EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL953878; SV 19; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 158134 BP.
AC   AL953878;
DT   24-OCT-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 28)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-284P22 in linkage group 3 Contains
DE   two genes for novel proteins similar to vertebrate tripartite
DE   motif-containing (TRIM) family and three CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-158134
RA   Tromans A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 6ff5b65613087899911361af69550889.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-284P22. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-284P22 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-284P22 is at 158134 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-284P22 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..158134
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-284P22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..158134
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-284P22"
FT   mobile_element  <6230..>7049
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-284P22.3-001"
FT   mobile_element  <34900..>35707
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-284P22.4-001"
FT   misc_feature    61955..62102
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   misc_feature    83200..83364
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    91653..91867
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    92085..92142
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    92143
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 1200bp by restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    92145..92197
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only and Clone PCR only"
FT   mRNA            join(147135..147681,148249..148344,148564..148794,
FT                   148872..148894,148969..149087,151144..151838)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-284P22.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif-containing (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW059436.1 Em:AW567201.1
FT                   Em:AW595132.1 Em:CK026528.1 Em:CK028628.1"
FT   CDS             join(147283..147681,148249..148344,148564..148794,
FT                   148872..148894,148969..149087,151144..151652)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-284P22.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000010822"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif-containing (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O75678 Sw:Q8C006 Sw:Q8C006
FT                   Sw:Q9HCM9 Sw:Q9UPQ4 Tr:Q6PGW1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KH08"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000315"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006574"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008985"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017907"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KH08"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-070424-178"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56510.1"
FT                   "
FT   mRNA            join(<155678..155766,155977..156207,156285..156307,
FT                   156382..>156500)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-284P22.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif-containing (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK026528.1 Em:CK028628.1"
FT   CDS             join(<155678..155766,155977..156207,156285..156307,
FT                   156382..>156500)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-284P22.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000010823"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif-containing (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9UPQ4 Sw:Q9UPQ4 Tr:O60858
FT                   Tr:O60858 Tr:Q6PGW1"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KH09"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56511.1"
FT   misc_feature    158134
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-284P22"
SQ   Sequence 158134 BP; 47246 A; 31374 C; 30021 G; 49493 T; 0 other;
     gaattccctg aataaaagag ccaaactgca gttaaagtcc accatttaat aatttggcaa        60
     ataattggac tacagatgtc catgtaaaca cagtcacatt gtccgctgtg ggtatgtgtt       120
     ttgactctga aattcagcgc gcccagatag acactcccac accaagcctc ttttctccct       180
     cagacactcc cccctaaaca gagctggaca cgcccacttt tctgactttt tccaaagtag       240
     aggtgtgaca acaccctgct gaaacgaggc tttaaggcag caggtttact cactatttta       300
     ggtaaaccaa ctaatctctt tatgcgattt ctctcttaga aataaaggta taaagcttgt       360
     cactggagtg gtaccttttc aaaaggtata attttgtacc ttaaatttgc acattggtac       420
     cataaacgta cactacctga caaaggtctt gtaatcgatc ccagttgtaa gagcaacaag       480
     ttaaaacttg acttctagtt gatcatttgg aaaagtgtca gaaggtagat ttttctgaag       540
     aatcatctgt tgaactgcat cacaatcata acaaatactg cagaagtcct actagaaccc       600
     gcatggattc tcacagaaat cagtcaagtt tggtaaagga aaaatcatgg tttggggtta       660
     cattcagtat gggggcgtgc gagagatctg cagagtggat ggcaacatca acagcctgag       720
     gtatcaagac atttgtgctg cccattacat tacaaaccac aggagaaggt aaattcttca       780
     gcaggatagc gctccttctc atacttcagg ctccacatca aagctcctga aagcaaagaa       840
     gatcaaggta ccccaggatt ggccagccca gtcaaagtga acattattga gcttgtctgg       900
     ggtaagatga aggagtggtt gaagatgaat ccaaagaatc ttgatgaact ctgggagtac       960
     tgcaagaacg ctttctttgc cattccagat gagtaaaggc ctttgtcttt catttaagcc      1020
     atttctgatt ccaaatgatc aactagaaag caagacatta tttgttgtcc ctaaaactta      1080
     gataggcgac aagacttttg tcaggtattg tgcaattttg ttccttcagg gcagattttt      1140
     ggatctttaa ggcactatga ggtacacatt tgtacttttt agatattaat atataccttt      1200
     aaggtttata tgtgtccctg taagacacaa aagtatacct atttatttct gagaatgtag      1260
     agaaactttt aaatgccaga tgtgactggt aacgtgtccc atatgtatat atgtgtatcc      1320
     ttaccatttg ccatttacat gctgcttgaa gagcattaaa ttagtaaaat aattttttta      1380
     cagtaggtat cccattaaaa caccaaaaaa tcctctttca ttttacagta ggtatcccat      1440
     taaaacccag aacatttcca cttttttttt ttttactgtt ggtataccat taaaacacag      1500
     aatctataaa ttttttttac tgtatatata ctattaaaac acagaaaaag gtcctctttt      1560
     ttacagtagg tatcccatta aaacacagaa tctgtctgtt tttttactgt aggtatacta      1620
     ttaaaaacac agaatatttc cactttttta ctgttattat gcccttaaca aaagaaaata      1680
     accgtttttt aatatagaaa acccttaaat tattataaaa tgtttcgata ttttacaaca      1740
     gtttaaccgt caaaaaactg agattgtttt gtttttttaa tggggacaca ctgtcaatta      1800
     acagaagttt tccgttttta tttacggtaa aatatttgtg taatgagctg ccatgcagta      1860
     cattttcccg tttttttacg gaattttttt ttagagtgca cttgtgatca aaagtgaatc      1920
     ttaatacaag gtgtaaacag ggcctctgaa aaccaaggtg tgaaagatca ctgaccacaa      1980
     cttgcagaac tggttttcat gcctgaacag acacagggaa agaacactat caacataaaa      2040
     gactaatcta gtcagattta ggcccatttt gtcccaatca ggtgaaccat cggtttcact      2100
     aaacagtttt ttgtcatgtg tctcacatgg attcaaatca aaggattaca tattgttcca      2160
     attaaaaaaa aacatcatcc atacatacat aaacattgtc caagataacc ttgcttatta      2220
     atgtactgtg tgtttatgaa tgcgtaggta aagatcaaca ttacatagtc aggtttggtc      2280
     ttcatgtttg cccatgttgt tctgaacttg gtttggaatt tgaaagtata catttaaaag      2340
     atcaaactac ttatttaaaa tgaactaaaa caacacaatg cttgagttat tatttattta      2400
     ttttttgcaa aaacttaatt gtttcatgtt taatcaattt aaatttgtaa aaactaatgt      2460
     tattttaatt ccttactgaa aaacatgaaa aaacaaaaac acttttatta cagtgttttt      2520
     tacagtgtag gaatttattt aagacacaat tctcaccgtg gactcggacc aggggtgcca      2580
     ctggctgaca caggccctct gtaaactttt catggacgaa agtaagggcg gggtataggg      2640
     cgtgggcccc taataatatc tctgggggcg cccaaattgc gtgagccttt agaatcatcc      2700
     aaacattccc ttccccaagc agcgcccctg actgggacta tgcaaatgtc attcacactt      2760
     gtggtggtca tccaatttcc acccctccca gtgtcctcca atcacaatgc tggatttgaa      2820
     aggcaccatc tttgcaaatc cagcctctca gacaaaggat aaaaacattc ttgcttagac      2880
     agaaaaggtt ggctgctcta aaaaagcaca tttcgtaagt tacagagaca ggattagatt      2940
     cctaaacatc tgcaaagtga attggggaag ttttagacag taactatcct agtgaacttc      3000
     agcttttttt tttttttttt gctaactgct tcgacttttt tcagattgtc cggattgctc      3060
     aagacttcag aactctcacc tcaaaggatt cagatttctg tgtttcagaa aggacctttg      3120
     tgatgatgaa taagtttgga tattcaagac tgttgaagag tctcacaagg ctacaggacg      3180
     tctaaacctt caaggatttc tgaatctcca gaaagatcca tctctttcct tccactgcat      3240
     cattgaagag aaagcgtaaa tatatcacct taccaaacct ctaatcagag accttggcat      3300
     tgtgtaattc agtgtttgtg attctggacc acaaaaccat gatcaaagtc cattattcca      3360
     taaccaaact atagtcataa ttgtcattct tttgaaacag agatttatgc atcacctgtg      3420
     agatgattga tgtatgtttg taatgacagg acaatatttg gcaacaactc tgcataaaat      3480
     ctgtaatcta tgggttcaaa aaatcaaata cacgcattta aagtctaaat aaaatgctta      3540
     tcagtgcaca taactaatca agttttgatg catttactct agaaaataga ctaaatgtct      3600
     tcatggaaca tgatctttag gaaatagtca aatagttttt gaaataaaaa acaaatctat      3660
     tacttcgagc catactatgt atttttggct attggcaaaa agaatccttt gcagttcaag      3720
     actggttttg tgctcttggg taacatatga tgttctaatt tgcataagtt gcctgtaact      3780
     aatataagtt aataacaaaa tcttcctcag taatttgtta ttttactata aggtttagct      3840
     atctagcctc tcactagctt atctttatag atggtaactt aaaggtcttt gcacgctgaa      3900
     gtctgaaatt ttcatatgtg cttttttcgc attcatatgc gaaaaattca tctcgtacac      3960
     aaaaaccttg cacactgagt caatgcgtat taattaatcc attaaaaaaa agcaaaacat      4020
     ttcggagtca attcaagcag tgaaactttg ttttcctctc ttcgccaaag tagaaaagga      4080
     aagaggaata tgcgacattg tgttcatcca atactgaata gggaggaaga tctgcagtga      4140
     agttttgaaa gattgctttt gatacttcaa acatttacat tacgtaaatg aacaaatcct      4200
     gaatagagac ttgcagtacc tatagaccag ggatgctcaa tcctgttcct ggagatctac      4260
     cttcctgcag atttcagttg ctacctatat caaacacacc tgcctgtaat tatcaagtgg      4320
     tgttcaggtc ctaattaatt ggttcaggtg tgtttgatat gagttgcaac tgaaatctgc      4380
     aggaaggtag atctccagga acaggattga gcacccctgc tatagacatt ataatagatg      4440
     gcggtcgtgt tgaggaatcg atgaaaaaaa tcagacctag tttaaagttt ttgttttatg      4500
     acggaccaaa gttttggatg cagtgtgtca atacagttca cacaacctga ggtggaattt      4560
     attcttttac gtgcaaaaat tatgaaataa aaaaacttgg gattcagtgt gcaataattt      4620
     taagaaccca atcagaccta atgtgctttt ccattctgag aactaggggt gtaacgattt      4680
     atccttgtac gatttattgc gatgcaaaaa tgtcacaata tgcatcgtgg tgttattacg      4740
     atttgattac gatatgacgt ccgttttctc ttattagttg agctgtttgc acgtaagcta      4800
     cgttccacct gctgtcgcac gtgagttcag attgcagcag cagtaatgtt agcagaccaa      4860
     gatgagtgga gctgaaatag aggatagccc atcttctcaa aatcagacgt ctggcaacat      4920
     ttcggttgta cagtcattgc tttagactcg tccgcttttt gacacgcata ctgagacaaa      4980
     catagcctaa gttttaaagt cttcacaatg atttaaatac tttgcacagc gacagggaaa      5040
     cctcctaatg gtgttgaaag agtcacatac tgtatttata aggtacaatt caccctaaaa      5100
     tatcattctg tcttcatata atgttcccgc cgcaaaatca cacatgacgt gagctgaccg      5160
     tgagctgtta ctacagaggg cggactatga tagacacgca ggtatggcaa gccgttttag      5220
     catgtaaacc tttgttctga ctatccataa atatatttag agatatctct aattatattt      5280
     tgactagtca gaatgacaat tagagatatc tgcaattaca attgtactag tacataatca      5340
     gattctagat atctgcaaat atattatgac tactcatatt cctccattga cttctattga      5400
     aaaatatttg cagatatctc taaatgagtt ttgactagtc acaattgtaa ttagagatat      5460
     ctctaaatga atttaattaa ataagaatta aatacctgga aatttggatt ttttatttgc      5520
     acacacaaaa aaacgaaagt gaccaagtaa agccttaagc tcttactgtt acattcagtt      5580
     gaatagaaag cttatttttt tgcaccttta cttaaattgt tccttaattt tgtctctgtc      5640
     atttcaataa tatttttaag aagtttttaa attgttttat tttccagaga caggcctgtt      5700
     taatttattt tcttaaagaa ggttcagttt aacaagttaa aacaaaagaa atacataaaa      5760
     aatagtttac tttgtaaaat ttgcatttca gtttaatttt caatttttat tccaaatatc      5820
     gtgatacata ccgaatcatg aacattatat cgtgatacgc atcgtgtcgt gagctgagtg      5880
     tatcgttaca cccctactga gaacacaagg tgcactgcct ttttattata gacaagaaaa      5940
     aaagaagtgc actttgtttt taatgcctaa ttaaatctaa attttaatat caatgcaaat      6000
     attgacatca atgttaatta ttatatttat cataactgtt ttataattgt atatttatat      6060
     attgtcatat tcacatgtat tatatttata acacctggtt gatcatttta tcattttctc      6120
     taggccttgt aaaggatcgg actgaatgaa gatgatgatt gaagctcttc tcctcgttgt      6180
     agctgctcta caggtgagct tgtattctgt gtatcaatat tattacacac atcaacactg      6240
     atgatctgat cattatgatt cctgttgctg caggatcaca cagcggctgc agtacaaaac      6300
     atatatcccc tggatatggc agtgaattca gttgatgatc agtatgatgg atgtacgatc      6360
     aaaatggcga atctggtgaa gaccaaatat cttgagaagg aactcaagaa ctcaaacgca      6420
     tttaacaagg cttgggagga aggtgaggag aattcgacag caccacaaga caacctgaaa      6480
     aggaatcatt cgattgccat ttacgtctac actaacctcg attctagtgt atatagcagt      6540
     ttcaatatgg cgtcgcgcaa tggtaaacaa aactacacag accagacgtt cacatggtac      6600
     tcacttcact ttttgctaac ggacgcgata cagatattga gcgaatcaca aaaaaaatgc      6660
     aagacaactt tccgtggaac taacgtgtcg ttttatcgaa atgttacagg gaaagtgatt      6720
     cgcttcggct cttttacgtc ctcgtctctc gatcgtaaag tagcgcaagg ttttggaaat      6780
     aaatcttgct ttaggatcaa aacttgcaac ggcgctaatg tggtcaaata ttcgaagtat      6840
     cctgaccaga aagaagtgct gattcctccg tatgagaagt ttaaagtcac tgcaatcaag      6900
     accaaagaag tagacaaaaa tctgtggtgt gaaactgtgt acgctttgaa aagcgccggg      6960
     acaagaagtg acctgaactg tacgctggca ttcaaaaaga ccatgtcatt taaaaccatt      7020
     cgattttgta gatgcattaa taggaagata aaagctattg cgcaagctgt caaccgcggt      7080
     cattataaga gtgttcggtt tgggcgaaaa ctgagcgtaa tgccgaataa aatgctggaa      7140
     gaccaactga gcaaacccaa tcgtagagat gaagaaatgt accaagagtg cattaatgtt      7200
     tttcacttcc tcgttgaaaa ccaaatgaac cccactaaca gaaacattta tattcgacag      7260
     cagattgctc agaaacaaga ctgccgtcgc tttttaaaca ctttgggatt cgacccacta      7320
     atcctggagt tactaaatcc ctgctgtgct gcttgagttg gaacacttcg taaagttgaa      7380
     ttcattcata tctgtgcagg gatcaattct tttcagattt aatctatggg tttgcttgct      7440
     tgactctgat tggctgatga ccattctaag ggctcattga tgtgatgcga tgttatgaac      7500
     gtgatgtaat aacgacaata acagacctat tggaaatagg aacagaatat gttcttaaca      7560
     tcatataact caggatcttc ttctttggct ctcggcaaag gcggttacat ttctttcctc      7620
     cttctcctgt atctcccctg gctgactcct cttgtctcgt cttattctat ctctgaggct      7680
     ctctttgccc tgctctccaa acaataagga attgtgaatt tgattaactg gtctctgaac      7740
     ggaattgaca ccatcttctc gaaaagaagt ctgggttcag gggaacccac ctgtcctgcg      7800
     gggacgtttg ctactggata catgattaac gggtgggaga agtagtgcgt cgtgtgcctg      7860
     tctgctctgt ccctagagga tattgatgat attgatctat tcagaacttt gataacaggg      7920
     tttctgctga gtaggcatgg ccctggggta ttgatgaaag cggtcagtgt ggcttaaaac      7980
     cccaccaagc aagccagcta gattgaagcg gttgtgctca gactgtgttt atggaccgca      8040
     aattgaaaaa cattgcaaag aaactagatg ctttgcaaca agattttgga cagacctgga      8100
     tactcgtgac agacaataga tttctgggaa attggcagat attgacccaa atttgcaact      8160
     tttttctttt ttcccttttg gcctccctgc gacactcctg ccaattggcc ttggctggag      8220
     acaaacaacc ttcccccgga gaacctccgc ccccaagacc agatggctgc cgcctagatc      8280
     agactatccc ctgttcccat accttgttgc aatgttttgt ctatgtgttt atgtgcttgt      8340
     tgctgaggct tttttcctcc tgatctcaca ctgccctact tcaaggacag tctgagaagg      8400
     gctttttgtg tcttcccttt ccctattgta tcttatttcc tctttttaaa gatacctttc      8460
     attggcctgt cttccccttg acgtttgtgt atgctcggag gggtccaatg taaaagtgaa      8520
     tgtgacaaat aagggctttt tatcatcatc atcatcatca tcatatctgg acaaatccac      8580
     aatgagcatg ccattatata acagaagatt aaaccattgt cgtgccaacc ttctactata      8640
     aacagaggct tgtaacagtg gctccacctc tgagctgttc tgattggtcc actgctttgg      8700
     aaatgacagt gatgaacagc aatccttcaa catgatgcgg tatctagatg caagacacaa      8760
     gagtgacagt caaacatgtt ggtcaagcaa gtttttacat tgaaaaacaa tagaaaagta      8820
     ttatattgga aaatattgga gagaaaaaat gcattctgtg tcaatagccc tccgaggcgt      8880
     gcagttagtt ttaaaaaaac gcacagataa agtagttccg gcaggttttc agcttcatat      8940
     cgctacatcg aatgatttta gatatttcac acaatagaaa gttttggatg agatgtgcat      9000
     ctagaatcta gtgctacaca caggatcagt ttaaggacag aaacctaaga aaaggctgaa      9060
     atacagtgaa cagtatgttt agctgtgatg actgtagtgt aagcagaata tctgactcca      9120
     gtccattgaa ttgttctaat acagtgcaca ccctaggtgt ataacagcca attattcctt      9180
     acataattca tgcacaaact aaggatttgc attgcaactg taatcaaaca ttgtgtcaag      9240
     cattattttt tgcatcttaa acgttgttat attaacagat gttgaactgg tatgtcgcat      9300
     ggaagattat ccaataaact caattaacac ttgttttatt gtaacctggt ctcttgaata      9360
     cttctctgca ttacggccct tagaaaggtt agctgatgcc tggttttgga gtttttggtt      9420
     tagaattttt ttccccctaa cattaacatc gccttatcat ttactatccc tcacaaggtt      9480
     tgaaccttca tgagtttctt tcttctgctg aacacaaaag aaaatatttt gaagaatatt      9540
     ggttgctggc acacattgac ttccgtagta ttaaaggggt ggtctgcaac tatatcacgc      9600
     tttaaattga tgtgtaatgt agctgtgtaa acataagcaa catctctgaa tgtaagacgc      9660
     tcaaagttca atgcaaaggg agacattgac ttttacagtt agcctacagt aaacgaactt      9720
     ggggactaca aaaaaaaaat ccatcctggt tagtgagatc acaacggctt ctggttatac      9780
     ggatttacca cgcgcataca ccccacgcag caatggggcg tggccagagg cgctgttata      9840
     gcagagaaag ctaaaatgct gtccaaacgc tgctgttcca cagagctttt ttgtttcagt      9900
     atttgagctt ccaaaggact cgacacaaag agagaagtgc ttgcagttta attttaatta      9960
     tgttgcagag aattataaaa aaattatagc tcctatttga caaaggagaa cttccagaat     10020
     ctcttccagt tcagtgctgg attcggctaa aaactcctcc aaccgacgaa gttgtggatt     10080
     gtgattcaca acatgtaagt attggaccta ttatttgtta aaattgatca attacaggca     10140
     cagtgtctgg cgatagaggt gtgctgtagg aaaagaaaaa tgctatttgg cactgttaac     10200
     catttagcta caacttgtat tgtataattt agctaatgct gctaacagct gctctgactg     10260
     gactgtttac atggcataaa agcgcatgct tgtaggggcc tggcgtggtg acgtgagcca     10320
     atccgttaat cacagcacgt tatgttagct gaccaatcag agcctcttga ggacgagcct     10380
     ttcagaggaa ctaggaaata tgacagtcat atttctctca aggtttttct cttcactctc     10440
     ctatcggtga agtttttttc cctttacgct gtccccactg gcttgcatgg ttcaggattt     10500
     gaaaagctac ttatcgatga atttgctctt cagtatttgg actctcagta atgatttcaa     10560
     accacactga actgagctaa actaaactga acttaaacac taaaaactga actaccctga     10620
     tccagttact atgaccattt atgtgaagct gctttgacac aatctgcatt gtaaaagcgc     10680
     tatacaaata aagctgaatt gaattttcat gttagctgag tagctgtata taatcaaagt     10740
     aagatatatg gaataatttt ctacaagtga agcatgggca cacattgctt tgcagcttat     10800
     aaacacaaca gagccttaaa aatacactgt ggaccacctc tttaaaacag ttacaacgga     10860
     agtcaatggg tgcaagcgac cagaattttt tcaaaatatc ttcttttgtg ttcaacagaa     10920
     gaaagaaact taaaacagtt ttaaaaaagt gaagggaggg taaattatgg taaaattgtc     10980
     aatttaggat gagctgtccc tttttaatgc atcacttttg attagattat atcatatagt     11040
     atattgccat gtgtaacgga gcaaagaagt gtgttaaatt aatatcctaa atggggacag     11100
     cgccctctac agtgtgcgtg gtgtaacaag cgtgtgaagt atagaccgcc cacagcagag     11160
     ttaacgaagc attagccgcg tttccactat cgcgcttaaa gcgagcgagc caaggccagt     11220
     ggggtttcca ctgtcacttc cggggcctaa tcgggccaaa gcggggcttt cttggagcca     11280
     gcggccagcc tttttcggcc tgccgaatac cctgggccaa ggagggccag ctggggcttg     11340
     ggggcggagt gaaaggagag gcgggcagtt ttctgattgc acatgagtac atgcgccaaa     11400
     caaataaaga aataagggaa agaaaatatc tagccttata gtctggggtc ttttttgcgt     11460
     atgatcgccc ttatgtttcc cttttaaatg taaggctgct gcataaaata ataaagtagt     11520
     tttaatttat agtgacgttc tttgctgcgt cctcctttat gtttcaataa cgcataataa     11580
     tctttacacc atattaaaga cacagcagac agtaaagttt ttttgagagt ttttgtcaag     11640
     tttaaaatgt ttgtttttgc acgtttagat gcctgtatgt gtgtgtgaga ccgggcaaga     11700
     gcgctccctt tacagctctg ttgatgccgc gagcggcttt tttctttctt tattttggag     11760
     ataatacaca atataaatac aacagaaaga cataaaactt aacaagttac atgcccactt     11820
     tcgtagactt tatacaatat agtgtaatat ctcgataaaa tagcctaagc tatattgaaa     11880
     tataatttaa agaattacaa atatcagata taataaaatc gcattaaata aataaaccaa     11940
     tataaaataa acaaaagcta gcaataacaa tgtaggtagc ttatatacaa tacataaatc     12000
     aaaccgtttt aatgccacat atagcctaac tttcatttta caaagaccta tctaaaaaaa     12060
     gattttagat gatttctaaa aacaataaac accggagaag gtttgaaata ttatttataa     12120
     agtagttgga tgcgatgata ttaatcaaat cgcgcaaaca gagcattatt tgggtgagta     12180
     aaagcagaat ctagcctaag ttataccttt ttttctgtaa cccagtcctg cgcatcgcag     12240
     ccttaaacac attggggaaa agtctaaaca caaaacgtgt tctgtatcct caaacaactg     12300
     tttatgtttt tatatgatgt ggttaaattt ataaatgaaa cttcaaatga agagctttag     12360
     tgaatagctg ctgagcgcaa caaatatggc tattttatta ggctactcgc tcttgtgctg     12420
     aaacacttaa cacgacgtca atcaaaacga ggatgttata aaatacatgc catatcgagt     12480
     tataaaggag aatttctggc tttatatcat ggatggatgc gctcactgtg atgggtccct     12540
     gcgttagtgg cgagagcgca caatgccaac agtcggtcgg cgagtaatga atggaaatac     12600
     acaggtctgt gcgtatagac atttcatgta ctgctgtaca gtaacgtgtc atttgtttgt     12660
     ttcggttgtc ttcattttaa tagtttagtt tcgtgatgat tctatggtgt gctttatctg     12720
     cctaattccc gctaaagtgg gcgccgctga agtgggcggg ttgtgtgacg tatgatttgg     12780
     ggacgttctg tgggcggtgt ttgcgtgacg cgctgtgagc tactagctca ctagtttggc     12840
     gtcgaatgtg ttgctcaatc atgagttata acatgtttat atagcaaagc ctgattgtaa     12900
     tcaatttgtg tgcttgtgtt ttatatagag tggtcatttt cttcatgaac cagcaactat     12960
     ttacacgcgc tgtctgtctt cattgtacag tgtgctgtaa aagacagccc aggcaagacc     13020
     gacacacatg ctacagttta ttacctttaa cccgtttaac attgctaaag ttacacaatt     13080
     gattgggttc aaaaagagaa gcttttttcc tgtttacatc ccagaagtta cacaacagaa     13140
     tgggttcaaa aagagaagct tctgctttct tgcaaaagtg caaacctgga attattgaaa     13200
     acacagcaat gcacaaacat taggcagaca ttaaagactt tgtagacagt taatcaaatg     13260
     caataacaat atttaaggaa agtgtaaaag tttagaatgt aagaagcatt ggtatatgaa     13320
     gcatggatgg cagcctaaag ggaaccaaac cctcatttaa aactagatgt tgcgtaagag     13380
     cagtttctgt tccacatgat acgattgaga gaatctaaat aagactgggt tattgtgaaa     13440
     atgtggagga atttgctcat ttagcattta ctccttaaaa atcattaaat aaccattctt     13500
     tcgatcattt tccttcagct tagttcctta tttatcaggg gtcgccacag cggaataaac     13560
     cagcaactat tccagtatgt tttacacagc aaataccctt ccagccgcaa cccattactg     13620
     agaaacactc atacacactc atacactaca gccaatttag tttattcagt tcacctatag     13680
     cacatgacgt gtgtttggac tgtggaggaa accgaagcac cagaaggaaa cgaaactcca     13740
     cacagaaatg ccaactgacc cagtcgggac tccaaccagc gaccttcttg ctgtaaggcg     13800
     acagtgctaa ccattgagcc accgctatgc cttaaataac tatttattca ttaatttttt     13860
     ttttggctta gtccctttat tgcttatcca gcatatgttt tacacagcgg atgcccttcc     13920
     agctgcaaac ccatttactg aaacacccat acactttcat tcacacacat acactaactg     13980
     ccaactgacc tagcagaggc ttgaaccagc aaccttgttg ctgtgaaggc gacagcgcta     14040
     cccactgtgc cacctcgttg cctaaataat cattagctgc gtcccaaatg gcacactata     14100
     cactatgcac tcatgcacta tgtacttatg cacttacaca ctcaacatgg tagtatatgt     14160
     atgtagtggc gtcccaaatg gcacactaat gtttttttac taagcggaaa ttcaaaccgt     14220
     ttccctgatg acgtttgacg gtcgccaaat cagtgaaata aacgaccgaa tgatcaaata     14280
     cctgccgtga gtgttgccgc attcaccatc gggaggcgct ataatcactc ttgtgggaga     14340
     attttgctct caccatccaa aataaataaa gttattcaac atgtgcgtcc gatcgctccg     14400
     ccccttccgc tacgtaagca aacctgcggt cgttgagtgc gtgaagtgtc catcattaca     14460
     ctcttcattt tagcggctga atgagtgcaa catccgggta attaaagtgc actttttatt     14520
     ttgagagttt tcaatgtgaa cacactactt acactattta tactacaaaa tggcgtaaaa     14580
     tagtgcataa gtatgcgatt tgggacgcag caattgtgtt acgtttatgt agggaagatg     14640
     ttatatcccc tcctttcctc cggggggagc tgtgtgttgt gttagggaga tgggctgttg     14700
     tttggcctca gttgtgtttc cttggattga tccagctcta cacagattct gtttaatttt     14760
     gtcaataata ttcgccatct atgttatttt atgaggtatg ttatagttag ggcattaact     14820
     aatgtgtgga tgtgctcatt ttcgatagat tgacttatat ttctgatatt tttgaagttt     14880
     ccatgcggca cagcatattt tatgttgttt tagggttgat agtgcattat atttggttgg     14940
     ttctttatat tctgaatata tttaacattt ataattgcct gtcatttgta gtagtttgtc     15000
     ttttcagtgt ttaagttagt ttgtgaacag ctagctagct agttatttag ctgcagccac     15060
     atttacatca tttgtggtaa tttgttacac attgtaatct ttgaaggtat tttggtatgt     15120
     actcagttgt gtttccttgt gggaaagatg ttgcagtgat atttctgctg tgagagtgac     15180
     aaaatgaaga gaggagtcca ttaaagggac agctgctctg tttggcttaa ccacggccct     15240
     ggtgtccatc ttcatcctat cacacataca aaacacagag atattttggg gaagcaaacc     15300
     aacgaagagg gttacattta tttattaggt ttctctctgt ttttttgact gtataccaac     15360
     aaagacgaag tgtaagcatt ggctattaca cttttctggc taatggtttc agtcttgcct     15420
     tcccaccttg atgtcagacg gacataaaaa tgctaattta taatgttttg acattgatgt     15480
     actttaaatg aagtgtagga acacaaattt tggtgtaaat tgggaatttc acctgatgta     15540
     gtaggattca cttgcagaaa aataagaaat caggaaaggg gcaaacactt tttcacacca     15600
     ttttacaaaa tgcaatagtc tgaagtgact aaaaaggttt ccagattttc agtttgttat     15660
     ttttagccca cacagtagtt taaaatcaca ttatttttaa ttgagatgta aaataaatgg     15720
     cagttcattc cgctgtggcg aaaattaatg agtgagaata catattttct aacatttgta     15780
     aaataaagca aatattaccg tttttctcaa acacatatga tgattttcaa gtggtatttt     15840
     ttttttccat agctgtattt atattaactt cacagtcaga aaggccccaa gtacagctga     15900
     tctagtgtag agtacaactt ttgtacagca gtgactcagg agtgtcaaac cacacagacc     15960
     acaacgagtt gcattatgat gagatcaaca tcacaaccac actactgccg ttggatccca     16020
     caaacacacg aacactgcca gagacacaca agagcaactt tcttatctct tggtctaaag     16080
     agttgttgtc tggctctgaa taattcattc attcattttc ctttgattag tctctatttt     16140
     agaggttcag aggttggaat gaaccgccaa ctatgtcggc atatgtttca cgcagcacat     16200
     ggccttcaag ccgcaaccca gtactaataa acagccatat aattacacat ttttacacta     16260
     cagacaaatt agtctgtata aacttttgtc tgggaaactg gagcacccgg aggaaataca     16320
     cgcaaatagg gtagaacatg acaactccac acagaaatgg tctttctaca tttctggtca     16380
     catggaatgc ctttggggca aagctattag tcatttaggg tggggaaatc atttctatat     16440
     ggcagagtta agctctcaga gttaaccccc ccaccccccc cccccccccc catagacttc     16500
     cattcatacg cacgcgaatg cgtcagacca gaaacgatgg gtcatgcgtc aagtttcgca     16560
     ggttgctgca gtgcaaagtt caagcatagt gaactctgat ctgcgaaatc gcatcacttg     16620
     actgtgtgag accaaccgag gatcaaaaca tgacctctct gaacagaaat ttaaaacatg     16680
     gagcaaatca ctcgctttat caatatctaa acatcttgtt taatcccgcc ccttttcgca     16740
     acaccgtatg acagaatttc acacacacaa actctagcgt gatcgcagtt ttatcagtcc     16800
     tttagagcag ggctataagg aggggttgtc agtcatttag ggtgggccta tcagttctta     16860
     gtcaagttat tagtcattca gggcatcgct attagtcctt tagggcagga atatcattca     16920
     tttcaaactg ggctatcagt ttcttagggt tgagttaaca gtcatttacg ccctattcac     16980
     acggaacgtc agcgtcaacg ctatccattc actgcatggg tgacgttagg ggttgccgaa     17040
     ctgtattgtg gatccatcgg ttgctcgctg caaatgttcg gacttgctca acttttcaag     17100
