ID   AL928938; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 96976 BP.
AC   AL928938;
DT   26-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-64D20 in linkage group 12 Contains
DE   a CpG island.
KW   CpG island; HTG; nog3; noggin; nucleotide pyrophosphatase;
KW   phosphodiesterase.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-96976
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 479e6eede9e8c3954ebd24263aa25748.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-64D20. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-64D20 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-64D20 is at 96976 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-64D20 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..96976
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-64D20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..96976
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-64D20"
FT   misc_feature    16872
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(54474..54720,55073..55218,56434..57066,57159..>57402)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ64D20.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein with type I
FT                   phosphodiesterase/nucleotide pyrophosphatase domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BJ496607.1"
FT   CDS             join(54474..54720,55073..55218,56434..57066,57159..>57402)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ64D20.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002113"
FT                   /product="novel protein with type I
FT                   phosphodiesterase/nucleotide pyrophosphatase domain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q6UWV6 Sw:Q6UWV6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6ZM31"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002591"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017850"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024873"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029895"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6ZM31"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE49527.1"
FT   mRNA            join(60596..60842,62016..62161,64006..64638,64732..>64978)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ64D20.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein with type I
FT                   phosphodiesterase/nucleotide pyrophosphatase domain"
FT   CDS             join(60596..60842,62016..62161,64006..64638,64732..>64978)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ64D20.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002114"
FT                   /product="novel protein with type I
FT                   phosphodiesterase/nucleotide pyrophosphatase domain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q6UWV6 Sw:Q6UWV6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6ZM30"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002591"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017850"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024873"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029895"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6ZM30"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040724-13"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE49530.1"
FT   misc_feature    83376..83505
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   mRNA            complement(93411..94328)
FT                   /gene="nog3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nog3-001"
FT                   /product="noggin 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF084949.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL921260.1"
FT   CDS             complement(93657..94328)
FT                   /gene="nog3"
FT                   /locus_tag="nog3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002112"
FT                   /product="noggin 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9YHV3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6ZM29"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008717"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029034"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6ZM29"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990714-8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE49533.1"
FT                   N"
FT   misc_feature    96976
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-64D20"
SQ   Sequence 96976 BP; 31575 A; 18097 C; 17170 G; 30134 T; 0 other;
     gatctgtgca atcaagccag gttcattgaa aataagccta cattttagca tgatgtaaat        60
     tacattgctc agggtacgtt ttgttgcaag tttcaggcga caaatccact agagagtgct       120
     gtctacattt ttgtaaatct gaaatacatg acttggggtg tgttttgtta taaaatgtca       180
     gaatacactg ttttgtgcac atctgcaaga agagagggct cgcggatcat acctaaaccc       240
     taccctaaat tcaaccaaca gtgttttcaa aagcaaatgt aagagaaagt cgatgtagct       300
     tgcagccatg tggcattacc taggttttac gtagcctttt ttgtaacctg agtgctctgc       360
     attacaaata caatgccgat caaactgagc tacaaagcaa attgacaaag ctggaaaaag       420
     ttgtctatat ggagatagac aagtgaaact aacatatttg attacatgtc ataaacactg       480
     ttaagttgtc aatatttatt tggtgttgtg caaaaacaac acaaaacaat cctttttttt       540
     tttgcagttt aacaaaactg tacagaagca catgttacaa aaagagcctg tgttataaaa       600
     tacagtcatt ataataagaa tccaagtgac tgagaaaaaa aaagtttagc tcgcatttaa       660
     gttggtcaaa gaaagttaat ctcagaccaa cagaaaactg cttggtttaa aagaaacttg       720
     gttgtgagca tcatccatcg ttatattata ttaacaaaga gcaatgataa tttttgcacc       780
     acaaaattgc aaaacaactt taatatgacc ccattttaca gtgcttttgc atcatttttt       840
     catcccgtgt tattgcatga aaacaataca aatgtattca cacaccggcc actataatag       900
     gttcaactgt caaactgctt gttaacgcaa atttctaatc agccacagcc tcaccaaaat       960
     tggacaatag aagattggaa aaactttggc tgatctgatg agcctcgatt tctgctgcaa      1020
     cattcggatg gtagggtcag aatttggagt caacaacatt aaagcataga tccagcctgc      1080
     cttgtatcaa ctgttcaggc tgctggtggt ggtataatgg cggggggaat attttcttgc      1140
     cacactttgg gctaaaagca cctttgggat gtggtggaag aggggattca catcatagat      1200
     gtgcagccga caaatcagca gcaactgtgt gatgctatca tgtcaatatg gaccaaaatc      1260
     tctgaggagt atttctagta ccttgttgaa tctatgctac aaaggattaa ggcagttctg      1320
     aaggcaaaag ggggtccaac ccagtattag taaggtgtac ctaataaagt ggccgttgag      1380
     tgtatataaa catttttgta cataaaaata aaaaaaactc aatgttatcg attataaaga      1440
     atcactccaa actgaatgat gcttaactgc aaaaaatcag gggctatcaa aatgaatttg      1500
     tgtttaataa gtacaaaact gtgacttgaa ccatcatgtc acccactgac ccattagctg      1560
     gcataatgag acaccagctg atattagcaa agagctgcac atctgatggt cggatatgtg      1620
     tgactcttag taatgggaaa agcttttctc ttctgaacta atgcctttgc ctggatcaga      1680
     ggtgattatg agttcagtgg tgcgaacagc agtatcaaga tgggcaatgg aaagatcgat      1740
     ctccgttttt tatggagtta attcaatatg gactatttaa agcgacgggg cggagggaga      1800
     aatgagattg tatttgctgg gtatggattt ttgccatgtg aaagctttgg gtgcaaaagg      1860
     ggggatggtt tacaagtctt gacactgttt aaaagatctt cacacgtaga agggtaatca      1920
     ctgtaaatta cttttcattg attagtcaat attttcaaag atcatgttgc tctcgtcctg      1980
     ttcgaaagtc ttaacctatt actggtggag aaaagaaact tgcttcacgt tcattccata      2040
     gtcacttatc aaagtctgaa gagagcatat gacattgaaa aaaaaataaa catgtctgat      2100
     acctaaaccc tagaaacgca caactacaaa atggtggttt taaaaatggc aacaaaacaa      2160
     aattaaaaac aaaataatta ttaataaatt attaatcatt actattaatt aagctttttt      2220
     agctcactta tacatattgt ttacatctgc cattaaatgg tacaaaatga tacacacaaa      2280
     aaaatgtttc ataatttgaa caagaaaaag atttattttg cttgaatttt tggtatttat      2340
     cttatttttt ttttaaatct tcacaaatac ttgtcctcta caaaataaac aaatttatct      2400
     acattaaaaa atgatgtaaa atggtgttaa ttcaaagtgg aaatgtgttg gtaatacatt      2460
     aaaccagtaa attaaagtta attatagggt tgggcgataa aatcggtatc gatatttatt      2520
     aaccaaatga taaaaaaaag tttggtatga agtttcggta taaaggctat agctttatta      2580
     aaatgtggct gctgaacggc acacacgtga tgcgtgcaca ttttccaggt acacctagtt      2640
     gacagacatc tgaggttttt tgaatgccgc aagcacgtcg caatttatgc aagtagaact      2700
     aactaatctg ctttacactt tgtatggaat atacacattt cagtaataac aacatactaa      2760
     gtacctcaga taaacacagg gaatccaagc actgcagtgc tttttttttt tttttttttt      2820
     tttgcttttc tccataaact tgcacctgag ctgcagcaat gttttgttcg tttgtcatcc      2880
     tctgagaaaa cggttgatga ttgtcaactt acgatagatg ccatagaaaa tgaaagaaac      2940
     cacccgctag cgcttgtcac ttcaggtcag aataacaaca catgtgaaaa tgagtgcctt      3000
     atagcagcag tgaggaaact gtaaataaaa aaggaaggat gtaaggatgt caccagaatg      3060
     gctttttggt ttcttttctt gtgcatccca gccaccagca caccatctga aagatttttt      3120
     ttgttttagc ataggggtaa tagtcattca acttcacaat ttgtaatgtt gcaaaatgta      3180
     tttgaataat gatgattagt tcctttactt gaaagctcag atttgattat cataattggt      3240
     tttgtttaga gcttgagatt tactgtatca ttattattga caccttacaa atgttgatct      3300
     atctttagca ttgcacacag tttgtaacat tggccacact ttacaatatg catttactaa      3360
     gatgaacaaa caatgaacaa tacatttact actgtatttg ttcatgttaa ttaacgttag      3420
     ttgatgaaaa tacattagtt ctttattagt taatgttaac tcgtggtgca ttaactaatg      3480
     ttaacaagca tggacttgaa tgttaataat gcattagtaa atgttcaatt atgattaata      3540
     aatgctgtac aagttttgtt catgattagt tcatgttagt aaatgcatta actaatgaac      3600
     cttattgtaa agtgttaccg taacatttta tttatcaagt ttaaaagtct cagtaacact      3660
     tatgtttatt ttaatttaaa aggatgagat tttgtttaaa tatttttgac tttgtttttg      3720
     actattaaaa ctatatgtct tagtaatgtt ttaaattaaa acaaagtggt taaaaatcaa      3780
     aatattccta aatgtattgt taaaacatat tcaataatta taagaatgat atgaaacatg      3840
     gtatcgtgat atgtttcttg caatatggcc cagccctagt ttattattaa acaaaaaaat      3900
     gctttcatta atacataaat atgaactttt taaaagaatg tttctccatt gtcatgtctg      3960
     tattaaatta aatgtacaaa tgttatatgc aagtggccat gcaagatgtc attaaattaa      4020
     aaacatgcat aaaagataaa accaggtagt ttgaaccctg aatgtggtta atttagtttt      4080
     tttctttttt caagtgagtg tcttctgtaa cttatgctaa acatttaata ggttcactat      4140
     gttctacaag atgcactcta aaatgtacaa aaaaattaat tttactattt taatgctaca      4200
     gacacacatt aataaagtcc aaaagaaagc acaactaaca tttactatac aaacaaaacc      4260
     actttgtaaa gacaaccaag taaacaccga tgctcagttt tgagtgattt tcccctttaa      4320
     aacccatttg acaggcctgc tctaacatac attatgatat atctagagct ctcttgtgcg      4380
     ctacatcaca tgagcgtctt cggcctgtgt ccctggaatg tcatacagca tgtgacagat      4440
     tcagtgcaca gcatcctctc ctcatgccac gcaggggtca catgctccct ctgccccatc      4500
     ataaacacga aagatgattg ataaacacaa cgctatgctg ccagcagtct gcaacgcacc      4560
     gccttccacc gtcagactca tttgtattca tattatgtag attagtactc tgaagtcctt      4620
     taaatacaag aagaaacccc tggaaaattc cttaaccttc catgtaaaag tccatgaccc      4680
     gtatcgattc aaatcgacta cataaaagta aatatgaatc acttggccga gcgctgaacc      4740
     ctcttttgca ccaagaaggc gcttttgatt tgcggctatt tatcttaatg agtgctgtta      4800
     ctctgtgaag ggagctcaag tgaaggcttg cagtcataga gatacagtga atccatcact      4860
     gtcagacgga cgggatcctt acagcagacg gacagtcttt gagtgatgcc gggccagtgg      4920
     gaagaggccc gggagtgcta gaagcccaaa gcttgttaac aaccgagagc aagaactggc      4980
     aggaccttct ctaccagacc tttcgccccc atgccgcttc aatacaactc tggctaaaac      5040
     ctgtcacacc gtttgttgtc atgcgagcag atttgtctct tcatcacagt gatgtcatgc      5100
     tgttccatta actaatagct tgggtctaga tggcaggtct ctcagaacaa agtgccaagc      5160
     tctgcgagac tatttctggc atcgtgccac ggtgatgcaa caataacgaa gactataacg      5220
     ctgttcgaag cttactagaa aaaagaaaag aaaaactaaa tgttttattc agattttcca      5280
     agttgctatg ttgaagttta gaagacatac tgcaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa tagagtaagt      5340
     ttctaccaaa cctcgcttcc ttattaaaaa aaaataaaaa cagctttttg attaaaacag      5400
     caggcgataa cagtgcaaaa caaatatgca tatattttca cagaatttct tggaacacca      5460
     atggattcaa agtcaatgga aagctgccct ttttctctct gtggaacttt ttaatagttt      5520
     gaggaatccg tgggctcaaa aataagacaa ataattaaat atactgataa acacaaaata      5580
     aacaacattt gtctgaaatg agctagaatg aagaagaccg tttggtaaaa agagcagttg      5640
     gtgtgctcca ctttcaagtc tgcaatattc ggaaatgcac agcatttctt tctatgaaaa      5700
     actaattgaa tttagagaca gaaggttttt tttttaagtc taataatatt tgtgtataat      5760
     ttaaaaagac attttaagaa taccaagaaa accataagga atacttaagg gagcaaaagc      5820
     tcaaaacgca attaaaaaca tattaaagtt atattacagt attcaatttt aagacagcct      5880
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa gatttaaaga ttgcctagca tttggtgaac agaaaaaaag      5940
     ccatcaactt tgtttcacag ctgcagaaag gagaatcaat cacaggtgcc aggatcattt      6000
     caacctgagc tctttttcac gctgaacaaa tgtctcttga gtgcacacat gaaggatgct      6060
     taaaagtcca aagtgaagct catttattcg cagatcagac atggaaacgg aattatggat      6120
     gcctgtttat ttaaactgac ccatgtgtaa gaagtgaaag atggactgat atggctatca      6180
     ataacgtgcc agaaacaatt ttgctggtta cactgacagc caagaaaacc agtcagttta      6240
     tgtaactgag ctgtcttttt tgataactcc caccacccaa aataaaacta aaggtgcact      6300
     gggttttttc ctcattaaaa agttctacac tcaaatgaga tgagcactgc attcgtgtaa      6360
     gtggcctaat aactatttta gagcagactc tttcttccac catgtagaaa tcttataaac      6420
     aggcatttct tttcaaattg caaagagggg acaaaaagaa aaaccaaaca agttgtgatg      6480
     tcacaaaaac attgtaagta caggaataaa aaaataataa taataaaata aaagagtgaa      6540
     atatggtggt gtgtaaataa tcccaaagac tattgaacac acaagatatg gtcacccgta      6600
     tagttttaaa tggggaaaac tgtaacggcc aatatgcaca ataaagcccc tcattgatcg      6660
     ctttagactg acgtttctca gggggaaatg cttagaccag acgtgtgcat tcacgacagt      6720
     tcggtggtca acaaacgcac ttaaatctca gccaatactt gcttcacaga catgagaaat      6780
     atatccaaat aaggctttaa atctgtactt ctaaatgaac caagtgcact tgaaaacaaa      6840
     agtttttttg gttttgtaat ttgtatgaaa cgaacgcgag gtacagtcca tcctgtccaa      6900
     tgcacagcaa ttactcaaac acccacaaac ttgtaaacaa agagccactg tcatttctgg      6960
     aggagagtcg ccattaagac aaagttgtgg attacgtcag aagaccagcg cgatcagacg      7020
     aagcattata caaaagatga taatgtgtaa aatggccata aattagggtt ggtgttgtgc      7080
     tcttgttcct tttgagtgta catgagcagt agctcgagca atctaaaaat atgatgattt      7140
     tgtttgataa acacttttaa aaataaatct tatgagacag ttcttgttca atttttttgg      7200
     tgattccaaa tatgaaatgt aaacatagct tggcaatctg tttaggagat tttgatgttt      7260
     tcagacaaaa tgcacaagca aatgatggct gccgagtgaa atgacttagc ttaaaggtgc      7320
     tgtgtgtaag tttttgactc ttctaaatca taaaaatacc ataatatgtt tgcagatatt      7380
     taagaaacaa gctgagatat tcagatattc tgctatgaaa atgtgttttc cgtgccggaa      7440
     cgtctgtctt tgtttcgatt gttttaacct gcttatgcca gcttagccaa ttacatttta      7500
     accacccagg atgcgttggt ggaaaaccac gtaattcatt aactcattca gaaaggctct      7560
     caaagcatgc acccatgact gaaatgtgac ctccaatgga ctgtaacagc ctctaaaatg      7620
     agaagcagat acagagtaaa attttgggta tcaaaatttg gttaccgaac gaaaatgact      7680
     tttttaatac tcgatagtat cgagacgatt cggtcggtgc ttaaaaagta tcgaacttga      7740
     tacaaagccc tacacatgag gttattaatt agcaaataaa ataaatatta cgagcgtaaa      7800
     cataaggtga gcaggtttca ttgtaacccc gtgtcctaac aagacgctgc aagatgatat      7860
     ttgcagtgat aaacgatttg gctgtttgca ccagacgtaa cacgacagaa gtttaaatac      7920
     agccattgag aagcacagat tatgcacttt atttccaaga cctaaggtaa actatctgct      7980
     gctgctttca gtagtatggc aataaatgtc atgtagaatg gcattcaaac tcacattatt      8040
     tgcatttaat gttaacactc aataaaaaac atgaggtgta cctgaggtga tcactgttca      8100
     aggagctagt tagaacaaaa actcatttta aattgagaat attccttcga ccgcgtgctg      8160
     ttgctttatt ttaaaacatg acttgaatca gcctttgatc gtcagagttg ctcctcaatc      8220
     tggcaacctg cacttgcatt tgttttgatc aagtaatgta atacctagtt caatcaatgg      8280
     gtgtcaaact tacaaactgc acctttaaag ggactttgat aaacctcaga gacttaaaaa      8340
     attaataatg cagacaaaaa ataaattata aactgaatct gttttggcta aaattgaaaa      8400
     acgtaatata aaagtatgcc taaattaaaa tatataaaat gtgattttac ttgaaaatac      8460
     agagacaaat atattgatag gataagctat ccatctcaaa acactatgtg aagctacacc      8520
     aaattattaa actgaccact gattaaaatt aagatcactg caaaaattaa atcaatcact      8580
     cattttcatt atgtttcata attattgttg cagtcaaatt gccatattat taccaatact      8640
     tccaacacgt ttaccctttt ttctataaaa aaaaaaataa aaaaataaaa atttaactta      8700
     atatataaaa gagaaaatgg aaaaaaaaat taagaagaac caatgtgcta atatcaaaga      8760
     caattatgct taatcaagag aagcggaaac tgtaattatg ttggacagga taattgagca      8820
     gccctatgac aagaagtgtc caaaaataaa ttgaaatata attattatct catgacgaca      8880
     tggtggtgca gtagccagtt ttatcacctc acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt tcgagcctcc      8940
     gggtgctctg gtttccccca caagtccaaa cacatgcatt acaggcgaat tgggtaagct      9000
     aaaattgtcc gtagtgtatg tgtttgaatg agagtgtatg gatgtttccc agagatagct      9060
     tgtggctgga agggcatcgg ctgcataaaa catatgttgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc      9120
     gctgtggcga cccccgatta attaagtgaa caagctgaaa acaaaatgaa tgaactatct      9180
