EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL928979; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 193205 BP.
AC   AL928979;
DT   26-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-113G17 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate forkhead box
DE   transcription factor, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   small nuclear ribonucleoprotein D2 polypeptide 16.5kDa (SNRPD2), the gene
DE   for a novel protein similar to vertebrate peptidoglycan recognition
DE   protein, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP), the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate polymerase (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide I
DE   14.5kDa (POLR2I) and two CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-193205
RA   Smith M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 81a0348775ae3fb2441ff12c2800c01e.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000017105; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000040440; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000040443; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000059194; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000059196; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000098865; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-113G17. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-113G17 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-113G17 is at 193205 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-113G17 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..193205
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-113G17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..193205
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-113G17"
FT   polyA_site      complement(11259)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(11259..12416,12502..12559,14156..14228,
FT                   21108..21164,21332..21371,21464..21491,22589..22646,
FT                   25068..>25170))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE200590.1 Em:BI881394.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(11259..12416,12502..12559,14156..14228,
FT                   21332..21371,21464..21491,22589..22646,25068..25237,
FT                   29453..29703,33891..34018,40424..40484,40574..40754,
FT                   50262..50433,105314..105946))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919814.1 Em:AW174517.1
FT                   Em:BE017804.1 Em:BE201011.1 Em:BE202207.1 Em:BI882761.1
FT                   Em:BI984938.1 Em:BM533815.1 Em:CD751123.1 Em:CK027533.1
FT                   Em:CK356742.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(12379..12416,12502..12559,14156..14228,
FT                   21108..21164,21332..21371,21464..21491,22589..22646,
FT                   25068..>25170))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013740"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014885"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0Q3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13814.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(12379..12416,12502..12559,14156..14228,
FT                   21332..21371,21464..21491,22589..22646,25068..25237,
FT                   29453..29703,33891..34018,40424..40484,40574..40754,
FT                   50262..50433,105314..105318))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013739"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P50551 Sw:P50552 Sw:P70460
FT                   Sw:P70460"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000697"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014885"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0Q4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-7118"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13815.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(122498)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(122498..122966,126394..126573,
FT                   131877..131972))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate small nuclear
FT                   ribonucleoprotein D2 polypeptide 16.5kDa (SNRPD2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI436898.1 Em:BI673361.1
FT                   Em:BI885771.1 Em:BM182715.1 Em:BQ075716.1 Em:CB365267.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(122509)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(122524..122529)
FT   CDS             complement(join(122792..122966,126394..126573,
FT                   131877..131878))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013737"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate small nuclear
FT                   ribonucleoprotein D2 polypeptide 16.5kDa (SNRPD2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P62317 Sw:P62317 Tr:Q7Q2A9
FT                   Tr:Q8L3W7 Tr:Q8MUE3 Tr:Q8RUH0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q567V5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001163"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006649"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010920"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027248"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q567V5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040914-10"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13816.1"
FT                   SVIVVLRNPLITGK"
FT   mRNA            complement(151784..152923)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate forkhead box
FT                   transcription factor"
FT   CDS             complement(151784..152923)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013736"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate forkhead box
FT                   transcription factor"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P56260 Sw:Q02361 Sw:Q8WXT5
FT                   Sw:Q90964 Tr:Q7SX57 Tr:Q86XT7 Tr:Q8I6T9 Tr:Q8T4G1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0Q6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001766"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011991"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018122"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0Q6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13817.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(154064..154540,154751..154869,
FT                   156512..>156694))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate peptidoglycan
FT                   recognition protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL915927.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(154341..154540,154751..154869,
FT                   156512..>156694))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013738"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate peptidoglycan
FT                   recognition protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q70PW6 Sw:Q9V3B7 Sw:Q9V3B7
FT                   Sw:Q9V3B7 Sw:Q9VV96 Sw:Q9VV96 Sw:Q9XTN0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0Q7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002502"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006619"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015510"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0Q7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13818.1"
FT                   LHA"
FT   polyA_site      complement(160944)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(160944..161289,161794..161845,
FT                   161956..162030,163276..163349,164138..164192,
FT                   164277..164395))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate polymerase
FT                   (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide I, 14.5kDa (POLR2I)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI584532.1 Em:AI585177.1
FT                   Em:AI877987.1 Em:AL927675.1 Em:BI868084.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(160962..160967)
FT   CDS             complement(join(161227..161289,161794..161845,
FT                   161956..162030,163276..163349,164138..164192,
FT                   164277..164338))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013741"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate polymerase
FT                   (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide I, 14.5kDa (POLR2I)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36954 Sw:P60899"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LVK2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001222"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001529"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012164"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019761"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LVK2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041010-106"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13819.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(163465..163558,164138..164192,
FT                   164277..164395))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.5-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate polymerase
FT                   (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide I, 14.5kDa (POLR2I)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD600680.1 Em:CD600775.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(163556..163558,164138..164192,
FT                   164277..164338))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-113G17.5-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013742"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate polymerase
FT                   (RNA) II (DNA directed) polypeptide I, 14.5kDa (POLR2I)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0Q9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001529"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0Q9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13820.1"
FT   misc_feature    193205
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-113G17"
SQ   Sequence 193205 BP; 63191 A; 34100 C; 34411 G; 61503 T; 0 other;
     aagctttaag cctggcttat acttctgcgt caaccggtca gcgtgaccca cggcacataa        60
     aatgcacatt gccgtgcatt tatacttata agtgctgtgc gtgttgcttt gcagtaacac       120
     ttcagaaacg gtagctgcca gtaggtgttg tcttcgctgt tttctcttcg ctggtgtttt       180
     gtttttttct gaacgctccc tcattttaag actggaatcg tcagacatgc aactacttta       240
     atcataaggt ctccatccgg agctccttca caggacttta cacttgaaaa catttgctca       300
     atcgcgcgac cttcaccctc acctagccga ctaatcacag agcttgcgct acatgtcatt       360
     gcgacgagta gttctatttt taagaggtgc acagcagcat cgccgacccc cacagggagg       420
     gctctgcgtc cacacgtagc ctgcaccgta tcatacgcgt gaacttgacg cagaagtata       480
     aaacagcctt caaggtttca gtttgtcatt tccaatcgag gcacacgact tgcataatgc       540
     gcacatgttg tgcaagcggc acgcacatga accattgtgc attttccagt ctcacctagt       600
     tgaaaacacc tcaacttttc agaatgccgc aaaggcaacg tgattgtaaa tagaactaac       660
     cagctttgtg cagaatatac acatttcagt aataacggca gactaatcag ctcagacaaa       720
     cacagcgcac caataaaaag agtgtggtga ctagcagcag tgaggagtct ggaattaaaa       780
     aaggatgtaa ggatgtcgcc aaaatggctt tttggtttct tttcttgtgc atccggccac       840
     tagcacccca tctgaaagat tttagcatag aggtaatata gtcattcaac ttcacaattt       900
     gtattgttgc agtatgtgtt tgaataatga tggttagttc ctttacttga aagctcagag       960
     ttgattatta ttattagtgt tgttgacaga ttttgaggtc taccatatcg ttattattca      1020
     caccttaaag tttgccttga ctgttcagta tttatgcttt acagttgcac acactttgta      1080
     acattttatt tatcatgttt aatagtctct ttaacacttg tttactttat taagaaaaag      1140
     attcaatatt ttgtttaaat atttttgttt tcgactgtta aaactatttg cctcagtgat      1200
     gttggtcaat taaagtggct aaataaaaaa atcctaaagg tattgttaaa atattaaatt      1260
     attagcaata tcaaattcta tgaaacatga tattgttatt tatttttttg caatatcacc      1320
     cagccctact tattagtgcc ttaatatcag tggttcttgc tttagtaaac agtgtggaaa      1380
     aaaatagctg ttctatagca ctgtttttta ttgttgtgag agtaagatca gtctgtgcca      1440
     gaggagtttc ctggcatagc agagcctctg gcacagatct ggcatgctgt cctatcacca      1500
     tgggcacaac accggattat ccctgcaaaa taaaatcccc accttgtgac gcccctgcta      1560
     gtacattaca caaccgctta acacacgcac tggcattata aacacactga ccgtctccaa      1620
     cgcagacata tacgtgcatc tagagtgtgc tggtcagtgg tctgcctctt cctctttttc      1680
     aacaacactc tcacgcgcgc gcgcgcgcac acacacacac acacacgcac tttgaagtcc      1740
     acaagagaaa gacaaacaag aaccatttta acaaactaat gattactttc tttcagcgcc      1800
     gagtggagca gtcccaaagc tgacccctct caaccccaat aaccttcagg cctcatttac      1860
     actcgtatac aaagctgaca gatgcacaat ttcatgtgac caaggtctga atctgaggtt      1920
     tattgtcttg aactccacgt ggagcagatt gaaggttcta ttaatacaaa aagctcaagt      1980
     ggcatcagtg tgatcgatca tatgggatgt acagtgagtt cgtcctatag atccacatcc      2040
     atcatgcatc tgtacagcgt gtaaagggcc tgatcgataa aacactctca ttttcactaa      2100
     ttcagccgat ctttttttta acttaataga ctgaggtctt caagacatga tgatgcactt      2160
     tcaatagatg aacaagaagg gaataaaccc gcgggagagg taaacatagg agctaaacgc      2220
     tttaaaatga actcataggc atgttttatt tattaaagcg ttttctaaag ggctacgcta      2280
     ggacaccgtg tgttatgacg ggagatctgg tgcatatctg ctcggcaaac ataataaact      2340
     cgtattcata acgagaatcg tctgctaatg tacttcaaag ggaaacaaca catcacattt      2400
     aagtgcaatt taaatataga ggctgaggct aggctaagca tcacgctagc catcaatcat      2460
     cgatgcacgt ttttgggtct cttacctcca cttttattct cctgcgttgt gctgatcaac      2520
     taaaacgtaa aagaaatcat caaaagtcca tgtaaatgga gcgaaacgag ggtgtttaga      2580
     ggcttgaagt gtgtttttat tcctctcgcg agctgttgtg tattgagctc tgccaatgac      2640
     cactcagctg ccccaaaaat aacaacaccc agccgcacga ttctcctcac aaaccgcccc      2700
     tcagtgaccc aaaactcgag ccccgtcgca caaagtcatc ccagggcgct tttttgacga      2760
     gtttagggct ttttgagagg tcgccgtggc cgtcctgtag gtctgtgagc gatgttacgg      2820
     tagtgctggt gtcgcggata ggcctccgtc tagcgactca acgggagcac aaacaggaaa      2880
     tgacctcagc gcacgctcgg cgcgacgtca gtggcaacgg ccgaaatttg aataggccgc      2940
     ttttctgttt cagcctgtaa gtacgttcat tatagtgaag cgtttattta ataggaattc      3000
     attaatgcca ggagtgtttc attcgctgca gttttaaatt tttataacac atatctttgc      3060
     atttacatct gatttacact tacactgtaa gcgccccctg ccggttatat gtgacagttc      3120
     atctgcagtg ttaatatttc attgttaaat tcgtgtgtgg tcatacgcag tcatacgaac      3180
     aaaacactat atggtatatg tgctataaat gtcaatatgg taataattca gtaacatgga      3240
     attacctttg atcaaatcta taaatatgct cgttaactta tacccagaca tatgtaggct      3300
     acttactttt atttacaaat aaatctttta ctgattataa attaaactat gaatattagt      3360
     caggtgaagt aaacccaaag taaactcatt tagataatct gagaggtact tttgttaggt      3420
     actttgtaat ttgagaggtg ttttgttttg taatgaatct caaaacaagt taaatgacct      3480
     tttagatttt gcttttatat tgtgaagcta aagaatcaat gaaatctgta taggtttatg      3540
     aaatacaaca gtaattatga aaattcaata actaatgttt taattacact cgttatgtgg      3600
     acaatttgca atcagacaat ccataaagtg cagtctcata caaaaggtat gagagctgtc      3660
     actggggtgg tgccttttta aaagctactc atttatttct caatgctccg tattaatacc      3720
     ccatgtatac atacatatta gtgcctaaaa agtacaaagg tttaccttat aaaattctta      3780
     ggtacaaata tatacctttg aggtatcaat atggaccatt taagtacaaa tgtgtatctt      3840
     ttggaaaggt accacactag tgacagctca ttcattcatt ttcttttcag cttagtccct      3900
     ttattatggg gtcgccacag cggaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcatat gttttacaca      3960
     gcagatgccc ctccagcagc aacccatcac cgagaaacat ccatacacac tcattcacac      4020
     acatacacta cagacaattt agcttaccct attcacctag tgcatgtctt tggactgtgg      4080
     ggggaaaacg gaacaactga aacccaagcc aacgaaagga gaacatgcaa actccacaca      4140
     gacatgccga ctgaaggctt aaaccagcga ccttcatgct gtgaggcaat cgtgctaccc      4200
     actgtgccac catgacacct catgttaata ccttaaggca ggggtgtcta aagtaggtcc      4260
     tggagggctg gtgtcctact gagtctagct tcaacttgct ttaacacacc tgccaggaag      4320
     ttagtatatc tagtaaactc tttagaacac ttgccctcca ggactgagtg tggacacccc      4380
     tgccttaagg gtacatatta gtaccaaaaa attacacaaa tgtaactttt aaaaattttt      4440
     aggtgggaaa tatatggttt tgaggtacct atatggaccc tttaagtacg aatgtgtaac      4500
     ttttggaaag gtcccatccc agtgacagct ctcatagctt tatttttgag agcgtgtaac      4560
     tggattacaa ttttaaaact tacaacaaac aataaatttg tttggagtat aattttgatt      4620
     gtataaattt agcatcacaa gcgatattca ttatgtgctg aatatgaata aatagaacag      4680
     aattgatgtt ttttttttgt tgttcacagt gcctcaaaat tattttgaca aggaatcccc      4740
     aagtttacaa atttacaaaa ataataaatt tataatatct gaaatcaata cagaaattat      4800
     gaacaaaaat gtttcagata agattttgtg ttttattgtg ttatcacatt ttacactcaa      4860
     attcttgtat tcatacattt attttcccat ttattattaa tttattcact gtaaaaaaat      4920
     gctgggttcc acacaattcc tccatgttgt cctaacgcaa atcgattaag ttaacttaag      4980
     tggattgaac ataaaacaat gggcaatatg cacacagact tttaattttc agccaggcag      5040
     cccaagagct tcaggtgtct atccattaca aaattgtcac gtttaagatc tgattccttt      5100
     aaaaatcagc gatcttcact gctgttagat atacgcatta aattccattt ccccccgcca      5160
     tgtttttaaa atatcacagt ttattttacc ccagtatttt caatagaaaa tggcatttct      5220
     gtgtggagtt tgcattcatt ccgctgtggc ggactctgat taataaaggg acttagctga      5280
     aaagaaaagt attgaataaa ctattattat tattattgtt attgttatta gattatttga      5340
     atctatgatt ttattatttt tttatattat ttaaattttt attatatata tttttttatt      5400
     attatttatg aaaactgcct tttgtaaaca ataaaggcag gcaacccatt tttgaactta      5460
     ttgaaaattt tggatatatt cattattttt cttttggctt agtcccttat ttatcaagga      5520
     tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc ggcaactatt aaagcatatg atttagcctt ccagctgcat      5580
     gggaaacacc catttacact cacattaaca catgcactta cctactcaac caattttgtt      5640
     tacccaaatc acttacagcg catgtgtttg gactgtaggg gaaaccggaa cacccggagg      5700
     aaacccacac caacaccacg agaacatgca aactccaaat agaaatgcca actgacaaag      5760
     ccgggacttg aaccagtgac cttcttgctg tgagggaaca gtgctaacta ttttgtatac      5820
     aagtcattta ttttagttgt ttaattttgt cccttaaaca tgggctgcat tcatacttac      5880
     catctgtata gtaggtcaca aacagtttga cttttcaaaa caaaaaaaga cttgctgctt      5940
     gtataaacta cttatttaaa atgagttgaa acaacacaat tcttaagtat tttatgtggg      6000
     acaacttaac tgtttcatgg tcaatccact taaatttgta aaaaccatgg agtcaacttt      6060
     gatttgtgtt ggaacaacag gaaggcatta ttggaaaccc agcatttttt atgcatacat      6120
     tgtaaaaagc aattagttga ctttaccgta ttccatgtaa attcattgtc ttaaaataag      6180
     ttaataaact atgtgcatat ttatataaaa aagttaagtc agcttaacag ctcaaaggtt      6240
     tacttacttt ttaaagtgaa atcatcttgt cctttttaag caacaggttt actcaccttt      6300
     ttaagtaatt atttgctttt tacagtgtac cgatgtcttg gacaaatcat atctaatgta      6360
     cttttttaag tacttcttag attatgaaga agataatatt caaaagaact aggtctacct      6420
     actaaaaaag tgtgtggtat tgaacacagc catatcccaa atgtaaaaat actcatttaa      6480
     aataaactgt gtttctgaac cacgctaaag tgcttgaata aatctgaaga atttcttgct      6540
     gaaggaatcc ctaagtttac aatttcacaa tactaataaa attataatgt tttacaccat      6600
     ggtttctgca ggtttcatca agttaaattc aagactttcc aagatatttt tcagaccatt      6660
     atgaacgaaa gtttagattc ataaaaggct aaaggctaag gatttttttt aaatgaccca      6720
     gatggaaaag atttttattt gctctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tatatatata      6780
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacacacaca      6840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaat tatacagttt aagtcagaaa taatagcccc      6900
     cttttgattt tgattttcta ttctaaatat ttcccaaatt atttttaaca gagcaatgaa      6960
     attttcacag tatgtctgat aatatttttt cttctggaga atgtcttatt tgttttattt      7020
     cggctagaat aaaaacagtt attaatttaa aaaaaaaaaa atttttggga caaaattatt      7080
     agccccttta agctaatttt tttcaataat ttacagagca aaccatcttt aaacaataat      7140
     ttgcctaagt accctgacct gcctggttaa cctaattaac ctagttaagc ctttaaattt      7200
     cactttaagc tgtatagaat tgtcttgaaa aatatcaagt aaaatattat ttactgttat      7260
     cataacaaag ataaaataaa ttagttatta gaaataggtt tttaaaacta ttgtgcttag      7320
     aaatgtgctg aaacaatcgt ccctcaatta aacagaaatt tgggggaaaa ataaacaggg      7380
     gcgctgataa tttagggggc ctaataattc tgacttcaac tgtatattaa taataaaaaa      7440
     taaattattt ttagcaaaat attttaacta ttgtgcaaaa acaagcaagc aactatttgt      7500
     atctatacac ttttttccag cataattttt cttataataa aatattaata caattataat      7560
     atgttaaacc aatatactaa ttctaaacaa aaactattaa aaaaaaattg tttatattat      7620
     gttattacat tttacactca tatatttgta cttatttata tgtttacata tttattatta      7680
     ctttttacac tgtaaaaatg cactgtaatg tcttttttta aagtactact tcaattgtga      7740
     attagatatt atttaaaaga agtgccatat cccaaataaa aaaaatacta tagaaattta      7800
     atgtaaattt aaaccatgct aaagtgcttg aataaaactg ttttggtaat tctacaattg      7860
     ctacttattg tttattacaa agtgtttgta cagtaatata caacaccaaa ctctgtcaat      7920
     aaatcacttt aaactattaa aaatgttaat aaaagtcaat tttcccaact tttcaaggtt      7980
     aaaacttgtt ggaagcatga tcaagttccc ataatgcaat tcaaaagtga gtcaaaatca      8040
     aaacatggct cacaaaatat ggtaaactgc tatcttatgg ttcacaaaca ctactatgaa      8100
     tgacaaattg cgcatatgtg attgacttta tcatttatat ctgttctgac agacttgttt      8160
     caaatgatgc caacaatctt tgcatagaag ccacatcaca atagcaagta tgcctgtttt      8220
     tgttgaatga ttacagtagt actgtatgta acgtgataca cgaccttggc cctttttaca      8280
     gccgtgttta tttgcataca acaggaccgc tggaaattgg aaaacatgcg tgacaaagaa      8340
     aacactgaaa gatctttcta aagaaaccga tatcatctga agaattgtaa catttgcgta      8400
     ttgttattgc gcgcgctgtg gcctgttgtt gaggtcattc taatcctcca ttctgaagtc      8460
     aaatgtgttt atcagggctg gcttctaaaa gcagagtgag atagcagttg ttgacaactc      8520
     cgcttgggtc cattcataac aggaaacaac agctcattat ccctccactg ctgcgctccc      8580
     agccacggct aaataaacat ttatatagtc aaagaaattg tttcctggat ttcataacaa      8640
     gattgttttt tattatgccc agtgtgcgcg gatgacaata catgtgcagc aaacatgttt      8700
     tcttaactct ctatagtgcc cacatgaaaa aaataatagt gtttttgaac catactataa      8760
     agtgtattat gctgtataat atttacacct ctgttaatga atgctccggc atactctagt      8820
     ataagctata ctttataact attacattta ctttagtttt tactacagta aactgttgtg      8880
     tatttgtggc ataatatacc ctatggtcat agaaaactaa tgggatgaac caatagggaa      8940
     attttgaccg atacaatgac cagtattgtt gatttggata ccaatacaat acacagttga      9000
     aaccagaagt ttacatacac tgtataaaaa ggcacataac caatttttaa aaagtcagat      9060
     gttaaatggg actaaacttt tctcttttag gtaagttagg gttattaaat ttgtttctgt      9120
     gatgcttaat agcagaataa tgagagcgat attttttgag aaattgtttt aacttttctt      9180
     gaaggtcaag tttacataca atgagattat tatgcatctg aaaagcccag atgatggtgt      9240
     caatgttttg gaagtttctg attggctaat tgacaacatt tgagttaatt ggaggcacaa      9300
     ctgtaaaaca gtatttaagg aaaagcacta acacactgct ttcttgtgtg acaacctggg      9360
     aaaatcaaca agccagaatc aacaaaaaaa gtcagattaa attagctaaa ttacactggg      9420
     aaaagaataa gttttggaga catgtcctgt tgcctgatga aactaaaatt gaactgtttg      9480
     gccataatga ccagtgttac atttggagga caaaggggaa agcttacaag cctaggaaca      9540
     ccatcctaac agtgaagtat gcgagcggca gcatcatgtt gttgggctgt tgcatgttgc      9600
     tgtaggaggg actggtccac ttcacagcat agatggcatc atgaagaaag aacattatgt      9660
     atattgaagc aacatctcaa gaccagccag aaaattaaaa cttggccaca aatgggtctt      9720
     ccaaacagac catgacccta agcatactgc caaattagtt caaatgtgct gtaaggacaa      9780
     cagagtgaat gttttggagt ggccatcaca tagtcctgat ctcaatccta tagaaaatgt      9840
     gtgggcagag ttgaaaaagc ttgtgcgagc aagaaagcct acaaacctga gtcggttaca      9900
     ccaaattatg tcaggaggaa tgggccaaaa ttcttttaaa ctattgtgag aagcttgtgg      9960
     aaggataccc aaaacatttg accaaagtta tacagttttt tctgtataaa agcaaagcta     10020
     aaaaatacca aggaaatgta tgtaaacttt tgactgtcta gaatatacaa tatacatata     10080
     caatattttg tgcatcccta taaaaaatga cagtattaag tcaatttgtt tatattactt     10140
     ttgctatttt tgtgtttcca taagaattat agaattaaca caacagattc attcaaacac     10200
     tttaccataa atttgtttaa atacactata gtatttgctt taaattacaa aagcattact     10260
     ttctttcata taattaaaat ctaatgcctt accaaaatcg ggtaatcggg ttaaaatatc     10320
     agcctacatt tgttacggat aacaataaag caagcattta tcggccgata ttattatttc     10380
     cgccaatatt tcgtgcattt ccctaaaaaa cgacagtatt tgttaatatt tctttagttg     10440
     tttttgtgct ttcatagcaa ctatagaatt aacacaacaa attaattcaa gcattttact     10500
     ataatatggt tcaaatatac tgtagtattt gctgtaaatt actgaagtat ttaaaaaggc     10560
     acttttttat tccccatgtc atacctcttc aaatatacat ggatttcaag tttcactttg     10620
     ataattatta tcctatatgt gtctattcta cataaaacga tattaatgtt tcaatttttg     10680
     tgtctgaaac actgtaaaca acttaaaaaa agagaaaaca gacagtctgc taatgagtga     10740
     gccaaacaga tttgtggtaa ggctataaaa tattactgat aacatttttt ttttaattat     10800
     cggccgatat tgatatggcc tctgatactt tgtgcatccc tataaacaaa actacagtat     10860
     tgagtcaatt tgttcatatt actttagtat actatacaat tattaaccat ataattaatg     10920
     caacagacta aatcaagcac tttagtataa gattcaaatg cactatgtgt aaattacaaa     10980
     catattacaa aagattttac ttcctgtttt atactgtatg gtggcaaata tattgatttc     11040
     tcttggatat ttatcatcca atatgcgtct atgctaggta aaacagcttt agtgtttcag     11100
     tttgtgtgtc tgaaacactt ccaacaacta aaagaaagag aaaccagcta atgagtaagc     11160
     caaacgtgtt aatggcaagg ctacaaaacg gattgaattg tttgtgaaat tatcgttttc     11220
     cttgtgaaat gtggttcaaa acacgaggca gacacgagtg cggtagaaga agcagctgta     11280
     tttgactata aaggcatcta atccagtgtc tctacgcaat tttcttgata tatttcagtg     11340
     taaaaagcct atactctata gaaaagaaac aaaaaaagat aacagaaaac caaaaaaata     11400
     atctctgaaa agattacaca ataaatcaca ataagtcccc attcaccaat catttcaatt     11460
     aaaatagaaa cattagttct gttcgttttt tctatcattt tccctcaaaa caaatatata     11520
     taccttatat atttatattt atatgtattt tccaaggcag tttggcgtgg cctgcagatc     11580
     acggccatag taaatcatat ctcaacacaa agtttaaaaa caaaaacatc tcaaatgagg     11640
     gctgaagctt tgagaacggt tgtttcaggt gaccaaaata caagatggca ctgttaaaca     11700
     gaggccaagg cagccattcg ttcatacgca cacacactca cacacacgaa acaaaaccta     11760
     gagcctcaaa tgaacgttaa cacacacaaa aaaagatgat cgtttctcct gaattgacta     11820
     aattgagcta aatcaggctg tgatgtgaaa atctcccagc tgaaagcaca agaatgaacc     11880
     tgataccgta tataggtcca tcatgaggat tgtgtgtgtt tgcatgtgtg tattgcaggt     11940
     cttttccacc ttgttttagc ctcttcagtg ctgcatcatt gcaatgtggg tctgtatatg     12000
     gccattacag tcactgggat ataagagata tgcattattc cctgaataca ataactttag     12060
     gcaagtactg agtttttacg gtgagcattt atgcacagga atcaagtgtg agggtgatga     12120
     tgtgtacagt aagcaaaaat attaagtgga aaaaaaacta aatatgtcaa agtaaacaag     12180
     gagagagaaa tagaaacgga tgaatgtgaa ggaaaaataa aaatggcagg taagggtaca     12240
     acaaagctca tcttagctga atggtaatga ttaagggtta agtccctggg tgattgtgtg     12300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtg tgaatgtatc cctgggttct caggaccgaa cgattccttc     12360
     ccatcagttt ctgtgggact atgtagagcc tcgtttctgt aactcctgaa taaaggctgt     12420
     aaaagaacac agaaattaat taacataaat ttattcgatt ttttattcat taagagagaa     12480
     agggcaggtt gatggtctca cctccgatga tttcattctt aaccttctgc agctcttttc     12540
     tcacctcctc taacagttcc tgaagaatca gatggataaa tatgaagcaa atcacatttg     12600
     aatgatatct ttaataagta aaatttgagt acaattaaca ttggcttgtc acaaacaaac     12660
     attagaccat tttttggtag tcaatttctg ttttaatagc agagcaaaaa caaagatgca     12720
     aacagattta ttttcattta tttgttcatt taatttattt gctaataaga tttatttcta     12780
     tatttaaaat tgcctgtgtt ttgacttatt atatttaata aaataatttc ttatctatat     12840
     atatctacag ttgatgtcag aattattaaa tctcctaaat tattagcccc cctgtttatt     12900
     tttttcccca atttctgttt aacggagagc agattttttt acacgttttt aaacataata     12960
     gttttattaa ctcattttta ataactatta gacaaataaa tttgatttat ttatgtgttc     13020
     tgttatttat tttcagtgta aaattattac ttatgttcaa atgccaaaaa cctttttttt     13080
     tactcatgtt taattgcaaa gagaaatgga ctatgttttt ttagttttat ttttgtgttg     13140
     cattaattgg ttactaacca gcaataaaca acactttgaa ttatatagtc atgtgactta     13200
     ctagtaggat tttgaaatta aaaatgcata ataatcgtga taaccgggaa accgtgatta     13260
     ttccatcatt gcactctctg ttgtttgggg atgaaaaggc tgcttcccgc aatgaagatg     13320
     aagaataaca cctttttatt ctcattcaga ttattttctt tttaatttaa actagataaa     13380
     catgtttaaa actacatcta atgtaatgga aatgtatttt cagctgtttt taacttcatc     13440
     ttttcgatgt aaaaattaca ctttgatcta accatctgtg acggcaatgc aggaaatttc     13500
     catttaaaaa tgctttagaa caagaacaac cgcaaatgct actatgccaa tgagcacctc     13560
     acgtacgtgt gctttattca gtgttaaatg ctaccaatat gagtttgaac atctttttac     13620
     attacatttt ttgccatact gaaagcagta gcagatagtt tacctcagat cttgaaaata     13680
     aaataactag caagctaaca acatcagtca ccttataata atcatgttaa agatgtttaa     13740
     tatgtaatta ttaaattaaa aaccatacca atttgttggg agtaaagtag ctggtattta     13800
     aatgaatggc tagaatttaa atgtttctgc tgtgttgcgt ttggttctga tgccaaaatt     13860
     gcttgtcatt gaaatgttgt tgtatcgcat gtagtaaaga catgttcttt gccattttga     13920
     ggctgaaaaa gctgtttttg ggtctgaaaa cctgtttaaa aatgttattt atttaacaaa     13980
     gctacatttt cagtagcaat taccagtcta cagtgtcaca tgatcttata agctgatttg     14040
     ttactcagtc agtttcttta tgattttatt ttttacaatc agttgtgcac tggtactttt     14100
     gccatattgc cattcctgta tgttaagcta ttaatgcact gacttcaatt ctgacctgtt     14160
     taattcgttc catctctgac tctccttctc cactttcagc ctctgctgac tggctaacag     14220
     gtttcatcct gaaaacacag ttagacaagg aatcaataca ctgaaatagg taaaaaaaaa     14280
     aaaaaaaaaa gaggagggaa aagaagagca aaaaagtaaa aagcctatac aagttgaaca     14340
     aaatccagat ataatagtct aaagaagtca aacatgactt ttagactaag aaaaacaact     14400
     gcatcaaaga ctcagtcact tccatggctt caactgaaat aatatgctaa cactttattt     14460
     tgatggtcca tagactgtgt gcttaatatc tactgatact gctctttcaa tagacagttt     14520
     actgattata agaaactttg cacatacatt tcaaattaca ctaaccctaa ccccaaccta     14580
     acagtctaat tttaatctaa tgagaattag ttggcatgta gatgcaatgt aacttaaact     14640
     gaacaaacag accatcaaaa taacgtgcga ccaataatac tattgccaaa atgctgctct     14700
     tcacaaataa gtgtgcagtt tgcttaatgt atgaagttac tttaaaactg aaagttaaaa     14760
     gtggacaatc actcctccaa tccagtgtaa gattagctaa aaatatatgc aaaaatagac     14820
     acaaaatcta ctgtaacagg gtatccacag ggtcttaaag tcttaaatct caagagctaa     14880
     attttagggt ttaaaaagac ttaaatctac actgtaaaac tcaacattca actttatcaa     14940
     atgaaatgag tgtagttacc tcaaaattga ctgaaagtga attctactca tttgaaaaga     15000
     gttttgaact cagttgtgaa ggtaattact tagttatata gctcattact tcaacttaaa     15060
     tggagtaaat tcacagtact catatagatt aactcaaatg gtttgtagca atcggtttcc     15120
     tccagcagtt tgagttgccc taacttattg ggttttacag tactcagttg gtttgagttc     15180
     tcttaattta ttgggtttta ctgtgctcaa attgctccgt ttactcaaat gaattaggtt     15240
     tacagtactc ataaggatta gtttttaaac ttaaattttt gatttactca aatggtttga     15300
     gttaccctaa ctttttgggt tttacagcgt actgaaatct tgttttgtag gtcttaaatt     15360
     ttttttttta acaggtatta attttccttt gttcctttgt atttgtttaa gagatctcca     15420
     tttatttact gctgaggata ctgacctgaa ctacattttt ttactttaaa attattatta     15480
     ttttattatt aaatttatta aattataatg attttaatag gacaagtgaa aatcttttcc     15540
     aactgggata tttgaaaaaa atccttagcc ttgtattagt caaaaacttt tcttcataaa     15600
     ggtcttaaaa aggtctttaa aaatcttata tttaagttgg tgaaacctgc agaaaccctg     15660
     tgtaaatata ttagtcaata ttgaatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatttttcc aagtaaagat     15720
     tgggcgttgt tcaatagttt taggacaact ttaatgaaag gttttgatcc actggctagt     15780
     gtagtctata aaaaaattac aataatatta ttattaataa taatacattt tacgtatgat     15840
     gagcttttct cacaacccaa tgcactaact ttaattttta ccttaaagaa aacactccaa     15900
     gctcattttt tatcaaactt ttaagggact ttgctgtcgt accatggcta cggcaagcga     15960
     attgatatta tgtagtgcct aaaaataatg cccagctaaa taagagttgc ataatatcac     16020
     tcagcctgct gcagcaatga tacaggagga aagttccttg attattacaa ctgaatgaca     16080
     gtatacagtt aaagtcagaa ttattagccc ccctgtttat ttttccccaa tttctgttta     16140
     actgagagaa gttttttcaa cacatttcta aacatgatag ttttaataac tcatttttaa     16200
     taactgattt attttatctt tgccatgatg acagtaaata cttagatgtt tttaagacac     16260
     ttctatacaa cttaaagtga catttaaagg cttaactagg ttaattaggt caactgggct     16320
     ggttagggta attaggcaag tcattgtata gcgatggttt gttctgtaga ctatcaaaaa     16380
     aacatatagc ttaaaggggc taataatttt gaccttaaaa atggtttaaa aaaatttaaa     16440
     gctgctttta ttctagccga aataaaacaa ataaaacttt ctccagaaga aaaaaaatat     16500
     tatcaggcat actgtaaaaa tttccatgct ctgttaaaca tcatttggca aatatttaaa     16560
     aaagaaaaaa ttaatcaaag gggggctaat aattctgaca attctgtagt tccttgccat     16620
     aactgacctc tgaccgtctg ccttagcaca tgatgtaact acagaggtgt gaagctttaa     16680
     ataggaaaac gatcaaaact ctttttttag tttaggtgaa atgctaatgg tctaatccaa     16740
     ttcaatgatt tatgctaagc taagctaaaa gtgctctctc tcgacccgaa gatcggctta     16800
     atggattcat aaatgctaaa actcaactgt tgaactctaa aggacttgaa ggacttgtaa     16860
     aataagccta attccaatac tgcatactat tttagaggtg taaatttgca cacaaaaaaa     16920
     agtgatgctg tggtttcaga aataagccat ggatgtggag agagctttaa tatgggtttg     16980
     cacacagatc tggaaagaga agcatgaaag tcagtatcac agagccccct gtggacaata     17040
     ggagaaaagc agcagaatca aagaaacaaa cgcaagcctg aaggcgaccg tcacctcaaa     17100
     caatcaacat aacactgttg aaaaagtgtc tgttcctcag acactacatg aagccagagc     17160
     tttccaaacc cgcaagttaa aacaagacac accagcatag atgaagctaa aggagatcag     17220
     aaatgcagat ccatcatggt gtcatgatgg gtcaagttca gtccagtctc tctaaaccaa     17280
     cactgtgttg agtctatgtg tatatgctac atggataacc ttcaacaaac tgctgacaat     17340
     ctgttttaga atttcaggtt agctaaagcg gactcgtttt gggaacattc tccatgagaa     17400
     aagtacttta tagagtttta aactgtttga ttattgatat tttcataatt tatagttcat     17460
     tttataagtc ccgctttata ttcagtgtcc ttaactacca tgtttttaca tcaaaatata     17520
     aatacaacgc attaatgtct tcataatgct ttgcacaaca gtttgggtgc tcttgaggtg     17580
