EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL928800; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 153880 BP.
AC   AL928800;
DT   26-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-233G21 in linkage group 3 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the aanat2 gene for arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase, the
DE   gene for a novel protein similar to mahogunin ring finger 1 (mgrn1), three
DE   novel genes and a CpG island.
KW   aanat2; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-153880
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 625ff2d71b8e337d58d745d3a6752029.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991630.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-233G21. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-233G21 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-155C19 is at 103836 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-146K13 is at 98647 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-233G21 is at 153880 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-233G21 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..153880
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-233G21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..151880
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(3308..3548,6500..6763,6866..>7189)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI353987.1 Em:BF158108.1"
FT   CDS             join(3461..3548,6500..6763,6866..>7189)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009105"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0J7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003987"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013768"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0J7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040108-6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14145.1"
FT                   TVH"
FT   mRNA            join(19872..20061,25543..25827,25937..>26176)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL921564.1"
FT   CDS             join(19983..20061,25543..25827,25937..>26176)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009106"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0J8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14146.1"
FT   CDS             join(<41373..41661,41768..42091,42303..42536,50443..50552)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009107"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0J9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003987"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0J9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14147.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<41373..41661,41768..42091,42303..42536,50443..50579)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919092.1 Em:BF158108.1
FT                   Em:BM141008.1 Em:CD284345.1"
FT   misc_feature    48045
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-155C19"
FT   misc_feature    53234
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-146K13"
FT   misc_feature    60399..60439
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    60440
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   CDS             join(<70762..71022,71125..71448,71676..71909,77107..77222)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009101"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0K0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003987"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0K0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14148.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<70762..71022,71125..71448,71676..71909,77107..77246)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF158108.1 Em:BM141008.1
FT                   Em:CD284345.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(100162..100930,108608..108661,
FT                   108969..109200))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI887712.1 Em:CB360294.1
FT                   Em:CD599309.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(100634..100930,108608..108661,
FT                   108969..109076))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009102"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8BQH4 Sw:Q8IYN6 Sw:Q8IYN6
FT                   Sw:Q8TB05 Sw:Q8TB05 Tr:Q6P3B2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009060"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0J4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050522-446"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14149.1"
FT   mRNA            join(111974..112571,113461..113579,115355..115443,
FT                   115558..115704,118001..118118,118277..118343,
FT                   118596..118639,118731..118778,118866..118934,
FT                   120172..120331,120430..120539,122842..123056,
FT                   130534..130645,130733..130778,132293..132397,
FT                   136644..137263)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to mahogunin, ring finger 1
FT                   (mgrn1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL921967.1 Em:BQ263221.1
FT                   Em:CB353404.1 Em:CD589348.1"
FT   CDS             join(112484..112571,113461..113579,115355..115443,
FT                   115558..115704,118001..118118,118277..118343,
FT                   118596..118639,118731..118778,118866..118934,
FT                   120172..120331,120430..120539,122842..123056,
FT                   130534..130645,130733..130778,132293..132397,
FT                   136644..136756)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009104"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to mahogunin, ring finger 1
FT                   (mgrn1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O60291 Sw:O60291 Sw:Q7ZUL9
FT                   Sw:Q9D074 Tr:Q6P7J2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R0J5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0J5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-110401-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14150.1"
FT   misc_feature    119116..119142
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    132783..132819
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mRNA            join(151871..151880,AL954661.10:1..280,
FT                   AL954661.10:1587..1741,AL954661.10:4902..5888)
FT                   /gene="aanat2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233G21.7-001"
FT                   /product="arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF124756.1 Em:BC059422.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919890.1 Em:BG305594.1
FT                   Em:BG306724.1 Em:BG884130.1 Em:BI705902.1 Em:CB364275.1
FT                   Em:CK017834.1 Em:CK028578.1"
FT   misc_feature    151880
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-233G21"
SQ   Sequence 153880 BP; 47793 A; 28602 C; 28131 G; 49354 T; 0 other;
     gaattctgcg cgcgccagat aagaatttgc agatattttt tgctatttct gagcagaatg        60
     attttgggag tattataact aaaaccttaa tatatgaaat aaaaagtaat accatattaa       120
     cttgtattta atgtttacaa tgcaaatcca attagatcca cttgatttag taaacaaagc       180
     aagtctccca tataatataa ctactaaaag acagaaaatg ttactctaca aactgtattg       240
     tacataaatc atataaatat gttcatatta gttaataata ttactgaaaa taatttgaaa       300
     accgaataaa tattaattta cacacattta cacaagtaaa taaacagaat caatgatgga       360
     ctaaaatctg cgaaattctg tgcgggcaga ttccgtgtgg gtctacttat tagttaaatc       420
     caccactgct tattttgaaa atggtaatca acattttagc taaatgcaga tcatttcatg       480
     ccattggtta ataaaaatgc tgtaaaatca ttaccaatac cgggcctttg ttctcaatag       540
     tagactatat tctagcacct ctcttgctag tgtgatctct tgtagaaact gggaggaatg       600
     ttctcttgat ctgtgttatc tatcctgctg tctcaacgca ttccacactc ccccctcaga       660
     tataaaacac tccgtggcat ccaaagaaaa tgcacaaagt tatgttgcaa gtctcttcag       720
     atttcacatg ctgcttgtta aaataggagc ctcatcaggt aatattaata tataaaacaa       780
     atgatcaagt taagaaaaac aaaagacaga aaagacaaag tgcaaatctg cttcttagca       840
     tagttattaa gttccccctg tccactaaaa tacacaggga gttttgttct tcagtgagaa       900
     cctgatactt cactcccaca atctcagata cttcactgct tcctggcttc ttatcagctt       960
     ctcactgagt ttcctttatt tcctgatcct cgtgggtcat tattttattc acatattctt      1020
     aggaattaat cagaacttgt tgaataatta attgattttt tttatttatg ctttattatg      1080
     agtttattat tagattgttt gtaaattatg cagacggtaa atcaattaac actgaagctg      1140
     ttatcgggcc aacactgatt tacaccatta actgtcattc ctcatttcca gcgtatgata      1200
     aatgcctgta attcatgaat ggtttggaat acaaggttgg tcttttttat atatatgaac      1260
     aggacgctga gcagagcatt gatatagcat ttgtgtttta aaaaaatgga caagttaaag      1320
     aaagtttata tttttcatta attcattttc ttgttggctt agtcccttaa taaatccggg      1380
     tcgctacagc ggaataaacc aacttgtcca gcacgtttta gcgcagcgaa tgccctttca      1440
     gccacaaccc atctctggga aacatcacca tccagacact cacacttcac acacacacac      1500
     tcatacacta tggacaattt agcctaccca attcacctgt accgcatgtc tttggtctgt      1560
     gggggaaacc agagcacctg gaggaaaccc acgagaacgc agggataaca tgcaaactcc      1620
     acacagaaac accaactgag ccaagtttcg aaccagtgac attcttgctg tgaggcgaca      1680
     gcactactta cagcgccact gcatcgccat gtatattatt cattcatttt cttgtcggct      1740
     tagtcccttt attaatccgg ggtcaccaca ttgaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcacat      1800
     ttttatgcag cggatgccct tccagctaca acccatccct gggaaacatc cacacacaca      1860
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaaca      1920
     aacacactat ggacaattta gcctacccaa ttcacctgtt gacatgtctt tggactgtgg      1980
     gggaaaccgg agtatccaga ggaaacccac gcgaatgcag ggagaacatg ctaactccac      2040
     acagaaatgt caactgagcc gaggtttgaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc      2100
     actacctact gggccactgc gcctaagtgt taatttgtaa taagtaagct ttttgttctt      2160
     ggtgtcagca aacaaaacta gtttaggaaa tggtgcattt agtgatttga aagtggtgag      2220
     caattccagc catttccatt gtatttctat ttgttaattt attattttgc tgtctttttt      2280
     ttatcattta gtcttctttt ccacattttt tatcttaaag tgatctctat gttgtaaata      2340
     attagttttt ttcaatctga aattacgtta atttacaaca aaaaataatg aatgcaatga      2400
     acttcatttt taataatctg atttggttgc tgaaatgctt catgatttgg ggtgggagac      2460
     acattcacac ggattatatg taataattat gtttttgtta gaaacttcta tttgggtttc      2520
     acgatggctc agtggttggc actgttgcct cacggcaaga aggtcgctgc ttcaactctc      2580
     ggctgggcca gttggcgttt ctgtatggag tttgcatgtt ctccccgtgt tggctttggt      2640
     ttcttccagg tgctcccgtt ttcctcacag tccaaaggca gtataggtgg actgcgatgt      2700
     aggtgaatta aataaactaa attggcaatt gtttatgggt gtttgtgtga atgtgagaat      2760
     ggatgggtgt ttcccagtag gttgcagctg aaagggcatc tggctgtgta agacatgctg      2820
     gataagttgg caattcattc tctgatgaat aaagggacta agccaaagga aaatgaatga      2880
     atgaatgaat gaatgaatga aagttctatt tattagcata gccctaagtg gcttaaagga      2940
     cacactaaaa aacactgtat tagcctattt caacctaacc tttggataaa acagggaaaa      3000
     atccaattta tatgaccaaa tgtaaaccat atcgtttgag tttgcccata tttgaccaaa      3060
     tttggaatta aataaaccag catatttagt gtaagttatt cgtgacatta agcttaacta      3120
     gtgaactatc ctctttcgtc tgaaaaatca taagctttgc tgaatttctg gtgatttcca      3180
     gtgtgacggt gggtcatgtg aacgtaaaac tggaagtgaa ataccgtgaa ataagaagga      3240
     gctacggagt tttagtttag tcagttgctg ctcccctaag agtacgggac attccagtaa      3300
     tcttcattac agctcgtcta cacaagggaa ggggcagttc cgctgattaa acccctgctc      3360
     actctcactt ttattctctc agtggtcgaa gtgttaccag atctacaaca gtgacaggac      3420
     aatactaaag gccaggactc gagctgaacc tagtttgaaa atgcagaaag ggtcgttctt      3480
     tctcggcaaa tcttcacgga tgtcccatat aggactactc ggaatttgtt ttctctcact      3540
     ggttgcaggt aacgttaagc gctttctaat tgtttacatt tgctagagaa taactgcgcc      3600
     actttgtttt gcatgttacc ggtttaaccc gaacaactgt ggatgaattt ggaatacaga      3660
     aataacgcta gtaatccata atggcacttc atttgatagc ttttacgtct aacaaagaga      3720
     gagtctatgt aagtgcctga ccgaaagaga aacttggctg aaagtcccgt tagccggtgg      3780
     agagaatatg cgatacattt actatcgtgg ctcagatttt atatatagat taagtttatt      3840
     tacctgtcta attgtgtatt ttaagccatg ttgttgccat ggttacacca tcaggcgaac      3900
     atgtacacgt caagtgaaaa tacgattatt gaagtttaaa gctggtggtt ttagacgcaa      3960
     agttgtgtag gctaggctga ttttaacctt acagaagctg aaaacaaggt atgtaacgtc      4020
     gtgttttctc tccctctctt gtgtttggca ccgaccggct ctgctcagta aatgttgaag      4080
     gctaaatatt gtcttcaaat tccagaaggg ggcgcgatac catttcatta taaaaagttt      4140
     cctttagatc cctttcgctt tttttattgc aatttagaac acagatacaa gggcaataac      4200
     ataacattaa attgatatca aaataaatac gataaatata aaataataca attatttaaa      4260
     tagtagattt aaggctttaa gataattaat agttttttgt atacaggtaa attacctttt      4320
     attttaaagt gagtgaaagt tttttcactg cccatttaca tttatcaata aaaaatgttc      4380
     catataaaga gaaaattggc aatataccag gtttttaaat caacagcctt ctcataaaaa      4440
     acttatcttt gaattccaat tcaatattca ttctctgctt aacaaaaacg aaaaaagcac      4500
     accaaaataa ttgtgtataa atacaatcat aaaataaatg agcaatactc tcttctttag      4560
     ctttacagaa agcacatttt gaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      4620
     atatatatat ttatattgga ggagctggaa gaagtgtctg gggagaggga agtctgggct      4680
     tctctcctaa gattgctgcc cccacgaccc ggccccggag aagcggatga aaatgatgat      4740
     gatgatgatg atgatgcaat tgtgattttc gaaaatatta cctcgcttaa taaacattta      4800
     ttattaccat ttgtgagtct ccccagatag ggatcagtgt tttatacagt agtcgtttgt      4860
     caatagaagg taatatatgt acattaaaat taagtttcta aagcatgtaa agtgtgacaa      4920
     aagctaaata tattcaattt tttgacacaa acacacacac acacacgcac acacacacac      4980
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat atatatatat atatatacac      5040
     tttttttttt ttttaatgtt ggctcctaaa atcttacctc ataccctgga ggaaaatatt      5100
     aatgcatatg aagtgtgtac gtttttatta ttgattacgt gatattttaa aaatcagcaa      5160
     gactccaaaa ttgccttttt tagagattat tcctgacatc gatggatgat atatattgcg      5220
     ttatcaaaaa ttattgaggt cgtgttcatg tactatgcaa taagttgata cattaattat      5280
     tgtgacagcg ttaataacat catgtgttta tttgaccaat tctgacataa gatctcagct      5340
     aaaatctgta actgatatgc taaaaaaact agcctcgtct gaaagtttaa agtagtttta      5400
     aagtttaaat aattaaagta gatttgaaga agtttaaaac agtcataact acaaataggt      5460
     aagcaggttt ctagttaagc agttgatagg ggttcttagt ggttgcaaag gtgttgctaa      5520
     gtggttgcta ggatgttctg aatggttgct agggtgttct gagtggttgc ttaggtgttg      5580
     ctaggtggtt gctaagatgt tgctagggtg ttctgagtgg ttactaggtg gttgttaagg      5640
     cattgctagg ctgttgcttg gttgttgcta cgtggttgct aggcagttgc ttggtggttc      5700
     tgaatggttg ctaaggcatt gctagttggt tgctagagtg ttctgagtgg ttgcttggca      5760
     gttgtcaaag cattgctatg gtgtcctgag tggttgcaat gtagttgcta agtcattgct      5820
     tggatgtttt aagtggttgc taaggcgttg ctaggtggtt gctagggttc tccaggtggt      5880
     tgctaaggtg ttgctaagca gtttgtagag tattccgagt ggttgccagg gcattgctag      5940
     gtggttgcta gggtgtttag agtggttctt aggtgattgc tagggcattg ctacgtaaat      6000
     gaatgaataa tgcatatttg ggaaagatat gtgcctgaaa agtcacagta ttttgtgtga      6060
     atggtttctt tgttaatctt tgtgtttgtg aggattaaca atgatgaatc ttctgtgctg      6120
     tgtgttgtca gagagcaaat gcaattacat tatagtatta aacgtgatat aataaacatt      6180
     tgtggtcaga atgtaataac aaaatatgta agatgctgga acttattgat tatgtttttc      6240
     atcttattat tcacaaaatc ctcaaactat ttagctattt attatcattg atcatctgtt      6300
     aagatcaggt ggattaaata ttacattcac agtaagtttt ctatccagtg cactaaaaag      6360
     gaaactgaaa ctggaaaggc attgtgtgct gttgtttgca gaatggtctg tgattttctt      6420
     gattgttcag ctgcacagca gtataagtga tgcagtaaaa atactgaaaa cacaacctgc      6480
     ttttcattgt gtttaacagg tgcactagaa tgtcctcttc aaatcagccc acagagtgtt      6540
     gtcgtgaggt acggtgattc tgtatcagta aactgcagca cttcagtcac acatgatggg      6600
     atgggatggg aatccactaa gggaggagtg cccctgtcca aagccagtct gatcacatgg      6660
     aaagtgtcac agctgacaga ctgggagata gagccaccat tctgctacat aaactatggc      6720
     caacaacaac aatgtgaagt agctctccca gtcactattt acagtaagtt tttctcttat      6780
     tattatctgt tcattctctg aaatatatct aatacatgta ggctgatgac tgcaggtttt      6840
     agagtgtgtg aatcttcctc cacagagact ccagacagtg tttccatcag cactgcgaat      6900
     caagcaatga cagagggaaa ccagtatgag ctccagtgtg acattcataa tgtggctcct      6960
     gctcagaatc tcattgtcaa ctggtacaaa ggagaaactc tggtgaatca aaccaacttt      7020
     actgacaaca ccaagagtcc agtcaataaa ataattagac tcccgatcca tccagacaga      7080
     gctgatgatg gagctcagta cagatgtgaa gcagagctga acctgggaga agaaggacct      7140
     caacctcctc ttaaaaacac atctgaacct ctcagcatta ctgtacattg tgagttctgt      7200
     caccttctgt gatttattgt taagaccaaa tgcaagcaga ctttaagtaa ctgtagcact      7260
     tacagaaatc agatatagaa tgtaactttt ctagaataat tcaagatgaa gttgataata      7320
     aaaattgaaa acttaaaatg tctatttttt cctctttcct gtagttaaac caaccatcca      7380
     caaactgccc tccacagtgt ctgtggtacg aggctattca aaggtggtag tttgtaaatc      7440
     ggaaggacat ccaaaaccaa caatcagctg gagtgacggc acaaacacag ttaatggtga      7500
     aaactttact ataacagagt ccacagctga gaatcttacc tgcactgcaa ccaatgccgt      7560
     cggcagctcc agcagatcag tgacagtggt cattcaaggt aactatgcat ttgttttata      7620
     cttgaccttc agcttgcttt catgagtagt ttcccgcagt aatttcagtc tgctttggca      7680
     ttagtgacag tcagggctta ctttgtgtag gaacacgcca tatccgaatc cggcacctct      7740
     gaaatctgat ccggcacctc attttaccca gccctcttcc ttaacggctt ttctcccccg      7800
     tcctctggtc acttttactt tctactagtg atgggaagtt cgaatcattt tactgactcg      7860
     gatctttgag tctcgttcat caagatgaac gaatcttttt tcgagtcgtt tcgttcattt      7920
     ggttcaattt gccaaaatat tattcaaatt agagctgtga acctacacta gtctcacggt      7980
     tcggttcggt tacgtttatc atgccatcga ttcggttcaa ttcgatattt cggtgcatca      8040
     cggtgcattg acggtgcttt ccgtacacag ttttatattt tcttcacagc agcatttctt      8100
     gtattaaaat gtatgaatat atttatattt atatattatt tgtaatacaa ttttgtcatt      8160
     taatacaaac agtcagatat ataaactgta acttaaaaca aaacaagcat ttagcaaata      8220
     atacaatgaa taaataaaat aataaatatc cagctcaatt tctgatcctt gtctagttct      8280
     cttacacctc tttgattggt cacaccctca aaaaaaacgg ttgcgattgg ctcttgcacg      8340
     ctgcgttctt tacagatgag tgatactgat aagcggcagg cggcagcggc gatctcacag      8400
     ctgatgtatg atagacacgg tggagaaaac tctgcagaca cgcgctcgtt tctgtatgca      8460
     aaagtaaagc tgtaaaacag ccgagaagag aagaaaagcc acgccagcag gtcaaatggg      8520
     ccactttgtt caattcaatt caattcagct ttatttgtat agcgctttta caatgtagat      8580
     tgtgtcaaag cagcttcaca taaatggtca tagtaactgg aacagtgtgg ttcagtaact      8640
     ggaacagtgt ggttcaggtt ttagtgttta agttcagttc agtttagcta agttcagtgt      8700
     gatttaatca ttactgagag ttcaaacact gaagagcaaa ttcatcgatg cgtagctcta      8760
     ccaatcctga accatgcgag gcagtggcga cagcggaaag ggaaaaaaaa acttcacctg      8820
     atgggagtga agaaaaaaaa ccttgaggga accagactca gttgggcacg accattttaa      8880
     tttctccgct ggccaaaagt cttgtgcaga acttcattcg ccgtggttta tgctggaaga      8940
     tggcctcaat gaagactcgt ctgttcctgg agcgtcgctg gaatcagaca catgttctcc      9000
     actccccacg accatcagcg catgagaaag agagagagag agacagagcg agagcaagag      9060
     agaggagaga gaaatggagt aggctacttt cattctctcg atctcagtaa tataggggct      9120
     attgttatat atgtcagtga aagactgatc cagcaaacac acacagtgaa attgtgcaca      9180
     gtttatgagt tttaagtagt taaagcgctg taaatactcg cgattgcctc ccacgcgaca      9240
     gagcgcatat gaggtaaatt acgtcagtaa taaccggtta tgattattac tgaaccgata      9300
     ccgaattgtc cgtgtctgta gcgcagtaca ccgaagaaac gattaatttt gacaccccta      9360
     attaaaatgt tacgaattgc ttccaaacac atctacaact aacccaaaag gttgatcgca      9420
     cgacaaatat gtcataacta ggatactatt agaaggagaa aataataatt aaatgtttac      9480
     ctgctctttt gtctatgaag gtagtgttgt ctctttgctc agcacacctc ttcatatctt      9540
     taaatgtcag tggttcattc acgttacact gacagtcaca tataatctta accaatgcac      9600
     acagtctaat ctgattggag ccatgattgt tcgttgttta cgtgacagaa tgactcaaac      9660
     ccgaggagtc gagagatgag cggttcaatt ctttttccgg ctctaaacgt gtatgattgg      9720
     cctggatgaa cgaatgactc agacccaaca gaggactcga gagatgagcg gatcaattct      9780
     ttttccggct ctaaacgcat atgattggct tctgccaatg tgatgaagac ttgaaattaa      9840
     cgattcctgc acaaatgtgc gcacatgcgg atgaacgaat cactccctga gaggacttgt      9900
     agttcccgag tcatattgaa gattcgttca aaatgaacga cccatcacta ctttctactg      9960
     caactcccga accctctaca ctttcgtctg caacaagccc cccccccaaa acgcgacacc     10020
     cctccgccat cgaacgcccc tccacttcca ctcaatgctt ttcactttcc actgcgactt     10080
     ctcttttggt ttgtgcttct gcacatggtc tgtgggccgt gtaacgtctg cttgtagtct     10140
     aatcattgga ggatgtgtta taaggatact ttttaagtgt tctggcttgt ggattgtgtc     10200
     agtgttggtg tcttgcttgg atttctcttg tctatgttat tcagactggc tgctttacat     10260
     ttggttgcta tattggcttg gatttctttc ccgaatcagc tgatttactt gtgtgtttgt     10320
     ttcttttgac acagagaata taacgcctat aataatcggc attgtttgtg gcatattgct     10380
     ggtcatctca gtcatcttca tctacatcta catcacctgc tacaaaaaaa acaagatggg     10440
     ccattataat ttcaagaagc ccaaagcatc taaaggactc ttagcgcagc cagcacagac     10500
     cccatgaagg aactctgtca gagcaatgtg attatgattc gctgagtttg attcatctgc     10560
     tgaacctcac agtcagatca gtcagaatga aatgtgacgt gttgttgtgt ggaccagtct     10620
     caaatgtatt agcagcagtg ttacactttt tcagcatttc tgcatagatt tctacactgt     10680
     aaaacccaac agtcaacttt ataaaaggaa atgagtgtcc ttaactcaaa atgtactgaa     10740
     agttaattct actcatttga aaagtgtttt gaactcagtg ttgaagataa tgagtttatt     10800
     aaaaacctca ttactccaac ttaaatgaag taagttcaca gtactcacat acttagtttt     10860
     aagtcataga ttagttttta agtcaaatgg tttgttgcaa ttggtttcct caaacagttt     10920
     gagttgcctt aactttttta cagtactcag ttggtttgag gtctcttcat ttattgctca     10980
     aatttcttag tttactcaaa tggattaagt tcaaagtact catcaggatt agtttgtaaa     11040
     cttaaatggt ttgttgcaat cggtttcctc aaacgatttg agttacctta acttaatggg     11100
     ttttacagtg tataaagaaa ctatatttat atgtctcgga cacattcatc atctgtactg     11160
     aacacttatt ataatcgtct gagaaaaaca ctgaagttat tatgggacat ggcactagat     11220
     gttgtacatt tctgacctat ttaaaaccag gtgcttaaaa ctaacaagag aatgtttaaa     11280
     tatatatata tatataatgt gttaaacttt gagtttacaa ctagttagtg tataactgtg     11340
     tttagtaaac cactagttta gtagtagtaa ttaataaata aataaatatg ttttccagta     11400
     gttaaacctt ccaaaaatgt tttacaaata attccgttat gcagggccga cataagaatg     11460
     acactaaaat tcacatccca gaaaatgaca acactcagaa tgacccaaaa gggtcaagtt     11520
     taccgaaaat tagtatccat cataacactg agtatgggcg acacagtggc tcagtggtta     11580
     gcctcacagc aagaaggtca ctggttcgag tcccggctag gccagttggc cttactgtgt     11640
     tgagtttgta tgttctcccc ttgttcgtgt gggtttccta cgggtgcttc ggattcccgc     11700
     acagtccaaa gagatgtgct ataggtgaat tgaataaaca aaattggcca tagtgtatgt     11760
     gtgtgaatga gtgtgtataa atgtttccta gtactgggtt gcagctggaa gggcatccac     11820
     tgtgtaaagc atatgctgga taagttggcg gttcattcct ctgtagtcca ccccttataa     11880
     acaaaaagat taagctcaaa agaaaaggaa tgaatgagta aattggcctt ggtgcgtgca     11940
     aataagtgtg ttaggatgtt tcacagaact gggttgcagc tggaaggaca ttcgctcttt     12000
     tcattgctgg ataagttggc agttcattcc gctgtggcga cccctgatga ataatgggac     12060
     taagccgaag gaaaataaat gaatgaacat tgagtacaag tagagggcaa taatattagt     12120
     tagatttttc tgtaagtata agtcacctgt acttaagtat gacttaagta taattctggg     12180
     aggtacatca aatatattcc tgagtataaa caaaatttac agtaaaataa aagtttaaag     12240
     aggtaaacat tttttttaga gatgccatga tataataata ataattatta gtattattaa     12300
     ttcttcacag aacttttcag ggaacaatta acaagccaaa ccaattattt cttagtgtga     12360
     agaacatttt aatgatcttt agagcctcat tcacttcata accttttgtg gaatgaaaag     12420
     attttatgga ttttcaaagt tctttatggg accatcagtg ccaaagtgac tttatttata     12480
     acaatgtata aatcacacag ttgaataaac ttttttatat atttttttac ttgtgatcat     12540
     ttgatgtaaa tatctctaat taaatctaaa tcctctgtat ataatgtaaa tctgaaattc     12600
     acattgtctg ttacgcacgg tacacaattt ttttattcat aacatgtaaa taaaagcatt     12660
     ttttgaatga ccaattcctt taaaataagt aacaacaata cacttaaccg tgaagtataa     12720
     tgctttctgt tgtttttaaa gcaaacgtat ccatatttga tctttgtttt gccgattgat     12780
     actgcagtga tttcagatct gatttaatga gttttaatga agtaaatacg catacacaca     12840
     cattctgagt tgcaagactc taaatgaatg taccaaggat agtgttttaa taaacaatct     12900
     gtattaatct gtttaatctg tatataaaag attttagtta aaaatgtcat cagctttcac     12960
     ataattatat atatatatat atatatatat atattttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     13020
     ttatcatgga atttttattc ttgcaaatag cattttacat tttataacaa accacaaaac     13080
     aatccccaaa taaagctatc aacatctgta aatgaataag taaataaata aataaaataa     13140
     aataaataat aataaataaa ataaaaacaa atagaaaaga cagagaaacc aaaccatata     13200
     caaacacaca tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catacataca tacatacata     13260
     catacataca tacatgcata caaacataca tacacatgca ccttcactca atccacatca     13320
     aaggttttta agtgattaaa taatataata aatggtggcc atttttcaaa aagatgttct     13380
     cccctacctc tgatattgta tttaattttc tcaagtttta aaaagaagac caaatctttg     13440
     agccacaatg aaatagaggg gaattgtgga gaggtccaag acaacagtat tctgcgccta     13500
     gtgagaagag ttgcaaaagc cacattggca acctgtcttc gttatatagg ttgacactga     13560
     gagggaacac caaagatcac gattaaaggg taaacagcta acttgagccc cagaataaca     13620
     gaagcaattt taaagaaagt aatccaataa ttttgcaact tatgacaaaa tacaaacata     13680
     tgactaaggt tacatggtga aagtttacat ttatcgcata tatctgaaac attaggatac     13740
     attttagaaa gtttggcttt taagagatga gctctgtgta tccttttaaa ttgtaaaaaa     13800
     ctgagtctag cgcatgaagt ggaggtgcgc acattgtcca atactgcact gcagtagtca     13860
     tcttcaaact ctaagtcaag ttcttcttcc caggccctga tagctttaat gttataagaa     13920
     ttatcctttg ataaattaat atagttaata attattaacc aaaaaatgat attagagggg     13980
     tggtcaagcc tttaaaacat ggtatttcaa agattttttt tttaaaatgt ataagtacaa     14040
     atgacccact tttagatgtt tttatctaca cagacttaaa caacagaaag tttttaataa     14100
     aaacataatt ttaatggtaa attaaaaggg taaatttttt aacatttgtg aaaagtacta     14160
     tttatacttc aaacgtttat taaaaaagtg acaattcatt gaattgtgtt gtaatttatt     14220
     cacccttcac ttgttcaaaa catatttgag tttatttctt ctgttgaaca caaaataata     14280
     tactttaaaa aatgctgatg actggcaccc attgaattcc atagtgtttt tgtctactat     14340
     ggaactcaat gggtgccagc aaccagttta ttcacagaat tttataattt aatcgccctc     14400
     catttgctca aaacctattt gagtttcttt ttttgttgaa cacaaaataa aatactttga     14460
     aaaatgctga tatttggcac ccattgactt ccatagtgtt ttttcctatg gaagtcgttg     14520
     gagtactctt caaaacaaca agaacaaaga aacgtgtaaa ggtctaaaac cacatgaggg     14580
     agagcacatt tcaatgtggg agagctatca acactataag ttatgaatgt cagtgtgtgt     14640
     acgcttgtgt gattcaatag cttcattatt agtgatccac acactgttct ccaatgcttg     14700
     acaagaacaa tacgactatt cagcttggtc tgaggagtgc tgcctgctgg tacaacagat     14760
