EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL929295; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 99338 BP.
AC   AL929295;
DT   28-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-71B9 in linkage group 7 Contains a
DE   novel gene and three CpG islands.
KW   cadherin; cdh1; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-99338
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; e90734b27f33a783d2e6c982ac4003ea.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-71B9. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-71B9 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-71B9 is at 99338 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-71B9 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..99338
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-71B9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    8095..98945
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<45166..45544,45636..45854,45942..46084,
FT                   46408..46652,46735..46920,47009..47137,47216..47391,
FT                   47504..47648,47855..48010,48109..48189,48672..48886,
FT                   51135..>51249))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ71B9.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to zebrafish epithelial
FT                   cadherin 1 (cdh1)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF364811.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI883465.1 Em:AW202946.1
FT                   Em:BI886787.1 Em:BM154550.1 Em:CA471797.1 Em:CB362723.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<45166..45544,45636..45854,45942..46084,
FT                   46408..46652,46735..46920,47009..47137,47216..47391,
FT                   47504..47648,47855..48010,48109..48189,48672..48886,
FT                   51135..>51249))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ71B9.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002103"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to zebrafish epithelial
FT                   cadherin 1 (cdh1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZYY6 Tr:Q7ZYY8 Tr:Q90Z37"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7SZW2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002126"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014868"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015919"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020894"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7SZW2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041001-53"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE30437.1"
FT   misc_feature    61304..61402
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    62561..62599
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone BUSM1-109L11
FT                   (AL845540). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<72545..72637,72717..72892,73659..73803,
FT                   78492..78647,78741..78932,79012..79187,79919..80063,
FT                   80147..80302,80403..80594,80674..80849,81503..81640,
FT                   81765..81924,82013..82153,82511..82725,90280..>90394))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ71B9.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to zebrafish epithelial
FT                   cadherin 1 (cdh1)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF364811.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<72545..72637,72717..72892,73659..73803,
FT                   78492..78647,78741..78932,79012..79187,79919..80063,
FT                   80147..80302,80403..80594,80674..80849,81503..81640,
FT                   81765..81924,82013..82153,82511..82725,90280..>90394))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ71B9.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002104"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to zebrafish epithelial
FT                   cadherin 1 (cdh1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZYY6 Tr:Q7ZYY8 Tr:Q90Z37"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7SZW1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002126"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014868"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015919"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020894"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7SZW1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041001-54"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE30438.1"
SQ   Sequence 99338 BP; 32057 A; 19175 C; 16867 G; 31239 T; 0 other;
     gatcttacca tttaattaat cgtgtggtac tttttcattc gataaagtaa ggtttgcagg        60
     tcacaaaata tgcaaccaaa tataacaaag gcttgttaca ctacataagc atatttgcac       120
     aagaaacatt cgtgatcata aagcagatgg ctgtgtaacg acagattaga tacagtgcat       180
     ccggaaagta ttcaaagtgc ttcacttttt ccaaaaataa attgttacag ccttaatcca       240
     aaatagatta aattaattta tttcctcaaa attctacaca aaatacccaa taatgacaat       300
     ttgaaacaag atttattgaa attgttgcta atttattaaa aaaaaagaaa agaaaaatca       360
     catgtgcagt aagtatggta ggtacatgtg cagttcatcc caaaactaca ttatttagat       420
     tcagtctaat tttacagtta gatatttact ggattggtag catactctat tctgccactg       480
     attgattgca ctgattggtt gtttgattga ttggtatttc ccccccacat tctgtaatgt       540
     ccatgttcaa aatgatggcc ataccataaa tgcctaataa atattgtgtt atatattatc       600
     accaaacaag gactgcatta ttaacatttt attaacagtt ttattgtttt gatcacaggg       660
     ctcacttttc tgagattata agcctctgtt tttaagttta aaaaaaggat atggacaatt       720
     tagtccgttt taaataaaat atgacaatgt tcactttttt ttacaaatag catgctttta       780
     tatttaaagc atattaaagt ttgagactat gatcaaataa tttataaaaa tacatataaa       840
     accattgaaa gaaattaagt taacgaaaag gttgagtcca atatttgtca ttttagtaat       900
     gtaatgataa gtcataacac tatatacaag ggttggttcc actttatcct atgttgattc       960
     aactactact gtttgtactt gcataaaaaa tacagcaaca tgtcaacaat cagttatcaa      1020
     tcatgaataa gtgagtaata aattataaaa gtttatgtaa atgacataca aaggttggaa      1080
     atctaacaac aacaaagatt aaaattttta atttttttat tttctttttc ttatcatctg      1140
     acatccagct ttttgttttc cttaaaccaa cataaaattg acaagcgtct tgtttacatc      1200
     tacaagtaag caaaggttga taaatgaata atgaaaagca aaatgtcaag gcagaggatc      1260
     cacatttatc atcttcagta acaagcaggt tgactgtagt ccgcagttca gagtgccaat      1320
     caaaaccaaa atcagtgatt aaagtgggaa atagaaacct gcaaaaatac taccaagtaa      1380
     ttgctctaat tgacttttgc acaatcacta cataaaaaat taaatctaca acaacttccg      1440
     actaaaccaa tacattcatt cattaatttt ccttcgtctt agtcccttta ttcattaggg      1500
     gtcgccacag cggaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcatat gttttacaca ggggaagccc      1560
     ttccagctac aactcagtac tgggaaacat ccatacacat tcattcacac acatacacca      1620
     cggccaattt agtttatcta tactgcatgt ctttggacag ttaggaaaac cggagcaccc      1680
     agagaaaacc aacgtgaaca atgggcaaca tgctaactga cccagcctgg actcgaacca      1740
     gcgacaatgt tataatttca caggagggct ataattttca tatatcaatt ttttttactt      1800
     gtacttccac tgtacataat atgtgcatga ctccagttaa atataattat taattcacaa      1860
     ataaatctct tgatgaggaa attggccatg ttttatcttc tagattatgt atcatttgca      1920
     tttttacaac atttttaacc ctcagttaaa aagtattgat tttattgtcc ctaattcaat      1980
     tgaactccct tgaggggaaa aacagcagtt ggttcagact ttttcaatca cctttactta      2040
     taatagttta caatctaatc ctgtttgtga agtgtatgtg gattgcttca acccaggctc      2100
     attctgaaaa catatcgcta aatacatttc tggagagcgc caaggaggta cgtttttttg      2160
     aagtttttgt tttcgtgaat ttaccagagg ccattgtgta tactttttag atctcaaatt      2220
     tctctcacaa gtgccattcg ccgcctgctg cttttgttta aattcagagg cccttgccga      2280
     ctgactgact gatcaatcga ctgacctacc cgccttcttc cctaaaccca accaataggg      2340
     ttttcaaaag cacaaattga tccgcccact tccctaaacc caaccgacag ctttctaaag      2400
     caactcaaaa aaagaaaagc acttggctga tttttaccac atttactgat tttaccacat      2460
     tctcaccctg ttatttactt gtttatttat ttttttggct tttgtttttc tcttactcgc      2520
     tttctgaaac tgttactcac cctattcaaa ccccaccata gtggtcaact cctttctgca      2580
     tctcaagact gccgagctaa ctggacaaac tggtaaaagc aggaaagtca tctatatgga      2640
     ggtaatcagt cagctggtga gcacaaaaag gaacggcgtc atactgtacc gctccgtagc      2700
     gttcgtttta aagacaaaat acacataatt catgatctcc attaatgtat atagggctac      2760
     gttttcaaaa tgaccctatg gtggattact cagttagctg gggtccgttc ttcgtacccc      2820
     acttaaatga tctaagatga tttgacagat cctggatctt ttaatcttgg taacggatct      2880
     ttggctaatt gggttcttta aacaagttcg aaaaatcaga ttaaaatttc tgggtgaact      2940
     gatctgagat cactgcgtgt gttgtgaggg attgatctat cgatccttga aatcatgatc      3000
     agcaatgcaa cgattggttg atggcacagc agcataatga catcatctga ttaatattca      3060
     attatccaca tgagcaaaat ttacttgaaa ttcgtagtaa acggtttgtt taatatgata      3120
     cgcaataact tttcaccttt gttgtgggct gcaggcttta cactttcatg tgttaagagt      3180
     attaattatc tattagtttt acagttagag tggatttcct ttatagtagt catagtagta      3240
     ttattgtagc tggtttctta attagtgtaa agaataactg gatatttaaa ataattttgc      3300
     atcacaaaag catttagata ttgttaaagg tgtctgcaac ttttgtgaag catcaaatca      3360
     ccgtcatatt agctgtcaaa acatgttcat gactgcataa atgtattatt ccataaaaaa      3420
     agttgcatat tgtgtatgtc ttattataca caatttgtac taaagcgatt gtacgcattt      3480
     gtatctaaaa agttcatatc aatacatttt ctctttaaac caccagtctt tgagctttta      3540
     tttcagagtg caggttgcat aagttttatt aatatataat ttttttttta ctaatttttt      3600
     tttttcggat gagttttaaa gaatgaaacg atcctggatc ttgtcaaatc tttaataacc      3660
     aaatccagct aactgagtat ttcaaatacg aagaacgaac ctctagactt gactatcgac      3720
     attgtgataa gtaaattatc gataaaacaa aactcatcca ggagttctcg tcatggcaac      3780
     aggtgtcacg gttgcaggtt tgtgcgcttt tttattgtct gacttgtttt atttacagat      3840
     tagttaagca aggacagtaa taattaaagt tgtaccttta tttctgagtg aatagccatt      3900
     atgctcatta gcagatttat ttgtgaagaa atagtacatt taatttagtc aggcatatag      3960
     ctaatatgca ggcgggttga cacagcccat taatgctttt gatcaattta aatagttgtg      4020
     ccttttgcct ctacgctact ctggtaacgt ttaccgatga aaatggatca ttatgaaaat      4080
     gttgaagacc cagttttaga ttgaaaaagc tggcgttaca cttcagtata gatggactgc      4140
     aacacaaact tttgaaaact gaagcacagc tatcgacagt agtaataacc aataacatta      4200
     tttttctgtt tatgccttgc tcatcataat agtagatgtt gtcccttaca tcatcttcag      4260
     gaaggaggag cgctgttttt cttccgcaag aacatgctca gaagaccaag cactgaggaa      4320
     ggagggacag ctttaaaatt agcagtacac agagctcaca ttaatcacac acacactgca      4380
     ttgaccttga caagtaagcc taactgcaca ggagtaaaga tacaggatac acatagaaaa      4440
     cttaacatac atagcagaag taagattcct cccaggacgc caagaacacc aaacagtgga      4500
     cggcctgctt cttgattttc cgtacattgg aatgcctctc ctttgcagtc acacacactt      4560
     gcttgaatag tattctcctg agattcaccc tcccgatcag taactctcag gactacattg      4620
     tattcaccct ggtccagccg agattgagac ttgagactca gataatgacc agtttctaaa      4680
     attggcaaat gtaatagtta gaaatgtcca ctcagccagt cagattacca atgtatatta      4740
     aatcaaataa ataaaacaaa aacaagtact caccattgaa aaaaacagac cagtttttac      4800
     tggtatcacc ttggggctca acactgaagg gaccagcaaa aggaggtcca tcgttgtccg      4860
     ttatagagag aagaactagg gctgattcac gattgcacaa ttttatggtc ctttcattaa      4920
     taacaggagc attgtcattt acatcctgca gctcaattac cagtgttcct gtgccagttg      4980
     ctggagactc aactgcaaac aacatttgtt caaatatttt aaaaagggaa gaatttagac      5040
     aggaactttt gttaagaaaa aataaataaa taaacacacc atcatcatcc aaagccaaaa      5100
     tgagagcttt gtatttgcca tctttgacat tggaagattc tcgatccata gctgtcttga      5160
     cttgaatctg cccagagtct gttatactga gccagccaga aggatcatag tcaattctat      5220
     aactgtaagg aacaaaaaca tacaggttaa aatgtttagc aagagcaact gaatccacgt      5280
     gaagttcaaa tgtatgtaaa ggtatttcgt agtttgagtt ctacataaaa gacttgaaac      5340
     tggaggggac ttagtacttg ataggtattt gctagcacca gccacatgat taatagtgct      5400
     tgggctgtct aacatttagt gtcacaggaa agtaaataca caaaaagtcc atcagaagta      5460
     aaaaaataaa taaataaaaa tacaagatgg tactcacgtt atcttttgct ttttttcagt      5520
     gtctacatca gtggctgtgt aaatgactaa attactacca acaggtaaat cttcaggttt      5580
     ggaaataaac ttctcctttg gaataaactc aggcggctca ttcacatctt ctacattcac      5640
     agtgactgtg gcagttgaag ttggcaaaga accgacaaat ttatcatcgt tcacaacaat      5700
     cacaaacaga atgtactgct tggtcttctc atagtccaga ggctaaaagg aaaaaaaatg      5760
     cttatcaata agttatgcca tcacaaccat tgccattact tatgcctgga cagacttgag      5820
     taacacacac agacagtacc tttacagtgg tgatgacgcc ctctagacgg ctgggtccag      5880
     tgctgacatt gaaaaaccca cccttgtcac caccaatgac tcgatacttg gttgaccaag      5940
     ctgttgattc aggttcatct ccatcagtaa ctggaaggtt ggccacttga gcccctactt      6000
     gattctccgg gacagataca gtgtgctgaa acaaagaaat tttgtgaaag tttgtgagtt      6060
     ttaatcgaat ataagtagct aattttatag tatagtaaat aaagaaagaa atatacatta      6120
     cagaggtttg ctcaaacaga ggtgcattat cattgctgtc cataacagta ataactgctg      6180
     tgccagtggt tgacccaccc tctccgttca tgtcagtagc cgtaataacc aaagtatatc      6240
     tggaccattg ctggaagagg aagatgactg atgagctttt tgcataaaat tgaacaacca      6300
     ctctaattca tcaaaaagca tttctcacct ctctgtccag gcctgtttct agcacagaaa      6360
     tccctccact tacaggattg atagcaaaca tgattggttt tgcagatggt ggatcttggc      6420
     tgataatggc ataactgata tcagcattgt cagtattttc tttatcatct gcatcagtgg      6480
     ctgtgactgt cataaacact tcacctttgg tgagagagta attaaactat tatttgagct      6540
     gaagatacat ttaagggaga aaaacaaatg aaaagtaatg aaagcaattt cacctaaaac      6600
     tgcaccatcc acttaccctt ttccaaagct tcaggaacat ttgcattgaa agggttttga      6660
     gtaaacactg gcttattatc attttgatcc gtcacagtta caataaattc gaatggcttt      6720
     tccactatat tcacatccac tccagtggca tgagctacaa gctaaagaca tagttttatt      6780
     gtattatttt taaatagttg tcaattgtca gtgttatatt ttgacctaca tcagtgcatc      6840
     aaaaacatgg tagtcaggtc atacagaaat ctttagcaaa caaatgcaaa gcatctccat      6900
     aacaatataa aatgtaatac agcaattgta gattttttaa acctgaaaag agtaagaatc      6960
     aacttacttt gtatgaagct ttttcttctc tgtcaagttg ctgagtcaca ttgatccacc      7020
     ctgatagtct gtctattttg aaaatcccct tagggtcctg atctgctcct tcgcctgtga      7080
     tcttgtatgc catctgatat tcagaagcag aatctgactt tatctaaata cagaaagaca      7140
     tcagaataac aatcaaaaac agaaaaatct tctaatccac aacattttta acagttcttt      7200
     cctaactgtc actgacctgg accagcctca ttgggaaagg acctttgcta ttctcaaata      7260
     cactgactgg aggaataatc caacctctct ttgctctctt taaaccagtt gaagactttg      7320
     ggaaagtcag aaccagatca tcagaggaag attccatcta tgaaaaaaca gatgatattt      7380
     gtgctatttc tttttaaaca aagaagaaca tgatcacttt catttccaat ttgcctgtac      7440
     tttgcctgtt attttgcctg aattaactgt acctctacag aggaggtatt ccttaattta      7500
     ttcacgtcat aactcccgag ataacggaca cgctcaactc tgacagaggt cgtgtgcttt      7560
     ttgccactgg agtcccatgc agacactgaa aactccttga agccttcatg aagagtcact      7620
     gacctcctca tcatcagagt cccatccctg ttcagattaa tctcctgatc agtggactga      7680
     aaatagactc ttgttcgtct atcgcatgtg ttaaaacgga ctgtcaacaa aagagattaa      7740
     tttagcgtta gcaaaacaaa acattgccaa gccaatcact attctactat tcagttgttg      7800
     aatgtaagac ctgaaaatct ggcattacta tcaaaattgt atacatttga taataaaata      7860
     ataattataa attaatacag ttacagtacc agacatggac tttacacaaa tgaatcaggg      7920
     ttttaaccct taattggcct acaggttcag ggcaactttg atgcatgttt gctattttat      7980
     atgttccttt catctcaggg gtaaaaaaaa tctattttaa agcactagac ttgattcagt      8040
     tgttttaaag gtaggtaaaa aaagtagctt attttgagtc aaactaaccc cacattgaaa      8100
     gtaaatggga aaagagaaaa aagattgttt tcttttagat tcatttgttc gaaaaaaata      8160
     ttaaacccat tataaatctc aaatgtttta cagttttgca aaggcctggg tttggagcaa      8220
     aaataaaaat taaaattatc atgtgtgtgc agaaacacac acacacacac acgcacacac      8280
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac tcacacacac acacacacac      8340
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgt atgcacacac acacacacac      8400
     acacacacac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcatac      8460
     ccacctaaca aaccaatgag gacacatgac tcaacaccct acctttgggg actacccttt      8520
     ctgaagggtc tagagacaaa agaaagacat gactgcacta ctaaaaatgt gcttattatg      8580
     aatatcagtt gatatttgca aaaaaatact tctataaaga cctgacaaat taccttcaaa      8640
     atgaggacag tattttataa ctcacctttg gggacatgta cacaaactcc ggtatagtca      8700
     cactttgagg actgcagtta tacacaaact caggttaaag tatactttca ggactcggtt      8760
     atctgaatat ttctaatata atattattaa taattataat aatgttagtg cagagagaca      8820
     tatgataaag taaataagat cactgaaaat agacaattac attttttcct tcacaaataa      8880
     ctcaatctgg tgtcagaaga tcatttggtg tcaagtattg ttcatgaaat gacatatttc      8940
     tctcataaat agtatgtgac aggcagcatg taagcagaat aatacataca aactaatttt      9000
     aaaaaacagt aagggagaag taaatggatg accttacagt gagtttatga agctcaatgg      9060
     acacattaat atccaatgat atgagaagtg atgaaactct actgataagt catatgatgg      9120
     ttaatatagt acacctcaaa tccattcaca ctaaaaccca tactgtataa aacaagggtt      9180
     gtgaagttca aattcatata cactaactac ttacatacgc cataagacac gtttctcagt      9240
     gaaaacaatt actgtgaaag tctttataca aatgattagt tgaaagagga gtgtctataa      9300
     ttaatttagt ttagactaca gtggaaatac acacatttga ggactctgtt gatacacaca      9360
     cacacactgc tttagctaca ctttgaggac tctggtgata cacacacgcc tacctttggg      9420
     gactcagttg atacacacat acctttgggg actcagttga tacacacaca cacctttggg      9480
