgagatatgc agtgtcggct tgcatcatca aggttgcatt     78540
     tagatactac tggtatattc agcactcatg tgttcctttc aaggcatttt tctaccctaa     78600
     aatgattaaa cgtcaaaaca cttcttactg atgatcttgt ttacaaacta ggattaccag     78660
     ttaggaataa aataaaaaat ttaagtgatg atttccaact gtaatgaagt caacaaatca     78720
     aactgcatac ttatagacac ttaaaaatgg ttggaattta catttaattt tacatcagaa     78780
     tgtatgtatt taataactta ataaaaacta tacatatata tatactgtga aacaagcaaa     78840
     actgtttagt aaatgagtat atggcaactt tgttgatgac atgtagtaca attctgtgta     78900
     aatctgtaaa gttcttactg gcagtattta tcatcacaat cttctctgaa gtacaaaata     78960
     tacttcttgg gaaactatgt aatgacattc ctctactcaa agtcaacagt ttaactgttt     79020
     ttcactttgc cttgtgtggt tttaaactgt tgcctgggca gggatgtgtt tggaacatta     79080
     aatgactgtc ctttgtcact gtgttctttc gtgtttatgt gacgtgtata ggggtgtata     79140
     tcagtgtctc cgaacggcat taaacattca catggtcttt atttcagagc tattgcaaga     79200
     agctcacgtt tcattcagcc ctcctctgtt tgaccacaag tcatcattct gccttggcat     79260
     tcaagatcat cgctaacaga tgtctggaac tgaccagttg atgaaaactt tacacttatc     79320
     gcagatcatg cttttagcaa aatatggcca aagttattcg attttgaaat cgctacttca     79380
     tcataacaaa tatgtagtca ggaatcagtt taaatgcatg cggtcccact ttaaggtaca     79440
     attatcgctt ttaataaacc tatgactttt ggaataaact cctaatctgc tgcttattaa     79500
     tagtttttaa ggttaatgct gagagttagt ccctataaat taacattcat acatacatgt     79560
     ttcaccatag attattgtca gcacattttt agcataattt aactagattt cgaacacaaa     79620
     atcatgaaat tagatgtaga taggatctta agacctattt aagagttcac ctaattgtat     79680
     ttatctaaat gtaaactata aaacatttag gctttaagag gattttcatg tccacacatg     79740
     gaaaaagtcc caaaagcttt ctctgactgg tcaaattgag acacagttct gttgttcctc     79800
     tttcccactc atgtgagata aaggatcaat gtttaatgta tctatgtttt gagttagagg     79860
     gaatcccatg cacagtgatc tcacccctca aaaagcttcc ggacctgatg gagcactctg     79920
     gctggaggga gggggtggac aggggctgag ctcagtgaaa caggggtgac gcaagaagtt     79980
     agtgctgcac tgatgagccc ctaagctcag aaatgtcctg aatcaggaca gtccaactga     80040
     tttgtttggg gaggagccca caagaagcag cttgttccaa atcccaaaga cttaacgtga     80100
     agatggaacc tgagctgtat agaacagaat attgtttcta ctattccact ttttttagga     80160
     aaaacggttc tgtatgctta aggcctaatc ttaattctac cacttagccc ttcccctacc     80220
     cctggttttg tgaattcacc tgaaggggta gtggtgtccc aattctcttt agcatgaagg     80280
     catagggcta aggcaagggt gtccaactcg gtcctggagg gtcggtgttc tggagagttt     80340
     agctccaacc ctaatcaaac acacctgaac cagctaatca agctctaaac ttcctagcag     80400
     gtgtgttgga gctaaactat gcaggacacc ggccctccag aacagagttt ggacacctct     80460
     gggccaaggg caagggctaa ataccctttg aaacagagat ttttcaggac cacattcgaa     80520
     accaagggga aagaaaattt cccagaatac accatctaca atggcagcat ggctgcacac     80580
     ggaaataagg agattcacaa atagcatgtt ttaatacatt cataactgtg ttcgtgtttt     80640
     actgccatgc ttaaacaaaa taaaataaaa actgctacat ttcactagct ataatccata     80700
     ataataactc atgtatggat gttccacaac atactttcac ttctggcact caatgacact     80760
     cggataccct gtcagaaaag tctagtggat ggaaattacc ttttaacagt gtataaaaat     80820
     acattttgaa gcccttcccc cacacactct gtttcaagag ccaaggggga agggtagggg     80880
     tacataatta gaattgggat tgggcctaac tgttccattc catgtcaatc tggtccagct     80940
     agcacttttt tgatttccac tgtggtgctg ataacggagc tttttggaat gctctccaaa     81000
     tgtgtagata attgccttga taacacaagt ataatgtaaa cagcaatatg gacaataatc     81060
     agatgtttct gttttttggg ctccttttac atattctttt atatattcac ttcattaaat     81120
     tacagataaa atagacagtg tgcttccgtt tagccagcta tgggagacag atgctcagaa     81180
     ttctgggtca ttcagctgga actgaaccca gcttttctta ggacagtttg acaaaagtgg     81240
     caacagtctt gttgggaagc tcttttcaca tttgctgcaa gtagggtggg ggaataaatg     81300
     aaccacactc tctaccttcc atacctagct gaggtacccc tgagcaaggc acctaacccc     81360
     taattgctcc tgagggtgct ggaatagctg tccactgctc ggagtgtgtg ctcagtgtgt     81420
     gtgtgttcac tcctcactaa aaatgtgtct gcgcacttgg atgggttgta aagcagagga     81480
     ccaatttcga gtattggtaa aatcatactt gacaaggctc acttcacttt cactttcata     81540
     tatagaccaa aaaataaatc atggcttata catagagctg ttactagtag ggagacatat     81600
     aatgacaatt atgaagctcc tgtctgtttg gggacccctg gctttggggg tgaatcagaa     81660
     tgcaatctgt agtgaaggag gcccatgcag gaaagtaaat ggaccaaaat ttcagagtct     81720
     tgcagaggag ttttttttgg tcatgctagt aggaggaaag gtggtactga ttctaatgac     81780
     caccagcaat ttcaatcaaa gtgaaatcaa tgccacagct atgcaatctc gtataggcca     81840
     tgactagtat ggagaaagtt gattttaaat ttagggatcc ttggctgttg aggaaccctc     81900
     tgcaatggcc ttattagtat tcagtaaaca cccttggaac cacacacagc aaaattatac     81960
     ttttaagttt ttaactacga ttgtacattc aatcagagac tatgaaaaca gactgtaaag     82020
     tgataataat aaaaaggcat ttcagataaa ttcctcagtc atctttcaat aatacgctat     82080
     gagtctaatc tctccaacct ttccacacta gctttgtctc ttcccatgaa gatcagaaaa     82140
     tcctataaat cgtggaatct aacgagagaa tatgagacaa gaagactctg aatgacatgt     82200
     tatgcacagt gtatgtccag ctaaagtccc aagtgtctgc taactcacac actctggcaa     82260
     ctcttgtgct ttttcagtgt atcagaggga gtgtgagact tgtgatggta ggaagagaaa     82320
     aatctagaat ctgagtcttt ttaaataggc tccttttctg gtttgacctc aataataaag     82380
     tggtccagca ggtttaaaag agtcagtgtc caaaaggacc tctgggatta gctttggaga     82440
     actttcccaa gacaacttaa caaaaatatt aagcacacat tttcttaata aagtgtccag     82500
     tatagttcat actgtcttag attgtacacg gggttgtata aacagatgcc acatggcaga     82560
     gatcctcaat agtcctcctg aagctcttca tgcagagtct atagtttcag agcatctctt     82620
     ttccacttcc caggttattt ctaaggaagc tgatagcatg ttatgatggt tactggggag     82680
     atatttaagt agttgctaaa gttttgtggg tagtttccaa agtgtttcca aatttttgat     82740
     ttttgaaatt ttggcatttg tgggtggtca gttgctagat attttgtgga taatttgtcc     82800
     agtgttgcct ggattgatta cctgggtttt gagagtggca ctgcttttta gttagcagag     82860
     gttgcagggg gattgttatc tgatttatgg ggtattctct gaaaactctc atgatgttct     82920
     aggttgtcgc tgtagtgttt ttaaacggtt taaagatttt tgtgcaagtg tacggttgtg     82980
     gttattttgg tgtggctggt tgcttgggtg ttgctaggaa agttattgct aagaagttat     83040
     gagtagttgc taaggtgttg cagcgtaatt gctaatacat ttttaggaca tttcaggtga     83100
     ttgcaagtag tttctatatt tttgcttaaa tatagtaaat tgtgttgctt caacaagctc     83160
     cctacagtgt tcttaggagg ttctgggaag ttgaattttt acctaattat agggtgttag     83220
     gataatatgg ttatgactgg atgaatggta attaaaagat ttttgtggaa gttctgaatg     83280
     gttgctaggt gattgctaat ttagacattt ttcgatcaaa cagatatgaa tatggacaac     83340
     aaatatatct actcttgtac tctcactcac catcctttgg cttagtccct gatttatcaa     83400
     gggttaccat agcggaatga accgccaatt gccctggcat ttgttttatg tggcagatac     83460
     ccttctatcg acaacccaac actgggaaac acccaaaaac ttgtcattca cacactcatt     83520
     tcctacatcc aatttagtta ctgggagaac atgcaaactc cgcacagaaa ggccaagcct     83580
     ggactccaac caatgaatta ctaataggca acagtactaa ctgagcagat taacctaccc     83640
     aatatgacaa atcttattat gtagcattaa aatataaacc ctaaaatgtt tacccatgac     83700
     aacagcacac aatgcctctg atgggaccca tgcccaaagc taaattctct gtccagtaga     83760
     gattttgagc tccaaaaaat gcaaaacaag acaaaaagac acatcaatag aacgataagt     83820
     tattccagag aaggcatgcc cttgtgatag tagcctaatc cacctcggat aagtgatgtc     83880
     ccagcgataa ctatacaaac aatacaagaa agaaatacca tgttcacgga ttggacaaac     83940
     aggcaccaat gtggttaatt atatggtatt ttgaaccttt tcatctatgg tatcaaaatc     84000
     atctttgatt ttcatcaaca aatccgaggc tttaaaaaaa gctggtaata cattccggca     84060
     gattataaat actctgcatt tacaggtact gaagcaagca aaggagcttt tgcttacctt     84120
     tagaggcatc attactggca tgaatctgtt tggttctagt gttctcctca gaacgtccac     84180
     atggggctcc tgacctgctc tgtccattgc tgagactcct cttgcgcttg ctgcccttga     84240
     accaactaaa agcccgactt aaagatgaac cacgtttctt cttactagcc tgaagggcca     84300
     ggacctcagt gatgtctttg ggcaccaaat ccccagcaga gctcctcctc gacatcctga     84360
     gtgcaccaat gcttgaccca actgctcttg tatcccaaca aaacctgcct caacaacaac     84420
     aaagagaata gagaaacata aataatatat aacattacgg catgtttaca gatgaaatgg     84480
     tttcaccaca tgccatatcc taaccctaac ctccaaaaaa tctgtttgtt tggaatgttg     84540
     tattgggacc aagtagggtt ttgatccaga aacatgtcct acttggcaaa atgacagcca     84600
     ttacccagca agcatttttt aaaagatgtc taatagatgt ctaatagaca tctaaacata     84660
     gtcaccttgg ctaaaacaag gctaaatttt tgctgtcagt gaaaatctaa tagacgtctc     84720
     agaataggcc aaaactagac tagtcatcaa ataaaccgaa acaactacac atatgaagtc     84780
     tgtctaatct gtctagttga cgactagtct agttttggcc tattctgaga catctattag     84840
     attttcactg acagcccaaa tttaaacttg ttttagccaa gctgtctaag ttttgatgtc     84900
     tattagacat ctattaaaca caaaattgtt tgctgggcat cttttttagc aagaaataaa     84960
     attatcaacg tttctgctta taatataata ttgagaaata agaaaagaca ttttttctaa     85020
     ttgctgcaaa actacaccaa actgacaaat cactacttta ttcatcttca aaccaaattt     85080
     atgatcttag tttaaagccc atccagctag cacattcaac aagatgtcct gtgatgttaa     85140
     agaattaggt cagtaggcag agagttggta gctctttgaa cacattcctc aacatgaggg     85200
     tctacactaa caaagcaatc aggtcaaatg catttttggc taccttggaa agtggtcaaa     85260
     agtagacaac cttccaacat ttcatagccc atttactcct gtattgagtg ttgtcaatat     85320
     gttattggct tgacaaaacc acaacttaac accaaatgta aacacggaca acttgcttac     85380
     aagtccaata cctctcaaat cactttatgt tgattatcct caactatatt ttgtgtagta     85440
     aaggaatgag tagccacttt agctaatctt tcaggtctct cgatatacag ctatatacag     85500
     taaaaagata aaaagaataa tttgagaaaa gttgcaatta ctccttctga aaagatgtct     85560
     gatgtttgtg ttgtatcagg tatttgcaag tcctgcttca gcattctcgt gcaaatgtag     85620
     catcaacacc ctcattccat gaaaacgttt attctcgcta agccttctaa tctgtcatgg     85680
     tgtgagatct agaggtatga gagacaaaca aaagtagcag agagcacaag ggggagaaac     85740
     acgctacctc atccaaaagc aggcagtgaa aagttcctgt tcatcaggga aaacaagcag     85800
     aagtaaattc cacaacatcc agctcaccct caacagcttt ggcttgctag agatggctat     85860
     gtattctgta atttagtctt aatgttcttc tttttcttca tatcgcagag aagaaagatc     85920
     catctttcaa acacttcaat gctgtaattt gacttgcaac aaaatctctg gatgcagtaa     85980
     cacacacaca cccccgtgta agaagaaact cagaaaccca aactctcatc acactaacct     86040
     actgtacaaa acaacaactt ccaactcaaa acagccatca catttatcaa cacactctat     86100
     atgtagctag acacaagcag acaaaaacac catagggtac cttgccttcc tatcttgcgt     86160
     ccttttgtcc gtgtttctca gtgtgtgtct tgtctttact gcagtgctgt gttgtactgt     86220
     ttattcagct ctttttgggt gagtggagct ccatgctggt cagtcctccc cctcctgtct     86280
     gtttgagtcg ctggtcacca ttcagcgcag tgcggagagg aactgcagtt cacacgtgta     86340
     ttccacccaa ctatttcaca atgacaagct ggctccctcc ctccatgact ctctcctcct     86400
     cttatgtctc tctttctctc tctctctctc tcaccacaat gtacacacca tttcacttct     86460
     ctcctccttc acttatcgca ctcagacatc gtctgtccac tcctcctttc ttttccctgt     86520
     ccacttgttg gttttgttaa cttactatct tgtccttatc ggaggtggtg aagggacact     86580
     attctgtctc ttgatgagga ggctgcgttt gttttggagg cattaatatg aagccaaaag     86640
     ttgatcattg tgtaaaaaga gcaaagggct gcataagcca ggttcattat cagctacagg     86700
     tgattaatga cctctgaaac ctgagatgta gcatgttttg gacatggggc atagacagct     86760
     cagtaatgtg agtctaaaag taaatcaata gagaaaaatc agaaaaaata tcccagtgtt     86820
     ctataaaaac attttaaatg cattttcaag atttaagtca taattatgaa tattttattg     86880
     aaatccacaa agcataaaat atatattttt atacaaaaag cacaagcaaa acaggctaag     86940
     ctacttttta aacagtgtaa aattagatat gctgttaaaa atagaattat tagaaatgta     87000
     ccttcaaaat tattttgatg aactaattct gtggtttttg tcatttattt atcattatcc     87060
     aaacataaaa ctatcaaaag aaacaattca aatacaaaaa ccctaaacta aaaatgcgta     87120
     tagtgaatat atctgtcgta gtatccagac cccgtagttt tttgcgattt tcgctgaatc     87180
     caacaaaaaa aatcaacaaa aagtagcaat tttttttaat cctgtaaaaa tcttaattca     87240
     aatgcaaaat aattacaaat aaatgtaaat aatctcataa aacttccact tgcaaaccat     87300
     ataatcaaat tagacttatt tcagtttgca attaactgtt ttacatatag acgttgcatg     87360
     cacagcccgc gagatgtatt tgagtgtctc tcgaaaaatg acatctcacc tgtgcgctca     87420
     caatcctaac attacataga aatgggggaa attgttttgt agcctgtgca ggaagcagac     87480
     gtggatatag tgtgagaggt ttacatgtga agtcaatgct aagatgcgat tagacatcct     87540
     gtggtgcaaa ttgagtgaat aacacgacgc aaattgggcg ttttgtgtgt ttgacatgct     87600
     tcacacggca aaagaaagtg gaagcaaaca tctaacaaac ggatcaatgg aacagaccga     87660