     ctgcttctgt taaatgtaaa acttcagtaa cgaggctctg accgcagaca ctctgcatga     14820
     tctctagtga tgtattactc agtatttggc gctgtcccct tgttagtaaa cagtacctgt     14880
     agggaaatga ggatgtatcg gtggcagctt ggcgctggtg tgtattgtat aatttgctgt     14940
     gtttgtacgg tgcgtctcta ctgttggaag taatgtgtag gaaattcaca ctttgctgat     15000
     ggtttgttta caaacacttg aacaacaaca ctaccattta accaaccatt gtgtgtttgt     15060
     tcacacttgc cttcaatcta cactcaccca aagagcttag attgaccaag aggcgacact     15120
     caatagaacg ttccattgca acagcagcgc ccatcaacag ccccggattc cgccattttg     15180
     gagtgaaagt gatcggccgt ccattgaatc tcattactgt cgctatggca agcagctgca     15240
     ttgttttttt attaatttat ttaaaaagta cattaaagcc gaaatacaac ctgaaagaca     15300
     acaatacaac atttgctatc aaaatcataa gcacttttaa tagtttaatt tacagactta     15360
     taatgtgctg tttcgattgg agttttcatt ccaaaatggc cgccacgccc tctagtggct     15420
     gtttcccata ttacactaga gtgtcgcctc ttggtcattc taagctcttt gactcgccta     15480
     aacacgttct atgcatgagc atgatgtcat cattttcaaa aacgttccct ttgtatcagg     15540
     gtgtgaatta tacattagcg atcagggggt caactttttg gtaagatttc aggaaatcaa     15600
     gttaatcttt ttatttaaat gacaccaagt ttattaataa gacatttaag ttttcagtgt     15660
     ttttgagaga tatttaatgc atgaaataca gtaacctctg aagtaatcag ctcaaatgat     15720
     tcgaatgatt tttgtaaaga ctgattggcg tgattatcca tgaaccccta taatggtatg     15780
     aaccattata ggggtggtca aatgtatatt tgtattatct attttatgtt aatcattaat     15840
     tttattaatt aagatacaga tcagggaaaa ctatttgtca gtatgtaagg gctgccctgc     15900
     ccatacattt tattttgaca tcttttaaag aggggattga gcattaatta ggtgggtcaa     15960
     acccctctgt aattcaccct gctttgtatt cagttttcag atttgtcttt tcagtacaaa     16020
     aaaaaaattg acattgacat gcagacgaac atgaaaaagg cataaaaact tttacattct     16080
     ggctgaaaat tggaccctaa aatgttttat acatgcattc acactcactt ggcatgttta     16140
     tattttgttg acgttcaaac ttgccatcag ttgtgtaatg gtcacatgag aggtgcttga     16200
     cgaatcgggg aacaatacat aatagtgcag aagaccactc agagagtgat tgaggggagt     16260
     gatgcctcca ttttcatgaa gtctgcattt cagtggggta tatgcacaca gacttttaat     16320
     ttcagtgagc cagtgccagg gcttctagtt aattgtagtc ccatacaaaa tcagcacgtt     16380
     taaattctga tttcttaaaa aacctgcaat catcaccgct tggctgtggt atcagaccaa     16440
     ccaaaaagca ctgtattaca ttatattttt ctgcgacatg tctttaaaat atggaaatgt     16500
     tttttttccc agtattttta attgaatttt tgcgctagcc ggctgctaat gacactgcct     16560
     gcatttacat gggttgactt ttttctcttc tggtcacatg gaatgtgttt tgggaggagc     16620
     tatcagggca tgtcttgttt tagctctgcc ttcatctaat caccaatctt ctttcatttt     16680
     gtcagccaca cccatctttc aaagatccaa tcagttctca aaggatgaaa ttatgaactg     16740
     ccctacattt tttttcctta tttcaggacc gcttcaatcc attgtacgtc acagtagagc     16800
     aaaaagggtc aatcttaact tcggtttcat gccaacttta aaggatgaca ctgactctcc     16860
     ctccgaacaa actctgatat cactagattt gaccataaaa actgtgtagg aataaattac     16920
     attttgaaac ccaacaaatg accagtctgt cagataaaga agagccggag ttagagattc     16980
     agttaacttt tttaacaggt taagtttact gaagatattt tgcagtctca tcagcaaaag     17040
     ccagcttcaa caatgaatct caaaatatca acaattatac ttttacataa catcattaac     17100
     tgtgtcagca tatacagttg aagtcagaat cgttagcccc cctgatttat tagcccccct     17160
     gtttattctt gttccccaat ttgtttaaag gagggaagat ttttttcaac acatttctaa     17220
     acataatagt ttcaataact catttctaat aactgattta ttttatcttt gccatgatga     17280
     cagtaaataa tattttcaag acacttcttt acagcttaaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac     17340
     taggttaatt aggttaactg ggcaggttag ggtaattagg caagttattg tataacgatg     17400
     gtttgttctg cagagtatcg aaaacataaa tggcttgaag gggctaatat tgaccttaaa     17460
     attgtgttta aaaaaattaa aaactgcttt tattctagcc gaaataaaac aaataagact     17520
     ttctccagac taattttttt tttcagacat actgtgaaaa cttccttgct ctgttaaaca     17580
     acgtttggga aatataattt tttttttttt aaatcagagg ggggcgaata attctgactt     17640
     caactgtagg cgttttagcc tgtttggtta gaacactgat aaactaagac aacgatatct     17700
     caatatctca agcatacaaa tgtcagacag ctagtgggct gtttagagct gacgccagac     17760
     ctgtgaaagg atccacaaag gtatagaaca cacacactga acgtacaatc tgtttcttac     17820
     ccaagcctga gtgtactctc agcagtctta tcaaaagtgg ttaaaaactg gtacaatcta     17880
     catgccaaac tggcagcgta catacaaagg aatttacttt aaaagattta acacttaaaa     17940
     taggaaatat cactttagac atatttagca cacagcaaat aagaatagga agagttgctt     18000
     acgattcttc aagaatccag gtccactcaa gaagtctcca tgtcctctca actgatttga     18060
     gagcttgtga aaatagagat atgacagaca aagatagagg caaatacaca gaatattctt     18120
     acattaagga atgtgttaac tttatccatt agtcaaaatc atttcaagat taaaagctga     18180
     ttcaaataat catattaata aagtaatgac aaaaaggata ctgagaaagg ataaacgtcc     18240
     catagagcaa aattgctctg gcccacacaa tcagcttttg cttggcccac agatttgaca     18300
     ggaccaagtc tggcttccag acaagggcca accatggccc atatctgggc caagtcttag     18360
     ccaaggtaat aatccagaac taagcctgaa ctgggccaga tatgttggtg tgtcatgact     18420
     gcaatgaaat tgataaaccg ataaagcttt gcgctgtacg cgtgctatgg ccgtactttt     18480
     tctcgaagcg acctttattt gaaaataata aaaatgtatt ttaaatgtgg gtcaagatag     18540
     gccaagctta catggcccac ttatcaatta ttaacatcta ggccaaatac tacattttac     18600
     atctggccca agtattgtgt accgccttac agatggtgcc acctctgcca aaccaggcca     18660
     catggtgtat ggcagtgctg gatgaatgct tgctctgcca gatttatgcc agaattcttt     18720
     gctacctggg gttgatcctt tctgggatgg atttgaagac agaaatccaa ccccatcaac     18780
     atggtggatt ctcaaagata gcttttcttt catacagatc gatataatgg tgcgagattt     18840
     gtgtcttccc gcaggagatc ttgcatttgc cagaccattt tcttgtgctc ctttgacgca     18900
     ttacacaagt tctgataaat atcatcccat atttccccgc tgaaaaatcc attttaaacc     18960
     agcctaggat ggttggctgg ttttagctgg tcgaccagcc tggttttaga gtggttttgg     19020
     ccacttccag gctggttttc agccatttcc agcctggtcc tagctggtca ggctggaaag     19080
     tgaccagcta aaaccatcta aaaccagctt gaccatcctg gtttaagctg aacataactg     19140
     gttttggctg ggctcgtagc ctggcaaggc tggtcacctg gttttagctg gtcatctccc     19200
     agcctgtcca gctaaaacca ggctggacat ggcgtgaaac cagcttggaa gtggccaaaa     19260
     cccctcttaa accaggctgg tcgaccagct aaaaccagcc aaccatccta ggctggttta     19320
     agctggattt ttcagcaggg ttgtcaaaaa tctgttttgc atgttggtct tatgacagtt     19380
     taaatgcaaa gcaaaccagg acttgtgagc actctatctc ataaatctca tatgcatatt     19440
     tagacagaaa ctgtgtcagt cagtcgagct atagataatt tatgagtcac tggatgaggg     19500
     gctctagaat gactcatatt ctgtggatat gaaatagaaa gctgtgatat aatccatatc     19560
     aagcagcatt ccatagtcta ctgtgtgtgt ttttatacag acccaccctt atgcatatct     19620
     gatctggaag aggtgttgac aatgaaggga aatggggtga agtgagctgt ggcttctcag     19680
     tatggtgctt ttataatgct taaacctgtt caaacaaggc acaaaacatg gataaatgat     19740
     tcttctcttt ctccaaacct tgatctgaag tgtcagggtg caaatgaata aagttgaacg     19800
     tgcactttta gagagatgtg ggggagggtt aacattaact aacacagcca gcaatgcgag     19860
     ggaagactgg gcagtggttt cctgcgataa atgaagggtc cgagaccgtg tggtgtgttt     19920
     ctgatcgaac aattaaacgc tgtttgtcgg ttaaaagcgg tgtcgatata ttagccgctt     19980
     aaatgatggc gcggcgcgag cggatactct tcttcaagtg tctaattttg gatctgttgt     20040
     ggcggctgtt tgcgttggat ggtaggactt ttacataacg agtgttgtat ttttccagcc     20100
     ctgaagcaga aattatgtat ttacagaaca gttttcggtg ttaaacttgt gaatggtgtt     20160
     tttaatacgc caaagattga tcagacactc tactatagct tcagacaaga ctgtaactct     20220
     gtttaaatag cgatagacgt tgtcaaacaa gataaaacac tgtgtttgtt aacattgtca     20280
     gagctgttta acgttaacca aagccagcca taaaaagtaa gacgtgtcag caatcgtaga     20340
     tatatggtct tccagctttt ttaagtcttg gaattttaat gaagttaaac ttgctaacga     20400
     caggctccgg atgctactca tgagaagcaa catctcagtt tttgttttag tgccaagtgg     20460
     taacgtggtc attttcactg ttagctgata aagtgttaga ccgttaattt aaccatattt     20520
     gtctcacagc ttacagataa tgttcagcta agcttgtatt cttccaaaaa gattggacta     20580
     aaatgggttg tttgcttaca gttcacccaa aaattaaaag tagccttaaa agttaactcc     20640
     agccgatgta ggagacttta tttattataa tcatccttgg agcaattcca gcattatgga     20700
     tgtgacattt gcagtaaaaa ctcaaaactc acaaaaagta tatgttaaaa ttattttgaa     20760
     acatctgttt atgttttccc ttaattctgt ggttggtttt gcatcagaaa aatgtcaatc     20820
     tgtaaacatt ttttaaactt taaatgagga aaataagcat gcgttatgga tgtgatcaaa     20880
     aaagtatgcg agtttatagt atacaacata cttcgtagac attctgtgaa ttaaactgca     20940
     caacccaaaa taaataatga ttatcaaaag gcaaaaagtt gattctctat agaacaaaca     21000
     tgaatgattt tattttatgt aacatttttg tatatatgag ggaaaaaagc tttaatgtga     21060
     cgtctattca attatggatg tgacagatgt gaaattagca tcttctgtga ctttggtaaa     21120
     tcaaatataa ttctttgaga acattgacag agaccttttt gagtcttttt accgtcctgt     21180
     aaaatacaag cttacaaaaa aaacttggaa acttttttca tggaaaggta aacatttgtt     21240
     tgtactcatg aaatgcaggt cagaagctcc cagcacttta agagagaaaa cacaacatac     21300
     aggcagaaca aaattaatgc cgttgactca tctcagcaga cacacaacat aataataata     21360
     ataataaaaa caataataat aatggtacat tttatttaaa ggtgcctttc tggcaattga     21420
     aggacaccgt acaatgaaac aagcaataaa acaaggaaaa taatataaaa atatacacag     21480
     tagtgtagat actgcttttt ttttgttttt ttttttgaat aatgtaaggg agtcagtgtt     21540
     tctgatggca ggtagtagtg agttccaaag ctgggggaaa gagcgggtga atgctctact     21600
     gcccatggac gatagacgag cataagatgt taatattagg ttagatttag gttgccagca     21660
     tctaaggaca atgttaattt gacgttggat aatgacaaga aatgttgata tcttgttgat     21720
     tttaggttgt gttgaagtga ccaaaatcta acattgagtc aacatcttaa accaacgtaa     21780
     tactgatgtc aaagactgac atttatttga caggtatggc aaccaaattg cgacgtctga     21840
     tagacgtcat agtggtaacg cccacacaat gtcaagctgt aacatcatta gacattgata     21900
     gtttgttgtt ttaaggttgc attggaaagt aactaaaatg caatgtctgt tcaacattga     21960
     cgttggcccg acgttgggtt ttgatgtcaa gcctattttc atttccaaac aaaatgcaag     22020
     ggcgaagcag tgtcgcagta ggtagtgctg tcgcctcaca gcaactgggt tgctggttcg     22080
     agcctcggct cagttggcgt ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttttccctgt gttcgcgtgg     22140
     gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttcccccac agtccaaaga catgcggcac aggtgaattg     22200
     ggtaggctaa atagtcagta gtgtatgagt gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtatgt ttcccagaga     22260
     aggtttgcga ctggaagggc atctgctgca taaaaacttg ctggacaagt tggcggttca     22320
     ttccgctgtg gcgaccacgg attaatcaag ggactaagcc gacaagaaaa tgaatgaatg     22380
     aataaacaaa atgcaacgtt ccatgacgtt ggggtacaat gttaatcaat gtcgtgttga     22440
     catgttgtgc ctgctgagat gacattacag tatgtcaaat gttcagtctg tgctggaagt     22500
     ggaacattat ttacaaacaa taagtaaata taagtaaatg ctagttatta ccttgaatct     22560
     acacatagat gtttacctta gatgttgcct accctgttgt tgtctactgg aatgaatccg     22620
     tcaatatagc cgccatttta gtacagggtt gcgctccttt gaaatgaatg ctggaccaag     22680
     gtgcagtgga ggactgtggc cacccagagc aagagatata tgcacaaatg ttatatatat     22740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     22800
     atatgatcgg gagttttccc aatggtcagt atgcaagtat ttttttaaat ttcaaaaatt     22860
     atcattttac atcacttttc tattcttttc tacatcgatg gacaagtgaa cgtatgggca     22920
     ttgccgacaa agagtgtgtg tttgtgtgca tggagatgta ttattcttgc tttctgttaa     22980
     atttgatcta atccatatct tgaaacacac gctctctccc gttttcattt tcattctgac     23040
     ggagggagcg atttgtttgt gaatgaatcc acgttattaa cgactcgttc agacaataat     23100
     acaagtttct agcaccgcag catcttgttg tcatgtttca tttgcattgt ttgcttattt     23160
     tattcaacaa aactagcata agccttgact ttagagcaag tgggggctac tttgccttat     23220
     ggacagcgca gtaagtgacc gtattatcgt taataatatt acttgttgag cacaaaagtt     23280
     tataacacaa aaacgtaaaa aactaaatct tgaagtgttc tgcctttgtg cattgtttcc     23340
     tttgtttgct cgttactaca cccgtacaca gcactaaagt tcagcatctt cacatgggct     23400
     ttggtcttga ctagtgcggt tgaatgacat ttgtcctggg agcactgtac aaatatggtg     23460
     gcgctattga tgcatgctca gggtccatat gtgatatcta gtgtatatat ctatggaatc     23520
     cacaccctcg gctagcattt ttttgctaaa gcttgtatgt catgggagct aatggagagg     23580
     caggatgcat gtattatagt gttaaaatgt tacttggttt taatctggat actctaattt     23640
     agcacagtcc tatcatttgg ctttatatga tatcagagta tcatcaggag tcattttgct     23700
     ttgcctgtat atttgtggta ctctcaaagt gcttgtattg ctgacctgca tttaaagcgt     23760
     catcattaat gtagtgaata aaacatgtca cctacttctt gcatgacctt aattttagta     23820
     tgaactgtct ctctaaagct gcgtcccaaa tcgcatactt ttgcactatt atactccatt     23880
     ttgtagtata aatagtgtaa gtagtgtgtt cacactgaaa actaaaagcc cctaaaatta     23940
     agtgtataat gttggacact tcacttactc aacgaccgca gctttgctca catggcggaa     24000
     ggggcggagc tatcgggcgc acatgttgga taaatttatt tattttggat ggtgaaagct     24060
     aaattttcta cgagagtgat tatagcgcct gccgatagtg actgcggtta tactcatggc     24120
     aggtattatt tgattaatag gtcgtttatt tcactgattt ggcaaccgtc aaaacgtcat     24180
     cagggaaacg gtttgaattt ccgcttagta aaaaaaatta gtgctccatt tgggacgaca     24240
     ctacatacat atactatgct gttgagtgtg tggaagtgca taagtacata gtgtgtggtg     24300
     tgccatttgg gacgcagctt atgtgatttt tcaccagcct ggtcagtata acttagacaa     24360
     aaccagcaaa ttggtgtaaa cttttttttt aacagagatt aatgcctagt tcagactgcg     24420
     tgattttagc cccgattttg gctctccgac aggttttgag aaatcgccga caaatgcctg     24480
     atatcacagg caaatcgccg ctcgtgcacg tgagtaacaa tcacacagta tgaactatca     24540
     aagacgcgat ctgagagaat cgccgatgag tcgccgatgc ctgtgagata tttggcatgc     24600
     taaatatctg gagctgtcgg cgattcaaat catgccgtgt gaattgagtt ttgactgaaa     24660
     ataacatcag caattgccta cagccaatga gagagcagct ttcacttgtg tgtgcgtgtg     24720
     tgtatacctg ctgcaggcca gcgggaggct gggggagaag gtaaaagcgc tctttttcgg     24780
     tttgtttgga cccatgaaat ggaggaaaac tagtggaggt ttgactggat tcaggagcaa     24840
     ccgtgtctgt ttgacgtttc atacagaaag aaattagttt attatcaacg ttgaggagaa     24900
     attgttaatt ccctttaaac ccaggtgagc aaacatgtac atgttctacc tcattaaagg     24960
     cttctttctc attatgtagt taataacaaa atatatacac gtgtttttgg ctgtgagacg     25020
     tagtttggac gaagttgtcg gcgattcttc ctatagtaaa gtcatgcaat gtgaatgtcc     25080
     atgtcgccga tccatcttgc agtgtaaaca aagcagcgac gaaacacaag cccagacagt     25140
     caagcagtgt gaaaacatct gtgacacgac tactttgaaa atcatgcagt ctgaactcgg     25200
     cataagagaa atgtattgta atcattagcc cagcgtcaat ttgcacaatt tgaaatagga     25260
     aaatggaatt aagccagtgt gtttggcttt tacattataa ctcctgtaag agtcctgtga     25320
     gtgttatggt gactgttgca acattttaga gcgtgactga tggtcactgg gggttaaaga     25380
     gcaatatatc agctacagga tggctaccag tcagtctaag cagggttttt tttttaaatg     25440
     tattgacaag tattgatatt gtagcatttt tttaagtatt tgagagacac tggggtaatg     25500
     catttgcaca gcttactata taatgcttaa tatgtctttc agacttttcc atcagcgctg     25560
     tgaattacat tgaacccatg atagagggaa accagtatga gctccagtgt gacgtttaca     25620
     atgtgcctcc ggctcagagt ctcactgtca actggtacaa aggagaaact ctggtgactc     25680
     aaaccaactt cactaacaca atcgagagtc cagtcaataa aacttttata ctcctgatcc     25740
     atccaaaacg atatgatgat ggagctcagt acaagtttga gctgaaacct ttggaaatat     25800
     caaagtctgt caacattact gtaaattgta agtataacga tttgtcagtt tttcatgttt     25860
     ttgtccaaac acaaatgtta tataattttc tcaatcttta ttatgaatat ttatgttttt     25920
     tttcttcttc ttgtagttaa accggtcatc aatgagacca tactgccctc tgtggtgcct     25980
     gtgtttcgag gttatccagt gaatctttct tgtatagctg acggaaagcc aaaaccaata     26040
     atcagctgga agcacaaaaa tggaatcatt tacagggaat atcttaccgt aacagagtcc     26100
     acacctgaga acgtggtgtg cgttgcaaac aattccattg acgccgtccg cagagaagta     26160
     aaagtgatct taaaaggtat atattttgca tgtttcggct tacatttcca accttaacat     26220
     tcatgccata tgaaaaagta ggacacccta ctgaatttca tggatttctg tatcaggacc     26280
     gatgtagtgg aattggcgtg gacggagggg gacgtgtccc accaatatcc accaattact     26340
     gaaatgtccc taccaataat ttaattcatg cattaatttt cttgtcggct tagtcccttt     26400
     attaattcga ggttgcccca gcggaatgaa ccaccaactt atccaccacg tttttatgta     26460
     gtggttgccc ttccacattc acacacacac tcatacacta aggacaattt agcctaccca     26520
     attctctggt accttgtgtc tttgaactgt gggggaaacc agagcaccca aaggaaaccc     26580
     acgcgaacac agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acatagaaat gcgccaactg agccgaggct     26640
     cgaaccagcg acccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgtgccact     26700
     gcgtcgccat aatttaattg acttcaaaat aaaataatgg tctgtcaacc cttagtaacc     26760
     gtaacctaaa catgcacaaa gacgctacga gttcatcgtt atactattaa ccaattcatc     26820
     caatttcggt ttccattttg acctccatga ttatgaaaaa caataatcgg gataaaacag     26880
     ttcaattgcg tcacacacct ctctaaattc ataccttctc gaagcctgac tgtagtaaaa     26940
     tcatgtaaat tggattttgc agcattggac atgattgtta tttgtattat taagtgttta     27000
     tttaatatta ttaataacta atttattcac gtctttaaaa gcacaaaaca gagtttgtga     27060
     tgttcaatgc atgcactcta tggatataca gttgaagtca gaattttttt ttctatttta     27120
     taaatttccc aaattatgtt taacagagga gggaagtttt gacagtatgt ctgataatat     27180
     tttttcttct ggagaatact taattttttt taaacaccat tttaaggtca atattattag     27240
     cccctttaag ctatatattt ttcaataatc taaagaacaa accactgtta tacaatagct     27300
     tgcctaatta ccctaacctg cctagttaac ctaattaacc tagttaagcc tttaaatgtc     27360
     actttaaact gtatagatgt gccttgaaga atatctcgtc aaatattatt tactgtcatc     27420
     attacaaaga taaaataaat cagttattat aaatgagtta ttaaaactat tatgattaga     27480
     aatgtgttga aaaaaatctg ctctcagttt aacagaaatt gggaaaaaat aaacaatggg     27540
     ggctaataat tcaagagggc taatgattct gacttcaact gtatatcccc ccattgtcaa     27600
     gagctaatct acgctcttga tcagcacatt agcaaatcta aaaaacaatg ttccttttta     27660
     gacctgtcac agtaatcaat atatcgactt atggcacaac acatggacat gacctcagtc     27720
     aattatattt ggtgatggac aatacatata tcaccagggc tacacaatat atcgtttcag     27780
     catcgatatc gcaatgtgtg catctgcaat agtcacatcg caagatctgc aatgttgagt     27840
     ctgagtttta gttgagcagg agcaacagaa cacatgcgat ttgctgagac actgctaagt     27900
     ttaaccataa tagagtgaca gtttatcatt tgcttgtgtt ttaaggcctg tgactaagta     27960
     ttcaagagag tctaaaacgt ttgggcacaa acaaattatg tttgaaggtg taagaaggat     28020
     taatttcatt tgattattta ttcggataaa aaaagttttg tcttgtttct agtttaaata     28080
     tctactagcc taatttactt tccccattgg cagataattt agcttgtttt aataaaaaaa     28140
     aaaagttgaa aacaaaacta tttttagctt ttctttagaa ataagacaaa gaaaattaag     28200
     atttttttgc attgggtatt gaattattca ttcatttatt catttacttt tcggtttagt     28260
     ctctttacta ttctggggtt gccacagtgg aatgaaccgc ctacttattg agcatatgtt     28320
     attgagcata tgtcccagct gcaacccacc tcctgggaaa cacccataca cactcatttg     28380
     cacccaattc acctatagcg catgtcttta catgcactat aggtgaccgg agcacctgga     28440
     ggatacacag caaactccac agaaatgcca actgacccag ctaaggctcc aaccagtgac     28500
     cttcttgctg tgaggcgatt gtgctaccca ctgcgccatc gttacggtga taaaataaat     28560
     cagttattag aaataagtta gtaaaactat tgtgttcaga aatgtgttaa aaaatatatc     28620
     ttttttaaac aaaaattgga gaaaaaacag tggtctaatg attctgactt caactttacc     28680
     ttaggaacgc taaaacagaa actgtgtgta aactgttgta atccagttat catctcagta     28740
     aacatcgcct agtttcatgc ttggctgaag aatagaatca acctataata ataacctaca     28800
     tataataata acagccttca ttcattcaaa cccaacagtt ggttattcat tcattcattc     28860
     attttctttt tggcttagcc cttttattaa tctggggttg ccacagcgga atgaactgcc     28920
     aacttatcca atatatgttg cttatccagc tgatgccctt ccagctgcaa gcaacccatc     28980
     actgggaaac atcgatacac actcattcac acacatacac tacgaacaat ttagcttacc     29040
     taattcatct ataccacatg tctttggact tgttggggaa accggagcac ctggaaaacc     29100
     agcaaccttc ttgctgcgag gtgattgtgc tacccactga cgcccctaat aacaacctaa     29160
     ctttaataaa ctttactgat tttggtctgt tttaataggc tatcgctttc tcactaggtt     29220
     agaaaactat gaactgctcc atagtgaatg tagaaaactg tcgaccactg caagatgtga     29280
     aaagcacagg aagagtttgt cggaaattga ctgattttgc aaggtggtgc aaatgaattg     29340
     gaaaatattt ctctttccca tctcatattt tttccgcttg catgtccctt taggggctct     29400
     gtagaagtac aaagcaaaca ttggttgcta ttatgatctc aaatgagatc tttcataatg     29460
     atcatcactt catttcttta cttctaaacc aactatttag tttccgttac agaattaaca     29520
     aaaggtaatt gcgtaatgaa acaagcatca atcatgtcat gttgtttcag gcttttattt     29580
     cttttcttta gtagtaactc atcaatcact ttattgtttc ctttatttaa tcttttttcc     29640
     acagaggatt acctgccctt aatagcagga cttattgcta tcacagtggc gttcatctcg     29700
     gtcatcttca tcttcatcta ctcgatctac tacaaaactg ccaagatggg ccgctatagc     29760
     ctgaaggatg ccaagcctag tgcgcaaaat ggaaacatag cacagaatgg cagagacaac     29820
     tctatcccta tgaagaagct ctctcagagc aataaccttg cgtaacttgt gcacctctgg     29880
     ctttgctgga tctgctgagc ctgaatgtcc acaatgggat ttttacactg gaagtctctt     29940
     ggcctctatt tttatgtggc tagtttcttc atggctccat ttttttattt tattttacag     30000
     attagtggtt cattcatttc accaaagacc cagaagtttc tcaaaaatgc tatttttaag     30060
     cttcatgctg tggaccagag gaaaatatct tacgccccat tcacatgggg cttcagcgtc     30120
     agtgcttgac tgagggcgtg tctgaagttg gggctaacgc gatcgtcata gcagcgtcag     30180
     ccaatgaaat tcagtcagca ataggccaat gtctagttag ctggtgtatt tgcatacagc     30240
     gatctgattt gctgacgctt tcgtctgcgc ttgaaaagtt agtcccaacg tttgcagcga     30300
     gcaacgcctc tgaagcggcg ccgacgaatc tacaatgcag tccggcctga cctcacaaat     30360
     tcaaagtgaa tgggaagcgt tgacgcccca tgcgaatgag gcgttacata tgttgttgag     30420
     atgatatgct gaatttagtt catttcaagg cctctgattc ctgctgtgga catttttagg     30480
     aatcttaggt cttgaaatgg acatcaactg caaagtgaaa ttctgttgtt gagtaatatt     30540
     tgctttgtag accaggctaa gggcccgttt acactagtgc gttttagttt taaaacaacg     30600
     ttttagatca aaaacaatcc acgtccacac tagcgtttca cctagcgtct ctgaacatat     30660
     ctctgtccac actacgccac caaaaacgta tattacatga ccatttgcgc actctgggca     30720
     tgcgcattct agtataaaca gaaaacatgt gtctcgcttg gcatttggtt attattagtc     30780
     aacaaacgcc ggttgaacat taaacgcatt ggcaaagaaa tcaagagagg tatttttgtg     30840
     gacagacgac aaggttgagt tgttactaaa cgtaacaatt gaataactgc acaatggtgc     30900
     ctaaaacaga caatagtgca aacaacgctt ccatttctgt gttcatgttg ttgtttatag     30960
     tactgtcttc cggtagcagt aaagctatgt gttatagtca tgtgataggg acttgacgaa     31020
     taagggaagc atacgcaatg acacaaaatc cccaatcagg tagcgaattt cagcagccca     31080
     gcctccgttt tcagatgtct ccgtctttcc tcatccacac tgagacagag cagcagcgtt     31140
     ttagaatgaa aacgacctct caaacgtttc taaaacgctc cattttcggc gctctagaac     31200
     ggatggatgg cgtaaccgta gcaaaacgta tgcgttttaa aacgaaaacg cattagtgta     31260
     aacggggcct aagggaatag catgcttgtt ggtttgttta acaagactat gcttttgtgt     31320
     atgtctctgg cacattgatc aatatgatta tttatgtttt gtctaatgcg atttattgat     31380
     aatgacacta tagttataaa gctgtaatcc gttattttca gttcctctgg tgaaacctgc     31440
     actttagatt ttggaaatat agcaagaagt gaaagcttga atgctgaacc tgtgggaaaa     31500
     aaatctgatg aatttttgaa cgttctctca ggccttgcag cctgttaaat aatcactgga     31560
     catgatatgt gtgccagttt tatggcttga gcagtgtaat gaagatagca ttgttcatca     31620
     ataatgtccg tcatcatttt atcataatta gacgttttgt atgcttattt tttatcacaa     31680
     aacaaattta tgattcattt cttttatatg tgagctgctg tatggacgac atgagcttga     31740
     gtatatggtg acaggttttt catatttgta tgaagtgtcc tttttaagta agtcactgaa     31800
     tctctgtgtt ttcatgttga atgtatatcc atgtgctggt gaggttttaa atttatttgt     31860
     ggaacttcca ccgcttaacc ttatcagtac aatgtgattt gaatttgtaa ataaattttt     31920
     gtttatagca aacataattt gttaaaaaaa agaaactaaa ataaaaatat ttgtgctttt     31980
     atctcttctc ttgcgatttt aaattgaacg ttttgttgaa aaatccattt tatcagatga     32040
     atgctgacat taaccaaaca aatgtcttcc cctgaggctt ttttttgtac tgtttacttt     32100
     ttgttagata tttcatttag taaatctgct gtagcatatt ttaatgtatt tatttttctt     32160
     gttatagcaa gttaatacaa caacaataat aattggagca atagccaata caattgggtg     32220
     agacctttat attttactcc aaacatttag gggaaacaac ccacataaaa aaatattgta     32280
     tagtaatact actaaagtaa acggctagtg ttttgaacca taaaatagta aagtattata     32340
     tatgttgtga tttattatta atatgttgtg atttttatgt gtattttgtt tccgttatca     32400
     ctgtagttag gaatacctaa gctggatggc tggttttagc tggtcgacca gcctggtttc     32460
     agaagagttt tggccattta cagactggtt tttagccatt tccagcctta gctggtcagg     32520
     ctggaaaatt accagctaaa accaacttga ccagcctggt ttaagctgga catagctggt     32580
     tttggctggg cttccagtct ggctataggc tggtcaagct ggttttagct ggtcatctcc     32640
     cagcctgacc agcttaaact ggaaatggct ggaaaccagc ctggagatgc caaaaccccc     32700
     tccaaaacca ggctggtcaa ccagctaaaa ccagccatcc agcctagcca gccagcaagt     32760
     ttttaaagct taaacattac ccaatatggt aattttctgc actgtactac aatagacagg     32820
     tggtttacaa tttatatgaa ttcctatatg aatttgtttg ttccattttt gaaagtgtgc     32880
     catcataaat tgtaaaaaat aaccaataga agaagccttt tattatttag gtgtggttta     32940
     tttataaact aatttcgaga agttcacatg cttatgattg aacacagctg ttaatccccc     33000
     cttccacccc tactcctccc cttcagctga tagggcggcg tggttagcac tgtcgcctca     33060
     cagcaagagc gccggtggtt cggccacctc actaggctgg ttgacatttc agtgtggggt     33120
     ttgcatgttc tccccttgct cacgtgggtt ttccccaggt ttcccgtttt cctcccactg     33180
     tccaaagact tgcacattga ctactccaaa gtagcatctt aagacaaact catatctcag     33240
     catgttaact agcaggtaag ttctcgagat ctacctgagc tcaaactccc ctctcgccct     33300
     tcaaacggga gggagcttcg ggcttgagga tatcctgagc tcaggggtct cttccaggac     33360
     agcatgttaa atacgctttt ttatcaatca tcagctaaat gtgatctctt gaaatgtagt     33420
     ttgttatttg tctataggct aagggttttc atctaaaaca agttttaaca ttcccaattt     33480
     gtttgtttgt tgtttatgat ggatgataat aaattagcat ttaaaaataa gtatttttca     33540
     tatttcttaa attctaatct cattacatta tatataacta ataaactaca gtttaaatgc     33600
     acatttgtaa ttaaacatag gtttttgtaa acaaaaaata gtatgataag cactttgact     33660
     aaaatgtagg aagtattcgc aagctaatcc agcacatatt ggtgcaaaat gtcactaaca     33720
     gtatttgaac ctcattattt taggctatat atttatatat atatatatat atatatatat     33780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aatacatttt actacatgat tcaaaaatat     33840
     gatcgtatat tttcatggta acactgattt attagcccgt ttaactaaat ttctacatta     33900
     ttggaccaga tcagggaggg aaaacttaat ctgtcccata tgtttcattt cgacccaatg     33960
     ccgatttact cgtccaaaca agtatttaat tcatgttctg ttctgacggt gaggctgcct     34020
     gtctagtttt atctacgtga ccattttgaa gagttgtcga ttttaagtga aagtactgaa     34080
     ggcatttcgc gttaagctat tgtcaacatg tacagtatgc tgccgcgcct gtggatcctc     34140
     ctcctcctcc cgcgtgaaat gtcccaatgg tttcatttcc ataggtgctt ttgactgggt     34200
     taagtcatat ttattcgtga tttgggtgcg attttctgga gtagcgacta aaggccattc     34260
     gatagagtcg actgttgtgg cgagcgggac atttatttat ttatttatcc tttcaggggt     34320
     ttctcgacgc cgcggggctg caacacttac aacatgcttc agtgtgtctt gggacttttc     34380
     tcagcggtaa cgctgcttgt gactgtcaaa ggtttgttga cttagttcgc tttattctat     34440
     agactaacgt tacgtgttgt gaaagcgtta ttagccataa tgctttaagt atattaaaat     34500
     gctgtcattt gagttcgaaa gctaattcat tgctgtaccc tatatttagg ctactgtaca     34560
     gcttgtaata tgatatatag tatgactcgt gaaattaagt attctgcagc tgcatttgtt     34620
