EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL953905; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 163506 BP.
AC   AL953905;
DT   24-OCT-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-79L10 in linkage group 17 Contains
DE   a novel gene, the pygb gene for phosphorylase glycogen brain and the gene
DE   for a novel protein similar to vertebrate ectonucleoside triphosphate
DE   diphosphohydrolase 6 (putative function) (ENTPD6).
KW   HTG; pygb.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-163506
RA   Skuce C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 5596f58e27a050475dd6d8a9ebb64dbd.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000071004; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000104708; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01684; mascRNA-menRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-79L10. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-79L10 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-79L10 is at 163506 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-79L10 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..163506
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-79L10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..163506
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-79L10"
FT   mobile_element  complement(join(52822..55567,57963..64324))
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-79L10.1-001"
FT   mRNA            join(<85233..85338,88084..88203,88503..88533,88997..89042,
FT                   89139..89268,89410..89447,92417..92496,92588..92670,
FT                   95094..95172,95465..>95592)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-79L10.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT   CDS             join(<85233..85338,88084..88203,88503..88533,88997..89042,
FT                   89139..89268,89410..89447,92417..92496,92588..92670,
FT                   95094..95172,95465..>95592)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-79L10.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009728"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8N2K0 Sw:Q99LR1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q08C93"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029059"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q08C93"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060929-268"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ15102.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(103056..103395,106025..106091,
FT                   108098..108232,108499..108706,109060..109201,
FT                   109921..109979,110566..110713,110833..110934,
FT                   111237..111351,111530..111693,114988..115134,
FT                   117028..117120,117237..117380,120052..120134,
FT                   122484..122595,123353..123484,125118..125221,
FT                   125439..125517,125867..125968,130434..130771))
FT                   /gene="pygb"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-79L10.3-001"
FT                   /product="phosphorylase, glycogen; brain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC055233.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF266439.1 Em:CK028170.1
FT                   Em:CK240342.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(103243..103395,106025..106091,
FT                   108098..108232,108499..108706,109060..109201,
FT                   109921..109979,110566..110713,110833..110934,
FT                   111237..111351,111530..111693,114988..115134,
FT                   117028..117120,117237..117380,120052..120134,
FT                   122484..122595,123353..123484,125118..125221,
FT                   125439..125517,125867..125968,130434..130676))
FT                   /gene="pygb"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-79L10.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009751"
FT                   /product="phosphorylase, glycogen; brain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P53534 Sw:Q8CI94 Tr:Q7SXV3
FT                   Tr:Q801T6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A4IG19"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000811"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011833"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A4IG19"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040928-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ15103.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(133226)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(133226..133893,134251..134366,
FT                   136247..136303,136397..136537,138331..138432,
FT                   138917..138981,143306..143385,143937..144025,
FT                   144152..144187,149523..149598,150776..150919,
FT                   151000..151076,153136..153449,155672..155785))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-79L10.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 6 (putative
FT                   function) (ENTPD6)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL916220.1 Em:AL916491.1
FT                   Em:AL922891.1 Em:BI888683.1 Em:CB365708.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(133801..133893,134251..134366,
FT                   136247..136303,136397..136537,138331..138432,
FT                   138917..138981,143306..143385,143937..144025,
FT                   144152..144187,149523..149598,150776..150919,
FT                   151000..151076,153136..153388))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-79L10.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009730"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 6 (putative
FT                   function) (ENTPD6)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O75354 Sw:O75354 Sw:O75354
FT                   Tr:Q8N3H3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000407"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R179"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ15104.1"
FT   misc_feature    163506
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-79L10"
SQ   Sequence 163506 BP; 52585 A; 30800 C; 28283 G; 51838 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcaa gggaaataaa gttacatggt atgactgcat ttattacagt attttagatt        60
     aattggaaga aatagaaaaa tgcctgtttg tgaaaattac atgcgcgaaa tctaaagtag       120
     atttcaccct caataaatta atctgaaaat tttatataag gttaaagcca aacatgttgc       180
     cctcatctta cggtgttttt tcatttccat ggaagtcaga tatacatgtt gagccatagg       240
     gcagatgtcc agatattggg tatgtattca atgtactgta aaatgtatgg cttagagcag       300
     atgtacggat gaacagactt tttttgtgag tctacgtgca tcttcaatgt caaatctaag       360
     tcagatgtga gtaaacagcc aatatgaatg tatcgtaatt gtagtgtaat gtaaaagtag       420
     tctttatgaa ttcatatgca aaaataaatg cctcatatag tcatgccttt ttaaaataac       480
     tagtcagtat tttaactagt gctctgttaa aatgttgcaa gaagatgtaa aaaggacatg       540
     tgtttgtctt gacttattat aaactccatt tgtccatcag tactctgacc gcttatagtc       600
     atggtcactt atagagttag catttggctg ttgttagtct acatcatttg ggtcattgag       660
     tttaggaagc aatattgtag agagctgtaa atcatacttt gtgccaatgt ctgccactta       720
     agaactgttg tttgggacct ccagacatga gacaagacag aaaaataagg aatagacaga       780
     aaaagattgc ctgacatttt caaaatagca tctttcagtg tgaaagtgat caaaccgcaa       840
     gtttcaagat gtaagggagg catacgccca aaccctatcc cttaattgga gaatgagaca       900
     gatgtactaa catgtacaac tgagtaggta tgggacaata actggtttca aggtataacg       960
     cggtttgtta aattaaaggt tttaaaaaaa agcgcaacat ttctctgtta taccgtttct      1020
     aaggtctatg taaggtgttt ttaaaaatgt ttttttaaat gttgtaaaca aatctgtgtt      1080
     tttgaaacca ataaagaatt taaaattatt taattattta gcctgacatg tacattcatt      1140
     cattcatatt cttttcgtga aaccatggtg tttttatcca aggttatcat accattagta      1200
     acttataccg gcccatgcct acaactgaga ttgttcaaat taatacaagt tagccaataa      1260
     atcaaaaagt aacaaacagc cttgagattg tgttggacaa acccaatagg ttgaaaatgc      1320
     catttaaata ataattaaaa agatgaagcc aatgtttggt ttgtccatgt tttactcatc      1380
     attgagttaa agggatattt cccacaaaac tgttcatttt taccaacatt tatcgctcct      1440
     tttttaaaac ccgtttaagc ttttttcctc tgaacacaaa agaagatatt ttggataatg      1500
     ctgaaaacct ggaggcattc cctttcatag tatttgtttt ttgctaatgt gcaactcaat      1560
     ggttatatag gttaattttg tttttttagc agaaggaaaa acctcaaggt ttataaccat      1620
     ttaaattgtg agtaaatgca ccatttttta caactcagca tatttttaat gtacaagttt      1680
     ttttgtagat cttaaattga aagccaatga tatctgtcaa acacaatata aaaatgcaga      1740
     acttggtcag aactataggc atgggaagat aaccgatttc aaggtttaca tgatttggaa      1800
     aagtcaagat tttaaaacca caaaaaaatt ctgttatacc gttccaaagg tatatttatg      1860
     tttttttttt tttttttttt atgtatttga catgtgttgt aaagaaatct gtgtttttga      1920
     aactgagtaa agcaaaagtc aacgatttat tttaaatcat tactgttcca acatattgta      1980
     aatgtttcct aaaagaaaat atattttgtt caatgaggcg aaaaagtttt tttttttttt      2040
     ttactcagac atttcaaaag aacttatttt agagtactaa ttacaaaacc gtgaaactgt      2100
     ggtattttta tccaaggtta tcataccatc agaaacttat accagcccat gcctatagcc      2160
     ggaactgatg tttaacctgt ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgattttt ccctgcagtg      2220
     gaacgcatta atagtgttat atattgtaat atgggtatta catgttgttc aggttgtttg      2280
     tttctccagt gttcttgttt agttcagtcc taatgttaat cctaaagtag gcttatcgtt      2340
     cagtacagca ggatcttatt gccttgtctg ctctgttaat acacagaatc atgcatctgt      2400
     tctctgccaa aaacgctgac ctgagaacga cccaattatt tattcatgta gaatcagacg      2460
     tgcatttagg gtctcacttt tcctgcacag ttaatggcag gtatataaaa ttactagtaa      2520
     tggctacata taaatgcata ttttaaaaat gatgaataat agccaaacaa ttatacagtt      2580
     tgagcattgc tgtcgacaca gtgtagttca gactgaccaa ttaaactaat taatactgaa      2640
     ttaatagcta atgggttatt aataggttat tggatgtccg tgatgatatc taagatttat      2700
     gtcttcataa atatgctatg aagtcggctg actgctgtca cttgtcaata aactcgttgg      2760
     tggattttaa agttataaga tttcatctct gttttaaggc atgtaatctt gttttttttt      2820
     tgtagtgtgt cattgtggtt tagtatttgg gtttgtggga gtagcgtgtt ggtaatgttt      2880
     cctgtcagat gcagagacat gctatgcaca aatagagaga aattaacaag acggtgcatt      2940
     agagcaggac caaaactttc agattacaga atcacagagg acactaaaca aattaattag      3000
     ttatgaaagg cctatttgtt gactaaataa accttccaaa tgtctccaca tacactacaa      3060
     aaggtctttc aagtaatttt gttcttacca atactgaatt tcttaaataa agaagaagtt      3120
     gaaattctac actttgtaat atttattttc tatttctaat acattttaga tgtaatttat      3180
     tgctgtaatg gcaaagtatt tggcaaatgg caaaattttt tgcctcattc tgtgtcacaa      3240
     gtttcttcag aatcaaaaaa gaaagaaaca tttattaggg atgctctgat caggattttt      3300
     gcagccgata ccgagtaccg attctgatgc ttcaagcttt ataatccata aagcacattt      3360
     tcccttttaa gtataatact ttagtggaga tctctcctta cctaagagaa taaattagga      3420
     tgcagcatat aatctcttaa acacaactct tataaccatt taggtgtgaa catgtcatgg      3480
     ccagaagcag ctttacagat aataatagac aaaacagatc aagtagctca atacactgga      3540
     tatgcaatgg ctgcaacaaa gagaccatca cttaagcaag tcacaccaat agactgtaaa      3600
     cagaagttgc tccacaatcg ctccacaatc actcatactg taaactctta aacttgtaaa      3660
     ctcgtaaaca aacacttgcg atcggttcat gagattggcc aggggtgtgt ttctgaaaac      3720
     catagttagc cagctaaggt tgcaagttcc gtcgttacaa acatagttat tagatttaac      3780
     attttccaaa tttgtcattc caacgaacat tcgcaaactg tgtcacaacg cagggggaac      3840
     atgcaaactc cacacagaaa cgccaacaac tcagccaagg cttaaaccag cgaccttctt      3900
     gccgtaaggt gacagcacta tctattgcgc cacttcgcac attattatta ttattattat      3960
     aaatgttaaa ggcttttctg taacataaga ttcatttttg taaggaagaa agaagacaaa      4020
     aattttaatt aaaaatacaa taccatctaa acttaaatga actgttggct ggacacatgt      4080
     gtccttacaa gtcactttaa aaattacatt taaagatcag tttacacaat gtaaaggaac      4140
     aagcacaatc aatttctccc aattttgcag gtataaccta atatttcttt tgtgaccgag      4200
     attgattttt tataataatt atgatagttt taaagttaca ttttgtcatt tgctaaaaaa      4260
     tattaactta atttaaacag tgtgcatgta tttattgtga acatttaatt tggaagcaat      4320
     agctattttt gaagaacaca gtatatatag ggattgtaaa cattaaatta taataacttt      4380
     tacttaaaat ataaacaaac tttctgcttt ccagtctttt gctgtaaaat attttcagtt      4440
     tgttttctca gctgaatttg tttttagctt ctctcatttt ttttgccatc tttttgctca      4500
     atccactagt cagaaacact ttgtcccagt gcagtctgga ctcctgatgc ccagacagcc      4560
     gtaataatgc ccatatggca ttggatcagc atggcttaac atattagtgc taccctgaag      4620
     gtgttgaagc tctggttagg atgctctgtg tggacgccta cctgcaaaaa cagcatgtac      4680
     cagcacaaat gcacaaatta aagcacaacc tttaaaatgc tgcatatttt taagtcacat      4740
     ctatgcaaaa atgcctagtt ctgctggatg catataatca atagcatcca gaaacaataa      4800
     atacactcac actctggagt atcagtgtac agtaatgagc ctcaatgcgg cctgtactgt      4860
     atttagctct gctgttacac aatagtcctg ctctttctat ttatcacagt caccttgcac      4920
     tctcacacac aagcaaaaac tctctcgtgc acacacacac acacacttaa atcagacttt      4980
     cagtgactta ctgccaggga ccgaagcgtc ttatctctgc aggccactgc agatcagccg      5040
     cttgttgtat taatcacctg gaagaagtac agaagtggat ataatgcagg cagagccgtg      5100
     gtttattggt tattattaca cgcctgtctg gaatacttga ttctgattgg ttagtggttg      5160
     tgacattcca agtttttttt attcccagat aaactaaact aataacacag gctcatttga      5220
     atacttcaaa tcactttgac aatcagtcag tacgtttgta ttcacataca tgtttttgtt      5280
     tgccgccatt ttgtaactga ataactcata agttagtatt tgctcctttc agccgttttc      5340
     ctttctgtaa gctttgcatt taattaaaga gataataaac tagtacagct cacaacaatg      5400
     ttttctgtct aatactgtag ttatattttg tggcaattag ccatgtaata accaggataa      5460
     agtacatcca ggcggttgcc atgatttggt tttctctttg ctgtaaaaaa agttaaatga      5520
     aataaagtca aaacaagtaa ttttagctta cattgcatta aaatgacacc tcagataact      5580
     gaaaagattc agttaaaata gttcacatat ttaatttatt tgcattattt ctctatttag      5640
     tcaggagatc acattgaaat aatactgtct tcttttccag cgagactatg acagcacata      5700
     aaagttgcat atcacaattt atgtgtccag attcacaatt caaaaaatta taattcacaa      5760
     tcaaatcatg aaaaattatt acaactgctc tttaaacatt atccaaaaga catttcaaaa      5820
     tattcagagt tggcagttta gcaagagttt gtatattttc taaatcattt caagcctaag      5880
     agaaatcact ttcaccaagt tatgacaata acctaaccta ccaatcgaat acaagagcca      5940
     gaatgggtgc aatgattatt agtattagta agcaataatc aatttaaaag ataagctggc      6000
     aatttgccta taaaagcttt tgcaataaat aaatactagt ggaaaaattt ctttgttgct      6060
     gtaaaggtag ccagtctaat gaatcctata aaatgcaatg atgtgccaaa gtctctgcac      6120
     ccatcataaa acacatattg ctgcatgata taacaaatcc aatttcctga gtattgcagc      6180
     tgctgcatgc atgtataaac gatcacttaa gttaattaag ataaattcat atgttgacat      6240
     catttatagg tcatataatc agtgttccgg tgtcatttac ttctactagc agttttttga      6300
     atatggcaga gacgtattga tgttctactg ttattgagtt tgatcaaagt cagcaggtct      6360
     gttttaaagg agggaaggtt gaaaggtcat agggatgtta aatgttgttt tgggactgat      6420
     ccaggtgagg tcggatcaga ccagatcctc ggctctgact caggattatt gctttactct      6480
     tttttttttt tttggtctgt ctgggatgct ctctctcttc tttgtgccct gttttctgtt      6540
     tctctcagtt ttgcattatt tatagtttgt ggaatgtttt ccagtttttg tatgactgca      6600
     gctttatgag tggcattaag tgtgaagaat gtaaggtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg      6660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgcgtg cgtgcgtgcg tgcgtttttt tccaaagttt      6720
     gtagtaagat tttcagtgat gaaaaatatt caaatattat tacaacttac atttttaagt      6780
     ttaccaagag tgaatttatc catttatgcc aacttatcca gcaagttttt tttttttacg      6840
     cagcggatgc ccttccagct gaaacccatt tctgggaaac atccacactc atacacacac      6900
     acacactacg gacaatttag cctacccaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg      6960
     ggaaaactgg agcacccgga ggaaacacac aagaatgcag ggagaacatg caaactccac      7020
     acagaaacgc caactgagcc gaggttcgaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc      7080
     actacctact gcgccactgc tttgcctgat tagaagacat taatattata taatatattt      7140
     attatgactt attatactta ctaatgtaca tttgaaaaat gtacatgaaa aaaggattaa      7200
     tgtaaattgt atttgccagt tatttaagtg attttcatta taatttcctc agtctttagt      7260
     gcaacatgat ccttttaaat aattctcaag tgctcaagag cttaaaccaa gcattatttt      7320
     taagctcatt attacaattt ttctaaaatc aaatatgatt cataatgttt ttgtaatgca      7380
     tttgattttt aaaaattttt acatatataa aacaagagag agcctttggg ctctattaaa      7440
     gtgcaaggcg caaaagcagt aagggcgtgt ccgattccac ttttgctatt ttaaggatgg      7500
     aaaaatacac tccggcgcat ggtctaacag ggttgtgctt attctcttaa taagttatgg      7560
     gtgtgttttg agcataacat gcattaaacc aatcagaatc tcatctccca tttcctttaa      7620
     gagtcagttg catcaagcca tttgctcctc cattcaacct ctttactttt actcacaact      7680
     cctttacagt acttttgtgg ataaacggtg ttgtacgcac tccactgagg acattcatta      7740
     gcctacatat ttaattttgt ttgttatgcg caaagatttc taaacactgt ttttaaattc      7800
     agttctgatt ttcagcaaat taacaaataa acaataataa cgaagtgtgg tcaaacaact      7860
     gagttatatc caaacacacg tcctactctt aagtcccata tggtgatgca gacatttcca      7920
     aaacccggca ggtggacaaa tctaaacttg ttttattaaa acaaatataa atatgcatat      7980
     aataaatgat actgaaaata atagtatcat tataccaatg caaattgtca tgaataaaca      8040
     tgaagaaggc atggaggtag tggtttttat atttatgttg aaaataataa tttttgtaac      8100
     actttaattg tttacttttt tcatatgtaa agatatttgt gaattgctgt acatcatgtg      8160
     tattaagcca tatgtttgga cctgcatagg tgtaactaat gcactctcca gttggtcagt      8220
     ggctcagtct atttcagttc ctcaaaatgg caacgcacca acaatgcgcc ttaacacacc      8280
     ttctttttag accaaaacac ccatgaatct actaagtcac acaaatagat ttgctgttca      8340
     aacaacgtgg ttcaaaatgg gttgtactga tctgaaaata gcaacaaatc gcatcaaacg      8400
     cgccaagtgt atgatagggc ccttggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttagtata gtatttaagt      8460
     aatcccctgg tcatgagtca ggtaggaaaa ttccttggca aatgaaacca gtccaataca      8520
     gcacctttca gccacaaaat ctctgtactg ggaagtcact ttgtagttag acacacacac      8580
     acacatacat ataaacgaac acacatacag atgttacact gagctcatgg caggaagtca      8640
     tacagggtga gttttttcct ctgagtgatc tcttgctttc tttctcattt taatcatgac      8700
     attttatact ctgcagcaca attcggaggt cactgctgga tgataagcac acactgtctg      8760
     aactctctga gtgtgactct gtagttcaag agagaattac ataacacatt caaacaagtc      8820
     tgaaattatt accaaattag ataatttcac ccttctaaaa atgccaattc tgtgatcgtt      8880
     ttcccaccat ccacttgttc aaaaccagtt tgagaggctt ttcttctgtt aaacaccaaa      8940
     ggatatattt cgaagaatgt tggaatctgg cagccactga cttcctcagt taatttccta      9000
     ttatggaatt aagtcaatgg ctagcagttt ccagtgttat attcttttgg gtttgagatc      9060
     tttattattt tctttgaatg tgtatttaac tactcttatt aacgaaatgt gtttatttct      9120
     cctgtctgtc tgcaggggtg gtttgatgtg gaggttgcgg aggatactga tctggcttct      9180
     gggaatctac atcgccatcc ctgttatcat caaagtctgt ccatcaatac aagcaaaatt      9240
     agtattttta aactttggtg agtattttaa acctgttttt ttttttactt tggggaatta      9300
     ttttggccat aatatgcaag ttgtatatgc aatatgcttt tgtatttagg ccaagattcg      9360
     taatatttaa taagtacttg gtctgttatt tcagtcaaat ctcaacgtaa caattttacg      9420
     tttggtcagt ttagtcagtg gctaatttgt tcagtcatac aaatctatac attttttaaa      9480
     aggaggcatg gcaccaaacc ccacacctaa acccaattgt cattagggaa tgagcaaatt      9540
     gtaataaatt ataggaagag atcatataaa ttcaaagcaa ttagccaaaa agttatgaat      9600
     taccatgaga tattgttggt tatttatata cactggcata tagagaattg tttctgatgg      9660
     ttttgaggat ggcaagatga gcaatgtaaa gtagggctca tggatgatca gccaccacat      9720
     ttcagaatgt atgtgattta ggtactaatt gctaagtgta acatttaatt aacatatttt      9780
     taaaggtctg tttctgtgca aacattcaaa ctagggctgc acagcattgg aaaagactga      9840
     cattgagata ttttcttttg ctgtgatatg aatatatttt caccagatta ttcaaatagc      9900
     tctttttgaa aagatttcat taattagatc gacagaggtg accaagcctt tttctatgca      9960
     gtgcatctgc ataaataata ataaattaca agcttagata aaaacgacag agcaaaaagt     10020
     gaagtccaac agcattgaaa tataaaaatt gaacaattaa acgtataata acaaggttat     10080
     cacggtataa atagtttatt tattttcttt aaataaattt ttcataatat atttatcctt     10140
     gaatatataa tcaaatcctg cgatttcctc cataatcaat gtgactattg cagatacata     10200
     cattgcaatt tctatgctca agcgatatat tcagccctaa ttcaagcaat tttaaagaaa     10260
     tcaaacacaa gaaactgcat tgtttgtagg tttaacaatg actaattgta ttttatttac     10320
     acagggaaac tctcttacac aaaataatcc caatcattcc aaaatagcaa actcttttca     10380
     ggtaaacaaa ctttgtagaa aaactaaata tcgcagtgtc attttttcca gtatcatgca     10440
     gccatatttt ggaactattt agtatgtttt tttttttttt tatgttgtta attatgtcag     10500
     tgtttgaaaa ttgagcattt aaaagcatag ttcaccattt ttctcacaat taagtgtttc     10560
     ttagttttta taaatttctt tattttgtta aacataaaac aatatatttt gaagaatgtt     10620
     ggggggaaag tagccattga aatcccaagt aggaacaata tgaaagagaa tagtcatttt     10680
     ttccaacatt attcagtatc ctttgtcttc agctgaaaaa agaaacttaa attggtttag     10740
     aacaactgga atacagtggt ccctcaccat aatgcgtatc accttttgcg gtctcgcagg     10800
     tttttttgca atttgacatg ctttttttta cagcgcattg cgttctgcgt cctgatttgc     10860
     tgtagaccat tgtcgatcaa tctcctccat actgtgtctc cagtacagta caggatgtgt     10920
     tcagcatgga aaatttacgt aaatcttgtt aaataaagtg ctgtactgta tgtttgcaag     10980
     ttttatcccc aacaaagccc acaatgtcaa taaaacattc tgcaccatca acggtagcac     11040
     ccaaaaggca gacgaagatg ctaaccatcg cacaaaaagt tggacttttg ggcatgctaa     11100
     agcaggggtc tcaaactcaa attgtcgggg gttatatcag tgactgacaa ttcataggag     11160
     ggccgcttta acattcaagc acaacaaaaa agtgtaaagc tgatgtataa ggttcactca     11220
     gacattcatc agtatatgca gtcaaagctc ctttttgttt cttattgtac atatggaaaa     11280
     agtagtttta attgctatga aaatactaca attgaataat aaacataata attattttta     11340
     tttttctgtc ccaatcaatt gttgcccaac caaaagttta acagatagcg caagaacaac     11400
     agaaagcaga ttggttaact ttttactggc aattgttttt ctcaatatct ttctttcttt     11460
     gtaaaattac aacaaagagg aggaatatat aattatgtat tgaatgataa cattagaatc     11520
     aaatggcccg cgggccggca gtttgagacc ccagtgctaa aggaaggtaa aagtgctgcg     11580
     agtgtttaaa cgagagaaat gtgtgaaaat acctgagtgt ataaagagtg tagtaagaag     11640
     tcttacagct ttaaaaattg taaaaagtaa gcagactgct tcgtggattt catccattcc     11700
     aggctatttt tagaacataa ctcccgtgat taacgaggga ccactgtgta agcaaatgat     11760
     ggcagaattt tcattttcga ataaactgtc tctttaagcg agtttacaag catttgtgat     11820
     catatatact tgtcattatt taggcctaac tataaccttt tattaatttt tttgaatgtt     11880
     attttatatt aactaaatgt ttatttagaa cagtcattac acatttgcat tttttagaat     11940
     atcccagtgg agccaccatc taccagctgt cattattttc tgttgatgtt tgaattcaat     12000
     actgtacctt ggcgagccag tttccattaa tttctgctgc tgcgtacagt ataaaatata     12060
     ttgaaaggac aagcttagga catttagcct caaggggact gtagtatcca aggagattat     12120
     tacactgact ttttcccctg tgaaataatc agcatgtgat gaacaactct ttagacacat     12180
     tcagtcacgc acactggata tatgatttta gaaattttta ggatacaata gttttgattg     12240
     tcagtcttgt cctggtttat ttgtagctct ctgatgggtt atatcacaca gtttggtgtc     12300
     agtactttta taatgttttt gaaaggtact gttatgttca ccaagactgt gtttaactga     12360
     tttataatac agtgaaaaca gcattcattt gtgaatccct cgataacaaa acaaaaaaca     12420
     gcatatttga ctgaaagtgg catttaaagg tgcacaatgt aaatttgaca cccagtggtt     12480
     gaactaggta ttgcattcct ggattaaaac aaatgcaagc gcaggttgcc agattgagta     12540
     ccaacaaggc tgttctaaat aaaagcatcg gcacctgata gaaggattag tatccttatt     12600
     aaaaggagtt tttgttctaa ccaactcctc gaattgaaat attagaaaca gcttctattt     12660
     ctttccgctg aacaacagaa aacttgctga catgattagt gttaaaagct aacaatgtga     12720
     atttgaatgc catttaactt gacatttatt gtcatatact gaaagcagca gcagatcgtt     12780
     cacctcagat cttgaaaata ataataaaaa aaccttttaa attgaacttt agaactgtga     12840
     aataatgcaa accaacacat ttcagtgata cagcatcaac attcaatact gttaaagaag     12900
     tttaaaatgt attaattcga ttataaacct aaccttttcc tgagtgagtg gacttttatg     12960
     tacttctgaa cggcggtcgt gatttgtctg ttgcagatag cgtgttgtta ggacacaggg     13020
     ttacaatgta acctgctcac ctaatgttta tgttcataat atttatatta tttgttaatt     13080
     aataacctca tgtagaactt ttaatctgca tctcattttg caatctgcta ctgtccacca     13140
     gaggttcatt tcagtcactg gcgcatgctt ttagagcttt tctgaatgaa tgaatgaaat     13200
     atgtgatttt ccacgaagac aacctggggt gctgaaatat aatttgctta actgagagtg     13260
     ggcaggttaa aataaccaaa acaaagacag cgctccagca tagaaaacac atttttaaag     13320
     aagaataatt gactccagca ctgtttttca gataaacaat tatgttcact tggcatgttt     13380
     gttaaatatt tcagggtgtc tacggggtct taaaaactat taaaagttga taaatcaatt     13440
     atgagaaaat taaggtcctt aaaaggtatt aaaaagtcat aatagtgttt ttacgaggtc     13500
     ttaaattttg ttcaagcgtt gtccatccgg ccaagctcct ctatctgggt gaagtcacgt     13560
     aatttgcgac aaacgctgga aggtgatgtg acgctctcca catgtagcga aaccatgaag     13620
     tgaaacagac agcaaaatgg gataatgcaa gtttacatac tcctggttgg agaaagacga     13680
     gtttaaacaa caatggctga aacctgtcgc tgaaaacaac cgtgtaattt attctttcaa     13740
     gctttgtttc ttccgagctt atctgagatc tgttgcatag ttgtgctcta ttgatttacc     13800
     ttcaactgtt taagttaaag atttgatact ggttagaact tggaaatggc aaggtggact     13860
     taaaatattc tgagaaggtc ttgaaagtct taaaaaggta ttgaaataac ctctaggatt     13920
     cctgcatgta ccctgtatct gcaaacatat ttagggaccg agcaccgaaa cggtgcgtag     13980
     gccctattgg aattgctctg tttattaggg accgagcacc gaaacggtgc gtaggcccta     14040
     ttggaattgc tccgttttta gggaccgagc accgaaacgg tgcgtaggcc ctattggaat     14100
     tgctccgttt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt ctcgtccgga atgaatcacg     14160
     gttttgaggg gctaaacatg cccgaaaact cacacaactt tgcacacgcc tcagaagtgg     14220
     tgaaaattta cgtttattat gggcttcgga agtgggcgtg gcaaaatgac tcaacagcgc     14280
     cacctagaaa aattaaacgg acgagccccc gatccacgaa tcacgcacgt gcacgaaaat     14340
     tgacacacac ctcaaacaca ccaaaacata cgaaaaagtc tcttggagcc atatctcaaa     14400
     cccaacagga agtcggatat ttttaacttc ctgtggcgaa aaagtggcgt ttttgccatt     14460
     tccaggcgtt gtattttaac gaactcctcc tagagatttt atccgatcga caccaaaatt     14520
     gggttttgtc atctaaaggc cttggcgatg ttaaattgcg aagctttaga gttttcgtcg     14580
     atgggcgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaact ttgacgattc gccacgaaac aggaagccgt     14640
     tataactcag gcatgcatta tccgatctgc ctcaaaacta acacgcttga taagagtcct     14700
     gacctgaaca catttacatg ccgatatcca gatacagtta cggcgccacc tgctggccac     14760
     aggaaatgac atgatttacg gagtaacaaa ctcctcccac aagttttatc gtatcagcac     14820
     caaaattggg tggtgttatc tgaaagctct ggtgatgata tattgtgaag atctagagtt     14880
     ttcacagagg ggcgtgtccg tggtggcatg acaaacctca acgcttcgcc atggaacagg     14940
     aagtccttat aactcagcca caaaatgtcc aatcagcctg aaacttcaca tggttgataa     15000
     acgtcatctc ttgaacacat ccccataaca atattgaagt gggcgtggca aaatgactcg     15060
     acagcgccac ctagaaaaat taaacggacg agcccccgat acacgaatca cacacatgca     15120
     cgaaaattgg cacacacctc aaacatgcca aaacatacga aaaagtctct tggagccata     15180
     tctcaaactc aacaggaagt cggatatttt taacttcctg cggcgaaaaa gtggcgtttt     15240
     tgccatttct aggcgttata ttttaacgaa ctcctcctag ggattttatc tgattgacac     15300
     caaaattggg ttttgtcatc ttaaagcctt ggtgatgtta aattgcgaag ctttagagtt     15360
     ttcatcgatg gccgtgtccg tggcggcctc gcaaacgttg atgattcgcc acaagacagg     15420
     tagtcgttat aactcaggca tgcaatattc gatctgcctc aaaattcaca catttaataa     15480
     aagtcctgac ctgaacaggt ttacgtgccg atatccagtt acagttatag cgccacctgc     15540
     tggctacagg aaatgtcatg tttgacactg taacaaactc cttccacaaa ctttcccgta     15600
     tcagcaccaa aatagagtgg tgtcatctga aagctctagc gatgatatat tgtgaagatc     15660
     tagagttttt gcagaagggc gtatctgtgg tggcatgaca aacctcaacg cttcgccatg     15720
     gaacaggaat ttcttataac tcaaccacac aatgtctgat ctgcctgaaa cttcacatga     15780
     ttgataaaag tcctcttctg aacacatcca cataacaata ttgagtcagt catagcgcca     15840
     cctgctggca gaagaaattt tggcttgtaa ctcggccaca caatgtcaga tctgcctaaa     15900
     atgtcacatg gttgatgaaa gtcctctcct aaacacatct acataataat attgagtctt     15960
     tcatagcgcc acctgctggc aggatgtagt ttgtcttaaa acacaatctc cacacaatct     16020
     ctgatctgcc tgaaacttca catggttgat aaaagtcggc tcctgaacac atccccataa     16080
     caatattgag tcagtcataa cgccacctgc tggcagaagg tagtttggct tataactcag     16140
     ccacacaatg tcccatgtgc ctgaaacttc acatggttga taacattctt ctccggaaga     16200
     catctacatg ccaatcttaa gtcacagtta tagcgccacc tgctgacagg aggaagtttg     16260
     gcataaatct gtgattttct tagatctttt tttatatatt ggcttaaatt attattgttc     16320
     gctgttctct gtcatcgtaa ggtcaccggg cggcggtgag cccgggtgcg aggtccctat     16380