     ggataggggt agatttagtg gtatgggtaa ctttaaaggt gggataaggt gtagagcatg     17640
     gtcaacacag caacacagaa atgaatatag atgtgatttc atgcaggtgt ttaatcaagc     17700
     acatgtacaa tgtaaaaaca tgcattaaca caataaatac attgtaatga attattaatt     17760
     tcagtgtaag taaatattag ttaaggccac ttaatataaa gcgggaccga gttatatgat     17820
     gtttttccat ttttatttgt gctaaaactt tatttgtaac tgctacgtaa ctttatttat     17880
     aatactgtta caaaatctct tcaaaattgt taacagaacg aacatttctc acaggaataa     17940
     aactgacacc atcttattaa acgtgcttta tagattaagc atttttctgt agagggtact     18000
     tcatagagta cttcatcttg ttccctgcag gcggtcattc ttacatttgt tagaaagcca     18060
     agtgtctttt ttctatttgt tcatttgtac aattgataat tactgtaact gtaaaatgag     18120
     ctgaggtata tgctatattg ggatattcac ataaatacaa caaatataat acaattatac     18180
     aacttctata atacactaaa aaaataattc actggattta ttattttttt tttaaggtaa     18240
     gaggttgcaa acaatttata ttggctgaat ttaaacaatt tacgttgaat attgctaatg     18300
     gcccgttttc actgagtgct acagtacggt tcggtacaca tttatggcct attccactgt     18360
     caaatgttgt actgaactgt accataccac ttttttggca ccctttcgaa agggttccag     18420
     acacaagaaa gggtaccaaa aggcagggct agacgtgcag ctgaacacta ttggtgtaca     18480
     gagatacgtc attcgcttgc gcaacaagac agaatgaaaa caaaagagcc gccttgctta     18540
     aaatacacag ccgagagatc ttttacagcg taaatatata tacgtataat aacgagacat     18600
     ggtcgaccca ggctcaaaca aaccttagtt tttttacgag ccagtctgaa gcatgagcag     18660
     atttgctttc ttgcttgcgc tcaccacgcg tctctatctg aaataacaaa cttctttagc     18720
     tgatgataat aacgtgcgct tgattattga cgtgcttttg aaacccgatc ctatcagaaa     18780
     tagacgaacg cgagagtgaa gcgcgaaaaa acaaaggaga agccggaaaa acggagcact     18840
     taattttttc agcaaacgta tacaaagtgc catgcttaac tatcattatc gccttttgga     18900
     ctaatatgaa tccagaatga tggaattact ccctaacaga ggcttcatgt gctgctgaag     18960
     atgacagaaa cagatgagag gttttcactg actgtaggct atattttgtg ttgtttttga     19020
     gccaaaataa ggactaaatg tctgctgtgt gtagttcttc tgtagttggt gacatatcgg     19080
     cgactgtaag ggtctgtatt tgttcataca tgttgcattt attttatttt atttatataa     19140
     ttgcagaagt tacagtagac tatttcacac tgtcattgat ctgtagttat aatcaaatcc     19200
     tgttcataga aaagttagta ataaacattt atagagaagt atttatgtgt ataaagcatc     19260
     tcattgtgag aagtgcttct caaatgatac aggtatatga acaaccggta cagctttact     19320
     gtagacattt tcttgagcga aaatgacctc cactgaaact ttctgtcata caccacgccc     19380
     accaaaaggg tacccttggt agtggaaacg caagtgagat aaagatgacc cgtactgacc     19440
     cgaaccgtac cgtaccagtc agtggaaacg agccatcaaa taaatttgtt tgtttaaatt     19500
     cagcccatat aaattgtttg caaccactcc aatccagtga atcctttttt tagtgtacct     19560
     ttattaagct aggactcatt aacatgacaa aacgtgtcag taatgacata agataaaaat     19620
     ttggagtggt aagaaatcac tacatttaaa aaaaacgttt aaactcgcct ctaaaatcca     19680
     ctgtgtgttt attgcggttc gtcttctaag ccgcaagtaa cttattttat ttgataaaat     19740
     gcccacagtg gcttttccta gctcagcaaa ttacattttt ctttgtcata tttggtggca     19800
     gtttatcagg aagtaaatgt gactttggat gaaaattgcg ctttattcgc aaatgttaag     19860
     cataaaaata aaatctaata agcatatctg gttggaaaca tctattcatg ttaacattta     19920
     ttcagaccaa aaatatctat tcttattaaa gattttttga tacataagct taaactgtaa     19980
     cgctgaataa catagtggct gtaaatcatg gtaaaaatct atgctagctt ttgttaaagt     20040
     aacagaacac atgtagagaa aaaagctaca ttcaaagata taaaggactt caatagattt     20100
     aaaccacttt aaaacttgac ctatatgttc aaattacagt aaaccacaga catgttaggg     20160
     atatttacag tgggggaaat aagtattgaa cgcatcatgt ttttttctta gaataatatt     20220
     tctaaaggag ctgttgacat ggaattgaac cagattttga taaaacccaa acaatacaaa     20280
     cataaaaaag aaacaaaaga attttttttt tatattagtt gtgtgtaata acaatgaaat     20340
     gacaaaagga gaaagtactg aactactgaa atgtatttaa tactttatat gaagtctttt     20400
     tagctgatta agcttaaaga tgcctctcat gtgaagaatg aagtcatgaa ttgttcaggt     20460
     gtaatttttt tttcttcaac aaagagtaat aatcttgatg gttctgtggg tctcgtctat     20520
     caaatgtgat cttgattttg tattctttat tggattcaga tcaggtgatt ggttgggcca     20580
     ttctacagct tgattttttt tctctgaaag catttgagag tttccttggc tgtgttttaa     20640
     atcattgtcc tgctgaaatg ttcaccctgg atcctcttca tcctcctgat attgtagatg     20700
     ttggactgac acagcactgt taacttacaa tgaggaagag cagagggttg ctgaagaact     20760
     gcagtgagat ttttaactgc tgtctgggct ttcactgcct ttctacacct tcctttcttc     20820
     atgtgttcaa tattttttcc ctgcgtcatt taattttatt acacataact atatttgtaa     20880
     accaattagt tttgctttcc ttgcacatgt gaatttcttt tggtggttac caacatctgt     20940
     ggaaaaattc aaaactgcac ctttagaaat attttttctg agaaaatggt gactcgttga     21000
     atacttattt cccccactgc atgcaagtat ttgaaagcag gagaactcgg ggagtcgctt     21060
     acaatgttag accgtaacca caagagcgca tactgtagta aaagtacctg gcaagtggac     21120
     tagatgaaga gggtgactcc agacttctgg gtgctgagtt agtcctgttt gagacatgta     21180
     ctgtatatat acacttcact ttatactaca gggccctata gagagtcaca ctcaactgct     21240
     ggagtcttca ggacattcag tgctggtgct tgctttaaac aagatcaata tgtaactaac     21300
     acacatctaa agtttgtgaa tgagtgttta cctgggcatg gtggcggatt tttcccatgg     21360
     tcttctaaag tctgttaata aaaatgatag aggtaaacat taagaatatt cttgagtgtc     21420
     taattgatca caaatgtcaa atcaaaaatg tgtttgttct taccgcctgg accttgagtg     21480
     tcggaatcat cctgaagatc agcaggccaa gaaaataaaa aaagaaggat aaagaaaaga     21540
     gaagagtgtt caatattagt gctgcaactc attttagtac ttccatttac agcaaacgtg     21600
     actttattca atctcatatc tatggagagg tactaaaaag ctgttaaggc ttttgcatgc     21660
     aattaatagg gaattaccat tattattact attattatta ttattattat tgttaacatt     21720
     ttccggaatc attacagcac aaacctgcag ccgatttcat tggtcagttc aaaatattgg     21780
     tcggctcaat ttcgtaaaac atatcgcata aaacatatta aaaaaactct taatactctt     21840
     gcatgtgcat aggcctgtca caataattaa catatcaact tatcgtacaa tacttaaaat     21900
     cattgtaatt ccgctcggcc tagctccaaa atagagcata tttgtaatgc aaagagaggg     21960
     aaagggtcgg caaaggacca cgagcactgt gagcagcatg gtgttatatg ttgttgcact     22020
     ggctattggc gccagcaacc aagtactctt ttaaagaaat gtgcccaaca ctgcagatga     22080
     cttgcgttgt gatgagattt tttttgtatc accaggccct aatttacact ttatttacat     22140
     gtaaatttgg tgcatgtatt tttattcctt taaaatacaa ttaaaaatat caagtaagaa     22200
     tgtttacttt gttttctaat aatacaacaa atatgacaaa taaacaatgt aaaaacttca     22260
     taaagccaaa agcgagagtt aagcaaagta agtgtaatgt ccatgacaaa atcgcccacc     22320
     tctctgcttc attcaatttg tgtcagcatc caaatttgct cgctcatttt cgttccctca     22380
     ttcctaatat aatacactta actgctaagc tgtgtattgg tgattagtcg gatattttat     22440
     aatgcgcagt gcaggcctcc aggacaggtt tgaaaactcc tggtgtaggc agtcagtgat     22500
     tgacacgacc aatgaaatct tcagaatcag ctgcttcgtt ggacacattt ggccataatg     22560
     agcattagga aactgatggt gttcttacat tagcgggctc ctctgctttt ggaggtggct     22620
     tttctccttt gtctgctgct tttctcctgg gaagacagac acaaagacaa taattagtca     22680
     aaattattta aaaattaaaa ttctctcttt tttgcgtaca ttagagaagt ttgagaaata     22740
     ttaagtgata tttacaactt ggtattggta gattgaattc cactttgagc gtcagtttta     22800
     cagtaatact tttgcacatt tacagtaata cacttggatg tgtttgctaa aagggtttgt     22860
     ttacttagaa aatgaacatt ctgtcattaa ttgctcactt ttaagtcatt gttaaccctt     22920
     ctgtccctta attgaaagtc tattaaaccc caaaaataat cttttaaaaa gaacaacaca     22980
     caggtatgag atgagataaa ggaaaactct aacatttctg ctttgtgtgt gagatttgtt     23040
     ttgagatttg ctctcatgcg agtactgttg gcttcctcaa aaaccagttc ttgtgtgtcg     23100
     agcaagcata tgaacttccg ttaactattt atatagtgtg ctctatgtgt gtgattaatg     23160
     tcctatgtga attaataagc ctaaataaca tatttttatt acataaaaag agtgcttttc     23220
     tttcaaacca ctcagttcat gttaactaca tatactgtgc cttgattcac ttttcgaaat     23280
     gtcaaatttg atgtaatgga ctttctatgg aggaacagaa attttaatag aaaaaaattg     23340
     atgtatgaag atggtttttg cacaggtttg gaacaacata aagaacaata aatgacaaaa     23400
     cagttcactt taggttgaac tatccttttg aagaaggcac gcaggatacc cttgaccaca     23460
     aatccagtca taattgtcaa ttttgtttaa aatgcatcac ataagaagca aataaataag     23520
     ctttacatct atgtaaaata gacaaaatct aaagatctgg aaaaaaacac ttttaaacaa     23580
     atctaaatgc acaataataa ccataaatga agttttgata tgtttacagt aggaactttc     23640
     caaaatgtct tcatagaata tgatttttgc ttaagattgt aatgattttt gactcataaa     23700
     atgtattttt ggacataaaa tatacccctg caacatgaga tatactttgt ggttcagggt     23760
     cacaaccagt ggtgtgaaaa agggtttgct gatttcttat ttcctattca cagtttaatg     23820
     tttccgatca tctaatttaa atattcatta aagataacac aagtaaacac catacagttt     23880
     tgaaaggaag ttttttttat ggttaaaaga aaacaaaaca caaaactaca ttgccctgtg     23940
     agaaaaaatg ttttccccta atacctaata gctggttggg gcaagcgctg tggaagaatt     24000
     ttgccccact catctttcca gaattgttgt aaataagcca cactggaggg ttttcgagcc     24060
     tttttaagat catgccacag catctcaatt ggattcaggt caggactttt actaggccaa     24120
     tccgaaggcc tcattttatt tttcttcaga cattcagaag tggtgtgctt tggattattg     24180
     tcccgctgcg gaacccaagt ttgcttcagg caaaacactt tttccacaca gggatatagt     24240
     tttgtatttc gtttaccctt aataataata ataataataa aaaaagttca tttcaaaact     24300
     ttgtgatgtg ttatatttga ctaatattta aattagtttg atgatctgga acattaaagt     24360
     gtgacaaaca tgcaaaaaaa aaagaaatca gttaaggaca agcacttttt catactactg     24420
     tatgtcaaat tatcataatt aatctaaaca ataaacttag ctggagagag atattcacag     24480
     ctttaaatat gtacacgatg caggcagttc tgcacctctg gcaatctcag gaactatgtc     24540
     agtaacgtgt tagcagaagt tataggcatg cttaatcaca cacttcacaa aacatctcat     24600
     aacgaggaat tcactacaaa ttaatttgtc attctctccc agggcagcac agtggcgcag     24660
     tgggtagcac aatcgcctca cagcaagaag gtcgctggtt caagccctag gtgggtttcc     24720
     tccaggtgct ctggtttcgc ccacaagtcc aaaaacatgc gctataggtg cattgtgtgt     24780
     aaatagtagt gtatgtgtgt aaatgagtgt gtgtggatgt tttccagtga tgggttgcag     24840
     ctggaagggc atccaatgtg tataacatat gttggataat ttggcggttc attccgctgt     24900
     ggcgacccct gattaataaa gtgactaagc tgaaaagaaa acgaatgaat gtactctccc     24960
     attcactgcg ctctaagttt acccaactat gatgacttct gctgccacga aacccagaaa     25020
     agggtctatt aactagggat gacataaatt gtattaattc tgctcaccgt cgagctagaa     25080
     ttgcgctcat ctctcccatc agacctcctc ctcctcctcc accacctcct cctcctcctc     25140
     cactgggcat tgacacactg ttgcggccgc tgtctgcttt aggtgccgcc acactggcag     25200
     cagcactggc aacaccaccg ccacctccag cgtcatcctg cagggggaag cactgagtca     25260
     attacagcaa ccaggcatga aagtgtgtgg gcatcaggct tcaggtgagc tacttaattc     25320
     atttgtatta cactgaataa attaagataa tcacaatgtt attcaccttt tccctatgct     25380
     ctatgatgcc ttgtgtgaat tatggaagca accggtaaac tgtaatctaa aactggctac     25440
     aatgaggttt ctttattctc ctcgcagctc atgtctcgaa aactatgcta taccagcaga     25500
     tatgcttgtg atactaatgt catgttaaaa tacaaagtgc aatggtattt taatgaatca     25560
     aaaaagcaga aagctataat ttacacatac ttctcattca gttatgtaca atggtagccg     25620
     aaattattag aatacctacc atatttaaga gttttcagat gaattggtca ttacaatacc     25680
     ccttaaaact aattaaatat ctaaaacgtc atcattatat tcattaatct aatgtaatgt     25740
     gtatttatat agcttattta tatagtacat ttattgtgta tacacccaaa gcgctttaca     25800
     atcattcatt cacctctcca caccaccacc agtgtgcagc atccacttgg atgatgcgac     25860
     ggcagccaca ggacaacggt gccagtgtga acaccacaca caccagttaa tggagaagtg     25920
     gttagacagt gatagagcca attcagtgga ataaaattca gtaaataata aaatagaacc     25980
     atcataaagg tttaggtaat tttcctcaca aatatacacc tatttcactg acaacatcac     26040
     gcaatcatgt tcattcatag aattaaaagg aaagccttta tcttaagctc cagaaggcat     26100
     agattaacat tagagtccat gagctgaaaa tatactcaga cactctgcca aaaaaaaaca     26160
     tgccgtcaaa aggtggacac accaaatatt agtggtattt gctgtgcaca gagcaaacat     26220
     ctgcatgttt catgaataat atgaaattaa atcatgtttt agagggaaaa catcaatatt     26280
     ttaggatctg taagttgttt taataatttt gtccagcact gtatatagat tatttttcaa     26340
     ccttgttatt tcatgtgatt agtttcagtt ccttagatga aacatcacta aataacatgt     26400
     gaatctatat aagaaattca ataaaataag aaattttgaa atgcacaaat gatctactaa     26460
     aataaaagta tttttaaagt catcatgtca gaaagtgacg catctagaca tcagacgcgt     26520
     cccaaatccc tacttgtgca ctattctgta gtgtaaaaag aaagaagtgc attcacactg     26580
     aaaattctaa aatgattaag tgcactttaa atacctggat aatgcattta ttcaactgat     26640
     aaaacagaag tgtggaatga tgaacacttg taatgttgga agattaaatc tgatctttat     26700
     tttgtattct ttattggatt caagtcaggt gattggctgg gccattctac agcttgattt     26760
     tctttctctg aaagcatttg tgagttttct tggtcgtgtt ttgaatcatt gtcttgctga     26820
     aatgtccacc ctggtttcat cttaatcatc ctgctaatgt agatgttgga ctgaagcagc     26880
     aaatattact ttacaatgag gaagggcaga ggtttgctga agaactactg agagatgcta     26940
     gctgctgtct gggtcttcaa tgcctttcta cacctccctt tcttcatgtg ttcaatactt     27000
     tttcttctgc gtcatttcat tttgttacac ataacgtcat ttgtaaacta attagttttg     27060
     ttttctttgc atatgtgtat ttctttggtt gttagcaaca tctggggaaa gtttcaaatg     27120
     tgcactttta gaaatatgtt ttctgagaaa aattgtgaca tgttcaatac ttatttcccc     27180
     cacagtaagt gattgtgttg cttcccgatg gtgaatgagg ttatacccac cgcagttact     27240
     acagttaaaa ccaaaagttt acatacacta tataaaaagg cacataagaa ttcaaaaata     27300
     aaatgtcaaa tgttaaatgt gactaaactt tttctctttt aggtaagtta ggatcactaa     27360
     aattgtttct acttgcttaa tggcagaaca atcagagaat ttttttgaga acttttcttg     27420
     aaagtcaaag ttttacataa gattattatg cccctgaaca agcccagatg gtgatgttaa     27480
     ggttttgaag gtttccgatt ggttaattga caacatttca gttaattgga ggcacaactg     27540
     tagattagta tttagggaaa cctcaaacac actgcttcct tgcgtcacaa caggggaaaa     27600
     tcaaaaaaat cagccaagac atcaggatga gaattggacc tccacaaatc tggttgttct     27660
     ttgggtacaa tttatagatg cctgaaggta ccacattcaa actattttac tcaagtatat     27720
     gggaatgtcc agccatcata ccgctcagga aggagaagga ttctgtgtcc cagagatgaa     27780
     cgcgctatgg tgcaaactgt gtgtattaac cccagaacat atgcaaaaga tgttgtgaaa     27840
     tgctggctga agctggtaag agagttatat tatacacagt gaaacgagtc aataccaata     27900
     tgagctgaaa ggccactcag caaggaaaaa gccattactc caaaagcatc atacaaaagc     27960
     cagattacaa tttgcaaaat cacactggga aaaagacttt gatttttgga gacacgttct     28020
     gtggtctgac tgaattaata ttgaactggt tggctataat gaccagagtt acatttggag     28080
     gacaaacagt gaagcttaca tcagaactgt gaagtatggg ggtgacagca tcatgttgtg     28140
     gggctgtttt ttctgcagga gggactggtg cacttcacag aatagatggc atcattgtta     28200
     cgtttcacgt atgttttgtg gtattttgtt gtttttctgt tttgcgctct tttctctctc     28260
     tctctcttgt tgtggtccta tcctgtttca ggtgcgctac cattggtcga gagtgagctg     28320
     tcaattacct tcgtcactca atcggcgcgc caataaggat tgggtccacg cagtataaaa     28380
     gccctgcact tgcgctgatc tggaggagcg cttggcttac tgccagtctc ctcacttgtg     28440
     tcgaccggac tgttcgcttg tttgtttcgc ttagtttgat ttcgtttgct gtgttctagt     28500
     tttctcttta gtgacagatt gattattaga taaacttgtg ctgctcagtt tattgtctag     28560
     tgagaatttg aatgatcttt atgagaattg gattacctga gatcttgttt tgctaatggc     28620
     taacagtgtg tactttgcga gaattctagt attgcgagca gcttagtata attctatatt     28680
     agttagttta tggaggcgtt gccacatgtg taattatgtt ttgaagttat gaagtttagt     28740
     taagctacgt gctgaagatt acggttttgt ttctgcattt ttctttgatc aatcagttta     28800
     gtgggttggg gtttagttag atcattctgt tatatttatt tctttgtttt ggcaacactc     28860
     ctgttttctt tatttatttt ctttatttat ttataaatta catttaccta acatttcata     28920
     ttcattgttt gacattatcc attaataaat acttaatttt tgtttcactt atcaagcgtc     28980
     tgtgtcttct cctcatttat ccagcatcaa tcgactcact gattgttacg ttttatccat     29040
     ttaattattt aacatcttaa acacgtaaca tcatgaagaa agaacactat aaccatgacc     29100
     ctaagcatac tgccaaaata gttaaaatat gctttaagaa caacagtgaa agttttggag     29160
     aggccatcac gaagccctga tctcaatcct atagaaaatg tgtgggcaga gttgaaaaag     29220
     catgtgtgag caagaaagcc aacaaatctg actcagtttc accaattctg tcaggaggaa     29280
     agggccaaaa ttccagcaaa ctattgtgag aagcttgtga aaggataccc aaaatatttg     29340
     accccctatt cagtttaatg gcaatagata ctcatacact acatggctga gtctataagt     29400
     gcataaagtg tcatttggga tgcaactatc ctctttttgt gaataatctc accttgggca     29460
     ctttgcgaag tttggcagct gccagagcag cagcgagacc accaccacca ccaggtcctc     29520
     cacccccatc acttcctcca gaagagggca gtggtggagc aggaggcggt ggagctcctc     29580
     ctcctgaagg cggaggccca ggtggtggag gaggtccaga tggagggggt ccagggggag     29640
     gtgggggtcc cgggggagct ggagggcctc caggggccaa aggcggcgct ggaggaatca     29700
     caactacaga aaaagaaaaa cagaaaacgt tcactgagct acagtgtttc aaataataac     29760
     caaaccaacc agatgaaatt aatacaatta ggacaaaaag gtatttaaaa agacaaaaag     29820
     attatgtact tgaatttctt tgcttaggga aaactactca tcccaaaaaa gcacagtaaa     29880
     atgtacaata ggaaaatata ctagttaaaa atgaaaaatt acctcataat ttattcccag     29940
     catcaatcga ctcactgatt gttacgtttc atccatttaa ttatttaaca tcttgaacac     30000
     gtaacatcat gaagaaagaa cactataacc atgaccctaa gcatactgcc aaattagtta     30060
     aaacatgctt taagaacaac agtgaaagtt ttggagaggc catcacgaag ccctgatctc     30120
     aaaatgtgtg ggcagagttg aaaaagcatg tgtgagcaag acagccaaca aatctgactc     30180
     agtttcacca attctgtcag gaggaaaggg ccaaaattcc agcaaactat tgtgagaagc     30240
     ttgtgaaagg atacccaaaa tatttgaccc cctattcagt ttaatggcaa agctaaaaaa     30300
     taattctaaa atagtaaaca tttagtacga tttaacatca gtataaaaat atactagtta     30360
     aaaatgaaaa attacctcat aatttattcc cccttaaacc ttcatgagtt ttctcttctg     30420
     ttgatcacaa acgaagatat tctgaagaat gctgctagcc caacgacttc cataatggga     30480
     aacagagtta ttatagaagt caatgggttt atagtctggt ttatactcaa cgcattggct     30540
     agttcgcttg agtgtgcgcg gcaaatgtga cctcatcgat gtgtttgcgg aggttcattt     30600
     tgggtgcgcg ccacatgatt tcggctggct gagcacatga ttttttttga gactcgagcg     30660
     aacagtgtgc gcggctctgc gtttgatttg agttgagtat gaaacacttt gaagagattt     30720
     tgtctgaaac aggtatgact gcctgatcat agggagaact agatgaccga taattattgg     30780
     ctagaaattg cagcagctgt gtgagaggaa aaaagttttt gttaaaaatt ttggaaaaat     30840
     ccatgggata agtttgttaa agccaaaaga ggatgcggag actcatgtac acaattaaag     30900
     aatgtatttt tcccaccatt gaagggttta acactgatgt atatattaca attttgaatt     30960
     gaccacaatt taatagttac aaaactataa ttaaggaaca aattattact ttgataacag     31020
     gaaaggaata tttgaacctt tcggtttaca atatactgat gccctgtttg gcaaacacgt     31080
     caagtataaa agccttgtcc atttcgtgag gtaagtgcgc agtcagtgga ggtccgtgac     31140
     acggtgccag gcgaaagtat aaatcaggct tcagccagtg gttcccaaag tgggggtcgg     31200
     gacaatgaaa gaggggatgg ggtcgcttgg tgatttccaa aaacctaatt cattttatta     31260
     aaccattaga attaccatat tttacccata tcctactgaa gacaaaaata gaagtttaca     31320
     gttactatat accatttact tactgcagta gcttatagtt ctattagata gcgacccctg     31380
     cagtgattag gttatattaa agacacagca atagcgtcag atgcaacaga ctgattttat     31440
     ggcaccagat taaactttga cacatttaca gcactcacat acagaaaaaa aattaagaat     31500
     acacttgggc ctattggtgt gtgcgcaccg ttgcatgcaa ggtttctgta tttataacca     31560
     cctcagagga tattgggggt ttcaagtaac tggcattttt attttggggg ttgcaggctg     31620
     aaaggtttgg gaaccccttg tttaagaaac caggattttt ctaaatatct tcttttgtga     31680
     tcaacagaag aaagaaactc aaatagattt tgaataagtg aaggatgagc gaatgatgga     31740
     ttttttttat ttatttttgg gttaactgtc tatttaatta acagtgattc atggatgttt     31800
     tccattcatt tacattttca gattgcatca tgggagcgtg atcttcaaaa agttgaacaa     31860
     agtgactttt actgctattt ttagcagtct gaaaaaaaaa ctgtctggtt tggttacata     31920
     attatggtgc gggtaatgag ctgagtgttt gaagcagata tcaaggtcac ataatgcagt     31980
     atgtaggcat caataaaaga gaacatctgt gaatctcaag ctatgggcaa atataatatt     32040
     aacatattct taagtgtata cacattatga ttaaccacaa ttattaacag tatcatattt     32100
     aaataaaata tgcctataaa acaaatagat ttttagaact agttatttga gttgtgttca     32160
     ttttaaagag ataatggtaa aattcacagt ttgatttttt agtaactctt tatactaact     32220
     acacactatg aatcatttgt taagcattag caaaatgtta attcataatt cgttaagcat     32280
     taactctaca ttaatagacg ttagtaagca gtttataact gcagatacaa atgctgtatt     32340
     tctgacttat aaacacatgt gcaatgagct gaatgattgt atttttatac tttgttaatg     32400
     attacttgta ttattaagta ttgtattatt tacaaactac atatttaata atagttgata     32460
     ttttaagatc attcataatg tgtaagtaaa tgattaataa actattcaaa ttaacattca     32520
     ttattattca ggcatataat agttcattag tatgctaata aatgctttat taactcaact     32580
     tcatccagtt attataacct aatctaaagt gaagactaat tatgctttgt aaatccctta     32640
     taaatgacaa ttaaaggctc agttctattc taaactggaa aaaagaaaat aaacgacgaa     32700
     aataaaagac acacaaacga aactgaatca aatgaaaaat aaatctttgc aagcttatct     32760
     aaaataaaac tactgtacag tttaaacatc gctaaataac attgaaatgt tgcatcataa     32820
     taatttttta aatattatat tgttgttatt ttatccaatt ttatttattt gtatttattt     32880
     ctaattgtat tgtaacactc ttgttattca gcaatgttta aactttacag taattttatt     32940
     tttagataag attgcacaca tgtattgtat taatattaag cctttaattg tcattcataa     33000
     gggacttaca aagcttaaat agtccttact ttagattagg tcacaaaaat taataatttg     33060
     gcaaataatt cgattactga tgtccatgta aacacagtca ctgtctttct cccctgttct     33120
     ttttctccct gtgttgattt gcctctaaaa atcagcgtgt gctcaaactg aaactcccct     33180
     tataatgcaa accattcctt tttttgccac tcaaccctat caccaaaaca atcatggact     33240
     gactcacttt tcgaatcggg ggtaggttca tggctcttaa acatacacag taaccattac     33300
     tataagcctg aataataact tatatgaatg ttgatttgga tagtttatta atcatttact     33360
     aactaatctt aaaaaaacac caactgctct taaatacaaa tggtttgtaa atattgcaat     33420
     acttaatata gaaatgaaca attaataaga taaagtatga aaacacaatc attaagctta     33480
     ttatacatgt gcttataagt caagaataca gcatttgtat ttataaactg cttattaagg     33540
     tttattaatg tagagttaat gcttaacaga taataaattc actataagct aatgcttaac     33600
     aaatgattca tactgtgtag atattatagt tacctatttt atttttactt tcagagaaaa     33660
     tttttaaaca ttgaagacac tttaaacttt tctttgcata taaactcact tttgaaaatt     33720
     taatatgatg cagaaaccaa aaagggatat cttgtctttt ccccatttat atttatatac     33780
     cctttatata cccccccccc tcccattacc ataaaaaaac acctttgctg gtttttactc     33840
     tgaaataagt gcaaactcat gtccactgag gtaaaagagt ttctgctgac ctgaagctac     33900
     tggccgttct ctctcttgtc gttctctctc tagtctttct ctctcttgtc tttccctttc     33960
     ctgccgttct ctctcttgtc tctctctctc ttgctgctcc aacctctgtt gttccaatct     34020
     gcaagaaaaa acaacattta aagtcaaaat acacaaaaaa taccagcata tacagttgaa     34080
     gtctgaatta ttagacgtcc tgaattatta ttacccctgt ataattttcc ctatatttct     34140
     gcttaacgga gagaagattt tttcaacaca attctaaaca taatagtttt aatgactcat     34200
     ttctaataac tgatttattt tatctttgcc atgatgacag taaataatat tttaccagat     34260
     attgttcaag atactagtct tcagcttaaa gtgcaattta agccttaact agattaacta     34320
     ggcaggttaa agtaattagg caagttattg tataacggtg gtttgttctg tggacaattt     34380
     aaaatacata gctcaaaggg gcttataata ttgaccttgt tttaatataa aaaccgcata     34440
     cattaacatt ttaataaaaa acgcatatat tcttgctcaa acaaaacaaa taagactttc     34500
     tccagaagaa aaaatattat cagacattct gtggaaaatt tccttgctct gttaaacatc     34560
     tgattaactc tgggctaatc attttgactt caaccgtatg tgctgttcac cagcatgtaa     34620
     ccattaacca gtcattaaac atgccaatgt actataaata tattaaatac taacttaaaa     34680
     ttgtcagttg ctcctgaagt aaatactgga aattgggcaa tatttaacat aattttagtg     34740
     ctattcaaga tatttctacg gtggccagga gagcttaaag gtgcagtagg tgattctctt     34800
     cagaaacatt ttgtgttgta ctggttgaaa gtctcttcac attccaaaag taatgattaa     34860
     agtaaatgat caaaatgtat ttatgtgtat ttttatattc tgggtgacgc acaaaactaa     34920
     aaagtgttca tccaattaaa tattgtcagg ctgataattc cattattctg ataagtagcc     34980
     caaactgtct gtcagcaaat gtagatttgt acaactgcac acccctgttc acgcagatct     35040
     gcaacacgcg ccgcggtcac gtagacactt acagcgagaa aaacaaatgc tgaatcaaag     35100
     ctttttaaaa tcctgaatca atattggggt tgttattcac gcaggaggaa ggatgacacc     35160
     atggctgaag tatttcactt agacaggtaa tgttatgttt taaaactatt ttagtcatgc     35220
     caaagagcat agaatcactg tagtgcgatt tgggaaacag ccactagatg gcgcggtggc     35280
     cattttggaa tgaaaacttc aatagaacaa cagcatatta taagtctaaa ataaactatt     35340
     aaaagtgctg atgatagtga cagtaagtgt tgtattgctg tcttacaggt tgtctctcag     35400
     ctttaatgcg atttttaaat aaataaataa aaaacaaggc agctgcttgc catcaagaca     35460
     gcaataagat ccaatggaca gccgatcgct ttcactccaa aatagcggaa tcgggggttg     35520
     ttgctgggcg ctgctgttgc aatggaacgt tctattgagt gtcacctctt ggtcattcta     35580
     aggtcttttg tcacgcaaag ctgatgtaga ttgtgttgtt ttacgaatgg gttatatgca     35640
     cagaagtgtt gttcagccac tgaaatcttc cggtgaaaga ttgatgaaac agttcagttt     35700
     cataagggac cttttacagc attgataatg tagattttta tctagtttaa caacaaaaca     35760
     ttagtcaatt gcgctattcc acctagcctg ctttactaag ttggttttaa attcattttt     35820
     aaacaatggc agcctgtgat gcgtccctat attgtttgcc atgctactct gaagattcgg     35880
     tctgaaatag cacgcaagtt ttgttcagta ataagtgtaa ttcttgcatc tcgccggcca     35940
     accactaagc atacagtagt cactttagga caaatcacgt tagagagtga gaccagcgat     36000
     cctcgcatgc atgaaataca tgactacaca actgaaaacg tgctcgatat aatgcagatg     36060
     ttttgttagg aattgtagta tttcaaagca ctatgaagac ttgtaatttg tggatgacat     36120
     gatctagtgg gtctccgaaa tctttaatgt gcgcattcat aatttcagga gacttgactg     36180
     gactgcaggg gagggattgc gttttgaacg tattatgcta accggttagc atttaggcag     36240
     atcacctact gcacctttaa cgtgctgaaa tttaagaaaa cacatgcaat tacaaaaaca     36300
     cgccagcaaa ttaagaaaag atcttcatct gtttgacagc acatggaaat cctcaaaaca     36360
     caattaaagt aataaaatgt gctgcatttt ctcacaacac aatcaaatta ataaaacacg     36420
     ctgcattttc taacaacgca aagaactaac gaaaacgcct gcatattctc acaacacttt     36480
     caaatagcag ggaacacaat ggaaatgttt agaggaacct aatatgtgat agacccggct     36540
     atttaggtta tggttattta ggctaataaa atacaaaaga caagtaaaat aaacacataa     36600
     aacttggacc gcctaaaaca tttctgttca tgttctgttg cttttacaag tgttgataga     36660
     aaatgcactt tttttttatg tgtttgcgtt gtgagaattt gcagcatgtg tgctgtcaaa     36720
     cgaataatga tcttttctta atttgctggc gtgttttgta attgcaagtg ttttcttaaa     36780
     tttcagcact ttaagctctt tctgccccca tttatttagg ataaggcata caataacatt     36840
     gaaaactaga gtcccttttt tgtaggatgt acatgaggat ttcataatct cgaacataaa     36900
     taaataaaaa atgcagtgta atctaaataa gactaaatca aatcaaaata gaaagacatg     36960
     cagtgaaact gtgctagcta catcttttct ttcacattgt ggcatatata gacatgtaac     37020
     ggattatatg aaaatataat cccaatgtat atgtacacac acatacattt cattcagtac     37080
     acatttatgt aacgtttaac agcagcatgc atactgtggc aagactgcaa tgtcaagttt     37140
     caagttaagt caagcctctc tcaaagccat tcaaagcatt tgagtcaagt caagacatga     37200
     gtccaccggc tccatgtaga gattttatca tggaataaat aactataaca gacaagagag     37260
     agaaagagac taaaagagaa aggtttaaaa aaaaaaaaac ttaaatcatt aaaattacta     37320
     acttactaca gtaaaacaaa gattatttaa aaatactgtt cacactattt ggccaaaaat     37380
     tcatccatgt ttcttgtatt taaaagaggg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatttttata     37440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatagttg aagtcagaat tattagcccc     37500
     cctgtattat tagcgccact gtttattttt ttccccaatt tctgtttaat ggagggaaga     37560
     ttgtttcagc acatttctaa gcaaaatagt tttaaaaacc tatttctaat aactgattta     37620
     ttttatcttt gccatgatga cagtaaataa tattttactt gatatttttt aagacacttc     37680
     tatacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt aactaggtta attaggttaa ctaggcagga     37740
     tagggtaatt aggcaagtta ttgtataaca atggtttgtt ctgtagacta tcgggaaaaa     37800
     aaattgctta aagaggctaa taattttgtc ccaaaaataa cttcaaaaac ttttaaactg     37860
     cttttattct tgccgaaata aaacaaaaaa gactttctcg agaagaaaaa atattatcag     37920
     acatactgta aaaatttcct tgctctgtta aacattattt gggaaatatt taaaaaagga     37980
     aagaaaaaaa atcaaaaggg gggtaataat tctgacttca actttatata aatattccac     38040
     tattcattct tgattccaca agagctgtga acaaattaag aacatttaca aagtcttcca     38100
     aacagctcaa aacggccaaa attacatgct taagcacttt ccttgtttcc tttgaaatat     38160
     ttacagtcac aaataataaa atgctttgtt aaaaattaag cccaatcctt cgataatcct     38220
     ttcaagcaat gtaaaaagca gcaccaacct tgaacattca gcaaaagcag attcatgact     38280
     atgtgaaact gtgagacagg gctgtccact gttaccggcc cacttcgata tttgcatcaa     38340
     tcaattggct ggcaatgctc atagagcaag cagatatgcc gggtctcaaa ctgtatctca     38400
     ctaagttcct gctgtttgca gatgctctgg tgccaacaga aaagggtcta cagcagcagc     38460
     tggatatcct gcacagcttc tgtcagacct ggattctgaa cattaaccca aagaaaacca     38520
     aaaccctaat attccagaaa aaacccagat gtcagggaaa gaaacagttt tacccttggt     38580
     atgagaaagg ctgaacctgc cacaagctac acacagcttg ggttaaaaat aagtgctaat     38640
     ggaaatcaaa atttggctgt gaatgaactg aaagacaaag caagaagggc cttttacgcc     38700
     attaaaaatt aaagtggcgt tgcttactgc agaagttggg actttctcaa cttttcaagc     38760
     gccaatggaa gcatcagcca atcagatggc agtatgcaaa tacacaagct aagacagtag     38820
     ccaattgctg actcatttca ttagctgatg ctgatatgat gatcgcatca tccttagctt     38880
     cagacacgcc ctctttcaag cgttgaagat aaagctctgt gtgaataggg ccttaaccat     38940
     acaccctcac actaaagaga attgggacac ctttacccct tcacgtgaac gcacaaaacg     39000
     aggggtaggg ataaggggaa gggctaaggg gtagaattgg gatggggcct aagtatgata     39060
     gcttcctgct cctcctctat gcaagtggta ctcactgcag agccacttgg gaagagttga     39120
     gctccagctc ctccttcctt gcacttcttt tacaagtgat gtcactgggg gttggggtta     39180
     ggggtggggt gggtgtacgc attaaggccc cgtttacact aatgcgtttt cgttttaaaa     39240
     cgtgtaagtt ttcctacggt tacgccatcc gtccacacta cgcaggagtt ctcgagcgcc     39300
     gaaaacggag cgttttgaaa acgctggaga ggccgttttc attctaaaac gctgctgctc     39360
     tgtttcagtg tggatgaaga aaaacggaga catctgaaaa cggaggcggg actgctgaga     39420
     ttcgctacct gattggggct tttctgtcat tgcgtatcct tctcttattc gtcaagtccc     39480
     tataacatga ctatatcata tggctttaac gctaccggaa gacagtactg taaacaacaa     39540
     catgggcaca gaaatgggag cgttgtttgc actattgtct gttttaggca ccattgtgca     39600
     gtgattcatt tgttacgttt tgaaacaact cgacctcgtc gtctgtccac aaaaatacct     39660
     ctcttccttt ctttgccatc gcgtttaacg ttcaaccggc gtttgttgac ttacaataac     39720
     aaaatgccga gcgagacgca tgctttctgt ttatactaga acgtgcatgc ccagagtgca     39780
     cgaaaggtca cgtgatatag gtttttggtg gcgtagtgtg gatggaaaat atgttcagag     39840
     atgctaattg aaacgctagt gtggacgcag atcgtttttt aactaaaacg ctgtcttaaa     39900
     actaaaatgc actagtgtaa acggggccta aaacagctta taggaggagg agttgaagct     39960
     caagctcccc ctcatgggag cccaagtggc tctgcagcga gcagtgtctc cctctatgca     40020
     cttctccatc gttttttaat caacttaatt acgaatcaaa accaaaaaaa aagtcaagat     40080
     ttgtaaatgc agcaatattt gtaaactgta gtctcgaaat tggaagcaag aggagaatgt     40140
     ggaagaggat ttgtgagtca gaaagcctga cccggacttc tgccccgtca cttcaggggc     40200
     tcacggaaag ctaaagactc cagcgttaat accagtaaat cccttgagag tgtgtgcttg     40260
     tgtgtaaagg agtgtgtgtg cttcagaaat gaggtcaaag tctgaccagg aaacgctgtc     40320
     ttacagcgat tcacacaagg acacagaaag tgaagaaagc ttaaatgact ccaattctgg     40380
     aaataaaata aaccccagtc taatttcgac cccaggcctg taccttctct gctgttccag     40440
     ctcttctggt gatggtccat tagacacagg ccgtgcggag taacctaaag atattagaga     40500
     ggttgtgttg actgttttca ttatacatta acagatatgc tgtgtcatgg tgctgtgtat     40560
     atgtgtgtgt tacctccatc agggatcgag ctgagcacat cgagagcgtg catcatgcca     40620
     ttggcaaaca acgccgcatc ttccttgctg ccaaaattga gcccccacac ctgccgggcg     40680
     tcccgccact ggtggaagtt tggcgtggcc tgattatatt ttaatccctt tacaattgga     40740
     cagtttatca caacctggag gagacacaaa tgtatgaatg taaaatatgg tggttttatc     40800
     ttgcgctgtg gtattctctc tcttttgagt tctatttggt gtatattatg ttcattaatt     40860
     tcatttattt ttaaaaagta attcgtacag aatttctttt aatacatttt tttgtgcgta     40920
     aaacatatat tggacaagtt ggcggttcat tccactgtgg caatccctga ttaacaatgt     40980
     gactaagctg aaaagaaaat gaataaacta attaattaat taattaatta attaattaat     41040
     taatgagata tatctgttgt tcattcattt tccttcagtt tagtcctttg tttgtcaggg     41100
     gtcaccacag aggaatgaat tgtcaactat tctgccatat gttttacaaa gaggataatc     41160
     ttccagccac aacacagtac tgggaaacac ccatacaagc tcattcacac atacacttat     41220
     aataaatgca caacataaat acacaatttt tatatctaag aacttggcac aatcatttaa     41280
     agtaagattt taattcacat atattggaat aaactaaaag atatcaacca actctctcaa     41340
     actactaatt tcaaaatctt tgccaaaaaa tactaaattt tccatttcca ttattaaaat     41400
     atcttaagta atgtatactt ttggctgctt ttcagtgtga ttatttaaga aaaaaagtat     41460
     tttttaatta agaacagaca caaagactct taaactgatt ttaaaatctt tgacaaaaac     41520
     ttctcagtca tcatttaaaa tatcttaaat gatgtacttt tagctgctat ttggtgggat     41580
     tattttcaaa gattttcttt ttttaactaa gaacaatcat gtagactctt tctcaaacta     41640
     ttgatttcaa aatcttcaaa agaagctact ccgccaaatt aaaaatatct gaaaggatgt     41700
     acttttggct gcttttctgt gtgattattt acaacgattt tacttttttt attaagaaca     41760
     aagagtcttt cttaaacttt aaaatacaca ttacaatgtt tttatgatgt acttttggct     41820
     gcttttcagt gtgattattt agaatttcta ttttttttta ttcagaacaa acacaaaact     41880
     ctctactctt tttgaaatat tctaaggaaa ctactctgct atcattaaaa tatcctaaat     41940
     gatgtacttt tggctgcttt ttcattgtaa ttatttggaa aaagttaaat tctttattaa     42000
     ggacaaccac aatgactctc tcaaactaca tatttcaaaa tctttgacaa aaaatatctg     42060
     ccatcgttaa aaacatctgt aattatacac ttttgcctgc ttttcggttt ggttatttgc     42120
     aaatatttac ttttttatta aaaacaaaca ctaagactct ttttttttaa atactgattt     42180
     taaaatattc agcagaaact accttgccag attaaaaata tctgaaatga tgcactttca     42240
     gctgcttttc agtgtgatta tttagaatta attttatttt ttttactaag aacaaatgca     42300
     aagactatat tccaaactac tggtttcaaa atcttcaatt agagaccact ctgtcatcat     42360
     tacttttgtg tgtttttcag tgtgattatt ttaaaaaatc aagaacaaac actaagatta     42420
     cacatctaag aagttggcac atctatttta aatgagattt agatttgcac tacttgaatg     42480
     caccaaaaga tttgctccaa tccacccgcc cttacaagac ttcaacccaa aagtgcaaac     42540
     tgatttgtaa acgtctttgc ataggcaagc agaagcaaat atattaattt aattatcaga     42600
     ctgtccagga gggggctcca ccagcagtta tttcaatctg ctgactcttc gtttctctgt     42660
     ttgtattaca gtcatgaatt ccacaaagca gagagcagga aagaaaatga acagagggga     42720