     tggatctgta tgtcaatgca gttacagata tgacaacact gtgtttattg taaagtttaa     34680
     tgttgatagc ctatttctac aaatgtgttt caatgtgtga cctttaacag gtaacctatg     34740
     tacatagaaa gccatgtgta cctaaattaa gattattata tacatttact gtatgtttac     34800
     tttctcagaa atctaaaggt taatgatgtc taataatgat attggacatt taaattatta     34860
     aatgtccaat tattaacctg ttgcacaaag ctggtttggg tttatccagg caaggttgtg     34920
     cttagtttga caaactttaa aaaattatgg tcaggaaggc agattagttt agatttttga     34980
     atcaaaatgc tcttttgctg acatttttgc cacttaaact atttattatt attattattt     35040
     tattattctt tcatcttaaa aagataatat taaatataat aacaatatct acctcaagga     35100
     caggtcttgc agtttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgcat ccaaccagat ggaagttgaa     35160
     ttaaaataga tagctggatt gacattttta ataaataaaa aagtatggaa ataaaacgta     35220
     aaagtgtaaa ccttttttgt ttgcacaaat gcataatttg aatggtttag tgtaatggtt     35280
     gatttttata attgcctatg atctatttgt atacttattt atgcatttat tttcttattt     35340
     ttttgtttgt ttgttgtatt gtttatctgt tcgaactcat attgtattgc ttccaacaat     35400
     aagtgacata atttctttct gtcattccaa ttacaacaaa taactcctgc aagtcctgca     35460
     ggaattataa aatcctgcag gatttgtcac ttgcttgagt ccattgtaaa aacctgtagg     35520
     aaattcctgc acatattgtc aatgtgtcct acaggatttt ataattcctg caggacagca     35580
     gcttttctgc agggaaaaaa aataatcctt taggattcct gcagaaagta ctgcatgatt     35640
     ctaaaacctg taggaattga ctgcacatat tgtcaatttg tcctgcagga ttacataatt     35700
     tctacaggat accagcaggt ttctgcaaaa aaaaaaaatt aaatcctgca ggattcctgt     35760
     aggctatttt tgtaagggca tggcctgtgc ttgagcatca cttggggtct gtcagtagcc     35820
     atgaccgtct ttctgatttt tgtcaaaagg tggtggtaca aaatttgatg gaggtggcca     35880
     ccttgtaatt ctctgtacaa gaaagccctg gtaatatctt attaaaatac aaattacctt     35940
     ttaaataatt acatgtgaat ttactttatc ttgattgatt tgcacagata ttataataat     36000
     attttctttt agttgccttc ttaaacttta ctacatctcc agagtttatt tcaatattaa     36060
     atgcattgta tttctcatct tgattcctgt cacttttcaa cagagaattt aattactgaa     36120
     tgacttgtga aaaatgaatc aaactgtttt gtgattggct gtttgctgca cgtgtcacac     36180
     tttcagtggt ccagagttaa caaagaaagt ataaagcttt gtgaaacttc ttaacctcat     36240
     cttaattagg gttggtttgt atttgttctt acacaaagga caaatacaat cgatgtaaga     36300
     ctcatatggt attaaaaacc aaagacttta agactagatt taaaaacaga aagggttgtg     36360
     gcctgcctaa cacggaaaag caaattattc catactttaa gggcaacaac tgcaaaggca     36420
     cggtctcccc tggttttaaa ccttgtgtgt ggaacagcta aaagtagctg atcagcacat     36480
     ctaagtgccc ttgatgtatc gtacaattta attaatgcag acaggtatct tggtgctagt     36540
     ccattgaggc aatcaaacac caaaactaaa atcttaaaat gtatcctaaa ctgaacagga     36600
     agctagtgaa gagaagccag catgggtgta atgtgttctc gtttgcgtgt ccctgacagc     36660
     gaacgagcag cagcattctg ctctatctgc agatgaataa gggaggcatg gctaatacca     36720
     aagactagga atgccttaaa gggccatgaa accccccatt ccccccattt tcttgtttgg     36780
     aaaaagtcag gaaagtgggt gtgtctatct ctatttgggt gggaaatggg agttgccttt     36840
     tgggcacgcg cttctgatcg aggaaaaaca aacacacaag caggggagat agacagtctt     36900
     taatgaaggt ggtatgtttg atactgcacg tcgtataaga gaaaaaaacc tctgcatttc     36960
     tctgtaactc agatgcagtc agaaggtcag aaagctgtgt gtgtgtagac gatcctgtca     37020
     caaaatgtgg cgaaaattaa acacgacggt ctgcaatagt ttgtttaaag tgttcacgtg     37080
     tctacacaca gagagcggca tttacagcgg atctttcagt ccataatatt gtagtgatgt     37140
     taacgtaaac taagtaactt agaaatcatt ttgactgagg tctatcttta aacactgaaa     37200
     gagtactgct gacgatatga gctataactt tgccatctga atgaacgaag aaagggcgct     37260
     gatcgcacac acttaccaaa tctgtagaca ggacaatcag cacatactgg agctgcgtct     37320
     ttttttaaag gagacgagca gcaaatccag atctcacaat ttcctgatga gaaaagctct     37380
     cgaataaaaa atgttccaaa caaatgtatt tctgcacgga tccacatgtg agtcctgcag     37440
     cgctctctta gacagaaaat gaaaacaaaa ccttcactgc cgcaaattat aaaagcaaca     37500
     ctgacgaccc gtatctccaa acatttcttc ttcttttccc actacttttg gcaacacgac     37560
     gtatgtcgtc tctctaccgt ctgaacactg tttcaggtac agtctaagaa agctagcatg     37620
     catattaatg aagttgcagc gcattcataa tggagcgcgc tgattggttt gaaccaagtc     37680
     atactcatga atgaatgcaa cacactcaga gacgtaatac gggactccca agtacagacg     37740
     tccagtcttc acactggaac acacgctaag atctcatggc catgacacag gttcaaaaat     37800
     tcttttcaaa ccggaagtac gaatttgatt gaaataacgc taaaacaacc aattttcact     37860
     ttttagtgaa atatacgtgt cctaagtgtt tttagcagtg tgggacacat atacgactgt     37920
     caacagctca aaatgtgttt tggtatttcg tgacccttta aaagtacttt gctaataccc     37980
     acaaagagga gcttattctg aaaaccagtg tttgttcaac ctgttttgtg caacaggtct     38040
     catgttttca aaaatatatg tttattttca gtaacaacat acattaaaca taaataagtt     38100
     ggaaacacgg gctgggactg tagtatagta gtggatagag tataaaacaa aaatatgtaa     38160
     aagcaatcta cacctaaaaa ggctttcaaa tgtgtttata aggaaagcaa ggaaagtggt     38220
     ccacagtgta tttttaaggc ttggttttgt ttaaaagatg caaagcaatg agtgctcatg     38280
     cttctcttgt agaaagtcat gttatttgtt catatatctt actttaatta tatacagcta     38340
     ctcagctaac atgaaaacga catatttcct agttcattcg aaaacccatc tgtgatttgt     38400
     ggatcggctt catgttacca ggaaatccat tatgccccta caagcatgcg cttttggact     38460
     ttgtaaacaa tcagtcagat gctgcgtctc aaatggcaca ctatacacta tgcactcata     38520
     cactatgtac ttatgcactt acacactcaa cagcatagta tatgtatgta gtgttgtccc     38580
     aaatggagca ctattgtttt tttactaagc ggaaattcaa accgtttccc agatgacgtt     38640
     tgacggttgc caaatcagtg aaataaatgc gcaaactatc aaataatacc tgccatgagt     38700
     ataaccgcat tcaccatcgg gaggcgctgt aatcactctc gtaggagaat tttgctttca     38760
     ccatccaaaa caaaaaaagt tatccaacat gtgcgcccaa tagctccgcc cctactgcta     38820
     cgtgagcaaa cctgcagtca ttgagtgcgt gaagtgtcca tcattacaca cttaatttta     38880
     ccggctgtat aagtgcatta tccgggtaat taaagtgctc tgattacttt tagagttttt     38940
     ggtgtgaaca cactacttgc actatttata ttacaaaatg gcgtggaata gtgcataagt     39000
     atgcgatttg ggatgcagct agagtagctg ttagcagtat cagtttgagc ctgaatcaga     39060
     caaaaaaatg acacagagga cacagctgaa cctcacgcct gctctctaaa ataaaatccg     39120
     acaagtgtct ttcatatata ttcaaaatag gcatgtgtaa gtgatataaa atgttcacaa     39180
     atcttttaca agtttgttat tggagattta gaacgcaagg aaagcggccg catagagaca     39240
     cactgcagcg ctgctgaaga ttgtggctgt ttacagtgct ttgactgata aatatgaatt     39300
     tgtagctaaa ttgttagcgg tgccaaacag catttcctct tgtttacatc cttgtttaca     39360
     tttttattac aacatacagt taatgctaga aattgtgcat gttattgatc aagtttaaca     39420
     aataaaaact tacaggttgt gacacaatcc acagcttcgt ctattatggt tggagctgct     39480
     ccttcattga ggagttttaa gccgaatgca gcactgaact gggggagatt ctggaagttc     39540
     tctttcgtca aatgctagct ataagttttt ataattctct gaaaaatact tcaaatgaaa     39600
     ctgtaagcac ttctctcttt gtgtcgtgtc ctttggaagc ccaaatgcag aaacagaaga     39660
     agctctgtgg aaatagcagc atttggatgc cattttagct ttctctgcta tattacagtg     39720
     cctctggcca cgccccttcg ctgtgtgggg tgtatgcacc tgatgaatgc gcgtaacctg     39780
     aagcaattag gatgtatttt ttgtagtccc cagtctttgt ttgctgtagg ctttgctcaa     39840
     ctaactgtgt aaaagccaat gtctcccttt gcattgaact ttgagcatat tacattcaga     39900
     gatgttgtta tgttggcttg agaaagccaa catactgtta tggtactctg tccttgaaaa     39960
     caaacttatc tcctcctagg tcgttcatgc cacaaggccc aaatgtggtc aaaatgtgcc     40020
     ttctacattc aagattgttg ctatatctcc tcatgcctat aagacttatt gttttttaat     40080
     aaaaaatgtt aaatattaca tttttatcat ccgagcatat aaaaaaatta tactagcccc     40140
     aaattaggtc aaaagctgta tttagatgcg ttagattttg ttgctatatc tttaaggttt     40200
     atcagactta tagttttcca ataaataatt tttaatcatt atttttctca aaatatggca     40260
     agccattttg acttaaactc catatttttt actgatatgg caagccattt ttgcatgtat     40320
     cactttcaca cttattaatt aagcattgta ttttcaaaaa aatacggcaa gccattttta     40380
     cataatgttc attcccttag tccctttatt aatcagggct cgccacaatg gaatgaaccg     40440
     ccaacttatt cagcatttgt tttacacagc gaatgccctt tcagccgcaa cccaacacca     40500
     ggaatacata atgttcaagt ccagtttttg acactcataa agactatcat agaaacatcg     40560
     gggttgatta agatcactca tattgccaag aagctttgat gtatcatcac taacctgtca     40620
     aatgtcccca tagcaataaa acagtataac ctagcaacca tttaaaaaca gcaatatctc     40680
     tacattagaa catcgtaggg acctgggcat tggcttgttt gactcatgct agcaaatggg     40740
     acttcctgtg tactatgcat ggtaacaatg ataatgcaag ccaagtgcta ataacgattg     40800
     gctacatgct ataaatgatt atctaaatgc aatatcatat gctagaaatg cctactaagt     40860
     attagcattt gatcaaacat gtacacgagc attgccattt agcaactgct tagcaaccac     40920
     ctaacaatgc cataattgta ttagcaactg cctagcaacc actaagcaac cgccgccgtg     40980
     cttcctgcca actgccattc ccagtcctag cgcagtcacg tttgctttct taagccaaca     41040
     tcaaagttaa tcaataaact ttaggttcta gtttatgttt tatgtttaca cagctacatt     41100
     acacatcaac taaagtttca aatgtgatat tgttgtgggg caccccgtta ataatgaaag     41160
     ggaattgatg agatttttgt tattaaacac acaaaaacta ctagtcaaaa tccaaaaaaa     41220
     aaaaaaaaca tatattgtat gcagctggtc agtaaactca atttctgatc aagaataaag     41280
     atcacacatt ttttcaacct aacctgaggt gtcctagcat gagactgcat tgtctttttt     41340
     cagtctgtca ggtaaatgat ccagtgtgca ttattctgtg ttctcaaatg tgttttacag     41400
     gtacaaatgc tgaatgtcct cttcaaatca acccacctaa acttgttgtg aggtttaata     41460
     gttcagcttc agctgactgc agcacttctg tcacacataa ggggatggga tgggaatcca     41520
     ctgtgggagg agtgcccctg tcccaagcta gtctgatcac atggagagtg ttacagctga     41580
     catactggga gatacagcca ccacaatgct acataaacta caaacagcag tgtacagtag     41640
     atctcccagt cactatttac agtgagatcc tctcttatta ttatctgtgt cttttcgttc     41700
     tcagaaatct ctaataaatg taggctgatg actgcaggta tcagagtgtg tgaatcttcc     41760
     tccacagaga ctccagacag tgtttccatc agcgcagtga atcaaataat gaaggaggga     41820
     aaccagtatg agctccagtg tgacgtttat aatgtggctc ctgctcagaa tctcactgtc     41880
     aactggtaca aaggagaaac tctggtgaat caaaccagct tttctgacaa caccaagagt     41940
     ccagtcagta aaacatctaa actcatgatc catccagaca gagctgatga tggagctcag     42000
     tacagatgtg aaacagagct gaacctggga gaagaaggac ctcaacctca tcctaaaaac     42060
     acatcaaaac cttacagcat tgaagttcac tgtaagctta tatactgcta aatttgcaag     42120
     tttgattcat gtttattatg agttcagcgt attagcagtc atcagtttga tcatatagta     42180
     cataatgaat tgaataatag attaaaatag tcagatacac agtaatttca ctgatgtatt     42240
     aatagcagtt cctcatcatg tctttgcttt agtgctgaga aatgttcctc tgtcctcctc     42300
     agataaacca caacactcca agtcaatgga gaacatcagt cagagcgata ctgtctatct     42360
     aaactgtaca gtgaaggcaa acccggctgc tgtgtacaca tggcactcag agcatctgaa     42420
     agagaagatc agctcctcgg tgatccagtc ctccccactc agtccaggaa aatacacctg     42480
     caccgccaca aacgatctgg gagcaagcag caaagtgttc atcgtcagtt ctgcaggtca     42540
     gctttgattg aattaacacc aatcttgttc ttcaccctca ggcaatgtct atctcagctt     42600
     gaagcacatt tactgatttt tacagtcaat agatcaatag agcactgcaa caatgacagg     42660
     tttgttgacc agttcaaaag tcaaacatat ttttttaaaa caaatacatt tttcattggc     42720
     ttttggatta agaaaataag ctccagagca aatcttcata atctaaaaag tttacaactt     42780
     caatttttgg aatttgaagt tgaatttgcc cagttttttt gcccagtttt tttttggaaa     42840
     ttcttttatt aattgaggcc agtagacaaa gaaccataca aatccacatt ttcaaaatgt     42900
     aagtaatatg atttttttca tttggattgt gaatattatg taatattttt atttatttca     42960
     cttgaagcta gacaacaaaa tctttgcact tcattttcca gtgttagtgt atagaaatat     43020
     aaagttattg tgatttatat ttctcaaatg tggaagtaca gtatatgccc agttaggatg     43080
     gaataacagt ataactccat ttcatcatat tactttaaac cactaaagat ctgattcctt     43140
     tatctttaat acggtaacag aaacatcagg ttaatattaa gcattttttt cacatttcat     43200
     tattattatt attattatta ttattatttg aaaacagaaa atacagtatg aacaatgtat     43260
     atagactttc ttacagtaca ggcaataaca atcaattatt aacaataaac aataagtaaa     43320
     taaatacaac aataaatcca aaaaatgtgt tgtttattta gataaacagg tctgctggaa     43380
     atatgcattg agacagcttt tgtacagttg aagtcagaat tattagcccc cctttgaatt     43440
     tatctttcct ttttcaatat ttcccaaatg atgtttaaca gggcaaggaa attttcacag     43500
     tatgtctaac aatatttttt tcttctggag aaagtcttat ttgttttatg tcagctagaa     43560
     ttaaagcagt ttttaattct acaaaaacat tttaaggtca aaattattag cccctttaag     43620
     ctatattttt tcaatagtct acagaagaaa ccatcgctgc gtccgaaacc gcctactact     43680
     cagtaggtat tgcatttgaa tttaaacgta ctactcggcc gttagaaaag tacgttctat     43740
     acagtataaa tgtgaaaagt atgaatggaa ttcggacgta ctacatccta cattttgtta     43800
     tggtcatgtg acctacctgc gttagttgcg tcgcctcagt tccattcatg aattctctca     43860
     cggggcatta tgggatagcg cagcgtgcat gggatgcgca cttcagaatc tcgccagaag     43920
     tagtaagtca tccgggtact tctcgcctac tgattttcga attctatgaa ttcggacata     43980
     ctactcggct tgcatactga ttttagcgta ctatatagta tgtaagtatg cggtttcgga     44040
     cgcagcccat cattacacaa taacttgcct aattacccta acctgcctag ataacctaat     44100
     tgacctaggt aagcctctta atgtcacttt aagctgtata gaagtatctt gaaaaatatc     44160
     tagtcaaata ttatttactg tcatcatggc aaagataaaa taaatcagtt atgaattatg     44220
     attgtattat taaaactatt atgtttagaa atgcgttgaa gaaaacttct ctccgttaaa     44280
     caggaattgg agaaaaaaat aaacggggct aataattcag gggttttaat aattatgact     44340
     tcaactgcat atggaatgtg gtttattttg ataggtttct gtttttgtgc agtttaagtt     44400
     ctcctcagca tatttagaga aagagagatt atatcacata tacggttctt ccacacacct     44460
     ctttttagtg aatttttctc aagtttttgt tctcctcttc gattcaaata tggtttccca     44520
     gcatccctca aagtcggcta tcctattttt gctgaggatc tgcctattaa cgaccgaaac     44580
     ggacatgaca gcaagtatct tcttagtgga catgaacgtt ttttctattt taatgtttca     44640
     agagttcaca cttagctgat gattgataat aaagctagtt tggcgtgctg tcccgagaga     44700
     gagccctaag cttataagat cctcgagccc tgggctccct cctgttgcaa ggcgagaggg     44760
     gagtttgagc tcaggtagat ctcgatgact ccccctcttg cttgttgtag ctaagtgtca     44820
     gatatggatg ctgaaaggtg tactcagagt ttagctaaag tatttggatt aattgtttag     44880
     agtgcttgtt ttcgaagtgt gggaggaaac cggaggaacc ggggaaaacc cacgcgacca     44940
     cggggagaac gagcaaactc cgcacagaaa tgccgtctgg tttggaaagg aattaaacca     45000
     ggggaattct tgccgtgagg caacagcgct aatcgctggc caccgtgtcg cctgtttgaa     45060
     aggagggaaa gtagggttgg gtgagggggt ttcttcaaga cgaagatatt gagatgagaa     45120
     aagtcaggtt atttatagtg agttaaggat aggataaaca gtcgttagct aaagttggaa     45180
     cagctgtgaa ccatcataat cacgtgatcc tctcgaaatt tgttttttaa ataaacttca     45240
     cttaaatgca gactcttgat cacactaata tgtgatatgt gtaaagttta cacatacaat     45300
     taatgtcaca tggttatgtc attttttttt tattttggat ttacggttgt tcgtcgcaca     45360
     cactgaatta ccctcatgtt gttccaaacc cctgagacct ttgttaattt aagttgaagt     45420
     ttctctgttc ctatgatatc tcttccctca accccccccc ccccccctct ccaaaaaaaa     45480
     aaaaaaaaac ctttgccaag acaatataaa acttgtgtgt tgcactcctg atggtattac     45540
     gtagtattgc ctgtagtaaa acgtgcaact tggcgacgta aaagaaaaaa agtcatattt     45600
     actatttttt tggctgtaca aatgtgttct tggagcttca tatgattaga gtttaaccac     45660
     taaagtcaat tgacaatgtt ttcagctctt tttctggact ttggatgtct tcgggttgac     45720
     agaggtcaca gagatttctg atttcatcta aaatttgtat atatatttgt cttttgaaga     45780
     tgaacaaagg tctcagaggt ttgaaatgac atgatggtga gtaaataatg acagaatgtt     45840
     catttttggg ttaactcatc ccttcaaaca gtagtcataa ggtaaatgta ggctaaaatt     45900
     gagccacacg tcacgtgact tgaagatcac catcatcaag cttatgatat gctttttgtc     45960
     ttcattttaa taaataacct cttaaatttt gatctaggat agattgcaaa aacacaatca     46020
     taaatacact gacatggtgg actagtgagt agatgtaagc atgtgttgtg gtttttacac     46080
     taacatttcc agtgtctacc agtcataaat tactctgctg agccatcaag cagacagccc     46140
     tctctgttgg tcattcaata ggcatggctg ccaaggagca gataaatctg acacaaataa     46200
     aaaagtcttt ggcttctttc agctgtccaa agtctggaac tgactggaga ttgacggatg     46260
     gggaatggaa aattggtgtt actgtccaaa tcttcctacg ctcttaagcg tctgtaaagc     46320
     cctgtttttt gcatgctcaa agaaaaactt tcccttcctc aggagggctg ggtttttagt     46380
     tgttatttta tagtttccaa gaaggatgcg gattgcgtcc agtcttggat ttccgctaac     46440
     catattgaat attagttcaa acacattgtc ttagacccag tcaagaggtg gttctgccac     46500
     agtaggccta aattattgta ttcacatatt tagtttcctc tgggtttgct tttgaaggtg     46560
     aagcatacta gaccccatgt gacaacagta catctgtctt ctaaactatc tactgacaac     46620
     aggctgatat gaggtcagta atacctcata tatcagcctt cagttcaaca tcaagattca     46680
     caaaggatgc ctttctcaga ggcaggggtg taatcttaga cagccgtcca tacctgggaa     46740
     ggcccctttc tcacatggta cataagttgc cttaagttat gggctgttct tcaagcactg     46800
     aataacttat atttgatggg ctactgaggg cgaagcagtg gcgcagtaag tattgctgtc     46860
     gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctgggtcgct ggttcgagcc tcggctcagt tggcgtttct     46920
     gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ctctgcgttc gcgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctccggttta     46980
     ccccacagtc caaagatgtg cagtacaggt gaattgggta ggctaaattg tccgtagtgt     47040
     atgagtgtgt gtgtgaatgt gtgtggatgt ttcccagaga tgggttgcag gtggataagt     47100
     tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccccag attaataaag ggactaagcc aacaagaaaa     47160
     tgaatgaatg aatgatgggc tacctcagta tctgttggtc tgttgagaca acacagcatt     47220
     agtcacgagt agggttgtaa caatataccg gtatgacggt ttaccacgat ttgaacgtgc     47280
     acgattatca taccatgaac aattgcatat caacggtttt aacccttaaa gatcgagaca     47340
     gccgcccgcg gctaaaaata agtattgctc ttaaatgttt aataactttt gatccgctga     47400
     tccgattcat acaatttaaa gattggcata aagaagagaa tctcagcttt ccagtgctgt     47460
     atcacataac ataacataaa acggactttc agaggctccg gaatcagtgc gattacgtca     47520
     tcaacatttg acaacgctga tttgacaaag aaacgctcgt cactgtgtct ccggacaaac     47580
     caaacatgat acattgatgc attgtccctc ctccatgccc agattggttc aaactcgcta     47640
     tatcacaacc aataagcata ggtttcgctt ttgtttgtgg actaagcttt ttgaacaaca     47700
     cggaatgaga gataggcata catttatgcg cggctaaata aaacgcaaaa aaaagttttg     47760
     catgaaataa ttctcatact aagtactttt gcatgcacag cagcacagaa acatgacaaa     47820
     acagtgacac agcaaagacg aactgctgct cttgctgttt tcaaaagaca caaatgaagg     47880
     tgcagctgtt tgtctgcatt gcagacaacc acatccaaat ccatatcgat agacaaccat     47940
     atccatgctg gcacataaaa cctaaggatg ttccatattg aatctagttt cgttatgtaa     48000
     ctatttatag tatagtaaat atttatatct attttttact gaggatttgc accatgttta     48060
     tttggacttt atttggactt tgacacatta attattattt tcttatttat ttatttgttc     48120
     attgtaagtg gtgttgttta tagtaactga aaatatatta tttggaaaaa ttcaaatttg     48180
     cttcactgtt ctattatttt gtaacatttg taacataccg tataccgcga aaccgtcaaa     48240
     ccgtggtatt gttttagacg attatcatac cgtgaaaaat tcataccgtt acaaccctag     48300
     tcacgagggt ggtttacatt aatggcctca tttaggttag taaggcagac tgctacaaat     48360
     gtactagtgt aggacattcc attcctagta gcaacattcc aaccagctaa tcaagattaa     48420
     gggatacatt taccgtttat gttaagtttg ggcttacagt tagttctatg cacttctaca     48480
     tgattgttat ccaactatta ttcccctccc gttacagttg gatttagggt agggaatagg     48540
     tatggaatac attttcgtac aaaaattatg ttccaggatc aacatagata ttaatccagg     48600
     atcacatcgt acttggcaaa atcatgatgt gcattttgaa acatacatat gctgataaat     48660
     attaaataca aattttaaat agaaaaaaaa ttttgttgaa atattgtagg ttgtattttt     48720
     tctatttttg caatattatg cttgaattta attgtaatat ctttcaattt ctaaatgttt     48780
     agtgactaat atattatttt aataaatata tctgtttaat aaatctgttt tgtttaaatg     48840
     caccaaaatg cattgcctaa attcacttag aaatggatca aaatatttgt tttcaaaatg     48900
     gggtgtactt aattgtgctg agccctgtac atagtgtcat ttcagttgtc aatcgatcta     48960
     ttgattgttt tttgtaacgt ataatttgtt attttaaaat aaaaataaaa atagttttca     49020
     ttattagtga tgagcttcaa tgcattggct aaatttaaac aacagataaa ccaagagtca     49080
     gatcatgaag cagatcaatg ttgacctttt ttttgaggtg tcagtgcaga aatgaacaaa     49140
     aaaattccag caggcacaca acatcataag acataaatat taggtcatga cgtcaggtga     49200
     ccaaaattca atgactaacc agcatctaag gacataattt tgaagtccaa taacgatgtc     49260
     aatttacgtt gatatttggt tgtgttggaa agggactaaa atccaatgtc tgttagaaat     49320
     gtcatagtgg taacgtccac acaatgtcaa ggtgtaacat gattagacgt tgatatttag     49380
     ttgattttag gttgatttca ggttagacgt gggaaattga cttcagcctg acattgactt     49440
     ctgatttcaa tccgattttc atttccaaac aatccagcgt tcccatgaca gggtacaacc     49500
     acgttgaggt acagcgtcaa tatgacatac tttgactccc tgtgcctgca ggaatcggcc     49560
     taatactaaa tattataagt ttaaaatatg gaaaatattt tccaaatgga taaacagcaa     49620
     tcagtaatat ttcactttca taattgacat gaaacgcaca tttaccgtta cgaatgacat     49680
     cccactctac tcataattct ctctgcatat aaccatatag agctattaca tgaccataat     49740
     acactgtgca atagactggt tggttagttt gttggatcgc aatgctttct cattacagtc     49800
     attccgctcc agagttcgat tcatcagatc cgagacttaa caattgattt ggtgatgatc     49860
     cgtgttcaca aatgtccaaa cggaccgagc taagggggaa atgcaccagg tttcgaagta     49920
     aaaatctagg tgtaaaagca tccttaatgg ctatttcata gattggcctg taaaatgtta     49980
     tccctatgtt atttaaatgt tatttaaaaa tgaattcatc ttacaaaggt tgacctaggc     50040
     ttgtattaag ttttgaataa agcatttaaa caaaaaaccc tggaaatgag gatgcaaaca     50100
     agcatgtgtt tgtatgattt tagcatgttt aggcaagttg attatcttta aatttcagtt     50160
     ttgatttatt ataacgttca ttctttatct acaggttgtt ttgaaaaagc ttcacattta     50220
     ctttcagtca tttgtcaagc actttagtca aatgcaaata aggaacagtt caacaatagt     50280
     ctcttgttat tacccgtcca gtagtgttgt gttcctgcca ggctgttcca ggacgaccgc     50340
     tgctgtttgt ttgtaataaa tcaagcagag tcctgctttt cttgaggaag ctgtcgatgc     50400
     attcacctga tggtaaaacc actaatgaca tttctcccac aggaaggacc acattctggg     50460
     ccattgttat cgctggcgtc gtgttggcag tcctgttaat cgtttcctat gtaatattca     50520
     agattaaaag tcctccaaac actatcattt aatgaacttg caagagatga cctcaaagca     50580
     ggaacaactc ctcagggaga tcatgaaaaa cttgactatt cttggtttgt ttttaaataa     50640
     cagatgtaat tgtgcatggc ttgagatgct tcaagtagaa agcagttgta ttctttgctt     50700
     taaattaggc ttttttatgc gttcaatgaa tgttaatgtg ctgacaggtc aaattaaact     50760
     attattgagc ctctacacca ggggtcacca atctcgggcc tggagggccg gtgtccctgc     50820
     aggttttagc tctaacttgc ctcagtgggt gtttcaagta tatctagtaa gaccttgatg     50880
     agcttgttca ggtgtgtttg attagggttg gagctgaaat ctgcaggaca ccggccctcc     50940
     aggaacaagt ttggtgaccc ctgctctacg ctgaacaaaa aaaggttagc ttaaaattgt     51000
     aaggcaactc gctgcagagc ttttttagct gacaacttaa attgagccaa gtgcagtact     51060
     tgtgttaaaa gattagtcaa ttcaaaatgc tgtgcagaaa gttgcttaac atgtttaggt     51120
     tgagtccact tttttacagt gtagaaatgg cattactgca tgacactact ttaattaatc     51180
     gtgcctttac attaaccagg gattgtacaa cagtggttta agtgggtgaa tttgactttg     51240
     aatttgtagt actagaaaac cctcaaaaac agccatagtt agaaaaaagt acattcccac     51300
     taacaagtga tcacataatg aggcttggtc aggaaccctc tgtgccactt ttaagcacac     51360
     aggacacctt aatttaaact gcacggaccc ggtaccgcgt ctgtgacgtc atcaactttc     51420
     gcttttagat ttaaagggct agcattgcac cagacccctg taagtggttt cgtttgaaag     51480
     tgtagaatct atattttatg cacatatgca tcactttggt ttttattcta ctctacaaaa     51540
     gttatttaca cttaaataca ctgtcttttg gatacccgag ctgagtattg aacattggtt     51600
     aattttcata tttttcatat gacacatgta caagttatag ctcaaatgaa agctcttgct     51660
     ggtgctcata cggttctagc attcttttta ctgaattata ttcacatatc aaacagttgt     51720
     cgaataaatc gcggtgtttc cttggcgcag cagtgaaaac aatacattta tgatcaataa     51780
     gcagccccag atagcacaga cagctgtcgt ctcttacctt atgctgtgtg ctttattttt     51840
     cgtctgtttt taaggtgatg tgcataagta atccttttat atgtctgatg tggtccaaac     51900
     acagtgaatt atgtttgatc aaacaaaaga atagtgaaat atgaaaaaaa tgatcggtcc     51960
     ctgtggcttg tacagcacct ctcatcagct ggactacaat aacttttgca tagattatgg     52020
     tagatatttt tcttttttcc tatgattaca gacatgtgca gggaccacca aaattaatta     52080
     cagcacgcta gaccccacag aacctaaaag gtacactttc aaatttgagt ttataaaacc     52140
     aaaatacaaa aagcgcctct tttttttagg tgtttatcat aacacagaca acatatacag     52200
     ttattttaaa ctctttcaat agtgttttat aaaaatccaa agggttttct ttacaatgat     52260
     gccaagtttt tgcatttaca cctctgcatg tggatttggg aagcttttaa atttgggttg     52320
     gcaaaatcca agcggaaatc ccaaaatagc agcagagttt aactggttaa gcgttgtttt     52380
     ttccgcatgc aggttatctg taattgcttt cattgagaaa cctcggcatc aacatgcaca     52440
     catagcaatt tcattacgtc agctttgatt gtgagattgc actagctggc atgtctttca     52500
     tctgcagttg tgaaatgcag gtctacttta tgaatgaaaa aaggagtgag atcactgaca     52560
     gcacttagtt tcactcaatt cttttaacaa acatatcatg tggcttcaga agattcggaa     52620
     tacaatacaa gttgtctatt ttataatgtc atagttttgg tgttgacaca aaggtttctt     52680
     tttgggtcac caatggagta ctctagatca ttttaataat gcttaaaggg cattaaaaag     52740
     tggcactacg ccaagggctg ctgaccaagt gttaatatgt gaggagtgag aatgtgttga     52800
     ttccgacaga tttacaaagt gtttctaccc aagtaggtat tgcagcagcc cggagacctc     52860
     caagtgggag ggattttact gcaagtaggc tgggtgacct ccatgtggac ttacgctgta     52920
     aatgagctgg gtttagggtt tgtgtaggtg tagtaaacat taaaaaatac aacaggttac     52980
     tataagatta tgtttaacgt tggggtaggt gtagacgtta aaaatacaca tttttggact     53040
     ctcagctagc attttgtgtt tttaaaatga tgtctaatag gtgactaaac cagtgatttt     53100
     caactaatgg gcctcagcta tcctgcaaga tagcttaaaa cttaattatt gtactatagt     53160
     tatttgattt caatattaaa tatgacctat ataataattt aaatatgttt tatataaaaa     53220
     tgattggtgt tatggcattt cccgttttct gttattgttg tcggttacag acttaaccgt     53280
     ggctgcactc ccaagcgatg cacgttatct agaactacat gctaatatgt ataaagcaaa     53340
     ccatcacaca aatgtaaagg taacgataat tagttataac cagttataac tagttatagt     53400
     gcgtgcctcc atctgcgact tgtatcagag tgctctcttt gtgtgaactc ttcaaaatat     53460
     cagcatagtt gttcaaatta gagttttata acgcaagttt gagtgttgtt tcccagagat     53520
     gggttgtagc tggaagggca tctgctgcat taaacaggct agataagatg gcggttcatt     53580
     ccgctgtggc gaccccagac taataaaggg actaagccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgaa     53640
     tgaagtttga gtgtttcgta acagacgcac gcctatgcag gaggatctag cggtggtgtt     53700
     tttgtaaaca gttgatcagt tgtcagcgaa ctccaataat atcctaaata tccttttttt     53760
     aatggataag atcaatggat gaatagttgt aagtccaatt ttttaaaaaa ttgtcatctg     53820
     ttgtcctgta caggttcatt tattaaggaa aaggcatttt taaatataaa taaactgtag     53880
     aaaaataaaa tattgtaaat taatatatta atagtacaag caaaggaaat gtttttgtaa     53940
     ataaagtttt aaaataagca ttttctctag acaatcagtt taagaaaaaa taccagacat     54000
     gggccttcaa agatttatca gagaaggagg tgggccccga agtgaaaaag gttgagaacc     54060
     cctagtctaa acatagtctt cttagctaaa acaaggctaa actgtcagtg aaaatctaaa     54120
     aaacgtctaa gaataggcca aaactagact agtcatccaa tcattagaaa tctatgacta     54180
     cacataaagt ttaatctgtc tgtttgacga caagtctagt tttgggctat tcttagatgt     54240
     ctaatagatt ttcactccaa gtttagcctt tatttagcta agccgtttac gtttagatgt     54300
     ctattagacg tatattaaac acaaaattgt ttgctgggct gtgtcatgta caagacatta     54360
     aataaataaa aactccagat tagtaccgcc cacttggagc tcaagtccca cccacttgga     54420