     catcgctgct tgcagcttta attagggacc gagcaccgaa cggtgcaagg ccctattgga     16440
     attgctccgt ttattaggga ccgagcaccg aaacggtgcg taggccctat tggaattgct     16500
     ccgtttatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattct tctctccaat     16560
     gaatcgcgat ttagaggggc taaacatgcc tgaaaactca cgcaactttg cacacgcctc     16620
     agaagtggcg aaaatttacg tttattatgg gtctcggaag tgggtgtggc aaaatgactc     16680
     gacagcgcca cctagaaaaa ttaaacggat gagcccccga tctacgaatc acgcacatgc     16740
     acgaaaattg gcacacacct caaacatgcc aaaacatacg aaaaagtctc ttggagccat     16800
     atctcaaacc caacaggaag tcggatattt ttgacttcct gcagcgaaaa agtggcgttt     16860
     ttgccatttc caggcgttgt actttaacga actcctccta gggattttat ccgatcgaca     16920
     ccaaaattgg catttgtcat ctaaaggccg tggcaatgtt aaattgcgaa gctttagagt     16980
     tttcgtcgat gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcct cgcaaagttt gacgattcgc cacaaaacag     17040
     gaagtcgtta taactcaggc atgcatcatc cgatctgcct caaaaatcac acgtttaata     17100
     acagtcctga cctgaacacg tttacatgcc gatatccaga tacagttaca gcgccacctg     17160
     ctggccacag gaaatgacat gtttttacag agtaacaaac tcctcccaca aattttatcg     17220
     catcagcacc aaaattgggt agtgttatct aaaagctcta gcgatgatat attgtgaaga     17280
     tctagagttt tcggagaggg gcgtgtctgt ggcggcatga caaacctcaa cgcttcgcca     17340
     ttgaccagga aggctttata actcaaccac acaatgtccg atctgcctga aacttcacat     17400
     ggttgataaa agtcctctcc tgaacacatc cacataacaa tattgaagtg ggcgtggcaa     17460
     atagactcga cagcgccacc tagaaaaatt aaacgaacga gcccccgata tatgaatcac     17520
     gcacatgcac gaaaatcggc acacacctca aacaagccaa aacatacgaa aaagtctctt     17580
     ggagccatat ctcaaaccca acaggaagtc tgatattttt aacttcctgc ggtgaaaaag     17640
     tggcgttttt gccatttcca ggcgttgtat tttaacgaac tcctcctagg gattttatcc     17700
     gatcgacacc aaaattgggt tttgtcatct aaaggccttg gcgatgttaa attgcgaagc     17760
     tttagaggtt ttgtcgatgg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctca caaactttaa cgattcgcca     17820
     caaaaccgga agtcattata actcaggcat gcattatacg atctgcctca aaattcaaat     17880
     gtttaataag agtccagacc agaacaagtt tacatgccga tatccagata cagttatagc     17940
     gccacctgct gaccacagaa aatgtcatga tttacaaagt aataaactca tcccacaaat     18000
     gttttcatat cagcaccaaa tttggttggt tgtgtatctg aaagctcaag cgatgatata     18060
     ttgtgaagat ctagagtttt cgcggagggg cgtgtatgtg gtggcatgac aaacctcaac     18120
     gcttcgccat gaaaaaggaa gtccttataa ctacaccaca caatgtctga tctgcctcaa     18180
     acttcacatg gttgattaaa tttctctcct gaagacatct aaatgccaat attgagtcag     18240
     tcatagcgcc acctagtgac agaaggtagt tttgcttata actcagccac acaatgtcca     18300
     atcagcctga aacttcacag ggttgataaa agtcctctcc tgaagacatc tacatgccaa     18360
     tattgagtca cagtcatagc gccacctgct ggaaacaggt agtttggctt ataactcagc     18420
     cacacaaagt ctgaccagcc tgaaaattta catggttgat taaaatcctc tcctgaagac     18480
     atctacatgc caatatcgag tcacagtcat agcgccacct gctggcaaca ggaaattaca     18540
     tataactcag ccaaacaatg tccgatctgg ctgaaaattc acatggttga taagattcct     18600
     ctactgaagg catctacatg caaatcttga gtcagagtca taacaccacc tgctgacaag     18660
     agaaagtttg gcatgaatga gtgattttct caggttcttt atataaatcg gcttaaatta     18720
     atattgttcg ctgttctctg tcatcctgag gccaacgggc ggcggtgagc ccgggtgcga     18780
     ggtccctatc atcgctgctt gcagctttaa ttattattat tattcttctc tccaatgaat     18840
     cgcgattttg aggggctaaa catgcccgaa aactcacgca actttgcaca cacctcagaa     18900
     gtggcgaaaa tttacgtttt ttatggtctt cggaagtggg cgtggcaaaa tgactcgaca     18960
     gcgccaccta gaaaaattaa acggacaagc ccccgatcca cgaatcacgc acatgcacga     19020
     aaattggccc acacctcaaa catgccaaaa catacaaaaa agtctcttgg agccatatct     19080
     caaacccaac aggaagttgg atatttttga cttcctgcga cgaaaaagtg gcatttttgc     19140
     catttccagg cgttgtattt taacgaactc ctcctaggga ttttatccga tcgacaccaa     19200
     aattgggttt tgtcatctaa aggccttggc gatgttaaat tgcgaagctt tagagttttc     19260
     atcgatgggc gtgtccgtgg cggcctcgca aactttgacg attcgccaca aaagaggaag     19320
     tcgttataac tcaggcatgc attatccgat ctgcctcaaa attcacacgc ttgataagcg     19380
     tcctgacctg aatacgttta catgccaata tccagatata gttatagcgc cacctgctgg     19440
     ccacaggaaa tgacatgatt tacggagtta caaactcctc ccacaaattt tatcgtatca     19500
     acaccaaaat tgagtggtgt tatctgaaag ctctagcgat gatatattgt gaagatttag     19560
     agttttcgca gaggggcgtg tccatggcgg tatgacaaac ctcaacgctt caccatggaa     19620
     caggaagtcc ttataacaca accacacaat gtccgatcag cctgaaactt cacatggttg     19680
     ataaacgtca tctcttgaac acatccacat aacaatattg aagtgggcgt ggcaaaatga     19740
     ctcgacagcg ccacctagaa aaattaaacg gacgagcccc cgatctacga atcacgcaca     19800
     tgcacaaaaa ttggcacaca cctcaaacat ggcaaaaaat atgaaaaagt ctcttggagc     19860
     catatctcaa acccaacagg aagtcggata tttttaactt cctgtggcga aaaagtggcg     19920
     cttttgccat tttcagacgt tgtattttaa cgaactcctc ctagggattt tatctgataa     19980
     acaccaaaat tgggttttgt catcttaaag ccttggtgat gttatattgc gaagctttag     20040
     agttttcatc gatgggcgtg tccgtggcgg cctcgcaaac tttgatgatt cgccacaaaa     20100
     caggaagtct ttataactct ggcatgcaat attcgatctg cctcaaaatt cacacattta     20160
     ataacagtcc tgacctgatc aggtttacgt gccgatatcc agttacagtt atagcgccac     20220
     ctgctggcca caggaaataa catgtttgac actgtaacaa actcctccca caaactttcc     20280
     tgtatcagca ccaaaataga gtggtgtcat ctgaaagctc tagcgatgat atattgtaaa     20340
     gatctagagt ttttgcagag gggcgtgtct gtggtggcat gacaaacctc aacgcttcgc     20400
     catgaaacag gaatttctta taactcaacc acacaatgtc tgatctgcct gaaacttcac     20460
     atgattgata aaagtcctct cctgaacaca tctacataac aatactgagt cagtcatagc     20520
     gccacctgct ggcagaatgt agtttgtctt aaaacacaat ctccacacaa tctcagatct     20580
     gcctgaaact tcacatggtt gataaaagtc cgctcctgaa cacatccaca taacaatatt     20640
     gagtcagtca taacgccacc tgctggcaga aggtagtttg gcttataact cagccacaca     20700
     atgtcccatg tgcctgaaac ttcacatggt tgataatatt cctctccgga agacatctac     20760
     atgccaatct taagtcacag ttatagcgcc acctgctgac aggtggaagt ttggtataaa     20820
     tctgtgattt tcttagattt ttttttatat atcggcttaa attattattg ttcgctgttc     20880
     tctgtcatcg taaggtcacc gggcggcggt gagcccgggt gcgaggtccc tttcatcgct     20940
     gcttgcagct ttaattaggg accgagcacc gaaacggtgc gtaggcccta ttggaattgc     21000
     tccgtttttt attattatta ttattattat tccgccccct atcggggcac ttttgagggt     21060
     ctaaacatgc ccgaaaactc atgaaaatat gcacacacac caaacgcggt gtaaatagca     21120
     ggttgatatg ggtctcggaa gtgggtgtgg caaaatgact cgacagcgcc acctagaaaa     21180
     attaaacgga cgagcccccg atacacgaat cacgcacatg caccaaaatt ggcacacacc     21240
     tcaaacacac caaaccatac gaaaaagtct cttggagcca tatctcaaac ccaagaggaa     21300
     gtcggatatt tttaacttcc tgcggtgaaa aagtggcaat tttgccattt ccaggcgttg     21360
     tattttaacg aactcctcct agggatttta ttcgatcgac accaaaatca gattttgtca     21420
     tctaaaggcc ttggcgatgt taaattgcga agctttagag ttttcgccga tgggcgtgtc     21480
     cgtgggggcc tcacaaactt tgacgattcg ccactaaaca ggaagtcgtt ataactcagg     21540
     catgcaatat ccgatctgcc tcaaaattca cacctttgat aacagtcctg acctgaacac     21600
     gtttacatgc cgatatccag atacagttat agcgccacct gctggccaca ggaaatgaca     21660
     tgatttacgg agtaataaac tcctcccaca aattttatcg tataagcagc aaaattgggt     21720
     ggtgttatct gaaagctcta gcgatgatat attgtgaaga tctagagttt tcgcagaggg     21780
     gcgtgtccgt ggcggtatga caaacctcaa cgcttcgcca tggaacagga agtccttata     21840
     actcaaccac acaatgtccg atctgcctga aacttcacat ggttgataaa cgtcatctct     21900
     tgaacacatc cacataacaa tattgaagtg ggcgtggcaa aatgactcga cagcgccacc     21960
     tagaaaaatt aaacggacaa gcccccgatc tacgaatcac gcacatgcac aaaaattggc     22020
     acacacctca aacatggcaa aacatacgaa aaagtctctt ggagccatat ctcaaaccca     22080
     acaggaagtc ggatattttt aacttcctgt ggcgaaaaag tggcgctttt gccatttcca     22140
     ggcgttgtat tttaacgaac tcctcctagg aattttatcc gatcgacacc aaaattgggt     22200
     tttgtcatct taaagccttg gtgatgttaa attgcgaagc tttagagttt tcatcgatgg     22260
     gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctcg caaactttga ttcaccacaa aacaggaagt tgttataact     22320
     caggcatgga atattcgatc tgcctcaaaa ttcacacatt ttatagcagt cctgacctga     22380
     acacgtttac gtgccgatat ccagttacag ttatagcgcc acctgctggc cacaggaaat     22440
     gacatgtttg acacagtaac aaactccttc cacaaacttt cccgtatcag caccaaaata     22500
     gagtggtgtc atctgaaagc tctagcgatg atatattgtg aagatctaga gtttttgcag     22560
     aggggcgtgt ctgtggcggc atgacaaacc tcaacgcttc gccatggaac aggaagttat     22620
     tataactgaa ccacacaatg tctgatctgc ctgaaacttc acatgattga taaacgtcct     22680
     ctcctgagca catctacata ataatattga gtcatagcgc cacctgctgg cagaaggaag     22740
     tttggcttgt aactcggcca tacaatgtca gatctgccta aaatctcaca tggttgataa     22800
     aagtcctcgc cttagcacat ctatataata atattgagtc tttaatagcg ccacctgctg     22860
     gaagaaggta gtttgtctta taacacaatc tccacacaat ctctgatctg cctgaaactt     22920
     cacatggttg ataaaagtcc actcctgaac acatccacat aacaatattg agtcagtcat     22980
     aacgccacct gctggcagaa ggtagtttgc ctgataactc agccacacaa tgtcccatgt     23040
     gcctgaaact tcacatggtt gataagattc ttctctggaa gacatctaca tgccaatctt     23100
     gagtcacagt tatagcgcca cctgctgaca ggaggaagtt tggcataaat atgtgatttt     23160
     cttagatttt ttaaatatat tggcttaaat tattattgtt cgctgttctc tgtcatcgta     23220
     gggtcaccgg gcggcggtga gcccgggtgc gaggtcccta tcatcgctgc ttgcagcttt     23280
     aattattatt attattatta ttccgccccc tatcggggca cttttgaggg tctaaacatg     23340
     cccgaaaact catgaaaatt tgcacacaca ccaaacccgg tgtaaatagc aggttgatat     23400
     gggtcttgga agtgggcgtg gcaaaatgac tcgacagcgc cacctagaaa aattaaacgg     23460
     acgagccccc gatccacgaa tcacgcacat gcacgaaaat tggcacacac ctcaaacacg     23520
     ccaaaacata cgaaaaagtc tcttggagcc atatctcaaa cccaacagga agtcggatat     23580
     ttttaacttc ctgctgcaaa aaagtggcgt ttttgccatt tccaggcgtc gtattttaac     23640
     gaactcctcc tagggatttt atccgatcga caccaaaatt gggttttgac atctaaaggc     23700
     cttggcgatg ttaaattgcg aagctttaga gttttcgtcg atgggcgtgt ccgtggcggt     23760
     ctcgcaaact ttgacgattc gccacaaaac aggaagtcgt tataactcag gcatgcatta     23820
     tccgatctgc ctcaaaattc acacgtttga taagagtcct gacctgaaca agtttacatg     23880
     ccgatatcca gatacagtta tagcgccacc tgctggccac aggaaatgac atgttttaca     23940
     ttgtaacaaa ctcctcccac aaattttttc gtatcagcac caaatttggg ttgtgttatc     24000
     tgaaagccct aacgatgata tattgtgaag atctagagtt ttcgcagagg ggcgtgtccg     24060
     tggcagcatg acaaacctca acgcttcgcc atggaacagg aagtcctcat aactcaagca     24120
     cacaatgtcc gatctgcctg aaacttcaca tggttgataa aagttctctc ctgaacacat     24180
     cctcataaca atattgaagt gggcgtggca aattgactcg acagcgccac ctagaaaaat     24240
     taaacggacg agcccccgat ccacgaatca cgcacatgca cgaaaattgg cacacacctt     24300
     aaacacgcca aaacatacaa aaaagtctct tggagccata tctcaaaccc aacaggaagt     24360
     tggatatttt taacttcctg cggcaaataa gtggcatttt tgccatttcc aggcgttgta     24420
     ttttaacgaa ctcctcctag gaattttatc ctatcgacac caaaatttgg ttttgtcatc     24480
     taaaggcctt ggcgatgtga aattgtgaag ctttagaggt tttgtcgatg ggcgtgtctg     24540
     tggcggcctc gcaaacttta acgattcgcc acaaaaccgg aagtcattat aactcaggca     24600
     ttcattatca gatctgcctc aaaattcaca catttgataa cagtccggac ctgaatacgt     24660
     ttatatgctg atatccagat agagttatag cgccacctgc tggccacagg aaatgacatg     24720
     ttttacgttg taatatactc cttccgcaaa ctttattata tcagcaccaa atttgagtga     24780
     tgatatttga aaactctagc gatgatatat tgtaaagatc tagagatttt gcagaagggc     24840
     gtgtccgtgg cggcatgaca aacctcaacg cttcgccatg gaacaggaaa tgcatataac     24900
     tcaaccacac aatgtccgat ctccctgata cttcacaagg ttgatcatat tcctctcctg     24960
     aacacatcaa cataacaaaa ttgagtctgt catagcgcca cctgctggca gaaggtagtt     25020
     tggcttgtaa ctcggccaca caatgtccga tctgcctgaa acttcacatg gttgataaaa     25080
     gtcctctcct aagcacatct acataattat atttagtcag tcatagcgcc acctgctggc     25140
     agaaggtagt ttggcttata actcagccac acaatctctg atctgcatga aacttcatat     25200
     ggttgataaa agtcctctcc tgaacacatc cacataacaa tattgagtca gtcatggcgc     25260
     cacctgctgg cagaagatag tttgacttat aactcagcca cacaaagtct gaccagcctg     25320
     aaaatttaca tggttgatta aaatcctctt ctgaagacat ctacatgcaa atcttgagtc     25380
     acagtcatag agccacctgc ttacaagagg aagtttggca tgaatgttag attttctcat     25440
     gttctttata tatatcggtt taaattatta ttgttcgcta ttctctgtca tcctgaggcc     25500
     actgggcggc ggtgagcccg ggtgcgaggt ccctatcatc gctgcttgca gctttaatta     25560
     ttattattat tcttctctcc aatgaatcgc gattttgagg ggctaaacat gcccgaaaac     25620
     tcacgcaact ttgcacacac ctcagaagtg gcgaaaattt acgtttatta tggtcttcgg     25680
     aagtgggcgt ggcaaaatga ctcgacagcg ccacctagaa aaattaaacg gacaagcccc     25740
     cgatccacga atcacgcaca tgcacgaaaa ttggcccaca cctcaaacat gccaaaacat     25800
     acaaaaaagt ctcttggagc catatctcaa acccaacagg aagtcggata tttttgactt     25860
     cctgcgacga aaaagtggca tttttgccat ttccaggcgt tgtattttaa cgaactcctc     25920
     ctagggattt tatccgatcg acaccaaaat tggcttttgt catctaaagg ccttggcgat     25980
     gttaaattgc gaagctttag agttttcgtc gatgggcgtg tccgtggcgg cctcgcaaac     26040
     tttgacgatt cgccacaaaa caggaagtcg ttataactca ggcatgcatt atcagatctg     26100
     cctcaaaatt cacacgcttg ataagagtcc tgacctgaac acgtttacat gccaatatcc     26160
     agatacagtt atagcgccac ctgctggcca caggaaatga catgttttac atcataacaa     26220
     actcctccca caaatttttt cgtatcagca ccaaatttgg gttgttttat ctgaaagccc     26280
     tagcgatgat atattgtgaa gatctagagt tttcgcagag gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcat     26340
     gacaaacctc aaagcttcgc catggaacag gaagtcctta taactcaagc acacaatgtc     26400
     agctctgcct gaaacttcac atggttgata aacgtcatct cttgaacaca tcctcataac     26460
     aataatgaag tgggcatggc aaaatgactc gacagcgcca cctataaaaa ttaaacggac     26520
     gagcccctga tctacgaatc atgcacatgc acgaaaattg gcacacacct taaacatgcc     26580
     aaaacatacg aaaaagtctc ttggagccat aactcaaacc caacaggaag tcggatattt     26640
     ttaacttcct gcggcaaata agtggcattt ttgccatttc caggctttgt atcttaacaa     26700
     actcctccaa gggattttat gctatcgaca ccaaaattgg gttttgttat ctaaaggcct     26760
     tgtcgatgtt aaattgcgaa gctttagagg ttttgtcgat gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcct     26820
     cgcaaacttt aacgattcgc cacaaaaccg gaagtcatta taactcaggc atgcattatc     26880
     cgatctgcct caaaattcac atgtttaata taagtccaga ccagaacaag tttacatgcc     26940
     gatatccaga tacagttaca gcgccacctg ctggccacag aaaatgtcat gatttacaaa     27000
     gtaataaact cattccacaa atgttttcat atcagcacca aatttggttg gttgtgtatc     27060
     tgaaagctca agcgatgata taatatgaag atctagagtt ttcgcagagg ggcgtgtatg     27120
     tggtggcatg acaaacctca atgcttcgcc atgaaacagg aagtccttat aacttaacca     27180
     cacaatgtcc aatcagcctg aaacttcaca tggttgatta aatttatctc ctgaacaaat     27240
     ctacattgca atattgaatc acagtcctag cgccacctac tgacagaagg aagtttggca     27300
     taaatctgtg attttctcaa gttttttata tatatcagct taagatatta ttgttcactg     27360
     atttctgtca tcctgaggcc accgggcggc ggtgagcccg ggtgcgaggt ccctatcatc     27420
     gctgcttgca gctttaatta gggaccgagc accgaaacgg tgcgtaggcc ctattggaat     27480
     tgctccgttt tttattatta ttattattat tattattccg cccccaatcg gggcactttt     27540
     gagggtctaa acatgcccga aaactcacga aaatttgcac acacaccaaa cgcggtgtaa     27600
     atggctgggt tttaggggtt tcggaagtgg gcgtggcaaa atgactcgac agcgccacct     27660
     agaaaaatta aacggatgag cccccgatcc acgaatcacg cacatgcacg aaaattggca     27720
     cacacatcaa acatgccaaa acatacgaaa aagtctcttg gagccatatc tcaaacccaa     27780
     caggaagtcg gatattttta acttcctgcg gcgaaaaagt ggcgtttttg ccatttccag     27840
     gcgttgtatt ttaacgaact cctcctaggg atttgatccg atcaacacca aaattgggtt     27900
     ttgtcatcta aagtccttgg cgatgttaaa ttgcgaagct ttagagtttt cgtcgatggg     27960
     cgtgtccgtg gcggcctcgc aaactttgac gattcgccac aaaacaggaa gtcgttataa     28020
     ctcaggcatg cattatccga tctgcctcaa aattcacacg tttaataaaa gtccagacca     28080
     gaacacattt acatgccaat atccagatac agttatagcg ccacctgctg gccacaggaa     28140
     atgacatgtt ttacatcgta acaaactcct cccacaaatt tttttgtatc agcaccaaat     28200
     ttgggttgtg ttatctgaaa gccctagcga tgatatattg tgaagatcta gagttttcgc     28260
     agatgggcgt gtccgtggcg gtatgacaaa cctcaacgct tcgccatgga acaggaagtc     28320
     cttataactc aaccacacaa tgtcagctct gcctgaaact tcccatggtt gataaacgtc     28380
     atctcttgaa cacatccaca taacaatatt gaagtgggcg tggcaaaatg actcgacagc     28440
     gccacctata aaattttaac ggtcgagccc ccgatctacg aatcacgcac atgcacgaaa     28500
     attggcacac acctcaaaca tgccaaaaca tacgaaaaag tctcttggag ccataactca     28560
     aacccaacag gaagtcggat atttttaact tcctgaggcg aaaaagtggc attttcgcca     28620
     tttccagccg ttgtatttta acgaactcct cctagggatt ttatccgatc aacaccaaaa     28680
     ttgggttttg tcatctaaag gccttggcga tgttaaattg cgaagctttt gagttttcgt     28740
     cgatgggcgt gtccgtgacg attcgccaca aaacaggaag tcgttatcac ttaggcatgc     28800
     attatccgtt ctgcctcaaa attcacacat ttgataagag tcctgacctg aacacgttta     28860
     catgccgata tccagataca gttttagcgc cacctgctgg ccacaggaaa tgacatgatt     28920
     tacactgtaa taaactcctc ccacaaactt tatcgtatca gcgtcaaatt tgaggggtgt     28980
     catttgaaag ctctatcagt gatatattgt gaagatctag agttttcaca aaggggcgtg     29040
     tccgtggcgg catgacaaat ctcaactctt cgccgtggaa caggatggct ttataactca     29100
     aacacacaat gtctgatctg cctgaaactt cacatggttg ataaaagtcc tctcctgaac     29160
     ataactacat gccaatattg agtcacagtc atagcaccac ctgctggcag aaggaatttt     29220
     ggcttataac ttaaccacac aatgtctgat ctgcaagaaa ctacacatgg ttgattaaat     29280
     tcctcttctg aagacattta aatgccaata ctgaatctgt catagtgcca cctgctggca     29340
     gaagatagtt tggcttataa ctcagccaga caatgtctga acagcttgaa acttcacatg     29400
     gttaattaaa atccactcct aaagacatct acatgccaat attgattgaa agtcatagcg     29460
     ccacctgctg acagaaggaa ttttggctta taactcagcc atagaatgtc tgacctgccg     29520
     gaaacttcac attgtggata aaagtcctct cctgaagaca tctacaaaac agtattgagt     29580
     cacagtcata gcgccacctg ctggcaacca gaagtttggc ttataactca gccaaacaat     29640
     attcgatctg cctgaaaatt gacatagttg ataagattcc tttactgaag gcatctacat     29700
     aacaatcttg agtcacagtt atagcgccac ctgctgacag gaggaagttc ggcataaatc     29760
     tgtgattttc tcaggttctt tataaatatc ggcttaaatt aaggttgttc gctgttctct     29820
     attatcctga ggccaccgga cggcggtgag cccgggtgcg aggtccctat catcgctgct     29880
     tgcagcttta attattatta ttattattct tttccggaat gaatcgcgat ttagaggggc     29940
     taaacatgcc cgaaaactca cgcaactttg cacacgcctc agaagtggcg aaaatttacg     30000
     tttgttacag gtctcggaag tgggcgtggc aaaatgactc gacagcgcca cctagaaaaa     30060
     ttaaactgac aagcccccga tccacgaatc acgcacatgc acgaaaattg gcacacacct     30120
     caaacatgcc aaaacatacg aaaaagtctc ttggagccat atctcaaacc caacaggaag     30180
     tcggatattt ttaacttcct gcggtgaaaa agtggcattt ttgccatttc caggcgttgt     30240
     attttaacga actcctccta gggattttat cccattgaca ccaaaattag gttttgtcat     30300
     ctaaaggcct tggcgatgtt aaattgcgaa gctttagagt tttggtcgat gggcgtgtcc     30360
     gtggcggcct cgcaaacttt gacgattcgc cacaaaacag gaagtcatta taactcaggc     30420
     atgcattatc cgatctgctt caactttcac acgtttgata agagtcctga cctgaacacg     30480
     tttacatgct gatatccaga tacagttata gcgccacctg ctggccacag gaaatgacat     30540
     gttttacaga gtaacaaact cctcccacaa attttttcgt atcagcacca aattttggtt     30600
     gtgttatctg aaagctctag cgatgatata ttgtgaagat ctagagtttt cgcagagggg     30660
     cgtgtccgtg gcggcatgac aaacctcaac gcttcgccat ggaaaaggaa gtccttataa     30720
     ctcagccaca caatgtccga tcagcctgaa acttcacatg tttgataaaa gtcctctcct     30780
     gaacacatcc tcataacaat aatgaagtgg gcgtggcaaa atgactcgac agcgccacct     30840
     attaaaatta aacggacgag cccctgatct acgaatcacg cacatgcacg aaaattggca     30900
     cacacctcaa acacgccaaa acatacgaaa aagtctcttg gagccatatc tcaaacccaa     30960
     caggaaatcg gctattttta acttcctgca gaaaataagt ggcatttttg caatttccag     31020
     gctttgtatc ttaacgaact cctcctaggg attttatctt atcgacacca aaattgggtt     31080
     ttgtcatcta aaggccttgg cggtgttaaa ttgcggagct ttagagtttt tgtagatggg     31140
     cgtgtccgtg gtggcctcgc aaactttgac cattcgccac aaaactggaa gtcgttataa     31200
     ctcaggcatg cattatccga tctgcctcaa aattcacgtt taatataagt ccagaccaga     31260
     acacgtttac atgccgatat ccagatatag ttatagcgcc acctgctggc cacaggaaat     31320
     gtcatgattt acagagtaat aaactcctcc cgctaatttt ttcgtatcag cattaaattt     31380
     ggttggttgt tatctaaatg ctcaagcgat gatatattgt gaagatctag agtttttgca     31440
     gaggggcgtg tccgtggtgg caagacaaac ctcaacgctt cgccatggaa caggaagtcc     31500
     ttataactta accacacaat gtccgatcag cctgaaactt cacatggttg aataaattca     31560
     tctcctgaag acatctaaat gctaatattg agtcacagtc atagcgccac ctgctgacag     31620
     aaggaatttt gccttataac ttaaccacac aatgtctgat ctacctgaaa ctttacattg     31680
     tggataaaag tcctctccta aacacatcta cataataata atgagtctgt catagcgcca     31740
     cctgctggca gattgtagtt tggcttataa ctcagccaaa caacgtccga tctgcctgaa     31800
     aattcacatg gttgataaga ctcttctact gaaggcatct acataacaat ttttagtcac     31860
     agttatagcg ccacctgctg acaggaggaa gttcggcata aatctgtgat ttctctgttt     31920
     atttatatat atcggcttaa attaatgttg ttcgctgttc tctgtcatcc tgaggccacc     31980
     gggcggcggt gagcccgggt gcgaggtccc tatcatcgct gcttgcagct ttaattaggg     32040
     accgagcacc gaaacggtgc gtaggcccta ttggaattgc tccgtttttt attattatta     32100
     gggaccgagc accgaaacgg tgcgtaggcc ctattggaat tgctccgttt tttattatta     32160
     ttattattat tattccgccc cctatcgggg cacttttgag ggtctaaaca tgcccgaaaa     32220
     ctcatgaaaa tttgcacaca caccaaacgc ggtgtaaata gcaggttgat atgggtctcg     32280
     gaagtgggcg tggcaaaatg actcgacagc gccacctaga aaaattaaac ggacgagccc     32340
     ccgatacacg aatcacgcac atgcacgaaa attggcacac acctcaaaca tgccaaacca     32400
     tacgaaaaag tctcttggag ccatatctca aacccaacag gaagtcggat atttttaact     32460
     tcctgcggcg aaaaagtggt gtttttgcca tttccaggcg ttgtatttta acgaactcct     32520
     cctagggatt ttatccgatc gacaccaaaa ttgggttttg tcatctaaag gccttggcga     32580
     tgttaaattg cgaagcttta gagtttttgt cgatgggcgt gtccgtggcg ccctcgcaaa     32640
     ctttgatgat tcaccacaaa acaggaagtc gttataactc aggcatgcat tatcagatct     32700
     gcctcaaaat tcacacgctt gataagcgtc ctgacctgaa cacgtttaca tgccaatatc     32760
     cagatatagt tatagcgcca cctgctggcc acaggaaatg acatgattta cggagtaata     32820
     aactcctccc acaaattttt tcgtatcagc accaaatttg ggtggtgtta tttgaaagct     32880
     ctagcaatga tatattgtga agatctagag ttttcgcaga ggggcgtgtc cgtggcggta     32940
     tgacaaacct caacgcttcg ccatggaaca ggaagtcctt ataactcaac cacacaatgt     33000
     ccgatctgcc tgaaacttca catggttgat aaacgtcatc tcttgaacac atccacataa     33060
     caatattgaa gtgggcgtgg caaaatgact caacagcgcc acctagaaaa attaaacgga     33120
     cgagcccccg agctacgaat cacgcacatg cacgaaaatt ggcacacacc ttaaacatgc     33180
     caaaacatac gaaaaagtct cttggagcca tatctcaaac ctaacaggaa gtcagatatt     33240
     attaacttcc tgcggcgaaa aagtggcatt tttgccattt ccaggcgttg tattttaacg     33300
     cactcctcct agggatttta tccgatcgac accaaaattg ggttttatca tctaaaggcc     33360
     ttggcgatgt taaattgcga agctttagag tttttgtcga tgggcgtgtc cgtggcggcc     33420
     tcgcaaactt tgatgattcg ccacaaaaca ggaagtcgtt ataactcagg catgcattat     33480
     cagatctgcc tcaaaattca cacatttaat aacagtcctg acctgatcag gtttacgtgc     33540
     cgatatccag ttacagttat agcgccacct gctggccaca ggaaatgaca tgtttgacac     33600
     tataacaaac tcctaccaca aactttcccg tatcagcacc aaaatagagt ggtgtcatct     33660
     gaaagctcta gcgatgatat attgtaaaga tctagagttt ttgcagaggg acgtgtctgt     33720
     ggtggcatga caaacctcaa cgcttcgcca tggaacagga agtccttata actctaccat     33780
     acaatgtccg atttgcctga aacttcacat gattgataaa agtcctctcc tgaacacatc     33840
     tacataacaa tattgagtca gtaataatgc catctgctgg cagaaggtag tttggcttgt     33900
     aactcggcca tacaatgtcc gatctgtcta aaatgtcaca cgcttgataa gagtcctgac     33960
     ctgaacacgt ttacatatcg atatccagat agagttatag cgccacctgc tggccacagg     34020
     aaatgacatg atttacagag taacaaactc ctcccacaaa ctttatcgta tcagcaccaa     34080
     atttgagtgg tgtcatctga aagctgtatc ggtgatatat tgtgaagatt tcgagttttc     34140
     accgaggggt gtgtctgtgg cggcatgaca aacctcaaca cttcgccatg gaacaggaag     34200
     tccttctaac tcaaccacac aatatctgat ctgcctgaaa cttcacaaga ttgataaaag     34260
     tccgctcctg aacacatcta cataacaata ttgagtcagt cataacgcca cctgctggca     34320
     gaaggtagtt tggcttataa ctcaaccaca caatgtccca tgtgcctgaa acgtcacatg     34380
     gttgataaga ttcctctcca gaagacatct acatgccaat cttgagtcac agttatagtg     34440
     ccacctgctg acaggaggaa gtttggcata aatctgtgat tttcttagat ttttaaaata     34500
     atattggctt aaattattat tgttcgctgt tctctgtcat cgtaaggtca acgggcggcg     34560
     gtgagcccgg gtgcgaggtc cctatcatcg ctgcttgcag ctttaattag ggaccgagca     34620
     ccgaacggtg caaggcccta ttggaattgc tccgtttatt agggaccgag caccgaaacg     34680
     gtgcgtaggc cctattggaa ttgctccgtt tattattatt attattatta ttattattat     34740
     tattattatt cttctctcca atgaatcgcg atttagaggg gctaaacatg cccgaaaact     34800
     cacgcaactt tgcacacgcc tcagaagtgg cgaaaattta cgtttattat aggtctcgga     34860
     agtgggtgtg gcaaaatgac tcgacagcgc cacctagaaa aattaaacgg acgagccccc     34920
     gatctacgaa tcacgcacat gcacgaaaat tggcacacac cttaaacatg ccaaaacata     34980
     cgaaaaagtc tcttggagcc atatctcaaa cccaacagga agtcagatat ttttgacttc     35040
     ctgcggcgaa aaagtggcgt ttttgccatt tccaggcgtt gtactttaac gaactcctcc     35100
     tagggatttt atccgatcga caccaaaatt ggcttttgtc atctaaaggc cttggcgatg     35160
     ttaaattgcg aagcttttga gttttcgtcg atgggcgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaagt     35220
     ttgacgattc gacacaaaac aggaagtcgt tataactcag gcatgcatta tccgatctgc     35280
     ctcaaaattc acacgtttaa taacagtcct gacctgaaca cgtttacatg ccaatattca     35340
     gatacagtta cagcgccacc tgctggccac aggaaatgac atgttttaca gagtaacaaa     35400
     ctcctcccac aaattttatc gcatcagcac caaaattggg tagtgttatc taaaagctct     35460
     agcgatgata tattgtgaag atctagagtt ttcggagagg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcatg     35520
     acaaacctca acgcttcgcc attgaccagg aaggctttat aactcaacca cacaatgtcc     35580
     gatctgcctg aaacttcaca tggttgataa aagtcctctc ctgaacacat ccacataaca     35640
     atattgaagt gggcgtggca aatagactcg acagcgccac ctaccaaaat taatcggacg     35700
     agcccctgat atacgtatca cacacatgaa cgaaaattgg cacacacctc aaacatgcca     35760
     aaacatacga aaaagtctct tggagccata tctcaaactc aacaggaagt cagatatttt     35820
     taacttcctg ctgtaaaaaa gtggcgtttt tgccatttcc aggcgtagta ttttaacgaa     35880
     ctcctcctag ggattttatc cgatcaacac caaaatttgg ttttgtcatc taaaggcctt     35940
     gtcgatgtta aattgcgaag atctagagtt ttcggagagg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcatg     36000
     acaaacctca acgcttcgcc attgaccagg aagtccttat aattcaacca cacaatgtcc     36060
     gatctgcctg aaactacaca tggttgataa aagtcctctc ataaacacat ccacataaca     36120
     atattgagtc agtcatagcg ccacctgctg gcaaccggaa gtttggctta taactcagcc     36180
     acacaatgtt tgacctgcct gaaaattcac atggtttatt aaaatccgct cctgaagaca     36240
     tctacaagcc aataatgagt cacagtcata gcgccacctg ctggcaatag gaagttactt     36300
     ataactcagc caaacaatgt tcgatctgcc tgaaaaatta catggttgat aaaatttatt     36360
     tcctgaaggc atctacatgc caatattgac tcacagtctt agcgcaacct gctgacaggt     36420
     ggaagtttgg cataaatctg tgattttctc aggtttttta catatacatt ggcttaaatt     36480
     aatattgttc gctgttctct gtcatcctga ggccaccggt cggcggtgag cccgggtgcg     36540
     aggtccctat catcgctgct tgcagcttta attagggacc gagcaccgaa acggtgcgta     36600
     ggccctattg gaattgctcc gttttttatt attattatta ttattattat tattattccg     36660
     ccccctatcg gggcactttt gagggtctaa acatgcccga aaactcatga aaatttgcac     36720
     acacaccaaa ccctgtgtaa atagcaggtt gatatgggtc tcggaagtgg gcgtggcaaa     36780
     atgactcgac agcgccacct agaaaaatta aacggacgag cccccaatcc acgaatcaca     36840
     cacatgcacg aaaagtggca cacacctcga acatgccaaa acatacgaaa aagtctcttg     36900
     gagccatatc tcaaacccaa caggaagtcg gatatttttg acttcctgcg gcgaaaaagt     36960
     ggcgtttttg ccatttccaa gcgttgtatt ttaacgaact cctcctaggg attttatccg     37020
     atcgacacca aaattgggtt ttgtcatcta aaggccttgg cgatggtaaa ttgcgaagct     37080
     ttagagtttt cgtcgatggg cgtgtccatg gcggcctcgc aaactttgac aattcgccac     37140
     aaaacaggaa gtcgttataa ctcaggcatg cattatccga tctgcctcaa aattcacaca     37200
     cttgataaga gtcctgacct gaacacgttt acatgccaat atccagatac agttatagcg     37260
