EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL929206; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 153126 BP.
AC   AL929206;
DT   26-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 18)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-150E22 in linkage group 7 Contains
DE   a novel gene, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate RNA
DE   binding motif protein 33 (RBM33), the shha gene for sonic hedgehog a and
DE   three CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-153126
RA   Heath P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 51b0e1e3d8e88ac378e0abde961fd4cd.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992244.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000068562; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000068567; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000084070; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000099204; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000149395; danio_rerio.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2394741; 17559649.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-150E22. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-150E22 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-150E22 is at 153126 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-150E22 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..153126
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-150E22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..153126
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(41721..41881,43847..43928,44196..44247,45853..45926,
FT                   49569..49833,59309..59437,59521..59707,61541..61836,
FT                   66421..>66563)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919871.1 Em:BM775498.1
FT                   Em:CN507399.1 Em:CO803637.1 Em:CO920437.1"
FT   CDS             join(41863..41881,43847..43928,44196..44247,45853..45926,
FT                   49569..49833,59309..59437,59521..59707,61541..61836,
FT                   66421..>66563)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018710"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q4S4X9 Tr:Q75LN9 Tr:Q96EV2
FT                   Tr:Q9CXK9"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTB6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04142.1"
FT                   PGTPIAQQPLQMLMPH"
FT   mRNA            join(<45853..45926,67238..67265,69689..69815,69962..>70064)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EB789586.1"
FT   CDS             join(<45853..45926,67238..67265,69689..69815,69962..>70064)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000027583"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0T7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ15279.1"
FT                   QGPPNFP"
FT   mRNA            join(<45854..45926,49569..49833,59309..59437,59521..59707,
FT                   61541..61836,66421..>66563)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC054924.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919871.1 Em:BM775498.1
FT                   Em:CO803637.1 Em:CO920437.1 Em:EB849622.1 Em:EB854533.1"
FT   CDS             join(<45854..45926,49569..49833,59309..59437,59521..59707,
FT                   61541..61836,66421..>66563)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000027582"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0T8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ15280.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<74207..74799,80929..81096,88961..89128,92934..93022,
FT                   94418..94466)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate RNA binding
FT                   motif protein 33 (RBM33)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CT712740.2 Em:CT736929.2"
FT   CDS             join(<74207..74799,80929..81096,88961..89128,92934..93022,
FT                   94418..94466)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000027584"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate RNA binding
FT                   motif protein 33 (RBM33)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9NSV0.1 Tr:A4D244.1
FT                   Tr:Q3U5Z3.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0T9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000504"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012677"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0T9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ15281.1"
FT                   MIDLSHIDVSIIDG"
FT   polyA_site      complement(109609)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(109609..111335,112755..113016,
FT                   116326..116944))
FT                   /gene="shha"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.3-001"
FT                   /product="sonic hedgehog a"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI943036.1 Em:AI957905.1
FT                   Em:AI958076.1 Em:CD777888.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L27585.1 Em:Z35669.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(109619)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(109635..109640)
FT   CDS             complement(join(110641..111335,112755..113016,
FT                   116326..116625))
FT                   /gene="shha"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-150E22.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018711"
FT                   /product="sonic hedgehog a"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q92008"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MTB5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001657"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001767"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003586"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003587"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006141"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009045"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028992"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTB5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-166"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04143.1"
FT   misc_feature    116890
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    125521..125544
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    151126
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-150E22"
SQ   Sequence 153126 BP; 49177 A; 28020 C; 27381 G; 48548 T; 0 other;
     gaattctgcc taattccaga gcatatgtta tataatattc attatgtctc tattcaataa        60
     aaaaaaactg ttacttgact catagaaaga aagaaaagaa taggtacatt ttcataagct       120
     tatgaatcca ttgaacttat gttaaactaa cttaaaactg cttgcataac ttataaatta       180
     agttagaaca cgattaatct aatttaataa gttacaataa actaaaatca tatgcagtca       240
     tgctgtttat ataatttttt tatattgtgg gtagtgttga agcacacaca cacacacaca       300
     cctacaaata atataatata atctttttaa agttgaagtg aatgaaatgc atgaataagg       360
     cccaaacaaa ccagtaatta ttaaaatctt tgctgaacca tgttttaact ctcggtagat       420
     ctaaaaagcc tgcatgccca ccaccctatt caccgtcatt aaacgttcac ctttcatgag       480
     agcagcagaa ggaaagaaaa gcgggcggtc tagactgaac acaatagtga aacggagatg       540
     aaaaccttta tatctaaccc accggagcat cacttccacc tctcacttcc gccctataat       600
     tcgttattaa acaattatcg ggacagtcac cttcatctta acgtcttctt tcatctttta       660
     gttcaactga gtcattttag ccatccaaaa attcaatata gcctaccttt atggcaagtc       720
     gaatttaaat atggtaaaac aaatcttaat tcttcagaaa cgctgtggat agattctttt       780
     ttacttatga caagtgatgt caaatttatg aatcccaaaa gggaaaggca gcttatacag       840
     cctaccggaa tattcttaaa tcgaatgaag aatacagaga agtggaaaaa cagggaagtg       900
     gggataaata gattagtgtg tgtgaaagat ggtgaaatga cgcattcccc atcacaaagc       960
     aggagcagct gtggacggag caggttccgg tcgagtacag acgcacaaaa gaggactcca      1020
     actttctcag agaggaaggg gacactgggg taaagaaaaa aatacccctg ccactctgaa      1080
     aatatctcag ataaaaatta tattctgcat tcaaaacttt aaacgcaatc ggggaggaaa      1140
     aaaaacatcc tgagaccttt gaccgcaaat cccatcatgt tcatgctatg attggcaact      1200
     ggttaagggc ctcgtttcaa gaagcccttt cgtctcagct gtggtcaaaa taaatatctt      1260
     aggggttagg ttaaaggtgg ggcacacgac acatggaatc agcctcttct ctagactata      1320
     tatacatgct gaatctgaag atatgattag tgatgccaca cacgaagaca attcaacctg      1380
     ttttctgttc ttaagtagta gtgcaagcaa atactccaag tttaaaatta gcttaaaatt      1440
     gaatacacaa ctttatttca ctattttagg cttgttatat tatattatat taaccaacat      1500
     tatattagcc attttattaa ttggccaacg tgtcactttt tatgatttgt actgtaggat      1560
     gaaataccat catgaatgtg taattgtaca ctagcattta caaaaaatga gtgaagcgct      1620
     aacgggaatt aagcaacaag tgcacagtaa ggtggaagtg ggcaaagtgt ttagcgacaa      1680
     gtgattaccg ggctagtcac gcgccacact tgtcgcaggg gtcgtaaaca atcacaagcg      1740
     cgcgaaacag gtgccaatgg aatttgaagc atctaaactc ccgcgaagaa accaggatag      1800
     cgccctgcta cccacccagg gtgtgtgcag gcatcgacac aggtagcaca tatggaccaa      1860
     gtgcgtttta atgtaatttg cattattgtt tcttagtgtt tttgcgggtt tttacgcatg      1920
     ccaatttatt cattacaact gtctttttta aaacaaggat acaaatcttt aatcacgcgg      1980
     tgtttattcg tttcaagtga gatgtttttg ttacttgaag agttcatata ataaattaac      2040
     atttattcat aattaaacat ggacggacct tcgctctgca tatggatgtc ctttttaaaa      2100
     agcagccgtt tgatttaaca ttttcatcat atgtaaaaaa ggatatttgg cgctatgcgg      2160
     tgtctgtagg ctacctacac atgacgaatg acctccagag aaaccatagc gtaaaatatt      2220
     ctacagatta gtatggcact tttaaataag agagaagaga attactgtga gaagaattac      2280
     attgtaaaaa agttgcaaca gaaagttaca ttgatttctg ctccctttag cagaattact      2340
     gagaagaatt acaatgttac aatcttacaa caaagttgca attactactc cggatttagc      2400
     agaaatactg agaagaatta caatgttaca atgtttcaac gtttacaatg attactgctc      2460
     catatttagc aaaattacgg agaataacaa tgttacactc tttcaacaaa gttgcaatga      2520
     ttactgctgc ctatttagca gaattactga gaagaattat gttataattt tactattttt      2580
     atgttagaat aaagttacaa tgctgcttca aatttagcaa acactcagga atttgtttta      2640
     ctagggagac taatttattt gactttaaac gacattcaac gctatgtgta atttggaata      2700
     tcaaatatta cattaaaacg ggtaatcttc atataaacta gaacgtaaaa cgaaacttgc      2760
     tttattatta acaaattctg atttcatgtt gattccaagt gtttggttgg aaacattaga      2820
     cccattatct aaaattaagg aaaaggcaag aatatagagt gttaagtaaa aagttcaatt      2880
     atgttttaac tttatggatt ttttttattt aaacaattta atgaaaatac acttctaaaa      2940
     atggggaaat attctatcat gtaatctcgt acttctcact aaacaaacga aatgcagatt      3000
     acatctttta tttaacaaac atgccattgg tcttagtaaa attagaaaat gaaaacagta      3060
     aaagactaaa ctgtccacag cagagcaaac ttgtaagttg tacatatcta taacactgaa      3120
     taaatcaact gaataattag cctaacaaaa ataatttatc acactcgagc atttattagt      3180
     ggattcctgt catggtcaac agattaatat aaacaacata atattattaa aaatgttacg      3240
     aatattaaaa tatataaatt taaaatataa attttatatt aaattgttaa ataattccgt      3300
     ttttagtttt tcttttgttt cttttttttt taaataagta tgtatttaac taaatacaac      3360
     ttatgaatcc atattaaaca gatgttttaa agccagcttt tttttttaac aagatttcca      3420
     ctttcgtaaa ctggcaactg gtctcaaagc aatttgagaa aatgcgtttg atccgtgatg      3480
     ttaatgaaat ataatatggg ctgacatgtc tgagaggcac tctaaatgtg agttttcacg      3540
     gagagcaaat gcttggtatt tgtgaaagtg aaaatgcacc tgtggcactt tcttgtttat      3600
     gaaaagccat ccgacattag acgtctgaac atattttgag catcatcaat gatttttaac      3660
     gtcaactgca gggaaagggg ctattcttaa gcacgcaaaa ccgttttgtc ccgtttcact      3720
     gaaatcttca agcttctagg ttggatgact ggcgatagat acaaaactaa agctttgact      3780
     gtcaatgaag ccattttctc ccaaagagtc tcaagatggg agtagcattc aattaacttg      3840
     atcccatcta aagagcctta attaggtttg tggaggacgc cacatgcacg gtgggtcagg      3900
     gacagcaaga ctgaaggaga cttatttacg ccaggacgat cagacgcttt agaattaagg      3960
     gaattaaaac ctatcaactc tatcctcacg gcgttttcaa agtgtccact ctgctaggat      4020
     ccggaccccg acagttccct gctttgaagg gggaatttgg atttaaaaca agcagcagct      4080
     atcagtcacg catgtcgacc aatacccgaa gagatactgg tttcactttt tattattgga      4140
     ccagatattg ggcggtggat tacagacagc ctattgcaaa tatcatttct gacgcgttga      4200
     tttgcattcg tcaggtgtgg aaacgctaat cttagatttg aattctagat tctaaataga      4260
     atatttgaat tttaaatatc tttcaaatct ttatgaggaa aacatatact ggagtaacat      4320
     tgaaaataac tgtcaccacc atgtcattgc agatcccaga cttgtggttg gctgggctgg      4380
     atcctgccat gcatggtgtc aggactcata tcgcaggcgt gctttgactg accgtgttcg      4440
     tgtaagtgtt tgtgtgtctt tgaaagccag agagtgagag agttgagggg ggtgtgttat      4500
     cctttatatc agactgcaag ctctatgatc accagggctc gcgcacacac gcgcacacac      4560
     acaccagagc gaccattcac aaaccgaggc agcgcgtcag catctattgt agtgactgag      4620
     ctagtggcat atactgtgca agggcataac agcctaaaga ttacacactg agggtcaaac      4680
     aaggcattac tgggataaac tggtacaaaa catccattca aataaaacag cattacactc      4740
     atactcatac tcttatatcg ctatgtctag gcacttcgac aggtcatcgg tctttttaat      4800
     agcagaaagg atagcattta taacactatt tggttgtggt gttttttatc tacacattga      4860
     aacagattgt gttgtttatg ctggtatgtt cagttgatca accgaagcat tttaaatggc      4920
     ttctgcattt catctgaaaa ctatgcattt atccttaaat atacgccctc tttgactttt      4980
     agcgacgtga agaccgtggg catttcagtt agttcagttg gttgttggct ggaaaacact      5040
     tctgcattca aagcgtaata aatgattgcc ccgtcctctt ttaaactagt ttcaataata      5100
     tttatccact taagttgaat tgctctggac gatatagacc ttgactgtgt catggaaacg      5160
     taaaacatcc atataaaatt ttattaaata tgacatacaa ttgactgaaa tgaaatggaa      5220
     taaatatttc caaaatataa ccaaaagcta aataaaagtg caaagttgca catattttac      5280
     ctgattttta aaagacacca aattcattaa ccagcgtgaa ggaaatgtta ctgagaccag      5340
     tgtttacaaa ttcaacccaa ttgaccccct tattgggagc tctaacgtta ccttagtatt      5400
     ttgatttatt ggtagattat tcaaaatgcc tagcttcttc actgttttga cgtttcaaag      5460
     gtggaaagcg ggtggtatgt agacaatatt aaattcttta aattttcatg gaggggtgaa      5520
     atatcagtca tgtttcaata ccgtggaatg gaatagaaaa tctcgaatat gttagtgaat      5580
     aaggatacgt caataaaatg tcccctcggg tatacatttg gagaacgcca tacacagaaa      5640
     gcgcacgtga acctgcccgt gcgcacggct aatgctacac atacaacaca aaagacgcaa      5700
     agaatagtgc catatcatga ctaatataaa cataaaattt aacttatgcc cagggttttg      5760
     caagtggcac cagtgcagtt atagtaaaca agagcaccaa aagctcttat aatcaacgtg      5820
     atatgaaaca cctgatttaa aaaattataa gaaggtacag gatttacatt tgataaatgg      5880
     attagataca tgtatcatat tccgttgctg tacaccagca gtaaagctat acgtgcttgc      5940
     atcgcttaac ctgtgttctg ttgttatggg agggggcgcc tcatattggt tgagtgaaat      6000
     cacaggatag gctacataca gtagaggatg aagcagcaga tgtagagggt aaaggaggtg      6060
     acggggatgg ttcatttaca gcatctctta tcgcacatca atgatttgtt gaactgatgt      6120
     gcttttattt ttattcacta ttaatgctgg catgattcat ttttatggca aatacatata      6180
     aatatttatg catttctgat aataaattgt tctatttgca aatgagaaat aaaagcgtaa      6240
     aaatacaact ctgtcaaacc agggtgaggc tttcagcgct gtagcgcaac agagggcagg      6300
     ctgcggcgct tgcgatctgt caaccgctcc attgtctttc accaattccg cgcatggagt      6360
     ctatggttaa tatctgtgga tgatttaaaa tcgttgtaga agtacatccc ctgtcattaa      6420
     agccaaagca tccttgaaga cccttagatt agcgccgtgt ccatttccac tcttgagaag      6480
     agctgtacga caggccggtg gctattgtgg ctaccgccat ggtctattca aacggctgtt      6540
     gtcggggatc ttcgtggagc aacaatagag catgcgtatg aatgcaggct agccaatata      6600
     aaaacatgac caaatacatt ttaccagtta ttccctaaac cagtttattc cctaaaataa      6660
     caatcaatgc ttcgcagtta aacagcagta accgaaatat aacaagtatt tatattcaga      6720
     ctgtatttaa aaatgttatt aaatggagaa aataatcaat gaaaatggaa aataggtagc      6780
     ctatgccttg ttagttaaag gtggttaggc agatagaagg cactaatttg atgagactgc      6840
     acggtgttgg ctcgccagag aaacttccta atgagcatgc aatcatagaa ggcctcttga      6900
     gaaacctctt tagttagaaa agccatactg cacgtttaat ggcagaagct agacttacca      6960
     tctatactgc cagttacaac agaatgatgt ctttacaaaa tgtcatatta aaggtgcaag      7020
     aacacaatgt gaaccaatgg ttattgttga tttcgatgcg atatgcagta aaggccacag      7080
     tcaatgcaca tcactgctat ggcgtcattc atcatacaca taacgactct gtgacggatt      7140
     actgcgaata aagagaagta aaatgaattc caaaccaatt gcgcgcgatg atggatttgc      7200
     tgctccatgg tacagaaagc cttaaaacga accatctgca tcgccatctg cattactaca      7260
     aggtttcatc cttttcaata gtgcataggc tctggttaag agttataaag aatagaaatc      7320
     aaagaaaagt tctacttcat tttttttttt tttggcgcga caataagcag attggcattc      7380
     tttaataaaa atagtttccg tccaaagata tgggggtcca gtcattccat taaagtatgt      7440
     tctcctagac agatgcaaac agagcttcgt ctgtcatcgt ttactttttc tgattagtgt      7500
     gcagtgtaaa gcgcgtaaaa tagtgcgtac tcgtgattct tcgaaaaact gcatcgctgt      7560
     atatcatgtg aatttgtgta ccattcacaa tactagccaa cttgtataac tcatggaagt      7620
     aaatactata cacgtcctcg tcaaaaattt cacagtaatg tttattgcgg tttggaaaca      7680
     gtaagcaccc cattatggaa acgatttctc atccactcgt tttggtttga cgcattctgt      7740
     tttgcatagc caaccgtttt ttcgacttta tcaaactgca acaaattaat tttgacaaaa      7800
     cttttcgcat atactaaaac gtaacaatac tgacaataaa ctagtgcaaa aacggtaggc      7860
     taattgaaaa aaaaatctgc ggtttcgtga gtgcgttcgg agagtgagtt gccttgacca      7920
     aattcaaatt atttatacaa aaaatggata gaaatgataa ttacgctaca tgcaaacctc      7980
     cgattaaaaa ggaaaatcgt gaagatcgtg ttcagtatgc aggctgcgtt ttggcactgc      8040
     ccgaatttgt attttggtga agcactgtgt ctttaaaagt gcaaggatga gtgttgtctg      8100
     ttactctcga atcaggggca cgtgatcagc tccagcatgt tctattggcc aaaggcacgt      8160
     gtctaggata ccggagtgta acgtcactgg gggctcgtat taaaaataag aacaaaaatc      8220
     cggagtgaaa gtatttcagg agcagtaagg agccccactt ctctgtcctc agagtagcca      8280
     ctgaagcctc gctagttgca ctgcgcagca aaccagtagc accaaactgg caagttacgg      8340
     ttcatcaacc ttaaactgca aacattccgt gtttggaagg cgtaactatg tttttccttt      8400
     gtgaccacgg tgcgcaaagg ctttttactg tcgctaaaac tcactgacag ttttttggcc      8460
     gttttgaatt tttttttcct gaagtgaaca aagtggacgg agtcgcccgt ggagtggggt      8520
     gcgactgcca gagtgcggga gagcgataaa gggttaagga cggaaggtgg aaagtgcgtc      8580
     tcagcatgga tgagaatgag cagagcgcaa gagacgtgga acagcgagga gcgtcggacg      8640
     agtccaacag tgccatacga ccccttttac aagctccagg aaacctgcag ctgccacacc      8700
     gaatcacaaa cttcttcatc gacaacatcc tgcgaccaga ttttggccgt aaaaaagaag      8760
     cgaatatcac gcgctatgag gacaatcacg gcgcacgaga gaatcacaac cctacgggtc      8820
     caagcacggg acaggtggga agtactgtac cagcggaaga agcttccaca acgcatacga      8880
     gcagcggagg aaaggaggca gagatagaga gcgaagaacc cctgaagccc cgcggggaga      8940
     atgtggatca gtgcttgggt tcagaatcgg atagttcaca gagcaattca aacggacaga      9000
     ctggtcaggg tatgctgtgg cccgcttggg tttactgcac acgctactcg gacaggccgt      9060
     cgtcaggtac gcttacctct attttttcat agcatgtgcc aaaaaatagt tacatttatg      9120
     caaagcacta caagagttat aattgcacta tatttaattc taatcacgta tatccaccaa      9180
     attaaaaggt caatttctaa aaacaacccc caagtgatgg aacaagttat actagtacaa      9240
     atatttacag ttcactaagt attttggtta tttaaatttt gcgcatattt tatgtacctg      9300
     aatatttatg ggtcactaac atattttgac tgtacctata taattaaata aaacgacaaa      9360
     aggtcccaaa aacaataaaa tgttttggcc gtcaatgtaa atgaccagta agtagtttca      9420
     acaattaagt aagttttttt gttgttacta atatttgtat attattatta tttatttatt      9480
     tattttattc gtggagtgat aatgataatg tatttgttgt catattaatg aagagagtaa      9540
     ataaacagac gagaaactga ttttctttta ataatactaa ataaatgaaa ttctatagaa      9600
     atgcaatatt aatgctgaac atgtgtaaaa atagattttt ggttttgcca aatgtttttc      9660
     cctgtaagcc tttcgtcttt gttgatattt cattagcata ttttattcaa caatagaaca      9720
     ggcctcgtat ttactatata ccaaacagca tttgttaatg gattttgcgg tgattttgta      9780
     aattaattta actaaaactg aattgcaata tttaagaaaa tgtccatgct aaacgccaat      9840
     ataatgtagc aaactcgagc atgagtggtc atgtacacca gtccatacaa tttatttatt      9900
     tattttactt ttcgaaatat ataacatttc agtttctgct gtgttggttg gttgatattt      9960
     gtgactgtat ttcatgagta ggttatatga ttcaatgttc gttcagggaa atcattcggc     10020
     ctgtttacta cttttaatag tgtagaaaaa aaaatgcgcc gatatttcat ctgatttccg     10080
     cgttaaaaag taagctgttt aacgtcaatg ctttctcgat tttttaatac taaaatattc     10140
     tttaaaatat tttgcaactg tagtcggagc tctttccatc gcgtaaacca gattttattt     10200
     tgcgtttagt ttcttagagt gctctacaat cacgaaccat aaacatttac aacgatgaat     10260
     gggttaaatc caagtatggt cgccatataa cctcactcaa tgcatttcta tacctaaaat     10320
     tagactttta accaaaaaat gtcttatata gagcaatgcg cgaatccctc atcaatattc     10380
     cgcttcatct ctgaggtttc ccgcattagc tattaatgta gcattcactg gactacatag     10440
     ctttacagat agagggagag ggagagggag agagagagag agagagagag atctataggc     10500
     taggctactg ctcacaccca agcgtgacgc aaaataaata aataaagcaa agcctacgta     10560
     aaacagattc ataaattaca gcactccatt gaacatgttt aatgcaacct cacaccagac     10620
     catgcatgaa cacaaacgca tattaaattt agcttgctgc acagtgtgtg cttcgcgttt     10680
     ttaaacgact tgttgtttca ttggtgcacg caggtcccag gtctcgtaaa ccaaagaaga     10740
     aagccgcaag taaagaagac aaacgaccac gcacggcctt cacggcggag cagcttcaga     10800
     gactcaaggc cgagttccag accaaccgct acctgaccga gcagcggcgg caaagcctgg     10860
     cgcaggaact gggcctcaac gaatctcaga tcaaaatctg gttccaaaac aagcgggcca     10920
     aaatcaaaaa ggccagcggc gtcaagaacg gtctggcaat acacctgatg gcacagggac     10980
     tgtacaacca cagcaccacg tcaaaggagg acaaatcaga cagtgactga ggcagagaga     11040
     gcggggaggg ggaagagatg ggtggggtgg accgggtggg gggcaaggtt atatttacaa     11100
     tgcaataatt caaaagaata aagggccagt taataaatat accagcatta ctgacgttaa     11160
     aatagaggct atatcgaatt atgtcaaagt acatttattg aacacaattc tcttatgaaa     11220
     taatggtcaa attatttcaa aaataggcta taggtgccgt tgtttgcact tggatagagt     11280
     gtctatgtta gaaacaagtg tttctatcgc tctttgtcat gtcaccagaa ccaagcgcta     11340
     ttagcgcaac gggcgtttat atatacattt agctatgtca gtttatgtga gaaaaaacat     11400
     tgcgcgaacc ttgcttaagt ccaaagagtc ttttctgctg catccaggca actgtgagta     11460
     ctatgaaatg cgttagactt gttttttcca cgtttttcgt attatttggt ttgatgtttg     11520
     atacgaaatg gacgcagcaa tcgttcggat ctcagcagga ttttttaaca aacagaaaaa     11580
     aggaaactga gaagaaacac tgtccttttt tattgtaaat aagttcacag tcttagcctg     11640
     gctaatttaa aagagtgaaa tggaggaaga aatcacaaaa cttgtttaac agtgcattgt     11700
     aggttatctg gttgaactac atgtgaacta gcctaatatt ttcgaaataa cattgaacta     11760
     accttcatag cctggtcaaa acacttctac tgggtgcgct aaataaacaa atgtaccgca     11820
     gcgtcttaaa tcgcatacat agttttataa aagagcaata taatcatctt ttgtagcaaa     11880
     gtatgtttta accatttaaa tgctgcctat aaacgtgtag cactgacaat gatttcgctt     11940
     atgcgcactc ttgactgaag ccagggtaag cgccacaaca catcacacag aaatataaac     12000
     aaatatataa atatacagct atatataaaa cacaaacaca cacaactatc gaataaaaaa     12060
     taagcaaacc agctgtttac tgtatgacag atgttaaaat actgttttaa tgttgacttc     12120
     atatttgtta tgtatttata tagattatat taaggaagaa aaaaaaactt tatccaatga     12180
     ccggtgttgc tttttatgtg agagtagatt tctaaggtgt ttaaattgct tatttatatt     12240
     gcaataactt ctttatgtga ataaagcggt attggggcct ttgcatgaaa gctgcaaatt     12300
     gtcatattag gcatattcac gcgtgtttag aaaagtaaaa aagggtatga tcgagattta     12360
     agttgcagac tgtatccata taccaaattg tggatttttt tttacttgtc gaatctttgt     12420
     tttacacctg aaaagagtgt gtgactatat agccaccaaa cctaacacac tttgccttac     12480
     aagttcaagt gcgaacttaa tatcacagaa ctgtgccgaa tcagagaaac agtattagtt     12540
     caattgcata tgagcatatc tatgaatatg gccttctatc tgatatacga cctaatgaat     12600
     ttactcatca gcgaagatct atctataaaa gctatgttga aagctgaaat gaaaaaaatt     12660
     gagataatac aatgctattt ttattttgtg tttacaggta ctgtttgtta tatgtgtaaa     12720
     taatttgtat cacgtaccta cgtattaatt gtgtaattaa ctgcctcctg aaatcttgat     12780
     aagaattaaa taaacaatat gaataataat aataataatt ctcaaagtct tttaaatgca     12840
     tttatttgtg gcttctatga gatttaatgc ctatctcacg ctcctgccct atctcactct     12900
     ttggttgaaa gaacgtgcca tgctctcatc aaatgggagc tgagcccagc ggacatgacg     12960
     tcacggcgct ggcacacaaa gctttaccaa atcaggagtg agtcgctgat gcaccctcag     13020
     cagtaagaca gtggagaagc actgcagaga ttcatgagcc catataaaaa ataaaacact     13080
     aaaacactgg ccctttgaac gttttatttt tttatagtca ttattagtgt tatcacaata     13140
     attattatca ttgctatgat tagtagtata gcctagtaga attaatatta atattattta     13200
     tttgtatttt tataattatt attatttatt tatttgtttg tttgtttatt tttggttaaa     13260
     cccatatcag caacactttg ttgtgaccct gtattttgtc taatgagcat gacgacaatt     13320
     aaaaatattt gggctctggt caactttgac tttggtccat aaatccttta aaaacgtcat     13380
     catgataaaa ttacaaacag actaaacatt attagctaca tctcatgctt tctcccactt     13440
     taaatgctca cacaattaaa taaaatgaaa ttaaattcat gaaacgaaaa cactatcaaa     13500
     gtgacgaatg agacgttcgg ggagacgggg actctaatcg agtctgttag ggatccctgt     13560
     gtacggactt taagctagaa aaagctaaca ctattgccaa aaataacatt tctattacgc     13620
     agacatcacc aaaaaaattg gactattatt attagctgta tttagacatg aaaccgaaaa     13680
     tataataatt tcggataatg atgaggctac ttgttttaga caacacgacc tttattaact     13740
     cctgcaaaac agcacaggaa aaacaatgct gttaaacgca ataattaact aacagtcatt     13800
     gctaactaat ggataaaatg cttctggaca aattgtaatt taaactggac gctaacattt     13860
     cattgtaatt tgcaataaaa taataaaata aaaatctgac ctaaattaag ctatttgcac     13920
     cataaaatgc cacaacggta atgtttgccc tccagataaa ataataccta gtcacatttc     13980
     aactgtttaa agaatagctt taggtggaaa actttacgca gaataaaata aaaaaaaaag     14040
     ttaattcaga ctataaaaca aacaaacaaa accactttaa tacaattcta aaatttacaa     14100
     tagaaaacac gaaaataata ataaataaaa taacgcacaa atgcaagttt tacatacatt     14160
     tacagttgaa gtcagaatta ttagccccct ttgaattttt ttttatattt cccaaatgat     14220
     gtttaacaga gcaaagaaat gttcacagta tgtctgataa tattttttct cctggaaaaa     14280
     gaaaaaatta gcatgaataa aagcagtttt ttaattttca aaaaccattt taaggtcaaa     14340
     attatttgtc cctttaagct atttttttct ttagtctaca gaacaaacca cctttataca     14400
     ataacttgtc taattaccct aacctgctta gttaacctaa ttaacctagt caagcctttg     14460
     aatgtcactt taagctgtat agaagcgtct tgaaaaaatt ctagtcaaat attatttatt     14520
     gtcatcatgg caaagataaa ataaatcagt gattagaaat gagttattaa aactattatt     14580
     tttagaaatg tgttgaaaaa aatcttctcc gttaaacaga aattagggga aaaaataaac     14640
     agggaggaca ataattcagg gggataataa ttctgacttc aactgtttat atctcactcc     14700
     aacttttgca tgtcatccaa aacaatataa ttgagacaaa ctttaaaact taattcaagc     14760
     tttgtagact atccactaca attttctgca aacttataaa caacacatta aaaatttttt     14820
     ttacatacaa tatagtgaaa aaatttgcca aagtgaaata acatcttgcc tatgatgagt     14880
     gaaaccattt ttaatgatct gctttttcag taaaaagttt tcagtaaaac aagactcaag     14940
     tttagaacta cttaaaaaaa agatttataa taactgatta atttttaact ttgtcatgac     15000