     aatggctcca accactgttt atagacttct cgatctacca gacaatctga aaaagaatca     54480
     caaaaaatgt gcataaattt ttgaaggtat cacattgctg ctacagtata aaaaatataa     54540
     gcaaaacaaa gaggaactga ggtctgaccc ttgtagtatg acacaatcca atggatctca     54600
     caaaataact gcagatgaaa ttctaaataa ttgaacagtt tttttgtgat aaaacacaaa     54660
     tcttttcttt cagaataaaa gctataggcc tatagattat agtgaataag aaccttttaa     54720
     atgtatttta attagaattt ctttttagtc cttaaaatca acaaaaagtg cttaaagcaa     54780
     tgttaaaggt cctggaattt aattgtgcaa tgtatgtata aatcctgata tattgtgata     54840
     ttttaatttt aaaagcaatt gaatattcac atttttatat tattgtctat gttaattagg     54900
     tactgttagg ttatttacag taatggatga cctacactgt aaaaaatatc tgttaattaa     54960
     caagttttca agtgttttac tgtttattta cattatgaga ccttgatatc tgctctggtg     55020
     ttgaaaattc aactctacag tttaacaaag tgacgtttat tgacatttta gtagtttgca     55080
     ataataaaat aacggataag aaatagcaga ataagaaaat aagagaaaat gtgctggcag     55140
     cttattacaa ggtttgtgta ctgtaatata caacaccaac gcagacaatc tatctcttta     55200
     aactgatgaa aatgtcaata aaataacttt aaaacttttc aaggttaaaa atggttggaa     55260
     aaaaagatca aggtcccatc atgcgattca aaagcatgaa taaataaagg ggaaataaat     55320
     aaattaaata aaacatgata cacaaaatac ggtgaattga ctgatatttt ttacagtgca     55380
     ctcataggac acaatagggc tgcacgatat tggggaaaaa ctgacattgc catatttcgt     55440
     ttttctgcag tatatattgc gacatgaata tgatttcaca ttgagtaact ttatttgtaa     55500
     tgaattcata ttttacattg actgggatga ttttgttggg aagaggctct gcataaaatg     55560
     ctgtaaaata tacaaaataa aattaagcac tgatgaaaac aatagaacaa tgctacaaaa     55620
     aacagtgctt catggccttc tgtgaagtct aacagcatag aggtgcagaa acgcaataat     55680
     caaatgtaaa gtaacaccgt ataagctttt taaaaaataa ataaacaata aaaatttgtt     55740
     aaggtggtga actttatcat tttttatgtc caaatggttt aaattagctt taaatcttac     55800
     tgtaacaagc cttaaaagca cgtaaaaatt cctgcagatc ctgtgatgtg acttttgcag     55860
     atttacacac tgcgatatcg atgtagaaac aatatattgt gcagccctag tacaccagta     55920
     ataataataa tctgttctac aaaactgaga ccatgactat gaattttccc tcatggactg     55980
     tttcgtccat ccactgtagt tttatagcta aagttacatc agtagagctg ttactattgc     56040
     aaatgtatgt cttgttttct atgtatttgt tttttaaacc aaaggaatgg tgcaacattt     56100
     tcatcttggg gtgcataagt gatcaagagc atgctatgat tacttgaaac taacactaac     56160
     tgtaatatta tctgaaaact gctagctaac ttaattgctg gctgatgaca aagcaaaaca     56220
     ttcatgtgaa tcctgttgtt gaaaatcaag aattacaaag atgtaatgtg aattaacaac     56280
     atttgtctaa tatgaaccgc attgtacagt ttataaggct tcttttataa aatgttgctt     56340
     gtatttgatc ttttctcaaa tgtgtatgtg tacagttcag ataaatgaac agaatgaccc     56400
     aatttccaaa ttctttgtgt ctgccacaag gaaaagtgtg tacgtttgtg tgttagttgg     56460
     cagggtgctg agctcttttc ccatcagtac aaaatgtttt tataaatctg agtcctggtg     56520
     ttgattttgc cgtatgcaca ttcaaatagg tgtaaacctt ttttttggta cccaaggctc     56580
     catgtatgca gaaatttgtg cttggttctt tttctgtcca atggaagaat aatgctcata     56640
     gggttatatg attgcacatg atatgcacag attgctctga tcagctgaat tcttctcatt     56700
     atgattggct gatcctgagc attcatgctt tatctaagtg taaactctgt caaatggtac     56760
     tttatcagat taaggaagac cactaatagc ttttatgtta tttactgtaa ctttgcaatc     56820
     caaaattgca tccaatattt gactgacaac aaaagaaaac atcatacaat aatgtaaata     56880
     ctttaataaa ctaaaactgc aagcttaagc tacaaaacga atttcttacc cagattcagt     56940
     gtttagaagt gactcattta gatcagtggt gactaataat gcctctgatt ggctgctgca     57000
     ttcataaatt caacagaaat gtctgtgatt ggttagattg gttctcagtg ctgcaaagaa     57060
     ttatgaaggc agcctaaatg taatagccat gatctgacac ttcagtcatt ctcacattca     57120
     gcttcagttg tgagagctat gatcattagc tgcacttatt tctattattc tattctatta     57180
     ttactaaagg gattcgtttt ttatcacgat tgtgatttta gctctggcaa tctcagcctt     57240
     atttgtcaag atgtgaagct gttttacaaa ctgtgaaaag gtggttcatt tatactaatt     57300
     tagttgtttt aatatgtcta attaaaaaaa atgtttaaaa atacaaagat ttctaaacag     57360
     aggcatgcct ccaaacccca tctctaatcc caaccatcat ttggagatga gcaaatcata     57420
     ctaagatgta ttaatgagag ccggggggcg tacaggcctt gtgacaatat ttcgatggcg     57480
     gatgaaagta aagagctgtg tgatgattgg tggtcaatgg ggattagtgt tgttgcaagc     57540
     gaaaatgagg agcaggaggg tgggggatgt ttgggctgat tggggggccc ctaatagtaa     57600
     ctctgggagg tcatcctgaa tcattaaacc ccccacaccc cacggcactc ctgtactaga     57660
     gtgtaaattc atacaaatta gccaccaaat caaaaaacta tacattgttc taaaaattgt     57720
     gagactgttg taatttcagt cttttctaaa agtgttttcc cactcagagc tggactttat     57780
     gatcgcaaga ttatatctta taaatcttca taagtttata aataaatata aataaataaa     57840
     gccaatgcat aataaacaga agtattatta aaataaaatc aaaaataaag gtacaattgg     57900
     taatgataaa aaggtgacta ttgatttttt attttctctc atgatctgca gaaatattag     57960
     tgaaaatggg gttcgcttaa aggcatagtt cacccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatctatca     58020
     tcatttattg cccttctgtt gaacacaaaa aaagacatta tgaagtacgt tcaaaacctg     58080
     tagccattga catccataat atttcttttt ctactggatg ccaatggtta caggttttca     58140
     acatttttcc atatattttc acctcacagc aaagaggtta ctggtacgag tcacagttgg     58200
     actaattggc atttctgtgt gtagtttgca tgttctctca gtgttagcat gggtttactc     58260
     caggtgctcc agtttcccca cagtccaaag acatgcgcta taggtgaatt gaataagcta     58320
     aattggtcat agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taaatatgag agtgtatggg tgttttccag     58380
     tactgtgttg cggctggaag ggcatccact gcataaaaca tatgcggtaa tagttggcgg     58440
     ttcattccgc tgcggctatc cctgataaat aaggtactaa tgcgaaggaa aatttttaaa     58500
     aatctcaaac tggtttagaa caagagtggc agaattcaca tttttgggtg aactatccct     58560
     ttaactgtgc aggagcattt ctgacatctt atggtgtttt tagcttgcat ttctgcttat     58620
     taaggtggcg tctatttttt aagagcatta actttaaaac catcaacttt gtgaggtcgg     58680
     tcatttttag tgacactctt gagccaaaaa ataatcagtt atccgctgat tgatcggagc     58740
     atcactttca tagataaacc aaagaactac actaaactgt gttggtacac aaaactgtgt     58800
     gtgttgagtt aaaactgtaa agtgctatca atgtgttttg tactctgact actttatcat     58860
     gtctgaatgt gtattctgaa atgtttgcaa tgtctgtgtc ttcctgtgaa tatattgcct     58920
     tgtcatcttt gttgtgctat ttcattaaaa catttatttt tcattcaact cctgcctcaa     58980
     atgtctcttt tttaaatttg tttttgtatc tatgactgat tataactgac aattagagtt     59040
     gcatttctga aatgaattac agactaataa tgtactacaa gcagaccaca agacattact     59100
     tgctcatcag aattcttttg tctgggaaaa gtatcagctc tgttagtcat ttcccttcaa     59160
     agtcaatacc gcttgctcaa tttccactaa atgagatcat ctgtattgcc caaatgatat     59220
     tattcactca aaggggacta cattgttgta aactacatga agagtcttct gcgaaaccca     59280
     gagaagcgat gaacagtttt atgtgtgttt tgtgtgtctg ttcaaccgtg acctgtatga     59340
     ctgcactgcc aaaaatgtat gcagagagtg tagtgtttcc atagtgactg atctacaggg     59400
     aagagctctg aagcggctcg ccaggactct caagcaaata aacatatgga agaaacacac     59460
     aggtttaagt acaactgcaa ataagaaaaa agctggaaca gtatcgaaaa gtgaaaggaa     59520
     agtgatttcc aactttactt taacttatat ttcactacag acaatacaac aaacattttt     59580
     tcatgtgttc atcatgattt ttttagtttg tttgtttttt ttggcaaatg ctgaataaaa     59640
     agctgaccaa atatacacgg gttccaattt tggttcttgc aacacatttc aaaaaatgtt     59700
     ggaacagtaa agcgtttagg gactgaagac accaagggat gaaatctttc aggtgtactt     59760
     atgtcttatt cttcctgcaa acaagtctta aggtgggcaa cagtatgggg tcccgttgtt     59820
     gcatttggct ctttaaaatg tgcaacacat tctctattgg agacagttca ggactgcaga     59880
     caggccagtc aggtacctac tgcacatcct cttcctctac agccaggttt tgcattatct     59940
     tgttgaaata tgcatgggcg tctctggaaa ggccgcatat tgggctccaa aatctctcat     60000
     gtacttttca atgctgccat cacagaagtg caagttgcct tttaaggccg gaagtcaatg     60060
     ccacctctgg acactgttaa catagggctt ccttttgaca cagtacagtt ttcactggca     60120
     tttgtggatg tagctacgta ttgtggtact tgacaaagcc catgtggtga tatggcttag     60180
     agatgaatga cgactcttga tgcagtgccg cctaaaagat cggagattca ttcattaatt     60240
     cattttcttg tcggcttatt ccctttatta atccggggtc gccacagtgg aatgaaacgc     60300
     caacttatcc agcaagtttt ttttttatgc agcggattcc ctttcagccg caacctatct     60360
     ctgggaaaca tccacacaca cactcataca ctatgggcaa tttagcttac tcaattcacc     60420
     tttatcgcat gtctttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac gcagtggaaa cccacgcgaa     60480
     ggcagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aacgccaact gagcagaggt tcgaacccag     60540
     cgaccttctt gctgtgaggg gacagcacta cctactgcac cactgtctca ccaagaatgg     60600
     agatcaaagt ttgaaatttt tccagattcc ttgactcttt taattgttat gcactgttga     60660
     aggtgagata tccaaatgtc ccccaatctt ttgaaggatt cggatttctg ctttacaatc     60720
     cgtctcatca tggaccaaca tttatccttt tctcatcatc ttgtttctca taattttttt     60780
     tattaaaaat aattatttga tcatttgaat gactatttaa ctttgaattg attttgatta     60840
     atgaataagt taacacatat aagaatgttc agtgcatttg cctgtctctt tataactatt     60900
     ttcagaagcc accaaactag gtcagaggtc acggaggcct tgagtggaac tgatggctga     60960
     ggactggaaa caactgtttc tattgttatt tctagtagtt attactatct aaaatgtcaa     61020
     aagtgatttg ctatttttac agttaattct tttaaagtga ttctactttt attcaagata     61080
     gactttgtaa agtaagaata taactgcctg aatgtagatt ataccagttt ttaaccagtt     61140
     tcgataaaga cgggtgacag tacactcagc cttggataag aaacagatta tactttaagt     61200
     gtgtgtgtgt tctatttgat tgttgatccg gttcacaggt ctggagtcag ctctaatcag     61260
     tctaagggat gtctgacgtt tatgcttaag ataatgttca gaattgtacg cacgaacccc     61320
     acgtggaaat gttcctagtc tatctgtgtt ttaatcaatc agattagaac acctttatgt     61380
     atgacgcagt taatgacgta atgtgagagt ataattgtta ttgattggtg attgtaagca     61440
     gagctgccta ggaactcatt gtgagtgttg aagctggctt ctgttgatgt gactgcaaac     61500
     tatcttcagt aaacttgatt tatttattta aatctctcac tccggctctt cttcatctac     61560
     cagactggtc attctttggg tcaaactgta aactatacct acagtttctt cgaggaacat     61620
     tgttttttaa acatttcaac agttttcttg tgtatttgtt ggcaaactgg cgatcctcag     61680
     cccatctttg ctcctaaagg actagacctt tcttggatgc tccttttgta ccataattac     61740
     aatcacctgt tgacatcacc tgtttcaaat ctcatcatta tttaaccaat ttacctaatt     61800
     ctcattataa attgctcctg tccccgacta tttttaaatg tgttgcaggt ctgaatgaca     61860
     ggaaaggatg gatatttact aataaaaata aagttgacca gacaaaccgt gaaatatttt     61920
     gtgctcatat tgtctgcaat gaatttttta ttttcattta ccttactgtc tcatcttttt     61980
     gccgatatgg ggttgaactt gccagagtaa atgcactaac ttgctaaatg taaagcttgt     62040
     gaaaagaaaa acatctcagc tttctgtaaa caattctaca atataaaaaa agtcaagaag     62100
     atcaaatgtt ttgcaaatct ccagtttcca ctaatgagat caaagaagcc gctgaacact     62160
     tgaaacttaa taaatcacca ggtaatgatg gaatcacctc taaatttcac acacattttt     62220
     ctgtcttgac tcaagtttac tgtgatcgct tcagggtttc tgcaggtttc accaaatcat     62280
     atttaagact ctttaagact cttacctttt taagaccaag gagaatgaaa tttcagactt     62340
     gtatagggct tagacactaa ggatttttta atggtccagc agaaaaaaaa aagtcaattc     62400
     ttagccacat ttttaaaata atgtgtcaaa acaagcagac cttagtttta tacgtagatt     62460
     tttgtttagc ataacttaaa aaactcttta aaaactaaat gtttgcccaa cagactacag     62520
     ttataatatt agttatgatg agttgttttg cttaaagttt tattgagagt gttgttggtg     62580
     attggatgtg ttttggatcg attatattta cataaacaaa ggaaaattaa aacctgttta     62640
     aaattataca gtataagata tgtttttgaa attgaaaact ttttaagacc ctgcggacac     62700
     tgtgtagctt taattgctct tcactacctc aacttttact caaggagtaa ttagtttaat     62760
     cccctaagaa agattcatta cttttagata attggagacc tattagttta ttgcagggct     62820
     tcccaaactt ttcagcctgc gacccccaat atgactgtgc cagtgactcg cgacccccaa     62880
     tatcctggtt atgaatacag aaaccttgca tgcaatgtca cacatacacc aatacaccca     62940
     ggtatattct tcgtttaatg tcagtgctgt aaatgggcca gatactttaa cctggtgtta     63000
     taaaatcaat ctgctgcatc tgacgctatt gctgtgtctt taatataatg tatttaccac     63060
     tggggtcgca atccaataga actagtaact ataagctact atagtaacta tatagtaatt     63120
     ataaacgact atattttttc tcttctgtag gttattgata aaatatggtc attcttatat     63180
     gatttaataa taataaatag atttttttaa atcaccaggc gacccccctt cattgtcccg     63240
     cgacccctcg aggggtcccg acccccactt tgagaacccc tggtttattg aacaatgtct     63300
     accctgattt ttggccaaag attcaaatca gtgcttgatt caataataaa tgaaaatcaa     63360
     tctgttttat gggtgagaga cttatattta acattattag actagtcttt gacctaattt     63420
     attacaataa actcattaaa gatgacagtt ttattttgat tttagacttt ttttaaagcc     63480
     ttagacactt tcgagcatcc ttatattttt tcattgcgta attagtgttg ggtttggctc     63540
     tacaggtatc caatgcaata aaaaggtgct aatggaaata gttccgtgaa gtcaagtcaa     63600
     ggctttacta aaaaaaaatt gtttaaatag aggcatgagg cacgtttgcc cagtgtcaac     63660
     tcaccttttt cttaatgtta cttttacatt ttgccatttc atttcaaggc gagatcttta     63720
     gaaggtacag atagatgctt tttaatcact caaagctgat gacactgcca gtgtcaaatc     63780
     agtaaattat ctaaattgtt ttctaatgca tcaggattat gccttcattt acataaaagt     63840
     taattatttg ctttacaaaa ttgtcaagat aaatttattt gcactattcc tattaaagta     63900
     tctcaaaaaa tgaaagtgat agactctctc ttaattttaa tctctttctt ttcggcttag     63960
     tccctttatt aatcagggat caccacagcg gaatgaacca ccaatttatc ctgcatatgt     64020
     ttttacgcag tgtatgccct tccagctgca acccatcgct ttgaaacatc catacacact     64080
     cattcacaca catacactat atggacagtt tagcttatcc aattcacctg tactacatgt     64140
     ctttggactg gaaaaaccgg agcacgcaga ggaaaccaac ggcaacacat ggagaacatg     64200
     caaactccac acaattgcca actgactcag ccaggcttaa accagcaacc ttcttgctgt     64260
     gaggcgactg tgctacccac tgtgccacag tgacaccata aaaatgtaaa aaatatatat     64320
     ttttcataag tcattatgta actttgggga ttcagtacct gccccaccag agccaccatg     64380
     acgcccctat atgtaactta ttaattcaaa ggtagtacag atatcaaatt aaaaccatcc     64440
     agtagtttga cagcgtctta attcatccaa acaagaacct aaataaaact ttaatggatc     64500
     agtaaataat aaatgatgga actgattgca tttatagatg acgtgcccct aatatgggaa     64560
     gatttaataa agtattttac tctgaacatt tacatataac agacaatata aatgtatatt     64620
     cttggcagca tcaaaataaa aataaatcca ttattgagga aataaactga attaataagt     64680
     ggttgcaaaa atatgaagag caataaccat ctgaaacaag tgaaatctga aattttcttc     64740
     taaaattaag tttttcaatt ttctttaatt atgttcactt atttcagatt aaaggcaaag     64800
     aaaataacgt attaattgac aaggaaattc atcagaaatt ttcagatgac actgaggtca     64860
     tctgaactat tcatgtaggc tactttcctt gataatcagc ttattcctgt tactgtcgct     64920
     gttttacgtc aaaaaatggc tacaatagaa agctgaggag attaaacacc accagagtga     64980
     atatgaacat aacagaggtt ttagggaatt aaaaaagagt atttggagaa aaacatttac     65040
     acttggtgac cctgctgtat ttacggccaa ataatttcta cagtattaag ctataattta     65100
     aattaatata tgaaatgtat attacttata atataaatat gaaataacta aatgtaataa     65160
     taaatattat ataaaattga tgccgacaga aaataaaata taaataaaaa tataaaaata     65220
     gttccaccta tacacgaact gattgatgta ggccacgtga tcgatataat aataacagta     65280
     ggctttgtgg ttaattatat attaatatgg caatacagag aaaaaaaata cgttttcata     65340
     acgtgtacgg ttctcgcaca tgtagcctgt gtttgacgca catatgtaaa ccacgtgaat     65400
     tcagggcgag caaataaaca ggtgcgttcg acttcatgca gcgctgcgca gatcgatcga     65460
     aatctgtctt aaagcggtgc attctggtta gaaatcttgt ccggattgat gctgcgccga     65520
     cgccacgtga ctgtcacatg tggcatcaaa gtaccgcgac agcgctccga gatcagacgg     65580
     caaactcaga ccgtgcagct tctgaagagc gactgcagga gctttgatga cgacaccgat     65640
     attacacgat tggccgagtt caccacatga caacaaacac gtgtatttcg ggtttataat     65700
     tggacaaatt ccgattcaaa agtttaaaaa caaacaattc acttttcaca ccctctctat     65760
     cctgtacaca tcttgcttat taaaagacta caaatatttt actgcagtat catcttttgt     65820
     taaataatct ggttataaag gttagcttgt ttgcacaggt ttatttttta cttttttata     65880
     cagactattt actgcattca tatccatgaa cgatttaaat tatatatttt agtgtatatt     65940
     ttagtgaata acctaaatat gaactcaaat aagtcttaca gacttgaaat aaaataatca     66000
     tcatcattga tcctgccccc ctaaagctct cttaacaaat taaagtaaag aactatttta     66060
     ttaaataatt ataaaatggt tttattatta taatataaat atatatttta tttcctgtct     66120
     agcagtttaa aggctacctg ctctttctgg gaaacttcta catagctcac ttattttacc     66180
     ttttgttctt ttcaacacaa tctttttgga ttaaaatgct tttttgaaaa tttattcatt     66240
     atccaaaata atgtcattta ttaagaccta atcaaaacac cttgttttgc tttttacatg     66300
     ggaaattttt atatctataa atgtacatat atgtaaaccc ttttttagca gattcaaaca     66360
     agaagtatta gcctaaagat tgatgtttaa ctcctagaat taatgcttat tgctttgtat     66420
     ttaatagacc tgttcgtttt tatgtttatt ttaacctctc atttcctctt atttctctca     66480
     tacatttgtt atatatttta ttcacaattc tcccttattg tttaaaaagg aactacagtt     66540
     tgtagagact gtattctgtt ttatttgtaa atgttttatt gttataaata aaaataacaa     66600
     aaaaatatga tgacgccatg tgatcggtca tcatgactgc agcaactttg agtcccgaag     66660
     tgtccagctg tccgtcttga cggctccgtt ttcaactccg ccccgcctgc gctcggctaa     66720
     tctcgttgat caccggctgc agctgagctt catgtcgaac gcacctaaca tttgtgaata     66780
     aacaatcacg cagcagagtg ataaccactc ccaaaagtga ggtggcgtca ttgtgacaag     66840
     cgagggtctt gtcaacacac cataccggcc aatctttccc cttcgccgta aaatgcctaa     66900
     atgatttcct ttctataggc gcttctgact gaggaaaccc caatgggaaa accatatttt     66960
     tggagctgcg tctaaacggt ctgtcgatac attgactagt gtttatttat cccttcaggt     67020
     tcttgaacac ttacaacatg cgtcagtgtt tcttgggact tttctgtgcg gcaacgctgc     67080
     ttgtgactgt caaaggtttg tattgaatta aatccctttt attctacata tggctacgta     67140
     gcgaaagcat tgctcgcctt aaactgcttt aagtgatata ttaaaatgct gtcatttgag     67200
     ttcgaaagct aattcattgc tgtgccctat gaataggcta ctgagcacgt gtatcggcca     67260
     gtgcagtaaa tttgtttttt ggatctgtat gtgaatgcag ttacagctat gacaacactg     67320
     taacacttat tgtaaagagt ctaatgttga tatttctaca aatgtgttcc aatatgttta     67380
     ttcttgccct ttaagataac tagttaaaga cacacattac tgtccagata gcatatgtgg     67440
     gccactttag gcagttatgc agcactgatg gtattctttt gacccagaaa aaaaggatgt     67500
     gagcctgaag tggcccacca atggcaaaag gtggacaaat attcaaattc ataaatgggc     67560
     catttaaggc aaagatttgg cactaatggg aaaatgcaat ctaaatgtga gccttatgtg     67620
     gcccatgtgg aaaatgatca atttggccca aatgatggag gacaaatgtg ggccacagtt     67680
     gactaaaatg cagcatagtc actcaagtgt aatctgggtc taatcctaaa gtggctcaca     67740
     cgtgtacaaa tatgacccag ttatgttaag acatatagtt gaagtcagaa taattagtcc     67800
     ccctgaatta ttagaccacc tgtttttttt ttttttttac ctaatttctg tttaacaatg     67860
     agaagatttt tgacacattt ctaaatataa tagttttaat tactcatctc taataactaa     67920
     tttatgttat ctttgccatg atgatagtat ataatatttt agtagatatt tttaagacac     67980
     ttctatacag cttaaagtga cattttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg caggttaggg     68040
     taattaggct atcaaaaaaa attagcttaa aagggctaat cattttataa ttcttaccct     68100
     caaatgtgtt ttaaaattag aattaaaaat gcttttattc tagctgaaaa caaaacaaat     68160
     aagactttct ccagacgaaa aaatattatc agacatgctg taaaaaaatg tccttgccct     68220
     gttaaacatc aattgtgaaa tatttaaaaa aagaaaaaaa aaatgaaaag gggggctaat     68280
     aattctgact tcaactgtac gtgtgccact tttggcaaat atttggcaca gtaaactctg     68340
     gctaatctgg ctgtgagcct aatgcggccc agagaaaata tggtgaatgt ggcccagtta     68400
     ttttaaaaca tatgtggacc acttttggca aatattcggc accgtaaact ctggctaatg     68460
     cagccgttag cctatagtgg cccagagaag atatagaaaa tgtggcccag ttatcttaaa     68520
     acataagtgg accacataga ctaaagtcac cctcattgag aaaagtgttt gctttagtta     68580
     ggctcttagc cctgaacctc ttaatataat ttttttttgg gctgctgtaa catttaagaa     68640
     ctttgtttga aaagtttatt cattacagct aacaagccaa gtaaaaatac aattaaatta     68700
     aattgaggta cataaccaca taaccacaat ttatatcatt ataaagataa gtgtgttcat     68760
     gtaaacccta taaatgagga cttctccctc aatccccgta tccagcagac tcagtgcagc     68820
     aggtctcctg acctgtctat tttaaccatt agcccagctg gtaatctgga ggatttaggc     68880
     aaacacagca gcacagtgat gtgtctgaat gtgaacgaac tcctgataaa agacagcgtc     68940
     cgccattctc taattctcgt gctgctcccc tcgacaaaaa tgctagcagc acacacacag     69000
     cttttctgta tgatcggccc tgacaagatc gcgggggaaa acatgcaaca aaccctgtgg     69060
     atcatggaaa caaacgcata taagccttca tgaacggcta aaaactgtgt gcttgggtcc     69120
     gtgtctcaca gctcgggctt gactctggca ggtctcatga ataattaagc agccggctct     69180
     tctcatagga taagaaaact ccgctatgaa taataatgag aaaccgacgc gtcatcattg     69240
     cacttgcagt tctgcgctac gtcgccgatt ttgatcccgc cccaaaaatc attttaaacc     69300
     cggaagctga aattagctga caaaagctca aaattatcca gtttttccca caattacagc     69360
     tgacaggtgc taacattgtc ttaactgatg ctcaacacac acacaaatct gttaatatat     69420
     aaaacaaagt tctccagtgt gtcctgaacc tttaacgact aacagcgcat catctatgat     69480
     gtaagtgtgc ccaggcccaa atgtaatgtg aatgcgggcc tggttcaagg taactgtaca     69540
     tagtgtgagt acgcccttac tttcactctc tttcgtggat aagaaaatgg tgttgtatgc     69600
     acatacatcc aataacctac ataactaatt tagtttgtta agcgcaaaga ttggtttcaa     69660
     aactatttct aaatccagtt tgctttccag caaagaaata aatgaacaat aataacaaag     69720
     tgtgttaaaa aactgagtta tatccaaata cacatgctgt gccccatatg gtctaaaacc     69780
     tgacaggtga ataaatctaa gcttgttttt aataaaacaa atataaatat gcttattaaa     69840
     aataatactg ctaataataa cattatacaa aagcaatttg tcatgaataa actaaaaaag     69900
     ccccagagat gaagaaggca tgaaggcatt ggtttttata tttatgtaga aaataacaat     69960
     ttatgtaata ttttattcct ttaattcttt tttagttgta aagatatttg tgtattgctg     70020
     tacatcctgt gtgtcaatca atggttaagc aaggtgcaca actaacgcgc tctgcgctgg     70080
     acttcagacc tcctctctgc tggtctactg tacagtctat tttagatcct caaaatagca     70140
     acgctttagc aatgcgcctc aacacacctc cttttttaga ccagaacacc tattggcgca     70200
     catatgagcg caaatgcatt tgctatttaa acagcgtggt gcaacacgtc aaaacgactt     70260
     ttgcatcgaa ctgaaactag caaacaacaa ttgagccatg ccacattgct ctgggtgtat     70320
     gatagggccc ataatgctta ttttgagtaa caacataccc taaatgaata agttggaaac     70380
     atgggctggt actgtagtat agtacaaaag tgcatattaa ttgagtaaga ataaaggcat     70440
     tgtaaaaaaa tgtattgtgt attgcgttta gaaaggtttt caaatgtgtt catgaggaat     70500
     gtgctttaag ttgaatgaga atagatatac atcttttgtt attaaacaca caaactacta     70560
     aagacttagt cttctacaaa agctaaaaac attttatctt gcatgcagtt ggtcagtaaa     70620
     ctcaattaaa tttcaatttt caatacagag caaacatttt ttcaacaatc aagacaagtc     70680
     ctaacatcag actgcattat ctttttttag tatgtcagga tccagtgtgc attattctgt     70740
     gttctaaaat gtgttcaaca ggtataaatg ctgaatgtcc tcttaagatc atgcctacaa     70800
     aacttgttgt gaggtttaat agttcagctt cagctgactg cagcacttct gtcacacatg     70860
     atgggatggg atgggaagcc actgtgggag gagtgcccct gtccaaagct aatctgatca     70920
     catggagagt gtcacagctg acatactggg agatacagcc accatactgc tacataaact     70980
     atggcaaaca gtgtgaagta gctctcccag tcactattta cagtgagatc ctcttattat     71040
     tatctgcctt ttcattctca gaaatctcta ataaatgtag gctgatgact gcaggtttta     71100
     gagtgtgtga atcttcctcc acagagactc cagacagtgt ttccatcagc actgtgaatc     71160
     aaataatgat ggagggaaac cagtatgagc tccagtgtga cattcacaac gtggctcctg     71220
     ctcagaatct cactgtcaac tggtacaaag gagaaactct ggtgaatcaa accagctttt     71280
     ctgacacaat caagagtcca gtcagtaaaa catctaaact catgatccat ccagacagag     71340
     ctgatgatgg agctcagtac agatgtgata cagagctgaa cctgggagaa gaaggacctc     71400
     aacctcatcc taaaaacaca tcaaaacctt acagcattga agttcactgt aagcttattt     71460
     actgctaaac ttgcaaattt gatttagatc cattatgagt tattgagtat gagtaaaaca     71520
     ttgagaatca acaatttgat ttatatagtg cacaatgagt ttaattaata gattaaaaaa     71580
     tgatcagtta caccgtaatt tcattgatgt actgatagca gctgctcatc atgtctttgc     71640
     tgtagtgctg agaaatgttc ctctgtcctc ctcagataaa ccaaaacact ccagttcaac     71700
     agagtacatc agtcagagcg atactgtcta tctaaactgt acagtgaagg caaacccggc     71760
     tgctgtgtac acatggcact cagagcatct gacagagaag atcagctcct cagtgatcca     71820
     gtcttccaca ctcagtccag gaaaatacac ctgcaccgcc acaaacgatc tgggagacga     71880
     cagcaaagag ttcatcgtca gttctgcagg tcagctttga ttgaattaac actaattcct     71940
     ttagctccag catttgtcgt tcattgttta ttcacgtttg attaaaagat tttgagaagt     72000
     ttttgagctg atatccgcga tttttgcagt cagtctgagc aaaacataaa ataactgact     72060
     cctattggac tttactgagt agaagaaaag caaccactga ataactgagc tcacgcgtgc     72120
     cctctttagt acggcagagc tactcagagc ctcacctctt gtcttttcag tgtggctgta     72180
     tgtcagattc ttacactaaa taagtgatag acatacttga aatacatgac ctattatatg     72240
     gtgagtaagg acgtataata aaaatctcca caatgtataa taacatttta ataaagcatt     72300
     agattatcag catacaccga gtaactaaaa ggggcgtgct caaggcagtt tgcaagagat     72360
     tgtgcaatag ggtatatggc gagctagtgt ttttcccata ctgattaact tccggtgacc     72420
     agttgttgtg aacttttttt ctgttttata cggttccttt tacagcatca atgttgtaat     72480
     gtcattaaaa tacattcagt taaataaact ttggcattaa tttagttgct caagcgtaaa     72540
     acgagacaaa aagccgttta cttgcatgcc cccgtcagaa tcggcaggct agcacagaag     72600
     ctccattaaa tatactgagg taaaataaat gctcatatta taaagacatg gcagggtaaa     72660
     atgtaattta atgcagtgct tcttgtacaa tctgagactt actttatatc ggatatcact     72720
     cagctagtgg agattgctga tttttaaaga aagcagacct taaacgcgcc ggtttttgca     72780
     ttggcataca gttcaccgga agctcttaac ccagattact ggcaaattaa aagtcctatt     72840
     agcatgcctc ggcatatacc ctatctgaaa tgaggcagag cttggtgctg cctcacctcg     72900
     cttcctacgc tgtaattaaa caggagatac gtgaaatgca acgatcataa aaattattga     72960
     aatcagttga attatacaga aattgcattt atagcacaga tcagtggaca aacatttatt     73020
     ttatcattag tacttatctc ataatgacag gtgaggatga tgacaggtaa agcactgcct     73080
     cccctgactg cacgtccctg tcctacacat acagttgaag tcagaattgt tagcccccct     73140
     ttgaatttat tttttatttt ttaaatattt cccaaattat gtttaacaga gcaaagaaat     73200
     tttcacagta tttgctttaa tatttttttc ctctggagaa agtcttattt gttttatttc     73260
     gactagaata aaagcagttt ttaatatttt aaacaccatt ttatggacaa aattattagc     73320
     ccctttaggc tatttttttt taacaaacca tcattataca ataacttgcc taattaccct     73380
     aacctgccta gttaacctta ataacctagt taagtctttt aatgtcactt taagctgtat     73440
     agaagtgtct tgaaaaatat atagtacaat attattaact gtcatcatgg caaagataaa     73500
     tttaaatcag ttattagagt taaattatta aaactattat gtttagaaat gtgtttaaaa     73560
     aaatcttctc tccgttaaac agaaaacgtg ggaaaaaata acaggggcgt taaaaattca     73620
     atggggctaa taattctgac tttaactgta tatagtcttg gttggtcatt aagatcatca     73680
     gatcattctt ttctgtcagg acccgatgta agcgaatatg gggtcgtgct tttgctgtta     73740
     tcgctccaaa gtgcttcaat aagcttccac ctcacattag ccatgctcca acttcacttt     73800
     actttaggtt ttttaaaacc ttctaaaatt gtattttcat actttagcaa cgttctgtat     73860
     gttgagtgtt gacgtgcatt aatttgtcac ctgatttctc tgccagccac tagatttcca     73920
     ttgatttctt acatgcttca gacgctgaca caagctgaaa acttcctgtt gcatcaacac     73980
     aatgacaaca aatctcatac ttttctaatg gttctatgat cttatttgta aattgcaggc     74040
     ctttggcatc attatgtcta atgtaacaga acgacatctg caatcccatt tagacacttt     74100
     gtagaaactg acttttttaa ctcaagtaat atcaggcttt taactaaaag cctattttat     74160
     aggttggcct ataaaatgtt atccctgaaa cactactttt aaaataataa ttatcatata     74220
     ataataattc cttacattta tatagcgctt ttctgggcac tcaaagcgct ttacacaatg     74280
     gcggggatct cctcatccac caccagtgtg cagcatccac ctggatgacg tgacggcagc     74340