     aaagcaagca gtttacaatg atggagattg gttcaagaat gatggctgct ggatgtgaag     87720
     gaattgaagg atattatttt tgctttacat gtatggctgg tgttttgatg tgcatcaaaa     87780
     tcaaatcgat aaatgatttc gcttatgcca ttcagactgc atgattttca aagtagttgt     87840
     gtcacggatg ttttcacact gcatgactat ctggggcagc gttttgtcgc tgctgtgttt     87900
     acactgcaat atggatcagc gacaggggct ttcacacttc atgactttac aataggagaa     87960
     tcgccaacaa ctttgtccaa actacgtccc acaaccaaaa acacgttgta tatcttttgt     88020
     tgttaactac ataatgagaa agaagccttt aatggggtag aaaatgtaca aatttactca     88080
     cctgggtttg aagggaatta gccatttctc ctcaactttt ttcttatttg acctggttgt     88140
     tgtattgctc acatgatacg tcaaacagac acgggtgctc ctgccaaatt tttactagtt     88200
     tttcctctat ttcttgggtc caaataaact gaaaatgagc gcttttaact tatcccacaa     88260
     cctcccgctg gcctgtagat acccatacta gtggatgcta ctctctcatt ggctgtaggt     88320
     gatcgctgat gttattttca gtcaaaactc attttacaca gcatgatttg aatcaccgac     88380
     atttccaaat atttagcatg ccaaatatct catgggcatc cgcgactcat cagcaatttt     88440
     ctcagatcgc gtctctgata gttcacagta tgtggttgtt actcacagga cgcaccaatt     88500
     tgcttgtgat ttcaggcatt tgtctgcgat ttctcaaaac ttgtcggcga gtcaaaatcg     88560
     gggttaaaat catgcagtct gaactcggca atactgtaac tctttcccta gcattgacga     88620
     gagaaaatgc ttccctgcca ttgactgagt tttacggcaa tacgtgtttt agttgtatta     88680
     ctgtagggga agccttaaca catgttctga gtgaagttca tgatgtcaga tgctacgggg     88740
     agtgaaatct gagagagcaa atgtaagagt gtggaataag ggtcacacaa ccttcctatg     88800
     gcttaatccc tatcgtttat ttctgtttta gatcttgtct tatagtatat ataaatcatt     88860
     tatttaattg ggtatgctaa aattgaccgt agtgtacgtg tgagtgagtg tgtatagatg     88920
     tttcccagtg atgggttgca gctagaaggg catccactgc gttaaacgtg tgctggataa     88980
     gtagccggtt cattccgctg tgatgaccct agattaataa aggaactaag ccaaaaagaa     89040
     aatgaattaa ttaaagtttg aattaacgaa tgaagtaatg taactcttac tctgcatgct     89100
     aagacccctg tgtgaacttg aggggaactg actttgtcac tatccaaaca aaagcatgat     89160
     ctgttgtgag aaaatatatt accattgttt gctgatgaca tttttgtaca cttgtactca     89220
     tgttgccctt ttatcacact ttttattata attttaacat gctttaagtg tccaaattct     89280
     ttaggggcgc actgcctatc ggtctggtaa ctattagcaa cagttatata accattgttt     89340
     ggtggtgaga attttgcact ttaacaactt cgatttcatt aattcctacc accaacttat     89400
     ctaggatatg ttttacacag gggatgcact tccagctgca acccaatact gagaaacacc     89460
     tatgcactct tacatagaca cactcataca ctatggacaa ttcagtttat ttaactcacc     89520
     tatagcgcat gtctttggac tgtgggggaa atcggagcac ccagaggaaa cccacaccaa     89580
     cacgacgaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaact gacccagcaa aggacttgaa     89640
     ccagcaacct tcttgctgtg aggtgacagt gctaacctct gagccactat gttgcctaac     89700
     ttagatttat atatatttat atcatacatt taaagagtgg cttaagtatt caaattcttt     89760
     tggggagcat gtctacctgt ctggtaacca atggcaacgg ttagatgagg gtgtgtgcag     89820
     ggactttaat gggacttttc tccttaatgt acagagaagc tctttgctct ttaacctcta     89880
     atggagttta tccctcttgg gagtcttcgt ttgaactttg agggcttggt tgctgtgaat     89940
     tctctatttt ggttcgttca cagcacagag aagccacaga aagaaggcta agaataacag     90000
     agctaatagt gatgtcatat ctcgtgggaa tcagtggcaa gggatctgtt actggctcat     90060
     ctggtttcct tttgaatcct ggctgacggt gagctcactc agagatgtga acgctgccgc     90120
     tccgacaact tcctctgagg tgttgtttca tgtctgttgc taatgtttca tctttctatg     90180
     attatgacgg catattgttt tttagatgtg tgcaagccaa ggatgttatc acaaatgtga     90240
     agttttgaag ttctgacatt ctgagtttca acaacttctg attttaaggt ggtaaccctt     90300
     gtgtgctgtt ggggatgttt tcatccattc tagggtgatt ttaagtctta aattggccac     90360
     aacttctttg tttttcagca aatggaatga ttttggtgac aaatgttatt ttgacatact     90420
     ttgctgataa ttctttgaac atttttaaat actcaacaat acactctggt caaatttact     90480
     actattttgt tatgttgctg gctgtttttg cctcattcat ctgtcatggt tttgcaatca     90540
     aaaatgttat tacaatggaa gtcaatgggg cagaaacaat caccaacata ataaaaaggc     90600
     agtaaatttg aacagtacac aagggttaat taagtaaagt aaaaccaaaa tgcctgaaat     90660
     aagtaaaaac tgtaaacaat ttccactgaa aatttaaaat ggctgccttt ctatgtttac     90720
     catttaggtc catatttttg tagatattgg gatgttacac gagtctaata aagtattgac     90780
     ttgtacgtaa aacatagtac aaggggtgtt ctttaaaatt ttgtatgtgg tgatactagg     90840
     gctttttggc aattgttgtg ttccaattta ttttttggga gttttgtgtt tgttttctgt     90900
     ttcactttct tttatttttc ccgttgtcta ttctgtcctt cccaggtgtg tgaccattgg     90960
     tctagaaggt cgtctagatg gggttgtggc tgaaaggaca tattctgcat gaaaccatat     91020
     aagttggccg gataagttgg tggttctatc cgctgtggcg acctcatatt aataaaggga     91080
     ctaagccaaa aagaaaataa attaatgtat gtgtataaat gttagagtgt atgggggtct     91140
     cccagtgttg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat ccactgcgta aaacacatgc cggataagtt     91200
     ggtggttcat tccgctgtgg cgacccctga tgaataaagg gactaagccg aaaagaaaat     91260
     aaatgaatga atgaatccat ttgttgtgtt ttctcttact ttcacccagc agcagtagaa     91320
     actcacttaa tgttatgtct catctaatat aacaacttaa acacgtaaca caacattgaa     91380
     ttctaaactc cattccactt cttcagtcct atcagtcttg aatgaatttg ttctgccacc     91440
     taattcattc ctatagcgtg ccactgtgaa acaacacagc tcatggtttg ttctgtggga     91500
     ttcttcagat atgtgtcaaa tcgttcggtc aatgtttact ctcgagtctc aaaaacgatc     91560
     agatttttaa gttcttttat ttgaaaccta aatagaaaca aactcttgag agctctgaaa     91620
     taacactatt atttcaacct ctgcataaaa ataaaatctg gaagcattta tgaacttgtt     91680
     aaatgtgttg tcaatgtttt ttccaccatg ccattgccat ttacaggaaa attcagtgac     91740
     tttgaatgta aacagagata agggagacgt gtgtgtcagg atatgtacca aggcttactc     91800
     aatatgctct gtaaacacaa gaatgcttat tctcagcgct tgtttgactt tctttctgct     91860
     ttgaaaagca cagatggaca acctcggccc ctggcctctt tccttgtact gggttggacc     91920
     agatatggtc cagtaaatca gccctatcta gggatcatga tctggatctc ttgttttagt     91980
     gtcatggaac gaagatacat tttcgctatt cctccaaaca tccacagatt gcaatcagac     92040
     attatatttg cagttcaaca gttaatttaa aacaaggata aaagatgaca tggatgttct     92100
     atcagccacc tctgtattgt ataaaacagg agggagagag agaagacttg tgggggattg     92160
     ggtggggtta ctgtgagtca gacttaaacc cagtccttct gaacacattg aaatgtttaa     92220
     atgttgctat agcaactata gagaaaacag tcattctcct gccttcacaa aagcctcagt     92280
     gttttgtaat gaaagtatgg acctcaagca gtgggtatat tttgagtacg aatatacaca     92340
     atcatttacc actggaagaa actcagcctt gccagatact ttgaacactg gattgcattg     92400
     gggaagttga acatttcctc attcccaaca agataaatca agtctttctg aaggtcacta     92460
     agatttaact tatgaaaaag gtttatattt agaaatgagg aaacagatgc atatttgaac     92520
     aggacggact ggacatcata gcttttgttg gctaaaaaca actcaaattc gatgtacagc     92580
     aaccaatcac atttaaacat taagtgcttc aagctaaatc ttggaggcgt attaaaaatg     92640
     aatgatactt ttgattatgc ctttagttga tcttaaaaaa atcacatatt tgttaagggt     92700
     cacaatggct ttgtttccag gtggaccatt aggtaacaat aacacacgtc ttctgaaaat     92760
     catgtagaat tcaatcagat gatgacttca attttatgtg caataagcat cagacattca     92820
     gccagcagac catgggtgat gtctaggcct gagactatac aggagccaat aaaaagtaaa     92880
     aaataaaaac gttgtttaat ataatggcat gagttcattt tgttgtcatc ccgtctgtct     92940
     actgtgaagc agacacccct atgcaagtga tcgtaggttt tggcgaattc gagttttatc     93000
     tagtggtgac taattgtgta catctggaat aagtatatca gcaaatgaaa agtgtaaaaa     93060
     ctcaattgac aaaaactcat ctctgacaaa aatgtgtttg ttttagcaca tttgctaaaa     93120
     gagtttaaat tgtaaaagtg tttagacgtg ataacagtac taaaactgta ctgaaattag     93180
     ttttcattaa atgataaact gccctgtaat atttaacact aaaaaattac aaagttgtag     93240
     gggttgtcta acaaaaccta ttttggatat tcagtgcagg agacctaaac ttaacaaata     93300
     tatgataaaa aaagaaagaa aataattaac aagtaaagct tcacaaatag agcatactcc     93360
     gccaaatttg ttgctagttc aaacccaaaa gttcagacct gaaaaaaaaa tcccaccaaa     93420
     aaatgacctt gacaaaagat ttacaagcag agttacagct gaattattca atattttaag     93480
     ctgaagatat catgcaaatg ctattaaaac atttaattag aaaactgcca atgacttaaa     93540
     aacaaaatta tttcctaaaa ccatagaaat tcaatttgcc atttgtttct attgaaattt     93600
     ttatttttaa atccctgtag catttaagca acaactccaa aacaagctcc atttatacag     93660
     gtgttttctg taaatctccc agcactctca tggatgggag ctgaggcaac agccaggaaa     93720
     tcccgcctgt cgactgggtt aagccctcct ctcccagcat tgtattatcc ctctctccct     93780
     ctctttgtcc taggcagact ggatttcctt ctgtaccaat gggctgcaca gccaatgaca     93840
     caatcacaac tagacgcagt catacaaacc aacaacctgt tagcaaagga tgcctactta     93900
     caacatgcaa acacaaaatt cacaataaga taattcacac acacaactac agtatattta     93960
     ttgtgtgagc tactcacctt ttactcttca aaacttattt gacattctgc gaaaaatgag     94020
     atatgcaaat atatgcaaac atgaaaaaat actattctaa tttatagtaa atactatagt     94080
     gtcagaaata acggtacaaa atctttccct gaaacttctg tcacaggaat tttttacatt     94140
     ttatagtttt ttggaatttc tttgtcatat accactgttt tgaaatacaa catctccaca     94200
     acaaatacac aaccataagg caggtgtgga tgagaaatta ttattattaa tttattattt     94260
     tttttacaat ttttacagtt gaaaaaaact cacagtcttg ggttgggtta ctaccagtgg     94320
     tggaaaaagt actgaaaaat catacttaag taaaagtacc attacttgcc taaaaatgta     94380
     gtgcaggtag agtaaaagta tctgttataa atattactta aagtatgaat aaaaggtaga     94440
     cctttcaaaa gtactcagga gtagtgagtt ttacgctgtg aaaagctgat acatttaaat     94500
     ttaattagtg gatctgtgta aacgtaacat tctgtagaga attaattatt gctcagcagg     94560
     cacacaacgt cataagacgt tattattacg ttcgatttag tttgatgtca gttgaccaaa     94620
     tttcaatgtc tagccagcat ttaaggacaa tgttattttg atgcccaata acaacgtcaa     94680
     atgacgttga tattttgttg attttaggtt gtgttagaaa atgaccaaaa tcccacatca     94740
     agccaacatc ttaaaccaac gtcatattga ccttaaatac tgacatttat tcgccggtat     94800
     ggcaaataag ctctaacgtc ttatagacgt catagaagta acatccacgc aatgtcaagc     94860
     tgtaacatca ttagacatta atatttggtt gattaggttg gacgttggcc attgacgtcg     94920
     gcctggtgtt gagttctgac attaacatga tttttatttc caaaaaatat gcaatgttcc     94980
     cataactttg gggtacaact tcaatctgac gtcatgttga cgtcttgtgc ctgctgggtg     95040
     tttaaggcca tttcgttgtc atacagtaaa cttgtatcat tttttcatca gtgacatgca     95100
     tcaaaatagt caatgcgtgt aaaaaatttg acatcttgga cacttttaat gcttgcaaac     95160
     agtttgctgc atttataaat cgcccatgtc ttaagggttt tcattatgat gcgatttacc     95220
     tctttacttc tatgtgcgat ttgattagac aggaatcgca ggattgaatt ttcttatccc     95280
     caagaaaaaa aaattgagac tgcagattga aggaaagtag tggattaaaa gtactgatac     95340
     tgcactaaaa atgtactaaa gggaaagtac aagaacacat ttttaaaatt gcttaattag     95400
     ttccaatttt tgagaaaaac tactcaatta cagtaatttg agtattagta attagttatc     95460
     ttacaccact ggttactaca gaaattatag aattatcaca acagatatat tcaagtattt     95520
     tgcaatagta cgtttccaaa ccattataac ttactagaaa ttaaaaacgt tttttcttat     95580
     ttcttattct gaatataatg tcacactttt tgttgttcca ctaaaaatgg aaagctgtaa     95640
     tgacaataat gtacaaaaaa aattcatctg tgtctttgta aagttttgcg tacagtttgt     95700
     taaaacaatc cccatttgca tttctctgtg caaaaactaa aaacgttgta atatgcatgt     95760
     caggccagca atttatgtgt ctgtacaaaa tatatacata ctaaaatgca aaaaaaaaaa     95820
     aaagattttc agctgaactg tgccgttaag acataaacta tactaaagag acagacaaaa     95880
     aaaacacaca atactaatag attttgatgt tttgctactt taacgcagtc ctgccaaacc     95940
     tcagcaggga ccagacgggt gctcttgtac cacagcttta gccctaatga gactcacata     96000
     gtttcagtga acactcatta ctctgtcaca agaatcactg agaaagtaca tcttggcaat     96060
     gtcttctttt tttttttttt ttttgatctc cttcaagtta gagcttcagt ataaatcgca     96120
     tgaagagttt caattagaga ttctggcctg tgatgagaca ctttgattaa gaggcttccg     96180
     tgccttcatg cctctgtctt taataaggct ctgatgtgcc aagctctaag agcatcgcag     96240
     atttaacact ttaatactag tacacaatta attcacaagt cttccagtgg ctggtcagat     96300
     ctggtgaatg aactgtttcc tacacagtga agccaacacg atccatccat gttaaaactg     96360
     aagagccctt tttgatgctg aaatatgttg cgcagagaaa actaaaagca gactcaagag     96420
     cagacttcac gattgtaaaa actgcctaat atttagtcgg ttttgaatag tattatatta     96480
     taaaagttaa gctgtaaatt gtcaaattaa aggtgcagta tgtgcggtcg gcacccagtg     96540
     gttaacctag gtattgcacc ccaggttcaa aacaaatgaa agcgcaggtt accagattga     96600
     caacttcaac agcgtgcctg actattaagc ttaaagcctg atttaagttg tgttctaaag     96660
     aaagcatcag cacatgatag aaggaatatt ttctctatta aaatgagttt tcattctaac     96720
     caacacctca aattgatata ttagaaacgg cttctctttc tcacaggtga acaacagaaa     96780