     agtacattat aatttactag atatttttca agacactagt attcagctta gtgacattca     15060
     aaggcttaac taggctaatt aggttaacta ggcaggttag agtgattaga caaatcattg     15120
     tatatggatt gtttgttctg tagactatcg aaaaatatag cataaagggg ctaataattt     15180
     gaccttgaaa tgttttttta taaaaaaaaa ttatagctga aataaaacaa ataagacctt     15240
     ttccaaaaga aaaaaatatt atcagacata gaaaatatcc ttgctctgtt aaacataatc     15300
     tgggaaatat taaaaaaata aaaattaatc attctgactt caactaatat ataataaaac     15360
     aaaacatctt gtcatagtct acctgtcctc tggggggagg agatgggggc cacagacaac     15420
     tggcatttcc catgcactga cctgctcaat gacaatgcct catctacatt tcttttctag     15480
     cgccacttgt atgaggaagt gatgcccaat ggttaagggg agaggtccct cactggcttt     15540
     ctatagagcc aaagtatgtg tgtttgtgtg tgagcaaagt aatgagagag acagacacag     15600
     agagagagag agagagaaag gggggggggg agaagagtga gagagagaaa ccccaaatga     15660
     aggtcaaaac ctcctgtcat ggctgcaggt ggctcatttc ctctgcaagg aacaatcctc     15720
     aatcctgccc acaccccatc ttgatttctc caccttacac ccacatttaa ctctctctcg     15780
     ctctctctaa cacacaaaca cacacacaca tgcactatac actcttaaaa acaataatgc     15840
     attacagttt tttttgtaaa aagttcttta aagaacaatt tcttcatgac ttaataatcc     15900
     aaacaacttt ctgctataag gtaccttttg tggaataaaa gtttagcaga tgtaatagtc     15960
     tctttatgga accatttaat ataaaagatc ctttattttc acagtgcaat ctctcagagg     16020
     gtagttcaag tgtacaatat gtgcaaataa atcttgtttg tcactccaga ctgcttgtat     16080
     gcgccctgat acatgattat attcaattat ggcatcataa ccatttctac caaactctac     16140
     aactactaaa ctcctgatat cagggttcac ttcagtcgat tcaaacaaac aatagaatag     16200
     cctgaggtgg agggaaagta tcagaatacg gatgtctact cgtctgcttt ccatacaaaa     16260
     gatcccccct ccccaaactc caaacactcc cactgtgctt ttctgcccag agtcctccaa     16320
     acgcttccta tggaccactg aggaatgcgg ctgcgaggtt cggaaacgtc attaaaggag     16380
     tgagggatgc aaacggagga caaaagggat gacatcaggc cgatttcaca ccaggccctc     16440
     ggatggccag acccaagcca gagtcctcac tacgcacggc agatcaaaaa gactgctgca     16500
     cacacagacc agtccggcaa agcagcaaaa gggtcggtaa agaatgctaa tccgcaggac     16560
     aaatatattt taatcttgtt acaacacaag ttaatgctgc agctagttga tgggaacgag     16620
     gatttctaat atgttgtata caattgcaaa caacaacttc ttcagttcac aaaatacact     16680
     gaccttttta gaccactgaa gttacctcga aatgcttcac agaacattcc ctgactaata     16740
     taatatcagg tccatcataa cacaacaaca tctaaatcaa ctctcctcta acatcttgga     16800
     gttttgtgaa gagaagacac aaatactcta acacaggggt tgtttttttt gtcatttagg     16860
     gggaaagctc cactggtggt gtcagtgacc tctactgaaa ccccagcagg gctctgacat     16920
     gcaaaggaaa tgagtctgag tgaatgagtg tgtgtctgtc tatcttctga gcaccttggt     16980
     aactcttgat ctctcatgta tggagctccg gcaatgggct cctaagaagt caactcagag     17040
     gacaaaagaa agcagaggca ttgaaacttc gctttcttgc ttttcttttt cgctccgtct     17100
     ctctctcatg tctctcacac acacatataa ccgccacatg agttgcacta atttcaagaa     17160
     agtttaatga gaaattttaa tgagcttgta cggtacaagt ggcagtcgta gagggtagtg     17220
     agtggcacgt ggacttgtta acaagttaac ggttatggta tgatttgaaa aagatggtga     17280
     gcctgaagtt ggaagtaact ttattgaaac catgaacatt ttcgatgtga aaacacaggc     17340
     attttattga tacaccttga aaaacagttt agaataaata gtaaagattg tactcatgaa     17400
     tgcagtcatt tttcagaagg attactgatg ttcaaagttg atgacattat ttttattcat     17460
     ttattttcta atcaacaaga atgctgaaga gtgacagaca ttttaatgtt acaaatgact     17520
     tctatttcaa gtaaatggtt tattagtatt attataattt tacaattcta ttaattacat     17580
     ttaaaaagta tcatagtttc cacaaaaaat attaatcaca gcaagtgttt tcaacattta     17640
     tttaaaaaaa agaagaaaaa gtttcctgag cagcagatca gcacatttga atgattcctg     17700
     agaatcaatg gagaaattat ggtgaaagct cagctttgcc gtcacaggac taatgacatt     17760
     aagtatttta taacagaaaa tagttgtttt aaattacgac aataaatctc acctttttcc     17820
     ccccaaacca tgtgtaagac aggaataaac tgatgttaac ttggtttaat gtattatttt     17880
     taatagactt caaaagcaat tagtggcttt acctaaaaaa caagcaagta aatattttga     17940
     cttaaattat taagtaaatc aaatatgcat aattaaataa aataatgcaa caatagttcc     18000
     aagttgcaaa aaggcttact taagtaaaaa aacacttaaa aaaagcatat actcactttc     18060
     aagtaaagca actatagtgc tcagcataat tgagtacacc ccattttgaa aataaatatt     18120
     ttatccattt ctcactgaat ataggcaatg tattttggtg catttaaaca aaagatatat     18180
     atatatatat agatcaccaa acatatttag aaatttaaac attattaaag ataaaaaaat     18240
     gcaagcaaaa tattgcaaat ataaattaaa acctacaaaa tttcaactac atttttcttt     18300
     ttttttgctt ttcttcattt ttcctttttt atttgtattt aattttttta acataaattt     18360
     aggtgtacta gtttttggaa cgttattgga agttattttc ttacataagc tccagatttg     18420
     gcttcagtac agactaatct aatgtatata cacaaataca atattgtata gcttcctagt     18480
     aaaaatatga atttgaaaga tttgtgaggg gtgtactatg tatgctaagc actgtaactg     18540
     caatttacag tgtgttgctt tataaaaaac gcttacaaaa aaaaatttac ttactgaccc     18600
     cgaataacac tcatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     18660
     acagacttta catttttaaa tttaaattct ttatttgatt taaagcattt aaatcagcct     18720
     agtgagggtt caagagtcct ctttacattc ataatgtgtc ttaagaagca caccactcca     18780
     aatataatta aaatagccac acattaaaac taattaactg tctactcaga aacttggctt     18840
     gatatgagtg taactgcaaa caaaagggca catttaaaca ttgtattggc caacttagaa     18900
     tatttgattg caaaagttta cttctgtcat tacacaggat gatatatcat taactaaatc     18960
     taatctaaag tgaatcaaaa gctcacaaga ggagtcattg tggcaccttg gaaacaaacc     19020
     gaacggctga cctttacaga atggttactg tcatcttttt aatacagcac ggcgactttt     19080
     gaccttatac tgtacgacat ttggagacat aattggccgt gactcccact aaccatgagc     19140
     aggacaaaat aaccatttaa atcatcctat tcagtttaaa ggtctacaaa tattatgtga     19200
     atgatcggtg tttgctagct cattcctgat aaaaaaaaaa aaacttcaga acataccatt     19260
     tcaaacatta aatgaaagcc taaaagcaag aactttctgt ctttctttct tttcatttgt     19320
     aataatttag ctattactta gacactgggt tgttgtttta tattaatgtt gttgttttac     19380
     agctatggaa aaagaccact tgcaatttgt tggatttact ggatttatta atattttatg     19440
     ctaaatgact gaaaaaagtg cttacaaatt tagaacaagc acgaaaaaca ttttctttcg     19500
     aacacaaaaa ccatccaaaa tcgcaaatgt ttttatttgt tgtgattgaa aagcaggtta     19560
     attttacacc aaatagtgtg ttcttaactt ttctaaaagt aaaacattgc actattttgt     19620
     ttactgaaaa gaaatgttct cagtaacata aaataaacta atgacaattt ataattataa     19680
     ttgtacactg taaaaaatgc tgagttccac acaatccctt tgtgttttcc aaatgtaaat     19740
     taacttaagt tgatttaaca taaaacaatt aaagttgtcc ccaacaacta aagaattgtg     19800
     tcgtttcagc tcattttaag taagtatttt gaacaaactg caaaaatact aacataagta     19860
     agtataaaat aagtactaac aattataaat cctaaatcct gagaaacaat tggcctctta     19920
     actggtttcc atgttttttt tctgtattaa tcatgtcttt catattttgt atattataca     19980
     cccaaaacac ttttgaattt agttaaaaca caattcttga gatttgtttt tgggaaaaaa     20040
     ctgtttatat taaatccact tatattttta ttccacattt ttacagtgta taaagtgtcc     20100
     aaacttttct aaaactcgta aattagtctg atattatgga tcatttgtgc cacttactaa     20160
     aagaattaga attttctgtc ccattaactt gttgaactgg taatgttata gtagttgaga     20220
     cttgctatac gttttccatt tattgacagt gtataaagtg gcaatataga ttggagtgta     20280
     gtactacaaa caagtgaagg acagtgtaat gcagttagga aatatataca tacaattaca     20340
     ttattattac tacctgtatc acacctctgc agaagcacca tcacagttct tcttcttcac     20400
     tatcctgtaa taaacagaca aattcacaaa aaagaacatc agtaggacag agcaaaatgc     20460
     acacacacac acacacgcaa attcagtgac accatctgaa agtacagaat tcaaatacac     20520
     agtgtaattt taagcctgac atgcaatgat ctatttattt gaactgtcaa gctctatttt     20580
     atcatcagct caagctggaa aatagggagg gtcacatgtt ttgcacagaa taaccttgac     20640
     atattctcct aacctgctct catacacaaa cacataggga gagagtcaat atcagagggc     20700
     agagctccat tatagtagat tcggagggag ttacattacg tcctccacaa aacctgacct     20760
     gcctctctct aggctgtact ggcaaacaaa ctgggtcatt gtttagactg tttcttggca     20820
     acaacgattt attttggaca tttaagtgag ttaagcttgg tcatatatat ctaaattact     20880
     gcccatttag aaacagaata attatacagc acataactta aacacaatcg attgagcagt     20940
     tggggaatta atgacatagc aaagcaggag gaagattctg caaacaatta ggtgtcatcg     21000
     aatctattta ttaatattat gtatttctta tttttatcaa aactacactc aaaactacag     21060
     accacactaa aaaagctgta ctgttgaaca caaatgtgtg taaaataaag gcaaatccaa     21120
     tcatcgggtt ctaaatattt tgcccaaatt tgggttaaca ccacccagca tttttcagag     21180
     tgtgttttgc agatccacca tgtgaaagta cagcagcaaa taaaaccctg actacatcca     21240
     ttcatcatga atgacacaca tacgacagca ttcattaaaa cacgggtgac gttttgactg     21300
     ccatgaaatg cattcaataa agcatctctt gtacgaggat aaatacttct attaaattct     21360
     tcatggttat gaactgtgca aggatgcagc tggctgaggt agaacatgtt tgtcgcgttt     21420
     cattttagcc cacaaacctg ggcacttctc aaaacaaggg cgtgagagaa gctgccatac     21480
     acagcgtcag tgtgaaaagc tgcaatggac acaagactcc agttcgtttt acctcaaaag     21540
     tgacaaaaca tgggaaaagc gagcggggaa aaagggtggt ggaggtggtg gtgttgtggg     21600
     ggattgggga aatggagggg cgggtgggga atcttactgc agctgccatt ttcttggctc     21660
     tgagtggctg gttaaagggc ggagcaggag cagccacaca gagcacgacc ataacaaccc     21720
     ccggcaccct cctttactgg tacaaaccat ctctatacca acgctgatcc agggtccgat     21780
     ttatctgacc atacctgaca gaacactcca ccatcacaga ctccagatct gtggaagaaa     21840
     ctgctgcatg acggcaaagc agcagaagga gtgcagacag acaaccaacc aaccaacaac     21900
     ccacccacct atctacccac ccgcccgcac aggaacaaca acagcggcac ttcctgcgct     21960
     ttcagtgtgc aaactatgcc ttcagccatt cgtaatgaaa ggaaaaaaaa acacaacatt     22020
     cacaccagcg tttcagaaag attttgaaat tgcaatattc cagtgaccaa atttttccag     22080
     ctgtcatcag gtttcgtgta tccagctccc aaaaggcgca atcatcatat tttaccagag     22140
     accttgactc agcacataat actaaagtaa ggagaattat atggttttac aattcagttc     22200
     ccttccacct tacgtgtaac aaataaacat tttttaaggg tcacaacatt catatctgtg     22260
     ccacactttt aacccctcat aaacgagtca aggcaactta aatcatttga gcaaacagat     22320
     atttataaac tttgaataca tttgagttca cataatactt catcaaatta caatattact     22380
     taaatttact tatcagaaag ttactcattt gcaacatgaa actgtaatta cactgcaata     22440
     aaccagctta acattttttt aaaactagaa acagtataag atttatactt gcttaagagt     22500
     gagaaaacag agtatgtttt aatttttgtg tgaattattc ctttaactaa tttcttttac     22560
     tgttagcttc tggttaacaa cagtacaatc tcatctttat gtattaaagt aatcagcaaa     22620
     gtgatatctc tttgctgaag tgtgcacagt aatttaaaaa aaataaagca acagatatga     22680
     tatgatagtg ttcaaccaac ccaacacaag gtaaacctaa acagtccact tacctttgtc     22740
     tccattcaga aacagagtcg acttaaacat agcaacccca taatctcaga tatagaaccc     22800
     ctttttaatt ttaacatgag aaaacgctat acatgtccac caatattcat tttgaaaaac     22860
     atgaaatatc acttgatttg aacatgcgcg ttaccttaac agtcagattg cagtgttcgt     22920
     aaaacttttc tccaagtaca atgaaacaat acttatagag ccgcatgtat catatttgat     22980
     acacgagttt ctaagaccta tataataacc acctaatcaa tactttgttt aaaaacatgt     23040
     tgtatatgat ttgataaaag gtaaccggta aaaactgcct gaaatgttct ttgttgtcaa     23100
     aatgtcaagg gcaaaataat tttgtcatta aaattaactt gttgcaagca aaatgatgta     23160
     ttattttgtt tgtttgctat ggttgtttgc tatggtttaa taaacatctc agttccagaa     23220
     aataagaatt ttctgcctat tttttgatat ctcaggtctt aaagggttaa tgcagcaaca     23280
     tttttacagt ctatgaaact aaaatatctt tatttactaa actaattaat atactgggta     23340
     tatcagttgc atttcacatt caagtaaagt ataaacaaca ctaaaacaat tatatttgct     23400
     ctttgttcaa atgacttcaa atgagctaaa acacaattct tgagggtttt tttcagacaa     23460
     cttaattgtt ttatgtttaa gcaacttaaa tttgtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacgaata     23520
     agttaccata actcctttat gttgtcccaa cgtaaatcga ttatgtaacc cagcattttt     23580
     tttacagtga acataatgca tttgccattc taatgaagct gcttaaaact ttatacgaaa     23640
     atgaaataca gcttgactga ttttacaaat aatacaagct gtacagaaaa acaataaaag     23700
     cgtagcatca ttaaacaagt ttagaaaata cttacagaaa atgtgacgtc tcacaatata     23760
     gagaacagga tcttttttct gacttttgat gtaaacctat caagaaattt actaacaaca     23820
     attcaattct aaaagtttct tacaaagaat aaacactaat taaaaaataa agtaaaagag     23880
     aaacaaactg agacgacagg caagtcatta accctaatta tctaaaaata aataaataat     23940
     agagaggcag agagggtggt aacactacat caacaacatg aaaaaaggtc acattatcca     24000
     tttgttaaca gcagagtcta gacaggtcaa ggtgcattat gtcccgtgtc tcagtttctc     24060
     cagagccctc acatgattct ctttggaagg aggggtcagc agtggccaag tgcaggctaa     24120
     tcagggcaga ggctactgtg acccccagtg tctctacttg gttaatcaaa gcccccagca     24180
     ctgggtgtca ggctccgggc tgcagagggc aacagggaca aagataatgg gcaagggagg     24240
     gggggtgttg tgtccactcg cctttgtctc cattcagaga cagagacaag cttccactca     24300
     aacagatgac attagggctg ggctctttta ccaaggacgc ccctgatttc ggaacgaatg     24360
     tacagacaga cagagagaca gacagacaca tacatacaca cacacacaca tacacacaat     24420
     actgctttca cacccctaca ccatctgggg ccttcacgtc ccaaaagggc tgaggaggga     24480
     aaccagggtt tagcacacct cctctttctc tccctccctc cttccttact tccatcttct     24540
     cttcttcatt actcgaggcc tgtttaaaca gacagccagg acagacacgg caaacatact     24600
     gaaaagctcc tcaaaatcct catgcaaatc acaagccaat ctgtgtggag agagacagag     24660
     gcattttggg tttggctgga aataattaac tctctttttc tgtgctattt ctaccagaca     24720
     cagatgagtc tgcaagggct gtgctgtgga ggctactgtc caactcttcc atgcggaaat     24780
     tagttttaat aacttaccat atagaacagg ggtgggggga gattatcatt atttttctac     24840
     cctcgcagaa ctgaatcgct ctgatgtaaa acagagtgtg cggactcaca tttttatacc     24900
     ttacaatcga aatcgcaatg taaaaaaagc ttttgcattt aaaagtcaca atgaaaaaca     24960
     ctttacatca aaaaagcaat catgaatttg gtacaaatgg tagaatacaa aactagagca     25020
     agatgttcag atacaaaaga gctagactta ttatctgcac tacactttta ttcttgttgg     25080
     ttctgtgaaa acaaacatcg taaaatacaa ataatgtata ccactaaaat aaaagctgtc     25140
     agctccatct ttcgctaaat caataataaa aacaaaatgc acatacaaaa aaaatattag     25200
     attcccatca cttctaaaag ttgaaaagta gctttggttt tgtcctgttg ttcatcaaca     25260
     ttcatgtgtt ttttttattt tattttttat ttctatagca cttctacaat gtagattgtg     25320
     tcaaagcagc ttaatgtaga agttctagta aattaaaatt atgtcagtcc agttttcagc     25380
     tgaagttcag ttcagttcag ttaagtgtcc atccatcgat gcagcagcct gatcgcatga     25440
     gaaaacttaa atattttaca ttttgttaat ttagtggcta attcatacaa attcgtatga     25500
     gttcagattt taaaaaggag gcgtggcacc taaccccacc cctaaaccca accatcattg     25560
     ggggatgagc aaatcgtagt aaactgtatg aattagaatt atacgaatta gccactaaat     25620
     caaaaagtta caaattgtcg tgagattgtg ttgaatgcag agctccacaa gtcctataaa     25680
     aaagttcatt cttacttata tttttatgtc tgcaaacttg cattaataca agggcattgt     25740
     cgctgcgtct atgttgattc ttttcaatag catgcaccta cgaaatgtat aatataatat     25800
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat     25860
     aatataatat ttcccagagc tggtagggca tctgctgcat aaaacatatg ctggataagt     25920
     tgacggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccccag ataaataaag ggattaagct gaaaagaaaa     25980
     tatatgaatc aataatataa tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa     26040
     tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa tataatgctc aactacaaaa ctgtgcactg     26100
     ataatagtaa aaatatttgg tttttgcttg gcctaacaat cttaaaaata acaaataaca     26160
     gtagcaaaaa cattcccaat gcacaactga catttgcatc tgttcttaca ctaaaattga     26220
     ctgtaaagta cagctgattg aaagttgctg ccaattttta ccaacatgtc ataagtctgt     26280
     caagtcaatt gcattgcctc ttttgaagta taaaaaaaca ttgccgagtt tgatggacat     26340
     ccacacagct ggaaggccaa agacagcatg cctttttctt actgcatatt tgcctgaagc     26400
     acccagttaa tgaaagtctg cggcagcatc tttattaaaa cagcctgagc tgagacgaaa     26460
     cactgctaga gaatataaag acaagaaatt tacgaaataa aataattttt ttatctatct     26520
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     26580
     atctatctta aaatgcaaaa gaatataatg cttatttgaa acagccgttt tatgttcagt     26640
     ctctatacgc acatattgtg aaatgaaaca ttcatcgttt cattcatgat taacatgctc     26700
     ctataaaaag aagcattctg attggcttaa gagaactgca tcatttcaag ggtggcgtca     26760
     aaaccttctc ttatgtttag aaagttatgt tcataaagtt atataaatca ctgacaataa     26820
     gggaggcaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactgt agcaccacat cagagatttc gtcaatgaca     26880
     tttctaaaat aaaatgaccg tctttttaca aaaatcacaa acacatttta cacaattatt     26940
     gatatgattg atcacattta ataaatcctt gttcactgat ctgtttattt aggtttatta     27000
     gcattactgt actgtctatt ggtagaaagc tgtggttttg ctattttaat ttcttaaata     27060
     ctgtacagcc ttttttttct tgaataacac ccttgatttt gcaccagtgg catgttaagt     27120
     aacaaacaaa cacacacaca cacaaatctt atgcaagtta tgtatatttt atagacatta     27180
     aacacttctt gcaataatca agcagatatg caatgatttc aaagcagtca caattatata     27240
     taaaaaagta tgacataact tgtgttttcc taatagtgca ttgacgaatg ctaatatgta     27300
     ggacattgct ttatcagcag ataagtggct aaatttcagt ggcactgtaa tgaaaacaat     27360
     agctgttgtg aacaataatc tcagttgaga ctttaaatat tgtcaaaaac ttatttagaa     27420
     aatgttggaa aaatagcatt ttcatgactt tgtcttcttt tgcccccgaa taagaatgag     27480
     aaactacttt acacgtttat tgagaagatc atttttagta attaatccaa aatttactta     27540
     cacttctcag caattagaat ttaagataaa ctgaattttg taaaaaaaaa aaaatctctt     27600
     gaaatatgtt tcacaaagct cacactacac aacacaactg cagcttcagc tggaacaggc     27660
     tgttcttcgt gaactttctg caccatgcaa caaaaggccc attatgatga gcacacacaa     27720
     aaaaactgca ttaataatct atttcaactt aagttgacgg aaatgttact tttaaataag     27780
     taattacagt aatgagaatt taggggcaaa tacgctaaat aatgaatgaa aagtaaagct     27840
     tttttacaat gttggttatg caaaatacga tttgtttttc ttttccattt agtgaaacgt     27900
     gaccacaaac atgtttttgt gagactcatt agtattttca tcaacactaa ttttgttaag     27960
     ttaaacttta ttgcatgtat atattataaa atggttctct taagttcagc aattattcac     28020
     cttttcattt gcactctttt tgccttcaca agttcatttc aaatggtcct gtagtctgac     28080
     aaataaatat tcaaacgcat aaatattcat atgtagtctc aattagtaca aggtcaaaag     28140
     cagcattaat aaaaagaaat acaagaataa gtaaaatact gttttaaaaa ctattagtaa     28200
     ataatttcac gtcaaataaa ataacttacc aaaagatttt atttttacct tagttcactg     28260
     tatactagca aattagcagg tcaaaaaaag cacctttagc agaaaaatta cctaaaaaaa     28320
     aaaaaagtaa tcttgacatc atctgctcac actcatgaaa agagggttca gtttaactgg     28380
     ccacctaata tctgcacatc gacattgtaa actgttaatg gttttatata tattttagaa     28440
     acagaacctg ctaaaaaaac aaatataata caattttctt caaatagaaa gagtgaaaag     28500
     ctgtttgttt acatctctct cttatctgtg aaatctttat cttttatttg taaccaagaa     28560
     aacacattat gcctaataat ttaatttgcc taataatttc acaatttaaa ttgatattgc     28620
     aaaattgata ttgcgagggt cacaattatc aaaaaaatta ttataataaa agcatctggg     28680
     caccactatt atatgttgct ctataactgt acatttgttt tctgtaatga aaaacaaagt     28740
     tagaatatta tataaagaat gttaaatgtt ggtcattttt gatgggatgt tgaaaacaaa     28800
     aatgtctacc catctccact tactgaacca ttcccatttc tccattcact ttattgtatg     28860
     gaaataagca aattgagttt tctgccaaat gccacattca tcaaaagaaa acaaacaaac     28920
     agtttttgaa aaacatgaag gcatgatgat aagttttttt ttgttggggg tgaactaact     28980
     aattaaaaag cttccaacga atgttaacta ccatgcaaca tataggtcaa agttgaaagc     29040
     atcaaaacaa taagtgtgat atatttatag ttttattcat ttttattatt attctttttt     29100
     tttttttttt aaggaaaaag taaaaggtct aacatcacat tttaccaaga tttataaaag     29160
     taactcacca aaatgtcatt cagtttttat atagcaaaaa aaaaagcttg tcaggcatat     29220
     ttggcacaag aatcgtttga tgacatatta atgatttagt gtaacagtaa agtccccaaa     29280
     taatttaccc agcactaccc attgaaacca ctacattata ctcatttgcc aggaagaata     29340
     aaatgatgca attacaataa aacacatatt tccccacatt cttttagata cttagattaa     29400
     tttgaacata aatgtcacac taataatgac agagcaatat ctgaccaaca ttttaatgtt     29460
     gtattttaac aatttgaaat tctgagattc aacagttgaa tgaaaagtta aaacagtaaa     29520
     aatgctggat tcctcacaat tcctttatgt tgtcccaaga caaattaatt agattaactt     29580
     aattgctttt accaatttaa gtggattgaa cataaaggta ttaagttgtc ttaaaaaact     29640
     caggaattgt gttgattaat ctcattttaa ataagcagtt taaacaagca acaaaaatca     29700
     tttgtttgag tgtagataaa atgagagttg attaaaatat atgtgtgtca tctgatgtcc     29760
     agctcagttt acacacttcc ggctggtcta catggtggtg taatataagt tgtgtaaatt     29820
     tggcctttaa agtatgatta cttattttac cccagtactt ctaatggagt ttgtgcgcta     29880
     gccgattggt cctgaaggga gtgtgcatgt aaacgacttt tcatcttgtt ttacttgaac     29940
     aactaaatga atgccgaagt ctatttaact gactatattt taatgacatt acaacattga     30000
     tgctgtaaaa ggtaccatat aaaatagaaa aaaagtcacg ttaagcgttc aacgaaagta     30060
     tattggtatg gaatgtgcac ataccctact gtgaccagca gtataacaaa tgtttttaat     30120
     tgcaatgaaa ttctgaccat gccgtttctg accggtcact attgtaaaaa tctaaatccc     30180
     ccaaaaaaac gctaactgaa tcaacattat atcaaagtat gcatgcattt tgtgtctttg     30240
     gaaggcctat gcagtgaaaa gcatctactc aaattgtaag aaaagaattt ggattacacg     30300
     ggttaaagca gacacttgca tttaattttc ctatataaaa caaccttcgt aaaactttat     30360
     ttgacgcaga caccaaaacg gccatcttgc ctttgaccca tatctaaaat tctagctctc     30420
     atttgggctt aagcctgctt caagttattt gttacaacca aacttttcca gaggagacac     30480
     aaacaccagc acatgctcat gaatacagag taaggtcagc agcagtttat tcccaatgtg     30540
     ccacgatgca ccaacattag ccagactcaa actctgggct tcattcggat ggccttgtta     30600
     taagagaaat gctgtcaact ctgaatacat tgctgattca ctctcacctg aaccacagca     30660
     gcagcagcat aacacaacac aacacagcat gactaatcac ccaatatcta accctccttc     30720
     caaaagacat tcatgataac atgtccacaa aaacatatca gtccacttcc ctattaaacg     30780
     agtgcatata taaaaatgac agacagagag gcagatggag agagagaggt catcgctaat     30840
     gagggaaatg ggtgaccctt gcaattcgac agtgatccta tcagcttcct ctatgttcca     30900
     ggggttaatc tcctttaggc actaattgat aggagataac atgataccat tgccaagggc     30960
     ctgtttggcg taacccctgc actctcacac cttgagtgtc ggtggcacat cagacgtgaa     31020
     attgatattt gggatgtttg cgtacttaag cactgctctt tcttatcgaa gagttgcagt     31080
     gttcatttgg tgtttgtgtc acagtctctt tgccaggatt aaccacttgg cctttaatcg     31140
     ctgtgaccag ttcatttggt tttcaaccca tcaacacatc ctctagcaga tgaaatgtag     31200
     gcgccgatga acgctttgac tgtttgacag gcctcagcac ctgacagaat aaaactaggg     31260
     tcgaggttaa atctgagtat cacctcctga gatcaatcga tactttattt gggaaaacaa     31320
     acgttcgtag ctgaagacat ggagagagcg aattaaaatg cttagcgatt aaatgctctt     31380
     catctgtttt aatatgaagc caaatttgat gcagtaactc agtcatttaa tgtcaaaaag     31440
     tggcatattc actggcttca tttagactaa ttgaaagacc attaaatgat tagcagttgt     31500
     gaaaaagtaa aaatggaaga gtgagagagt gtgagtcaga gagagagaga gatgatgttt     31560
     cattaaaata ctgtgccttt agggatgatg gaataaacaa accttctttc taccatctcc     31620
     ttctaaactt aataaatcat tcagacagct aaggaaacat gcatataaca ataaaaaata     31680
     aataaaaagt gaaacataac aaatagcatc atgcatatga atgctttcaa cgagaaaagg     31740
     aagcaaaatg catttgaata ttattgtttt tgagtgccac gaaagcttca ataatgatac     31800
     ttaatgctaa gccagctgaa tcataggcag atcgaaagat ccaagcaaat agaaaaatat     31860
     ttttaaaatg tactaaacaa tgtgtacttt aatgtgcttg caaatagaag cagaaacact     31920
     gaaaagccat taaagaggaa taaatgtata caaggacaca gcactttcaa tgttcacatc     31980
     caaaattgag ctgaatctaa tagaaatcta gaagagacag taaaacgtaa ggactctaca     32040
     ggagtttata aatcaaacaa actacattta gcgatgactg gaatttcaac tggcacagac     32100
     tagaatctgc tatgcttgaa aagtccagct cagataatta attatgaatg cactgatatg     32160
     atgacatgaa gtcgaagact tttctgcaaa caaacaggca caaacaacca gtaatagttg     32220
     gattctacat ttaaacggcc tttctttaaa aaaaaatctt gtatattttc catataaaaa     32280
     gaaatttttc catataaaag aacacagaaa aatctgaaac agaaatatct aaatatttat     32340
     gcaagaagtg ttaaaaaaac aatgggatat atgaagtata aataaataac acgaaatcac     32400
     aagtacaagt aaaaatctat tccgaaagat gttacttttc actgcagtgg tatataacat     32460
     tttagcctaa tcactgatat gcctggaaca acctgcattt tttatattgc agtatcaaca     32520
     tttctcaacc tctgcaacat ttaaacagtc actctttttt tcctacactg ttctcgtgta     32580
     cagcaccaaa atgactatta agtattatat aatcgctgca cgatattaca taaggtgttt     32640
     attacaactg tcggtacttt gcaaaagttt ataaatgtta aactttcatt acacattaat     32700
     agcgcacaat aaagaaacac taaggcaaat gtgacaataa atattatttc ttttacagat     32760
     atttttaaca ttgttgcata ctgctactcc cgtaattttt aaaaaattaa gccacactaa     32820
     taattacgaa aattctccta agcccggcat ttcaaaaagt ttgcaagatt acatggctaa     32880
     agtctcacac aagaggccga attttccaga acattgtgtg ctgaagcaca aggccacaaa     32940
     catgagccac aaatgcaccc ttcaacacac acgcacacac tgtcaatggc atctttgtgg     33000
     cttcaaacac acaccaaaac cagtctcact catatcatag ctttatcacg tgaaaaagca     33060
     taaaatattt tcatcaatat taaaaacaaa cttacaatta cattttaatt atattaataa     33120
     aaaataaccc tacctacacc aataatttaa tctacaccaa cgaaacactt ttaaattgac     33180
     attatgaata caagacgatt aataagctat ttaaaataaa gtattgttaa attattgtat     33240
     ttacacaaaa caacaaaata ttttaaatgg acacttcact ttcgtaacct ttttagctaa     33300
     atgtatttac ctgcattaaa tacaataaac atctataaca aaatgtgcac atattctcat     33360
     tggtgatgtt tacaccagaa agactgatat aataaaaacg tcatctttaa agatattaac     33420
     caacgataga gagacaggaa tcattaaaat atttagaaag actgaactaa aaaaacgtaa     33480
     attaaagggc acaatacaac taaaaaactt ggttcgttgc tgaatttttc taaagtaatg     33540
     tgtcatttta aatttgctta atataatact atccctccaa tgtgcaactt gtaggttaaa     33600
     aaaaaaatcc aagcatagca tagttataca aactgcccga gtaatatgaa ataaagacaa     33660
     tgacatttca cagcagatta gagcacatca tcatttacca gtcaaatcct gaaggcctaa     33720
     aggcagcttt ttatttaaga cattatgcca tttctttttt taaattaatt aggaataaca     33780
     ctttcagaaa aacagatgaa tctgaaaaac gatacgtgtg tgtggccact aaaaatataa     33840
     ataaacaaga aaaatcaaat cacagcaatg aggaaggtca aaaatagtga caaaagcaca     33900
     tttgcttcat ggtaaactat gcacccaaag cgtgtttcat ctaatttacc atctcacaaa     33960
     aacaacaaac gcgatcgaag gaaatattga gtaaatgtat cacattcgat taagaaacaa     34020
     acatcggaca acaaaaacgt agccaaatat tgcagacgat gcctcgagtc tgattcaagc     34080
     tgcaaaatct ggcagtgtgg caaagggtat ccatcttcct ctgcaaaact cctccctaaa     34140
     atggaggcag ctgtcctaat acatccaatg tctcgctcca gcacttgggt aaagctttga     34200
     gaagagtcag acgttacgct gccatcagca cgaggacatg agtaaaagga agaaagcaag     34260
     taagccagga cagccaccaa aaagagagag gctctatgtt ttggctgcct gccagtgatc     34320
     cctttaaaat gccattgtgg ctttgatatt gaatatatgc aagcaatgca ggggagtgag     34380
     aaccttgttc tttcacacac caaatccata agagctacag agaaagacct ggggggcgct     34440
     gttggacatt acaacaaaaa atggctgccc ttttcattat cactcctctc caaaaaaata     34500
     tttgggcata catacacact cagaaaatat tctttttcta agaagctttc ccctttacct     34560
     tcgcatttca tcgccagact ttttacttcc atgttaattt atctgtcgta attatacgat     34620
     caactgtatt caatgaagaa atcagttaga aattcatatg agagaagagt actggaaatg     34680
