EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL974314; SV 21; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 192510 BP.
AC   AL974314;
DT   21-NOV-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 35)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-89P3 in linkage group 9 Contains
DE   part of the the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate nebulin
DE   (NEB), the etv5 gene for ets variant gene 5 (ets-related molecule), the
DE   itgb5 gene for integrin, beta 5, the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate telomere-associated protein RIF1 homolog (Rif1), the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to vertebrate tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced
DE   protein 6 (TNFAIP6) and a novel gene.
KW   etv5; HTG; itgb5.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-192510
RA   Johnson C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 777dfb25a5cab6f4dbabe078b2f6e767.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-89P3. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-168M7 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-89P3 is at 192510 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-89P3 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..192510
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-89P3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..192510
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             join(AL935048.7:<68418..68511,AL935048.7:72360..72467,
FT                   AL935048.7:72675..72779,AL935048.7:73156..73260,
FT                   AL935048.7:73374..73478,AL935048.7:73817..73921,
FT                   AL935048.7:74127..74231,AL935048.7:74308..74415,
FT                   AL935048.7:77259..77375,AL935048.7:79102..79203,
FT                   AL935048.7:79287..79394,AL935048.7:79490..79594,
FT                   AL935048.7:79676..79774,AL935048.7:82194..82298,
FT                   AL935048.7:82424..82531,AL935048.7:82634..82747,
FT                   AL935048.7:82842..83039,AL935048.7:84909..85016,
FT                   AL935048.7:85118..85216,AL935048.7:85296..85400,
FT                   AL935048.7:85492..85599,AL935048.7:85692..86003,
FT                   AL935048.7:88094..88300,AL935048.7:88415..88519,
FT                   AL935048.7:89224..89331,AL935048.7:89428..89739,
FT                   AL935048.7:89817..90023,AL935048.7:91321..91425,
FT                   AL935048.7:91891..91998,AL935048.7:92107..92418,
FT                   AL935048.7:92546..92782,AL935048.7:92844..92948,
FT                   AL935048.7:93065..93172,AL935048.7:93292..93603,
FT                   AL935048.7:93674..93880,AL935048.7:94007..94111,
FT                   AL935048.7:95095..95202,AL935048.7:95294..95605,
FT                   AL935048.7:95721..95927,AL935048.7:96044..96148,
FT                   AL935048.7:96237..96344,AL935048.7:96428..96739,
FT                   AL935048.7:96836..97039,AL935048.7:97134..97238,
FT                   AL935048.7:97437..97544,AL935048.7:97627..97938,
FT                   AL935048.7:98141..98344,AL935048.7:98470..98574,
FT                   AL935048.7:99517..99624,AL935048.7:99718..100029,
FT                   AL935048.7:100138..100341,AL935048.7:100438..100542,
FT                   AL935048.7:100721..100828,AL935048.7:100936..101247,
FT                   AL935048.7:101332..101535,AL935048.7:101622..101726,
FT                   AL935048.7:101815..101922,AL935048.7:102016..102327,
FT                   AL935048.7:102425..102628,AL935048.7:102807..102911,
FT                   AL935048.7:103050..103157,AL935048.7:103285..103596,
FT                   AL935048.7:103684..103887,AL935048.7:104009..104113,
FT                   AL935048.7:104223..104330,AL935048.7:104422..104733,
FT                   AL935048.7:104907..105110,AL935048.7:105609..105713,
FT                   AL935048.7:105806..105913,AL935048.7:106049..106360,
FT                   AL935048.7:106445..106549,AL935048.7:106664..106762,
FT                   AL935048.7:107167..107268,AL935048.7:107366..107473,
FT                   AL935048.7:107554..107865,AL935048.7:108005..108109,
FT                   AL935048.7:108208..108312,AL935048.7:108414..108518,
FT                   AL935048.7:108611..108718,AL935048.7:108859..108969,
FT                   AL935048.7:109060..109257,AL935048.7:109332..109436,
FT                   AL935048.7:109529..109633,AL935048.7:109729..109833,
FT                   AL935048.7:109923..110030,AL935048.7:110142..110255,
FT                   AL935048.7:110341..110538,AL935048.7:110635..110739,
FT                   AL935048.7:110829..110933,AL935048.7:111031..111138,
FT                   AL935048.7:111229..111336,AL935048.7:111421..111528,
FT                   AL935048.7:111612..111716,AL935048.7:111816..111920,
FT                   AL935048.7:112916..113014,AL935048.7:113114..113218,
FT                   AL935048.7:113313..113417,AL935048.7:114108..114212,
FT                   AL935048.7:114313..114417,AL935048.7:114498..114602,
FT                   AL935048.7:114693..114797,AL935048.7:114908..115012,
FT                   AL935048.7:115212..115316,AL935048.7:115682..115783,
FT                   AL935048.7:116311..116415,AL935048.7:118116..118217,
FT                   AL935048.7:118305..118412,AL935048.7:118505..118609,
FT                   AL935048.7:118691..118795,AL935048.7:118895..118999,
FT                   AL935048.7:119081..119185,AL935048.7:119265..119375,
FT                   AL935048.7:119464..119574,AL935048.7:119651..119752,
FT                   AL935048.7:121685..121789,AL935048.7:122221..122310,
FT                   AL935048.7:123488..123601,AL935048.7:123698..123802,
FT                   AL935048.7:126246..126350,AL935048.7:127152..127256,
FT                   AL935048.7:127642..127752,AL935048.7:129873..129983,
FT                   AL935048.7:132484..132597,AL935048.7:132682..132786,
FT                   AL935048.7:136047..136151,AL935048.7:136476..136580,
FT                   6131..6223,6653..6745,7118..7225,9337..9523,9800..9892,
FT                   10095..10226,12884..12987,13078..13251)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-168M7.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000010653"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nebulin
FT                   (NEB)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P20929 Tr:Q14214 Tr:Q14918
FT                   Tr:Q61953 Tr:Q62411 Tr:Q62412 Tr:Q8C3C3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MSY0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000900"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013998"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSY0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041111-216"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11237.1"
FT   mRNA            join(AL935048.7:<68418..68511,AL935048.7:72360..72467,
FT                   AL935048.7:72675..72779,AL935048.7:73156..73260,
FT                   AL935048.7:73374..73478,AL935048.7:73817..73921,
FT                   AL935048.7:74127..74231,AL935048.7:74308..74415,
FT                   AL935048.7:77259..77375,AL935048.7:79102..79203,
FT                   AL935048.7:79287..79394,AL935048.7:79490..79594,
FT                   AL935048.7:79676..79774,AL935048.7:82194..82298,
FT                   AL935048.7:82424..82531,AL935048.7:82634..82747,
FT                   AL935048.7:82842..83039,AL935048.7:84909..85016,
FT                   AL935048.7:85118..85216,AL935048.7:85296..85400,
FT                   AL935048.7:85492..85599,AL935048.7:85692..86003,
FT                   AL935048.7:88094..88300,AL935048.7:88415..88519,
FT                   AL935048.7:89224..89331,AL935048.7:89428..89739,
FT                   AL935048.7:89817..90023,AL935048.7:91321..91425,
FT                   AL935048.7:91891..91998,AL935048.7:92107..92418,
FT                   AL935048.7:92546..92782,AL935048.7:92844..92948,
FT                   AL935048.7:93065..93172,AL935048.7:93292..93603,
FT                   AL935048.7:93674..93880,AL935048.7:94007..94111,
FT                   AL935048.7:95095..95202,AL935048.7:95294..95605,
FT                   AL935048.7:95721..95927,AL935048.7:96044..96148,
FT                   AL935048.7:96237..96344,AL935048.7:96428..96739,
FT                   AL935048.7:96836..97039,AL935048.7:97134..97238,
FT                   AL935048.7:97437..97544,AL935048.7:97627..97938,
FT                   AL935048.7:98141..98344,AL935048.7:98470..98574,
FT                   AL935048.7:99517..99624,AL935048.7:99718..100029,
FT                   AL935048.7:100138..100341,AL935048.7:100438..100542,
FT                   AL935048.7:100721..100828,AL935048.7:100936..101247,
FT                   AL935048.7:101332..101535,AL935048.7:101622..101726,
FT                   AL935048.7:101815..101922,AL935048.7:102016..102327,
FT                   AL935048.7:102425..102628,AL935048.7:102807..102911,
FT                   AL935048.7:103050..103157,AL935048.7:103285..103596,
FT                   AL935048.7:103684..103887,AL935048.7:104009..104113,
FT                   AL935048.7:104223..104330,AL935048.7:104422..104733,
FT                   AL935048.7:104907..105110,AL935048.7:105609..105713,
FT                   AL935048.7:105806..105913,AL935048.7:106049..106360,
FT                   AL935048.7:106445..106549,AL935048.7:106664..106762,
FT                   AL935048.7:107167..107268,AL935048.7:107366..107473,
FT                   AL935048.7:107554..107865,AL935048.7:108005..108109,
FT                   AL935048.7:108208..108312,AL935048.7:108414..108518,
FT                   AL935048.7:108611..108718,AL935048.7:108859..108969,
FT                   AL935048.7:109060..109257,AL935048.7:109332..109436,
FT                   AL935048.7:109529..109633,AL935048.7:109729..109833,
FT                   AL935048.7:109923..110030,AL935048.7:110142..110255,
FT                   AL935048.7:110341..110538,AL935048.7:110635..110739,
FT                   AL935048.7:110829..110933,AL935048.7:111031..111138,
FT                   AL935048.7:111229..111336,AL935048.7:111421..111528,
FT                   AL935048.7:111612..111716,AL935048.7:111816..111920,
FT                   AL935048.7:112916..113014,AL935048.7:113114..113218,
FT                   AL935048.7:113313..113417,AL935048.7:114108..114212,
FT                   AL935048.7:114313..114417,AL935048.7:114498..114602,
FT                   AL935048.7:114693..114797,AL935048.7:114908..115012,
FT                   AL935048.7:115212..115316,AL935048.7:115682..115783,
FT                   AL935048.7:116311..116415,AL935048.7:118116..118217,
FT                   AL935048.7:118305..118412,AL935048.7:118505..118609,
FT                   AL935048.7:118691..118795,AL935048.7:118895..118999,
FT                   AL935048.7:119081..119185,AL935048.7:119265..119375,
FT                   AL935048.7:119464..119574,AL935048.7:119651..119752,
FT                   AL935048.7:121685..121789,AL935048.7:122221..122310,
FT                   AL935048.7:123488..123601,AL935048.7:123698..123802,
FT                   AL935048.7:126246..126350,AL935048.7:127152..127256,
FT                   AL935048.7:127642..127752,AL935048.7:129873..129983,
FT                   AL935048.7:132484..132597,AL935048.7:132682..132786,
FT                   AL935048.7:136047..136151,AL935048.7:136476..136580,
FT                   6131..6223,6653..6745,7118..7225,9337..9523,9800..9892,
FT                   10095..10226,12884..12987,13078..13893)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-168M7.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nebulin
FT                   (NEB)"
FT   CDS             join(AL935048.7:<119521..119574,AL935048.7:119651..119752,
FT                   AL935048.7:121685..121789,AL935048.7:122221..122310,
FT                   AL935048.7:123488..123601,AL935048.7:123698..123802,
FT                   AL935048.7:127152..127256,AL935048.7:132484..132597,
FT                   AL935048.7:136107..136151,AL935048.7:136476..136580,
FT                   6653..6745,7118..7225,9337..9523,9800..9892,10095..10226,
FT                   12884..12987,13078..13251)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-168M7.5-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000010654"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nebulin
FT                   (NEB)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000900"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSX9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041111-216"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11238.1"
FT   mRNA            join(AL935048.7:<119521..119574,AL935048.7:119651..119752,
FT                   AL935048.7:121685..121789,AL935048.7:122221..122310,
FT                   AL935048.7:123488..123601,AL935048.7:123698..123802,
FT                   AL935048.7:127152..127256,AL935048.7:132484..132597,
FT                   AL935048.7:136107..136151,AL935048.7:136476..136580,
FT                   6653..6745,7118..7225,9337..9523,9800..9892,10095..10226,
FT                   12884..12987,13078..13893)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-168M7.5-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nebulin
FT                   (NEB)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW128097.1 Em:CB355874.1
FT                   Em:CB361988.1 Em:CK029198.1 Em:CK142076.1"
FT   polyA_signal    13867..13872
FT   polyA_site      13893
FT   polyA_site      complement(16960)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(16960..17464,17568..17712,17787..17940,
FT                   18537..18652,18799..18888,18962..19084,19197..22127,
FT                   22236..22296,22386..22475,22581..22723,22826..22957,
FT                   23051..23144,25262..25461,25540..25582,25659..25926,
FT                   26032..26131,26235..26384,26457..26564,26653..26833,
FT                   27254..27327,27410..27496,28767..28867,29165..29275,
FT                   29447..29623,30710..30773,30978..31129,31257..31395,
FT                   31951..32043,32134..32323,32407..32489,32600..32730,
FT                   32825..32921,33075..33144,35530..35639))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   telomere-associated protein RIF1 homolog (Rif1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI794089.1 Em:AL726113.1
FT                   Em:AL925830.1 Em:AW777276.1 Em:BF156203.1 Em:BI863987.1
FT                   Em:BI864174.1 Em:BQ073943.1 Em:BQ074158.1 Em:CD590582.1
FT                   Em:CK419362.1 Em:CK682696.1 Em:CK708531.1 Em:CN017100.1
FT                   Em:CO353749.1 Em:CO357902.1 Em:CO357983.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(16978..16983)
FT   CDS             complement(join(17229..17464,17568..17712,17787..17940,
FT                   18537..18652,18799..18888,18962..19084,19197..22127,
FT                   22236..22296,22386..22475,22581..22723,22826..22957,
FT                   23051..23144,25262..25461,25540..25582,25659..25926,
FT                   26032..26131,26235..26384,26457..26564,26653..26833,
FT                   27254..27327,27410..27496,28767..28867,29165..29275,
FT                   29447..29623,30710..30773,30978..31129,31257..31395,
FT                   31951..32043,32134..32323,32407..32489,32600..32730,
FT                   32825..32921,33075..33144,35530..35639))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011968"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   telomere-associated protein RIF1 homolog (Rif1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5UIP0 Sw:Q6PR54"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022031"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028566"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSY2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-3406"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11235.1"
FT                   P"
FT   polyA_site      complement(37858)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(37858..38357,45007..45047,45193..45421,
FT                   46772..46933,49680..49817,53644..53806))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tumor
FT                   necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 6 (TNFAIP6)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW595426.1 Em:BM573956.1
FT                   Em:BQ092008.1 Em:BQ092331.1 Em:BQ131025.1 Em:BQ132939.1
FT                   Em:BQ133343.1 Em:BQ615550.1 Em:CK685212.1 Em:CK697330.1
FT                   Em:CK738759.1 Em:CN510906.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(37876..37881)
FT   CDS             complement(join(38236..38357,45007..45047,45193..45421,
FT                   46772..46933,49680..49817,53644..53767))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011967"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tumor
FT                   necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 6 (TNFAIP6)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O08859 Sw:P98065 Sw:P98066"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MSY1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000538"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000859"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016186"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016187"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSY1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060421-2654"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11236.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(71400..72092,78894..79060,80557..80676,
FT                   86107..86207,88348..88570,118207..118636,128024..128158,
FT                   129949..130038,130238..130333,131916..132077,
FT                   135822..135990,138913..139162,139261..139468,
FT                   140480..140565,140924..141011,141103..141447))
FT                   /gene="itgb5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.4-001"
FT                   /product="integrin, beta 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL923657.1 Em:AW154663.1
FT                   Em:AW174119.1 Em:BG892235.1 Em:BI884761.1 Em:BI884805.1
FT                   Em:BM103247.1 Em:BM104079.1 Em:CO349825.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(72003..72092,78894..79060,80557..80676,
FT                   86107..86207,88348..88570,118207..118636,128024..128158,
FT                   129949..130038,130238..130333,131916..132077,
FT                   135822..135990,138913..139162,139261..139468,
FT                   140480..140565,140924..141011,141103..141159))
FT                   /gene="itgb5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011970"
FT                   /product="integrin, beta 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O70309 Sw:P18084 Tr:Q6PE70
FT                   Tr:Q8SQB9 Tr:Q9GK49"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MSX8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002035"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002369"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012896"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014836"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015812"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016201"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027067"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSX8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6022"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11239.1"
FT                   HGIKSLNGGVH"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(88348..88570,118207..118303,118369..118636,
FT                   128024..128158))
FT                   /gene="itgb5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.4-002"
FT                   /product="integrin, beta 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW174985.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<148945..149080,149157..149244,
FT                   149346..149436,150086..150117,150221..150386,
FT                   150465..150602,151792..151853,151946..152871,
FT                   152938..153068,154472..154523,154623..154697,
FT                   154786..154892,155203..155287,156231..156459))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW127872.1 Em:AW153754.1
FT                   Em:BM859224.1 Em:BM860781.1 Em:BM861386.1 Em:CK237697.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<148945..149080,149157..149244,
FT                   149346..149436,150086..150117,150221..150386,
FT                   150465..150602,151792..151853,151946..152871,
FT                   152938..153068,154472..154523,154623..154697,
FT                   154786..154892,155203..155287,156231..156357))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011969"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSX7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11240.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(164112)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(164112..165886,165987..166094,
FT                   169665..169834,170018..170086,170177..170236,
FT                   174857..175143,176616..176900,176995..177118,
FT                   178852..178902,179245..179292,179495..179588,
FT                   179689..179824,181814..181997))
FT                   /gene="etv5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.5-001"
FT                   /product="ets variant gene 5 (ets-related molecule)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW305787.1 Em:BF158217.1
FT                   Em:CD594280.1 Em:CD594286.1 Em:CD598798.1 Em:CD602418.1
FT                   Em:CN023544.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC048059.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(164112..165886,165987..166094,
FT                   169665..169834,170018..170086,170177..170236,
FT                   174857..175143,176616..176900,176995..177118,
FT                   178852..178902,179245..179292,179495..179585,
FT                   179689..179824,181814..181997))
FT                   /gene="etv5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.5-002"
FT                   /product="ets variant gene 5 (ets-related molecule)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW420154.1 Em:BE015918.1
FT                   Em:BG738784.1 Em:BG884058.1 Em:BG985807.1 Em:CD585040.1
FT                   Em:CD590925.1 Em:CD590928.1 Em:CD594984.1 Em:CD597575.1
FT                   Em:CD598922.1 Em:CD600084.1 Em:CK689245.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(164129..164134)
FT   polyA_site      complement(165339)
FT   CDS             complement(join(165656..165886,165987..166094,
FT                   169665..169834,170018..170086,170177..170236,
FT                   174857..175143,176616..176900,176995..177118,
FT                   178852..178902,179245..179292,179495..179588,
FT                   179689..179736))
FT                   /gene="etv5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011971"
FT                   /product="ets variant gene 5 (ets-related molecule)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZUM9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MSX6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000418"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006715"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011991"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSX6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9572"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11241.1"
FT                   FPDGYVY"
FT   CDS             complement(join(165656..165886,165987..166094,
FT                   169665..169834,170018..170086,170177..170236,
FT                   174857..175143,176616..176900,176995..177118,
FT                   178852..178902,179245..179292,179495..179585,
FT                   179689..179736))
FT                   /gene="etv5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-89P3.5-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011972"
FT                   /product="ets variant gene 5 (ets-related molecule)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MSX5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000418"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006715"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011991"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MSX5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9572"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11242.1"
FT                   PDGYVY"
FT   misc_feature    190510
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-89P3"
SQ   Sequence 192510 BP; 63321 A; 35622 C; 34799 G; 58768 T; 0 other;
     aatatgaatt ttaaaagata gatttgtgag aggtgtactt atatatggag agttcagatg        60
     caaaaacctc taattgccgt ctgaaattct cttctaaaat aagcattttt atcaggctcc       120
     tgtgtgaatg ttctataata tcacttttat ggcaaagaat aagttctttt cctggtcttt       180
     aaagtgaaat atctcagcaa aaacaaagga ggctgaaaaa aatggaaatt tatgatggaa       240
     attgcagatg acacttttgc atctgaagtc ttcatacgct gaacactcta tatgaaaagt       300
     gcacattaat ttcacttgtt tttcacatgg tttgggctga ttatcgagct taaagtattg       360
     tcgactttgc atttaaccta acagaaaaaa tacaaggagg aggctgagaa gaccatgtct       420
     cactatgtgc ctgtcctgga caccccagaa atgcaaagag tgcgtgagaa ccagaagaac       480
     ttcagcactg taagtgtttc tccacagctt ttgagcaagg ccataatatg tgttccgtcc       540
     atattatgtt cctgttttat tcatcttagc ctaaatgtgg tattcgtagc ctttgttgtc       600
     cttgtctttc atgtgttcat gttatataag aaataaaaaa gacagatata aaagagttgg       660
     cagattccac agttcctatg tttttgttat atgctagtta gatgtacctt tgaaagtctc       720
     ttgaatattt tttttacatt tttggttgca ctgttttctc ttgttgaatt tttgtgtcat       780
     tttttgactg ctattgtgct cttttctttt tagcttcagt accagattga cctaaaaaag       840
     agtaagggca aagtttcagc agtacagaac acccctgaaa tgcttcgtgt taaagaaaat       900
     acaaagaatt tcagctcggt acctactgcc taatgagttt ttttttcttt tctgccttct       960
     aacaacaagt ccttttttct gttcacactt cttgctttac aaaacctttt tcttttttct      1020
     cagctgcaac cagaagttaa catttaagtt aacatttctt gactttcagc tctttttata      1080
     taatattaat ttagatcttc taaaagacct gaatctaatg tagtcattaa cttgtagtca      1140
     taaactagca aagccactaa cggtaatcat tcaatttgat gctcttcttg atctttctcc      1200
     atcctaaaca gtagctctaa ccatttgaaa agtttaatat ttacatgtta tattctaagc      1260
     tgggttcatg ttacaggagt ttttgaattc caactggata ttaaatcact ttgcatccca      1320
     agcgagaaaa cctgaaattt ctggtgcatc aaacattaca agatattctg atcgtcagtc      1380
     cagagggagt acttcaaatg ctctaacact aacagccttc ttctatttaa aaggctaaac      1440
     atcaaacatg cttaatttga ggttaaaatt gtgatttgta aacattcatg ctgtatacta      1500
     atttgaatat acaatgttga agtcagaatt attagccccc ctttgaattt tttttctatt      1560
     ttaaatgttt tagaaatgat gtttaacaga gcaagggaat tttcacagta tgtctgataa      1620
     tattttttct tctggagaaa gtcttatttg ttttattttg gctagaacaa aagcagtttt      1680
     gaatcaatat tattagcccc tttaagctat atattttttt gataatctac agaacaaacc      1740
     atcattatgc aataacttgc ctaattaccc taatctgcct agttaaccta attaacctag      1800
     ttaagccttt aaatgtcact ttaagctgta tagaagtgtc ttgaaaaata tctagtcaaa      1860
     tatgatttac tgtcatcatg gcaaagataa aataaatcag ttattagaaa tgagttatta      1920
     aaactattat gcttagtgat gtgttaaaaa aaatcttctc cgttaaacag aaattgggga      1980
     aaaataaata aggggaattc tgacttcaac tgtataatta tttgtacttg atagtattaa      2040
     aaataaaatt aaccatatta ctttatgttt aaaagtgtat gccacaggct cttggatggt      2100
     ctactatttc cgatagaaat tcgaagtgta gaactgtctg tactctaatg actaatatta      2160
     accacgacac atgcattttg gatggatgtg aattgaatta gaattgcaaa cgggtaaaaa      2220
     gtaaactaca aacatggcgg atgtgtgaga gaaaccataa agtagagagg ctttggtaaa      2280
     gatggttgaa tgattattaa tatctaatat gcaaaatatt taaatcagaa tttctatgtt      2340
     tcatctgcaa catctatgtg aacctttatc aagttaggcc tgaggagatt ttttcagcat      2400
     gtaagatata caaattttag atgaacctgc tgcttaaatc tccaataagc taggtaatta      2460
     aaaaagaaat gtggatgatg tttgacaggg cttgtaaata agcaacataa tagtctgtta      2520
     ataaggaagt atttcccaaa gcttggatac tcttgttaga cactcaaaag tatttaattt      2580
     ttcttctcaa aaagtactta ctatatagaa cgtagtccaa actctttcct ggagggccgg      2640
     tgtcctgcag agtttagctt caacttgctt caacatgctt gattagttgc tccaggtgtg      2700
     ttttaatagg gttggagcta aactctccag gacaccggcc ctccaggatt gagtttggac      2760
     acctctgtcg taggtgaatt gggaagcagc accagatagt tcatactaaa catgccaatc      2820
     tgatggagat tctggacaag atatttctca gattataaga ggtaaatcaa agaaaaataa      2880
     gccaaaaatt cctgtagtgt aagcctggct ttactcatgt tgctggtttg tttctgtctt      2940
     cgttgatgtg tgtttaaacg ttttttgttt tctgtgttcg tccatctttt gtcaaatgtt      3000
     gtgagggcac attttaaaac ctccccagac aaaaccaatt aaaaacctac cctgagagat      3060
     acaaaacaaa tgttaatgcc tccttatgct tgtacaatcc tgaagatcca gtacaaagag      3120
     gagctggggc aagggacagc catatctgaa accccagaga tggagagggt taaacgcaat      3180
     caggaggcta ttagcacggt acacttctgt gaccccatca tccaccctgt tgaagtgccc      3240
     cccaaaaatt acataacgcc tcttaattac tgatttaatc caaatgacct cagcatcctt      3300
     ggaaatttat gtcaaatgcc aacattcatt ttaatttaga ccatctaata tgaataattt      3360
     gaaataaata gtcaccaaca ctcatcattt tgtaatagca tataatacca tggtccatat      3420
     atgtacttaa tctttttcaa acactgacca aagactagtg ttgcgttttt ctttttctct      3480
     ttttttccct tttcttccca ttttttgcat aaatgtgttg atgttctgac tttatcactg      3540
     acttgatctt gtcaactatt tcatgctcat catggacctg aaatgtgtat tagattaaat      3600
     acaaggattc gttaagtcaa ggcatttcta tacctgacct tcctgaggtg aagcgggttc      3660
     gggaaaccca gaagaacatc agctcggtag tgtttttgtt tttctctttt gaggaaattc      3720
     ttttgcttta accaaattat actcccaatc ctcatcattc tttcgaatct catttttctt      3780
     tttcatcttt ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt aggataaaca acccttaaaa acccaaatgt      3840
     tcccctcctc aaattttatt attgtttttt cccctacact actgttcaaa agtttttttt      3900
     ttttaattag gttttagttt aggttttaag ttttcagtaa tttcaaatat ttttatctga      3960
     atgtaattta ttcctgtcat aataaataca gtttcagcag ccattacagt acctaaattt      4020
     cagtgtcacg taatccttct ggaatttata taaataaata attaaatcct taagaatttt      4080
     aaaaagaggg cttttatttg aaatataatt ttgtttttat catactatct tttttgcagt      4140
     gttggatcaa tttaatcctt tcctagctac gggctatatg cacagctagt gagccattag      4200
     ccaatgataa actccagatg aaagcttaat gtgactattt tgaatttcat aagggtcctt      4260
     ttacagcatc gatgtaattt aaatataata gattaaatag acttactcat ccatttggtt      4320
     gttaaatcat aaaaagagat gaaagattgt ttaaacatag gcgccgtcat tagccgcagg      4380
     ctagcacaaa aactctattg aaaatactgg ggtaaaaata atttccatat tttaaagaga      4440
     tggcgtggaa aaatacaatt taatgcagtg ctttttgttg tttttgtcag gcagtgaaga      4500
     ttgctgcttt ttctaaagaa atcagatctt aaacacatcg attttgtata ggatgacaat      4560
     tcaccggaag tgcaaggact ggctgacgga aatgaaatgt ctgtgtgcat ataccccatt      4620
     gaatgaaaca aagatagaat aattcatctt atctcagaca tttgaatgct actctttata      4680
     ccacttcatt tgaataacca aattaccaca ctttttttgt agaaatccat gttatttttt      4740
     tgacatttta tgttttcaac acttttgtgt tcatgtgaat tatgatttca taattgtata      4800
     ttaaactatt ttgtttttgc atactaatat ttaaagatca ttcacattaa ttaaaatcta      4860
     aattaatttt tacctttctt ttttgcccta ttgcctctgt gtgtttaaag attcattaca      4920
     aagaagattt gggaggagga acggctattt cagaaacccc agagatggtg agagttaaac      4980
     gaaatcagca aaatattagc acggtacacg gggcgtcagt ctttatccca cccataaaat      5040
     atcccctgtt cttcatctcc ccatcatcta aaaaaaacct tgagccatat gtttactagt      5100
     ccctctagtg atcccaagaa caaatccatc atttataaca atagagagta actctcgagt      5160
     agctcatgtg acaaaatctt gtcttacctt ttttaatact taacatttag ctgtaggcaa      5220
     ataggttttc catgtaataa ttaagtgcca aaccataact agttctctag tcttaatttg      5280
     tactgttcat caacaacttt actgtttatt tgtttgtttg tttggttggt tggttttttc      5340
     aataaatatg ctttactcca aaccctagta acctgcccac gaaggcacca tttaacaaca      5400
     tcatagccct gctactgaat cgtaactatt tgcagattgt acatatataa ttgtatactt      5460
     ttacaaacat atatagtaca tatatatgtg cacttttgcc tatagacata ttaagaaatt      5520
     cacaacttac ctagcacttt gccacttaga aaatacacaa ctaatctgca tgaaaagata      5580
     ctatagtaat ttataataaa tactacaaag cttttgaacc acgctagagt aaagtgtatt      5640
     atgctgtata tattatatta tttacaactc cttggtaatg atttaggacg ctgtattata      5700
     aaatgtaatg agttgatgaa ctataataaa tactgtaata ttgtattaaa gtacattcca      5760
     atattgtagt atagtattgt ggtaaaatat acactatagt tgtggaaaac tacagtattg      5820
     ggtcgtttgt atatatcact ttaatggttt tgttaccata ctgtagcaac aatagtatta      5880
     ccacagcaga ttttttgaaa gtactatagc ttggctcaaa aacactacag tatttgttat      5940
     aaagtactat agtatttttt tttccaggtg ggattgcagt cttaaaagac agttgtctat      6000
     gtaggccact agggtttgga acgaagctag tattgtagtg tatgtaatct ttgtaaatgt      6060
     ttgttttgtc actccatggt tcatgtatgt gttgttcact gaatttgtcg aaatcaatcc      6120
     ttgggtatag ataaaataca gggattcgct gggtcaaggc acagctatgc cggacctccc      6180
     tgagatgaag cgggtcaaag agaatcagaa gcacatcagc tcggtagtgg aagctctaca      6240
     tgcagggttt acttgagagt ggctctgttc cccattaacg cttccagtta cacttccagt      6300
     cttacaatcc catcattgat gcaaaacaaa tgaagcctaa acctcatttt catctaatgt      6360
     aattgaccac atcatatcca cactaggcag ttgccctttc tgctgtgaac tcagacaaat      6420
     ggaattattc aacatgctaa acattgttcc taatccaaca tgacaccaga atgtcccata      6480
     ttggttgttt ccccctttcc agtcaggatc ctcttgttaa atgtgggaaa tgtaggatca      6540
     gtgtgtgttg cgtgtgccgt ttgttgtgat tgtgctcttt aaagactctt gcgtctgtct      6600
     tggtgtcttg tgtctgactg tcctctgggg gcactgttct tctctactct aggtgttgta      6660
     taaggatctg tcggccaagg gaacgcctgt ggtgttcact ccagagatgg agcgggtcaa      6720
     acggaaccaa ttgcacatta gctcggtata ctcagttata ggacatttgt gtgtctttgt      6780
     ttgagccgta tgtgcacata accgtgctaa taccttcatt tcatttagga ggctaataat      6840
     attaactgta ttcttctata tgctgaatat aatgctttaa ctgatcatca tcactttaaa      6900
     ccttcatcac aggatccacc tactcttaat ccagccctct gaagatgcgt ctaattcatc      6960
     tgtctgaaat cataataaca cccaggacta tgctgatgtc atattcatct tctttgtgtg      7020
     tgtcctgatc tcttggtgtg tcttccacag ggtcataatc ataatccagg gtgaaatggt      7080
     ttctaatttt tgtatgtgct gtgttgtgtt tgtctaggtt ttgtactctg acagcttccg      7140
     taagcaggtg caaggaaagg ccgcctttgt gctggacacc cccgagatga gacgcgtcaa      7200
     agaaacccag cgtatcattt ctggagtaag aagaaatttc taagaatgtt tcagttaatt      7260
     gatttttcaa ctctgttact ttaaaacaat gtttgggaga tgaatgttga gatcgcaaat      7320
     atagcagtat tgtcaggagt cagcaatcca gtgttttata caaaattcag agcttataaa      7380
     atcccctatt atgcattata aaaggttttg ggggtctaca acaacaggct gatatacatg      7440
     caaggtcaaa aacactttca ttgtctgata atatgcattt atttttacct aattatccca      7500
     acgactccca tatgatttgt tcagcgatta atttgttccc aaacccatcc ttagcatgat      7560
     gataatctgt gctgctcatg ctgctgttat ttggttggac tgcattcagc gtaagacaga      7620
     gaaatgccga ccacggcata tctacagagt gtatgtgtga gcccattaaa gtgatgcagt      7680
     taaacatgcc acatggagcg gtaactagta acaaagcaca attaaataca taatttgtta      7740
     tccatagaaa acttggaggc aactattttg atcgcactta agttacttac acttgtgaaa      7800
     tggaggaagg aactgattca tgaactgtgt actgtaaaat ttcggtcaag ctctgacaaa      7860
     gtcccgtaaa tcaatagcct tttctggtcc ttcctttaac aaacggccga cgaatccctc      7920
     gttgtaagca tgtagattgc tgaagcactc atcagaaaaa tgattggaac acggctcaag      7980
     gctggggcta taatggcgag gtatttttgc aaaaataaac ctcaaccact gactcttccc      8040