     ccacctgctg gccacaggaa atgacatgtt ttacactgta acaaactcct cccacaaatt     37320
     ctttcgaatc agcaccaaat ttgggttgtg ttatctgaaa gctctagcaa tgatatattg     37380
     tgaagatcta gagttttcgg agaggggcgt gtccgttgcg ccatgacaaa cctcaaccct     37440
     tcgccatgga aaaggaagtc ctcataactc aaccacacaa agtccggtca gcctgaaact     37500
     tcacatggtt gataaaagtc ctcccctgaa cacatccaca taacaatatt gaagtgggcg     37560
     tggcaaaatg actcgacagc gccacctaga aaaattaaac ggacgagccc ctgatctacg     37620
     aatcacgcac ataagcgaaa attggcacac acctcaaaca cgccaaaaca tacgaaaaag     37680
     tctcttggag ccatatttca aacccaacag gaagtcggat atttttaact tcctgctgca     37740
     aataagtggc atttttgcca tttccaggca ttgtatctta acgaactcct cctagggatt     37800
     ttatgctatc gacaccaaaa ttgagttttg tcatctaaag gccttggcga tgttaaattg     37860
     cggagcttta tagtttttgt cgatgcgcgt gtccgtggcg gccccgcaaa ctttgacgat     37920
     tcgccacaaa accggaagtc attataactt aggcatgcat tatccgatct gcctcaaaat     37980
     tcacatgttt aaaaagagtc cagaccagaa cacgtttaca tgccaatatc cagatacagt     38040
     tatagcgcca cctgctggcc acaggaaatg tcatgattta cagagtaata aactccttcc     38100
     actatttttt ttgtatcagc accaagtttg gtgggttgtt atctgaaagc ttaagtgatg     38160
     atatattgtc aagatctaga gtttttgcag aggggcgtgt ccgtggcggc atgacaaacc     38220
     tcaacacttc gccgtggaac aggaagaaaa tttacgtttg ttatgggctt tggaagtggg     38280
     tgtggcaaaa tgactcgaca gcgccaccta gaaaaattaa acggacgagc ccccgatcca     38340
     cgaatcacgc acatgcacga aaattggcac acacctcaaa cacaccaaaa catacgaaaa     38400
     agtctcttgg agccatatct cagacccaac aggaagtcgg atatttttaa cttcctgtgg     38460
     agaaaaagtg gcgcttttgc catttccagg cgttgtattt taacgaactc ctcctaggga     38520
     ttttatctga taaacaccaa aattgggttt tgtcaactta aagccttggt gatgttaaat     38580
     tgcgaagctt tagagttttc atcgatgggc gtgtccgtgg cggcctcgca aactttgatg     38640
     aatcgccaca aaacaggaag tcgttataac tcagggatgc attattcgat ctgcctcaaa     38700
     attcacacat ttaatacagt cctgacctga tcaggtttac gtgccgatat ccagttacag     38760
     ttatagcgcc acctgctggc cacaggaaat gacatgtttg acaatgtaac aaactcctcc     38820
     cacaaacttt cccgtatcag caccaaaata gagtggtgtc atctgaaagc tctagcgatg     38880
     atatattgtg aagatctaga gtttttgcaa aagggcgtgt ctgtggtggc atgacaaacc     38940
     tcaacgcttc gccatggaac aggaagttat tataactcaa ccacacaatg tctgatctgc     39000
     ctgaaacttc acatgattga taaaagtcct ctcctgaaca catccacata acaatattga     39060
     gtcagtcata gcgccacctg ctggcagaag gaattttggc ttgtaactcg gccacacaat     39120
     gtcagatctg cctaaaatat cacatggttg atgaaagtct tctcctaaac acatctacat     39180
     aataatattg agtctttcat agcgccacct gctggcagaa tgtagtttgt cttaaacaca     39240
     atctccacac aatctctgat ctgcctaaaa cttcacatgg ttgataaaag tctgctcctg     39300
     aacacatcca cataacaata ttgagtcagt cataacgcca cctgctggca gaaggtagtt     39360
     tggcttataa ctcagccaca caatgtccca tgtgcctgaa acttcacatg gttgataaga     39420
     ttcctctccg gaagacatct acatgccaat cttaagtcag agttatagcg ccacctgctg     39480
     acaggaggaa gtttggcata aatctgtgat tttcttagat tttttttaat atatcggctt     39540
     aaattattat tgttcgctgt tctctgtcat cgtaaggtca ccgggaggcg gtgagcctgg     39600
     gtgcgaggtc cctatcatcg ctgcttgcag ctttaattat tattattatt attattatta     39660
     ttattattct tttccggaat gaatcgcgat tttgaggggc taaacatgcc cgaaaactca     39720
     cggaactttg cacacgcctc agaagtggcg aaaatttacg tttattatgg gtctcggaag     39780
     tgggcgtggc aaaatgactc gacagcgcca cctagaaaaa ttaaacggac gagcccccga     39840
     tccacgaatc acgcacatgc acgaaaattg gcacacacct caaacatgcc aaaacatacg     39900
     aaaaagtctc ttggagccat atctcaaatc caacaggaag tcagatattt ttaacttcct     39960
     gcagcgaaaa agtggcattt ttgccatttc caggcgttgt attttaacga actcctccta     40020
     gggattttat ccgatcaaca ccaaaattag gttttgtcat ctaaaggcct tggcgatgtt     40080
     aaattgcgaa gctttagagt tttcgtcgat gggtgtgtcc gtggcggctt cgcaaacttt     40140
     gacgattcgc cacaaaacag gaagtcatta taactcagtg atacattatc cgatctgcct     40200
     caaaattcac acgcttgata agcgtcctga cctgaacacg tttacatgcc actatccaga     40260
     tacagttata gcgccacctg ctggccacag gaaatgacat gttttacagt gtgacaaact     40320
     cctcccacaa actttattgt accagcacca aatttgagtg gtgttatctg aaagctctag     40380
     cgatgatata ttgtgaagat ctagagtttt cgcagagggg cgtgtctgtg gcggcatgac     40440
     aaacctcaac gcttcgccat ggaacaggaa gtccttataa ctcaaccaca ccaagtccga     40500
     tcagcctaaa acttcacatg cttgataaaa gtcctttccc gaacacatcc ccataacaat     40560
     agtgaagtgg gcgtggcaaa atgactcgac agcgccacct ataaaaatta aacggacgag     40620
     cccctgatct acgaatcacg cacatgcacg aaaattggca cacacctcaa ccacgccaaa     40680
     acatacgaaa aagtctcttg gagccatatc tcaaacccaa caagaagtcg gatattttta     40740
     acttcctgcg gcaaataagt ggcatttttg ccatttccag gcgttgtatt ttaacgaact     40800
     cctcctaggg attttatctg atcgacacca aaattaggtt ttgtcatcta aaggccttgg     40860
     cgatgttaaa ttgtgaagct ttagagtttt tgtcaatggg cgtgtccatg gcggcctcgc     40920
     aaactttgac gattcgccac aaaatcggaa gtcattataa ctcaggcatg cattatctaa     40980
     tctgcctcaa aattcacatg tttaataaga gtcctgacct gaacacattt acatggcaat     41040
     atccagatac agttacagcg ccacctgctg gccacaagaa atgtcatgat ttacagagta     41100
     ataaactcct cccacaaaat ttttcgtatc agctccaagt ttggttggtt gttatctgaa     41160
     agttctagca attacatttt gttagggtct gaaattttca cagaagggcg tgtctgtggc     41220
     agcatgacaa acctcaacgc ttcgccatgg aacaggaagt cctcataact caaccacaca     41280
     aagtccgatc agcctgaaac ttcacatggt tgataaaagt cctcccctga acacattcac     41340
     ataacaatat tgagtcacag tcatagcgcc acctgatagc agaaggtagt ttggcttata     41400
     actcagccaa acaatgtccg atctgcctga aaattcacag gttagatgag atgcctctcc     41460
     taaagacatc tacatgccga tcttgagtca cagttatagc gccacctgct gacaggagga     41520
     agttttgcat aaatctgtga tttttctcag gttctttata tatatcggct gaaattaata     41580
     ttgttcgctg ttctctgtta tcctgaggct accgggcggc ggtgagcctg ggtgcgaggt     41640
     ccctatcatc gctgcttgca gctttaatat tattattagg gaccgagcac cgaaacggtg     41700
     cgtaggccct attggaattg ctccgttttt tattattatt attattatta ttattattat     41760
     tccgccccca accggggcac ttttgagggt ctaaacatgc ccgaaaactc acgaaaattt     41820
     gcacacacac caaacgcggt gtaaatggct gggttttagg ggtttcggaa gtgggcgtgg     41880
     taaaatgact cgacagcgcc acctagaaaa attaaacgga cgagcccccg atccacgaat     41940
     cacgcacatg cacgaaaatt ggcacacacc tcaaacatgc caaaacatac gaaaaagtct     42000
     cttggagcca tatctcaaac ccaacaggaa gtcggatatt tttgacttcc tgcggcgaaa     42060
     aagtggcgtt tttgccattt ccaggcgttg tattttaacg aactcctcct agggatttta     42120
     ttcgatcgac accaaaattg ggttttgtca tctaaaggcc ttggcgatgt taaattgcga     42180
     agctttagag ttttcgtcga tgggcgtgtc cgtggcggcc tcgcaaactt tgacgattcg     42240
     ccacaaaaca ggaagtcgtt ataactcagg catgcattat ccgatctgct tcaaatttaa     42300
     cacgtttgat aagagtcctg acctgaacac gtttacatgc cgatatccag atacggttat     42360
     agcaccacct gctggccaca ggaaatgaca tgttttacac tgtaacaaac tcctcccaca     42420
     aattttatgg tatcagcacc aaatttgagt ggtgtcatct gaaagctcta tcggtgatat     42480
     attgtgaaga tctagagttt ttgcagaggg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcatga caaacttcaa     42540
     tgcttcgcca tggaacagga agtcctcata actcaaccac acaaagtccg atcagcctga     42600
     aacttcatat ggttgataaa agtccgtccc tgaacacatc cacataacaa tattgaagtg     42660
     ggcgtggcaa aatgactcga cagcgccacc tataaaaatt aaacggacga gcccccgatc     42720
     cacgaatcac gcacatgcac gaaaattggc acacacccca aacacgccaa aacatacgaa     42780
     aaagtctctt ggagccatat ctcaaaccca acaggaagtc ggatattttt aacttcctgc     42840
     ggcaaaaaag tggcgttttt gccatttcca ggcgttgtat tttaacgaac tcctcctagg     42900
     gatcttattc gatcgacact aaaattgggt tttgtcatct aaaggccttg gcgatgttaa     42960
     attgcgaagc tttagagttt tcgttgatgg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctcg caaactttga     43020
     cgattcgcca caaaacagga agtcgttata actcaggcat gcattatccg atctgcttca     43080
     aatttcacac gtttgataag agtcctgacc tgaacacgtt tacatgccga tatccagata     43140
     caattatagc gccacctgct ggccacagga aatgacatgt ttgacactgt aacaaactcc     43200
     ttccacaaac tttcccgtat cagcaccaaa atagagtggt gtcatctgaa agctctagtg     43260
     ataatatata tggtgaagat ctagagtttt tgcagagggg cgtgtctgtg gtggcatgac     43320
     aaacctcaac gcttcgccat ggaacaggaa gttattataa ctcaaccaca caatgtctga     43380
     tctgcctgaa acttcacatg attaataaaa gtcctcttct gaacacatct acataacaat     43440
     attgggtcag tcatagcgcc acctgctggc agaaggtaga ttggcttata actcaaccac     43500
     acaaactccg atctgcctga aacttcacat ggttgattaa attccattac tgaaggcatc     43560
     tacatgccaa tcttaagtca cagttagagt gccacctgct ggcagatggt agtttgcatt     43620
     ataactcaac cacacaaagt ccgatctggc tgaaacttca caaggttgat aagtcctctc     43680
     ctgaacacat ttacataaca acattgagtc tgtcatagcg ccacctgctg acaaaaggca     43740
     gtttggctta taactcagcc aaacaatgtc cgatctgcct aaaacttcac atggttgata     43800
     agtttcctct cctgaagata tctacatgcc aatcatgagt cacagttata gcgccacctg     43860
     ctgacaggag gaaatttggc ataaatctgt gattttctca gatttttttt ttatatatcg     43920
     gcttaaatta ttactgttcg ctgttctctg tcatcctgtg gccaccgggc ggcggtgagc     43980
     ccgggtgcga ggtccctatc atcgctgctt gcagctttaa tttattatta ttattattat     44040
     tccgccccct atcggggcac ttttgagggt ctaaacatgc tcgaaaactc atgtaaattt     44100
     gcacacacac caaacgcggt gtaaatagca ggttgatatg ggtctcggaa gtgggcgtgg     44160
     caaaatgact cgacagcgcc acctagaaaa attaaacgga cgagcccccg atccacgaat     44220
     cacgcacatg cacgaaaatt ggcacacacc tcaaacatgc caaaccatac gaaaaagtct     44280
     cttggagcca tatctcaaac ccaacaggaa gtcggatatt tttaacttcc tgcggcgaaa     44340
     aagtggcatt tttgccattt ccaggtgttg tattttaacg aactcctcct agggatttta     44400
     tccgatcgac accaaaattg ggttttgtca tctaaaggcc ttggcgatgt taaattgcga     44460
     agctttagag ttttcgtcga tgggcgtgtc cgtggcggcc tcggaaactt tgacgattcg     44520
     ccacaaaaca ggaagtcatt ataactcagg catgcattat ccgatctgct tcaaatttca     44580
     cacgtttgat aagagtcctg acctgaacat gtttacatgc ccatatccag atatagctat     44640
     agcgccacct gctggccaca ggaaatgaca tgttttacat cgtgacaaac tcctcccaca     44700
     aatttttcca tatcagcacc aaatttgagt ggtgttatct gaaagctcta tcggtgatat     44760
     attgtaaaga tctagaattt tcgcagaggg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcatga caaacctcaa     44820
     tgcttcgcca tggaacagga agtcctcata actcaaccac acaaagtccg atgagcctga     44880
     aacttcatat ggttgataaa agtcctctct tgaacacatc ctcaaaccaa taatgaagtg     44940
     ggcgtggcaa aatggctcga cagcgccacc tataaaaatt aaacggacga gcccctgatc     45000
     tacgaatccc gcacatgtac gaaaattggc acacacctca aacacgccaa aacatacgaa     45060
     aaagtctctt ggagccatat ctcaaaccca acaggaagtc ggatattttt aacttcctgc     45120
     ggcaaataag tggcattttt gccatttcca ggcgttgtat tttaacgaac tcctcctagg     45180
     gattttatcc tatcaacacc aaaattgggt tttgtcatct aaaggccttg gcgatgttaa     45240
     attgcgaagc tttagaggtt ttgtcgatgg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctcg caaactttgg     45300
     cgattcgcca caaaaccgga agtcattata actcaggcat gcatcatccg atctgcctca     45360
     aaattcacac atttgaaaac agtccagacc tgaatacgtt tacatgctga tatccagata     45420
     gagttatagc gccacctgct ggccacagga aatgacatgt tttacattgt aatacactcc     45480
     ttccgcaaac tttattatat cagcaccaaa tttgagtgat gttatttgaa agctctagca     45540
     atgatatatt gtaaagatct agagattttg ctgaagggcg tgtccgtggc ggcatgacaa     45600
     acctcaacgc ttcgccatgg aacaggaaat gcttataact caaccacaca atgtccgatc     45660
     tgcctgaaac ttcacaaggt tgatcatatt cctctcctga acacatccac ataacaatat     45720
     tgagtctgtc atagcgccac ctgctggcag aaggtagttt ggcttgtaac tcggccacac     45780
     aatgtcagat ctgcctgaaa cttcacatgg ttgataaaag tcctctccta agcacatcca     45840
     cataacaata ttgagtcagt catggcgcca cctgctggca gaagatagtt tggcttataa     45900
     gtcagccaga caatgtctga cctgcctgaa acttcacatt gtggataaaa ttcctctcct     45960
     gaagacatct acaaaacagt attgagtctg tcatagcgcc acctgctggc aaccagaagt     46020
     ttggcttata actcagccaa acaatatttg atctgcctga aaatttacat ggttgataag     46080
     attcctttac tgaaggaatc tacataacaa tcttgagtca tagttatagc gccacctgct     46140
     gacaggagga agtttggcat aaatctgtga ttttctcagg ttctttagat atatcggctt     46200
     aaattaagga tgttctctgt catcctgagg tcaccgggcg gcggtgagcc cgggtgcgag     46260
     gtccctatca tcgctgcttg cagctttaat tagggaccga gcaccgaaac ggtgcgtagg     46320
     ccctattgga attgctccgt ttattattat tcttcttctt cttcttcttc cgcggaatga     46380
     atcgcggttt tgaggggcta aacatgcccg aaaactcacg caactttgca cacgcctcag     46440
     aagtggcgaa aatttacgtt tgttatgggc ttcggaagtg ggcgtggcaa aatgactcga     46500
     cagcgccacc tagaaaaatt aaacggacga gcccccgatc cacgaatcac gcacatgcac     46560
     gaaaattggc acacacctca aacatgccaa aacatacgaa aaagtctctt ggagccatat     46620
     ctcaaaccca acaggaagtc ggatattttt aacttcctgc ggcgaaaaag tggcgttttt     46680
     gccatttcca ggcgttgtat tttaacgaac tcctcctagg gattttatcc gatcgacacc     46740
     aaaattgggt tttgtcatct aaaggccttg gcgatgttaa attgcgaagc tttagagttt     46800
     tcgttgatgg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctcg caaactttga cgattcgcca caaaacagga     46860
     agtcgttata actcaggcat gcattgtcag atctgcctca aaattcacac gcttgataag     46920
     agtcctgacc tgaacacgtt tacatgccgc tatccagata cagttacagc gccacctgct     46980
     ggccacagga aatgacatta tttacggagt tacaaactcc tcccacaaat tttatcgtat     47040
     caacaccaaa attgagtggt gttatctgaa agctttagca atgttatatt gtgaagatct     47100
     agagttttgg cagaggggcg tgtctgtggc ggtatgacaa acctcaacgc ttcaccatgg     47160
     aacaggaagt ccttataaca caaccacaca atgtccgatc tgcctgaaac ttcacatggt     47220
     tgataaacgt catctcttga acacatccac ataacaatat tgaagtaggc gtggcaaaat     47280
     gactcgacag cgccacctag aaaaattaaa cggacgagcc cccgatctac gaatcacgca     47340
     catgcacaaa aatgggcaca cacctcaaac atggcaaaac atacgaaaaa gtctcttgga     47400
     gccatatctc aaacccaaca ggaagtcgga tatttttaac ttctcgtggc gaaaaagtgg     47460
     cgcttttgcc attttcaggc gttgtatttt aacaaactcc tcctagggat tttatctgat     47520
     aattaccaaa attgggtttt gtcatcttaa agccttggta atgttaaatt gcgaagcttt     47580
     agagttttca tcgatgggcg tatctgtggc ggcctcgcaa actttgatga ttcgccacaa     47640
     aacatgaagt ctttataact ctggcatgca atattcgatc tgcctcaaaa ttcacacatt     47700
     taataacagt cctgacctga tcaggtttac gtgccgatat ctagttacag ttatagcgcc     47760
     acctgctggc cacaggaaat tacatgtttg acactctaac aaactcctcc cacaaacttt     47820
     cccgtatcag caccaaaata gagtgaagtc atctgaaaac tctagcgatg atatattgtg     47880
     aagatctaga gtttttgcag aggggcgtgt ctgtggtggc atgacaaacc tcaacgcttc     47940
     accatggaac aggaatttct tataactcaa ccacacaatg tctgatctgc ctgaaacttc     48000
     acatggttaa taaaagtccg ctcctgaaca catccacata acaatattga gtcagtcata     48060
     acgccacctg ctggcagaag gtagtttggc ttataactca gccacacaat gttccatgtg     48120
     cctgaaactt cacatggttg attagattcc tctccggaag acatctacat gccaatctta     48180
     agtcacagtt atagcgccac ctgctgacag gaggaagttt ggcataaatc tgtcattttc     48240
     ttagatcttt ttttatatat tggcttaaat tattattgtt cgctgttctc tgtcatcgta     48300
     aggtcaccgg gcggcggtga gcccgggtgc gaggtcccta tcatcgctgc ttgcagcttt     48360
     aattattatt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttccg cggaatgaat cgcggttttg     48420
     aggggctaaa catgcccgaa aactcacgaa actttgcaca tgcctcagaa gtggcgaaaa     48480
     tttacgttta ttatgggctt cggaagtggg cgtggcaaaa tgactcgaca gcgccaccta     48540
     gaaaaattaa acggacgagc ccccgatcta cgaatcacgc acatgcacga aaattggcac     48600
     acacctcaaa cacaccaaaa catacgaaaa agtctcttgg agccatatct caaacccaac     48660
     aggaagtcgg atatttttaa cttcctgcgg cgaaaaagtg gcgtttttgc catttccagg     48720
     cgttgtattt taacgaactc ctcctaggga ttttatccga tcaacaccaa aattgggttt     48780
     tgtcatctaa aggccttggc gatgttaaat tgcgaagctt tagagttttc gtcgatgggc     48840
     gtgtccgtgg cggcctcgca aactttgacg attggccaca aaacaggaag tcattataac     48900
     tcaggcatgc attatcagat ctgcctcaaa attcacaccc ttgataagag tcctgacctg     48960
     aacacgttta catgccaata tccagataca gttatagcgc caccagctgg ccacaggaaa     49020
     tgacaagatt tacagagtca caaactcctc ccacaaattt catcgtatca gcaccaaaat     49080
     tgggtggtgt tatctgaaag ctctagcgat gatatattgt gaagatcttg agtttttgca     49140
     gaggggcgtg tctgtggcgg catgacaaac ctcaatgctt cgccatagaa caggaagtcc     49200
     ttataactca accacacaat gtccgattag cctgaaactt catatggttg attaaatact     49260
     tctcctgaac acatccccat aacaatatta aagtgggcgt ggcaaaatga ctcgacagcg     49320
     ccacctagaa aaattaaacg gacgagcccc ccatctacga atcacacaca cgcaagaaaa     49380
     ttggcactca cctcaaccac gccaaaacat acgaaaaagt ctcttggagc catatctcaa     49440
     acccaacagg aagttagata tttttaactt cctgcggcga aaaagtggca tttttgccat     49500
     ttccaggcgt tgtattttaa cgaactcctc ctagggattt tatccgatca acaccaaaat     49560
     tgggttttgt catctaaagg ccttggcgat gttaaattgc gaagctttag agttttcatc     49620
     gatgggcgtg tccgttgcgg cctcgcaaaa tttgacgatt cgccacaaat caggaagtca     49680
     ttataactca ggcatgcatt atccgttctg ccttaaaatt cacacacttg ataagaggcc     49740
     tgacctgaac acgtttacat gccaatatcc agatacagtt atagcgccac ctgctggcca     49800
     caggaaatga catgttttac attgtaacat actccttcac taaattttat catattagca     49860
     gcaaaattgg ttggtgtcat ctgaaagctc tatcggtgat atattgtgaa gatttagagt     49920
     tttcgctgag gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcat gacaaacctc aacacttcgc catggaacag     49980
     gatgtcctta taactcaacc acacaatgtc tgatctgcct gaaacttcac atggttgatt     50040
     aaattcctct cctgaacaca tccacataac aatattgagt cagtcatagc gccacctgct     50100
     ggcagaaggc agtttggctt aaaactcagc cacacaatgt ctgatctacc tgaaacttca     50160
     catggttgat taaaatcctc tcctgaacac atctacataa caatattgag tctgtcatag     50220
     cgccacctgc tggcagatgg tggtttgcat tataactcaa ccacacaaag tccgatctgc     50280
     ctgaaacttc acatggttga taaaagtcct ctcctgaaca catctacata acaacattga     50340
     gtctgtcata gcgccacctg ctgacaaaag gcagtttggc ttataactca atcaaacaat     50400
     gtctgatctg cctgaaactt cacatggttg ataagattcc attactgaag gcatctacat     50460
     gccaatcttg agtcacagtc atagtgccac ctgctggcag aaggtgtttt gcattataac     50520
     tcaaccacac aaagtcagat ctgcctgaac attcaaatgg ttgataaaag ttctctcctg     50580
     aacacatcta cataataata ttgagtctgt catagtgcca cctgctgaca gaaggtagtg     50640
     tggcttataa cttagccaca caatgtctga actgtttgaa acttcacatg gttgattaaa     50700
     atgttctcct gaacacatct acatgccaat attgagtcac agtcatagcg ccacctgctg     50760
     gcaacagaaa attacttata actcagccaa acaatgtccg atcttcaaaa aaaattgaca     50820
     tggttgatat gattcctttt ctgaagacat ctacatgcca tttatgagtc acagttataa     50880
     cgccacctgc tggcagaagg tagtttggct tttaactcaa ccatgcaatg tccgatctgc     50940
     ctgaaacttt acatggctga tagaatttct ctcctgacga catttacaag ccaagtcaat     51000
     catagcgcca cctgctgaca gaaggaagtt tggctcataa ttaccacaca atgtctgacc     51060
     tgcccccaaa atttactttc gataagactg ctcctctgaa gacatctaca agccaattgt     51120
     gagtcacagt catagcacca cctgctgaca gaaggtagtt aagcttgtca ttcagccaca     51180
     caacatatct tcattttagt tttattttaa caaaatcaca cattctattt aaactttttt     51240
     taatgattag aaatgtggtc caatccctgt cttaaaaacc gtaatgtgat acaaactatg     51300
     aaatttgtaa tccagttaac cagtgattat agatgtaata acaatattaa tataatgtat     51360
     gtagttgtta gaacaagcaa ggacactgca gggaattgaa ccccatccca gtaaaccagg     51420
     agtaccatta ccagtgtctt ttgctttttg aaactacata tgtggaaaag caaaacctgc     51480
     attagcaaca acattgcatt tgacacatga acaattttta gaggggaatt atgaccaaaa     51540
     tgatacattt aaaaacaaat tcataataag attaatgcta aattctatgt gtaattttct     51600
     attttagcta aaattacata acaaataaca taatttctat attatcataa ttctatatta     51660
     aaagtaattt attttagaca ttttggtgct aaataacaat aacaacaaaa tatatatttt     51720
     aaagcttttt tatataatat tatatttaat ggttgattat ataatgttct gttcaaatat     51780
     taggaaaatt attttcttat tatggctgtc aagttagtgg tataaagtaa ttttctttaa     51840
     tttttaagtg caaaatatct acttcataat aatactttat tattccattt cataatattc     51900
     tgcgtcaact gtctaacaaa ttagtaaaaa ttattattgc aaaataatgt tcataaaaat     51960
     gattagacat aatgatgaat tcaattatag attatgtcta tattaaaaag taatttattt     52020
     tagtcatttt ggtgctaaat aacaataaca acaaaatata tattttaaag catttttata     52080
     taatattata tttaatggtt gattatataa tgttatgctc aaatattagg aaagttattt     52140
     tcttattatg gctgtcaagt tagtggtata aagtaattat ctttaatttt aagtgcaaaa     52200
     tatctacttc ataataatac tttattattc catttcataa tattctgtgt caactgtcta     52260
     ataaattagt aaacattatt attattatta tgtttactct taaggggaaa gtatttacta     52320
     tacaaagtat tttgtaagta acattatatt caaatgttgg ttatgttacc taattttata     52380
     ctgagtatca aaaagactag gtgccaaatt tttatatcac aaactggtct tttagtttca     52440
     aatatgttct gttgttgagt gctaggcagt attttaataa aaaattaaag aattaatata     52500
     tatttgagtt ataatacaag ttgtgcaatt tggaattgta attgcaattg caatttggaa     52560
     gtactaattg agacaaaaat gattaaacgt taaaatgtaa acatgttgtt gcaatgcagg     52620
     aaaaaaaaac cattattgta aaagctaaag ttgtacttct agaatgtaaa tttctgttta     52680
     ctttctgtgt ctaacaaatg aatttaacct gtcacatttc taccttgcag tgaagaagca     52740
     ctgcaatacc tgcaatattt agctcggcag cgtcaacttt gtatgcactt tctgccttat     52800
     ctgcttaata aagcagaaca gctaatccaa caactgatca aacatcaact catcaacatt     52860
     aaaagagtta ggtgtaaaag aacataaaat accctcatga tcactaaaat gtgttggaag     52920
     tacaattgct tcaacattgt aatgttctgt ttttacatat acatgatcaa ttaatgtgtc     52980
     tttttctgtt gtggtttgtg tgacatgttg aacaaaccct ctttctgtca taaatttgca     53040
     aatagttgaa gacttaaaaa tgttgtcatt gaaatctccc aagacaacaa tcgtactgtt     53100
     tatgggttct agaaagtcca gtaatttgcc aagatttcct ttaaacagag acatgggata     53160
     tgttggtggc cgataaataa ctgctgttaa tatgttgtat gtaatacagt tacatacaac     53220
     acattctaaa ttcacttttg gtgtctggat aatattaaac aacaacttgt ttgatgcata     53280
     aagtccaaca ccaccatgtt gttgagtttg taattctttt aatattggat tactggaatg     53340
     gtaagacaaa cttcgcggtt gactatgaaa actgtactca tcaatgtgta cagtttctga     53400
     taaggtatct gcaggtaacc atgtttctgt aacagcaatg caatcagcct gcaaatgctg     53460
     agtacgaaaa accaaatctg ctaaatgttg tttcaaattt tgtacattca ttaaaaatat     53520
     actgaatgct tgggtattca ctttagggta tgatgtattt ccaataaaga atttaggcat     53580
     gctttgaatt gcatccttaa tgctgtcttt acagtatata gccttttctt taaaatcttc     53640
     aataatcaaa cctgacaaag atctaacacg gcttaaagca acatatgctt gtccaggtgc     53700
     aaatatcttt ttaagagaga ctactgcatt atcaacacta attccttgta ctttgtgtac     53760
     tgtacaagcc caagcaagtt ttagaggaaa ttgtcgtcgt aatgcacctt tactgtttac     53820
     tctttcctct tctggtttaa tacctacaga acctatttca actgcagaag caaatccaga     53880
     gcattttctt ctttgtgcgc caacctgaat gtcatcaaac tttacgtata ctgtttgagg     53940
     gaacttgttg ttatcgctag gaaaaactac atttgttact gtgccacaca ccccatttac     54000
     caggccgtcc attacatcta catttttaca tagcataaca cgagcaccat ctcctaaaaa     54060
     cagtgtttct tctaagcatg tattaaaaga tttggcatga tggccacttt tcaactcaag     54120
     tttacctgtc ttgttattat gtccaaaatc ttgagcatct atctcaaaat gttcaggaca     54180
     agatttaaat agctgctgaa gattatgttc atttacttgt ttgtttgtag gataaatatg     54240
     cagagctgtg ctgacttcgc ccgtttcaca ttttttcaaa atatcaatgt cgctctttaa     54300
     cattggagtc acttttgttc gaattcgtat tctatttaat aactttgcaa atgtttcatc     54360
     tttctgtcta actattgttt tcaattctac aatgtaaaaa agagaagacc acaggttaat     54420
     acctagcatg tcatcaacat acagcggttt ccctctcact ggcggtaact gaaaaaaatc     54480
     tccaacagca atgatgcttg tgttcccgaa gggggagaag tcaccagttt gtttaatctg     54540
     cctaagtctg ccatgaatat aagctaataa attgtgatca accattgata tttcatcaat     54600
     tattaaaatc tgtagatcac aatatttagc acgcagacaa ttaagcttct cttcacctaa     54660
     aggggtgtat ggtaatcgaa catctttccc aatgctaaat gtgttgtgaa tggttgctgc     54720
     atgcaaatta tatgctgcaa ttccagttgg agcagttaac aaaacactaa tattatcagg     54780
     atgacgacac actgtagaca gtatcctcat tgcttcatac tgaatagctt taattaaatg     54840
     gctttttcct gtccctgcac caccagtaat aaataaatgt aatgggctgg gatttttgcc     54900
     cattgcctga tctaaacacc attgtctaat ttcataaaaa atagataact gtgtttcgtt     54960
     taaagatctt attagggcca agccatctct tctacacatt atgttatttt tcttttccaa     55020
     atgtgcaacc ttctgattag cttctgatgc taaatctgga atatgttcct catgttcttc     55080
     cacttgctgt aatttgtctt tcatttcatc aatgcaaagt aaacgctcta actcttgctc     55140
     tgggcacaac tcacaccagc catcttctat tacaccagta ctattaatta caacttctac     55200
     attgtccaat tcatctgcct ccatttcaaa gttttttcta tttaaatcta caactgactt     55260
     gactgaatga cttgtgccat cattaaatgt cacatgacca tttctgtaaa actcttcaaa     55320
     tgtattacag tttggtggct ttagctgcaa atctacacgg tatggcaaaa acaactgcag     55380
     aatactttga aaaaatgctt ctggattttt ttcctcagaa aaacgcacat aacgaaccac     55440
     cgcaggctgt gttcgtgttc ttttagtgat aaaaccacaa ccattcttca atttaagtgg     55500
     actttgggat ttttcatttt tacttaaaat gcgatattct gatgcaaatg ttgccataca     55560
     tatatcattt aaatcagtgg ttctcaaact tttttcacca agtaccacct tagaaaaaaa     55620
     atcgtctctc caagtaccac cttacgacgc tattttttaa ccagtattaa aaaatagcgt     55680
     cgtaagccta attaagcagc tacaggtgtg cacagtttta aaacgatgca gattacttcc     55740
     tattagtaag aatatgtatt attgtcagtc actttaaaca tttgaaatag tctgaacatt     55800
     aactgtgctt gcagataaaa aaaaagtttt agttgaaatg tgcttttaaa agttcataaa     55860
     aaaatggcac tgttcttaaa aagtaaaaag aaaactgctg tacttaaatc taaagtattc     55920
     atagtagcct attcatcaaa agctggaaat gctgcttgga ccttataaat ataggctata     55980
     tgtcatattc ctacactttc agactaatct tgaaataaat gttaaatgta catgacaggg     56040
     ttcatacagg cacagcctaa tgaaaatcaa ttccagcacc tatttttttt tcaagactga     56100
     catgctatgt attgaggacc tgaaatgtat tctcagcaac ccataaaaca ttgcatagga     56160
     atagatacaa ataaaaacca ttaataataa tatttattaa tcatatatta ataatataat     56220
     aaacctgcac taagtgcttg tgaaatcttt tttgtactca agtaaaacta ctattacact     56280
     gctaaaataa aaaaattttt agtaaataat actaatatta ggtaaaagta caaattactc     56340
     ttttaaaaag tactagttgg ttacttttga aaaaaaatct gattttcatt atgaaatcac     56400
     tttttttagt gtaaacctga tttaatggtt tgattgctta catcccaaag ctacatgtat     56460
     aatttgcact aacaaaggaa gtatagtcaa tttttccttt catgacaatt aatctttttc     56520
     aatagcactg gtaaaactac caaataatct ttaaggccac agagacactt tttgcccatt     56580
     tttaaaaata tatattttta agctttgaaa ggttaaatta aagtatatgg taaaaagatt     56640
     tcaatttagc cttttattta catattttac actattttct ttacaatatg gcaaatttgt     56700
     ttcttaaata gctgtacatc acatgtagat tttattttac acttaatctt aatctaaaat     56760
     agaaacgtaa aaaaatacaa gtacactgtc agtaaaaaaa taaaacaaat tacttcattt     56820
     tacttgaggt atttaaaata tgacgacact acatttatca aagcagtgct ttaagagtct     56880
     tattgtaaat tgtgataaat aaacaataag taggctaaca atggattgct ttgacctgta     56940
     atgctttagg acagatcaga atacagctaa atgtataaat cacacaaata cctcatccag     57000
     aaacatttcc agcataatta ttttgtcgta aagaaataaa aaatgttcca cctttgctaa     57060
     aagtaagttt cacttcacaa cacagccaaa taagaagacc attagcattg tcatcgatca     57120
     tgtatcaatc tatttctaaa tattttataa ctttgaatac ttttgactaa atttagttaa     57180
     ggggcaaaga taaataatgt ctactttaat agtggaaaga tcgcgattgt attcaatctg     57240
     agcacacagg cgatcatgag aggacttgca gttcatttga aaaaagcata tttaaaagct     57300
     cgcatatctg ttttagcgat ttgcgtacat gaatgcgctc tcgtgttaaa ataaagcact     57360
     cgccgcattt gcagaaatga gtaattgcgc aataccttca ttcccgcgcc gccattcaga     57420
     atgtatttag aggagtgaca ggtcagaggc gagtcgactg gctgtcggag agcgaaacgt     57480
     gtatgaagat catcaaatag gcaggaaata tgtccgcggt ttaattactc tgctagacat     57540
     ctctgtagtg aaaacatctg agaagcatta ttccaacaaa acatttgttt ttaagttgtt     57600
     ttttctgtct ctgcaacaca gaaagccttt gtcccgccct tacgtttcac gcaactagac     57660
     aaggtcgact gtgattggcc acttttcatg tcagtcaaat catgcttcag aatcaattct     57720
     taaacttcgg aaactgattt tcagcagctt atgacacaat gcactaaaat aaacactcta     57780
     agcacagcgt tgtgatcgta cgcttcacaa aacagccaat gctgatcaca tcaatgttat     57840
     attacgcatt aaagtattaa aagtgttaat tgtttctttc attattcagc gattcctccg     57900
     cgtaccacta ggaggaagcc cgcgtaccac tagtggtacg cgtaccacag tttgagaacc     57960
     actgatttaa atcatctggt ctattcttat agcgatctac tatgcttgtc atccacatgt     58020
     catttgttgt taggctattt gattttgctt tatttcttaa cacatttaaa ggaaggctca     58080
     ttttaatgat attatcgcct gttggaacaa acacaacttt cctggaacac tccttcagat     58140
     gcatgtttgt taacctatat actgattctt gagcacacac atctctgtta tgtaaataag     58200