     attgacaaag attacctcag gtacacctta tgtgctttat tcagtggtaa atgctaataa     96840
     tgtgagtttc aatgccattt tatatgacat ttattgccat actattgaaa gcagcagcag     96900
     atcttgagag caaaataaag ttttaaattt tatttagttt gaaattgaac tttagatctg     96960
     tgactcaaaa tcaacagata tcagtgattc atcatctata tttaataatg tgaagaggta     97020
     taatatatat taattgggtt ataaacgtta ctattttgtg tgagtgcaga aagtgcacat     97080
     atattctgtc cttctgaatg gttgtatttc aatttctgtc gtgtttcgtc aggcgcaaac     97140
     agccaaatga actgaaatat aattggctaa actgtcagtg ggtgggttaa aagaaccaac     97200
     acaaagacag atgttccggc acagaaaaca cattttcaaa gcagaaaaac tgacttcagc     97260
     attggttttc agataaacaa gaatgttcac gtggcatgtt tcttgcatat ctgcaaacat     97320
     attaagttat gtttatgctt tagaagattc ataaacttag gcatagcacc tttaaaattt     97380
     taatttagca gttaacttat aaagagacaa taattgattg ttctgaagat atcacaataa     97440
     ttaagttttt gaactgacag aaaaaatatt ttttgtggtt cagagatttt ataggcgtac     97500
     actagaatca catttacaaa cacatttagc agctttcacc atgtttaggg tcacccttga     97560
     gtcatccaag atgtaggtga catttttgtt cagtatgtac agtgatcctt cgggattcat     97620
     caagttttga gataaaaaac agcaaaaaca tatacaggca aaaaaatcaa accccgtagc     97680
     tcccgatgat atattgtagc cttataaagt gaaacaatct gtcacaaaac aaaagaaaag     97740
     ccttgtgact tccacttcca cctgacttta acgatttaac tatgaatcaa atcaagattt     97800
     accattgtag gggaaaatag ttaccagtat tggctaaatt gtccatatca gagcatcaat     97860
     tataatatta aagtcattgt gaatcagaag tagctgagac ttttatttca gtatgttgat     97920
     gtacttccaa gtgaaatgga atattgagta gggggtgtgg ctttgtttag tgcatcaatc     97980
     tttaaagcgg tactttttaa gcaacttttt ttgcagtttt tgttttccca aatccacaag     98040
     agacggctat gcacgcttta tgagatctca aatttccgcc attcgcgtct gtaatcctct     98100
     cgtaaatcca ccagaggccg ctgttgactg actgactgac tgaccaatcg actgacccat     98160
     cctccccctt ccctaaaccc aactaatagt attttaaaaa gcacagattg acccgcccac     98220
     tcacatccct taaccccaaa acaaatttaa aaaacagttt aaaaaaaaaa aactttatct     98280
     gatatttacc acgttttacc acattctcat cctgttattt acttgtttat tttatttttt     98340
     ggattctgtt tttgtcttgc ctgctttctg gaaccgttct tcactgtacc caaaccccat     98400
     tgctgtggtc atctcctctc tgtgtcacaa gtccaccgac gtacatggtg agctaactgg     98460
     acaaactggt aaacagctgg aaaaccatac atacggaggt aagtagtcag ctggtaattt     98520
     acaatctcca gaaatgtata tagggctcat tttcagaatg agtctatgtt gaccaactta     98580
     ctaaatatta agcagcaaat tcattatgat gattttgtaa aagctggact tatacattaa     98640
     aataaagtga gaccaaaaaa caaacaccga tgctgctttt atactaaagg atttcatttt     98700
     agcataccaa attctcaaaa tctagtataa tctgtaaagc aaactgggaa caaaagccat     98760
     gttcacaagc atgtgtgaga acgatttcaa gccgttcaac cacttccagg ttggagaaga     98820
     acatctgtct ggaagctctc agtctgaggc agtataagct tgcagagcca aaccaatgac     98880
     tcacagaaat atggctttga caagaaacca ctgtttgacg gcaagacaca aaagagcttc     98940
     aaaactccac cctattcata acatctgcca cagaatcaaa cagatggagc tgaaatcact     99000
     gtttactaag accaaaaaaa agcacagatt ctcagatatt atgagagatt tttgtcaata     99060
     gatgtttatt ctttgtctgt ctttttcttt cttgtctgta gcacttcgct gagtttatgg     99120
     tgtctgagag gggtcagaca gacagatagt caatcctttt tatccgtttg ctctgtttgc     99180
     tctcttcaga cacaggcaca ggtccaggca tgatgtttgg tctctctctt ttttcctgct     99240
     ctatttagga aacacactga gaggccaaat gtcccaaaat tccaggacgc tgcaccattt     99300
     gtgcaacaaa aaagaacagg aaaagataaa aatcacagtt tttttaatca gtttttttct     99360
     tattaagcct aaaaataaaa gcctggaaaa ttgtacatac attttggatg gtttaattac     99420
     gggctttact aaagaatcct ggcatacaat aggctctttt agccactgga ggtctatgaa     99480
     aacttgaatt tgtcagtgta cagatgtgta aaacctggtg agcaagtgga ccgaatattc     99540
     ccaagctttg gcttttccct gctcctctgg gtattatgtg gttgagaatc tcagtaaaca     99600
     catggatgct tttgtttgcc acactttcca ttctgttatt catttatgct ttactggatc     99660
     catatttaaa tgctgtctgt gttgttcttt tctttttgac tacacaagat ctccactcaa     99720
     caaagtaaat gcataaatat gaaatattta tttacatttc cataaattaa aataacttat     99780
     tttaaattac atttaattat attgattaat caaattaaat tagatttgtt acagccttta     99840
     acttaaaaat ataaatgttt acagtacaaa aacaattatc gggtaacaag atgatctctg     99900
     ctgtatgaca atttcatttt ttaaatttcc atattttata gtacaacaat gtgttgtatt     99960
     atgaacatat tggtaacatg ctaatttata gtagcaagtt cttaatgcat gctagactta    100020
     aaaacatgct agcaatggaa acagtggaaa catgttaaca aattgctaat acatgctagc    100080
     aacatgatga acatgattga aatgtaaaaa tttgtgctac agctgtgcta ggaaacatgc    100140
     taatcacaac ttaaaacatg taagatgttt gaaaaatgct aattcatgat atgttagcaa    100200
     gtttaaaaat actagacatg atagcaactt gccttaacca tttttattgg agttctgagt    100260
     aaaaccagag tccaagcttt tcaccttata gtgaaaaaag aaacgacaga aaccttcaga    100320
     gagtttgtaa tggttttata ataaaaaagt atatttgttt taaatgaaac tttgtttctc    100380
     tactggtaat ctagtggtgg catgttaaaa caaaaagtct caaaactcaa aaccattaaa    100440
     atgatctgat gtgatggttt gtaatgtatt taatggtatt tatagtgcaa gttataacaa    100500
     tctgagtggt aatttttagc atggcagaat tattttaatt ttataaagat tgctttgtca    100560
     aaccaacatc ttgacacatc aatgtaaagc attttaaaac catttacaca aatcaaatca    100620
     tcagcatatg gtacgaaaaa agaacaacaa aggtgagatt tggtcttgag aaaaaaattg    100680
     cattagggct gcacgatata aaaaatttaa tattgggata ttttattttt ctgtgctaaa    100740
     tattgcaata tgaatacagt ttcacaagat aggattattt gatggttcaa gaactgaata    100800
     ggactattta aatcaagaac aagaactaaa taatcacaat gaaataaatg cttttcttac    100860
     ttttttttgt tatgtttcta gtccaaatat ctcaaatatt ttagagcaag taaaattatt    100920
     gtattgtttt caacttgaga agaaataagt caaaactaag agttttgggg taagcaaaat    100980
     aatcttgttt gcactttaaa atgaagatat ttagactaga aacaagacaa acattttgag    101040
     aaagattttt ttgtgcatag attgtatcta ttccatataa atacagtaca taaatacaat    101100
     actgtggttt atgttcaact ataattcaga ctcgacattg cataccttgc aaagtgacta    101160
     ttgcgggtgc gcacattgtg atatcgatgc tgaaacaata tattgtgaac ccctaatttg    101220
     cattaaagtt atctaatgtt tgggttttca acgtcatgtc cattcagagg tcaagagtct    101280
     aaaaggacgg tttgctgtgc agtctaccac cacatcagct aatcttatgt ttatgttatt    101340
     accttaatag caggtcacga cacccaaatg aaagatctct attgtagtct aaaccctctt    101400
     gttagccatg ggacatcctt cagtttgtat atatacttgt cagagaatag ggaaaaagtc    101460
     acacggttaa tgcttgaaca tttgaaaaaa caagaagatg aaaaaatatt atcagacata    101520
     ctgtgaaaat ttccttgctc tgttaaacaa aattcgggaa atattaaaaa ataaaacatt    101580
     caaagggggg ctaaaaattc tgacttcaac tgtttttaaa ttagaaatta gatctgctaa    101640
     ctaagtgtcc tttacagtac gtgtgtccga aaggtgagta attatatgca taaatacact    101700
     gcttgaccaa ttcataggtg atttatccat tcatatgtgc gaattttccg tgatttgaga    101760
     tctcctctta agtggagttt gtgtcaacca cacacatgac taactttaat tttgctttaa    101820
     ttatcttcta gctccaagct tcaagcaagg caaagttact tgagtctatg ttctgtgtac    101880
     tgcaacattt gaattgcatc cagataaagt agcctaaatc tgaggtaaca aattaatcga    101940
     aagccatgct gctttacaaa ataaataact ttatatatcg aaaacaagta ttatttaaca    102000
     caactacgaa cacacatttt ttaaacacat ttgtgataat tattttacca atgatgcagc    102060
     atgcagtcac cgaaatgcca acacaacagc actggtctgc aaaagcgtgt ctcctagcgc    102120
     atatttgctc tgcaaccgcc gcggccgcgt gccactttct ctgattctgt gacaaagcgg    102180
     gttgattttt agcatctgat gacgcgatga acagctgatg ccgatcacat cagtgtaatt    102240
     gttcgagtca aagggtttaa tataattttt tttcgtttat tatttagtat tatttcatgt    102300
     accactagaa gtaagctcgc gtaccacagt ttatgaaaca ctgtattata tgaaacccct    102360
     gcgatcacgg acaggtgtct gacgttacag tataaatgtt catattgata tgatttccat    102420
     ggaatcatgg tcaggtgtct aaatagacat gcacctagta agtagttatc ttttaagagc    102480
     aatcactatc tgttcattag ctactacaat aggggtgttc tagagatcta cctgagctta    102540
     aactcttttc tcgccatgca aactagaggg agcccagggc tcagggatct tataagctca    102600
     gggctctctt ccgggacaat atgccaaaca tgctttataa tcaatcatca gcgaagtttg    102660
     aactcttgaa tatgttgttt cctattctga gtttagtttt cgcttttgca cattatattt    102720
     ttagacacga cgtaaatgtt ttgatttaca cgcattattt ttctatccgt gaccacaaaa    102780
     cttgttgtct ggaatttgat aaaatactgc ccctacccac tattttcaac tgacgaaact    102840
     tacatataca cgtttggaag gcaatttagt ttatcaagta cacatcagaa caatttattg    102900
     tgctaatatt gcatttttta cttaagcatc ccactctcca tgtgcactta tctgatgaag    102960
     agaaaaatgt gaattattta acttcaccat atattttgta tatcagacaa tgtgttaaag    103020
     tcaaaagtat accatcacaa gcgcaacatc tttcataagt ggaatgttaa gtgtctgctg    103080
     tcatgaagca gaaaatccct tcatctctaa actctctgct cattttagtt ccatttttca    103140
     atctcatttt atactcctcg ttctgattca ggtgtcaggg ggctgatccg cctgacccat    103200
     cttccagaat tccctcttac acaatcacca ttatggaaga aaaaaaatat cagctgtcat    103260
     gagtcatttt attactgcag tgaaaacggc tgcactaaaa tcccagcaga tattttttga    103320
     tcatgctagc tgactgtcgg gagtgttgac ctcattcagc ttccactgaa gtaaattgag    103380
     gagagatgga gaacataatt ctctccagat cgcattgatc tgctcatctc caacattctt    103440
     caagaactct gtgtccattt atggttaact taacaaccga atgagcttta tagcctgtgc    103500
     catgttcctt ttttaccagc caaagtatta aaacttaaat ttgttgtcaa catgtaatgc    103560
     actacattat ttattacttt tagttatcat accaccaaat gctcttgtag gtgtttgtta    103620
     atatgtgaaa tgttgggtct ttttttctct aaaataattt tttaaaaacc tgtcatttac    103680
     ttggcaggat gatttgcttc aggtgaaatc cctcacaaac aacatgatga gagttatctg    103740
     atgtttgaga atgtcgtcat ggcagtttgt gctgttattt taaaacaggg aaggtagttt    103800
     atcatggcca tctatctttt catgtgattc tcatgccatg cctcaacctt tagtcccagg    103860
     gtgatacatg tgcttgtgaa aagcatattt caccatgcag tgtcactcag tcttaaaact    103920
     ctgttagaga taagtctttt ctagcttttc aagtatgttc taagaaaaac gtgacagact    103980
     gtaaataagg gatagcctat aaaaaacgta atgccctttt gttgccacag gcagattctc    104040
     aagggctgta aatctccaga gactttcatg aaacatggca aacacagaaa gtttaggttg    104100
     caacctaaag cctgaacgca cgagaaaact atttaatgta ttgtcagaaa aagtggctaa    104160
     ttaaaaaaaa aatgtttatg atttcatttg tacaaatgca tacaattttt aaaaggaggc    104220
     ctacctccaa actcagccat cattggggat gaacatatca tactaaatgt attaataaga    104280
     ttgtacaaat acatgcaaat tagccactaa cgcaaaaagt tacaaattat ggtgggattg    104340
     cattgaacag gtcaccccta ttctttatga gatgtgccat gggattttta atgaccacag    104400
     agagtcagaa catctcatct aaaacacggc acctactaac agcatagtgt cccaatccct    104460
     atactgggtc attaggactc acacagacca ccgctgttga gcacccctgc taacctcact    104520
     aacaccactt ccaacagcaa cctagttttc ccatgtgatt tcctatccac atactaacca    104580
     tgagcagccc tgcttagctt cagtcttacg caagttgata tggctgaggc cataaaagta    104640
     tattttttaa aacaaccagc tgtgaggaga atcccagtat tgccaggttg aagttgaagc    104700
     tctttttgtc ctttatttta tgacaacact acaggtttat ttctgtcaaa acactacagt    104760
     ttccaagccc tttacagcca taatatgttc ttgaatgttt caatactaaa tcaataatag    104820
     aaaaaacata aaatcaaaaa tattcatatt ttgttgtttg gcagatcttg tttaatgtca    104880
     atgattttaa ttaatttctc cctccgttgt ttctgcattc actcatctta tcaacacatc    104940
     acttcacgct caaacatttc caaatagcat ctaaagtcag cgtgaacgga agttgctgag    105000
     aattttattt cagtatgttg atgcacttcc tactgacatg gaatattgag tagacgttga    105060
     caaatactaa aacaaaacaa aaaatcagta aattaattgt tcacctacag aataacaaaa    105120
     aaaaaaaaac actttatatt cagatttcaa acagacttta agcagaagta ggcctacttt    105180
     ataagaaagc aattcaaata caaacaaata aataatgcat gatataattt caagaagaaa    105240
     aaaataaagt attcttcatt gatgaagtac aaataaagaa ctttatagtg ctggagcttt    105300
     aagagtccac aataagacag agagattctt aatataaaat gtaaaagatt ctgcattatt    105360
     tcttggtcac taatcaataa ttctcactag tgataatgac aatgtgaact tctttgtaca    105420
     tgtcctccct atttggtctc aaatttttga acctcactgt ttgtacttgc ttacacatat    105480
     tgacgcagta aagccctgta gagcactagt gaccttttag tccaacactg aatgtggagc    105540
     agcatatcaa aatatttaac tttccacaga acccctagac catcctcact ggttacatag    105600
     aaagatttgg aaggaagtta tggatggaaa acaggtgagg tgaaatagct tactatacaa    105660
     tactatcaaa acaagaccta tggttcactg gaccaaagga tggaacaaat ggtttaggga    105720
     aacagtgggt tgagtttttg taattactcc tctcactggg caagtatgcg aactacagta    105780
     cagccatgaa atatttattt tactatctta ttctcattct tttagtatat tgttggcgta    105840
     ctggtgcact gtaaaaagta attagttact ttaaagtcag taaacccatt gacttaactt    105900
     ttataattat gcacaaagtt ggtttactta atacagtggt ccctcaccat aacgtggttc    105960