     agcctcatct ttaggtaggg aaagtaacac taactttccc tcacacttca gagcacattg      8100
     tcttcgtgac atgattcaac cgggatcagc tacagtgttt gtcttctttc tttttctttc      8160
     tacagggttt gtgggcgggg ccgggggttt tatttttctc gggtctgcgt gcacaacaaa      8220
     tgggcagagc ttgagttcag tatcaacgtt atgccgtcac agctaaagat tttgtatagt      8280
     ggcgatttat tcgaaccact gagttgactc ttttatagat gaataatagt tggtatcaac      8340
     agttaacatg gtacactttc agatttaagc cttagctgga tatttcactt caattagagc      8400
     tgtgtgttac acactgtatg gaaggtcatt tttaaaaacc cattataggg gctctttaat      8460
     tcgaaaaaag tttacagata tgccatatct aaatgaagta aaaaacctat ttgagttcag      8520
     tgacagcttc tttaagaatg tatgctgtgc acgattggaa aaactggaaa gcagtgcaca      8580
     atttgctgta aaactgatca aaatgcacta aacaacaaaa gatcattggc attcaaggca      8640
     tgttaaagtg gcatttatga gttaaacatg gatgaacgtc attgcagact aactattaat      8700
     ggaaaaccca agactttctt taagacctaa gttaaattat tttgctttac attccttaat      8760
     ttatacatat taattaacag ggaaataaaa gaacatgctc gacatggtgg ctcagtggtt      8820
     agcactgtca cctcaaagca agaaggtcgc tggttcgagt ctcagctggg tcagttggca      8880
     tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccccg tgttggcttg gttttcccca cagtctaaag      8940
     acatgcgctt taggtgaatt gaataaacta aattggccgt agtggatgtg tgtgaatgag      9000
     tgtgaatggg tgttttcctg tagtcggttg cagctggaag ggcatccgct gtgtaaaaca      9060
     tatgctgggt aagttggcgg ttctgaataa agggactaaa ccgaagggaa agaaatgaat      9120
     gaatgaacat ccctctcttt catctattat tttgctggga gtgagaaaaa acaatgaaac      9180
     atgcatcatt aaaatcctgc cctcaataca atttcctttt gagttggaaa tatgtctcag      9240
     tactgaagtc ggtagcatct tccaaaaaaa aatcttttgc aacagtaggt ttttttgttt      9300
     catgtacttc atgctttgca ttgttgcttc tgtcaggtca aataccacca ggactttgag      9360
     aagagtaagg gcagcttcac ccccaccatc tctgacccag taactgagcg tgtgaagagg      9420
     aacacccagg acttcagtga tatcaactac cgtggcatcc agagacgtgt ggtggagatg      9480
     gagaggaaac gtgccgagga gcacgatcag gagaccatca ctggtcagct cacacacact      9540
     atacactcta aaccagggct ttccaatcct gctcttacag tatgtccaac agactttagc      9600
     ttcaaagagc tccagcactc tagtctctcg tgagtctgga gatgtatgta attaggttta      9660
     gagctaaaat ctgcaggttt ggacacccct gttctgtacg cacaaaaatg atgcctttac      9720
     ctataagatg tgttaagaat catacataat gagttatgaa cgatgacatt cactaaaact      9780
     gtttcgtttt ttctcaaaga cttgcgtgtg tggcgcacaa accctggctc tgtctttgac      9840
     tatgaccctg ccgaggacaa catccagtcc agaagtcttc acatgatgtc aggtaggctc      9900
     acaactcaca caacagctgt gtaaggtctt agtaatcatc tgtctgcact gcttgagttt      9960
     aattgggtta ctgcaacatt ctgcattcag atatctgttt aacgtctgct agattgatac     10020
     actacaaaca cttcctcagc agaaggcatc tctcaataag gagatcattt taacattttt     10080
     gtcccgttgt tcagttcaag cccagcgccg cagcaaggag cactcgcgct ccaccagtgc     10140
     aatgagtggt gtgggtgatg agaagtcaga ggtgtctgag aacgtggacc gctacagcaa     10200
     tggctttgcc atctccgctt tacacggtac atgtgttaac ggcttgattt ctatgagatt     10260
     tggaggttta ggaagtaaaa atacaagcca cccatgttat tgtgtgtata tttttaacca     10320
     ttcttccatg tttcattaaa aaagatctga atttatactt ttgatcctat actgatcttc     10380
     cactggaatg acagatgtct atttactcat ttaaatttcg tttttactaa cctgccaatt     10440
     tgcctgtttt ttttttctgg ccattcgtct aattataaag gaaaggtact atatgtaaaa     10500
     atgactaaat aaaaatcatt agaatcttca aaaaccacta gaaccgttct atattttgct     10560
     gacttgtgta cttacattat tctcaaaagt tgcaaagaat attaaaatcc agagaaatta     10620
     gctattttat agtgagatga agtgtgtaat gagtggtcct gataatgaca tcatacatct     10680
     ttgatttcca gtttggtttt atagaaacta gggaaacacc agagtggctt gaatatgtta     10740
     tcattttaac tggactgctc cgagtagcat tttaatagaa cccgaaaatg cattaagtat     10800
     gataaacaag ctcagaatca gaagctgtag actgtggcat aataaaatat ctgctgcttt     10860
     tgcgtggcct tgccttgttt cacttcaaca gctttctgct tcatataacc aggataatac     10920
     tttttcaata gtttagctca tccattaaca tgatttctgc tgaaatccca taggatgtaa     10980
     tgaagatgac agcactcaat atttcaagat ttcaataaaa cacagcttgg cttgtttttg     11040
     ggaatttgcc ctttccagtg gtaaaaaatt acatactgga cctataatta gataaataat     11100
     ttgtagaaac ataaaactga agaaaatgac tataaaagct tggattaaaa tatgtattat     11160
     tgttaaatct gatcttgaat tattggattg cctttgggtt agacaacagc caaccaagtt     11220
     tgctctgtga tttatttgat ataattaacc gtttattttg ttgttgatcc tgcttgtact     11280
     gtagctcact ccaaatgtga aggtttgtac atgtagtcaa ttcataaatt gatcaactat     11340
     ttccttacga atgtcagtgt actgaactct gaagaaagct tataaaagcc tctcttcaat     11400
     gcctcaaatc tctgattgtg tagtactgta acattttgtt ctgtagtcaa tactgaggct     11460
     tcagtttgaa ttataacact attaggcccc tatcatacac ccagcgcaat aagccgcaag     11520
     acgtgtttct atgatgtgtt gctattttca gaccagcgca accctaattt tccagttttc     11580
     caccattatg accattagaa atagttttta accaatcttt gtgcttaaca aaataaatga     11640
     attatgtagg ataatggatg tctgtgcata caacaccttt ccctattcac aagagtgaaa     11700
     gtggaaatta agaacgagga ggctcattct tgtgctgtag atgctctgtt taactgtttt     11760
     cttgctagtg aagcgttcag tttttccact tacaaagtcc gctatgtaaa cagcaaatcc     11820
     gctatggcat gatgcaactg acttttaaga ggaatgggag atgagactct tgagtggttt     11880
     attctcgaaa catacccata ggcctttatg gaatctgcac gcagaattcc gcagattttt     11940
     gacatatcaa gatattcata tgatttattt acaatatagt ttgtacagta atattttctg     12000
     tcttttagta aacatattat atgagagatt tgatttgttt accaaataaa gtggatctaa     12060
     ttgaatttgc attgtaaaca ttaaataaaa gttaaaaagg tattgcttcc aatttcatat     12120
     aaatacaagt ttttatttat gatactccca aaataattct gcataaatca gcagattttt     12180
     aacacaattc tgcacagaaa tagcaaaaaa tgtttgcaga ttccgtctgt ccctacccat     12240
     aactcattga gaaaataagc tcaaccctgt tagaccgtgc gctgtggcgc agatcgaatt     12300
     tttccatcct taaaatagca aaagtagatt cggattcgga cgcgccctta atgcttttgc     12360
     accctgcgct ttggactttg cgcctaggcc gttaaaacag agcccttaat cttgtctgcc     12420
     atcactatat ggactctcag cagtggaagt caccataatt gggtacaatt agaaccacat     12480
     actgtacaca ttgcattcca atttgctcaa ataccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaga     12540
     aacttttaga aaaagaaaac aaaattgata gcagccagga gagaacaaca tataaatatg     12600
     ttctgctcat agagccagca ttagaaacac cttgcataag ctgtgactag tttgtgtgtg     12660
     tgtgtgttta atttgatgca aagatgatat aatacaaact atagctttct aaatgtatat     12720
     acatccaaat attaaaaact tttaaggatt taagaggctg atgaccctaa ttctaatgac     12780
     agatggaaaa tatttgtagg gaaaaggctt cattttgaaa acgctagttc tgatttgatt     12840
     gaaagtacta atgcagtgaa acccctgttg ttctctcata caggatacac acagaccaag     12900
     accattgagg ttcagcagag atcttcctca gtggcaacac aacagaccac agtttcttct     12960
     gtcccctcac atccatcaac cactggagta agagcgagag acggttgact atttcagtgg     13020
     cagatactaa actctatgat ggatttggtt taacactcct ctctttgtcc tgaacagaaa     13080
     actgtgcgtg ccatgtatga ctacgccgct gcagacagtg acgaggtgtc cttcaaggac     13140
     ggtgatgtca tcgtgaacgt tcagtccatc gacgagggtt ggatgtacgg cactgtgcaa     13200
     cgtaccggga agaccggcat gctgcctgcc aactatgtgg aggccatcta aatacatctc     13260
     ctgacacttc ctgtgtcata tccactgaga caggaagcaa agccttataa tgttagacgt     13320
     agtcactcta ttgtttgtcc ttgttactgt tatggaattg cgtttgtgcc cgtgtcacaa     13380
     gctctattgt ggttgtggca cgagaaactg attaactata tatacacacc tatttaagtc     13440
     acagacaatt gtatttatct tttttgttct attctaaccg tttagtgact tgagcccatt     13500
     atttttgtat attgcaatca cactacattc aacaaaggcc attctgaaag ttttagcttt     13560
     aaaattctgc acaatgacag atgggctcat ggttcacttt atatgtgaaa ggaaaacctg     13620
     aaactcagcg ttttataaaa accgaactga ggcactaaag ttgccgtgtg aaaatgaaga     13680
     aaaaaatatc ctgagcaaaa cattgaggac gggccatcag ttcctctaaa gagaaaaacg     13740
     tattcattga aaaacaagcc tcctccctcc cttgctgaag gctggccatt atttgcatgt     13800
     gtgttttgtt tctttgattc tgtaggtgtt gggttaaggg aagatgtgta ccttgaatca     13860
     ctagctaata aagcacacca cgcttctgca gtagagctgt gtcttgtcat ggattcggag     13920
     catgttatct tcaatgattg ctcagcaaca agaggataga agtttcttta gtatcttaag     13980
     agggtaagtt cacccacaaa tgaaaattct gtcagccttt ttccaattat ctggtcacag     14040
     caaagcgtca gccaacaaag gattccactt ggtctttaat ggcatagcag tcaaaatggg     14100
     acaattgagc tcatgtattg gacaaattct ggacctttgt cagtgataat ataatgtcgt     14160
     ggcaaaattg ggtgagcaaa attgggtaag ctaaattgtc cgtagtgtgt gtgtgtgaat     14220
     gtttcccaga tgggttgtgg caggaagggc atccgctgcg taaaaaaact tgctggataa     14280
     gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggcgacccc ggattaataa agggactaag ccgacaagaa     14340
     aatgaatgaa tgaatataat gtcgtatttc ttctagtctt atttttaaga gtcgtattga     14400
     gaatagtgtc attcaaagac atctaggcaa tgttaactag gaaagttgga ataattagtc     14460
     aagttattgt agaactggtt tgttgtgtag actatcaaaa aacacacagt aaaatatttt     14520
     agggaagcaa ataattctga ccttaaaaat tttctttttt ttattaaaaa gtttttattc     14580
     aagaaatata ctataagaaa tgagacttat tataatacaa cttttttgtt ttgtcagaaa     14640
     tactgtgaag atttccttgg tttgttaaag atcacttggg aaacattatt ttaaatgaat     14700
     gggaggaaaa aagaattgac ttcaactgca tctgtaaaag tttacaggag caaaaatgtg     14760
     ccttgatgta cttgaaagtt agaaatgtgt atttgaatac aaaattacat gtcaaataaa     14820
     ttaacaagga agattatttt gagtttattt aattagcttg tttatgaaga ctgcagatgc     14880
     ataaaaaaaa tgactttaaa tagttgtaat ggctttttcc attgtgatgg aaaattgtga     14940
     gtttctaatc tttaaaactc ataatgatcc agaacaattt ttttttggcc aatgctaaca     15000
     aatatttgca ttttacattc tgaggggttc atcttttgct actgtattgt ttttaaataa     15060
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     15120
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatttattt     15180
     attttatttt tttttttaca agtagctttt attctaaatc ttgaccatat tgaaactgat     15240
     ttgaaaacaa ttttggctat tgttattatc catgaatttt caaatgttca tttttttatt     15300
     tttttttacg agaggctaga aacattgtga agctctacat tattattatt attattatta     15360
     tatttatttt tttattcaca tttttttatt gtttgttatt tgcctaataa atgacaatgg     15420
     gcgatagttt ttaatttaaa acttaaacag actcctatct ttttcctatt tatataagat     15480
     gtaaaacatt tgtattttaa aaataacttt tttctcaact taatattaaa aacgagaatt     15540
     ttaaaaattt caaaacttta cttgaggctt tttttttttt ttttaaaggt ttcctttctc     15600
     aacttagttc tctatttttt ttttaactaa atgttctcaa cttctctaaa caaagttttc     15660
     aaatataaat caaacaaata ttcttaacgt gttctagttt ttcaactttt aaacaaaacc     15720
     tgctcaattt agtttttttt cctcaaatca aaaaaatata aaagttgaga attaaaatgg     15780
     gaaatttctc aactttttat tttttttttt tagcaaaact gctttttttt tttttgctca     15840
     agttttcaca aaatatttgc taggctgtac aaagccaaat aaaaacacca taacgaaaaa     15900
     gatttgtatt gatttcttgg atctccattc ttagtttttg ggttttagca aatttatttt     15960
     atctaaatca ggaacagaat gaaaacagat gcctgcatct ataaagcttt agtcttaaat     16020
     taggaaattc ttattaagat gaccgaaaga gcttaacatg cagtttaaga aaacacatgc     16080
     aactacaaaa aacaccagca aattaggaaa agatccatca atgaatgcac acatgctgca     16140
     aatcctcaac atggaaaaaa taaaacccac tgcatttaaa cacaaacaaa ctaagaaaac     16200
     aagcattttc tcacaacact tgcaaataga atgaaacaca acagaaacgt ttcaagggga     16260
     cgttaaaata ggacaaccca gctatttagg ctaatgaaat gcataagaca aggcaatcaa     16320
     gaggttaaaa taaaaatcac agcataataa actttttgca gcagcgtccg ttttacggat     16380
     tcctttgaaa cacttccgtt gtgtcatgta gttaaatgca gtcactttca taattagttt     16440
     gcattgtgga gaaatgcagt gcatttttaa tgtgtatgcg ttgaggattt gcagcacatg     16500
     cgctgtcaaa ccaatgaaga tattttcttc atttgctggt gttttttgta aatgtatgtt     16560
     ttcttaaagt gtagcatgtt aagctttctc ggccatgaat aatttactat tatttctaga     16620
     ccaaagagta aatcataatg tttttcaatt ttaaacaaag aaccttgtaa ttacaagata     16680
     ctatacaaat acacaaaata tttgctacag cactgttttt ggaggttttt ataaattgcc     16740
     acaacgtttt cacaacagca gtttgtgttt gtttgttttt ccaaaaagtg cattggatag     16800
     atttgatcca gaaaaataaa ttattaaaat gattgttaaa agtatccttt gtgatttatg     16860
     tgtgtgtaca tgcagttaaa tcacaaatga tatgcagttt ttttattcca agcaattaaa     16920
     acaaaagcac taaaatggta aaagtagagc aaagagaggt tgtattaata ctataacttt     16980
     atttaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa tgcttccttg gcatctcagc acaattttac aaccttaaaa     17040
     atcactccat aaaatacaga cacttatgta gtaatggaaa tggctttcgg ccattcaagt     17100
     ctattctcag agaccataat tagaaattaa cctatcctaa aattcaagct aaaacttgag     17160
     gaatgagcag tccacagtta atcttcaagt taaaaggtaa ttcctgtcag gaaaacagtc     17220
     tcttgtcttc atggcaagct atcgtccaga ttactgagca agcgggactg catattggtc     17280
     acaatgctcc tcatcattcc actcagatgt tcatgcatca gacccaactg actggctgaa     17340
     tgctgaccga gttcctcagg cgtaaagcgt tcaccaagag ctacaacatc tgagagcaaa     17400
     tcatgagatt ggttctcttc agtcaccact tctgaattta cttccacttc tgaggctttg     17460
     tcttctgaaa aaagttttaa ttttaataaa aagaagaaat tactcagcaa gtcactcaca     17520
     tctgaaccca tcgccaacaa tgaacatgac agaaaaggaa gaaatacctt gagtctctga     17580
     ttctgctgtt tgagcctctg gtcctaatgt ttgctcctca tcttggtttt gaggaagctc     17640
     catctcttca ggttcagacg tcattttctc catttcgtca aaactcttca ggtcatccga     17700
     acgtcctttt ctctgcatga ccaaatgtga ggtgtgagaa cgatcttcca caatataagt     17760
     caatgttaag aagactggca cattacctgt tgttcatgat atgttttaag tgctttcctc     17820
     acattggaca gcttaggtga gcgaatagga agagacttga tttcattagg ggtaagagca     17880
     ctcagatctc ctactgtctt aatgttcctg gctcgaacaa gctggccaaa gccacgcggc     17940
     ctgaacagag gaataaccat atggcgatta gtagcactct taatcacaaa tgtgaaacaa     18000
     taataaaaaa aaatccctgc tcaactatga aatctaataa tgagaacaga aaaccattac     18060
     agactgaagc agagctctgc gcgggactga atccactcaa tatatttgcc attactgaat     18120
     taagtttcaa atatcatatc agcagcgttt ctatacacat agcaggtaca tattgggcca     18180
     aggaagaatg taaaatgtac agctattgaa tatgcctccc aaaaaagtcc agacaatcta     18240
     taacaagcgt cacagcacca aggtggatgt gcgcactctc taattcacac acacacacaa     18300
     ctactactac tactactact actactacta ctactacagc agatgctccc tctctcgaga     18360
     gcactatatt gttagactgc cgtttaaatt acaccagagt taccaccctc tattgcattt     18420
     tattctgaaa ttcattcctg cgcacaagaa atctggtcag gtaccgtggc tccaatggag     18480
     aactctagac tgaagctagc tgtactaaag gggaaacagg agtgaaactg gctcaccaca     18540
     tgttggagga aatctgtggc agaacagctt ctactggagt agagcagcca acaagtgctg     18600
     gataaacaca atctttagga ataggacgtg gctcctggct catctctgaa atctacaata     18660
     cagaggaaca tctgaatgcc atttccattt ggagatacag attaaataaa gcaactggat     18720
     aatatttaac tattcacttt aacattttct gcattgtctt catgtctcaa atctatgact     18780
     gaaaaagaaa gtactcacca gacatttttt agagcttttg gatccagggc tacggaggtt     18840
     acgtggactc agacttgtat agccgccttt tgttggtgta gtgatatact gcaacaaaag     18900
     aagatattta ataacagaaa acacttagat ccagacgtaa caatttcaaa gctcaattta     18960
     cctttgactg tccactcaag acttttgacc taggtgaact tgtgcgaata accggactac     19020
     gacgatcaat gtcatcagcc agttcttgct ggtaaattgg agttgcaaaa gacactcgac     19080
     gtgactgcac acaacaaaaa tgtaaaatat atagtcaaaa tacttatgca aaagtaaatt     19140
     aagctataca attacatatg cattaatgga tgcatggtaa cttatgctgt cattaccttg     19200
     ggaatggggg atggagtctc ctcttcacat gctctcttct gacccttctt caaaatactg     19260
     gtagacggag aagcagatgg tgaccagact cgagaccgac ttctagttgg actctggcca     19320
     ggctccagtt caccactgag tgcgcttaac agttttggct tgggtggaga atccaagcag     19380
     gcttcagatg tgctactctg gggcactaca ggtaactctt cttggacatc aacagaaaga     19440
     tcctggttat taacctgcat ctcttcttcc ttttcaacaa gagtaatttc cttgtcaagc     19500
     aaaccttttc catccgactc ttcagacaac acagccttct cttgtctctg ctctgacaca     19560
     gcaaggtctt ctctttccat cactgctggg ttaactgcat cttcctgctg gacatgagaa     19620
     gactctagct gctcctggca tattggtgca tcgtccactg gacgaccttg acttggagag     19680
     gtgtcttgag gtgttgaact ctggacaggt tcttggctta ctgaagtgtt ttctaatcta     19740
     ttttctcctt tgtgcttttg accacctgtg gatccagaac ttaatcgatt cacttcttct     19800
     acaagctcct tgctcgaatc cttcattggt ttggatgatc caggctgtgc ttctttctcc     19860
     acttctggta gctgagaaac aattacccca agttttgtaa tgggactttc agaaggcgaa     19920
     acctcagatg ggagatcagc aggtaaggct gaaagtgatg gaacatcagc aacagggatt     19980
     tcttcaattg ctgagctttt gttttcttct gatgcagttg ttgggcttga ctgatcaggt     20040
     tgagagttca agatgttggc agcaagtgga acctgttcat tttttagatc ttgtgattct     20100
     tggaagtcac tgtcctgtga aaacacatca cggttgttgg aaaagcagtt gcagttttta     20160
     gatcgtctac gtgcacggcc ccgtcccttt gtatgtgggc atttatgcaa aacatctgtc     20220
     tttttaaaat cttctgatcc agtttgcgaa gattcattag cttcttcacc ctctgccttg     20280
     acggtttctt tttcgtctgt atcagttaag tcagtgtcaa ttttgttgtt tgatgctgct     20340
     ttttccatga taatctgttc atgtggtgca ccacaagggg cagggacttc ctctttatta     20400
     ttttgctcaa gttctttggt ctcactgact gaagtattcg agatattttc aggatctgcc     20460
     tcatcctttg acgtctccat taaaacctct gactgaacat cgtccttttc tggtaccatc     20520
     tcaataactt tgggttctga agcaacaggt aacacctctg ttgatggtgg ttttcgcagc     20580
     ctctttttag gccttgcccc atcttctcgg ctatcagagt tttcagactc catactctca     20640
     ggagacaaca aacccctaga acgtcgagtt ctgtatctac caagctcttg tgatgactcc     20700
     ttgcctgcac ttaactcctc tgtatttacc gctgatgtgg aatctttact agactctgca     20760
     ccttctacgg ttctcctcct catagctctt cccttcactc ctgttggagt ttgggagtct     20820
     gtctgattca agtcttcttt gatcggcaca ccagatatct ccagtaactt agtttcagat     20880
     ctcctcgatc ttcgtttacg gacaatttgc tggctatccg actcggagtc agacgtggta     20940
     gactgtatat gcttctgtct cgctgcagat gaagcgtttt gagagtcatt atttgtctcc     21000
     ttttctgtgg attcttcaag ttgtgttttt gtctcctgtc tacctaacaa catactctca     21060
     gactcgcaga gagctggcag tctctctttg ctttggctat ttgactgggt tacaggagaa     21120
     ctcttcggag ataactcagt ctggcttaag tctttattgg catgcacacc tacggtctgt     21180
     ggagggtcag cagcggaaat ctgtgaatcg ctttggctga gatctccttt catttcttca     21240
     ttgttcagct ggtcttccat tttattggtc tcaacctttt ttttccttct tccagtcaaa     21300
     gtactactag gtgaagcaat aaggggcttt tgtgagttta ttatcgcaga gtctgcaggt     21360
     tgactggctt gttcttgaga tttacttttt atttcctctg catcttgccc tggacgaaca     21420
     ggtttacttc gccttctgcc agaccttctt ggttcttgac tagctagaga atcattagga     21480
     ctctgtgaat ttttttcagg agtcccctgt gcctccgcat gggctttaga cacaggactg     21540
     cttttaatac ccaatgtgtc accagatact tgggtttggg tatctggaac aacatcttcc     21600
     tcatctgtac cttcacatgg attagctccc actgatttct catcttttac ttccatgcta     21660
     gcatgctcat tttgaatgga catgtcaatg ctgctcatct tttgagattc ctgagaatcc     21720
     acttttttaa tctgaggttg agaatcattt tgatttgatg ttgatgcctg tgaagcctcc     21780
     agtcttcttg atctccgggt gagcgtacct gtaaatgcag gacttgcagg acttgtcgat     21840
     ttcccttcag catatttttc taaggttata aatgactgac gcctgctgtt aggtttagga     21900
     ggtgtgccag ataccacatc agatgaactt gaaatattag gacttgtccc ctccaatgcg     21960
     cttttctcaa gcccactcac atcaactgag acaccagtag atggtgattg atccatctcc     22020
     aaagtttgat ctttattcgg cgtagcttta tctggagttt ctatatcaga actggtgact     22080
     ttttggactt taacatctgt ggttggtact tcatttgagg caacctcctt ttttggggag     22140
     aatgacatac aagcatattt atacacacaa ttaaaaagat gcatgcatat attcaccaca     22200
     taactaaaat atcaatgcaa aaagtttaaa tttaccctca gttgaacact agccgcttcc     22260
     acaggatgat ccttctcacc tttaggcaat gtgtccctaa acaaacagat tgttaatata     22320
     tttagattta gttttacaca ctgcattact ataagaaagc tgagcaatta tataataata     22380
     catacattga ctcctcctga ctctgagtat actgtgaaaa gactgtggtg tccatggagg     22440
     catcaagatt attgtacagg gcaggaatgt caacccttaa ggaaaccaaa aataaaatcc     22500
     agaaatgcaa acaaaattct gactttgtaa atggctgctg tgtcatgaaa ataattccaa     22560
     tttgactaaa gcaaacttac cgtttagtcc ttttcacttc cttctgatgc tcagtcagga     22620
     ctctctcttt catctcaggt ggaataaaaa caaaatcttc agatgcttcc tcctcaagag     22680
     cttctcgtct taagggcttg ggggagccaa agtccagctt tacctaagag aagcaacagg     22740
     tgtgatttgt tgtattgagg ggcatagcta ctaatcaagt aaaaacttaa gtttggatcc     22800
     atgtcgacca tacagtctta cttacagaca ctggttttga tgtggttaca gaactttttc     22860
     ctgttagctc ttctgctctt tccaaaagag attccctctt tcccacagag gtcactttta     22920
     ccccgctaat ctgaggctcc agctgagaac tctcactcta atgaaagaac ataacattac     22980
     tttagcatat ttaaagtaaa tagtgaaggt tgtatcattt taggggcaaa catttgcact     23040
     attggcatac catatatgtt ccactgtaat catctggtac atcaacaact tcaaaaccag     23100
     gtaaaatcag tggagtcttc tgcttagcct gatttaaaac acacctgtgg agaaaaaaaa     23160
     aaacatcaga aaatgtgcat aggcttcaag ttatacatgt ttgtctaaag atgcttttcc     23220
     actgcacccg acattcggac acgactgttg gaatatgcct ccttgtggca gtcgcacaat     23280
     tttcaatttt gttgtgcacc atggtagaat gaatgaatac caaaccccct agtttgtttt     23340
     ttttttgcaa tttcgtgatc accaaatcta acgcaaaaaa taaaaaaaat ctaattccaa     23400
     atcataatca tgttcattta tttcagcttg caattaattg tcttgcataa cttctagacg     23460
     ttgcatacgc agtgcacatg atgcatttga gtctctcgaa aaatgacatc ccaccggcgc     23520
     tctcacaatc cttacattac atgagagcgg gggaattgtt ttgcagcctg tgcagtaagc     23580
     aaatgcagat gaagcacgag tgacttacat gtgaagtcaa tacaaagatg cgattagaca     23640
     tcttgtggct caaattttgt gcacttgacg ggcttcagac tacaaaataa actgagcaaa     23700
     cattaaacgg agcagtggaa cagacagaac agccaggagc ttataatgat ggaggttggt     23760
     tcaaggatga cggccgcttg gatgtgaccg aattgaagga cattatttgt gctttacatt     23820
     tatggctggt attatgatct gctaaaaatc gttaaatgtt ttcgtttaaa tctttccctg     23880
     cagttaacga gagaaaatgt ttacagcaat ccgtatttta ggtgcattac ggaaggggaa     23940
     gccctaatgc atgtcctgag tgtgatagct ccttgatgac agatgctcgg aagttgacag     24000
     ataagatata tagttgacag aaagattctt atttttccta tcttcttttg atatttaggc     24060
     ttttttaaaa cctttaggca tcttaatgta atgtccatgg cgtgatttat gcacgtgatg     24120
     catgtactag ttttatacaa gtttacttgt ataactctgt tgaagtctgt tctgaaaaga     24180
     aagtgtcaga cctggcgtca tttgctattg ttttttaaat gacgcgcgac tcgcaataac     24240
     aggtgaaaat ctgatctacc tgcttaaact tcagacacga cggcacagat ccgattcata     24300
     ttggataaat taccacatac gaacaaggtc tgaatctgat ttgagtaaat cggaatgcat     24360
     gtaatttgtt cctgcttaag gctgatttat acttctgcgt caaacgccgg cgtatgctac     24420
     ggaagtatga aacggcatat gaaactagcg tttcggaagt gttaatgcag accgacagag     24480
     acagcgcgca gaagtataaa tgcacagcca cgcgcattgc atgcgccgtg ggttacgccg     24540
     gtcacctgac gcagaagtat aaatcaggct ttacacgtac atgggctata gccgatcttt     24600
     gcctcatggg agaaacaaat cggaatggac tcacttgaac cgtgcagtgt aaatgcggtc     24660
     taagagttac acaaccttca tttgactgcg tcatttgact tcatttttat gatttgtgtc     24720
     attttttcag attgcacacc taacatagaa ggctacctaa tatggtaaat aaaaataaaa     24780
     aaaaatttaa aatacgcaaa attgtctaca aacttttggg aattatcacg gtcttatttt     24840
     ttaaaacaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag cttgtgaaaa attagggggt ctggaatact     24900
     agaaactccg accgcaaaag tttttggagg gaatgtggag acatacaaaa aacattttat     24960
     aactccttta agaataaaaa tgttttttaa tatagactta tttctgattt aagaaataaa     25020
     ctactatttc tcatcttacg tacacagacc cgattggaca acactggaat acgtcacatc     25080
     tggtcgtctg gtcgcatata gtctagttgc aggagttcaa atattttaac gaagccgcat     25140
     acggacatga ctggaactcc acgcagctcc cgcactacac tctattaaaa ataaatgact     25200
     tccagtcatt cacttatcgt gtgcagtgaa aaggtggctt aacaataaaa tgaaagctta     25260
     cttcagaggt tctgggtaac tcaaggtgag cgcatttcca aaagtggcat tccagaattg     25320
     agtgaccaca gagcaaacct gtttgctctt gtgcaaaaaa agtacacaaa gcaagggcga     25380
     caacacagtg aggaattcat catcatggag agtcaaatgt gtctgaaggc agcctagcaa     25440
     gtctgcggcc agtttctcca gctagaaaat aaaaaatata ttattataaa aatctaattt     25500
     tccctcgaaa taaaagacta caccttagac aaaatttacc ttgtgcccta gttctggact     25560
     gagctttgat gggtcatcac aacttaaaaa tgaattaaga aacattgtta caaaagaaac     25620
     attattttct gtgaatgaaa tgagaaaagt gcactcacca ggagaactgc tcataaagac     25680
     gtgcaagtgg tttggtgagg ctggagagca cctcttgtaa gaatgaggga agggtaatat     25740
     tagtgaaaag agaggtcaag attgacacca aggcagagcc aattccattt aaaggctctg     25800
     cagattcttc tgaatggtct gcagtgagaa aagcctctag agtctgtatc agaagagtgt     25860
     ggaaggttga gagattcccg agggctctgc ttctcttgcg tacccaactc atgggtgtac     25920
     gaggagcttc agaggaaatt tgagacaatt aattaaaaaa agaataataa taataataaa     25980
     aaaagtcaca agatagtgtt ataaaactga aatctgaagc caaagcctta catttcatct     26040
     tctgctggaa ctgaggggta tatggagaaa agtccatact ctcaacgatg atgagcaaga     26100
     tgtgtgctat tgcatctagc atagacagac tctacaacaa aaccaagagg agcagaaatt     26160
     acataacact caacagtcct aataggtgta taactgaagt aacattctaa ataataaata     26220
     ataatcataa gtacttttag agcttcacgg tcaagagagg cagagatctt gacacacaac     26280
     tcttcacagc atgtattctc ctctgctgtg gcaaccaaag ctgagcaacg ggcaaaagcc     26340
     ttgtaaagcc tggaccatgt gctgatcatg gccttctgag tggtctaaaa agagaagcat     26400
     taatttaaat aagtgaagaa agaaccaatt atgagaaaat aaggacactc tctgacctgt     26460
     ggtaaggctg aataaggcag caggtggatg acggggaaca tcaacgcact gtaaatggca     26520
     ctgaagttat gctccagagc atcgccttgg ttgacttcat tggtctgttt tggacaatga     26580
     ctcatcactg agtatgtcaa gtacaaggtt aaatacattc attctacagc acagatgatt     26640
     ggaggtcagt acctgagtaa ttgtgtccgt cagaggactt acaaccatac tccacattct     26700
     ccagagctgc ttcttgtttt taacagtctc cacactccca ttaactgctc ctaaaaccgc     26760
     ctctccaaat gccaagggcg atgtgggtcc acaaaaccca cagcttacaa gggtctccaa     26820
     gcttgaaaaa aatctgacag ataacagaaa caaatggcac atttaagcag tcaaaattat     26880
     tcatatttac caaatagtga ggcaatgtat tttggtgcat ttaaacaaaa tagatgtatt     26940
     aaaataatgt cactaaacat atttaaaaaa ttaaaagata atacaattaa attcaagcaa     27000
     aaatattgca aaaaaaaata attaaaactt tttttttctg tacttaatat ttttctctaa     27060
     cataaatttg ggtgtactgg taagttattt tgttagataa gctccagatt tggcttcagt     27120
     actgactaat ataatgtaca tgcacaaata taatattgta cagcttccta ttaaagatat     27180
     aaatttaaaa gatagatttg tgagaggtgt acttatgtat gctgaacact gtacatttac     27240
     tgtttatact cacctttcgt cttcaagaaa tgatgagagc tggttacttt tatagaacag     27300
     cagtattagg aaaagtgcag gagtaccctg gaaaggatgt gggatttatt tgtacattca     27360
     aaatacgagc atgaatttaa atggagataa aatgacaaaa gatacttacg tttaacacgt     27420
     ccatgtttgc cacttgataa gctgcagaac caagcacctt ctgaggtatt ccctttacag     27480
     tggcttccaa cagaagctgc aatgaacagt gtttgagcaa tgacaatgtg cacagacagc     27540
     agagctaaac caaaaaacta gtatttaaat tagagagaaa aatagtttga ttaataaact     27600
     ctaacaatta aaaatctcaa caaatctaac aattctcttt aagcagaata atataataat     27660
     ctgctgaatt atactttagt attttaaaga ggtgacagtg caattggctt gagggtgcca     27720
     tttaaatccc tgtacaaaga gatggcatga attgtcatgg gcgtagcact gtgcttttaa     27780
     tgtggtgtga ccgacttaat cactaaagaa tgcagacagt ggtaataatg tactgcaaaa     27840
     acatattaca acaaaatcat atcatcatta cagatagatg aatagagaat aggccttcaa     27900
     gaacaagttt ggtgatccct ggtctaaatg gtctgaaacg tattctaaag aataatgtga     27960
     cagaataaaa tctagtttgt atgtagtttt ctaatgtata ttttcctttt taaaatatat     28020
     attttcctca atgctttatc agcagtgtca catgatcctg aagaattcat tctagaacat     28080
     ttagaccagt agtcctcaac caccaggctg tggactggta tcggttcgct gatcaattgg     28140
     taccaggctg cacaagaaat aattatttct gttttattta ttatcttagt cttaacgatc     28200
     tttttttttg ttttttgttt tttgaaaaat gaccatattc tcttgcttgc atctcggtca     28260
     cttgagcgcc catatttatc ctacaagcaa cgaaatgggt aagaaacaga catctttgga     28320
     aaactttttt gctaagggga aaaggaccct taatctgcca aggaacagat ccacaaccca     28380
     tgtgtcaaca aatcaggtga tttgaccatg tctgtgcaag aagataaact gctggagatc     28440
     acaattgaca gcagcctttt aggggccttt tacatatcca atcttttcta gaatttgcgc     28500
     aagtttgtta tttcaaatgg aggtgcacgg cttgtgcctt ccagacgcac ccagtcaaat     28560
     gaatgctgca agtcacgtga agtgaccgat cagcttcata ccttgtatgg aatatacaca     28620
     ttttgttaga ctaattatct cagaccaaca cagaacaccc aaacactgca attctacata     28680
     aataaaactt gtatcagagt gacagcaatg ttttgtcagc tttttaatct ctgagaaaac     28740
     ggttggacca cttgatgtta tcttaccagt gcacgttcag gaggcagagc gtctgatgac     28800
     aaaatggact gcaatgcctg caggaaaagt gtgaggacct ctgaaccctg tcgctccttt     28860
     ttatttccta ttgaaatgat tgaaaggaaa actattacta cacgccagtg tttcacaaca     28920
     catctatgca aataacgtat aatactaaac aatcacctac cagcttcaat tgctgcactg     28980
     acagaaatga tcaggttgct ccaaataaga ttaagaagtg cttctgtaga aaaaaacatc     29040
     aggtgatgtg aacaagggca aaattagcat gctgatggtc taaatactaa gagacttttg     29100
     catacattat tgatgagaag ataaattcaa tctgacatca tgctgatgaa attacaccaa     29160
     atacctggag catgcttccc tacagtaatg atgccttctt tgctggcaga tatgagggta     29220
     gaagcatgtc tgctgaaggt ggaagggctg gtaaaaagcg ggtgcgtcag gggctctaaa     29280
     aaaacaaaat ggaaattaaa aaaaaataac tgaaagttgt gaagcattta caggttcatt     29340
     aatctaataa ttaaattcat attatgtata ttgacattgg atccacttct caaagttcat     29400
     aaacaccatt aattctcaaa gctcatatac tgcagtgtat gcttacccag gctgagctga     29460
     aggttttctc gagcagctgt gactgtgacc tctggaccca caagccagtg caggagcatc     29520
     tctagtccca ggagctgaat ggaacgatag gactgaggcg cctgcatgct gctgttcaga     29580
     ttcatgcgag gagtcgtgct cggcgtgctg caggagggaa tgcctggaga atagcaagat     29640
     gaagcatgat cacatacagt acagctagta gaccacatca gtccaggtta tgcagaagtc     29700
     atgcagagac aataccagag cgttcttttg agcaagacag atcatcattt aaatgtgcag     29760
     tgtggggact tgctgattgt ggagggataa cgtttaaact gacttgttga tcagacagaa     29820
     ttgaagagat ctgacaaatg cacattctgg aatgatagta gtttcttttt atgacatttt     29880
     ggcactattt aaacctggta tttagagagt acagtacagg gtttcagtcg gttgtcaaat     29940
     tgaagacttt aagaccatta tgattgaaat tttagaccta tacacagcta aacattaata     30000
     tttttttgac aggccagcta gttctgcaaa tagtttttgt attaatggaa gatcatgtaa     30060
     agggatgtgt tgctttagtt ttctttccct gattagggaa ttttattagc agaatgtgca     30120
     gtaaaaatgt ctattagtaa tctctaatag tgtctctttg caataaaact ctttagatgg     30180
     ataattcatg attgggtgtc agatcgataa ggtaggttta actggacata cgagaattaa     30240
     gacccattta aattatttat gagctacaac catatatttc tgtgaattag agactttaag     30300
     gcctaaaata gtttttgaaa tttaagacat taagatttta agaccccgtg gatacccagt     30360
     agtaaccact tccaaaaaat tatgtggcaa aaagacaagc cacaagatat ccatttaaga     30420
     gcatgtcaac accagctgga ataatgcatc tcagctgatc atttgtgaac ggagcacata     30480
     aaatgcatat tagcttaagg aaacagagaa ggcaaaaaaa tacatgctaa gattgtgaac     30540
     aaaaagatgc gtacatgttt agacagaaaa aaaaaatttc aacacatcaa gtttaaacga     30600
     tgatgtgctt ttatttccat ggcaacagcg ttaactacta caaatatatg atgaaattaa     30660
     tttctattcc atttttatca cttagacggg tagcggaaat gaactatacc tgacttaggg     30720
     gtgttaggtg tgccattgct tgggttagag gttcgagcag gtgtagtcgg gctctgaagt     30780
     ggagaatcag aaggaagtgt gctgtgcaat agaggcacgc caaccttcaa agaaaagtga     30840
     tgggataaaa gaataaggac agatgtgcac tgctcttagt aaccagcaga actaaagcca     30900
     tgaaatgctt acaactgtct gcaaaaaact aaataataaa ttatcagaat ttaatgtcca     30960
     aattcagtaa atgttacctg ttcaaagtta gcagacaggt tgggtccgag cttgacagca     31020
     agataccacc agacctccag cttggtaagc agaagagctt cagtcctgac ttggatggag     31080
     ctgagcggct gcatgaggag cttcagacgc ttgctactgc acaggatatc tgcttaaaaa     31140
     aaaaaaacga caacttaaac ttgagcacag gagttttcaa aataatcttt tacaatttcc     31200
     aaatattcca caggtattta ctcaaaaaag aaaacaatat ataaatataa acttgcctgg     31260
     attaagggca aaattgtcaa tgaggctctt ccaagctatg aaagcaatct tcttaatatt     31320
     aggagaagag ttgcggaaac ccagctcctc tagatacagc aaggagttaa tgaaagcacc     31380
     gcctttgtgg agtaactaaa acaaaagaca aattttacta cttcacactg acaatcataa     31440
     gatacacacc tgaggaaata agaaacactt ttacaattca aaccaggaat ttgatgtttt     31500
     caatccaatc acaagtggat aacacaatgt aggcaaaaag tcccctttca accacttcca     31560
     ggggtagttg taaattcatt agatcagttt gctttcatag tgtcaacaac tcatgtggtc     31620
     aattgtgttc aatgtacacc ttgaaagacc acctactcgc ctaacatgat tgttactaga     31680
     tgtcttatga taaagctcac aaggttttca tacttgcact gtaccaaaac acacaggtta     31740
     caattaggtt taatttggtt gatttacaac tcttaagctg cataaaacgg gcttagttat     31800
     tcaactgtaa ttcgatgacc cctacaaatt acaaaaataa aaacagaaat gaatctacac     31860
     tgactgcttg taattagatt actaaaaaca tgttaatacc aggtgaaaac agggccttca     31920
     aaagcagcat atgttgactg agcatcttac cttgcccaga agtcttacaa acaaaggcca     31980
     gagtttcaac atgtttgtct cgttcttaga cgcaaagagc ttctgcattt cagggatgag     32040
     cacctacagg attcatagca gtaatgcagt aagatggtta tttatacttt acattgcaca     32100
     acatagaact tatcgtcaat tataatcact tacagaagac atcattggct caacaatggc     32160
     tgccacttcc tgctgtttct ccagaagaag aggcatgccg agctccaggg cagctgccgc     32220
     tcgcagacgc actttattgg ccgaatgaac caccagtgga ataacaagtt tagcccagca     32280
     aacagctcca acagccatcg gaacaggggc ctgctccagt aacctgagga tcaacacctt     32340
     attaccaagt acatctagta tgatgatcaa tgcattatgg cggaaacttt ttaaactgta     32400
     gcaaacctta tgatgacatt gagtgactcg tggtcaatga ggatggactg cacctctctg     32460
     gtctgcatcg cttctaggct cttgagaatc tctggggcct gtaatacaaa catgcatatt     32520
     aaataaaaaa atcactaaca caataattga agcaaagaaa aatgattaaa tgaatgcccg     32580
     gcagactgag caaacaaacc attttggatg ccacctctgg agggaaattc tgttttgaaa     32640
     tgacccacaa tgcccgagtg cacgtaaact tctctttgga ctttaccaca acattgcaga     32700
     gcgtagacaa tatattctct gaaatatttg ctgcagcaaa gaaagaatat atttgaaggg     32760
     agatgttagt taaggacatt accaaaaagc atattatatt aaaaatgatg atatattact     32820
     atacctggta tgactgaaac tatgtgtgag tggaagacac agaatcccaa agcctgcagt     32880
     gcagcctgac acagctcctc attctcactg gagatgtgaa cctaaaagac aataaatata     32940
     ttcaactgca gggatagacc aagttatctg taataattga ttggtcttag acgaaaagtc     33000
     attcattctt atacaattga cttcagtgaa gttttttttt ttacttatag atatgacaaa     33060
     cttactaaaa gcactttact aagacgtgca aaatgcttaa caaccacagg cagaaactgg     33120
     cgtccttctt ctccattaag tcggctggaa aaaagcaaag ttacacaata aatgtaaaag     33180
     ctgaaactta acagtattct tgcatgacac tgaaaaaatg aagtttaaag tacatcatca     33240
     ggttgagcat aggcatgagc cagtataaga ttctgactgt acgataagcc tggataaaaa     33300
     tatcaaggtt tcacagtttt acggtattgc gattactgct ctaaaataaa taaattattg     33360
     catcaagaga tattttgcca ctagttgaat gaaaattcca tcaaactggg ggatattagt     33420
     cagctgttta ttagaagtaa aattctgacc tagcatttgc aatcatttgc ctcacatcgt     33480
     gtcatcaaga gacccacaag agtgctacag atactttaaa atagattttt tttatgtaaa     33540
     aacaggctat ttgattgatt acatttcctt tagctaattt gtatatttca agaaaacatt     33600
     ttcttatgca ttgctgagta actatgaatg agaatgtcca cagtaatgtt gcatcatcag     33660
     ctttgtttgt ttatttattt gtcatttctt taaaatatga acccttcata aaaatctgag     33720
     cagtatttgt tttaatgcat agcatttggt ttttgttaaa caattaagaa accttagata     33780
     acccttaaac tttagataca ttaattacaa atggcagtat aatattctga ctgcgtgata     33840
     agcttggata aaaatatcaa ggtttcacag ttttacggta ttgcgattac tgctctaaaa     33900
     tatattcttt tttttaaatg cctgagtaaa aaaataacta cttttctaac taattctgca     33960
     atattttgga gcagtaaacg aacaggataa ttcaaatgaa tcattgactt ctactgtctt     34020
     cattagtttc aaaaacacag attttattgc aattttaatc agcatctttg gagatgtttt     34080
     cagccgagtt gtccaaaaaa agtttaagaa aaatggaaaa ataaaacctt acatatacca     34140
     tagtaacggt atagcagcag aaaattttgg atgttttaaa accattttca aactgcggta     34200
     tacattgaaa cggttatcgt ctcatgccta gttgagcatc tattttaacc ctagtaaaca     34260
     gggttctata cagctgcaga caattacata aattaaatac cttagttaaa agcacagata     34320
     tcttaaacag acatgtgatc agtcaaaaac ccttgaatct tgaaaaaaag caacattctc     34380