     gaaagaagag aaaatgtcca aaaaaaaaaa gttcacaccg atgaacaatg ccatcaacac     42780
     acacaaactg ctatcagaca cagactgcta acacacaaac caaccgaaag agtactacag     42840
     ggagagacaa aagtccctga gtcattgagg caaaaagaaa tgagtgtgta aagagacaga     42900
     tggaccgaga agaggtagag aatgggaatg ggggaggagg aggagggttt aactggcaca     42960
     ggaaatggtt tggctatctt acaggaagca acatctactt tagcagtcgt ctctggggag     43020
     cagtcgtgtc tctcgtatat aaagggcgac aaggctgaga gaatcgaaat gcacgtgatg     43080
     aaatggactg tgaaagttaa tatcagaaaa tatttgaatt taagaggaat atttcatttt     43140
     gaggtgatgg atattaagtt taatgttcag gctgcttttt ttaaacaata tgaaatatgt     43200
     gtatatatga atatgaaagg gagagtttac ataaacgaaa atttgcacag ttcaattatg     43260
     gctgttaaag gattcaccca aaaaggaaaa ttctgttatt aaatatcatc cttaacatct     43320
     aattactgat gctgtttggg aggtgaaggg acacgggacg ttaaaaggat gttaaaatgt     43380
     gtaaactgat aatacagttt aattgttgga gaaaatgtaa aaaattgaat aataaaaata     43440
     attaaatacc atccttatgt cgttccaaac ccatgagact ttccttgttc agaacataga     43500
     aattaagata ttcgggaatg tgcgcaatat gctgacactg aggagaagaa actgtggaag     43560
     ttatttgttt tatgtgtggc acaaacatat tcttgtagct tgataacacc cagattaaac     43620
     cactgaaggc atattgtctg ttttgtcagt ctggtttttg atatttgtca ggatgttgaa     43680
     caattctgga aattgccatc gatagaggat gagggagctc tcagatttca tctaaaataa     43740
     actatcaaat acccttcaag gtcccttgaa attaaaataa atttttttta tgtaaatcta     43800
     taagctagtg tgctacaaaa tttacgttta gaaaacatga aattatttta aacatccaaa     43860
     gcttgcagtt tgtctcttct gcctaaatcg atcaacaaaa caaagttgcg tcccaaacaa     43920
     aacactagtt tttaaaaaaa ttttattaaa aaagaaattt aaatacacaa cagtgcaaac     43980
     agttgaagtt ttcaaattag tgaaataaat tactaaacta aatagtggga gcaacctcct     44040
     ttgccatcag gaggtagtgc aaccattgtg aataaagtgt tcaaacactt cggtttattg     44100
     gcaaataaca tttatttgtt ttagaatttt cattgtgaat gtgcttctta taatgcgcta     44160
     cttatgcaat gcaatagggt gtaagcataa gtatgctaaa ggacttttaa tttgtcagta     44220
     actggggtta atcgcttacg gtgaactgtt tgccattaca aaattggtgc gtttaagatc     44280
     tgctttcttt aaaaattaga aatctccact gatatataaa gtgaggctca gattgtacga     44340
     gaagcactgc attaaatgat attttccctg ccatgtcttt aaaaaataaa catttatttt     44400
     accccaatat atttaatgga gccctgcagg agcctgtcga ttctgatggg cgtgagcgag     44460
     taaacagctt tttgtctggt tttgtgcttg agcaactaaa tgaatgccaa agtatattca     44520
     actgattgta ttttaattac attacaacat ccctaaccct aactcacatt aagcatttac     44580
     tggaagttta tcaatgtggg aagaaacact agctccgcat atgccctata cacaatgcgc     44640
     tgaatgcgct acttgtacaa aaaaaggcac agaatagttc caaagtatgt gatttgcagg     44700
     aaaccagcat ttattctgta ataatttctt tccttttatg gatgtcaata ggcaacacag     44760
     tggctcagtg gaaagcactg tcgcctcaca gcaagaaagt cactggtttg agtcccggct     44820
     gggtcagttg gcatttctgt gtggagtttg catgctctcc ctgtgttggc attggattcc     44880
     tttgggtgct ccggttttcc cccaaagtcc aaagacatgc gctatagatg aattgaataa     44940
     actaaattgg ctgtagtgtg agtgtgtggg tgtttcccag tactgggttg cggctggaag     45000
     ggcatccgct gtgtaaaact tatgctggat atggtggttc atttcgctat ggcgatttct     45060
     gatgaatgaa gggactaagt ctaccctaag aaaaatgatt aattgaatga actaaagaaa     45120
     gtatgattag atggatgtca ataattacag attttcaaac aaaaaatatt caaattgaac     45180
     atatatattt ttgtatattt tgttagcata aaaattttaa accacctaaa ggtgtgcaaa     45240
     tggtaagtac atttttactt ttgaatgaat tatccctttc ccagagatgg gttgcggctg     45300
     gaaggtcatc cgctgtgtaa aaaacgtgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt ccgctgtggc     45360
     gaccccagat taataaaggg actaagccga caagaaaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg     45420
     aattatccca ctaatgaaag acactagggt tgttaaactt caaaaatgac aacaaaagga     45480
     ctataaagaa gctgcaatat atttaaaatg atcaaagtca gagttttttg tgacaagtga     45540
     aacaaatgta agttactgtt caatgaaaat aaaaaagaga aaatcacctt gctttaactt     45600
     cagtagctcc aaaaagcatt caaactaagt aaccaggcct atttctactt aaaagaagga     45660
     atgatgtttg atataagaac acattcataa ccattgacca tttactgaat atttagagca     45720
     tgttattgcg tctttataat ttaattttaa ttttaagtaa aaaaaaggtc ttctggtcag     45780
     tttctcattt tatattctga aggaaaacaa catttttatt atgtgaaatg acaacaataa     45840
     ataaatcatt cccaacaata catttaacag aagtatgatc ccgctgcttt aaaacacggt     45900
     tatgcttctg tatttttttt aaatggctgt attgtcaata caactaaacg ggaagttctt     45960
     tagtatgtta gttacatcgt tttaaacatt tcaagagagt ctttctgagt gccctgtgtg     46020
     gtaaatgctg ttcagaattc acaccttata tggtatcaag tgttttctga cgaactcgtg     46080
     tctgattcca cttcatttgt caataagaag ttgcacatca ttgtttgccc tgcaggttat     46140
     caaggaaagg ggactgaaat catccttagg aactgcagct caaacatcac ttttcaacat     46200
     tttttctttt gtctgttgct tattttggca atctggaaca actgtcatgt ttagtttaag     46260
     gaggcatctt ttattcattt aatacaaaaa aaaagaaata aataaaaaaa gaaatgtcct     46320
     tcagtcagag ttggacattt taggaaaagg gggtaaaatt tttcctgtac gagttattgt     46380
     ttataataga acatgatagt tctgccatgt ggagagtgaa agccgttttt atttaggctt     46440
     tgaatgcaaa tgtgagaata taaatcaggt tcatcatgct ttcattctat ctgaccaata     46500
     aaaatgaaca gactgtgatt tagtttcatt ttttcaaaag taattcctta attctgtttt     46560
     cagaattgta tatataaaca ttattaacat tatttaagca atagcaattg cgttaaatag     46620
     gaaattagct ctgattttat attttataac cttttaaaaa tatatataaa ttcatctaag     46680
     tgtcactatt ggatgcagtt tataagccgc ttttgctagc ctatatgcca ctaattcttg     46740
     aagactacgt caaaggtctt gctaacttta aagaggtcct tgattatgaa ttcacatgat     46800
     taactttaga tgtgacgatg tggttctata gcgcaaagtt caattcaata ttttatttaa     46860
     cagaaataaa atttttaaag actacaacaa acagctggca gggaccggaa gttgcagaag     46920
     agacttattt cgatatgttg atgaacttct aactgaatct gaatattgat tagggggagg     46980
     gctttctttt gccaatcaat tactaatagc aaactaacag taagagaggg ttagggttgt     47040
     cacgatactg gaatttgata ccaatgttga aacgttcatt tcctgctaac atttgagctc     47100
     tgttgagcac attttaaaac agcactgatt tgtcattggc tgtgtccgaa actgcctact     47160
     actcagtagg tactgcattt gaattcaaat gtaattcttg gccgttagaa aagtacgttc     47220
     tacacagtat gaatgtgaaa agcatgaatg gaattcggac gtactacatc cgccattttg     47280
     tcatggtcac gtgacctacc ggcatcagtt gcgttgcttt acttccatac atgaattctc     47340
     tcgcggggca taatgggata gcgcagcgtg catgggatgc gcactccaga atcttgccgg     47400
     aagtagtaag tcatccgggt acttctggca tactgatttt cgaattctat gaattcagac     47460
     atgctgctcg gctcgcatac tgattttagt gaactatatg gtatggaagt atgcggtttc     47520
     ggacgcagcc attgtgttca tgtgctcaac agaaatgact gtgattggct gtgaaggtca     47580
     tcggttcacc aacctcacca ctttttactg agtttaacaa cagacacaag gacactggat     47640
     cgttttaaag tggtgaagat cagttgattc ttcagcggat cactcgtatg tcagcttata     47700
     aacagatcag ctgatcttca taactttagt acactccagt gtccctgtat ctgtgttcac     47760
     actcagtaaa cagcggtgag ttgggtgaac tgatgacctt catggccaat cacagtcatt     47820
     tctgttgagc acgtgaacac aatgaaaaat aagcaatgtt taagaacgtg ctcaacagcg     47880
     ctcaatttgt tagtgggaaa tggacgcttt taaaattcca gtaccgatag gtaccaaatt     47940
     ccagtatcat gacaacaata gagagagtaa caatgagcag ttgccatgga agccatcagg     48000
     ttgacgtcaa caaaaggacc accattccca acttggaagc aaatggttag actttcattg     48060
     aagattacca aaaaaaaaca aaattccagt gaattacctt ggactgatta atgattcaac     48120
     ttatgaatag taatgtgagc tagttaaata aacattgcaa attctgattt cactctgact     48180
     tttaaactcc accccgggtg tgacgtttct ttaaacgtgg actagacaga tagctaatca     48240
     gaacacagtg gtccagcaat taatcagcct agggctgcac gatattggaa aattctaatg     48300
     atacgatatt tttttattct gttatttgga ttgcgacatt aataaaattt caccagatga     48360
     cttgaatacc tatttggaaa gcattgatag atgattttta gattgattgg gatgattttg     48420
     tttgcataaa ataaaattaa tcttcaaaca tatataaata caacaaagaa aaagataaaa     48480
     aataaaataa acattttatt gttttccgag gagtctaact ttatttaggt gtacagtaat     48540
     tgaataatca aatgtaaaat aatactgtgt agtcttcgtt gtacacggtt taataaaatg     48600
     aatcattatt aaagtgtgag cggtacacaa tttcttatgc ctgaatgctt ttaaaatcct     48660
     cacagtcaca ggccttgcaa attgatcaaa tgtaatccag actcaatgct gcatatcctg     48720
     cgatgtgact attgatgcta aaacgatata ttgtgcagcc ctgaatctga gttttctaag     48780
     gcagggtttt tcaaagtcta agacagtggg cctccctttt gacacaactt atccattggc     48840
     gcccccctcc tcccaaacac gcacgcacgc acgcacgcac gcatatatat atatatatat     48900
     acatacatac atacagtata tataaagaca caaacagatg tcagactgtt aactcacttc     48960
     tatcatcatt tgcatgaaag tgcaattatt tacagagtaa taagtatttt aatataacgt     49020
     ttttaaaact aggatgatgg ttcactatga atagaacaga tccaagaact gtccatccca     49080
     gtcaaaactg tcgaagttta gcgggtctca tgctgtcatt agccaaaata ttttgacaaa     49140
     ccacacataa aggtcgtggt tcatcagctg gtcctgtcca cgtaaatcct aaactcaaat     49200
     actgatcatc atatcgtcgt cttttgggtt taagccccga acttgaaggc ttttgtggcg     49260
     agggggcgtg gccgagagcc gtgggaacag agtgaggcca ccgcgtaagt ggatacacct     49320
     gcggtgcgca cctgcctcgg atcccacgga aggagctctg gatcataaaa ggaggaacga     49380
     gggcagagga agccgagaga ggaccgggcc cgaacatatt ttacttttgc tttcagtttg     49440
     acgacagtct cagtgaggag ctcgtccgtt tgttttggtt tagacggcag cctccgtgag     49500
     gagctgctgt cactgttatt aataaatcat tttaaaactg catcggttct ccgcctcctt     49560
     cttcccggcg gccaaagggc cgtgaacttc attacagctt tgaatcgggg gggtctcaga     49620
     aaccgaccca ttgtattagc aggcatatac ctgtattggc gggtttgcca aacagaagcg     49680
     aattcacagc tatggccttc tgggtaaaaa aggttttctt atatatgacg tattattttt     49740
     tttgctttgt ttaattaaaa catttaaata taataaaaaa tacatataat aattaaactt     49800
     aataattata tttttattat attatatttc ttcccgcgcc tcccctgaca tgctctggcg     49860
     ccccccaggg gaggcgcgcc tcacactttg aaaacccctg cgctataggt attgaataaa     49920
     ctaaattgtc tttagtgtat gtgtgtgaaa gagcgtgtat ggatgttttt cagtactgga     49980
     ttgcagctgg aagggcattc gctggttaaa catatgctgg ataagttggc gattccgctg     50040
     tggcgacccc tgatgattaa agggaataaa ctaaaggaaa atgaatgaat gaataaataa     50100
     aactttcaag tatatcccat aaacacaatc aagaattggt gattgaacac cccatttgaa     50160
     ttgttctctt gaggcaaagt ttgattgatt taaaattccc gtgattgtgc cggcgttaca     50220
     tttaacagct tcatctatgt atgtgcttgt agtttgttta cctgctggtc agtctgcatc     50280
     ttgcgcccca ccactctgaa ggcattattg gtgggattgt ggtagatttg gaccctgctg     50340
     aaggcctgtg ggcccgtgcc tgccgggacc cactttttac tgccatcgtc atagatcatc     50400
     acagtggccc gggcctgaca gatactcgac tcactagaca tatgaaacaa agagaaagat     50460
     gacattaaaa atgtgcagag tcaccatttt tgatcaacta ttggacaatg ggaaaaggac     50520
     gacaaacaag agagggaaga gagagactga ggcataatga acaaagagac aagtgtggtt     50580
     agaaatgtgt gaggtaggag aagtgtggct gatcgaaaca agctcagcaa gtaccaacaa     50640
     tgagggcaga caaagacagg aagtgctcaa cattccactt ctcaggagag aaagcagttc     50700
     cagaaacttc aaactgaccg cgtatcacat tccctcacat gacacacatg tacaaacaga     50760
     gccggttctt aaagggacag gtcacttgaa aaatgaacag cctgttgtcg ttaactcaca     50820
     ctcacatgtg gtccacacac agaagacttg attttaaaaa tactaaataa gatgtttttg     50880
     atgcgtattt aaagcttagg taaacaaaaa gacatgaagt cgtgatttaa agtcttgtga     50940
     agtaatgcag tcactttata tgatgaatga ttttagggtt tttacaaata tacagttgaa     51000
     gtcagagcta ttagccgccc tgtttatttt tttccctaat ttctgtttaa ctttttagca     51060
     cattactaac ataatagttt taataactca tctctaaaaa ctgatttatt ttatctttgt     51120
     catgatgaca gtaaataata tttgactttt tcaagacact tctatacagc ctaaagtgac     51180
     atttaaatac ttaactaggt taataaggtt aactaggcag gttagggtaa ttaggcaagt     51240
     tattgtataa taatggtttg atctgtagaa aaaatatagc ttaaaggggc taataatctt     51300
     gaccttaatt ttttttttat taaaaactgc ttttattcta gccaaaataa aacaaataag     51360
     actttctcca gaagaaaaaa ataatatcag acatacagtg aaaatttcct tgctctgtta     51420
     aatataattt ggaaaatata tataagaaaa aaggaagaaa attcaaatgg gggcttataa     51480
     ttctgacttc aactgtatat atagagaaaa aaaatcaaca ttgaaacttg tgtgtgttaa     51540
     ttttgaattt tcatttgtga aatattaaaa cttaaagctt gtgcaaacat tgacctatta     51600
     ttcagtgtca atatggccgt tatgtaaagt attatatgct ctaaaaatgt tattaagaca     51660
     gttaataaat aataaataaa taaatattta tatgtacagt taaagtgtca tattcatttc     51720
     atttaacgtg tgttctgcac attattaaga ataccgaggt gaagcttgac taatcaaatc     51780
     aaaatatcag tcagaaaaat cacaattaga tattttacat caaatcgcac aaccatgtct     51840
     gacttttatg aagtagccta atgcagtttt gttgaaaaac tagatcaaca tggatctatg     51900
     tgaggtactt ttgcaaatgc aagtttatta aacaatactt cagataagaa aatcaaatgt     51960
     tcctataata aagccaaaaa tgtacttgaa ttaatacaaa caaatacaaa atccacagtt     52020
     cattctttat atagttagta gttagccaca aattagcata aagctgaaca tttaaaaatg     52080
     caaacgaaag gtaagtggat ttcactttaa acttaaacat gtttaaaact gcatataatg     52140
     ttggttaaaa cagaaggaat gatggtaagc tttctgtatt tagtcataaa aagcagatga     52200
     aaaatacaaa acagtgtgat aagtgtgttt agacatttaa ttttaggtcc ttttaacaac     52260
     aaaccgaaat aataatatta atcacagtga tatatttggt cactataatc gttatatgaa     52320
     gtgttcatag ccttaaataa tataatcaat aaaggttaag aatcgaaact gcccagatca     52380
     gaatgtgtaa tctgtttcac ctggtgttat cagggaacga cataccctgg aatgtcatga     52440
     ttgaccaatc agagtcgggt attccagaga gctgtgtagt aataataatg gagttgtata     52500
     aacaccagat gattgatgta gtgtgtagca agtgaaacgg tgacactctt tgtgtacaca     52560
     gcaatgtgtt tcatctaagc actgcaagct aggccagtac tgaaaaaatt caatagatga     52620
     agcagtatat caaatcatga cgcaatattc atatttgggt aaacaaacaa acaaacaatt     52680
     taaattgtta aactggaaac tctgtcattt acatggacaa cacagaataa tgactctatt     52740
     agaaaatgat acagttaaag tcagaaatat taggaaagaa gatattttca catttctaaa     52800
     cacaatagtt ttaatagcca atttctaatt actgatttct tttatctttg ccatgatagc     52860
     agtacttttt tttactatat atattttcaa gatactagtt attcagctta aaatgcaatt     52920
     taaaggctga acaatgttct ttaaagtaat taagcaagtc tttgtcaata ttgaccttga     52980
     aatgggttta aaactaataa aaactgcttt tattttagcc aaaataaaac aaataagact     53040
     ttttctaaaa gaatatcatt ttaaaaatat tttaaaaaga aaaaaaaaac tcagagtagg     53100
     gtgaataatt ttgattttaa ctgtatattt gattaataat tttgatttta actgtacatt     53160
     tgagtttcac aatactgaaa ttatgaagat gagaataaaa aaacgacatt cctcatgtct     53220
     ggctgtatga atcctttaga aatacactga gagtgaatgg aaaaacactt ggatttgtct     53280
     ttctcaaaca tatacaaacg ggagcaaggg tttcggcaga taagggccgt gatgtcacac     53340
     tgacatcatc atggtgtgtg catgtggaac atttatgcct ggattgtttc gagaaatgga     53400
     ccagattcaa gcaggaagtt catcttcaaa ctcaaccgct ctggctgcgc tggctccatc     53460
     ctcacattcc tgcatgctga ttcaattaaa tcttttcacc tacacgcgca attattcaaa     53520
     tgacagcaga tttctggagg agatgcctac agcatagcat cattaactac aaccactgta     53580
     ggccacgtga accgtaaaga aactcctttt gagtggacct attacgcaaa aaacactttt     53640
     ataagggatt taaacacagt tgtgtgtata tgacctgctt ctaatgataa aaaatttatt     53700
     gttttaattt tttataatca cacttcatga aaacagtctg cagaaacgct ttaattgaca     53760
     ttctctcttt gtacatgtca ttagaggggg aaagccccgc ccattagtga catagcatag     53820
     gatgttagtc ttgttttttg aatctgccac tatgctgaca cataggcatt tgtagctccg     53880
     ccctctttta aaaaaaaggg cacaatctca tttaaattta aagcaacggt caccaaaacg     53940
     acactatttg gtattttgag ctgaaatttc acatatgccc ttcagggaca tcagagactt     54000
     attttacatc ttgtaaaaga gggcataatt tgtcctcttt aaatgcattt tttacactcg     54060
     tgagcttatt ttgcttcaaa tataacagtg gaggtaaaca catcagagct gaatattcaa     54120
     tccttctaca tcatttattt tctattattt ttctaaagtc aatttcatca gatcagtaat     54180
     tatgtgttgt gcaatattat aacctgcaag ttctgtgaaa gactcctttg tctttctgtc     54240
     atagcttgta tttgtataat ccaagtctat atacagttga cgtcagaatt attacccccc     54300
     cctgtttatt tttcccccaa tttctgtttt acagagagaa ggtttttttt caacgcattt     54360
     ctaaacatca tagttttaaa aactcatttc taatgattta ttttatcttt gccatgatga     54420
     cagtaaataa tattttacaa gattgttttt aagacacttc tatacaactt agagagacat     54480
     ttaaaggctt aactaggtta attatgttaa ctaggcaagt tagagtaatt tggaaagttg     54540
     ttgtataatg atggtttgct ctgtagatta tcgaaaaaaa atatagctta aagaacccta     54600
     aaatgttttt tttttttttt aatgaaaaac tgcttttatt ctagccgaaa taaaacaaat     54660
     acgactttct ccaggggaaa aattattgtc agacaaactg tgaaaatttc cctgctctgt     54720
     tgaacatcat ttgggatttt ttttttttga aatcaaatgg ggctaataat tctgacttca     54780
     actgtatatt actttttttc ttggtctact tacacattac aaacaatcca agtatacatt     54840
     tgtacaccat tatctgaatt atgcgacaaa ataatcctta gtctagaatt acagtagtaa     54900
     aagggaaaat atatacacag actcaaataa aatagctcag agtatgtaaa agaaaatagt     54960
     cccaccgtct tgatttgctt ctgtagtgca caccaaatga aaaggctata gaaaatggga     55020
     gctggtgtac gatctggctt aacttcaacc aatatcccca tcaaacaact ctgttgaagc     55080
     tctcccctcc aagtacctta aagattccca tattttagaa aattgaagct tcttattctg     55140
     taaatggtgc cgtattttta aatatatata atttgactaa catatcaatg gattgggctg     55200
     cacggtgcca cagcacgttc gcctcacagc aagaaggtct ctggttcgag cctcagctgg     55260
     gtcagttggc atttctttgt tgagtttgca tgttctcccc aagttcgcat gggtttcgac     55320
     cgggtgctcc ggtttcccca agaagtccga agacatgagg tagaggtgaa ttgaataagt     55380
     caaattggcc ttaatgtatg agtgtgaatg agtgtgtatg gatgtttccc agatatgggt     55440
     tgcagctgga agggcatccg ctgcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca tatgctggat aagtttgcgg     55500
     ttcattcctc tgtggcgact tcagattaat aaaaggacaa agccgaaaag aaaatgaatg     55560
     aatgaataaa tggattgaac aattttttat taatatttta caatgaaaat atatacaata     55620
     aatttaaaat tataatatta aaatattatt gaataaatat taaaaactat tttacacaat     55680
     aaattaagaa ttgcaaaaac agtaagatct ggtttctgag ggttctgagg caaggagaag     55740
     aacatttgaa atgttaaaac taataagggt tgacaaatta ataaaattta taaaaaatca     55800
     tttcaaaaac aaactataaa acaatgcatt taaaaatcaa atcaattaaa acatttaaaa     55860
     ctcgattcac tcattcattc attttcttta ctctccctca tttattttga actttgatac     55920
     aatctcctct tcctgtgaca tcatattgag gccccagctc acttcctgct gaaataaatg     55980
     ccgaataagg actgatgata cagactgcca aatgtaggtt tgcacacaca cacacacaca     56040
     cataatacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     56100
     agagtcaaga gagagagaga gcccagatgt tgattgctat tggaggggga gtttaggtta     56160
     accagatgga aagaaaaatt ggataaaaga aatcacagaa acggataaag gaaagaggat     56220
     gagtgaagga ggagggagat ccggatgagc tccactaaga ctctacagac agccatactg     56280
     ttatgggaaa taaataaatt tttaatatga gagctggaac aaggggcaga acagagtgcc     56340
     tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     56400
     tgtgcgctgt gaattattaa tgaagagaaa cacactcaca catactgtac ataaacaatt     56460
     gccctcataa acagatgaca agcaaatgca agtgtgatgg taactaaatc caccagaaag     56520
     gactgtaatc cactgagagc agtataatat taacaaaatg aacaacattg cactcactga     56580
     ccgcatgcaa aagcactttc attagaatgc agatggaaat gcatgtaaat tagcaaaaag     56640
     ggtaacatct ttaaatgttt taacaagagt ttttgaagga ttaaaatgtt gtagtatgta     56700
     cagtttaagt cagaattatt agcccccctt tcaaatgttt ttttttcttt tttaaatatt     56760
     tcccaacaga gcaaagaaat tttcacagta tgtttgataa tattttttct tctggaaaaa     56820
     actcttattt gttttatttc ggctagaata aaagcagctt ttaatttttt aaacaccatt     56880
     ttaaggtaaa aattattagc cccctttaag ctatattttt taatcgatag tctacaaacc     56940
     aaaccattgt tatgtaataa cttgcataat taccctaact tgcctagtta acctaattaa     57000
     actagttaag cctttaaatg tcactttaag ctgtatagaa gtgtcttgaa aaatatctag     57060
     tcaaataata tttactgtca tcatgacaaa gataaaataa attagttatt agaaatgagt     57120
     tattaaaact atgatgttta gaaatgtgtt atgtgtacag aaataagggg gggggggata     57180
     aacaggggag ctaataattc aggggggcta ataagtctga cttcaactgt atataatatt     57240
     ctgactgacc gagttaagat tcaaattatc cactggactt ccagatcaca ttaacacatt     57300
     ctcaccaaaa gttaccgcat gatatctaga atatgttcta tgaaatgcat ctagtataat     57360
     gcaaattagt gtaattcaga ttcagcttaa agggatagtt cacctaaaac tgaagactct     57420
     gtcatccttt aaacatcctt tacttgttct aaacctgttt gactttctat tttctgttag     57480
     acacaaaaat agtttttaaa aatgttggaa aacctgtaac cattaacttt cataacattt     57540
     gttttctttc tatgaaagtc aagagttaca gggttttcaa catttttcaa agtatcttct     57600
     ttggtcttca acagaaaaac gaaactcata aaagtttgga accacataag tgcaactaaa     57660
     ttgaactatt tagtgagcta cctctttaat aacaaaaata atactgcaca tttaataagg     57720
     aaataatgga attagatctg ctcaacctga cgaaagtctt gacactgatc ccagttgtaa     57780
     gagcaaaaat aataacttga cttctagttg attatttaga aaagtggaag gcggcagatt     57840
     tttccaatgt atcatctgtt gaactgcatc cctacaaacc acaggagagg gcaaattcgc     57900
     aacatctcat actttagcct caaagcaaag aaggtcaagc tgctccagga ttggccagcc     57960
     cagtcagcag acatgaacat tattgagaat gtctggggta agatgaagga gaacgcattg     58020
     aagatgaatc caaagattct tgatgaactc tgggagtcct gcaagaacgc tttctttgcc     58080
     attccagatg actttattaa taagatattt aagtcattgc agagatgtat ggatgcagtt     58140
     ctccaagctc atgggaatcg gacacaatat taattcttct tccactgcac catgacttta     58200
     tgctctatac tgtacattat ttctgttaag tgacaagact tttatgaagg caaagtcaga     58260
     ccttactgtc ctaattaaat caatcaaaat caaggcttga tcatatttta tttctgtaaa     58320
     ataagcataa tgtggaggcc tttgccttcc ataagccact tttgatacca aatgatcaat     58380
     ttaaagtcaa gttatgattt gttgtccata aaatgtggat aagcatcaag acttttgtct     58440
     gggagtgttt tgttacagca tcgatatcgt aatgtgtgca tccacacagt ctgtctgtta     58500
     taactctaat tatagttgat caggagctac agaattgtat ttaattactg tattaatatg     58560
     gaatttattt gatttactca aaactagagc tgcatgattc tggcttaaat gagaatcatg     58620
     atttttttgg caaaaataaa gatcatgatt ttctcacgat tctgtagatg taaaataaag     58680
     gttaatatga gtgggctatt attattgttg ttctcaaaca tatggtaaaa cagcaatagg     58740
     ctttgtgtag ctgtattgtt ggctaaaatg ctcaattttg tatatactag gaatggtgga     58800
     cttgaacaga ctttagattt gtcctggtca ttaatgctga tgataattct gatgttgaaa     58860
     tattgtgttt gagacgtatg cttacattct gtcattttct gcttaaaatc tgtcactgac     58920
     gtggttttct tgaatacaga agactgggtg ggtatttttg cattttggat actttttggg     58980
     ctggaatcag tcagctacat ctggcaacac tgtgtgcgct ttcagtttca ttttcactgc     59040
     taagagcggt tcacttcacg cgcggctctc aaacattcac tctgtgccac aaactgaatg     59100
     ttttttacaa tattattacc tgttactagg cccacccgga atgtgcgcac acagaattct     59160
     gcaaattttc cgcagatttc cattgttttt agcccatcat taattctgtt tatttacttg     59220
     agtaaatgag tgtaaatcaa tatttattca gttttttaaa ttaattttag taatattatt     59280
     gactaatgtg aaaatgttca tctgatttat gtacaatgca gtttgtacag taatattttc     59340
     tgtcttttac tatatatatt atatgctaaa cttgctttat ttaccaaaat aaagtgaatc     59400
     taattggatt tgcattttac acattaaaca aaagttaaaa agatattatt tcttatttca     59460
     catattaagg ttttagttat gatactccca aaataattca gtagaaatca gcagattttt     59520
     accgaaattc tcagcagaaa tagcaaaaaa atccgttgat tccgtctggc cctacctgtt     59580
     actcacagcc tatgcagctt tggcttacta aagtagactt cattcagagg cgcacgcccg     59640
     ccctctctct gacggtcagc tcacgtcatg tgtgattttg cagtcgcaaa tacattacat     59700
     gacgacagaa atgacatttt gagataaatt atatcttata aatacagcat gtgactcttt     59760
     caacaccatt tggaggtgtc caagttcctg aacaacgcat gtaaaacaat gtaatgactt     59820
     gtgtggccac cactgcttct ctcctgaact tgaaaatatg attgacagaa tcgtagaaat     59880
     gctggattaa gatcgtctag ggcagtggtt ctcaaactgt ggtatgtgta ccactagtgg     59940
     tacgcaggct tccttctagt ggtacacaag ggaataaaat atgtcatgta catgctacac     60000
     acatttcaaa atttaccaaa aatgatgtat ataatacgcc atatatgaca tatagcctat     60060
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataataa     60120
     aatataatat aatacataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat actgtataat     60180
     ataatataat acaatataat ataatactat ataatataat acaatataat ataatataat     60240
     ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataaaataat atagtataat acaatataat     60300
     ataaaacagt ataatacaat ataatataaa acaatataat ataatataat ataatataat     60360
     ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat acaatataat ataatataat ataaaataat     60420
     atagtataat acaatataat ataaaacaat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat     60480
     ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat acaatataat ataatactat     60540
     ataatataat acaatataat ataatacaat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataaa     60600
     ataatatagt ataatacaat ataatataaa acaatataat ataatataat ataatataat     60660
     ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat atgccacgtt     60720
     ttttttaaat ttgaggagtt gtagctgctt tactgggcct actacatgac tatttcaata     60780
     ctgcttattt tggtggtact tggagcgaca atttatttct gaggtggtac ttgatgaaaa     60840
     aagtttaaga accactagtc tagggggtcg aataaagatc gcaatctttt tacgattact     60900
     tgtgcagctc tactctaaac aatgattttt tgtcttgttt ctagtccaaa tatctacatt     60960
     tcaaagtaaa aacaagatga ttacgtccct cactggcaga tattttagct tgttttgatg     61020
     aaaatctctt aactttgact aatttcttca caaggtgaaa gcaaaacaat atttttttgt     61080
     attgctctaa gatatttgtg gtatttggag tagaaacaag acacgtttgc attgtgatta     61140
     ttcaatttct gtatctgaat aatgttagac tcatcaaaaa ctgtcaaata gagctattca     61200
     aactgtattg atataacaat atttaatgca gaaaaattaa atatggcaat atcagatttt     61260
     tccaatatca tgcatgtctg cagagcaaac atacaactaa atttaaagat tttacgtttc     61320
     tgctgcaata ccatggcatg ctctatgcat atgcaaattg gtgattaaat tataatggat     61380
     gataactaat gtctgcagtg ctaacatgca actaaatgta aagatcttac atttctgccg     61440
     caatatcatg acatgcttta tgcctatgca aactggcaac aaataaacat cacaccagtt     61500
     tattttctat aaagccagtt ttgcaatagc ccactttatg caaacctaag tctctagctt     61560
     tcttgataag gctatcagaa taagccgtca ctacttcaaa aatacactac ttcatcatcg     61620
     tagcaccaaa aatgggcagc gtttcctagt aatgaaagcg ttaacaggaa actgccgaga     61680
     gcgcagctga agaaatgtct gtataaggtt gtagagcagc tgcccttaaa cactaacaag     61740
     tagagtcaag cccactaatc gctctcaaac tcgctctccc tccttcatct cttctccgat     61800
     gccacaaata tgctgcgttc ccccactgtt cacctgcttc ttcagcataa aggaggaagt     61860
     taatggctga atggtcatgg tgtaattaca agggcaagaa acgcagactg gcagatgagt     61920
     gtttaaacaa aagaagagaa gaatgcagac tcgggggact ttaagggtct ttccctcagc     61980
     actgtgtgcc atgttttata gctgtttaga ttggccggca cgtcttgctt gcactgtttt     62040
     aactccatgt gggttttcag taaatttcaa taaacgctca cattcaacag gcaaccaaca     62100
     accaagaatg tatgatcata tggtgtcgag ggtttgcaag caaaaaatgt cattataatg     62160
     gaagacaatt gtgcaaaaac agtcactaac ataaaagata gtcagtttga acaatataca     62220
     agggttaacg gtgcagtagg tgaaagtctc tttgcattcg agaggggtct ggctgcagac     62280
     ctggtgcagt gcaatctggg ctgcatccaa tgctttttaa tgggctcacc taaccccacc     62340
     cctaacccta cccgtcacag tgacattact agctcaattt gagtgcactg tgtctggcat     62400
     tgcatcgctg agtgatgcag tctcagcttg catcataaag gctgcatcca gatactgttg     62460
     ttacattcca atagtaatga ttaaagtgaa tgatctaaat gtgtttatat gtatttttat     62520
     attctgggta aggcataaaa ctatatgttc aaccaattaa taatagttgg gcggataatt     62580
     cccatagttc tgataatagc ccaaactgtg tcaacaaatg ttgatttgta catctgtgca     62640
     ttcttgttca cgcagacaga tctgccattt acgcatccac gtgcacacaa tagagtgaca     62700
     gcggtaaaat caaacactga attaacactt ttttaaatcc tgaatcaata ttggatttac     62760
     ttttgcaagc tggagaaagg gtgacaccac gactgaatta tttctctact ttttttgttt     62820
     taaaactatt ttagtccccc aaagctgatg tagattgtgt tgtcttatga atgagttata     62880
     tgcacaggag tttcagtttc agattttagc cactgacatc ttccggggaa aggttgatgt     62940
     gactattttt agttccataa gggacctttt acaatagggg tcaccaaact tgttcctgga     63000
     gggccggtgt cctgcagatt tcagctccaa ccctaatcaa acacacctga acaagctaat     63060
     caaggtccta tagggtatac ttgaaacacc caggcaggtg tgttgaggca agttggagct     63120
     acaccctgga gggataacgt ccctccagga ccgagattgc tgacccctgt tttacagcat     63180
     tgaatatcta gatttttatt cagtttaaca acagaacatc agtaaatagc gttattccac     63240
     ctagcttgct ttgctaagat gaagttgctt ttttattcaa gttgattcat ttttgaacaa     63300
     tgataacctg tgacgcgctc cctatattgt ctaccatgct tcactgaata ttcgctctga     63360
     aatagcatgc aagtatggct tagtaataag tgtaattgct gcaccctgtg cattaaaaac     63420
     ggatgctaat ttagtgtcat attttgaagc tgaaataaaa atgtttgttt tattatcaag     63480
     cagtccttcc caagaactca ttcgagtcca tttaatattg aaactggagg ggaaaatgca     63540
     tatatacagc tataaaacta aataaagaga ccacttagaa attctcagtt catctgaatt     63600
     tatagttttt catcgtatgt ttttgccctc caaatgtcgt cataaaacca aaaaatgaga     63660
     attagttaaa aataaagaaa aaaaatacag gtttgtattc ttttctagat aacactatac     63720
     taatccagta acttcagact gaaaaccaga atttcaaata taacaaataa aaaaaataaa     63780
     taaataaatt gttattatga caacattttt attcaaaatt tgaaagacat tttactaaaa     63840
     ctatatatat atatattcac tgctacttta tcaggtacac cttagaacca ggtttgatcc     63900
     cttttaactt cagaactgcc gtaatccatc gtgtcataga ttcaacaagg tactggaaaa     63960
     attccttcga gattttggtc tatactaaca tgatagcata gatttgtcag ctgcacatcc     64020
     atgatgcgaa tctccagttt ccccacatcc caaaggtgct ctattggatt gagctctgat     64080
     gactgtggag ggcattagaa ctcattgtca tgttcaagaa accagtctaa gatgatttgc     64140
     gctttatgac atggctggaa gtagccaaca taagatgggt acacagttgt cataaagaga     64200
     tggacatggt cagcaacaat actcaggtag gttgtggcgt tgacacgatg ctcagttgat     64260
     actaatggac ccaaagtgtg ccaaaaaata tctcccacac cattacacca ccaccacacc     64320
     attacaccac caccaccagc ctgaaccatt gatacaaggc aggatggatc catgctttca     64380
     tgttgttcat gccaaattct gaccctacca ttcgaatgtt gcagcagaaa tcaagactca     64440
     acagaccagg caacgttttt acaatctttt atagtcaaat ttgggtgagg ctgtttaaat     64500
     tgtagctcag tttcctgttc taagcaccca gcatggtctt ctgctgttgt agcccacctg     64560
     cctcaaggtt tgacatgttg tgttttcaga gatgctcttc tgcattcctc ggttgtaacg     64620
     agtggttatt tgagttactg ttccctttct atcagctcca accagcctgg ccattctcag     64680
     acctcaggca tcaacatggc atttgtgccg acagaactgg cacttactgg atatcttctc     64740
     ttgttcagac cattttctgt aaaccctaga gatggttgtg catgaaaatc ccagtagata     64800
     aacagtttct gaaatattca gaccagcccg tctggcacca acaaccatcc cacgttcagt     64860
     cacttaaatc acttttcttc cacattctga tgctcagttt gaactgcagc agatcgtctt     64920
     gaccatgtcc atatgcctaa atgcattgag ttgctgccat gtgattggct gattagatat     64980
     ttgcgttaac gagcagttag acaggtgtac ctaataaagt ggtcagttag tgtatattaa     65040
     catttttttt taacacaacc ctaataaatg cagactaagg aattttcaag tgctctcctg     65100
     ttttttacca tatctgtaca tttcagtgtg tgaaactcca gatctgcttt tccattcatg     65160
     taagtgactt gtaatgtgtt ctgagaagct gaaatgttga cacggttaaa ttatagtcat     65220
     gacaaaatga tcattttagt cgagctactg gaaagtggat attacatcaa aacaaagctt     65280
     acagaacaca ttagtgcctg ctagaaattc catttttcaa tccaaatatt tatattttcc     65340
     tctccagtgg tcaacagtaa gcggaatttc aagtgaatcc attgctttag tacatggtta     65400
     tggcacaagg tttctagtaa tgagagtttc agcttacaac ttttaaagtg cagcattaca     65460
     gccacaaagt ttttcattaa ccacatttcc atattaacta aaacacagag cggcattatg     65520
     tgcagccatg ttaaagaaaa gaaaaagtag gtatgttttt ctaaatgatg cttttattct     65580
     gaatatgaag agatattggt tagaggatat gagaatatat gttagatatc agttaaggct     65640
     caaggctgga atttctgtca ttggatcaag cctagttctg gaagagctat cactgttgaa     65700
     caagacaacc acaatgatta tcttagaaaa ttattttttt ctctacagta aaacattaaa     65760
     tatgattttg agctgaagtt agtccttggt gattcataac atattcattt tgctttgcct     65820
     gtacatgttt gtttaactgc cagtaagtag agatgaatca caaagaccac agtttcatct     65880
     taaaaatctt cttcaaaggg ataattcact gaaaaaaaaa ttaaataaaa tatttacttg     65940
     cccttaagtg gtttcttttt tttttttttt tttttgaaca caaaataagt tatttaaatc     66000
     aattttggaa accataacca ttaaaatcca tagtttggtc tatgaaaatt aattactact     66060
     gatttgtaac attttcaaaa tatgtatata ttttttgtgt gttcaacagc agaaagaaac     66120
     tcaaacaggt ttttgacaag tggtggtgaa taaatgaaga cggaatctaa atttctgagt     66180
     gaacttattc ctttaatgct tttctgaata ataacaagtc tgctagatca tggcgggcct     66240
     gagggccagt aaattaggca taggcaatat tgcaaaaaaa atgatcatga tatcatgttt     66300
     caaatcattc gatatcaaca attattgaat attttttaac aatacattta ggaatattag     66360
     gatttttgtt ccttaaccac tttatttaaa tttaccaaca ttactaaggc aaatagtttt     66420
     aatagtcaaa aacatttaaa caaaatatct catctcttca tactaaaata aacataactg     66480
     ttaaggagac tcttaaactt gagaaataaa atgttccaaa gtgtgtgcaa tagtaaagtg     66540
     taaatactga agaatcaaag caaactaaaa aataataata cagtaaacct caaactctgt     66600
     caacaacact aattatgata atcaaatcag agctttcaag taaagaaaac aaccatcatt     66660
     attcaaattc atactgcaac attacaattt atgaagttat gctaaaaaat ctttcagatg     66720
     gggtgctagt ggctgggatg cacaagcaaa gaaaccaaaa agccactctg gcgacatcct     66780
     tacatccttt ctgtatttac aatctcctca ctgctgctat acggcactca tttttaccat     66840
     gtgttgttat tctgacctga agtgactaaa cttattagca ctgctaacga ggcgtgcgca     66900
     cagcagccac atttgaataa aactatagcc cttcataaca aaacaacata ctgaatcttt     66960
     ttttaatcta taatgacaat ggtgtttggt caataaatat cgatactgat tttatcaccc     67020
     agccctactg ctaataatag tttttttggg aagctatgcc tttacattga aagatggtat     67080
     cgtggtaaaa catctggaac ttgctaaaca aaagattaag tacctccatg atgcattcct     67140
     ttggagcaaa ggaccaaagt ttaaaccact caagtttaaa aagataaatt gttcattcga     67200
     agctgaactt tacaacaaaa tctgtggtgt acagaactca gcataattga gtagaccaca     67260
     ttttgaaaat gaatactttt ctccatttct cagtgaatat aggcaatgca ttttggtgca     67320
     tttaaacaaa acagatttat taaacagcta tatttattca aataatattt tagtcaccaa     67380
     acatacagta tttcgaaatt gaaacataat acaattcaat ttaagcaaaa tattgcaaaa     67440
     aaaattacag cttccaaaat tttcacacaa tatttccaat tttttgcttc ccttgatttg     67500
     ttctcttttt taaatttgta tttaatgttt ttatagcata taaattaggg tgtactagtt     67560
     ttaggaccgt tatcgtaaat tatgttacgt aagctccaga tttggcttca gtactgacta     67620
     atctaatgta taagcacaaa tataatatag catatcttcc tattaaaaat atgaacttaa     67680
     aaaatttatt tgtgagggtg tactcataca tgctgagcac tgtatgtcaa agtttaaaaa     67740
     gctttcttgc tttgctctaa ttgcagtaac tttcatctct ttgtttctct tcacacaggt     67800