     gaccttggtg atacacacac tgctttagct acactttgag gactctggtg atacacacat      9540
     acctttgggg actctgttga tacacacata cctttgggga ccttggtgat acacacactg      9600
     ctttagctac actttgagga ctctggtgat acacacatac ctttggggac tctgttgata      9660
     cacacacacc tttggggacc ttggtgatac acacactgct tcagctacac tttgaggact      9720
     ctggtgatac acacatacat ttggggacct tggtgataca cacacactgc tttagctaca      9780
     ctttgaggac tctggtgata cacacacaca cctttgggga cactgatgat acacacacac      9840
     tgctttagct acactttgag gactcgggta atacacacac acacctttgg ggaccttggt      9900
     gatacacaca cactgcttta gctacacttt gaggactctg gtgatacaca cacacacacc      9960
     tttggggaca ctggtgatac acacacactg ctttagctac actttgagga ctctggtgat     10020
     acacacacac acctttgggg acacctacaa tgatacacac ataagaaaca aagatgcatt     10080
     aatgtcctgt ttagatgaga gaaggacccc cgcggatgac tatttctctg tgatagagtt     10140
     ttatttgtcc atgttttgtt cagttgagtg cggcaggtct gatcatagtc acataagtga     10200
     taatcaacaa gcttacattt gtatttgcta aaatctaaca caatgttgtg cttggaataa     10260
     ttctgtttat tgttttctga gtttcatttt agacacagta ttgccgactt gttgcagcca     10320
     tggctctaat tgtactagac ttttgactag acctacagac aaaactattg actgagctca     10380
     gtaaaatgtt ctttgattat ttattaataa tctgtttaat aactaaagcc aaaacaaatg     10440
     gtaaaatagt agttgtaaat ttatgtaata tggtttaaac aattaaataa aacattttaa     10500
     atatataaat ataatatatt taaaaataaa taggtcatgt tttgaataac acccatgtcc     10560
     atgtttatca ttccatcgaa ttaaacacaa ataaaacaaa catatttatt tcagggtata     10620
     tacagaactt cttaagttga atttaatacc ttttactacc ttttttaatg ccttcaaaaa     10680
     aaatgtaata ccagcacgac ttagagctgc aactgtagtg gcgtaaatta aatctttcta     10740
     aatgcaataa catattgcag ataacatata catttaagta aagcagaggg attaatctag     10800
     atgtcacaat gggcctttgt tcatagtttt taatcaatgt tacgcatgtc attaatatca     10860
     atagccgctc ttctaagaac agttcagtac ggttatggtt gtttctccac tgagcctgga     10920
     tcagtgcggc acaattacac accgttttca gcacggttag acaatggtgc tgaatcaatg     10980
     atgacaataa tactaacaaa gaattacatt tgtgattatc atgctgcctt gaatgtgggt     11040
     tatctgctat ataaagtcca actgttactt catgaagaat aaatgtatag tttacattaa     11100
     acaaaaatat gtttttttat atgcgagtta atttaatgaa taatatttct actacaaaac     11160
     aaacaaaaga ttataataaa tcattcaatt caaggctgaa agctgcaaac agtcatcagt     11220
     aattaaatag aaaaagaata tacatctcaa aaaaaagtct cacttctgcc actctttgaa     11280
     agtattgatt ttggtttgtg tcattgtaaa tgctcacact agttatgagc tgatttacat     11340
     ttttctgtgt ttgtggaata aagcaggcga gtcagccgac ccaataaatg agcaggcaga     11400
     gcaggattct cgcgatgacc aacagcgcaa tgcggttctt tgttatgagc tgcagtttca     11460
     gtgtaaactt agaaggcctg cttctttggc gatgatgtgt acagtattag attttacatt     11520
     tagcggacat ttgcgctgaa cacgcagtga atgcaacgca tcgagattcg gccaccttct     11580
     ccgaaaacac tcgatctcgg ttggtggatc aacattcacc acatgatagt ggtcatctgg     11640
     gccattattt gtaaccttag gtgggatttg caaacctgtg tacttttcac tcttcaggcg     11700
     tttgcaattc ctgcagtcac aaaagctccc tgtcacctga cagcggaaag ccttaagtga     11760
     ttgacagcta atatgaaccg ttataatggc agggaaaagc gattcagcac atctttagaa     11820
     aaaatctaag caggtcgcac tacaaccatt atatgcagtc gcacacatgc tcccaaatat     11880
     attatgaggt tgcatagctt agtttttggg cgcatatgca accagaatag tcacaatttc     11940
     gagccctggt gtgttgttgt tgcggctttg ttgccaagtt accataccac ctcacgatat     12000
     cgctccggtc ctactctcaa catttaaata aatccacgca aattttagaa taaaggcctg     12060
     cactcaacac aaactgaaaa tgtatctaaa aatctaaaaa tttatcttga gctcgaaaat     12120
     gtaatacctc gtcagatgac attaactact ttttaatact ttttaatgcc cttaattttg     12180
     actaatttca tttactacct ttcacaaccc ctgcggacac cctgtatatt ctgggtattt     12240
     gacaaatcag taaatatatg cactaaaaac aaatttaaaa agtccatagg cttcctttac     12300
     ccgtaggcaa aactaaaata ggctattagt aacaaatata aacaaaagat aaaaaacttt     12360
     ttgtgaaagc aagagataat cttgtgagag tgctgttata aaaggagtct caggtgacca     12420
     acaattgtgc attaccgcaa caccatttat tccagaacat ctgagccact ttcagttcta     12480
     aagttttcat ttttggtttt attttatttt tttaagtcta tttaaagctg cagtaggtga     12540
     tcatcttcag aatcatgtgt tgtgctggtc gaaagtctct tcacagtcca aaagtaaaga     12600
     ttaatgaaaa tgatctaaat gtgtttatat gtatttttat attctgggta aggcataaaa     12660
     ctaaaacatg ttcatccaat taaatattgt cgggctgaca attcccataa ttcttataag     12720
     tagttcaaac tgtcagcaaa tgtagatttg aaccactggg catctcttca tgcagattca     12780
     ccatttgcgt gtggatgcgt gcatgtgcgc cgcgcgttta tgtgcagacg agcagtcaca     12840
     gttgcgaatc aaatgctgaa taaaaacctg ttaaactcct gaatctatat tggagtgagt     12900
     tttgcacgct ggaagaaaaa taataccatg actgcagtat ttctgttagg caggtcatgt     12960
     tctgtgttaa actcttttag tcacgcagag ctgatgtaga ttgtgttgtt atgaatgggt     13020
     tatctgcaca gaagtgttgt tcagccactg aaatctcccc gtgaaagatt aatacgacta     13080
     ttttcagttt cataaggtcc ttttacagca ttgatgaagt agatttatat ttagtttaac     13140
     aacaaaacat cagtaaatag agctattcgg cctagcctac tttactgagc tgaagatgct     13200
     tttttattta tattgggtca tttctgaaca atgacagcct gtgatgcgct ctttatattg     13260
     ttcaacacta ctctgaatat tcatgtgaaa tagcatgcaa atatggttta gtaataagtg     13320
     taattcctgc acaccaccgg ccaaacacta gctacattta taaatggtga atgacatgat     13380
     ctagtgggtt gtccactgcc atctttacga tgagcattcg tgttttagga ggcgtggctt     13440
     tggatggcag ggaagggact gtgtttcaaa gatattatgc caaccgatta gcattttggc     13500
     agatcaccta ctgcacctat aacttgtttg ttaattaaat cctgttttgt tatttagcct     13560
     attattttta agtaacagtg aagttgcata ttaacttgat atgcaaagaa tgggaaataa     13620
     attctttttg acatgctgat tttggtaaaa attgtgaata taggtaatac tcgccttgca     13680
     attttaaaat cattgtattt ttttttcctt tgagcaggca attttcaatt taaatgattg     13740
     ctgctgcagt ctgaaagtct cggttaggca atgctgacgg acacagctaa agctggacaa     13800
     attacagtta attgattatt aattctgata agaataacat caacaacaag ataatattaa     13860
     taataagtct tttatttaaa aatgaattta acacatgtaa taggtctaca gaaatgtgaa     13920
     acgaaccaaa catcatcttt aaaatagtca ggcctcagct ctctgtgcta tctctcccta     13980
     tcatcgatac acaacactag tgtcaatcgg cacaacccta tcttgtagta aacataactc     14040
     caaactgcaa tatggtcatt taaatgtcat tcgcgcatcg acgttcaggg gttcgaatcg     14100
     agatcgccat ctttttacga ttaactatgc agtccaacta tcacttgcca gtaattaacc     14160
     aatcttttat agtaaaatct gtttgtgtac tattggtcat actgtatgaa ttaactccag     14220
     aatatctggc atgtgaaaat acataattga gctatccttt catctttaaa taaattgctt     14280
     taagacacaa ttgtatgatg ttatatagtt agaacaagat tacattttaa ataaacctgc     14340
     caaagggtct gtcttacctt gttctggtta ctctgccctg ttcacttagc agcaaatatc     14400
     actagatagg ctacctggtg cctgaatgaa agggttaccg tcttattccc tgatcttctt     14460
     gctttgtctg actgttgtgg ctcagtttgt ttgtgaggat cactcatctt cacgttgtcc     14520
     aaagcaggtg aggagacaga agcattatgg gactggatgt cagaaaaaaa acagagaata     14580
     tcgaaatcag aaatatttgt caagacagaa caagcatatt cttctatttc tatattcagg     14640
     gtttttgcag atatcataat gtcaaattta agacttatta agaccttttt aagaccatta     14700
     agtattaaat ttaggaccta tatcgcaata tcaaaaacac gcattcacat aaagagatca     14760
     gaagaagaag aaaccgacag taaaatctga caaataaaca gagaagtaaa aagcttctgg     14820
     aactaggtca tatcattaat atcattcagg ataatcgttt ttaattattt tataattaat     14880
     tataaagatt tttataacca ttcaagattt tttaaataca ttttttatct aaatgatgca     14940
     tcacatgctt ttctttatat ctcagacagt tctacccatt aaagttaaat attaatggca     15000
     acagatcttg ggttgctcta caattatatt ttttattaag gcagaaataa aaacagaaaa     15060
     caagtacact cactaaaaat attgaggttt tttatttttt attttgccca ctcaacaatt     15120
     cacacaacac tttctgacta gtttagttat caccaataaa gcctagaaat tgggcatcaa     15180
     tatactgtaa actgatacat atatttatat attcctttcc agttgaagtc agaattatta     15240
     gcccccctgt ttatttttcc ccaattcccg tttaatggag agcagatttt ttttcaacac     15300
     atttcaaaca taatagtttt aataactcat ctctaataac tgatttattt tctgtttgtc     15360
     atgatgacag taaataatat ttgactagat atttttgaag acacttctat acaccttaaa     15420
     gtgacattta aaagcctaat taggttaatt aggtgaactt ggcaggttag ggtaattagg     15480
     caaaattttg ttacttaatt ttagtttgta acttgtaaat tgttttaaat tcgaaattgt     15540
     aatataggtc tatacatcag tgtaaaacct atgcatgatg gaaaaacatt ctgtaatatt     15600
     aaaaccaact gggtctacac ttttgcatag cctctttttt taaacaaact tatccctcag     15660
     gtttttccaa acttttacaa aaactgtcct cctttcccac tgctgttgca atttctagcc     15720
     aaaaagtatt ggtcatctgg ttctacttct ccctatgatc acgcatggac tgatcataaa     15780
     gaagatgtgt gtatagggct ggatgatatg acaaaaattt atatcacgat atacttctta     15840
     atttcggtcg atatgatata attccgatat cgaaatggac aatattaaaa agacataaaa     15900
     aactgccaag aacgcaaaca atagatgtct gtacctacaa atatctgcaa actgaatttg     15960
     caaagtctat aatacctcca ggctcttata acttttcttt taataaaaaa gttttaaaaa     16020
     attttacttc ttaacttttt caaatgttaa ctctctttat tgtatttggc ctttacaaac     16080
     agacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacacac acacacacac acacacacag     16140
     ggctttacat taacacccgg caacacgcca aattcaggta gatttcagct ttggcgtgtt     16200
     agacagtcac tcccacaagc cactttgcct ggttgaaaat aatttttttt caattttgtg     16260
     gttttcctaa aagcagggtt cgacaatata aggatgaccc aatatgcgtg caaatgtgat     16320
     cttagaatcg agaagtaaaa taattgtgat cacgtgagca gaagaaagca agtgaatacc     16380
     aaatgagagg atgatcatta gccacgacag attactgtaa atatttttga tacatgacaa     16440
     tagttatttt ttaaaagtca attgcttttc tttctttttt aagaaatgtt ttattaaata     16500
     aaaggtatag tatacagcta tattttgctt gttttgacac attaaacatt tgtgtctaag     16560
     aaataattat tgttttgtat ggttatagag ataaatttgg taaatcgtta attttgagct     16620
     ctaaaaaaag tcatgctagt cgtgcaaaca ctatgaaacc atgactcctt tgctcatgct     16680
     cattgagcaa gctcatactc gacacacaaa aagtgaaatg attgagaaca cgtggacata     16740
     acacaaaatt taaatcaagt aattttagca tgtcaacgtc aaacttatgc atataaaata     16800
     tatttttcca acaacaaaat tgtggatagt gaaaatgcag agtggctagt aaagttggaa     16860
     atctactagc cacagtggct ggtgatcaaa aaagttaatg tcaagccctg tgcatatata     16920
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatagcttgt     16980
     tcattcacat ctgtattcag ggcacacttc agggcaaact ttctgcgacg tagctaacca     17040
     actgctgtgc taagcgatgg cagcgtgtct gtgatgtcac atgcgtgatg acgtacatca     17100
     tgctctttct gatggctgag cactgaccgt cactcagtga caaatgatgc aatctaggga     17160
     tgtaacggta ttgtaaatac cgtcataccg caatattaat tttttccgat attagcgtag     17220
     tcgcatgact cgataaaact ataggtcttc tgagaaaatt tgctcaggcg aatgaagcga     17280
     acgggaggta gtggaaacta caactcccat cagcccaggg gttgccatca ttctttgcgg     17340
     tctgttgtcg ctacagatcc agtaatgcgg aaatgaagtg tgctgctaga agcgaggatg     17400
     aaaaagacct ggaaatgatc gaacataaag cgggtgttgt cgccgcgcgc gtactgaata     17460
     gcggtgttgt cgcgcgcgtt ctgattagct gtgttgtcgc gcgtgttctg atcagctgtg     17520
     ttgtcgcgcg tgtactgtaa agcggggagg gggggttgag cgcgcatact caagagcggt     17580
     gttgtcgcgc gcctactgaa gagcggcacg tagggtgtgt tgcatcgcgg gggcactttt     17640
     gatcattttg gaagggcatt ttctatccaa gactaaaaag ggcatgcgca ctgcacaggt     17700
     tgagccctat gtgtgcacgt gcctgcaagt tggggaatac gactaataac agtcatgggg     17760
     actgcagaaa cacagcacac tgttcagatt gatgcagaca tgagatctct atctcactca     17820
     tggtttgtcc tctcaagtgg gggaaagaca atgcacaacg ttacccactg ctgtcaacct     17880
     gggccaagtc atatctctct gtcccagaaa cctcagtccc aaatgagagg ggttttttct     17940
     gttgcagggg acattgtaaa tacccagaga tcccagcttt taccagatta tagttataag     18000
     ataattttcc ttaaagccca tctctatcta agtgagtgag tgattaaatg ttgaatgaaa     18060
     tgagttttca acaatactaa attgaaactt aattttttta catggtttaa tatttttttg     18120
     ttattaaaat tgaagttcct gtttcaaagc ttacagatag atgactaatt tgtatgtcat     18180
     tgacactttt ggcacttttt tggagtattt tcataagttt tgttttttct gtaaatgatt     18240
     caataaatac cgtaccgtga cattcatacc aaggtataat cgtaccgtga aattctgata     18300
     ccgttacatc cctaatgcaa tctataagat cttaaaaata taattatata tatatatata     18360
     tatatatgca aatttatatc gaaataccgg aaatgagttt aaaactcata tcacgttact     18420
     gaaaacaatt ctatagcgat atatattgat atcgaatcat tgtccagccc taatgggtgt     18480
     atcaatgggt gtatcaatag gtgtatgcat gcatcaagtt tatatatgcg caagtttcat     18540
     acatgttttg aacatagtat aggtttatat gcgagtaatt tatatgctcg tgttgataag     18600
     caaagtttta tttagatcct acacggtgcc tcatagccat ctgtgtcggg aaggtggatg     18660
     gtgaggcgac aggttgactt aaacttaaat gatgcctcat cttctgtcat tgcttctgac     18720
     tctcactatg ttctatcggg tggaacagat ttgatgtgtt tccgctgtta gtcggcagac     18780
     tcggcaccac tctaccgcac attttgcaga gcaccgaaac taaacgttta tcgaaactta     18840
     aaaagctgaa tcacttccac accactgcat tcgtctttcc tctctcatca actaatttgt     18900
     ctgcattctt agttgtggaa gcttgttcat tcacatcagt attcagggca cacattttgt     18960
     agcattttgt tgcattctgc gacggagcag cttaactaac ttctaagcgc tggcagtggc     19020
     agcgtgtctg tgatgtacgt catcacgcaa gtgacatcac gctcattctg agcacgaaaa     19080
     gtcattcagt gacaaatgat acaaggtata agatcttatc tataataaaa cagatgtatg     19140
     caaatgtata tcgaccggaa atgggtttaa aaatcatcac tgttattgaa aaaaatctat     19200
     cgcgatatat attgatatcg aattattgtc cagccctatg tgtgtacagt catacctgtt     19260
     tcagacaaaa aactcttcaa agtgtttcat attcaattca aatcaaattt gaaccgcacg     19320
     aactgaaaaa acattttgtg agctctgcca gccaaaatca tgtcgcggct ggcggacctc     19380
     tataaacaca gtgatgacat cacatttacc gcgcgcactg agttcaataa cagaaagctg     19440
     attggcaatt gtcggtatag ggcatgtcgg tcttatttgt agttgtaata acgcaaatta     19500
     caattggact agtgaaatag tcctacaaca ccctgaaaac ctagcaacaa caacaaaaaa     19560
     agaatttaaa tgagttttag atgtagcgtt acatggacat cgcaaaaata agacctgtgc     19620
     aaaaatattt aagacttaga acagtgaatt taggactttt gaaggcctta aatttcgatt     19680
     ttttaatttt agaattttta agaccccgcg gaaaccctgt atattccttc tgaccagact     19740
     ttctacttat acatgtcagt cagtattgct attttgactg tcaatattac agaataaagc     19800
     atccgtataa ttatggttga attttatgtt tcataatata gacaattggt aagtgaacct     19860
     actgatttct gtagactcat actactgacc cctactcacc ataaccagaa tctccataat     19920
     tgtaggttat atcttctcct ggaagtatgt tgcacacagc aaagatatga ttttcatttt     19980
     gcagttagga gctttgtggt catcatttac aagtctccct aaagacccat cttctttcga     20040
     tgcatccatg ctgtaaaaca taaaacaatc actaagcata aaatacaaac aatttttaaa     20100
     gtttatacat ttaagatgta ctattttttt ttctgtgacc atcttcaaag aggtgttaac     20160
     aatagtatcg agaattaatt ctattttaaa acttgctaat tatttcacta aaaactacag     20220
     atttgattag aagtgttaat ttacatttca cttcccaatt cctgtaatat attttttatg     20280
     tctgtgagga acatttttta tgaaattgca atcaaatatg ggaactgatt gtaatcagaa     20340
     tgatcagaat cagaaatact taaattttga gacgcataat atattatcgg ccatatcgat     20400
     atcagccgat aaatgctatt tttttaatgt tatggtcatc agtctgatat caaaatatgg     20460
     ccgatatatt taagctgata gattacagaa ttacctgcct tgcacatgcg tgggtcgaac     20520
     ttgttcagag ttgtgcagtg cttggacatt attgttgggt gatacacaat tttcatatca     20580
     tccacctttg agatcaccga tcatgatact atagcatagg ccaggggtca ccaatcttat     20640
     ttctagaggt ccagtgccct gcagggttta gctccaactt gccttaacac acctgcctgg     20700
     gtgtttcaag tatacctagt aagaccttgt ttatcttgtt caggtgtgtt tgatttgggt     20760
     tagagctaaa atcagcagaa caccggccct ccaagaacaa gtttggtgat ccctggcata     20820
     ggggcacggc agtgttatgt ttgcttattt gctcatttat ttaaccacat ctaaacatat     20880
     ttaataacct ttcggctaat catactcacc acccaaactt gtactcaaga acaaaatccc     20940
     ctctgaataa agcttcagtg gtgaaaactc atcctcctaa acaaaagacg ttcattagct     21000
     gcagtttctt gaaaattaat tattataggt tcataattgc atttttttag tttgcattaa     21060
     attctacaga cttttgtgtt tttatttgaa ctaattgttc tacttgtcct gtatgcttct     21120
     caagctttat gagaagtgtc attcatgtct tttcaggtgc actcagaggg caatcgcctg     21180
     taatgtttgt tgcaatttta atagtttaag ttcatttgat tgactattta aaaatctgtg     21240
     gatattatca atgcatttat tggataaaat aaaattgcta ctttttactg taaaaagtcc     21300
     ctatccccag aagtgattaa ggttacacag tcatatatat ataaatgtgt aaaagatgaa     21360
     gcattatgaa tatatattta aaagaaaata tgtcaaataa atgatcagat ctctgtgtgg     21420
     agcactggct gttgtcagac tccttgtgca aacaaaaatt tctctgaata attacaatat     21480
     atagctaaat gtatttgaaa acatagacat actattgaaa attaatactt taattcatta     21540
     gagtcgtact tctgtgggta ttttggttaa agtaacctaa aagtaataca aaagtagtgt     21600
     aatgcatttc tgagatatta atattgtcat gtaaccaatt acaaaaaaag aaatggcagt     21660
     aacttttaat atatatatac tgtaatgcat tacattttgg aagtaacttg cccaactgtg     21720
     ttcgctattg tttgttagca caaagattag atattaacgg ggatttggaa caaaattgtt     21780
     tatgcacaat gggctctctg cacagctaga gttttaaagc caacgataaa cttccggtga     21840
     tagcttaatg tggatatttt caatttcaca aagttgtttg tacatcatca atgttgtaat     21900
     gtaattacaa tacattcagt taaacagact aaagcattca tttagttgtt caagcgtaaa     21960
     attagatgaa cgatggtata accactagcg ccgtcagtat agcaaaaggc tagcgcagat     22020
     attccattga aaatactggg taaagtctaa atcgaatacg tggccggctg gtatgtgcta     22080
     tgcacatcca tatagcagca tttttatgac actgtataat aggcgacgcg gtggcacagt     22140
     aggtagtgct gtcgcctcac aacaagaagg tcgctagttc aagcctgggt cagttggtgt     22200
     ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgt attcgcgtgg gtttcctcgg ggtgctccgg     22260
     tttcccccac agtccaaaga catgcggtac aggtgaactg ggtaggatag aaattgtctg     22320
     aagtgtatga gtgtgaatga atgtgtatgg gtttcttagt gatgggttgc agctggaagg     22380
