EBI Dbfetch

ID   AUXG01000526; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; WGS; HUM; 40160 BP.
AC   AUXG01000526;
PR   Project:PRJNA213624;
DT   01-AUG-2013 (Rel. 117, Created)
DT   01-AUG-2013 (Rel. 117, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   Homo sapiens scaf01171_reg01_ctg06, whole genome shotgun sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-40160
RA   Knight J., DeJong P., Ratan A., Kim H., Miller W., Sisco D., LaRochelle W.,
RA   Schuster S.;
RT   "Sequencing the RPCI-11 Genome";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-40160
RA   Knight J., DeJong P., Ratan A., Kim H., Miller W., Sisco D., LaRochelle W.,
RA   Schuster S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-JUL-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Roche, 16 Commercial St, Branford, CT 06405, USA
DR   MD5; fe5fb385c4a65f7153f90a27af9532fe.
DR   ENA; AUXG010000000; SET.
DR   ENA; AUXG000000000; SET.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270736.
DR   ENA-CON; KE557410.
DR   BioSample; SAMN02258483.
CC   This is a subset of the whole genome assembly of RPCI-11 containing
CC   novel regions that do not exist in the GRCh37.p11 reference
CC   assembly, GCA_000001405.12.
CC   ##Genome-Assembly-Data-START##
CC   Assembly Method       :: Newbler v. 06/07/2013
CC   Assembly Name         :: RP11_1.0_unmatched_regions
CC   Long Assembly Name    :: RP11_1.0 regions unmatched to GRCh37p11
CC   Genome Coverage       :: 39.0x
CC   Sequencing Technology :: 454; Illumina MiSeq
CC   ##Genome-Assembly-Data-END##
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..40160
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 40160 BP; 8577 A; 16942 C; 1160 G; 13481 T; 0 other;
     ctattccatt ccactccact ccattccatt ccattccact ccactgcact ccatttcatt        60
     ccactcaact ccactgtata ccactccatt ataatgcttt ccattccact ccactccgtt       120
     ccaatccact ccattccatt ccactccact cctctacact ccacaacact cctttccttt       180
     ccattccatt ccattccatt cctttccatt ccattccatt tatttccatt ccatttcttt       240
     ccactccatt ccattccttt ccattgtact ccactccact acattgcatt cctatccaat       300
     ccactccttt ccactccatt ccatgccatt cctctcggtt cgattccact tcactcaaca       360
     ccactgcatt ccattgcact ccattccatt ccattccact caactccact ccatgccact       420
     ccacttcatt gaactcaact ccattccatt ccatcccaat ccactccatt ctgttttatt       480
     ccactccact ccatttcatt ccactccaca cattccactc tatttcactc catttcattc       540
     tattccaatt cattccattc agctccactc cactccactc catttcacta aactccactc       600
     cattccattc cattccactc cactgcactc caatccaatc cattccattc cactccattc       660
     caatccactc cattccactc cactgctttt cactccactc cactccattc cattccactc       720
     cactccactc ctttccatac cactcaattc ctttccattc cattccattc tattccactc       780
     cattcacttc cactccaaac cacaccactc cactctactt aactccatta cattccattg       840
     ctttccatac cactccactc tattcctttc cactccactc cattccatgt cattgcactc       900
     cattccactc cactccacta ttctcaactc cactccattc cattatactc cacttcaatc       960
     ctctcccctc cagtccactc cattctacac tcctctcctt tctattccaa tccactccat      1020
     tccattccac tccattaaat tccattcctc tcaattccat tccattccat tccattacac      1080
     ttcactctat tccactcaac tccacaccac tccactcctt tccattccat tccaatccat      1140
     tgcattctac ttcactccaa tccatttcac tccactccat tccattttat tccactccat      1200
     tccactccat gccattccat gccattctac ttcattccat tccaatccac tccacttcac      1260
     tccatttcac tccattccat tccattctac tgcattccat tccactcaaa tcctttccac      1320
     tgtactcctc taaattccat tccactcctc tccatttcac tccattccat tccattcccc      1380
     tccactcaat tccattcctt tccactccac ttcattccat tcatctccac tccactccat      1440
     tctactccac tccgttccac tccattcaat tccgctccac tccattccat tccacaccac      1500
     tgcatttcac tcctgtccat tccattcagt tccattccac ttcatccact ccattcaacc      1560
     ccatttccct ccactccagt acactcttct ccacttaact ccatgccatt gcattccatt      1620
     ccgttccatt ctactccact ccactttttt ccactctact gaactccttt ccgctcaact      1680
     ccaatccact ccattccatt ccatcccact caattccatt ccattccaca ccattctttt      1740
     caaatccatt ccaccccact cttctcgatt ccactccatt ccattgcact ccactcgatt      1800
     ccattatata ccattccact acattctatt ccactacgct cctttccact ccattctact      1860
     ccattccttt ctgctccact ccactgcagg cctctccact ccattccact ccactccaca      1920
     ctactccaat ctactaaaat ccactccatt cccttccact tcactctact tcaatccact      1980
     ccattctatg ccgctccatg gcaggccatt ccactccatt ccactccact acacatgact      2040
     ccaatctact aaaatccact ccattacatt ccactacact ctactccact acagtccatt      2100
     ccattccact ccactccttt ccatttcact ccactaaatt cccttccaat ccattccact      2160
     ccattccatt tcactccatt ctaatccatt ccaggccatt ccattccttt cctttccact      2220
     ccactccact ctaatccaat ccaatccatt caataacttt tctttaaatt ccattccatt      2280
     ccattccact ccactatgct gcatggcatt gcactccatt ccatttcatt ccactccaat      2340
     gcattgcttt ccattccatt ccattccact ctactcgatt cggttccact cctttttatt      2400
     ccagtccact ccattccatt ccactccaat tcattccatt ccactgcact ccattccact      2460
     cctctccact gcattcctct ccactccact ccactccatt ccactccaca ccattcctat      2520
     ctactccagt ccattccctt ccactccact ccattccatt ccactctgtt ccattctgct      2580
     ccatttgatt ccattccatt gaactccatt ccagtccatt caattccact acactccact      2640
     ccaatccatt ctgttccatt ccattccaca gtactccatt attttccaat ccattcccct      2700
     ccattcaagt ccattacact ccactccatt ccattcaact ccactccttt ccattccaat      2760
     ctattgaatt cctttccatt ctactccatt ccattccatt tcactccatt ccattccatt      2820
     ccactccagt acactccaat tcactccatt ccattccatt ccatgccatt ccacaccaat      2880
     caactccact ccactcaatt ccattccact ccattccatt ccactcctct ccattccatt      2940
     cccctcaact cctttctact ccactccatt ccattctgct caactccatt ccaccccact      3000
     ccattccatt ccactccatt gcactccact ccattgcact ccactccatt ctgatccact      3060
     ccattccact ccactccatt ccactgcact ccattgcact ccactccatt ccattccatc      3120
     cgtttccact ccattcctta ttattccact acactccatt caattctact tcattccatt      3180
     ccattcaact ccattccact tcattctatt ccactccact ccactccatt ccattccgtt      3240
     ccaccccaat tcactacact ccagtctttc caatccattc cactgcattc cattccattc      3300
     tactccattc cgttccattc ttctccattc ttttccgttc caatccattc cattccatac      3360
     cattccacac caatccaatc cacttcactc cattctattc cactccattc cactctaata      3420
     cacaacattc aattctactc aactctattc ccctccaatc cattccactt cactccattg      3480
     cactccattg catttcattc cattcctttc cactccttac ctttgcactc cactccactc      3540
     tattgcattc tgctccactc cattccagtc cattccactg cattctattc cactccactc      3600
     cactgcagtc cactccaatc cattccattc cattccattc cactcaactc cattccattc      3660
     ctttcctctc cactctattt cactccactc cattccaatc cacccctttc cactccattc      3720
     cactccagtg cataccattc cactccattc cattccactt cactccattc tactccacta      3780
     cattacactc cactccactc aactccactc cactcctctc caccccactc cactccatgc      3840
     cattccattc cattccatta ccctccactc catcgcattc cattgcattc cgttcaactc      3900
     caccccactc caatccactg cactactttc cataccactc caatgcattc cattccattc      3960