     attggtctcc caagctgaaa gttcgattac tcagcaccat ttcaaacgtc acatctgaca     34740
     aagataaaca gagtgtggtt tcggttagca ttagcctctc tgatgcacac tcatcagcct     34800
     gcaggctttt ataatcgcgc cttcgcgcat ctctctgcat tcctgccgtt tcacctctct     34860
     ttccatgaca tgcccaaatg tgcttcacag agaacagggt gggaaacgct ctttaaaacc     34920
     taccatcagc acggcagcac aacactcgca tcacttttaa gggtagatga tttggtgaca     34980
     actccgaaag gtcatcggca ggtaccagaa tgataatcct gcctaaaaag aaaacccaaa     35040
     cacaaagaat tagggtgaat ataagaataa aatatgcata tttcaaaacc ctagcagtgc     35100
     taatgagttt tgatgcaaaa taaaaacatt attacacttg atgcactgag gttatttttt     35160
     tacataaatt actaaaatat tttttttcga ttgtaacaat tttttcattt atcattcaat     35220
     taaatcgttg tgcaatacaa actaaaataa aaatacaggg agtgtaagat cataactcca     35280
     gtaacaggta gcacattttc aaataccaaa catttttaca accaaatgct aaacgggcgt     35340
     gtgagctaaa gcaacatgca tgaatgctaa cacacaggca catacggtct gagcagttga     35400
     aacatgacat ggttggacac tgataggcct gtaaggtgaa ctgatataca gaaatgtgca     35460
     gcggtgcatt tataatacca tcaaacatta cagtaatgaa aacctcatgt caagtacgca     35520
     aacaaaacga acatcttctg catgcacaga gctgctcaaa ttggccgaaa atatctgtcc     35580
     atcagttcat gctgtaggca acaaaaatac ttttccttta gccaacagat ttcttaaagc     35640
     gtctcatgaa gaaccacacc tatttgaaaa tgaccatgtg ctaaaaaact cgatgtactg     35700
     tcttgaaaaa gtactaagca gtttgcaggt atacatcatt atgcaatata aatgtacaag     35760
     cttatttgac ctattgaatt attactaatg aaataaaaag ccacgatttt taaacttttt     35820
     atttatctta tatttttaac ataattattc atttattagt atttattaac tagattttga     35880
     cctgaacaca gcaaatttta aataaacgtg gatatagatg cttagtaaat tcaacctcat     35940
     gttacaaatg tttaatagct gatgtttagt taacgttgcc attataacta aaaatttgtc     36000
     ttaacagagc tcttgctttt ctgataatgg ttgacatgag ttattgcaat atcacattca     36060
     gaataattaa aacataattt catgcgtcat ataaagcaca ttttatttga attattaggt     36120
     tcaaaaacat aacttttcaa acttagtggc catcgatgac aatgaaataa aagataaata     36180
     atttctcacc ataacctttt gtgaccttcg tagatgatgg agaatttttt ttattgtgca     36240
     ttgatttatt ataaatcaca aatgagaaaa aatgattttt ttttttacat aaacttaggt     36300
     ccattcaatt ttaactgtag agtgagatac catcctctga gtgcaaggtc ccagtttctc     36360
     ttaccgagac attttacgct gactcaaact ctaatataaa agagggacca ctatatctac     36420
     aaatctatag gcttgtgcct cccgtgaagt agccatcttg ttttgcatat gactgaaaag     36480
     ctgagaccta tgactgttca tttgataaca atatcaaaga gagatgtctc tgtctgcttt     36540
     aaaactatga atgcatgagc atgcaaagcc aagccacatg ggcaacagac tcgatgtgcc     36600
     tttttaatac tgaccaattt gaacatgaaa taggtcaaaa aagcacaatt tgtaaaaatt     36660
     taagaagaaa aaactattct aactgttgga aaaactttag actgtaaaat aaatgtgaat     36720
     ataaagaaga aaaacaacaa attcacaata atgcatggta gcctgactac atctgaaatg     36780
     ttttggtcag cagaattcac tgcattgatt catgattctg atccaagcac aacaaaatgc     36840
     cagaactgat tgccaacttt taaatacagc gagaaaatat gattttttta aaaataaaaa     36900
     atgtaattct ttatgcattt atttacattt ttaaatgccc cattatcgta gtcctacatg     36960
     atatataagg aataggaaaa ggtattactc aagagagtct tcctcagcat tttctgaagt     37020
     cagctactgt tgagaaacaa atcttaaaga cttggcgata tataaaaact actgaatatt     37080
     ttcactgtta tttgcctatt caaactgact ttgtatttta gggtgtgttg gcactacaga     37140
     atatgaggta aacttcatga ccattaaaat gcttgtaact gactcttcag ctaaatttaa     37200
     ataaagcaaa tacgaaacac tttagaatta aatgaaaaca tgactaaatg aaagtacaaa     37260
     aatattcaga atcacacatt taaaatattt atttgtaaaa cgttttcaaa atgtaataac     37320
     atgccccaag ataaatgaag caactttcca taatctcaca tttgtaaaac aagctataag     37380
     cgaaagcatt ttttttcacc aagaagaata aataaatcta atttcctgtt aaagatttat     37440
     ttttgggtaa ttattttgcc tttaagtaat agttgattta gatcaatttg caggattcaa     37500
     agggttttga aaagttttaa acctttcaaa gggttgccat gttgggattg tacaattagc     37560
     ctaattaaat tgacaataaa acaaaagttt taaaataagt ttaaaatcag gaaaaacttc     37620
     tgaagataaa acacatttgt gtagcctatc aactcctgct tttactcgct tcggttttcc     37680
     ctatgcttac tatggatcga aaaagtaagc ttcttgtaga ctatgttaga atttaaatgg     37740
     ggagatttta attaaaatag ggtaaattaa tttactactt atggggaacg aaccactcac     37800
     tttggaccat accatccgtg cgcgaaacag aaatgacacc agttacgatc tgtgaagaca     37860
     agtatgatta caaacaaggt gtaaggagct tttggcgttt aacattttgg cagtagtttt     37920
     ggcaaatacc tttgaagttt tctgcctttt gaccaaccag ctccttacct caaaccacag     37980
     cctattttgc tctctaacac agactaaact ccaaaccatg aagaattaca acgcggacat     38040
     tcaccgcaag aggaagtctc acgctaagaa aaaaatggcc ttaaattgcg gataaacaac     38100
     aggcgacttg gcgcatggct ttctttaccg tgttgaaaac agtccaggca ggctgaaatt     38160
     cacactgcag cggcagcagc acagtgtttt ggcatcacga gttcatgggg ttaatgagaa     38220
     accgcgctca cgtgagcaca ggtgcgtcat ctgtctgaag agacgatcgc gataaactct     38280
     ttcttcatcc cgccgaacga catgcgctaa catgtaatca cattaaaatg accaccctgc     38340
     agccgaccag cggtttacat gcgccgtctt gtttgctagg aattagcatc atcgcacaca     38400
     gttattaggt catatattca tgaacaacac aatcaccata acaacggcag actgcattag     38460
     acaaaagatt tgcgccccgc cacgatcgtc ttacctgtga attaatgaac tgtctgtctg     38520
     tctggtgaaa aacatggact gaaactttga gatgcgctac aatagaatct cattttcacg     38580
     ctacgaaaat ggctacagtg ttggacgcct gcaaaattcc gctctgtctc cctttgtttt     38640
     gctactgact atgagcgaga ctctggataa actccatcac catttttatc agtttcagac     38700
     agactccaga cactctctgg ccacttacgt gtcgtgcact gtctgcgcag cgcgttcacg     38760
     agtgtcggcg cgccacagac tgacaagcgc cagaccaatg gcgtcccgaa tttcagcatg     38820
     atatccaata acaacagccc caaaaatgat aacctccgaa tgactccccg gatggatgca     38880
     gagagaaaat aatctttagg aaacaatcgc agtcaaagaa atatgattgg aggtggggga     38940
     tgaattaggt ttatctctca gccattgcgc tttatgttgt ctgaatacga gtcgagtgaa     39000
     aaaaacaaag tgcatcacaa taatttgcta gcttctctgt ttgcgaccat agctttaaac     39060
     tacactcagc ctaattctac ataaaataaa ggcacagtgt tcaataaaac gacagacttg     39120
     aagtcagaat tattagcccc cctttgattt cttttttctt ttttcaatat ttcccaaatg     39180
     gtgtttaaca gaggagggaa attttaacag tatgtctgat aatatgtttt cttttgaaga     39240
     aagtcttatt tgttttatta tagctagaac aaaaatgttt tttaaacagt tttaaggtca     39300
     atgctattag cccttttaag ctatttttag atagtctaca gaacaaacca tcattataca     39360
     atgacttgac taaataccct aacctgccta gttaacctaa ttaacctagt taagccttta     39420
     aatgtcactt taagctatat agaagggtct taaaatatct agaaaaatat tatttactgt     39480
     catcttgaca aagacaaaat aaatcagtga ttagaaatga gttattaaaa ctatcatgtt     39540
     tagaaatgtg ttgaaaaatc ttctctccgt taaacagaaa ttggggagag agagaaaaac     39600
     agggtttaat aattcagggg gctaataatt taggagtggt taataattct gacttcaact     39660
     gtatatatta ttgtttttca aaagtgaaga taaaaccaaa atagaacaat ttaaaaagct     39720
     tcacatgttt ctgtctgaac ctgacataaa tctgatataa cctcaggcac agatagatag     39780
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     39840
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     39900
     atagataaaa cacactaatt gtgtttttat taaatacttt tgtgagtaat ttcagaattt     39960
     cacaaaaagc taattactcc tccaaaaatg attattcttc attattaaaa cacggatgtg     40020
     ctttcaccca tcatttggga ggatattctg tatattttct tcccacccta tatcatatga     40080
     caatccttaa tttggcataa ggtttgatag gaaagatctc cctcttaaca ttacttcaga     40140
     ttaactaatt tagatgtaag tctagcatgc acgattttta agcaacaacc accattttat     40200
     atgttaaatt atatttgtat ttactttctg ttattaaatg aataaaacat ttattaaaac     40260
     aatgtgcaaa tgttaaagat tacaataaga taacatggcc cctgttgatg agaagtcttg     40320
     tcttcgataa acaaatacac catggacaaa ttagattgta ttcaatttta ttttttcaaa     40380
     agtattatta atgtaaaata tttaaacaat tatattatct acattgtaat ttaaaatatt     40440
     tagttgaata attgaataac tgaagacaaa cagagcagaa tgccagtgca tatgtaggtt     40500
     tattcataac agggttatta atattaacat atttcattgc gcgtaatgta attgaagtta     40560
     cgtcataatg gcaacactaa tgcaaatttt aacaatttta ctcaagtaac cccagaacaa     40620
     tatagcgaat atgtctggat tatatttctt cataaaatat tacatcacag ctatattaca     40680
     agtaaaatta ataacacttg cacaacatgc cactttgaga gaacagataa agatctctgt     40740
     tatagagaca ctaaattata actattaaga tgattatgat tatgactatc aggaattaag     40800
     tgcaacaata aaatgtggtg aaaattaatt gcactaatta ttcaataatt tactatggaa     40860
     cacaaacatt ttttttacct atatgctaat cttttgagcc cttgcaaaaa tgaaacttta     40920
     cagaaatagt gtaggctagt aaccaggttt tgtttttatt gtattgatag cctacattat     40980
     taatcattct ttattaatat gttcatttat ttgcaaaaac atggttaatt ttcatgaata     41040
     atgtgttgtg gaaaatatac attgacctag gaccttaaaa taatgaaaag gtaaccaaaa     41100
     tatttaacaa caaaaacaac aacaacaaca ataataataa ataatacatt cattttcttt     41160
     tcagtttatt ccctttatta atctgtggtt gtcacagcag gatgaatcgg caaccaactt     41220
     atccagcata tgttttacac agtggatgcc cttccagctg tcaaataata ataataataa     41280
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataaa tagataaata acatgttatc     41340
     tacattttta ctgttactga tacttgacat caaaaatatg taatctaaat acccaataat     41400
     caacaagtcg agcattgagg aggttttagc ttgtaaagga cactttaaaa ttagcctatt     41460
     tactagcttt ttttatgacg catttatttt taagcgggta aatagcattg tacagacaca     41520
     tttgtactta attgttagat ttaaattaga attctaaaag tttgtgttac aaagtcatgt     41580
     aaggcaagct ctattctgtt cttcacatca ctggaacgca ctgtaagtta aaataaatac     41640
     ccggactgtt atattttgta ggcgcagcca gccttgcaat ttcaaaccca tgatgcaata     41700
     cggctcagcc gccatgtttg ctgtgcagat gttttcagag ctcagactga agaggtttat     41760
     gctaagctaa cggcctgaag ctctgcactt aaaccagttt caatgcactc atcgacgtta     41820
     tagagatacc agagtctcca agataacata cagtcttggg ttatggcgac cattgtcggg     41880
     ggtatgaagt gtttcgtaat atttatttac aattacttta gctccatgct agcgctaaag     41940
     acgtaacgtt agctgctttt gtttcacaat ttgatgcgct acttaattgt gcagtgggtt     42000
     tacagattaa atactgttta cctttatacc acgactgttt gtttgactga ttattgttgt     42060
     tatggtgtgt cgtgttaacg atcgtgttat gagtaagctt gcatttgctt gtttatgcgt     42120
     attcgtgatt gctagctgaa atgttgcaat gaatgagtta tctgtgttta tatgtgaagc     42180
     cccgacggat gttttgtata ttgataggga tttatttact gggttaagaa atgtcgtatg     42240
     tagtgaaatg aggttgtgtc tgtgttggtt atgtaagcat ctgtctcgac actgagcaac     42300
     acttgtttta accagacgag aggtatacat tttgggataa tcatgttttt aacaattatt     42360
     agactatttg ttactgtgta ataataactt ataaaaagtg tgtgtgcttt acaacatttt     42420
     ctcttataga tgggttcgtc atttatttaa tccgttctta cgttaattga tatattcttg     42480
     acaggttgat tagatttaca gtacgttata tatgctgtat tcttgttctg tatctgattt     42540
     catttagatg cagatgaaat atgcttgaaa gcagttgttg ctttagcata atcgtgctgc     42600
     atagttatgc tctaatcatg attagatgaa ggcttgttgt ggagcttaga atctaacgtt     42660
     aaacaaaaag tgacttgata ttgttttgaa gtggcttctt ttctggttga attttgaaat     42720
     gtttcttgta gagtttaaag ctgattatgt aattttaaaa gttgttgctt tatacactta     42780
     atagactttt taaccacaaa atgaaacttt ctgtttcaca caaacaatta gggctgggct     42840
     gtttggccta aaatctaaat cttgattaat tgaatgtttt aacttaatta cgattaatga     42900
     gctattattt aaaatatttt gccctcatag ttcactgaga ggttttgtac agtaaatatg     42960
     ctcacatatt ataattgaga gatttttgaa taaaggggca cttcttgatt taaaataatt     43020
     taagaaaaca cacgcaatct actacctatg attatttatt gaacatcatt gttgaacaac     43080
     tgaaactaaa gcatacgttg cctaaaacca acagtcactt ttttcttata aaaaagtgaa     43140
     aatgggtaat ttgcactttt ggaaacaaaa taaattactt tcagagtttt tcatattaaa     43200
     agtagaaaaa aggagcatct cttctaaata aaaaacactt gcatgtcctg taaataatgt     43260
     tttatgctgt gcatttcttg catcatctgt aaacaattat tttaatgtaa ataataattt     43320
     gattgtaata gaaaacatgc catctcaagg catctctggt gcagcttcca atcatcaaca     43380
     atgtagtgca aacgtgtgat gtgtagtaac attttttgag aggtgctcag gtatgtaacc     43440
     atgtgaaggc tgcaccggac catacccata ctcataccca tccgttcgac gcagaagcat     43500
     aaatcagcct taacagagcg gggtcatgtg gggaataatt tcaaaaattg gcctggaata     43560
     tttagattga ttataggttc cgaatgtcga tttcgattaa tcgcccagcc ctacaaacaa     43620
     tatatcaata catttctcag ttgtttagtc tatataatgg aagaaggcac caaaggtaaa     43680
     atgaccttaa aagttatcac ggatgatagt ttcattgttt taatgaactg cccctgtaaa     43740
     aatgggcctt tctgagtccc aagtgtcaca atatattttg tgtgcgaggc ctgaacatgt     43800
     actatgtaat cattcataac atgatcattc tcctgtttgt acatagatga tgagtttgat     43860
     gagtatgata agcctggtgc tgaaaggtca agaagacgga gaggagaaga tgatgatgac     43920
     ttggagaggt aagtcctcat cgatgccatt tttctggctc tgttttgctc tgcacttttc     43980
     atgtctcttt tccacagact ggaaatgatg tcatcaggtt tttggaaaca caattacttg     44040
     tcatagatta cagaagcata gatatatatg tttttgcttg ctgttgagtg tggtctttgc     44100
     atagaaaatg ttggttgttt tgctctgcag tgagagtatc ttgcttttca tgaagatttt     44160
     attgtaaaag tgtgtatatt ttaatcaatt gacagtgatt ttgaggaggg agacttgctt     44220
     gaagatgatt ggctgtcatc aaaaaaggta aagtaaattt ttttaattac atgacacttg     44280
     gttatacttg cttatattca tcataatcac tttttaaatt ttgtgaattt gtttttagaa     44340
     aaaaaaaaca acaacatttg atcttaaaat ttctgacttg taaatgtcaa taagcatccg     44400
     tattaaaggg gtggtccaga atgtaatttt aaggcttggt tgtgtttata agatgcaaag     44460
     caatgtgtgc ttatggttca cttgaaggaa atcgcgtaat tttttcatat atctcacttt     44520
     gattatacac agctactcag ctaacatgaa aacggctgtc atatttccta gttcctctaa     44580
     aaggcccgcc cttaagtgac tctgattggt catcgtcata atgtgctgct attggcggat     44640
     cggcccgtaa aagcatgtgc ttttctgctg tgtaaacatg cagtcaacct cgcgcccgct     44700
     ctctaaaata acatctgaca agtgtcagta actaaggagt gaaaataggg tgcggctcct     44760
     ttaacagcga gtgtgtgtgc gtctatgtgt gtgtgtgaat gtgtaaactt tagcaagcgc     44820
     atgtgcgtgg gactttcttt ttctctgatg cttggattaa gttattttct gtaatatatc     44880
     gtgacagaag aataaagcac aaggtgtgag atgctacctg ttgagccttg atttattatt     44940
     ctgctgcgac cactagtcag gtaagctaat ctgtatttct ttaactctat gcgtatgaca     45000
     tctttcacga gtatccggaa tatgcaggtg taagtaatat gaatcatcca catatctttt     45060
     gcgacttcat tatctgagat gtgaaacaca tggagctcct tgaagactat cagtgcagtc     45120
     ccgtgcgcac acacataaga gacacgaacg tgctggtggt gtgagtgtgt tacagcagtt     45180
     tggctgatag atatgaattt gtaggtaaat cgtttgcccg caaagcagca tttcgcattg     45240
     tttacatcat tgctacagca taccgttaac gctagacact gtacatgtca tgatcaattt     45300
     taacaaataa aaacacttac ttgtagctta caacttctgc tttgaggaga ttttagccaa     45360
     atccagacga agctctgtgg aaacagcagc gtttagacgc atctctgtta taacgttaca     45420
     gtgcttctgg ccacggccct tacctgcatg cgcagtgtgg gatgcgcagt aagcgaactt     45480
     gtgatgtcac agggggcgga agtatttttt tgtagtcccc aaaattcgtt tattgtaggc     45540
     tttgctaagc taactctgta aaaaccaagg tctccctttg cattgaactt agaacttttt     45600
     acattcagag atgttgttta tgttcacaca gttacattac acatcaacta aagtttaaaa     45660
     tatgagatcg tagtggacca cccctttaaa ctaaaagcaa tacagaaata ttttccagca     45720
     gctgtacagc aagtaaaatt ttttaaagat tttaaatcct actaaaaatc aagtggatta     45780
     agcagacgtt ctggttcatg aagcatttaa atagatttct atgtttcatt tacttttttt     45840
     gtccccactc agaacccctc agagctgtca gatgaggaac tgaacgatga tctcttgcaa     45900
     agtgatgaag aagaccaaaa tataaggtac ctgctaaaat gctctcgaat aaattcatca     45960
     ttatgcctta tttatttcca ggctgaaagt aaaatcagac ttaaataaga cataagatat     46020
     ttcacatgga ctgtccacac taatcaagtc agatgtgttt gtcaaagcaa ccaattcaaa     46080
     taggccagtt aggtctttac aaagatgtag taacagtgta acagtaaaac acgttacagt     46140
     gctttcaaaa ctgatggatg aaagttgcgt gtgcttcatt tatctttcca agtaagcacg     46200
     tttcccacaa aaagagctta gtgatcgagg caagtggtgt atattgtgat cagcatttaa     46260
     ataagttcag agaaattcag ctgtcacatt aaatttttgg cattcagaca tcagaaacat     46320
     atctagacaa atttacttcc tttttaaaaa ggaacttgaa cagtttatga aaggcaagag     46380
     ttttcaataa cctgaaaaca tagatacttc aaaaaacatt tatgatttaa ggacttgttt     46440
     tctagatttt tcttgacttt gaaagcaaga cagagatctg ttttttctgt gtatgttgta     46500
     tttgtttcaa ataatttttt tttctttatt ttttatttag caaaattgca acatgtactt     46560
     ttattatggc tgcatgacaa ataacaattt agccaaagct gcaattgtca tgcacatatt     46620
     gtcagggaag catggttctg tgatcagtag taaaggtgag ggttttatgt ttctctgtat     46680
     cgagtttctt catggatttt tttttctgaa ctctacctta atgtacaagt agccataact     46740
     cgctcattca gagacgggaa ctggcagaca tgcaccaact ttaatcataa actaaacaca     46800
     acaaaagttt ccatctgaag ctcttttaac gcgactcaac acttataaac actggcttta     46860
     gcaagctcat ggctctcagc gctttccaca ctcatcagtg ctaccaagcc gaccaattac     46920
     agagcttgca ctatgcattg ttgctacatg ttgcattttt cgagggttgc acgtcagcat     46980
     cagccatggc aagggctatt tgaccacacg aaggatgtac tggaccatac ccgtacgctt     47040
     ggcacaaaag tattaatcag ccttaaggcc tgaagaaaac cccaaatgtt ccccgaagta     47100
     gaaaaccaga aaattcctat tgcatttgct gaacacagaa tacatttaac tgctttcact     47160
     gatttaacat gactaatcaa cacatgacaa tatatggcct atctaatatc ttataatttt     47220
     cttcttaata aagtttataa tagtactatg ccttcatcac tgcttgggaa aaatacaaaa     47280
     tatgttattt ctgtttattc ttttgaagaa gccaaatcat cttacttaac tggtctctat     47340
     cactcaaagg aagttatgaa gtgagtttgg actagtgttg tcataataag gatgtttcta     47400
     atttaaatcc aataccaacc acagaggaac aaaagcaacc acaaaaatcg cagaaaccgc     47460
     agtgatcact atttctgata ttatgccttt ttttaccact gaatgttaaa tacattaaat     47520
     atgaataggc ctacaatagt gctctgattg tttgtttatg tccagtgatg tcttctgtct     47580
     ggcaatactt ctgttttaat cgactctgca tgtcagtctt tcaagtgctt tactaaatgt     47640
     gatgtattag cggattgctc tatagcaatg cttgaatagc gatatttttg acaacactag     47700
     attggactaa aagcatgtaa ctagttgtgg tacttttaca tgctgtcaga tatagcagaa     47760
     ttttctacag aaccatagtt cactgagaag catcacaaac agctgtcatc acagcatgat     47820
     tatctttgat ttcattattt tgaagttaaa ttgtaaattg ctaaattcta tagcttgtca     47880
     tagaactacg actttgtagt acatgctgct ctgtctggaa gcacatggtg gaaatttact     47940
     gctgattgca ctactgactt cattgacaaa atgcatatgg catttgcttt cgtttaattg     48000
     tgcagtcctt acttagaaaa accattaaaa ttggctgaat taaaaagaaa aaaacattgt     48060
     tattactatt aatgtttaca tgtggtcata tgatctcaat atggtcacat ctttcatgtt     48120
     tttataagat ttttctggcc aaatgtatat gaaagattca ttgtgttaga gcatattaga     48180
     gctgttgtag aagacattaa tctacgaaaa tgccaattgt attctttttc ataggaaacc     48240
     tgatttgtga cattgtgcat gctaaactta caaaaattta tatttgttct ggttctgaca     48300
     gtatgactcc aactcttaac acaaatgttc taactgcaaa atacttaaat ctacaatcta     48360
     aaatcgaact actattaaag tgtttttatg agtgttgagg tatataataa tgttagtaaa     48420
     atactcttca gcttgtggtg gggtcaaaat gacattttcc caataattta ttcaaagcct     48480
     caatactcta aaaccaacag gagcaattca tccatgacat aattacagct gacattgaac     48540
     taactttgac accttctacc ttaagtgacg tgtttaaaat agcaaatttg agtgacatgc     48600
     ttcacttcag tctctgatgt aacagtaact caaggtcact tgtacatcac ccatttactc     48660
     atcctgctat ttactctaaa taccctaatt aacaagccaa gctttgaggg agatttatat     48720
     aaatgacact ttgcattatt tattagccta ttatgtcttt ttaaggagga aatagcactt     48780
     tacaaacata attacactta tttatcagct ttgaactagt acactggtac accccttgta     48840
     cactagtatt tttataaatg tagttttttc cacctttgtt taaaacaaaa ctctgtcttt     48900
     gtgatgcacg ttaagggcac accaaaccaa caggttgaaa taaggacatg tttctgctga     48960
     gctcacgcta aatagagaat gaagtatatt ttgcaagtaa acattataca agtcaataaa     49020
     aacgcaagaa cggaggcaga ttaccatgcc tcggtccaac aagatgcgat acgtttgctg     49080
     caaacatgca aaatttgact cattcacatc ttccgggttt ggttgtgaag tgtgaatagt     49140
     gcggacactt gacatcatga gtcaaatgtc cagttctagt taccacatga ccacactgta     49200
     cttggacttt aacataatct tcaccctgtt tttagaaagt attagtttcc gcattatgat     49260
     gctcagtttt tgtatggact aacagcgaaa ccacacacaa aaaagtgcgg ttaaacatac     49320
     cagtgttcat gtggacaggg ccttagaatg aaaatagcat gttaaaggaa aagttgacat     49380
     ataatatgta taatctgtcc tgcaccatca ctggaatgca ctgtataaga aaaggaaatc     49440
     tacaaaaatg acccatttac ccaccctcgt ccaaacctgc atgaatttct ttcttctaat     49500
     gaacataaaa cagctttggt aactcactaa gatctgtttt gtttgttctc tgtgtgtctg     49560
     ttaaccagtg gtcaaggtga agccgtaagt ttgaatgcga cgctgggtat gggcacttct     49620
     gttgactttg aagatccagg tggatataca ggaaatgctt atgaagaggg tgaagggggc     49680
     caggcgggtt tctctcagga tggacagtat gaaggagatg agtaccaagc tgtggatgaa     49740
     gggtttgaat acagaggaga gcagaatttt gctgtatatc aagacgaggt gctggacctt     49800
     cagatcgacg agccactgga tgacgatttc caagtaagca atgcgttctc ctttcttact     49860
     ctatggctta cacacactct ccataatccc ccagcacatt tcctgcatgt ctacagcctg     49920
     acaactcgtg ctttgtgacc ctcaggcctc agggttttgt tcaggcgaga ctcttttcac     49980
     agtctttgtt cagcagatgt cctgccaatc catgctggcg aatgggaaga gctcttagac     50040
     aggatctgat aaagttggct gtaggtgaaa agattactga ccttctttaa agtggtcttt     50100
     agcagacaca acacaggggc atgattgatg agttgtgtcc tttctgtaca tgtttattta     50160
     tttatttgct tggatcttaa agagatcctt tacccgaact tgagaagtct gttatcattt     50220
     actcatccaa acccagatga gatgttaagt gcatggttta tgaattattt atatcagttt     50280
     ctttctagat agagcaatat ttgtttgaat taaacaaaaa aatatatatt tagataaaaa     50340
     aaaactcttt caataaaaaa aaaatcaaaa caaaaaaagg ctgtatatac tttcctctga     50400
     gttaattata atttgtcttt ctaaaaccac agaagttata ttttaaccat tttggatgtg     50460
     taaaattaat caaatggaat gaatttgaac attcaaatgt ccaaattcga atttatttag     50520
     tttctaatgt ttcatatctt attaaattac acattgcaaa ccacaatatc agacaatgac     50580
     ttagtcataa agagctcatt tctgtgtgtt ttgctcactg ctccttgtta aatttttttt     50640
     gcatgatagc ctggcacatc cctactggtg cactgtcatt cattaggctt gcattggtga     50700
     catgatttga tattaattgt gtgtaaaagt ccctgttagt ttgtttggac aaaatgttaa     50760
     aaaataattg catgtaaatg tgtcttttta tttattttgt ttagcagtac tactgtgaaa     50820
     ataacaagtt tgtgcaaata tgtcttttaa atttagtaaa agtctcgttt taaatggaaa     50880
     acgtgatacc atggttattt catttagcat ttttgacctc gataacacaa aatgaatctt     50940
     tccccaattc acgcagctct acaggcaaat gatgttgtgt ttctgattgg tcagtggcag     51000
     gacatgtttt acaaccaatg caacgtgata ttgcctggta ttacacaaag taaatctctt     51060
     ttgtcatccg agtgtgaact attttcacca agaaagtgat tcattaaata aatgttaatt     51120
     ttattgcttt acctacaata attgaacttc agtttcttaa attaatacaa agtaatggtg     51180
     tcttcagact agggctgcac aatatatcgt ttccgcatcg atactgtaat gtgcacatcc     51240
     ccaatagtca catcacaaag aaatttaatg ttaagtctgg attatagtta accagttgct     51300
     acagaattgt attttatcac tgtttttata cagaatttac gcgattattc agtgtacgcg     51360
     agtacactga ataatagggc ggtttaacaa acagggctta ttttagtcca ggactaggcc     51420
     tttactaaat tatgtgattt taagtagctg ttataaaaag tctacccatt aaatattact     51480
     ggaagggctc cacgatattg aaagatctgg catcgcaata ttttgttttg ctgctatata     51540
     ttgtgatttg aatattattt caacatatgg tttgaattgc tctatttgta aagatttcgt     51600
     ttagatcaac tgtgttggtc aagctttttg ctatgctgta catctgcata aaatataata     51660
     gatttattaa tacaaaaaca tattaatatg acagcaaaaa taaaagtaga gtaaacggtg     51720
     cttaatgaat ttctggggag tccaacagta ttcaaataca ggaattgaac aatcaaatgt     51780
     aaaataaaat aatcatcatt gtagggctgc acaataagtc atttcagcat cgacatcgca     51840
     atgtgcgcat ttgcaatgag cacatcgcaa tgttgagtct gaaatgtagt tgaccagaag     51900
     catatacatg tttttcttac ttagaatttt ttttctcttt ctagtccaaa tatatacatt     51960
     tcaaggcaaa aacaagatta ttttacttac cacgctggca gataattttg cttgttttaa     52020
     ggaaagcttc ttaattttta cttatttctt ctaaagttga aaattaaaca atatttttta     52080
     tttgatctac aagttttaga tatttggact agacattaac caaagtaaga attttttttc     52140
     tgcattttga ttgtacaatt tctttacctg aattctgtta gactgcccag aaatttttca     52200
     aatagtgcca ttcaactatc ttgtggaata ttgcagtatt tatagcagaa aattaaaata     52260
     gtgaaatatt agaatttttc aatatcgtgc agccctacat cattgtataa ataaaaaaat     52320
     aaaaaaataa aaaaaaatta tcttttaaag ctttaataac taatctaatt ctgcaatctg     52380
     actattgcgt atatacacat tgcaatatcg atgctcaaac aatatattga tcagctctta     52440
     ttattagtgt gtatcttaac atttcttatg gcactgatgt atttggttta taatttagtc     52500
     taggaaaagc cttaagcctt gcctcagaaa ctcgtcttgg gaaatgtgtc tgaaatcaga     52560
     ttagggtttt tctctgtaat aaaacaacgg caacttctat tccaatattg tcattgcttc     52620
     aattctgctt tagtttcagt gttcactttg accatatgat atctctgttt acaaggtcgc     52680
     ttggctgctg gcgcttagca tctttgtgtt tactgttatc cagagttaat gtgtggaacg     52740
     atttaaagga ttaaccgttt gccctgtagt tggccagttc atgtgctctg cacaagatac     52800
     atgttgtagt catttggatc tgtctgacct tgtgtccaac tctatagttc tgcgtgtgtg     52860
     catacatgga ggcactgctt tgtatgtgta ttagtgtata tacacaaaat tttcaatggc     52920
     ttttgatggc gtcagtggtg tcttttgcct caatttattg gacataaatg agctaaatat     52980
     gatttgctat ggtcaagctg tggccattga gcatcagggt tagtcatttt acacaaagac     53040
     acagagtgat aaaaccccgt aggactcgag gctcatcaga ctgctgcttt tgttctgtct     53100
     ttcattgacc tttaatgcgg gacagatgtc gttgaacgtt ctacctgtcc atgtgatcgc     53160
     ttgatcactg catccaggac agtgctgaca ggtgcacaga gggccggccc tcacatctca     53220
     tttcgcaagt ttgcttcttc attgccagtt tcctcttaat tctgtaaatt acaataaagg     53280
     cttattcctc ccacacagat ctggattctc agtaaaaaaa atcacctgaa gcgtgttgta     53340
     ataaaagcgt acagcacacg ttttctcaag gatatggcta aaaagatact gtctcttcaa     53400
     atataggttg gtctgagtac tgttgacttt ccatagcagt gaaatctgtg ttgtccaaat     53460
     ggattataaa aggtgccctg tgacaatgtt tactattgga ttttgcttgt gcctaaaggt     53520
     gagatgttag tcgctttagg cgtcatgact ccaaggctac gtgaatggtg caaaccagat     53580
     gaagttagtt tggatctgtt tgtccccata atcatggttg ctggccatat ttgaatacat     53640
     gaaaatttca tgtcagtcta gattgatatc tgccataatt ctgcactgat gaaagtttta     53700
     atttttcttt ggcttgtagt ttacgttacc ggtacaattt gtaaatcttt aattggtaaa     53760
     gtgtttaatt atttggaaca tttaaaattg tctgtttagt acgcaagttg ttatggtgaa     53820
     ttttcagcag tcatgaccat tcatgaatac ccactcttac ttcaggtcgc taggtgtttt     53880
     gtgtcaggct gatgttattg tttttagatt gcagtagccc tcaataaatc tgaagttgac     53940
     catgtgggca gaacgttcat acatcagctg aaaaacatcc agtcagacat cacttatcta     54000
     gtggcggttg cttatgagat acaataggat gctaaataat gcaatatttc aaaacttttt     54060
     cattttatta cagggaaaag aaagcatcgc tatgacttgt gaaagtaaac agccatgttt     54120
     tactgttcga taaagcaaag caaaaagcag acattttaac aatgtaaact aggggtgctc     54180
     aaccctcttt ctggagatct accttcctgc agatttcagt tgcatcccac atcaaataca     54240
     cctgcatttt tattatcaag ggttgttcat gtcctaatta tttggctcat gtgtgtttga     54300
     ttagggttgg agctaaactc tgtaggaaga tagatctcca ggaacagggt tgagcatgcc     54360
     tgatgtaaac aaacaaaata aatttaatat ggctagcact ttgcttcact ggtatagctt     54420
     tatcaagctg aaacagagca gagttactgt cttgctgtta ctttctgaca tagcttgatt     54480
