EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL928736; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 186742 BP.
AC   AL928736;
DT   07-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-202D20 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate IQ motif and Sec7 domain
DE   1 (IQSEC1), the gene for a novel protein containing a WW domain and PDZ
DE   domains (Also known as DHR or GLGF), a novel gene and two CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-186742
RA   Phillimore B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 777b795dc87acdcb73f53c58f9df847e.
DR   ENA-CON; CT993640.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-202D20. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-202D20 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-202D20 is at 186742 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-202D20 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..186742
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-202D20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..186742
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-202D20"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<2855..3057,4702..>4989))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-202D20.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate IQ motif and
FT                   Sec7 domain 1 (IQSEC1)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<2855..3057,4702..>4989))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-202D20.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011674"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate IQ motif and
FT                   Sec7 domain 1 (IQSEC1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5JU85 Sw:Q6DN90"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000048"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0J0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14220.1"
FT                   A"
FT   misc_feature    27919..27954
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    54777..54867
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    55505..55686
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mobile_element  <58428..62661
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-202D20.2-001"
FT   mRNA            join(112459..112540,112627..112654,112862..112891,
FT                   112999..113068,113425..113454,114435..114568,
FT                   114647..114778,117253..117346)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-202D20.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI673041.1"
FT   misc_feature    135724..135765
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(141842..142023,142241..142384,
FT                   142678..142751,144552..144752,163412..163792,
FT                   163897..163960,164040..164553,164670..165162,
FT                   168969..169136,171669..171739,174270..174447,
FT                   175836..176009,183117..>183234))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-202D20.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a WW domain and PDZ
FT                   domains (Also known as DHR or GLGF)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL925405.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(141853..142023,142241..142384,
FT                   142678..142751,144552..144752,163412..163792,
FT                   163897..163960,164040..164553,164670..165162,
FT                   168969..169136,171669..171739,174270..174447,
FT                   175836..176009,183117..>183234))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-202D20.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011675"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a WW domain and PDZ
FT                   domains (Also known as DHR or GLGF)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q96QZ7 Tr:Q8C0P8 Tr:Q9EQJ9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001202"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001478"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008144"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008145"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020590"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R0J1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14221.1"
FT   misc_feature    186742
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-202D20"
SQ   Sequence 186742 BP; 60697 A; 34107 C; 33235 G; 58703 T; 0 other;
     gaattcatca aaattgagta aaaatataat actgcaaaat gttcacaatt taaaacaact        60
     gtttctgtat aattaactgt tttcagttcg tataatgact gtttcattca tattggtaat       120
     accttaaaat aatggtccat tagctattgt atttactaac aatttgtaat ccatctgtga       180
     tggtatttat tcatcttggt tgatgttaaa gctaatgtta tttaagttta ataagataag       240
     ttcagtttaa ctcctagtga attaactaat gttaacaagc acaacttttg attttaataa       300
     tgcttagtaa atactgaact aagattaata aatgctttac aagattattc atacttattg       360
     ttagcagtta cattaatcaa tagaccatta ttttaaagtg ttaccaatat attttcaagt       420
     gtcatttctt caagtgaaga caaaatgttc agcatgacct atcattcaga aatatttctc       480
     atatgctgat ttgcagctgg acatgggcag gtataaaacg gtatgataac cttggataaa       540
     aatatcacgg tttcatggta ttgtgattac tgctctaatc tacttgtgat ctactgcttt       600
     tcttaaatgt ctgggtaaaa aacaagaact tttctttcac tttgaacaca atggctgcgt       660
     ttcaaataac atacttacac gctatatata atgttaaaaa cagtatgtga gtcgagtagt       720
     atgtctaaat tattagaatt cgaaaaacag tatgcaaaaa atacctggat gacctactac       780
     ttccggcgag attcttaatc tgcagtaccc catgatgcac cggaagtgat ttcatgaatg       840
     ggagtaaagc gggtatgtca cgtgatgatg aggaaatggc atccatagta catctaacct       900
     cattcatact atgcacattc atgctgtata gaacatactt ttctattagt cgagtagtaa       960
     attcaaattt aaatgctgtt cctactgagt agtaggtgat ttcggacgca gacaatttaa      1020
     tttaattttg agaaacattc ctaatatttt ggagcagtaa acatgtctgg ctaaataatt      1080
     caaataaatc aatgacttct gctgtcttca ttagttttaa aatcacagat ttcttcacaa      1140
     tttaaaacgt catctttgga gatcttttct gctggagata ctgttgtcct aaaaaacaaa      1200
     aaaaaaaatt gtgggtttta aaaccttgac tttcccaaac agcggttgaa aagtcagtta      1260
     taggcagttt ttattacatg catatttgca gctaaagaaa aaattcttag gctctatttt      1320
     agcattaagg ctgtgtccga ttccactttt gctattttaa ggatggaaaa atatgctttg      1380
     tgctgcggtg catggtctaa cagggttgtg ctcattctct taatgagtta tggttgtgtt      1440
     ttgagcataa cgtgcattaa atcaatcaga gcctcgactc ccattccctt taagagtaag      1500
     ttgcgccatg tcatggtgcc tttgctattt acatggcgga ctttgaaaat ggaaaagctg      1560
     aatggaaaaa ttttacttct ttacttattt ccactgaaaa catccattag tctacatatt      1620
     taatttagtt tgttaagagc aaagatttgt ttcaaaacta tttttaaatt tagtttaaac      1680
     ttccagcaaa tgaataaatg aacaataata agtgtggtaa aaaaaaaaaa ttccaaacac      1740
     gtcctattct tatgccccat atggtgacac gctctgtgtt tgacttcaga ccagctttta      1800
     cttggtcaat agcatggtct atttcagttt ctcaaaatag caacgcacct acattgtgcc      1860
     ttcacacacc tcctttatag accggaacac ccatgagtcc acaaagtggt gcaaatggat      1920
     ttgctattta aacaacaagg tgcaaaacgg gaaaattagg gttgtgctca tctgaaaata      1980
     gcaaaaaatc atgcaaaaca cgtcttgcac cttattgtgc caggtgtatg ataggacctc      2040
     taattttagc tccaaataat ttagtgaaat tttagtggac agtgatgtat atttcagaag      2100
     agaaagttca atgaacagca tataaataag aatggttttt aaagtaacgt cttcatcgtc      2160
     actattgatc aaatttaatg cattcctgct gcaaaaatta tttcttcaga aaaaaaatcc      2220
     tctcagtaac cagatcacta taatcacatc ctttcatatt tatgtataca gtcttttata      2280
     aaaagctcta aaaaggggac ttttagctaa taaccatcaa ttcagtctac agagagattg      2340
     tcagtttaat tagccacttt gttaaaatga tttaactgac aaggttccaa atgttcccag      2400
     agtgtaaagt cacaccacta cactcaggta attagaaaaa gcattacgta aatatgacca      2460
     aatttgtcga aattggtcac acaagcaaca tgaaaaaaac cccacagaaa catgaaatct      2520
     actctacaaa tcatgtatgt gtgctgtaat gaccctaaac tggccagttt ctactgtgtt      2580
     tcacctgttt gttgaaggca tcatctgcat gtgagtactc ctctctgtct gaaggacagt      2640
     gtgcgggtga gtccgtctcc tgctgtgtgt ttgtacttcc tgtctggcca gctgtgcctg      2700
     aagtgtgatg gctggtatat cgaccttgct gctgctgggg cgtctggggc tgaacctgag      2760
     cacaagaaaa tatcaacaaa aatcacgtta aaccgaataa acatcagaca gtcaagctga      2820
     attttccgct tttacccaat ctactgttat atttgcctgt ggctgtcgct catcaaagga      2880
     gtactgtgaa cgcatgtttg acaggatgat ccggcgagtc attcggcttt cagaggcaga      2940
     actgcgcagc cgctgaaagt tcttgttcat gcgatactgt cgaaaggccg tctgtatggt      3000
     gcgagccgct cgtctgctca ggaagtatcc accatacttc ctctccagca tctccacctg      3060
     atgaagagaa agatgaaaga caaaagagag agcatgtgta cattagcact gtttattgtt      3120
     tgcttttagc atttgataaa gtattttgat ccaaaaaaag tgaacaccaa tgacaagatc      3180
     tgatttaaat gaaagaaggc agatatcagc agtgtttccg taggtgttgg atttgaacaa      3240
     attatttata tcgcagatct ctcctccacg agagacatgg tggctcagtg gttagcactg      3300
     tcacctcaca gcaagaaggt ctctggtttg agccctgggt ggaccagttg gtatttctgt      3360
     gtgaagtttg catgttctcc ctgtgttggc atgggttttg gtccagttac acacagtcca      3420
     aagacatgtg ctataggtga attgaataaa ttaaattggc cgtagtgtac atgggttgca      3480
     gatggaaggg cattgtctgt gtaaaacata caatgtggcg acccctgata aataaaggga      3540
     ctaagtcaaa ggaaaatgaa tgaatgaatc tctccttcac tcctagataa ttccacgata      3600
     cagatatcct tagtaataat gcaaaaacat aagcgcacgc tccagaccat tactgcatta      3660
     tctcatctct cataatgtgt gatggtggcg gtttggcttc acattagtat tacaggagga      3720
     cattatgcac atttgaggcg tgactgcagt ttctagcctg taagatggcc tccacgcaca      3780
     ttaaaacaca aatacactgt gataacttga tgttcctatg ggctgtttgt gccactgaga      3840
     gatctgacaa acactaatta aacacaaaac acttcagcaa agtaaacagc atttgacaac      3900
     tgagagtttc ctttaattaa tggctttaaa atatagcatg tttttagaga atttctttaa      3960
     atgatgtgta aacttcttga tacaatacag tgtgtgacac tgatatactg tacattcgct      4020
     ttcttggaat acttgtggtt cccaaaatct cttaaaatca tttgatcagt ttaacagact      4080
     caactgcttg aaatttaata aaaaattttc aacaagctcc tctttcatta atgtcaggct      4140
     ttgaccatca ttgtgatatc aagccaattg tactattctg agattcttaa catgtatagt      4200
     acgtccaatt tacaatacac tttaaaattt gtgtctaaac ttttaagtcc aaattatagg      4260
     tgaacaaggt gcatgatgcc aatttcatta tctaaaacat ctttttaggc accttttatt      4320
     ttgttcacaa cgagcacact ggctttagct gttttacaga agatggcaac aaatactaaa      4380
     tgtgaacgct tctaaaaaag agcttgtata agaggtttaa aagatgcatg caactacttt      4440
     aaaagagtac aaagacattg ctattgctaa aacaaggatg aatctttcaa gtgtgcttgt      4500
     gttgagcact gatgtccaca taaaccatcc aatcaagata tctttaaaag gctctttgtt      4560
     tgactatgag ataaaattat acatttctgg gattaactat taaccatggt ccatgtttaa      4620
     aaggtggcac agtaaaaata cacagctata ggccctaatg ataactggtg ttactagcat      4680
     gtgtgtgaca ctcatccgca ccttcttgtc ctgcaggtcc gtggagagct catagctgtc      4740
     agagagcgct ttgcagcgct tgctctcctc ctcctcctgc ttgcggagtg ccaggctggc      4800
     gggctggtgg cggctccgtt gtgcccaggc caggctcgct gggcttgcag tgcccacagg      4860
     aggcccctga gggccgggaa tgtttcgaat gttcccgtag cgttccgagt tgcccaggta      4920
     tgggccctga ctgcaagtgc tgtcagaaaa gctagttgtg tccggacact gaggatctcc      4980
     ctccacactg aaaacaacaa aaacacacaa agctcgaggt caacaactgc cagaaacggt      5040
     ctcatcggtt gacaagttga gagtaaaaca agtctgtaat cttggcactg caactgatca      5100
     gtgtagacaa acatattagc acactaacca acattagcat ttcaaatgcc catatgcagc      5160
     ccagccagaa cctcgccatc tggccaaaat gcaggaggac gatagaggaa caagagaaga      5220
     tggagggagt gtgaaagagg aacagagagt ggacatgaag cttacagaga aagaaagaaa      5280
     gagagagaga gggagagaga gaaacagtgg catgtgttgc aaaccgtcag cgagaaaagc      5340
     caggcatcaa aaatgataag acctgagtca tctgatgatg actcagagag aaagtgagaa      5400
     gcatgaaagc aggaaaagga gtataaaggt aagtctgcct tcagtatcat atcgctcttt      5460
     ccctgaagca ggtgtacagt attgttgact cacgtcctgt tgtcactata actaaaggaa      5520
     accattgctt ttttaaagaa agctgctaag taatcacatt acatggcatt ccatatattt      5580
     ggctttgtat tctgtattct ttaggcataa cgctttactt ctttacccta ttttcataaa      5640
     gaaagattaa accggtttga ccagtgttta acagatactc actttgcagt taagctcaat      5700
     agcagttcaa taatataaat atttgcagaa atcacaatta ttatgataga aacaaattta      5760
     atattgtttt ttagtagtat tgattatttt attatgatat gaaataatag acataagcaa      5820
     ccatttctat ttaataatta ttaaatataa ttatttatat aaatattatt aattaatagt      5880
     tatataagca ggtttaacaa taatgcatat ggcttatatt gctttcctct aatgtagttt      5940
     attgttttag tttttatttt gcaacccaaa tgtacaactt agttacacaa aattcattat      6000
     ttatgataaa tattgctttt attcattaat tcattttctt ttcggcttag tccctttatt      6060
     aatctagggt cgccacagcg gaatgaactg ctaacttatc tagcataagt tttacacacc      6120
     ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa cccatcactg gaaaacacca atacactctc attcacggac      6180
     atacattact ccaatttcat gcattcgttc aatttctttt cggcttagac cctttattac      6240
     acagggagaa catgcaaacc acacacagaa atgacaactg acccagccgg ggcttgaacc      6300
     agcagccttc ttgccgtaag gcgatcgtgc tacccacggc taattttgcc aacaataatt      6360
     attttattta tttactatta ttatcattaa acataacaat aatgcatgtt tttagttatt      6420
     gattaatgtg gtttattgta gatttttttt cagtcaaaaa agcacaagca aaaaaaataa      6480
     ttatataagg ctatttttac tattcacttt tatagtttaa tttttagttg gtcacagttt      6540
     gcattttgcc ctcacaccat taaattgcat tcctgaatat aacagcatgc ataattacat      6600
     aaaataacca taaaccagct cttaacccta tagtacaagt tgataaacaa ttttagtaat      6660
     catataaaag tacaaccata aggacaaagt aaaaaaaaaa actgcaactt ttattttcag      6720
     cgatttactc acatataggc gtgtgctctg tttggcagat tagtctttcg atgaaagcgc      6780
     atggctaaaa aactcaacac aaactcacac atgcctgcag tgctgtgata gtaagtgtgt      6840
     gtgctagcat tagagctgct ctgggatcag ctgaatcatg ctggtgggtt tcccgatgac      6900
     tgcatcgacg atctgtcaat tactgaagca cccagtgtac agcagtacag taacaaaaca      6960
     caaacacaca acctctttgt ttctgcacat agcaaatctc ttcacacaag gggattggta      7020
     actaccaaca cggcaacagc tgagttttgc cagcaacagc agagcttgaa aacaatcagc      7080
     taaaaggcaa tcaagtgaaa taacacacca ctgcgcactg taacattcag tgtatcgttt      7140
     atatccagca taaagctttg caatatactg tactatttgc aggaaaagac aacacagaac      7200
     tacagctctc tctcaatcac acacattgca tttatgtcct tcaaactttc tctcctgccc      7260
     atcaggatgt gtatttgtgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtggtttg tgtgtgtgtt cgggaatagt      7320
     gccgagcagt ccagttgtgc aatcctgccg tgatcagcat gagtgacttt actgtagata      7380
     tgtacatata tttatgtgag tgtgtgtgtg tgttttttta tgatgcatgc atatgcagct      7440
     ggaggatccc ggtcactgta cacatgggtg tgtgcaaacc gtgctgtcat tacttcctgc      7500
     ggcaagtcaa actaaggtac atgcgtaaac acatcaagtc actcctgagt cagctcacta      7560
     tcatatagac caggggtgtt aaactcattt ttgcttgagg gtcggattag agaaaatgtc      7620
     cccttgtgtg ggctgaatta ccttttgtta gagcttcgta ccaaaaccct gtgacagcat      7680
     aacccgtatt agagctatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atattaggga tgtgcggagc agccggtatt      7800
     tgtatttgta tttgtatttg ttgagggggg aaaagtattt gtatttgtat ttgtattcga      7860
     gtaaaattca aaatggcgca aaaatatata ttttttctat tacacttcta atttacgtta      7920
     tagtgaaagt attgtttaat tatacccatt atataaatta tagatatgca atattggttg      7980
     ttgtttttga acatgtgata agaaatgtca ttgaaaagaa aataacatag aagccattat      8040
     ctcatccatg gttaaaccaa caactaataa aataccattg tgaatattat gaaccccacc      8100
     accaccgttc ttgttgaagg acactgaata gacagaataa aaacaaataa tacttcaaaa      8160
     aactgttctt cttctgaaag aacttttttc caatggacag aattcaaaaa actaatatta      8220
     actaaataaa tctaaataaa accctgcccg ggagatctgg cagaacaaaa gtattttata      8280
     taatactaaa agatacagcc ctgctattat catctgccag ccacaaaaaa agacacaaag      8340
     tttgtttgtt tgtttttttt atgtttgaaa ctgacttgct ggggcagaat gtggctgtgt      8400
     tgatgctttt agtgcatgtg ataatacatt acatagaagg ttgcgcggtg ctctgttcag      8460
     tgagaagcgc tctctatggc aagccttttt agcatttaaa tctttgttct gactccataa      8520
     atatattaga gatatctcta attatatttt gactagtcat aattataatt ccactactca      8580
     gaatgacaat tagacatgtc tgcaattaca attgtactag tacgaaatca gatgaatttt      8640
     gactagtaac aattgtaatt gatatctctg agtttttaca agtcataata catttagaga      8700
     tatctttaat tcatcatatt tagagatatt tacaaatata tttgaagata tctctaatta      8760
     atttactaaa agtctaatta aagttgtaga tatcttgaat tggatttttg actagtcaaa      8820
     attcatttgg agatatctct aattacaatt gtgactaatc aacttattta gagatatctg      8880
     caaatatttt tcaatggaag tcaatggagg aatatgacta gtctatcata atatatttgc      8940
     agatatttcc aatctgacta gtcgaattat aattatgaca agtcaaaata taattagaga      9000
     tatctctaaa tatatttatg gatagtctga acaaggttta aatgctaaaa cggcttgcca      9060
     tacgctttca cccagtagca cagtggagag ttctctagtt atatcctttc agtcgtttgt      9120
     tatgcagtga catgcagtca aatatttcgc caaacagtcc ttagggatgc ggtgacacgc      9180
     agtcagatat tttaccggac agatccgcca cttttggcgc gcataaacaa tcataaagct      9240
     ctcgtgctgc aggagtgagg agatctgctg aaggcgtgca gctgacgtgc agtgagaggt      9300
     ttgcgtcttt aataaactac ggcagtttgc gatcactgaa cagtaagaat gattaataaa      9360
     tccatatgaa acagtccctt aaaagtcacg tctcgctttc agtttcgggc tttggcgcgt      9420
     tttgcctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tttctctctc tcactctctc      9480
     tcacttactc acgcgggcat gcactgtggt ctcatgagga aacgctgctt tttgatatag      9540
     tttttcttgc tcccgaatac aaataatttt tcaagtattt gtttgaatca agtattcgta      9600
     aacacacgct attcgtgcct ttccgaatac cgtattcggg ttcggctcca cccttaatat      9660
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatcgct tcagcatcaa tatcgcaatg      9720
     tgattattcg caaaagatac atcgcaagtt tgaattataa ttcatttgca agtgtttttg      9780
     atgcctggaa ttgtataatg attttaaaag cattcaggca aaatcaattt taccacttgt      9840
     gacttaaagg gtcacgaaac accaaaacac attttttgag ctgttgacag tcatatatgt      9900
     ttcccacact gctaaaaaca ctattaggac acctatagtt cactaaaaag tgtaaattgg      9960
     ttgtttttgc gttatttcaa gcaaatttgt acttcctgtt tgaaacgaat ttttgaagct     10020
     gcgtcacggc catgacataa tagcgtgtat tccagcgtgc agactgggcg tctgtgcctg     10080
     agtgagtctt attacgtctt acagtgtgat gcattaatgc atgagtaagg cttggttcaa     10140