     gcatccgccg tgtaaaacat atgctggaat agttggcggt tcattctgct gtggcgaccc     22440
     cagattaata aaaggactaa gctgaaaaga aaatgaatga atgaatgtat aacaataatg     22500
     aatattttta cagtactgtg acggttgggt ttaaggttgg ggtgaaggta ggctttaaaa     22560
     aataaaatgt attgggtatt ttaatagata gcagcataaa taatactcaa tacaactact     22620
     gtttttacgt tactgtgaca gttggattta gggttggggt ggggatagac gttaataaaa     22680
     tacaacaaat gtgaaattta agaaataata taaatagttt tcgttaactt tcggctgcaa     22740
     ccatatctga tctagcaaca accaaaatat aggggaaaaa aactgtcata ttttaaagac     22800
     atggcggggg aaatggactt taatgcagtg cctcttgtcc gatctgaaac ccacttcata     22860
     tcatatataa caggtagtga agattactga tttttaaaga aatcagatct taaacgtgac     22920
     aattttgaaa tggaaagatg tcattggaag ccattggagt gcctggctga aaattaaaag     22980
     tctggtaatc tgtaaaatat tttacaacat tacagataca ttaaaaacta atttaagtgt     23040
     gtgtatggtt tgcattggtt actttaacaa ttataatagc aaaaataatt aatgtagtgc     23100
     tttgttgtat atacatgttc agagttaata aatgtttcaa cccaatttaa ttgcaaaagt     23160
     atgataaagt acaacaggta acactttaaa ataaaattaa tggattaaag tcaacaggga     23220
     gaaaaaagct agattcatta cagttactgt gcttataaag gataaaataa tacaactgaa     23280
     tattattagt gattatcccc atttagtaaa acgactgact ttagtaaaac gattgtaatc     23340
     agattactat aattttaaca catacatcag cattaagaaa ttatcatcac ctaagattaa     23400
     cattaaactt taccaatact tttaattaac taatgtttac tattgaagcc ttcttgcaca     23460
     gagttaatgt acagtacaac tgacctataa atgttttaaa ttttagtaac agtttcagtt     23520
     aatatttcaa cctgtagtag gccagatgaa cttgaaaata ttattgaaaa acaattaagt     23580
     ctcttagaat gttgcactgt taacaatacc actgcaacac aacatggatt ttactaaaaa     23640
     gaactgtaaa agtttacata ataaataatt attcaatgta ttttgagttc ccataatgtc     23700
     aatattgtac atgttcatta tcattctata ttgaaccact gcatagagag atatagacag     23760
     agagagagag tgtttgtgag tataacttac ctttgtaatt gttgatgaat tgcacttgca     23820
     ggtttgtcac ttttacaaca aatgtaatgt tctgcatcct cttgaggtat tttacgcttt     23880
     ctgttttttc ttaatcccag catgaagaca aagggcatgt ttcctataaa gactttacga     23940
     aaaaataaat ataataaatt atattatgct aataaataac ataataataa tagcataata     24000
     cattttatat attgtctatt gttctgctga acccaaatga tttcacatag atctagtaat     24060
     gtacttctat ctaaaaattt aaatcagaaa ttaaatcata atgtaattaa aaacagaata     24120
     ggtaggatgt aaatcacatc caagattaat tttcctatat tcgttaaaca aagctataaa     24180
     tacattgtta tttagactga aaacagggct agacccacat gaaccatttt catgtttttg     24240
     taactttaca cacctcaaaa ttatatatac tgtgatataa taaagacgtt atatatatat     24300
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataatgttct     24360
     gtgcgtttgg gcaagctaat taacatcatt aaaaggctta tttacttaaa ttaatttaaa     24420
     ataatcacca tattaaacaa aaaataaaga ttttattttt ggggcaacca cacaagcaca     24480
     cgcaagcact attttgatca acagaaatgt agtgtgttaa acagtataca gctaacattg     24540
     ctattaaata catttcaaca aatataatcg acaaaggaat ataagcacta aacatacatc     24600
     ttacaaaggc aatgttttgt cgtgtaagca gtaattatgc atttaaatac ataaattgat     24660
     ttacctgctc tcccaggaga gatgagttcg cgggaaaagg cgtctccaat tgattgcgtc     24720
     attagcacgt gtttgcaaat gccgcgcgtt catgagttga atgaggcgct gtgagggatg     24780
     tgtgcttaac acacacacac acatacacat gaacagaggg gtgggggagg gaaactgcag     24840
     caggttcaac ttggagtttg caaaatgtat gcatccacgt gttgaagtgt tcacatattt     24900
     gttttatgtt gaacatgctc ttttcatttg actttttttt ttagaaaacc tgattttctt     24960
     tgattatggt gcactttaat ttaatctcca aataactaaa taaataaata tatatatata     25020
     ataataaaaa ataattataa aataaaaata tatatatatt tttaaagtaa aaaaaagtga     25080
     ggggaaacct gataggtgtt gtagactaga attacgttaa caaactaatt ttatattatt     25140
     gtcgtcgtca tcatagtcat agtctctacc ccagggtagc tctcacgagg cgtctgtgag     25200
     ttgacagtgg gggatgggtg ctcaagacac atacacacac atacacacga acagaggggt     25260
     gggggagggg agctgcagca ggtaacacac ttcaacttgg agtttgctaa atgtatgcat     25320
     ccacgtgttg aagttttcac atatttgttt cacattaaac atgctctttt catttgactt     25380
     tttttttaga aaatccgatt tctttgatgg tgcactttaa tctccaaaca aataaataaa     25440
     ttatatatat atataattta ttaattaata aaaacaattg atataaaaac agagattttt     25500
     agcgttttaa cacaatctta aggcatgttt tcaacatgct tcctgatcca tcaaacatgt     25560
     ttttattact atatatatat atatttattt ttttaagtaa aataaaagtg aggggaaacc     25620
     tgataggtgt tgtaaacttg aattacattt acaaactaat ttaatattat tgttatagtc     25680
     gtagtctacc ccagggcagc tctcttgagg cttctgtgag ttgacagtgg gggatgggtg     25740
     cttaaaacac aaacacacac acacacatac acacgaacag aggggtgggg gaggggaatt     25800
     gcagcaggta acacacttta acttggagtt tgctaaatgt atgcatccac gtgttgaagt     25860
     tttcacatat ttgtttcaca ttaaacatgc tcttttcatt tgactttttt tttagaaaac     25920
     ccgatttctt tgataacaat gcacttaaat ttaatctcca aacaaattaa tacatttctt     25980
     tatttattat atatttattt attaataata aacaactgat ataaaaacag ggattcctga     26040
     tctatcaagc atgtagtttg tatttctttt ttttactata tatattcatt cattcattca     26100
     ttcatggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaactg ccaacttata tagtaaaaaa atgaaataca     26160
     aactacatgc ttgatagatc acatacacat ttttattata ggttttttaa gtaaatgaaa     26220
     gtgaggggac agcagaccct caatttaacc tctaaacaca tctgatcgta ctaatttgag     26280
     cttccagaac tggtttgaca cagtatcacc agtgataaaa tcaatctcta gtaactcact     26340
     cactcactca ctcattcact cactcactca gtatccttca gcatagttac tgatttatca     26400
     ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg aactgctaac tactctggca tgtttcctac agcaggccca     26460
     tctgctacgc cactgcctaa tccctacccc taaacctcac tcactcactc actcactcac     26520
     tcactcactg tccttcagca tagttactaa tttatcaggg gtcgccacag cagaatgaac     26580
     cgctaactac tatgacatat ttttcctaca gcgggcccat ccgctacgcc actgcctaat     26640
     ccctacccct aaacctacct cacacactca ctcactcact gtccttcagc atagttacta     26700
     atttatcagg ggtcaccaca gcagaatgaa ccgctaacta ttctggcaca tgtttcatac     26760
     agttggccct tccgctacgc cactgcctaa tccctacccc taaacctcac tcactcactg     26820
     tccttcagca tagctactga tttattaggg gtcgccacag aggaatgaac cactaactac     26880
     tctgacatgt tttatacagc gggcccattt gctacgccac tgcttaatcc ctacccctaa     26940
     acctcactca ctcactcact cactatcctt cagataagtt actgatttat caggggtcac     27000
     cacagcagaa tgaaccgcta actactctgg catatgtttc acacagcggg cccatccgct     27060
     acgccactgc ttaatcccta cccctaaacc tcactgactc acttcagcat agttactgat     27120
     ttatcagggg tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc actaactact ctgacatgtt ttatacagct     27180
     ggcccatttg ctacgccact gcttaatccc tacccctaaa cctcactcac tcactcactc     27240
     actcactcac tcactcactg tccttcagca tagttactga tttatcaggg gtcgccacag     27300
     cagaatgaac ctctaactac tttggcatat gtttcacaca gcgggcccat ccgctacgcc     27360
     actgcttaat ccctacccct aaacctcact cactcactca ctgtccttca gcatagttac     27420
     tgatttatca ggggtcgcca cagcagaatg aacctctaac tactctggca tatgtttcac     27480
     acagcgggcc tatccgctac gccactgctt aatccctacc cctaaacctc actcactcac     27540
     tcactcactg tccttcagca tagttactga tttatcaggg gtcgccacag cagaatgaac     27600
     ctctaactac tctggcatat gtttcacaca gcgggcctat ccgctacgcc actgcttaat     27660
     ccctaccgct aaacctaact cacacactca ctcactatcc ttcagcatag ttacttattc     27720
     atcaggggtc gccacagcgg aatgaaccgc taactactct ggcatgtttc atacagcggg     27780
     cccatttgct acgccactgt atattttata cagtgggccc atcattttca ctcacactaa     27840
     tacactactg ctaatgtagt tgatcagtac cactatagcg catgggtttg gactgtggag     27900
     gaaacctacg ccgacacgag gagaacattc aaactccaca cagaaatgcc aactggccca     27960
     gatgacactc gaaccagcga ccttcttgct gttagacaac ttcttgtcgg cataaaccta     28020
     gccataactg taaattattc tcaatatcag agaggatgat tagtcgtaca acaatgatgt     28080
     agaagcatgt aaccctcaat gtaaatcaac cttaacataa aatgtgaact tattcatcaa     28140
     tctgattgac taatagaaat gttgttccag gttcaacagg tcaagggtgt caaactcagt     28200
     tcctggaggg ccacagccct gcacagttta gttcccagcc tgcttcaaca aacctttagg     28260
     tttcaaacca tagacattat aatagaaagc taaacgcctc atggtccgct tcagtccgtt     28320
     gttccgataa atcaacgagg ttaatccggt tatgactgcg ctataaacag aggcaactga     28380
     acagaggagc tgctgttttg cctgatataa aatataagaa cagtatattt tcttaactga     28440
     ttataatttt atggtgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacttc ctggcaggtc tgttggagct     28500
     aaattcagca ggattatggc cctccataac caagtttgga cacccctggt ttaaagtgat     28560
     ctattgtctg ggttggtgtt gtatatccaa tttaaactag cttgtaataa gctgccagta     28620
     catttcctgt tattttacag acgtatttct ctagatatta tttcttatac actttatcat     28680
     tcaaatactg aaatgtcaat aaaagtcact ttcttaaact gtagagttga attttcaaca     28740
     tcaaaaaagt ggacagagca gagatcaaca tcccataatt aattttgtta tgagtttagt     28800
     tttttgtaat gcatatactg tataaatggc tctaaatagc tgtcccacag taaaaactct     28860
     tcatggtaaa acggtatagt tgttgtacca aacaatgaat tagttataac aaagttatac     28920
     ttttcaagtt cataaaagtg atatcaaggc ttgttaatgg ggcatctagc tatctattat     28980
     aatgtctgtt tcaaacaagc ctggaggact caattagttt gatcagggat gtttcattga     29040
     agtaaagctg aactgtgacc tgtagccttc caggaagagt ttcacacatg tgagatgttg     29100
     atccaagaac atgttccact aggtgaaatc acaatatctg tgtattcagc actctcatta     29160
     tgcaaaaagc acaagtttaa tagaaacagt gaatgcaaag caaggcaact aaaacttctg     29220
     tcaatgagag actgactgtc ttcatacaga gctcagtctg aggcctaccc tctgaccagg     29280
     ctgatcaggc tctttcatcc tcctcatcct ccttctcctc cttcttttcc ttccctcttt     29340
     ttaggttgtc gccattgttc atatctaaaa ttgtaacacc tgtgtctatt ctggctcata     29400
     ttttgcacat gcagctgtga aaaaaataat acagaactgg cacacattca tacagctatc     29460
     gtatcattcc aagtgtttta tttgttttta actgacactc tttttgtgtg gtgttttgta     29520
     acaagagcat cacagtgcaa atctgttata gtgggcacac atctgtttag acttttgtgt     29580
     aaagagtgtc tgaaactgcc tgagcttaag ttattacaga aagaccatgg ctttattcca     29640
     ttaagaattt ggctgaaaaa tatcaaatgc atgtagtatt aatagattat tattattatc     29700
     agtgttgggt aaacgattta aaaaaagtaa tgaattacta caacattaaa gttgtattta     29760
     cagctcttcc agaatactta tcaatatttc ttgaaactag taactgaaca cacaaacaaa     29820
     tatccacaaa tacactacag caatggactt gtagttttgt agaattggtg ttaataaggt     29880
     aagagtgaag agtttcagtg agtctgtgtc agttttcacg tttagtgtct gagcatttaa     29940
     aaaaggctgt aaattgcttt tctaccatat ctaaaatata attaaattac tcaagaagaa     30000
     atgtaatcac ttcactcaat actatcagaa tctctataaa tctcagtgca taggaaatat     30060
     aaatcaaaca ttttttattc tttaaatata atttaaacct ggccttttag ctttcctaac     30120
     ttaaacaaat actttattat caacatgtta tttagataac aaacagaact ctggaaaaag     30180
     ttaaacatat aaaaagtttc caagtgattt aactatatat tatactatag atatatatat     30240
     atatatatat atataataca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     30300
     tatatatatt atattataga actggcaaat gtcttaattc attgtttaca tttgaatgaa     30360
     ataaacaggc ttgaagtatt tcttatttta ttatttttta cattttttaa gttttagaaa     30420
     aaatatatat tcactttgtg atttcgttac agtaatttaa ctgattattt tggactatac     30480
     tcccatcact gattatattt atctttatct aaaatgtaat taaattactc aataagaaat     30540
     ttattcactc atactattta taatatatgt aaatctcagt gcaaaggaaa tataaataat     30600
     acacttttca ttctttagaa aaatgattta aacctggcat tttagctttc ttaacttaaa     30660
     caaatactta ttaacatgtt atttagataa acagaactct ggaaaaaaag ttaaacatgt     30720
     atacaaaaag tttccaagtg atgataccat ttattataca cggatataca tcaaattata     30780
     tattatattc cgcctaattt cctcccggtt ggactcggag ctcctctcct cctttcgttc     30840
     ccgggcagct gagctctttg tagccggagg gagcgtagct gcgggcgggg gaggtgcgcg     30900
     gtgcggtcgc tgacagtgta ggacagacag acagttcaaa caacacacaa accaggaaaa     30960
     cgtttgattc tgttgcgtgt cgctctcgcg ggccgtttcg cgctattatg ccacagtatt     31020
     tctcggatct gctactgtac cgcctaagtt acatactgta acttacttcc gtgttatccg     31080
     ttccctcggg gatacaacgc gatctgcgca gaaacagtac gattcaaacc tagaataaag     31140
     taccgtgctt aaggacaaca aatataaggc tttcttgacg cagtttggtc attttcattt     31200
     aaatactaat taaagtgcaa ttttattcat actgtctctt ttattctgtg aagtaaccat     31260
     agtaacttgc tgccgccatc tttattttta cgcacttcgc ctctgattcg tcagatcaat     31320
     agggggcgtg acatcctcct tgtatctttc tgattggcca gatcccaaaa gtgtgtatca     31380
     ttgcgtcatt gcagttctcc tagagggcgc tgtgttatac acacttttgg ggtgggggga     31440
     tacacactta gatacacaaa tcatgtaaaa gtgcattttg aggacaagtg agattttaag     31500
     ccaggacacc attttgaagc atgctgaata ctgctatatg gtcagacaaa tgaggaccaa     31560
     gaaaaagtcc tcatttgtca aggtggtcct cattttactg gtgtgtactc tggcgaaagt     31620
     cctcattttg gacataagca agtacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgtacaca     31680
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgta tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     31740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacatg tataactgca     31800
     acagaaaaaa ggattataga agttgtttaa aataaaatct acaaaactgg aataaatctg     31860
     aaaaatgttc aaaaataaat gaaggactaa gactaaagca caaaatcaac atagagtgca     31920
     tgtcgcacgc acccacgcat gtctagttgt ctggggctta gttttatttt ggcaaattga     31980
     atttggctga tgttttgcaa aagaaaacta ctaaaataaa tattttgttt tcaactataa     32040
     ttggttagac acagttcata acagagtttt cattttttgg taaaccaaac cattaaaacc     32100
     acagtctctc aaaatcatta aagggagagt aattggtcag tagggcaatg cagtggcgca     32160
     gtaggtagtg ctgtcgcctc acagcaagaa ggttgctggt tcgagccttg gctgggtcag     32220
     ttgatgtttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc accctgcgtt tgcgtgggtt tcctacaggt     32280
     actctggttt cccccacagt ccaaagacat gtggtataag gtgaattggg taggctaaat     32340
     tgtccgtact gtatgagtgt gtatggattt ttcccaaaga taggttgcag gtgaaaggac     32400
     atccactgcg taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcggttc attccactgt ggcgacccca     32460
     gattaataaa gggactaagc caaaaagaaa atgaataaat gaatgaatga ataaatggtg     32520
     agtaaatttt cattttagtg agaactataa ttttactata tatacacaca cacacacaca     32580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacctaaaca aggtttccta     32640
     aacaaggcaa tcgttttttt agagatatat caatagagcg ccattagtca atgaatgaat     32700
     aattctgtca tttgataatt gttacatctg taggtgtcaa agctggccct ccaccgaact     32760
     aagaggctgc ttagggcccc gtcaccacta ggaggaccca caacccacta gtggtgcgag     32820
     ccgtttcctt gctgacatca tttttatttg cattttacat ttatcttaat tgacagtgct     32880
     ttagtaccta aatatttata cattttcact gataaacaat cattttggtt gaaattgttt     32940
     ttgtgtgaag gtcatcagaa agatcaacag gaagctcgca gcatctcatt tctcatatgc     33000
     gttctgtgtt ttcgcggttc gagtttgttc ttccaaggta acctgcaaga ctgaccagtc     33060
     aacacaagaa cgcaaatcca tgcatagata cagccaccat ggcctttgct tcattgcctg     33120
     tcccatttat ttgtctgata ttttggggga aatttgactg tgaaagtgaa acggaaccaa     33180
     cgttattttt caggcataga aaaactgtag agaaaaatga cgacgagacg agtacaaaat     33240
     catttttagc attactttta agtggtaatg ataatgttat agacattatc tagtagcaca     33300
     tttatagaaa atagacaatt acagattaat aaacgttgtc tacttatagg acacgctttt     33360
     ttagtctaaa atgcaatagt actgaagtgt ctttcactga cacattgggc agcttgttcg     33420
     cctcacagca agaaggtcgc tgggtcgctg gttcgagcct cggctcagtt ggcatttctt     33480
     taaggagttt acatgctctc cctgcgttca cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc tctggtttcc     33540
     tcccacagtc caaagacatg ctacaggtga aatgggtagg ctaaattgtc cgtagtgaat     33600
     gagtgtgaca ggcccatacg acaggccggc cggaaggtgt aaaaaagttg ttatcatatg     33660
     gaacttgtta ttatatggac cccgcaatca aaggccaaag aaaaagaaga agtttataaa     33720
     agttatttca taattcaatt aatcatagtt taatataagc tctggaccct gcatctcaaa     33780
     tgtaaggaac agggagatta gactgaagat aataatacat tttgtgtttg ggtcttgaca     33840
     ttaacccagt attggttgct ccccttttgc ttatatgctt tttatattaa tatttgtcat     33900
     atttaaatta tttgtttatt gattttatta tttatggatc aatatttgca taattttaat     33960
     tgttttgctg ttgttgtttt gagtttttaa taagtttaga atattttatt actaagtaat     34020
     gcattttctt ttttggataa tgattgttta ctgtcggttc attgcagggt ttttgctttt     34080
     gaaatttata aagaaactca acctagaatc ttttatagaa tcttcaatct gtttgccaaa     34140
     tgagttgaat atgtttaaca ctctagaagc atgcagagta agaataaatg ctccctttat     34200
     taaagattgc ttaatttttt aattttgaag ctgctagttg acaaaaacag tgctgtttta     34260
     aaatgtataa atcatctgga cagttaggat aagaaataaa gctgtacttt tcggtttcat     34320
     taattatatt taataagcag tataatcatt gtggtctggt ttgcaatggc agtacttcac     34380
     tatttagagc aaggtagggc cgcaaaagta ttttgtttag ggcctccaaa tgtacaggcc     34440
     ggccttaggt gttatagcat aagcttattg catgagagct aacgcttatt catatttatg     34500
     ccatacatct ttgtgcaatg cttttttagc acttttattt gaagagatag ttcaccccaa     34560
     aataaaaatg tactcattat ttgctcaccc tcatgtcaaa agaatgtctt cttttgtgtt     34620
     ttctgtttaa cacaaaaaaa gacattatga aaaaaactga aaacctgtaa ccattgactt     34680
     ccatagcagg gaaaacaaat accatggatg tcaatggcta tagatttcaa ccttcttcaa     34740
     aatctgttca tttgtgttta acagatgaaa gaaagccaaa tctttttgca acaagtgaag     34800
     ggtgagaaaa ttcgtagttt tttaatttta ggtaaacaac ccttttaagt gacatcactc     34860
     atttcaacat tgatcagagc agatagagtg catgaatata gaaatgtgtg catctgcttt     34920
     gtgtagagat tgatagccat ccaatctcag tatttagctg cttctatggt atgaatagac     34980
     aggagaacac agcttacctc ttccgagcct ttcgcccctg tgaaggtgat ctttgtggac     35040