     gcttggtcat aacatattta agcaaccata ctaagcagtt aaaatgatta aattgaccaa     54540
     ataaaagagc taaaagcata tcttcaggct gagtaaaata gacaaaacac tgtaggtgat     54600
     tggacactga atacaaaact ttcatccgta atttttgcag gttaaaaaca ttcattcgaa     54660
     ctcacgatgt gttgatcatt ttgacacact gtgtatggat gtttcccagt gatggttgca     54720
     gccgggaggg cattcactgt gtaaaacata tgctggataa gttggcagtt ttttctgctg     54780
     tggcgacgcc agtttaataa aagggactaa gctgaaaata aaataaatga atgaataaat     54840
     cttagaaaga cactttaaaa atgagcttaa ccctccttct tctctataca gtattgaatg     54900
     aacacccatt cctccttttt tactttggag aaaaaaggag actcagaaat gttgtttttt     54960
     cgtaatacat taatacgcat cggactggtt tgtttacttg atgaattttt tgcatatgaa     55020
     tatgaaaaaa cgcatatgaa aattgatttc agtgtgcaaa gaccttaagg cacattgctt     55080
     gtaagattat gttcatacat gtatctctcc tagtgcttca aaatatgtag tcagggtttt     55140
     gtatatggcg tgggttcacc caatcaactt gcattactgg tacttcctat tgtggtgggc     55200
     gaaacccttc tctgaagtat aggctaattt agttcctata actaataagt tcctagttcc     55260
     tgtggtgcag acattcaaaa aaaacgtgtg tacttttatg aagaagttcc tctggtgaga     55320
     gagcccccaa aagccgtggt agaggatggg aagctcagca aggtagtcag cagatgctgt     55380
     gcgcttgtct ctctggatgc ttttgtacat tctgtgctcg agtgtgtgtg agaatttgtt     55440
     cagagtcgga tgatgatatt tccctgtcag tgagctatgt gtgcgctgga gctttctttg     55500
     tgtctgtttg cgcgtgcgtg tgtgcgagtg tgtgtaaaga caacacagtc aatgatattt     55560
     tcaccaccac tgagccgtgt gcgtgtttat ctcccattct ctgtgtatca tgtcaaacat     55620
     ttacatctca ttgaatttca aatatcagca ggaatggtaa tagggcatag taatgagact     55680
     gggctcccac tgttatgcta attaaggaag actccccttc agcgccccct ttccctcccc     55740
     tccccgattt cagattgctg cactgggcct ttccggcctc ttgctcagaa gtgccattaa     55800
     agggatagtt catccaaaaa taaaaaaaat ctgtcatcat ttactcgccc ttcacttgct     55860
     ttttctgttg aatacaaact aagatatttg gaaaaatatt agatgagaat tgaatggcat     55920
     tgtattagca ttgacttcca tagtatttgc ttttcctata tagatgccag tggttacagg     55980
     tttctaacat tttttaaatt gccctttttt gtgtaccttc aacagaaaaa ggaacacatg     56040
     aaggtataaa accccttgag tgtgaataac tagtatgtat tttatctttt taactggggc     56100
     catgaaaccc actaaaacat tttttgagat ttttaagatc caaatctctt ttctatgtag     56160
     aagtagaata ttaaaatata ttaggatata ggttgtgcat tgctaaaaat atgcaataat     56220
     cacattgcag gatctgcaat gtcaagtggg gaaaataatt aacccgcaac cccagtttaa     56280
     agcagatgtt ttgattgtga agtttaactt ttgtataata gtgtgaaaga tttgtgtttt     56340
     tatgttattt cagtgcctgt gagattaaga tttcaagtga atttgaacaa tttgggcaca     56400
     aaaagatata aagttttcca ctttagtata ataattatgt ttatttgtgc aatgaatatt     56460
     acatgcagtg ttgctttaca ttgattattg aatttctgta ccttgatact gttaaactct     56520
     atggaaaaaa acatatagtg atgtttgttt tattttggat cattgttcta ttgttttcat     56580
     taatgcttaa gtttatttta tggtaacttt gtatatttaa cgcagatgca ctcacctaca     56640
     aaatcccaaa gtcaaagtca aactcccaat caaattaaaa ttatgagttt ttttttccaa     56700
     atagacttcc ttaagggatc ttttgaaatt atatacatat cgcaatataa aacgcagaaa     56760
     aacaaaatat cgcaatgttc gttttttcca gtatcgtgca gccataatta aaatattact     56820
     gtacatatgt ttaaatgtac aatattaaat gtttaagtgt aatagctatg gattctacaa     56880
     aatatataaa aacatagtag gatttaacaa tttggtcata tggcccactc aatcctgatt     56940
     acaattttgt ccaaaataat cactattgtt tttttaaata attaagcagc ccaaattcct     57000
     gctttgcatc tgtctctgac aataatctag ttatagtcat ttactttttg tttgatgaac     57060
     aggctgcaat gtcagttgta ctattacaca taaagctcaa ggatgactgc tgatttttct     57120
     gtagctgaac aacttaaaat actccgtcat gtttggttgt acaaatagga ctaagtcatc     57180
     atttgtaggg gtttaacggt tcacaaaaat cacggtttgg ttcgatacga cacgagtggt     57240
     gtcacggttc ggtatgtttt cgatacagca aaagaagaaa aagccagaat atttctcaga     57300
     ttttttttta atgcattaaa acttaacatc attaaagtat gatcttgttt ttttctttta     57360
     ctttaaacag tgatagagct acatgaggtc gctgtgtagc agcaaataaa actaaatctg     57420
     cttaaaaaaa tctatgtaat attgtagttg ttatacaaat aaaaagaaaa gattaattta     57480
     gcttttatat ggaactcagt ttcaatgaat taagtaattt tttttttatt ttcagaaaga     57540
     tgagtgtctc ccttttctta agacagttac agcacagttc tgcttgattt gactgtcatc     57600
     tgccatttta gtgggtctga aagcaggaat tatctgactg aaatgggctt ataaaggaat     57660
     aatgtagcgg ggctctatta catataacat tttcttaaaa cccgacattt tcacaaccga     57720
     ttaaggtctc acagggctcg aaattaacct tttttttctg ggtagcacca gtgctcctaa     57780
     cttaaaaaat ttaggctcac cagacaaaat ttagtcgcac ccatcaaaaa ttatgagcac     57840
     cgttactaca cgttttatat taacagattc tattatataa taacactcta atcacaacta     57900
     acaaataaac aaaaatcaaa aatgaatgac attcattaca tgatcactaa tcagatctgc     57960
     cattatttgt aactctagct ggtttctaaa actaaatctg tcagtgttgt taatattctc     58020
     tcgtatccag ccgtaaacat tttttgcgac ctgtagttcc ctgtcatcgg aactgagtga     58080
     tcgacagcta atattaacca attcattagc gttctgttct agcgcagtgg gtcaataaga     58140
     agagcttgaa ggcggggcaa gcagggcttt atttactgca gcaagttgac atgtcaactg     58200
     ttttaaacta ttcatgagct ctgtgtttgg cgtttttagg tgcaaagttg cttaatgttt     58260
     gaatgcctcc taattccgcg catgtggtga acattttgct gtgaaaactg gtcgcacaac     58320
     atcagggcaa tttcgagacc tgtctcatat ccacagcttt aaatgttttg ccctgtttga     58380
     atctgtagta attgtctgtc tgaatgctgc gagaatagtt gcatatagtg cacgtgtttc     58440
     cagcttttgt ctaatttcgt gatgtcagtg taaatgagtt gacatgctcg aatattaccg     58500
     ctgaaatagc ttatcgctgt ggttgatgtt gtggtttttt ccacaactct cttaccatca     58560
     ccctcataac ttacagggaa accaaagtgc tcccaaacgc cagacccact gttggttata     58620
     ggaggattac attaacgtta ctagccattt tgcgagctag tgcagcgtat gactggagta     58680
     gtgtttggag gtgggcggga aaggcagcat gtcacatcat ttgggtttag ttcttgttga     58740
     cgccatcata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     58800
     tatttttttt tttttttttt ttcttttctt tttatgtgtt ttttaggaca gtggatctgg     58860
     tctgtcatcc cctatttgtg atctgattga gatactcctt tcagaactgc cttatctgct     58920
     actcacggca ttcatttcat agtgtgtgtg tgtctgcatt gctgttgttc aaattagctg     58980
     tctttgtgtg taacgaatct tctcgtttta ggcagtccct tctctctttc cttaaatttt     59040
     aatttttact cttgccttta catggtagaa gtgctccttt tccaggtttt tcgatgctgt     59100
     taaagcattt ttttagtaat aaaaaaaatt atatagattt ttgcatcatt ctaatgtttt     59160
     atcctcatca atgttgtttt tgacattgaa cagtagcatt catctataac atgctagagc     59220
     agcaggtgtt tcaatagagg atgcgctggt gcccttatgc tcaagttctg cttaaatcac     59280
     caaataaata tttgattatc tcttacaggt ggatgagtac ccaacagaat atagagagca     59340
     ggagaccaac caacaacaag tggctgagga ggaagaggag gcgaatgagg aggaaacgga     59400
     ggagcaggac agctctcatg tcactgaatt agaggaggta aaggatgagt ttgtggtctc     59460
     ttcattcatg atgatgattt aaagtcacac cgtctgatgc aagttcactg caaacttcag     59520
     gcagacaatg aaaacgatct agaagctgag catgagcagg atgcagatgt aaaggaggag     59580
     tctgatgagg aagaggaaga tgatgaagaa tctggccgcc tgcgatttaa gactgagcgc     59640
     aaagatgaca cagtggtccg gttgtctgat gttgccagta aaagaagaaa catcccagaa     59700
     acattaggtt agttgctaac aaataaagca ctgtattgtt tgtattgtta caaaggtgtt     59760
     aatcctgtca attaaaaaaa aaacaatgat gaaaaatcac cttgattacc ttttttgtaa     59820
     ggctaagacg agatgaagat gacacagatg acattagaca ataatagtga ctacatcagc     59880
     atatattgac attgatggaa aaaaagacta atctaaagtg caatcaaatg tatcaaacct     59940
     aatgaaaatc tttttatttt tgtcatattc tctacatttt tgttatattt tctttggact     60000
     gagatgttgt aatagttaaa aatgtaaatt gtgtctaagt gctttaaaaa gaaagtatta     60060
     atgttttttt taaccaaatg atagtaaaaa tatgtatttt tttaattaaa gggataattt     60120
     acccaaaaac aaaaattctg tcatcagcct tgatttaatt aaaatcagtt taattatttt     60180
     gttctgttga acgcaaaaga aaatatttgg gaaataaatc attatattca tagtagaaaa     60240
     tcaaatacta tgaaattgtt tccagccttc ttcaaaatat cttcttttgt gttcaacaga     60300
     acaaaaaata aaacaggttg ggcacaagtg gatggtgcat aaatgataac agaatttacc     60360
     ttttttggga gaactatgcc tttgaggtgt ttgttaaccc aaaagaaaaa aattagttat     60420
     ttattcaccc tcatggcgtt taagattttt ttgtttgtcc ctacattgta agtctaatta     60480
     cccaaaacag acaaccactt tttagtcctg aaatcagttt tcatttgaga tttattgtgc     60540
     atttaatgac tcctcaagca gattccactc tttctttgca ttcattcttt gttttttgta     60600
     ttcgtattta gaaggatcta tcagttgaca tcactgtatt ccagttgaca cactttgaaa     60660
     gcctctgctt tatatgatga gcagatttag tttttttatt tcttataaat attgatcatc     60720
     aaatgaacag aagctcaatc acagttgaca gacacttgag aatgaacttc aaaggttctt     60780
     gtggaagctc aaacattctg gtgacatgca agaatgaacc ttaagggttc ttgtggatca     60840
     agcaagcata cctgagcttc ggggatccag tttttgaggc ttgactaaaa tgaaaataaa     60900
     atatgatcgt cacataaacc ttaactctta agaagattaa taaaatcata tagatataat     60960
     tagattatag atataatttt ctgatttata taagtttaga atcttaagca tttgggatga     61020
     aatggctgtg aaaaaaatgt ttaatacatt ccgaagatga actaatactt aatatgggta     61080
     aatgttgaga atttttatgt agtgtcaaat gaccttttaa tatttaaact aaagaaatag     61140
     ttcacaccaa aagtgatttc ttttataatt taagtaccct acacttgttc caaaccagtt     61200
     taagttaatt ttttaacaca aaagatattt taaagaatgt tggaaacata ttaccattaa     61260
     cctccatata gggtagattg aatatactat agaagccaat ggttgtaggt tccaagcttt     61320
     cttcaaaata tcatcgtttg tgtttcacaa aatgatacca aaatcttcat ttttgcgtga     61380
     aatatccctt tacctcggct ccccaagtga tcataaatca aaaccaataa gatcgtatta     61440
     taaattatag ttttattccc attatcctaa tgaagtgcag aataaaaggc tatttgattg     61500
     ttcatgagga catttgccat tcatttctct tctctttcag agctctctaa ggaagctaaa     61560
     gcagacctgc agaagtttga ggagaatgag cgtcagagaa agcagggtcg ttttggagga     61620
     cgagggagag gaggaccgta tggagatgga ggaagaggag gaatgcaagg tagaggtgga     61680
     atgagaggaa gaggaggagc tggaggtcga ggactcggag gaagaaatga tttccacatg     61740
     tttggaatgg gaggttttcg cggcgatgga gttggaggtc gagggagaat aaacgagcaa     61800
     aggcctccac tgatgcaaat gaacttagga atgcaggtaa aagactaatg actttaacac     61860
     aaatgctcaa ctatgtgatt tgacagctgt atttagtata gaattaaacc attaatgact     61920
     aattattagc ggttatattt agtgcataag aatgtatgat ttctagacag tggatgaaga     61980
     agcttaacct tcctattatc caaggggtca atttgatcca ctttaatttt taacgtctgt     62040
     aaatacataa ttaatgcaaa ggtttattta agttgtcaac aaaaggcatc aattacttta     62100
     cacaaaccta taaaaatata atgtggaggt ttaagtgttg aattcaaatt gaccagttta     62160
     ataggaaata tttacagttt ggctgcaaaa ccaaatcagt taatctaatt gcaatccatt     62220
     gagaaagtaa cagtgattta aataactgat tgagtgtgtc ttgtcacttt acattagtga     62280
     ataacacatt tctatgacag gaacatataa catcttgggt ggaattgtgg ggaaagttca     62340
     tgacccaagt tgtcttaaac ttgagaatcc tttaagctct tcaaataagt tcttcataag     62400
     aatgtaacgc agtttgacct gacatgggca tggcatacat gtgctgtgta ctgtttgaag     62460
     tgtttcagac atgttccctt cagcataact agttgagtct taatctgtaa atgttagaaa     62520
     gtcacaaggc aatttttatt ttgcctaaag gcccacctgt tcagagactt cactgaacga     62580
     gtatcaacat gcagtaaatg aagcaatgta attgtgatga tttataaaat aataataata     62640
     ataataataa tatatatata tatctggcta gacattaaat ttttattaga gcagtaacaa     62700
     taaatgctct taatagttaa taggtgtatt ataattaatg ttgtgttcag tttagtgtgt     62760
     tgcttgtaat ttaatatttt gtcggtgcaa ttgtttttaa tgtatatttt aaattggaaa     62820
     gcaagctgtt gtttttgtct tagactctaa tatttatatt ttcaaagaaa taatcagtat     62880
     taatcactta tcaagaatac ttgttagttg cagccccaca tcacacttta taatttagga     62940
     aacactttaa ttgagcagta tgagtaccag aatcctaaga ttactttagt aaaacccaca     63000
     gaaaccttaa taaattaata aattacgtta atgcatgtac actgtttagt gaaattggac     63060
     taactcttat tttctgaaac gctgaccatt tgtatactat ttaggtactg attgtctggt     63120
     tattgttggc atctactgtt ttgggctgag cagtgaacaa taccctgctt ctcaatctgg     63180
     aatactgata agcaattgtt ctacttgctt ttattccaaa cctttgcctc agcataagtg     63240
     aatagcatat atgctgatta ttatccattg tgattctgtg tcaaggggtt ttctaggctt     63300
     ctcctgccct taattgacta ttaagagagc ggaggtagaa ttgtccgcat gtaaacgtat     63360
     aatcctgaca agccccgaag gaacaaatgc acatttacaa ggtaaaattt tgagtcagcc     63420
     agtaagactg tgcttttata ctctgctgtt gtcatgacaa tcactgtgtg cacataaatt     63480
     agcaatcagc attcattgca gttgtttcct gcagttgtga ttcctgtgga aatgcattta     63540
     aaactaatct tttagaaaaa cctatgagtg catttattgc gtgggttttt atttttttca     63600
     gtgaaaagac aggtgtcatt gaactgacag ccttgttttg agattgccaa ttttacaggt     63660
     atttctagac aagtgtgaat gttgagcctc gcttttcatg gagctttgca catgacatag     63720
     gagcctctga aatataaatg ttgtatttac actaatgctg gtgtttaaat atgccatata     63780
     gtgcattgat tcaataagtt aaattgttct ctcttatcta cacagtaaga ctgaggcttt     63840
     agtaaattaa aaaattcagc agatatggtt ttatataaca ttttattacc ccagaatgta     63900
     tccactagga ccagaaggtc cgtattgacc atgtttggga cagtcatgaa tattaatgag     63960
     gtcttcttta aaattcctgc agctcattgc ttgctctttc actcaaacac aagcacaaaa     64020
     tcgaaataaa acgaaatata aatgaaacaa aaacaaacat gtgcaaaaca aaatcatact     64080
     taatttgtca aaatatattt taagaaattg aatagatgcc ttgttaaatc caccagtgtg     64140
     gtgaagaggt ttattttagc tatctttaat cacccagaaa aaataatttt tctccttagt     64200
     tgcattgttg atgaaatcaa tgctaaatta gaattatact cgaaaatagt gacagagaga     64260
     gatgtattaa tagttgtatt ttgaatgttt taacatgtat gaaaaacaat aattattatc     64320
     aatctttgca taaacaggtg gcatttaata aattgttttg ttatttcact ccaaaataca     64380
     tgtttttgtt gcctcattgc aaacatagat atttttacaa aatacatgct aaattaccaa     64440
     aagatacaat taaacagacc ttatacctat ttggggtgga gctgaatgaa tttataatcc     64500
     atattgcctg gattttgcat tatgaaaagc ttcaaacaaa aaaaaacgca ctgcatttag     64560
     catctgtcct cattgcttca cagcgcatag aaaagacacg gtgtaaaggc atggtgtggt     64620
     tggctttagc ctatagtctt tggctttatt tgtcttcctg tgtctcctta tttcaaaata     64680
     atagctgaac ttctgatgat tcagcaggtc tagttgatgt ataatgtcac atagtacatg     64740
     caaatgttaa gggcatgcta tttaataatt aatcccatgt gcaatgtaac agtctgtatt     64800
     ttgattggat aggcctgttt ttcaccaggc tttaggtctt atgtcttgcg tctgtgcaag     64860
     aggatgtgtc tttttgcacc atggggggca gtatctgttt tttgttcaga acggcaaaac     64920
     cggaacttcc agtgtgcacg tgcaaagtgt aaacaaagca atatttagta ccaatattat     64980
     agcagctttc actcaactct gagagtttgt tcctgcaaaa atgtctgata atctaataat     65040
     ccatatcgat taacaaatat ttgagaaatg tagcaaaatt acagctggtt tcttcatgcc     65100
     ttaatcgggc tgacgagttc tgacgttaac cggacaagag gttatgcgtg gaaacaaacc     65160
     aaagcaacta gtcagactga ctgtgacgaa tgtaccaatg aagcccaatg accaagtgtt     65220
     gatttgctgt ataccgcccc ttatactcaa aggatttaca tgaaaacgag gaaaccattg     65280
     agtttgggtc acagaatgcc aatttccata tactgagcac tgatttttat taaatggcac     65340
     cgtttattaa agtgtaataa atgctcaaat ataaaagtta tttaaaatgt catagcattt     65400
     gtttaatttt ttgtattttt gatttataaa tatactttaa tgagtataag tgaccggttc     65460
     aagaaacaaa gaaaaaacaa cttactgacc acaatctttt gaaaggcact ttaatttcag     65520
     gcaagcttgg catttgattt tattttaggt ggttgaagat cagttttaga tgttgcgttg     65580
     actttttttc ttgtctcacc cttgcagagt ccgtttgctt tcgagtaaaa gacaattatc     65640
     accgttctca ctccctgtct tatccatgtt gatatatgga ttatggcaaa taacttggcg     65700
     ggagtccatt gaggaagcat tacaccaaat taaatttgta ctttgctgaa ggatttagct     65760
     tcctgcgctt attttattat taaatatctg ttgagggtgt aatccctttg cgcttgagct     65820
     gttcgttcga acgttcgcac ctcttttttt tttttttttt tttaaagctg attttctttt     65880
     atagaaaagc ctgactttcc tggcttttgg cacaacttgt cattcctcga cattgatgtg     65940
     ttcttttaca ttgcagtgct gacagcagta tatagtgcac tcactgccat aatgatttaa     66000
     ttgaattccc ctccgctcct gtctatgagt tgtcatatca agcacatgtc ttcatctgat     66060
     cgtaagttaa taaatatatt gtgtgtagag aaagactgta gtgagtgtat ctgagtacac     66120
     tcactgcttc acttaattca aatgaggtga tgtcctttta ggttaaatca acagagacac     66180
     agaggcacaa cgtatgtttt ttgagagact gcttgaacat tttgtattcg tcttaaactc     66240
     ctcatttaat tcagattcag tcccagtcac ttggctctta tgattgatta cttgattaaa     66300
     ggggtcgtct ggagacccaa ggtcacaaca ctacaagata atgatttttt tggggtgaaa     66360
     gagagaaggc ttacgttatt gattgatgat ccttggcttc tctctctcgt tttaaagcag     66420
     cagctcagaa tgactcctcc gcttcagcat caccatcatc aatctcgtct gcccggcccg     66480
     agaagctctg gaggtcctgg gctgtttcca gatccaggca ctccgattgc tcagcagcca     66540
     ctgcagatgt tgatgccaca tatgagtcac cgttcaccag gccccagaac acaacagtta     66600
     aactccccac cacgacactc gcatgcacat cccaaccaac accagcagca ccaacagcac     66660
     catcccaaaa acattcacat caaccctcac ttcagaggac catcatcctc acctgtgcaa     66720
     ggtatggccc cagattcaaa tctatattct ttgatgcatg tttggcttca taaagtactt     66780
     tttctttgtt cattttttta ggctaagcac tttcggctga tgcttacaca cattttcaca     66840
     gagcaaggtc cttctaagtg tttttttccc tctggtgtgg ccttcactct gtaggcagcc     66900
     catcagcatt aaaccagctt tctgaaatgc acacatctgc gaaggtggaa tgattcacgg     66960
     cgaaattact ccttttgact gtcagtttat ctcattaggt ggcccagtct gctcgagaga     67020
     gagatgcaga gtttaatcag cagaacagcc ctctctctgt gaccagctgt gacaaaccat     67080
     ggtttagaca cgtggcaaga agagactttt atggtgtctg tgttacgcca acccactctc     67140
     tcgttctgca tccctttttc tgtctgtctg actcctgctt tttctatttc catttaatct     67200
     cagttccctc aatgcctcct gtgcagaacc aaccaaggcc taacatcgct tcaccgagac     67260
     tctcggtaag taacctcacg ttgctttaag ttagaattaa gtgatttcaa tctgcataaa     67320
     tctgctgtgt gttacggtcg aaactgcctg agtcatagac actgaaagca acatgtgcgg     67380
     tgtggaagaa acgactctct aaaagtgtcc tggtatatga ggaggatctg ccagttgaaa     67440
     ttgaaatgga gaccgtgaaa acatagaaca gatataaaag ccctttaagg atgtaggaac     67500
     cgtcatgcag ctgcctgcac tgtggataaa gtgattactg ccaaggagga gaccatcaga     67560
     aacccccata aaataaactg tttccccaat tctcttcttt ttccgctctg ttacaaatac     67620
     tttggttttc tgttcattgt tgctgtccac tggagctgta gttgcatgtt gcagtaacat     67680
     gataccacta tgcagtgcta ctgtaggtgc aatattttct tttaaagtta gaaagtgatt     67740
     ttctaattgt atgtattttt tttttcattt taaatttgtt ataattgata aatctctttt     67800
     atacaattta ataaacaatt tataagtatt atacactatt agaaaatact ttttgtaact     67860
     ccatatcaat taatacctta tgacttttta aaatcactct catggcatca agtgtattca     67920
     ctttctcttt atttcataaa aagtttaaaa tgtccatgcc atccacattt ttgtccatgc     67980
     tgtttgtgct gtgtggccac tagtttggag acatcgtgga ctcttaaaac ggttttcgtt     68040
     tctgatcttg ctgaatgaga gagaagtttc acaatgacat ttttccagct gtctgtctcc     68100
     cacagccagt atggtacaga caggacacca ttaaaaatgc caatggcatt ttgcaggaat     68160
     cggcgtccat tagccctctg ggctcttgat tatcatacat tagcatatga tcacatctca     68220
     tcttacaata ggctgatccg caatttctct atgaatattt actactttcg agtttttgaa     68280
     tattaatctc aatgctacat atttatattg tattttatgt ttaatactgg tcatagcaga     68340
     aatcattttg aaaggtaaaa gtgtaaattt ctcctttgtt agtaatgttg attgaatcat     68400
     aattattttt tttttgttta aagtcacagt tcacttaaag attttaattt acttaccatt     68460
     tattcaatac caagttctta caagccttta taaggttatt ttttctaagg attttttgga     68520
     gaatgttaga aaccagttgc cagtataact tcttttatgt tcaacagaat ttaaaaaaaa     68580
     atctttgtaa ccaaatgttt gcaaatgttt ggaaaaggta aaggttgaat aaataattag     68640
     aataaaaaca tttgggtgaa ctctcccttt aaaagcttag tagtctccag aattttgtaa     68700
     agtagtgcag tacatttttc ttaatgttga actttcatga ttttttttta taccagaacg     68760
     gcagaaagga acaagttgca gagtgtattt taagacaccc gaggcttgtc ttctaaatgg     68820
     catcagccca tgcttggcat ttgtctttcc tactcccttt ctatctccca gtcagatcat     68880
     aactggttac atattgagca gatccatggg tatttacgaa agattagccc cccaaaagga     68940
     catgctcctt ttatcaaacg aatgcaaact tgcaaaggta ttgtgaatgt acttaagctc     69000
     ccattgtgtt acaggaactg accttttgaa tagagcaatg aagtctacaa taacaatgtg     69060
     attctccctt gctccctcct gtccattgct tagctaagct gcctgattga ctttctgtta     69120
     agcaacttgg ctggccttgg tgacactcac tggctgacta aagatcaggg ctgaaaacgt     69180
     ggattaaaag ttggattgca tcttaagtca tttataatga gtaaagaggt gctaagcatc     69240
     acaatttgct ggagtgtggc tcctttgaag gaaggctaat ttcttaagag caaaggatat     69300
     tttcaaagaa taaaggagag aggattcgca ttcaactgca ggattagtaa ggatcgttat     69360
     ctttttttcc tctggaaagg tagagagggg attttgagtt ttatgagcaa tgggttaggt     69420
     aagcactgcg aacggataga tttatattca agggtgtatg caaatcattt tctttctgct     69480
     gaaaaggttt ctcaatggca taagcggatg tttatgatct taatatgaag tgttacattt     69540
     aataacacat ttaataacga agataagaag tgtaaagctt tttggcttta aaagtcatcc     69600
     atcaacaata atatttctgt ttggtgaaga gtgttttctg tggagtctgt gaatttttat     69660
     tttatttgtg ctgttattca tcctctaggc tcctcctgat tttcagcagc atctggggaa     69720
     ttttggccca cctctgcggc ctctgccttc ccaggagcca tggagaggac caccaccacc     69780
     acatcatcag gatcaagacc acttcttccc tggtggtaag gtcaaatcat tttagaaagc     69840
     tgtaggatgt caacctaaat gtgacatcac actggagccc tgcattgtct tcaataccaa     69900
     ttcctccatc cattggatgg tgtaagttta agaaattaaa ttttttttat ttttttttca     69960
     gaaccgcgat tttcaggcca gcacatgttt gaccagccag gccctgcccc ccttttgaat     70020
     aacagtgttc ttccgatgtc ggggcaaggc cctccgaatt tccctccaca gggaggactt     70080
     ggaggtcctg gatttggtcc tttggggctc ggacagaacc aagggcctca gagtctagcc     70140
     ctgcagcatg caggtcctcc agggccccct ggtccccgtg gatttgtggg tcacagacag     70200
     ccattctcac ccccgcaaca gggacccccc tttagccccc agcacatgcc atttggtatg     70260
     caggtacgcc agagagtaag ttgaaatacc aaaaattagc atggccttgc tgacatggtg     70320
     aacattgcat gttaatctag catgaaataa aatgtgtcat tatatatgcg ttgtatattt     70380
     ctgtatttta tgaggtcata aactcgctgt cttaatttag ctcaggaagt atgtcagtgt     70440
     tacattaagg tttgggttgt gcatgtgtct ttactgacag tcacgatcaa tttaatgcat     70500
     acttgcttaa taaaaggtat ctttctatat aaaaaaaaac ctactgaccc caaacctttg     70560
     aatggtaggg tagatggcac agaaagtgta aacagacaag caagcagaag tggtgtaagc     70620
     tgtgtaagga taacctgccc ttttacatgc aagcagcaga caagactgcc ctcttgtgtt     70680
     agcagtattt gtcagttcat ggttatttga ggtcactggg ttagttgtta cacatcaaac     70740
     acctgtcgct cttttaaaga tgtcattcct cctaaaactg tttattttct ttggttttac     70800
     taataaattg aattaaattg tgattttaga aacaaatgaa attgaaaaag aacagcaaat     70860
     taactgttta ggtaaagtac tgtaaaattg tgccgacttc agttctactc ctgttgacta     70920
     gattgtgctt tagtgtaaat gtccttttaa aagaaagctt tatgacattt gatccaactc     70980
     atttgtacac ttaagatgta aatttgatta ttttatcctc atttgagttt gtttaattag     71040
     tttaatttaa tttctttgtt ttatttaaag ggtctactgc agcagcccct gcaccatgat     71100
     ccgcaactta cccatcagcc cttgcaccag cagcaccagc aacacagaca ggacttaccc     71160
     ccccaggcct tgcttcactc ccagcctcca ccccaacatc aaactcacca ccaacaccac     71220
     ccacgggacc aacacctctc ccagccccat ttccgccaat cgatttcgag tggccataga     71280
     cagatgcagt cccggccaca gggcaaccag cagcgtaaca accatgccag acccagaatg     71340
     gtaagcactt cgtgtttttg atgctgctta ttaagttata tttcattcat gcaaagcagt     71400
     tcactacact agagcaaaac tgctgtcagt gaattcattt tcactcctga acatcaaccc     71460
     gtttttctga acttctcctg cttttcttca gacgccgcct tctccactgc agcagattcc     71520
     tcctcagcgc aacagcaacc ttcgggagct gcccattgct actagtaaca ataatacctg     71580
     cccatcagtg cctagtgggc aagcaaaacc agttaccaag gcaacacaaa atgttaggca     71640
     agggcccgtt gctcgttctg gaccagcagg aaaggttgga cctttagcac aagggcaagg     71700
     ctccgccaga gcaccgctgc agcccagagt gcccgagata aagaaagcgc aaccagctgc     71760
     acagtcaagc accactccac aggtaatact gggagctgct tgatgttttt aaagttcttt     71820
     acaaaatagc agttgtttac atagacgtaa attagacatg ttcaagttta tgaaaaaatt     71880
     tgttttattt tcttaaattt gattggccga aatcagcatt ctatgagtat cagcaatgat     71940
     ccagtctctt cctctgtggg catctctcca accacagcga gtctcatgca gactcactat     72000
     agtttaggca agaacgtagt agtttagctt tcaaataatt tcaagtcaag tcaacattta     72060
     tttataaagc attttaagaa acaagagcac caaattgttg tacacgctga aaccatttaa     72120
     acacaaaact gtggattttt aaacatttat ttattctgtt ctgcttttta attttcagct     72180
     ttgagcacga tcctctgttt gttcatgtct aaggcatcat gatactcacc tatatgcaga     72240
     attaaggaat ttaaatacgt gttctgaagt gaagttttta ttttggcgat ggcttttgcc     72300
     cagctgttac agtgaacttc agatgttaat ttgtagtgga agaaattagt tcctcacaca     72360
     gacactgtta cctaattata ataagctcat ttgcacaaaa gtatatatat gttttattca     72420
     gtgatttaac tctctctgta tacattcagt tgaagtcaga attattagtc cccctgaatt     72480
     attagccccc ttgtttattt tttgcccaat ttcttacaca tttctaaaca taatagtttt     72540
     aataactcat ttctaataat tgatttattt tatcattgtc atgatgacag taaattcagt     72600
     aaatatattg ctagatattt ttcaatacac ttctatacaa cttaaagtga caattaaagg     72660
     cttaactctg ttaattaggt taactaggca ggttagggta attaggcaag ttatatatga     72720
     cgatggtttg ttctgtaggc tatcgagaaa aaaatatata gttaaatggg gctaataatt     72780
     tagaccttaa attgaatatt aaaaaaaaat tgcttttatt ctagccaaaa tgaaacagaa     72840
     gaaaaaatat tatcagacat actatgaaaa tttccattct ctgctaagca tcatttagga     72900
     aatatttaca aaagaaaaaa aatgaaaaaa gggtctaata attctgactt caactgtata     72960
     tgtccaccaa atattatttc ttaactattg catagttggg ttgtcaggtc aatttacaat     73020
     gcacccacag acagatgatc atcaaagtat gtcactttca caatcgcttc atgtgaaacc     73080
     cctttcattt tacaaaagtg cagtgttttt tgttgaaata aatttagtgt ataagagcaa     73140
     gttattgcac aggtcacatc catttgtcat gcactgaaca tatggcacac aatttttagt     73200
     ttaacaatag gttgagtgag catgtaaagt tgctgttttg tggtcaatga ttggcttttt     73260
     catgtcatgc cccatgtact gttaccagca attagcaatc tgtcaaccat ggccaacttg     73320
     atttactttg ctatatccag tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaatctg tgtctgaaac atttgggttg     73380
     accaagcatc ttctctttta caagtttagt cgactattgg ggcaggccta ggtaacactg     73440
     gtccaaaaaa caaacaaacc aaatattaca gttgtatatc tatgtacaat tgaagtcaga     73500
     attattaacc cccctgaatt attatccccc cctgtttatt tttttcccca aatttctgtt     73560
     taacagagac aagattattt tcatttctga acgtactagt tttaataact catttctaat     73620
     gactgattta ttttatcttt gccatgatga tggtaaataa tatttaacta gatattttta     73680
     gggcacttct atacagctta aagtgacatt taaagtctta actaggttaa ttaggttaac     73740
     taggcaggtt agagtaattg ggtaagttat tgtatatcga tggtttgttc tgtagactat     73800
     ggaaaaaata tatagtttaa aggatattat gattttgact ttaaatgttt gtaaaaaaaa     73860
     taaataaata aaaactgctt ttgttctagc caaaatagaa caaataagac tttctccaaa     73920
     agaaaaaata ttatcagtca tactgtgaaa atttcattgc tcagttaaac atcatctggg     73980
     aaaatttaaa aagaaaaaaa aattcaaaaa ggggctaata attctgactt aaactggata     74040
     tgtagataat gcaattgcag ctagactttg tctagaatgt gtaagtaacc acaagcaacc     74100
     ttggtctcgt gcatatgctc actagactga aatgtttttg cataaagcca aaagaagtct     74160
     tcttttattc atccagaatt taaattcgtc cttgtttaga acccagatga agatgaggag     74220