     accttttaca gcctctcagt tttgtgtttt tttttttttt ttgtgcaatt tcacatgctt    106020
     actttatttt ttttttacag cacattgtgt tctgtgtcct gattggctgt agaccattgt    106080
     caatcaacct ctccttgtct cctgtacagt tcagaaagcg ttcagcttgc caaactggca    106140
     ttaataacat aaatcttcga ttgctagcag tgtgagttcc aataaggatg caaaaagagt    106200
     tgtaactgtc tgcagcaaga ccatcgtaaa gggggtaccg cgccaagcag tacaatgcat    106260
     ttcaaaatgg taaacatatc aaggtttata tcagggtaca cacacaggtg ccacaagtca    106320
     gcagctgtcc acagcaccca ggtactactc agaacactgt tcatatttct gccgtgccat    106380
     ttatttattt aaaataattt catttaaaaa aacaagcgaa tgtgcatgtc tggtgtgtgt    106440
     tacttccaac tgtcatgtgc actgcgcatg aggtgtgcga gctccttaag aataaagtat    106500
     gcttttgttt tgtggatcac agtgactcca ggataaaaac attacgctgg atgccaacat    106560
     tattcgaaca aaagctaaaa atgatgtgct ataaaactat tcttgttgct aagtgttatt    106620
     gttgattttg tgtcctgtgt tggtgtataa gttttgactc tttgttgttt atccatccgt    106680
     gtttcctcct cctattattt tgtttatggt ttatttgttt gtctgtttgt cattcattca    106740
     ttttcttgtc ggcttagtgc cttcattaat ccggggtcac cacagcggaa tggcccgcca    106800
     acttatccag caagttttta cgcagcggat gcccttccag ccacacacac attcacacac    106860
     acactcacac actacggaca atttagccta cccaattcac ctaaactgca tgtctttgga    106920
     ctgtggggga aaccagagca cccggagaaa acccacgcga agacagagag aacatgcaaa    106980
     ctccacacag aaacgccaac tgagcggagg ttcgaaccag cgacccaaca acctttttgc    107040
     tgtgaggcga cagcactacc tactgcgcca ctgcctcgcc ttgatattgt gaatattaaa    107100
     tattgtacac agtaaaaggc agtaagggtt ggacaccaca attttctttc tgtaaatatt    107160
     gtctcctgtt ttaataacta gttagggagg taagggtaac ttttgtgttt ttatttctgt    107220
     tattttgtta agttcagtta gtttcatttg ggtgtttagt taaagtgtac ttatttttct    107280
     gtgggtccac tccgaggtag ttggctttaa gttttttggg tgataacaaa aaaagacaaa    107340
     taaagagacc caacaataaa ggattttttt tttgtctggt gatcttttat gttgcgccct    107400
     tgtccctaga gcagggttgt aacaaatatt tataaaaaat aaagcatgtc aagggaggat    107460
     tggcatgtca gatactagag catttaattg gctataattt gataagaaac tgaagtgacg    107520
     ggaataaaac ctttgatcca tttaggcaga agtgacaaac tacaagcttt acatgtttgt    107580
     atcagtttta tatcttctaa acacaaattt agccactgtt ttggagcaca atagctttta    107640
     gatattcaaa aactaacaat accgatacta acatctaaaa agacttaatt tcataggatc    107700
     ttcacgagct tgcacccaat taaaaaaact ataaattgtt gattttgttt agatccaggc    107760
     cttactacaa cagcaaaaca ttgccaaagt ttgatttgtg ctgtgatctc ctccttttac    107820
     tttaagtcag gggataaaat attgtgttcc aaataaggtc tgaagtcggg gattattaat    107880
     agtactgtca gagaacttta acaaataaaa gttgatctaa tcagagagaa tgaagctgtt    107940
     ggacactact ttgaatggtc attaccttgc tcagtcagct cagccatctc tcaacggtgc    108000
     tttattacca gcttaagcac ctctgcattc ctcagagggg gctccttatt attaccttgt    108060
     ctttctataa gacagagctt taaacataaa tgcattaatt atttagagaa gatcagagat    108120
     tttagtgtgg aagcaatgtt tggaaaagtt acccatcatc taactatttc tattaatatc    108180
     acatacataa agagaatgca aatacacacg tacgtcacca ttagaaaaag gaggttatat    108240
     agcgccccct tgtggttcta caagaaacat ggggattaaa tgtaggactt gaagtagccc    108300
     ccagacatgt tgacttcaca gtagttggat cccattacgg gtctatattt tcctatactt    108360
     gtttgtcata tgttttagaa gacttaacat tgtcatttac atatggtgac attaaaagaa    108420
     taagtgatat aagacattat gaacacaatg taaatatttt taattgaacc ttaatgaaac    108480
     acatttgact tcatagcatt cctttttatt gtttgcgcaa actggctgat ttaaaaggca    108540
     atttatgcta aaaaatatat agagagagag tagaaattac actgattttt catgttttta    108600
     taaatgcatg gctcgggact tcctgtttag cgtctgccat gtgaggtcgg gagctctgca    108660
     aactaattct taaatttact aaatactagt tacagcctag accaagctta ttgctgcagc    108720
     tgctaatttg ttttgtggac tatttctgaa ctcaacgtct ctatgtagaa agctccgcgt    108780
     cagaaaaaga ctgatttgat aaactctaat gggtccacca agttggccaa agactaaaca    108840
     agcatgatta atggcgcctc aataatggca gcgattaaat ctttggaaac tggaattcac    108900
     caaaagtttg acccgtacgc ggctgagttc ggaaagaaat gaatggctca aaatgaggct    108960
     ttcatgcatc aataaaaaaa aacatgtaat acatcaatat ctctgtatat actaatgtca    109020
     ccagcaaaac aattataaaa tattgaaata ttgattatat aagatcaata tcagacccgt    109080
     agcagtgcga tgtggctgta tatcggcaat agtgggaggc gttggttgcc ttaagtgtcc    109140
     caccagtgac gatatacagc cacattgccc agctactcgt gtgatattgt gtttataaaa    109200
     cagtttgatg gcttaatcat gtgtataaaa aaaaaacaca aagagtctca aaaccctttt    109260
     gtaagaggaa ctactttctt ttgccattcc ttcacatctg cagctgatct cacaattgct    109320
     cgttcacaaa tgtcacttta gagctagtat ttgaatgatt ctctagtaat gtctaaaatg    109380
     atgacaaaac cggtgatttt gctcacatct taagattata aggctgaaca gcatgacatg    109440
     ccatcagtct acagagatgt ctcccagtgt ttctggagat cacaatatta ctagagtata    109500
     aatacagcac tacaacatac aaaaaagaaa gatcgactta gaaagtcatt tacctgttta    109560
     ataaggattt gattggctgt agtttgaaat tatgcagttt ttctcttagg gcttattatg    109620
     cggtctctgt cgtcatcttg gggaagaaca ttgtcaaccg tctttcctca gtaggacaag    109680
     ctaagggcca ccgatgcgct gtctctcata aaaaaatatt taaaaatagg cactatcttt    109740
     ataaataaac tgcatttgca atctaaacaa ttacattctc gactaaaaaa agcctcaaaa    109800
     gtacattagt gtatgttatc caacagcagc aatatttgtt aagtgtcctc tgcttctgct    109860
     gtatgtgggt ggagtaatac acacgggtga agggtgaaga ggtggtacga gtgctgttac    109920
     tgacagaata tcgcacagct atcagccaat cagattcaag aaccagacag aactgttgtt    109980
     taaattatta taaaatatat attattgtac aataatttat atactaaata aactttggaa    110040
     ggaatattta aaacaataat cttttattta aaaagcacag cgcagccccc aaatactcta    110100
     attttaaatc ttcaaacatt tatacgtttt atacattatt atacatgttt tgcctatatg    110160
     ttagcaagat gtttttaatt atctaaaata tgtattgttt tagaacaatc acttttttat    110220
     atgtatatct ttcatatgca agtacatgta tgttttttaa ttcatacaca aacatatcta    110280
     ttacagactt atacgatgga atgatgtgat caattttatt ttcacaaagc ttttttgaaa    110340
     caaatttgaa aattttattt gatttagatg caaaaacttt tgatcaacgt acgttgtttt    110400
     tttactttac atttcacatt tgtcataata tatcttcgat taaatattta aagttatcac    110460
     atcaccagtt aacatgtttg ttgaaactag ctgcctccct aacttaacta atctgtaata    110520
     cataaattta gatcagacat ctatttaaag cagctgagat aatgagcagg cattggcagg    110580
     gaaattcggt gcggtggact ctactaaaca aacacaagct acttatatct cactgtctaa    110640
     aatgactttc ttggagcttt aaatttccac ttaattttaa ttctgcttga gatccaggct    110700
     ttcaggtcat ttctgaatgt aggtcagtgc cgtttaggaa accacaaaaa gcaacttttc    110760
     cccattggtt atcgtagcat gccagtcttg tgcgactgac ctgcttgaat tattacattt    110820
     acattacatt tacatttagt catttagcag acgcttttat ccaaagcgac ttacaaatga    110880
     ggacaaggaa gcaatttaca caactaagag caacaatgaa taagtactaa aggcaagttt    110940
     caggtctgta aagtctaaga agggaagtgt tagtagtagt tttttttatt ttttttattt    111000
     tttttatttt tttttatttt tttttatttt attttatttt tttattttat ttttttttat    111060
     ttttttttat atttattttt ttattttttt tattattatt tttttatttt ttattatgct    111120
     gtctcatgca aaccctacac tcgccaccca ttggacactg accttgataa tttgttataa    111180
     tatgtttgtt atctgctgtc ctattggctc cagtgtttag gttgcctccc agaggacctc    111240
     atgattgctg attagctgga gttggtgccc gcgctgtaca agctcatatt tcttcctcct    111300
     tgtgtttatt aataaatata aacagattaa acgttgcctg ggcgatctgt ggcatatgtt    111360
     taaactcggt cagagagggg ccagactacc tccgtcctat tttgagcttc agtttggtta    111420
     ccagctcttc agtttgggtt cattccatgg ttattgtcct ggaaccttgt tttctgggtt    111480
     gaggtgagtt gataaatttt tataacagct atttctcaaa ggtttttgat ttctgaatgt    111540
     ttacattggc agattatcgc agctctagct atcacttcct actcattgca gtgtctctgt    111600
     aggttttctt tcacactttg tttctattct tgctgatggt ttcaaagttg gaaaagctgg    111660
     aggaaacatt ttaattgaag ttaataatca ctttaaaaca acatatatga tactaatatg    111720
     tctgcatgag taaacatgtt gaaggaatga gcagttgtcc atgtatgatg gaggttttga    111780
     gttcattagc acggctggaa tgtgctctgt ctgttcctgc tgccagtttc agcagcagct    111840
     gctctctgtg ccctatcaag actagtgcaa gaaataccag ctcagatcag aagataaaaa    111900
     atttgtataa atagtttgtt tttcagaaac gtatacaaaa ctaattacac aaaactaatt    111960
     acaacctaaa atcagaaaaa gttgggacag tatggaaatg caaataaagg aaaagtgatt    112020
     tctaaattta ctatgatttc tatttcattg cagacaatac aacaaacaaa atttactgtg    112080
     ttcctcatga tttttattga ttttttattt aaattttttt gtgaataaac atttatttta    112140
     attttggttc ttgcaacaca tttttaaaaa aaagttggaa cagtaaagca tttaccactt    112200
     tgtaatgttg ccattccttt tcacaacact taaaagacgt ttagggactg aaggtgtaat    112260
     tttgtcccat tttttctgca aacaagtctt aaggtgtgca acagtatggg gacctgtgct    112320
     tcaaaatgtg tcacacattc tctatcagaa acaggtcggg actgcaggca ggctagtcaa    112380
     gtacctgtaa cctcttcctc cgctgccaga actttataat gtgtgcagaa tgtggtgtta    112440
     catggtcttg ttaaaatatg catgggcgtc tctggaaaac aaggctgcat acagtgctcc    112500
     aaaatctata tgtacttttc cgcattaatg gtggcatcac agaaatttca tcgcaaaggt    112560
     cactgacaca acccaatacc aagaaaaacc ctggcttttg atggctggta acaatctgaa    112620
     ttatcatttt cttctttgat ttagagcaca tggcatctat ttctctaaaa aaactgaaat    112680
     actgatttat ctgaccccag tacacgttta cattgtgtaa tggtgactac tagccctaca    112740
     ttgctcctgt cgcaatattt tgtggaatgt gttgcatgtc tgaatgacag gaaaggatct    112800
     atatttacaa atgaaattaa gcagataaaa catgaaatat tttgtgttta tattgtctgc    112860
     aatgaaatac aagtcaaagt aaatttggaa atcacaaatt tttttttaat ttgcgttttc    112920
     cacactgtcc caaccttttc tgattttggg ttgtacaaag aaacaacata aaataaaatt    112980
     atgcactaaa ataacatttg gtaacacttt attttgatgg tccatttgaa tattagtaga    113040
     ctgtctgctt aatattagtt gatgctgctc cttcaacaga catttaactg actataagaa    113100
     actttgcaag tacatgtcaa cttacactaa gtctaaccct aaccccaacc aaacagtcta    113160
     cttataatct aaagagaatt agttggcatg tagaagctat gtaacttaaa ttcaacaaac    113220
     tgaccatcaa aaaaaactgt cctaacatac tcgaatagtc ctttttgtgt tacttctgta    113280
     aggttcttat ggcttttcca aagttaaatt taagcacttt ccatttttca gaattttcaa    113340
     gcatggcaga ttacatacat acatatagat atttattaaa atttcagaag gcacagataa    113400
     aaaaagacaa acaattcact ctgcaagcac ttgcacatac tcaagagttt tcattttatg    113460
     ctaaagcaaa gatatttatt ttatttaaat agttaattat tgttacctat aaagtaagat    113520
     aaattacaac gaaagaaaca caattgcatt tccaagcagt ttcatgcact ttatcaaaaa    113580
     tctatccact tttcaaaact tgaaaaactt atatatttaa gttggaaaac ttaaaactat    113640
     aattcaagca ttttcaagga tttcctgcac ccatgagaat cctgaaaatt tacatctctc    113700
     gcccacttca tgatgttaat cacagctttt ttgttcaaat gctattcata ctgttaagtg    113760
     tgttcatgat cagtcagctg tttgacaagt ttatgcagct gtccctcaat gacgcattag    113820
     cttcagattt cctatcacca tcttttgcat tactcagaaa taacacaagg cacactgtac    113880
     atgctcttag tctaaaatga actcaatcac caaccccaag aatgcgttat aaatagacct    113940
     aatcactaac aacaagaatg ttgttaacgc agatcaatgc tttgcacttt gttacattaa    114000
     acaggtttca cgtattgttc agcttgtagg gcaacacgta atatggagga tcaagaaatg    114060
     aactgtgaga aaggaaatgg ggctctatca gagacggaga gaaagtttga accattgttt    114120
     attgaagaag aagatgagga ctattttgaa gactgcatgg aagagatcga ggctgcttta    114180
     actcttcctg gagagtccct gcctttttca caaaaatgca gagaagcttt gcaagctaag    114240
     tttaatggac ttatgcaaca gatgttgatg cagttggatg attttgaggc agcccatcca    114300
     accatatcta caccactgaa attactttca gaaacagaca acaaaatgga caagaatgga    114360
     tttgcaaatg catttcagtt tgtcgagatg agcattccag agaaagagcc atctgtgttg    114420
     gtggttgaag atgatcctgt atacacttgt gttgatgtaa ggccagagtt gtcagccacc    114480
     atggagatac aacagcttag agaagcattt gagagctgca ttcaggaggt gagccagctg    114540
     gagaacagaa gggatgagtt ggttcaggag cttttggagc ttgaggagcc aatggcccaa    114600
     gagctaaaaa ctgtaagaga aaatctgggg gaggaacaag cccttctgtc caaggtcaga    114660
     ctggagagac agagcctgca ggaggagact caaaagacta aaagatgcct gtttagagca    114720
     gcccgagact gtgcacagag acacctagag cttgaattac aacagaaagc agtggaggag    114780
     ctcaaccagg ctcaggtatt actgaataaa cctgactctt atttaaactg ttacagaaaa    114840
     cttgtagggt cctacacaaa attagctaaa ttcaagtgaa tcatgactct tatttcaact    114900
     ataaggtgga tttactagta tagtttgtaa ctttgcagca gaaaaacacc agacactata    114960
     gccaggaatt tatttgtatc tttcagccca gggtgttcaa ttcagctcct caaggacaaa    115020
     caacatgcag aatttagctc cacctagttc cgatatactg tacctgcctg gtagtttctg    115080