     cactgcctaa atttttcagt gcctcttttg cactaacatt tccatcttta cgtgcttccc     58260
     tttgggcatt actcaacaac aatcctatct ccctttctga ctttgatatg taggaaatta     58320
     tataaacaac acaagcatat gcatctacaa catactgtat gtctaaattc gcattccagc     58380
     attttaacag cggcttacta tattgattga cccatgcctc attaacttgt cttttcaaca     58440
     caacttgtgt attacgacta aaagttttgt atgcacgctc aaaagtggct tgatttattc     58500
     tgagatgttt aaataaatgt tccacactgt taaagttgca attctcatct gaaagagcct     58560
     tcttgatggc taataaaatg tcacctgcct gttctcgctt cattttaaac tccactggac     58620
     cttcatttgc acatgcacat ttttttgtta aattatctac cttcttatct accttacatt     58680
     tacacttttt ctttgtatca cttttacctc gacatataaa tgttcgtgta gatgctggcc     58740
     taggaaaatt aaaacgacaa atagtatttt tctttcggca agttttggaa tgtcgttttg     58800
     aatgatgttg cacagttttt actgtatcta acaatgtatc atcctgtgat ggtaattcac     58860
     aagttacata ttcatctata aattgaatta cctcttcatc tgtattttta tcaatcactg     58920
     gggcattctc aatccaaaat aggcaatgga catggggtga accacgctgc tgaaattcaa     58980
     ctctgtaaaa ataatcctta attttaccta ttggatggga tgcagacata agtacttccc     59040
     ttaaaaaaca atgccaccga aaatcaaaca ttcttgctgc agtgacagga ttgcggcgca     59100
     acagctcaca tctatctgcc cattgtaatt cttcaagggt ctgtgttcta ccttcctgtt     59160
     tcaaaatact ataaagaaga ttgttccacc gcatatcagc agaagaaaat gaacaaaacc     59220
     aagtcgggat accaagctga cgaacacaag ccaaaaggtc acgttgtgct gtctgccaaa     59280
     aagctggggt acctcgaata ggtttcagga aacgaaaccc atcatcaaat tctaagagtt     59340
     tctttaaaga ttcctcattg tttaataaat cttcattaac ttttttagac gtacaaccgc     59400
     tcattccctt acgcaatgca attgatacat ttgacactac ctgttcgacc tcagacatgt     59460
     actgggcaaa aaatatatat tcaacatttt gtgcaaaccg accatcagca tgcaaaattc     59520
     ggttgttaaa gtacctggac aacgtcaaac gtttgtctcg actttcacgg tatgtattac     59580
     atccaagtgg aaataatact gggaagcatt tggcttcatt tgcaaaatca gacagtaatt     59640
     taacaggatt attcccttct gctggcgcca gattcactat atcatcaaaa tactgatcta     59700
     atgcttcttg accaatgtca acaggcataa gacatgtgtc ctgaaacatg caatgttgtt     59760
     gtctgtcatg caagagctca tcttctccat tatcttgaga tgcttcacca cttttagcat     59820
     gtgtatcact ctcattaact ataacatcat cctcttgttc cctacaaaac tcattcagcc     59880
     aaacttcatt aaattctaca tctttataat gcacatttat ctgttttaaa cattttaatg     59940
     cttgtcttat gtgcatagtg tcaacaaact gatatttata atgaccttta taagttaact     60000
     tacgttttaa tttaactggc aacaaagatc cttccatact agaaaggggc agtaagttag     60060
     aagtttgcac aatatttgca ggaacacagg ttactggacc atgaacacca ttttgtcctc     60120
     cttttggtaa tgctagcatt ttcataaacg gtatatgtaa cgcaatcaaa tgttgttcta     60180
     aactattcaa acatgacaat tcttctggaa caggatgaac tttcaacttg ttcgttgtac     60240
     attcaggtgg aatttcacct ttgttaatct tataatggca tgtataacaa atccacagct     60300
     tgcctctagg tgaatccagc cactgacagg gctttacaca ggtattatca catttgtgta     60360
     aatattcttc acttatgcat ttatcataaa ttggacctat tgctttcttg ttataatatt     60420
     cccgattaca atgcaaaacc tgatgtcgaa acaacaatcg ttggcaaaca caacacacaa     60480
     aatctggccc atcttttatt aaatccaaaa aacgctgcat aacaaagtca aattcttctg     60540
     cttttccttt gatttgttgc ctttttagtt ttatacttgc tttaacatgt tgtttgtgct     60600
     cagtattttc acgatacttt cttttactga tagattttac attctgtctg tgcagctgat     60660
     ttaatttata tttccttata ctaatttctt tgactttttt cctgtgtaat atgttgtctc     60720
     gatattttct tatgctcttc ttcttaattt tttccctatg caacacgtct ccatcatatt     60780
     tctgtttact agcattcttt ttcttttccc tatgcaacac gtctccatca tatttccatt     60840
     tactaacagt ctttttcttt tccctatgca acacgtctcc atcatatttc cgtttactaa     60900
     cagtcttttt cttttcccta tgcaacacgt ctccatcata tttccgttta ctaacagtct     60960
     ttttcttttc cctatgcaac acgtctccat catatttctg tttactagca ttctttttct     61020
     tttccctatg caacacgtct ccatcatatt tctgtttact aacattcttt ttcttttccc     61080
     tatgcaacac gtctccatta tatttccgtt tactaacagt ctttttcttt tccctatgca     61140
     acatgttttc ttgatatttt gttttacaat cacttttttt cttttcttta tacaagacat     61200
     ttgtttgata cctacttttg tttattacct ttttcttttc cctatacaac acattttcct     61260
     gatattttaa attatcttgc aaggacaatt tctttttaga atacttagaa atacaatatt     61320
     tgttatttga aatcacaatc cctgtttggg tttttgatga attcctactc gtatactgtg     61380
     tctcaagcaa attaccaact ttgcataaat caaaacaaac atttttgtca gcatgcttga     61440
     cacaaattac aggctcaaaa tgattattct cacagtgttt taaataaatt ccataatttc     61500
     ccagcattat actcgtgcaa ctgtactcta cccatattcc tccatcattt ataaacaaat     61560
     tcacacctaa agcatttgct gtacattgaa attctatgtc tgaagcacaa tatccaacat     61620
     attgcatgtg tgactttgaa atatattctg atattgaagc gaattctttt cctactaagt     61680
     taatgtgctc tttgctttga ttttccatat aattgacaac agcaagtctt atcttccgat     61740
     ggctcttttc agaaccgcta accaatctag atactgctct gaaaaaacta ttaccatcct     61800
     ttacaacttt atctgtctta caaacaacac ctaaagatct ataaacagtt ggtacttgta     61860
     tattttcttt ttcaaaattc aaatgtaatt tgtcacataa tgtttgtgca gcttctgtag     61920
     acagaggatt aaatgtcatc ggacctgaat tttccaaaat ttcaccatca gaatcttcca     61980
     ccattcccag ttcacaacat atgttattgt gcattgcttt tgacatgcga tgcgattgtt     62040
     gtccggtcat gaacagtgtt tccctatcta taagctcttt cttgtttttt aaagtgagaa     62100
     cattattttt gtctgtaatc tttgctctaa cactgtatcc atcagtgaaa catgtactga     62160
     ttttgcagta tccataacaa ctttgtaatt caggctcatt aacacaaact acagtctcat     62220
     agtggttttc attacagttt tctaaataaa tgctatgttt tgaaataagc ttaccactgc     62280
     aactgtattt caaccagtga ccatcataaa atgtaaatac atcaattcct aaataatctg     62340
     ctgttgcttg tatttcaact tccgtagccc agctattaac aaatctcatt ttggacctgt     62400
     taatatactc tgacacagat gaatattctc ttcgtaaaat atttctatat ttttcacaat     62460
     tcttttccaa atgcatcaca acagcaagcc gaatttttct gtgatacttt tgtgtaccaa     62520
     taaccgcttg ggaaatagct ctaaagaaac agttcccatc agccacaata ctctcatttt     62580
     tgcatggaac tcctaataag ccaacatggg aaaatactgg aacatttact ttttcacaat     62640
     ccacctttaa acggctacac aaagtttgac aaacatgttg acaaatagga ttgaacatca     62700
     tattgttctt ttttatatca cgaacaaatt caacatctga attaacttct cgaacatcaa     62760
     atcgttttac tttctttgaa gacctattgc ttgctgaaat gttacgcttg gttcttgcat     62820
     cattgttcac tactagatct cttccagaat cctcatcaaa ctccatttca aatgtttcgt     62880
     cagagccttt acaactctct gccatttttc gaacggtgac atgaacacca gctatttcaa     62940
     aaagtttttg cttctcactg agccctttag ataaaaggca aatgtgactg aacaaatctt     63000
     taagagtgga aaagtataaa acaacacttt ttccatttcc atcaaccata ccaagagcac     63060
     ttcgtgcatg agaatcaacc agtgcatact gtccattgtg agaaatgatt gcacatgtac     63120
     tgctacacaa tgtcagaaga cacctgtcat actgtgaaaa catgttttcc aatccacttg     63180
     aaagactgct gtaagcacca ctctcaataa attcaccatc aacaacatct acatcaccac     63240
     tgacaaaatt accatattca aacaaaaaac tttctccatc aatattagac tcctttggca     63300
     aatcagggac acacaacaga tttgatgagt ggctaatcct attggtctct cgcaatccgg     63360
     tgtacaactc atctcctaac actacaactt tgtcaaggtc tttgctctgc catgagaaga     63420
     cactatccac tgtatgcttt gctaggctta ctaaagctat tgccatacac tggactcctc     63480
     tgtatttaaa ccgctcattg ccctggtgaa atgatcctct taaactgttt tcagtgctga     63540
     cagaagtggc atcctcacac ccagttgcat ctttacatcc agcactgaca ccttcgcatc     63600
     tgacagaact gcttgtctgt tgatcatgat catcttgggc tgcttttaca gaaatgctac     63660
     taacagcata ccactgtgca tctaaagagc ttctaagatt tctgatatga accatcagat     63720
     cattaaggca tgtgttgaaa acaaccacag gcgtgccaat attagatgcc aatccaaaca     63780
     tatctcgtat gccaaaatca gccatcacaa aataattgtt gtgatgaata atgacgctta     63840
     ttgcactatt aaggtttagg aaacacattc catccctcaa caaatattct tgcagctttt     63900
     catacattac agcctcctct tctaacattt caaaacctct gtactctggc aaaccaattt     63960
     ctaatttcca ctttctgcca aacacattgt gctgttctat caaagtgcac aactctttct     64020
     ctctacagtc tgttttctga cttgtctcag ctacatatgt ggctaactta cttccttcca     64080
     cacaaatgtc atcaacatct gtttgtaccc aagtacacac aggagcaatc acatgtttga     64140
     ttgcagccac agcacaatat ccagtcaatg aattcacatc acaactcaac ggtgcatctc     64200
     ttacatcact accaacaaca acaggccgct gcagtgtttc tgaacataca caaactttag     64260
     catcgctctt acttttgatg ctttttggtg tgcgccgcat gcgaaaaccc ttttttctcg     64320
     gcatcctgaa aggaaaaaag caacagtagt tagtaacagg ttttaaaata cagttgtatt     64380
     tctaatttaa aagtgcatgt ataagtgctt gactgtgttt tcatactttt gttaatgatt     64440
     tttttaaaaa ctgaattaaa tattgcatta tatacaaact agttattaaa gcgtacttgg     64500
     tgttttcaac atcattgaaa atgcttacgt aaataattaa taaaatattc aaataaacat     64560
     tattatatct tattattcag ccatatatta aaagttactt tgcatgttaa taaatgcttt     64620
     tttagatcaa cttcatccag ttttgtgatc taatctaaag tgaggactat gtatgcttta     64680
     taaatttatt ataaatgaca attaaaggtt cagttatatt ctaaacagga aaaaattaaa     64740
     taaacaactt tatttgtttc tattcatttc aaaatacact aatgaaaatg tatcaaatga     64800
     ataataaatc ttaaaataaa actgaaatgt tgtatcataa tatattgtta aaatattata     64860
     ttgtttttcc cagtaatggg ttgcagctgc aagagcattt gctgtgtaaa gcatatgctg     64920
     atttagttgt cgtttcatta cacagtggcg atcccaaatt aataaaggga ctaacccgaa     64980
     aagaaaatga atgaatatta tattgttgct gtaactaata ctatatccct gcataataaa     65040
     aatataaatt ttaatttgaa tagtttttaa ttatctttaa aaaccaccaa ctattcttaa     65100
     ataactagtt tgtaaataat gaaatactta atttgtgtgt ttaatgaaaa cttaaataac     65160
     caacctatga aaatagtcat taagcacaat atacatgtta tacatattta taatcaagaa     65220
     tatttgtagt actgctttca aatatctaat aatgttaagt taatgcttaa caaataatga     65280
     attaacaatt tgctaatgct taacaaatga ttcatagttt ttaattataa taaagtgtta     65340
     ctgcatttaa ttttcaatgt tatcaacaaa taacaactta ctttgcttcc caccaaaatt     65400
     ctttgctgaa attctcagag ggccttgcaa tatgtaggtg cctcgattgt ttaattatgt     65460
     gaagaactgt aaatagaaaa aaaatatata tatatatagt tcattagtgt catagtgtat     65520
     acaaaaaaca tgaaaacaca attacagcaa agctcatgat tgtcaggtag ttgccctaaa     65580
     atattacttg ttgtttttat aatttgcaat tacttttctt ttattaaatt tatttacttt     65640
     ttaaaattct aataaatgtt ttagacagac atgaacatat acaaaatctg taatatatta     65700
     ctgagaaaaa caaacaatca aataaatttt aactgaaaat aacttgaata actgtaattt     65760
     tttgtcacct tggaattgta aggttctatc agtaatttta aaatattgag cttcaaaatt     65820
     tttgcgttcc atagcaaaca gtatgtatgt aacaattgtt tttttttttt acaaaaagtc     65880
     ttaaaaagta aaaacttata aaaaacattc cataatgtaa ataagttgtc atttaataag     65940
     aaaatgtcaa taactcaatt ttgacaaaaa tgtcagatag aaccttataa ttctaaggtg     66000
     acgaggtatt aaataacaat tacatactta ctttgattcc cacaaaattg ttttgttttg     66060
     ctctgaaatt ctcagagagt cttaaagtaa ttgccttgtt cgttaaatga tccttgaaaa     66120
     aaaacacaaa ataacaatgt tcactttaat cgtagtgtgc aaacaaacat gcatacaaca     66180
     gaaaacttga acaacagttt catattcttc attcccattg aaattacaat gccccctgtt     66240
     ttattatttt gcattttatt catattattt actgtttaaa taactatgaa ataattgtta     66300
     tcagacaaac acattgtcac tccaacaaat atatttaatt caattaacaa attacaataa     66360
     aaacaataga aaaagaacaa tatgcagcct ttaattacca acttaactgt tttaatttag     66420
     caaacctgtt tattcaaaaa ctttaaaagt tcaataatga gagtttaaaa taaaaacaac     66480
     aattgctcat tgactgacaa gcattattct tcattcaagc agtcacattc aatgcataat     66540
     atcaaacagg aaaaatcaca tcacatcaca aagtctttca ttcaacagtt tacactgacc     66600
     cctcacagcc ttgcaaattt caaaaactca aaacttctta aatgtaaaat gtattgcaca     66660
     gactacaatg acataaaagc acaaaaagga tctaccacct ctgcatttgc tgaaactact     66720
     ttggtacttt gcattaaaat tttatctcag tctataatta atttgtataa aatccagtgg     66780
     tcaagccttt taaccagcat atttaaaatc caaaaaatac actattcaca cattgtcagt     66840
     ccatctgacc aatcatacaa tacatacatt ataagctact ccacaacaat ctgtatatca     66900
     gtagctacat tactcaaaaa caaacttttt ccataaaata ttaacatttt ttacagcaaa     66960
     attatagaca attaacaaac ttcaacacaa acaaaaagaa tgtcatatta aatataattt     67020
     aatataatgc aacagattta gtctttttac cttttacaac tttctttata attattcagt     67080
     gttcaactga aaaaaatctt atactattta gttttaatgt aaaagtaaat agtaagacca     67140
     ttttaatttt tggtgaactg ctactttaac tttttttata ttttaaaaca taacatttgt     67200
     tataactata tcataatcat tgatttattt tgtctttaac atgatgacag tatacataat     67260
     atttgtctag ttattttgca aaatactcat attctacctc aagcactatt tacagcttaa     67320
     ctataggcta aaaaattttt gtcttacagc caactgagga caaaaatggg aacaactgat     67380
     ctaaaacaaa atgttttaaa aacagataaa gctttgtata acagttctat cataataaac     67440
     tttttttttt gttcaaacag cctctcacaa caaaatgatg ctaacaaaaa tcagcacaac     67500
     aaaatgttta tcccacaact aaccactcac aagtcttgat ttaaatataa tcaaaaatac     67560
     aagattaaac taatctaaag catcaagata ggctagaaat gtgacactta ttttactgaa     67620
     atgtaggtct catgaaacaa aatataaaat aaagtacatt ctgcccacat tcacttatat     67680
     aaaacaaaat tcttacctgt gtgtttgctt aagctccagt ttagtgctcg tgaaacaatg     67740
     taacactttt ttctttacaa ttcaatttaa aactcaatag gcacacctct cttttacagg     67800
     tcagcccata aggccattcc cgcccacaag aaagctacta ctgaaagcca atgaaaaata     67860
     tctagtctaa tattatttac tggtatcatg acaaagataa aataaatcag ttattagaaa     67920
     ttagttatta aaactattat gattagtaat gtgttaaata atcattttct ctgttaaacg     67980
     gaaattgggg gaaaaataaa aaggggggct aataatacag cagggataat aattctgact     68040
     taaactttat atatatatat atatatatat atatgtatgt atgtatgtat atatatatat     68100
     atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatat atgtatgtat atagcctatc attttttgtt     68160
     tttagaaata agctatttaa actgatatat gaaagctcgc aaattgaaaa atatactgtt     68220
     tttattatta caatggacaa acaagtaaag tcataatttt atttatcaac ttaaaaaatg     68280
     gccaaaacat ttatcaaatg tccaaaagat caggtgtaca ttccttttgt acacgttaca     68340
     gcaacagttt accaaacagt tgcttaaatt cacgaatgaa ttaactcata tgaataaaca     68400
     ataaccgatt ttttatttac aaactttatt aatgttagtt taactactct tgaaaataaa     68460
     tacttatctt atgtccaaat gcaaatacct tgacattaaa actatacaaa ataagaattt     68520
     gggtaattca ggattcacaa tgtgaatgga aaaatcacaa agacattgtt tgattgaaac     68580
     taaattttga tttgtgcatt cccagagagg tgtgggaatg agtgttattc tcctatacaa     68640
     aagtgtgttt gatcagacct tagattttat ctctgaaaag ctcaggccgt ttacactgtg     68700
     tttcagcttt aaaacagcag gggtggaaga tgtaaaggcc cagtctaatc aaggtgagag     68760
     catcacacgt ctgacagatg aaatcagtgc ctctttcacc taatgaactt agcacattta     68820
     cacccgactg ttcccattat tgtaaaatac tttgatcaat gcttaatctc cagtgggaaa     68880
     gtggcgggaa cttaaatctg acaaagtaaa agtgattgaa atgcttaaac ttaaaaataa     68940
     gttgtactaa aaaaaacaat actgatgatg acaaaaccat gcgctgtttt aaccatctta     69000
     aaattctata taagatttta aatgtaatct ttaaaaaagg tatttaaatg tgtaatttgt     69060
     tgtataatgt acagttttga aagtattaaa gcacttattt ttatttacta tagtataaaa     69120
     tgatacatat atgcttgagc atggtgtaaa aattaacaac caaataaagt tgttgttttt     69180
     ttctgaagtg cacaaaatac gaatacagac agcaaaacaa tgcaacagaa agatacaatg     69240
     aaaattagat ttataaaaac aagtattaat aaatatgtgg aagagaataa aaagagaggc     69300
     aagaatcaca tgaattttat cttaaaaaga aaataatttt attgtttcaa acaaaggcaa     69360
     caggccaaag aagttgaaac aaatgtagtc tcacagttat gtaatactta agaatgattt     69420
     gcatgtggtg aaaagcgaca gaaatgccag aggaacctct gaaagtgtat aataagttta     69480
     tgctttccat gctgattgag gtgaagtcca tcagatctgt aaaggtcttg gagtattttc     69540
     ctatgagcca gaaaaagttt tgatgtgttg agaaatatga tgttttctgt ttgcatagtc     69600
     cagcgttgca tcattctatt gacctgcttc acgattggtt tctttgtaga atcatctaca     69660
     ggccttggca agacagcact aattgcaaaa tacagaatgt gtggatttgc ctgcgaaatc     69720
     aatgttatta gtgttttcat tcgctgtatg atctgtgatg gagaagctcc gcttgcaata     69780
     tcatttgaac caatgtggag cactacaacg gagttcttgt gtatttttcc aaagtggtag     69840
     atatgctgcc ttgcagacct ttctagggta gtgcctgggt gaacccaaca ttttgctgtt     69900
     ggcaggtagt tttcaatgcc tctgcaaata gagtctgtta acaaacagac tagaagacct     69960
     attagagaga aagaaatttt ttttcattta tttaaaaaga aggtaaattt cattgtgtac     70020
     ttttactagt gcagtcatgt atagcttacc ttggggtata tgaaaatttc ttttgttgaa     70080
     agtacatgtt ctaaatgttt ggtctgtaca gaaaaacaga aagttagaga atcataaaaa     70140
     tggtatgaac aattataaaa tgtagtacta aatgttgtta ttaccttgtt gatccatagt     70200
     tgtcatcaga atgtaacaaa agaagggatg atgatagcga tattatgaat caatgggatg     70260
     ccaatttgaa tttaaaaggt cttaaggcct acctcttagc aatgccaggg ggtggagtta     70320
     agaatcatgt tgagggggat gtatgtgtgc aacaaagcgt tatgtaaaaa aatgcttatg     70380
     catgtctata tttgaaaaca tttgcttcta tcattattat tgtttaggga aggggtgggt     70440
     gggtcagttt gtcactcaaa gacagcaaag gagagctgaa agagatatca ttcttcactc     70500
     attgatattt ctgttgattt gacacgcttc tcatatagaa taaaaacaag caattataaa     70560
     aggtttaaaa ttttatttca aattaattca gacatctaag aacagaatag aacagctact     70620
     tattttttta cccgtaggca cagtgcagtg ttaatgttca aacaatttat aatgatttaa     70680
     tgtggctaat aataatcaat attcataata ataggaatta atctgctttg ttttaaaact     70740
     gtactgacct attgcttctt aattaagcct gctccgctgc tgtattttaa aactgtagtg     70800
     ttatgatggt acttggagag acatgtttat tactaagcca ccaccctact taatgaataa     70860
     agtttgagaa ccacttcttt acaatatcct gttttactac tagaagcaca caattaaaat     70920
     tctagatttt tttcagttgt cgtctcttgt taaatacatt tataaacaag cacattaata     70980
     ctatgattaa cagagaaagt acctcactat atgattgcat ttaaaagaaa gtagttaaaa     71040
     ttctcctcaa atatgtagac ttttctttta ccttttacca ctttaatgta catttatgca     71100
     ttttactttt ggacctcctt acagatagga tgccggacca aaatcaacac ctattgtgtc     71160
     tttctattga tatgacagcc tattgaggac agtaacttaa agcaatctcg cactattgcc     71220
     cattcacgga tcgtttgtga agtgtgaatg ctctgaatcg ggctcaggca cagtgagcat     71280
     aatttacatt agatcactac aaactgattg taaagtcagg cggaaaaaca gagtaaagat     71340
     ttttggaact acatcatatc attaatttta ttcaatattt ttaactaatt attttcataa     71400
     attattttga tgataattag gatttttata accattcaag atttttttaa atcaaacttt     71460
     gatgccaaca gaacaggact tgctctacaa tttttatgat ggcaagaata agagcaaaaa     71520
     cagcacactt aataattaga tttaacttta gggtgggtgt atatatattt atatacatat     71580
     atgtgtgtgt atatgtatat gtgcatatat atgtatatat atttttatat atatatatat     71640
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataaagacaa caataattta aaggcaatat     71700
     agtaatatat atcattttaa aattaatgta tttatctttt caaatgttct cagtcatttt     71760
     aataagagca aactagctgt tattttaaaa ctattactgc actttaacta tttactctgt     71820
     tttttctgct taagtgatgt ttggcaagtt ttgcaagaaa aatccagatc aacatgttgc     71880
     tctccatgaa taatatgagt gattctatag ttgcaggtac ttttagtgac caaagccatc     71940
     ctttttttag cttttaaaaa aatgttacat tacattgtta cattttagaa tatttataaa     72000
     atgtgttcat aattttcaaa aaccatatta cccaaaataa tgttaaaatt agtcagggta     72060
     ttttctatca tttatcattg tgcaatcaaa agtaattatt ttgcttaact tgcttcattt     72120
     gaccaaaatt ttattttaaa tgtttaaact gttaactgtc aatagtatta caattactaa     72180
     agaaaaactg aatgtttcat taatcacata tggaaaaaat taaaaatatt ttaatcccga     72240
     tttcattagt atcatgtgat ctttgcagtc atagcaacta caatgtttgc aaaaaagttg     72300
     aaaattttta atttgttact gtgaattcac tttcatctta gtaactatcc attaggattt     72360
     ttcttgctat gaattatttc taaacattac taaaatcatc catgacagag ttaacaaatg     72420
     ataaaaaaaa ctctttattc cctaaaattc aaacttacac ttgttaatgg tggatagcta     72480
     atacattatc aattatagcc taaaaaaaaa tttctgagct tatttcgcat gttttaatcg     72540
     acacacacac atggcgtttc acgtgcttta tcatagcact ctctgtgtgt acatcaacct     72600
     gatcccttca acatcttgac ttatcaaaaa ttattctatt cattattata ttctgaattt     72660
     ttaacatttt atagcactac tgttaaacac agcagtgaac agtaacagtt taagacattg     72720
     tgtaggattt tgatgttttt ttccttaggt aaaaagtcca cactctaaaa attgttgact     72780
     tatttattta aaccaatggt tgagttaaac atatttggtg ctttgttgag ttattttaat     72840
     ctttattaga ttatttatta ataactcaac cagtgaagtt aaaaattcgg tgttgtgttg     72900
     gtttatttat aacttatatt tggttattta tttaataaca gatagcaatt acactcgagc     72960
     cagttcaggg agctgttcca gaaagcaggt tatgtgacat acacgggtaa gtttgaaagt     73020
     aggtagataa cctcaacttt ggttccaaaa tcggaggtta cttctgggta tgttaagtag     73080
     ccatagcaac ttactttgta ttcgcgtcag ggcattttag gcaactgtat aatgtggcag     73140
     taggaccacc tgtacagtat gcctggcact gaacagtttt ttacactttt gtacagttcc     73200
     ttggtcatac attactgcgt atcattacat agatgattca gaacacggga atagcgtagt     73260
     ggacagtgcg ttgataaagt acaatgaagt gcacgacgga gcgagttcga atctcacttc     73320
     cagatcttgt gttttttctc tccttctgca ccctcacatt tttctgtata atattataag     73380
     tggcagcttt gtcttttgta ggaaaatata tctttaattt aagatgtagg acgtcgttct     73440
     tatatataca ttcacgcaca cacacctaca tttttttata taatattttt ttcagggttt     73500
     ataaaagcta ttgtgtgcat taattgcagc caattttaaa gctccttcag tcactaaagg     73560
     aaactgatga tataaaattt gtccaaagta taagtgtgca ggtacaactt aattttctat     73620
     ccttaatctt ttggtgtttc aactattaaa ctcattactg cttccactta ccagctcatc     73680
     acacacccca cctcatcact atgttgaggc taaatggctg attttcagaa agtaatgatt     73740
     taagtgtata acacaaatat aattaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa ataaaaacta taaagtaaat     73800
     gttgcttcac acaatgttta tttttattat atttgtatta taaaatagaa tcattactgg     73860
     gcactacatt gttacttgct ggaggacaaa agataccctt ttctgcctta tacgatgaca     73920
     cgtacctgca gcctgaccca gaggaaatct cagtgaccca agcagacaaa acagatgaaa     73980
     gagtgataaa aatatataat tagtcaaaaa actatgttta atcaaatagt ttggtctgtt     74040
     catttcttca ttttctgaaa taaaatgaat gattttgtac actgctttat acacgcacct     74100
     ttcaacgtgt aacatatttt tcatatacat ttctcacctt aaggtgatgc tcatgtgact     74160
     ttatctttga agatggacct tatacagcta ctttagaatt taaatatgta gataaaagat     74220
     tttgtgatct aagagtaata ttcaaatatg gaaaagtgca gaaaattctt acactgcttg     74280
     ttagttgagg cagaaggaac ttcgtctgca tgcaaaataa aaagaaccta aagctatctg     74340
     acaacaatca cttacaacag tgacagagtg tggtttaagt gaaaaactca accactgaaa     74400
     agcctttatt ataggacaca gcagttagac aggcctcttt ctattagctg catgtcagaa     74460
     agaatattct agtgttaaaa aaagagttcc agtaattaaa tattaccttt tatgataatg     74520
     tttctgtgtt taatgacttt ggacagagtt ctagctccag aaagattaca atttcaaagc     74580
     ccgaggcgtc aaatggcata tttaaatttt agcactcaac tgttttaact gacacaaaac     74640
     agctgtatta atatatgtgc gtaatgttgt tttgcgttat aaagtttatt taagctataa     74700
     cgcaataatt ttgtacttat tttttaagta gcctacctac gtgtcgtggt ttttatatcc     74760
     gtttcatact tcaagacttt tagaagtgtt tggatgtggt taaaatgtat tgtacattgt     74820
     ggacagtgag tgaagcctgc tgcagctgct ggacaacctc tacagcacac agaactccat     74880
     attttgctcc atcaacacat gattttctgc ttgcacagtt tagaactgtc tcactttgtt     74940
     ctgttttttt ttttattgtt ggtgattctt gatttatttt aacaaaagtg tctggaactt     75000
     aaaataaaat ggaaaaaaaa agcattttca atatttttga aaactatatg ttattttttt     75060
     acacagccat aattataaaa ttaattgtag gctattacta gtaataatag caatagtaat     75120
     accagaatgg aaaaaataac atttaatcaa aataaccaag tgcattgggt taaattatat     75180
     aacccaatgc attggtttaa aacaactcat agttgggaag gtgctataat aacctaaagt     75240
     tgggttatat gttgggtttt tttttaaccc aactatttta acaaagcaat aggagatcgc     75300
     atatgataat ttgagagatt taaaaagaaa caaaaaggca acacatcgat cgacagcaca     75360
     ttacacgcca tttgtattta attaaacgag tcagtgttat tgaaatgagt tgttaacctc     75420
     ttgatattgt ttatacagga gagggacaca cagcagcgcg cgtcaagaga agagcgcgcg     75480
     tcaaaagcaa agcgaaagca agacgtggat atgtgtcgaa atatgcatgt ttttgacata     75540
     aatggcaaca ctcgtgtttg cactcgtgtt agaattttag atgttgtact tcgcatgaac     75600
     attactgctg aaactgcctg tgatctgtca gtttctgtgc gtcattaaca gagtgtattt     75660
     aatatttgtt atttccgtga gaaacatgct ataatgttta atcgggccca attcatcttc     75720
     cgattatccc tctcagtgct gcagaaatgt tttttttttc aaactttgaa ttacgactgc     75780
     gttaaattat attaaaggga tgtgctttgg taaagtgctc aaacgcgtga tgcgcacaga     75840
     aaccggcgca ctatgctgaa ttagtttctc tttaatcttt tgcagtctga attgtttaac     75900
     atttataaaa cagaatactt taatcaagat tgtaaatgag tctggcttgc caaaacatgt     75960
     tttttgaagc tcacggtaac atcttatgct gctttctcgg tttagaaacg catcgcaaaa     76020
     atattgttat atagggccag ggtgggccaa cgatcaaaga tcataaagat gtctattcag     76080
     tcgtacctat ttaagactaa atctcttcaa agtgttttat aatcaactca aatcaaatgc     76140
     accgccgagc gcactgttcg atcgagtctc aaaaacaatt tttcactccg ccgcccgaaa     76200
     tcatgtcgag cgaaacctgt gacgtcaact tgtgaggtca cattcgccgc acgcgttgag     76260
     gataaatcag gcttggcgaa ctggtgtcct aacaaacgct ggctctcctg ctcttcagta     76320
     acctctgact caagataacc aagatctcca atagattctc caggctattt tatctcacag     76380
     gtaaggtcac gtctacatta atgactgttg tacatttata acaaatacgt tttaatcttt     76440
     tgcacagtta aatgcattgc tagtatgtct tgcaattatg ctttaaagat aaaacactga     76500
     tagcctatat tttgacttac tctataacaa aagtacaagc taacttctct taaacctatg     76560
     gtttttgatc tcgtagacca tggattaaat acgggcgcca aacaaatcat tgtttgtgct     76620
     tgctgcgatg taaattttca catttagggc gattccatcg attatatgca aaagaaaaaa     76680
     atctttatcc atttactttg ttaaagtttc agtaggtaaa caaatattgt ataattagtt     76740
     tttttgtttg gcactcaggt tgttatgaag taatttaaca aatagccgac tacataggct     76800
     attattaaca actcctgtaa tagtcatttc tctggccttt tatataaaga tattttattt     76860
     gtattaacac aaactttaat gtgtatgcaa cattcacata aaattaaatt gtataacaaa     76920
     attgtatatg accactaatc aaaggaaagt attattataa tgattttaaa aaatcatcca     76980
     tttctgcaat gctttgtaat ccaaaattat cattataatg tgacattcat atattttccc     77040
     tgcatttaca aataaaaaac aaaacaaaac actagaatac ttttttattc agcacaacat     77100
     tattaatttg ctttaacttt attataatta aagtgcattg tcaacatatt ctgtattttg     77160
     aggatttatt tcttcctttt tttgtgcaaa actttgttct atgttagaaa ctctgctttt     77220
     tgtggctaaa tagtgagtgc attgcatgaa tgtatttgta gtgccatcat cttataatac     77280
     tgttaactgc aattcagtac aggaagataa taataatgaa acaacatata gaccactcaa     77340
     gacactcaaa ttacaatcat tgtttattta ttattctcat taaatacaat gtttacttcc     77400
     agaaatggca tctccatcaa aaatccctaa agttcacaat gctgaagctg aagccatacg     77460
     tgagcgattt caactaattg ctgtaagtat taatatataa tttttttcat tatatctttg     77520
     tttctttaac atatatctat tatagaattg ccatttttac attttttgtg aatgtcttta     77580
     tctgctcttt ctgtagtaca aatgccagga tcctagagtg aacccgtgtg aaacagctaa     77640
     ccaaatcatc actctcggtc aagaagtaat gacaatgatg acaaaatgga ccaaccagaa     77700
     taaagcctta aatcaaaatg taactggttt aagacaacaa cttaaggaaa aggaaaaact     77760
     cttaaaggaa gcacttgcac aagcagatgt gtatgctgca gccagggatt tttgtaatga     77820
     tggtaactat ctaaattttc tatagtttct ctatattaat tattgtatta tactaattga     77880
     accttctttt ctagatgtac aagatgcatc tacacaaaca gaccccacag atccaatgcc     77940
     atcaagtacc acagaaggta gtgaagcact gtccaatatt ttaaatgtaa tcatttaata     78000
     catcaaaacc ttttctatat aaacatgtct gcttcctttt cttttacaga tgataacaca     78060
     tcatttcctg ttcatcacga tgaagatctt tgagtttttt tccttttttc cactttgaaa     78120
     actaattttt tacacatata ttttattttt gcattgaagt tatacagtat attttagctt     78180
     tttacaactt tgtgcactgt caatttttgt ttatatattt attttttgtt attattattt     78240
     ccactttttt attgttttcc aaataaaaaa atttcacttt acactctcaa gtttttcata     78300
     tgcacacatt ttattagctt taattcatta atacaagtac aaaatatgat tttatgatgc     78360
     tccaaacaac aaaagacaga gaatgttttc acaatatttc atagtctaat agttttttat     78420
     tctggagaaa atcttaggct gtttatttta gtctagctag agtcaaagca gattatttag     78480
     gcctaataaa catgtcatat aataagcccc ttaaaaatat ctttatgtca aacaaacatt     78540
     agtcatggcc tgtcactcaa aagcatcttg ctatagctat ttaatttaaa atgttgccaa     78600
     atgagatttc ttgaaagctt ttttaaaagt atacatagag tgcttagcat atgagtacat     78660
     cccattttga aaatgaacat tttctccact tttttagtaa atatggttaa tttatatcag     78720
     tgcattttaa caaaacagat ttattaaaca gataaattta tttaaataat attttagtca     78780
     caaaacatat ttagaaatgg aaagataata tatataaatt catgcaaaat attgcaaaca     78840
     aaatcacaga ctacataatt tcaactaaat agtaaatatt tttgtttctc ttgatttttg     78900
     ttatttttaa aaaaattatt taatattttc ccctaacata taaatttgag ctactaattt     78960
     ttgaacaatt atcataagtt attttgttaa attagctcca gatttggctt taggactgac     79020
     taatttatgc acaaatttaa tattgtaaag cgtcttatgt aaacaagaga tttgtgggga     79080
     gtgtaaaaat tgtatatgta taaatacttt tgaaatattt ttttatggta ctaagaaacc     79140
     agtccatcta aacttaaaat aaatcttaaa tctagataaa atgtcataaa agataaaaag     79200
     tcataaaata atatgtcaat atatttcaac aaaacaacac tttaaaaaag tttaatagta     79260