     cattttataa tgatttatga gaacaattat tctcactggc cattgttttg gagctacagt      9240
     gtaatttaat actgttccag tataaagatt ttcaccatca aattcgttaa tttacaaaat      9300
     taaattcatg gattagcaac agaatagcat gcacacctcc tttacactag aaatcttatt      9360
     ccacaagctt taaaattaaa gtcatgaatc ggcaacagaa tagcatgcat gcttccttta      9420
     ccttagaaat ctcatttcac aagctatgtc aagaagcagt agggatatac atttatacaa      9480
     ctcctacaga atcaatagaa ctaattcaga cagattccac caacagcttt gtgaggactg      9540
     aatacaagaa cgtccacagc gaaaatatat aatataaaaa aaagaataaa aagacaaaca      9600
     gctctgctgt gtgacaggga cagcaaatcc actcggacac acaaaagtca gggaaacaaa      9660
     caaacacttt aaaacgacgg gatgttgaag agggaagcaa acatctactg cagaggttta      9720
     accttatcac aatgtattat tatagtaaat ggaaggacag tacaatgggc ttacatcccg      9780
     tttccctcag cactccggcc aatcagttag cgcttaagaa aagaacagtt tgagacacct      9840
     gattaatctt ttccttccat tcgcaaaacc aagtgaccct gcaaggtcac cggacaaatg      9900
     tgcccgaaac agagctggga ctcccattgg aggtttcaaa cacttttcaa attggagtcc      9960
     ggcactgcgt tgacacactg cttcatccca atgacgccca gaatgtctat tattggtggc     10020
     ctggccgtta aatgagcgga aggtggatga cctctgtgat ctaataagct ggtgtcacag     10080
     ttaaaaagtc tagtgtggcc aggctcaggg ccagacgctt ccctgaagga cagttacaca     10140
     gtaatttgat gcatcgtctg cctctggtcc tggtcaatca accagactgg agatgcagtt     10200
     ggagatatcc tatagaggat tgagccttgg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacgat cgcttgcaga     10260
     ccaatacaag caggagtgct ttgaagcaag tttttttccc cacagattga cctgctaaaa     10320
     taatgctgca aagattaagt acagtatgct tgatattctc aacggcacct aagcatttgt     10380
     attctcaact tccttctgaa gcaatcaacg caacaatttc attgcatttt aatgtttctt     10440
     ttgataaagt atctgctatt gaagctaatg taaacaaagg tctgtttttt cccctcaaag     10500
     ttatttcgat cagctttata tctgacgcag agcgttctga ttcacatgca acaaaggcaa     10560
     gcactcagtg tacagaactg cacattggca catccctgtc ctctatttac ccagacaaaa     10620
     agctgatgtt ttaaagtgat acccaaagaa cactgtcttt tgttgtcatc aagaaaaatg     10680
     atgcctgcat gtgaaaattc cacagaggct tattcatatc tcgcagagct agcgctactg     10740
     cacaataaac gtttattaat aacttcagag ggctctgcag tgacgacttt taaactcctt     10800
     gaagacgttc tttttctttt ttttttaatg aaaattgaaa aacagttgat atttctcgta     10860
     aatctacatg tacagtgcac ttatttgaaa agttcaaatg catattatac atgaacagtg     10920
     gaacttgaaa tttaagcaac aggtttggaa gtttccaggt gaggacagga agacagtcta     10980
     aagtaagaaa aagaagatct tactagatac attttaaaga agaaagctat acggatgatt     11040
     tgtactgtat cacgtcaaat ataagtaagg ttaaaatctg cagtaatttc atgcaatttg     11100
     tattttaaca aaatgtcgag atgccctggg aaagtatcca taaatgtttc tcggttctga     11160
     atctaaagca ctcaattcaa tttaaactct gtttcatgaa ggtctagcac tatatattca     11220
     acttagtgta ttttctgcta gaatgaatca aaagaaattc ccttatatcc atttgcgttt     11280
     ctatttcttt ttttccagcc ctgacattaa tgcaataaat gaggtcataa atagggatgc     11340
     aacgattaca gatttaggtt gtatgattat agtctgaaga ataatcacag tttcacagtt     11400
     attacaattg ttatgcatta attaatttag aaacactact agtttagaaa aatcaaatga     11460
     aaactcttta tatttaaagt gttatttatt tctgctctgt aagcaaataa tgcagcacat     11520
     aataataata aaaagactaa ttttttttgg aatttaaaca taagtaataa ttttacactg     11580
     aaaataaatg ccagaacaat aaatgaatga atgaatgaat tagtaaatgt aaatctaagc     11640
     tacatattag gtgagaattt cccttttaaa ctaatgaagc taatcggtgc tttttgtcag     11700
     gtgacccgtg gtgtgcttgc ggcattcttt caactatgtg tgcctggaaa gcatgagcgc     11760
     gtcgcaagtc atgtgacaag aactgaccaa tatgcacata caagccatgc gcctccattg     11820
     gaaataggga atttgcgtgc gcaaaagaaa tgtgaatgtc ccttagttaa tagcttcagc     11880
     catagttaaa atcagccttt aatccagttt gtgcatatta atcttgatgt acaagttcgg     11940
     acctttaaac tagtgcacag ttgacataac tttgtttagt tgcagcagtt ttgttccatg     12000
     aaggaaactt tccaattact tatgataact tatactcccc ataatctctg cactatttaa     12060
     tatttgcaca tttaaaaatt gcacatattc atcgcactac attgcactaa tatattttga     12120
     attgtatata cccactgtac atatacattt gtaattattt tcatactgta tctatctgta     12180
     tacctttgat taataatagc aacctgtaca ttgatttatc tattgcaaat cttttttcat     12240
     agcttttaaa atctgtgtat aatgttcata gtacatccat ctgagaatat taccataatt     12300
     tttctataaa tgcactttac aacttatacc tgtatcctgc acttgctgct actgtattgg     12360
     actcctggtt cgacctaaac tgcacttcga tgccttgtac ttgtactgca acttattttt     12420
     aaatattgtc ctttcattca ttcattcact ttcctttcgg cttagtccct ttattaatcc     12480
     ggggtcgccc cagtggaatg aaccaccaac ttatccagca tatgttttac gcagccaaac     12540
     atccatacac tcattcacac acctacacta cagacaattt agcgtaccca attctcctat     12600
     agagcatatt tttggacttt ttggtgaaac cggagcaccc gaaggaagcc cacgcaaaca     12660
     cagagagaac atgcaaactc caaacagaaa tgccaacaga cccagcagag gctcggacca     12720
     gtgactttct tggtgtgagg cggcaaagct acccactgtg ccaccgtgat gccaaaatat     12780
     gttcctcaag gttttaaaaa aagtttctgt ggcaaaaggc cctatattaa tgaagaaaat     12840
     agaagtgatc tcagacttct attttagttg cacattttca gtgcaacttg tggcttttag     12900
     tttttgttca tgtgatgttt ttaagagtct ttctttaatt aactttattt tttcataact     12960
     tttcaaaaca agctccttag atgtaaaaac aataattttc catcctcaaa ttcactacgc     13020
     ctatgaaaac gctctgtttg aattggcatt ccctctggct gaaactggag aaaatgcccg     13080
     ctgctgtgat tggcagtttt acagcactgt ataaaaaaac acatcacacg ctatcatgcc     13140
     atgcaagaaa ataaagttcc tcaaatattc ctatggtttc aaatcttttt caaaggttga     13200
     ccaggtgcac gtgtgtcctc aggtgttcaa acaaaaccta aacctggttc tctgttcgcc     13260
     tttctgcttt acataccatt taacactgca tgactttcac tatgactaaa gacattgcat     13320
     gatgccagat tcatgatgca cggtgccaca ttcaccctta ggacagaaag gaaagaagtt     13380
     aagtatgaag ggcagagcgt gaggggacgc agtgcggctg ggggtggtgg aatctactga     13440
     ttaaaaagaa gaaaaaaaaa actgactttg gctagaggtc acttttagat cgccccaagc     13500
     aattgttcca aaagctgtgt tttttcctct aaaaacaccc ttgagatgag cactggaaag     13560
     gttagggtgt taaaacggcc agtattaatg gcaactcggc gaaactaaaa cagattctca     13620
     gggttacaac ctccctcagt ggtcgtggag tggaatgctt gagtgaaatg tgggacttcg     13680
     gcctgctgtc tcttcaaacg ctgcgtatgt ggcctcctta aggtgagtgt tgccacaacc     13740
     tgacaaaaat acactcatca ctacccattt tatgtgattt ttcggggacc tgtcacattt     13800
     ctctgcaact tttcctttct ctctttgttt cctcaacact ctctttgtcc tttttgagac     13860
     gtaaattgtt tttcggtgaa ttgcttctcc ttgggcttgt cattgtgctt ttcattaaag     13920
     gaaagttgtt ggaaagtttc tgttgaagga cactcatggt gtctgatgtt gttttgagct     13980
     tgtatggata gtcgtggcag tatatttcca cagggagctg aaataaaaat ggtttctttc     14040
     ctcctcgcgt ttcagcagac tgaattctcc aaaacaacac acaacactgc acccgtaaaa     14100
     tatctgaatt tcatcttgat tatttgacaa gtgaacacat ctgactggat tactttcata     14160
     gtgtaaacgc ttctgtcaaa tgagttcaaa cagccactga agactattta ctcatctatt     14220
     tcttaaagat taagagatgc ttgttaaaaa atgctaacca gatggaattt atcttcactt     14280
     accagtgatg atttcaacgt ttcacattag atgctttgta cttggttaac ctgaattaac     14340
     acacaaaaaa agatcaaatt aagaaaatca attaagtgag atgtgagttt ttagttatca     14400
     ttcgatattc agctaactac agaacttaaa acataaaata tcataacctt cgttctgttg     14460
     ctttgcacac agtatctttg taccagggtc attgctgttg atccactttt atatcctaat     14520
     gaactttaca tcggtcttac cgaatgtagt ctcctgcaca atatctatat gcatcttttt     14580
     tatttctgta tgtcagttta cgtaagtgct ggcaatgcag tgttaccaaa tattaaatga     14640
     atacaaacag caaaacatgc attgaaaaat ccaccaaaat aaagtacaaa tgttttattt     14700
     taaaggggtg gcctggagtg tatttttaag gcttggttgt gactgtgggg tgcaaagcaa     14760
     tgtgttcatg cttcatttat aaaaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaagtaagta     14820
     agtaagtaag taaataaata aataaataaa taaaattatt tttcatatat cttattttat     14880
     taatactgct atccagctaa cacaagtaag ctgtaatgta atgacttcta taatgtgaag     14940
     tgggacactg acaaaggaag tgctggtcca aatgcaggat ttattttgca gagaataagc     15000
     aacagtcaac acaggagcaa acaggcgtat acagtcaaat ctagagacgt ggtcataaac     15060
     aggcggatgg tcagtacagg cagaaggcag acaacgtaaa caagcaaaca agatgagggt     15120
     caaaaacatg gtaagacaag gcaaggaaaa cgcattgtta tgttcaaaat cagtataaca     15180
     agactcagca actagtttgt gtgtctgtgc tgcttttaat gtccatgtca tcagttttga     15240
     atagcttcag ctgtatgtga aggaattagc cagcatagga aatcattgtg tgtgtgcagt     15300
     gcatgactag atcttatagt ccatataatg gtggattagt agttctatgc aatctgtgtg     15360
     tttacctgca acctgcatgg gctagatcgc tggtgactgt aacaactatc attttcctag     15420
     ttcctccgaa agccctccct caagaagctt tgattggtca gctaacataa cgtaacatgc     15480
     tgtgattcgc tgatcggcta cacttcacca ggaagtgcca cgcctctatt aacatgcgct     15540
     ttgtctttgt tgtgtaaata ctgtcagtca gtgcaactgt tagtcgtatc agttgatgag     15600
     cctgaatcag acagagaatg acacataggg caacgccgaa cctcacgcct gctctctaaa     15660
     ataaaatctg acaagtgtct ttcatataaa tttgggttat aagcatgcct aagtaatatg     15720
     aaatgttcac atatcttttg ttagtttgtt atttgaaatg tagaatgctc ggaaagcggc     15780
     cacatagaga gacaatgcag tgtttgtaaa gattgtaggt gtttacaggg gtttgttgga     15840
     taattataaa tttgtagcta aatttttttt aatggtgcca aacagaattt cccatttttt     15900
     acattgttgt ttatgtcttt gctataacac accattaacg ctagaaatgg tgcatgtaat     15960
     agatcatttt tcaaaaataa aaacacttac aggttgtggc tcacaatcca agacttcttc     16020
     tactattgga gctgctcctt cattaagggg tttttagccg aatctgaact tggagagatt     16080
     ctgaaaaatg tcctttgtga cattagacag tagagctaca tttttttttt ataattctct     16140
     ggaacataat taaacttaaa ctgtaagcac ttctctcttt gtgcctttgg aagcctaaat     16200
     acagaaatgt gcaatgtctg gattagttac ttcatagctg gctacaggtc tggtgacaga     16260
     cagttcttgg gtaaaaacat ctataaaaaa aattttttta aaaaaggtga aacatggatg     16320
     acattcaaag tactcaaatc acaaattagc tgctaacaaa aaaaaactgc ctaaaagaac     16380
     tgtgtaaaag aacaacagac acactttgcc tctgctctaa acagtatgcg gagtatgtgc     16440
     tgctgctctg tttacgcatt tagggaaaca ggagtgacaa gccatattgt tcttaattgt     16500
     cacctttcac attcatatgt aaattgagct aggattcttt gaaattagat agatagatta     16560
     gaacaggctc atttaaacac ccatatacat ataaaccatg tgttctttga tgcgagatca     16620
     actaacatgc attcaatact aagtgtaaac aaggcccatt taatcctggc ttcatatata     16680
     tatatatata tacacacaca cacacacagt tgaaatttat atatgaatat atatatatat     16740
     attctatata taatatataa tatatatata tatatatatt ctatatatat atatatataa     16800
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     16860
     tatatatata tattctaaca tgaattataa ctacataagt attatgcttg cagaatttcc     16920
     aaatattttt actattcagt aataacgtgg caaaagcccc cacaaaaaaa ttacattata     16980
     tattattttt tattttttat ttttttctct tttcagtgtt caatgattgt cattattata     17040
     tttttttgca atggactcac attttcaaag cttgcttcag tatagttgtc atcacttagt     17100
     atggatatgt gctccataat ctaataatga atgcagtcag ttacgttttt acaaaaatct     17160
     aattttgtct gtcacctgca gtctttcagt gggctcatat ttatcacata ataaaagttt     17220
     cttaaagaaa atgtggaatg actctgaagc tattatcaga cttgttattt atactgtacc     17280
     attcacaaca acccaaaggg gcattattta atgttgcatt caaagtctcc attttcaaag     17340
     aaatctgata aaccctaaag tggctccaaa caaaactgca actttggtga tttcctcctc     17400
     ttcagcaatt tagctgatgg catattaaac tccagaattt atctcaaaat gtgtcataaa     17460
     ttgcaaatca ctgttgaaac cagctccgct caccaaaccc aattctgtct gacatcccag     17520
     gtctttagtg cacattttgc gatacagttt tgctaccaga tcacgcaaga aacaaaacca     17580
     cacactggaa cctcacaagt gagctcttag acaaatacaa aagctcttat ccttctgaac     17640
     aaagggacta atggcaccac gcaagaagaa acagtgagat tagccttgtg accttctttc     17700
     ttctatagcg ctttcaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaca caagcctgct aacagcctgc     17760
     catcaacaac catttttaca gcagctcaac atcaacacgg gctcagaatc gggacacggc     17820
     cgtgtgcaag atctcactgt ccattttaat attccgagca gagtgagaaa cagacagaaa     17880
     atcaatagct tcattttttt caatattaaa gaataggggg aaaggggcag agctccaacc     17940
     ttttgctata aaatctgaga ttggctttaa agccatttgc catttgatct aagatgggac     18000
     tgaagacaaa cccctggggc agaattattt gattaaatgt tgtttgttct gcttcgctct     18060
     gggaacactt gaagaactgg cacaaatact gtggttcttt cattcaacat ttgatgtctg     18120
     aataaatata cagttgaaat gtatgatttg ctggattatt ttaggacctt tttaatgagc     18180
     aacttataac cgatgggcta tttttaactg aacgacataa ttgcaagcat gagataaaaa     18240
     aaactgactc aagatgctta taaacacaca cctgtgacca cacattctat taatgtgtca     18300
     ggttagcatg ttgcttagca accgtaaata tcctacaatt aggtgaatga actacattac     18360
     ctggcggttg aattgtttat tccaattaga aataaatcca gctccttatt gaatattttt     18420
     tatcatacag ctgctgatgc agtttaataa agcacacctt gactaaagca aagccactga     18480
     ggttaatagc ctttcgttta cattgttttc tataataaag actacagccc aagcgaacgc     18540
     ttgcaattga atttggcatc ttgcccttct tctatatcga agaaaaaaac aagtcttatt     18600
     catcacacat ggataaaagt aatctgacga attgtaacgg tgagtgaaat atcagtccgg     18660
     ttcataactg tccagatagc cttgaagaca acctggatgc aagacaattt cttgtattgt     18720
     agtattactg tttactcgac ttctaaggtg tccctgaaac ctccctgaat aaaaaaatag     18780
     acttgtactc aatggggtgg ttggtctcct tcctattctt gatccatgaa attttcatca     18840
     tgagcaactt tcatgtttct tccataaaag taatccagca cagccaaagt agagagcaaa     18900
     cataacctca catccatctg tccgtgcctg gcatcaggat cgcgaatctc accgagagac     18960
     tatatttgtt tttcagacat cagagcactt gaagtataaa actacagagc tgagaggggt     19020
     ttctctgaaa tctaggcaat agactgaatt cttgggctaa catgcaagtc tggccaatgt     19080
     tatcttcctt tttttacgag gggcaaaatc catcaagaga aaggatgccg tctgtagtgg     19140
     aaccaagttg cgaaaagaaa gttaaaaaaa taagaagaga ccacttttag aattaatcaa     19200
     ttaatgaaaa ctagaaaggc ccaggttgta cccaaaatgt gcaacaataa taaaagtagt     19260
     tgtttttttc cactgctagg tttaaaggtt ctcctgcaat caaaactttt ctctcttagc     19320
     actcatctga caatcaaaat gacatttaaa agttttacat tgttttgaaa acaatttaat     19380
     ctctccttaa aatgacgtgt tgtatgcacc tttacaccac atcctcatta atttagggga     19440
     tctatgaatg tgttaattgg tctccgcttc tgctcaaatc acatcagcag acctgctccc     19500
     ctttttactc aattaaactg tgtagaaaac acaaatggca aatgaaaatc ttgaattaat     19560
     tgtcatcaaa tgaataaaca gtagaaagta tgcaaagaaa actttaataa ccatttacaa     19620
     attattgtaa atccttaaaa ataacaagtt tatttagccc aaaagatgag tactgcatcc     19680
     atattttatg caaaaatctt caggttttta atacttttaa gagttactgc ttttagattc     19740
     tcacaggtaa aaagaagcgc ctgaagacat cctgtagatg aatctaccga gtcaacagtg     19800
     tcaaagtacc gcagctgcca tttaacaacc ggctacatcc tgtgccatcc ctgtaaataa     19860
     aaagggtaac gatttgtaat catatccctt taacacatca cagtggtgtg accagtcttg     19920
     gctggtttct ggagctaaca aattatatac atgcacctta agtcagaatt attacccacc     19980
     ctttccccaa attctgctta acagtaagag gttttttttt tttttaaaga ttttttttca     20040
     acacacttct atgaatgata gttgttataa ctaatttcta agagattatt tcttttatct     20100
     ttgctatgat gacgcatact atttgactag tttatttcaa gatatttaac ttaaagtgca     20160
     atttaggtaa gttaattagg caagtcattg tataactgtg atgatggcta tggtgacaac     20220
     atggagacag catagattct agtgcaagaa gtttaatagt cctcagcaaa caaatccaaa     20280
     acacaaggtt gaatcgtcag ttaagcatgc aagattcaga ataacaaact gcaagtccaa     20340
     caaggcagtc aaagcaaagt caatgatcca aacagcagtg gtcaacaaaa caggcacaaa     20400
     ggtcataaca gaaaggcagt acaaaacaat gagctaacgc tcaacaaggc tgttgatact     20460
     ggcaatacct caaagtgagt gaggcaggta accttcttct tctttcgttt ttttatttag     20520
     cgatcgcacc agttcttgtg cattaccgcc accctcctgt aacctgaggc aggtaacctg     20580
     gtgtggccag gttaatatga ccaccataca ggaagtaacc agcgaagaac tggcagtcag     20640
     aatttgggcg tgggctccct ctgctggctg attgaatggt tactagccct gtatgttaca     20700
     ataaaagtgg tttgttttgt acacctttag ggaaagattt gcttaaaggg gctaatatta     20760
     ttgaccttaa atgtttttta ttattatttt atttaaatat aaaatttata atttaaaaag     20820
     cttttatttt agcctaatta ttctacatag ccaaaataaa actaagagaa gaagaaaaga     20880
     ttataggaaa tactgtgaaa attccatgat ctgttaaaca aaatttggga aatatttgaa     20940
     aatgaaagca aaattacagg agagttaaca attttgattt caaatgtata catgcaacat     21000
     gttgtttcaa actaatgaca atgtcaataa aaatgacagt aaaaagtcaa ttcaaatggt     21060
     caacaccatt acagtagttg aaagagcaca gattaatgtt ccataatgca attaatgctt     21120
     taaaaatgca aataaccaaa gaaaagaaaa tctctgaatc acaatttaca ggaattttaa     21180
     atcttagttt acccacttag taacagaaga acactcaccg gccactttat tatgtgcacc     21240
     ttattagtac caggttggac ccatttttcc ttcagaactg ccataatgct tcatggcata     21300
     gatttaacga ggtactggaa atattcctca gagattttgc tccatattga catgatagca     21360
     tcatgcagtt gtttcagatc catgatgtga atctcccgtt acaccatatc ccaaagtgct     21420
     ctattggatt gagatctggt gactgtggag gccatttgag tacagtgaac tcattgtcat     21480
     gttcaataaa ccagtctgaa atgattcacg atttatgaca tggcacgttt tccggctata     21540
     agtagccatc agaaaaaaaa tcttctgttg tccaattttg gtgagcctgt gcaaattgtg     21600
     gcctcagttt cctgttctta tttgacagga gtgacacccg gtgtggtctt ctgcttctgt     21660
     agcccatccg cctcaaggtt cgacatgttg tgcgttcaga gatgctcttt ggcatacctc     21720