     cttaaaaacc agcagattcg actcaaatcc aggagtacat gactcctctg ccaatccaca     35100
     tgacaacacc taaattgaaa catattagac tgatttataa aacatttaaa gttaaagtat     35160
     tttaattatt gtcaataata atcaattttt caaaaacctt tgtaatttat tcagttgatt     35220
     aatggttact cctaaaactc ccctcaacca cacatgtact taatgcagac acactatatt     35280
     gctaaatgtt tttagatctg cctttacatg cacaagaact ttaattatat cccaagactg     35340
     tgaggtttaa aatggagatt tttctcactt agtctgctac agcttcaact cttatgtaaa     35400
     gactttcaca aggtttagtg tgattatgta tttaaactac tatactactg cttgcatgtt     35460
     gtgctgctgg ctctaatggc aatactgacc atagtaaaag cactccctga tctgaagtaa     35520
     gaaagaagac atacagtagg ctagcaaagt agtttttata gttttgtttt gctgcacaaa     35580
     agtgttcctg tagcttcata agacttgaca tgtatcatga cctgtgctgt caatggtgga     35640
     tgaggaagca cctggatttt atctaaaaat cttaaattgt gttctaagga caaacggaga     35700
     ttggtttagc agattgtcgg ttggttattg gttcgacacg agggtgaaca acagggccgg     35760
     agtgggactc attttcagcc ctggagtttc aagccttaga ccggcccact ttagttcacg     35820
     actgactatg ttaaaatgac gtcattttca gttcagtact ttacagtgcg gatttatttg     35880
     tacagttaac aaaatgtaat gtttaacagt atcagagtct tgtatccaaa cagtatccaa     35940
     accttgaaat gaaaaaaaat atttaaaaag tacaaatgta tcttgagcta tatgtataaa     36000
     ataaagatta aaatgaaata tattgaataa aatgtattga atatcaaaaa tatgagaaca     36060
     ttaaagggta gctaaatctc caatattctt taaaacatca cattgtctac aatatatata     36120
     tatattctgt gatattttta catatatcaa gtccttaagc acagacaaag aataaaacaa     36180
     gtattgcact gttatctgcc agacattttt aaccactact ttctaatgat gactgccttt     36240
     tttcccccat atttagtttt ctaatcaaat taagtcagat ttatgaatgc agtgaatcat     36300
     ctgatttcat taattgtctt aggggacttt ttattaagaa gctgtaatat ttagtaatta     36360
     ttcaaataaa taataataaa ctttttatta tcaattgttc atctctcgcg tatcttttaa     36420
     gaaatgattt tgctgttaag caaggtgccg cagttggagg agtcaagtga taattatttc     36480
     atcattaacc tgcaggctgc attccgctca tggggcagca agaaaataaa taaaacaagt     36540
     gaagctgcgg taaaacaatg aataaagagt gaggctatgg taaaataaat aaaataacaa     36600
     taataattaa aaaaagattt acaaaaagtg tgagtgccgt gagcgcaggc agctagggac     36660
     accaaaaaac agaccggccc accgggaatt ttcccggtcc tcccgatttg ccaatgtggg     36720
     cctggtgagt aattaattac aattattttt aaggtaaacc aactcttaca gtgaaatgta     36780
     tcagaaagtc ttaaagtgat aaaggtggaa cattacagtt ttttacaatg gctatgacac     36840
     ttttttcaat acatttaaca agtttgctaa actcttaacg cagcaacaca cctaaattac     36900
     acaactggca aaacagttaa ttttatgctc aaaatcacac attataaact aaacctctaa     36960
     actacctttc aaaatacaat aataaacgaa cacactacac catgtctaac aaaacactac     37020
     aatcatgttt caaaatgaaa ttattgttca aaacacaaac acatgttctc ttccaacata     37080
     aacattcagt caatcagaac acactgacaa taaaaacact atcatcagct gacattacag     37140
     aaactccatt agtttatgtc agctctgctc ttatatttga agtctcgtta cagttttgtt     37200
     ttgttgggtt aagtaaatgc atgcattttc tttcgtttac ggcaaaaatt atatacaaaa     37260
     cgaagaaaaa aaattgcttc ataaaattta cagtttatgt aaaaaaaaat acagacacag     37320
     aatttctgca gtacagactt tttttgcaga aggacatcac tgcaaacaga aaaagcacca     37380
     caattataat aaaataacaa agtaatcttc tattctgccc ggtcttttgc cacatgttct     37440
     catccacatt atacttgata tcttctgtgg cccggcacgg taactgtggc cctttggcct     37500
     attatggttt tcctacggcg acatccccag ccttgtcaac attgaaaatt tcatgtggta     37560
     cttgattggc ctctaacttc atgactctct gaaagtaatt actcacagtg tatgcaaatg     37620
     cggtactgta tatgtgctgt ttgtactaat gaactccagg tttaaagagt agtttactgc     37680
     aaaacacact gtgtatagtt cagtaatgac tgtattgcat aatcatggat gtattggtga     37740
     cagagttctt tgatgtgctc actgttcctt tcaaaaacct caagagtcct ctattagaac     37800
     atatgatcat gtgattggaa aaaccaaaac aagacatgag tgtgctttct agatgggaat     37860
     cagctgtcat atatatatat atgagagaga ctcatattgc ggttatatat atatatatat     37920
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     37980
     atatatatat tttttttttt ttttcagttg ccaatgagaa acagcataat gcggttatat     38040
     aaatatataa ataaataaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaat     38100
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac atatacattt acttatttat     38160
     ttatataacc gcaatatgct gtttctcatt ggcaattgaa taaaatacag ggaataaact     38220
     tgtgtttcaa ttcacaatta gaacagctgt tcactttgac tttatcctat aaaatttctg     38280
     tttagaacat ggtgttatct gttctgacat attgtgttaa agcatttgta aatttgactg     38340
     taaatttaca ttgttttgtt cttggttgtg cttgtgtgta aaagaagtta aagcatttta     38400
     aatttgtgtt aattggatgc attttgtgtc aaaacaacaa gaaatgtgtt aattgtttag     38460
     cccacgaaga cggatgttgt gctaattgtg ttaagagttt aggaaacttg ttaaatgtat     38520
     tgataaaagt gtcatagcaa ttgtaaaaaa actgtaattt attctagtat gttgttgttt     38580
     ttttacatat ctttgtcaaa acgcattggg aaattgtaca gtcaaacagg taaaatcaat     38640
     gtttctacaa aattaaacac tatggttctt aaaacactgt tttaacgttt gttgttaaaa     38700
     tgtgttgtcg cttcagatac ctcaactgaa ttgtggtcat ttggtttaat atttaaaaat     38760
     caagctttag tgtgctggaa gctatttcaa caattacaga aatacacaga atgagcaatt     38820
     aaaaatatag agtatatcgg aatggcattt caccagtgtt taattgtaaa taaaaactta     38880
     aatttaaatc ggatcatctt atatgctaaa gtgaatgtct tttataaggt tttaattaaa     38940
     cctcctgaaa cttgacaata atgaagaaca aaatggatgg acaaaatatc aatgcatata     39000
     ctatttttct tttttttact tttttggatc gagtatttac tcgagtacaa agttaaatgc     39060
     taaaaatgtc ccccgccacc acacatacac acccgttgag acgtcgatgc cattgatgaa     39120
     tagcagcatc aatcacagac tggtcgatgc acatgttttg atcagacgcg ttttaagttt     39180
     gtcaacattg tcaattgtaa attcggcagc catttggggg aatgaagtct taaatttgca     39240
     tgatatatta tagcttgttg ctttttgttt tgtttgtttg agacatgatg tacagtatat     39300
     ctatatagtc agaattatta gtccccctga ttcagtagcc cccttgtatg ttcttttctc     39360
     caatttctgt ttaacagaaa gatatttttt gacacatttc taaacataat cgttttaata     39420
     actcatttct aataacttat ttattttatc tttgccatga tgacagcaaa taatatttta     39480
     ctagatattt tttgaaaata ttcagttaaa atgcaatcta aaggcttaac taagttaatt     39540
     aggctaataa ttgtataatg atgaattatc ctataaacaa tcaaagaaca aattgtttaa     39600
     gagagctaat aaaatttaac ttaaaatgat tttaaaaata aataaaaact tgtattctat     39660
     ctaaaataaa acaagtaaaa ctttctttag aagagaaaat attataggaa atacttgtgt     39720
     tatagaatct tcctatctga acatgcagct caactccttg tttaagctct tgttctctcc     39780
     agactggact attgaaactc tctactagcc gggtttccaa ctaactttat caaacctctt     39840
     cagatgcttc agaacgccgc agcacgagtt gtctttaatg aatctaaaag agcacatgtc     39900
     acttcgctac tcatccgtct gcactggctg ccagttgctg ctcgcatcaa attcaaagct     39960
     ccgatgtttg cttacaaagc gacttctggc tttgctcctt cttatctgct ctcacttttg     40020
     cagatttacg tgccctccag aatcttgcgt tctgtgaatg aacgtcgcct cgtggttcca     40080
     tcccaaagag ggaagtaatc acttttccga gctctcgcat tcaatctgcc cagttggtgg     40140
     aatgaactct ctagctgcat tagaacagca gagtcactcg ctgtctatga ctaaaaattc     40200
     aactatttag tctccactgt ccttcctaat ctgcaattcc ctctctggct ccactgttaa     40260
     ctgtacgaca ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat     40320
     aaataaaaac ctgaaacttg cctacagcat ttattcattg ttgctcttat agttgtgtaa     40380
     ataacatcct tgtcctcatt tgtaagccgc tttggataaa agcgtctgct aaatgactaa     40440
     atgtaaatgt aaatgttaaa aattgtttgc gaacttgagg actaataatt gacttcaacg     40500
     gcatcaaata tttcctcagt gatgtctaac agagattgag tacacgtttt atgttaattg     40560
     ttattttatc ttaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     40620
     tatatatata tatttaataa agagattaaa gatattgacc ttggtagctt ttaaaaatgt     40680
     aaactctagt gaagctaaaa gtaaaaataa aaaacaagtg aataatttaa tttaagtaaa     40740
     tatttaaaaa aaacaattcc aatttcacat gagggcacat tagtttgtct ttagttgtat     40800
     tttatgtttt tttcttcttc tttttttttt ttcaaaatgc agttggtcag aattattagc     40860
     ccccctttac attttttttt tatatttccc aaaagatgta taacagacaa gatcattttc     40920
     accgtatgtc tgataatatt tttttcttct ggagaaagtc ttatttgttt tattttggct     40980
     agaataaaag cagtttttaa atttttaaaa aacattttaa ggacaaaaat attagcctct     41040
     ttcagctata ttttttcgat agtctacaga acaaaccatt gttatacaat aacttgccta     41100
     attaccctaa cctaattagt ttagccttta aatgtcactt taagctgaat agaagtgtct     41160
     tgaaaaatat ctagtcaaat attatttact gtcatcatgg caaagataaa agaaatcagt     41220
     ttttagaaat gagttattaa acaataattt tagggaaatt agggaaaaat aaacaggggg     41280
     gctaatgatt ctgactttaa ctgtatattt ttacaataac tttttttttt taaagttact     41340
     tgcatggtaa attagaagtt cagatcaagt tttcaaaaga ctttacctta taaaacaaaa     41400
     aaatggttcc caatcgcaca gtcaccattg tctctgtctt gaaaggtctt tgagatatca     41460
     cctaactggt tgtttagact ccaatgctat cgtgcgagct gtttaaaatg ccttcactgg     41520
     agatatttgt aatctataaa gtgggttgcc tgagggctgt gggatttaca taaacgcaac     41580
     atccaaggct gcagctcttc taaagactac tgcagtctac ttcacattct ttcaaatata     41640
     aattcagcaa gatttcttta gatgacttta aggaaataat gcggaaccgc tgatggttaa     41700
     aaacaggtgg ttagaaaaag gaattaaaga ctgaaataaa aaaaataaaa actcagcagc     41760
     ctttacactg agtgttcaaa atatagatca gaccagttgg tttctggtac aggtgccatg     41820
     acaaacagga acaaagtttg cggctgatag tcttgtaact tctctcctga aagaggaagc     41880
     caacattctg ttctgtcagc atgaaaaaaa gctatgttaa aaatgtttta tggcaacaca     41940
     taacagagtg aacataattt aacaaacaca catgggggga agagacagtt tcataatagt     42000
     gttataataa cctccaaaca ccaggtttgg gtgaagtttt ccagaggagg gctaaggacc     42060
     aggcaaggga taacagtgca gcggccaaag ggcttggtca ctagatgtca gtattactct     42120
     tgatgcctct gtaaccaaga ttctaggtct tttttatttt tctcctaatt ttcctccagt     42180
     aaacattgga tgaaacaata gttttgtttt ttaatcacaa gaactagttc tgtataaaat     42240
     gtattatcat catatctgct ttatagcctt ttttaaatgg gggggggggg gggggggggt     42300
     caaaacattt gtttagttat tagcactgct acagattatt tgaaaaaggc ttttagtgga     42360
     atcaacttca gacttttgaa ctgagatatt aattttgatt cggactcaga acaatatggt     42420
     ttcaaactgt gcatctattt gatatactgt gctatacctc cacacagtaa ttcaaaatga     42480
     actagagtct ccttatttat catggggtca ctacagtgaa atgaaccgcc aatttatcca     42540
     gcatatgttt tacacagcgg atgcccttcc agccgcaacc cagtaacggg aaacactcaa     42600
     acactccgac attcgcactc agtctaaata gtttgttctc tgttgttggt aatattaatt     42660
     atacagcctt tacagcacac aaactactca aatattaaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaataca     42720
     gacagtaagt actgtgtgaa caatctgaga aaaaccttga cacactgcca ctatgatgct     42780
     aatacaaaag aaaacatatg gatttacaaa aatgtctgtt tgtaaaattc ctgtacattc     42840
     atctaattat aaattttaca cacacaaatg taaatacaat ttgttgctct acagcagttt     42900
     cccatccttt actagcaaca ttcaatatcc tcactcctaa aacacactga tcaaatggtt     42960
     tcatttgtaa caaacactgc ctttttcccc accacagaaa ttttgtcaat gtaaaaaatg     43020
     ttaaagtaac tacagtagtt tatacattaa tcttgccttc agacaatttt caacaaacaa     43080
     actacagtta gtctaaaatg cagcagtttg atttcaaacc agcttatcaa ggaatgtgat     43140
     accaaatttt attatcttta tatctatggc tatctattat gttctattta ttatgctgta     43200
     tgtcgactga ctgtttgatt ggctgaatta tttggcttct gtttttgtct tacctgcctt     43260
     ctggaaccat tcttcaccag actcgaaccc cgtcattgtg ctcatatcct atctgcgttt     43320
     caagtccaca agtttataca gatataaacc acactatttc ttttttaatg cactcagatg     43380
     caactttaat gcaactgcga tgttcagacc caactgtgtt aaccgcatca gctaaactct     43440
     cccactctat ttttttttct tttgttgtta attccggaga acaaacttgc aaataacacc     43500
     gcttttctcc tgtctacctc cgaaaggagc accaccaatt cacattctgt tcaaagtttc     43560
     tcttcttgct tgcttttgcc tttgcttttt cgttgggttt tgccattagc atagtcatta     43620
     gcatattcat acgggggagg aggcagggag gggttttgcg ctcgtgcatg ttcattcgga     43680
     tgtacaaaag aatatgcgtg agattcggcg tacgcagtgt ttcatacatc tgaatttttt     43740
     tctgcgtacg cacatttaca gctttgtgcg tacgcaatgt tttagtaaga tttccacgca     43800
     agtcttcata catgaggccc ctggtctttt gactgtgggg gaacctggaa cacccggagg     43860
     aaacccacgc gaacgcatgg agaacatgca gactccacaa agaaacgcca actgacccag     43920
     ccaaagctcg aaccagtgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgcgccact     43980
     gcatcgccca taccagtaat gttcacggtc aaaatgatgt tcatacaaaa tccttcagac     44040
     aaatctgatg atataatgtg ttatactgaa atatgtggat actctcttta tatgaactca     44100
     atatttcaat aaggactgga ctggtcttgt atatttatag aatgttttga tcacagggct     44160
     cacttaactg agattatgcc tctgttttta agtgaagaaa aggatatgga tcatttagtc     44220
     acattgaaat aaaatatgac acaattttca cacttttttc acaaatagca tgctttaaaa     44280
     aagtttgaga ctatcttttg ttctttatag gcactaatct gtacacttta tgtactaaca     44340
     tagaggcaag gcaagtttat atatataaat atatagcaca tcatacacaa tggaagttca     44400
     aagtgcaaag aataaaataa acaagaaata aaaatgatta aaatgtgtta aaacaggtta     44460
     taaaagaatg aaaacaaaaa gaaagataaa agtgcgatct gtcggacgta tctcattgag     44520
     taagttgtcg caactctctc tttgagactc tgatcctatg cagagcagat tgagcattct     44580
     gattgttgca acaccaggat gaaaaaaaaa aaatcagtat cgtgtcaaat caaaaatccc     44640
     agctaaccga gtaatccaca tttaaataac aaaccccccg gcatatcagt taatccactt     44700
     gttaagtgat gacgtgttgg tgacgtatgt aatactgttt ccgggtccaa gccgctactc     44760
     atttgacttg agaaactatt tgtttatgat caaacatgat tgtttatccc ttttaactca     44820
     tatcacacaa taaagttaat tttatataaa atcatagtgt gcacaacaat ctctgggctt     44880
     gctgcatcac aaatacaaaa aatttaacaa tttataaaaa aaatgaacca ctttctggcc     44940
     atcggatttt aggcatggac atatatattg caatcgtgat tttcgaaagt attaaatcgc     45000
     tttgtaaacg tttataatta ccctttcatg agtctcccca tacagttgaa tggacagagc     45060
     gcttggaccc ggaagccgct ttgcgtgacg tcacacttat cagcagttaa aattaagagc     45120
     ctcttaagag caaagtaata aacaatgaca ttcatttctg atcaattctg atcaccttct     45180
     ccaccgcatt cctcatcatc atagcagatg ttgactctta catcatctac tgaaaggagg     45240
     ggtgttgttt ttcctctgca ggaacatgag gagaagaaga gcaagtaccg aggaaggatg     45300
     tacaacttta aaatgagcag aacaaagagc aagatccctc ccagaatgcc aagaaaacct     45360
     aacagtggaa cccctgctac ttgtttgtta gtacattgga acgcctctcc tttgcagtca     45420
     cacacacttg cttgaatggc actctcctga gattgaccct cccgatcagt aactctcagg     45480
     actacattgt attcacgctg ctccaactga gattgaggct tgagacttag ataatgaccg     45540
     gtttctaaaa ttggcaaatg taatagttag agatgtacac tcaaagtcag ttgaacaatg     45600
     tatattaaat aaataaaact aaaacaatta ctcaccattg aaaaacacag accagttttt     45660
     actagtatca ccttggggct caactgtgaa gggaccagca aaaggaggtc catcattgtc     45720
     cgttatagag agaagaactg gggctgattc acgattgcac aattttatgg tcctttcatt     45780
     aataacagga gcattgtcat ttacatcctg cagttcaatt accagtgttc ctgtgccagt     45840
     tgctggagac tcaactgcaa acaacatttg ttcaaatatt ttaaaaaggg aagaatttag     45900
     acaggaactt ttgttaagaa aaaataaata aataaacaca ccatcatcat ccaaagccaa     45960
     aatgagagct ttgtatttgc catctttgac attggaagat tctcgatcca taggtttctt     46020
     gacttgaatc tgtccagagt ctgttatact gagccagaca gaaggatcat agccaattct     46080
     ataactgtaa ggaaccaaac atacaggttg agtatgttca gcaagaacaa cttggatttg     46140
     gcttcactga atcatgcata aaagtttgaa tgcacctgaa gtttaaatgg atgaatttgt     46200
     attttgtagt ttgaatactg tataaaagac ttgaagcgat ttagtacttc atgcttattt     46260
     gctagacacc tgccacatga ttactagtac ctacagtata agggtgtcta actgtttgtc     46320
     tcacagggaa atacattcac aaaaggtaca tcacaaagtt tcagaaatct ctaatttttt     46380
     tttcaatatt gaagacatat ttcttacatt atcttttgct ttttttcagt gtcaggatca     46440
     gtggctgtgt aattcaccaa atcactacca actggtaaat cttcaggttt gaaaataaac     46500
     ttctcctttg gaataaactc aggcggctca ttcacatctt ctacattcac agtgactgtg     46560
     gcagttgaag taggcaaagg accgacaaat ttatcatcgt tcacaacaat cacagacaga     46620
     atgtactgct tggtcttctc atagttcagg ggctaaaatg aaaagtaaaa tggtttttaa     46680
     ttaattatgc catcacaacc aattgcctgg gcagacacta gtaacacaca gtacctttac     46740
     agtggtgatg acgccctcaa gacggctggg tccagtgctg acattgaaaa acccatcctt     46800
     gtcaccacca atgactcgat acttggttga ccaagctgtt gattcaggtt catctccatc     46860
     agtaactgga agtttagcca cttcagcccc aacttgattc tctgggacag atacagtgta     46920
     ctaaaataaa gaaatacaca gtgtgtgagt tatacacata tataaatact tgggcatttt     46980
     atagtataag attatgaata tgtattacca aggtttgctc aaacagaggt gcattattat     47040
     tgctgtctgt aacagtaata actgctgtgc cagtggttga cccaccctct ccgttcatat     47100
     cagtagccgt aataaccaaa gtataactgg accattgctg aaagaggaag atgactgatg     47160
     aggttgcttg cataaacttg acaactgttg agattcatca aaaagcattt ctcacctgtc     47220
     tgtccaggcc tgtttccagc acagaaatcc ctccacttac aggattgata gcaaacatgt     47280
     ttggttttgg agatggtgga tcttggctga taatggcata actgatatca gcattgtcag     47340
     tattttcttt atcatctgca tcagtggctg tgaccgtcat aaatacttca cctttggtga     47400
     gagagtaatt aaactattat ttgagctgaa gatacattta agggagaaaa acaaatgaaa     47460
     agtaatgaaa gcaatttcac ctaaaactgc accatccact tacccttttc caaagcttca     47520
     ggaacatttg cattgaaagg gttttgatta aacactggct tattatcatt ttgatccgcc     47580
     acaattacaa taaattcgaa tggcttttcc actatattca catccactcc agtggcatga     47640
     gctacaagct aaagacatag ttttattgta ttatttttaa atagttgtca attgtcagtg     47700
     ttatattttg acctacatca gtgcatcaaa aacatggtag tgaggtcata cagaaatctt     47760
     tagcaaacaa atgcaaagca tctccataac aatataaaat gtaatacagc aattgtagat     47820
     tttttaaacc tgaaaagagt aagaatcaac ttactttgta tgaagctttt ttttctctgt     47880
     caagttgctg agttacactg acccatcctg atagtctgtc tatttgaaaa attcccttag     47940