     caaatgatca gcatttacac atccacaaac aagtatttag ctctgccacg ttgttagtaa     34440
     actgtgcctg gagggaagtg acgacacatt gtctgtggct cagcagtcat gtccaagtat     34500
     aatttacaac gtgcataaga tgtgtgtttg ctttaggttt taatttaaag taaaatctca     34560
     ctttgcaagt aagcattaag aattatttga gtaacaacac catattgagt actgtcacaa     34620
     cgcaacaatt gggtggtgca tgtttgtttg cacttgcttt aaatctacac tcccctaaac     34680
     aaatactatg catgtggata aggtcattgt ttagagagac tttcgttttt atgcggttga     34740
     aacagcacat caatggtttc atttccaatg ccgaaaatta tgttttcatg taaacaaaca     34800
     ggcaaaatag tataaaaaaa tctaattttt cgctaaaatg gtttgtgcaa ttagcaaatt     34860
     tctaaattga gagggtaact gaaaagaatc tgtccatgag tgagacacag gttatgattt     34920
     tgccttcaaa ataaggaatg acgtgttctt tgtgtgaaaa gtagtggagt acagttatta     34980
     cagacattat tttttggaat gtagcgagat aaaagatacc aaataaaaaa acataatata     35040
     ggtggataaa tgtgctttag tacagtaaca agagggaaaa ccactgctgg ttcaatacat     35100
     gtgccctgct caatgttggg acttgtggaa ctgctcacag ttggattcgc tcttcagtgt     35160
     ttggacttaa ccacactaaa ctgaacttca actatgaaaa ttgtttcatt ttacaatgta     35220
     gaattgcttc tacactgtaa aagcgctata gaaacgaaga ttaaatcatg tggatgacat     35280
     tcatttgtaa tcaattttca tttgaaagta agacatcttt caggttgaaa tcttactttg     35340
     cttcaagcta aaaccttttt tgggggtgaa ctaacatttt aatcagcttc ttattctcaa     35400
     ttttacattc ggtgtggaca aaaaacagtc acctacacat ctaaaagagc taacagcatg     35460
     aagatgtcat tcacacattt cactaaaccc ctactggata aatacatgga ctcaaaggcg     35520
     gacacttact ttgcaatggt gatgtaggca tccgtctgcg ctgaaagccc agctgattca     35580
     tcttccaaac actccagaag aggaaggagg ctggtactgg ataaaggcac tgccgccatc     35640
     atcctcacaa cctgaaaaca caccaaagta ataaacacaa aatcaactac aagacacaac     35700
     aatgcaataa aatataacag ttttatttcc gttgtgcagt tggagctgag caaaacttga     35760
     aattcttgac ctctgacctt taaacaatat atttagaaca aaaagacccc taggacatgt     35820
     gggacattta aatgaattcc accatactta agttgtgcat caagtattcc aattctggac     35880
     cagcagaaca aaatgacatt taatgaataa ccagcatgtg caagaagaaa aaaaaactac     35940
     aattcatagt aaaatggcag taagtttgta aaacattcag tacatcgttt tctgtcgata     36000
     cacaaacatc aataatgtat acaaaacaaa atccatgatg ttaatttgtt tattcattag     36060
     tttataaaac atctgggcaa acaaaaccac acacacacac atcatgcatg ggatgtttag     36120
     ctagccaggt gcacgatatg ctaacaacaa catgcgatcc gttattatta aacctccgtg     36180
     acaaaaacat aatcacgtat tcactttttg atatacagtt tttaacaaaa ggacgtacct     36240
     cggttcgtct ttaaagcctt atatgcaaat ttaatggcag attatcgtct gtactttaaa     36300
     gctattgcgt tatcatgtgc gttgtgcgtc gtgctcctcg cctgcagcga acagggagat     36360
     caaaatgtga agtttactaa aaaacgtata aacatcgagt atatttttgc cgtaatcagt     36420
     ctaatccaac aggaacttcg cctacaaaga ctgcagagtt agcgagctag ttaccctcat     36480
     catgttaccc acccaacccc ctgagcacgc cactgctcaa cacgtctcac ctcgcgactg     36540
     aggactcgct gacaggctct gaaggcgatt tcatcaaaac tcaaactata tcagaggaat     36600
     cggatgagtt tatagcgtac agtgctgcta aatgttctcg actacgctgc gtctgtccac     36660
     tcctcactcc ccgcgaaaat gctggcgcca aacatgacgc gttaaaaacg tcaccttcaa     36720
     ccccacgtca gctcctccct tttataaatt atttatactt tgccactagt tgaatgaaaa     36780
     ttccatcaaa ctagggaata ttggtcagtt gtttatcata agtgaaattc ggacctagca     36840
     tctgaaaata tttgcctcac gtcgtgtcat caagagaccc acaagagtgc tacagatact     36900
     ttaaaattaa tattttttta atgtaaaaac aggctatttg attgattaca tttaattttg     36960
     cttatttgta tatttcaaga aaacattttc ttatgcattg ctgagtaact acgaataaga     37020
     atgtccacag taatgttgca tcatcagctt tgtttgttta tttatttgtc atttcttcaa     37080
     aatatgaacc attcgtaaaa atctgagtag tttttgtttt aatgcatagc atttgctttt     37140
     tggtaaacaa ttaaaaaacc ttagataaac cttagacatt agatacatca attacaacag     37200
     atgtttgtaa gcattaggtg taaaccactc tttataatgt tctccattgc cactgatgct     37260
     tcaaattcat agaacctttc caatggcaaa aaaacttatt tatggtataa taacatcttt     37320
     tgaataattc aaatgtcttt cacacttata aaggggttgt tataaggata aaacagaaca     37380
     ttctgtcatt gtttactcac ccgttacttg ttccaaacct gtttgacttt ctttcttctg     37440
     ttcttccgtt ggacattaaa aagcatattc tgaagaaaga tggaaacctg taaccattga     37500
     cttgcatagt atttgttttt cttacttcaa catgtcaaat gttaccgata gttagctctc     37560
     gtcaaaatat ttattttatg atctaataaa ggtttaaaac caattgagag tgagtaaatt     37620
     gtgaaaattg ttatttaatt tttgggtgaa agtcttttaa gaaatgcttt ctgaaagctt     37680
     ctgtgggaaa ctcaaagtgg tttttagcat tgctgtgaaa ttcccttttg gattttcctt     37740
     ttttattata tatacttaaa tacaatgagg cgtttctgaa aatatgcatt ttacatggaa     37800
     aaataatgca ccatacaggt ttgaaacaac atgacagtaa atgatcacag acttcacttt     37860
     tacgcaaact ttcgctttaa tacaatgttt tcaaaacaat cagttctgtc ttaatttaaa     37920
     cagatgtata taactgtaat tctaagcatt gtaagcaagt tatatttcca agagaataat     37980
     atatataact aaaagatttt tattaaatgg tgtttacatt aaaacactgc aacatactgt     38040
     tttaaacaca ctgtcaaaca ctattattgg acaaattaaa taaaatattg taagtgtgtt     38100
     tgagaaatgt tcacaggccc atgttaaatc tgtgattatt tattgcttca atattgcacc     38160
     agtgatttaa gtaaaaatat aaaatagaca gttgttaaaa aaagctgagg gtttgttgta     38220
     ttaaaaatgc agtggtcaag agaaggagtc agcaagaagg tcaaagagct gtgaggagtt     38280
     cacagagatg tactgcagct taaagcctcc agctgtcacc gaagaatcag agcgaaactt     38340
     cagagtcatg acgtttccta agacaaaata cacaaacaca caaggtaata ctataaccag     38400
     ttgtactaaa atagaattga ttatttgtgg atccttaatg ccctagcaca attcaaatac     38460
     ttatagagtg cttgtcacat tcattcgttt tcttttcggc ttagttccat tattaatcag     38520
     gggtcgcctc accggaatga accgctaact tattcagcat gtgttttctg caatggatgc     38580
     ctttccagcc acaacccagc actggggaaa cacccataca ctcttgcatt cacacccaca     38640
     aatacattat ggccaattta gcttattcaa ttcatctata gcacgtcttt ggactgtggg     38700
     ggaaacttga gcacccacgc caacatgggg agatcatcca aattccaaac agaaatgcca     38760
     aatgacccag ccggggttca aaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcgctaccca     38820
     ctgtgccata atgtcgcctc tgtttgtcac ataaaacaac ttatttacta tttacacaag     38880
     taaaatcaag gtaatgtaaa tagtatgcta ttgaaaataa tggtagatgc tatttggccc     38940
     tcagtgtttt gtaatatatt gtaaaacagt ctgcacttat ccaccctgaa catgcagatc     39000
     agcgaaggtg tccatgaagg ttcaggaagg gagccacgat tatatggttt taaacatata     39060
     aattacatgc agtggtggaa agagtactga aaaatcatac tcaagtaaaa gtttgattac     39120
     ttacccaaaa atgtagaaca caaagagtaa aagtatttgt tgtatatatt acttaaagta     39180
     tgcgtaaaaa gtagaccttt taaaagtact caagggaaat gagtagtgag tattatgctg     39240
     ggagagtgtg atgcgttcaa tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgaaaa cttaacgttc tgtagtgcat     39300
     ttagttattg tttaaggcca tttcagtcgc catacagtaa acatctgcca tcttctcatc     39360
     agtgacatgc cattaaaata gtctctgggt cattttgtca ttaaagattt tggacatctt     39420
     cttggaaact tttgatgctt ctaaatggtt agcagcattt atgaagcatc catgtcttga     39480
     ggttgtttag tatgattcaa ttttgtgcga tttgattgga caggaatcac atgactgatt     39540
     tttctacttt agccaatctc catagacagg ttttttaaat agtgactgcc gattgaagga     39600
     aaatagtgga gtaaaactac cgatacagca ctaaaaatgt actcaaagga atgtaaaagt     39660
     acactttgtt aattacaatt cctaagaaaa cttactcaat tacattaatt tgagtatttg     39720
     caattgttac tttacaccac tgattatatg cattcaactt tatgcttaca attgtatttt     39780
     attatacttc agggttcata aaagcctgca tgcaaacatg ttaatgtgtt gacacaacag     39840
     caaatttcag ctataggcca caaacaccca tcagacatta attcattcat tcattttctt     39900
     gttggcttag tccctttatt aatccgaggt cgccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc     39960
     cagcaagttt ttacacagcg gatgcccttc cagccgcaac ccatctctgg gaaacacaca     40020
     cattcacaca ctcatacact atggacaatt tagcctaccc aattcacctg tgccgcatgt     40080
     ctttggactg tgggggaaac cttcgcgtgg gcagggagaa catgaaaact ccacacagaa     40140
     acaccaactg agccgtggtt cgaaccagca acccagcgac cttcttgctg tgagacgaca     40200
     gcaataccta ctgcgccact gcctcgccca cccatcagac agtgctgggt aaattactta     40260
     taaattgtac ttattcaaaa tagcatgtag ccagaaataa aatctatatt acgtactgca     40320
     ggtaataata ttctgactat ttttggatta ccttcaaatt aattttgacc agacttttta     40380
     aaaatctgaa gcatggatcc caaaggaatt tacataacat ttatactgat ttttttaagt     40440
     ttttttattt gaaataaata tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gtgaccccag attaataaag     40500
     ggactaagct aaaaagacaa attaatgaat gaaataaata cattttaaag ctgataaata     40560
     atgggaaaaa gtagaatagg atccaaactc aggtcagtgt ctttactcac acctcacact     40620
     atagtgtctg ggtggcgcta gtaaaaaaat agcacttgcc aacaagaaag acactccaaa     40680
     ggatggctta aaagtgccct ataaagaaaa tctatatgta cctaggcata gtcgaataac     40740
     aatagattag tatatggaaa tgttcatatc gtgatgtaaa tctcatgtaa attccacaag     40800
     tgtaaaacca agcctatctg aacacaatac agactgttgc gttgctcaca aggcttgccc     40860
     ttagcatttt catgtagcta ttttaggtca cattctatgt catcaggact tgacaaagag     40920
     ccaagtcatc atcagttcag tagccacaac tgttgcacac aggatcatta gtatttttcc     40980
     ccaggctgca ttatacactg gccgagagag cctaacacgc tgcaatttaa gaaagcacat     41040
     gcaattacaa aaaaacacca gcaaataaag aaactatctc catcaatttg acagcacatg     41100
     tgttgcaaat tcggacacaa acaactaagg aaacaagcag caaattggtc acaacacaaa     41160
     caattgaaaa aaactgcagc aaatcagtca caacacaaac aattgaagaa acgctcaaca     41220
     aattggacac aacacttgca aatatgcaca taacacaaca gaaatgtttc taggggaccc     41280
     aaaacaatgg atgtattatt attatgctgt gactgttgct cagtgaagtg attggtggtc     41340
     tttgaaaggt gagttgtttt ttggttattt taatatcctg attacacgac acaaataaac     41400
     aacacatcca tatctcagca gggtccgtca tggttttggg tcacttcgaa acatttgcgt     41460
     tgtgttactt tgcaagtgtt gtgaccaatt tgttgagcgt gtcttcagtt gtttgtgttg     41520
     tgaccgattt gcaactcgtt tcttcagttg cttgttttgt gaccaatttg caacacatgt     41580
     gctgtcaaat tgatgaatat agtttcttta tttgctggtg ttttgtgtaa ttgcatgtgc     41640
     tttcttaaat tgcagtgcat taaagggcca tgacaccccc cactttcgat taaagtctac     41700
     ttcagaattt ttttaaaaag atgcatgatc aatgggcgtg gagctacgcg agcatcgggc     41760
     aggagtgggc gtagccagca ggggagaacg tgagcgaacg aagctagctc acaaaatgag     41820
     acaaaccgtg aggagacgca tgagtttata gtttacaaag ttaaaatgca aagaaatgaa     41880
     tattataata atattataat aatgagaaac cgacgtgtca tcattgcact tgcagtactg     41940
     cgctatgtcg ccgattttga tcccgcccaa aaaatcattt taaacccgga agctgaaatt     42000
     agctgacaaa agctcaaaat tatccagttt tccccacaat taaagctgac aggtgctaaa     42060
     attgtcttaa ctgatgctca acacacacaa atctgttaat atacaaaaaa aagttctcca     42120
     gggtgtcctg aacctttaaa gatctctctg ccaccgtagc attaacttac ttgggacttt     42180
     gtaaaatgga agatgcagca aaaatacagc tgcaccaggt tttctttgca ttgctatgtg     42240
     gcatatacgg aatatcaatt tattccaagt ggtgctcgct gcagagccat ttgaggagag     42300
     ctgagctcca gcgaggggga gcttaagctt gagctccacc ttttttgcac ttcttctacg     42360
     agtgatgtca ctgggggtag ggttaggggt ggggttggtg tacgcattaa aacagcttac     42420
     aggaggagga gcgacagctc atgctccccc tcgctggagc tcagctctcc tcaaatggct     42480
     ctgcagcgag caccctctca tttattcagc tccaccccaa gaagcataag atatgtttac     42540
     ctgtattttt tgttaatttc ttgtgtttat cgtgtaattt gccaaatatg tttgtaatga     42600
     atccataaac atagactact gagtatacat gttcacttag tataaaatgc gtgttcaata     42660
     ataatgccat ctgactcagc cgtttctgtc atttttcaga agtgaaagaa catcaggaca     42720
     ctttttaaca tcatctgttt atgctgatgt tgatggtact tcctgtttgt ggttttattt     42780
     acattacagc atcaaaatat agcacaatac atctctgtca gtctcttttg ttgagtttaa     42840
     ttatgattta gtccataatt tcccacaata caactcagga gcaaaatagg tttctctgaa     42900
     gggtttatat tagatagctc actcactcaa tccaagtaaa ataaacctcc accacttaag     42960
     ttaaaaagtt ttaacaaggc atctacttgt gtgtaaaaat atcttataga caaatatagt     43020
     tttttatttt cacgtgttta tttgagagta agtcatgatg ggtgtgcgtt gtaagagact     43080
     gtgtgtgtta gtgagagaga gggagacaga gagtgccctg agctctcttc atgaccattc     43140
     catatatggt caatatggga cttctgagtc aagggacatt ttatgaagta ataaatgtat     43200
     atattaaatc atttcttgag ttttgcttta actaacctat gatataccaa ctatgtagat     43260
     atcagagaac aatttaacat attgaatcaa tgcaatatat ggcacattta aaggtgcaat     43320
     agagtgcaat gattcaatgt taaattgttc tctgatatct acatagttgg tatgtgtctt     43380
     ataagttaaa ctatttctca gaagtggttt tgaacatata ggggccgttt acacctagtc     43440
     acatcatttt attttttttt ctgaaaaggg caggttagag tgtattcaca ctaggcacgg     43500
     ttgtctatac ttatatttac ttatcaatca tcataaatca ataaaataat cccttataaa     43560
     taataataag aatgtaataa tttttacagg ggagaataga aaagatattg tctgatagaa     43620
     agaaaaatct catattaaca catttaaaaa taaaagttta ttattcagtc aaatttacaa     43680
     taatctaatt tgcacagctt ttagaatata cagatcaatc atcataaaac ttgatgaaac     43740
     cacaaatctt tgataaatct ttgattaaaa tatattaaat gacgaaaatt aacacattta     43800
     accagcaatt attatagtca aattcacaac aatctcattt gagcttgtat ttatatgctc     43860
     atatcaatta ttataaaact atgagataaa acagaagaag aaacttaatc tttgttattc     43920
     caagtcatgt ttattatgaa tatgttaatg tgaacaatga gcctaaaaat aaagttatat     43980
     taatatcaac ggcaacactc tcgcaaaata cctagctgat ttagtcgttg cctaacgaca     44040
     taaaaaacaa taaaaacaca ccgtggtcct tttttttctt gtaaacaaaa gggcagtgcg     44100
     gtgcacctca cgtttttgga acgtaaatgc gcatttggtg taatcggccc cttaggttgt     44160
     aacttagtct ttaaaaacag caatgctttc ttggcatatt agacctaccg ctttctgtcc     44220
     gatattggtg tagaagtatt ttgttgtcca ttcttcctta aacatgaaat tcaaagagaa     44280
     ttttttattt ttttgcctga ctccttttca gtcattaacg gtcgagtgca ttttaatatc     44340
     cgaaagtgtt ctaattctac tggttgcact aactgtacca tgtgcattac tgccatcaca     44400
     tggtgctcac ttgttttgca tcattaattt tactaattct gaacccaaac cattacagca     44460
     ttttaaaaac tcccttgcag gccgaacgaa agtgttcagc agactgcatt tggcctgcgg     44520
     gctgtagttt gcccacctct gtattagaag gttttctaaa ggtgcagcag gtagtttgca     44580
     tatttaatca actataacag tttgcgttca ttgaaaagta agaatgatta ataaatccat     44640
     acgaaacact acaagcatat tgcgccaaag ctcaaccaaa ccacactctg gcacacctct     44700
     ttcaaccggg caaggggctg gccaaatgaa ctgcacccag gcgtgatcca aatgcactca     44760
     ggcacatagt ctggtacacc ctaaaattcc ctccaaaatg catgcaaaat ggatataaag     44820
     ccgatcactc agaccacttc aggaggagct cacgttatgt catttccatg tactgaactc     44880
     ttgtcattca gctatgtcta ggtataacca gattttgatt ctaaggcact tttatttaat     44940
     aatttcaaac tcaagtgttt taaaataaaa aaatatttaa aaaaaacaat gactataaat     45000
     gcatacctgt acttatgaag tcatctggaa gttgatcacc acagtatcta aacagaattg     45060
     acacataatt atcattattt ttcagatgtt ttaaaatcat ttctgaactg taaactgtca     45120
     gcacttaaat cctaagattg tttactaatg tttttaccaa tgcttagaaa aacaataaga     45180
     gctgttgttt accttccaac aaagcctgaa acatcatcat agctgtcgta gatctccagg     45240
     tgatcgctga gacaatcggt gtcctcctca atgtcaaagt ctagaaagtg caggcggatt     45300
     cgatggccga agcgaacacg aatgtgccag tagcaaatct gctcatcctg gtactcgtct     45360
     ggataaccag gagaaactaa caccttctcc ggatctgtgt gcactcctcc acactcttta     45420
     gctgtaaatt aacataaaca tttagaaaca taatgtatag aaactgttcg acctacactc     45480
     caaatatcta aatatctaaa aattctttag tcaaaaaaac tttaccagac aaataagtaa     45540
     aataatataa taaattaata aaattatttt aagaaacaat attccaaaat taagtaagtt     45600
     ttcccctaaa acaagctaaa taatctggca atggggtaag caaaataatt ttatgtgaaa     45660
     attaaaacct agatcatttt tgtagcattt tttcccatgt aatgaatgaa ggggtcattt     45720
     attttcatta gtttgagtca caactagacc agaaaaacta atatgcatga ataagtataa     45780
     atgcatgcaa tgcatcatgt gttatgctaa agcagaccat gacaaatcca aacactgact     45840
     gtggtttaag tgggtgttca gtgacaaaca cacactgaac cctgccctga atgaggtagt     45900
     gactgggtga taacgtaccc agagaataaa ttatttttcc tggttgcatt atgttgcaat     45960
     gaactatcag aaaaactcaa accaaacatt tctcttagtt gtgcgtgttg atttataaag     46020
     tttcatcaga ttagatgata atcatgttta gattaatcta gattaagagt ttactttgta     46080
     aaacatgtct gttatttaaa catccaacat ctatcaaagg gatttgtgcg tctctttggt     46140
     caggatttat tctttgatgc tctttgagat cactgctgac tcaagttctc catggagaga     46200
     atctctttca ctggctcatt acaaatcagg ggaacagtgc cagtcacaaa ctcagctggg     46260
     tctctggtaa agtattacca caccttgtaa aaccttcaca ggctttgttt aaattattca     46320
     cagtgaacca ttttgcatta gactcttcca aattcacaca aggaaacaac agccagagaa     46380
     aacaagcaag aatattacaa gaaactatat atcttttgac aacactatgt ctattgaaat     46440
     gttcaaagga gtatactgtc atttgctgct aaggctcatt gtatttctgt ccatctggca     46500
     ttaagtcatg aaacagccat cacactttcc caaaaacatt tagtcatggt agtatttttc     46560
     cagagcacat cctatcccac ccttagtttg gagaccaatg aaagcctgaa ttatgatatc     46620
     aattaatcat ctttacctcg tggagattta tatcttactt tcaagctaat gcctacaaac     46680
     ctaatctgtc caacttttct atgtcaaaac aactatctgg tcactataga tctccccaca     46740
     gatttgccag tcagccattt ctcaaactca cccacagggt tgtagcagta gacatcccat     46800
     cgctcacttt tgtttagccg gtatccgtaa tcaatgatcc cgaccttccc gaaaccacag     46860
     ttggagccag ctttaacaat aggatagccc acacgtcctt tatccaacca tccggctgca     46920
     cacacatgga accctttggg agaatgacag ttgctttcaa attgtgcaaa aaaagtctac     46980
     tttatcttct aaatgaacac cagtttatct aaatgcatct atttaagaca ttttagagat     47040
     gaacagtaca aaacagtgtt gagtaaagtt acttttaaaa gtaatatata gcaatcttta     47100
     acccatcgta aagggcacct acaattcaaa tcatctgtta gctgtttgga cataactgtg     47160
     tgtaggtata gtgtgtccac tgtcatattg gagtgataga aagccaacaa gtcttttttt     47220
     atttcctgac tgagtcattt gtgtgagact catcatttca gaagggattg aataaacgct     47280
     accacaaatg catgaaataa acttgcttgg aatttttgac taatgagctg tatttcagct     47340
     tcattcgtgt ctgtttctat cactgactgc tagggatgta acggtattgt aaataccgtc     47400
     ataccgcaat attaattttt ttcgatatta ccgtagtcgc atgactcggt aaaactatag     47460
     gtcttctgag aaaatttgct caggcgaatg aagcgaatgg gaggtagcga aaactacaat     47520
     tcccatcagc caatgcttga ccatcatccc ttgcggtctg ttgtcgctac agatccagta     47580
     atgcggaaat gaagtgtgct gctagaagcg gggatgaaaa agagctggaa aactctaaag     47640
     cgggtgttgt cgcaacgcgc gtactgaata gcggtgttgt cgcgcgagtt cttatcagct     47700
     gtgttgtcgc gcgcgtactg aatagcggtg ttgtcgcgcg agttcttatc agctgtgttg     47760
     tcgcgcgcgt actgaatagc gatgttgtcg cgcgagttct tatcagctgt gttgtcgcgc     47820
     gcgtactgaa tagcggtgtt gtcagcacac tgttcagatt gatgcagaca tgagacctct     47880
     atctcactca tggtttgtcc tctcaagtgg gggaaagaca atgcacaacg ttacccactg     47940
     ctgtcaacct gggccaagtc atatctctct tgtcccagaa acctcagtcc caaatgagag     48000
     ggtttttttc tgttgcaggg gacattgtaa atacccagag ataccagctt ttaccagatt     48060
     atatttatat gataatttcc tttaaaccca tctctatcta agtgagtgag tgattaaatg     48120
     ttgaatgtga tgagttttca acaatactaa attgaaactt aattttttta catggtttaa     48180
     tatttttttg ttattaaaat tgaagttcct gtttcaaagc ttacagagag atgactaatt     48240
     tgtatttcat tgacactttt ggcacttttt tggagtattt tcataagttt tgttttttcc     48300
     tgtaaatgat tcaataaata ccgtaccgtg acattcatac cgaggtatta ccgaaccgtg     48360
     aaattctgat accgttacat ccctactgac tgctgtttat ctagcgtagc atgagaagca     48420
     gacacacacg tgggaatggt gggtggggag cagcagctca tttgtattta aagacacagg     48480
     ctatacaaaa acagctaaac tgcacttaga cactaaaatg ggcagattct ggaggttata     48540
     ataaatattc tgatgggtat tttgagctga aactttacag acacattctg gagacacaat     48600
     aggcttatct tacatctaat aaaagtggta aaataggtgc cctttaatct taatcttaaa     48660
     aaaaaaatta aagatacact caaaatatgg ctggtagttc aaactaccta gttaaaacta     48720
     gttgaaacaa cacaattctt acaattttta gaggacaaat taattgttta attttcaatt     48780
     cacttaaatt tggaaaataa aaatgagtaa gttaacctaa cttgtgttgg gacaacatga     48840
     aggaattgtg tagaacactg cattttttac aatgtaacat aaaactattt aaacattact     48900
     tcgctagttg gcaaagtttt agtgagaaaa gggggtaggg aaatgtcctc gagcagggat     48960
     tcaaactcag gacactatta tgtgctactg caccatttgg ttattttcat ttggttaatt     49020
     aattcctttc agaaaaaaag ttcaaagctc ttataacagc atctgcacat tttggtttct     49080
     gtttagactg aatacaaatg ttctccgtga caaaactaat aactgacgac ggatatccgt     49140
     ttttttaggg gtatgaagaa taaaaggctc ttgtgctctg agaagccatg agtactattt     49200
     acagacagca gatgagagat aaaaagaaaa gcagacctcc tgcattgagt gccataggcc     49260
     agtacaaacc actaaatgtt gtcattacag atccgagctc acgtctggat caaatttact     49320
     cttgcagcaa aaaaatggag tcattttact agaaaacagg tgttgcttct cagtcagcac     49380
     atgacaatga cttttacagt tcaaacataa cactgggtgg catgcgaaga gtttaaatcc     49440
     atgtttatat gatgtgtgca aatatttaat ctagcctatc tatgagaatg ttatcactct     49500
     actagctgac tgattcagat gtggcctaaa agagtttctg attggttact gttagacaat     49560
     aaagcctatt cactgcaatc ccagtaacag gacatcaacg ccattgctgt gggcgagacc     49620
     ctgcattgct gtttcttttg gcatctgatc taagtgtgat ttgtaagtgc gatacaaacc     49680
     aatttggcga gcagcttcca gttgatcaaa cgtagcaaga gtgcccccct caaaattgca     49740
     cacggccttg gcttccttgt atgtcagctg atatcttccc ttgcgagatt cgcggtggta     49800
     aactccagct gcttgctctg taaggagaga gaacatactt ctcatttggc aacattatca     49860
     gcttcaagga cccaagtgga gttatctggc tctgttcagt gtctcagatc agtgattcta     49920
     cttgtctact taaattgcgt cagactaaaa acagaatgca tgttttagaa acttcccagt     49980
     gttttaaagg aacactcact ttttttggga attaggctta ttttataaat cacctaaagt     50040
     taaatcgtta aaattacata tttttaaatc cattcagctg atttctgagt ttggcggggc     50100
     actttaagct tagcttagca taaacaattg aatcggatta gaccattagc atctcattta     50160
     atagttttaa ataagtcttt tgattttttc ctatttaaag ttttatactt ctgtacttac     50220
     actatctact aagaccgaag taatataatt gtgcctgcca gccatggtac agcagcaaag     50280
     tcccttgatt acttcaccag aaagagagta tagttcatag ccatattata acccaaaaaa     50340
     tagttatttt aattatctgt tggtcttgta actacaacca actcaagctt gaaataggaa     50400
     aattatcaca actctttatt gattatttta gccaaatgtt aatggtctaa ttaatccgat     50460
     atgcttagct aaaactaagc tggcttcaat gttttactct aagtgacata aaaaatgcgg     50520
     agtgttcctt taatgtgcaa gacatcctga atacatgagg gacaaacatt atgtacatcc     50580
     agttgatgtt gtaagattag taaaccagat gcagacttcg ttttgggctc tgtctgctgc     50640
     tcacagaaca tcatgctgtt ttgcagttgt ttttaagcat acatgcatgc ataaccttga     50700
     agaagttgga ttccatacca aattacttat gagccaatac ttttactctg ctggctttaa     50760
     acatcaatgc tctcagaata ctgcaatcat tagtgagctc taaacatctt tttttggggg     50820
     gaagtaagtc ggagagtcat ttaaagttaa tactgtagct tatgtactgt aagtgctttc     50880
     atatgtgcag tggtcaagcc actgttccac taaaagtaaa caaatgaaac tgtacacaat     50940
     gtgggaaata tatagtgact ttcagggaaa ataaatctgt tacagtaatt ttattgtctt     51000
     ctaatttagt atatgtacat ctaaatatac aaataatcta tgtaaagtta ataatctaaa     51060
     gaaaagttat tttataccat taaagggatt ggcaacaaag ccatagaaga accttgtttt     51120
     ttgcaaaaaa taaaaaactt ttaggaacca ttgagtggcc agaaaagaac aattacttta     51180
     gaagtgtaca ggatgtattt gtaatgtata aatatattag taagtgaagc taaattaaat     51240
     atacaatcta aaagtcagat ataaaaagaa catgatatgg acaaatagga aaaccggggc     51300
     cagttaaata aacattgcct acatgtttaa ccaattagta gttagccaat gggtaatggt     51360
     ctgtcttgct ttttagattc aaattagagt aatcaacctt tttgttacta attcaaaagt     51420
     aataactact cttgaaagaa aaaaatgtaa ctttttctgg gttaattcaa ctcaaattgg     51480
     gtaaaatata gacaaaccca atcttgaatt caatttggac taattaattt aataaaaaat     51540
     attaacctag tcgttggatt ttttacattt taccacaaat tgtattgaaa tagcacagta     51600
     ttttatttat ttattattat aaaccagtgt atgcaacttg cacaaattgg tgtgaaaaaa     51660
     atagtaacca caaattaaac acacttttgc cacacaaacc atattgacaa cagtatttta     51720
     gttttaccag acctaaagaa actgttaata actatagtag tttttttttt ttgtattatc     51780
     aatttgtttt caagtggaag aaaaataaac aacttataca ctcttaaaat atttccatga     51840
     agaatcgtca atattcatgg aaacttttca tcccacaaaa ggttcttata ttggaaaatg     51900
     ttctttagat tattaaactg ttcttcacaa cgacgaaatg gttgtttgaa gtaggggagc     51960
     gcagggcaca acataacgca gggttaaatg taacagagtt ttaaggtatt tgctcagggt     52020
     taaccatggc atgcttccaa gttttcacca gtgtcagcag atgtcttcct gccaattaat     52080
     gaaaattgtc ggcgaaattt ggatgagaaa cacaggagaa accatttttg cagcataaaa     52140
     gtatttttta ttatactcaa tatttttttt atttaaaaga aatctgtgaa cgtatgaaca     52200
     taaaatcgta tgaaaaaaat atatattgtt gtgatcacct tcttctaggc taaaaagtga     52260
     aaccattttg aaagatgtaa gatacacaca gtgaaaacac cacacagcgg aggttagtaa     52320
     cagggtgtta caattaagcc acaaatttag ttggacacca attaaaccca caaaacattt     52380
     ttttgaattt tgagtgtaat gttgagaact tcttaaataa aaatgttttt taatagaaaa     52440
     tattgttata atagaatttt tttattgtta attatgcaaa caaatgtgtt gtatgcattt     52500
     atccataata atagataaat ggacaataat gcaaataaat tcaaatgtgt ttttttccaa     52560
     taaataaata aatacataaa aatactgtgc tatgtagaat aaaaaggaaa tgagccaagt     52620
     actgaggaaa tgtagctatt atttaaagta aactgaattt aaattaattg tgtgaaatca     52680
     gcctttaaac gcatgttaca actaaccccc tgtatgttac aacttgcccc gcaggtgggg     52740
     tagatagaaa caattttact cctggcactt ttggcaatac tgcacagaaa ccataatttc     52800
     agtgctcatt tgtaggaaag gcttgtgtgt tgttggtaaa aatatggttt gtctaacccc     52860
     attacttagt tcattatttg accaaaacca aaaagtgtta ctttgtgccc cgctctcccc     52920
     tatatttttc actaaaacaa caatagacca atggcacttt catggcatca ctggttcgtt     52980
     ctattttaag aagtatctga aggacattgg ttgtccaaat atttgttagc taatctgaag     53040
     gtttcagttt aggattttaa taaagcattt acaaaaggcc tgatttagaa cccacactag     53100
     tataaactag ctaacctaag ttcagtttga aaaagttaat ttcagcttga gggaatataa     53160
     acctttattt cgcacactat ttatttaaca tggtataaac caaatgctaa cgttacagct     53220
     aaccaacaat aaatagtata tcgtgtgttt ataccgttcc taatatcacc atgagtttat     53280
     cctgaaatga ccatgagttt ctgggacaat ccttaaagtg ttgtgaggtg ccttgacgtt     53340
     aagttgtaat acaccgtgac aaaatgaagt aatttccctc tgtttacaag gtatcttcag     53400
     actgcctgca ctgacagcct tcacagaact tttaacatgc ccctggggcc aacgcgacat     53460
     gtacgaaaca cacacgcggc aaaatagtag ccaattgaac ggtagtttgc ggtacaaaac     53520
     aaacaaaata cctaaactag acaaatcccg aaatccaaat aaaaaatagt agactactgt     53580
     tctactaaac acaatagcct acttgaaatc acaagtaaaa acgaaaagaa ctgaaggaaa     53640
     tacccagcca gatggagttg tgcagtattc cattcttgta accccaagct tcagtctcct     53700
     tcaggacgat taaaacgcca aacacggctg ttagcgcgcg catggctctc agtccgcagt     53760
     ggctcataca gatgtttgcg cagctgtcac gcactcaact gtgaacatca ggcgaaacac     53820
     aagtttaaat ggttcccccc ttcctaggct gcgttatgtg gggtctgacg tgtgatttca     53880
     gtaaatgatg acgatagtac gggctggatc gggaaagacc ccggtgatgt attatacagc     53940
     aaaaagcagt acaatttact atataaatga attaatgtag aggaatattg ctttaagtca     54000
     ttgggatttt cttgaaaggg gcagttcact taaaatgtaa gttctgctct gatttactta     54060
     cctcccaatc attctaaatc tgaatgactt tcttcagtcg aacagaaaac aagatatttt     54120
     tgaagattag tggttggtaa attgtgttgg ggtcaattgc ctttcattga ggggaaaaac     54180
     actgtggaaa agacaagaag ttcttttatg tttcagagaa gaaataaagc cagttataga     54240
     atgttggggt gaattgtttg attcttatat gcaccttaaa agtctcttta cagtttacag     54300
     aacactttaa gaaaatgttc caatactttt ccccccctag aagccataga aaaaaacatg     54360
     tttaatcccc aataaaagag caggtaaaac tatagtttaa agaacatttt aaaaaattta     54420
     aagaaggatt aaatgattag gattaaagtt gcatttaaat acttatttaa aaatgtagca     54480
     taaaacaagt ataaaactat tttaattgta aacagcattt tattcaaact atttagaata     54540
     tttcttttat aaaaatgaag taatatattt tcagacattt attacaacac atcaatgttt     54600
     taacttcaga ggaatggaga aatcattgtt tggtggaata actcttgttt tcaatcacag     54660
     caaattatta ttaatgttgt tgtcattaat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat     54720
     tattattatt gcctgtttag tttttctggc ccatttaatg gaaaaaagtc tcaaaattga     54780
     aatctgaagt aatgctttat aattaaacaa aaattcacat tttacagaaa cctataacta     54840
     aaataattcc aatatgagaa tttgtaagca gtctcttaat atatattttt ttctagattt     54900
     atatattttt tgaaattgca ccctaaacac aaaactggac agaaactcaa taatctgagc     54960
     tctcattaaa atcattacgc aactgttcct tttttaatag aatttatttt tggcaacata     55020
     taaagactgt caagactaat tgctaccagg cttcatcaaa ataacacttg tggattgtgt     55080
     ctgacttaga tttaagagct gttgagtcac gcgttctctt tcacagagcg gtctgctgca     55140
     taaatttaaa accgttattt ccattcctcc ctctcataat tttgtgccat tctctaacac     55200
     tgcccagctc actgtgtgct ttaatgcagg cactttagac cgggatgaac ctacaacaca     55260
     ccctcaagac tgagcacact tcatgaaaac tgccaaagaa aagtttaaac aggaactctt     55320
     cacatttatc tgtttcattg atgaggtaat gtatttatta tattaatatt ggcttacacg     55380
     ctatgctttg tgacgtaatt aatggattac ttaattagat catttactat tttaattata     55440
     atacattgtg cccaaattaa ttacttccag aataacagtt tacagggctg ggttttagta     55500
     tagccactca taactctctc ctaaaagtgt acaggaagta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     55560
     aagaacatta actgtatcac agaatagagg atgagctgga tgtctttaaa atattactag     55620
     catcttttca catattagca tggttgccag gatttcacaa tgaaactatt ccaatggcct     55680
     cattatcaca ataataccaa aactcaaaat atgccatgcc agttcataaa ctacatattt     55740
     aacacgacta tacacagttt gatagttaat atgaatattc tgttttaaga ttgagcaccc     55800
     agctgtcatg atgtaagtaa caagtgctgt ccagttaaaa atgtaatgtg ggaaggcaaa     55860
     tgcagaataa actccatatt gtcaaatgaa tttaaaatga cagatatttt taagatatta     55920
     cgattatatt aagattatta tactgcagta aatttcattt gttctacgcc atgtatttaa     55980
     aatatgaaga attattttgc catagtattg tctatggatt cagcttgtgt tcctcacagt     56040
     gcttgtttga agtctgcatg aaaacaaaat atcattttat tttgctagcg cacattagtt     56100
     gaacaatgaa tctgtttaag ttaatccact gaaaaaataa aagttgtttt tgctgcaata     56160
     atcttaacca caatcttttt gtgttattat gcaagaaaga acatttacaa agatacaata     56220
     tgaacaaaga gacaaaaaag ttgcataaat aaaattccag caaattaaaa aagtttaaat     56280
     gatttacacc aagaaagagt gcaatataat ttttacagtc ctttaaggag cttacacata     56340
     aatcaaaatc ttttctgaaa ataaaaaagt aagagtgttt ctttgaaaat gtacatttat     56400
     agatgtaaaa tgtagccaga aaaagcaata aattaataat aaattgacaa tgacaaggac     56460
     attcaaagac tatcattttt ggggaaatac aaaagtttgg aaagaagaat tctttattag     56520
     aaaagtcaac ccaaaacact ttacagtaag tgcactgcca aaataaatga tttagtgttt     56580
     cgtcaatcat tcattcattc attcattcat tttctttttg gcttagtccc tttattaatc     56640
     tagagttgcc acagcggaat gaaccaccaa tttatccagc accattttac gcagcagatg     56700
     cccttcaagc cgcaacccat ctctgggaaa catccacaca ctcattcaca catatacact     56760
     acagacaatt tagcctaccc aattcacctg taccgcacgt ctttgaactg tgggggaaac     56820
     ctggcataaa ttattagata taaataatat ttctgaaaaa gtaaaagctg ttcccaatct     56880
     atgtccccaa atatactatt ccaaaaacct atgcaagcag gtaaagacat ctgagaacta     56940
     ttaataacta agcaaatatc tttgtttgac atagaactgg gaagagtttg gtcaacaaaa     57000
     aggtttgtgt cgtcaaaaat aaaagaatct aatgaatctt tagggccaga tttgacaacc     57060
     ataaccctcc tacttttaaa ctgctatgag gtgaggatgt gcaaagccat gcccctactc     57120
     aatattcatt ttaattttgt aaatacatca acatgctgaa ataaaagtct caacaacttc     57180
     cagttgaggc agattttaaa cagactttta tctaatgctc cagttcttca acaactaaat     57240
     gaatgcttgg gtctatatag ctgactatat tttggttcaa tttaatattg atgctgtaaa     57300
     aagaaccttg taaaattagt cacattaaca tttcaccaga ggtttaccag aggttgaaaa     57360
     gtatttccat gcatatgatg catttgttga caaagaaaaa caccatccta gaacatttat     57420
     ttaaactaac ttgtcagagt aaaacacttt aatgtaacca tttaaataga actgatgcaa     57480
     tatgttaaac cttcatgtaa caaataaaaa aataaacttg tggtatgagg ttaagaagcc     57540
     ccaaaactgt gtgaaaactg caaacttggc aaccctgcat atgagaggtc tttattccat     57600
     taaataatcc tccaagtttc aaggcttaaa acaccttcct tgtaatgtga catcacaagg     57660
     gtgcttcatt tgcatataca acacctccag agcataggat ccacccacta gcattgactc     57720
     actcttggta acttgtagac tggatgcaag tattgtgttg tgtctaaaaa gcaaacagaa     57780
     gtgattatct tcactgctgc tgcctacagg gggaattgtt tacaaatgca tgcaaccctg     57840
     aacttttgtt ttgacgtgtc aaatttaaac agcttgtgtt acatttctga cctcagaaaa     57900
     atcttagaat caagaaagag ttgatggttt atcttaaaga ttggccccat tttatataca     57960
     taaacgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tcaagatggc     58020
     aacagagact gcataaaaag ctcttagaag agaaaaggtc ggcactcggc atattttcaa     58080
     actacagctg atcaaaacat tataaaattg gtgagtgatc tttgaagtcg atctctctct     58140
     ctctctattt tgtatgttta gtgctgcatt tatagtcact gtagtgtatt taatgtgaga     58200
     agggactcgc atatcaagag tgtattttgt tttggccact ctttgtatct aaattacttt     58260
     ttggttgacc atctgtttct aatgcatctg ttttcgttat tgcagccaag ctcagtaaaa     58320
     tgaaagaaag aagaaatgcc tgcatgtgtt tagcgatttt cctaattcgc aaacacaaca     58380
     ttaatctgat agtgtttgct ttgctttggc tttttcgagg ttaattattg tcatatgctg     58440
     attgcagtag attgaaagca tttcatgtgg agaaaaaccc agtgtatttt aaaacgaagc     58500
     taacgcaccc ctcccatcag ggccgatata cagccatatc gcactgctac tcatgtgata     58560
     ttgcttacat tatatatatc tccaggttgg aggaaagtcc tttccccagg tggaagaatt     58620
     caggtatctt ggggttttgt tcagtgaggg aaggatggaa cgtgagattg acaggcggat     58680
     tggtgcagca gcagtcatgc gaaatgtacc agtccgttgt ggtaaaggag ctgagccgaa     58740
     aggcaaagct tttgatttac cggtcaataa ttccttctct cacctatggt catgagcttg     58800
     gtcatgactg aaaggacaag atcttggata caagcggaca aaatgagttt ccttcgcagg     58860
     gtggcagcag gacaccccct taaagacagg gtgaggagct ctgtcacctt ggaggagttt     58920
     ggagtagatc ctctgctcct ccacatcgag agaagtcagc tgaggtgaaa cgggcacctg     58980
     tttcagatgc ctcctggatg cctaggaaga taatccaggt atgtcccact cagaggagag     59040
     ctcagggaag acacaggaca cgctggaggg accatgtctc tcagctggcc gggtaacgcc     59100
     tcgggattcc cccggaagag ctggagggga gagggaagtc tggggttctc tctgaaaaag     59160
     cggctgaaaa tgaataaata aatatataaa caggggcagt agtgcagtgg gaaacacaat     59220
     cgcctcacag cacagcaaga aggttgctgg atagagcctc tgctgggtca gttggcattt     59280
     ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctttccgtgt tggtgtgggt tttctccgga tactctggac     59340
     aaacggaaaa ccctaatatt ccatgacttg gagaaaaaaa aacctgactt aatgtctgga     59400
     atagagctca ttcgagataa ttccatgagt aacatcctgc acaagtcgac agcaaaacca     59460
     catcgacata cgtacccaca ttctctcgct catacacaca cactactgat tcatgactca     59520
     cccattcatc aactctactg atttaaataa gcttaaaaca acatcaagta ccaataacat     59580
     tttaatccaa ttgctaacat gtcttcaggg gactttaaat gttatttaga ttactactaa     59640
     tttaatctat gtttctaatt ggcttgttta aaatgaaccg tatagcttga cactaaaatc     59700
     aacagaatta cagtggatgt ctgtgcacgt gcactgtgat tcttcctcca atagatggag     59760
     ctataagaca gaacatttta gcgcacattt cttcaattac ttaaaaaata acaccagatc     59820
     aacatgttta atttaatttt attaatgaat aaatcgtatc actggttagt gtattaatta     59880
     aggttaacaa atacagttct ggattttaat aataataaat tctgtataca atataataaa     59940
     agttaacaag caaacacaca tttaaattat aacgtttttt gttaagttgg tgatttaaac     60000
     ctgcatatat ctgctttatt taatcaaatt tatacagtca aatattttaa cctgtattaa     60060
     agctgcacat cgatggattt gctcttcaat gtttgaacat tcagcaatga aatttaaacc     60120
     acactgaaat gaactgaact ctgaaatctg aattttacta gaatttctat gttaagcgtc     60180
     tttgacacaa tctacattgt aaaagcacta tagaaataaa cttaatctga attgaatata     60240
     catgtttaca gaagctttta gaaataaaaa ttatgatttg aagggacaat tggtcttaaa     60300
     atcagacact ttaacaaaga caaaaacttc tacatgtcca caggatgaac acatgtgcta     60360
     ccaatgtaaa ccatccatat actctaatgt tccagaatgt ggttaaagtg agtacactga     60420
     aaaatgattg agtggattta ctaaatttgc tttaaggttt taaacaaaca aattcaattt     60480
     agtaatgtgc aacttaatta gtttaaactc agcttatata aattgtttgc aaacatagca     60540
     atgaaccatt aatttcagtg tagttaacaa aaacatttgc attacaaata tgaatcctta     60600
     ctcagtggtg agccttcact gcagctattt tgtctcagaa ggccacagaa aggcatatgt     60660
     gagggtccaa gcatgggctc gacttcacta ttagtgtcaa caggcatata gtggaaacat     60720