     cgctgtcgga agcatcagcc aatcagatcg ctgtatgcaa atacaccagc tcagattgtg     17160
     gcctaatgct gactaatttc tttggctaac gctgctatga cgatcgcatc agccccaaca     17220
     tcagacacac cctctgtcaa gcgttgatgc tgaagcctcg tatgaatggg gcgttaggat     17280
     gtggctatca gtcctttaaa gcagggctat caatcattta gggtgtagtt attattcatt     17340
     tagggtaggc ctatgtgttc tttagggtgg gaataccaat ccattaggat ggagctatca     17400
     ttcatttagg gcatggttat caatccttta gagctgggtt atcaatcatt tagggtaggg     17460
     tttcagtcct ttagagcagg gctatcaatt ctttaaggct gggttatcag tcatttaggg     17520
     cagggttatc attcatttag ggcagggtta tcagtccttt agagcagggt tatcaatcat     17580
     ttagggcgga gttattagtt tcttagggcg gggttatcag tcatttaggg tgtggttagt     17640
     cctttagagc tatcaattct ttaaggctgg gttatcattc atttagggca gggttatcag     17700
     tcctttagag ctgggttatc aatcatttag ggcggggtta ttagtttctt acggcggggt     17760
     tatcagtcaa ttagggtgtg gttattagtt ctttagagct atcaattctt taaggctggg     17820
     ttatcgttca tttagggcag ggttataagt ttcttagagt gaggtcaggg cttactttat     17880
     gccagaacat gccagatctg gatctagcac ctctaaaatc tgatccggca ctagggttgt     17940
     gccgatagac gatagtatcg tgtatcggcg ataggcaaag atatcgctga gagctgaaac     18000
     ctatgacgat tttaaagacg atatttagct cgtttcgcat taatgtagat ctttagcaca     18060
     ttttaagtgc attattgaat aaaattaata gtattattat ttttaaacat cttcattaat     18120
     aataaattaa ctacaaataa tataacagct tcaaatgttg acatcaacat cacctgacca     18180
     acactttcag aaaaaaatga atcatttcga ttgctctctt gcgctctctc tctctctctc     18240
     tcagcagcag cagttgaagt gcgagctgca ggtgaggaca tatagactat attctcagtg     18300
     catgcattga ctgctccttc aaatacacgg aatatacatg cttgtcttat ttgtgtttaa     18360
     ttgataaaat gatagacacg gacatgcgcc tttttcagaa aataacccat ttatttaatt     18420
     taaatatgtt aggcctatat ttatttatat aggctattaa aatacattta tttatttaaa     18480
     ctagcctata ttaaattaaa atctgtattt taccattcat tttgtcattt aagaattatt     18540
     gaacagatta ttaataactt ataaagaata ttttactgac ctcagtgaag agttttaggt     18600
     caaataggct atttaatatt agagcaattg gcgacttgcc gcagtcatgt ctaaaatgaa     18660
     actctcatca gaaaacagta aacacatagc ctatgccaag cgcaataatt gtgttagatc     18720
     ttagcaatac aaacgtgaca ctgttgatta cttttgtgat ggttagacct gaagccgtgc     18780
     cgagctcaac tgaacaaaaa cttcaccgca ttttcacgtg cgggcggcaa gtcctctatc     18840
     cgcctcccgt ctgaaagaat cttagagcat atatccttgt tacttccgtg cctagataaa     18900
     tatcatttca tttgctttca tccatgtata ttatatccat tttgcagcag tcccgcgggc     18960
     cgtggagact gctttgaacc cgaagtcacc atcaaatcct gtcccgcgcc gcactgttgc     19020
     atcgagtctt gtttgaaatc atttcagtgt cagcgcatat ttagctttaa gagggtggtg     19080
     acgtgcattg gtttgaatta ttatccaaga tcaaacatca tgcaaatgca gtaggttatt     19140
     aaataagcaa aaaaaaaatc agccaaaagg ttattaaata tctttagata tggttaaata     19200
     taataatcaa atattatata ttcataaacg taacactgcc acgcccccat gcgatagtat     19260
     cgtgtatggg cgatctcaca gaaggacgat atggcgatct gaaaattttg tatatcgccc     19320
     aacactatcc ggcacctcat tttaccgatc cccctcctca accgccctct tccccatctg     19380
     ctgttcactt tcactttctt ctgtgactcc cccgcccaac tcttcacttt cgtgcacgac     19440
     acttctccaa cttcgggtaa catgccggat ccattaccta gatctgttct gggacatcgc     19500
     aattcacaaa ttaagcactg ggcggggtta tcagtcactt agagcagatt tatggaccct     19560
     ttccacaaga ctattttgac gcaattaatg gccatcaaat atattcttaa atccttgaaa     19620
     gtttttaata ttttgatttt gaaaaacata taaacattta catgcattta tgtatgtatt     19680
     atattatctt tgcatcaaat gacaaaaaac gaattaccgc ttatgcgagg tgtttctaat     19740
     gcagggccta tggggctgag agtaaatttg acattaatct ctcttctgtt tgccatcatc     19800
     agtctcacac attttttttc ctttttctga aagtcttgat aaaaccataa agggaatttc     19860
     cttttattat tttagcgaat agtatggtaa aaaaaaatag atttgtactc tctgattcac     19920
     tgtgctctaa gtttacccaa ctatgacgac atccgctact gaatacccgg aaatgtataa     19980
     attgtctatc agtcatttag cgtgtaacta tcagtccttt tgagcaggga taatattttt     20040
     tagggcggag ttatcattaa tttaaagtgg ggtcattact ttcttagggg gcggagctat     20100
     cagtccttta gagcagggct atcaattctt taagatggag ttatttattt agggtgcacc     20160
     tatcagtttt tttagagagg agttatcagt catttagggc atgactatta gtccttaaat     20220
     gagggatatc aatccaatag ggcaaagcta taagtcattt agggcatgac ggagatatca     20280
     atccattaga gaggggctat cagtcatttg gggggaggat gtcaatctag gcagggtaat     20340
     tttttattta gggcgtggct atcaaagtgt gtatggtttc tgccctgcct ttgtccattc     20400
     atcaatctct tctctattat ttagcaatgc ccatcttcca atgattcgat ctgttcccaa     20460
     aggatgaaat caagctaatt tcagaagtgt ttcagctgca cgtacagtca atcataatag     20520
     gggggaaatt actattttaa cttctgtttc atgtctactt caatttatct tccaaagatg     20580
     aatgaaggtc tcagaggttt ggaaggacat gaacagggcc aggcggaatc tgtggacgtt     20640
     ttttgcaatt tctgcggtaa aaattttggt aaaaatctgt ggatttctgc agaattattt     20700
     tgggagtatc ataactaaaa aaccttaata tgtgaaataa aaataatacc tttttaatgt     20760
     gtatttaatg tttaaattgc aaatccaatt agattcactt tattgggtag acaaagcaag     20820
     tctctcatat aatatatcta ctaaaagaca gaacatatta ctttacagac tgcattgtac     20880
     ataaatcaga tgaacattta catattagtc aataatatta ctgtaattaa tttaaaaact     20940
     gaagaaaaat agatttacac acatttacta aagtaaataa acagcattaa ttgctaaatt     21000
     gtgcggaaaa tctgcggaat tctgcacgat cagattccat atgggcctag acatgagcaa     21060
     taaataacat aagtacaatc ttttaaaaac tatccatttg atcatggagt agaataagaa     21120
     attcagtaag gcaagtaaaa gcctgaggca tgcaaaactt ttaaaacacc aagaatgcaa     21180
     tgtgtttttc agtgtgaaac cactcatatc ataatgatga ggtaaacagt ttatgttaag     21240
     cacattatgg tcaaacttta gcgattaggt cccacaacac acacacacac acagtgtcag     21300
     tgatataaag aagcaacttc atcatctctt ggtttaaaga gtcgttgtgg gctgactgaa     21360
     acaacagact tttctaatct cttctcacca ttgaacctga aaaatacgga aaaagagaca     21420
     acaatattct caggtaactt taaggttaag tttaacattc gcttaagaga aaatcttgtt     21480
     taattatttt gtattctgct tctagttgta tttcagcaac ttgactgtac cttccagacc     21540
     attggactga atggagatga agattgtagc tcttctcctc attgtagctg ctctacaggt     21600
     gagcttgtgt tctagtatca gtattattac gcacatcaac actgatgatc tgatcatgat     21660
     gattcctgtc accgcaggat cacagagtcg ctgctgatga aaggcagata gttccactgg     21720
     atatggcact gaattcagtt gatgatcaat ataaggactg tactcagcaa atggcagatc     21780
     tggtgaaaac aaaatatctc gagaaagagc tcaataacac agatgatttt aaaaaggttt     21840
     gggaatcagg aaaaaaacat tttaaaaata agtggaaaaa taaaggctca ttaaaaatcg     21900
     aacatgcaat cgccatgtat gcgtacacct acccaggaaa caaaaatata tccaaaatat     21960
     ttgtcaaatt caataacgac accagtaatg gtaaagagaa ctacagaacc aacacgtaca     22020
     actggtattc acttcacttt ctattaacag acgcaataca catcttgaag aaaacacata     22080
     cagaatgcaa tactactttt cgtggtacta atgttgcgtt taagggtcag gtttttacaa     22140
     gcgttcgttt tggctcattt gcatcctcct ctatttatag aggcgtggca gaaaaattcg     22200
     gaaaagtatc ttgttttgag attcaaactt gtgaaggcgc taatattgct agatattcta     22260
     agattcatga tgaaggggag gtgctgattc ctccatatga agtgtttaat attactcaaa     22320
     tcaagacaag aaatgggcag aatgatccct ggtgtgacat tgtgtatgtg ttgaagagca     22380
     ctggagtaag gagtgacctg aactgtgctc tattcaagaa gacttaataa caaaagatac     22440
     atttatcctc ctgtgaccca aatatatatt ttctttttct gtgatttcct acatcatttg     22500
     ggttagaaga aattctacaa tttagagttt ttacattttg tttttatttt aaatgttaca     22560
     gcatgtccac taaattaatc atttcttcgg tgcaccgcga tgcagacgcg gacaattcgg     22620
     tatcggttca gtaataatca taaccggtta ttactgacat catttacctc atatgcgctc     22680
     tgtcgcgagg aaggcgagcg cgagtattta caacgctcta actatttaaa actcataaac     22740
     tgtgcacaat ttcactgtgt gtgtttgctg gatcagtctt tcactgacat taacagaaaa     22800
     agcccctatt tcactgaaat caagagaatg aaagtactcc atttctctct ctctctctca     22860
     cacacacaca cacagtgccc catttgacct gctggcgtga cttttcatct cctctcggct     22920
     gttttacagc gttacttctg gatacagaaa cgagcgcatg tctgcagagt ttttcataca     22980
     tcagctgtga tcgccgctgc cgcctgccac ttattagtat cacccatctg tgaagagcgc     23040
     agcggttgcc ggtaattttc cagaaaggtc tgtatgtgta aatggggcta tattttgaaa     23100
     cacaaacaag ttaacagctt ggaaagctaa atgtattgtt cctgacactt aaataaacaa     23160
     atatacatgt aataataatg gtaaagaaac atttaaaagc taaattttac atgcctctct     23220
     ccttcccata aaatgtgctt ttttttgtgt cggccatttt agatgcagtg taagaagtgg     23280
     gttctagcat gccagccaat caaatgacat atcactagaa agcccaggat gtcctgtgaa     23340
     cagtacaaca ggacttgaca gagtagctca agtagctcaa ttctaagaaa atttatgaga     23400
     aggcaatgtc cactacagag gacacaagtc aatgggcggg atctcaggag gatatgtata     23460
     tagtgtatat cttgtgaata tgtgtgtctt tcacagcatt tcaatatctg aaaaaaagaa     23520
     gaaagaaaaa gtttttgtca gctaaccagt taactaagtg catgttgttt gctgttattt     23580
     tccagtgatc ctttcattta ttgaattgca gcatttgtct aatttcaaat tcacaaagta     23640
     aaatgagaaa gtgcgtaaga tggggtttgt ttgtttttgt ttatattcag cttcttttaa     23700
     aaaataaatc tttcaaagcc ttttttctca tatgtcttat ttttggacta aaaaacctta     23760
     tggaaaattg ttctttatga cattatacca tacctgcaat catttgtcat gtaacacatt     23820
     gtcagattga ggtaaaaaaa aatgctttga gattttttaa attctgtgag gtgatgcgct     23880
     tcatacaaga tatggcaaat tgacaaacat ggacagattt ttcgtaataa aattggacca     23940
     tacaaatcat gggagcttcc cgggagaaat aaaaaaacag gcagtaggtt gtgaaatccg     24000
     ggagtattgt cagaagtgca ttatcctgta gtgaaaaccc tgagatgaaa gtgggaatat     24060
     ttttttattc atagctaata aaatatgtct tatgctgtgt tcacaccaga cgcggaacgc     24120
     gcggataaat tgcgctattt gcgcatcaac cccgcttcat ttgtgcgtca aatccgcttc     24180
     atttgcgtgt caaattcact tcagaataga cgcggattcg tgtgatgggc agggcttctg     24240
     tctgcccggt gactctagct ttattgctaa atggctagca tggattttat gaagaaaata     24300
     acagtgttta tgtgctttat aaaggctgaa aaaatgtatg aaaaataaat tccagacagc     24360
     ctaaaataag ttatgtagaa ttattatgaa agttcctcca ctgacacatt taaataagga     24420
     acattatagt caaagtaatt ttttaaaagt tcagaagaga gtaaagtttt taaaattagt     24480
     aatggttttt aagatttaaa aaaaacggtt ctaaagtatt ttcttaatta ttatgtttta     24540
     gtcagcgagg tgcacagtca ttctacaaga gcatgcagca gggatattta cccatataga     24600
     ttcaagagtg aatcaggtag aaattctttt ttgtgtacga gctctgctgc tttgaatatt     24660
     ttgcccacca tttttaaaga tattcaaatt gagagtgttt ttagaaggga aattaaaaag     24720
     tggttgtgta accacggaga gtgacaccaa caacagaagg taggatccaa atgcaggttt     24780
     aatcgtagtc aggcaagcat ggtcaataca ggtgtaaaca gatgtatgag ggcaaatcca     24840
     gagtcgaagt caaaataaca ggcagatggt cagaggcagg cagcaaacag aagaaaataa     24900
     acaagacaag gatcaaaaaa ccggcaaagg cagacaaagg aaaccgcgtt gtaatgtcac     24960
     taacagtaaa caagactcgg caaactgaag gggtgaatgc gtggcttaaa tagtgtgtgt     25020
     taatcagtct ctgaaagtcc tcaggtgtgt gaatgtaatc aggctagatg agtgagcagg     25080
     cgtgagtgtc tgggagaagt gcatgtgtgc atatgtagtc cagaagaagg cggaattgta     25140
     gtcctgtgtg tgtgtgtgag tgtttgccag cgacatctgg tggttagatc tcgctggtga     25200
     tcatgacagg ttgtttttaa gttgaggatt ttgttgtgcc gagttgctga gctgttgatg     25260
     tttgcactcc atttatgatt tgctcgtcca ttttttaaga atatcgagga ccacaatgga     25320
     aataagcctg tggctttttt gtgtatttta tcctcgacag attttaaaat atgtatgaat     25380
     tagtctaact ggacttgttt gtatattttt ggtaaaattg tcaaataaaa gcaatccatc     25440
     aatcaaaaac agcgtcaata catttagggt cgtgtctgag tccacaagat cctttcagag     25500
     gtgcgtcccg ctctgtgagc tcattaactt cttcagaatc tgaacctgga tgatggatgc     25560
     tttcagcggt gcttctgact gagccgagcc cagtttgagg cactgttgtc cgtgtcggct     25620
     ggaggatttc gcccgggaca ccaacaacag gcgaacgtca cagttacgcc cccacaagag     25680
     caaggtaggt taatgcggcg cgaatgtcgg cttaggttca gattttttaa ctagagcgaa     25740
     acgcgcaaaa cgctcaattt gcgccgcgct attcgcacat ttcgtgcctt tcacaccgcg     25800
     ccattcgggc aattttgtca tttgcgtatt atcacaccgc aggatgtcta ttcgagcgtt     25860
     tgcattgact taacatgtat atcactcgcg attgacgcac gttctgcgtc tggtgtgaat     25920
     gcagcattat atttctgaaa taaagtctga cccagttggt ttgtaaaaac agccacttct     25980
     gaatttgaca ctttctgcac ttgacagata gatcagatgc tcaacattta tcctgtgtga     26040
     aaccacaggc cttcacaagt gctgacgact ctttcacact ctgtctgaat taatttccct     26100
     cgaaaagtag acctgaagac agccttaaat gattggacac cattaatgca ttgatgcttt     26160
     aataagaata taagaaaaga cttattagcc taaaataaaa gttatgaata aagattaggc     26220
     agcatgatta ttgcacgggt gtaccttagg ctggccacaa taaaaggcca ttttaaaatg     26280
     tgcagtttga tcacacagca cgatgtcaca tgagttttga gagagcgcgc aattagcatg     26340
     ctgactgcag gaatgttcac cagagctttt atctgtggct tcaatgttaa taacatccgg     26400
     ggccaattct accactttaa cagctccgaa atgtgcttgt aaatggacac gaattgttgt     26460
     ttttaacagg aatgtcattg aaagatgcat tgctcactgt ggtacattta ttggactatt     26520
     atgggtcttc attttcatgt agtaagaagt taacagtcaa tccatcagta aatcaccttt     26580
     aagactactt gaatagtgtg gtattgtaca aaaagtgtag catagtatca agcaacatct     26640
     gttgtagtaa aaagaaacac ctgttgcctg aaggaaggtt cccacctata ttttggaaac     26700
     aaaaccaaaa tataaccaaa agcgacatac atgtacctaa caatttaaag acgaaatggc     26760
     tctatacatg tatacatatt ggtgctttta aaggaacact aagcaacttt tgccaaatga     26820
     tgttatttca aagaagcaaa acaaacacat tcatgatcca acagaacccg accctttttt     26880
     tttatttctc tactttagtt attagacgcg atcctcattg ctgattagct gcagtgttgc     26940
     caacttagcg acttttcaga cccccctagc aacaaattta caaaaaagcg aatagcgaca     27000
     aatctagcga cttttttgtg ttactggaga tttttataga ctgtcatttg tccatactgt     27060
     accgtcccta ctcttctcaa cgagctacgg gtgatgccgc caacccctcc cccacctcag     27120
     agcactaaca ggtggcccag ttctcgtaca gcactctctc ccacctgcag cctgatggca     27180
     aatcacccct ctgcttaccg acggcaaatg atttagcacc ggcattgtga aggtatttcc     27240
     cttgtacagt caaaccgatc tatctataga tctataatga catactgtat tgaaacagca     27300
     ataaattttg ttaaattgac atgcttacat aaagcgtagt gcaaatttaa atatcccttt     27360
     attgaccata ggctgttaaa caaaagttgt agaacgtgac ggtgtcagta atatgcaaat     27420
     taatgtatga cgtaatctag cgactttcag cgacttttaa gacagagctt agtgcctttt     27480
     agttgaaaat agttggaaac agtgactcca aatggtgtca atctgactct gtgcttaaaa     27540
     ttgttttcct tagtgcacca ttaaatgacg gtttataaca ttaaacctaa aataacattg     27600
     tttaataagg gtgctttcac acctacactt ttgtttcgaa cgtgtcttgt ttgcccagtt     27660
     agcgcggttc gtttggcata tgtgaacagg gtaatcgcgc tctgttctac gccaaagtaa     27720
     tcgctccgag atcgcttgaa tgaggtggtc tcggctcgat tgaaacgaac tctggagcgg     27780
     ttcgattgca gtgagaaagc gatatgatcc gagcgcggtt aaatcactgt gttttatgga     27840
     tatgtaatag gcttacggct atatgaagag agaattatga gttgggcagg aagttttgcg     27900
     agtctccgga tgcccgcaaa cgagtgatga tctcccggta atctcgcgtc tccctcccgg     27960
     tcctcaaata ggcatcgtcg cgcacccttc tcacccctcc ccaccgcatc tctcctcaga     28020
     cacgtcgcgc attcgcaccc tgtcaatcac caccaaacca ccacctctcc tcacagctga     28080
     gcaggacgct gcaaaataaa ccctgacact ctgaccaatg taaggagagt ttactcacac     28140
     gtgacttgtt ttagctcttt tggtcctttt agaatctttg cagtgtgaaa gcgaaccgct     28200
     ccaagagcaa agagcaacaa tgtaacaatt gtaatctctg tttcggaaca actgaatcga     28260
     ttcacaggtg tgaaagcacc ctaaaactca cttagtgcac ttttaatcac ttcaaagtgg     28320
     acatatttag gtaaattcta gattacagtc catctttttt taaatatata atttatctcc     28380
     tgctcttctt tctgaagcca atatggaagt aactgaaact gcaattcatc gactcgcctt     28440
     tggggggctg gctccaggaa ctccacatgt tcactgactg caatgctaaa ttggccattt     28500
     ttaaagctga aaaaacatgt ttacagccgg gtacaaaaca tggttttagt gtatatagct     28560
     aacattaccc ttcatgacaa ctgtgagggg gtgaattttt ttataactca tccgttttgt     28620
     ttttattaag ttttgctaaa tctgcttaat taacggcgta gccacttaag tgacagctag     28680
     gtcttgctgg tcaccatcat gttattccat ctgattagcc gctgagctct gcatatacat     28740
     catgttttgt gttgttttat gtgtctttac acagtcagtt gccttttgta attatttact     28800
     acaattacca gatgatatgg gatgctgtgt gcacttattt gtgctcacaa accatacacg     28860
     tggcctcaat ttcccaggtg agtgcaattc ttacatactt acataccatc tctctaaatg     28920
     tatttgtttt attcaagatc atttatcata tttttcttta gagctgtaat gcactccaga     28980
     atctgacaga ttgattagct gtagcctcta gaaccatcgt ctgatatatt gtcatgcagt     29040
     gttatgcctg gctttcatcc atagtcttgc atttactaaa acagactata tttaaattta     29100
     tatttatact ttggggttga atgataataa tatcatcatt aacctgcagg ctgcattttg     29160
     ctcacggggc tgcgagaaaa gaaataaaag agcagagctg cgacaaaata atgaataaaa     29220
     agagtgaggc tatggtcaaa aaaataaata aatggaaaaa aagtgtgact gctgagagtg     29280
     caagcagcta gtaacaccag ccctcgcaac caagaaatag accagcccac cgggaattct     29340
     ccctgtcctc ccgattagcc aatccgggcc tgactagcag aatagtttag taattgtaat     29400
     aaagtaaaaa aaaaactatt acttataaac atttcccaaa ttctaataac taatttacac     29460
     tagtaggttt cttcatgtgg gaccatggag atcacagaac gagacagctg aaagtatcct     29520
     cttgggaaat gatgtaatga gttttgtttt ggtttagacg tttgcatatg gaaatttacc     29580
     ttatgaaatt gcatatggtc atcttggcaa caaggtgaag tcaagatgac atacagtgga     29640
     acactagagc tgcgtcctaa atgcagcatt ccaagacgtt gagacacatc agaatccaaa     29700
     ctctgcttcg cttctttact caggaggtgt cttcttctga ctgaacgttg aaggtagccg     29760
     tgtttttcac tgcctccaat agcccacaat cctctgtctc aaagctcctc ttgggtgtta     29820
     ttttgtgagt aatagtgtac gttcaaagtg ttttccattt ctgatggtat ttctagtgag     29880
     aaagtcaggt agtcatttag cagatgcttt tgtccaatgc gacttgcaat tgaggaggca     29940
     ttcagtgatt caacaagaag aggcagtaca caccacaagt gctgatcata caggggaact     30000
     gtcagtcctc agagaactaa gtactaaatt taggaggggg gacttttcag tttatagacg     30060
     gaagagtgtt tctacaggtg gtttgtcaaa cccactcacc tgtgtgaggc gcaattcatt     30120
     aatgcgcttt ttaagcaata tgaagtgatt gtaagaaagt gtctgatgca aaactgttgc     30180
     aagcgtgtgt taaagtgtca aaaagatgaa agggtgtgtt ttctacaggt ggtttatcaa     30240
     gcacactaac ctgtgtgagg cacactccga attgatcaag ttttgaggtt gtcacacagt     30300
     ggtgggcgtg ctgtgaatgc tgactgaggg gtcctgcctt ctttctacta ttctaaaaac     30360
     atccagtcag tacatgcaaa gcagtcttcc agtgtttatt cagctgcctc aaaccataca     30420
     ctgatggatt gcctttcaag tgcgcactgg tttattttcg tctttagtca tgaactatat     30480
     tgtgtgtcgt aaatgcatcc acttgtggtt gaacaatttt tttaccatca gaaatgtaat     30540
     tgcaagcgtc tgtttgaact tgtgaataac atttgcaatg atgaaatgtt aaaatatggg     30600
     tgataggata tccaatcatc aattagtgta gcagatatat atacatgcaa caatattata     30660
     acagtctaac ctgtacattt aaaatataat acattttatt acaaaataca tatacagctg     30720
     aagtcagaat tattagcctc cctttgagtt gtttcttact ttttaaatat ttcccaaatg     30780
     atgtttaaca gagcaaggaa atttttacag tatgtctcat aatatttttt cttctggaga     30840
     aagttttata tgttttattt cggctagaat aaaagcagtt ttaatttttt tttaacccat     30900
     tttaaggtct aaattattag cccctttaag cattttttga ctgtctacag aacaaaccat     30960
     cattatacaa taacttgtct aattacccta acctgcctag ttaacctaat taacctagtt     31020
     aagcctttaa atgtcacttc aagctgtatg gaagtgtctt gaaaaatatc tagtcaaata     31080
     ttatttactg tcatcatggc aaagataaaa caaatcagtt attagaaatg agttattaaa     31140
     actattatgt ttagaaatgt gctgaaaaaa atcagctctc cgttaaacag aaattgggag     31200
     ctaataattc tgacttcaac tgtatataaa tggaatttta agttattttc cagaaagctc     31260
     cttgattacg tttcagtcca gaaaactgtt ccaaggattt ttgtttgtca ttttagtttt     31320
     tgataccttg aagcatgcac aaagcagtcg taagtgtcaa tcttgggaag ttaagattta     31380
     tgagccagaa agttgatcaa ataagctttc tgttaatggt acaatcattt tttggcaaaa     31440
     tctagtggct taaaggatag aagcatagta tgctttgttg tgctgtatgg tgatctttaa     31500
     gatgtatcaa gacttcacac ttagctgata atcaataaag cgtatttggc atgctgtccc     31560
     gggggagagc cctgagctcg tagtatcttt gaacctgggg ctccctgcca tcagaagggc     31620
     gagaggggag ttcaagctca ggtaggtctc gagaaccccc ctgcttgtcg ccatgtgaga     31680
     agtgtaaact aaggttgtct taggtgataa tttggtttag tcgattggct atggtttatg     31740
     tttttggacg gtgggaggaa ttcaatttaa ttcaattcag ctttatttgt atagcgcttt     31800
     tacaatgtag attgtgtcaa agcagcttca cataaatggt catagtaact ggatcagggt     31860
     agttcagttt ttagtgttta agttcagttc agtttagctc agttcagtgt ggtttaataa     31920
     tcactactga gagtccaaac actgaagagc aaatccatcg atgagtagct attcagatcc     31980
     tgaaccatgc gagccagtgg cgacagtgga gaaggaaaaa aaaaacttca ccaataggag     32040
     agtgaagaat aaaaaccttg agagaaccag aaccatttta atttctcggc tggccaaaag     32100
     tgttgtgcag agctgcagtc tcagcagtgg aggctgaaag ctggcctcag caaagactcg     32160
     tctgtcccta gagcgccact ggaatcagtc tcatactctc cactccccat gaccaacagc     32220
     gcagcagcag cagctcagga tacggcctgg ttccagatat ggacaccttg ggatagtctc     32280
     gtcgctggtc ttgggtccaa tcagtgactc cgcattgggg attggggaac ccgggggaaa     32340
     accactcgaa cacggggaga acatgtaaac tccgcacaga aacatcgaca agcccgatag     32400
     gaggttggac cagcggtgtt cttgctgtta ggcaacagtg ctagccactg ggccaccgtg     32460
     ttgctctatt ggaaaaaggg gggaagcagg ggtggatggg gggaagcttc aaagcgaaga     32520
     taactgaagt gagaaactct ggttatttat aatgtttccg taatcatcta acagggcaga     32580
     ttacggagcg aatgaggagc cagccatgtt gatcataagc acgtgatcct ctcgaaatta     32640
     gtttatgaat aaaccacact tattatgtca tcaaaggact cttgttctaa aaatccataa     32700
     catgatttat cattttttaa tggcattttc atgataaaat tgcataataa tcattgtttt     32760
     tgtcaggagg aaaaacattt tttaatgcac ataagtaaga agctagaagt tatttaattc     32820
     tttagaaaaa ataaaataaa atttcccttt gactcataaa attccatcat aaagctcaac     32880
     atgagagcat ataaacatgt attacactta tttacagttc agactagtta aaactatttc     32940
     ctgctcaaca ctcatagaga tattgcgcat aaaaaacaac aaaatttgct gcttaatatg     33000
     ttagaaaata gactcagcca tgtttgttgt agttggacga aaccattttg atggggggag     33060
     ggaaataaat gaatcatgtt cccccaacaa acatacaaaa aataaatagc tcttcacttt     33120
     cgccagttga tgaagattgt tccttgccgc tgtcgccatt agcttacatg gtttgggatc     33180
     tgtagagctg cgcatcgatg gatttgctct tcagtgtttg gactctcagt agtgattatt     33240
     aaaccacact gaactgagct aaactgaaat gaacttaaac actaaaaact gaactaccct     33300
     gttccaattt actatgatct tttatgtgaa gctgctttga cacaatctac actgtaaaag     33360
     cactatacaa ttaaagatga attgaactga aatagttgac ttcactatac aataatgaag     33420
     tgtatattta cagagagagc ggagcgagtg aggtttgttt ttgtgaattg agtagtgatg     33480
     ggtcgttcat gaacgattcg ttcattttga acgaatcttc aaaatgactc gggaactacg     33540
     agtcctctca tggagtgatt tgttcatctg cgcgtgctca catttgtgca ggtatcgtta     33600
     atttcaagtc ttcatcacat tggcagaagc caatcatatg cgtttagagc cggaaaaaga     33660
     attgatccgc tcacctctcg agtcctctat caggtgtgag tcactcgttc atcacgagcc     33720
     aatcatacgc gtttagagcc ggaaaaagtt ttgatccgtt catctctcga gtcctctatc     33780
     gggtctgggt aacttgttcc tcacgagcca atcatacgcg tttagagccg gaaaaagaat     33840
     tgaaccgttc atctctcgag tcctcgggtt tgagtcattc tcttacgtga tgaacgaacg     33900
     atcatggctc ctatcagctt atactgtgta cattgattaa gattatatgt gactgtcagt     33960
     gtagcgtgaa tgaacccctg acatttgaag acatgaagag gtgagctgag caaagagaca     34020
     acaatacctt catagacaaa acattgaaca tcaggtaaac attgaattat tattttctcc     34080
     ttcttatatt ctatttatga ctcatttgtc gtgtgatcaa ccttttgggc tagttgtaga     34140
     tgtgtttgga agcaatttgt aacattttaa tattattgtg gcaaattgaa ccaaatgaat     34200
     gaaatgactc gaaaaaagat tcgttcatct tgatgaacga gactcaaaga tccgagtcag     34260
     taaaatgatc cgaacttccc atcactagaa ttgaggggac tttaaatagg tttctattga     34320
     ttttatactg tatttttatc accctaaacc taacacacag gaaacagtgt gcaatttaat     34380
     tttctgaaaa aaaaataata ataattttgt attatatata agctatttga gaaatggggg     34440
     catcagcaac gtcctcaaaa ttcaccatgt cttagaagac ctgtgttata cttattcctc     34500
     tgtacacatt tgtgtcccaa catgtcacaa aaacatgtac acacacacac agacatggat     34560
     gatttgcaat gtacaaaagg caccttccca tctgtgtgtt taaagagtcc tttacgaact     34620
     gactgtgagc gactgacttt tcggaggaac aaaaaaaact atgctgaaaa gaggcgttta     34680
     aggaacaagt ctatctcttt tgtgtttgtg atctttcatc atctgctctg tatcttgtag     34740
     atcatcggac tgaatgaaga tgacgattga agctcttctc ttcattgtag ctgctctaca     34800
     ggtgagcttg tgttctagta catacacgca catcaacact gatgatctga tcattatgat     34860
     tcctctctct gcaggatcac agagtcactg ctgttggata tccactggac atggcgctga     34920
     attcagttga tgatcagtat aagggatgta cagagaaaat ggcagatctg gtgaaaacaa     34980
     aatatcttga gaaagaaatg tcttgggtaa acattgaaaa ctacaattac aggacagcag     35040
     aagataactt gacccagaat cattcagttg ccatctacat gtacactaac tcagatgtta     35100
     aagtgcatcg tacattcaat atggatgtgc ttagtggtaa agagaaatac aacactgatg     35160
     cattctcatg gtattcactt cactttctgt taactgaggc cattcagatc ctgagggaaa     35220
     cacagaatgg atgcttttca acctaccgtg ggacaaacct tcactttgac aggaacgtcc     35280
     tgaacaaaga ggttcgtttt ggcttttttg cgtcctcgac tcttgatcgc aacaaagcag     35340
     aaagttttgg caatgtgtct tgttttgaga tctacacttg cgaaggtgct gatgttgcca     35400
     aatattcaaa gtttcctctg gaggaagagg tgctgattcc tccgtatgag acttttagag     35460
     tctctgctgt caaaactagg acatttgaag acgatctctg gtgtgaaact gtgtatatgc     35520
     tagaaagtac tgggaaaaga agtgccctga actgtgcatt agtaaacagg agagatgatg     35580
     aattacttta gatcttgaca taatgtccgg cttttgagga ttttttggtc tacttcactt     35640
     tttccggcag gtcgtcttga agtgatttct tgatggtgaa ctggtgtggc agaaatcagg     35700
     cctgggtgtg gctatagaaa ttgaattcat gtgtaataaa tcagagttat gttatgtttt     35760
     agtagggggc aaatactttt tcacacaggg ctataattgt gtactttgcc ttaataataa     35820
     ataataataa aaccctgggt gtggctacag aaatttaacc tactgtaggt gtgataaact     35880
     agaggtaagt catgatgtaa cggggggcaa acactttttc acatagtgct atgttgtttt     35940
     gtattttgtc ttcataataa aacccttcat ttcaaaactg tatgatgtgt tacggtaatt     36000
     tgtgccatca tctcgacatg atgtgtagct tttgaggatc ttttggtcta cttcagtttg     36060
     tcaggaagac tctatttaag tgatttcttg attgtgaaca ggtgtggcag tgttcagcac     36120
     tgggtgtggc tagagaactg taactcaggt gtgataaatc agagttaagc tattatttaa     36180
     tgggagcaaa cgctttttta catatgacta tgtagctttg tattttgttt tctctcaata     36240
     atagaaacct tcatttccaa actgcatgat gtgtttactt gtgtttgact aatatttaaa     36300
     gtagtttgat gatctaaatc attaaagtgt gatacaaatt aagtgattcc tccaacttag     36360
     atatttagat tcactgctgt caaaatgagg acaaattaag acaagctctg gtgtgaaact     36420
     gtgtatatgc tggaaagcac tgggaaaaga agtgccctga actgtgcatt ggtaaacagg     36480
     agagatgatg aattacttta gatcttgaca taatgtccgg cttttgagga tcttttggtc     36540
     tacttcactt tttccggcag gtcgtcttga agtgatttct tgatggtgaa ctggtgtggc     36600
     agaaatcagg cctgggtgtg gctacagaaa ttgaatatat gtgtgataaa tcagagttat     36660
     gttatgtttt aatagggggc aaatactttt tcacacaggg ctataatttt gtactttgcc     36720
     ttaataataa ataataataa aaccctgggt gtggctacag aaatttaacc tactgtaggt     36780
     gtgataaact agaggtaagt catgatgtaa cggggggcaa acactttttc acatagtgct     36840
     atgttgtttt gtattttgtc ttcataataa aacccttcat ttcaaaactg tatgatgtgt     36900
     tacggtaatt tgtgccatca tctcgacatg atgtgtagct tttgaggatt tttttttcta     36960
     cttcagtttg tcaggaagac tctatttaag tgatttcttg attgtgaaca ggtgtggcag     37020
     tgttcagcac tgggtgtggc tagagaactg taactcaggt gtgataaatc agagttaagc     37080
     tattatttaa tgggggcaaa cgctttttta catatgacta ggtagctttg tattttgttt     37140
     tctctcaata atagaaacca tcatttccaa actgcatgat gtgtttactt gtgtttgact     37200
     aatatttaaa gtagtttgat gatctgaatc attaaagtgt gatacaaatt aagtgattcc     37260
     tccaacttag atatttagat tcactgctgt caaaatgagg acaaatgaag acaagctctg     37320