     ggtcctgatc tgctccttca ccagtgatct tgtatgccat tggagtttca gaagcagaat     48000
     ctgactttat ctaaatacag aaagacatca gaaaaacagc ctaattcaga caaaaccttc     48060
     ttatcattca cttcaattta caacagttcg ttcctaactg tcactgacca ggaccagcct     48120
     cattgggaaa ggacctttgc cattctcatg taatgttaat ggaggtaaaa tccagcatct     48180
     ctttgctcta tttaaaccca atgaagactt tgggaatatc aaaattagat catcagagag     48240
     agatttcgtc tacgaaaata aaaacaatat aggcataaca gctgtcttca gtaaaatatt     48300
     agttttattt aatatattat tatatatcat aataaatatt aataacatca tgatgttctt     48360
     attttgttga aaccaaaaca gcacaaatat catcaattac aaatataata attatcatat     48420
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     48480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attgtaattg atgatatttt ttctgttttg     48540
     gtttgtacaa aaagcatcat gatcacatac aattagccta aaaatagtac catttgtacc     48600
     atgttataca aagcagtttt aggaagtaat atctatacct gtacagagga agtattcatt     48660
     aatgtattta cgtcatgatc cttatgataa tcgacacgct caactctgac aaagactgtg     48720
     tgcttcttgc cactgaagtc ccatgcagac actgaaaact ccttgaggcc ttcatgaaga     48780
     gtcactgacc tcctcatcat cagagtccca tccatgttca gatcaatctc ctgatcagtg     48840
     gactgaaaat ctattcctgt tcttccatca catgtgttaa atacgactga caacaaaaga     48900
     gattcacaag caaaacaaag catattggct gtgtactgaa aaaatgcttt ttattactga     48960
     aacattttgt cttgtttcta gttcaaatat ataaaaaata tcaaattcag aagcttttta     49020
     tagacaagta aaatattatc ttgtcctcag aaaatattaa aatgtttttc atttcaacat     49080
     attttacgca ccccattggc agaatatgtt gcttgtttta aaactcacct aatcttggca     49140
     tattgttttt gaaaatgtca ctatttttaa aatgcttttt gatttaagaa tttttttaaa     49200
     tatttggact aaaaacaaga caaaaaaaaa aatctaagta agaaaagtat ttttgtggtg     49260
     tgcatgagaa cctggttccc taagtaggga acagaatact gttcaagcac aattctttat     49320
     ccatcaagtt gagattgtga atgtccagca tctgatcact ctcagtgtca atgttttaga     49380
     gatagttata ggggtaagaa aaataattaa tgttagaaga tatgttaaaa gaaatggtac     49440
     aatttcctga acaatatact gcatctgtgt tttaatctgc aactgtgttt taatcactga     49500
     aagattaaac aaaaagtgta aacattacat ttgcccacta aatattaagt cctcttaata     49560
     ttaataaact cttttatctg tcatttaaga attcacactt agctgatgat tgataataaa     49620
     gcatgtttgg catgctttcc tgggagagag ccctgagctc agtatattct tgagcccagg     49680
     gcacaagcag tatgcttatt tcaagtagcc acaataaaaa aaaaaaaaca aaagcgaggc     49740
     tgcagtaaga agaatcccag aagtatagga tcagcaatgt atttcaaagt gcagatgtgg     49800
     tttatacatc acattaatat cattctgttc agtttaattt aaacaatctc tttaagagta     49860
     atacaattaa gtgtcctcct aggcttcatg gcaccaggta aacattgtga gcatgcgtcc     49920
     cggcttcagg ttatgtaacc cggtgagcaa taaaacaatg cagtcctctg tagcacaccc     49980
     tcatgttgtc tgtaatagtc ccagtactga cattttaaaa atgtcaactt cccgctaata     50040
     tttaagtgca ttcttgaaca ctgatttgcc atagtattca ccagtgttca acagaaatga     50100
     ctgtgattgg ccgtgacggt catcagttca ccactcttca cagagtgcaa acacagatac     50160
     aggggcactg gagcgtttta aagctgcaaa gatcagtcga gtcattagcg gatcactcgt     50220
     ctgtgtttgc actcggtaaa catcagtgaa gtccagtgaa ctgatgacct tcaaggccaa     50280
     tcacagtcat ttctgttgag cactggtgaa cactatggca aattagcgat gtttaagaat     50340
     gtgctcaaca gtgcttaaat gttaccagga aatggacgtt tttatttatt tatttacatt     50400
     tcagtactga aattcaggat tctgacaagt cttatgtagt aaaagattca gttcattaac     50460
     ttgagtttga tggtaaataa aacatgtgtt tgggaaagaa aactttagtg ctatttccct     50520
     tagcttaaaa tgagatccca tatccctttt tattttcact atccattcag aaagaatctt     50580
     cgagtcactc ggaaagtggt gaagttataa atttgtgcca ctttcacttc actgataata     50640
     tatacagcca ggtacacaaa caatatgcca tcgcggacgc ctgtgtgcct cgcagcttcg     50700
     ctttcactta aaatggcggc tgcatgaaat cagtctatta agagagcaat tacatgcagt     50760
     ggaggaatga cactaggttt aagcagattt tctaaagaag gaaaatatag tgaaggtgca     50820
     ttattttgca gacacatcaa gggccaagtt agtgccattg gtcaatgaat gagtaattct     50880
     aaagagtcat ttggcaatag tcacatttga aggggtttta gaatcagctc atactatcac     50940
     ctctgaaaga gccaacacat tcttattcat ggcgaacatc aacagccaac tcaattaagt     51000
     caattaagtg acatcactta tttcaatatt tataaaagca gatacattgc atgtataaaa     51060
     ttgtgtttgt ctgcattgat tactcgctca atgtttagct gcttctttag tataattaga     51120
     agtacaccgc ttacctctcc cgagtctctc tcctttgtga aggtgatctt tgtggacttt     51180
     aacaaccagc agctttgact caaaaccagg tgtacatgga gactcctctg caaatccaca     51240
     agacaatatc taaattgaaa caaattagat tgttttatat aacatttaca atgacatagt     51300
     gcttttatag ttcattgttt ttaaattaat atctattctg gtcatttttt tcaagctctt     51360
     ccactttaaa ctcactcatc atgtctttat agagtttgct ttgtgtactg gtgccaggtt     51420
     agaacatgaa gggggcattc ccaaactgtt ctcataggag tataaaactg tcaaaaatgt     51480
     attgcatgca gagggattaa agtttccctt cactggaaga ccaacccctg aaaaacaact     51540
     gcacctaaat ccccctccaa ctttacattt ggcacagtgc aatcagagaa gttctgttct     51600
     tccagtcagt gccaagccta gactcgtcca ttggattgac aggcagacag acacttggat     51660
     ttggagcaac tattcttgtg taaaaggaat tgctaaacta ttaaaattag tggtttacta     51720
     tctgtgtctc aatctccaga ccttctttcg ctatacagac ctcacaataa caaatttttt     51780
     acttattaat taaattaatt attcatggat ttattgattg attgattttg aaaccgtttt     51840
     aacaggatga agaggtccaa atttttatac tttgttgttg ttgatatata ccccatttag     51900
     tactgttatt ctgaggcaac agaagacatg ttgcatcttg cctgttttct ggagaaaaca     51960
     tttagtacaa tttatttatt ttttttattt atctttaaag gcacaacgtt ttcacaacta     52020
     gcttttaatt cattttgttt ccttctggaa cttcttaacc tttttaacaa tgaaaaaaag     52080
     tttgagttgt cttaaagaga tagttgacca aataaattat tttacacatt atttatcgtc     52140
     cctccagcct ttctttattc tgctaaatgc aaaagaaaat attgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     52200
     aaaaaaaact caaaacctgt agaaaaaaca aatactttgg aaatcaatgg ttacaggttt     52260
     ccagcatatt caaaatatct tcttttggta aacaagtttg gaacaagtga agggtgagta     52320
     aataatgaca aaaagtatta ttagacttat atccatttaa ttgtcctcaa tttgaataca     52380
     tggatttcta aactacatgt gactgcatgc gaaaaatata catatacatt tcttacatat     52440
     ttcatatgat tgttttccaa gattctgcaa ggagttccca aactttcgta tagcatattt     52500
     ttacatgctt tttaatgatt taatttaaat aagaatttaa aatgatacaa taattcaaat     52560
     aataagcatt ggttttgtaa tgttattcgc tacatttgcc acattttgtt atttgagatt     52620
     gtagcagttg tttgcagttg tggtggggcc tattcgacaa caagataaaa cacttcttaa     52680
     acatctttaa acacatcggt aacactttag tcaataaggt tcattagtta atgcatttac     52740
     taacctgaat taatcatgaa caacacttgt acagcattta ttaatcataa ttgaacattt     52800
     actaatgcat tattatcatc caagtccatg tttgttagca ttagttaatg caccatgagt     52860
     taaggcaagg caaggcaagt ttatttatat agcacatttc atacagtggc atttcaaagt     52920
     gctttatata aacaagaata aaagagacaa gtgtaagaaa atgaaaacaa atgataaaaa     52980
     taaaaacaaa taataagaat tataaaaata agaataaaaa tagataaaac agataaaaat     53040
     gtgttaaaat atgttataag ataatgaaaa agaaaagaaa aagataatag tgtgatctgt     53100
     cagacgcagc acagtgctca ttcagtaaag tcacagctaa acagatgcgt tttcagtctt     53160
     gatttaaatg tgtctaatgt ttgagcacat ctgatcattt ctggaggaca ggcgtgatgt     53220
     gctctgattt cctggttcta gtcagaatcc tggctgcagc gttctggatg agctgtctga     53280
     ctgtcttttt gggaaggcta gtgaggaggc tgttacagta atccacccta ctgctgataa     53340
     aagcatggac aattttctct ttgttttcat tggaaacaaa gcatcttatt cttgcaatgt     53400
     ttctgagatg atagtatgct gatttactga ctgctttgac atgactattg aaaatcagat     53460
     ctgactccag agtcacacca agattcttga ccttattttt tgtcgtttga cccttagtgc     53520
     caaggtacac attcaccttg agaacctcat ttctgttccc aaacgcaatc acttgagttt     53580
     tctctttgtt taactgaaga aagttttggc acatccaact gttcatttca tcaatgcatt     53640
     ggcagagggt gtcaatgagg ctgttgtcat taggcagtac ggctaagtag atctgagtgt     53700
     catcagcata gctgtggtgg gacatttggt tctttctcat tatttggctt agagggagca     53760
     tatgaaggtt aaacaggaga ggtgccagaa tcgagccttg tgggactcca catgtcatgg     53820
     gtgtccacct cgacctatgg tcacctatac tgacatagaa acctctccct ttaaggtaag     53880
     atctgaacca tttgaggacc gtcccagata gcccaacgca gtttttcagc ctatccagaa     53940
     gtatgatgtg atagacagta tcaaatgcag cactgagatc gagcaatacc agcactgtta     54000
     gtgtacctga atctgtattt aggcgtagat cattgattat ctttataaga gcgctctcag     54060
     tactgtgatg tgctctgaaa ccagattgaa aattgtataa acaccccttt aagtttacaa     54120
     acttgttaac ctggttaaaa acaacttttt caatgatttt gcctataaaa gtgagatttg     54180
     agattggcct ttaattgctc aatagtgtgt tatccaggtt gctcttcttc aagaggggtt     54240
     taataactgc agctttaagt aagtttagaa aaattcctga gcgaagtgaa gcatttacca     54300
     cctttagaag atccatttct aaacaagtaa acactgtttt gaagaatgat gtggagagcg     54360
     tgtcaagact gcaggttgat gttttcataa tttgcacaat ctcttataag attttaccat     54420
     taattgccat gaaatcagac ataatgtctg atttcttaag ttgtggtttg gcttttctga     54480
     catcgacaca acttggctga ttggacgggc ttattgcctt tctgatatta gtgttcttgt     54540
     cagtaaataa atgagcaaac tcattacatt tgctttcaga gagtaactca ctgggaatcc     54600
     gactggggag ggggaggggg ggtctctatc gttccaaaga gtgtacgagc attatttacg     54660
     ttgttgttta taaggcttga aaacaaacac tgcctagcag tgttgagttc cacattaaaa     54720
     gcatgaagac tgtctttata gatattataa tggactacta gtttcgtctt tctccacatt     54780
     cgctcagctt ttctgcattg tcttttcatc attttgacag ctcttgagtt tctccatggg     54840
     gcactctgtt tgctagtcat cttcctgact gaacaggagc aatgtccttt atgactatct     54900
     taactttaga gttgaagtta aacaaatcaa ggagagaatc aacagagtct gcagatatac     54960
     ttggtgctag cgataaggcc ttcataaact gctcactggt gttctcattt atgcatctct     55020
     ttctgacaga gacagatttg tctttaatag ctggagtgat caatatatca aagaaaatac     55080
     agaaatgatc agatagtgcc acatccttaa caacagtcga taaaatgtgt aaacttgtga     55140
     tttttacagt tctcttaatt ataccgtaaa ctgaaaacca ttctactgca tttttaatgg     55200
     tacatttcag gcacccacag cctgtttttt gccagttttt cgccataaat tttacaggat     55260
     ttcacgggat ttttttttac agtgtagttt gttctgtaga gaatctaaaa gaataattaa     55320
     atagggggtc taattagtac accttttaaa atgctttttg ttttagtcca gacaaactaa     55380
     actaaactat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attgtaacga     55440
     gcacacacat gccacgtcgc cctggtcgct aatccaaccc agctggacca tcatcaacac     55500
     aggatcgctc acagctggac gtcatcaagc ggagaggcat ataaaccaag cccacgccag     55560
     aggaagacga gcttcattca actaatgact ccctgcgcta atgcttgtct ctctgtctct     55620
     ccacagcaga ctccagctcg tgacgatccc acacccgact actcactgtc cttcacctac     55680
     ttacaagagc acctcacctc gaagaagagc accgtttgca caaccttcac tttgtaaata     55740
     aagcaccctc cggggacttg tctgtaaact tatccaactg tgtctgtgtt tttccctctg     55800
     cctcgctact atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatta ttattttttt     55860
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttct cccagagatg ggttgcggct     55920
     ggaaaggcat ctgctgcgca aaaaaattgc tggataagtt ggcggttcaa tccgctgtgg     55980
     cgaccccgga ttaataaagg gactaggccg acaagaaaat gaatgaaatt tatatatata     56040
     tatttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tttgaagtca     56100
     gaattattac cccctttcaa ttttcttttc tttttaaaat atttcccaaa ttatatttaa     56160
     ccgagcaagg gaattttcac agtatgtctg ataatatttt tttcttctat agaaagtctt     56220
     ttttgttttt tttttggcta gaataaaagc agttttacat tttttaaaaa ccatttcaag     56280
     gacaaaacga ttagcccctt taagatatat atttttttga ttgtctacag aacaaaccat     56340
     cattatacaa taatttgcct acttacccta accagcctag gtaacctgat taacctagta     56400
     aagccgttaa atgtgactta aactgtataa aagtgtcctg aaaaatatct agttaaatac     56460
     tatttagtgt cattatggca aagataaaat aaatctgtta ttataaatga gttattgaaa     56520
     ctgttatgtt tagaaatttg ttgaaatagt ctgcactcag ttaaacagaa attggggaaa     56580
     aaataaacat tctttgttct gtacaataat ttaaaaaaat atttggaata acatttacaa     56640
     ttttacaagg aattaattta tttatttttt atttaagttc actttttatt ccaatataca     56700
     tttacacatt tattataaaa gtcgcttata taatacaagt tcagaataag tctgaaaata     56760
     gaatcctacc ttaaaaatca caaagagggt tcccaatcgg acagtcataa ttgtctccgt     56820
     ttgaaacaaa atgttttgaa aggtcttgga gaaatcactt cctttctggt tgctgctatt     56880
     ggagtgcctt cacaatataa atgcgtgtgg catttatatt gtttactgtg aggtgctttt     56940
     gggcagtggc atttttgcat catacatgca atgtaaaagg ctgcaaatga aaaggatttt     57000
     tttactacat cagaatgagg aaccactgaa ggttaaatag tggttgacat caagtcaaat     57060
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa atgcgagaca caatgcactt aattgagctg gtgatatcac     57120
     tgtgaggggt tggggtgggg ttagaggagc acattaaaat gcattagatg cagttcagat     57180
     tgcactgcac catgtctgta tccagacccc tctcgcttaa actgagtgct caaaatcaag     57240
     tcatggatga gaccaaaagg gaattgcaca aaagaagaac taggaaagca gaagaataac     57300
     agcagaagtg cacattttaa aaccgcagga ttcaacatga gttatgcgaa tgtggataaa     57360
     cctgattaac tcatttactt attacctgtg agccaatcag gtaacaagtt gaaaaacgca     57420
     cctctcgccc actcatctgg gaactttcat ttctttcatg ttgagccttg aaacaaattc     57480
     caaggtgaac tgtattcttt caaccctata atgcgaatgt tgtctcctct actgcgattt     57540
     tcggcatctt ctgccttccc cgagagggat tgtacagttt tttccagcgc cacaatcttg     57600
     ctttgaagta cgaccatgtt gtcctcggtc tgggaaacac gactctcccc ttccgtgatc     57660
     cgtttcgtat tgtcctctaa acgggttggg ttgtaattga atcttacaac gactcaaaac     57720
     gtgagaattt ctcattcagt taggcactta aattgtcaat aacaacttgc gctaggcgga     57780
     gcctccatct ttggtacctt gattagctgt cggttggcct tttgttgttg tgcggccttg     57840
     tctagcattg gtttcttgtt gagatgaagc gggtcctgtt cctgacatgt ttgggtgtcg     57900
     agtactgaag agtaaaaata aaaaagctac gtagcttaat gtgaaaataa tgaaaatagc     57960
     acgatgcttg caggagctca gtgaaatcgt gaacttgttg agccacctag gtcgaaagga     58020
     tcacgtgacc cccaaattga actgtattaa caattttaca ctttgcccta aatttgacca     58080
     gtgcccaaaa tttgatcagt ggtcattttc cccaatattg cacatctatt ttatctattc     58140
     aattcaaccg aggcttattc tcaaaatgta cctctataca tttctgtaga ctgtcaattt     58200
     tgtcccagat gctaaaatat ttagctgttt ttgtttttgc aaatccacca gaggccactg     58260
     tgtatgcttt ttgagatctg aaatttctct cacaagtgtc attcttgcct gctgttctca     58320
     cgcaaattta ccaaaggccg ctgtcgactg atagactgac tgactgactg attgactgac     58380
     caatcaactg acccaccctc ctccttccct aaaccaataa tgttttcaaa agcacaaatt     58440
     gacccaccca cccagccctc acctgatttt tactaaattt ttagctttta ccacattctc     58500
     gctctgatat tcacttgttt gtttattttt ttggctttga ttttatatta tttgttttcc     58560
     agaagcgtca tcgccagact taaatcctgt cgtcatggtc aactactctc tacgtctcaa     58620
     gtccactaaa gtacatagag agctaactgg acaaactggt attagcggat aaggcgtcta     58680
     tatagaggta agcagtcagc ttgtaagcgc aaaaaggaat ggcgttataa ttgccgtagc     58740
     attcacttta aaataaaatg cagacatacg tctgtctggt tacataattg gccctctcca     58800
     aaaatataca ttgggttgca ttttcagagt aagtctatgc tggttcaatt tatctgatct     58860
     attttatcat ctgtatacgc tttaaactct catttagttt tttttaattg attgtattta     58920
     aattatgata tttcaagagt tcacactaag ctgatgatgg attataaagt ttatttggca     58980
     tgctgtgcct ggagagagtc ctgagcttgt aagatcctta agccccggta ccctcccatt     59040
     agcagggcaa aagaggagtt tgagctcagg tctcgatgaa ctccctcaaa ctatttctgg     59100
     ataatgatag ataaggggat gaccagtggt gtaaagtaac aaattacaaa tactcaagtt     59160
     actataattg agtagttttt tttttcagga attgtaattt actaagtagt tttaaaaatg     59220
     tgtactttta ctttcccttg tgtacatttt tagtgcagta ttagtacttt tactccacta     59280
     cttttcttca acttgcagtc actaatttat tttattttgt ttatggggat tagaaaatga     59340
     gtctgtgatt cctgcccaat caaatcgcac acaaaaggta aaccgccaca taatgaacta     59400
     cctcaagaca tgagcacttt aaattgaagc aaactgtttg gaagcattaa aagtgtccaa     59460
     aatgtttaca cttaatgacc ccgaaactgt ttagatgcat atcacagatg agaagatgac     59520
     gaatgttttc tgtatgatga ccgaaatggc cttaaaccca gcaggcacaa gacgtcaaca     59580
     cgacaccaga ctgactttga accccaatgt tgtggggaca ttgcattctg tttggaaatg     59640
     aaaattgagt atacatcaga acccaatgtc agggcgacat caatttctaa caaccaacgt     59700
     taaattaacc taatattaac atctattaat gttacagctt gacgttgtgt tggtgtaaca     59760
     actatgacgt tatgttggat tttggttgtc ataccaggcg aataaatgtc agtatttgac     59820
     ctcaatacga cgctggttca agatgttggc tctatattgg attatggtca ctttttagca     59880
     caacttaaaa tcaaccaaat atcaatgtca tttgttgtca ttagacatta aaataacgtt     59940
     gtccttagat gctgactaga cattgaattt tggtcacctg acatcaaaac ctaaatcgga     60000
     cctaatatta acatcttatg acattgtgtg acttctggac aataactaaa tgcacgacag     60060
     aacgtcatgt ttacacacat ggactcacta ctcactactc tcgagtacat ctgaaatgtc     60120
     tactttttac tcatactttg aataatattc acaacagata cttctactct acttgcacta     60180
     catttttagg taagtaatag tacttttact tgagtattgt ttacttgcca ccactgggga     60240
     tgatgatttt tgcaacatag gctcatattg aaaatgagaa caatcttgat cctggagggc     60300
     cggtgtccct gcagggttta gctccaactt gcctcaacac acctacctga atgcttcaag     60360
     tatacctagt aagaccttga ttagcttgtt caggtgtgtt tgattagggt tggagctaaa     60420
     atctgcagga caccggccct ccaggaacaa gtttggtgac cacaggttta gagtgtcgtg     60480
     tttactatca atatgtttct tctgctattt tacaacacat gatgctgagt gcatgatatt     60540
     aacttgtacg gtttgcatta tttaatgctc atagttaagg tcagtctgtg tgtttaggga     60600
     ggtccctcat tatgcataga agcggtccaa agacaaagaa aatccccccc ccatgaaacc     60660
     ataggtcagt cagtagaaga tgggtgtgac ttgccaccac agttaaaacc catctacgca     60720