     aaggacactg gctgtggcgt tttattagac tgagtcaaac agagctgcat gtaccagtga     60780
     atgaccacag atgttcagtc agtgagagac acagactcat tatgtgagta agagcagaat     60840
     aatgaagtct ggctaactgt gctgcaggac ataccttaca ttccagtaag gatcagcacc     60900
     ggcagttatc aagtctccct gaaaatgaag gacaaagaag acacatttga tacgtctaca     60960
     tcagccagat aacagttcag aatttcaggg tcagtaaggt atagtcattt tattcagata     61020
     tatgtagtac ataaagtaat agagtagtta caacataatg ttatttttat tataattttt     61080
     taacatttat ttaaagattt acaatgacag aacggtggta taggtgcctc atctcatcat     61140
     attaaataat atagccatat attatacaat tgtccattgg ctagtaattc aaaaaataac     61200
     aacaaataaa tacatttaag taaattataa ttcaatttaa ttaaaatagt ctttcaagat     61260
     acattctcca aaaactccca tacagaattc cagatatgcc agaaatcgtc agatctttga     61320
     cgcaagtcat gagtcagttt gtccaagggt aagaaaatgg caatctgatt tattcacaca     61380
     ttgaccgaag gaatgttagg agaggactac aacagaagaa tagactttct tgctggatac     61440
     gtacagattc cagttcgtcc atgactaaga tgtagagtag ttttacaatt cacaagataa     61500
     ataactggag ataaggcaaa aggtgtacta ataatcttcc gaactaattt gtgaatttct     61560
     ttccagtatg tcttaatcat gtcacagtcc cagaatacat gcatctcaca gtagcaatat     61620
     tggatttgga cttaaaacaa cattcaaaaa cattagtaat tatcttattg agataaattg     61680
     atgttaaata agttctgtaa aaaaatataa acttttgctt atggtttgat attgtgacat     61740
     tatgccagaa cagaccgaat gccattcttc tttactaaaa tttgttccac agtctttctc     61800
     ccaactttca aggaagtaag agaagaacac cccacattag ataacagagt aaaaaaagaa     61860
     atatcttcct tttgagagaa aatgaagaat acaattgttt ttccatgtca gaatgatcaa     61920
     gacgtattct gtcatcctta ttaagggacg attctagaaa atgttgtagt tgcaaaaact     61980
     agaaaaagtc attttttggt cagtcaaatc cctgttttaa taactaaaat gatttcaggt     62040
     tcctgttgtc aaatatccaa aatccccttt agtctgtata atcgaaaacc aatgttttga     62100
     atagcagggg gtacatcagg cacatggaat aggagatatg aaagaaagag taaactgaat     62160
     attgaaatgc tttaccacat ctttgccaaa agagtgtttg atactgtaaa gatgttgaat     62220
     acagagtcac gtttatatac actattaata aatggtaaag tacataattc tttaatataa     62280
     aaatgtaaat atattttgta actttttatt gatttaagaa tgatattaaa aagaatagtt     62340
     ttacaggaac attaatcaga acaactgttt tcatcattta taattaatgt tttatcagga     62400
     attatttatg aaaggccatg tacaaataga gattgtagta aagatactga aaagctttgc     62460
     cattacatga ataaattaga ctatacagat gcaaattttg ggtaaaatta tggacttatg     62520
     gaaattaatt ttaatacaac ccattatcaa atttgggtta aaacaacgca atctcacggc     62580
     aatttgtaac tttttgattt agtggctaat tcgtataatc taattcgtac aatttagcat     62640
     gatttgctca acacccaatg acggttgggg ttacgggtgg ggttgggtgc cacgcctcct     62700
     ttttaaaatc atacatttgt atgagagact gaactcatac aaattcgtcc aaattaacca     62760
     caaaacgtaa aataattaag tttcctcgtg agaacagact ggttaaaaac aactcagaat     62820
     tttaaatgaa tattttaaga tgtattgaaa tagaaatggt tgacacggtg gctcagtggt     62880
     tagcaatgcc acctcacagc aagaaggtca ctggttcgag tcccagctgg gtcatttggc     62940
     atttctgtgt ggagtttgca tattcgcctt gtgctgacgt gggtttctgc caggtgctct     63000
     ggtttccccc agagtccaaa gacatgagct attggtgaat tgaataaact aaattggctg     63060
     tagtgtatgt gtatgaatgt gagagtgtat gggtgtttcc cagtacaggg ttgcagctgg     63120
     aacagcatcc tctgtgtaaa acatatgctg gataagttgg ctgttcattt cgctgtggcg     63180
     acctctgatg aataaaggga ctaagtcaaa ggaaaattaa tgatatatat atatatatat     63240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     63300
     atatatatat atatatatga agattaatgc ataatatttt ttgtacattt tctgacatta     63360
     atataattga aaaataatta gggtctttgt tttactaagg aagaaaaacc tcacaaaagc     63420
     acattttttt tcaatccttt gtcgaaagga atccaagatg agagtagatt taccaggtcc     63480
     agtttcagta tcagtccagt caaaatcctg cagaaggacc attttaaatt gaaatctttc     63540
     tccaattaaa ctgtgaccgc catgtggtca cactgccacc atttccatgc tctcttgcca     63600
     cacaacacag caatagctga catttacagc tgagactttg ggtacatgta gaaatacaaa     63660
     aatgtgtcag gagctccagc agttcctccc tgttgggatg tcagcctgtg gtttgctcat     63720
     aaatcacaca tctccatagt ttgctgagca aaatgctgct tttctccaga gctttgagcc     63780
     agtatcaaca gccagagcgt tcagacaaaa gtgaagtcat gtatgcgagc agtagacaca     63840
     catctgatca caggagggag aagtaggtct gtgtgttaga tgtaaattca cagcctttat     63900
     gagcccaaca gcaacagatg tgtctggagg tctgctgatc tgctgcccag tcatgcaatg     63960
     cctctctctt tatttcttct tcatgttcct caaataaaca gatggacttg ggaatttgca     64020
     aattgtaaaa aagctcttgt tattttttta tgtacacttt cagcttcctt tactgtgaaa     64080
     tgttgctttt tgagtgttga gtattaaaaa aggatctgca aagtacacaa gaagtccact     64140
     ccaaacagga ctactgtcaa catcagaaag aacattaaga tgcatcaaat ttggagaaca     64200
     ctttacttga aaaggtgtta ataagactgt cgtgatgtct ttataaacat tgcacatcat     64260
     gaatgagatt ttatgcatgc ttatgacatc tgccattaag tgttattcgc tcagtctaga     64320
     cataaacaaa tacattgtaa cccgtctttg ttgtgataac ttgacattat catcattatc     64380
     aagtctttca taaacatatt gtcatgaggc attataattg tcatgaatac aatcatttat     64440
     tttcagtgta acaaattgaa tttgtcatta tgatttctca ttaaacatgt caatactgtc     64500
     aaataatttt ataacagcat cattaatatt taatgacaaa ttcaatttgt accactgtag     64560
     ttgaggtcaa aaaagatgta atgtaatgta atgtgtattt atatagcgca tttattgtgt     64620
     atggccatac acccaaagcg cttcacaatc atgagagggg ggggggggtt ctctccacac     64680
     caccaccagt gtgcagcatc cacttggatg atgcgacggc tgccacagga caacggcgcc     64740
     agtgcactca ccacacacca gctattggtg gagtgaagtg accgtgatag aaccaattcg     64800
     gtggatgggg atgattggga ggccatgatt gtaagggccg atagaggggt tacacccctg     64860
     ctcttttacg agaagtgcca caggattttt aatgaccaca gagagtcagg acctcggttt     64920
     tacgtctcat ccgaaagacg cccactgaca gtgtagtggc cccttcactt ttactgggtc     64980
     attaggactc atgcagacca caggttgagc gccccctgct ggcctcacta acaccacttc     65040
     caacagcaac ctagtgttcc ctagtggtct cccatccaag tactgaccag gctcagccct     65100
     gcttagcttc agtgagtaac cggtcttggg ctgcagggtg atatggctgt gatattattg     65160
     acacagttaa tcatgtttat aacagattta taacaagcta tgttgtcatg acaaagacag     65220
     gttatgatgt caagttgtca taaagacatt taaaataatc acctttgcat ttaaaatgac     65280
     aactgagtga atgacactta atgcatgcat aaaatttaag tcatatttat gaaagactca     65340
     cgaggaaatt taattattcg cctatttcat ttgaaccagt gtcaccgact cggtcccagt     65400
     cattcccctc gctggccagc agaggccgcc atctccggac ttctaagcat tacgtcatcc     65460
     acttacactg atcgtgcaca cctgtttccc aatccagtta atgacccacg taccctttat     65520
     aagccgcact caaaccttca ctcagtgcga agtcttgttc agccccggcc agcattactg     65580
     agcgttatat cctgcctgat ctcctgtgaa ttactccagc ccgtttttga ctctgctttg     65640
     cattctgcct gcccacgacc taagcctgtt acacggactc tgatactcgc tgcctgccca     65700
     cgacccaagc ctgatacacg gactctgata ctcgctgcct gcccacgacc caagcctgat     65760
     acacggactc tgaattacgc cgcctgcctc tgacccattc ctggtaaatc actctgtgtc     65820
     tgtcagccgc cagccttgag acctttactg ctactgttgt tgtgtgtttg cacctttgtg     65880
     cgtattgaat gtttgagtga gagtgtgatt aataaatact gcataatgga tccctccgtg     65940
     tcagtctcct tgttacaacc agcaactttt tttcctgtga ggcgaccatg agccaccatg     66000
     tcgccacaaa tatattattt tacactaaaa taaatttata gtctctattc tccatatcta     66060
     acacactttg gagatggaat tctgttgact ttaatctaaa agtgaaagaa aattagaaag     66120
     aaaaaaataa taatttatat gaagtatagt actgtaattt cccattatcc gattaatttt     66180
     aataatataa gaggactaag agcagttata acattgatga aactggttaa gacataatag     66240
     ttaaaagcag ttgcaaacct gtactggttt agtttcaaaa gaagatattt tgaagaattt     66300
     taaaatgtgg taatagttac catatcatgc tatcattgag aaagtcagtg gcaacaggtt     66360
     accatatcta tatttaagat agaaaataga tatcttaggc ccgtagccag ggagggttcg     66420
     ggtggttcga aagacccacc ccccttctga caaagtccag aatttgaccc catatgagct     66480
     catttgtcct gtttttgaca gtatgcaatc ataaattgtt aaaatatcca attgaagaag     66540
     gttttaagaa gaataaccaa taatataacc aataaaagaa ggcttttagt atttaaatgg     66600
     agaaattctg actgaggaaa tgagctggcc agtttgtttt ttgccaacat aaaacgagtt     66660
     ttaacagatt cccatttttt tagttgtatg tttgtttttt atgatagagg atgatacatt     66720
     agcatttaaa aataagtatt tttttcatat ttctaaaata ctgatcttat tacattatat     66780
     ataaaactgt aataacttag tttaaataca cttttgtaaa tatatatttt tttgtaaact     66840
     aaaaatagta tgataagcac tttgacaaaa atgtaggaaa tagttttgtt gcatcaaaaa     66900
     gtgtcaaaat gattaccatc caactaaagc caatccagca aaaattagtg tttaaaatgt     66960
     cactaaaacg cagtatttga accttgaata actgcaaact ggtccctttt aataggctgg     67020
     ctacgggcct gtatctatac tggatatcta agatgtaaaa taagtgattt ttgtcttcaa     67080
     attaatttgt aacagaatta aataaaagtg aagaaataaa agacagattg tttgtactga     67140
     tcagctacaa cctccatttg atccaaaatt tttatttctt aattaacttt atgcattttt     67200
     aagcttaagg tgttttgtgg gcacagtttc atgtggtttt cacagtaaag cggcactaaa     67260
     acaggtttcc aagttcaaaa ggcatgttca gtctcctcat cgcaaacaca gctgttctct     67320
     gcaactagac ctgaggcctt taacatgtca caaaacacac acacactggc tgatttacac     67380
     tcccagtctc tccaactgct gaaaataaac accccataga cccctctgaa actcagaaca     67440
     ggctgcccat tttttatcaa tagtaacaga aaaaaaaaca agtctaagaa ataaactaag     67500
     caaactttag cctatgaaac ccctggctct ctctaggcgc tcagatcaag gctgtcacat     67560
     cgtttcagca ttaagtcaga ttttcctgtc agcttataaa aagctggttg tgtcactccc     67620
     tgctgtgctg acatgttttg ttagcatcag actaaaagtc cataatactg taagcatgtg     67680
     tgaaagttgg cataactggg ccagtcttta tctatctgtc caaatacaca tgatgcaagg     67740
     tgtaattgaa tatttgggga ttaaacacgt tgcatgtcaa ctagttctgc aaaatctgac     67800
     tttgaaactg tcagttgtat tacttattgc aacttatggt agttttgact attgctttct     67860
     gaatgaatgc tacttccttt ttctccacaa ccgtctaaag gtctaaaaag gacaatcttg     67920
     acttggaaga aaagagaata aatccccaca tattttgtaa acatactgtg tgactctagt     67980
     ttaaacacag aacacatttt ctcctcccat tgtgctgatt ttccagtttt ttaccatgta     68040
     aacacaaaag acagacatca atgctacatt tgtttcttgt ggcttttcag catcaaatct     68100
     gtcatagaaa taacatgtat ccatgttcat caaacagata aataacaagg aaatcatacc     68160
     tctggtcata ctctgcagtt ggactaatgg tcttgaaaag agatggatgg ttcagctgta     68220
     ggagacatta tctggccaga tatgagagtt catttagaac aaccctctga atggatggag     68280
     ccattgaata tatatgtcta ttaagatgca ttctgtgatt gtgtatacat taaagggtta     68340
     gttccatcaa aaattaaagt tatgttattg atttctcacc cttacgtcat tccaataccc     68400
     taagacctcc aatcttctct ggaacacaaa tgaaaatgtt ttagatgaaa tcagagagct     68460
     ccctcatcct ctatagacag cagcagtcca gagacgttca aagtccataa aaggaaccaa     68520
     ggcgagacag taaggtctga ctttggtttg ataaaagtct tgtcacttaa aataaatgat     68580
     ggacagtata gaatattaag taatggtgca gtggaaatga attattattg tgtatgacat     68640
     caataaactt ggacgactgc atccatacat ctctacgact caaataactt attaataaag     68700
     tcctctggaa tgacaaagaa agtgttcttg caggactccc agagttcatc aagatttttt     68760
     ggattcattt tcaacgcctc ctccatctta ccccagacat gctcaatgat gtgcatgtct     68820
     ggtgactggg ctggccaatc ctggagcacc ttgaccttct ttgatttcag gaactttgat     68880
     gtggaggctg aagtgtgaga aggagcgcta tcctgtttaa gaatttgccc tctcctgtgg     68940
     tttgtaatgg taattggcag cacaaacgct ttgatacctc agaccgttga tgttgccatc     69000
     cactctgcag atctctcaca cgccactata ctgactgtaa ccccaaacca tggcttttcc     69060
     tttaccaaac ttgactgatt tatatgagaa tcttgggtct tctgctgtat ttgtaatgat     69120
     tgggatgcag ttcaacagat gattcatcag aaaaatcgac cttttgccac ttttccaaat     69180
     gatcaacaaa aagtcaagtt attatttggt gctctgggaa taacaacaag acttttgtca     69240
     ggaagtgtat atgaagaatg agggagctct cggatttcat aaaaatgatc ctaatttgtg     69300
     ttctgaagag gaacgagggt ttcaggggat tggaatggaa tttttggggg agctaatttt     69360
     agataaaata acgtccagta tggttacaga cacaactaca actggctgcc cttttaaata     69420
     gtgcccaaga gtatgaatgc aattctggac acaactaata tgtacactga tgtcacaaac     69480
     cacactcatg cagcacaaca aaaaagtgcc aaagcacaac ttctcaaatt gttctcattg     69540
     aaatacacat gcagcttttt tagtttccca ttaataacat tttaaaagtt cgcacttaga     69600
     tattgcttga taacattgac aggttcagca tgctatcccg gcagaaaacc cagagataat     69660
     tgaacccagg gctcccacct ggttgatgag catgtaatgg atggggaatt cttcataaag     69720
     cgaagataag ggagtaatac tagacaggct atttatagtg agtttggatt aatccgattg     69780
     gcttactaat gattatgtat gggagaccag cggcgatcaa tcatatcccg tgttcctctc     69840
     gtaattagtt tgtgaaactt cacttaaagg tgcagtatgt aagtttgaca cccagtggct     69900
     aaactaggca ttgcactctt ggatcaaaac taacacaagg acaggttgct agattgagga     69960
     caggagaaag tgatttaaac attgttctaa ataaaagcaa cagcatctgc aaaattttcc     70020
     atattgaaag gagtttttgt cctaaccaac accttgaatt gatatattag aaacagcctc     70080
     tatttgtcac aggtaaacaa aagaaaaccg acaatgatcc cctctggtaa atctcatgtg     70140
     ctttatttag tgttaaatgc tagtgatgta agtttgaatg ccattttaca tgatattaat     70200
     tgtcatacta ctgaaagcag cagcagatag ttcacttcaa atcttataag taaaataaac     70260
     cgtttgaaac tgaactttag acctaaacac acgagtaatt cagcatctac atttaataat     70320
     tttaaagagg tttaatatgt attaaataga taataaacct taccatttag tgagtgagtg     70380
     catatcctgt gcttctgaat tgctgtattt aaacttctgt cgtgtttctt ctggtgcaaa     70440
     cagctaacct aaccctaaaa caaacccaaa cagccaaatt gctcatcact gcatatctcg     70500
     tcaagaagcg tgttgttagg acacatgatt acaaagtaac ctgctcatct aatagttatg     70560
     ttcataatat ttatattatt tgctaatcaa taaccttttg tggaactctg aatctgcatc     70620
     tcatttcggt ctactactgt ccaccggagg tcacatttcg gtcacggacg aatgctttta     70680
     gagcctttct gaataaaaga atgaaatacg cggttttctg cccaggcaac ccggggtgct     70740
     gaaatataat tggttaaact gccatcgggt gggtgaaaat aaccaaaaca aagacagcgt     70800
     tctggcacgg aaaacacatt ttcaaagcag aatatctgac tccatcattg tttttcagat     70860
     aaacaagtat gttcacttgg catgtttctt aaatatctgc aaacatatta tgttattttt     70920
     atgctttaga agagtcaaaa acttacatac agcaccttta aaaaaacatg tctatagact     70980
     tggcatttac tttcattcca atgaatttaa acatcaaaaa aaaaaaaata aataaaacaa     71040
     taacgcatct gctgttcttt aaagtagatg caaactggac ttactttact gaacctttaa     71100
     aaacagggtc agtctgacat ctagctcttg atgggatggg tctggatgta attgttccaa     71160
     acacaaatga gatatgcttg aattatcagc aggcagagtt attgcatcac aatgtactgt     71220
     tgtcacacac tcacactcac actcacactc acactcacac tcacactcac actcacacac     71280
     actcacacac acacacactc acacacacac acactcacac acacacacac acacacacac     71340
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaatctt     71400
     tcattgtaga gtgacttttt tactttataa acctcaacct aatacacaat gtgcaaaaaa     71460
     agagttaaga cagttattgc tctggtcatg ttagtaccct tctcttcatt aaagagctga     71520
     tgtaaagttt gcatttgttt gttttctatg atgtctactg tacaatgtca catgtaaata     71580
     tatttaattc ccataaaaag tgtaacggct tggaaaggca caatgttaaa aaatatacac     71640
     ttgtcttttt gcctataaaa gaatgcactg caaaatccat cataatgtgt gggaggtacg     71700
     gttagaaatg aagacaatga cgaattatat tcaagcaagc ggtccatagt gggtcaatgt     71760
     ccatcgctca tgaagtcaag cgggcaagcc cttaaaatcc ttttctcaaa ttcagcatgt     71820
     gtccaaatgc cgctcataaa ttgactttca ttactgtcat ctccaatcct catgaaccac     71880
     taatccacca aaaagttttc attgcatcag accataaaat ccatcccatc tctgtgctcc     71940
     actgtagtgc agatgtgcac cggacaggtc ctgccatgtc cctcagtcca aatggcgttt     72000
     aatcagtgga ctcctccgtt cagtgacttg ataccatgca tatcgaaatc cgtctccatt     72060
     ggtacggacc gcttataaac tggattagat gcctgggagg aagacaggag gagagaaaga     72120
     gagagtgtgg ggagtaaata ggtcagtggg gttcattgaa atgcacatgg ttagaaggga     72180
     aaggcaaaca gtctttgaac cacaggattg gaatgatcat catgaatgat ccacactccc     72240
     agctgactga cgctttccaa aaggcctcat ggatttaatt aaagcctagt tgtttttttg     72300
     tccttgtgac tgcataaagc cgccagttta agctatttac atttttaata acttgccaac     72360
     agtttaaatt tattaaatta gatcacagat tcactacctg aaagaaacta atacttttat     72420
     tcaggcagga tgatcaaccc ttttcaagat ttaagataag tcttttatgt ctccagaatg     72480
     tgtctgtaaa gtttcagctc aaaacactca gattatttat tatacctttc agaatattag     72540
     aattaacagc tctgaacaca atgtagctgg ttttgttgcc tgtgccttta atgctagttc     72600
     tctccgccca gcgttcccac gtgcctgtaa gagtgtgcct caatctctgc tttggctgtg     72660
     tcagataaac agcacagtga cagacatgaa ggaagcagat ctcacataac gtttaagaga     72720
     aatactactg taatccctta aaatcaaaga gatttttata ttattttaac cacgggtaat     72780
     taaaaaaaag agacttattg tgtttctatc actccaatac gacagtggac acactatacc     72840
     tatacactat acagttctgt ccaaacagct tacaaaagat gattttcatc atagtgtcac     72900
     ggtcggtgag ggaaaaaagg agtgcagacc caattgcaga aaagatgtag aaatatttat     72960
     tacaaactac aaataaaaat aaaaggcaaa acaaaactac cccgaagggg aaaacatgaa     73020
     ttaaaaaggc aaaaactaac ttgacagggc tggcaggaca aaacaggact agagacaaca     73080
     cgacagggta atattgacga cgaactgaca aaggactgaa aacatgaggg ggattataaa     73140
     gcaaaaaagt aaattgaaac acaggtgaac acaattaact aaatatgggt taacaaggag     73200
     ggtgggacta gacaatagac gggagagcgc atgacacaga gagacaatac aagccatgcg     73260
     ctcacataac gcaacactga agcacacgac aaaagcacgt gaccacaatg taaacaccaa     73320
     gccacgtgct ttgacaagag acgcaagaca cgagcacacg atagataaat accttaccgt     73380
     gcgctcacac ataagcaaca cgcatgcttc atctcagcgc caaccaaaac tgaaaccaac     73440
     tagacggagg cgccgagaat aaagcagcgc gctgctgaca gaacaaacac aaacactagt     73500
     acaagagcac gcgcgtctga gggacgcaga gcgtgcgcgg ccacatcaag tggcagcgcg     73560
     cacactctgc gtacacccac gacggcgcgc gcgcgcacac agagacagaa acaggaccag     73620
     acgtggagta gtgtcagagc tctgccacca aaacaagaat ttacaagacc aaagtggcag     73680
     aaccctgaca ctagcccccc ccaaaaggga cgccacctgg cgtccctaaa gggaacatcc     73740
     aacaaggtac aagacagaca agaaacacta cgagacaaca aaactggcaa catcaacaga     73800
     cacaagacag ggaggtgaac aggcaagacg acatgaaggg ggggagggag ggaagccaag     73860
     ccagacccaa aacgacaaac aagggaggga tgggagggca agacaaggga ggatcagtcc     73920
     agggtgggac cggaggaact gtccagggtg ggtccagcgg gtcaggagcc ccagcaggga     73980
     accagggtgg agccggtggg tccgtccagg gtggaggaaa ggaacaccag ggaggagcag     74040
     gagggacgac ccagggagag tctatcaggg gagacaaggc aggaggtcgg tggggagccg     74100
     gctgggctgg aggcctgtgg ggagccggct gtgctagaag cggctgggct gaagccggca     74160
     gggctggaga ccagagggga gccggcaggg cagggagctg ggctggtgcc ggcagggcta     74220
     gacgtctggt tggcgccggc agggcaagga gccgggctgg ggccggcagg gcaagacgtc     74280
     tgggttgtgc cggcagggca aggagccggg ctggggccgg cagggcaaga cgtctgggtg     74340
     gtgccggcag ggcaaggggc cgggctgggg tcagctgggc aagacgtctg ggtggcgccg     74400
     gcagggcaag acgtctgggt ggcgccggca gggcaaggag ccgggctgat gccggcaggg     74460
     ctagacgtct ggttggcgcc ggcagggcaa ggcgtctggg tggcgccggc agggcaagga     74520
     gccgggttgt ggccggctgg gcaagacgtc tgggtggcgc cggcagggca agacgtctgg     74580
     gtggcgccgg cagggcaaga cgtctgggtg gcgccggcag ggcaagacgt ctgggtggcg     74640
     ccggcagggc aaggagccgg gctggggccg gcagggcaag gagccgggct ggggccggca     74700
     gggctagacg tctggttgat gccactggag ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag     74760
     ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag     74820
     ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag     74880
     ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag     74940
     ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag     75000
     ccgacactgg agggcgctca ggggctggag ccgttgtggt ggaggagccc tttctcctcc     75060
     gacgcttcct tggtctgggt ggcgggaagc tggccacctc ttcagacact gcagcatact     75120
     ccactgcctg ctggactgat gcagtgtctg ttgcgggtgc ttcactgggt gatgctgcag     75180
     ccagtgttgt agctgggtgg gctgcagcag gttccgtcac caatagaggg gtaacaatag     75240
     aggaagacct gttcctcctc ctcagtttcc tcttctctgt gggaggcagc agtgagctgg     75300
     gttcaggttg gtctgttggt ggaagaacag agcagattct ctcctgacga cattcatggg     75360
     caacttgatt aaccatatgg tccacaaact gtttgtacga gtagcccacc aatctctgta     75420
     tctgcagagg atagaggggt ttatcaagag cgaagttcag gagattcaaa agagcccagt     75480
     cattgaaccc aagcccctct gctgccatac ggaacctctc cgcaaactcc tttagctcag     75540
     agccatgttg ccgcagcgca tgcagacgga gaagctgtgg catgtggctg aggaaggagt     75600
     catccttctg ctgggtcctc attttggtca gttcgtactg tcacggtcgg tgagggaaaa     75660
     aaggagtgca gacccaattg cagaaaagat gtagaaatat ttattacaaa ctacaaataa     75720
     aaataaaagg caaaacaaaa ctaccccgaa ggggaaaaca tgaattaaaa aggcaaaaac     75780
     taacttgaca gggctggcag gacaaaacag gactagagac aacacgacag ggtaatattg     75840
     acgacgaact gacaaaggac tgaaaacatg agggggatta taaagcaaaa aagtaaattg     75900
     aaacacaggt gaacacaatt aactaaatat gggttaacaa ggagggtggg actagacaat     75960
     agacgggaga gcgcatgaca cagagagaca atacaagcca tgcgctcaca taacgcaaca     76020
     ctgaagcaca cgacaaaagc acgtgaccac aatgtaaaca ccaagccacg tgctttgaca     76080
     agagacgcaa gacacgagca cacgatagat aaatacctta ccgtgcgctc acacataagc     76140
     aacacgcatg cttcatctca gcgccaacca aaactgaaac caactagacg gaggcgccga     76200
     gaataaagca gcgcgctgct gacagaacaa acacaaacac tagtacaaga gcacgcgcgt     76260
     ctgagggacg cagagcgtgc gcggccacat caagtggcag cgcgcacact ctgcgtacac     76320
     ccacgacggc gcgcgcgcgc acacagagac agaaacagga ccagacgtgg agtagtgtca     76380
     gagctctgcc accaaaacaa gaatttacaa gaccaaagtg gcagaaccct gacacatagg     76440
     tgccctttaa atggaacaaa tcaagacgat tgtgacattc ccattaccat ttcaaataat     76500
     tgctgttctt ttgaactttg tattagtttc aaatatacag taagcagttc aactgtttaa     76560
     cattaataat aacaacaaga tgtttcttga gaaccaagta cacattttta aactgatatc     76620
     tgaaggatca agtaacactt aacacaggag taatacaaaa attctgtaaa aaattgtgtt     76680
     ttacaataca acaaaatgga aacagatact ataaacttgt aataaaactg cataattaca     76740
     cattttacta cgtgtgatca attttgtgct tggcgagtac aaatcacttt ttgcaaagcc     76800
     cctttaaaac atctttctat taataagcta agctaaaact agagccgtgt gattaatcaa     76860
     aggaacattt catgaagatt ttgtcagtaa agtctgttct aggcagcata gtggcctaat     76920
     attacacata taagtaatac tttaacagta aagcatttaa aaatatttga ctaatatggt     76980
     aaggttgcat gctaaactag cactcgattg tatagacagt catagcaatt tgagttctga     77040
     atgagccaaa taggctcaac acgactgttt actgtagtac agtgtattaa ataattattt     77100
     aattaaatgt ttccatgtat taaataaaca aaactgccct tttctaatta aatggtataa     77160
     atattgtttc aggcctagag gctaattaac acatttaaca atctgaatca tttttaatat     77220
     aagacaacac atgatgtgtc tattgtatct ctgtcagtga ccctgacagt taaaatgagt     77280
     acattcacta agtggttctg tcactgtgtt caatcttgtc tgtgcatgac tgtattgtat     77340
     aaactagtta atgccacata cactgtgatg tgttttatat tcgtggttca ttttgaaata     77400
     aaaatagcaa tatgtttgtt aagagttaca ttttcgctgg agaaggtgag cactgaggag     77460
     acagtagatt ggaaacccga ttgctcctct gtgattggta taaatgatac aagtatatct     77520
     aaagcaaata agcagatatt ataacaagtt atcgatgaac acacaccttc ttctctcgct     77580
     ctgcacagct gtggtttgct gaataaatgg aaaactaaat atggggagga gccaaattct     77640
     gccgctgttt tcatatcaga tttaaagagg actgaggcga taatttagtg tacagtttat     77700
     aagccaagtt tataagttta taagtttatt taggcccaac aacacccatg gttagcactg     77760
     gtgcctcaca gcaagaaggt tgctggttca agttggcatt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt     77820
     tctccccacg tttgcgtggg tttcctccac agtccaaaga catgtgctat aagtgaattg     77880
     ggtaaacaaa actggttgta gtgtatgtgt gcgaatgtga gtgtcgattt ttggaagctc     77940
     tgacgtttca tttggttgct caactagatg aaggaataac ttctgctttc caaactgtta     78000
     ggcccgagat gctacagaga gtgtgtaacg agttcaagta tcgggttgat gttactcgag     78060
     tgtctggagg gggtcatgtt gaacaactat aaacttgttt tctattgaaa aaaaaaactt     78120
     gaagtactct tcacaataat taattaccca aggctccatc atatttgttt gattaaatac     78180
     agatattcaa agttgtgcta ttcttgtatg tataataaca tttttaataa ttataatgtt     78240
     caatagtcat gtgaatatta gtcacgttga atcaatcaaa gcagttcaat cttctgttta     78300
     taatgcaaca ctatggggat ttcctaggtt tcctcttggt aagtgtttct gcacaagagt     78360
     cccctctggt cttcggagga gatttactac taatcacaga actgtgcttc actgacaaga     78420
     tgtggatgag aatagcagct ttgctcaacc atgtttgtga tttcatttcg ataaatcacc     78480
     aagctctaac tacaacttaa atataaccaa ataaatgtag agttcagatg caaaaacctc     78540
     taagtgtcac ctgaaattgt cttctaaaat gagcctcttt tttattctct caaatctagg     78600
     ttcaagaata ttaattttat ggtaaataat acactatttt cattgcatat aacaggaaat     78660
     acctcaatat aaacgtaaga tgctgataaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaactcca gatggaattt     78720
     gaggtttgtg catctaaact ctttagatgc acaacgaata ttcttagtga tactagagct     78780
     ttgatttatg acaaaacatg cacactgtga acagtaagca agtattctaa atatatttta     78840
     cagtgtcaca aatatcagac ttctatgacc tcaatcaatc tcagtgctct caccatctca     78900
     tatcgcgctc gtgaacgtgc actttgaaag cgtgcaaact ccctgcggtc atgaacagtg     78960
     atgaccagtt tccagagagc cagtagcacg atgcccatca acaagatact gccaaccaca     79020
     gccagcagca cggtcatagc atttggtgcg acggcacatt ctgtaaacac acacacatta     79080
     cataaatgca taaccccatt atttgacatg atacttgagt ggaaattatt caacacaatg     79140
     gtgcaccaca atcacttctc aaatatggta tattctcaaa aatacagttc accaaaatat     79200
     gtattccttc tcaagtaatt ccaaatattt acaaatttca ttttgctgtt gaacacaaaa     79260
     aagggtccat tcttcgtacg tggactactt aattagctgg atttggttat agacgatttg     79320
     acatgatcca ggatcgtttc gctcttcaaa cgtcatctga gagttgttgt cattgcaaca     79380
     gttctggtag ctcaaacctg ctcgggagct tcatataaag atgattagat caggacattt     79440
     caagcaaagg taacactgaa agtatgtact aaatgctgct attttcttac agtagtaatc     79500
     tgtagattat atacacttgg ggaaaagtaa aaaaaaaatt atatatatat atatatatat     79560
     atatatattt atttatttat ttattgatgg ttatatacat ataagtttaa agtatataaa     79620
     gataaaactt tatataaagg ggataaaaga gaacatttat taatatggat tttttttata     79680
     caaatgcata ctatttaaag taccagtcca gccttagtac aatttctgga agattataga     79740
     cataaacaat atttaactgt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttaaggaat aataagtaat     79800
     gcagtcatgc acgttttgac cgctaatgcc agtgatttga tgctttgcaa aagtgacgcc     79860
     tttaccaatt tcaaaatgct tttttgaagc aaaatttatt ttaaattcct taggctgatt     79920
     aagaatctaa aatagtccta ggttactaaa gaaaattgga tctaaaatgt aaaactaaat     79980
     aaataaataa aataaatgaa ttgctaaaaa ctcttgacat atgaaagagt aaagcctgca     80040
     gctcacaata aatatggaaa gttattgcat aacattttaa ttttaatcag attatgtcat     80100
     tacgttgcat ggctgatcat gattttgggg agtgatagat ctgtctttta gaaagagatc     80160
     tcagatcagt tcatccaatc attttaatct gattagcaaa cttctttgaa gaaccaaatt     80220
     aaccagagat cagttatcaa gattaaaagt tccagaatct gccaaatcat cttagatcat     80280
     ttaagcaagg tacgaagaac ggaccccagt gccatctacg gtaggtaaac aaatagcatg     80340
     caagtcaact aaactaaagg attttaacat tctttaaaaa aatctttttc ttttatttct     80400
     gtgttcaacg gaagacagaa actcagacag gttcggagca atgagggatg agcaaataaa     80460
     tgacagcttt ttcatttttt gggtgaaaag tcttttcaac agtgattgta aatgcagtta     80520
     tttcagaagt agtgctatga agtgctaaac actgacctgg ctctttaaga gcggtgagga     80580
     ctgattgtcc attggcatgt tcagagtatg taaacttcat cacgcagtca ttctcagtct     80640
     tatacacaca ctgaacagcg ttgggatcgt cagtttctga aacagataga agaggaagaa     80700
     taaaaagagt tcaataaaac agatgttcaa actgaggcca caaagtgaga aagaaacaca     80760
     gggtcgagag ccaagagcat aatcttataa cgctggaatt atttttggac cagagcttgc     80820
     attctttaac aaggacccag attaatgaag aacgtttaaa tgttatcata attaaaatcc     80880
     cctacagact aggaagtctc tcccttcctc acagtcattt aactctggag cctctttctc     80940
     taaaagagct ggacgtttcc ggtatgcaca tgtggactcc attaaggacg tcagctgact     81000
     gaaaaagcag agaaatgttg tgaagccttc ttttacaatt aacggtgaca tggaaaggcc     81060
     ttaaagagtt cacaagcatc ctgaatgttt cactgcagag tctcggagat ggagtccagc     81120
     atcatactgc acaacagtaa acattcattc ttgcattcct agacgcatgt aaaaaatgtc     81180
     tcctgcaata aaactctcaa aaagctctca tcaacattat taatagcttc caagctctta     81240
     aaaaacttca gaattataaa tataatacaa ctaaatataa ataaaaattc caaaaatcaa     81300
     cattttattc atttatctgc tatttttttt cgatatccat ttttcatatt agtggtttgt     81360
     attaaaagca ctgctgtgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     81420
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aagtaaacac ggtctttcac agtgggacag     81480
     tgtacagcca gtgctgctgg gacgtccaga gccacattct ccagataata acataaacag     81540
     agctggctac gattcaccac aaactgtgct tcaccctgct gtgtgcaaca cattcatgac     81600
     ctggaagcac aaactgtggc tccagcagca gcagcgtgtc ctgatgagag ggaaaacaga     81660
     aaccctgcta cttcatgatc actgctgctt ttcaagtttt tgttctgatt gatgttaaag     81720
     aagatttatg ttagtaaaaa gttatggtag ttgtgtcatt ttccaaactc attacccgct     81780
     attacactat atatcggatc atatgcttat acttatgtct gaaagaatct tgttcatctt     81840
     gctagtaaaa agagtaaaac attattagaa tctaaaacat atgttttcag ttttagtata     81900
     tatgaagggt gtcacgattc tccaaattct cgattcgatt acattttcga ttcttaagtc     81960
     acgattcgat ttgattttcg attatgaata attaattaat taataacaaa ttaattattt     82020
     gtagcctacc gtttaaacta cctgacctgt atggtctttg ttttatccat aaacaaatca     82080
     tacagtaaat gaataaaggc aagttacaca cataattacc acctgtcaat cacttttttc     82140
     ttgtgaatag gcagtgatct gtgtcgttat aatggcgtcg gtatataaaa ggtgcacaac     82200
     caacaggaac cagccaacag tatctgaggt gtttgctaaa atgactaagt actagtgtga     82260
     aagtaaaaga ttgaagcagt cttaactagg ttaattaggt tacccaggca ggctagggta     82320
     attaggcaag ttattgtata ttgatggttt gttctggaga cagtctgaaa aacaattagc     82380
     ttaaggggct aataaatttt accttaaaat ggttcataaa aaaattaaga actgctttta     82440
     ttctagccaa aataaaacaa ataagacttt gttcagagga aaaatattat tagacatact     82500
     atcaacattt gcttgctctg ttaaacatca tttaggaaat agtttaaaaa gaaaaaaaca     82560
     acaaaggggg gctaataatt ctgacttcca ctgtatatat atttacagta ttttttttta     82620
     tgtttttaag aaaacttatt cagttcatca aggctacatt tattaaatgt aaaaaatgtt     82680
     aaattgttaa atatttataa aaattttaaa taactgcttt gttattgtat gtagtttcaa     82740
     ataaaattat tactccagac attattgctt ttattactat taccattaat aaatataata     82800
     ataattaata ttagtgattt ctgaaggatc atgtgactgg agtaatgaag ctgaaatgtc     82860
     atctttaaaa tcactggaat aaatgaataa attaaatgat aaactacttt taaacagtta     82920
     ttttatagta caacatttca caatttgtat ttatgatgaa ataaatgcag ccttggtgag     82980
     cagaagaagc ttagtttaac atatttaaca atcatactga ccccaaactt cagagcactt     83040
     gtgtatagaa tattttataa gtgaaaatgt gcactttaat tttaacaacc cacagacatc     83100
     gtcaccgaat ataaagccga ggtcagactt tctcatatat acagagtctc atttcaattg     83160
     tcaggtttta taaaaatcga tctattgaat taatcaatct attaaagaaa cgttggctag     83220
     aattctgcat tataggctta aattatggag agacatagca gatgaaccga gactgcatca     83280
     gatcaatgta aatctttctt tcgagctgtc agtgcggaaa taaacaacaa caggcctaat     83340
     acaagatatt atacgattaa aatatggaaa aattaacaga tagttatttc ggtcagtttt     83400
     cctgacggat aaaccgagat caggctggat aaacagctct cggtaatatt tcagcatgct     83460
     ttcactttcg catttaccgg taagaatgac atctcgccct ggtcatcatt ctctcttcat     83520
     atagccgtat atatggctat tacgcgatca taatacactg tgatatagcc tgggtcgtta     83580
     gttcattgca ttgttttgtc actaaaaatc gatccgctca atagggcaga gaccgtctca     83640
     ttcaggcgat ctcagactga ttgatttggc gcggatgcga gcgcaactac tggatatatg     83700
     ccaaacaaac cacgctaacg tgggaaatga gacagattcc gaaacaaacg tctatgtgtc     83760
     aaagcaccgt aagattgtat ttgcacacaa ttgacagaca gtcgcagcac gcagctctgg     83820
     ctcgatctgt caggcatcaa ggcaccactg tacactgacc caagcgtctc gcacgctggc     83880
     tccgggctat cgggcagtcc ttattgtcga gccctgaagg tttaagctct gtcgatgggt     83940
     ctcctgcgtc tgcacagttc aacgagcact tcaacaagcg tgttttttcc cgcctggcaa     84000
     gccaagctga cgtaacatgg gggcgtggca gcatcgacga ttctattttt tgattcgata     84060
     atcgaaatcg agcataaatt tcgatcgatt tcgattaaaa attgaaatcg tgacacccat     84120
     agtatatatt ttcaaagttt atttgttttt ttttcaaatg gattacacca ttaaaaacca     84180
     ttcttcaaag ctgaaaaaga tgcaccccat gcgctaaaaa aagatgttga cttttttttt     84240
     ttctaacgta caatttcaaa agtgattagc tgactttaaa aagtgagtag acccaataag     84300
     taaataaact atgtgcataa tttatttaaa aacaacaaca tttaagtaaa atcaacttgt     84360
     cgcttttaag acaatgggct aacgcacttt agtgtaaagt aactaatcac cttttacaat     84420
     gtgaagtgat aagataacct aagctacttt atttttcatt tttggagttt cacatcaaaa     84480
     tctcaaacgt aaaaattata caataaagaa agaagatttt tagttcaaat tgtaatcaaa     84540
     gtcaatacag acacttggaa tgaaccacca ttttatccag cacatgtttt acgcagcgga     84600
     tgcccgtcca gctgcaacca accacgggga cacatcttta cacactcatt cacactcata     84660
     cactatggcc aatttagcct acccaattca cctataccgc atgtcattgg acttgtgggg     84720
     gaaaccagag cactcggaga aaacccacaa gaaaacgggg agaacatgca aactccacaa     84780
     agaaacgtca actaacccag tcagagctcg aaccagcgac ctacttgctg tgaggcgaat     84840
     ggctacccac tgcgcacggc ttgtgatagt taattcagga ctgtggaagt taataaagct     84900
     gcaaaatgtt acatttcttg tgtgtaccaa gggtttaacc cctatgtaca gtcaagaact     84960
     aagagtattc tttttgtttt gctttataaa aaatctatgg tgatatttac agacggatgt     85020
     tctatgaaca tttatataca ggttgtatta gctatgaaca gagatttaca ataaatgaat     85080
     atagaatgta gaatatcgaa atattacatc ataatacttt ttgacttgta cattaaatta     85140
     aaacaaaaac cgcctgcagg gggcaccagg tctctgtctt tgtcattgaa cctttccttc     85200
     attcatccac ttgggtgttt aaacctagca tatttattta gcctatactg tatcttttgc     85260
     ttttaagcca gcactcaaaa tacagcaaac tccactcatt taatcttgag tgcaattaat     85320
     cacttcaaat aaaagctagt cacttttcaa acattgaaaa ttctacattc aaattcaagc     85380
     attatcagcg attttccagc acccgtacaa tccctgttat caatatccaa agaccaagat     85440
     ttaggctcaa aatcttcctt catgttttaa tgaagaaaaa gaaaagtcag caacatcagg     85500
     gcgagtaaat aaacaggaca tttttgattt tggttgaact ataatcaaaa atatttttac     85560
     taggtactag gtacattttt gacaaataaa tttttttaaa atggtaattc cacataaatt     85620
     aggttaactt aatcaatctg tgttaggaca acatgagtga attgtgtgga accctgtctt     85680
     atggtttatc tgtttgaagt gcagtattta ttgaattgtc aattaaaagt ggaaaaggac     85740
     ccaatgaatt aaatactaat tttaatagtt tgcattattt tgacatttat attttcggtc     85800
     acactttatt ttgatggacc gtttgttgaa tttaagttag ttatgttgca tctacatact     85860
     aactaattct caatagatta taagtagaca tttaggttgg ggttagtgaa agttgtcaag     85920
     tgtttgcaaa gttttttata gttagttaaa tgtctgttga aggagcagca tcaacagata     85980
     ttaggcagac actctactaa tactcaaatg gaccatcaaa ataaagtgtt accatatttt     86040
     cttaagccat cactgagtga gtaaagtgtt tgcgagtgtg tgaagtgttt gcgagtgtgt     86100
     actaactgag ggtttccact gtggtgattt cgtccttgca catgcgctga caggtctgat     86160
     tatcagccag tcttcctgtg ttaaaaagac gacactcgat gcattccctg tggagaaaga     86220
     ttcagaaaaa acatataaaa atattgaaaa tatcaaaatc atgcagctat caaacattgt     86280
     aaactacaag tataactatt taaacactat gcatgttaat atgggccttg ggccaaaatc     86340
     tgtcaagtta gattctagta tctagtgtgt ttaaagatta tgctcagcac ctcataaatg     86400
     gagtaagcat tgattattta tgaagcgcag agagagttag gagcactttt caatttaact     86460
     tattttactg gtacagattc attttattat atacattcta gccatctatt tacagttgaa     86520
     ggaattaacc ctcctgtgaa atttgattct ttttcaaata tttcccaagt gatgtttaat     86580
     ggagcaatga cgtttgtaca gtatttcatg ttatattttt cttatggaga aagatatatt     86640
     taattattta cacacagaca cacacacaca gacacacaga cacacacaca cacacacaca     86700
     cgcacacgca cacgcacaca aacacacacg cacacacaca aacactaaag gtcaatatta     86760
     ttagccccct taatattttt ttttatttgc tacagaacaa atcactgtag aggatgcgcg     86820
     aactaacgac tgaggagggg ggtggggtgg aggattcaga agcccaccgc aacgtgatgt     86880
     aggagtgcaa ttttccccac ccactgactt aattgacaca caccatgttt ctataataac     86940
     atgtaaactc atgtccacca gggacgtgag gttaggaaag gcacttgtat gccgagcact     87000
     tatttattgt ttggatctga cataaagctg gactgaaaag acatgggtga ggcaggcagt     87060
     tgttctgctg cactgaaggg ggtgcaagtg agctctcatg gctattcttg ttcagtggtt     87120