     catttcattg cactccactc cactccattc cactccattc caatccattc cattgcatta      4020
     agttccgttt cattccattc cactatattt cactgcagtc cattccattc cactccactc      4080
     catttaattc cactccagat catccagctg cattccctcc cattccactc cattccactc      4140
     cactccattc cactccactc catcccattc taaaacattc cactccattc caatccaatc      4200
     cattccgttc cgttccactt cattcatttc attccactct actcccttcc attccactca      4260
     actccactcc attccgctcc attgcattcc attccacacc attcaattcc actccacgct      4320
     atctcattca actctgctat attccactcc actccacccc attccatttc attccactct      4380
     actccactcc actgcacccc actccattcc actcaattac aatccacttc aatccactcc      4440
     actctatttg acttcactcc attcaattcc attcctctac actacattac attccaatcc      4500
     actccattcc cctcctctcc attccattcc attccaatcc actccattcc tttccattta      4560
     attccactca tttccattcc tctcaactcc actccattcc attcctctcc actccactcc      4620
     attccactcc acacaattcc atgccactcc attccactct actccattgc tttccacacc      4680
     actccattcc agtccactca ataccattcc aaaccattcc attccattcc atttcattcc      4740
     attacattcc cgtctattcc acttaagtcc cttccattca accccattgc actcctctcc      4800
     agtacactca tctcatgccc actcaattcc attccattcc atttcattcc gttccaatcc      4860
     actccactcc actccattcc actccactgc actcctatcc actcaagtcc agtccattcc      4920
     aattcattcc attcctttcg attccactcc actccactga cttatactcc attccattgc      4980
     acttaactct atttcattcc attccattaa actccattct atgacactcc actccattct      5040
     actccgttct atttcattcc attccactcc actccactcc acaccactcc acgccattcc      5100
     actccactcc actccacacc actctactcc attccactcc actccacacg actccactct      5160
     actaaaatcc attccattcc attcgtgttc actctactcc actccactcc attccactcc      5220
     actaaaatcc actccaattt actccactcc aatccattcc attccattcc attcaatttc      5280
     attccattcc actccactcc attgcattcc attccattcc attccactcc attccactcc      5340
     acaccaatac actccactcc attcaattcc aatccattcc actccattcc attccaatcc      5400
     actccactct tcttcactca cctccactcc attccttccc attccattcc actccattct      5460
     aatccattcc actcgactcc actccattcc aagccactcc attccactca aattaattcc      5520
     actccattcc atactactcc aattcattcc attacatttc actccattcc attccactct      5580
     attccactcc actccattcg actcactcca ttccattcca ctccattcca ttccactcca      5640
     ctccactcaa ctccattcca ctccattctc ttccattcca ttccactgaa ttccattcca      5700
     ctccactcca ttctattcca ctccattcca atacactcca ctccattcca ctctactaca      5760
     ttccattcca gtccactcca ttccattcca ttccactccg ttccattcca ttccactcta      5820
     ctcctctcaa gtccatgcac ttccgtccat tccaatccag tccattccat tccattcaat      5880
     tccatttcct tccattgcac tccattccat tccgttccac tccgttccat tccattctat      5940
     tgccttccat tcaattccat tccattccat tccactgcac tccactccac tccactcacc      6000
     tccattccac tacattcccc tacattccat tccactccgt tccattgcaa tccactccgc      6060
     tccattccat tccttttcat tcatctccac tccattcaat tccactccac tccacaccat      6120
     tccactacat tgcattccat tccactccat tcaattgtac tccactccac atcattccaa      6180
     tccagtccac tccactccaa tccactccag cacactcgct tccattccac tcactcatct      6240
     atacttcact acaatccact ccaatccatt cgattcctct ccattcaatt ctattccact      6300
     acactccatt gctttccatt tcattccatt tcactccatt gcattccttt ctattcctct      6360
     ccactcaact ccactacact gcattccatt ccattcaact tcattccagt ccattcctct      6420
     ccactccatt ctattccatt ccattccttt tcactccatt ccactccact ccgctacaat      6480
     ccactccatt cttttccact caattccact ccattacatt ccagtccacc cctctctgct      6540
     ttgcttcact ctactccatt cctgcccatt ccattctttg ccattccatt ccattccaac      6600
     ccactccact ccactctaca ccactccgtt ctaatctact tcattccatt ccattccact      6660
     cgattacatt ccactcaaat ccattccatt ccactccact ccactcgact ccactccact      6720
     ccactccact ccattccatt ccactgcatt ccattccaat tcactccatt gtattccact      6780
     ccattacaat acactccaca ccaatcccat ccattccatt ccattccagt ccactccatt      6840
     ccattcgact cccctacact atattccact ccaatccatt ccattccact aaattccatt      6900
     ccattccatt caactccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccacttcact ccattccatt      6960
     ccacaccaca ccattccact ctgttttatt ccattccatt cgattctact ccattccatt      7020
     ccactcaaat ccatttcatt ccattccact ccattccact ccactctatt ccactacact      7080
     ccattctttc attccattat actcctttcc attccacttc tctccattct atttcactcc      7140
     atcccaatac actccactcc attcccctcc actccattcc attccgttcc actccattcc      7200
     attccattcc attccattca tctccattcc attgatttcc atttcacttc acaccattcc      7260
     tttccattca attccactcc atccaactct actaaaatcc actccattcc attccacttc      7320
     actctactcc actcaattcc attccattcc atttcactcc actccactac actccagtcc      7380
     acttcaatct cttacactcc actgcattcc aatccaatcc actccattcc attccactag      7440
     cctccattcc tttctactca aatccattca actccactcc attccgttac attccaatcc      7500
     acttcactct attgcaatcc actccattcc attccactcc actccattcc attccactaa      7560
     actccattcc attcctctca attcctttcc atttcattca tgtccattcc attccattcc      7620
     attccagtca actccactcc attccattct gttccacttc tctccactac actctattcc      7680
     tttccaatcc tttgcactcc actccattcc cttccactcc actacattgc gttgcactac      7740
     actgcattcc tcttcactcc gttcatttcc tttccactcc aaaccgttcc attccaatca      7800
     acatcactct attccactcc actccattcc attccactcc actccattac attcaactcc      7860
     attccattct attccattcc attcaactac actccacttc attccattcc atgccactcc      7920
     actccatacc attccattcc actccattcc attccttacc agtccattcc attccattcc      7980
     actccattcc aatccattgc actccattcc attccttcta ttccatcctt tccattcccc      8040
     tccacttcac tccactctac tctaatccaa tccattcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt      8100
     tcctttccat tccattccat tccattccac tccactgcaa tctactctat tccatcccgg      8160
     tccattccat tctattccac tccactcctc tccattcctt tccactccac tccactccat      8220
     tcctttcaat tcctttccat ttgtatctac tgcattccat tccattgcat tccattccat      8280
     gccattccat tctgcttcgt tccactctat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat      8340
     tccattccat tccattcctt ttcattccat tccattccat tccattcctt tccgttccat      8400
     tcctttccgt tccattcctt tccgttccat tcctttccat tcctttccgt tccattcctt      8460
     tccgttccat tccattccat tccatttcac tccattccat tccattcctt tccatttcac      8520
     tccattcctt tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccaatcctt tcaactacac      8580
     tcctttccat tgcactccac ttcattccat tccattcaag tccattatac tcctctacac      8640
     tccattccct tccattccac tccactcctt tccattgcac tccacttcat tccattccat      8700
     tcaagtccat tatactcctc tacactccat tcccttccat tccactccac tgcactgcag      8760
     tccattcctt ttcaatccct tccactccat tccattccat tacactccac tccgttccat      8820
     tccactccac tctttttttc cattccattt cattctatac cattccagaa gaatccactc      8880
     cactccactc cattccattc cactccattc cattacacta cagacctttc aattccactc      8940
     aacactcttc aactctactc tattccactc cactccattg cactccactc ctttccattc      9000
     catttctttc caatacattc gattcccgtc catgccactc aattcctttc cactccactc      9060