     taacaagata taaaatgata aatatatttc aacaacataa aacttctttt tacacataat     79320
     atgtctaaat tttacaaaac aaaaatctaa attttcatta taccccactg ctaaattcac     79380
     aagtgatggt tgtgtaaaca agatacaagg atatctcttt tgtcgcatat ttcctgcaag     79440
     aaaattccaa tgtcctctac tctaaaaaca taatttgttc tccatccatt ttaccttcat     79500
     aaaacatggt gtttacgaag tcttgcattg tgatagccaa caaggcatct tcctcctcta     79560
     tccttaagat ctttggcagt tgaatcttca caggaaagtg gtgttggttc tccatccact     79620
     tacaggccag caaaatattt ttcatcactg ctgagtcctg tttgcaatat agaagttcca     79680
     acaacaatgt aattaattaa gtgctgctta taaacacctt aaacaaaggt aaatccataa     79740
     acatttcaag caatacataa acattctctc tagatacgca gattcctggt gttgggattg     79800
     gttctgtggt tggttctggt gctgctgatg ttggagattg ggataatgat ggtgctgatg     79860
     ctgggaacgg tgatgctgtt gatgctgagg attgtagtgc tgctaatgct tgtaatgatt     79920
     ctggtgctgc tggggatggt gttggtgttt gagcacctga tggttaatta tgttggcttg     79980
     agaaagccaa caaactgtaa tgctacttaa acatcttctt cttattatta ttattctttt     80040
     tattatgttg gcttgagaaa gccaacatac tgtaatgcta cttaaactta ttcttattat     80100
     tctaattatt attccggctt ctgacttaaa aaagcaatcg cttctcctcc cagggcttag     80160
     atgctacaag cccaaaattt ggtcaaaagc tgtctattgc ccatgagatg gtcgctgtat     80220
     gtcctcatgc cgataagact tgtagttttt gaattaaaat ttttttgaat taaaaaattt     80280
     tattgttcaa aagctgtcta ttgcccatga gatggttgct gtatgtcctc atgccgataa     80340
     gacttgtagt ttttgaatta aaaatttttt gaattaaaaa ttgtatcgag tatttggggc     80400
     atataaaaaa gtatacaatc ctcaaatttg gccaaaagat gtgtttgaaa ttacaaataa     80460
     ttatcatatt tatttggtgt aattataaat aacagttttc ctataaatat tttttttata     80520
     ttcaatttgt aaaattcaca cacaaagcgt gtcagagtgt ccacgagatg gcgccagaag     80580
     actatttttg agcccttttg gaattgagtt tactgcacct ttgcaccttt aagaggcact     80640
     gtccctttaa gaggcggaga gatcctgctg actgtttttg ctctacagaa agttcggctc     80700
     atttcagacg tgcttgttac aacatttaaa gctgtttaca tcaaaatttc tcagcgaaag     80760
     tacacaaata gtaatacaac actatttagt gttcctttaa gaggcagaga gatccgtggt     80820
     caaaatcgag gtaagattga acttaattct ggtcatcagt cattcatatt atgctcgcgg     80880
     tgaattccat aaagcgatgg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctcg caaactttga cgatttgcca     80940
     caaaacagga agtcgttata actcaggcat gcattatccg atctgcctca aaattcacac     81000
     atttaataac agtcatgacc tgaactcgtt tatatgctga tatccagata gagttatagc     81060
     gccacctgct ggccacagga aatgacatgt tttacattgt aatatactcc ttccgcaaac     81120
     tttattatat cagcaccaaa tttgagtgat gttatttgaa agctctagcg atgatatatt     81180
     gtaaagatct agagattttg cagaagcgcg tgtccgtggc ggcatgacaa acctcaacgc     81240
     ttcgccatgg aacaggaaat gcttataact caaccacaca atgtccgatc tgcctgaaac     81300
     ttcaccaggt tgatcatatt cctctcctga acacatccac ataacaatat tgagtctatc     81360
     atagcgccac ctgctggcag aaggtatttt ggcctataac tcagccacac aatctctgat     81420
     ctgcctgaaa ctttacatgg ttgattaaaa tcctctcctg aagacatcta catgccaata     81480
     tcgagtcaca gtcatagcgc cacctgctgg caacaggaaa ttacatataa ctcagccaaa     81540
     caatgtccga tctggctgaa aattaacatg gttgataaga ttcctctact gaaggcatct     81600
     acatgcaaat cttgattcac agtcatagcg ctacctgctg acaagagaaa gtttggcatg     81660
     attgtgtgtt tttctcaggt tctttatata aatcggctta aattaatatt gttcgctgtt     81720
     ctcttgtcat cctgaggtca acaggcggcg gtgagcccgg gtgcgaggtc cctatcatcg     81780
     ctgctcgcag ctttaatatg gtatttttat gctttagaag agtcaaaaac tttttaacaa     81840
     gctctaaaaa tgatgatcca tggggtattt tgagttaaag cttcacacac tttggggaca     81900
     tcagagactt attttacatc tggtaaaaag gggcatgata ggtcgccttt aatgcattca     81960
     tactaaatca gggattatat tcctataaaa ttattttttt ctaaaaaaat gtcagtgact     82020
     tttgaaccac acttttagtt ttttccactt ttttgttaaa tgatttccaa cacactgact     82080
     ctgctggaca tcatggcatt aaaaagacat ttaaacatta taattttata aagaattgta     82140
     gtttgccttc atagttagcc ttttcacgta acgaccaaac aaagccttca tttatccatc     82200
     agtccagata aatgaccctt ctgttcgcca ctcactttaa caacccctca cagatgtctc     82260
     tctgtcttat cagattttcc catgttgtct catagtagtt taatatttct gatatcattg     82320
     atgttctgtg gtgttttggg ctgatgttag cattggcatt atcttttgtc agcagtgtct     82380
     caccgcttgc tgtcagctga tgcgtttcta cacacttttt cttgcttctg tatgcagtct     82440
     gagctaaaag tggactgaat gtttatcaaa aagtgtgact gtaagcatcc ctgtgtctgc     82500
     ttgactctga gaggaatctg tgacttaggt cggtgaacat agtcaagtca tcagtctact     82560
     gggaaaactt gcggcacact ttcagttctc aaatggaaaa tttaaagggg tagttcactc     82620
     aaaaatgaaa gatgatcacc agcatgatca tgtttattaa agatttatta aattaaaata     82680
     tatctgaatt taatagggtg tcagcagggt ctttaaaagt attttaattt actgaaatat     82740
     agtgctctaa gtcttaaatc atttctaacc ggtcttaatt ttcctatgtc caagtaaagc     82800
     tagcctatcg ggcttacacc caatcaccaa caatcaatgt taaaactttt tttgtttata     82860
     ttaaaaaaaa tacaattgta atgcatccct ttacattatc ttccattaat acaaaaacta     82920
     tttacagaag taaccaggcc attaaaaaaa atcttagtgc ttagtcctgt atatgtcaaa     82980
     tttcagttat attggtctta aaaattatcc taaaaagtat tacatttgac ttgaagaaac     83040
     ctgcagaaac tctgtttaat agtgtgttga taattacttc taaatctaaa gagctcatgc     83100
     tatttggtgt ttgcagaaat acactgtgtt taaaatagaa tttagagtca cagttgaatt     83160
     acaacctgct tttgcaactg taccattacc actgttttaa ctgtaattta tgttcacaaa     83220
     aaggagtctc tcttgctcac caatgttgta tttatttgat caaaatagag taaaaatgtt     83280
     agtcatatgt tgaaaaaaat gtaataatca ttttcaattt tcatatattt taaaatgaca     83340
     tttgatgctg caacatcaga gctaaattgt ttgcaggctt tatatcagtt atcagtgtta     83400
     aaaagatttg ctgatttgat gctcaagtac aatttcttgt tattatcagt gttaaagaaa     83460
     catatgtgct gcttaatata ttttagtaaa ccatagtatt tttttttaaa gagcacctat     83520
     tttacccctt ttacaagatg taaggtaagc cttgggtaag gtgtctccag aaagtgtctg     83580
     taaagctcaa aatacccatc agataattta ttaaggcccc cagagtatgt ccattcgatg     83640
     tctgagaaca ttgtggctgt ttttgtagcc tctggcttta aatgcaaata agctgctgct     83700
     tcctacctac cattcccaca tgcatgtctg cttctcatca tttattgtca gataaacagc     83760
     agtcagtgat agacacagat aaaggtgaaa tacagctcat aaatcaaaaa taccaaatat     83820
     caaaagttta tttcatttat ttgtggtgga gtttattcaa gttttcattt ctgaaaggat     83880
     gagtctcaca caaattcagt aaactcacac acacacacac actatgcggc cgtggtgata     83940
     atagctttta agagttacaa tgatttttac tgtctttatt acaaacatga tctctttaaa     84000
     aaagttttaa atagaaaaat cacagagagt tgtaacatat tttttcccta tttacttgca     84060
     aaggaaatgt tctgtggaca tgtgtataca tgttgatata gaaacatggc acatgccaat     84120
     ccatttggtg ggtagggaaa actgcactcc tatatcatgt tgtggtgggc ctcaaaatca     84180
     ctggaatttg ggtcctattt caacatcagt aaatttaaaa aaaatgagac ttgttgggtt     84240
     tatatcactc caatataaca gtggacacac tatacttgca gtcagttttg tccaaacagc     84300
     ttacaaaagt ccatcttagg tgccctttaa caactgtccc tgtaaacaat tgtttaacat     84360
     ttatatatga tgctggatat agataattta agacttgcac caaagttttt actatcaggg     84420
     gaaaagtgtt ttaaaacacc ttaaactgtc acatcatttg cagattttta gtttaatgtt     84480
     tattattatc atcatcatca tcatcaatgc agcatttttt ttttttgtgt aaatggaaat     84540
     ctgtcaaaat gggtacattg tgtttgttac aattgactgg atgtgcatat tttacaccct     84600
     atttacctct gttaacattc caatcattca taattgttta gtaaaataaa ataatataaa     84660
     actatgaaaa ctaaaactaa aactattcct attagtatcg aataaaaata caataacttt     84720
     taccattggt ctcacagtgg aatcacctca cagcaaaaag ttcactggtt tgagcctcga     84780
     ctgggtcagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct tctcgtattg gcgtgcgttt     84840
     cctttgggtg ctagggtttc ccccacaagt ccaaagacat gcgctatagg tgaattgggt     84900
     aagctaaatt gtaaatcata ttgtaaagca tatgctgaat aagttagcgg tacattccgc     84960
     tgtggtgatc ccagattaat aaagggacta agccgaaatg aaaagtaata aataacttta     85020
     tcatctttaa atataaatcc atgtctggct aatgattcca tgctggtatt aataaatacg     85080
     tttcaatatc atattcactt cgatcaagat tcccttcaat aaaatcctga cctgctttag     85140
     tttttcttat aataccctgt ttaatttagg aattcagctt catgtttatc agttttcctc     85200
     tgtctctctc tctctatctc tctctctttt agtgcgggta ccgtatttta tagatttgaa     85260
     aagaccgcag gatcagggta tgaatcacac tcacaacttc tacctgcagc cagaggaagg     85320
     aatcaacatt ggagtgtggt aagaaacaca tacagacaca gcatggcctt tctatctgtc     85380
     ctcttaagcc tacagtttct gtccctctct atctgccctg tggccacagc tgtctttggg     85440
     aagggcgtgg aaaatctccc gctcttattg aaacccagcc tgtggcacag agtgtttaaa     85500
     tgcatagtga cagagcgact gcacgggctc gtggctgctg gccattgggt ttgactttca     85560
     cagagtaaca ctgcaaagag ccatatgagc tttatagtgc tgatgctgga gttttttacc     85620
     tgcataaata aagctgtcca tgcactgtca gattcaatat taaacagcaa agcctttgat     85680
     cataatttgg gcaagaacta ttgagtcctg aaagagtatg ttattgttca aaagttatac     85740
     ttttatttat acttttattc agccttttta ttcatgacta tattctgaca atatatctga     85800
     ggccctgttt acactaatac gttttagttt taaaacggcg ttttagaatg aaaatgattt     85860
     gcgtccacac tggcgtttca cctagcattt ccaaacagat cttggtccac actacaccac     85920
     tgaaaacgca catcacgtga ccacacacac acacacacac acacactctg gcgtgcactg     85980
     cagcgatgag agctgtgcac gtcggactgc tcatcaagga tctaccgctg gatctaacta     86040
     tttttgttaa acgtcatatt taattcatct tgtctatatc taacaacaaa tttcacaact     86100
     ttggtctttt gaatctttta cttgttctca attaacatat tttggctgag ttaatatatt     86160
     aattaatgta accgcggaca ctgattttgc atattgactg attgcttgcc ttttttttct     86220
     ataatgtata aaattgttgt acgttgtata tttataatgg ccattattga ataaaaaaac     86280
     tgatattcag caaaagaaag ggtacgtttc ttattttaag tgaaaatgtt atgttatagg     86340
     ctttgttttg caataaatat gcatacagtg aagatgacag tcaaaaaata tgtagctaca     86400
     caatgcctca acatttttgg tgtctgttaa gttgctaata tcaaaattaa aatatgcagt     86460
     tcctttaatc atttcattgt taaggaagtg aaacagcatc gccatggtga tgtgaataag     86520
     gttataaagt agactgttcc ctttaaagat ttaaccgacg tgttctcggg agtttgtttt     86580
     ccatatcaaa cttgcgaagt ctgaacttac aaagaaagga tacaagactc aactttgttt     86640
     attctacctt ataataataa ggaaaaggcc ccaatcagat gggtgaatgc ctgcagccct     86700
     gcctccattt tcagatgtct cagtgttccc ccatccacac tgacatggag cagcagcgtt     86760
     ttaaagcaaa aacatcctct tcagtatttc agaaaactgc atttatgtat atatacatac     86820
     atgaatatat acataaatat aaatggtgat cagaatggga taagtgctta aaaattgctt     86880
     taaaaaatgt aagcattgat catgtcaaga cttgctcttt attaaatata ttttattagg     86940
     ctgtaatatt ctgaccatct tattctctta atgtgtttgt agaagttcaa tcaacgtaca     87000
     ttcagactta agtcttatga ttttagggag aaaaaaaaca catttaatag ttttaagttt     87060
     gagaataatt aaaacagatt ctcatcttaa ttttaaatga catagaagct ggcattttgt     87120
     taaaaaaata aaaataagaa gaaaagtaaa ttacaaataa attcagcaag gaggcattat     87180
     attaatctaa agttaattta aataatttat actaaggatt acttcattta aattactaca     87240
     tttttctttc aaatgctgtt cttttaaact ttgttcatca aaggaaatat ttttctataa     87300
     ataaagtgaa aggagatcgg ttactgtcac ctctgcagcc aatgaggtag ctcttaatca     87360
     gtttaaaagt tcagcatcac tctacactgt ttaagctttg ccgcgttttc gtagaccttc     87420
     ccccaaccca gctccacttg tgtttacatc tgctatggga gttacatgta gattatgttt     87480
     gcagcagcag catgtaagat tctcagatgg catgtttctg tatataatgg cagtagcagg     87540
     tctcagaact tgctctgcca taataatcaa agcaacaaca tagcaaatct ataccgccaa     87600
     gaccaaatac atcaacattg ccatataaat attcattacc atactaaatc tcgagagtgt     87660
     ttatgacaga aacatgattt atacaaaata aacacaccaa aactgttttc ggcatcaatg     87720
     atattgaaat atttcttgat tattgtatta gcaagatttc tgaaggatca tgagacactg     87780
     aaaactatta aaatacaaat catagtaaca tttcaaaaat taaatgtaca atggagcagt     87840
     tacttgatat tgtgagcagt attttatact gtttactgtg ttgtttaaat aattgcagcc     87900
     tcagtaagct tttttataca aaaatatttg acaaattgta attgttaatt gtactctttt     87960
     aaacattagt gcataactat tgttcttcat ttctccattt catatgtagg aagcagtgtt     88020
     gtagcagctg cacatctctt ttgtataatc tgtcatcgct ccatcattgt ccatctctct     88080
     caggcacaca gtaccagcag gtatgtggag ggaggctcag gctaaagatg ctgaatggta     88140
     tgagaaaagc ttccagtcca gtcacccagt catcctgtac ctccacggca atgctgggac     88200
     gaggtacaca aacactcatc tgatcttaat aaagccaact aacactgtgt ttacacagga     88260
     cacaaccatt tccgcaacag ctggaggtta tagaaaacaa atggttcatg ttttacttca     88320
     caagtcttct acaaataagg catatatttt tcataccttt acttagaatg ttttaaaagt     88380
     ctttttgcgt cctatgcaca gtaggtttga gaagtcatgt agtgagttca gctttttaaa     88440
     gattctgtta cacagttttt tttggtgaat ttacttaatg tgtctgtgtg tgtttgtttc     88500
     agaggaggag atcacagagt acagctttat aaggtaaaat aaacaacaat tgcatgagtt     88560
     tatactacag tttaaggaat agttcaccca aaactaaaaa ttctgtcatt ttttactcgg     88620
     ccttgtttca gaccggtttg tcttttcttc tgttgaacac taaagaaaat attttgaaga     88680
     tagccaaaaa cctgcaacca ttgatattca tattaggaaa aacaaatacc atgcaagtca     88740
     atggttacat gttttcagct tccttcaaaa taatcttctt ttgtgttcaa cagaagaaag     88800
     aaattcatga acatttggaa actacgtttg ggcggacaat tagtgaatac ttttttaggg     88860
     gggtgaacta caccattagg aaacaaaaac aaaaagtaga aacaaatgaa ttatcttaaa     88920
     aaagtgcctg taatgtgaca gattttaata agtctattaa agcaatgtct gacattttct     88980
     ctgcttgtct ctgcaggttc tcagttcatt aggctaccat gtagtcacgt ttgattatag     89040
     aggtatgttg ggtttcattt ttaatgcatt gttgtttaat gcaagtaaga atcccattcc     89100
     ctgtgcctag tgaagcatgg atttgtttgt ttctgcaggt tggggagact ctgagggcag     89160
     tccttcagag agaggcatga catcagacgc tctgttcctc taccagtgga taaaacagcg     89220
     gattggaccg aagccgctgt acatttgggg tcactcgctc ggcacagggt gacatcaact     89280
     ttcctttgat ttctctacat gcagaatttc tagttcttgg agaaaaattt tgacataaag     89340
     gctctgattg tgtaagccac tctggtgttc ttgagctgct gctgatgctg tacgttcctg     89400
     tttttccaga gtggccacta accttgtgag acggctgtgt gacaggggta cgtgaacatg     89460
     tgtttgtgca tttgtgtgtc cttttgggca ggaacattgc aactgaaaac aaatatgagc     89520
     cagtcatgtt aaactggtta caacagaatg aacctgtatt atttaatgac cagcacctat     89580
     ttacccaaca ttcccagcag tcactttgaa taattggata aatgctgtgt cttaataatt     89640
     attcatgaac taagccccag aagcaaagca tgacaatgca aaacattctt ttttggctta     89700
     gtccctttat tcatcagggg tcccaactca gaaatgaact gccaacatat tcagcatatg     89760
     tttttataca gcaaatgccc ttccagctgc aaccccatac tgggaaacat ccatacacac     89820
     tcattcacac acatacacta cagccaattt agttcactta ttcaattcac ctatagcgca     89880
     tgtttttgga ctgtggggga aactcacacc atcacgggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca     89940
     gaccattctc gaatgttcat gctgtgaggc aacagtgcta accactgagc caaccagcat     90000
     gaccttcttg ttgactaaat aatcagtagg ctcagtcatg gaaaatccca aagtgtgaat     90060
     tacaaaactt atgtgagtta ttgaaatgaa tgaaatcata aaagatgcag cctgatctca     90120
     catggaaacg taactatttt acattttgtc agtttagtgg ccaatttgta tgaattcatt     90180
     cgaattcagt catacagaat tgtaggattt ttaacagaag gtatggcacc agactacact     90240
     ccttaaccta accttcattg ggagatgcga aaatcgtact aaattgtaca aatgagatcg     90300
     tacaaattca taagaattaa ccactacata caagtcaata ctcttgttca ctatgaatca     90360
     ataattgaat aaatagtaaa tgtaaagaca tttatacaag gatcccacag gccatgcagt     90420
     ttctggaata tggaatttca gaagtactat tccagacatt aaaagtggaa tagtaaaaag     90480
     ctgtagttct tttgtccaag tcatggaatg tcagattttt tctttgttac tttaaatttt     90540
     agtttcaatt tctcaaaatt taatatcaga atcagtttta ttgccaagtg tgcttcacac     90600
     acacaaggaa tttgttttgg ctacagaagc tcccagtgta cataaagtga taagtgacaa     90660
     caaaaaataa atatgagaaa aaaaaataaa acatgataaa cattaaacag agatgcagtt     90720
     agtccagaaa tctggatgtt gagttttatg tacagatttg ttataaatat acaggtcata     90780
     aggtgctgtg tacaaatgcg aatgtagaaa gtattgcatt gtatgttgat gtaaggtgct     90840
     gtgtacaagt gcgtatgaga aagtattgca catatttatt gcacagtagg ggaatagtta     90900
     actgttcatg agatagctgg tctgaggaaa gaaacttttc ttgtgtctgg ttgtttttgt     90960
     gcttggtgct ctgaagcgct taaagtgtag gaaaggtagt gccagtgatt tgttcagcag     91020
     tccggactat tggttgttat atttctatgc tatatgtttt actgcattga tttcagcagt     91080
     gacaattaaa ccacactgaa ctgaacttca acttcaaact agacttacac agtttcaatt     91140
     tattagaact tctatgttaa gctgcagtga cacaatctac tttgtaaaag cgctatagaa     91200
     atgatggatt gaattgcttt ttataccatc aagctatcaa atatgagaga acccttcaca     91260
     ccacacaaac tgtaaatacc tcagatttct ttcataataa tgattgataa taatcatcca     91320
     ttgttaatct tacagtggct attagagttc tacaaaatga taatcaagct tacatcattt     91380
     tgaaatcatg caacgcacaa cagtggcctg tttttctgtt cattataaca ctaaactcag     91440
     atttatagtc agtgaaagtc agagagtttt aagtgagata ctaagtttat aacattacaa     91500
     aaattgtatt ttaggatgct gatcttcatt aaaaaaaaac ctaaaaagaa tcagtttcca     91560
     catataaaaa atacagcagc acaaacaaag caccaaatca taatgtaatc tatattatat     91620
     cattatatta tcatgttgta attagcagta tgaaattatt tataaattac aattatacaa     91680
     ttatcattca gaaggccagc attcaaactt gttaaataat tactttattt agctttaatt     91740
     gacattttta ggagataaaa aacacagacg tttcagcaca atgccttcct aagtgctttt     91800
     cactccaccc tcttattcca cagtcaatca cattaggtca ttagttagac gactactcaa     91860
     tagttaaaaa caagcacata ttaatttcaa tatagctaac ataaggaata tttcctccac     91920
     ctgtaaattc ataatcccca ttgtacagga aaataaaatt tgaattatta tcattcactt     91980
     atttatatcc tcatcaactg atacaataaa attcagacag tccaaaacat taaaaatgcg     92040
     tgtagataat gttgtagata aatgatacaa tattaaagaa acactaaaag aacactccct     92100
     tatttattcc ttatgatgta agtgatttta gtttatgaat tcagaacact tctttttgta     92160
     acaattttta ctatagtttt tattttatta tacaattatc gcaaattatc ctgattgaca     92220
     acatcacagt tttttgtttg aactaaagaa agccacaact cagtgctgat gtttcagaaa     92280
     tagacaagca ctggattaaa gtgaactgat gtaattacca agcaagtcta acacttaaga     92340
     ctacgactta tgtaaggctg tatttgagcc attccgatga aggaatgatt gtgtttctct     92400
     tcctctgtgt tcgcaggaac gcctccagac gccctgattt tagagtcacc ctttacaaac     92460
     atcagagagg aagccaagag ccatcccttc tccatggtca gaataccagt cccctttcac     92520
     actcccttca tcacgcatta cagaaacaca tctgaccttg agcattcata tgtgtcattg     92580
     tgaacaggtt tacagatatt taccgggatt tgactggttc ttcctggatg ctataagtgc     92640
     aaacgacatc cgatttgcca gtgatgagaa gtaggttctt ttggtcttat atttcatcta     92700
     ttactatgta agtttgcatt aagggattgt ttgtttgctc tgtgtgtcca cctgtgcagt     92760
     cagtgttagt gtttatgcag cacagtgttc acacagctgt tgaaatgatc atctgtggtg     92820
     ttttcacatg ctggaggaga ttcatcttcc tctgagagct tgttgtggaa acagacattg     92880
     tgtgcatata taaatgtctt cagtatttag attgatgcga gcattgtttt tcaagtcaca     92940
     gatggagtta tcacaaaatt cattacatta cctccagatg agtacttgat gatgattttt     93000
     ttgtctattc aattagcatg taatgtaatc tgtttgagat taaacagcct ctgcaaagtt     93060
     tgccaagtac gatgcgatcc tggattaata tctgtaattc tggagcataa tttttgcata     93120
     aacatgcata ttctctactc ctgaacccaa ccataactgt aaatgattcc caaaatcgag     93180
     gggaataata gttggaaaac acacatagaa ctatgtaaac ctaaccgtaa gcctaaactg     93240
     aacattaaga gtaaacctat cccttaattc tgattggctg atcagatcta gaacatttta     93300
     ggaccatgtc ctacttggtg aaattaggtt ggcagcaaag ttacaacact gcagttttaa     93360
     tgtaaaagga ggtttttttt tgttttataa attcatattt taaggccaac aacaaatgac     93420
     tacctaagcc taaattaaaa ttttcctggg tttttgacct catgaattgt aaaattttca     93480
     taaatcccac ccatgattat gatgttttct tgaaaattca ctaggtggtt gactaattcg     93540
     aatatattgg gtaatactag ccaatgagag cacattgtat atttttgagg gagaggcttt     93600
     atagaacaag gaagtcaaca gagcatttta ggagaattga aacaatggtg tagaattgaa     93660
     aagattgttc acccagaaat ttaaattctg ccatcaatta ctcaccattg acatgttcca     93720
     aaccagttag attttttttg ttctgttaaa cacaaaaaaa gatattttga agaaaaactg     93780
     caaaaaaatg ttaactcaaa ggcaacttgc tgcaaagctt ttttgagttg actcaacttt     93840
     caacccaagt attgcacgtt ttgctccttc ccatgaaggg tttaagggtg tcccgattct     93900
     ctttagcttg gaaggcgtag ggctaagggg aaggggtaaa aatagccctt caaatgaaga     93960
     ttttccagga tgacaatcaa aaccaagggg taagaaattt tcccaaaata caccagccac     94020
     aacggcaggg tagctgtacc cagaagtaag gagatccata aattagtttt ttttttttgt     94080
     cattattacg aatttttaca acaaaccagc atgttttaaa atattcatga ccatgttcat     94140
     gttttaccgt catgctttaa aaaaaagaaa acgctaaaat aaaaaccgct aaattgcgtt     94200
     atctataatc cctaataaaa actgtacagc agtctgacaa cattctgaca ctcaattaca     94260
     ctcaaatacc ctgtcagtaa agtttagagg ctggaaatga gctttttaca gtgtctgcta     94320
     taatgtaaat gttgtttttg gtgtgtttac attgatgaat atagccactg tgtaaatgtg     94380
     cagtaaagtt atgatcttat tgcaacatta tatcattatg ataacataaa aaaatggctt     94440
     cagttatttc tagaagataa ataccaaaaa ttaacacaac tggaataact acagcagtca     94500
     caattgttta atctcaaatg cagcatgaga tcgcgatgac atatgcatgt gctgtagtgc     94560
     tgtcccattt cttaggggta acttttaaag cccttccctt tcacactcgg ttttgagggc     94620
     ctaggggtac gggtacgaaa atagaattgg gattgagtct aagtaaactc aaaaatgtcc     94680
     tgaagctggt tgctgtaaaa ttttaagcct agtcaacttt ttttttatag tgtggaaacc     94740
     tgtaaccatt gactttcata tttaatttta cttttatgga tgtcaatggc tgctggtttt     94800
     cagctgtttt tcaaaatgtc atcttttagg tacagcagaa aaaaaaaaaa aacatttgga     94860
     accacttaag tgtgagtaaa ttgagtaaat tttcattttc gggtcaaact tattccttta     94920
     aagtaaattg tctcaaaaat aaatagatga acgaagcatg aacaggtcac accatacaaa     94980
     caattaagcc tttaaatagc ttcctcttta aagaaaatca aattgtgggt gtgtgtgtca     95040
     aattgtgttt aaaactgtca gaacctgaag gtcctgtttt tgttttgtcg tagtgtgaac     95100
     cacatctcat gtccagttct gatcctgcat gccgaagacg acacagttgt gcccttccag     95160
     ctagggaaga aggtaaacat tgatcacaca atgatgaagc tcgttccaaa ctgaaacaat     95220
     tatttttagt ctctaaattc tgattgcatg aggtatattc agaataaatt gtccatatta     95280
     aaaccagatt gctgctgttt ttaagagcat ttgacaagtc tgtattttta taataatatt     95340
     attatattta cttttatatg ctcgttatgt tcttgttata aaacgcataa ataaaactct     95400
     cttatcttgt catcaataac gtgttatttg ctgattcttg tgtattaaat ctgtccactc     95460
     acagctgtat gatttggcgg ctcagagtaa aagtctgaat ggtcataagg tccagttcat     95520
     cccattctcc agttctctgg gctacagaca caagttcatc tacaagagcc cacagctacc     95580
     aaatatactg aggtgagaac gcttcacaat ctgctgaagt ctctgctctc cctgctgaca     95640
     aaacattttc actacactca tctttctgga gcattggttg caaatacagg ctatatttag     95700
     gattgtgcca ggcggtgtag tttttatatt ctgaccctaa ccaacagtca gggagaaact     95760
     gaagtcactg tctgtctcta tttcattttt gatttggttt gtactgctac taatccaaca     95820
     accctatctc aagtaggaac gtataacaca actgatttca ataatattta aaccagtaaa     95880
     tcaagtaatc taataaattt ggacaagttt gctggttttg taaccagtta atctagtagt     95940
     ccagtaaacc tcctgaagat gtctgtaaca gattcataca gcaatgaaac actgccatct     96000
     ttaattgaat attgatgaat aagggactaa gtagaaggaa aatgaatgaa tgagtataat     96060
     aaatgttgtg tttaacagaa taaagcaact tataaagatt taaaacaagt aaaggctgag     96120
     taaatgatgt ttattttggg gtgaactatc cctttaagat gttttgtgac gtttgtccag     96180
     gtcatccaga tcaacattag tatttctaga gctgtggaaa acactgttga tgaacccaag     96240
     ctgtttctct gagagatgta atgtgttgct gttgtctttg tgtctcagtg attttctaag     96300
     agctcctcat ccccacggtt agtccagatc tcctctttcc cgtgtccctg cgcatgaact     96360
     caagacactc cggctctttc gcatttggtt gttcacttaa accctaccga ggaaggaagt     96420
     gctcatgttt tgagagcgtg acaggatgat ttgactctcc tcctcctcct ctgttgtcat     96480
     tgtgaatctg aagcggcagc tggagcacaa agtatgcaaa ataatatgca aatacgcact     96540
     gaaataatgc tttagtcagc agaatgaagt tttaacgact gcagaaatta aggtcaaagg     96600
     gacgaaacgg gacactgatg tcacaactcg ctgactgccg ttcactcttt tttttaaatg     96660
     agcgtattta ataacaataa gatcgacatt atcatggacc tgaaaatcca ctcaatgtga     96720
     acagcgagtt atttttaggt tcaacttgaa atctttcaaa taaaatgtct ttttctgttt     96780
     gtatttttct tcccttttct ggtttgtaat ggaggatttt gtgctgcatt ggcattaaag     96840
     ctctgaggtt gtttttatgg gatgttcttg tgtgtgttat gtgtatgctg ttgtgtttgg     96900
     ttgctccata tgcaacccag ctgcgatcac aactgaatga gcttttgaaa tccattacta     96960
     ttgctttcat gcattttgtt gattgatgct tgtttgcatg tctgttacag ggcaactgaa     97020
     tgttgcacaa tcaaaagaga acaagagtgt gttcaaaatc tctccttttt tgttgtttat     97080
     gtgggttaaa tatatatttt tcagtcttta aattcacttt gcacattcca aaataataaa     97140
     tgaatacaat tatttacttg ctaacacaat atgttgaata cacagatcaa agcctcagtg     97200
     aaaatattga aatcatttct tttttaatat tacattaagt tctgtgctct tttcatttta     97260
     ggacccagct tctctatttg tttaaaatgt gtttttttta tggttttttg agtctatttt     97320
     gatatacaca gtgctcagca tatatgagta cagccctcac aaatctgtat tttaaattga     97380
     tattttctat aggatgctta tatctgtgca tatacattac atcagcactg aagccaaatt     97440
     tggagctaat ctagctaaat aacttacgat aacagtccaa aaatgagtag cccaagttta     97500
     tgttttaggg gaagtatatt aaataaaaat caagattttt tttttgaaaa acatagttga     97560
     aatcttgtag tttttttaaa atgtattctt tatgtttcta aagatattct gtgaaatccg     97620
     tttaataaat gttttgttta aatgcaccaa attatattac cttaattcac agagaaattg     97680
     ttaaaaatat taatattcaa aatggggtgt gctcaattat gctgagcact ttatttatgt     97740
     tatgtattat gtttcatagc tgagtttact tcagttttta gcagtgttgt gggtaacgca     97800
     ttacaagtag cgcgagtcac gtaataatat tattttttta agaaacaagt aacacattac     97860
     ttttaaaaat taggtaataa tatttgagtt aaaggaaatg tttgataatc ttgctgttaa     97920
     aaatgaattt atataatcaa tggtaaagca gagacttaaa gtgtgatctc agtcgcttta     97980
     taaatggata gaattagatg aaaatattgg atgtctttgg ctttggaaag atgactgtaa     98040
     tttaaaagtc aatgtaatgt tatttttatt attattatta atattattat tattatatgc     98100
     gcacacactt tggtcaattt aaatgtattt tttatagtat agtattttat tttaaatgta     98160
     atttctgttt aacaaatgtt ggagtggaaa agcacattct gaaatattat gtaagttaat     98220
     attctgtatt gtttgctggg ttttataata taattaaaat caatgaatac aaagttgaaa     98280
     aaaaaaatat ttaagttact ttttaaaaaa atgtaacgtg agttactttt taatttggtt     98340
     aattcactta aaaaataaac tgctggatta tataaatgaa aactgatttt acctcactaa     98400
     tgagatgaaa tgtgtaaaag cagcaaacac ttgctttaaa ctttcattaa tctatatata     98460
     cggcatagag ctctgcagtc aggaagttcc ctaaagataa cattatccta cattcatttt     98520
     ttatgtgttt tattaagcta aataaaggtt atacagtgtg atgttaattg cagagctcat     98580
     ctatataaaa aaggaaggaa aaacccctgc taaaagagat caaccctcag ctaggtcaga     98640
     aaagtaacgc aaaagtaact taaggcatta cttaccataa aaagtaacta gttactcaat     98700
     attgtaatgc attactttca aaagtaactt tccccaacac tagtatttag tgcatttgtt     98760
     tcttcagaaa taatcccaag atgccaattg atttatttaa attgtatatt caaagcattt     98820
     gtgctgttta tttttgagca cactgtcata cttttttcag aaagtgtaaa aaaaatcact     98880
     tggttgaaat aaatagaaat gtttttaact ttactgttac ttttgatcag tttaatgcat     98940
     ccttgataaa taaaattatt tcttcctcgt ttagtttttt taatgccaaa aagaaaataa     99000
     actcggccca aacttttgaa tggaaacatt tgaaaaaaat tggaatcgtg taatttctaa     99060
     atgacccaaa atgtatagtt gaagtcagaa ttattagccc ccctgaattt ttagcacccc     99120
     tgaattattc gcacccgttt attttttccc ccaatttctg tttaaggtag agaagatttt     99180
     ttcagcacat ttctaaacat aatagtttta ataactcatc tctaatcact gatttatttt     99240
     atatttgcca tgatgacagt aaatattatt ttactggata ttttttgaga caattctata     99300
     cagcttcagt gacatttaaa ggcttaatta ggttaactag acgcaggtta gggtaattag     99360
     gcaagtcagt gtataatgat ggtttgttct gtagactgtc gggaaaacat atagcttaaa     99420
     gaggctaata attttgtcct taaaatggtt tttaaaaact gcttttattg tgactgaaat     99480
     aaaacaacta agactttttc cagaagaaaa aatattatca gacatactgt gaaaatttcc     99540
     ttgctctgta aaacatcatt tgggaaatat taaaaaaaga aaaaaatgtt taaagggggg     99600
     ctaataattc tgaattcaac tgtactttaa gtgtatatct tccaatggtt ttaattgaat     99660
     tcccaatatc taaatatatt gtaaaagctt tttaacatgc acagttttga agatttacat     99720
     taaatgtggg caatactcaa cactgagatt caaacattaa gcaataaagg ctcatctttg     99780
     ttttgctctg acatcttttc ttgtatatat gatgaatatg tttccttcac attgtgcact     99840
     gaccatctga taatgattca tctgcaaatg agtatctcag actgtaatgc aggccgtttg     99900
     agcagatctg ctgtattgtt gctgtgtgtc tggttgtttt ttgagctgat aatgatagcg     99960
     aggttatgtg tgcatgcaag cttcaatcgt agatctagac tgcctctgtt tgtacaccac    100020
     cgatgttatt ctcacaaata gtatcacaat gtttttcttc attgtttgat tttcctctgc    100080
     cggtgtgtta gatgtgagat catgatggtc tgatgcagtg gaaaaaaaaa acaccaaaat    100140
     atcttagctt gcgaaggact gtgtagaatt gatgtagaaa tgatcatgtt tagagagttt    100200
     attagatcta gaagtgcaat aatctaaagc tgaaggacaa tatgtaagac caaaaaaaca    100260
     catgcatata tatttaaaaa tgacgaattc atttgtacta gaatgtaaaa atggaccaca    100320
