EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL954673; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 84303 BP.
AC   AL954673;
DT   13-NOV-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-122B7 in linkage group 20 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate voltage gated chloride
DE   channel family, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   serine/threonine/tyrosine kinase 1 (STYK1), the gene for a novel protein
DE   (zgc:92476), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate neuronal
DE   pentraxin I (NPTX1), the znfl1 gene for zinc finger-like gene 1 and three
DE   novel genes.
KW   galectin; HTG; KSR; Ras suppressor; znfl1.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-84303
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 7933b2a1ca8c84aeb5a9f84c106b1b19.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000025903; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000041060; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000033380; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000060157; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000100145; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-122B7. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-122B7 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-122B7 is at 84303 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-122B7 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..84303
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="20"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-122B7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..84303
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-122B7"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<362..391,705..734,823..852,3297..3416,
FT                   3535..3739,4294..4382,5478..5821))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate galectins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW133720.1 Em:AW305917.1
FT                   Em:AW419961.1 Em:BF717429.1 Em:BI473415.1 Em:BM102407.1
FT                   Em:BM102478.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<362..391,705..734,823..852,3297..3416,
FT                   3535..3739,4294..4382,5478..5513))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002118"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate galectins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P97840 Tr:Q9PT11"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T120"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008985"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T120"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9543"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE17637.1"
FT                   AVPPGCGFPAFPSAPNY"
FT   polyA_site      complement(16206)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(16206..17586,21424..21580,21699..21787,
FT                   23125..23154,23451..23480,23569..23598,23699..23728,
FT                   24981..25100,25250..25454,27760..27848,29699..30097))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate galectins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI721400.1 Em:AI722262.1
FT                   Em:AW115532.1 Em:AW133720.1 Em:BF717429.1 Em:BG305683.1
FT                   Em:BG727210.1 Em:BM102194.1 Em:BM532911.1 Em:CA470376.1
FT                   Em:CA475140.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(16206..17586,21424..21580,21699..21787,
FT                   23125..23154,23451..23480,23569..23598,24981..25100,
FT                   25250..25454,27760..27848,29699..30097))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate galectins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW305917.1 Em:AW419961.1
FT                   Em:BI473415.1 Em:BM102407.1 Em:BM102478.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(16221..16226)
FT   CDS             complement(join(17440..17586,21424..21580,21699..21787,
FT                   23125..23154,23451..23480,23569..23598,23699..23728,
FT                   24981..25100,25250..25454,27760..27848,29699..29734))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002116"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate galectins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q29058 Sw:Q8K419 Tr:Q8QGB1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T119"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008985"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T119"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040718-159"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE17638.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(17440..17586,21424..21580,21699..21787,
FT                   23125..23154,23451..23480,23569..23598,24981..25100,
FT                   25250..25454,27760..27848,29699..29734))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002117"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate galectins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q29058 Sw:Q8K419 Tr:Q8QGB1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T118"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008985"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T118"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040718-159"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE17639.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(35185..35894,37309..37450,37668..37799,
FT                   37884..38017,39521..39611,41328..41551,44323..44383,
FT                   45268..45307,46916..46940,48779..48988,50043..50155,
FT                   50228..50289,50377..50460,50550..50619,52686..52843,
FT                   62314..62764,65154..65301,82128..>82268))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human and mouse kinase
FT                   suppressor of ras (KSR)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI123553.1 Em:AI816647.1
FT                   Em:AI816681.1 Em:AI979436.1 Em:AL915336.1 Em:AL915337.1
FT                   Em:AW116724.1 Em:AW153303.1 Em:AW963516.1 Em:BB570290.2
FT                   Em:BE685481.1 Em:CA512440.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(35748..35894,37309..37450,37668..37799,
FT                   37884..38017,39521..39611,41328..41551,44323..44383,
FT                   45268..45307,46916..46940,48779..48988,50043..50155,
FT                   50228..50289,50377..50460,50550..50619,52686..52843,
FT                   62314..62764,65154..65301,82128..>82268))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ122B7.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002115"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human and mouse kinase
FT                   suppressor of ras (KSR)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q61097 Sw:Q8IVT5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T117"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001245"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002219"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008271"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR025561"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T117"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040724-45"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE17640.1"
FT   misc_feature    84303
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-122B7"
SQ   Sequence 84303 BP; 29020 A; 14445 C; 14432 G; 26406 T; 0 other;
     gatccctcac tcactgtctg ctatacagca cgcgttgtct gtgcgtgtgc gtgcgtgtgt        60
     gtctgtgtgg gtgtagtcca ctcagaatcc aacatggaaa tcatttttgt ttgttattgg       120
     cattgattgt tttgaaattc aaatggcact tacatgcctg tgtttttatt tctgtgataa       180
     atacggcatt tcgggattac ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat       240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attcttgcca atttttcttt ttctatttgt       300
     gcatagcgtt ttacattcat gtgattttga tatcatttcc tgttgtgaga gctgctctta       360
     catagtttgg tgcagacggg aaggcaggaa actgtaggga aacacaattg tgcacaatta       420
     tcacttcctt acaaaggaaa aacgccacaa aatcacatga cagtgatgaa agataagtga       480
     agctggaaat atgatgcatc atcaagatta atctactgtc aacaatctac aaaattcgat       540
     aagttgtcat ttactgtttt ctagaaatat tcttcattag cactttcact cgaacaccca       600
     cagcttttgt agagcgctaa atgaatcatg aaatacataa agatatgacc tttactctca       660
     taaggttgtc acatgatgta tttcatgact tattgaccac ttaccccaca tcctggaggt       720
     acagcatact gaggctgtaa aagaggaaca ggagaggttt atgacagctg acatgaagat       780
     aataatgtcc ttattaatta actaaagata tttccatctc accgcatagc ctgcttgggg       840
     aggaatgaaa ccctggaaaa agaatagagt aagtgcaaag gtactgcaga gttatactgt       900
     aacttaagtt tagctgtgag ctgattttac tgtgacaggg taggactcac tggaaaggct       960
     ggttgtggac atcaacatga acagtttaaa caccggagtt cataagtagt taaggatgag      1020
     ttaatgatga tgtggccgtc caagtaaagt catgacatat ttgtcatgag tttaatataa      1080
     ataataaaat acattaacag ctcatgagtt catgatggtt gcatttagct taatcttgaa      1140
     tgttaattaa tacattaatt aacaacatgt agtatcaagt atcttatcat taattcataa      1200
     taaagtaata tttagattac atattaatac gttattattc atgtaccgtt attgtaaagt      1260
     gttaccaaat gtatttctac taaaccatta aaggctacaa tttgtcaaca tagtccaaag      1320
     aattctatat aattgctact catttttttc atataatgac ccagcctcat ttttaacaat      1380
     acaataatgc aaacatgcaa attacatatt aaagagtttt aaaattgtct agactgttga      1440
     catataacgt catttacagt gactttcatt atgtgcttcc agtaaagtgc tttgaaatat      1500
     gcatttttgt tcgatgtttg acgtaatctc aactgataca cgaagagagg gtgggacatg      1560
     ttgcctctct ccttaaaaaa aaacagccaa tagcattggt ttgctctgcc agtgacagtg      1620
     gttaagctca agcgcatcaa atgaaaagct aaggctgttt ctcaatatac tttttttggt      1680
     gttcttgcgt cctcgtgttc tcatgtaaag tcatcatcta ccatcaaagt tcagtttcaa      1740
     aactcaagac cgcataaatg gagaatgcgt gaaagttccc gaatgtgttc ttgatatcga      1800
     ggacacatct atgcagactt gagtacaaaa ctaagatggt cccggaagtt attgcagctg      1860
     aataaagaag gtgggaaatg cagtgtttta catagagttt ttattaaagt tcagagatat      1920
     aacttattta tctcaggagt tttgctaaat aaattaaggg tgtcacgatc accagcgatt      1980
     cagcctgtgc agataagcac acagcaaacg aactacagga ttaagtcatg aaccactcat      2040
     acacctggcc tagattctca tgattgcaga cagtcacagc tgaagctact catgaactga      2100
     ttactaggac tatttataca gtacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      2160
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactt cagtgctgag      2220
     tcttgttata ctgtttgtga acattttaaa acattttcct tgccttgcct tccgtatttt      2280
     ttaaaccttg ctttgttttg tttgtttcac cctgtctgct gcctgcctgt ctgttatatg      2340
     accacgactc tggaattgcc tgtatacgtc tgtgttgact gttgcttgct tgaccattgt      2400
     gtttaataaa cctgcgtttg gatccgctgt caacgtcact taacattaca aaagggtatt      2460
     tatttgatga aattcaaatt aaaatctttt ttaattatat agtatattag tatattagta      2520
     tatttgtaaa gtttttgtgc atgttatttg cattgaaaat tggaacagca atacattatt      2580
     gtatgaatgc tgtaatgtta aaataatttt ctcttaaaaa tttgtgaagg tcacatgacc      2640
     atcaggaaga acgcagcatc tcgtttctca caggacacgt tctctgttct cggggtttac      2700
     agagttcgtt ctttcatggt aaacttgcaa gactgctctc catgagaacg caagttcgac      2760
     ttctgtgttc ttggaattca gaaacagccc aaatcttaca tcttgagggt ggtgatgcat      2820
     gttttaaaga gaaactgttg tttgggttga cataaatgaa accgttgatc catttaggag      2880
     gaagtgacaa actacaagct ttacatgttt atatcagttt tttactttct aaatgcaaat      2940
     tgtgtcactt aagacatctt gaaaactgac aataccgata ctaacatcta aaaaacttta      3000
     ttttaatttc atgagacctt taagacagat ttatttaaaa atctaaactt taaacaagtt      3060
     tttgtattct ctaaggcatt taaagctaca tctaatctca gtttatatcg tcatgatcct      3120
     tgtagcctgg tttataaata tagtgattca tgtgatgaat tactctcaga gttgcccttt      3180
     gatttcacac atcatttcaa aacatactag caaatgattg ccaaaatggc tcagaaaaag      3240
     gaagtcattt gtgagaaaag atttgtaatg accacatgtg catttttttc ccttaccgca      3300
     ggattctgga aggcaacaga gttcacttcc accattccct ccactgcgac tgtgtcgacc      3360
     tgagtgaatg gtatacgatg tttgtagtcc ataaaatgtc tgccatttgt agatatctag      3420
     acagatccag aaaagtaaga agaggtcaaa ctcctgagat attaaaccat ttataactca      3480
     atggggctaa tgctgtttaa aaacacttca gaaacggagt gaatgtactt gtaccttgta      3540
     tctgtcctga gcgacaagga tctgcagggt gaatgtttga ccttgagcaa agggagattc      3600
     atacttgcgc tcctctgagc cccaggtcct gttcagatat gagttgttta ctacatagtc      3660
     agtgtcctca tagcgtgggt taaaatgaag agcaacgtta gcctctgaat gagaaccaca      3720
     ctgaaggttc acatgaaacc tgcaggacaa agaacaatca aaggctttga gtcaaactga      3780
     ggacgtgaaa gtgtaataag gaaatgtgac aaaacaagtt tctcaatagg tcgatagttc      3840
     taaaatattg caataatcaa taaatgacat taaatacact tcaaatgtta aagcaaaaca      3900
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gtattatggg caaaataaat tgtgattaaa      3960
     cgcatcaaat attgtgtgta catacattta ctatgtatat gtcaggggtg cccaaactcg      4020
     gttctggagg gccagtgtcc tgcatagttt agctccgacc tccttcaaca cactgcctgg      4080
     aagtttttgt ataccaagaa agagcttgat tggctggtac aggtgtgttt atttggggtt      4140
     ggaactaaaa tatgcaggac accggccttc cagatcatat atatatatat atatatatat      4200
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatccac ctaaaaactt      4260
     ttgtttttga aagcatttta taatactcct cacctgttag cacctggtaa aacccgtcca      4320
     cttatgataa tgcttttccc atcctgcagg ccgccctgga ttgggccgct gaatggaatt      4380
     ctctgtttag atgtaaatat taatacaaaa cataagtagg catactggta atccgataga      4440
     aaatgattac tacttttcta accacaaacc tatgtccaat tttcagctat gaatattgtt      4500
     ttagtctgca ttttggccaa taaatggata gaattacttg gtaagcaaga aaatgaaaat      4560
     gaaattaggg catgtgaaag tttcaaatta cactcctttc cttcagcagg tgttttgtgt      4620
     tcatttcaaa caccttattc tggctgtcca aacttttatt acttcacagt tagactactg      4680
     caatgcactt tacgtggcat ctcaaaatta caactttttg tcagtgcaat agcagagtgg      4740
     ttagagcact gactatggtg cagaagtgct cttggctcct gagtttgaat cccggatcct      4800
     cagttgagac tgaaatgtag aggggacagt gcaacacttt gccccttgag attagaattg      4860
     ctattcaatt ttaaatccct cctaaaaacg tacctgttca ggttggcctt ttaatattat      4920
     attataaatc agaattcatg taaactcctg tgaatatcat catttgaata tcaatgattg      4980
     tcatttttac ttaaatgtgc tccattctca catctaacca cactgtagtc tgttggccta      5040
     attgtggtgt atgttttctt aatgaattct tttgtaaaag cttacacaaa tcactgtgat      5100
     aatatgccct gcaactgtgc aacatgataa tataatattt attaaagtat aatatgtgtt      5160
     ttttgcttta aggcaaacta aataaaaggg tataatcaga aataaaactt tttttttaat      5220
     aaaagtgaca agttgcaaaa agcatcttct tttacataat gaaatttaac ctaaaaaaaa      5280
     aaaataacgt aaaaagaaag ttgctctatg ccccctttat tatggaattt gcagcatttt      5340
     tataagcagg caaaatattg cgagtaaaag aaaggtacac ttaaaacagt ccaaaacaca      5400
     gcaaatagga agtattaagg agacacaaat gcaaattcag atttttttca gaacacaaac      5460
     aactattggg aacttaccgg gttatagtaa ggcggttgct ggtaaaaagc cattcttcca      5520
     gttatttttt gtgcagcttc aagtgagcag acaaaaccga tggacaaagc ctaaagaaac      5580
     tccttctgaa cacagtggta aaaagaacca cccagatgtc cggtttataa agaaaaacgt      5640
     gtgaggtttc actttctcta tttacgataa aacaggaact aggctgaggt acagtatggg      5700
     gtagtatata ttattcaaaa atgtagttaa aactgtatcc ttgttgatca agataaacgt      5760