     cacagatctg ggcagaaaaa gatctccgaa agaaactctt cagatgtgcc cccctttcga     60780
     gggggcaaac tgcatttctg tacccacgtg acttgtctga gtccgagttg ttcttatttt     60840
     tccggcaaag taaactcagt ttaaagtttg cgccttgtgt atcctccgat ctgcatcgca     60900
     agctccacgc cccaaggaaa gacatcaaag gactccttcc tccagcgcat caaagaaact     60960
     cgcacaaaga gagacaaaaa tacccactga atccaggtat ttagttatgt gttaaagctg     61020
     cgccccttat caaaaaggtg tttttgtaat cttcgggtcc tgaatagttg tctggaactg     61080
     aggtagtttt gccattcttt tatctaaact ctttatttcc tcgctcgctt tcttcgatgt     61140
     ttttgttgct atgtttgtgt gtttgtttgt tatatgtcag actagtcaat aaatcccatt     61200
     ataatcaaat ggattgtatt gtttgcctca cagaaaaagt cacttaaacg ttcaaattta     61260
     gctacaagct gtttttcaaa acttataaac tattactcta cttcacaagg agtagttgta     61320
     cttccctttc taaataaata gatcattaca gagtccgctc agaagagcgg gcgaggtttg     61380
     gttatattta tttggtcaaa ttaacaataa gttaattcag aatacaataa ttgataataa     61440
     ctagttgtta ctgatcatta atatttattc aataaactga gtttttattc tcatttcgct     61500
     acattgcatt gaacaaagct aatttgcttt agtcacactg atttgacagt caacagagga     61560
     ttcaagcctt tttcaatggg ttattttcac aatcaatgac aatgagggtg tagctgtcaa     61620
     aataggacaa atgagcttat gtatggaaca aattatggac ctttgttatt gaggagtggg     61680
     tctttcaaac cacccgaacc taccctggct acaggcttaa tgcacagtac atactaatgc     61740
     acagctaatg taaaaaggct attactaatc atgaataagt gattaattaa ttatatgtgt     61800
     atatagagtt ttgtgtgaat gttaattatt tgacattatt attttaggca tcaacagtca     61860
     agttcattca caatatttgt acattaaact attacttgag ctcagtgaag gccattaaca     61920
     cattattctt caaatccaga ttatttttaa tttattttat gtccataaat agcttataaa     61980
     tcagtcaaaa acataccaaa atgcaacaca tttatattaa cattgtcaaa catcttaaaa     62040
     tggttaaaaa caatacatca tgaatatacg gaataatata tacaaatatt aaaataataa     62100
     taataagatt ctgagttagt ttaacttttt tttttttgca aaacgctata tatccatctt     62160
     ggatataata aaataaattt gacatgctaa aatgacttca tttagatttg ttatgtccac     62220
     attctttctt attgaacttt ttgtgtgttg tatatgagct tggtctggga gcatgagcaa     62280
     atgggtcatg gtttcatagt gtcatattac aattagtttt tatttcacat cactcaccag     62340
     agctcaaaat aaaggattaa ccaaatttat ctctgaccac accaaacata aacaattaat     62400
     tttttttttt tttgccataa tttgtatatg tgtcaaagca agcaaaatac agctgcaaac     62460
     tatacttttt atttaactaa acatgtctta aaaaaaaaaa aaattgacat ttaaaaaata     62520
     attattgtca tgtatctaaa atatgcacag tagtctggcc tggctatagg tcccagatca     62580
     ccagttaact acacataaat aggaagttca tcttcatatt agagcaatgt tattttaaag     62640
     gatgataatt aaaccgtatt aacaaaaaat aactgtaagc aaacgaaagc aggtgaaaaa     62700
     cacaccttgt gcgataatga aaggaagatc acatgcacaa ggttaatgtt aggccaatta     62760
     gtgaagtttt taaactaatt tcgagaggag cacgtgatat aattgaccgc agctggccgc     62820
     ctatctacac tcattagtta gccaatcaga tctatcccaa cttactataa atagcctagc     62880
     tagaaattac tcccttacct tcgtttttct gaagaacaag gacaaaccct gcaccttaac     62940
     aaaccaccga aaccctctac aacaaacaac aacgacgaca acagcaacaa caacaacaac     63000
     aacaacagct acaacaacag ctacaacaac agctacaaca gcctacatca acaacaacag     63060
     ctacaacaac aacagcttca acaacagcta caacagccta catcaacaac aacagctaca     63120
     acaacaacag cttcaacaac aacagcttca acaacaacag cttcaacaac aacagcttca     63180
     acaacaacag ttccaacaac aacagcttca agaacaacaa caacagctac tacaacaaca     63240
     gctacaacaa aacagcgaca acaacagaaa taattcacaa cctaaacaga acaatccaac     63300
     atcacaacca tcatcaagca tcatggaagg aaccaacaca ccaggggcct gtttcagaaa     63360
     ggaggttaac tgaaaactca gagtatttta accctgaaat gagagaaact ctgggttttc     63420
     cgtttcaaaa tggcaggttt gttaaactcg agaaagcagg gtaagtcaag cctgtttctg     63480
     aaagagaggt aactttaact cagagtcagt tactgtggta acttactctg tgaatctaac     63540
     ctggtcagaa gcaggtttta ttctctaaac tcagagtttc tgtcggtctc ctcccctttt     63600
     ttaaagatga agcggtattt ctcgccttag ccttacgttt ccacccacct atttttatgc     63660
     ttattttgga tacgtgcata aaaacgattg ataaaaacgt catgatgcac ataacttttt     63720
     aaaatatgca taaaaaacgc gcataactga gtaggataaa cttttatttg atagaaaatt     63780
     tgcgcataaa cgacgatgga aacactttta ctgaacaaat tacagcatgt acattaaaaa     63840
     aaaagatcat gatcatatga taatgaaaat gtgtgtaaat gaacaaccca gcaggctgag     63900
     cacactgtaa cacgtcttaa atattgtttt agtcattcta aaatgcctta actgtttcag     63960
     tattagtgta tattattaat gacctccgag cgtctggtgc gtgtcaagag tctccgcgtc     64020
     tcatggcttc agacgccccc acgtgtttat tgtgtttcag cgttgtcttc tgacatcgag     64080
     gcgcaagtac attaattagg ctaaataaag aattaattga cgcagcttct tctaccacag     64140
     taaattctgc ttttactgtt gatatttggt gccagtttaa tcaggaagtg acgatttttt     64200
     ttctctttga ctcgttggat ggaattttat tcggatcttt tatgcaatat tccagttttg     64260
     cacatacatt tatgtaatat atttggatgg aaacatagct attgcctaca ttttagtcac     64320
     acacagaaga actgtacgag aatggcttat cctttttttt tataaataat taaattaaat     64380
     tcaccttcga tatgcactgt aactagatta atgggattat tattctttct aaaaataatt     64440
     tttagtactg cttaccttct aaatgttata ttaacctata tcacttgatc aataaaaagg     64500
     cagacacaca agtgcactgt taaatcattt aaaactaata aatgtataaa aaaaaagttc     64560
     agaaaaaaat atataaacgt cacaaattac attacttatt ttattatact taaatattta     64620
     agttcttaaa aagtgaaatt aggcattaac ttgagcagct gttttccacg ctaactgtct     64680
     cttcttcact gatggctgct tcttttcaaa tatataagct catatttgct ataactttgc     64740
     atgagaacat caagttcagc cggagaaaga aatggtgatc tcttttataa gatattgcca     64800
     tagtcactcg taatgtctgc gctccattga taatgccttt ttaaagtcac ggtgtgcgcg     64860
     cttaactctg agttggtcta ctcgaagttg attgacccaa ctcagatctg ctattctgaa     64920
     accgaaaact ctgagttttt aatctctcgg taaatcaact cagagttcaa gtttaaactc     64980
     tgagttgttt gaacctcctt actgaaacag gccccagctc tcccggaaac accagcccaa     65040
     acacagcaac agacccaaat aaacaccgag gctcccatca gaggccgaag acccatccgc     65100
     tccacagtca caagaaccca tcgccgcacg caatctccat ctccaaaccg caacttaccg     65160
     tctcccgctt cctcctacgc ctttgcaaga tcttcatcca tcacatccaa caaaatgact     65220
     gtttctgaac tccgccagtc actcacaaac gccggaattt ccatcccctc ctgctgtaat     65280
     aaatccgaac ttctaaaact gtacgaagcc atcccgtcac caactccgcc tcctcaagac     65340
     agtagaccaa ctcgctcccg ccacaccccc tatccacaac cctccgctac tcagcactca     65400
     agaaaccccc ctggaccacc caagaaagca acaaagaaaa ctaataaaaa gcaacctcaa     65460
     gctaaaggac agaccgcacc ttctaccaac caacacacag tgaatccaca ggacaattat     65520
     gccaccccag gacttcccac ccccctcctt tggcctccag ccccacaatc cagcgaaaac     65580
     tccagtccga cttttcaagc aattcccccg actctcaacc ctcctcagtt ctctctttct     65640
     tctaatctcc ctcattcttc aactcaactt attcccaatc tttcttctaa tctccctcac     65700
     tcttcaactc aacttattcc cactcaatcc cttcctacaa gctccaacgc tctccctctg     65760
     cctgctaatt tttcatctac taatcccccc ttttttccct ctacatccct ccaagcaccc     65820
     acttccatta ctaaccctcc ccaacaaaat gccttctgta ctaacacatc ttccgcacga     65880
     gcccccttca ccctagccac agccacaccc cttcccattc cgcataacgc tccagtcctg     65940
     gaaccacctc agatctccaa cacagtcagg aacctcatcc tatcaggtgc agacatagac     66000
     ctctctacac tcctttcacc tattgcacct ccctcggcag atcgacaggt ggattgcggc     66060
     gaattcacca ttacacttaa atcaccagtc agctctcaac ctcgcacact cacaatagcc     66120
     gaattccacg tagctttttc acgttataca gacaccatct gctcagtctt tccccatagg     66180
     aggcgcgagc tgaatgacta tatggccatt atttcggagc tcgcactctc ctatggggga     66240
     acacatttct atacatatca caaattattt tcagcaaaat gcgctattcg cattgctcaa     66300
     tggaatcagt gttcttattg gggggctttg gacactgatc tccataacag agtttttcta     66360
     ggatgccgca atctttcctg cgcggtctgc cgctcaaacc ttcacccaac cacttcctgt     66420
     cccttcataa tcccctccgc tgagaaagaa ctacaaaccc caagatccac tagttacgta     66480
     ccccgcccat ctacctctgc tatccctgct cttctccccc ctccctcctc tcaaaaccct     66540
     ccatcatctc tagcttgcaa taactttaac gcagccagat gtttccgcca cccttgcaaa     66600
     tacctacaca tatgcagtta ctgcggtggc gctcatgctc gagtagtctg ccaagtgtgg     66660
     aaagcaaata aaaaacatag atcttatttg tcgactcctg tcaatatttc taatctttac     66720
     catgaattat gcatgcaccc tgatcctaac ttttctgaat ttctcatttc aggtctgtct     66780
     aatggattcc accccggtgt ttcgactctt ccttcctata acctcgcatg tcctaacctt     66840
     caatctgcta acgctgaact agaagtggtg gagcaattaa taaagaaaga gatcgataat     66900
     aaatttatga tcggtccctt tcttgccccc ccgtttagca cctatcgagt cagcccaatt     66960
     agagtagcga ccagaaaatt ttcgggcaaa aaacggctaa ttatcgacct gtcttctccc     67020
     cataattccg cctattcaag cgtcaacagc ataatttcac ctgacgaatt ctctctgaat     67080
     taccacgata tagaccaagc catttcttta attaaactcg tcggacgcga cgcctggctt     67140
     gcgaaagtag acatcaagtc agctttcaaa attatgccat tgcatcccga gttctggcat     67200
     ctctttggca ttaattggaa atcccaattc taatttgcag tccgtttaac cttcggctgc     67260
     agaagtagcc ccaaaatctt cgacatgctt tcagaagcat tatgctggat cctcgctaat     67320
     aattacggca ttccgcacgt agtccaccta ctagatgatt tcctcataat ttcccctcca     67380
     aattccccac ctgctaaaca cctagagact actaaagcag tgtttgccaa actcggcatc     67440
     cctctagctg aagaaaaaac cgccggcccc ggcaccttca tagaattctt aggcatcaat     67500
     ttggactcca acaaatttca agcatcttta cccaaagaga aagtcgatcg catcatttct     67560
     ctattttcca tatttttgga gaaacaagaa tgttctaaac gcgaactgct gtcaatatta     67620
     gggcatttaa atttcgccat gcgcatcata cctcaaggac gcccgttcgt cactcacctc     67680
     cttcaactcg cagcttcagt tcagagtcta gacgaaaaca tttccttatc cgatccatgt     67740
     cgaaacgaac tcagcctctg gatttccttc cttaagtgct ggaacggctg ttctttcttt     67800
     tatagtgatc taatttcatc ccccgtagac atccatcttt atacagacgc tgcaccttcc     67860
     ataggattcg gcggttacta tcaaggccgc tggttcgcat ccgattggcc cccccaaatg     67920
     ttagagattc catcacacca atattcatct gcattattcg aactataccc catagtcgtc     67980
     gcgaccctat tatggggaga tgaatggtct gcttccagca ttctcattca ctgtgacaat     68040
     gaagccgtcg ttcactgcat taacagaggg cgctctcact tccctgctct aatgccgctt     68100
     ctccgtcgcc ttatttggac ttcagccaaa aaacagttta ttataactgc tgtacatgtt     68160
     cctggttttc ataaccaaat tgctgactct ctctctcgtc ttcattttca gaaattcaga     68220
     gaattagcgc cggaggcgga gcagcacctg acgcccatcc ctccttattc agagatgata     68280
     ttccaataaa tcatcccatg cacgctctgc accaaacatc catatctctc attatgcaag     68340
     cggtggctca aagaacctta caagcttatc tcactgcatg gaaaacattc aaacatttcc     68400
     attcactata caacactaca ttccccaatt tctccctact tacaatcaca tcatttatca     68460
     cttaccttca ttctcacaaa catatccagg caaactcgat taagagctat ttaagtggca     68520
     ttcagttttt tcacaaactc atgtacagct ccagttctga atctattact aactcacaaa     68580
     ctagccttct tattaaaggc attcagaaga cccgcccccc ccctcccaga cacaaggcta     68640
     cccatcacac acaacatact agctaaatgc atttccacac ttaggaaagg ctatttttca     68700
     tttcatacag atcataccct agatgcaatg tttattcttg ccttttttgg atttctaaga     68760
     tgttctgaac ttacagttac atctaaattc gatccctcta tccaccctac tatagcagat     68820
     ctgaccttga ttgatgagga aacaattgct ttcctcatta agcaaagtaa aacagatcaa     68880
     tccagaaaag gacatctaca tattcaacat tccctccccc acaagcccat tccaaactct     68940
     tctagcttac acacactaca ggaaaacact aggtgcaagt cccctagacc cccttttcat     69000
     agacgacaca caccacccag tgacacgctt ttggttccaa aaacacctta aatatgtcct     69060
     aaccaattca ggcttcccat cagaatcata ctccagtcac tcattcagaa ttggagccgc     69120
     cactacagca gcacacaaag ggttatcaca acaacacata caaacactag gaaggtggtc     69180
     ttctgacgcc ttcaaaacct acatccgact cagccacagc catcgcaggg aagcccagag     69240
     gaccctcacc aacagatgca gttatcccag cggccaaagg cacgagccta gtacaaggaa     69300
     agaacacaac ccagcttccc gagggcaaag gaactaccaa gtctcccaag ggcgcgggca     69360
     tgacccagcc atctaatttc ttttcttcct tccagctgat ttgcactcag ccttctctcc     69420
     cctttcactc accaaactac agtaagagtt ctttccctgc ccaggccccc ccgtcacccc     69480
     cgcccccccc ccctggccgc tgccacagaa gttttcactg cccaccaact tttataactt     69540
     ctgtaggacc ccgccccccc catggctctg gcccccgcag gggcgttacc ccgagcttcg     69600
     attcccgcag gaatcatctc acagcccggc cttagctttt tatattatat ttcatttcaa     69660
     tgacatatag tatagcacta tttattttct ctctgtttga ttttatttgt ataaattcac     69720
     atttatatgc acccacgcat ataaaaatga atttatatat agtgctgtca ccctcacgct     69780
     ctgttcccgc aggaacaccc ccagagcacc tataccgccc gtcaccctcc agttagagtc     69840
     ttcacctccc cctcatcttt ccagactcct accggagcca gttaaatagc tcacccagcc     69900
     ccgagctgtg acactagtca tgtcaccgac cctccccggc cctagctttt attcgtttat     69960
     ttctgtttat ttctcacatt tatcttttat tttttaaatt tatttatata tatgtatata     70020
     tatatatgca cccacgcata taaatatata tttatatata gtgctgtcac cctcacgctc     70080
     taactcccgc ggagttaatc ccgagcaccg gacccccgca ggggtcatcg cccaactgcc     70140
     atttcaccct ccagctgggg cttcaccgac cattcctttt cccaactcca gctggagatg     70200
     gcacatacag ctctctctcc cgcaggagag tcaagagctt cgactctctc aagagtcagt     70260
     aaaaaacgcc cccccaaggt cctagattac cccattatat atttatatat ctatatgttt     70320
     catataaata tataattata tatagtgctg ccacctccca gctctatctc cgcaaggagt     70380
     gttcctcgag caaataactc cttcggagtc cccgcccccc cctgcccccc ttcacccccc     70440
     tctccagccg gagtccttca ctcccctttc cttgtaatga ctccagcagg attcccaccc     70500
     accccatggc tctgaccccc gcaggggtct ccccaagtct ctactccagc aggagtattc     70560
     acagcccacg ccaactctgc tcgggttccc gcaggaacct gtttcaccct ttgctccaag     70620
     gagccctctt cctttcaaat aactatatcc agcagccgga tatagcattt caagcctttt     70680
     ggggagtttc ttcgaataca cggctgctgt cccgagcttc atgcatttgg ggagctctcg     70740
     agaaccacct gatctcgtag tccccttaca tgctctatgg acctggcggg agccctgggc     70800
     tcaactatct ccgagctcag ggttctctcc cgggacagca tgccaaacct gcttacagtt     70860
     gtcaagcaat atctaagtgt gaactcttga agtgaagttt ttaaactaat ttcgagagga     70920
     gcacgtgata taattgactg cagctggccg cctatctaca ctcattagtt agccaatcag     70980
     atctatccca acttactata aatagcctag ctagaaatta ctcccttacc ttcgtttttc     71040
     cgaagaaacc ccccatccac cccctttctc ctcctttcct ccttttaaaa aaaaaaaaag     71100
     gggagctctc gagaaccacc tgatctcgta ctccccttac acgctctatg gacctggcgg     71160
     gagccctggg ctcaactatc tccgagctca gggttctctc ccgggacagc atgccaaacc     71220
     tgcttacagt tgtcaagcaa tatttaagtg tgaactcttg aaatatactg ttcaaagaat     71280
     ggtcaaagca accggtgctg gagcttttca aagcagcaag actgttgggt acttgagcat     71340
     aactttttgt ctagtctatt tgaaagagaa ccgatcacat aagttgtgtt tccagccaca     71400
     attttgcgca gggaaacagg agcgtgcatg tgttttatac agtgattatc ctcttgttcg     71460
     atatttacag aaattattta aagaataaac ttacaaagga tactaagaaa tgcagcattg     71520
     cagacaggta tcttgtgatg gggaggagtg caggaaaaaa agcagtattt cacagtaacc     71580
     tccctggcct tcttctttac atcaacggag actgaccgat gcaggattat tttatccctg     71640
     tccacttttg tagagttttt ataccttttt gtgaagttga aagctacgtc ttcatctgac     71700
     aatttgtcgg tatgacacag accaacgtta ctcgcattac tgagcaaatt ctgggcactt     71760
     cactgcattt ttttacttca aaagtcaaaa aatggggttt attgcatatt gcaaccaaac     71820
     tcttcatata aataacatac aaatcctgaa aatcctgaaa atatccaaaa gttaaaaaga     71880
     tttaaatctt gtatctttct tttttcttat ctgaccttta atttttcttt gtcttcctca     71940
     aaccagtaac atttagaagc atgtttactt ttgtttttcc aatgctacaa gcatttcctc     72000
     ccttgttttt cttcttaaca gtgtgagcaa atgttgataa atgaattaat gaagacagaa     72060
     tgtcagggca ggtgctctac atttatcttt attcgtaaaa agcagtttga cagcatttag     72120
     tctctaataa acaaaacaaa aatatgtgat tatagcagga cagagcatta gtcaaagaaa     72180
     ttacatttat tcaaataagc aagcaggcca ttttctgatt ttacagtgtc tggatcagta     72240
     gcttgttcac cgagaaacca gttctaggcc agctggtaaa tattcacaat tgaaaatgac     72300
     ctttggaata aactcaggca gctcattcac gtcttctaca ttcacaaaga ctgtagcagt     72360
     tgaagtaggc aaaaaaccga cacacatata aacgttgcca ctgcttactc tcaacattgt     72420
     tcagaggcta aatggaaaaa taaaatgtgt ttaactaagg tatggcatca caaccaattg     72480
     cctgagcaga tatgagtaac acacagtacc gttacagtgg tactgacgcc ctctagacgg     72540
     ctgggtcagt aacagtaata actgctgtgg cagtggttga caaaccctct ccattcatgt     72600
     cagtagccgt aataaccaaa gtatatctgg accattgctg gaaggggaaa atgactgatg     72660
     aggttgcttg cataaaattg aacaactgct gagattcatc aaaaagcatt tctcacctct     72720
     ctgtccaggc cagtttctag cacagaaatc cctccactta caggattgat agcaaacatg     72780
     tttggttttg gagatggtgg atcttggctg ataatggcat aactgatttc agcattgtca     72840
     gtattctctt tatcatctgc atcagtggct gtgaccgtca tgaacacttc acctttgatg     72900
     agaaaataac aaataaacag caggcttgtg accagccatg taaagatggg ggggaccagt     72960
     actctatgca gctgtttcat tcctttgacc acacaaagta caaactttat aattatttga     73020
     ttttaggtat aattgtgtta catataaaac ataatactct gcggtatatg caatgaacta     73080
     atcaatctat ggggtatatg cacacagact taattttctg tcagctagtc caagcacttc     73140
     tggttaacta tcataccata tacaaatcgt cgtgtttaag atctgatttc tttaaagatc     73200
     agcgatctcc actgactgat tgagatactg tagaatttaa agtgggtatc acaccagaca     73260
     agaagcacag tattgaatac cactgatcca cttaagtagc tacctgtttc caacattctt     73320
     ctaaatatca ctaacttttt ttgagctcaa ctaaagaaag aaactcatta aggtttaagg     73380
     tttacatctg agaatgtgaa cattttattt aaatttaatt atccctgtaa aatatgcctg     73440
     taatccgcaa tgtgggaaca ttgaaaacag aattcttctg tcaagatgac ccttaaattc     73500
     aatgttactc ataaccaaga aatcaacttc ttgtgtattc ttttacatat tataataggg     73560
     ttctctgatg tgcacattgt acaaaatata aagactccca accaaaaatc tgagatatgc     73620