     accaatcagc gcactctatt gtgcaacttc attaatattc attattgtca ccgtgtttac     10200
     accacaaaga cgccacgttg tgttggcaaa acaagcgtga agtgttgctt ttatagtttg     10260
     ctgctgttaa gttttgtttt cattttctct ctgtgagagc tcattctgga tcacgtgtgg     10320
     attaacagtg tacgcgacgg gcgacaacaa taacttacgt gtctaaggag gattattgtt     10380
     tacctgagag ctgttctcat ctgcaaacgc tgaaatctgg atttgcttgt agtattctct     10440
     tcataaagac gcggctctag ttgctggtga ttgttctgtc tctacagatt tggtaagtga     10500
     gcgaccagtg ctctttgttt attcagtttg ttcgtatcga attaagttaa ctattgcact     10560
     gagtgcagaa atgttagcac cgcattttgt gaccggaata acacacacag ctttctgatg     10620
     ctacctgccg tgtgcatcta agtttccggg aaatgcagag cttttttttc tctcatttgc     10680
     cgtgcggtat caaacattgc atgaaaaata cacgcttgca gcagttcctc gaatcaaata     10740
     tcttgtttgt cgcgagagac atgaatgaat tccctgaatg aaagagccaa actgcagtta     10800
     aagtccaaca tttaataatt tggcaaataa ttcgactaca gatgtccatg taggttaaac     10860
     accatccctt tctcctgtct gtgtgggtgt gtattttgac tctgaaactc gcgcatgcac     10920
     aaatagacac tcccacacca tcccacttta gttcctccga cactcccccc taaacagagc     10980
     tggacacgcc cacttttctg actttttcca aagtagaggt gtgaaaacac cctgctgaaa     11040
     cgagggggtt tcatggccct ttaaataatg attcatttta ttgaattgtt tttatttttt     11100
     tcattcaatt actgtacttg aaaaccgtta gactcgggaa attacaaaaa acgattcatt     11160
     tttattcttt tattttattt ctcgattgta tttatagata gttatgcatg aaaatacaca     11220
     caacacacac aaatagagaa acccactgta aatagcacag tccacaccga aaatatgttg     11280
     gggaacccca aaaagtttat agattgttta ttagagctta tggaggtgca aatattagac     11340
     atcaatttat aaatcattgg ctaaacattt gcataaaaat actcacaaca tatgcaaata     11400
     gagaaacaca ctgtaaatag cacagaccac aacgaaaatg tgtggaagga ccccagaaag     11460
     tttatagatt gtttattaga tcttatagag atgcaaatag taaacctaaa ttaatcaatc     11520
     attgatttaa catgcaggaa aatgctcaca acacatgcaa ataaagaaac gcactgcaaa     11580
     tagcacagac aacaacgaaa atgtgttggg gaacttatag attgtttatt agattctatg     11640
     gagatgcaaa tagtaaacat tattttaatc tctgaacacg tgcatgaaaa tacaacacat     11700
     gcatatacag aaatgtactg caaattgcac agatcataac aaaaatgtgt cgggggaaat     11760
     ttatagattg tttattagat tctatggaga tgcactccca ctgcagaatc atcccaatgc     11820
     attatcaatt ctttctaaat agagatatta agtcatctgg tgaaattgta ttcatatcgc     11880
     aatatatatc gcaaaatgaa gaaatatcac aatgctagat atcttgcagc cctaaccggt     11940
     atacacttgg acagaacaat atatcagagg ctcttaaagg gatagttcac caaaaaatga     12000
     atatcaactc acctgtttac taacccccaa atcattataa agctttcata agtttttttt     12060
     attctgctga aaacaaaagg agatatttag aaaaaagctg aaaactggta acatgtaagg     12120
     taaatgttca tatttggtga actaatcctt ttaaatgccc aagctgtcaa ctaaaatcag     12180
     acctgtcaac attgggatgt gaaaataagg gattaaacat tgtgattaaa cattctcatt     12240
     ctgattaaag agcaacggat gaagctctca attatatttt tggttgatta aattaaataa     12300
     cagaggtgcc actttaaaac caaagcattc gattctttcc taaacattta tgcttatctc     12360
     aggcaaaatt tgtagtgtta aaagaaaacg aacgttgttg ttgttattat tattattatt     12420
     attattatgt gtatatggcg tgtagagaat tagtttggga aacagtgtcg cgtctgacag     12480
     tcactcactg ctacatgaac tgcctgtttt gaggatttca taggaggggc aacggtcctg     12540
     taatggaaag gaagagaatc cctccttttt tatatttttg tcaaagtgtt gccttattaa     12600
     aatgaaagca cagaacagat tcatatataa gagcaaggga tgacccccgg tggtttggcg     12660
     gtatggtttg cgtatagaga ggattagccc tttaaagttt attgacatcc ctataccgtg     12720
     catacagtat gttgaaacat tttacttaag cttgtccaca agatgccagc actgaactgg     12780
     gccattgttt gtttcacagt tgaaaaaaag tgacagagag acagcataga ttaatggata     12840
     tcagctactt taaatgagga cttttttatt gatcataact tttgcggaaa agtgtagacc     12900
     cagcaagtta ctgcacggga gactgtgatt tagaaggtac aatgtcacag gctgctaact     12960
     acttagtcaa aatattatat ttatagtgta atatactgta gagtgtacat catctcatga     13020
     cagatcagaa catcttgtat attaggagag gtgtcctttt gccagaaaag gtgatcaaat     13080
     ttcttcaaat gtattgagaa tatttgaagc tgatttgtag cataaatagt caaatggctg     13140
     aggaatatct gaagggtgag taaatgatga cagaatatat agttctgggt gaactaactt     13200
     tactgaaatg ggaattgtta aatgagctgt tttaaataaa tttccaatca tgctgaaaaa     13260
     acttcaattg tatgattctt aacaataaca ttcattcatt ttcttttagg cttagtccct     13320
     ttattaatct ggggtcacca cagcagaatg aactgccaac ttatccagca tatgttttac     13380
     gcagcggatg ccctttaagc tgcaacccat cactgggaat taacaataac ataactttga     13440
     taaaataaac tcatggaagg cacatttgtc tccctatatt gaattatttt ttgattctat     13500
     ggtgtcatgc tcacacatga aaacaacaat attataacag acatgaaaga aagaggatga     13560
     caggatcagg aaaggtccaa aggtcaagtt tcaaacttgg gacacctgag gtgctgttgc     13620
     acctaaacca ctgggctatc gcaccaacat atagcagaca ttttaatagc agatattgtt     13680
     gaatactcct cttaggtcct ttagttcctc taccataaca gtcaattgct tctttagtaa     13740
     atatcataat caatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     13800
     atatatataa tattactgtt taaattatac attaggccat tagacacctt tataacatga     13860
     tatagataga ttttcggtta catacataat aataattgtt taaaagacat ttaattattt     13920
     ttcaattctc ttatgtttct ttcttgtgtt tttataaata caaaaattct tgtgaaaact     13980
     tcaaatgctc acaaatttga ctgtcagtga acacaaaaag ttatataatt gagaaaagat     14040
     ggttatttaa tcattctgtt tttttatgta tatatttccc tgtgtgtttt acactttcct     14100
     gatgcctgaa ccctcatcat atactgtcat gacaagctgt ctgtgtgtta tctggtggca     14160
     tttaaagcaa ttccgttgtt tgggaacagt ttggattgga agaaacagat agggatcaaa     14220
     aacatattat attcaagatt tgctacatgg tcgtgtctgc accgctttgt aacgccacaa     14280
     atctttttat ccacctaaaa tggaacattc ctaactgatg ccttttcaac gcagtgtaag     14340
     gtttttgaac agtagctccc agcatttata attacaagat gtgtaattat aatatttcaa     14400
     acagactttt aagttaaaca gaaaaatata aacaaccatt tactagagac attcccagct     14460
     atagtaactc caagatacca gattacttca gaaatcttaa ttaattcaat gaatctaatt     14520
     cacagaagtg gtctaaatga ttctgaatct gaactgtata atagactcag tagccccaat     14580
     tatggtctta tactgggaaa atactgtggc cacagaataa gaatttattc aatgatttat     14640
     taattcattc acttaactga atcgtgacca tgtttgattg atttgttcct acagttatat     14700
     taaatcatgc ccatgctgta ctaattcatt ttgttatttt aatttaggta aatcacagtc     14760
     atgttgtact aatttattcc cttgttttta ttccattaat ttgtggacac ggcaatcgag     14820
     cagctccatc atgtgtaagg cttagtagat taacaaacag ctaaaaaagg aaagagtatg     14880
     aaggaataat cagtatgcat acatacatat atatatatat gtcaaataga caagcacata     14940
     ggtttaaaac aacatgaaca caattgaatt aaatacactc attcatttag gagacactat     15000
     atgttgtaag cagggcttta cattaacacc cgccaagtcg acaaatgcgg gtagatttca     15060
     gctctggtgg gttagacaga cacctccact agccactttg gctggttgga agtcattttt     15120
     aaattgtagt tttcttaaat tgcacgttcg ataataagca tggccaaata ttcgtaaatg     15180
     tgatcttaga atcgagaagc agcacgactg atgaaaataa cttagtgcga gcaaaagaaa     15240
     gcaggtaatt accgaacgag aggatgataa cttgcgcgca caggtgatgt gatgtgatgc     15300
     gcgctcccgt ttacttgggc gaaagcaacc gtgcctagag agttcccttt gaaatagact     15360
     ggaaaaatag tgatgctcat gcacccacag tcttactgct ttcaagagct caagatttta     15420
     aaataattcc catattcttt tgtaagcagc agcggtcact gctttcattt taattattat     15480
     ttgaacagat tattaacagg cctatattaa ccgtgtgagt gatcatcctt tcattatgtt     15540
     tcacctgctt tcttttgctt ccagttattt ttgttaatat aaaccttgtt tacctttgtt     15600
     aacatttttt acaataacat tgctttaatg ggagattaac tggtgatctg agacttttag     15660
     acaggacaag catgtggaca taacacaaca tctaaatcaa gtcattttag caagtgtagc     15720
     acttcaagaa aagtgtggct agtgaaaatg gtgagtggct agtaatgttg gaaatctaca     15780
     agccatagtg gctggtgatc aaaaaagtta atgtcaagcc ctggttgtaa gtatttacaa     15840
     agaagtagga tttattcaaa tacatcacag aagcagataa ggaggaacac tttctgaagg     15900
     ctacagtgca ctgagagaga aacatgcgca tttgtggatg catgtgtgta tgttcatgaa     15960
     ggcgcccgtg ggcagatgct gacagaaagg aatatttgtc agcgagtcag tgaacggctg     16020
     ttaattcaaa gtgtcactcg gactgtaatg tgtgtttggc agtgttattt taacctgttg     16080
     acatatgtgc agggatccat ctgaaatggc caaccagaac actataattt atgataaatt     16140
     tgcatattat attaaaacct agtacacaaa ctttaattcg aattaatctc atttgctacc     16200
     acaaagcaca tcacactctg aaactacagt acgggtcaat taaaacagat ttgtgaatac     16260
     ataatactca caatattacg agtaatttaa cacgaacaca agggactctg cagacattat     16320
     aatacagctt cagcttgctc tgtaaaacca atattaaagt aataaaaagc agcgccatta     16380
     actttatgat ctaaaacagc catttgcttc tcaacagaat gatcttgtgc ttatgctaat     16440
     gccagtagat cactatacac cattcatctg ccattatata atagtgcatt ttaaacggtg     16500
     ccactctgct aacctctgtc gtgatttttg agcaactgac gttctttatg atgtttaaaa     16560
     gtaatttcat gtaagtctgc aagtatctat ttaaactgtt agaaaacact aaaaagcaca     16620
     tctgctaaaa ttatatttta aaagcagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga     16680
     cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagagt acacaccatt gatcttagaa ggattattga     16740
     actgtttcct cagctagttc tgtgtaaatc tataccagtt tatgtgtcac tgtaatctcg     16800
     ccacaaccca caagcaattc acagcaaata cacaacagga aagtaatctg caactacaaa     16860
     tgacaccatt tttgtaaatg tatagtacaa aaaggatgat taaccataat tataagaaga     16920
     gttcaacact ttttctttac caaacttgga ttacaaatac aagctgacat ctatgagggc     16980
     attaaagaga ttaaagagta tattcaaaaa agcgctgttc acaaaggcga ggacgttaca     17040
     gaatttttcc agaaaagact gttcacacat ccattccaaa ataccggtaa attatgaaat     17100
     cattcaccac aaatgagctt taaacggctg cgcttgaatt tgtaaacatt tgactacatt     17160
     acaaactctg tggatgatca gtattgtgaa caacttcaaa gaaaacatat ggagaatcac     17220
     ttttgcatgt cgagatgttc ataatatgtg ggtgtgctgg cgctcacagg ctgtttcaca     17280
     ggcacacgca aagcttgaag gtaaacaaac agcggcttat cataagcatc ttatcgatga     17340
     ttatttacac agttggcatt aagaagaaca tataaacgtt atctgactaa catctagcag     17400
     ctaaatgtgt ctgggaaaat attcaaaggc ttttattctc ataaaccgcg tggacgtgaa     17460
     tgcgtctgac tgttctgatt ggctaaagca gacgtctcac gtcagcacgt tctagacgtg     17520
     cacgcgctca ttctggcaat cttccttctg cattcacaca gcgcaacatt ccggcaaatt     17580
     accggtaatg ttacaacttc tctttccaga aaatagccaa aacgaattta ccggtatttt     17640
     caaaaaggac ctgttcacac atacaacctt tccggaaaat tgcctgtaat tttcagaaaa     17700
     ggtgtgtatg tgtgaaaggg gctattggct gttggcgatc aacattattt tcagacaaaa     17760
     ctcatttcac acagtatgat tcgaatcgct gacagctcca gatatttagc atgccaaata     17820
     tctaaccggc atcggcgact catcagcgat tctctcagat cacgtcttta atagttcaca     17880
     ttgcttgatt gctactcacg tgaatgagca ccaatttgcc tgtgatttca ggcctttgtc     17940
     tgcaatttct caaaacctgt cggcaagatt gggactaata tccgggataa aatcatgcag     18000
     tttgaactct gcattagtaa acacaagtgc attatactta agatcatctg aattttcaca     18060
     tgcagcactg agactgagac tgattatgtg ctgaaggtca aaaatatgca aataactgag     18120
     aaaacatcaa tctaaagcca catttttatg aagtcatcat gtagagttct tacaaagtat     18180
     tttacagtat ttttaaaata caataataca agacactaaa gtattttgat actaaataat     18240
     aactcatttt catagacccc ataaaataca aatttcaaaa tactattttt tttatttaaa     18300
     atacgtattt tgaaatacat gtattataaa tactgcccat ccctggtacc ccaacgtcat     18360
     aggaccttga attttggatg aaaataaaaa taaaacaacc aaatatcaat gtctaatgat     18420
     tttacagctt gacactgtgt gaacgttacc actatgatgt caatcagacg ttggattttg     18480
     gttgccatac ttgaaatgtc agtatttgac atcaatatga cataagatgt tggctcgtag     18540
     ttgcattttg atcaacatca tttgacgccg tgattggaca acaaaataat gtccagtgaa     18600
     ctttggtcac ctgacatcat gacataaatc taacctaata ttaatgtctt aggcctttgt     18660
     gtgactgttt gaacattctg ctaagctaac accagagcac tcgaagcata aacactttcc     18720
     tctccaatgc ttttttacaa agctcattgc aatttaaccc agaattgact tctgaaagta     18780
     tactagccat gtatctttag tatttgacca aaacaaggta ggtggaggca taattatgct     18840
     gcctaccttc tggaacagca atgcgatgtt ttaaaacgct gcctccgtag gcaacacact     18900
     aggctttgga gtctttgcta caggagctgg gtgctgataa aaacagcttg aagctagttt     18960
     tattatcaat tctatcgatt ctcatcatca tgtttaatta gttcaggctc agaattacag     19020
     taattccacc atatcagttt agtatcagct gccttgagtt gggagtgatt ttgtgggtga     19080
     gatcctcgaa ggaaaggatt ttgaaaagga ttagttcatg gaaaaaaagc acaaaaataa     19140
     tgactgtgaa aaaacaacaa aggctgaatt tctacatatt tcttccatta aagttattgg     19200
     tgtcagtata acttaaaaaa aaagaaaaat aaattaatac tcaccctcgg cattaaaatg     19260
     cctaaatgtg gcaattaaag catttattat tgtacaaaat atttatatta ctagtaaagt     19320
     ttgtgtttaa ctttccattc ttaaaaatat cctgtgaatc tgttagtcac aagtcaactg     19380
     aagccacatg attaaactca aatgttatta aaacaaaata ttcatatctc tgtttaaagg     19440
     tctttctatg tttgcacaca cacagatggg tagaaatcaa atgatttatt attgagatat     19500
     atgaagataa aaagaaaccg aggcgtgtgc actatccttt aagagtaaga gcagatgaaa     19560
     aactaggata cttgtatgat gatgtcagaa aatccactgc tcagtgtact ctctttgaac     19620
     ctgatgctaa gttgcactgc acctttcaaa ttggatgctg aatttagact taattcacac     19680
     tcacaggcac atggtttcct ccagaaacga gacgttaaca tacagtctga gtcacccttc     19740
     tttccgagag tgtgcagatc agttgaaatg cacgtacagg tataagactg tgtgagaaca     19800
     tgtcattgca gcatgccgtt aaaaaaatag ttcagccaaa aatgaaaact ctgtcatcat     19860
     ttatgcaccc tcgcatcaat ctaaacttgt atttctttct ttcctccaca caacatgaag     19920
     agtattgtga tggtgccttt ttccaaacaa caacactgaa ttgtaaataa actttacagt     19980
     tgctctgtat acgaaaaata gatcacaacg tatagttatt atagaatatc attaatttca     20040
     tctatacatc tgtttttgta tggagccaga ttagtctcaa aaataatgca tttacaaaat     20100
     aaaatccata catgcacagt acaatttata attttgtatt tatgaagtgt tttgaatttc     20160
     ctgtattaag gtacaaattg gatctgcata ttttttttat ttttttaatt tatgaattgg     20220
     atttgtgtat ttatgaatct tattttgaat ttacaaattg gatttgtgaa tttatgaatg     20280
     gtgttttgaa ttgacaagtt ggatttgtga atttataaac catgttttga gtttacaaat     20340
     tgaatttgtg aatttatgaa tcatgttctg aatttacaaa ttgtatttgt gtatttagga     20400
     atcgtgtttt gagtttacaa attggatttg tgtatttatg aattgtgttc tgaatttaca     20460
     aattggtatt ttgtatttat gtagtgtttt gaatttcctg ttttaaggta cgaattggat     20520
     ctgcgtattt ttgaatcgtg ttttgaattt atgaattgat ttgtgtattt ttgaatagtg     20580
     gtttgaatta acaaattggt attttgtatt tatgtagtgt tttaaatttc ctgttttaag     20640
     gtacgaattg gattttctat ttttgaatca tgttttaaat ttttacaaat tggatttctg     20700
     tatctatgaa gtgttttgaa tttcatgttt tgaatttacg aattggattt gtgtattttt     20760
     aaatcatgat ttaattttat gattatgtat ttttgacttg tgttttgtga actggatttt     20820
     tttatgtgaa ttgtgttgtg gatgtataca ttttgtaaat gtactatttt taagactcat     20880
     ctagctccat atttttggaa gtagatgtcc aaataagaca tactgttact atttctggag     20940
     tggataataa aggatcggaa gcttcatggt gcacactcag caaacaacaa atcttcatgc     21000
     agtgagcatc agaagccaaa gagagtgtgt acagtacgtc atttcttcac tgcctcaaaa     21060
     tgcagtgttt ggcagtcgca gagctacagc ggtctaggga atcatctttt gcgttcatta     21120
     ctaaaggctc agcttgagaa ttcacgtttg gagaataaaa ctggagcctg tcacgacaca     21180
     gagcagtaca gtctcgcttc tttgcacaac ctcaagcagc ctgtcattta caccaagccg     21240
     gatcacagtt tcagcgttag aaaaaacaga gagagagaca ctgacgacgt gaacgtttta     21300
     ggcttaaaat agcaggacta ctgaaaatac aaagcaacac actactttga acttcacaga     21360
     tctgttggaa caagacaagg acaaaataat tttgtcaagg acaaaaaaaa atgatgatgt     21420
     catttcagat ttcaggtttc taaatttagc cggacagctt acaaataatc aaaccaggta     21480
     taaacttcaa atggggggat aaagatttga ccacacttca aaccaatcca aatgtgttcc     21540
     aaccaatcca ggtgatttat ttcaattaaa agactttcat tttattacaa ttattatcac     21600
     ttatgatgtt aatatttaaa tttggtaatg attatctagg gatgctccaa tcgatcagct     21660
     gaagatcggt atcagccgat gatcacattt cgtgactcga tcggtactcg ccaatctggt     21720
     caatctcccc aactgatcac aggcgtttgt ttgagtttac aatcagagga agacgcacat     21780
     ccgcagacgt atattataca tcagcagcct acaacacgcg aggaggtaaa tgacaagtgg     21840
     tggcgtaaac gatcgctgcg catgtgtcac aacagctaaa caaaatatat acagatgtgg     21900
     tgcaatctct gtttatacag tttattagca gaactcgcgt gaatgatgct ctctcgccag     21960
     tgtttccagc tgctgagagg cgagtggagc gatcgccgct gtctagtgtc caacatgacc     22020
     tctcctggaa gcttcgctag tctcgcgcat agtagctctg tgatgcctgg aagttagata     22080
     aaatcccccg caaatcatgg ccacatgtga atgagcaaga gaacagatta agagaggcac     22140
     agtgatgttc taagcattat attggttggg ttaaatgaat agagcagtga agtaagaaca     22200
     gagatttttt aatctgttta atctattact ttctgtaaag ctccttctga ccatgacatg     22260
     tccacactaa atggttataa gacccgtgtt aaatatcctt agtccttaaa ctccaagtca     22320
     acttaaaagt aaaatgtgct ttctgcatta ttaagcttga agcatcagaa tcaatacttg     22380
     gtatcggccc atcattatga caaggaatcg ttactcggta ttggctgcaa aaatcctaaa     22440
     cagagcctcg ctatagtatt acacagtaca ttaaaacatt tataacacag cacagcttct     22500
     aacgttgaat gtgtgtatga attgtatatt atgtcaacaa aaggtaattt ttattaacca     22560
     ttttaacgac actttcgata aaattcatcc gaatcccaat actattaaga aaagtggaaa     22620
     ctgtttataa tggcttcagt tgacgtctgt ttacaccatt aaacagtaca ttgtttttgt     22680
     tatgtaagca tggtggttta aaaatctgac tttcagtgta atttgattcc agctaatttt     22740
     taacagcaca gctccttttg atgcttgata tagggctgtt gcaatcactg caattttgca     22800
     gtaccatgct attaacaagc caaccacaga tgaatgaaag catctatttg tatccagtgt     22860
     tttaagactg aaatacaggc agatgctctt gtcccgaaat gtaaagttac atccccagtt     22920
     tggcagtatt tcagcattca actaaacaga cgaaaaaatt taattaaacc gttacacaaa     22980
     atttgctgca gaaaggtccc tgtgacatgc gacaggacat tgaacctgag gtctcatccc     23040
     gctgtcatcc agccatcgaa gcacagctgc cccacaagtg tcatgttgca gagcaaaaag     23100
     gacaagtgag gccgggacca accgacagta aagagtagct gaagccgttg cgaaatctgt     23160
     caaatacagc cgtgaaagat acagacatga atgcctttct gtcactgtgt ttggcgataa     23220
     tacacatcca gatttaccgg aaaagaattt cctcacagcc ctagattgat attgcatatt     23280
     atatgtatgt atgtgttcat attattttaa tgtacttctt aaattgtaat cacactggtt     23340
     gtgtctcaaa aagttcacag aatgtcaata ttcctctcat tgtatttctt atggttacta     23400
     taaatctgaa gacatttact cacttaatag tttacttcaa caataaaaaa taaattgtgt     23460
     agtaggactg ggtccaaaaa ataaactatt tgatttgaat tcatcattaa attaacaaaa     23520
     caaaaaacaa tcaaccccta aattgattcc taatctgcat ctgattttaa ccagagttaa     23580