     agttgtaatg agtggttact tgagttactg ttgcctttct atcagctgta accagtctgg     21780
     tcgttctcct ctgacatcaa caaggcattt gtggccacag aactgccgtt cactgaaaat     21840
     tctctttttc taaccattct ctttaaaccc tagagatagt tgtgtgtgaa aatcccagta     21900
     gatcagctac ttctgaaact ttagcaactt cagtttgaac tgcagtagat tgtcttgacc     21960
     atgtctaaat gcctaaatgc attgagttgc tgccatgtga tttggctgat tagaaatttg     22020
     cggtaaggag cagttggaca ggtataccta tttaagtggc tggtgagtgt atgtacagta     22080
     catttgcttc atgcatttat ataattactt atttattgtg cataatgtca aggacacaat     22140
     tctcaaacca agacatggat ttcacagaat gtctcaaagg aatccttagt aaataactga     22200
     gcaaaaattc atactgaatt ggtaaagcta tagcagcaac caacacatat gacagaagga     22260
     tttttggtaa ttgggtatca ggttaagagg aatatattga gactccacta aacctgaatt     22320
     cacaccagtc taggaaacat gtcaaggccc cactgtctcc atcccactca atatgtccag     22380
     acaacattct ccagcatcca cctcccattg attcattacc actcttatct gttttcagtt     22440
     ttaaattgca tcccaagagc acctcccctc cagttagtag ctctcctcct ctcacagcta     22500
     tggagatccc agttagcatg gtggtgcata actcaattca acccccctaa ttcccgctgc     22560
     cgtaaacgtc aggattatta tttcacccat gtctgattcc tctatccttc ttttggcaca     22620
     caacttaatg aaatacaaga ttccttcaag tgggctggat cttcttcgga aatcaatacg     22680
     agaagattgc caagaagtgg tgatttagtt tgtggtggac tctgcaacag gtatagctta     22740
     aatggcattc tcattcagtg taaaatatta tgacaggcca gccaagtcgc ttagtaatga     22800
     ctaattatac ataatccaga tgtattaaag gtgacggggt aactcaataa tacttgtgtg     22860
     tttgatgaag ccaaatagta agcaaaatgt gaaacatatc taaaagagct acacgattct     22920
     ggctaaaatg ggaatcgcga ttttttttgc ttaaaataaa gatcacgatt ttctcacgaa     22980
     tctgtagatg taaaataaag gtatggtaaa aacaaacata tggcacaacc tcgataataa     23040
     tattatgtgt aggtctactg gcttctataa ataattctat tctactttta ataattctga     23100
     tgttgaatta ttatgtttga gattagggtt gtaacaatat accggtatga cggtttacca     23160
     cgatttgaat gtgcacgatt atcataccat gaacaattgc atatcaacgg ttttaaccct     23220
     taaagaccga gacagctgcc cgcggttaaa aataagtatt gctcttaaat gtttaataac     23280
     ttttgatccg ctgatccgat tcatacaatt caaagattgg cataaagaag agaatctcag     23340
     ctttcaagtg ctgtatcaca taacattcgc ggactttcag aggctccgga atcagtgcgg     23400
     ttacgtcatc aaaatgtgac aacgctgatt tgacaaagaa acgctcgtca ctgtgtctcc     23460
     ggacaaacca gacatgatat attgatgcat tgtccctcct ccatgcccag attggttcaa     23520
     actcgctata tcacaaccaa taagcatagg tttcgctttt gtttgtggac caagcttttt     23580
     gaacaacacg gaatgagaga aaggcataca tttatgcacg gctaaataaa acgcaaaaaa     23640
     aaaagttttg catgaaataa ttcacatact aagtactttt gcatgcacag cagcacagaa     23700
     acatgacaaa acagtgacac agcaaagacg aactgctgct cttgctgttt tcaatagacg     23760
     caaatgaaga tgcagctgtt tgtctgcatt gcagacaacc aaatccatat ccacagacaa     23820
     ccatatccat gctggcacat aaaacctaag gatgttccat attgtatcta gtttcgttat     23880
     gtaactattt atagtatagt aaatatttat atctattttt tactgaggat ttgcaccatg     23940
     tttatttgga ctttatttgg actttgacac attatttatt attttcttat ttttatttgt     24000
     tcattgtaag tggtgttgtt tatagtaact aaaaatatat tatttggaaa aagtcaaatt     24060
     tgcttcactg ttctattatt ttgtaacttt tgtaacatac cgtataccgc aaaaccgtgg     24120
     tattgtttta gacgattatc ataccgtaaa aaattcatac cgttacaacc ctatttgaga     24180
     tatatgcttg caatctgtca tattagacaa attttattca ctgataaaat cagacatttg     24240
     ccattatcag attatattca acaatatata agctagagta gttatactaa cattgtaaac     24300
     atttattttc atgcacaaag ttgtgggttc cctatgaaag aaaaacgtat caaatgcttg     24360
     tcttaaccat aactctaaaa tgcaatacga tcatttaaat gaagtgcaca ctttcggttt     24420
     cattctgact gctaaatgct tgttcatact ttgcgcgcgg ctcccaaaca atcactctat     24480
     gccacaaact gaatattatt tacaactgta ttacctgtta ctcgcaacat acgcaggttc     24540
     tgttcactaa agtaggcgcg cacgtctatc attcagctca cagtcagcag cagacgtcac     24600
     gtgtgttttc ccgatcacga aaacattatt atattaagac aaaaattaca tttttaggtg     24660
     aattatacct tataaataca gtatgtgact cattcaacat catttggagg tgtcaatgcc     24720
     actgagcaac gtgtgtgaaa caatgaaaag actcgtgcag ccgccttttc ttctctcttg     24780
     aacttgaaaa tatgattggc agaatcgtag aaatactaga gggtctagag ggtcaaatcg     24840
     agattgcgat cttttaacga ttaattgtgc agctctaata tctattgtat atattaagca     24900
     ggaaaaaaaa actatattga ataataagtc atgaaatgga tggaggggta catttttggt     24960
     atttttagca ggtctacaca atatatcatt tcagcgttga tatccacagt gatcattcgc     25020
     aatagtcaca tcgcaagcat atgcaatgtt gagtctgaat tataactgat catttgtttt     25080
     ttgagtcctg tgacattagc tgtatttcca tccacctact tttataagca ttttcgatag     25140
     cacataaaga cgattgatgg aaatgccaat aactgtatat gcacatgagt aggatgaact     25200
     ttttatttga taagaaaaga tgcgcatatg atggaaacac tttcattaaa aaagtcatgt     25260
     gatgttgtta aaagggatca tgtgatggta aaaatgtgtg tgaatggaaa aaccagcagg     25320
     ttgatcacat tttaaaatac ctgaaatgtt gttttggtca ttctaaaatg ctagtattac     25380
     tgtagtatta ttatattatt aattacctcc agaattgtca agcacattca ttgcatgtcg     25440
     gcatactgtc tactgagcca caagtcattt attaaataaa gaaaagactc atgcagcttc     25500
     tcctaccgca gcaaattctg tttttactgt tgatatttga tgccagttaa tcaggagggg     25560
     caattttgct ctatttgact tcttgaatgg aaacgctgct ttattagcat gtcttatatg     25620
     caatattcca gttatgcgca tacatttaat tagcaaaaaa gcaaaagtga ttcaaaaata     25680
     tacattaaat acaaatatac atcaaatgtt agattttcca acattgtgca gtcataattt     25740
     ttattaactt aaattatgat gcagaaaaaa aaacttaatg gtaaaaaaat ggaaacaaat     25800
     aaatcatcaa ttgataaaaa agtacagtac agtataaaat aatttaaaaa aacctaaata     25860
     caataaaaag aagcaaaaat aatagaaagt aactgcatta taaataaaga ggatggtaaa     25920
     agcaactatt gataaaatat aaacaaaaaa tatgtatata aaaaaacaaa cattaaaata     25980
     tataaacaaa tatacacaaa taaataatca attgagaaat aagcaagtac agtacagtag     26040
     gttaacaaaa taaaaaaaaa agtaataaaa gaaaaagaaa caaaaagaat acaaaatatt     26100
     aatggagagg agccataatt ccaagaaact gctgcaaatg ctcaaataat actgcaagtt     26160
     cattgattta ttttctttta ggcttagtcc ttttattaat atggggtcgc cacagcggaa     26220
     tgaaccgcca gcttatccag catgttttaa acagcggatg cccttccagc tgcaaaaata     26280
     ctgcaagttg taggtttaaa ttataatatt atggtggttg taacagtagt ccaactaatc     26340
     caccacgcag aaaaagtccc agtgctccta cagtcagtcc atccatgttt actgcttcat     26400
     taaagaacat tcattgctaa taatcagtcc attccctcag cagggtgtga gacaaaagct     26460
     gtgaattttt acacagacaa atgtgcttag actctccctg tggagtaaac gttccttatc     26520
     tgacccgcac aaggctgaaa gttccaccct aaaaaacaca aaataattca ttaaatttct     26580
     taaaatcgcc attatctctt ttccggttgt cagttttaac atttgaccga attcagtcgc     26640
     agaccaattt aaaaaatgct cactcgtgat ttctccgctt cgagtgctcg agtcttattc     26700
     cctcgttgcc cgcctgtgaa ttagactgac actccagcct ggctgcagcg aacaggccat     26760
     aaaccctgcc agtctagagt gtgtaaaata ataatggcag tgttgcaaaa cccaagctgt     26820
     gataataaca agctctaatg gggtgctctt atcgacatcg atttccaata atagagatca     26880
     tataaaaagt aggtaattac actgtgcaag cagagggcgt cctgtgcaaa tatcattatt     26940
     atcaaattgg aatggaatgc cggagcggaa catgcaccca ttaggtcaga gtggccctgg     27000
     ggaaacacgg aagagagaag acacaaagaa gagagatccc cgtccacaac cttcagcgcc     27060
     ccccgccctt ggagtcattc atacccttgg cgagagccat ttcatcgact gaagcgctgc     27120
     cgtgggctaa ataagtaagg agctctatta tgtccaaggt gtgtttttga agatgagatc     27180
     tacaccacaa acactacatc ctcatgacca aacaccactg agcggccaca taaaacaagt     27240
     gaagcgaaat atgtttgtgt ggtggggggt ggttctttca attgtatttt taggtttggt     27300
     cataaaaata acagcataac ggttaccata accaggatta aacaaatata ttatcttttt     27360
     tagatacaga ctaaactgct taacaggtgg gacatcaaca cagcttttaa atcttggtga     27420
     atttaaaatg tgcatattca aatttgagct cacagtcact tcaaaagaca taagaatttt     27480
     gtgtaggtca gcattacata tttaactgca taaactaatc ctgtgttgtt gtttttacgt     27540
     tcaaagttcc ctaaaaactt tgttacttga agttaccatg aagcagaagt taggttgtga     27600
     catatccatt tgaaacagtc ctaaaatgag aaaaaaaagt agggatgtgc atgatttcat     27660
     tatttgggaa tccattggat tgttgaaaga ggaaggaaga ctaacaaata gatgaattca     27720
     gagcaaaaat gacacactaa tatgcctgta ctaaaaggat ttcatgtgac caggatgtga     27780
     agcatgtcgt tttgatgggc agggaagggt atggtatttg attaaaattt atgagagcaa     27840
     attaattttt acaaaaatat gaagtgcaca aatacatggt ttataaaagg aagtacatac     27900
     aagtaaaaat acaaagagta aattttgatt tcatggggtc tttaaaacat ttaggcccaa     27960
     tcccaattct atttttgtac ccttccccct tccccttggc ccttgaaaca gagtgtgaag     28020
     gggaagagct tcaaaattta cccataagaa atgggacact ataacaacac ctgcataaat     28080
     catgatgtca ttgcgatctg ttgcttcata tttattccat gcagttgcgt tattttttgg     28140
     tatttatgtt atcatgatga tatgatgtgg caataagatt gtactgtgca tttatttatc     28200
     tatgtaaaca taggaaaaca ttaacattat agccgacact gttaaaaggt cattcccagc     28260
     cactacactt ttgttttgtt tttttaatga tggtaaaaca aaatttggta taatgacaaa     28320
     aaattactaa tttgtgcatc acttgacttc acgtgcagcc atgctgccat tgtagatcgt     28380
     gtattctggg acatttctat accccttata agtctggtcg tgaaaaatct caggttcgag     28440
     ggctatctag cccttccact cagcactaca ccttcaagct aaagagaatt gggacaaccc     28500
     caccttcacg tgaacatgca aaacaaggag ttgggataag gggaagggct aaggagcaga     28560
     attggaaatt gggcctaatc ccacttaaat ctaagcattt gagggtttaa aaaatctgtt     28620
     taattattgt catcttaaat tatttagaga atttattaca atattttttg ttggacagca     28680
     gttttcggtc atttaatact ttactcgtac tgtacaataa ccctgaattt taatattgtg     28740
     gatccataat ttaaatagga ataatattaa actttactgc aatattttca catctcttat     28800
     caatctataa tatacattta aaagacttgt atgcactcct tttatgacag ttttgtttat     28860
     tttggagctt aaaagctctt gatcacaatt cactctcatt cgggaaaaat tgtgctaaac     28920
     acagaaaaca aaaattcaaa agaagttcaa aactacattg caaaatgttc aatatttcta     28980
     aaagggatag ttaacctaaa aaaaataaat aaataaaaaa tcatcattta gaccacattt     29040
     acactgcaaa tcttgatggt caatttcgat tttgttccta tatctgcttt tgttgatgac     29100
     cggcttacat catcttttat aagtgactcg tatccgattg tctgcattta cacagcacaa     29160
     ggcaaagacg caatgaccag gaaaaaaaaa taaaacaaaa agagcgggcg ctggctgata     29220
     ataaaagagt gctctcttct ccatttctga atttaacctg tgtttgcagg gttctgtttt     29280
     gttcttaatt cttttcgaca agtttactat cgtttatggc aggaaagttc tcatttcacc     29340
     atcttctttt aatctaggct tttcttaaaa accagaagtt atcttaatgt aatgtccatg     29400
     gcttgaattc tgcacgtgat gtatacaaca gttttatata tttgttacat aacggatgtt     29460
     gcgctctctt tcgctcacta tttacatgct tgaatacttg tgctatatga caatacaaaa     29520
     gttttattta ttttttattt ttttgcttta gtatatgaaa tgtaaggttt aggactctgc     29580
     tgaagtctgt tctgaaatga aggcatcatt cgataaggct tttaaatatg tgcaacttgc     29640
     aatgacaggt aaaaatctac ctccttacac tgtagacacg agggcttgga tccaattcat     29700
     attggataaa tttccaatat gaatatttcc tactgtgtta gtcaatggtt agagtttttt     29760
     agatttctta aaaatatctt cctcagagtt caacagaaca aagaaactca tgaaggtttg     29820
     gaactacagg agtaaatagt gagtacattt tcatttttgg gtcaaatatt acttttttaa     29880
     aaacctttat cagcataatg catccacaac aacaggtgtc agtgtaaagc caaagttcaa     29940
     ttaagtgcca gcaaaacgcc acctttctct actctgttta gaaactcaat atgatcaatt     30000
     tgcaagtgta aaaaaaaaca ccgtcatttc ttccggagca acagccacat ggaactccaa     30060
     tggtgatcaa acctgccaca gacgcattga cacgataatg actgagagca ctttttttac     30120
     cgaccttatc gggattgcat ttgcatttcg cctgcatggt ctctttccta tgcattaaaa     30180
     catgagaata attagagcga gtatgataat cgattcacat catgtttcac cctgagccat     30240
     aaacatgcat cgaagaggac gtgacctcga ctgcaggtac gacaggaagg ccttttcctc     30300
     gctgcctttt ttgcattgtt gatcaacccc cacctctctc acattcaatc aaagtcacca     30360
     caccattatt cattacaagt atttgtttta tgaaatctca gcccaggggt gtgttgtttg     30420
     tccccttccg cacacacata agcgcatagg cacatatgcc cctcccaccc ctggtaaaat     30480
     tgtgcttgta aatgaaatca ggcttaacca tgcgttggct tttcatcaat ctctgtgtga     30540
     tggctgctcg cccttgattc atggcttcca ccctttccgg ctcctccccg tgtgtgcaga     30600
     tatgagtaat gaccctctat acccggctcc ccgtcgagct gtcgacctaa gggacaacca     30660
     caggaaccga ggatcacccc tatccattac cctctctaaa cacattcata atcacatacg     30720
     tacatgtaga caagggactt ggcactgatg ttttttttcc caaggagcac atgcttcgga     30780
     tctgaaattt tttttggaac atacatttca ttcattcatt ttcttttcag cttagtcctt     30840
     ttattaatca ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg aacagccaac ttatccagca tatgtttttg     30900
     gaacatataa aaatgtaatt aatataaata aaaataaata tttcatgtta ctttttaaaa     30960
     ggcaaacaag taaagtgccc tcagtaaact gaatttcagt ttatgaaatt atttttattc     31020
     taagctaatt aaaaggaatc cagttaattt tttaactaaa ctaccaaaaa caaacacaat     31080
     gtttaaaaaa atattaataa ttataataat taagtttcat cttatacatt tttttgttat     31140
     tatataaaca tttcaacttt aaaaatgtat acaatttcgt aacttaaggc ccattcacac     31200
     aggaacgctt tttgcttgcg tttttaatca acaattatcg cctcgtgact aaacaaaggg     31260
     cgctaatgtg atcgtgcaac gtgcaaaatg acacgtgtaa aggtgttaaa gaaacgtctc     31320
     atgctcgttt tttgttttga tgcgctgctt caaaaacttc ttcaccaatc agattttcac     31380
     ttttgttcat gtgttaaact tcatctcctg aagatacagt caacaccact tgaatgtgct     31440
     caagtgaaaa acagtagagg tgatcccagt ttgactttcg ttcaatgaag aagattatgc     31500
     acggagacca gatgaacgag gagctgcttt ttcattgatg tctgaaccca aacaacttga     31560
     tgacaaacac aacagcaaca acaataatat cagtaggagc agaaagaagt aaataggatt     31620
     tgatggtgag tttcatttca cttttctttc atgaattgaa agttcacaaa gcgcaatcta     31680
     atgtcagggg gtagttttgc atgttcactc tgcttaacgc caatgaacat cacctggttt     31740
     aaatgcagaa aaacgtctcg aaaaaagctg acaataaatg tgagcgaaaa gcattttggt     31800
     gcgtttaagc ctcacagtgc attaaaggag ttttatcaaa atgtttttat ttaatattgc     31860
     aaagttactt ttactcctgt aaaaaacgaa gaaagattct gaaatattaa gatattatta     31920
     ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat attttaaaga ctcctttttt     31980
     gaaatgcatt tactccttcc aactgcttaa tcctcaacat atgaagataa atgtgcacta     32040
     ctgcaaccat cgataacaca ttgcaataca aataccataa attaaacctt gtcataattc     32100
     atcaacagta gatcatgagc aatcgtttgg cataaatgaa tttcttataa agcagaagag     32160
     aactgcgaga ctttaaaatg aacaacgtct ttactttgaa tggttaatgc tcacatttac     32220
     ttaatgaaac tagctctttt tttcagttta ataataacat taatcagcat cgcaattcct     32280
     attttcaaat gtaagagcca ataaagggac agttcaccaa aaaaacattt aaaaataact     32340
     tactcaccct tcaactacca aacaacttca ggtttctgtc ttctattgaa caaaaaaaaa     32400
     aaagatattt aaaaaaacat aattaaaacc tgttttccct attatgcatg tcaatggtta     32460
     catgttttcg gctttcttaa aaattcctat tattgtgttt aacaatagaa agaaactgac     32520
     aaatgtttga aatggagtca atagcgagtt aaattacatt tttagacaaa ttaccaggtg     32580
     ctctcaatgt tcatattaaa aggtacaaat ctgaattttt attaaggtca aaggtccgga     32640
     acaattgata taacataact tgtttttaat aaacatcaaa aacatgcatc gcaaaattgg     32700
     attgaatacc ctaacagtcc agacttggac cagagtctaa actttgagaa tccctgaaca     32760
     ataccttaat tttcacatca tttaagattg tcaactgctg aaactgcaaa attgtcaact     32820
     gctgaaacac tgttggctcc ttcatccttc ctcaaaagtg cctaccctat tgtattgatt     32880
     caacccccat tgtatgattt cagtctagcc aactgagaag taaaatagca actggaagat     32940
     gtttatatgt atgtatgtgc gtgcgtgcgt gcgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     33000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgctcac gttcagcctt cccagatacc cacgacatct ctatctggcc     33060
     agtccgacac gccattagca taaacaagca cctgtgtctg tgtctacctg tcagggccct     33120
     gtcagcgtgg gtctgcagag aagagcacgg tgcattaacc cggccaactt atctccaacg     33180
     ctgtccacaa agggggatta cagtggagga attgcttttg ggagtgctgt cactcagctg     33240
     ctgattagag ccccactcca ctcttctatt gccttgcaaa caactgggaa ttccaatggc     33300
     cccttcgcca tcctatccaa tcggatgcat cacgttcacc aacattaatt ggctgatgtc     33360
     attatcccaa atccttagaa cttgacgtga cctgtttgga tgcactacct cttcattaaa     33420
     agcgggggga gttcacacct cgcagagata tggcatgttt caaatactgt acgctgtata     33480
     gctacaaaag gctaatctat cgcgagaaag ccggggtcaa aaatgaacca gcacagaagc     33540
     tgtgcatcta taccgcctgc ttaattaagc ctggaacata acgctgatgg ctatattttt     33600
     cttctgtcag aaaaacatat tacggccaac agcggactga cagaaagcaa gcaaaccttt     33660
     aaattaggct ttaattagct gggtgcaaaa atggagactg agaccaggca atatgtaacc     33720
     gatgacagtt atctgacgct ctcaaacact gagacaatgc ctaattagcc aaaacctatg     33780
     tagccttttc aagagtcaaa caatcactta ctcgtgtaca agatctgcaa gcacagtgtg     33840
     tgatagctga atgcagaacg gaatgatgga gacaatgcaa tgcgctggag cagttaagat     33900
     agtaaaataa aagcacatta acatttaaat tcatataata cacattaaag ggatagttca     33960
     accaaaaatg aaaaattgct gttcatttac tcttctttta agccatcgag gttatgtttt     34020
     tctcttgagt agaacattaa agacggtctt atgaagtaaa acaaccaatc tatgcaagaa     34080
     gcattcatat taatgcattt ataaacatta taacctttaa tgcacagcct cacaatgtat     34140
     tgtccagagc catgtgtatt aattttgttt tgaatgcact tgtttttttt tttttactca     34200
     aagtgccggc attcattaag attcattact gatcctaata ttttaaaaaa taattaataa     34260