     ttattaacat aaccaaatcg ttttagaatc aagaggcata tattgcaata tttagtaaca      5820
     acaacaataa caacaacaac aacaacatca acaacagcaa taacaataat aatataataa      5880
     taataaaagc ctattgatgt acgtttttga ggtcattgca gaaaagttaa ttcgatcagg      5940
     aggctgctgg tccaattaaa aacgggtgcg gagcccacac tttttgaaaa tatactgtaa      6000
     actcgccatt actaagcaca aatttaccat aaaatgttat attaaagata tttaaagtaa      6060
     aatattattt aagttattga taactattta ccagtggtag ctacatttct atttcaaaaa      6120
     tacctgtatt tctaagtcca agtcataaaa taaccaatga tgagaagaat atattgtaat      6180
     attactaaca ttcaataatc actgaacatt ttctacttgt ttagaatgtt aaaaagcatg      6240
     acaaaatgtg gacagacttg aatagcagag acatctaaga tattagctgc tattactcct      6300
     tcaaatatta agcttgacaa tcttggagga gaagaattta gaaatgtttt atcattttgt      6360
     tttgaaattt ttttggcata ttttttaaaa caactgagtc taaaatatat ttaagtaaat      6420
     gattaaggct atatagaagt ctggaagagg ctatcagtca gtatcctttc atacagaaaa      6480
     aaattaaaat aaatttgtat caccagcatt cagcaaaatc catacttgaa acaatactgc      6540
     ctacaactat gtgacaccta ttcattgtac atatcgctgt caattttata ttgttgttgt      6600
     atttgcacag tctgtatttt gcactgtctg tattttgcac tgtcatttta tttgcactgt      6660
     cgttatattt gcatctgtat tttgtactgt ctggagccag cacctaagct tttcactcat      6720
     catagcacac gagctgctgt tgatgtgaca ataaaattga tttgatttga agtatagaaa      6780
     taatagtcta tgcacaaaca ctcaacaaaa tcaaaaatgt agaaagattc atcctgtttt      6840
     ttcctcccca tactgtaatt tatgacaagc aacaaaaata atttctactc agttgaaaac      6900
     agtaaactac aaataataat aataatatta aatccctgtc cagtgtctgc tgtagggaaa      6960
     agggaattta tttttattac ttttgtgtct ttatttttta ttagaaaaat gtttagagca      7020
     acaacagatt aatttatctt attttttgta tggtaccatg tattgaccaa gtgtacttct      7080
     tctttctaag aagttgcaca cttcttagaa ggaacttctg acaagaggga aacaacagcc      7140
     tttcctccag actgctgtct aaaaagaagt ctaggcatgt cacaaggagc tggatgctta      7200
     tagaagttgt gaaatacatt aaagatacac ttaactgttc agttctggta tacagagaag      7260
     ggttgcagaa agagaaagta tgtttggtgt acaagagcca aaggtatgca gaatgactaa      7320
     gtcgttttta aaaatctgcg gatttctgcg gaattatttt gggaggatca taactaaaac      7380
     ttaatatgta aaattaaata taatatcttt ctaactttta tttaatgttt aaaatgcaaa      7440
     tccacttaga ttagatttgg taaacaaagc aagtctctca tatactataa cgtatctact      7500
     aaaagactga aactattact gtacaaacag ccttgtacat aaatcagatc aacattttca      7560
     tattagtcaa taatattact ttaaataatt aaaaattgaa taaaaataga tatacacaca      7620
     tttactcaag caaacaaaca gaatcaatga tgggctaaaa atctgcagaa atcagccaaa      7680
     aatatgcgca gattccgtgt gggcccactg ataaatgacg ttacaccaat actccacctg      7740
     ttaatatcag ttgtgtatat atgctggagt cagggaaatg taagttcccc ttcggatggg      7800
     gaacttcaat gggatagtgg atttaatggg aatttcgttg agaaagccaa tcttctaaaa      7860
     gagtatgtaa acggcccaat gaattggcag catcagcttg cacacctgat gcttgttgca      7920
     atcagttagg caataaaagc acaggaaaag caaggagatg catccttttt tcttcagaga      7980
     catcacagcc tagtcgataa gggttcctcc tgctgatcat cagcgattcc gagcacacga      8040
     gatcagtctc ccggtccaga ttgtgataca cgcgtcggca aacggccttt tcatgctggg      8100
     ttttctccct tgcctggcgt tctttgggtc cggtcctcca gagcggtttg tatattgcac      8160
     tttcacctaa aagagcaaca cagtcgtgca gcgcatcctt ttcagaatgt tgctttgacc      8220
     gtgggtttct ggatgcagtg gtttcctgtc cccggatgat gggcacgagc actgcattgc      8280
     atgtctgggg gtccagcttc ttaatgcggt gctcacgggc agtacattcc ttcacttcga      8340
     cgacatgtct gttgcgcagt taagattgcg gattgctctt gcaaaagagc caccctcccc      8400
     agatgtctcc ctttcagcgg ttgggcactc tgccagatct gagggctaca gtgggagtaa      8460
     atctgccgcc ctcgggcttg cggacctctc gctcctctac gcgctctatc caagcttcga      8520
     gtgagagaag cgcttgctct ccttagagag agcacttttt ccacttgccc agatgtgaca      8580
     gcccgaattc tgccagactg ggacactatg ccttccagct cgcaggttcc atgcatttcg      8640
     ccagtggctc acaggtactg ggaggacggt ctcctttctc ccactcctca agccccccct      8700
     ctgtagtgtg ggtgcgaggt gagagtgaat cttgcctcta gctcttcagc aggacccgcg      8760
     cgcatcccgg atcagcacac caactccacg ctggcccact gctggtacat cagtgattgt      8820
     agcgatgagt ccaatagcga gagctctgcc tgcctggtta gcgcagacca gccctttgcg      8880
     atggcttaaa cgcacaatca gacttggcta tgcgattcag ttcgcgaaac ggtcccccaa      8940
     gttcatgggt gtgtatttca ctatggtcag ccccctgtcc gcccctgtct tgcgagagga      9000
     gattgctgtc ctcctggcga agtcctcctg caattgagcc ggtccctcca gccgagatgg      9060
     aaagcgggtt ttaaaacccg tacttcattg tgcccaaaaa gagcggtggg ttacagccaa      9120
     tcctagatct gcacgttttg aaccgctgtc tgcacaagct gccatttaga atgctcacgc      9180
     agaaacacat tctctggtgc gttcgtcctc gggattggtt tgcagtaata gacctgaagg      9240
     acggtacttc catatctcta ttcttcaaca ccaccgtagg tttttgcttt ttgcgttcga      9300
     aggttgagct tggcaataca aagtcctccc cttcgggctc tctctgtctc cacgggtctt      9360
     cagtgacaac tggatgattt tagcccactt ttgggagcaa ttgattatgc acagagacaa      9420
     ggtgctctgg caccttcacc tgttggggct tcaggttaac cgagaaaaga gtaaactcgc      9480
     ccccgtgcag aggatctctt ttctcgggct ggagctggac tcggtcaccc agacagcgca      9540
     cctctccgga gagcacgctc ggctaatgct gaactgtctg agagagttcg acagcaaaat      9600
     agtggtccca ctgaaattat ttcagaggct cctggggcat atggtatcag cagccgctgt      9660
     cacgccactc agattactcc atatgaaacc acttcagcac tggctttaca atcgagtccc      9720
     cagatgcgca tggcatgcgg gcacacactg cccatcactg ttactgtcct gtgttgctgc      9780
     gccctcagcc cttggaacga cccctcaatc ctaaaggccg gagtgcatct aggaccggcg      9840
     tccagtcatg ttgttgtttc aacagatgct tccagcacag gctggagggc tgtgtgttgc      9900
     aggcatgcag ctgcgggcct gtggaaagga acctagttgc attggcatat cagtcatttt      9960
     ttttccggtt gctggagcag cagcacgtgc tggtcaggat ggacagcatg gcggcggtgg     10020
     catatattga ccacatgggg ggtattcgct ctcaccgcat gtctcagctc gcccgtcgtc     10080
     tgctcctttg gagtcatacg cggctgaaat tgctgcgcgc cattcacatt ccaggtgagt     10140
     tcaaccgtgc agccaacctg ctctcacggc agcctttacg ccccggagaa tggagactcc     10200
     accccgagtc tgttcagctg atatgagcgc aattcaggaa aacccagatc gatctgtttg     10260
     cttcccccga gaacgctcat tgccagttgt gtttttcttt gaccggggtc tctctcttgg     10320
     cacggatgca ctggcccaca gatggcctcg gggcatgtgc aaataagtgt ttcccccaat     10380
     gaacctgctt gcgcagttac tgtgcaaggt cagggaggac aaggagcagg tcctgctagt     10440
     tgcgcccctc tggcccaacc agacctggat gtcagaactc tccctcttcg cgacggccct     10500
     ctcctggcag atccctttga gagaggacct actctctcag ggacagggcc ccatctggca     10560
     ccctcgccct gatcattaga acctcgactt gtggtccttc cgactgcggt ggttaataca     10620
     ttccccttag gctagagccc cctccacgag gcgcgcctac gccctgaagt ggagtctatt     10680
     tactaaatgg tgcgtctctc acagagaaga cccccgaaat tgccagatca atgttgtgct     10740
     gatctgaagc tggagagcag gctgtcgccc tccacactta aggtttccgt ggctgccatc     10800
     tctgctcatc atgatcatgg tggctggcag caccatggga agacaaaacc ttaatctggt     10860
     tcctcagagg cgctaggcga atttatccac ccctctctca tggcctctag ggatctcgcc     10920
     cttacgagcc tgtatgcaga tgccttcgaa ccactcgact cagtatcttt aagatttctg     10980
     tccctgaaga cagctctgct ggtcacattg gcatcgatta agagggtcgg tgacctggag     11040
     gcattttcgg tcagtgactc gtgcctggaa ttcgggccgg cttactctca cattgtcctg     11100
     agaccccacc caggatatgt gcccaaggtt cctagcacac cgtttgaaga ccaggtagtg     11160
     agcctgcaag tgctgccccc gaggaggcaa acccagccct ttcattactt tgtccagttc     11220
     gggttgactt actctgcttt ctccagttta acaaacctgc cattttgaaa cagaaaaccc     11280
     agagtttctc tcatttcagg gtaaacatac tcagagtttt cacttaacct cctttctgaa     11340
     acgggcccca ggtcttctca ccctatatgg tttataaata catttaaaca atttatgaat     11400
     tattgggact tattgtaggg aagataataa aaaaaaatcc atattggttt taaagccatt     11460
     aaattacctt ttatagtatt tgttatgtag agtttagtta aaagtgattt taaggcctta     11520
     aattgtgttt tagacatttt aggacttttt gaaatcttgc ggacaccctg gatgaagcag     11580
     aaacttctgt ttaactcaaa ttaatatgtt ctgaggtaga aggtagaaaa gaattattag     11640
     cccccctttt aatttttttt tcttttttaa atatttccta aatgatgttt aacagagcaa     11700
     ggacattttc ccagtgtgtt tgataatatt ttattgacac aacatgaatt tgtatttact     11760
     ttttgtgtgc aaaatttttg gatgaaaacc gtgaaatgaa ctttacattt tgaaatgtat     11820
     tattattata atataatcct ggattttcaa tatcattact ccagtcttta gtgtcacacg     11880
     atccattaga attcattata tgattaaaat atgctgattt gatgctcaaa aacatttctt     11940
     atcatcaacg ctgaaaacag ttgagctgtt taatatattt attgtaacca taattcattc     12000
     atgatgcttc aacaacatta taaatgcctt tacatctttg ctaaataaaa taaaacaaat     12060
     agataaacaa ttttttttaa tatatatttc acctggtgat aatggccaga tgtggtgggt     12120
     gcatgctgat gtagtccttg aaatagaccc tatatttggg cagatcatcc acttcatcat     12180
     cttcagactc ttcctctgat ccttcctgat cctgagcgtc gtctccttgc tgctcgtcat     12240
     cctgggtgag aagaatatag taattagagg ggtcaaaaat acagttaaag tttagagtcg     12300
     tgcttcaaaa gcattttaag ggttatacaa tatgaaataa aacaatttgg taatggtacg     12360
     tctctgtatg gagggcaata catgccaaaa ttctttaaac attaaaggct gatttatact     12420
     tatacatcaa gtgcacacat ttggtcaggc gcagcctttg tgcagtcgca taacccttgt     12480
     catggctgat gctgacgtgc acctctcaaa acatgtaact acatgtcgca atgacgcgta     12540
     gcgcaatctc tgtgattggt cagcttggca gtagtgacaa gagtgggcgg tgctagaagc     12600
     cacaagctca atggagtgat tctttacaag tgtgtagtca agtgaaggag ctccagatgg     12660
     aaagttttgc tttgtgttta ccctatgagt aaagttgttt cacgtctgcc ggttcccgcc     12720
     tctgaatgag tgagttttgc agtattcaga aaaaacaaaa caccagcaaa gaaaaatgac     12780
     acagaggaac attaaaacat actgccagct agtatttagg aagtgttatt gcagaacaac     12840
     acaaacagca cgcagaagta tacatgcatg actaagcgca agacaggcgt tatgggccac     12900
     gctgaacact caacgcaaaa gtataaatca gccttacaca ttttcacagt ttgaccatgc     12960
     aaaagtggca attttaaata tgtttatact tctggctcac attaccttca atactgtatc     13020
     tgtggaaatg cattttatgg aaagagatac ataacatcta ttgtttatta tgtatatgct     13080
     aaactatatg tcaaatttaa tgagtttaaa agcattttaa cagttataca gaatgaaatt     13140
     taaaaaatag gtacttgcac agtgtatgga gggtgatcag tgttaaaagg cagtaatttg     13200
     tttattactg cgaaaaaaaa gaaaaaactt aaagagatag ttcacccaaa aataaatatt     13260
     acttcatcat ttactcatcc tcatgtagtt ttaaaccttt aattcaacag gacagaagaa     13320
     agaagatatt ttgaaaaatg ctggttgctg gaatctattg acttttatag taggaaaaaa     13380
     acatatggaa atcaatcggt cttagacacc agcatttaaa aaaaattttc ttttgtgttc     13440
     aaaagtagaa aaaaacacaa ataggttttg aacaagtgag ttttggatga actattcctt     13500
     taatgcaatt gaaatgacat tccattgtac atctatagta acagtttatg ttcatgctat     13560
     ctgggttaaa aaaaatgatc catttattca ttcgagagct ttgaaagcat tttaaaggtg     13620
     atatgaagca aaagatttgg ttatggaaca atgtctgtgt atggagggca atccatgcaa     13680
     aaattcttta aacaaaaata atctacatac agttttacca tgaaatagca atttttaata     13740
     tttgaatact tttggcccta atcaccttcc atatctgtaa agaggctttt tataaaaagc     13800
     aatataaaac atttgttgtt tgctacatac agttgaaatc agaattgtta aaccaccttt     13860
     gaactttaaa aaaaaaactt ttttatagat ttcccaaatg atgtttaaca gagcaaataa     13920
     atttttacag aatgtctgat agtaattttt tcttcgggag aaagtcttat ttgttttatt     13980
     ttggctagaa taaaagtttt ttaattttta aaaacatttt taaggtcaaa attattagcc     14040
     cctttaagct atttttttca atagtctaca gatcaaacca tcgttacata acaacttgcc     14100
     aaattaccct agcctgccta gttaacctaa ttaacctagt taagccttca aatttcactt     14160
     tataaagcac tcagtcaagt ttaccttatt ttgtacattg aattccactt taataaaaat     14220
     atattaaaca aattcaatta atgtaaccat ttagcagaaa acggcatgtt ttactataga     14280
     ttttagacct agggtgccgc cctcttggaa tgtcgctgtg tctgacatca cgaggttggt     14340
     tgagttccct gcgctgaaca gaaacaatgg aagtcaggga gagtgtaaag cctactttaa     14400
     agagccccta ttatacatga aacagggtca tattttggtt ttaagggtct ccaaaaacag     14460
     tctaatatgc atgcagggtc agaaaacact ttcatagtct tataatctgc atttattttt     14520
     acccaattat cccagcgact tccatatgat tcgttcagtg attcatttgt tcccaaaccc     14580
     ctccttagcg tgaagctaat ctatgctaat tggatcagct aatcaacaat acagaagtag     14640
     tttaccacat ctcccttctc taaaccgaaa atactggcaa actgcagatg ctgtgttctt     14700
     tttcgagacc aggtcacttg gtgctccact cggcacctta ccttacctca cctctctctc     14760
     tctcctccac actgacccgt gataaaaatc atgcatacgc atttttaggc attaaatata     14820
     taatatttca tatttaatac ttgtctttta tttaagtgca ttgtttttat gatggtatag     14880
     cggtattaaa actgacacca ttgctatttt aagatcccgc ggtataccat attaccgtat     14940
     tactgcccaa gcctagtttg catgttctcc ccgtgctgtt gtgggtttcc tgggtaaagc     15000
     taaattgtcc gtagtctatg tgtgtggatg agtgtgtgta taggtgtttc tcagtgatag     15060
     gttgcagctg gaagggcatt cgctgcataa aacatatgct ggataagttg gcgattcatt     15120
     ccgctgtggc gagtgaagtt tcacaaacta atttcgagag gagcacgtga tatgattggg     15180
     cacgactatc tcctgtgtaa tcagtaataa tccaatcaga gtgatccaag tttactgtaa     15240
     atatattgtt ttctccctac tgctctatct tttttttgga agaattcccc cttccacccc     15300
     atctcctctt ttttctcgct tttctaagga ggagctctcg agacctacct gatcttggat     15360
     ccccttgcac gtttattgac cgggcgggag ccttgggctc aagtatctcc aagcttaggc     15420
     ttctctcctg ggacagcatg tcaaacctgc tattaacgcc aagcatatct aagtgggaac     15480
     tcttgaaagg gactaagccg aaaagaaaac aaattaatga attaaatttg gcccatataa     15540
     attgtttgca acaatttagc aaaatctatt tttgtctgtc tgaaactgta taaacaaatt     15600
     ctttcattca ttcattttct tgtcggctta gtccctttat taatccgggg tcaccacagc     15660
     ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcacgtt tttacacagt gaatgcacac acactcattc     15720
     actacggaca atttagccta cccaattcac ctgtaccgca tgtcttagga ctgtgggggt     15780
     aaccggagga tccagaagag acccacgcga aggcagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag     15840
     aaacgccaac tgacccagtc gaagctggaa ccagtgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc     15900
     actacctact gcgccattgc gttgctgtat aaacaaataa cattttcaaa tttattcaga     15960
     tttttaattt tcccctaact ccttaatttt ttttttaaac actgcaagca caacagcagt     16020
     ctactatatt tgacctaaac atttgatttg tttgaaagta atacatgcat ctattctgat     16080
     gcttgcctaa tactatcagt agttttttgc gattaatgtt ttttactaaa ccttaaatta     16140
     gttttattct ttgtggaagt gtagtgtatt ttaaatacaa acaataatgt tagtgacaac     16200
     aaaacttaaa tggtaaaaac tttattgttt ttttgagcat taaccaggtt gacagtttca     16260
     agttcacagt aataaaatgg caaagtaata tgactctact gccaccttaa tgataaatga     16320
     aatgtaacgt aaacagagag aaaactgtta ctacagttga agtcagaatt atttaacaaa     16380
     tgagttcctt caattcgact gccttcacat tattataacc aaaagaaagt agtatatttc     16440
     tttagaaaga gccttggtga atatacctgg acacatggaa tactattcat ataataaatc     16500
     acagataaca aaaaacattt aagccctgtt gaaatattaa gctttagagc tgaaaaacag     16560
     taaaaattct gcaatactct tcttgaaaag cctggttcat taaaccattt taagtaagaa     16620
     acattttgat tggacaaaca atattgacct tattcttcat gtatgagtgg acgcagccat     16680
     tggaatctgc ctaaacactt ctggtcttct tcacttctag tgattttgag gcattaaaaa     16740
     cagcttgtga tgatgcttga tgttgcaaac tggcatttcc ttattatatt cttctatttt     16800
     tgtttgtaga acaagtagta gacattttct gccgtttatt agtcattttt atttcattgg     16860
     caccagaaac agaagttcta aaacaatcac aaaatgagcg cacttctgca ttgaagaata     16920
     aggtcaatag gacattcatt tccatgatta tgacatgatt tgctgattta tagctttaag     16980
     catgcatata atggtcagga gagctcaacc tgctgcaact tagaaataca caaatagaaa     17040