     tattatctgt acttcatctc atccacagtc tttcaagctt gttaagaaaa aaagcatctc     23640
     tttttcatcg agatcttgaa gaaaggtcac agtaaccaac agatgccagc accagctaaa     23700
     ttaaagtctg atatgtgcaa gcatttcgtg ttcaagggca attttggtaa agaaaaactg     23760
     acaaaaccac actcatttgc cacaaagtta acagatgttg aaatgccacg gtacacataa     23820
     aaacaatagt acccactata atcaacaact ctgtttacac tatagatgtg acacaaagta     23880
     gacaaagtct tttttgacaa ttgtgagaca atcccaacaa tggcaaacac ccatacacac     23940
     cattcacaca tactgtacac tacagacaac ttagcctaac aggagcacct ggaggaagcc     24000
     catgcgaaca cggggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactga cccagcattt     24060
     atatattaaa tattgataac taatcgatat tgaaacatat caaatcaaaa actgaatcaa     24120
     atataaataa aatcagcaaa gaaatataaa actgaatcac caaattggtc gcaaagtcca     24180
     agcataaact tgcatatgca aattaaacac accaccttca ccaagattag taaaacgaaa     24240
     agaaagcttt cttggtataa tttcagccat gttagacagg caagatgtgc caattattca     24300
     cagaggtgcc atgctgagtt gctcgactcc tttagtcagc tgacttgagt cttttactct     24360
     gacaggactc ctaagatttt cactgctatg gcaacataat gccacttttc atgcacaaat     24420
     tgtgtttgaa cgtgatgaaa gagatacttt tacacactga aatataaaat gctaataatc     24480
     atttaaaaaa gcaaaaatct aaatgtaaac agagaatcca ttcattttct tttcagctca     24540
     gtcccattat taatctgggg ttgccacact ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcatatg     24600
     tttaacccat cactggcgca tacatactgt agactacaga caattaagcc tacccaacag     24660
     gagcacctgg aggaaaccca tgcgaacatg tggaaaacac aactccacac aggaacgcca     24720
     actgacccag ccgagggacc agcaaccttc ttgctgtgag ctgaacccac tgcgccacca     24780
     tgcagtcgta aacactaaat tagtatgatg aaaattgtga ccatggctca atttccaatg     24840
     cattaaaaca gacaataaac gaccaagagc ctcatttata aaactttcat agaaaccttg     24900
     ctaaaaacta acatatacca tgcagattgc tgaaagtttt gtgtacaaat ttcagggtct     24960
     gttttgggtg tacaaaaaag ttgtatctga ggccccagag ccaattgaag agcaggttac     25020
     atagccaagg gttaaaaaga gagaaaaagg tcaaagctca taagatatct tcagcatatt     25080
     gaaacttcaa ggctacacta cgctcaaagt tgaaaagttc acaaagtaaa ctttcatatg     25140
     ctgagcatta gactgtaaaa ccaaagttgg ttatggtatt aatatgaagg ccttgcgcag     25200
     cctgctcctc acatactatc atgcatcagg agtgatgaag caccacataa ataattccgt     25260
     attgcaatag atgacagtcg tcaagatccc tctatggtga tggagactgt gagactacaa     25320
     gaccaacttg ctggcagcgc acttatactg aagaacagtg attctctcac atactctctc     25380
     gctgtctctt tgacagtgtt gtaactctga gcagcctgta aaacagctga aatctctcca     25440
     gcactgttta aaccccttac acgtggggac taaagcattc agaagacccc ccgccagctg     25500
     aaaaacagag agagagagcc tagagagaat attctgcact actaaagagt ttgatcatgt     25560
     ttttaaactc aaatccagat gcagtttttg attctgcagt gtactaatgt aagaacatac     25620
     ggtttgaaca gctgtgcttt gtgagcatgc accagctcaa catttggaag agaaaataat     25680
     tcagggtgca aagataaagt taatgaatac aatgaaatat ataactgtac agcaatgcga     25740
     taacacctgc cctttactca tcagtccata aatatacaaa taaatgaaca gctctcattc     25800
     aagccacaaa catcattcct gcttagtccc tttattaaac tagggtcgcc acagtggaat     25860
     gaactgccaa ctcatccagc atatgtttta cacagcggat gcccttgcag ctgcaaccca     25920
     tcacctggaa acatccatac acactcatac actatgaaca atttagctta cctaattcac     25980
     ttataccaca tgtcattgga atgtggggta aaacagagca cccggaagaa acccacgcgg     26040
     tcacagtgaa aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaatgtcaac tggcccagcc gagacttgaa     26100
     ccagcgacgt tcttgctgtg aggcgatcat gctacccact gcaccaccat gatgcctcgt     26160
     ttcattattt gataagggta aatacattgt aaattccaca aacacacatc caaacactaa     26220
     aattaatgtt tataaaaata agaaaagatg tgctgcttgt gcgctttcct cttaataaca     26280
     aaaacaacaa tgagctgtga taaagatcct accactgtgg acgcgtttga acaagcattc     26340
     aatggcaccc tgtggactga caagataagg tcattaaaat aaaactgttt tgatagtttg     26400
     gttaaaaagt atcaagacaa cattagcttt atctaaaact gcgaataaag gttctcatgt     26460
     gcatttaaat attacaaatt ctttcaaaga tctgtctact ttttccaaaa acaacctaca     26520
     gaaactcagc caaggtttaa ttttttatat aggctatgct attcacgcac ttacaacatg     26580
     tgaggcataa acattttcgc ttataacctc aattctacaa ctgttcatgt acactataaa     26640
     aaataaacaa ataatcgtag cactgtctta tttcagaaca caccccttca gagctttcaa     26700
     acaggttatc cagaggcata atgcaagctt taaaaatgac agttgaccat gatacgcata     26760
     ctcaacattg atgttcaaat gtacagttca gcatcacaaa aagaaggaaa atgattcaag     26820
     ggtgagtcag tatattacac ttgttttcaa acgagggcat tcctgtgttg agggaacttg     26880
     tgacctacaa gtcattgcca agaacatgca ttcatatcca agaccactgc atgagcttat     26940
     tgactctata tacattactg acactcacgt aattattaaa ggtatccatg tcagttctag     27000
     tagtgttttc ctgagactcg ctggcctcaa gcgttttctc tgcggctaga gatgcgctta     27060
     catttacaat gctcagagga ctcgcgcgca catactgcgc ggcttttacg ttgttgtttt     27120
     tttccggtga tgccttttaa cgggctcatt taaatgaaca aatctaacta attcaccaga     27180
     gcgggaagaa aaacacaatt ccagccattc gtgtcacaaa acagagacat aacattgcgt     27240
     cttaccagta cacaagcttg ttatggagaa tagctggagt cttatccgac gcacagttga     27300
     tgcaccacat tgttgagaaa cacgtccgga tgcgcaagcg ctatttcatt tgattgctaa     27360
     tttggctcga gcgctgacag cgtccctcac ggcgtgcgcg cggagtagga ttctctttaa     27420
     aaggcatgat ttgcgatttc atgtgctgtc attagcaagg agatgatgaa gctcattctc     27480
     tcatccttgc caccctcctc ctcctccctt cttgttccat ctctctctcc tccaatcctt     27540
     tgaatctctt caggctcgtg cagccagcgt gacacagcag taagggcgcg aaaacgcgtc     27600
     tgccagcaga gcttggcaaa cagcttcccg ttcgcagcgc atgatccgca cctcaggcat     27660
     cattgcttcc actcatctga caggctctgt tcgctgccat taagatcaat cagcgtgtca     27720
     tgtgacataa tatgtgtgag tcacatctcg attcgtcgag cggtccgggg gaaccatatg     27780
     gtgtcaatct ggtggtcaat tctatcactt ggttcgcgcc acttgcactc ttaaataagg     27840
     ttccaagaag gaaccatttg agaaccttta ttctatcgtg aagaacgttt taatagcctt     27900
     tccactgtaa accagtgggc agaaatttac cttggtaata taaaattgtc ctcatgagaa     27960
     caattttata ttaccaaggt aaaatttctg cccactggtt tagtgcagtg cccactcaca     28020
     aactacctgt aaaagaggta catttccaca actaaaaacg tgtctaaatc accacgtcca     28080
     ttatatgaac caaaaatatc cttgatgaaa agtataaaga tatgagatga aattttggat     28140
     gaaatctgag agctccctga tcctgcaaaa acagcaaagg ttccaatttg tcttaagaag     28200
     gtaccaaaaa gcatagtcaa agcagtccat gtatcttcag tagttcaatc tgaatacgat     28260
     gaagctactt ctgtgcaaat aaaacaaaaa tcaagttttt ttcaacagtt ctttctctgc     28320
     tgtgtcagta tattgtgcac tgatatacac cccatatacc agcgcataac ttactctttt     28380
     taaaacaaca cacaggcaca ttcgaggtca tacctcatca gacatgacat gcataaagag     28440
     cataatgccc tcatgaacac ctgccctata ctgacagcga ggagaggaaa ctgttgaata     28500
     gtctttgatt ttgttttgtg tgcataatag tattctcata gtttgaaaat attttgattg     28560
     aaccactaaa atcatgtatg gtctgtttta gtatgttttt ttttttttgg tattttttgc     28620
     actttgattg agtcagagca gttgctaaag tatagaggat tagggagccc ttacatttta     28680
     tttaaaatat cataacttct gttacgaaga tgaacaaagg ctttcaaggg tgggaatgtc     28740
     acgaaagtga gtaattaata acataatttt catttttcat ttagttaaaa tgggaattgt     28800
     attgattgta ttaatggtcc ctgtgttgaa tttccagtag tgagcactac aaaatgcacc     28860
     tgaaaccact caaatgtact ggttttaatg gttgacagct ggtggtttgg atgatatttg     28920
     tattggaaac ctttagaact tctgctgatt tctgcttttt ttttctcagc agggataatc     28980
     caaaataaaa acatgattca acattaaacg tgatctgtta aacattacat ataacagaat     29040
     gacttttcac tctcgaaact gaattattta tactttaaac ccctggtaaa ctgaatcctt     29100
     gaagtttcac accgctcaat ttacccagag ttaacaataa tccatggcat taatatgcta     29160
     atgttacaca ctgactgtac attcataaac tcttcacatc cttacttgtt tgtagcatac     29220
     aaactattca actatgatag aaatagaaca aaacactagc atattcggtg tttggtttgt     29280
     agcttctatc ggttttaatg ggccaatggc agccctgcca caacactgta aaggaatcaa     29340
     aattctttca tcatcagaaa ggttctgcgg atgttaaagg tcccatgaag ggctttgaaa     29400
     agtgcatttt tggttcaatg tgtgatgtga tttcaaaaga aacatgaaga cagggcagga     29460
     catagaatag atcctcccct ttaagaaaaa aaacagccaa tagtgtttcg tttttatcac     29520
     agctctgcct gtgatagtgt ttgagctcaa gggtaaaata aaaagcctcc cagggttggg     29580
     acatgccaga tactagcatt tgattggtca agatttgata agaaagtcaa aaatgaggcg     29640
     atgtcaaaaa acaaactgta atctttgaat atttatatcc gatttaaata tttttaacat     29700
     gaatttcatc actgttttgc agcacactag cttatgactg acatactgat cctaacataa     29760
     aaaaaacttt caatttctga tttcccggag actataaagg gttttcatca aaccacagat     29820
     gccaaaataa atattcttat cactcgccaa ttctcttctc attttatctg acagtaattc     29880
     atgtttagga ttgttttttc ttgtcagtgc tctaagtaca attaaacgca caaaaggaga     29940
     cttctcaacc cactctgttg tgacaacagt ctcatgacaa tgccaactgt gcctccatca     30000
     ttcacatgga catcaaaata caggagagat atgtgatatt tctctctgtg tgtgtctcca     30060
     actctccctg gccccaggac agctttatat aattcatcat attccacatt agccaccatt     30120
     ttgatgcctc ctccccatgt ttgtcatctg cctcattctt cagcacaagc tgctcagtgt     30180
     tctgttcact tcaactctcc tgtgtcactt tctctttctt cagggttcac acggtcacag     30240
     taaacctgga agtatgaggc cagggaatat taaaacagat ttccacgtca gagaaagatg     30300
     cagtcaattt acatttctat atatagaaaa ttctttttat ttttattaaa cattgagact     30360
     gatttacaat taaaaacaga tttttaaaat ggttatgctg taaatcatga actacttaaa     30420
     aagccatggg aatgtattgc aaaaaaagat gtctgtgtaa aacttgataa gcttcaactt     30480
     aatctgacaa acttatttac aaaataatgt atagcatcat gtaaacattg tctttaaaat     30540
     agcttcaaaa atgatcattc aattaaatct gtgcatgtcc aggctagggg aattctccaa     30600
     tgttttatta ccttataaaa aaagaaacta aaactatggc ctatatttgt aggcgccccg     30660
     tgacctacat tctgccattc atcacactgt catgtcttat ttttaatgaa tgaaagttaa     30720
     tgagttggct aaattactgt ttaaagctgc tttttagcag cataataagc acagcaatgt     30780
     cagaacatgg atatcaattg actgcattgt taagtccatt ttaagaagtc tactctgtaa     30840
     aataatttca ttaattaaca gtttctttat ttaatgattc aaaggagttt tccgctttaa     30900
     atggttatga attgcatttt cggacgttga tctctgctat gtcaactttt aatttaaaaa     30960
     atgcaactct gcagtttaac aaaacgactt ttgtgcatat ttttgaagtt cgaaagacta     31020
     tatcttaaat aatacattgt aattcagtaa aacaacagaa aacgtactga cagtacattt     31080
     aatgcacttt acaggaccaa ctcaggcaat atatcagtca atttttttaa aatgccaata     31140
     aaagtaaatt ttttaaaact tctcaacaac aaaagttgga aaggaaaaaa ggaaagatta     31200
     agatccaata atgcaattca aaagcataaa taaatgaaaa aagggaagat taagatccaa     31260
     taatgcaatt caaaagcatt aataaatgat aaaagcaaat ttacagattt attttacaga     31320
     atatgagatt tatgggatca aattcctgcc taaagtattg gagtcgcaga tagaaaaaga     31380
     atgcgcgtaa atcaaaatac tgacatacta tactgtaata tcaaataccc gtccgtgatc     31440
     gcaggggttt tatactgtat aaacaatgcg tgattgcagg agtttcacat aaatagtcta     31500
     ctgtcatttc aaacacctgt ctatcgatct ggctgtgtca taaatttatt gtgtcaaagg     31560
     ttctcaaaat aacagcaaga gagggctgcg tgtgttgaaa tcatgcatta caacatcatc     31620
     ttatctggtg ttttgttatg gaaattcatt cattaatttt cggcttagta aacttaaact     31680
     ggggtcgcca cagcgtcaac acagggagaa caaccaaact ccacaaagaa atgataactg     31740
     atccagctga ggcttgaagc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcaattgtgc tactcactgt     31800
     gccaccgtac tgccctgtta tgaaaaaata ttctatatat tatgacacag ccattatagg     31860
     tcgaccctgc gataatggac agactgtgtg atacagtata aaagtttaga ttagtatgaa     31920
     ttccccctca cagtgagcag ccacgagctg cattggagtg gcgtcaactc cctcttcatc     31980
     tgactggcta gaggagcaac tgtcaatctc aactagtgga ccaatgatga agctgaagcc     32040
     cgccagtgat ttaaatgaaa ctcgcatggc atgttttgga aatgcaagcg cagaatgtgg     32100
     gagcaagagc gatggggaaa agactgtgag cacatgcaca aaacctttaa acatgagcag     32160
     aatgtttttt tctaaacgtg tctgtatttt tgatttacgc tcattatctt ttggtacaca     32220
     tcctcaaagt ttcttattct gcatttaatt cttgcttttg cgcgttataa ttttacactc     32280
     agggccctat catacacccg gcgcaatgtg gcgcaagacg caacgcaatt gctatttgct     32340
     actttcacct cagcgcaagg gtcattttga ggtgttgcgc cacactgttt aaatagcaaa     32400
     tgcatttgcg cttgtatgtg cacctatagg cgttctggtc taaaaaaagc aggcgtgttt     32460
     tggcgctttg ctattttgag aaactgtaaa tagtctgttc tttagaccag aacaaagtcg     32520
     gtctattgtc tggcgcaaaa tgcgcctggc ttacacacta cacacaagat gtagagcaat     32580
     acgcaaatat ctttacatat gaaaaagata taatatatta aggatatata tataataagg     32640
     atatatatag gatataaata taaatgatta gcctagccta gcctacatga atttaaaaac     32700
     cactgcctta ctttcttcat ctcgggaggt tttttaagtt tattcaattt gcttttgtat     32760
     aatgttatta ttattagcag tattatttat tatatcaatg tttatatttg ttttattaaa     32820
     aacaagctta gatttgccca cctgtcaggt tttagaccat atggggcata gcaggtgtat     32880
     tttggaaata actcagtatt ttgaacttcg acacttttga cacttcgtta tcaatgttca     32940
     tttattcgtt tgctgtaaat tagaactgaa tttagaaata gttttggaag aaatctatgc     33000
     gcttaacaaa cgaaattaat catttatagg ctaattgata tttgtgtgta aaggtttccc     33060
     tatccacaag agcaaaagcg aaaatgaact tactttacgt catgtaaata gcaaatgcgc     33120
     tcatgacgcg acgcagctgg ctcttaaagg taatgggata tgagactctg attggtttat     33180
     tctcaaaaca cacctataac tcattaagaa aataaactca acccttttag accatgcacc     33240
     atgttgcaaa gccgattttc ccatccttaa attagcaagt atggattctg acacaccctg     33300
     aatgcgtttg cgccctgcgc tttgcgtttt gcgcatggac catcaaaata gagccctcaa     33360
     tgtcaatatt ttgatttgca tgaattgttt tcgtgactgc gatactttag tcaggaattt     33420
     aatcccatat tatttgcata acacaatgtg catatgtttc catataaatc tattcaatct     33480
     tttatacata aatcagaaac tcattaaact caatcaaaag tggaattttt aaaatagatc     33540
     aaataagatg tgtaaagctg aacaggcata ccacagcagc acaatgacta aacatgaaca     33600
     tctcaaaatg aagcatctta aagctttctg ctctgaaaag ttgacagttt aagcatttaa     33660
     tctcttacag taagtttttc aacgacacta gaatgttggt cataatttct ccttggttgc     33720
     attcacaaat cattttgttt attacaagct gtatggtgca cagctgaagc aaactcaatg     33780
     cactcagtta caaaacatac tgtataaagt tgtgggtgga tattttaaat atctggtgaa     33840
     tcaatctaag ggtgggtgta gagtgcaata tttatcaagt acgagaaatt catcatataa     33900
     taaaaaaatc accagaattt gctgtgcaat gaagtcgttt agaatttcaa aaggccctat     33960
     atttcaacat gtactgtaga tgtttacaag ttaagtaata tcacacaata aagaaaacaa     34020
     tgtgtgcttt tatacaacaa aaataattca ttaaagtgtt caattttaga cacaatgata     34080
     tatacttttt gctttcaaaa cgaatcaggc atttgaacga atcacttgaa cggattattt     34140
     aatcaatccc tcattattgt tatagggaaa aaaggataaa gatgcttttt ataagttcac     34200
     ataattctta aatgaataac aggagaacat gacatatcac atactagaca tttcgtaagc     34260
     ctccctaaag agggtcttct ttaaaaccac tgaaagtgtt ggacaattct acattcacca     34320
     cctccacaat ccctcatttc tgtgatagca aacaatatac agcgggggct tcatttacca     34380
     aaacatccac aaggtaactg catgcttcca cactgagaaa gccctaaaaa tgttctcctc     34440
     ctaggtaaac agtaaacatg gatgaccatt gtctttccca tgatacaaat gtagacttgc     34500
     atcatcttaa tgtgctatga gccactactc atgcagcact cagcctattt taatgtcacc     34560
     aggcaccacg tgacgcgagt ctccacatga ttggacagac atgatgcttc atgactgtgc     34620
     tctatcagcc tctcgacgtc ggtctctttg catttcccct ttcatgcttc ccaaagaaca     34680
     acgctacaca acgtgctgct gactgcaata ttaataaagt ctaactaggt catttgagcg     34740
     atcagaaaga gtctgcttca gaatgcagcc ggtccaacca gctgaaagca atggagacat     34800
     cactccagat taagagttct gcatcgtaaa cacttgtgga aacatattca tatagtagtt     34860
     ttttgtttga ttttaaatgc tgcctaaaag ataactgggt tttcaatgct gttaaactta     34920
     atgctgcaaa aagatgcatc aacactgtaa aaaatgttat aacaaaaaga caaaaaacat     34980
     gttttaagtt attttataaa ttcagtcagg ttttggcttt tttttaaagc tctacaaagt     35040
     ttaacttaat atttttagtc agtttgactg atgtaagttg aaatgactag aaaagttcaa     35100
     acagcaaaag aaagtccaag acacttgaaa attgtgaaaa aaatataatt aaaaattatt     35160
     ttaaaatatt ttccatattt ttctagtgcc ttgtacctaa ctatgctgtt tattctgatg     35220
     aatcccttac ccaaaatgca ttgatggatt aattaagata cccatgagca ttttttgttt     35280
     gattttggac tagaaaagtt catttgattg catttgaaaa atttaaggca gcaagaattt     35340
     tttttttaca gttaaaaaat aataacgaga aattaaaaaa aaaaaaacta agaaataata     35400
     ataataataa taaagcatta agtgttttaa gcacaaccct acgcctaaaa aacattttat     35460
     attgatattt gaagcactaa catctacaca atgcaacttt gttgcgcaga caaaaatgca     35520
     accataaacg tgtggatgaa aaattcatat gatgggccaa tgctcatcac acacagcttt     35580
     tctcacaagc agagaagtaa acgtaattac acacatacaa ttaaagcact gcaataagca     35640
     ttatttatcc acattagatg taacataaaa ctcacatgtc aataacatgt acagtacata     35700
     actaatgaga atttaaaaaa aaagaatcat agtaatgcca acaaaagttt catgcattga     35760
     attctggtaa agtgaattca tgggtattca ccgcatatta aggaaaaata ctgttctgct     35820
     gttacaaaaa taaaatacaa aataaacatt ttaaacaatc attacttcag atatttccat     35880
     gcagccaaaa accaaaataa aatgataaac taattaaata attctgattt ggacctttga     35940
     actctgactt agaacccctg ccctacaaga tatgggacat tctagcagaa atgtacattt     36000
     atattttcac ttatattaaa tgtgtttgtc ttcctcaaaa aaatcataca aaaacaagta     36060
     aaaaattata caattaaatg atagaacaca ctgttaatca ctttcagctt ctccatcaaa     36120
     cgatgtcact ttctttgagt catagcctta aaggtgtatt gcatgcaatt tatgttaaat     36180
     ttaatgcaaa tgtgacatga ctgactgaaa catgtggaca tgtttttgta ttatatagtc     36240
     gtagcatttc tttgttgaat tttttcaaaa ttacatgttt ttaatcaata gatgtgaatg     36300
     atgacaactt aaactatttc tgaagttttt aaacagtttt cagctaaaaa aaaaaaaagt     36360
     attaaagcag taggttcaat tgggctgagg acaaggacaa tgacagggtt tgtacatttg     36420
     aaaattgttt ttaagaaaaa aaaaattctg agaaccaaat gaaagacata ttccttaaca     36480
     ttccataact ttttagaatg aaatactgtt tattccctct atttcaacag tgtagatttg     36540
     ctcttgacat tgctggggac atacatccct atagcgcaaa catagaacag tacaaatttt     36600
     gctttttgct tttaaaatca taaataaatg ctttttataa tacgaataac aataaatgaa     36660
     acatgtccca tgctgaaaaa ttcaatctac atgattgtac tgaaatattt ctttgaggag     36720
     gtagcggtat ttgaagcaat atttagagag gcatgtgatg caatttaact cttttattcc     36780
     aaccattctt tttcacaatc atgaaagcca aaatccaaag tgaattacga ttaattgcac     36840
     agccttggtt aatattatta tggtggactc caagcaaact cgactttaaa acttgaatct     36900
     ctgaaaagta gctacttatg tctacatctt ggacagaggg ggaggtctgg aaaaattgga     36960