     actataataa atctttaaag ttaaaaattg catgcctgca aattaaatta acgatttaat     34320
     gattttggga ggtgaactat ccctttagca tttaaaatgg agaagaaaaa gtttgatatc     34380
     cgctgctgag gaaataaaaa ttgcatatac agcaatcttc aaatcaaata taagaatggt     34440
     atatttttat ttcgtggtgg ttttaaagtt gtgctataaa tgatgatgaa tttcatgttg     34500
     tatcactcat ttgtaagtcg tttgttagtc taaaatctgc taaataaatg aatgtaaaag     34560
     taaataaatt aataggttta ctcaatattg tagtgcttgt tagaaacatt aagagaaggt     34620
     tgttgcagta tatcaagacg taaaggagct gtgtgtattt gactcttcta aagcatgaaa     34680
     ataccataat atgttagtag atgattaaga aacaagctaa ttgaacattt ttgtttatct     34740
     gaaaaacaat tctgaagtca aatattctac tttgaaaatg agagttccat gccgaaatgc     34800
     tgtttttgtt ttggttcttt taacctgccc aatgccagtt tagccaatta tatttcagca     34860
     ccccaggttg ccttgttcga aaaccgcttt tattcattca ttcattcatt cattcattca     34920
     ttcattcatt cattcattca gaaaggctct caaagcatgt gtccatgaca gaaacgcatc     34980
     ctctgatgga cagtagcaga ctcctaaacg aaactcaaat tcagagttcc acatgaggtt     35040
     attaattagc aaataatata aatattacga gcgtaaacat taggtgagca ggttacactg     35100
     taaccccgtg tcctaacagc cactacatga caagatttgg tccctaaaaa tccaggagac     35160
     caggggggtt aggtttgggg cttaggttca ctgttgagaa ccgagtactg tgtactgtgt     35220
     tagtaagtta actattatga agcgtgtttc gggcagccgc tgcgatcgga tcctatacca     35280
     atgttagtgg gtggtggttg aaattacagg agttttctgg aataaaaaac aaaacaggag     35340
     ggtggcggga aatgggtctg aaataccgaa gattccagag aaaaacagga gtgttggcag     35400
     gtatggcagg ttgttgtcaa tctaaacacc ctaaacagtc acacaaatac tgtcttttat     35460
     ataaaaatag tcctttcatc attatttcct ttctcccaca atataataca ctattgacca     35520
     tttcagactt gaaaagacat tctgtttaaa agtgctttag ttcactaaaa cttaaaatcc     35580
     actcaattcc cttacaatta taattagggt tgctatgcga ttccttgtca tggtgatcgg     35640
     ccgttacaga gcaccgatgc tgatgcttag agctttataa tgcattaagc acattttcag     35700
     tccaagtatg atacttaagt ggagatcttg ccttatctca aagaataaag atgttgcata     35760
     taattccttt aacatgtcac ttataaccat ttagtgtgga caataaagca atttggaaag     35820
     attgcaaatt atggaaaaag aattcaacat ctctcaatga cgtttggagt gcataaaatt     35880
     gttaaaatgc acatctataa atccgttact tctttactaa agaaaaatag gtccataaat     35940
     tactgcttat tacaatatat tacaataagt aatattattg attttcaagt aaaaaagaaa     36000
     gttccctaat atttccagcc aacaattaat gaacttgcaa tattgtagaa aatacagaac     36060
     attcagtttt aatacgttaa aagatttcag ttcttatgtg tcttctgctt gtaaactcgt     36120
     aaccagacaa ttgtgatcag ttcatgagat caaccagatt agcaagtacc gattaagtca     36180
     ttaaatgtga ttattagccg ataccgatgt ctggccgatt gatcggagca tccttaatta     36240
     taattttgtt tttgtttagt ttttacatta caaaaacttg tgtatgaata atggcaacaa     36300
     taacagtgca acaaagccta tctaaaaaca tagcttatat aaataaaaaa aataaataaa     36360
     taaataacct gagcccaatc aatttccaga caaattgcat acatggactt aatgggatag     36420
     cacacccaaa aaggaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa acatactatt ttctcaccct caagtgttta     36480
     tgagtttgtt tcttctgttg aacagacaaa gaaaacccat tgatttccat agtagggaaa     36540
     acaattatgg aattccatga ttacaggttt ccatcacagg ctgcatatga gccgatattt     36600
     tgctaaggat gccatcagtt tacatactga cttgagcacc aacatgacat atgagacata     36660
     tgagagtagc tgtcagtgtg gaaagaaagt actctgctaa tgtccattca tggcacctcg     36720
     ccatcagtgc ttcaaacaac atatgcgtca taggcaggga tggacggacc atggggactt     36780
     tcagcggtgg gtgattcgac ttgcgggcca gctgttcaaa aaccaaattt agaaacaaaa     36840
     taaatatgca aaagtgaaaa aaaatgtttg tcatcaccag gctgaaccat tcaaacacta     36900
     aatagagttc tgcacactgt ttttgcagtt gaatgtttac agaccagatt gacttttgat     36960
     ttacccattt aaaatgagtt taaatccata atattctact ttttatattg aattccatat     37020
     ttatgactgg attcagcaat tcttttcctg cactgcagaa ttcacaaggt attatgcaac     37080
     taagccaact acagtacaga ataacttaaa tactattatt taggtgtaga taagagccaa     37140
     aaaaagtgta gttttaagta gactgttcca gtcacaaact gtccttcctt aaaatcttat     37200
     ttcaggtatt ttagccattc aaaccagaag catgggaaca atctgaacag cggagaaagc     37260
     acataataaa ttttatcagc ttggctcata aatattaatt aggtgacaat gacattccac     37320
     caactgattt gctgacaggc aggtatagga acactagcca taagcagcat tactgctttc     37380
     gtattcactc agtccaattc taacaatact ggttgtatta tgtcttctca ctgtggttaa     37440
     tcgaaataaa gcataataat tattacctaa aaagagaaaa tgactaaacg aattagagtc     37500
     agatactgaa taaaagtaaa atttttacta cctgcctgaa caatgagcat caatacaagt     37560
     gaacattatg ttcaagatga aaattgccat ggtctccttt aaaaatcgaa gctgcaattt     37620
     acttgcaata agaagtttag cactatactt ttcctaaatc gtgtgttccc tttctcactt     37680
     tgtcatccat tttggtcaat aactaataca aagtcaagca gccatagttt taaactcttt     37740
     atctccctcc tactcccaac aactccaaca gaatccggca aatatgccat tttactaatt     37800
     gcctgaaatt cctctttgtt taaccacata tgacaagatc ttgccctgct acagggacct     37860
     gtacacaagt gtggtttcct gaagagatca tgggcctgtg tgacccaaag agaccatcct     37920
     tacagttaac gaacctcaca aagtctaacc attacagtgc agacttctca ttaccagcac     37980
     tcagccaata aagctgtgag gtacattaat attgtagaaa aaaatacatg aaaagcagca     38040
     tgtgtaactg aaatcaattg cgggccctaa tttatagcga attgtgctag caccgagttc     38100
     ataacattga tccgtcgttg cgttattact tgctttgagt tttaatgtcc cagagtccaa     38160
     cttttcccca ttttgttcag catttaaatg accacataac tcaaacttct ctactcgatc     38220
     ttgttaatgt gagagataat cagtatagtt gggttatttg tgtgttttat gcataagccc     38280
     acagcgtaaa cacaaagaag atgcagccac attaatgtag atctgatttg ccttgatctg     38340
     taaagtacat ttaaatgagt ttttttttaa caaactgcgt gggaatgggc tgtggttgga     38400
     tgccctctca gcagctggct gctttgaaaa gaacgacttt ttaaattacc catatatcac     38460
     tgtcagcaca caaggggccg ctgttccagt ggcctgccag cagtcagtgg agggcgctaa     38520
     ggtggcacgg caatctcaga ccctgcacct atgcctcact gcaccagtcc aggtacaaac     38580
     acacacacac acaaagcaat agattatacg ggcacacaat ttactcacac accaggtaca     38640
     caatgttccc tacttggggg aaaaaaagca aaaaacgatt ctctgtaaga atggattaaa     38700
     caaagcactt gatcatagaa ccttctagga aacatcaata gacttttttt agccatgagt     38760
     gtgtgcactg aaaatgcttt aaattagaaa ttatattgtt tgcagctttt gaaatatatc     38820
     ttgtggagtg ttttctgtat ctgagggttt aatgttttta gagcaaaata aatgagtcta     38880
     tgcaacaatt aactaaatgt attttgatta tacatttata gtattttaaa atgatttcaa     38940
     aagtttctga aataaattct agaacaaaat atcatgcttg gcaaatctat gttcatttat     39000
     ttatttttaa atctattcat ttattctaat atatttaaat ctgtgttttt gtatatttat     39060
     ttatttagga acttccatat ttaaggcttt atttttgttt taaaaaacat gcttcactta     39120
     aaatgtttat aactttaata caatgtttta ataatttatt atatttaaaa atatatatta     39180
     ttttttaata agatggattt atatctatct tttatatcta tagtaccaaa ataactttgg     39240
     caagaataaa acttaattga accaagttaa tttaaataaa ataagggggg cagtgcagtg     39300
     ggtagcaata gcaacagcaa ggacgctggt tcgagcctcg gctaggtcag ttggcacttc     39360
     tgtgtaaagt ttgcatgttc tccccgcatt tgcgtgggct taggtgctcc agcttccccc     39420
     acaaatccaa ttacttttta tttgtgaatt cggtaaacta aattgtcaat agtgtatgtg     39480
     tgtgaatgag agtgtatgga tgtttcctag tgatggatcg cagctggaag ggcatttgct     39540
     ttgtaaaact tatgctggat gaattggcga ttcatttcgc tgtggtaaac cctgattaat     39600
     aaaaaattag tcaattaaat taaattaaaa tcaattaaat tattataaat aaataaataa     39660
     aattacattt ttaatttaat ttaatttaat ttaattaacc ctgggtcaac aatattctgg     39720
     gttgtcaagg ttcacatttc acatgcttaa tgtggctgtg gttacatttt tccttgaatg     39780
     gacatttcaa agcatcaagt acaaagtggt gcttgccttt gcttgtaaat gaccaatttg     39840
     aatcaatgtt taaaacaaca actaaaaaaa tctgtgaatc tgtgtaattt taataaataa     39900
     atacataaat aaataaaaag tagacttacc attcagtgca accagatcta ttaatatgca     39960
     aaaaaaatgc aatccagcaa aaatattatc aaatctcaca gtccagagta aacggcatcc     40020
     tcccctgacc taaagctgaa ctaaattcca aaacaaagcc ggattaatgt gcatttttcc     40080
     atccttaaac acagtttctt gaggaagagt tcaacctgag tggcaggtaa ttagccagct     40140
     gcagcttcgg tgaagtttga aaagccgatg acagcttatg tccccgtgat aaacagcgtg     40200
     aacgggaggc aggagaggaa gccagccata ctgcactcat ctgttatact cacaattaac     40260
     gcacttaatt aatgagagag atctcggtat tagatccgta tgtgactgct gctgtgtaac     40320
     aacatttgct gttaaaacta attaagcaat aagagttgaa tgcaaagtgg tgtggctcag     40380
     aacgcatttg tcacaaaatg agcgtgacgc tgggctgcga taatgtctca cagctgcctc     40440
     gccagccata cgccctcagt gatacgcacg caaatgacca aaaacgacag gaaaacaaac     40500
     ctgctaggat aaaaagcaca acattatcca ttatatttta ctattacttg tctttccgag     40560
     caccattttg tcgctgatga gtcactataa gacaagatga cacatctctg caggaagcct     40620
     ctcttctcgc ttgattacaa accccggttg actgatacaa gcacttaaca acttgttttc     40680
     gtagctttcg cacaaacaat atcaattcgc acttccactg cgcactcatt tcccccagag     40740
     ctatatagcg agtgccatca cacggctatc agcgagtgca actttaacga cgtattgtaa     40800
     aactgtgtct tcacttggtg gtatttaaca agcgttaacc cccaccccct ttaccctttc     40860
     aattcaggtt tgccttcttc attagtttgg actgagtctt cgcagaggta aacccataaa     40920
     aagggaaaac tattaaaagg ctctgaacaa gtgttacaag gtgcctttca aacttgtaat     40980
     atgatagatg aggatgcttg acacaggccg cagtctagta tttgagggct taggatgtgt     41040
     tatttgaagt gcccggtgca ggcttaagac taaacctaac cagagcttta cccaggctta     41100
     gtcctaatcc cgcttgcact gtgccacatg gagacctcca ccccttggcc aactacaaga     41160
     cacaacgcct gcacagacca aacaaaacac agcagacata aacagtatgt ttaattgtga     41220
     tcactaggga tactctaatt tttgtagccg ataccaagta ccgattctaa tgctttaagc     41280
     tttataatgt attaagcaca atttccttta aattatgtac cataaaagaa gatcttgcct     41340
     tacctaaaag aatacattaa ggatgctgca tataacagct taaacatgta tcttataacc     41400
     atttaggttt gaacatgtta tggtggcatg atgcagcttt acagaaaaaa attcattcaa     41460
     tcatttattt tactttggct tagtccctta tttatcaggg ggtcgccaca gtagaatgaa     41520
     ctgcgacaga aaataaataa ataaataaat aaacaataat aatattaatt ataataatat     41580
     taatatatat tataaaaata ataatattat tatatattat aataatatta ttaatatata     41640
     ttataataat aatattaata ataataataa taataattat tattattatt attattatta     41700
     ttattttata tatatagtat tttcaaaacc ttccattttc aagggtcaaa gatgcctgag     41760
     tgatgtggac tacaaaagct caagtgtgta aacatcacct aaacaccagg ggtccgttct     41820
     tcgtacctcg cttaaatgat ctaagatgat ttgacagatc ctggatcttt taatcttgat     41880
     aactgatctc tcgctaattt ggttcttcaa acaagttcgc gaatcagatt agaatgtctg     41940
     gatgaactga tctgagatcg ctgcgtgtgt tgtgaaggac agatctatcg atcctcgaaa     42000
     tcatgatctg ctatgcagcg attggctgac ggcacagcag cgtaatgaca ttatctgatt     42060
     aatattcaat tatacatgtg agcaaaatta catcaaatta gcagaaatgg tttgttaaat     42120
     atgacacctt ccacatttgt tgtgagctgc aggctttaca ctttcttgtg tcaagagtat     42180
     tcatcatgta tttcagtgca tatcagtgta tttagttcta aatttagaaa atattttctt     42240
     tattatagta gccgtttttt aatcggcgta aagaataact ggttgtttac aaaagcattt     42300
     tgatattggt aaaggcgtct gcaacttttg tgaagcttca aatcactatt aactatcaaa     42360
     acatgtttat gactgcataa atgtattatt gctttttaaa aaaaagtcac atattgtgca     42420
     tttctatcat acacaatttg tactaaagcg atctaaaaag ttcatatcaa taagttttct     42480
     ctttgcacca ccaggtggca gtctttgtac tttcattttg attggtacag attgcataag     42540
     ttttattaat atgtataact ttatttattt tattaataac tataacttta tatatacata     42600
     gttaaaaaat atgtaccatt ttcccaagtg tatataacca ctactgtaag aaaatatcag     42660
     aattcagaac atactttctg tattatcttt gcttgaactg agccgatcta atcctgttta     42720
     tatgaattga acctgctccc gatcaggttt gacctagcag aactgttgct atgacaacaa     42780
     ctctcggatc agctttgaag aacgaaacga tcctggatcg tgtcaaatcg tcaatatcca     42840
     aatccagcta actgagtaat ccacgtacga agaacggacc ccagtacaaa agcccacaaa     42900
     gatatagagc aaacaaacaa atttaattaa catatggcta aaaattatca actattccac     42960
     tgtttttctt cacacaaact gacattttat aactgttccc cgttggcaca tactttctcc     43020
     tacactcttc catacaaacg cacatacagt atatgcagta gaaacacaca tgcacagaat     43080
     tgtttaacgg tgtaacttca taaaaataat tatgttctgt aactgaaaat atacatgttt     43140
     ttcttaaaac atttcactta ccagcgctgc tcttgatgga gttaactttc agtttcacct     43200
     ctgctgttga acactcttga gagttctaaa aagacagata aattacaatc aatcaggtct     43260
     gcattaaagg ggcagttcac cccacaaaaa aaatgacttt tttattactt actacttact     43320
     attacttact acacactcac atgcttccat atcttatgat tttttttttt ctatttttct     43380
     tttgaagata ttttgaagaa tgtgtaaacc gttagacatt gacatggggc gggctatggt     43440
     agtcaactgg ctggctactg ttttccaaca tattttaaaa catcatagtc tgttcactgg     43500
     aagaaaaact caaacaggtc tgaaacaggt ttaggatgag taaatgataa cataattttc     43560
     catagtgagt gaactatcct tttaagatta ctataatttt agacatgtta cacacaaaaa     43620
     taaagcaaat tattgcaata ttccaaggga atcatttata ttgactaaaa gaactcaaaa     43680
     gtatgcttaa tttttgttat gcatgcagta tgctagagta taaacacatt aacattgagt     43740
     gtgaggataa aaaaagacat tgtaatcagt cataacatct gaaaaaaata gagcagacac     43800
     tagcataaga aaacatcttc tagtgtacat gcatcaacca cctgtacacc ttgtttttta     43860
     atgattagaa ggttgtgcgt atactgtatc taactcaaga ctgtcttttt ctctggaaga     43920
     ttcaattgtg acattatgag gtcaaaacaa aagcatgtct cattcacatt ataacatgca     43980
     tttagaataa tagggtgctt tctcattcta tgtctacttt agaccagtaa tattttaaaa     44040
     cattcactta ctctctctta tgcacacagc tttcactttc tcttcatgta tgtaggtgaa     44100
     tgtaaatgag aaaaatgagc cttgatgaca gtaatagctt atcttccaag agattaggtg     44160
     ttcaccttga acctgtccca aggccaaaag caaaccccat ctgagcaact agctgtcaga     44220
     tgatttgatt gacttcaata aggctgcatc ataaaacact actgaccagc ctcctagata     44280
     aaaatgctct cggaatgata tacgaacaga cgtcattagc atcgatatgc aattctaccc     44340
     attcttattt cataaaaggt caaagacagc agcgattttg taccaaaaag agcaagagtg     44400
     ctgttgttct aaacacgatc aatggctgtg attttgccaa acaacagtta gtgttagatc     44460
     actaatcaat gaagattcga ctattaattt ctttccctca tgtttttcca aatctgagac     44520
     cttctttcat cttcatagta caaattaaaa tattttacat gaaatcagag agctcaaaac     44580
     agaaaacatc ctcaaaacac accatatgac tccagtggtt caatattatt aagctatgac     44640
     aatacttttt tgtaaacata aaactaaaat aaagacttta taaaacagtt tgtttccatc     44700
     agtgtgagta tagagtgcaa gttcacaaga gcactgtaat tcaggacacg ctcagtcata     44760
     cctgcattac ctcagacgaa cctgtgtttt gtatcaaact gaggaagttg catgcaggaa     44820
     tttggggtaa actgtacatc agctcatagt gcttgtcagc atgcacacta tactgacact     44880
     agggttgtaa caatataccg gtatgacgtt ttaccacgat ttgaacgtgc acgattatca     44940
     taccatgaac aattgcatat caacggtttt aacccttaaa gaccgagaca gccgcccgcg     45000
     gctaaaaaca ctttatattt ttttaataaa tacttcttgg taaaacaatt caaagattgg     45060
     cataaagaag agaatctcag ctcaacataa cattcgcgga ctttcagagg ctccggaatc     45120
     agtgcggtta cgtcatcaac atttgacaac gctgatttga caaagaaacg ctcgtcactg     45180
     tgtctccgga caaatcagac atgatacatt gatgcattgt ccctcctcca tgcccagatt     45240
     ggttcaaact cgctatatca caaccaataa gcataggttt cgcttttgtt tgtggaccaa     45300
     gctttttgaa caacacggaa tgagagatag gcatacattt atgcgcggct aaataaaacg     45360
     caaaaaaaaa aaagttttgc atgaaataat tctcatacta agtacttttg catgcacagc     45420
     agcacagaaa catgacaaaa cagtgacaca gcaatgacaa actgctgctc ttgctgtttt     45480
     caaatgacgc aaatgaagat gcagctgttt gtctgtattg cagacaacca tatccatatc     45540
     catagacaac catatccatg ctggcacata aaacctaagg atgttccata ttgaatctag     45600
     tttcgttatg taactattta tagtatagta aatatttata tctatttttt actgaggatt     45660
     tgcaccatgt ttatttggac tttatttgga ctttgacaca ttatttatta ttttcttatt     45720
     tttatttgtt cattgtaagt ggtgttgttt atagtaacta aaaatatatt atttggaaaa     45780
     agtcaaattt gcttcactgt tctattattt tgtaacattt gtaacatacc gtataccgcg     45840
     aaaccgtcaa accgtggtat tgttttagac gattatcata ccgtaaaaaa ttcataccgt     45900
     tacaacccta actgacactg aggagaagaa actcttgaat aacactgttt ttgttttatg     45960
     ttgtcctcac aaaaatttac acgtatcttg ataatagggc tgaacaataa atcatttaag     46020
     cattgatatt gcaatatgca tttctgatat aatcacatcg catcttattt tacttttgat     46080
     tattacattt ctgtatttga actgtaagac tcccctggaa accatgttta tttaacttaa     46140
     ggttttgttc tatggtattt atacatgttt gtaatttata ctgtacgcag atgcactgca     46200
     taaaaaagac ttaatctccc cagtcaacct aattggatga aacctttccc aaaaaaagcc     46260
     attcaaatca cctgttaaaa ttgtattcat attgcagtat acagtgctca gcatatacaa     46320
     gtacacccct cacaaatcta tcttttaaaa atcatacttt tattaggaag ctatacaata     46380
     ctatattgct gtatatacat tagattagtc agtactgaag ccaaatctgg agcttataac     46440
     ttaagataac aatccaaaaa acaagtacac agaaatacaa cctttaaata caaatttaaa     46500
     aaagattaaa gatcaagaga agcaaaaaaa ttaaaaatgt tgttgagatt ttgtaggtta     46560
     taactttttt tttttttttt gcaatattta gcttgaattt gattgtatta tttttcaatt     46620
     tctaaacatg tttggtgaat aaaatattat cttaataaat aaatctgttt attaaatatg     46680
     ttttgtttaa atgcaccaaa aatacattgc ctattgactt tattcttcaa tgtggaagtg     46740
     cgctcgtttt tgtgattgtt ttagaacaac tgattcagtt gtctatggga gaaattacca     46800