     gtatatttgg atgtcactgc tctgaacaca gatttgattc tgccgtcttt gttgatgttg    100380
     accaaacttt gcatatttga attcaacatt tcgtatattt aattactttt ttgtttactt    100440
     tgtaatgaaa attgaaatac tgcccagtta tttcagcagc aactgttact ttttgcggac    100500
     gatatcatga gtggtttaca atgtttgttt tcttctaagc tgctaaatct tactggacac    100560
     atgcacacct gttagtacag tatgtttgtt tgtaaacaat aaaggactga aaaaaaagct    100620
     ttctggtggc catcatttat ttacagtgct gttacagttt tttttttaaa caatcactgt    100680
     gacattttct ttcaatacat ttatacattt aataactagt gttatattta cagagtttta    100740
     ctttgttgct tctattgcat tgcattcatt aaaatgtaac aaaaaatatt tggtttagat    100800
     ttttttggta aacagactaa atgtaaattg gttaaatggg tagaatttgt tatttaaaat    100860
     cagggtgttc ccccaaatgc tgcttttgta actcttctga aattaaaaca ttgctggtgt    100920
     ctaaaaatga tgtaacaaag cttaatataa caagcatttg tttatctgat agacattttt    100980
     tctgaaaaag acaagaaaat gctgtaaagg actattgttt ggcatttgga agaatagaat    101040
     aaaacattta ctaacatttt tctctgaaaa aaaaaccttc caaatgtggg tgctgttata    101100
     cagatttttt cagaacacta aagcatttta ataataataa taaagcatct aatttatttt    101160
     gtttttgcta tgatgaaaat acatagtttc tatgcataat aatatttaaa agtctaaatg    101220
     atgcctttaa agacatgacg agatttttcg tttaatgtaa ggtcttatag tcgtcttatt    101280
     tttacattat aattattatt atatttgata tattatagcc tatatgtaat ttcaacttta    101340
     ttagtcataa tttccacttt taatcttgtc atttcatagg ctgtcaatct actttttaaa    101400
     gtatgttttt tttcgccctc atctgctgga attattaacg tgagggtgtc tattaattaa    101460
     tttacgaaat cccaaatgca gtagataaaa tctctgatga tgctaggcaa acgtgtcatg    101520
     taacacttct atttcgtgtt ttgacgatat atggtttgga atcaaacaaa ctggcttaaa    101580
     ggtggtcaaa caaacgcaag tgcaggttga agacaggagc aagtgattta aatcatgttc    101640
     tatataaaag cacctgcatg cgaaacggct tctagttccc acaggaacaa cagaaaacta    101700
     cctcacctca ggtaaataaa cctgcgtatc tcgtcatgaa gttacaatgt aacctgttca    101760
     cctaatgttt cattcactga ttttttattt ttttttttgc cttagtccct ttattaatcc    101820
     ggggtcgaca cagtggaatg aaccgccaac ttatccacca tatgtttcac atagcgcatg    101880
     accatccagc agcaacccat cactggtaaa catccataaa cacacgtaca ctacggacaa    101940
     tttaggctac ccaattcacc tatagcacat gtcttctagc gaaacgccaa ctgacccagc    102000
     cgaggatcga accagcaacc ttcttgctgt gaggcaaacg tgctacccac tgtgcagcca    102060
     cctaatgttt acgatcaaaa tatttatatt atttgctaat tgataacctc atgtggaact    102120
     gaatctgtct caattcggag tctgctagtc caccggaggt cactttttga aagcagaata    102180
     tcttcagcat tgcttttcag atacatattt ataaaatgtt aacataaaaa caaatgtcta    102240
     gaaatcctct aaaagtagcc tatccttgta gtttcttcat agcgttgaat aacagcagac    102300
     cgcgactcct gttgtcagaa taagtcaatg agcagacatt ttattttcac ttttttttta    102360
     ttatttgtgt taacggtaca tttcatacag tacttgtgta aaacagctga aggcttcagt    102420
     gcttgtgaat attcgaaggt tacattcata aacacattca gaacacctga aaagctgttg    102480
     aaagttaaag gttgctttat ggttgctttt gtgttctatc aaacctacag gcacagtatt    102540
     tggtaataca aggtgaaaaa gagcacgacc tgacctgaca tcagagtcaa cactgaaaaa    102600
     tatctcattt aaagcaaatg acacacatga tggattccct tgagtttacg tcaggcagct    102660
     gccatgtata tttctcatat tcttattaaa tatttacaaa ggaaagtgat ggtaatattg    102720
     cacacaaatg caaggcaccc ttcaacctgc ttcggaaaag cctgaataaa aagatcattt    102780
     ggacattgaa aaaccacatc atcacatgca ttctggagtc attaaatgaa tgcggtttta    102840
     atgagcactt ctgaggtcat ctttactgac tgattatata atgtatttat attactggag    102900
     ttcctaaatc acccgcaaaa catcagtcaa aacaaacaat aacctcaaaa atgatccagg    102960
     gaatgcttga aaagtgacac taggctatat gccataaata tgcataaaca tattgcttaa    103020
     ataagtttgt aaactgaagc tggactatgc tgtctgaaca gcttcaatag agtagtctca    103080
     gataaacagc taattaaata tgcagtaatg gtaacaaaga caatcgatta cggagatgtg    103140
     aataacagtg atttgaaata tattaggtgc acatggagtt agttttctgt gtgtgatgag    103200
     attcaaagtg acagagctgg actcaggaat tcagggaagg ttttattcgc gtggttcatt    103260
     tggtggtggg atcttgacgt cagacggctc gacaccccag atctcccgcg catattcagc    103320
     gatcgtacgg tcactagaga actttcccga tgctgcaatg ttccggatca cctttttggt    103380
     ccattctttt gggttctgtg gggaacaaaa ttctttattt cttatcaagt tttttttatt    103440
     ttttttgtga aaaacacatt aggttggaaa gtcacattac aacatatgtt taaaaatagg    103500
     ggagagcggg gacaaaagta acatttaaaa aacaaacaaa aaaaaactca ttttaaaaga    103560
     cattgttttt tagcagaaat atatttttgc tgtggtgact aactcacaac aatggtcttt    103620
     caatatcagc tgttatattg tatcagtgta gaacagaaat gtccaaactc ggtcctggag    103680
     ggccagtgtc ctgcagattt taataatcag cgagataaag taacacatgg gtgggtcaaa    103740
     agtaacaaca atagttgctc gatttactgg cctaatcttg tttatttgaa atatatctga    103800
     ctatgacctt gatattgcta actgcaaaca ttttctcctt tatttttgca aaaaaaaaga    103860
     aagtattttc atttcacatt tcagctacat caaatgtttc aaaagcaatc caacaatgca    103920
     aaatgttaac atttactata aattttgaaa atttttatta ttattggcaa tatgcattaa    103980
     tcttataaaa catacgagtc aaaacactga aaactaatgt ggaagtgaaa aataaggcat    104040
     ggctattagc agttacttgg cagtaacaat gttacttaca ttcccacagg tactcattta    104100
     agtgaagttt tattttaaac taatttcgag aggagcttgt gctcatgatt gacccagctg    104160
     gtccacatta gctaattatg atcctccaat caaaggatct caaatcacta tatatatcct    104220
     catttccttt ctacaactat cttcgtctgg aagaaacccc cctcctcccc ttcttcctcc    104280
     tttatccaga atgggcggca cggtggccca gtgactagca ctgttgcctc acagcaagaa    104340
     taccaatggc gttgggtcct cgctgagcca tctggtattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt    104400
     ctccccgtgt ccgtgtgggt ttcccccggg ttctccagtt tcctcccacc atccaaatgt    104460
     gcactatatt ataaataaaa caagcctaaa ccttttttat aatgtcttac tctcaggaag    104520
     ttcgccttgg cctcagcagc gggggagttt gagatagacc tgagctcaat ctccactcgc    104580
     cctgcaaaag gggggagccc tgggctcgag gatcccttga gctcagggct ctctcccgga    104640
     acagcatgcc aaacaagcta tgtataaatc atgagctaag tgtaaactct tgaaacttga    104700
     ttaatttttt aaatactgaa aaacaagatt ttaaagtatt ttaaacttaa ggatgtgtga    104760
     ttgcactaaa taccctgtag acacgtcaaa agagaaacac aacttttaat gaggaaaaaa    104820
     aaaactgtaa taattgactt tttgcacata aaaacagaaa ttcggggcca accgcaggac    104880
     acggcccccg aaatcagctg atattcggca gctccatcag gggttgcatg taaatgcact    104940
     gttatagcct ggatattaaa ggttgtcagg gctttgggaa aatcacttgg ttacttttgt    105000
     ctccactctc ccctactcta actgaaaaat agctgtacaa gaaattttgc atgtgcatct    105060
     atcgatttca aaatcagtaa tgctgtattt tttacggcaa atacatttgc aactgactac    105120
     aggctgcact gggtcaaaag agcgttaatg ttcaagatgt tttacaattt cattttgaaa    105180
     taaaatgtaa aatagactgc caatagcaat aaataaaaca tttacaaaaa gctgagaccc    105240
     tggaccacaa atctgtcata agagtcaata ttgttgaaat tgagattcat acatcatcag    105300
     aaagctgaat aaattaggtg tatgctttgt tagttgtatc tcagccaaat aaccgcttgt    105360
     taagtgtgac gtcacgtgaa gcgcttccgg gtcaaagcgc tctattcaac tgaatgggga    105420
     gactcatgaa atggtaataa taaacgttta caaagcgatt taaggctttc gaaaatcacg    105480
     atcacagtat atatgtccat gcctaatatc caatggccag aaagtgattc atttttttat    105540
     aaattgttaa atttttggta tttgtaatgc agcaagccca gagattgttg tgtacagtat    105600
     gattttatat aaaattaact ttaatgtgtg ataggaataa aatgtgttca taaacgaatg    105660
     attactccac ttaaatgaat ggtggcttgg acccggaaac agtattacat acgtcaaaaa    105720
     cacgtcacca cttaaaaagc agatagtcat atactatttg aaaatctaaa atggaggatg    105780
     taaaaaaata ttgaaatatt cagaaaaatc acctctaaat tttattccta gcaatgcata    105840
     ttactaatta aatttcaatt ttgatacatt tacagaagga catttacaaa aatttggtag    105900
     atgatcgcca tcgactaaca gtttataaag tgttagttac tattagttat tactattaac    105960
     atagctattt attttatata gtgtaaaacc tcatattggt aaagcactaa gggtcttaac    106020
     tcaccttgta aagttcatta actttgtctt gacagctgat ataggactcg taatctgcaa    106080
     acaccttgaa ccttaaagag acgaacagaa gtcagaaaac tcttaaagat gcaaaaatac    106140
     tcaaaacatt cgagacgtgc atgtaaatgc attattatta gtagtagtag attaaaataa    106200
     taaaaacaag ttcaagtttt tttgacaaaa aaatacaaat aaaaaaaaat atatcacaat    106260
     tcctgacgag cccccaataa atgttacaac ctctctgatt atgactgctg cttcctcttt    106320
     agtgtcaaac aatcagaaat catgtgcctt ttcttgtgac agtaaaacca ttcacgttcc    106380
     tctttgttat gaggtgggct agttttcaaa tgtgtggtgt gagaaagctt gtgatttttc    106440
     aggacgtact gacataaaaa catttttgtg ggttaacaca cattcatctg cgagtacagc    106500
     cgcgtgtgcc aacaaagtca ctacctgttc atttaggtac aaaacccaag cattctgaca    106560
     aacatccctt aacgagcgtt aatgttactg gaagaattta agtttcaaaa tctatagcct    106620
     tgctagcagt gcagtacttg gcaaatagta gatatttttc ttttgcaaat tcaacaaaca    106680
     tgtgtgcata tctctttttg tactttctaa aatgctgtct aagtttctgg aaccaattca    106740
     taccaatcca taccaattca ccaattcagt ggcatggaca ttaaggtctg caaatgactt    106800
     tacatactaa gcattttata tgcaagtaag ttttcaaaaa ggcttttaaa ccatgtcaat    106860
     ttgggaaaaa ttgttccatt gacagttttt agtggataag ataattaacc cttttgacat    106920
     gacgtccagt ttttgaacca aaaaaatggg actttaaaca gtctattgct ttgtgttgct    106980
     gtctttactg cagatgaagt tggtatgtac ttgtcagtat ttgtcaaata aagatttcag    107040
     atgtttacat gtgtgctaaa catttttttt atgtcagatt tattttattt atttattttg    107100
     tgtgtgtact aaagaataag taataaataa aactgggggt gtttactgtg gttgtttaca    107160
     gtggacagct gattcacaaa cacattcata ttatttacat tttctataca ggtattttat    107220
     tcatgaacat aaaacattta tgtctctaat attccaatta aatggaataa caatgttgta    107280
     taggactcca actatgcaaa caaaatcaat acaaaaattt acatttgcaa aaataacact    107340
     tcaagaagac ggcattttaa ttcagtatta ttagattatg aatttatttg taattaaaag    107400
     gtagtacaga tatcaaatta aatccaccca aaaggtagcg gcaggacata attcattcat    107460
     tcaaatgaag aaactgaaca aaacattaat agatcagtaa ataataaatg atgaaattgg    107520
     ttgcatttat atacatgctt atgggaaaat aaatagattt aattaaaaaa ttttactcat    107580
     gctggaacat ttacatataa caatttaata taaatttata ttcagagcag cattaaagta    107640
     aaaataaatc cattcatttt ggataaaaaa aagggaaaag gttgcaaaca tatgctttcc    107700
     tcgacaacca atagcttatt cctattctta ataacttaat aaatcttttt caaactcaga    107760
     aagcagttca gtattgaaag agaaacattt agacacatgc ccaaaaccaa gaataaatca    107820
     gatcagtgca atgttaatat tcttatttgt aaatttccct aagaagtctt cattcattta    107880
     aaggtaaact ggaactaaaa tacactgcgc tgccgatagc gggaggcgaa gtgacgtcat    107940
     tgtgaaaagg gtttattact ctgtgcagat tataacccca aaaatgtaaa tattaaatag    108000
     gtcaatctca ctaaatgttt atgtaaatca gcataaaatg tacacaaaaa tacagatcaa    108060
     acaggacaca ttctaacata caaaaaaagc cactcacctg tcatgatcca tgagcatgtt    108120
     gacaacatct ttgaagagct caggctcttt gggactgaag aatccagtgc tgatttgatc    108180
     catcaccagt ttcagttcag gcagacgctc ataatattcc ctggcattat atctgtcaca    108240
     aacagagccg ttactgtgga ctaaatgtca ctaaactatt aaaacagagt tcagtaactg    108300
     aaaaaataag ctgaaacgaa ataaaacaaa tatgtaaaga ataaaaatca gcaacaatta    108360
     ctttagttta ttagctaaca ggaaatacat cagcacaatc agcaaactac tgatgcctga    108420
     tctcctctcc tcatcctcca ttaaatgata catcctttac catcactctt atcctgtaga    108480
     tatcattcgc tctctcaccc tttcttgtcc atgtcctcca catcctggac tctcatgccg    108540
     aagatgaaca ggttttcttc tccagcttcc tctgccatct ccacattagc gccgtccatc    108600
     gtgccgatgg tcagagcgcc gttcagcatg aacttcatgt ttccagtgcc ggaggcttcg    108660
     gttcctgcag tggagatctg ctcagacagg tcagcggcgg gaaccactgg gggaaaaatt    108720
     gacaaatcac atattctata acaggtacag tatgcagcag agatcacaaa aaagccacat    108780
     gaccaatcac aacacacgcg cgcccgcgcg cacacacctt gcagtgtgca atattgccaa    108840
     aaatgacatc caggaccatt ttagatcatg aaaatgtggt gtatcttggc tgggtaaaga    108900
     acagtatctt tacgtttcaa ggattggctg tttgcactga tgtcccacct tcatgtgcac    108960
     acgcttatga actcagaatc aaaggcagag agataaattc agagtatgtc aagtcaccat    109020
     catggtacag gcctcagatc tgtttgtgtg ttaactcacc cttctctgct aaagagactc    109080
     tgtagttctc caggaaaatg actttgagtc ggtctccaac caccggatcg tggttgacca    109140
     cttctcccac tgacgtgatc agctttatga tcatcttggc catgtggtag cctggggctg    109200
     cctgcatcac gacagaaatt aaaacagatt cagtaaactc tttagacgtc ttcacaattt    109260
     ggttttgttg atttgtttgg cgcagaccac tctgggtcac aaagcgttta cacattcaca    109320
     caggcttttt agagacatct atttggttct atttatggtg ttgattctgt ctttggcagc    109380
     cataaacata taacaattgt atagtggtgt ggggggcgtg gatgatataa gcaataaaat    109440
     gctattctta tacatatgta agaaaggaaa cgtcaaatat tttacaatat aatcaatttg    109500
     agctgagaat tggtcacgca gaaccttagc acaagtggag acgctattgt tgttttgacc    109560
     cttcttttca attgatttgc agtaaaatca gatcagtaaa atccaggaaa acaaagcttg    109620
     aagtccgctg agctgtttgt tggagttttg aaaaagtgta accttttaca ttctttttat    109680
     gcccaagcac aataactttc aaaaatatca atgattttag aagagccaaa gatatgtttt    109740
     aataaaacag tgtttttttc tccaaaattc caataaagtt ttgtaatatt ttaagattac    109800
     tggttgagaa acaccgtttt aaaacacatc aatctacact taaatgcaat tatggcagtt    109860
     aataataatg atcattttaa aagtattatt ttttaataga attaaaaaca attcaccaac    109920
     ctttcctcca atcatcactg tcctgggaac aaacttcttg ttgggttctt tctttatgcc    109980
     taaaatgcag aattaaaaat tttaaatcat tcattcattt tccttaggct tagtcccttt    110040
     attcatcagg ggtcaccata gtgaaatgaa cttatccaga atgttttaca atgccaactt    110100
     atcctgcata tgttttacaa aacatccata cacacttaca cattatggcc aatttagttt    110160
     atttaattaa tctatagcgc gtgtctttgg actgtgggga aaactggagc acacggagga    110220
     aacccacgtc aacattggga gaacatgcaa actctacata gaaataacct atgtgtggga    110280
     tggatggatg gacggacaga cagatagaca ggaatagaat tacataattt ccagataaac    110340
     taaaaaaaat taacttgatg ggaaaaccca agagagatag ctatggaagt gagccattca    110400
     agacaatcag taaaagaaaa gaaaaaaatt ataatccata catgttgtgt atgtactgta    110460
     tagtcagttc ctctgtcctc aggcagatgg cagcattcag ccattaatct cctcatctat    110520
     gcctactgtg tgtgcgcgag tgtgtgtgcg catgtgtggt cttacggtta tatagagtga    110580
     tgatgtgaag gcagttcagt aattgtctct tgtactcatg gattcttttg acctggatgt    110640
     caaagatgga ctctggattt atcttgacat tgtattcgtt ctccagatat gctgcaaatt    110700
     tctgcttgtt ttcctaaaat gtacaataac aacaaaaaag tttaacatga agtcaaaaat    110760
     ttcaccataa atacaaaaaa caaagacagt tgttcatttt cctaaaaaaa aggaatgaaa    110820
     tgtatgttta acctgtttaa ctttggccac gtcccgaatg aacatttcat cattgatgaa    110880
     gtccagcagt tttctaagct ggaaaagatc cgtcaggaag tcctcaccaa ttttctgaaa    110940
     gaaaaacaag tacaaagcag tgagggacag aagaaaaata tacagtatat atgattggaa    111000
     taaaggatat taaaataaat tattataaaa taagttaaat aggtacaata aatgtgtttt    111060
     taacaactta aaataaaaca cattattgca ttaggaaaaa aaaaataata caaaaaaact    111120
     aagttaaata aagtgtaaaa atatatataa ataaatatat ataaaatata ataaacaaac    111180
     caaaccaaaa caaaccaaac gaaaacaaaa cacctataat tggttaagaa ggtcacctca    111240
     gcgatgatat ctgccaggcc ggggttgcag agcagcagcc atcggcgagg tgtgatacca    111300
     tttgtcttgt tttgaaactt ctctggctca atgtcacaaa agtccttaaa tctgaaacca    111360
     gttaaaaaat aatattaatt ataataatta tctccaagtc caaaaacctt cactgaaaac    111420
     tagtgctaat cacctgaaca gtacacatac aacttcaaaa cggtttgttt cgaaagcttc    111480
     atttcatcat tacactattg ttgtacagtg actgattctc tgtactcaca cagtagtctt    111540
     gacaatgtca gagtgaatgc gtgccacacc attgacagcg tgagaaccga ccacacagag    111600
     gtgagccatg tttatcctct ttgggtcgcc ctcctcgatc agagacatcc tgcgcagacg    111660
     atctgtgtca cctgggtaaa gcgcagagat cctctacaag acacagacac accgatacat    111720
     gatcaaaaaa atgcatcaaa ctgcagagct agatgagggt catgcatcat gttgagaaaa    111780
     attttataag ttattataaa gtcaccattt tctcattgaa tgtagtttaa tatgtgatac    111840
     agtattattc aaaagtaaca ttcaaatata ttacctttta ttccttagga acatatttaa    111900
     gtgtgaaatt aaaaaacatt tataaataaa aatgcaataa cacatcagag cttaaatgaa    111960
     cacatgactg ctcacatatt tccttacagg tcacattaac taacacataa agatcagttt    112020
     aaactgtgta aaggcattaa tacaaccaag ttcaagttgc tttattagca tgacatttaa    112080
     tacagtattg ccaaagcatt ttaaatatgt aataacatca aagaaaaaat acagtaaata    112140
     agaaataaat aataaaaaaa cagataataa atgtaataaa tatactaatt ataataataa    112200
     taataattaa aaagttgaga ttatttaaat aagatgcatg aatttacatt aaccatttct    112260
     tatggtgtgt aggatgtatt catattttgc agctagttta gatgtcaatt catcctctcc    112320
     aaatacatgg caaagtttct ctgagtcatt taaataaaaa tattaattac tcaatgtttc    112380
     gaattggggg gaaaatgttt ctctaattgt ggtgtatttg ggacagaaaa gaaagaagtg    112440
     tgtttcatcc tctatttggt ttgtgtcacg gattttttat gtctgccctt ttctatttcc    112500
     aggtcatgat cacagaggcg atatttagaa agcaggtgtt tttttttata gttttaatga    112560
     taaataattt gccaactgtg tgttctgttt aggatggaat aacattgaag tttagtttag    112620
     aggttgattt cagcttttag tttttcatca taatcatatt ttaatgtttt gtcagttatt    112680
     tatgtttgtg aaggttttgt ttgggttttt ttcagtagtt aagatacaag tgtgtttaga    112740
     ggataaaaca ctgtaggttt ttcattggcc agaagggctt tataatggac agactcgggg    112800
     tcagactgat gcaggcgcag ccagaattga accgcttgtt tttgaatctc caagttcagc    112860
     ggatataaac ccaattcagc ccagcaggca atgttagagg tgtttctgcg gatatgtaat    112920
     atatttttag taatttctaa ttatgttcat tcaattaaac ttttattcca attttctaat    112980
     tttaatactg gtccccaaat ttcactccca tatagtaaga ttggtttgat aatagcgcaa    113040
     tatagtttat tccatttttt agttggtaac tgtaattggc caaagcgtga ttttatggca    113100
     tagaatgctc tacgagcccc ctcgctcagg gtcttgacag cgagactgaa gccagcagag    113160
     gtggagatct gaatgcacag gtaagagtaa ctgctacaat gctctacagc agaggtcacc    113220
     aatcttggtc ctgaagggcc ggtgtctctg cagggtttag ctctaacttg cctcaacaca    113280
     cctgcctgaa tgtttcaagt attgattagc ttgttcaggt gtgtttgatt agagttggag    113340
     ctaaaatctg cgtgacactg gccctcaaag aacaagtttg gtgacccctg ctctacagct    113400
     tttcctctgt atgtgaactg atatttgtgt ccctgagatc tggccttctt ctggaacacc    113460
     atagctgcat ccgaaaccgc ctactactca gtaggtactg catttgaatt taaacttatg    113520
     actcggccgt tagaaaagta cgttctatac agtatgaatt tgaaaagtat gaatggaatt    113580
     cggatgtacc acatccgcca ttttgtcatg gtcacatgac ctacctgcgt cagttgtgtc    113640
     gcctcacttc cattcataaa ttctctcaca gggtattacg ggatagcgca gcatgcatgg    113700
     gatgcgcact tcagaatctc gccggatgta gtaagtcatc cgggtacttc tcgcctactg    113760
     attttcgaat cctatgaatt cggacatact actcggctcg catactgatt ttagcgtact    113820
     atatagtata gaagtgtgcg gtttcggacg cagcccatga ctttggtttt gtccaggttg    113880
     accgtcagtt tctcacagta ctgctccagc aatccatttc tcccaatatt gcaggtgttt    113940
     gtccatctgt agttttaaag aaaaagtcat cctctcgtta ttttgaacat taaatatgat    114000
     atccaaccgt tcagattttt agggggttcg agttgtagcc actttcgagt tgcagctttc    114060
     ttactggttg ctagaagtaa ttttaataaa tacttgtctt ttaccattaa gttggttgcg    114120
     atattcccca ggtaaattgt tgtaaaagaa aagtccacat catcatcaaa aatatttcat    114180
     attgttgcat tacaacctgc cagcgtgact caatagctgg gcaactccaa aatatgtgaa    114240
     aatggtttgc taatggtctt ccccacattt caaacagcac tgcaacctgt ccttctccca    114300
     tgtttgcatg catattaact tgggcattat aaagtatctg gtaagattcc tccagcaaaa    114360
     atctcgtcac atttagctgg aagaagcggc ctgtacagag cagatattca accaatcttc    114420
     ctctaagatt ccccttttag tctgttgtca tttgttgtgt gctccatggt ggattggatg    114480
     gaagaataca attttgaaac aagcctctta ctgtctttct tcttatagat gtcaatacct    114540
     aaatcaatta agttggggaa tggttctcca aacatttgat ctcaatatta aagtaggtcc    114600
     tggtttgcag gtacctaaag aaatcacatt tgtccagacc gtacatatct gaggttttct    114660
     gaattctaat tccacatttg agaaaattaa actaaaagta aaaaaaaaat ttaaaagagt    114720
     ccaatttaaa tctcaaaact atgaagcagg aaaaatgttt tcaatatcga taaacaagtg    114780
     ttgttcttga tgaatgagca ccaatattgt ttgctgaaaa ttcagctttg agttcagtta    114840
     aaaaaattat tactgtgatt taaaaaggca aacctttttt ttaatttgca ataatatact    114900
     gtacatgaga agaataggct tttttaacat gttgaccaaa cacacttttg aacagtagtg    114960
     tgtgtttgtg tatgtgtgtg tccttacatc taggtgtctc cggttgatct cgtagactat    115020
     ctgcagatgt cgtggcagaa gcttctcgaa catgtagaca ggccagcgct ctagagcctc    115080
     aggcagcaca gtgtggtttg tgtatgcaca tgttttggtg gtgatttccc atgcctgcac    115140
     acacataaaa aataactaaa atcagaagtt agcaaaaaca aaataattga tttgtttttt    115200
     ttttttttaa agtttaccaa cagcatgaac acatttcttt atatatgcag caagttagaa    115260
     aaaaataagt tttttttagt tttgttgttg ttgaagtttt aattttgttg tgtttttgta    115320
     aatatgtttg tttaaatatc tttctacaaa tgtcttattg attttaaaaa tatattttta    115380
     ttatggtttt ataaacagaa attttgtttt acgtttttgc ttattttagt aaatttttaa    115440
     attactgata ataaattaaa caaaataaca gttatttttc agtacataag aaatgaaaat    115500
     tgcacacaaa ttaaaattca cacaaaaaga tatcttctat ttttattaca ataaactatt    115560
     gtaaatattt ttaagaattt tattatttat tttaccaagt aacataattg ataagtaaat    115620
     agagtataaa tatatgaaag tatacataaa gtatatttta tttacttggc aataggggaa    115680
     ctatagtttc aagtttagtc aatataatta tgttaatgat tcattattta aatttaacaa    115740
     gtatttttac aaaatttaac gagaagattt attttaaagg ttcaataggt gattgcagta    115800
     ggtgatattt tgttgtgctg gttgaaagtc tcttcacatt ccaatagtaa tgatttaagt    115860
     aaatgatcta aatgtgttta tatgtatttt tatattctgg gtaaggcata agactaaaaa    115920
     atgttcatcc aattaaaatt tttcaggctg acaattccca taattctgat aagtagccca    115980
     aactgtctgt ctgtcaataa atgtagattt gtacatctgt gcagccgttt acagagatct    116040
     gccatttgca catgcatgcg cgttcacctg cacacaagag agagtgacag cggtaaaaac    116100
     aaatgctgaa tcaaaacttt aaaatcctga atcaatattg gagttagttt tgcacgctgg    116160
     aggaaggatg acaccatggg ataagtagtt cttttacaca ggtaatgtta tgttttaaaa    116220
     ctattttagt cacgcaaagc tgatgtagat tgtgttgtgt tatgaatggg ttatatgcac    116280
     acaagtgttg ttcagccact ggaatcttct ggccaaagat tgatgagact atttcagttt    116340
     tataaaggga cctgtaagca tcgatattgt agatttttat ttagtttaac aacaccagta    116400
     aatagcgcta ttctgcctag cctgctttac tgagctgaag ttgcttttat gttcccattg    116460
     gttcattttt gaacaatgaa agcttgtgat gagctcccta tattgtttac catgctactc    116520
     tgaatattca gtctaaaata gcatgcaagt atggcttagt aataagtgta attcctgtac    116580
     cctgctggcc aaccactaag catacagtag tggctttagg acaatgtgtg agagagtgag    116640
     acaagcgaac cttattgaaa tattgcacat tatgacaagt tttgcttgct acacaagtga    116700
     aaatgtgcta aatatactgc agtgttttgt ttggaattgt agtattataa agttttctaa    116760
     ctggcgaatg acatgaatta gtgggttgtc tgctgtcatc tttaagctgc acgttcatga    116820
     tatcagaagg cgtggctctg gacagcaggg aagggactgt ttcaaaaata ttatgctagt    116880
     cagttagcat tttgacagat caaatgctgc aactttaact ataacaaatg aatttgtatg    116940
     cttttcattt taacttgcta actattttca gtaaatttac aaataaacca aattaatact    117000
     gtctttctga cagtctaaaa atcccacctt ctcccagtcc aggtgctcaa tatccaccag    117060
     gatcctcatg agttcaggaa tggccagagc tggatgggtg tcattaagct ggatcgccac    117120
     ctgacagagt catattcaaa tcattacaac caaaaaacta atttggagta ttttaagagt    117180
     ttaccacaca tacaacaaca gctccagcca catgtatact atgaatgcaa aactaccttc    117240
     tcatgaaacg tttcaaaaga agtgcgcaca ggatccctgc agccgaactt tgaggatttg    117300
     aagcgtctga tgatgtcctg aagagtagca gccactacaa aatactcctg ctttaaacgc    117360
     agctccttcc cctcaaaaaa ctaacacaca cacatcagtt agaaacatat acatcaatac    117420
     tttactttct gtcagtcttt tatacatact cacacacaca cacatattca ggttgcataa    117480
     taattctgtg aacaattgct cactgtttct caagactcca cattagactc acggttttat    117540
     acttcctcac tgtattacac atatctgtgt tgcataagac tgttttctct gctgtggtct    117600
     gctatgccat atgctacatt ccagcattta cacagtctaa atatacacac acatgacaga    117660
     gttgttttag tgctgtaact aaaacacata tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    117720
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    117780
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    117840
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    117900
     acacacacac acacacccct taatttctct ctgtgtacat tcactccatc aggtttctcc    117960
     agcacaggaa aaaaagtgct ttagcctaca tttttttgaa agtataaaaa cctacttaaa    118020
     catacatgtt tgactgcagt ttctaggtca attgaatact tcagggcaat ataatgttaa    118080
     taacttttgt gtcttttcac atgaatgatt tttaattaat aaagaattgc tttcatgcag    118140
     ttcaacacca aataaatacc acaaaacaac ttaatagtgt tcccagagat gggttgctgc    118200
     tgaaaggtca tccgttgcgt aaaaacttgc tggataagtt ggcggttcat tccgctgtgg    118260
     cgaccccgga ttaataaagg gactaagcca acaagaaaat gaatgaatga atgaacttag    118320
     tagtgtctat ctgtaatcaa atatatttta atgtatataa aatattaaat agagggttgg    118380
     gtcgatagaa gatgccctcg tttacactat accgctgaaa acgcacatca cgtgacccca    118440
     tacatactgt catgagcttg tgtggtgaga aatcgagtcc ctcctgcaat cgattctact    118500
     taggaccccc aagggaacgt ctgtgatgaa tgcctgatca aaagctatta ttgtgatccc    118560
     ttgttgtgtg gttaatcaga gctgcgttag cttattgtag ccaggaggct aacagtaggg    118620
     gtatgattat gctagcacat aaggtaactg ggctaactaa acagtataaa agataaatgc    118680
     tcactttcat aacccatgca tccctttaat tctacacaag tatacaatag ggtcaatata    118740
     acgtttatac atgccatttt aatggtgaaa tgaagtagtc acgcttttta cattatataa    118800
     ataggaacgt tatttcatat actgtacttt agaattagaa actacaattt atacctataa    118860
     caactccagt aaaactatag gatcactcgg ggtcagtgat tctcagaggg actctccgcg    118920
     tgtctgagct gcagcagtca gtaggtgctt tgagcacaaa actccagagc agaacacatc    118980
     ggaaagttta gcaaggatgt accactagat cgtgtctcac tatagttgtt aaacgtgaga    119040
     tttaattaat ctagtctccc tctaacaact ctttgttctt atgaatttat catgtaacgt    119100
     gtcagagcgt cagtacactg cttcaatctt ttgctttcac acttgaactt agtaatttta    119160
     gcaaaaactt tagatgctgt tagttggttt ctgttggttg tgcacctttt ttaccaaccc    119220
     agtttgtcga cgccataaaa acgaaacaga tcactctgcc tattcatgcc agaatcctga    119280
     ggaaaaaagg attgacaggt ggcaatttgt gtgcaactta tctttaatta tttatgattt    119340
     ggtaaaacaa agaccaggcg ggtcagctaa cgataggcta caagtaatta atttgttatg    119400
     aattatttat gatgcgatgc catcgtacat aacgatgttt cacattagac attgtataat    119460
     gccacattgg tagatatcgc ccaatcctaa tcctaatttt atatatatat atatatatat    119520
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataaaaaa aaaaaaatat    119580
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaaa atatatatat atatatatat    119640
     acatggccag tttgctcaat agctcacttt tagagtgctt gggttcaaga cagaaaaatg    119700
     gcacgtgaaa ttgaggttaa actatattat agccgtgcac ttttttgctt tgaaaaacac    119760
     taatcgctgg atttagagaa ggggttgggt gatctgtaca acaagcccta cctgctcatc    119820
     tagtgtacaa gtagaatgtg tatatgaaac atacaacaaa atgtacccca agtaacccat    119880
     ttcagatttg taaaaatgta aacagcaccc tctagtggat ttgtcatctg aaatgtgcaa    119940
     tgaaatgtac cgggaacatc tttttgcaat aagcctgggc tacttttatc tctgtgggtg    120000
     tacatttact cttcaatctg cattttatag cactgcaaag cacatactta cattgtcatt    120060
     ggggtagaga acccgtgaga tgttctcagc caggttgcgg tccagtactg cctggatgta    120120
     atcgccaaca ttaactaggt ttaagagaga agaagatgtc aaaatcctca tatttttcta    120180
     tctttctcac ctaatttagg gatcgaattt taatttaagg ctattcatac ttgaaatagt    120240
     taaaaggtgc tgcatgtagg ctttagactc ttctaaagca taaaaatgta tttaagaaac    120300
     atgctaatag aacattcttg tttattcttg tgataaagtc agtcattttt ctttgaaaat    120360
     gtgcaatctg tgttggaatg tctgtctttg ttgtggtctg tataacactg ttactgccag    120420
     tttacccaat tatatgtcgg caccccgatt gccttatgga aaaacagcat atttcatttc    120480
     aattatgaag gcaggcatgc tcgttcctgt ttgtgttgtc aatctgacaa ccagtgattg    120540
     cgtctagtca ttgaaggagg ggcaggataa aaaaaaaaat agtaataaaa attctccaac    120600
     attttgaatt tggactgcaa tacccaattc tacatactgc actttttctc tggttcgatc    120660
     taaaccagtg gtcaccaaac ttgttccttg agggccggtg tcctgcagat tttagctcca    120720
     accctaatca aacacacctg aacaagctaa tcaagctctt acttggtata cttaaaacat    120780
     ccaggcaggt gtgttgaggc aagttgaagc aaaaccctgt agggacaccg gccctccaga    120840
     accaggattg gtgatccctg ctctaaacca acaaaacaga aatgcaagat tttttttttc    120900
     ttttttatgt ttatttcatt tctcatacat aatgagaaga tgtggaacct ctttgggcta    120960
     cttatgttat gtttgataaa aggtttgtgc tgtttggtac ggctatgatt ttttcttact    121020
     tttgttttgt tgtcttcttt gtttccaata aaaaaactaa tgcatttttc agctttctat    121080
     gtgttgaagt aaagtatcct tgcttaataa agctaaaaaa aaagttattt ctttctgtcc    121140
     ccaaataaaa gatttaagcc taattttgat cagtaatttt tgttactgat attgttactg    121200
     actgtagaat aatgcaatgg gctctatgta cagctagagt tttatagcca acgataattt    121260
     tccggtaaga gcttaatgtg aatattttca atttcacaag gttgttttta cagcatcgat    121320
     gttataatgt aatcacaata cattcagata aatagactta agcattcatt tagttgattg    121380
     agcgtaaaac acgattgttg taacaaccgt tgtaaccact agcatcatca gtggcaacag    121440