     gtgtgaaact gtgtatatgc tggaaagcac tgggaaaaga agtgccctga actgcgcatt     37380
     ggtaaacggg agacaataaa tttcttcgga tctcgacatg atgtctggct tttgaggatc     37440
     ttttggtcta cttcactttg gcaggtagac tctatttaag tgatttcttg attgtgaaca     37500
     ggtgtggcag taatcgggtc tgggtgtggc tatagagaac ttgaactctg gggcctgttt     37560
     cagaaaagag gttaagtaaa aactcagagt attatagtat tttagagtat ttccagtttt     37620
     tgaggatctt ttggtctact taactttgtc cagcaggtcc tatttaagtg atttcctcat     37680
     tgcgaactgg tgtagcttga gaaaataaac tcaggtgtta taaatcaaag ttaatttttg     37740
     ctttaataag gggtggagca gacacttttt tttttttttt ttttacacag gactgtgtaa     37800
     ttttgcaatt ttttcccttc ataattagaa aaaccttcaa ttctaaactg tatgatgtat     37860
     atataaattt gtttaatgat ctgaaacatt aaagtaacat taaactgagc aataacatag     37920
     gaataaaaac atatttattg tttattttca tcttatttag ttatttatct ttattaattt     37980
     attttttttt acctttttat cattatggtt aattattaat tttatcatta ttattatttt     38040
     atttttatgt tttgctttgc ttttttctta atgagaagtc agaggctgtt gagggaggga     38100
     aatgttcaac tggggttggg gtagggtaaa cactaacatg gatggataat tataaaatga     38160
     ctgttatggt tgatattcca cgtaaaaacc taataaaaga aatttgaaat aaagtattta     38220
     aattcttatt aaaatttgct ctcatttttt atatttcttt atacagtagt ggttgtggtt     38280
     gaataaattt gacctcataa cttttatcag ttaccataac tttccctgcg ccaccgtgac     38340
     tcccacattt gtgttgtggt aggcataatt tagattactt tacaaaaatc tgtttagggt     38400
     ttagggataa agcatttaat acctttgata caaaaatctt aattgtaatg taataatagg     38460
     aataaaatat aataagagtg aataattaag tgcttatgct ttgttttaat ttagaaaata     38520
     taaatgttac aatataatag tataaatatt gttcttacgt taccgacttg aaattagcaa     38580
     agatttttca gtggatttta aactggtaac taaaaagccc ttccactgcc tgcagagcaa     38640
     tgaaaatcca ccagagggca gaacaccttg aaaattgatg gtgtataaaa gaataagtat     38700
     cagatcatgt acagcagtgg ttctcaaggg gtcgcgggac aatgaagggg ggtcgtctgg     38760
     tgatttccaa aaatctattt atttttatta aacaataaga attaccatat ttcatctaaa     38820
     acgttgttta tagttactat atagtcacta tagtagctta tagttactag ttctgttgga     38880
     ttgtgacccc tggggtaata acattatatt aaagacgcag tagcgtcaga tgcagcagat     38940
     tgattttaga acaccaggtt aaactttcag gcagatttta cagcagtgac atacataaaa     39000
     aaattaaatg aagtatagac ttgggtctat tggtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcca ttgcatgcaa     39060
     ggtttctgta tttatagcca ccttagagga tattgagggt cgcgagtcac taacattgtt     39120
     attttggggg tctcgggctg aaaagtttgg gtagttctga tgtacagaat gcttacaagg     39180
     aaatttttga tcacacacac acatgatgta ggtctcagaa acatgaatat caaatacaat     39240
     acaattactt ttacatgtgt aaggtctttc ttgtggatta gagaaagcag agattagaca     39300
     aaaaccagca cagtgttaaa gtaaccattt actttaagta aaaaagtgag taaacccatt     39360
     gcgataagcg acaagttgaa tttaacaagt gagtaaacct gttataactt gtaactgtta     39420
     agttgagttt aagttaagcc aactaaaatc ttttcaaaaa caacatttta agttaattca     39480
     tctaataatt attttacagt gcaaaggaga agtgtagggc aacattttta tttatttatt     39540
     tatttatttt ttgttataac tctgggtccc actttatatt aagtgtcctt aactactatg     39600
     tacttacatc aaaaaataaa tacaatgtac ttactgtgtt tataatgtat ttgagaacac     39660
     ttgtggtgct tttgagttgg ggtagaggtt gggttatgga caggtttggt ggcatgggta     39720
     ggtttaaggg tgggttaagg tgtaagggat ggtcaacagt gtatttacaa atgtaattac     39780
     aaaagttaat taaagatgta attacatacc tgtatttaat caaggataag tacacagtaa     39840
     atgcatgtat ttacacaata agtacattgt aacaaactat ttattcctgt gtaagtacat     39900
     attagttaag gccacttaaa ataaagtggg acctaactct gaatatacca tcctactatg     39960
     aattacatag tcagaattgc agaaagaaca gtttaggctc ttacagcttt taagcctttg     40020
     tcagttgtga aaccacagat cttcatatgt gttgcgttta gatgagctca acagtttaga     40080
     taagctaagt gcaacaagat cacacttcag ctctaaaaca aactagtgct tttagtgcta     40140
     taaaactagc ttcaaccttc tcatgcattc acttgaagac ttgatgtcgt ctagttaaga     40200
     acgattgaca tttctgatct tcacttctca tcagtttctc ctgaaaaaca ccctgaatct     40260
     gacaaaaaca gagtatattt aaaggtaggt tttataatgc attcataaaa taatgctgaa     40320
     tctaaccttg tatatattaa tgaaataagt agtgtttctt gtttttcatc atctcttctg     40380
     tgtcttgtag atcatcggac tgattgaaga tgaagattgt agctcttctc cttgttgtag     40440
     ctgctctaca ggtgagcttg tgttctagta tcaatattat tacacacatc aacactgatg     40500
     atctgatcat gatgattcct gtcactgcag gatcacagag tcgctgctga tgaagaacaa     40560
     gtatttccac tggatatggc tctgaattca gttgatgata tgtatgacgg atgtagaact     40620
     gatgtgttaa aacgggtgaa aacagaatat cttgcgaaag agctcagtaa ctcaaaagtt     40680
     tttaaaactg tttgggaaat aggaagaaaa gatattaaag gcaaacataa aattatatgg     40740
     aaaaagccat taacaatgga tcacgtaatt gccatgtatg cctacactta tccagacaaa     40800
     gtagataata caagcctttt ttctattttc aacaaggaca ctcgtaatgg tagtgaaaag     40860
     tacaaagcca acgcgtacaa ctggtattca cttcactttc tattaacaaa cgcaacacaa     40920
     atcttgagga acggatcaaa agaatgcgat actacttttc gtggtacaaa tgttacgttt     40980
     aagggtcagg tttttacaag cgttcgtttt ggctcatttg catcctcctc tattcataga     41040
     gacgtggcaa aaaaatttgg aaaagtatct tgttttgaga ttcaaacttg tgaaggcgct     41100
     aatattgcta gatattctaa gattcatgat gaaggggagg tgctgattct tccatatgaa     41160
     gtgtttaata tcactgaaat caagacaaga aatgagcaga atgatctgtg gtgcgacact     41220
     gtgtttgtat tgaacagcac tggattaagg agtgacctga actgtactca tgataccttg     41280
     agaaagtgag acaaacaaaa gtacactgac ttcatataca gtagtcaaca ttccaaatgg     41340
     atctaaaaag tttatttttt cctaaaacaa gaatcgatgc tgttcaatag ttttagaacg     41400
     actgacgaaa ggtgatgaac cacttcaaat gttgacttct atatatttag tcataaacag     41460
     catttaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aagcagaaaa aaaatgttaa ttaaaaagtt gtgttatgtg     41520
     tgcacgaact ttgttagttt gagcttgcaa acttctgtcg tacggcactg caaaaagtgg     41580
     caggattcaa caagattatt agacgtttaa aatatgcaag caattggtcc atatttaaaa     41640
     tttctgtaca gagaggtcgt gttttgatct ttaatacagc cacgttatgc gatttcgcag     41700
     gtcagagttc accaagcttg aactttgcca tgcagcaaac tgcaaaactt gtcgcaagag     41760
     cttgcatttc tggtctgcaa cattcgcgtg tgcatgaatg ttagtttata gggagaaaat     41820
     tgcagtgtga cgatggctta actcgtaaac cagaagtgca tgtttttttg tatttcacaa     41880
     cggttgtctt ttattgaatc gcagcatttc tctgattgta ttattggggt gatctggtaa     41940
     aaatgagaaa attactattg ttaaaactca ctgttgttcc ttgtttagtt tttgttcata     42000
     ttcagcttct gtcaaccaaa taaatcattc aaagcataaa attttttccc atacgtctct     42060
     tttttttgta cttgatgtgg catgaacagt ttgaaactca caaaacccac gaccaaggaa     42120
     gcaatttaca caactataag agcaacaatg aataagtgct gtaggcaagt ttcaggtgtg     42180
     taaagaaagt gtaagaagca aaacagtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     42240
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattaa gttgttagtc agagagggaa     42300
     gtgcatatta gtaaattcat acaaattagg caattatcaa aaagttcaac aaacaggcgt     42360
     gagatattat tgtagcctga tttcacaagg aagtataact ggagatgtgg ttgaccaaac     42420
     ttaactcttt atgactgtaa tatagtttac tttcagtttt gccagaatta gccaaacggc     42480
     tgttttgcat ctttagattc tttggccgga tggtaaaata gtcgacctaa aaatataaaa     42540
     caactaacta taaacaataa atacacattt caaagtgcat gtgaaatggg ctgcatttct     42600
     aaaaattaac aatactaaaa atagtattaa taattataat attacattac taaatataat     42660
     tatactacaa aagtaacaga ttcatatttt acagatgcac aattgacaat aatatatata     42720
     tactgagaga agattgtttt caacacattt ctaaacataa tagttttcaa gacacttcta     42780
     tacagcttaa agtaacattt aaaggcttag ctaggttaat taggcaggtt agggtaagta     42840
     ggcaagtcat tgtataacga tggtttgatc tgtagactat cgaaaaaaat atagcttaaa     42900
     ggggctatta attttaaaat ttaattttaa aaaattaaaa actgattttc ttctagctga     42960
     aataaaacaa aaaagacttt ctccagaaga aaaaatatta tcagaattac tgtgaaaatt     43020
     tccttgctta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     43080
     tatatatata tatataattt ttgctttgaa attatcattg ttgttaaaag tgctttaaaa     43140
     attaacttga gttgaattga caggtggagt tttcagtgat aaatccaact agaaaaaaag     43200
     ttataatttt atgtgtaaga agttaaagta atttaagttt ttacttttac agtgtagttt     43260
     caaactgtaa tttaagttga tccaatgagt ttttttaatg ttagtagtga taagagaaaa     43320
     taaactatgc tgtgatcaca tgttgaatta ttttgcactt ttcttttact ttcacataac     43380
     tgatgtcatg taatgtaatg taatgtaatg tgtatttata cagcgcattt attgtgtatg     43440
     gccataaccc caaagtgttt cacaatcatg aggaggggtc tatccacatc accaccagtg     43500
     gaaattttca cagtaattct gataatattt tttcttctgg agaaagtctt ttttgtttta     43560
     tttcagctag aagaaaatca gtttttaatt tttttaaata aaattgtaat attcttagcc     43620
     actttaagct atattttttt gatagtctac agatcaaacc atctttatac aatgacttgc     43680
     ctaattaccc taacctgcct aattaaccta atggaattgt gtagtcttgt gtttcattaa     43740
     cagattgtat atattttttg tgaaatatta taggtaacat ttataaaggg taccttgtaa     43800
     tgcatcaggc ccagtatgtt atttcatgtc catgtgatgt ccatatctaa gctgataacg     43860
     tttaagaaaa cacgcactga aaagtgacta gtcactccaa ctccatcagt aaatttcatt     43920
     tttgggatga atgggctaca aaccgctttt aagtgtgttg aaaacaaacg tgtccagact     43980
     tgttttaaag ttttcatgat aacggctcaa ctttggagga gatggtcttc agataacaac     44040
     agtaagaaag ttctttgtga tgcagtcaag cgttttcaca tgaaacagta aatgaatggg     44100
     atggacaact catcatgttc tgacaagaaa ccgcaatgtt catggcaatt tcaacagaac     44160
     tgtacatgtt tgtccaacaa gttttttgcc aaaccattat gtcatcaaat gatttgtgtt     44220
     ctgaaaatgc attgttggtc ccttgtgcta ttgttgttac attgcaacta ctcatgcatg     44280
     tcccctactc caccaataga cattctcctg actataaaag aaaacttgca agtaagttaa     44340
     cttatggctc gtttccactg actggtacag tacggtacgg ttcaggttgg tacaggtcac     44400
     ctttatcagg cttgcgtttc cactaccaag ggtacccttt tggtgggcgt ggtgtatgac     44460
     aaagtttcag tcgacgtaat tttcgctcga gaaaatgtct acaataaagc ttcacaggtc     44520
     gttcacatat catatgagaa gcacttctca caaaacagat gctttacaca catgaatact     44580
     tgtgtataaa tgtttattac taacttttct acaaacagga gttgattata actgcagatc     44640
     aatgacagcg cgaaatagcc tactgtaacg tctgtaatta tattaaataa ataaataaat     44700
     aaatgaacat atatgaacac atacagaccc ttacagtctc cgatatgtta ccaactacag     44760
     aagaactact caaagcactc attttgtcat taattaggtt caaaacaaca caaagtatag     44820
     cctacagtca gagtaaacct ctcatctgtg tctgtaatct tcagcagcac atgaagcctc     44880
     tgttagagag tcactccatc attcccagtt catattagtc caaaaggtga taataaagat     44940
     taaaacaagg cagtttgttc acgtttgctg aagaaataac gtgctccttc attggcttag     45000
     ccttttttcc cacgctccac tttcgtgttt gtccttttct ttctgaatgt gtcactctcg     45060
     cgtttgtcag cttctcatag gatctggttt ccaaaagctt gtcaataatc aagtgcatgt     45120
     tattattatc agatcaagaa gtttgttatt tcaggtagag acgcgcggcg agcgcaagaa     45180
     aaaaaagcga aaccactcgg gcttcagact ggctcgttaa aaactacgcg gcacagggta     45240
     aatctgctct tctccatggc tttgtggctg tttatcatga cgacgacagg gtttgtttgc     45300
     atgatcgacc atggctgcat atgtatttat aaattcgctg taatctctcg ctgtgttttt     45360
     caaacatggc gggtcctttg tttacattct ggattgttga gtctacgaat gaccaatagc     45420
     gttcagctgc gcatgtagct ccaccttttg ggaccctttc tgcagtttgg gaccctttcg     45480
     aaagggtccc gaaaaagtgg tacggtacgg tttggttcgg tacgcctttt gacagtggaa     45540
     acggccataa aagcgaacca aaccaaaccg taccgtacca ctcagtggaa acgggccatt     45600
     acactaaccc tatccctaac agtacagttt actaatactc caatgagaat taattgacat     45660
     gtaattgcag tactacgcat gttcaaccaa acttgttaaa gtgactcaaa ataaagtgat     45720
     accaactatt gtaacactga attggttttt agttgttatc ttcttaaatc atgggaaaaa     45780
     aagtatggta gtctctttat ttttatgagt ccattcttat gtatggaagt aacatatttg     45840
     ccccattcca ttatcaacta cttacctgga gctaggtcat ggggtaacag tttcagcaag     45900
     gaaccccaaa ctcccttctc cccaagctat tgctccagct cctccaaggg gattgcaaag     45960
     tcttcaggtg aacaagggaa gcttacatgg gcatccctta tttttgaccc aggaatgaga     46020
     ctgcttcata aagtatgtcc actcctgaac ctagaaacct atttcctaga ttgcaatcca     46080
     attaggatgt cacaacagtg cttaagggtt cagtacagtg gtctcaaact caactcccag     46140
     aggtctacag ctctgcacag tttagctcca gctacctcca actcacacct gctaaatagt     46200
     ctctagtaga ctggaacacc ttaattagct ggataagctg tgcgcaaaat gaagagcagg     46260
     agggaaggtg cgcgcaaact gaagagcgga gagcgggtat gaagatggtt gcgtgtttgg     46320
     atcggtgggc atggggactg aatcaaaaaa gaattccggg agttttctgg gagacagaac     46380
     aatacgggag aagggcggga gatgggtctg aaattggcag gtatgctcca aactcatccc     46440
     atgtgaccga gttccagacc ccaatctttg ccaccctgtt aagaaaactc atttttggct     46500
     gcttgaattc aagatcttgt ccttttgttc aagacccaaa tctcaagacc atagatgaga     46560
     ataagaatgt aaattgacag gtgaattgag cactttgacc tttcggctaa gctccttctt     46620
     taccacaact gataagtata tagaccaaat aacatacact aatctatctg tcaacctcat     46680
     atttaatcct ttcctcacta agaaacaaaa ccccaagata tttgaactcc tccacatgtg     46740
     gagttgacaa gacacctttc tggttgagca ctatgacttg gacttggagg tgtatgattc     46800
     ccataaaggc acttgcccag tgaagccaaa agtcaacgaa aagcaaagat gaaatcctgt     46860
     agtcctcaaa ccagttcctc tctggcccaa ggctgctcct aaaagttcta tgaacagagc     46920
     ggtgacagag ggcagcattc tgaagtcgaa catgcaccag aaataagttt gacttattga     46980
     cagcaataca aatagagttc cttcttcagt catacagaca tcaaacagcc cgtaccagag     47040
     cacctcagat cccatactac cagagcaccc cccacagaat actacgagga ataccttcaa     47100
     tcaaacacct tctccaagtc aagacaaaaa cacattatta cttctgaatc caaggttcta     47160
     caatcagctg gattctcctc tccagtaccc tggcataaac tttttttggg gaagctgagg     47220
     agtgtaatcc cctatagttg gaatgcactc tccagtcccc cttcctaaaa ataaagagca     47280
     ccacccctgt ctccatcctc catgtaccag caatacaaat gaagctcttg ttgccgtcat     47340
     agggagacca gacatagacc ttaacagagc atcacgtacc cagtactccc agtgcactcc     47400
     ccacagaatg ccacaaggga cacgattaaa caccttttgc aagtccacta aacacatgtg     47460
     gactggttgg ccatactcac ataagcctct gagcaccata gagaggctag atagctggtc     47520
     cagtaatcct ctggctggac aaagaactgt atacaactta atccaaatat ttcttgtgaa     47580
     tccaagaaca ctattgtatt gaatttcctc taaagaactc tggcataaat gtttccagga     47640
     agactaagga ctattatccc ctttagttag aatgcactct ccagtccccc ttcttaaaca     47700
     ttgtgagaac catccctgtc tctaacctcc atgtaccagc attacatatt aagctcttgt     47760
     tgcagtcata gaaagactag gcagagacct taacattgca tcacataccc gatactccca     47820
     gtgcaccctc cacagaatgc cacaagggac acaatcaaac aagcctttga gcaccctaca     47880
     gaggctaggt agctggccca gtgttcctct tgcccaggag tgctcaaccc tgttcctgga     47940
     gatctacctt cttatagatt tcagttgcaa cccatattaa acacacctgg ctgtaattat     48000
     caagtgttgt tcaggtcctg tttaattggt tcaggtgtgt ttgatcaggg ttggagctga     48060
     actttgcagg aaggtagatc tccaggaaca gggttgagca gccctgctct tgctggacaa     48120
     agaactgtat ccaactttgt ccaaaaatat ctcctgaatc caaggacact attggctgga     48180
     ttctcctcta aagaaatctg gcatgaactt ttccgggaac gctaaggact atgatccccc     48240
     tatagttggc atgcactctt aagtctccct ttttaaaaat agcgagcaca acctatgtcc     48300
     ctgacctcca tgtggtgttg tagggtcatg tcagccaaga cagtcccatc acatctagag     48360
     acttgaggta ctcagatctc atcctcccct gctgtcttgc cactgtcccg ctgtcaaccc     48420
     ctgttttccc tgtctctgct tcttcaaagg agggcaagtc agtgggatta aggagattct     48480
     caaatccttc cttgcatcat ctgacaacac gcttagttcc gacttccact acaagcagca     48540
     ttggtgaata tctgcttccc cttcctgagg cccagccact taaaattcag atcaaaaaca     48600
     atgaaggagt ccatatcaat tggaaaccaa aacttcaata gaccaagtga catttcacag     48660
     aagtgcgagg aaagacacac aagtcacctt cacccacggc gctggattcc actgctgagc     48720
     cggtgggtgg taccttacat tacaaattca ggcaaacaat ggaatctttc atctctctct     48780
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctttctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca     48840
     cacacacaca cacacacaga tgattaaaaa tattaaaaat gtaactaact tttctgatct     48900
     tccctccaaa ttatacaata aagaaaacac ataatccgtc aattgaagac aacagtattc     48960
     tcaggtaagt ttggttttaa gtaaaagatc agtaaaacat gtacattagt gctgatgaat     49020
     gcaattttaa tgtgcaaatc taggcctgta tattcgaatt gcaagagctt catatttgtg     49080
     agaagctgtt gcttttttat ctttcatcat ctgctcttta ctgtatcttc tagatcattg     49140
     gactgaacga acattttctt ctcattcttc ttctcatttt agctgcacta caggtgagct     49200
     tgtgttctcg tgaatattaa acactggata tggcaaatag ttctagcagt tagaagtaaa     49260
     agaactttag gaaaagatct gcctttgctt agtttaatca ggcttgtcaa aaagaagaaa     49320
     atacaaagaa atctggggat aacttgacaa ggaaacattc gattgccaat tatatttgca     49380
     gagaaaagat tcagctcata agtgaaagct aatgtatttt gtgttgttag attgtatgtg     49440
     ataattaatt tgcagtttct tgactgggtc ataacaacct gtagatcttg tccagatctt     49500
     ggttttaggt agctttaaat tggtcttctt tttagtaatg tattcacatt acagctttaa     49560
     gtaaaatgat ctgaagattg cagcaggcac tgaaaaaaat catattcaca aaatcagttt     49620
     ctccaacact gaaacctcag caacatttca aatttcactt cagcttttgt tgatccatta     49680
     ttacataaat ggtctatgat ccacatgaaa ataaaacttg tttagacttt tgaaatgtat     49740
     ggttgtgata cagtcaacct ttttcacgcg aaactaactg aaagatgatt tatacctcag     49800
     aaacttggtt cctgatatcc ttggaacctg gagttaatct ttttcatcaa gttcatcttg     49860
     ttttgacctt cataaaaaga aatacgccaa acaaatgcta ttactcaagt gtgaactctc     49920
     tccaactgtt tcattggcag gcaggttttc cgacatatcc agtgtatatt tggtttctaa     49980
     acaagacatt caatttaaaa ttacaattaa aagtgattgt atacattttg aaagtaaagg     50040
     cgggagtcta gttaaatatt tttaatacgt tttttcagag attctaaatg taaaaaaaaa     50100
     agaatatttg tgcccttatt aaaaaatata taagagttaa attataaata tttattacaa     50160
     tttaaagtat caagcagagt ataaatattg aagcaaaata caatattttg gggttacact     50220
     ttcatcctta aatagagatt tttcaaaggc agtctcacta caattcacga ctttttatga     50280
     atgatatacc atggctgcag caggcgcaaa gatattacag agcacctgaa aactttccaa     50340
     cttccatcaa tataaccacc cagcaaacaa ttttgtgtaa tagacgtcta atagacatct     50400
     taacgtagcc aacttggcta aaacaaggct aaactttggc tttcaaatct aatgaacatc     50460
     taagaatagc ccaaaactag accagtcatc aaataaacga aagaaagaaa tagctacaca     50520
     tgtaaagtct gtgtaatctg tctacttgat gactagtcta gttttgggct attagatttt     50580
     cactgaaagt ttagcctttt ttttggccta gatgacagac tctattagac atctattaga     50640
     cttcttttaa aaacaaaaca aaaaaatgct tgcaaggcat tgtgacactt tgcaaccatg     50700
     gttggatggt cacatgcaaa gtattcctta cactgtctga cgacattctt agtcgaggtc     50760
     aacagcttcc cagttccact ataagcagtg ttagtgaagc actgtttccc attcctgagg     50820
     tgcctgagct gtgtatattg gtgcattatt atcctgatac acagcactgc cttcagaata     50880
     taatgtttgg accattgggt gcacatggtc ctccacaatg gttcggtagt ccttggcagt     50940
     gacccggtgc ccatctagca caagtattgg ggctagggaa tgccatgata ctgcagccca     51000
     aaccatcact gattcacccc catgcttcac tctgggcatg caacagtctg ggcggtacat     51060
     ttctctgagg cttctccaca cagtaactct cccgaaaaat cccggggaaa actctgacac     51120
     attgcagctg agctgtaaaa gctataagca agcttacacc atccctctac gagcaaatcc     51180
     agagtagaag acagtccagc tgttttctag agcccaaatt gtgcatggag gtgaacccga     51240
     ctatttcttg gtcaggttac cagtgagggg acattccatg tcccaacaac atgtttctgt     51300
     atccaagagt cttcatggca ctggccttcg accactgccc attccagttt acaaatgctt     51360
     gaaatgtggc tttcatatag tcatattcaa aatccacatt tctctggccc tttatggcta     51420
     ctcctgcagg tagtcatgac atacctatac attaacagct catgagttca tgttgggtac     51480
     atttagctta gacttaattg ttaataaata cattaattaa caacatgtac taacaagtaa     51540
     ttaaggtagc tgtttttcac acatgaactc aagcaaccca agctcattct gaaaacgtgg     51600
     acgtttctgg agaccgcgat ttatgtgggc ggaggtacgt atggccgcaa ttgttttttt     51660
     ctctcgctca cctccgtgtg aagagctttc ccgccgcaac cagtttgtcc gcttagctca     51720
     tggtgttacg tcggcggagc ggaggaggag gagccaccca cggcgacgac cgggttcggg     51780
     tccggggaag aaaggttcca gaaatcaggt aagatgaaaa acagaattca ataaattgaa     51840
     agtgaacgag ttcgtgatgg agcaagaatg cggcgaaatc aaaaactcgg tcaaaatggg     51900
     acaaggactt ttgcttttct ggacggcttt tgttaaccgt cacttgggtt tagggaagga     51960
     ggaggagggt ggccgggggc ggccgattgc ccagtaaatc gttcagtcac tcggccagtc     52020
     ggtcgcttga cagcagcctc tggtggcttt tcgcgcgaga acaacgcggt cgcaaacggc     52080
     atgcggattt gcgaatacaa aaactgcaca aatacgtacc tccctggacg tattgcgcga     52140
     tctccagaaa cgtctgcggg actacgtttc cacgatgaac ctgggttgaa ctcatgtgaa     52200
     tcatgttgta gttaaagtta attcatgatt agtgcatacc ttaaatcata gtaaactaat     52260
     gtttagttta catattaata cctcattatt cttgtactgt tattgtaaag tgttacccct     52320
     tttgggaaca cttttgtaca ttcaaggttc acgtttgtac ctttaaagta ctgtgaggta     52380
     cacatttatg ctttctatgt attaatatct ttctttaagg atgtgttagg aacaaaaatg     52440
     taccttttga aaatgtactg ccctagtgac agattttgta cctttatttc tgagagtgta     52500
     cacactataa gaaaaaaata ataatttgtt aagttaggac aatattgaaa cctcattata     52560
     ttaaaatatt tgaagttcaa gtattgtctc aactttacaa actgagacaa acaatgtata     52620
     gtaatggatc atttattgct tctacggaaa ctctctctct ctctttccct ctttctctct     52680
     cacccacaca cacacagaca tggatgaatt gcaatgtaca aaacacacct tcccatctgt     52740
     agatttgtac agttgttgtc gtcaggctgc gagcgtctga cttttctgat cttctcctga     52800
     aaaaaagaaa gactagagac aacggtactc tcaggtaaga gtgcttttaa agtaatacat     52860
     caacaaaata gtttgaatcc atgcttaaac tctaatttca gtgacttttt tttctcttta     52920
     atcatcttct ctgtattctc cagactgaat gaagatgacg attgaagctc ttctcctcat     52980
     tgtagctgct ctacaggtga gcttgtgttc tagtatgaat attattacac acatcaacac     53040
     tgatgatctg atcatgatga ttcctgtcac tgcaggatca cacatcagct gctcctgtaa     53100
     gaacaatata tccactggac atggctctga attcagttga tgatcagtat aagggatgta     53160
     cacagacaat gacgaacaag acagagaatt actatctacc gaaggaaaga tctgcttcag     53220
     ctgagtttaa taaaacttgg caggatgcag aagcgaatgc aaagaaacct gaagataact     53280
     tgacaatgag tcattcggtc gctctttatg tttatactaa caaagattca agtgtgtaca     53340
     gtgatttcac taaagccact cgcactgaga aacagactta tataagcggg acgtttaaat     53400
     ggtattctct tcactatctg ctaacagaag ccgttcagat tctgaagaaa acacagccta     53460
     gatgctttct aacgtatcgt gggacaaatc tccagtttga ggctcagagc agagaggttc     53520
     gcttgagctc gttttcatcc tcgtctctta atcgaacagt aattcaggct ttcggaaacg     53580
     tgtcttgttt tgagatctac acttgtgaag gtgcgaatct gacgaagtac tcaaagtatc     53640
     ctgaggagaa agaggtgctc attcctccgt acgagacgtt taatgtcgct gctgtgaaaa     53700
     acagaaccta tgagaaagat ctgtggtgtg aaactgtgtt tgtgctgaac agcaccggga     53760
     caagaagtga cctgaactgt ggtttgatga actctggacg ccatgcttct tttagttacg     53820
     ttttactaat tatgtccacg ttattatatt ttaacttgta aattttggga atcacagtgg     53880
     gtagaacgat tgcctcacag taagaaggtc gctggtttga gcctcggctg ggtcagttgg     53940
     catttctgtg tggagtttgc gtgttctccc tgtgctcacg tgggtttcct catcaagtcc     54000
     aaacagatgt gctataggtg aattgggtaa gctaaatttt ccgtagtata tgtgtgtgaa     54060
     tcagagtgtg tggatgtttc ccagagatgg gttgcagctg gaaggtcatc cgctgcgtaa     54120
     aacatgtgct ggataagttg acggttcatt ccgctgtggt gaccctggat taataaaggg     54180
     actaagccga aaagaaaata aatgaatgaa ttaaattatt tgtggggaca tgtcaatagt     54240
     tgatgattat tgatagggac acatcccctc tgtccatgct aaatctaggc tcctggcaag     54300
     atgcctacag tacgttggca gtgactgtaa actactggca tgttttaata tgtttatgtg     54360
     acagtttcaa cttgtctaaa tgtcatctca tgaaaagatt cgaatgacgt gtaaataaaa     54420
     gccgtatttg ctttagatcc agcctttgta caagtccacc tgtacggtag cattcctcac     54480
     tgcgattttc atgctgagtt aatagggact ttctcatttg ctttgattac ctggttcata     54540
     ccttcatact tatctctatt aaacaacacc tttgctaatt taacaagtta atcaataaaa     54600
     ttatttactg catttttaag aataattaac taatattttt taattttctc catcttaagc     54660
     caacacaaaa gcaaactaac aagactaagg ccctgtttac actgccagtt aaatgtgacc     54720
     caattctgat ttgttgctta tatgtgacgc agatcggatc tgttctatga ccgtgtaaac     54780
     acgcatgcat tcggatatat agagatcagt ttcaggcctc cttcatatgt agaaataaat     54840
     cagatataaa tcagataggt gacaatgcga ctatcatgta aacaggaaga tcagatttat     54900
     tgaccgactc cgaagacgcc gacacgataa gtgaagttta ttcataaact aatttcgaga     54960
     ggatcacgtg cttatgattt atcacgtcca gtctcgcatt tgctaatcac taatcttcca     55020
     atcatatgag ccctaaggca ccataaatag tctaagtttc cagttcactt tatcttcgtt     55080
     tggaagaagc agcttcaccg tagctagctc cgttgaagaa ccaactctaa accagcatgg     55140
     acaactaaag cagcaacaag ctacaatctt caggatcttc atttggaaga acgctctgct     55200
     ctgctcatca actacaaaag ctacaagtgc tacaagctac aaaagcttca agctacaatc     55260
     tacaatatac aatctaaaag cttcaatcta caagctacaa tatacaagct acagcaacaa     55320
     caacaacaac tactattgct accatttcaa acaactacaa ctccaacaat ttcatcaaca     55380
     gcttaaacaa caactccaaa accttccact tcaaagagcc tccacaacgc atctgctgtg     55440
     tcttcaacct tatttcccag caagatataa gccaaactcc aaagctattg caataaaacg     55500
     gaaccctcac cttctcctag cagtacacat gctatccatc gtttaacaga ttgtttgctg     55560
     gaatgtgttc agcagagcag cagctccagc cacaaacaat gttgaatttg atcaacaaaa     55620
     tggccgccag gctttttgca ccttttgcat ggcccgactg aaactcctta agccaatagc     55680
     tgtaaagata agcgtctcca tccaatgagc taaaagactg gagatggtcc cgccctctct     55740
     cttgactctg ttgcaaagac cttatgaatg aataggccag acaagcttgt aaatttagtt     55800
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatccattt gacatttaac ttctgaaaag     55860
     attattaccc aaccagtaaa tatattaaca agctattgaa aaacattatg ccatcaagca     55920
     cagaagtcca attgtaatac gccagcgact catgtgttga tttacaagcg tcatataaga     55980
     ttacatagca agtcagtcgg atgtgaaaac ggcaaagaaa caaacttccc acttgactgt     56040
     tataaataca aatttaaact tcactatcac ttcacatgct cagtcttcaa ggggtaccag     56100
     ttttccagga ccaccagact agccatatcc catgtcctca gctctccatt catctgtcat     56160
     cccgttagga gacgaacacc cacccctacc atccttgcac atcgtatcaa tgaagtcatc     56220
     ggaccatgca ttatcaaaag cgcttccatt tacagccgcc catgccctta ttaagatgcc     56280
     tcgcatggat ataaactaaa acaattttca tgtctgccat acttgtatta ttttgcaaag     56340
     atttaatttc tgattctctt tgttttttct attttagaga tcatgactgc tggctccaga     56400
     agctgaccct catccaacct attacactcc acatcctctt cacaaaggat acattccatt     56460
     tttcacttta tccaatctgt cctaacctgc agtctgcaac ctccgaacct gaaaccgtcg     56520
     attatcttat taaaaagaaa tcgacaacaa cttcatgatt ggaactccaa ggctcctcct     56580
     tttaatatct cgcgcattag ccccattggt gtcgctactc aaaaatgttc tggcaaaaac     56640
     gccttgtagt cgacctttcg tcccaacaca attgctcctt tcctagcatt aacagcacta     56700
     ttccattgga cgaatattta cttaactact acgacattga tcaagagatc tctctcataa     56760
     agatagccag tcgtaacacc tggctagcca aagaagacat ttcccctacc tttaaaatca     56820
     tgccaatcca cccagacttc tggcaccttt tggcatttat tggcgaaatc aattctattt     56880
     ttcggatgca aaagcaaccc aaaaaatatt tgacataatg tcagaagctt tatgctggat     56940
     tctgtctaat atttacgaaa taccatacct cattcacctt ctagacgatt ttcttatttc     57000
     ccccccgtca tctcctccag ccaaacacct agcgatcacc cagcaggttt tcgctgatct     57060
     cggaaggacc cagtacttca atcgaatttc tgggtattaa tctagactcg cataaattcc     57120
     aagcatccct tcctaaagag aaaatcaatc gaataatttc tctatcccaa attttccttg     57180
     aaaaacagat gtgcacacaa cgagaactcc taccaattct cggccatcta aatttcgcta     57240
     tgcgcattat tcctttcatt tcccacctcc atcaattatc caccacagtt catggtttag     57300
     aagaaacaat ttttctctcc aaacccagtc gcgatgaact ttgcttatgg atctctttcc     57360
     ttaagcaatg gaacggctgt tcctttttct acagcgactt gattgcatcc cctattgaca     57420