     ggaatgataa acgacagaaa acggtcaaac tacttgctct acaaacaagt gtgtgcatga     46860
     ctatacagac aaagtaaaat aacataataa gaaaatatca gtttgcaaca tcaagcagca     46920
     aaaatgacct gtttttaatg tgtaaaaatg aatggaagtg gatgagaccg gaagcctcaa     46980
     gccacaaaga ttcaaatggc tgtgcccact cgtatgcaga gaataaggtg aatattcact     47040
     gagaaatgga taaaaatatt catataatca tttttcaaat gttcaattat gctgagcact     47100
     gtacaacaca gcaaaagaaa aaaaaaatcg ctatgtcagg tttttcaaat atcgtggagc     47160
     cctaattgat aatatatcga ttaaaccact aaagacagtc ttgcaaagtt ttttatagtc     47220
     agttaaatgt ctataggagc agtatcaaca gatattaagc agacagtcta ctaatactca     47280
     aatggactat caaaataaag tgttaccatt ttttttccct aaacaactaa ccacagagta     47340
     aaatggtcca aaaaaaatgt attaatctgt aaacgtgatt tatatttcaa atgagggaaa     47400
     taaacatgca ttatggatct gtgactaaaa aggtatgcga gtctacagta taaaacatat     47460
     tatgtagaaa ttctgtgaat taaactgcac aatctaaaaa tagtatactt ataaaagcgt     47520
     aagagttggt tttctataga actaaaataa tttattataa ttttattatt ttgcatttat     47580
     gaggaaatac ttcagaatga aaaatttctc tgttacagat gcaacaaaaa ttatattgcc     47640
     acttgtgcta cgttggtaaa tcaattaaag aaaagtaaac attgacagag acattttaag     47700
     tgtctttata gtactgtaaa atataaacct atacaaacaa cttttaaagg ttttttccaa     47760
     tttgtttgca tggcaaggtt gaattttgtc tcaaattact tgtatgtagg atcagggagc     47820
     tatctgacaa aatattttta tctgcattct gaagttgaac taaggtcctg agagattgga     47880
     acaacatgag ggtgagtaac tgtattgaca attttcattt tggggtgacc tgtcccttta     47940
     acaaacctac cacagtaact gttgtatgct ttcaatttat ttacattata tggactaaaa     48000
     gacagatcaa tatgtgtggt taccgtacca aaagctccaa cagaaacaca aagagatcag     48060
     tagagaatgt ctggcatgat tgaacacccc cataactgct atgaaacaca tgcatcactt     48120
     tcgaaagctt acgttaggtt gtaatcactg gcatagatct aaatggtcct tgccatttac     48180
     caccagttgt ttccaatagt catcataata cattaccatg ccctcaaaca gctaacattt     48240
     gacatgtagc aagcaggtag gcgggggctg ggaaagtgca tcataaactg cattatgaaa     48300
     tgagatgagt tttggggtca tgaacgtatg tcaaatggag gtcgtaatat aaaacaagca     48360
     catgggtttc atttattgaa agcctgggtc aagaccatga aattaccaat aacacaagca     48420
     catagaaagt aagaggttgt gcatgccatg caatgatgtt caaaacatcg tgtaggattt     48480
     acagcatcta ttgctctctt ttttaacaat aaacctgcaa gtctattgaa ttcatttcat     48540
     tcaaaagtga tttttaataa atacttcttg gtaaaacaag gtacaaataa ataaaataat     48600
     actcatttgg gatttcataa ggcttttaaa cgttacaagc ttgtcgctta cactaataca     48660
     attatgattt aggttgagca aacacaggtt tttaattaca gtagcagctg atttatataa     48720
     aaaaaaaagg ttttattatt atgtctagaa tttctagaca gaggtaggca gtacattttc     48780
     acatcttaag taaaggtcaa aacctgctaa aaggcgtttt atttacataa aatccagcga     48840
     catgggttaa accatattca atttaatgtg actatgacag tttgaaaaaa aacttacgca     48900
     acccaccaaa ccatataata tacaccacgg gttaccttat acttcgacaa atttattatt     48960
     gtaagtgata gacaaattag acaattcccg aaaatactta ggcctactat ttgttactat     49020
     cagtaaatat ttactgtaaa ctgtaaataa tatgagaaag aaaaaaacag ccttgactta     49080
     agctcattta ttcgtcaata gggtatatgc cgaagtatag taataagact tttaatttgt     49140
     cagtaacctg gttaagcgct tccggtgaac caaatgccat cgtaaaatcg gcgcgtttaa     49200
     ggtctgtttt ctttgaaaat cagcaatctc cactcagaat gtacaagaag cactgcatta     49260
     aattacattt tgcccgctat gtcttcataa tatgagcatt tatttacccc agtatattca     49320
     attgagcttc tgcgctagcc taccgattct gactggcgcg tgcaagtaaa cggcttattt     49380
     ttctcgtttt acgctggagc aactaaataa atgccaagtc tatttaactg attgtatttt     49440
     aatgacatta caacatcgat gctgtaaatg gaaccgtgta aaatggaaga aaacttacaa     49500
     taacaggtca ccggaagttt gtcagaatgg gaacaacact agctcggcag gtgcaaatca     49560
     ggagggcctg tcggaagcag taccgcgaaa ctatgaaagg ccacacccat atttacaaaa     49620
     agcaatcgga ttggttatta aacatgacaa tctaaaatca gctcgtggat tctctacatt     49680
     ggatttcgaa gaccattgtg ggtggggcta ataggtccgg acctacacgg accctaatac     49740
     aactaaattt tgtgtcttct gttttctata cattaaagtt ttaatagatc ttttttttct     49800
     ggttttattt ctttaaagcc tacaaaagca aagaagataa ggatgaaata ggccttacag     49860
     ttggtgtatc tagaacagtg atgcccaaac tagggctaga ggggccgaag ttggtgcatg     49920
     gaaagctttg attcagccca atatcccatc tgagaagaga ggaagtagta gtaagtagta     49980
     gtaaaacttt attgtctttg acaaaaatat tttattggac atcaccatat tgatgcagac     50040
     attccaaaaa cacaaacaat aaaaaacaat acacaataca atagttacaa taattacaat     50100
     gttaattaag atcttgttaa gtaaacccac tgaaactggt acaaaggatt atttatcggt     50160
     tcaacctaca cttagggact ctcagagaaa agcaattcat aatgtggaaa caaaaaatga     50220
     gtgggatcat tcagaatcct ttccacctga ttgaggacac aattctcata taaatcttga     50280
     ggattaaaat attcatcgtg cccaactatt ttccatcctg tctttaagag acttagattt     50340
     acacttttta cagataggtt gccaaatcac actgtaccat atctaaccat gctttcaaga     50400
     acagctttat aaaacaacat cataagcttc ttcttctcca aaaagtcgtg acctccgtaa     50460
     aaaatacaat ctccggtgta aacgagagca aactcactct atgtgttttc catgttaaaa     50520
     taactgtcaa tgtactgtaa atgcccaagt acttataggt ctctgactga gtaataggat     50580
     ggtcgtgtac aaccacttga caatggtcac ctacaatata gcctacgctt tggttcaaat     50640
     accatctctt ctggtttctt agtatttatt tttagcctat ttttatcaca ccaatcgata     50700
     aactggctaa tttctgactg gtagataaca cttatataat tattctctaa ataaatcagt     50760
     atggctgtat atttaaaata aaattctgtg aatgcttact tgaacattca tttgtaaaaa     50820
     gctataaaaa gaatatgtga gctgacacag ccttgtcgta ccctattggt atgtttccag     50880
     attttcaatt taaatttaat gtaacccttt gttttattgt taaaagctaa ctaaaataaa     50940
     atatttcaat ttaattgtgg aagttattca gattttttta aaaatacata ctgtcacccg     51000
     acagtgcaga gactttggta agaaaatcaa gtcaaaggca gattctgctc tagtgttctc     51060
     agcattgaac tccactgtgt tataaatata aatgtttttg ttttattgct atttacttct     51120
     aaatattatg aaataaatta tgaaattacc catggcaact ttaatctaat atagtttggt     51180
     atattttttg aactaggcct ttattttacc aaactttagt atcaagttca ctaaaacaat     51240
     aaaaattttg tctttaataa tataatgaat gctttacacc tttttcttaa aatccttatg     51300
     tcaaaaatgg aagcatttta gaaaaatgac caaaacaagt tgtagacagt tttgtcctgc     51360
     ggaaacaaaa atgtgagcac ctatgagagc atgtagtctt aatcgtgcta taataggcta     51420
     gcttcaggtc aactatttta gttgttactt acaattgtaa gacatcttgc accactctgg     51480
     taaatgtgtc ctaaatgtgg agtttacgat ttgttatcat ttgcatttca agaacccaag     51540
     agcactttac agacttcaca cacatttatc ctttgtgact tctgattata cctaaataaa     51600
     aaaataaaaa aataataaat atctgtttag cagtaagcaa gtgtttaaca ttaaataata     51660
     gttcacccaa aacaaattat aatttcctca ccatttacta attttattct agttattcag     51720
     atttttatta gaaatactcc ctaactctaa acaatatatc ctcaaaaata accacacaca     51780
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     51840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aaaataatga tttctgcaga acttttgtga     51900
     aataaagaaa aaaaaactaa aaggtgtctg tcgccatcat gtggctgtaa tagaaaactc     51960
     aaccacagtc agtactggcg aaggaaataa gtaaaacata ggcttgctta actttactca     52020
     cttcgtacgt taactgttcg ttaacaacat ctaattagcc aatcacatgg caaccattta     52080
     aagcattttg gcatgtaagt gaagacaaga aggtatggta aagttcgaac cgagcatcaa     52140
     aataatttaa acggcgttga aaatgactgt tgatgaagga gctgtctggg tatttagcta     52200
     aattttcaaa cacaaccatt tatattacta tggtttacaa agattaatgg taaacaattg     52260
     ataaactgtt caaacagtgg cagttctgtg ggcaaaaaaa gatccgatga caatgatcat     52320
     attgtgtgat ctgacagaaa gacaactaga actctatatc aactagatat ctatatcaac     52380
     tagaaagata gctactcgtt taccaccaat gtctgcaaaa aaaataaaaa aaaataaata     52440
     aataaagcat atctgaacac agagtagcct acacccaacc ttgttaaatc agaaaaccaa     52500
     accagtccca cgcttgtcag ctaagaacag gaaactgaag ctgtatagtt tacaaaggct     52560
     caccaaagtt ggaagtagat gactttgaaa aaggttgcct ggtcttatga gtctcacttt     52620
     ctgtttttaa catttggatg ataaggtcag aatttggcat acacaacata taaagcttga     52680
     atctatactg ctttcaacag ttcaagctgc tggtgatgta atggtgtgtg agggaaatgt     52740
     tcttggggca aagactgtag ggcctcattt aatagaaact gagtattgtg taaatgccag     52800
     tctttttgaa tgttgttgct gaccatctcc attcatttat gactacatga tggacacatg     52860
     ccttgttaca aagctcaaat cagtttttat tattattatt aatattgaag ctggttcttg     52920
     ttggttcgct gctggtttgc tagagtcaat gctcctccca agtaacaaga ttttcatcac     52980
     aatctttgga atgtggtggt acaggagaca ttcaccatag aagtgtatga tatcaggtca     53040
     gcaattacta aaaacttgaa gggttgatgc agcaccttgt tgaatatata ccacaaggaa     53100
     ttaaagttct gaaggcaaag ggcctggccc atgacaagca ctgaacaacc aagacagatg     53160
     aatgtatata tagatttttt tcaggtcttc ccagaaactc ataaggtcat tgtagtcaaa     53220
     ttgtttctga ggttcctgtc acaattaccc aaaagccaca gtcatgcacc cagtagtaaa     53280
     tttcaagttc agtcagagta agtcaaaatt attgcagtct gtcatgatga tgactcatct     53340
     tgtattacac aaaagtttgt agattgtgtc tttttgggtt gtaaatgtgt ctttattgct     53400
     ttcatccatc attctaaata aattaaatct tcataattaa cagatgcata aaattttaca     53460
     cttgactgta ataaatctca ataaagagac aattctaagt tttccttagt caaaacctcc     53520
     ctctggtgga caagcttatg tagtacagga tgccaaaaag ggttagttca cccaaagctg     53580
     aaatatgcta ttgactactc acctttatgt tgacccaaac cccggggcca ttcattcatc     53640
     tttgaatact tataggatat tttagattaa atctgagagc tgccatcctc tatagacagc     53700
     aagtgtccag aaaaaaaaca actcaaaaca aatcaaatgc attcagtggt tcaatcagta     53760
     tgctgtattt taaagccatg agaatacttt tgtgcacaca gaagacaaaa acagtttatt     53820
     tttggaaaaa aaaacattaa cctttttttt ttagataaaa taacaagtaa ggacagaagg     53880
     cgatcttaga gtatctttat taaaaattct taaatgagag gtgtgagcca aaacataaag     53940
     cacactttat taaacaatta aaagcagagg tttgtctttt ttatcgctag ccctggtttt     54000
     gtttgagtat tgttttttgg tggtggagtt atattttcct tgaacactat gtcaccatta     54060
     acactgtctc aatgattatc agaagattac aacgacaatt atctgatgct acattttgtt     54120
     cctaaccatt tttacaagat aatagactgt ctatacactt atatagatac aaaatataca     54180
     gtagacttca tgcagccaac atttaattca atactgtaag ctataaaaaa ataaggaaaa     54240
     gagctgaggg attgttgttg ctctataact tctgataaga ctgtagataa gacaagataa     54300
     caaacatgca atcagtctca taaacctcaa tgataatgtg aacttaagtc tgtagaaact     54360
     gatggcaaag cacctagaca aaagaattaa gccgacagct gataaatcca taagatcaga     54420
     ctgaaaaaac agctattttt ttctgtgtga aactaagtag tggaatacct gtcatgttac     54480
     tggcactgag tattttgctg cttgtattcc cagcatctct ctctgctcct gccagagatc     54540
     gttgcaccag aggaagaaac aaactgcttc taatcagctt tgatgggttc aggtgggatt     54600
     acgaccgaga tgtggacacc ccaaacttgg ataagatggc tgtggatgga gtcaaagcag     54660
     catatgtcac tccaccttac ctgaccataa caagtccttc acacttcacc ctcctgtctg     54720
     gtaaggagaa taaattaaat gaatcaaaat tatttatttc acacaatgct gaccctaaaa     54780
     acggtgtagc attgtactag taaacaatgc atctgtctac atattgtgtg aaaaaaaaac     54840
     atccatcata accaatagta aagataatta tggtactgta ggtaatcagc gcactatgtt     54900
     taaatactaa aataatgaat tgcattgact ttttaattga tgtatgggtg gtttactata     54960
     aaatacaata ttgtataatc ataaataata cgaatgataa agcatgacat tcacctcaat     55020
     gcatacagat acagaaataa ttgaatcaat gatcaattgt ttttctccac aggaaggtac     55080
     attgagaacc atggcgtaat tcacaatgtg tggttcaaca caaccacacg acaaaggaaa     55140
     gagtactaca tgacgcagtt tgtggatgaa tattgggata atggaactct acccatttgg     55200
     atcacagctc agagacaggt acatctcaag gcatagtcaa tcaattatta attagaagct     55260
     ctaaaaggca tctttgaaat aagaccaaca taagaccagc tggtaatatt attgcactta     55320
     catttgtgac ccagtgtgct gtgcaggtaa acctcactca cctctaaaag gtgctctagt     55380
     gacagccgct agaggccatg gtcgttggcc ttctttgcag aaagttgcct gttcgatccc     55440
     agcccggtgc aggtttggta atgtaagact ggtggggtta aattgatgcc atgatccaga     55500
     tgggagtgag gtgtaggggg atgcgtgtaa tgagttcaca cctgacatgg tgcgcgagga     55560
     taaatcacac gtaaatagac acgtgaacat tttgagttta cttgcttaat tcgcaagtca     55620
     aattcactac acaacagaca cggattcacg tcatggctag ggcttctgtc tgcctggtga     55680
     ctagcttcat tgctaaatgg ctaacatgga ttttattgag agaatagctt tatatatctg     55740
     ctttagaaag actgaaaaac tgcatcaatt cgtttggaga cgtgcctgag tccattagat     55800
     ccattctgag gtgctctgtg aactcataaa cttctccaga aactatacct ggatgatgga     55860
     gtttcagcgt tgcatccgac tgagtttgat gaactgttgt ccggagtcgg caggagaatt     55920
     tcccccaaca acaggtgctt tgtcataatc attgcctgac aagagaaagc tcttagtagt     55980
     gtaggaccgg tagggttaca cctagaccac aaaacagtgt caatgtgaga tttatacata     56040
     tttataattt gaatacattt tgcattgatg gtttcttagg acaaagcaat aattggcaga     56100
     gacacaacta tttaaatgtc tgcaatccaa cggttcgaaa cattgagaaa ttcaccttca     56160
     aatttgtcca agttaagttc ttagccatga aaatttctaa tcaaaaatga attattgata     56220
     tgtttacagt tgaaaaaaaa aatgcattaa tagaacatca ttttaattaa tattctatag     56280
     atttttgggg ggcattttga ctattttggc aaaaatactt gtgcaacata agacataagt     56340
     tttttctatt ccagggtcac atttaattca ttttaaactt gaaagagata tacataaaca     56400
     gtacttgggc tataaatctg tgtcccctct tagggtctta aaacagggtc cttacacttc     56460
     cctggaactg cagcgactta tcagaatgaa accgttcaag agagggaggt agaaccaaga     56520
     gcctatgact ataccaatga gacggcatgg aaggagaacg tagacaaagt catgaaagac     56580
     tggtttaaag aacaagactt agattttgta actttgtatt ttggtgaccc ggatgaaagc     56640
     ggccacaaac atggccctga ttcacctgag cgtcgtgagg cagttgagaa agtggaccga     56700
     actgtgggct acatacgaga aactgctgag aaactcgggc tcagtgacca tatgaacatc     56760
     atcatcacag ctgaccatgg aatgagcaca gtgttcaaag gagaccaagt caaagaaata     56820
     gtcctcaccg acatcccagg attctcttac aaagatctgc agttccactt gttggactat     56880
     ggaccgactg cgatgctgtt gcccaaagaa gggctgcttg acaaagttta taatgccttg     56940
     aaagaaggcc atccaaacct tcacatttat aagaaagaag acatgcctgc tcgactgcat     57000
     tactctaaac accctcgcct tcttcccatc atcctctatg cagacccagg atatgtcatt     57060
     agtggggtaa agatctaaat acgccacaaa aaaacataac aacataaaaa aaataacatt     57120
     acatttcatg tgattttttg ttttaaacat ccttctagtt ttatccactt cagaacaata     57180
     aaggagaaca tggctatgac aatgaagtca tggacatgaa gccttttttc agggcagtgg     57240
     gaccagattt tcacaagaac ttgttggttg gacctttcga gacagtcaac atttaccctc     57300
     ttatgtgcca cttgattggg ataaaaccag aaatcaacga tgggtcgctg gaaaacactc     57360
     aacacatgct gatatccaat ggcgagacgt gtgattcagg aggtagatcc atttaaatgt     57420
     ttatcaggtg tttccaaatg tgacaaaaga tagatgaatg atttcttcaa ggtacatatt     57480
     taaatatcaa ggtaacattt cacccattgt ctagataata taatataaat aaaacaaatt     57540
     ataagttgcc cacatgtgaa ccttgagtta ccctgagact taacttgata agatgtgcag     57600
     tagacactgc tcttcaacct ttataattaa ctatattaac atacagtatg aaccagttca     57660
     catcatctta tcttaaatta cacaacattc acatcaaaca atatgcttta tttctcgctt     57720
     tttttttctt acagatgatc caaagtcaag tcttcaaaat gtgtttattg gtcttgctgc     57780
     tgttgttgga tttgtatttc ttgcatttgt ggttgtcaca tcctacaacg gatataaaaa     57840
     gcacaaactg tattcaaagt agggcacaaa gctacattaa cacattattt tttgggacag     57900
     tttcttccct ttttagaaaa tctgatctgt tttttttacc tttattcttc aacagggaaa     57960
     tagagaaagg atatgaagat gagatgcaag gtgactccaa acaaacatca ttctaagtgg     58020
     atggtttttt ttaaaggtca aaatatatat attaaaaaaa ctgttttcac aactgcagaa     58080
     tttataataa acctataata atacttctga aaattatatt ttcatatgaa gaatgatttc     58140
     acaaatttat ttttatgaaa atgtgcaaat aataaacggc attataaatt gaaatgtgtg     58200
     ttgggccttt tttaaaagtg caaaccatta aatggagtat attcaattca actcaactga     58260
     actcatcttt atttctatag cccgtttaca atgtagattg tgtcaaagca gcttaacata     58320
     gaagttctag taaattgaaa ctgtttcagt ccagttttca gagttgaagt tcagtttagt     58380
     tcagttcagt gtggtttaat tttgcctgaa gtccaaaacg tgaagagcaa atccattgat     58440
     tcacagcttc ataagtccca aaaccaagca agccagtggc gacactagct gtattttgca     58500
     cagctagtgt ttttcagcca ccgataaact tccagggaaa aggtaaatgt gactatttaa     58560
     atttccatat acagcatctg tgatgtaatg taataaagta tcatcagtga aacagacttt     58620
     agcatttagt tgttgaggtg taaaacgtga taaaaaaaac gtttaatgca aacaccctta     58680
     ggagcagcag acaatcaaag aaactacaat gaaaatactg taataaacat aaatttcatt     58740
     attttaaaga catggtgcag atcattttaa tttagggctt cttgttcggt ctgagaccct     58800
     ttttattgta tatcaatcag gcagagaaga ccattgattt ttcaaatgaa cagatcttta     58860
     atgtggggat tttgtaatgg caagacagtt gactggaatc gattgagtag gcggtcacac     58920
     tttagtttgg tggtccgttt gttgaattta ggttacattg catctacatg gcaactaatt     58980
     ctcattagat tataagtaga ctattaggtt ggggataggg ttagtgtaag ttgacatgta     59040
     cttgcaaagt ttcttatagt cagttaaatg tctattgaag aagcagtatc aacagatatt     59100
     aagcaggcag tttactaata ctcaaataga ccatcaaaaa aaagtgttat cgagctggct     59160
     tactgcaaat tagaagtcct tgtgcatata ccttattgcc aatcaaacaa gaagtcaaaa     59220
     agaatatctg tcagtggtgt tcaaatcatt agttactgta ggtctaaaac tactgttggg     59280
     tgcttgggaa taactgtgta caactctgaa taatacagaa agcattgcta gtttgtaaga     59340
     ctgagatctc gtttatctaa caattgattt gtgtagttac cttttttaat agattattaa     59400