     cactcctttc ctttccactc cactccattt aattccacgc cattccatcc caattcattc      9120
     cattccattc cactccactc cattccactc caatccattc cactccactc ctctcctatc      9180
     cactccactc cattctactc ttctccattc aattccattc tacttcactc cattacactc      9240
     cattccactc catttccctt ctctccattc cattccattc cactgcactc cactcctgtc      9300
     ctctccattc cacttgactc cactccattc cattccattc cattccactc caatccattt      9360
     aattccattc cattccattc cactgcattc ctctccactc ccctcctctc cactccattg      9420
     aacttcactc cgttatactc cattccattc cactccactc cactccactt cactccattc      9480
     ctgcccattc cattccactc cactccacaa cattccactg cactccattt cactccactt      9540
     aattccattc cattccactc cattccatta cactctattt cactccactc cattacatac      9600
     cattccattc cactccattc cattacactc tattccactc cactctattc ccgtccactc      9660
     cattccattc cactccactc cactcaactc catttcactc cattccagtt acttcaagta      9720
     acttccgttc cactccattg cattctattc cagtccattc caatacactc cactccattc      9780
     cattccagtc cattccattc gtctccactc cactccattc ctttccattc tactccactc      9840
     aactgcattc cactccattc cactcgactc cattccattc cactccattc caatccactc      9900
     gactccagtc cactccaatc tattcaattc cactccactc cattcctcgg caccccactc      9960
     cattacactc gactccactc tactccactc cactccattc cattcctgtc cactccattc     10020
     cattccatcc cattcgactc aattccactt gatgccaatc cattctattc cattaaactc     10080
     cactcctttc cactccacca cattccactg aaatccactc cactccattc cactccactc     10140
     cactccattt cattccacac ctcttccctc cactccattc cactccactc cactccattc     10200
     tattgcactc cgcttcattc aactccactc ttctccattc ctatccactc cactccgctg     10260
     cacaccattc cactccactc cactccacgc cgttccactc cacgccgttc cactccactc     10320
     cactccactc cattccattc cattccattc cattccactc cattccattc cactccaaac     10380
     ctttccattc ctgtcaacac cattccacac ctttgcagta cattcaactc cattccattc     10440
     cactctactc cattccactc caatccattc cattccatta cattacacag cattccattc     10500
     cattccaatc catttcaatc aattccattc ctttccaatc cattccattc cattcccttc     10560
     cataacattg cactgcactg cactccatgc ccctgcactc cactccactc gactcgaatc     10620
     cattccaatc cattcaattc cattccattc tcttccattc cactccatac cataacactc     10680
     cattccattc cattgcattc cactccactt aattccattc cactgccctc cattccattc     10740
     cattccactg cactccattg cattgcactc cattccaatc cactcctcta aattccactc     10800
     tgctccactt cattccattc cattgcactc catttaattc cactccacag cattccatgc     10860
     ctttccattc atctctttcc attcatttcc actgaactgc attccattcc actccacttc     10920
     actccattcc actccattcc aatccaatcc attccattcc tgtgcattcc actccactcc     10980
     attccactgc actccattcc actccactcc actctactcc acatcactcc gttccattac     11040
     actccacttc atttcattcc actctactcc attccattca actccattcc attccattcc     11100
     attccattcc gttccattcc gttctttatt attccattcc actccagtca atttcacttc     11160
     actccattca ctccactgca ttcctttcca ttccattcca ctccattcca tttctctcca     11220
     ctccattcca ctccattcca ttccactcca ctacactaaa ctcaactcca ttgaattcca     11280
     ttccgttcca ttccactgca ctccattcca tagcactcca gtcctctcaa ttgcactcca     11340
     ttccactcca ttccactcca ttccattcta ttccactcca ctccattcca ttgcgttcca     11400
     ttccattcca ctccactacg ctcctctccc atcaattcca atacattctg ttccattccc     11460
     gtccacttta ttctgttcca ctccacacca ttccattcca atccacttca ctcctttact     11520
     ttccattcca ctccattcca ctcaactata ctgagctaca ctccattccg ttaaattcca     11580
     ctccactcca ttccactcca ttccactcca ttccaatcca ctccattcca ttccatccca     11640
     ttcaattcca ttcctttcca ttccgttcct ttccactcca ttccatacca atcctttcca     11700
     atccactcca ttcctctgaa atccactcca ttctactcca ctccattcca caccactaca     11760
     ttcgagtcaa ctccatacca ttccaatcca ctcttttcaa ttccaatcca ttccgttcca     11820
     ttccattcca ttccacttca ctcaattcca tttaaccgca ttccactcca ctccagtaca     11880
     ctcttctcca ctccactcca ttgcattcca ttccactcca ctccattgca ctcttctccc     11940
     ctccactgca ctgaactcca gtccattcca atccattctc ttccatttca ttccactcca     12000
     ttccattcca ctccattcca ttccattaaa ttccattcca ttcccttcca ctccactcca     12060
     ctctacacca ctccactcca atccattcca gtccactcca ttccattcct ttccattcca     12120
     atccactcca ctcctttcca ctccactctt ctccactcca atccactgta ctcaactcca     12180
     ctccattcca ttccagttca ctccattcct ttccattcca ttccactcca ctccactcct     12240
     ttccactcct ctctactcca ctactttcta ttcctctcca ttccactcaa tttgactcca     12300
     ctcaattcca ctccactcca ttccactcca ctaaatttca ctccactcca ctccactcca     12360
     ttccactctg ctccaatcca ttccattcaa caccactcca ctccattcca ttccatttca     12420
     ctgcactcca ctccattcca ttgcacactg cttcattcaa ctccactctt ctccattcca     12480
     gtctactcca ttcaactcca caccattcca ctctactcca cgccattcca ctccactcca     12540
     ctacactaca ttgcattcca ttccattcca ttcctctcca ttccattcaa ctccactctg     12600
     ttccatttca gtctacacaa ttccactccc ttccagtcca ctccactcca ttccattccc     12660
     ctccactcct ttccattcca atccattcca ttccattcca atacactgca ttgccttcca     12720
     tttcattcaa ttccattcct ttccactcca ttccgttcca taccactgca ctccactcca     12780
     ctctattcca gtccacccca ctccactcaa ctccaatcca tttcattcca ttcaattcca     12840
     ttccattctt ttccattcca ctccatgcca taacactcca ttccactgcc ttgcattcca     12900
     gtctatttca ttccattcca ctgcaatcca ttacattcca ctccattcca atccactcct     12960
     ctccattcca ctctgctcca cctcattcca ttcctttcca atatattcct ttccactcca     13020
     ctccattcta ttccactcca cacctttcca tgcctttcca ttcctctctt tccgttcaat     13080
     tccactcaac tgtattccat tccactccac tccactatat tccacaccat tccaatccaa     13140
     tctattgcat tccaatgctt tccactccac tccactccac tccattccat tccactccac     13200
     tctactccac ttcactccat tccattccac tccactcctt atcattccac tccactccat     13260
     tccattagaa tgcattcctt tccattccat tccattcatt cccttcttaa tcattccact     13320
     ccactccact ccactccact ccactccatt ccactccact gcattccttt ccattccata     13380
     cactccattt ctttgctcta cactccattc ctctccattc cagtccactc cactccaata     13440
     cactcaactc cattccattc cattccactg cactccattc cattgcactc cactcctctc     13500
     cattgcactc cgttccactc cattccaata cattgcattc cattccactc aactccactc     13560
     cattgcattc cattccattc cacgccactc ctttacatta cactcctctc caatgaattc     13620
     caatccattc ccttccatta cactccacgt tattccattc catcccacca tttcgttcca     13680
     atctactcca ctccattcca ttccactcca ctccaatcaa ctatactccg ttacactcca     13740
     ctccactcaa ttcgactcca ttccattccg ttcaattcca ctctactcca ttccactcca     13800
     acgcactcca ttcctgtgca ctccattcca ttccatccca ttcgattcca ctccattctt     13860
     tccattacaa tccattccat accattccat tccagcccaa tccgtttctc tccactccac     13920
     tccattctac tcccctccat tccactccac tccactcaat tccagtccac tccattccat     13980
     tccactcaaa tccattctac tcctgtccat tctattccat tgcattgcat tccacttcac     14040
     tcaattccat tcaacacttt tccactccac tccagtacac ccttcctcac tccactccat     14100
     tccattccac ttcactccat tccactccac tgcactgcac tccactccaa ttcagtccat     14160
     tccaatccat tctcttccat tccattccac tccattccat tgtacatcat tccattcgat     14220
     tccattccat tccattccat ttcactgcat ttaactgcac tccattcaat tccactgcat     14280