     aaacatcagc aaataaagaa aacaccttaa ttggcacacg tgttgcaaat cctcacaatg     17100
     caaacacaaa tagaaaacac gctgaaaatc ctcacaacaa atgcaaatag cacggaccac     17160
     aatggaaatg ttttttgtca aaccggcaaa gatgttttct tatgttgcag cacgttgagt     17220
     tctctcagct accaacagtt atataaaaac atgcaactac agtacatatt atatatgtaa     17280
     agctaaacca cattaaagta atttgatatt aattcaaaat aacaaaaact gttcatgttc     17340
     acattcagtc atacttttgc attgtagagc acaataatta gtaatgcatt cccttgtttt     17400
     acttttaatc atgatttacg tcttaaacag acgtctctgc taagcctgca ctgaagtcag     17460
     ctgcagatct ccacaaatct ctaaaatgtc aatgtcgttc agctttgtgt agcgatgttt     17520
     gtaagtgtgt acttgtttgc cattgacaaa gacattgtag tgttggggat tacaggagat     17580
     ggtgacctgc aacacaaata caaaacaaac aagtatagtt aacattcaag ccaaaatgac     17640
     agcttttaga gcaggggttc tcaaacccag tcctggaagt ccggtgtcca gcagatttta     17700
     gctccaactt gcctcaacac gcctgcaagg atgtttctag aaagcctgca atcacactag     17760
     gcttttctcc cgatagactt tcattcatac gcacgcgaat gcgtcagacc agaaacgcaa     17820
     ggtcatgcgt caagtttcgc atgttgcggc ggtgcaaagt tcaagcttgg tgaactctga     17880
     cctgcaaaaa ggcatcacat gactgtgtga gaccaatcga ggatcaaaac atgacctctc     17940
     tagacaagaa tttaaaatat ggaccaatcg ctcgcttttt ttaacgtcta atcattttgt     18000
     ttaattctac cccttttcgc agcgcgatat gacagaattt tgcacacaca agcactagtg     18060
     tgactgcagc tttatagctt gattagctag gccaggtgtt tctgattggg gttggagcta     18120
     aaatctgcag gacactggac ctccagcacc gagattgaga acccctgttt tagagtaatg     18180
     tgaatggctt ctgtttgttt cgcatgcata tatgtaagtt tgtattgttt aatggcaaca     18240
     ataaatccta tttacagtca aatgtacata ttcatctact ctttacaata atatccagct     18300
     gcaggcctgc agaaccacac acgttttagg cacacacaat ctggcacaca caatccaggc     18360
     aaaccatgta tggttacgac agatgttaat gttattaaca tctttttgaa cattgtcatc     18420
     aatatatttt gatatatttg gttaataaat attgtacaca ataaccaata gtgtttactt     18480
     tactttattt cacaaatatt gcgatcgaga cggccgaatg gggagcattg tttccgatcg     18540
     ccatttaata taatagactg aacagttttt aatcagtcat tatagctgat cagtcattaa     18600
     tatctgacaa taataacagc tgtgacagat aaagatagta gtttatatat aaacttataa     18660
     ttataatcag ataatcagtt aagagaatca gtttataact gtatataggc tatatatata     18720
     tatatgtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     18780
     tatatatata tattgtttaa atgattaact atagtaggct aatttatttt aaagtgacat     18840
     attattgttt actttttata ttttacaaca aagtgatttt aaccaagtaa tgataatatt     18900
     aagatcttga aatagtttat tacacttaat aaaacaatta gacggtctat tattattttt     18960
     tctttgtgca tgtggacacg tgaataaagt cataaaaagt cataagtgtt acataattta     19020
     agttcagaaa ctgcagagat gttaaaatga tcattacgat ataataataa tgactgaaat     19080
     gggaaaccat acttgtgaaa ttcaataggt ggcgataatg ataaagagtt ggtttggtgc     19140
     tgtaaggttt gcctaaatcg tgtgtcctag attgtgtgtg cctaaaacgt ggatatatct     19200
     cactatttaa gcttaataat tctttcttga atatttctag tcttgttttt tagacaagac     19260
     actcttcaga atatgttttg cagatgtatg tctgctatct gctcatatat ctttttaaac     19320
     tactcagatt tgtacaattt aaaccacaca atgatgccta tacaaaaaaa tattaatact     19380
     tttaattaag gtgccaaaac ttttaaatat taaatagcag tgttttaaaa tggtgttaat     19440
     gttataacat taaccatggt agtaattaaa catggaagct cgcaatgctt atgatagaga     19500
     tgtgctaata catgtttgaa aacagctaaa acatgtgctt aataagttaa atatgctaat     19560
     gtgtgttatt ttagtataaa aacatgctaa ttgatatgac caacatgtta aaacatgtta     19620
     gtatatacca ttaacatgct aattaatact atcatgctag ttcatgctag cttatggctg     19680
     gaaaataatt cgatatcaat atatatagcg atcttttttt tttttcaata atggtgacat     19740
     gatttttaaa cccatttccg gtacttcgat ataaatttgc atatgtatgt tttattatat     19800
     atacatatat gatcttatac attgtatcat ttgtcaatga atgactttca gtgctcagcc     19860
     gtcagaaaga gcgcgatgtc acttgcgtga tgacgtacat cactgacatg ctcccagcgc     19920
     tcagcagtta aataagggcc gtcgcagaaa gtttttgcta taaaataagt gtgagtttta     19980
     tgaattagtt gatgagagag gaaagactaa tgcagtggtg tggaaatggt tcggcttttt     20040
     aagtttcgat aaacgtatag ttttggtgct ctgcaaaatg tgcaggagag tgttgctgcc     20100
     tagcagcggg aacacatcaa atctgttccg tccgacagaa catactgaga gtcagaagat     20160
     gtggcatcat aaaagtttaa acccacctgt cgcctcacca aaccagaggt gtatgaagag     20220
     aatgcaatga agctaactca gatggctatg aggtgccgtg tagtatttaa atcaaacttt     20280
     gcttatcaac atgtgcatat acacctaaat tactcgtata taaacctgta ctatgtttaa     20340
     aacgtatgaa acttgcacat atacataaaa acttgatgca tgcctacaca tttacacaca     20400
     cacatgcatt taaacttgat ccttgcatat acttgattct cctataaacg cccaaattaa     20460
     cactcacaca cacaaactca ctgcatgctg gtatagcact ctagcaaact gacaaaataa     20520
     aactcacaaa catattatat aaaaagacta tataaaatat ataagaacta ttttatgtta     20580
     aatgttaatt gggtaattat acacaaatat atatagtcag atagaaccct taaagaacgt     20640
     tcaagatgaa aagcaaccag aactatgaat atactcatct gtttgtaaag gctaagtaca     20700
     aataaaaagt caacattcat tttttttgta ctttaaaaca acaaaaaaga gcctggagat     20760
     attaaagact ttgcaaattc agtttgcaga catttgtagg tacagacatc tattgtgtgc     20820
     gttcttggca gtttataacc gtgtattgtc catatccata ttgaaattaa atcgtatcga     20880
     ctgaaattaa gaaatgtatc atgatataaa tttttgccat atagtccagc cttatgctag     20940
     ctgttaacaa aatgctcata aatgctagat gtgtgcttag tactttaaaa acattcaaca     21000
     atgctacaac atgctagcag cattctgtcc tgcacgcaag atgaaaactt gttaacaaca     21060
     tgctaattaa tgttaaacat gctaaaacag ggaacccaat cctgttctac tttcctgcaa     21120
     actttagctc cagcccagat aaagtacaac tgaaccagct aactatgaac tgcagatgtc     21180
     tttgagcagg actggattta ccctcaagtg gttccaaaca ttaatgactt tccttgttct     21240
     gctatataaa atatttgaaa aaaaatgtat aaaagtcaaa ggctgtggga ttccagcatt     21300
     ctttaaaaag cctttttgtg ttttctccaa tgggtttgga gggtatactt taggttaata     21360
     aacattttga ggtaaacaat ctctttaaca gcaacaatct catatgttca gggtaagttc     21420
     tacctgaaaa ggttgtcctt tgtgaaatgg cagccctcca aaccgttcct ccgcacccca     21480
     tttctccatc tggttggtgt ttctcacaac aacattctca tcaaaacggg gattgtagtg     21540
     aaacgcaatc ccacttctgt agcacaggtt gaatgttatt ctgatggagg aagtagaaaa     21600
     atggaggaat taatttcaat aaagcagatt tacaaaatga tttaataaaa aaatgttagt     21660
     tgaaattcaa acaacactat ggcaattaaa tgtctaacct tttagcatta gggttgacaa     21720
     ttccattgat gacaatgttt ttgcctgggt gaagtccccc attcatgacc gttttgtatg     21780
     ggatggtcta aatgtgggta aaattaaaga gatatttaaa aatgagtgta aaatgttcaa     21840
     gtgaaatcat atacaataca aaatcatatt tttctacaat acattttaag tgatgtttaa     21900
     aagaccaatg aagttttcct gtggaaagtt tttttcttta gctaaaataa cagcagtttt     21960
     tttttttttt gcaaaacaat ttaaagggca ataatattag cccctttacg gaacaaacta     22020
     ctgtcatcca ataacttgcc tagttaacat aatgagccta taactatcat gcaaaataag     22080
     cgattaatat tatgtactgt ccccagatca aaggcaaaag taattagtta ttacaaatat     22140
     cgtgtttaaa aatgtattaa agaaatcttc tctctgttaa ataatgctta agaaatattt     22200
     ttaaaaatat ttacatttca gaaaaggtct aatatttttg actttaacag tatatttagg     22260
     ttatatactg taagttatac aaacatatta caataaaata tatgcaaaaa aaatatatat     22320
     ataataatat tattatacct atgccttgta ataccgtgtg tgtgtatata cacacacaca     22380
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     22440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaca tatacagaga catgttggca ggttacatga     22500
     actctctctt tttgtatgtt gtagtgctgt atttataccg atttgctcgc atatcaggaa     22560
     tgtgtgttgt gttaacagat ataagcttgg ttgaaataag caaagtctgc aagttttgcg     22620
     tttttcctta ttgcaaacac aacagcagtc tggtaacgct agtggattcg ttcttatttt     22680
     cggggttaat tattctgaaa tcccgattgc aacagagaaa tactgtaggc tgtaacactg     22740
     taagaagata tctctgtaga tgatggcatt tcatgtcact ttcagcctta aaatcttaaa     22800
     gtgtaaatca gcagttttgt catcacttta gacagtcatt taaacaatag ctctaaagtg     22860
     atgttggtga attagtaacg gcttctgctg ttttgacgtc agctgcagat gtgaatgaat     22920
     ggcagaacaa agtagtgcct aatacaaaag ggttatagac tctctgtgtt tgattttctt     22980
     ttttatgtac aagattgtgc tgtcgaactg ttgtataaag gaaatatcac actcgtagca     23040
     gtgtgctatg gctgtatatc agcactggtg gggtgctcgt gttaatgttt tgatatcatt     23100
     tcctgttgtg agagctgctc ttacatagtt tggtgcagaa gggaaggcag ggaactgtag     23160
     ggaaacacaa ttgtgcatta ttatcacttc cttacaaagg aaaaacacca caaaatcaca     23220
     tgacagtgat gaaagataag tgaggctgga aatatgatgc atcatcaaga ttaatctact     23280
     gtcaacaatc tacaaaattc gaaaagttgg cattacatcc acagatgttt tcatgttaaa     23340
     cactgactgc ttttgtagag cgctaaatga atcataaaat acataaagat atgacctttg     23400
     atctcataag gttgtcacat gatgtatttc atgacttatt gaccacttac cccacatcct     23460
     ggaggtacag catactgagg ctgtaaaaga tgaacaggag aggtttatga cagctgacat     23520
     gaagataata atgtccttat taatcaacta aagatatttc catcttaccg catagcctgc     23580
     ttggggagga atgaaaccct ggaaaaagaa tagagtacaa aggtactgca gagttatact     23640
     gtaacttaag tttagctgtg agctgatttt actgtgacag gtacagggta ggactcactg     23700
     gaaaggctgg ttgtggaggg aaatagggct gcaaagacca aacaaaaaaa tcatgttgtt     23760
     tagttttttg attcaatcac aaatgctcat agaaatctac agtatgcatt aaaaatgtat     23820
     ttggacactt caagccatac taatatataa aattacactg gtaatcagtt tattgcagta     23880
     aatgaaacct ttaatagttc tacatttgta atgatcaatt tctaatttgt gcagttcttt     23940
     ctagtactaa gtcactcact ttcttctgct cgatcccttt tttattaaaa tgtatgaaac     24000
     gccaactgag ccgaggtaca aaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgagggtaca gcactaccta     24060
     ctgcgccact gcgtcgctat atatatacaa cagttctgtc tggttcttga atctgattgg     24120
     ctgatagcag tgcattattt tgcaagtaac atcacacaaa agcctcttca cccttcactg     24180
     tgtatcactc cgctcacata cagccagcaa caagcagaga cactacagtt tgacaaatat     24240
     tactgttgtt agacaacaaa atgtactttt gaggcttttt ttagttgaga atatagttgt     24300
     ttagattgca actatgcagt ttttttttgt gagaatatat atcgacggca tatacatata     24360
     catatataca tatacatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     24420
     tatatatata tatatatagc gacgcagtgg cgcagtaggt agtcgctggt tcgagcctct     24480
     gctcagttgg cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc tgtgttcgca cgggtttcct     24540
     ccaggtgttc cggtttcccc acagtccaaa gacatgcggt acaggtgaat tgggtaggct     24600
     aaattgtccg tagcgtatga gtgtgtgtgt gtaaatgact gtgtgtggat gttttccaga     24660
     gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gcatcagctg cgtaaaaatg tgctggataa gttggtggta     24720
     cattccgctg tggcgacccc ggattaataa agagactaag ccgacaagaa aatgaacgaa     24780
     taaatgaata tatacagtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tcatgtgttg     24840
     aatgaaactt ggagttgctc tttgatttca cacattattt caaaacatac tagcaaatga     24900
     ttgccaaaaa tggctctaaa aaaggaagtc atttgtgaga aaagatttgt aatgaccaca     24960
     tgtgcatttt tttccctcac cgcaggattc tggaaggcaa cagagttcac ttccaccatt     25020
     ccctccactg cgactgtgtc gacctgagtg aatggtatcc gatgtttgta atccataaaa     25080
     tgtctgccat ttgtagatat ctagacagat ccagaaaagt aagatgaggt caaactcctg     25140
     atacaattaa ccatttacaa cttaatacac ttaaaaaaaa atcaaagata tatggccaat     25200
     ggggctaatg ctgctcaaaa acacttgaac aaagtgaaca ttcctgtacc ttgtatctgt     25260
     cttgggcaac gaggatctgc agggtgaatg tttgaccttt agcaaaggga gattcatact     25320
     tgcgctcctc tgagccccag gtcctgttca gatatgagtt gtgcactaca tagtcagtgt     25380
     cttcatagcg tgggttaaag tgaagagcaa cgttagcccc tgaatgagaa ccacactgaa     25440
     ggttcacatg aaacctgcag gacaaagaac aatcaaaggc tttaagacaa actgaggacg     25500
     tgaaagagta ataagggagt gtgacaaaag aagtatttca atagatagat tggttctaaa     25560
     atacaataat aaatcaatga cacttgatta gtaatttatc tactttgtgt taaagcaaaa     25620
     cacacacaca cacacacaaa catagtagtg ctgggcaaaa atgaatcatg attaaaccca     25680
     tccaatataa cagtttattg tttgacacaa tatatgtgta catatattta ttatgtatat     25740
     gtcaggggtg cctaaactcg gtcttggagt gccagtgtcc tgtatagttt aactccaacc     25800
     ttataccaat ctgtatacct agaaagagct tgattggctg gttcaggtgt gtttaattgg     25860
     ggttggaaca aaaatatgca ggacaccggc cttccaggac tgagtttggg cacccctgat     25920
     atatgtgata cacacacata cataggaaca aaactacaca aaacaacccc gcattttcca     25980
     cagaccacag cagaaatgtg tcagggggcc ccaaaaagtg ataacctctg ctgctttctg     26040
     ttaagatgtc agattagggc ttacaaacat acaaagaaca aaaaaaagta catttttgcg     26100
     gtcccccaaa acattttcat tgaggtctgc ttcatttgca gtaaatgtct gtatttgcat     26160
     gtgttgtcaa attgaggaag atttcttttc acgttgttaa tgtatttttt ctatttgcat     26220
     gggtttacat aacctgcagc aacactgtaa aaaagttgac aacttaaaat tgtaaggcac     26280
     tcagctccag gtaatttttg agtttctcaa cttagatcaa gtaaagtaat tgggttgaaa     26340
     gttgagtcaa ctcaaaaaag ctctgcagca agttgcctta caattttgag ttgagtcaaa     26400
     gactatggaa tacacaagtt ttgaatgggg aaaagtgtaa cggtcaatat ggcgaatgaa     26460
     gtcccactta caagtacagg agccaatcat cgattgctat tgagaaacgt ttctccaggg     26520
     accagacgtg tgcttttacg acagtttttg tggtcaacaa atgcactgga atctcagcta     26580
     atacttgctt cacagacata aaaaatattt caaataaagc ttaaaatttg tacttttaaa     26640
     cgaaccaagt gcatttgaaa accaaagtgt ttcggttttg taatctgtgt gaaataaact     26700
     tgaggtacag tccatcctgt caaacgcaca tcacatgaca gcaactattt aaatgccgtc     26760
     gctgtcattt ctggaggaga ttcgccatca acaccaagtt gtggattact tctgaagacc     26820
     agtgcaatct gacgaagcat tatccagagg atgatagtgt gtagaacaat tacaaatgag     26880
     gttggtgtca taatattgtt cttttcaagt gtgcatgcgc attagctcgg ctaccctaaa     26940
     aatatgccaa tttagtttga ttcatacatt tagaagcgaa acatattagt cagttgttgt     27000
     ttacatttat tgatgattcc aaatatttaa tgtaatcata agcttggcaa acagttttag     27060
     agaatttgat gtttccccat tcagatagaa tgcccaaaca tactgcttga gaggcgtttc     27120
     aaagatggct gccgagcaag ctgacttgca ttaaagggac tttggttgag tcaacttttt     27180
     tattattttt tttactgcaa ggtttaatct ctctcagtca ccgtaggtta gactctaaag     27240
     tgtgtatatg atggacattt tgttatgaaa aggatttgtg aatgtagctg catggtaggt     27300
     tacatgcaac agtatgtcca gattacacac aatgtaatga taacaatgta atttcctttt     27360
     caaaattagt agcatctcaa aacagtaggt ctatgcaatt tctgacacaa ccagtcacta     27420
     ggtatgtaat actaatcagc tgacaagtta aatatttccc tactttagta aaaaaaaaaa     27480
     aacagtgtgg aggagtgtgt gtgaccatga aacaactaaa ctattaacaa taaaagtcaa     27540
     gcttgttaaa aacaaacagt atgtgtatta tcattgttgc aactctttat cacactgaac     27600
     aaaaattcag cagaatacac tattaaaaat aaagccacca ggtatatccc actttttcac     27660
     agaagcactt tttttataca gagaagaaag ttttaataaa ctaaataatc tatccaccta     27720
     aaaacttttg tttttgaaaa cttttatatt attcctcacc tgttagcacc tggtaaaacc     27780
     cgtccactta tgataatgct tttcccgtcc tgcaggccgc cctgaattgg gcctctgaat     27840
     ggaattctct gtttagatgt aaatattgat acgaaacata agtaggcata ctggtaatcc     27900
     ggtaagaaat cattactact tttctaacca caaacctatg tccaatttac agctatgaat     27960
     actgttttag tctgcatttt ggccaataaa tggatagaat tacatggtaa gcaagatatg     28020
     gaaatgaaat tagggcatgt gaaagtttca aattacactc attcatcagg tgtttatttc     28080
     aaacacctca ttctggctgt ttaaacttgt attacttcac ggttagacta ctgcaatgac     28140
     catatggtgc agaagtgctc ttggcatgtt ttgagtgagt ggcgagtttg aatcccggat     28200
     ccacagtgca ggctgaaaca taacggggac agaagtttct ctgtggcgga tctgtggtta     28260