     tcaacacata cacagacgct gcccctccaa taggttacag tggctaacat aaaggacact     57480
     ggtttgtctc aacatggcca acccaattgt aattccattc caaagaccaa tgtttttcag     57540
     ccctcttcaa attctaccct atcatcgcag cagccatcct gtggggggac gaatggtcta     57600
     catctagcat tctctttcac tgcgataacg aagctacagt gcattgcatt aacaaaggac     57660
     gctcccactc ccaatcgctt atgccatttt taagacacct tatctggata tctgctaaaa     57720
     aacaatttat catgattgct gaacatgtac ctggttgcaa aaaccaaatc gctgactctc     57780
     tctctctctc atttctcttt gcagatattc tggcaactag ccccggaagc agaccctcac     57840
     ccaacgccgg tccctcctta ttcagtaacg atatttccat aaaccaccca cttcataatc     57900
     ttcatcaaac ttctctatct cttatcctac aagcaatagc tcccagaacc ctcaatgcct     57960
     acctcacagc atggaattcg ttcaaacaat tccataccat gctagacaac ccattacact     58020
     caaaatcctt acctcatgca tctacaccct ctgtaaaggt tacatttcct cccatacagc     58080
     ccgcacctta gatgctatgt tcaatctagc attttttggg gggtttctta aatgttctga     58140
     attaacagtt acatccaaat ttaaccctct actccacccc accatctcag atctagcttt     58200
     gcaagacagg gaaactatct ctttccttat caaacaaagc aaaacagatt aattccagag     58260
     aggacactct atcctcattt tcaatattcc ttcacctaca cgcccattcc aaaccctctt     58320
     agcctagaaa atctcaagag gctaacccac tggccccgct ttttactgat gacgctaacc     58380
     gtccagtatc tcgattctgg tttcaaaaac accttaaaga aatctttcgc ctatcaggtt     58440
     ttttcccaga gcccttttcc agccactcat tcaggattgg cgcagccact acaacgggct     58500
     ctcacaccat cagatccaga cccttggtcg ctggtcttct gaagttttca aatcttatat     58560
     acgtctcagt aaataccacc tcaagaaagc ccaacaggct ttaaccaacc cccaagcacc     58620
     tcctcacacg gctccaactc aaaaaggcgt ctaacagagc ctcgactctc gcaagagtca     58680
     tccaaaccaa accccgcaga agcccaattg tccacccatg gcacccttac atgtttgcca     58740
     aggactccct caagggccat tgcagttagc atcttctgca atcaccaata gctatttaca     58800
     gatgcagacg tttgtatcca catgttcttt gcgcatttac tgcgtttgta catatgtatt     58860
     atatttgtgc ttgttccctt cttccaactt ttccaaatct tttatcctta taaccctact     58920
     tttcagcctc tcgttccttt cttctctaca ctccactccc aactaatcta ttttacactc     58980
     tacctctaat gatcttgttt ctactgtcta gactcttcag acacccgaag gggccccctt     59040
     gagctccaac tctcgcagga ttcggccata gcggccacag tcctttcttc ttcacgatgt     59100
     tacctattct ttttccgcct agactctttc tccaagctcc aaaccccgca ggggtccgct     59160
     caagctaaaa cttcttcact ctacttcaac tacctctctt ctccttatga ctcaccctct     59220
     agctctgacc cccacagggg tcgctccgag ccccaatctc tcgcaagagt tatccaaatc     59280
     ctctttccca ctcactgata tctatctcct cctatccgca atctaccctc aagctctgac     59340
     ctccacaaag gtcgctcaga gctccaactc tcacaagagt tactctcttc cactcactgc     59400
     tacctatctc cccctatcta cactctaccc ccaagctctg acctccacag aggtcgcttc     59460
     aagctccaac tctcacaaaa gttactctct tccactcatt gctcctccca gctacactct     59520
     accctcaagc tcaaacctcc gcagaggtca ctcctatcta caccctaccc tcaagctcaa     59580
     acctccgcag aggtcactcc tatctacacc ctaccttcaa gctcaaacct ccgcagaggt     59640
     cgctcctatc tactctctac cctcaagctc taacctccgc agaggtcact cctatctaca     59700
     ccctatcctc aagctcaaac ctccgcagag gtcactccta tctacaccct actttcaagc     59760
     tcaaacctcc gcagaggtcg ctcctatcta ctccctaccc tcaagctcta acctccgcag     59820
     aggtcactcc tatctacacc ctatcctcaa gctcaaacct ccgcagaggt cactcctatc     59880
     tacaccctac cttcaagctc aaacctccgc agaggtcgct cctatctaca ccctaccttc     59940
     aagctcaaac ctccgcagag gtcgctccta tctacaccct accttcaagc tcaaacctcc     60000
     gcagaggtcg ctcctatcta ctccctaccc tcaagctcta acctccgcag aggtcactcc     60060
     tatctacacc ctaccctcaa gctctaacct ccgcagaggc tgctctaaac tcaaactctc     60120
     acaaagctcc atctttcgta agagctactc tcctccactc tctgctccat accttcactc     60180
     taccctggcc cccgcagggg tcacttagag ctccaactcc cacaagattc actcaaagtt     60240
     ctctttcact gcttcaaacc acctattctc cccttcttaa ccccgaaaac catgaccccc     60300
     gcaggggttc cttcaaactc taactccagc aagagttatt agaatcctct tttcaccctt     60360
     attaatccta tctaattaat gcccatgcat ttaacctctt ttcttctatt atatccagca     60420
     gccggatata gctctaaatt tcctgccttt tgggggggtt ttttcttcga atacgcggct     60480
     gctgtcccga gcgattaatt ctgcattttg gggagttctg agatccaccg agctcaggct     60540
     cccttcttgc tctgccaacg ggaggaagcc ccgggctcga ggagcccttg agctcggggc     60600
     tctctcccgg gacagcatgc caaataagct ttgtaaatca tcagctaagt gtgaactctt     60660
     gaagtgaagt ttattcataa actaatttcg agaggatcac gtgcttatga tttatcacgt     60720
     ccagtctcgc atttgctaat cactaatctt ccaatcatat gagccctaag gcaccataaa     60780
     tagtctaagt ttccagttca ctttatcttc gtttggaaga aacccccctc ctcccctatt     60840
     ctcctccttt acctgtaatt gggcggcacg gcggtccagt ggttagcact gtgaaccaca     60900
     cagcaagaat actgccggtc ctagttcgat aggaccggtg agtgtttctg tggggagttt     60960
     gtatgtcctt cccgtgtccg cgtgggtttt ccccgggctc tccggtttcc tcccaccatc     61020
     caaagacatt caacatactt aacaatcaag ccggtctaat tccttacgtt cccttagcta     61080
     cagcggcagg ggagttctga gatccaccga gctcaggctc ccttcttgct ctgccaacgg     61140
     gaggaagccc cgggctcgag gagcccttga gctcggggct ctctcccggg acagcatgcc     61200
     aaataagctt tgtaaatcat cagctaagtg tgaactcttg aaacaacaac aacagaggaa     61260
     acatggagaa ggaaagtggt cagtggtcga cggctgaagt tacctgccta catgccctgt     61320
     gggcagatag gtcggtggat tacactatat ataagccata gacgcaagca ataatgatgg     61380
     ccattttcct tctcctccgc ctcaaaatca ttttcaagtt gggcgaactt ggcatatttc     61440
     acagagctaa aagcaagaca atttcttcca tcgtggctag catggcgctg taatgaagtt     61500
     tacggccctt tggccgccgg gaagaaggag gcggagaacc gacggagttt taaaatgatt     61560
     tattaataat aatgagggca gctcctcacg gagactgcca tttaaatcaa aacaaacgga     61620
     cggcagctcc tcgcggagac tgccgtcaaa ctgaaagcaa aagtaaaata acatgcccgg     61680
     gcccggtcct ctctcggctt cctctgccat cggtcctcct tttatggtcc agagctcctt     61740
     ccgtgggatc cgaggcaggt gcgcaccgca cttgtatcca ctcacgcggt ggcctcaccc     61800
     cgttcccacg gctctcggcc acgccccctc gccacatacc cccatctccc atcacaggcc     61860
     gggggcaccc cgtggctgtg catactccgg gggggggggt ttggcgccac agcacccgcg     61920
     agacctatat gagacgggcc gagagaaaag gagatggaaa aaaaaaagga ggaaagacag     61980
     agtagaccga gaaaggggag agaggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttggggttcg gttctccaga     62040
     cacgctgcca ctcggtcctc caccagctga gagatgcgac gacgtgctgg gagccctgtg     62100
     gaggaatcta tccacccgtc cgtcttctgg cgtccggcgg cggttctcct ggctggctgg     62160
     cggcatttct ggtctcctgc tccgctcccg cttcggtgga tggatgcagg ctctggcatc     62220
     atggcggatc gcggcgactc ccccgggttc tgtgggatgg ctcccttcag ctctttccct     62280
     tccggtggtg agccccgcgt cccctgctcc tccccatgct gggagacggc agcaggcaga     62340
     tcctttcctc gccagcctca ggccgccccg gcactctggg cagacgaacg ggtttctccc     62400
     ccactcgggt taactcccga acactcgccc cctctctcag cggcgagggc atctggacaa     62460
     cgcgtccctc cttctcccgg gcttcggcac cactgtaatg aagtttacgg ccctttggcc     62520
     gctgggaaga aggaggcgga gaaccgacgg agttttaaaa tgatttatta ataataatga     62580
     gggcagctcc tcacggagac tgccatttaa atcaaaacaa acgaacggca gctcctcgcg     62640
     gagacttccg tcaaactgaa agcaaaagta aaataacatg cccgggcccg gtcctctctc     62700
     ggcttcctct gccatcggtc ctccttttat ggtccagagc tccttccgtg ggatccgagg     62760
     caggtgcgca ccgcacgtgt atccactcac gcggtggcct caccccgttc ccacggctct     62820
     cggccacgcc ccctctccac aggcgcatat gttagaatct gccttgacac atgtgcgatg     62880
     tcttaaattg tatggcaagt gtaaacacac gtatcggata tgggtcacaa ttaaaagaac     62940
     ttgtaaacgg acagataaac aaatctgata tacagcaggc agcaaatcgg aattgggcat     63000
     caagacctga cagtgtaaac ggtttaaagg tttatttaaa ccttctgtta tgtatttcct     63060
     taatttatta agcaataata caaaaatgta tattttattt ttagtagtga gttttttctt     63120
     tgttgcatat gcagggctgg cgcttccata gaggcgacct aggcggccgc ctagggcggc     63180
     agaatagaga gggcggcgtc cccgaaacta ccctcgccac ctgcgccctt atccgcgtct     63240
     agggtggcag aatagagaga gcggcagcgg tgtcccctaa actatcctcg ccacccgcgc     63300
     ccacaattat atctgcgtct agggtggcag aatatagaga gcggcgtccc cgaaaatacc     63360
     cccgccaccc gcgcctcagt tatatccgcg tctagcgtgg cagaatagag agggtggcgt     63420
     cccctaaact accctcgcca cccgcgcctc agttatatcc gcatctagcg cggcagaata     63480
     gagagggtgg catcccctaa actaccctcg ccacccgcgc ctcagttaaa gccgcgtcta     63540
     gggcggcaga atagacctcc ccagtttcac tttcggtttg agggtggcgt gaccgtcctt     63600
     tgcctagagc tgcagttcag cttgctccgg ccctgtgcat atgcctctgt tgtggttttc     63660
     ttctctccgc ctctgtctct caaacaggtg cggtgaatca ggtgtcaaca catggaggct     63720
     tgccggcttg tttgtgataa agaatctaac taaggatctg agaatccttg tagcaaactt     63780
     atgaaaacaa ctattcattt gtgttgtgtt ttattttatt ttgtttttat ttatttattc     63840
     ttcatttaat tattttattc aatcatatga tcattagtca tttatataat tatcattaag     63900
     tcattttatt gatcaagtag ttaatgattt gactattatt attgattatt tgtcatttta     63960
     ttatgtattt ttatatttta ttattactat tttaatataa ttattgcttc attattattt     64020
     ccatttttcc atgttgttat aatcttaaga ctgtggacac ttgttttcat gagtaagaga     64080
     taagagaatg tctctatatc caagttttta ttgtctctgg acaatgttgt gaagcagtaa     64140
     ttttccattg ctgttgcttt tggtataata acacaaagtc tgaacattga atcctacgca     64200
     actgagatta ttcaataaac cttgctcttt ctttatcatc attacttcgt ctcctgcttc     64260
     tgctcctctc tggttttctc agtcaacttc tatattgaga gtggactgtt aattcagtta     64320
     aatactggtt aacaggttta ggtattggaa actttgctga cttgttgtcc atatacctgg     64380
     agaaacagac atttcctgac aagatctgac aagatcgtat ttatctggca tggagatggt     64440
     ggtctaacag ggaagacaat ttatactgga ctggaacatt gtttggagag tctcctctct     64500
     cccggcttgt gttgtttatt ttgtaaagtt aaaactgtgt tgtatttact tgccgaaatt     64560
     gttgaaagtt gtaagatggc taaatctctc cagaatatca gaccctaaga actgttatgg     64620
     aaattcatga gacaagacct caagaattgc tttgcaatac aacaatagac ttgctgatct     64680
     cagaagaaga taaataaagc agctgttcaa ctgttctatc acagttgaag atgcaaacat     64740
     gggctgggaa gacaaaacta cacctcacca gggggtaatg caaaaaagtt cactcttctt     64800
     tttgtttaaa agctgttgtg gtccagtggt cagcacaatg cgttacttag acgctgaccc     64860
     aggtttgaac ctcatctgag taatgtattt atttatttat ttaattttta ttgttgagac     64920
     atataatact gttaggtttg ttgaacattt gaagttctca gctattttct tgaaaaaggc     64980
     gtgatagtgt cattagaaac tgatttggaa atgaccttat tttaatatag tcagtcgtga     65040
     actgaggtgg gccggtctga ggcttgaaac tccagtgctg aaaagaagtc ccactccagc     65100
     cctggttagt agggaggtaa gtaaatgtta ttttatatgt tttatttcaa aacttagtta     65160
     gttgttgagt ttttgtttgt tgttttggca tttacctccg aatgcttttt attgtctcct     65220
     ttgaagttaa atgtcaaata tatttgactt cacgttataa ctttgctcaa ccgtacagct     65280
     caatcgtaaa gtacagctaa ttggccatgt ttgctatgat gttgtgcatt tatatgtctg     65340
     tcacgaaaag gggaatgacc acaaaatgca aaaatctaag tgcagcaatt tattaacaaa     65400
     aagacaaagg tatccaaaaa gacagatttc caaatcttgc acagaattat aagcaagata     65460
     caaaaactaa atgaccagac gaaggaactg gcaaaaatcc aaaaacgggt aaatacaagg     65520
     acagggtagg agtgctaaca agtgctaaca aaaatgaaca taaacaggaa tccaagaata     65580
     atcgtaatac aaaaaaacct agataaccag acaaacatac cagacgtgag gaactaacaa     65640
     aatcctaagg caactaaaac agaggacaag agggtttata aagacaggac taaattaaca     65700
     aacacaaaac agctgtaaca taacacaatt agtaatacaa aggattatga gaaatgaagt     65760
     gaaactacaa aacaaactag tgccctcaag tgtccaaact agggcactgc aacaggtgtg     65820
     acaatgtcat ctttatgcca tccattcatt cagctaatgc ttattagctg aatgaatggg     65880
     ctatagtagt ttaaaaagca gcccagtagc attacagtgc catccactgg ttattattcg     65940
     aaactacttt aatgattaat tgctctctcc aaacatctct catgacaagc tctatttttc     66000
     acttatattt ttaaggctgt acaaagcaaa aacaaatcaa acaattgtgt gcaacacttc     66060
     tgttgtttaa tttaaaggga cagttcatcc aaaaagtcat gcttttttaa agaatgtacg     66120
     aaaccagtag ccattgtctt ggccattgac ttttcagaca tttttcccct actttatcct     66180
     ccttacactg gctgcctgtt aagtttcgta ttgattttaa aatattactt ctcacctata     66240
     aagctctaaa taatctagct cctgtttatc taaccaacct tctgtctagc tacaaaccaa     66300
     ctcgctcttt aagatctcaa aattcagggc ttttggtagt acctagaata gcaagatcaa     66360
     gtaaaggagg ttgagccttc tctttcatgg ctcctacact ctggaatagc cttcctgata     66420
     acgtccgagg ctcagacaca ctctcccagt tcaaaactag attaaagacc tatctgttta     66480
     gtaaagcata cactcaatgc atcacctagc gggttccaca ctggcttctg catcttgctt     66540
     atatacacta taaacagcag ctacgctaat tattctcttt attctctatt ttcacctggg     66600
     gatactcatc ccgaggtcgt cagattatgc ggagtcactg attggatcca agaccagcga     66660
     cgtgatgatc ccaaggattc catatccggg accaggccat atcctgagct gctgctgcgc     66720
     tgatggtcgt ggggagtgga gaacatgagt ctgattccag cgacgctcca gggacagacg     66780
     agtcttcgct gaggccatct tccagcctaa accacgacga atgaagttct gcacaagact     66840
     tttggccagc ggagaaatta aaatggtcgt gcccaactga gtctggttct ctcaaggttt     66900
     ttttttcttc actcccatca agtgaagttt tttttccctc tccgctgtcg ccactgcctc     66960
     gcatggttca ggattggtag agctacgcat cgatgaattg gctcttcagt gtttgaactc     67020
     tcagtaatga ttaaatcaca ctgaactgag ctaaactgaa ctgaactgaa cttaaacact     67080
     aaaacctgaa ccacactgtt ccagttactg aaccacactg ttccagttac tatgaccatt     67140
     tatgtgaagc tgctttaaca caatctacat tgtaaaagcg ctatacaaat aaagctgaat     67200
     tgaattgaaa aaactttgga agtcagtagt gttacgaccc cctcgttcga gtcgcaacat     67260
     aaaagagctc agacaacaaa agattatatt tgcaacttag ttattataca aaactaatag     67320
     aacaacagac aaatgtcttg gggataataa agaaaataac taactttaac tacacattta     67380
     catttagtca tttagcagac gcttttatcc aaagcgactt acaaatgagg acaaggaagc     67440
     aatttacaca actataagag caacaatgaa taagtgctgt aggcgagtat caggtgtgta     67500
     aagtctaaga aagaaagcat aagtaatttt tttttttttt gtagttagtt gaggagtcag     67560
     agaggtagtt gcagattaga aagtgaagtg gagactaaat agttgagttt ttagtcgttt     67620
     cttgaagaca gcgagtgact ctgccgttct gatgcagttt gggagttcat tccaccaact     67680
     gggcagaaag cgttcgggaa agcgttttct tccctctttg ggatggaacc acgaggcgac     67740
     gttcattcac agaacgcaag tttctggagg gcctataaat ctgcagaagt gagagcagat     67800
     aagaaggggc acagccagaa atcactttgt aggcaaacat cagtggcctc atgtatcaac     67860
     gctgcgtaca cacaaaaact ttgcgtacgc caggtttcac gctcagaatc gctcacgttt     67920
     ggatttacta acaatgaact gaacgtggga atgtgcgcag cttcacggca gctttctggc     67980
     tggcgtacgc acattttttg tgcgtgtctg ttttatttcc attggcgact cctagaggca     68040
     gttgtgttaa attcctctct acaaagtgtc tgagccttgc aatggcagct gtatgagacg     68100
     ggttcagcag gtatataagg tttccatacc atacatttga ccagctaaac attaaagcgc     68160
     aatttgcagc agtcgcctgt tttcccaatg taatctgagc gatctactgc actcacattg     68220
     ctataaagac actatctgaa gatgaatttg catgcgtgaa tcagaaacat ttccattcaa     68280
     taaatgtgca aataaaatat gatgcacaaa cttattactg attcctactt gtcttcctcg     68340
     tgataaatag tgggcaaaat ctgatatgta gcgggggaaa aaagaagaaa gagttcatca     68400
     gacgctggat tcgaaccgag ttcatgctcg aacgtgtcaa aacatgttga cgtgcgtctt     68460
     acgagcgcgc cactgagact gtaaaggaca ttgcaacatt ttaccgatat aaatcacact     68520
     atttttttct tattcactca gtgcgatgtt cagacccaac tgtgttaacc gcatcagcta     68580
     aactctccca ctctattttt tcttttgttg ttaattccgg agaacaaact tgcaaataac     68640
     accgcttttc tccggtctac ctccgaaagc agcacctcca tttcacattc tgttcaaagt     68700
     ttctcttttt gtttactttt gtcattgctt tttggttggg ttttgccaaa gtagagtcat     68760
     tagcatattc atacggggga ggaggcaggg aggggttttg tgctcgtgca tgttgcgctc     68820
     agtttcacgt tcattcagat gtacaaaaga atatgcgtga aattcggcgt acgcagtgtt     68880
     tcatacatct gaattttttt ctgcgtacgc acatttacag ctttgtgcgt acgcaatgtt     68940
     ttagtaagat ttccacgcaa gtcttcgtac atgaggcccc agagctttga atttgatgcg     69000
     agcagcaact ggcagccagt gcaaacggat gagtagtgga gtgacatgtg ctcgtttagg     69060
     ttcattgaag accactcgtg ctgctgcgtt ctgaagcatc tgaagaggtt tgatagagtt     69120
     agctggaagc ccggctagta gagagttgaa atagtccagt ctggaaagaa caagagcttg     69180
     aacaaggagt tgagctgcat gttcggatag gaagggtcga atctttctga tgttgtagag     69240
     tgcgtatctg cactctacaa cacatatata ttacacatat aaataatgcc aaacaaaacc     69300
     ataaggttgc caaaataaag agatggtctt aacgcaacaa cagccaagta gccacaccgt     69360
     cctccagaag ctagcacaca ctcactttta tatgctttga accaattggg gagcaaccat     69420
     ggcacccaat caggatctgc cacatccata ctggaatcct ggggtcgtca cattcaaaat     69480
     atcttctcca caaccaaaaa aaaaggtaga tattcctttt ttgggtgaac catcccttta     69540
     actgtatgat ttctttctca tgagggtaat taaaatacaa tttgtcatat cagcacattc     69600
     acaggttttg atttgaaacc acatacatgt atgtacatgt acatatacat acacatacat     69660
     gtacatgttc ccagttctgc atttgcccaa tcaatggtgt attcatgatc aaatacaacc     69720
     ttcaaaccac agtcatttca tttagtatct attgatggtg catctgtaat gtttacatat     69780
     cggatcctgg accacaaaac cagtcattag ttttgattca gttgttttaa ttgatgtgtt     69840
     tactttttca attttatgca tatgaaggtg ccattgagac aagatacaac aaccatttga     69900
     aattatagaa accaagggtg caaataaaaa aaagaagaga aaacagagaa aaaatacatt     69960
     taaagtttcc taattgcaca ttatgcacat tactaactga agtttagttt tgatataagt     70020
     gcagtaggaa atttatcaaa tactttacac acttatcaaa caatttagca aaattccaat     70080
     atgtataatg aaacatgatc tttgttaaat attgtaatta tttgggcata aaagaaaaac     70140
     atgaattttt ggctattttc ctatggatta tacgactagt tttgtcatcc cagggtcaca     70200
     tatagtcaaa gctgctgatg gacaactgat gtggtgttaa acgtttgtta acttgttaaa     70260
     gtcttctctt atgtcttaaa cagtttgtcc agtgtgaaac cacaaagccc taagtccttc     70320
     gaaggttatt cagaaattta gctgagctac ttgtgccaat ttcacacttt aggtgttatt     70380
     tctcagaaaa cacacacaca ctaacattta gtagtcatat ataagacaac tttaaccctg     70440
     tcatctctta gtctgaagaa ttgttgtcgt ctggctgtca acgattgttc ttgcatcact     70500
     gttcctgaag acaacagaga attcgaggaa aagaaacatt cacaggtaac tatgatgata     70560
     cattttttgt agaaaaaaaa tatggcaaaa ttactgatat tatttttttt taaatcaaca     70620
     catttttaaa tgtaatagtt tttataacta atgtctaatg tctaactctt ttcttttgtc     70680
     tttgccatga tgacagtaca tagtatttga ctagatattt cgcaaaatac tgttattcag     70740
     ctaaattgtt ttcagtaaaa tttaaaggct tattaggtta gtaactactg tactatatat     70800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatcg cattatgctt ttgaaatgca ttatgggacc     70860
     ttgatttttc ttccaacata tttttaatgc tgaaaacttt gactttaact atgaacgttt     70920
     ttaagtttgc agtgctatat tgtctggttt gatgttgcat attggcccgt ttccactgag     70980
     tggaagcttg cgtttccact gccgaaatgg tgggcgtggt gtacgacaga aagtttcagt     71040
     cgacgtcatt ctcactggac caaatgtcaa agtaaagctg tacgggttat ttgcacacat     71100
     aaatacttgt gtataaatat ttattactaa cctttctata aacatgattt gattatgaac     71160
     tgcagaccaa tgatagtgtg aaatagccaa acgtcagcga ttacataaaa taaataaatg     71220
     taacatatat accattccca attacagaaa aactacacac agcatgcatt tagtccttat     71280
     ttgggttcgt aaacaacacg caacatatag cccacagtca gagcacaggt aacctacttt     71340
     ctaaccttat tagaaagtaa tttcaagatc atatttgtcc aaaaggtgat gaaaataatt     71400
     aagcatggcg gtttgttcat gttttaggta gctgaaagaa ttatttgctt ctagcgctgt     71460
     caaagttaac gcgttaacgc atgcgattaa ttttaaataa ttaacgcgtt aaaaataatt     71520
     aacgcaatta acacagttgc aggttttttt actacctgtt gtggtggacg tgtgtttaac     71580
     aggcaagaaa tgtggataag accaaggaag cactttttga aggcaagttt cagtataaaa     71640
     caattagtcg catcaccagg ctcttcaaag tttcatgcaa tttcgggtgt ttcgttttta     71700
     actttcgact tctgttgtaa gttgataccg catggcgaac agaaagaaaa ttctccgcat     71760
     ttcgtgactc tgtgttcctt taaggatagg ttctttttaa ggctacacgg tagactttta     71820
     ataagagtat taatcatatt aaaatcggag tattggtgtc ttatgtgaat gtaatcagaa     71880
     agcctctggt gaagtcgcga gctgtcaaaa acagggcatt actctgcctt tcagcatgag     71940
     ccctccaagt ttagcgtgtt tcctcattaa acgcaacgaa agcgtatgct ttgcgttgtt     72000
     gtgtcagaat ccttgtgaaa tacagtaata ctttaggacg cttagtttaa gcaaatttga     72060
     tgaacgtgat catgcgtgtt gaatctgagg ggagttgctc cagtatggaa ggccgttggg     72120
     gccaaaacgt ctgcagtgcg ttgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtctgtgtca ggcccgttga     72180
     ggggtgtcag gggtggagtg agcaacgtat ctgagtaggg gcgagagggg tgtgcaatgt     72240
     atttaacgac cggtttgcaa gaaattatca ttcatttgcg cgcatttggg agtctctgtg     72300
     cacttgcggg atactcctag tcttagcaac tggatgaatg taaaggagga ttaagctaaa     72360
     ttgtttctac tctataacta atgttctcaa ctcacagcaa taaaacttta caatgagtgc     72420
     aacagtttgt gttctctagt ttattgttat aatttttcat tttccatatc tgcaattcct     72480
     gtattttggc atttttttgc agtccactta gaatccagca tggaaatcaa tgttttcttt     72540
     attggcattg attgttttga aatttaaatg tcattaacat gcctgtgttt taatttctgt     72600
     aataaatatg gctgtcaagc caggatcttg atggtttatt gtgggtatgt tgtttacatg     72660
     aagaaatctg tgttacaagt taaacaaaaa ttctattaaa caattatatt ttgaatttaa     72720
     atattttttg tcttgcgttt acattaattt tacatttaaa tagccaaaat tacaagtttc     72780
     agtattttaa atgcgattaa ttgcgattaa tttttttaaa aaggtgcgat taattagtta     72840
     atttttttta atagattgac agcactattt gcttcttttt tttttccagc ttctcctttg     72900
     tttttcgcgt ttcactcgcg ttgtccgttt ctgaaaggat cgggtgtcag aagcacttta     72960
     ataatcacac gtacgttatt acaatgggct caaaaagttc attatttcaa atgtagaagc     73020
     gcggcaagca cacgcaagaa aacgaaaccg ctcgcacttt agacggcctt gtaaacaact     73080
     atggtgtaca gtactgtacc actcagtgga aatgggccat atgcttaaaa actcctgtaa     73140
     taaactgcca gtacattttt ttgttgtttt tgtcttactt ctctatatat taattcttat     73200
     acattatagt attatttcac acatttaaat tgtcaataaa agtcactttg ttaaattgaa     73260
     cttgagttca atttttaaca tcaaaagtcg acagagcaga gatcaacatc ccataatgca     73320
     attcacaacc atcaatacac ttgtgaatca ctaaatacga aaactgatta attaattaac     73380
     agatatttaa ttatttagca ggataattta catgatacaa ttttgacagg aggacaaatt     73440
     aatttatctg cacctatatc tgaaatcctg ttgtgtttca gcatctgttc atctttgtat     73500
     ctgggattta actgaatgaa gatgaggatt gtagctgttc tcctcgttgt agctgttcta     73560
     caggtgagct tgtgttctag tatcaatatc attacacaca tcaacactga tgatctgatc     73620
     atgatgatcc ctgtcactgc aggatcacag agtcactgct gttggatatc cactggacat     73680
     ggcattaaat tcagttgatg atcagtataa gggatgtacc aaaaaaatgg cagatctggt     73740
     gaaaacaaaa tatctgccga aggaactcaa taactctaaa tcgttcaagg aagcttggaa     73800
     agtggctgaa agatctttta agaagccaga aaataacttg acaaataatc attcaattgc     73860
     catctatctg tacactgggt taaaactgtt tcgtgatttc aataatgcca ctcatcatgg     73920
     caggcaaaac tacacaaatg agaaatacga ctggtattca cttcacttcc tgttaacaga     73980
     ggccttacag attctgaaaa caactcaaaa tagatgcttt gatacttttc gtggtacaaa     74040
     gtcagagtat gaacttctcg acaacactgt tcgttttggc tcatttgcat cttcctctta     74100
     tattcgtaac aaagcaatgt tttttggaag tgtgtcttgt tttgagattc acacttgtgc     74160
     aggtgctgat attactgatt attccatgct tgatcgtgag aaagaggtgt tgattcctcc     74220
     atatgagacg tttagagtca ctgaaaccaa gacaagaaag aagcagaaag atctgtggtg     74280
     taatactgtg tatgtgttga acagcactgg aataaggagt gacctgaact gtgctctatg     74340
     caggagacca aacaaaatcg agaaaaagca ctatattttg ctctgagcca aaacacagtg     74400
     cattaaatgt gcatttgtta ttaaagctcc catatgaacc tgtgttattc agcggttatc     74460
     ttgggatatc acaccatacc atgtcatgac tgaccaatca gaatcgagta ttccagacag     74520
     ccgtgcaatg aaatgcatta acaactgcct ggatgtaatt tattccttac ttattaaatg     74580
     gctgtctgaa atgctggatt ctgattggtc agttgtgaca ttacaaagta ttttgtttcc     74640
     agataacaac tgctaaataa cacagattca tcaagaaact tcaaatacac ccacattcat     74700
     ttatatattc ttatctgtca tgccatgttt tttgactgtt tggcgccatc ttgtgacaga     74760
     aaaatgtgca ggttagtgta tactccatca gctgtttttg ttcctgccag ctttgcattt     74820
     aataaaaaaa atatttatta cagctcagaa caatgttttt ttttcctgtt ttatttgtct     74880
     gtttataggc aagaaattat gtaataagta catccaggag gttgttatca aagattaaag     74940
     cccttcagtc ttatataaca gtttatagta aacctaattt gatcaaacat gaacatatga     75000
     agatagaata aaatgccttt tttcctcttt atcaagcaga gttttggttc tttatttttg     75060
     atatataata tggtcatatt ttcttggcag taaatattct gaggggtaaa aatcactgta     75120
     gtttacttta atgattctaa atgatgccag taaaccataa tgaaatgaag ttgtttcaat     75180
     tcattgacct ctgtgcgata ttataaatat atttttacac aatactcttg tattcaatta     75240
     cactacagtt ttacgaggat atgcttttgt gctgtaaata aaaacaatgc tacagccata     75300
     ttaccctgca actcaagact caatctcgct gaagctaagc agggctgaag tcaattcctg     75360
     gatgggagta caaatgggaa aactagcttg ctgttggaag tggtgttagt gaggccagca     75420
     gggggtgctc agtctgctgt ctgtgtctaa cgccccagta tagtgaaggg gactctatac     75480
     tgtcagtggg tgacatcttt cggatgagat gttaaatcga ggtcccgatt ctctgtggtc     75540
     attaaagggt catgaaacac caaaacacat gttttgagct gttgacagtc gtgtatgtgt     75600
     ctcgcgctgc taaaaacact attaggacat atatatttca ctaaaaagtg aaaataggtc     75660
     gtttgtgcgt tatttcgagc aaatttgtac ctccggtttg tatagaattt tcattttccc     75720
     tctatgaaag cgcagctgga atcatgtgtg gattacagtg cacgcaacgt gcgacagaaa     75780
     tgcgtgtccc atctggaaat gctgaaattc gaatttgccg ctcgtctcct tttaataaag     75840
     acacggctcc agttggtgtt gattttcctg tctctacaga tttggtaagt gagcgaccag     75900
     tggtctttat ttgtttattc agatggcaaa gttatagttc gtattgtcag cagtactctt     75960
     tcagtgttta aagacggacc tcagtcaaat gatttctaaa ttaataaagt gtaccgtacg     76020
     ttaatatcac tacagtatta tagattgaaa gatccgctgt aaatgctgct ctccgagtgt     76080
     aaacatgtaa gcaccactat caaacttacc ctcgtgtagc atttgacagg aataacacgc     76140
     aaggttttct gacgctaccg agtgcatctg agtgaaatgc agaggttttc tttcattcgc     76200
     cgtgcggtat caaacattgt attaaaaata gaagcttcca gcaattcctc gaatcaaata     76260
     ccttgcttgt caagaggggc atgaatgaaa ttcctgaatg aaagagctaa actgcagtta     76320
     aaggccaaca tttaataatt tggcaaataa tttgattact gttttctgtt actgttctgt     76380
     tctgctatta atgatgtcca tgtaaacaca gtcaccgttt tttctgccct gcgtctgggt     76440
     gtttgttttg actctgtgaa aatcagcacg ttcccaaacc gacactccca tttttatgca     76500
     aatttttaca gaccttccct ctttccctcc tctgacacgc cccctaaaca gagctggaca     76560
     cgcccacttt tctgactttt ctgaggtgtg aaaaaaccct gctgaaacga gggggtttca     76620
     tggcccttta aaatttccat gtaaagagta gggttgtaat cccagtgtcc aggccaaatt     76680
     cactccatcg gtttttaccc atcatgtcct cccaatcatc cccatccact gaattggctc     76740
     tatcattata tagctagtga tactagtatt cagcctaaag tgacataggc aagtcattgt     76800
     ataacagtgg tttgttcttt agacaatcca aaacaaatat tgctaatggg ggataataat     76860
     atggacatta aaatgttttt ttttttttta atgaatgctt tctttccagc caaaacgaaa     76920
     cttacctgct acattaaata tcacttgaat aatatttgaa cagggataaa tatttcacag     76980
     gagggatatt attttaattt tcatataaat aaatatcata taccaaaaaa tccataacaa     77040
     atacacattt cacaggattt tgcctgtata taacagatat gattttaatt tgtgtataca     77100
     gtagtatgta ataagacttt catgggcaaa tgaatgaatg aaccggtgtt ttctttcccc     77160
     ttttatcttt aactttatct tttggcttat taatgaagta aataaaccag gtcaaaatcg     77220
     cattattgta gatgacctaa aaatcttcca atctctgaca cttctacttc catccagtag     77280
     aggtcagtgt tgtcttggaa aagcgctgtg tgtaaacatt gggaagttta tatggtgaaa     77340
     tgattattgc taacgttaca aaaggtaaaa tcggcacttt tagagtgctc tcagtgaaaa     77400
     cgaattcaaa gggagtttaa aagatttctt ccactcttat cttctggatg atgaaggcca     77460
     cacttaaggt attgtttgcg aaatataaaa gactttgttt accttgacgg ttaatggttt     77520
     gttgacggtc tcttggctaa ttgttgttaa cacatatata agaattttga atattaggga     77580