     ttcagcttgc ctgaagtgct gcaagctaca gctttattaa gtctttctca agaagaaatt     67860
     ctgcatctgg ctagaaagta aactgaacag ttcatctatc tcttctgaga gttaaaaggt     67920
     caaacaaacc gaccccaatt tcatgtgttc ttcccattca acaaataaat aaaaagtcag     67980
     aacaaaatcc ttattttcgt acttttttta acaagaccct aaaaagcgtt aaatttgatg     68040
     gcattgctga gaattcaact atcttaaggg ttcaagagaa cctggagtac ttttattaat     68100
     attttaacag atttgtgtgt gttgagcatc agttaagaca acattagcac ctgtcagctt     68160
     tattgtaaag aaaactagat aatttagagc ttttgacagc taatttcata tcttccgggt     68220
     tcaaggtaaa ttttggggtg aaatcaaaat cagtgacgga gtcatgacat gttggtttct     68280
     cattattatt catagccgag ttatctcatc ctatgagcag accctgcttc ttaattattt     68340
     atgagagcat gtgctttctg aaggcaaggc agccctgcca agctgtgaga cccaatgact     68400
     aggtgagacc gcatctgccc agagcacgtg gaatatgtgt ttgtttacat gatccatggg     68460
     atttgttgca tgttttttcc ttgattctat cagggtcgac aaagcaaagc tattggtttg     68520
     cagtaggcat ttttgtcagg agagctgtaa aagaattgga gaacgttgga ctttgtcttt     68580
     tatcagttga gtttgttacc attcagacac atcgcctata tcagtgctgc tgtgttcacc     68640
     tatgtttaaa attctccaga ttaccggcag ggttaacagt agaaatagac agggcaagag     68700
     gccagctgca cagctatcca ctgtgtctgc attcagaccc ggggattgag aaggtgagaa     68760
     gtagtcctta tttatagtgt ttatataaac atgattatct ttataatgat ataacaaatt     68820
     gtggttattt gtatataaaa ttacgaataa aatatgtagc aggggatcaa attacttact     68880
     gattatttct ttgcatttta actttgaaac tttgtaaact ataaaatcat gggtctcctc     68940
     actgtttgtc tcattttgtg agccgactga cagttgctct gagagggaga ggcagagctc     69000
     cactcccatt atgaagcatt taaaaaaaat tgaggtagag ttgaactgaa aaaggggttt     69060
     catggccctt taaatataaa aaaaaagaac caagcctctg cttttaaaca atttttgagt     69120
     tcatgtttca tctccactgc atatgtttca taaaaagaaa acatttcgac aaaaaagtgg     69180
     tgtattttaa aataaagtaa tacacacaca cacacacaca cactcgcata ccgccacatg     69240
     catgcatgca tctgtttgct tgtggggttt acgaagacac tcatttgtat gtgcgtgtgt     69300
     gtgggtattt atgtctgcat atatatgcgc atatgtatcc tttccttata ccaaaatata     69360
     cctaaaacac aaactgctat aaaaacttgt ctgtggcagt gaagcattgt ctcttaattg     69420
     atttacctca tcaatggtgg ggagagactt gatatattat gcaaaccttt gaatttttac     69480
     tttacttttt gaccaaaatg atgaaataag aatcagtgat ggaaaaattg taagtgtact     69540
     tttgatatca acagttcagt gatgtaacca ctagaattcc tttaaagcta tccagctgaa     69600
     tgcatttttg cagcacaagc tcactggaaa tatgcttttc agcctgtatt attattaaac     69660
     agcaaaaacc taatcttaca gtaggtaaaa tgaatgttac ggggcggtat aatggcaaca     69720
     actcgtgttc ctcttcacac aaatactatt tacagagaca tattatcaac aaaaagaata     69780
     ttatttccat ccagttctat gcaaaacacc aaatcaataa tacaaaacaa cttaactgtg     69840
     tctataattt gtatttgaaa atatttgcca cacctaacta ccttcataac caacttatct     69900
     gatgtggtca gtttgctctg taacttacat tgtacagtgt tgaacttgaa atacagagag     69960
     ctggtgaagc aagcttacac aaaagagatt taagcaatgt taaatcaagg taaagctatg     70020
     tgtaatgtag tccaattttg tcttgtttgc gtttaaaaca ttattggttg gtttaaggaa     70080
     ggctttaggt cagtggtttg ctgtgtctag gttatatgta caagcctcac cttctcgtgg     70140
     acatgaagga tatctttctg gatatctgaa atatacaatg aaatgtaccc caattaacgc     70200
     attttagatt ttttaacatg tatactagtg gattggacat cagaaataag caagaaaacg     70260
     tacccggaac aacatatatt ttaggctaag gggcacgtat ttccaatgag ccagcattta     70320
     tagaccttcg tgaaaaacgt gaagttagtc tctgagtcct tgcggaaaaa tgcggaggaa     70380
     gtcactgcaa acagtatatt cagcaagaaa tactggctat aatgcaggtt aactaagaag     70440
     aatgtcacat tttggaagag cctagtcaaa gtcctgattt aaacccaaat gaaatgctgt     70500
     gaaaggactt ggagagagct tattccatcc aaagaaaacc accaaccgtt ttccacagat     70560
     accagaagaa acttttaggt ttaaatcgct tttccagaca tttatttttg gatcattttg     70620
     cttatgtaaa tataatttag atttttatgt tgaagacaga gaacttggat gatcttagtg     70680
     cactgtaggt caaacttcta caagaaaaaa agtcttaaaa gatactatgt agaacaaact     70740
     ttctgtcatc cttaacttga tttcattttg atccagatcg acacaactgt ctttcgacaa     70800
     agcatgcatt cattcattat ttagactatt tttacacctc aaaatttacg atgggatatt     70860
     gatctctgca ttgacaactt ttgaggttgt tcgatatgca agcggcacgc acatgaacca     70920
     cacgcatttt ccagcctcaa ctatttaaaa aacatctgaa cttttccgaa tgccataagc     70980
     aattaattta agtagaacta accaatctcc ttcatgcatg gtatggaata cacacatttc     71040
     agtaataacg gcagactaat tacctcagac aaacacagcg cactcaaaca ttgcagcggt     71100
     ttttgctttt ctccagagct gtatcatttc tgtatcagag ctgcagcaat gatttgtttg     71160
     tttgtcattc tcctagaaaa tggttgatgg tcacctggtt acaagagagg ggaggcgtaa     71220
     gtgcaaaggc tattgtaaat ggtcaaggaa tccacgcact tgtgcttgtc atttcaggtc     71280
     agaacaacac acatgaaaat gagtacccta tggcagctgt gagggtattg tgaataaaaa     71340
     aggatgtaag gatgtcgcca gagtggcttt ttggtttctt ttcttgtgca tcccagccac     71400
     tagcacccca tctgaaagat ttttttagca taacttcata aattgtagtg ttgcagtatg     71460
     aaccccatct gaaagatttt tttagaatag agggtaatat agtcatccaa cttcacaatt     71520
     tgtaatgttg cagtatgtgt ttgagtaatg atggttggtt tcattacttg aaagctcaga     71580
     tttgattact aatttttgtg ttgttgacag agtttgaggt ctactgtata gttattattc     71640
     aaacccttaa agtttgcttt gattcttcag tatttactct ttactattgc acacactttg     71700
     gaacatttta tttcctaagt ttaagagtct ctttaacact tgtttatttt aatatgaaga     71760
     tatgagatat tttgtttaaa tatttttgct ttcaactttt aaaagttttt gccttagtaa     71820
     tgttggggaa ttaaaataaa gtgattaaat aaataaaaaa atcataatat tccttaaaga     71880
     attgttaaaa atatttaata attatagata tcgaatgata tgacccatga tagaaatgaa     71940
     aaaattagca ataatgccca gcctaactcc aaaacatttt ttaaatgctt cttaaaaatg     72000
     aaataaagtg gctttaatgg ggaaaatctt gttaaagaac attcaaaacg aacttattta     72060
     aagcagtaat tacaataccg tcacacttta accacaatac cgtaaatcca tgatcagaat     72120
     cttaaaccgg cccatgacta tgcagtttaa aaatgtatgt aaaatggaaa acagccataa     72180
     atcctaacct atggacagct gataatttgg atattttgca gcatacggga gcccctcaag     72240
     acgctgcttc ctcaacatta agcaaatgtt ctttgaagca gcaacagaac aaacacattt     72300
     ctcctccttc acctcgctgg ctggcactcc acatggccat atttggccaa tcaaacacgg     72360
     cagcaggttt tcgctcttaa ttccttatac aggttggtgc acatccctcc tgacagatat     72420
     ttgtcctggg agacaaacag tgaaggggaa gtcaaaacga gccagccaat cattcctctc     72480
     cctgttgttc caacacgctc atctacgact ctccaggggc gcttacattc ggcatcaaag     72540
     aggactgagt taaagaacca gaaagaccaa tttaatatga aattcctgga gttaataaca     72600
     cagcaaatgc gattcaatgc tggggatctg tcgaggatga atggtctggt ctggacagac     72660
     ggatatgaac agagctacag ccaaagctgg ggtcaggcac cagacatctc aggacaccag     72720
     accaatttat ttcagaccat ccacatgatt gctgtgcttg acctcagatc ttaacaccga     72780
     gcttaaatga gaagacttgt attgtggtct aattcttatt gctctgaggt catgattaca     72840
     ctttgtatta acttgcattt tcgtcagatg tgctgcccta aatatgtatt aaatgaatat     72900
     tgcataatgg cattatgtca ttaggggcgg caaaatggct cagttgttag cactttttgt     72960
     gtgggcttct tccgggtgct cggttttcct ttacagtcca aagacatgcg atataggtga     73020
     attggattaa cgaaattcgc cgtagtgtac gttaaaagtg gatttaacat aaaacaatta     73080
     agttgtcaca aaaaaaaaat ctagaattgt atagattcag ctcattttaa atatgcagtc     73140
     tgaacaagca gcaaaagatg atttttcaga aatgttacat cctagccatg aacaagaatc     73200
     tgcaatgtgc tagaggagag cagggacaaa agtaccactt ttcaataaag cttgttttta     73260
     aaactagaaa taagacataa atatatatat atatatatgt gtgtatatat atatatgtat     73320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa aatgctgggg ttactaactt ataagtgtga     73380
     tctatcaaca tctggtggta ttttatctat ataaatgtag atcaacatca aaataatttc     73440
     catttaaaca tgaatggcac attcattgtt actttcaatt agggttgtaa caatataccg     73500
     gtatgacggt ttaccacgat ttgaaagtgc acgattatca taccatgaac aattgcatat     73560
     caacggtttt aacccttaaa gaccgagaca gtcgccggcg tcgacagtct cagctttcca     73620
     gtgatgtatc acataacatt cgcggacttt cagaggctcc ggaatcagtg cggttacgtc     73680
     atcaacattt gacaacgctg atttgacaaa gaaacgctcg tcactgtgtc tccggacaaa     73740
     tcagacatga tacattgatg cattgtccct cctccatgcc cagattggtt caaactcgct     73800
     atatcacaac caataagcat aggtttcgct tttgtttgtg gaccaacatg agctttttga     73860
     acaacacgga atgagagata ggctgtacat ttatgcgcgg ctaaataaaa cgcaaaaaaa     73920
     aaaagttttg catgaaataa ttctcatact aagtactttt gcatgcacag cagcacagaa     73980
     acatgacaaa acagtgacac agcaaagacg aactgctgct cttgctgttt tcaaaagacg     74040
     caaatgaaga tgcagctgtt tgtctgcatt gcatacaacc acatccaaat ccatgctggc     74100
     acataaaacc taaggatgtt ccatattgaa tctagtttcg ttatgtaact atttatagta     74160
     tagtaaatat ttatatctat tttttactga ggatttgcac catgtttatt tggactttat     74220
     ttggactttg acacattatt tattattttc ttatttttat ttgttcattg taagtggtgt     74280
     tgtttatagt aactaaaaat atattatttg gaaaaagtct aatttgcttc actgttctat     74340
     tattttgtaa catttgtaac ataccgtata ccgcgaaacc gtcaaaccgt ggtattgttt     74400
     tagacgatta tcataccgtg aaaaattcat accgttacaa ccctactttc aatgaataaa     74460
     aagtaacaca gcggtgggtc aaaagtaaca acaatatata ctagacttac tggcttggtc     74520
     ctgtttattt taaactacaa cctaaatatg acattgttca ttttaaattt cagttctatc     74580
     aacagtaacc caacaataaa cgaataaatg gtgaagtata cgttttatct cattggcaat     74640
     atgcattaac tcaataaaac atttaaatgt aaacgctgca aactcaagag gaagtgaaaa     74700
     ataaggtatg gctattaaca gtgggacaaa aataacagtg ttactttcac catcgtaggg     74760
     actcttgctc atacccgatt cacttttaaa ctcactaact cagacaatgc taacctaagg     74820
     atgtgttata gcactaaata acttgtagat tggtaatcat tgagacacat gaaaagagaa     74880
     agacaacgtg taataagaat aaaaagcacc acagctattt actttctgca cttgataact     74940
     gaaaattaat tggacttaac tgcaggaaaa agtgaggaag tcacatgata gatgtgacat     75000
     ttagaagctt catcaaaggt tgcatgctca aagtgctctc ccgctcaccc ctatttttat     75060
     taaatgtatt ggtattgcaa ctgaaaaaag tgttggatgt aaggtgaagt caaactagca     75120
     aaatttaagc aaccttttcc cctagcaaaa tgtcataaaa gttttttctg ttatcatcag     75180
     tttagttttt tagtgatgaa tcacatgaaa ataactgact tgtgtctgca aaaatgtata     75240
     taaatatggc tgtattttac tttgtaactt ttttcgccgg aaatgactaa aaactaatac     75300
     atttaatttt gaaatgtctt gtaaagtttc ttacagtgaa gagaaaagca ttgggcccta     75360
     tcatacaccc agtgcaataa ggcacaagac gtgtttggca cggtttgttg ctattttcag     75420
     aaaagcgcag ctctaatttt cacgttttgt gccactttgt ttaaatggca aatccatttg     75480
     catcagagtg tgtcggtcta taaaagaggt gtgttaaggc gcattgttgg tgcattgcta     75540
     tttttaggaa ctaaaatagt cttggccact gaccaagtaa aagctgctgt gcagagcacg     75600
     gtagttatac gcatatgcag gtttaatcac ttaatacaca caggatttac agcaatacac     75660
     aaatatcttt acataagaaa aaaataaatg attaaaatgt tacaaaaatt attatttact     75720
     acataaatat aaaaaatcac taccttcatg ccctcttaat ctcggggggc tttttttctg     75780
     tttatgacag tttgcttttt tattataatg ttgttgttgt tattattatt attattagca     75840
     atattattta ttatatgcat gtttatattt gttttaattt aaacaagttt agatttgtca     75900
     tactgttggg ttttgaagac gtctgcatca ttatatgggg cataagaata ggacgcgtgt     75960
     ttggatatat caatccttgt tattattgtt catttatttg cttgctaaaa ttagaactga     76020
     atttagaaat atttttgaaa ctaatttttg tgcttaacaa acgaaatgaa atatgtaggc     76080
     taatggatgc cttcagtgga gtgtgtacaa cactgtttcc ttatcaacaa aagtaaagaa     76140
     gtaaagagta aaagtaaaga gaaagtaaag aggctgaata gtggaggctc attctttatc     76200
     ctcatgctgc agatggtcta actgtttcct cgctagtgaa gtgttcagtt tgtctattta     76260
     gtttttccac ttacaaagtc cgacatgtaa ataacaaatg cacaatggtg ttacgcaatt     76320
     gacttatagg gaacgtgaaa tgcaactctg attggtttaa tgcaggttat gctcaaaaca     76380
     cactcataac tcatcaagag aataagcaca acgctgttag actgtgcgtc gaggcgctga     76440
     acatattttt ccatctttaa aatatcaaaa gaggatttag acatgccctt gatgcttttg     76500
     cgctttagac gttgcgccta gaatgttaaa acagagccca ctatcagtga agacttcaat     76560
     attttaatca catttagaac tctagaatgt gaagcagttt agtgacttct agttcacaca     76620
     tccactcttt cacatgtttt ccaaggctta gaataaaaga taataatgtt gcaaatattg     76680
     ttacacttga gcgattctgc tgaaatattt ggcgaggcgg tggtgcatta ggtagtgctg     76740
     ttgcctcaca gcgagaaggt cgccgagtcg aacctcggct cagttggtgt ttctgtgtag     76800
     agtttgcatg ttctccctgc cttcgcgtgg gtttcctccg gttgctccgg tttcccccac     76860
     agtccaaaga catgcggtac aggtgaattg ggtaggctaa attgtccgta gtgtatgagt     76920
     gtgtgtgtga atgtgagtgt ggatgtttcc cagagatggg ttgcggctgg aagggcatcc     76980
     gctgcgtaaa aaaacttgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt caatgaatga atgttgaaat     77040
     gtcaactttg ccataaaaca aattaagttt tcaccaaaat agcaaaccct ttctaagttt     77100
     cctgtgtagg ctagtatttt agagtactgt aaaaattctc aaaaatgtct ctggtaaatg     77160
     aaatataata gtttgaaaac tttgtcaaag tcacaccaat ggcaatatta cacctgacac     77220
     atccataaca aagctttttc ctcataaatg caaaaatgtc aaatcaatca cttttgttct     77280
     acagagagct gactctcatc cttttgatta gcattttttc ttttgggttt tgcagtttaa     77340
     ttcacataat atctactgta tactgtaaac tcatagactt tcttggccac attcataatg     77400
     catgtttatt ttcctcattt caactatgaa aaatgttcac agattgacat ttttctgatc     77460
     ccgtaatact gtgatgagtt gttttggaaa atatcaacag atgtttcaat ataatgttaa     77520
     cgtttacttt ctatgtgaat ttatgttttg agattttgct gtgaacatca catccataaa     77580
     gctggaatgg ctcatttctt atattttcct tcttaagacc gtaagaccat ctggagcctt     77640
     agccaataat tgtgttttgc ctctatatgt tttttgactc aaagtgccgt tggcttattt     77700
     tcacaatcag caagcattac tgtttactgc aaatatctgc tttaaatatt ctactgagga     77760
     aaaaaaaaaa agttgccaag atcttgtctg gcctgaggtt aagtagaaat ttgacatttt     77820
     tggtgaactg tctctttaaa attcaaccct tgttgatgaa agctcttttt tttctagtgc     77880
     taatttaatg ctattggatt tcttagcatc tgtctagaca ctcggagaca taagatctgt     77940
     tctaataaag actaattcac agactccttt accaccaggt ccattaaacc ccattacagc     78000
     acagctctct ctctctctct ttctctctct ttctctctct ctctcaaact acacagattg     78060
     cacatttaaa acggttgttc tgtgcagaac agctggtttt tatgacatca cagcctgtgc     78120
     gtttgttttg ttgtgtggat tcatatgatg aaagacattt tcaagcaaat tatagtgcta     78180
     taataggtaa aacagaatac attccagttg aattgttata gtttagtggg aaatgctact     78240
     aagagcctat aacctctcgc tgttgaacaa atcgacacaa gccacgccag actccagtga     78300
     ataaatttga ctgtttcaat caggagctcg gttggcacca tgaggcatca gctttcgtgt     78360
     tcagctgttg agtagattag gaggcgcttg gtttcctgaa tatccctatg taaatgtctc     78420
     tgactcaaac tctttttttt gctattccct aagaacacat ttgcaccaaa ccgaaagaaa     78480
     ctccataaat aattgaacat aaattttatg ggcttttttt tactttttac ttttgatttt     78540
     acaactaaaa caagagactt tatcaaactt aattggcctg acaaataaat gacaaatgcc     78600
     cctatagaaa aacttttatc aaactttttt tttacactca ataacaatag ttttcaatgg     78660
     ggatgtatac cgaaatgaaa attctaggct gaaactgata atctaaaccc aacaagcttt     78720
     gcaaaaagta tttaatattt tgttaaataa aataaaaaag tagttttttt aagattctgc     78780
     aaatttaact caacttaaac tacactctat tatagaaaaa caagcctatc tctataagtt     78840
     ttttaagaga aatttcattg aaatgcggtg agaggtgtca ttttaccagt attgccatta     78900
     cagcacagta atgcaattgc aagcagcatt aacaaatata ctacatagaa atcctgtctg     78960
     tggctttttt gtgcagcaca agccattgaa ttaaatagtt tttataatgt ggcactttct     79020
     gtgtccagtg tgaaaattgc tttctcctgc cttttgagtt tattaaatat ttgtccaatt     79080
     tgactgcatg ttcatctacc agtgaaacta tgacctacct gttttcatta gaatattatc     79140
     tgaaatccat aaattgggtt tatctaggga tgcatcgaaa tgaaaattct tggccaaaac     79200
     cgaaatccca aaaaaagagg aaaacaatgg caaaaaccaa aatggaaaca ctgaaataaa     79260
     caatgccatt tatttgtagc taccaataca tttattggta gggtgggggg gttgggtggg     79320
     gtgttgtttt tgtgaacgaa agtgaagagc gagggcgtgg gggggggggg gggttggcac     79380
     tgtcgcggac gagggttgga gagttgcaga caaaagtaaa gagggttggg gagttgtggg     79440
     tgaaagtaaa gagggttggg gagttgcggg cgaaagtaaa gagggttggg gagttgcgga     79500
     caaaaataaa gagggttggt gagttggtgg gtggggtgtt gttgttgtga acgaaagtga     79560
     agagcgaggg cgtggggggg ccattgtcgc ggacgagggt tggagagttg cagacaaaag     79620
     taaagagggt tggggagttg tgggtgaaag taaagagggt tggggagttg cagacaaaaa     79680
     taaagagggt tggtgagttg cagctaaaag tgaagagggt tggggagttg tggacgaaag     79740
     agaagagggt tgggaagttg cggataaaag taaagagggt tgaggagtca cagacgaaag     79800
     tgaagagggt tggggagttg cggacgaaag tgaagagggt tggggagttg cagacaaaag     79860
     taaagagggt tggggagttg cggacaaaag taaagagggt tggggagttg cggacaaaag     79920
     taaagagagt tggggagtca cagacgaaag tgaagagggt tggggagctg cggacaaaag     79980
     taaagagggt tggggagtca cagttgaaag taaagagggt tggggagttg cagacaaaaa     80040
     taaagagggt tggtgagttg cagctaaaag tgaagagggt tggggagttg tggacgaaag     80100
     agaagagggt tgggaagttg cggataaaag taaagagggt tggggagttg tggacgaaag     80160
     agaagagggt tgggaagttg cggataaaag taaagagggt tgaggagtca cagacgaaag     80220
     tgaagagggt tggggagttg cggacgaaag tgaagagggt tgggtagttg cagacaaaag     80280
     taaagagggt tggggagttg cggacaaaag taaagagggt tggggagttg cggacaaaag     80340
     taaagagggt tggggagtca cagacgaaag tgaagagggt tggggagttg cggacaaaag     80400
     taaagagggt tggggagtca cagttgaaag taaagagggt tggggagttg cagacaaaag     80460
     tgaagagggt tggggagtca cagacgaaag taaagagggt tggagagttg cggacaaaag     80520
     taaagagggt tggggagttg cggacaaaaa taaagagggt tggggagttg cagacaaaag     80580
     tgaagagggt tggggagttg cggacaaaag tgaagagggt tggggagttg cagacgaaag     80640
     tgaagagggt tggggagtcg cctgataaaa gtgaacagtg gacgggcgag gagggcacat     80700
     gaaaaggggg atcagtgaaa cgaggttcag gatcctaatc tggcatgttc aaattcagcc     80760
     ttgcatttat ggcaatgact gtgtactcac cctactaaaa tcaaggcata gaaatttcat     80820
     aaattaatat taaagtttta aataataaac cacttacaaa taaaataaaa taaaatctaa     80880
     ctgacatttg agaaagattt gagatagtat ttaaataggg acagtgcata aattataatt     80940
     tttgcacata gtagcttaag ttataaaaga atagcctacc tataacaaaa ttgaggcact     81000
     ttcttgcagg atttcactga acaaattaga catcaagggt gcatgttcct cattctagtg     81060
     cattgagacg agtttttttg ttagtagcat taaatgctga tggattctgc aagcaacttg     81120
     ttgcaattca tgcacctaat cctatccaag ggctgtttca tcaccagcca ttcaaaagca     81180
     atcaagatgg ataatgaacc aatcagcaag tggcgagggc gtgacagagg ctttataaga     81240
     aggccagagg cccagctaag cagtgtgact ggcagaccgc caacagaaca gagactgacg     81300
     acagagagca aatacacaca ccgcagggag cagggcgacc ccaactactg atctaacaag     81360
     attggcctct gggtatcata ttccatttta atacacacag agtattcaga ctctcagctg     81420
     gggaatcttt tatgtaataa taaaattaat ggtgcaaatg tagaaagtct ttcgaggatt     81480
     tccacaattg cgcaatacta taagatacac agatagaggg caacagcagt acattaaaag     81540
     ccttagttac agcttttttc ccttattggt gtgtcaaata tctacagcat tattctatta     81600
     tagcaataaa tatggacaaa gactaaaaaa attaagcatc aaaacaataa aagcttaaga     81660
     gctttaattg catttctcct agacatataa atatgtccca tttgctttcc taagtaattc     81720
     atttgtacat tttatagtcc taaaaatccg gagaacaaga ataattccca ttcgtaggtc     81780
     tttgtttgca ttttcagata aaagcaatcc tccattgaga tcgcatacta aatcatagat     81840
     ttttacgacc agaacatgaa tattttttct ctactgaggc ttatataaat agctcagttg     81900
     ttacaatcag ctttgttgtg cttaagccat acatcgaagc ccattatgct gtcttattat     81960
     ttaagtattc ttctaaacat gctattattg cttaagcaat aggatttgca tgtcgaagta     82020
     cagcccagca tgcaacactg tgaaggcttt gtctcattca aggcacatat tcctcataca     82080
     ttttaagccc tgtgaatgca tatggaggct cagttagatc aatacgcgtt tgagctttca     82140
     atgtctgtga gtgattcatg gttagcacaa gagctgcaat tccaaagatt tacaatgggc     82200
     cagagccata aaaaaatacc aaagagaatc ggaacatgtt gaggcaagaa aggctgtaat     82260
     tacacaaccc cgagtgcgct tcatgacaaa caacagttga aatggaacag ccatttttgg     82320
     tcttgctcat aacacaagac tctatgatga cacacaagtg gtgtgtgaag tcctctccat     82380
     aaagaataat taatgaaagc ccattgaatt attgaaaata aaggaatctt gtgcattagg     82440
     ctctcagtaa atgttgagca gcagtgtcac caaagatagt aaagccattt cgagctactt     82500
     taaaaataat gcagttacct cactaccgaa aaaatgtgat gaaggttttc ggtagagaaa     82560
     tgactgtgca tgtttgtgag aatgaagagg ggaaaaacaa attccttttg aggttttcaa     82620
     tttggaaaaa ggatatgaaa ggccagtgtg gtcaatttct gcaatgcagt tctgatcata     82680
     gctgtgtgaa ttacacttca gaacatctgt caagtccagt tgcatttatt tacacactca     82740
     ctggccacta caagttgctt tagagtttag ggctcaactt gtggcctttt cccttcagaa     82800
     ctgccttaat tctttgtgac agactcagca aggtgctgaa aacagtgttg ccgttgctgc     82860
     caatttgtct gctacaaatc catgatttga attagggcta ggctgataaa tcggtgtcgg     82920
     tatttattga ccaaacacca ttgtcaataa tgctataaaa acagctgacg tatgaagttt     82980
     tggtataaag cactatagtt ttattaaaat gtggctgctg accatgcacc ttggaaggaa     83040
     tgcaaataag cttggggttg tatccaatca ggtgcgcaga ttatgcatgc aaatagggac     83100
     acactcgcat tttcctggca cacctagtta aaaacatctc aacttttcta taggccacaa     83160
     gtagggctgt gcaattaatc aaaaatccga tttcgatttc gattacggct tctaacgatt     83220
     atgaaaaacc attaatcgag ataaacgata attccattat ttaccgcccc cttttcagtt     83280
     atcctcactt gttgctttta aaagcgcgaa agaccgcatg cttatgtgcg tgtgtgtgcg     83340
     gcgcacagac agtcagaagc atgcggtcag catttggtct cattcgcaca ttgcgacgag     83400
     cagagagcac acacatctaa agtcattaac tttagcgctt taatgttcaa ataggtgtta     83460
     aaacgcagtg tttagtgatt attcatatta accctcattt gtgtaataaa caaacgagtt     83520
     gagaatcaaa agacgcgtga aagcgaaacc attaaagaga ctgccgcctg ttttaccacc     83580
     cctctccctc tcctcttgat tgaagaactt ttgtagttaa agtgtttttc ttacagtgaa     83640
     gatgcttaaa gcagtttgtt tcatattttt attttattgt atttatttct ctttcctttg     83700
     cagggtggaa aataactgta tatatgcagt tgaagtcaga attaatagcc ctcttgaata     83760
     ttagcaactc ttttcctccc caatttctgt ttaatggaaa aaagtttttt ttcaacacat     83820
     ttctaaatat aatagtttta ataactcatt tctaataacc gattaatttt atctttgcta     83880
     tgatgacagt acattatatt ttagtagata ttttttaaat acaaacattc aaattcaaag     83940
     tgcgattcaa aggcttaatt agggtaatta ggcaagtcat tgtataacag tagattcttc     84000
     tgcagacaat caaaaatata ttgcctaaag gggctaataa tattgacctt aaaagaggtt     84060
     tcaaaatgtt taaatctgct tttactctag ccaaaacaaa acaaataacc ctttcattag     84120
     agcaaatact gttcaaattc gttactctgt taaacataat ttgggaaata tttattttta     84180
     aataaattct caggagtgct aaaagttttg gcttcaacta ataatcgttt ggaaaaatct     84240
     tgattacaat tatgaccaaa ataatcgtga ttatgatttt taccaaaatc gagcagccct     84300
     agccacaagt gaaactattt cattcattta ttcattttct ttttggcttg gtctctttat     84360
     taatctgagg tcgccacagc gaaatgacaa cttatccagc acgtttttat acagcagata     84420
     cccttccagc caatttatgc aagtagaact taccaatctg cttcacactt tgtatggaat     84480
     atacacattt cggtaataat ggtagactaa ttacctcaga caaacacagc gcacacaaac     84540
     actgcagtgc ttttaatttt cttcataaat aaaaactttg aaacagcaac aacggtttgt     84600
     ctgtatttca tcctcggaga aaatggttga cggttgaata gttaccacag atgccaggga     84660
     ggcacgagtg caaagtgcac taaaaatggt gaaggattct acgcgcttgc actttccacc     84720
     tgtattagac gcaatatgtg aatagactct ggttgggttg catcatcgcc acctcaggtc     84780
     agaatcacaa cacgcgtgaa aatgagtgtg gtggctaaca gcagtgaggg gattgtaaat     84840
     aaaaaaaagg atgcaaggat gtcgccagag tggctttttg gtttcttttc ttgtgcatcc     84900
     cagccactag caccccatct gaacattttt ttagcaaagg gggtaatcta tcattactgt     84960
     atcattattg tcgacatctt ccagatattg atctacctta aagtgtgctt tgattgttca     85020
     gcatttaaac tttaccattg cacacacttt gtaacatttt atttattaag tttaagagtc     85080
     tgttatgttt atttattgtt tatttattta tttatttatt tttgtttgtt tttgaagtgg     85140
     tgaaataatt ttaaaatcct aatattccta aatggattgt aaaaacaaat ttaataaatc     85200
     gttatgtttt taacaacgga tggcactcaa ggctagtttt tagccataca ctcttaacac     85260
     tcacaagtaa gagcctctga gttggtgtaa ttttattgta cagtcatgca agttgacttt     85320
     tatgtaacaa gattaatgta aacacaactc actatagttt atactactta caatcttgta     85380
     atttgcttaa acctttccta ggtttattaa tgattatttg atttggtatt tgtaagaaaa     85440
     ctggatgcga gcagagtatg gctgtttgta aagcataaag tgccatctgg tgttaaaaac     85500
     tgaactcaga atagattcaa gacagagtag agatgcattt ggaaaatctc agaattgatg     85560
     cagaatcgat ttctcaaaca acaaagtcct actggtgtca ttgagaccaa ttgagtgtag     85620
     tcagtcaagt tattttacct ttcattccag actgtatcaa agcagtttta tgctcacacc     85680
     agatgcagat gaaagtcaat gcaaagacac gaacagacat catgtagcac aattcgtgca     85740
     aatgagtcag cgcaaatgac gtgatttgcg cgaatcactc gagttggaaa atctgaagtt     85800
     cagcagacat tcacaccgcg ttaaccaatc atgagcttgc tcttgtaggg gagtgattat     85860
     gatgcagcgc ctgttgttgg tgtcctgaag ggaaatcctc ttgccgacat cgcacaacag     85920
     ctcatcaatc agggcttggc tcagtctaaa gcaccgctga cagcctccat cacacccagg     85980
     tgtagactct ggaggagttg atgaactcac agagctggtg taacctctga aagaatctag     86040
     tgcactcaga cacggtgctg aatgaatgta tgctcttttt cagccttcct aaagcacata     86100
     aaacagctac tattccaata caatccatgt aagccattta gcaacgaagc tagagtcaac     86160
     aggaatagag aagccccacc catgatgcca atccacgtct attgtgaagt gaatttgacg     86220
     ggggtaagaa gtgagttaac tcaaaatatt cgcatgtcta ttcatgtgtg aataatcgca     86280
     atttatattg ttatatttat attgccacgt ctgttgtggg atgtctatcc catcacagac     86340
     ctagcgcaat gttgttggat tttttttttt tattttagac caccttttag ctgatcaatg     86400
     ccgcaaatgt gtttaattct gttatttgaa gagtgagtta gtaatatgcg cctacaggca     86460
     ggtgaaaatg cacatacact tggcttataa catacgcagg atcttcagca gcacacaaac     86520
     atggcaaata ttaaatatga aaggattaca atgtaatccg gattgtcacc tagataatct     86580
     gtttctgcgc agatccgttt tctatctgga gaagtgttcg gtctttgagc ttgcaaattc     86640
     tgctgattct accatgatgt gagcacaact ggcttttaaa gcaaacagaa cattagactt     86700
     tgattggttt gtaacattaa cgctgaaaac acccgaatga cgtaagagaa tcgggagaac     86760
     tatttagaca ggggtgcccg aacttttttg catggagggc gatcaccgag taaaatataa     86820
     atcgagataa atacaccaaa ttcttttaca ttaaagttgc cattggtaat ttcctaattt     86880
     atattatttt tcataatatt aaaaaataaa tagaaacttt actttgaatc gcattaacta     86940
     atgcagtaga tgttttataa ctgtagttta ttccaataaa aacataaaca atcatattta     87000
     taaaacagtg gagttcaatg ctgaatacac tagtcaagcc gaatctgcct ttgccttgat     87060
     tcactcatca aagtctctgc attattttta aatcttctgc atcagttgta cattttaaac     87120
     taaatctgat taatttacac catttaaatt gaaacattta atttcagata gctttgtgta     87180
     gcttaacaat aaaacaaaca aataaaaggg tacattaaat ttgaaattac aatctctaaa     87240
     ccaggggtca ccaatctagg ttttgaaggg ctggtgtccc tgcagggttt tgctccaact     87300
     tgcctcaaca catctccctg gatgtttcaa gcttacctag taagactagg ggtgtcaaaa     87360
     ttaattgttt tttcagtgca cagcgatgca gacgcagaca attcagtatt ggttcagtaa     87420
     taatcataac cgattattat gtactgacgt catatatctc acatgcactc tgtcgtgagg     87480
     gaggtgagtg cgggtattta caacactcca ggagccaatt cagggccggc ccgtggcata     87540
     ggcagtatag gcaaatgcta agggtggtgt acatccaggg ggggatgtca ttcacacaca     87600
     tacctatgtt tgagtatgtg tgtgaatgag agacagtgtg gtgctatgta tctgtgtgtt     87660
     tatacagaca tcttgttata gcctcccccc caaaatataa cgctatggaa agcatcgtaa     87720
     atgcaccgtg atacaccgag atatcgaatt aagccggatc gatgacacaa taatcgtaac     87780
     cgaaccgaac cgtgagacca gtataggttc acacctctaa gtaagacctt gattagcttg     87840
     ttcaggtgtg tttgattagg attggagcta aaatctgcag gacaccggcc ctccatgaac     87900
     aagtttggta acccctgctc taaaccattc tcatggcacg ccaaatccaa tgttaccatg     87960
     ggccaactct ggcccgtagg cccaagtttg ggcatctttg atttagacca tgcacctggt     88020
     gcatcaacca tttttcccat cattaaacta taacaaaagt agacatattt tgagtgcgct     88080
     tgcacagtgc actttaggca gaaaacagac agatgcattt tcattaatgt gtaataagtt     88140
     caaaacatca agcagtttca gaaacaatgc tatttttcct ctatgagatt cttttactct     88200
     agggcagctc tggcaggcca atggctaccc aaaccacatc attctgcgaa aatgaagaaa     88260
     aaaaactata atatagtgat atagtgaaca atctattgaa ctcactatgg tgttccagaa     88320
     atcagtttga gatgatttga gctttgtgat atgaagtatt atgcagcttt gcgtagtcac     88380
     aacaagacgg ggacaatgtg gtcataaaga gaaggacatt gtcaccaata acaacggaca     88440
     aggttgtacc acttaaacaa cactaatgga gggggggcac aaagtgtgtc aagaaaatat     88500
     cacatcatga aaccacatcc aacttttctg gcatatgttt tacgcagcag atggcttttt     88560
     aagccgcaac ccagtactgg gaaacacctt taaactctcg cattcacact cttgcactat     88620
     ggccaattgt gtttacctat tcacaaatgt atatggactt tggaggaagc aagagcacca     88680
     ggaggaaatc cacgcgaaca cgagaagaac atgtaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactca     88740
     cccagcctgg actcgaacca gtgaccttct tgctttgagg tgacagtgct aactgagtca     88800
     ccgtgtcgcc gcaccgccaa tacactttaa atgaaaccga agaatggact gaaatggcat     88860
     cactacaaat aacattggtc aactgtgact gcacaaaagg tgggcgtatt ctggatctcc     88920
     gttcgatgtg agattgattg ctaagatatt ttaaggactt ggaaccacca gtctggccat     88980
     tctcctctga gatcaacatg gtgttttcat ccacattgac gctctttgaa tggttgtttg     89040
     taaagacagt aatgttatta ttctgctttt ctttagtcac cagctaatca caatcatata     89100
     ttcaacacag ctgtgctgta tatcattaca gctgttttaa ggttcatgtc cctttaatag     89160
     tctttcctgg cagcgactac ttccaacaaa tgtacttcag taagaattta cattcagaca     89220
     tgtccactta gggttgatga agaccaaatg atacacagca tttcacctta atctgaccct     89280
     ttcccatggt ggataacagc tgaaaatgat ataatctgtc attaaatcat ccctcatcag     89340
     ccaaagtttg ccagctaaat atgcacacta ctttttcaat atttaccata aacatatcta     89400
     agttgaatgt ttctattcta attcagatta aaacttttag tttttttttt aatccctgtc     89460
     ttgttgttta attgaaaaac atatattttt ccaagcccct ttaatgtaat ttaaggtttc     89520
     cgcatcagcc ctcatcttaa tgttctgctt ttatccagca ctaaagtgca tttctgtgct     89580
     cttaagcatt aaggatttgc attaactgaa ttgtaattga gccgaggcat ttaatacaaa     89640
     caataagtgc acttccattc tagtcacact ggttatgaag caactttcca acaatataga     89700
     tatattctgc atcaaatgat cccttacccc aaagtgcaca ccattgcatg tagacaacac     89760
     tgtacttgct gatccagcct gatctcacga ggaaacggat gtattttacg ttttgtcagt     89820
     ttagtggcta atttgtacga atttgtatga gttgagtagt acgaaaatgt acgattttaa     89880
     aaaggaggcg tggcacccaa ccccacccct aactgtcatt gggtgatgag catgaccata     89940
     tatgaattag taggggtgtc aaaattaatc gtttcttcgg tgcactccga tgcagacgcg     90000
     gacgattcgg tatcggttca gtaataatca taaccggttt ttactgacgt catttacctc     90060
     atatgcgctc tgtcgcgagg gaggcgatcg cgagtattta cagcgcttta acaactaaaa     90120
     ctcataactg tgcacaattt tactgtgtgt gtttgctgga tcagttttct actgacatat     90180
     acaacaatag cccctatttc actgagatcg agagaatgaa agtagcctac tacatttctc     90240
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc acacacacac agtggcccat ttgacctgct     90300
     ggcgtggctt ttcttctctt ctcggctgtt ttacagcgtt acttttgcat acaaaaagga     90360
     gcgcatgtct gcagagtttt ctccaccgtg tctatcatac atcagctgtg agatcgtcgc     90420
     tgccgcctga cgcttatcag tatcactcat ctgtgaagag cgcagcgcgc aagagccaat     90480
     cacaactgtt tttttgatgg tgtgaccaat caaagaggtg taagagaact agacaaggat     90540
     cagaaagtga gctggatatt tatatttgtt tatattattt gctaaatgct tgttttgttt     90600
     aatgttacag tttatatatc tgactgtttg tattaaatga caaaattgta ttacaaatag     90660
     tatataaata taaatatatt catacatttt aatacaagaa atgctgctgt gaagaaatac     90720
     taaactgtgt atggaaagca ccgtcaatgc accgtgatgc accgaaatat tgaattgaac     90780
     cgaatcgatg gcatgataat cgtaaccgaa cagaaccgtg agactagtgt aggttcacag     90840
     ctctatgaat tagaattagt attcatacaa attagccact aaatcaaaaa gttacgaatt     90900
     gccgtgagct tgcgttgact gctctggcaa taatacttcc aaagcattag tgagcagtgg     90960
     ggttgaaacc aactagtcaa attgaattct ctgccatggc gttttttgat ttatgtcaac     91020
     tagtcgtgct gcgcagatca catggttttt gacctgaact atatggcagc cttacacacg     91080
     aatgaaggtt cactgaatga aactgccctt gcattacaaa aattaattag ctatttttat     91140
     atgtcagcgt atcaaaatat ttgtatcttg tgttttattg atgacatcac cagtgactag     91200
     tagacgtcga ctttaagaac ataaaatttg atttccaaaa atcttgttta gccccaagtt     91260
     tctatgttcc actgtatcca gttttttacc agtgttttgg gtttaagcca gaaatgtgtg     91320
     caatgctact gtagaaattg ctcaaactca cactcactca aggaaaaaag ggtggaaact     91380
     gaatcataaa ctaaacacta aaacaaaagt atccttctgg gtgctttgca ctggactcaa     91440
     cagtttgaca aatagtatgt gacaggctac accttgtgac ttaccttgtg cactcaatac     91500
     agacgtattg tttggcctta aggcataaaa tctgctcagg gtttatcaat gcattcgaca     91560
     atgttcaatc aacacaaaaa ctcagaggat ttgttatccc cacatatgat cgatatacat     91620
     ttctccagac acctcaatca tcacaaataa tacagtgagt agacctatta aaacatgcca     91680
     tctattatgt tgccattatc tataaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     91740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatatata tatatatata     91800
     tatatatata catacataca tacatacata catacatata tatacataca tatatataca     91860
     tatatacata catatatata tatatataca catacatata tatatataca catacatata     91920
     tatttatata aatacatata tatacatata tatacatgca tacatacaca tatatatata     91980
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacacaca cacacataca tacatacata     92040
     catacataca tatatatata tatatatgta tacacacaca cacatacata catacatata     92100
     tatatatata tgtatatata tagtatatat atatagtata tatatagtat acgactggtc     92160
     tgaactacag agtcaagact acaactagat agtcagtaca ttcgctggca agtgccagtc     92220
     ccaacatatt ttccatgtca tgtcaaaaag cttaaattgc caaatatgta aacatagttt     92280
     taatatgggt aatgtctaaa tacccacttt ataggcttga gagtgtgtgc atgcaacagg     92340
     aagtgctcaa gacaccaaag tgtaatgccc ctaaacacac accacacacc aagcacatct     92400
     cgtcataatt tctgttcacc gatatagcaa tataaaagaa aaccttcctc tgcaagtaaa     92460
     gtcaataaga tattattaca gtcacacttt attagaacgt ttaattctcg acattaacaa     92520
     atcatttaca aagcattaac taagacttgc agttcataat acaactaatt agctgctttt     92580
     taatagttag taaggtaata gtttggttta agtattggta ggattaagga tgtaaaataa     92640
     gatcaatctt tataagtgtg aacgaacaag taaaagcttt ataaaaagca ggtaataagc     92700
     cagtagtaaa tggtgtgaat tgctacttaa agtgttaccg gtcacacttt acaataaggt     92760
     tcattagtta atgttattta atgcatttac taacataaac aaacaataaa ccatacattt     92820
     actacggtat ttgttcatgt tagttaaagt tagttaatga aaatacagtt gttcattgtt     92880