     tccactccac tacactcctt tccattccat taaattcgat tccactcccc tccactctgc     14340
     tccactccac tccattccac tcgtttccat taaactcctc tccacttcac tagactctac     14400
     tcccctacac tccattacat tacactctat gctactccat tgcattccat ttcattccat     14460
     tccattccat tccatcctac atcactccat tccattccat tccattccat tccactccat     14520
     tccattccac tccattctgt tccattcatt taaactccat tattctccac cactttccat     14580
     tccaatacac ttcatagaac tccactccat tccattcacc tccattccat taaactctac     14640
     tacactgcat tccagtctac tctactccat tcctttccac accggtccat tccattccac     14700
     tccactccat tccgcttcac tacactcccc tctactccac ttgactccat tcctttccac     14760
     tctactccac tctattcggc tccattccaa tccactccaa accattacat tctactcctc     14820
     tcccctcaat tccattccat tctttaccat tccattccat tccattccac tccattccat     14880
     tccactccaa tccaaaccac tccattccgc ttcactccgt tccattccat tccactccat     14940
     tccattccac tccaatccaa accactccat tccgcttcac tccgttccat tccattccat     15000
     tgcattacac tccattccat ttcattcctc tccactccat tcctttccac tccactctac     15060
     tccattccat tccattccac tccactctac tccattccac tcctttccat tgcattccac     15120
     tccagtccat tccactatac tccacttcac tcctttccac tccattatat ttgtctacac     15180
     cccactccac tctcgtccac tgcagtccac tccattctac tccactccac tccattcctt     15240
     tccactccac cccattccac tccattccac tgcaatccac tccactccaa tccactacac     15300
     tccactccat tcaactccac tcctatccaa tcgattcatt tccattcaaa tactttccac     15360
     tctattccat tccactccat accattccat tcctcttctt tacactccac tccactccat     15420
     tccactccat gccattccac tctgctccac tccattccac ttcactcctt tccattccac     15480
     tccattcgtt tccgttcatt tccactccat tccattctat gccattccat tccactctac     15540
     ttctttccac tccactctag tgcattcaac tctgttccat tccaatccat tccattccac     15600
     tccataactc tccattccac tctattccat tcgatgccac tccacttcac tccacttcct     15660
     tccattccat tccattccat tccactgcac tccactcccc tctttacatt aaattaaatt     15720
     ccaatccatt gcactccact cctttctact ccactccact ctattcaaat ccactccttt     15780
     ccatttcatt ccactccact ccattccact ccactccacc cgactccact acactgcact     15840
     cccttctatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccact cgaatccact cctctccaca     15900
     ccactccact ccattccttt ccactccatt ccattccttt gcaatccaca ccattccatt     15960
     ctactttact ccatcccatt cctttccact ccattccatt cctttgcaat ccacaccatg     16020
     ccattctact tcactccatc ccattccatt ccactccatt ccattcaatt caattccatt     16080
     cgattcgact ccactccact ccattccaat ccactccttt ccattccatc ccactccatt     16140
     ctttgccatt cctttccaat ccatttcatt ccattccacc tcaatcttct tcactccact     16200
     ccattacatt ccaatacact ccagtcctct ccaatgcatt ccaaactatt ccactacagt     16260
     ccattccagt cactccactc tattcaattc caatgcactc cattccattt cactcctttc     16320
     cattccattc cattccattc tattacattc cactcttttc cattccttta cattccattc     16380
     cactccactt cactccattc cactctactc cactacgtta tagtccactc cacttcgttc     16440
     cactacactc gagagcactc catttcactc gaatccattc catttcattc aattccactc     16500
     ctctccactc ctttcaattc cattccattc cagtacgctc cattgcaatc caatacattc     16560
     catcccactt ccgtccacac cactcaactc cattccattc cacttcactc cactccatcc     16620
     cattccactc caatccactc caatccactc cactccatta cactccattc cattccactc     16680
     cactcctcta tactccattc cattccattc cattacactc cactccactc ccctccactc     16740
     cattccagtc cactccattc catttcattc cactctgctc tactccactc cagtcacctc     16800
     cattccactc cattgcattc cattccaatc cattcaattg cactcctccg cattcaactc     16860
     gactccactc cactcacctc cactcaattc catttcattc cactgcactc cattcttctc     16920
     ccctgtactc cattccactc cactccattc cattcaactc cactgcactc aattccactc     16980
     cattccactc cattcctttc cattcctctt cattccactc cactccattt cgctccactg     17040
     aattgcattc cacaacacta caatccattc cactccattc cagtactatc cattccattc     17100
     ctctccaaat ctttccattc ccctcctata tactccactc cactccattg cattatattc     17160
     taataaactc cactgcactc cagttcacac cattctactc agctccagtc cattccattc     17220
     cactccactc cattctactc cactccagtc cattagaccc cactcctttc cattgtgttc     17280
     cacttcattc aattccattc cactccactg cactccactc cactccatta aactcctctt     17340
     cattccactc caatccattc aattcctttc cattccattc taatccattc ctttccactc     17400
     cgctccattc cattccactc cactgcattc caatctattc cactccattc cattccattc     17460
     cattccactc cattcctctc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccactc     17520
     caccataatc cattccattc cattccactc cattccactc tactgaactc cactcagttc     17580
     cactctgttt cactccgttg cgttccgttc aattccactc cactccactc cattccattc     17640
     cattacactc cactccacaa ccctccactc tattccactc cactccattc cacttcactc     17700
     cactctactc cattccattc cattgaactc cactcgactc cactccattc cattgtactt     17760
     cattcccttg tattccactc cactccactc cattccaatc cactccattc cactccactc     17820
     cattccactc cactctaatc cattccattc aattccactc aattcctttc cactccactc     17880
     catttcattc cactccaatc cattctcatt cattccactg cattccattc cactagactc     17940
     cactctactc catttcactc cattcaactc cacgccattt cactccaatc cattccattc     18000
     cattccactc gtctctgttt tattccattc ctttccactc tattccattc cactccactc     18060
     cacaccactc catcccactt cagtccattc cattccattc cattgcatta cacttcattc     18120
     ctttccattc cactccactc cattccattc cactccagtc cactacattc ccttccactc     18180
     caatctactc cattccactc cattccactc cattccgttc cattacactc cactccattc     18240
     cactgtactc cagttcattc cactccattc cattactttt cactacactg cactccactc     18300
     cagtccactg cagcccactc cattctactc cagtccactc ctttccgttc cactccactc     18360
     cattccactc cactcttttc cattcgactc cactacattc atctctattc cattccactc     18420
     cattccattc cactccactt cattgcactc cactccactg cattccactc cattccattc     18480
     tactccactc cactccattc ccctacagtc cttttcaatc cactccattc cattccattc     18540
     atttgcactc cattccattc tattccattc atttgcactc cattccattc caagccattc     18600
     cactcctcta aacaccattc cattctgctc cactccattc cactccattc cattcaaatc     18660
     cattccattc cactccattc ccttccactc cattccacta cattccactc catcccattc     18720
     cacgcctctc caagtccatt ccattccact gcactcctct ccactcctct ctttccatta     18780
     aattaaattc cattgtgttc ccctccactc cacaccattc cagtccactc cactcctttc     18840
     cactgctttc cattccattc caatccattc caatccactc aactccattc cactcttttc     18900
     cattacaatc cactcctctc cactccactc cactccactc cactccactc cactccattc     18960
     cattcaactc cattccattc gattccattt ctctcctttc cactccattc cattccattc     19020
     ctttcctctc cattccctcc agggcaatcc attccactgc attccactcc tttccaatcc     19080
     attccactcc attccatttc actccactcc attccactcc actccaccct actccattac     19140
     atttaatttc acttcattcc attacatgcc ccttgtctcc attccattcc attccatcgc     19200
     actccacttc actccacaac aatatactcc aatccattta attccattcc tttccaatcc     19260
     actccattcc attgcattcc acccaaatca attccatcaa ctgcattcca ttttattcca     19320
     aatccctcct ttcaattgca ctccagccta ttccattcca atccactcct ttccattaca     19380
     ttgtattcca ttccattcaa ttcctttcca ttccattcca ttccgttcta ttctattcca     19440
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcta ttctactcca ttccattcca     19500