     gcataatttt attttgaagg tgattaattt tttggtggag acatttcagt aattgctgga     37020
     tattgttggg gacactgctg tatttatgtt tttattttag ggacagataa tgtacgtttc     37080
     tggtagaatg tcccatatag agtggagttc aacatataca gtatatatac agttgaagtc     37140
     agaattatta gccccctttg catttttttc ttctttttta aatatttccc aaatgttgtt     37200
     ttacagacta aaaaaaaatt tcacagcatg tctgaaaata ttcttttctt ttggaaaaag     37260
     tataattttt tttttcagct acaataaaaa cagtttttaa ttgtttaaat gccattttaa     37320
     ggtcaaaatt attagcccct ttaagctata ttttttctca atagtctact gaacaaacca     37380
     tcgttataca ataacttgtc taattaccct aacctgccaa gttaacctta ttgacctagt     37440
     taagccttta aatgtcactt caagctgtat agaagtgtct tgaaaaatat ctagtgaaat     37500
     ataacttact gtcatcatga caaagacaaa ataaatcagt tattagaaat gagttactaa     37560
     aactattatg tttagaaatg tgttgaaaaa atcgtctctc tgttaaacaa aaattgggga     37620
     aaaaataaat tagtggtcta ataattgagg ggggctaata attctgactt caactgtata     37680
     ttttcccaac tgatttttaa cagagtaaag aaattttcac agcatgtctg ataatatttt     37740
     ttcttctgag aaagtttttt tgttttattt tgttttattt tggctaggat aaaagcagct     37800
     tttaattttt ttatgaacca ttttagggtc aaaattatta gcccctttaa taaaaatttt     37860
     tttccgatag tctacagaac aaaccgtcct taaacaataa tattgcctta ttatcctaac     37920
     ttgcctagtt aacataatta acctagttaa gcttttaaat gtcactttaa gctgtgtctt     37980
     gaaaaatatc taaaatatta aatatcatca tcatggcaaa gataaaataa atcagttatt     38040
     agaaatgagt tattaaaatt attatgttta gaaatgtgtt gaaagagtct tctctccgtt     38100
     aaacagaaat tgaggaaaaa taagcagggg agctaataat tcaagggggc taataattct     38160
     gacttcaact gtatatagat ttggatataa caagtattat ttactgaagt tatcacaaaa     38220
     cattgtaaaa atgattaaca aattgtcaaa tttctttcat gcaaactatt atttataaca     38280
     atgttttttt ttctttttga gtttggaatg aacagtgtcc tggaaatgct ttcctaatct     38340
     taacccataa ataataaagc atgccacttt ccttcaactc tttctgttcc cactccacaa     38400
     ttttgcaaca tgtattactg tagctttact ctatattcat tcattgctgt aaactgttta     38460
     cctactgtac atacagtata tatcttgttt gtccatctct ttataatcat attgcccccc     38520
     ctcttttcct ttaatcgtta tatctctctc tccactgcct ccacccttca tacctccttc     38580
     tctctggaag aggtggagtc agagaaagga gggagaggac ggggcggtga tgagagtaga     38640
     gggttgcttg gtgacggttg ctgagaaacg gatgtgggag gggctgcagt gagcccaagt     38700
     caagagtggc gttgccgtgg cgaccgaggt ttgacactgt cttccaggat ttggtgcagg     38760
     atgggagaat tcagtggagc atcacttcac cacatacacc acatgcacat gtgcaaatgt     38820
     aaacaccaga gctgatttta atcgaaagtt taaaggccaa aaactaaatt ggtgagagca     38880
     aaattaaaaa atatcaaccc ttaagaaggt caacacaata aatagacatg gaaacattaa     38940
     tctattgctg ttttctatct tattggaact aaaacaataa aatttaataa ttaatatttt     39000
     tttgttcctt caatacatgc cttttgattt taaatccata tttgggggta taaattcatt     39060
     aaattcattc attgtttgtc agtagtgtta taatatttta aacaattatt tttttctcat     39120
     aaaataaagc ttcataggca acatagtgga aaatgggggg gaaagcatca tcaggattac     39180
     gatgcatcag tcattctttt agtatttttg aaaataaact gaaacaatta ttcattcatt     39240
     ttcatagcat aaaatattaa agacctttga ttaatgagtc ttgaatgagt cctgaaacga     39300
     tcacattatt gtaatgtact acagtatatc aactcttcta tttaaaatag tgcttcaaat     39360
     atttttttta aaaattaaaa actgctttta ttctagccga aataaaacaa atatgacttt     39420
     ctccagaaga aaactaattt atctgacata ctgtggaaat tttctgaatc tgttaaacat     39480
     cattttcgaa atatttacaa aagaaaaaaa atcaaagggg gtttaataat tctgacttca     39540
     actgttaaca tttttaatct ataaattcca atatgttaac taagatctac atagtaatgt     39600
     aacacagtaa atcagcagga cacacaccgg ccctccagga ccgagtttgg acacccctgc     39660
     tatagggtgt ggataggaag gtcctaggtt ttaaaaggtt ttatttaaag tctgtgtaaa     39720
     atcaaaatta actatgttaa cttagctagt gcacattgtt gttctttagg tgaacaagta     39780
     atccgtgcaa attaatccac taaaaaaaaa gttttgttaa tcaaaatctg atttggttct     39840
     gcctttggaa ttgacggatc ttctctgttg acatcaattt gaaagcttca gccgcaatat     39900
     tcttaaccac gccccttttt aagctccacc ccctcaatat tcagtgtctg ttggaagtac     39960
     ataaacatac tgaaattaaa gtcccaaaaa aaaacgtaca ttactatgtt agactaatcc     40020
     tgagatatag gtcagataca agaatgatct aaaatggttg ccagggcatg gcaagacagt     40080
     tgtcagggta ataaaaataa taatacattt cattgattta gtcaagggac aaacaacatg     40140
     cctctattgt gttctgtagc tctgtaacat tcagaataat atatggttgc taggaaggcc     40200
     aaaatggttg ctaggttgca tggttggatt gttgccatgg tgttaattgc agtccaatta     40260
     gcccatccac aaatctacct caagaagcag aagaagaatg tgaaatagta atggtggtgc     40320
     acttagtaag cactggttaa gagataaatg atgagagaat tttcattttt gggtgaacta     40380
     cccctttaat gattattccc caacaggttg ccaaattgct gtacattata tggacaaaaa     40440
     gacacatgca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca gtgcataact ggtgcttcac attacacaag     40500
     ccagtctttt gcttaaatga agttgtatct ttgatgttga aacaaaagca gctctgcttg     40560
     aggtcaactt gatttaaacc atcatttcag ttagattaga gaagtagatt tcaaggggat     40620
     ttaatttatc actgactgtt gggtcatttt taaagaggaa atctcggtac aacttaagtc     40680
     ataattcatg ctattaactt ctggttcata acctgcctat tattaagata ttaactgttc     40740
     tttacaagtt ataaagtaag atattattct acatccctaa tgcaacccta aacctaaacc     40800
     caactactac ctcactaact atcaataaac agctcattag tagtttatta agctatagta     40860
     gtattaggta atggtttgtt aataccatga attgtgacca aagtaaagtg ttaacgaaac     40920
     ctcttttgtt gatcaaactc caatttaata ttttaaaatg tattttagca aatgcaaagc     40980
     taaatcagca gtcatttagt gtcacgtaat ccttcagaca tttaaataag cagatttctt     41040
     attgttttca ataaaaatat gcgagaaaaa agaaaataat tccttggcac cactattaac     41100
     atatcagtta acatatattt caaacatgaa caattgaatg ttaagtttaa atacaactca     41160
     cttgaagtgc aaaaaaaaaa aaagattcaa acattatgag gattctaaca tggtggattc     41220
     tgcacataga cagaactgtg aagggagctg tccattgtgc tgaatacagc cagcattatt     41280
     cacagccact tgaccttctt tatagtggtg cacaactaat gatgcagatc atttgttccc     41340
     tctaaagcac tcgggtgaac tcattgtttg ctgtaaccaa tattaaatca tttcaatcac     41400
     tggatatcaa ctagcttttc ttcgagacta attgaactgg tgttttaaac cagcacggca     41460
     ctcaaaaatg atgcaaaaga tgctaacata ttgatggcca taactgtcaa aaacatctga     41520
     gattaatcta aacagtctga acacagaaat ctctattgcc acctgtggtc aaaacagaaa     41580
     attacatgat gcttaatata aacagtaact gttattagtg aaataagtta gggaaaacat     41640
     ttttatttag agagttcttg ttgttattgt tatcattatt actattatta ttgtaattat     41700
     tattgcaaaa ggtctgtaat ttatagtcga tttttctcaa gttgattagg gagctgatta     41760
     cagcgtctta ttctggtgaa aaaaataagc tgctctttta atcactttat cccatgatgc     41820
     agcaattact ccacacactt gattagggtg taaaattaac ctcaaagcag ttgaggattc     41880
     caaatatgga caggcaggaa attgaagcat aaagctgaca gctcatgcct aattaatgtt     41940
     tatttaagcg cagtgtaaaa atgcacacat aaaacagact tgtctacacg cctttgtggc     42000
     acactgtgat tcagctggtg tctgcatgca gggtaacatg gctcatctca tgtacatgat     42060
     tactgcaaat ttactgctac atttctcttt gagtatctga attatctttg aggtgtatgc     42120
     cttcaagtag aactagatat tgctttaaat gtcttagatg aacactcaat agcattgtaa     42180
     atgtctttat tctcattaaa gatcaattta attctatctt cctgaataac agtactaata     42240
     aaaatacatt aaaaaacata tggtttggct aaatgccagt aaataaataa attgaattgt     42300
     tttgcattta gaccataaag cgtagttata acatttacca gcaggggcta accaagcaat     42360
     gctaaccaga caaaccttga cctctggttt aatccaccct gtcatctata attcaatgat     42420
     ttcctctgtc actgtatttg ctgtcagctg tgctttcata caggacatca tgaactcaga     42480
     gcaaaacacc tcaggggaaa acatcctgat atcatcctac aaccatcaca gacacttgag     42540
     gaaatctggg tcccatttta cagccaaaca tcaccactcc caatttccct tattctgtgc     42600
     ttttattcca ccaaaacaat cacattcagc cagtgaaaag acttttctga tatgcctttg     42660
     gtgaacaaaa tggtgagctt aattaatctg aactcacagt agagctcggt tttctcctgt     42720
     tctattgttt taatcattta ttcttcaatc aggttactct tctctttaaa tactgtggag     42780
     atcagaatta gagagcaatt tcctaaaact tcaaggttct tgagtcttag ctctatttaa     42840
     gttatacaaa caagagtaaa agagacaatt ttaagcatat tttgtaagtt acatattttc     42900
     taaaatagtc taaaatagac atttttcaaa aagataataa agaaagtgta atggattttt     42960
     aaaaaaatga taaaaattta aattagagga tgctgattga aatgagagaa tacattcaga     43020
     tacctctctg ttactgagag gacaggataa tactcataaa taaaaatcaa taataataat     43080
     aataaaaatc aggggtgtgt ttcccaaaca cattgttagc catctaagag ttcagtcgtt     43140
     ataaacatag tttagtgaaa atctcaatac acagtgtcgc aacattaaag agaaattagc     43200
     ttgaaagtcc actctgctgc ctgcaaacaa atctatcatt agtgaaagaa aatctcaaaa     43260
     ataaattact ttttttccga ggagcacgtg tgtttactta aatctagaaa ggtccaattg     43320
     taaacatttg gcattaaact gtcagggttc tgccactctg atcttgtaaa ttcttgtttt     43380
     ggtggcagat ctcggacact actcgtgtct ggtcctgttt ctgtctctgt gtgcgcgcgc     43440
     gccgtcgtgg gtgtacgcag agggtgcgcg ctcctgcttg acgcggccgc gcgcgcgctc     43500
     tgcgtccctc agacgcgtgc gctcttgtac tcgtgtttgt gtttccgtct gtcagcagca     43560
     tggtgtttca ttcccagcgt ctcagtcttg ttggtttcgg ttttggtcgg cgctgggatg     43620
     aagcatgcat gctgcatatg tgagcgcatg gtgagtgttt tcattcatcg tgtgctcgtg     43680
     tcttgcgtcg tttgtcaaag cacgtggctc ggtgtttaca ttgtggtcac gtgcttttgt     43740
     cgtgtgcttc agtgttgtgt tatgtgagcg catggcttgt attgtctctc tgtgtcatgc     43800
     gctctcccgt ctattgtctt gtcccaccca ccttgttacc ttgtttgtaa ttattatttt     43860
     cacctgtccg cctgtctgtt tattggtttg tctttcctat ttattctcct agtgtgctct     43920
     gttctgtgct ggtccgttat tgattgttcc cttccctgtt gtatctgctg atttctagtc     43980
     tacaacagtg gtttaaagta ttgtcttgtc aagttccaga ccttgtctag ttgagtgtgt     44040
     aatatgatgt tgtgtttttc cccacgtggg gagatttgag ttttgttttt gttttatttt     44100
     tcattaaact cttcattccc tgcatttggg tcctcgcctc ctcttcatca ccctcatacc     44160
     ctgacataaa ctggggaaaa actaaaccaa aagtgtgcaa agtgagtgag gaagaataag     44220
     gtcttgtttg ggggaatgtt atctgcagct ggagttcagt gtctcttgta cagattgatg     44280
     acagagtgaa tgtaaatatt tttcagacag ttcacatgct gttacgtcct tgtgttcatc     44340
     acccaataag actgattttt tatgtatgac attaagtcct gtcatacagc aaatcaaaca     44400
     agtgaaagca atataatgat gaaatggcca gccaagagtc ttgatgtaaa cctagtcaaa     44460
     tctttgtaaa atccttgata acaaaattgc tataagaaac ccgctacagt cactgaactc     44520
     tagaacagac tgaagggtgt gatatgtcct gtggctgcag atatgctgaa agggcctgta     44580
     cattttctac gaacctttga ctgttgtaat tttcagaaat ttttgttgca atctttcatt     44640
     gagctacaat cagtgtggtt ctctaattct catccctatt tttttcacaa tataatgcta     44700
     ttttgttaaa ctaccatgat tatttcgtaa aacactgttc aaaaatcatg tattagatga     44760
     agattacatt atttctgaca taaatgtata aaatattcac tacttttgat ctccactgta     44820
     tatactgatt ctcaaagtct aagttcaaag atccaaatct gaccaaatct tttgtggatg     44880
     tcaaaggtcc agaatttttt ttatttgatt ttaataaaca tgcacataca aaaatatacc     44940
     attacaaaga tgtgccttaa cattaattac aagtgcaaaa gtagcaaaac gtgacgcttg     45000
     atttaaaaaa aaaaaacaac cgggtcaaaa gtgacatggt gaaaattaca aagcagttca     45060
     atgtgaaaaa tggtctgtat tctatcagct gacaaaacta caggtatctt tcacttgtac     45120
     ccaaaataca cagtacacac atgcaaacct atatgtaaac aaccagaact cacaatcgta     45180
     tttactcaag caaatgcaca ctagatcagc atttacagtt tttctcagtg gctttggtgc     45240
     atttttcaca acactattta catttacaca acagttaatg catttctcaa aacagttcat     45300
     ttgtgcacat catagtagca gtttctcatt ccttccaaca tattgcaaat gcttttggac     45360
     atgcatcaat tgctttcata caactctctg ctgttttata atattatcat ttggttttgt     45420
     catatcagtc aaaattaatc aaacttgtga atgctgaata gtcactttat ataaagctaa     45480
     tagtccttat ttcattactt gagtcattac atacaaaaat gttgaactag ttgtcaaaat     45540
     ctgtcaagcg aattttataa aaatgtttaa agagcccata ttatacatga aatagggtca     45600
     tatattggtt gtaagggtct ccaacaacag tttaatatgc atgcaaggtc aaaaaacact     45660
     ttcatggtct tgtaatctgc atttattttt acctaattat cccagcgact cctgtatgaa     45720
     tcgtccagtg actcatttgt tcccaaaccc ctccttagcg cgaagctaat ctgcgctgat     45780
     tggaccaatg acagtctgtt gcgattggtc gactgccttc agtcagagag tgaaatgcca     45840
     aacagctaat cagcaatata aaagtaatca cagttcatac acgctcgatg gtgtaggcgt     45900
     ggagtttagc tgccagtggg tcaatgtaaa tacagactat ggacttgaaa atacagacga     45960
     ctaactattt tattgagcaa aaactccaaa agcagttgag gagatctcct agcttctcac     46020
     tctgctcttt tcacagacac acacacacat attgcacaca cacacacacg cacttaaccc     46080
     tgctccggac gacaacgcgc gcgcacacac acacacaccc ccggacgaca gcacgcgcac     46140
     acacaggcac acacactact cctcgtccac ggagctccgt taacgcagca cgcgtcgcgt     46200
     ttttaacgtg actttgcacg cgataagaga atatagccag ttaacctgat acagtacacg     46260
     cggttacaag taacaaatca caactaaata catttgcaag ctggaatcaa cgaggcaact     46320
     ttaatcgcac gtacttacac ttgagaaatg gaggaagaaa aatcctgacg tccttcaata     46380
     agttactctt tactgatcct tcctttaaca aacgctgatg aagtattctt tgtagcatgt     46440
     agcttccaga agtttccagt agtttccaac tgcttggcta taatgctgag gtttcatgtt     46500
     tgggtagaga ctcaatatat ccatctgcag tgtgacttca atccaccggc atgtttgtgt     46560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtgggt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtct gggtttctgc gtcagagggc     46620
     ggggcctcag gtttgaaatc tcccgggttt gcgcgtgcac gtgaataact tggtttcgtt     46680
     cgtacgtcat ggcgaaacac ctaatgaatc ggtatcaagg cgactcgttt gaagcactat     46740
     gagtcgactc ttttatagat gaatcaaccg ttttaaacac tgtacactaa cagatttaag     46800
     ccttagctta aacttcactt cacttagagc tgtgttacac actacatgga ttagaatttt     46860
     caaaaaccca taatatgggc tctttaaatc tttttttttc ttcaattgat gcatgtccaa     46920
     aagcatttgc aattggttgg caggaatgag aaactgctac tttgatgtgc acaaatgact     46980
     aattgttttg agaaatgcgt taattgtagt aaaaatgtaa atagtgtaga agaaatgcac     47040
     caaaacgact gagaaaaact gtaatacagt aatatagtgc agcataatct gcagttgcgt     47100
     gctgaaagga gtcacccctg gcctttgatg tgtgcttgca ttaatctgcg tttagctccc     47160
     tttcatgatc accacaagct gacacttgct gtctaccaaa caagattaat ccgacacact     47220
     catctccact gaaacatatt agcaaattaa caatttctta aatccctcgc agtttgatgt     47280
     cacacagagc agcagaatga cggcaaacag tcatcattag agtaaaaaaa aaacaagaca     47340
     agtgtgtcga gaaatatgga cagctctctc acacctagca gttgagtcac ttctcagtgg     47400
     acacactcag agtttggata aagaagaaga aggagaagaa aaacaaacag ccagcaacat     47460
     aactgcttga aaagtgttaa aactgactca gctcattttc caaaagcaaa accgacaatg     47520
     aaagaagaaa gtcaccccat aatgcttaaa aatctgatag atagatagat agatagatag     47580
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag acggacggac     47640
     ggacggacgg acggacagac cgaccgaccg accgaccgac cgaccgaccg acagacagac     47700
     ggacagatag atagatagat agataaaaag agagatagat agatagacag acagacagac     47760
     agacagacag acagacagat agatagatag atagatagac agacagacag acagacagac     47820
     agacagacag acagacagat agatagatag atagatagac agacagacag acagacagac     47880
     agacagacag atagatagat agatagatag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     47940
     agacagacag acagacagac agatagatag acggatagat agacagacag acagacagat     48000
     agatagatag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agatagatag atagagagac     48060
     agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     48120
     agacagacag acagacagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     48180
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagagac agacagacag acagacagat agacagacag     48240
     acagacagac agatagacgg atagatagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag     48300
     acagacagac agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat tagatagata     48360
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     48420
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     48480
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatatcgt ctatgctttg aggttgaagt     48540
     aacccaatat tttgttaaga taaatgtgac attgagataa atacagctct taaattaccc     48600
     atcagccttg ttcttgccaa ctgagaataa ctgaaatgca ggaaccagac acagttaatc     48660
     tccaaacgag tcctataggt gcaaacacac gctgtaaatc tgactggaat tcatctttaa     48720
     ccctaaatga cctgctctct ccagctgata aatcaactcg ctttcgcttt ctctcttcca     48780
     cacttgacaa ttccagtgca ggcagctgct tttctgtata ttattcattt aaaacatgac     48840
     ctcacgctct tcttctcctc agtctcaccc ttccccctct gctcataaga cggttttgac     48900
     agattttttt cccccttccc tctggatctc taaacctgtc acttcatttc tagatgtgtc     48960
     aattcatcat ttcttccatc cgccgctcca cttctgtcag acgacacagc tggtacaaat     49020
     gccatctgct attaaactat tacagatcac ttctcggctc tatgagacaa acagtcataa     49080
     aataatgatt aaatttaaaa tccagagtaa acacatatta tgataattaa ctcatccagt     49140
     atcagaaatg ataaaggact gtgaatttta aagctgtgta tataaaatat tgagatgaat     49200
     cacaatattt atgttaataa aaaaaaactg gccaatcaga aaaggttggg ggtggagcaa     49260
     gttatttatt gtgattcaat attttgaaat atttgtaata tgatcaattt cttatagcag     49320
     ttgtgtctgg atacaataat tttgttttcg ctatttacta gggatgtaac ggtatcagaa     49380
     tttcacggta cggtaatacc tcggtatgaa tgtcacggta cggtatttat tgaatcattt     49440
     tcagaaaaaa acaaaactta tgaaaatgct ccaaaaaagt gccaaaagtg tcaatgacat     49500
     acaaattagc catctatctg taagctttga aacaggaact tcaattttaa taacaaaaaa     49560
     atattaaacc atgtaaaaaa aatttagttt ttaatttagt attgttgaaa actcatcaca     49620
     ttcaacattt aatcactcac tcacttagat agagatgggt ttaaaggaaa attatcatat     49680
     aaatataatc tggtaaaagc tggtatctct gggcatttac aatgtcccct gcaacagaaa     49740
     aaaaaacctc tcatttggga ctgaggtttc tgggacaaga gagatatgac ttggcccagg     49800
     ttgacagcag tgggtaacgt tgtgcattgt ctttccccca cttgagagga caaaccatgg     49860
     ataagataga gatctcatgt ctgcatcaat ctgaacagtg tgctgacaac accgctattc     49920
     agtacgcgcg cgacaacaca gctgataaga actcgcgcga caacaccgct attcagtacg     49980
     cgcgcgacaa cacagctgat aagaactcgc gcgacaacac cgctattcag tacgcgcgcg     50040
     acaacacagc tgataaaaac tcgcgcgaca acacagctat tcagtacgcg cgcggcgaca     50100
     acacccgctt tagagtttta cagctctttt tcatccccgc ttctagcagc acactccatt     50160
     tccgcattac tggatctgta gcgacaacga actgcaaggg atgatggtca agcatgggct     50220
     gatgggaatt gtagttttcg ctacctcccg ttcgcttcat tcgcctgagc aaattttctc     50280
     agaagaccta tagttttacc gagtcatgcg acttcggtaa tatcgaaaaa aattaatatt     50340