     gtaagtcaag ctaatcaaaa cgttgatagg tgatattggt gtattttact agaggccaac    115140
     tttacaggac agtggctctc tcgaaacaag tatgcgcacc tctgattcag aagtttcatg    115200
     tataaggatg ggcaacttca gttctggagg gacactgccc tgaagagttc agcaccatcc    115260
     taaaaatatt ttacttatct tagaaattat ctggaaaata caggcatgtt ggaaagattg    115320
     tattaagctt aaacaaaccc aaaaaacaaa cagcacatcc ttcttttggt gagtctgaat    115380
     acttttatca aattgttcag attagggcag aagctaaacc ttgcaggaaa gttgccccct    115440
     aggagcaggt ttggacaccc tgtttcatcc cattttttcc atcccaacca atgtttcttg    115500
     ccaaatgtgt taataagagt tgattacaca tgattgcttt aatatggcat aagttaaggt    115560
     actctaacct tgtatactcc aaacctgtga ctcaggagga gttgaagacc tttgctgata    115620
     agttgtctga ggaaatctgc acgattcatt cagatcacca aagccacctg caagaactgc    115680
     aaaagcagca gagcattact caggagtcca gcaagaggaa gacccgctct tatgtgagtc    115740
     aagggcggcg agcctcttgt gacctacagc agtacctgga gggcgggatc aaagctctgg    115800
     aattgtttta tgagccccgt ttaatgtccc tgctgaagag acgggaggtc gctgtggagg    115860
     ccctctgtaa ggctaaagag cagtgccagg agctaaaagc tcagttagga ccactgagag    115920
     aagaggagca gaggctaaaa ctacaaaaaa tttgtctgga ggagagaatc ggactaatgg    115980
     agagacagag gattgaaaat gtggaacaat atcgggtaca taaatttcat taagttttaa    116040
     tgactgcatg tttgtatgtt ttagatgatc taatgtgttt ttatttagga gacaattgac    116100
     atattggagg agacactcag agaaatgaaa actgagctca agatccagat taagaagaga    116160
     gaagaattgg aaatactgaa gaacagcaag gccaaggagc tgttactcta caggcaagaa    116220
     tttttttgtt tcttagttca tactgcaaag taatgtatgt gaagtttaaa tataaactaa    116280
     tttctagagg atcccctgct tatgacttac cacagctgat ctcttattag ctagtcatga    116340
     tgcctcaatc atatgattcc taagttacaa taaataacca tagtcttcat tccacattta    116400
     tcttcgtcaa gaaagcctcc tttctccccc ttttttcctc atagattggg tagcacggcg    116460
     gaccagtggt tagcactttt agcccgacaa caagaacact gccggccctg ctcctagcag    116520
     agatggtggg tgtttctgtg cggagtttct atgttctcct cgtgtccgca tgggtttccc    116580
     cgggttctcc ggtttcctcc caccatccaa agataggcat aatacaaaac agactaagca    116640
     aaacaggcac tttgtctagc tcccttcctt cccaaagtag tttaccttag ccactacagc    116700
     cagggagcat ttgagatgta cctgagcaca agcttccctc tcgctctacg aacgggagga    116760
     agccctggac tccaggatcc cttaagctca ggggtctctc ccgggacagc ctgccaaaca    116820
     agcctacaat aaatcatcag ctaagtgtga actcttgaag caatgaatat aacaccatgc    116880
     gcaaagttag tgacaaaatc cctataatgc aattatggaa taataagctg caacaagatg    116940
     gttgttagct cacattttgt gcattcgaat ttaattaaag tgtgatacag tatattatag    117000
     gaatgtattt aaaattacac ttaagtatag ttgacttata ccgatagaaa agcccgagca    117060
     cattttgcct ataattgcat tttaaaagta cttaagataa aaatgcttaa aagaataatc    117120
     tagtatttta attatgtttg gcaatttcca cgcagcaata acccaaatag aactagatgt    117180
     tgaaatggct gatttacaga aaaattaaga gcattgactt agtcatattg gtttttataa    117240
     gccattacca gaagatttac agatcctaat tctgagtgac aatttttgtg tagtccactg    117300
     tttataggaa attactccaa gcttacttaa agtagttaac gtaggacaca gtgagtttaa    117360
     catgttatgc tgataattaa tctttaaaga gactctagag ataaagcttg catgttcatt    117420
     tccccatatt aaaagagaat cattcacgct cgagtatgtc aagatcataa cattcaatca    117480
     caccgagaaa gaatacaagg acttcatgtg taaagtctac tccacacaag ttcacttcac    117540
     aattaggtat accactaatt tacaaatttg cacctctctt attttccaga gagagtgtag    117600
     aggagccctg caagcaagac aacagtgtcg tggtggagaa aacctaatga accaatgttt    117660
     gtttcattga aatctttttt ttttatgtaa aatgcttttg atttagtttt cgtagttaaa    117720
     gctaaactgc ctgtcttctc tatcattgaa gtcaccaaaa caataactac aatatactgc    117780
     aaacacacat caatgcaatc tgcaaagatg aaatcagatt ctatcaagca ctctaaacac    117840
     caggaccaag tatgttagag atccagatct ttatctgaca agttacacaa ctaagattgt    117900
     tcttaaaaca gtttttgtca gttgtgttta agcgagaata aagctcttat atccagaggt    117960
     gccagtgaat taaaatgttt cttttatgag taagtgaaga gggcaaaaca aagacttaaa    118020
     tgggcactgt aagagagctt tctaaacata ccgacagcat aatggtgagg acatttacta    118080
     ctaagtgcaa agagaagatt aatgaagtgt tttgtttatt taatgtgtcc tgttaatatg    118140
     atttgagata aacatgtaag aattagaatt tatgtttatg tgaattgttc ttacttgcag    118200
     atagagttca attacacaaa ctctgtcaaa atgacaaggg gcatgttttt gtaagattgc    118260
     ataagaggtt attttaagaa attttgcagt acttttgaat catttaatct gaattattac    118320
     aaaaaaataa agggaatttt gttgaggaat aatgtcttga gttcttttgt ttactctcat    118380
     gtgtgaaaca tattaattaa aatattttat gggattttat ttaaggaact ctaacttttt    118440
     tttaaaatag gctcatttta caaccttgag ttgaacaaca gttgagtttt attactgttg    118500
     aatgattgaa ccaatctcca ggtctggcgg gagcccttta acttggttta ccttagcata    118560
     gatcatttaa ttaaattaga ccattagcaa ctcacacata aatgcataat atcattgctc    118620
     ctgctgcagt catagtacag aagcaacatt ccttgattga tatgccagaa ataaagtata    118680
     gttcttagcc atgtcagcca agaaaatagc aacttttcat tttccatcag tcctataaca    118740
     caatgtaaat acagaagagt ccggctttaa attgaaaaaa atattaaaac actttttaca    118800
     ttgttttgta caggattcca attcaattat ttatgctaaa cttaagctaa aggtgctctt    118860
     gtcagattca aaaatagtaa tgctcaactg ttcaatatga gcctattttt aagaaatgga    118920
     gcgttctttt aaaagtaaaa atgacagtgg tagtgtcaag atctgcattt tacagtagtt    118980
     tatatttaat agaaacatcc atgtcaaatg gtcaaaattt cttctgggca cttaccaaag    119040
     attgggaata gccagtccag gacaggtgaa tggaggggaa tggagggagg aagagtgttg    119100
     tgatgggtct agtctcctct ttagatgtca gagccacaag ggaaacactc cagaagcttc    119160
     aaaatcatca tctggttgga tgagttgtat ttctgaaagg tgagcaacat tattttactg    119220
     gtctgcctgg aaataaaaac attgtcatgg caaatactct catggacgaa gaaagctgtg    119280
     tatacaacaa tgagaactag ctaaacgctg attgtctata gtatgtgaag ttcactacat    119340
     tgacaagtaa agatgacatt gaataaatca tttaatgggc tatattaggg acatcttctt    119400
     tgcattttca cagccctcaa catgacgcta aacaaaactg tgtctggttg ctttacatgt    119460
     cagttgaatg actttttggg cagtccctgt gaaatgaagg ttgaactcat tctgaaggtt    119520
     tggttccaat gagtcacacg tcccaaaaat ggacagtttt atctcacccc gtctatattt    119580
     gcctgcagaa taggccataa actccaccct ccctacttaa acacatggaa ggttagcaaa    119640
     aaaatatata tataaattat acctgagaca agatggcgtc cattattata tgctgttttc    119700
     atcatgctga tttatagtta attagttgct gttaccgttt aggtacaatg gttttacagg    119760
     tgcatgtacc ttttgactag tgtaatgttg gttctttaaa ttgtacaaac ttctgttctt    119820
     ggtcaattat atgacttcgt agaaagcaat cattcctgct gcgctaagac acagcttgga    119880
     cattttggct tcgttttcca atgagaaggg agtcgtgtcg ttttaagtcc gttaaatttt    119940
     gtagtccgac cagtggtcgc tgctgtttat acacttaagc acgattacct taatgtctaa    120000
     tagttcaatt tacctgctgg gaacatttta agttagcgat gaatgttcat tttaatattc    120060
     aaaaaccaaa cctttacctt acactttata ctgaataaaa aatggtaaag accttttaac    120120
     gaattaaaat atcttacctg aaaaacgcgc gccattctca ccggcctgtg cacgtgacac    120180
     tgttgcagta aagcacgtaa caccaatcac acaggtaaac ccgccccaaa catgtaattg    120240
     gcaaaaagtt gccctcaacc tacccggttt gctaacaacg cttgttccta atttaagtct    120300
     tgcgcatctt aattctagaa ttcatgattt atgtggggag aaaaataata ataataaata    120360
     tatatatctc aggaaatctt acaaagctgc ataacaggag ttataaaata tttatcaaca    120420
     aaacagttta ttcataatgc tctgtacaac agtatggaca tacaggagaa agacattgaa    120480
     aagtcacaat attaaaaaga cgttgaacat cacccgacag gtacatgaag ctcaaagtaa    120540
     aaagagtaca caagagctta agttatcaat acatctagcc atgtaattaa atgggtcctt    120600
     aaatggaaaa tgcactttta ggacaaaaaa taataataat ctactgaaca tcaccattgt    120660
     accactgcac tcattgtata ctacacactt ttctgatatt aagtaatact ttaagtatac    120720
     ttaaaccaca aggaaatctt cagagacact ggtgggaaag gatgggaaaa gtcgtttgtc    120780
     tcacattctg atattgacca atgaacaact gacatttttc ttagaaaaat actctattaa    120840
     catagtaaaa aatgcctggt ggggtaatag tcaataattc ctttctccat tacttagggg    120900
     agagaacgca agttcttcag ttgtgtgcag acagttttta gaagattttt tttcttatcc    120960
     agagttgagt ggtgtaaaga aaggttttat ccctgaacct cagtgtctgc tgccccctct    121020
     gggtcctcat cattatagat gttctccgcc taaaaaaaaa ataaaataaa ataaaaattt    121080
     gctttcaatt ttttttataa tatacaagat gttttcttca aatgtgtcaa ataaatgtat    121140
     agggaatggc ttaaaagtcc tcaccatctg ccagacttgc atgatgttgt cctcagatac    121200
     agagcaaatc acccatggtt catttggatt ccaagaaaag tcagaaatct tggctgtatg    121260
     gcctccatgg ataaactgca aacaaaaatg ccacgagaca gagaaagttt taatgacgac    121320
     tttatctaaa tatagatgtg cacaattaat ttaacaaaca ccacaactca ccagcagctc    121380
     tggaggtcca tcttctgcat cttctggtga ctgttcctca ccaattttac tgaagaacat    121440
     aaaagaatct tcttaacaat aaggtaagag tactataaag aagttcataa ctccagtgct    121500
     acaaaaggta agcaaaataa aaacaacaac ccacctgaga tcccaaacat taagtctcct    121560
     gtctgttcca ctggaggcca gaatggtctc attatggggt gaccactgaa cctgtagaca    121620
     catttaaaga ttgatttcac acacagtcaa ctttcatttc gtctgcaatc acagatggaa    121680
     gggagctgat acctggaaga tttcatcttt gtgcgactca aatgagtgaa gtttcagctt    121740
     gaggtttcgc aaatcccaca atgcaacagt ctgtggcaga gcaataaaag cacatcttag    121800
     aagtctatat aaagtagcag acttattgag tgctcacatg tgcaaaacca gcaaatactg    121860
     aatgcagatc tcactttgtc agcagaacct gtggccagaa tgaactcgct gtaagggttg    121920
     aaggacaaac agttgacctc tgcagtgtgg gcatccactg catgactagg tttggatgtg    121980
     ttattggaac gagtgtccca gctaaagagg gaggaaatga cagataaaat actctttaaa    122040
     aaaaaaaaaa acaccaactt gttttctgtt tgtgtaaaaa gacaggtaat atgatcaaac    122100
     atgaggaaaa agcacttaca tcataagctt ttggtcatct gcaacagacc cgaagagaga    122160
     ctcatgcagc aggtgccagg acacatcctc cactacagca gtgtgaccag tgaaaatagt    122220
     ttttgcatcc actatttttc cctccttggg cactgtgctg atgtcccaca gacagatggt    122280
     ctgcatagag aggaaaaaaa aggagaaaca catgaacaag caaagtaaga tcgttaaaaa    122340
     gctttaaata tcagtaaaag ccaccagttt tcaacctaaa acaaaaactt ttgaattttg    122400
     gaagtaaatc tccacaatgt gtttctgggg ctagaaatca aacctgagca cagttattat    122460
     ctacaaaaac aatgactacg caaatgcaat gaaaagcatg aaagatttaa agtaaatgtt    122520
     caattaagtt ttaattatac ataaatttat cgctaagtaa cacctatttg cacaattata    122580
     tgatgacttg aggcttattt tattttatta tacttctgcc taaagcacat gtgtatgatt    122640
     tggcgcagcc tttatgtggt cacatagccc ccaccgtggc taatgtcgat gcacacatct    122700
     gtaactacaa gtcgcaacga cgcatagttc aagctctgca attgaacagc ttggtagctg    122760
     cgatgagtgt gggcggtggt gatagccacg agcccgataa agcgagtgtt tacaagtatc    122820
     gagtcccatg aagtagctgc agatggaaac ttttgtttat cttatgaata aagttgcaca    122880
     ttcgccgatt acagcctcag aatgagcaag ttttagctac ttgtacatta aggtggtgct    122940
     cagaaaaaac aaaacacccg caaaggaact aaggccgtac tcgaaccggg ccaaagcacg    123000
     cttgtccccg ctcccgtctc ccccgacggc ccgcgctcac accacaaaag ggcttcggca    123060
     cacttacgtc atcgctgctg ggctgttcag tgagaagcgc tctctcactc agcagcacag    123120
     tggagatttc tctagttata tcgtttcagt cgtttgatat gccgtcaaat atttcgccaa    123180
     acagtcctta gggatgcgga tgacacccag tcagatattt cgccactttt ggcgctcata    123240
     aacaatcata aagctctcgt gctgcaggaa tgaggaggtc tgctgaaggc gcgcagctgt    123300
     cgtgaagtga ggagccgtgc ttgagcccga ttcagcgcac tcacacttct caaacgatcc    123360
     gagaaacggg cctgggcaca gtacggatgg catagtgtga gtaggcccta agacactgct    123420
     cgctgcagag ccatttgacc agagctgagc tccagcgagc tccacttctc ggaagtgtta    123480
     tcgcagagca acacaaacaa ctcgcagaac tataaatgaa cgcctaagcg caaggcaggc    123540
     gccaagggtc acgccgatca atagacgcag aagcataaat cgaccttgaa gctgtaatta    123600
     ggtcaatgtt agtggttccg caagtgtctt acatgatcat ctgatgcact cagcaggcag    123660
     ccactaaggt tggggttcca ggacagacca taaccttctt tctgatgccc cctaagacgc    123720
     agatcaggag tgcactctcc agaggggtct gtaggtgcat aagagaaagg acaaatagca    123780
     tatacccaag ttgaggaaat aaaaaaaatt tgacaccttt acacaactga cttctttgca    123840
     acgaagttga aggattaaga gttaaggatc ttctttatca aataagaaca atatacagct    123900
     agcagatttt ttgtagcaat gctttagata gtataaaaaa aatatcccaa aaaaaaattt    123960
     catacctggt ttggaggggt gtttggtgta gtcaaagacc agcacgtcac tagttggcgt    124020
     ctttgtggca atgatgcagg ggttctgtgg catgtagcga gccctgttaa cctctccttc    124080
     atgattaatc ttgatctcaa tctctatctt gccacttact gagccaaaac caccaaattc    124140
     tgtgaacaga gggaaaataa atatgtgatt tgtcattcaa acatcagtag agatgcattt    124200
     agctttttat gattcacaca caagccactc acctcctttt tcactatcat aatgtgaagc    124260