     tgtccatttc acttgttagt tttgtacaaa gagcctataa tttactgtta ccaccatttc     77640
     tcatggtttg cactatccct gctgaaagat ctgatttaga tctaggctga tttaagctgg     77700
     ttgacctggt ttttgagttt tttgtcattt ccagcctggt cttagctgga agatgaccag     77760
     ctaaaaccag cttgaccagc ctggtttaag ctggaaatag ctggttttgg ctgggcttcc     77820
     agtctggcta ggctggtcaa gctggtctta gctggtcatc tcccaggctg accagctaag     77880
     accaggctgg gaaaggctgg aaaccagcct gaaatgtcca aaacccctct aaaaccagcc     77940
     aacaagccta ggctggttta agctgttttt tttttttttt tcagtagggc acaaatagga     78000
     cattgtactg gataccttta tttaataccc taattaaata aagaaaccag tatcctctct     78060
     tggcagtatt tctgagctag agtttcgttt aggactgtct tttgtaatgt ttttcaagga     78120
     attaattaga tccatacctt accacacaag gtatcttgat atgttctgca aatgaagcta     78180
     atgtccactc cagtgaagaa aattaataaa atcacgttca ctttaattaa taaacaatcc     78240
     agtgaaaaag aaaaaacaat cacaataaca aaacaaaatc ctttacatta tcctccgttg     78300
     acaatagagg gcctaagaca ttcagtacac agaagtcagt taagcgagct gctggtctgt     78360
     ctgctccagc ctttgtacag tattccagcc ttgaacacag gcatgccgtt aatcttttaa     78420
     gctatcaatg tttgatgtac ttgagaatgt ctaaaagttt aatatactct aggatatctc     78480
     atctgttact atatagaaga aatccctttg agtagaatca gaatctttat tgtcgctgta     78540
     taaaatacaa caaaatttac gtttggcctt cccttcagtg cagtcctatt tatctaaagc     78600
     acaggtgtca aactcagttc caaaacggct gcagctctgc acagtttagt tccaacccta     78660
     attaaacaca cctgatcaaa ctaattgagt ccttcaggct tgtttcaaac ctacaggtaa     78720
     gtgtgttgaa gcagggttgt aactaaacta tgcagggctt cggccctcca ggaattaagt     78780
     ttgacacccc tggtctaaag caacaacaat aaaaaacctt ttgtttttaa ggtattgagg     78840
     gccaagttat tatcagtgca ccataaagcc agtttattta cttcatctct ctatgcagtc     78900
     aaatctccat ctgtgatgag cccaaccact gcaatatcat ctgcaaactt caggatagaa     78960
     ttactataat ggaagggagt gcaatcgtgt gtataaagag tgtacagtaa gggactcagc     79020
     acacatccct gtggggagcc tgtactaagg ctgagtgcag gagagacaag gtgccctacc     79080
     ttgactttct gtgaagactc atcatatact gatttagtag tggtgtaacg gatcacaaat     79140
     ctcatggttc gaatcacaca gtagtttttt agtcacgggt cggactattt ttcagatcag     79200
     tcaagaagtg gaggacaaat gtcatttgct ttgcatttat tacaaacaac tgtactgcaa     79260
     gacacttgat tttaacaaac agaacttaga aactgtagtt tgattataaa taaatgaaga     79320
     aataatcagc tgaatagaaa taaatagtaa aatattcagt actttgaaaa attcactgta     79380
     actgctgttg ctgataacgc taaacgtaga aatctgacat tataatttgt acaaacctta     79440
     tttttttgcc aaaaatcaca aggtatgtgt cattatattt aggacataca tagttgaaca     79500
     ataacattta tggtgaaaaa atttaagtaa aacaaatcaa ttaaaagtga tttatagatc     79560
     atatttaaat tcagcttata ctgaacaaag gtctgtacaa aactaaccta caggacaata     79620
     taaatgtata caaatcaaat caaagataaa atgcttgaag attgcatatt ttctttactc     79680
     ttttttattt ttttacagaa tgagggcatg aaccttactg ataaaaatgt atgtgtgtgt     79740
     gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     79800
     atatatatat acacagttga agtcagataa tataataatt aataaaattt tcccaaatga     79860
     tgtttaacag agcaaggata ttttcacagt atgtctgatc atgtgttttt cttatttgtt     79920
     ttattttggc tactataaaa gcagttttta attttttttc aacccatttt aaggtcaaaa     79980
     ttattagccc cttaaagcga tatatttttt tcgatagtat acagaataaa ccattattat     80040
     acaataactt gtctaattac cctaacctgc ctagttaacc taattaatct aggtcagcct     80100
     ttaaatgtca ctttaagctg tatagaagtg tcttgaaaaa tatctagtca aatattattt     80160
     acagtcatca tgacaaagat aaggcttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc cctgcctttg     80220
     cgtgggtttc ctctgggtgc ttcggtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgt gttacaggta     80280
     aattgggtag gctaaattgt ccatagtgta tgagtgtgta agtgtggatg ttttccagag     80340
     atgggttgcg gttggaagga catccactgc gtaaaaactt gctggataag ttggcggttc     80400
     tttccgctgt ggcaaccccg gattaataaa gggactaagc cgacaagaaa atgaatgaat     80460
     gacaaagata aaataaatca gttattagag attagttatt aaaactatta tgtttagaaa     80520
     aaaatcttct ctacgttaaa ctagaaattg gggaaaaaaa taaacagggg ggctaataat     80580
     tctgaatttt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     80640
     atatataaac aagaacaatt atcaccagtg tgtcaactaa catctgtctg gttcaataag     80700
     ataagacaaa ttaaaactgt aattaatgcc tagttcagac tgcgtgattt tagccctgat     80760
     tttggctcgc cgacaggttt tgagaaatcg cagacaaatg cctgaaatca caggcaaatc     80820
     gctgctcgtg cacgtgagtg acaatcacac agtgtgaact atcaaagacg cgatctgaga     80880
     gaatcgccaa tgcctgtgag atatttggca tgctaaatat ctggagctgt cggcgattca     80940
     aatcatgccg tgtgaattga gttttgactg aaaataacat cggcgatcgc ctacagccaa     81000
     tgagagagca gcattcactt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtatacct gctgcaggcc     81060
     agcgggaggc tgggggagaa gttaaaagcg ctcatttttg gtttatttgg acccacgaaa     81120
     tagaggaaaa actagtggag gttttacagg actcaagagc aaccgtgtct gtttgatgtt     81180
     tcatacagaa agaaatgagt ttattatcaa cgttaaggag aaatggctaa ttccctttaa     81240
     acccaggtga gcaaacatgt acatgttcaa ccctattaaa ggcttctttc tcattatgta     81300
     gttaataaca aaagatatac gacgtgtttt tggctgtgag acgtagtttg gacgaagttg     81360
     tcggcgattc ttcctatagt aaagtcatgc aatgtgaaag tccttgtcgg cgatccatct     81420
     tgcagtgtaa acaaagcagc gacgaaacgc tagcccagat agtcaagcag tgtgaaaaca     81480
     tctgtgacac gactactctg aaaatcatgc agtctgaact cggcataaaa gttctccagt     81540
     gtttcaatta acaaacttta atttctggta agctgattta aagagcccat tttatgggtt     81600
     tttaaaaatg accttccaca tcgagtgtaa cacaagtaaa ttaaaacatc tagctgagcc     81660
     ttaaatctga aagtgaaccg tgtttaattg attcctcaaa aaaaaatagt cgacacagtg     81720
     ttgtttatat aaattgcctt gagttcaaac cttttgccat tggaaaagat gattttgcca     81780
     tcactgagag atgcggttgt ggggaataaa cggttgaagt gtattttcta aacaatacca     81840
     cagtatagcc aaccttgtgc tgtgttttct gatgattaat acaataccgt gcagttcaac     81900
     gtgggattca ctggccgttt gctattaaag gaaggatcag caaagactaa taaggtacgg     81960
     gactttgtaa aagtctgtgt aaaagtaatc gataattatc cttacatttt ataacacatt     82020
     tcataagttt tctttgacat tcaactttct atcaaaggag ctgtttaaaa tatgatccaa     82080
     acaacatgtt tctgttggta ttgttcgctc atagtatgca tctctaactc tttatttatc     82140
     tttgagcaat tgatattgta tatgaatcat ctctgaacag gcttatcgtt gtttttattc     82200
     tgcaattggc gtaatagaat tatacttgac aaatgaaatt ttatatttga tttattttta     82260
     attaaattgt aaattttgag gatacttttg ttgacccttg gagtattatg gccagtgtgg     82320
     atcaaattag agaatcacag gtgaattgag caatgagctc ttcatcgtag gtcaaacaca     82380
     tacagggaca ctggagcatt ttaaagccgt gaagatcagt cgattcatca gcagatcact     82440
     cgtatgtcag cttatagaca gaccagttcc tcctactcct gttgctcctg ttcctctttc     82500
     tcttgttgct cctgcttctg ttccttttga tcctgttgct cttgatcctt ctgtgatcct     82560
     cctcttgatc ctcctgttgc tctgttcctc ctgctcctcc tgcttatgtt cctcctgctc     82620
     ctgttccttc tcctgttgct ccagttcctc ttgctcctgt tgctcctgct cctcctgttc     82680
     catttcctcc tggtcttgtt cctcctgttc ctgctcctcc tgctcctgtt cctcctgctc     82740
     atgttcctcc tgctcctcct gttcctgctc ctcctcctgc tcctgttcct cctgctcctc     82800
     cacctgctcc tgttcctcct gctcctcctg ctcatgttcc tcctgctcct cctgttcctg     82860
     ctcctcctcc tgttcctcct gctcctcttg ctcatgttcc tcctgttcct gctcctcctg     82920
     ctcctgttcc tcctgttcct cctgctcctc ctgctcatgt tcctcctgct cctgttcctc     82980
     ctgctcctgc tcctcctgct cctccacctg ctcctgtttc tcctgctcct cctgctcatg     83040
     ttcctcctgc tcctcctgtt cctgctcctc ctgcttctcc tcctgttcct cctgctcctg     83100
     ttcctgctcc tccacctgct cctgttcctc ctgctcctcc tgctcatgtt cctgctcctc     83160
     ctcccgttcc tcctgctcct cctgctcctg ttccccctgt tcctgctcct ccacctgctc     83220
     ctgttcctcc tgctcctcct gctcctgttc ctcctgctca ggttgctcct gttctgtttg     83280
     cacttgttgc tcctgctcct cctgttccgt ttcctcctgg tcttgttgct cctgctcctg     83340
     ttccttttgc tcctgatgct cctgctcctc ttgctcctcc tcctgctcct gttcctcgtg     83400
     ctcaagttgc tcctgttctg tttgcacttg ttgctcctgc tcctcctgtt ccgtttcttc     83460
     ctggtcttgt tgctcctgct cctgttcctt ttgctcctgt tgctcatgtt cctcctgctc     83520
     ctgtttctcc tgttcctgct ccttctgctc ctgttcctcc tgctcctgat cctggtcctc     83580
     ctgttcctgc tcctcctgct tctgttgttc ctgctccttt cgctcctgtt ccttctgctc     83640
     ctgttgctcc tgttcctcct gttcctgctc ctgttgctcc tgcttctctt gctcctgttt     83700
     cttctgctcc tgttgctcat gttcctcctg ctcctgttgc tcctgctcct cctgcccttt     83760
     ttcctcctgc tcaagttgct cctgttctgt ttgcacttgt tgctcctgtt tctcctgctc     83820
     ctgttcctcc tgctcctgct catttttctc ctgctcctgt tcctcttgct cctgttcccc     83880
     cagctccttc tgctccggtt cctcctgctc cacatgtggc tcctgttcct cctgcttctc     83940
     cctctcctgt tcctgtgtct cctgctgctc ctgctcctgt tgctcctgct cctcctgctc     84000
     ctgtttctcc tgctcatgtt gctgctgctg ctcctccttt tgctcttgct cctgttgctc     84060
     gtgctcctgt tgctcctgct cctgttccac ctgctcttgt tccagtcctc ttgctcccaa     84120
     gcctgcttct tctgctcctc ctcctcctgt tcttcctgtt gcaaatctaa atcctcttgc     84180
     taatacactt gttgcagctg ttcctgctgt tgctttaaaa ctgcctaatg ctgcaactcc     84240
     tgctttggct attgttgctg gaattaatac ttcgtttttt actgatatta cttgtttcaa     84300
     tagagctacc acattcatca ctttgtatat agcctgtagt attgtgctcg tagcatgctg     84360
     taaatatgtt cttgtaactg ccactattgc tgctcctgct attgctccaa ctactgatga     84420
     tcctctctgt gaccatccta ttaatgatag cagggttgct gcagctgttc ctgctatacc     84480
     tcctgctatg gctgaacttg ctgctcccac catttctgct tctcgcctca cttctggttc     84540
     ccgtaatgat cttaaaatgt atataccccc tcctgctgcg gctcctgctg ctgctcctgc     84600
     aactgtgtta actactcctg ttgttcctgc aatatctatt aatactgcaa ctactgcaac     84660
     tgtcagtgcc gttattgtta tgtttagaga agtttgtgtc catgtttttg ctggtttacc     84720
     tcctgaaaaa aaaaaaagat taagaacttg tatgaaaaaa aagttccaaa attaaagagc     84780
     atattgtagg ttaaaaaact atttaaataa aggtagaatg gtttgtgaaa atactctata     84840
     ataccataaa atgccatatt aatagtttta caaaacgcaa gcgcacaaat tttaaagtaa     84900
     atgtggctgt tttcccactt ccggaaaatt tgcgttttat tctttctact cggtgacgtc     84960
     agactgggga ctttttcgac aggcacacac tgtttacagt gaagcagagt agcatattag     85020
     agatgcgcag atggcggtta cagccgcgga atccgcggat aaaccgcgga tcgggcggat     85080
     gatgtgacga aaaataatat tttaattaaa ttcgggcggg tggtgggcgg ttgtactgtt     85140
     ttgtacacat agctggcgca ccaacgaaaa agcctaggac tgacttcaca gaatgagagg     85200
     aggaatcgga tacactaatt ctggatgaag tacagaagtc ttcctctaca aaattaagta     85260
     tagacggatc agcagaggaa aatctacttt ccttttggga gaaacaaggc agtcattccc     85320
     acgactacag caccttgtca agagaattct atgcattcca gcaacaagtg ctgcgagcga     85380
     gcgcttcttc agtgcagcag ggcgcattga ggccaggcgc tctcgtctga aggttgaaat     85440
     gatgtgtcaa aatgcgtttg gcctagcacc ttcttatctg cactcacttc tgcagatcta     85500
     tgtgccctcc agaaacttac gttctgtaaa tgaacgtcgc ctcgtggttc catcccaaag     85560
     agggaaaaaa tcactttcgc gaacgctcgc gctcaatctg cccagttggt ggaatgaact     85620
     ccctaactgc atcagaacag cagagtcact cgctattttc aagaaacgac taaaaactca     85680
     actatttagt ctccacttca cttcctaatc tgcaattgcc tctttgaata tcacactaac     85740
     tgtacaaaaa aataaataaa taaataaact aatactacta atacttccct tcttagactt     85800
     tacagacctg aaacttgcct ttagtactta ttcattgttg ctcttagttg tgtaaattgc     85860
     ttccttgtcc tcatttgtaa gtcgctttgg ataaaagcaa tgtaaatgta aattatgcta     85920
     cctgatctgt ctgcttttca actaggtctg ctaaatgacg tcatgggggc gggtactttc     85980
     attttcactg ctacaggccc tcacctctgc tcgtgttcaa accaaaagat tagcgcggtt     86040
     tttcacaagg caggctttta tgtccttcat acatgttgag atcgagttta tcaacttgat     86100
     gagggaatat gtcttgacaa tccacacagt cgggactgcg actaatgcaa caagtaaaat     86160
     cctacatgac tttatgcttt aacaggcagt caagcaggtc gcacacctcg gcgtcgccga     86220
     gaggctattc tggtgtgctt tctgcttcat tgccattata atgtattaaa tttttatttt     86280
     tttttatcgc gatttctcta tttgattcaa aattaaatcg tcttaaaacg taaattcgaa     86340
     ttaatcggaa aaatcggaaa aatcgcccag ccctagctgt gccatatgtg aaaagtatat     86400
     ttgaaagaaa atctagttcc tacattactc ttacacacat tgggctctat tttgacggtt     86460
     catgcgaaaa gtgcaaagcg cagggcacaa acgcattcag ggcatttcag aatccacttt     86520
     tgcttatatg aggacggaaa aattctcttt gcgccgtggc gcatggtcta aaagggttga     86580
     gcctattttc ttgatgagtt ataggtgagt tttaagaata aaccaatcag agtctcatct     86640
     cccattccct ttaagagtca ggtgtgttgc gccattgcac atttgctatt tacaggacgt     86700
     aaagtaagtg taagtggaaa aactgaacct ttcacttgca agaatcagtt aaacagagca     86760
     tctacagtgc gagaatgaga gataaattat taactttcac tttcgctctt ggatagggaa     86820
     acctttacgc acagacatca attagcctat aaataaataa ttttgtttgt taagcgcaaa     86880
     gatttgtttc aaaactattt ctaaattcag ttttaatttc cagcaaacaa ataaatgaaa     86940
     aataataacg aagtgtgctc aaaaacctaa gttatatcct aaaacatgct gtgccccata     87000
     tggtctaaaa cctgcaggtg gacaaatcta agcttgtttt taataaaaca aatataaata     87060
     tggatataat aaataataat gctaataata ataacattat acaaaagcaa attgttatga     87120
     atgaactgaa aaagcctccc gagataaaga aagcatgaag gcagtgtttt tttatattta     87180
     tgtaggctag aaaataatat gttttgtaat attaaaattg tttatattta tatcctatat     87240
     atatccttaa tattttaatt cttttcattt gtatagatat ttgcgtattg ctctatatct     87300
     tgtgtgtatt tgtcacagac tcggtcccag ttaatcccct taccaaccag cagaggtccc     87360
     gctcgccaga ctactgaagt cataagaact tcattaccca caagaccccg cgggaccttg     87420
     attaccgtcc aactgaaacc catacacaca cacacgctta taagcccttc tcgcctgtca     87480
     ttctgtgcga agtcttgttt tgctctgcat tcaattccaa gtgttttccc cacataatct     87540
     gactgtttac tgttgccgac ccggactgtt tgtgtacctg tgattctatg ccgcctgccc     87600
     agatcctagc ctgtatcctc gtctatgtat ctttgctgcc tgcctacgac tttgcttgtg     87660
     acccgacttt gagtgagttc cctgatttga tcatctcgtc tgtgaaacgt acatctgctt     87720
     ctttatttgt gttgttttca ataaagacgc taaaaatgga tcccacttcg tctgactcat     87780
     catcacagta ttaagcagtg tttaagcgag gcgcacaact aacgcactct gcgctggact     87840
     ttagatagac tttgttctgg tctattgaaa aatctattat agtttctcaa aatagcaacg     87900
     caccagcaat acacctcaac acgcctccct ttttcgacca gaacgcctat gggcgcacat     87960
     ataagcgcaa atgcatttaa acagcgtggc gcaaaacgtc aaaacaagcc aagctgaaac     88020
     tagcaaacaa caattgcgtc gcaccctgcg ccacattgcg ctggttgtat gatacagccc     88080
     atagactccc tgggagtcta acctacaata tgctcttcaa aagactttac ttgcctgtgt     88140
     cgcttgatat tttaccgtct ttacttgatg gaggatttct cataatcgca tcaggactca     88200
     gctcctagtc gtcttcacag tttttttttt cttcccaagc cgtttaacct tctggaaaag     88260
     gcaacaattc agtatattgc atccaattgt aaagtaactg gagtacagag gtttatatgc     88320
     tttattaatt gatagtaaaa caataataaa ctttttatta tgtcaagttg aaagcatttc     88380
     aatattcagc gaggatggcg gtatacagcg cataaatttt tacatcatgt taaacatctg     88440
     tttgttttgc ttggattcat ttgttgctat tagaaatgaa ttattacatc acttatcaaa     88500
     ggtaaagttg ggttttgctt ttaaaatact actttagcat agtaagcatc agtatatttt     88560
     gctgggattt attttttgct tgtagaaagg aattatttat tcaactatta aagtagtttt     88620
     tttttttttt tgctttttaa atagaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgacagcac tgcgccgcca     88680
     caagttgata tatttagaga aggttattct tttgagaaaa aggggaaatg ttgtgttttg     88740
     tgttgagaag tttacagtaa ttcatggtta cttcaaacat gtaatgtaaa actgcaccac     88800
     ctgagactcc agttagaaag tgtagaaaaa atgttgagca aacaaaggga gaggaagaag     88860
     aagaaaggag tggctgggaa tgagcttttt acagtgtctg ctataatgtt aatgttattt     88920
     ttggtgtgtt tacatagata aatatggcca ctctgtaaat gcacagtata gttaggatcg     88980
     tattgccaca atctatcgtt atggtgacat aatatatgtt ttcagtcatt tcctgaagat     89040
     aaataccata aaataacatg actgcaataa ctacagcagt cgcgatcgtc tgatctgaag     89100
     cgagagatcg cgatgacata tgatgacgtg tgcaagtgct gtagtggtgt cccaattatt     89160
     aaagtggtaa atttttaagc cctacccctt catactctgt tttaagggcc aaggggatgg     89220
     ggtagggatg caaaaataga tgtaggattg ggccttaatg tcacatcact agcctatccg     89280
     gcgtttccag agtttcatgt atttttgtgt gtttcatttt taatttttcg actttaactg     89340
     cagttcggta gtttcacttt cattcagcaa catatcgatc attccccctt gacaaatatt     89400
     ggatgagaat atgaagtaag gactggtgga agagtgtttt ttatttgctt ttgtttgcct     89460
     gtaaaagact gttctcactc tcaggtcaca tcatttaaaa gaaaaggccc acattgtccc     89520
     ctaataatgt cagcagactg gactgtttta gcaactggct gaatgtaaag gaggactaag     89580
     caaaattgtt tctactttat gattaatgtt ctcaactcac agcaatacaa cttaacaacg     89640
     agtgcaattg tttgtattca atacttaatt attatagttt tccattttcc atatctgcaa     89700
     tgcctgtatt ttggcatttt ttgcagtcca cttagaatcc aacatggaaa tcatttttgt     89760
     ttattattgc cattgattgt tttgacattc aaattgcact tacatacctg tgtttttatt     89820
     tctgtaataa atatggctgt caagccaata aattgaggat ttcaatggtt tattgcgggt     89880
     atattgttta catgaagaca tctgtgttac aagtttagca aaaattctga taaacaatca     89940
     tattttcaat ttaaatagta tgtcttgagt ttacattcat ttgaataggc aaaatgataa     90000
     gtttcagtct ttttaaatgc gattaatcgt gattaaatgc aaaaaaagtg tgattaatta     90060
     atatttttaa ccgattgaca gcactagtat gtctgtgctt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtttgt     90120
     gtgtgtgtat attttttttc caacacaaac ataacagttt taattactcg tctctaataa     90180
     ctgattttta ctagatattt ttcaagacac ttctatacag cttaaagtga catttaaagg     90240
     ctaaactagg ttaattatgt taactaggca ggttaaggga attaggcaag ttattatata     90300
     accatggttt attctgtaga ccagtggttc tcataggggg ggtcgggacc cccctccccc     90360
     gaggactcgc aggacaatga agggggggtc acctggcaat ttccaaaagt ctatttattt     90420
     ttattaaacc ataagaatta ccgtgtttta tccacaacta tactgtaaag aaaaaaaaat     90480
     gttgtttaga gttactatat agttaatata gtagcttata gttactagtt ctattggatt     90540
     gcgacccctg gagtaatgac attttattaa agacacagca ataacgtcag atgcagcaga     90600
     ttgattttag gttaaacttt cttgcacatg tacagctctc acatacatca aaaaaataaa     90660
     caaagaatag actttggtct gttggtgtgt gtgtgccatt gcatgcaagg tttctgtttt     90720
     gatcctcaga ggatattggg ggtcatgagt cgctggcatt gttattttgg gggtcgcagg     90780
     ctgaaaagtt tgacaacccc tgctgcagac taataatttt gatcttaaaa tgatttttaa     90840
     aaaagtaaac actgctttta ttctagccaa aataaaacaa ataagacttt ctccagaaga     90900
     aaaaatatta ttagagatac tgtgacaatt tccttgctct gtttaacata atttgggaaa     90960
     tataaaaaag ccacccagaa caaaatgcat acaactaatc aaccattatg aaaatacaca     91020
     taattaaaac acaaagaaaa agacatatta gatttcagtc aacttccgct agcaatcaac     91080
     tagattagat gagcacagtc gggggtagag tgaactgatt tttgagttat tcaataaata     91140
     gtcatttgaa ttcgaaatga acattgctta attttctttg ccagggtaat gctctgccca     91200
     cagcagcagg ctatatacac ctgatataca aagtgtcaaa aatggaaaca gatttttgct     91260
     gctgatattt ataaataatt attgctaatt ggtacaaaca gtaaatactg acaaacctga     91320
     agtctggatc ttgagagttg ctgaaaatca tatgacaggt gtgtcttgga ttcctgaatc     91380
     acctgagtga ttaaaatctt ttgaatggtg cattataatg tgggcttaaa cactaatact     91440
     caccttataa aaatacatgg cagccaatca gaagtgatgt gtagacagca gctttccagg     91500
     gctggatgtc tttctacata gttcagtccg gtttatctag aagtctacta gcatcgacaa     91560
     gattctttac gtggtgtttc aagcctgatt taattttgaa gttccttgag tacatcatac     91620
     acttgtagct acagatatgg ctactgagaa cgcttgtttc tgcatgcgca atactgcaat     91680
     ttgtcacccg cagtcacgca ctttactgca gtcaggggcg ctgctagggg gtgggtggga     91740
     ttagttagga cgattctggc ccatacattt agggggcccc caaagacatt atcaagggcc     91800
     cgtgcaacgc cacccccccc cccccctcac tttcatcctc gatcacaatg tccccctcca     91860
     ccacccacct cgcttttcac tttcatccgc gatcacaacg tcccccctcc ccacagtctg     91920
     tattttcatc cgcgatcaca acgtccaacc accccacccc ccttttcact tttatccgca     91980
     atcacattgc ccaaccaccc ccgctcccct tattactttc atccgtgatc acaacattca     92040
     accacccccg cccgcctctt cactttcatc cgcaatcaca acgtccaacc acccccgccc     92100
     cccttgttac tttcatccgc gatcacaacg ttcaaccacc ccctcccttt tcacttttat     92160
     ccacaatcac aatgtctaac cacccccgcc ctccctttta cttttatccg tgatcacaac     92220
     gtccctcgat gaaacatgta aaacatttac atcatttgac gcatccttgc aaccccccat     92280
     tcacccaccc tctctacact ctgtactcac acagagtggt caatttaaag tctgattgta     92340
     ctaaatcaac ccaagggact ttatctatca tgcctgttat catttgcaat gtctcagtgc     92400
     gacaggtaca atggtctcat tccctcagaa atggacatac tcaaacaata gatatagaac     92460
     ttcaggtatc ctttgaatca ctgccatggg tgtgcctttc ctctaggcag aaactcttcc     92520
     actatatgca aatgcctttt gttattctac acaccccttt cctcgaggca attcttagaa     92580
     ttaatactta agggaaagtt tataaatgtt cggggcattt ttgttatcag atcagcccat     92640
     agcttgaagc tctaatgctc cattctatgt atactttgaa ttcaggaagt cagtgtattg     92700
     attgtttatg aattgactgg atgaattggc ataattcaca tttacctggc taataaattg     92760
     ttatgttttg aacaactcaa acagacttca tgttattatc tctagtagat tatgttaagt     92820
     ccataacacc tcaaacccct gtacagctta gcaagggact aaaacacgat agacggagca     92880
     gcgtggcatg ctatacgatg ttcttagaga tccgactaac acattggaac taattcatgt     92940
     atactcacag ggctcgaaat taactttttt actaggtagc accggtgctc ccaacttcaa     93000
     atatttagga gcaccaaaat aaatttagga gcaccagaaa aaattcagga gcatccacca     93060
     aaaatgattg agcaccgctg taaattgctt tttaagggat ttattgtatt ttaaaacaac     93120
     atcaatagga ctgacaacaa ccagaaaaaa cgatctaact aatgctgcga agacattgat     93180
     atttgtgtgc aataattcca aaatgaatgt ctaataatta tagaatatta atgatgatga     93240
     aaatgacaat aatagtaaaa attaattacg tttctcatta tgatactgcc ttgaatgtgc     93300
     atgaatgtag gttatctgct ataaaaagtc tgttacttta tgaaaaataa ttgtatagtt     93360
     tgcatcaaac aaaaatgaag cattgcagta agaaatattt attttgtact gctgttttta     93420
     tatgcatgtc aatttaaata aataatattt ctgctacaaa acaaacaaaa gattataata     93480
     aatcattcaa ttcaatgatg aaagctgcaa agcagtcatc aggaaataaa taaaaaaaat     93540
     aaaaataata tacacctcaa acaagaatag acaaaagaaa caaagtaaag tctcacttct     93600
     atcactataa aagttttggt ttcagtttgt gtcaatttaa aggttcagtc tgagatgatc     93660
     ttcatttttc tgtgttagtg gaaaagctgg cgagtcagcc gacccaattt atgagcaggc     93720
     agcgcaggat tcttgcaatg actaccgctg tttgttatga gacgcagttt cagtgtaaat     93780
     ttagtaaagg cgagcttctt tggcgatgat atgtacagta ttagatttga cttttagcgg     93840
     acatttgcgc tgaacacgca gtgaatgcga cgcatggaga ttcgggcgcc ttctccatga     93900
     atcgcgtact cgattgatct cagctggtgg atcattattc accacgtgac gtgtcatgat     93960
     cgctctcatc tgcgcctcaa ctttaggtgg ggtttgcaaa cctgtgtgct ttaagttttt     94020
     actcttcagc cgtttgcatt tcccgtggtc ataaaagctc cttccctgtc atctgacagc     94080
     ggaatacctt gagtgaatga cagctaatat gaaccaatat agcggcaggg aagagcgatt     94140
     cagcatgttt ttttacaaaa aatcaaaaca ggtcgcacta caaccattat ctgcagtcgc     94200
     actaatgcgc ccaaatatat tatgaggtcg catagattaa ttttcgggcg catatgcgac     94260
     caaaatggtc gcaatttcga accctgactc agactgtaaa aggctatcta aggggataga     94320
     tcttcatctc taaacttatt atactatttg aatcgtaaag tgatcactca aaggtattaa     94380
     tagtttaagt aaatcggtct gcttaattct atagtaatga tcatagtatg attaaatagc     94440
     tttgtttgat gtagtatata gcagatctat ggggaccaga caaaaatatt ctaatctgag     94500
     taataagggt tctgccattt gagaattgtg gttaatcgcc tctgtttagt gaccaagact     94560
     gacatgcttg tgcttaagag atagtacact cggccggtac ggactcagga tgttatagga     94620
     atctgaatga atgagaataa tatacaataa cgaaccgaat aacaaaccca aggtaatatt     94680
     agaagaaaca aaatattctt atcaatgttt tataaataga gtctaataaa acaaggataa     94740
     atataatgta attcttaacc acctcatact aaaattagag tcagatatga gttcagttta     94800
     aagttaatca acattgtgca ctaaaaagac cgatgcagtg aaccttcatc cacctataga     94860
     caccgtcatt ggactaactg gctggagctt acagtcccgc tgatccttca atatctttat     94920
     agaaccacgc aaacagtttt cagagacatg gtcttcttcc agatgtggtt taaataacat     94980
     ttcattagag acagagaata aagtggatct ggcttccacg ggaccagatg ggaaaccgtg     95040
     ttgcacattt gtttcataat gttaattctt ctcaacctct accagagctg gactggttct     95100
     gttagctttg atggttccag gggaaaaaca cactgcccga caaccttcgc caatcacttt     95160
     cagatgcagt taagctggat ttatactttc gcctggcgcc acattacgga cctccgctga     95220
     ctgcacacct ccacacctcg cgaaacggac gaggctttta tacttgccgc gtttgccgtt     95280
     gtgatatttt ttaaaatgac aaggggtggt caaaagaaac tgaccgtaaa gacagacgga     95340
     taaacagaga agaggaagtt tttagaacta cgtgatatca ttaatatcat tcaatacttt     95400
     taaacaattt gtttattgtt ttatatatta ttttaatgat tatgaagatt ttaataacca     95460
     ttcaagagtt ttttttttaa caaactttga tgtctcactt gcttttgttc atatctcgga     95520
     cagtttttct tattaaagtt tattaaaata ttaataaaaa gagataggtt gctctacaaa     95580
     tatattttta ttatggcaag aataaaagca aaaaaaaagt acacttactc aaaaataccg     95640
     atgatttttt tttccgattt aacccgttcc atagttcaca cattaagcct ggtttatact     95700
     tctgcgtcaa gtgaccggcg taacccacgg tgcatgcaac gcgcgtagct gtgcatttat     95760
     acttctgctc gctgtctctg ttgctctgca ttaacacttc cgaaacacta gtgggcagtg     95820
     aggtgtaaat gttcctctgt gttgagtttc ttcgctgctg ttttgctttt cctgaacact     95880
     tcctggatgt acaagtgact caaactcgct cattttgagg caggaaccgg cggacgtgca     95940
     acaactttaa ctatgaggta aacacaaaac aaaactttcc atcaggagct ccttcacggt     96000
     actccacact tgtaaacaat cgctccatca ggctcgcagg ctcagcgacg ccgacggcca     96060
     cggcgaaggg ctatgcgtca gcgccgtagc atatgccggc gtttgacgca gaagtataaa     96120
     tcagcctttc gtctggcaag tttctgtcct ctacttatgc taaaaaggca acaatgatcc     96180
     aacattctgg accattatca cagcctagaa aaacagggca tcagtaattt gtaaaccgat     96240
     aggtttaaat attccttccc aattatcaaa taaataattt attccttaat tttagttttg     96300
     taacttataa attgttttaa attcaaaatt gcaatatata catcagtgta aaacctatga     96360
     atggtggaaa aacatattct gtaattgtgg acatgggtcc aaacttttgc catgacctct     96420
     tttggtttca acaaatttat ccttcaggtc tttccaaaca tattaacaaa cactttctcc     96480
     tttcccatgg ctgttgcaat ttatagccaa gaattattga tcatctggtt atctctatga     96540
     tcacggatca taaagaggtc tgtactgttt cagactaaat ctcttcaaag tgtttcatat     96600
     ttaactcaaa tcaaacgcga caagtctcaa aaaatggcat gcgcaccgtc agcttgatgt     96660
     cacattcgcc gcgtgcactc aagcgaacta ttgggcgcgt cgaatataaa ccaggcttta     96720
     ctcctagatt tcgcctcgat gcccgagact ggaagcagat aagagacaga tttaacaaac     96780
     ttgtaggaaa cagaagagca acgtttctgc ttttttttaa agaaaaaaaa taataaaatt     96840
     aaagttgctg tgtaattgaa aaaaaactaa catttgtgtt taagaaaagc ttattgtgtt     96900
     gaaaaataag ccgttttgct atattgctac catttccttt tatattatgt tgtgataggt     96960
     actatttatt attttaaata ataacagtag ctatttgttg tgtaaaagct gtaatttttg     97020
     gtagtatttt ataaagatct acaaaaagtc ccattgtaat ttagctctca gttttcagtt     97080
     ataagaaatg tataagttat aagagagggg gcaacttttc ttctgaactg aaatattcgc     97140
     ctgctatcaa gcttttttaa atacaaactt gttgttaaaa tgcaagtaac taattatgtt     97200
     ccaaaaggtt tggggaaaaa taaatgtaca gccacagtga aggtcattct tagccgccat     97260
     ctctttcatt ttttagtacg tttcttgaac tctttgtcct tttttcaaaa gcaaaactta     97320
     gaaggccttg tttcacttcg acagagcagc agcgtctccc caccccattc cacatttcgt     97380
     atgatagtaa tccctgccaa accggtttga gtttgagttt ttttaactca taagtgatgt     97440
     tagaaatggg aaactagagg gaaaaaacaa ataaaagtga tttctttaaa agtagaactt     97500
     agatatttca cacgcacatg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaactt gcacggaaaa gaaaatcgtt     97560
     caagtcatac ttcaattaaa taagcaaata tatatttaaa aagtgtgtac tttatttgca     97620
     aattagccct agtctttagt gtgtgtgtgt tatttattat gtgtgtgaca taaaacatac     97680