     gcggtatgac ggtatttaca ataccattac atccctacta tttacagatg tcatttgtac     50400
     cagctgtgta aaatacaaac aaatacattt aacaacaacc caggcacatt ctgattacgt     50460
     acccatgtat acatttctgg agagcaccta atatgtccca ggagctatgt tttctttgca     50520
     gtttttgttg ttgcatatcc accagaggcc gctgtgtatg ctttttaaga tctcaaaatt     50580
     ctctcgcaag tgccattcaa gcctgcagtt ctcacgtata tccaccagag gcagcagtta     50640
     actgactgac tggccatctg atacccctat cctccttccc taaacccaac agacagtgtt     50700
     taaaaagcac caatagccta ctctggatac ataatttgca gtctccagaa atgtgtatag     50760
     gggtgcattt ctgatgttct taaataagat tactaacaat tgtatctaaa ttagtcatta     50820
     aatcatttaa tgatgtcatc caaaaaaaaa tgaattgcaa aaatacaaac tataatatat     50880
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     50940
     atatatatat acacaacacc taatttaaac taaatacatg taacattaag tacattttat     51000
     tgctacattg acttctctaa ataatcttaa agtaatacaa ttattaacaa tgacatctaa     51060
     ttgaactaga acttttaata ataatggaac ctaattagtt taaatgaaaa tgaaaaaaaa     51120
     taatattaaa gtaaatatat aatatttaat gttttaaata attgtattta gttaataata     51180
     taaacatatc aaataatttc taaaataatt actactaaca agtatatcga atgcggcacg     51240
     gtggctcagt gggtagcact gtcgccttaa agcaaaaagg tttctggttc gagtcccggc     51300
     taggccagtt ggcatttctg tgtggacctt gtatgttctc ccagttttgg cttgggtttc     51360
     ctccgggtgc tctgatttcc gccacagtcc aaaaactggc gctatagttg atttaaataa     51420
     actaaaattg gccataatgt atgtgtcagg gtttctgcag gtttcattaa gcctaagtta     51480
     agactattta agacctcttt aagaccataa ggaataatat tttagaccaa tacagggcta     51540
     agattttttt ctaatggcct ggtgttatca tgaggaatcg tgtaattgtt tgagtttttt     51600
     tttttttttt tttgagaatc tggattaaaa aatgctattg tgaaatgtat ctctttgcaa     51660
     ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     51720
     atatatatat ataaaacctt tacatataaa aaatgaggtt ttattgaaat gtattgtatg     51780
     aatgctggcc aaattgagta gctttacttg aacaaagcaa cattaagacc tgtttaaaat     51840
     tatttaacag ctaaaacaca atatgtcagt gaatttaaga ctcgaggcct aaaatgtagg     51900
     ttttgaaatt taagacatcc taaaactttc taagacccag cggacaccct gatgtctatg     51960
     catgtgagag tgtataggtg ttttttagta ctgggttgca gctggaaggg catctgcggt     52020
     gtaaaacata tgctggataa gttagcggtt cattccgttg tgcaacccct gataaacaaa     52080
     ggactaaacc gaaggaaaat gaatgaatga atgaagtata tcaaaactaa tgcacaaaaa     52140
     ggctgatcat tattaatgat aatctttatt tcagcattaa gagtgtaaca aaaacatagg     52200
     aaattagcaa aaggaacaac gaaatatcca atactgacta atatcagtca agtacatgaa     52260
     aattcttgaa cttaagctga tatctgaaaa gtcactgaca tattatcaac ttaatacaat     52320
     tacacaaagc taccccttgt gtttttaaac actttctctg tgaatcctaa gaagtcaata     52380
     tattgattca ttcattttca gcaagaaaat gactcattat acaaattcca ttaagatcca     52440
     ggagcgtcat taattctgtt cattttaaac tgcagaattt gcatccagaa taatgaatca     52500
     cactatattg aaaaacatta aacaaacata ccaacttaaa acagtgctga agctgcacat     52560
     cctcacacaa acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa acacacacac acacacacac     52620
     acacacacac acacacaaac acacacacgc acacacacac acacacacgc acacacagat     52680
     gttcacctca tcctgccttt tgttctccta aaaaagacaa gcacgtcatt tttagacaaa     52740
     ataagcaaaa agagatttct gaaacaaaga ctcgaccaca taaccagctg cgtgaaggca     52800
     ggccaaactg gtaaattatt gagtcctgtc tcacttaggc acaagacact tcacttcact     52860
     ccatccccag tgcctccaga gtttattttt aaagcaacat ttacataaaa acagccagaa     52920
     tgaaccacac gccatattat aatgctaatg aaaactaata aacagccaat atgttgcatt     52980
     ccttttgttt gaactccaat aactacacat tatattcaag agacttagct tgttatatat     53040
     aagaatatct aatatcacct aaataaattc aacattatat taattgatat taaatgcatt     53100
     gttaaattaa tctacataat atgattatta ccaattgtat ctaaacaaac atacaaaaac     53160
     actaaggtca ataaaacatc tacaaattgc accaaaacat gtagctattc atccagaacc     53220
     aaccacatgt gatactacaa ttgaatcaaa aagtcattca tttgcattac tgtatgttgc     53280
     acttttgtgg gcctcaaact cttaatcacc atgcacgcac tataaattca agactcagct     53340
     tgtgcaaaaa acccgaaatc agaagaaaac agcttactat ctgctaaatt gcaatgggaa     53400
     ataacagtaa gtgtgatgca tcaaacacat agaacgctat aaatcaaatt agctggaaat     53460
     gtcatggata aaaatgcccg cagtcaacat atttccagtt cagggtgagc ggacggcaca     53520
     tctgctatct caaaacgagt gtcagcgcta atgccaaaga caaacgcgag tcaatgagtg     53580
     aaagcatgga ggagtgcaga aacaaatgag agcttaccgt cgcgctgcca aagaaagatc     53640
     ccattcaggc tgagggaaaa gcagaggaaa aaataaaccc gattccagtc tatccagtgt     53700
     gtctctcaca cttaccaccc ctccctctct atctctcttt cgctctttct ctctctccct     53760
     ctgagcagca gaaaggctgc gtttttgaca ggtctcttcc acgtgtgtac ttcactcatg     53820
     agtgcacgca cacacacaca catgcatgtg tgaatgggtt ttttgtggcg ttgggtgatg     53880
     gaaaaatgga gggaccagat atagtgaatt tttaaaaata ttcattcgtc agatttaagg     53940
     tgagatttga caaattgaag gtagagttta actaaaaatg atgacgattt attctccctc     54000
     aagacatata caatgtagat ctttggctga aattagggtt gttgggtatt catgtaaatg     54060
     ctagtcaatt gctactggca ctttgagatt caacaaaata caaagaaaaa acacggtaag     54120
     aacgtttggg tctgttcccg taattatgtt aattttttca attaaattta gctacacttt     54180
     ttaacccact ttttaagaca accttgcatg agtgtactta ttactatgct gctgcttcac     54240
     accagacacg gaggaagcat caggagcaag tgatttacat attcagtcaa tgcaaagacg     54300
     tgaatggaca tcctgcaggg caatgacgtg cgaataaggc ggcgcgaacg acgcgattca     54360
     cacagttaat cttttcagag gtgcacccat ctctgtgagt ttataaactc ctccagaaac     54420
     ttaacctgga tgatggaggc tttcaggggt gcttccgact gagccgtgcc agtttgatta     54480
     actgttgtcc ggtgtcggct ggaggatatc cacccgggac accaacaaca ggtgctatgt     54540
     cataagcatg cccctacaag agaaagctcc tgattggtta acacggagcg aatgtttgct     54600
     gaaatttaga tttttttact tttaactcca cgcaaaacgc tcaatttgcg ccgccttatt     54660
     tatgtgtatg gcatcgcagg atgtctgttc gcgtctttgc attgacttaa cactcgcact     54720
     tgatgcttct tctgcatcag gtatatatat atatatgtga gcaatatcac acgagtagca     54780
     gtgcgatatg gctgtatatc tgtatatagg ccacaggctg agtgccttag tgcccccacc     54840
     agtgacaata tacagccata tcgcactgct actcgtgtga tattgcgttt atacaacagt     54900
     ttgacggcat aattgtgtat ataaaacaaa atcaaacatg gagagtctca aaaacccttt     54960
     tttatgagga actactttct tctgcctagg attcaaatca taagctgaca gttaaacagc     55020
     tgagcaagca tcttttaaac tttagatctg tagtgtctgc tttttgctgg ttgtatgtgg     55080
     gcggagtaat aaacaaaggg taaagaggct ttacgggtgc tgatattact taaatatatc     55140
     tcggctatca gccaatcaga ttcaagaacc agacagaact gttgtatata tatatatata     55200
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     55260
     tatatatatt catttgagcc gagcattaac atttattcat gataaacaga tgcatgtgca     55320
     aactacattt tcaaagtcca aatttcaaac tctgggcagt attcagccat tttgtggcaa     55380
     ttacctagag ttactgtagg tactacactt gaatttactt cacaaacgtt agaaatttac     55440
     tttgtatata gcatgaattt gaatagtatg catggaatac tatagactag tggtgtccaa     55500
     actcggtcct ggaaggccgg tgtcctgcat attttagttc catccccaac taaacacacc     55560
     tgaaccagct aatcaagctc tttctaggta tactagactt ccaggcatgt gtgttggagg     55620
     aagttggagc taaactgtgt aggacaccgg ccctccaaga ccgagtttgg acatccctgc     55680
     tgtagaccac ttcaatgtgg tcatgtcatt ttctcattaa catttcctgc ttgttatcaa     55740
     agtattttat aactgtaatg agaggcaatt caatcgtaac ttaatgttaa aacagctatc     55800
     atgacattat ttatttttat gtatcaatat gtggctgttt ttggattccc ggaagctctt     55860
     gaaattaaaa atgtaaacag gaaatatgtt gggaccattg tttttgttta catctctcaa     55920
     aatggtctat atagtatgga tgtgactttg gacgcagcaa atgtaaaaat ccagtccacc     55980
     ctgaacttgg gtgcaaacca gacaatcaaa acaaatgtga acgcaccctc aaagtggcag     56040
     acacaaatgc agacttacat ttattgatca ccatggtttt agctaaaact tcctttaatg     56100
     ttccactctg gataaaagtc accaatcttg gatgacctga tggtaaatta acagcacatt     56160
     tatatttttg ggcgaactat ccctttaaaa acctgtttct aagaagcgga tgagcttctg     56220
     ctgccatttt cagctttggt agcttgtgtg tttgctatct gcctgacaaa agaagcagat     56280
     tgcaacacct ttagctcaga tttgaacagc atgtgtgtga gatttactgt gatgacgagt     56340
     tgtcggtggt gagataaatt cgacggaaaa ctaagctgag aattaatgat tttcaagggc     56400
     tgagaagtga agagacgtta tgaagagtgc actaaataat tacttccccc aacttgctgt     56460
     caaaatatct ctctcacaca caaagaaaag gcacgcatgt ataagtaaac aatccagcct     56520
     tcgcagaaca gctcttaatc tatgtatgac tctattttta cactgaggca taagcaaaaa     56580
     tgtaagaaca aaaaacccaa tatggcttgt ttgttcttca gaagcctgaa gcctatagct     56640
     tcatgtgtga aacagaaatg taaaattgaa gtcacatgat gcgcaagaag ccagtaatga     56700
     cttcataacc gatgcaaggt gttttcacac tgcatatctg aatatacaca atttactgaa     56760
     aaacatttta gagacatatt ggaggtaaat ataaaccagt gcactctcaa aagtgtgata     56820
     atatcatgct aaaactgact tttatagttt ataaataaca catatctatt ttagaaaatc     56880
     cagcaacata cagagtcttg caaaagtatt atcttttttc acatttagtc attcatccct     56940
     gctgaacagc tttatatgac ttttctcaca tcaatctata ctcaaaatct catgaataca     57000
     aagccaaaaa caaatttgtg ataagaatat gaagtaaata cacaaataaa ctattacaac     57060
     acatctcata caatctctta cccttttctg tggtgcttga catgtcaaat atctgtatac     57120
     ttcaaatgga gtttacttta ggtatattaa ttaatgaaat tggttgattg ctcaattagt     57180
     gattgtacaa taatcacaaa actgtctata taagccagtc tacatactaa aaattccaac     57240
     ccaggctcat tctgattacg tacccctgta tacatttctg tagagaacaa aatacatccc     57300
     aggagctacg ttttttttct ccagtttttg ttttcgggaa ttcaccagat ggtgctgtgt     57360
     atgctttctc agatgtcaaa tttctcttgc aagtgccatt cgcgcttgct cttctcacat     57420
     aaatccacca aaggccgctg tcgactgact gatttaggcc ctgtttacac taatacattt     57480
     taggtttaaa atggtgtttt agaatgaaaa agaaccttgt ccacactggc gtttcaccta     57540
     gcatttctta acaactctcc gtcaacactt taccactgaa aacgcacatc acgtgatcac     57600
     acacacactt tggcatgcac tgcaacgagc tccaggcagt cagcaggtgc tctgcaggca     57660
     cctccccagg agagagcagc gcaggccaga ctgtttatcc aggatttacc actggatctc     57720
     atctcactat atttgttaac cgtgagattt aattcatctt tgtcacggtt gtggatctat     57780
     ctgctcttct atgatgtgtc tgcgtggtgc gaattgttta tttgtgtttg cggtgtgtgt     57840
     ctgcgtttgt ctctgtgttt gtgtgagtcg cgtggctgtc ggtgttgttg ttgttttcat     57900
     gttatcagct gggcggtcac atgatcatgg tcatcggtcg cctagcaccg ctcagctgat     57960
     tattgcgctc caggtgtagc gcatttactg tggctataaa tgttcagcgt tcctgtctca     58020
     ccttgtcagt tcgttgtcct cacttgtctc tgtgtccttt gtcaggctct ccccgttgag     58080
     ttcgctggtt agtgtgctgg ttgaagtttc tcctccgacg atcttttgat tcgctctgtt     58140
     gacggagatt ggagtgctcc ccgatgaact tttgatacgc tctgttgacg gagattgagg     58200
     ttcttcctga tgaactcttg attctctgtt tactgtgaat atttgcttct atgaccttcg     58260
     acttccagcc acccagtctc tctgtgttat ctttgtgtgc gttaataaaa ctgtcacttg     58320
     cacttgggtt ccttcgtcat ctttgagttg tgacagaacg aactgaccac tatggaccca     58380
     gcaagtacat cggaagttca ggagatcctg tctcgcagca tcgctcgcct agaccatcaa     58440
     gaccaacaga tgaaggtaac cagtcaggcc attcaagcgc ttgttaacca ggtctccgaa     58500
     ctcaccactc aagtccagcg tctcagcacg ggtctcgctg ccggatccgc tcagccacct     58560
     cctcctgtta atccaccagc cagcccagct gttatcgaaa cccgctccac cgaaccacga     58620
     ctacctccgc cgcagagtta cgcgggcgaa ccccatttat gtcgagcctt cctggcaaaa     58680
     tgttcgctat acatcgctct ccagccctcg tcttttccca gcgagcagag caaagtagcc     58740
     tttttgatca atctgctaac aggtaaagcg gcattatggg gaactacggt ttgggagaac     58800
     aagaatccct gttgtaacac cttcaaagcc ttttcagaag aacttaaagt ggtgtttgat     58860
     caagcggctt cgggcagaga ggcgtccaga aagctggcag agctccatca gggagatcag     58920
     agcgttgtgg actattcaat tgagtttcgt acgctggcag cggagtgtgg ctggaacagc     58980
     gaggcgcagt gggacatgtt ttttcatgga ttagcggagc acatcaagga cgagatctac     59040
     gcgctggagt tgccgaaaac actcgaaggt ctcattaatc tggctgttag agtggacaat     59100
     cgtctccaac gcagacatct tcacaaggag ccccgtcttc agcgcctggc ttcgcagacc     59160
     tgttttcaag aggcaacgcc ccctgaatcg gagcccgaac ccatgcagat gggaaggttt     59220
     cgtctttctg ctgaggagag acgtcgtcgc cgttctgggg gtttgtgtat gtactgtgga     59280
     gttgggggtc attttgtggc tttttgtccg gccaagaatg ataagccatc tatgggtaag     59340
     agtttattgg tgggtgaaat tatgcctaaa aagaactctg ctaatatgac tttcttacct     59400
     attaaactgt gttttaactc cacttctcac acatgccacg ccctcatcga ctccggagcc     59460
     gaggggaatt ttattgattc taaattagcg aacagtctga agatccctat ttttcctctt     59520
     tcctctccaa tagcggtgca cgctcttagt ggattgtctc ttccgaccat cacacacatt     59580
     actgctccca taagactcat tacttctgga aatcacacag aactcattac attttttctc     59640
     actgacacca ttgatacttc tgttattttg ggacatccgt ggttagtctt acataaacct     59700
     cacattaatt ggggtcataa tgcagttttt tcctggagtg agagctgtca tgaatcttgt     59760
     ttattgtctg cctgtcctaa tgttccttgt tctgtgtttc aggaggagca ggtggatctg     59820
     tcaaacgtgc ctcgtgagta ccacgacctg aagagagtgt tcagtaagtc tcgggctgct     59880
     tctctacctc ctcaccgtcc ctatgactgt gctatagatt tattgccagg tacgtctccg     59940
     cctaagggca agttatattc gctgtctgtt ccagagaggg aggctatgga gaaatatatt     60000
     tctgattctc tagcagccaa gatcatccgc ccgtcttctt caccggcggg ggcgggattt     60060
     ttttttgtga aaaagaagga tggttctctt cgtccgtgca ttgactatcg agggctgaac     60120
     agcatcacgg ttaagaatac gtatcctttg ccgttgatgt cttcagcctt cgagcgcctg     60180
     cagggggcga actttttcac aaaattagat ctccgcaatg cttatcattt ggttcgcata     60240
     agacccgggg atgagtggaa gaccgcgttt aacaccccta gagggcattt tgagtactgc     60300
     gttctgccct tcggcctttc taacgctccg gcggttttcc aggcactcgt caatgatgtg     60360
     ttgagagata tgatagatca gtttatctat gtctacctgg atgacattct gattttttct     60420
     cactctctcc aggaacatgt tcagcacgtc aggcgagtgt tgcagaggct gttagagaat     60480
     gggctttatg tcaaggcgga gaaatgcgtt tttcatgcac agtcggttca gtttttgggg     60540
     catatcgtgt cggtcgaggg gatgcgcatg gatccagaga agattcaggc tgtggtaaat     60600
     tggccaaccc cagattcccg taaggccctg cagaggttcc tgggctttgc caatttttac     60660
     cggcgtttta ttcgcaattt cagccagctc gccgcacctc tgactaattt gacctcctcc     60720
     aaaacaccgt tcaggtggtc taacgcagcc gaggttgcat tttcaaaact gaagggttgc     60780
     ttcgtttcag ccccgattct tatagcccct gatccttctc ggcagtttgt ggtggaggtc     60840
     gatgcgtccg aggtgggggt cggagccatc ctgtcccagc gctctgcctt ggacggcaag     60900
     attcatccct gcgcgtattt ctcacatcgt ttatctgctg cagaaagaaa ttacgacatt     60960
     ggtaatcgag agttgctggc cgtcaagctt gcgttggagg agtggcgaca ttggttggaa     61020
     ggttctgggg tgccttttat cgtttggacc gatcataaga atcttgagta catcaaagct     61080
     gccaagagac taaactctag gcaggctcgg tgggcattat ttttcggacg atttaatttt     61140
     tcaatctcgt acagacctgg ttctaagaac atcaaacctg atgcgttatc tcgtcttttt     61200
     gatcgctcgg atcgtacgtc atctccagat ccggtgcttc cgcagagggt ttttgtggcg     61260
     aatatttctt gggagatcga gtcgcgggtt cgcacagccc tggatggggt aacgcccccg     61320
     atcggatgcc cgccgagtcg attatttgtg ccagaggatc ttcggtccga cgttatccgg     61380
     tggggtcatt cctccaaggt agcctgtcat ccgggggtga gtcgcacatt atttgttatt     61440
     aaacaaagat tctggtggcc agtaatggct cgtgatgtgc gcgattttgt tttggcttgc     61500
     tctgtctgtg ccgcttctaa gacttccaat cgcccacctg ctggactcct tcaaccgctg     61560
     tcagtacctt cgagaccctg gtcacacatc tcgctagatt ttgttacggg tcttccatct     61620
     tctaacggca acacggtggt tttaaccgtg gtggacaggt tctcgaaggc tgctcatttt     61680
     gtccctctgc ccaaattacc ttcagccaga gagacagcgg ttgctgtcat tgatcacgtc     61740
     tttcgcattc atggcctccc gacagacgtg gtttctgaca gggggcctca gtttgtctct     61800
     aaattttgga gagaattctg tcgtttattg ggggctactg ttagtctttc ttctggtttt     61860
     catccccaga gtaacggtca gaccgagaga gccaatcagg atcttgagcg cacattgcga     61920
     tgtttggttt cgcagaatcc ttcctcttgg agtcagcaac tttcgtgggt ggagtacgca     61980
     cataattcgt taccagtgtc ggctacgggc ctctctccgt ttcagtgtag tctaggttac     62040
     cagccaccag tttttcccag tctggaatcc gaagtcgcgg tcccctccgt tcacgccttt     62100
     gtccagaggt gccgccgcac ctggaacagg gccagacaga ccctcctcca ggtgggggag     62160
     cgcactaagg ctaaagccga tcgccaccgg tctaagcctc ccgtttacgt tgtcggtcaa     62220
     aaagtgtggc tttcatctaa aaacattcct ctccgcaccg tttgtaataa gttagctcct     62280
     aaatttattg gcccttttac tgtcactaaa atcattaatc ctgtggcagt ccgcctcaaa     62340
     ttacctccag cgtacaggag aattcatccc gtgtttcatg tatctaaaat aaagcccgtt     62400
     tttcatacgg caattaatcc gcacacacca gttccccccc cgccgcgcct cgtagatggg     62460
     gagactgctt attcggttaa gcgcattctg gactctagac ggaggggacg aggatttcag     62520
     tacttggtgg attgggaagg ttacggtcct gaggagagaa gttgggttcc ggccggggac     62580
     atactggatc actctcttat cgatgattac aatcgccagg taggctcgtc tggggacgcc     62640
     aggaggcgtc cctaggggag agggtaatgt cacggttgtg gatctatctg ctcttctatg     62700
     atgtgtctgc gtggtgcgaa ttgtttattt gtgtttgcgg tgtgtgtctg cgtttgtctc     62760
     tgtgtttgtg tgagtcgcgt ggctgtcggt gttgttgttg ttttcatgtt atcagctggg     62820
     cggtcacatg atcatggtca tcggtcgcct agcaccgctc agctgattat tgcgctccag     62880
     gtgtagcgca tttactgtgg ctataaatgt tcagcgttcc tgtctcacct tgtcagttcg     62940
     ttgtcctcac ttgtctctgt gtcctttgtc aggctctccc cgttgagttc gctggttagt     63000
     gtgctggttg aagtttctcc tccgacgatc ttttgattcg ctctgttgac ggagattgga     63060
     gtgctccccg atgaactttt gatacgctct gttgacggag attgaggttc ttcctgatga     63120
     actcttgatt ctctgtttac tgtgaatatt tgcttctatg accttcgact tccagccacc     63180
     cagtctctct gtgttatctt tgtgtgcgtt aataaaactg tcacttgcac ttgggttcct     63240
     tcgtcatctt tgagttgtga caatcttgtt gtctatatct aacgacatat tccctgactt     63300
     tggttctttg aatctattac ttgttctcag gtaacatgtt tttaatgagt gcaaagataa     63360
     attaatataa taatttatgt aaccgcgtac actgtttctg cacatttgaa tgattgctcg     63420
     catttatttc ctacagcata atgtataaat gtattgtacg ttacactttt ataatggcca     63480
     ttattgatta ttaaaactga tattcagcaa aagagagtgt atgtatcgaa tttttcaatg     63540
     acaatgaaag gaggctgtta tgttataggc tccattttgt tatgcataca gtgaagatga     63600
     cagtcatgta actatgcagc tacacaacac ctcaacattt ttagtgtctg ttaagttgtt     63660
     aatatcaaaa taaaaatagg aagtatcctt gtatcatgtt ttcatcttat tgctaagaaa     63720
     gtaaaacaat atagccaggg tgatgtgaat gatattataa agtacactgt tccccttaaa     63780
     gatttctctg acgtgtcctc aggagtttgt ttaccatatc aaacttgcaa agtctgaact     63840