     cattttgcgc cagaccgcac accacacacc agctgattgg tggagaggag accgtgatga     74400
     agccaattga aaatggggat ggttaggagg ccatgatgga cagagggcag atttggccag     74460
     gatgccgggg ttaaacccct actcttttca aaggacatcc tgggattttt aaagaacaca     74520
     gagagtcggg acctcggttt aacgtctcat ccgactcaaa gacggcgctc actgagcagt     74580
     atatcgtccc cgttactaaa ctgggacatt aagacccaca cagaccgcag cttgggcgcc     74640
     tcctgctggc ctcactaaca ccacttccag cagcaaccta gctttcccat gtggtctccc     74700
     atccaggtac tgaccgggcg cagccctgct tagcttcagt gggcgaccat gtgagagcta     74760
     gctgccggct aaaaatgaat tcattttaca aatgtcgaca taggctttta ttaattaaaa     74820
     atgtatatat ttttaatttg aacaaaaact agggatcaaa tatcggtttg ataccacata     74880
     ttttggctgg attgggtatc ggccagctgg taccgatcca aatgctatga aggtagccta     74940
     ttataaggca ctagaaagtt gtcatgtatg tctgctatat gccaaatttt ctgaagcctt     75000
     tttatagttt aatgtgaagc acagatgaat atttaagtag ttaacttcat gttcaattca     75060
     gcgcttccca ccgccacgac tgtcaatcat tcaatcattc gcatgtcctg ttcatgacaa     75120
     catggaaaac tttctccaag actatttgtt cctgtcaata taaataatcc gtggagtaat     75180
     gcagttagtt ttgcattaaa tgggttaggt ttgacctgca gcatggagtt cactgctgtt     75240
     tctaaatcag gggtcagcca cagccatgtc accctgcagc ccaagaccgg ttaccactag     75300
     ggaacactag gttgctgttg gaagtggtgt tagtgaggcc agcagggggc gctcaacctg     75360
     tggtctgtgt gagtcctaac gccccagtaa aagtgaaggg gacactacac tgtcagtggg     75420
     cgccgtcttt cggatgagac attaaaccga ggttctgact ctctgtggtc atttaaaatc     75480
     ccaagacact tctcttgaaa gagcaggggt gtaaccccgg tgtcctggcc aaagtccctc     75540
     tatctgccct tacgatcatg acctcccaat catcccctct ccaccgaatt ggctctatca     75600
     ctgtccctcc actccaccaa tagctggtgt ggggtgagcg cactggcgcc attgtcctgt     75660
     ggcagccgtc gcatcatcca agtggatgct gcacactggt ggtggtgtgg agagaccccc     75720
     tcatgattgt gaagggcttt gggtgtatgg ccatacacaa taaatgcgct atataaatac     75780
     acattacatt acattaaatt accagtctgg ttcctggagg tccggtgccc tgcagggttt     75840
     agctccaact tgcctcagca cacctgcctg ggtgtttcaa gtatacctag taagaccttg     75900
     attagcttgt tcaggtgtgt ttgattagag ttgaagctaa aatctgcagg acaccaaacc     75960
     tccaggatca attttggtga tcaacattcg caacactgga gtagagaggg taattacctg     76020
     ctcttcacac acaaagtagg cctacctgaa acttcaaatt agaaaaggct caatccgctt     76080
     gttaagtgat gcatcaagct cttcattcac acaccgactg cacagacgcg atgtgtgccg     76140
     ctctgtagaa ttattcttac aatgaatttc tgtgaatagt ttgcatagcc tggctcatag     76200
     tggtcaaatt aattgattaa attagtaaaa gtgaatctga cgggcacaag atggactgtc     76260
     attaacagaa aaggaaatgt ttattaggta aaactggcct atttaaatta gtttgcgtca     76320
     atcctgcagg aaaatattag gctttgttaa aaagctgatt attttaccaa caataaggtc     76380
     attaaagtgg tagcctatta tagatcacaa agaaagatat taatatcaaa aaaggaaaca     76440
     taagctggac cacaagaaat caacgtcata acgaacgctc aagtaatgta gcctagttta     76500
     cagcaagcat cgtggtttta gttagattgt gtcatctgtc agtaggccta tgggtttttt     76560
     ttttttacta aaaaagatat attatttgag tttatcacca gaactataga aactgtatta     76620
     tgtttttaaa aaaaactgca cagtatcggg atcggatatc gatactcaga agtttgatat     76680
     cgggatcgaa ttggttaaaa aaaaaaatgc tatcgtgcat ccctaacaaa aaccctgaaa     76740
     atgagtacgt aagctagcat gtgtttgtac tattttagca tggttataca agttgattat     76800
     cttttatctc agttttaatt cattataaag ttcattcttt atctacaggt tgtttttgct     76860
     gtttcgaaaa aatcttcaca ttcacattta attatttaac aagcacttta gtcaaatgca     76920
     aataaggaac agttcaacaa tagtcttctg taattatccg tctagtcgtg ttatgttcct     76980
     gccaggctgt tccaggacga ccgctgctct ttgtttgtaa taaatcaagt agagtcctgc     77040
     ttttgttgag gaagctgtcg atgcattcat ctgatgataa aaccagctat gtcatttctc     77100
     ccacaggctg gaccacaata tgggctattg ttatagctgc tgtcgtgttg gcagtcctgt     77160
     tggcagtcat ctcttttgta gtattcaaga ttaaatgtcg tcaaaactat gctgttcaat     77220
     gaacttgcaa gagatgaccc caatgcagga acgtctcttc gtggagatcc tgaaaaactt     77280
     gaatgagttc cgttctatca gctcaacaat ggaatccgat gaacggtcta cttaggttaa     77340
     ctgtgtgtaa gacttttctt ctgaaaataa ttttcttatt tatttattta ttttatttat     77400
     ttgtttgttt gtttccagct acgaacgtaa ttagactcca attttaaccg ctcattaaat     77460
     tttgactgtt tctgattagt aacgagtcac attcatcaaa agttaataca tttggatatt     77520
     cagttatttc agacacgcta tactttcagg tatttgttta ttgttgacca attgtcgtat     77580
     tgagtccatg cgtggccaat ttacgtctgc acgtctgcac ggctgggctc acaagctcga     77640
     ttcttagtca gatgtttgca ggcaactggc cccccaactg cttgctcttt gacagaaatg     77700
     gtagtctacc aagtctttta acatgcaacc taccagatca agtgattagt aatcaaaagg     77760
     cctacaacaa agtgcccatc gctccattta ctcgtgatcc aaatatctaa aatcaacaaa     77820
     aagtgcttaa aattctaaaa gcctgatata ttgtaagatt taaattttta aaagccatta     77880
     tgttctcaca tttttatatt attgtttgtg tttattaggc agtattctgt agtaaatggt     77940
     catttacact aatggatgac ctactcatgg tacacatgta ataatagaaa taataataat     78000
     aataatagtc tgttccacaa actattgttt agaaattgta ctgtagggat attttacaga     78060
     ttgaacccaa ggaatgacca gtccaagttt tatcccagag aactttacag gcctcttaca     78120
     cacctatcaa ctgagtaact taactctggg tggagtagga acacctttca attactgtta     78180
     tccgtatgag tatcgttatt ggtgtaccat aaaaatgcac cagctctcta cgggattcca     78240
     cacaaatcta ccctaaattt ggtgaatcca ccgacgcctt tcattcacgt ttgaatgaga     78300
     accacagagt tctgttacta cccactactt cacagacaat ccctagtcta taatatttta     78360
     aatcttccta cctttttact tattgatcaa aggtgtcacc agtaagccaa tgccacacat     78420
     actccaccaa aaaatgtggc catattttac agtttgaact aaatgaaaga ccagtctgtc     78480
     agatgaagaa gagccggagt cagagattca aataaataaa gtttactaat gatagttagc     78540
     tgtttcatca gcagaagcca gcttcaacac tcacaatgag ttcctaggcc actctgcgta     78600
     caatcataaa tcagcatcaa ttatactctt tcatatcgcc attaactgtg ccatacattt     78660
     aggtgtttta atctggttaa aacacaaata gaataggaac attttcacat gggtgcgtgc     78720
     gtacaattct gaacaatttc tcaagcatat agacgtcaga catccactag actctttaga     78780
     gctgacccca gacctgtgaa aatgatccac aattgaatag aacacacaca ctcacacaca     78840
     cacacacaca caaaagtaca gtctgttttt tacccaagga tgagtgtact ctcagcagtc     78900
     ttatcaaaac tggttaaaaa ctggtacaat ctacattcag gcagttatat tatcactaca     78960
     caaagtctat ctgaataaac agaaaaatca ctttagtcag tattaacaca ataataatta     79020
     taatatcaaa atcacttttg acagtattga cacatagcaa tacacatagg aaaagtgtta     79080
     ttttcaagcc cttcagttcc acttaaggcc tccatgacct ctgaccaggt ttggtggctc     79140
     ctataaaaag agttacaaag agaacaggca ctgaacattc ttatattaca ttaagcaatg     79200
     tgttatttga tatttgattc aatgtgttat gatacttttc agaggtggaa agtagtgaag     79260
     tttttcaaac taatttcgag aagagcacgt gatataattg actgcagctg cccactcatc     79320
     tacattcatt agttagccaa tcagatctat cctaactcac tataagtagc ctagctagat     79380
     ttactccctt cgttttccaa agaaaccccc cttccacccc tttctcctcc tttcctcctt     79440
     tacaaaaggg gagctcttga gaaccacctg atctcgtact cccctctcat gctctatgtt     79500
     cctggtggta gccctgggct caactttctc cgagctcagg gttctctccc ggaacaggat     79560
     gccaaacctg ctaacagttg tcaagcaata tctaagtgtg aactcttgaa atgaattaca     79620
     tttactcgtg ttactgtagt tgagtaattc aatttttttg tgaatttaca cattttggag     79680
     tattgtttaa aaagtgtcat tttactttta cttgagtatt attttgcctt aagtattgta     79740
     ctttgctaca ttttaaatca tatccgttac tgagttaaaa aaaatgtaca agtatgtaaa     79800
     agtaatgcaa cagtgtaaaa aaaaaataat cacactcgga aatcacatta cagaagaaga     79860
     cattaatgca gtgattgata agcgagacac tgcatgcacc aaagagagaa cacatctgtt     79920
     gtaaaacagt ttgtccaatt actgttgcgg gagtttgatg taatcgctgg attttagaga     79980
     gtttattagt aacgcccctg tcaaacccag cattgacaag gcaagcgaaa tggctcatta     80040
     taaattaagt catggtgtgc tcttatagag aatgggaatg tgcataacat gctctacaaa     80100
     taaagaagaa aagcatatat gaaaatgttt ttctggggta gcttgttgat gccctgtaag     80160
     ttacggataa actcgtatat ttatttgatc cgctatggat ccgctccaca ctgtaaaaaa     80220
     tggccgtgat ttcaacagta aaaaacttta aaaatgccac aataaaaatc cgtaacctgg     80280
     ttaacagtat gtttccttag tatatacagc gaacagcagt aaattgactt cccataattc     80340
     cctgcatgcc atgtcacttt ttatgccttt tgttgacatt aatatggatg tttttagttg     80400
     tttctccatc agttatgcac gttagagatg aatgttacat ctaatgttga ttaacaatgt     80460
     ttatttattg actttaattt tatgcaaggc aaggcaaggc aagtttattt atatagcaca     80520
     tttcatacac aatggcaatt caaagtgctt tacataaaca ggaataaaag aaacaagtaa     80580
     aataaaaatc aaaacaaata ataaaaatgc gtaaaaacaa aacaaaacat aaaaacaggt     80640
     aaaatgtgat ataaaagaat gaagaagaag agaaaaacat gatagtgcaa tctgtcggac     80700
     gcagcacagt gctcattcag taaaggcaca gctaaacaga tgtgttttca gtcttgattt     80760
     gaatgtgcct aatgttggag cacatctgat catttctgga agctgattcc agcagcgagg     80820
     ggcatagtag ctaaaagccg attcaccctg ctttgactga actcttggaa cttctagttt     80880
     atatgatcct aatgatctga gtgatctgtt aggtttgtat tcagtgagca tatctgtgat     80940
     gtatttagct cctaggccat ttagtgattt atagaccagt aataatactt taaactctat     81000
     tctgaatgta actggcagcc agtgtaaaga cctgaggaca ggtgtgatgt gctctgattt     81060
     cctggttctg gttagaattc tggctgcagc gttctggatg agctgcaact gtctgactgt     81120
     ctttttagga agaccagtgc atccagtatt ttatgcatct taaaatactg gtgtttagta     81180
     gctgtgtgaa tgacactgag caccttctat agactgatac actgttctgc ttgtgggaaa     81240
     agttgtttgt gatgagcatt ggttcatctt tcccatcacc acctgcatgg tgttaacgtg     81300
     tctatctgtg taacaaaaga tgtgtggatg ttggtaattc aaaacacaga catattaaat     81360
     taattacatt tgctggataa atgtgaaata acttttatgg tttttactgt atttttaacg     81420
     gtgaaacact gtcaaccaca gctgtcagtt ttttagcgta aattttacgg attatttttt     81480
     acagcacctt tctacttgga aagagctttt ataaagccat agtctatttt attctgagtg     81540
     tttgtgagat gtttttcaaa agatattact attattttta tttttggttg tgcttttaat     81600
     tgttttacat tgtgcacacc tgcacaaaca tggccgacca caactcggcg ggacatatag     81660
     attcctaagc tctattggca taatttggaa ctttatgatg tagaaaataa atgaatgaat     81720
     agaacgtgga aagtttaaaa tgctaaagaa taaaagcatc ttcaattcat tgttcatcat     81780
     ataatattct ggctttttag actataaacc tcatcacaca tgggcactgc agtcagtaaa     81840
     gcctgaaatt atcgtaacct gcactccagg cccggattgg ctaatcggga ggaccgggag     81900
     aattcccggt aggctggtct gttttttggc cgtgagggcc ggtgtcccta gctccagaat     81960
     ctgttgctct cagcagtcac actttttaaa ttgatgtatt tatttacttg accacagtct     82020
     ttttattcaa tattttaccg cagctctgct ctttttatcg attttctcgc agcctcgtga     82080
     ccatttgaag ttctaaagca gctgttttct caaaaaaaga agtgatagtg taattagaaa     82140
     ctgaattgga aatgacctta ttttaatagt cagtcgtaaa ctgaggtggg ccggtctgag     82200
     gcttgaaact ccagggctga aaaggagtcc cactccggcc ctgctgcact ctgataatgt     82260
     tccgtataat tataggcgaa attgtctgta gtgtatgagt gtgtgtgtga atgtgtggat     82320
     gttgcagctg gaagggcatc cgctgtgtaa aaacttgctg gataagttgg cggttcattc     82380
     cgctgtggca accccagatt aataaaggga ctaagccgac aagaaaatga atgaatgaat     82440
     gaaataacac aatcacaaaa aacaaaacta cttattttca tggggtgcca acttcaccat     82500
     ttgcttgtaa taaacctgtt tgtttttctt atgttgaaca caaaagaaga tattttgaag     82560
     aatgcttgaa acctcttgac tttcatagta tttgtttttc ctactgtgaa agttatagtc     82620
     atatatttta gatttcattt ttttttaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     82680
     tatatatata attattttta ggggttttca cctttatttt tgaaaggaca gtagagagaa     82740
     ttgacaggaa agcatgggga gcagcgagag gggaaggatt ggcataggac cgcaaggcag     82800
     aatcgaaccc gggtcgccgt gagcaccgga gtgcatgtgt cgacgcacta accactacac     82860
     cactggtgct gacttttaga tgtcattgta ataagttgta attgtaataa gttgtatgtt     82920
     gaaaatcatt tattttggtc aaagtaactt aaataatacg aaagtagtgt aaaacattac     82980
     atttctgaga cattaatatt gtaatgtaac taaaaaaatt acagcacata actcatagta     83040
     ttagatgttg aaagtaactt gtccaactgt gtttgggaca tggctaatgt tagttagcac     83100
     caggattaga tattaatagg acttggagta aaactgtcaa tgcacagttt agctaacatg     83160
     acagatgttg cgttagaact cgggaacaat attttaacac agcacaaatt tttgctacag     83220
     aaataaacaa caaaagattc tggtaaccaa ataaactgtt acaatctgag cgatacaatt     83280
     taatttatgt catgctttag accgttgttt ctcaaccacg ttcctgaagg accaccagca     83340
     ctgcatgttt ttgatgtctt ctttgtctgt cacacccagt gcaggtcttt cagtctgcta     83400
     acgagctaat gatctaaaac aggtgtgttt gtttagggag acatggaaat gtgcagagct     83460
     gatggtcctc tgggaacgtg gttgagaaac accgctttag accaaaccaa aggttactga     83520
     cctagtttac agtgtatata cacttaattg ggttgagtta acaaaagaaa aagactactt     83580
     taaacagcta tcaatgggtt tacactttat catgtctgaa tgtgttgaat gtacatgaac     83640
     atgacatgtt tttaatgtat tgccatgttt tgtctttgtg ctcttttatt aaaacattta     83700
     tttttaattg aattcctgcc tcaaatatct cttttttgag tttgtttttg tatctatgac     83760
     tgattatatc tgacaattag agtaacagac taatactgta ctactagcag accacaagac     83820
     atgacttgct aatcagaatt cttttgtctg ggaaaagtat cagctctgtt agtcatttcc     83880
     ctttaaggtc aataccgctc actcaatttc cactaaatga gatcatctgt attgcccaaa     83940
     tgatattatt cactcattgg ggtctacgtt gttgtaaaca acatgagtct tctgagaagc     84000
     acagagaagc gatgaacagt ttgtgtgtgt tttgtgtagg cctgtgttga acagtaacct     84060
     gtattactgc acagccaaaa atgtgtgcct tgcagtgttg ccatagtgac tgctctacag     84120
     ggaagagctc taaagcggct tgccaggact caagcaaata aacatatgga agaaacacac     84180
     aggtttaagt attataaaac atcaatgagg ctatataaat attaaaggag atttttcaaa     84240
     acaaggtaaa atatgctgag catatgcatg ctggtctagc tggtcaacca gcttgattct     84300
     agagtgattt agccatatgc aggctggttg actaactagt ctgtaaggtt aagcagaata     84360
     aagtgcatcc aggagggttg tttttgcaga acactgcact gcttcatgta tagctgctga     84420
     taagtctttc tgccattatt ttgcgatagc aaccatgtct ttcatcctta ataaaaggtc     84480
     atgatttggt tttgggggtc tccaacaaca ggctaaaatg cataaaaggt caaaaaaaca     84540
     cttttattgt cttataatag gcattcattt ttacctaatt atcccaatga ctcccatatg     84600
     atgtggttag tgattcattt gtttccaaac ccctgctttg tgtgaggcta atctgcgctg     84660
     attggtccaa tgacctagtc tgttgtgatt ggttgactgc gttcagagcc taatgcagga     84720
     atgcagttaa acaccagcat attacttgac tcttaaccct acactgcaaa aaaaaaaatt     84780
     cttacttaga ttttttgtct tgtttctagt caaaatatca aaaatttctt atatcaaaaa     84840
     gcattttcta gacaattgtc ttgttttgag aaataatatg ccaatattga gagagttttt     84900
     ccttaaaaaa agcaatgggg taagcaaatt aatcttgttt tttcttttaa cgtaagatta     84960
     ttttgcttac cccattggca gataattgtg cttgttttaa ggaaaaactc tctcaatatt     85020
     agcatattat ttcttaaaac aagacaatat gttttgcttg tctagaaaat tcttcttgat     85080
     ttaggaattt ttagatattt ggactagaaa caagacaaaa aatctaagta agaaaagcat     85140
     tttttgcagt gtaacgccag gtaataacaa tgacacacat tcagtattaa tccacgcagt     85200
     ggcaaaagtt gaactattta gaatagtggc cataaaaaaa gacaaatgga tttggaatgc     85260
     attttaatcg ataaaggaag aagcacgtgt cacgttttca acgtggtttt ggacgcaata     85320
     tgtgaatatc cccaaaggga tttgacctga gagatacagt acaagcactg atctataata     85380
     gatgagtgat cacaagctgc atggagcaat tacaacctac aatacacaat ttaatacata     85440
     aaacaaggca aaaaaattaa attagacttg catgttttga tccggaggaa gaagaaacgg     85500
     gtccgtatga actgtaatag ttactgacaa agtccctgtt aaagtctgac aaagtcctat     85560
     acacaatagt gctccttcct ttaatagcaa acggccaact aatcccatgt tgcagcgtag     85620
     gttattgtat caatcatcag aaaaatgaca ggaacaaaca cagcactggg ttgtaatata     85680
     gtggtaaact gagtcgactg ttgcgtaaag aatcaatagt tttaaacaag gtgcactttc     85740
     agatttaacc ctcagctgaa tgattcattc acttagagct gttacacact gcatagaagg     85800
     atattttcaa aaacccataa tagaggctct ttaacatagc ataccttgga atgccttgat     85860
     agaccaatca gaatcaagaa ggctcagtat tcattcattc attttattgt cggcttaagt     85920
     ccctttattt atccggggtc gccacagtgg aatgaaccgc caacttattc agcaagtttt     85980
     tacgcagcgg atgccctttc agccgcagca catttctggg aaacatccac acacacattc     86040
     acacacacac actcatacac taaggacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct gtaccgcatg     86100
     tcttttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccggaggaaa cccatgcgaa ctcatgcaaa     86160
     atccacacag aaacgccaac tgagtcgaag ctcgaaccag caacctagcg accttcttgc     86220
     tgtgaggtgt cagctcagca ctacctactg cgccactgct tcaccagaag gctcagtaat     86280
     atgtttattt aactgacaaa acaaacaaga tttccagtga tcactcaccc gctcactttc     86340
     tttcggctca tgtttgggta taaataagca tctcgagcaa agctggatca ttttgtgcca     86400
     aggtcatgca tgataacagt tttctaaaaa aaaaaaaaac atttttattt aatttcagaa     86460
     taaaaaatcc ccctaaactt cataatactg tgaaaagatt caagaaatcc agagaaattc     86520
     aagtgtgttt aggttaaagc aggaaacagc tttgctcatg catgaccttt aagtcacgtg     86580
     gggtcaggaa tgctttggaa aacccctgtc actaaacata gtctgccact cactgcaact     86640
     tacacttgaa tacatgttac tcaaggtgag agataaacat caggtctagg cagttctctc     86700
     ggccagagct catcaagaca gtcaaactgt gtctgatgag ttcacatttc actttttttt     86760
     tttctgcaaa aaatatagat gtcaacctta aaagcaccat ccagacttac aaaaacaaat     86820
     gtctgccgtg ctgtggagct gcagcggaga gacatttact acaataaaga ttgtgtctgt     86880
     tattagatca agtctcatcc tgcatcaata tgctacaaaa gtgtgcatct tggtgcaaaa     86940
     atgtagacac caagtaattt ggcaggcttg attggtctgc agttcagatc tgtctgctgc     87000
     tgaatatatt tggcccttca tgaataggag attcagacaa cgacgtctgc agacttttaa     87060
     gcagaagaag tctggaatca tcagattggg caatggcaat ctaaaaatgt taggttgttt     87120
     aacccaatgt tgggtcaaaa atgttgttgg attattctta aatattaatc cattcattca     87180
     ttttctttcg gtttagtacc tttattaatc tggggtttcc acagtggaat gaaccgccaa     87240
     cttattcggc atatgtttaa aagagcagat gcccttccag ctgcaaccta tcactgggta     87300
     aacatccata cacacacaca ctctctcata cactatggtc aatttagctt acccaattca     87360
     cctgtaccgc atgtctttgg acttgtgggg gaaactggag cacccagaga aaacccacgc     87420
     gaactcatgc aaactccaca cagaaatgcc aactgaccca gccgaggctc gaaccagcga     87480
     ccttcttgct gctttttgct ttatttggtt catattgggt cagacagaaa aaaagactgt     87540
     aaataaagta taaatattat tgacacataa taaataaata aataaataaa cataacatgc     87600
     cataaaattc acacacggat acaattcacc aaacaaaaaa tgatcagaaa aacataatta     87660
     tactctaaat atatcaataa tgagataaaa tattacatat atacacaaaa acatacatac     87720
     atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acataataaa aacaagcaat aggataaaaa     87780
     gaaataataa ataaaagaat atatataacc cagtagtgta gagtgtattt tctctcaaac     87840
     agttatacac aagcaaagta gataatcact ctgttaaaaa tgcctttccc ttaatctttt     87900
     taattgtttt tggacagttc tgcagccatc acagtttatt ttgaaaggaa acatctttta     87960
     cttttgtcga ttaacagtta gaaatgacat attcttgatt ctattgcatt ctttttcaga     88020
     attgcattgt tgtgaccaaa aaaaatcaac atctgttact gcacatgaaa taatatacaa     88080
     tcataataca atacctgagg tatacaggga ataactactt gctaaacttg cagtatacaa     88140
     accagatagc caatatctct ggcccccctc tgggccatgc ccttgcttta gttctggctg     88200
     ggtcctcagt ccaaaactga cctggacatt gaaaacagac acaaacagta gactctggcc     88260
     cacactctgt aacttttttg ctttatgtgg ccaacatctc taaaacagac tccttaaagc     88320
     ggttctggct gagtgtctgc ttggtccccg ggccagagat ggcccaagaa cttctaaaca     88380
     tgtttttgct ttatgtggcc cacgtctggc ccagaccctt taaagcagct tggtccccag     88440
     gccaggaact tcttcatctt tttttttttt tttttgctta atgtggccca catctagtcc     88500
     agacccttca aagcagttct ggctgagtgt aggcttggtc catacttcat tttagcaagg     88560
     aaacacaaat tcaaccatgt taattaaatt aatgttttta taaccataat aaagaaataa     88620
     atgcatatat aaaatattca tgaacaaata cagctctaaa tcatttataa agaagaagaa     88680
     tttgcttttt gagaaagaca aatatacatt ttttacaaag tgctgctccc agctcccaca     88740
     aaaaaacaaa ggcagagaag gaagcgagct tgtctagctg catccagtgt tgagttcatc     88800
     gccactgtcc cggggtcaat tggacccgtt ccttaggata ttttttgtca gatattacta     88860
     tggtataggc tactgacata taatcacaag catttaacaa gtgtcaataa ttcaagcatt     88920
     taagtaccat tacaattgca tcatgcaaag agtaattttg cagtacaagg ctgttaatat     88980
     tagcttggtg attgagtcca gttgaaccag gcagggactt ttatacactt gagaattgag     89040
     agagggagaa acttgaaacc agacacttca tatgtgtcca gcattttgag ttcatagagg     89100
     ctacacaaaa acacgttcct ttcattttca gtttgtaaag taagcctgta tccccttaac     89160
     tttacaaaag agtcaaggaa agcacctagg atcccattca ataaaacact ctatctatca     89220
     aatgaaatcg aaatgaaggt taagttcacg aggtcaccac tatgctattc ccaatgttca     89280
     caaaatgaat ttctggctga cttgcgactt aagcaagctc tcatggctgt ggtatttgaa     89340
     tgcccctccc aaacgtttgg tttcaattaa aagtagacct cgttaattac ttctcatgtg     89400
     attttattta ctttaaaagt cttcaaaatt gaccagaaag tcttgagaaa gggtgtttct     89460
     tgtgtcattc agggtaacca gaaaacacaa ataaacacgt tccgacctct actggtcacg     89520
     aagagaactt catcgtcaaa atcctgctgc taatcttttc aaaggggata atgttttaca     89580
     cagacatgct ttgtggaact acaatgtgac ctcgttcatg tgtccttcat tatttctctc     89640
     ttctgcattt gatcaaaagt cagaagagat cattacacta agcccagtat cttcatcttt     89700
     gttctaaaag tcatttttag tttctgtgtt tatttctttt gattatttat gtttttgtgg     89760
     cattgatgaa cttcacatcc attttaatca gctgaacagt tgagagtgaa acatcctgtt     89820
     ttctctggtg ctttgaaact acagcagatc actgactgtg cacgcgcaca cacacacaca     89880
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catgcacgca     89940
     cacaaaagcg aaatgtatta aagataaaat cagacttgac tttgttttga caaattgatc     90000
     atctgaattg tttacggtca aacagtataa agtttcaaaa gaaaagaaac agaagtcatt     90060
     agcaaagcaa gtgccagaaa aaatatacta acttctagac ttctagttgt ttaattttca     90120
     ctatatggtt gtggatatag tttgtccctg ccagggtaaa tacactgtag aacatcatat     90180
     gactaaaaag tcgtgacaat aaatgttttt gttactcaaa cttattttaa tgagttaatc     90240
     agcgtttaca tttttcaagc tttcaatttt tttagttata tgaggtttaa cttacttttt     90300
     tttttttttt ttttggtcag tttgactaat gcaagttgag attgcatttg attcagctaa     90360
     acaatttaag gcattaagtt tttttttttt ttttttgtgc agcacacaca cacacgcaca     90420
     cgaaagcgaa atgtattaaa gataaaatca gacttgactc tgttttgaca aattgatcat     90480
     ctgaattgtt tacggtcaaa cagtataaag tttcaaaaga aaagaaacag aagtcattag     90540
     caaagcaagt gccagaaaaa atatactaag tgccaacaag ttcaaagaaa aatatcatta     90600
     acaaaatttc agaactgctt tgttttggag ccaacaagat tagcatgaaa caagtttatc     90660
     acagttttct aaaaagatca attagacaga catgaatatg ggcatatttt tattgtgact     90720
     tttgattagt tttatgaact ataaaattat aaatacctga caaaagtttt gtcgtcaatg     90780
     ccagtttggc atgctctaaa agcaacaaat aatagattga cttctagttg atcatttgga     90840
     gttgattttt ctgatgaatc atctgttgaa ctgcatccca atcatcacaa atactgcaga     90900
     agacttacta gaacccgcac ggactcaaga ttctctcaaa aatcagtcag gattggtgga     90960
     gaaatcatgg tttggggtta cattcagtat gggggagtac gagagatctg cagagtggat     91020
     gtcaacatca acagcataag gtatcaagac atttgtgctg cccattacat tacaaaccac     91080
     aggagagggc aaattcttca gcaggatagc gctccttttc atacttcagc ctccacatca     91140
     aagctcctga aagcaaagaa ggtcaaggtg ctccaggaat ggccagccca gtcaccagat     91200
     gtaaacatta ttgagcatgt ctgggagtaa gatgaaggag gaggcattga agatgaaccc     91260
     aaatatatac aataaaaata ttacttttat tcttatcaga catactgtca aaatatattt     91320
     gctctgttaa acatcattta ggaaaaattt agaaaataaa acattttttt ttaaaaatca     91380
     agctaaaaat tctgacttca actgtatgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     91440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacatacata tacagttgaa gtcagaattt     91500
     ttagctcccc tttgattgat tttttttctt ttttaaaatt ttcccaaatg atgtttaaca     91560
     gagcaaatat attttgacag tatgtctgat aagaataaaa gtaatattta atttttaaaa     91620
     acattttaag gtcaatatta ttagcccctt taagctatat tttttctcaa taatctacag     91680
     aacaaaccat cgttatacaa taatttgcct aattacccta acctgcctag ttaacttaat     91740
     taacatagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt aagctgtata gaagtgcctt gaaaaatatc     91800
     cagtaaaata ttatttactg tcatcatggc aaagataaaa taaatcagtt attaaaacta     91860
     ttatgtttag aaatgtgttg aaatcttctc tcctttaaac agaacttggg gaaaaaataa     91920
     acaggggggc taataattct gatttcaact gtatatttca gaagacatgc actataaacg     91980
     aaatatattt tcaggcagca gctattccta tgacatatca catcaataaa gttgtaagga     92040
     tcacagccca tcctcaaaat acactttact gtcactttaa gttcgtcatt agattttgtc     92100
     tatttacagt aactattaca gtaacaaact gtggaatgat ttacctgtca gcctaaaatc     92160
     agaaagtatt ataaatattt cagtagcgtt cttaaaaagt ggtttaaaac aaaatagcag     92220
     tgtttgcaca aatagtctac tgttagtttg tcggatcatg cttttgcctt cagtaatttt     92280
     atgtaaagaa ttataatgtt gtatatgtat ttattatatt tccattttgt caagccttct     92340
     gtggacaggt gttaagaatt agcaagtttg ctaaaacact caaacacatg catttggttg     92400
     tccagtggaa ttgtgatgtc catgtcaaat aaataaataa aaaataaaaa taaataaaaa     92460
     acagttaaaa tttgaaaatt taaggagttg tgtaaagggt ggacagaata taaacatagt     92520
     taacctgcag ttatgtcctt tccagaagtg ctgaagtctg tgtataattt ttactatatg     92580
     gttgtggata tagtttgtcc ctgccagggt aaatacactg tagacatcat atgactaaaa     92640
     agtcatgata ataaatgttt ttgttactca aacttatttt aatgagttaa tcagcgttta     92700
     catttttcaa gttttctttt tttttttttt tagttatata aggtttaact tacaattttt     92760
     tttggtcagt ttgactaatg caagttcaga acaatttaag gcattgagtt tttttttttt     92820
     ttttttacag tgtagctata ttacatgttt acatcaacat atgttgcact aaataaagag     92880
     aaatattaca taaataacac acacgcacgc acccacacac accacagaaa gtggtgccag     92940
     aaatagcaga ctcttcactc gctgctgctg ctgctgctgt tgagatgaag cagctgccct     93000
     cacttaagat gcttcacttg taattcctca cagttgtgtt tatgtgagct gcagaggaag     93060
     actcttccgt ttagtcttga atggtcagct ttagattcac aaaggtacac tgcaaaaaag     93120
     gggggttttc taactcggat tttttttttc aaattatctg ccagtgagat aaacaaaaca     93180
     atctcatgtt aaaaaaaaca aactagatta ttctgcttac cccactatca gattgtttta     93240
     agaaacactt aattttacat tatttcataa aacaagtttt tcaagtcgag tattacttta     93300
     cttgtcgaga aaatgcttct tgatttaaga atgtttagat atttgaaatt taaacaagac     93360
     aatacgtgca gtttatttat aaaacaattt tgagaggatc ttgtgcttat gactgatcac     93420
     ggctggtcct gcatcagctt cacatttcaa ataaatacta actcactata aataaccact     93480
     ttttcacttc agtcatcttc atcttgaaga atcccccctc caccccctct cctgataggg     93540
     cggcacggta gcccagtggt tagcgctgtc gcctgacagc aagaacgcca ctggttcgag     93600
     cccttaccaa accagttggc atgtttgtgc gaagatggca agttctcccc tggctcacgt     93660
     ggggtttccc cgggttcttc ggtttcctcc tatcatccat aagccatata agaaaactga     93720
     ctaatccaaa gtagcatctt aagacaactc ttagccgact aaatctctta gccatccctt     93780
     acacattcac gagcaggaga gttctcgaga ccaacccgag ctcaaactcc cctgttgccc     93840
     ttcaaatggg aggcagcccg gggatatgag ctcagaatat cctgccaagg atattctaaa     93900
     ctcagggctt tctccaggga cagcatgcca gacatgctta aatatcaatc atcagctaag     93960
     tgtgaactct tgaaatctaa gtaagaaaag cagtgtataa agcaacagct acataactgg     94020
     acttaaatta aaactgacat tcaaatcata gcctgctcaa tcacactatt actattatta     94080
     ttattaatat tcaatgatga cattcatatt aaaatgaacc ggataatccc tcaactgact     94140
     accaaacaat cactgcagct gaacgtgcct aatgatctta actttttgtt aactctcatg     94200