     ttccactcca ctcaagtcca ttccactcta ctatattcca gtccaaatta ttacattgca     19560
     ttccattata ctgaattaca ttccacttca catcattcca tgacactgct ctgcattcca     19620
     ctccattcct ctcctgtaca taccattaca ttccactcca ctccattcca ttccacacct     19680
     ctcgtttcca ctcgattaca cttccttcca cttctatcca ctccagtcca ctccactcca     19740
     ctccattcca ttccattcca ttaaactgca ttccactcca ctccactcca ctccattcca     19800
     ttccattcca atcaaatcca ttccagtcct ttctattcct ttccactcca ctccattcat     19860
     ttccactcca ctccattccg ctttattcca tgccattcca ctccatacca ctccactcca     19920
     ttccaatgca ctccattcca ctccactcca ttccatttta ctaaactcta ctccattcca     19980
     ctcaaatcca ttccattcca ctgcactccg ttccatccca ttccgctcca ctccactcca     20040
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttcctttcca ctccacagca ctctattaca     20100
     ttccatttca ttccactcca ctccactcca ttccacttca ctccactatg tttcattcca     20160
     ttccaatcca ttccacaaca ctcctgtcca ttacattcca ctccactcca ttaaattaaa     20220
     tcctctctat tccattccat tccattccct tcctatccat tcctgtacat tccattccat     20280
     tccgttccac tccactccac tccactccat tgcactccac tccattccca tcctgttcaa     20340
     tcctctccac tccactacag ttgactccac tccactccat tccactccat tccactaaat     20400
     tccactcaac tccattcctt tccactccaa tccacgccat tccactccat attactcttc     20460
     tcaattcaat tcctctccac tcatttctat tgcattccac tccacgccat tccactccaa     20520
     tacgttccaa tccattccac tcgactccat tccactgcac tccattccac tcccctccac     20580
     tccaatccac tactttccct tccactcctc tccactctac actagtccat tcaattccat     20640
     tctattccat tccaatccaa tccattccat tcaacaccac tccagtccat tacacaacac     20700
     tacattacat tccactccat ccactccatt ctattccatt ccagtccatt ccattgtcct     20760
     caactccttt ccacttcact ccattccatt ccactccatt ccactactct ctactccatt     20820
     ccactataat cctctacact ccattccact ctaccccact cctctgcttt ccatggcact     20880
     ccactccact ccactccatt gaatttcatt ccattccact aaattgcact tcatcacaat     20940
     cctttccatt ccattccact ccattccatt ccattccatt cccttccatt ccattccatt     21000
     cctttccata caattccatt ccattccact gcactccatt ccagtccatt ccacaccttt     21060
     ccctttgatt ccactccatt tcattacact ccactccatt ccactctaat ccattccatt     21120
     tcatttcact ccactccatt gcatcccact ggtctgcatt ccattccatt cctttgcact     21180
     ccactccact ccactccaat ccatttcatt catttccatt ccaatccact ccattccatt     21240
     ccattccatt tcattccttt ccattccatt ccgtttcgtt cagttccatt ccattcaatt     21300
     ccattccatt ccattccctt ccattgcatt ccattccatt ccactgcttt ccattccact     21360
     ccactccttt ccattacgct ccattccatt ccagtccatt ttattccatt ccactccatt     21420
     ccatcccact acacaccaat ccatccgact ccactcaatt ccattccatt ccactccatt     21480
     ccattctttt tcactgcact ccattttatt caactgcact tcattccatt ccactccatc     21540
     ccattctatt ccaatccttt ccattccatt ttgttccatt gcattccatt ccttttcact     21600
     ccgcgtcatt ccgttccttt ccattccatt gaattccatt ccactccact ccactacatt     21660
     ctactccact aaattccaat ccatttcatt ccattccatt ctattctgct gcattacatt     21720
     ccactcctct tcattccatt ctattccatt ccagtccatt ccactccatt ccattctact     21780
     ccatttcatt gctttccagt ctattcaatt ccactcgatg ccgctgcatt ctacgtgatt     21840
     cgattctatt acactccatt ctatttctct ccactccact cccctgcaat ctattccact     21900
     ccactccact ccactccact caaatccagt ccactccatt ccattccatt ccactccatt     21960
     ccattccatt ccattccact ccattccatt gcattccttt ccactccttt aaattgcatt     22020
     ccattccatt aaattccatt cgattccatt gttctccatt ctattccatt taactccatt     22080
     cgttttgatt cctttcgatt cgtatccatt ccattccatt ctaatcccct ccattccatt     22140
     ctactgcacg ccactccatt ccactccact ccattcaatt cgattccaat atattccatt     22200
     ccactcaact ccattccact ccacttcatt ccactccact ccacaccact acattccact     22260
     gcactgcact ccccccttcc tctcaaacca actccactcc attccattcc actccaaact     22320
     gttcgacgca actccaatcc cttccatgcc actcctttcc attccattcc attccattcc     22380
     attccattcc attccacacc attccattca actcaattcc actaacttcc tcacctatcc     22440
     actccagtac actacactaa attccattcc attccattcc gatccatttc attccacggc     22500
     aatacattcc actccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccatccc attccactcc     22560
     actacgttcc actccactct actccattcc attctatttc attccattcc attccattcc     22620
     attccattac gttccactcc attctattcc attccaatgc attccactcc attcctttcc     22680
     attccactcc attcgattcc attccattcg attccattcc attccactcc attccactcc     22740
     attccattcg gttttattcc actccattcc attgtactcc attccattcc attccactcc     22800
     actcctttcc actccactcc attacattcc aatccaatcc atcccattcc attccactcc     22860
     attccagtcc attccactcc ataccattcc gttctattcc attacattcc attcaataat     22920
     tccatttctc tctgctccat tccattcaac tccattccat tcctgtccac tccactccat     22980
     tacataccaa tcgactccat tccatcgcat tccagtgcat tctattctat tccacaccag     23040
     tccactccat tccacccaac tcaactccat tccactgcat tacaatccat tcccatctat     23100
     tccattccac tccacacctt tccactccac ttcattccac tccactaaac cacacacccc     23160
     tccattccac gacactccac ttcactccat tcctctctac tccactcctc tgcattccat     23220
     ttcattccaa atctcttgat tccaatccat tccatgccac tccattccat ttctttccat     23280
     tcattccact ccattccact ccaaaccatt caattcctcc ccactccatt acactcgatt     23340
     tcactccatt ccactcctgt ccactccagt ccactccact taattccatt ccattccatt     23400
     cctttccatt ccattccatt ccactccatt atattccatt ccattgcatt ccattccatt     23460
     gcactgcatt ccattccaat ccattccaaa caactcgact acattccact ccactacatt     23520
     ccaattacta ctttccattt cattccactg tacaccatta cattccactc cactacattc     23580
     caattactac tttccatttc attccactgt acaccattac attccactcc acttcattcc     23640
     attcctgtcc tctccactcc attccattcc cctcagctcc actccactcc actccacttc     23700
     actctactcc agtccatgcc gtggcattcc attccaatcc attctattcc attccactcc     23760
     attctattcc attcctgtcc actccactca attccactcc attgcactcc attctaaatc     23820
     ccattccgtt gaagtccatt ccatttctct cctctccact ctactgcact ccagtcctat     23880
     ccattccact ccattccatt gtattccact ccactccatt ccatgaaagt ccattccatt     23940
     ccattccaat gcattccatc cctttccatt ccattccatt ctagtccatt ctactccata     24000
     ccattccatt caattttatt tccttccatt ttatttcact tcattccatt cctctccagt     24060
     ccactgcatt ccactccact gaatttcact ccatttcact ccattccatt ccattccatt     24120
     ccattccata acattacact ccaccccact gcgctcaaat ccactccatt atgttcaact     24180
     ctattccatt acattccact cctctccatt ccactccgtt tcatttcgtt ccactccact     24240
     caactgcatt ccaatccatt ccattccatt tcactccact ttactccatt cgattccttt     24300
     acattccatt ctgttccact ccattgcact cccatccttt ccattccatt ccactccatt     24360
     ccattccatt ccattccagt ccatgccact ctactcaatt ccactccatt ccacaccatt     24420
     tccttccatt ccactccact ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     24480
     ccattccatt ccattccatt tttctccact tttctccatt ccactacccg ccattccgtt     24540
     cctctccatt cctttccatt ccattcccct gctatgcact ccacttcact ccattccatt     24600
     ccattccatt cctttccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccagt     24660