     aataaggaga ggatggaaga ctgaactttg tgttggctac ttaatcatac tcagatgtct     63900
     cagttttcta ccaaccacaa taacacagaa cctcatttta aaataaaacc agcatcgttt     63960
     taaaatgaaa acgatctctt tagcattttc actccctttc ctaaaccgaa cggcagtgtt     64020
     ttgaaaagca atccacaaaa agaattccgt cgcggtcaac tccgctctac gtcttaagtc     64080
     ctaggatgta caagttgagc tatcggacaa actagtaaca gtggaaaagc tgtccatacg     64140
     aaggtaatac tgccctgtag tgtttatttt aaagatgaaa tgcggccata cagtacgtag     64200
     ttctggctac ataattcacg atctccaaaa atgtatatag ggctacagtt tcagaatgag     64260
     cctatgttag aaaaatctta tcagagcaaa aatcaagcca taagatcaat gacccaatga     64320
     aaacccaaag cgctttcagg tccctattct ttcccttatt atatgggtgg tgtcaaaact     64380
     ccatcgcaca ctgatcttgg accaatttgg tttgttttgc ttgtacaagt tagtgctgct     64440
     tctggattag tgtgaaacac attgtctacc agagtccatc tgtttccctg tggctataaa     64500
     gagcacaaga gtgataaaca caagaggatg tagccattta ctgagagatc gggagctatc     64560
     catgattata tttccctcat acaattaata gactaacagg cagatggcac caataaatga     64620
     cacaagagta aagcttggat gattcctgat acagagactc cagcagtggg cagagtgaag     64680
     gaaactgcct taagagcagc agggtggcat gagttcattt gttcagtgtt actcaattag     64740
     agcttagaga actggactct tccctttcca gtgtgcacac gaggcgtaac atcacagcag     64800
     ggctgcacac tatttagaac cgaatagaaa gcgagctcaa aattgtcaac tgaagcagca     64860
     cacagaatgc agcaacactg aacgcattaa cgtgaaatta aagcacgtat tacttgagtt     64920
     gagcgagttc ttgattacat tttttaatac attgcagcaa tgtcagaaac ctattaatag     64980
     cttttgttaa gttgtctgtt aggaatcagg ggggaatcac aaactctcag tttatacaga     65040
     accttgcaga tctacactgt aaaaagcaat tagttgaaat tactttaaaa agtgagtaaa     65100
     gctttaaatg attaaaacat tatttgagtc atcttaacag ttccaagtta catcaggtat     65160
     tgttaattga ataattattg tagaacaata gatggataga tagatagata gagaatgatg     65220
     agttttccct ctcttttact tataaagttg aacaagtttt ttttttttca catcttgggc     65280
     acatacctgc agaaggaagc ccctactaac tgcatacaga acaggggcca aacgtctgga     65340
     cagacgcact gcagaacaaa catcacccgc gttcttcccc ctcttcttcg gagaattctc     65400
     gcagcacctt tccttcaata cttgactacc aataagactc ctttatattc ctcaccacat     65460
     aatccagact ccccagtcct tctgcagtga gctggaggcc cggccatgga gactgcagca     65520
     catccattta aaaccacttc tgcctgtcct gtctgtcacg gccagcgctc tgtgctccac     65580
     tgatatgaca gatcagatcc cagcggcgac cgtgacagca gtaaacacac agctagctcg     65640
     tgtgctcatg ctagaggact ctcggctttc cagagttggc ttaaatgcaa gtcacctcac     65700
     aggatttaga tttgatgagt gtgcaaaagc aaatccggat ggagagaaaa tcaaattcta     65760
     gagtattact tcagctccat gtgctcaaga ggcacacttg ccctaagttg tgtcattttt     65820
     tccattttgc ataccaatat attgaaacta aatctctagg actaatatat aaatcactga     65880
     aaagagctta tccctggaga aaccctcagt gctggtcatc ttgggttgca tccacagtgc     65940
     tcttcaggac acagttcatc gattttcccc atttctttca ttttccatta cacagaggtc     66000
     gtattttttc cagtttctca cccttccccc ttcagcgctt ccttcatctg ttctgctaag     66060
     actttaatca aattatcccc agccgacctt gtgtgcaact gaagtgatgc atacaatata     66120
     aacagtacag tccatcaagc agactagaaa gaaagactgt atctcaggcc tgtaatgatg     66180
     ctgcacttta gtaatgtgta cgctcatatg attgtaaaat gtgacatata gtgccagttg     66240
     aaccccagga atcagctcaa tgtttgaaaa cgtgggaggt gccacaactg aggtatatat     66300
     aagtgttgcc atctgaaggc gtctgttatt ggagtacagt ctgcttaaga tattacttac     66360
     tgcactttaa atgtcagata atgcctttga gaaaaaacta ctgcattgaa cttataataa     66420
     taatgtatga tttatttata cagcatgtga gtgtgcctgt gcataaaatg aaatcaaaac     66480
     tctataaata atcatatttt gtacaattac tggatgcaat atgttaataa ttgaaatgaa     66540
     aagtacattg tacaataatt gacacatcaa aagtacattt tctaattgta gttagtaatc     66600
     tatatctttt gtaatatttg ttttattttt ttcttaatca gtattttgtc tcatcctcct     66660
     gtaaaaatgt taatgttaaa atgtaatcat ttaaattgaa aaatcattta aaaaataatt     66720
     aacgtttgca tattttgtgt ttttcgtttt tttttacggt tgtgaattgc attatgggcc     66780
     cttgatctct gcactgtaaa aacaaacaaa cattatatta caggtaattg tctttatttt     66840
     tacagaattt tccatttttt ttccattcta gagtacagtg aaatacctgt tgttttacag     66900
     atattttctg taattaaaaa ttctaacagt tattgcttgt attttgttat tacgttattt     66960
     ttctgttttt taaaaggaat ttactgtatt ttcagagagt aacacataat tttactttaa     67020
     tatttacaga ttattcctgt aaaaataggg aaacaagaat tctgtcaaat tgttttttca     67080
     gaactattga agatagtaat catatgagga ttaatgtgag gttaataatg tcaaatagta     67140
     gcctattgct tgtaggctgc tcactgtaaa ctataaaatg tttatttact actctactat     67200
     ttactattac agtaataatc ttgaaaataa catcaattaa tctgtataat tacataagaa     67260
     taattacagc actaattcat aaaatggtag taattactac gccagacaga atctgtggac     67320
     attttttgct atttctgcgc agaatattgt aaaaataaat ctgccgattt atgtggaagg     67380
     attttgggtg gatcgtaact aaaaactgtt aattaaaaaa aaataaattt ctaactttta     67440
     tttaatgtta acgatgcaaa ccatattaga tccaataatt tggtaaacaa aacaagtatc     67500
     tcatataata aaaatgtacc atatatctac taaaatacag aaatgattac ttgaaaaact     67560
     gtattgtaag taaatcatgt gaacatttgc atattagtca gtaatattac tgaaattgtt     67620
     aatatatatt taaagaccaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     67680
     tatatatata tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cacaaatata aaatataaaa     67740
     ctaaatatat agacctaatg atgggcttta aatctgtgga ttttctgtgc agattctgtg     67800
     tgggcctagt aattacctat atcagtaaat atgtaaatat ggaacaagat tttttttttt     67860
     tttacagatt atctacattt ttataatatt tttttctttc tttttttttg ttattttctg     67920
     atactcctgc tgccagaaaa ttacagtttt tacaagtttt tttttttttt acagtgtgct     67980
     caatcaactt ttaagtttga aaatttaact ctacagtcta acaaagtgac ttttattgac     68040
     attttagtag tttgaaataa tataatgtat aagaaatata taatatagag agacatttgt     68100
     ccagaaaata aaataaaatg tactggcagc ttattacaag gtttttatac aaccccaacc     68160
     cagacaatat atcactttaa acaattaaaa tgcttataaa agtaattttt tggacttttc     68220
     aacgttaagc cgcttagggt catttatata catattgaag tcagaattat tagcccccct     68280
     gaattattag aacctgttta ttttttctcc tatttctgtt caacaaagag tagatttctt     68340
     caacacattt ctaaacatta tagttttaat aactcatctc taataactga tttgttttat     68400
     ctttgctatg atgacagtaa ataatatttg actagatatt tttcaagaca cttctataca     68460
     gcttaaagtg acttttaaag gcctaactag gttgattggg ttaactaggc aggttagggt     68520
     tattaggcaa gttattgtat aacgatggtt tgttttgtag actatcgaaa aaaaagttag     68580
     cttaaagggg ctaataattt tgtccttaaa atggtgttta aaaaattaat aactgcttct     68640
     attttagccg aaataaaagt aataagactt tctccagaag aaaaaacatt actagacatg     68700
     ctgtgaaaat ttccttgctc tgttaaatat aatatgggaa atataaaaaa aaagctacaa     68760
     aaattcaaag gggagttaat aattctgact tcaactgtat atatatgtgc agtttattta     68820
     catgatattt aagatatctt tttcagaatt aaaacaaagt aatttctaaa aaacatcatt     68880
     aaataattga tttgtcatta gatagacttg attaatgatt aatatgtatt gtaaaaataa     68940
     aactgcgtga ccaaacttta atctggatca taagagcatt tattcagtca ctttcatcat     69000
     catcatcatc atcaccatcg tcatcatcag caccatcacc accaccacat caacaccatc     69060
     atcaatcagt aacatcctca tactattcag caataatctt taatatatca tttttatatc     69120
     atatccatta tcattcatat aatatacaga tatcaatgaa tgttccactt cctttgaaag     69180
     gagtaggaat gatgtttcag tatttacagc atgtaaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     69240
     gagagagacg gacagaataa gagagagaat aaaaatagta aagaagggct ctttcatgtg     69300
     tgactcatcg cattcattcc tgctgtgagc gctaaataca ggaacactga ctgaacacat     69360
     caggccgaag atctcagcac ccatctcagt ctgagcagtg atgccgtttc catgctttaa     69420
     agggtggcac tacaggcaaa catgatgcat tcccatgatg caatgtcacg ttttatgaca     69480
     tgtacataga ccacattttt tgcagctgat gatatctgac atttctggtc atttttattt     69540
     gcgctcgaga tgttttagta gatctactgt aatatgcaaa tttgcatcat gaattcaagg     69600
     tttgttttat tagaactcct ttattttgca tatttaataa gatgacgctt aaagaattag     69660
     ctcacctcaa aatgaaaatt catccgttat ttattaactg tcatgtcttt cacacccatg     69720
     agaacacatg ttattcgtct ttagaacgca agcgaaggta tttttaatca aacttgtggc     69780
     atcacttgta atctgtttac cataaatctc tgaaacttta aaacatttat aaagagataa     69840
     aaaattaaac tatataaatc aagcagatta atttcctgaa taaaatgaga gctttcaaaa     69900
     aatgtacagt tcggtgcacc gtgtcatgcc acttaaattt tgtacagaag cttatccatc     69960
     gttgtttgat ataaaaccaa tgaggctcat tactgtgtgt aacatggcat gtttgagctt     70020
     cactgtgaaa cctgaaaaac cattagagga aaccgattgc aacaaaccat ttaagttcaa     70080
     aaactaatcc gagtgagtgt tgtaaactta atccatttga gtaaacaaag caatatgagc     70140
     acagtaaaac ccagtaaatg aagagaactc aaaccaactg agtgctgtaa aatccaataa     70200
     gtgaaggtga ctcaaaccgt ttaaggaaat cgattgctac aaaccatttt agtaaaagaa     70260
     taaataaata aactaatcta tatgagtact gtgaacttac tccatttaag ttgaagcaat     70320
     gagtaaaatt aactttcagt caattttgag ttaactacac tcttttcatt taataaagtt     70380
     gactgttggg ttttacagtg cacaaaaaac aatgcacata tgtttttttt tttatcataa     70440
     gagtcaactg gtttatagag atcgtaatta tttactcatc ctctcttcca aacctgttta     70500
     aatttctttc ttctgttgaa catttgaaga tgaatggtgg aatagtggaa aaaaggccat     70560
     tgacctccat agtactgttt tttgcttctt ctatggatgt taatagtttt ttcccccaga     70620
     acatgagtgt gattaaatga tgagaaatat ttcatttttg gatgaactat cactttaatt     70680
     caattgatca gaaagggcca cttcatatga tgagcaagac ttcatattca ctttttggac     70740
     ttatggaagc gatttactgt gataattgta catttaccat gtaattgtac ttaggcatgg     70800
     gacgataacc gttttaagga tacagtgcaa gtcagaatta ttagccacct tttgattttt     70860
     ttattatgtt taacagagca aggaaatgta tgtctgataa tatttttttc ttctggggaa     70920
     agtcttattt cggctagaat aaaatcataa aatcaccaaa attttctgtt attgcgtttc     70980
     cacggcatat gtactttttt ttgttttgtt tgaagttttt taggacaaca gtgcctccag     71040
     cagaaaagct gttttaaatt gtaatcaaat cagtgttttt gaaactaacg aagacagcaa     71100
     aattaaatat attgtgttca aagtgagaaa aaaggttttg ccttttacca agacatttaa     71160
     aaagaatata ttttagagca gtgatcacaa tactgtaaac catgaaacca taatattttt     71220
     atccagggtt attgtcggat accatcagaa acttatccgg gcccatgcct aattggctaa     71280
     cctgctctgg agagatttca aaccaacatt agaccaatct gctctgagta aagtgatgta     71340
     tctgatgcaa taaagcttcc agacagtttc agctctttgt gaatcaacat taattattaa     71400
     aagtcagtag attgatgatt tgcattaata aaatcatgaa ttttagtatt cagctgcctt     71460
     tattgactgt tcacggcatc agcagtgctt atttctgctt tgcaaatgtg catcagttca     71520
     ttatattact gatgagtttc tttaagacag aaatgtattt cataggctct tgtattaagt     71580
     aaatcagacg ctctccaggt tttgtgtgat tagccgattg cttgatgtgt cataatttca     71640
     ggtgtacatg cgccagacct tatctaaaat ttggattgaa tcatgtcaca gaggccacag     71700
     cttgacactt gtcacaaatg tcaagaacat tatttcttgc aaaatctcaa acatcccttg     71760
     ggctatgcaa aaatgagcct aattcttctt aacattgtga caaaattgaa tactgtaaac     71820
     atctgcacaa gctgtacact gatcagtgtt tacatgagaa tctcacaaag tgaacatgtc     71880
     acttgagaaa attaaaccgc ttgtttcatg tttcgcttta aaatctcttt atagtgtttt     71940
     gaagtgtcag agtttttttt aagtgaacag acttttattg aaggacaaaa atgatgacaa     72000
     caagattaat ttgtggggtg aactaaccct aaaagtcacc tgtagtacgt ccctggatca     72060
     gaatgttcta atatgatgca tgaggctccg ttcaaagcag aaaactgctg tatacaacaa     72120
     ctggaggaga gaccgtcctt tcattttccc tcctactcca ttctttccac agataacatc     72180
     tccaaaagac agccaaaaaa gctggtacga caaagtaaaa acaattaggc ctccacaata     72240
     ataaaaataa tatcagtcac aaccataaaa gagtttaaaa agatcaatga ccttttagaa     72300
     catgcattag agttcaagaa actcggtgta ttttcttatt atctgttaat gcaattgagt     72360
     ctctgagcaa caatgtcaca gtcgtcatcg tcctgtcaca aataacgggg gggaatttca     72420
     ccatcacaca tccggctaat gtgtttttct tgtatttctc agtcctgtcg caattcttct     72480
     catgaaagat atttggttca tgcaatgatt tcagtcgcct tttttacatt cattttccat     72540
     ctgacctcaa cgttcttgat tttctaacca atcaagcaag ggatgctcat cttattaaaa     72600
     tcaaacacta aagtaagagt catttgtgcg tatgggatat tgtcagttca aggacataca     72660
     cttcaaggat ctttgacacc atcacaaatg acgtgagatc agtttttttg atccatgtgg     72720
     acatctagct acaggtacca ccacaccaga atggtgtgat ttacaatagt gccaaacgtt     72780
     ttgttcacgt cgtatcttat atatatatac ctgaggtaca gtaagaagtt tactctaata     72840
     atatctcact actatacctg gataattcag tgccattttt aaagattcat tcattgacgt     72900
     aggccagaga ttgaaatcct ttgattagcc tataaagcac cccgttgtgt tactaaccta     72960
     aactgctagg ctaacgtgcc agccaggcct ttttctcttt cagagtggtc ctcatagtgt     73020
     cctgcactgc attaggtgtc aaacgttgac atttacatgc atgtacaaag tcacaaacgt     73080
     tagtttgagt tggactgaag cgagacaggt ttggctttgg attgttaagg tgataagcaa     73140
     atgtcgacaa acaacggtac aaaaagacat gaaatgtcaa gaaagcaaac tttgaagact     73200
     ttgaaaaatg attcacattc aagtatggct ttagagaggc ttgctgtcgt gctgggcctg     73260
     atatatattg tagacggaga atctgaaatc cttaattttg ttgggaaact ttgacaggca     73320
     agcacttttc gtctctctat aggcaaggaa cagaagatga tacggcggga agagaaaaaa     73380
     cagaactcct ttcttacgac actaaatgtg ggaacaaaca caacacatca cagagcgtac     73440
     taaagttaca caggcgtttg gcagacgaga tacagaggcc agagaacaca cggaggaaag     73500
     acaaaagcaa aaaccaaaga gacgctgata tcgcaacaaa ggggagacag gtggaggtgg     73560
     agaaaagggg accatctgct ttgttatttc catctctccg ggttgatctt ccacttaatg     73620
     tcccgttttg ttttgaatac tgtacagcaa tggatttcat tcccttgttt cagtcgtgta     73680
     tttgtccatt tccgagaggt ggtaggatgc agatgacatg ctagtgcaaa ggatattttt     73740
     gtgtgtgttt catttcacgg gtttcagtca agaccagctg tatttagact gccgattcaa     73800
     gtttagcatc caggtgactg gcagtcttgt tgcagtgggc ggggcaaaac ctgggggttt     73860
     gttgtcgagg gtggggccaa caagtctgct ggttacctag aggaggggct actgcactca     73920
     gaggcggggc aacagaactg atgggcgatg tcttcgtcct catcctctct ggagggtgtg     73980
     gcagaagtgg atggggagtg aaaaagagta aaacaatgag ttacaggtaa agaggagaag     74040
     tgagtaagaa cagtatagag aatgaaggag ggatgaatga agatgagttg tagttaaagt     74100
     atagttgtat ataattctga caacatttgc tataaagtgc tgtacattgt tgtgattcaa     74160
     atttgaagta atttgcttgt gaatgaggaa tgccggaatg agttctagaa aaggggcaga     74220
     atgtgatgtc actaaataaa ttacaatacc cgaggtaact gggctcatga atgttaatta     74280
     gctcgtactg acattgctag gtaattttct taggctgtca agccacgttc attaattaat     74340
     atttatgagg caagtcttcg ccttggttct atttatatac tggcacatac agatgtgcat     74400
     gagctccaca tggccttgga attgtgttac aataccaagc caattttatg tttgaaatgt     74460
     cagataatat tacaagctaa tagagtgctg cagaaaaaca ccctgcatga ataagcacat     74520
     aaataaatta gtatttttga acccttaaag ggcacttcag gaagaagatg acatttgttg     74580
     gtgcattcca aataaacccc tctaaatcca ttcacaaagt gtccttcctc aagtatctgc     74640
     aattgttact tcatggaata actttgttta ttatatataa aaggcttaat ttttttttaa     74700
     gtaacacaaa aaggtataat agtcatgagt ggggtgtttc tgatttattt taagcctaat     74760
     gataatgaca aagacatgtg aatgtggttt agttctttca gagacttttt tttttttgtt     74820
     caactgaatt tgtcattcat ttgtcattca ctcttcaata atcaaaatgc aacttctgtc     74880
     agcctacaaa tacacacaat ccctgcagca ctcaaagtca aagattttca taattaatat     74940
     agaaatcaag tataaagtag agctctttac aatattccaa aaccagaacg tttagtaatg     75000
     catgattata aatacatatt ccaataaagc attgatccgt tgtttttgaa tgtattcact     75060
     gaatttattt agtttggtta ttattattat tattattatt attttaccgg aagacaaatt     75120
     tggtctgatt cagtaactgt cttgtgccaa atctcagtat tagttgtcgc tcagttttgt     75180
     gtgtttctta atctttacca gcagggggca ggattgtagt gtaaaccgaa atcatcagcc     75240
     aacaaagcac tgttttcctc tagtgtatat taccagttta actaacactg aggataacct     75300
     ttaaaagata catacagctt attttattta ctttagcgca acaacaaaaa agtgtgtgca     75360
     caaattcatg caacaggatg taatgagcat aaagatttat ttgatgaaat gaaggaaaag     75420
     gcaaggtgtg aataatgcat agggtaagga gtattaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     75480
     tgtgtgtgtg taggattcaa gtgtgtttta tgtccttact tcagtgtaat taatggttaa     75540
     tgaaggggtg aaactacatc tgaatgagtg gtgagcatga tttttatact tcaatgtgtg     75600
     cggaggatta ttagaatgtg tcatttgtta ctgtgcatat catttggact gtgaagatag     75660
     aatagtctta ttcagagata tgtgtgaagg gggactgatg aaaactgaaa aagtgtgcaa     75720
     tttctgtggt tttaatatta ataatattat ttattaatat attaagacag caggtttatt     75780
     taatagcata agattggacg atgcttatat agatactata taataaaatt ccaggacttt     75840
     ccttttaagt ttactacaat gagagagttt atttatcaga aaaaaggtaa cacactaatg     75900
     ggtgggggtg gggggtgttg tgggggcagg caggctgcat tagtgaaaag actgtctgta     75960
     taaaaaggtt tagttttcat aaactgtttt atacacacag tcttttcact aatgcaataa     76020
     tgtaacttaa ctgaccttca tttgcaacat attttttagt actgaagatt acttggaaat     76080
     tggtagtgct taatatgtgc ttgatttatt gatataatat gaaatacatt tttaataact     76140
     aattggaaaa cccctggact gttattaggc attgttacaa gacttttatg gcttaaaaga     76200
     agttatgttg caaatctagg tcggtggttc tttgccggat aaagcactgg agtttgatat     76260
     tatgcaattt aagtagtgag gaatgcttgt aaacagccag tgcttaacag tattaaagaa     76320
     tgcccaataa aatgtcaatc tctttgtaca gtcaaatatt tttatttcca gtttaaatca     76380
     aaatgaaatc cattttacaa taagtcaaat ccagtttatt tttttattgt agagttaata     76440
     cttatagtat ggtaacttaa aatatggcaa ctacatggtt tagggccaag tttaggtata     76500
     gtacctcgtt atataaacca ctttatataa tgattacaag tatatagtag tacacatgaa     76560
     acaggactgt aaatttactc taaagtgtac aataggcctg ccacaatcat gaactgtgct     76620
     aatgatttta ctatatgcgc attttacttg aaatcacatt tatttggatg catatgcttt     76680
     cctttaatgt tgttgtaata ataataataa taataataat aataataata atataaaaaa     76740
     ctgatacttc attttacatt catcttggta cttttaacat caagcttgaa tataatataa     76800
     aacgtaatat ttacacttta aaaatgcttt gttccacacg gtcgatttga aggaattaag     76860
     ctaacttata agtttttaca aaatgagttg gattgaacac aaaacaatac atttttcata     76920
     aaaaagaacc tcaagaattg tgttgctgat tttaaataag tactttgaac aagcagcaaa     76980
     cataatattt taagtgaaca aacaaaacat tatttgaaag aaaaaaaaat ctggctgcct     77040
     ttgttttttt ttttgttttt gttttttttt cagaattttc tccaaagaaa taattatctt     77100
     ttttgtcatt ttttttgttc tccaaaagaa taacaaacat tttgtacaaa actttaatgg     77160
     ttttgccaac cattacacat caatattaaa ctgaaatttg ttcatgcact taaatcttcc     77220
     cttattttta aacgaacaca acacaattat tgtagaaata ttaaatattt tcaattttat     77280