     taaaacactt tgccccttaa gattagaatg gttccattac tatttatttc taaatccctc     28320
     ctaaaaacgt acctgttcag gatggccttt taatattatt ttaatggtct tttctactgc     28380
     ttaattttaa aattgattca gtcgtttctc ttgcttcatt tgtatgtttt tataccctct     28440
     ctttatttta ctccgtctta tgtacagcat tttggtcagt cttgtggctg tttttaaatt     28500
     tgctttataa ataaatgaat ttgaactcat tcagaatttc tgtaaattta attatttcat     28560
     catttgaata tcaatgattg tcatttttac tttaatgtgc tcaattctca aacttttttc     28620
     acatttaccc acactgtagt ctgttggcct aattgtggtg tatgttttct ctatgaatgc     28680
     ttcagtaaaa gcgcacaaag tgccccgcaa ctgtgcaaca tgataatata atatttataa     28740
     tataatatgt gtactatttg taattgaatt catttggttt actttaaata aaaaaatata     28800
     tacaagtaaa attgtacttt ggactaaacg gctggtttaa agtaaaaata ctaaaacgaa     28860
     aagtttaact ggcgtttttt gctttaaggc aaactgaata aaacgcccca ctgaaaaatc     28920
     cagcttaaac cagcctaggc tggttagtag gttttagctg gtcgaccagc ctggttttag     28980
     aggggtattg cccatttcca gcatggtctt acctggaaaa tgaccagcta agtccagctt     29040
     gaccagcctt gtttaagctg gacataactg gttttgtctg gactctcagc ctggctaggc     29100
     tggtcaagct ggttttagct ggtcatctcc cagcctgacc agctaagacc aggctggaaa     29160
     tgctggaaac cggcctggaa atgcgcaaaa cccctctaaa accaggctgg ccgaccatct     29220
     aaaaccagcc aaccagctag tttaaattgg atttttcagc agggctaggt tattcagaaa     29280
     aaaaaaactt cttaattaca agtgacaagt tgcacaaatc ctctatatat tcaagtatat     29340
     tcaaggaaat actttttttt cataaaggca tacaacactt cactgtgtga actgaactgt     29400
     ttgcctagcg gaaaacatat gtaattaaat tactctgtgg agtcaaaata aagcttgagg     29460
     atatgatctg accctctaaa ctataaagaa ggaacgaagt cagaaagaaa cccctcccta     29520
     tgtgtgtcaa cttgccccat gccccctttt ttgtggattt tgcggcattt tataggcagg     29580
     caaaaagtct tatcgcgagg ataagcaaag taactcaaaa cagcccaaaa cacaagtatt     29640
     aagaagatat aaatgcaaat tctgattttt tcccgaacac aaataactag ggacttaccg     29700
     ggttatagaa aggttgttgc tggtaaaaag ccattcttcc agttatttat cttgcagttt     29760
     caagtgagca gacaaaaccg atagacaaag cctaaagaaa ctccttctga acacagcagt     29820
     gaaccacctc caatgtccgt tttccaaaga aaaacgtgta ggtttcgctt tctcctttta     29880
     cgataaaaca ggaagttagg ctgaggtaca gtatggggta gaatatatta ttcaaaaacg     29940
     tagtttaaac tgtatccttg attgtagatt tattcacata accaacccgt tcaagaaaga     30000
     gttatataag atatattgca atattttata ataatcctat acgtttataa acattttttc     30060
     ggtcatcgca gagaagctaa tttgagcaag atgcggttgg tctgattaaa aacaggtgca     30120
     aaaggcttga ggtcatactc tttgaaaata tactgttacc gagcacaaac ttagcataaa     30180
     tacgatattt aattgatata taaattaacc ttatattcaa catttgttgg aaacaattta     30240
     cctgtgatag ctatatttcc atttcttaaa ttcctttgtt tcttagaaat agctgtactt     30300
     ctaattccaa gccataacat aatcaacgat aaaaaaggat tttaatatta caaacattcg     30360
     ataattactg ataatttttt cacttattca cactcaagaa tgttacaacg tttgacaaat     30420
     gtggacagac ttgaatagca gagatataag aaattactcc tcccatataa ggcttaactt     30480
     aatttaagag aagatgattt aggaaacgtt ttatcacttt ttttaatctt tttatttttt     30540
     tggcaacttt ttgaaaacaa ccaaggtcaa aagatatttg agtaaatgat taaagatata     30600
     cagagatcaa ttcatgacaa tgtgcccttt catacataaa actattttgt aacttcaatc     30660
     atagcaagaa gtgatggtca ggatattaaa gatactggat tcttagtcca caaacagttt     30720
     ttacattttt tttatacatt ggaaggaaat taaagtcttg ttctttcgga taaactggta     30780
     gaaacgttta agtttgcaat tgttacatgt ataacaaaat aatgcatcag cgagtttctg     30840
     ccagcgtgaa gtggaagaaa aaaaatgttt catttgttta ttatttctgc caggataaaa     30900
     ttacaatgtg cttacagaca cacaagcttt acaaaatatt aattcataat tacataacat     30960
     taaatcctca ttctaaaagt gtaaattttt atgtttgagt cattctgtat ataaagagct     31020
     gtacaaaaag agtaaagtac ctttttccaa aatattgcga tggaaacata caaaattttg     31080
     tacaaataat ataagagtct tagctgtaca ataaattaaa ttttttttta aagttgcaga     31140
     taaagggaac agtcactgta gcttaaacat tctctcattt accataacat caaaaataaa     31200
     tcacccaaaa ctctgcgtgc aatcgctcac acacacacac ttacacataa acaagaggta     31260
     ttagtcatca gaagatcctg aacgtaatcc tgctgggtca aaatgtactt cattctttaa     31320
     aatatattac aaacacctcg tcaatttctt atttttgagg ctctcgcagg gctcaggaga     31380
     accgaatata gcatctggta aattattatt catttaaatc agcaatgctc aaactagggc     31440
     ccgcgggcca aagttggccc atggtaacct ttgatttggc tgccactgcc tctgagaaga     31500
     gagagagaat gatgggaaag gtagaggcaa aacagattgc taatactaat ttaacataac     31560
     tttttgcttg tttgtttaat tttcgagcta caaaaaaagc aaactgaaat taaatgtttc     31620
     agttaaatgt tctaaatcaa tcagattttt ttatagctaa aatgtattta cagttttgat     31680
     ggatttgatg gatatcggac aaagcccaag acattgttct aaatgagatt tagtttatgt     31740
     ttttattgta agaagtttat ttagtttaaa ttttaaatat taataaatta ggaatttacc     31800
     atggaaactt taatgtaata cagtttagtt tatttaactt tggcccgcca acttcaatca     31860
     agtttgtttt ttggcccgtc ataagataaa agtttgagca cccctgattt aaatcctaca     31920
     accataaaca aaagtgtgaa aaatggaaaa ttaatggtgt ggaatgcaaa accattaggt     31980
     attttaatat tcaaatcatg tgacggcaca cacagggtaa actgaagcaa ttcagtaaag     32040
     tctataagct caaatgtctt aaaatcctta gatctatgat ttgcgtttac aaagattagc     32100
     taaatcagct tggctagagt gttataacag gaacaatttt taaatcctga aagaagccaa     32160
     aaatgggatt actaatcatt tccaagtaat gcttaaagcc caaagtatac ttcatttgtt     32220
     ttttgttgtt gaacacacag tcttttaaag tacaggatta atagtgtatg cgcaaacact     32280
     caaaaatcca aaaatcacaa aatcaaatca gaaagattca tcctgttttt tcctccctat     32340
     actgtaattt atgacaagca aaaaaaaaga tttatactca gttgaaaaca gtaaactaca     32400
     aataataata ataataataa atccctgtcc agtgtctgct atggggaaaa gggtattaat     32460
     ttttattact tttgtgtctt tattttttat aagaagaatg tttagactaa caacagatta     32520
     atcaatcttt ttcttttgta caatgtattg agcaagcata cttctttctt actctgttgc     32580
     acacttctta gaagtaactg ctgacaagag ggaaatagca aaataagaat aaatatagtg     32640
     cggggacctt tcctccagac tgctgtctaa aaagaagtct aggcatgtca caaggagctg     32700
     gatgcttata gaagttgtga aatacattaa agatacactt aactgttcag ttctggtata     32760
     cagagaaggg ttgcagaaag agaaagtatg tttggtgtac aagagccaaa ggactacaga     32820
     atgactgata agtgacgtta caccaaacct ccatctgtta ataccagttg tgtatatatg     32880
     ctggagtcat ggaaatttaa gttagttgca aacctcctga atgtcatttt ttagtattgc     32940
     attggggtaa tgtaagacag agttctgtca tcgaattatt catttgtatc tagtaaatta     33000
     ctaatctatt tggcagtaaa gaaaacccct ttcctgacct ttttttattg aacacgctcg     33060
     atattggctc gatattccaa cactgtgtat aattttgttt aatcctgttg tagctccgac     33120
     attaaaacat tatgacatca actgaagata aaacaaagca aatactgaag ggggccaata     33180
     cagactacat aaaatgtcat cttgttgtct tcttggtttc aaattttgac aagagcgcag     33240
     gttacaattt aaacttttaa tatcatatat taaatatcat aatatcaacg atgagtgtgg     33300
     ttaaacgcaa taaaacaagc tttgaaatca aacaattatt tactgcttgt gaaaaaatta     33360
     cactatgtct actaatgtaa ctaaaaagta gtttgtagtc tttttccgga tgttaaacaa     33420
     cagctaggac cagtgtttcc accttgtgga caaactaatt agcgcacaca aattgaaaaa     33480
     gtgcatacaa tttggctgaa cagtcttgat gatgataaaa taaagtatac tttgggctaa     33540
     aagagcaaca caaagatgaa cacggcaaaa cacactccat ctatagtagg ggtgtccaaa     33600
     ctcagtccag gagggtcggt gtcctgcata atttagttcc aaccccaatt ctacacactt     33660
     gaattcgcta atcaagctct taggtgtact agaaacttcc agggaggtgt gttgaaggaa     33720
     gctatagcta aactaagcag gaaaccggcc ctccaggact gaatttggac acccttgatc     33780
     tatagtaaat acatggaata gaagcagaca tctggataaa actactattt agcctcagtg     33840
     gctttctttg aacgcagcag tcatgctaat gccttcagca gctggggata aactgtcata     33900
     tctgtagacg tatggacaac gagagcggag gcctggactg cagtgctcac gtagacagtg     33960
     gtgatgccat acgctgaaca tccagtaaac agaaatgaga aaataagata catggaaatg     34020
     atgaagattt gtggtaagaa gcaagggtgt gacatcaaga gggagacagc agcagatgac     34080
     agagacgaga tcacagaaga tcagtccaga tccaagagag accccacaag aaaaaaataa     34140
     gaatagagac aacatactga aacattacaa tatttaaaaa aaaaaaatgt gtagtggctg     34200
     agagagatca aatgtgctgc aagtttagaa aacacatgca gatagaaaac actaacaaat     34260
     tgagaaaaca tcttcatcta tttgacaata aaacatgaat tttcacaaca caagcaaata     34320
     gagaaactgt gtttgatatg ggttgcaact gaaatctgca ggaaggtggc tctccaggaa     34380
     taggtttggc caccactgat gtataccatc cctacaaaag gtaaaatcta aatgagcgat     34440
     ttattcgctg ctctttattc agaatgttta aattatacag taattaatat gataaattga     34500
     ttaaatttct ttataaaagc tattaatttt aactgtttgc taatttattt gcagcttttc     34560
     tactttctac tatttaaaat atcctttgca aataataata aaaacatatt actgcccatt     34620
     tcaacagttt atttacaatg aaacagctcc agatgaacat atttggtcat ttctttttgt     34680
     tttttggggg tggggaggta tcccttaatt tcacatccca atgttcacag gtatgcaatg     34740
     gaaatctgtt gggagacccc aaaaagtgat gaacccggct gtttcctatt gaaagttttt     34800
     tttttgtagc attgtgaggt gagttttatt gtttatttga acatcctaat attatggttc     34860
     ctttttgttt gtacactttt agccgtaatc tggtgaattg cataagtaac atttaatgaa     34920
     atattatttt attaataact gtaaacaaga agcagtaggt tcatcagttt ttggggtccc     34980
     ctgatgcatt tgcattgtgt tctgcagtat ttgcagtgca tttctctatt tgcatgtgat     35040
     gaagatgtct tctcaatttg ttattgtttt tctatttgtt tgtgctttcc tagctagtgt     35100
     atttaagctc tctcgaccat cgtaatacaa ggcttcatat ggttttttat ttggttatac     35160
     tgagcaatga taataaaaac atcattttta gtttaaaaaa atcaccacag ttaaaccttt     35220
     attttttaaa tataagagca ttgctgacca caggccagat atttgggaat atgaacatct     35280
     tcagagtgta acagaagtaa aataaatcga caccatcgca ccgatccact tcatggtcag     35340
     attcagaatc taattctgaa ttcttacatg aagaataata tttaagaaaa atagcttcac     35400
     acatatttgc aaaccaaacc aaccattcat ataacaagca aaaactagca gaaaaacatt     35460
     cacaaacata cactcctttt tgtttcactc tcagaaattc aattctgcac cgtaagacat     35520
     cacgtttgtc ccaaaattgt atgacacagc actcattcgg ttcattccat gcacagtatc     35580
     ctcacgacac tcaccacact aagaatccaa tggagtaaat aaaattaaga aggctcagaa     35640
     ttaaaaaaca aacaatgcac aggtcggctc caaacgatca gttagtttgc gtgctttttt     35700
     tatactacag ccccaaaaac ggggtccgta gcatgcagcg cttcagtcta agatacatac     35760
     tcctcagact tccagaagtg gcccgggtgc gagagtctgc ggttgagctt tggcagcttc     35820
     tccagcaagt ctgacagctg agtgaatgtt ggtctgtcct cagctttaaa acaccagcag     35880
     gctgacagga tctcctacag tgtcaataca aaaaccatgc ttacactttg taatagaatt     35940
     atagtataga aataaaagta tctattcttt atttcaaatt aaatatttaa ttatttatat     36000
     ttgacctgga accacaaaac cagtcttaag ttgcacaggt atgtttgtgg gaagagctaa     36060
     atatacattg catgggacaa tattactgac ttttctttta tggaaagaat cattggaata     36120
     ttaagtaaag atcatgttcc atgaagactt ttagtaaatt tcctactata aatatatcaa     36180
     aactcaattt ttgatgattc attcctaaga tcctaatttg gacaacttta aaggtgattt     36240
     tatcaatatt ttaatttctc acatttcaga ttttcacata attgtatttg actaaatatt     36300
     ttcctgtcct aataaaccac acatcaatgg aggctgattt atgttggtct cagatggtgc     36360
     ataaagctca gtttccaaaa atgtacactt atgactggat ttgtggtcca gagtcatgta     36420
     taaaatcaat aaaacataat aaaactagat tatattaatt ataactttat tatgattata     36480
     attctatcta cttgtactgg atttaaatta acttaaataa atatataggt aacactttac     36540
     aataaggttc attagttaat gcattactaa catgaactaa ttatgaacaa cacatgtaca     36600
     gcatttatta atcacaattg aacatttact tatgaattaa taacatccaa gtccatgcat     36660
     attaacatta ggtaatgcac catgagttaa catgaactaa caatgaacta ctgtattttc     36720
     attactaatg ttaactaaca tgaacaaata cagtagtaga tgtattgttc attctttgtt     36780
     catgttagga aatgcattaa ttaaaattaa ctaatgaacc ttattgtaaa gtgtgaccaa     36840
     tatataatta cacataatat aataatacag atatttgaat gatttaaata gaacagatgg     36900
     atggaaagtg caaaacatac attcaaaaca tacacattta tatgatataa ttatttcatg     36960
     ttttattatt gtgagtgatt aaatataaaa tttctatata atgcaaatta aaatggaata     37020
     aaatgatgat tttctcaatc cactgtaata attaatgtat gtatgtatat gtatatgtat     37080
     atgtatatgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     37140
     tatatgatat ttatctaata aatgtatgat cataattatt tataaataat aatgataata     37200
     gtaatatgtc tatgtgttaa ttatacaatg taacgcaaat ctacaattac actaaattat     37260
     atactatagg tgctttttag tacttaaaaa tggcagggtt ggactcaccg tgacctcctt     37320
     gcccaagcta gtacccttag tagtcaataa agatctgatt ccttctccac ttcccagctg     37380
     atagatcaac acttgagtcg gctggttgat gattggccag gctttggcct ggagttcata     37440
     ccagatagtg ctaaaacaga cacatttaca gtcaaataac caacttcagt ggcaccatgc     37500
     aaaatctatt taaaaatatt attaaacaga aaaatttaat gaaaatatca ggttagtttt     37560
     actttgtata ggacaaaagg cagatatgaa acaaccacct aaacaacaca tccgcattat     37620
     acacttttct tttgagatgc agacatggaa actgaaattt tttttaccca aaggcgtaaa     37680
     catcagcagc ttttgaaaag ggcagacagt cttcttggtt tcctggtcca atctttcgca     37740
     caatctctgg agccaagtaa tagatccatc ctcgtggcag cttcagctca ttttctctcc     37800
     tacacacaca agataggcat aaatgaagca ttttggctcc ataatagggt taattgattt     37860
     attataatag actgactctg tacctgtcct cttgaaccac tccagacatc ccaaacaggc     37920
     caaaatctgt gatgactact ttgtttgaat cgtaaaagac attcttggac tttaagtctt     37980
     tgtgtacaat tccctttgca tggaggtaac ccattccctg aagaaggcaa acacaaaaaa     38040
     acaacaacaa ctgatgaaca gggtttctgc aggttcaatc aagtcaaaat taagacctgt     38100
     tatggacatt ttaagaccat tacgaataaa atttcagact tattctaaga gaaatgttaa     38160
     ggattttgtt ctattgttcc caaccattaa aaaatctaat tagttatttc ttagccacat     38220
     attctaaacc aggggttttc aaagtgtgag gcgcgcctcc cctggggggc gccagagcat     38280
     gtcaggggag gcgcgggaaa aatattatat aataaaaata taattattaa gtttaattat     38340
     tatatgtatt ttttattata tttaaacgtt ttaattaaac aaagctaaaa aaaataatac     38400
     gtcaaaaata agaaaacctt ttttacccag aaggccatag ctgtgaattc gcttctgttt     38460
     ggcaagcccg ccaatacagg tatatgcctg ctaacacaat ggatcgattt ctgagacccc     38520
     ccgattcaaa gccttcaagt tcagggcttt aacccaaaag acgacgttat gatgatcagt     38580
     ttttgagttt aggatttacg tggacagaac cagctgatga accacgacct ttatgtgtgg     38640
     tttgtcaaga tattttggct aatgacagca tgagacccgc taaacttcag cgacaccttg     38700
     aaaccaagca tgatgaggta gcaggaaaac ctccagaatt ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     38760
     gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgcgc gcgtgtgtgc gtgcgtgttt gggaggaggg gggcgccaat     38820
     ggataatttg tgtcaaaagg gaggaccact gtcttagact ttgaaaaacc ctgttctaaa     38880
     caatatcaaa acaagcagat cctagttgta ggatcctagt ctgatcacgt aataggaaat     38940
     cgggcccgat cacgcagttt cagactcagg tcattacatc tcgatcagga cgcaaatttt     39000
     tacacatcta tagttatgca gtgcggcaca ggaacatgtg tggcatgaca tcacttggag     39060
     gaaagtgtga gtatgtctat ggtctggaag tattattaag ttgatgacaa cattgccaaa     39120
     gcaaactgtg taaacctaca agaggtggaa aggaaaagcc tacatttaag ttgctgaatg     39180
     ttaaaataag gtgagttaaa taaaaataag gaacattctg aatctgtttt ttagcacttc     39240
     tttattcttt ttttatgtat tatagaagta tcagataggg tattgctaga tactcaaaat     39300
     tggatactca aattttagtt ttagactttt taaattcttg cgattgaaaa aatgaaaatg     39360
     aaaaaaatga agaagaaaaa aactcaaact tgtttcaaac aagaggtgga agttgactta     39420
     accatgacag aacttccact gtcgggtgta gtatccattt taagacattg tctgtggata     39480
     attgttaatt gatgaatcat tcaaaataaa aggtacatac ctttacgatt tcctgagcaa     39540