     cctctccatt ctattccaat cctctctgtt caataccact ccactgcatt ccaaattatt     24720
     ccatgccatt ccacttcata ccatgccact acattccgtt cctctccatt gcactccatt     24780
     ccactccatt acgatgaact ccactccatt ccactccaat ccattccaat tccatccact     24840
     ccattccatt caattcccgt ctactccatt ccattccatt ccaatgcaat ccattccgtt     24900
     gtattccatt ccattatgtt ccattggatt caattccctc ccattccatt ccactttatt     24960
     tcactcaact ctactaaaat cctctccact ccaatatatt ccactccatt gcactgcatt     25020
     cctttccatt ccactccgtg tttctccact cttctccatt acactccact ccactccatt     25080
     ccattcctct ccatttcttt catttccatt cccttagatt ccattccatt cctttctatt     25140
     gcattccact gcatttcact cctttccact ccattctact caacttcatt ccattccact     25200
     ttaatccact ccattccact tcactccact cctctcaatt ccattccact ccactttatt     25260
     ccattacgtt ctactactct ccattccact ccactccatt ccattccttt ccattccaat     25320
     ccattccatt ccactcgact ccattccact ccactccact ccattccact ccactccact     25380
     ccactccttt tccctccact ccactccatt ctagtccatt ccactctagt caattccatt     25440
     ccattccaat ccagtccatt ccattacaca acgctacact ccattccaca ctattcaact     25500
     cctttccact cctttccaat tcactccatt cacttccagt ccagtccact acactccact     25560
     ccatttccct ccactccact ccattccact caactccttt ccattccagt ccattccatt     25620
     ccactcgact ccattccact ccactgcgct ccactcaact ccactccact cccttacaca     25680
     acactcccct cctctccatt ccactgtact ccattccact ccactgcgct ccactctact     25740
     ccactccact ccattacaca acactcccct cctctccatt ccactctact ccattccact     25800
     ccactccatt ccactccatt ccattgccct ccactccact ccactccaat caattccatt     25860
     ccactccatt ccattccatt ccattccact ccattccact ccattccatt ccattccatt     25920
     cttctccatt ccactccaca gcactctatt gcactccatt ccctcctttc aattcctttc     25980
     tactccattc cattccacac cactccattc cattccattc cactctactc cattcaattt     26040
     catttcactc cactccattc catcccactt gtctgcattc cactccattc cattgatctc     26100
     cactccactc cactctactc cactccactc taatccattt cattccattt cattccaatc     26160
     aactccattc cattcaattc cattccacta cattccattc aattccattc gattcctttc     26220
     ctttgctttc catttcgttt tattccattc cactccattc cattcaactc ccctcactag     26280
     cattgcactc cactcctttc caaactactc cactccactc cattccactg gactccattt     26340
     tattccactc cactccattc cgttccaccc cattcgattc cattccagtc cactccattt     26400
     cattacactg tattccattc cattccactc tactacactc ctttccactc cgctccattc     26460
     taatccactt cattcctttc cgttgcattc tactccatta cattccagtt cacatcattc     26520
     cgttgcactg ctccccattg aactccgttc cactccactc cattccgttc cattccacta     26580
     cactctattc cattatacac cacgcctttc ccatcgattc catgaccttc tactccagtc     26640
     cactccagtc cactccactg catatcattc aattcgatgc cactccattc ccttccattc     26700
     cattacactc cactctattc cattccattc cactccactc cattccactc tattccattc     26760
     caatccactc cactacattc cactccactc atttccaatc cacttcattc cactccattc     26820
     cattctactc cattacattg cactccaatt gattccattc cactactcgc catcccactc     26880
     cattccattc tccttaactc cactctaatc cactccactt cactgcactc cactccatga     26940
     cattccattg aaatgcattc tactccattc cattacgttc caatccaccc cattccattc     27000
     ttctccactc cacagcatta cactccattc cactccactc tacttcatta cattgcattc     27060
     tattacattc tattccattc cattccactc cattccactc cactctgctc cattactctc     27120
     cactccattg cattccattc cattcccctc tgttcctttc cattttattc cattccattc     27180
     cattcaattc cattccattc cattccattc tactccactc cactacattc cactccactc     27240
     cactcaattt cacgccactc cactcaattc cactccactc ctttccattc cactcccctc     27300
     ccatccactc ccctcctctc cattccagtc cactccattc cattccagtc cactccacca     27360
     ctctccactc cattccattc cacttcattc catttattcc actccactct cctccagtcc     27420
     gttacactcc attccactcc attccattcc atcccaatcc tctccagtcc tctccattcc     27480
     attccattcc attccactcc actccactgt actgaattgc attccagtcc actacactcc     27540
     attcaactcc agtccacacc attccatttc actccattct attccattca ctccactcca     27600
     ctcctttaca ttccattaca ctacattaca ttctattctt gccattccac tctactccag     27660
     taaattccat tccattccac tccattatat tccattccat ttcactccat tatattccat     27720
     tccactccac tccactccag taaattcctt taccctccac tccattccac tccactcctt     27780
     tccattcctg tctccactcc actcttttgc actccactat cctccattcc atttcattcc     27840
     actccatccc attagcttac tctccactcc acttcaatcc attccactcc atcccactcc     27900
     attccactcc actcaattcc attcctgtcc tctccactcc attccactac tctccactcc     27960
     attccactcc ctcaattcca ttcctgtcct ctccactcca ttccactact ctccactcca     28020
     ttccatttca caccactcct ttccattcca ttacattcca ttccactcca ctccacagca     28080
     atctactcca ttccattcca ttccactcca ctccacagca ctctactcca ttccactact     28140
     tcgcaatcca ttccactcct gtcccctcca ttccaatcca ctacactccg ttctaatcca     28200
     ctccattcca ttccactcca ttccactcca ctgcaattta ttccactaca ctccaatatt     28260
     ttccactcca atccattgca tatcactcca ctctgttcca ttcgtttcct ttccattcca     28320
     ttgcattcat ttccgttcca ttccattcaa ttccattcca ttccagtcca ttccattcca     28380
     ctccattcca ttccattcca ctccactcaa ttacattcca ctcctctcca ctcaattcca     28440
     ctccattcta ctgcaattca ttccattgca ctccattccc tttcattcca gtccattcca     28500
     cttcactcaa ctccattcca ctccaatcca ttccagtcca ctccactcca ctccatttcc     28560
     ctccactaca ctctattcca ctgcattcca ctccattcca ctcaactcct ttccactcaa     28620
     ctctactcca atccagtaca ttccactcca atccaccact ctcagttcca ttccactctt     28680
     ctcgattcca ctccactcca ctccactcca ttccatttca tttcactcca ctccgtacca     28740
     taacactgat ctccattcca atacattcca ttggaataca ctccaattca cacggctgta     28800
     ctccaatcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttgtactcca ttccttttca ttccattcaa     28860
     ttacattaca tttcattaca taccattcca ttccacccca tttcattctg ctccactcaa     28920
     taccattcca atccactcca ttccacagtg ttccactctg atccattcca atccaatcca     28980
     ttccattaca attcattgca ttccattaca ctgcactaca ttttattcca ctccactcca     29040
     ttccattaaa aaccattcca ttcgattcca ttccactcga ttccactcca ttccattcca     29100
     ttccattccc ctccattaca ttccacttca catcgttcca ttccactgct ctccattgca     29160
     ctccattgca atccacttta ttccactcca ctggtatcca atcctctcca ttccacctca     29220
     ttgcattcca ttccatttca ttcgattcca ttccattgca ctccactcca tttcattcta     29280
     ttccagtcca caccatcact tacaccccaa tccattccat tccactccac tcctctccac     29340
     tccatttcac tccactccac tgcattacac tccactccat ttccctccat tccaatccaa     29400
     tccactcctt tccattccgt tccattccac tccattccat tccattccac tccattccat     29460
     tccattccac tccattccat tccacgacac tccactctta tccattgcac accactctac     29520
     tcctatcctt tccagtccat tctttccact ccactgcttc ccattccact ccactccatt     29580
     ctgctgcact ccattccact ccactcaagt ccactccact caactccact ccattccatt     29640
     ccactccact aaactcatct tcaatccctt ccactctact ccacactatt ccactccatt     29700
     gcattccacc ccactccatt ccatcccact gaactccact ccattccatt ccactcgaat     29760
     ccatttcact ccactccact caattcacta aactccgttc cactccactc cactacagtc     29820
     ccctccattc cattcgattc gattccattc cattccattc ctttccattc cattccattc     29880