     caaataacta cactagtcaa taattgcgac aggcctagat ttttcataac catcatgtta     77340
     aaaaaagtga atagtctgta acagtggtat cccaaagagc ttcagacctc acaagttatt     77400
     tcatttccca aaagctgtaa ttgacttgct tttggaggct ttgctcagtc tgggtagtca     77460
     gttcggacga ggtaggagat gagaggtgag cgtcgggacg tggttgatgg cagacactga     77520
     agtggtggag gattgaggat cgagaggggg aaagtgtggg cttgggccct taccttgcct     77580
     gctccgggtg ccgggcaggg gggagggcgc agggcggctt gggcagaagg agccgcgcgg     77640
     ggcagcagta ctggtggtgg gtggagtggc tgtttgcggt cagactggtg tggacagagg     77700
     tagaagctgg agtagcagta gaggaggtgg aagaattggt acgagtagaa gaagtactac     77760
     aggtggaata gggtggtgac ctgacagaga gaaagagaag agagagggag aggggagagc     77820
     aagagagaaa ggaagataga gatagagagg cacaggaaga aagagaaaga gagagagaaa     77880
     aaataaagtc aagaaagaaa caaaagataa cagacaacaa agacagccac atgcatacat     77940
     tacaaacact ttagcagcag cagtacaggc atggttaggc agcggtatga agcgttacgc     78000
     agacttttaa tcgagctgtg gagagttagg agcagtcagg ctgaatattt aatgaaggtt     78060
     tagatggttt atgcagagtt atgtcagatt acctgtatga aggagtacta cagcatacag     78120
     gatgtgtgtc atttcgctcc cttgttcttt tatatagaga ttgctaattt tttcaaacat     78180
     ttggatttac aaaagagcat ggtgtagctg ttcaaaaata tcatagtgct attgaactag     78240
     aaaaacagat gttttcatat aataaattgc atttaaatga aattaaagta catcaattta     78300
     gcaatgtttc aataattgta ttttttttct ctcatgcaca ttagggacta acaaaatctc     78360
     tttaataaat aatgcattgc acagctgaat aataaaaaag taaatatact gagcagagag     78420
     tccaactgaa cgttttagat agcgagtatt ctcgtgaatt aagagaactt atgagcagac     78480
     tgagacacat ccaaggtgag aattgctttt cactgtactc cagcttgacc aagagctgta     78540
     caagctactc tggacaatat caactcaaga attatttaat gtttttgtct gttaaaatga     78600
     atgtaccatt taaagagcca gtgttgtgta aaaaaaataa aaacctttat ttaaaaaaaa     78660
     gttaataaat atgggcatga atgagttcat ttgcccaaat aaaacaaacc aaattaaaat     78720
     taaacgaaag aattctggtc agaatagcaa atgtagaatc ctagactgtt cttagatttg     78780
     tccagaaatc ctaaaaacaa gatttctgtc agaggtttgc ttaatgagca cgagtggtga     78840
     acagtgcctg acgttctgta taaaatcaat atccatccac ttttattcca cagtgcagtt     78900
     gtcatgccaa aaaaatgaca aatggaatga atttatctgt tcaagtaaat catctgtagc     78960
     acactgatcc acatgcttta ataatgggtg tcacaatata atcatgatgc tgtaagttga     79020
     ataatgcatg tgaccgatcc ctaacggcca atcacatgtg ttcagcctca ttaaaaacat     79080
     aaaacgacaa tcacaatgca gttaatgccc atcgtgtgat gcatttccaa gccaaacaga     79140
     gcgtaatgag gaaatattgc aagtcaggac tgggagcatt ccaaattgac atgactggct     79200
     tatgagattt tagcatagca acatttttac ccttggcttg accaaaacta ggttgatttt     79260
     taggcaggaa aagttaagtt taatgacatt ttgcactgat gaatcatgcc caataagacc     79320
     agagacaatt actaaatgtt taaatatagt atttttatat attattaaaa tttggacacc     79380
     cagtatttta acttatattt ctgagcaacc aatgaaaatg ctcgctcatt ggtttgccaa     79440
     agtaacactt ttaaatccac ttggaattag tactactagt ctagaatgct atgacatttc     79500
     cagcatttca tgatcaatta aaaaataatt ttgtctttag tcttgatgga caccagttaa     79560
     gtctgtcagg ttaacattaa acaccaataa ataatacagc acagacattt caacaccatc     79620
     taaagcttga gcggacagta cacagtgaca aagacaaaga gacaagaaaa caaagaggga     79680
     gtaaatggac aggtatgagg gaaatggggg aaggatgaag aagggaaaga aagaaagaaa     79740
     gaaagatgga tagaaaccgt ggcctgaaag agaagggtgt ggaagtgtgt aggtagatgg     79800
     catgagttct cagggtttac tggggtgaaa cagtcaggag tgattctgtg ggtgtcaaca     79860
     gggacctctg agtgaacttt atgctattac agtatgtgca acagcacttt ttaaaggtgc     79920
     aaaggtaaac ctgaagagtg caacttttta gtttacataa agaacattat cataaagaaa     79980
     catagtttac ataaacaaat gttgattgtt ttcaaacaag tctctgaaaa ctccaattgg     80040
     ttgctcaaac taaaaagccc cacccaaaac tcacttcact ggctgagctt gttgctatgt     80100
     gggattctaa aaatgttttg agaacactgc agcctcaaaa tatttattct tgtaaaggga     80160
     aatccactga caaatgtgca ttaagtggga atgacattta aaaaacacac actttagctt     80220
     tcaaggggct gaatgagcaa aaaataacat gggaatccac tgaaagcttc taacaacaaa     80280
     ttcactgcta attccttcga gattttccaa tgtttttcaa cattttttaa ataaatatgt     80340
     gaaaaaaccc ttttataaaa atataagaaa atcttgaggg aaaaagtcct tcgggttttg     80400
     acatcacgac tgcagaactc cattgccagg attaatctcc ttaattacaa tacagaattt     80460
     aaaatgccat tgtaaacaaa tattacataa attttttttt tcatctgttt ttgtggtttc     80520
     cttgaatgac aggtatatct gtaagcagca cagttgcaat gttctggtaa aagtccagct     80580
     gggacagttg ttggaaatgc acacacacac agtcaaatcc tcaagggaag gtctgtattg     80640
     gtacatgacc tcgaacaagc cctttcctta actgctcttt ctttcccttt cacacacaca     80700
     cttttaaaac tcagtttagc tgcccggcaa caacaataaa aaaaaaaggc tgtccccatg     80760
     cgtccgtccc catcatgcct gtgtggtcac ctcaaaacca gctgacatac gctatcccac     80820
     aaaaaaaaaa agagagagaa agagagagag agaaagagac tcatctccct cagagaacaa     80880
     gcaactcgag tgctaaaaac cgtattagca tcttctgcaa gtctctctgg acccatcaga     80940
     agagctgatg taagtcgagg gaaacatggt gccatcccta atagacagag gcaggtatcg     81000
     cacactgctc tctgctgatt ttaacatgca ctgcaactca tatggactga aaagacagca     81060
     aactgtaata ataataataa taataaaaat aaagactatt ataatttaga caaaaagcaa     81120
     atgttgagct ggtgtacaga gtaataaaag attctgatga tacacagggg ttgtcaaatt     81180
     tcagtggtca attctattac aaataatttg atggctcact atcagtttgg acattgtgat     81240
     ttgatagttg gtagaaatga atactaatat tcagcgagaa agcaaaattt attcaaaaat     81300
     gacagtataa tggacatttc ttttgttaca aaacatcttt caaagaactg tggaaaaaat     81360
     ggacttgtgt gaagaatgtg acactgaaaa cagtcaaggc caaaatagat gttaaaaact     81420
     catcttttta ataaaattta atatactaat atattcctca attatttgca caaaactgga     81480
     actttttcca actgaaaatg ttattatttt gcaataggat aatatcatga gagttagaat     81540
     atgttacaaa ccccaatatt gtacaacaca tcacaaaaac tcttcaagaa attgctgctt     81600
     tcaaataaac aaacagaatt acagcacgtt ttcccccaat aattatatag tcattaacac     81660
     agagtgcagt gaaggctttc ctctttttcc atgccatttt gctgtttcat taatgaggct     81720
     tattacatca tattactgaa aaattctcat gtttattgct tctaaatata cttaaaacta     81780
     acagtattta tttacattaa tatttaacaa acatccaatc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtgc     81840
     agcattctca tccacaacat taacaacaaa aactgattag gaatattttg acattctttt     81900
     ttatatacac atttacactt gtgacattcc ttgatgtaaa tgcctttttc cgtcaaggtt     81960
     tttgagtgtt ttataggacg tgggagtgtg agtgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     82020
     tgtgaaggct catttccttt gtaattcact gcatgtttta ttagcctgtc agctgtactg     82080
     tcctctcttt tgcacatcac tccttctttc actccttcct tctttcaatt agtacctctg     82140
     ttcttctttc tacatctctc tccttcttca tttttgcctc tccctctttc tctctctcgc     82200
     ccacacagtt ctttacacat aaacacattt gtgataactc acctcgttcc cccagcaaca     82260
     cttctactga agcccacgag ggaaaggaaa aaagagaaca agagagcact tctgtgacat     82320
     tgtgacctgc ttcaacaaac taactgtggc caaatattcc attgtgtact gactgtgcaa     82380
     ctacacacta aaggttaaag gggatttctt aaaaatgttg ccgaaaagag gatcagatgg     82440
     agcaacaaaa cacatttgta accaatctgc agaaagaggg tccctatcat acacccggag     82500
     caataaggtg caagatgtgt ttggcgtgat ttgttgctat tttcagacca gcgtaactct     82560
     aagtttcacg ttttgtgcca catagtttaa atagcaaatc tatttgtgcc actttgtgga     82620
     tgggtgtttc ggtctaaaaa gtaggtgtgt taaggcgcat tgttggtgcg ttgctatttt     82680
     gaggaactga aatagaccat accattgacc gcaccaacta aaatactggt ctgaatttca     82740
     gtgcagagta cgttagttat gtgcctgcgc agatttaaat gcttacacat tgctttatac     82800
     actctgcatg tacagcaata tacaaatatc tttacaaatg aaaaaaataa aaggtttaaa     82860
     atgttacaaa aactattatt tttgacttaa atataaaaac acttcatcca tgccttcatc     82920
     gcggggggct tttttcagtt tattcacaaa aatttgcatt tgtataatgt tattattatt     82980
     ttatccgtat tacttaatat atgcatattt ttatttattt gaataaaaac aagtttagat     83040
     ttgttgtaga ttgagacgca tgcatcagca tatggggcat aagaatacca tattttgtaa     83100
     taattgttca tttattgttc attatttagc tggaaatcaa aacttaattt agaaatagtt     83160
     ttgaaacaaa tcattgtgct taacaaacta aataaatatg taggctaatg gatgtcttca     83220
     gtgggagtgc gcacatcact gtttcctttc accacgaaag gaaataagta gagttaaagt     83280
     aaaaaaaaag gcagaatgga ggaggctcgt tctttatccc agatggttcg tttaaccatt     83340
     ttctcgctag taaaacattc agatttccac ttacaaagta tgccatgtaa atagcaaatg     83400
     tgttatggca tgatgcaact gacttttaaa gagaatggga gactttgatt ggtttaatgc     83460
     atgttatgct caaaacatcc ataacttatt aagagaataa gcacaaccat gttagatcat     83520
     gcgccagggc acagagcgta tttttccatt ctttaaaata gcaaaagtgg attcggacac     83580
     gtccatattg cttttgcgcc atgctcttta gactttgcgc ctagatcgtt aaggggaagg     83640
     gggagaagct tgaagggata gttcacccaa atctgaaaat gttgtcgtca tttactcagc     83700
     ctacacttga cctaaaccca tttaattttc ttctgctgaa cacaaaaaag aagatatttg     83760
     aaaaaagcag aaaacctgta accgttgact tctattgtat ttgtttttcc tactatgggt     83820
     gtcaatggtt acagatttcc agctttcttt aaaaatattt tcttttgtgt gcaacagaaa     83880
     gaaagaaact cttaaaagtt taaaaccact taggagagaa taaatagtga gtacatatga     83940
     tttttgggtg aactatccat ttaaaattgc attatttctc ctcaatagat gatctttgtg     84000
     gttttgttgc tttttacaaa actaaaagat atttctatta ctatacagat ctctatgcac     84060
     taaaacatct aggcataaaa tatatgtttc ctcactcagg ccatatccaa cttgaacagc     84120
     gatgaaaatc tatccatcca tacatctatc aaatattatt gactgtgtta tttctcactg     84180
     tactttatca ttttgtgtca atatgtatgc atgcacgtat cctgatctcc tgtaaaccac     84240
     aaaaaaaaaa atccttgtgc aaaaatccac atactttatg ggttaaggtt tataaaaaaa     84300
     tacagtacag tatttgtata gacaaatttt ttttactcct tgttattttt attagtgtca     84360
     gcagtctttc atatttgcat gaaaattttg gccagaggag aaatggttat gcccaaatga     84420
     gcctggtatc aaggtttttt ccttcacttt cggcaattgg tggagtttgt tcctcgcttc     84480
     tgtcacccta ctggcttgat taggaacttc tggatctgcg catcgatgga tttgctcttc     84540
     agtgtttgga ctttcagcgg tgtaatttaa accacactga actgaactaa actgaacttt     84600
     aactctgaaa actggactga cactatttta attcattaga tgttatgctg atttgacact     84660
     atctattgta aaagtactat tgaaataaag atgaattgca ttgaaattga attaggattt     84720
     ttcggatgcc attttctttg atgtacaaac caaaaaacac tttacagtag accttttaca     84780
     acatgtccat aaggattttt gttccttaca atgaaagcaa atgagaggtt taaaactttg     84840
     gttagtgaga tatttttaat ataattttat tcgacaagga cacattaaac tgattaaatt     84900
     gtttttaaca gagttttcaa ttgttgccaa aactgatgat gaatatgata attataacaa     84960
     ttaaaaacga caataataat accctaaacc agggtgctca atcctgttcc tggagatcta     85020
     ccttcctgct gatttcagtt gctacccata tcaaacacac ctgtctgtaa ttatcacgtg     85080
     gtgttcaggt cctaattaat tggttcaggt gtgtttgata tgggtagcaa ctgaaatctg     85140
     caggaaggtg gctctccagg aacaggatta agcacccctg ccttaaacca tagatctaaa     85200
     tattagaatg gttttaaaat aatcatgaga ttagaaaatg agatgaagaa ataaggcttt     85260
     ataatcacaa tttacgattt cacactcaca gatatttaac tgaatagaat atgcgtattt     85320
     ggcatgctgt ccggggaaag gacactgagc tcggaaagac tcgtgttatt cctcttatca     85380
     tagaggaata gtgtctagcc aggctccaga acgctccccc ctcatggttt aagtaggtat     85440
     ctggtttaat agtgtggagt tggggtggtg aagggatgct aaagtcaaga gaaaattgag     85500
     ggcatgacgt gttagactct ttttagggga ttggtcttga gctgattgga tcatagaatg     85560
     attgtctgtg atgaattagc ctcgccaaag acagatcgtg ctcctcctgt aatttgttta     85620
     taaaacacca ctttagctca tgtatattag ccatactcta tatataaaaa caattcatct     85680
     tgtaacttga cacaatatta atttttactg atttgttcaa atgaaataag tcttgttaag     85740
     caagaaacat tttatatatt aaaaaaaaag taataaccct aaaaactcta gatatgtaat     85800
     acacaaaagg atatgttgta cacgctgatc accagtctct cacatcctcg ttgtctttgg     85860
     tgtaaaatta aacatgacta aggtctattg acggtcgact gaagctgaag ctgagggcta     85920
     tcacattagc ggaggtcaca gcagaagccc tgttcagacc tgtcaatgcg atttcaccgc     85980
     agcacccgct tcctttatca catagacact ccacttgagc tggcggaatc tgtcataact     86040
     gttcaggtgg gctgtcagtt tcacgccgca tagtttagtc atgaacagaa aacacttcct     86100
     gatgttgcat ttctgtcgat ttcttcaagt cattcagtat tcagatggga gatacggctg     86160
     tcagttaaac tgtaatcgac ctgatagtgc actcagaggc tgaagccatg aaagtgcata     86220
     ttaaatttat ggctgcttga atatctgttc agctggaggc tctaaatgtg tgttaacacc     86280
     actggatgat gtttacgatt taataattgt gttttgatgc gcccaagttg tgtgtttatt     86340
     tgacctgact tggacatcaa gcttagtaaa gaccactagc cgtatgtaaa cttactcaaa     86400
     acttggttaa aggttcaaga accccttgag tactttgaga ttttaacaag tttgtctgtg     86460
     tttggcatca attaaaacaa cattagcatc tgttagctat aattgtggat aaaactggac     86520
     cgttttgagg ttttgtaagc taatttaatt ttcgtgtttt aaatcattat tggggcggga     86580
     tcaaaatcga tgacgtagcg ccgatctgcc tgtccagaag actgagtttt cttatcctat     86640
     gataagaccc tgcttcttaa ttattcataa ctgcacatgc tttgcatgat agacctgcca     86700
     agctgtgagg ccgtgcgcag tattagacca tctgataata ggcatgtctg atattaggca     86760
     tggacatata tattgcaatc attattttca aaagtgccag tgtgtagtgg ttagtgagtc     86820
     aacacatgca ctccgttgct cacggcgacc cgagttcgat tctgtctcgc ggtcctattc     86880
     cgatccttcc cctctctctg ctcccaatgc tttcctgtca attctcttta ctgtcctatc     86940
     aaataaaggt gaaaacctct aaaaaatatt tattaaaaaa aattattttc ataagtaata     87000
     cattgctttg tagacgctta tttctatcat ttgatgagtc tccccatata gttttatata     87060
     acgattggac ccagaagcca ctctgcatga cgttacactt aacaagcgga tgctgccaat     87120
     acagccaagc tgtttgtgtg tagcaagcat ttttgttgag agagctgtac aagaattgga     87180
     ggatggcaac tttgtctttt atcaattgag tttgttacca ttcagacaca ttgcctatat     87240
     ccatgctgct gtgtttgcct atgtctaaaa tcataaagat tacttgcaag ggtaatggtt     87300
     ggaaaagata gtggatagca gtgcagcagg tctcttgtcc tgtgtctaca ttcagacccg     87360
     gggatttagg agaagagaat tcctcctcat ttatagtgtt catataaaca tgattatttt     87420
     tataatgata taccaaattg tggttatgtg tatttattat atgaaattgc aaaaatccat     87480
     atatgtagca gggcaataaa ttacttaatg tttatttctt tttgaatttt aactttgtaa     87540
     aactatgaaa tcaggagact cctcgtgttt tgtgtctgat ttttttgtct tattttgtga     87600
     gccaactgac agttgtttgc ccccctcttt ttgctctgct ctgccagcca tgcccactcc     87660
     tccctttgct tgcagtgctc cacagccctc atagtttatt ttttgcaaaa attctgaggt     87720
     agacctttta tggcatttca atacaactat tattggttaa ttaaactgaa aaaagattaa     87780
     ttagatttac attttttttt ttggtaagtg gttgcacaca atttatatgg gctaaatttt     87840
     aaaaaaatat attcaattta gtattgttca acttaatttg tttaaattta gctcatttaa     87900
     attgtttgca accacttacc ctaaattgcg taaatccaat taaacacttt ttttttactg     87960
     tatactgtac aatatagtaa actataagtt caaaaacatg ggctttattt tacaatgcaa     88020
     aaaagcagag aaaaccaaaa cagccctcag ataattatga ataaacttaa aatgatagaa     88080
     tcaggtttta attttgaata attttctcac ttgtatttga taagcagcta ttctcgagtg     88140
     ccattcttta atatgcatat atttcagtgc attatcacaa acaaaacatt gtgttatgct     88200
     tataaaattg attgaacatc aaggtagcaa tacagattaa agaaatttat tttcccttgc     88260
     ttaacatcaa ttttggccaa tactgcgagg tcagtttttg tgccacaggc cccaagacaa     88320
     tgttcccagc tgttcttccc tctgcattct gctgaatgtt tggtaattta ttttgcacac     88380
     acgataaatt tcaggagctg aatgcacaga aatgcacaat catacatttg gtccctacca     88440
     aagcaatgct cgttgaccct tattttagca catgaaatta tttttcatta ctctacaata     88500
     caagtacatc tgttcacaga aataagatac cgtccctgga agctcttatt gacgaattaa     88560
     tattacatga aaaaaaaaac acataaaaga gctttacaat tctgtccctt tgagagcttc     88620
     taaagagatc caacattaaa tcccaaagtt aaagtatgtg atgtagggct tcacatagtt     88680
     tagttaaaag aaagcacctg agattttcat ggaatatgaa cccggcatat cttaaaccac     88740
     ttgcatatta atgtatttaa tttttagatt tggtaatacc acaagtactg tagcatgtag     88800
     tagtggcagt gttgatttaa ctaacttttc actaattgca ataaagtact aattgttttg     88860
     ctcactgagg atgtgacaat cagatgattc attactttgc atcaaaggtt atcattgtaa     88920
     acagtttcag atcaatgttt acaagtaaat aaaaaaagtc taaacagatt tgttcccagt     88980
     actgggttgc ggctggaagg gcattcgctg cgtaaaacat atgctggaat aattggtggt     89040
     ttgttccact gtggcaaccc tggataaata agagactaag ccgaaggaaa atgaatgaat     89100
     gaataaacag atttagtaag catgtctgtt taaaaagaca cacatctgtt ttatttgacc     89160
     tctttgaact ctcataaaat ggtgtttttt taagcgaact ttaggaaaaa tatggacata     89220
     taattttgat gtagaaattg tcaacacatt caatccagat aacttaactc aaaagcttaa     89280
     gttgtaataa ctaactggca taataatttt gtacagtgta gaaatgcagt gatcgaccgg     89340
     ctagagctcc tcagtatcag aagtaaaaca catgctgaac tactggagca tcaacagagg     89400
     ttgtttccct gaacttgagt tgacctcagt gctccaggtt agcccacagc aagaattttg     89460
     atagattaat actgtacagg gtttaaaatg caatttaagt cattgctcat tttttttctt     89520
     tcaagctatt tttaaaatgt ttgctgcgtg agtgaaaaaa tctgctagac agtcaaaatt     89580
     gctttgagag agaaaggcag ggagagaaca ttagtcatat ttaagttgtc agcaagggct     89640
     ttacaaagag attaaaacaa gaagtatctg taaaataata gaacaacgct acatacaaaa     89700
     tatgtgtaaa aatttattac atttatttcc aaagcattta ttttagtggc caacgcaaac     89760
     aatttataaa aacgagctgc attttctcac aacgcaaaca atttacaaaa atgtgctgca     89820
     ttttttcaca acacaaacaa tttctgaaaa ggcactgcat tttctcataa cactttcaat     89880
     tagcagggaa cacagtaaaa atgtttcaag aggactctaa aacgtggaag acccaactat     89940
     ttaggctata gttatttagg ttgagtgaag tttcacaaac taattttgag tggaccacct     90000
     gatatgattg atcaggcctg gtctcccatc cttaatcatt agtaagccaa tatgataaat     90060
     ccaaactcac tataaatagc ccatctagca ttactctctt atcatcgttc ttgaaggctc     90120
     cccccatcca ccccatcgtc ctccttttcc agggggagct ctccagaact atctgatctc     90180
     ttaccccttt atttgctaat tgacgaggtg ggagccctgg actcaattat ctctggagct     90240
     cagggttctc tccctagaca gcatgccaaa cctggtaata ttatcaagca atatctaagt     90300
     gccaatatct aactcttgaa ttacagacaa gggaatcaga atgttaaaat aaaaaataaa     90360
     aaaaaactca ccttttaaaa gtttacctac aactccactg agcaatagtc atagcacagc     90420
     aatgtttgtg atgttttttg gtccccttga aagatttctg ctgtgttcta ttgtatttgc     90480
     aagcgttgtg agaaaataca gcacactttc gtaaattgtt tgtgctgtga gaaaatgctg     90540
     catgtttttg taaattgttt gaattaagag aaaatacagc cttttttata catttgtctg     90600
     cattgtggga aaatgcagca tgttttttaa tgggtatgca ttgtgaggat ttgcgacacg     90660
     tgtactgtca aacagatgaa gatctttaat ttgctggcac tttttgtaat tgcatcggtt     90720