     agttcatgtt aactgatggt gcattaacta atgttaacaa gcatgtactt ggatgttaat     92940
     aatgcattag taaatgttca attatgatta ataaatgctg tacatgtgtt gttcatgatt     93000
     agttcatgtt agtaaacgca ttatctaatg aaccttattg taaagtgtta ccgcgttacc     93060
     gataatacat atgatttgga agtaaaacat ttagtgttgt aaacttgatt cgtgttaagg     93120
     tgtacactac atgacataag ccttgtcatc gaccccagtt gtaagagcaa caaataataa     93180
     cttgacttct agttgatcat ttagtaaagt ggcagacggt agatcatctc ttgaactgca     93240
     tctcaatcat cacatatact acaaaagact actggaaccc acttggaccc aagattctca     93300
     acgaaatcag tcaagtttgg tgaaggaaaa atcatggttt ggggtaacat acagtatggg     93360
     ggtgtgcgaa agatctgcag agtggatggc agcatcaaca gccagaggta taaagacatt     93420
     tgtgcttccc attacatttc aaaccacagg agagagcaaa gttttcagca ggataacgct     93480
     ccttctcata cttcagcctc cacatcaaag tccctgaaag caaagaaggt caaggtgctc     93540
     caagattggt aaagcccagt caccagaaat taacattatt gagcatgtct ggggtgagat     93600
     aaagtaggag gcattgaaga tgtattcaaa gagtcttgtt gaactctggg agtgctgcaa     93660
     gaacgctttc tttgtaattc cagatgactt tattaagtta tttgagtcat tgcagagatg     93720
     tgtgcagggc ttgaaattac gaccattttt gttgcatatg cgcccgaaat tttatctata     93780
     tgacctcaaa atatatttgg gagcatttct gcgagtgctt aaaattgttg tgtgcgacca     93840
     gtttttactg caaacagttc agcacatgcg cggattcggg agacattcac gcagaatgca     93900
     tctctaagcc cctttcacac atacagacct ttgaaaggtt gtacgtgtga acatttcctt     93960
     tttgaaaata cgggtaaatt cgttctggct attttccaga aagagaagtt gtaacattac     94020
     ctgcaatttg ccggaatgct gtgctgtgtg aatgcagaag gaagattccc gtaataagtg     94080
     cgtgcacgtc tagaacgtgc tgacgtgaga cgtctgcttt agccaatcac aacagtcaga     94140
     cgcatttacg tccgcgcggt ttgtgagaat aaaaaccttt gaatattttt ccagacacat     94200
     ttagctgcta gaagttagtc agatcacgtt tatatgttct tcttaatacc aactgtgtaa     94260
     ataatcatcg atgagatgct tatgataagc ctttgtttgt ttacctttaa gctttgcgtg     94320
     tgcctgtgaa acagcctgtg agcacctgca cacgcacata ttatgaacat ctcgacatga     94380
     gaaagtgatc ctgcgaaagt tgttcacaat attgatcatc cacagagttt gtaatttagt     94440
     caaatgttta caaatacaag cgcagccgtt taaagctcat ttgtggtgaa tgatgtcaga     94500
     atttaccgtt attttggaat ggatgtgtga atgctctttt ccggaaaatg tccgtactgt     94560
     cctcgcctgt gtgaacagcg cttttttgaa tataccggta aagtcgttcc ggaaattttc     94620
     cagatattta ccggtatcac tgtgtgaaag gggcttttgt ctgcacttga aacgcgaaac     94680
     gcagcgctca ggaatggttt aaaacagttg tcatgtcaac ttgctacagt aaacaaagcc     94740
     aagtccgtaa tgcttgcccc gccttcgcgc tcttcttatt ggcccaccgc tgctctaaca     94800
     ctgaacgcga atgattggtt aatatcagct gtcaatcact cagtcagtgc cttcttgctt     94860
     gggatgagag ggagagctac taccgtgaaa aattgtaaag cgctgaagat gagaatgaag     94920
     ataacactga cagattttgt tttagaaacc atggcatcta aagttacaaa taatgacaca     94980
     tcttagtgac catgtgctga atgttaatcc accatctaca cttttccaag agtggataaa     95040
     agacttccat tggcttcaag tccgctatga aaagtctgtg gggtggaatt ttcaggtaac     95100
     tgtttgccac atctagcacg agagcttctg tttaatcttt atataattgc cagatgctgt     95160
     ccgccgtgca aggggcagct atatgtcaaa tctaacacca tgtacaccat cgtaaacggg     95220
     cttgcactga gtaaactaat atcgctactc atgaaaagac cggtattact ataaacatga     95280
     cgtataataa ggtacagtac atgtcaaaag catcagtgca atatcagaca ccactcacga     95340
     gaacagtaca gttatatcat taacagagtc attcaagcag tgtgtgcagg gccggtgagc     95400
     gcttcgtgta tcttttggtc actcagttcc gttataaaaa tgtattttct tgtgataacg     95460
     ggatttcgtt gagacatatt ttcctcacgc tttttttttt atatttgctt gttagtttga     95520
     ttagtgttga tttcaaatgc aataaatctg tttgtataaa acttgtagta acggtgctta     95580
     taattggtgg gtgcgactaa attttggctg atgcgcctac atttttaaag ttaggagcac     95640
     cggtgctacc aagctaaaag gttaatttcg agccctgtgt atggatgcag tcctccaagc     95700
     taatgggagt cggacacaat attaattaat gactttaaat tctatactgt acattatttc     95760
     tgttaagtga caagactttt gtctaagcaa agtcagacct tactgtccta ataaatagtt     95820
     aaaaactact gatattttat tttggtaaaa taagtgtaat ctaggggcct ttgcctttca     95880
     tataagccac ttatgtaatt agaagcacca caactgctat gttattcaaa ctactgaaaa     95940
     tcagcagttt tatgttttgt taaaatcccc attacaaatc ccatcagtca ccatgctttc     96000
     tccagcaatt aaaacacatt tcagtttatc actttgtttt cctctatcgt ttcgatatgt     96060
     aatggtctgt aaccacccag gatcatgaga aattaaatac tggcagcaga aggggccgcg     96120
     atgtagcatc tggcatgggg cgcaaagcca ccagtgccac cctaaagccc tttagactgg     96180
     agaagcactg gagtggaagt catttagata aagacatgct gggcgagtcc ctcacagtca     96240
     tcagtctgat aacagcagtg aatcacagag ctgccattaa tcagacacac acttccagga     96300
     cgacagtgac aaaaatacac acaggagcaa accggaatgc ttaaactgca agtgtggaaa     96360
     agccagaagc ggaccacctg tgtgcttgtg tttttatatc atattgaggg gagtcatttt     96420
     ggctccagca ggaacaaata atgatgtttt caagttaaaa aaaaatgtgt ctagcagtgc     96480
     tcagacaaaa cagacagtac tgactcactc cagtcacaac acacaactac actttgtttc     96540
     acagccttta ataacaaaat cctcatcatc tagtcttgct tgggatgtgt ccagcgccac     96600
     atttttacat tactttttca gtaattactc aaaattgtta aaaagcacaa ctgctgaggt     96660
     gctatttaca taacgttgtc agacaaaaac tggaaaaatt gtttatgggt tttgtctgtt     96720
     gatcgcttaa agtcatcagt ataattcaaa ctaaatcaaa gaacaaactg agattacatc     96780
     atttttaggg ataacccgat caaatttttt ttgccctcga gtcagagtca attgattttg     96840
     agtatttacc gatactgaaa cccgatccga tacttcgtat ccgcacctgt ataattactc     96900
     ataaagagat tttaaagatt caaaggtggt cacacagcac acaagaagcc caccttgtca     96960
     tgccacatct ttgctatgag ttagcgcaca gatggcacca tttggtgtct gtccacagca     97020
     aaaagaaaag aagtgatgtg ccgatgtggc acttcttgtg gagaaggggg tttttatgac     97080
     tcccagttgt ttataaaact gttcttctca tttgccattg ttgtgtttaa ggggtacaca     97140
     tgagcagaag aacacagtta caacaccacc tattgtagca cgggaatcct ggagtgttta     97200
     aaaacagtat atcagcaact caaccgtttc aaatttgatt tgacctcaaa ctaagaatga     97260
     aaaataattt agtttgcctc aatagtcatg acattgtatc tactgcactt taaaacctaa     97320
     aacactaggt ttctaagtat atagttaagt aattcaaaaa atttggatca acagattaaa     97380
     aagtagcgcc acactctaca aagagccatg tgccagactt ccatctatga atattaaact     97440
     gtaaaagact gcattgtaaa aaggagatct gcctgttttt gtgtgtctct gtgtagttat     97500
     gtttacgata cacacatact cagacaggca taacacttgt ttcagtttta ctgggttttt     97560
     caatttttca tttatataat gcttgttatc agcttctgct gcctcacact atatgaggac     97620
     atgagcacat gaactttagc tgcagggctg ctctgaattc acattcccaa cctaatctca     97680
     ggagaaaacc caaatgtttt aagagttggc aatttcacat ttggtggcat ggtagctcag     97740
     tggttagcac cgtcgccctc gcagcaataa ggccactggt tcgagtactg gcattctgtt     97800
     caagttggtt tcctccaggt gatttggttt cccccacaac tcaaagacat gtggcatagg     97860
     tgaattgagt aagcaaaatt ggctgtatag tatatgagtg tgtgtgtgtg aatgcgagtg     97920
     tatgggtgtt tccaagtact tggttgtggc taaaagggca tctgctgcgt aaaaccatac     97980
     ctgtcaaccc tcctgttttt cccaggattc tcccgtattt tatagttcta tcatcccgtg     98040
     gaggtatttt cctgtatttt tttaatcttt ctatgaaggg gggcaataaa catcaaagag     98100
     ttgatcctcc ttatacacaa cccataccac cgaaccacca gggggcgctc cctgctctta     98160
     catgagaatc tgttctgtgc tttcatttta gttaggcatg aaaactttga aaataatata     98220
     aaaatataaa tattcattac aagcgctgtt gcccctatgc aatcctcaaa acagtaagtt     98280
     catgtagcgg tgcgtgactg tgagatgctc cataatgata aacatacgca gtttgctaaa     98340
     tagattctgt acaaacattt agaagtggag tgaatacttt gggttttggg tgggtgtttg     98400
     aacagacata tacacaaaat aataataata ataataacaa taataataac atctaaagct     98460
     gtcgatcttg ataggttttc ttttaaacac aacacatttt gtcttaaatg agcataaaca     98520
     gttgagaaag caatgaaacg ctttcatcat agatctgtgc gtttttaaag tgacacctct     98580
     gttatttaat ataatcaaat gaaacaatta aatgagagct tcattcgctg ctctttagca     98640
     gaatgtttaa gttatacagt gaagaaaaga taaatgagat ttttatcctt tatttttaca     98700
     tcccagtgtt tatgtattgt aaaacatatg ctgaaattgt tggcggttta ttccgctgtg     98760
     gtcactcctg ataaataagc cgaaagaaat ttaataaatg aatgattttc acattgtaca     98820
     gtttctacac aaacaaatgc atgaaggtcc accaaaactc ttgcattagt gtaaaattga     98880
     aatcagactg ctttcctcag cgaagaaaag cttcataaga tttgataact tgattcaatt     98940
     tctttataat agctattaat tttaattggc taaacggttt gctaatttat ttgcagcttt     99000
     ttctaaagta ctatttatga tatcctgtgt aaataataat aattatagta atttggggat     99060
     atggtttttt tttcttgggg ggttatccct tatttttaca tcccaatgtt gacagatatg     99120
     gtaacacata tggtgaaaca gttggcggtt cattccactg tggtcacccc tgataaataa     99180
     gggactaagc cgaaagaaaa tgaatgaatg aatttcacat tgtctacaca aggtccacca     99240
     aaatctccac acaagtgtac aattggaatg atactgattt gtcaccaaca gtactgacga     99300
     ccagccataa tattacgtcg acattttacc atttcaataa taaaactact ttctgatgtg     99360
     ttaactcact acaaccaaac aaaacttaaa tttggtttac cactgtaaaa aaagttacaa     99420
     tttgaaggca acaaacttta ggacatttga gttgactcaa ctttcaaccc tattattgca     99480
     cttgacttga tttaagctga gtaaactcaa atatcctgaa gtttgttgcc ttaaaatttt     99540
     aggttgagtc gacttttttt aacagtgtac atctcaacac aattgcaaaa acacagaaac     99600
     cagaaacaaa ttaaaaagct gtattgattc agttgatgtt acattatcat ttaaaattat     99660
     aataatctac tgaaatgtaa ttcagaaata ctcaaaggta tttgttgtgt aaaaaaatat     99720
     ttcagttatg taataaatca tcttgggctt gcagtctgct cagagctacc agtaaattgc     99780
     atacttcatc tctaaaaaaa gagaagtgtg cacccaaccc tggaactttg attgttcatc     99840
     tttttcattt taacccagag actgactgaa ggtcaatgac tttagcctaa gttcccacga     99900
     attcaacact ggacttccca aaccgcatgc agtttgagaa gccattgtag catttggtgg     99960
     cctggcgaaa ttcaaaacga ggcgctaaac gctccgctgc gttctggtct tgacgtccct    100020
     ctacatgaca gcacaataaa ctagtaaatg tgacaacatt ccattcttca cctattatgc    100080
     aagcagaccc gacacagcaa actcacgcca ctgaccccag agcctcttgc ttgaacccag    100140
     caaacctccc taagccaaac ttcctgtgtg tcacaatgtc aacatcaagc atgctgtccg    100200
     ataacatcgc tgaattgaaa tttgcactta aatgaatagc tgaagtttta gagcctctgc    100260
     ttatttaaac attttcattt tggggtgaga caggcctaag agatacgctg acaaaaaaaa    100320
     aaaaacctgt cacgcaggtt gctgttgttg tttacatagc aaaatgagtg atttaaattc    100380
     tcaagttgtt ggaagagctc gtctgtgttg gcatttccct cttttaaaca atgtgtcaac    100440
     tttatagagc ttagaaaggc tttgtgccaa tgacattctt gcaattattt gttgaatatc    100500
     aagaagtgca ttgttgttac ttcatataat tgtcactgaa aataaaatat ttgcattgtg    100560
     catcaacata ttaaaacaat aaaagtataa caccgcataa atatcccccc ttacattaga    100620
     atgagtaccg ttgtattaat attatgagca aaagaataat gactctcttt cttaccacga    100680
     tttacacaag acatcgtata ttaaatatcc caatgtaaaa gtagattaaa taccaaaata    100740
     atagcagcta tatttagaaa aaaatcattt gctgacaaag taaaagacta tttaaggacc    100800
     acaaaatatg aattaatgtg atttttagtg tttgctactt tcctttaaac cactacattt    100860
     ttattaattc aaatataaat gtacaaaatt aagagaccat tttggaaatt cttagtttct    100920
     ttggatttac aatttacact tgtgtgcttg ggtaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa attagttttt    100980
     ttctgcaaac tactgatgac ttaaaggtgc agtaggtgat tttcttcaga aacagtttga    101040
     gttgtgctaa ttgaaagtct cttcacattc caatagtaat gacttcagta aataatctaa    101100
     atgtatttat atatattttt atattctggg taaggccaaa aactaaaaaa tgttggtcca    101160
     attaaaaatt gtcaggttga taattcccat tattctaata agtagcccaa actgtctgtc    101220
     agcaaatgtt gatttgtaca actgtgcact cgttcacaca gatccaccat tcgcgtgctc    101280
     atgtgcacac agcggtaaaa acaaatgctg aatcaaaact ttttaatatc ctgaatcagt    101340
     attggagtta cttttgcacg ctggaggaag gtcgacacca tggctgaagc atttttatta    101400
     gacaggtaat gttatatttt aactagtcat gcaaagctga tgtacattgt gttgtactat    101460
     gaatgggtta tatgcacaga agtgttgttc agccactgaa atcttccggt gaaagattga    101520
     tgtgactatt ttcagtttta tatgggacct tttacagcat cgataacgta gatttttatt    101580
     tattttaaca acaaaacatc agtaagtagc actattccga ctagcctgct taactgatgt    101640
     gaagttgctt ttatattcac attggttcat tttttaacaa taacaacctg tgacgcactc    101700
     cctatattgt tagccatgct aatctgaata tttgctctga aatgtaagta tggtttagta    101760
     ataagtgttc ctgcacgcgg ctggccaacc acaaagcata cagtagtcac tttaggacaa    101820
     agtccatgag tgagtgagac cagcgatcct cgcatgcatg aaatattgca cattattaca    101880
     cattgcacat tattttgctt gctacacaat tgaaaacgtg ctaaatataa tatttttttt    101940
     tgttcagaat tgtagtatta tatagtatag tatctctgtc atctttaatg gacccttttt    102000
     acaagacgtt taacgcgttt aacagtcatc ataatcttaa atccttaaaa gtttttaata    102060
     tatagatttt ttgtaacatt tatatgcatt tatatttgta ttatatcata tctgcatcaa    102120
     ataaaaaaaa aaactaatta ccgcttatgc aaggtgtttc taaaggctga tttatacttc    102180
     tgcgtcaaac gccggcgtat gctacggcgc tgacgcatag cccttctccg tggccgtcag    102240
     cgtcactgac gtgcacctct caaaaaatgt aacttcacgt ctcaacaacg cgtagcgcaa    102300
     gctctgtgat tggtcggctt ggtagtgctg acgagtctgg gcagaaccga gagccgcgcg    102360
     aatggcgcga gcgattgttt acaagtgtgg agtcccatga aggagctcca gatgaaaagt    102420
     tttgttttgt gtttacctca tagttaaagt tgttgcacgt ccgccggttc ctgcctaaaa    102480
     atgagcgagt ttgagtcact tgtacaaccg ggaagtgatc aggaaaagcc aaacagaagc    102540
     gaagaaactc gacacagagg aacatttaca cctcactgcc aactagcgtt tcggaagtgt    102600
     taatgcagag caacagagac agcgtgcaga agtatcaatg cacagctacg cgcgttgcct    102660
     gcgccgtgag ttacgccggt cacttgacgc agaagtataa accaggctta atgcagcgtc    102720
     tatggggctg agagtaaaat tgacattatt gtctctccta cattagctgc tgtcacctgt    102780
     ctgaagcaat tttttattcc tttttctgaa agtcttgata acataattgt ggcatttttt    102840
     attatttcag caaatagagt tgtaaaaatt ttttgttgta ctctctgatt cactgcgttc    102900
     tgagtttacc ttaccatgac gccttccgct actgagaaac ccgaaaatgt gacaagggtc    102960
     gatgagccag tttctgattt caagaggcgt ggctttgaat ggcagaggaa ttgtatttca    103020
     agcataataa gctaaccggt tagcatttag acagatcacc tactgcacct ttaaaataaa    103080
     aaatgtttaa taataacaat ttggtctaaa taaaaaagat gccatatttt cagacttgtt    103140
     tacattcata tttaatgata tgacaatgat atgggcagca cggtggcgca gtgggtagca    103200
     caatcgcctc acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt ccggctgggt cagttggaat ttctgtgtgg    103260
     agtttgcatt ttctccccgt gttgacgtgg gtttcctctg ggtgctccgg tttccctcac    103320
     agtgcaaaga catgcactaa aagtgatttg gataagctaa attggccgta gtgtacgtaa    103380
     gtgtatgcaa cagtgtgtgg ctgtttccca gtgttgggtc gcagctgaaa aagcatctgc    103440
     tgcttaaaac gtgctgaatt agttagcggt tcattcctct gtgacgacct cagatttaat    103500
     aaagggacta agccgaaaag aaaatgaatg tataccaatg ttataactta agagttaaga    103560
     tacaaccttt agtggaatag ttaacgttat ttttaatcaa tcacaacaca taaaaacatt    103620
     cgttattttg accattgcca tttatgcaaa tacatgcatt caagcacaat tatgagcaac    103680
     atatttcaaa ccatgctaaa gaggaacatt atcagatttt atgatcagtc aaaagcagac    103740
     attagaagaa gtccaaagtt caagatatgg gcctactaat gttcagttca acttttcatt    103800
     caaatattat gtttgtaaat tagtttagag acattattac ataaggaact gaacctagaa    103860
     gcagttcact aattgtattg ctataatttc ttgttagttt tttaacataa aagtgccctt    103920
     gaactctgca actgcccagg ctgcagcagg atgtgcaatt atcaggcttc gttgctccat    103980
     atgtaggtta gttccgggta ctgcccttac cgataaatca ccaatcctac tatggctaag    104040
     gctttaaaca tgaatattaa atcaaatatt tgacgttcgc cactgaatga acgtcccgtg    104100
     acctaattaa tattcatatg ccaaaccttc cccacagtag gatttgtgaa ttcgcgccac    104160
     ggccaactcc cagaacagag agaactggga gggctcacaa aagaggactg gctacgtgtt    104220
     acaaagaccc aatttaccgt ttgacagctg cattttcaac acgcacaata aacaacaccg    104280
     cctgaggata caattatcga tacccgttcg tgtaactcgg tgtatactgt aaaataaagt    104340
     gcttatgtgt tattttaaag atcactagca ctgcacaggt gcacctcatt ttaaaaaagt    104400
     acttacaaat cagaataata acaatattaa caataataat aataataata ataataataa    104460
     taataataat aaataaccta ttgacaaaaa aaaagttcct acttgagttt ttgacatcca    104520
     aaaaaacgtg cattaccaca aaactgctac tttgtccgtt tacattgcgt accagtaagt    104580
     ataagcttat aggctatagt tgcaagtaat tttgcaaatt gttaaataaa tttacacata    104640
     aattaagcaa tacataattg tgtatttatt taaccatgag cacaacgaac tatttaataa    104700
     atgtgtgaaa atctcagcat aatttgctct aaaatgcacc aaatcaaaag ttgacgacaa    104760
     tgcaagcagt gccaaaacat gcacatgaaa acttaaaagg tatataaaaa acagctaaag    104820
     ctattgggta gaaaatagct acccaatatg ttcattcaat caatatttta ggctaatatg    104880
     acaaaacctt atgtataaat gtgaacccca ttattcgttt aacaatgttt agaatgagtg    104940
     tcatataacc tgttttgcta gcatgcttca tttaattcaa actaaacagc ctgcttatgg    105000
     aaaaaacaaa tctgtgcaaa attattaaca atacatattc acacgaggca gctccattca    105060
     ggagaaagca ggggaataaa taaaaagaga aactgtcaac accagacata aagggacgag    105120
     ctggagctgt gtaaacactg aaagaaagga cacacttgct gctgtgatgg tcagccgcct    105180
     ccagtaggtg cgagtagcag gacagaaagt gacgaacaga ccgaactcac tcactcattt    105240
     cccacactgt gagctacatt gtagcgcgca aaacaaagta cacacaaaag cgagggcaac    105300
     aaatgtgctt tacctcattg ttcgacgaca gcgcggatcc tcctcagagc taaagccgaa    105360
     cttccagggg cgaaaacaca ggagaaatcg gcgatatcct catggataaa cccaccgagg    105420
     ggtttggtgt tttgtttaat ctgtgggaag acggataagc ggcaatgcgc gatgatttcc    105480
     tggttgagga gtgaaggagg gggttggagg tgaagtgtgg atagagttgc tactggagct    105540
     gggcttgtgt caactctaat cagtatcctg gactcatgtc tcgctccgag caaagtctgc    105600
     acatattccg cctcatgtcc tcgtctgcat ccgcgcggct ggctgagaag tctggacgcg    105660
     gttttcgata aactcctgct cggtcgtcgc cggtcggtcg ttaacgttca ttcgcgagcg    105720
     aaacccaacc tgctcctcaa ctctgaggaa aagctttcat tcccgtctgt ctgactcccc    105780
     ctcccgagct gaaaaacagg cagaggcaga gcaatgttac tcctccactc cctagcggcc    105840
     gagatccaaa ctccagcgct gggagataaa cctgttcttg ctgaaaagtt tcactttccc    105900
     caacctttag ctatgtgcgg tgttgtacat cacgaattca cttgtgtgtt tctgtagtgg    105960
     gcctttgctc aaatgcaaaa tgtgtgtgtg tgtctctaag ctcaaatcta aaatatatag    106020
     ttcaaaatgt gttgtgtgta gtagttgcac cattgttttc acatagatgc actgataccc    106080
     ttttttaaaa ccaatccgat accaaaaatt cttgagtatc agccgatacc gatccgatac    106140
     cagtgcagtt attaatataa tacaatttct atacttctga tgatctgaga tatatagaaa    106200
     cccaaataat atcttctgta cacagtccaa taaatagaca ctttctctat aaagaaaaat    106260
     aatgtatata gatgttttat ataggcacaa agtttgaatt ttgaatgatt aaaaggcaca    106320
     atggagggaa gcgctgatgt acttgaattt aatttcttga atattcaact ttactttacc    106380
     ataaactatc gtttggcttc agaacattta aaatatacac tgtaaacaaa tccgtaattt    106440
     tacagtttaa tgcagctggg gtgccagaaa aaaaatcata aaataacgac cgttaattta    106500
     tagaaattta ccgtaaaata atgaacaata aattacagaa atttccttaa attttaattt    106560
     ctggtaaact tttgtaattt aacgtctgtt attttacagt aaatttctgt aatttatttc    106620
     agcaccccag ctgcctgaaa taaactgtaa aattattttt tttttataaa tatccctaat    106680
     atttatggta ttggctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    106740
     atctatctat ctatctatct atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc    106800
     atccatccat ccatccatcc atcatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    106860
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctctatc    106920
     tatctatcta tctatctaaa atgcaggtca aaatgttttt tgtgtttttt ttagcataac    106980
     accatttttt ctgatattct atccttgtgc tagatattac attagaaatt actatctgtc    107040
     atgtgtctta ctctctattg tgttaaaaaa tatggaaatc tctttaaatt actctgaatg    107100
     atcaaaagga gtttataaac ttactctcaa atgtaactgt tacaagaaat gcgataaaaa    107160
     aaaatagatt aaagggcgac acagaggctc agtggatagc tttgttgcct cacaggaaga    107220
     aggtcgctgg ttcaaatact ggctgggtca gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt    107280
     ctcctcgtgt tcgcatggat ttcctccgag tgctccagtt tcccccacag tctatacatg    107340
     cactatataa attgaataaa ctaaattggc catagtgtat gtgtgtgggt atgagtgtgt    107400
     atgggtgttt cccagtgatg ggttgcagct gtaagtgcat tcactgtata atacatatac    107460
     actgtataag ttaacggttc attctgctgt ggcgaactga tgaataaagg gagcaggcaa    107520
     atatcaccca tttatataca ttaatataca taatacatac acacacacac acacactata    107580
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    107640
     tatatatata tatatatata tagacacaca taaatatctc cactgtttgt ttatggaaaa    107700
     tatcccacca tgtgccacat ctgccatctt ttactcaata tattgtcatg tctgaaacaa    107760
     tatattgttt cacaatgtca caatatgtga caaatgcatg tttatttgca ttcataatcc    107820
     tgctcaactc agtttacatc acttacacga tttaaaaaaa ataaacattt gaaataatta    107880
     tgtaagccgt tgataattac ataatcagat tttaagcctg ccatgcgtgt cgtttcggtt    107940
     cagaggagaa cacatgagaa aatacagtga tatcaaaaga ccttttgtac atctgtagtg    108000
     tgtgtatgtg tgtttgtgca tgcgtaatgt acattataca catctgactg ctttgataag    108060
     catctaaaag gaaactagtg agtagtaatt ttaggctcac ccctcctcca ttgagccact    108120
     tttacaagct cccattctgg ctctgcttgc atggcacagt ttcacaggat agatcctcgg    108180
     actctctggc cttcagttta gcattcttta aacaaatcgg gctttcaaac acagacaaca    108240
     ttcaaatacg aggcaatcag cgttaaataa caaaacatca gcaggagagc ttgaccatat    108300
     tgtgtatgca gtgtttgtcg actaacagaa atgttgaaag aatttctgaa ggcattctgg    108360
     ataagtgcct aaccacactg acccagatgg caatatatga gaaatcgccc ctgtacatac    108420
     aaaacaggca gaaaagagac gcattattct tctcttaaga tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    108480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtcca ataatttcca catttattga    108540
     tgatattatg tcacctagtg gacagtcttt ggctacacat taacagaaag ctggtttggt    108600
     gttttaccac tagatggagg tgtaagagca tatattacgt gatagaatcg ctcactaaat    108660
     ccgtcgtata tacgaataaa ataataggtt ttatcaggac aagaaatgaa caagggctca    108720
     taagacaaac taaaacaaac gtttactcga aagagtcaat tctttcatca tttaagaacc    108780
     cgcctctgct tgttccaaac ctgtatgaaa atcatagctg cacgtctata tatatatata    108840
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattgt ttgtttttca    108900
     aaagctaaag gacgaaattc aaaaaatatg atattgtttt agcgcgacga tgtgacgatt    108960
     tataatgaaa aaaaattgct gtgaaatcaa ggataaggat aataagcata aatagtgtta    109020
     aatagatatt tcacccacaa attttattta tactctgtca tctacttata cttagtatat    109080
     gtattagccg ccctttgaat tccttttttc tttttttaaa tatttcccaa atgatgttta    109140
     acagagcaag gaaattttca cagtatgtgt gataatccat aataatttat agtcaaagtc    109200
     taattttttt tatttcagct aaaataaaag ccatttttaa ttttttttaa tcatcttaag    109260
     gacaaaatta ttagcctctt tagctatatt ttttaatagt ctacggaaca agccatcgtt    109320
     atacaataac ttgcctaatt accctaacct gcctagctaa cctaactaac gccacacaga    109380
     aatgccaact gacccagcag atgctgttaa agcggatgtt atattatgaa tgcctttaat    109440
     atcattatca tcataccatt gtgacaaaca tcacaccatt actggaaata atatgtgtgg    109500
     acatacagtg aaataaaata tcatgtctca caggaccacg gtgctacata aataaacata    109560
     atcataaata tgaacacaac actggatgta gagatatttt atacattact agccagaatg    109620
     gtaatttaac tatatagcta cacaaataaa tagttaaaca cataagacag actacacaag    109680
     tatatttaca taagataaaa caatattgtt taagacattg tgcaaaagag atattttaag    109740
     gttgaagaaa aaaagtagtg caccatgatt tgtatattca caggcaaaca ttgttttctt    109800
     tattgaatcc ttgtaagatg gagtttaaat aaagtctcca gtgcatacag agagaagagc    109860
     atttaaaggt tttctgtcaa gcccactcac cggtgtgaag aacacttcac aaatgcttca    109920
     gaaatgtttt gtaaaaaact ataggatcaa ttagtcatga caacatacat tttttagttc    109980
     attgtaacat ttaaactaag ttaatcatgt tctaactgaa ttttataagc tatgcaagct    110040
     gtttaggtta acataatata agttctaatg actcataagg ttaatttgat taagcctaaa    110100
     acattttagg caggattatt ttacagtgta gagattgtgg caaacaaatc aacattcagg    110160
     acacagaaca caacaataga acattactga cagcaaagtc agcaaaattg acaaatatag    110220
     tcataaaact gtttaatttg ttcacactaa aaatccattt gggagtaaat atcttactga    110280
     ataagtacag aattgtacaa tcccaaactt ctgtttattt atttagtgaa acatgtaact    110340
     cttctaaaca gctgtattat taaacatagt cgtcaaatgg tgtacaaagc agtaagcttt    110400
     aacaactttt aataaagcaa tcagtttata agtcacctca taattatcta cagtgtggta    110460
     aatataacaa tgcttactaa tgtattttat gaagtctgct cactttataa tgcaatttcc    110520
     tttaaatgct ttaaaacact gaataaaaca aatttttcaa caatggaaat tagtttcttt    110580
     ttaaaataat tatgaaaaaa tcaaattctg tcataatttc taaaatgtgt ttcttttctc    110640
     ttcttttaaa ggtttgggaa tatagtcaga ctgtggcatt ttaacgatga aatcataagt    110700
     aaatgagcag aaatctgcat gagaatatta aaatttctaa agagagttaa taagaaaata    110760
     tcaaattaaa tttgttccct gacacaaaat gctgcagaat agatatattt tgttctgtat    110820
     ttcatacatt agactccatc ctggcaaata aaagatttca ttagtttctc tgcagaggaa    110880
     aaagcatgag gatagcctta aaacataaca tcttaattgt ttcgataaat caagtgaatt    110940
     ttatttaccc atcaaaatgc aatttttgta ttcagagttt atttagaacc aaagaatgat    111000
     tgttttgagt tatcttgaca tgtttcaatg aaccccacac tgaatctgaa ataatctaaa    111060
     cgtgattttg acagagaaca tgcaatctgg gaattatcag tgttaatcct taaagagtga    111120
     atggaattga attgaattca tgaccaaatt tccaaaacct tcatatatat atatatatat    111180
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    111240
     atataaccac atcaaaacaa taaaactatt ctctggaagg ctattattta aattaagggt    111300
     cacactttac aatacatgta tttagtaaat atagtaaaaa ctataattca acatttccta    111360
     atgcattgtt aaaatccaaa ctgtgagtta acaaaacatt ttaaaagatg aatataaaag    111420
     tactgttcac tgtttgttag taaatacatt aataataaat cattattgta aagtgtcacc    111480
     agaataagtt attggacgtg cataagctct catttttata taaagacatt ctcagtgttt    111540
     tcgtttctta atataatata tactctttta caatggaaat aaaaactttt ttttatcaac    111600
     acaactcagt cccaattgtg tgtatgatat atctggaaat aaatatcatc tacagacgtt    111660
     tttgacacta acataacttc atattccaag tatttttgaa acctgtgctg gataaacatt    111720
     taaaagtaat aaattacaat cttaagtcaa tctttatctt acaaacaaaa acaaaaaacg    111780
     cataataaca cccactttca aattttactt atgccttata actattgttt aaagtaatgc    111840
     aagattgtaa tatgttactt tgaaaggtaa ctttacacaa tacttaccca ggaacacaag    111900
     ccattaaaaa gtttatggtt tatataactc atatcttata taagtttaaa tatctttaaa    111960
     ataatattgg aaaaaatatg taaagaggga aaagttgtga gggtctattg tttttgctat    112020
     cttacccagg tcaaaactta acaattgcag cttaccattt ttttacattg aagcatactg    112080
     tgtcttatac ctttcatatt tagcctacgg tatctatcct caaactgcag aacaatcttt    112140
     tctaagttac gtggtttaaa agacactgca taacccagaa atgaactgag taattaatat    112200
     tgtgtgcgca caaacagaca gatgaaatgg cagtgattcg ccagagggtg actgacagcc    112260
     cggttcccgc agctgatctc gcggcgcgga gctgcttgga aacaaactgc ggcggctcga    112320
     gtttccgcgc gcgcgatcga tggctgatga gccgctgaga gaagcccgag cgccggccga    112380
     ctgtatcgcg ttgctcgcgc ggtgggggga gactgggtat cgacgcgtga ccgatcgcta    112440
     tcataatcac acttcccctc ttatcgcctc aacttgctga ataaaacata ccgctttcct    112500
     gccaagagca gtcaccccga gcaaacttat tcaagttcat ttcacactcc gaggaaagag    112560
     agaaaaagag aaatatgaga ttgaataaat gcgattgcga ttcgatatga acgactttat    112620
     catttatttg aacttgttta tgcttttgtt gttaatttta aaaattgttt ctattaaatg    112680
     aagttatcag atgcaggtct ctcatgacac gaaactcact aaagatgacc aaaatgtttg    112740
     gatagtttcc atgaagttca aaaacgattt ttattcgact taaatagcct tgttctttgt    112800
     gctgttgttt tcccaatatc atgtcatttg gatggaaagt caaagaactg ccttttgtta    112860
     ttaaaatatt ttacagaaag gaaatgaaga catgaagtat tggaaaattt caaaaatatt    112920
     tacctgttag tcacgtgagc ttttcatttt ttttttcagt aaaactacag aaaagaaata    112980
     tgaaaatatt gttaaaatat ataataagtt tgcatgttct ccccgcgtgg gtttcctccg    113040
     ggtgctccgg tttcccccac agtccaaaga cgtgtaacag atgaatttgg taggctaaat    113100
     agtccgtagt gaatgagtga gcacggatgt ttccccagat taataaagga actaagcaga    113160
     aaagaaaact atgactgaat aaatgaaaga atcctcgcac ttatgaagaa gctttaacat    113220
     tattcaaata ggtaatgtta taccaatttg acttctagta atatcttatt tgaaactata    113280
     taaaacattt acgcatggaa aaaaatctac atatgaaaaa tttgggcacc cctggtctaa    113340
     atcaatgtgt tttctacttt tgcactatgt gtcctaaaat cactgtccat tgagactata    113400
     tcccttttac ttttcttcaa tgtgtttaaa ataatgaaca cattctctca ttgagttttt    113460
     aaagttttta aaacacagga tttatttatg atccgaggtc tgtgttttac ctcagaagtt    113520
     ccctgtacat ataaagatgc attttcatat ttaaaaaatg tattttttat agtagctact    113580
     ttgaagtctt cattttagat ttagggaata ttataccatt ctgacttcta gtaatgtctt    113640
     attttaaact atataaaaca tttactcatg ggaaaaaatc tagaggtagt atttaataaa    113700
     actgaaactt tggcctaaag acacagccat gaaataaata aataaacaaa taagcaaata    113760
     aggaaacaaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tctggcgtta aactcagtta aattaaattg    113820
     acttttttct cctattaatt tgatatttct tttactctaa aaagtgctgg gtagttgtaa    113880
     ctcaaaaact gggtcaaaaa attgacaact gtggtattaa aaagtgtcat gtcatgttca    113940
     agaaaccagt ctgagatgat tcacgcttta tgacatggcg cgttatcctg ctgaaagtag    114000
     ccatccaaag atgagtactg tggtcataaa gagatggaca tggtcagcaa caatggtcag    114060
     gtaagatgtg gcattgacac aaagctcaat tggtactaat ggacccaaag tgccaagaaa    114120
     atatccccac accattacac caccaccagt gtgaaccaag gcaggatgga tccgtgcttt    114180
     catgttgctg tttcatgttg ttgtttaatg tcgcagcaga aatcgaggat catcagagca    114240
     gacaatgttt ttccagtctt ctattgtcca attttggtga gcatgtgcga attttagcct    114300
     cagtttcctg ttcttagctg acaggattgg cacctggtgt gatcttctgc tgctgtaacc    114360
     cacctgcctt aaggtttgat gtgttgtgcg gttagagatg ctcttctgca ttcctcggtt    114420
     gtagcgagtg attatttgag ttcctgtcac ctttctatca gcttcaacca gcctggtcat    114480
     tctcctctga cctctggcat taaggcattt gcgccaacag aactgccact caatggatat    114540
     tttctctttt tcattctctg taaaccctag atatagttgt acgtgaaaat cccagtagat    114600
     cagcagattc tgaaatactg gtgccaacaa ccatgccaca ttcaaagtca cttaaatcac    114660
     ctttcttcca cattctgatg ctcggtttga actgcagcag atcgtcttga ccatgtcttc    114720
     atgaataaat gctttgagtt gctgccatgt gattggctca ttagaaaatt gcgttaagaa    114780
     gcagttatac aggtgtacct aataaagtgg ccggtaagtg tatatatacc tctttccgca    114840
     actagagaaa caaatattgt ttcacttgct tgtcaaaaat atatatgaat tctgattata    114900
     tctttgttcc ttttaggaaa cctgaaggac aaataaaata ccagttttta ttaaaagtca    114960
     gtgcaataat cgctaaacat tttttttctt caggaattta ggcaattcaa cttaatgcaa    115020
     ataaatctgg tgttaatttg acatgtttca tataaaaccg tgtattctgt caaataagta    115080
     aaagagcttt gtctggaaat aactattttg aggctatgct gccatttttt gtaaaggaca    115140
     acttaattat gtcatgttta atgtaaagct tttgcataga acaaggtaaa aggcatttag    115200
     atatttacat atatatttgt aaagcagtag ttttaactgg actatggatt aactgacttt    115260
     gtgcaaaatg aaatcatatc aatgaataaa gtttcctagt aaaattcaat gtttagatgg    115320
     cctggtaagc atattactta tattattata tatttattat agttttatgg gattatctct    115380
     gcatacatta accgtcaagc acgtggagat aatattatta ctaacaacac acgtgagtac    115440
     actctaaaac attttgttct ttttccgtca tgtatggatt aagcatgcac aggtgattga    115500
     agagtcttaa agagatagct caaccaaaca tgaacatcat catttaataa ctattttctc    115560
     actatcaagt gtttgcaaac ctttatgagt ttctttcttc tgttgaacac aaaagacgat    115620
     attctgagga aaactgaaag ccggtaaccc ttgactctca tggtaggaca aacaaatatt    115680
     atggaagtca atggttacag gttttccaca ttcttcaaaa tatcttcttt tggtgttcaa    115740
     cataagaaac taaataaaac taactaaata gtgagtaaat ttacattttt gggtgttcta    115800
     tttctttaaa tacacagcaa aatcctctga gtaaaatgta ctgtttagtt agtatttgct    115860
     tcctctctaa attgagttga tgttactcaa gttaataagg cattgaaagg attaattggg    115920
     tgatgattga gtactgatga tgaacaactg ctgttaaaat gcagaaacac agaagagaaa    115980
     cacaaaacta caactgactt tagtcacaga tttataatca aatataaata cattgaattt    116040
     ctcaaaatct cagcagagga tcattaagca actccacaaa caactgcttc acttttacca    116100
     agctgcttgc ccttatttaa agaggcaccc aatattctct gaactgagta gattttgctg    116160
     tgtattagtc ttaaatgaca cattgtcgaa acaaccatgg cccaaaacac atttgcctac    116220
     aatatgactt aaacctgacc aaaacattgc aggcctaagc ctctaaatca cactgatgac    116280
     agcatcagtg ataagatctc aggctgaagc gtcacctgta agtcatgact ccagtattca    116340
     gagcttcagg caaacccaca cgcaggatcc aggtgcagca gcccagggga acaccatgca    116400
     cagcaggagg gggcttctct ctgagggaca ggaggaactg gagaagcacc ttgaggtgca    116460
     gaacaccccc ggcttgaact cacatctggg gcctgggaaa atgtcatacg ctctgaaaag    116520
     atccaaaaga aagttctaag atgaataaaa accatgcatt cattcatttt cttgtcggtt    116580
     tagtcccttt attaatccgg ggtcgccaca gcagaataaa ccgccaattt atccagcaag    116640
     cttttacgca aaagatgccc ttccagccgt ctgggaaaca tccacacaca cacactacag    116700
     acaattaagc ctacccaatt cacctgtacc acatgtcttt ggactatggg ggaaaccgga    116760
     gcacccggag gaaacccacg cgaacgcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaatgcc    116820
     aattgagccg aggatcgaac cagcgacttt cttgctgtga ggcgaacgtg ctaaccacta    116880
     cgccactgcg tcgtcctgaa tacaaaacca tttcagcaca aagattttaa aagagaagtg    116940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg tttgtgtgtg tgcttgtgcg tgtgtgctcg agtgtgtgtg    117000
     cgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaaatagt atataatcca aacaacattt acagaaacct    117060
     ctgaggattg attccatgga tgcaataagt tctggaaacc atgtgtgcca gttaaaggga    117120
     tagttcaccc aaaaatgaaa atgtactcac tgtttgttta ctttccctca agtggttcca    117180
     aattttatca gtttctttct tctgctaaac acaaaggaag atattttgaa gaaatctgaa    117240
     aaccagtcac tattgacttc catagtaaga aaaaaagttg tatggatggt tacaggtttc    117300
     cagcttataa gttcagaatt tgctttcaac aacagcatga aagcatggat ctctcctgcc    117360
     ttacattaat ggtttaggcc gctgctggtg gtgtaatggt gtgggggatc atttcttggc    117420
     acactttggg tgtcacaccc tcggctcgtt cctgcagctc caatcaccgc tctccctcac    117480
     caaccacctt tcaccaatcc tgcaatacaa tcatctgtat actaatcatc tacacccata    117540
     atcaccggac actataaacc cacctcattc tctcactcat cagccagtat cgaagtcggg    117600
     tggttcactt cacagtctct cctccttcaa ctctttttcc atggatgtct ctatttcacc    117660
     ttcgtatgca tagacaactg aataagggaa gtgactaagc tattcgagcg ttagcctgaa    117720
     gatctgatgt taacctgatg aactgtgtgt gagatcactc accttctgat gttccccgaa    117780
     acaaactacg tgtgggatca ctcatcctca gatgtttacc ttgtgaactg ttgaggagat    117840
     cactaacatc tacaacacac tctcctgctt cattactctg atacagtaaa gttgtgttga    117900
     ataaaaccca taaaagataa ccttccttgt gtgtaaccgt gacactgggc acattagtac    117960