     gctcttcttc tatttagtaa agtaaaggtc aatgggagtc tgttacatta tgttttgctc     87180
     taactgactg caaatattgt ggatgtaacg ttaatatctc agctcaaaaa tttcttagac     87240
     ttttaatgaa aacgtaaata aataatggat gaccagtgcc ggagctaaag ggcttgcttc     87300
     aatggacagg acagaaggta actcgatcat tttaaagtaa ttcaagtcat ttaacgactt     87360
     catttacaag taaaggtaag acaagtgtgc agatcctgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgcact     87420
     tgtgtgcatg tatgtttgtg agcgagagag tgcaaccgct ttgatgctgt gtcgcttgtt     87480
     ataggctgtc tgttgtgtcc accttggtgt ttttgggagg cgtatttaat tccttggacc     87540
     aatatgtacc tgtcatgtgt atagaaagaa tgctgaaatg atttatgaaa tacaatcggt     87600
     agttggcaaa tatattgagt gcataatata tatttgtaat tataacccta aaagagtcgt     87660
     gcttcaccag ccacaaacct taccgcacgt cactaatgtc cacagaacat gttacatctc     87720
     tctgaggtct gcatctcaat aattaatttt acaagtttaa aacatttttt aaaagcatgt     87780
     ttgtgatata gaggataacg tttttaataa agtcagtaaa cgttcattta tatgcgtgtt     87840
     actgcaaatg gcatttgtgt gggactcatc atttcagaaa ggcttgaata aactccacca     87900
     caaatacatc aattaaactt acttgctatt tgtgactaat gagccatatt tcagcttcat     87960
     ctgagtatgt ccctatcact gactgctgtt tatctgacgt aacgcaggag aagcagacat     88020
     gcacgtggga atgatgggcg gggaaaagca gctcatttgg atttaaaggc acaggctaca     88080
     aaaacagctt aactgtacta gggcaacaaa attagaagat tctacactat attataaatt     88140
     atctgatggt attttgagct gaaactttac agatacactc ttgtaaaatg ggtaaaatag     88200
     gtgccatagt tccaggaaca caagggcaaa ctacttcaag aatgagagtt cttttttttg     88260
     caataatgtc aataataatc aacttttgac aacattatat agaagttcac tgtaacaaag     88320
     ttagattgag aatccctagc ctcatacctc tttgttccac atgcatctgg acaggtggga     88380
     catttttcac atgtgtcccc aaatgcccct ggttcagtgc actggcagcg tccgcacaca     88440
     cagctgcccc ggccgctaca gatcttgcca tcatccgaca cacaggaagc cgtttccgtc     88500
     gagcaattac agttgtctcc aatataaccg gcatggcatt tacactcacc acagtggcat     88560
     tctccatgac ctggaaaaca gcaacagaac acactcttta atcaggacac tgtaaactct     88620
     tattcgtcaa atgactggtg tgtgcaaata ttttggaccg acaaatgtgg ttaactcgct     88680
     gacgtggaca tgaagatata aacacaaaga cctcaacact gtacacacaa gcagtgaggg     88740
     agagagtttg ctgacaatga tggaaacaaa agcatttctc tgtcgcagca caaagatggc     88800
     cgctgtctcc atctcccaca ttctctgaag tctctctgtc cacattccag tgcactgatt     88860
     acatgcagat ctcctcattc cagcactgag gattcttggc gtgtgcctcc atcactccaa     88920
     ctctgtctgt gctaaagcaa atgtaacaaa ctaacactca ctgcatgaat gaaaccactg     88980
     aaagcagata ttaggatgca ctagtgaata tgtacaaatg ctgtttaaca agacacggtt     89040
     tcatgacaaa acagttgtga gaaaatttac agtcaagaga catctctaca ttaaatttag     89100
     taatattttt ttttgtatag cacttttcct gcatacatgc aactcaaagc gcttaaacaa     89160
     caaaaaagaa tgtacagaca aacaaagcaa aataaacaac aaatatatac tccgacaaaa     89220
     gcatacatgt acaagcatat atgcatacaa aatcacacac acaatagccc ttacatatgc     89280
     atttacatgc acacgttgtt catgcataaa taaacctaca caatatacag tacatataaa     89340
     cataaaatgc atacacttca catactgtta tattcatatt catatgttct attcatatgc     89400
     aaaagatgaa ttctgggaaa ttcttttact taatttggga gacaattccc aattcacctg     89460
     taccccatgt ctttggactg tgggggaaac caaagcaccc ggagaaaact catgccaatg     89520
     cggggaggac atgcaaactc tacacagaaa cgcccactga cccagccgag gcttgaacca     89580
     gctaactcct tgctgtgagg gaacagttct aaccactgag ccaccatgtc gccctttctt     89640
     caaaatttgt acttatttat tttttaccat gaaaaaataa caatttagac tttggaatat     89700
     taatattggg gtaaatatac tttgatttaa aaagttaagt gaattatttt tccataacaa     89760
     cagcaacagc aacaacaaac tgctttttaa ccaaactata acataaacct cttgaaaaac     89820
     aaaaacctca atgatttcat taaatgttaa tcagtgcaac tgttttcaac actgtttaag     89880
     gaataaatgc taataatcag atcacaaatg gttttccaaa tgttgcactg tattcagctt     89940
     caccgacctc taatcttaac ttctcaacat tagtgtaaaa tactgtattt ttcagaagta     90000
     tctctataaa gaaatcttta ttcttacctg ctacctacaa gaagcatgaa ctgcagaggc     90060
     aggtgccatt ttatgaaacc caatctcatg ggaatagaaa cagttacctg acactttcat     90120
     ggatgatcag atttgatgct gtgataagca catgcataat gagggacgct ttctacacac     90180
     aaacagagaa acagccacta aaactgtcta ttgaagacat gttggtcagc tcccacacta     90240
     tcaagttttc attgtggtgc agaactaata caatccagga atgagtaacc actgacagac     90300
     aacacaaaca gctgaaaaat acaagaaact tccaaaaaaa aaatgaagac gtttagtatt     90360
     attttttttc actaataaag acctttaata aatctgttat ttttatttaa tacacccaat     90420
     tactctgtta gttttataag tgcacaataa ggaaacagaa atgtccagag agttcggttt     90480
     tacgcaccac gcctaagggt ttattgtttg aaatagtaag cgttgaacac cttcagtgaa     90540
     tgaatgatcc tctgaacgga tctggtatga acaaagacaa gtcgagtcct gctctccaca     90600
     cctgttttct taatcctctt ttaaaaagtg tgtgttactg tactgctcct ctaaaacaac     90660
     agcatccaca gacactcaac cctcactcgg cgtcttcaga tttaaggcaa gacactacag     90720
     gtaaaaaaat taaccagtag ttagcatcat attgcccagt ttacattagc agttgcaaac     90780
     actttctgtt ttagacgttt aaaaaaatgc tgtttaaata tgcacatgag gcataattac     90840
     tgtctaaagt taaatttaag actcaggaca ttaagaccat taacggctga aatgaaataa     90900
     aatttaattt aatgaaattt taaaatgaaa atttatattt aatttaatta aattttaaaa     90960
     tgaaataaaa tttataatga aataaaattt catttcattt aatgaaattt tagactcgta     91020
     caggactaaa tggtgaagag ttttttaaaa ggcccagttg gaaaagatgt ttatttgccc     91080
     tatcaaactt tttttttttt ttttaaataa tttaatacat ttaataatac aacaataaac     91140
     aaataaacaa ataaaaattt tgttaattct aattagttaa aaactacatt cttaaacaaa     91200
     aaagttttat tatttattta ttgaataggt gttggtcaga ttggttagca atatgtgaaa     91260
     aggaaaatta aggcccgttt aaaacgataa gacctacaag acaatatttc agtaaattta     91320
     agactttaag gcctaaaatg tagtttttca aatttaagac atttttagac cccgcggaca     91380
     ccctgataaa ggcatgcatg tcattttctc tactagagaa cacacccatc gtcaacaaag     91440
     ggcatatttt gatgatgatg ttatgagtgt gaaatcaaag aagttgtaat tttcattata     91500
     tcctatgaga ctactgtaga aatcattctc atggatgagc taaagttttc aaaacacaat     91560
     aataataata ataataataa taataataaa aacattataa gcaaattata taacaccgtt     91620
     gggtgttata tatttaaata aaaaaaacaa caaccatatt tcgtgttgct aatttgcata     91680
     catttcaagc ataaaaatct agatggttca aaattcttag ctaaattatt tatttattta     91740
     actttgacaa atgagattaa atggatttca ccagtgcttg gcacattcct ttaaaagagt     91800
     atttcctctc acaaatagta aaaagttgcc aggttaagta accggggaaa agttaccagg     91860
     gaaagtaact attgccttac ttaaaaaaat ctaatttgtc aaatgactat aaaataaata     91920
     taaaaaggca gcatgtcttc aactatatac ttagatataa ttttgtttaa ttctgcctga     91980
     gtaataagtg tttgcagtgg agaaaaatca agttttagtt gatttttggc tttgtctcct     92040
     cctttggtaa gagagcttat gttctcacat gtgttcttac taactttgtg gcagggtgtt     92100
     acgacgtgag gggcttcact agattagaat tactcttcat cgacgcaaag aaactctttc     92160
     ttcctgggca tgatacataa acattcttgg ctttcacctc aactaggaaa aagtactgct     92220
     tatatttaca gtttgcaaaa gctacctttg aacctgttgc atttgccatt gttttgagtg     92280
     tgagtacctg cactactctg cctctgattg gcgaatgatg aaaatgtgct ctatctaagc     92340
     ctaatgtcac aacctcagtt acattacagt gacacatttt tttattgtca gtaatggcaa     92400
     cggcgttgta atggggaaaa cagtcattta tttcattact cgctactgaa aaaagtaaat     92460
     cgcagattgt aacgccgttt actaatagca ctgttattct aatcactagt ttttactggg     92520
     tggattttag ggttcctcat tacttcataa tttataaaaa atactgcagc cagaaaaaca     92580
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaag caaacaaaca aacaaacaat tgtatagaat     92640
     aaaatgttgt atataatcag ctcatattat gcatgaacac atccctcagt taaaacttat     92700
     acagctgtaa agtctgctgt actgtatgta aaagctgcat aagtggagat aacttggggg     92760
     aaaaaagtgc agtttggata ttgtctttac atgtgcttct tctttacaac cttcaagaag     92820
     agcccaaaat ttaaaatctg cacatgaata aaaactgttg ttttgcctgc tcaccttcta     92880
     gaccatcaaa ccatcatcca accacacaaa tgctagagaa acaatacaac cctgcttcaa     92940
     tcttttattt aggtcaccga ataaacgtgc tgttgccatg ccagaaaggc agatccgtgt     93000
     ttgaaagcct ctgggaatga gcctcggccc atttcaacca cagccacatt cagactcgac     93060
     aaattcacac atgagtgagt ccaaagccac gcaagcactc aaatatgtca attactgtcg     93120
     acctcaagta tcagctttat ttaagggtgc aaagtttcac agtcaacaca gaggttgtgc     93180
     ttgtaaatta cagtgtttga atggtgtaaa cttgagctcc actgctgtga agtcttagtg     93240
     aaggccattg cctttttctg ctgatgaaaa tgtttttttt tttttctgtc ataatattct     93300
     aaaatatgaa tttggtttaa tttatttaga cgttaaaggg aatatgtagg tttgtcattg     93360
     ttcatcattt ttaatgaatg aattataaaa cagtgttgat tatagattct ccagacttaa     93420
     gttaacaact gcaagaaagc agagtttttt aaaggcagga aatgaccagt gtaaatattt     93480
     cctgtctgca tacttgaatg tctgtttgtt ttagtttttt aataaacatt ttatcactgt     93540
     ggttctcaat caaatttgaa tctcaaatat tagttgcttg taaaaatttt aaagttgaaa     93600
     taaaaaaaat taaaaatgaa gaacaaactt ttttaaagca atttacagaa ataagtaagt     93660
     tgattagtta cggaagtaag atgaagtatc aaaacatcta aatgtgaaat gccatcagta     93720
     aataaccact aaaataaagc ccaacaaatg ttctgaaact cgaaataaaa acaataccaa     93780
     aaactaaaca ggcattaaag aataatttaa aagttattca ttattgtaaa ttaacacaca     93840
     acaatcaaac aataaaaaaa actattttcc aaaacaggtg aaagagagga ttttattata     93900
     gcttagactt attttaagtt ttaaatatag gaaaatgtaa aattgttcaa ctgtaataat     93960
     tttttatttc ttaaatcgct aatttatttc accactaaat gcttttaacc tgctaaaacc     94020
     agatttgacc atcactgtac tgaactgact gatttactga ccccagtctg gccttcctgt     94080
     tttaaagacc cttttagcct cgggagtccc gcaggaagtg cagattctac tgctgaagaa     94140
     acattcttct tcatattgag gaatcctttt atcacactac agatgagtct tattacagtc     94200
     ctttcagtaa tcctttcgta atgacatgct tgagcttttc tcatgtgtca ttaagactat     94260
     aatggagagt cactgaactt tctgaaccct gatgcatctg caatgccaac accagaggga     94320
     gatacagtta gcttatgggg tcagtatgaa gctgactctc aagatgttca gttgtactta     94380
     aatagaggat agttcaccca aaaaaatcca agaaaacatt ccagttctgt atagatttcc     94440
     ctcaagagtc ctgagatctg tttggtacat acaatcttcc aaatatcttc ctttgtgttc     94500
     agccaaacaa aatttacacc tactgcacct ttaagtcaaa taatctataa tactacactg     94560
     atattataaa aaaaactacc acaagaatag acctcaacaa actcgcataa accaaaatat     94620
     caatctaata atgcttaata tgtcaataca tgttgataaa aacttgcatg ttcaataaaa     94680
     gtaattttaa gtcagaattt gtcagggata taaatacttt tgggctagac cgtatatata     94740
     tggccatggt ttgttggtcc ttcttgtggt aggagtttaa aatagattaa aaaaaatata     94800
     taaaaaaaaa cagtcagaaa ggcctgtaat cactggagtg ctggagagct cagatgttca     94860
     acctctgcca cgttcaggac ccacccagtg cagaacattg ggaggacaca cttctgctcc     94920
     agcagcatct cacttccctg tctggaactg tatgtgagag caggacgttt gcagaaatgc     94980
     ttatccaaca acaaactggc caccataaca cacatcatca gcagtctgca ttcaaccact     95040
     cacaaaaaca tgccacacaa caacaagaga ggtcatgcat tcttccctgt gaaacaagcc     95100
     ataaactgaa caaatcagtt ttagttattt aaaatctata ggtttggtga aaaaaaataa     95160
     aataaataaa taaaataaaa catataaaat atagtaaaat aataaaaata ttgtttggtg     95220
     aagaattcca aaataaataa ataaataaat aaaataaaat gtttgcagaa aaatagtaca     95280
     aataataata ataataacaa caacaataat aaataaataa ataaataaaa ttgtttggtg     95340
     aaaatttttt aattaaaata aaaaaaaaat actaaaataa caaaataaaa cacaaaataa     95400
     ataaaataaa ataaaatatt taatttaaaa acaatagata aaatattaat aaaaaaaata     95460
     aattaaaaaa aactaaaact attttttttt ataaaaaaaa tgaaaaaaaa aaacataaaa     95520
     ataaaataaa acaaaatgtt tggctgaaat tttatgaata aagtgtttgg agaaaaattc     95580
     ctaattaaaa aaataataat gttgtgtaaa tttcaaaaat aaaataaagt ttgtttaaaa     95640
     taaaatccaa aaaaagtttg gacaaaaaaa taaataaata aaataaagtt ttgtaaacaa     95700
     atgtaaaaaa taaataaaaa aatgtgtaaa tgtattagca agttttttaa gcttaccggg     95760
     atcctccaag aggtagttga aaatgcattc atgaagctga tatgagcttt tgcaaatgaa     95820
     aaacgaaaat ttagaagcca aaagattcat agtgacccat gttttctgat aacagcagat     95880
     ctagaatatg tgacttgaag cacaaagaca aaacattaca catctggcca caacacaagg     95940
     gtaccaaggt caaacacagc catagttgat cctattgctg ggaaaccggc caatgcaagc     96000
     agagctcttt aacaggagtc attcaggttt cacagacctg agatcaagca ctgatctgat     96060
     aaagtgtgtt taaccaaaca aaacagaaat cattccacca ctcgtgtgcc aaattgcaag     96120
     ttttcagttc cctcatctag gtcattacta tgccaaatgc acacaactgt ttcaaaagtt     96180
     tgtggtttgc aagcacattt taacgtttct ctaaaaaaaa aaaaagtatc gcttatgcta     96240
     actaaggtct aacactgaac tattgtggca ttttccttcg tacattttca ttcatttatt     96300
     tgtgattcgt gtatttgtgt tgtcggtgca ccctatatgt acacttgctg tgtatttgtg     96360
     tgacgcttga ggactttgat ggttgctggc tgttagccac gagtctcttc tgttaaagcc     96420
     acagagagag aattttgaat ttaacgccat atcagcaatt tttatttttt tgccaggtca     96480
     cagatcaagt ttaccacatt ttatgaataa cacttttcta taattataca aatattttaa     96540
     caatttaaaa aagtcatcaa cagcaataaa tatagaatat caaaatacat aaatataata     96600
     ttgataatat aagataattt acttttggta aaaattgcaa aattttagga ttcacattta     96660
     aaaatatttc atttaaagtt ttaaacaaga tttttaaaag ttttaaaaca atctaaacaa     96720
     gaatatgctt aacagtttgg tttctgctgc aatattgaca ttttgggggt tcttctcctt     96780
     tgagcaaatg ttcatgtgtg agtcctgtgt gtccaatacg gcatcttctg taaacaatct     96840
     cattatgtct tgagtaaaaa aaaaaaggat tttgttctta tatcagactg gattttaaaa     96900
     agtttatttt gtgagcactg atcccattct gcttccattt gttaaaaaca tagcctttta     96960
     ttagtggctt taaatacgaa ggtgggattt tgcactcctt tatctttcct tttagggctg     97020
     ttaaagccac aaaaaggaaa ctattgtgga agatgtttgt acaaatgttt tttgttgatt     97080
     gctttttttc caactgtttg tttttctatt ttgtgcaaat ttatcaaaaa ttcctataaa     97140
     taaaagtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     97200
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataagagtg aacagttgtg     97260
     ctgctaaaca ttacgatttt ataaataagt ttaaaatata attcctggga aaatgtcatt     97320
     cttttcaaaa tatttctcca gcgtcgtttc acagagagaa gatactcaaa atattttaaa     97380
     acataatggt tttagtaact atattatttt gtctttgcca tgataacagt acataatatt     97440
     aaactagtta tttaaaaata tacttgtaat cagctaaaag tgcataataa aggcttaatt     97500
     aggttaacta gacaagtcat tggacaacag tggtttgttt ctgagacaaa tcaaaaaaat     97560
     aaaatcttaa aagtcccatg aaactaaaat actttttata acatgatagt atcagtattg     97620
     tcagttttta aaatatctat aagctagtgt gctccaaaac agtgacaaaa tctgtgctta     97680
     aagggtataa aactgatata aacatgatac agctgatatt acaactgatc aaaactaata     97740
     caaacactga tatcagctaa aaccacatgc ttgaacgact gtcgtccagt tgctttgaca     97800
     cttatcttca gcaagtgctt tgagaagctg attaaaaagc tctgtaaagc cccttcacac     97860
     tgaccctttg catacaggaa taaccgctcc actgatgatg caattgcttt ccccttgcac     97920
     acttgtctga ctcacctgga aaacaaaacc acatatgtga gaatgctgtt tgtggactac     97980
     agctcagcat tcaacaccat agtgccagcc aagctggtgg tgaagctcca ggatctgggt     98040
     ctacacagct ctctgtgcaa ctggatcctg gacttccggt caggcagttg cgaggtggtc     98100
     agaatgaaca acattacatc atccaaactg atcctctaat ctggtgttcc acagggctgt     98160
     gttctcagcc cactcctgta cacgcatgac tgtacagcca agcacagctc caacatcatc     98220
     gttaaatttg ctgatgacac aacggtggtg ggcctaatca cagataatga tgagacggcc     98280
     tacagagagg aggtgcacac tctgacgcag tggtgtgagt aaaaccatct ctcactcaac     98340
     atcagcaaaa tcaaggagct gttggtggat tccaggagag agaggagaga acacacccct     98400
     atcgggacac cagtggagag agtcagcact ttcaagtttc ttgaagtaca caatcgctga     98460
     ggacttgaca tggactgctc acgtagacac agtgctgagg aagccacagc aacgcctctt     98520
     ctttctcagg cgtctcagga ggtttggaat gagccccaac atcctccgct cattctacac     98580
     ctacactgtg gagagcatcc tgtctggctg tatcaccacc tggtatggaa atagcaccag     98640
     cagcaatcgc aaaggcctac ataggattgt gcgaactgct ggcacttagt aggaggtgag     98700
     cttccctccc tccaggacat ttacaccagg cggtgcatga gaaaagcaaa gagaattaat     98760
     cgccgaccag ccatccaagc catagacttt tctctctgtt accctcaggc agacggttcc     98820
     gcagcatcca gtcaggcact agccgactga aggaaagctt cttccctcag actatcaggc     98880
     taatgaacac ttaacacacc ccacacagac tcttccatac cacttccata ccaccatgta     98940
     gcatgcactg cactttacct aatccatacc tggaacaatg aaacaatact gcctacaact     99000
     ttgtggagac ctattgattg tacatatccc tgtcaatttt actttgtcct gatttttttt     99060
     tgggggtggg gggggggggg gggggggggt tgggggttat gctgttgtat gttgcactgt     99120
     ccgtattttg cactgtcgtt gtatttgcac tctgtatttt gtactgtctg gtgccagcac     99180
     ctaagctttt cactcatcat ggcacacgtg ctgctgctga tgtgacaatt aaaagtgatt     99240
     tgatttgatg taaagcttgt agtttgtcac atctgtctta taggatcaac acttctttta     99300
     tccatgtcac ctcatacttt gatttctcat taaatcccat ccaatcaaat gctctctagt     99360
     aactgacatg ctccatcccc ttcaagatgc ttctcattta ctttttaact gatgcacttg     99420
     agttcaacca ctggcagagc tgtgataaaa caaaacatta ttggccgttg taaaaaaggg     99480
     gagggagtta tatttacatt aagtgacagt acagcagtca gtcctagctg atttaagtgt     99540
     gaacaaagct atagattctc tctgtgtgaa aaacttttgt ctcaatattc ttttgtgtgt     99600
     gtgaataaca gcattatggc aaaaaacaag taaactgctc tttgaatcta atcgtttcta     99660
     aaatttatgt ccatccttat gtgtgccatt ctttttatta acagcacgca aaagcaatgt     99720
     gtagactgcc tttgctttac aagaataatg tgacctctgt ttgcctctgt gcccgagaag     99780
     cacagttcac tcatcaatac agaaacatgt gcagtgaaaa ttatgtaggc caagacacgg     99840
     caagctgcct catgcagtca tgcctcttga gtggtgacaa agttttggct gcaaaaacaa     99900
     agtctataga tgcctgacat gtggtgtctg ttccctttac aagattccgt agtaaccaga     99960
     aagccttatt gtattccaaa gagaataaag ttataagttg aaaataacgg tgaaatgact    100020
     ctcacatgat tctccactta atgaaggagc acatcacaac tctggaattt tatttaatgt    100080
     aattagtgtt gtcagacgtt ccgtgtcatg tgactggagg gtaacatctc atgctccaaa    100140
     gacaataaca attacagagc aggcatacaa gataaataca gtttttcatg tgctacgcag    100200
     ccttctgacg ccttttaaat aaacaggtac gactgggaca acaatgcaca aagtaatgag    100260
     tattgttttt aaaagcatgc ccagattact atagtttagg cctgcggtaa aactactgcc    100320
     ctcttttcac cggattttaa agggacagtt cgactgttaa acacaaatgt aggtgttctg    100380
     cttaaattag gaaactggta atcattaaca tccacagtat ttgacaatgg aagacaatga    100440
     ttatcagatt taagctgttt ccagaatatt ctcttcagtc tcattttata ttagtgacct    100500
     taactacatg tacttacatt tacaaaatac atacaatgca cttgctgtgc tcataatgta    100560
     ttgcagaacg catctagtgt tactgagggt agggttaggg acaggtttgt ggtatggtta    100620
     ggtttacgga tggttaagat ttaagggatg ggtcaacagt gtaattataa atgtaaagta    100680
     attacattaa ttataatgca actacgtaca ggtatttgtc aagcagagct accatgtaaa    100740
     acaagcatat acacaatcag tacattgtaa caaatgagta atttcagtgc aagtacatat    100800
     tagctatggc cacttaataa aaagtgggac ctcttctttt gttttcaata ggagaaagac    100860
     acttgtaaaa ggtttgaatc caaatgattg agagtaaatg gggagtaaat tttccctttt    100920
     gggcgaacca tctctgtaag atgcattttg gttgatcaga tcacaagtgg aagaaatatt    100980
     cctacagcat gtttgctcaa cattgtatat atgcaccaca cacactttct tatcaacagg    101040
     ggctaactta gtgatttgag gcttggaaat cgggttgatg tcagaactca atgtcaggcc    101100
     gatgtcaatg cccaacatcc aacctaaaat caaccaaata tcattgtcta taatgatgtt    101160
     acagcttgac attgtgtgga cgttaccact atgacgtcta tcagatgttg gatattggtt    101220
     gccttatcta atggataaat gttagtattt gatgtcaata taatgtcggt ttaagatgtt    101280
     ggattgacgt tggattttga ttgccatacc tgatgaataa atgttaatat ttgatgtcaa    101340
     tatgactata gtttaagatg ttggcttgac gttggattgt ggtcactttt atacacaacc    101400
     taaaatcaac caaatattaa tgtcatttga tgttgttatt ggtgatcaaa ataacgttgt    101460
     ccttagacca ggggtgacca accctgttcc tggagatctt cctgaagatt tcagttgcaa    101520
     cccatatcaa acacacctgc ctgtaattat caagtgctgt tcagatccta attaattgat    101580
     tccggtgtgt ttgattaggg ttggagctga actatttagg aaggtcgatc tccaggaaca    101640
     gggttgagca ccactgcctt agacgctggc taaacattaa attttggtca cttgacatca    101700
     caacctaaat ctaaccttat tttaacatct tgttgtcctg ctgggcaata cctaacttca    101760
     ctacagaatg ttacatttac acacaaccac aaattacatg tgaatgcatc agctttttac    101820
     agcataacac tcactactcc ctactcaagt acttttgaaa ggtctacttt ttgcactttt    101880
     tactttgagt aatattgaca acagatactt tcactctgtt tgcacaacat ttttaagcaa    101940
     gtaatggtac ttaagtatga tttttcagta ctctttccac caatgaaaaa taattacaat    102000
     aaatttacaa atgaaaaaaa aaaaaacaag ctcacaaacc atgaacagtt aattagccat    102060
     aactgtgatt tgtgatcaga ttttattatt tacatgtgca gtaagggaag gaatgttgca    102120
     ctattcatga aagtacccag tttagaaaag aagtaataat gttaaaatct tattttattt    102180
     atttttcaga ttttacaaca tatgatagaa aaattattag agctacatga ttattaatat    102240
     aggcttcttg gcattggttg gagccctctg tttctttggg gccctaagtg gctgctttcc    102300
     tcgcttaatg gttgtgtccg cccctgctta tcaatgctta ttctcattat ctccattatt    102360
     ctgtgatcag attgacgtat tctaatacag ctgtgaacaa ggcttaaata gtttctgctt    102420
     aggaacaaga gtatgtgttt ctgtgcaagc ttcacagctg gtttggtgtg ttgtaaggtt    102480
     ttgcactaat taccatttaa tgaactacag catgtttctg ctgctctaca gcatatgtgt    102540
     gggaagcaca tgggtaaaga gccaaacaac agcatatctc aatcttaaag ttccttaaac    102600
     caaagaaaca agcataaaca aaaagttcta aagtcagcct aaatagaaat gacagactaa    102660
     tcctgcatgc tgctgacaga aaagatggaa agactgttgt tgcagtctag tgcttttcct    102720
     caaagcgaca atttgctgaa gcactgtttg tgtctacatt aaagaaagac tttgactcat    102780
     cactaatctt accctttcat accaacattt aataaatatt acaatgctgt aaaatgtctc    102840
     acaatttttt ggactgatgt taaaacataa gtatgtctcg ctactgtgtg ttgcactaca    102900
     acgatagact agtccacttt ccacaaatag caactcacat ggaaaaatca ttaattcttt    102960
     tacaatacga tgtccagact cagtccaaaa tgtagacgca tggaatttcc actgtagcaa    103020
     tgtggcaacg ttttaaatca tctaaacaag acaaagatga acaagtttgg gtgttttgcc    103080
     agtcctagag gagaaacttc agcactgaat aatttaagtg tacaaaatga tgatgataat    103140
     aataataata ataataataa taatataaag ggactaagct gaaaataaaa taaatcaaca    103200
     acaacaccac caccaccacc atcaccatca tcccaggaac agaggtctaa acatctgaaa    103260
     aaaaactagc aatacaaaaa tgtagggtgt ttggtttgat ttaagcaaac tgatgaaatt    103320
     cagaacataa acatgacact cctaactctg gaaaaaagac tgacgagtca ctaatcttaa    103380
     aattaataaa gcggtatata ataatgatag aaatattgca taacatacat tttgaatata    103440
     ttttctatat tactcagcag tcctcaacat ttttattatt ttgaggcacc actttatctc    103500
     agatcaattc tcatggtaaa cagagatggc aaaagtatac aaatccttta ctcaagtaga    103560
     ggtacagaaa ctcaagttta aaatgacaaa agtactgact acacctttgt actcaagtaa    103620
     aagtacagaa gtacagcctc aaaagtgtac tcgagtaaaa agtacccatt actactacat    103680
     gttttagttt tactaggtag gtaactatcc agtttcccca acagtccaaa gacatgcggt    103740
     atggtgaata gataaagtaa actggccatt tgtgaatgcg agagtgtatg gtgtttccca    103800
     ctactgggtt gtgtgtggaa gggcatccgc tgcgtaaagc atgctgaaat aattggttat    103860
     tcattccact gtggcgtcca ttgataaatc agggactaag ctgaagcata gtgagtgaga    103920
     ataggtagat aactagacct cacatcctat tttatgaaag tagccaagct gcatcacacc    103980
     ctgcaataag gcaccagcat tgcttaaaaa gtcagccgag tcgaacaccc atagtgttca    104040
     acctgcggct gttagatcaa aaacaacaat gttcatacac tgcaaaaata attagtcctg    104100
     catatcttta taagtaatgt cctacatttt acacaaaatt atgactaaaa tatacagatt    104160
     tttttttaat tttagatttg aatatttttg tattgaatac attgaattgc agatttttga    104220
     actggaacat gtcactcttg taaacctgtg atctaatcaa gcaaaatgtg tcttattacc    104280
     ttgtaaacat ggcagcatca gtcattttaa attcacagtc tccctctgtc tcatctgcaa    104340
     tgtcatcctt gtctttctca tagtgatctt tataaactag cctacatatg gtgaataata    104400
     actttgatca aaaaatccac gaactgcagc acgaaggcac agaatgacaa aaacggactg    104460
     actgaatcaa aaaggcgctt aaattgcgaa aagacaagaa aaaatataga ttgcaccacc    104520
     accaaacaca taaaaacaaa aataacaagc ttaatttaaa aacgcaagga gtagaaggta    104580
     caaaaatttg tgttaaaatt taaggagtaa aagtaaaagg ttgtggagta aagtaccgat    104640
     accagaaaaa tctacttaag tacagtaaca aagtttttgt acttcgttac ttcccatctc    104700
     tgatattatg cctcctattc cctcttatac tggaattcca gaggaaatgg ctagattcaa    104760
     aactgttttc ttagacttca tctactgtta ttattccttt atttttctac agcgcattat    104820
     aaaaaaactc aaattaaaat caaaataaaa gctcagcttt acagctgtaa tatttcataa    104880
     tatttcatac tattaatcga ggtctctagt gagccgcagc cctttagttg agaatctcag    104940
     ctctaattta tattacatac attgcacaca acattacata attttatttt atatgaatat    105000
     agtaagattt tcccatttaa tagtaacagt ctcagacttt tggactccac taaacgcata    105060
     actgactgta aaaagaggtt tgcagcaggt taaaagcaca tcctcaggga atgtatttta    105120
     atactttcac caaaagcgtc atgtaagtgc cactcaaatc tgaactgctg tacaggtcat    105180
     gctataacat gctgtgaaag aattcataaa gacggcatca attcataaaa cctgtttgac    105240
     taatttaaca ggtctactgt ctaaacgtct gatatgcccc agaagacatt gttttatata    105300
     tctaaaaagc atttaaaaat atctaatact ctttataatt aaatgcatag tcatgagcag    105360
     cttttgacat tctatacttt agaaatggtt tgtgtaaagg tttggcattt aatgtgtgat    105420
     tgttaagtgt caatagtgag ctatgtacca tgagacatgc tgtatttatt tagcatgcta    105480
     attcaggtcc tgaggctcca agaggatcca ctttccatcc ggccttggtt tgctcagctg    105540
     agcttttcat tttgctggtg cattaaggga tgcttttcag agagtaaagt acatctgggg    105600
     gattgtgtca aagtccaact aactccagtg tttgataaac tgcatgaaga ggagtaagtt    105660
     aacttcagca tatggaaact aaaataaaaa tgacacattt gaataattag cctatggtct    105720
     ttactggctg tccacaaatg aaatccaaaa cccttttatt agcggagaac agaaccagtt    105780
     tgtgtagtca gcatactgta aagatgctct tttctgctct gaacaataaa gctgcatgat    105840
     taatgattaa tgattaatga ttaatgatta tcagggaagc atggctctat attcactagt    105900
     aaatctctga agaaggccag aaggagcttt tccgtagaaa ctgcaaacat gctacaaaga    105960
     agagacacag gcaatcaaag aaagcagagg acttacttgc ttctattgat tctgtttgac    106020
     tagaaaacat gcagctgcaa aatcatctga ccgaataatt tattttagac actaaactga    106080
     agatatgagg caagtttgga gaaaattaat taaaaaaatc aaatgtagta gcaacatagt    106140
     catagcagta atatcacaga atgattatca atttcagaat tgcgtagatt aaaatcactt    106200
     gcatatagca tgtcagtgaa ctttctgtat agagaatgct gttcaatctg taaccagatg    106260
     gtgatttact gctgaatgca gagacaactt tacaactaaa atgcatgtga aaaaatcgcc    106320
     tttgattgat gttgcagccc tactacacaa acaaatctgt ccaaagaatg gtgaattctg    106380
     aaagaatgtc caaagaatgg tgaacagata tggtaaaact gagcaccctc actgttcatt    106440
     tcaatgtatt tacatttcaa tgtatttaca aagtgccgat gaagccacta gagctgaaac    106500
     tcatggtgat ggcgatttag cttctgagcc aatctaaaag gaggcgttta gaaagactac    106560
     attcataaat aaacctgata agatgcgata tcacaaggtt ttttgacctt gatttgatgc    106620
     aaaccctgca aagattagac cctaatctat tattataaat ctaaaacaac aaccttagac    106680
     aaaagaaaat gactaacttt tggttattaa taaaatgaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacagttcac    106740
     ccaaaaaaac tctctcaccc acaagtggtt ccacaccttt atccgtgttg tgccgaaatc    106800
     tgtgacttgt taaaaacgag tgacgagggg atgatgttca gtaaatttag cactcgggaa    106860
     cgtgcttgtc actcatgcac gcgaccatga atgcacagac actgtaaagg atgttttaaa    106920
     tcctgggatt cagaaaacgg gttaatggaa gaactttaat gtagtcgtga tattttggta    106980
     atccaaattc ttgtagagaa gaaataaaaa aaattattat gcggctgttg ttgtctcctt    107040
     gactcctagg attccttatg aaagtttatg cattccagat tcaaactact gacatatgac    107100
     actgcagatc ggcttcacag aatctgaggt aacattcata gccacctaaa tattctactg    107160
     tatatgccaa attacaatgt taaatttgat taatttcact atttcaatat aattcatata    107220
     ttaaaataga cacttgaaat atataaatgt gtgtaataaa tctatataat gtacgagttt    107280
     caccttttga atttaattag taaaattaat cactttttcg atgacattct aatttattga    107340
     catccatgtg taaaaaaata tattgtcatc aatgttttaa aaaacagaaa taggtctgac    107400
     acaaaatgag tcaatttatt aaacattata attatgttaa tacagagata acacacttct    107460
     atggctagaa atctttcttg tatgacatgt aatttgcact cagtaattaa catttgtaat    107520
     gaacaaacta tacagttttt ttttttcgaa tcaatctcat aactaatgct tagttttact    107580
     agtcaacaac aacaaaatat cactactaca gttaagttct gaattgaacc tggggtccgt    107640
     tcttcgtacc ccgcctaaat gatctaagat gatttggcag atcctggatc ttttaatctt    107700
     gataactgat ctctcgctaa tttggttctt caaacaagtt cgcgaatcag attagaatgt    107760
     ctggataaac ttatctgaga tcgctgcgtg tgttgagaag gaaagatcta tcgatgctcg    107820
     aaatcatgat cagcaatgca acgattggct gatggcacag ctgcgtaatg acatcatctg    107880
     attaatattc tattatccat gtgagcaaaa ttacatcaaa ttagcagtaa acggtttgtt    107940
     aaatatgaca cgcaataccc agatagcaag aacatttggg ccaaatgtgg gtgatagctg    108000
     gcacatgtgg ctgaggtatg gcatggctga acagatatgg accagattat taccatatat    108060
     atgccatacg tttagaatag gcgggaattt tcttctggtt cacagctcct tttgcagtat    108120
     gtaggccaga taacaaacaa cacataatag cctaggaagg ctcagctatg gctgacatca    108180
     gtaaacatca acttctggct aactttggga ttgcatttgg aaaacacgtg aaactaaacc    108240
     ttcaacattt gttgtaagct gcaggcttta cactttcatg tgtcaaaagt attcatcatg    108300
     tatttcaatg catatcaatg tatttagttc tacatttaga aaagattttc tttattatag    108360
     tagccaattt tttaatcggt gtaaagaata actggttgtt tacaaaagca ttttgatatt    108420
     ggtaaaggtg tctgcaactt ttgtgaagca tcaaatcact ggcatattaa ctgccaaaac    108480
     atgtttatga ctgcataata ttattgctta aaaaaaaagt cacatattgt gcatgtttat    108540
     tatacacaat ttgtactaaa gcgatctaaa aagttaatat cagtaagttt atcagtcttt    108600
     atatcagtct ttgtactttc attttgaggt tgcagattgc ataagtttaa ttaatatgta    108660
     taactttatt tattttatta ataactataa ctttatatat atagtttaaa aatatttact    108720
     cttttcccaa gtgtatataa ctactactgt aaaaaaatat cagaattctg tacatacttt    108780
     ctgtattatc tttgcttgaa ctgagccaat ctaatcctgt atgaattgaa cctgctcccg    108840
     atcaggtttg agcaagcaga tctgttgctt tgacaacaac tctcggacca gctttgaaga    108900
     acgaaacgat cctggattgt gtcaaatcgt caatatccaa atccagctga gtaatccacg    108960
     tacgaagaac ggacccctgt tttctaaatc ccaggattta aagcatcata cagcaccgct    109020
     cgacactatt tgcttgattt caattttact gaacagcgcc ccctggtcac agtttttgac    109080
     gggtcacaga tttcggcaca atactggttt cctttttctg ttaaacacaa aataaaaaca    109140
     attgtagaaa cctgaaagca ctgacttcca tagtagcaaa gacaaatact acagtaaatg    109200
     tttgcaggtt tccaacattt ttcaaaatat tttattttgt gttcaacaca agaaagaaac    109260
     tccaacaggt ttgtgaaaat tgaaggttga gcaaatgaca gaatttccag ttgtaggtga    109320
     tgcctttaac ttttgaatgt cacagtagga acacttgaac taaattaccc attagagata    109380
     ctcaaactac tcgagcgctt atccattcag acatgaattt taaagagtgc ttctgcatgc    109440
     aagtgtgctc tctttacaaa tcaatagacc acaacaaatg actacatcgc tcttataaat    109500
     tgtaaaaaaa ctcaaattga tcaaataaac cttcctaaac cacaagcaaa aacagatcta    109560
     atcacctcat ggtagccaac aaatgttaga ctgtcctgca tttatgttga cagtatgatg    109620
     gtgaaggcct ttttgtttgt ttgcatctga ggtcagtgtg ttgccaggtg ctgatgtcat    109680
     taactgggct aagagaggat gcatgggtgt ggaaaaagaa gctcaaacac acgtcaatgg    109740
     tctgtacagt taaaaagatg tgttggtgga agtcgtcctg ctagccaaat gttaaatgga    109800
     accatattat gtccgaatta cagcatatat ttggtattta acatacaata tcacagctaa    109860
     aatggaaacc aatgcaacac cacttcaaga tctaactcat gttaatgcta acagattcaa    109920
     gcttacatct gaaatgatca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ctagatgtcc tatgtattta    109980
     ttagatgggc tgtaaatgtg tacgtaaaaa aaaacaataa caaatatcca tcctgagatg    110040
     ttattatgag ctcaagtgta tacagattga tgtcaaatgc gtgtaggcaa acatatgcag    110100
     atgtttttct ttgctaaaga cgagcactag caagtttgtt tacatttcac ttcttgtcta    110160
     tacattcttt agttaaggag cccccttcac gcaaaatcaa cttttggaag ctgttttgac    110220
     aaatgtatgt agtatgatgt ggacacacag ccatattaga caggcataaa tacctcaaac    110280
     ccttaaaaaa aaaacattct aaacgttaaa taagaaccta aatcccaaac attttgaggc    110340
     caaccatacg gtgaaatggc agttcagtct ttcccaccca ccatattgat tgccaggagc    110400
     atgttatcat gcaaacaaga cagcatttgc agggaaaatg gtattcaaaa atctgtttta    110460
     acaatctgtg atcagctgca cctccagaag gattttaaaa cagtgcatgt ttgttataaa    110520
     gaaaatatag taaaaacact aagcagtgat tggagcgatt atgaattaca tagtgtcagt    110580
     gcaactgcac atatgtatgt gtgtgcacac agcaaacatt gtaacagtat ttttgtgcgg    110640
     ctcattcata gttgcaggaa ggttgattaa acttcacagt aacatcaaat atccattctg    110700
     aaacttacag gttcagtttt actttggtat ttttgaagta gaaaaaggat tgggcaataa    110760
     aatcagtatc gatatttatt gaccgaacac catcgtcaat atcaataaca aaatttatct    110820
     atattgacta aatatcaata tttttgtttt tgtctattaa aactatttac cctagtaaat    110880
     atgtttttgt ttattaaaac tatttgccct agtaattata ataatttctg actgtaatat    110940
     ttttgttttt gactattaaa accatttttt tctagcaaat atatttttgt ttaaaactat    111000
     aatatttttg tttttgacta ttaaaactat ttgccttagt aatgttggta aattatgaat    111060
     tattttaatt atatataaat tattttgttg ttaaataaaa aaaccctaat attcctaaat    111120
     agattgttaa aaaaatattc aatatttata aatatcaaat gatatgaaaa ttatattgtg    111180
     atattttttt tttgcaatat cgcccaaccc tacgtagaaa cttgctggtt ctcaatatgc    111240
     attcttctgc tattttgcgt cctcgtcaac caccaaagtt cagttccaaa acacaagact    111300
     gcaagaacgg tggacgcatg aaagttccca gatgtgttct tgatattgag gatgtgttga    111360
     tggagacttc agtgcaaaac ttgcttgagc ggtcccagaa gtcattgcaa atcaataaag    111420
     gaggtgggaa gcacagcatt tcatatagat ttattattaa agttcagaga tataacttat    111480
     ttatctcagg agttaaaaac atcaccatct ttaaaaagac ctaaatgcat taaaggccca    111540
     tgcacacaga gacgttttta gctcgcgttt ccagtcaaca tttaacacct cgtgactata    111600
     taaagggtgt caatgtgatt gtgcacagca acgcacaaaa cgccaggcgt aaaagcgtca    111660
     taaaaaataa ataaataaaa ataataataa taaaaaaata ataataatcg cctcatgctc    111720
     gttttttttt tatttgacgt gccacgttaa aaccttctcc ctcaatcagg ttggcacttt    111780
     tgttcacgtg cacggagctg ctgaagttac agtaaacagc acttggaggc cctcaagcgc    111840
     aaaactgtca atgcgagtgc acattgaaga tccccagatg cgatatgaac gtggagctgc    111900
     ttattgctct gtgaacaata atcatttctt catcgctaga gctgctactt gaaccatcta    111960
     tgcttgtaac tttatgctat actttatgta tgctatgccg gtaactttaa caacaagcat    112020
     gagaacttcc tctcttcctc ttcttctttg ttacaagctg gtgtcagacg cttaaagttg    112080
     tgtagcgcca tctaacgtca aggagtgatt ttgcatactc ctctgcttga agccaatgaa    112140
     aaccactttg gtttgaatgc ggaaaatcgt ctcgtaaaac gctgatgaca aacgcaaacg    112200
     aaaagcctcc cggtgtgtag gagccttaag ggtgtttgtt tgctgaaatt cgtattcaaa    112260
     ttagtcgtat ttgtattgtg caacatatat ttgtaatgtt tatgcatagt atctattgcg    112320
     aaaaggggaa aaacaattaa tcgttgtatg aatgctgtaa tgtttaaata atagccattt    112380
     aaaaatgcgt gaaggtcatg tgaccatcag gaagaaaaca ggatctcatt tctcacatga    112440
     cgcgttctct cttctcgcag tctcccaagt acattcttcc aaggtaactt ggcaaaaccg    112500
     ctctccgcta gaacacaagt ccattcacag cattcttgga atcgagaaac agcctagatc    112560
     tctgcttcat tcatgtctgg gtcactgtct gtgtctgtca ctgagagcta caactttttc    112620
     tcacctcaaa attgacatat tcagcaaggt ataacaagtg atctaatgtg tattttgagc    112680
     taaaacttca aatacacatt ctgtaagact tctattacaa gattatttat cttgttaatg    112740
     atcaaaatag gagtcctttt taaactgtgg gctggaaatt tttcattttt ctctgaaagt    112800
     ctcaagttca caaaggctga tcaaaaacat cataacagag aattgttctc aatacaattc    112860
     atgatgtgat ttatttattg ctgtgattgc agagtttaat tcactgcagt acttagtgtc    112920
     attccaccac atagaaataa ctctaatatg ctcaaaaaac atttcaaaca tttctcaaag    112980
     ttgaaggcag ttgtgatgcc taatatattt gtcgaaacac aaataggatt cttggatttg    113040
     attcaaaact caaacatcta aatttcttcc attccgatta cttgcaattg tctttctaaa    113100
     gccacaaaca aacacaaaca tgctagcctt tagaatgtta attgcccatc tgcagcaagg    113160
     ttgaggattt aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaagggt acacataggc ctcagtcact    113220
     atttctggct atgttattaa gcaatttaaa tcagcagcag atgtatagag caacactaca    113280
     aagaacacat tttctagagg cactatcaaa aacagctcaa tagttttaac atatggtcat    113340
     gctgacactt ctaaacaccc agaaaactat tgttcagata ttcaaaacac atgtatgtta    113400
     ataggtctta aaatggtaaa cttttgacag acatgaactc aaaaataaaa ataacagtca    113460