     aatcttcatt cctgattttc tattattgcc tattattatt cttcataaag ctgctttgat     94260
     aagtttagca tcatgccggc agctagtgtc gtaatttgac ttcttatcaa ttagaaatta     94320
     tcagactgga ggttttgaat atcagaaaat agactttatt ctccataata aagccgagaa     94380
     agagcagagc agagcccaga gcattctgaa gtctctcctg gacaattcct atatctggtt     94440
     ctctctttcc aaagtctctc ctggacaatt atctggttct ctctttccaa agtctctcct     94500
     gctccttcta aagtttctgt gtgtttccaa aatctttata gatgttattt gacacacccc     94560
     taggtgtctc tttttaactc ttgaccgttt ttgaataggt tttctagtct aaggggtcct     94620
     gctattcttg gctctcagcc cactagctca tgtcaataga gatgttacag gtctatgtca     94680
     gcaaagtata gatgcaactt atgcaaagga actaagtgtt tacatacatt gtcatgatag     94740
     gataataact ttataatgtt actcattcta acttctgaca catatagctt catacaagta     94800
     tttaacatgt ataatcagtg ctttacatat tcagttattc tacacaatca ttctttagca     94860
     tcatagcctt ctcctagtgt tgctcctgtg cagacatact catcttacac agacacatca     94920
     ctgtattttt aacacacgct ggcatgtttg ctgcaaacac tccatacatt ttgagaagag     94980
     aaaatgaact gctttaaact tagaaaatac ttcacacaga gagaataaaa tcttcttcgc     95040
     tagctctctg ctactctcac atggtcgccc actaaagcta agcagggctg cacctggtca     95100
     gtaactggac gtgggagacc acatgggaag gctaggttgt tgccagaagt tgtgttagtg     95160
     aggccagcag gggacgctca atctgctgtc tgtaagtcct aacaccacag tatagtgaag     95220
     gggcgtcgtg tttcggaaga gatgttaaac tgacaacctg aggttgttaa aaatcccaga     95280
     aagtccttca aaaaaagagt tggggtttaa gtagaggtca ctcggttttc tcatggtgga     95340
     gatatatcca gctgcaggcc cgcagaacca cacacgtttt aggcacacac aatctaggac     95400
     acacgattta ggcaaaccat acatggtaac taactcttta gcaatatcgc cacctattga     95460
     atttcacaag tatggtttcc catttcagtc attactatta ttattatatt ataacgatca     95520
     ttttaacatc tctgcaattt ctgaactcaa attatgtaaa taaaaataat aggtcaaagg     95580
     cacgtatgac tttattcacg tgtccacata cacaaagaaa acattataga cgtctaattg     95640
     ttggattaag tgtaataaac taattcaaga tcttaatatt atcatacttg gttaaaatca     95700
     ctttgttgta aaatataaaa agcaaacagt aatatgtcac tttaaaataa attagcccac     95760
     tatagttaat catttaaaca atatatatag ttataaactg attatcttaa ctgattataa     95820
     ttataagttt atatataaac tactatcttt tactaaactg tcacagctgt ttatatatat     95880
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attaagggtg tcacgatcct ccaaatcctc     95940
     gattcgatta cattttcgat tctaaaggca cgattcgatt ttcgattatg aataattaat     96000
     taattaatga ccaattaatt atttgtagcc taccatttaa actacctgac ctgcatggtc     96060
     tttgttttac ccataaacaa atcatacagt aaatgaataa aggcaagata cacacatatt     96120
     taccacctgt caatcacttt ttctgcggga ctcgtgaata ggcagtgatc tgtgtcgtta     96180
     taatggcgtc ggtaaaaaaa gacacacaac caacaggaac cagccaacag tatctgaggt     96240
     gtgcgctaaa atgactaagt acaagtgagt gaaagattga aacagtcctc tgactgcctg     96300
     gatctgctgt ctcgagcgca tggctgtatg tgcgtctgtg tctgtgtggt cacgtgatgt     96360
     gcattttcag aggtagagag gaagaagggc tgctcagaaa tgctacacgc cactgtggat     96420
     gtcaaatcgt tgtcgttcta aaatgccatt taaaaaacaa agacagtgta aacagggcct     96480
     gagtttgtac tttttgcgag cggatttgca acgggggcgg ccggaggatc gagatgccgg     96540
     gaacaccggt gttgtctatt ggacgaaccg tacgtaatat gtacatagca gagcttgcaa     96600
     aactgtgttt tttttttttt tgtcaacaac acgaacgttg tcaacataac tcactggaaa     96660
     tccaaaatgc ttacacaccg gtgacttcat tgaaagagga gagggtttaa gttctgtcga     96720
     cgggtctcct gcagtttaac aagcacttca acaagcctgt ttttttcccg cttggcaagc     96780
     caagctgaca tgacatgggg gcgtggcagc atcgatgatt ctattttttg attcgatgat     96840
     taaaattgag cataaatttc gatcaatttc gattaaaaat ctaaatcgtg acacctctag     96900
     tatgtatgta tatatgtatg tatgctaaat tttggtttaa aaaatattta ttgcttacta     96960
     taaattacta cagtattaaa tgtgggaaat cattaaaagg ttattagaaa attaagctaa     97020
     taaacatatt aaatagcttg agtaaaatat taatgtagtg ttatacattt gttacatgta     97080
     aaaagatttt tattacatat aatgtattat tgcctatatt aacttactat tatttccttc     97140
     atcataaata atccattata taaatcaaac ctgtccaaat tagatcgttc agcaaggcca     97200
     gcaaacgatt atctgccata ctattgtcag ataataatga ctgatcagct ataatgacta     97260
     attaaaaact tgttcagtct attatattga atggcgatcg gaaacaatgc tccccattca     97320
     gccatctcga tcgcaatatt tgtgaaataa acactattgt ttgttgtgta caatatttaa     97380
     taatcatata tatcaaaata tatcgatgaa gatgttcaaa aataacatta acatctgtcg     97440
     taaccatata tggcttgcct agattgtgtg tgcctaaaac gtgtggttct gcgggcctgc     97500
     agctggatat tattggtctg gtgtgcagtc tatggctgct gtcgcgtcat ccaggtcgat     97560
     gctgcccatg gtggatgagg aaactccccc caaaaatgat tgatgaattt ttcaagaatt     97620
     tttaaataat gttttttttc tttttcctat atctttaaat gacttattcc tgaaagtttt     97680
     ccatatgtgt gattttcttt gacattttgt ttgctattac atattctgtt ttaaaccggg     97740
     gaacattaaa gtgcacacac actttacata taacaatggt atgcaatcct aaaaacattt     97800
     cattaataat aaataaaaca tgaactataa atgactgcag ttatggtcaa ttaatgacac     97860
     ttattagcct tttgctaaat taaactcacc tctgggtctc tgtctaatca tttactatgg     97920
     tataacacga tacaaagttc aggtatacac acagtggccc agactacact tcaagctaaa     97980
     cactagttgg ttagttagca tagacataag cagcacgagc aggcgttttg caatatatac     98040
     aatatttatt caaaaacaac aaacaggaag tgataaccat cacatatagc ccacaaatat     98100
     tgtggaggca gtgtgaacac cattacaggg agatgacaca ggaggaaaat atttctgctt     98160
     tatatatatt aattaaaaaa aaggaaaaaa aaaaagattc atgataaaac agacaaatgt     98220
     gctgtaagtg ctgagcagaa cgttctgggt atgaaatgct tcctatagca ttctctttgc     98280
     acaaaatgcc atagtagttt atcacagagt tgtgaggaag tcaataattc tagagtcttg     98340
     agtttctaca gtaaacatgt cagttaaagg ggcagatcac acaaatagga acttgctgta     98400
     atcatttgct cactctcatg tctctctaaa cccataaaac gtacactctt ccctgaaata     98460
     tttaagaaga atattaattt cattaagcag tcaatggaat caaaagaaaa gaaataatcc     98520
     cagttttaaa cagcttgacg gcgagtatca atggttctaa gaaaaaactt aatgctcttt     98580
     gtagtacaaa actgttcttt agattattaa aagattctgc acttgggttg tcacgatact     98640
     ggaattccat attaattagt actgaagttt taaaaacttc catttgaagc gttttaaagg     98700
     ggagattcat cagcagatcg cccccgtatg tcagcttata gacaaaccag ctaatcaaca     98760
     tgtctttgta acgcttcagt gtccctatat ctgtgattac actcagtaaa cagcggtgag     98820
     ttcggtgaac tggtgacctt catggccaat cccagtcatt tctgttgaag acgttaacac     98880
     aacggcaaat tagcactgct taataatgtc ctcaacagca cttaaatggt cgcaggaaat     98940
     ggacattttt aagacttcag taacgactgg tatcgaattc cagtatcgtg acaaccccat     99000
     actgaaatcc ggtacaaatc aatatatcca gtccatttcc cactaacatt tgagcgctgt     99060
     tgagctcgtt cttaatcagc gctgatttgc aattgtgttg atgtgctcaa cagaaatgac     99120
     tgtgattggc catgaagatc atcagttcat caaactcacc catttactca gtttaaccac     99180
     agatacaggg acattggagt gttttaaagt cacgtcgatc atctggtttg tctataagct     99240
     gacataagag taatccactg atgaatcaca gctatcaaac ccacaagtgt ccctgtatct     99300
     gtgattacac tcagtaaaca gcggtgaatt cagtaaactg gtgaccttca cggccaatca     99360
     cagtcatttc tgttgagcac tggaacacaa tggcaaatca gcgctgctta ataacgtgct     99420
     ccacagcgat ttattgttag caggaaatgg acgttttcaa aacttcagta ccgattggta     99480
     ccgaattcca gtattgtgac aaccccatac tgaagtccgg tgcaaatcaa tacatagagt     99540
     ccatttccca ctaacatttg agcgctgttt aaaacgttct taaacagcac tgatttccaa     99600
     ttgtgttgat gtgctcaaca gaaatgactg tgattggccg tgaaggtcat cagttcatca     99660
     aactcacccg tttccttagg gcacaggtgt caaactccgt tccaaaaggg ccgcaactct     99720
     gcacagttta gttccaaccc taattaaaca cacctgatca aactaatcga gtccttcagg     99780
     cttgtttgca accaacaggt aagtgtgttg gagctgggtt ggaactaaac tgtgcagggc     99840
     ttcggccctc caggaattga gtttgacacc cctgccttag ggtaacccac tgatacagga     99900
     acactggagc atttaataac acgtcgatca gctggtttgt ctttaagccg acataagagt     99960
     aatccactga cgaatcgcac ctctaaaact ctaatgtccc tgtatctgtg atgacactca    100020
     gtaaacagcg gtgagttcgg tgatgatctt cacggccaat cacagtcatt tctgttgagc    100080
     acatgaacac aatggcaaat cagcgctgtt taagaacatg ctcaatagtg ctcaaatgtt    100140
     agtggaaaat ggatgttttt aaaattccag tactgattgg gaccaaaatc caatatcatg    100200
     acaacactaa tgtgcacact aaggtagctt ttttaagaat tggtcactaa attctttgtg    100260
     tatcccaaaa tggttcttca atggcattga tgtggaaact tttcaggaat gtagacttta    100320
     aagcatgtac tgtaggttaa atatccaccg ttacttaaga actgctgaaa ttaaacacaa    100380
     tattcagtaa cacattcatt tgtctgaggt tatccgtgaa tatgctacat aattactcgc    100440
     tctgatccac gtttttggta atcaccaaca gaaagcattt gaaaacactc ccagatgtcc    100500
     acagatggag cgaatgcgct ccgttccaca gtcaatccgc ttgctctctt ttacatccac    100560
     agctgctgat atcatcaaga ggaagctccg tcctcgtctt cctgtaaggt gtgatggcca    100620
     gttaaagcag tctctatctc tcggcctcca tcataatact gatgtgctca gcggaggctg    100680
     gctgactcac ggctgaaggc caggctggag agggcgtctg aggcatgagc tgacctggag    100740
     tccatcgccc ctgcaggccc ggggttggcg gaggactcat ggcccagttg gggtgaggag    100800
     ctggcgatgt ggccattgaa gtaatggggc tactgctacc gaagctttca gaggctttta    100860
     ggcgagagaa catggccagg gcatcgggaa agtttggagg tgtcgctggc gtgttggctg    100920
     gagtgcacat ctggaaacaa agagagagct tgtttagatc cagtacagtt aacgggatag    100980
     ggtgaagtca gctaaagaag gccacgtttt ggtaacaatt tgatttcatt tcaggctttg    101040
     tgtaacactt tgctctgcct gcttttaaaa aaacctttaa attgttgcta acaagtgcca    101100
     aagcaacaat gcaaggttac ttattgtgat tggatagaga aattttaaaa gataaagagt    101160
     tacaatctac ttcgccattt tttcctgata gggcctgaac atgcagactt tggtttttct    101220
     gtggaaagag taaaatatct gcaggttttt gcaaatggtt ttgagagtat agtagctaaa    101280
     aactcatttt attcatttaa acacttttat ttaaggttta caatgcaaat ccaattagtc    101340
     tctcatatat ctactaaagc agtgtttctc aaccatgttt ctggaggacc accagcactg    101400
     atgtctcttt tgtttgtcac actcattaca ggtcattaca ggtgtgtttg gttaaggaga    101460
     catggaaaat gtgcagagct ggtggtcttt caggaacgtg gttgagaaac actactaaaa    101520
     agacagatga tatcacttta caaactgtat tggaaataaa tcatttcaac atttgcatat    101580
     tactcaataa tgttactcag attaaaataa acacagattt atagaagtaa ataaacagac    101640
     tcaataaact aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaaaagtgg aattttgctg atttcgctgt    101700
     gggcctactg ataacctatt taaactgact tcaccctagt tcaaccccag aattcagatc    101760
     ctttttttat tgccattttt ttttacggtc ccagagtaca caagcaatat tttttttaac    101820
     acagtgccaa gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata gacattaaaa gttaactttt aactgctttt    101880
     atcagtgagt acgtttacat aaacatccaa taatcagatt tttatacaat taagacaata    101940
     ccctgattaa gggtatacca cctaaaaaaa gatatttaat ttatttaatc cgatttaggt    102000
     cataatggag catgcatgaa atgttcctaa atgaaagtga atgtgctgaa ctgcagttaa    102060
     actggactaa ttaaaaatga aacacccaaa attacataaa actccagagg aagtggatag    102120
     cttggtgatg cactaactat aatcgaatca tgtgctataa catgtaaaac gggatcatga    102180
     aaggaacatg caaaactcat gtaaacatct taaatatatt attgtcttat tctgattaag    102240
     ctaaataatt tgattactga tgtctattta aacgtatagt cattgccagt tttaagggac    102300
     gtcattaaaa atagaactac ttatgagcaa gtgaacacaa tggtgtttaa gagagcaagt    102360
     accctcaggt actgtttaca catttctttt atttttttat aatagatacg ttttattaca    102420
     gttatgcttg gcatccacac taatcaggca tcttcgacct atggaaatgg agcattttga    102480
     aaccactaaa gaaccaattt gtttgtaaat tttggtgatc tgaaattaaa tccaatttat    102540
     tctttttttt tttaatggat gcaaatatat ttacaattag tctctgattg gtcttttgaa    102600
     ctattgtgta tcattctctg attcaccaag cccctcccat atgatcataa cacaacatgt    102660
     aaatagcaag tacagatgcc tgcaaaaatg tgcatgccca gtaagcatga atggtgatgt    102720
     atcatgtgtt tagactgtat agtatggaag gagattgctt ttctaaaacg ctgcccattt    102780
     gttttgccgt ttttgttgcg ttttcattct taaatatttt aaaactaaaa catacaagtt    102840
     ttaaagctaa aacattttaa aatatgtttt aactagtttt atctccatta caaaatgtca    102900
     gtgtttaagt ttaattggta aatattcttt ttttattaac atctacataa ccatggtaat    102960
     tttagtactt tttacctatg tttgattgat tgtataattc ttgtgttggt ttttttaggt    103020
     tgttttacat tgattgtttt acagtgattg tataatacag ttaatacagt aatacattat    103080
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatatagttt tacattgatt gttttacatt    103140
     gattgtataa tacagttaat atagttatac attataatat aatataatat aatataatat    103200
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat agttttacat tgattgtata    103260
     attcttgtat ttttttaggt tgttttacat tgattgtttt acattgattg tataatacag    103320
     ttaatatagt tatacattat aatataatat aatagtatag tatagtataa tatagtttta    103380
     cattgattgt ataattcttg tattattttt tttaaggttg ttcagggaca acagatgaaa    103440
     aatagccttt tagctaattc tggtgcattt gcagaaaagc taattaatgt ccctgccaaa    103500
     taaacaaata aataaataaa ataaaacata ctcttatcct gaggtagtgt aaaacaatac    103560
     cccaggataa gaaattcact gtggctgcac tgcaatggac ttgccagaga agtctctaaa    103620
     gaaatgtgtt tgcgtttgta aagaaaaatt cactttattc agccatagtt ataattcaac    103680
     cctttctcat atacgtttta aattcttcag ctgactcccc acaaagtgcg cttctgaaga    103740
     aatgataagt acattttttg tggatgaact aatcctttaa tgaatccaga cctgtttgat    103800
     tttcacagct atttcaacag aagggaaaac tgatggaatt cctgaaagtg agtcattttc    103860
     agaaaacaag gattgaagaa acgttgtggt ggctgaaggc tctggacctt tggacacaca    103920
     ggagtttata caataatgat tgtccacctc tcctgaataa agagcaggcc tgatgccctg    103980
     acacaaacgc tactatagca acgtttagtc tttcagaggc cagctttaag aagataataa    104040
     tcagaggaaa acaacaacca atgacgtctt ttgtgaagtc attcaaaaca aactgcaatt    104100
     aaaagaatct tctcttttgt cctttgacac aagactttgc cttttcagtg aatgtaacaa    104160
     ctgttttcta acaagaaaat gaatccttgc agaataaaaa gagttaaatt aatcaaatgt    104220
     aataaaatta tgtacaatca gttgatcatt attgctaaaa agcacaatgt tgactgagca    104280
     gaggggtttt atatagaaat attaacaagt atactctaaa aacgcatata aatataaaaa    104340
     catatcaaat taagcttgat ttgtttgctt tttgcattta gagattgtgt gtagatgatg    104400
     ggtaaatgtt gtgtatactt atggaagtaa ttttacttgt ggaagtaaaa aaaaaagcta    104460
     tgtctgacaa aaacattttt gtaaacaaca tgtaaattac caaagcattt cattcattca    104520
     ctcgatcaac aaagctggtg gatatcacta gtcaagtaaa atgcacaaac aggtcaaaaa    104580
     caaaaaaggg acatctttac tgttgatatc cgatcatcag taggacgttg aaactgaaac    104640
     ctgcatacga aacgtaaaaa gcgattccca agtagagctt acacaataca cacacactag    104700
     tgttgagtga catgcatatc attcataatt cagctgtctc cttgtgctgg caggcgtcca    104760
     aatgttgtag gcaaacacga actagcattg cacaacatta cctttcacct tcattttaca    104820
     acaatcctaa tctggtttga atgttgttca ttttctgttt ggtcatatcc tttgcttaag    104880
     atcagtgctg tgtaaacttg gtactggagg gccggtgtcc tgcagatttt agctctagaa    104940
     atatccttag aaagtatgtt tctagaaagc ctaaagctgc gatcacactg cacttttctc    105000
     cccatagact tccattcata tgcacgcgaa ttcgtcatac cgcaaacgca agctcgtgcg    105060
     ccaagttttg caggtcgctg cattgcaaag ctcaagtttg gtgaactctg acgcatgatc    105120
     acatgattgc gtgagactaa tcgatgatca aaacatgacc cctctggaca gaaatataaa    105180
     acatggaccg atcgctccct tttttaaatg tctaatcgtc ttgtttaacc acgctccttt    105240
     ttgcagtgct gtacgacaga attctgcaaa ctcaaactct agtgtgactg cggcataaga    105300
     gcttgattag ctagcccagg tgtgcctcat tggggttgga accatatata tatatataca    105360
     ctagatgtcg cctggcctat tgttgtctat tggacggtat gcgtcaatag cgccgccatc    105420
     ttgctacagc gctcctttga aatgaatgcg agaccaatgt acagtggagg actgtggcca    105480
     tccaaagcca gagatataca catatatcta tgatcaggag ttttcctgga tgttagtatg    105540
     taattttttt tttctaatta cgaaaattat aattttacat cacttttctt cattaatgga    105600
     tcagtggacg cacaggcatt cctgacaaaa agcttgtgtt tgtgtgtaca gaaatgtact    105660
     attcaccctc ctgttaaatt tgatctaatc atgtcctgaa acacagctcc tctcctgctt    105720
     tcacttctca aactgacgga gagagcgatt cgtttgtgaa tgaatccccc gttcaaaaaa    105780
     gttcaaaaca tacaaaaaca gaaaaaaact taatcttacc tatgaaatgt tctgcttctg    105840
     tgctttgatt tctttgtttg ctcgtttcta cacccgtaga cagcgctaaa gtcccgcatc    105900
     ttcacgtaat aacattgtct tgactagtgc ggttgaatga catttgtcct gggagcactg    105960
     tagcaatgtg gcggcgcttg acgcatgctc agggtcccta tgcgatatct agtgtatata    106020
     tctatgggtt ggaactagac tttccaggac accggcccac caggaccgag tttgggcacc    106080
     ctaggcttag atgtacttaa atatttagac tatgtacatc gaacatcagc taacagatgc    106140
     atataaaccg tatataaacc atattattgc tgtaatcgta attaaatggg gtatatgcac    106200
     agagactttt taattttcag tctttccatt acaaaattgc cacgtttaag taatgtactg    106260
     tatttttttt atttaatgcc atgtcagcaa ccaaggctat tttcatggca tgaacctttc    106320
     aacaataaat atacaattta ataaaatcaa caaataaaag aataaatcaa ttaaataaga    106380
     tttttagtgt tgatgcgtga taaaaattct aaaatctttt ctggttttac ttagttaaaa    106440
     atgtcgttaa aaagagttca tttcataaaa aagtcttctg gaatattaaa agcaggaccg    106500
     tccagtaaaa tgtgttttat ggtaagggga attttgcagc acaaacactg agtaaggttt    106560
     ttgccacgtt taagatctgt tttctttaat gataagcatt tttcactgcc taatagatca    106620
     ttgacatgaa atgggtctca gaccggacaa gaagcactgc attaaattcc attttcccca    106680
     gccatgtctt taaaatatga aaatgtattt tacatcagta ttttgaatag agtttctggt    106740
     ctagcctgca ggtactgaca gtgctagcgg ttacacggtc tgtcatctcg atttatgctt    106800
     gaacaactaa attaactgat tgtattttaa ttacattatg atgtcattca ttcattttct    106860
     tgttagctta gtctctttaa taatccgggg tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat    106920
     ccagcatgtt tttacagccg caaccttccc ttccagccgc aacccatctc tgggaaacat    106980
     ccacacacac tcatacacta cggacaattt agcctgccca attcacctgt accacatgtc    107040
     tttggactgg gcggaaaccg gagcacccga aggaaaccag agtaaacgca gggagaacat    107100
     gcaaactcca cacagaaacg ccaactgagc cgaggatcaa accagcgacc caacgacctt    107160
     cttgctgtga ggcgacagca ctacctacta cgccactgca tcgcctacat tgtgatgtca    107220
     ataaggtaaa aaaaacaaca acaaaaaaaa cttttaaaaa atttaaatag tcacaaaaac    107280
     ttttcaccgg aagtttagcg ttggctgaag aacactagct gtgttgttgt tgctgttttt    107340
     ttatttttat aacacagatg tgaagaacaa ctgtgataag ccaagagctg gcaataatgc    107400
     caaacaacat atcaataatg agtacaaccg aaagagagaa taaataaatg aacgaataaa    107460
     ttaattattt aaataataca taaattgcta agtattccaa accaaatata ggaaatcaca    107520
     ttcacattat aaataccatc aatgcaaatt acagaaaaaa ctcaaaaaaa gaacatgcgt    107580
     taaatgtttt agttgccttt ttgttagaag aggtagagag aggcttgatt taattcttga    107640
     tgtccatttg aaaatgagaa aggtgagggg tgatgttcat aaccttgaat ttgtgaataa    107700
     aatcctttgc tagcaaaatt attaagttgg aaagaaaata aatgttttca cattgcttct    107760
     caagggtaat aagtacaaat aaaacatatt taaagcaaag ctcaaaacta tcatttatga    107820
     tatgtacaat aacctggcag atatcttgcc aaaatctcct tgtttcgact gttgacatca    107880
     ccacgacagg gcttataggg gtgcgaccag gtcccagcag aataaaacag ccctttctgg    107940
     aatatccaca cgaatattag tctccatgtg ggtgtacatt gttgtattac tcaatattaa    108000
     cagtcgttca catggtaaaa cctgtaagca gtttgtgagt gtaactgtac atgaggtgct    108060
     tgctaagggt taactgaatt tcattcgctt tgcatgtgac cggtagtact actatttctg    108120
     agtaatcgag acaaattcct ttaagtttag atatccaaat ttaaaaaccc cgacactaat    108180
     aaaaaaatac ccgaagttta aactagcaag gctttgaaca gacaacaatg cgtccttagt    108240
     gaaggcgatc ttgttgttat tacagtagtg taaacagcgc ggtgtcaagc gcgtgttctc    108300
     tcggtttcct ggaatcgccc tcctccccca caactttgga cacgtttgca aaaacccgac    108360
     tcccatgagt ccagattaat ttaacatctt aaaacaataa catatctaat taaccaacaa    108420
     agggcgacat ggtgagctta acaaccaaag tcgcaatttt tcaaacgaaa taaataagct    108480
     ctggcgagaa acacgccagc ctgtgtttat ttatgtctga ctcgtggttt caacatggcg    108540
     gaagtcatca taacaaatat aaaaaagggc caaaacacaa tgactaaaat aacaagaata    108600
     tactcaccat ttgatggctg taaggaatat tagcctcttg gaaaaatgta ctgagggcag    108660
     cctgtaagac aatacaatat ggattatttg taattcaaca aatactcatt tggaagtacg    108720
     cgaatttaat ggattcaaca taatattatt taattcgcct tatcataata ctttctacct    108780
     cataaatgaa tcatttcaat gtcatatttg tttagattat gtctgttgca gtgtttgttt    108840
     tgcgtgatta ttataaaata taacacgctt caaataaaca aagagttaat tgatttgtgt    108900
     aaatttatac taacgttata ttaaatgaga ttctttttca tgttaagagt cctaccaaat    108960
     aaacatacct caaactgcca gtgtgaagct tgtaaaaact gctttgcttg atccgccgcg    109020
     catcctgctg taagaacaaa ctgatttatc ataacttgat gtcttagttc gtccatattt    109080
     actcaagaaa ccgatgcaaa atcgtcaggt taaggtttta atctgcagtc ttttaaaaac    109140
     gccgcactaa aacatcaact tgtcgattgg aaacaaaaat tgttgtgagt tggagggtct    109200
     tgctgagcgc ccctgctgga caaacgtaat aaacaccagc tgggaattct gggatttgta    109260
     gtcaactatg caaaaatatg agcctagatc agtggttcca aaagtgggga caatgaaggg    109320
     gggtcgcttg gtgatttcca aaaatctaat agaattttgt tgaaccactg gaattaccat    109380
     attttatcca ttaccctttt gaaaataaaa aatagttaca gccttttgat ttttatttaa    109440
     ttttttctat tagattgcaa ctcttgaggt gataacatta tattaaagac gcagcaatag    109500
     cataagatgg agcagattta ttttatggca ccaggttaaa atttctggca cattatacag    109560
     cactcacata catttaaaaa aaagaagaat atacttggac ctattggtgt gggtgtgtat    109620
     ggaagtaggt gtggtgtaca tgcaaggttt ctatatttat aacctccctt gaggatattg    109680
     gaggtcgcaa gtcactggca ttgttatttt agggtcgcag tctgaaaagt ttgggaaccc    109740
     ctggtctaga tggtgtatgt caaactcagt ttctcaagtg ccgcagctct gcacagttta    109800
     gttgcaaccc tttgatacct gtgtgttgag tttgacaccc ctggtgtaaa gacatggcgg    109860
     tttccatgaa tataaaaatg ttaaattccc acaaacacgc cgtgcatcaa gctcacgtca    109920
     ctgtttctag ttaattagag tcatcatcat ttgtcatctt ctatttgatt tttgttattg    109980
     actattttgt tattcaaggt aatttattta atttttatta tttatttttt cacaacagga    110040
     aatcaggaac atttgatgac atcatatgat aatgcattct aaaaatacta cttcattgtc    110100
     attaggattt tttttatatt ttacactatt agtaaataca atttccccca caaaataaca    110160
     ggttttatct atttgtcaga aggacattta tacattaaaa tatttattca aaatgcaata    110220
     acatttagtt gatcaattat tgttgttgtg tgttgttata gtctcagtga cgattgaaca    110280
     attcactctt gttttgatct tttaaagtta ttttaaatat tttagtaaac actttatttg    110340
     catttaatat attttctatg taaaaaaaac atctttgtac ataaaccagg atttatttgc    110400
     ctcatattca aaacagcact agtaaactaa aacatggcaa caaacaacaa acatacagac    110460
     aattacattg gttgagaaaa ggcctaaaat gtgctggaaa taagtgaaaa ataataaacc    110520
     taagatccac tctcaagcat aaaacaacta ttaaagtatt agtcattgta gcaaaagtaa    110580
     aataagcact ttatttctga aaatttaaat actaaataca actcaatctc atttatattt    110640
     gttttaattt tgtcacaagt gtttgtcatc attataaata taataaatat atttgtgtaa    110700
     tctctgttga caggctgatt ggtgcagtgg cagcagtaat gcggtcggtt cgttgtggta    110760
     aagaaggagc tgagcgaaaa gcaatgctct cgacctgtca atctacgttc ctactctcac    110820
     ctgtggtcat gagctttggg tcatgaccga aaggacaaga tctcgaatac aagcgctaaa    110880
     aatgagtttc cttcgaaggg tggcagggcc actcggatag ggtgaaaagc tctgacaccc    110940
     aggaggagct ccgagtagag ccgctgctcc tctacatcga gagaagtcag ctgaggtagc    111000
     tcgggcatct gttttggatg cctcctggat gcctaggaag gtgttccagg tatgtcccac    111060
     ctcagggaag acccaggaca cgctggagga actgctgccc ccgtgacccg gccctggaga    111120
     agcagcagaa aatgaatgaa tgaatgaacg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatt aattaatgaa    111180
     tgaatgaatg aatatttgtg taataatatt tagggtcttg gtttttgcaa tgatttctat    111240
     ttaatgttaa tataaattgt gctttttaga gaattgcttt accagtcaaa cataataatg    111300
     catatatttc attttagtag cctacaagaa accttccatt tcagaatatg ggcatcatat    111360
     gcaataactg taattattgg atttaataga tatatttttt atgtcacaaa tcttttgtct    111420
     tactataata tatataaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    111480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatttt tttttttttt ttttttttga    111540
     ttttcataaa gaatacacat aaaacaaaat gaaaaaagcg tgtacaactg ataaacaatt    111600
     tcaggggcaa aaacaattaa gtataaaggt ataagttata tagttaggaa aatattatga    111660
     gaatgacata acgagacagt tttaagggct ttggaattgt aggatgtaag aagagtattg    111720
     aggtagaaaa atacacaaac aacagaaaac taatgaggaa atagggttta gcatcttgaa    111780
     agttacattt gtgcaaaaat aatttttcag gaaaaataaa taaatatatt agataatatt    111840
     tgtccttgcc ttgtttctta aaggaatggc agccaaagat ttttttaata aaatataccg    111900
     tcttcttgac cacaatgaaa ggattctcgc ggtcgcagtg acaaaagctc aggctcttct    111960
     gattggtcga gctcataggt ctcatgacga gctcagccaa tcacgaggcg atatgctaca    112020
     actctcgcag ggaagcatcg caacaacgat ttccttgtgt tgtgttttca cgaaggagct    112080
     gctgctttta aatcgaaaac acaccagacg ataaaatcct tccctcgtct catttacctt    112140
     gcattttaga gttcactgtt atttctggtg tgtttctttg catcttgtat tattgagtct    112200
     ctgctcgtga cagatgaact aactggctag atgctgactt gctagtcagt tagccagtgt    112260
     caagactgat ccagctgact gaactgaaca tcatataaac acgactgtac tagattcgac    112320
     tccgaagaga agaaatgtca attaactaca tgtcatgtta aattgaacaa gcagtcggtt    112380
     cggaagcgtt gctgtcatta cgcagctacg attagctggc tagctgttgt tgtacacctt    112440
     taataaccgc tgtcgttagt gctgatcgga ttgagttgga gaaatgggtt caattctcag    112500
     tcgaagaatc gctggtgttg aagacatcga catccaggcc aattctgcat acagatatcc    112560
     tccaaaatca ggtaacgtta aggctgataa aagctgctgt tggtcttctc ttgcattgtg    112620
     agttaaacac tcatcatctc agataagttg gattaatatc cataataata aattagtcaa    112680
     tcaattgctg tcaattgatt caccagatgt gattctaaaa gttaagtcaa ttatagtatg    112740
     attagtagag tataattcat acagtggcta ttagagtaca tttgactagt atccagtagc    112800
     agatgtttga ttttcaaata gacaccttta actacattaa aatggcttat ttgaagtgaa    112860
     aatataaatt aattacaaat ataagaataa ttgcacttac aaccaagaat actagtttaa    112920
     gttgagcttt gttgttccgc tgcatgtgtt gacataaagt gaaatgacaa gtcgtgtctc    112980
     acagaaccat ggtcctacat aaataaagta cataaataat aatgatttac ttattaaaca    113040
     attatcaatg catcaatatt acctccagtt attttattaa taatacagtt agcgtcagaa    113100
     tataaatcta tgttttatca ttttatttat tcatgtccca aacttaattt ctaataatgt    113160
     tcttctctta aaaactaaaa ctgaaacgtc agaggctttt attgttatac aaatagaggc    113220
     ttttattgtt atacaactct tttacatatt acgaataaca gtagtacttt atatttattt    113280
     gtaacattat ggaatgctac ataaatttat gtaaccccta ctgtctaatc tgaatgtcag    113340
     ctatgattat tttattgtac acaaggccag acagattatg cagtatttat agtgtttttc    113400
     tgttcaaaca ttaggttaga tgtgtcatat attggttaat tattgttttc ttttcccaag    113460
     gaaactattt tgccagccac tttttcatgg gtggagaaaa atttgacact cctcatcccg    113520
     agggttacct ttttggggaa aatatggatc tcaactttct cggcaaccgt ccagtgcagg    113580
     tacagtaaaa tcagtgattc tgactttctg cttgtaaata tatgagggct ccacacagtc    113640
     attcattcat tcattttcag cttagtccct ttattaatgt tgggttgcca cagcggaatg    113700
     aaccaccaac ttatccagca tatgttttac acagctgcaa cccttcacta ggaaacatct    113760
     atgcaaactc attcacacac acactacgga taatttagct tatactacac ttatactaca    113820
     tgtttttgac ctatggggga aactggagca ccctgaggaa acccacgcga acacagggag    113880
     aacctgcaaa ctccacacag aaatgccaac tgacccagtt aaggctcgaa ccagcaacct    113940
     tcttgctgtg aggcgattgt gctacccact gtgccagtgg cgctgcacac agtatattac    114000
     aaaaaaaatc attaatgtga tattagtata tgtggtgtct gtatcaaaga gagatgagat    114060