     tagttaagca ccgtgtcaag tactaattga gtattgttgt gaccatgtcc atcctttatg    118020
     atcactgtgc acccatcttc tgatggctac cttcagcagg ataatgcgcc atgtcttaaa    118080
     gcgcaaatta tatcagactg gtttcttgaa catgacaatg agttcactgt actcaaatgg    118140
     cctccacagt aaccagatct caatccaatt gagcaccttt gggatgttgg tgctgcgtgt    118200
     gatgtgaaga acagatctat taaaatcatg atcagcaaaa caatgactgg gtgatgggag    118260
     agcagcataa tgacatcatc tgattaatat tcaattattc atttgagcaa aactacataa    118320
     agttcatagt taacaattgt gtaaatttga tgtgcaataa ctttccacat ttgttgtggg    118380
     ctgcaggctt aacactttca tgtgtcaaga gtatttagca atttatttag ttttacatta    118440
     attttaaaag aagcattttg atattgataa agaagtctgc aacttttgtg aagcttcaaa    118500
     tcaccgtcac attagctgtc aaaacacgtg aacgactgca taattattat tcagtaaaaa    118560
     aaagctgtcg aattttgtgc atgcatatca tcatacataa aatgtactta agctggtata    118620
     ccttaaaata gtgttcgttt gaatctaaat agtccatttg gacttgggga gaagcacccc    118680
     gtgacagtac attataaata aacaaacaat ataagactac ataaaaaaaa aaaaatgaaa    118740
     tttgagactg attgggatca atgcctttta tctgtttatt catgttccat acattccaga    118800
     caccatctta ttcagtacaa aggattacac aaacttttca ttcattttct tgtcggctag    118860
     tccctttatt aatctggggt tgccacagtg caatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcaagttt    118920
     ttacgcattg gatgcccttc cagctgcaac ccatctctgg gaaaattaca cagacttcac    118980
     tattctaaaa caaagcttaa taaattctat ccctcggttt cccccacatg taacaagtgt    119040
     aaagcagctg agggcacctt agcacatctt tttttggtct tgtgttcaaa ttcagaattt    119100
     ttggttagaa atatttcagt tctttgctaa ggtttatgat tgcgttttac tccctgaccc    119160
     aatgatagca atttttggcg ggtctctcat ccgaaatgta cagttacctg ttcagtatgg    119220
     catgatcata gctaaaaaaa aagttatccg ttgtttttgg aaaaaaaaat gttaggcctt    119280
     tttttctgat tagcttctcg gactcacctc cactttacat ttggaaagaa taagatatac    119340
     cacctctggg aactttgata aaatgtgggt tccagtcttt ctctttctac aacaccataa    119400
     agactaaggg tgtcatttaa tttctaaaga tttgtaagtt ttttttttct ctacatctat    119460
     tgctgtgtct ttttataggt cgtatatgtt ttgcatgttg ccattttctc ttgtttcttg    119520
     ctttatttta cattttacac agattattgt ctcatgatgg gtttgtcttt ctgttctttg    119580
     tttttctgtc tgaaaaaaaa tttataaaaa aaatattcaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaaatttt    119640
     ccagtatggg attaatcttg tcaaataaag ctagtacatt actactataa taatatatat    119700
     atatatttat acgccttaac acttgcatgt caaatcaaaa atatgtcagt atgtttatat    119760
     ttgtttaata ggatttaaaa taagtgaaca aacaaactga ataaatatga caccggtgga    119820
     tcacaataac ccaaactgat acatcgtgct ggattttcac cgttccactg aatatttaag    119880
     tgacctgact gagtcatttt ctgaggctgt cctctcaggt caggtcctga gataaccctc    119940
     ctggacatac atatatgtat acttttaaaa caaacaaaca tctttttacc atggtaaacc    120000
     cttttcataa atcttactct aatggtttca acttaactgt cattttataa ataagataca    120060
     aatgtgttta atcaaatatg aaccgtttaa ctctcttttg gtacaagggg tcagcggagc    120120
     ccacggtgta gggcaggggt gtgaagtgac agtcagcaca tctgctcaca ttaataatgc    120180
     agagagcttt aaacggcagt ttgtcactta ttgagtgctg cctgctgtaa tctacactga    120240
     catccaagct gctgccaggg gactcgacca gaagaatcgg atgaagagag cgagagagag    120300
     aaaggatgag aggccaccag acagagagga caaacagcaa catgaaactt ctgtctgacc    120360
     aacactttca ctccaaatat ttcatttctt aaagaactgg atgaacgtta ttatcagaaa    120420
     acaagatcaa tcagccaata attggttgaa agacctcctg tgatttcttt tgcaaatgat    120480
     gtttaacaga gcaaggaatt tttcacagta ttttctataa tatctttttc ttctggagaa    120540
     agtcttattt gttttatttt ggctagaata aaagtagttt tacatttttt aaatcccttt    120600
     taggtcaata tttttagccg ccttaagctt ttttttttgt tcaactgtca acagaacaaa    120660
     ctattattat acaattgcct aattacccca gggtttctac aggtttcacc aagttaaatt    120720
     taagacttaa gacatttttg agactatgaa tgaaatttta gactaatcaa gggctaaacg    120780
     ctaaggaatt tcccaaatgg cccagactga aaagatttta atttgccctt tccgcttgtt    120840
     aagtgatgac gtgttggtga cgtatgaaat actgtttccg ggtccaagcc gccactcatt    120900
     taagttgaga aatcatttgt ttatgatcac tttttattca tatcacacat taaagttaat    120960
     ttttatataa agtcatagtg tacacaaaaa tcactgggct tgctgcatca caaataccca    121020
     aatctttact attaaaaaaa aaatgaatca ctttctggcc attggatatt aggcatggac    121080
     agatatattg cgggggcaaa gcagtgccgc agtaggtagt gctgtcgcca cacagcaaga    121140
     aagtcgctgg ttcgagcctt ggctcagttg gcgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc    121200
     ctgccttcgc gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ccagtttccc ccacagccca aagacatgcg    121260
     gtacagatga attgtgtagg ctaaattgtc cgtagtgtat gagtgtgtgt gtttcccaga    121320
     gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaaact tgctggataa gtcggcggtt    121380
     aattccgctg tggcgacccc aaattaataa agggactaag ccgacaagaa aatgaatgaa    121440
     tatatattgc aatcatgatt ttcaaaagta ttaaattgct ttgtaaacgc ttattattac    121500
     cattttatga gtctccccat tcagttgaac agagcgcttg gacccggaag ccgcttcgct    121560
     tcacacttaa caagcggata gtatattttt tataatttaa tagataataa tattaaaaaa    121620
     aattcagatg caaaaacctc tctatgcatt tttctcaggt gattgtgtag gttcagtaat    121680
     ttcatttttt tcaaacacag aaggctaagg aaaaatgcac atttaagagg aaaatttctg    121740
     atggtgctta aaggtttctg catctcaaca catttaataa tacaataata attttataat    121800
     aacattttat ttttaaatat tttagacatt tcttggcaaa atatcttaaa cattgtataa    121860
     aaacaagcaa gcaaaataca ctttctttaa acaactgaac aaatgtttta aaaactgtaa    121920
     taaactaaat ctatacacaa tctgtccaag ttggtgtcag cagtaaatat acggagcact    121980
     tttaaacaaa tgtttttgta aggaaaataa ttaaatcatt atgataaaac ataatgcaag    122040
     actttttaag actcttttaa gaccatgagt gaaattttag acttatacag ggctaaatat    122100
     taaagttttt tttctaatgg gtcggttact tctataaata atttgtataa tgctggaaga    122160
     tcatgtaaag ggattcatac agtaaaaatg tcaggctaaa taaataatga aaatgaatca    122220
     ttgacttctg ctgttttcat tagtttcaaa agcacagact tctttacaat ttaaaatgac    122280
     atctttgaat attttccagc tggagaaaat gttgtcctaa aaaagtaaaa aaaaaaaaag    122340
     gaaataaact atttactata ttatcctaca tacaccttag acacaaatga aaagataatg    122400
     atgacggttt taataccttg acttttccga acagcagtat accttgaaaa cggttatcgt    122460
     tccatgccta catcctagag tcatacaata gattgaatag atcaagactt gaatatccaa    122520
     aaatttattt agaaaacaaa tcacaaatga caaaacaata acaacaacaa aattaactcc    122580
     aacatcttta tcattttgtt gaccagacaa tctctccaga tgatgttaaa cgttttccag    122640
     ctaaacatta ttgtttcagc tcaaggcatt ctgtgtatga agtaataatt aattagctga    122700
     aaagcctaat tagcactttt aacacagttg tgtgagtgag tgtgtgtcca ggagacagcc    122760
     tgtacttgaa cagtcgtgtt acacgtcagc tttatttccc tgtgatgagt gggttcctca    122820
     gcaccacgat gaccgagtcg cctctcagga acatcttgga gatgtagcga tctttgttca    122880
     ctggctttga cttcttcttg cctttgccgc tcttgggcac ctctgtccac atttctttca    122940
     cattctccag aaccatatta caatgcctga gaacacgaga gaaaacagac aacaacttga    123000
     catgcagcca tgtagatgac tcactccaac taaaataatg agtggtgcgg acctgaaata    123060
     acaccatcaa catgagatat gcgctggagg atgagactta aacaaaattg ttaataagat    123120
     ttctttaaga cttttgtgaa gtgttagaaa tggtgaagta ttgagtggga tttaaatata    123180
     tccccttata gcttaaaatg gacatcttat gtaaatgctt atgatgctta ttaagaacat    123240
     gtcaaatgta ttacaataga gagagcatac tgtgttatga aaaaaattgt ttatatatag    123300
     tttatatact atatagtaat agtttatata ttatatagta acagttaata ttatgtatat    123360
     atattatatg ttatatagta atagtttata ctatatagta atagttaata ttatgtttat    123420
     atattatctt atatattaat agtttatata ttatatagta acagttatta ttatgtttat    123480
     atattatgtt atatagtaat agtttatata ttatatagta acagttatta ttatgtttat    123540
     atattatatg ttatatagta atagtttatt tattatatag taacagttaa tattatgtct    123600
     atatattata tatgttatat agtaatagtt tatttattat atagtaacag ttaatattat    123660
     gtttatatat tatacatgtt atttggtaat agtttatata ttatatagta acagttaata    123720
     ttatttctat atattatata tgttatatag taatagttta tttattatat agtaacagtt    123780
     aatattatgt ttatatatta tatatgttat atagtaagtt tatatattat atagtaacag    123840
     ttaatattat gtctatatat tatatatgtt atatagtaat agtttattta ttatatagta    123900
     acagttaata ttatgtttat atattatata tgttatatag taatagttta tatattatat    123960
     agtaacagtt aatattatgt ctatatatta tatatgttat atagtaatag tttatttatt    124020
     atatagtaac agttaatatt atgtttatag attatatatg ttatatagta atagtttata    124080
     tattatatag taacagttaa tattatgtct atatattata tatgttatat agtaatagtt    124140
     tatttattat atagtaacag ataatattat gtttatatat tatatatgtt atatagtaat    124200
     agtttatata ctatataata atagttaata ttatgttttt atattatctt atatagtaat    124260
     agtttattta ttatatagta acagttataa taatgtttat atattatata tgttatatag    124320
     taatagttta tatactatat aataatagtt aatattatgt ttatatatta tcttacatag    124380
     taatagttta tatattataa agtaacagtt aatataatgt ttatatatta tatatgttat    124440
     atagtaatag tttatatact atataataat agttaatatt atgtttatat attatcttat    124500
     atagtaatag tttatatatt atataataac agttaatatt atgtttatat attatatatg    124560
     ttatatagta atagtttata tactattaag taatagttaa taattatgtt tatattagac    124620
     ttgggcggta atacagtaat atagtatacc gctggatcta aaaatagcca cggtgtcagt    124680
     ttcagtaccg ttataccgtc ataaaaaaca tcgaacttaa atagtagaca agtattcaat    124740
     attaaatatc ctttatttat tgcctacaaa taagtatgcg tgattgtcat cacgggacag    124800
     tgtggaggag agagagggag ggagagttga ggtggcgagt cgcgcactaa gtgacctgca    124860
     gtttggcagt atttccggtt tcgactaaac aagaaggaag acgtggtaaa tatgaactag    124920
     aggtctgcat tcctgctgct gtaccgcggg ggacaacccg atttcttgtt gtgcaggaat    124980
     aaatttccga atatgcaatc tgcgtgtgtc acttggtgct ctctcttggt gtgtgtttgt    125040
     gtgtgtgtga atgtgagaga gagagacaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    125100
     gagagagaga gaaagagagg tgctgggtgt tgcttggttc tctctctctt tttctctcta    125160
     tttctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg cgtgcgtgca tgcgtgtgtg tgtttgaaga    125220
     gagagcgtcc tacgcagaag aatacaaaca agacaaacag gtgaccgcaa acctaaggtc    125280
     gcatatacgg tatcagtttc tgaatggttt aggcacaatt tggtgacgct gtctgagcct    125340
     tacgtcgtaa ttttttttat tatgcttggt aatacaggat acctggttaa aatagggagg    125400
     agatttgacg gtatcaaaat ttggataccg cccaagccta ctttatatag tatatatctt    125460
     atatattcat ggtttatata ttatatagga aaagttaata gtatgtttac atattaaata    125520
     tcttatatta aaagttcata tattatattg taatagttta tatattatat agtaatagtt    125580
     tagatattat atagtaatag tttatattat gtttatatat tacatggtag tattgggaaa    125640
     atattcagca aaatcatcaa ataattcaat ataatttatt tgtagcaaat aaaatacaca    125700
     tcttagcata tcttatagca aacaggagac acaagcatag gttatgttga cacaaaatgc    125760
     aactaatact ctgcagatac tttgttcaga aaactattgc aacacagata ttcaaaagtt    125820
     taatcatatc aacacaagct tgtgcatgta aactagggct gcacaatttt agaaaaattt    125880
     gatagtgtga gattttaatt tgcaataaat gttgcaatac gggatacagt tttagaagag    125940
     aatttaaata gcactgtttg atggttttct atagagtcta acagtattca ggtacagaaa    126000
     ttaaattcac agaaattaat caatgtaaaa aaaaaatgat tttcttactt tgctttgtct    126060
     cattactagt ggaaatatct aaaattcttg aatcaagtaa atatagtttt gtttcacttt    126120
     tactttgtta ttttttttag ctttgaaatg taaacatttg gactagaaac aagccaaaaa    126180
     tgataagaaa tgctttattt gcctaaatcc tgtataaata cagtaattaa acacaattct    126240
     gtcgctcttg gtcaacaaaa ttcttgcata ttttgaaatg tgactattgc agatgcgaac    126300
     attgggatat tgatgctgac acgaaatatt gtgcagcact aatgtaaaca aagcctgctt    126360
     gcattattta tcactcaaaa tgacacgagt tacctgtcga atgctttgac tctgcccagc    126420
     agcttcttgt tgttgcggca gttgatgagg acctgtgtgt tgtttttcac agactgggtg    126480
     agcactgaaa gtggaccggt gttaaactct tcctcctctc gcttctggag ctcctctgga    126540
     gtcatctcag atttgggctt gtttaataaa ctcctgatga gacatttcaa cagttagcat    126600
     gtctgcataa agggctaaaa tttacatcgg ccaaattaca attgaggtga ttttatattt    126660
     gcatatttgg atttcctctt aataataata ataataattt aagaaaagca ttatttctta    126720
     attctaaatg gggaagttat attagcagtc aatgaatatc aaagtacaac attgtttaca    126780
     gacaataaaa tagtgctaat gatgttaagt cctacttgga tgcgatttca gaccgaatat    126840
     tcaaagttga aaggtaatta atgtagaaaa ccatgtcaca agttgtcact gaatgaatat    126900
     gcaaatataa aacccaagcc atgagtactt taaaaaaata gccatgttaa tataggctta    126960
     cttttgcata cttttttttt taaagcaatt ttatctcttc atttacattt acatttagca    127020
     gacgctttta tccaaagcga cttacaaatg aggacaagga agcaatttac acaactaaga    127080
     gcaacaatga ataagtacta aaggcaagtt tcaggtctgt aaagtctaag aagggaagtg    127140
     ttagtagttt tttttttttt ttttgtacag ttagtgtgat aagacaattg aagacgctgc    127200
     aactaaacct atgaccatac accactttct taaccctgtt tatcgtctgt ggacagaacc    127260
     tcgaaaggct cttggagata ctggggattg aacccaggac ctcatacatg caaagcatgc    127320
     gctctaccac tgagctacat ccattcacac tgcaatagta acatatttaa attgaggaga    127380
     agtaaaattt aaattgacac attcattcag agacaacatg tgacacagtc cctataatat    127440
     ttacattgag gtaaagttgg ttttatattc tacattggga aatcatatta gcagacagcc    127500
     aatgactatc aaagtacaac tttttcacac acagtcaatg aaatactgct aatgttgttt    127560
     tgaagtcata tatgctgtat tagacagaat attcacagga gcatggaaag gaacctgaac    127620
     tagacgctaa ggtggttcac taaatgaaac tgctcccgga ttatttaaag taatttttaa    127680
     aatgctattt ttcttatgtc agcgtcaaag attcacgtaa actttaaatc tttaaacaga    127740
     tgccagttag gtcgctccat gcaaatgaac ggaagtgtgc atccgcggag gtatgacaaa    127800
     cttcacagct agggttgtaa cggtatgaat ttttcacggt atgataatcg tctaaaacaa    127860
     taccacggtt tgacggtttc gcggtatacg gtatgttaca aatgttacaa aataatagaa    127920
     cagtgaagca aatttgactt tttccaaata atatattttt agttactata aacaacacca    127980
     cttacaatga acaaataaaa ataagaaaat aataaataat gtgtcaaagt ccaaataaag    128040
     tccaaataaa catggtgcaa atcctcagta aaaaatagat ataaatattt actatactat    128100
     aaatagttac ataacgaaac tagattcaat atggaacatc cttaggtttt atgtgccagc    128160
     atggatatgg ttgtctatcg atatggattt ggatatggtt gtctgcaatg cagacaaaca    128220
     gctgcatctt catttgcgtc ttttgaaaac agcaagagca gcagttcgtc tttgctgtgt    128280
     cactgttttg tcatgtttct gttctgctgt gcattcaaaa gtacttagta taagaattat    128340
     ttcatgcaaa actttttttt tttgcgtttt atttagccgc gcataaatgt atgcctatct    128400
     ctcattccgt gttgttcaaa aagcttggtc cacaaacaaa agcgaaacct atgcttattg    128460
     gttgtgatat agcgagtttg aaccaatctg ggcatggagg agggacaatg catcaatgta    128520
     tcatgtctga tttgtccgga gacacagtga cgagcgtttc tttgtcaaat cagcgttgtc    128580
     aaatgttgat gacgtaaccg cactgattcc ggagcctctg aaagtctgcg aatgttatgt    128640
     gatacagcac tggaaagctg agattctctt ctttatgcca atctttgaat tgtatgaatc    128700
     ggatcagcgg atcaaaagtt attaaacatt taagagcaat acttatttta gccgcaggcg    128760
     gctgtctcgg tctttaaggg ttaaaaccgt tgatatgcaa ttgttcatgg tatgataatc    128820
     gtgcacgttc aaatcgtggt aaaccgtcat accggtatat tgttacaacc ctattcacag    128880
     cgtgtgtaaa tatcatcccc ggtgaacacg gtgaagatga gcagcgagga gacatctgat    128940
     aaacaagatg agcaggaacc acaaaaaaca ctcgacttga gcaggatttt gagcagctct    129000
     ctagcgcatg atcacagcag taaaatttgt atccgagcaa gtctttgaca gtgtaataag    129060
     gcttaacgtt atagcctttc tctttcgtgc gttatgttat gaataacttc acatgaatct    129120
     gtgtgctgag gatgtatgca ttatttatgc actaaaacag gggttaaaga aaaaaaaaaa    129180
     tcctgagcct gaactttttt ctttgggggt ggcggggctg gagagaaact gcacaaaagg    129240
     acttcaaata ctgacaataa taaacaaaat aaagtaacaa gagcttaaag tgcttaaaaa    129300
     aaaatggtaa actgagactg aaacagactc tctcaatgat tatgctttgc agcacttatt    129360
     taaaagtagt attgccaatt aaagtgtttt tttgtaaaca ataacaagtg cttaaacaag    129420
     tgccattatc acttcatctt tcattttttc tgggttgtaa gcaaagtcct gcaaactctt    129480
     tctttttaag acatttggac gagaagatga agctggtata gtgaaggagg ctgagggttt    129540
     gctctgtcca atcatgtttt ttcttccgtc aaataaaaac atcaggctac ctcaaattaa    129600
     tttctccgca ggaaatatgc atttaatcaa tgctctgctg ttattatcat ttcacaaaac    129660
     ctctgtcaac atctttaata aatgtcatta gattaaagat tatctcttat gattatgact    129720
     tatttcctcc gtctcacttg ttgttcatgt gtgtgcacgc tctgtgtgtg atgaaagaaa    129780
     atgacaatga acttcaaggc tcatatgttg actttttgta taataatttt gttgtttaaa    129840
     tatgatattg gcttaatttg cgtacttgtt ttataagctg taaaatgaaa gcctcagttt    129900
     ggtgcggagt tatcattatg caaaaatcaa gaagaatttt agatgttcga ttcgtggatt    129960
     atgtaggcta ttttaaaaac tgatattaca taagaactaa taataaatgt aattttccaa    130020
     atgaaaaacg gttcatttgt tggttgtaga ctacactaaa tcatcaacag cctgtttgtt    130080
     aattttatga caaggctcca tgcagtacaa aaaagtcgca ggtgttagta aaccattcaa    130140
     cagatgcccc tctcaacgca aaaagctcgt acactgtgat cgacccctga tgcagccaac    130200
     ctttaaaaat atatcaaata atattttttt aattgtttaa ctgataccat taatcggtta    130260
     caaacgcacc cttttagtta acggttaatc gattattttg agcatcccta attaaaccgc    130320
     atgcgcaggc tctaaaatac atagaggtaa agttggtttt atattcacac attcgttcat    130380
     ttagcagtcc atatattgta taccatgtaa cttgaactga ttattcgata ggaattagca    130440
     tgcaagtgtg acttgaaaac aacattaaca ctgtttattt gactgtgaac aatgttgtac    130500
     tttgatagtc atttgctgct attatgattt ccctatttag aatttgcaat gaaaactttt    130560
     ctgaaatcat attattaagg ggaaagtccg aatgtgcgaa tataaaacca accttacctc    130620
     tatcaaaaat actattattt tttcttcaca catgcatgcc ggagatccgg cacggtgctg    130680
     gaatacttta agccctgcta aaatatctgc tattgctaca ttcttactag aaagtgccgt    130740
     gatcaatgta ttgactgcat ttattcagca gtaaaattag tctgggtgct aatgttgcat    130800
     tgtttgtgtt aatgaattat ttagcctgac atgtttactg ctcagaaaaa aattataaat    130860
     ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    130920
     tatatatata tatatattta ttgttttcaa aggtgaaaaa gttttcgttt ttttagtgat    130980
     cagaataccg tgataccatg aaatttttag ccaaggttat cataccatca gaaactgata    131040
     ccagcgcatg tgtataagga aatgaacaat atgttaaatt ttttaactct ttgtggcctt    131100
     ttccatcttc acaaatgtag agttattctg tgtctgccta attttagaac attttgtatt    131160
     gactttaaac tttaccttca agttatcaaa tcccttttgg tacgcctaat taacattcat    131220
     attagtctaa gtatagtttg agatatttat gtcttaattc ttttgagatt taacaattta    131280
     actatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatagt    131340
     tataatatat atattatata tatagatata tagttataat atttgttttt ctttcatgta    131400
     ctgttttttc tatatccctt ggatcatttt tgttactaga tgtacaatga atatatataa    131460
     tttgaattca ggtcacacaa tattagcaca aattattgtt ttatgtattc tctgctactt    131520
     gtgttaatta aaaaagagct acaaccatac tgataaaagc taacgcttat aatttacaca    131580
     atgactgata ataaggagcg caaacacaaa atcacaactt acgttaaatt aaaacgagac    131640
     ggaaaaacag gcaaattacc aaaacgaagc tggcaaaatt aacatatttt catatattca    131700
     tcgaggaaca cagtagaaat cagcacaata gatgttcatt gcggctgcta acattagctt    131760
     cagtcttgct taatgagttc tacagtcgat attaaggtac aaactgggca tttcagtcta    131820
     aacagtgctg ctaaatactt taccgtaaca tattgtgtgc agaaaagtga acttacatgt    131880
     ttttgtgtgt ttcggcttct cagctctgtt caatgaagct aaatgaaagc agcaacacgc    131940
     aggcgcttca cgtttccaca acgttcaaaa tcacttccgg gtctttaccg cctaagcagc    132000
     agttataagt tccgtttccg ggtttacagc taatgtaaaa atataaacgt gtttttaagt    132060
     tttatatata ctttcgtttg gtaaactgac attaataatg tagatgataa aaatagttaa    132120
     tcttttttta catttcagcg cagcaaaaaa ctgaaattcc accattaaaa ccattatttt    132180
     tatcattatt ttttacatca atatgctttt aacggcatat tggccgaaac ctgtgataat    132240
     acaagcatgg tttaaagtat taataaattc tgaaaaaggt tagaggtggg tagattactt    132300
     acaaattgta acaattagtt tgtttctgaa ttgcaaacat gcataataag aatcgcattc    132360
     aaacttatta agtgtttata ctttaaatat tttcttcagg gttttccaca ctgggatttg    132420
     taaaggacct gcaggaagta tggagaattt gtgaaaaact agtaagtaat tacattttaa    132480
     aaagccacaa aaaagtgtga atagtatata ggcaaggcaa gtttatatag agagggattt    132540
     gtatttgttt acctttaaat catgtgatca gtagtcaaca tcaacagcac aacaatagga    132600
     taaagaaaat taaaatacaa agagaaaaca aatgcagtga ggttttaaaa aaataaaata    132660
     tgagaggaaa caaatgcaga taaaaagaga ccttcaatgg atatcgttgt aaaccatgtt    132720
     gttacaataa aatgtcaagc attgtgtttg aggatttttt taatgctttt gttcagttct    132780
     ttaatctttc ctattagaac ttctctaaac cagacaagta aagttgattt gaataatttt    132840
     aagtacactg tctacatcat gagtactgtg aactcattgt catgttcaag aaaccagtct    132900
     gagatgattc gtgcttcatg acatggcgtg ttatcctgct ggaagtaacc attaggagat    132960
     gggcacactg tggtcataaa gagatggaca tggtcagcaa caatactcag gtaggttgtg    133020
     gcattgacac gatgctctgt tagcactaat gggctcaaaa gtgtgccaag aaaatatccc    133080
     cacaccatta caccaccacc accagcctga actcttgata caaggcagga tggattcatg    133140
     ctttcatttt gatgtttaat gtcgcacatt tgtcatgtgg tgtaatggaa aatttgcatc    133200
     atgcatgtgc agccgacaaa tctgcagcaa ctgcgtgatg ctatcatgtc aatatggacc    133260
     aaaatctctg aggaatattc ccagtatctt gttgaatcta tgccacagat taaggcagtt    133320
     ctgaaggtaa aagggagtcc aacacctaat aaggtgtacc taataaagtg accggttata    133380
     ggtatattaa cataaagcaa taagctatca aattcaatga agtaattcaa aatttgaaat    133440
     ggaaagtgac ggtttgagac attttgacat gtacattgga ttccagaata agtgtctgtg    133500
     gtaaggctac tctctgcagg acatgtgact gatgaatgcc tgctgctctc ttccataact    133560
     ttcaaactgg cacatttgac atctaaacaa tttattatct taaaaagtaa taataatatg    133620
     taacacaaca gcagtatctg ccacattatc ttgagttcag ccttctgcca tgacacttgc    133680
     agagatgaat aaattctgta agtggagtga cacaaaagta aagcagttat cgctagaata    133740
     tcacacggct ctcagactca agaaccagaa ataactgttg tatagataaa ttgattaacg    133800
     caaggtttta ttttccgttt tatttgctgt cataaaatga atcagtgcta tcagatgatc    133860
     ggcctcaagt gctcatgtag atgtagagat aacagaagaa tgtgtctggc ctcttagccg    133920
     tggtgtgggg taatattcgc agggcagggg tcaagtctgt agaccaaaca gacatctctt    133980
     tgttatgtgt cgtgactgac agcgaagaca gcagtatgat ggcgagaggg acaaagacgc    134040
     gtgtctgtat ggtgctcaga ctccagagga ttggctttct gctgagagac aggcgggcgc    134100
     ccgcggacca caatcccacc cgggtgattt cacagggttc tgagtttgcc agggataatc    134160
     gcaccctata gtgtggagat tggaggatca tgtctgtgga attggtttac aaagcttaac    134220
     tacagttagg aaatgcacac cgagtgcaga gtctttcagg tacatcggct tatgttttca    134280
     cctctccaga tcacttcctt cctctcagac cggttcctct ctcggcttcc accctgagtt    134340
     ttacaagcgc ttcttacaaa acagaaacaa gagcatggag tctaatcgtg atccaaattt    134400
     ctcagtgtgt ggttctgctt aaaatgtcag actgtgtgtg gctttaatta agggaaattg    134460
     tggtctaata agtctatctc acatggcatc ctcaaattgg gatattaatg tatgtaatta    134520
     cattttaaaa tctatatttt ttttgtaaca tttctgaaac tcttttgaaa ggatagttca    134580
     tcccaaaaaa tgaacattta ctcttaccct tgagaagttc taaacctgtt tgagatgctt    134640
     tcttctgttg aacacaaaat aagatatttt gaaaaatgaa cactggacat ccattgacat    134700
     ccattgtagg aaaggaaatt aggtaatgaa taccagtttc agatgttctt taaatattac    134760
     aaccccaaac cagaaaactt gggacaatat agaaaaaaga aagtcgtgat ttccaaattt    134820
     actttgactt atatttcatt gcagacaata tgaacaaaat atttcatgtt ttgtctggtc    134880
     aacttcattt tatttgtaaa tatacgtttt ttcctgtcat tcagacctgc aacacattct    134940
     aaaaatcttg ggacaggagc aatttagggc tagtaatcag gtaaattggt taaataatta    135000
     tgtgatttga aacgggtgat gtcaacacgt cctttttctt gtcacttctc actttatgta    135060
     cacttcaagc tactgtagcc aaaataaatt ccttgtaatg cacacttggc aattcaactg    135120
     tttgtaatta tgaattggta caaaagcagc acccaagaaa ggtctaatcc tttacgagca    135180
     gaaataagct gagaatcatt tgtcaacaaa tacttgagaa aaattattaa aatgcaaaat    135240
     aaaaacaatg ttcctcaaag aaatatagga agatatttgg atatttcacc ttcaacatca    135300
     ttaaaagatt caaggaatct ggaggaattt ctgtgcataa aggacaaagg ctcaagccta    135360
     atctgaaaat ctgtgatctc cgatccctaa ggtggcactt cataaagaat tgtcattcat    135420
     ctatatgcga tatcaccaca tgggctcatg aatactttgg caaacctttg tcaagaacca    135480
     caatacatag ttaccacaaa tgtcagttaa aactgtactg tgccaaaagg aagacctata    135540
     tcaacagtgt ctggaagtac ctttgacttc tctgggcttg gagacatctg tgatggacca    135600
     tcacacagtg gaaacatgta ctgtagtcag atgaatcagt atttcaggta tttgttggga    135660
     gaaatggatg ccatgggctc tggaccaaag aagaaaagaa tcatccagac tgttaccggc    135720
     atcaagtata aaaccagggt ctatcaggtt gtgccagtgc ccttgacaaa gattaaaaga    135780
     ggaaagagta cactgttaga catttctgta aattacacag ttatttactg tatttcaccc    135840
     agtgtaatac tgcaaattcc ttttacggta aataactgta tttaccgttg cattatggga    135900
     atttagtgtg acgtcgaaca acatatacag cgatgtactg tatttgtaaa aattcgtgta    135960
     ttatactgta ttttccacaa ctgcttcaac gccaccttgc ggcgattcga ctactctgca    136020
     ccacattttg cctgaggacc ctggagcaat tctggaggac aatttattag tgtgcctgaa    136080
     gaacatactg gatttaacaa actttactct ggtaagctga ggcagtgttt cattttacag    136140
     aatgttttgt ggacgagaat aaaacaaagt aaagtataaa gttggctatt attattttct    136200
     ctggcttggc gttatttcgc ccatttgaga aatatataat ctattaagat gttaccttta    136260
     tttaatttat tacattaaca ctactattac tttaaataag actgtttatg actattagcc    136320
     attgttctcg tcatatcttt ttatttattt acataggaac cggtgttgca gcgggttttg    136380
     gtttaggagg gaaccagagg tatgcagaca gttttggagg acacttagca cgagacaacg    136440
     gtccggcaga gagtgttttc ccccagaaga atatgaatga aagaccaaca aataatccag    136500
     gtaaaagcgc gtctgtctgt gctgacaaca ctcgacattg atttgagcac ctctattagc    136560
     atttgtttgc tcggcaacat tggctgaagc gatcttaaaa tggtaatgtt aactgttagc    136620
     taaactgagc taagtttata ctgaattgga ctcaaactca ttttaacgtg caacgtttaa    136680
     cttatattga tttatactat atatattaga tgttgtgaac ttatttttct ctggtttaga    136740
     gtaacttata acgttagctt gagaaaataa catcgcgacg taacttataa gaacgttaac    136800
     gtaaatctat acaatatgca taacgttaga ggtaaagttg gttttatttt cgcacattcg    136860
     ttcatttaga agactatact gtttaccatg ttactttgaa tattcgatca gaattagcat    136920
     gccagtatga cttgaaatca acattaacac tgtttatttg accgtgagca tgttgtactt    136980
     tgatagtcat tagctgctaa aatgatttcg ctatttagag tttgcaaata atacttttat    137040
     gaaattaaat tattaagggg gaagtctgaa tctgctaata taaaaccaat tttacctcta    137100
     tgcattatgc taataaccac ctttttgcta tttattgttt gctaattatt tttttatcac    137160
     aactcttgac atttggttta acataattgt taccattata tttttttctg tttagatatg    137220
     gcactggcac agcagcaggt tttgtctgaa gaaacaaaca gcatttcaga ggaacatctt    137280
     gatcagcaca gccttatgct taaaaaataa gcaagaccag taagcaacca aggtaaacaa    137340
     ataaaaaaag ttgtgtggag gttgtggatt gtagcatggt attcttatct gtatttttgg    137400
     cttttttatg gtcttaatat agaatactgg gagcctgcct gtgcaaactg gacctcatac    137460
     aacagtaagt actgtacatc tatttgtttc tcaatatatt aacgttactt ttaatacaaa    137520
     atgtgtcaca tgtttagttg ctagctaaat aaaaaaatcg ttttcccttt tttattaaac    137580
     catttagtag gttttttttc atctttgttt ataatatttt tgagcagatt gaggtctgtc    137640
     atgggtcaga catttcaaaa tacaataatt agtattggga tacatgcatt tgtctatgta    137700
     ttaaatgtct ttttccccat ttcatgttgc ctaaatattt tgtaataaat aaaataatac    137760
     aattttttgt ataaataatt ccagaggatg aaacaaaatg cacagcaaca agtgagccag    137820
     aagatagcag gagaagtagt gaagagaatg acaaccatga acaacagtga gttatccttc    137880
     tttcaccagc taactgagaa cttggattag gtgagacact ctcaatagtt ttatcagtat    137940
     tcagtcagtt ttagtttatt aggaatacat aaaacaaata gtctaatctg tcctgcagtg    138000
     aatcaaccca tcacaaatgc tacaatgttt ttgtaaaacc ttgttaggga aaaaaataaa    138060
     caggacattc tggttagtta tcttttaaac atggtagtga gcaggttatg agcaggagcc    138120
     agttgctcag taccagctga aaactacccc aacctagctg ccatgcttca aaataattaa    138180
     ccagtatatg atttattttt ttaaacaagc ttcttctatg cttatgttag tctgtttgtc    138240
     cttatccaga gttcttcata atcctggact gggccaaatc ctgaccagat gctgtggtgg    138300
     tcatggagga gtgaatccta aaagacacac gtgatcaatg agtttccgca ttgatccaat    138360
     gggccagcct gaccacccgc tggtgaactt tcaagcctct ggtgcctaga ctgcagcctt    138420
     gcacaagttt ggctagagga gaactggtcg tgcccaactg agcctggtat ctctcaaagg    138480
     attttattct acactttcgt cagttggtga agtttgttcc atgccactgt cgccactgga    138540
     tcgcttggct acgattggtg gatcggtgga tttgctcttc agtgtttgga ctttcagcag    138600
     tgatatttac tgcttcaatt atgaaaactg gactgaagca gcttcaattt ataagaacgt    138660
     ctatgttaag ctgctttgac atcattgatc tacagtgtaa aagtgcaata gaaataaaga    138720
     tgaattgcat ttgaacatgt gaattcagac cttgttgagc atttgacacc agaactagta    138780
     atattttaaa gttgggttgt ttctgagtcg gctaatagtt acaaatattt atttttccaa    138840
     caatatgcaa ttcagaagtt taagttttta ttgttcatgt atgttctagt gctttgtgtg    138900
     atttatttat ttttaatatg ttgattttat tgcttaatgt aattttcaca cattttcctt    138960
     aaatgcttta agcattatta atgttttaaa gaatggaata ttttgtaatt gtgtctggtt    139020
     taatgtcagt agtacttagt acaattgttt ttttttctca acaatatgca ggtcagacac    139080
     ttaaattagt tttgtacatg tatgttaatg tgctttgtca ttttcaatgt ttttttttct    139140
     taaaataaaa tattttgaat gattgaaatg taatgttttt acacattttt aagcttgttt    139200
     taagcatctc caatgtttta aataaagagt atttattttg ttaatatttt gtaattgtgt    139260
     cttttttagg tctatagtat taaaataata ttaataaaat tatattataa aatatttagg    139320
     acaaaattaa aaggtttaca gtagctaact gttaacttag gtttttacag tagttaacca    139380
     ttttcagaca ctacggtaac atgctgtaaa cggatttaca gttgtaaact gtaaatctaa    139440
     aatacagtaa cttactggca acagtgttgc cagtaagtta ctgtaaaaac cctttgaaat    139500
     gtctaacagt gtatacaggt acttgactgg ccagcctgca gccctgacct gtctccaata    139560
     aaggatgtgt tgagcactct gaagcacaaa atgcaacaat ggagacgtta tactgttgcc    139620
     cacctcaaga cttgtttgca ggcggaatga gacaaaatta ctcctgaaac actttatcac    139680
     ttggtgtcct caatccctaa atgtgtttta agtgttcaga aaaggaatgg caacattaat    139740
     gcttaactgt ttacaaacct tttttaaacg tgtcgcaaga accaaaattg gaatatgtga    139800
     cattttgaaa aaaataaggg aataattaaa aatcaagagg aaaacattga atattgtttg    139860
     ttgcattgtc ctgcaatgaa atacaagtca aaatacattt ggaaatcact tctttccttt    139920
     tttatttgcg ttttccatac tgtcccagct ttttatgatt tggggttgta tcttctattg    139980
     tgttcaacgg aagaaagaaa cacaaacaac aagttaagaa tgagtaaatg atgacagtat    140040
     taaaatttgt gggtgaacta ttactttagg tatggggtat ctggggcacc agcagggttt    140100
     tatccctagg cacgcacaaa ttcagcaccg ccccgccccc ttccctcaat aatgtcaaga    140160
     aacactgatg cttactgtca aagacaatat ttaagggtta attcattatg acattattca    140220
     taatcgtaat attttgttga aatctaaatg taataaaagc acatcagcac taaggaaaaa    140280
     tcagatgatc aagacgtaat ctttaaaatt atgacatata aaaaaatttg caaatatatg    140340
     acagaagatt gcgagacaat acaaacagtg aagcattaat taaatcctta ctttccattg    140400
     accgaaaatc atcctcctgc ccagtaaagt ggacaggctc aaacaaaaat ataattcgta    140460
     gatttttctt ggaaaaaata catttttaaa atgaatttca tatatagttt gtctcttcgt    140520
     ttaaatattt ttcttggtca gttatcttct aaataaaata gaaaaaacga ataacatttg    140580
     acgtgacggg cttcaaaaca aatccgctat gcttcaacaa tgttgaatca tgaactggat    140640
     tgttaaataa aataataatc tagcctaaat aaaattaaag tgaaatattc catttctgag    140700
     aagcctatat taaactgttt tccatgttgg gcctgtcaat tacaatttaa ttaatttaac    140760
     caaataattt gaataagcag gacaggcgtt tacaatttta gcaacagcat tgaacatgtt    140820
     cccccatcac ctcagtggaa caaactcgat aggaagggtg ataaactcag aaactcgttg    140880
     ttagaatgga gatgtctgct tattatggca gtctgtcaga taaaattgtt taaaacacat    140940
     tgaatggttc cgttccatgt gaggaggctg cgcagcagct ggatctgatc tgtctgatga    141000
     aagagacggt ttccccggct caggtgctga tgagactgcg gtctccactc cgtgatgggg    141060
     atcagtattt ttctctttag ttttaggcct ttggtaaatg tcttaattaa gtttatctgt    141120
     tttaaaaagc atttaaccat tttgaacctt gtttttaaca atagctatct gatttgtaat    141180
     tgttagtgtg cagaaaaacc gctagcaaaa ctaaagccaa cagatttctt tacccatctc    141240
     ccaccatgca atacacgctt taaaacacac acctttattt gttgtcattc tgtcttgctt    141300
     tgtcaatata tagtactgta tactgtttaa taatcaattt aaattctgta atgaatgaat    141360
     aaataaataa ataaaaaagc gccattaatt ttcaccctct tattgtaggt acatacagtg    141420
     cttacagcca tacgactgca ggcgccactg tggggtatga cctagctgta ctttattaag    141480
     gtggtttacg aagacatgcc ttgtgtcctc ataactcaaa gtgcttaaat ataatattta    141540
     acggggtctt atcacattca cagatttcct gtgagggttg gatttagtag tatagggaca    141600
     taagaggttt ttactgtaca aaatacatgt caatgaagag tcctcaaaaa ccaccaatat    141660
     caatgggagt gtgtgtgtgg tctcaccagc tggtttcagt ggatgcctac tcttccatcc    141720
     tcaagcagtc acagagagaa gtagcctaca tattcataaa aaatttattt atatctcagc    141780
     tgtttgtttt gcaggctgta cagtgtgatc gagggcgtat aaaccattac tcatgcctgt    141840
     caaagagagg atgttattta ttgcacaaat taaaggaaaa tagtatcaac ttacagcagc    141900
     ctttgggctt ctcctcacct gtctgtatgt ttcctttcgc tctcgctctt catttccagc    141960
     cctcgttccc ctggagaaat aagtacactt atctcttgca tcagagattg cagtttgcca    142020
     acagtttttt cagtaagtta acagacagta cagtaacact gacaacacta gtgttcacca    142080
     cagtgtgtat agtatgtgtt gcgtcctcat aatgatatct ttttatggag gagtcagtaa    142140
     atcctaaatc tgtatgggtt tactatatga caatacaaaa ctaaaagtat tatttataaa    142200
     tttcccttca gcttagtccc tttatgtatc aggggttgcc acggtggaat gaaccaccaa    142260
     ctattccagc atatgtttta tgcagtggat gctcttccag ccacaacctt atattggaaa    142320
     tcaccaatac actttctcat tcacacacac accaattttt gttttactca gttcacctat    142380
     actgcttgtc tttgcacttt ggacccggag aaaacccaca tgaactcagg aaaaatatac    142440
     aaactccaaa cagaaatgcc aactggccca ggcgggactc gaaacagcga ccttcttgct    142500
     ttgaggtgac agtgctaacc actgagccct tatactataa ctgaatattt catgttatta    142560
     tgtgtatata taaatatata ttatgtaaat ttagctgcac taaaaatagt tagcctatat    142620
     acatgtttgt gcgtgtgtgt aagaacttta ctgttgtgta attgagatta tcaatcacat    142680
     attgttgctc ttttattggt gtgactgatt ctattttctt gaagaatagt tgactcaaaa    142740
     attacaattc tctcacaccc cattatacct gtttgtgttt tttttctttt gttgaacaca    142800
     aaggagtaca tatggagagg aaaaacagcc tataagtttt atataggcct atgttttgtt    142860
     cctacattgc atgtcttttc cctaacattc ttcagaaaga tcttgttttt tgttcaacag    142920
     cagacattca taaaagtgtg tatacaaaaa gtcttaaaag taaatggagg attttgtttt    142980
     cagttttggg ttaactgtgc ctttaatcac ttcggattaa attcagctaa atgtacgtaa    143040