     aattcacaat ttcaccaaaa attgtatgat acacctacct ttttccaaag ctttaggaac     73680
     acttccactg aaaatacttt gagtaaacac tggcttatta tcattttggt ctatcacatt     73740
     tacaacaata tccattggct tttctacgat attcacatcc actccagttg catgagccac     73800
     aagctaaaga cataagaaaa aaaaaaaaac attggcagtt tgggtaataa ctaagaggtt     73860
     tattatttgt gaaaatacct tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     73920
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttaggggtgt     73980
     aacgatatta aaaccgaacc gaaatatcgc gatacaccaa ccacgatacg tatcgcgaaa     74040
     ctctcgtggc gtaccgcggt actctcacgc cccctgctgc ccattgttga ggttgacgtc     74100
     acttgtctct aactaattga accaatttaa acacatcttt aatatcatat ttgattaaat     74160
     tgttttagta atgatgagga tttgttctaa atattatatt ctaaagttag tattttagtg     74220
     catgttatgt catgtgactt gagtaagcat aacactcgtt actactggac acaggatggc     74280
     tgcttcacat agtactgaga ttgcagatcc cccagacaca tttaagtcat ctatgtggaa     74340
     acattttggt tttccagttg agtacaggaa tagaattcgt gtcgtagaca aagcgcctgc     74400
     ctgtctcaac tgtttcacga aacttacttg taaggaaaaa catttaaaaa gtgtggtaat     74460
     ttcacaatgt gagggtgtaa gcaacagaac tgccaacaaa agtgatttaa tgtacaaaag     74520
     taaaaccaga ataatgccca aatatacaaa aaaagagaaa tatttacact aataaaaata     74580
     atataataaa gtagcaaatt caaacaaaag tatcaaacaa aaattagtta aactcaagca     74640
     agggggtgat agtgaagaca aactaaagaa ataaatataa taaaacaatt ctaactcatg     74700
     aataacccct cttacctcac taaaactgat gaaaaaaaaa aaaaggtctt cagcgccgtg     74760
     cgccgcattc ttccctatac tgaataaaat aaacaaagat gaccttcacc tcttacctga     74820
     tgtctttaac aatacatttt ctacgtgttt gcaaaatgga aatcgtatga cattttccct     74880
     atccacctta cactaagact gaacttgagg agatagagct agattgtcgg agctaaaaaa     74940
     taatatacaa atcaattgaa ataaaaatgt acaaacctca caaaatttct taaagtgggc     75000
     aaaagtaata caaaataatt ttacccaaac gaaagttaag caaaaacaac gaaaatcata     75060
     atcatgtcag aaaaatacac gaaaaacgag atcaaaggaa aaagcgctct ctctcccgct     75120
     cttcctgaca tgctttttac attcccgcga tgcgtcgcca aatgatgata gatcggtctc     75180
     ctgaccaatc agctgtcaaa aaggcggacc tacagaaatg acaggcatca gctgtcatga     75240
     aggcggacct acataaatga ccggcataga gggagcggga gagagagaga gagatcggga     75300
     ggcaaacata cagccggcta caaccctatt attagtttca gacacaaccg caatgtattt     75360
     tactggtgaa tatgtcatga aaaaacactt tacaaacaca gtatatgtat atttttcatt     75420
     aatttaaacg gaaacctatc tatcttaatg aaaccatata attaaaaatg agcgtctgtg     75480
     tcagcacaga gatcaagcct ctcatcggag aaagtgtata ttatggtgtt tttgaagaag     75540
     atctttcact agtctacact gcagttattt atgtaatttt agtttactta gttaagatgg     75600
     ctgcactaaa gagaatagtt ttttttctga ctagtctata ttggaggtat ttatttaatt     75660
     ctagttgttt actcgggtat cctgactgta ctaaaaatgc gatgacaaag ttaataaaga     75720
     gaaagttaag atgttcttgt tattaagtga attgtccctt agcattgctg ttaacatgac     75780
     atcaacccta accccacagc aaacagaaac cgaaccgtac cgaaccgaac cgtggctcca     75840
     aaaccgtgaa ccgaaccgtg ccttttgtgt atcgttacac ccctaatata tatatatata     75900
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatagata     75960
     tatagttgaa gtcagaattt ttagcccccc ctaattatta acccctctgt ttattttttt     76020
     agaaacacat ttacaaacat aatagtcatt tctaataact gatttatttt atctttgcca     76080
     tgatgacagt aaataatatt ttatcaaata tttttcaaga cacttctata cagcttaaag     76140
     tgacatttaa aggcttaact aggttagtta ggttaactag cttagggcaa ttaagctagt     76200
     tattgtataa caacggtttg ttctgtagaa tatcaaaaat gaaacatagc ttaaagaggc     76260
     taataattta gaccttaaaa agtaaaaaaa aactgctttt tttccagcca aaacaataca     76320
     aataaggctt tctccagaag aaaaaatact atcagacata ctgtgaaaat gtccttgctt     76380
     tgttgaacat aatttggaaa tatttaaaaa aagaaaaaaa tgttcaatgg cgggctaata     76440
     attctgactt caactgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata cacaaaaggg tttttaagac     76500
     tcactgtata cacacagtaa taccaacgaa ctgttgtata aacacaatat cacactcgta     76560
     gcattgcgat gtggctgtat atcgtcactg gtgggggcac taaggcactt ggccatacag     76620
     tctagtgcca acgcattcct cccaccagtg ccaatataca gtcacatctc actgctactc     76680
     atgtgatatt gctcatatat tatcatgtct tatgcaaagg tttgggcacc cctgatcatt     76740
     ttcattattg caagccatag cctgctggcc tttcaaataa gtaatttcat tatattttat     76800
     accctaggga aaaagcaaca tttcagttct gacataacct ttatttaatc aacagatgct     76860
     atgcaattta agacataaca aaaacagaca ggtgcaaaat ttggacaccc caacagaata     76920
     acaacatcaa tcttttgtat agccatgttt tgctgaaaga acagcctgta gacagttctt     76980
     atagccaaga acaagtctct gaattctctg acaaggtttt cagtacttgc cacacatctg     77040
     cacagcatga tggacactcc accatatttt acagtaagga ggatattctt ctcctgaagt     77100
     gctgtattct ttttttgcca tgcacagctc ctatagtttg gcatctgtcc acagtatatt     77160
     tttccaaaat gattcaggct tgtccagatg accctttgca tacctcaaac gactctgctt     77220
     gtttgaagaa tgcagaaaag tcttcttctg catcacatta cattaacatt taatcattta     77280
     gcagacactt taatccaaag cgacttacaa atgaggacaa ggaagcaatt tacacaacta     77340
     taagagcaac aataaataag tgctataggc aagtttcagg tatgtaaagt ctaagaagga     77400
     aagcattagt aattttttat tttatttatt tttttgagta cagttagtgg tttgtggtat     77460
     agccagagag gcaattgcag atttggaagt gaagtggaga ctaaagttga gtttttagtc     77520
     gtttcttaat aatagtgagt gactccgcca ttctgatgca gttagggagt tcattccacc     77580
     aactgggcag attgaatgcg agagttcggg aaagtgattt cttccctctt tgggatggaa     77640
     ccacgaggcg atgatcattc actgaacgca agtttctgga gggcacataa atctgcagaa     77700
     gtgagagcag ataagaagga gcaaagccag aggttgcttt gtaggcaaac atcagagctt     77760
     tgaatttgat gcgagcatca actggcagcc agtgcaaaca gatgagcagc aaagtggcat     77820
     gtgctctttt aggttcatta aagatcactc gtgctgctgc gttctggagc agctgaaaag     77880
     gtttgataga gttagttgga agccccgcta gtagagagtt gcagtaatcc agtctggaga     77940
     gaacaagagc ttgaacaagg agttgagctg catgtttaga taagaagggt cggacttttc     78000
     tgatgttgta gagtgcgaat cttccattga gctgttctgt gtaaagagtg tggtggactg     78060
     tgacacgatc tacaatgaca ttatcagcag caaaatgttc ctggagctct ttggaggttg     78120
     tctgtggttt gtctgtgacc actctaaagc tttttgataa agttttcaaa gaggtagtga     78180
     aaaccatagc gtatctgacg ctattgctcc ggccggaagt aagaatacgc aattactgct     78240
     caaccggatg tgcgtgctag cgtccgtgaa aaaggccaat aaggagaagc acaactagca     78300
     atcagctatc ttaaatatct taaatatcct ttattatgat gggttgcacc tgttttagga     78360
     ttgttaatgt tcactcagtc actcaaataa attttatgtt gtaatcaagg ttttgaaatc     78420
     cacacaaact tttgcacagc ctattttcag tcttttcatt ttgttgttta attgttcaaa     78480
     aagttactta ctttgtatga agcttttgtt tctctgtcaa gtttctgagt cacactgacc     78540
     caccctgata gtctttctat gaggaaaatc cccttaggct ccagatctgc cccttcacca     78600
     gtgatcttgt atgcaatctg atgttcagaa gcaaaatctg accttatcta aatacagaaa     78660
     gcaaaaaaac attataaaaa cagacaaatc ttctcatcat ccaccttatt ttcagcagtt     78720
     tgttcctaac aatcactgac ctggaccagc ctcattggaa aaggaccttt gctattctca     78780
     gctacattga ttggaggaat aatccaacct ctctcaaact gaagtgcaat accattgcct     78840
     tctgaaacag taataactac tgtggcagtg gttgacaaac cctctccatt catgtcagca     78900
     gccgtaataa tcaaagtata tctggaccat tgctgaaaga ggaagatgac tgatgagctt     78960
     gcttgcataa aattgaacag ctactaagat tcatcaaaaa gcatttctca cctctctgtc     79020
     caggccagtt tcaagcacag aaatcccccc acttacagga ttgattgcaa acatgtttgg     79080
     ttttggagat ggtggatctt ggctgataat ggcataacgg atatcagcat tgtcagtatt     79140
     atctttatca tctgcatcag tggctgtgac catcataaac acttcacctt tggtgagaga     79200
     gtaaaaaaat atttagcaga catgaccagc catgtgaggg ggggggaggg ggaggggggg     79260
     tgggtaccaa tgcaaatatt tcccactttt aacctcaata caaacaatta tatttgaaat     79320
     gttttaatac aaatattata attacttgat tcaagtttat aggactggta ttaatgccaa     79380
     cagtcatttg aatgtgtaaa aacataacac tgtgagccaa taactcatta aagggatagt     79440
     tcaccaaaaa atatataaat taagtcatca tttcctctac tgtttccaaa ccggtaggac     79500
     tttatttctt tagttgaaca caaatatttt aacgaatgtt ggaaaccggt ctccatcacc     79560
     ttctgtagta tccccccccc cccccccccc ccgctataga tgtcagtagc agtagcttta     79620
     gaaatatctt cttttgagat caactgaata aagaaatcta ttaaggtttg gaaccacccg     79680
     agtgtgagaa catactaatt ttggagagaa ttatcccttt aacctgaatg tgagaacact     79740
     aaaaagaaaa ttcttctgtt aagtaagccc ttaaatttaa tgttactcaa aaaatatgca     79800
     gtttacaagg gtcacccact gtggtcagat aatacagaaa attttgtttg tgcaaaaagc     79860
     ccatccctgc attaaaatga tgaatgtaat ctcaactaaa actgcatcat ccacctaccc     79920
     tttccaacag cttccggtac acttccattg aaagggtttt gagtgaacac aggcttatta     79980
     tcattttggt ctatcacatt tacaataatc ttcattgttt tttttgctga acgcccatcc     80040
     actgaattag catgcgctat gagctaaaga cataataaat atgagtatgt tatgtactgt     80100
     ttatttgaaa aaaaaataaa ggttttattt taagacatca acttactttg tatgaatttt     80160
     ttttttctcg atcaagtggc tgagtcacac tgatccaccc tgatagtctg tttatttgga     80220
     aaatccccat agggtcctga tctgcccctt cacctgtgat catgtatgcc atttgagttt     80280
     caggagaatg atctgacttt aactaatcat agaaagcaaa aacattagaa aaacagtcaa     80340
     aacagacaaa tcttttcatc atcctcctaa ctttcaacaa tttactcgca agcatcactg     80400
     acctggacca gcctcattgg gaaaggacct ttgctatttt caaggacact gattggagga     80460
     ataatccaat ctctgtcaaa ctgaggtgca ttatcattgc tgtcagtaac acttataact     80520
     gctgtcgcag tggttgaccc accctctccg ttcatgtcag tagccgtaat aaccaaagta     80580
     tatctgaacc attgctgaaa gaggaagatg actaatcaac ttgcttgcat aaaattgaac     80640
     aacaactaag attaatcaaa aagcatttct cacctctctg tccaggcctt tttctagcac     80700
     agaaatccct ccacttacag gattgatagc aaacatgtta ggttttggag atggtggatc     80760
     ttggctgata atggcataac taatatcagc atagtcagta ttctctttat catctgcatc     80820
     agtggctgtg atcgtcataa acacttcacc tttggtgaga gagtaaacaa taattagcag     80880
     gcatgaccaa gccatgtgaa gagggaaaaa aagaagaaaa aatgaccagt ccttcatgca     80940
     aatattttac acttttcacc acacaaaata gaaattactc tttatattta ctcaattcta     81000
     gtttaagtta cagttttatt tattaaaatg tttctaggac tagtatccct tttttgatgt     81060
     caccaattat ttgtatgtgt aaaaacataa aactgtgggc caataactca aatcgatagt     81120
     taaaccaaaa aaaatggtac ttatactcca ttcttcccta atctgtagaa gtttctttct     81180
     tctattaacc acaaaagata ttttaaagaa tgttgaatat ccattgactt caatagtcta     81240
     tatcaaatat tcaatgttac ctataaacta aataactaat aaataatcaa cttgtatttt     81300
     gtcatacaca ttgataaggt tctctgatgt gcactttata cacaatataa agattcccta     81360
     aacaaaaacg gaagatatgc agttcacaaa gctcgtccca ctgtggtcag aaaatacaga     81420
     aattcattag caaaacaaaa aagcctctgc attagagtac tgaaagtaag ttcgccaaaa     81480
     ataacttgta tcatccacct accatttttc gcagtttcag gaacatttcc attgaaagga     81540
     ttttgagtaa acacaggctt attatcattt tggtctgtca cagttatgat aatcaccatt     81600
     ggcttttcta aaatatcaat atcaacacca tttgcatgaa ctaccatcta aagacataag     81660
     aaaacatagg gatgttaggt attattagag aggtttattt atttgtattc tttattaatt     81720
     taccaacttg accaaaaaaa taataaataa ataaacaaat caacttactt tataaaaagc     81780
     ttttgtttct ctgtcaagtt gctgagtcac actgatccac cctgatagtc tgtctatttg     81840
     gaaaatcccc ttaggttcca gatctgcccc ttcaccagtg atcttgtatg ccatccgaat     81900
     ttcagaagca taatctgact ttatctaatt acaaaaagca aaacatcaga aaaactgaaa     81960
     aatcagacaa atcttctcat tcacttcatt ttcattcctt actgtcactg accttgacca     82020
     gcctcattgg gaaaggacct ttgctattct cagatacact gattggagga acaatccaac     82080
     ctctctttgc tctctttaaa catgatgtag actttggaaa tgtcagaact agatcatcag     82140
     agggagattc cacctacaaa aagacagtaa tggatacagt aatgtaacct ttgtgttcag     82200
     taacttttat tttaatatta tttatacata ataataataa taataataat aataataata     82260
     ataataataa taataataat attttacaaa catcagtgga agattaggtg aattctctca     82320
     attcaacaat gattaatcat aacatttgtg ctgttttgat tttttgtttt aaacaaaatg     82380
     agaaaaacat gatcacttta attcccaatt tgtttaaaaa tagcaccaca ctttgtatcg     82440
     tgttacacat tgctgtttta gaaagtaata tctgtacctg tacagaggtg ctattcatca     82500
     atgtattcac gtcatgatcc ttatgataat gaacacgttc aactctgaca gagaccgtgt     82560
     gcttcttgcc actggagtcg catgcagaca ctaaaaactc cttggggcct tcatgaagag     82620
     tcactgacct cctcatcatc agagtcccat ccatgttcag atcaatctcc tgatcagtgg     82680
     actgaaaatc tattcctgtt cttccatcac atgtgttaaa tacgactgac aacaaaagag     82740
     attcagttag tattagcaaa caattttgtt tctgtttcaa atatctaaaa atcttgaatc     82800
     aagaagcatt ttatagacaa gaaaaactat tctctggttt tctaggaaaa agtcaaaaga     82860
     attcaaataa ttaaaaataa tcttgctttt gtttgaacat caaattattt agcttaatcc     82920
     attttgcaga atatgttgct tgttttaatg taaaacttac ttcattttgg aatattgtct     82980
     ttgaaaaaaa gccaaatgtt tacttgccta gaaaatgctt cttgatttaa gaatttttag     83040
     atatctgggc taaaaacaag accaaaaatc taagtaagaa acaaagtttg tttttcagcg     83100
     tttatgaaaa cctgcatctg tatagggaag aaaatgattg tgcaagcaca attctatgtc     83160
     caccaagttg tgattgttaa tgtccagcat ctgatcactc tcagtgtcag tgatgaagag     83220
     ttatagcaag aaatttaata aatattagaa gaaatgttga aagaaacaat acaacttctg     83280
     tacaatattg catctcaaac aattacagaa tatttgtgat agctgtaatt gctgaaagat     83340
     tcaacaaaaa gtgtaaaagt tatatttacc cactgaatat taagtgacct gtggctcaga     83400
     ttagagctaa tgacccaaaa gactaaaaac attatgtcat catttaatca tccttcattt     83460
     cttgcaaacc tgtttgattt ctgcattctg gtgaacacaa aagatatttt gaagtcagct     83520
     ggaaacctta agccaaagta tttgtttttt ctactatgga tctaaatggt tacaagtttc     83580
     tttaacacat ctccttctat gttcaacagt ataaaaaaaa ggtttggaac cactcgaggt     83640
     agagtaattc aagagttcct acttagcttg ttatgctgtc ccggaagaga gccctgagcc     83700
     gacaaggttc tcaagccctg ggctctttcc cgtttgcaag gcgagagggg agtttaagct     83760
     caggtacatc ttgagaactc ccttgctgta gtagctaatg aacagctagt gattgctctt     83820
     aagagataac tacttactag gagcatgtct atggtgccga tttggattgg tcaattaacc     83880
     taagttgcat gtttttggat gatgggagga aactggggaa cctgggggaa accccaacgc     83940
     aatctcacgg caattcggta ctttttcatc tagtggctaa ttcgtatgaa ttcgtacaat     84000
     ctaactcata caattttgta cgatttgctt atcacccaat ggcggttggg gttaggggtg     84060
     gggttgggtg ccacacctcc tttttaaaag acttaactag ccactaaacc agtggttccc     84120
     aaaatttgtg ttgtgtgcac ccctttctaa tatttgacac atgtcaagca cccatttctc     84180
     tgattaaact ctgcatttta acaaaataca catattttct ctatacatga ttaaaataaa     84240
     aataataaaa tatgtgaatt taatggacta gcttttatga agttgacaat tttcacatcg     84300
     tcattaagta cagacaaagg ttcatctggc atgtttttca tcgctagagc ttcttggtgg     84360
     atgctgcagt gtacccagtt gtcttttaag tgggtgtgtc ttgtttgtaa gtgtagttca     84420
     gatttgtact tgccctgcca aaattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacagatga acgaagactg     84480
     catcagatca tgaagcagat caatgtggat gtttcttttg agctgtcagt gcagaaataa     84540
     acaaaacaac aggcctaaca caacatatta taagattaaa atatggaaaa attatcagat     84600
     agtaacttcg gtcaattttc ctaacggata aacacctctt ggtcatattt cagcatgctt     84660
     tcactttcgt attagacatg atatcctgcc ctactcttca taaagccata tatatggcta     84720
     ttacacaatc ataatacact gtgatatagc ctgggtcgtt agtttgttgg attgttttgt     84780
     tttctcacta caatcaatcc gctcaatcga gcagagagca tctcattcag acgatcttgg     84840
     gccgattgat ttggcgcgga tcccagcacg tttgctggat tcatgtatgc caaacaaacc     84900
     acgttaacgg ggaaacgaaa cagattctga aacaaacgtc tatgtgtaaa agcaccctaa     84960
     gattgtattt gcatgcaatt gacagagagt cgcagccaag gtaaactttt gtgaaaaggc     85020
     agcatctgta caccattctg tacactggcc cgagcgtctc gcctcggccg atgtagatgg     85080
     tatatcccta ctgtcacatg actaatgtga aaaggcaggg ctattgtgac acatgtggaa     85140
     cagcgagatg actatgcacg ggatgtaaat tacaatttat tatgtgtttt ttttgtttgt     85200
     ttttctttaa gtaaatttct tttctcccag aaatatgaaa tgtaaagttt acccaaaata     85260
     aatgcataaa actaataaaa gataaaactt tccgccatta caagcatttt cttgcgcacc     85320
     cctggtggtc agactgcacg ccccagtttg ggaaccactg cactaaactg acaaaactta     85380
     aaatacttac gtttccttgt gagatcaggc tggaaaccca cgtaagcaca gggagaatgt     85440
     gtaaactcta cacagaaaca actgctggct tggtagggac tagaaccatt gacgttcttg     85500
     ctatgaggca acagtgctaa ctactgggcc accgtgtcac ccatctaggt aagaaggaga     85560
     ggtaggggtg gaagggggaa ttcttcaaaa cgaagttggc tgtaatatgg aacttagggt     85620
     atttagagtg gcttggcaat cgtctgattg gtgaatcata aattgaataa tgcgggacca     85680
     accgaaagca atcataagca tgtgatcctc ttgaaattag tttataaata aaccttacct     85740
     aatgagtaaa ttatcagttg agtaaaaggg agaactatcc gtttcatttt taagtttaat     85800
     cagtttaacc acttctcttt ttctacactt ttttttacct tatgctttat ttattcttta     85860
     tttttgttat tttctcttat tgattttcag cactgactca ttttcacttt tttttttttt     85920
     tttgtatttt taattttcta cttcctgtaa ggagtctgtg tactgtaaat gtgtttctgg     85980
     ggtcaaagat ggcaaaagat aagcatcaag tgtttttttt tttttttact atttgcatat     86040
     tcctgcaaaa tctctggtta attcataaaa gcgcataatt gttgaatttc caccagaaag     86100
     acacagtaca tacagctgag ctttgagaga ggcattttaa gttttaagtt ttcaaagcac     86160
     aagcaatgga cccttcgcta agccccgcct tccttagtta ttgttgctac gcctgacaag     86220
     ctttcatgcc tgtcatggct ttttcaatgt gtgtgtgccg gtttcagaca tggccaggga     86280
     tataatgtca tttttggcaa acaggtgaga tatccgagaa agccagacaa aaaaagactg     86340
     cagtatgcat tacaggggta tattcaccac ataataggca accgattaga gaataaatca     86400
     atcaaaattg aagctagctt agcctagcca cctcatatgc taaccattca acagcttagc     86460
     tcatgctcag caggagaggt gaaatttaaa aataatctaa taataacaaa tgaaaccgtg     86520