     acacggcaat acagactaaa gatcgaagaa cagaaacgtt tgcgagaaga ggtccttcga     74280
     cgcaaagagc tgcgcaggca gcagcaagct ggtgagcgca aaaaggaact gttggaacga     74340
     attggcggcc aacttccaaa ccagactcaa ccaacacaga acaccacaca gccccctaca     74400
     gctcaacccc ctcagccggt cccttccctg atctctaacg gaaccccaca gaacccttcg     74460
     cccatcgtca attcccctcg tcccaatgtt aagacacgtc tgttgaacac taaacctcag     74520
     gcacctgctt cagggtggtc tgggccacag aagccacaga gtactggtcc taatgccaac     74580
     ctgcagggcc aatatcaacc attgcagaag aggaccatcg ccccacaaaa cactcaacga     74640
     ccggctgcac agggtgttgg tgctcaaacc aagccagtag aagggcatgg cctgggtcag     74700
     cctcagcccg gtggaaaaag aacagtgatg caaagaacca acagtgttga atcaccacaa     74760
     gttccacaga aagtgcgtgt agttaagctt cagggagagg tgagtgaatt tgtaacctat     74820
     ttaaactcta gatgtgatct ttaaagttca tgtgccacag aatattttga ctctttttgt     74880
     ctttgccggt tttcttgaag tagttgtcac cttgatagaa ttaataaaag agtctacctc     74940
     aaagacaaga ggatttccaa ttactgtaaa agtcatgacg tctacttttt cgaccagtaa     75000
     agtttttaga gctcaaaact gttttaaggt atgtagcaaa tttctctttt tgaaagaatc     75060
     gatagcgatg gtagtcttca tactgggatt taattgacag aacactttta ccttttgtgg     75120
     ccataaatgg caccatcctg ctgtcattaa agtgagatgc ttggcatttg cgtctttact     75180
     ctgagtgata gcagatccag acattgtaaa ggtttgtatc ttcttcaagt cgagcagcaa     75240
     ttttacgagg caagttaagc aagaccaaat ggaggtttct atcggtttcg ccaatcattt     75300
     tacatttaag tctagagttt gaggtcgttc tgacagggca ttttatgcat ctcaaccaag     75360
     gaaaggagga cccaaggatg atttatggcc tctaagagat gatttgttcg ttgaatgagg     75420
     agaaaacatc cttttccagt cttctgcctg aagcgaagct aaatatctcc tttgactgcc     75480
     agatctctgt gaatgaagat aactgtgtgt caacttagtt aatagaaagc tacacgcagc     75540
     tatctgaagt gccgtggctc tgactgacaa agaggaagaa gggggagggt ctgtcagacc     75600
     gaaagaagct gatcctctag gtgcttctct tctcctgctg tcaacctcag ccgcctgaca     75660
     atgttatctc tctttcttgt tctcccttct aacttgtgct cgctccatgt tactctcttc     75720
     atctatctcg tctcgcctct cgctttatcc atccatcagc tcatcattga agtgtgttag     75780
     aataggtgtc agtccgggga catctgcaat taatctttct cgtctatgtt gatatgggtg     75840
     taataatacc tgcgagagtc cgggagaaag agagatgccg gtttgggcgg atttgtattt     75900
     cttccagctt agccgcactg ataagagcaa attaaatttt catcagcaag aatacaaaag     75960
     cctgcaccgt acaaaagcag catgggggat ggaggtgacg ggctgggtgg gggaggggga     76020
     gggacttgtc aaatgtcgtc accccgcccc ggtgtattgc tgcggagcat ctgatagatg     76080
     taatctgaag gtgtggattt tgtattgagt tggattaatc cattaacccc ctcagatgga     76140
     gacagacaga atagagataa tgcacacggt ttagaaaaag acagatgagg ggaaaaggat     76200
     gagcttagct gctttggcaa ttatgtcttt gttgtagact gaaggaatgt ttatagggat     76260
     tgtgttgaat atattcaggt ttgctgtcgg atgaggacta tatgctgatg tttgattctc     76320
     tctgtggtag acggtataag tcgaatgttc ttcatgtttt tctttttata ttttaacaat     76380
     gatacggtta aaagagtaca accaaaataa catacaaggc attcaagaaa tcattaagaa     76440
     attttgatat ttgaatatga ttttgagcac tagctatagc agttcagtca atgttaacgg     76500
     tgcattaggt tatttgccaa aaagctaacc gttagcataa tagctttgaa aacacagtcc     76560
     ctcccctgca gtcctcctga aatcatgaac acgcaccata aagacgatag aaaacaaacc     76620
     cactagttca tgacattcgc tagttagaaa tctttatagt actttataat atttcaattc     76680
     tgaatgaaaa actgtattat atctagcatg tttttagttg tatgtgcaat atttcatgta     76740
     tgcaaggatc gctagtctca ctctctcaca cattgtccta aagcgactat acttagtggt     76800
     tggctggtgg catgcaggaa ttacacttat tactaagcca tacttacatg ctattttaga     76860
     ctgaatattc aaattactat gttgaacaat atagggagca tgtcacaggt tgtcatagtt     76920
     caaaaatgaa tcaatgtgaa tataaaacca acttcaccaa cttcaacttt acctctgtaa     76980
     agctgactag gtggaatggc attaatgact tatgttttat tgttaaacta aaaaaaaatc     77040
     tacattatcg atgctgtaaa aggtccctta tgaaactgaa aatagtcaca tcaatctttc     77100
     ggctgaaaat ttcagtggct gaacaacacg tctgtgcata taacccattc atagcataat     77160
     gcaatctaca tcagctttac atgactacaa tagttttata atagaacatt acctgtctag     77220
     cagaaatact tcagccatgg tgtcattctt catccagtat acaaaactaa ctccaaaatt     77280
     gatttaagat tttagtaagt tttggttgag catttgtttt caccactgtc actcttgcat     77340
     gtgcatgtgc acgtgtaaac gacagatctg tttgcctgaa gggctgtgca aatgtacaaa     77400
     tctacatttg ttgacagaca gtttgggcta cctatcagaa ttatggcaat tattgcccta     77460
     acacatgttt tattggatta aaattttttt gtttaatgcc ttacccagaa tagaaaaata     77520
     cgtatgaata cattaagaca atttacttta atctgtacta ttggaatgtg aagagaattt     77580
     ctaccaacac aacaaaaaat gtttctgaag actaggcatg ggacgacaat tttactacag     77640
     gtttaccgca gtttggaaaa gtcaaggttt taaaaccacc atttcctgta ataacgtttc     77700
     taaggtatgt gtaagatttt tcttttagtt ttttaggaca acagtatctt cagcataaaa     77760
     tatcaaagat gccggtttaa cttgtaatga aatcattgct tttgaaacaa ataaagacaa     77820
     aagaagccaa ttattcattt gaattattta gcctgacatg tttactgttc caaagtatta     77880
     taaatctttc aaaaaattaa atatattatt ttcaatttgg aaaaacgttt ttaacgacat     77940
     ttaaaaagaa tatattttag agcagtaacc acaatactgt gataccgtga aaccgtgata     78000
     tttttattca aggttatcat gccgtcagaa tcttataccg gcccatgcct atagacaatc     78060
     tcctactgca cttttaataa atgaaccctt ctttttagat tatcatcaat gacagactgg     78120
     agcaggtttg tcatattaag ccataatgca tggatacaat ttaataatca taagatttgt     78180
     cgctgaactt cttacattta ctcaagacat gacataaact aaaatttgat atatttttgt     78240
     gtatttgacc aaaaagaagt gatttttgaa tcgtgctgag caattgtttg tttatcagtc     78300
     agtgcaaata atttactgag atctctattt tctttttcag ggtcattgtc atgttcatga     78360
     aacctattta tttaacataa tattcaacat tgtcaacaga ttgtcaatga tcactaattt     78420
     tctgagatac agaattaggg cgtagtcaca ctatgtacag ttgccttgat gtgggccgaa     78480
     gtatgcttgt ccccactccc gtttcccccc acggcccgca ctcatattac atttgggcct     78540
     gagcacgctt acatcatcga tgatgcgctg ttcagtaagt gctttcgctc agcacagtgg     78600
     agattagtta tatcgtttaa gtcgtttgat atgcagtgac acgctttcaa atatttcgct     78660
     aaacagatca gccacttttg gtgctcataa acaagcttgc ctcttcaata atctacgaca     78720
     gtttgcgttc actgaacagc aagaatgatt aataaacgca tataaaacag tcctttaaga     78780
     gtcaattctc gtcttcaatt tcgggctcag gcgtgctttg cactcacact acaagcgtac     78840
     cacaccaaag ctcaagtgaa cagcgctctg gcacacctct tccaaccggg ccagggccgg     78900
     ccaagtgaac tgcgcctcag cgcgatttaa agcactcaca cctctcaaac gatctgggga     78960
     acgggcctgg gtaggtattt agttctcacc aatgacaaat ttgagaagaa caaaatcatt     79020
     cattaaatat atataaaaaa agctcttgag atgatgtgtt atctgtggtc acaagaaagt     79080
     attgaggtga ttggaacctt tggggggggg gtactcacac tagctgcagt tggcttgaac     79140
     cgtgccgaag cacgattgtc cctctcccaa gtgacagcct gcactcacac tagatcttta     79200
     cctttcaaat ctgagcatgc ttgcgtcata gttgatgcac tgttcagttt aacagtaaga     79260
     gaattgctct tgctcagcac agtggagatt gctttagtta tattgttttg tactattttt     79320
     agtcatttgg gatgcagtga ctctttcaaa tattttgctg aatagatcca ccacctttgg     79380
     cgtacatgtt cacaaagtcc tcatgctgga catattagaa ggtttgatga aggtggagct     79440
     gatgtgtggc gaggggttag tgtctttaat aaactatgac agttcgtgtt cattgaaaag     79500
     taagaatgat taataaatcc atatgaatta tcaattttag tctcctaaaa gtcaagtctt     79560
     gtcttcagtt tcgggctcag gcatgctttg cactcacact acaagcgtac cgcaccgcag     79620
     cccaactgca ctctggcaca cctcttccaa cctggtcagg gccagccaac tgaaccgcac     79680
     tgtgcctgat ttgaagcact cacacttgtc tgggcatggt tcaaatagca tagtgtgagt     79740
     gcaccattaa acgatgatga gagcgtttaa attttcaagg ccttcaacat ctgaagactg     79800
     ccagccgctg tcagataaca caaacacttt gaaagctgag gaaacagttc tctttatccc     79860
     cagtccatga catttatact cagaggtgcg gtcaccagtt ttctggaaga tgtttaataa     79920
     actcagctat attttatcct gtaattagca tcctgaaatc agatcacatc acctcttgga     79980
     gtagtgttgt ctgttgttct gcatttctgt tgggctgcag aatttattga aaaaatattg     80040
     ttatggtgat aatagtaaat gcaatattta tttcacagag agtttgtttt gcacaatttg     80100
     accaatcaaa tggtccttac tttttattca cttttgttca ttttatgcgc gtatcttttt     80160
     acctagctcc ctaggaggtg ctgttgtact attggctaga ccaagcccaa aggtggacct     80220
     agagcctcag aataaataaa tactaatggc aggagtagag acaaatggaa aatgacaaca     80280
     gcaaataaga aacagaacat ctgcagatgt tttcattcat tcatagtgtt ttaaagtctg     80340
     attgttttca gcgtgaatta tttaaattgt atcagacaat cggtcccact ttatattgtg     80400
     gcctttatta ctatgtactt attgtgttca tatagtattg aaaagcacca gaacttttct     80460
     tgaggtagga tatgggtaag gttagggata ggtctgaagt atgggtaggt ttttttaaag     80520
     gtaaggtgtg ggtaaacagt atatttctaa atgtaaaaac agaaatttat ttcagattta     80580
     attttaagca tattgttttt aaaatattag tacaatgtaa aaacatgtat gtactttaat     80640
     gtgttgtact aaatgattaa tttaaatatc agtacattgt aattaaggct acttaatgta     80700
     aaatgggatc aaaaactgtg tttttcctgt ttattaaagt atgctcataa cattctgtac     80760
     attaaaaaaa aataataaaa ataggcacaa ttctttagga aaaaaagaat gctcaacttc     80820
     agtatctcat attttgccag ttctgtccag ttcagactga tggtctgatg tttgttaatc     80880
     tgggattttc tttgtgtggt ttgtaagatg tgtcttctct gtgttcagca ggcagatgcc     80940
     agtcccagca ctgctccctc acagcaacag caaccaccaa ttggtcggcc tatcccccaa     81000
     cagaggcttg gtcccatcag gaaagttacc atggcaactg gtggtgtaca aaatcaacaa     81060
     caggctggcc gtggcgtgac aaaccaaacg aaccgggtat gacattgaat caggattact     81120
     ctcacaagcc cttaattgga caggtgcaca atgccatttt gaagagatga cactaagctc     81180
     tggtactaat ggtgctttca ggttatgtcc aaatcagtat atttgatgct tggcattttt     81240
     ataagtttaa atttaagcat cgttactaaa tctgattatc atcagattat acaatcataa     81300
     gttataattg tgaatttttg ctagccattt tttactgttt ttgaaaagga caacacttgc     81360
     cagaaagcca tttaacaggt tcatgggggc ttgggtcaaa tttccttctt atctgcaaag     81420
     cttctgaaaa aactttgaga gcactggcat cagtgccact aggtttctac agatggaggc     81480
     accagcacct aatttgatag aacagtctca taaattttct tttagtaaat aaatacacta     81540
     atacagtcat atagtagctt gagttggaat gcaaattaca tgtttcttta gcaaaaatag     81600
     tactatctgt agaaattgca acagcctttc cttatttagt catagactat gatagccaca     81660
     attatggcac ctcaccaaaa cgtcaaatct aacttaacaa aaatactgtt ataaatattt     81720
     acactgctac cttaatccgc aatattataa gttaccatta gtgtttctat agtagaacca     81780
     tgatgaatgt tggtgatttg tggatttaaa caccttctat atttttgtat cgaaatggta     81840
     gtcctatttt cctattccta ctcttcctat gttataaaat gtcttactct ctggtgcttc     81900
     ccacacagac tttacttggg cagaccgctc gggtatatta acgaccgccc aagcatattt     81960
     tgcggcacat ttttttcaac tattattatc atccttttac actttttttt ttatccgctc     82020
     aatgtaaacc aacatctgca ttctgcaagc aattaagtag tggaaaatct ctcttttacc     82080
     cgtttcttaa tgctcattct gtgtgtgtga gaactcgtgt gctctgcaga cccacagaga     82140
     cccacacctt tttgcgtccg gctgaggttt ctaaatctgc taaaatgttt gggatatgat     82200
     tttaccttcg ttttctaagc tgtagttaat tttatgcgca cagttacaat agccagagag     82260
     acattaaata aatcttgaat ctaaacgact ttactaaact ttgctaaata aattacatct     82320
     aaattggctg cagattattt gtacaccatt agaaatgggt aatttctttt cggctttgtc     82380
     cgttcattaa tcagcagaat gaattgccaa cttatccagc atatgtttta cgctgctgat     82440
     gccctttcag ctgcaaccca tcagtgaaaa acatccatac actctcattc ttacacatac     82500
     actacagaca atttagctta cccaattcac ctgtaccgct tgtctctgga cttgtgggga     82560
     aaactagagc acccagagga aatccacgcc aacgtgggga gaacttgcaa acgccacaca     82620
     gaaatgctaa aggctgattt atacttctcc gtcaaacgcc ggcgtttgct acggcgctga     82680
     cacatagccc ttcgccgtgg ccgtcgccgt cactgacgtg cacctcttaa aaaatgtaac     82740
     tacacgtcgc aacggcgtgt agtgtaagct ctgtgattgg tcagcttggt agtgctgatg     82800
     agtctgggcg ggaccaagag ccgcgcgaat ggcgcgagcg attgtttaca agtgtggagt     82860
     cccgtgaagg agctccggat ggaaagtttt gttttgtgtt tacctcatag ttaaagttgt     82920
     tgcacgtccg ccggttcctg cctcaaaatg agcgagtttg agccacttgt acatccagga     82980
     agtgttcagg aaaagctaaa aagcaccgaa gaaactcgac acagaggaac agttacacct     83040
     tactgccaac tagcgtttcg gaaatgttaa tgcagaccga cagagacagc gcgcagaagt     83100
     ataaatgcac agccacgcgc gttgcatgcg ccgtgggtta cgccggtcat ctgacgcaga     83160
     agtataaatc aggcttaact gacccagtcg aggcttgaac cagcgacctt ctagctgtta     83220
     agcaacagtg ctaaccactg cgccatcgtg ctgcccaact catttctatt atttaaaggg     83280
     ccatgacacc cccctctttt ggttaaagtc tacttcagaa ttttttcaaa agatgcatga     83340
     ttaatgggcg tggagctccg caagcatcgg gcaggagtgg gcgtggccag caggggagaa     83400
     ggggagcgaa taactactgt tgtcagttag ctcacaaaat gagacacaaa gaggagacgc     83460
     atgagttaat agtttacaaa gttaaaatgc aaagaaatga acagtgattt aatgccctgc     83520
     tacatttgtt attcttaatt tcatatacag acaaccacaa tttatatcat tataaagata     83580
     agtgtgttta tgtaaacact ataaatgagg acttctccct caatccctgt atccagcaga     83640
     ctcagtgcag caggtctcct gacccgtcta ttttaaccat taaccctgct ggtaatctgg     83700
     aggatttagg caaacacagc agcacagtga tgtgtctgaa tgtgaacgaa ctcctgataa     83760
     aagacagcgt ccgcttttct ctaattctcg tgctgctctc ccgacaaaaa tgcttgcatc     83820
     acacacacag ctttgctgta tgatcggccc tgacaagatt gcgggggaaa acatgcaaca     83880
     aaccccgtgg atgatggaaa caaacgcata tgagccttca tgaaaggcta aatactgtgc     83940
     cgtggtttcc gtgtctctca gctcgggctt gacactggca ggtctcatga ataattaagc     84000
     agccgactct tctcaaagga taagaaaact ccgctatgaa taataatgag aaaccgacgt     84060
     gtcatcattg cacttgcagt tctgcgctac gtcgccaatt ttgatcccgc cccaaaaatc     84120
     attttaaacc cggaagctga aattagctga caaaatcaca aaattatcca gtttttccca     84180
     caattaaagc tgacaggtgc taacattgtc ttaactgatg ctcaacacac acacatctgt     84240
     taatataaaa aaaagttctc cggggtgtcc tgaaccttta aataatctac atttttgtaa     84300
     gtattataac ttttagagat ttttattcct tttttgtaat ttatgtctct tttgctggat     84360
     attttatcat ttgttgtcga tatatcactt attttataca tctgaaatgc tttggcagta     84420
     ctgtacaaaa tgtgatgcca ataaagcaat cgaaacttga atgagagaga gagggatttg     84480
     agcagatttg acctgtcagt gggtgcacat ggctcctaaa tagcacaaaa gagaaagagt     84540
     ggagttttta tatttatttc aacagtcttt tttttttttt tactttaacc cattgaaaag     84600
     aaaaagttaa aaagagataa taaaaagagt taaaaatcaa attgtttttt tttgtcactt     84660
     atagtttacc atttatgtga tgtgggtaaa aggtatgttt caatccagct accaccacaa     84720
     gtatatttca aacctgtggg aaacactgct ctctgtagag ttttgagcgg ttgtgtaaac     84780
     acaagacatc ttttacattt acaggatctt cattttgttg aatttgcact gaaaaccttc     84840
     ctgccattgt cggaaagtga aaaaaggcct gaaatagccc ataatattga ctgaaaatca     84900
     cttaaacgca gatatggtta tcatatttat tcatttattt tatctgcact gttgtttatt     84960
     tcttctaatc ttgtgtagtg ctgtccagaa tatacaatac actcgggccg tttgttgaag     85020
     ttatcattgg ctctttgtgg ctgtcatgaa gagctgctgt aagtggctct ctcctcggcg     85080
     cttcagcact agtaaagacg gcaggtttgg tttctgctat ggctcagctg tgtcaccgct     85140
     tttcccaggg gaccagtagc tgttttggaa gagagcggga gcagtaatga tatggaacag     85200
     agtgccaggt gcgatgatat tgacaggctg aagcaggaga gatgaagatc ccttggcctt     85260
     ttccgcgcgc tgccgtctct gtacagtcgt ccgttctcag gggacaaata cagtgctaac     85320
     gtgtgtcagt cagtcacagc agagcgcctt cctgcacatc tgcctgagcg ctcatgttga     85380
     gtcagatatt ccaaacactc gctgctgttt actgatataa ccgtggcctt gtaaatcact     85440
     cactgacaac ggacccaggg tttcgcttgg agcaaaagtg aattgtatgt tcagtaagtg     85500
     gtgagggagc aactggctta tagcactagg aatcctccag cgtggatggc tgctgcattt     85560
     agttgggtca aaagccaacc tgggccattt gatggcacgc gtctgttcgt aaagatggat     85620
     ggcatgcctg tgcattgaca tgtaatttaa atacattgat tatgcatttt attttacatt     85680
     ttattataca ccagcagctt aaaataccag cacataatac attttttaat aagtaaatgt     85740
     tttatattcc ctgccatgaa aacacactgg catcagttac tcatctttgt aacttttcaa     85800
     aatttttgtt cacccccgaa acacaaatga agatattttt taaagaaatc caatactatg     85860
     actcgtcagt tttcgtagag attacataaa taataccaat ttttatgaat taggtgacca     85920
     ggagaaacat gtcagaacac atgacaattg tgatggtata gcagagttta actgtaatgg     85980
     agtgaaagtt tatcatttgc gcaggttttt aatgcctgaa agagtaacat ttttttacat     86040
     ttttatgcat aattaactaa ttaataataa atcttttatt taataaatcc tgaccaaata     86100
     gcaattttca agtaatctag tgacattgta aatacagtat attgcaatat ttgttacaaa     86160
     aaaacgaaat attttttaaa tatttaaaaa tatcagattt ttttgataga tccttaaata     86220
     gatccttaaa ttgcagccct gggatgcaat tgttttatat gataaaaata gggctgttgt     86280
     aacatttgtg ttttgtcaca gtgtcgatgt tcacaatacc gagtaatgaa ctaacatctc     86340
     tacggctagg tcaagtaatt catccagaaa cagcaacgtt gaattccaac attagatcgg     86400
     taaaagttcc tttcatatgc tcatcttgtc caataattgt cttatccatc aattcttagt     86460
     gagaaatatc cataacttca atgagaaaga caatttgtgg catgggcacg ttcaaatgca     86520
     tgtgtctcat tgtgaatgcg tgtgtgtcat ggcgggtgta tcgcttatgt gtttgttgtg     86580
     gcaatgtgct ttttaatttt agttcttctc tgctcggtgc catgttgttt gtttgtttct     86640
     agcgcaaata tgctgagaaa ctactgtaac ttagagggga gcaatgcatg agcttaaaag     86700
     aaaattgatt tatcgcccag ccctagatga acacatttaa tcttatttac aaataaacat     86760
     tgatcaataa acagtagggc tgcacaatat atcattgatt tcacaaagtg cacgtttaca     86820
     ataatcacat tgcaagatag gcaatgttga ctcggaatta aagttgacca agagctacag     86880
     aattaaattt aatcactatg gaattcatac gatttatgca acaacaacaa aaaagttttt     86940
     cttactcaga atttttgtct tgtttctagt ccaaatatct acattttata gtgaaaataa     87000
     gatttttttt tacttcccct acaggcagat acttttactt gttttaaaga aaacattttt     87060
     acacctcctt ccaaatttta ccatcctcaa ctcactcgca cagacactat acatgcacac     87120
     acatggagca gactttatgc aatacacatc taattatata catcttgtat aaatctctcg     87180
     ttcagcctca gaactgtttt cgctctactt tttgtcatct tacatttaca tatcgtatac     87240
     gtctcccatt ctacctcaga attgtttact ccacctcacc ctacccccct ttcatccttt     87300
     attttgcacc actatttatt tatcatctta catttacata ctataccttt taagtagttc     87360
     acgttctacc acaggactgt ttactccacc tcaccctaaa tccccccccc cccccccccc     87420
     ccccattttg cactactgtt tatcttctac agttatttct actgtaaatg tttgcactga     87480
     agagtgagca cttaatctca tcgcacttgt atataatgta catagtagac gtgtacagtg     87540
     actgtaatag gcattctatt ctaaaaactc ttaactttgg cgtatttctt ctaaagttaa     87600
     aaacaaaaca atatatatac tagatctaag aaatgtttga tatttgagct aaaaataaga     87660
     ctaagcaagg taagaaaagc attttttgca gtgtgattaa tcaattctgt acttgaagac     87720
     tgttagcatc aaattgtgct attcaaaacg atcttgtgaa actgtattca tatcccaata     87780
     tttatcaatt cttatcccaa tgtttatcgc agaaaaaaaa aatcacagta tcagatttct     87840
     ccaatatcat gcagccctaa tgaacagtgt ttacagcttc agagtattac gtgcgtgtta     87900
     ttttaatgta ctgattttga ataaattgat aacaataaaa taaaagagca tacttcaatg     87960
     attgctgaat gataacaatg aaacagtcag actgaaaact gaagctttgc catcacagga     88020
     ataaattgta attctaaacg tttttttgtg taaaaaggaa aaaatcggtt ttacaaggtg     88080
     aaacttgaat gcctttaaaa aaagtcttta ttgccttaca aaatgaaagg cttttcttat     88140
     actgaagcaa tgtgtgtgct tgactgtaat gttagtgtta tctgtctttg gtttgtgccc     88200
     agcgtaaagc tttgctttca aggccaaaga gctcagcttc agtctcaaca gaccacaaca     88260
     ttttcattca gcaggttttg tcacatggcc tctagcaaac tccaggcgtg acttaatgat     88320
     ggcctctttc tgaagtctct tccctccagt cgcttcagag gcttaatcag taaagtgctg     88380
     aagagattgc aggactgctt ctcctatctc agacaaaaag cacttcacct tgatgttgca     88440
     gctggcttat tggccacatt tatgcatgtt tttttttttt tttttttacc tgaatcacaa     88500
     ataatggtga acacgaaact ttgggaagta aagtattttt ctaatatttt agcggtaaaa     88560
     taaaccaaga acactgcaga aattacattc acagacttta ccttattgaa accatttaca     88620
     aatagtgtgg ttaaactatt gatgtttaac agtgcctctg aaaatattaa aattaacacc     88680
     attatgttta tgaattattg aggaatatgt tcgtttttag gagcagttac tgaattgtgt     88740
     tcgatctgct gaactgctgt agagttgtag aataaaaatg gttaaaggat atgataatga     88800
     attaaacaac aaagattacg caatctaata atcatctctt gttcccacat tacataaaag     88860
     cagtggctag ctctatgatg tgtcctctta cttgtttttg ttaattgtat catagtagtt     88920
     gttaataaat agttctctgc atctttatcg atctccacag ttggtagttc gaggaagagg     88980
     acgtggccgt ggaacgaatc gcttgctgac gcaacagaac ccgagagctc aagatcatca     89040
     gcccagcact gtctgcattg agggtttatc aaccaccaca accaataaac agctcctgaa     89100
     cctgctcaac tccattggcc ctgttgaggt taggaagcct aagctttgtt tttcactcat     89160
     caaaaataca tttatatttt tggcttgtta atgatcaaga attttagttg attttccgtt     89220
     ctgaaaatac acgctttttt tttttcgcca ggcaatgtct gaatcagctg tgtattgtgc     89280
     aggagtgttg ctgttgatat tgttatactt ataatattta ataatattgt gatatttaag     89340
     atgtgtgaag tcatacagct ctggataact caaaagagca accgctagtc tctcctccat     89400
     cttcaaaagt ctctgtagtc gtcttgacaa cacaaacact gcaggcatat caatggaaac     89460
     cccgcctctg ctgattggaa aataaaaaag acgcaagtga catagctgtt gacttttttt     89520
     caactgcgag cacacagcac acaacagcaa aaaaatgcga aacacagcag gcggttaaaa     89580
     tgtaaggcgt gcagggcaca taagcgacgc gcaaaacact catagccata agtaaaccat     89640
     tcaaagaatg tgcctctcaa cgcaaaaagc atgttctgtg tgattggccc cttaatgtgc     89700
     taaatttgaa tagatttctg cattagcgag ttttatatac cagtataatt cattgactgg     89760
     tcaattgttt taatacagtc taaaagtgcc ccaaaatcct atttgattta gcacaattat     89820
     caaattgtta atactgtttt tttagagctg cacaattaat cgtaaaaaga tcacaatctc     89880
     gattcgaccc actagatgat tttaatccag catttctacg attctgtcaa tcatattttc     89940
     aagttctgga gagaagcaat ggtagccaca catgtcttca cattgtttta caaacgttgt     90000
     tcagcaacgt ggacgcctcc aaatggtgtt gaaagagtca catgcaagat attattcacc     90060
     ctaaaaatgt aattactgtc ttcatgtaat gatgcgtcag ctgttaccac agagagagcg     90120
     ggcgcgggct cgcctctgaa tgaagtctac tttagtgaac agaacctgca tagactgtga     90180
     ataacagcta ataaagttgt aaataacatt cagtttgtga cagagtgatc atttgggagc     90240
     cgcgcgggaa gtgaactgct cttagcagtg aaaatgaaac tgaaagcaca cacagtattg     90300
     ccagactgtt gtagctgact gattccagct caaaaagtat ccaaaaaccg acgaaaagca     90360
     aaaataccat cccagtcttc tgtattcacg aaaatcacgt cagtgacaga ttttaagcag     90420
     aaaatgacag attgtaagca tgtctcaaac acaataattc aacatcagaa ttatcatcag     90480
     cattaatgac caggacaaat ctaaagtctg ttcaagtcca ccattccaag tctatacaaa     90540
     atttagtatt ttaacagtac agctacacaa agcctattgc tgttttacca catgtttgag     90600
     aataacaaca ataatagccc actcatatta acctttattt tacatcaaca gaatcgtgag     90660
     aaaatcagga tctttatttt aggcacaaaa aaatcgcgat tctcatttta gccagaatcg     90720
     tgcagctcta ctgtttttag attttgacaa ccaaattgag cagctctttt ctttttttta     90780
     atgtaaagct gggtgactat tcgaatgtga tttccaagtg cattttgtta gtacagctgg     90840
     ttctagtaaa tctccagcac gtgctctcag atggagcagc atttactaca aaaagtcata     90900
     gttcactgac aagctatgca aaatcatgtt taatctgatt atagtgagat tgagatgatc     90960
     attctgtcaa aattacattg atgaaatgaa ttaaggctgc atgagaaaat gtgacataaa     91020
     aacgtgcttt aggttttcac tccaaacctg tttcataact tcagtctaat gtttgaaata     91080
     aatttttctg caggatgatt tcatagccat gagattagta gtcatgctga atcaatgaat     91140
     gcggtaaaat ctttgctttt atattgcaat gctattcgta tttactggat tactgctttg     91200
     tgcctgtttc tgcacgagag caccctctgg cctatggagg atattttgcg gaaccttgct     91260
     tccctgacaa gatgtacgag acaatcacgg ctttgcacaa atgtctttga gattttattt     91320
     taatcaccca gtccttttac aaatgttttt atttttttca ctattcattt aaattattct     91380
     gagtatactt taaccatatt aatgatttat ataattcagt ccaaaattca atattcttta     91440
     tctttaatat ataaattctt tcaataataa tacaatctgc agattttgtg atttattttt     91500
     ttttctttct gctgttttta attaaataat gtgtagtcgg tttcatgttg ttcaactctc     91560
     tggcttttga gaagtgtggc aaaatgttaa ttttggacta gcgcagaagt tgttgaacag     91620
     ggtgtcataa ataactgtca ggttcttcta aaattcttcc actgttcatg caggatggtg     91680
     ttttcccatc attatttgtt tcggaccctt tgcacacagc tgacaggacc actgttatac     91740
     tgtcttataa atataagcag cacagcataa ggattaggca aaagaaagaa gggcttgaat     91800
     ttagaccttc ttttaaatac aacgataaga agcttgagga tggctaatat actaatccat     91860
     cagggaacta tattgctgtt tgcataacaa aagatcagtt ctgatttgac acttgagaaa     91920
     tgtaattgac actaaacatt taactatgtt tagcgtttga actggttgga ttgacagcag     91980
     caccacctgc tggttaaaca gcataagaca tcgtcattca ttaatatatt taaagcttta     92040
     gattttcttg atctaatgtg gaattttttg gtgtgttttt gaacactttg tgtatatttc     92100
     aatatgctag gtgaaaacat tgagctttac tgagtggaac atagtgaaga gagcattaca     92160
     agtggagtag aaaataactg gttaaaaaaa taagtttgtg gttcaaatcc tgagtttaaa     92220
     ggtattaaaa tgttcgattt ccatagtttt tatcaaattt ttaccacttt ctgtctaaat     92280
     actacatttt gattggttta aaagtgtgca ttaccaccaa ttcagcaaat ttttaaacta     92340
     atgtgcaatc aatgcacagt tacaaaccca tgagacagtc atcctcacat agaaatattg     92400
     aggattaata tatttggaca accagtgcat ttggcaaata tattattatt tcaacaattt     92460
     ttttcaaaag catacaaatg ttaaacctta tagaaaattt taggtgatta ataaattaat     92520
     ttattaattt ccctcacatt acctttactt attttatttt ttcacaagac attgacccca     92580
     aaataaactt tatatcagag atgcccaaaa tagggcacgc aggccaaaat tgtcctatgg     92640
     taacctttga tttggcccac cgtcccatct gagaagagaa ggagaatgat ggaaatggtt     92700
     tagtcatatc aatcttttgg gcatttcaaa cgaaaaagtt tgggcacccc tggtttatag     92760
     gatgatcttt tgaaaaatag tacaattgcg ccatctggct gtttgtgttt gcgttgcatt     92820
     cccgtatgat ttttttttac caaattgttg ttcccaatca tacagagcaa acaaagtaga     92880
     aatgtagaaa ataaaatcta cagctatatg tcatttgtgc ttttcttcta cagaggttta     92940
     atatgttgcc tgagcagcgg aaggccatcg ccaagttcgc aaacccagaa catgcagtga     93000
     gttttcagca cagcttccac aggtaagatt gacttcatca cactgcacaa atatcgaggg     93060
     agctgttgac tttaagatcc tttttatctt aaatttgtaa gttcacaaca agaatatact     93120
     actgaaatgt cttttgtgag taagattata aatagaaaca tatttctatt cattcatata     93180
     catttttcag cagatcatga aggtaaaaat gaagttctat gggtgtgttc acacttgtca     93240
     ggtttagttt gattaaaaca aaccctggtg ctgcactttg ttagtgcagt tcatatttta     93300
     aatgctgcta tccaaacctg gtgtgcacta aacaaacata ttgagacctc taaaaagttt     93360
     gtttttcact tattaacaaa agatgattag agtgaattat gaacgcaaac gttaaaacta     93420
     atcagaaaca agacatatat tgttacaaga tgcaacacca aaacagaact gagttctcaa     93480
     gcatacctga cttttctcat cctattccca atcctgacca gtagattttt aatacaggca     93540
     ttggaaacct gtttacttga aacaaatctt tgtgtcttgc aattttgact catttacaca     93600
     tttttaagct ctatacaagt tctaaaccga tactaatact atcagatgta cacacatacc     93660
     atacctcgtc caatccagca tggtttgttc agtaagtact ggcacaatat gtataggtat     93720
     gccattaatc tggcataaca gtgtgaacat taagtgaaac atatcttaac tcatttaatc     93780
     ctaccttgcc ttttttgtgt ttttggaagc ttttaaagtt ttgttgtcag ctttttcaaa     93840
     ctttaaatta aagtttgatt gttttgaata taattattca atgttataca accagttgac     93900
     tttacacacc tcctgcttgg acatctaaaa taaataagag gttagggtta ggtcctaatt     93960
     gtaaacatta gtattacaat tgatatatgc aatcaattca aagtgaaggg atgtagtcaa     94020