     acttaaagta aatgtaaaca tatgcttttt ttattgcttg aactgacata acaagaacat    143100
     cagaacaaaa tccaagggat catagatctt tttaaaaaaa ggtcaataat atacacagta    143160
     taaaaacgat aaacacatac tcatacaagc ttatcattag acagaaaggg aaaaattgta    143220
     ttaataataa taaattaata ataatacaat tactaaatta cttactccca gggccattta    143280
     atatcgaagt acatagccgc accattttgg ttttatgagg tgggtcaata gcccaatgct    143340
     gaacccccaa cctggaggac caggacctac acacatacac tacagacaat tccattaatt    143400
     ttcttttcag cttagtccct ttattaatca ggagtcgcca cagaatgaac caccaactta    143460
     tctagcacat gctttacgca gcgaatgccc ttcaagcagc aacccatcac tggaaacacc    143520
     catacattta ttcacacaca tacactacag acaatttagc ttacccaatt cacctgtacc    143580
     gcatgtcttt tggactgtgg gggaaaccag agcaccggaa agaaaactca catgaacacg    143640
     gggagaacat gcaaactcca cccagaaacg ccaactgacc caaccgaggc tcgaaccacc    143700
     aaccttcttg ctgtggggcg atggtgctac cccaaaaagg aaattaatta aattactgtg    143760
     acgcaaataa acatgttttt tatcttcagg ttagcaggtt gcgcgttcaa agcatgttga    143820
     ggtaaaaagc tcttttttgc aaactgttta aagtgttgag gcgatgcaag tcgatataaa    143880
     ccatgattga atcaaaaagc agccaaatac actgaaaaaa attatacaga gatgattcct    143940
     tggatttact caaattttta cgttaagtgg ttgaaatcaa tttatttgtg ttgaatttaa    144000
     acaaacaaat taagttgaac attattaaac ttaatttgtt tgttcaaatt caacacaaat    144060
     aaattgtttg caacagttct gcacgcaaca cttttttcag tgcgtcatga ttccatgatt    144120
     cacaccattt gtttacagct ggattatccg ctgcgtaatc ccagaggacc tcgtggcgca    144180
     acggtagcgc gtctgactcc agatcagaag gttgcgtgtt caaatcacgt cggggtcaaa    144240
     ttctttaatc ttaccgtctg ttaaagtgct atggactgga ttttctatct aaatgacggc    144300
     gtaattagtt ataggattcc acactctcat aagtcaagtt tggttcctga tcagagtatt    144360
     attattgtaa tcaaaaatag gctactggtc tgaggtatgg ctctttgtca ttgtataact    144420
     aatccatcca tctatctatc ttgtaactgc aagtctaaat aaaacaaaaa acatattttt    144480
     tgtcaaattg aaaactacta cctaaaaaca gagttccaca caatctattt gtattggaac    144540
     aacatgaagg cgttaagtta acttacataa aactctaaac ataaacataa agctctactg    144600
     gggaactccc cctccaaaac aaaaataaat aaataaaact atatatatat atatatatat    144660
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa    144720
     ttacaaatat aacagtatta ttattattat tattattatt atacaaattg tattttaaat    144780
     aaataacaga aattaatcct aaatgtaaat ctagacacaa ctggagtgat gataatttaa    144840
     taaatgtttt gcatgaatat taatttcatt tgaatgaaat tatctagaca attctatatc    144900
     caaatcccag cgtcagttta ttcagaaata acagtttgtt ggtaaaagcc tctaaagcca    144960
     gtaacctttg acagcaaaac ccgctacatc cagaaataga accaacttac ctcaaaactt    145020
     attataagaa aagaaaacaa tgtacagtcg gaagtgtaac atgcatttct aaaaaaattt    145080
     tcgcagcaac gctactttga atgagtccga tttactaaac attaaactgc aactctgttt    145140
     cacgaaagac agttaagatg ccgttctttt atcccacatg gatgctatga agataaacaa    145200
     gagaccaaga cctcaaggat gctgagaatg aatgaacgac agcttttaaa atgatctgag    145260
     agacatccta tttttgcctt gtgttttatt tgctaattta aaccagtttt ttaaagacaa    145320
     tgtaatgtat acattatttt tattacttaa tatcatatta ccaataccta tgataagctt    145380
     tttatattaa tggacaatgc acagatattg atgtttctca atgttttaca ctacattatt    145440
     tgaatctacc aagcttagtt tacaatgttt gtaatgttta caatgttcta cttacattaa    145500
     atcctaaata tcagaaatga caacagattg ttgagactta attaacgtca gtggtaatgt    145560
     tattgcactt tacagatttc attcattcat tttccttctg ctttgtccct ggtttatcgc    145620
     agcggaatga accgccactt acttggcaga tttatatatt tttaatttta ggtgtttaat    145680
     gtttggtaaa ataatttgta attgcatcat tagtgatttt caactaatta caatgtcctg    145740
     tctcaatagg tggatttaga ggtttttgca aaaaaaagca caagtggatt tagctggttt    145800
     tcacgcaaaa gaaagtctga atgtctaaag ttacattaaa aaaagtatga tatttactag    145860
     ctaataacca tattgttaca tataaaataa aacttctgaa cctaatcaga ggcgcctggt    145920
     agaaaatgct catttacaaa aaagaggtct gatggattta gagggttttg catcacaact    145980
     cacaaatcat ttattggact gaatgtgttt ggaattggaa attaactgtg aatggtttag    146040
     aaaaaagccc cacaccatta atgcccacat taattactaa ttaatatcta aacgtaacac    146100
     atgacagcaa aagagactca taaaatgcca gagactcgct gcagactgat aggagggcat    146160
     atgaggtctt tctcagacgg gtcatttctg tgtgctgcaa gtctgtttcc ttggttcaag    146220
     ggcaacactt ttcagcagct cattcaatta ccgcagcttg ttcaaatgtg aaaaaccact    146280
     tgtgtctatt tgaagtggtg taatctgatg aaagtgattt ttatttctag tgtgctgtgg    146340
     tcgaatcctc tctttctctc tgaatttcct ctatcatctc tttttatctc tcccctcctc    146400
     agccttttga aagaggagat gcacttcatt actgagctca ggctgtgatc gcactccggg    146460
     gacatttcat gagtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtatga    146520
     gagagagaaa ttgagtaaaa atatgtgaaa taatattgtt cagtatttta taatttatat    146580
     ctgtttaaga acctgtttaa ttaattttgt attgtcgtat gatttactct aaatattttt    146640
     ttaaacaatt tatatcggct gaattaaagc aaacaaatta aatgtaatgt tcagctttat    146700
     ttgtttgttt aaactcagcc caaatatatt tttgccacca cttatattat aaaatgtagt    146760
     agatccaact gaattattaa tattttatta agtgtacaat aaaaaaaaac ctttcattta    146820
     ttcaattaaa aagatttagg gtaatggttc acgtatgact tgacttaatg aaaaataata    146880
     attataataa ataaataaat aataatttgc cacaataaga aagaagaaac aatattttct    146940
     atcttcatga gactaattat atatagcctg gtacaaagca tatttgtctt gctgaagaaa    147000
     gtcaattaat ttaagttctc tttttgtttt taacaagaag atatagcttt aattaaaaca    147060
     ttcaaataaa atattaattc atcaatatta aaacatctaa atttgatcac tttggaccaa    147120
     taaaaaataa ataatttgcc ttaaacattt ttttaagtcc atgaaagtac aaagcattat    147180
     gagtttctgt ttaatacaac cttaacattt tacattggtc aaaacaaata tttcttagtt    147240
     gagctgttaa tcaaaaacat ttaaatacat gtttaaatac actatgaaca gcagctacgc    147300
     taattatttc tttattctct attttgtttt gttttgtttg tttgtttaca ctttatctct    147360
     ataaatttgt cttgaactat aggcccacat ttaaatacac ttacaaacat ttaaatacac    147420
     atttaaaaac atttaaatac acatttaaat acactaaggg gtctggctgc agactctgtg    147480
     cagtgcaatc tgagctgctt ccaatgtttt ttaatgcact cacctaaccc cacccctagc    147540
     ttgcatcata aaggctgcat ccagatacta ttgctatgaa cagcagctac gcgaattatt    147600
     tctttactct ctatttcgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tacactttac cgtccccaat    147660
     agggaaattt gtcttggact ctaggctcac actgaacaga aacagacatc aaaaaacaca    147720
     aatgaataca cacattcagt cattaacaaa tattatattt aaaagtctaa ttgatgcatg    147780
     taaaaaaaag atttcctaaa actattatat ctgcacacag gcagcctgta tcgttgacca    147840
     aaaagcagta agtcatacaa aacaaactgt gcgaggggtc agctaataat ttaatagctt    147900
     cgtcctgaac tgattgctca tagaatgact gtaaggatca atattccctt ttccctatga    147960
     ttctcatggc tgtcttcacc agccctccca caattctaga ttgaattgta ttgtttccgt    148020
     accaaacagt aaatctatag cgtattatgc ttttaatcac agctttgtaa attaaaaaca    148080
     tgcaaaagtt ttgttcatac aaaaggctaa gtataatctg agtattttac tataatatat    148140
     tactggaatt atgttattaa acaaaatatt attaaacaaa agtggggagc ttgctaactg    148200
     ccttggggaa cacctggttg cccttctgat ctctgataag ctgtcattaa ccctggggat    148260
     accatagctg cgatccaaga cctgtgaaga aatgatgcaa aggtatccat aatcctggac    148320
     caggctgtat cctgagctga tgctgtggtg gtcatggagg agcggagagc gtgagactac    148380
     agtaacagac tagtctttgc actgattctg tgggccagcc tgaacacccg ccggtgacct    148440
     actcacctgc agttctccat gatggacgtc cagcgttctc cagcctccag cgcctagact    148500
     gcagctctgc aatagaagtt tgaccatagg agaaatggtc gtgcccagct gagcctgagc    148560
     cttctctcga ggtttttttt ccttcacttc atcaattgat aaagtttttc atcatcgctg    148620
     tcgccactgg cttgcttggt ttgggacttg aggagctgct catcaatgaa tttgctcttc    148680
     ggtgtttgga ctttcagcag tgaaaattaa accacactga actgaactaa actaaactga    148740
     acttcatctg tgaaaactgg actgacagtt ttaatttact agaacttcta tgtgaagctg    148800
     ctttgacaca atccacattg taaaagcgct atagaaacaa acacgaactg aatttaattt    148860
     attatataat atgtattata ttatatattt tatataattt tgaatatagt acttgaaaaa    148920
     taaaacaaat actattaaac tgaaataaaa gataaaactt taattggata tttttttccc    148980
     cccagtatat ataaatatat tgataaaaca ataaatatat atttgcctgt tggactgctc    149040
     taaattccca tagttattta ttaaattaag tttaaccaag ttgaacttca agtctcccaa    149100
     aaactcctgc aaggtatggc tttgttttac actcctaaat gtgtttggtg ttttgattaa    149160
     gaatacctgg ccaaaagatc tttaaaaatg acaaatttag attataaaat gttctctgta    149220
     ataaaaatgg tccttttata ggaaccgttt ccaaaaaaag tttccaaaaa tggttcttca    149280
     ttacctttat tttaaagtat aacagcgctg tatcaaaaaa gaagaaaata tgtcaaaaga    149340
     aagattaaaa ataaaacaaa taaacatgat gttaggttta ataagaatgt ttgtgctaaa    149400
     tagaaattat ggtaaaatga acctgcaggt ttgattcttt aatttcacaa atatgaactc    149460
     aacaaacctc aaattctatc taaatttcta aatttaaaat caatttaaaa tgagtgaagc    149520
     ttaatttaat aatatttatc aggatatttt atatacacat ttagatttat acatctcttt    149580
     tttcttattg aaaggtagca tataatgaac agttcttata aagcgtaaaa ctaaacattt    149640
     ctgtagaatt acacaaagat ttcttgagta tttgctaaca ctttataata actacacact    149700
     atgaatcatc tattaaacat tagcagatag taaattcatt atttactaag cattaactct    149760
     acattaatag acattattaa gcaggttata aacacaaata aattattata agcatattca    149820
     ttatgagctt aatgattgtg tttatttatt aattgttcat aacaaaattc agtattgcat    149880
     tatttacaaa tcatttgtat ttaagagtag ttgaaatgat taataaatta ttcaaatcag    149940
     cattcatata ttttattatt caggcgtata gtaatggtca ttatgtatgt taataaatca    150000
     ttaagtcaac ttcatgcagt tttgtaacct tatctaaagt gaagatgctt tgtaaatccc    150060
     ttttaaatga ctattaaagg cttagtataa atacatgttt gcaatctgac tgtacaaagt    150120
     tatacaaagt atacaactgt acaattaata aaaataatac tgtaaacttt aaacactgct    150180
     gaataacagg aaagtcaaaa tagaattaga aataaataca attaaattaa attggattaa    150240
     acaacagcaa tatattaatt taacaatata ttatgatgca acatttcagt gttatttagt    150300
     gatgttaaaa cggttcagtc attttatttt aaataagatt gcaaaaacat atttttcttt    150360
     tgcacatttg tgtatcttga aatgaacaga aattaataaa gttgtttatt tatttatttt    150420
     tcctgtatag aaccgaccct ttaattgtca tttataagga aattataaag cataaatagt    150480
     cctcacttta gattaggtca tgataactgg atgaagttga cttaataaac catgtattag    150540
     cataaaaatg aactattaat ttatgtctga ataataagat atatgaatgc taatttgaat    150600
     agtttattaa tcatttactt acacataatg aatgatctta aaatagcacc aactgttctt    150660
     aaataactag tttgtaagta attcaattct taattaagct atgaaaaaat taatcattaa    150720
     ccaaatatga aaatacaatt aattaacaag cacatcataa atgaataatt taaagaaaca    150780
     atttctacca taaaactgat gttaaatctt ctcaatcaaa tttaatgaca gaaatcttta    150840
     ttttaacacc tgcctgaatt tgtaacactg aagacaaaac aattaattcc aatgcacaac    150900
     aaataagctg tttctccaaa atgtttattt gctttaataa acggatacat gtttgggaga    150960
     gaaaaaaaat tgcaggccaa gacctgcagg ttgtgaaaag ctatgaatta gtcttatatg    151020
     aaatacctgc ttcatatcag actatgttaa tgtctgagtg aatactgaac aacatgtata    151080
     gacataccga aaacaccgga cagaaacatg cagtaaaggt tattgtatgc atagagaaac    151140
     accacgagcg gccctcatga taggaacaaa acatgactgt ttccttcaat ttcctctttt    151200
     cagaagtgct ttgtttttag ctcaacatgt tcagttcatc tgtcatgtgt ctaaacattg    151260
     ggtaactttt tttccagtgc acattattgc ataagaaatt agtagaaagt acataacatt    151320
     tgttttggct acaaacaatt ggcttcggga aattatttaa aaggatagat catctgaaaa    151380
     tgtaaattta ctgctattta ctcaccctta agtggatcta ataaatatgt ttctttgctc    151440
     tgttgaatgc caaagatttt tttagaagtc aaaatttttt ccatcggaaa aactaaaatt    151500
     cttccttgtt tattgcattt ttcaaaacat cttcttttgt gtttaacaga agaaagaaac    151560
     tcgcaatggt ttgaaacaac tataaagggt gaggatatga caggatttaa atttttggtt    151620
     gaattatcca tttaatagac gtaaaaaaca gattgcacaa tataaatcaa tattatttca    151680
     taataataat aataaataat tggaaaaatc ttacaaatgt tatttttaaa acacatttct    151740
     tagcttttag ttctttaaat gcagaaccac acacgtcagc tgttcagtgc atggagctgg    151800
     ctgtgttaaa atgagggaaa taactgggaa tgtctgtaca aagtcctccg atatattcag    151860
     aagaagaagg agaaggcttt cctgggaaaa actgtcccga aggagatgtt ttggagaggt    151920
     aagattcctc ctgcgaccag gccgacagtc ccgctgtgtg aggcacctga tgggagtaaa    151980
     aataactgga ctggttggag agtaaattaa aagagcaggg cgcggacaga ggcagaggca    152040
     cagaggcaga tgtggagaag gaggaggagg aggaggtcat ctgctcgcag cccatcccgt    152100
     aataagtggc ctcttggctg gacgggatca gaagcctttc cgcggcggga gcgacggagc    152160
     tgaagtggcg cgcgctctga gagaggacag acgcggcgta gttgctgtgg tgcgcggctg    152220
     cggggctcga gtgtcggtgc tggagggtaa cgaacggcgg gaccggccag taaaatgagc    152280
     ctgcgaacgc cagtccagcg gaggcggcgg tggaggacag ccgggcgcct ctcttcatgg    152340
     ccagtttggc tctcgacgcg gcggtggacc gccgccggag tttgccggtg gttccgccga    152400
     tgaaaacatc gtcactcgac gggtccagca tccagtagtt gccctttccc gggtcgtcgt    152460
     agtggcgcgg gactttgacg aagcacttgt tgaggcttaa gttgtgtcgg atggagttct    152520
     gccagccctg tctgttttcc cggtagtacg gaaagttgcc catgatgaac tcgtagatgc    152580
     cgttgagggt gagccgccgc tccgggctct ggcggatggc catcatgata agcgcgttat    152640
     aactgaacgg aggcttatcg ggtttactct ttttctccgg cacatctgtt ccctcacact    152700
     tgggctctcc aactccgtct tttttctcgg ttctggtcgc taattcgttg cgctcccgga    152760
     caggtttgtc tgcaggctga tggcagcgcg cgggcggctt cgccgatcga gagcgcggtg    152820
     cttcctgcgc gtcgcttctc gcgcgttcgt gtcgcagcag taaactgctg atgctgaatg    152880
     acgacttgtg gaaaaaactc acggggggct ttaagtcctc catgtttaat tcaaacacgc    152940
     tccaacagga cttaaaagat caaaagtggc accagaaccc atataaagtg ccctgtcatc    153000
     cttcggaaac gcttggtaca aacaaaacaa agatgcgata agtttcccgc gcagccaatc    153060
     tctctgactg atcaatgaac tcgaaggctc aattataaca cttggaaagc cggtgaaact    153120
     caagcctctc acctgagacc gcccttctgt ttacacattc atctgactga gtgcccgtca    153180
     aaagcgactg aggcaaaaaa aaagacgtta cgccaaggag ttcagatata tgacaacact    153240
     tggagatgtg agtaaacaaa cagcttaggg tggacatgaa ctctaatctc tggaggaatg    153300
     cccctggcgc catagcatag gggagcgtga gcattcaccg tgcaaaataa cagactacac    153360
     ttttacatga aaagaaaggc gatgaaacat ttgcttgaat gtatccgttt tctgtttgcg    153420
     ctgtacttca ttctttgata aaggcctgat acaggctata gcacgtctgc ttgaagttaa    153480
     cgatgtctat aaataaggcc tataaggact gtaaaaggag gtaagtttag ttttaacatg    153540
     ttcatatgga tagggctgta gaggagttgt cgcctataca ggctaaaatt aaaccagatg    153600
     acattcatga gttcaatgca ataaaaaaat aaataaatga ataaaaccaa gatgttttct    153660
     tcaaaactag tttgtgtcct tttatttctg tatttcctat tttctgttgt agggcagtga    153720
     ccatcctgca tatttggtaa aactgatggc ttttgtcctg acaagtaatg ttcaacgtaa    153780
     gtacaaataa tggatctgaa atttatacag tttttatata aaataaatat acaaaatatc    153840
     tacaaataaa tggatttcaa taagtacttt acttattatc aagcacaaag gcagctacac    153900
     atacatgaaa taagagtgta aatactaaac agacttaaag taattatatt tgtcaaaaat    153960
     gaataaataa gacatattag gtaaatgaca acgtggaaga gttattaaat atgtttagac    154020
     agatggaaaa tccctgattg agtccattat aagaggcact gacacacaat attaatacaa    154080
     gtcactgcga cacagacatt ttttgtgcat aaaaatgatc aattcagtca taaaagttca    154140
     tgctgtgaac atgaggaatc attttccata acaacaacaa taataatctt atttgataaa    154200
     catttttctg ggctttaaat gataacctca gaactggttc cagtaatatt tcatgacttt    154260
     tacacagctt taaaacataa aaagaatgaa tagagaataa ataaacctgt caaacacatt    154320
     cacacagttc tatttcaaat ttatgcatgc aaaagttcat tgttttgcaa tcggtctctt    154380
     agttttggta gcacagagta taaattttcc ccaggacaag cagtttttgc aacgtcttta    154440
     tgtcccagaa gcacaaaatt gggtcgcaca tgcccatgaa gcactccaat gtgaagcagt    154500
     ctaagcagag cagacagcga cgcagagctt ggcaaatcag ctacagacaa acagaaatta    154560
     aaacgcattt tatacattat ttgcatttta tatttgctct caaatatcca catttcttaa    154620
     aaagtacatg gaaattctta tgcatgttgc ttattatttc catttatgaa actattaaac    154680
     actgcgacag tattatattt gtaaacacct cagaatgaac tagaaaaatg aatgtgactt    154740
     gtgttctcac cattgaagtt gcccatgaag gcgatgccaa cagaataaaa gttgtgttct    154800
     ttagcatgag ctcctacaat cccccatcct ctgccttcat acaccgtccc atctccagat    154860
     attagaaagc taaagaagta agaaggacag agtcaatgta cagagtccac cctgttgggt    154920
     tagctcaatc taaaatggac aatagcttta aatttttaat ttaaaagcaa tatatatata    154980
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    155040
     tatttaaaaa gcacgaatac aatcatgagt ccatcacagt catgaggatt tacaaaagca    155100
     ccttttctat tatagatttt attacaaatg agaaacaaaa tggttttcaa actgtaattt    155160
     gcttggttgt tttgttttat aattatttta ttttggctta atataattgc atatttattc    155220
     aataaagatc atcatggcct ataaattagt gatgacgttt ccattactaa tgaagtaaat    155280
     tcaggttctc tggatttaga tttcagtaaa tgtttttata tttcgtttat ttcgttaagg    155340
     tctgatgtac aattcaaatt aaataaaaaa aatgtaattt agaacttttt tctaaaaatt    155400
     ctattttgtc agatttacaa ttattttaat tttgtctctg aatatcaggt ttattggaat    155460
     aaatattgct ttctcaactt gtaaaaagaa aaaaggtaac ttgtgaataa actgaaaaga    155520
     tggaatattt ttagtaacat atttttaaat tttgaaataa cacaggcccg aatggggggc    155580
     ttcgggtggt tcgaaagacc cacctcctca ctgacaaagt gcagaattcg gcccctacat    155640
     gagctctatt gtcccatttt tgactgctat gccatcataa attgtgaaaa taactgatag    155700
     aagaaggctt taggacaaat ttcattttta attattcaaa tggccaaatt ctgactgaga    155760
     aaagttaaat aagctgtcta gtttatttgc caagaatgtt aagtagtttt gtaatccaaa    155820
     acaagtttta acagattgcg aattgttttt atatgatgga tgaaaataaa gttgagtttt    155880
     aaaaggtagt attttttcaa tatttcttta tttttattct tttatctaat aatgcttatc    155940
     tcataacatt atttatataa atgaaataac atattttaaa tgcacatttg taatcaaata    156000
     ttttgtggtg gtattgtgag cattttgaca aaattgtagt aaatattcta gtagcctaca    156060
     tcaaaaagtg tagttcgaca acatctgaca agctgaacaa gcaaagatta gtgcttaaat    156120
     atcgctaaaa tgcagcattt aaaccccata attgaataga aaatgaagca aataactgca    156180
     aaaaggtccc tttttgagaa aaaaaagaac catccctgca atacgctgca tggctacagg    156240
     cctgtgtaat acccctaaag taataatagg ctacttttaa tttagtatag aaggtcatga    156300
     tctgtttatt gtttctaaaa acatttaaga caatagaata cagcccactg attctgaatg    156360
     aaacagttta tctcatgttc agcaacataa tttacaagtt aattaacact taaagtaacc    156420
     aaggctttag ccatgccgta aacatttgta tatgtccttt aaccatgaga taaagtatgg    156480
     tcagacgtta aaagtaatgt tatcttctta cttgtaaccg atatcgtcga atccccgctc    156540
     ctgcatgtgc atgcgctgaa tgtgcgcgag ctcggtgacg ctttctcgcg ggtgcgcgca    156600
     gaaccggagc gcggtgtggt gaacgatcac tgtgtgcgcg ggactctcca tctgagtcat    156660
     ttcccgaggc tgcacggcgt cccaaccacg acgactcact atatctattg aaaaataaca    156720
     ttaggatcgc ttgaactcac tattgcaaaa taacaatatg atcgcttaaa ctcactatat    156780
     ctgttgcaaa ataacaatat gatcacttaa actcaatatg tctattgcaa aacaacaatc    156840
     tgatcactta aacgtgtcag aaatcacaaa atcgtttgtg gagcgagtct ctctcacctg    156900
     cgtttatgtc cacggtgttt gtgtgtccgt ccatatcagc gacaaacttt tcgttccctg    156960
     tatgctccaa catgactaaa ctgacaggtt tattagctct ggatgacagg gagggacaac    157020
     atacgtgaac ttccgcgtac tttccagtct cgtgcagaaa ttcagctcct gtgtacagga    157080
     agatgaagaa actgtgctgc atgggctttt tatagatgac aaattgacaa tggaaatgca    157140
     agtgtggata ttttaccagc gtgaaaataa cagaagtgac agactggcag cgttgcttaa    157200
     tgcccagata ttttgttatg ggttgaaata attgcacaat atctttgaag tatacagtga    157260
     gaaaagtcaa aattgttttt gggaaagtct tgttgattaa ccatcaccat agaaacttgt    157320
     ctgactttct tttccctcag aaaacaaaat atgcctaaga taatttacag gttttgttac    157380
     cacagactga aaaaaagaag gtgacaaaga cgcgcatgaa atacagtaaa tgaaggagca    157440
     taatggaaat ttgaagcatg atgcacatga aaagttgcat gtggagaaaa acaggattta    157500
     agatggaatc atttgtagat aatctgaata attaaagtga ttttgtacac aaaactggta    157560
     atgcgttatt attaatatta gagaaaacaa tattaactaa atatgactgg ctcaataaat    157620
     tacttaacat taaatatatt ttaatttatt gtatcttctt gttgaaatat aatcaatgtt    157680
     tattatcaat gtacaaaagc catcttgcca atttaacacc cactcgccaa ctaaactgaa    157740
     actctcaaag aatatagtgc attagtgcac cccccccccc atttccccat acaactatcc    157800
     tatagagata atcaaaatta ttcgtatcag ttcaaacctt ttaatctata tgaaccaagc    157860
     aaccaattca gatacaatgg ggattacaat attacaaaca tttgtatttt attcacagca    157920
     aataactaga aaacaagata aacaaagact gacttgacag ctttattaaa aacagggttt    157980
     ctacaggttt catcaagtca aatttaagac tttttaagac cttttaaaga ccattttata    158040
     accataaatg gattttcaga ctaagcaagg ctaaacgcta aagatttttt ttaatggtca    158100
     tgataaaacc ttaaaaaaag cattgaaaac aaatgttata gtaataaaga taattaattc    158160
     atattattaa gtagagttaa taaataaatg catcttaaaa cttattgaag tattgttaga    158220
     gattggatgg ctggattggg tatagcttta catggatatg agaaaattaa gacctattta    158280
     aaatgattta agacctacaa caaaatattt tagttgattt aagacttttt aaggcttaaa    158340
     atttggtttt ttaaatttag gacattttaa gactcctcag acaccctgta aaaagctgca    158400
     ctctcagaaa taaaagtaca ggagctgtca atgaggcagt ccacagtggc aacctaaagg    158460
     tgcatattag ttcccaaatg tacctaaaaa gtatctttga ggtgccatta tggacccttc    158520
     agatacaaat acactctaaa aaaaaaattc cgtaaaaaaa cgggaaaatg tactggaagc    158580
     tcattacaca aatattttac cgtaaattaa aaacagaaaa cttctgttaa ttgacagtgt    158640
     gtccacagta aaaaactaaa atatatccgt tttttgactg ttaaattaca ttaaaaaaaa    158700
     ctaaatattt taaattaatt taaggttttt atataataaa aatggttatt tttctgtttt    158760
     tttaagggta aaccaacagt aaaaaaattt acattttctg tgtttttaat agtatgcctc    158820
     cagtaaaaaa atggttagat tctgtgtttt aatggtgtat ctacagtaaa aaaaaattga    158880
     cattttctgt attttaatag tatatagtaa tagtactgcc ccagtacctt tatttctgag    158940
     tgtataatag aacaaactac aatccagtga atcattgcga gtgacataca aatttagagt    159000
     ttgagtaaaa atgtcttctt tttttttttg gttttgtaaa tatgcctgat aacatttctt    159060
     cctaattaaa tagtcatttt atagcactga acattacaaa ctgtcagaaa gacaaatggt    159120
     tttatttgtg attgaaaaat caaggggaga ccaccaaata ctgactttat agattttttt    159180
     gaagtgaaaa catagatatt gtgttgttca atatttatta atatttccac aattaaaatt    159240
     gcacatattc atcatactac ttagcattaa ttcatcttga attgtacaca cctactgtac    159300
     atataggttt gtaattatgt tcatatctat ctgcacactt ctgattataa aaagcaacct    159360
     gtacaatgtt cagagcttta caaatacaaa actattgtaa atctctgatc atagttataa    159420
     cctgtatata atgttcatag cacatccatc tgtaaatatc accagatttt ctataattgt    159480
     actttataac ttatatcctg cacttgctgc tattgccctc ctgattagac ctaaaactac    159540
     atttcgctcc cttgtacttg tacatgtgta atgccaataa agttgaattt aatcatctaa    159600
     tctaaaacag ttgcgctgca gaaaataaat caagagcata tcaaggttta catgcaaacc    159660
     aacaaaacgc ttgaaaactg ctgtgaaata tcatatatga gtagagggag agatttgacc    159720
     tgttagcaaa atacaacctg taatcactca aatccacttc aggtttctca attttactcc    159780
     cctgagacaa ataagagaag actctatact tcggctgcac ttgggggaaa aatatctaac    159840
     tgcatttttt tatgagatta taaaattttc aatcatgatt ttaagaataa tctccatatt    159900
     ttctggaaag tatgtcattt tctgtacaca tgaccataaa aataatacca atagctataa    159960
     agcataaagt ttgtaagaag cctaattgaa tgccttcatg ctctgaaatc acatattcag    160020
     atgtttgtgt gtaaatcaac aatgccatgg ttcaacctga aacctgcttc atgtattatt    160080
     agtcaattta aatcacagcc tatgtaatct cattcttgca caatgaaaat ttactggtgg    160140
     ttccaaacct ttggagtttc tttattttgt taaacacaaa agaaaatatt ttaaagctga    160200
     aatcctacaa ccatgactta tactataaca aatactatag aagccaaggc tttttaacat    160260
     tcttcaaaat atcttctttt aaaagtgtga actaaccctt ttgttacaaa ctgtctggct    160320
     ttagacagtc tgcaacataa tcaagagttg ataaacgatt tattaaatga atttaaacaa    160380
     gatcaaatgc aaaataaatg accttttaaa caagtaagaa aatttggtgc tggagatcga    160440
     tcaggcagcc caaatcaagc caacaacgca agcatctctc gagggaacaa atgaggaacc    160500
     cttttatcat gctctctcag aaataaaggt atgtgagagg tcactgcggt ggtacctttt    160560
     caaaaggtac acatttgtgc ttaaagggtc catattggta cctgaaaagt ttatattagt    160620
     acctacacat tgtaagagga acacttttgt actttttagg tactaatatg tatttttgag    160680
     gtattaatat ggattaaaat ttataccttt tgaaaaggta ccaccccagt gacagctcgc    160740
     gtaactttat ttctgagagt gtgcgctcat caccggcaac gcagtacacc tgtgatgtac    160800
     tccaacctga gcacgtaagg gaacaagtga cctcaaaaca atagcgccat ctagtggaca    160860
     tccaaacacc agaaagaaaa aaactttaat ccaaagccta aaatctcaaa agcacactat    160920
     tttaaaatga aaactcgact ttcttttact ttttgtaatc ttttattaca aacatcttta    160980
     aaaaaataca gaagaaataa aatgaaaaac tattaacact tctctggagt ctctggatgt    161040
     gggctggtgt ttgtttctca aaattaatta taaactccag tttagtctca aattctccag    161100
     cgatctacag tcaggtcact gacaagatac acccactgga caacaacaca tgtcctctaa    161160
     actgacaaac aatggaccgc ggactccaga acacctcatt tttcatcatt tatgaactca    161220
     tcctcctcat tctgtccatc tgtggccaca gtgtggggca gtgcagacat agtagagcct    161280
     catggcatcc tgcattcaga aaacagaaat actgtaatta ctgcagtaat taaaatcaca    161340
     tgtaggactt aaacgtattt aagtttcttc tcatcagtgt cagtatattg cgcacaactt    161400
     ccttggtttg aaatgaagca cagaagatgt actacgttaa aggcatgact catgaaggta    161460
     tatggtctct tttgaggatg tttttttgga atttgtctgt atattcgaaa accttgccat    161520
     ctatggagga cgagggagct ctcacctgaa atatcttaag ctttgctcca aagatgaaca    161580
     aagatcttat gagtttggaa cgacccaagg gtgagtaatt aataacaatt aacattttgg    161640
     gtaaactaac cctttaattt cagaaactac aaaatgcagg gaatctgcta ttacacaatt    161700
     ttgatgcaag taacataaag catgtaaagt tagaggaaac atctgttcat caaacagtaa    161760
     taaagaaaac agaagtagat tgtgagtctt cacctcagcc ttcatactgt gagactggaa    161820
     gaacaccgcc tccttgtggc cacatctgaa aaacacagat tcattagaaa aaaatcagct    161880
     ttagtgaaag tttatggcag atgcaggaat atcattatca ataaacgtct atgtcaagac    161940
     acgtttggaa cgcactttgg gcacgggtgg tcctctgttc gaggcagtgt tggatcctga    162000
     gccacatctg caataatctg agtgagttca ctaggagaga agagagaagt tagagcagtc    162060
     tagaaaatat acatgcaaga aactcttcaa acaacaaaca tcatataata tctgactcta    162120
     gtcagagttc agtgttgtgg gaggtatttt cagcttgaat agtttttttg tccactaacc    162180
     ctttattctt tagtgagata agaattggta aattacattc ataaccaata tggtttgttg    162240
     cttttgatac aaaaaaaata caccctcaga tttcaaatgc tgtccactat attctacaag    162300
     ggaaattatg gaacaaaatc aatgccaaaa gtatttaatt aaaaagcttg ttgaatagca    162360
     caaactgaaa aaataataca cagaataaac aagtgcttgg attctaatca tgtgaacagc    162420
     cagggtttgt atctttaggt cctgatattt aacatatctg tttatttaag ctgtgaatat    162480
     ttcaactaaa aacatttaaa acactttttc atacttataa gtgtatttat tcatattcaa    162540
     ttagcaaaat tcacctacaa aatattcaat actgtttaaa aataagacat ataatattca    162600
     aaatatttaa tactgtctaa aaataagaca taatattcaa tactgtttaa aaataagatg    162660
     tataatattt aaaatattca atacgattta aaaataagac ataatgttca atactgttta    162720
     aaaataagac ataatattca atactgttta aaaataagac gtataatatt taaaatattc    162780
     aatacgattt aaaaataaaa cataatattt aatactgttt aaaaataaga cgtataatat    162840
     ttaaaatatt caatacgatt taaaaataag acataatatt taatactgtt taaaaataag    162900
     acgtataata ttcaaaatat tcaatatatg ctttcccgaa tgtaacgtcg gatcttaaca    162960
     atcaaatttg aaccactgaa tttatggaag cgaattttga attgaaataa aatgaactga    163020
     aaacagcctt ctgaatatta gacatcacat ttgtaaacag tattgaatat tttgtaagtg    163080
     aaatctggta attggatatg aactcaatga aaagtgcaac aactgtgtct ctaagcatta    163140
     ctaaccatgc ctctgatgtg accgaaaact gtcaccagta taaaacaaag cttacattga    163200
     tagactggca tttagaccat tacctcaatc tagtgaatca ccatctctga ataattcata    163260
     aagcaagaca ctcactcaac ctcatgggtg attttgttca catagatgca gctgttgtca    163320
     gcttcctgct gatagtcaca gtttctgcac tgaaatacaa cataccaatg aagattctgt    163380
     catgtaagat cttcccattt caaacactgt taaaccacaa tcgtcagcat ctttaaagga    163440
     atagttcacc taaatatttt aataagagtt tcatcttctt tattgaatgc aaaaggagat    163500
     attctgaagc atgttggaaa ccggtagcca ctgatcatgg tatttgtttt tcttcctact    163560
     atgaaagtca tcaacaaatt tttaataatt cttcttttgt cttcaacttc aaactcgtaa    163620
     cggtttgaaa gggtgagtaa atagagtaaa tggtgatttt aattaaggta aagttggctt    163680
     tgaattcaca ctttaagacc ttcaccttat ttttttatca tttcagaaaa gtgttctttg    163740
     ctaattccaa atagggaaat catattagca gtcaatgact atcaaagtac aacactgttc    163800
     agtcaattaa atagtgctaa tgttgttttg aagtcatgct gagttatatg gatatgcgat    163860
     ttcagaccga atattcagtc agaggttgtc accatttaaa aataaacgat tgtgcgaata    163920
     taaaaccaac tttacctcaa tgtttaaaat ggcgtcaatt ttcatttcta agtgaactat    163980
     gcctttgatt aacaggttca tttctgttta tttataacca tatgcatgtt tctgcatcaa    164040
     gaattaaata taacgttagt cattcattgt aaatgcttca acatttacga ataaataatt    164100
     cacaaaatca acattaacat aataacagct gacttacagc atagagcagg atgcggtttt    164160
     ctttatcttc tttgggatac agcatgttat tactgggaag agagagatat tgacatcaaa    164220
     acaaacatca catcaggatc atacttgctc tcagcaccaa actcatttca actcaccatt    164280
     cctgacagaa cctgatgccc acgaaaccag gttcatagtt tcctccctcc agatccatga    164340
     tttggttgct gaaactttgt aataaaagct taagagctga caacgaggac taatccttct    164400
     ctactccgtt gaaatgactg gcaatagtgt gtgcgcatgc gcggtctctg taaatgctgc    164460
     gcagaaaatt cacagcgcct ctcagtggcg gaggtcaaaa acttttgttc attcgttcat    164520
     tccttcattt atcttccttc agctaagcta gtccttaaac ttctagtagt atctggatgc    164580
     agtctttatg atgcaagctt agattgcatc actcaacgat gcagtgtcag acacaataca    164640
     cggagtaacg tccctgtgac tggtagggtt aggggtgggg ttaggtgata aaaagcattg    164700
     gatacagctc attgcactgc accaggtctg catccagacc cctcttgagg tcgccacagc    164760
     ggaatgaacc gccaactttt ccagcatatg ttttacacag cagatgtcct tccagctgca    164820
     acccagaact ggaaaacacc catacacatg cacacactta tacactaaaa gcactacatt    164880
     aagttacact acaatacaat acaatagcac aacattcata tgaatttgaa ttataaaatc    164940
     atttcagttc atgtgaatct tacagttgac acttcattca ttattctcta tttagactat    165000
     attcaacttt agaatgatgg atgttaaaca ataaacctta atgacctcct ggagttacat    165060
     gcagtttctt actataaaca actgcaacca cagcaaacag agaataatta ttacaacgta    165120
     caaatgcata gacttaattc gcatagactc ccaaattact tttttgtgtt cacagaaaaa    165180
     gtttttttta atattactga catataatta attaatttat ataataatat atattttgtg    165240
     ttaattaatt aatttatgtt agaaaggaag aaatagagca gcatggtgac tcagtggaga    165300
     gcacaatcgc ctcacaggca gaaggtcact ggtttgagcc tcggctgtgt cagttggcat    165360
     ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttcttcccat gttggtaggg gtttcctctg ggtgtactgg    165420
     tttcccctac agtctaaaac cctgcgttac aggtgaattg tgtaggctaa attgtctgta    165480
     gtgtaatact aatactgtaa taatgtagtg taatacaaat actactgata tatattcaat    165540
     ttcttgtaag attagtccct ttattaatcc ggggtcacca cagccaaccg ccaacttatc    165600
     cagcaagttt tttttttttt tttttacgca gcggatgctc ttccagccgc aacccatctc    165660
     taggaaacat ccacacagac attcacacac acacttatac actacggaca tattagccta    165720
     cccaattcac ctgtattgca tgtttttgga ctgtggggga aaccggagca cccggaggaa    165780
     acccatgcga aggcaggtag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaacgccaac tgacccgagg    165840
     ttcgaaccag cgatcttctt gctgtgaggc gacagcacta cctactgcgc cactgcctcg    165900
     tccactactg atatataatt attatattta atttacatta taatatatat tgtaaatggg    165960
     ctaataattc tgactttaac tgtataaaat ggggatactc atcccgaggt cctcagatta    166020
     tgcggagtca ctgattggat ccaagaccag cgacgagatg atcccaagga ttccatatcc    166080
     gggaccaggc catatcctga gctgccgctg cgctgatggt cgtgggttgt ggagaacatg    166140
     tgtctgattc cagcgacgct ccagggacag acgagtcttc gctgaggcca tcttccagcc    166200
     tccaccgcgg tgactgaagc tctgcacaag acttttggcc agcggagaaa ttaaaatggt    166260
     cgtgcccaac tgagtctggt tctctcaagg ttttttttct tcactcccat caggtgaagt    166320
     tttttttccc tctccgctgt cgccactgcc tcgcatggtt caggattggt agagcaacgc    166380
     atcgatgaat ttgctcttca gtgtttgaac tctcagtaat gattaaatca cactgaactg    166440
     agctaaactg aactgaactt aaacactaaa aactgaacta cactgttcca gttactatga    166500
     ccatttatgt gaagctgctt tgacacaatc tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    166560
     tatatatata tatatagtgt taattaatta attaatttat gttaagtaaa aaagtaatct    166620
     aatgtctaaa ttcgctccaa aaatgtaaag ttaaaaatat aaattaaaaa ttatgttaaa    166680
     ataaaattaa ttacagtaat tcactcagat taatgaatcc caaataaata atttacgatt    166740
     acaattaaaa agcttaaaca accaaatcta aatatttaat ttgttcatgt ccatgttaat    166800
     gtgaccatta atacacatca gagaactttc accatatgaa tgtattacat tttttcatct    166860
     tgcaaaaaaa gaagctaatt tctgcattac acaaacaaac aacatcatta tacctcaaaa    166920
     tgccaatgat attgtcagtg tttcccaggt tttaaatatg ttttgtcaga taaaatttag    166980
     atttaaactt acaagagaaa acagaacaat tagagtgaat tgacacataa tattttactg    167040
     ccatcgtaaa atatgtaatc cataaaaagt aactgtaatc tgattatgag catggtaaaa    167100
     tgtaactaat tactacattt agttacaatc tgattacata atccagatta gctgtcagtt    167160
     accctgcttt taatatttta tacattgtac aatatattac aataattgta caatattaat    167220
     gagtcaaagg ttgatcgtgt ttcaattcat acgattttaa ggcaagacac tatcaacacc    167280
     cacatagcaa aatttctctt gcccagctct ggcacagaca atcagcacag acacaatgct    167340
     taacccacag gccacagtga attacggtac atgattggac caagtctggc ttccatacaa    167400
     gggccaaata tggatcagcc aagttaacaa cacataactg ggcctgaact gcatggatca    167460
     gatacgttgg tgtgtcatga ctgcaatgat tttgatttcg catttcgctt tatgtctgtg    167520
     ctttttctcg gtgacccgtt aggtagaatt tttttcttta ctcaaaaata atttaaaagt    167580
     attttaaaag tgggtcaaaa taggccaaat ttacgtgtca cacacataaa tctggtccaa    167640
     atactacatt tgatatctgc cccaagtctt gtgtcctgct ttaaagatgg tggcacttca    167700
     gccataccct ttggcccaca tgctgttcgc cagtgctgga cgaatgccta ctatgcttta    167760
     tgccaaatct gcgcctgaat tatttgctaa ctgggcattc tcaatccaca gaaattagtg    167820
     acaaacattt atgaccacaa ggtggagaca aagtcaattt gaccggaaaa catattcaaa    167880
     aatctgctct ccagatggtg gacagagtct ctccacacac agaaacaaat acatgcaaac    167940
     tgccttccac aataatctgt aagacttaat caaattaatg tgtcaaacac atagacgcac    168000
     tcttattcca tcagtaaaga catactagaa aaagggagaa gcacttgaaa agaacaaaca    168060
     tccaatcgct atttctggag tgccatcaca taaatgggac ccagaacccc tgctggtgca    168120
     gcgcctgttg tgagctcaca tttggtgcac ggctgttgtc caacacagtt cagaccacat    168180