     tttgtctaat tttgttgatg tcaagtttag agtctctgac gactgagtag agcgtccgtc     39600
     ctttacaaaa gctgcaacag gacaacatga atacattaca atcaaaacct atttgatttt     39660
     aagcattaaa agcttgcagc agctttgaaa agccagttta aatccaactg atgtaataca     39720
     gtacttgatc agctatacag ttaacaccct aaacggtttt gctcactgaa atatacatat     39780
     gcattttgta cttgtgatac aaaatatttt tgttaatttg taacaaagtc caatagatat     39840
     taattaatgt tgagaaataa taaaaataaa aaataaaaat ttataaacaa tacaaaatga     39900
     agtcttcaag caatacggat gattttgttg tcctctctct actgaacaaa gtaaatattg     39960
     taaacattgg atccatctta ttggattgca tagagagcag ggagatttcc atctccttat     40020
     taatccttat tttggtttta cttgtacgat ggctctgaat tgtttcaaaa tgcttgctgc     40080
     acagggcttg acattaactt ttttagcagc cactttggct agtatttttc taacattaat     40140
     agccactcgc cattttcact agccacaaat ttgttttgtt tggcaaaata tattttatat     40200
     gcataaattt cactttgcta atattatgcc aacattttta attatgtgta aaaacaagct     40260
     ataaagctgt atacatatac tttttattca acaaaacata tcttaaaaaa gttcagtaaa     40320
     gttcagtaaa gtacacataa atggagagtc agtctcttat taaagcaatg ttattgttaa     40380
     ggtttataat taaaccatat ataaaataac agtaagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacagggg     40440
     aaaaacatat tgtgtatgat aatgaaaaaa tgatcaagtg cacacagtta gggccattaa     40500
     ttatctgttc aaagaatgtt tgaagcggaa gaaatcgctg ctgctaacca aaatacagtt     40560
     aaaagaattc ggagctctta aaagcagcag gactgtacgt tcacgagcgt cgctatttat     40620
     ccagactatt tcaaagagaa acaatcccac cagttgtgtt tcggcatgaa tgatttgtgc     40680
     aagaaattgt ttctttttct aaacttttaa acactcactg tgcgcatgat catcctctca     40740
     tttatctgat ttcttttgct catgtgtaca cagttatttt tgtcatctct catgctggcg     40800
     aggggccatc cttattgttg aactctgctt tttaaaaaaa ctacaattta aaaattgtcg     40860
     tcaaccagcc taagtggcta gcgggagtgg ctgtccaacc tagttggcgg gtgttaatgt     40920
     caagccctgt tgccacgtat gtaaaaaaag cagaaaaatc taatctgatc cattttaatg     40980
     acaaacacaa gagtataatt ttctctgtgc aatgaacttt acactgtgaa agtttattat     41040
     acattattat cattattata atgcaatata atcctggata ttcaatatca ttactccagt     41100
     ctttagtgtc acataattca ttagaattca ttatatgatt aaaatatgct gatttgatgc     41160
     tcaaaaacat ttcttatcat caacgctgaa aacagctgct taatatattt gttgtaacca     41220
     taattcattc atgatgcttt agcaacaaaa taaatgcctt taccgccact tttgatcaat     41280
     ttaatgcatc cttgctaaat aaaataaaca aaatatatat acttcacctg gtgataatgg     41340
     ccagatgagg tgggtgcatg caggccccca taaacagcac aacattctca tgtcgtgtct     41400
     gccggtagtt catcacctcc ttcttgaaca gtttcagatg ctcctggttg ttaccgtcaa     41460
     tttctaataa tcggacggcc acctctccat gccagcggcc cctgcacacc ttcccccagc     41520
     ggcctttacc tatcagctcc ccaagctcca gctgctcgaa aggcacgtcc cattcacgca     41580
     ggtccacact ggtctggctg gctttgcggc tgatgtagtc cttaaaatgg ccgctgtatt     41640
     tgggcagatc atccacttca tcgtcttcag attcttcctc tgatccttcc tgatcctgag     41700
     cgtcgtctcc ttgctgctcg tcatcctggg tgagaagaat atagtaatta gaggggtcaa     41760
     aaatacagtt agagtttaga gtcgtgcttc gaaagcattt taagggttgt acaatataaa     41820
     ataaaacaat ttggtaatga cacaacgtct ctgtatggag ggcaatacat gccaaaattc     41880
     tttaaacatt aaaggctgat ttatacttat tcatgaagtg cacacatatg gtaaggcgca     41940
     gccttggcgc agtcgcatag ctcttgccat ggctgatgct gacgctgacg tgcacctctc     42000
     aaaacatgta actacatgtc gcaatgacgc gtagcgcaat ctctgtgatt ggtcagcttg     42060
     gcagtagtga caagagtggg cggtcataag agccacaagt tcaatggagc gattgtttac     42120
     aagtgtctag tcacatgaag gagctccaga tggaaagttt tgttttgtgt ttaccctatg     42180
     attaaagttg ttgcacgtcc tgcctctgaa tgagtgagtt ttgtagtgtt tggaaaaaac     42240
     aaaacaccag cgaagaaaca tgacacagaa gaacataaaa acatactgct agctagcgtt     42300
     tcggaagtgt tattgcagaa caacacaaac agcacgcaga agtatacatg catgacttag     42360
     cgcaaagcag tcgccgtggg tcacgctgat cactcaacgc aaaagtataa atcagcctta     42420
     cacattcacc cagtttgacc atgcaaaagt ggcaatttta aatatttgaa tgctggccct     42480
     catccccttc catactgtcc ctgctaaaaa atccagctta aaccagccta ggctggttta     42540
     agctggattt ttcagcaggg gtatctgtgg aaatgcactt tatggaaagc gatatataac     42600
     atctgttgtt tactttgtat atgccaaatt atgtcaaatt tcatgagttt gaaagcattt     42660
     taacagttat acagaatgaa atttaaaaaa taggtacttg cacagtgtat tgagggtgat     42720
     cagtgccaaa agtcagtcat ttatttatta ctgtgaaata aattacttaa agagatagtt     42780
     cacccaaaaa caaaaatcac ttcattattt actcaccctc atgtagttta aaccttcaac     42840
     tgaacaggac agaagaaaga agatattttg aaaaatgctg gttgctggaa cctattgact     42900
     tttatagtag gaaaaaaaca tatggaagtc aatgggtctc agacaccagc attttttaaa     42960
     atatactctt ctgtgttgaa aagcagaaac tgtaataggt tttgaacaat taaagggtga     43020
     gtcttgggtg aactattcct ttaatgcaac ttgaaagaca ttgcaattta tgagtagcgt     43080
     tacagtttat tgtcatgcta tccgagtcag aaaaaaaaaa tacaatcatg gcacaattga     43140
     actggaacac tgtctgtata cagaaagtat tcagtgccaa aagtcaataa tgcattattt     43200
     ctgcaaccaa acaataataa taataataat aatgatgatg atgatgatga tgatgatgat     43260
     gatgatgatg atgatgatgc aattggaatg acattccagt taaaatctag tgttacagta     43320
     tatggtcatg ctatctgggt taaaaaaaga tcgagttatt aatttgagag ctttaaaagc     43380
     attttgaaag tgatacgaag caacattttt ggttatggga caatatctgt gtatggaggg     43440
     ctatcaatgg caaaactctt taaacataaa gcatctacgt accatgcaaa ggtggcaatt     43500
     tttaatattt gaatactttc agcctgatca ccttccatat ctttggaaag gttttttttt     43560
     ttatggagag caatttataa ttggtagttt caatgtacat gccaatttaa acactatttg     43620
     accagatcac ttttgatatg attgaatcag attttttatg gaaagcaata taactaaatg     43680
     tagtaataaa atgatccaaa tatacaatta aaatatcctc caagaataac atgatgtcta     43740
     tgggttttta tgttcacccc aacatactat tgcaaaacgt gtaaacatta tatcaaaatt     43800
     atatcagttt cattagctgt tgcatggaca caattagatt aaaagttatt gattcactgt     43860
     aaaggactag gagtaattgt gaatatgtgt gtcagacttc accttactat aaccttattg     43920
     attaaaatac atgttttggg tcaacacaac aaacaatacc gaaatgtgaa ttttactgtt     43980
     aatatttagt aataaaataa tatctctctg ctatactata ttgctttact tcacagaaac     44040
     aaagaaaaat aaaatagaga catctctgat taaatatgca tttatgtact gtataataat     44100
     ataaacatat acacaatttt aacatgcatg tttacttcag atttaattta atccaaatgt     44160
     taagataaaa gttaaagtac ttcagtggcc cagtcatcag ggacaataca cttactgtta     44220
     tacactttca caataacagg atttgaccac tacgctgaac tggaaactgt gaccacaaac     44280
     agtttcaatt cctcggtgaa atgtttgatg ttgaaaactc accacatctt ccctgtggcc     44340
     tgatgacgat tgacttgcaa caccatccaa ctggtctgat tctctgtaag gagagagagg     44400
     gcaagaaaac aagacatcat taaatattat aataaaatat tctgtcttat tatataaact     44460
     taaaatatca ggtttttatg aggggaagct cactcaaaaa atgtaacact gctgagttaa     44520
     atatttgaga cttttgagct attttagaga attatctttt attttcaaat ttagttcaag     44580
     tttaagtaat tttactcttt gaatttagct ttaatcattt tacaactaca aagttctcat     44640
     ttctaatttc tacaagagat gaaaaattaa atacttttat ctgaatttaa agatgcattt     44700
     cagcgaaata ctatgtgctc atattgtttg cgtgtgtaca aaaataacaa ataaaacctt     44760
     ttattatttt aattttattt ctggtttact taaatgacac atttgaacta aaatatattt     44820
     tatatagttt atatgtttct gtttatttca aattaacaac aacaactttt atggtactag     44880
     ttttagtaaa ctataataaa cctgtttctg aaaactttaa gccttttata tggttatttg     44940
     ttttcttttt gtgtgattta tggagctcaa aattccacgg aagaaagtca aacaggtttg     45000
     gatacaaatg aaactgaatt aatgtcttgt ttttgggtga agtaaccctt ttgaaacatg     45060
     catactgggc ttgaacttga attaagtggt ttcacatcgt ttgcgtgtga acttggcaca     45120
     cagttttgtt ttagcttcat catgaatgag tcagccactg ccagagttca agaaagtaat     45180
     taaaatgtgt tgcaagtttg aaatgcctgg gtcaaaacaa tacaagagat tctgcagaaa     45240
     cacagtaatg gagaagtctt gccttaccca gtgtaaccgc cctctgaatg tgtggaacta     45300
     gaaacatctg tgagaaaaaa aagtggttct tgagtatgtg attacaagag caaagtaagt     45360
     gtacaagtac tccacttaca ttttaaactt ttaaattatt ttggggtaga aaaagagagt     45420
     ttatttatgt ccccaggatt ctttgatgaa cagaaagtca aatataatag catttggttg     45480
     aaaaagaagc attatgaata aagtcaagcc taaaatgatt caaacccctg gccagttctg     45540
     acttaaagtt ttcattcatt catttccttc agcttagtcc ctttattaat caccatagct     45600
     gaataaaccg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt tttactcagt ggatgccctt ccagccgcaa     45660
     cccgtcactg ggaaataccg gagtacccgg aggaaagact ttatagtttt gttaatatat     45720
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     45780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attagtataa tataaataaa agctgagaac     45840
     ttattttctt ttgggagaag cctgtgtcat ttctggtcaa aaacaaaact ttctggttga     45900
     atagaagtca gtaagtcaga atttgccagg gttatgaatc atttcaggct tgactgtata     45960
     ctgtatatat ctattaaaga gaaaacttaa gaatgcttag tttatctgga tttacaaggc     46020
     atgggcttga gtaaaatgct aatctttgtt ttactctacc aatttctgat gattttttct     46080
     tcaaaacttt aatcaaacta ctggaattta aagcttttgt tcatgaaatt gattaaaata     46140
     acaaatcttt tcatttactg tgattgaaaa tcagggtttt tattactctt ctgaagttaa     46200
     aacattggca ctgagtctca aaatgactat gaacatgtct gtaaaacatg gcaacttccc     46260
     aaatgagaac attgttgatt ttacagtata ttgagaagaa atgctatcag ttgtaagaca     46320
     gaataaaaca aacatgatgg tttactcaaa ctcacaatat actgtacatt ttcacatata     46380
     ctgtacatga caatacagtc ttaccataca taagacaccc actaaaagtg atacatttgt     46440
     ttatatagaa aaaaatcttg tctgccatat ttacaagaat catttagtga aatattataa     46500
     aaacaaaatg taaataaatt gtcattttaa atcacaagtt aagttgtcat tcataattgt     46560
     cactttaaat taaaatcgcc actatccatc aaatcactag aatttcttca tttgtatcac     46620
     ttaaaattcc tattattact ttgtattatc actaattctt ttatgttatt attttaatac     46680
     cagaatatat gtgttgctta ttattattat tattatttgc acacagatgg ttaaaagcaa     46740
     aagaggaaaa agctattccc atagatgagc actaggtgga ggtacaatgc agcaggagaa     46800
     ttgctaacat ccatacacaa ctgaagctat gatgaagcac tcgtgaagaa ctcaacacca     46860
     cactactgaa gagaaaaatc acagagtttt gttgtgggga gaattcttaa cttaccaggg     46920
     aagacaaact gttgtctatg ctgaaagtag caggcagcta atgaacaggg caaacagaca     46980
     gatgtccaca aggacaaaaa aaaaggccgg gttaaacaat ttgttagtta agcatcagaa     47040
     agctccagaa ggcaagatac agcaggctgt tttttaatgc acctgtaacg atttttttat     47100
     tttatttttt tgctattttg gcttttcatg acgtgttatt tcccctaaaa aaattattta     47160
     agtaattgtt tttcctactt taatcagagt tttacaatta cattagatgt tgttaaagtc     47220
     tgaatgagtt tttcctcccc tgcacttaat aataaatgtc tacttttaaa ataagcaatc     47280
     agcaacacta acatacaaaa atgttcagtt ttcatcagat ttgtattcta aaagttttta     47340
     tgaatggata agctcataca taatatgcct aattataaat aatggcaact tctacaaaaa     47400
     ctgtttattt ttatggcttt tgccttttgg ttattctttg aattttggag tgataattga     47460
     tttggggtga ttggaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     47520
     tgaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaatg aatgaatgaa agaaagaaaa aagaaagaaa     47580
     gaaagaaaga attaatgaca ataataatca aaatgaaaaa gaatgaaaat aaagaataaa     47640
     aaggaaagac aaggagggaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     47700
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa aaaaaatgaa aaaatgaaaa gtaagaaaaa     47760
     gaaaaaaaag aaaaaatgaa tgaaagaaaa aagaataaaa gaaaaaggaa tgaatataaa     47820
     tatataaaaa aataaaaaag aatgaaaaga aagaaaaaga aaaaacgaaa gaaagtgaag     47880
     aaagaaagag aaagacagaa agaaagaatg aatgaaaaga aggaaagaat gaaagaaaga     47940
     aaagaaagaa aaaataaaga aagaagaatg aagacagtag gaatgcaaag aaaaaagaaa     48000
     ggaaaagaac aaggagggaa aaagaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaagaa agaaaagaaa     48060
     aaagaaatga aaagaaaaga atgacaagaa agaaagaaag aaaagaaaac agaaagaatg     48120
     aaaaatgaaa acagaatgaa tgaatgaatg aaagaaaaaa gagagaaaga aaagaaaaaa     48180
     agaaaaaaag aaagaatgaa aagaaaagta agtaaagaaa agaaagaaaa aagaaagtaa     48240
     taagaatgaa aagacagaaa gaaagaaaaa agaaagaaag aaataagaat gaaaagaata     48300
     aaaagaaaaa atgaaaagac agaaaaaaat gaagacagaa aaaatgaaag gaaaagaaaa     48360
     agaaagtaag gattttttaa acctgacttc atcctcgttc agatttttgt gttagaaatg     48420
     tatgcaaata gtagtttcaa taaacaatgt cttatttgca tatttaaaca aaatttgaga     48480
     aaacttgtaa aaaaaataaa aatatatttt ttacataaac taaatgttta catagattta     48540
     tcatacataa atgtacaaat attaaatatg ataaatcttg ataaataagt aataaatatt     48600
     agcttatttc attgaaacat ttgtctccac catttgcctg cagtgtcttt ccttcagtga     48660
     tttatttagt aatgcgctgc tgtgggaaga tattagtggg ttaatattca ttcacagaag     48720
     aggttattac tgatcattag agcacaggca gaaatcaatg tcatctatag attcaggcag     48780
     gtgaaaaaac tctgtagtat ctgtgtaaat gagtctgacc tgggaagtga aagcggctgt     48840
     cagctgagcc cttgggcgag gggtttggtg gaggggtggc actcaggggg ttgctctggc     48900
     caaagggagc gggtgaggag ggggtagagg aggtggtgga ggatgggtta ctactggagt     48960
     ccaggtgact cagtgatgga gggtgatcct aaatgaaggg acacgaatgt taaagggcat     49020
     tttacccaga aaataaagtg aaaagacgag tgcctaaaac gtttaaaact tattagaaaa     49080
     tagctttata tttttaataa gaaatctaat gggtagtcag tcactaggaa catcaaatat     49140
     aattgttaat aaataattaa ataaataaat attgacgata ggttccattg aaaagcgtga     49200
     tctataaaga agttgtttat tatcattgtt ttattacatt gtaggtttta ttattaatgt     49260
     taattgtttt gtttatgtgt tatttacatt ttattattta aacgttttag taatttgttt     49320
     ttatttagta tttcattatt attatataaa tgaaagagag aattatataa tactactact     49380
     aataataata atactaatac ttctactaat actaatacta ctactaataa taataatact     49440
     aataataata ctatttatac tgctactact aataataata aaaataataa tactaataat     49500
     attaatattt ataatactaa taatactaac actaataata atagccggca gctagctatc     49560
     tgcaactctc acatggtcac ccactgaaac taagcaggaa tgcgcccggt cagtacctgg     49620
     atgggagacc acatgggaaa gaaggagata ataataatac taataataat actaacatta     49680
     ctactattaa taataatact agtattacta ctaattctgc taatactact actacttcta     49740
     ataataataa taatattaat acttataatg ctaatgctta taataccaat actaatacca     49800
     ctacttataa tactactaat aatgataata ctacatataa tactaatact aataataata     49860
     ctaacactaa caatactaac actaacaata ctaacactac tactactaat aataataata     49920
     acaataataa tattaaaaac acaatatttt tattgtacaa aaacaatatt attattatta     49980
     ttattattat tattattatt atcattatta ttatagaggt agtacacata aggagtacat     50040
     gccttcttgt ttatggcctt tggtaatgtc ccgtactgct gagattctgc cggtcgctca     50100
     acctggttgt tgatgcctga cggtacagac tctgttcttc tgatcttatt tgggactgaa     50160
     aaaaaaatgc acatatcttt agatcatctg cagcacaagt catattacag cttgcaccaa     50220
     atcttacatt gtgcaaatga aatcctgcac ttaggggctt ctttggtaca tttgttgtgg     50280
     cacttcaccc tacaagagac agaagcaaac attagaagga gacatcgggg aataagatgt     50340
     gtttttttca ctaaaatggc cagattattt acttacttgc aatgtttgca tttaacacca     50400
     aacatcatgt tcttcttgca cacctgacac gtctgagaca accacgactt ggtggaaaac     50460
     ctttgaggag gcaccaaaaa ataaaatcag tcaaactgta ttttgaaaag caaagagggg     50520
     tttataacag aaaaataaac agtgtgtacc tgtgtgtgac atccaggccg atgtcttttc     50580
     tcatgactag cggagagctt ccgtgagtcg taacattatc tgtgcaatgg tacagaaatt     50640
     cagattacac tcaaaatgaa ttcagctgag ttttgtgtta acgttatgct aagcaaattt     50700
     tgtgatgagc agagaaagta taacaacact atatatcagc tgtctggagt caatgttgct     50760