     atttggtgcc ccatactcgg aatctgtagt ccaaaactta ttactaatta caaaacttat     94080
     aatctcaaat tacaaaagaa agtttgatta aatagatcat gtatcttgct ttttgttctg     94140
     gatcaaacga accaaaagag ccaaaatgca ggtgtgaaca caacagaaaa aagcctatat     94200
     aatacattta ggtgttttct gttggtatta ttgatcaaat tggacgagtt gatgtgccca     94260
     atagtttgca aaaatgtttg gcaagtgaaa catgaagcat tagcatatct tacccattaa     94320
     aaacaagctc tatggtgact ctaccaacgg tcatgttttg ttggagatgc cttttgaatg     94380
     cacgtgtctc atttcaatca catgttccct taatcaggca catgatagat ttgtctcaca     94440
     tcgacgtttc cattattgat ggctgaggag aaagtcaaga agaaaagaga agtgagcaag     94500
     aagaacatgt ctttttctgg aagacagacg cacaatcaag aatcaaacgt tttggaagcc     94560
     atgcagaaaa gcactgtcga caaactccag tcatatgcat gaaagaatca aagacaaaga     94620
     gcccaacact agctgtgtcc tgctggatat ggcacagcat tactttacat tagtacttca     94680
     actttggcat gaagtcctgc tcttgtttca gtatcttcat gtgtatatac atatatatgg     94740
     aaatcggtaa tgattgaaac cagcagttga aaagaaagtt aggaaaccaa gacattttga     94800
     tggcacttga taatagttgc tcccatcctg tagctctcca tatagactat tagacacatt     94860
     ctgttatgaa ttcttgattt cttttggagt tttccacagt aattgacttg agcaaaggtg     94920
     gtaaatgggt tgtttggtct ctgcatgctg cagttgttgt ttttgtcacc tgcagagggc     94980
     agcagaagac ttcttatttg aagtctttgc gttgagcttg tcgaccacag tgtggaaagc     95040
     actgctttgt agagatgttg aagtgctttt atggcgcttc agggaccggt ttgggttgtg     95100
     ctgttttgga agccactgtg agattttgaa ttctagttgt gtgtctttat tggaagtcaa     95160
     tgtagattgt cattgtctct ttttttgggc tattgtacat gactgttcac catttttagt     95220
     ttttcatggt cgctttcacc attgtaaatg tattgaagct gagttctggt ctgcagagct     95280
     ggtttgtagt tcataatgcg tgtctaagga cagctgaaaa acaattcaac agtaaatgac     95340
     ttttatactt tggttttaag tttcggtgtt ggagtctcat gtttagattc ttttaattgt     95400
     tgtttgagat ggcttccaag aaagtataaa aatcaggcag aaattcccct tcctttttta     95460
     atatgtttgg ttttctttcc tcgtagcaca cattgtgtag agaagaggat ggttgaatca     95520
     tggcccgtgc gattttatta tagattttga tgctgctgtg tttgttgaca ttggttgaat     95580
     ttcgatcaac tttaagttcg ttgtgaagag agatctggat aaatggtaga cctttggctt     95640
     ggttgatcat ttttaagtta gtgagatggg aatgcaagtg gcttgttgag gtcagttgga     95700
     gattggtcaa cacctgctgt tagagacctt tcctaatccc ttcatctata tttccttatc     95760
     catcttgttt tcctcattag ttgtaacaca gggctttgag tgtcagaaga cagatttagt     95820
     tttgagcact gctatatggg ctgatatctc cagtgagcgt aatgcaatct tgtgatgtca     95880
     tggcttttaa tcatgggtta tcgctgttat gatgtcatcg tctttattat ttgtattttt     95940
     ttgcttcaaa gaatagacct ttgtctgttt cagatacagt agtatagtgg agtcttttat     96000
     gttcgggcca tttcagtgaa tgaaatataa cataaatata gttaacaaca caaccaggtc     96060
     tgtcgtttca aagggtttgg gagcaactat tatcggtgtc catgtatata atgaaaaaac     96120
     tgtgtgaaac tgtcgagtct gttgttttct catctcgaaa tcttcccatg tttaaaaact     96180
     agtatgtgac aggtacattt cttttctcgg tttgttttta tatatatata taaatatcaa     96240
     tagaacaaag tattccttgg tcgttttaca tcagttttgt tatttgagaa cttcgagatt     96300
     attatttgag gaaattttaa agatgaaaaa taaaagatgg tcacatatat accatgtaaa     96360
     tacgggtatg tgaagccaac tgtctatcac cattaactgt tgtctgatgt tgatttgtgt     96420
     ttgaagagtc agtcctattt aatctgaaca caacatacac atattttttg tccatacacc     96480
     tgaatgttca ttttttcatg ttgccaaatt tgaggtagaa gattgtgttt cagagttggg     96540
     tagatttaag cacctgaggt gttgttttgt ccattatgtt tttcaaagtt aacatgttaa     96600
     ccgcgaccct tcagcatcca cttgtttaaa gatgcacttg taatttgctg atcttctgtt     96660
     gtagagtggt agttgggcat ggtcgatccc agtttgatcc ctctttgtct atatgtgtat     96720
     gtttgtgtta atagtttgca ttgtgagttt tcaggaatta caaaaatgca taataatggg     96780
     taagattatg aacgttaatt aacctaaacg tagatgcact ccaatctttt ttttttgttt     96840
     acttttgagt taatgttttt ttttttaaga ccaatatttt tgaagttgca aatgcaaaca     96900
     tttatttttt ggtttgaagg tatttattta tactagaaga gtgaatcctg tggatttaaa     96960
     acgcgtaaag cagtctgagt gactcatttt aaatcttata agacatattt taaatcagtc     97020
     ttataacaga aaaactgatt catattgaat cttttagtaa cttcattgta agtgttaaat     97080
     aactttgagg ggaaatgtcc ctttcccaga tgtaatcaca catgtgacat ttttttatgg     97140
     acttgacaaa cagtctagtc aaaataacag agaatgcgtt ctattctgtt ctgtacttga     97200
     gagtaggctt gaggtttact tttttattta tttatttatt tatttaattt attatttctg     97260
     tcgatcacaa gtggctggca cactctatgt gcattttatt ttctttcttt ttgtttttta     97320
     gtaccaaaac cttactgttt aatgccgttt atgctgcgat tggccggtat ataaaaatat     97380
     taggatggcc tattgcttta atattaatat ttaatattat ttgattactt gcactttttt     97440
     attagggtaa tcagcttaga atttgtaaca ctttcaaatt ctgctgcttt aattgtataa     97500
     tggtttagca agttcttaca gtttaagcat cacaaactgt gcactgtttc cccattagca     97560
     gcagtcattt ttaccttcaa attaaaccat ttttttctct ttttcaggac agatcttcag     97620
     gagaaccgaa aggagggttt ttcattaaag aaatgctctt tttttatatt ctgaaatgca     97680
     ttggttttca aaatttctat ttagggtagt gtatataaat ctcggtatta tatacgctct     97740
     attaaaagtt tggttttagt tgttttttgt gaggtttttt ggccgacaag gtggaattta     97800
     gggttagcca aattgagaga tggatgaatc cggaaaggat ggtgccataa atgaagtgtg     97860
     ttctaattca tagttaatct ggttcatggc ttataagtaa ttttgaagtg attttgtttt     97920
     gtaagagttg tgtcttggtt atcatcaggt tagtgtaatg attgactgaa tggtgaaatg     97980
     tctcaaactc gttctggttg tttcatgaca gagttgctgt ttagctttgg tgatcgtgag     98040
     agagaaagaa taacatgtat tatcaacgca atctcacgac aattcataac attttgattt     98100
     agtggcttat tcttagggcc agacagaatc tgcggacatt ttttgttatt tctgctcaga     98160
     attttgttaa aaaactgcgg atttatgtgg aatgattttg ggattatcat aactaaaacc     98220
     taatatacag ttagagtcag aattattagc cccccctttg aatttttttt gttttttttg     98280
     ttaaatattt cccaaacaat gtttaacaga gcaaaggaat tttcacagta tgtcttgatg     98340
     tttttttctt acggaaaaag tcttatttgt tttatttcag taataaatgt accacacctc     98400
     ctttttaaaa ttgtacattt ttgtacgact gaactcaaat tagcctctaa actgacaaag     98460
     cgtaaaagaa taaaattttc tcatgttatc aggctggaat tataggtatt ttgtttttaa     98520
     tcagtgttgt attgaattgt taaatcaaat ttaatagtta aacaatttaa aaccaaagag     98580
     aaatgaattg ataattcact caaacaaata aaagctgtca tattacttac cctctactta     98640
     tttttttatg ttgacttcca tagtagaaaa tactgtagtt gtcaatagct tcagtatttt     98700
     caacaagatc tcacagcaat tcgtaacttt tttatttagt cgctaattcg tatgaattgc     98760
     tacaatctca tttgtacaat ttagtacaat ttgctcatca cccaatgacg gttgggttga     98820
     ggggtggggt tgggtgccac gctgtacggc tgaacttgta caaacttgta cgaattagcc     98880
     actaaactga caaaagcgta aaacagtcac gttttctcat gagatcaggc tgatattcct     98940
     gattttatct ttaaaagaag aaataaaggg tgagtaaagt gactacattt tcaatttgtg     99000
     gtgaactctc tctttagact gaacaagttc cagttcccat catgctttgt gtcagactgt     99060
     gcaaggataa tgaatgttta aatggtgtcg ttttgtgtgt gttttgcaaa agattaatat     99120
     ggagacggac gtattgctgt ttgtttagtt ttgtgttggg gtttttataa gggttttgtg     99180
     ttgtggtgta gtttaagggc gacgacattt taggatttat atactccatt actgttttta     99240
     aactgtatag caaatgttta gtgatggtca catttacttc tatcaagaca tgcaagtgtt     99300
     atgtctaact aaaaaaaagt gtgagttcat ataatgttga tggttaagtt gtttattgca     99360
     actgcaattt cattctgaaa gtgcttcatt taaagaccaa acacactgat gttgatgata     99420
     acgtggatct ctgatatctt tgcgttaagc tctttgcact gtatttggtc tctaaatttt     99480
     gtggttgttt ttgagtcgtc tagttattgt tttgagctta cacaccaaag gctgttttat     99540
     attcagttca gtcatacaat tcatagtttt gatttttgat aggttagttt ttgagtttat     99600
     taactttaaa gaaaatacca ttaaagattt ttctagtctg ccaacttgat acactcaaat     99660
     tataatattt ggagtacaag gtttcctatg aaagctcatt tctgccactg atttataaag     99720
     aactgctaca tttggacttg aaatactgac attttttgca attgacttta tatctgacta     99780
     ttttgacttc agacttgcac gtttgtattt tgcaatattg agttaaaaac ttaagttaac     99840
     gtctcacttt ttgtgtgaga aagtcagaat tctcagaagt cacattataa cttttttttt     99900
     ctgatggcag aactgggatt ccatatttct ctgtgaaact aacactgatt ttgaaaacca     99960
     cggcatggga ttgaatatca aaagatgaaa aaccctcctt ttgatatgag tttgaattaa    100020
     tgttgtgtct atctacagta aagctgctcc agatgatgct aacctgtctt catttctcaa    100080
     caggtgctcc tcagtttaag cgctaccaga attccctcgc tttttttctc tttctctttc    100140
     tctctctcta cttctgtttt catactctct ctctctctct ttcacctgtt ctttctttct    100200
     ggatgggaag gctgttgttg gtctcactgt ggtgttgtgt gcacataatc cttctgtatt    100260
     aaagcagggg gacgttgcgt ctggatttcc tttctgtatt agcccaggtc cgtggaagtg    100320
     ttgcgtctgt gggaccgcac ccttactgac ttccaaagtt cacaaagtcg cacaaagccc    100380
     gaatgatctg tacgctcttg ccagctgtac acatgggttg tgttgttgga tgaaaagaaa    100440
     gcattgcttg gaaatcatta ttgtatatgg gaggaagtga tttatgctgt tttgatcacc    100500
     gctttttttg tgcgttaatg caacggtttt ttgatgtgtc tgaaatgcca gactgtcctt    100560
     catgttcaat tctgaagaat ataaatgctg tttgtttagg aagctctttt ctggagcttg    100620
     tcaagtggaa accgattgta tgcctttgac tgtacttgca cttgaataat tgcttgaaat    100680
     aaatcctttt cctgggtttt atcttctgtt gcccttgttg ttgttgttgg tgtttttgtt    100740
     gagtgataaa ttgatgcctt ttcacattga ccttgcatct ttctaaaatg ttttgaaggt    100800
     ggcttgtcta atagtaatac cattattgtt ttcaagttac aaatgcataa tttcaagagt    100860
     tgccacttag atatgtttgc tgttattagc aggtttggca cgctgttcct ggagaaaacc    100920
     ctaagcttgg agatagttga gcccaaggct cccgccaact aaataagcat ataaggggat    100980
     ccaagatcag gtgaaaagct ctccttagaa aagggaggag atggggtgga aggggggatt    101040
     cttccaaaac gaagatagag cagtacggaa aaaatgatcc atttaataag cttggatcac    101100
     tctggggtgc atttcccaaa caacgatgca actcgtggct gaactatcat agtacgatgc    101160
     atcgtttggg aaaagaacta tgtagtgacg agtgtttccc aaaacccgta gtttctctgt    101220
     cgcagatcca tagcttgaac catgttagtt ataacgtaaa acacccataa ttatgctata    101280
     aacggggatg gagtaacaaa tttagaggaa aagcccgtaa tttcgtgtgc taattatact    101340
     gttttacacg cacacacatt taaaataaaa tccaatatta gatttggtaa aatatgcact    101400
     ctctttccat attaactgaa aaatatctaa atggcacata gggcctatgt ttgctttgct    101460
     aattgtagtg agaagttgaa cattataaat tctattctaa aacaaatcac ttacaaaagc    101520
     taacatgtat tctaatatca tatataaatc atataaataa ataatgaggc tatttattaa    101580
     gaaatgtaat gtagtattta ttatttatta caaagggaaa aacatacttt aataatatta    101640
     ttaataatat taatgttgat gatgataata attattatta ttaagtagga tgttgtttat    101700
     ttatttattt ttatttttaa aagtctactt ctacaatttg agacatgtaa accactgcag    101760
     aaatgttcta accagcaggc ccatgtcata tacagtacag aaatttaata aataacccac    101820
     tataaattaa aataactaac atatgctttt tgttttcaca agctttggag acagaacata    101880
     aattccgctt ttaaataatg tcagctttcg ccatgaggct gtgttcaaaa tgacaccaat    101940
     gttttgaaaa gtgcactacg aagggagcac aattgtaaac atgaagatcg ctaaaactga    102000
     gctgtaaaaa tattttggaa gcaaatcaca cctaagagag atgaccttaa tgctttttat    102060
     tttttaataa ttccaacttt gaatgttaga atgttctaaa tgaatagggc ataggggggg    102120
     cataagtggg aatagaacac agccaagaac tatggttcta acgacagctt tagagctgta    102180
     gttgcgagtc ctcaagtttg caacgcagtt tgcgaatgtt cgttggagtg acggatttgg    102240
     gaagcggcaa gtcaacaaac tgtttgtaac gacggaactt gcgaccttag ttggctaacg    102300
     atggttttgg gaaacgcacc cctgattgga ttatcactga ttacagataa gcacccagtc    102360
     atgctcaatc atatcacatg ctcctctcaa aattagtttg aaacttcact ttgtgaaatt    102420
     caggttgtgc atatattgag ctagtctgta tgtgcaagta cttcacaaac aaaacacaaa    102480
     tgtccaatta caggaccaaa tctagtgttt gataacaaag tgacatcaac tacactctaa    102540
     aaatgctgct tgtttaaact acttacttta aatgagctga atcaacacca ttctttagtt    102600
     ttctttaggc taacttaatt gttttatgtt tgatccacat aaatttgtta aaacaatcaa    102660
     gttaacttaa tcgatttgag ttgcgacaac atgaaggaat gggctatatg cacagctagt    102720
     gtttttcagc caatgatgaa cttccggtga aagatttatg tgactatttt caggttcata    102780
     agatttttac agcattgatg tgttaatata agtcaaatat aatcagttaa atgaccttaa    102840
     gcattcattt ggttgttaag cataaaaaga gacgaaatag cagcaggcta gcacagaaac    102900
     tcaattaaac agtggaaata aattttaccc cagtattttt aaaaacatgg tgtggtaaat    102960
     tatcatttaa tgcagtgctt cttgtttgtt ctgataccca ctttaaatca tagccaggca    103020
     gacacacaca cacacacttt tttattttta ttttttttct gactgaaatg aaaagtctgt    103080
     gtgcatatag cccattgtat gatttatcag tgtacagccc tggaatgcaa aatatagcat    103140
     ttttcagttg ctttcataga ttcaatttgt tttgactgtt cagctttggg gaatagtttg    103200
     taaaacatca cttgaattct ttgtttctct tgatttacta atacttgttt taatacttaa    103260
     aatataaata ttgtttagaa ctttaaaata acaaaaaggt ggaatgtttt aaggcttgtt    103320
     tatgtacatt ttcagacaac acaatgtcaa tgttttaaga agagttaaaa aatcaatatt    103380
     tggggactga ctttcagcct gtctttcagt tttcaaattt gatgatgatt attattatta    103440
     ttattattat tattattatt ctaaacactt taataatttt taattttttt tttggaaata    103500
     aaaaaactag aacttacttt tgtttttaat taaagaaatg ttatcagagc tttggcatat    103560
     aaaacaaatg ttttgaacaa tctgtttgtt aagatgtaat aaaaatatga caatataaca    103620
     tcacaatcat atttacatct ttgctttcaa tttagaggac aaacaacaat aataaaccaa    103680
     ttaagttgaa aatagtaaga tttttttttt ttttttataa cccttgcgca ctgttcaaat    103740
     ttactacatt tatgttcagg atgaaaacat ccactgtatt aaacctgatg taaaaaatca    103800
     gtcagataaa tatttctttc acatttgttg cataaatcta ttagtcagct tcagtcctga    103860
     tcaaaactac taaactggtt agaaaattag aggattttat ctctttgatt gccaaattca    103920
     caaattatgt cactgattaa gtaaagaaaa aacacacaaa attacatatt ttcagtataa    103980
     aatgttatta tggactggat tttttctacc ttttatcaaa gtattggaca ggtaaacaat    104040
     tagtaacaaa ctggctttga tgtgattgtt aagagttgga tttttttcta cactaattta    104100
     ctgttggtgg ctgtttttgc tccattgatt tccattataa ctacatgtga tgttgcataa    104160
     atacacaatc tttgttttta tttgcttcat gtagttctga gagctgggat gtatattttg    104220
     attttctcaa acacataaag gtacgtgtga aagatcacat tcacagacac acacacatac    104280
     actttaattt gctgttatac tacatataaa atccagaaac taagcttttt ttgcacatta    104340
     tccaaagggt taatggtgtt aactaatgat caactgtaaa aatgacaaat ttgatctctt    104400
     cccaacaggg aaagccacca acaatcaaaa atgtatgata atatggtgcc atggttttgt    104460
     aattcaaaaa atgtggttat aatggaattc aatggggcaa aaacagccac caacaggaaa    104520
     atagggagag aaaaataaaa agtatcaaaa atcaaaggca atgatgtttc acatgtcaaa    104580
     aaagactttg ataaaaggta aaaaaaaatc cagtccacaa ttactattta tattaaaaat    104640
     acgtcatttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgtgcgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    104700
     gttttaccaa atcagtgaca tcatttaaga atttggcaat taaagaaaat taaatcctga    104760
     tcaggactga ggtttattaa cagatttatg caaaataaaa tgaaagaata tttatctgat    104820
     taatgtttaa agcagtaaaa tttggtggat gttttcatcc caaacataac aaaagtgtag    104880
     tacatttgcc cagagtgtat tgttgagtgt taaaaaaaaa aaaaacattt gaagaatttt    104940
     tcctaaaatg tgtcaaaata agatttgtca ccaagatttg gtactgaaac acagagaaag    105000
     ttatgaacaa attaagacac aaagtcaccc cagagtggat gacaacatcc ccaacagcac    105060
     atgagggtta aacgagtagt ttcaacaagc agcaaaaata attataagtt cataaaaata    105120
     agttcaatgt cttgtaaaca taactgcagt cgaatttttt atatcaagta agcatcactt    105180
     tcttgagcct gcaaagaaaa aaaatagatt taaaaaagta atcattagga agaactgttg    105240
     tccacaccaa tctctgtcaa acgctgtaac ctaggtgttg tcataaattt ctaagctcct    105300
     cgaaaattgc gtttttagaa agcagactga ttgtcacttg ggtaaatatt tacgcaatca    105360
     agatgaatga ttggaattta acgatgggca acctttattc cgttcacact tcacaacagt    105420
     tgccagtccg tttttgtttg cgaatgccag caaacgtttg ttgaaacagt tgctctctcc    105480
     gcagacacaa ggcccctctg aaggattagt tggttttatt tacctgctcc gaggaatgct    105540
     tttgcccggt cgcttttgtg tctgtgtaaa tgctcaaggt cagggctgag agtgagcctc    105600
     accaacagct ctaaaaagca gcaaaacctg cagcacaatg aagtctcctc aagaaatggt    105660
     agtggaattt ctattcgtgt tgcgacagag ttcaaaagct caaacttcca ttcagtcact    105720
     agttaacacc cttcaaagtg tccatgcaca cacacacaca catgcacaca ttcatcataa    105780
     aaaacgaaaa aatggatatg gctgtatatt cgcttctgtt attagtgcaa cacagacata    105840
     ttgaagtcac tcactcgtac tattaaaact aaagtttttt tacactgact ctcagaatta    105900
     acagcatatt tttgatcctt tacagtggtc aaatgttctt cacgctgtga gaaaacgatt    105960
     cttttaactg aacgattctc tggggttatt cctataagcc atcactgtta aaatcacgtt    106020
     tttggttctt tctgtcacct tttatttttt taaatgtagt ttgaagaata ggcatggcat    106080
     aggtataaga ttctgatgtt atgataacct tggataaaaa tttcacggta ttgtgattac    106140
     tgctctaaaa tatattcttt taaaatgtct gggtaaaaaa acgaaaactt ttttcccctt    106200
     taaacaaata tatatatttt ttgagaaaca tttcaagtat tttgtaactg taaacatgtc    106260
     aggcaaaata attctaatca atcattgact tctgctgtct tcattagttt caaagcactg    106320
     atttctttac aactcaaaac agcatctttg gagatctttt ctgctggaga tactgttatc    106380
     ctaaaaaaaa tgtaaaaaca tttttaaaaa tcatacgtat acctgtatag cagaaaaatt    106440
     gtttagcgga aaatttgggc ggttttaaaa ccttgacttt tccaaaccgc ggtatacctt    106500
     ggaaactgtt atcatcccat gcctagtgaa gaacatgcta caagctaaaa acaaaaacta    106560
     ttccaaagga tagactatga aagacatttt gcttctcggt tcaatggttg ataaactttc    106620
     tatatggaac caacattggc cacaaagatc tcttttatga gtacgcatat cgtcttcttt    106680
     aaaattgact ttggctcttt aggggagagc ggggacgaaa gtaacgtggg acgaaagtga    106740
     caaattgata ttttctcaaa gccttgacaa cattagcttt ccaagctata acagcacatt    106800
     cagcagacaa cccttgatag agttgccaaa tatcagctga tttcaggact gtgtcccatg    106860
     gttaagtcca atcttcagtt ttatggtgta gaaagtaaat caatgtagtt atgctttttt    106920
     cttattgagc aattccatgc caacctcaac ttcgccatga caaaaattaa gttttcacca    106980
     aaatagcaaa acatagtgcc aatttcacat ccgtcacatc catgacggag agacgtcata    107040
     tccataacaa agatggatca tcttttgatt atcattgttt cttttgggtt gtgcacttta    107100
     attcacaaaa tttctactaa gtgtgttgta tactgtaaac ccgcagactc ttttcgtcac    107160
     atccataacg catgattatt ttccttattt aaaatctaaa aaaaattgtt tacagtctga    107220
     tgttttttct gatgctataa ctctgtttag ctgttttgta aaatataaac agatgtttca    107280
     taatgttaac attttgaaca ttctcttctc acgtgtccca ctaatgatca atctacaggt    107340
     tatttagtgc aatagcacat ccttaagtct gtaatctctg ggtttttcag tttaaaagta    107400
     aatccggttt aaatggcaag agttcctgtg gggatgaagg taactgttat ttatgtccca    107460
     ctgataatag ccatacctta tttttcactt attatataat tatatataat ttattaccca    107520
     ttagagtttg cagtgtttga aataaaatgt ttttattaaa ttaatgcaag ttgacaataa    107580
     taaaattaat aattattttt taaaaacatt ttacattgtt ggattgcttt taatggaact    107640
     gaaacgtaca atgaaaatgg cctttattag tttttgtgca aaagtaaagg acaaattatc    107700
     tttgcagtta acattaacaa gattaacatc agatatagtt aaaacaaaaa agattaaacc    107760
     agtaaatcta gcaaatgttg tgttactttc gtctctgctg atgggggtaa agtgacaatg    107820
     tgcaacttta gtttaaagtg aacttagatt aaagttgttc tacattgata taaaataaca    107880
     ccagatattt atagaccatt gttgtgagtt aataaccaca gcaaaatata tttctacaaa    107940
     aaaacatttt ctttaaaaat aaggttttta tgaaacagta ctttcggccc tgctctcccc    108000
     tactatttcc acaaagaaca tctaacaaaa caacatgaaa atgttttttt gtactcagta    108060
     aagtagttgt aagaattggt ctcaaagagt gtcaaatgtt ttgttttttc tgtgttctca    108120
     atactcattt tctcagctga gttcacatcg actgtggctg ttactctcat tgatgatatt    108180
     gttcagcgga gactctctta tgaatgatat catgatctgg gaggtgtttg taaaagtttg    108240
     ctcttttttg ttttggtaaa gagtggcatt tggccattca gctttacaaa acatcgcttt    108300
     ttgagtcgga tctgcgggag aatcctgtga ttgctgttcg tttcagacgc gtatagccta    108360
     ctgccatgtc tactgtctga acttgtaaac gggtttgggg ctcattatca gatggctgtt    108420
     gtttccttgt ttgaatctag aagccacata ttacatctca ggcttaacca aaggaaacag    108480
     ggatcctaag agtttgggct taccttaacc gcaagttggg aaagagactc gtggatgttg    108540
     tgttggatgt gaaccgaagc gtttcatctg gtcgcacctg tttcaaaact tcgtgtaaat    108600
     aactacatgt atgttaaacc acactggaaa cttttttatg tgtcatgtgt cgattttata    108660
     tcggtacttg cgccacatat ttttgacatg attcttgtgg cgatgattaa aagacgtcgg    108720
     cgtacaggtc agaatctgtt aaatctgaag gcatccgaca tctgcggcta ctgggcatgc    108780
     gcacatcaat atagcctgat tgtgtgacac tgaaacaata atttctattt tattttaatg    108840
     gctgtgatgg caggtttagg gttgagtagg tgtaggcgtt attaaaccca atttaattga    108900
     tattttatta agatacaaaa ctaatagaag cagcggtatt ccttctaact acaaccccgc    108960
     gtcaagagct ctccaacagt ggggcttttt aatctggccg agagattttc agatgttatt    109020
     tgtgaaggaa ggattgtcct cttcatattt aacatgggag cacaactttt cgcaagcata    109080
     caaaatccag atcaaagact ttttcgcgtc ttaccgatag ctctcttcaa gaggaagatt    109140
     tgactttatt tctcatttac acacgtttgt ttgaatagag ctcttgtttc tcccactcta    109200
     gctcacccga tgtccgtgaa aaaaagactg aaaaactgtt gcaaaaatat aattaattac    109260
     ctgaacagaa cttgtgttat taattgtctt gtgacgcttc tgtaatatag cacatcaatg    109320
     aacaagaagc ttggttaata aaaactgaac ttcaactctg aaaactgaac tgacacagtt    109380
     tcacttgact agaactgcta ttaagctgct ttgacacacg tactctacat ttaaattgct    109440
     ataatagaaa taaagatgaa ttgatttgtt aatatttaaa taaacagcca ctgaaagtcg    109500
     acttttaaac agcagtaatg acaatgaagt gtgtatgagc gtaatgtgac agtgaatcga    109560
     taggccaaga tgtttaatgt ctgcgttgtc aaagagagaa acaaaacata ccaaggagca    109620
     gtttgaatat tttctttatc tcattcattc ataataaaca tataaataat aaattctata    109680
     catttcctga cacctcgcct taatgaaagg caggttaact ggtatggcca ctcatcatat    109740
     gctatccaaa ctgtgcatca gcggcatatt ttatttctat aaaactattt acctattaca    109800
     aaatatgaaa agaaaaatac attttagtaa acgtacagta gttactcatt aatctgctta    109860
     acgaaaccct ttgctctttt actgtgggac tattatctgt actcaatggc cagaatgtgc    109920
     atttcgtatt ttcttaagga aacaatgaaa ccagaggaga gtgagcaggg ggcgcatgtg    109980
     cctgtcccac tccgacatcc aaagcaataa caaaataata gatatttcta aaagagaaac    110040
     agcacaagac tgcaaagact ctgcacctat ttaaattaaa atatattctc gtatcttaca    110100
     ctatttcaaa aaacgaaaag tgattaggta acggtcggtc aaaatctaat gtacaattct    110160
     gtgtataaaa atataatttc tggagcccca cggcgtttgc ttacccctaa aatataacag    110220
     tcatttgcac atatgcacag aatgtcacaa cctgtcatga aggtttctgt ctgacattat    110280
     ctctctctct ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcg cgctctcttt    110340
     gtcccgtttt catgagatac aaaaatagat tctgcaccgc tggatggtca cactgcattc    110400
     gactccgtgt gtgtgtgtgg caccagcctg agttcacgcg agaataaatt atgcaaagaa    110460
     aacttttaag gctccattta ttctttgaaa atgacatttt tttaaagtca ttgtaataaa    110520
     tatcccaact ccgctcggag ccttagtctc cctctcactc tcgctctctc tcttgtacta    110580
     atattgtctt atatcctaca ttagtgtgat ttctcttgct ttatttccac acgagggttt    110640
     tcagcttgag tttactgaca tccccaaagg atgaagcatg ttgctgtcca aaagccacgt    110700
     tcccatttga tacaggagcc tggagtacca gtggaccccc tcctgttgta aagtcgcatt    110760
     ggaccgactg ctggagtttt gggggaacag gaatgatgac acgtaataat agagcctggc    110820
     gggcgcgaag gccaaatgcg caagcccctg gtcctctatt acggcgtaac aggacgccag    110880
     tattctgtcg accacaatgg tcccatgtgc agtcactggt gcgaacgagc cccgctgctc    110940
     ctccgtgtat atccgctgca cgatgacaga tttaagctga ccgctatcat caacaaccat    111000
     caccttttgt ccggctctga cactgctggc atacgcggcg gtcatggtgt ggagatcttc    111060
     cgttgagttg tcgaggacaa aaaggaggtg agcggcggtg agggtgatct tttcaacggg    111120
     ttcttgcgtt tctatgacgt aaaacacacg tcgcgtcgtg gagtctcggt ctgtgaacat    111180
     gatgaagtcg ctgaacacca ggtttcccgc gctgtctgcc gccagcacct tgtctccggg    111240
     gttcaggtcc ttcacggcct tctgtcctcc gtcctggagc gagaccagag ccgaacctgg    111300
     gaaacagccc ccagatttcg cagcaaccga attttctgaa gacataaatg aatagcaatg    111360
     agtgattgaa attgggggat tttttattag attgattaat catttaagcc gaaatttaaa    111420
     ctagagaaac gcgcacataa ggaattaaag actgaataaa ctaaagaaaa cgtggcaacg    111480
     ggaattaggc tgtaaagctt ctctaaaaaa cttcaatgtc tttgtgtgag atgaaggagg    111540
     aaagagcctg gactgctcta attaaaaacc aataaaggcc ggacattgtc attctaatgc    111600
     agcttgtgta cagagcactc ttggaaaagg acacttctgc ctttcccttg cgcctctttc    111660
     atatttgctc aggtgcagca acttctatgt gacaattcac acttatagaa tgagaaaaac    111720
     cccaagcagg ctcaaatagt atttgctcag ccccagacac ttttttttct aaggctctaa    111780
     tggtgtagat ttgaatgtaa attagaaatg ctaggggtag tcaatcaatg ccctcttctt    111840
     ctttcctttc attttcctca aaccatcatg ctctccgttg tcaagcttaa tgacaataat    111900
     tcgggccttg tgggatctct tcacattccg atctcttggg tcggtaaaca gagctataga    111960
     atggacttct cgtctaatcc tctcataaga ttctagggca tgaaataaag atggtgacaa    112020
     ttgagaaaca gatttggcga acgggttgga gctggttctc gtcgaagccg gtaatgtatt    112080
     tgtaaatgtg tttagaattt aaatgataag atctggcgaa agcttatgag ggattgtcaa    112140
     tgcgttccag ctaatttagc ttccgtcaat aataatacgt ttattagaca aaaaatccag    112200
     acgagaatta caccgtaata gcgcactaaa tgtcacatgc tccaataata ataaacacaa    112260
     attgttttac tttcgaattt tcgtgtgtaa aaccctagat tttggcgcat ctctagtgtc    112320
     tgtgcaatgc gcattgagct gcagagcaga gagtgatctt gtgataagcg cttccttcaa    112380
     agagacagag aggggcgatg taagatcagt tattatatgg cctggcaagt atttctaagt    112440
     gactcgtttt aacagaatga tctttcaaaa gactttctta aggtgtagaa atttaaaagc    112500
     aggtcctaag atagaaatat aacctttata tttttgtaag atctgtgtat cgcctattta    112560
     caataataaa tatatgcatt agagatttct tacaataaca tatatttcat gatttagtag    112620
     acttcagtaa aaaaaaaaaa taaataaata caaatatata aaagcatttt ctaatttaaa    112680
     atctcctgtt ttaacatgag agggagtgtg aagcattgtg ccttcttttt tttttgtcat    112740
     tccagaggtc ttacctgctt tgacagagca atgaatgtgg gctttggact cgtaatagac    112800
     ccagtcaaat ccagcctcca cagctaggcg agacagtgtc ccgtatttgc tcttgtctcg    112860
     gtcagaggtg gtaatatcaa cagctcttcc ctcgtagtgg agtgattctt caaaatggtg    112920
     accgtcctca tcccagccct ctgtcacacg cagcttaacc cctggccagt ggttcattac    112980
     agagatggcc agcgagttca gcttgtcttt gcatctctaa tagaaagaaa aaaaagaatg    113040
     gggcaaaaga aaattagccg ttgtttaacg tgtctattaa ttcattctaa atctcaacaa    113100
     ttcccaaatt atattgctta ctgattatct gtttacatcc agacaagttt agttagttta    113160
     gtttaaaggg tgtcataaac tagctgatct tattatcatt ttcagccatg tctgtcagtt    113220
     ctgagcaacc atctcaggaa tcagagattt agatatcatt aatccagtat gttttctaat    113280
     agatacatcc agacaaatgt gactatgaga aacccatatt tacacttgaa ataatccagc    113340
     cttgcatgca aggataatct gctcaaggag ctcaatgaaa aatttataag ttactgcatt    113400
     cgcttcactg atctaaaacg tatagatcca accagggaaa ggtgtgactg aatcaggggc    113460
     catgtctttg ctttaaaagg ccagaatgca tacaatgaaa ttgggtaaaa aaagtaattc    113520
     ggttagtggt gttcattatt ataaccttga gatttagagc agtaggtctc actgaggtgc    113580
     aggtatgaac tgtggaatat caggccatgt ttgggtgcta acctttcccg ggaccttgct    113640
     ttgagatgct tggccttcac caggacaact cttcccaaca cttaaccaat atgtcaaata    113700
     aaacaccaca aaagactctt tcactgcgtc caagaggaga agcaactact cattattctt    113760