     cttattacaa tatctatcca ccaaatatgt tgacacaaat actgtcagtg aatgtttttt     59460
     tatgaacttc tctttgccaa aattgttaaa tcaaatgacc tgtataagta atgttatgtg     59520
     cattgtatta atgttatttt atcttgaata ttgtataatt agaaaaaaag ctgagcaatt     59580
     ttaccaatac gttattcttc agtatttttg tgtttatatt ataaacgtac cgattcacta     59640
     tgaatgttta aagcttttat actctaatca gaaactcatt cacaactgaa gttcaacaga     59700
     agctgcagat aaaaaaggcc aacaaaaacc tgagacaata cataagaaca ccatgaactg     59760
     gccttgaact caatggtagt atgattgtag tgcttaacaa tgacctcaag agtgcaactt     59820
     aagcagtggt tttgaataat gcaaaaatca ttaaaatttc ttagaattat ggatttgtac     59880
     aattatacta aattagatta ggaacacgaa actagcactc aaatgcatta acattcataa     59940
     catatgcatt tactcagacc acatttttac aatttcaaat gcgcataatt tcagaatgaa     60000
     ataatattaa aaaatatgca taaatagtgt gtgggtataa gcaatggaaa aaccttttgt     60060
     tctgcatgat catgcatatt ttaacaaaga ttctctgcta aaaaagccag catgagcgtc     60120
     taagctagtt aacactggtt taactgttta acctttagaa gcactgtctg attgataaag     60180
     tccaaatgct tttttttttt tttttttttg ctgtcataat agcttcataa cttaattagg     60240
     caatgtgaaa gtgatgacta cttagatact tatcttttac cttcacacta ttcaatcttg     60300
     atataaaaat accaagttcc atgttacaag caagtcgtaa atcttggaaa aatcacttcg     60360
     aaataagctg cgaattgctt ttgtcccata acccctgata agacacttga taagataaca     60420
     taagatagtg taattcttct cataaacatc aataatgtgt actttatgag atggcaaaga     60480
     ccacagacaa aaggagcagt taaaagctga gactgttaga tcaggaacaa ccttcaaagc     60540
     atccagagaa aagctaaact tttacatcag aagcacctgg agtggaatac ctgtcatgtt     60600
     actggcactg agtattttgc ttcttgcatt cccagcatct ctctctgctc ctaccagagg     60660
     tcactgcacc acaggaaaaa acaaactgct cctaatcagc tttgatgggt tcagatggga     60720
     ctacgaccga gatgtggaca ccccaaatct ggataagatg gctgtggatg gagtcaaagc     60780
     agcatatgtc actccacctt tcctgaccat caccagtcct acacacttca ccctcttatc     60840
     tggtaaggag aaagggaaaa cagcaatata ttagaaattt aaagtgaata cataatatat     60900
     agcgactcta aaattacaag ttttagatca aacaataata aatgctaccc tccaaatgta     60960
     cagatgctct acggtttgtt gaattatagt tgttcttaat tagactaatg gatgtttcat     61020
     aatattttaa gattttatgt gccattcgaa attataaaag gatatgcaat attttttttt     61080
     cttcacgcac aataatgtga cctgttttca attttatttt atttttaagc aagaatatat     61140
     catggtattt ttgccatgtc atatggtgta aatgtttata taccaaaaat gtaaaaagtt     61200
     tgagatgcat atttagtgtt gatatcaaat gatgacatat taaaagacta ttcaagcgtg     61260
     tggtccaaaa atattattga atgtcatttt aaatgtttat actctggcac catccttcaa     61320
     aacaccagga tttacctttt tttattcatt tctttataat aatctttctt aataaaaaca     61380
     ctcattgttc tgataagtac atgtcatatt aagtatgttg tttcatcata acataaatac     61440
     atcctatact acagtataaa tgacaatgaa acattatttc ctaattattt tttccaaaat     61500
     aatgtattta aaacattata tgaggcgatt ttcttgcata tccttttaat ctaaactgaa     61560
     ttacttttgt aaaatgtatt tgatgcagac actaacttgt ccatgtactg tatagcacca     61620
     cagtctaata aagagttagt tctgaaaaaa aaaattagac cacatgctgt gattttttat     61680
     ctaatgcaaa taaatgtaat gtttaatttt agtttaaatg tataagtcat ttggggcaac     61740
     ttcatatatt gtaaatatag actcaaagaa taaccaaatg gatttgcagt tttaaaataa     61800
     tcatataatt caaaatggca caacagcaat gccaaggtca gaggtttgat tttaaaggga     61860
     atgtgtgaat ttcaaaatga agagacttga atgcaaagta acttttatat atgactgcca     61920
     aatgtatgca ctcatttgta atattgaagg aaagtcttag tggaacactt aagaaaatga     61980
     gtaacgctga aaaaatatgt tgttgcattt cttaggaagg tacattgaga accatggtgt     62040
     cattcataac aactggttta acacaactac tcaggaaaag aaacaatact acatgacgca     62100
     gtttgttaat gattactggg ataatggaag tctacccatc tggataacgg ctcaacgaca     62160
     ggtacacctc aaaccattag aatttgactt taaagattta gtgcaaggat ttatctttca     62220
     aaatgaaaaa aaaaacaaaa atcaggattt tttaggaatt atcatattat acttatattt     62280
     ctggaaaagc agcatgacaa aagaactggt ttatgtacca tctatcatga agccaaattt     62340
     tctcttatgg ccttacattc atatttccat tcttcatttt ggagtaattt gaaagaacat     62400
     ttacatttat tcatttatca gatgctttta tccaaaacga cctacaaatg agcataaaag     62460
     aagctcttca tatcatcaga gagcagcagt acctgtatat aaatgctacg ataagtcaaa     62520
     gttagtttaa ttaaatattt cttccatttg tttttatctt ccttgccacg agcatacaga     62580
     aaggagagag tagtgtgtag caacaagata attataagaa gctgttttac aatataataa     62640
     gaagttgttt gatgcatatg gagagaaaaa gactgtcacg tacaggcggt ttgttaaagc     62700
     cactcacctc agtggttagc actgtcacct cacagcaaga aggtcgctgg ttcgagtcct     62760
     agctggccca gatggcactt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctcctcatgt tggcttcttc     62820
     caggtgctcc ggtttacccc acagtttaaa gacatctgct aaaagagaat tgaataaaca     62880
     aagtgaagtt tatttttaaa atcatttcga gaggatcacg tgcttatgat tgcttgccgc     62940
     tggttgcata ctatccaatt tatgattccc caatcagacg attcctaaac cactataaat     63000
     accctaagtt ccatatcaca gccatcttcg ttttgaagaa tccccccttc cacccctact     63060
     cctcctttcc tagataggtg gcacggtggc ccagtgctta gcactgttgc ctcacagcaa     63120
     gaacgtcact ggttctagtc cttaccaagc cagccaatgt ttctgtgcag agttaacaca     63180
     ttctcccctg ctcatgtggg tttctctggg gttccccagt ttcctcccac catttaaaaa     63240
     catgcaactt aaggtaattg actaatctaa atcggcacca tagacatgct cctggtaagt     63300
     agttatctta taagagcaat cactatctgt tcattaactc ctaaagcagg ggagttcttg     63360
     gcatctacct gagctcaaac tctcctctcg ccttgaaaat gggagggagc cccaggctcg     63420
     aggactttat gagcacaggg ctctctcccg gcacagcatg ccaaacaagt tttataatca     63480
     atcatcagct aaatgtgaac tcttaaaatt acccttagaa ttgccgttat tgtattagtg     63540
     tgtgtgtgaa tgtgagaatg tatgagtgtt ttccaatagt gggttgcagc tgaaagggaa     63600
     tcagctgcgt aaaacatatg ctgaaatagt tgacacttgg cagctcattc tattgtggtg     63660
     acccctgata aataagggac taagcggaaa aaaaaattaa tgaatgaatg ttttttaaat     63720
     taaaaaatgc aaaacaaaaa gactcaacat aaggaatgga actggagaaa attcttacct     63780
     taaagaaggc aaagcctcaa cacattacag taccacagat caatagaaat gtaagttttt     63840
     tagaagttat tttaaattca gaaattaaat tgattagaaa tgtaaattta gtttttgcag     63900
     aaagttcact ttagcaaact ttaatttcta actctagggc ctataacagt tatttgcatt     63960
     aatttgaata aactgtacac tgacttgaga atgtgttttt tttagggtct taaaacagga     64020
     tctttacact tccctggcac tgcagccaaa taccagaacg aaaaaatcaa agtaggggag     64080
     gtagaaccaa ggttttatga ccacacaaat gagacattgt ggatggaaaa ggtagataaa     64140
     gtcatgaaag actggtttaa agatcaagac ttagattttg taactttgta ttttggtgac     64200
     ccggattcaa ccggtcacaa atatggccct gattcacctg agcgtcgtga ggcagtcaag     64260
     aaagtggacc gaactgtggg ctacatacga gaaactgcta agaaacatgg gctcagtgat     64320
     catctgaaca tcatcatcac agctgaccat ggaatgagca cagtgttcaa aggagaccaa     64380
     gtcaaagaaa tagtcctcac cgacatccca ggattctcct tgaaagattt gaaatttcac     64440
     atggtggact atggcccttt tgggatgctg ttgcctaaag aaggcatgct tgacaaggtt     64500
     tataatgcct tgaaaggagg ccatccacac cttaatgttt ataagaaaga agacatgcct     64560
     gctcgactgc attactccaa acatcctcgc ctccttccca tcatcctcta tgcagaccca     64620
     ggatatgtca tcaatggggt aaactccttt tattgttata ataagaatat atgataagca     64680
     ttagaaagta tgtgaccatt tctaaaatct cttttctgaa tggtcttcca gttctacgta     64740
     ttccagaaca ataaaggaga acatggctat gacaatgaag tgatggacat gaagcctttt     64800
     ttcagggcag tgggaccaga ttttcacagg aacttgttgg ttggaccatt cgagacagtc     64860
     aacgtttacc ctctaatgtg tcacttgatt ggaataagac cagaaatcaa tgacgggtcg     64920
     ctggtaaaca cccgacacat gctgaaatcc aatggagagg catgtggtta tggaggaggt     64980
     gacaaaaaaa tttgcttaaa tatttgctta aataaatcaa acatttaatt gatttaatat     65040
     ttaagaagtc agggatttaa agaatacaat atttgtattg cttcaagaga taaaatgatg     65100
     ctatagactt tctgctgtaa cgtgttccct aaaatatgat ccaagcttac tgtacttgca     65160
     atcaactgtg atataaaatc aaacataatc tctgttatct atcttgatgt taaaagacaa     65220
     aatatcatga tagtcatcag atctggtatc tagatggcta tcttgataaa actctttatg     65280
     taagcttaaa aattgcacca ttgaaacaac taaaattgct ttgtcagcaa atcgataaaa     65340
     acctgcagag aaaagattac cctgtccttc ctgcaagacc ttatgaacta ttaacatcaa     65400
     ctctatcatc gtcttatcac gaattacaca acttggagat aataattttt ttttttcctt     65460
     acagatggtc cagagtcgag tcttcagaac gtgttcattg gtcttggtgc tgtggctgga     65520
     tttttattgc ttgcgtttgt ggtcattaca tcctacaaag tgcataaaag acgcaaagtg     65580
     aatcaaaggt acagcttaga tatgcatgaa gacaaaagtc ccgttcacac caaagacaat     65640
     aactgtagtg ataacgatat aattgtaaaa acttgctaaa tataatagaa ttgggaatag     65700
     aatagaaatc tgatatataa cattatatgc aaattacaca tatgacatac aagtacattt     65760
     ttgggtttca cagaaagaat gtcagactgt atgctgtata tattttatgc aacaaagtat     65820
     tgcaaaaatg tccatataca ttgttgccat cagaaattat aaatgtgtac atgttttata     65880
     tatgagcaat atcacaatca tagcagtgag atatggctgt ctatcagcac tggagggagg     65940
     cgagtgttgc attagtgtcc caccaatgac gatatacagc catattgcat tgctactcat     66000
     gtgatattgc atttatacaa aagtttgtaa tataaaaaaa agagtgtaaa aacctttttg     66060
     tatgaggaac atctgacatc agaacagcag aaagcattgt tacttcatca acgtcacttt     66120
     agagctatag tatttcaatg attctctagc gtaatgacta aagtgatgac aatcaggtgg     66180
     ttttactgac attttaagat cataagactg aacggcataa aatgctcagt ctaggcatgg     66240
     gccggtataa gattctttat aagataacct tggataaaaa tatcacggtt ttgcagtttt     66300
     gtgattactg ctctaaaata ttttctttta aatgtctcga ttaaaaacta aaactttttt     66360
     tcctgtttga acacaattta ttttattctt agaaacattt atgatgtttt agaacattaa     66420
     acatgtcaag ctaaatgaat tactgatttt tttctgtctt catttgtttc aaaaacagat     66480
     tttttactat ttaaaatggc atcttttctg ctggagatac tgttgtccca aaaaacaaac     66540
     aaacaaaaaa gcgaataaaa atcttacaca taccttagac cgatattgca gaaaatcttg     66600
     atggttttaa aaccttgact tttccgaacc ggggtatatc ttaaaaatgg ttatcgtccc     66660
     atgcctacag ttcgtacacg agtctaaaga gattttccag tatttctctg ttgcaattta     66720
     ttgtgatctc tgttaaagga tcaaaattat tattccagaa aaagtcaaag caaaacaaac     66780
     actagcagat tactatagat tttgcgttaa ggcgataacg ctaaacacat gcgggcattt     66840
     cttctttctc atggccaaac aaaaagtaac tcagggttgg ccagaacaaa atcagagtgg     66900
     ccaaaacaaa atacatacag tcccatctca cactcagtac tctacaatta tatggtataa     66960
     atacagcact acaacataca aaagagagag atcgacttaa aatgtcactt acctgtttaa     67020
     taatggtttg atcagctgta gttagaaatg acacattttt ctcatctaaa cactcattat     67080
     gtggtctcgg tcgccatctt gtggatggac aacatcaacc atcttttctc cgctcaatga     67140
     caggctaatg gctgctgacg ctatatgtct ctcagaaatt ataaatattt aaaataagca     67200
     ctatccttaa aaataaactg catagttgca atctaaacaa ctatattatc gactaaaaaa     67260
     gcctcaaaag taccttatgt tgtccaacag cagcaatatt tgtcaaactg tagtgttctc     67320
     tgcttgtcac ttgtcacttc tctctggtaa acagaaattg gggaaaaaaa taaacagggg     67380
     gctaataatt gaggggggct aataattctg acatcaactg tatatgtgaa aaacaaaaat     67440
     ttaacttgta tgtcatatat ctaatttgca tatattgcca tatatcagaa tttaatatag     67500
     gctaaaagaa atacttgcta cccagataac tgaaatccaa atcaagtttt tttattctac     67560
     tgaaagtaac tcataaatta tttaccaatg aagagcttac acttttaaag cagcagacaa     67620
     gactgcagtg catgcttgct ataaagagaa caatatattg agtttggtgt ggatggtaat     67680
     gcagttatca ttattagtgt catcaggcct ttattgttat tgtcagtaca atttctttca     67740
     atcaaaatct tatttgttac tttattttga ctctccaaca gcccgaaagt catagatgat     67800
     gaagaccaga tgaaagcgga ctccaaacaa acatcatttt aagaggacag tcacttatgt     67860
     ttattcttaa tctctttcac ttatgctgga tggttgtttg gaactggatg taattagttt     67920
     acacattttc taaaaagtta atatagaaaa tgtaagaaaa atattgtcat tacatattta     67980
     atatttaaga aattcatgtc aaaggcagct tgagtaaaaa gatattcaga aatgtgtgtt     68040
     tatttttcaa ttaactctta tattgttgtg ctaaatatgc aagttataat aaaaaaatgt     68100
     ttataagaat tgtttgtaat tttaatgcaa aaatgttaat ttcaaatgtt aaaatgagca     68160
     aaattgactg ctggtctcag actcccttta gcgtttgatt aaaatgcagc atattttaca     68220
     caatacatac tgacgccatc tagtggaaac agcgagtact aaaacaattg tgtacagtat     68280
     gtgaaccaaa tgcatttaat taaatactca ctgttaatgg caatcacagg atattcactg     68340
     aattcatcaa gtattccaat cctttggcac ccacaaaccc atccacctca cacacacatt     68400
     tacctttagc cacacacaat aggctgcaca acgccagtcg cttctatgga aaaacacaaa     68460
     gcagaaaagg gggcttatga ggactaaatg actgacagaa gttatcatta cacaaagctc     68520
     cagattcaat gatttatggt gaaatcccgt ccagtcatgt ggaattttcc caaaataagt     68580
     ttaagtaaac agctcatgac aaagaggcac tcagagcagc ctggtatgca taaacagttt     68640
     gaacagtgcg ctgcagtgta gccccctcca aactcattcg cacacacaca cacacacaca     68700
     cacacacgta cacacactca gtcacccgcc agagcagagc cagtctggaa atgtggagtc     68760
     tccccctggc acgcgcgcca gactcccatc catcttccag tgcaataaca tttctctgtc     68820
     tctctgtctc tgtctatcgc tctactactg ttgcaggaca cacactctgt cagcacagat     68880
     catctgttac gctcttgatg caggacactt ttaaagcaac gttcagagtt tggtgcacta     68940
     cagccagtga gatgcctctc agtggacata taaaagttaa acatgttaaa ctcagttaac     69000
     aggacttgcg gttttatgtt gacaaccaca aaaattcatg acgacatgtc tgtccttttg     69060
     tttgaaaaga atttaaaaaa ataaaacaaa acggtatagg gcaattccaa gtttttttta     69120
     tgtatttcag aagtacgata taaccacaag agctaaacgg taaatgcatg cttaactgct     69180
     tactataact agatcaattt atatacaata actagatcaa tatattagaa aatgtgttta     69240
     aaatgtgaca acaaaaacct acttatgtaa tttccagtaa taaaaaggga attaggcgat     69300
     ccagtggcac agtaggtaat gctgttgcca cacagcaaga aggttgctgc ttcgagcctc     69360
     agctgggtca gttggcgttt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgcat acgcgtgggt     69420
     ttcttccagg tttcccccac agtccaaaga catgtgatac agatgaattg ggtagactaa     69480
     attgtccgtg tttcagtgtg aaagagtgtg agtggatgtt tcccagggat ggattgcgct     69540
     ggaagggcat ccgctgtgta aaaatgtgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt ctgcagtggt     69600
     gaccccagat tattaaaagg actaagccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgaa tgaaaaaggg     69660
     aattacagta gctactgtca ttatttgttc acctaatcaa attgctacat ggactagtgt     69720
     ccgaaatagt atgcaaaaac ttgaaccaaa agcatatatg taaatgaaat tacgtttttt     69780
     ttttttttgg ttcaaattat aaatcaaatg tgattattaa cctttattta attagcagat     69840
     gtttttaaac cttttatcag ctcttgtttt tcctcacaat cccttggcat tgttagcatc     69900
     atgctctgtt agagctaaga ataattaatt aaaaaaacaa atgcgttggc cattgttaga     69960
     taatgttaat tcatgcttta gctaattaag taaagggact ttattgcaaa gcattttaac     70020
     agatgaatta aagaaagcca tgccttttat ttaaaaaaca aacaaaaaca atctgcatta     70080
     cttttaaagg tgcagtatgt aagtttaaca gtgattaaag gtattcacat tcctgaatca     70140
     aaacaaatgc aattgcaggt tttcagattg aggagcgagt ctgacgatcc agtccaaagg     70200
     ctgatttaag tcgtgttcta tagtaaagca atggcccacg atagagggaa tattttccat     70260
     attaaaagga cgtttgttct aaccaaaacc tcaaactgat atattagaaa cagcttcttt     70320
     ttcttgaagc tgaacaacag aaaacctcag gttcacctca tgtgctttat tcagtgttaa     70380
     atgctactaa tgtgagttta aacgtcattt cacatgacat taattgccat actactgaaa     70440
     gcagcagcag atcttaaaaa taaaataaac catttgaaat cgaactttag aactgtaact     70500
     aaagtgcaaa catatataag tgattcagca tttacattta ataatgttaa agaggtttaa     70560
     tacttattaa ttagattata aaccttacca tttcatgagt gagtgcatat tctgtgcttc     70620
     tgaatgtctg tatttaaatt tctgtcatgt tttgtctggt gcaaacagcc aaattgctta     70680
     tcactgcaaa tctactcttc tcacatagtg ttttaagaca cagggttaca atgtattctg     70740
     ctcacctaat gtgtacgttt gtaatattta aaaatttgct aattaataac ctcatgtgga     70800
     actctgaatc tgcgtctcat ttcagtctgc tactgtccac cggaggtcgc atttcggtca     70860
     cggtcgcatg ctataagagc ctttctgaat gaatgaatga aacaagcggt tttccaccaa     70920
     ggcaacccgt ggtggaacca aaataaaaga cagcattccg gcatgtaaca gacgttttca     70980
     aatcagaata tctgacttca gcattgtttt tcagataaac aggaatgttc acttagcatg     71040
     tttcttaaat acctgcaaac acctgtattt ttatgcttta caagagtcaa atacttacat     71100
     acagcacctt taaagttttc cacaatttgc cgcatttact tctattgttg aattctatta     71160
     tcatctcatt aactgtattt tttaaggaca agtcaaaact tgcctttgtg aacagtgtct     71220
     gtgtgaacag tggtgccgct ggccattatg tgccctatga caacattttg tggttgtcat     71280
     ggacaaaagt gaagataggt agggtagggc cggagctggt ttgaggggtt tggggagtct     71340
     ggtgggcccc aaatagaagc tctggtggcc ccaaactggc ataagccctt cgaattgtcc     71400
     ttattccccc cattaccttc atagcggtgc ccctggttgt ggaaattggt agcacttatt     71460
     ttacattcgc atttctcaca cacatattat gtgtaatcat tacataaact gagtactaac     71520
     taggtactat gactaaactt aattctgaac ctaaccataa tccatgttac cttatattac     71580
     agagtatttt cttagataca ctttaagtac acatttaagt acacacttta agtacagtgc     71640
     aaccgtaaat attattcaca aaaactacat tacagactta caaactaaat tattgcctaa     71700
     attcagcctg tttagaattt gtaatactcc ctttttgtgc aaaatatctc tcagttttga     71760
     atctgtcagt aacaacagag agtagagtgc tgttaactgc cttgcttcct tttgagtcct     71820
     tgttatgact gtcattttgg cgggtcatag tgtaaacact tgggattttt cctctgaaga     71880
     cctacatagc acttatattc tatcccaaca tgtcatctcc caaaccgggg cactcttaat     71940