     cttcatggtt gcatttttaa atcaatatat tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc     50820
     atttattcat tcattcattc attcatttat tcattttcct ttgacttgga gcctttattc     50880
     atcaggggtt gccacagcgg aatgaactgc taacttatcc agcatatgtt ttacaaagtg     50940
     gattcctttc cacctgcaac ccagtaatga aaaacgtcca tacacgctca ttcgcacaca     51000
     caggaaaatt atacaaaagt aagttgtcat gaataaacta aaaaaagccc cgaagatgaa     51060
     gaaggcatgg aggcagtggt ttttatattt atgtagaaag taatcatttt taataaaatt     51120
     ttaatccttt aattcttctt catgtgtaaa gatatttgtg tgtacatcct gcgtgtttta     51180
     agcaatgtgt aagtgaggcg tacaactaac gcgatctgcg acagacttta gacctgcttt     51240
     ctgctggtct attgcagggt ctattttagt tcctcaaaat agcaccgcga caacaatgca     51300
     ccttaacaca cctcttttct ggacggaaac acccatgagt ccacaaagtg gcgcaaatgt     51360
     atttactatt taaacaacat ggcgcaaaat gggaaaatta agattgcgtt ggtctgaaaa     51420
     tagcaacatg acagggtaaa cacgtcttgc gccttattgt ggaggctgta tgatagggcc     51480
     cctacattac atcattagtt acatccttgc tgatgaattt aatttcctaa ttagtttttt     51540
     tgtccatttt tatcagaata ttttatattt aaagtgtgtt tgcatataac cttttcatct     51600
     tttatgtatt tgaaatgatg tttggcaata ttggattact tgtttttgtt gtaagtcaac     51660
     tttgggtgtc ttgaaaggtg caatttattt aaaaaaaaaa ttattattat tattgaaaaa     51720
     aaaccattat tattatatat tatatttatt tattaatttt ttactgaccc caacaacatg     51780
     tatatagttt atgtaaaatg taaaagcatt ttacaattat gcacatctgg agttcatttc     51840
     taaatcaata gttttatgtt ttgtgacaat ttttattaca ttatttcagc tttaaggtgt     51900
     gtatattacc tttcgtttac atttaaaatt atgtttggca atgttttagt aattgttttt     51960
     gttgtaaggc gaccttggat gtcttgaaag gtgtcattta taaataaaag aaataataat     52020
     aataatgtta ttaataataa taataataat aaaaatatta ataataataa taataataat     52080
     tattattatt attattgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttattataa aaaaaaagat     52140
     atatctcact gaccccaatg cagttatgca gttatgcagt tgcattactt tcctgaatag     52200
     ctttacccac aaagaacgtg caaatctgcc ttaaaatctg actaaatcaa cacaatgata     52260
     ctggataatg ggtcacaatt tacaataagg attcattaga tgatgtattt actaacatga     52320
     actactaatg gccaatacat gcacagcatt tattaatcaa attcaagctt attatcatta     52380
     gttaaggcac tgtggaacta acaatgaata actgtatttt cattgactaa cattatcata     52440
     catgaacaaa tactggaata aatgtattgt gcattgtttg ttcatgtttg taaatgtatt     52500
     aaccaacatc actaacatag gcaactaatc caaccttatt gtaaagtgct accggataat     52560
     gttgataatg tatttgaaac attgatgttg tgatcacact cgaggtgtct taaaagtgcc     52620
     atctaggcag ttctgaacac ataaactgtc tttattttct ttttgtctga ataaaaaact     52680
     cttacttctg agagctgcag ggtctgtcaa gtggctgggt gtgtttggtg ggagacaggg     52740
     cgagcgggca gacagcagcg gtgatcgaga tggtgaatcc tcccatccgt ttgctccacc     52800
     gttcacctgc acgtttagga gaggcttgtt cttcttccca ctcctgcagg tcagaggaaa     52860
     aaaacactgc atttagtgta tgggaagcaa taaataaaca aataagaaca ttagactgta     52920
     tatttagggt ggcatggtgg ctcagtggtt agcactgtcg cctcaaagca agaagatcgc     52980
     tggtttgagt cctgctgtat ggagtttgca tgttctcctc ctgggtggtc cggtttcccc     53040
     cacagcccaa agacatgcac tataagtcaa ttgggtaaac taaaacagta ctgggttaca     53100
     tccgccgttc aaaacatacg ctacaatagt tggcggttca attcttctgt ggtgtcctct     53160
     gatgttagac tgattttaaa caaaattgta taagcaggtc acagtttctc ccaaaacatt     53220
     gtagcaattc tgctttcaga agccactatt gaggggagga tttttttatt attcctgtaa     53280
     actgctacaa agacgtgatt cacatcttac tctaaaccac atttggttta cttctaaacc     53340
     acattgttag cttctcaggt gatttccaca tataggattt tatgcataat tctgatgatg     53400
     aaggatagaa ttatgtcccc tgatagaagc aaattcaaaa catgacccag atgtttcctg     53460
     tacatgtgta ggtgtttcat gacatccaaa cagcgaacag aaaactgtga atattttatg     53520
     acacacacaa tcatttagaa tgatctagaa atttatttat gaacatttcc tagttaaaat     53580
     gcatttttaa tgcctcattt tgtaattaaa cattttgaca tcggaatgct cttattatat     53640
     acataagttc tattcaattc agctttattt gtatagcgct tttacaatgt agattgtgtc     53700
     aaagcagctt cacataaatg gtcaaagtaa ctggaatagt gtggttcagg ttttagtgtt     53760
     taagttcagt tcagttcagt ttagctcagt tcagtgtgat ttaatcatta ctgagagtgc     53820
     atcacagctt atttaaacat tttatataca taattttttg tccttatttt gtgaaaaaca     53880
     actgcatgtg tcgaaaatgt tgatattttg aatcctactt caaggtaata ttagtttttt     53940
     gaagatgcac ggttatgcaa ttaaaataac aaattaacaa ttagcaaaat aataattata     54000
     tttagattaa ttatgtttat ttcttaaatc aaagatcaaa ctacattcat ttatttaaga     54060
     attttccttt gacttaatac cttgttcatc aggggttgcc acagcggaat gaaccaccaa     54120
     ctgttccagc atgttttaca cagcagatgc cattccaggt gtaacccagt attgggaaac     54180
     acccaaacac tctcacaagt acacatacac tacggtcaat ttagtttctt caattcacct     54240
     ataggacata tctttgggct tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccggaggaaa cccacgccaa     54300
     cacggggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaact gggacaagcc gggacttgaa     54360
     ccggtgacct ccttgctgtg aggcgacagt gctgaccact gagcaactta actttaaatg     54420
     gaatatttaa acatttctta gttaaattat acatgtttaa tacctcattt tgtgatttaa     54480
     cccaactatt ttgccatctc aatgcttatt atattgataa gtgcattaaa gcttatagac     54540
     atttatcata tgccattttt tatttttatt ttgtgaaaaa caactgcaag tgtgggaaat     54600
     gttgatattt taaaactctt cttgaagatg atattagttt gtttttttgc acatcagatt     54660
     tttacaaaat gcaagactgt ctaattaaaa taacaaatta ataattagtg acaatatttg     54720
     gataattttc ttaaataaaa aataaacatt taaatttaaa ttaactataa taaatgatta     54780
     tactgatgat taaactaata attatactga caattcaatt tcattactat tcaattcaat     54840
     tcaagtttat ttgtatagca cttttcacaa taactatgta taaatagtgt tgggggtggt     54900
     gcattacagg ttacgtgagt tacgtaatat tttaagtaat gatgagtaaa gtaatgcatt     54960
     acttaagtaa taatatttga gtaacttttt tcaaaatata atgagattta ctttttagtt     55020
     taattaattg cttttaaaaa taaattcgtg atttcaaata aaagtggtca caatgagttg     55080
     cgcacttgag agaatgtgtt tattattttc attatgttca tcatcaaaga aaaggaaaaa     55140
     gtgattgtgg ggatttgtct aattttactt cagaaaagaa gtacaaaatt agcaaacaca     55200
     ttgctttaaa ctttttaata atctgtatat ctctggcgta aggaagttat cagataaaat     55260
     tatcctaaaa tattattttt tgatgtgttt tttaaaggaa aatgtagtta aatattatac     55320
     agtgtgctgt taattgcaga gcttctctat taaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa aaaacaagtt     55380
     ctgaaagaga tcaagtttaa gccaggtaat aaaaagaaat gcaaaaataa ctcaaaaaac     55440
     acattactta ctataaaaag taatgcaact agttactttt tttgggagta actcaatatt     55500
     ataatgcatt actttcaaaa gtaactttct caaaaactgt gtacaaatat gtaatataat     55560
     atataactat taaaaacaac acataataat aaaattatgt gattattgaa ggaagatggt     55620
     cgtcatggtg gtgcagtggg tatagcacga tcgcctcaaa ctaagaaggt cgctagttcg     55680
     agcctcggct gggtcaggtg acgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctgc ctgtgttcgt     55740
     gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ccgatatcct ccacaagtcc aaagacatgt ggaataggtg     55800
     aactggttta agttaaattg tctgtagtgt atgtgtgtga atgagagtgt atggatgttt     55860
     cccagtgatg ggttgcagct agaagggcat cctctgcgta aaacatatgc tggataagtt     55920
     ggcgattcat tccgctgtgg caaccccaga ttaataaatg gactaagcag aaaagaaaat     55980
     aaatgaatga atgaatgcag atactataaa ttgaaacaac atgaactgag tattgtaact     56040
     gcaaaaccat tcaaaatgca tttgtcaaag cccccaaaaa atccccaaaa caaacacaac     56100
     ttcatgtcat aatgcttatt atcacaagca gcttttaaat ggaattataa caacgcaagc     56160
     taacataatt cccagaaagc ttccctaatg actcactctg tacctcccgg caagaaacct     56220
     ttctatagta cacaaaataa acacacatct gcagcttgtc caccacaaac attttaaaaa     56280
     tgtgctaaaa atgcgggcgt gcagctctac aggcagggag ctggacttga gttcacactg     56340
     attatgagga ggagctggat tcgtgcagac atttactggc tcagagagga gcaggaatga     56400
     tccagcatgg gacgccagca agtctgagaa gggctctgac ctcggtcttg tgctaacggg     56460
     aaacactggg gctgcataaa ggggcggaag gacggacgga gtgctgaact gcactgccct     56520
     cttccgaaat cggtgttctc ggatgacacc ctagctcatg ccaacacaca cacacacaca     56580
     cactcgctgg gcagggtgac acagtttggt acatatttga acagcaagaa ctacaacaat     56640
     atagcctgta tttctacact tatgctgccg ggcaagaaaa caatcccaca taatttgctg     56700
     agttaagcaa gtttttacgt taagcaaatg ttgtgcaatg tattacggaa agtattattt     56760
     acagagagca tcatgctctt ttttatttca catgtgctgt cattattaaa gatcactatt     56820
     atcactattt atgtcttata gttgcaattg tttttaagaa aatccttacc aatattaata     56880
     tctataaaga aaagcaccat cataaaagtg acttaattaa aacagaacaa tgcaaactct     56940
     ctaaaatcat acaatagatt gacattggtg gtctaaatgg ttgtaaaaat tatgacttta     57000
     atctattttt ttaatttcta catgcatgtt gcaacattag tgaaactttg atttaaagat     57060
     tcagcatcct gcacatattt caataaattc aacaagttaa aacgtgcaat gcaatttgct     57120
     aatgcacgcg aggaacactt ggttcaaata ttcaaaaatg ctactgatgt gctaaaacat     57180
     gatagcgtaa agatcaatgc atgttaacgc ttaaaaatga ttatttaaaa tatgaaggtg     57240
     tccaaccaaa actaaaagca tcccattaat ttagtaatgt gcacatgttt ttatgacagg     57300
     ctggaggtat ttgcttttac aaatactgca aacttgctgg agaggctgca ggaatgggaa     57360
     tgacacacat atatttaggg aatgtccaaa ggtacttgca ttttggcaag gggtaaagat     57420
     ctatatttta ttcttttttt ttcttgcttg aaggcatacc ccaggatgta cagttgaagt     57480
     ctgaattatt agcccccccc cccccccctg tttatttttg tccacaattt ctgtttaacg     57540
     gagagaagat ttttttcatc acatttctaa acataatagt tttaataacc cattttttaa     57600
     taactgattt ctttaatctt tgccatgatg acagtcaata atatttacca agatattttt     57660
     caaggcactt ctatacagct taaagtgaca tttaaaggct taactaggtt aataggggta     57720
     actatgcagg ataaggtaat taggcaagtt attgtataac aatggtttgt tctgtagact     57780
     atcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acattagcct aaaggggcta gtaattttgt ccttaaattg     57840
     gtgtttaaaa aaataaaaac tgcttttatt ctagccgaaa taaaacaaat aagactttct     57900
     ccagaagaaa aaatattatc agacatactg caaaaattcc ttgctctgtt aaacattatt     57960
     tggaaaatat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat caaagggggg ctcataattc tgacttcaac     58020
     tgtatataat aaaaacagga gatatactgt tatactatac ttttacttta gatattttat     58080
     atgtaactgt tactatgtat ctgaacaaac tgaaaatgat gtatgtgtct tttagttatt     58140
     tgattttatt tactggcagt gttacttgtt tagttttgtt cttttttcaa tagccgctgc     58200
     tgtcactgaa tgttttgttt tgaaaaaatg ttttaatgta taaaaataaa gtaaaaaaaa     58260
     gttttctcag accagaatca aagtcttaat gagtttttat ctactttaaa gtttttatta     58320
     catttttttt gtcacacttg ctatatagaa tgatcgaaaa gtttagtctg ttccttacac     58380
     aaaaggatct tcaaaagtct ttgaattaag cacacaaatc atactgaatt ttcaaagctc     58440
     aaaagcttac attctaatta cataaaaaag tggcaacatg agagtgacta tcattgtttc     58500
     atgaacagtt cctgcttgtc ttcaaacttt tgatgcgagt ttagatgtga ttcagtcata     58560
     aaatatctat aacataataa taactaatat tatacataac taggcccacg ctgaatctgc     58620
     gcagatttcc ggagattttt agtctatgta tttacttgtg taaatgtgtg tcaatttaga     58680
     tttattcagt ttttaaactt atttcattaa tattattgtt ttataataat agtaatatga     58740
     aattgttcat atcatttatt taacatttaa tttgaaaagt aatattttct gtcttttggt     58800
     agatatatta cataagaaac ttgccaaata agtggatcta attggatttg cattgtaaat     58860
     attaaataaa agttcaaaag gtattatttt tattatttca tatattacgt ttttagttac     58920
     aacaccccta aaatcattac gcaattatct acagattttt tacaaaattc tcagcagaaa     58980
     tagcaaaaaa tgtctgcaga ttctgtctgg ccctgatcat aactaatgtt aacacagctg     59040
     tcattaaaaa aattatcaat atgtagagct ttctggattc ttagaagcta tatggaaatt     59100
     aaaaatctaa aacgggaaat acattaggac cattgttact gttaacatcc ctcaaaatga     59160
     tcaatacaaa tcaccatatt ttgaccacct gcataaatat gatgactcta tgaatattgt     59220
     tcatcaactt taacacagat atgaaaaaat gaaaagtcag catttaatct tgtacagtct     59280
     taagcctgta tgttgctgtt tgtcctgaca cagtctaaag aagagttgct tattcttcag     59340
     attttatctt taaataacca cacccttcat ataaagcata ttccattctc atatcgcatg     59400
     cattactgca taactgtatc atgcggtaag tgtttctgag aatatgacat catgcttaca     59460
     gtattaggtt gtatcctaaa ggagaaaaaa aaaattaaat cgataaataa aagaggccga     59520
     agtccaaacg ttgtttttct gtgacacaca caattgacag ctttaatcgt atgtcatata     59580
     taaaactgca aaaaaattat aactataaaa caaggatgca tgaaataaat cagaagtgac     59640
     agcaaagatt tttatgatgt tacaaaatcg ttccatcgca ggtaaataat gttatttatt     59700
     ttaaactttc tatttatgaa aataaattaa tataaagaac attttaaata ttaaaagaat     59760
     atgtataaat gtgacacact gaagaaaaga gtagtagctt gtgaaaattc agcttcatcg     59820
     ccagaaagag aaattggatt tgaaaatgta atatatttga aaattaaaaa aaagaaaacg     59880
     gagacttttt ccatttccaa tctttttgtg ggccccagat tgtgaaactg tctacctctt     59940
     tctatcagaa taatctctac agcagtgggg ttgcgagggg gtttgtcgca aggcaagtgt     60000
     taaaaatatc cggccactac actgtcatca ttcattcatt attctgagga actgaagctg     60060
     aggtaataat acaactgttt cgcgaaactg aatagttcta actactgatg aaacttaaaa     60120
     tttgttttca taggataaaa tgtgtgtagt tttggtgaaa gaaaataact gtaatcagta     60180
     aaatgtgcat catattaatg taaatacatg caaattattc agaaaaatgc taattgtact     60240
     agctctctag attatataga atgaatgaaa caggcattac atgcatttaa agtggcacaa     60300
     tgaccaaatc accctatttt gagaaaaact gaagaataaa aatctatctc taaagaaatt     60360
     taaagaaatg ggttattttg cagggtgaat tagaacttac aatttcttcg tttttttcat     60420
     gtttttttta tactaataca accagtgaaa atgattggat gttaatatac ttgttcgaat     60480
     tcacagaagc agtactaaaa aaaataataa taataataat aatatatata tatatatata     60540
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa agggtatttt     60600
     taatgtataa cttttacaaa cgtataattt ggatataaca cctctccaat ccagttctat     60660
     aaatctgagt cttcaataat tcacttatta atgattccta cttgtctttc ttgtgatgaa     60720
     gagtaagcaa aattagatat gtaatgggta aaaaaataaa aaaataaaca aaaactgcat     60780
     tttttccccc ctcacagggg ccccaagtga gcacaggccc tgggcctgtg cccatatcgc     60840
     caattggttg atacggccat ggcccctcat ccctttccac cctagcaatg cccctgctct     60900
     aaagaatcca tagttaggga aaattgaaac atcacctttt agaaaaggct tttaataact     60960
     cggttctctg agcttgctgt tttcagtttc atgtattgtg tgttgtttta ttcctttgac     61020
     cttatccgat tgtttttata caatttgtgt acagcgcaat ggtcaacaac tgttgttata     61080
     ttgtgcttta taaataaagt acctaaactg tattaaagta gaaaggtttt tgctgtactt     61140
     cctttcattt aaaatttttt ttttcaatcg tcagttttat tataaaataa tttaaacaag     61200
     tgctgggata acagttacat agctgaaata taaacactga tgtctgcagt ccaaaagcag     61260
     cttgattcgt caatgccagt atgacatgca ataattaatt caatagattc ttcaaaaatg     61320
     ctgattcatc cagtaatgaa acacgcaaag tctttaaaga gggaggtact gaatcattcc     61380
     ttcaaactga gaccaagaaa aaaataattt aaattcatta tttccttcag cttagtcctt     61440
     aatttatcaa aggtccccac agcagaataa actgcaaact tttctggcat ttgtttatgc     61500
     agttgatgcc cttccaaccg caacccagta cttggaaaca cccatcccat acacactcat     61560
     tcacacacac acacactcat acactacggc caatttagtt aatccaattc acttatagcg     61620
     catgtctttg gacatacatg tgagtaggct tgacaaacca cctgtaggaa cactgtagaa     61680
     acactcttcc tgacttccct gtgcagccat tttgctgttg tagatcttgt attctgggaa     61740
     attttcgcac cccttggttt cgtggtcctg aaaaatctca atttcaaggg ctatctagcc     61800
     cttccccctt agccctatgc cttcaagata aagagaattg ggacacccgt atacgtgaac     61860