     atcaaactgg gcatcatcat tgggcagctg aacactggca ataaccaggt gattctgctc    124320
     atcagaggtg tgtgtgccaa gaaccagacg atgcacacta aaatccttcc cttcaggcct    124380
     gtgaaaatga tgagatgtgt gcttgtactt tattattaaa ccagacaata atcaccaata    124440
     tgacattgta aagtttaaaa gtgaaataaa ggttaaaaga aaaatcccca atctactcta    124500
     ctaaataaaa catttcatag taggtctaag caacagctaa acaaaatcaa aaataaaaaa    124560
     aaatgaattt aaaaaaattt taaatccttt tgtatcctga caaaaagcaa gcaccttgga    124620
     ggagctgtaa caaacaaaag catatttgta taatagaaac agtaaaacaa caaatgataa    124680
     tagaagggaa tcattaacaa gacaatattc aactaaaaat gctaaactat caaattccga    124740
     gttcatttac actacagcat ttttggggcc tgaaaatgct aacatttgac agcatgtttc    124800
     aaatagctta tttttgaaaa ttagaaatac ctttattgtc tgtttaaagt gtaaattaca    124860
     aaaacataat tgtgaaaata cagactaggc ctgggcaatt aatcaaaatc gacattcaga    124920
     acctacaaac aatcaaattt ttttccttaa tgcatgtgga gtcaagtgac cccgctctgt    124980
     ttacatttct gagccgagca cagcgtatgg tatggcgcac ccttcacatg gtcacatacc    125040
     cctcgccgat gctgacttct caaaaaaaaa attaactaca cagcgtaaca acgcatagta    125100
     gaagctctgt gattggttgg cttggtagag ttgacaagcg tgggtggcat agaaagagca    125160
     agaaataaat tcattaaatt ttttttttaa aagttcatta atcgtaatcg agttaaaatg    125220
     ttcaaataat caagattttg aatttaagta aaattgtata atacagataa cacaaaaata    125280
     atacagattt caggcgcatg tattgtgtgt tcagtcacgc agtgtgtgaa atgatttggc    125340
     aaccaaaaca ataagagtag gctacaggac ttgtgtacag acttacattt ctttacaaag    125400
     tgaaactgaa ctattgagca cgacaattat taataatgtt ttatgatatt ttatgctgtt    125460
     tttgcaaata actgtcactt taaacttttg tttatcatta ttaatggtaa atatagcatt    125520
     aagttgtctc ttttttgctc acagaaataa accgacagat taatcaaata tgaaactaat    125580
     tgctaactta aaaaagatgt ccaaggtgtg catgtattac ctggtgacat ctggcaacca    125640
     ctgagcagtc agactgggcc actcaagcgc gtgggtcatc accagatcgt aaagaaacgg    125700
     agtgtttttc ttccatattt tatattcttc atttatcacc ctctcctcca ccgcgtcatc    125760
     aaatgcagct gtaacaaaaa aggggcggga aaacaatatg agatctgtca tcacgctttc    125820
     aaagacttat tagagctaga acttaaggtt tcagaaactt tttttttctt aattctgcct    125880
     aacgttaatg ttcttaactc catactcaca gcaaggcggt aatacactga ctactgtaca    125940
     gttttatcaa cattgttatt aacctctttt aaacgacttt aatgaaattc agtctaatat    126000
     ttagcactta ttatcagaca caatgactaa ataaaataag gctacaagaa acagcggcgc    126060
     atcccatgaa ttgtcactaa cgttggtcac aagccaaaca aactagccga agctaattcg    126120
     ccactaactt aactaaacgg cttaacttcc tagatacttc caacatgtcc acatcataaa    126180
     atatgacgtt taatggtaga ttgtgtccat aataaactgt agagtgtgaa ttgtattgat    126240
     gtagcaagac tgtgtcgtta tggcgggatt cggcctgcgc tcaattcaca ccaacaaacc    126300
     cctcagccgc cgctaccggc ttcgtttaac cggctttcgc taaaataagc accctgaaac    126360
     catactaacc ttctttatca gccataacga ctccacagac gggtttcgct cgttaacgga    126420
     accgatagca gttgccggtg tagtttccac ggcagtgcgg gatgctcttt gtctcgcgcc    126480
     ggcgtgcacg ttcgcgccaa ctctgacaga cagagccgag aacgcgccac caatgagcgg    126540
     agagcagaag aagagcggct ttttctgccg gggagaagaa tcacgcgcca aaaccgctat    126600
     accgccctct gttggcgcca cgagacatta ggaaacctgt caacgtcttc gtcatgttta    126660
     aaagcgatag gataaactaa gacaggtatc ttttcaaatt taacacagat ttttatgtta    126720
     tttcagcggt ttgaagtgga cagagaaaac tcttgcgatt tttgtggcat tgttaaagaa    126780
     tctgttactc tttctcaata ctcaagatta ttttggattg atgtttcata tttcaaggac    126840
     atttggtaca ctaatacaaa ttggattata ggatgtcatg tttgatttag taaaagatgg    126900
     aattgattca aaaagtacaa cctattatct tatacaacta ataaaattac ttgtaaaata    126960
     caatattcat gtcaagaaat ggggcaaagc taagccaaat tgtgaacatt ttataaagga    127020
     gattaaaaaa tatggtacta cactgtgtaa caatagaaag agaacagcta tatatatata    127080
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    127140
     tatatatagc attatgccaa tttcatttga ttaaataaat gttttttttt aataattatc    127200
     ttaactatat atttcttttt ttacccctgg tatcagttta tactttgata gtataactaa    127260
     gataatttct ctcattttat tttatttatt tagttcataa tggttgcaag atgtattctc    127320
     ttgtcctaat ttcaccatta attatactct taattataat cactgattta acatacaact    127380
     atttagtaca tttgtaatgg tgtaattcat agtaatgtcc tttatctctt atcagccagc    127440
     agctagctct ctgcaactct cacagaagct aagcagggct atgcccggtc agtacctgga    127500
     tgggagatta catgggaaag ttaggttgct gccagaagtt gtgtaagtga ggcctgcagg    127560
     gggcactcaa cttgtggtct gtgtgggtac taattcccta gtttagtgaa ggggactcaa    127620
     tactgctcag tagctcagtt tccatctaaa aatgtgaaaa aactttatgc gcaaaactgg    127680
     aatagcgcat aaaatatgtg tgaagaaagc aatgtttcca tccaatgaat caaagagaaa    127740
     aaaaggtcac ttcctgatta attggttcta aatgtcaaca gtaaaaacag aaattgatgc    127800
     agtaagagaa gttgcatgaa tcttttcctt atttaataaa tgacttgcac ctcataagac    127860
     gcagacacac aataaacaag tggtggcatt tgaaggcatg agacgcggag ctcagatgct    127920
     cttcacaatt ctataggtca ttaataatat aataacacga atactgaaat ggttaagaca    127980
     tttaagaatg aaaaaaacaa cagttcagat gttttacagt gtgctcagtt tgctggcttg    128040
     tccattcaca tgcatttcaa aatcacttga tctcttataa ctgatcatat gactttttta    128100
     aaatgcacat actggaattt gttcggtaag ggtttccatt gtagtttatg agcatctttt    128160
     cttatcaaat aaaaagttta tcctactcag ttatgcacat atgtttttat gcacattttt    128220
     aaaatgtatg cgcattttgt tatttccatc aactttttta tgcgcatatc caaaaggtgc    128280
     ataaaaatag gtggatagaa atgtagctgg cgcagtcttt cgaataagac agaggtcctg    128340
     tggttattaa aaatcccagg atgtccttag aaaaagagta ggggtgtaac cctggcatcc    128400
     tggccaaatt tgcctactgg cctctgtcta tcatggcctc ctaaccatac tcatttcaca    128460
     attggcttca tcacactgtc tcatctccac caaccagttg gtgtgcggtc tggcacaaga    128520
     gttccaggag gatgctgcac tctggtagtg gatgaggaga ttccccctaa tgtgtaaaat    128580
     gctttgagtg ttgagaaaag cactatataa atgtaaggaa ttattactat taatctctca    128640
     aagccgtttc caaaagcatt acattttgtt ttgtttgtct ttttgcaagc aaaatataat    128700
     tggtcatgtt gagatttttg tttctgtcca gtgccaacaa aatgcaaagg taaatgattt    128760
     ctctcccaaa tgaaccaact ctacaatcaa ataaaacaca ctaatccaaa tcctatcgta    128820
     tatctagtct ctaaagataa aaaaaatcct atacaggact cagaagtctg aaaaagacct    128880
     tcacatttat ttttatccaa actttttatt cacactttta tccaaaatga tttctaaata    128940
     aaaagacaaa ataaaagagg caaatccctg acgtagagta catataaaac accttttatt    129000
     cataaaaagt ttcaaagcag tcccatacga catatacacg tgtttgttca tttgaaaatc    129060
     aactgcagga aacggatgtg tacctgaatg gcattaatac aaaatccaag ttaaagtgtt    129120
     tgttattaaa ggctgtctac atgtagcctc ctgcgctatt ttttcataga gctcggaagc    129180
     tttttttccc tggattgagc ttcagtgtat gtgactttgt ccctctggac acaaatgtaa    129240
     tgacaaaaag cctaaatgtg cactaaaaag ctggtcacag agagctgaca gtgtaaaacc    129300
     cacaacatcc tcaggatcct cagtcttctt ccccctcaga ctcagactct gtgggagaga    129360
     ataaaggaat atatgtttga gattaacatt tttcgttata ccagagggta tttatatcaa    129420
     gctcctcacc ttcctccgca ttctgaagcc actccacaaa tttcttcatt tgctccagaa    129480
     atacactttt tcctttggca gcatgcgcat ctttgtacca tttcataatg gcctcctcac    129540
     tgaccacatc agctggaagg agaaacagac atgagctagg aataatgttc atataactgg    129600
     ttgttcttgc cgtttaaacc ccaccaggct tatcaactgt tgtataaggc taaggggctt    129660
     tattctgtaa aagcaaccag ctgcactctc agaaataaag gtatgaaagc tgttactgag    129720
     gcagtatcat ttcaaaatgt gcactccact ttggtacctc aagggtatat gttaactcag    129780
     gaggtacact attgtacttt tcagctacca atatgaagcc tttaggaaca aatgtgtacc    129840
     ttttgaaaag tgtagacacg acttgccaca gaaaatggtc tttaaaaagt ctttaataaa    129900
     tgcaaagcct gcagaaaaaa caacgactgt actgaagtct tcactaacct acttgtttca    129960
     ttattcagtc accagatggc gccaaacagt caaaaacagt ggtgtgacaa aaaatcctaa    130020
     ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata    130080
     ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttacattata ttatattaac taataggcaa    130140
     gatgattcaa agtacctgta taagcctgtg ttatttacac aatttatcac aagatacaaa    130200
     attcctatta cattagagga atttacaata ctagtggggg caatacctga acagacctca    130260
     gtcagtttta tcggtttctc tggatttaag tctaataatc acaaaattat atctttaatc    130320
     ttaaaagaaa atctgtctat accatatgtt gttttttact ggaacaatat ttttaattaa    130380
     gtaaactgga ttcaagtatg gtcattacct cattttttta ataaataagg caaaagaaat    130440
     attatttaaa ttactttata gagtttatcc cacaaaaata tttctacaaa atttttaaat    130500
     tgatatcaaa tcagaatgct gtttttgtga aagctttaat gaaactatta cacatttatt    130560
     ttggtcttgc taatatattc aacttttgtg gattaatgtt gaagctttta ttgctcataa    130620
     tatttttaaa tctttttcat tttcttataa acatgtgatt ttgggttatt gtgttaagga    130680
     tcactcttta aaagatgcct tttttattat aaactttttt ttactattat gtaaattttg    130740
     catacatatt tgaaaaagca aacctctctt aatgatgcta gaaaagaagt aaaaaaaatt    130800
     gcatgaaatt ttttgtatat atgtatttcc tgtagtaaaa gtgcatttaa caactcttaa    130860
     taataactaa aattgtaaaa ttgtctgtaa tatatttgta tgtaatttga taattatgta    130920
     ccctttcctc tgtgttcatt tatttatttc tttaaaaaaa attgtttaac atgacaatac    130980
     attacagtat tcagtacaac ataggaaaat tacagattgt cttattgttc ttattttccc    131040
     actatcctct aaaaataaaa ttacttaaat ctctgtgttt tttatatttt ttaaatttaa    131100
     ttttgttttt tctcatttat tccattcttt ttagggaatg taaagtgatc ttgttgtata    131160
     agaaaagtgt acatgttggt tcttgttaat aataataaaa aagcctgcgt tattagttaa    131220
     ttcagttatt atctgggaat aacataccat ggaatgtcat gattaaccaa tcaggataaa    131280
     gtattcatga gggccatgta ataatgataa ttattcacaa tataaccttc cctcaatgaa    131340
     acaataactt gtttgatgaa tgttgatgaa tataatactt atggataaca tgttttattg    131400
     cagaactggg agatacatat tatgatatta tgaatgtaga catgtattga agttataaac    131460
     cgagtaaatc aatctaattt aacatctgta catttatatt tatacttaaa tgtatttcca    131520
     gctagtgttt ttcttatttt tgtaatgtaa acttgatatt gttttgcatt tctgaaatgt    131580
     aatgagttgc tatatgataa catgacaatg tctaatttta gaatctaaat aaatttttac    131640
     aaatgttatt gaacataaat ttacttctac attgtgtttt caagaagaga aaaaaaatct    131700
     gttttatgat tgatatcaac caacagaata tgcaaaaact aagaaattaa aaagtatcaa    131760
     ttaatctcag ttaagatatt ttgttaagaa aaaatattta tctttacaaa tattgcactg    131820
     attgtattat catataaata ttggttgaaa tgttatccac atttgacaat aaaagtagtt    131880
     taaatgaaaa attaactatc tggtttatac aactctcaga agctaaacat ctgccttcat    131940
     acttgaaaac agagatttga catgtattgt gatatgtgtc aattttgact gatttgaaat    132000
     atttaacatg atctattttg gtaacatcac acaaccttac ctctaagata tcattaaaag    132060
     cactgatcag gtgggagatg gtataccttt gtagaagagc accactattt tggagaagga    132120
     cttcatgaag tggatgttat catagcagta ctcctgaatc ttgagcagta acaccagctc    132180
     tgattgaccc tgagtactga acacagccag gagaggtgca tagtgctaaa agaggacaaa    132240
     taatcaccat tgatcagttg aaaattttta acagtaacat acagtcagtt aaaaaccgtc    132300
     aaaaatcaca caatgaataa atgaatgtcg tataagtcac tatattacac taaaggagcg    132360
     tttacactgg gtgaagtctt tggaactcat gaactgtgtt atgacactaa attacaacta    132420
     caagaagagt tctgatgcaa tttctgagct tcaaagcttg tgtgcatgtt gagtaaatcc    132480
     acttttatag caaaaaaaaa agatatttcc attgccttta aaatgaaata actgaacata    132540
     aacataggag gttgagaaaa acgctaattt tagaagaaaa tatcagacgg cacgttaatt    132600
     ctttatttgt agatctacat atcatgaaga ctgagaaaaa aattaatgcc acagacattc    132660
     tgaaaagtag attaatatgt ggttcataat gtgtcagtta tttgctgtca tgttattagt    132720
     caatgatttt ataaacattt gcatgacatc ttagggtaac atattagttt aagtaacacc    132780
     ttacaccatt tactattggc ttattacctg cctattatta agacttatta actgtttttt    132840
     agcaccttta aaatatgaac ttattttatg tcgctaatcc aacaaaatag ataaacccaa    132900
     gaactaactt gctaactaat aataagcagc aacttagtgg ttaattgggc ttagtaaatg    132960
     gtttgctaat ggtatgtgta cataaaataa agtgtgacca atattagtat taagctaata    133020
     aaaaacataa tgaaaataat tataacctga ctgtgaagaa gtagttcaaa ttaaaaagag    133080
     caaatacaaa ttcctgcaaa taccaaacac acaagataaa taaatgagaa ataaaacatt    133140
     gtgcctcagt taacttgtgt ttgaaatttt tatttaaaat tttttttatt ttattattta    133200
     aattttgtac taaaatgtat tctcaattaa caacaaaaat aggatcaaat taaattacac    133260
     atacacacaa aggttaaaaa gaaaaggttg ggccaaatgt ttgtgcatgc tttatgcaaa    133320
     taattaacat gtgggtcatt caaacaaagt taaaatccta tttatgtaca taaaataaac    133380
     aaaagctttc agaagttcat ttaaacattt aaatagaatt aatatgtgca aaataagacc    133440