     atttttctat tttttagcca aaaagcctga tagattaatt ggtgtgaaat gaaatatagc     86580
     gttactaacc gacgaggaaa cacgcatgac agtgctttta catagttcat tcatagacag     86640
     agcagccaga aagggaaact gatggatttg tgccgaatat tagcatcatt gacccatata     86700
     acaatgtaca tttacagtaa gttacctatt actgtcagta tatttgtgtg ctcattatgt     86760
     atgactgaaa aacagctggg ggtaaagtat attgatcgca tctgctcagt ttgtgatcat     86820
     atctcggttt tgttctgttg atttgtaatt tcaaatattc gtagcttaaa acagatggaa     86880
     atatgaagat caaagttagc aacagatttg cagattcata ttttccggat caataactca     86940
     tgtcactatg acctattcgc tattagtatg actacgttac taacgttatg gcgaaggctt     87000
     aaatggagca ttactcatga tatcgagcga aaaaaaggaa ttagacagct gtgaaacata     87060
     accagctttg tgtttttgta ggacacacag tttagatctg tttagagtag gaggtgtgtg     87120
     agttattgcc gcctgtctat ccctgaatgt gaaagaaata tcaaaacaaa accaacctag     87180
     ctccactctt ttagcgcctc tcacacagct tgatccacgc tggcgtttct cctcttgggt     87240
     tttaggtttt gaaaagggaa aaactccacc atcccgtcca aactttaagg ataccgggta     87300
     tcagatttgc acaatactta tgcactcgct cgaaagcttg acagagcccc tgcgcgtcgc     87360
     tacagttgct acgattgttg gatggcggtt gacccttcgc taagctctgc gctccttagt     87420
     tactgttgtt acgcctgtca agctttagtg cctggcatgt ctattacaat gtgtatgcgc     87480
     cagtgtcaga cattcccagg gatataatta gtcatttttg gtgaacaggt aagatttctg     87540
     agcagacaaa aaaggactgc agtatgcatt acaggggtat attcacaaca taataggcaa     87600
     caaattagaa aacattttaa tcaaacttga agctaggtta gcctagctgc ctcgtacgct     87660
     gagcattcag caacttaatt catgcacagc aggagaggtg aaatgtgaaa ataatcttat     87720
     aataacaaat taaaccgtga cttgatagac taaggcccaa tcccaattgt acccctttgc     87780
     ccttcccctt ccccctaccc ctaattttgc acgtttatgt aaaggggtag gggtgttcca     87840
     attctcttta gcttgaaggt gtaggtctaa agggaacggg tagatagccc ttcaagctga     87900
     gatttttcag gatcacactc gaatccaagg gggtgagaaa atttcccaga atacaccagc     87960
     cacaacggca gcatgactcc acccggaagt aaggagatct acaaattaat atattttttt     88020
     attttttttg gtgtgtttac attgatcaat atagccactg tgtaaatgcg cagtatagtt     88080
     acaatctgaa ggaagagctc acgatgacat atgatgacgt gtgcaggtgc tgtagtggtg     88140
     ttccatttct taggggtaat ttttgaagct cttccccctt cacacttggt tttaaaggcc     88200
     aaagggaagg ggtagaggta cacaaataga attaggattg ggcctaattg ttgtgcatta     88260
     aaatataaca tttctaaccg gcgaggaaac acacatgaac agtgcttcta cataattcat     88320
     tcatagaaag agcagccaga aaggggaaat tgatggattt gtgccaaatg ttaacattgt     88380
     ataatataac tgtcagtatg tttgtgggtt ttttacacag ttactattca agtttgcagt     88440
     aaagtgcaaa aaacaaataa actaaaatgc aaatcaaatt ataaatagca gaagtgaaca     88500
     aatagatttt ccctaacagc aaatattaat ccaacaacaa atataaaagc agacactaac     88560
     ccggcataac gctgtcacca atgactaaag ctccaaaaga caaatgaaaa cattagtgaa     88620
     ttgacatgag ggttataaat ggctgaaaaa actatcaaaa gattgatcgc aagtactcag     88680
     tttgtgatca catctcagtt ttgttctgtt gatatgtaat ttcaaatatt cgtagcttga     88740
     aagaaatgga aatatgactg gattgtgctt gctcttacag ctattgtgag gaaacagagc     88800
     agtgctcata ctatcaagca aaaaatgtaa aaagacagct gggaaacata acctgctttg     88860
     tatttttgca ggaaacaaag tttagatttt tttagggtaa gaggtgtgtg agttattgtc     88920
     gtctattcct gaatgtgcca ggaatatcaa aaacaaaatc aacttaacag cgctctttta     88980
     gtgcccctca ttgcttgatc catgctggca tttctcactt taggttttgg aaggggaaaa     89040
     aaaaaattta acaagcccgt ccaacctttt aggataccgg gtatcagcag tggtggaagg     89100
     agtactgaaa aatcaagtac cattacttgc ccaaaatgtt gtgcaagtag agtaaaagta     89160
     tctgttgtaa atcttactca aagtatgagt aaaaagtaga catttcaaat gtactccaga     89220
     gtagtgagta ctacgctgta aaaagatgat gcatttatat gtcatttgtg catgtgtgtg     89280
     taaacgtaac attctgtagt gcattgagtt attgcccagc gggcacacaa catcatatga     89340
     cgttaatatt agattagatt ttaggttgcg acgccaggtg accaaaattc aacatctagc     89400
     cagcatctaa agagtatatt attttgatgt ccaacgttcc gacgttgata tttggttgat     89460
     tttaagttgt tagaaagtga ccaaaactca atgtcgagcc aacatcttca accaacgtca     89520
     ttttgaggtc aaatactcac atttatttat aagttatggt aaccaaaata caacgtctga     89580
     tagaaatcac tgtggtaacg tccacacaac gttacgctgt aacatcatta gacattgata     89640
     attggttgct tttaggttgg acatggacat tgacatcgac ctgatgttga gttctgaagt     89700
     caaaccgatt ttcatttaca aataattctg caacgtcccc atgacgttat ggtacaacgt     89760
     taatctgacg tcaagttgac gtcttgtgcc tgctgggtat ttaaggccat ttcagtcctc     89820
     atacagtaaa cgtctgtcgt cttcccatca gtgacatgca tctaaacagt ctctgtgtca     89880
     atgcgtgtaa agattttgga catcttctta gaaactttta ttgcttccaa acagtttgcc     89940
     gcaattataa agcgctcatg tcttgaggta gctcattatg atgccatttg ccttatacag     90000
     tatatttgat tagacaaatc acaggactgt ttttcctgtc tatggggatt agaaaaattt     90060
     aagtagtgac tgcatgttaa aggaaagtag tggagcaaaa gtacagtgct aagctgcatt     90120
     ttgtgtttgg cggttttcag gtgtggctta gcgaagtttc aattaagaaa gtagtcatgt     90180
     gcagtggagg aatgacacac taaaagattg ctccaccccc aagagagtag tacccgctca     90240
     atgtttagcc gcttctattg acaggagaaa accgcttact tcttccgagt ctctctcccc     90300
     tgtgaaggtg atctttgtgg actttaaaaa ccagcagatt cgatttaaag ccaggtgtac     90360
     atggagactc ctccgccaat ccatatgaca atatctaaat tgaaacaaat tagattgttt     90420
     tatataacat ttacaataac atggtgctct aatggtttga agtttttaaa ttaattccaa     90480
     tttaatgtca aagaatctac agcagatgga taattgtttt ttggccaata taactattca     90540
     aacaaaggtc tcaataaaca accaccacac cacaaacaag tagatcatcc acactaacta     90600
     cacacagtat ttagaaccaa gggtgccttg gggttatgtg attgttacag tcatgtgtaa     90660
     tatttgtaaa catcttttat ttagaatttc atacgtagga caatattaaa ctagaaaagt     90720
     aaagttcgta gacaaacttc atggtggttt ggtctctctc tcttacctta aagagcaatt     90780
     taaaggctta actagttagg ttacaagcca gtgggccacc aaagttttat ttgtagagga     90840
     tttaaaagaa taactcatta aggcagctaa taataataaa aaaataataa taaaaacgtt     90900
     ttttaaaaat gtaaatactt ttttttatta atccagccaa attacacaca tattatatgt     90960
     acactgtgaa tttgctttaa tttccatgtt ttgttaaaca tcaattaaaa tgtttggata     91020
     taatataata tatttgtttt ctattttact tcatatttta ttgcaatata tatttacaca     91080
     tttcttttta aagtcactta tataacaaca gctaaaaata gactcctacc ttaaaaatca     91140
     caaagagggt tcccaatcgc acactcatcg tatctgtttg aaacaaaatg tcttgaaagc     91200
     tctttgagaa atcacttcct gactggttgt tcagactcca cagctattgt agatgtttaa     91260
     aatgcctcca ccgggggtgt ttatattctt tactgtgagc tgcttgtagg ctgtggcatt     91320
     attgcaccat tacataaagt gcttgcacaa acatgcaccg tgaaagtctg caacccttca     91380
     ttgtaataac agattctttt gaatacatat ttagtataga gctttcttta gagagcttaa     91440
     aggaaagttt ctgggcacac atatttttca gacagacatc tgttggggag cacaaacatt     91500
     taccaaagtt acatattttt tttaattact tccttatttc ttattcctaa cttgaatacc     91560
     taaaacacat taaaaatctt gtaacttcaa acagaactat ttaacagaat atgaagtact     91620
     tacctcaact ctttcaacta gagatcaaat ttgcaatgaa atctaaatta gtagataaag     91680
     agaaatatgt tactagtaag acatcaaact gactttataa gttattgact tattgaataa     91740
     tacaactaaa acacaattat acaagaaggg actttacaac attatgagga tctgttgatg     91800
     gttaagtggt ggaagacatc aagttaaata ctaaaaaata aatgctcaga tacaatcatc     91860
     agaagattta aattacaaaa ataataagaa tgaagcttct ttatcaaaaa gtggttgatc     91920
     gggctgcaac gtccctcatg aaagtggatg ccaacatgtc ctgtcagcaa gaactattta     91980
     gagtatatat ttaaacaatt ctccaaactg ttggttaggt ttgaaaatgt taattaatgc     92040
     atttacttac atgaacaaac aatgaacaat acatttacta ctgtatttga tcatgttagt     92100
     taatgttagt taatgaaaat acagtagtac attgttaatt catgttaact catggtgcat     92160
     taactaatgt taaaaagcat ggacttggat gttaataatg catgagtaaa tgttaaatta     92220
     tgataaataa atgctgtaca tgtgttgttc atgattagtt catgttagta aatgcatgaa     92280
     cctaatgaac tatgaacctt attgtaaagt attaccccat aatttttata gttgtatgag     92340
     tgagactcat gttaacctgt gcttttggac tcctgttctc ctgtgtctac aaagtcacac     92400
     tcaggtacat tctgcgtcac ttccggtgtg tggtatattc ccattccata aaggattggt     92460
     cattgtaatt ttttttctga taaaagtgtt ttgcatcctg ttaatttttt tctacaatgt     92520
     ttctaatttt ttttgtttct aaaattttgt ttcgggcaac gtgttggtgc agtagttagt     92580
     actgtcgcct cacaataaga aggtcgcttt ttgagcctca gtcagttggg tctgttggca     92640
     tttctgtgtg aagtttgcag ccccgcgttc acgtgggaga gtgtaagtgt gcttcccatt     92700
     aacgggttgc agctggaagg gcatccactg cgtacaaatt atgctggata agctggcagt     92760
     tctttccgct gtggccaccc cagattaata aagggactaa gccaaaaaag aaaatgaata     92820
     aaatttgttt cgtctgggta aaatcttggg aaaaaaagtt tttcctattg ttaggatggt     92880
     gttttgtgtt tctgtgtgtt tgatttgatt ctagattggg ggcgtacctt cagcgcacct     92940
     gatgctggtc agcaccctta tttcaaccct ggcagagagt ttgtcagggc cgctgtccat     93000
     taacttggca gttggccaga gctgcgcatt ctgctttgtt tcgcaaccat acacaattac     93060
     tgaagacatt taatgcatcc attccattca cttacatttc acactgattg aacaaactga     93120
     tactaatatt ttgattatat tatttcaatt gagttaaata aatcaaaaca agggaatggg     93180
     agatgagact ctaattggtt tattctcaaa acacacctat cactcattaa gaaaataaac     93240
     tcaacccttt tagcccatgc gccttggcgc aaagcaggac ttggactgac aggcagacag     93300
     acacttttca atgcatttgg agcaactttt cctgcgtaaa ttgaatcgct aaaacactgg     93360
     ctgtgccttg ggtctccagg cccttattca ctatacagac ctcacaaaaa gacttttatt     93420
     gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattaa atctttttaa caggaagaag atgtcttaat     93480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     93540
     atatatatat tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttaatttc atagacagac cgaccgaact     93600
     tctggagtat cttaaccttt taagcagttg tgttttgact tgtcctttat gagctttaag     93660
     atttattttt tttttcttct gttgaacaca aaagaaaatg ttctaaaaaa catattattg     93720
     aagttcaatt tcacaggagc gaaaaaaaaa agttttttta tttaaattca cattttattt     93780
     caatatttcc acatttattt tcaaacaaaa tgaaaaaacg attgaaacaa aatgtcttga     93840
     aagctctttg agaaatccct ttctgactgg ttgttcagag ttcacagtta ttgcagttgt     93900
     ttaaaatgtc ttcactgggg gtatttatat tctttactgt gagctgcttg tgggctgaga     93960
     catttttgca ccattacatg aagtgcatgc acatacatgc agcgtgaaag actgcaaccc     94020
     cgtataatgg attcttttga ataaatattt gcatagagct ttctttataa cccaaagaaa     94080
     aggtgtcttg gcacacatat ttttcagaca gacatctgtt ggggagcaca aacattcaag     94140
     tcaaccatcc aacattttca agttccatat tttaatgact tattcacttt cttttatttc     94200
     atccaccaaa acctattctt ttgttttttg tatgtgaaaa cacaacaaaa tatctagaaa     94260
     ctacatatag aataatttaa cagaatatta agcactctac ccacttcttt taaatagaga     94320
     tcaagattgc aattaaataa ataaaaatat aattcaagag tttatacttg gctgatgatt     94380
     gataataaag cttgtttggc atgctcgtgt tcttgtgtaa tgtcaacatc tactgccaaa     94440
     gttcagttcc aaaattcaag accgcaggaa cagaggacac atgaaatttg atatcgagga     94500
     cgcatctaca gtatgcagac ttgtgcgcaa aactcacttg agaggtccct gaagtcattg     94560
     tggctgaaaa aaagaaggtg ggaggcacag cattttatac aggtttatta ttaaagtcca     94620
     gtccagaggt aaaatttatt tatctcagga gtttccctaa ataaaatggt gaaagtgaac     94680
     atcaccatga acatcttact aaaggcataa acacattaaa agtgtttatt tgctgaagtt     94740
     gcacacattc ttgctgaagc aacagtgcta atcactgatc tatcgtgcca agcatttaga     94800
     aaaggaaaaa agtacagatg gaagggggga ttcttcaaaa caaagatggc tgttaaatgg     94860
     aacttagggt atttatagtg gcttaggaat catctgattg gtgaattata aagtggataa     94920
     tgcatgacca gccactagca attataagta taaccaattt tgaaacaact tcacaaagaa     94980
     attgactgta taagttatta atttgacatt aatttataca actaaacata actaaatgtg     95040
     gtataaaaat tatacaatta tacaaaaaaa gactttatta taacagaatg aggatctgtt     95100
     gatggctaat caaatacaaa aataaaaaac aattaaaact gctcaggtac aatggtatga     95160
     attgcattga tttatgcgtt tctcaaattg agtgtttgaa atcatgatga aaccagaggg     95220
     ctgttgcaca agtgtagaat tgggaaagca gaaggtcgcc tcgcacccac tcatctgaga     95280
     aatttacttt caattacttt catgccgaga tttgaatcat atgcaaagtt gaaatctttt     95340
     aacaatttca cactttttcc gaaatttgat aggacatcca ttaactcagg aactttatca     95400
     ttaagattaa ttgcaaacac ttatccaaaa ctgcacatgt tttatctgtt caatttagtt     95460
     gatctatttt atcatctata tacactttaa tctcacattc atttgttata tatatatata     95520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacatata tatatatata tacaaaatca     95580
     aacatggaga gtctcaaaaa accctttttt atgaggaact actttcttcc gcctttgatt     95640
     caaatcataa gctgacagtt aaacaggtga gcaggcatct tttaaattgt agatctgtag     95700
     tgtctgcttt ttgctggttg tatgtgggtg gagtaaaaca caaagggtaa agaggcttta     95760
     caggtgctga taattactaa aatatatcag agctatctgc caatcagatt taagaacctg     95820
     acagaactgt tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaac     95880
     ttgatgttat ttaatgtatg agattatatt tttgtgtaat tatatatagt agtaaacatt     95940
     tgaagtggac ataagtaatg tttttgtcta acacaagaat ggttgttttc caatagtttt     96000
     attaccacct tgaatcatgt tttgatctgc ttcaaatgtt gactactata tgtgagtgtg     96060
     tgtacagagg gtaaaaaaag tattgaacac atcgccattt ttgtaaaggt gctgctggca     96120
     agaaattgtc accagatgtc agtatcaacc aaaacaatta gtacataaaa agggttgggg     96180
     tgcaaacacc ttttcacaga gatagtcttg tattttgttt tgctttaata ataaaaatca     96240
     tcactttaaa actgtatgat gtggttcctt gggttatctt tgactaatat tcaatataat     96300
     cacaaacttg caaaatgaaa atcagtaagg gggcaaacac ttttataaca ctacacatga     96360
     caagcgctat gggtgaatta ggtaagctaa aatgtctgta gtatatgtgt tcgagtgaga     96420
     ttgtgtgggt gttttcaagt gatgtgttgt agctagaagg gcatccgctg tgtaaaacat     96480
     aggctggata atttggcagt tcattccgct gtggcaatcc ctgatcaagg gactaagctg     96540
     aaaagaaaat gaatgaatga atattctatt ttaactctct tatctatctc ttccctatgt     96600
     gaaaatataa aatgcacctg ccgcccaggc agagggactt atggggaatt gagtccaaat     96660
     ggtgcatggt tagaattcgg gtgatagctc cctctggtga tgcgcaatgg aggaaactgg     96720
     agcttcacct acaacagtaa gtgaatttca ttgtgtaatt tatctacata tttttcacaa     96780
     caataactta agttattact gtatttttta tagaattggt ctggaattta taaagcaaat     96840
     taaagataca taatttcata aaatgttatt caactgaaca aatgaaagct aaatgttcct     96900
     aacattgtga aaggcaaata tataaatgag gaataaatat ttcaaaagtg aaaatgtcat     96960
     aaaatgattt tgcaccttgc aataagtcca gtaaaacatt aatacgtgtt tttatacatt     97020
     tttaatatga gattagcact aagagttttg aaaatatgaa aaccttcatg aaaacagaat     97080
     atccaaagtt gtttatgtac caaagcatat tcaaaactaa ataattttct ttacatgaca     97140
     aataaaccat gtaaatactt atgtacagaa agtgtaaaaa tcaattatta atcataaata     97200
     agtgattaat gaattataaa attgtaaatg cttaaagtct acaggtgtcc agggacaggc     97260
     tctacaatgg tttaagtcat acttaactga ccgctaccag tttgtgaata ttaattgaca     97320
     gccttcacaa gtcagcccag taaagtatgg ggtgcctcaa ggatcagttt taggcccttt     97380
     actgtttaaa atttacatgc tacctctggg agacattatt agaagacatg ggatcagctt     97440
     tcactgctat gcagatgata cttaattata tatttcaact aaacctgacg agacgtctga     97500
     actttctaaa ctaactgagt gtatcaaaga cattaaagac tggatgacaa acaattttct     97560
     tctcttaaac tccgacaaaa cagaattatt acttattggg cctaaatctt gcacacagca     97620
     gatctcgcaa ctcaatttac aattagaggg atacaaagtt agttttagct ctactataaa     97680
     agatctgggt gtcatattag acagcaatct aacttttaaa aaccatattt cccatgtcac     97740
     aaaaactgcc ttctttcatc tgagaaatat cgctaaatta cgaaatatgc tattcatctc     97800
     agatgcagaa aagctagtcc atgcttttat gacttcgaga ctggattact gtaatgctct     97860
     atttgctggc tgcccagcat cctctattaa caaacttcaa ttagtacaaa atgcagcagc     97920
     cagagttctg accaggtcta gaaaatatga tcatatcacc ccaattttat cctccttaca     97980
     ctggctgcct gttaagtttc gtattgaatt taaaatatta cttctcacct ataaagctct     98040
     aaataattta gcccctgttt atctaaccaa ccttctgtct cgctacaaac caactcgctc     98100
     tttaagatct caaaattcag ggcttctggt agtacctaga atagcaaaat caagtaaagg     98160
     aggtcgagcc ttctctttca tggctcctac actctggaat agcctttctg ataacgtccg     98220
     aggctcagac acactctccc agttcaaaac tagattaaag acctatctgt ttagtaaagc     98280
     atacactcaa tgcatcacct agcgggttcc acacaggctt ctgcatcttg cttatataca     98340
     ctatgaacag cagctacgct aattattctc tttattctct attttcacct ggggatactc     98400
     atcccaaggt cctcagatta tgcggagtca ctgattggat ccaagaccag cgacgtgatg     98460
     atcccaagaa ttccatatcc gggaccaggc catatcctga gctgctgctg cgctgatggt     98520
     cgtggggagt ggagaacatg agtctgattc cagcgacgct ccagggacag acgagtcttc     98580
     gctgaggcca tcttccagcc taaaccacgg cgattgaagc tctgcacaag acttttggcc     98640
     agcggagaaa ttaaaatggt cgtgcccaac tgagtctggt tccctcaagg ttttttttcc     98700
     ctctccgctg tcgccactgc ctcgcatggt tcaggattgg tagagctacg catcgatgaa     98760
     ttggctcttc agtgtttgaa ctctcagtaa tgattaaatc acactgaact gagctaaact     98820
     gaactgaact gaacttaaac actaaaacct gaaccacact gttacagtta ctatgaccat     98880
     ttatgtgaag ctgctttgac acaatataca ttgtaaaagc gctatacaaa taaagctgaa     98940
     ttgaaaaaaa aaagctgaat taaatgacat aaaaatcctg aaaagtctaa caacaaatat     99000
     ttgaagttta aaacattagg atattgtatc tgacattcag cttctttgtc ttcctcaaac     99060
     caataacatt tataagcatg tatacttgct aaaagcatct tcccccttct ttccttttta     99120
     acagtgtgag caaatgttgc taaatgaatt aatgaagaca gaatgtcagg gcaggtgctc     99180
     tacatttatc tttattaata aaaagcagtt tgactgcatc tagtctctaa taaacaaaac     99240
     aaaaatatgt gattatagca ggacagatca ttagtcaaag aaattacatt tatacacata     99300
     agcaagcaag atttttctga ttttccagtg tctggatc                             99338