     gaaaaagaag gatttatttt tttttaaaac tatggtgaca agctgaaaac aaggcaagaa    168240
     agtccaaaac atccatgtgc aaaccagtga tgtcctttca gtatcttcca aacatgaaga    168300
     actatttcat ttttcccttt aggagagata aagacacttg actgcaaaaa ttcatttgtt    168360
     aggaattgtg aacattacaa aacattatga cattttaaaa aaatttggtt ttacaaacat    168420
     tataaatgcg cactgtataa aaaaagatct tgtcctggca gaaaattaca acatattctg    168480
     tatatacata ccgtgagaaa ataagtaatg aacaagtcac gtttttttct tgggaataat    168540
     atttctaaag gagctgctga catggaataa aaccagatat taaaataaaa tatcttctga    168600
     gaaattctga gaaactttaa aataaaataa aaaaaattaa taaataaaaa tctgaaaaat    168660
     gagttgtctg taataacaat gaaacgacag aaggagaaag cactgaacta ctgaaaatta    168720
     tttataaaag gtgatgtatt ttttggtaac ggcagcttaa agttgcctct catatggaga    168780
     atgaagtcac atgaattgct ctggtgtgat ttttttttct cagacttcaa cagagtaaaa    168840
     cattcttgat ggttctgtgg gtctcgtcta tcaaatctga tctttttttt gtattctcta    168900
     ttggattcag gtcaggtgat tggctgggcc attctacagc ttgattttta ttttctctga    168960
     aagcatttaa gtgtttcctt ggctgtgttt tggatcattt ctagcaggca cacaacatca    169020
     taagacatat taggttagat ttaggtcgtg acgccaagtg accaaaattc aatgtctagc    169080
     catcgtctaa ggacaacgtt attttgactt ccaataatga cgtcaaatta cattgatata    169140
     tggttggttt taggttgtgt tggaaagtga ccaaaatcca atgtctgata gatgtcatag    169200
     tggtaacgtc ctcacaacgt caaggtttaa catgaataaa cgacatttgg ttgattagac    169260
     attggacaat gatgtcgccc tgacgttggg ttctgacttc aacctgattt tcatttccaa    169320
     acaaaatcca acgtccccac aacgttgggg tacattgggg cacaacgtca atatgacgtc    169380
     atgttgacct cctgtgcctg cagagttgtc ttgctgaaat gtccaccctg gttttatcct    169440
     catcatgagt ccatgttaga ctgagaagca gctaacatta tattacaatg aggaaggaca    169500
     gagggttgct ggataactac tgatgtcagc tgctgtctgg actttcactg cctttctacg    169560
     cctccctttc ttcatgtgta caatactttt cccttgtgtg atttcatttt attacacata    169620
     acttcatttg taaaccaatt agttttgttt tatttgcata tatgaatttg tttagttgat    169680
     accaacatct ggtgaacatt tcaagtcaag ggcaccttta gaaatatgtt ttctgagaaa    169740
     aatggtgaca tgttcaatac tttttccccg ctgtatgtgt aacggtacat gtgttagtcc    169800
     tgaagcatca cagtatgggg gtgaagggtc agttcatgct gtcccatggc aaatacagtg    169860
     cccagaagtt ctgccatgtt gccattgata acttgctaaa caagtttgca atactagtcc    169920
     cgcacatcta tcaatcgcat ttacatggaa aaactatgga aatataatct tgtgtgcatg    169980
     tgcttgtgtg catgtgagtt ctttctctac actaacaagc ctaattagtt gactgaacta    170040
     aatgaattga gtaaactcgt tgcctcaatt taattgagta atggagtctc ccaaaacttg    170100
     catatttaag tttatttaac ttgccggttt tgtagactat gcttacattt ttcagttcac    170160
     caaatttact aatagtttct ttgcatatat attttatttc ttagatggaa aatatgctga    170220
     tttaaagaac aatgtaccca aaataaagtt aagaaatctc aatatctttg aaacttcttt    170280
     caaaacaaaa caaaagtctt aaggtcgttt ccttaagtta agcgtaaaat aataataata    170340
     ataataataa aacctggtcc ctgattcgga gtaaaaaaaa aaaccttgag tgcgttgaca    170400
     tatgttgatc tttttttgcg ttgatttaac aacttacaga taattgagga atggaacttc    170460
     ataatgatgg tatccaaaat gtcaaatctt attcagacag cataccaata cattttacaa    170520
     acattcattt atccggacaa taaggaagtc cttaggcgaa gcttaaaacg caaggtttcc    170580
     caactaggac tttacaatac aaacagtttt ttttatacat tctaggtgtc tgaccagcac    170640
     cctctagtgc cctgtagttc cattagagca gcatttttat ttccaatatt ccatggataa    170700
     caaaacatga cagacatttc attctgttat aatatataac agagaataag agatataaga    170760
     atgccttagt actcccacca gtgccgatat acagccatat tgcactgcta cacgtgtgat    170820
     attgcgttta tacagtttga cggcataatt gtgtatatca aaaatggaga gtctcaaaaa    170880
     cccttttgta tgaggaacta ctttcttctg cattggattc aaatcataag ctgacagtta    170940
     aacagctgag catgcatatt ttaaacttta gatctgtagt gtctgctttt tgctggctgt    171000
     gtgtgggcgg agtaatacac aaagggtaaa gaggctgtac gagtgctgat attacttaaa    171060
     tatcacagct atcagccaat cagattcgaa aaccagacag aaccgttgta taaatataaa    171120
     ttcgaaaaaa aagcatgggc aatttagact tcagtgtaca aagactttta gggttaggtt    171180
     taggcgtagg gatttgatat agattatact tggattactc caatcttcag atagcctccc    171240
     acacctccgc tccacctatg tatagatctg ctatgtggga ttcacatatg ttaagtttgc    171300
     agcagcaaat ttatattcag tgttatattt tcagacagca tgttcgtgaa tatactggag    171360
     aagcaaatct cagcttactc agcactgcca agaccaaaca catcaatatt atcatataca    171420
     tattcattac tatactaaat ctcttataga gcagtcataa caaagataaa cataaagcac    171480
     atttatttag ttctgtaatt ttattaaatg tactgccaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat    171540
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaattg atcgatctag aatttttaaa tagagaccct    171600
     gagttcctca gtgtttattt ctaatggaat atgttgttct ggtgaatttt tgtcaggaca    171660
     tgatccattt gatccactga tctgtccaaa cttgacactg cagtatgtta cataatcata    171720
     aactcttata ctacaccttt gctcttcttt tctttttccc agatttcagc tcctttccac    171780
     ttgtcaaaat ggcaccgaat gtttccgtgg acatgcgtgt tgaaacttca attttaattg    171840
     aaggtaattt tgctgtaaaa taagattaaa aacaaattat atcctcattt caatgaagta    171900
     tatatctaac cacacatcac aatgaatttt acctgtgaaa ctctaatact gcgatactta    171960
     aataattaac caacacttat gtaattacta ggcactttat ttaggagatt ctgatctttt    172020
     gcaaacaaca aaagtatgtt tctaacactg gtgtgataaa tcttcccagc aaccattttt    172080
     tgtttttaaa agacatctaa cagatgtgta atggacatct aaacatagtc atcttgccta    172140
     aaattagact aaatttgggc tgtcagtgaa aatctaatag acgtctaaga ataggccaaa    172200
     actagactac agaggtgaat gacacctagt tttgggctat tcttagatgt ctattagatt    172260
     ttcactgaca gctgaagttt agccttgttt tagccaagct gtctatgttt agatgtctat    172320
     tagacgttta tttaacacaa aattattggc tgggttctaa agctgtaaaa gccatagttt    172380
     gtgtgagtta gaataactct gacttgtcat aatgctttca aactgttgat tttttgtgga    172440
     tctgactgct ttcatttgtt agtacaattt gtgagtcagt ttagataaaa aatcatttga    172500
     gaattgaata agagtaagtt ttactgtatt atattacatt aaatacattt ttattaataa    172560
     tcagaggatg atcaaatctt ctttaatcac attaggatga gaaattttcc tttcgaggat    172620
     gaactaatca tataagttga gctggtgaat ggtgcatcag taactttaca cttcatgtgt    172680
     gtgaaaccac aaatctgtgc gtgagggcag agttgccatg ttccatcaaa aatttccatc    172740
     acattaactt tcacacctgc ttgtctctct ctcagggcct ctgaaatcat tttcccaccg    172800
     tcctctccga tgtgattttc accaaggtcc agttcggtca gctgactgga gaattttact    172860
     agactgaaag acatttatag atgcatacag tagaattaaa cagctcgtac agtatatgta    172920
     gtttatgtta tgttctcccc aagagcatta cttgatggat taggatgaac aattaagaca    172980
     tatggtaaaa catttcccac tgtggctaaa acacactaat atcaagcgtc taaaagacta    173040
     ttaacaaaaa cttgttgaga aacagtaaaa gctgtaaaca attgcaatag gatgttgttt    173100
     ttatcagtga cgtttacatg gacatcagta atcgacttat ttgacttaat ctgaataaga    173160
     caatatcatg attaagctgt ttacatgagt tgcattttga atgttccttt catgatccca    173220
     ttatacattt tatagtcatt gcgtcactgc gctgtccaca tttcctgtag tttcatgtta    173280
     ttttgggtgt ttcattttta atttgtcgac tttaacgaca gtttgggact ttcattttca    173340
     ttcagaagca tttcatgcat gcccccgtga caaacgagat gtaggatgaa ctgctgaagc    173400
     tgtatgggaa aaatcctccg cgttttgcga tgcgggtgtc tgtggtcctt cactgactca    173460
     ataggtacag agaatagtgt tcaacagctg tgtgtgtata gactatcctg tcacaaaatg    173520
     cggcgaaaaa tcctacacga cgataataga tgattgcggt ttttacatgt ctgtactgaa    173580
     ctcccataat gtgactaaaa taggcacact ccacttgagt aaaaacaatt tgatttctgt    173640
     ttagttagat tattacccta atctgtttaa gttaattaaa aatagctgtt tacatggtag    173700
     actcttaatc ggagtattgt cttaatcata ttaaaatccg gattattagt ggttatgtaa    173760
     acatacagta caaaaaaggt caaaaaatca gttcaaatag atccatttct ggttccctta    173820
     taatgtgatc caatgtgttt gtgccaaaag cagtcatatt tggttgttca taaagtctgt    173880
     ttacctgatg gttatatttg caacacatgc ggtcagctca ttcatgacca agtcaaattc    173940
     aaatggatgg aggaaatgtg ggatctcaaa atcagctgat tttacaatta aaatacactt    174000
     actggccact ttattaggta caccttacta gttacaggtt ggaaccccct tttgttttct    174060
     taatccattg tggcatagat tcaacaaggt actggacaca ttcctcagag atttttggtc    174120
     catattgaca tcatagcatc atgcagttgc ttcagatttg tcggctgcac atccatgatg    174180
     caaatgtcct gttccacctc atcccaaagg tgctctgttg gactgagctc ttctgactat    174240
     ggaggccatt tgagtacagt gaacctgttg tcatgttcaa gaaaccagtc gactgaatat    174300
     ttgagttact acagtctttc tattaggaac cagtctggcc attctccttt gacttcaggc    174360
     attaacaatg catttgcgcc cacagaactg acgctcactg gatatttttt cttttttaga    174420
     tcattgtcaa accctagaga tggttgtgcg cgaaaatctc agtagatctg cagtttctga    174480
     aatgctcaga ttagcccgtc tggcaccaac aaccatccca tgttcaaatt cccttaaatc    174540
     acctttcttc cacattctga tgctcggttt gaactgcagc agatcgtctt gaccatgtct    174600
     acatgcctaa atgcattgag ttgctgccat gtgattgggt aattagaaat ttgcattaac    174660
     aagcagttgg agaggtgtac ctaataaagc ggcaggtaag tatgcatact tcaaatctgc    174720
     aacaaaatct gaagtgatct gtgccgttaa tttgctcatt tttagctcta attacatttg    174780
     aaatatgtta ttcccagctt ctgcgaatgc ttgaagatta gcaagtattt catgacatca    174840
     atgataacca taggacacag ttacaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa gacagaacag aagcaaaacc    174900
     tgaggacaac atgagggagc aattcaacaa tctaagtgcc tgatctaaag cacacagtgc    174960
     aggtgcattt agagcatctg aatccacttt tgctaaaaag ctgtctgcat ggccattgct    175020
     aaaaaggttg tctttatttt cttaaagagt tatgggtgtg tttttggacg ttaaaccaat    175080
     caaagtctca tctcccattc ccttcaggag tcatgttttg gacctgcata tcatcaatgc    175140
     gctctttaca tgagaaaaaa atcaataaaa aacctccacc actgacttta gacaaggtta    175200
     caattggtca atggtgcgtt ctaattcagt tgtgcgataa caaacaacgc gtttgctatt    175260
     taaacagcga ggcgcagatg tgagaattat gcttgcgctg agctgaaaca agcaaaaaac    175320
     atacactgca cccgatgctt gacagggctc tgcgtgtgat gggattttaa aaagaaggag    175380
     tctaattgcc atggaaaagg aaaccatatt tacatccaaa tggtaattac tcggtaccaa    175440
     agtgtagcta taaatgactt caatggtctg gattcagtca gatttaatga acagaaaatg    175500
     ttgtttgtgt gcctgtcaca acatctggag catgtatcaa gaggcgcatt aaaaaagaaa    175560
     caggtgagtt tgctaaatta ttccacgtta ctccaacaaa gtttgcaatt tacagtacta    175620
     aatatctcaa tgtgtattta taagtttttg acaagtgatg tgcaaaactt tacatgcagt    175680
     tctggttctt ctaagcagct ttgaatgcta tactccgttc atatggacgc tgaaataaat    175740
     aaatgctaca tatgtgttgc agatgctggt gtaaaacagg aatgagatgt tatgctgaac    175800
     agatggcatc gccaagagtc tgttcactga ccttacgata taaaaactcc ctaatatccc    175860
     taatgatttg ctccatttag gactattgtg aaaatgttta atatcatatt cttatagggc    175920
     ttgcaaagag aaataaggca aatgcctttc agtgcctact gtgatgatac ggatcattaa    175980
     tcattttaca catctgtctc ctatatgtag atttagaaag tgtaatctga cagatattca    176040
     tatgtgggca aaaaaagcag cctgagaaac tgaaatcaga tgttaaatgt gaagtgaaat    176100
     gtcttgttat gcagacaata cgttaacttt aaccgaatct gacctctgtg tattaaagcc    176160
     aagtatgtag gctaaagaaa atgactggta tatctgaaca cgcactaatt cagagctaaa    176220
     tcttatagga tttgctagga aaaaaatgaa atacacttaa ttgtatgacg tgtatacatt    176280
     aaatttaaaa catatatcat aatgaagata aaactgcaag ctacttaaag tgaacataaa    176340
     gagagtagta tgtttttcaa cacttcagta cactcaatta acctttttaa ctgcttcctt    176400
     actggtttct gaagtgcagt tggatgatag agagttggaa cagatgtttt aaacccattt    176460
     tctttgcaaa tcctgtcttg tggatatgat aataagtgcc tgtcatgata atgacatgat    176520
     aatacggttg ctggtttgaa tcccagctag accagttggc atttctgtgt ggagtttgca    176580
     tgttctcctt gtgtacgcat gggtttcctc agggtgcttt gctttccccc cacattcaaa    176640
     agacatgtgc tataagtgaa ttggacaagc taaattggcc gtagtgtgtg tgtgtcgtaa    176700
     attcgacgtc ttatcaatta gaaattatca gaccagaggt tttgaatatc agaaaataga    176760
     ctttattctc cataataaag ccgagaaaga gcagagcaga cctcatagca ttctgaagtc    176820
     tctcctggac accttctaaa gtctctcctg ctccttctcc tttatttatg tttttgacac    176880
     acccctatgt gtctcttttt aacttttgac catttttgaa taggttttct agtctaaggg    176940
     gtcctgctat tcttggctct cagcccacta gctcatgtca acagagatgt tacaggtctg    177000
     tgtcagcaac tgttttgaca ccaaagttct ccctccatag atgcaactta tgcaaaagga    177060
     ttaagtgttt acatacattg ttatgatagg acaataactt gataatatgt tactcattct    177120
     aaattctgac acatatagct tcatacaagt atttaacata tataatcagt gctttacata    177180
     ttcagttatt ctacacaatc agtcactcag ccttctccta gtgctgctcc tgtgcaggca    177240
     tactcatctt acacagacat atcactgtat ttttaacaca ggctggcatg tttgctgcat    177300
     acattttgtg aagagaaaat taactgcttt acacttagaa aatacttcac actgagagaa    177360
     tagaaatctt cttcatgtgt gtgtgaatgc aagagtgtat atctttctca gtactggtat    177420
     gcggctggaa gggcatccgc tgcataaaac atatgctgga acagttggcg gttcattctg    177480
     ctggggcaac ctctgaaata gagactaagc caaaggaaaa tgaatgaatg aatgaacaaa    177540
     taattaacac agcgggtggt tttgtccata ttttaaccaa aagctaatga aataacccag    177600
     cattttttaa agtgtgtgtt gaggttcatg tgtttttagc tactaagcag cagacctcaa    177660
     tttattcatt atcaaatata tatgagaagg ttttagtcaa atcatggtca gattgagaaa    177720
     aagtaaattt cacaagaccg ataaaatcgg attaggacaa tctgttgtca agcagactga    177780
     aatgactttg gagatttagt ttgacctcct ttttgtcctc agctgtgcgt ttgtagtgaa    177840
     ttaagcctca tacatgacct gctgaataat tagatgaaac aaaaatttta attctgttat    177900
     taattactca ccctcacaac gcaaaaaatg gttgttttac tttgattttt ttgtcctatt    177960
     tctagtgcaa atataaaaaa attcttaaat caagaagcat tttctaggcc aggggtcacc    178020
     aatctcggtc ctggagggcc agtgtccctg cagggtttag ctccaacttg ctttaacaca    178080
     cctgccagga tgtttcaagt atacctagta tgaccttgat tagctttttc aggtgttttt    178140
     gattagggtt ggagctaaaa tctgaatgac accggccctc caggaacaag tttggtgatc    178200
     cctgttctag acaatcaaat caaagtctct ttttaagaaa ttacatgtca aaattattta    178260
     gtttatcctt aaaacaagct caataatctg ccaatgggat aagcaaaata atcttatttt    178320
     ttccttctaa catatgatta ttttgcttat accccattgg cagatttgtt tggagagttg    178380
     tttggagaaa attgtgaacc taggaggaaa aataacaggg agaaaacaga cgaccatggc    178440
     tcagttatac catagacaat ttttgataaa agctcagagt attctgtcag atgagtccca    178500
     tcctatgcac cacgagtttt atcttctccc ttctggtatt cgatacagaa ctcctattag    178560
     taaaacaaat agttttaaac tttcattcgt ccccacagct gtaaagtttt taaatttagg    178620
     gtagaaattt gtattgtatg atgtactttg tgtattatgt gtgacatgct tgtatgctgc    178680
     aaccaaattg ccttcgggaa atgaataaag actgactgac agattatttt gcttgattta    178740
     agaaaaaact cccttcattt tggcatatta tttcttaaaa taatatgata taatgtattt    178800
     cttaataata atccagttac tatgaccttt tatgtgaagc tgctttgaca caatctacat    178860
     tgtaaaagcg ctatacaaat aaagctgaat tgaattgaat tgaattaata tcgcttgtct    178920
     agaaaatgct tcttgattta agaattttta gatatttgga ctagaaacag gacaaaaaat    178980
     tctaagtaag aaacacattt ttttgcagtg catgttgttc caatcccctg agactttcat    179040
     tcatcttcag aacacaaatt aagctgcggt caaactgcgc ttttctcccc atcaacttct    179100
     agtcatacgc atgcaaatgc atcagaccgg aaacgcaagc tcatgcagca agtttcacag    179160
     tttgctatgt tggaaagttc ccgcttggtg aactctaacc tgtgaaatcg catcatatga    179220
     ttgcgtgaga ccaaatgagg attaaaacat gacctctctt gacagaaatt taaaacatgg    179280
     accaatcttg ctttttcaat gtctaatcat cttgtttaat cccaccactt ttcgcagcgc    179340
     cgtacgacag aatttcgcat gcacaaactc tagtgtgact gcggcattaa tatgtttaag    179400
     atgaaatcca aaagtggctg aaaagagtac atagacgaac aaagtaattt ctacagtttt    179460
     tttggtgccc aaaattgttt tggagcataa gattgcagtt gaaccactga agtcacacga    179520
     aatgttttga caatgttttt ggtttcctct ctggactttg aacctctcac aaacttgctg    179580
     tccgtagagg gttagagagc tctcagatta catctaaaat atcttcgctt ttgtttccga    179640
     agataaaaga aggtctcagg aagttggaag gatatatgag ggatgagtaa ttaacaacat    179700
     aattttcctt ttttgggtga actaatcctt taattgttta aaggagtggt gaattgagaa    179760
     atcatatttg ccttgatctt ttgaaatatg acacgtcctt gtagtgccag aaaatcgtcc    179820
     tgcatgattc ctcaatttat tggtagcgtc actttaaaaa tgacagtatt ttattacgag    179880
     cagtgtttgc tgagttgtgc tgacacttga cagcatgtga gcgcatacac tcctcggcca    179940
     ctttattagg tacaactgtt ctttcacgca gatatctaat cagctaaacg catggcagca    180000
     actcaatgca tttaggcatg gtcaagacga tctgctgcag ttcaaactga gcatcaggat    180060
     gaggaagaaa gatggttgct agtgtcagac ttttaggatt taggaaaata cacccttatc    180120
     tttagtcaaa aacgatgagt tccctctgat taaacactga tgaatgatga gtgaaatcct    180180
     atagtttgtg atgaagatga ggttgtttct tcttggaaaa tatatttgag gactgaaatt    180240
     aaatttagcg gcatttttta gaggtttagt gaaggtgggt catttttgac ctgaagggcg    180300
     aatggtgtat tcaacaggag ggttaaagtg actgcaggtt tttttgctgc tctctgtata    180360
     tcatacaatg tttattaaac aagagaatgt caaaaacaaa atagacaata gtttattact    180420
     tctacattat tatggacttc tgaagacaag atgaggagga ttttattcac gctctcacca    180480
     tcttttattt tattagcacc aatggggtat ttgcacacgg acttttaatt tcattcagcc    180540
     ccatggcttc tggttaattg tcatcccata cacaattgac acatctacat gtagtcattt    180600
     agcagacgct tttatttaaa gcgacttaca aatgaggaca aggaagcaat ttacacaact    180660
     ataagagcaa caatgaataa gtgctgtagg caagtttcag gtgtgtaaag tctaagaagg    180720
     aaagcattag taatgtgaga agcattagta atgttttttt gagttcagtt ggtggtatag    180780
     ctagagaggc aattgcagat taggaggtga agtggagact aaatagttga gtttttagtg    180840
     gttttaagat ctgatttctt taaaaaaaaa aacagcaatt ttcacaggct ggctgagata    180900
     cgatataaag tgggtatcag accaaacaag aagcactgca ctgaattata tttttccaca    180960
     ccatgtcttt aaaatatgga agttaacttt accccagtat tttcaaagga atttcctcta    181020
     atgatggcac ctgcgttaag cggtctttcg tctcttttca cactttaaca accaaatgaa    181080
     tgcttaagtc catttaactg attatatttg aattacatta caacattaat gatgtaaaag    181140
     gaacctaatg aaattgaaaa ttgtcacata aacctttcac cagaattcag cattgctgaa    181200
     aagcactagc tgtacgcata gcaatttgaa tatactttga aaagagataa ctttctctcc    181260
     actaaaatcc tacatctacg attaactgat atgtataaaa atggcaagca aaagtatgaa    181320
     aaaatctacg tcaagacaga cgcagcttaa tagtgccgac ctaaagcaag gttggcacag    181380
     aggccgctac tacaagtaac agttgtgctg aacaatcttt gctagaagat aatacacttc    181440
     gttcaagagt tcacacttag ctgatgattt acaaagctta tttggcatgc tgtcccggga    181500
     gagagccccg agctcaaggg ctcctcgagc ccggggcttc ctcccgttgg cagagcaaga    181560
     agggagcccg agctcggtgg atctcagaac tcccctgccg ctgtagctaa gggaacgtaa    181620
     ggaattagac aagcttgatt gttaagtatg ttgaatgtct ttggatggtg ggaggaaacc    181680
     ggagaacccg gggaaaaccc acgcggacac gggaaggaca tacaaactcc ccacagaaac    181740
     actcaccggt cctatagaac taggaccggc agtattcttg ctgtgtggtt cacagtgcta    181800
     tccactggac cgccgtgccg cccaatcgca ggtaaaggag gagaataggg gaggaggggg    181860
     gtttcttcca aacgaagata aagtgaactg aaaactgagg ctatttatgg tgccttaggg    181920
     ctcatatgat tggaagatta gtgattagca aatacgagac tggacgtgat aaatcataag    181980
     cacgtgatcc tctcgaaatt agtttatgaa taaacttcac ttagctggtt aagacagaac    182040
     tgatatccac atgcgatcag atggtagaga caattacaac ggagatgtcg agctttcagt    182100
     ctgagattgg attgattgtc gaaacattct gttcggatgt caaaaccaaa atggatgctc    182160
     tacttctcca ttagtatatg gcaatcaaaa gtctttctat aaagagacaa atagttgcct    182220
     actgttgttt agggacaaag agttcactta aaaagttata ttatgccatc atttactcac    182280
     ccttattcat aacctatttg agtttcttca gttgaacaca aaagaagata tgtagaaaga    182340
     aagtatgttg gaaatctgta accgttgact ttcataatat tagtttttcc tatggttaca    182400
     gggattcagc tttctgttaa acttgtgttt aacagaagaa tgaaacttgg aactactgga    182460
     gggtgagtat ataataagta aatttgaatt tttaggtaaa ctctcccttt aactgcaact    182520
     ttttatatgc aagtgattga caaaagaaac tgtagaccaa aatatggcca aatgcaagta    182580
     cttatccaag cacgcgatta ctcactgagc aattgccatt gagatgaatg ggaatgctaa    182640
     ttaaaaagtg caagctttta gaggatgtgt ggtagaaatg aagaagagaa gctctttcag    182700
     tcgctttgtc tggtgcaaat taacattact cagtgcacag cagcatcaag gcatttaaaa    182760
     gtctgcaaat tcgtatggtc agaggaatta cacactgcaa gttaggaaaa cagatgcgaa    182820
     tagaaaaaca ctaattgaga aaacatcttt tttgacaaca cacatatctc acaacacata    182880
     caaatacaaa aataacagaa ttttgtcggg ggactctaaa aattgcttcc tgttttgggt    182940
     tgagtgttgt cagtgatctt tgagatgagt ttatattgcc ctggttgttt gtgttcttgt    183000
     tgtttgtaat ttttagccct actaatctga aaaatcagcc cgatctcaca aggaaacata    183060
     tctattttga atattgtcag aaaagtgccg aattccagcc gattcgaatg ttatcactcg    183120
     attgaatggg cattttcagt ggttatcaac tgatatgtgg ccagtagggt cttctgcacc    183180
     cactagtagg ctcagaaggc cattatcatc catctattca ttttcttttc ggcttaatcc    183240
     ctttattaat ccggggtcgc cacagcagaa tgaaccgccg acttatccag cacatgtttt    183300
     acgcagcgga tgcccttcca gcggtaaccc atctctggaa acatccatac acactcattc    183360
     acactcagac actacggaca atttagctta cccaattcac ctgtactgca tgtctttgga    183420
     cagttgggga aaccggaaac ccggaggaaa cccacgtgaa cgaagggaga acatgcaaac    183480
     tccacataga aatgccaatt gacccagccg aggctcaaaa cattgacctt tttgctgtga    183540
     ggtgacagca ctacctactg cgccactgcg tcacactgtt atcatccatt tttaatcagc    183600
     tgtggatcac atacagctgt ggccggaagt tagctaaaat tatttgtatt atttattaaa    183660
     tttctcatta attgtttgag ttcacagccc ttttttcaaa atgaggcaaa gccacaggac    183720
     taaagtgaac tgaaaaactg aaaatgtttg aagaagtggc tcagaagagg gtctatggag    183780
     aatacggtgt ttatttgtgc atactaaaat agtcaaataa aataataatt actaaaataa    183840
     tttttttgtc ctcacatcaa ccccaccccc acaaacgtcc cacaaacgta ggtttgtcac    183900
     tttttggggt cccctatttc tactgtattg tctgcactat ttgctgtgct ttcctgtatt    183960
     ttcatgtgtt gtgagaattt gcatccctgt gtgttgtcaa atcgctgaag atcttttctc    184020
     agcatctttc ttctttgtat atttgcatgt gttttattaa ctttgagctc tcttggccac    184080
     gattccagct gtcaataaac aaagcatttt ttttacaata tacaacagta tgttcaggcg    184140
     acgcagtggc gcagtaggtg gtgctgtcgc ctcacagcaa gaaggtcgct ggttctagcc    184200
     tctgtgggcc agttgacgtt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccccgcg tttgcgtggg    184260
     tttcctccgg gtgctctggt ggaatatgtt aattcttatg gtttaataaa aaataaatag    184320
     aatcttggaa atcaccaggc gaccctcctt cattgtcccg cgacccctct ttgagaacca    184380
     ctgggctaaa ttgttcgcag tgtatgagtg tgaatgtgtg tgtatggatg ttttccagag    184440
     atgggttgca gctggaaggg catccgttgc gtaaaacatg tgctgaataa gttagaggtt    184500
     cattccgctg tgacgacccc agattagtaa agggactaag ccgaaaagaa aatgaatgaa    184560
     tgaatgaatg aatgaacagt atgtttatag ttatgggcac tcacatgcaa aggagctcta    184620
     ggaactgggc tagctgactt ggtccttctg ttcctgagtt gtcaatggag ttatcgaaca    184680
     tgtgcagctt ctctagccgt gggccgcccg agctatcagg tccgcttttt gatttttcac    184740
     ttttcttctt tgtcttcttg cctagcacaa caacataaca tttacagctg aggctcatct    184800
     cagaggattc tatgcctcct cttattcaac aagaacatgg tggatggaca ttaactatag    184860
     tatttcaact tcactacagt acctaatgaa atagttcgcc caaaaatgta aatagttgat    184920
     gttcttagtt caagacctct atgactgatg gagtgaaata taaacaacat tggctcattc    184980
     tgaaaacata gccctatata catttctgga gatggagaat tatgtaggca gagctacata    185040
     tggctgcatt ttatctgtaa aacgaacgct acaggttggt attacacttt tccttttgtt    185100
     gtttagttga gcgattacct ctgtatggac ggctttcctg ctgttaccag tttgtccagt    185160
     agctcgacat atacgttgtg gacttgagac gcagagtaaa gttgaccgag atgacggggg    185220
     ttgatcagtt ggtcagtcag taagtcagtc agccgaaagc agcctctggt ggatttacgt    185280
     gagaacagca ggcatgaatg gctctcgcga gagaaatttg agatcttaaa aagtgtacac    185340
     atcagcctct ggtggatttg tgaaaacaaa aactaaaaaa caaacgttac ccctgagatg    185400
     tattttgctc tctccagaaa tgtatatagg ggtacataat cagaatgagc ctgggttaaa    185460
     tgtaaattgc taatacagaa tttaaagatt tattactgta aataattttt tttaggttac    185520
     aatcaggtgt ttgtgaatta catctgctgt ataaggtaca aaacaactct ctgctattca    185580
     taaaaatgca gcacaactaa caaaaaatgt tgcttttgaa ttaataattg tgattttata    185640
     agcgatacca atattatttt taatatcata atatagatga atttaataat tattaacaat    185700
     agcaaccctt gtatttgttt attttcatgt tacatttagt ctaggcaact aatcaactaa    185760
     tttgtataaa atctgtattg catcaaaggg gtgtggccag aggtgctgta atgttatagc    185820
     agagaaagct aaaatgccat tcaaacgctg ctattttcac agagctactt ctgtttctgt    185880
     atttcagctt ccaaaggaca caacacaagg agagaagtgc ttacagttaa attttaatta    185940
     agttccagag aattatataa aagatatagc tctagcattt gacaaaggac agcttctaga    186000
     atctctccca gttcagtgct ggattcggct aataactcct caaagaagga gcagctccaa    186060
     ccatattaga cgaagcgtgg actgtgagcc acagcctgag agtgttttta tttattaata    186120
     ttgatctatc acatgcacag tttctaacat caatggtatg ttgtagtgag gacataaaca    186180
     aggatgtaaa caacaggaaa tgctgtttgg caccgctaac aataaagcta aaatttagct    186240
     aatggaatac acatttattc gtcacacccc tgtaaacacc cacaatcttc agtgtctctc    186300
     tatgtgtctg ctttccgtgt gttctttatc tcaaaaaaca atctcgcaaa agatatgtga    186360
     acatttaatt ttgcttaccc atgcttataa cccgactata tgaaagacac ttgtcagatg    186420
     ttattttaaa ctgcaggaat gaggtttagt tgtgttctct tcagcttgtg tctgattcag    186480
     gctcaaacta atacggctaa cagctacact gattgacagt attcacacag cagagctaca    186540
     gtgaggcttc ttggtgacgt ggagctgatc cgcaaatcac agcacatgtt agctgaccaa    186600
     tcagagcctg ttaagggtga gcttttggag gaactaggaa atatgacatc cgttttcatg    186660
     ttagctgagt agctatataa tcaaaagaaa gatatatgaa acaacaaagg gatttttttt    186720
     acatgtgaag catgagcata cattgctttg cattttataa acacaaccaa gccttaaaaa    186780
     tacactctgg accaaccctt ttaatataat aggcttcgca tcatctcaca aacctcttca    186840
     gttcccacat tgtttgagaa agattgaatt aaatcaaaag taagacataa atggcaccac    186900
     ttcattgctg ttactaatac tctgttcctt tttacatgcc aaaagccaca aaaataagtt    186960
     cctgtgatta aagaaatgta ttatatacat gtgcatatct gcctatatgt aactatgttt    187020
     tagtatgtgt cctatacagt aatttcctcc ccattttccc tgtggatgtg ctgtgttatc    187080
     aagtttctgt aacaagagtg ctaagttgca gtaatgctct tgtgaaggat ttgccttagc    187140
     aaaaccaaca gcccatagga gctcttatgc ttataacatg taaaaactgt gtgtgacaca    187200
     tctattttat tactgttatt ctttttttaa ggcggtatga agtggtcacc agaggaaaaa    187260
     ataaactatt cggcagtaca gcacattaga agtacctttt ttctttgctt tctttcgcct    187320
     ggaggatgta atattgttcc tttgggaaat cgcctctgtc tcgtctgaat ggaggaaata    187380
     tgtgtgagtg acatcacttc gcacaaacat aaccttcaac gtaacctcgt aggtgttggg    187440
     aaaataatga tggagtgatt attttagtaa tttagtcttg acacattcca ctgcataaca    187500
     ataaacactg cgtgcactgt gaagtatgat gcatcccacc caaacaggac tatataccat    187560
     acagaactct gaggttgtac tgggtttaga aaaacaaaaa atctttaagg gtttatctta    187620
     agtcttatct tgacttttta ttgtaaagca agtcctcatc ccttgtggaa ttatgcagct    187680
     ttgttagaat gaattaaatg taagtagaca aactcacaca cctacctttg atggatgtgg    187740
     tgctattttg gatctctgcc agtttttggc tgttttcagc cactggtctc agcagctcaa    187800
     tggcaccctc acactgcaga tcatttccat tgatgtaaag ctccctaaag gtaaagattg    187860
     tctagtgagt gcatgaataa caaggaaaat aactgattta ttaaaaacac acacacagtc    187920
     aatgcattca gttagtgagt ttgacgttta aataatttcc atagaccttt ttcttcgctg    187980
     cgccattgcg agcggagtct tccagtatga tgctgagaac atccgtttac agcatttaca    188040
     gctgcttaat cctgatcaga aaatggttgt caatattgtt ttgagtggct tagggagtgt    188100
     ttttgtgatc cacaactttg attttaaagg tgtgtgttaa agccagatgc ggttcaagtg    188160
     cgagaaaaaa cattctccta atttcgtgtc ttcagtcaga ttagatggtg aaatacagca    188220
     tcagtgttcc agacctgtca gctgttatac tgcacccagc agctcttcaa tgcacacaca    188280
     aacacatgca atagatcact gcattacaaa gcaaaccaga ttactggcat gaaacttaag    188340
     aggtatgtaa tggagtcatg cggtgggcgg tgggcggaag aatggtaatc agccatattc    188400
     attacattat tattattatt attatcatta ttattaattt tctatttggc tttattaatc    188460
     aggggtcgcc acagcggaat gaacctccaa cttttccagc atatgcagcg aatgcccttc    188520
     cagctgcaac ccatgactgg gaaacatcca ttcacactta ttaacaaaca tatactatgg    188580
     acagtttagc ttaccatttc acctgtagcg catgtttttg gaaaccggag cacccggagg    188640
     aaacccacga taacataggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgcaa actgacccag    188700
     tcgggggctc gaaccagcaa tcttcttgct gtaaggcgat tgtgcaaccc acagtcgccc    188760
     ctttattatt attattttta gtagtattat tattattaat gctaatagta taattttatt    188820
     agaaactaca tagagttttt acatgcagtt atttaaaatt gtaataaata tttaacaatt    188880
     ttattttttt ttacattcaa taaatgacgt cttgatgaac agaataattt tcttaaaaaa    188940
     aaaaaaagca tggagaaaaa aaaaaaaacc tgaccccaaa cttttgaccg gtcgagtatg    189000
     tttaagtacg tttttcaaat tctcaaaatt gtaggcagaa tcacatattt ccaatgagcc    189060
     atagttgcat tcagtgcaca tagacaacaa gccaatcttc tgttcattag tatagatgac    189120
     aaaagtctag attgtgttga tttgcagtta tgactgtatt aagatgcttt aatagtgtct    189180
     cgttatgaat accgtttcct tcaactgaag atagtccaag tcagtattaa aggccaagca    189240
     aaaatccctg cgtccatttt taaagaggca ttaataaaaa cgttaaagct ttatattgtg    189300
     ataaaaagtg tttcttgagc tataaaagcc ttaaatatgc ttgatcttgt tttcattctc    189360
     gatttataaa atccaaattt gttgatattc catgcagttt tcatgatgaa agagtgaaaa    189420
     aaaatcttgt gcagtgcatt ttattctctg gaacctgtgg tttttatagg tatttccctt    189480
     gaaaagatct gatttattat tgttacttct ttggaacatg ctgatttatg agtggtttgt    189540
     tctcagaaag gtgcacccca tggtgctaca gtacagtgta atcatagaat ggatggatat    189600
     aataagtgac cctcctgcct tggtattgtt atgaactcgt tactattgct tcagtcacga    189660
     agtctgacga tgagtctaac aagaagtcta gggaaagtct agggaaagag aagtcttgag    189720
     cgaagtccta gagagaagtc taactagtgc agtcccagca gacacacaat gtcataagat    189780
     gttaatatta tgttagattt aggtcatcag tgtctaaaga caatgttatt ttgacgtcca    189840
     ataacaacat taaattacgt tgatattttc ttgatataag gttgtgttgg aaagtcgagc    189900
     caacatcata aaccaaagtc atattgacat caaatattga cgcttatttg tcaggtatgg    189960
     caaccaaaat gttgaaatgt ctgacatacg tcatagtctt aacattcaca caacatcaag    190020
     ccgtaacatc atttgacttt gatattttgt tgttattagg ttgggttgga aagtctgcaa    190080
     tgtctgaatt aaaacgcaac gtcccatgac gttaaggcac aacatcagtc tgacggcatg    190140
     ttgacgtcct gtgcctgctg gggtgttgct ctttatttgt gatacataaa gttggagaca    190200
     aatctaaaca aagcatgcta atgaaataca ggaatcagca tgctaatgaa gtacacctaa    190260
     tagagccaag aagcaccaag ctgacgccaa acaactagca ccaaagaaac ccaactgtgt    190320
     tgtccactca tattagattg tgtctggacc aaacgctaca catgaacaca ccaaatggat    190380
     gaaaggagac ttaaacgaga gccgtgcaaa aaaatatctg ttaattaact ggttccaccc    190440
     cgtgcacttc tcgtaaagag taggagtgta accctgatgc cctgatgaat agctggtgtg    190500
     tggtgagcac actggcgcgg ttgtcctgtg gctgccgtcg catcatccaa gtggattctg    190560
     cacattggtg gtggtgtgaa gagacttccc ctcatgattg tagcgctgtg ggggtatggc    190620
     catacacgat aaatgggcta cataaataca ttacattaca tattttgtga ttctcaagtg    190680
     tttttttttt ttctatttat tgagatttat ctttgctctg ggcagcatgg tggcgcagtg    190740
     ggtagcacaa tcgcctcaca gcaagaaggt cgctggttcg agccctggct agaccagttg    190800
     gcatttctgt gtggagtttg aatggtctcc ctgtgtttgc ataggtttcc tctgggctcc    190860
     ggaatccccc acaagtccaa aaaagacatg tgatatgggt gaattggata ggtccaatct    190920
     cggttctgga gggccagtgt ccctgcaggg tgtagctcca acttgcctca acacacctgc    190980
     ctggatgttt caattatacc tcataggacc ttgattagct tgttcaggtg tgtttgatta    191040
     gggttggagc taaaatctgc aggacaccgt acctccagga ataggtttgg ttatcccttg    191100
     gctaaattgt ccgtattgta cagtatgtgt gtgaatgagt atggatttcc cagtgatggg    191160
     ttgcagctgg aagggcatct gctgtgtaaa acatttgctg gataagttgg tggttcattc    191220
     cgctgtggcg actccagatt aataaaggga ctaagctgaa aagaaaatga atgaatgatg    191280
     gaatgaatga atatttctgc tctgttcact ccacagttta acaaaataac ttttattgac    191340
     atttaaaata tttttttttt taaattaaca tttcatataa tatatagaca attaagtctg    191400
     taaaataaca gagaatgtac tggcagctta ttaccaggtt tttgtactgt aatttacccc    191460
     tacccagacg atatatcact ttaaactatt aaatgtttta ggaagttttt ggaggataga    191520
     tcaagatccc ataatgcaat tcaaaagcat aaataaggta agaaaaaaac atcacaaaat    191580
     acggaaaaca gtgtgcatct gcacaggagg acgtgtcttt ccactcaaaa tgcagttccc    191640
     cctaaaggat tgctttggtg agcagtttcg aactgctgaa actaattcaa aaaggacttt    191700
     cttttggctg gattttgttc aaaattacat tatttcagtt ctttttagat ttagtttgaa    191760
     gtttaccggg gcctttagcc atgtcttgat gttacttttt tgtaagactg gaaccctgat    191820
     aactttcatg tccagacatt ctgaacattt cagaagaaaa aagctgtcct ggccgatgtc    191880
     cagtagacat atgtcaatat agtgtaatga gcagcacaat attgatattg tgggcacttc    191940
     aaaatacaat gattaataat gtcttatttt cttactttta aagtattctt taacaatatt    192000
     cacattgtat ttacagtaga tgtggtagca cggtggctca gtggtaagaa ctgtcgcctc    192060
     acagcaagaa ggttgctggt ttgagtccca gctttgcact gtcgttgcat ttgcactgtc    192120
     tgtattttgc actgtctttg tatttgcact atctatattt tgtactgtct ggagccagca    192180
     cctatgcttt ttactaatca taacacacga gctgctgatc atgtgacaat aaaagtgatt    192240
     tgatttgatt tcattttgtg tgtgtgaatg agagtgtatg ggtgtttccc agtactgcgt    192300
     tgcggctaaa agggcatcca ctgtgtaaaa catataccag aatttatttt gctgtggcga    192360
     cctctaaaat agaaatgaag tggaagataa atgaatgaat aattgactga atgtgatctg    192420
     tgctgaaata atgagtaaaa atactgtaat tatttataga gttattgtaa gtaaactctc    192480
     tataacaagg ctccaataat taaccttact tagtttaact aaacacaata caaactacaa    192540
     aagcttttaa tgagattaat ttataagtta aggcctaaat aatgcattaa aactgcagtc    192600
     gtaatccaat cacaggtcgt aattatttta ttgaaccaaa cttgagttgt atttttgaac    192660
     tttgtgacgt ttatttataa actaatttcg agaggatcac atgcttatga ttgctcacag    192720
     ccggtcccgc attattcaat ttattattca tcaatcagtc gattcctaag cctctgtaaa    192780
     tacccgaagt tccacataac agccatcttc gttttgaaga attccccctt ccattcctac    192840
     tcctccttct ttcttagatg ggtggcacgg tggcccagtg cctagcactg ctgcctcaca    192900
     acaagaacgt ttacacgttc tccccatgct cacgtgggtt tttcctggct tcctcccacc    192960
     atccaaaaac atgcaactta atttatttga ctaatccaaa tctgcaccac atacatgctc    193020
     ctagtaagta gttatctctt taaaagcaat cactatctgt tcattagcta ctacagctgg    193080
     ggagttcttg agttctacct gagctcaaac tcccctctcg cctcgcaaac aggaggacgc    193140
     cctgggctcg aggatcttat gagctcatat gagctctctc ctgggacagc atgccaaaca    193200
     agctt                                                                193205