     gaaaatggat ttattaaaat taattttatt tgccaatatt ttctgtgtga cattcatagg    114120
     atgtttatcc aaatttgacc aatttgactg gggtcttgct acctttatac ccacttccct    114180
     agtaggtgct gtcatgctgt tggctagacc agctccaaac aacctagttt ctccgaccag    114240
     agagttgaaa acaaacacta gtggttggag atgaaaatga caacaacaat cagaacatct    114300
     gattttaatt tcttcaaatg ttttaaagtc taagggcgct tttacaccta cacttttgat    114360
     tcggaacgtg tctcgtttgc ccagttagcg cggttcgttt ggcatatgtg aacagggcaa    114420
     tcgccaaaag cgccaaagta atcgctccga gatcgtttga atgagatggt ctcggctcga    114480
     ttgaaacgaa ccctggagcg gtttgattgc agtgagaaag caatccgatc tgagcgcggt    114540
     tatatcacag tgtgttatgg atatgtaata ggcttacggc tatatgaaga gagaattatg    114600
     agtatggcgg gaagtttcgc gagtctctgg atgcctgcaa acgagtgatg atctcccggt    114660
     aatctcgcgt ctccctcccg gtcctcaaat agacatcgtc gcgcaccctt ctcacccctc    114720
     cccaccgcat ctctcctcag acacgtcgcg cgcgcacgct gtcaaccacc accaaaccac    114780
     cacctctcct gacagcttag cgggttgctg cataataaac cctgacactc tgaacaatgt    114840
     aaggagagtt tactcgcacg tgacttgttt tagctttttt ggtccgatta gaaacttgca    114900
     gtgtaaaagc aaaccgctcc aagagcaaat agcaataatg taataattgt aatctctctt    114960
     tcggaacaac tgaatcgatt cataggtgtg aaagcaccct aaatgtttgc accttgatac    115020
     cttgtttatt ttttagcctg aatttaattt gattagaaaa ctatttcctg ttcattttag    115080
     tataatcatt aaataaatta atgataatga atgaaatggt gaataaaagt gtcatttatt    115140
     tagcggggaa tgttaaattg cactaaatat caagattgtt ctcattataa tctcatatat    115200
     tctcattata acagagccct ttgtaatatc ttattataaa tgttttatat attatgaatg    115260
     agacttttga tgcatttgtt ttgttgtaaa tggttttagt aaacgcatac tgatatatta    115320
     aaatgtgagt aatatctttt tttatttctg gcagtttccc tatgttactc cagctccgca    115380
     tgaaccagtc aagacattga gaagtcttgt caacattaga aaggactcat tacgattggt    115440
     caggtactgt atgaacacca tatcgctggt aatctgagtg aaaataatct cagtgctgag    115500
     tatagttgca tttctcttga taatttgtgt atttgtttta aatttgtgtg attgtaggta    115560
     taaagatgat gctgatactc ctactgatga aggagtaaag ccaagggcca tgtatggagt    115620
     ggagttcacc tttgactctg atgcacgggt ggccatcact ctctactgtc aggcctttga    115680
     ggagttctcc aatgggatgg cgatgtaaga tctttagttg tagttgcaca tttttaaagc    115740
     tacaatgaag cagatatggt gatttatatt tttccttttt gcattttgac atacatttta    115800
     ctttgtaagc tgttaatgat agaagaatgt aatgcaaggt cttagttttg ttagaatatt    115860
     aattcattta tttttatttt tgttatcact tccatatatt tataaataaa taaataacca    115920
     tagtaaaaat gaatagaacc aagtgaaatg aaccaagtga aaaaggaata agccgaaacc    115980
     ttgattgtta tgcctaccct atgactttaa actacatttg atgaaacaga atattagata    116040
     caaaattaga ttagtcatat cccaaaatgt ttaaacataa ttccacaaat acatgtaaaa    116100
     aaaatacaca ttccaataat tactacagta ttcttatcat tttgacacta attcttaacg    116160
     ttcatagttt ttatatagtg tcatataatg atcacctcat ttatcctttt tttattcata    116220
     aagaaaatta caaaatctat aatccttatc acatttactc tatatgttta tttattagac    116280
     agaatattaa acacattatt tttacattaa ttatggccct tttttaaatg cataaattca    116340
     aatgacattt tatggacctt gctttatttt gagtagccat tgaatactat tggaaaataa    116400
     cttatttaaa actttgtaca atttctaagc tgtacatgat tcaactaaat ctacaaattt    116460
     taaagaaatt taatttattt ttcaacaaat tttgttgttg gttcataata attagtaaaa    116520
     caatactcat tgctcttttt ttgtttttag atagatagat agatagtttt ctttagttta    116580
     atgttattat tattagcagt attatttatt atatccatat ttatgtttgt tttattaaaa    116640
     acaagcttag atttgcccac ctgtcaggtt ttagaccata tggggcacag catgtgtatt    116700
     tggatataac tcagtttttt gaacacactt cgttattatt gttcatttat ttgtttgctg    116760
     gaaattagaa cagaatttag aaatagtttt gaaacaaata tttgcgctta acaaactaaa    116820
     ttaattatat ataggctaat tacggtggcc gggaagtgca aaacaacatt acaaagtgtg    116880
     aaacactttt acaaagctcg agacaaattt acattttgaa caacattttt acttatcatc    116940
     agacacaatt acataggaaa aacaatttta caaaggacga aacaaattta agttttagaa    117000
     aacaaattaa caagacgcaa aacactttta caaatcccga aacaaattta caatcacaga    117060
     ttccctacgg aaagggaacg taccacactc cggaagtgac gtagaatgca tcgtgacaca    117120
     acatcttata tatatattat aacaactcct tatactagta aaagtggatt ctgacacacc    117180
     ctgaaagcgt ttgcaccctg cgttttgcgc tttgtgcata aaccgtcaaa atagagccct    117240
     ttgtattatt atttttttat attcccacaa tagaatattc taagaacttt ttatactacc    117300
     tattttcagt gtatatcttt tcttttcttt ttttgctgat tctcctcgtt ttccgttaga    117360
     gacaaaaatc gtctttagat cttagtctgg acttgctcta agattattgg tatgcctctg    117420
     cggagtctag aacagttaca ttagcagcaa atgctaagga aaattcaaag tgtgataaga    117480
     gatgactcat gtttgtactg ttgccctctg gaaaaagcat aaaattctcc tttcaatcca    117540
     tcaattaacc ataaggcatt ataaccttaa atttgagata gttttatatt ttttaatata    117600
     caagttttac tttgttgttg ttttaagtag tattattaca tttatgaaat tattatgaag    117660
     catgctggat tgtttttcta taatattggt cgtaagtgat ttgtatcttt gagtaatgta    117720
     agggatgtat ttgttgtgtc acgatgctac tgtcccattt taattgcccc tggcagaatt    117780
     aataaagttg gtaaccttaa acttaactcc acccaataag taatgtatgt ttttacttga    117840
     ttaatgtgtg gtttccaaca taatttataa tcaataataa tgcctaaatg gactttaaaa    117900
     atgtattgat tttcaattta atgtttggaa gtttatgttg ccatgaatag caagataata    117960
     tataacattc atgtactaac agtatatttt ccttctaaag atacagcccc aaaagccctg    118020
     cactggtctc tgaaactgta tattacaaaa gaggggttag ccagcagttt accctgccat    118080
     ctttcaagat tgatttctct gaatggaagg aagaagatgt aagtttcttc agtctatttt    118140
     attacagtca ctagcctctg atgcgcaaat ccattctgtt tttttaagaa attgattgga    118200
     cctctttgca atacaataac gaacaaatca atgttgcctg acttgtgtgc ttattattca    118260
     tttctttttg ttgaagctca actttgattt ggaccgaggt gtttttccca tggtgattca    118320
     ggctgtggtt gatgaaggag acggtatgtc atcatgactt aattatagag gcacaatgtc    118380
     taagattaca gggtttaatt gccactttgt cagatgagaa caacacatca gttcaacttg    118440
     acactgtaca ctgatcatat ttgtggttgt ttgtgcaaaa aaagacgcaa gaaagagatt    118500
     tatagacttg gtgttgccca aataatccaa gaaaagaaac agcagtgttt gcttacggct    118560
     gtcatgaagc tttcttgtat ttatttttgt ttcagattgt tttggacatg ctcatgtact    118620
     gcttgcagca tttgaaagag tgagttttat attatttcgt gaatttgatt tataaatctt    118680
     tgctgttctt tttttttgtg aatttctgat gataattttg tttaatacag catgtcgatg    118740
     gcagtttctc agtgaaacct ttgaagcaga aacaaatagt gagtctgttt ttattttaaa    118800
     tgaagtataa aatagagcaa gagatgtgtt cataatggcc attttttttt gtttttttgc    118860
     tacaggtgga tcgtgttagt tatttgttac aggagattta tggaattgag aacaaaaata    118920
     atcaggaaac aaaggtgaaa agaggattgt tgttcatttt cattatgtta ttcatcaatt    118980
     agccaatggt ttggtataat tcagattttt aatgtttaga aatgttggat ttatttgatt    119040
     tttaaaaaga aagtaaatat tgagggtgac gtagtggcgc agtaggtagt gctgtcgcct    119100
     cacagcaaga aggtcgatgg gttgctgttt caaacctctg ctcagactct gtgtggagtt    119160
     tgcatgtcct cccttcgttt gcgtgggttt cctctaggtg ctctggtttc ccccacagtc    119220
     taaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgggta ggctaaattg tccatggtgt gtgtgtgtgt    119280
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggat gtttcccatt    119340
     gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gtatccgctg cgtaaaaacc tgctggataa gttggcggtt    119400
     cattccgctg tggcgacccc agattaataa agggactaag ctgacaagaa aatgaatgaa    119460
     tgaatgaagt aaatattgct tatttttgtt tcaaacctat tttatatgca atttatttct    119520
     gctattttct attttcacag tgtcacatcc tttaggggtc attctcattc tgatttttat    119580
     gttataaata ttaggtcttg ttggctaaat attttatgtg tgcaaagtga catacgctgc    119640
     taaaatgttt tgataaaaag gttaaaatac ttttattcat ggatgtattc aaatcatgaa    119700
     aagacattta gaacattagg aatgagtttt tttcacagaa acatgtacat acaacagtga    119760
     tattaggaag ccctctaaat gagagtccta gaatgatttt agaaatatag aagcaaaaca    119820
     atttgacaat gaagattatt ttgcttaatt aataatcata gtattataga aagactcgct    119880
     taattttggc atatcattgt ctatttggca tattatagac aatatctatt gcttgtctcg    119940
     aaaatgtgtc ttggtctaag aatattttga taattggtct agaaacaaga ctaaatctct    120000
     tagaaaagct ttttttttgc agtgtagata ttaaaggcta tgattgaatc atgcttgatg    120060
     tttttaaatg attacatatt atatataatt gtttatataa aatacatttt tgcatggatc    120120
     ataggttttg aacattttgt ttaatgtttg taatacctta tgtcatttca gccgtcagat    120180
     gacgagaaca gtgacaacag caatgagtgt gtggtgtgcc tgtcagatct gcgggacact    120240
     ctgattttgc cctgtagaca tttgtgtctg tgtaactcct gtgctgatac tctacgctac    120300
     caggccaaca actgtcccat ctgcagactg cgtatgtaca cgctctcata tgattctata    120360
     tattaacaaa aggacagaat acctaagttg atcttcatat gttgaagagc ttttcttgtg    120420
     cgtctccagc atttcgagct cttcttcaga tccgagctgt aagaaagaag cctggagctc    120480
     tttctcctgt ttccttcagt ccagttctgg ctcagagcat ggaccatgat gagcactcgg    120540
     tatgtcacta tcagtggtgt aaagtaacta attacaaatt ctcaaattac tgtaattgag    120600
     tagtttttct caggagttgt aatttagtaa gtagttttaa aaatatgtac ttttactttc    120660
     ctttgagtaa atttttagtg ctgtaatcat tacttttact ccactacttt ccttcaacct    120720
     gcagtcacta ctttattttt tcttgtctat ggagatcaga aaaaccaatc ctgtgattcc    120780
     tgtccaatta aatctcacat agaaggtata tcgcctcata atgaactacc taaaaataga    120840
     gttgatcaaa agaaatatat taatgctatt caaatatata atatatgact tgatgtttac    120900
     tttaaactta aatatatatt aatattgttc atttataatg attacaattt ttttcgtcaa    120960
     ataattttgt gggtaaaaag tatcggttca agcagcggtt ttggcaccgg taccgttttt    121020
     aaagtattga tttagcaccg gaattgaaat aaccccaaac gatacccaac cctacctcaa    121080
     aacatgtgcg ctttttaatt gcagcaaact gtttggaagc attaaaagtg tacaagatgt    121140
     ccaaaatctt tacacgcatt gaagatgacg gatgtttgct gtacgatgat cgaaatggcc    121200
     ttaaacaccc agcaggcaca agatgtcaac atgacgtcag aacgaagctg tacccgagtg    121260
     tcgtgttgtt tttccatgaa aatcatggaa gtgtcagatt tgatgccaat atgacgttgg    121320
     ttttagatgt tggctcgaca ttggattttg gtcactttcc aacaaaacct aaagtcaacc    121380
     aaatatccac gtcatttcat gttgttattg aacaaataac gttgtcatta gacgctggct    121440
     agacattgat ttttggtcac ctgacatcac aacctaaatc taactaaatg ttaatgtctt    121500
     atgatgttgc gtgcctgctg ggcaataact cgatgcacta cagaatgtta cgtttacaca    121560
     cacatgcaca aattacgtgt aaacgtatca gctttttaaa gcgtaacact caccactctt    121620
     tttactcata ctttgagtaa tatttacaac agatactttt actctacttg cactacattt    121680
     ttaggcaagt aatagtactt ttacttgagt atgatttctc agtactcttt ttcaccactg    121740
     gtcactattg tacaatattt atccaaaatg atttgttatt tacgtaaata aaaactattg    121800
     gtcaaaaact tttcgctgac ttaaatacaa taaataaaaa aactaagact aaatacaaac    121860
     tgaaataaaa gaataattag cagaaattgt tattttccta attactaagc actccacttg    121920
     tgtccgaggg aaatatctga aagagttttc tgcttcttag ggctcagcag cctgtaagcg    121980
     catgtttaaa tgaacattgc tggagatgga tcttaatctg ccaaaatata agctaggctt    122040
     taggcatttt tagtccagct cctgcaagat tctgtccaac ttccacaaaa acatctatta    122100
     ttttctccta ctcccaatcg cagtatttaa gttttgtccc gatcctgctc gcaggtatac    122160
     atatgcgtag tttcattttg actgtttctt tcagctactc tgttatttgt ttcacacgct    122220
     tcacttttga aaaagaaact gaaaataaac aaatatgttt tgttttattt gagtttaatt    122280
     aaatcaaacg atgaacacgg acacaatcaa ggagcttttc agaacataga catacagtca    122340
     gaagtaggaa tactacaatt gctaataccg aatctaaatg tataagaagt aaacaaatgt    122400
     tcaaaaaata aaagctaact aaagttaaca caacataaac taaacaaacg aaaactaaac    122460
     tgaaataaac ctaatttatt taaagatatt attgaaatat caaatgcagt tccacattcc    122520
     ttgaggttaa cttgattgtt taatacaaat ataagaggat tgaacaataa acaaataatt    122580
     tatctcaaaa acacttaaga attgtatgta agctaaattg tctgtagtgt atgagtgtat    122640
     ggatgtttcc cagtgatggg ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc gctgtgtaaa acatatgctg    122700
     gataagttgg cggttcattc tgctgtggca accccagatt aataaaggga ctaagccgac    122760
     aagaaaatga aagaatgaat gaatgctctg tcttgacatg atttcatggt gttattcaga    122820
     cagttttgtg tgttccccca gagctcagac tcagttcctc caggtttcga gcccatctct    122880
     ctgctggagg cattgaacgg tatgggtgct gtttctcctg gcgttccctc agcacctctg    122940
     tatgacgaga tcaacttttc tggcagtctg agtggagaga gccggcagct cagctcacct    123000
     gatcactctg gagacagtgc aggacagaag agcaaagtca gcaaatcacc tgacaggtag    123060
     accccgcccc cccccccacc aaacgagtat tttggcaaca atattagggc caaatgattt    123120
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    123180
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcgtcatt ccttcctttt ttccttcctt    123240
     ccttcctttt ttcctttctt acttcctcct tcccttcttc tttccttcct tcctccctcc    123300
     cttgatttct tggcttttcc ttcccttctc tcttccttcc ttcttccatt tctcccttcc    123360
     tttcctttgt ttgtttgttt gttcctacct tccttccttc tttcctccct ctcacttcct    123420
     tccttccttc ctttcttctt ccctttctcc cttcctttcc tttgttcgtt tgttcctacc    123480
     ttccttcctt ctttcctccc tttctccctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctccctttt    123540
     tttgcttatt ccttaatatc ttccttcctt cctgtcttta ttctttcctt cctccatttc    123600
     tcctttactt tcttaattcc ttcctttttt tcttcctttc tccattttcc catccttcct    123660
     tcctttattc attcttttat tccttccttc ctccctccct ttctcccttc ctttcttaat    123720
     tccttccttc cttccttttc cttcctttct ttctccattt tcattccttc cttctttaat    123780
     tcctttcttt gttttcttca tttttttctt tattttttcc ttcctttctt tcttcctccc    123840
     tccctccctt ccttctttcc ttctttccct cttcttttct tctttacttt tcttgtttat    123900
     ttcttactta attccttcct tccttccctc tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    123960
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcctttcttc cttccttaat tccttccttc    124020
     tttccttaat tctttcgttt cttttgtcct tccttacttt aatgaacaga atctagttgt    124080
     gaataaatgt attaattcat gtgtagtgca aaaacgctga tttttgtttc agtttctgga    124140
     taaataagca atgctgtaaa taacattcaa ctctgagtgt aacattctga gtgatattat    124200
     acacagaaat attaagtttt tttttttttc aaacattgtg acagaagcac attattttgt    124260
     ataatggagt gtaattctca aaaggataat aattataatt actatgtatt ttactctcat    124320
     aactaaagga ataatcacat aatttcatct atatttaata ggaataaaat gaggtattaa    124380
     ttttaaagag ttgcttaatt aagttataat tgattaaatg taattattgt ttttagtaat    124440
     tattttaaat aattattaat taaggatttt taaggattaa aaaaacccaa atattatact    124500
     taagatatat atttggtata agatttacca aagctgcaat aatttgacca aaaattaagt    124560
     agaaaatgta ctgtaatatt ctttactatt taaaatgtta atttctatgt attttagtgt    124620
     cacataattc tttactaaat cattcttata tgatgatgtg atggccaaga actttttctc    124680
     attattgttg atgttaaaaa gtaatactgg ttatttttat gtaaatcttg ttcaggattc    124740
     attttaaaat agaaagtaga aaaattttta ttgaaatttt gtttacttaa atacatgcct    124800
     acatatgtac atagtattca gtataaatga gtacacttta ttttgatcaa tttcatttca    124860
     ttgatgaaaa tgaatatttt gtcatacatt ttggtgcatt tacagattta ttaaacggat    124920
     atatttatta aaataacatt tagtcctcaa acatatttag aaatagaaat ataacattta    124980
     aatgttgcct aaaaaaagaa acttaatctc ttaaatctta cattttttta gataagctcc    125040
     agatttggct acagtacaga caaatcaaat ctatatgcaa aaatgaaata ttagcatcct    125100
     atataaaata ctaatttaaa tgatagattt gtgaagggtg cactcttata tgtacactgt    125160
     gtctgaaatt agaaggtcac acgttcagca tgtacctctc tatatccgaa cttcctgttt    125220
     tagtaggaaa cacgaaatgc attaacacag gaaaggaaac aaaactgttt agtgacatct    125280
     gtaacatttc ttcataagtg atctttgcgt gctcagaact ataatagacg gcttatggcc    125340
     agtcatgagt ggaacttcct gcattagtcg tgttatagca ggtcattgac ttcccctttc    125400
     cgtaaaactc ggcttggcct tttgcgaaac atcctgttgt cattgctgca gtaaggaaaa    125460
     tatgtgcagt atctcaggaa gcatgttttg gtggattcat attccagctt cctgttttag    125520
     ctaggtatgg tggagatggt gatatttatt agctctgatt aaatcagaaa atctgtttta    125580
     ttagtgtgtg agatggttga gcgtatcgct cacctttgtg aaaaatcaaa aacatgtctt    125640
     cagtcggtgt tcatcagtgt tgccagcttt ttaaaataaa agtagcccaa tggccgatca    125700
     aaactagctc aatccctgaa cttaaaatat gacatttcca tatgtaaaaa cttgtatttt    125760
     acatccttga atgcattata cagtttattt ctacagtgta tgtatgtata tatatgtatg    125820
     tatgcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    125880
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taaatatata tacatatata aatatatata    125940
     catacacaca cacatacctt cagttgatga accaaatcct ttgattatgg tgatcatttt    126000
     taaaacggtt tgaatacatt tgacatattt gcatacatta aacatattaa agtcatcaaa    126060
     atgtaatgta tataaatatt ataaagttta agtgaaatgg attgttttag ttgttattta    126120
     gcaaatcctg ctaacagtta ctatgcaaaa cagccacagc tgcaggcctt gcacagccac    126180
     gcaccctaca tatttaattc aggccccatt tacactagtg cgttttagtt ataaaacgac    126240
     gttttagaat gaaaataatc cgcgtccaca ctagcgtttt acccagcgtt tctgaacagc    126300
     tctccgtcta cacttaaaca ctgaaaacgc acatcacgtg accacacaca cactctcggg    126360
     caagcgctgc agcatttcta cccagatgag agctgtgctg gtcggactgc tcatcaagca    126420
     tctcccgctg gatctaatct cactatattt gctaaacgtg atatttaatt aatcttgttg    126480
     tctttatcta acgacatata cccaactttg gtcttttgaa tctttgttct caggtaacgt    126540
     gttttggctg agcgcaaaga gaagttaatg attaatgtta ccacgtacat gctgtatatt    126600
     gactgattgt ttgcctttat ttcctataat gcataaactt attgtgcgtt atactttcat    126660
     aatggctatt attgattatt aaaactgaca ttcagcaaag cagaatgcta tataacatca    126720
     aggcagtgat gttatatagg ctctgtttta ttataaatat gcacacagtg aagatgacgc    126780
     tcatatatgc agcacaacgc ctcaacattt ctgctggctg ttcagttgtt aatatcaaaa    126840
     tgaaaatata ttaggcagtt ccttaagtca tgttttcatt ttattgctga gaaagttaaa    126900
     caacgtagcc aggatgatgt gaataaggtt ataaagtaca ctgttccctt tgaagattct    126960
     gttttccata tcaaacttgc gaagtctgaa cttacaagga gaggatgcga gactgaactg    127020
     tgtgtaggct acttaatatc gaggaaaagc ctcaatcaga gaggtgaaaa tctgcagccc    127080
     cgcctctttt tttaggtgtc tccgttttcc cacatccaca ctgagacgga gcagcagcat    127140
     tttagaatga aaactgcctc ttcagcttct tcgaaacgct ccgttttcgg tgctggagaa    127200
     ctccgacaaa gtgtagacgg atggctcaac cgtagcaaaa cttatgcgtt ttaaaacgaa    127260
     aatgaattgg tgtaaatgcg gccttagttt gttaagcgca aagatttgtt ttgaaactat    127320
     ttctaaattc agttctaatt tccatcaaag aaacaaaatg aacaataata atgaagtgtg    127380
     gtcaaaaaac actttggagt tatatccaaa cacgcatcta ttcttttgcc ccctatgttg    127440
     atgcatacgt ctacaaaatt caacaggtgg agaaatctaa acttgttttg tgtaagattt    127500
     gtttttatta aaacaaatat aaatatacgt ataataaata acactgctaa taataataca    127560
     aattgtaaaa aagctaatta tcatgaataa acaggaaaag gccccctaag atgaagaggg    127620
     catgaaggca gtggttttta taattatgta gaaaatatcc tgtgtgtaca tcctgtgtgt    127680
     attaagcaat gcgtaagcat ttagacctgc ataagcgcat aactgatgtg atctgagctg    127740
     gactttagac cagtggttct caactggttt ggccatggga acagaacatt cattcaatca    127800
     ttttcttgtc ggcttagtcc ctttattaat ccggggtctc cacagcggaa tgaaccggca    127860
     acttttccag caagttttta cgctgcagat gcccctccag ccgcaaccta tctctgggaa    127920
     acatcaccac acagacatac tcatatacta tggacaattt agcctaccca attcacctgt    127980
     accgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgactgc    128040
     agagagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaat gccaactgag gcaaggctcg aaccagcgac    128100
     ccagccacct tcttgctgtc ttgctgttct tttttgtcgt caatatatgt aaatccatac    128160
     tttacatatt cgaggtcgta cttgcgcttc gacatatttg ttgctataat taaatgaaat    128220
     ttcatgtgtc atacggtacg gttgttgcat gcgcatttca aaataaaagt cagatataag    128280
     caaaattatt taaaaattta acttttgttt tttgatcgac ccactgaaaa tgttcctgcg    128340
     acctgaccca ccagttgaga aacactgctt tagaccatct tttagttggc acaatctatt    128400
     tcagtttctc aaaatagcaa caatgcacct taacacacct ccttttttag accggaacac    128460
     ccatgagtcc gtaaagtgtt gcaaatggat ttgcttttaa acaacttggt gcaaacatac    128520
     aaatttgggt tgcgctggtc tgaaaatagc aacaaatcgc gccaaacaca tcttgcgcct    128580
     ttttgcgcca ggtatatgat agggccttaa agtctcttta aacattctag tagttttcga    128640
     tcactggtag aatacacatt tatttgaata aaatatttta atgccacaat tagtaaacct    128700
     aatatatctg atatatcaaa gatcaaaatc agtttgtcaa cactggtgtt tattcactgc    128760
     ataattaatt ctattagaat tgagttttaa tgtctctatt cttaaagctc aaacggcaaa    128820
     aatatccctg tgtaggactt aaggtgtagt tgagtaaatc tgaccaagcc aaaaaaaaat    128880
     gtgttttact aatctatata tgagcataga cacaaatgtg acatccacag tggaatccta    128940
     ttagtgtaag tttctaaata aaatattgaa tttttaaatt aaagtttgta ggtatatata    129000
     acagaaatcc taataattag tcacattacg gcagtttagc atcatatgta actacgacac    129060
     acttaaattg gccaaggtag cagcacaaac actcaaaagc aaaatgataa ttgttattga    129120
     atattttttc gttttttttt tttttttttt ttttccatta attaatatac tagttaaaaa    129180
     atatgtggtg tatgtacata catctgtaga tgactaaatg gctattatta agttaatgcg    129240
     taaaacatgt ctacatttaa gttgttaaat gtaggttgga ttttagactt tcttgtccag    129300
     aggacacagg gttaaggtaa ataattattt ctctgaatgc ttggtatcat ctacggggtc    129360
     acctcaaggt tgtgtccttt ctcctgtact atttattttg tacacaaata gttgtaggag    129420
     tatttttagt aatagatata ttttaaaatt tgctgacgat tctgtaattg ttagtttgtt    129480
     aagttaggaa gattccatgc acggtcctgt aattgattat ttttctagct ggtgtcagga    129540
     ggctttctta caagtgaatg ttcttaagac taaagagatg accattgatt ttaattgtaa    129600
     gaggagactg attgagggta agcaaactag tattaatgga gaggatgttg acagtgttga    129660
     tcggtgtagg tatctttgtt ttagataaca aattgtcctt ttctgctaat actaatatgt    129720
     cgtgtaagaa aggagcaaca aagattatac tgtttacaga aattgagatc ttttggtata    129780
     gataaatcac tcatgtgcat gttttacagt tcatacattc aatcactgtc tttgctttgt    129840
     tggttcaatt ctctaagtgt aaaaaaaaaa gagagttgct tggagaaaat tgtgaaccta    129900
     ggaggaaaaa taacagggag aaaacagatg accatggctc agttatacca tacaagtttt    129960
     gagtaaagct cagagtattc tgtcagatga ttcccatcct atgcaccaca agttttatct    130020
     tctcccttct ggtattcgat acagaactcc tattagtaaa acaaatcgtt ttaaactttc    130080
     attcatcccc tcagctctaa agtttttaaa tttagggtag aatttgtatt gtatgatgta    130140
     ctttgtgtat atgtgtgaca tgcttgtatg ctgcaaccaa attgccttcg ggaaatgaat    130200
     aaagactgac tgactgacgg gatgtgctgt gtaaaaaatg cgctgctttg ataagcatca    130260
     gaattgtttt ggaagctcgt gttctctttc cactataaaa gcagatcatc atcctgtgga    130320
     atgtgtgaca cttgacttac aagaacagca cttcagtaaa agtctaaata tatctctact    130380
     tcatcaccat acgtgtcatg tatccacagc gccacccagt gctttctatg ttataatgat    130440
     gaaaagagtt tgttgttgcc taagtgaagc cacaaacaat taatacatta tgcacatggc    130500
     aggtcttgat agtgtgtgtg tgtttgtttg cagcactctg cgctctccat cgtcacccat    130560
     tcaagaagag gatgaagaaa agctctcaga gatgtctgat gcccaggctc atatgctgct    130620
     ttctagtagt cccgcaccca ctgaggtcaa tagaacaaca tgtgtgacat aacacacatg    130680
     cacacagcct tctgattggt ttgcaccttt cttatgcttt ttatgttctc agggcaccgc    130740
     tggggatgat gcgcctgatt cactgtctcc tgaagagggt gagtaactta aagagctgtt    130800
     ggaataaata gtttgagaaa ttgattcgaa tttattcaaa ttacatcaat attctctctt    130860
     gaatcgattc ccagtttagt ttttaataga tggcactcta ggctattttt taacagcaga    130920
     tggtgctcaa agctagtttt taacagcagt tgacgctcta ggctattttt taacagcaga    130980
     tggcatctag gctagttttt aacagcagat ggtgctcaaa gctagtttta aacggcagat    131040
     ggtgctcaaa gctagttttt aacagcagat gacgctctag gctagttttt taacagcaga    131100
     tgacgctcta ggctagtttt taacagcaaa tgacgctcta ggcaattttt taacagcaga    131160
     tggtgctcga agctagtttt taacagcaga tggcgctgta ggctaatttt taatagcaga    131220
     tgatgttctt ggctagtttt taacagcaga tggcactcta ggatagtttt taacagcaga    131280
     tggtgctcaa agctggtttt taacagcaga tgacgctcta gactagtttt taacagcaaa    131340
     ttatgctcta ggcaattttt taacagcaga tggtgctcga agctagtttt taacagcaga    131400
     tggcgctcta ggctagtttt taacagcaga tggcactcta ggctagtttt taaaaggaga    131460
     tgacgctcta ggctagtttt aaacagcaga tggcattcta ggatagtttt taacagcaga    131520
     tggcgcttta ggctaatttt tattagcaga tgacgttcta ggctatttta taacagcaga    131580
     tggcgctgta ggctaatttt taatagcaga tgatgttcta ggctagtttt taacagcaca    131640
     tggcactcta ggctagtttt taacagcaga tggcacttta ggatagtttt taacagcaga    131700
     tggtgctcta ggctagtttt taacagcaga tggctctcaa agctagttgt taacagcaga    131760
     tggtgctcta ggctagtttt taacatcaga tggcgctgta ggctaatttt taatagcaaa    131820
     tgatgttcta ggctagtttt aaacagcaca tggcactcta ggctagtttt taacagcaga    131880
     tggcacttta ggatagtttt taacagcaga tggtgctcta ggctagtttt taacagcaga    131940
     tggctctcaa agctagttgt taacagcaga tggtgctcta ggctagtttt taacatcaga    132000
     tggcgctgta ggctaatttt taatagcaaa tgatgttcta ggctagtttt aaacagcaga    132060
     catctctagg ttatatttta ggagcagatg gttctgttgg ctcattttta acaacagacg    132120
     gcgctctagg catagttact aacagcagct tttggtttag gctcattttt aacagcagat    132180
     ggcgctctag gctagtaatt tgttccatta atactataga ttctttttca acagtagtat    132240
     attttgtgct cttacataat tttgtttcca ttggtgtgtt gaatctgtac agaggatcac    132300
     ctgaatctgg atgaagaggc catgaatgac tgcagcagcg agcacagcag ctttaccaaa    132360
     actgaaagtg aaacgcctgg agatctgtct cttcctggtg agaggattca catttacaca    132420
     cagtagctca ctgcgcatgg tgtgaccgag acctttacag aaacgctttt gtcttgagta    132480
     tttaagaact cattgaacaa cagcgttcat tctcactctt ttgcgagttg ataaacgctt    132540
     tgtttctggc tcagcttgtc taacctgtgt gctgtgttcc tcgcctttct tcccctgtcc    132600
     tgttctcttg cggttttgct ctgggcagct ctaggtcctg attcctgctc tattggtttg    132660
     gaagagtaac tggtatgtag gcttctgtgt tctcctctca gctcttcctt catgttctta    132720
     ttcttgttac cagtgcagtt ttgttaaaga gcccatatta tgggtttttg aaaattcccc    132780
     tccatgtagt gtgtaacaca gctctaagtg aagtgaagta tccagctaag gcttaaatct    132840
     gtaagaatac agtgtttaaa actgttgatt catctataaa agagtcgaat catagtgctt    132900
     caaacgagtc gccttgatac cgactcatta ggtgtttcgc catgacgtac gaacgaaaca    132960
     aagtttttca cgtgcacgcg caaacccggg agatttcaaa cctgaggccc cgccctctga    133020
     cgcagtaacc cagacacaca cacacacaca cccacaaaca cacgcacacc cacaaacaca    133080
     cgcacacaaa catgccggtc gattgaagtc acactgcaga tggatattat attgagtctc    133140
     tacccaaaga tgaaacatca gcattatagc caagcagttg gaaacttctg gaagctacat    133200
     gctacaaaga atacttcatc tgagtttgtt aaaggaagga tcagtaaaga gtaactgatg    133260
     gacgtcagga tgggtttctt cctacatttc tcaagtgtaa gtacgtgcgg ttaaagttgt    133320
     tgcctcgttt actctagctt gcaaatgtat ttagttgtga tttgttactt gtaaccgcga    133380
     gtactgtatc aggttaactg gatatattat cttatcgcgt gcaaagtcac gttaaaaacg    133440
     cgacgcttgc tgtttgttta tggagctcca tgctagagtt ctgctcccgc gatttattcg    133500
     gaaatgtatt cccgcgccgc agaaatctgg cgcggggaga gagagagaga gcgagagaga    133560
     gagagaacga acgaacgagc tttgtgtact ttgtgctgtg tgtgtgtttt gatacagaca    133620
     gcttggctgt ctggactgta tactgggtga tatttggttg tgttctccgc tctagcggga    133680
     ccgggcgcgg cgggcagaaa acggagcggg ttctcaggct aaaacctggc gggtgcgggc    133740
     tgaagcggga gcgttgtcat ccggaggtgt gtgtgtgttt ttgtgtgtgt gtggtatggc    133800
     gagtacacga ctgtctcctt cgttcggtta tccgtggcac tatccactcg ccatagtgtg    133860
     gcagctaaag tccacttcta cactatcgag cgtgtatgaa ctgtgattac tttttaaatt    133920