     cacttaatcc ttacaatcat aaaagttcag cagattcaaa agtctttcat tacgacagat    113520
     tcggtcaaac gtgacagaac acacagcagt tttatcagtg cagcgctgct ggtgtgtagg    113580
     agctcttctg ctgatatcag gacgacagca aggccgagct gatcacatct gacatgattt    113640
     acaaaaacaa tgaacagatc aagcaaaaca caagactaaa tagactacta ttttgttgac    113700
     tgcagttaaa tattgctgtt agtttatctt ttagcgatac atgctgtcct gtacacacat    113760
     tgttcaggaa ttcactcaag tgacaaccgc attcaacatc agatttatct actaatttaa    113820
     aagcattgtg tatgcagttt tttagcagtg caagaaccac agtcttgact tcaagtaaaa    113880
     aaaaaaaagg gggcaaataa aataattaat ttcctaaagt aaattttcaa aagcggaata    113940
     tggaaattaa gaccacgata ttggtatcca cacccgtcca cttttatcac ttcacaaaac    114000
     tgactgattt atagaccaaa ctgttcaaag gcaagtcaaa actggttaaa ataattggac    114060
     atggcaacaa gacaccgctg tgtgaaacag ccttataggg gtggtccaga gtaggactgc    114120
     aggattattc gaaaaaagat cgcgatctta atttagcttt tctatgattc agccaattat    114180
     attttcaaaa tcaagagagg tgggcacaca agtcttcaca ttgttttata taccttgctc    114240
     agcaacgaga acaccgccaa atggtgtcaa gagtgttaca ttttgtattt agaaggtcta    114300
     attcacccaa aaatataatt tctgtcctaa tgtaatgatg tattcgtagc cgcaaaatca    114360
     cacatgatct gatctgtttg cttgcctcag agaggacaca tgcgcgtgcc taccatgtct    114420
     atctttgtga acagaacctg cataggctgt ggataacagg taatgaagtt gtaaataacg    114480
     ttcagtttgt tgcacagagt gatcgtttgg gagccgggtg ggaagtttga tttgcatgta    114540
     tggttttttt tctctcaggg ttaaggcagc cacaacatga atgcaagcgc gcagtcaaat    114600
     catcatttaa atgatcatct attttagagc gttcaacttt ttattttttc ttagcgaaca    114660
     atgttgggca cgagaataag tgtttacagt atcagcataa ctatttccaa gttcctctga    114720
     aaagcccacc cttaagagcc tctgattggt aagctaacat aatgtgctgt gtatctcgga    114780
     tcggctccat gtcacaagga agtgtcatat tcagtcacta gcacgcactg tgcctccgct    114840
     gtgtaaatac tgtcagtcag tgtagcagtc ttttcagtgt gaggctgaat tagacatagt    114900
     ttgttatttg agatgtagaa tgcagggaaa gcggcctcat agagagacac tgcagtgctg    114960
     gtgaagactg tgagtgttta cagtggtttg atggataaat atgaatttgt agctaaattg    115020
     ttaacgagcc aaacagtatt ttccttttac atacttgttt atgtccttac tactacgtac    115080
     cattaacggt aaacactgcg catgtaatag atcaatttta caaataaaaa tacaatctac    115140
     agcttctttt attatggttg gagctgctcc ttctttgagg aatttttagc tgaatccagc    115200
     actgaactgg aaaagaatct ggaagctgtt ctttgtcaaa tgctagagct atatatattt    115260
     ttataatttt ctggaacgta attaaaatta aattataagc acttcactcc ttgtgtcatg    115320
     ccatttggaa gcccaaatac aaaaactgaa ctatttctgt ggaaatagca gcatttggat    115380
     ggcattttag ctttgtctgc cataacatta cagtcagtgc ctctggccac actccttcga    115440
     tgcgcggggt gaatacacat aatctaaaag catttgtgat ctaactgact aggatgcatt    115500
     tttttctagt ccccaagctt tgttcgctgt aggctttgct aagctaactc tgaaaaggcc    115560
     aatgcctctc tttgcattga actttaagag cattacattc agagatgttg tgttcacaca    115620
     gctactttac acatcaacta aagcttaaaa tatgatatca tagtggacaa ccacttcaaa    115680
     acaggagcaa aagatgtcag atctgtcaac agcggttaag ctaaaactgc agaacataat    115740
     caatctgtga agactgttat attactatag tcaataatag tagtcacaaa ataattgcaa    115800
     ttcagcaaac acagaaagag atctcattat ggaattggca tatataaaat gtgatcatta    115860
     ctcctgacac attaaactat ttacatgcgt acagaaacta tgtgctgtct atattaaaac    115920
     cgattttaaa atagttttaa aaagtttcta ggaaacctga ctgagaatgt tgactgatca    115980
     atgagaatat tttgctgaaa aacaaattcc tttaacaaat gttcctaaaa agtagattct    116040
     gagcacccac tgaaatatta ttcttgccat gatgactagc tgacataaca ttacgcttgg    116100
     aaggacttca aatttctcat aaatagggga aaatgctgtg aggggacttt agagaattat    116160
     ttgagcttta tttagctact aacgctgttt ttgtatcaac aaggagtaga ttatgatgtg    116220
     caaataaatg agcagctgta atcttatcaa cagcacttct atcaaacaaa gaggttaaaa    116280
     aaaacctttg ttgactccag gtgtatgaac aagggagtac tgcttagctt aataataaga    116340
     gtgcatatgg tcattttaaa gccatgttta cacttaaatg gctttaatgg tttctttaaa    116400
     tacagcctta agcaaccact attacataca gctatatatg gaatgtgtct acaaaggggg    116460
     gtacaaagct tcatcttcag aaaaacagct tattcttgtc tgctgtaaag gactgagccg    116520
     acagccaatc agacatcagg agtcatgaca cgctcaccaa acccagtgac ccagtaataa    116580
     agtgacacag aaggaaactc tggcactgag agaaatgttt accttattca gcacagcttc    116640
     cttttgacct tttaaccggt tgatgcttac gatacacacc tccttttatc acagatattc    116700
     acaacacaaa gtaaatatgc tcatagaaag agagagattt tactgttaaa tgaaacaaaa    116760
     agtttccaca cctcaacaag catccatttt ttatatgtga taaaaattgc acatatattt    116820
     caaatagggc catgcgattt cggaaaaata tgtaatcgtg atttttttga cagatattgc    116880
     gatagcaatt taattttgtt gtcaagctcc agctcaataa tctgcaagct gtggcaataa    116940
     ttatgtgaca gctcttaaaa attacctggt tttgttcagt gtctctaaaa ccctaaatat    117000
     tcccatatta caaatgctgt ttttctttga cattaatttg tctattaata cttctgaaac    117060
     ggctgacacc ataatcccac ttgtcagcgc tttcctgttt gtttttttat tctttatttc    117120
     ttattgttgg tgtagttcgg ttgcacaatt ctgattgggc agaacaaaag ttttcattct    117180
     cctggcttgt acacatacta gttatgcatc cctgtaaacc aatagcattc agctgtgtgt    117240
     ctgtctccgc ctgttggtac ccttttgttg tgctaggtac tctttcgaaa gggtacccaa    117300
     aaagtggtac gacaaggtct tcgcttttag gtaccttttg acagtgaaaa cggccataaa    117360
     agtgaactgt acctactgta tcactcagtg gaaacaggcc attagagagg cttcagagtt    117420
     ctcctgacag acgatagcta tgggaatcca ggagtacctc atttattttc catctcaaat    117480
     gtttcgctac tccaaatctg taaaacaagc tgctctaacc agtgcatcaa aacgccataa    117540
     aacaggttta tgaggcattt aacaagtgag caagacctac agagaaatct catcaacagt    117600
     tgccttttcc cacagccatt attggtgagt ttacaagaat tgtcccagtt aactcaccat    117660
     ggcaaagtgg tgtgaagaag cacaatcgct cagattcatt aaggactcat tactgaggac    117720
     aggaagagct gtccatggtt gagataacag aaacgggaca aattctcgat tctaccaatc    117780
     atattgtcat tgaggttcaa caaatgtcca ttttgttctg ggcccacagg tcctgctgac    117840
     taaaggaaac acagggcttt attactcata gaccagccat tgtttgcatg gataaacaaa    117900
     tgcagtttgc tacaaagctt tcactgtgac atggaagaga tgcatccagt ggagagggag    117960
     agatggggtg ccagccaact ggtcgctggc aagagctgat caaaaatgca ccaggcacaa    118020
     gtcttgcatc ctaaagaggc ccatgggcat acaaaataag ctgaatacct tgagacatag    118080
     actagaacta ggagacggac cgttaacatc cacagtctgt ttacaatgaa aagcagggtg    118140
     gaactggaat gcaaaagttt accctttgaa attccttttg acatccagtg aattatttta    118200
     tcttacctga gcagagtatg cccttgtgtc tggcacagga gaagtcatca cattcgcaga    118260
     aggtgccgta gatcttgcca aactcggact catagcacag gcactggtta cagctgcatt    118320
     ctccacgacc actgcacacc tgcttgccct ctgcttctcg acaggcactg aggtgctggt    118380
     ggtccacctc accctcctgg cactcgcagc gggctcccag atacccaggc tcacagcggc    118440
     acaacccaca gttgtaagtg ccagcagagt tgcagcggct gctgttcggc tttgtgtgat    118500
     acgtgcagcg gcaatcacag cggtaatcca cagaaacctc tagacggtct ttaaaaccaa    118560
     caggcctgat ggtgaaactc ttcctggtgc ctttcggagg acatcctcga gcgtctacgg    118620
     ttacattgaa ggagacctgc aagaagaaca tgagactact tattatcttt aaagactatg    118680
     gagggaagat caatattgga gaacagcata catattctta attttcaaag tcattgccaa    118740
     gtcagattta aagatatcga aataggagta agaaagcagt ttatagcaag tacacaacac    118800
     ttaaatgaga tttttaaaaa ataataattg aaaaggctga ttaatattaa agagcacttt    118860
     caaatacatt ctagttgtct tgcacattgc ggtaaattcc ttaactagca tacccttttt    118920
     aactgatagc ctttgcatca gagtaagcca ttcaaaagtg actgaatttt ttagactgca    118980
     ggttatctag atgatagcca gaaggataat tctttcagcc acagcaagaa aggtcagttg    119040
     ttccaaatgt aaaacattgc cacccaaaaa ggctagtcat ccacaaaagg catatgcaga    119100
     aaagaacaag aaaatgcaga gaatctaaat ggccacttgg ttcaacagta gatgaaaaaa    119160
     tgtaaaagtt tgtctcactc ttgcgtgtca agacactgta tgctatttgc actgaaaggc    119220
     ttgcaaggac caaacttctc aacagaaata ggaaccaaaa ggctagacaa atttttgctg    119280
     agaagaatgt tgtgtggaca gcaaaatcgt aaaagcatta acttgaagct gaaaaaaatg    119340
     aaatggccag ccaagaatcc tgatctaaac tggactaaaa atctgtagaa aaatccttgg    119400
     taacacagtt atgactaaac aaaacaccag tagagtcagt gacctgtgga aaagacctga    119460
     agaatagcag atcaagatca caccagagca aaatgagaca ttagtaatgt cctgtgcatt    119520
     gagctagtca tgaagatatt aatgtttctg acatccactg tagtcccatt taaaaacctt    119580
     catgtggcat tactcaagtg tttggaatga aacatgaaaa tgtcctaagc ttgtgtgaac    119640
     cacatgcact taaataaaaa aatggtttaa aactacgctg taaaaaatcc aacttgaaaa    119700
     aagttgaaat tacttatttt tttgttggtt tgaaaaaaaa tcagtaaaaa tgtctgtgca    119760
     actacattta acatgtttac ttgacctaaa tcctaaacct taacctaaaa atattagttt    119820
     tgagagcaaa acttttcttc tgccaacttg ttactttaag tagagttaat ctcaaataaa    119880
     ggttgcagta tttctaaccc aagcaacaac tacaaaaata aaagtaacac caataataac    119940
     attaatgtca ttattattag caacaacaat atagtactgc aataatgcta acttaatttg    120000
     aaattattat taatttgtaa tttatctttt tttttttgtt tttgttggga ggggggtcac    120060
     tgctgcagaa atagttttaa tgtgaatttt catctgatat ttacctattt cgctctacaa    120120
     aaacaaacat tttcatctca tattcaacta cttccatctg caaaaacaaa cactgacaat    120180
     ttgtattcat ctgttttaaa tattaaaata atttgcctaa aaagttcaaa taataaatgt    120240
     aactttcaaa acaactaccc aaatgacaaa tcaaatgctc aaataatata atatgatatc    120300
     aaactatact tcaaatagag aaaccatttg ctgattacac acagagctgg aagcacatga    120360
     cggactgatt actaggaata taaagacccc ttatttacac acactcattg ctgagtcttg    120420
     ttttttttct gtgaagcatt acaaagcatt ttttcctgtt tgtcctgcaa tgtttgtttc    120480
     ttatcttgtt taccgttaat gttgctttgc ccctgtcctg tttctaagtg tgtctaataa    120540
     atgttttaac atttgtttcc gtttttattt ttcaagtgaa ctgtttgttg ttctgataat    120600
     gtattatttc ttagtaccaa tttccaaaac agtttttttg ttcactcaac ttcagacatt    120660
     ttacatcagt ttaatcgatg ttttcaaaaa ttaagtaaaa aaaaaaaaca acgttttgtt    120720
     aacgtaaatt cagctatttt aggtcagtgt aacggatgtt ttcaaaagtt gagtttatga    120780
     gaaaaaatga aaggaaacag attttttttt gtttgtttgt ttactcaact ttaggctttt    120840
     cagttctaca ggcaaaaata ttcagttggc acaacttaag aaaaaatgtt agagtagttc    120900
     acctctaaat ctaataatgt tatgctaacc caactaaatg ttttttgtac ttaatttgtc    120960
     ttaaattttt ttacagtgta gcaggacttt taaaaaatgc caaaacagtt cccccagtgc    121020
     catgtatgac cttactgctg atgacaaaca gaggctttac tgatgtagat cattcttgac    121080
     agattaatca cccaccatca gagcagacag aagaaaaaca gactccaccc agaggaagga    121140
     aatctaaaca ttacagtcgt catctaggcc ttaccagcct atgtttgatc tacatcaatc    121200
     gatttctagt aagatgaaaa tatttttttt caaatgtaga tgcagttggg ccgttctttg    121260
     agttttatca aatagcactt gagttatgca acacgcagtg caaaaaaacg cctttaagac    121320
     ttctttatcg aatctttccc aaaagtgagc aaacttcatg tgtggatcct caggggcaga    121380
     aaacctgaca ccatcaaaag catgtagtct ggctggcctc tgatttggaa cggcccaggg    121440
     gagaagacat gctcaacacg ccgagtccga acactttgat gtagtgtttc agatcagtga    121500
     gccctatcca gacctgagag ctcaaagctg agagccgaac gctgggccac cgagggtcat    121560
     actgatggag gaaaagcaga ggctcacatg tcagaataaa gggctaaagc tgtcagtaaa    121620
     gttgttttaa tgaagaagtt ggtgctttga tagtgctggt ctgtctttaa agcaaagtaa    121680
     cagcttaaag aggaaacatg tccaggttaa aataggaacg gagggcagat ttgatgcaaa    121740
     gggaaggcaa gcaagatcat tcatcaaata ttcaaaatgt ctatttctgt accagtctac    121800
     atttttggat taaattattt atatggaaaa atgttcttat gaagtactgg aaggtgaaat    121860
     gctgatataa ttttgattaa cttatgaaca gaatacagct ttgctgttgt tgttattttt    121920
     acaagattta ctattattta ttagctggat tcattcaaag caagtgtaca agttataaaa    121980
     aaaaacaagt tggaggtctg taactgtaag aattatacac acgcgttttt aaatagattt    122040
     gaaggatttt caatttgaat taattgtata atttattact gtgaaaatct attttttatt    122100
     aattagttat tatatccatt ttatttattt agtaacttat cgtgaaatca tgattttttt    122160
     tttctgtatc catgatgagc tttgttctaa tcatatattg gagataaaaa tagattataa    122220
     gattcttaaa tgttatgttt ggtcaattga aatacaagca aaaacgttca ttccttccaa    122280
     aaatagcaga aagaaaatct taccaacttt atctttcgaa tgtatacaat tatttgtgta    122340
     aacatatcaa cttttgatta actacgtgtt aacatgctgc tataaagttc atgctgaaat    122400
     agacatcaaa aaagcaggaa agtgaggggt caaaattgag taaagaaagt agtatgtcct    122460
     gaatgaagca acgagtggca gaattagatt acggagatat gtggatcacg agggtactgc    122520
     aatagttggt tgaagtcttt gtatttggtc agaggaaaag gttgagtgaa cattacataa    122580
     agatgggcat tcactggcaa gaagttgtct ttgagagcag cagagttcct aaataaatag    122640
     tgacaagcta aagcatcagt cagaaagaaa gtagcttgtt ttcacagtta atattactgt    122700
     tactactact actactactt ctactgttac cactgctacc actgttgtta ctactaaaac    122760
     tactactact actactactc ttgttactac tattactgtt gttactacta ctattattac    122820
     ttacattgtt actgctacta ctgttactac tactaccact actactgtta ctactactac    122880
     tgttgttact actactaatg ttactattac tactactact actactacta ctactagtac    122940
     tgttgttact actactatta ctactgccac ttatactgtt attactacta ctactattac    123000
     tcttgttact actactacta ctaataataa taataataat gataataata atgataataa    123060
     taataataat aattcgttaa atttatatag cgcttttccg ggcactcaaa gctctttaca    123120
     catagggggg aatatgctta tccaccacca gtgtgcagca tccacctgga ttaagcgacg    123180
     ggagccattt tgcgccagac tgcacaccac acaccagtgg attggtagag aggagacaga    123240
     gtgatgcagc caattatgat atagggatgg ttagaaggtc atgttggaca aaggccagtg    123300
     gggagatttg gccaggatgc cggggttaaa cccctactct ttttcgtagg acatcctggg    123360
     atttttaacg accacaaaga gtcaggacct cgctttaacg tctcatccaa aagatggtgc    123420
     tcactgagca gtatagagtc cacatcacta tactggggta taaggaccga cacagaccgc    123480
     aggttgggcg ccccctgctg gcttaactaa caccacttcc agcagcaacc tagctttccc    123540
     atgtggtctc ccatctaggt actgactggg cacggttact actactagtg ttgttacaac    123600
     tattacttct tatactgttg ttactactac tgttactgct accgttactg gtaatgctac    123660
     aactggtgtt actactacta ctgttattgt tactactgct gctgttgtta ctactactat    123720
     aactactttt actgctgtta ctactactgt tactgctact actgttgtta ctactactac    123780
     tactactatt gttactgcta ctacaacagt aactactgct gcactatact aaattagtat    123840
     tactactaac aaaaaaatat aaaacaaaca aactaaaata tccataccaa ttacaataaa    123900
     aatataaaca gaatacacta ttaaattata aatattaata ataaatatta attgctaata    123960
     ataataacaa ttaatttgat tattattatt taaaaacatt aaatatatta gcatgtcaat    124020
     cattttacca tcactgatcc tggctataca aaaaagcatt gcatttgaac agcagtgagc    124080
     aaagctttaa aaatctattg gcaaacaaag tctatccaaa agtaaacgtc ctatccaaaa    124140
     gtgtcctcag tttcctggga gaccagccag cgtaatatag gattagatca atgtgttatg    124200
     tatgggacat tttagtagtc tctaggggct tcaatctgcg tctgtgaaag gaatcttagc    124260
     ttaactttag aatctgggct agtacctctc tatccaaggc ctgtgttttt ccacagctcc    124320
     tcacccagaa agaaccctct gctattgtgt gagcccattt aaatgcaacg ccaactcctc    124380
     cgagggttcg gcagaggacc gtgagtgaca catgggattc tgtttgggtt gtgccctcca    124440
     ttctaaagga atgattggca gttgggcaca gtggcaaatt tccctcatgg ctgggacaca    124500
     aaaagaccct gggcctattg gattggccca aagaaaattg ggttgctcca ttcattgtgg    124560
     gtattcagtt gcacccctcc actctcagtc acgatccttc tctacattca gttaggcaga    124620
     ataaagagac tgaagagctc tggttgaatc ctcaggggtc agatcactgc atggtgacat    124680
     gtaccaagta atcctataga cgctttacaa tgttcgccta attaagaatg taaaagagtt    124740
     ccaacaatcc acaaaatcca aaaaccaaaa gcattttttt aaaaagtaac cattagtgat    124800
     acaagcgctc ttggatgcaa attgagagct tgctgctaaa aatctgtgat ctgcacttta    124860
     tggctgcatt tacacggcag attttgatgg tcaattccga ttttgtgatt gtatctgatt    124920
     ttttgatgac ctgcttacat catcttttaa aagtgactcg tatccgaatg tctgcattta    124980
     cacagcaaac ggcaaagcca caatgaccag ggaaataaat aaacaacaca aaaaaaaaaa    125040
     agagcgctga caaccagctg ataattaaag agtgctcttt tctctattcc tgtatgtaat    125100
     ctgttcacag ctgttgacaa gcagttttac tatagttttt gacaaaaagg ttatcatttg    125160
     tccatcttct tttgatattt aggccttttt aaacctttac gccccgttca cacagggtgt    125220
     cagtgtcaac gcttctcatt cactttgatg gttgacgtca ggcattgccg aattgcattg    125280
     tggatccaac ggcgccgctt cagaggcgtt gctcgctgca gaagttggga ctagctcaac    125340
     tttaagcgcc gacgtaagcg tcagccaatc agatcgctgt atgcaaatac accagccaga    125400
     cagtggccta ttgctgactg aatttcattg actgatctgg cgatggcatc agctccaact    125460
     tcagacatgc cttcagtcaa gcgttgacgc tgaaacccag tgtgtatggg gccctatgca    125520
     tgttaactta atgtccatgg catgatttac gcacgcgact agttttatat tagtttatat    125580
     tggttatgtg gcggacattg cgctctcgct ctcgtcatgc ttaaacacct gtgctatttg    125640
     acaatataaa agctatttaa gtcctcgtgt gtgatattta aagtttggga ctctgctgaa    125700
     gtctgtactg aaatgaaagt gtcagacttg gcgtcattcg ctatggtttt taatgaagcg    125760
     cgacttgcat taacaggtga aaatccgatc tatccgctta cactgcagac acgaaaacac    125820
     agatccaatt catatcggat agatttccac atatgaacaa ggcctgaatc ttatttgagt    125880
     aaatcggatt tcatgtgatt tgttcctgct tacacgtaca tggaccatat ccgatctgtg    125940
     cctcatggga gaaaataaaa ataataataa tttttggaat tgagtcactt gaacagtgca    126000
     gtgtaaatgc ggcttatgtt actgcaatat ttttagctcc caaatccatt cgagagggcc    126060
     atttcatcta tttcactcta cacagggagt gagtggctgc aaagcataat agcctgagag    126120
     tttaaaacaa agcatgttac tcaaatcctg aatgttatca gagcaaatgg tacattatct    126180
     aaacacactg gccaaacaat atacctacaa atgtgcgtca gtattgcagc atcgtttgca    126240
     aacacacaaa tgactacatt actaatgtca attatgaatg gcctgactcg gaatgtgtgt    126300
     gatgagaata ttagaaatgt atataataat aatgtcagtg atgactttgg ttctaaaaag    126360
     gtatttctgt ctttaacatt aggggctcta tttttaacga tctagtcaca atgtttccaa    126420
     taaacgaata aattaacaat aataagtgtg atcagagaaa cgtccaaaac tcacgtccca    126480
     ttcttatgcc ccatttagtg acgcaaacgt ctaaaaaatt tgacaggttt tgacccaaag    126540
     cagtttagtc cagctattgg ttggtcaatg gcacagtcta tttcagttct tcaaaatagc    126600
     aatgagaaaa caatgcacct taacacacct cctttttaga ccggaacacc aatgagtcca    126660
     caacattgcg caaaatgtga aaattactct tacgctattc tgaaacacca tgcatgactt    126720
     gcgctttatt gcactgtatg atagagctct agatcctctg gtaataataa aaccaaattt    126780
     atgattgcag caattaccaa atgcactgag ttacaatgaa aaaacaaaca aaccaaaaaa    126840
     ataaataaac aaagtcacgc tctgaaataa acatctcata ttctttccaa ttactgtgtt    126900
     ttgcagcatt tccctgtcac tctctttcac ttcctaagag aagttgaaag aaaataggtt    126960
     gctttcactt ccagggcagt acatacaggt caacaaggac aaatgagtgg tagaaagttt    127020
     cattgttttt ctataatttg taaaaatgtg atctgtaaac agtaatatgt gtttttaaac    127080
     ctatatggca cttttctaga tcgttcacca aaagatttac tcaacattta ctaaccctca    127140
     atttactgac cctttatttt ttgggtgaac tatcccttta agtctatggc atttatgttt    127200
     gtttaaacgt tattgtccgc tctgcttgac acagaaagga aatttttctt caacactgga    127260
     tttaggaaaa caattacaaa catacaacaa cgacacaata acacttatca acacaacaac    127320
     ataagttaaa agttcaaaaa ccaaattagc cccatgcaca atactgcaaa tcatacttgg    127380
     taaccacctc attcacctac aaacattgaa ctggggcaac aacttttgtt taggacaaca    127440
     actgccattg ggataaatga ctttttatag gcatttcttt gtgctttagg aattctaaac    127500
     ctgcgtcctg atggtagcaa ttcaaatgct gagtgaaggg gatgtgtatt atctttaaaa    127560
     atcacaactg ctcttttttc cataaaagag tcaaataaaa tctgcaatga atgctgtttg    127620
     tgaccagtta tcttatttgc ctgattgata atttgcgcta atttcttttt ctgtttaagt    127680
     gttgtgttac caaaccatga aacaatatta tatgtgagaa cactccctat aagtgatcta    127740
     tatgccaagt ttaaagtctg tgtactaaca ttaaaacttc taaatttgcg gaggagatag    127800
     aggcgctgac ttgctttctt atagatttac cagttccttt tagcagtata aagcatctag    127860
     ctacagctca ctgtgttcaa tccaagaagt ataaataaga gtccagattc ttgccagaca    127920
     acacatcaaa cactcaggtt gcagactgag agacaggatc agctttgctc ccttttaacc    127980
     catttgaaaa ggcacattgt gtagtaaagt gtaaagtact aacagtgtca ccaattttga    128040
     ggtcggcgca cttgcggaga ccggtcaggg gctgtccatc ttgacaggta gcggagaagg    128100
     ccagactgag atcttcagga tgatcccaca cgctcagctc aacttttgac cttatgttct    128160
     acacaaaagc aaaataaaac caaaatcaaa cacaaagtat ctaacattca ctaaaacagt    128220
     tttaaaagtt aatggaggtg ttccaagtaa aaccacaaac atattctcgg actgtactga    128280
     aaacaacacc aaaatagatt atttccctga cagtaatcat agccttcagc attttggcat    128340
     atactggtgt aaactgagtc aagtgagtaa ctaggacata aaaaaaaaac tagcttgata    128400
     ttttgttatg cttgtctcta gttatgtttt aaactgatta tttaattatt cttcaaaacc    128460
     tttgtggaaa tcccgattct ttttttaaca gagacgtctt atgatgccat ttctcgtgac    128520
     agttaattgt gtttgcaaga cctcaaggca gatgtccagt aaggaataat tccacagttc    128580
     aagagtttag ggtcagtaag attattttac acttttaaaa aagtattcaa gtcttcccaa    128640
     gactgtattt acttgataaa cacagtaaaa ttgtgaaata taattacaat tttaaaatta    128700
     caattatttc acattctatt tgctcgtgtt cacaaagttg aatttccagc acaattactc    128760
     cagtctttta gagtcaattg atccttaaag agcatattat tatgattttt aaagaaactt    128820
     ttctaatata tattaatatt aaacattaat attactatat attaatatat tactaatata    128880
     ttttgcagaa actatgatat ggtattagca attgctaaaa gttcaaatta atttactgga    128940
     actgttggcc aatgttatca catttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcaagtaa attaataaat    129000
     aaataaaaca aataaaaaaa taattaaaac aattaaaaaa caaaaaataa acaaataaaa    129060
     tatatatata tatatatata taaataaaat ttaataaaca aatacaaaat aaaataaata    129120
     aataaacaaa caaacaataa atgaacaaat aaaacaatga ataaaataaa aattacatta    129180
     aataataaat acattttaaa aatcacgcta aacttctgaa agaacagtgg tatataactt    129240
     aagcttgatt ttataattat gctttattta cttaaccgta gattatgtac aatacagtgc    129300
     ttaaggaatt attattttta tgccgtttca agctaaagaa catctttcca ttggaggccg    129360
     tttgccggac cacagcagag attctccaat acagctacaa aagccagaaa taccagacta    129420
     caaagcctac tgagcataag caaacacttg gacaagccca tcaaatgttc tgcaataaca    129480
     aaaacaggaa ataccttatc ttatgcaatc atatgatccc agagtgaaaa ctttccatat    129540
     tcaaacttat ctgttctgaa ttcaattaat cagtcattta ttagctacag aaatagtggc    129600
     aaaccatttg gttgccaatt aaactaaagt caatctctat ggaaaacaca agcagttata    129660
     gttacgtaat actgagctgt aatgtgttga tcaaacgatt gcatgaccat aaggtgtgtt    129720
     gaccacatcg cctgaaaatg aacagtgcgt ttataatggc ctgtcactat acatcacagc    129780
     ttaaaccttg aacttcaagg tgcacacttt acaaggcaca aaagcatgaa gaggtcactt    129840
     tgggggtcag caaaggcctg ttttctttta tgtgcacctg tgtttcgaac agcgcgctat    129900
     aaaaatccaa caaccgaaca aaatgtcatg aaaaaaaaaa aaacttacat tgtaggcgtt    129960
     cacaattagt tgaatgatgt ttttggagtc ctggtccaaa atttccactg tagtcccagg    130020
     gatcaacgca gtgaggttct aggattaaaa agactttgag aacactaaat acaataataa    130080
     taataataac aaaacatttt gcaattaagt gtgctttaca caggtgagtg ggtttgacaa    130140
     accacctgta gaaagtgttt tcttaataaa ataaataaag aaaaaaaaaa aaacagctca    130200
     acatcaatca gaataggtga tgatgattga taggtacctt gtaaagaacg tagtgtcttt    130260
     ttataacggc gaagatcagg aaaatattgt tttcagccag tttttctcca agcagtgcta    130320
     gagaagggta gtcctgtgga gaaacaaaaa caccacatgc tcatatatta gtaagataca    130380
     ttcatgtaat tattcagtcc ctgtatcaca agtttgcaaa aggaagtcat cgctcttctg    130440
     aatcccatcc actgtttccg ttatcctttc cacccatttc ctgtgtaaac agctacaggc    130500
     atcctctgct actaacatga atgagaaact ctttctttaa tgaacgttca ttgatgcgtt    130560
     aaaggcacag ttcagctaaa actcaaaatt tgtcatcatt tagtcatcct tcacttgtcc    130620
     caaaccattt agattttttt ttctctgttg aagacaaaag aagatatttt gtaagttgtt    130680
     agaaacctgt aatcattgac tttcatatta tttgtttttc ctattataga agtcaatggt    130740
     tacaggtttc taaaatgttt caaaatgtct tttatgttca acataaataa taaaaaacag    130800
     agagaaaatg gtaggtaaat tttaattttt gggtgaatca tccctttaag aacatttgat    130860
     gatctttttc ttaaaaacca tgaaggatac gtaaattcta aaccacagtt agcagtagaa    130920
     ggagcacact gtttttgttt tgttttcctt ctggctgagt gatttctgtc tcgaaacgct    130980
     cagctgttct ggaggaaacc caaacttact gagacgaggc ccacatctgt tcttgcactt    131040
     tgacacaaat agaaaaacat tttttccagt tcaaagccaa aagagttatg aaatatccga    131100
     gaggtatcat atggtaaaag gaggaaacaa taagtgcgca aaagcttccc attaaaacag    131160
     aattatctgc aaatgtcttt gaatgtttcc taaaactgca cagcaaacac aaacctgctt    131220
     gggttcaggc aatcattcta tgttaacctc catagatata tacactagat atcgcatacg    131280
     gaccccgagc atgcgtcaat agaaccgtca catttgtaca gtccttccag gacaaatgtc    131340
     attcaactgc actagtcaag actaaagcca acctgaacat gctggacttt tttttaagtt    131400
     tttgtatgtt tcgaactttt gtactcaaca agtaacgtta ttgatgataa tacagtcact    131460
     acatcaccaa ctcacactga atactaggcg tatactagtt ttgttgaatt aaaacagcta    131520
     agaatgtaaa tgaaatgtga caacaagatg ttgcggtatc agacacttgt attattgtcg    131580
     acttagtgta cgagtcggtc ataataggga tttattcaca aaccagtcgc tcctgtatta    131640
     ataacgaata tcttgtacta aaatagcagc tctattgacg cattctttcc aatagacaac    131700
     aatagcatag gcgacatcta atgtaaatat ctttggttaa cctcaagcaa ttatagctaa    131760
     agaacaagaa attaggcagc atgtctgcaa aaaaaaaaat cagttctttg acaaagcaaa    131820
     gtttaaaata aaaacatgta ttcttcacgt caacatggtt cagtttacag tcagttctaa    131880
     taagatgtta aagttttatg gtataaaaga cttaccatct tggttgaagc actgtactca    131940
     ttcttgtcat tcaggtgaca ctggccgtca tgaggatgca ccagtccacc gagtttacca    132000
     tccaaagcca agtgagggac gtcatcagtg gcaaacacca gcagatgata ggcctccttc    132060
     ctccagccaa tcttctcctg tcacagtgag acaaaactat gattcatagt ctacatccta    132120
     catcatgcag tctacatcat gtcacaccta gcgtttttca tttgtggttt gttagggctg    132180
     cacaatatat cttttcagca ctgttatttc aatttgtgca tcaacaatag tcaaatggtg    132240
     gggtgtgcaa tgctgagttg gatttacagt tgaacaggaa ccacaattca gaacaaaatg    132300
     agagttgtgg agtcactgca gtgtttaacc ataatggagt gaaagttcat catcctcatg    132360
     tgtttgaaag agttttagta ttgaaggacg acgattgcac tatttgtaac tttcctttta    132420
     aagattaatt tgatcaaatt gtttatacaa tgaatactat acagtgttgt tttacatttg    132480
     aaaattcact ttcaattcga ttcgtatttg actagatatt tttcaagaca cttctataca    132540
     gcttatagtg acatttaaag gcttaactgg gttaattagg ttaaataggc aggttagggt    132600
     aattagccaa gttattgtat gacaatgttt tgttctgtag actatcgtca aaatatatag    132660
     cttcaaggga ttaataattt tgaccttaaa atggtactta aaaattaaaa actgctttta    132720
     ttctagccga aaaaaaaaca aataagactt tgtccagaag aaaaaaatgt tatcagacat    132780
     actgtgaaag tttaacaact gtatgcttgt aatttgttta tcatatttta tgcatgattt    132840
     actccactac actaaaaaat gcttggttcc acacaatgaa tttgagttgg gacaagatga    132900
     agaaattaag ttccttcaac ttattaaaat catttttttt taaaaatgta actggattta    132960
     agcaattaag ttgtcaaaaa aaatccctca agaattgcgt tttttcagtt cattttaaat    133020
     aagtagtttg aataagcagc aaatgtcatt ttattgagtg tgctaaatca tcccaatcaa    133080
     tctgaatgaa ttccaaaaag agctttcagg tcatctggtg aaactgtaca tatagctgaa    133140
     aaaataaaac atcacaatta taatgtctga ttcttccaat ttgaagttgt tgttgctgtt    133200
     tgttttgtta atcattggca gctaacaagg ctttattata gtcgatggat tagataagtt    133260
     atgtggatat aaatccattt caaaggcctt aaattcttcc tcaagtcaca aaatgttatg    133320
     cttcagtgac actagagttt gagtttgcaa aattttgtat atatgccaga tttcacactt    133380
     acgtttggag ttactaacga tgaaattaaa gtgagaatgt gtgctggtcc acaccaactt    133440
     catgtctggc atatgtacat tgcttgtgtg tgtttgtttt tttcattggg gaatcctaga    133500
     ggcaatgatg ttaaattgca cactacaaag tatctttgag cagtgcaatg gcagctgtat    133560
     gggacgggat catccgaata tctagcaggt atataaggtt tccataccat attgttgacc    133620
     agccacatta aagcgcaatt tgcagcgttt gccagttttc ccaatgtaat cggagcgatt    133680
     gactgcacgc acattgctat aaatgcgcca tctaaggacg aatttgcata cgtgaatcag    133740
     aaacatttcc attcaataaa tgtgcaaata atatgtgatg ctcaaatgcg cttaacaaat    133800
     attgtagcaa ggtggccttg gtcaactcat gattaattca tcctcacaaa ccccatggtt    133860
     ggcatgaggc tacaaggtgg caggcactca gttgtagaac gggcgattgg gcagctgatc    133920
     agtggcgctg ccttgataag agcagaaggg tctccgccct aacaaagtgt tcctctaaca    133980
     catctgcgtc tcccatagac acggatatga ctcctgacag tagagtgtcg cccacaattg    134040
     aggcaactct cacctcaaag ggtgttagtt cagcaacctc tgttcccgag cctgttcgat    134100
     ccacactttg acggtgtgcc gctgttctcc tcttaacctg cacctttaca ttggatcttt    134160
     ttttttttta attcactcac agtgcaatgt tcagaccgca ctgcgttaac cgcgtcagct    134220
     aaacactctt actccatttt ttttcttttg ttgttaattc cggaggacaa acttgcaaat    134280
     aacaccgttt ttctccagtc tacctccgat tggagcacct tcaattcatt ctgtgaagtt    134340
     tctctttttg cttacttttg ccattgcttt tcgtttggtt ttgcccaaag tggagtcatt    134400
     actgtattta tacgggggat gaggcaggga ggatttgcgc atttcataca tctgatttct    134460
     ttacagtgta cgcacattta cagcttcgtc cttatgcaat gttttagtat taattcaacc    134520
     caagtctttg tacatgaggc cccttgtctg tcgaattttc acgtgtatga atggaggtta    134580
     atgaggagaa aagcgcagtg tgaccgtggc tttagagacc acatggaaat tctcatttta    134640
     tactcatcca gagaataaac tgccaattgg tcaaaatcgc taaaaaggtg ccatgtttca    134700
     gacttgctta tattcattta gatgaggtaa aaaaactata ttttgtcaca tgtgttttta    134760
     atgttcaatt tcaacacatt aaaacatttg ctattatgac cgattgccat attctggaaa    134820
     ataataatcc ttaaaataca tttatttgaa atttgaaaga tctcacaaga cgtttatata    134880
     ataacccttc aactgcccca ccaaaaagtt ttttttttgg atcgcattta acttctaatg    134940
     tcgctagata acacacgtaa cacaaatatg aagcgttaga ccaatttatt taaagacata    135000
     atcaaaataa aacatttttg aacaccaaat tatctttttt gaagtatgcc ataaagatat    135060
     tttagattct tatttaacat gccttctttt aattttatat atttatttat atttataaat    135120
     atatatatat atatatatat atatacacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac    135180
     atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatat    135240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatacatac atacatacac acacacacac atatatatat    135300
     tatgtttaat tatttttgat aatggattat gttttggatt atgttttgga ttatgtctgt    135360
     tggatttttt gtaaacaaac attgctgtgt gtaaaccatt acttaaaaca gtcaaacaat    135420
     caaaataccg tcaaccattt ggtaaagcag gcagtcaaag ggatgaaaca tatattaaca    135480
     caattatctt gcaaacatgt tctgcatagt gaataaacag gcaagactct cctctcttat    135540
     tgagtataaa ccacacaatc tcctcttctc atgcatgctg tgattgtacc tttcaagcta    135600
     aagtaaatat tttaacagcc aatgatgtca ttcaatgcat gtctctttta agactcagac    135660
     acctgtatcc cttcagagaa aaatcacaca gcgcagcaca taaaaggata tctgatgttc    135720
     cacaagacac tctctttttg cacttcactt tagggagctg aaggagtgaa agatgtttag    135780
     tgatgaagca gcaaaatgac cagtcttgac tgattgctta ccctgcaaac tgcagcctga    135840
     agaatggcat caaaccctcc ctctggcgcg tccctgtttc tcgaaaccat ctgcttctgc    135900
     acttcttcat tgaaacgatc aaccttgtcc gtaagagaca agaggtgacg aaagccaaat    135960
     gttgggacgc agtttgggaa caatttatat ctgcaggaaa agaggaatca taaacaccag    136020
     aagattaaat aaagcaataa tgaaaatgtt ccctcatatc acaacactga tgtataacag    136080
     atcaatacta cactgttagc atgtatatac tgtatacaga taaaagcagg ttgaaatgga    136140
     cttaatgaaa tgcattaaat aatcaattta atatctcatt tagtacattt acatggacac    136200
     ccttaatcca attttaatat gattaagaca attctgataa aaagtctacc atgtaaacag    136260
     cgtttttaaa taatttattc cgactaaggt cataatcaaa ctaaaaagaa atctaattaa    136320
     gacatggagt atgccgaatt taatcacatt attgaagtgc agtacagaca tgcaaacatc    136380
     ttaaactatt acaattgtgt aagattttct ccgcattttg tgacaggata gcctatacca    136440
     gtgtttctca accacattca tggaggccca ccagctctgc acattttccg tgtgtcctta    136500
     accaaacaca cttgattcag attatcagct tattagcaga gactgaaaga cctgtaatag    136560
     gtgtgacaga ctaaggagac atccaaaaca tgcagtgttg gtgggcctcc agaaacgtgg    136620
     ttgagaaaca ctggtctata cacacggctg tttgacacta ttctctgcac ctaccgagtc    136680
     agtgaagaac tacagacatc tgtatcgcaa aatgcagagg tttttcccat tcagcatgca    136740
     gtatcaaatt ccattaaaac aacactctgc aagcagttca tacttgcatc caatatctcg    136800
     tttgtaattg gggcatgcat gaaatgttcc tgaataaaag taagactccc aaaccgcagt    136860
     taaagtagac aaattggaaa tgtggatatc gtggtgacgc aatgttaatc taattatgag    136920
     ctgtaacatg taaaacggga tcctgaaagg aacatcaaaa agcaactcat gtaaacacct    136980
     aaatcctatt attgtcttat tcagatttag gcaaatcatt tgattattgg ggtccatgta    137040
     aacgtagtca ttgataagtc agtttatatt ttatacatag gtcaaattat taacatgggc    137100
     atcctgtttt gacatccaca tcaatttaaa tttaattaat taattttttt tacagtaaaa    137160
     agaaagcata ttaggttcaa gtaaagtgtc tgatgtctca aatagctgtt gtgttaatac    137220
     aatgtaaaaa tggtaaacta atataccaat acattaataa aaagccatta ttatgaaaaa    137280
     attaagtcaa aatattttag taagcacaca ccaaaatatg tatcaaataa aaaaagttat    137340
     catactaaat gtttattaaa tgaaaaataa tgcaaagtat gaattcttca aatgagagtt    137400
     aatcagactt ttgaaactgc actgtgattt taaaaactac ttctaataca taatcacgac    137460
     tcttgttctg acaagatttt ttggtgtata cacttattac actgaataac attatagtag    137520
     ctatcttcta taaaaaaatg tataacggta gtaatttttt tgctcagtgg aaaaaaaaaa    137580
     aaaaagagta caaaacagaa cataatctaa ggtatggggt aaaaaaatat ttaaagcttc    137640
     attacacttg attatttttt tataattgaa aatataccca aataaaatta ttcaattatt    137700
     ttacaattcc tacaaaaaaa aacataataa taattatata tatatatata tatatatata    137760
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaca    137820
     caaaaaagta aaaacaaata aataaataaa taaataaata gtatattccc agtgcagggt    137880
     tgcagctgga agagcatctg ctgcataaaa catttgctgg ataagttagt ggtttactcc    137940
     gctgtggtga cctctgatta tataaacaac atttgaagca ttatgttcaa attaaatgaa    138000
     atattgctca tagcaaattt atattttgag tgcaagaaag actagtgatg gcagaacatg    138060
     ggaaattatc tgtgatttgt cctgatttct gttgcgttac agtgagcatt tgagaggact    138120
     aagagcataa cctacatggt cactgatgca tgatgggctt tgggctacat gcagtaatag    138180
     catctgttgg gcatgagctg acgtttcaac ctcaatctgc actgccacac tttccaaaac    138240
     agacagaaac aatatagtgc attgagcaga atgtcatcca gcagtgatta gcaggactac    138300
     atttttaagg ttacgtttgc ctatttattt tgacacatta gacaacaagt ccataattgg    138360
     gacatgccaa gtgcttatat atttccaggg atgtagtttc cctcaagaca aagatacact    138420
     taagcagggc tattttagta actcaagggg aagaaattaa gacacattca cttcccctag    138480
     atgagaaagt agcaagtctg ttctcactag ctgtgttcct gccattgcat aacaaagggt    138540
     attaaaagcc aaaagatgta agagatattt agcatttgta ttgaagtgtc aagtcattcc    138600
     aaagacttta caggacgtcg caggtctgtc agagcatgtt tccacctggc attaacaagc    138660
     acatgttaat gccggtgatc tgatcaacag tagagagtct aaacaattaa catatctaat    138720
     tagtattttg aggcttccca tgtttgattt tgaaagtttt tgaccacgag tctgtatact    138780
     atgaaacctc tggacgtggt cgcaaaaacc tttagaccag gtttacagct gtatttattt    138840
     agtatcatcc acttgtgata gttgagaatg atgaaagcgt ttcttaatat atagtataaa    138900
     tgggactctt acccattgca tgggttgtcc tggtacttgg atgcagtgta ggagaagggt    138960
     gagatgttct tgtccacaaa ggaaccaaac ccaagacgaa agttactcgt gagcttcctc    139020
     atttcttcag ccagcttggt gcccaggttg cggatcgtgt ccagatcgtc cttcatggat    139080
     agcgagaggt ccatgaggta gtacaaatca acaggatagt cttccacagg gcgcacttgg    139140
     acttcaaaag acgcctggtc acctgagggc aggaagtgtg gtctttataa gcaagtttaa    139200
     tgtatttaca aacagactaa attgagtttt tattctccaa atcaatctgt aaatgcatac    139260
     caggccttaa gctgagagag atcttctgtg ggtatatctg gatgacatca tactgggtca    139320
     ctcctgaccc tttgtagctc aagggtttgc tctggagcac agagctgcca ctcctcgggt    139380
     tctctataaa tggtgcatcg catcccctct tctgtaagtt ctggctaaag tcacatcttg    139440
     aggtaagtgt tctggcctgt ccaaagtcct gaatcaggac aagaaaaaat atgaccaggt    139500
     taaacaatgc aagaaagcat ttaatgaatg agcaaagcta caaatgcaca gaaattatgc    139560
     acccttgtct gaagcatcag attattcggg tgtattaaat taataaataa aacaatagca    139620
     tttctgcctg ttaaacttga tgactacaac tagattacaa gctctatatt ggtacaagat    139680
     gaaagtaaga cttatttcaa aggccctgac aagaaaaagg gctgaaacag tatttatttt    139740
     tttttcacct tcacatttta tatccgtcaa aaaacatagc agtgtgcctg taagtagtgc    139800
     tgcaggactg acatcaatcc atctcgcagt aaccagctgt gaatcagtat atcaggtttt    139860