     gcagcacagg tttgctcaag ggacgtgatg tgattgctta actgacggtc tttcagaggt    113820
     tatataaaat ctattcaaaa tatgctggca aattgtgaca ctaagccaaa ttaatacctg    113880
     taataattca cacacatacc ctcctagctt tgactcactt gctcgctttc tctgactctc    113940
     cccccttata cacacacaca cacacacaca tccttagcct ctaacatcca cataaatttc    114000
     tccagcagac tatcgcccca cttcctactg atctgcttga ccctctaatt ttcatgtcag    114060
     cagtgaagac catatgcact ttactaagct gaattgcact ttattgtata tcagaaaaat    114120
     aatgtttagt caattataaa ctacactgaa ttatatctga atgtatgaaa ctgttcagtt    114180
     cacttcattg tgtttctaga gtctattata caaacgatat agtctaatga aataaattgc    114240
     aaaaacttca cagatgcatc ctctggatga tgcctttttg gaatatctgt acactgaatg    114300
     gaatgtagca aaatggtact ttaatcaaaa gtaaataaaa cagaccccct aactactata    114360
     ttttaaattg ctgcctttta gctctacaac acttgtggct gttgattgat agagtaaacc    114420
     acaagcaagc gacataaaga tgcaacctag cacatcctaa gcaaaactac cggggattga    114480
     tgagccgtga agcctgaact ctttattaat tcattgagtc gtgtgccgca aatcaagcca    114540
     aattctgttc agccaccatg aagcgcagcg ggaaccccct gtgccgccgc tttgtgctcc    114600
     acacgaggtt tgttcaacaa gccgcctagt cacagtcagc aactaatctc cccccaaaat    114660
     gaactgtttt agaggaaaca cttatcagct acctgtcaga gcaaacagcc tcctggatac    114720
     cctcgcagtt gcgcctaatt tcgcgagctt caccgttaag tccaattcac cgcacagcgt    114780
     gttcaaccaa caaaccctgt cttacactcg gatgcgcttc tccaaaacat ttgtcaacag    114840
     gacacctcgt taactccctt tgaaagactg agacgttcat ttgatgttac tagattgcaa    114900
     gggtagctta tagcagcgtg tgtgcccgcg ggtcactgca cacttataat cacattcacc    114960
     ttaagtagag cttgatatac atctgagaaa accacaccag acacgggttt catctttttt    115020
     aaggaccggt aaaagggaaa ctttataatg cacctgcgcg gcgcgtgtaa attgactttg    115080
     gcggacatta ttcgcaatgc ttcagcaaac cttgctataa ccggtcatga cttagacttt    115140
     gaacctaaaa gctatttaac agaggcacgt tcaaaacagc ctaataaaaa ttatgctcgg    115200
     gataatcact ttgtaaatta cacggaaaca cttcaataga ggctaatttg cactgcaaac    115260
     atattttcga tgcacttagt aagctgcatg ttattcttcc ttagcattgg caaagggtca    115320
     gaagttcaaa agattcctgc taatgcaacg agagtggaaa gccatgttgg ggacagacag    115380
     cctattcccg aagctgtctg actttagcag aggcctagct ttctttaaaa taaataaatg    115440
     taaaaagttg gatgtaaatg ctaatataca aatctgagca acaaaataaa cgaatccaat    115500
     aaaccatatt taagcaacac aaatctttag cattacatcc aaaagtgaat ataacgcagg    115560
     ctacctaaga gcagagaaaa cagcgcaccg cggctaagta ttcgcgttta cattgtaaca    115620
     aaaataatag cgcattttgc agttaaaata atgttgcatt agcattgact actcatgaag    115680
     tatacaaact tatacttgct gttgcttaaa tatattagtc agattaaata cagttaatgc    115740
     agcctcgcgt gtgctgaaaa aaactgtcgg cagatgaaca aacacctgca taacatccaa    115800
     agaacagagg cgatgatagt ccattgtgtc tgattctaat ctgtcattaa gtgtaaccat    115860
     cctagcccat taataagtag aaacaaatcg gagagcatcc ttggagaaat gtcaatatgt    115920
     tcatgccctg ataagcagcc gctgcgagcg agcgagcggg taggctgcgg tctgtctgac    115980
     taagcgatat gaacatgtat gttatatttc aatctatatt tagctgtcac gagactgaca    116040
     tattctgacc accacagtcc cttcagatca ggtgcggcac tcatccgtcg ggacatccac    116100
     gttttataaa acagataacg cgcgcctgac gcgtctcaac gcgcggacaa atgcatacat    116160
     atgatcagaa gaagcgcata aatatttcac gctgccttcc acaatgaggg tgagcaagga    116220
     ggcaagcagc cggtcctctg ttgatggcac aggactaatt cacaatcctt gcacgaattc    116280
     aactgtactt tccgactttc agatttcgaa aggcgaaaga attacctgtg tcatgagcct    116340
     gtccgctccc gtgttctcct catccttaaa gataatgtcg ggattgtaat ttggagtaag    116400
     ttctttaaat ctctccgaat tgcgcgttat cttgccctcg tatctgccgc tggcccctaa    116460
     ggtcttctcc gcgacattag gtatgaactg cttgtaggcg agaggtgtca gcttcttcgg    116520
     atgtcttctt ctgccgtagc ctctgccagg accgcaggcc agtccggaca ccaccaagga    116580
     cagagtgaga agagacacca gcagcactct cgtcaaaagc cgcattttgc cgcacgctga    116640
     atctcgctgc ggtgttctcg agcggtctgt ctagcagggt ttctcgttgt cgaggcgcgg    116700
     atctccggcg atgtccttgc cgtctcctcg gttcacgcgt gtccctcagc agcgccaagc    116760
     cccgaccgtg acaggtgcgg aaacgtgcga ctgataacgc atcggaggtt tgcggcgggg    116820
     atgcgaaagg taagactgac ctcgaaatca caacgttact tcaagccaca gccacttaat    116880
     gcgagaagcc tctttactcc tatgtattat agctgcgatc tgaggtaggg agggacctga    116940
     ttggctcgac gggacgaaca cttctgatgt tatcccacaa aacagacgcg caaaaaacct    117000
     ttaaagaagg tgggtttcag gggagggacg cggtgagatg tgaacgcatc agtttctccc    117060
     actgctgtct gtgtgaggct gcgacgtgca tgtgtgctca ctttcttaca tccgtgtgtg    117120
     acccgctaat gaaccattat ttctcaagtc atttgcgttg ctgcacgtaa ggttgaatca    117180
     attatacaac tttcgaaact tcatttatca cagcaagtgc ggaatgtgcg cgttcaccat    117240
     cacccgaatt aatcacagaa taacagcgtt tccaaatatg acaacttttt aatcgcttca    117300
     gtcacattcc tgtcagattg atcacttgtt gtcccatcag cctctaacct gaacaactcg    117360
     gttacagaag ccagacgaat tagtgtttta aaaacactca gatcttacat tatttattgt    117420
     gcttcctgca gtaaatcagc accaactttt gttgtcattt tggacatttt aaagtcaagg    117480
     gtacaattta caggatttag tttcttgtaa atgttgtaca gatttcaaaa cgtaaaaacc    117540
     aggattgttt tgatgtatct ggtgttcttt attataaagc tgccagtccc aaaaaagggg    117600
     ttttgccatt ttggttcctt tcagaatctt ttagtgaaaa gttttttaaa agtacaattt    117660
     tttcatagtg tgaggaatat tttcacactc taaagaaagt ttttccctct ttaaagaatc    117720
     aaaagcttta gtagatgtca aaggttcttc gtggaaccat tgagaggacc tttataatta    117780
     agagtgcggt gtacaattga ttatttctct atctttatca ggtgcttttc catggtgtac    117840
     cagagcgaga gagcaggaga cagagattaa gctggctctt ctgcccaaca gcttatttga    117900
     gatattggaa aaggctcttc ctgtgcacac aaatgctaag ctgtctgttt gggagaaaga    117960
     tcagcctgca aaaaccctgt caccccttaa agtccacttc agtgacagat taagccatgg    118020
     taaccactgt gttccctggc ccatagcagc gggtaaggta tgtgtttcat tgtcttattt    118080
     tctcttgttt tcacacattt tctagactgc tctatcaaag atggtggctg cttgtcttgt    118140
     gaaatacatt aagaagatca gggcccctgc tgaaggtttt gttcaattga gcatgacaga    118200
     tgatttgttg tcttatttgt tctagtcttg aggtgtccaa ttttttttgg accacggaaa    118260
     ttttataaat gccattaaat gatgacatgt ttttgaccca tttagcttaa ttgtaaattg    118320
     agtcttagtc aattaagaaa attacagcag gatagcatta aatcaagcag tttctctcct    118380
     ctaaaatatc tccagatcta gcaaacggtc aaacagatct tactttgtgt ccaaatatta    118440
     tgcccacctg gccactgatg tccaagagga gtgaattgtg cagactggct tagtacttta    118500
     gttcaggtca caatttctgc tattaactgg ctcattacta agcccacacg gaatctgtgc    118560
     ccacagattt ctgcagattt ccacacattt ttaacccatc atcgagtcta ttcatttact    118620
     tgtgtaaatg tgtgtaattt atatttattc agtttttaaa ttaatttcat taatattatt    118680
     aaatattatg aaagtgttca tatgatttat ttacaataca gtttgtaaag taacatttta    118740
     gtagatatat tatatgagag acttgctttg tttatcaaat aagtgcatct tattggattt    118800
     gtattgtaaa cattaaataa aagttaaaaa ggtatatata tatatatata tatatatata    118860
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    118920
     tatatatata tatattcagg ttttagctat catactcctg aaatcatttc acataaatct    118980
     gcagatcttt ttataaaatt ctgctcagaa atagcaaaaa atgtcagcag gttctgtctg    119040
     gttctactga ttacctgcct attattaaga tgctaactgc ttattagtgg ttgtaaaaaa    119100
     tgatcttatt ctgcatcact tatcctaccc taaacccaac ttttactagc tattaataaa    119160
     cagctaattt gtagtttata aagcttgtaa tgatagttaa tggtttgtta acactatgaa    119220
     ttgggaccta atctaaagtg tcaccgactg gcttttcata ggtttccaca gtacggcaaa    119280
     cactatatga actgactaac ttattagtta attagtttat tagtttaaac tagcttccca    119340
     tatgtcatta ttaacccctc tcccccttaa tttattctgt tcattgttga acgtttaact    119400
     tgacagttta agtgatttta ctgactttta gtagtttgaa ataatataat aatgaaatgc    119460
     taatatatta atatatgttc aaatatagta tgatgagcaa tatatacaga cgtagttctg    119520
     ctacactaaa aaaatagtaa atagtcgaca acttaaaatt ttaaggcaac caccttcagg    119580
     tcatttttga gttgactcaa cttcaaatga gtcaagtgca gtacttgggt tgaaagttga    119640
     ggcaactcaa aaaagctctg gagcaagttg ccttacaatt tttaattaag ataacataaa    119700
     actaaacaga agcacatata aatagaaaca atgtacccat aaatcacaaa tgaacacaaa    119760
     tgaacatttt gtacagtgag aatactactt ttaaatcaat ttctgcaaca gttattttac    119820
     cttcagagta ttagaaagtt aataaatcag tgtggctgac tttttaaaaa atcagcacag    119880
     acgcagatgc tgtagtgaag tgtgattttc ctgtttctct catatagctg catttataag    119940
     cagttatgag attactaatc atgctaaaac aattctatgg gagcagacat aacgattatg    120000
     tagacgtcat gttttaggtc attcgattac gcaactgtat gtttagcatg aaaaagcccc    120060
     acaaacaaac acaatgtggt gtaattctgg acctcataca agatcatgtg ccgccccaat    120120
     tgactaatcc tttgagaatg accctaagca gtcggtgtac agcaaaacgg tcttaaggac    120180
     aagcattctg tggaggaaca cttagcctcg atttcgggca gctctttgtg ttgttgtgga    120240
     ctgcagggag tggaacgtgg ggaatttcac aatcacgtac ctgaggttcc agctcagctc    120300
     cgtctcggag tgtgtaaaga gttttttatt tgcctcactc agccgctccc tctacttaaa    120360
     catagtctca gtgctctcaa ggccaaggca agacagccaa gccccaggtc aacccaacac    120420
     agcgggaggg agaggagagt cttagagatg cgcaaatacg tgctgtttca atgtgaactg    120480
     agatttaagg ggcaaagggg gctagtgagc actaagggta attcataaac caagcatttt    120540
     cataatgact acctgcattc cgtgataaaa aaaacaaaca aagcagttta ctgatattat    120600
     tagtattaaa gggcacctat ttcacaacat tttcaagatt taagatgaga ctttttttaa    120660
     gacatgtagc tgtttatgtt gcctgtgcct ttaatgctag ttctccccac ccaccgttcc    120720
     catgtttcaa tctccacctc ggctgtgtca gttaaacagc agagtgacag acatgaagga    120780
     agcagatctc acgtaacgtt tgtgagaatt actacagtaa gaatttattc aatcatcccc    120840
     atgattattt gatgtatttg ttgtggcgct gcgatgagtc acacacaatg tcgttacaaa    120900
     gttcagtcac tcacgcacac acagcagcca cgtatacact gcattcacgt ttaaatttgc    120960
     actgtgtttg ctcgcaaatg tgacaggatg cacattaata ttcactgctg tgtggatatc    121020
     cgttatgttg atgtacaaaa taatcctaat ttaacgtcca caaaccggga ttgaagcgtc    121080
     ttcttttata attgtactga catgaggctg tgctgatgaa gactgtaaaa tcactgtaat    121140
     tcattacaaa cacgcactgt tttaaaaaca ttttaaactt gtaaaactca ttcttgatca    121200
     cttttgatga tcacagagag ctgaacagat cttttaatcc tggttgttct gcgcatgtcc    121260
     tgttttgttg atatatatat atatatatta agggtggagc cgaacccgaa tacggtattc    121320
     ggaaaggcac gaatagcgtg tttttacgaa tacttgattc gaacaaatac ttgaaaaatt    121380
     atttgtattc gggagcaaga aaaacactat atcaaaaagc agcgtttcct catgagacca    121440
     cagtgcatgc ccgcgtgagt gagtgagtga gagagagaga gagagacaaa acgcgccaaa    121500
     gcccgaaact gaaagcgaga cgtgactttt aagggttgtt tcatatggat ttattaatca    121560
     ttcttactgt tcagtgatcg caaactgccg tagtttatta aagacgcaaa cctctcactg    121620
     cacgtcagct gcgcgccttc agcagacctc ctcattcctg cagcacaagg gctttatgat    121680
     tgtttatgcg cgccaaaagt ggcggatctg tccggtaaaa tatctgactg cgtgtcaccg    121740
     catcactgtt tggcgaaata tttgactgca tgtcactgca taacaaacga ctgaaaggat    121800
     ataactagag aaatctccac tgtgctactg agagcgtatg gcaagccgtt ttagcattta    121860
     aaccttgttc agactatcca taaatatatt tagagatatc tctaattata ttttgacttg    121920
     tcataattat aattcgacta gtcagattgg aaatatctgc aaatatatta tgatagacta    121980
     gtcatattcc tccattgact tccattgaaa aatatttgca gatatctcta aataagtttt    122040
     gaatagtcac aattgtaatt agatatatcc ccaaatgaat tttgactagt caaaaatcca    122100
     attcaagata tctacaactg taattagact tttagtaaat taattagaga tatcttcaaa    122160
     tatatttgta aatatctcta aatatgataa attaaagata tctctaaatg tattatgact    122220
     agtaaaaact cagagatatc aattacaatt gttactagtc aaaattcatc tgatttcgta    122280
     ctaatacaat tgtaattgca gatatgtcta attgtcattc tgagtagtgc actaaaagca    122340
     tcctctcctg atactgtctg tgaacccccc acaatcatca atcccctcaa tcagcacagc    122400
     tatgttctac taaatcctcc acaagcacca aaccatcaac acagccacat tctgtcccag    122460
     caagtcagtt tcaaacataa aaaaaacaaa caaacaaact ttgtgtcttt ttttgtggct    122520
     ggcagatgat aatagcaggg ctgtatcttt tagtattata tagaatactt ttgttctgcc    122580
     agatctcccg ggcaggggtt tattaagatt tatttagtta atattagttt ttggaattct    122640
     gtccattgga aagaagttct ttcagaagaa gaacagtttt gaagtagttt gaagtattat    122700
     ttgtttttat tctgtctatt cagtgtcctt caacaagaac agtggtggtg gggttcataa    122760
     tattcacaat ggtattttat tagttgttgg tttaaccatg gatgagataa tggcttctat    122820
     gttattttct tttcaatgac atttcttatc acatgttcaa aaacaacagc caatattgca    122880
     tatctataat ttatataatg ggtataatta aacaatactt tcactataac gtaaattaga    122940
     agtgtaatag aaaaaatata tatttttgcg ccattttgaa ttttactcga atacaaatac    123000
     aaatacaaat acttttcccc cctcaacaaa tacaaataca aatacaaata ccggctgctc    123060
     cgcacatccc taatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    123120
     atatatatat atgttactac ggagacatgt tattacacgg ctgtcaatca atttggtggg    123180
     tggggaagcc tcactcctac aacatgttgt ggtgggcctc aaaataggag agatttggat    123240
     cctatattaa catcgggaaa ttaaaaaaag agacttattg tgtttatatc acctcaatat    123300
     gactatggac acactagacc tacctgtaaa aaaatgctta attttatggt ttatttctgg    123360
     caacttcttt aaaaaaccct gtaaactaac ggttgttcca ttacagaaat ataaagtaaa    123420
     ataaaggata ttaaattaca taaatgtcct taaatgtaaa tctctggtaa atttctgtaa    123480
     ttcaaaatcc gttattttat ggtaaattac tgtaatttaa cgtccattat tttacgtttt    123540
     atttctggca ccccagcttc tggaaataaa ccgtaaaatt acggattttt ttacagtgta    123600
     cacagttctg tccaaacaac ttacaaaaga tgattttcat cataggtgcc ctttaattat    123660
     taacgattaa tacataatgg gccattgaat tattcaaaaa taatgcacac ctgtgctgat    123720
     gagacatgtc agtgtgtttt attttccaat tgttcaactt atactatggt taccacacct    123780
     atagacaatc tacaaatgta gtatgccaag tcatttgtca gttttttggt ccaaaaaacc    123840
     actgctacag tatgtgtaag aatattttct tacgcatatc atccaaatcc ttttgttttg    123900
     atttttggtt ttgatttgaa ttattaaaat taagtggaac tgtaatggag tcaagacctg    123960
     ccttgaacaa attaaacagt gtaaaaataa acgcacacct taaaaattag ccaatcagaa    124020
     tttaacagcc ctttataata ttataatgga tattatagga tggttttgca tttagttgat    124080
     tgtagtaact cctgaaaagg gggatgtcaa aggccctgta aaatggtgat ggacagcaga    124140
     ggaaaatata attgcaggca tatgtgaaag ttgaggatgc aaataagcga gcacatgaga    124200
     gtaaaccatc tgcttcagca tgctttgttc gattgccatt tgacctgagg acacagatag    124260
     tatcttttta atgaacttag ggtgcttgtg gcctgtgcca tattacctag agcaacagta    124320
     attcctctgg aaatttagtc aacgttctac acagctgacc acagtaacca ccgaaaagcg    124380
     aaagcgtcat taaacaccca atcacatgct gccataaaca caagcaccat ccctccattg    124440
     gaagtgttgc ctcctacctg agtgttcaga aacattccac aagaacagtg cgctgtgatt    124500
     tcaaaacatt cccacactca gtagtctact ggacagcttc caggacgttg ctcactgaac    124560
     aacattacag ccaatatttt tcatattgat tgtaaaatta attgttaact acatgtgtct    124620
     gcacgcttca gcttctgagg tgatagatag gaattagtgt tgaaataagt gttgtaacgt    124680
     caccgaagag caaaatgatc caaaagactg cagttgagga cgagggagag agaatgcagc    124740
     agttcctcat cacagctttg gataatgacc tcattccggt cgccagagtt ttgtgatcga    124800
     gggcagcaca actgtacggg aaggaagcaa acctgaaatg aagagaggag gaaaagatgt    124860
     gaaaataaag cataggtttg tttagtgggc aaaaggtgtg gactgtggaa agatgcaaat    124920
     gtctcagcac acatctttag gggtttgaat ctggagtttt atctagcaat ttatcagcat    124980
     cacttttgat cagaataaca ataagttcat ttgacctcct gaattacatt acatactgta    125040
     ttgcattata gtactatata ctgcaatttt ttcaaccacc taaatataat ttacagatgt    125100
     gtttattttt aaaaatatac atatgtttat ataataagca ggataatgtt ctgtggtggc    125160
     tcagtggtta gcactgtcat ctcacagcaa taaggtcgct ggtttgagtc ccagttggac    125220
     cagttggcat ttctgtgtag agtttgcatg ttctcctcat gtttttgtgt gggtattgta    125280
     acggtggtca cacacacaaa aaaaaaattt ttaattaata actcttaggt tagattcgaa    125340
     cccgggtctc ccgcatggca ggcgagattt ctaccactga accacggaag gtgctgttga    125400
     ggcggtgcgt ctggtaatat ctccctctaa cgcagtcacc ctcgggcaaa aaaaaataaa    125460
     atatattata atataacata catatattaa caaattttat gcatgatttc gggtgccaga    125520
     caagttttaa accttgccac aaataaatct aactataatt aattacccag gatagcgaaa    125580
     acaaaactta tacaagaccc tccgttacat acagtaacat agaaccatac gaaataagaa    125640
     caagaaaatc gaattccact tagaaagatt taatgaatta atttaaatgg caaatacaac    125700
     tacaagtaac aacaatacca aaaataaata tttatatagt caatatccta caatcatttt    125760
     aagtaaccca aaacaagatt cctctcaaaa aacaacaaca aatacaccaa gaaataaata    125820
     aacaaaactt ttcaaatttc tcaaataact aattaaatga aataaaggga ggttgggtgg    125880
     agaatgtatg tatgtaagtg tatgagtgaa actgacccaa gaggcttgca gtggtgatgt    125940
     caggaggtta cacgtcagca gttcactggc tggcaggtga cttggcagaa cggatagaaa    126000
     tgatgaacag gcagccgttt tcggaggtgt cctaacacat cgcaccggta atttttcaac    126060
     acgaaggtaa cgtaagactg gcactcgtca gcaattacca ggaaacttgg tgttacggtg    126120
     gctataaagg acaagtcagt gaaaacttga gcatcgccgc atctcttcct cagcttcctc    126180
     agacccaggc agagccacac ccgcaacgca acttggtgac gcaaacacca ctcccacact    126240
     ggaggtcaga actctctctc tcagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acccttttat ataatttcac    126300
     atcatcgtaa ttggttgtag catccaatgg ggatgaactc attataaaag gcagtgacaa    126360
     aggaagtaaa cacaaaatag gggcagtaca gaaagtttct gtattgtcac agtatattcc    126420
     tggtgctttg ttttcccaca gtccaaaaac atgaggtata tgtgaattga attaactaaa    126480
     ttggtagtaa tgtatgtgtg tcatgagagt gtttgggtgt tttccagtac tgggttggaa    126540
     ggtggaaggg catctgttgt gtaagacata tgctggataa gttagcagtt ctttctgctg    126600
     tggcgatccc ttattaataa agtgactaaa ccgaaggaaa ataaatgaat aaaaaagaag    126660
     gcacttaata acaataatca aggcacttaa aatactattt gtttaaaaca gttgaaataa    126720
     tttgacaaca gtaatgattg cagcgcaaaa ctattgcaag gaaaatttct agtttaccgc    126780
     agtgaaaaaa atgtaggaag taaataagga agtgagctga ataacttcag tacacctgcg    126840
     gaactagtca ctttagtctc tcacaggaca acgctggtct ctcctaggac attactggtt    126900
     tcacacagta catcactagt ctcttgcaaa catcactagt ctctcatgag acatcatttt    126960
     ctcacaagac atcactagtt tgccacaaaa ttttactact ctctcacagg acatcacttc    127020
     tatttctaca tcacttcact agtctctcac aggactttat tggtctttca cagtacatca    127080
     ttagtctctc acaggaaatc actactagtc ttttacggga cattgctact aatctcgcac    127140
     aggacatcac tagtctctta ttggacatca ctactagtct ctcataggaa atccctagtc    127200
     tctcaaaaac atccctggtc tctcacagga catcactagt ctctaaaaaa acatcaatag    127260
     tctctcatgg gacatcactc atctctgata gacatcacta acaggataac actagtcttt    127320
     cacgggacat cactagtctc ttacaggaca tcattagtct ctcacagaca tcactagtct    127380
     ctcacaggat ttcactagtt tctcacagga catcactagt ctcacacaag acatcactag    127440
     tcttacacag gacaaaacta ctagtcactc aaaggcatca ctaacccgaa atcactattc    127500
     tctcacagga catcactacc cagacatcac cagtctctca caggccataa ctagtctctc    127560
     aaaaacatca ctattctctc acagacatta ctaacaggac atcaccagtc tcttacagga    127620
     cattactggt ttctcatagg atatcactag tctctcacga cacataacta gtctttcaaa    127680
     aacatcacta gtccctcaca ggacatcact aatctctcac agacatcact catctctcac    127740
     aggacatcac tagtctctca agggacatca ctagtctctt atgggacctc actagtctgt    127800
     caccggacat cactaatttc tgacggtaca tcaccaatag gacatcagta ctaatctctt    127860
     ccatgggaca tcactagtct ctcacaagac accactagtc ttacacagga catcactagt    127920
     cactcacaga catcactaac aggacaccac tagtctctca tgggacatca ctagtgtctc    127980
     aaaaacatca ctagtctctc acgggatatc actagtcttt cgtaggatat cagtattctc    128040
     tcataggatt ttactagtct cttataggac atcactagtt tcccatagac aagactaaaa    128100
     gggaaccact agtctctcac gggacatcac taacaggata tcactagtct ctcatgggac    128160
     atcactaaca ggacatcact agtctctcac tagacataac taatctctca catgacatca    128220
     ctagtctctc acagacaaca ctaacagaac accactagtc tctcatggga cataactaat    128280
     gtctcacaga caacactgac aggacattac tagtctctca cgggacatca ctaacaggac    128340
     atcactagtc tctcacggta caacgctagt ctctcacagg acatcactaa tgtctcacag    128400
     acaacactga caggacatta ctagtctctc acgggacatc actaacagga catcactagt    128460
     ctctcacggt acaacgctag tctctcacag gacatcacta gtctctcaca ggacatcact    128520
     aatgtctcac agacaacact gacaggacat tactagtctc tcacgggaca tcactaacag    128580
     gacatcacta gtctctcacg gtacaacgct agtctctcac aggacatcac tagtctctca    128640
     cagataacac taacaggaca tcactagact cccacaggac ctcactagtc tctcacaggc    128700
     aacactagtc tcacacaggt catcactagt atctcacaat acatcactag tctctcatgg    128760
     gacatcactt ttagtctctc acagaacatc actattctct cactggaaat aactatagtc    128820
     tctcacggga catcactagt atttcatggt acaacactag tctctcacag gacatcacta    128880
     acaggacatc actagtctct cacggtacaa cactaacagg acatcactag tgtctcaaag    128940
     acaacactag tctcacatcc ctagtttctc acaaacaaca ctagtctcac acaggacatc    129000
     actagaatct cacaatacat tactagtttt tctcaatacc tcactagtct ctcacgggac    129060
     atcactagtc tctcatagga ttttactagt ttcttacagg acatcaccaa caggacatca    129120
     ctagtctctc actggacatc actagtctct agtaggattt cactagtcca ttacaggaca    129180
     tcattggtct ctcataggac atcactagtt tgtcacggta catcactact aatttctcac    129240
     aggacatcac tagtctctca aaggctttca ctagtctctc acaggacatc attggtctct    129300
     catagtacat cactagtttg tcatgggaca tcactgcaag tctctcacag gacatcacta    129360
     gtctcccaca gggcatcact actagtatct cacagacatc actaatctct cacaggctat    129420
     cactagtctc tcacatgaca tcgctagtct ttcttaggac attactagtc tctcacagga    129480
     catcactact agtctcgcaa gagacatcac tagtctctta cagacatccc ttacaggatt    129540
     tcactggtct ctcacaagac atcactagtt tctcacagga catcactagt ctctcacaga    129600
     cagacatcac taacaggaca tcacttgcct ctcacagaca tcactaacag gacatcacta    129660
     gtctctcaca gacatcgcta atctctcaca accaacaaac tcaatgttta ccaaatcaaa    129720
     tgaattatat ttgctgtcat aactaaagta aaaactacac aggttctctg tcaaatcaac    129780
     gtgctcctca tagtagtcta gtattatgat tctttctgct gatgagagat ttaatcagtg    129840
     gcaagacttt cagtacaaat cttaaacatt tacattgact gtgcacttgg cattctgacg    129900
     gtgtcaaatg tacttgttgt gtacattttt gtcatatacg attatcacca tattgactta    129960
     aaagattatt ttaacaaata gtaacctaaa aatacttgat gtacagctct attgcattca    130020
     catgtttaga gtacatcaat gcttaaaact aattatattg caaaatgaag ataaagtaca    130080
     atgggtaaca ctaaagtttt gtagctgtca ttacattgac tttagttaaa ttatctgatg    130140
     ttaacacgga accttactgt acagagttga ctaacaagag gcctacatta tagtcactgg    130200
     atgtttaact ttgtaggcca gaataatgta ataatgttaa taaacaataa tctaaatatt    130260
     cttaaaacac ttaaaatatt taaaaaatat tcctataatt ttaaataata aataattact    130320
     cacagtgttt tcaattgccc agaatattta tattgttcat ttttattatc ataatatatt    130380
     gaattactga atatcagcat acagtatgtt caaaacacac agatccagct gcagtgttag    130440
     tcgtctattg agattctcta cattatcaag tcctctcatg catttgcttt ttgtggatgt    130500
     ccagtctttt tggggtactt gagttggaga cattgtaaag atgctatttt ctagaaatca    130560
     cagaattaga atgaccagct tcccttacta tgactgaaag agggctccat ttggaaaacc    130620
     cattgtcaaa gaactgaaat tgtagctggt tttctattta aaatctccac cataatttta    130680
     atcttcacac ttgagctttt ggtcctgtta ctactgtttg gggttttatt ttggtgtaac    130740
     aacggatcat tgctgcacaa taacatactt atgtgataat cagaatagtt taaaccaaaa    130800
     aagcaaataa gaaaaaatta aaacaaatga ttgagaaagt ccaagagtgt atttgtgagc    130860
     ttatttaaca tccttacctt gttttacagg ctctaaagtc ttgtagtagc ttcaaaagca    130920
     aaatcagctt tccaaaatct attaatagag ctcaataaac tccagacaaa cttgctttaa    130980
     gagatggttt agacatgttt ctgtgtgttt tatattaggg atttgttcaa ggcttagatt    131040
     ctgctaataa tcatacagag caaagacatt tgttagttta atggaacatc taaggccagt    131100
     tttaatgttc tcaattatcc tgaatctcta gaaaacactt ctgtatacta aaacacatag    131160
     ttttattcat aagttacaca tgactttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    131220
     ttacacttgt ttcaaatttc ttttattagg tttttacttg gaatatcaac cataacagtc    131280
     attttataat tatccatcca tgttagtgtt taccctaccc caaccccagt tgaacatttc    131340
     cctccctcaa cagcctctgt tgaaaaaaaa aacaaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaag    131400
     caaaacataa aaataaaata ataataataa taaataaaat taataattaa ccatgataaa    131460
     aaaaaaattt aaaaaaataa ataactaaat aagatgaaaa taaataataa atatgttttt    131520
     attcctatgt tattgctcag tttcagaatc aagagagttt gctagtagat aatctaaaaa    131580
     ggggcgccac aacttgtcaa aggtctttaa agaaccagta agtgatagtc taatcttttc    131640
     caatttaata caagtaaaca cttcttttat ccatgcatca aaagatggtg gagtgacatg    131700
     tttccacttt aaaagaatga gacgtctcgc tattaaagta gtaaaagcta aagccttttg    131760
     gaccattact gaaaggttgg catttactgc aaacccaaaa atggccaaaa gtggatttgt    131820
     atccagatct atgccgaatg catcttttaa agttttaaat attttagtcc aataaacaaa    131880
     taatttgggg cattcccaca acatatggat gagatccgct ggtgattgtt tgcacctatt    131940
     acatgcatcg ctgacagaag ggtatatttt agcaagtcta gcattagtgt agtaaaccct    132000
     gtgtaggatc ttacattgta ttagcccatg tcttgcacat atagaagagg tatgtgtgag    132060
     ctcaagaata tgctcccagt gttcatcaga gaactgaaaa cctaagttct cttcccaagc    132120
     acctctggct tgatttgcag agcttgggtt aatattgtga ttcaggttat aaatggtaga    132180
     aatgcaatgt tttgagtgtg gttcaagctt taataagtta tctaatggag attcaggagg    132240
     tcgatttgga aaatgaggaa agagtttttg cacaaagtgc ctgatttgaa aaaaacgaaa    132300
     taagtgtgaa ttaggtagat caaatctttt agaaaggtta ttaaaggatg agaaaatgcc    132360
     actctcatag aggtcatcga ttgtttttat gcccttatta aaccatactc tgaaagctgc    132420
     gtctgtatta gatggtgcaa aacagtggtt tttaaatatt ggagaaagga tggaggacct    132480
     atgtaaacct gtgtgtttcc taaattgagt ccatatctta attgattggg atactactaa    132540
     atttgagctg acctttgcag gtaacggtaa ttgagaggat aaaacagagc tcagagaaag    132600
     gcgagttgaa gacagttcca gataaaccca acacggaagt tcagaactta tattgttcct    132660
     ccaatataaa atcttttgaa tattgcaagc ccaataataa tgtaagaaat ctggaagtgc    132720
     aaaaccccct ctgtttttag ggagctgcaa aatagatttc ttaattcgaa ctggtttatt    132780
     tccccataaa aaggaggtga tacatttatc caaatctata aaaaactttt tcttaaggta    132840
     aattggaatg tgttggaata agtacaaaaa cttgggaaga acaatcatct tgattaggct    132900
     tatgcgtcca gcaagagaaa agggaagttt ggaccagcgt tccatgtcag attcacaatt    132960
     tttaagtaac gggataaaat tagagacata cattccactt aaagatttgg tcacaatgat    133020
     acctaaatac ttaaatccat caactgccca tctaaaagga aaaagtgagt gtgtaaggtt    133080
     ttttgccaga ggatttaaag ggaacagctc actcttatga aagttaattt tgtaccctga    133140
     aattttacta aactggttta gaatgttcaa aataataggg acagcaacca ctgggtcaga    133200
     aataaaaagt aaaagatcgt ccgcatataa ggataattta tactctctat ctagtcgttt    133260
     gataccttta aatttaacat cctcacgaag ccagattgct aagggctcaa tggcaatggc    133320
     aaaaagtaaa ggcgacaaag ggcagccctg tctagtgccc ctctggagca aaaaaggagt    133380
     tgaaaacaca ccatttgtta acacagatgc ttgcggagag acgtacaaca atttgaccca    133440