     atttccattc cattgcactg tattccactc cactccattc cattccactc ccctccattc     29940
     cactccaatc cattccattc ccctccactc ctttccattc ctttcatctc aactccattc     30000
     cattccacta gactcttctc cactccaatc cattcctctc cattccgttc cattccattc     30060
     cttttcactc cactccgttt catttcattc tagtccactc catccctttc cactccaatc     30120
     cattccattt ttctccactc ctctccactc tattccactc cactccactg cattccactc     30180
     cactccactc cattcagctc cattcctatc caatccactc cactccattc cattctattc     30240
     cactgcactc cattccattc cactccactc gtatccattc cactcgattt cattccactc     30300
     cactcctatc cattaaactc caataaattc aactacactc cattcctgcc cactccagtc     30360
     cactccagtc cactccagtt cactccactc tattccattc cattccattg cactctattc     30420
     cactccactc cattgcacta cactctagtc cactcctctg cactccactc cattcctctc     30480
     catttcactt cattccatta tattccaccc cattccactc tactccacta cactacacta     30540
     ctctccattc cattccactc tgttctattc cattgcgctt cagttcatgt aattccactc     30600
     cacttcattc cgttccattc cactctgttc catttcaatc cactccattc atttccactc     30660
     cactgcattc tattccattc cactccattt cattccatcc tagggcattc tattccattc     30720
     cactccactc cattccaatc cacttcattc ctcccaactc ccttccattc cactccactc     30780
     cactcctttc catttcattc cactccattc cattccattc cattccattc cactccactc     30840
     cactccattc catttcattc tttttcattc cattcaattc cattactcca ttccattatt     30900
     ttccattcta ttgcattcct ttgcattcca ttgcattcca ttccactcta ttgcattctt     30960
     tccattacat tctgttctcc tccattccat tccactccac tccactccac tccattccat     31020
     tccactccat tcctttcctt tccaattcta tccattttat tacacttcac tccattcctt     31080
     tccactccat ttcattccat tccactccat tgcattccac tccattccat ttaattccat     31140
     tccattccac tccactccac tcctttccac tccactccgt tccactccac ttcattcgtt     31200
     tccatttcgt tccactccat tccattccac tccactccgt tactttccat tccattcaat     31260
     tccactacat ttcattcctc tgcactccat tgcactcaac tcccctgcat tccactccaa     31320
     tcctttgcaa tccactacat tccattccat tccaggccac tccattacat tccactccat     31380
     tccattcaat tccattccac tccattccac tttattcccc tccactccat tccattgcac     31440
     tccactccat tacattacat tccaggctac tccattccat cccattccat tccattcatt     31500
     tccattccat tccactccac cccactttat tcccctccag cccaatccat tccactccat     31560
     tccattccat tccattccac tccactccac tccattccag cccactccat tccattcccc     31620
     cccattccct tccattccac tccaccccac tttattcccc tccaggccaa tccattccac     31680
     tccattcctt tccattccat tccactccac tccactctat tccagtccac ttcattccat     31740
     tccccccatt ccattctatt gaactccttt ccattccact cctttccaat cccttccatt     31800
     cctttcatct ctaatacatt ccactccact ccattccact ctattccatt tcattccaca     31860
     gctctccact tcactcctct ccactgcatt ccattccaca ccactccact acattccacc     31920
     ccactccatt ccactccact cttctccatt ctattccact ccattccatt ccattccact     31980
     acattcgatt ccactcaaat ccactccact ccacttcctg cgtttcccct acattccttt     32040
     ccattccgct gcactctttt tattccactc cactcctttc ctttccactc catttcattc     32100
     tattccactc tatttcattc cattccattc catttaattc cattccattc cactccactc     32160
     cacttcattc cactccactc cattccaacc actctatttc actccacttc attcgattcc     32220
     atttccttcc actccattaa aaccgctgca ttccattcca ctgcactcca ttccattcca     32280
     ttaaattcca ccccactccc ttccattcca ctcctctcca ctccattccg ttccactcca     32340
     ctccattaca ctcccctact ttccactcta ctccattcca ttccactcca ctccatgcca     32400
     ttcctttcct ttccactcca ctaaactcca ttccactaca ttcaactgca ttccattcca     32460
     ttccactcca ttccatttaa ttccattcca ccccactcca cttttttcca ctccactcca     32520
     ttccattccc ctccattcca ttctattgaa ctccttccca ttccactcct ttccactctc     32580
     ttccattcct ttcatctcca atacattcct ctccactcct ttccgctctg ttccatttca     32640
     ttccacacct ctccacttca ctcctctcca ctgcattcca ttccacacca ctccactata     32700
     ttccaccaca ctccattcca ctcaactctt ctccattgca ttccagtcca ttgcatttca     32760
     ctccactcca ttccattcca ctccattcca ttccactcaa atccactcca ctccacttcc     32820
     ttcctttcca ctacattcct ttccattcca ctgcactctt tttattccac tccactccat     32880
     tcctttacac tccatttcat tctattccac tccatttcat ttcattccat tccgtttaat     32940
     tccattccat tccactccac tccattccta ccactctatt tcactccact tcattctatt     33000
     ccatttcctt ccactccatt ccaaaccact gcattccatt ccactgcact ccattccatt     33060
     ccattaaatt ccacctcact ccattccatt ccactccact ccactccatt acactcctct     33120
     acattttact ccactgcatt ccattccact acactccata ccattccatt catttccact     33180
     ccactaaact ccattccact ccattcaact gcattccatt ccattccact ccaaaccagt     33240
     tcactccact ccactccatt ccattaagtt acactcaatt cctttccact ccacttcatt     33300
     ttattccact ctactctatt ccattgctct ccattccaac acattccttt ccactccatt     33360
     gcattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattcgact cctgtgcact ccatttcact     33420
     ccactccttt ccattccact ttcttcttgc cattcctata cactccattc cattccacgt     33480
     cactcaattc aattccactg ctctcctttc cacttcgtta aattcccctc cactccactc     33540
     cactacgctc cattcttttc cattctattc cattccattc cattccattc gactccatta     33600
     tattccattc ctttccactc aactccattc cattccactc ttctccaata cattccactc     33660
     cattgcactc cattccattc caccacattc cattgcactc cattccactc cactccactc     33720
     cattccactc caatccactc cattgcattc cactccgttc cactccattt cattccacta     33780
     caatccactc cattgcattc cactccgttc cactcccctc attccactcc aatacattcc     33840
     attccattct attttattcc actccatttc aatccactcc actccaatcc aatacattcc     33900
     acaccacttc attccattcc attccttttc attccacgtc actacgttac attccaatcc     33960
     attccactat attccattcc attccaattc actccactcc attcccctac attccatttc     34020
     acaccactcc attccgttcc actacattat attcctctcc attccattcc actttacttc     34080
     attccactcc tctctgttcc attccatccc attccactcc attccatttc attgcgtttc     34140
     actccactcc agtccactcc aatccattcc attccattcc tttccattcc actctactcc     34200
     attccattct actccactcc tttccactcc attccactcc cttaaaactc actcctctcc     34260
     actccaacac attccgttac actccactcc acttcattca actctactcc actccattcc     34320
     actccattcc tgtccattca actctactcc attccattcc actccactcc actccattcc     34380
     attccactcc actgcattgc acaccactcc tctccattac actccattcc attcctctcc     34440
     actaaactcc tctccattcc actgcactcc actccactgc aatccatttc actccgcttc     34500
     attcaattcc actccactcc attccattag aatccactcc tctcaattcc ataaatctcc     34560
     actccattcg tttacactcc tttccattcc tctccaattc attccattcc cttccactcc     34620
     attccattcc cttcctttcc attgcaataa attccgttgc attcctctcc actcttttcc     34680
     attacactcc attccgctcc actccaattc actccacttc attccgttcc accccactcc     34740
     actctactcc attccactct actccacacc actccacgct attcaattcc cttctactac     34800
     actccattcc attcatatcc accccactgc aatacactcc actccattcc actccacccc     34860
     attccactcc actacactcc agtcttctcc actccattcc actccattcc gttacattca     34920
     actccactcc attccatgcc aatccactcc actccattcc attacactcc actcctctcc     34980
     actccactcc attccatgcc atttcattcc attccattcc gctccaatcc attccactcc     35040