     attctctgct ctcatccatt attagccgtt agagcacatg tcatacagac attcttctga     72000
     gtggattttc tccaactata cgcgtatgtc tgcactatta aacaacggct gggccgggaa     72060
     acgagcatgt ttacatctga gaacaaacgt gccgagctga agagaatgca gagcagagta     72120
     tcaagaggat catgccgact attttgttca agcagggcta tttcaggttc atagtgtatt     72180
     gatttttttt caagtgctgg ctttaatccc tctcaatagt aatatttaaa aatagccatc     72240
     ctatattaat ttgaacagtc atataaatta aattaaaata tggagttttt ttattgtggt     72300
     ccatcaaata aaatgctcca caagctccca atagatgagg tttgaaacca tttaaactat     72360
     ttcacaagga ctggccaaga tgcactggtg gtcttggtca aacgccatgt cttcccgcgg     72420
     ccttgtctca tgggggcgga caagaaccgt gtcgcctcac actctggtga gacctcgtag     72480
     gggcttgcga cgacagattt actctgacaa gctctgtggt atggccgcct ggctctggac     72540
     accagcacac ctctctgaca tacctgtcaa tgaggtgtca ctgcacaaaa agcgcgccgt     72600
     actttcttct ccagcgccgc catggaaata ctgactcaac acctccatat cctcactcgc     72660
     ccgctcctac agtcccgccc aggcagttct gatgaggcat tcctttgagc tgaaacaagg     72720
     cgttaatcca tgataacttt tcctcgtgcc agcgtgtggg tgcaggtctc tcctccaatg     72780
     cttgcctcat gctttcaagc ctgccagctt gaataactct aatgtagctg caagatttag     72840
     gaggtaatat ctatgtaaag agggaaatgg tctcaacagt aaagccataa atctgtcatt     72900
     tgtactttga tggatagacg cttcagaatc attttcacaa agcggcccaa cacaaaaagc     72960
     tgccattcgt ctgtgtcatc tacgctttgg gtttatgtat ttgcatgagc attgaggtgt     73020
     gcaatatggc actaatgtgc gagatgcttt ttgcaatgta aaaacaaatg acgtccttct     73080
     gttacagttg caagaaggtt tcatcaaaat caggttgtgg attgttaagt ataatgacag     73140
     tcagatcaga ggacaatgag tcatatgcta aataaagtca aacctttctg tgtgtgaata     73200
     tctgaagcac aatttaaact acgggacaac ttgccacatg cccagtgacc atttggccaa     73260
     cataaacaag tcagatgatc tgacttaatg agattagtta atggaactaa ccagaaagag     73320
     ttgctcaact gattaatttg gtcaggaaaa gaaaaggaat caaagataat tatatgttag     73380
     aggaccaagc aaacagaatt cattgtacat ttattcgttt tcttttcagc ttagtccctt     73440
     tattaagcag gggtcgccac agcagaatga accgccaaca tatctagcat atgttttacg     73500
     cagtggatga ccttccggct gcaacccatc actgggaaac ttcattatac atgtttatta     73560
     ttaatattat tattattttg ctatttatta atataaattt gcatcaaaag cctttagcta     73620
     aacaaattga ttgtgaattt agatatgcat atattaatat ttgcaccata aaacatacaa     73680
     agttttatgt tgtactacag aaaaatgttg ttaatttaac tttcagtgga atatctttct     73740
     tgaaatcaca ggattttagt acacatgagt tcctgacaac gatgaatgat atgatatgct     73800
     tagcctcgaa taacataaag tgtggattta atggcgctgc actttggcat ttttaaaagc     73860
     ctctgcacat actgcacatg aaatcacata cacatgcatg cactttcact gtccaagacc     73920
     agaagtgttg gaatttgaac agtttcaaaa atcagtctac ctgcttttat acaacaccaa     73980
     gaaagccaac catttcattc agaccaatct ccaaaagaaa caactattat aagtcacaaa     74040
     aatgactaat tggtacaaat tcatgcaatt tcatgaattt caattacatt tttaaatagg     74100
     aggaaagccc ccaaatctca ccccaaaact taccccttca ttggggtgtt tacaagcaaa     74160
     ttttcctgtg caaatgagat gtaagattgc tttgaactta tttatgctgg caatgcaaaa     74220
     acaattactt cattaaagtt tttacatccc agcaaacatc tttgttttaa atagaggtct     74280
     aatatacatc taaacgtaga cagtttggct gaaacaagac tgggctgtca gtgaaaatct     74340
     aatagacatc taaaaatagc ccaaaactag actagtcatc aaatagacag attagacaga     74400
     ctttatatat gtagtcattc attcagccta gttttggcct attttagacg tttcttagat     74460
     tttcactgta cagcccaaat tttgttttag ccaaaacgac tacatttagt tgtctagtag     74520
     acatctatta ttataaaaat gcttgctggg atatttaagg tgaataaggt ctctattcat     74580
     aatcaaagaa gggatctttc gtcatcaaat caaaatagtt gttttcctac ggcactatgg     74640
     tatcctgcag agtccagtta gatgttcgtc acaacactga agtgaaatag gtaggaattt     74700
     ccggtttaac ctgaagttta tcgattagtc ctatagttaa gttctggttt ttaaaaaatt     74760
     acattgaata tcacggtcta atattagtct aataaagtgt tctagattaa atggtcaaag     74820
     gaaatcgtca gtaaagcatt ctttcttagg gtgcatttgc ttaaaaacgg catcttcttg     74880
     atacacataa agcagtataa atgtaataat cacctgttta cgattgtgga aaatgctgaa     74940
     tggcctctga gtcaaagacg tgtgtttaaa agttttagaa agtcattcca actttcttca     75000
     acctgtaggc tacatgtgtt taattatgtt cctgtattta ccactagggg gcgcatcgtg     75060
     cttggcatac atacagaaga tgctggaatc cctcatggtc caattgatca tttcacaata     75120
     aatcattctg aagtaacctg aaacaggttt tggtaaaatt tctttttaaa aagaaagcca     75180
     cgagcaagta tagcctagtt ctgccacatg cccttgtcgt aatactttca tatacactca     75240
     gtattagtgg attaggtcag tatgttcact aaatacgagt cagtccttca aggtaattca     75300
     gactgacaga ttctaaaaca attagataaa ccattgctac atgtttgttt tgtttggcgg     75360
     cgaaacacaa gtaaaagaat aaaagatgaa ttaatttaga aaattggatt agcaaaactc     75420
     ctgcctcctc gatccatcaa aaacatccag tcgtttactt tggaaaaggc agcatggaca     75480
     tttaatgcca gtattcttta cgactgctca catcttctgt tacaccgctc cccatgttaa     75540
     gaaaggctgt gatccatagc atttcagccc tgagcctgca tttggaaata aatagtggga     75600
     ctatcattca aagggaatta caaacgttga ttccattaca tatacagaca caaaaacatg     75660
     cactcacatg ctgtctcacc caacacacac acacacaaag cgatgctcat atgcagcggc     75720
     acacgcgaga gtggcgccac agtctgctgg gtgcatttat tatggatcag ctttgccaat     75780
     actttcaaca ccagtccaac ctctttcaaa cagccacagg ccaatatgtg atggatcccg     75840
     cttttgctta caggagcagc gcaagacaaa ttacttctac ctcagcccat gtcagtgccg     75900
     ccatccaaaa tacctctcag tctaacttct aaattatcaa aacaattgat ctgaacaagt     75960
     aaggctgaga tttttaggcc taattttttt tcagatttcc ctggtggcac agctcctgat     76020
     gagcttccat gacgctaatt aggttgaaca caaacaaaat actgtttcca catggactga     76080
     aggtgatctg ttccacctca ttacgaaata aacctctgta cattcatcta atatctgtca     76140
     ctgcagtcga gcatgacaac agcactgtga aatttcatcc tgaaaatatg gagaacgaag     76200
     catacgggtg gcaactgcat acacagggat ttgtctttca gtaaaggatt accatgtttg     76260
     ttcaaagggt tatgaatata gaagaagaga tcctggttgt gctacgggaa cgagctcgtt     76320
     ctttataata tagacagcga tgggtggaac gatggcacag agcccacatt ggcctggcga     76380
     ttggtggaaa attatagggc tatgctgcca atttcttaaa gaaaaaaagc aagaaggaac     76440
     aaaagggaga tgaagcttgc ggtttgatta aacctcagtt gagtcaagta tttgccatcc     76500
     ctcatttttg tgtagtgttt ttgtaggggg agaaattatg agatcttgag ctcaaactga     76560
     cggctgaaag ggttttatgc atttctgtct gtcaacctgg agtaaaatgc actcagatgc     76620
     tttcagattc taagaaatta tattttgtgt ctttttggag caggaaacca gtgtggttgt     76680
     cactgaaaaa aatatctaaa aaaaactgca agcatttttg tgtactttta cacaatacag     76740
     tttacactaa tctaaataca tttgagatgt gtggttttgt tttcaagcac tttctgaaag     76800
     tactttatag gtcatctaca atgaaatgtc tgaaaagaca atgaaaagac aatgaaatgt     76860
     cttaaaagtt tatgctgttg tggataagta agtctctcct catgttctgt tactagtaaa     76920
     tctccattta gtaaatccaa tggtatgtgc ttactgacat tactttttaa atatttaata     76980
     ttatcaaaat agagaattgt caaaagaatg gcagtgcaac attgtccaca agcttgctgt     77040
     tggctgaatg ggtcatgtga ctaaaaatgc atcatagaaa aaaaacgtaa tatttgtgtt     77100
     gaatgatact gatgtacatc agcgtaaatg atattgaagt aaatcactaa ggggaaagtt     77160
     acacgaatta aaacaaaatt aaaataatag ataaaataaa ttgctacaaa aaaaaacata     77220
     aattttatgt tttcaatgat agctaattta aaggttaatc aaaagatgga gagagataaa     77280
     aaagaaatgg gtttcaccca caagtcaaaa tacatgcgct gtaggtgaat tagataagct     77340
     aaattgtcca tagtgtatgt gtgtaaatga aagtatatgg gcatttccca gtgatgagtt     77400
     gcagttggaa gggcattgcc tgagtaaaac atatgttgca taagttggtg gttcattcca     77460
     ttgtgaccct gattaataaa cgggctaagc cgaaaagaaa attaatgact taaaaagttt     77520
     cttatactac atccctaatt ctgccaaata cctaacccca actagtacct taataactat     77580
     taataagcag caattctatt attaataatt aatgttttgt atcaactatt aatactgaga     77640
     ttaatacttt tgacaaccct agtacaaact gtaaaaaaca ctaattctac taattcaaac     77700
     aatgtttgct ggtaacactt tattttgatg gtccatttgt gtattagtag actctctgct     77760
     taatatctgt tgatactgct ccttcaacag acatttaact ttctataaga aactttgcaa     77820
     gtacatgtca acttacgcta accctaaccc taagcccaac ctaatagtct acttataatc     77880
     tacatttaca tttacattta gtcatttagc agacgctttt atccaaagcg acttacaaat     77940
     gaggacaagg aagcaattta cacaactaag agcaacaatg aataagtact aaaggcaagt     78000
     ttcaggtcta taaagtctaa gaagggaagt attagtagta ttagtttttt tttttttttg     78060
     tacagttagt gtgatattca aagaggcaat tgcagattag gaagtgaggt ggagactaaa     78120
     tagttgagtt tttagtcgtt tcttgaaagt agcgagtgac tctgctgttc tgatgcagtt     78180
     agggagttca ttccaccaac tgggcagatt aagcgtgagc gttcgcgaaa gtgatttctt     78240
     ccctctttgg gatagaacca cgaggttaat ctaatctaat gagaattagt tggcatgtag     78300
     atgtaatata acttaaattc aacaaatgga ccatcaaaat aagtgtgaac tgttcattac     78360
     tcctatcatt gcatgatcgg tccttcacaa agaccactgg gttgtaaagc ccaggacaca     78420
     ccaagctaat gtcgaagaac tagcagtgat aataacagac tgcgttgctg ccttacattg     78480
     gctacgtcta gtcctgtctg gaccaaaaag ttgcacatga acataacaaa tgcacaccaa     78540
     actgtgtcta tgtatctcat atatttgcag gtggtagtag tctgtattgt cattccacta     78600
     aggaaaaccg aaacttatga tgcactcata caaactgtaa agtagcattt acatagcatt     78660
     tttacagtac ttctcgctca atacagagaa attcgctcat gcatatatgc ctgataatca     78720
     gatatgttgc ttgtacatac ttaagaaacg atgacatgaa atgatagaca acttctttgt     78780
     gatctagttt acctagtttt gtcacttcgg tttgttttgc actctgattc taacgctaat     78840
     cagagccttc acttttactg ctgctagaag ccgattctac atgctgaatg gagaaaactt     78900
     cctccgacat aaacccgaca agaggcgatg tgatgtgtag aacacaccaa acaaactaac     78960
     tggacagatg ctcaacaact ggccaacact gcccaacagc caactgtcag cttggtgagt     79020
     cccagccttt aaggtgcagc atgtaggatt gaactagaaa ttacagtcca aattcaaaat     79080
     atggcaaagt ttttttcacc cggcctctaa aatgacaatt ccatgcaaat gcaggttgcc     79140
     agattaatga catcaacagg agtgagcatg cctttgtaat atttatttta tttgctaatt     79200
     aaaaaccacc tcatttggat ttttctaact cttattttaa agattgatat tgtcctctgg     79260
     aggtcacaga cccaaacaaa aacaaacatt ttgacatgga aagcacattt ttaaagaaga     79320
     ataatatagc attgttttca gataaacaag aatgttcgct aagcatgttt cttttttaca     79380
     tattatggta tttttatgct ttagaaaagt caaaaactta cacagaggat ctctaagttg     79440
     ttgttgagca cacttcggag ctgaaaatca acagatggga catcctacag actcataaag     79500
     ttagcgagca tgcgcaattt aagaaaaatc tatgtgaagt gtgtcaattg gaacaaggcc     79560
     tatgtgtgca gtcatctcat gtgaatttac aaagtgacat tgccacctac tgtcctggag     79620
     gaatgaaaca gagctttagt catttagagc cttatgataa attcaaagaa aaaacagaag     79680
     ctaaagttca ttgatgaact ttgatgttgg cttgagaaag cctacacggt gagtcaaatg     79740
     cagttggcag gaggcagagt ggcagcagaa ggcacagcgc caccaacaaa gctgcatttg     79800
     ttttacatcc gctacactac ctgacaaatg tcttgtcgta gatcccagtt gggagagcaa     79860
     caaatataaa cttgacttag ttgaacattt ggaaaagtgg cagaaggcag atttttccaa     79920
     caaatcatct gttgaactgc atcccaattg tcacaaatac tgcagaaaac caattagaat     79980
     tagtgatggg aagttcggat cattttactg tcttggatct ttgagtcttg ttcatcgaga     80040
     tgaacaaatc ttttttttcg agtcatttcg ttcatttggt tcaatttgct aaaatattat     80100
     taaaatgtta cgaattgctt ccaaacacat ctacaactag cccaatgggt taatcacaca     80160
     acaaataagt cataaataga atactataag aaggagaata aacaataatc agctcacctc     80220
     ttcatgtctt caaatgtcag tggttcgttc acattacact gacagtcaca tgtaatctca     80280
     accaatgtac acagtctgag tcgataggag ccatgataat tagttcacct ttcgagtctt     80340
     ctttttcttg agttgttcgt tcatcacgtg acagaatgac tcaaacccaa ggactcgaga     80400
     cataaacgga tcaattccct ttccggctct aaacgcatat gattggcccg tgatgaacga     80460
     atgactcaaa cccaatagag gactcgagag atgaacagat caattctctt tccggctcta     80520
     aacgcatata attggcccgt aatgaacgga tgactcaaac ctgatagagg atttgagagg     80580
     tgaatgaatc aactttcttt ccggctctaa acgcatatga ctggcttctg cctttccgta     80640
     ttgaacgaat gactcaaacc caatagagga cttgagaggt gaacggatca attctctttc     80700
     cggctctaaa cgcaaatgat tggcttctgc ctttccgtga atgactcaaa agtcttgaaa     80760
     tgagcggtac cacctgcaca catgtgtgcg gatgaacgaa tcactccctg agaggactcg     80820
     tagttcccga gtcatattga aggttcgttc aaaatgtacg aatatttcaa gaacaaccca     80880
     tcactaatta gaacccacat gaacacaaga ttctcacaga aatcagtcaa gtttggtaaa     80940
     ggaaaaatca tggtttgggg ttacatttag tatgagggtg tgcgagagat ctgcagtgga     81000
     ttgcaacatc aacagcctga ggtatcaaga catttgtgct gcccactaca ttgcaaacca     81060
     caggagaggg caaattcttc agcaggatag cgctccttca tattcttcag cctccacatc     81120
     aaagttctta aaaataaaca aggtcaaggt gctccaggat tggccagccc agtcactaga     81180
     catgaacatt attgagcatg tctggggtaa aatgaaggag aaggcattga agatgaatcc     81240
     aaagaatctc gatgaactct gggagtcctg caagaatgct tgttttgcta ttccagatga     81300
     ctttattaat cagttatttg agtcattgca gagatgtaca gaagcagttg tccaagctta     81360
     tgggagtcat acacaatatt cattcttttt ccacagcagc atgactgtat attctatact     81420
     ctacattatt tctgttaagt gacaagactt ttgtcttagc aaagtcagac ctaactgtcc     81480
     taaataaatt attaaaattc aaggcatgat catattttgt tttggtaaaa taagcataat     81540
     ctagaggctg ttgcctttta tgtaagccat ttctgatacc aaatgatcaa ctaaaagtca     81600
     agttattata gcatttgttg ctcctaaaac ttggataggt gacaagactt ttgtcaggta     81660
     gtgtatgtgc ttctgccaaa tcagttaaac atgcaaggat tgagaaaaag cacgcaggtg     81720
     gagaggaaag aaaaagagca attaaaagga aagccttttt ctttactgct aatatggagt     81780
     ttactagtat tgaacagtgg tgtaaagtac ttaagtaaat ggacttcgtt acttaagtat     81840
     ttttttctgt acttgtgtca gggttctgcc actctgatct tgtaaattct tgttttggtg     81900
     gcagatcttt gacactactc atgtctggtc ctgtttctgt ctctgtgtgc gcgcgccgtc     81960
     gtgggtgtac gcagagtgcg cgctcctgct tgacgtggcc gcgtgcgcgc tctgcgtccc     82020
     tcagacgcgt gcgctcttgt actcgtgttt gtgttttcgt ctgtcagcag catggtgttt     82080
     cattcccagc gtctcagtct tgttggtttc ggttttggtc ggcgctggga tgaagcatgc     82140
     atgctgcata tgtgagcgca tggtgagttt tcattcatcg tgtgctcgtg tcttgcgtct     82200
     cttgtcaaag cacgtggctc ggtgtttaca ttgtggtcac gtgcttttgt cgtgtgcttc     82260
     agtgttgtgt ttgttgtcat gaacatgcgg ttaatgagtt ctctcattgg ctgcatgttc     82320
     ttgttgtgtt atgtgagcgc atggcttgta ttgtctctct gtgtcatgcg ctctcccgtc     82380
     tattgtcttg tcccaccctc cttgttaacc cattattagt taattgtgtt cacctgtttg     82440
     tgtgttaatc ttctatagtt tatatacccc tcacttttgc tgtcctgtgt cagttcgtca     82500
     tcacatttcg tcgtttcaag tctagtcctg ttgtgtttcc agtcctcatc cttgccagtc     82560
     tgcccagtcc tgtttgtatg tgtatgtatt tgttttgtta atgttttccc cctcggggta     82620
     gtttattttg cattttattt tatttttatt atttaataaa ttcccattta ttctgcactt     82680
     gagtcctcgc tcctttttcc ctcatttccc atcaccaacc ctgacagtac gaactgacca     82740
     aaaagaggac tcagcggaaa tgggactatt tctgcgccca gcttgctccc agcaagaagg     82800
     acccatcgac caacccccag ccagaggact gtctcacagg cagaaccatc gcccctttgg     82860
     catctacgcc gaagatcttc ttgaggcagt ccgggggctt gggttcagtg agaccaccct     82920
     catccacatc tttctggctg gattggatga gccattcgat tgggaggagc tgggtgctat     82980
     caggacatgg acgttttggg aggtggtgga ctattcctgt ctgaggatgg agagggagat     83040
     cctggagggg gaatggaccc ctctcaccac caccaccagc accatctcct ggtccatgtc     83100
     cagcccccaa gggttaaccc gcacccaaaa acggaggcgg aagagaaagg cctcttctgc     83160
     gagggttgct ccagcccctg agcgccctcc agtgtcggct ccagcccctg agcgccctcc     83220
     agtgtcggct ccagcccctg agcgccctcc agtgtcggct ccagcccctg agcgccctcc     83280
     agtgtcggct ccagcccctg agcgccctcc agtgtcggct ccagcccctg agcgccctcc     83340
     agtgtcggct ccagcccctg agcgccgctc agtgccggtc ccagtccggc tccttgccct     83400
     gccggcacct accagacgtc tagccctgcc ggccccagcc cggctccttg ccctgccggc     83460
     acctaccaga cgtctagccc tgccggcccc agcccggcta cttgccctgc cggcacctac     83520
     cagacgttta gccctgccgg ccccagcccg gctccttgcc ctgccggcac cacccagacg     83580
     tcttgcccag ccggccccag cccggctcct tgccctgccg gcaccaccca gacgtctagc     83640
     cctgccgtcc ccagcccggc tcctttccct gccggcacct accagacgtc tagccctgcc     83700
     ggtcccagcc cggctccttg ccctgccggc cccccacaga cctctggtct tgtttcccct     83760
     catagacact ccctgggtcg tccctcctgc ccctccctgg tgttcctttc ctccaccctg     83820
     gacggaccct ctggctccac cctggttccc tgctagggct ctcgacccgc tggacccacc     83880
     ctggacagtt cctccggtcc caccctggac tgatcctccc ttgtcttgcc ctcccatccc     83940
     tcccttgttt gtcgtgttgg gtctgacttg gctcccctcc ctccccccct ttatgtcttg     84000
     cctgttcacc tccctgtctt gtttgttgat gttgcctgtt ttgttgtctt gtggtgtttc     84060
     ttgtctgtct tgtaccttgt tggatgttcc ctttagggac gccaggtggc gtcccttttg     84120
     gggggggggg tagtgtcagg gttctgccac tctgatcttg taaattcttg ttttggtggc     84180
     agatctttga cactactcat gtctggtcct gtttctgtct ctgtgtgcgc gcgccgtcgt     84240
     gggtgtacgc agagtgcgcg ctcctgcttg acgtggccgc gtgcgcgctc tgcgtccctc     84300
     agacgcgtgc gctcttgtac tcgtgtttgt gttttcgtct gtcagcagca tggtgtttca     84360
     ttcccagcgt ctcagtcttg ttggtttcgg ttttggtcgg cgctgggatg aagcatgcat     84420
     gctgcatatg tgagcgcatg gtgagttttc attcatcgtg tgctcgtgtc ttgcgtctct     84480
     tgtcaaagca cgtggctcgg tgtttacatt gtggtcacgt gcttttgtcg tgtgcttcag     84540