     gaaatcatcc ctgcagcact attttggagt ctcagtgagt tttgagacaa agccatgctt    139920
     tcccaatgcc aacacttgta gccttcaggt acttaatagc gtatgtttga cacaggatgt    139980
     aaatgttcaa gactatgcca agtacaaaaa gtggcaaatc tcagtgcctt taatattaac    140040
     acaaatttca catgaaccca aataacacct cagagtggct atttgaggaa acacaaaact    140100
     attaagcttc aaagctaaag aactcacaaa ccctgaaacc ttgagatgtc aagaaaaccg    140160
     gttaaattac tacaactgct ttttatagct taactacaat tgtctcattc agtgtgtcta    140220
     ctgaacagaa aaatagacta taactatgtg taaactccac aaatgtgtct ctagagaaca    140280
     tttatttatt tacaaatctg atattttaat tgtgccactt cagtcaaagt tctacacaga    140340
     cttgcagtct tcacacacac ttaaacactt gtgtggaaaa acgaaaagtg cacaagtcaa    140400
     gttgtgtagt gcaaaggcag gcagtaaggc ccattaactg tcaatcacag tgtctgtcag    140460
     gaatgtggca cgcgcgtacc tcttgcgcgc accaggcgca gctcgggtga atgaggagac    140520
     actcttcaca agacgtggcg ctgccgctca tacaaacatt aagacctaaa aaacagaaag    140580
     tacgtgtatt cagtttgcac atgtattcat atgacagagt ttatctatag acgaaagaag    140640
     caggacaaaa atacaagggc gacattactt gaactaaaag tgaccaatca ttccactaat    140700
     aatggagata taagaaggga aagcatttac tattacacac cacaacactg acctaacttc    140760
     aaacttcacc atagtatcat taatgcccac ttcttgcatt ttatagtaac gatacacata    140820
     acataaaaca taacatacat tgttacctat attaaacaaa atcaggcagg tcttacagaa    140880
     gtaaaaagtc agacattact ctttcaccaa acacagcgct tacctttgac gctgtgaata    140940
     aatatttcca aaactataca aactagaaga gccgggtggc gtgtagatga gcaaagtttc    141000
     cacatccttc cctgcgaagt ccaaacacag ttcagcgcca aacgtagttt tccttttgta    141060
     caatagtata aaactaagtt attataaata tttgcttttt acacagcggg tgactgaggt    141120
     cttctctttg tccatccttc ccaaatcaca gcggcacata catgactgaa gtgagtgtcc    141180
     agtgcgcgaa tctgcactgt aaacacatga gtgaaatccg agtgatcctg taacaataat    141240
     ccacacactc gaagttactg tcgctgtctg tccgaggtcc actgctgtaa tgaaacttgc    141300
     ccagcattca tactgggttt taaatcttca gttgcacgaa catttcaaac ttcttgaaca    141360
     ggctgttttc ctcgttcctc cggttgtttt cagcttggaa gttcaatagt cgagtgtcct    141420
     gccagcgtcc ctcacattac tttaaactcc gcccattgga gacaagacag gacgtttatt    141480
     tttttcccca atcagatttc caacaaaccc cgcccgttgc atcgggattg gctagcatgg    141540
     ggattttcaa acatgctccg attgaacagt taacaggtca tttaaatatc ttcaccaatc    141600
     caaaagaaca ataagacgaa gggcggggct tctctttgca aggtgggaaa taatagtcca    141660
     caaataagtc tatttctttt tcgtgggccc tgtagtttta tcttgctttc tatttttgtt    141720
     ttattacttt aaatgtaatt cacaattttc ctaaagtcat ctctgaatgt tctgcttgct    141780
     ctctctatat atctatatat acacacacat acatttaaag tcagaattag cccccttgtt    141840
     tttcccgcca atttatagta acggagagat ttttcaacac ttttaaccat agttttaata    141900
     actcatttct aataaccgtt ctatttaaat ttgccatgac cgtaaataat atttgactta    141960
     atatttttca agacctttct atacagctta aagagacatt taaagcctta aataacctca    142020
     ttaggttact taagcagatt aaggtaatta ggcaagttat tgtataatga tggtttattc    142080
     tgtagactat cgaaaaaaaa aaacatagct taaaggggct aattttattg accttaaaat    142140
     gtgttttata attaaaaact gcttttattc tagacgaaat gaaacgaaca agactttctc    142200
     ctgaaaaaaa atatcagaca ttctgtgaaa atttcatttt ttatatacac acacacatat    142260
     ataaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat agatatagat atatttcact    142320
     ccacaaagaa aaccatgaac gtcaatgttt ctgttccctg acatatcaaa cacaaaaaag    142380
     aaactagcat tatgctgtgt taaaatacag agaaattaaa attctgtgaa ttcaaagttt    142440
     atttaaattg tcctctatat gaacctcaaa tgaggaaaga ttagagtgaa cttttacact    142500
     ttttatagtt ggccctacta accaacacag ttctgtagca gaaaaaccaa ttcagcttta    142560
     atttcatatt tacttacctt tatttctatg gcgcttttac aatgtagttt gtgtcaaagc    142620
     agcttcacat ggaagattac agtaaattta aagtgttagt tcagttttca gtgttaaagt    142680
     tcagtttggg tcagagtagt ttaatattaa gcacatatat acacacaaac tgattgtcat    142740
     attaaaaaaa tagttaattt taatgttttg tcatttaatt tcaagtattg tataaatatt    142800
     ttcgacaagt cagtagaata ttaaaacttt agtactttaa gatctgactt gatgttcgtg    142860
     gggatggatt catcagtcat gtgaccttca ctgattacat caccacctgt tttacagagc    142920
     tgtgccgtta tcaagaagcc cattctggtt ttacctgagt ggactacaat gataaaaaaa    142980
     gcagttccct cctctacaga gagcacaaga aaacagtttt atttaggaaa cacaagggta    143040
     actcaaaaat gctgttatat caaagttgga aatctgaaat aaatgtaaca actttctcat    143100
     taattccaac attgcctaag gtcagagttc actctgtgaa ggaagtgtca tgaacaagaa    143160
     ctacaacgaa atggttgaac gtagcactaa agttacctgc aaaaatataa ctggcgaggg    143220
     aactatttac aaggccaaag gaacaaacaa aggaagaatg ttggaaacca gtagccatca    143280
     acttccataa tatttttcct acccaatcat tggctactgg tttccagaat tcttcaaaat    143340
     atctcaattt agaaacaatt aaaaataaaa tgtaaatttt tgggtgaact atccctttaa    143400
     cttgcttaaa ataccacaaa ctcaaacacg agcggaactg gaggtctgtg tgagaagctc    143460
     agaggtcata tctacaatag atctcaacgg aagaccactg agaaagccct gatgtttggc    143520
     ccgcaattcc agcagggcat ctacgatcct ctgccgggca acgtttgggt ggcgctctga    143580
     cagccgggcc atgattgtgt cgaagcttcc catggtggcg tagtgctgtg gcacacatgt    143640
     tccagaggct gtgggcgagt tgcacacgtt ggtcaacctt tccagactgc agcgcggccc    143700
     ctgatttaaa acatacacat gacattaagg ctttggaata taaaaattaa aaatgtaaaa    143760
     taaaaaaata aataaaataa aataaaaaag agaaaattta tttatcagtg ttaaaattga    143820
     acaagcacaa atgtcacatt tgacaagtta ctggctgtgg caccaaacaa aacaaagtgt    143880
     ttataaccgt ataaacatga attttaggca ggatattgca caacaaatct acataaaccc    143940
     gaagtcaaaa atcatgtcca ttatctcagt ctcaaatgag caatttaaag agacttttct    144000
     ttacatgaac ctgctctgct tggattagtc atttggctca gacagggttt gacttgtcaa    144060
     atacatagtg tattagaaaa taaactgcta ttaacattag tgatggagag ttcagatcat    144120
     tttacagaac aaatctttga gtcattttgt tcaataaaat gttaagagta gcttctaaaa    144180
     acatctacaa caagcctaaa cattgatcac actacaaaaa agcacataac ataacataac    144240
     aagaatgctg taagaaagag aaaacacaat caataattgc taaccagggg cctcatgtac    144300
     gaagacttgc gtggaaatca tactaaaaca ttgcgtacgc acaaagatgt aaatgtgcgt    144360
     acgcagaaaa aaaatcagat gtatgatatg taaatattct tttgtacatc tgaatgaacg    144420
     tgcaactgag cgcaacatgc acgagtacaa aacctctccc tgcctcctcc cccgtatgaa    144480
     tatgccaatg actctacttt ggcaaaaccc aacgaaaaag caatggcaaa agcaagcaaa    144540
     aagagaaact ttgaacagaa tgtgaattgg aggtgctgct atcggaggta gaccggagaa    144600
     acacggtgtt atttgcaagt ttgttctccg gaattaacaa caaaagaaaa aaatagagtg    144660
     ggagagttta gctgatgcgg ttaacacagt tgggtctgaa catcgcactg agtgaattaa    144720
     agaaagaaat agtgtgattt atagctgtaa aatgttgcag tacccttaac agtgtcagtg    144780
     gcgtagcacg taaaatgcat gtcaacatgt tttgacacgt tcgagcatga actcggttcg    144840
     aatccagcat cagatgaact ctttcttttt tccgccgcta catatcagat tgccaactat    144900
     ttatcacgag aaagacaagt aggaatcatt aataagtttg tgcatcatat tttatttgca    144960
     catttattga atggaaatgg ttctgtttca cgcatgcaaa ttcatcttca gatagtgtct    145020
     ttatagcaat gtgcgtgcgg tagatcgctc agattacatt gggaaaacag gcgaccgctg    145080
     caaattgtgc tttaatgttt ggctggtcaa ctgtatggta tggaaacctt atatacctgc    145140
     tagatgaacc cgtctcatac agctgccatt gcaaggctca gacactttgt agagagcaat    145200
     ttaacacaac tgcctctagg agtcgccaat ggaaataaaa cagacacgca caaaaaatgt    145260
     gcgtacgcca gccataaagc tgccgtgaag ctgcgcacat tcccacattc agttcattgt    145320
     tagtaaatcc aaacgtgagc gattctgagc gtgaaacctg gcgtacacaa agtttttgtg    145380
     cgtacgcagc gttgatacac gaggcccctg gtcttttgtc tataattagc tcagctcacc    145440
     tttgtgacat gtcttcaaat ttaagttgtt cgatcacatc acattgacag tctcatatat    145500
     tcttaactaa agaaaggacc catgaatagt tcatcttttg agtagtttgt tcatcacgtg    145560
     acagcatata aagtgattac tcaaaacaga tgaaatctgg ttcaggctag aattgatcac    145620
     gattgacgtg tctttcacgt gatgaaccaa tgactcaaac cgatagaaga cttgaaaaac    145680
     taatttctac cacacctgca caaatgtgca catgtgtgaa tgaacaaatc gttcgagaac    145740
     gacccatcac tgattaacat tactcactgg aggtttcctt tctccaatgc acccagtggt    145800
     tatttttaga tgtgcctaat atgtgtgcaa ttggattgct ggctcaatca gattcaaaaa    145860
     gtttatgtaa acacctcaat taattagatt ttatatatac actcagaatt tgtgccattg    145920
     ctgcagcagt gatgccttgc ttaagggaat cacctaatca gaagtattaa aggtgttagg    145980
     agtgcttgtt attcattcct actaacaacc ccggtctgtg caaggactca aacctgcaac    146040
     cttccaatca caagttctaa tctctaacca ttagtccgtt agctgcaaat aactcatcaa    146100
     tgcagaccac cgccagctgt ggcttgtcag agagagacag aataaagcag aggacataaa    146160
     aactaaagtg agcttcaagc ttccctttac tatgcatgct aacactctct ctcatccact    146220
     tgatctgata gattggtgtt gcaccagaac catgacaccc ccaagactgc acatccactt    146280
     acccagggag aatgtttatt cacttgccag aagaacagag cacctgctct acttatcctt    146340
     ttttttgcct cattgttaac ttggttgcgc agctgacacc cagacagaag acggagctcc    146400
     tcacagagac tacagccaaa ctgaaagcaa accaaaacgg tccaggcctg gttctctgcc    146460
     atcttccact actacttgag acaggtggcg cacacaggtg acagtcatta aaactcacat    146520
     caccagccat gcatgctttt tggccactcg ttacacttca gaaagctaaa tgaaacatcc    146580
     agctttgagg ggtacccaat gcgggatgag ctcctggatc aacctaatag tgccgtttaa    146640
     tttccacaca agacttaacc aaaaggatac tggcaagttc ccatcgttcc tggtgctaaa    146700
     aaaactgtat tcaccacact gggcagcaac tggcactact aagtccttcc tttcgttctg    146760
     catggagctc cagcaacctt ccaacaaatg atggacgtac ttcccataac ttaaacttac    146820
     actgctgctt accttgatga catgatgatc cacacggggt gttgggagga acatcttacc    146880
     tgcctgcgga gggtgttcct gtagttacat caagctgtag tcacagctaa ccccaggcaa    146940
     tgtcacctag ggctaacaca tgcaaagtac ctgggatatc agccaggggg catgggctga    147000
     tcaggccaca gcagtctaaa gtcgacaccc aacagaaggc caccctggcc caccaccagc    147060
     acaaaacaaa agtttccatg tcaaaatttc acaggactcg ttactattaa acacttgctt    147120
     catcagtctc aaggctctca gcaccaccca cgctcgtcat gggtaccaag ccgaccaatc    147180
     acagagcttg caatatgcat tattgcgaca tgtagttaca atttttcgcc catggtaata    147240
     cacacagcct ttttaaggat gttgtatgga caggtaggtc tgtcaaaaac tctaccccct    147300
     tgcctcctct caaccttaac atctctctta taaaaggata tttctaggtt gatgctattg    147360
     atgtagaatg tggcgaccta cactccaaag tcatctctat agagccaaat caatgtcgtc    147420
     agtagtcatt actgccttgt ctgagggaga gaatattcta taaggagaat atactctctt    147480
     ccgtctagac ttgagcaact agaagggtgt tgcaccagaa ccaccacacc caagactgca    147540
     cagccaccaa ccatggagaa catttatcca catgccataa gaacaaggca cctgcactat    147600
     ttaccctttt cccctatatg tgtgtgtgtg tttattttat gaagtgtacg ataacagatg    147660
     cacaaagcag tattgcattc acccgactta atttaacaaa aagctattca aaaaggcaac    147720
     tttgttttat ctacattgac tctaatcctt cttcaacaca aacgttttaa atggaacgta    147780
     tattaaacac acataaatgg atatttgaat cagattgtta aataatattt aaagtaaatg    147840
     taaatacatc tgccttccac ttcatactta ctccatgtga tgaaccgtag gttacatttt    147900
     ttgttctcag ttcatctcct gcagtgtctt ctttatggct ttctgaggcg ctgtgggaca    147960
     gatcacttgg tttaagatca gctgaaacag tcccagagag atgcaccacc tggacagcat    148020
     gaccttgaag ggaacgtcca tttagatctt caactgctgc tttggcatca atatagctct    148080
     tgagataaac aatagctgcc ctacatgtgc acagacaagt tcagttcgtt aatgataata    148140
     ataatgcttg tataacaaca ttcaacatta ctatgatata tattaataat tgaaaactaa    148200
     gtaaacactg atcagaaaca cggtttatga tactctttaa tataacttga actatttcag    148260
     taggtgtgga gctttaaact cttgattgtt gttgtacagg ttcagtggga ttagacaaga    148320
     tgggtaatca gactagtctg gcaagaaatg caaaaatctt ttagctgaaa aaaaagaaaa    148380
     ccgttctgtc tgctcaaaag gcttcccatt atagttaaga tttagtgaga ttagaatgtt    148440
     cactgaaaac ccatatcaga caacctaacc tgggggtgtt gattaatata ttaaaacttt    148500
     gaaatcaggt tttgagcttg tttaagataa gcagagtttt ttgtatgaaa atgcttacct    148560
     tgtattgttg ctgaaagccg agatgcagac atttgttgga ttgtacttct caaaccaaag    148620
     cagtacttca tgctgcagaa aacatttcat ttagtggtgt ctgctgcctc ctagaggctt    148680
     tcacttattt gaaaagttta cacaagttga gaccctacct cggtgatatt gcctggcaag    148740
     caagtgatgc acaagaggga gctttgcttt aacacatcct catcagtccc tgtaaaaaat    148800
     aaataaatat ttgttagtca actaaaccaa tcagccaaca gcaatgatac tttttctccc    148860
     agaacagcat ttcagttcaa gtacagactg tgaaatatca gcaattcact ggcgatctga    148920
     agtttcagtt aacctactac accttttgtc tccattttgt gcctcatagt ttctctcatt    148980
     tcattcggta tctccatttt tccatcttga tttggaaacc caagttcctc ctctgcatca    149040
     aaccaagctt cgctgccatt caaatccttg ttggcaccta ctataccata gtatggaagt    149100
     aaagcactgc aaaacacatt tggtttattt ccttttcttc aatctgagat tcataccagt    149160
     ctttggttca gtagaaattc ttgtctgctt tggcaggatg aatagggctt tatctctttt    149220
     gctgcattca ttttttgctt catcctattc atggagaaca aattctgact attctaaatg    149280
     taacagactc gggtacaacc cttaatgaca ataatacaat tcatattagt atgtgaataa    149340
     actaccggag cagtttcaat gtcctgacaa acttcactgg gaggcacctt catcgctgta    149400
     tgttcttcat ccactttgtg gtcactcgca atggtactat gaagaatgac agaattctta    149460
     attattttaa taaatacatt tgggaaagca aactgcaatg tacaatgaat ttagctgttt    149520
     gatgcacgta aaattaatac atggaacata aagcctctta catgcttata tgtgaatgga    149580
     ggcatggtga aagagtaacg ggaaaatcat ttttaaagtt atggatcagt tatacaagta    149640
     taataaaatg gttaaaaaca tttgtgcaat taacattttt gctgatagtg aacatcagga    149700
     ttatttaatg aaaaagcatt tattattata agaaatatta taaaaacatt caatcaattt    149760
     ttatttctaa aatattgact gaaatacagt acggaaaaga gtataccttc tacccaccat    149820
     gcatacatga aagacacaca gcacacatag accttttaag cagtaccttc cccctttttg    149880
     ctgatatttc tagatggttt tttattgaaa agcaagaaat taactacata tgtattatta    149940
     ctctggccta tcagtgtcct ggctgtaaag tgcaatgtgg caacagtgtt ctcccaactc    150000
     attacaggaa aatcaatcaa aaaagtacaa cttctgtaaa tggcgttact tttcaggata    150060
     ttctagactt ataatggcca cctaccttcc tgcacagtct aaatgggccg caagaacctg    150120
     aaatgagacc ttattaccaa tttgtttagt ttgttattat tgtttatatc acaaatataa    150180
     caaactctca aaatttacaa caatgtgaat tctgtaatac cgatgatggg ctgtaatttg    150240
     tccctgtaga tatcttctca gagtttactg ataggggcgt aagatcatcc agaggagtac    150300
     cagccagaat ctgttgtctc atctcatggt aatccttctg tagtgttcta agagtttctg    150360
     ctatgctgtc tggcagtgcc tcggtactga ggaatgaaca aaacctcaaa aggtaagatt    150420
     gtcataatac atatctttcc ttaaaccaaa tgctactctc ttacccctga taagcacttt    150480
     caccaagtgg ggaggtgaag tagcgtctcc agcagtgttg ttggcacatg acaaactgaa    150540
     gagcaagaag atttagctct gcttttctca ctcgctgggc acagtcacag ccacacaatc    150600
     ccctgcagtg gtcaccaaca ggaataaaaa ccgacaagta gttgaattag ggtaattgtc    150660
     tcctagaaaa catttttact ttttaaatta tctttctttg aaccttggat acaagtagaa    150720
     tatctataca gcaatatctc tatgtaaatt gatatataat tttaaggtac aatagtaaca    150780
     tagtaacact gtatatattg ctacattagt ttagaaaaat acaaaatcac actcaaaaac    150840
     agaacacaga ataaaaaaag tcaatgtaat ttagctccat gtaagaatgt tcctgcatta    150900
     accatgttct ttctttttaa catatgatta atttcacatt attataacaa aatttcaaga    150960
     ttaaagttaa agtccagatg aaccggaagc tgtgaccgtt atttttttgt tttgtgacgc    151020
     agttcctaga aaaactaaat attaaatgac aaagtagtgg ccgtgacttg ttccttctac    151080
     tgcgagctaa atggatgtag taaagtagtc attcattcag aaagattggg gaaagtgttt    151140
     ggggagagtt aatacaacct tacggacacc acctccttat catttctgtt tgtagtcaaa    151200
     actgacagct agagcagccc aattaaatag gttagccatg cccaatacca aatatataca    151260
     taatctaata atttaactga aaacaaacag gaagtgcatt ttcatattcc aaataaagat    151320
     ttgaagggca aattattttc ttcttaaaaa cgtgcacaga ttaatagctc atcacaaaac    151380
     tagcaatgtc agctaacaaa atcatatggt taattttgat tccttgcaga tatacaacac    151440
     tgaataaaat gtttattaat gcagggaacc catctatttg gagttattac ccgagcaagc    151500
     ccagcagaca cacaacatta aaagatgtta atattaggtt agatttagtt catgacgtca    151560
     ggtgaccaaa atgcaatgtc tagccagcgt ctaaggatgc tggttggttt taggttgtgt    151620
     aggaaagcga ccaaaataca atgtctaata catgtcatag tggtgaggtc cactcaacgt    151680
     caagatgtaa catgattaaa ttttgatatt tgggttggac attgacgtca gcctgacgtt    151740
     aggttctgaa ctcaattttt caactctatt tgagctaaaa ctttcaccta ccttgcattc    151800
     atgctcttca tctgtttcaa ccccttctca gtctctttta gctttataaa ttcctataag    151860
     caaaagacca ggacattata catggctcat ttgaaacggc cacaagtcca accatctaat    151920
     ctaggtaata cataaaatat gttacctcag tgaggacatc caagtctgac atataaactt    151980
     cagtaatggt gttcttatca gatgtggtca ttcgcatggt ctgagtatct ttttcatggc    152040
     tgacagcagg caagtctgtg tcagtagcaa catttttcac ctggaaggtc tgatcagtct    152100
     ttgttgcaca agtagatgta aaaaaagctc tgaaatcacc acaggcatct atcatttggt    152160
     ccacatagac agaagcgcta gatttggatt ttggtgagga acccacattg ctcttgttta    152220
     tctgttgctc atatcttgag tcaagacagt ctcttgactc ttcagccagc tcaaatgaat    152280
     tgctgacaca agagaaacaa tcggtagagt ttgcagcagt gctgttggca gcctctgata    152340
     gttcatctga gagttctgta ctgcctttgg tagcagtgat tgaatcattg aaccctgtct    152400
     ctgcactctg gctgccattg ctccatgcag tgtggtctaa gctggtgcta ctaaaactgt    152460
     agtattctgg catggtttcc tggtccacat tgtagtcatt ttcttcagtg ggattatatg    152520
     attggttttg gttattttgg gtgttgtcat ttctctgaac ctgactctgc acatcaagct    152580
     ccatatcgag gcagaagctc gcttgggctg atgtgtcctt aaaatgtttg gcatcttccc    152640
     tgctttctac ttcctgccac agctgagaga ggcactgggc atgagaacac attcctttac    152700
     tgtagaaatg aggatgcgct tcagggcttc tctgtttgct cctagtgttt agggtgcttt    152760
     gcgtgcaacc taaatggata ttttgcattt caacattact ttgggaagtt tggaaaacat    152820
     ttagctcttc ttttaggctg tttgggagca gctgaagttg tttttcattc tctgaacaag    152880
     aaagtaataa tcagtactgc agcagcttga gaattattaa aagtcatgtc atcttacctg    152940
     acacactgat tttgtcctgt gaaatcacaa tgtgaacacc acaacgggtg cacttcttgg    153000
     taccacatgg acaactagtc ccacagtttt gacacccaga tgaaccataa aatgttgggt    153060
     acctggaact aaaatagata taaacatctc tttctctctc tgtgaatgtc tttaagaatc    153120
     ataaaaaata aaataaaata aaaaacaatt taaccaattt tctatggagt gttaacaagt    153180
     tttgtaatga ggaccaggcc acgctgtccc catggtgcaa taatctttaa atattcagtt    153240
     gtaccataac cttttaaaaa tgaagacatc tgacattagt tcaaatggtt caaaaggaat    153300
     gataggccag cgtaaaaaaa acaatgtagt gtttccacat tcgttaatga cctgtccgtc    153360
     aatacagctt aatttatttc attatatcct ctgcatttaa taaaataaaa taaataaata    153420
     aatgtgtcca agcgattaat aaaattgact aagcctctat aaaaactata aggtggcaac    153480
     ccgttctgtc aaatgttagt cgacatatta tatttgagaa actctgctgt tatggatgtg    153540
     ttatttgcag taaaatctca aaacataaaa ttcacgcaga aagtatgtta acgttgtatt    153600
     gaaacatttg tttacaattt ccaaaactac caaccacaga gttatgggat cagaaaaaaa    153660
     aaaaattcaa tccataaaca ttttttaaga ttttatatga ggaaaataaa catgcgttat    153720
     ggatgtgaca aaaaaaagtc agcgagttta cagtatacaa cataatttgt agaaattctg    153780
     tgaattaaac tgcacaaccc aaaagaaaca atgttaatca aaaggatagg agtcggctca    153840
     ttataaaggc aaaaattatt gattttattt tactttacat ttataaggag aaagctttgt    153900
     tatggatgtg acacctctct attatggatg tgaaattgca ccttgtttga ctttggaaaa    153960
     tcaaatatta ttgtttagaa acattggaca gggagatttt tgagtattta tgaagtactg    154020
     taaaatacaa gcctacacaa atatgcagaa acaatttttt atggcaaggt agacatttgc    154080
     agggaattgc ttatatatat ggaattgatt ggttacgccc tacaagtttc actatattaa    154140
     tacctagatt aacaaccata aacaacgata aatacatgat acagctcttt gttattaaag    154200
     tattagtaaa tgttaaaacg atcactaata aagattaata aatcgtttag aagcatttac    154260
     ttagaagtag tttatgttaa ctaattaaca ttgctaatta catgcattgt aaagtgttac    154320
     aagtaataaa tattaaccag atcttttcta ctaagcagat ctgaatgcga gcttgataaa    154380
     caactgtgac tatagaagga tacaaaagtg tattaaaatg cataataaaa caaactgaac    154440
     caaaactata gtagttctgg agtcgactta ctcgtttgat gccatagttg taggaggggg    154500
     aacgtagttt cctttgggtt ttgctaaatt aaaaatataa aaaaatatat atatttaagc    154560
     aaacagttaa ccagataaaa tgaatatctt agtctttata atattttacc aactgaactc    154620
     accttttaca taaacatact gtctggttac tccaagttct ggatgtttct ttaaaaaaga    154680
     cagaagccct ccttcgtctt tgcaggtgaa aacatttttc tttattgctc tcattttacc    154740
     cacatatttt aaataattag aaatgtataa tttatatgcc cctactttgt attaaggtcc    154800
     tgtcctctgc tgttaagtat aagaaccatc caagcaactt tgggtttgtg agctccagat    154860
     aattattggc gaagacaagt tcaaacagtg acctgtaata tgtacaattg cctccctcag    154920
     aacaacatgg tactcaaaat gtggtggttt aaagttaaaa cagcattcaa ctgaattatt    154980
     tattctaatc taattgaatg atcttgtctg ccagattttc atacctccca ttcaaaatgt    155040
     aacttaacag cgtatatatt attgtgaagt gatgtgattt aaaatatgca atatctacct    155100
     aacctacccc aatcccaacc tcagaactat tcaaatacag tgttggtagc ataatcggat    155160
     aaaatgtgag aacactcggt gtagcgggtg cttaatgctt acctcatcaa catacacctc    155220
     ctcctaacat cggtatacag ggtttcattg tgaaagcctt gagagatgtg caagaaattc    155280
     agcaacactg agtgaaaaag atcatatatg gacaactaac cacacgtgtg acaacaatga    155340
     agacaaaccc tcgattaatt tctgttaaat tacacttacg agtgtaaaaa aataatacgt    155400
     gaattttcta gatcatctcc gagttttttt tcacagattc tttttatcgt gttgtccgtt    155460
     gtgcacgtaa ccgcggcgcg catgcgcaca taaggccgcg tgctctctac gcccccaaag    155520
     actttgccca aactaatatc aaagactaca aaaatactta ctaaatatat tagcgcgaat    155580
     gtaagctgtt ttacgtttat gtgcgagaca tctgatccat tacacctact gagagtaaag    155640
     aactagaaaa atactaaaat cttgatcaaa ctttctaact gaaatgtgcg catttatggt    155700
     tacaacaaac actacagtct aataccaaat atttgtatgc agtattaagc gtaattgacc    155760
     gtttttgtct tacggaattt atgcgcgtgc ccgcctttaa taacccttgc tggtcatgat    155820
     gactcatatg cgttgtctga cttccatttt tcggcgaggc tttgaggcaa ataaacacta    155880
     gaatacacgt tataacgtta ctttacatgt gagcattgcg gaatggatat tagtttgtgt    155940
     gtaacattac tgagaaattt gagtagcgcg agcacttttc ttcaaaatat aatatccgat    156000
     gattcattct taaatagaaa attgtaaaaa atctgcttgg ccttctagga tttttgcatt    156060
     ttgcattatg taaactaaat taaaacatta aagatataca gatatcgcct agtctgccaa    156120
     aaaaagaaaa agaaaatcaa gaaatttctt caaaggctac aatacacatg gacaactcga    156180
     acctgttgaa tcagtgaact gttttgcttt gggatcgatg tgtaactcac cggtcatctc    156240
     gttcactgca cgttggtcaa agggaaggaa atgccatttg gcgatggcac tgcgatcctc    156300
     atatgtgact gaatgtgact cgaagaaagg aacaacggca gctggagggt accacatttt    156360
     ctgaaacact aaatgatcaa aatcaagaaa aggtcaccgg ttattatcaa caacaaagca    156420
     ccgacagagg ttcgtcgggc acatgttttt ccgcctcagg tgaagcactc tctaatgatc    156480
     agagcgcagc tgcagctgct ggattttctc accacttact tatcgattag acaccggacg    156540
     ccaggagagt aataaataaa cagttatttg tgtcattatt agccgaataa ttatgattag    156600
     gcaattttaa gcttctgtga gaagtcaaaa aagttttttt taattagctc agacctgttt    156660
     agtgatgatg actcgtctcc gcgataacac gattcgtttt tttctcgaat agtttgaaag    156720
     aaccggtcaa agcgattcaa tgattctttt acgtaatgat gtattgcgtt atcaaacggt    156780
     tctttaaata aataaataca gtactaaaaa gagctgatat atatatatat atatatatat    156840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatagtt gaaataagaa    156900
     ttattaaact ttttcgagtt tacagaacaa accatcatta tacaatacct tgcttaatta    156960
     ccctaacctg cctagttaac ctaattaact tgattaagcc tgtaaatgac actttaagct    157020
     gtatagaaga gtcttgaaaa ataactagtc aaatattatt tactgtcatc atagcaaaga    157080
     taaaataaat cagatattaa aaaagagaca ttaaaaatat tatgtttaaa aaatcttcat    157140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa    157200
     agatgcaatt taataatttt gtcttcaact gtcattgatc attaggggtt catggcattt    157260
     aaaggattga aaatgttaaa acaataaaac cacctttgtt gaaacctaaa ttcatttact    157320
     ttcagtaatt gatttatctt gcagctcttc agttttttaa tcgagtatca ttattatatg    157380
     tgatataact aatacaatac atgacctgta atcttatgaa tgcagtttct catctggcca    157440
     ctagagagaa cacaaaccat gatgatgaat gatgttgcac tgattttaca gacaagtaaa    157500
     aatacattat attataacca ttttgtgtaa gtaaaactgt catagttgaa gaaaaacacc    157560
     tttgtgtgta tgttttgatg cttacagtac attcaagtta attaaatcat tttaaggtga    157620
     aagcatacaa ttaattggtg aaataaaata aataaaagat caatgtttgc ttgaaaagct    157680
     caatctctaa atgaagtcct gacaggaagt gcctgtctca aaggtgaagt tcgaaaattg    157740
     aagcatgtgt tgtaatcaca cttaatttca tttgtgcctg tgtctcagct gcttaccagg    157800
     caaaataaac agtgagttag atcacatcac atttagctct gtcttgctcc ttaaaagacg    157860
     tagcctatag caaatggtag gcattagctg ttggtttact aagtgaaatc aatacttcac    157920
     taaaaccgtc attagcagac cacagtgcaa aatatatgtt gatggaacca ttaacttctt    157980
     cacatgaatg cattaattgc ttacagtgtt ctgctctatg gcatcagtca gatagcctat    158040
     agtttgaagt tggctataga aacaaagcgg ttgtgtcgac tgcatgttta tggtttgaca    158100
     tttgatattg gcatatttag ggaccgtctc taaagttaca caggatgtaa acacttttct    158160
     cattttaata gctattgagg aaaataactt acagtaacaa atataagcct caactataat    158220
     gcacaccttt tacatttttt atatattaca ataaactgta aataagaaag gcgacatagt    158280
     ggcgtagtag gtagtgctgt cacctcacag caagaaggtc gctggttcga gcctcggctg    158340
     ggtcagttgg tgtttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc tgcgttcacg tgggtttcct    158400
     ccaggtgctc aggcttcccc aacagttcaa agacatgcgg tacaggtgaa ttggggaggc    158460
     taaattgtcc gtattgcatg tgtgtgaatg agtgtgtatg aatgttttcc agagattggt    158520
     tgcagctgga agcacatccg ttgtgtaaaa catgtgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc    158580
     gctgtggcaa tcccagatta ataaagggat taagccgaaa aagaaaatga atgaatgaat    158640
     gaatttaaat aagatttttt ttataaccaa atgctaaata tcatgtttta aagctcaata    158700
     gctttatagg tcaatgactt acagtcacaa aacaactgta agtgttccaa gtagttctca    158760
     aatacaatga acacctttta catttctgat gcttattaca gtaaactgta aatccaagat    158820
     caaaaatgtt gttttacata ttaccgactg tcctcaaatg ttatatatta ttttttaacc    158880
     tcaatagctt tatagaagaa tggcatacaa tcagaaaacc cactgtaaag cgttgatgta    158940
     gttcaccttt tacatttttg ttgattacag taggctaaaa ctgtaaatct gaggtcaaaa    159000
     atgctatttt acagaagtaa atttttttag gggcgaggca gtggcgctgt aggttgtgct    159060
     gtcgcctcac agcaagaagg tcgctgggtc gctggttcga acctcggctc agttggcatt    159120
     tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgtc ttcgcgtggg tttcctccgg gttctccggt    159180
     ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgcggtaca ggtgaattag gtatgctaaa ttgtctgtag    159240
     tgtgtgtgtg aatgtttctc agagatgggt tgtggctgga aggaatcaca ctgaactgag    159300
     ctaaactgaa ctgaactgaa cttaaacact aaaacctgaa ccacactgtt ccagttacag    159360
     aaccacactg ttccagttac tatgaccatt tatgtgaagc tgctttgaca caatctacat    159420
     tgtaaaagcg ctatacaaat aaagctgaat tgaaaattga attgaagggc attcgctgcg    159480
     taagaacttg ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccccgg atttataaag    159540
     ggactaagcc gacaagaaaa tgaataaatg tttttaaatg ctaaatattt aaaactcaat    159600
     acctttataa aagaataaaa taacagaata aaagaagaca gaagggcaat aaaagtgttg    159660
     aaaagaaaaa gacagagaag cctatgtggg gacctaaaac caccatttca ggtctccacc    159720
     tgctgtggaa gaaatgtgca aaaaagcgca tgcaccacat ttttttgcca ccaaaaattt    159780
     aatgatacaa aaatgaaaaa gtgttttggc caaaaaaaaa gttttgcaaa aacaaaaaac    159840
     aagcaaacaa acaaaaaaaa aacaacaaca acagtgtcgt acaaaaaatg ggacacaaaa    159900
     aaaattgtgc aataaagtgc atccataaaa tgcagccgaa aaaaggtgca tgcacaacac    159960
     aactttaagg gtccaaaaat gtaaatgtaa aaaagttgtg ttgggccaaa aagtatcact    160020
     gtgtacaaaa caagtgtgtg ttgtgcaata aaagtggaaa aatgtagtgt gcaaaaacaa    160080
     aacataaatt agagcaaaaa tgagcctttt ctttttgctg tgttgttcat ctgttttgta    160140
     aattgttgta caaattttta cgtgatgtta ttagtgcctt ctttattaat tataattaaa    160200
     gtactaaata aaatattaat aaaaacatat tgacgtgata cattgccttc aactttcctt    160260
     ttacatgtat ttttttcatg ttaaaaaaaa tcctaataga ggttatagtt gtgtttagtc    160320
     atactaatct acttcacaaa aagttatgac tacaattttc agtataaact aaagcattat    160380
     aaattgttca ttttacttga acttattatt aaatatgatt tgtactatac taatactatt    160440
     atttgtaaca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    160500
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt tacagacctt tgaaacaagt    160560
     caaaggtgtg taaatgatga cagaattttc acttttggct cactttaatt atgagaagtt    160620
     gctcttacaa ttcacaccaa gcatgatgga aaatggttga tatgagttgt tcaaacagta    160680
     tgcggttcat aaatggttta gtcgaataat aagtgcacaa tataatatca cacatgctgc    160740
     tctgccatcc ttaccgagtt attaaataat catagatggg aggcttacag catgagcgta    160800
     tgagcagaca cacattagca cagcatctaa aggcctggtg aaagggcagc gcagcccctg    160860
     ggacagcaga aggcctttaa ctgaatagag gccgatcgat acggaataca gtttcagttc    160920
     cagtgctaga aagcgattgc cagtcattat ctaaaacagg ctttgtattt ctcacatatg    160980
     aacagtataa tatattaata taaaatagaa ggattgagtc tacacacaca tacagttgaa    161040
     gtcagaatta ttagtccccc tgtttatttt tttcccaatt tctgtttaac agagattttt    161100
     ccaacacatt tttaaacatt ttataacatt tctaataact tgtttatttt atctttgcca    161160
     tgatgacagt taataatatt tgactagata ttttcaagac ccttcaatac agcttaaagg    161220
     cttaactagg caggttaggg taattaggca agttattggt ttgttctgta gactatcgaa    161280
     aaaaatagct taaaggggct aataatattg accttcaaat ggtgtttaaa aaaactataa    161340
     actgctttta ttctagccga aataaaacaa ataagacttt tttctgaaga caaaatatta    161400
     tcagacgtac tgtgaacatt tccttgctct gttaaacatc atttgggaaa tatttcaaaa    161460
     agaaaataaa aatttggagt agggctaata attctgactt caactgtata tatccctgct    161520
     gaaaaatcta gtttaaacca gcctaggatg gttggctggt tttagctggt cgaccagcct    161580
     ggatttagag ggggtttggc catttccagg ctggtttcca gccatttcca gccaggtctt    161640
     acctggtcag gctggaaaat gaccagctaa aaccaagttg accagcttgg ttttagctgg    161700
     acacagctgg gtttggctgg ggtcccagtc tggctaggct ggtcaagctg gttttagttg    161760
     gttatctgcc agcctgacca gctaccagaa aatggctgga aaccagcctg taaatagcaa    161820
     aaacctttct aaaaccaggt tgaccagcca accatcctag gctggtttaa gctggattta    161880
     ttttagcagg aatatttaaa caacagttct ttctagttct taaatctgat tggctgatgc    161940
     cgcgcaataa atataacagc actagtacag cctcttcacc ctataccctt gtgtattacg    162000
     ccaaagacta taaaatacac aagacatatc actcgtatac ttttgaatgg ggaaaagcgg    162060
     aactgtcaat atggcaaatg aagccatagt atgacaattc tccgacaatt ctccaggtaa    162120
     gcggatcgga ccaaacgtga gattctacag attttgtgat aaaacattta gaaatgaaac    162180
     taaagacaca gttgttgttt aattttattg gttatttgta atattaaatg aaaccgccag    162240
     cttggcatgt agttttggag aatttcatgt ttctccattc aaacagaatg cctgagcata    162300
     ctgcacaaga ggcgttttaa agatggctgc cgagtgaaat gacttgcctt aaagggactt    162360
     tgattacacg cacatacagc gacaagcaga gaacactcta cagtttgaca aatattgcag    162420
     ctgttgaaca acaacttttg agactttttt tttttagtca agaatgtagt tgtttaaatt    162480
     atgcagtaga tgctgcaatt atgcagctta tttataagga ttgtgccgcc atcagcctga    162540
     gcagaccaaa gaaagtgacg gttgacgttc caccacaaga tgagacagag actgcataag    162600
     tcctcagagg aagaaaaact gagcgatttc tcaatgtcag tttcaaactt cagctgatca    162660
     aatcattata aagcaggtga gtgtcattct aagttgatct ctctcttttt ttgtaatttg    162720
     tagtgctgta tttataccac aaaaactgct attgaatttt tattttattt tttttttttt    162780
     cagggttaat tattgtgata tcctgattgc aacagagaaa gactggaaat ctcaattggt    162840
     tgatggcatt tcatgccatt aagccctata attataaaat atgataaaat aattagctgt    162900
     tttgtcttct ctttagacat taatctagag aatcattcaa acactagctc taaagtgatg    162960
     tgaactggca attgtttctg ctgttctgat gtcagcagca gaagtgaatg agtggcggaa    163020
     gaaagtggtt cctaatacaa aaaggttttg agactcttca tgtttgatat ttttatacac    163080
     ccaattatgc cgtcgatctg ttgtttaaac acagtatcac atgagtagca gtgcaatatg    163140
     gctgtacatc agcactggta ggggcaccaa ggcactcagc ctgcagcctc gagtcaacgc    163200
     acacctcata tcgcaaccat atggcactgc tactcatggg atattgctct catatttaca    163260
     cttacataca tatacacata tgtgttactc tgacactaat ttagtgatat attaaatcat    163320
     tattatttaa acatctcagt gcagccccaa aatactagtg aagtttcata aactaatttc    163380
     gagaggagca cgtgatatga ttgagcacag ctggccactc atttgtaatc agtaataatc    163440
     caatcagagt gatcctagcc tactataaat ggatcactcc ctaacttttt cccctatctt    163500
     cattttggaa gaatcccccc ttccacccaa tctcctcctt tctttccctc ttctaaaagg    163560
     gggaaatatc gagaccttcc tgatctcgga tcctctgata tgcttattga ccgggcggga    163620
     gccctgggct caaatatctc cgagagcagg gttctctccc gggacagcat gccaaacctg    163680
     ctataatgct aagcatatct aagtgtgaac tcttgaaatt cattttttta tgttaaacca    163740
     ttatacttca tatattatac tttaaaatgt tttatcaata tatttggatt gttttaaaat    163800
     ataataaagt ttagtagcat tacttttaat atgtacagat taaaacaagc gtttcatttt    163860
     tatagaaatg tccttcgctt caaaatggtg aaaaaacaac aactactaca ataccactta    163920
     ttagaaacat taaggacact tacattttct tctatggccc ttatgcaaac cctttcattt    163980
     ttgcatgttt aaactcattg tactggaaaa ctgttgctgt aatgtctcag taatcttaac    164040
     tgaaccaaac caaacatgcg actttgaaac tgtgaaatgt gagaagaaaa atcagaagac    164100
     aggagtgaaa gtgtagcaga atggacagtt tattgtaccc agtacagatt ataaactcag    164160
     cagtgtaagg tacacattgt gagggggaca aggttaagcc tgtacaagtg cagacaaccc    164220
     ttcagtggtg gatgctgaga cgagccctct ctccatgaga aaacggttat tttagaagct    164280
     gcacctctca tttaaaaggc actgctctcg aacccaccag aaaaagggtg tccgggtcac    164340
     cgctgatgtg cagccactgc aacacaggga tccattgaaa acatacacag agtatctgtt    164400
     acaggcagaa ctatacagct tatacaagaa aaccaaagaa atgcagactt tgcaaaaata    164460
     tatgttcatc tttcaaaaca aaaatacaga gaaaaagaga gaatacaaat gcagagaact    164520
     ccacaatttc ttctttgtcc agcataaagc gatatgtaag tggacagctg atcattgaac    164580
     acgtcatgca aaaggaagca gtggtcgctc gtcagctgga gattggcaat gattagcaaa    164640
     gcaatgattt tcttgtacct tattgcatgc aaggccctga ttctcctgct ttcctggtgc    164700
     attcaaatat agaatgatgg agaagaaaat aagaaagtga aatgctaatg ttgtttgacc    164760
     ttccactgaa gcatggagga attctgacta gtgcatccct tttgaatgtt gtcaagtgaa    164820
     aaaaaaatct aatatgaaat aaatttggct tcggggagtg aagttaaata gcaacaggca    164880
     tacagaaaga catttcgaat gggttaacag tcccgtgaag ttgactaaat atacttaaga    164940
     gtgcctttca tttcacgtgg tcagcaaacc ctgggttaac cagcatgaaa acaaacaaat    165000
     aataataata tttataataa taatataaac ctaacacttg acaaaggatt ccaaacaaaa    165060
     ccaacgatac aaaaagaacg tttgtattcc tcagcataat taaagctgtc cacgtttagt    165120
     tcaacaaaaa gtgtcgtata aaagccagct ttcttaagaa ataaatgggt cattttgttt    165180
     ttctccttgc aaaataaagc cctttttgac ttcttgtcta catggtttgg aggtaaaaac    165240
     aaaattaatt cggaccaaaa aaaggcaact attaaatagt gctgcatgta agggttttcg    165300
     ttttcctcta agtatgtctc ttaataattt gttcccaatt tctttcattt tttgtttttt    165360
     aaaaaaaaag cagattgtca aaaacagaat tgctacaatt ctcgcagtga gatctgtcag    165420
     tctttcggca gcagtgggct ccagctcaac ctcttcttct ctgcggcagc gactgtttgc    165480
     cacaaggaag tttaaagcat ggaaaaccag ctttcctcac ctccttgaca cctttctcgt    165540
     catagaaaag gtggcgcaga tttctcctcg ttcttctttc atgattggga gggttaatct    165600
     ggaagtgggc aacagttcaa aaggagtcga ggcaatggga cagatgtgtt cgagttcagt    165660
     acacgtaacc atcagggaaa ggcatcccag aaacacactg ctcgccaccg tcaactaaat    165720
     acgaagaccc gtcgtcataa tgcgccaatg gaagtgtgtc atcatccaca gtgggcaggc    165780
     cgtcggggtc tgctttgaga ttgggcctct ggttgtctgg gaaggccatg gagaagagcg    165840
     cttcaggatc gcacacaaat ttgtagacgt acctctcgcc ggcaacctga aaaggagcga    165900
     aagagatttt tagtggattg aaggaaagtt tgagcaatag cggtcattgt gagtggagtg    165960
     cgaagtaaag gaaaaggtga acctgccttt accttctgca tgattccctt ctcatagtag    166020
     tagcgcagtg agcgactcag cttgtcgtag ttcatggcgg gtctgttctt ctggatgccc    166080
     cagcgtcgag ccacctgata acacacaaga taattgacat tgcttagtat acccaaaaat    166140
     atttcggaat aaagaattac atgtgtaggg agccaccgtg gctgttttta attctttatt    166200