     atgcaaaatg aggggtaggg gtaaggggaa ggcctaaggg gtacaattga gtttgggcct     61920
     ttatctaaac tccatcttac aaggactcaa taagaaaagc gatgtttata ataaatgtac     61980
     cataatcatg ttgcgctgct tacttcaacc ttaaatactc gtgtaaaagt acttgtatag     62040
     ccttatgtgt atagataagt aatttatagt atatgttaga tatgcacaag ttttttaaat     62100
     agctcttatg tccagtgttg tgttcgtatt aatgatatat ttatgtagct ccgttgtcct     62160
     gcgagacatg gcatttcaat cctctgtatg tccacacatg tagcggaatg acaataaagc     62220
     taaacttgac tctcatctcc aaaaaacagg attatttttt gcttaatgtc acacaccgct     62280
     actcttatgc agattcaaaa atactgtact tacttgttgg gtgtcgggtc gtcgatgcgg     62340
     ttggccagct ggctctggct cttgctgcgg gtgagtgtga tgctgggcag gaggtttagc     62400
     agcttgcggg atggaggtgg aggagttcgt gaaggtttga gcttgccgta tcttttgggt     62460
     ggtggggtga ctggaggagt ggacagcaac cctgagacat tgcagttaag ctgtggggag     62520
     gatgagaagg ggtctgtcag cccatcacag cgggtgtaga caaccactgg gaaatctgag     62580
     ggagggagag tggaaacgga cacacaggag cgaagccggg gtaaagctga aggagaaggc     62640
     cagctggtgg gcttgagacc gtaagacgta gcacgcattg aacaggacag agggtcagca     62700
     gaggtgctgt cgtgctcagt tgggtctgct atccacggga tgccctcttt tttaagtccc     62760
     acacctacaa tgaaaacagt gacagatttt aggatgacat aaaacaggtg gaggatcaaa     62820
     taaaaaaaaa aaatcatcac ttaccttcca cttgtcacaa agaagatata ttgatgaatg     62880
     ttggaaacag gcgaattctg acttcaatag aatttttttt cctactaggg atgtccatta     62940
     ctactgattt acaacattct tcaaaatatc ttcttttgtg tttaacagaa gaaagaaact     63000
     cgcaaatgtt tggaacaagt atgtgttgag taaatcagtg attctcaacc agtgggttgt     63060
     ggtttcccgt ttaatgtact gaataggtta atttggactc tatacaaaaa cagcctcact     63120
     gttaaataca atcatcactg ttgcttaaac tttaaacagc tgcacatcaa ctagcactac     63180
     attctcagtt gtataaatca aaccatcatg caaatctaaa ggtaacaatg gttatgagtt     63240
     ataaccagtt ttgtgagact tcaaaatatc tgcataattg tccaaattaa tgtcatgtga     63300
     gtgttttata atggacgtgc acccgtacag taggatccag tgagattcgg ttatgtttca     63360
     gtactgaaca gcagttcact gttcctgtca gcgaactcca ataatattca gccgcaaacc     63420
     attcaaattg atgtgtttca acagatttag tgttgttact gtattttaca tttctttgtt     63480
     tatctttaat ggatataaat agtatatcaa tagatgaaca gcagtcagtc taattcaaag     63540
     cagcagcagt ttttttgcca tctcctgttg tcctgtcagg ttaatttatt gaggaaaagg     63600
     cccaaatact ctagctataa agaataactg aagtaaagaa atcaggagct ttgaatacat     63660
     gtaaaaaatg ctaataaata aacctatgaa ataagcattt tctacagata atcagtttgg     63720
     gccttcaaaa aattttggga gaagaagcct cgaagtgaaa aatgatgaga aactctggag     63780
     taaatgacaa aaaaaaaatt ctaaatgtat tgtaatgtag tattatagtc ttttaaaaat     63840
     tattttattt gtataatatc atattaattt taatctcatt gtcatattca ttttaatctc     63900
     atctcatgcg catctgtcat ttttttttta ggtattatat atattatcat gtagccgcaa     63960
     taattttatt tattcattta cattttacag tagtaataat tattattgct atagttttca     64020
     ttttagaaaa tgctgtagtt tagtaatttt aatgtgatgt ctgactttac ttcagttttt     64080
     gctgctttat caggggctcc caccacggaa tgaaccacca attactctgg catacatttt     64140
     acacagcgaa atgcaaacca aagcaacatt taaaatgtta gttttcatgt aaaatatata     64200
     cagttattct gatgtataca agtctcaatg attacccccc tgtttatttt ccccccaatt     64260
     tctgtttata ggagagcaga tttttttctg cacatttcta aacataatag ttttaacaac     64320
     tcatctctaa taactgattt cttttatctt tgccatgatg acagtacata atatttgact     64380
     agatattttt caagatacta gtattcagct aaagtgcaat ttaaaggctt tactagatta     64440
     atttggttag acaggaaggt tagggtaatt aggcaagtta ttgtatgttg atggtttgtt     64500
     cagtagacta tcgaaaaaat atatacctta agggggctaa taatattgac attaaaatgc     64560
     ctttaaaaaa aaacttcttg tattttagct gaaataaaag aaaaaagact aactccagaa     64620
     gaaaaaatat tataggaaat actgtgaaaa ttcccatgct ctattttaaa gaaaaacaaa     64680
     tgtaaagggg gttcaataat tctgacttca actgtatatt attttttatt tatgctttat     64740
     gtaaataaac aaaaataatt tcactgatat tgccagttca ttccactgtg gcgacctctg     64800
     ataaaccaag gactaaccca aaggatagcg atcgagtgaa tttcaccaaa gtaacatctg     64860
     ctataataaa ctgtaaattt gctgtgattt tatatgcgtt attttattat ttttttaaat     64920
     cattttactt tcatcttaca tttttttaaa tatattttaa aatgttaaag ttaaagatgc     64980
     acaaacgctt ttgaccacag tgtcagacag actgtaacaa gagtcccgta acacatttgc     65040
     agccaatctg cagtaagagg cgtgtcaagt aacttgtaat caaaagagag tgaggttttc     65100
     tgttttgctt tggtgctttc aaacatcaac atcattaagc ggtgaacagt gacctgtgtc     65160
     agtagcgctc ttgaggcagg agagggcagc cgtgatacgg gaacactctt cactgctgga     65220
     gcccagtctc ttcatgttct cttccacctg gccactggac atctgcagca gggcatccag     65280
     agagagcttc acagggactg cctgaacaca gagtacaacc atcagtaatg gacggcaaag     65340
     gtggacaaca tgggggggaa atctgacatg agttatagca aaaatagata ttgacttctt     65400
     cactcattat tatcttgact ggatggtaaa ttcacgtaaa ttcccggtaa gtttccaaat     65460
     tattataaaa attcacagta aatgttcagc ccctttgcaa cctatgcatg acaggcctaa     65520
     accagtcagt caaggtacga gcaaaaatac tcagcaaaat attgtttcat tattattatc     65580
     aactgctaat gtgcctgtag tcagacagaa tggagtccat acactaatta gagaaagatt     65640
     agtagataaa gcctgctgaa atccagccgt cgccactaag actgctggca tctcatggca     65700
     ccagactgag ccagtgtcca gataccccac acaggccagt tttctccctc tgtctaccat     65760
     tcctccaccc taaaacattc ctgcgctctt tggcgtctcc ctgctgtatt tcaattctca     65820
     cccaaaacac acacagacgc tctctctcaa acgcatgact gagaatctgc ccggcaacag     65880
     ttgtgcttgt ggtcaatgca ggctccatgg taaatgaaca gataacagag gcacatgagc     65940
     ctcatcttta tgaaagatta aaatgtgtat ggaatgtcta tggggtagag aagatttagg     66000
     gaagattcaa caatgcagag gttggcttga attatattga gaatatcgat gtatgtggct     66060
     ctgttttggt gctggattgg taattgttaa tcagatggaa cactgaggag gataatgttg     66120
     atatattgta tgattattaa gggtgtcacg gatcacggtt gatccatgac ccacggatta     66180
     atgatttttg tatttgtaga ttaatcctaa atttgtaaag atcacagaaa gatcccctca     66240
     agcgtcattt aaatcacctg tatgaaagca ttttggaaaa agtaaaagca tcctgtaaaa     66300
     tataataatg atggaaaaag ttgtagtgtg tttttcggga tgtgatggtt tttaggttat     66360
     tacaagtctt ttctgttact acttgtgtag cctgcattaa tgcattcagt gcaatgcatt     66420
     cattaatgca ttcaattatt ctaaataaat atgggttgaa caacttataa tgtttgattt     66480
     ctacatttag ctttatcagc aacaatagta gtaaagtact aaatattcaa aatacaattt     66540
     atttttattc attatttctt gatattattt tgaataaaat tacaggttct aagttctgtt     66600
     ttttttaaac caaaagtttc ttgcagaact gtttttgtaa taaattgaga gcaaattaaa     66660
     tttgtctccc ctttttgact gataaaaaaa acggtccgat ccatgactaa aaaaacacaa     66720
     cgtgaagtga accatgacat ttgtgatctg ttacaccact aatgaatatt catatcatac     66780
     tgcagtataa tatatacata ttttatatat ctgtgttttt tcagtgcggc tattgttagt     66840
     taaaactgta tttctaactt tgttttagaa acatttgcaa tgttttacct cagtagtaag     66900
     acttttaatg acaactgaat tctgaaaaaa aactgtaaat tatattttta cttgaaattt     66960
     agacaaaatg tcatgaatcc ttataaataa aacaaatata gcaaataaac aaaaagacaa     67020
     acagaaacaa gtaaaagatt tctagcaatt aaaataaatt acaagttgta tatatggcaa     67080
     ataacaaata accgacataa atacagttgt agtaagttat tcctattttt tcattattat     67140
     cattactata attatatttc attttatttc ttttcataaa aaaagaataa tcatttaata     67200
     ttttaacaat aaaatgtttg tacaaaattt ttgtatttct aaaatgtaac cagagatggg     67260
     aataacggcg ctattaataa aaggcattac taacggctat actttattca ggaacgaaat     67320
     aattaaatga gttactgctt ccctctttac cacacagttg ctgttactga caataaaatg     67380
     tgttactata attgagaaca ctgaggtttt catgtgagca gcgtctctct taaccataag     67440
     acctttcttt ctctgaggta ggtaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     67500
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttcg gggctggggc gggacacata accaaccagc aatgatgatt     67560
     ggttggtttg tgaacaaggt gtaactgaga gcatgatggt tggcttagat aaagtacatt     67620
     tccatcgttt gccaatcaga ggctgagtag tgcaggtgtt catacacagt cagtcagtca     67680
     gtcagtacca tgacaaatgc aacaaggtag cgtttgcaaa ctggaaatat aagcactact     67740
     tttcccttaa agtctgtttc attgggcaac tacagtattt ataatattta taatgatatg     67800
     ttgaatttgg ttgactctca cattatccca catcaacatt aaaataatgt agattagtgt     67860
     acaatgtttt agatttattt tatagtcatt tgactttaga tttttttttt aagtaaaaca     67920
     atagttactc agtacaaaat attaaaataa ataataaaat atataacaaa ttgtaactca     67980
     gttactattt gtgagaagtg agaataatta gtaactgctg tatactcttt taaagaaaca     68040
     tgcccagcac tgaatgtaat tagaaataat taagcaatac atttagacaa actgatcttg     68100
     tttttaaatg taggtacggt gagctataat tagaaagctt aattttagga ttaatacatt     68160
     tataagcatg aaaaaatcta aatcatttac taatcttaga taatctaatt ggtaatgttt     68220
     tttgtgatat ttagttgatg attagttgat tattaaagtg atgattaaag gcaaaatgga     68280
     atatccccat atttacatgt gattatgtta tgtttgcatg tggtgggtgt gtgcaatacg     68340
     gcatatcata aacaagagga acgaccttgt aaatggcatg tgcggctctc cagggaatga     68400
     aaatctccca gcatcctcat ggagacttcc tttctgaaca acagccagag atcagattca     68460
     agagcactga tctcctcatg gcaaatacca gactacatca tggactcatt taactcgctg     68520
     cccaaagaac aaaagacatg ggtccaacac aagatgcgta tcaaatgaag aagcattatt     68580
     agaaataaga aggagtgaag tgtttaactt tcaaataact tctgaaagtt aaatgtcaaa     68640
     acatacagta atgtctattg ctatacaatg tgaaagatac attatatgta cataaattat     68700
     gtaaaaaaaa caactctacc tattaaaaac aaatataaaa taaatataaa tacaaaagta     68760
     accatgaatt tgaaatttga aaatagtttt atattttaaa ttctaaaaaa actcctccag     68820
     acaaatgagt taacctagtt tgaagaataa aaactgtaat tatttagtat tttgtgctct     68880
     tatccttaca ttaagtattt cttacaaaac atattttacg tttacaccac tgttacactg     68940
     aatgatattt caataagtct tttgtaaatc attaaaaaaa cagttttttt tttttaaatt     69000
     gcatcagtat tttttaaagc acatacactc actggccact ttattaggta caccttacta     69060
     gtaccgtgtt ggagcccatt ttgccttcag agctgcctta atccttcgtg gcatagattc     69120
     aacaagaaac tagaaatatt cctcatagat tttggtccat attgatctga tagcatgaca     69180
     tgatgcgaat ctcccgttcc accactccca aaggtgttct aaccagtctg gccattctcc     69240
     tctgacctct ggcatcaaca aggcatttca accaacagaa ttgtcgctca ctggatattt     69300
     tctacttttt ggactattct ctgtaaaccc aagagatgct cgtgcgtgaa aatcccagta     69360
     gatcagcagt ttctgaaata ctcataccag cctgtctggc accaacaacc atcacattca     69420
     aagtcactta aatcatctat cttcctcatt ctgatgctcg gtttgaactg cagaatatcg     69480
     tcttgaccat gattacatgc ctaaatgcag tgagttgctg ccatgtgatt ggctgattag     69540
     aaatttgcgt taatgaacag ttggacaggt ataccaaata aagtgcctgg tgggtgtcaa     69600
     tatcagaaaa tacatcatta tttcttcctc gataaaaata taataaacct gcattagctt     69660
     tttttaatgt ttgaaatctc cttttcatct ttgacccaaa tatcatcttg agttaagtct     69720
     aaacaccaaa ccaataagaa agcacaacct ctccataaac acacaacaca atgaataatc     69780
     taatcatccc agggggcata ccattaatgc acattcctct attctgtcat tcagaaaaca     69840
     caacaaaaaa actccacgag ctcgctctat atgacctgta ttcctctcga gttaataagt     69900
     acgtgaatta cggtgttaaa acagacatgc tggggcagag agcaggtgaa atgacacata     69960
     ccgataccga ggtaaagtct gaacatgttt tgagcctgag tttagctgac gtaaagcagg     70020
     gagtgatgct ctgaacagaa aagcaagaag cattacactc acctccatct aaacaaacaa     70080
     acacagaaac tcccactgta atcttaagtc attcagctca ttctgaacaa ctttgcccaa     70140
     agacccgaag atcagatcgt tgaaaatgtc ttatataaat agatgtcatg tttttgaatg     70200
     tataactgca ggttgagtat gcctgactgc tgcactgtcc accttattca acacctgatt     70260
     ttgtttgtaa tttaatatgg cacatttaat aataattatt agctcaaagt attttttaaa     70320
     aatgagcaga aacaacacca ttattgagat tttttttggg acaacttaaa tgttttatct     70380
     tcaatccacc taaatatgtt aagttaaatt aacttaatca atttgtgttg gaataacatt     70440
     aatgaattaa gttaaaccca cagttttttt ttacagtgaa tatacacata aacctaaatt     70500
     taattgatca aaatgtaaag aaaaattatg aaactttggt taaactttat tctaaggtaa     70560
     aattaggtat atcaacccat caaacttcta aactcctaat ttgctgctta ttaatagtta     70620
     ttaaaataga ataatgggtg taaaaaaaag ctcatgcaga atatgtattt tataaatact     70680
     aataaaaagc caatatctta ataatagaca agccactagt taatagtgag aattggaact     70740
     taatctaaaa tgtcagcaaa gtaatatcat gcagaatatg tactatataa ttactaataa     70800
     aacgccaata tcttaataat agacaggtaa gccactagtt aatagtgaga attggaactt     70860
     aatctaaaat gtcagcaaag taatatcatg cagaatttgt actttataat tactaataaa     70920
     aagccaaaat cttaataata gacaggtaag ccactagtta atagtgagac tttggtactt     70980
     aatctaaaat attagcaaaa atgatcaagg ataatatgta tgtcataatt actattaaaa     71040
     aaagcaatta tcttaataat agacaggtaa agccactagt tattagtgag attttggtac     71100
     ttaatctaaa atgtcagcaa aataatatca tgcagaatat gtactttatg ctcactaata     71160
     aaaagccaac agcttaataa aagacagtct aagaaaaagt aggctaagaa aaatgctcat     71220
     tttctattga aatttctgac ggctcttaga ggtttttgca tctaaaccct ttatttgtac     71280
     tatttaatta ctaataaact gccaatagtt aatagtgaga attggtagtt aaacaaaatg     71340
     tcagcaaaaa agatcatgca cagtatgtac ttggtaaaac tttacaataa ggtttgtatt     71400
     agttaatatt agttaatgca aatactaaca tgaacaaact atgaacaata catttattac     71460
     agcatttgtt catgttagtt agttaacgat tagttaatga taatagttgt ttattgttag     71520
     ttcatcaact catggtgcat aaactaatgt tacaagcaag aatttggttg ttaataatgc     71580
     attagtaaat gtttaactat gattaataaa tgctgtacat gttattcatc attagttcat     71640
     gttagtaaat gcattaacta atggtgtgac caagtacttt ataattacta ataaaaagcc     71700
     aatatcttaa taatagacag gtaataagcc actagttaat agtgagaact ggtacttaaa     71760
     ctaaaatgct agcaaaatat tcagacatta cacaaccaaa ataaatacaa aacattaaga     71820
     aactagtaat ataaatagta tagtttttga gctggaaatg tatcaaaaaa gcttttgtta     71880
     gtttagtaga aagctaatat agcttagaaa gctaggttag ttttatttga tgtgaagctg     71940
     taaacattaa aaggtgccaa aatgggtctt ctctaatgaa agatagaaat aaaataaatg     72000
     actcaagctc ttcagtggaa tatcaacatg ataagcatct caaacaaaca ttgaatgagg     72060
     aatttcctcg caaacttgca tgtgttcaaa cagcgtctgc agatttccca caaccacaga     72120
     gactcattct tcacttgcgt gcagacagga aactgacaaa catgagaaac aaaaacaaac     72180
     aaaacacagc tgacgacgac ttcaaatgcg ctgctgacac acgaaagtca cgcatactgt     72240
     accatgagag atcgtccact gaagttgatc tttcctaaat ctcatatccc aggaaaaaca     72300
     aatgaaagtg tctgttctga agtcagacac actgtgagag ctgctgacaa actttgcctg     72360
     ttactcgtcc tggtccctcc tcctcctccc tttccctgct gtcctgcccc tctatcccta     72420
     tttccttcct gagaacagga ctggacgcct cttgacactc ctcctcagag cacatggtca     72480
     ccaactgagg gcaacagtct ttcctgtgtg tggactgaca tcgcttgtta tctgaggaag     72540
     ggtcgaaatt ggtaaatagt caacttagag aggaatcatg caactgattt ctagggttaa     72600
     tatagatttt cctccccata atataaaaac atattcaaat aaataaccat aattttttca     72660
     ttttcagctt taacaatgtt ttcaattgga aaaaaaacac tgaggcacaa cttaataatt     72720
     tctcccaaaa ttaacaaata aataatagtt tggaagaaat gtttaaaggc attaaatacc     72780
     acttttaaca aagtgcatct gtacaacaaa ttgaagttaa caattaaaat aaagtatgtt     72840
     taattaaaat aaataaaata aatttctgta aaatgaaacg ctataaaaat aaaatgccat     72900
     aaatatgaaa tgcaaaaaaa ttctataaaa tacaatacaa ttttagaaaa ttaaatccta     72960
     taaaatgaaa tgttataaaa taaattctat aaaattaaaa actataaaat taaaattcta     73020
     gaaaatgaaa tgctaaaaaa tgaaatgcta tcaaattcta tgagaaaaat aaattctaga     73080
     aaattaaatc caataaaaat aaaatgattt aaattttttt ataaaataca atacatttct     73140
     ataaaattaa atcccataaa atgaaaaatt ataaaaataa aatgctataa aattgtataa     73200