     tgttgtgttt gttgtcatga acatgcggtt aatgagttct ctcattggct gcatgttctt     84600
     gttgtgttat gtgagcgcat ggcttgtatt gtctctctgt gtcatgcgct ctcccgtcta     84660
     ttgtcttgtc ccaccctcct tgttaaccca ttattagtta attgtgttca cctgtttgtg     84720
     tgttaatctt ctacagttta tatacccctc acttttgctg tcctgtgtca gttcgtcatc     84780
     acatttcgtc gtttgaagtc tagtcctgtt gtgtttccag tcctcatcct tgccagtctg     84840
     cccagtcctg tttgtatgtg tatgtatttg ttttgttaat gttttccccc tcggggtagt     84900
     ttattttgca ttttatttta tttttattat ttaataaaat cccatttccc tgcatttgag     84960
     tcctcgctcc tttttccccc atttcccatc accaaccctg acaacttgta ctgagtatta     85020
     aaaatataag caacttttac tctctacttg actacatttt tgattgaata tatgtactct     85080
     ttactccact acatttgaac ggacgcttat agttacttgt tacattgtga ttgtaagcga     85140
     caagttagca tttctatcta ccacggctaa tttcttgggc ggatgaagcg atctgcaggc     85200
     tgctgaaggt actgcatgct atttatgagc taaatcacgt gaacgtgaat tagcagcttg     85260
     ccaaatacca ggtgtttaat taacgacatg gctgcagcaa atgatgaagc cgaagtcggc     85320
     acatcaagca gtgccagcac tgatgatcca tggctttatc taaaagaaat gttttcattt     85380
     gccgatgtgc aaaatggctc ttacaggatg cagtgtctac tttatttgcc acaaaccacg     85440
     aaaataagtg cttttaagaa tttatcaaat ttgagaaaat acattgaagt aagagtctat     85500
     ttaatgttaa tttaatgtga attaagtgaa tttaatacag ttactgatat ggtaaaaacc     85560
     actgcgacat aacatgacta taaatcgtat gaaatttttt actacgtttg ttactacttt     85620
     tttattgttt gtgtcatttt gaacatttga gcttgagact ttttgttcta tggttttttt     85680
     ttatctattt tgttccgcca ttttgaaaca ttgaggtgtt caatttaatt tcaatgttag     85740
     gaaataaatc ctttcttagt gttctttgag cctgcattca gtatgagtaa aattcttaag     85800
     ttcttttaaa atcggatact tttactcaag tcttattgga attggtgact tgtaaattgt     85860
     attggagtaa tttttactgt aaggtatctg tacttttact caagtatggt tttcaggtac     85920
     tctttacacc tctggtattg aattggtgac attcatatta gttacattaa tgaaaatgaa     85980
     cttggacttt atgtaaaaat ggcttgctat attttatcaa aaatataata cttaaaaatg     86040
     attaatagta aaactgtaca tctgacaggt ctgaaaagat atagccacaa actaaaatgc     86100
     agaacacagc ttttggctat atttggggct tatagcacta aagcctttgg aggagatgac     86160
     gatatattta taataatata tttaaataat ttaacagtgt attgactttc tcaagccaac     86220
     atcacaatac aaattgaagt gtattttttc tacacactgc taatcttttt ttggatgtgg     86280
     atcaatctac agcccaggtg attgtgcatt gatgtttccc ttttgttaat aaggagatgt     86340
     tctttaatca tatcatgtac cggcttcaaa gtctgtttga gtttgaatgt ctgcaaatat     86400
     agctctgatc ttccaacatc tgacatgcaa tcatccctct gaccccatcg ctatgatctc     86460
     tggtatgaac ttgagatcat gctgaccttt ttctctgtga tatcatactc aagagccttc     86520
     agataccgct acagcatctg gccgctttca aaggtgccta acaagagcat tttataagtc     86580
     caagacatgc caagagtgaa ccaacatatg catttgaata ataaagacaa gttaattaaa     86640
     tactgcatga gtatgtataa tgctactggg gtttttaaga aagagaaaaa tcatgtctaa     86700
     aatgaagtga atttccttat agcagggaaa tgacagatag cagcctgagg cttgtgttga     86760
     tacatgtctc ttcctgacat cattcgcata actgcaaatg taagctataa taaagagttt     86820
     taccacatgt tgtttttgaa tgtcacactc ctcataaaat atgagaaatg ttgacaagtc     86880
     gaagctgtaa agtgacatat ttcaatgcca gtgttaaaaa caacatcatt tctcagttct     86940
     gcagttagat atgctttcac agtttgaggc tgattcagga tttttaggct caaaagaaaa     87000
     tgtggctgaa agcaaaaaca aacaaatctt taatggaact cctgagcgtg atttaaaaac     87060
     ataataattt gagaattata caaaaacctt caaatgtatt atattatatt atattatatt     87120
     atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattattca ttttcttttc ggcttaatcc     87180
     ctttttttat ccaccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcatatg ttttacatag     87240
     cggaagccct tcccttcaat gggaaacacc cacacaatcc tatttacaca cacactaccg     87300
     acaactcagc ctacctaatt cacccatagc acgtctttgg actgtgaggg gagcacccag     87360
     aaaaaagccc acgcgaacac ggggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaat gccaactgac     87420
     ccagccgagg ctcgaaccag ccaccttctt gctgtgaggc agtcgtgcta ccaactgcgc     87480
     cactgtgatg cccctaagtt gattgaatta aatgcactca ttatttttct tttcggctta     87540
     gtcccgttaa taatctgggg tcgccacagc gtaatgaacc accaacttat ccagcatatg     87600
     tattttttat gcagcgaatg ctcttccagc tgcaaccccc atccatacac ccattcacac     87660
     acatacacta tggaaattaa gttttaccta attcacatat accacatgtc tttggacttg     87720
     tgggggaaac cggagcaccc agaggaaacc cacgcgaaca cggggagaaa atgcaaactc     87780
     cacaaagaaa ctccaacttt aaccattgac cttctttatg tgaggcagac gtacacactg     87840
     cgccaccgtg tagcctaatt gaattaaatg taataatttt ttaactttat ttatgtctgt     87900
     gtggagtttg catgttctcc atgttttggc gtgggtttcc cccacaagtc caaagaagcg     87960
     gtataggtga attgggttgg ctaaattgtc tgtatttatg tatgtatgtg tgtgtgaatg     88020
     aataaatata tatatgaatt gaattattac gcctgttttt ttccccaatt tctgttttcc     88080
     agagattttt caacacattt ctaaacacaa tagttttaat aactcatttc taataactga     88140
     ttcattttat ctttgccatg atgacagtaa ataatatttg actagatatt tttcaagaca     88200
     cttctgtaca gcttgaagtg acatttaaag gcttaactat ttaactagcc aggttagggt     88260
     agttaggcaa gttattgtat aacgatggtt tgttctgtag atatcaaaaa atgtatagct     88320
     taaagaggct aataacattg accttaaaat ggttcttaaa aaattaaaaa ttgcttttat     88380
     tctaaccgaa ataaaacaaa taaaactttc tccagaagaa caaaatataa tcatatttga     88440
     actttaaaac caaatttgtc aatggctttt tgtgttattt cattgtttga ttcatcatgt     88500
     attaacaatt gtatgcttta atacataatt catatgtaca ttatttatta attaattaat     88560
     taatttattt atttgtttat ataaataacc agcaaactta ttgttatgag gcgacagtgc     88620
     taaccactga gccatttaga tcttattcta cagcataata ttttgcatca ttgcttctca     88680
     accaaattaa tttacactag aaaatagtaa atattataat gttcagactt aaactttaaa     88740
     tcactgaatc attatgtaaa aatctgtcag tcacatattt gcaagtgata ttgttgctct     88800
     ttcagtgtgg agtttccagc ccattggcat cacccacaaa cctactcacg tccccatgtt     88860
     ccattggttt gggcttcctc catcctctga atgccagcta tttggtccag tcatcaagaa     88920
     aaaacatacg agtttacacc aatgagaagc ctgctcttca agggagtgtc tgtgcaaaaa     88980
     aacaatctga acatttaatg actggtgctt tttccgctct gtcatggtta aagagagcgc     89040
     ctgggtggcc agactggctt tcatcacggg acggggggca actgttcctc acacctgatt     89100
     attagtgata ctggatggac tccagaactt gggtggcatg tttctatgtc agatgaagtt     89160
     tccagtcata tctctcggga tgtgatgccc tgaaagcgat gaaaaggtat cattcggagc     89220
     atctataagt gtttaggttt gaaggttgca gattgaggaa cattaaggtg gtgttgaaaa     89280
     tcacactggt gctataccat tgtgcaatga tgatgatgat gatgaagaaa gaaactggca     89340
     tactatgtag agtggactga caggtccata atcttagcaa gcttattgga aagctggaag     89400
     aacagacact ttttattctg tggtgagctg aaaagtaata taaagacgta atgttccttc     89460
     acataaaccc tccttatact gtgaaaagaa ataaagccat gctggacaat gtactggtgg     89520
     attaaatcaa aatctatgca acaaaagtag gattcactct tttggcatga gcgaaacttt     89580
     catttcactg tgtattaact gttatgttgt tgctcacgca tacataactt tcaaaaatcc     89640
     ctcttgtgct tgctattgac tctcaaaatt aaaaatctct taaaattaaa gaatgccttt     89700
     cttaacagga agaatatttt tgtgtcttac aaacacaaac acacatatac tatgtataca     89760
     tatacactac aaatatatac agttgaaagg aaatttgcac agcatgtctg atgtattttt     89820
     acttctggag aaagtcttat gttttatttt ggctagaata aaagcagttt taaatttatt     89880
     atgaaccatt ttagggtcaa atttattagc ccctttaagc atattttttc tcaatggtct     89940
     acaaaacaaa ccatcgttat acaatagctt tcctataatt accctaacca acctagttaa     90000
     cctaattaac caagataaac ctttaaatgt caatttaagc tgtatagaag tgtcgtgaaa     90060
     aataaatatt gtttactcat caagttttat ttactcatct ttgtcatcaa gacaaagata     90120
     aaataaatca ttcattcatt cattctcttg tcggcttagt ccctttatta atccggggtc     90180
     gccacagcgg aatgaaccgc caacttatcc agcaattttt tacgcagcgg atgcccttcc     90240
     aactgcaacc catctctggg aaataaaata aatcagttat tagaaatgag ttattaaaac     90300
     tgtttagaaa tgtgcaaaaa aaaaatcttc ttttcatgaa atggaaatcg gggaaaaaaa     90360
     taaacagggg gtccaataat tcaagggggc taataattct gatttcaact gtatattcct     90420
     tcgacttagt accttattta tcagtggtca ccacagtgga ataaaacgcc aattatttca     90480
     gcaaatgttt tgcgcagtgg atgtcctttc agctgcaacc tagtactggg aaacacccat     90540
     acactcttgc attcaaaaga atatgtctgc atgtgtgtgt tatttatggt gtagtaaggg     90600
     tattcaaatg ttataatgtt aacaaaaata ataaataaat aaattaacat taaaagaatc     90660
     agtcacttaa acggtcttag aggaaccccc ccaaaaaaaa cttctatggc attgctgcaa     90720
     cattttggaa gctttatttt taagagtgaa tcttaattct ctaaatactg ctattaatgc     90780
     aataaatcca ggtttcatgg atagtaacag tccttcatgt agcaattgat ttcaatacgg     90840
     aatctttttt tttaggttct ttaagaaacc aaaaaaatgt gatttcatag catcactggc     90900
     atcttctatg taacctatat ttttgaagtg tatgaaggat atgtatcttc tataaagaac     90960
     ctttgtagaa agttcaagtt ccacaaatgt ttgaggttgt tcatggagcc attaatgcta     91020
     attaaaaacc tttaatttta gaagagagca atgccaacaa agagaaaaaa caaacaagct     91080
     ttgcttaaga ggtttcatta aaaaagttct tttacaaacc attatctatg tttagagaat     91140
     atttaaggat ctaatgaacc tttctccaca ctgtgaaacc caacagtcaa ctttatcaaa     91200
     tgaaatgagt gtagttaact caaaatatac tgaaagctaa ttctactcat ttgaaaaaag     91260
     tttaactttg tgttgaaggt aacaagtaca ttaaatacct cattatttca actttattgg     91320
     agtaagttca cagtactcat atcgattagt ttttaactca aatggtttgt tgcaaatcgg     91380
     tttcctcaaa cgctttgagt tgccttaagt tattgggttt tacagtactc agttggtttg     91440
     agttctcttc atttatcggg ttttactgtg ctcatattac tttgtttact caaatcgatt     91500
     aagtttaaag tacttattaa gattagtttt tgaactttaa tggtttgttg taatcgattt     91560
     cctcaaatag tttgagttac cttaactttt tgggttttac tgtgtattta attgtcagtt     91620
     caataaaaga attccactga ttgatgttcc tcaaggaacc atctttacca acatagaacc     91680
     tttattttta ggtgcggaat ctttccacat gttatagtgg aaaaggttct ttcactatga     91740
     caacattgac attgaagaaa ttttcaataa taaaagtgtt gttttatagc tctgttgcag     91800
     aaacacaatt ttagaataat ttttataagt agattattaa aatgttcttc acattaattt     91860
     tttttaatga acctctgaaa agttccaggg gacatggatt atttttagaa tgaacaaatt     91920
     cattttagag gttctgtaca cagaagaaat gttctttaga ttaatacaat acaatataag     91980
     gatgcatggt caactctaag caaagtttgg actcctgaaa atccaggact gtgacattca     92040
     cacaccagta tagtgaaacg gaaaagccat atatgtgacg tctgtcaaaa aagctgccta     92100
     aaattaatcg atacagagag gaacgtcagt atcttcattc ttctgcgagg tcaagttgtt     92160
     cttttcatgc caatagactt taggcagcag acagagcaga gaatgttttt acatgtgatc     92220
     atccatccag catgtgtttc aggcgccaca cagattaaat gaaagaatct gaaaatgaag     92280
     gtctttaact tttaatcctt ttacaaagac ccttcagact gtctgaggac ggaatggcgt     92340
     ctcagaggaa aaaaaacaaa gtaactgatc cactccctct gaggaatacg aatcaccaat     92400
     tgtccattac gatccagact tgacttcata agtcaaatta aaataatatc acctcaatta     92460
     gtgtcacatc agcatggagg gctttataaa tagcgactgg cgagttttac tgcatgcggt     92520
     gcatgttaat cagatttaat acagtgaaca gaagggttat tagagtcgac taaaactaca     92580
     aacataaaat tttaattgtt attcttattt ttttattata tattaataat aataataata     92640
     atattattat taattataga atacctggat attccaagta tctgaaaaaa gtgttcattt     92700
     agttaaattt atgattaaat aattaaaaat aaaacaaaat tcaaactaga actcaaatct     92760
     gagttgtttt agtttgggtc atggacaaac ccaaattttg gattattatt ttatttatca     92820
     tttaaacatt taaccacaca gttgggtttg ccatacttca ctcaaactta gtttgaattt     92880
     acatttagtt tgtaaaaata ttttcaaaga tatttcaaaa ctcttttttt tttttgttaa     92940
     atgcacaaca aaattactaa aacattggct aaattatcaa tgaaaacaga gaaccacaat     93000
     caaactgtta caaccaaact gctgtcacta aatagtaaat tagatgtaaa aaataaacaa     93060
     ttcatgccat ttttagtggt ttattttaaa tgcattttga ctacatgaac ataaagaata     93120
     aatagtttct tttaatttac atgagcagtt attttccatt ccccttatat ttacagcaca     93180
     ccaagactgt aatctatatt ctcctgtctg aggtgtataa agtatttttt tttccgaata     93240
     atggaaaaag cttggaactc cttcaataaa cgcactttga atgcgaaatg ttcttcgaca     93300
     taaatatgta taaagttaca ttacaaccaa agttacagta gacactggat attataggca     93360
     aatactgacc ttttagttct ttttacaaat gaatcaggca ccacacttta cattttacag     93420
     tgtccatgtt attactctaa ttatttacta taatgactat aatagcaagc agctccacaa     93480
     aacaagagag acaagaatca catgttaagt acgcaaagtt ctgtcagtac ttctgtatga     93540
     aattacacag taacatgaac accaatgtaa agtgtaacct aatatggcac cacatataca     93600
     tcaaatatac attcctacac ggggcagtgc atgtgaggat gagtgcggag cttatttcag     93660
     ttcgggcagg agcatttgca ctctgatatc acggggtact gaacgggtat ccaggcgcat     93720
     ttgagtccac cctttctctg cacgcacctc catcgcaaaa ccgtcaaatg gctggatttg     93780
     gcaggtttgc aaaccatccc ttctggaacc gaacaagagc gtttattgta gcagctgccc     93840
     actttcaaat aacggggcca gaatcggttc cccaagtcct gccatgtgtg caccaccgga     93900
     cagaaggtgt aggaccagag ccacagctga agccgtcttc tgagcttctt gctgggcttg     93960
     tgtttcttcc cgtgctggat atcaaactcc atggctttga tctctttggg catgatgcca     94020
     ttgggacgct gtttcatgag ctccgactcg ttcagctcgt cctgtcccgc gtgcttgtcc     94080
     tctggaggat tgatggacat gaagttctgc tcgaagtgac tgcctagaat ggctctgagt     94140
     tcggtctcgt tcagatcccg ctctttaggg tccagtacgg gatccgggtc ctccttgagt     94200
     tccactatgg gcaggctgtc gcttggaatg ggacggagga ggtagtagtg ttggcacatg     94260
     ccctcttcta tcctgaaccc gagggagaaa atgagcacgg tggccaggaa atacggtatg     94320
     ttatccatct tgagtgttcg cttaagtttt ttggcgagcc gtgagcgctc gcgccaaagt     94380
     gtttattcgc ttatccgagg tgcgtaaatg cgctcgcaaa tccaacaagt cttgcgtctc     94440
     gttccgcttt tacgcacagg ttcctcatga cagcatcagg cggcttcagc cagagccggt     94500
     ctcctgtgtg agctcgcggg ctcctcgtgc tctctgagga tccgcatgct ttctggtggc     94560
     cgccgaactg agaatcacct ggctcgactg atttatcctc gcgggtcgcg atgcaaccca     94620
     aagacccatt ctcaattgtg agtctgttgc cagagctcca cgacacctcc ttctatttag     94680
     ggaggggagg ggtgggatgg tccgggagag agaaagggtt gtttgggggt tggaggggga     94740
     gaagggggtc cggagggatg actatcggcg atcgccctct gccggtgcgc gcgcacatgg     94800
     gtggcatgtc ccaaaaccga ggatcaatgg ccacaggcca ctggactgaa gcatcgatat     94860
     aacccattca ttcatgttca aagaacttta catatctttc agatgtagaa ttgttttatg     94920
     tatgaaacgt tgtaagtttg atagaaagtt cttgattatc atcaatggtt ccacagaaaa     94980
     catttaacat ccatggaacc ttttcattcc acaaatggtt ctttatagta aaaaatgatg     95040
     ttttcagatt gttaaaatgt ttttcccctt ttggtccctt tattaatgcg gggttgccac     95100
     agcggaatga acacagtgga tgcccttcca gccgcaacca acccatctct ggtaaacatc     95160
     cacacacaca cacactacag acatttaagt cttcccaatt catctgtacc gcatgtcttt     95220
     ggactgtggg gtaaacagga gctcccatgc gaacgcaggg agaacatgca aactccacaa     95280
     agaaactcca actgagctga ggttcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgacagcac     95340
     taccaactgc gccactgcat cgcccaaaaa tactttatac taaaaggtaa tttaagcaag     95400
     caaaaaaaag ttatttatag aagtaccaat cttctaaaaa tcatattagt tctagtaacc     95460
     accaagtaaa atgctttaaa agcatcactt gcatttgaac acattccagt ttatagaaat     95520
     tgaaaaaaat gtgggtaata attcacccca aaattttgta aacgctgaaa acttctgtta     95580
     tcatttaatc actatttact ttattattaa ttttttttta cttttttgtc ttttttctgt     95640
     tgaactcaga aagagaaacc tgcaaacctg gtttttccta ctatggaagt caattattac     95700
     atatgtcatc aatatatctt tagtgttctg aagactttgg aaactcataa gaaacttttt     95760
     aagatttgat accatatgag ggtgagtagg caaggcagta gcacagtagg tagtgctgtc     95820
     gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctgggtcgct ggttcgaacc ttggctcagt tggcatttct     95880
     gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccctgccttc ctgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctcccccaca     95940
     gtccaaagac atgcggtaga ggtgaattgg gtaggcttaa ttgtccgtag tgtatgagtg     96000
     tgtgtgtgga tgttttccag agatgggttg cggctggaag ggcatccgct gcataaaaac     96060
     ttgctggata agtttgcgga tcattctgct gtggcgaccc cggattaatg aagggactaa     96120
     gccaacaaga aaatgaatga aggtgagtaa attttaaatt ttgggtgaac taactaaata     96180
     cgtctatata cgtcaaaaag acaaatgtct ttgtgtcatt tacctagtta tgtcatttga     96240
     aatgcaaaga tgatgtttga gttgcctttg taacaacctg gcaattaaat acatcataac     96300
     ctgtctatgt catgtcaact tgacaaatta acttgtcata aatctgtcat aaacatgatt     96360
     ttcatggggc cattagaatt gttttacgaa ttttataagt gccattgata ttgtcattga     96420
     atacagtggt acaaattaaa tttgtcatta aaatatcatc aaatgttatt acttattaat     96480
     aacactgtta ataaattatt tgacagagta ttggcaattt taatgatcaa aacagtttgt     96540
     tccattgaaa aaaaaaagaa aacattcatg acacagttat aatagcctca tgacaatcat     96600
     gtttatgaca gatttatgac aagttttgtt gccatggtaa tgtcaaggta tgttacagct     96660
     gatgatgcat taagttatat caagttgtca cggccaagac aattcaaacc atgtcattta     96720
     aaatgacaca atgcataaaa gcttttttcc aatccatgac gtgtcctttc attattataa     96780
     aggtgtcatg acggtcaaat gaacgccccc ttcaagtaaa atgttaccaa atgtttatac     96840
     atttaaatat tactaagcgt tgacttaaaa aattcgaatt ttgatactct tttaaatcct     96900
     catcatttga aatcagctct gtcaatgaaa catattaaaa tgcttctttt ttggcttctc     96960
     caaagacctc cagatc                                                     96976