     taatttacaa acattcctgg ccgatgattt aaaattggag acaaagcact cttttacctt     97740
     gcaagcatac tgactttttt ttttttttga tttagctaca atccacacaa tactagctgc     97800
     gtctcaaatg gcacactata cactatgcac tcatgcacta tgtacttatg cacttacaca     97860
     ctcaacagca tagtacatgc atgtagtgtt gtcccaaatg gagcactaat ggttttttac     97920
     taagcggaaa tttaaaccgt ttatcagatg acatttgacg gttgcacagt cggtgaaata     97980
     aataaccaaa ctatcaaata atacctgccg tgagtataac tacattcacc atcaggaggc     98040
     gctataatca ctctcgtagg agaattttgc tttcaccatg caaaataaat agttatccaa     98100
     catgtgcgcc tgatagctcc gccccttccg ctacgtgagc aaagctgctg taattgagtg     98160
     tgtgaagtgt ccatcattac acacttgatt ttaccggctg aatgagtgca tcatccgggt     98220
     atttaaagtg cacttgttat gtttagaggt ttctactact acttacacta tttaaactac     98280
     aaaatggcat agaatagtgc ataaatatgc aatttgggaa gcatttactg tctggctata     98340
     gcgaagcttg ctgtgtgctt ttgtccttag ttttgttaga gtgagcgcgt tcggtcaccc     98400
     acagtctgct aaaactgcaa gtcacaaaag tcgttgcaca tgtaaaagtg caaagatact     98460
     tataggattt gtattatcga acgcatttgt acatctctaa taaagtatcc gttgattagt     98520
     ttttatccaa gcaaacatgg tgggcaggtg gacacaaaca tatgggccat tctgcaacta     98580
     cgggcacttt tagctttgtg aagttgagta aaaaaacctt ttcaaaatta ccgtaacatc     98640
     ctcataagtt taaacaattt gtcaagttta tgatctgtaa gaggacaaac ttagataaga     98700
     agagcaacat ttttttccat cataaactga acaaatgtca tttccaccac acctaaatgt     98760
     acagcttatt tcaaaataaa ataaatgatg gcagtcaaac attggctaat atcatttttg     98820
     catttagttt aaccaatctt tccacaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     98880
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataatg attatacatt tgttaatgaa     98940
     ataaattagt tgtatgctaa attgtccacc tgtcacactc taaaatgtaa tattaatttg     99000
     gttaagagtt tattagaaaa taaatcaaca aattgtttgt attaaataga gcatgaacat     99060
     ttacattgtg aatacacttt tgatgtgtga tgagaacttt ttaaatatat ttttaaaatg     99120
     tgtgtggtga tggaaatgac attacaacag tttattgtga aaaaatgaaa gatggcttta     99180
     gcgattagct ttaaattgat actagccttt catgtctaca aaacactctt atttaccttc     99240
     attttgtttg ttttttaaaa acatctttga aggtacagca tgtttgtaaa tgacattaag     99300
     caatatttac cttgattttt cttcaatgtg ttgttgataa aaattttaac tctccatctt     99360
     gaaggtgttc tcagatgaca cttatcattt tcatagaaac ctccacaata atctttcaca     99420
     caaaacattt taaagcgaca ttacagtgtt gtggtggaaa tgacactgat actgtgcgac     99480
     agctatattt tgtataaaaa gtaatattga taacaggctc acattaacaa ctatacaata     99540
     ttttaattat ttaaccagtg cttaattaaa atgcattttt agataacaga taaataatat     99600
     tttaaaatcg tattttcatt gttgaagttt aaaacactag gtgtgatttt gacagctaaa     99660
     aggagattga ataatatgaa caaattacaa taaaaagcta gtacattttt tatgtagatt     99720
     ttattgttag tctgacaaag aaagaagaaa ttgaacaaaa ttatatgtat ttttgaatat     99780
     atgatcaaag gacataaaag tgcccgtagt ttaagaatta cctacaaaac acacacacac     99840
     acaaacacac actgctgtgc gactcaaata cacaaagttt agcatgattc aaacgcatta     99900
     aagaattatc tgctgcaata ctttttaaat gtagctcatt tttgttgctg ctatgtgtgc     99960
     aaatttcaca cgcacatgca aaaataaaaa aagcaaaaca aaattgaaac cactgaaact    100020
     gtgtagttac ccaaagagcc tacaagcttt aaccggtcag attcatatta aattatatac    100080
     aatatttcac aggattttgc cttcaactat atataacaga tacaatttta atttgatgct    100140
     gcaatggggt gtctttttac atgatcaccc cccaacccat accacatatt taccttatat    100200
     actcaagtca aaacaaaaaa caataaactc aagacaatag aagtgccaca gagacccttg    100260
     tctgctaaat ttgaggagta aaccatttct aaggaggggg aacatctggc aaagatcatc    100320
     attcattcat ttcttgtcgg cttagtccct ttatttatcc ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg    100380
     aaccgccaac ttatccagca agtttttacg cagcggatgc ccttccagcc gcaacccatc    100440
     tctgggaaac atccacacac tcacttatac actacggaca atttagccta cccaatttac    100500
     ctgtaccaca tgtctttgga ctgtagggga aaccggagca cccggaggaa acccacgcga    100560
     aggcagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaaaagccaa ctgagccgag gttcgaacca    100620
     gcgacccagt gacaaaaatg ggaggattcg gttcagaagc cgcttgtctg aaagagtatt    100680
     gaacgggcca atgaatgcaa taaattggca gcgtaagctt gcacaggtgt acttcattgc    100740
     caattatccc agcatataag cacacctgga gcgagtggca aagatcttat caaagtcaaa    100800
     agccaaatca acatatacaa gtaaaacata acagtgacat taagaccatt ttaccaatca    100860
     cacaaagaca tttaaaataa taccaaaaat gaatatagtg ctgcaggata cacattatta    100920
     aaacattgga catttttaag tgaaatgtgc tctgattgac atttttatgt gaaatgtgct    100980
     ctgatcagcc agtcgattaa gggtcaagaa gaggggcttg gggtgaaagg agaagagtgc    101040
     attactgcat tcttccctga tcttgtcaaa gacttggggc tctattttga cagtccatgc    101100
     gcagagcaca aaacgcaggg cgcaaacgat ttcagggcgt gtcaggacaa gtttttgcta    101160
     atttaaggac gggaaatctg tcttgcgcca tggcgcatgt tctaaaaggg ttgagtttat    101220
     ttttttaatc agttataggt gtgttttgag aataaaccaa tcagagtctc atctcccatt    101280
     ccctttaaga gtcagctgcg tcgcgccata agcgcattcg ctatttacag gacgcaaagt    101340
     aggtctaagt ggaaaaaatt tgcatttcac aagcaaacag ttgacagttt tttaacagaa    101400
     aacagtttgt taaacagagc atctactgcg tgagaatgag agataatgga tcactttcgc    101460
     tcttggatag ggaaaccttt acgcacagac atcaaatagt ctataaataa ttaattttgt    101520
     ttgttaagcg caaatatttg tttcaaaact atttctaaat tcagttctaa tttccagcaa    101580
     acgaataaat aaacaataat agcaaaatgt gctcaaacct gagttatatc ctaaaacaca    101640
     tgctgtgccc catatggtct aaaacctgac aggtgggcaa atctaagctt gttttaataa    101700
     aacaaatata aatatggata taataattaa tactgctaat aataacaaca ttatacaaaa    101760
     gcaaattgtt attaatgaac tgaaaaagcc tcccgagatg aagaagacat aaaagcagtg    101820
     atttttcata tttatgtagg ctagaaaata atatgttttg taatatttta atcctttata    101880
     tttatattct atatctattc ttattatatc ctatatatat ccttaatatt tacatttttt    101940
     catatgtaaa gatatttgcc tattgctctc ttctgtgtat taagcagtgt gtaagcgagg    102000
     cgcaactctg cactggagtt tagaccgggt tagttttggt ctaatgaaaa atctattaaa    102060
     gattctcaaa atagcaacgc gccagcggtc cgcctcagaa tgccttcctt tatagaccag    102120
     aacgcctatg ggcgcacata tgagcgctaa tgcatttgct atttaaacag cgtaacgcaa    102180
     cgcctcaaaa cgactcttgc gccgagctaa aactaccaaa tgactattgc gccacattgc    102240
     gccgggtgta tgatagggcc tatacagtca gggagattta atcaggatga tttaaataga    102300
     atagttgaaa agctggtttc ctgatcactt ctcagatcag aaagtccatt gtagtattgc    102360
     atagcaattc ttatggtctt gcctcatgaa aatccataag agttattagg gtctgatatt    102420
     ctggagccct aaagttacta ctactgttgc tgataacact aaatgtagaa atgtagcatt    102480
     ataatttgta caacccatat ctatttttag tctgattttc aataatgatt cagttattca    102540
     cttataaaac ttcatgtttc attgataaac atgtcatttt taaagaatga ttaagtggca    102600
     tatttttgat ggctggtggt tgccacctat tggttgaata atgtaattgc tgcctacaac    102660
     tttgattttt gagcatcagg ttaaatgcat atgtgatttt aatcttacca taagcatcag    102720
     tggttttatc taaactatac actgttctcc cagtaattct gtgttatttg actgtttgta    102780
     acttcataac taacttaaaa gattgaatct ctttcttgat ttttggcatt tcagatttga    102840
     atgcagagat ttaaaggatg aataaacata tgcaaatcac catcatttat aatgcatgtt    102900
     gtgtgtgtct tgagatcctg atcttttaat aattaattgt gcagcttaca ctgaatgtat    102960
     taattcaggc caaacaagtc tggacagaaa acaactttaa taacctaaga aactcaccac    103020
     atctcgaaaa cccaccacaa cttctttcgt cgtcattata tttaatagga aagcctatat    103080
     gctttcatac atctgaatga cgcaagaggt gatctctctg tgatcgttag attaatccta    103140
     taacttagga ttaatttaca aaaaaaatgt gttaatctgc aagctacgta tgttccgaac    103200
     cgtgggttgt gatatatgaa ttacagatta accatgatcg gttacacccc tataatttag    103260
     ctaaagtagt tttatattca cacattcagg cattgtccat aaaaatataa tatcagaaaa    103320
     atagaatttg caaatggaga aattatataa gcagtcaatg actgtcaaag tacaatattg    103380
     ttcacagtca attaaatagt gctaatgttg tattaaagtt atacttaaat gcagtttctg    103440
     acccaacatt caaagtagcg cggtaaccaa tgtgagtgtt aaaatgaaca aatgttgctt    103500
     acatgaaatc aactttacct catttatgta ctgtagttta tttaacaggt gggggaactt    103560
     tgattgggga attgaatttc atgaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaacattaag catattagca    103620
     tgttttgcat tatgagattg cttttatttt tcatttgttg tttttgtatc cctctttagt    103680
     ggatgtttta ttttgtgtac agtttggtca taaaaagtgt aacagggtta aaataatgtt    103740
     taattgtctt tcaccaaaat gggttctggt tgttgagaga cctcttgtgg caacagtatg    103800
     taattgtttc tgtcaccttt cacctgcaaa gccccgccta cagcagaaaa tggttgctga    103860
     atgcagaaag gcggtaggta aaatgtgctc cagctaaatg tgacaaattt tgtattttaa    103920
     cacatattaa caacacatac aagcccaata ggaacattaa gtgatgtttt agatcaaatc    103980
     tgtcgagtga ttgccgtgtg tgacaaactt tgtgtggttt aatttgctca tgctatgtgt    104040
     agctggaatg atgacattaa tatgtgcagg ggtgatttct tactatttgt ttggtttttt    104100
     tagatgcatg tttaaatgca tactgttgcc agaggattta tattatatga atgtatatta    104160
     tatatgtata ttatatatga acttttgtaa ctaaataatg ttttgttatg tggcaacaca    104220
     gcagaaaatg gttgctaaat gcagaaaggc gatgcatgtt taaatgcata ctgttgccag    104280
     aggatgtata tttctgttac agaataaaca acgcagaacg cagttctctg tgtccgcctg    104340
     agtgatttgc gtcatcagga agaggagcgt tacaaaagca cgctgatgaa tctcagtggc    104400
     ctgtaccgat gacagggcaa gaggaaagtg ttctgaagga atacaccaca aaattaggaa    104460
     aacaggtaca gaggaagaat cggggtaggt tttcactaga gctgttgaca taatttttca    104520
     taacattgac aatctatata ctgtttctgg attttattag tctatggcag atcataggat    104580
     gctaaacaac aattatataa tgtatacttg gggttatagg gttgggaata gagcaatatg    104640
     ctgatgttta actgaaatgg actacttcaa caatgttgat gtgggctttt tttctcgtct    104700
     catgctgaac gcagccggcc aatcccaaca gactgtgtca tcagacctaa tgcaaaggag    104760
     gagtttgggg gggaaaaaat cgctgattaa ttgctcatat gggatgttac tgtatgttta    104820
     cagtatctct gtaggcatgt tcaaattgtg aaagaatgtg tatgtgtatt tttaagctaa    104880
     attaaagcaa atcaatttaa atgaagtttc ataaactaat ttcgagagga gcacgtgata    104940
     tgattgactg cagccggcca ctcatctacg ctcattagct agccaatcgg aacgatccaa    105000
     actcactata aataacctag ctaagatgta cacccctatc ttcgttttcc gaagaaaccc    105060
     cccatccacc ccttctcctc ctttcctctt ttgccgaggg aagctctcga gaacacctga    105120
     cctcgtattc ccttcacatg ccttatggac ctggcgggag ccctgggctc aactatctcc    105180
     gagctcaggg ttctctcccg ggacagcatg ccaaacctgc taacttgcta acaagttgtc    105240
     aaacagtatc taagtgtgaa ctcttgaaat catatttaaa tttaaagaaa tcatttcaca    105300
     gttcgcataa cactgtctgg cttgttgtgt attttacttt tatgataata gaattggttt    105360
     gcacaacatt attacatggc caccgatata caaaacagat atttgaacaa aagaaaatga    105420
     aacaagaaaa ggaaacagga ccagtatgtt tataaatgaa aagataaagg tagcttcatt    105480
     tcttactaca ctaatgcttt caaataacca cagaaataaa gtattccctg attatcctta    105540
     catttttaat catgttttct ttgacactga aatttctaac aaaggagctg tttaaaatgt    105600
     gttgatgatc aaaacaacgt gcttctattg gtattgctca tagtatttat ctctaacttt    105660
     tttatttatc tttgagcaac tgatattgga tattaatcaa ctctgattag gcttattgtt    105720
     gtttttattt cgcaattggc gtaatattat tttacttgac aaatgaaatg ttaggaaagg    105780
     aaaaggaaaa tttgatttat tttgatttaa atctgtgaag acacttttgt tgaaatgtca    105840
     ctttagtgct gtctcctcac agcaagaagg tcactggttc gagcctcggc tcagttggcg    105900
     tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccctg cattcgcatg ggtattctcc aggtttcccc    105960
     cacattccaa agacatgcga tacaggtgaa ttgggtttat tgttcgtagt gtatgagtgt    106020
     gtgtgggtgt gtggatgttt cccagagatg ggttgtggct ggaagggcat ccgctgcgta    106080
     aaaacgtgct tgataagttg gcggtttatt ccgctgtggc gaccccggtt aataaaggga    106140
     ctaagccgac aagtaaatga atgaatgaat gtcactttag gctgtataga agtgtcttaa    106200
     aaaacatcta gtcgaaaagt atttattgtc atcatgacaa agataaaata aatcagttat    106260
     tagaaaacag aaatgtgtga gacaaatatt ttctatgagt aataaccgca tatgtgtagc    106320
     aaaatagata ttttgatgaa aaaaataaag acttcacaca aaaaattcat agtctctgtt    106380
     ttttttattt aatctctacc acatgaggac tgttacacac tgaaacattt tttcactgta    106440
     aatatctact aactaatcat gaactattta tatcacttaa acagagaaag agaaaaaatc    106500
     cagcctaaat ttaaagaaca atgggaagaa gctgttcaaa atgtctctag gactccagtc    106560
     tatcgaaaat acttcaaact gatctcaata ccaacattat atttgcaaaa aaaaccacac    106620
     ccaagatttt ttatataggc tgcattcagc attagctaat atataaaaat atcagtattt    106680
     tattggctta gtaaaaagtg ttccaataaa ctcatggaaa ttatcccaaa aaaatatata    106740
     taaaaaaaaa ctgctgtttc attataaata cagctttcct cagcatgttt cctccattat    106800
     atgttgtttt gttatactaa ttccctgtat atactgtata cttcccatta gagacctgcg    106860
     ggggatggat tgtcccactt ccttaagatt tagttccacc ccgcaaaact ttattttatt    106920
     tttatgaatt tactatttat taagttttgt ccccctccca cctgcataag cctgcaggta    106980
     aacatgtatg tagttttatt tttacagctt tttcccacta agctgttatt tgtttcactt    107040
     gcttcccttt tgaatataaa taaaaaagac aaaacaataa acaaattgtg ttttatttta    107100
     tatgtgttta tttaaatgga atgattaaca tggaagagga gaaagaagaa gcttttcata    107160
     gcataacaga aaaacattca gattagttag aattaggcta ataattttac aataaacaaa    107220
     ataataataa acgttgattt ctcaagtggt gaaaaagaaa agcatttggc ctaatattag    107280
     ttcagatttt gccttcagca atgtccaaac attaaacata agtcatcctt atttctcaca    107340
     ataattaatg caattttcaa tatttagcta atataaaaat aaactgaatt agctaaaaaa    107400
     aaaatgtggg cctatactta atgtgtccat gcaggagtag tcatatattc atttgtcatt    107460
     aactaatgag ggcttcagat taatatgtct ctgctcaagt atgtgatcac agacactgaa    107520
     agctctctct gcagctttgt gcagtagata aatatcagag tagctgtatt tagtgaaata    107580
     attgtcctgc caataattgt attcttctgc aacctgcaca ttcatgagga cctttcctcc    107640
     catgcctgca tttatcaatc caattttgtc ccacaggagt gcaggtctct acttccaatg    107700
     tatttttcca aactctcagt agcatcctgt tttgttattt ttttccattc agttagaatc    107760
     tcactatttt ccttgaattt ttcatcgtag ttcttttcca gatcttcctg aaatctccac    107820
     acaaaccact tccagtaggg cagttcagag tggtcagtag tgatgctcca ctttgcataa    107880
     agtcctcctg cttttctgta ttctttatat ggaaattttc catctttggt aaaaaatgtt    107940
     ttttcacttg taactaaatt tgtgcagata tccacactaa gattttttgt tgcaaagtac    108000
     tcccatccat taattccatc tactctgtgg aaaggaacac tgtgatcttc atcatggttt    108060
     tctatggtgt ttgtgcagat ggcaccacag aatggacact gaacccaaca acactgacac    108120
     aagtgatcga tcagaagctc ttctggcctg aacttgacat ccagtttttg accaaatgtc    108180
     ttgttgaatc ccgtgctggt ctgagacatt atatcaggaa gttcttgttt taacacatct    108240
     tctaagagat tcacatcacc atcatcatga tttactccac tgaggtcttt ttcagagaag    108300
     atcagatctt ctgagagctg ctgtgtgaaa ctcttcagcc acaaaccaac atctccacta    108360
     ttaacttgag catgttttgt agattcatgt gctgcgttca tgatgttctg ctgcagaagt    108420
     tcaatgttct tcttcatctt aggtaaaaca ctgatgttga actttttact gatgtaccga    108480
     ctgacttcat ctctgatgaa actcttaaag tgatctctgg gagttgtaat gtagttcatg    108540
     tatttgtcaa agtcctcctc ttctgccagt gtcttcagga tgtgtttctc cagatttgat    108600
     ctgtttccat tcaatgattc acagtttgat cttatttcac cagctaattc tctggcagtt    108660
     ttcttgtaga cgctctgctc aataggctct ttgagtttct gacagatgat ctcaccaaag    108720
     atggcagctg atgttgctcc atgacagtat ttctggaaaa tactatagta atcttctctc    108780
     ttcttcttaa aatatatgac aggatcattg gcttctctga acagttcgtg ttggtcagtg    108840
     attgttgtgt ttgctttttg aatgatagag aatatcaaat ccatgaagaa ttcattcttg    108900
     aacacatatt tcactgatcc attttgatgt tctgttactc tcttcttgat gtagtctgcg    108960
     agttgctgaa tgtagctgat gttgtaaccc atctttgaaa tgttaaatga ctgaatcatt    109020
     gtatctgtct gctgaacaac attgttgact aacaatctta tttgagcttc accctctttt    109080
     gatagagtat caaaaccaaa cccctttttt actgatctga aagtatcttg aatttgtcct    109140
     gtaaatccgc tagatttttt cagttgtaca taatcagaat aattctgcac agaaaaaata    109200
     ttattgtact tctgtacaga aacactttta tagaggttac agaggatctc gctcacatca    109260
     gtcattatct taatgtcttt gactgttgga ttgtctctga taatctttgt cacactctct    109320
     tcccaaaaca agtcaaactc tttcttcaat gtttcttcat catttccttt ctctttgagt    109380
     gttaaggcca gttctttgct cttttccaaa agtgtgtttt catgatgagt cttctgagca    109440
     tcaatgcttt tcctcaggac tctctgttga agaacctcat ttagttttct tttcgtttct    109500
     ctcactattt tctcctgaag ctcattgatt tttatttcaa atgatgtttt ccactgaatc    109560
     agtatttcag catctgggtc tttatcaaaa aactttgtca ttgaaattct cacttcttca    109620
     atcgtcgtct ccagtttgct tttaagatca gtctccttta cctcatcaat ttgatcattt    109680
     tctatttgat tgtaaagttt gtgctcagtt tccatcatga cattgcggag actccaggac    109740
     catttactgt attcagtctc cagtttcctg taagctgata tctccaatga atttttgaag    109800
     ctgaagacga atcgttcatt cagtaaagcc tcccagagat ctttgatacg atcttttaag    109860
     tgtatcagta atattccttg tgactttgag ctgtgagaca taatagtttg ttttagctct    109920
     tgaatattct cacagtaatc tgggtttggt ggtgccattg gtggactgcc ctcccagagc    109980
     tgagaaaaat actttacatc tttctgaaca tcaaatgcaa tgacatcact gaaacgttct    110040
     gcatcataga cttcatcttt agcagcaagt tttgtcatct catccagtgt ctcctgcagt    110100
     cgtctctttc cctccatgtt tttctctcca gctgtgacgt ctgaaacgtt ttgatgcaca    110160
     aaaacacagc tgggattcag tctgaccttc ttcatcctca tgaaggcctg aacaacaatc    110220
     tgaagagtat cctgcatctc agaggggttt tctccaaaga tgttgatcaa ggtcagattt    110280
     cccagaccta caacaaatgt ggccagttcg ttgtcatgat gtcttgtttg ttttccggac    110340
     agttctagag aacgaagacc ttcagtatca acaaccagaa tatagtcaaa ctttagcttt    110400
     atttctttta tcatttcttc agacactttg accagctgca tgaaagctcc tctggtgcat    110460
     ctgccagcac tgacggcaaa ctggagtcca aacatggcat tcagcatggt ggatttccca    110520
     gagctctgaa tccctaaaac tgacagcaca aagactctct ggtctcccag tttctggaca    110580
     agttgatcca gtacagcaga gatccagatt acaggaacat gagcagcatc tccatccatc    110640
     agctcaagag gaaacccaga gatcatcatc tctgctgcga cacttgggag agaattgaag    110700
     tcaactggca agtctttatt tgtctccctt acagatgaac atgattcaaa tatttgacta    110760
     atctccctca tgatgtgctc cagaccaaat gctgcagctt gaagttcttc agatattctc    110820
     tcaagttctg atttttcagc tttgaattgt tcacattctt catggttctt ctcttttagc    110880
     tttacaattg ctgaccactt tttatcatat ttgtgatgaa gagcagaaag gtcagctgat    110940
     gtatgttcat ccaggaggat tctgagccat ttgagaaaaa acactttgtt tgtattattt    111000
     gagctcatgt cattaataaa gagcttcata aaatcactga tgtccgattt atgttgttct    111060
     tgacggatgt tctttatctc tgtgcgtttt cgactgatgt cgatttctgt ttcataacct    111120
     tgaggtcggt gtagttcttt gttcttcaga ctccactgat gccacagttt cccctgatga    111180
     ggcagaaatg attctttgat ttctgtcagc ttttcatttt caagtaaact gatcatctgc    111240
     tgtgctgctg ctcttcctct catgcagtct ccagcgtctt cctcatccac tctgatgtct    111300
     gagtctttag ataaatctac aggcctgaaa atggaagaaa actctgagag acagtcattt    111360
     ataacccttc gtatttcttc agaaatgtct gactgatttc tgtttcttaa accaattttg    111420
     aacttaaatt tcttcatttc agttagggga gattcatcct cagtaaaaag gcaaatgagt    111480
     ggctttgttg ttctgaacaa gttctggatt tctgctgtaa ttttgtcatt tttctgaagt    111540
     tgtggcagta gaaccacatt gactgaggcc atttctgtga ggatcttcat ctgtttctca    111600
     tgttctcctg catctccatg tagattacag aaggccacgc agttattgaa tttatcagtg    111660
     tcttttccag aaggacagaa ccaggcaatc tccaccactc catccatcag gattctagat    111720
     ctgctgctgc ctggacagtt cctgtggaag aatgtgttgt gtttctcatt gatcagactg    111780
     tttatcaaat gagacttgga tggagacact gtgctatacc tgaagaaaaa caccatagga    111840
     gtttgtgcat tgtagactgg ctgggattga ctgatgattt cattgtcttt ttttgttttc    111900
     caactcttgt tgatttgtct gaatgtccag agaggaaact caatctgttg tgtttctgga    111960
     tcaggaacaa gtagaggcag agcatactga cactgggaca atttaatgac catcatctgc    112020
     tttaggaagg catcagcaca atgaaacaca gccatctgaa catccatcgg gtggattctc    112080
     tcagagtgac ttaatcctgt gtttggcaaa tggttgtttt gcacaacaaa atcaaaaaag    112140
     tcaccttcat cttcaggcaa ttcttggtct acttgctgca ttcgcacctg tcctttggtt    112200
     tcttttgtac tgatgtatct tgctctgtag ttcatcatca gtagtttttg taggaaactc    112260
     tgtaccagct cctcctccgc acaagactca tgtaacttta aagaatgttc agatatctgc    112320
     agaacatgtg cagctgtcag tttgccattt ttgtgaagat ggagtctctg aaatagttgc    112380
     tctcttttgt cttgttcagg cttttcttgc tgtatgtttt gatgtgctct ttgtccattt    112440
     tcttcgtttt ctgtctgtat aatagatgaa atagtagata attttattca gtttcattgt    112500
     catggaatca tattcagttc ttataattag gccttttttc attattaatg cttttcattt    112560
     aaaatttgaa ctaatttgac gctaaaatca aaattgtcta attaatctat tatctattca    112620
     tctattaaat taatctatta aactatcaaa ttaatctaat taattacata ttaaatttgg    112680
     cttagaaatc attcctaatt aaatttgtca attgcagttt tgctttagaa acttaagcaa    112740
     aaacaactct ggggaccaac aggtgtggcc aataaatgtg aacacaagcg cagtgcacat    112800
     ttacacaata acatcaaaca cgaatacatt tgtgtgagtg agagtgtaaa tgtgtgtaca    112860
     agtggataaa tgtacaacaa gcataatttt gaacagatag aagaaactgg tatagcttaa    112920
     tttttatatg cgatctgact cacttttctc actttttctt attatcttat attttgcaac    112980
     caggagacca agaagtcctt taactcactc aggacttgca ttatatggcc tcccttataa    113040
     taaaatacct aaaacatgga atgctataaa aacatatcaa tggcatggaa agagttgaag    113100
     acaaagagaa agacattggt aacacttaat aataactaca cactataaac catttattaa    113160
     gcattatcaa atagttaatt aataatttgt taagcatcaa ctctacttag taagatatta    113220
     gtaagcggtt tataacctac agctacaaat gctgtatttt taacttaaaa tcacatgtat    113280
     aatgttttta tgcacaacgt tataatgctt tgttaatgat acatttttca ctactaagta    113340
     ttgcattttt tacaaaccat ttgtattaaa gagtagaaga tggtttaaag atcattcaga    113400
     acgagtaagt taaccttcct gtcatgtttg ggtcaaatct gactgattta caacttaaaa    113460
     cactcataaa tattgtgttt tacatctcgt tgcctcaagg ccttatgata tcctccgtaa    113520
     tatgcacttg aacatataaa agtgatgatc acctctttcg ttgaattctg agagtttcaa    113580
     tcaaccttgt tatacctgtg gtgttctcag tcaaaagtga aagacataag aaattaaggg    113640
     gtatccccac acacaatgta ttttaaattc ctgtgccgat cctccagcct gatttcacta    113700
     ttgataacga aacaaagtat tttgatttct gtcagtatca tctattgttc atttgttatt    113760
     tgtattttca ctgcagttat ttatgtctaa ggctataaat catgttaaac actactttaa    113820
     gacattgttc acagctaaag aatgttgaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    113880
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt gtgctatttt    113940
     aagagcagtt aacacagacc agtcaatttt gacctgcaac actaaagtaa gttgcgggat    114000
     gtgaacacga gaggagggtt aatgatcatt aaacttagat gaacatttat acatcataat    114060
     attcacgcat atagtaatga ttactctgta tgttaattaa tactttgcca tacatttata    114120
     aatgacaatt aaacacccta aattgtttga tgtgaaatct acagatcatg acaaaaatgg    114180
     atagttggca ctgtgacaac tgaccatcaa gcacctcaag ccatcaagtt aaaggtgcag    114240
     taggtgattg tcttcagaag cattttttgt tgtgctggtt gaaagtctct tcacagtcca    114300
     atagtaatga ttacagtaaa tgatctaaat gtatttatat gtatttttat attctgggta    114360
     aagtataaaa ctaaaacatg ttcctccaat taaatagagt cggaccgtca tctcccttaa    114420
     ttccgataag caggtcagat tgtctgtaag caaatgtaga ttcagacttc tgcgcatctg    114480
     gctttgaatc acagtccctc cccgccgtcc aaagataata tgctaagcgg ttagcatttt    114540
     ggcagatcac ctactgcacc tttaaggcag catgagttca tacctaattc actgtatttt    114600
     cttgttcggt gcagttgatt attgtgttca tccctagtgt tcattaaaat acttatgcat    114660
     cgagtgtaga tgacctcaaa caattctggg caatcaaaaa aaaaaaaatg ctgacagtgg    114720
     atgggttatt ataagcaggg tgttttctag cctgtttaat tgcttacacg gcacagaaac    114780
     acgggtaaat gtatctaata aaaaagtaaa aagtatctaa tatgttgtac ttttcatagt    114840
     gcacttttat ctcttgaggc atacagtacc tgcaaggtat gcgtttgtga tgtttgagta    114900
     aagggagatg gcttttacaa gattctttat aataatgctt aattttttgt aattctgcta    114960
     cagtatgtgc cactagtgtt catgcttcat gctcaatttt ataaccagat tattacaacc    115020
     tcaaatcaga aaaagttggg acagtatgga caacgcaaat aaaaaaaaaa agaaagtagt    115080
     gatttccaaa tttacttttt acttgtgttt cattgcagaa aatacaacaa atgtgcttaa    115140
     tgtgttcctc gtgatttttg tttttttgtt tgtttttgct acacattttt aaaaacttgt    115200
     tacagtaaag catttaccat tttgtaatgt tgccattctt tttcacaaca cttaaaagac    115260
     gtttcaggtt tcaggtgtaa ttttgtccga ttcttcctgc aaacaagtct taaagtgggc    115320
     aacagtacgg ggtcttcatt gtcacatttt gcgcttcaaa atctaccaca cattctcttt    115380
     tggagacagg tcaggactgc agacaggcca atatccagaa tacctttctt ggatgctgct    115440
     tttgtaccaa atcataatta caatcatctg ttaacatcac ctgtttcaaa tctcatcatt    115500
     attttaccaa tttacccggt tactagcctt aaattgttcc tgtcccaatg ttttttgaaa    115560
     tgtgctccag gtctgaatga caggaaaggt tgtaaatttg agcaattcca tgcaggaaca    115620
     ttgccaggaa aaaaaaagtt ctagccaaaa gagagaaact gtttctacat ttttttttta    115680
     tgtaagcatt tacagtactt taaaaatact caaaaatgtc tttgatattt ttaaaaaata    115740
     tatatctttg aaaaactgat atttttctga tcccacaact ctgtggttag ttgtaatata    115800
     aatatacatg tatattatat atatatataa aatataaaga gatgtaatgt taacatatac    115860
     tttccatgag aatttatgtt ttgagttttt actgcaaatg tcacatcaat aacactgaaa    115920
     ttgctcattt acaaattaaa tgaagttgac ccaacagaac atgaaatatt ttgtgttctt    115980
     attgtctgca atgaagtaca agtcaaagta aaatccctac tttcatttta atttgcgttt    116040
     ttcaaactgt tcaaactttt tctgatttgg ggttgtagat atttgcttag tcagcattca    116100
     ttatttattt atttgtttag gattttaatt atagacttaa aataataatg agatagtaaa    116160
     cagttgtgac tttatttagt ttttagttaa ggtatggtcc aaattacagg cttaatacat    116220
     gaacattttt cagcatgtgc aatctcaaca tgttttgcca caaatcatgg gagaaaatga    116280
     cgttattata aagtctcaaa ttttatctta atacatttta aaggaatgtt taccttgata    116340
     catttgtttg actcaaaacc ttcagtcagt ggctcactga ggctgcttcc tgtttcacca    116400
     ttgtatgtgt tttcaggtga atctgaaaga gaaaaacacc accagtaggt aaaaaattct    116460
     caccgaagat taagggattc aagtttaaaa atttgtgaag acatcccagc aagcatgagc    116520
     gtgcaggtct gatcatgaca ttttgtgcac aatacgctct acaatgagtc cacactaagg    116580
     ccgtactcac actaggtaca gttgcctcga accgggccaa agcacgcttg tcccccctcc    116640
     cgtctccccc gacggcccgc gctcacacca tatcggccct cggcacgctg ctgcgctgtc    116700
     cagtgaagcg ctctctatgg caagcctttt tagcatttaa atctttgttc tgactccata    116760
     aatatattta gagatatctc taattatatt ttgacttgta ataattataa tttgactagt    116820
     cagaatgaca attagagata tctgcaatta caattgtact agtacgaaat cagattggag    116880
     atatctgcaa atatattatg actagtcata ttcctccatt gacttccact gaaaaatatt    116940
     tgcagatatt tctaactgag ttttgactag tcacaattgt aattagagat atctctgagt    117000
     ttttactagt cataatacat ttggagatgt ctttaattcg tcatatttag agatatttac    117060
     aaatatattt gaagatatct ctaattaatt tactaatagt cgaattacag ttgtagatat    117120
     cttgaattgg atttttgacg agtcaaaacc catttagaga tatctgcaaa tatttttcaa    117180
     tggaagtcaa tggaggaata tgactagtca taatatattt gcagatatct ccaatctgat    117240
     ttcgtactag tacaattgta attgcagata tctctaattg tcattctgac tagtcgaatt    117300
     ataattatga ctagtcaaaa tataattaga catatctcta aatatattta tggatagtca    117360
     gaacaaggtt taaatgctaa aacggcttgc catacgctct cactcagcag cacagtggag    117420
     atttctctag ttatatcgtt tcagtcgttt gatatgccgt caaatatttc gccaaacagt    117480
     ccttagggat gcggagacac gcagtcagat atttcacagg acagatactg ccacttttgg    117540
     cgctcataaa cgatcataaa gctctcgtgc tgcaggaatg aggaggtctg ctgaaggcgc    117600
     gcagctgtcg tgcagtgagg ggtttgcgtc tttcataaac tacggcagtt tgcgttcact    117660
     gaacagtaag aatgattaat aaatccatat gaaacagccc cttaaaagtc acgtctcgct    117720
     ttcgggcttt ggtgcgtttt gcacacacac acaagcgtac cgcaccaaag cccaagtgat    117780