     ggaaatgtac ccatcatcaa aaccaaattt ctccattaca cgaaataaat atccccattc    133500
     cactctatcg aacgccttct ctgcatcaag ggccaaaacc acctctggta catctgaatc    133560
     gggcatattg agaatattta tgagtttcct tgtgttaaag aaagagtgtc ttccattcat    133620
     aaaacctgtc tggtcaccta gaattatttg gggtagcact tgttgtaacc gcaaggataa    133680
     aatcttagtt agaattttgt aatccacgtt taatagtgaa atgggcctat aactgctaca    133740
     caagagggga tctttatctt tcttggcaat caaagtaatt gttgctaatg ataaggtggg    133800
     aggtaagtag cccttagaaa aggcttcgtt aaacatgttc tgtaatgcag gggctactga    133860
     tgtagtaaat gccttataga actctatggt gaacccatca gggcctggtg acttgccgct    133920
     ttgtaaaagt ttgatagctt ctaccacctc agagattgat attggatcac caagggtctt    133980
     actgtcaatc ttagggaatg tgatcttatc caagggccac tccccacagt tactatctga    134040
     tggaagctcc gaagtataaa gatctgaata aaactcagag aaaatgctat taattttatt    134100
     tgtgtcatgg aaaatttctc cttgtggtga ctttattcct gtaatcagcc ttgatgttgc    134160
     tgatgctcta gcttgatgcg ctagtaattt acctgcctta tcacccattt caaaaatttt    134220
     ttgtttagat ttaagcagtt gaacttctgc attatttgtg gttgaaagat caaattccat    134280
     ttgaagacga agccgttcct tatacagatc tttgttcggt ttagcagcat actgatcatc    134340
     taagtttttt aaatccttca aaactgcatc taatttcagc ttattggcta tatttgtacc    134400
     agatatatag gaaattatca tgcctcttaa gtatgcctta agcgtttccc aaagggtccc    134460
     tctgctaatg cctggtgtgt cattaatttc aaaaaatagg gtaatttgtt ctgacaaaaa    134520
     ttgtttaaat tcctctctag tcaaaaacag agagggaaag cgccacggtt tgtaaaaaaa    134580
     tttaaactga gaaaaattta tatcaacaga agtaggagcg tgatctgata ttacgatgct    134640
     atgatattca cagctcgata tattggaaag aagtctgttg tctactaaga aaaaatctat    134700
     tcgtgagtat gaatgatgaa cgttggagaa gaaagaatag gccttactag tggtctgttt    134760
     tgatttccaa ggatcagata gccctaatcg ttgtgcaaat gtgtttaaaa ttttggctga    134820
     gttggttaat ggactcggtt tgtttgagga tctatctaaa actgtgtcct gaacaaagtt    134880
     aaaatcaccc cctaaaataa tatatctatt ttcaatatca ggaatagctg aaaaaaaatt    134940
     tgatatgaac atgtcgttat cccaattagg agcataaata cttgccataa tgacagacac    135000
     atctcgaagt ttgccggtaa ttatgacata acgcccatta ggatcggata caacatctgt    135060
     taactcaaaa gggacacttc tatgaataag aatagcggca cctcttgcac gcgcactaaa    135120
     ctttgagtga tacagatggc ccacccatgc tcttttaagc cgttgtatat cagttgtttt    135180
     aaggtgggtc tcttgaagaa aaaaaatgtc acctttaagg tgttgaagat gagatagaat    135240
     gcggctcatt ttgacattgt tgttcacccc tttaacgttc catgaaatga atcgtgtgct    135300
     gaaactctct ttagtcttag ccattgtcaa tctgccatga gacagtttca tgtctgagca    135360
     aagtagagaa atataaaaga aaaatgaagt acttcaaaaa ggaaagaata aaacacaaaa    135420
     acaaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aataaataca gaaccaaagc ctgattccta aaccccattc    135480
     ctaacttatc aatataaacc ctagcaggga acctgctaca catcaatctc ttaatgagat    135540
     tgcatactgg gccccagctc cacagaacta tacaaattag cccataaatg aaaagaaaca    135600
     actggtcaga acaaacggtc attaacaaaa gcagcaagta taaaaattga cggtcgacat    135660
     agcgcttctc ttaagcagtg ataggtatac aaacctacat tgttggaagt cctaaaatca    135720
     cacaaatgca aaatgatcca tgccaagtga gctttagtga gtctcagtag tcataaaacg    135780
     tccagtgaac atcacttggc tcatagaatt acaggagcat acaaacgagg tatataggta    135840
     gaaataagca ccttgaaaca ttcgtataga actttacaca catgacgcat caacaatagt    135900
     tcaccaacct taaatagtat aattgactat tatctgaaat gcccagattg ccgcatgtca    135960
     gattagtacg tcagatccag aaaaaaaaaa accgcatcgg gttagtaaat ttccagaggt    136020
     tgagataagt actgctcaca cagcatctgt cgtctcgcgc cgataagctt taagaaactc    136080
     ggtggcctcc tgaactgacg gcagccgctt cttcttaccg tccgatgtag taatgaaaag    136140
     tttggatgga taatgaagag acggtctcat acccagcgtg tatagttcct tcattacagc    136200
     tcggtattcg gtgcgcattt ccagtacttc gggactatag tcctcgttga tgaatattgg    136260
     agtaccacga tattgaagct ttcctctcag cttacgggct tcgcgaataa ccaattcctt    136320
     ggtctggaat ttatgaaagc ggattatcac ggatctgggt ctctcccctg gttttggttt    136380
     cgctgtaaga gcccgatgag cacgatctaa ctcgggagga gaggtaaaga ggctcgcgct    136440
     aaaaacttcc ataagcaact ctgtgaagaa agtggaaggt tgaggacctt caatcatctc    136500
     aggtaggccg aagattcgta tattgttcct cctacttctc ccttctagat ccagaacttt    136560
     agctttgagt ttagcatgct ggtcagccaa ggttgtgtac tccgactcca gtgttctgac    136620
     agtcaagctg ctggcgtcag catttgcttc aagtgaaaga agccgctgtt cgtggtcatt    136680
     cacagtggtg tgtaatgtat ccatctttgc ctccaaactg gaaaacgccg atttaaattc    136740
     ggaagacagt tccgctctgt gctcttccag tagcattttt aaagaagtaa tgtcggctaa    136800
     gttcccgcta gcctgtgctt catcctttct aacgtcgtct ttcttagtgt tgtgtcttgc    136860
     ttttgaagcc attatctcac agaacgtttc acaatagtag accgactaat atactgataa    136920
     gttgatatct tttgggctcg aaaaaggaag ttttataaag aaactgtggg agcgtgagcg    136980
     agacgcagct actccacacg catgccaacc ggaagccccc acatgacttt ttttagttta    137040
     gagggccaac tttatctagt tacagtgtag tctaataaat aatagtttcc tgtagatgag    137100
     tatcatatta gaacatttga aaggtgtggt tcgaatctgt ggaattttcc cagaacaaga    137160
     aggggggatt actgtataga cagatagaca aacctgcact agcccttcca ggtgtgtcct    137220
     taaagtggaa atgaaaaaat actttgagcc tactgttaac caacagcaat atacaattca    137280
     gtgttaaaca ctgaatactg atgtgtctcg tcgttcagct tattgcttct tcagaaagcc    137340
     taataagggc agttggttta gtatgtggca gaagttcagt agacaggcac atgacacatg    137400
     cttgtaaagc ttgcaccagg ttgagaggtg gtacattttt cctctgtatt ctatttattt    137460
     gattttgtta gtccctgttt ggccagtccc atattgccta tggcatgagt cactatagtc    137520
     tacagctgat agctagctat agcagataca ccaacacatc atctaaactc ttttagacat    137580
     tgcattatta acatttatca cacatgtgga cagttttgag gattcggatt tatgaaagga    137640
     cactaagacc cctgttattt taatatatac ttgtcttagt tttaatattt ttgttggctg    137700
     aattcatgca caaataaatc tcggcaacca tgaaattatg ttaacaaaac ttaatacaaa    137760
     caaaccatta tcttcaacaa tttctttttt tttttttttt tttttttgct gtttttaagc    137820
     atttcatgta aactccaatt acttgaaaaa aagagcttgt aagcacaaac tgtttaaaat    137880
     gtcctttttg gttacacact tgaaggtggt gttcataagt aagtattgtg tattcatata    137940
     acgcatttat agtgtatggc catacaccca aagcgcttca caatcatgag ggtgtctctc    138000
     cacaccacca ccagtgtgca gcatccactt ggatgatgca atggtagcca caggacaacg    138060
     gcgccggtgc gcttaccaca caccagctat tgatggagtg gagagacagt tatagagcca    138120
     atacggtggt tgggaatgat taggaggcca tgatgggtaa gggccgattg aggaaatttg    138180
     gccaggacac cgatgttaga ctcctactct ttacgagaag taccatggga tttttaatga    138240
     tcacagagtg tcaaaacctc ggtttaacat ctcatccgaa agatggcact cacttacgcc    138300
     ccattcacac ggggcttcag cgtcaacgct tgactgaagg cgtgtctgaa gttggggcta    138360
     acaccatcgt catagcagcg tcagccaatg attgaattca gtcagcaata ggctttgaat    138420
     tcagtcagca ataggccact gtctagctgg tgtatttgca tacagcgatc tgattggctg    138480
     acgcttccat cggcgcttga aaagttgagc tagtcccaac ttctgcagcg ggcaatgcct    138540
     ctgttgtggc gcagacggat ccacaatgca gtttggcaaa gcctgacgtc acccattcaa    138600
     agtgaatagg aagcgttgat gctgacgccc cagttgatgt tacagtatag tgtccccttc    138660
     actctactgg ggcattagga cccacagaga ccacaggttg agggccccct gctggcctca    138720
     ctaacaacac ttccaacaga aacctagttt tcccatgtgg tcttccatcc aggcactgac    138780
     caggctcagc cctgcttagc ttcagtgagt aaatagtctt gggctgcagg gtgatattgc    138840
     tgtgtagact ggcatgttat gaatatgaga ttttatgcac ttatgacaac tgtcactaag    138900
     tgtcattttc tcgttaggtc attttaaatg gtaaggtgac attagctgtg tctcatttta    138960
     gtggttgcat cctcccaagg atgcattgga agactgtctc attattgaaa aatttgaagg    139020
     gatcttcaaa tgcagcctca aaatgcatcc ttcgcttacc agataatgaa ggacacaact    139080
     ggtggattct tcacgacctt gaacatccct agattaattg cgcactgata atagcagtac    139140
     gtttttaaaa aaaaactctg gattatagtt ttaaatgtgt gaattaggtt tatttcatgt    139200
     cgatatctaa acacatgtta aagaaacaaa ccagagtatg tagtgtctta ctaaaaagtg    139260
     aatttataga cagtttacag ttttatgtgt acatgtatgg atcaaaggga atattcattc    139320
     aataattttc tgttcagttt agtcccgttt tgaatctggg gtcgccacag cggtataaac    139380
     cgccaactaa acagcacgtt ttttaccagc agatgccctt ccagccacaa cccatctctg    139440
     ggaaacatcc gtacactcat tcacacacat acactaccga caatttagcc tacaaaattc    139500
     acctgtacca catgtctttg gactgtgggg gaaaccggag cacccagaga aaacccactc    139560
     gaatgcaagg agaaatgcaa actccacaca gaaacgccaa ttgacccagc cgaggcttga    139620
     accagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggtgacag cactacctac tgcgccactg ctcaccccaa    139680
     aggggaaata taagcttaat agaagttcaa cggcagctgt tactgttgct agctgacaaa    139740
     atctgtccac tgtaggctag attggcctgt gtgcacacac ctccttcaga ggatacagcc    139800
     tctgaaatga gacacagcca tagtttgaga tgtctttgat gacaacttgg catcaacaag    139860
     ttaaacaata ctaataacat aacaacatag cataatgttt atgacagatt tatgacaagt    139920
     tatgttgtct tggtaatgtt aagctgtcat gataaagaca ctgttttctt gtttttgtat    139980
     tattaagttg tcatgacaaa cacagcttgt gatgtattaa gttaagtcaa attgtcatga    140040
     taaacacatc ttaaacagca ttacacttac atataaaatt acaactgagc aaataacacc    140100
     taatgatagt ggccatgtca tgaatattat taaattcaat ttatgtttat ttatataatg    140160
     cttttacatt agattgtgtc aaagcagctt aatattgaag ttgtcagtct agtttttaca    140220
     gttgaagttc agtttagttc agttcatggt gatttttcac tgctgaaagt ccatacactg    140280
     tccaatccat tgatgcacag ctccacaagt cccaaagcaa gaaaggcagt ggtgacagtg    140340
     gcaaggaaca aaacttcacc attgatgaag tgaaggaaga aaccttgaga gaaccaggct    140400
     cagttaggca tgaccattat taaaggtgtc atgacaatct tataaatact cccttgaagt    140460
     aaatcgttac cccttttcac ttttctgcaa cttcaggaaa tgaagtgtaa aacatcaagt    140520
     cccctataaa taatcaaaaa tacgaaatag aaaaatgaaa aaatcatata taaattgtta    140580
     tatttacaat tacacaaagt aacttacaaa gatatattgc ataaaacata attttgaagt    140640
     agaaatactg aaatggtact gtcctgtaaa acctactcca ataaacttaa cttgaaaaat    140700
     gtatttatta acggtgcact atagacccac taaaaatgag cagtgaagct aaatcacaag    140760
     ggaccgattg gtgttcaatc actcaaacca aatgacttcc taatacgtaa agcagtatgc    140820
     atgatgttgg caggcagttt gatctgtatg tctacacagg tcgggaaagc acctcaacct    140880
     ttatctttat gactgtaact cagtgtctga ctggaagggg gtggggcgat ttaaagcact    140940
     tctactgtag actaatgtaa gccataaacg tgaagaccaa cctcacaaaa ccagagatca    141000
     caaagaaaac agacaggtgt gaggggatat gaaagacatc gaagggggtc aaagaacgca    141060
     aacatacaag tatgaattat gaaaaataaa agtccaaaag tgatgcaata caataggaaa    141120
     gcattttggt tccccaaaaa gcctctgagt gaatatattg aaaataatat tctgaaaaat    141180
     cggaataaat cttttccact ataaagacgc ttttgtgcac caatatgaaa ataaaattac    141240
     ttggatccac agagtgcaga aattcaaaag ggcatcatat agcatcaaat ttaatttatt    141300
     taaattgata tagaatttct ttgctatcat ccgtcctgaa aaaaattgcc aaaactttca    141360
     ttcatttaaa attctcttta aaaactcttt aaatgatagt ttgtttacat aatgcactat    141420
     ttaacgaaaa aaaaagctat tatttgacct acatgttaag ccagggttgc ccaaactcgg    141480
     tccttcatag tttagttcca acttccttca acacacctgc ctaaacgttt ctagtatacc    141540
     tagtaagagc ttgattagct ggttcagctg tgtctaattg gagttggaac taaactttgc    141600
     aagacactcc aggacagagt ttggccacac ctgtgttaag cagattgtta ttattattat    141660
     tattattatt attattatta ttaatatttc tttgctacta gtcttggatt aaacatttcc    141720
     ataccaacac ccacataatt ataactatat aatttcataa caatttattt tatagtaatt    141780
     aaagtcaagt ctttataatt ttttttttta acaaaatatt tacaattctg tcattctgct    141840
     tgccagcaaa gacatgctct gtaactaaga atgtatgata ttttgcttaa atagcaatgg    141900
     cattaaatat cgcagaggta tgagggtgaa atgttatcat ttaaatatta ccatttaata    141960
     aaaaattcaa accttagcca aaaatgtatg ctgtttggaa taacagccaa aataagttta    142020
     acaatgacaa aatggccata agtatgcaca atcattaaag gtttcatgga tggagcaggg    142080
     tttcatgtgg ctatctaata aagaaccttt ataattagaa gtgttcatgt ataaacattg    142140
     gcttctatag attccttcat ttccatgatg tcacatttta aacaatcaat aacacttaaa    142200
     gaatgatttg cttggtgctt acttttccac cgtgactaac atgaagtcaa aatgcttcag    142260
     taagtcagcc atgtgagagc cgccacatcc agcataaatg acaggagggt gcataaaacc    142320
     tcaccaacat gccacattag aactgaagac ccggcgcaga caaacactca ccactcacaa    142380
     atgtgttgaa tttttctcca ctccagtgct gttgtaatat ataggtcttt agtgaagagc    142440
     aagtcacaca tttcacagct tttgtatagg attttgctca cagtaattac atcacacaaa    142500
     aatatgacat gctctgttga gtcaaaagtg cgatttgttc aatatttgtg ctgtttccgt    142560
     cattgtgttt tctgtttggc aggctgaagt tgaggacgct ttcatagacg taggcgacct    142620
     tgcagatcca ggaatgaaat aatatcgagc attctggaat taaacgtaca tgtttcaagc    142680
     tttcacacca atggcaggta tgcagagatt aacaatggcg aaagaaaaac ttttagtttt    142740
     atagctacat tttatacctg ctgtggacca aataatatat atatatatat attcagtatt    142800
     caagaactga tttgttgatt tgttgtttgt tgttaatata gaaaaggaag atgagacaaa    142860
     tctagccaat gtaaatatga cattttatat tggaacctca aaaaattgtt gacagtttca    142920
     aggctaaatc ttcacattac caatggtttg ttggatttta tttgattaag tattgtcata    142980
     ttgtcaagcc agcaatgcta tttatttaca atgctgttaa aattgatgta ctgattatgt    143040
     ttacctaact tttcacttgt gacaaagtac ctcattaaag gtgtgtttga tttacatata    143100
     tcatattcca ctgctttgat tctggggtaa ttcttccaag atttacacaa cagatgtctg    143160
     tactgtactg tataaatatc tgtcagccaa ttgcatttga ttttactgcc tttctaacaa    143220
     aatctggact tttatagtcc tattaaagct ccataaagac ccaggatggt tgcattttta    143280
     aaaggatttc taaataaata cattatactt ttgtacggat gagataaagg taaaaaattc    143340
     atgtagagct ttacagttat aaataccata ataaatcaat ataaattaat acataatttt    143400
     attgttaaac ttgactgcaa aactgttttg ttgtcaactg taaacacaat gattcttttt    143460
     tgcaaataat ttatgatttt ttgtatgaaa tgttaactag tgtaaacaaa ccctgtatgt    143520
     ctagacagaa ttatacaaaa tatccatctg ctaaaaaaac tgattcctgt tgaccaataa    143580
     ctatagattt ttcaactctt tttttattgt tgttgttata tactgtactg tacagaacag    143640
     atttagtaga ttgtagctca tcacatttta tttccactta aaaataaata aatgtgacat    143700
     ttcataatga tttgaccaaa aagacatcat tatgtaattt tatattagta cagaaactag    143760
     attgaatggc actgcctgtc ttcactggtg ccaccaaagc tctgaatgtg tttctcactg    143820
     acttttagct tagtgtttta caaattaaaa tattagtgat gagaaataca tctcaagcat    143880
     tgcctttgat actcttagtc ttcatttgag taattaattc ccaaactcta cacagcctcc    143940
     aaccaacaac tctgctacct ctattcatgc ttgtctttac cataccagac acttctagca    144000
     ataattccct ctgtcagtct actctccgga ccaaagggtc atgcagatct tttggtgtgg    144060
     ggctgaaata acgtgtgctg tgatgcagga caggacaccg gcaagcagca tcagacagac    144120
     aagccaatta gaatcaagca tttcctgtct ctaggcaacc ctggcattga gcatgacccg    144180
     aactggccaa ttacaattta tctccctgtc ccactgacac tttgatgttc aacaaatata    144240
     taatgacttc ctctgaaaga catttagcct ccacatcttc tcaacaccat tacggagcga    144300
     gttttgaaag gaaataacta tattgggtaa cattgtttgg attatgatga gaaggttcct    144360
     aagcaggttt ctgatcccaa agctatttta agagtcttat ttaacagcaa aacccttgcc    144420
     aagcaatagg caatgatatt tggtgcttaa tctttgaggt aagccaaaaa cattcaatcc    144480
     attcaggaga ctgaactgaa aagtttcatg ctttatcatg tatattagat tatatcttac    144540
     acagaaagaa ggtgaagaca gtaaaggatg gtgctttgtc caccaaaaac tgtagaagct    144600
     ttaaattcca caaatgttct ttaaagttca caatgattct ttaaattaat cctaaattct    144660
     tggctctgtg gaaaaaaaat ctggttcttt gagaaatgct tcactacaac gttctccggg    144720
     gaaccaaaat ggttcttata tggcaagctt tgttttaaag aatgaatata tatatatctc    144780
     atgatgaaag cagtggtggg ggtggggtga ggatttagat gaggaggttt ggctgagcag    144840
     tttaaagtcc ccttaagcaa aaaacatgat tgagtctgac cttgcataaa atgagcatga    144900
     gcaccatgct ctgagtgata gagttagtgt gaacaacagg taaagggatt agtacaatgt    144960
     aagctttaac attctttttg tgttcaacta ctacatatag ccaatagggg gcgatgtgga    145020
     ggtgttccct tactgtagca agagacccct cctgcactgg tgtttcaaca cattaatatc    145080
     atcagtgatt agacgtaatg tctgttttaa cactgatgat acatttttag actaaaagaa    145140
     tagaaagaac ttctgaacag aaagtggacc ctaaaaatct gcatgaaggt aaagatgctg    145200
     taacgccatc aaactaaact agtaagttcc gtaatagaag gaagaattaa gtttaaacca    145260
     cttaagaagg acctcaaact tcactggcaa agtacacaaa aaataaaaat actcacttca    145320
     tgtcattctg gacacaaatt tccttcttct gtgaaacaca aaacaataca tttctaaaaa    145380
     gtgttttttt gataagttag ttgttcaaat tattcagaac aaataaataa tacaggttta    145440
     gaacaacatg agagtgaaag aacattgaca gaatgttcat ttttttaaaa gaactaaatt    145500
     actgattaaa gctgtgctca gactacatct caaatttcaa ttctttcatt tagggcatca    145560
     tggtggcgca gtgggtagca caattgcctc atggcaagaa ggtcactgct ttgagcccca    145620
     gctgggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tacccatgtt ggtgttagtt    145680
     tcctccgggt gctctggttt tctctcacag ttcaaagaca tgcactatag gtgaatttaa    145740
     taagctaaat tgtaagtagt gcatgtgtgt gaatgcaaga gtgtatgggt gtttcgcagt    145800
     gttgggttgt ggctggaaag gcatcttctg cgtaaaacat atgctggata ggttggcagt    145860
     tcattccact gtggcgactc ctgattaata aagggactaa gctgaaagga aattattgaa    145920
     tgaattcttt catttggaag atgcttttat caatactgat ttgatgagga caagttacat    145980
     agtgcaagtg catcacacac tgcaagattt tatcattagt taatcccact taaagtaagg    146040
     ttttctatct attttgaaat gttaaataat ttaggaaatt agccatggca cctttaataa    146100
     aatatactgt agtttgatat atttaccttc cactcttaat gatattttgt ttctggcctt    146160
     ttatacaaaa aagtttgggc acccctgtgc tactgtttcc gttcattctt acagtacatt    146220
     ttcccagaca tgtcatataa gcagtcatgg actgaattta gtcacaagtc acaaaaacag    146280
     tacggtatca aaagttctga ttgtatgatg caagtaagag attcctttca cagcttcagt    146340
     gattataaca agtttctgca taatttgacc tttatgtcac tggcttggca taatgtttgt    146400
     gattttctat aactgttaat atacaactat atactacaac tattgatgta atattgcatt    146460
     tttttataat attgcagcct tgtcgattcc tctttttaaa taaaatttat ttgccgtttt    146520
     agactatttt ttgtcattaa taacaattta taataatctg attaaagtaa acattattag    146580
     tcatattaac atatttgaca tgaaagatag ttcaaaaata attggttaga tagttataaa    146640
     ataataaaaa aaaaatccct gtgtaagtgt gtgtggttgt atatgagata tacatgtaaa    146700
     tatatatatt taatttaaat atatatgttt gtgtgacaaa gataaatggg gtttagaaag    146760
     agatgcaacg cctcaactgc acccaaccct ccgacaccga tcactagaat gatttgagtg    146820
     acatgaagaa cgaatgtacg tcaatcaaca cctaaagctg cctaatgcag aacacaggaa    146880
     aaggcttcgc acacaaacag attcgggagc cgctgatgaa tgccttgagt tgtttaaact    146940
     tagtaatgac catattatgc aaatagagac agctgtgagg acagaagcat accgatttct    147000
     agatcagcag cctattgttt atctacttcc tcgacaagca tccactttaa caagcataat    147060
     ggagcttaga ttcacatcaa taactcttgt taggagcata atgatgctga tgagcagaga    147120
     ttggttcgtc tgtttagttt tgattaaaaa cagaatcgag atacctacga gtaaacaccc    147180
     acacacactg cattggactc tgatggtgtg aagcgctctt ctagggatga tggtaggtac    147240
     ttgccttctt ttagcaagga catgctatag caaggtcagc aggtaaataa accagtctgc    147300
     tctaattata gaaactacac tctgcccttc gtgatgtaga aagattgtgg atggaggaga    147360
     aatagactta cggagaataa gacacatagt gaagaaaaca gaagtcaaga agcaccgaag    147420
     agccaatgac agtgacctca ggaagtcaga aagaaaatgt atggtagagt tacaagaaac    147480
     ttagatattg gaagagcatt ctagctgttt gtgttatgaa agccaatggg atccaaaata    147540
     ttcaagctcc aatggacact tttcacattt ctgggtttct cagcagtgga agtcatcata    147600
     gctgggtaaa cttagagtgc actgaatggg attaccacca atcttttttt ttttttttta    147660
     catatttgtg aaaataataa aagaaaaact ccacaatggt tttatcaaga ctttcagaaa    147720
     aaagtaaaaa atatatatat ttttttttaa tttaatgaga ctgaaaacag cagccagagt    147780
     caaatttact gtcctgcctc catagacact gcattagaaa cacctcacat aagtggtagt    147840
     ttttttgtaa tttgatgtaa tgtaaatgca ttcatacatt aaaaaaaaat ctaaataatt    147900
     aaattcaatt caaatcaatt caaatagaaa aaaaaaaatc gcaaggattt atgatgctga    147960
     tgaccggtaa atgtgtcata acagtctttt gaaaagggtc tattgagact taaaactggt    148020
     gtcaaatgta ttcacataaa tatagaaaaa attgtcaatt caacaatata taaactggtc    148080
     tttacacata ggctaggaca agtgtgccaa gtcatacttc tggaaagcta ctgtcttgaa    148140
     cagttcagct cccacaataa tgaaacatgc tttaccagct aatcaacttc atgacaagtg    148200
     tactgtagca agctggaatc actttacaac tctacagaat agtggcctct aggactgagt    148260
     ttggacacca ctgtgcttag ggtatatgca atgttgggca ataatgtgtt acttgtaatg    148320
     cattactgtg agcattactt tttattgtaa ctaatactgt aacacgttac tttttaaata    148380
     tacagtgact ccactattgt tacaatatga tgtgtttgtc cgttacttgg aaagttaatt    148440
     aatgttggct gcagtctagc ccacatcttc ctgtttacag cggcggcaca ttgtgggact    148500
     ggtcgatgcc aaccaaccac cgttaagaag acacattgtg tatgaggtgc cagtctggac    148560
     aaaagtcatg cgaaagcaga aagaccgaat gtgcgcaatg tacactaagt gtgcatgtga    148620
     gagaaaccaa gtgtgcacga gagagactgg gtgcatgcaa gagaggccaa gtgtgcttgc    148680
     gagagagaca gaatgagcgt gaggtagact gagtgtgtgc acaagagaga cagagagact    148740
     attaacagtg ctattattaa ttactattgt taatactgct atgtttgttg tttcaaataa    148800
     ttaagcacac atttgttgtc tgtataacaa aattgattag tttagtagac acaaagagac    148860
     atttcagctg tatgtcaaaa tgtttttaaa tgtatagtgt tcatgctcag aaaaaatgtt    148920
     atattttata tatgctataa aacagcagat taaacacttt gaatattcac agctgacttt    148980
     tcatatgttt gctgacattc cacgtttagt ttatggtcag tttgaaaatt gaatattaag    149040
     ggttaaatac aacaactttt atgatgctga agcagctgta gtttttgctt ttttgtttct    149100
     gaatatatta ttttgctggt ttacataatt gtgatatttt catttttgtg ctgctggtct    149160
     gacttaaaca agaagagatt tttaaagtat tctaattttt ttaagtctgt cttgtgcctg    149220
     tctttacttt tttgtgtaag taatcgataa agtaattgac tttttgaata aagtaactgg    149280
     taactgtaac tagttactat ttttcagtaa ctagcacagt gctggtccat gcaactgtcc    149340
     actttttcta aacacataca cactgaactg gaaagtcaaa tggaaagagt agctgagaaa    149400
     attgaaaaag agtgataaaa tgtcttatga caccttaaag atgaatgtgt gtggtgattt    149460
     tcatttagta caaaaacatt tttaaatttt taaccataac tttttgagaa aaaaggcaca    149520
     gacactggac aaagacacat gatatcaagt ggtagtacat tgtgacaggc tgtgctaatg    149580
     ctttggatac aagcagctgt taaatgctta agaagtggag acaactgtaa gcactttttc    149640
     tcagtgattt aaaatgtttg tttaaggatc cgataagccc atcagcactt atggagttta    149700
     cagtaacaat tttcacaatt ttactgcata catatgtgct ctagatctca tcctttggaa    149760
     gtgcatggac atatatactt ctacagcaca taaaatggca tcttctacac atgctgacaa    149820
     ccaaaaccaa gcttttccag gcttcacttc agtgtttatg gattcaggta gccaataaca    149880
     accttgaaga tatctaacca agctgtgtag ggttaataaa actgcacata ctgatttcag    149940
     gcagttaggc atcattcttt cataggaaga caactccatt tattatgcac ctgaaaattt    150000
     aaccaaactt catttaaggc aaatcatttc acttggtggc catctttaaa tgccttctga    150060
     ggtcatttaa caaaaagttt ctgggagtta gcatgttcac atggttgttg tcatgtgatt    150120
     tgcatttgaa tatgcaggac tcattaaaga taatatgatg tcagatggga aagactgccc    150180
     cacctgttta tttcataaag atcatagaac ttttgttttc aagagcagtt ggcttcttta    150240
     aagttaatga tttctgttaa tgactttttg cagagatttt taacaagcct gtgatgcaag    150300
     tgttcattaa gcttcagctt aatctatttt cctcttacat tatagagcat ttgcggattc    150360
     aaagtggcat gtttgtttgt ttctggactt agctgctcct ttggagaatc atcagtcttt    150420
     atcaaataat ggttcctagg tggggtttcc ttcactagag cattattgat tgttgcattt    150480
     ttgcccattc ataactattc aaatgttatt gggaattcta tagttctgcc taaaacttga    150540
     catacacaga tagtaggtag gtaaaaggaa atgaaaatat ctcaggcaca aagcttcctc    150600
     tgtgccacac tatttgtccc tctcttcctc tggatttatg tgaaatatat agcctttttc    150660
     aagccttaaa agaatgagac aataatgtca cctcggtatt taaactcaca atgaacaaga    150720
     acagaggaaa ggtttaaaaa agaaaccaat tggttagatg aaacatgtct tctgtatgtg    150780
     tgatctacaa tgtctactgt gcaccagttc tcttctggga caaaaggttc tgtcaatcta    150840
     gccagtcaga ctttctaatt atagactgca gacacaagaa ggtggaaatc ttattaaaag    150900
     taaagattaa aaacccctct gcatattaaa atctctaaca tgagcagtac ttatttgtaa    150960
     actcacaaaa cattacatta aagaaaacct cattacagtg acatttgtga ttgacaaatg    151020
     ggaatacgag tgaaatgctt gtagatccga aaacaagggc ttttgttcac tattcagtat    151080
     aataatagct tgttataccc catataactt tataatattg ttaaaattgt cacagcatcc    151140
     tgaaaactat tacatacatt tgttttgata tatttagctt ctgtttggtc tcatatattg    151200
     cagttgattt gcactagaat ttaagtgttc agtgtaagtt aaaattcact gctgaaaacc    151260
     caaacactga tgaacaaatt caatgatggg cagctccaca agtccaaaac caagcaagcc    151320
     agtggcaaca gtggcgatcc cttagctcca tttcaggcct ctgagaactg tattccactt    151380
     taacccctct actcctccct acctccacca ggagtgttag tcctctgact ttgttgggtt    151440
     ccctcatctt tcacttgtca acctgcactc acaatggtgt ttcagtcatg cttgttccat    151500
     tgggctactt cttttctccg gcaactctag cctaccaagc ccctatatcc aatccagttc    151560
     cataagcttg caactcttcc taatcctata ggccctcaga tgtcgctact gatcaacatc    151620
     tcaacaactt tacctgggtc tccaccgaaa ttgtgtccat ccttaattta ccaagtgtca    151680
     ctatgtgagt atcattctaa aatgttatac actacctaac aaaagtcttg tcaaatatcc    151740
     aagttttagg aacaacaatt aatagcatga cttctagttg attatttggt atcagaagtg    151800
     gcttatatga aaggcaaaag cctctagatt atgcttattt atttaccaaa ataaaatacg    151860
     atcatgtctt catttttatt atttaattag gacagtaagt tctgattttt cttagacaaa    151920
     agtcttgtca cttgacagaa ataatgttca gtatagaata taaagtcatg ctgcagtgga    151980
     gaaagaatga atattgagta tgactcccat gagcttggag gactgcatcc ataattctct    152040
     gcatctaaaa taactcatta ataaagtcat caggaatggc aaagaaagtg ttcttgcagg    152100
     actcagagtt catcaagatt ctttggattc atcttcaatg cctcctttat cttaccccag    152160
     acatgctcaa taatgttcat gtctggtgac agggctggct agtcctggag caccttgacc    152220
     ttctttgctt gcaggaactt taatgtggag gctgaagttt aagaaggagt gctatcctgt    152280
     tgaagaattt gccctctcct gtggtttcca gtgtaatggg cagcacaaat gtcttgattc    152340
     ctcaggctgt tgatgttgcc atccactctg cagatctctc acaagcctcc atactgaatg    152400
     taaccccaaa cagttgctct gttgttccct cctcccctct ctgtttctat ttgctgtctc    152460
     ctatacttct aaaatctagg tgttccgatt ggttggcaga gttctcccga gtggaccaat    152520
     cagaagagga tgggtgttat ttaaacgctc cagtgatgac tcagcccaga tgagaggggg    152580
     atccatgttg cttgttgctg ctgtgttttt gtaacttttg gtacctatct tgtgctcggg    152640
     ttcgctttaa agagtttttg tgatttaaaa ataccaagag ggaagtgaag ggaagtatgt    152700
     cacgtgactt acattttaca cacacgtagt agattttttt gttattccac taggtaagag    152760
     gcgggtgcta ccatatgtat gtttgttaca gtcagtgcag ttgagtaagg ggcgtgtgac    152820
     gctgaagatg ttttttttct tatttacata tttctcttta gttatttaga gttgggggag    152880
     ggattagtta gcgggtgttt aatttgttat tttctttgat ttggcaccgc ttattctcct    152940
     tccctccatc aggtattttt ggtttacttt ttgcatttgc attttgtttt attgtacata    153000
     tttgtaaata tactttgggt gatttaaata ttcacttctt tatctttatt gtaataaagc    153060
     gaaccagttt ttttgcaacg tcgttgtctg tgttgattca tagcagttaa catctcagag    153120
     gaattc                                                               153126