     aatacaataa aattctacaa agttaaatca tataaaatga aaggctataa acataaaata     73260
     atatacaaaa tgctatagaa tggaatgcat tacattttat aaaaaaaaaa aaattctaga     73320
     aaatttaatc ctataagtat cctatataaa attatataaa ctgcaatgct acaaaataaa     73380
     aatattattt aaaaacttct ataaaataca ataaaattct attaaaaaat ctataaaatg     73440
     aatactataa aaattaattc tataaaataa aataaaacga aatacaataa aaattaaaac     73500
     ctataaaatt aaatgctata aaactggagt gcaataaaaa taaaatgcta taaaataaaa     73560
     tattataaca tttaattata taaaattaaa tactataaaa tgaattctaa ggtgacttag     73620
     tggcgcagtg ggttgcaaga tcacctcaca gcaagaaggt cgctggtccg agcctctgct     73680
     gggtcagttg gcgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc ctgcgttcgc atgggtttcc     73740
     cccgcgtgct ccggtttccc ccacagtcca aagacatgcg gtacaggtga attgggtagg     73800
     ctaaaattgt ccatagtgtt tgagtgtaaa tgagtgtgtg tggatgtttc ccagagatgg     73860
     gttgcggctg gaagggcatc tgctgcagaa aaacttgctg gataagttgg aggttcattc     73920
     cgctgtggtg accctgcatt aataaaggga ctaagccgaa aagaaaatga atgaaggaat     73980
     aaatgaataa aaataaaaat gatataaaca ttaaatccta taaaattcta taaaatacaa     74040
     ttctatgaaa ttaacctctg taaaataaaa tgctgacatt gtactctaca tgttaaaacg     74100
     tttgcacata catttttaat gctttcttca tgtacaaaat aaataaattc tgccatacaa     74160
     gtacaatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt tatttatata tttatatata     74220
     caattgaagt tagaataatt agaaccctga attattagcc ctctgttttt tcccccaatg     74280
     tctgtttatt ggagagagaa aaatgtcaac acatttctaa acataatagt tttaataact     74340
     catctctaat aactgattta ttttatcttt gccatgatga cagtaaataa tatttgacta     74400
     catattttta aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgacat ttacaggctt aactaggtta     74460
     atttggttgt ctaggcaggt tagggtaatt aggcaagtta ttgtataacg atggtttgtt     74520
     ctgtaaacta tcaagaaaaa aatatagctt aaaggggcta atcattttgt ccttaaaatg     74580
     gtttttaaaa aattaaaaac tacttttatt ctagctgaaa taaaacaaat aagactttct     74640
     ccagaagaaa aatattatca gacatactgt gaaaatggcc ttgcactcca aaacataatt     74700
     tgggaaatat ataaaataga aaaaaatgtt aaaagggggc taatatttct gacctcaact     74760
     gtacgtgtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     74820
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataagcaaca aaacttgcag ctacatctgc     74880
     tttaacattg tttctgcaaa aaagtgttca tttctttcaa aattacacaa actaattatc     74940
     aaaaaacaca gttaacacag taaaataaac agttttaaaa atcagagcta atttgtcatg     75000
     ctataaacca cttttacagt tttctttaaa tctaatcaac tgtagcattt taaaaatgcc     75060
     attaaaagca aattgtgtaa aagccactac aaaacacttc agacggaggt caggtgaact     75120
     tccttaaaac atcagagttt ccttaaaaca ctgactaaaa gactttaaaa gcttaacaac     75180
     caacatcaac aaccaagcct catttatggg cagcagaacg tcttctgaca gtgtgaaaga     75240
     gagattaatg agggtaagtc ctcctctaac ctgccaccgt gcatttcatg catgacagat     75300
     gatccgggcc ccaaaaaagg gccacatcag aggaacaaag cagagcaaaa atgaggtaca     75360
     gcacaggaaa cagaggtttg cttgagattg ctttcatcat cacacactct tttattttcc     75420
     tatctctttc cctttatctt cgccttaagg aaggcgtctt gaagatccac aggatgtgac     75480
     ccacaaaaaa aaaaaaatat gagtcaggca aaccactcct gattgtgctc tttagactca     75540
     ctctgaaaaa aatatttatt actagattta ctaatgtaag gttgcaaacc atttatatgg     75600
     gctgaattta aacaaacaaa tgatatgaag taatgttcga cttaatttgt ttgtttaaat     75660
     tcagccaata taaattgttt ataaccactt accatgaaaa aatttaaatg caatgattga     75720
     tttttagtca gtgatctgca ttgcttaaac ctggacaatc caaactctgg gggatttaat     75780
     atatacaata tattccatga gcaacttgta gtcaatcaac accacaaaat acagcaagaa     75840
     atactgaaag cacaccatag ttgtttctcc acccattgac tattatgcaa tgggaaaccc     75900
     cactgcgtca gctgccaaca tcaggcactg agtcataata tacaaaataa ttacagtgca     75960
     atgacgtctc ttctcagtta aagatcattg accgtcgcac ataataatca gatataaaca     76020
     tggattactc tcgcataaca gtttttagta ttacctatat gcgtctgtca gggctgttta     76080
     tttctttctt tttatcttct ttttacttta ttagacttct tttaatttag ctttcattaa     76140
     catttagtct ttctttaaat taaaaaaaaa atatttcaaa ctaatacaga aaataatatt     76200
     taaattaaac aagcacataa taataaaaaa acgcatattt agtatacaaa aaaagactaa     76260
     tcatacactg taaaaagcga aaacttaaac aagctacttc gaccctaatt aaattaatta     76320
     agtttgacaa actgtagttg tcagtaataa attattttta gctcgcttgg tgatttttca     76380
     aaaatccaat tcattttatt gaaaatagta attatttaaa agtagcatct aaaaatagtt     76440
     gctaatagat acattaaaaa caacaacatg caaataaaaa atcataaggc tttcaatttt     76500
     tgggacccct ggggtaatta cattatattg gtgcccattg accttatggc tctaggttca     76560
     actttctgac acctttacgt cactcacata cagtcaaaag aaatacaggc cacaaatgga     76620
     catggaggat ggtctccaaa attaaatgat gaatagactt gggcatattg acatatgcgc     76680
     gccgttgtgt gcaaggttca tttatatcca cctcaaagaa tattggggtc aagggataaa     76740
     aggtttggca acccctgcct taaaggaaca taacttcaat atacttttga tgagctaagt     76800
     gctgtatata ttttaggaga agtttcaagt acactaatat caactgaaca agtagcattc     76860
     ttgtcaccgt atttcaattc agtagtaatt cagacatatc tggccatatt ttatattatg     76920
     aaagtatact tttaattata acagcagaaa acagccagtg agtacacaac tagtttacat     76980
     ctccgaattt tgtttgttct ccaattatac cgaggtgtat attttatcaa ctaattctta     77040
     gcatatttgg tttatgaata tgcattgtga gatttttttt tatcaataaa ctataattgc     77100
     tttgccattt ttatacatca aacttcaaca aagttttctt taagttctgc agttaaccat     77160
     ttactatact gtatatattt aatatattga ttgatattta tatatatata tatatatata     77220
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgcatgat     77280
     tatgtttcta tttgggcatt aaggtcgtac tcacactagg tacagttgcc ccgaaccccg     77340
     atggcccgca ctcagcccac aatcaggcct gggcacgctt acgtcatcga tgctgcgctg     77400
     ttcagtgaga agcgctgtca ctcagcagca cagtggagat ttctctagtt atatagtttc     77460
     agtctgtttg atatgcagtg acatggaatc aaatatttcg ccaaacagtc cttagagatg     77520
     cggtgacatg cagtcagata ttttaccaaa cagatccgcc acttttggcg ctgataaaca     77580
     atcataaagc cctcgtgctg caggaatgag gaggtttgct gaaggtgcgc agctgtcgcg     77640
     cagtgagggg tttgcgtgtt taataagcta cagcagtttg cgttcactga acagtaagaa     77700
     tgattaataa atccatatga aacagtccct taaaagtcat gtctcgcttt cagtttcggg     77760
     ctttggcgcg ttttgcactc acactacaaa cgtaccgtgc caaagcccaa gtgaaccgtg     77820
     ctcaggccca cctactccaa ccgggcaagg ggcggccaag tgaaccgcgc ttgagcccga     77880
     ttcagcgcac tcacacttct caaacgatcc gggaaacggg cctgggcacg gtacggatgg     77940
     catagtgtga gtaggcccta attaatacat gatatgggtt tataagtgtt tagattaata     78000
     aggggagaat ttagtaagac atgtaagcag aactgcaagc tattaagtat acttaatatt     78060
     tcattatcat tacttaatat atattagaat attttattat ccttttgtgt atttctcagt     78120
     catgaagaga tacaccaaaa attacatgta aatttaagag tatatttaca ttttaagttc     78180
     ctttaattgt ggtatgctaa aacatactag tagtatactt tgttatatat atatatatat     78240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattata     78300
     aactataaac tatatagtac attaactaaa cataatttga tagagtaagc actttttccc     78360
     aagcaaaacc tgttggaaat tgacgaccta aacactaaac accatcttct tgtttagtac     78420
     aaaaagcaac attggcttac ttatgctact tgatttgatg tttttaatgt attttaataa     78480
     catacagatg tgtttaaatg tgacgtaaat gtctaaacac ttataaacca actgtaattt     78540
     catatccagg gcatgatatc agatacagaa aggtgtgatg tcgcaacctc agatatgaaa     78600
     attctgatat ttcttttgca tgaatatctt tagccaccgt acgatagtca ctagatagtc     78660
     cccaacttct agcaaatgta aacaaataca aagcaagcat aaaaaggcaa aggtgtttcc     78720
     tcatacttct gtagagttac atgtatgtaa aatacctcca atgaaaaatg tttccttaaa     78780
     ctgtgtaatc atgcaaaaat aaattgctgt ggggcccagg ctcattttgg tattcccgtg     78840
     ctcttccgga gaaagccctg tcccattaca ttgtgacaga cggtgtatag actgttctgt     78900
     tagagtggga cacaaggcct acctctgtgt cctgatagat gcattcctgt gctctgaatc     78960
     acactgtata aagcgtatta tcatagttta tgttaagcgt aagttatcaa atttactgga     79020
     tagtgacagt caagagttgt gtaaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaatgac aaaatagaca     79080
     aaaattaatc aagtaaaaag tactgtacaa aggccaagag ggtggtaaat aaaataaaat     79140
     aaagttagac aaaaacaaaa tacttaagaa aaaataatta aggaaaaata atgtaattta     79200
     ctgtatgatg gttaataaaa atactaaaaa ataaataata ataaaaataa ataaagtaaa     79260
     ctaaaaagtt tggcaaaaac aaaataatta cgaaaaacta aattaattta agaccaaata     79320
     aaaattgtat caacaataca aaggtcagga tttgggttaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaag     79380
     caaagcaaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     79440
     cacacacaca cacacacaca gacacacaca gacacagaca cagacacaga cacacacaca     79500
     gtatattata tacatatgta taataaaatg gtaatataaa taacaaaaag cacatttaaa     79560
     aggactaaca ataactactt aaaatatttc tgagatttaa atctgagttt gtttacttcg     79620
     ttttgtgctg ggtcaccgct tggttataaa atctgtgccc tcaagccaaa ccaggccaca     79680
     ggctgatgtt gacagacaga aatggacagt tatgactata aaatgacaat tcaagcattt     79740
     taggacacca aagaagaagc aaaactggag aaaacataat aaacaacaaa aactgtccta     79800
     ccgcagtgag tgaagtgaag cggtcaccta gaggccagtc gatagacctg cggtatcaga     79860
     ggccagttga aaattgtcca gaaatggagt atatatacat ttacagttgt gtttctcagt     79920
     cttgattatc tccctgtttg tctgtttccg tgtctactga agacaaacaa gtctgtgcat     79980
     ttaccaagca ttcatgaatg caatgctgtt ctggtgtatg acggtttgga gggggcagag     80040
     agagacacag aaagagagag agagagagag accctctttt ggagccaaaa atagtctggc     80100
     ggagagtttt ggacagtggc tgacgctgca cattctcagc tttggagtga gatcaggtgt     80160
     gtggatccac agacccctga aacaccacag cagggagcaa gaaaaatatc ttcctcctgt     80220
     gttaacgctc ggtaaacatt cttttgtctt tttttataga gacgttcatt aagaagctga     80280
     aaaagttgtt tttaaagaga agcgatgcat tgtgctttca tcatttagat attgctggat     80340
     aacaataaca agctaatttc cttatttagg caataataaa aaaaatatat taaattaaaa     80400
     agttagacaa aaactgaata attaagaaaa aattaataaa ttaagacaaa ataaaactta     80460
     aatttactgt aaaaaggtca agaggtcagg taataaaata agacaaaact aaattaaata     80520
     aaactaaata aaatacaatg aaataaaaat aaatcaaata aaaagtatta aacttaatta     80580
     agaaaaaaat aattaagaca aaatacaact gaaattgact gtgttatggt caagagtagg     80640
     gtcgataaaa caaaataaaa taaaataaaa tgtaacaaaa gttggacaaa aaaactaaat     80700
     aattacaaaa aaaaactaaa ttaaattaag acaaaaaaaa ttaagctaaa tttaaaaaat     80760
     gaattaaaac aaaacaacaa aattacaaaa ataaaaaaat aaactaacaa aaacaacaaa     80820
     taaaatcaaa aagcaagaaa tattgctggg ttacaataac aagcttattt ccttatttag     80880
     gcaataaaat aaaataaatg aaaataaaat aaatgataaa atatataatt agaaaaaact     80940
     aaattaaata aatcttacat tttctgcaca aaggtcaaga gttgggttaa taaaataaaa     81000
     taaaaagtaa caaaacttag acaaaaacta aataaatagg acaaaattaa aataaatcaa     81060
     aataaactaa atcattcaag ttaagacaaa ataaaaaaca aaccaaaatg aaatgataaa     81120
     ataaacaata ataaataaac aaaataacaa aatgacataa aataaataaa tcaccagtca     81180
     aaaacaacat aatacaataa aagcgagaaa taaagctgca ttacaataac aagcttactt     81240
     ccttatgcag gcaataagaa gtcatgctac acagaagtgc cttgctcagg catgtgatca     81300
     atgagtgata aaaaaagaat gataaagatc cttaattgtt atttttgcca aatgctagac     81360
     agatatctta tcttgtaaca cagtgtgata aatatcttgc gttattaaga ttttatcctg     81420
     tgttcaaaag tgaaagtaaa acatctatgc atataaatcc aatttcaata cttgcatatg     81480
     gaaatcagca aattaaaaca acaatattat taatttatat ataagtaatt taaacagagg     81540
     tcagaaaata gagtccctaa aattaagtaa actctgttta ctaatgtttg ataaactggt     81600
     tacttggtta taaatttatg gtaacaagtt atgttattta attgttatca tacttatttt     81660
     atttctattc aacatttttt attgtgtaaa tgtagagtaa atgtgaacta aaacataaac     81720
     aaaatggcat ttttactgaa taaaagacaa aaaggaggaa aataaaggct actctaaaat     81780
     taattgaact ataaccaaac actaaccaga aataaaataa aataaaatta tcattcatta     81840
     aaaataaaaa agcacttaaa ataaaaggca gtaaaataga caaattttaa actccttaag     81900
     gcacaacaaa aaatgtgaaa cagaccaaat taaacaaaac aaattgaatg aaatacaatt     81960
     tataataata tgcaactcaa ataatcataa ataatcataa aaaaagttca atcaaatgtg     82020
     tttaatagcc aaaaattaaa cgaagcaggg acttatggtc aactttaaag ttccccaagg     82080
     aaataaagga actaagaaac agagcacgag tgcacatgtg gtggtacctc tataatctct     82140
     ggccggaggt tgatggtgta gagccagtct gtgaggtttg ggtacgagtc cagcgccagc     82200
     ggtcgatctc tctctgcaac actgcgcttc cagtccagct gcttactgat gtacttcacc     82260
     agcttctcct gcagggggca atcaaacaca cacaaagcta tgtaatatat ctgtttgctt     82320
     tttaaagtga tacaaactac tttttaatca tcattcaaaa taaaataaag atttttgttt     82380
     taattaaaag taaagtttat ttaggatata catttgctgt tcattttact tagatgaaga     82440
     tgactttttt gtaaagtaga agataaatat gattcttagt tgaaacagtg gtccatggct     82500
     attcacaagc ttcaagtcaa ctgttaatgg cactataaaa aaaagtcaat ccataacaaa     82560
     atgaatacgt gtggtgctgt ggtttgtttg caagttttat atagttagtt tgcagcatcc     82620
     agaataagca tcagtagcat tttgatgtac acatcctcac tctcggtaga acacaacagt     82680
     aactgtttcc atcaactcat ttttgtgttg taaccatttt agtacaaaaa caaaacagta     82740
     acttagggct gcacaatata tcatttgagc atcgatatca caatgtgtgt gtccgtgata     82800
     gtcacattgc aacatatgca atgtcgagta gggattatag atcactagaa accacaggtc     82860
     taaacacact atatttaata tattttcttt tcgacttagt ccctttatta atctggggtc     82920
     cctacagcgg aatgaactgc caacttatcc agcatatgtt ttacgcagca gatgcctttc     82980
     cagctgcaac ccatctctgg gaaacatcca tacacactca ttcactactg acaatttacc     83040
     ctacccattt cacctgcatg cctttagact gtgggtgaaa ccagaacaca cggagcaaac     83100
     ccacgcgaat gcgcagaaaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa acaccaactg acccagccga     83160
     ggctcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtaaa gcgacagcac tacctactgc gccactgcat     83220
     cgccataaac gcgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     83280
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgcac acacacacac gcacacacac     83340
     acaatagaac attataaaaa caatatatta cttattttaa attactatag tatttaatgt     83400
     gggaaatcat taataaaaag ttattagaaa attaagcaaa taaatactat tcaatcactg     83460
     gagtaaaata taaatatagt attatacatt tattaaatgt aaaaagattt gtaatacata     83520
     taaacatgta ttacagcctt tacatattaa ctttctatta tttcctttat tgtaatgaat     83580
     caattaaatg aattaaacct gtccaattta ggttgtttat atatttctga aaatgtttca     83640
     gcaagaccag caattgacta ttggctaaac tgatagcact aaactgaaca tataaataat     83700
     gacggaacat ctatgatgac tgatagaaaa ctgttccatc tattacactg aatggcgacc     83760
     ggaaacaatg ttccccattc acctgtcacg atcgccatat ttgtgaaatg gtatacacta     83820
     ttgttaatgt gtacaatatt tattaacaat acacataaaa atatattgat gatgatgtca     83880
     gagaagacgt taataacatt aacatttgtc ataaccattt atggtttgcc tagattaagt     83940
     gtgctggatt gtgtgtgcct gaaatgtttt tgtcagaaaa ccaaaagttg gaccagttgg     84000
     aaaagatatg gcataaatct acatcctatt tcccaggtaa ctgacaaagg ctattgtagc     84060
     tatacagccc tagaaggaga atgatataga tcagaaaccg gaataataaa aaaataaaga     84120
     caagtttgat tcggataaca gtgcttacac aagccaacaa aacaaaaggt aaccctgaaa     84180
     ataatatctc gtctcttaaa cagaccaatt gctttgaatt ataagatctt gatgtataat     84240
     gggtgggttt ttgtttttgc ctgcatttct catttgactc aaataaaata ataataaagg     84300
     atc                                                                   84303