     gttagcgcag aaattctatt aaaaatactg gtgttaaata aattgtcata ttttaaagac    121500
     ctggcggggg gaaatgaaat ataatgcagt gcttcttgtc tggtcagaga cctacttcat    121560
     atcgtacatc taactggcag tggagatggc tgatttttaa agaaatcaga tcttaaacgt    121620
     gacaattttg taatggaaag actgttcact gaaagcactt gggctgcctg gctgaaaatt    121680
     aaaagtctgt gtgcatatag gccattgcac aggaaaactt gcacaagcga tttaaaggaa    121740
     aagttctccc aaaactgctc taaactttct tctgtttatc acaagacaag ataatctgaa    121800
     taatgttgga aaaaaaactg ctattgacat tcattgcaag aacaaaaata ctacagaagt    121860
     aaatggctgc ttttcttcta aaattcttca gtatatcgtc ctttgtgttc aacagaagaa    121920
     aaaaaataag gatgtaacaa aatgatggca gaatttctct tttctgggtg tactatcact    121980
     ttaaggaatg acttatggca ttttatgtga caacagaact tcacaaaacc ttttgtgtac    122040
     atgtctgtta tagatcaaga cctttaatgc acagctcaga ggccctacag tgttgaatgc    122100
     gcctctgaaa agcagtatct ctgggtaacg gtggccttct gccaactcat ctcttgtttc    122160
     ttaggcgctg ctgaacagca ctggaccaga cgcctatatt tagtattcta cacacaaacc    122220
     tttccccagg aaacaagtta aactccagag agaaggtaag tttagtccag atcagaatta    122280
     tttaataccg tttcagtaat actggaaaat tcaagcaaat catttgaact ataaaagtac    122340
     ttggaagctg ggatccaatg gtttcattta ctttcaatga taaagcaaag tacagaccat    122400
     taacgtgtgc atttgtgcgt tttctttcat gtaaagttaa ataaagtgtt aaaatatgta    122460
     acataattat tgcgtagact cacattcttg caggttgaaa tcattaggag ctttggcaga    122520
     ccatagtctc atagtattca cagtattgtt tttataacca ggcacaggag tgtcataagg    122580
     cattgcaagc acaacctgca aaagacaaga acaagtttta atcaggctaa attttaatta    122640
     cattacattt attaaagggt aggcacaaat tttgcactaa tataaaatgg cgttctgtaa    122700
     gattacattt ttatttttac ttttttttac tttttactat tattcagcaa agatgaatta    122760
     aattgatcaa aaaaacttaa aatttctaca aaattttatt tctttttttt ctatatgaaa    122820
     aaaaatcttt ctatttattt aatttatttt ggcagatgat aatcatacat tatggtaaca    122880
     ctttattttg atggtccatt tgagtattag tagactgtct gcttaatatc tgttcatact    122940
     gctgctaaac tgacatttaa ctcactataa taaactttac aagtacatgt caacctacat    123000
     taaccctaac cccaacccta gcactaaccc taaccccaac ctaacggtct acctataatt    123060
     taatgagaat tacttggcat gtagatgcaa tgtaacttaa attcaacaaa cagaccatca    123120
     aaataaagtg tgacaaacat tattattgaa taccaaatca taaaatatat ttcaaaataa    123180
     aaaaataata acattttcct taaaaccagt gcctgttgat gtattttgtt ttgtcatttg    123240
     aatttagttt aaccgttttc cccagtcatc ttatcagagg ctaatttagt tataaataaa    123300
     agcatcacaa tcgaccagtt taagtcactg cactcgatca gggctcacta acctgagtgt    123360
     caacccattt tggtccgtca tgtgtgtgtt ccactcgccc atagaaatgc acaggcagca    123420
     tgtactcagg acgggccttt tcccaagggt taccataacg cagccaatca tcagcttcct    123480
     caatctaaaa aaagagcatc cggaaaataa tgttatatag tttggacaag gttcaaacac    123540
     taagccaaat gtcaaatccc ccgacttttc ccttgtgctg tttgatgatg taaactgtaa    123600
     cctttttatc atactgtata aataggtttg atttctggtt gtgcaaatgt ggttgtgact    123660
     tgcaaaaaga ataaataagg catggaaaaa aataccataa caataggcaa aacccacata    123720
     aaaaaattta tagtaattta tactatagag tttttgaacc atactatagt aaagtttttt    123780
     tattatatat acacacacac atgtatttac aactctttat taaagcatgc tgtagccaca    123840
     gccatatcac ccttctgccc aataatgttt actccttgaa gctaagcaga gctgagcctg    123900
     gctgggagac cacatgggaa aactaggttg ctgttggaag tggtgttatt tgtatattgt    123960
     cattatactg tcagtgagca ccgtcttttg aatgagatgt ttaaccgagg tcctgacact    124020
     ctgtgatcaa taaaaatccc aggcacttct cttaaagagt aggggagtaa ccccagtgtc    124080
     ctgatcaaat tcccttcatc tgcccttagc ctcccagtcc tccacatcca ccaaaatggg    124140
     tgtatcatta tctttcctct ccccctatag ttggtgtgtt gtgagcgcag gccgttgtca    124200
     tccaagtgga tgctgcatac tggtggttgt gaggatcgac cccacacccc ccgcaccccc    124260
     ttatgattgt gaagtgtttt gggtgaaggg ccatacacgg taaatgctag tttttactca    124320
     agtaaactgg tgaattgtag tataatatac tctgtatttg aagaaaactt ggttcatttg    124380
     tttttataac tgtagttatt attttaccat agcaactata gaaataccac aatagaatac    124440
     ttactataat attatttaaa aacaatatgg tattaacagt aaattactct agtatttttc    124500
     catgtgggaa acaatgcaat tgaaaatggt tttgaaaatt atattttgtt aaatgaaaat    124560
     tttaaacgac aataaaaatc aatgatattc catgacttga aaaaaaggaa ataaaattcc    124620
     ctgactttca gtgtctggaa tagatatttg aaggatttgt tccttctact taaataaaaa    124680
     gatcatagat caaagatgag atgtcatatt ttagtgtctg caaaaataaa ttaattcaca    124740
     aaagtaattt cacatttaaa ttaaataaaa gtaaaatgtt tttttattta acatcaaaac    124800
     aaaataatgt tcaattatta caattaattt tcatatcatg tttataaatt taacttatta    124860
     caaagaggca aaacctagtg ctttaaaata tagtggcagg ggataatgat taaaaacctt    124920
     atttaataaa aataaagaaa aaatctttaa tacatagtcg tatttaaaac aaaaaccatg    124980
     tgattaacat gattcctttt ggtctttcta tgatatatga tggtaaaaaa agtatttact    125040
     aaaaaggtca aattaaaaag taacgttaag ttgtttctat gataaattat gcattgacaa    125100
     aatcagtttt ggtttacctg ccagccatgg gcaattttct gattgaagat gccaaactca    125160
     tatcgaatgc cataaccata cgctgccaaa cccagagatg ccattgagtc cagaaaacaa    125220
     gctgagagaa aaagcaaaca ccaaacaaac attaataagg gaatcataca ttaaaggaag    125280
     atgcaggagt attctacagt ttgtgctgtc ctatagctca aatagtagag aatgtactcg    125340
     caacatcaag gttgtgggtt caattctcaa tgaaggcaaa actgctgaaa tgtctgcctt    125400
     caacgcaatg agtattaaat aaatgtaaac atcagtacct gcaagacgcc ctagaccacc    125460
     gtttcccaat cctgcatcct cctcaatttc ctccagttct tccaaatcaa gtccaagctg    125520
     aagatcagca ccatcaagcc caaaaaataa atcaatacaa aaaaagagca acatacaata    125580
     tgcaaaaaat actgtttaac aattggtgaa aacatgtaat ctgattacgc aagcattcag    125640
     cctcatattt cagcaacagt tcgataagga aggttttagt gttagttttg caagcatgtg    125700
     gtgactgctc cacatccccc atgaacactc tgtgggtgag cagggcaaaa aacaacagct    125760
     gtttctaaag tttcaggatg ttgaagtaag agctctgggc cagttctgct attcaacaac    125820
     agacattcta ctattgtact gtagtaggtt tgctgatgca ctttacctga tagatggctt    125880
     catcacaggt attctgtagc ccaaggttta tcatggtgtt ttgtagagtt ctgcccatgt    125940
     aaaactcaag tgacagatag tggatgcgct gtaatggaaa acacacacag gagtagaaat    126000
     gagcacagag acagcagaag cggatcatcc agctcaacac tttagagagc atgtaaaaag    126060
     atttaacaga agatgctcag tcttacagtc tggaaaattc ttcttcttat gttacaacaa    126120
     ctaataaata aagccataac catgtttgtt aattgggaaa tatttaacta ttaatagtga    126180
     ctaataatac aactacagta tatagtgact tgggatccta tgattggagg atgatgatta    126240
     gctaatgtgg accatctggg tcaatcatga gcacatgctc atctcaaaat tagtttaaaa    126300
     ttaaaattaa acttaactta atatttacat taaaatgtta tgatgttttg aagatgaaaa    126360
     gacagataaa agacagataa aaagacagtt ttaaacagtc aactttatta tgattagtta    126420
     agttcaatac tggtaataat gaaatgtggt ttctgaaaaa ttgatcaaat gtgcattatt    126480
     tgacattgtt cctgtacaag atataaaatt aaattaggtt aaatttagga tttttaaata    126540
     aagatttttc tattctattg ttctattttt tgacagaagc acagtacaat tgttgaaata    126600
     acaccataaa ctattttaat tcaagcattt tcaaggacct atgtttgttt taagtacttt    126660
     ctaggccttg aatttttgtc tacaatttaa gtactttcaa gcaagagcat gaaattggca    126720
     tggacggagg ggacgtgtca ccactaatat ctaccaatta ttgaaatgtc cctaccaata    126780
     atttaatcac cttcaaaata aaataatgct ccatctacct tagtatccta cagccataag    126840
     ccacagccat atcaccgtac atcccaagac tggttactcg ctgaagccaa gcagggctga    126900
     gcctggtcag aacctggatg tggggacctc atgggaaaac taggttgctt tttgaagggg    126960
     tgttagtgag gccagcaggg agtagcgggg gcgctcaacc tgcggtctgt gtgagcacta    127020
     atgccctagt atcaagtcaa gtttgcgatg agtccactat aatactatta accaaggctg    127080
     tgcaattaat cgaaattcag tttggatttg gcctttatga ttatgaaaaa caataatcgg    127140
     gataaaacag ttaaactgag tcaaacatct ctctaaattt ctctacattc ttacctcctc    127200
     aaaatcatac aaaaatgact tgtgcagcat ggaacgtgat tcattaatgg ttatttgttt    127260
     tattaagtgt taatatttat tttatattat taggtacttt attcatgttt tcattattca    127320
     aaaacaatac ttcattgaac atttcaatat tttcagattt tttttttggc aaaaaaaagc    127380
     aacattacat gttcagacaa agatgttgac agagtttgaa aaaatattta aatcaattaa    127440
     ttgctcatac aacagtgaga caaattaaga aaagatatta cacatttcca aagaagaaat    127500
     aaacagcata taatactctt caaaaaactt ggattttttt tattattatt ttttttgtgg    127560
     atattatgaa tcattaagga tgatgatttc agcttctctt ttaatgttct gaaaaaaagt    127620
     caccaatagt ttgtacattt ttgggtaaag tatccctaac tcatgtctgt tccaggttgc    127680
     tgaagtacac caagtttaat ttgatctctt tagcccagga tcaacttttc ataagagttc    127740
     attcatcaga tgtccacact gagaaaggtt tacagtctgc tgaagggctc aaatccacac    127800
     agaacaacat ctgaatacca cagcaataaa atcaatgcat gcttcatttc cacatgttgc    127860
     ttaatctctt actgtaggtt taacaacagt aacacagtgt tttactgttt ttccaagagt    127920
     ctgaaacttt aacagcatct aacatctgac acgagttcct agaaatgctt ctcgtgttgg    127980
     tgtgctcaat cttataacgg tatctggttt catttacaaa tgtctacaca agaggaaaaa    128040
     gcaggctttc tgaactggcc ccaaaggcag atgaaataaa acactaatct ctggaaagaa    128100
     gaagccaagc ttatgaattt tggacaaagc ccagaaaatt gtttccagag caggaccgtt    128160
     cttgtgcact cttacaacaa atagcattga atgaatgaat aaatgaatga atgaatgaat    128220
     tacttaatta attaaagtga ctttctttta aatcgtatag agttcaagtt aatcagcaaa    128280
     ttagtcatat ctaaattcac aacataaaga tgttaagagt tacatcagag aagccacaga    128340
     agacctgaaa aaagcgcttt ctcttattaa tcatcaaaaa aagactcata actcataata    128400
     aatcacccca gttacaggtg tctattatta gccatgactt gagtgattct gtacatggac    128460
     aatgtcggtg cattagataa ggcccattat cttctggctt tgacagtata gtgtaatctg    128520
     tacttgccct agtgagcaga gcatcaagtg gttgctaaat acttgattac taatgacaac    128580
     cggcagatca cacttttttc aaatgctcaa tgcattaaca aatgggtgac aatgagcata    128640
     agagggacat aatgctggaa aaaacaacca aacgctacag aaaacaatga atgattcaca    128700
     ataaatgagg aattcaaatg actgcccatg ctatatgatt atgctcacac tactttatat    128760
     attatatatg aagagttcag atgcaaaaac ctcttaatgt catctgaaat gttctcctaa    128820
     aatgagcatt ttcgtctgcc ttctttgttt aagtttagtt atttcactag aaaggcaatg    128880
     aaaagaagat tttcgtcact ataaaagtaa aattactggg cctacacaca ggagtcaaag    128940
     aaaaatgtta attttagaag aaaatatcaa atggctttta gaggtttgtg catctaaact    129000
     cttcctattc tgtcctaagt aaatgtaaat atattcacaa catgtttttt tttatttaat    129060
     tgtaatgaat tgtgtcacaa agcagtgtgt aattccgcag ttatgcaatt atgggaaaga    129120
     cacacttgcc atatatgtga attttggtgt ctgcatcaag ttaaattgac aatttgtgtg    129180
     cacacacaca aacatacaca cacaaataat tgcaagtgtc tactatttaa catcccaaat    129240
     aaattttgtt aatataaaag ggcaaaatat ggagcaaata atgctccatt gccattaagt    129300
     aatacagtag taggcctgtc acaataatca atatactgac ttatcacaca atacatggac    129360
     aagaccttaa tcatttttgg tgatgcaata tatatcaccc atacattaaa accaattctt    129420
     gcaacatttt agctgattgt gcaacatctc tatctctgtt gggggtgtta gtgtcagtat    129480
     ggttaaaaac actgtagtat ttactataat gtactttaat atatttattt ggctgtctga    129540
     caactgaaaa tggatctggc aactgaaaat ggatctttcg cagcctgtta ctgtttacct    129600
     tgcgtttttt gttaaaatgt gttattattt atttaggata tttcacattc agatgaaaac    129660
     acctaattat taaagcacta tgattgaatt aaatattctt aagaataaaa tatgatgtgt    129720
     tctttggaag agtgtacttg cactgtgatg gtattatatt gtcattctgt cattacttac    129780
     tgagtggctg aaaatggtct taaaaagaca ataatatcgt tcatcgtgat atattttggt    129840
     gcaagatatc gtacaacaaa aaacagatat cgaaacaggg atcaaaaatg tttttcaaaa    129900
     ttgtcctaaa acaataatgg gtgttgttca ttggttttag gacaactttg atgaaatttt    129960
     ttaaactact tcaactgctg actactgtat acaactcaaa aagtataact aactctgaca    130020
     tttagttact atatatatta agaaaaggtg accacaataa gttcttcttt ttccagtgac    130080
     ttcttatgac aaatatgtaa actagtggtt ttaaggacag tgacacagta caaatattta    130140
     aaatatcaat agttattagt attttggggg tggcaccatg gtgtttacat gtagtaacct    130200
     attttaatgt catcaaatga gctattgttc tacatacgcc tgaaaaatat atatttacta    130260
     tacaaacttg atttaatggc attttactgt aaattatgca aataacagtt aggtaagaaa    130320
     tattattatt attattatta tgattatgat tattattatt ttggattcct ctactgcaca    130380
     agcatgtcac ttcctggctt cctgcacaag gggaaatcag gaagagagcg taccttcggg    130440
     tctttctcat agtaatactg ctgagtgcgg atccagcggc ccaccaggtg atcccgcaca    130500
     gtgtgcgcca gggcgaagta ataatcccgc ggtgtcgcca cattgcggtc cttcacaaga    130560
     gtgaaatgca gatgcctgtt gaagctcttt ttgatttcag caacatcccc gagtcctgct    130620
     ataccacgaa cactgatctg cttgcgcctt tcatggtcgg ttagcggttt agacatgttg    130680
     tcaaaagcaa aggaatgaaa gtttggaccc ttgacttgat gtgcacaggt tgttgcgagt    130740
     gtgcgcgagg actttacacg cactattagc tctgagacac acccctatgt caactaaaga    130800
     agaaagtggg cgggacgtac agtcagcttg tttctattgg ccagtgacac tttcgttatt    130860
     gcattcccat aggctgcgtg agatgtcaat cattccggta acactaacta gcaacaagtt    130920
     tatgaatata cccagtcaga agatgaaccc tggctcagga gatatgtttg tttagattta    130980
     ctgtataaac agctttattt gtcactatta tgtgacattt ttataaaact cagctttagt    131040
     atgaagacct ataaagactt gcctacttcc tttcgtttca tacaaaccga gttttcacta    131100
     atgaatttag tttgcctctt ttactcattg cttacagttg tggattgatt tatccatcta    131160
     atctgtcctt ataaggaacg agattgcagg ctaccaatag aaaacagcta taagtgggag    131220
     gagtctggtt tatgcataca gcaatagcac aagttacaat aatctactca tttaagtcta    131280
     tctgctctga aattatgacc ttttagatca tttaattgta aaacagcaaa tgatattttt    131340
     caaggtcaac agacaaagta atagtaaata tagtaatagt aaatataaga atgtaacaat    131400
     tctattagac tgcttaaaac agattgccca aactagggct catgatggcc cacagtaacc    131460
     tttgatttgg cccaccaccc catatgagag gagaggaaga atgatgggaa tggtttagat    131520
     atcgtatgtg acctttagtt agtttgtaat attgttgagc tacattaaat gtttacattt    131580
     aaatgatgta aattaatcag attggtaaat gagatggata aaagacaatg cagagactta    131640
     ggtgagtgat tcaaggcaga ggcagactgt tataaatatg attgcttgta ttgcaataag    131700
     ttataacaaa aaaagctaaa ctgctttagt taaaacgatt caaagtaatg ttttctattt    131760
     atcaatatta ttaaaataat taggaaatga accatgtcaa cttccatgta aaatagttag    131820
     agaggtatat ttgtctttgg cccaaggcta tcaatgattt ttggtttttg gcccttcata    131880
     cgaaaaagtt tgggcacccg tggaaataaa gcttatagtg attaagtgtt taccatcgtg    131940
     cgacgtgcaa tccgtgtaac aagctgttat cttaaagtaa caaatcatta ttgctaactg    132000
     agctcttaag acacagtggg cttccactac catgcttaga aacccatcac ttgactgtaa    132060
     ttctctcaaa atcagggtat catcttctgt ccattccata tccattttca aaaaaaaaaa    132120
     aaaaagaaag gaaaactaag aaaacttttt ctatttttca tttggtcaaa aaatacaggg    132180
     attttggctc gattttagtt ttttaattga gggtaggaaa acacatgtag gcagtgctgt    132240
     aacgccctct tttctttggt tggctaacca aatctgagct cgtgacgtag tcctcaaaat    132300
     aaaagtcctc tgtcctatta tttagtttta ttaattttac atattctatc atttgatcag    132360
     ttagcaggct tacattcatg catatgcata atgtaaaaaa ataaaaacca gaataagaac    132420
     acattaggcc tcagggctat aagaaagggt aacatttgtt tttatttttt ttcctcctat    132480
     tttaattgtg tgtgggggta tatttatctc tctcacacac acagacacac acagacacac    132540
     acagacacac acacacaata ggaggaaata aattatatat atatatatat atatatatat    132600
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    132660
     acgactatta ttttaagggc aacgtcgcaa actcagattt ggttggtcaa tcagaggaaa    132720
     aggggcgttt cagcaccgct cacgtgtata aatcatttat ccattttgct accttaaact    132780
     aaaaccgagt caaaatctgt tttttttttt gttttgtttt ttagtgagca aaagaaaaaa    132840
     cgaaaaacat ttgttttctt ggttttcctt ttttgttcga aaacggatat ggaatggacg    132900
     gaagacaccc tgatttccca gagatagacc agtcaatata catttatata aaaatttgtt    132960
     tatatttgta tatttttaca acaaaatcat attttgtaaa tgctatacag aacaggaaat    133020
     gaaaagtatt tctaaagacc tcaaaaccac atcctttgca ttttctaaag acctcaaaac    133080
     cacatccttt gataaacatt cagtaatata ttgagacatt tgatctgcta aaccccctgt    133140
     aggtcttaat tttgtgacct ctgctgttgc aaggaaaaaa aaactgcatg aacgtacaat    133200
     agaagaacac gacagaaacg aacacaaagt aaaccacatc ctgctgtttc actttatgac    133260
     cttctgaact ttacatgtaa tgaaaatgtc tcagtacttc agtttttaac agtctcagaa    133320
     tacatttata tggcactttt tataaacata tttaataata ctaaagaaaa acagcaggtt    133380
     tataaccgac catgagtaaa aagatcatag cagttacagc tgttcttact aacataaaaa    133440
     tgtttttgtt ttgctctgag agtagataat aagtatgtgc tttgatcaaa catttataat    133500
     acaataaaca gaactaaaac tacagaataa ttaaatataa cataaaaaca aaaattgagc    133560
     acaaggcaat aaagtgtttc ttgatcaggt aaaccgtgac gaatatgatt ctgacatgct    133620
     acaaatgccc aaaaccagtt cacacgtata gatcttaatg tcctagtaag aaaagtaaaa    133680
     cattcagaaa gtcagaggta tgtagaaaaa ctcacatttt gacaaaatgg caaatgacaa    133740
     atacaatcaa tgttggcgtt ttttttttcc agtcagtgtt ccactgggtt gaagagtttt    133800
     ttagcacgtc ccatgtttac ggaacgactc tatgcaatgg aaagcggcac cgagggccca    133860
     gctggtctcc gcgttattaa tttgtcttgc cagctgaaat ttaaacagaa aaaaacagta    133920
     tcaaccatga atcttgtcaa gatcaagcag agcagttgtg gcctgatggt taaggagttg    133980
     aactttgcag gttgcaggtt caattcccgg cccccaattg gatgtgtctg tgtgctttca    134040
     ctcctctcaa aatgtgtgtg cgcacataga tgggttaaaa ggaccaaatt agagtttgac    134100
     caaaaccatt cttgaccatg ctcacatcac ttcactcata atgctattaa ctaccttatg    134160
     catgtgttga aatctgcgtc caaaagtcaa cacaaagcaa ctattacaca gggctattaa    134220
     atcaagaatc ataaatcaag aatagcacac cttcagctct ttgtcaggcg ggaagtccag    134280
     ctcctgaaga agcacagaga tgtaggtcag atccaaacac aggaatggag actcctttat    134340
     cccgccggct gacatgttat tgcacactga agaataaaca agagaatgaa caacgttttt    134400
     gcagagcaaa ggtaaaatgt gggatttatt gaaaaatgca ttctagtaat aataacatca    134460
     cgtcatctta ttcctggaac aatactagtg tttaaagagg tggtccagaa tgtattttta    134520
     aggcttggtt tgtgtttata agatgcaaag ctatgtgtgc tcatgcttca cttgttaaaa    134580
     aaaaaaaaaa aattcacatt attttttcat atatcttact ttgattatat acagctactc    134640
     agctaacatg aaaacaactg ccatagttcc gtcaagacgc tctgattggt caactaagat    134700
     aatgtgctgt gattcgcaga ttggctacgt gtcacaggga aaagcgccac acctctaata    134760
     gcatgcgttc ttcctctgct gtgcaaatac tgtcagtcag cgtagctgtt agccacataa    134820
     gtttgagcct gaattagaca taacataaag agcacacagc tgaatctcat gcctgctctc    134880
     taaaatacaa actgacaagt gtctttcaca tatatttggt ataagcatgt ctaagtatta    134940
     tgaaacatca catatcttta gcgagtttgt tatttgagat gtagaatgca cggaaagtgt    135000
     ccgcatagag acattggtgt agattgtagg tgtttacagt ggattgactg gtaaatatgc    135060
     atttgtagct aaattgttga aggtgccaaa cagaatttcc cgttgtttac atccttgttt    135120
     acatcctcgc tacaaaatac aacactagac actgtgcatg tagttgatca attttaacaa    135180
     ataaaatcac ttagaggttg tggctcacag tccacagatt ctgcttttat ggttgtagct    135240
     gctccttcct tgaggagttt atagccgaat ccagcattga accgagattc tggaagctac    135300
     cctgtcaaat actagctata tattatttat aattctctgg aacatagtta aaattaaatt    135360
     gtaaccactt ctctctttgt gccgtgtctt ttgaaaaccc aaatacagaa acagaacaag    135420
     ctctgtgaaa atagcagatt tttgaactgc attttagctt tctctgctac attacagcgc    135480
     ctctggccac gtcccttcac cttgtggggt gaatgcacat aaccagaagc ccttgtgatc    135540
     tcactaaccc agatgtattt ttttgcagtc cccattcttc attcgctgta gtctttgcta    135600
     agctaactct gtaaaagcca acgtgcccct ttgcattgaa ctttgagcgt cttacattta    135660
     gagatgttgt ttatattcaa acagctgcat tacacatcaa ctaaagttta acatgtgata    135720
     tcctagtgga ccaccccttt aaaagagaaa ttaaacagtt aattcctgta tattcaacac    135780
     tataaagtca gctttgcagt tatagaaata aattacattt cagcatcttt attaaacaat    135840
     tcagaaataa aaagtcaaaa ttctcagttt attaaaattc aaaattttta gatgaaaaac    135900
     gaaattgaca cactttagtt ggaattatga cttaaagact tacatgctta ttgtatcaga    135960
     caggataaaa aaacataata ttaaataagt tatgaatcat gttcttgcct cattgcatgc    136020
     cacacgcatg gaataactaa tagcaaaact atattacaaa actactgtaa tttagacaag    136080
     taaaacattt ggcttaatct agcaattatg actttaaaag cctttttttg acacagtaag    136140
     tcataatttt atgttagata gttttaattt ggacttctcc gcttgatttt tccccctcaa    136200
     catagtggaa ataggtttga aaatattaaa ttaccaaaac acacaccttt ttttgcacct    136260
     tcaatgtaat cactgactct gacagtccct cctgtgcgtt catctgagtc ggaaacacag    136320
     aaagtgtttg tcaattcagg aaataaaaga aaagttcatc tattaaatca aatcaaatga    136380
     cagacaaatc tcttaccaat gaggcccaga tccacagccc tgtcgtagta gtaggagaac    136440
     gcatagaagt ccatgttttt cacttcctct gcttttctca cctgcttgta gatcatcttc    136500
     tccacttttc taaggcaaga ctcataaata ggctcccctg gaacagagca caagcacaca    136560
     cgcgcacaca cacacgcgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    136620
     cacacacaca cacatttttt aacataagtt atttaataaa acagccagaa ctgtgcataa    136680
     aatttccaac tactcattta taaattaacc tatattgtaa tcagttattt acatgatata    136740
     ggtagatggg aatacactgt aattggcaga taatattaca tggtagagtt tattattaat    136800
     tatttattgc tattaattta atcgattaat ttctttttta gccttttatt gttttcttga    136860
     ctgtcaaaat gaatgacagc cttcttgaat gttctgctgg aaaaaaaaaa ctgattttat    136920
     ggtaagcctg actttaaatg aactcaaata ttcattgttg ggtgaagcat ccaaggtcaa    136980
     ctggtggtca atttatgtat aaaaatgaac tcgtctttca cagttttaac tgtctgtatt    137040
     taagtatgca tatgcatagc agtcaataat tggttcttta ttccaaaggt taaaggacta    137100
     gttcacccta aacatcagtt acttataatt catgtctgat tgagtttctt ttttctgttg    137160
     aacacaagga cagtgcttcg cacgcataga ctttacttaa ggaggccgcc caggtttatt    137220
     aacaatcgcc caagtatatc tgatcacagt ttttttacca atattatcat ccttttacac    137280
     ttctttttat atccgccaga gataaccaaa tatccacgtt cgattgacca gtggaaaatc    137340
     ttgtgtgtgc gcaagaacgg tcaacaaaac tttctcaggc aatctcacat gctctgcaga    137400
     gacccacaga gatgcggctt tttgaggctt aaaaatgcgt ctggctgttt tttctaaatc    137460
     tcgaatgtcc aggagtcgac ttttgttttc gatttctaaa gttgttgcgt ttttgcattg    137520
     ctcttttatt aaagactact ttccgcttgc ttcacagctg tcagcgtgca cagccgcgag    137580
     actaggagaa aaaactaaaa atagattctt taatctaaac gattcagaaa aacttaactc    137640
     tatactcgaa aaggatgaaa tggaggatat ctaaactggc tgcaaaataa atgtacacca    137700
     ttagaaattg ttaaatcaac tcctttgcct tatttatcta atctacatct tttattcttt    137760
     ttattaatta aataatatta aatatccaat ttaaagattg tctatttttt ttcctgtaat    137820
     ttatttctca tttgaaagag agagtagctg tgtgtacaga gctcctaaaa atcttatttc    137880
     aacagccttt tttaaacttt aacctattga aaaaaagcag cgtcaaaata aataaatgta    137940
     ttgttaaaaa tcacattagt ttttgtatca catgtagtta accatttatg tgccatgggt    138000
     aaagtatgtg tttcagtcag gctaccacca caagtatatt tcaaacttgt ggtaagcagg    138060
     tatattttga ataattttgg aaaccgactt ccatgttttg tttttttgct atggatgatg    138120
     gcaattgcaa cctatttcca actttcttga aaatatatct tcctgtggtc aacagaaaat    138180
     acatttcata aaaaactgaa gacacttgat ggtgagtaaa ttttcaattt tgagttaact    138240
     attagcttaa ccattgcaat gaagatgcaa tcacaggctt gaatccaaac tttttttgtt    138300
     gttgttgtat gcaaagagta catttcatac ctggtttctg gcctttaacc gtataaagta    138360
     cttcagcgtg ttcccactgg cctgaataat ctggggctaa acatggactg accagctctt    138420
     ggggtcccgc tactgaaaca acaataaaaa aaaaccttaa gccaaatatt tttaaaaatg    138480
     catattagag cattttactg ccactaagtg gagcaactgt gtcattgtgg aggacaaata    138540
     caaacatgcg ctctgctctg ccacctgctg gacacaaata acagcacatt tacgcgaaac    138600
     acatgcgtgt cttttcttat aataacctta aaacccactc agagagaagc gggatacact    138660
     tatacaacgg gccaaactat aaacaatgaa atctgattac atttgtagtg tactaaatgc    138720
     aaatctcagt gaactgcatg cagaagccac tgcactgatg gcagtttctc tctttggcct    138780
     cagataaatc ggcacaacag ctggccacca agaaactaat cttcagtgcg ttattaagag    138840
     attagataat ggcttattta ttgaacgaat gaggtcttta aaagccaaag atgaagagag    138900
     attgtaaaac acatacaagg ctggccttca atccctccca acactgcaag cctggccgac    138960
     atcaacccca ggccaaggta actgcggaga gacagaaagt gagagagaca tttaaaagat    139020
     gagcaataaa gatacaaata tatatatata taaaaaggtg aataatttaa taaaataata    139080
     ttattcaatt tatattttaa tgcaaatctg tttaaaatgt attaaatatt aaaaaaactg    139140
     aacatttaag atatccattt gaaataaatg ctgtcctttt ttcactttca cttatataaa    139200
     tataaagaaa tagtgtaata ttttcacaaa ataacctaaa ggttttacgg aatgaaacca    139260
     gcatattagg attatttctg agagtaaaat gtgaactgta ttaactgctg aatacgccgc    139320
     tttgtttcac aggaattaaa aaaaaggaat aaaatttatt taattataat ttattttaat    139380
     tttgttcaaa tttatataca gttggagtct gaattattag ccccactgtt tgcttttttc    139440
     accaatttat gtttaacgga gagatttttt aacacatttc taaatgtaat agctataata    139500
     cctcatttct tataactgat ttatttcatc tctgccatga tgacagtaaa taatatttta    139560
     ctagatattt atcaatacac ttttatacag cttaaagtga tattttaact aggttaatta    139620
     ggttaactag acaagatagg ttaattaggt aagttgttgt ataatgatga tttgttcagt    139680
     ggactatcaa aaaaaataat aattagctta aaggggctaa taattttgtc cttaaaatgg    139740
     ttattaaaat tttttaaact gcttttattc tagccaaata acaaataata ttttctccag    139800
     aagaaaaaat tgtcccactt tatattaagt gtcctcaact actatgtact tacatcaaaa    139860
     aataaataca atgtacttcc tgtgttcata aagtatttga gagcacttgt ggtgctcttg    139920
     agttggcata ggggttgggt tagggacagg tttggtggtg tgggtaggtt taagggtggg    139980
     ttaaggtgta gggaatggtc agcagtgtat ttacaaatgt aattacagaa gttaattaca    140040
     gatgtaatta catacaggta tttaattaaa cataagtaca caataaatac acgtatttac    140100
     acaataagta cattgtaaca aactatttat tcctgtttaa gcgcatatta gttaaggcca    140160
     cttaatataa agtaggaccg aaaaaatatt atcagacata cagtactgtg aaaatgtcct    140220
     tgctctgtta aacatcattt gggaaatgtt taaaaaagaa aaaagaacgt attaaaagta    140280
     catttttgca acatttttgt cctggaggtc ttaaatgaaa ctactttttg tacctggcat    140340
     taaatatatt ttagaaaggc aatgagggtg aaatattaaa acaaaaaaaa gcacatcttt    140400
     ttatgctgtt tcattaatag ccaaaatgat cacaaaaata aaaatgtcta taagcatgca    140460
     caggagttaa cagaaattta aaataagaaa tacttcagta ttttgtccga gagtgtgaga    140520
     gagagataag atttgcacac ttctggaaca tctgtgatgc atcttaagtg attcctcatt    140580
     caacactaca gtatcttgac cctgctgggg ggtttgttgt gtcaaatctc ctgccatgaa    140640
     taactagtaa ttctagtaat ctggagatga gtccctcgat gggattgtaa ttggaggctt    140700
     gtgtgattaa gctctaatca gtagagagag gcgaacacac actgtcacat ttgtgtgcgc    140760
     tgtactattc gtgaactcac ataaactaga aagccacgac caggcagcgg tggtgtcaaa    140820
     cagaggtcta caagtcacat aacgttaccg atgggctgct gaggacactg aagcttttaa    140880
     atagtattat ggtgacactg tggagcattc ctacatggga tgtaatcaag acttgcacta    140940
     aggatgcaaa atatcgaatt gcattggaat tttgtttaca atgaccttag aagtcaatgc    141000
     aagttgagaa aagacaaaaa aatcctggat gagattcttt ttatatttat aaactatgac    141060
     attaatattg aagagatatt agcacgagtg tatatcggta ttcaccacag tatcagtatt    141120
     caagcatgat cggcaaattc aatattgttt tttatgcaaa aacacacatg cctctcaaat    141180
     ttgtgcgatt tcagccataa tttatgcaga gttcagactg catgatttta accctgattt    141240
     tgactcgccg acaggttttc agaaattgcc aacaagtgcc tgaaatcaca ggcaaatctg    141300
     tgctcgtgca caagagtgac aatcacacag tgtgaactat caaagaagcg atctgagata    141360
     attgctcatg agtcgccgat gcccgtgaaa tatttggcgt gctaaatatc gaaagctgtc    141420
     gacgattcaa tcatgccgag tgaaacgagt tgactgaaaa taacctcggc aatcacctac    141480
     agccaattag agagcagcat tcactagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    141540
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac ctgcaggcca gctcgagatt ggggaaaaag ttaaaagcgc    141600
     ttattttcag tttatttgga cccaagaaat ggaaaaaata gcagaaattg acaggagcac    141660
     ccatgtctgt ttgacatgtc aaaacagggt cgaaaaagaa aaaaagtcaa ggaaaaattg    141720
     ctaattccct ttaaacccag gtgagcaaac attgatatat tttttactca attaaaggct    141780
     tctttctcat tatgtagtta ataacaaaag atatactatg tgtttttggt tgtgaaacgt    141840
     agtttggaca gagcgattca tgcagtgtga aaccccctgt tgtcgatcca tcttgcagtg    141900
     taaacaaagc agcgacaaaa cgctagccta gatagtcatg cagtatgaaa acacatctgt    141960
     gacaagacta aattgtgtag tctgaactct gcattagtca tcagatgcaa atttgggaag    142020
     tcctaaaaga ttcctgaaat cctaggctac aatctgtgat ctttgattgt tggtttgaca    142080
     agttcaaaga cagcatctta atggccgttg caatcagatt ttccctctga tgaagttctg    142140
     gcagtgtcag aagttttcag acatcagctg tgaggaacat caatccaata accaatagga    142200
     gtgctgaatt tgaacaaatt atttttttcc tggttttatt attgaggcac actgtgagca    142260
     aaactaccac tacagattgt ttacatttgc tgtgaggttt catttcagaa taacggatag    142320
     tgaaagcgtc gatggagcgt catactccaa gtgagttttc ttttgtgttt gacacatatt    142380
     ttttgtttat caatcagaca ttatgacagc cgagatctta cagcttgaca tgttcatgca    142440
     ttttgaaaaa aactacaatt atttaggatt atttaaaaat agtaataata atcacaatgc    142500
     gagtcaggct ttagaaaaaa cacttgattg ttttgtttct aaattaatct acttttgtgt    142560