     ccgccctcag gcacaactct tccaaccggg ccagggccgg ccaagtaaac cgtgcttgag    117840
     cccgattcag cacactcaca cttctcaaac gatccgggaa acgggcctgg gcacggtacg    117900
     gatggcatag tgtgagtagg ccctaaatct aaacaggccc aacgcgggct agcttaggta    117960
     tggcccacag ctgcaggatc tgtgcactag tggacactcc acattaatcc aaggcctggt    118020
     gtgggctaac tcattcttac ccagagcaaa ctgtgagcac agtgcctttg atagtttgac    118080
     taatggttaa aactttgccc attagtgttg gctctgcgtg ggcagctctc acctaatccc    118140
     cccagaaacc ctcactaaac cagatcaggg aagtgatgtt tacctgcaca gcacttcact    118200
     agctaatgga ggccactcac ttccctaaac ctacagcatg agtgacacag tgtcccatga    118260
     gaaacatgtt ttaccacact gtccgtccat tccatttctc ttaacatttt aatgggttca    118320
     tgctttcagc agactgaggt ttttgtttga ttgtgatgtt tttgaatacc tctttcctac    118380
     tagtcattct ttcaaccctc atagacctct taaaacttca atgttgaatg ttcatctgat    118440
     ttataccctc aaataatgca ttttacaatg atggaaattg atgggtctct catatcgcat    118500
     cttcctcttt tctattgtgt taagatcagg caagttttgc aggtcttttt actaggaact    118560
     ggtagatatg gcactgtgta ggtgccaagt cctgttgaaa aatgaactct gtatctctat    118620
     aaagttggtc atcagcagga aggagaaagt ggtcctggtt tagagctttg ttgaccttgt    118680
     acctcagaaa acacagtgga gcaacaccag cagatgacat ggcactccaa ccatctttga    118740
     ctgtggaaat tttacacagg agcaagcaag caatgtggat tctgtgcctc tcttcctcca    118800
     gactctggca ctctgatttc taaaggaaat gctaaattta cttccatcag agagcataag    118860
     tttggaggag tagtacgggc tttagcccag gaaagatact tatgacgatg tctgttcaag    118920
     agtggcttga cacaaggaat gtgacagctg aaatccatgt cttgcatatg tctgtgcgta    118980
     ctggctctta aaacactgac tccagctgca gtccgctctt tgtaaatgtc ctccacattt    119040
     ttgaatgggt tgaatagggt ctgtatatgg gcaaagtttt cagaaaccgc atggagaaac    119100
     ctgtccttgc aaattatttt tctgaaaaac gttcgatggt tagtgctgac ccaagcagtg    119160
     gcatgcagcc tatagagtac attgacctat gctgaacgaa gataatccaa aactgaaaag    119220
     gagattgaac ctgagagaga tttgcccatt acctacaagg gttagattga tttcttgatt    119280
     caacctatga tataataata atcgattaag ttgttagcag aggtggaaag agtactaaaa    119340
     acgttcgagg ttacagaagt aacccttcgt tccccgagga ggggaacgga agtgccatga    119400
     atgggaggat tcggatcaga agccgcttat ctggagagta ttgaacgggc caatgaatga    119460
     aattaattgg cagcgtaagc ttgcgcaggt gtgcgacatc tgcaattatc tcagcatata    119520
     agcacacctg aagccagcaa acgccatcct tttaagctga agagactttc aaacagctaa    119580
     gggacagtca ttatggcgac ggaatatggc acttccgttc ccctcctcgg ggaacgaagg    119640
     gttacttctg taacctcgaa cgttcccctt cggttgggga acttcagtgc catgaatggg    119700
     agaatatgga aagcgccata atgactgcac cttaccaaca cccccgatga ggagatagtc    119760
     aagcaagcgt gacgcaccca catcatgggg ggcgcggtcc tccaacgtgt ccctggccct    119820
     aatttatcct acttcaacag aagttttacg gatttagata tattttttgg gaagtcgtga    119880
     gcatctagat aattctagga aatacgacag tacgttggga agcgtgcaat cccgataggg    119940
     aggacgctgc ggaggccatc cgttacccaa gggggggata gatggcagaa tttacctatg    120000
     gactagccct aaaaggggag tacgcatagc aaaagagtgg ttagcggaga gggaagacac    120060
     gggtccaccc agggggggga cttaaccgtg gcggaataag catatgggat cgcctagtgg    120120
     ggatcacgca tagcaggcac ctatacccaa aacgcgggct gaccagcggg cagacctaca    120180
     acgtagtggg ccagcaagtg actcctccgc tgagtcagtg ctgggggcca cggaggaatc    120240
     tgcagggctc acctgacggg gaactttact gacagataaa aaaggcgcac gtacctccgt    120300
     gttagggaga atggcgccgc aagcgtgttt caacacccta ccgagttgtc tcctcaatca    120360
     ccaaagggtt acctaatacc cttgaggaaa ccggctccac tcgcagattg taaaaccttg    120420
     caaatgtgtt gggtgtcgcc cagcccgcag ctctacagat gtctgttaga gaggcgccgc    120480
     gtgcacgcgc ccaagaggat gcaacgctcc gagtggagtg tgcacgaact cccgggggac    120540
     acggctgacc tcgactcgaa taagcgagtg aaatggcatc cacaatccag tgggataatc    120600
     tttgctttga tacggcactt ccctgctgcc gaccgccata acagacaaag agctgctcag    120660
     atgatctaaa attctgagta cggtccacat aaatgcgcag agcgcgaact ggacaaatta    120720
     aagaaagggc tgggtctgcc tcctccgggg gcagcgcttg caggttcact acctgatctc    120780
     taaagggggt ggtaggaacc ttgggcacat aaccggggcg gggtctcagg atgacgtgag    120840
     agtaatccgg cccgaattcc aggcacgagt cactgaccga aaatgcctcc aggtccccga    120900
     ccctcttgat ggaggccaac gcaaccagca gagctgtctt cagggacaga aatcttagag    120960
     atactgattc gagtggctca aagggatcgg atcgcagact cgtgagaacg agggcgagat    121020
     cccaagaggg catgagaggg gggcgagatg gattaattcg cctagcaccc ctaaggaact    121080
     ggatgaccag gttatgcttt cccacggtgc cgccagctac cgcgctatga taagcggaga    121140
     tggcggccac gtaaaccttg agagtggagg gcgacagcct gctgtccaac ttctcttgaa    121200
     ggaaagagag cacaacacta atctggcaat ttcgggggtc ttctctgcga gagacgcacc    121260
     attcagtgaa tagactccac ttcagggcgt aggcgcgcct cgtggagggg gctctagcct    121320
     gagtgatggt attaaccacc gcagtcggta ggttacctaa gtcttcctcg cgtctaggga    121380
     ccacacgtgg aggttccaaa gatcggggcg agggtgccag atggtgccct gtccctgaga    121440
     gagtaggtcc tctctcaaag ggatccgcca ggggagggcc gtcgcgagga gtgagagctc    121500
     tgatatccag gtccggttgg gccaaagggg cgcaactagc agaacctgtt cctcgtcctc    121560
     cctgaccttg gacagaaact gcgcgagcag gctcactggg ggaaacgcat acttgcgcat    121620
     gccccgaggc cagctgtggg ccagtgcatc cgtgccgaga gagccctcgg tcagggaaaa    121680
     aaacaactgg cagtgagcgt tctcggggga agcaaacaga tcgatctggg cctccccgaa    121740
     tcgcgcccat atcagctgaa cagactcggg gtggagtctc cattctccag ggcgtaacag    121800
     ctgtcgtgag agcgcatcgg ctgcacgatt gagcgtgcct gggacgtgaa tggcgcgcag    121860
     cgatttcagc cgcgggtgac tccagaggag caaacggcgg gcgagctgag acatgcggcg    121920
     agagcgcata ccccccatgc ggttgatata cgccgccgcc gccatactgt ccgtcctgac    121980
     cagcacgtgt tgccgctcca gcaccggtaa aaagcggtgg agagcgagga acactgccaa    122040
     cagctctagg cgattgatat gccaatgcag ctgggcaccc ttccagaggc ccgcagccgc    122100
     atgcccgcga cacacggccc cccaacccgt gttggaagcg tctgttgaaa caacaacatg    122160
     gctggacgcc tgtcctagag ccacaccggc ctgtaggaac gaggggtcgt tccaagggct    122220
     gagggcgcgg caacacagcg cagtaaccga gacccggtgt gtgcccgcgt gccatgcgcg    122280
     tctggggacc cgatcgtgaa gccagtgctg aagtggtctc atatggagca acccgagcgg    122340
     cgtgacggcg gctgcggatg ccatatgccc caggagcctc tgaaagaact tcagtgggac    122400
     cactagtttg ctgtcgagct ccctcagaca gttcagcaac aggcgagcgc gttcctcgga    122460
     gaggtgcgct accatggtga tcgagtccag ctccatcccg agaaaagaaa tcctctgcac    122520
     gggggcgagt ttgctctttt ctcggttgac ctgaagcccc agtaggcgga gatgccgaag    122580
     caccttgtcc ctgtgcataa tcaattgctc ccgcgagtgg gctaaaatca gccagtcgtc    122640
     gagataattg agtatgcgaa tgcccgcgag ccgaaggggc gctagggcac cctccgcgag    122700
     tttggtgaag acccgcggag acagagagag cccgaagggg aggaccttgt actgccacgc    122760
     tcgaccctcg aacgcaaacc gcagaaattg gcggtggcgt ggaagaatgg agacatggaa    122820
     atacgcgtcc ttcaggtcta tggctgcaaa ccaatcccga ggacgaacgc attggagaat    122880
     gcgcctctgc gtgagcattc tgaacggcag cttgtgcaga cagcggttca aaacgcgcag    122940
     atctaggatt ggccgtgacc caccgctctt tttgggtacg atgaagtatg ggctgtaaaa    123000
     cccactctcc atctcggctg gaggaaccgg ctcgattgca cccttcgcca ggagggcagc    123060
     aatctcctct cgcaagacag gggcggacag ggggttgacc ctggagaaat acacgcccgt    123120
     aaacttgggg ggccgtttcg cgaactgaat cgcgtaaccg agtctgattg tgcgtatgag    123180
     ccaccgcgag gggctggccc gcgctaacca ggcaggcaga gcccccgcta atggagtcat    123240
     cgctacaatc gctgacgtac cagcggtggg gcagcgcgga gtgggtgtgc tgatccggga    123300
     agcacgaggg tcccgcggaa gagctggagg agagcgattc gctctggctc cgcaccctga    123360
     ctccggagag ggggctggag ggctgaggaa agggagaccg tccccccagc gctcgtgagc    123420
     cactggcgaa gcacgtagag tctgcgagcc ggaaggcagc gcgtcccgga ctggcagaac    123480
     tcgtgcagtc acatccgggg aagggaaaaa gtgctctttt actgatgttt tggtggcact    123540
     gaaaagtacc gttgttatcg gggccccgcc ctccagcggg gaaagagcaa gtttcctctt    123600
     ctccggatgg cctgtctcag ggacgcttcg cggtccgttt accggactta acggcgccct    123660
     gggcaggagg ggctgcctgc tttcgaggtg aacgccgcgc ccgcttggcc ggaggcgcag    123720
     gcgggggcgg ggcagcactc gttggcgggc gccctcggcg aggaacagcg gaggtggatg    123780
     gctcggcggg cggagcgggc ttacggccac gccgatagat gacattgccc atcgcatccg    123840
     actgctcttt caccgccttg aattcctggg tgaattcacc gacggtgtcg ccgaacaggc    123900
     cagcctggga tatgggcgag tcaagaaagc gaactttgtc aacgtcgcgc atatcggcca    123960
     ggtttagcca gaggtggcgt tcctgaacca caagtgtgga catcgtcctc cccagcgctc    124020
     acgcggcgga cttagtagtc cgaagagcat agtcggtcgc ggtgcgcagc tcatgtaata    124080
     agcttgggtt ggacccgccc tcgtgcagct cggccagcgc ctgcgcttgg tagcgctggt    124140
     aggtggccat cgcgtgcaaa gcagaagcag cctggcccgc agccttataa gctctggctc    124200
     cgagggaggc agacaaccta caggctttgg acaggaggcg gggcaaaccc cgccacgtag    124260
     aggcgccgcg cggacaaaga ttgaccgcga tagcgcgctc cactgactgg atcgcctcat    124320
     accccctggc agctccgccg tcaagggcgg tgagggcgga ggcactcgca gcacgggcag    124380
     agaaaggtgc cctccaggac tgcgtgagcc tactgtgcac ttccgggaag aaggggacga    124440
     gaggcttcga aggcttcgcc ttctggtcct ctacgtagca cccatctagt cggtccggcc    124500
     gcggagctgg gggataaacc atctccaacc ccacggccga agcagcccgg gaaagcacgg    124560
     ctaacatgtc tgcttcagga tccgatttga cagcgctcac ctgcccggag ggggcgagcg    124620
     ggtccggatc ttcgtcggac agtgaaagcc caccctccga tgccgcgaag gacatctgat    124680
     ctccggtgtc agcgagtgtg agagctacca tctggttaga cggatcactc tcaccacccg    124740
     aagcttggat ggagcgccgt gaggagcgag aggtccgcga gcccgtgggc ggcggattag    124800
     ctcccgctga aaccctcaga tctgcccgag cacccgctgc ttttttagag caggaggcaa    124860
     ctggggtggc tcgctctctt gcgaaagtta gccgcgatct tagctgtgca acggtcatgg    124920
     catcgcaatg acgacatgaa ccgcccgcga gcaccgcatt aacatgctgg acccccaaac    124980
     atgcaatgca gtgatcgtgt ccatcatccg gagacaggaa acccccgcat ccagaaacgc    125040
     acagtcggag cgccatcctg aaaaggacgt gctgcacgac tgtgttgctc ttttaggaaa    125100
     gttgcaacta tacgcaccgc tctggaggac cggacccaaa gaaccgcagg caagggagta    125160
     acccagctcg accgtctgcc accgcgaaga cccactctgg accgggagac acactcgttc    125220
     gctctgaagt gctgatcagc aagaggaacc ctcatcgact cactcagaaa ggatctgaag    125280
     cgaaaaggat ggcgtttgct ggcttcaggt gtgcttatat gctgagataa ttgcagatgt    125340
     cgcacacctg cgcaagctta cgctgccaat taatttcatt cattggcccg ttcaatactc    125400
     tccagataag cggcttctga tccgaatcct cccattcatg gcactgaagt tccccaaccg    125460
     aaggggaact atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatcttatt    125520
     atagattgat caactaccat tacaataatg gattcttatt ttgaattggg aagttctgtt    125580
     aaaatatttt agagcacatg gtcgcttgga ttcaaattta atattaaact gcaattaatt    125640
     tacaaaataa gtatgtcagt cagtaataaa ataataaatc taattacctc aaatctcctg    125700
     aattatttaa aatatcatac cagaattttt ataaacagtg ttttaggaga ctttcttatt    125760
     aatttcactt tacgatacag ccaagaggat gtctggtcag tcagaagtgg atcagttaca    125820
     aatacttgat catttttgac agtttagtcc aggaacaagg agaaataact tgtatagtac    125880
     atacagtgcg attgcatgca gcttgtgcat ccagtttcct gtggtaacat gtctctgttg    125940
     caacaggggc ggactgggac aaaaattcag ccctggcacg cacattcact atttattttg    126000
     gtgtacagat ggagaaataa tatgacagaa tcttgccaga ttttgattac atccgggtaa    126060
     cctcggattg ggtcggccca tcttgaaatc aggcggccat cgccaattgg gccaaatgct    126120
     taacatttat tattattatt ttattatcat catcataata tcacatctag caagagataa    126180
     aagctgcctg cacgtaaaaa caatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    126240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataaactc accggcccac    126300
     atttaaaaaa ttggtccggc ccttctggca tttgccagaa ttgccagatg gccagtccgc    126360
     ccctggcttg caacatttgc agaaatgatt caaattattc ttggtatctg taatatgccc    126420
     gtaatatcca ttactttcca cctctgggtg tcaagagttg tatactaagt gagcataatg    126480
     actattgacc agtgcatgtc cctggtaaat gactgttctt gagttaagct taaggtcaca    126540
     caaagtttgg aggtccaaag ctttctttca caaataattg tagaagtgtc tacaagccta    126600
     atgcttgatt ttatacacag gtggccatta aagtaatttg gttgtgtccc aatcacttcc    126660
     atgttccaat tgcatcttta ccacttgact cctggcttac aacaaccata tattcccagt    126720
     gaactgaatg aagactgcat ataaaagcac taatacaact gtaattgtat gtattatcta    126780
     ctattgcaat aaatagctta aagataaata tatttgtaca attattttac ctgcaattag    126840
     aggttgttct gtttttgttg tcatcttttt aatccatgag tggtctgctt gttgagggtt    126900
     atatgtcatg ggagtttcct ttgctaatga tgatttatcc gtttttggat tttcttcaat    126960
     ctgtagaagt tcatctgtct gtggaggctc atatgttttt aaattttcag ttggctgctg    127020
     agggtctagc ttctttggac attcttctgt ctgtgaaggt ttttctgttt ttggagactc    127080
     tattgttagt gatgtatctg tttttggaaa ttcttccatc tgtagaagtt catctgtctg    127140
     tgaatgtgtg gatttttcca gatgatcatc tgactgttga tgttcgttca tctttggaga    127200
     ttcttctgtc tgtaaagttg gttacatttt tgtgttttag tataattgat ttgtcacaaa    127260
     gtaaattagc ctaaactgag ttaattgcaa atgtttaaag atatgtgtga ttgagtataa    127320
     aatagtatag taaagtgtat ttgataggtg cacagcacag cgtattgact aaatatgaca    127380
     ttccttatgt atgggaaata tgcaggttcc cattgaaaat gaattattaa taaataagca    127440
     tggcactcaa agaacaaatg ataactacaa aaccattcgg ttgcaaagtg taaaagaaat    127500
     accggaccat atataaatgg cacaaaaatg ggtgtttaaa ccataaatag actgaaagta    127560
     aaaataaatt ccaagaaaaa ctaatacaaa atcacaatta aacttaacat acatgagtac    127620
     ctgacatagc ttcttccaaa ttaattggtt cgcctttctt gttcggcaca aatccaaaat    127680
     gttcccagaa tggtgatgta acatttgttt ttccactgag attcatggtt gaactcttga    127740
     acttgctgaa ttgcgcctaa cgttatattc taacagaaat gtaattcttg gcaacataat    127800
     gataatttgt gttttagagt gcgtgacgtt acaaactatc gccagtggta tggacaactc    127860
     cattgactgt cacagcagtc actcgcagaa gaaaatacac tctccttctc actcctccct    127920
     cctcacagag ggagaagtgt ccaaaattct cctctctgcc catctcaaaa cctgccctct    127980
     gggcccaatc ccctcacaca tcctgcagga catttcccta gccattgtgc cagccctagc    128040
     accagggccg gattaaccaa tgggccttat gggcacaggc ccaggggccc gtgcgcacta    128100
     ggggcccctg cgagggggga gaaaaaaaag acaatttcgg agtgtctttt ttggctaatt    128160
     gcaaatagcg catctagttg gaataagcta ttcagggttt acgcccatcg atgcctgatt    128220
     gatagagaca agatgagtat agagctgcta ttattaacag tcgcagtggc gcaccttgta    128280
     aggcgccccg cataatcttt tgacgcgatt aatcataaac tcggttcgaa tccaccatca    128340
     gctgaactcg tgctacattt tttttctcca cattacatat cagattggaa atatattaat    128400
     ttttaacagg aaggaaacat ttttttaaaa ataatgcaaa tgtgatataa agtcacaagt    128460
     gtctcgtggg tatttaataa tgtttagcct tattataggt gtctccctct ctgcaaaaac    128520
     tatattgctc agacaactgt atttcctctg agcaaaaaaa tcgcgatcac atattaatat    128580
     tattattata tttaaattgc ctttctttct ttaactaaac agaatgctgt aacttaattg    128640
     gtcaagcgcg gaaacagttt tgtaataacc cgcactaaac tgagcggact ttagtgtaac    128700
     gttatatctg tcatagatca aaaatgagtg gacaagtgga tttagcaaac gcgagagaaa    128760
     gaggagagga ggcatcttta ttgaggcatt ttccatacac accatcttta aacaaaccca    128820
     tgatcaggag aatgagggta cagaagaaga cgttatggta actttaaatg agtagctagc    128880
     attaaccagg cggaggaggc taacggcagc gcagcgcgga ctggattcat cgtgtgagag    128940
     acagacagaa aaggagagag agagggagag agagaaaggc ccagaacagg agagagacgg    129000
     gagagaagag gtatagtgtc tgtgatttcg gatactatta ggtttataat caagccttca    129060
     tctcgagaag agtagagaaa atacagggag aggaggagag agacagtaaa tcagtgtttg    129120
     tattatgaaa gactcagatt catagaactc agattcatag aactggattg gagaagcatt    129180
     gtgtgttata tgccatggca ataaaatgct ctttataagt ttgtaaaagc aatacattaa    129240
     aataccctta aaaaaaaaat atatatatat atataggggg ccttacaaga caatgtaccc    129300
     aggggcccct gagttcttaa tccgggcctg cctagcacac atcattaaca ctttacttca    129360
     caccagcaca ttatcaacca gctttaacca ggtcagagta actctactgc tcaaacaaac    129420
     atcactaaac acctcaatgg ttgacaattt aatggtctga atggtctctc ttgtcccttt    129480
     acaaccaaaa aactggaaag ggttgatttt gagcaaagtt ccacattcct tgaacaaaat    129540
     aaactagtga actcaaacta atcagacaga tgtgaacatt ccactgatac tgcactactt    129600
     tcaatcactg aagccctgca gattgccaaa gcaggttcta aatcatctat tctgctttac    129660
     tagacctgtc tgctgctttt gattcaggga atcaccagat tctactgtct accctctgct    129720
     caatggacat tactgctggt tggagtctta cttctagaga agataattca gggttgcctg    129780
     gaaagcagag taatccaaag gtcctcagct ggtcactgga gttcctcagt gatctattgt    129840
     tagtccccta ctattttttt atttacaccc caacactagg aaacatcatc taatcacata    129900
     catggtttcc actacattca ttcttccata gcagggcacc atgccaaaat tcatcccgcc    129960
     acggctatat tccagcttct cattgaaaac tttttttttt aatagcgggt aataatcaca    130020
     ccaaaacgta ttgaagggta agtgaattat atcagcgcaa acttttctgt aaccgtaata    130080
     atgctctgct ccatttgttt aacccttcaa ggttatgtgc tgactgactg actgactgac    130140
     tgacaggtgc gtgatgcgtg aggccagcaa acacaacgta tagccgtttc actttactta    130200
     atatcgctgt ataggtctat tagagacatt cataaatatt cctaccaaat gttataaatg    130260
     ctggagacat gctcgttaca taaacacact aaatctcact ctgcagcatt tgtttgagag    130320
     cgcacaagaa gatctgcacg ctcttgaagc ggcttatatt tgagggggcg tgtaagaagt    130380
     tttgtgcacg agcacaggaa atcggcgcgc aagcacagag attcacatgc tcttagacta    130440
     ttacataaat gtgatcccga cttctaatac tccgctcacg acatttgtca ttgaaataat    130500
     aacgccacag gtagttggta gatctgtgta aaaaaaaaaa ggcctgccgc cacagctgga    130560
     aaaaatccta gaggaaacac tgacatggta tctcttatta ttgttatgct gacaacacac    130620
     agctctatct ttcattttat ctgtataatc caacaatagc tgcaaggatc ttactacttg    130680
     aggatatcca tgataaacca gcttaaaacc acctattacc ccaagaattt cagtaaggaa    130740
     tcttttctgg atgatcagct ctcctttaga gagcacatcg caaaaaaaag cttgatcatg    130800
     cagatttgca ctttcttgca tgagaaaaat ctgaaaatca gacccttcct aacagagtgg    130860
     ccttctctgt atgtaagaag gtacacccac tggatgattc tggtctacaa ggctcttctg    130920
     ggactggtgc cttcatattt atgtttcctt ctccataagt ctaaaagaca gtatgccctg    130980
     tgctcaagtg aatcttatca tttgactgtt ccccgggttc gaactgaaat agggaagcgg    131040
     gcctttagtc atgccgccgc ctcatcctgg aatactcttc agtctgaact aaaaatatct    131100
     gagctcatcc caatgacata gtttcgctct atccttttta acaaacaaca acagtccatt    131160
     tctcaatgta tgtgttttta ttatattgaa atgtggtaaa gctgaacaac tgaactgtat    131220
     ttttcattca ttcattttct tgtcggctta gtccctttat taatccgggg tcgccacagc    131280
     gaattggaaa aatatggaaa gcatgttcat atattatcca ttttgcttta tatttattat    131340
     cactgtaaat gtcataagta ataatggtaa gagggagtta ttcttgtaaa atctactttc    131400
     ttaccatcac tgctgcttgt gtgtttggtt gtccatcctg ttgtgattgg ttaattcctg    131460
     atgttgatag tcctcccaga aatcttccaa ttaatactgc tcctgctgtt cctgctagca    131520
     cacctaatac tggtactgcg attcctgttg ctcctatgcc tgttcctgct gcttctaaag    131580
     ctgcaacgcc tgttcctaat gctgctatgc ctgttcctgc tgtttctaat gcagctatgc    131640
     ctgttgctgc tgttcctact gcttctatac cttttgctaa tgttcctgct gttgtcacac    131700
     ctgttgctgc tgttcctgct gcttctatgc ctgttgttcc tgttcccaat gctgctgttc    131760
     ctgttgctgt tgtttctgct gctgctgccc ctgttgctgt tgtgtctgct gctgctgccc    131820
     ctgttgctgt tgtttctgct gctgctgccc ctgttgctgt tgtgtctgct gctgctgctg    131880
     cccctgttgc tgttgtttct gctgctgctg cccctgttgc tgttgtgtct gctgctgctg    131940
     cccctgttgc tgttgtttct gctgctgctg cccctgttgc tgttgtttct gctgctgctg    132000
     cccctgttgc tgttgtttct gctgctgctg cccctgttgc tgttgtttct gctgctgcta    132060
     tacctgttgc tgctatccct gctgctgctg cccctgttgc tgttgtttct gctgctgcta    132120
     tacctgttgc tgctatccct gctgctgctg ttccagttgt tcccgctgct gctgttcctg    132180
     ccactgctgt tcctgctgct gctactcctg ctgctgttcc tgttgttgtt gctgctgctg    132240
     ttcctgctgc tgctgctgtt cctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgttcca gttgttcctg    132300
     ctgctgctgt tcctgccact gctgttcctg ctgctgctac tcctgctgct gctgctgttc    132360
     ctgttgttgt tgctgctgct gctgctgctg ttcctgctgc tgctaggcct gttgctgctt    132420
     taaatatacc cagtgctgct aatcctgatc ctccggttat tgctgcagca agtaatgctc    132480
     gttttactac tttcataccc gtttgaacta ctgattttac ttggttcact agagctacta    132540
     catgctttac tttacatatt gcccacagta ttgtgcttgt tgcacgttgt aaatatgttc    132600
     taattactgc cactattaca gctcctgcta ttgctccaac tactgatgat cctctctgtg    132660
     actgtcctat taatgatagc agtgttgctg ctgctgttcc tgctatacct cctgctatgg    132720
     ttgctattgc tgctcccact gtttcttcta ttagtctcac ttctggttcc cataatgatc    132780
     ttaaaatgta tataccccct cctgctgcgg ctcctgctac tgctcctgct gctgctcctg    132840
     caactgtgtc aaatactctt gttcctgcta tgtgtattgc tactgcaact actgcaactg    132900
     tcagtgccat ttttgttatg tctagagaag tttgtttcca tgtttttgct ggttcacctc    132960
     ctgctttgtt tgcagatgct gctgtagctg cttcaggttt ggtatatgca acaaataaaa    133020
     agtaagaaat tatttgatta tagaagttgc attagatacc caagtaaaaa aaataaaact    133080
     ctttttacat gaagttcttt tcataatcac atcaatattt tggtccttgt cgtcttcaca    133140
     gttctttttt ccccaagcca tttatccttc tggaaaaaca catttcaatt caatatataa    133200
     cgtccgatta ttacgtggta attttataaa ccataaaaac cactctactt cttctcattt    133260
     gcatctcttg ttatttaaca gcatacagac ttcatattca aagctttaaa ttttccctgt    133320
     ggtttgttat ctaaattcaa tatgcttagt tttcctccac cctgctaatg actaatacac    133380
     gttgcacagt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttagt tttgttctct    133440
     cagttaacgt ctctgcgaca aaaccattgt tccctgacgg atgagtggag gggattccag    133500
     acaggaaacc agtcactgag ttgtataaaa acatgtcagt gaaattggtg agtggaattt    133560
     ttatgcaagg gcactcttat acatattgtt attcatgagt tcacacttac agatatttga    133620
     atggatagat tatgcagagg gcatattctg aatgagaata gaatatcaga gagggctttg    133680
     agattgaaaa gacaccctaa cgtattcccc ttatcaggag agagagggag atagggtgta    133740
     gtgtttagct cggtctcata atgccgcaat aacacaagtt ccgtcattac aaatatagtt    133800
     caaatatagt atttccctgt aagggtccat ctattagtcc tatgacggaa ctaacagcat    133860
     gggtgaaggc agcgccggcc caaggcataa gcgaactaag cggctgctta gggccccgtg    133920
     gccaccaggg ggcccccaag agtgcttgaa attattgtgt gaccttcgtt ttagtttgtt    133980
     gagttgtgga ttagtggtga gacaaaatat atacccattt atcgtgttat ttctgaccgc    134040
     gatacatact caggcgccaa gatatttatc tgaattaaaa aaaaaatctg atataaataa    134100
     tcagtttgcc acactgactg cagcagataa gtacagactt agctacagta catccatccg    134160
     ccaccaggtg gcgcttcccg taatggcgga tcatcggaca tacatcagcg tcatgtaaac    134220
     aactgacaga tgagccattg caatggtgaa aatctcaggc atacagacac tttcttctgt    134280
     ccaagctggg ccaatgtatt tgtgtgtttc agacatccag ctcccctgaa tttggcacta    134340
     gtttctttct cacagacgcg ctttcacttc gctatatcgc tcgcacgtgc cttgcggcca    134400
     gtacaacttc ttatatgtgc tcaaactttt taactctgcc aaactatata aagatatcaa    134460
     taggacatga acatataatt tgcattgcct tgcatttatt ttactcttac agatcttatc    134520
     aaagccttgt agatggtatt ttggcaaaag aatattagag gaattaaaaa acttaaattg    134580
     atgaaatagt gggactacat atttttttat taaaaataaa ccagggctaa gcatacaatg    134640
     ttttcatgtt tacataaaat ttgttggtaa agttgtaata agtgtttcaa gtttacagaa    134700
     tgcaataaat tactattttg acagtttttt cttaaatgca tattccacta aattgagatt    134760
     ttgctgctgt gatagagatg tgctctcttc agtcatagac tcctctctgc acatcagtat    134820
     ttttaagctt gtttgacaga tgtgcacttg ttttacattg ttgcaattct ataaagacgt    134880
     gtttataaaa gaaattaatc acaaattttt gatgcatttt tctttctttt agtttttgtg    134940
     tgttttttag tccaaagata taaaaattat taaaccaata aacgttttct aaacagattt    135000
     ttagtcaaaa taatgtgaat ttttcattta aaaactcaat aatctgccaa ttagggtaaa    135060
     taaaaaaata ttcttttagg ttttaaataa gattatttta cttatctcat tggcagatta    135120
     atttgtttta caaaaaatca cttaatttag aattatttct gaaaactgaa caatttttgt    135180
     acatattgag taatatgcta gatatgtgag tatgtctaga aaatgcttcc tgatttaatt    135240
     tgattttaat ttaaatagat ttttttaagt tatttgaact acaaaataca atatgcattt    135300
     ttttcagtgt tgacatttat atccaattta aaaaaattat ctttattgtc actgtgtttg    135360
     actgtttggc agcgtcttgt gactgaataa taataataat attaaaaata agtatgctat    135420
     tagccacttc cagctgtttt tgtttctgcc agtccatatt aatgttttgt gtctaattat    135480
     ttagatttgt ggcaagtagt catataaaaa gtgggatcaa taggaagctg tttctgcaga    135540
     ataatattta gaattgtctt aaaacatata ttttatgaag taagcaacac agctacagcg    135600
     aataaaatca ataatgtctg ttttaaattt atagtgtgcg aataatcaag cattgacgat    135660
     aatttgtcat attgtttgca ccaagggggc gtcaaataaa atcctgctta gggccccttg    135720
     aaggcttggg ctggccctgg gtgaaggtta aatgcgtgta agccttttag cacatgtgaa    135780
     aagaaatatt tttatttgtt aaaatttatt ttaatttgtt tccagctccg aattttaatc    135840
     tgactccaat ttataatcat tttagattta aattaatcta attcaagctg attaccttat    135900
     aggtcgtgat taggtctaat tcagattgat tgtaaatcct tattttcagt taatggttca    135960
     tcgtttaccc aaagtctctt agagtcagta tgcaggccag ttacatctgc tcacggacac    136020
     atcctcgcca gttctgattt ttagcagata agctaatttc ctttaagtaa taataggccg    136080
     cctcatgctt gctcatactt aaagaatgtt tgatttagcc tctagattat atcatactta    136140
     gtcagtgatt gtcagaaatc atcaagtctc taatgctctg cccatgctca ttcattgagc    136200
     ctggatgtat gactaatcct ggtcgtaggc tgcggaaaca tcagcctaaa caatctacta    136260
     gacttaagtg atttcaggag atattagagt tcaacaagaa ttttacattt atttgtcagg    136320
     ccaaaataat ccattccaat tcacataatt aaacaaaata agccaatcaa gattgtacaa    136380
     catcaactac tcaaagatat atttaagagt taaagaggaa tacctgacca tgtagaagta    136440
     catggcagca tttaagtcct gatgcagagc tcagagtctc acaacctgca atggggtatc    136500
     ctgactacag gatcccacag acacctctgc accctttgcc taaatactca aatcatcata    136560
     aattcaagac aattaaagct tcaccaagac tcttgcctgg tcatgagttg atgtgaagat    136620
     catttttcct ggtgtggagc atctggcaaa gatcttatca aagtcaaaac ccaaattaac    136680
     taatataaga gattaactaa tatttctagc tgatcttctt ctcagattag aaagtttatt    136740
     gttttagtgc ctggccattc tcgtggtctt gtcttgtgtg gagttccata acagttttca    136800
     gggtttaata ttatggagag atatagccat ccttacatcc caaatatttc aatcgaacaa    136860
     acatttgcaa actgtttcaa actacttgtc tagagctgta gttagaagca tagttccttg    136920
     ctgtgttcta ttccaagtca tccccctatg ccctatttct ttcagacatt ccaacatcca    136980
     ttttgaatta tttaaaaata aaataaaagc ttatttacct ctctcaggtg tagtttgctt    137040
     tcaaatgatt ttttacagtt ctgttttagc aatctataga ttgacaattg tgctttcttt    137100
     gtagtgcact ttgagatcat ttatgtcttt tcgaatgcaa acgtggctca tgatgaaagc    137160
     tataggtgac ctatgattta caagcggaaa tcggctacat ctccaaagct tgtgaaacaa    137220
     aaaaaaatgt atgatacttt aaaatagtta taatttatag tagcctattt aaatatatat    137280
     attctatata taaaaaatat atttttaata taaatatata tatatatata tatatatata    137340
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg    137400
     attttaatct gtaagtgtgc accctggcat gaaatagaca gagactgggg aagcctaaag    137460
     gcgtgacaga aaagtaagaa aacaaggaat atcagagctt cgccaacaaa gtatcaataa    137520
     acctaacaga agtagcaaaa ccctaacagc tattagaata gaaaggaaat tacaaacatg    137580
     tcagcattca ttagcagtgt tgggtaacaa gtttcaaagt aactagttct tgtaactgaa    137640
     gtacttatcc actgaaaaaa aagtttactt gcagtaactt ataatgcact ggccttaaat    137700
     aaaataaaca aattaaacag gttgaacaaa attaaagtat aattttccaa cataaggcta    137760
     aaataaggct acatttacca agacaattgc acatgccaaa gaaacaaaag atttagtcaa    137820
     aattttgatg gccatatatt ctaaaaatcg cagagaaaaa aatatatata atttttgtcc    137880
     tttagatttt cagcataaca atttgacata gatttctaaa cttaaagttc gatttatcag    137940