     tactgtatat ttcatacaaa aacgcaaatg ccataaattt aaaggaaata gaaattaaat    133500
     gtcatcttaa tatgtgcttt gattcttgct gaagtgattt caatttaaaa tactacaaac    133560
     agagagtatt aaacagtgca aataaataaa aagtattgag tgtatacagt gtaaaatgat    133620
     tagtttaatt agaatatgtg agttgacctg ttgcttttag aaggattagt tgactagact    133680
     ttaaaaaagt aagtaaaccc actgacttat gttaagtaat tgtgtttgtt gttaagtaaa    133740
     ttgtttaaat aatgtcaacc caggctcatt ctgaaaacgt accgctatat acatttctgg    133800
     agagcaccaa atacacccca ggagctactt tacgctgtgt atgctttttc agatctcaaa    133860
     tttctctcgc gagtgccatt ggcgcctgct gttctcactt aaatccacca gaggccgctg    133920
     acgacagact gaatgactga ctgaccaatc gactgaccca ccctcctcct tccataaccc    133980
     caattaataa ggttttcaaa agcactgttg ccctaacctg atttttacca cgttttcaga    134040
     ttttaccaca ttctccttct gttatttact tgtttatttt attttttggc ttctgttttt    134100
     gacttctgct ttctggaatc gctcgtcgcc gaactcgaac cctatcgtcg tggtcaactt    134160
     ctctctgcgt cttcgccaac gtacttggca agctacatga caaactagca acaggaaagc    134220
     cgtccatatg gaggtaggcg gtcagctggt aagcacaaaa aggaatgccg tcagtaccgc    134280
     ccagttcgtt ttaaagacga aaggcagcca tacttctggc tatataattt gcaatctcca    134340
     gaagtgtata tagggctacg ttttcagaat gagcctatgt tgaataatgt gcatgattat    134400
     gaacaaaaaa aaaatgaaat caacttaaca gttccaagtt acaacggaat tactttaagt    134460
     aaagtcaact tgatgcttta aaggcaacga gtttactcac tttcttgagc aaagtaaata    134520
     gtcacttttt atggaaatac ataaagccag tgtgtttgca gtgtaccttc aggtgtttga    134580
     gggcttgttc ggtcaccagc tcctctttct tattccactc cacggcattc atgaggcagg    134640
     tccacagtaa gccaatcaca gcctgctcct gaagatcatt cttcttcatc tcctccttta    134700
     cgtacaccac gatctgaaca caattcacat tcgaacatat gaaataagac ttatgtctga    134760
     tggtttccgg agaaaacaaa aataagaaga gccgatcctc acgtgtttta gacactttat    134820
     taggtatacc tattcattac tggttggcac catcttctgt cttcagaact gcctcagttg    134880
     tttgcagcat aattttaaca agatgctaaa gtttaaaact gctttgattt cagccaaaat    134940
     aagagacttt ctccagaaga aaaaaatgta tattataatt actcctctga aactgtggtt    135000
     tatgctgaca tgacattggt ttattatata tctgcattaa caagctgttg ttaactgttg    135060
     ttaaatatgc aattttttcc tgggataaaa catttccaaa gaaaaatgct atttttattt    135120
     gtatttttaa tcatttattt atgtaatgat catactaaaa taaacaggca atgaatattt    135180
     ttctgaccta atattacgat gtaaacatta gattttaaga cactatgaat gtttaaactc    135240
     agattatctg attctcattc gctcttgcca ttttcctcga ttatcactac taatcgcaat    135300
     tagcattaat tgtcattaat tgtaaaatat tatctcctgt catcatggca aaaataaaag    135360
     aaattgatta ttagaaatga gttattaaaa ctattatgtt tagaaatgtg ctgaaaaaaa    135420
     gtcttctttc cattaaaaga atataaacag ttgggttaat aattcaggag ggctaataat    135480
     tctgacttga actgtatatt gctgtatata actgtattat tgtatattat ttagtcttga    135540
     tatactgtgc cgccctaatt gtaccaatta aagtggctgg ttagtgtgta atatttcaag    135600
     agtatgaatg tgaagagaag gattgacctc tctgatggga cactgctgcg acaggcgctc    135660
     ctgcagctct ttctgtagct cttttcgtgt gcccagggtc tgctgcgtgc gcaggaagtc    135720
     tgacagctct tttagtcctg cctctgtgaa gaactttgtg aagtgctcca cattctgctt    135780
     attggcaggg aagagttcct gcagtgagag taaattcaac tactagatta gaaatcagag    135840
     gaagctataa tttacttaag acgtacagta gagatctacc aattgactga ccagcatact    135900
     cgcaaaaaat gacatttgtt gtttgttcaa actacttatt taaaacaagt ggaaacaaca    135960
     acaattcttg aaggtttttt gggataatgt aattgtttta tgttaaagtc cacttaaatt    136020
     tgtaaaaacc actaaagcct agttcacact acaggatttt aaacatcagc agatcgctgt    136080
     gccgttcaca ctacatgacc tgactttgtg tcttttaatc tctgtggtgt tcacactacg    136140
     caacactccg tgaacgatcc acaagagggg ggtcacacac tacatgatct gacaacaact    136200
     catcccccat cagctcattc aagctaccaa accacagcca atgaaatttt gagggaggag    136260
     tcgtcagaaa aaagctgaac actattggct gcttgtttgc ggatgacatc actgacagcg    136320
     tttcaagctt tggagaaagc atttaaaaac atcgtcaaat cagctgattt atcagcggat    136380
     taatcactca tctgcaggtt ccagtggata gatacacaga gagtttttaa tttttgtaat    136440
     tttataactc tttgaaataa aactaacata tttataacac cctgccgttt tctaactatt    136500
     agtgtatttc tttctgacat tgttattttt tttattacaa aacagtaaag aactgagcat    136560
     ttctgcctta aattaccata ttggtcaaaa tgactgcatg catgtctaat acttttcact    136620
     gtgactttaa atatgtgtgc attttcttgc ctggcaactt cctgctaaca taaacaaaac    136680
     tttctgatgg caaaaacatc aatttacttt agatatcttt aaaacagcat attctgtgct    136740
     gttaaatagc tcctgtttga aagtggaaat gaaagccaag acctttaagt gttttagtat    136800
     cttaactaca tatttatagg ctgcattacc aaaaaaaaga ttatattttt agggtaatgg    136860
     tgtcattaaa tatgatgcca gacattcaaa gcttaatttt aatatctcaa taatagcttt    136920
     gaatgtaaat atgttgtgac aatatggcgt tttatatgag aaccgtcaga atgagcagta    136980
     tggtaattct aatagttaca gaattctagt tccactgtta atatagccta ctctcatgtc    137040
     tgtgctaacg cagaatgaag cgagtgcacc gatgcccatt ctgaccaatc acagatgttt    137100
     ctgctgagct cctgaacaca caggcacgcg gctcatgctg atatgctctc tcattggctg    137160
     caactcgtca ctacatctga ccacacgtgg ggttgagtcg gccgactgct ctggaatatt    137220
     tagcatgctg aatgttggat ttccgtctgc gaggtgtcgg cgacgcgtca gcgagcctcg    137280
     ttgatgcgtt gttcagtcgt tcacacaaaa agagcggcga gcgccgagca cccgcagatt    137340
     tcttcccgat cacagcccga tctgtcggcg agctcgttaa cttccaaatc gggctcaaat    137400
     caggcttaaa atcctttagt gtgaactagg cataagatag cttaatttct tcatgttgtc    137460
     ccaaaacaaa tcgattatgt ggaactgaac atttttttac agtgtaccgt gttagttgaa    137520
     acagttagta gtatggggaa aagtgaatta taaactatat ttagcataca ttagaaagac    137580
     gctgcagata aattataagg ttcaaccaat taaacaagat actttgaaaa attttggaaa    137640
     cctgtaacca ttgacttcca tagtatttgt ttttcactct atggacgcca atgcctacag    137700
     gttttcagca ttctttaaaa tatcttcttt tgtgtttaac agatgaaaga aactcataag    137760
     gtttatgacc acttgagggt gagtaaataa tgagtaaatt aacatttttt ggtgaactat    137820
     ccctataagg ttatgagtga atttagaggt gtaaaagcag gttatgagcc tttccatgga    137880
     aacataattt atcgacataa tggtttgtcg tctattcata atttttaaga gtttaatgaa    137940
     ctgagtatta taattgcttt attattataa atagctgtaa gcatcatacc aggagtttct    138000
     tatccaggtt ggcttttcta agagcagatg tcacagcatt ggcgtccttc tctgctatcc    138060
     aagctttaaa catcttcacc gcaaaagagg ctgatattcc tacaaagaag agagtggcgg    138120
     aaagtacaga ctctgtaatc atattttaaa cattactttt tcataaatca taaattttac    138180
     agtgagtttt ttttaatcta atgtaaagta atcaaagacg ttaaagtgtt tcttttgtca    138240
     gatttgataa atttgtgttg gtggatttca attacaataa ttacaataca tacaatactt    138300
     tttatctcct gcattgaaat atatatattc acttcagcag caaacttcac tttatttttt    138360
     ttcagttgta ttctaaaggt ttttacagag ggatatgttg atacatgatt ttattttatt    138420
     agcctttact aacattttat atatattttg gaacctgact tcatttagtg ttcctattat    138480
     tttgctagaa atgtatgcaa tttagtttat attgacttaa ataatgcata atttaatgca    138540
     cacaaaaatg atttatatgc tttattcata cataaaaaaa tgcttgaaat tcttaatata    138600
     acaaatcaat tggtgaatta tgaagataat attagatatt tctttactct gttcacctgc    138660
     agtcacttgc cctaaatagt aacatgcaaa aaaagtcctc ataaagatca cacaaacctt    138720
     ctttgacaag attatcgcta aagaggctgg tgaggattgg tggtggcagt gtgccgttgg    138780
     ccaacaggac acctgttagc atggctagtt tggtctgctc ggactcagtg aagcccttca    138840
     ggaacagaag aagctaggca aagataataa atatgaatga gagcatattt cacagtatat    138900
     ccgcctaatg catataaatg gaagccactg ttgtcacgtg cttgtcctgc agtggcacca    138960
     tttacagtag acacagtatt ctggataata tattttagat aatatgtgca cataattacc    139020
     ttcttgattt cttcttcaaa ggctttctcc agatatttgt accttctgat aagtttatta    139080
     aacacctgcg taaagacaca atcatacatc tatcactgtt tttaggtgtt ttataaaggt    139140
     tcataacata tttgtgtaaa aatacatgaa taatataaaa tgcatacatt aataaaacaa    139200
     aacaacatca acaacactac tactattatt tagtatcagg caacgattaa ttactattaa    139260
     ttgcatccca aaatactttg tatttcataa taaatgtgtg aattgtgtac atttgtttta    139320
     ttaataaatt atttatttca tatatatata tatatatata tatacataca tacaaacaca    139380
     cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacatata tattgtatat atgtaaatat tttggctgga    139440
     taagttggcg gttcattctg ctgtggcgac cccagattaa taaagggact atataaatga    139500
     aaataaatga atgacataat gcaatactaa tagaaataat aataataata ataataataa    139560
     taataataat aataataata ataataacaa taagcaatat aaaaatagta aaatgtttgg    139620
     taagaacatt gttattatta taattatatt aattattata attattatta taaataactc    139680
     aaatgtgccc caagcatatg ccacaggtta aaaaaattat aacagcataa ttaacattta    139740
     aatcaaacaa tagctactac attaattgct agttaattca acatgacaaa attacaaaaa    139800
     aactgaattc tggagatgca gacatttagt ggctgttgat gaggagtcat tgtaatccat    139860
     gcgattatct tgaaatgaca cagtatgaga gtcatactgc ttctatagtg aggatttggg    139920
     gactaagtac atttaatgca attttgtaac tggattcctc cacttctctg ccactttgat    139980
     accagctgct tatttttcat atacaacgat ggggaaaaag ccaaatggga cgttcacctg    140040
     agcatagctg cgaatagtgg tgtggttttc ctccgcgttg aacacacagt gctgcgtcac    140100
     cttggtcttg tccgcgtcgt caatgcgtgt tcctccggga gctgaaagcg ggaaagtgag    140160
     gttagaggtt aatgctgtaa atcctctgag agcacagagc tgtcattgtt aacccctact    140220
     gaggaagtac ctgctgtaca ctcataactg acatgagcgc acattacagt aactacatta    140280
     ctggtcgtaa aatattcgta aaatattcgt aagatttttt taaaagttat ttaaaataat    140340
     taaaataaaa taaaattaaa ataattgttt tctgagtgca tgtagtttaa tgtaatttat    140400
     tctggagatg caatgctgaa tttgttgtat cattactgca ttcatttgat tgaaaataca    140460
     gcaaaaattg gaaatattat tactagttaa aataagtgtt ttgtatggga atgtagttaa    140520
     aaatgcaatt tattcctgca atttactgca gaacttttag tactattaat ctataaattg    140580
     catttatttg atcattactg gttaaaatac atgttttttt atggatgtag tttaaaatag    140640
     agtttattcc agcgatttaa tgctgcattt tttaaataaa aaataaggag tttaaaaaaa    140700
     aaaattgtga aatattacta cttgttaaaa taactctttt ctagtaaatg tggtttaaaa    140760
     tgtcatttat gcatgagtta atgctgaatt attaatagcc atactttcta aactacattt    140820
     atttgattga aaacacagtt aaaaactctc tttttttatt ttattgagaa cgatttggtg    140880
     cttgtaaaca gggcttgaca ttaacatccg ccaacctgtc aaatgtgggt agatttcagc    140940
     tgtggcgggt tagacagaca ctcccactag acactttggc tggttgaaaa taatttttaa    141000
     actgcagttt ttttttaaat gtagggttcg acaataaaaa cacgactaaa aaaaacaact    141060
     gttcacgtga gtaaaacaaa gcaggtgaat acagaatgaa agtaggatca cgtgcacggt    141120
     gagacacagt ctatccttta gtgtcgcgcg atgtgtgcaa gtgtttaaaa gtgtgcacgc    141180
     tcctgtttcc atgcgtgaag caaccgttcc tggaaacgca aagctgaaat cagttttctt    141240
     tgagatagac tggacaaaaa gcgatgctta tacaccactt tcaagagctc gagatttgaa    141300
     aataagcttt cgtcttaaaa attctttgag cagattatta ttgggcctaa cgttactttg    141360
     tgaaatgtga tatagtacca tttaccattc agtttccaca aaactaagcg gcaggattaa    141420
     tatagttttt ccaaaaaatc atgcaagaaa tgtccatata gagatagcta ggtgaggcaa    141480
     acatattgaa tcacaacata ttgagtttgg tgatatttat ttggtgttgt gcaaataaca    141540
     aaataagtcc tttactcatt gacaacatga ccctgtaaat atcactactg ttaaaaggga    141600
     aaaaagtgac actgccccgt tatagcattc attttcccta gaatctgcag tcaaacatat    141660
     gctaaagtac agcaaacatt tccaatgagt ctgtgttgtt tatttctaaa taaagtgatc    141720
     cagtgaagaa agagctcaag aagtataagc ctctgtactc agactgaatt caatcagcgt    141780
     attgccttca ctccaaaata tgacatggtt tctcaatgta ctccacgcac attacaatgc    141840
     agtgccttat gggctaatcc acaggtgagt taacaacttt agatcccatt cagagatttg    141900
     ctgcagatta cagtgtcgat ccactgatcc attgattggt caatgtaata tttccaatcc    141960
     tacaatcaga tagtataaga taataagatc attaaaccgg cttttctatg aagcgcaaaa    142020
     gagaatatga caaaaagtgc gcatttgctc acaaaatgat tgtgctcccc atatgtttgt    142080
     taaatcattc ataacaataa atacttgaaa cattttgtga aaggcatcta gccacttatt    142140
     tctccccgag cgctggaacc aatagctgcc cactactcct atacactgtg tgtgtgtacg    142200
     ctcacgtctc acttgcgtgt gtgcacttgg attggttaaa agcagtgaac caatttcgag    142260
     taagggtact tgtcaatata tacttcactt cactcaattt tgagtcagtg agttgttaac    142320
     ccaagactta ctatgacaag attatttaat cattgtgttt tctcttgcaa atatgaccaa    142380
     ctgacatata atctttctcc caacatatat tatttgttat atattatagg acggtggcaa    142440
     aaaaacaagc acatttaatt atcattttgg tgctgcactg taattcttaa atagagtcca    142500
     catcaacttc agtggcatat aaagatcaat atgaaccaaa acatattgca gaagaacaca    142560
     acaatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgtgaaaa tgatcaaaat    142620
     cctatggtgt agaaagattt atgtttcaat acaactactg aacgtgcaat acaacaatat    142680
     tgtaatgctt tgagccaaaa aaaatgtaga ggtcttgcta atttttaaat ttaatatgct    142740
     gggcttgagt agattggagc tagatcttat cttcaatgta cagggcaata ttacaacaca    142800
     atacaacaca ataattcatt aatatatcca ctctaatttc acggagttca gtatttgtta    142860
     aggatttata agggcaaagg tcaccttggg gaaatccagt gatgtggatt tgagcttaat    142920
     ctctatttta acagcagtct tctgctcatc agctatgctt acactgtaga tggagtaatc    142980
     tgattgttga ctggacgctt gaccaagctg ctgtccttcc gctctcgctg tcctgagggc    143040
     tttatataaa gccagagtaa accttttagc tgtaattggg ttgacagaga ccgtgccatc    143100
     ctggaaacat gtcgaccagt gaaactgaac caagtctaca gacagccaac aagctaagta    143160
     cctatagtaa tgatagaatc acattattta ctaataaaat ggaatgaata tatttttatc    143220
     aattgcatac atcttatcct aaccaaactc acagaataaa cctttttaat ttgtttttac    143280
     tttttaatat agttagtagt aataagtaag taatgtgcat taattgtgta tggccataca    143340
     cacagagcac tttacaaaaa tgaggggagt ctgtcctcac catcacatgt accaccaatt    143400
     gtcacagtgc acagtgatat agtataacac agtcaagtgt agtgtactat attgttttac    143460
     attcccgtag tgtgcacaga gtgattgagg gtctatagtg aaatttaaaa aagtaatatc    143520
     aatgatgttt ttacaaagat ttatgtgaaa taagttttta aataattcaa tcaaacactt    143580
     ttacctaata aactatttaa taccactgtt tattcattca ttcacttacc ttcagcttag    143640
     tccctttatt catcgagggt cgccacagtg gaatgaaccg ctaacttatt cagcatatgt    143700
     tttatgcagc ggaaaccctt ccaactacaa cccagtactg ggaaacaccc atacacactc    143760
     attcacacac tatgtccatt ttagtttatt caattcacct atagcgcatg tcttttgatt    143820
     gtgggagaaa ctgcagcatc tggaggaaac ccaaacgaac atggggagaa catacaaact    143880
     ccacacagaa atgccaactg gcctagctgg gactcaagcc agagaccttc ttgctgtgag    143940
     gcgacagtgc taaccactga gccaccgtgt cgcccttacc atatttcaat tgaaattaaa    144000
     tattaacttt tgctgccgac agatttacga gtatcatata atgtacacac acacacacac    144060
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgt tgtgtatata catatgcata tcctgtatgt    144120
     acacatacaa atgcacaaac acatactcac acagcattta tttgctcaaa aatagtcaaa    144180
     ttgtgaaata tttatatcat aaaagtacag ttttctatat ttttaaaatt caatttttcc    144240
     tgtgatatta aagctgaaca tagtaaagtg tgatttgatt tgaaggcatg tgcctaattt    144300
     attcaattta tttattctaa tttattcatt cattcactca ttttcttgtc tgcttagtcc    144360
     ctctattaat ccggggtcgc cacagcgaaa tgaaccgcca acttatccag cacgtttttt    144420
     acacagcgga tgcccttcca gccgcaaacc atctctggga aacatccaca cacacattaa    144480
     cacacacact catacactac ggacaattta gcccacccaa ttcacctgta ctgcatgcct    144540
     ttggactgtg gggaaactgg agcacccgga gaaaacccac acgaacgcag ggagaacatg    144600
     caaactccaa acagaaatgc caactgaacc agccaatgct cgaaccagcg acccagcgac    144660
     cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgcgctact gcttcgccct aatttatgta    144720
     ttatttgaac aaaatcataa atattttcat attattcggt attttaatag aattattgtg    144780
     ttttattgtg ttgtaatatt gccctgtacg ttgaagataa aatcaagctc cagtctactc    144840
     aagcccagca tattaaataa aaaaattagc aagacctcta catttttttg gctcaaagca    144900
     ttacaatatt gttgtattgc acgttcagta gttgtattga aacataaatc attctacacc    144960
     ataggacttt gatgattttc acgagtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    145020
     gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgcgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgtttcctc tgggtgctcc ggtttccctc    145080
     agagtccaaa gacatgcact ataggtaaat tgaaaaaact aaattggccg tagtgtacga    145140
     gtgtgtgtga atgtaagagt gtatgaaaat gaatgaatga atgaccagtg tcacaattca    145200
     tcaaaacccc tggatcaaat gtatcatacg catcaaatct tcatcagatt tcagctaata    145260
     cacagcatta gcttgaacat aaatatataa atacatacaa tataataaaa caagaactta    145320
     gtatgcaatt aaatgaaatt tcttgtaatc tagctacact ctctaaactt ccaccaaaaa    145380
     aatacttcac gacctctcac atacatatga ttcaacacac acgaatgcac actcagcctc    145440
     caaaatctct ataatatgcc tttggttcca catctactct gccttcccat ttctgctcca    145500
     tccaaattca gcaatgcttc tgtcccacag tgaaaaccac ccactcgctc tctctcagcc    145560
     tgctcatgtg caaaagatct gaagatttcc aactggctct gacagctcat cggaaacagg    145620
     aggaaaaaaa agaaatcacg ttgcagattc ctcatcttta accatcagtg ggatttgtaa    145680
     gttgatggcc tggaggaaca gcactaaaca ctttgatccg gagatgtgct gcaagtgttg    145740
     taaaactgct tgctgtcacg ggggagtgag ttaatgacct cttattctgc taatccacta    145800
     aaagacggta gtgtttctgc atgaactgac agcacaaagg atgccacagt cggaactaga    145860
     gtttaaaaat tgttaactaa tcaatttgta cattataaat gatgcttgtt atattgagaa    145920
     taagacatca atggtccttt atgtttaaca ttaaggtcca tgtaaaatca aaatttatgt    145980
     tgtttatttt gctaccatac atcgttagat gagctgcgat attgtaaatg tctgatattg    146040
     caacatttag ttgttttttt tgcaatatat attgtgatag taatgtcatt ttataagatg    146100
     atttaagtat atattaggaa acaatttata attgtacatt cataattttg tagttagtgt    146160
     gtttactata aagtataata aacaaatcgc aagcataaat gaatacacat gtaaaataac    146220
     agtgtaatgt aaacaaacaa tgtaatcaaa tgtaaaataa cactgtgtag tctttattgt    146280
     aataaaaaat acaattaatc tgtgttaaag ctacacattt aaataattta atttaattta    146340
     ttgtggccaa atggtttaaa ttagctagga attttacagt cacacgtctt aaaaatacat    146400
     ttgttcactg tagtagagta aaacttttct tgtgttctga acaatttcct gattaattat    146460
     agtcacaact caaaaatgca gactctgcaa tgtggcatat tatactattg catattagca    146520
     cattgtggta tcgatgctgg aattatatat agcacagccc taattgttgg ccttagggta    146580
     aagtaagaaa atgctttgtt ttggtaatct tcaaagtctg accatttgct tctgcatttg    146640
     gagtggcaat tcttctcttt tgatgttagt ttaatggctt cagccgcaat attgatgacc    146700
     acacctctct taccatcaat tacaagggaa tggtgtggaa aaagttagcc ccaccctcta    146760
     atcaatattc tctttcagtt ggaagtacat caacatacta aaaagtctca gcaacttctg    146820
     ggttcaccag tggtttaatt gaacacttct taaagtaata tgtttatact accagtacca    146880
     tttatactat attatattat atgctgtatt atacagcttt ttactgcgca ctgtaaatac    146940
     atgatagctt acaatttatt cctgccctta tagtccaaat aaataaataa ataaaattat    147000
     tgctcaatat aaatgatgag gtagtgcagt ttgtaaatta tttgcatgtg aaaactgaca    147060
     cttgagctaa agctgttggt ttactaaaga aaagatggat ggggtttctg tttgttgtaa    147120
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ctgtcgcttt gtaagacctt gattttctgg agccttgcgt    147180
     aataatttaa ttttgtctgt atatagtttt tgactactta agtgcagggt tgacaataag    147240
     atgcaacaaa tgaatttcca aagaccaccg tttcagcaaa taaatgtaaa aatagtcatt    147300
     tattttactc attaagacac aaatattagt attgcaatat taaattaaac aagttattat    147360
     tttatcaccc gatttacttt atttaacaga atggtataat ttttacagcc aacttataaa    147420
     tgtttatact tttaaccatt taataacaat cataataaat attaataaat attttatagt    147480
     caaacaaaat agttttaaca cactacgaat gtggccaata atagcaaact taaaacaaca    147540
     aaacaaactc tagttcactt atacgcttgt ttatagtaag tttaagtata cttgctaccc    147600
     caacattttt tttatttctc aaagatttag ccagacacta atcatatttc agcttttttt    147660
     aactgtaaaa actgccaggt tccacacaat tgcttcatgt tgtcccaaca caaatcaatt    147720
     aatttaccca agtcattttt tacaaattta tgtggattaa acaaaaacaa ttaatttgcc    147780
     ccagaaaaac ttaagaattg tgttgttgca atttatttta aataagtatt ttgaacaagc    147840
     atgaaaagtg attgtttttt gtgtatgcag atgcacttca gagggaaaaa gctcacttta    147900
     gaatgattgt taaaaaaaca cagcatataa aatccccttt aaatagcagc ataactagca    147960
     gaaaaactaa taatcacaat gtaagttttt atttattttg tgcagtgcta gtctctgtaa    148020
     taataaaata tagcagtata attgaaatca gttgtattaa gtgtcattta aatggtctca    148080
     cccagcatgc tcccagcaat gaggatgtca aacagggtgt cggcatagcg acggtagtct    148140
     agtctcgacc cagtgacatc cagaaatttg gctagagcat caagatcacc acctgcttcg    148200
     ttgaggccct gaacaattgt gtctcggaaa acagtaggct caaacttctc cttttcatct    148260
     ggaagacaga aaaaacaagt caggattatg atcacagaga attcagtgta tactactgat    148320
     agaataagaa tacaatgctt taaattcaag aatcactata ctttcccatg ttgactgtta    148380
     acaatgtttg catggttagt ttcaatatgc aaatgatgaa ttaaatgcaa atgaatgcag    148440
     gcatttgcat acgtttccag cacaaaaaca tggttaggtt caaagttctt gtttcatgtc    148500
     aacactacaa aaaatgctta gatgttgggt cttgtttcta gtccaaatat ctaaaaatct    148560
     taaatcaatt agcattttct agataagtaa aaataaattt ttcttgtttt caaaaaacaa    148620
     acaaaaaaat aatgataaat ttaagcaaga ttttcattaa atcaagtaaa ataattggtc    148680
     agtgaggcaa gcaaaacaaa cctgtctttt tttcaaacta ggctcattct atataccctt    148740
     taaccctata tgcatttcta gagttcgcaa aattcatacc aggagctata atttgtgcag    148800
     tttttgcttt cacgaatcca ccagaggccg ctgagtacgc tttttgagac ctcaaatttc    148860
     tctcgcaact gccatttgtg cctgctctga ccaactgacc gatattccac cttcctcctt    148920
     ctctaaactc aatcactagt tttttcaaaa gcaccgattg acccacccac ccacatccct    148980
     aaacccaacc gacagttttt aaaaagcaat ccagaaataa tttttctcgc caggtattta    149040
     ccacatcctc accctgttat ttacttgctt atttaatttt ttgtcttgtt tttgtttgac    149100
     ccactttctg gaattgtgtc tcaaatccac ctacgtacat ggcgagctaa ccggacaaac    149160
     tggtaacagc cggaaaacca tcaatacgga ggtaagtgcg tagtgcaaaa aggaatggtg    149220
     tcataaagcc ccatagggtt tgtttcaaaa acaaaatgca gccatacaaa cttatggcta    149280
     cattaacgtg tatagggcta cattttcaga atgagtctat gttgcgtttt tcatattttt    149340
     ttgcttaccc cactggctaa ttattttgct cattgtaagg agaaacttac ttcattttga    149400
     cttatttttt tctgaaaaag taagaaaagc cttttttttg cagtaaaggg ctattgcagg    149460
     aggaatatgg gaaatatctc ttttttatca cttcactgtg aaatactgtg atactgtgaa    149520
     aatccagaat aaattaatta tgcatgaaca aatctccctg caaagaccat cagaatacaa    149580
     atatgaaaac taaaattcag tgtatgtacg tgctgctaga gtggagattt attgctcaga    149640
     gctgaagaat ttttttttca gctttctaca tgtattttcc ttcaggttag tctctatttc    149700
     agaagtcacc acagcagaat aaaccaccaa ctattccagc atatgtttta cacagcggat    149760
     gaccttccaa ctgcaaccca gtattgggaa acacccatgc acactcattc acacacacac    149820
     tcaaacacta cgggcaattt agttcattca attaacctat actgcatgtc tttggaggtg    149880
     acacggtggc gcagtgggta gcatgttcgc ctcagcaaga aggttgctgg tttgagcctc    149940
     ggctgggtcg gttggcgttt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgtgt tagcgtgggt    150000
     ttcctccggg tgctctgttt tccccccaca gtccagagac atgtggtaca ggtgaattgg    150060
     gtaagctaaa attgaccgaa gtgtacaagt gtgtgaatga gtgtgtgtgt ttcccagtga    150120
     tgggtttcag ctggaagggt atccactgcg taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcggttc    150180
     attccactgt agcgacccga gattaacaaa agaaattaat aaattaatga atgaatatct    150240
     ttgtactatg ggggaaaccg gagctctcgg aggaaaccca cgtgaacatg gagagaacat    150300
     gcaaactcca cacagaaatg ccaactgacc cagccgggcg tcgaaccagt gaccttcttg    150360
     ttgtgaggca ggagtgctaa ccacacagcc accgtacctc agctttcttc aaaatatgtt    150420
     atttcgtgca caacagaaga taaaactcaa tggtttggaa ccaattaaag gtgagtaaat    150480
     agtgagtaca tttaaagttt gggcactata atccttttaa aatggtattt tggattcttt    150540
     ctttccatta gactgaaaaa ataaataaaa atgaaacgcc ggaatgccca aaatctcaaa    150600
     attgacacag ttacataaaa atgcatgact gtagtgtcta atgttaaatg tttttgagtc    150660
     aatccctggt ttttatccct ctgataacga agcaggtggt cacatacaga aatatgtaca    150720
     cttataccta ctattatgta aatgagttcc cttgcctcgc tgctggctac ataatctgat    150780
     tatagcacac agtaaaagag catgttgagt gtcttcctgt gagatctcac atttgaagag    150840
     ccagtcacac ctaccacgca agccagccaa gcataacgct aatgccctgt tgaaaacgcc    150900
     ctcacatttg tcacagtcaa aacctattaa gtaacgttcc taagctgtcc gccatgtcta    150960
     acgttatgcc ctttcaccca tatcatacac ctacataaga gattcaattt aaaaccctac    151020
     ctttatcaat tacagtaaat caacgtactg taaaatactc tttgtatttt tgtattaact    151080
     tttgtattaa aaagtatgag gtctgaaaga tttttttttt attttgtttt tcagcacgga    151140
     tagatgaagt ctcagttaag aaattacgtt acaaagattt caagtaaatg atgttctttt    151200
     aaactttcat tcataaaata aaataaaata aaataaacaa aaggacagaa ataatcatat    151260
     aaacataatt tatgaagcat catctaacac ttaagacttc agtgatgatt tacatcagat    151320
     ttaaaattaa aacagtatta cagtaacatg ttctattctt gtgttttcca aatgtctaca    151380
     aatccttaca ttaatatact tttactttga aagcaaaaca agaacacaaa ttttctgtaa    151440
     aatgaatgaa ataaaagcat ctatatgtta aaaacaacaa caaatatcta ccaatgaatt    151500
     c                                                                    151501