     gaatcatttg aatcaaatat tcaacaatca gttcaataag cctttctgaa tgaaagtcac    142620
     gtctcgcttt cagtttgggg tttaggtgga ttttgcactc acacacaagc gtaccgttcc    142680
     tgatgattta ctcaccctct tgtcatccaa gatatgaatg ccttacattc ttcagtcaaa    142740
     aataaataaa ggtttttaaa ggaactattc caggtttgtt ctcgatatat tggactgcta    142800
     cagttaactt tgacttgaac tttgaaaatt gcagtttcag tgctgcttgt aaatgatccc    142860
     agcttaaaaa caagggtctg acctagaagc gatcaattat tatttttttt ttatgtataa    142920
     aaaatgtttc tttttaaaca acaaaaggtt gcaacactat gctagtgtca gatggggaag    142980
     agtttttgta attaagaagt acatcttttt ttctctagga aataaatatt cattctggaa    143040
     gtgaaataac actttaaatg ctcaagctct ggctcttttt ccatttattt tttcaaacag    143100
     aatatttttt cattttattg atatcagtca gaatgacatt tttcaacagt tatgccttca    143160
     taagacatgt ggaaaaaaat agcagtaaaa taatactaat gttttttgta tatttgtata    143220
     tctacaccat caaacatcat aacattgttt tattcatatc attcactaca catcctgatg    143280
     ccattctatg cccgatccac tttacctgtg tgagtagaga gcgtgactga tgttgaacat    143340
     ctgaaacgat gtcacataat caatgggtga ggtctgaatg gttatctgta aagaaacaaa    143400
     acacaaggaa atattgatgc atcagggttg cattcttctc tttttaaaca agaatctggt    143460
     caaatttact aatgtattag ttgaacaact ctcatcactt cctacataag cagatttcct    143520
     ggccagaata ttatttaata ttatttaata caaataatag tcagcgattt cctactttaa    143580
     cagttttaag tccagactta agacaatatc tgccagtaac taaaagtaag ctgcaatcta    143640
     cagagcagtt cttccctgag ctactgtttg aatacaaagc tctcggagaa actgtgtaat    143700
     aacatgataa attggtctcc aatcctgcct gtacaggacc tgacctagtt gaaaagcaag    143760
     aatctctctg actctctcag cccaatgtac tacaaccttc atttatcagg cctatcggat    143820
     tagcaagaca tttgcagatt aacatatagg atggagagca taacagtggt ttggtaggaa    143880
     agacttgagt tcattaagaa gaggtaacag ctatattgtg tgtatgcatg gctcacttca    143940
     tcctgtagag caaaggtgat ctgggtcgag cctcctccta aatccagcat acctactgta    144000
     ggagtctctg taccgtgaag agcacctgtg tgtgagagag agatgtttta aagcactttt    144060
     tttttgtcaa gaaagcaaaa gaaaaggttt ccatgtgggt aaggtagtgc atcttttgtg    144120
     ctgtataatg atagatttaa aatatgctta cctattaaaa agttgatggt aatccaagct    144180
     gacattcctg tgcaaataaa aatgtgcatt aattgtcagt taaataatcc tgaatactac    144240
     actaacagat tttaatgcaa tgctattttg ccaagttgaa gtcagggtgg atgtttgatt    144300
     gtggtttata tttgccgcta tgctttaaaa atccacccaa ccaaaattag tgctaagcaa    144360
     aaattatttg tgatttaatc gcatccaaaa taaaagttta ttttgacata atttaagtgt    144420
     gtgtacttta tatataatta tatatatatt ttatatataa atacacacag gcatgcaaat    144480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    144540
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatta gagctgtgaa cctacactag    144600
     tctcaaggtt cggttcagtt gcgattatca tgccattgat ttggttcaat tcgatatctc    144660
     ggtgcattac ggtgcattga cgatgctttc catacacagt tttatatttt cttcccaaat    144720
     gtatgaatat atttatattt atgtataatt tgtaatacaa ttttgtcgtt taatacaaac    144780
     agtcagatat ataaactgta attttaaaca aatcgagcat taagcaaata atataaaaaa    144840
     aaattaaaca tccagctaaa tttctgatcc ttgtctagtt ctcttacctc tttgatttaa    144900
     ctttaaacaa aacgagcatc aagcaaataa tataaaaaat ataaacatcc agctcaattt    144960
     ctgatccttg tctagttctc ttacacctct ttgattggtc acaccctcaa caaaaagggt    145020
     tgcgattggc tcttgcgcgc tgcgctcttc agataagtga cactgataag cgtcaggcgg    145080
     cagcggcgat ctcacaactg atgcatgata gacacggtaa agaaaactct gcagacacgc    145140
     gctcattcct gtatgcaaaa gtaaccctgt aaaacagccg agaggagaag aaaagccacc    145200
     gccgcaggtc aaatgggcca ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga aatagaaaga gacagagcga    145260
     aagcaagagc gagagagaga gaaagagaga aatggagtag ggctactttc attctcgcga    145320
     tctcagtgaa ataggggcta ttgttgtata tgtcagtgaa agactgatcc agcaaacaca    145380
     cacagtgaaa ttgtgcacag tttaagagtt ttaagtagtt aaagcgttgt aaatgctcgc    145440
     gatcgcctcc ctcgcgacag agtgcatatg aggtaaatga catcagtaat aaccggttat    145500
     gattattact gaaccgatac cgaattgtcc gcgtctgcat cgcgatgcaa cgaagaaacg    145560
     gttaattttg acacccctaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    145620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatc gttcttgggt ggctcaccaa    145680
     agtagtagat gactccaata tataaaatta gtaagttgac caaagttctt acaaagagaa    145740
     gactttctcg aagaaaatgc gtaatagttc cttggcatcg atgttaactt gttggtctta    145800
     aagtaactta acccagagta ctgtataaag acacaacttt ataacaagga tatggtgata    145860
     tggactagtt tggttgggta aaaactcgtg ttcctgaaga ccatttggtt cacacgtttt    145920
     caagtcatcc aatcatacta tatatatttg tataacagtt ctttctggtt cctgggtttg    145980
     attggctgat agtcgtgtga ttttctgcag tatcagaact ctgatattta cctggtatct    146040
     gatattgacc cttgtttatt actctaccca catagagtga cagcagatca ataaactcac    146100
     tacattttga caaatattgc agctgttgga caacaatgta catttgaggc ttttttagct    146160
     gagaatgtag ttgtttagat agcaactatg gggtttattt ataaagatag tgcctatttg    146220
     aaatatttat aatttcggag attcagtgcg tcagcagcaa gcctatgata ttgagcagag    146280
     caaagacagt tgacgttctg ccagaagatg ccgacagaaa ccacataata aggcttaagg    146340
     ggagaaacaa cattttctca gcttaagttg caaactacag ctgaacatat cattataaat    146400
     cagatgagtg acaatctaag tcaatctctc tcttttctat gttgtagctc tgaatttata    146460
     ccataattat ctggtattgt ttgctttgct ttggcttttt cgtggttaat tattgtgaaa    146520
     tcctgtttgc aacaaagaaa tactgggaaa tctctgtaga ctgatagcat ttcatgctgt    146580
     tcagccttat aatcttaaaa tgtgagcaaa atcacctgtt ttgtcatcat tatagacatt    146640
     aagctagaga atcattctaa tactagctct aaagtgacat tggtgaatta gcagcggttc    146700
     ctgctgttct gacgtcagct gcagatgtga atgaatggtg gaagaaagta gttccccata    146760
     caaaaggatt tcgagatttt caattttata tacaccatta tgcagtcaaa ctgttatata    146820
     aacacaatgt cacacttgta gcaatgagat aaggctgtat atcttcactg gtgggacatt    146880
     taggcacttt ctctgatata caaataaaca gccgtatcac actactactg gacacatttt    146940
     tgtattttat gctaagaaca tccaatcatt aataattcaa cctttctttc ttatactatt    147000
     ttaaatgatt ttgtttgagt tatcacctac aatagattta caaatctact tcaaaaacac    147060
     tttaactttc tcagctcaac atttcgcatc agtttaaaaa caaattcact ttctcaactc    147120
     aacatttctt atcatcatta ttgaaaacgg ttgtcctgca tgtttgatac agcgcccttc    147180
     agtacattta gagatttcag cattaatgca aaaatcaagc tccaggcaga tcaaagagta    147240
     tgcaagtgag tgcgtcattg gatctttgag cataaactgc atgtttgttt tgaatgtagg    147300
     ttgcatctta acaaactaag gggctttagc ttgtacataa aaccaaaaac tcacttagtg    147360
     tctataaact ccatccctgc atttccctca catatacagt accacttagg cacagcatta    147420
     acaataagtc tgtatgattt cctgtgatgg actaatctgg gtaagcttgt gcatccagga    147480
     gagtttagac tcgcgctgat aatgagactg agattatccg gttacgggac caatagagtt    147540
     taagcaataa tttacattaa atctcacaaa ttgctaacca ttaagcaaag ccaacttgtg    147600
     tctcgacaac agaaaagtaa taacaccttg gcttttccgt ttgttcgtta tagtttttct    147660
     atctttaaaa aggaatttac tgcctagcaa attaatggcc gctaatctgt ttgctgagat    147720
     tatagtgcac acagggcatt atcccctggg ctcattatta cttgtgtgaa ctattttaaa    147780
     ggattggatt aaagtcccat atacgcatta tctatcgtta atatacgcac agctcgagct    147840
     attactgaag aaaatttcaa tttacaactt atatctttct gggtgcaaaa gcttgaccgt    147900
     ggtgaccaga ggcttttgat gtacagtaac atctgctggt ttcaaagtca tgacgaacag    147960
     acttctgcat ggaacaaaac gcagcaaaac actgaaacat tacaatctat tgagaagtgc    148020
     cgtcctccat tttaatttta aagcacttct gtatagttta gtgcataatg ttgctgtttg    148080
     atataacaaa gttacaaact cctcggtaga gggagttatt ttctacatat gtaagccgga    148140
     attgaaataa ttgtgttagt aatgtgctgt cgaatgtgca tgatgggtct tgaatactaa    148200
     tacacatgat tttatgtgcc tgtatgtaat gtaatgtaat gtatttttta tttaatgcca    148260
     gcatggtagc aaccaaggca actttcatgg caaacacatt tcaataataa atctacaatt    148320
     aaaaataaat gaatacacaa attaaataag atttttagcg ctaataaatg ataaaaattc    148380
     tacaactttt cctggggtca cattgctatt aatgtcctta agagagttca tttcataaaa    148440
     aagccttctg caatcattaa aagcaaaaga gaggaattgt tcagtacaaa cattgagcgg    148500
     ggtcttcacc tttgagcaaa acaccatggg taggtcttat acattttagg ttgtatttca    148560
     tttagttatt gtttttcagt gcatcacact cctcttgcca cttaattcaa atgtacatat    148620
     tgataaaagt tctcatctct gaaggaggaa tttgttattt gttctatttg ccagtgtgat    148680
     ataaatataa atataaacta ctagacgtta taaaacctca ttaaacaaat tgatcataaa    148740
     aaatcataaa aaatgatcaa tgatccaaaa atttacctgt atgatattgg attgtaatgt    148800
     atggatggaa ttcatttagc acaacactta cagtgcatta tgagtattct ctaggcagca    148860
     taaatgatgc attatatgac agaataagtg tactcgttta atgtctacta tgatatcagc    148920
     accactataa atgtctaacg taatggctaa aaagtgacaa tagaatacat tatgcattca    148980
     tttattcatt catttatttt cctttggatt attctcttat ttatcagggg tcaacacagc    149040
     agaatgaacc agctattctg gcaaatgttt aaaacagcag atgtccttcc agctgcaact    149100
     cggtactggg aaacacatta ttaaaaatga caaaattaaa ggaacagtaa gttcacccac    149160
     atataaaaca tttgttaaac ctgttggaca ttctttccac ttttgattac aaaagtagac    149220
     actgtatttt gtaaaatgtt ggaaactggt agtcactgat gccctgaata tagatttttg    149280
     aatactctgg atgtcaatag ctactattta ctaacattct ttaaaatatc tatatcttat    149340
     atcttttgtt tttaacagat ttccttttat catgattcta aagcacttga gggtgagtaa    149400
     ataatatgta aagtgtttca ttctttatct tttcaacatt tttgtatgta ttttaagttg    149460
     tgaaaacact taatacgata ttatgtatat acagtaggac aaaggagaaa ctgacacagt    149520
     accttcatct gtgccatcca tgattgacac gctgtctggt ttatagagga acaaagattc    149580
     gctaaacacc tccctcacct gcagcaggaa gatttcgaaa taagcatggc atgacatgtt    149640
     gaagactgac atgataagga aatactgagg gaacaggctg aacaagaaac ttcactaaag    149700
     acacagcttg caatttgaca ttcttcaaca cacttcttta agccttacta aacctgtagt    149760
     gtactataaa aacctcatat gaaaccagcc atatgtggca catgtatatt tgaggaaaat    149820
     agtcaagaat aaatttgtta aaattataga tttttttatt gcaaaaaaag tattccattc    149880
     catgatatct ttttaaattc caggtgtatc aaaacataat ttgattagta atgtgcattg    149940
     ctaaaaaact taattggaac aaaataaaga ttatttattt attagtatat aaatactgtt    150000
     tattagaatt tcattattta ttaaaatttg tatttttttt taaccctcaa ccaaatactt    150060
     atatcttggc caaatattgt ccaatcctaa aaatcatatc acacatacat caatcgaaag    150120
     cttatttatt cagcttttaa atgaagtaca tattttagta tataaaaatg tacccttatg    150180
     actaattttg tagtccaagg tttcatataa tatacagttg aattcagaac tactagtccc    150240
     cctgaattat tagacccctg ttttgctttt cctccaaacc tcctttgtaa cggagagaag    150300
     ttttttcaac acatttttaa acaattcaat tcatttctaa taactgattt tatctttgcc    150360
     atgatgacag taaataatat tttaccagat attttccaag tcacttctat acagcttaaa    150420
     atgaagtagg ttaattaggt taactaggca agtttggata attaggcaag ttattgttta    150480
     atgatggttt gttctgtaga ctataaaaaa atctagctta aaggggctaa taattttgac    150540
     cttaaaatgt ttcttttttt agtattatta aaaattgctt ttattctagc cgaaataaaa    150600
     caaatagact ttctccagaa gaaaaaaaaa tatcatcaga catactgtga caatttcctt    150660
     actctgttaa acatcatttg gtaaatatat ataaaaaaat ttaaattaaa agggggctaa    150720
     taattctact ttaactgtat gtgaaaatgt gcagagtatt tgatggtttt ctgaccttgt    150780
     ccagcaggat ggtggccttc tcaccaggca gcaatctgag ccctgctgtg gctctgagca    150840
     tgagaggggt cgaactccat aatacttcag gaactgtgtc ttttgcaaca tttaacagct    150900
     ccaaaatccc ctctttactc tgaaaaatga aaagggcttg actatgttaa tataaccatc    150960
     aaactgcaga tacaaaagat gcatttaaca aagaggtacc ttttctggtt cgtcagcata    151020
     tgcagacagt ccaggtttta tagctctgaa tgtctcatgg gctaatttag gagcttctgt    151080
     tgacacacaa aaccaataat tgtaaacact gaaatatcat tgaaaagtga actgacagat    151140
     ttagaaaaat gtcttcatac actgccattt aaaaatgtat gctattttta tataaattaa    151200
     taatttattc agcaaggatg cacaaaatgt attatgtgac agaaatttta attgttgcaa    151260
     aaaaattcaa atgatttaaa ttagttcaaa ctttctattc atcaaataat ctcgaaaaaa    151320
     gtaaatggtt ctcacaaaaa tataaaaaaa ttatgttttc agcattgatg gtaataagat    151380
     atgaacatta aatcagcaca ttagaatcat ttatgatggg tcacgtgaca ctgaaggaat    151440
     aaatatagaa aatgaataag ttatgtcctt aaatacatta aaatagacaa cagatcatat    151500
     taatagttat aatatttttc aataataaca caaattccca cagctttgtt aaacataaga    151560
     gactttttaa aggaaaatcc catgacccta catttctgaa cagtaaagta cataaaacct    151620
     ataggctaac gttcatcaaa tacacttatt cagtgcagca catggcttat atcaaagttt    151680
     acacaataaa caatataaac aaatctttca gcatctgaaa aatctaaaca tactctttag    151740
     tgtgacctct gacccattag gcttatgatg tgtatatgca tgtgtgtgcc taataatgca    151800
     ggctacgtgc agtccattat aatatgacaa tcataggttt aacaataaag gctaaagcag    151860
     cacttaactg atttagctca gaattgggat gcgataacta agccattgga caatcagagc    151920
     tgtgctaggc agtaaaccta atatctgtgg ataactcaac aggaaacagt tctgtttttc    151980
     attattataa caatggtatt ctggcagtaa ggtaactaaa taaaaaatac acaagtaaac    152040
     attaaagtac ttctagtcca gtcataccta cggcagttta tggctagctg tttaagcaac    152100
     tttcaaatgc catggttagt ttatattatt aaatatatag tttatattta aattaatcta    152160
     accagtcctt acaaaaataa tcatgtaacc taatgtaata tgtaacttgt taatcatgta    152220
     acaagttatg attatttaat ataaaatata ttaattttta ccacccacca ataactttaa    152280
     tgtgaataaa tattttattt tggtaagaaa tgtttacaac attgttatat taaaagtata    152340
     tttattttta tatatattat aattcagttt taataaattt ctatttcatt attagtaatt    152400
     gtcattgcaa atgcaaagga cacatttcta aaatatattt ttagcatata atatttattc    152460
     gtattctatg ccagcctgtc attctttata tatataaaca ttttatatag attttaagac    152520
     aaattttaca tttattaatt caaaatcttg ttatcacaaa atagtcctga aattatgggc    152580
     cctattttaa tgatccagga gtagtctaaa gctcagggct caaaagcatt aagcatgtcc    152640
     aaatccactt ttgctatttt aaggacggaa aaatgaataa tattttttat aatattttat    152700
     tcctttaatt ctttttcatt tctgaagata tttgtgaatt actgtacatc ctgaatgtgt    152760
     taagcaatgt gtaagcaagg cgcacaactg acatgctctg tgctggacat tagacctgct    152820
     ttcagctagt ctttacacaa aatagcaaca cgccaacaat gtgccttaac acacctcttt    152880
     tctaaagagt ttttagcaaa tggatttgct atttaaataa ggtggtacaa aaaggaaaaa    152940
     ttaaggttgg tttggtctga aaacagcaac acattggggc aaacacgtct tgcacctttt    153000
     gcgctgggtg tatgataggg ccctatgtct tttattgtgc tttgtttaca ccctatgaga    153060
     cacctttaac acctcaattt cttttcaatc attaatcttt aggtgaactt caatagacta    153120
     taaatgtaaa cataccattt ggctccatct gaaatttgaa gatgtgaatc ctggttccag    153180
     tgcttccagc gtcaaacata atgccatact ggaaactttc actgaccacc tgacctgagg    153240
     ttggatgttt acgggtgtct gtcctatact ggggcagctg ctcgggtacg gacagtttgg    153300
     agtcatcata atggcgtttg acgtaggtga ggtagaccac cagacagccc acaaacatga    153360
     agatgaaagc tagttttggg aacctcatag tggcagctga aggtacatga tgtgaagaca    153420
     atttcccaat gtagcaggct ctctactacc ttagaacaga aaaaaaaaca gaaataaatg    153480
     ttttaataat ttagaaatac catctaccat ctataggtag catatagctg ttcttgtaca    153540
     ctcttaacta tcataaggta gcatatacct gttcttgtac acccatataa ctatcctctg    153600
     tgaccttttt aacagcagcc ttaaatgtgc tgcagaataa aaatatggat atacttaggt    153660
     atagctgaat aataagcata cagtacatag aaatgacata ccgtaagctt taaacagtgg    153720
     tttaatattt gagtataatt ttcataactg tacgctggtc tttctagtag ctaaagcagc    153780
     aacaccttaa atagatttga tttagatttt agaccaatag ctcttacatc tattttaggt    153840
     aaatgtatgg aaagggtatt atcaaggcac atctggaaca aagtggtcaa cgatatggac    153900
     ccccttcagt ttgcctacag gggaaagagg agcaccgacg atgttgttat gactttgtgt    153960
     gattttgctg ctgaacatat gcaacagact acaaattatg ttaggatttt attaatagac    154020
     tttacctcag cttttaattt aattcggata gatattctcc ttcaaagatt acttgattta    154080
     tgagtgaatg aagatttggt ggattaaaga tttcctttta aatcgttctc aaagagtagt    154140
     tgttaacgat atgatgtcta aaacaatgat tgtaaataca ggagttcaac aaggaagcat    154200
     tttatcactc ttactttttt ctctttacac aaatgaactt agaatccagg atttaggctt    154260
     taagtgattt aaatatgcag atgatgtggc acttgtaggc cggttgacta aaataggaaa    154320
     agaaggagat tgtactataa ttatataaat ttgctttaaa actggtgtaa aaggaattaa    154380
     ctggagaatg gagatcaatt ttaataaagc caaggagata attagcagaa ataaactagt    154440
     ccttagtcaa gggttgaaac ctctggtcct tgaggaacat ggaatagaga cagttggatg    154500
     ttttaaatat ttaggaacac ttattgatag tggattaaca tttgctgcaa atgcagagtg    154560
     catttttaaa aaaagcaatg cagagattat atcttattag gttacaacat tttggtgtga    154620
     gtcaagatgt cctggagatg gtatacaaga acttggttga aagtgttgtg agttttaaca    154680
     ttgcatggta tggactgttg ccaattaagg aaaagcaaaa actgtgtcga gtagtaaaaa    154740
     ttggcagtgc aattgtaggt aaagaacaaa gacaaccaaa ttattttttt tcagtgagaa    154800
     ttaaacagaa agcacacgtc attattgaag attgttccca ttcattaaat atacaatttc    154860
     agcttttgcc atcaaaaaga cgttttaggc aacctcaagt aaaaagaatg tgtatcacat    154920
     gtcctttgtg acgaatgtca ttagaatttt aaatactggg ttctagtatg tatagggttt    154980
     taaattgagt tttttaatgt catacatgtg gtggcattga atgtatttgt gttgcctgtt    155040
     tttctgtgat gtgtgtaatg tgaacgctga tgtagttgtg ttatgaagcc aaagaaaaat    155100
     ttccacttgt ggacaataaa gaaaataaag ttaaaagtaa agtaaatcca tggtttatta    155160
     tagtaataat gtattaacaa tatttttgtg gggacttaat gaaacacaat gattaaaagt    155220
     tggtcactgt aacgttagca aaaccatggg taacttgatg cttaactttt tgtttatagt    155280
     aaaaccatgg ttaataaggg aaatgttatg ctaaaaacga taaagttgtc cttaacggaa    155340
     gtacaatagt tagagccatt tcagttatca acttgagtca ataactgttc caccatttgt    155400
     caatatttat agcaaatatg tgaccgatta tttgtgtacc tcttggtgtt gactttcgcg    155460
     acaagctaat agcacagtta gaagacagaa aacacacaat actgacaata caatatctgt    155520
     tggatatgta taccacaata acattaaata acaatttcat acaagcatgt ccagttaagt    155580
     taaagtatca tgtctcacga attctgcgag catatcaatt tcagtatcgc aagtcaaaat    155640
     tattataatc tttaagatcg ctataactta cctagttctc ggaagcaaga tcatatttct    155700
     tcggatgcta gacttgtttt caatatcgac aaatagccat caggattttg tgacatgata    155760
     ttcctttgga aggattggaa aactcttcct gtctcgcatt gattacgtca aaaacgttca    155820
     gcgtggagat gacgtggaaa agacgcacgt cacgagattc aagtaaagga tacgcgggcg    155880
     cgccctcgca caccctcact attataatca tgaatattgc tctttgcatg aaaacgacta    155940
     taaaatttct cagatttttt ttgtgacgtc taatttgttt gctagacata catcacaata    156000
     aatgacatgt cggtttaacg cgttatgttc cttttatgtt ttattatctg catttgagaa    156060
     atttttgttg aataaattac aagatataat caaataaatc catagtcact taaaaaatta    156120
     ggctaccatg gttttattac agtaaacgta gatttttttt tgtattttca tttgcatagc    156180
     tttactacca acaaaaatga gtataacaaa ccaaattatg gtttctgtac cctgctgaaa    156240
     aatccagctt aaaccagcct aggctggttg gctggtttta gcttgtcaac caggctggtt    156300
     ttagaggggt tttggccatt tccaggctgg tttccagcca tttccacacg aacatgggaa    156360
     gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgctaa ctgattcagc tgagcctcga accagagacc    156420
     tggttcacct atttcattct taatggtctt caaaatgtct taaaaagtct taaatttaac    156480
     ttggtgaaac tggcagaaac cctgtcctta atttcatttg agaaaatacc atctaaatca    156540
     agttaagtgg actttaaagt atttacccag caggcacaga acatcaacat gacttccgag    156600
     tgacaatgta ccccaatgtc gtgggacgtt gcattttgtt aggaaattaa aattgggttg    156660
     acatcagaat ccaaaattag gctgacatca atgtctaatg tcggacagac attacatttc    156720
     aacacaactt aaaaacaaca aaatatcaac gtataatgat tgatgttgtg tgtacgttat    156780
     cactatcatc aatcggcttt ggttgcctga caaataaatc attatttgat gtcgatgcga    156840
     tgttggtttg acgttggatt ttggtcactt accaacacaa cttaaaatca accaaatatc    156900
     aacgtcattt gatgtcatta ttggacgtca aacattgtcg ttaggcgttg gtgacctaaa    156960
     tctaacctaa tattacgtct tgtgatgttg tgtatctgct gggtaggccc caagccacat    157020
     ttatgaattt cattgattta gaaattaata cactaaatta agatcaacat caacattagt    157080
     ccaaatacct gctgtaatat atttgtacag gacagtttta tgattacaac caaacaatca    157140
     tatcaaatgt tttgcatgtt gttaagagca gcagattcta aaaagttgca tttgccattt    157200
     tcaccattta aaggcatccc ttttaacctc ctgagaccca gagagccaat tacactttca    157260
     ttgtgctgtt ttcaatatgg caccagctgg tctctccacc gaggcccagc gagttttgtt    157320
     aaagtttacc aagctgtggc agccacatga cctgtggcac atctccattc attaccttaa    157380
     ttaaccatca ttaggcccac tatatgggcc aatctgtggt tccctcctac actttctcat    157440
     gcaacatgca acacccccat ctgagcgcga attttagcca gtgagcggcc cataatgagg    157500
     gggttggaga tggttttgat gatattcatt tgacgcttcc cattcagtgt gtctgtgagc    157560
     acagtgtgag tttaaaagga ccatatgctc tcattttatg tcagtgtata tgtgtgagtg    157620
     catctatcta gggcacaagg tccagcaggg ggtgaggggc aacgaaccgc ccaatataag    157680
     accattctca cttatcaaaa atcaatgtgg gcagactttt atgaggggga tggggacgat    157740
     ggccaaccct ccaaactgtt gcactttgac cgctccccca tgacttcccc cattatatct    157800
     ttagcagtca ttagagacgt acctcaacag ttgcagcaga aagtacaatg ccctcctccc    157860
     cgtcatccct cagccatgaa gaaatgacct gatctctgtc tttttactca acaataatgg    157920
     gatgaatggc agtttgcata ctgcacaggg attgtaaaga atggagagag agggaaaagg    157980
     gacgggaaga tcaacaaatg cgttactgat aaaaagtgct ttcacaaaag ctgaagagac    158040
     acatgctttt ttttggttaa ttcctccccc aataacagtg tttgtttaaa caagttgtct    158100
     acttttaagt ataaaggtta aagtagcaac ctgtaacatc gatgtaaaac aaaggccttt    158160
     atagtggtga atgttcttaa gatttttaaa aggcacacta tgtaagattt tatcattaaa    158220
     atatacagaa aaaccactag aacagtgtta tactgtatat tttgttgact tgtgtactta    158280
     cattagggct gtgcagtggt gcagtggtta gcgctgttgg gtaagccaaa ctggtcgtag    158340
     tgtatgtatg tgaataagag tgtatcccag tgatgggttg cagctggaag ggcatttgct    158400
     gtgtaaaaca tttgctcgat aagttggtgg tttattccgt tgtcgctacc cctgattaat    158460
     aaagggacta ggccaaaaag tacatgaatg aatgtactta cattattcca aatgtttcaa    158520
     agaatgttca gatccagaga aacaagcaat tttaagtgat gccatggtaa cattgtcctg    158580
     tgtcaccatg ctaatcatgt cattcaatca gacatacata gtatccatga catcagccat    158640
     agttgcctac catcaccatt ttgttcgtgc gtcatctgac caaccaggga ataccaaaca    158700
     agggcaaagg gacggagcgt gagtggacgc ctgctagtat tttgcttaaa caggcttttc    158760
     tttgggagaa acgcttaata cttcattacc tgcgactcct ttgtgttctg accacatgtg    158820
     cttggttgta caatatatca ataaagtgtt tagactttta aaaacactgt tgtaacatat    158880
     tgagccacta agcatcgttc ttattacgtt tttccactgg aggaaaacat gaattatttt    158940
     cagatacaca aatacagtgc tagtaaatgc aaggcttgat gaaatccaga cataacactg    159000
     tatgacaatg ttttagatga ctgttctaga gcctacagct aatcaatctg tcagattctg    159060
     gagtgcatta cagttctaac gaaaattata aatgatctta aataaaacaa aaacatttaa    159120
     ggagacggta taagtactgt ataatttctc tcacctggga aatggaggct acgtgaagga    159180
     ccagcgagac ctagatgtca gtcaagtggc cacaccttta attatccaga cttaatataa    159240
     tctaatataa acgaaacaga tgagtttaaa aaaaaatacc cccctcgcag ttgtcatgaa    159300
     gggtattatt agctatttaa atcaaaatcg ttcattgtac caggctgtaa acaccttttt    159360
     tctgttgtaa agttagccat tttaaaagta gggtcaatag aaatctgctc tattataaag    159420
     tcaggactag cggaatttcg atgaattgca gtgtcagtta cttccatatt ttattttgta    159480
     gagcgggagg gtgccccttg catataacct cattttaaca aaacctaaaa atgtatttac    159540
     agtagtttaa taaaacagcg gtccatcttc cacactggat catgaccaga agaacagcaa    159600
     gtggttgact gtggcataat aaaagctctg ctgcttttgt gcttcattgc gcttatctct    159660
     caattgcttt aatggtctca tttcacttcg atgactttca gccttactct gcttcatact    159720
     actatgataa tgaggcaaat accccttacc ccttcccctt accccttgtt ttgcgcgttc    159780
     atgttttact gacatgcttt aaagaaaaaa agcaaaaata aaaaacgctc aacttcatga    159840
     ttattgggat tgggcctaag tgttgaaaaa ttttgttcat ccatgaacct gatgcaggaa    159900
     tcccatagga tgtaatgaag gtgtgaactc ccatgatttc acactcatcg tgtcatctta    159960
     ttctgaacat ttagtggtga aatcacaatt cttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    160020
     tctttctttc tatctttctt tctttctttc tttcttaatc ttgtgattac agaagtgaaa    160080
     tttatacact taagttagga ttgagacaaa agctatatga caacttgtag tagtgttaca    160140
     tatcattatc atgcctctct ttcatagaca actggtgaat tggttcttct gtaagatcgt    160200
     tgtggtattt tggtttacca aaatagttct tttacactct tggaaactgt cacctttttt    160260
     aagacatatt ttatacctaa taggtccaca tttgctccgt aaggtacata ttaaaaccta    160320
     gaacaaacaa atgtgccctt cattttgtac actaaaggta caaaattata catttagcta    160380
     tcaatatacc accctagtga caggttttac ctttatttct gaagatgtat ggaagcactg    160440
     acaaaaatga tggaaccttt gtttgtttta ctcaagctgt tttacttaca gtgacgcaga    160500
     gttttttttt ttaagaaagc aaaatggttt tttgtggcat cactgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    160560
     aaaatttatt tatttattat tattactgtt tgttccattc agaccaataa cagaaaagtt    160620
     ctttggggaa ccaaaacatt atatagcttt gctgtgggaa agaaaataga tgtttggaac    160680
     cttaaatata cagtttgttt aattataacc tgatttttag aagtaaaaat ggttcagtat    160740
     cactgtgtga acacattttt acaaccttca tttgtactgt cagttccact cacactctga    160800
     aactcttttt tccagcatta gggtgtaaat atataattta agatgtaagc tcttaatagc    160860
     tttttgcaat ttaatgttta atggtcccat aatctctcac ccacattttt taacaatgat    160920
     tattagacca ttagtgatgt ggtttgccaa accaatcgaa ggaaattcac agccgttacg    160980
     tcacattatt aagagccact ctccagtcca tagtaagacc actaatccag tccactgtag    161040
     accccactga cgtaaaatgg gtggaaattt acagatcatc acccacctac agtcagttgt    161100
     taatctgccc tgaatttttt ttaaaagaaa tgaaaatgaa aggatatgaa gctgttgcct    161160
     aatttcagag catgcaaact cgtttcttaa tttgtttaat caatttaagt cacaattgaa    161220
     ttgatttcca gaaatgtgca ccgcatgttg caaaattaaa tatcaaatct gtaaatgaaa    161280
     catatttttc tctaaaatac actgaagttt aaaaccctag tcttttaaat atctctcttt    161340
     attatagatt attctgcttt cattaatgta aacaaaaaaa agaagaaacc aagatcttcc    161400
     tcgaatggtc taatcctgct ctcattggtt aatctgagaa tacaagactc tgatgctgtt    161460
     gtgcgcacat gtttggagcg ggggggcaaa ataacattag atctactgta acggaattag    161520
     ttattgttcc ttattaccag agtgtttttt tcaagcgaca tcacatgaaa ttccccgaaa    161580
     atcccattga acacacattt taatttcatt tttatagctt aatcgtgtag aaggcagcgt    161640
     aaataatcca atgggattag gtcatgtttt tttttgtctt ttcaaatact ctcattttag    161700
     gctcttaaga aatcatctaa cactgttgct ctctatgtaa cagaatgagc agagatgatt    161760
     gacacacaaa caattacgag caagccacat agcggaacac aggccttctg gtccagtcat    161820
     atttaatcat actgtatatg tcctacgtgg actacataaa tgtaggataa attgaagaaa    161880
     tgagaccttt ctcgctgtcc agatgttctc caactgaaga tttaagagat gtaataggag    161940
     ttattgatta acaattattc taatatactt attgtgaatt aaattctgct ctaaatcctt    162000
     cccaataatc ctccttacag catcacatgt ataccatgtg tgtgaaaaag tgcatatgaa    162060
     gagagtaggg gggaagtcac attattatag ccatttttca gttttttaag atttaggcaa    162120
     agcatttaca gatgtatttg aaaaaatgga tgaagatttt taactagagc ccagtctgaa    162180
     agcatttcat ggatcagaag agttcctata actaataatt atgaagtata agtccaatta    162240
     cattttaagt cttacatgtt tttacaatta ttacatgttt gtaaaaccta aattaagata    162300
     aatggcagtt tctatggctt ttctattaat caatttacac attttaagac taataataat    162360
     tacattgtct attaaaatga tgcattcacc caattttttt gtatgacttc taatagaaaa    162420
     gctgtagcat caatattgaa agctgcatgt ttttaaaaac tcagaccatt aaactaaaaa    162480
     actataataa aaaagtgcac tttaccatta ttttcatgtt catgcaaaaa aaaaaactgt    162540
     ttctcaaggg agaaacaaag ctatgtattt gtccttagta acggtaacag ccctgagatt    162600
     tcccatgatg ctctgctcca cgttaaaacc ctcatccaga ctctcatttg ttatggatgg    162660
     cattagcctg ttcaaatcca attctcatcc accaacatac taccttttat agatggaaaa    162720
     taaaaggata aagcagctaa tgcctttttg attcattata taatgttttt ttttttttct    162780
     gagagcagac cagggaaatt ataataataa taatggaata atttaaataa atttacttta    162840
     gttaatgtgc tctgcgtggg ctggctaatc tgaaggaaat gttccgtaaa ccacaaaaca    162900
     gggagaatcc caactaaaag caaatcctct ttgaatctct taacaacaat cactttagtt    162960
     catttggaca aacaatgtgt gtgtgtgaga gaagaaatat atgcatatca tctgtccctc    163020
     caaacatgaa agcctgaaac acttgtgtag ggtttagctt gtataaagct gaggaaacct    163080
     atatgcaaat agactgaatt tggctaaagt ctgtacactt caaaaagaaa ggttatttgc    163140
     atgtaacagt tccattagaa ctatatcatc ctgaaaaaaa aagcttttat gctaaaatgg    163200
     ttctttgtat gagtttagtt tttattttcc cactttttgt ttttcaaatc tgtaacaaag    163260
     cagatcattt ctgagttttt ggagctcaac catcaactat acacagactg tcaactttct    163320
     ctcaacagct attaaaatgt ctacatttta acttttaaaa tgtaacctgt ataccaatgg    163380
     tgtattttat gtctgttttt aacagaacat gctactagcc ctgttcagat ttctctcgta    163440
     gggcaagtaa cagagatatt gaatttatgc tttttataaa ccctttaaaa aacccagcta    163500
     gaattc                                                               163506