     gctaaattta cttccactcc attccattcc atttcattcc tttccattcc attgtattcc     35100
     actgaattgc attccattcc attccattcc actccactca actccattcc actgcactcc     35160
     attgaactcc actccattca actgcattca tttcctctcc ctgcctttca gtgccgttcc     35220
     aaactactcc actcctttcc tctccactcc actgcattcc attccactca attccactcc     35280
     attctaatcc attccactac attcatttcc actccactac attcacctcg aatccattcc     35340
     actccagtcc tttccactcc acttcattcc attccattcc cttccagtcc attacttttc     35400
     actccattgt acttttctcc attcgtgtcc actccatgtt agtccacacc actccattcc     35460
     actctactct attcctttcc aatccactcc aattctttcc actccacttc attcccttca     35520
     attccgatcc actgcattcc attccactcc accccactcc gttccactcc attccattcc     35580
     atttcaatac cctctattcc actcaactcc actccactcc attccattca attccactgc     35640
     attccattcc attaaattcc actctattca tctcgactcc attccattcc acttcactca     35700
     actccactca ttccattcca ttctattcca ttccattcca cttcattcca atcctttcca     35760
     ctatacttcc ctccattcca ctcattaaac tcccctccat tccatttcac aacactccat     35820
     tccatttcat tccactccat tacgctgcat tccactccac tccattccac ttcactccac     35880
     tgcactacat tcaatttcat tcctctctgt tccattcatt tccattaaac tccattcaat     35940
     tctattcaat accattccat tccactccac tccactccac tccgttccat tacactcctc     36000
     tccattccac tccattccac tccattccac tccattccac tccaatgcat tcaactccac     36060
     tcctttccat tccactaaac tctattccat tccattccat tcctttccat tccataacac     36120
     ttcattctat tccataccac tccattccat tccactccac tccatttcat tcctctccac     36180
     tcttttacag tccattgcac tccattccac tccactccgt tccactccac tcctctccaa     36240
     tgcaatccat tcctctccat tccattgtat attccattcc attccactca atgcatttca     36300
     ttccattcca gtcctctcta tcccttccac cccagtccct tctattccac tccactcctc     36360
     tccactctat tccagtccac tccagtgcat tccactacac tgcactccat taccctccat     36420
     tccaatccag tccactcaac tccattccgt tccattccac tccattctat tccattccac     36480
     tccactcctg ttcattccac tacattccat tccactctac tcctttccat tccactccac     36540
     taaactccac tctactccac tccactattc tccatttcat tcatctccat tccattccat     36600
     tccactccac tccactccat tccactccat tctactccat tccattccag tccactccat     36660
     tcctttccat ttcactccat tcaattcctt tcgtctgcac tccagtttaa cctattacac     36720
     tccattccac tcttttccat tcctttccat tctattcaac tgcactctat tccactccat     36780
     tccactcaaa tccactccat ccctctccac tccagtcaat tccacttcac ttcactccat     36840
     tccattccat tccattgtat gccattccat tccattcctt tccactccat tccatttcac     36900
     tgctcgccat tccactctat tacatgtgac tcaaaaccat tctctccact ccatttcaca     36960
     tcactccaat ctcctctatt ccactccact gcattccatt actatcgatt ccattccatt     37020
     ccactacact acattttttt attctccact ccactccatt ccattccatt ctattgcact     37080
     ccactccatt ccactcccct ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     37140
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccatctcatt cggttgcatt ccattgcatt cccctccact     37200
     acatttcatt ccattctact ccattccatt ccattccatt ccaatgcatt ccattccatt     37260
     tcattcctct ccactccatt gcattccatt cagtagcatt cccctccact ccattgcaca     37320
     caactaatat ccactgcatt ccactccact gcattctatt ccaatccatt ccattccact     37380
     gcgctgaatt ttattccagt agactccatt aaattccaat ctattccttt ccattccctg     37440
     caactgcatt gtattccatt ccattccatt ccaatccctt ccatttcatt ccatttcatt     37500
     ccattccatt ccaatccctt ccatttcatt ccatttcatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     37560
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccacttcatt ccgttccttt tcactccatt     37620
     ctgttgcatt ccactgcacc tcaatttatt aaactccact acattctatt ccactccatt     37680
     tcattccatt ccactccatt ccattccatt ctgctctatt ccattccatt ccattccact     37740
     caattccctt ccgcttcatt ccactcctct ccactccatc tcactccact ccaatacatt     37800
     ccattccatt ccactccatt ccactccatt ccatttcatt cctctccatt gcattccact     37860
     acactcttat ccattgcatt caattccact cctttctatt ccattcctct ctgctccact     37920
     ccattccatt ccagtccact ctactccatt ctactctact ccactccatt ccatttttct     37980
     ccacaccacg ccactacctt tcactccaca cgactccatt ccataccact tcattccata     38040
     tcactttctt ccactccact ccattccaca ccacttcatt ccatatcact ttcttccact     38100
     ccactccatt ccactccact acactccact ccatgccatt ccattccatt ccattctatt     38160
     ccccacaact ctactctatt ctccactcca ctctactcat ctccattcaa ttacacatca     38220
     ctccattcca ctccactcct atcctttcca ctccaatcca atccattgca ctccactcca     38280
     ttccctacca ctccattaca ctccactaca ctccgttcca ctccactcca ttccactact     38340
     ttccattgca ttgcattgca ttccattcca ttccattcca atcctttcca ttccattcca     38400
     ttgcacagca ctccactcca ctccactcca ttccattcca ttgcattgca ctccattcca     38460
     ttgcattgca ctccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca atcctttcct ttccaatcca     38520
     ttgcacagca ctccactaca ctacattcct ttccattgca ttccaatcca ttccattcca     38580
     ttccattaga attccttgca ttccaatcca ttgcacagca ctccactcca ttccattcca     38640
     ttccattcca ttccactcca ttccattcat ttccattact ctccattccc ttccattcta     38700
     ttcgattcca ttccattcca ctccaatcca ctccaatcca ttcctttcca ttccacttca     38760
     atccacttta ttcaactaca ctccattcca ttccactcca tttcgttcca ttccactcca     38820
     ttgcattcca ttccactaaa ctccactcaa ttctactcca ctccattcca ctccattcca     38880
     ctaaactgca ctcaattcct ctccactcca ttccaatcca cttcattcaa ttccattcca     38940
     ttccactcca ttccattcca tgcctttcac tccattccat tccaccccaa tctacaccac     39000
     tcctctgcat tccactccac tccattccat tccattccag gtcacagcat tccattccaa     39060
     tgcattccat tccaatacac tccaatctat tttattacac tccacttctc tccattccac     39120
     tccaatccat ttcactccac tccactcctt tccactccac tccattccac tcctctcctt     39180
     ttaattccac ccaaatctat tcctttccat tccactgcat tccattccac tccattcctt     39240
     tagattccat tccactccat tcctttcaat tacattccac tcaaatccat tccacatcac     39300
     tccactccat tccattccac tccattccac tccactccac tgcactcact ccacttcatt     39360
     aaactccact ccactccact gcattccacc tcattccatt ccattccact gcacagaatt     39420
     ccattccact ccattcgatt ccattccatt cctctccatt ccattccact ccttttcatt     39480
     ccactccact ccactctact gcattcgatt tttctccaaa acactccagt tcactctatt     39540
     ccactccact gcattccatt ccactccttt ccactccagt acgttccatt cttcttcaac     39600
     acactccaat ccactctatt ccactccagt ccatttcatt ccactcctct ccactacact     39660
     cccttccact ccattccatc ccaaaccact ccattccatt ccactcgact ccttcccact     39720
     ccaatcccct tcattccatt tcactccact tcactccact ccattccatt ccactccatt     39780
     ccactccact ccattccact ccactaaact ccatttcaat gccatccatt cctctccact     39840
     ccactccatt ccactccact ccattccact ccactaaact ccattacaat gccatccatt     39900
     cctctccact ccactacatt ccactccact atattccaca ctctccattc catgccattc     39960
     cagtccattc cattcctctc ctgtccacaa aaccccagtc cattccactc cattcgaata     40020
     cactccattc cactccactc catttcacac cactcctttc ctctccactc cactccattc     40080
     cataccactc cattactctc cactccactc cattccactc cattccactc cactccattc     40140
     cattccatta cactccattt                                                 40160