     tcaattgcac atgcttaagg aactaaaagt tttgccagaa atttctaaca atatgtggta    138000
     tgtatgaaat atggggttgc gactttgaaa tgttttatat ttgttgtatc gttattatat    138060
     ttgtaactaa agataaataa aaatgtatga atcttacata cttaaattct attaattcac    138120
     acattttaag tagcagtaag tcaagtaatt aaataaagtg attaaattac ttttaaacat    138180
     aatataatgc agtataatat aattgtttta atgttgtaat taataatata tatattttaa    138240
     gtaccactat ttatccatta ctcaggatga acaagaatat actgaacaaa actaaggcag    138300
     taagggcagc taaacaaaca attcgaacaa gtcagtatag tctataaaac tgcaataatt    138360
     gtaaatcttg attgtcatta catattcaat gcagcatcag cacacgtttt atttcaagtc    138420
     aagaaacgtt gagtaataaa aaccctctga taaattaata tatgtaaatg taaaaaagtc    138480
     aaacctgagg gaaaatctgg aatccaagcc gtcaattcaa gtttcttctg gataatatag    138540
     aagatcatac actttatgtc ttggtttctt gaactatttt gcaatggtta tggtacatag    138600
     tgtgcacact ggcttaaata cctgcatttg tgttatgcaa gacacaagtc aaccaataag    138660
     aaagaatcca cagattactg tgatagcaaa tgtttgattt ctgtttccag taaatcacgc    138720
     agtatgtgga aaatggactg gttcagtagg gaccagaggt catttggtat acaggtacag    138780
     gggtgtgggt gttgagatgg ccgaaatcaa gatattggca gatattggag tagagaggag    138840
     ggatgcactt attcaattaa agtttatttg tatagcgctt ttcacaataa ttattgtttc    138900
     aaagcagcct tacaatcaaa ttcacattca cgcatcgtac cgttatgtga tatattgtgt    138960
     atatgattta ctaaacagat aggtctttaa tctagttttt aactgagaga gcgtgttagc    139020
     ctctgacatt agcaggaagg ctattccaga gtttaggagc cataaatgag aagcctcgac    139080
     ctcctttagt ggtcactttg ctcttctggg cactaccaga agctctgagt tttgagatct    139140
     taaagtgcga gttggattgt agcgagacgg aaggttggtt agataaacag gagctagatt    139200
     atttaaagct ttataggtaa gaagcaatat tttaaattca atacgaaact taacaggcag    139260
     ccagtgtaag gaggataaaa ttggggtaat ttgatcatat tttctagacc tggtaagaac    139320
     tctggcagct gcattttgta ctgatgtgta ttaatagagg atcctgagca accagcgagc    139380
     aaatcattac agtaatccag cctaaaagtc atacatatca aaacactatt attttgcttg    139440
     ctggctaata ttttcctttc tcctgacaca cattgcattg aatagcaaga aggaaatata    139500
     acttccttaa tattttgttg tgaacaaatc agttttgcat catataaaat gaatggaatg    139560
     gaaaattaaa taaattgtat aattgtatta acggaatgaa tttttataaa aaaaagaaac    139620
     tgtaaaacaa gatgcactgc ctcaatataa aagtcaccag tttcatgagc attcttttaa    139680
     tatatacaaa ttgatctatt aaatatatgt ttctgaaatg ctgtccatca gtgtgttgaa    139740
     ccaaaagtga tgaaaagtct tcaaagttta taaagtttca atgaatgttt actttaattg    139800
     tttgtttgct tcatcagaga aaataaaaaa aactctcaaa attgtcatta tttaactgga    139860
     ctgaagcagt ttcaatttac tgcagctcta tctatttaag ctgctttgac acaatataca    139920
     ttgtaaaagg ttctatataa atggattaat taataacaat aataataata tataataatt    139980
     ataataataa taatatatat atatacagta tattatcaag ttttttttaa atgaacaaaa    140040
     ttatcgtaga ttatatttta taatagacaa gattatctac tttcactttt cagtaaatca    140100
     cgtgacttta aagaaactgt attattgtac aagataagat atgcataatc tttattactc    140160
     ctttatgaaa tagacacata tggggtcatt atatgcatta tttacaaatc cataaatttg    140220
     ataaatattg caaatgtatt ttactatctt agttcgtgct gttcatcttt ggtcagtgag    140280
     attttgaatg aaatgaatat gcattctgtt caaacataga catctttttt tgtttttgaa    140340
     atgcttgttg gcagtggggt ttctttgtta cactttataa acaaccaatc acagttcttg    140400
     cattccatgg caacttgatg tgtagataca ttttttggga ggtgtgaatg cattagggtg    140460
     aagcgcattg gggtcctcgg ggttaggcat gtgtaaaatg tgcgttgttt agtaaaatgt    140520
     atttattatt tgtttctaaa ttgattgttt tatctgactc caggtcatgg gcgtcactag    140580
     gcctattttt ttattcagcc cccctaaaac ttttccgatt agctcataaa ctgtagacca    140640
     aattatcgtc tctgtcccat ttaaatttga tgtgaagatg gtggccaaat tcggctcctc    140700
     cccaactttc ccttttcatt tgatctgcaa accacaaaac gagagaataa gatgggttta    140760
     tcaataaatt gttataatat ctgcttattt gcagttcttt gctatggata cactttggat    140820
     acactatgga tactatggat acactttgct atggaacact gctatggatc acttgtaccc    140880
     caatgtcatt taggagcaat ggagtttgca atctactgtt tcctcagtgc tcacctcata    140940
     atcacagctg tttcctccag cgaaaatgta actcttaatg aacattttac tatttttaat    141000
     tcaaaataaa ctaccattat aaagcacatt acagtgtatg tgtcattatc tataccacag    141060
     tcatgcacag aaagtattaa acagtgacag aaccacttag tgaatgtact cgttttatct    141120
     gtcaatgtca ctgacagaga tagaaacatc atgtgatgtc ttgaattaaa aataattcct    141180
     attgtaaaat tatgattcag ctcgtgaaat atgtgaatta gttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    141240
     aaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    141300
     atatattatg tgtaccattt aattacaaaa ttggaagttt tatttattaa atacatggaa    141360
     accaaactat actttaacct atatagtggc ttttactaca gtaaacaggt gtgttgagcc    141420
     tatttggctc attcagaact caaatgaata tgcacatcta tataatacag tgaaatactg    141480
     ctagtttata gttaagcata caaccctaaa aataataatt atatatatta ttattattat    141540
     taattttttt ctcataagga gctgagcccc cctaaaatga aaatcctaaa atcgcccctg    141600
     ctccaggttc aagcaatcaa taaatttaga catttattct tatttgtttc taattctgat    141660
     cacatttatt gtttgtaatc aatgtactgt ttagattttt atgagatccc atactgtcaa    141720
     ttttacattc tcagactcat tgtatcaccc atctcatccc tctcgtctgt cactttgttt    141780
     agaatttgaa ttgtctatat tttactgttt gctccggttt cgacccttgc ctgtctgaca    141840
     atctaaataa agctgcaatt tagatcttac gcttgttgtt ccactccaga tcattacagt    141900
     gatactgaca gcttaattga ccaaaagtca agtatttgga aggttgtagt gaatttggag    141960
     ggactgagtg tcaaaaggcc actcaaaaca ttaatattat tagtgggttt tctttcagac    142020
     tgtgattatt ggtgcaactt tccatatatg gtgcaacttc cgtttatgga tgcaggtgcc    142080
     agatcacaat gagatttctc tattatagtt acatgttatg ggttcattca acaaatgtaa    142140
     ccaacaatga aattattatt gagtgaatat ttacggttaa ccctcaattt aatcttgggt    142200
     ctatatgact ccaatcaaca ttgtcttatt tagaaaaaaa tatgattaat aagattttgt    142260
     gatttttcaa ctttcacttt tcagtaaatc acttgacttt aaagaaactg tattattaca    142320
     caagataaga tatgcataat ctttattact cctttatgaa atagaaacac gaatcactcc    142380
     ctgagaggac ttgtagtttg aatcattttg aagattcgtt caaaatgaac gaatctttca    142440
     agaatgaccc atcactaata tacagccaat gtattcaaca ggtggccagc ggtccacatc    142500
     cagcccattg ctctttaaaa tgtggactgt agctccgcag actgatcagc tttcatgttg    142560
     ctgcataaag tgcagcatat aatttagcac tagagctgta aaagtaaaca aattcatccc    142620
     taactgttat gatgcagtgg taacggtttg gttcatgtgc cctcacgacg aatacagatt    142680
     atattcacaa agaacatgtt ttgttggaaa acaagacaca acagcatgat ggatggtgtt    142740
     ttcctgcaca cgactaaagt gaagggtgtg gggagggggg gttgagggag gagtcacgga    142800
     cgaaagcgaa ggggtagatg acacggatga aagtgaagag caggaggtgg gggattgggc    142860
     ctcctaatag taaccctaat agtaactctg gggccccaaa atggtgtggg ccttccaaca    142920
     accccctttc agtgcacacg ctcaacagct taacactaaa cacaagcaca caacactagt    142980
     ctcaccattg agttctaaag attgatccac ttctctgaca ctgacagtat gtgcgaaaaa    143040
     agagtgatgc aaaagaaagc caggtgtata acagccacaa atgtccgtaa acaatggaaa    143100
     tacagacctt tttcttggaa cgcaaaatta cccatgatgc tttgcgtgta tgcgcaagga    143160
     gaatgcaaag aacttccggt cggcagctga tgcatgtaaa cagtcacatt tggacagctt    143220
     taaaacgata gttttaatct attttacctg cttttatcct ctttgaacta atactgttgt    143280
     ccatcagcac catctcctgg actgatcatt taaagaaatg ccatctaata ggatggaaaa    143340
     cagctgctgt gaggcgtttt cccctcgttg tcagacggca tcttctgcag tttaaatgaa    143400
     gccttttcat agctaacgtc aacattttct cattatttca aatatataac cagcccaaac    143460
     aaatgtaatt caccaaaatg tttgacaaac acacgtagcc tgtactgtgc cactgacaca    143520
     ctgatttaat aactgtgaca aagtgaaaat ataggctagt gtcatttcga aatgacagaa    143580
     aaacacaaac cgtggtgaat acaacacacg aaataaaaca caaacggatc gcaattagaa    143640
     tgaacagcaa atcagccagc agaggatcaa taacagactt ttattggtca tttttgtaaa    143700
     ttgcacgact ttcatacctg ttaagtttca tgccagtact ctggtttgct ctctctctct    143760
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttaaaga    143820
     gccgctgagc taacagctga caggccggga acacactgta tttctgacgg cagacatgtg    143880
     aactaggaga acgtttttct cgtatttctg acgtgcttga accacatgtg acagattata    143940
     agagctttaa cagacacatt tctaagttgt gtgtcacaaa aacactctgt tatcccttaa    144000
     aaacgttatt gaaactcatt ttcggagcgc aaattaccag ttgtacacgc tgtaaactga    144060
     agtttttagc attctaacgg aaaacgctgg tcgctatggc gccctccatg cagcagccat    144120
     gaaaaaggtc tataggatat tgtctcatca tgtgagctca taagtcaatc tgtgagcgtt    144180
     ctctactcac acacacataa tattgcacag ctggatctgc tgcacggatg aacaacgtgc    144240
     tgcattttca ataatagaga tttcagtttt aaagcttact gaatcttaaa cttattacat    144300
     atgcattatt tttctgttgt tttaggaaag ggccgagatt tatttttgag ctatacattc    144360
     ctaattagct tccgtatttt aaagatttat ttttaatcat tgtgtttaat ttgtattttt    144420
     gcatcttcag ctctgcatgt gacaaacact tctgcctgtt caatataaac agaaaaggca    144480
     agtacttgag atttgttatt atttctgttg cactgtacca gtaccaaact ttgacgccaa    144540
     aaccgaggtg cataccaacc tgtgactcta gtgtaccgtt acgccgatat gaagcacgca    144600
     atttttttat tttctttttt taactttatt aaattgcttc ataaactaag cttcaacgtc    144660
     gacaaacata tatatactag tgtttttgaa taaaaatgta aattaaaact gtttaatgtc    144720
     acaacatatt gcaagtttac cgtgaacacc cccgaatcct ttactgtatt ttgatgatga    144780
     ctaaaaaaga aaagtggata atgaaaaccg gatttttaac tctgcatggt aatgtgaatt    144840
     cacttttatg gaggtacatg gcagaggcgc cacggtggcg cagtgggtag catgatcacg    144900
     tcaaagcaag atggttcgag gctcggctgg gtcaatttgc atttctgtgt ggagtttgca    144960
     tgttctcccc gcatttgtgt gggtttcctc caggtgctct ggtttccccc acagtccgaa    145020
     cacatgcagt acaggtgaat tgaataagct aaattggcag tagtgtgtga gtctgcatga    145080
     gcgtgtatag gtgtttctca gtactgggtt gcagtggacg ccactaggca ttactgacag    145140
     ggtattccag tgtcataaag agtcagaatg ttgtgggaca gctgtacagg agttattatc    145200
     aaggattata gattgctaaa tttaggtttt tttttttttt tttaaagcat gagggtaaaa    145260
     catgtatgtg gttatgaata tattaaaacg tgtttgttgt aaaaattggg aataatgaca    145320
     aaaaatacta attagtggat ctcctaactt ccgggttcag catcagttgt ggctggtgta    145380
     tactgggaaa ttttcttacc ccttggtttc gagtgtggtc ctgaaaaatc ttcattcgaa    145440
     cgcctattca ccccttcccc ttagccctac gccttcaagc taaagagagt tgggacaccc    145500
     ctgccaattg ggattgggcc ttactgttgg cagagacctc ccttttttaa ttgtaatatc    145560
     catttgggaa aaaaatacac aagtcacaag caaaatattt ttgctttaac ctgagagctc    145620
     atattgtaaa ttctactgat taattgatat tttgtgtaac tgctgtcata aagcattgat    145680
     atagtgtttc cactagatgg cgctagtgtg ctttaaacgt gttttcttca ataacttgag    145740
     attagtttaa tatgtataat tttcgatttt tcatcatttt aaaatgctta ttattgactt    145800
     atttaccgat ctatggttta tttgagcaaa ggttattcat tctaacggtt ttggacattt    145860
     ttttttattt cattcccatc ttgcccagat acaatactac ttccgggttg gccactcgaa    145920
     tgaaagtgaa agaggaaagt aacggcaaga tttaaggacg tttcttttgt gagttataag    145980
     tgctataacc aagaaatcga cggatgtaac atctaaacat ctgtgaaaaa ggaacctcag    146040
     ccttcgcgtt gtgactaagg gcggcatatt ttgatttcca aagatcttat ttttaattta    146100
     taattaatac agaacatatt aacaatttat taactgtgct tgtgttactg tcgtagtttc    146160
     agatagaaaa tacagtaaca tgtacagtag acctacagtt gaagttgaat tattagcccc    146220
     cctctgaatt attattttta tatctcccaa atgatgttta acagattcag gaaattttca    146280
     cagtatgtct gataatattt tttcttctgg aaaaagtctt atttgtttta tttctgctaa    146340
     aaaagagaaa aaaaaatgaa attggggtaa taaaattagc aggggggcta atatttctga    146400
     cttcagctgt acttcgcatt aaatatgtta caaataatag ttgcattata tattatgctt    146460
     tttattttga tttttttact ttaacttttt tttttgccag aaaacataga aaagtgtcct    146520
     aatagcacag aaaataagag caagctataa ctaccataaa ataatgctct cttttgacac    146580
     taattttgat caaatcaaac actgaaataa ttgtttgttg gtctaataag atgtcacatt    146640
     gatttatgcc atataacctg gtaattttca gaaatcactt taatgaacac cacatagtgt    146700
     acactgattt taattaaaaa ccagaagcct ttttttaaaa agcaaaaaat acaatatagc    146760
     ggtatgtttg taagactata acattgttaa atgcaatagt tgacgaaagc aacaatgatt    146820
     aaaaggttaa agttgaaaat ctctaaacac ttgttatttt gttgactgca cttgcctact    146880
     gttgaaacgc atgttttgtt gtagttttat gaatatccat ttaagcacaa tgtttgaaag    146940
     agattcattg caaatgattt tgtaatgcat tttgattaaa tacaacctgc atatctgata    147000
     ttgttccctg tcctgtttta cgacacccaa aggagaagaa gctcctccct cttacagctc    147060
     tgatcaggaa gacactgact ttttatgctg ttacagtgac tctcttcaat tctatattgg    147120
     atttttattt ttttaagaat ttgaaattag caaatgagga agacaaacac ttttaagaag    147180
     gattttagag acacttgttt ctaaacacac atctttgtga taaatgtttt agaatacaga    147240
     aagtgaaagt aaggttcaga tttctgtagc tcaaacaggg aaatggcttc agtaaatgtt    147300
     tctgcagacg aactctcttg tcccgtgtgc tgtgaaatct tcaagaatcc tgttctttta    147360
     tcatgcagtc acagtgtgtg taaagagtgt cttcaacagt tctggagaac caagacaact    147420
     ctggagtgtc ctgtttgccg gagattgtca agtcacgatc ctccatgtaa tctagtattg    147480
     aaaaacctgt gtgagttgtt cctgaagggg agaaatgaga gatgttcatc ggtatttgag    147540
     gagatctgca gtttacacag tgagaaactc aaactcttct gtctggagga caaacagcct    147600
     gcgtgtgtag tgtgtgctac ttcacaacaa cacgacaatc acaaattcag acccatcagt    147660
     gaagtggttt cttcatataa ggtaaaacaa gagtctcttc attaataaga acagtaatat    147720
     tttatagata tcagcacatt gattcatcag ttctctctgc cgttttactc atcttcatat    147780
     gacaaacatt gtgcggtgaa aaagtatttg cccccatgct gattttgttc acatctcatg    147840
     ctaagtgagt ttaggtattc agttggatca gtgattgtgt tgaataggtg ctttagaaac    147900
     tctaataaat gaccaacata ttaataatta gcagattatg agccagtagt taattaatag    147960
     tgggacttag tgggtgctta aagtaatgtg ttacaaacag cagaaccgat gtccaaatgc    148020
     atattatatg aggtgttttg tctgcattat atttaaaata caattctcac tattgtacaa    148080
     cattattgat gcagatttgg agaatttgaa attacaagcc cagaaagaat tgaataattg    148140
     tattgtttaa ttaaaaaatg caagaagaaa tcacatcatg tgacagtatt tacttctctt    148200
     cactgtggtt tttgttttta tattttgttt ttaactgttc aattctagga ggagctcaat    148260
     acagcactga aatctttaca ggagaaactc aaacacaata ataaaattaa agcagagttt    148320
     gagaaaacag ttcaacacat caaggtgaga aacagaatca agagtctttt tcattcagca    148380
     gcaggagaca cgaatatgac ttcttataat tagtttaatt aatttctggt aatcactttg    148440
     ctaatgttaa acatcatttg gcttctgggt cttttctata tctgagttta ttgtggatat    148500
     ttataaagtg atgttgttgt gttttgactc agattattaa atgtgtctgt gatttacttt    148560
     cagactcaag ctgatcacac agagcgtcag attaaacatg agtttgagaa gcttcatcag    148620
     tttctccgag atgaagaaga agctacaatc actgcactga gagaggaaga ggagcagaag    148680
     aagcagatga tgaaggagaa gctggaggag atgaacacac acatctcagc tctttcacac    148740
     acgatcaaag acacggagga gatgctgaaa gccaatgacg tctgctttct aaaggtctga    148800
     tttcagatca gtgattgatt gattgatgat ggattgagct cttgatgatc agttgtgtgt    148860
     ttgttctgca ggagtttcca gtctcgatgg aaaggtgagt gatctgctgg tgtctctgct    148920
     ctctctgctt ctgaatcctg cagttctgac tcctgaatgt tcttccagag tccagatctc    148980
     acagccggat ccacagacgc cttctggagc tttgattcat gtgtctcgct acttggggaa    149040
     cctgccgttc agagtctgga agaagatgca ggacatcgtc cactacagta agagtctctc    149100
     tgctcacaca cagtcagtgt ttcactgcag tatttattct agtttgtagt gaaatactgt    149160
     tttagtttgt tgtaaaggac aatcataaca cacacaatgt ttcaactgtt tatccagggc    149220
     cgtcacagca gcatcataat aataataatg ctgtcatgtg taatatcatg cggctatatt    149280
     tagagaatgt ttctcatttc ttcatctgct gaactccaga acaaaattaa cagtgtaaaa    149340
     gtgaaaagat atttaagtct ccatattctt ctgactgaaa cattgagcct caaatattag    149400
     atggttatat tgtgatctta atataactgt agagtcctca aagactgttc attatgaagg    149460
     tgttattaat aatgttttga cagtctctgg agttcattaa gaaaattaat acttttattc    149520
     tgtcctcaga gagctgctca gtgtgattca taaaaggaaa cgaatattct taatgaataa    149580
     taaaataaag tgtttgaaaa tgatatcatt atattataaa atacaacatt aaaaatattg    149640
     aatacaaatc tgaaccatac aagtgtgttg taataaacat gatcatacaa atttgaaata    149700
     tatagtgtta ggattattta ttctgtgttt tttttatgaa ttgtttgtgt agaagtatct    149760
     ataaaagagc tgtgtttatc agaagaacat tcagttcatc aaaacacaaa gatcatcata    149820
     tatttaacca agggtgcagg tttgcttttg acattggtgg ggatttatga atgtagagag    149880
     tgtgatttaa ccctttctgc atgtccaggt taatgttgat gttacgtccc gaccagtcta    149940
     gggttggtgg gaacaattaa caagtgtaaa aaaaaaacaa agagataaac tcaaatactc    150000
     aatttagggt tttccccttc tcctgtccca actcacaata atcacaacgc tgatcaagta    150060
     gtaacaatat ttattattta cttagacaac aaagatagaa gcatctcttc ggaagggaat    150120
     ccaggccaaa ataataaaca aaaagacagc taacttgcgg ggaaataatt ctaacttacc    150180
     tgctcaaata aaagtacccc aaataaaatt acagcaaact tccctttctc ccttgctacc    150240
     acaaaccagg agaaaacgtt ttaaagtaaa tggcgattcc caacctaccg cttctgtttc    150300
     taaccaaaaa taatatatat aaatatttaa tcagaaaagc caatagattc agatttaaca    150360
     gagagccgtt ttagaaaata attaaattgt cagtaacaga aatcaatcaa ttcacaccaa    150420
     gtcaaccaac agtttggggc aggagatagg agacgctcgg aacaacagca gcggcggcgg    150480
     cgacgacgga gatttgcgac ctgcaccgag cagaaagatc tctccattgt tcctctcctt    150540
     cagcttttat atacgctccc acacgcaaca cggctggacc gcaatcaagc gcagctctag    150600
     agggaggggg agagagagag aaagctgcgc atgatccaca gcgcacaaca caacatcagc    150660
     tccaaatgca taaacaaaac acaaatctgt atatatatat aatatttata tatataaaat    150720
     aaacaaacaa ataattaata cgttctataa cgtaacagtt gacatcaaat tattggtgag    150780
     gacattttag tagtcggtgg atattggtgg ggacatgttc ccttcatcca tgctaaatct    150840
     acagtcgtgt atttaacaat atatcagtga cagattatta attactgtat cagacacaac    150900
     agacagtaat cgaggatcta aaaacagtaa gaccaaatat agttgatctt gagcctgatc    150960
     tgatgttttt aaactgctta tgaaaatgag tgtgtaacta ataacagaca gtgatcagag    151020
     gaacatgtct gatgtgtttg atcaacagga cgagtgtcat agttcataat aatctgtgtt    151080
     tgttcactct tgatcatgat atgaacatca gaataaaagc agctgttgat tgtgtctctt    151140
     cagctcctgt cattctggat ccaaacactg caaatccacg tctcgtcctg tctgatgatc    151200
     tgaccagtgt gaggtacagc aggaacaatc tacctgttcc tgataatcca gagagatttg    151260
     acttttactc atgtgttctg ggttcagagg gttttacctc aggaaaacac tgctgggttg    151320
     tggaggtcaa agagagtcca tgctggattc ttggagtatc tacagcatca aaccagagga    151380
     agggaaatgt tttctttagc actggtgtct ggagtgtgcg gtataataca gctgtaggct    151440
     ctggctttac tgttaaacag gatctcgagt gtgtgagagt tgatctggac tgtgacagag    151500
     gaacagtgtc tttctctgat cctgtaacaa acacacatct acacacattc accaccacct    151560
     tcactgagtc tgtctttcct ttcttctggt gtggtagtct tgtctatctg aggatcttac    151620
     cgctcagtag tcagtcaaag ttacacctgt aggtctgcat cttctttcat atgtaattca    151680
     cattggttgg tccagcactg cagacacact gacattgtta aatcacgtta gagaacagat    151740
     caataagcca aagaataaca tatttatgta aaaaaaaaat aataatgata tttttgctaa    151800
     acctgttata aactttttaa atgttaaact tgatcctgtt ttttatcttt aaatatttaa    151860
     aaatgttata taattaggaa ttactgccca aaaatataac attacttgtt ttctcactgg    151920
     attttgtgac tgcagttttg agtttcctac ttctggcagg cttcaaacta acatataatg    151980
     atattgtagt tttactgccg ttaactgtag tgtgtgttat tctgtcttac atttgtgatt    152040
     aaatctataa aattctattt aaatctataa ataaaactat aaaataatgg tgcaaaaatt    152100
     aaaaattgca ccaaaattat ttccttgtca tttttacatt ttggtttgag agtgagctga    152160
     tattatctca acaaaaaatc tttcagatcc ataataaatg tttgttttga caaaataaat    152220
     gtgcgagtac tgtgtatatt tattgtgtat atataaatac acacatacaa tcatatatgt    152280
     aagaaaatgt ttatatgcat atatacatac atacaacagt tctgtctggt tcttgagtct    152340
     gattggctga tagccatgcg atattctgca ataacagcat ttgtacagcc tcctcactct    152400
     tctgtattac tccgcccaca tacagcgcaa caagaggaca ctctacagtt tgacaaatat    152460
     tgcagctatt ggacaacaat gtacttttga ggcttttttt gtcaagaatg tagttgatta    152520
     gattgcaact atgcagttta tttataagga tagcgcctat tttaaacatt tataatttct    152580
     cagagacagc gcatcggcgt ccattaccca aagatgatct atccacaaga tggcgccagg    152640
     accttataat aagcccttgg atagaagatt aaaacagcgt gatttctaac taaagctgat    152700
     caaatcatta ttaaactaat aagtaatatt ctccccaacc caccccattt tgagagacaa    152760
     atgttggcag gtatgctggt aagtgatatt ctaagtcgat ctcttgtatg ttatagtgct    152820
     gcatttttac cgatttactc gcatatcagg aatgtgtgtt gtgttggcag aaagaatgtt    152880
     tagcaatttt tctgatcaca aacacaacag tctggtagtg ataagagaaa tactgcagac    152940
     tgtaatagac tgtagcgaga tatctctgta gactgatggc atttcatgtt acattcagcc    153000
     ttataatctt aaagtgtgag caaaatcagc tgttttgtca tcactttaga cattacgttt    153060
     gagaatcatt caaacactaa ctctaaagtg acgttggtga actagtaacg gcttctgcaa    153120
     ttttgacatc agctgcagat gtgaacgaat ggcggaagaa agtagttcct catacgggtt    153180
     tttgagactc tccgtgtttg attttcttat ttataaacac gattatgtcg tcgaactgtt    153240
     gtataaacac aatatctcac ttgtagcagt gctatatggc tgtatatcag ccctggtggg    153300
     acgctaaggc actgagcctg cggcctcgtg ccaacgcacg cctcccacta gtgttgatat    153360
     acagccatat tgcactgcta caagtgagat attggtcata ttgtaaatga catatctttg    153420
     taatagaatt gtatagtttt gtttctatgt atgcgcgtat cacatttaca taatctaata    153480
     aaataaaaaa cctcttttga taattattta gatttatctt tgtccagcac tacaaacaat    153540
     gcttctagaa agttattaga tgtaagtgta aattaatatt cagtatgtaa actacacaca    153600
     cactgtactc tgctctgttc ttgcaccgct tctcttttct gtttacatgg cattacttaa    153660
     gtctgtcttt cagaaacatt cagcttttcc taccaatgct ttacagatga cccccagctc    153720
     tacttttcat tctaattgga taatcttgtg attgctgcat taatatcagc atggtctgag    153780
     agatatttca tgctggatga agaaccacca tcttcaactc caaatctgaa ccacaacttt    153840
     accatacagc tgactgtcag gaaaccagca gtggttcttg atgactagtt gaaaattaca    153900
     gaccatatgc tccaactgcc cggtcatgca agatttgacc ctatctatct gaacacgctg    153960
     ctcaactgct tgcctgtttt cttgtcctgt cgaggttgga ctattgcaat gctctactgt    154020
     caggccttcc atccatcacc atcaagcctc ttcagctgat ccaaaatgca gcaagactgg    154080
     gcttcaagaa actgaaaaga gtgcttgtca cacctttatt catcagttta cactgccaat    154140
     cactgcttga atcaaattta aggtgctgtc actcatctac aaaacaacca ctgactgcac    154200
     gtttacttca tcccactgct tcagacttgt gtgtccagct agactctgcg ctttgctact    154260
     gtagaatatt acaattgacc tttattaatg actgatcctc aatgcaaaga gaaaactcct    154320
     gttccaaaat attctgaatg ggtttaaact ggaaaagggc tgcaatagaa agtgcaaact    154380
     atttaaagtg ctgcaacaag tggatatgcc aaatgttgaa aaaccctagt caaaactaga    154440
     aataacacaa aaaaaaatta caacacagct agtaatgtcc aaagattcag caatagattg    154500
     tgttttactt tttgtttgaa gtaacttcat tttagatgtg ttctgttcaa aaactgtata    154560
     acctgaactc ctgatgttgt ttgtcctgtt ttatcacacc caaaggagat cagaggctcg    154620
     tcctcttacg gctctgacca ggaagagact gacttattat tcctgctttc tgtcaggctg    154680
     actctcttca tttctgtact ggattttaaa aagaaccagt ggaaaatgaa gacaaaccct    154740
     ttcaagaaga actttgaaga cacttgtttc taaacacaaa gcagatcttt gtaattcctt    154800
     ctttttatta accgtctttc agaaagtgaa agtaaggttc agatttctgg agctcaaaca    154860
     ggggaaatgg cttctctaaa tttatccgaa gaagtttctt gtcccgtgtg ctgtgaaatc    154920
     ttcaagaatc ctgttctttt atcttgcagt cacagtgtgt gtaaagagtg tcttcaacag    154980
     ttctggagaa ccaagaaaac tcaggagtgt cctgtttgca gaagaagatc tttaaaagat    155040
     gaaccttctc ctaatttagt attgaaaaac ctgtgtgagt tgttcctgaa agacagaaat    155100
     gcgtcatcag aatctgagta gatctgcagt ttacacagtg agaaactcaa actcttctgt    155160
     gtggaggaca aacagcctgc ttgtgtagtg tgtgctactt cacaacaaca cgacaatcac    155220
     aaattcagac ccatcagtga agcggtttct tcctacaaag acaagagtct cttcattcat    155280
     aaaacttttt agatattcag taggatcagt gatgtaaagt aagattgtgt tgaatagctg    155340
     ctttagaaac actaataaat gaccaacata ttaataatta gcagataatg agccagtaat    155400
     taattaatag tgggacttag tgcttaaagt aatgtgttac aaacagcaga acctatgtcc    155460
     aaatgcatat aatatgaggt gtttcatttg cattatattt aaaacacaat tctcactatt    155520
     gtacaacatt atagatgcag agtttgagaa ttgaataatt gtagtattta attaaataat    155580
     tctagaagaa atcacatcat ttcacagtat ttacttctct tcacagggat ttttgtgttt    155640
     ttatgtttgt ttttaattgt tcaatttcag gaggagctca atacagcact gaaatcttta    155700
     caggagaaac tcaaacacaa taataaaatt aaagcagagt ttgagaaaac agatcaacac    155760
     atcaaggtga gaaacagaat caagagtctt tttcattcag cagcaggaga cacaattatg    155820
     acttcttatc attagtttaa tggaattctg gtaatgactt tgctaatgtt aaacataact    155880
     tggcttctgg gtcttttcta tatctgagga tatttatgaa gtgatgttct tgtgttttga    155940
     ctcagattat taaatgtgtc tgtgatttac tttcagtttc aagctgatca cacagagcgt    156000
     cagattaaac atgagtttga gaggcttcat cagtttcttc gagatgaaga agtagctaca    156060
     atcactgcac tgagagagga agaggagcag aagaagcaga tgatgaagga gaagctggag    156120
     gagatgaaca cacacatctc agctctttca cacacgatca aagacacgga ggagatgctg    156180
     aaagccaatg acgtctgctt tctaaaggtc tgatttcaga tcagtgattg attgattgat    156240
     gatggattga gctcttgatg atcagttgtg tgtttgttct gcaggagttt ccagtctcga    156300
     tggaaaggtg agtgatctgc tggtgtctct gctctctctg cttctgaatc ctgcagatgt    156360
     gactcctgaa tgttcttcca gagtccagat ctcacaaccg gatccacaga cgccttctgg    156420
     agctttgatt catgtgtctc gctacttggg gaacctgccg ttcagagtct ggaagaagat    156480
     gcaggacatc gtccactaca gtgagtctct ctgctcacac acagtcagtg tttcactgca    156540
     gtatttattc tagttatgtt ggcttgagaa agccaacata ctgtaatgct acttaaactt    156600
     attcttatta ttattattat tattattatg ttggcttgag aaagccaaca tactgtaatg    156660
     ctacttaaac ttattcttat tattattatg ttggcttgag aaagccaaca tactgtaatg    156720
     ctacttaaac ttattcttat tattattctt attattatta ttccggcttc tgaccaaaaa    156780
     aaagcaatcg cttctcctcc cagggcttag atgctacaag ccccaaattt ggtcaaaagc    156840
     tgtctattgc ccatgagatg gttgctgtat gtcctcatgc cgataagatt tgtagttttt    156900
     gaattaaaaa ttttttgaat taaaaaattg taaatattac aatcgagtat ttggggcata    156960
     taaaaaagta tacaatcctc aaatttggcc aaaagatgtg ctttaaattg aagataatta    157020
     tcatatttat ttggtgtaat tataaataac agttttccta taaatatttt ttttatatta    157080
     aatttgtaaa attctgactc aaagcgtgtc agagtgtcca cgagatggcg ccagagaacc    157140
     atttttgagc cctttgtaat ttagtactgg ccctttaaga ggcggggata tccgtgctca    157200
     ctgttttgaa tctacagaaa ttcgggctca tttcagacgt gcttgttaca acatttgaag    157260
     ctgaaattgc gaccattttg gtcgcatatg cgcctgaaaa ttaatctatg cgacctcata    157320
     acatatttgg gcgcattagt gcgactgcag atggttgtag tgcgacctgt tttgattttt    157380
     tgtaaaaacg tgctgaatcg ctcttccctg ccgctatatt ggttcatatt agctgtcaat    157440
     cactcaaggt attccgctgt cagatgacag ggaaggagct tttatgacca cgggaaatgc    157500
     aaacggctga agagtaaaaa cttaaagcac acaggtttgc aaaccccacc taaaattgag    157560
     gtgtagatga gagagatcgt gacacgtcac gtggtgaata atgatccacc agctgagatc    157620
     actgaaactg cggctcataa caaagatcag tattgcgccg atggttagtg caagaatcct    157680
     gctctgcctg ctcataaatt gggtcggctg actcgccagc ttttccacaa acacagaaaa    157740
     atgaagatca tctcagactg aacctttaaa ttgacacaaa ctgaaaccaa aacttttaaa    157800
     gagtgataga agtgagactt tactttcttt cttttgtcta ttcttttttg aggtgtatat    157860
     tattttttta tttatttact gatgactgtt ttgcagcttt catcattgaa ttgaattatt    157920
     tataatcttt tgtttgtttt gtagcagaaa tattatttat taaattgaca tgcatataaa    157980
     aacagcagta caaaatcaat atttcttact gcaatgcttc atttttgttt gatgcaaact    158040
     atacaattat tttatataaa gtaacagact ttttatagca gataacctac atttatgcac    158100
     attcaaggca gtatcataat gagaaatgga attc                                158134