     aacagattaa ttttatttca agtcgcatga gtttaaaagt ctctcagaaa cactccaggg    166260
     tttttctgag gagtatttta atgaatgctc tatacatggt taatgtaata aagggctttt    166320
     taaagaagct gctaataata cgatgacaaa gtgtttgctg acatatccgc ttgccaagtc    166380
     aagcctctac ttttctgtta cgctctcaac atattatggc aaagcaacat ttataaagga    166440
     tgaatttgac catctgggat tatagtaaag gttacaaagg atagtattac atcacatcgt    166500
     cagcactggc actgattgtt gtttgttttt ttgcatctga tagtatgttt ggatctggaa    166560
     acattgacga atgatgtcag attaaacaag gggactgtgg cagatgtctt atgtctgaag    166620
     atgacagcaa atcagacaat tctaggtggt aattgtattg tattgttatt tttaaattct    166680
     tatacaataa agttatcgta taaataacat ttttattatg cctgtgtttt tttaatttta    166740
     cagtttgcac tattattggg gttttcagta tatattaagt cagtactgta ctgttttatt    166800
     tttgtaaatt acagtttgac cattaaaata gattggacag gaatacgtaa aaatctgttt    166860
     tatcttattt tttttctcaa atgtataaat tccaccacaa ttgaaaaaag taataaataa    166920
     ataaataaaa caaaacatgt ttttataaga aaatactatt tcaaccttta aaaaaagtgt    166980
     ttcatttaaa gcattacttg ctgtttttgt gtgattattt aatgcttctc acacatagac    167040
     tttactttaa agatatatta acaggcaccc aagtatattt agtgacactt tttttactat    167100
     tattatcgcc atccttttac cctttttgtt ttttcttttt ttttatctgc ccaatagaac    167160
     cactcatctg ctatcgatca agtagtggaa aatcttctct tgtttactcg tttcgttctg    167220
     ggtgcaggta aactgtccat tcaggtaatc tcaggtgctc tgcagagacc cacagagatg    167280
     cgcatttttt gggacttaaa tttgcccggc cggggtttct aaagctccta aaatgtccgg    167340
     gattcggttt ttgctttcgt tttctaaagc tgtcgttatg cattttttaa aaaattactt    167400
     agattttaaa atttttttta taatatttcc caaatattag ctgcgtccca aatcgcatac    167460
     ttatgcacta ttctacgcca ttttgtagta taaacagtgt aagtagtgtg ttcacattga    167520
     aaactcttaa aataataagt gcactttaat tacccggatg atgcactcat tcagccgcta    167580
     aaatgaagtg tggaatgatg gacacttcac gcactcaacg accgcaggtt tgcttacgta    167640
     gcggaaaggg cggagcgatc ggacgcacat gttggataac tttatttatt ttggatggtg    167700
     aaagcaaaat tctcctacga gagtgatttt atcgcctcca gatggtgaat gcagcaatac    167760
     tcacgatagg tattatttga taattcggtc gtttatttca ctgatttggc aaccgtcaaa    167820
     cgtcatcagg gaaacggttt gaatttccgt ttagtaaaaa aacattagtg tgccatttgg    167880
     gacaacacta catacatgta ctatcctgtt gagtgtgtaa gtgcataagt acatagtgca    167940
     tgagtgcata gtgtatagtg tgccatttgg gacgcagcta gtgtgttcac attgaaaact    168000
     ctcaaaataa taagtgcact ttaattaccc ggatgatgca ctcattcagc cgctaaaatg    168060
     aagtgtggaa tgatggacac ttcacgcact caacgaccgt aggtttgctt acgtagcgga    168120
     aggggcggag cgatcggacg cacatgttgg ataactttat ttattttgga tggtgaaagc    168180
     aaaattctcc tacgagagtg attatagcgc ctccggatgg taaatgcggc aatactcacg    168240
     gcaggtatta cttgataatt cagtcgttta tttcactgat ttggcaaccg tcaaacgtca    168300
     tcagggaaac ggtttgaatt tccgcttagt aaaaaaacat tagtgtgcca tttgggacaa    168360
     cactacatac atgtactatc ctgttgagtg tgtaagtgca taagtacaaa gtgcatgagt    168420
     gcatagtgta tagtgtgcca tttgggacgc agctgatgtt taacagagca tggaaatgtt    168480
     cacagtatgt ctgataatat ttttcttctg gcgaaagtct tatttgtttt acttcggcta    168540
     gaataaaagc agttcttaat tttttaaaca ccattttaaa ggactaaatt atttgccctt    168600
     ttaagatata tatatatata tattatacac tttttttttg atagtttaca gaacaaacca    168660
     ttattataca atatcttgcc taattaccct aacctgccta gttaccctat ttacttagtt    168720
     aagcctttaa atgtcacttt aagctgtaaa gaagtgtctt gaaaataatc tagtaaaata    168780
     ttaatttact gtaatcatgg caaagataaa ataaaacagg tattagaaat gagttattaa    168840
     aattattatg ttttgaaaat atcttctctt tgttcaacag aaatttgggg aaaaataaac    168900
     tcagagaatg aaatgacaaa atggtctaaa ctggctgcaa aatataggta caccattagt    168960
     aatagttaat caaagctttt gccttactta aataatctac acgtcttaat cttgtaattg    169020
     ttataatttt tagagataca tttttattct cttctttgtc atttattttt cgtttgctgt    169080
     atattccatt agttttttga tgtcaatata ttacatattt tatacatttc taaaatgctt    169140
     tggcattcaa gtatgctttg aacttgaaag agagaagcag attttagagt gggtgcacat    169200
     ggctcctgaa ttgcatacaa gtaagagaaa cagtggattt cttttctatt ctaacccatt    169260
     aaaacgaaac acagtaaaat tgtgtcataa taaattaaat tattgttaaa aatgaaatta    169320
     tgttttgttt accgcatata gttaactatt tatgtgatgt gggtaaatgg tatatttcca    169380
     atctgtggga agcactgtca ataagtgggt aaataaacca gaagatctgt gtgtataaca    169440
     gagagggaaa atgtcaacac agaaacaata tcaaaacttg tgctttaatt tcttagctat    169500
     gattcatact tgtggcaaag atgttttttt tctgtgcatt ttagaagttt tcaatttaaa    169560
     tgcatttact ttaccacttg ttgtgcactc tattgcaatt aatgcaacat caacagaaac    169620
     ctagcaactc aataaaatta acaagtcgag tagaaataac taacctcctc tggctcaata    169680
     agtttgaact ccattccacg tccagtccag gcaatgaaat ggccgttgga aggatcatcc    169740
     aatagcgtca ccagaaactg ccacagctgg agagatccgc gccgctgata tggtggacct    169800
     tcacgataca cagagggttc ttgctttacc ttccctgtca aaaccaagaa ttatgaggat    169860
     tagagtttgc cagagtggtg cgagcaagca gaggagaaaa cccaacacaa atgtggccga    169920
     tgtggacgcc atgttcattc cacaccacca tactagccct cgcttcaaag actggacatt    169980
     gatttaaatc tatacatgac atggtgtgag atcttacctt caagtctctc tggaaccaca    170040
     caggtgtcat caaaatacaa ctgctgttct ctgtcaaatg agaagtctat aggcagaagg    170100
     aggaaacaaa cacaccggtt attagatgat ttcggcaagc tggatctgtg tgtgcttcag    170160
     tggagatgtc acttactctc atggttttgg tagaagcttg ctgctctccc aaatgaagac    170220
     tgacatttag gcacttctgc aaaacaagaa gacaaacaga tgcgttaaaa ggagaaacta    170280
     cctatgataa atgacaataa taccctactg aaaaaactgc ttaaaccagc caaggctggt    170340
     tggctggttt tagctggtcg accaggctgg ttttagagga gttttggtca tttccaggct    170400
     ggtttccagc catttccagc ctggtcttag ctggtcagac taggagatgc ccagctaaaa    170460
     ccagcttgac cagcctagcc aggctcggag cccagccaaa accagctatg tccagcttaa    170520
     accaggctgt tcaagctggc tttagctgga catcgacagg tcaacaggct ggtttaagct    170580
     ggatttttca gcaggataaa attaggttaa cctttagaag gctgttaatg gtattttaag    170640
     accacctgta gtctttatta ttaactaaaa gtactacaat ctttcgttgc ataaaataaa    170700
     tgttaactga aaagacaaat aaaataatat aaaagctaaa aacgttcatg tacaaaatga    170760
     caaatttgaa tgaaaacaga aaatcctgag cagaattgta agggaagccc attacactaa    170820
     agttctggta gttctcatta accactttag taagccattc ccagggcttc cggtgaattg    170880
     tcagtcaaaa tagctgcatt taagatgtaa tttcttttta caaaaaacag caatctttac    170940
     tgcctggctg tgggtatata aagtgggtat cagatcaaac aagaagtact gcattaaatt    171000
     ctatatttcc gtgccatctt tctaaaatat agatattaat tttactgcag tattttcaac    171060
     agagttgagc tagcctgctg ctattgacgc tctttcctct ctttttatgc tttaacagcc    171120
     aaatcgatgc tgaagtctat taaactgatt atatttgaat gactttacaa catccatcct    171180
     gtaaaaggaa ccctatgaaa ctgaagatag tcgcaaacct ttcaccgaaa gttcatcata    171240
     ggctgaatat ccctagctgt gcatatagcc cattaacaac ccaagtgtaa agcatttatt    171300
     aatcttagct catcttaaaa tcattgtata ttaatagaat attataaaca gtagatgttc    171360
     atttacataa ataaaatcaa cataatgaaa taaaattaag gttgactaac aaaaacagta    171420
     acatttcaga tatttgaaag ttgaagtgtt gtcagaaaac attaatgtcc acatattgat    171480
     agtagctact gtcttttttc ctgtatatat agatttctga atctattagt taactgacta    171540
     attaaagtag ctattggttt caggtgtgtt gactgaaaat gttgctgatt tcttgtctga    171600
     cttgatgagg agcatgtatg ttgaatcaat gactacattt acatggatat cagtaatcga    171660
     attatttgcc ttaatctgaa tcacaatatt atgattaagg tgtttacata tgtttatgtt    171720
     cctatcatga tcccgtttca catgttctag cacataattc cattaacacc accacgctat    171780
     ccacatttcc tccactttca ctttcattca ggaacagttc attcatcgtc ccggagacaa    171840
     acaaaatatt tgatgagagt ataaactgct ggaaaagcgt tgtattaatg gaatttgata    171900
     ccgcacaatg tctgggaaaa aaaatctaaa ttcactgtgt aggcatctgt tgtcatcact    171960
     gaattggtag gtgcagagaa tagtgtcaaa tagctttgtg tatggactat cctgtcgcaa    172020
     aatgccgtga aaatcctaca tgatggtagt ttgattgtgg tgtttgcatg tctgtactgc    172080
     acttaaataa tgcgactaaa attggcatac tccatgtctt aattacattt ctgtttagtt    172140
     caaatatgac cctaattgga ttaaattaat taaaataaat aaataaaaat tattgtttac    172200
     atggtagact cttaatcaga gtattgtctt attcgtatta aaatcgtatt attgatgtcc    172260
     atgtaaaaca ctcactattt taatgtcaaa ctgtttattg tgcgcaatag tggcagtgtg    172320
     ctgactttct ttcgttaatt aatgacttcc gcagtaagaa aaaaataaca tggaggtcaa    172380
     tggttaaaat caattatttg gttaccaaaa ctaacaaact ttctcctcat gtgttcactc    172440
     aaacaggttt agaataagtg gaggctgagt aaatgacaat tttatgggtg aattatgttt    172500
     ctaatgtata aaaagatgca atgatggccg tgtgcttgta gaacaggagg ttttgaggaa    172560
     gctctacaac agtgactctg actgaacagc tggatcacga atgtccagcc gcacacatct    172620
     ggcagcactg gctaagctca tatcagccct ccgaaggaac atgcagcatt agcattgagc    172680
     ccactgagtc accaaatagg attagcctgc gtgtcgagat attggaccat aacaatcaag    172740
     ttttatctgt ccttgtgctc gtcctggtgc tccggcatct ctttcctctc ttactttgag    172800
     ttttttgatc ctcattgatt gcatcagacg catcatctgt cgggctgcag tacggatgaa    172860
     aagatcagcc acccacatgc taatgtaatg cgtgacgtat acgtttagaa gacggatggt    172920
     aagaggattt gttattacat cataacctgc aaacacagga tgatacggga ggagtgtaca    172980
     agactggatg tattgaccac tggctaggta gaggggtttt ggattgaaga tgaacatgct    173040
     tatcttgtgc ctatggagtc tcttaaaatg cacttcagta ttgagaacta actacttcaa    173100
     atgatgcact ctcactttta ttatgtcttt gtattaatat gtctgtcagt taataaaata    173160
     tgtttattta cttgtatcta gatttttgac atgttaattc aataataaag tgaagcagaa    173220
     taaatataat atatttgatg caatactctt agtaccaact atggtaatga tcatgtcacc    173280
     ataataaatg aaatttaaag acttctcatt aaacaaatga tttctttaaa gatttttgga    173340
     caagtggtat gggaacatcc taaaaaaaat ccatatttag agtttaccta caaattagtt    173400
     taaataaaat tagtttaatc cgagatgcta tataatttat attaaccctt taactgactg    173460
     ctctaccaaa tggttgacca tattttggct gttttgaatg atcactgtta aagtaattta    173520
     aagaatgacc gtttaaaaaa atggtttgca aacacacaaa ataaataaat aaatattcaa    173580
     aaaataataa aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aatcctgttg cattactaca    173640
     ttgtatcgta cgaaaaaaaa taaataaaga tgatttagta ataaaaaatg ctttattttg    173700
     gctatgttat taaataaatt ggtctaacac ttcatatttt tagatttttc atagtatatg    173760
     tattaattcc ggtatagtat atgtattata tccggtactc ttaccggaat taataccgac    173820
     atatcatcca cttggttgag gttgatagtt taggaattat ggcatgtgtt ggaaaaaaaa    173880
     tgctttcagt gtgtcaacta gcgacattag aagttaagaa atgctatcca gttcaaaatt    173940
     agaagttgag gaaataaaaa aaaatgaaat gcacttcgat tacaattaga gatctttgac    174000
     aagaaatgaa gtaaatggct ggctttctcc acaacgacaa tataatagtc tataaatgaa    174060
     tattgacata attctagaga atatgcatca ttgcaagaat atgcaacctt ttttaatatt    174120
     ttgtagttat tttatttatt tatttttttg atgaggttaa tttagtattt tcagatgcat    174180
     gtatatggat atacacgggc agaatggagg tttttgtgta gaagtctata tgcatgtata    174240
     tatgcattat gcttgtttgt ttttggtcac actggttata tgttcctaaa aaaaaattac    174300
     aaatttttaa taaataataa aaaccaagta taaaaaaaga aaaagataca aaattgatac    174360
     aatatgcatt tacattttat ttctttttat actttaaaaa atgtaaacat tgtcaatcaa    174420
     tattattaaa aatgtatcat tgttaaaaat atttaattaa tttcacatct ttatttaccg    174480
     aaataatact acaatcgata gaattcaaaa atatgacata tcttgtatta tataaatcac    174540
     ttatgaacaa atcaagagct aatcacacta aatgaccaag tttaactgac agctctgttt    174600
     attaataatg ctgctgcact catggaatgt ctaggtatga gaagcacatc tttttcagaa    174660
     ggtctccgct ttgcacgcaa aggtgtgtat gtgttcattc ttctgttcaa atacacctca    174720
     ccaaataacg ctaaaagtca caggcccatg caagcacaca aaacacattc cataccctca    174780
     tccagacggc tctcaaaaag cccggctgga tcgttgtcag ccaacaacca tttgtaagaa    174840
     acgagacagt acttaccaga gtcgaagcag aagtcccgtg gctcttgctt gatggccatc    174900
     gggtggaagg cagcctggga tgggcccatg ttgggaacac cctgctcaac atagcggggg    174960
     tcgaggagct cctgtttgaa gccctgagga ggtacaggaa ccaggggctc agacatttgg    175020
     cgatggtacg gtggtcttcc atctcttggt gaagtgcagg cgacctgtgc cataaagctg    175080
     ggtcttccct gggcatcaga aggtgggaat ggaaggcaag gctctgaaag ttgccgctga    175140
     aacctgtaag atattaataa taagagtatt gtaaaattag ctacttagtt ggagtatcac    175200
     attgtgaaat tgaattcaat ccagttgctt attaatcaga gacctcataa gcaaagtgga    175260
     aggaaatata tcgatgtttt aatcctgtga agcagaagaa ataaagtggt agcatagcaa    175320
     taacacttct aaacaacttt gctggttgta aatgatgaaa ttgtatttgt taaattgttt    175380
     ttgtgccata cattctctag atcattcctc tggacactag ctaatctgtt ttaatagagt    175440
     ctattaataa taataattat aataatatag tccctcaagt caatttattt gtgtctacat    175500
     atttcaaatt atattcattc gttcaaaaaa atcaatgtac aaatcccaaa catactataa    175560
     tcaattaaaa taaatatcga acacataaca atcttaaaat acaattcata tataaaaggt    175620
     attcacatat tttagaaagt ttcattcttc ataatataat aaaaggcaaa aataaacatt    175680
     aaagtatact ttgacacaat gtttttagtt ttgcattagt tttgttactg catttataat    175740
     agtatgtgta tgtgctttga atttggactc cttcgtttgt tctgaaggtg tcaaatttga    175800
     attaggctgt tgattaacag ttgaaaagaa aaccaacaac tactgaagac agcaaaaaaa    175860
     caagagacaa ccacattaac atgtgaggaa cctacaccta caccaccact actaccttac    175920
     atctatatag cgcttttctg gacactcaaa tttactcatt tttcgggtga atctcctcat    175980
     ccaccaccag tttgcagtat ccatctggat gacgcgaagg cagaaatatt gtgccagacc    176040
     gcacactata gaccagctga ttggtggaga ggagacagag tgataaagct aattatgata    176100
     tggggatggt taggtggtca tattggacag aggccggtgg gcgaatttgg acatcctggg    176160
     atttttaacg gccacagacc gggactttgg tttaacgtct catccgaaag atggcgctca    176220
     ctaagcagta taaagtcccc atcaatgtac tggggtgtta ggacacagag cacaggttga    176280
     cctagcaatc tagatttccc atgtggtctc ccatccagtt actgactgtg agcagccctg    176340
     ttcaacttca gtaataaaac ccactagaac tctattttgc aagttactaa ctcataactt    176400
     ttgaagagaa gaagaacaaa cagaaattcg tctttggtgc atgtaggcca tcaaacggag    176460
     cccacttaaa aggtagtgca ttcatcagta cacatatgct atgtatatac ataaaaaaag    176520
     aaatactttg gttttatact gcaagatatt tcaatgaggt attaatacat tcacacactt    176580
     aagttcacat taaagtaaaa catgtataga ctaacctagg ttcgttactg aagtgagttt    176640
     cacggttcag gggtggacag ggcactacaa agggtgggct ctggctgtgg tgagggacac    176700
     acgtctggtt gggtgtgctc ttggtcattg aaggctgtcc atgaaggaga cgctgcccca    176760
     gtgctgtgtt ggacacaggt gctggagtct gttcgtgcag gggacgcgtc gccagggcat    176820
     tgctagggac acatggggag acgggcgtcg agggaggagt caatggcttg aacccagtgc    176880
     tgggcttccg ttcataggca ctgcattgaa agtaaatgag aacaaattgt catcttgctg    176940
     tacaacgaga tcttgattaa cttctgagat ggatgaatat acattaggga gtacctgtag    177000
     ctgtaaaggc acttctctcc atacggcatg ggacttctat cctggctaca gggggagagc    177060
     tctttagagg gactcagttc ccgtttgatc ttggccaggg gtgggccatg aaacatcact    177120
     gtgaaagaaa aagaaaaaca atgcaaaaga tgtttctaat gaagcagagc atccattcat    177180
     tcatttattt attttcttgt cggcttagtc cctttattta tccagggtgg ccacagcgaa    177240
     atgaaccgcc aacttatcca gcaagttttt acgcagcgga tgcccttaca gccgcaaccc    177300
     atctttggaa aagcagagca tccaatcgaa cacatcaaca gaagtgcagt gaaatgcttc    177360
     agagggagat ttttctccac cattaaacgg ccatatttca tgggtaatga caatcgactg    177420
     cgaagcataa aagcctttcg ttctgcccat cagtatcatg gagctgaaca acacatgcaa    177480
     tcaaagcgct cccctcagat ttccatcata gccgagtcaa tactcatgaa tcagtgtggt    177540
     cgtaattcaa tgattgggaa tgattttcct ccccgcactg taaccattag cccctggatc    177600
     tctgcatcaa gctctcatat ccggcgccac ataatggcca acgcaaccga atccacacga    177660
     gttgagctag ataaatcacc cagaccctat tgggctttaa aagacacttg gtaggcgggt    177720
     caacaatcaa acgccacagt tacagggtta agtcacccaa agaagaccat atgtgctgtg    177780
     ctccatttat acgtgaataa aaataagcat atttacagct ttgtgtcctt tgtggttctt    177840
     gctggagagg agggaacagt caatccagta ctaagaaaat atagaagggc atgcggtgca    177900
     atgtgccatc cagatgacca ggcaatgctg aatagactat gttaaaaaaa tgcttgcaca    177960
     tgaggaaact catggctcat ggcttgtttt ataaacagca tgtcgcaaag ctttataaca    178020
     ttcttctgct tttcagtatt gccatgctga catgcaaaac tggacaaaaa aaatgcatgc    178080
     cctggtacac accctgtctt tcagcctcag catcagacga aaacaaaaac aaacttcaga    178140
     gacaaaaatg ggggggaaat aacataaaat gctctgcaga gcgttcctca agtatttccc    178200
     ttggctttaa cttctgcggc caggctcgaa caaattaggt gcattcgaac tgagaaaccc    178260
     tcaatgaaat gcgtttcagt agctgtggat tcagtgggtt taggtaggcc atgaggggaa    178320
     gccttttcct ctgactcttc ctgctggaat ccggtcaatt ccagaggctg aacagagtgc    178380
     acgaatgtgt gaaatctgat tatgagcttg gatcatgtga tgctgatacc aatccgctga    178440
     tttcagtgaa aaaaaatggg tagttgcagg ggtctcgctg agaggaaaga gtgaaaagaa    178500
     catatactaa taaagtctta atatataaaa gcactattgg gtcacgtgaa gggtgttatg    178560
     cttaaaaagg agttaaatgc atacttaaat gtctaatagg ctttatttta tcaaggcaat    178620
     taagctaact cattggcatc ttcagccaat caagtcaaca aataacactt gacaccaccc    178680
     atagtctaag atctcttttg tttcccacga aactttggct ttaaatttga gcaagagatg    178740
     aataataaat agctccaaga gctcagcctc tgccgttttc ccttgccttc tctggactgc    178800
     atccaaagta cactgccaag gagaataaat aatacatctt gaggtactca cagctctccg    178860
     actggaaatc tgggacaaac tgttcgtcat cgggcacctg agctgtggag agagattgga    178920
     gagcatgaaa gggttgcaaa caatgctccc cgctgataaa caatctgcag atcaatgtca    178980
     atttgtcaga gaacatttat ttctgtattt ttccttcgtc taaaaaagaa cagccatctt    179040
     agtgccaact ttttggactc tgccgcaagg ctggtgcaac aaactaaatg aaatggctcc    179100
     ggtcatgaaa aataaacagc agctgggatg aagtgcatca cttaggaatt atatgtttcg    179160
     catgcataca tgagcttgga atattaatgc cagctgcatg acaaaccaaa aattacatgc    179220
     atggaaccaa agtatgccac aaaccttctg caatccagat ctcctgcagc tggctgaggt    179280
     cctggaaaag ttctgcagat gacaggcaaa gacaagactg tttgagtgca agaaaagcca    179340
     ctgtgatcca agaatttgat caatgaaagg caaccttcaa caatcacagc ataaatcaag    179400
     ctaatttgag cacactctct cactgttaat gcatcacaat aatcagatcc atctgttaaa    179460
     catccattag tcacattcat taggctgaat ttaccctctg tgtcctgagc aagttcagtc    179520
     tccactaact ttctctttct gtcattaact ggtctgttat atggttcctc cacttgcaat    179580
     gacttctgct atggaaaaac acgttggtta gtgtcaccca gttttaaagc tgacaaataa    179640
     acctccttta gaaatgctag attcatgcaa atgaagaaat atacttacat taggtgggac    179700
     cataaatgga acttgctggt cataaaatcc gtccatgtca cctgggtctt caaagaggct    179760
     cccagaatag gatcttcgct taaaagcgat agctgtaacg tcctctttgg gtcttctgtt    179820
     ctctctaaaa agaaaagaga gatgaatcag gcaaagcatc tactggacag tcaagtgtgt    179880
     cccacatcaa aaaaccaaac cctgcgtaca gtctgacaaa accctcagat ccatctgatc    179940
     ctgtctattc atcctccctc ttctctctct gttacccatc acaacatccc gcctgacaga    180000
     ccgtatgtgt aaaaacagac acacacagaa agagagagag agagagagag agagataaag    180060
     agagaaagag cgccgcgtaa tgttattcac agtagagatg aatgtaaaat ttacataagc    180120
     aaagtcagcc atctgtgcct gtgattaact aaaaatgagc atattaagat aaacgagtgc    180180
     ctatggaaga atacatttca tgttatacta ataaatatta cactaataca actaacaaac    180240
     actgaaactg taattgctgg ccaaagatta agctctgagg aagactgcac tgccaaaaac    180300
     gcttttctta gttaaatttt tttgtctgct ttctagtcca aatatcaaaa caattttata    180360
     tcaagaagca ttttccaggt aaacaaaact tattttcaga aataacgtca atattaagtg    180420
     agtttttcct taaaacaagc aaaatgatct gccaatgggg taagcttaat aatcttgctt    180480
     ttccttttga cataagattt tttttgctta ccccattggc agattggcat aattttttgc    180540
     ttgatttaag gaacaactca ctgaattttg gcatattatt tcctaaaaca agacaatatg    180600
     tttgcttata gaaactcttc ttgatttaag aaatttaaga tttttttttt tttttactag    180660
     aaacaagaat tttttttttt tgcagtgtgg gtactaactt acaggatcaa ctgcaaactt    180720
     ggcgacggag aagacacaac ttcaccagaa taacaactat tttagaatat atatacacaa    180780
     ttattgcatg tagtcttatt tgtaagttta tattatgcca accatatgcc aaaccataac    180840
     gtacacataa cgcgtgaggt cgaataccta taatggaaat tgcatctttc atcacaaatt    180900
     gcaccacagt tgagaaagga aactgaacat acaaatgtaa tacttatttt ataaagtagg    180960
     ctataaaaca ataaaaaact attctgccag catgagataa acacggaaaa cttcattagc    181020
     ttgtcgctca tttatcagca gtttgcaaac agacaggcac acagagcgac cgaggtaagg    181080
     ttttatcaaa gtctttttaa ggctttcagt tttctatagt atttggtttt atattcagac    181140
     attcgcacgt tctgataaat aatgtaattt tactagttcg tacttttttc tttctccagt    181200
     ttttttgtcc aaaacaaaaa tggaaaaaag cttggaaaat gtaaggctag ttataagacc    181260
     aacaacgtaa atcacattaa aacggttatt ttaagccctc ttcttgtcat ttgctttcga    181320
     aacagacttc tctacatcga ccatccctgg aaaaatattg gaataaatct cccattaaac    181380
     taaatactta atgtaaatat aaaattgagc aggagtgagg acctcctccc tctcagagcc    181440
     ccctaacggc ctcttgtttt tctcaatgaa gtgaaactcg atccgtgagg gggaaaaagc    181500
     gagacctcca ttcacaaaac cacacagtgt tcgggctgca ccgacctcac ctataaatgt    181560
     caggttagtg cgcgaatgca acgatagcaa aacacgacag aataaacttc acggaataaa    181620
     atggttgcca aagagtgtaa gccctctcac tgtctcggag aaaatggcgt tcgcttttcc    181680
     cccaaggcga gacagctcta tttgcagtta caagcccacg ataaacttgc gcgtgtgcga    181740
     gaaaaaacaa ccgctttcac gcagagattt cagcaaacgc cgtgtaatta cgtgaggaat    181800
     tcacttcacg taccttaaag atgacgtgac tctcgcaatg aactaaaaat cccggtttca    181860
     gatcgtaatc ccaaaaggat gcagtccgct tgcagcgatc aatagatgcg ctctctccga    181920
     cactcaaaac ttgaatgagg tttagtaaat ggactgctcg gttttccctt gggctcgaaa    181980
     agcttttctc tctggacgtc cattggctcc cagcgcacgt cttttatatt tctaaaccaa    182040
     tggggtgcga gaatgaattg gaatataaat gaggggccca gcgaccaatc gaagcccagc    182100
     ctgtcctatt tttatgaatg gctgagtttc attcagtttc gagatttttt cccctcacgt    182160
     ttcaaaaggc tcttaaaggg ccagagacaa ggaaagtgca gtcgtcaaca aaactcaaga    182220
     aagacaattc agtaaaatgc attttaggtg ctttatgttt aaacttgact taaacaacgg    182280
     tgaactatgt tcaaacaaaa tgatgtaaac taatacgaca agttctaaag atagcacatt    182340
     aaaaagaaca agaaatgtat gttgatagta agagttaaat atacaatact tttaaaataa    182400
     tagtaataat aataataatg ataataataa taataataat aatgaaaaca aaatatggaa    182460
     gaatattttg tagaatataa taataataat aataataata attaatgcaa aatatggtgt    182520
     attataaaat ataataataa gaagaacaat aatcataatc ataaaaataa acaaataaaa    182580
     ataacgatga aagcaaaata tggtataata taaaatatta atattaataa ataaataatt    182640
     aaataatgaa agcaacatat gttatattat agaatataat aataataata caattaataa    182700
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataccaata acaataataa    182760
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataaaagtg ctgtcgcttc    182820
     acagcaagaa ggtcactagt tcgagcctcg gctgggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt    182880
     ttgatgaatg aatggatatt aaataaacat aattttgaaa gaaaaagctg gtgtattgaa    182940
     gaatataata ataataacaa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat    183000
     aataataata attttaagat ttacgtttga ataaaaagcc aaatgaaaaa taaaactata    183060
     attatttcta cattactatt gttactacaa ccccaactgc tgcagaatat ataatattga    183120
     atttgtggtt ttgttgttat taataataac aataataaaa ataataatca taataataat    183180
     aataataata ataataataa ttattattat tattattatt tatgctattt taaaaaaata    183240
     cagaaatctt ttgaaatcat tttaaccaca ttcttcttac acactatgga gtacagtata    183300
     ttactgtgat cttcattatc tgcaacagcg gcatcacaat gaactgtgca atcttgtgat    183360
     gcgcaaggga tttactatgc attattttgg tcaaggccaa atgtcctaga aactatattt    183420
     aacaaagcgg tttctgtgaa aaagagaggg agagaaatcc tgcgtcaagt gtgaggaggg    183480
     ataatcttca aaatccttgt ggctttcgag cagagcccac ttgcacagga ggacaatgat    183540
     agcaggaaag agatgtgcag tatgcagtaa ctggtgtcat tgtttctcct gcttgacgct    183600
     accgaagctg ggcttttcag ctccgccaag atgtcagggt ctccttttta tagcaccttc    183660
     cactaatgtg gtgggaggtg atttgggggc ggccaagagc atattgtgtt tccgttctga    183720
     ttcctaaatc aagagtggtg gtggtgacac gggcttcagt ggcccagaag aacacctcag    183780
     tgtttgatat gctgtgtttt ttaagggaca gatattgcag tgatcactca ctgtgatacg    183840
     ctcatcagca gggcttattt gtgcccatga ctgggtcagt gtgacagtcc tggcagcctg    183900
     cctctcgctg caatgtgggc taatccatgg aaggagatgt tctgcacatg acaatagaga    183960
     taaatgagga gtgacgaaca cagcagcaaa tctgatcccg acacctgtat cagcaagagc    184020
     acaatgaaaa tatcgaaact tttaaacctg gactggcatt tgtgttgagt aaatgaacgt    184080
     gctctgaaaa ctctgctcaa cacagactgt taataaagtg gaatgaagga taacgcagct    184140
     tcaggccact ggagctctcc caaagagaga catgatggga cttgatgact attaatagtt    184200
     catggagaga taattcctgc ctcattatct ctgcacaccc aagacgcgta ggctttgccc    184260
     cagctcacag cttcttgttg tgtcatctgc atttttcatc taccagggct gtatttacaa    184320
     gcacagaggc cacttgtctg cttgatgaaa acaaaccatc atgcagcctc acagggcata    184380
     cagtaaatac aacgatacag taaatacagt gtttgatact gtaaatacac cgaaagtgtg    184440
     tatatgtttg gtcacgtaca agacattctg tttacattgt aaaagtggcg actggtctag    184500
     aatgtgaaga gtgtattcga atcactaatg ttaattgcac attttagttt aagtcacaat    184560
     caattcatgc tattaactac aggctaaata gttagagtta ttaaagtatg atcttactat    184620
     gcatccataa tcctaaccaa aagctaaatc caacttctac taactattaa tagatagtta    184680
     attagtagtt tattaagcta gcagtgttta ttatttgttt tttaaaacca tgaattggga    184740
     tctaaactaa aactatgtac attttattta ttaattattt atttggtaat acaaatatgg    184800
     atttttaatt aaataaaaca acaattaaaa ggtttattga ctaatagact ctttgggaaa    184860
     gccaaaaatg tcttcagttg tttactaagt ccatttactt gatttcattt gcaataaaag    184920
     taggaccttt gatgcgacac agacagtggt gtcatttaaa gggatagatc cccccaaaat    184980
     gaagattcaa tatttactct ccatcaagtt gttctaactc tttaggcgtt tccttccttt    185040
     tgagcacaag ataaaatatt taaaaaaaac aaaacattgg taaccattga tgtacatttg    185100
     tccacattga ttggtaccgt ttccagcttt cttctaaata tcttcagcaa gaaggaccct    185160
     ggttcgagac ccgactgggc caggaggcct ttccatgtgg agtttgcatg ttctctccat    185220
     attcgcatgt atttcctctg ggtactctgg tttcccccac agtccaaata catatatgtg    185280
     aattgaaaca ggatctatgt gtgtgaatgg gagagcatgt gggtgtttcc cagcagtgac    185340
     tgagggttgt actcttagtg atagagaact aatagaaggg catctgctgt gtaaaacaaa    185400
     cgctagaaag gcgacccctg ataaacagga aataagctga aggaaattga gtgataagtg    185460
     ccaaaaacac agcattcaat aaaatgaaga acatgacaac atgaattttt catgaaatgt    185520
     aaaagatgaa tgcatgatca atgatattcc ttgaaccaaa gcacctataa gcacttaaat    185580
     gggaataact tggctataac ttttgtgggc ggtgttgtca taatatcaag ctgttgtaca    185640
     aataaaggtc ttaagtcctc aaaagcacag tacagcacga gtacagattg tttcttcagc    185700
     atgtagggtc tgaaatgctc tggcacacac tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    185760
     tacaagttgt agaagttggt acaaataatg ttccttaaga aacagttttg tacctttgta    185820
     aaagttgtac cttttagaca aaacctctta tgatactgct ctgtaccttt tatggttgaa    185880
     atgaaggtac acaattattc tcatgaaaaa ggtacataag tgttggacaa ctcctttatt    185940
     acaatatcta tgaaaataaa cattactgga aaggcaaagg gattttatga ataatttcca    186000
     tattaaaaca tgaatcataa tttaaaagca tatatgttta aagaaactca taaacattaa    186060
     ttattaagtt ctataataca gaacaactgg taaaacatat actatagtta ttttaaacta    186120
     aacatttaat acattaataa ttttctgata aatacatttt cattattgat atccgcacct    186180
     tttggcaatt gctttccact acgcacatga gcaaaaaaat gcaaatacaa agtattcatg    186240
     cagacaattt actattgtac tattgacatt taccattgta aaactaatca aacattgtgc    186300
     atatctattt acaatacttt tgcataattc tatttctatt tttatatttt ttatttaaaa    186360
     ttaagtaaat tcaaatggaa taatgtattt agcaaaatgt ttagcaaaaa ataggtcttt    186420
     tgttttatgt taaagtattt tttattcttt attgtcaagg gaaaatttgc atttaaaaaa    186480
     aaaaaaaact tttttaaaaa cattacttaa aatgtatttg atgttttaaa tctacataat    186540
     tttttccccc cattttagat aaagcaaaat gcctttaaat agtttttgaa ggaacacatt    186600
     tgatactgtt aaggtactaa gtgtcttctc acttttgaga tgtacttttg gttttaaaaa    186660
     ccaaaggtac attttggttt cccatggtac aaatcatgtc tttaaaagta caaaatgcat    186720
     ggtgcaggtt tatttctttg tcttaaggta caattctctt acataaaaag gtactgctca    186780
     gtgacaaggg tttgtacctt ctttggtaca acattgtacc atttttcctg agagtgtacg    186840
     ttgacatgag gactgaactg tgtaaaactt aaatacagca ctaaaagctt acagtatttt    186900
     ctcctgagta cctcatatca tcagtgcaag gacactgaaa tctgtgattt attttgtgaa    186960
     ctaaaattca atcaagttaa gtagaggatt gtgtcgggca cctttgcgga tgtaaaaagg    187020
     caacccagtc gagtcaccca aagaacaaca ccagacacag agcttcagtc tctcagttta    187080
     ttcaataaaa ctcttgtgtc cattaacatg gcagccaaca gcttacaaga aacagagtaa    187140
     cagagtctaa gtgggtcttt caagggcaaa agaaatcacc ctttaacccc atctcagtca    187200
     gcaggactcc tgtccttgaa ccttgttgcc taccacacat atggactgct acaaaccaca    187260
     ctaaccctaa ggcaggaata agacagtgag ttaacgcaca tgtagaacat cacattcagg    187320
     gttgatatgg gctctactgc atcagtccca ctcaatactg ttcatctgtc ccagctaaga    187380
     atagagctac actgagataa gccatacggt ctctaagaga cacgtaggat gagcagagag    187440
     agaaagcatc tgtttgtgtc tcaaagttag agggcatagt gatgccaaca ccataagttt    187500
     acatcaaatt tgagtcctgg attctggttt actgttcttc aaaacctttt ttgatttggt    187560
     ctcaagattc cagggttgag caaaattcag aactgaagac ttgactatat taagttagaa    187620
     tcttcttcat ggatttgaat tgtaatgaac gcagtattat aaatacaacg taattttaaa    187680
     attattcaac aagaggaaaa atctatttat ttttgacctt taaactagtg agttgaaaca    187740
     gaatagagca aaatagaatg aatccatcca tacacctgct ttcattcaat ttatgagctg    187800
     gaaaagaaca aaacagaatt catccattca ttcgttcttg ttcaagtcct gacttactaa    187860
     cagaatataa ttcatccccc tattcccttt taagttatta tgagtaatag tatctgggct    187920
     tgataaaacc ccccttgacc tgccaaatgc aggaagattt cacctgtggt gtgttataga    187980
     cacccccagt agccactttg gctgatggaa aataatgttt aaattgccag tgctgctttg    188040
     tcactaaaga ttagaatttt agtttaagat catttgtcag tatgagtgca aatgtgatct    188100
     tagatttaag aagcagcccg actgataaat gttcacatga gcaaaaaaag gcaggtgaat    188160
     accgaatgag aagatgatta ggcgcacggt gagacacagg caatcctcgc tcactgaggc    188220
     agtgtcaata ttttgcttgt ttgacacatt atttaaaatt tgtggcatgg aaataattag    188280
     tttgatgtgg ccagagaaaa aaaatggtta atccttaggg ttgagccttg aaaattcatg    188340
     tgaaataaaa ctaatcgcaa tgtgacccca caacccattt gcacatgctc attgagcaag    188400
     gtcacgacac acacaaaaaa ggtagattaa tgaggaggca tgtggacata acacaaaatt    188460
     taaatcaagt aattttagcg agccaaagtt aaatttatgc atacaaaata tattttccta    188520
     atgataaaat tgttgcttgt aaaaatggtg agtggctagt aacattggaa aaatactagc    188580
     cacaatggtt ggttatcaaa aaagttaata tcaagcccat aatacagtgg tcaccaaact    188640
     tgttcctgga gggccggtgt cctgcagatt ttagctccaa ccctaatcaa acacacctga    188700
     acaagctaat caaggtctta ctaggtatac ttgaaacatc caggcaggtg tgttgaggca    188760
     agttggagct aaaccctgca gggacaccgg ccctccaaga ccgagattgg tgacccctga    188820
     cataatagaa tagaatagag aatagaatag tttcagttca tcctgctttc attcagttta    188880
     tgagctgaaa cagaacagaa cagaacagaa ttcatccatc caatcatttg ctccttttaa    188940
     agtcatgagt taatagaaca ggatagaatt catccttccg tccatctgtt ctcttttaag    189000
     tattgactta gtagagcaga atagaattga ccaacctact ccattttaag ttatgattaa    189060
     tagaatagaa tataatcagt ccatcaaata ctttccaact cataagtcag aatataatat    189120
     catacaatag acacacagtg gctcagtggt tagcactgtc gcctcacagc aagaacgtca    189180
     gtctttcgag cccagactgg gtcagttggc atttctctgt ggagtttgca tgttctcccc    189240
     atgttcctgc aggtttccac tgggcgctca gtcctaagac atgtgctaca cagtaggtga    189300
     attgggtaag ctaaattgtc agtagtgtat gtgtgtgaat gtgaaagtgt gtggttgttt    189360
     cctagtactg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat ccactgtgta aaacatatgc tggatacttt    189420
     ggcggttcat tccgctgcgt tttgacccct tatgaataaa gggactaaat cgaaggaaaa    189480
     tgaacgaata gagaaggtct ccatccattc actcgtggtc aacccatgag ctggcactga    189540
     acagaatgtt tctccattta acttgacttc tgatcacgtc aaacagaatg acagcaaaag    189600
     gaatgcaccg aataacgaca gctcagcaca aatactaagt gcaattcaga atctagtttg    189660
     ctaccttaaa ttaatttctg ctaatacaaa taaatgtaag ggcattgtca gttcaattct    189720
     gaatagagca caaccctgca agaggcagca cggttttgac agataaaatc cgatcattat    189780
     agtgagaaaa gagacattga tgggcagatt gagcaatcac agttttcgaa cagctaaaaa    189840
     taacagataa aagtcagcca gtccaaaaac gaagacatat gtggtgtcag agacattatg    189900
     gagctcattt gtgaggtgca ggtctttgct ctgccacctc tcctcactct gaaagctgag    189960
     agcaagtagg ccagtgtgat gacacaacaa aaatgagtta ttgcaacaca gcaaaacaga    190020
     tgttaacctc tcattttgtt cggtggatta ttttcagtga cttgtattgc aaaagtcttt    190080
     gctccaggca aaacactatt ttgtattggt aagttaaggc tatcagttat tcacagaaat    190140
     gacacagaag gaccatttag aaatgacatt tccccgtagg tgacattcct cagtttgatc    190200
     agcatcaaaa cctccgtcta caaaatacaa aacagaacat ccacaatgaa catgctacta    190260
     aatggtcaag gaaaagtaca gtggatagat atagatacga ggggcttgga aagagtccca    190320
     aaaatataat catgtgaaac taatgaggtt gcaacaatca gcgtggtctc tctctcttca    190380
     ggcaggcgtc tttgtcttct ttgtttcaac aggcatgcgg tggttaaact ttagagaaaa    190440
     tataaacaat atctatatat acatgactgt ttaaaatcat tctaaactgt aaaatgaaaa    190500
     gtagatttgt aaacatgcac tcgtaaccaa accgccagac tgtcacgcag gataaaccat    190560
     ctgtccaacg accacagaaa caatggggct ctattagcca aatccaccag taacttctat    190620
     gataaacgaa gcgactggag gtgaacgttt gttctgtggt catgtggaga gattagcatt    190680
     atttttttct tcaggacact ggcgtagctt ctgcggttct ttaaagggaa cattaacctg    190740
     ccgaccccgt taagagctcg gtttctaaag cccaaacctg aactttaaaa cattctgcat    190800
     tggtgaaatt atatacagtt ccaacacaga cctttgcaca ctgagaaagc atctgatgat    190860
     cactgcatgt tgatctatat caggcacatc tgcctgatgg ctaaagtcaa tcatgtgatc    190920
     cattaggtat cacttctaat ctctgatact atattaagtt acacctttaa acacattcat    190980
     atatatatgc acacaaggct cttggattat acaaatactg atacatggtg ggcatcttta    191040
     agttaaatat tcttcatgag tcctctcaga agggctagaa aaacgaaggg cctcccgttc    191100
     tatgcattca tctgtgccgc attcacacca gtttgaccgt cgacctgaaa ttgcgagctg    191160
     atgttttcat gctgcaatta ggaatagtgt ttcactccct gaaataggac gttaaattta    191220
     ggctctgtcc atgcagcagt aaatcaaacc ccactgcagt agcttgttgt gacagttgag    191280
     gaccagagga ttcagtgtta atgccagtgc tggatcaagt tcagcctgtc tctgaatgga    191340
     gatgctgtaa agctacagag gaaagacttt ccgttttctc agaaatatgt ggcacgatta    191400
     ttcaagtaca gtttgttgac attagtcaat gcatttgcat tcataaatta acgacgtttt    191460
     atagcattta ttaatcctgg tcaatcatgt taaagtctac atatatttac agactttgga    191520
     atgtataatt ggacattata aattataaaa tattacgaat acacataaat aaactgtaaa    191580
     caatggtatt gaaacaatgg tattggctta aatcatgtag ttaagtttat aaattacata    191640
     aacatacatt aataaatggt gtatatatct atatatattt ttcaaattga tcatcttgat    191700
     acattttaat gttaacaaat caataattgc cataatttgt taataattta attaatactt    191760
     aaaaaaaaac agataaaatt taaaccagat caaatctttc tttaaacagc cttggtttgc    191820
     tgatcttagc ttgatgaaag cctgttccca acaagatgaa tgtttagtga gaaaatttag    191880
     tgtgataatc atttgaaaaa ctggccattc tggctcccgt tctgttgcag ctgcgtttac    191940
     acacaacttt tacacacaac aggcgttgta accacctggt tgatcttttg tccattggtt    192000
     atcgcaattt tccaattgct tagaataatg tcaggacaaa acttaatcaa agacatgagc    192060
     acattttgat acagtgcacc ttgaagttaa tgcagttttg caagcaaaca aaacgagtgg    192120
     taaaaagacg acaagtcgta tgtgttgtct ctttatgcca gattttaagc aaaaatctgc    192180
     aatgtaaaga aaacagctga gcaaactagc ctgttcagtc taaaactaca tgtatggata    192240
     actttctata caggtaaatt taaattcatt cattcattca ttttcttttc attaatcagc    192300
     cagcatatgt tttacgaagc ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa ccatcactgg gaaacatgca    192360
     tacacactta ttcacacaca tacactatct cctatctatc gctttcttca ttctatatag    192420
     ctcatgttgt tatgaattta tacgcttatt gcaatgctca agtaaaatga agtaacgttt    192480
     gaacagctgt cctgacagta tagtaagctt                                     192510