     gctgattagc tattggccat ttccctctct gactgaaggc agtcgaccaa tcgcgacaga    133980
     ctgtcatcgg cccaatcagc gcagattagc ttcgcgctaa ggaggggttt gggaacaaat    134040
     gaatcactgg acgattcata caggagtcgc tgggataatt agataaaaat aaatgcagat    134100
     tataagacca tgaaagtgtt ttttgacctt gcatgcatat tagactgttg ttggagactc    134160
     ttacaaccaa gatatgaccc tatttcatgt ataatatggg ctctttaaga aatgaaaagg    134220
     ttttgttgag tttacatctg acgtacacaa tactcaagca tcttcaaact ccaaaaataa    134280
     agctttttta tttttaaaat gataaggact gttttagttt gaaaatgctg gtgatccaat    134340
     gagatgcaaa cttttgaaaa ctggtcctct gaacttctgc gtatggttta ctgatttgtc    134400
     aatcccctct cccatatgac cattacacca actagggagg cacaaatcga ctggcaaaaa    134460
     aactggagct gatgttttac caatttgtcc taccttccgt tcaaaaagta ggtagtaggg    134520
     ttgtcgggat accttaaatt aatcttacga tactatacca gctgaagaat cacaatacca    134580
     agtagtattg cgataatgta attcataact taaattataa agaaaattgc cagaaatact    134640
     atattttatg ttataatagg cctacttaaa tgtaatcaat aatacccata aggccaaaaa    134700
     atattatttg cacctcactt cacctaacat ttattcagtc tttttgttca tttttataga    134760
     taactgacaa acaaaaatac attaaaataa ttatatagaa gaaaatttgt tacaaaagag    134820
     catttttttc caacaaaatt aggctatacg aagtggtcaa aaattgtttc attgtttgct    134880
     gttgttattt tgggtttttc atcttttttt cagtcttatc aggtaacaat tcagagtaaa    134940
     taaaaatttc acattgtgag tagttctttt agattgttgc agttgttgta gctcctaaat    135000
     caaattaaca gaaacaaaaa ttaaccgatt cagtgtgttc gaactgaagc gttagaaaag    135060
     gtgcaatatg ttaccataaa aggtgcgaat tctacacagt tttgcaacct taaagggctt    135120
     cacagactat tcaaataaaa tagtctattt ttacacaaac gtgtgagcat tttagtgacg    135180
     ttccacgtgc aacatcaatt gtagataaac cattaatggc gaattaatac taatgtttac    135240
     aaactacagt ggcactgcca gtattttgga gccgaagtat cataaccgta cgttcacacc    135300
     gaaagcggcg agagcgtcca aggtcgctct ggccaccctg gcgacaacgc tgactgcctt    135360
     cagctccggc ggcgagagcg tcaaaactcg ctacattgat ctcgtactta aaggagccgt    135420
     tgcagcatta tcagttacat tcctgcataa gacatgtttc tagcgtgaaa atgttgtgca    135480
     cttcttatca aattcatata acaatggtag atcaagttgc atgtggtgtg gctttgctct    135540
     atttatccaa tatgtgtcca tatgtctgaa atatcctgaa gcagcagtac tgttttgtac    135600
     tgtcacatca cgtgagattc cagctttaac ttgccagtaa cttatttaat gtatgttcct    135660
     gtaagaaaac attgtaaata attggaaatc cggtgaccgc aataatcaaa cccttgggaa    135720
     caactgtggt cggaaccaaa gttcacaggt ctgtgttccc tgaactacta tcaagcggtg    135780
     gacgtcttta ttctgattgc ttgccgctga actgcgtcat agctcattac cataaagttg    135840
     acttcatttc aactctcctc gacgctcacg ccggcgaaga cgcgccgcgc tgctcctcgc    135900
     cgcttatcgt cgcctatcgc cgccggctct cattgaaaat gaatgacttc cggctacttt    135960
     gatgctctcg ccgctttcgg tgtgaacgta cggtaatact tccatcgtac cggtaaactg    136020
     tgcaaccctg gtaggtagca cattatgatg gtcaaatatg ctgtttgaat gtaaatttaa    136080
     gtgtaaattt tatgctgtga tatgttgaat attgccgtaa ccccaacatc agtggtatat    136140
     tcctatcaaa acaaatgaaa atgtttgcta ttccgactaa tagtcatttt ctgattacat    136200
     tttaaaccac cattaaatta atcaattatt aatcttttca agctcaaacc taatcaatct    136260
     aataaaactg gtaattgaga gttttcaagt gctttcttaa ttttcccata gctgtaaatc    136320
     acagcatgtt atataaaaaa gtgactttta ttcagtacag catattaatt ggaacaaaag    136380
     ttgtacagat ttatttggac atcagattgc tgctgaataa atcgttatta atctttaaca    136440
     ttgacagact aaagaataga aataaactga tggagatttt caagccatag aatgagcagg    136500
     agtgaacttg acaagctgtt tcagacttct gaactggatt ccaaacaaac gtcattttgt    136560
     cttgatgttg ttcactcctg tgtttagctt taatcgttta taagcagagt agctattaac    136620
     tgcattaact gctgttcctg tagggttttc tgactcatct gaaagtctga gcactcagag    136680
     tacctgctgc tccagtcagc cgctcctggg tccctcaagc catttgcaca tggatgatga    136740
     agaactggat gtttaaccat acaggaccat ctccctctcc caagtctgtg tccagccctt    136800
     ccacagtttc cacactgcag tttgatgcac tccattccca gactctcgct ttaaatatga    136860
     ctgacactaa tatattgtgt aagcggatgc agtcttggag atatcttctg gtggtctgac    136920
     ataattattg tgtttttcta tattagggct cattttcatc aagttgccta ctttattcat    136980
     ccaaaaatcc aagaatacct taatgtaatt caaaccctgc attaattagg tgaaatgttc    137040
     atgcttttat tacgcctaca gagaaagtgg atggtcattt atgttactta aagggacagt    137100
     tcacacttta aaaatgaaaa gcctgccatc ttaccctttt tcaaaacctg agttgctttc    137160
     tttttttaat gtattttgta gcaacaaaac aagatattaa gaaaaatgtt tgacctgcaa    137220
     agcaatttat tttcctactc tggatgttga tgggtgcaag caaccagcat tcttcaaaat    137280
     atcttctttt gtgcttgaca gaagaaagaa taaatctcat aaagcattac aactctatca    137340
     gtgaggaata aatgatgagg taattttcat ttttgggtga accatcactg taataagttt    137400
     caagaaaagc tctacaaatt aaaatgttac atatctaaca agacttcaat gttatatgca    137460
     agtctttaga acttttataa aagatttatt tgaggaactg atcaatcaca aactctaatc    137520
     aatatttaaa tagcagctta gactaatttc ttaaagcttt agagcaggga tgtccaaagt    137580
     cagttctgga gggccggtgt cctgttgaat ttagctcaaa cttgcgtcaa cacacgtgcc    137640
     aggaagtttc tggtatatct caaattctag tataactcaa atttacctgc cctttaaacc    137700
     gagttgaagt gggttggaga ctcatatctt gcttgtcgga tgtgaaagcc tggttgtctt    137760
     tgaacttttt agatttttat gagagtaaaa ctgaaataat tgagttcggc caatcaaatt    137820
     cttctaggac atcaacagta aatcttggta aatcaagctt ttctgtgaag ccttgggtaa    137880
     aatatctggg gtgttatctt tgatgatagc ttgagctttg atagacagat aaacacagtg    137940
     gtcaaatcct gcttttttca gcttcggctt ttaaaaacag tcaactctag aaacatttaa    138000
     aaaaaaaata atacatgttt ttttaacttc aaggctggac tactgtcaac tctatcccat    138060
     ttacagttga tacaaagtgc tgctgcaagg cttttaaccg ctaccagaaa catgagcaca    138120
     tcacaccagt cttgcactct ttgcactggt tgcctgtaca ctatcgtgtc acttttaaaa    138180
     ttctcttgtc ttttttaaat ctctaaatga ccgtcattcc tggtcggtct cttcgttcat    138240
     taaacctgag atcattatgc atcctaaatc gaggctgaaa tgcagcagct tgacctagat    138300
     tgcgcaatgc tctgcccctc tgtattagat ctatatcatg tctattttta aatctaggtt    138360
     gaaagcttac ctttttgatt ggtcaaaaat tattgatcag tcaaaattgt ttaatagtgc    138420
     tatataaata aaatcgacat tgacatctag cttaatgagc tggttcaggt gtgtttaggg    138480
     ttggagctaa actctccagg acatcggctc tccaggaccg agtgtggaca cccttggttt    138540
     agagcatcac catccatctt ttcataaaaa aatatgacac tacagggttt tgaatgacaa    138600
     taaggtcaat aaataatgat cattttcttt agtgagtgat agttttggat gtaattctct    138660
     taaaaactta gctgttttat tcacatcggt ggtttaaaga atgttaaaca tccgccgatt    138720
     ctttccattc cacgaacagc tgattattga ttattattat atattttaaa gaggatcatt    138780
     ttattactaa tataagttga acagtggagt tttaccattt tttaatctat tcagtcgatg    138840
     tccaggtctg gcaggagcac ttttagctta gcataaatca ttaaatcgga taagaccatt    138900
     agcatatcac gctgaaaaag aattgttacg ctaaaagtgc tcctgccaaa ctctaagatt    138960
     aaatgactgg attaaaaatg tgaaagttta actgctctaa aatgagccca tttccaaaga    139020
     aatgtggagt gttgttttaa gaattttagg accagaatga aaataagctt tatttttaag    139080
     agcgtagccg aagattaaga acaccatatc tgtgctcggt catacaatgc tattacagag    139140
     cttctatcca gaaatgtaac actaaccaag ccagtaaggg ttaatataca aagcacattt    139200
     aaataatgaa taaataacct actcatttca ggatatctgt acaactctat aaacgatcat    139260
     gtgttcaact aattagtgaa aaactacaga aatgtatatc tttaactgtt cctttgaaat    139320
     gcttttaaat gtcctgaact tgtttgtgtg tgctgactaa agaccagaaa agcacttata    139380
     cagtacatat aagatcatta tatatgagaa ttcaaatgta atatttatag tgattaaata    139440
     tactggtgga cttttgtcag tttaatgacc aaatattgtg tggtctataa cagtgcttta    139500
     aacgtgcttg cttgtttctg ttctgtaaaa ctttaaggac taaaaaaaag ccatggtgga    139560
     ctctatttac ctttttgttt gcttataaat atcgtaacat gattttttaa atatttcaat    139620
     gtgtgatgga agactttttc acgtgtcggt tcagatgttt attcgtttta gcgtgaaggc    139680
     tttgtgaata tttgactggt ttggttgtac tttacagctg gactttgtat ttttgtgaag    139740
     gagaagaaca gctgaatgaa caagtcacag gaagcatgaa atctcattgt tctcctcaaa    139800
     catgcagata tgcagtgtct tgtaacatta tgcatagagg tttatgtgcc tttgaagaac    139860
     caagcaagtg ttgctgcagc tttttcgtgc ccatagctgt gctgttcttg tgttcatttc    139920
     tgctgttcat ctttaaagct gtaaccttta gccttgacta catttatgca ttagatgtga    139980
     gactgatgtt cttattttta acgtccattt tgaagagcgg atcactttct gtttatatta    140040
     cgtgggttga aacatatcgc ttattatact gaacaaatgc aaataaactt tgtaatgctg    140100
     atacttaaaa ggatttcttt ttgtcgtttg tattgtagct gtaaaactgg ttaattttca    140160
     agagttcaca cttagctgat gattagttat aaaagcttgt ttggcatgct gtcccgggag    140220
     agagccctga gctcatgaga tcctcgagcc tagggctccc tcccgttgca atggggtagg    140280
     ggagtttgat ctcaggtaga tctcgaaaac tcccctgctg tagcaagtga atgctcttga    140340
     aattaattac taactagaag cgtgtctatg ctgacaattt ggattgttca attgacttaa    140400
     ttgcatgttt ttaggcggtg ggaggaaacc ggggaacccg ggggaaaccc acgtgagcac    140460
     ggggagaagt gcaaactcca cacagaaatg tctgcttgtt ttggtaaagc ctggaaccag    140520
     agacattctt gctgtgaggc gacagtgcta ggcactgggc caccgtgtca cccgtctaag    140580
     aaggaggagc agggtaggaa ggggggactc ttcaaaacga agatagcaat ggaataaacc    140640
     ccagggtatt tatggtagtt taggagacat ctgattggtc gtagtgaatt agataatgcg    140700
     ggtcagctgc tagcaatcat aagcacgtga tcctctcgaa atttgtttat acataaactt    140760
     cacataatgg gttgttattc cttaaatgtt ggatttatca cagtgtgaat atgcacatca    140820
     taaccaccaa agagcaactg taatatggaa aatatttcac tttgcacttg aagtatttca    140880
     taattctaat ctaccagttg tgcaacacgt cactactgac aagaataatt taacaaatat    140940
     tcaaacctat attcaatatt gtttaaaaaa cattatttta attttgcagg gcacccaaga    141000
     tgtaggtatc attttgtttt ctttagtaac attaaagaac tcttttagct atgtgatcgc    141060
     atcttcatac atattcaagg aatttccttc cctttttagc atctgaatca tttcaatgac    141120
     cgaaacgtga cttaatcata tttaatttaa ttacgtttta tttaaatatt ttaaattatg    141180
     atttccagac ttcagtacag agtaatccta aagcgtttaa gacatctcaa tcgctgaaaa    141240
     aaatgtgtaa tttacatgat tattgagtta aatgtgttta catttttgtt cattcccttc    141300
     tgtgcagttt tataattctg cattgcccta cataaattag tcataaaaag acacaggact    141360
     ttaaaatgta tggggggaac ttaagtgtgt acacttgttg ttttaaaccg ttttttccct    141420
     tcttgctggg aattcattcg tggtgggcca gaaacaaaat ggcggaaatc agattgttta    141480
     cattttggag cttggtgaaa gtcataggaa tgcgtcaata gcaccgccat cttggtacag    141540
     ggtagcgctc ctttgaaatt tcgggaccaa ggtacagtga aggactgtgg ccatccaaag    141600
     ccagggatat acacacttac acatttatct atgatcggga gttttcctgg atgttagtat    141660
     gaaatttttt tttctaatta cgaaaattat aattttacat ttaatttaat aacattttat    141720
     ttaaatattt taaattatga tttccagact tcagtacaga gtaatcctaa agcgtttaag    141780
     acatctcaac cgctgaaaaa aatgtgtaat ttacatgatt attgagttaa atgtgtttac    141840
     attttcgttc attccctatg cagttttata attctgcatt ggcctacata aattagtcct    141900
     aaaaaggcac gggggggaac ttaagtgtgt acacttgttg ttttaaaccg ttttttccct    141960
     tcttgctggg aattcattcg tggtgggcca gaaacaaaat ggcggaaatc agattgttta    142020
     cattttggag cttggtgaaa gtcataggaa tgcgtcaata gcaccgccat cttggtacag    142080
     ggtagcgctc ctttgaaatg aatgcgggac caaggtacag tgaaggactg tggccatcca    142140
     aagccaggga tatacacact tacacattta tctatgatca ggagttttcc tggatgttag    142200
     tatgaatttt tttttttcta attacgaaaa ttataatttt acatcacttt tctacattga    142260
     tggatcagtg accgcacagg cattcctgac aaaaagcttg tgtttgtgtg tacagaaatg    142320
     tactattcac cctccctgtt aaatttgatc taatcatgtc ctgaaacaca cctcctcctc    142380
     tcctgctttc acttctcata ctgacggagg gagcgactcg tttgtgaatg aatcccctga    142440
     acgactcttt cactatccga caataataca agtttctggc agctcagcat ctcgttgtca    142500
     tatttctttt tcattgtttg ctgattttat tcaacaaaac tagcataagc cgagtgttta    142560
     gtgcgagttg gagctgcttt gccttttggt ggatgcagta agtgacagta ttatcatcga    142620
     taacgttacc tgattagcac aaaagttcag aacatacaaa aacagaaaaa aaacttaatc    142680
     ttaaataaca ctgtgttgac tagtgcggtt gaatgacatt tgtcctggga gcactgtacc    142740
     aatgtggcgg cgctattgac gcatgctcag ggtccctatg cgatatctag tgtatatatc    142800
     tgtgggtgaa agtaagtaac gttaggtcta aaagtagcct gctatattta gtaaaagtac    142860
     gataaataaa agtaacattt tttcttaaaa agctcattca gtcaacacaa tagcactgta    142920
     aacgtggcgc gtagtggtaa attacagtat tgcaacgttg gcgctaaaac caaacgcaga    142980
     aactagtcaa cagacagatg aaaatgaagg atgaaaataa tcaaattatt atataccttc    143040
     aaatgtagat aaagttaaat ataagatgac tccagaacaa ctgtaaaagt gtcatgatcg    143100
     tcgaatgtac agcagttagg taaaacattg tggatgtctt ctgctgacag gaaattccca    143160
     caacaaacat ggatgaatgc tagaaagtag ataagacaga cattcagtca ttatattaat    143220
     cagacagcct tcgtggccat tgcctgtgca tgttaacagc tcctcaaata gtctcaaaaa    143280
     taatgagtca tgcgcagttt gcataatgac tcagtaatga ctattaagtc tttgtagctt    143340
     ctataaaaca aaacactcaa ggttaatggc gatctgttga aacttaagga tagatttttg    143400
     ttttgacagt cattgtctct attacatttt tttaaacaaa atactaagaa tcataatagc    143460
     ctaccaaata taaaaatctt atagtactga ataatgagtc tttttgggtc ttttttgtta    143520
     ttgataattt taaaaagctg tttgttagcg ctgtcatgtt agctggttga tcctgtgaat    143580
     ttttttgtag taatttccca aacattccag tttggttatt actcaacaga ataaatctct    143640
     atagtttagt tttttttttt tcagaacatt gaagggagtt tttttttgat ggtgtttgac    143700
     aatttaaaga gaacataaag aggattttac cggaaatgta ctatcttact actgatgact    143760
     ttgctacatt cttttgcacc aaaactgcaa aaatcagtgc tcaatttgct gcacctacaa    143820
     caaacaggca aggcacacca ccatcaccac acacactcac ctctttttct cagctctctg    143880
     agtctgaggt gtccaaactc atgctatcta gccatgcaac cacctgtccg cttgatccca    143940
     ttccctctca tctcttgcaa gccatctctc ctgcagtcat accaacactg actcacataa    144000
     tcaacacatc tcttgactct ggtttattcc acacttcatt aaagcaggct agggtaaccc    144060
     cactgctaaa gaaacccaac ctggatcaaa cgctacttga aaactacaga ccagtatccc    144120
     tgcttccatt catggccaaa attctggaga aagtcgtgtt caatcaagtc ctggactttc    144180
     ttactcaaaa caacctaatg gacaacaagc aatccggctt taagaaaggc cactcaactg    144240
     agactgccct gctctcagtc gtggaggatc tcagactggc tatagcaatc tctaaatcat    144300
     cagtcctcat cttgctggat ttgtcagctg cttttgacac tagttagcca ccagatcctg    144360
     ctatctacac tcgagtcact gggcgttgtg ggcactgtta ttctatggtt cagatcttac    144420
     ctctctaaca ggtcattcag ggtgtcatgg agaggagagg tgtccaacct acagcatcta    144480
     aacactgggg tacctcaagg ctctgttctt gggccacttt tcttctccat ctacacaaca    144540
     tctctaggac cagtcattca gagacatgga ttctcctacc actgctatgc tgatgatacc    144600
     cagctatacc tctcttttca ccctgatgat ccctaggttc cagctcgcat cttagcctgc    144660
     ctgtcagaca tttcacactg gatgaaagat catcatcttc agctcaacct cgcaaaaacg    144720
     gaaatgcttg aagtttctgc caacccgact ctacatcata acttttcaat ccagatgaat    144780
     ggggcaacca ttactgctgc caaaatggta aaaagccttg gagtagcgat tgatgaccaa    144840
     ctaaacttct ctgaccacat ttctagaact gctcgatcgt gcagatttgc actctataac    144900
     atcagaaaga tctgactctt cctatctgaa catgcagctc aactacttgt tcaagctctt    144960
     gttctcttca gactggacta ttgcaactca ctactagccg ggcttccagc taactctatc    145020
     aaacctctcc agctgcttca gaacgcagca gcacgagtgg tctttaatga acctaaaaga    145080
     gcacatgtca ctccgctact catccgtttg cactggctgc cagttgctgc tcgcatcaaa    145140
     tttaaagctt tgatgtttgc ttacaaagcg acctctggct ttgctccttc ttatctgctc    145200
     tcacttcagc agatttacgt gccctccaga aacttgcgtt ttgtgaatga acgtcgcctc    145260
     gtggttccat cccatagagg gaagaaaacg ctttcccgaa ctctcgcatt caatctgccc    145320
     agttggtgga atgaactccc taactgcatc agaacggcag agtcactcgc tgtcttcaag    145380
     aagcgactaa aagctcaact atttagtctc cacttcactt cctaatctgc aattgcctct    145440
     ctagctatac cactaaatgt actcaaaaaa aaataattct cacattacta atgctttcct    145500
     tcttagactt tacacacatg aaacttgcct acagcactta ttcattgttg ctcttatagt    145560
     tgtgtaaatt gcttcctttt cctcatttga aagtcgcttt ggataaaagc gtttgctaaa    145620
     tgactaaatg taaatgtaaa tttatgataa ctgttttaat gttaggtcat gactgaattg    145680
     actcttgtta tagttatgga atggtttggc acaaggagga aatgttcatg ggccaatgac    145740
     atcgatactt aaggtctatt caaactttcc gggatagcca gcagagaaca ttctggcaac    145800
     caaaaattgt gaataaatta tgtcttaatg attgatacaa atgatttgtt taaaaaatat    145860
     ggtcttaatt tgcatactct ataatagtac tatactttat tgatctatat attataaata    145920
     tgagtagtct ggataaaata tagagtcagt tgcttcatct atttcattca taattgttta    145980
     ctggaattat gccaattcaa tgcacactgt tttttgtata ctattgtaaa caaattatgt    146040
     taagacataa agactaatat atatgaatat atgaataata tttctgtgat attacatata    146100
     tcatatgctt caagacaaaa atctatgttt ttggctttta taacttgaat aatatagcgt    146160
     cattcagatt ttattcaagt aggctttatt gtgtaataaa tgcttttaga ttctcagtat    146220
     aattttgatt gtttagtgtt cttcccccaa aataatagac atgctcaata atgttgaggc    146280
     acactccagt tatagcagta gttgtgctat aacctgaccc gatgacttac tctgagggtt    146340
     attaaggttc aagtcatctt aaactgagct aacgcgtcac gtgaggtcat ctaaggtgcc    146400
     gattaaccca gatactcctc tcgttaagtc tgatgtacag gcttaattct cttatgaaga    146460
     gctgaattca gcagacaggc agtagactag atacattaag tttgtctgat gtcattttca    146520
     aaaccttcat gctcaatact gacatctgaa atcgccttag actgtggctt ttggtaaatg    146580
     taataatgta taaataattc ctttttagca gcatacctga caccaattaa tgaataactg    146640
     atgacaggct gtttcatttt tagaaaaaca gtgcacaccc gagttggtga tgtggccaca    146700
     acacggatgc agttaaaata cctaaagaca ccgttcagat gtagtatttg aagacatttg    146760
     tcaggttttt gtccacaaac agcattggta tccttatttg catctcatct taatttttgt    146820
     gttttgtttt agtttgattt ttgacagtga tatgaaactt aaggtagggt tataccaaaa    146880
     actacccggt ctagacagga taaaaatact gccaaaaata atcactattt tcaatgtaag    146940
     acaatatatc tataattatt ccaagatcag tagttgtaaa taaggctgaa aggctgaata    147000
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    147060
     tatatatata tatagctctt tttgtgtgtt atttcaagaa catctataaa aagtttttca    147120
     taattattag aatatgtttg tcagttttgc tgcaagtcag atgaactgtc aggataagtt    147180
     aaaagtcaat gttgttcaga ttaatatgaa tattttgtgc atgagtgaaa cgtaatatgt    147240
     tggggccctc cttgtcactt atttatttca aatttctcac aagccaggag ccatcagttg    147300
     aacaaaccca gttctgttca tataggcctc cattagtctt ctttaacaag tgttcaagct    147360
     tcattggccg atgatggtca ggtttttttc tttttcttca tagatatggc tggacttttg    147420
     aacaaaggac tgcatgtcaa tttttaggtc agctggacaa aacagaatta caccaatttt    147480
     ttcattcact gtatatcgcc accatgtgac cacagattaa gcacatgaat atgttttatg    147540
     tgttcggtga agaaatctct ttcagtttaa gagttatggc tttgtcaact tagaaaactt    147600
     tggcacttct gcattggttt ggttctcact cacttactat ccatccgctt agtccctgat    147660
     ttatcagggg tcgccacagc agaatgaccc accaattact ctggcatatg tccttattac    147720
     cgctcttaag cactaggaaa caaccataca ctctcaatta cacacagtca tacacaaaac    147780
     agagacagaa acaaaatcta caatatgtaa aaaaatctat ttcaaatgtt ttttttacat    147840
     gtttatttct tagattcagg agacctttat taacccactg gaattgtatg gcattacttt    147900
     attcattaga ttcattcatt cattttctca tcggcttagt cactttacca atctggggtc    147960
     gccacagcgg aatgaaccgt ccaacttatc cagcgtgttt ttatgcagcg gatgcccttc    148020
     cagccacaac ccatctctgg gtaacactca ctcacacaca ctcatacact acgggcaatt    148080
     tagcctaccc aaatcacctg taccgcatgt ctttggactg tgggggaaac cggagcaccc    148140
     ggaggaaacc cacgcgaacg cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactga    148200
     gccgaagatc gagccagcat cccagcgacc tttttgctgt gaggcaacag cactacctac    148260
     tgcgccactg ctttgcccta ttcattagat tgaagtgtca attagagcac catctgctgg    148320
     taaaaactag ccaagaacac catctgctgt taaaattagc ctagagcgcc atcagctgtt    148380
     aaaaactagg ttagtctaga gtgtcattca ttcattcatt ttcttttcgg cttagtccca    148440
     ttattaatct ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg aacctccaac ttatccagca ggtttttacg    148500
     cagcgaatgc ccttccagcc acaacccatc tctgggaaac atccacaaac actcattcac    148560
     acacactgat atattacaga caatttagcc tacccaattc acctgcaccg catgcacccg    148620
     gaggaaaccc atgcgaacgc agggagaata tgcaaactcc acacagaaaa tcacaatgag    148680
     ccgaagatcg aaccagcaac ccaacaacct tcttgctgcg aggcagcagc accacctact    148740
     gtgccactgc ttcgccccta gagtgtcatc tgctagtaaa aactagccta gagcaccaat    148800
     tgctgataaa aactactgtt gcctagagcg ccatcagctg gttaaaaact agccttaagc    148860
     gccatctgct gctaaaaact agccaagagc accatctgct ggtaaaaact agagaagcct    148920
     agatcaccat ctgctgttaa aaaataacct agagtgccat ctgctggtaa aaaaactagt    148980
     ctagagcact cagtgctctt aaaaactaac ctgaagtgct gttaaaacta gggtagccta    149040
     gagcaacttc tgtttttaaa aagtgggcta gaatgccatt ttctgataaa aacttgccta    149100
     aaccgccatc tgctggtaaa acctatccta gagcagcatc tgtttttaaa aactaaggta    149160
     ctaaagtagc ctagagcacc atctggtggt aaaaactaac ttaaagtgtc atctgctttt    149220
     aaatactaag gcagtctagg gcgccatctg ctggtaaaaa attaacctag aatgccattt    149280
     tctgttaaaa aaacgatcct agagcgccat ctgttggtaa aaactaatgt agcctagagc    149340
     ggaggctgga agctggacca cagcgaagac tcgtctgtcc ctggagcgtc acaggattca    149400
     gtctcatgct cttcactcct ccttgaccac cacagcagct gcttaggata cggcctggtc    149460
     ccggatatgg aaaccttggg atcatctcgt cactggtctt ggatcgaatc agtgacactg    149520
     catagtctga gggcctcgga atgagtatcc ccaggtggaa atggagaata aagagaataa    149580
     ttagcgtagc tgctgttcaa tagtgtatat aaacaagatg cagaaacctg tgtggaaacc    149640
     cgttaagtga tgccctgagt gtatgcttta ctaaacagat agtctttaat ctagttttga    149700
     attgggagag tgtgtctgag cctcggacgt tttcaggaag ggtattccaa agtttaggag    149760
     ccatgaatga gaaggttcca cctcctttac tcgactttgc aaatctaggt actaccagaa    149820
     gccctgagtt ttgaaatctt aaagagcggg ttggatggta gcgagacaga aggttgatta    149880
     gataaacagg agctagatta tttaaagctt tataggtaag aagcaatatt tcaaattcca    149940
     aacgaaactt aacaggcagt gtaaggagga taaaattggg gtgatatgat catattttct    150000
     agacctggta agaactctgg cagctgcatt ttgtactaat tgaagtttgt taatagagga    150060
     tgctgggcag cctgcaaaca gagcattaca gtagtccagc ctagaagtca taaaagcatt    150120
     gactaacttg aagcaccatc tgctgttaaa atctatccta gagtgccacg tgctgttaaa    150180
     aactggcata gcctagagtg ccatctgctg ttaaaagcta gcctagaatg ccattttatg    150240
     ttaaaaacta gcctaatgca ccatttgctg gtaaaaacta aagtagccta gaacaccatc    150300
     tggtggtaaa aactaaccta gactgccatc ttgtgttaaa aactaaggta gtccagaacg    150360
     ccatctgttg gtaaaaccta gtctagaatc tcattttctg ttaaaactag tctagagcgc    150420
     catctgccgg taaaaactaa cctggattgc catctgctgt taaaaactat ggtagcctag    150480
     agcaacaagt tctggtaaaa actagagtag cctagagcgc catctgctat taaaaactaa    150540
     cctgaagttc tggtaaaaac tagagtagcc tagagcgcca tctgctgtta aaaactaacc    150600
     tggattgcca tctgctgtta aaaaccaagt gtagcctaga gcaacaagtt ctggtaaaaa    150660
     ctagagtagc ctacagcgcc atctgctgtt aaaaactaac ctggattgcc atctgctgtt    150720
     aaaaaccaag tgtagcctag agcaacaagt tctggtaaaa actagagtag cctacagcgc    150780
     catctgctgt taaaaactaa cctggattgc catctgctgt taaaaaccaa gtgtagccta    150840
     gagcaacaag ttctggtaaa aactagagta gcctagagcg ccatctgctg ttaaaaacta    150900
     acctgaagtt ctggtaaaaa ctagagtagc ctagagcgcc atctgctgta gagcaacaag    150960
     ttctggtaaa aactagagta gcctagagcg ccatctgctg ttaaaaacta acctgaagtt    151020
     ctggtaaaaa ctagagtagc ctagagcgcc atctgctgtt aaaaactaac ctggattgcc    151080
     atctgctgtt aaaaaccaag tgtagcctag agcaacaagt tctggtaaaa actagagtag    151140
     cctagagcgc catctgctgt taaaaactaa cctggattgc catctgctgt taaaaaccaa    151200
     gtgtagccta gagcaacaag ttctggtaaa aacaagagta gcctagagcg ccatctgctg    151260
     ttaaaaacta acctggattg ccatctgctg ttaaaaacca agtgtagcct agagcaacaa    151320
     gttctggtaa aaactagagt agcctagagc gccatctgct gttaaaaact aagctcagaa    151380
     tcaattcaag agagcagttt gatattctca gaagtgatgc agaagcaatt tctcaaatgt    151440
     gtatttgtcc acagctctaa tagatgtttt attttttgga gcttcattcc gaagttagga    151500
     ctataacact tctgttaatt gtacctgtgg gttttattta tcatctgaca atctcatcca    151560
     tgacccatga ctagttctca ctgtcttaat tctctgcggc ttgatgaatt tggaaactgc    151620
     agttatgaaa aagcaagcag gactggctta accagcgcaa agctttctct ggctgtacaa    151680
     acagtttctg gtaagtgttt ggagaggctg atcagctgcg cgttgagtac cacaggcttt    151740
     cagctcacag acttttaggg aattgctgca tcttcacctg gcacgtgtgc gcactttagg    151800
     agatcagggg cgggctgtaa aacagacggg atgaggggag ggttaaaggc gaggagaggt    151860
     gataggattc aaacacatct gaccactgag gcgagcagac aaatccaccg acagacagac    151920
     aagtttccta aaagtcagga gcccgggtta gtttggtcag tacagtattg tctaaggttt    151980
     gcgtgtgtca gatgatggca ccgcaggtcg tcagctcgcc cttcctcaaa cccttcttcc    152040
     tgaagacacc catcagcgtt tccagtccac ggcggcagag acgacacacg ttgccggcca    152100
     gcgagtttcg aaatctcacc ccgcaggacg ccatcagtgt gtttgagatc gagagagaag    152160
     gtgagtgatt ctcagactga tggggttaca ttgagttaaa tttggttaaa tttttattta    152220
     aacttttttt gtgttttaat tgtctcaaag tgccagtagt tctaaatata tttactgttc    152280
     gctcaatttg attaataact gaaggcattc tgatgaactg tttagtttta ctttagtttt    152340
     tctgtttaaa ctgggtttag ttttgcttga catatatgaa tgcattacta ttttttttag    152400
     ctttgaatgt agatttatgt ttttttttag ttgtgatttt aaaaatgagg gttattccaa    152460
     caaatctcag atttcttaac tcttctaaaa ggaaaacttt ggtattgtat aatctgaaaa    152520
     ttattataaa agcctgaaaa tttaatttgc aaacaaaaag aagctgtgaa tgacatttct    152580
     atttttaaat tagttggaaa ttgtatcagt aatttacaga ataaaaaaaa acatgaacaa    152640
     aacaaacaaa attaactaaa ctaaatatct accctaataa ataaattgta agtcttgaga    152700
     aactgcaaat ttttaagtcg atttactgct aattcagtta agagtgcatt aaatagatca    152760
     aaagtaacgg taaaacgttt caaattatta aaatattgaa aatgttagag aatacatttt    152820
     ccaaacgaac ctgaagttat cacaatttct atcaaatgat gtaaatgaaa gtgtgataaa    152880
     tatttctcaa gcactaaatt gatttaattg aacacatgaa aaacatggta acactttaca    152940
     ataagattca ttagttaatg catttactaa catgaattaa tcataaaaac acttgtacag    153000
     catttattaa tcataattga acatttacta atgcattatt aacatccagg tccatgcttg    153060
     ttaacattag ttaatgcacc atgagttaac atgaactcac aatgaactac tgtattttca    153120
     ttaactaacg ttaactgaca tcaataaata ctgtagtaaa tgtaccgttc attgtttgtt    153180
     catgttagta aatgcattaa ttaacattaa ctaatgaccc ttgttgtaaa gtgtgacaaa    153240
     aatataataa aaagtgaaac acttcagaat gtgtttttga taaggcattt actaattcat    153300
     atcccttaaa aatgccttcg aaactcccta aagacttccg aagttctaaa tagacatgag    153360
     tcagcgtgtt gatttgattg tgataaagct gataatctgc agataatctt ttgtttgtgc    153420
     tggtttgagg gtcaactcac ctctgctctt ctctccccgt ctgcagcgtt tatctcggtg    153480
     tccggtgaat gtcctctaac ccttgatgag gtacttgttt tcctgggcca gtgtcctgag    153540
     ctgtccatgg gctggttcga agaggggcag ctggtggcct tcatcattgg atctggctgg    153600
     gataaagaga aactagaaca ggtgagaggt catgtgaagg tgcgtttaag tcttcctttg    153660
     gccaaacttt ggctggagta agatggtgat gtgcctttcg ggaatcaagt taattaacac    153720
     ctgtgcgcca gttaatacat tttaagcact gactgacata gactgcttta ttagcatcag    153780
     ttctgacgag ggctgcagga tattaggaaa aacagacatt gcaatggttt ctatttctgc    153840
     aatttatatt gcgatattaa tataattttg ataagaattc                          153880