     ttcttaaatt gtagcaagtg aagctctctc agccacgtaa tttagaatat ttagactttt     90780
     taaaatgcac aagtgggaca aaacagattt agttcgtatt gttgcagttt ggggaaaaat     90840
     taaatagttt attttaatga tgaatatttt tacaatttga aatacttttt ttattttttt     90900
     attttaacta attttgaaat aattctgtaa ataatgctcc atgattaaaa aaaatgcagt     90960
     aaaagtacat tttgtttgta tatgctgtca attatcgttt ttggagatca tcagcaggta     91020
     acatttacca ctaaataaat aaacaaaata aataaataaa taaagtaaat aaaaatggca     91080
     ttcaaattga ccaagaaaat agcaacttgt gcatttctat gtaaaaaaga tgacatcatg     91140
     cgtccagtta caacgcactg taagacacac acagagatct agggctagtg gttggaagca     91200
     gaggctaatg ccctggaggc ctgagtgatg cattgctgct gactgcggac tgcaggagct     91260
     gctggggtgg gaaagcagct ctcaacaacc ccgcagcaaa ccttttactt agcctaaaac     91320
     aagctcacgt tcacgcctct gccggctcaa gatatcagct tgagcaggga tatgaaaacc     91380
     atttcattat taattattgc aaccttgcat tagtgttgtg gtgacaaaca aacgcaagta     91440
     tgattcatag cacaatgcat aaatgatgtc acgtttatga gaatgtattt ctgcgattta     91500
     acgtcgaagg aacacaatta aatccacaac cataacgacg gagcgagaac aaaagcatcc     91560
     gacgagtaat tatagtgaaa cgtgacatag cagcggcctt gttctacagc acagttgtct     91620
     gtgtccttta gctgtgtgtg gagtgcgcac acacatacaa atctcaaaca catgcacaca     91680
     gaatgggtta tgtattacac aagcaacttt ttcggcaatc cagttcatct acaggtgttg     91740
     ccatgacaac caatcattta tccttcagat cctcggctcg tgcccatggt gaggaatggg     91800
     cataacaaca gcaccaagag acaatccaaa aataaaatgt aaaatattcc cagtcactct     91860
     catgcagctt cgaaacacgc aacacattcc caacatatcc aaatctgacc tttttccctg     91920
     cacccactaa ccctcctaca taccaaacac gcacgcacgc acgcacatac acagctgggt     91980
     tattactcat aacttctgac taaccactga cgcccatgtt cacgttcact atatgggcga     92040
     atgcaaacgg catgcatatc aatacccatt aacatactca cactgggcat attggtcact     92100
     acggcaacgg ctaacaggga gtcttgcagc caagtaataa ttctggattt ccaaatgctt     92160
     tgatcgctct gttctgataa tgttctcaca cttccctctc agtttgcgca ctgtgctgtt     92220
     cgactgctaa acctgctcca gatgcaagag ctctttcata cagggaggca ataagtcatc     92280
     agaagcgatg gcatgtccca catgcattca ggctgcccta gatagagcag gcctctgtca     92340
     cttgagggag cgtgcgctac tacaggagtc agagagtgca gtgtggagga ggaagaggag     92400
     gaggaggaga aatggagatt ggatgaaaaa agcgtgagca cagacctgtc tttgttggag     92460
     gagtctcctt ctggcctgtg gatccagtgg aagaaagagt gagaggcaga cggacagaga     92520
     cagacagaca tggagacaca gagaaagtgg aagtgtcagt aatgttgtat tggacacata     92580
     tagtaaggac taaacagaca gatcacagat gaaatctccg tctagttttt tcatttataa     92640
     attcatgcca agtgtcttta aaaaaatcca gattggttca gattgtttaa taaaaagttt     92700
     tattatactg tagatatatt tttgaagaga gaatatcaat atagcatagg tctcaaactc     92760
     aattcctgga agaacgcggc tctgcacagt tttgctccaa ccctatcaaa cacagctgat     92820
     ccaaacaatc gaggtgttta aaagagtctt ttttacaacg ttattagttg gatcagcttt     92880
     gtttaattag ggttggagca aaactgtgca gagctgcggt actccagcaa gccagtttga     92940
     aacctttgta atatagtatc aaaatgtaaa aaaaaaaatc aacatattta aaaataaatg     93000
     acattttccc taaggaatat tcatggatat gtaatataat ttgctcttat atgctacttt     93060
     atcttcagtt ggaatctagt ggtaggggga aaaataaaaa aataataaac aaaaaacagg     93120
     cctaaccagt cgagtttcca taatcacagc caatcaaaca tactatatac agtgctcagc     93180
     ataactgagt acagcccatt ttgaagatta atatttttat ccatttctca gtgaatatag     93240
     gcaatgtatt taggtgcatt aaaacaaaac acatttatca gacagatatg tttcttaaaa     93300
     tcatacttag tcaccaaaca taaaagataa tacaattaaa ttcaagcaaa acattgcaaa     93360
     aaataaaata aaataaaaat aaaattttta catttttttg tttgtcttga tttttacaaa     93420
     tttttattta atgttttctt taacataaat ttgagtgtac tagtttttgg accattatcg     93480
     tcagttattt tgatagatat aagctccaga ttaggcttcc atactgacta atcaaatgtt     93540
     tatgcacaaa tataatattg tatagcttcc tattaaaaat atgaatttaa aatatttgtt     93600
     attatttatg ctaagcattg tatttgaaaa gagaaaattg agaaaaagaa tgtgtactgt     93660
     gaactacaat gaatttagaa aacgacagaa aaacaagaaa gaaacactaa aaatgaacaa     93720
     taaatgtgaa ctgatgactt caacaaaagc atataccatc aattaacaac actgtaactc     93780
     acagtaggtc tatctttcac ggttaataaa ttataaaacc atttgcctgt tgagaaaaaa     93840
     caacaacatt tgtttgtgga acacagaatg ttgcagctgc tgtgattatg agatcctata     93900
     ccttgtaaaa gaatttatat cctaaaactt ttcattccaa caagtgaatt ttctgtaagc     93960
     tatgatctgt accacatgac taatgcatca tgacgttcta atattcattt agtcattaac     94020
     tgtgttgcaa cagtactgct aaaatacaca tttttgcttg tgaacaacta aagtagaatg     94080
     acagttacca gaccccctag tttttaggtg taaaatctga cacaatgaca atgacacaaa     94140
     tcataagtca agacaagatc taaaacagat ctaaaacggt agggagtaag tcaaaggaag     94200
     gttgtataac tcttattttg atccacgatc ttactttctc tcacatttca ctccacttat     94260
     tcagcagggt ctgagttaca gcataaattg aactcagcag gattttgaat cagtgttatc     94320
     tacaactaaa acgacttaac aatacagaat tctctccaaa aattagtaca caaaccaaat     94380
     ttttaatggt gactgtcaac aattttccac atttttcgag tgccttggac tgattcctgt     94440
     tgttgttttg atgaatccct tccctaaaga gaccaaccaa atatttgagt tacttctgag     94500
     cgcttttttt ttttctggat taaaattaat atgttttttt ggtacaagtg catagacaaa     94560
     tctcatccta tagaatccta ataaaattat gatttaccca aggatgggaa aaaaagtaca     94620
     ccaaaaagta tccgattttt tgtccatgat cttactttct ctcacatttc actccacgaa     94680
     gcatctaaca tcatgtacct cacacatagg acatccgcta gggatttccc tacaatacat     94740
     ctaaaacacg aattgcagta aaactcaaat ggcagggaag cgttttctct agtcaacggc     94800
     agggaaagag ttaaacgaaa tacttatcaa tttgtcgctc atcataatac aagccataca     94860
     tgtaaagcac aaataatgtc cttcaattcg gtcacgccca gcgcccatct ttcttgaacc     94920
     aatctccatc attgtaatct gcttgctttt ctctctgctc cattgctctg tttgttagag     94980
     gtttgctcac actttctttt gcaggtttct agcgcatcaa acgcgcaaaa cgcccaattc     95040
     gcacacacag gatgtctaat ctcatgtttg cattgacttc acatgtaaat cactcacgtt     95100
     tcatccacgt ctgcttactg cactagctgc aaaacaattc tccctttcca tgtaatctaa     95160
     tgattgtgag ggcgcaggcg agatgtcatt tattgaaata taatccaaca gatcacatca     95220
     catgtgctgc gtatgcaaca taaaagcatg taaaacaatt aattgcaaaa ctgaaataaa     95280
     tataatttga ttatatggtt tatacttgga agttttaaga gattatttac atttttagcg     95340
     tttattttgc attacaattt taaaatattt tcagaagcga aaaattttgc gactttttgt     95400
     tgattttgca ttggattcaa tggggtctga gttacagcat agattgattt cagcaggatt     95460
     ttaaatcagt gttacctaca actaaaaaaa tgtattaata atacagaatt atcttcaaaa     95520
     tgattacaca aaccaaattt ttaatggtga ctgtcaactt aaaataaatg tgtttttttt     95580
     tggtgcaagt gcttagacaa atctcatcct atagaatcct tataaaattc tgatttaact     95640
     aataatgggg aaaaaagtac aacaaaaagt atcaggtttg actgacatgc aagcttcatt     95700
     gtagacattc aattacatca taattgtata aactccatca gtcagtcctc caacacccag     95760
     tgtattactc acagactcac gtctacgaca gtaattgcca ccttcaatgg acaaaatgta     95820
     attaacaccg gccatgctaa ttattctgag aaacaatccc acctcaacag ctcacccaca     95880
     gcagtggtta cacttgttca ttagccaaaa gcgttacacc agagagagag aaagatatga     95940
     tcacccaagt tgggtcattt ggattcacag acatctgtct gatgggagga gggggagaaa     96000
     aaaaaggaac aaaataccct gatcaaacca aaaatttgcc tactgtacat aaacatgatg     96060
     ctgtaaacga cctttgtggg tgagaagaga agaaggcgac cctaaagaaa atggcaaatg     96120
     gcatgttggt gtgccatctg ctcaacacca agggagggct ggtgaggggg tgaatgagag     96180
     attgataaat ttggcatcaa atttgagaaa aaaagaaaaa gatagataga agctaaacat     96240
     gatttctaaa cagtaaaaat ggctaactga tagaagtctg aaaaactaga tgctttattt     96300
     tcccttgttt catataaagt taatgcttag ctaaagctac agtagcagca ctacagccac     96360
     tcaggtgtaa cgtaaacaca tggtcacatc taccagatgc tgtttacttg actgttagca     96420
     tgttcgtgct tttatcatgc gaatcacccg atgacacaga tgacaccaag gcagtgagga     96480
     atctatttat agcttttttc tttattcatt taaattttta aaaatgatga gagctgttag     96540
     tttcataagg acagtacata caaagctgtg ttgttgcttt gcgttggctc ttgtctggtt     96600
     tcattgggac ctaaatgttg tgcctaaaca cagcaagcta catcacacat cacacttcaa     96660
     ttcataaaac tcgcactccg attcattgct gaatagggcc aacaagctct gactttaacc     96720
     cgatgacagg tgccatgtgg taggactgca cgattaattg aaaaaaaaga ttgagatctc     96780
     gattgaaccc cctacacgat ccagcatcaa ccaattaaat tatcaagttc aggatagacg     96840
     cataaaggca gtagcacaag tcttcacatt gttttacgtt gatcagcaat gtggacacgt     96900
     ccaaatggtc agtatactgt atttataagg tataattcac ccaaaaatgt aatttctgtc     96960
     ttcatgttat gatgtatttg cagccgcaaa atcacaacac actgatgcac agaggatgca     97020
     cactttaatg acctgcattg tctgtaaata acaggtaata aagttgtaaa taatgagcag     97080
     tttgttgcag agggatcatt ttggagccgc gtgggaagta tgacttgcat ttatgttttt     97140
     tctctctcaa agtgacagca gccatgacat aaacgtgctc gccggtgaaa gtgaaaccaa     97200
     aaccgcccac atcatttaaa tgatcatatc gttttttaga gttatgaata caacaagcat     97260
     ttgatatgtt tttctttgat agtgaacaca gagtgttgtg caggagaata attgtttaat     97320
     agagtcagta tatctacttt actctatata atgttgaata taatgcattg caagagggaa     97380
     atgcattccg ataatgacaa atggctaatt ttaccagtaa aaaaaggcaa gcatatgtct     97440
     caaacataat tcaactccag aattattaat acttgtattc tgatgtaatc actttactgt     97500
     gcattaatga ccaggacaaa atttaaagtc tattcaagtc caccattcca agtctataca     97560
     aaatttagca ttttaaccaa cggtagaccg atacacatag gccataacat tattattgtt     97620
     tttttgtttc attcgtttga gaaatctaca gaatcgtaag aaaatcgtga tcttcttttt     97680
     aagcaaaaca aattgtgaat ctcattttag ccagaatcgt gtcccagact atagacgcac     97740
     ccatttttaa tagtacatgc aaactcattt ttaaaagcag tgggatttat tattttgtat     97800
     ttactacaaa tttttgtatt tactacaaag tataatgtac ttttgttacc aaaatgaaaa     97860
     tacagagagc ctcttgcctc taatcgcaaa catattaaaa cgttcagaac atcacacgat     97920
     gtctacaaaa gttatttttg aaggtaacac gcagacatta tcactgtgtt tgcactggat     97980
     cagtcctgct tttcaccaag gtaaatgtga cacacagaca tacacacaca aatgaacgtt     98040
     atgaaaacta aagtttgttg tacatttagt ggttcacttt tgttatttgg tactattgcg     98100
     ttattattag aagcgagctg tactagagct tgcacaaacc gtatcccaga ccacctcttt     98160
     tgtgggtgca catcctagtt cagaagacat ttacactagc taaatgtatt gaagtctgac     98220
     gtcaaacgaa ctcgagtgca gaccaaaagt actagtgtga aagcaccctc agagtgacac     98280
     tgaatctcat gaatgaacta aataagctgg agacatctta actatgaaca aactgtgcaa     98340
     atgagcatct tcagaccaac aaagactgaa ccaaacttca ttttgtttat ttagtttgac     98400
     acgattcagc aagaacatcc tactgtaatt taaccaagtg tggatttact aacagttaga     98460
     gctgcacaat caatccaaaa aagattgcga tctcaattcg acctcctaga ccagtggtcc     98520
     ccaatcacca ggctgcacca ggtcagtgga acaattggta acaggccaca taagaaatca     98580
     taaattattt ttgtagaaaa tattcgatcc tcgacttggt ttcttccact cacccctgcc     98640
     atctcacgtg aaatggacta tgccaaaatc caccagggag caggaagaac gattgctaga     98700
     atatagctca gtggtggttg ttgatagttt aaagttataa aaaggattat gcatataatg     98760
     ttatgtgtgc atgcatcgct aagtaagtac ccgaaatcat tgcaatatgt atctatatag     98820
     agtttcacat actgtaatca tcctcattag ggctgtaaca tgccaatgca agcatttaat     98880
     tcggctatac ggttgtatta ttgttaatat gttcatcagt tgaaatgttt ggcacagatg     98940
     ttatgtattt gatgcatata aaccttgatt gaaacataat cagaccgtga tagtgcaact     99000
     agcgcataca cactgagttg ttcatgatta acctggatgc aggagtgcaa cagctgtgtt     99060
     cacgtttgtg gcatatagtg atcgtttgag agctacacgc gaagtatgaa cagcacttag     99120
     cagtgaaaat gaaaccgaaa gcgtgcacat catttaaatg atcatattgc attttagagt     99180
     tatgattgcg acaagcattt gatgtttttt ctttcatagc gaacacaaag ttgtgcatga     99240
     aaataaatgt ttaacagtgt cagtacacct aatttagcct atatattgtt gaatataatg     99300
     taagaggtaa tcagataatg acaaatgtct aattttacca gtgaataaat ggtctaataa     99360
     tgttgtcaat gacagattgc aagcatacat ctcatacata ataattcaac atcagaatta     99420
     ttagaagtag aaaataatta tttattgaaa tcagtagacc tacacataat attattattg     99480
     ttgttttacc atatgttcaa gaaaaaaact ataataatta cagactcata ttaaccttta     99540
     ttttacatct acagaattgt gagaaaatcg tgacctttat tttaagcaaa aaaaaaataa     99600
     attgtgattc tcattttagc cagaatggtg cagttctact aacagtgata caaaattaaa     99660
     taaaataaca ctgccataat ctttcatggt tttataaaag acagaccttc ttaaaacctt     99720
     ctgctttatc ttttgtgggg gacaattatg gtagatttac aacagtattt ctcatgtttt     99780
     tagtagctag tagctttatg ttgttttcta gtaataatta agacaagcta agtcttgctt     99840
     gtctttataa cagttttgca tggctatttt gcatcataaa tgaatgattc tttagcatga     99900
     atgatttata cacacaacca acatagaagt ttattgacta ttattaacta ctgattacaa     99960
     cgcaaggcaa gtttatttat atagcacgta tcatacacag tggcaattca aatttcttca    100020
     ctaatgtaat gtttaaactg ataatctctt taataaaagg caaattgtga gaagttttag    100080
     aagcttttta gaagctaaaa ccattaagag tactgtaaaa atactagctg tttattattc    100140
     atgagtgctt tccatttatt tctgcttccc actttcatta tgggaccttg ctctcaattg    100200
     catcaacata tgatgctaaa accatataca gcttaacaaa ttcactttaa caaataaata    100260
     gcattttttg tacttagaat ataaattttt agaaacaata tgtattaaca tggaaaaaaa    100320
     ataataaaaa acttgcggtc acagttcaca gtattaacaa accatttact aacactagcc    100380
     tagtagacta ctaattagct gttttttaat agttagtaag gtagaagttg ggttcggatt    100440
     ttgggtagaa ttagagatac ataataagat catactttat aacttcttat gaacaggtaa    100500
     tatctcgaca atagacagtt gctgtaacaa ggcagtagtt aatagcatga attttgactt    100560
     atgtgatacc aaacctattc acacttaaaa aatgattact gctgcctgtt caaactacct    100620
     gtttaaaatg agctgaaaca acacatttct tattatttct ttagacaatt tatttttttt    100680
     gttcagtcca ttaagttaag ttaagcgttt tgttctgatc caactacctg cttaggggat    100740
     ttgtagttcc catcatgctt tgcgtgggat tgaattaaga gagggaaatg ttgacaataa    100800
     aactattatt gtgttaagtt aatagaaaga ctagttaaga gtttaatctt cactttagtt    100860
     tgaagattta gaagattttc atgtgatgct tcgacttttg agattaccat ttttcaaaag    100920
     cacccatgct ttgggtgtta gcagcttaat taacaaaaac gcagattgtt gctttgttca    100980
     atgagaatta attgtcctaa aatgagttca gagttcatta tcaattaact gcatatgtaa    101040
     tatggttaaa atgtctcttt tagttaattt aggtaacttc aaataaaact aagaaactct    101100
     aaaatgtaca acacataatc gacatacatg atattatcag acctttgaat ttcagttaaa    101160
     taaaaataca aatgtattta aacttttatt tgataaaatc atattggacc aactcatttt    101220
     catttaattg tgtaaatagt ttttttagtt gttgctaaat aaatttattg gaaggaaacc    101280
     ctgccctcaa ttaagtaatt taatgagtaa tttttttgag tgtactaaac actttaaagt    101340
     tttcgcccta taatgtccaa ctcagacact atgttttcaa aaagttctgc catttttgcc    101400
     tttattagta caagacagta tttttgtcag aaactgaagt tgagagaatt taagattatg    101460
     atttggtaag atgtgactgg ggctgggtga taaaaatcgg tatccatatt tggtcacacg    101520
     ttacaataag gttcattagt taatgttaag taatgcattt actaacatga acaatacatt    101580
     tactacagta tatattcatg ttaataaatg ttagttaatg aaaatagagt tgttcattgt    101640
     tagttcatgt taactcatgg ttcattaact aatgttagca agcatggact tgaatgttaa    101700
     taatgcatta gtaaatgttt aattatgatt tataaatgct gtacaagtgt tgttcatgtt    101760
     agtaaatgca ttaaataatg aaccttattg taaagtgtta cccaatattt attgaccaaa    101820
     caccattgtt aatatcggta aaataaaaga ttcggtatgt agtttcagta tgaagcttta    101880
     tagttttatt aaaatatggc tgctgagcat gagccttgga agcagtgcca agaactttaa    101940
     ggtatcattt tccaggcgca caaaccatct gaacttttcc gaatgccctg agcgcaccac    102000
     aattcatgca agtaaaacca atctgcttca cactttgtat ggaatataca gatttcagtt    102060
     ataacagcag actaattacc tcagaaaaac acagcgcatc caaacactgc agcggtattt    102120
     acttttctcc ataatcttgt catcctctga aaaaatgctt gccacttcag gtcagaataa    102180
     caacacatgc gaaaatgagt gcggtggcta gcagcagtgg gaagattgca aataaaaaaa    102240
     aagcaaataa aaaaaaaaga tgtaaggatg tccccagagt ggctttttgg tttcttttct    102300
     tgtgcatccc agccactagc tccccatctg aaagagtttt tagcataggg ggtaatgtag    102360
     tcacccaact tcacaatttg taatattgta gtttgtattt ggataataat ggctggttcc    102420
     tatacttgaa agcttagatt tggttatcat aatttgtttt gtttatagag tttgaggttt    102480
     actgtatcat tattattgac acctaacaga tgtcgatcta ccttagttgc acaaactttc    102540
     taacatttta tttatcaagt ttcaagagtc tctttaacac ttatgtttat tttattatga    102600
     agagagaaga tattttgttt aaatattttt tgtttttggc tattaaatct ttttgccttg    102660
     tgttggtaaa ttagttagtt actagtgttg gtaaagtata atatagtggt tgaaaaaaaa    102720
     tcaatcttga atgatatgaa acatgatatt gtgaattttt atttatttat attttttgca    102780
     tcatcgccca gccctagatc tgactcaact ttggacaccc aaaatgttat ggttttatgt    102840
     tgatgcaatg gcattatagg ccatcactac ccaccagttt caaatattac gtcaacagct    102900
     cactattaaa acaacaaagg ggctctgtaa cttagcacag agtttgcata catgtattta    102960
     tttatttatc caccacaact taaatgtagt taaaaatctg agatgcaaaa gaaagcactc    103020
     tatttatcgc cacaaactga ggggatccaa gtttttctcc actggaaatc aggagaagac    103080
     aaaaaaaaat cataagtgtg catactggag aaacaaagag aaagtgagca acacaaaagg    103140
     gcgcagttta ttctgcagcc tctttctctc tctgacttta tgctttgctc tcccacacaa    103200
     gttgatccac aatctgactc tgtgctgaat tttaatcaca acctctccta cacagtggcc    103260
     tgatcataca tacaaaataa atccccactc cacaccagcc acctgcctta aaaaataaaa    103320
     taaaatatag gagataccgt gctgcagtgc tccatactgg tccaatccac cgaacgttaa    103380
     tctacacatg ctcaaacacg catctgtaag catggtgtgg tgtgatgagg ccagctcaag    103440
     tgcacactac agacaggagt gatcagaggt gcaacggaga ggtcgattcc tcagcaatgc    103500
     agggagggag acaaacaact taactgacag tagcacaagg agtggcacac tacaattctg    103560
     taccacctcc tcctttctct agactttaat ggagcatgct gatgttattg acatccttaa    103620
     agctactgac aaagttttta aaacccaaac attacatcaa tagcatcagt ttcaaaacct    103680
     atacaagcca aaaatgtact gtatgtcatc caaaacaagg ctgtgcacct ttcacaaatt    103740
     aatttagtat tcatttcagt atcgttttta atttaaaatt acttaactga tacctaagta    103800
     gaaaaaaaca ggatgtagaa aagcaaacca gtcaaaacaa ccaatagaat tatagtttaa    103860
     acaaatgaaa gaacgaaata aggaagcata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    103920
     tatatatata tatatatata gtacattgta tatatattgt ttgttgtttg gatcatttaa    103980
     actatagatc gatagcgaga gacaaaagct aatggaaaca tctacaaaac tccctcaaat    104040
     gatttatttg gatcaacttg ttcttaagcc cctaacacat caacagattg ctgagcaaac    104100
     tacttggttt tactgatgca ttccacgtgg ttgacactag tctgacccct tctgtggctt    104160
     tttgggccaa ttgtcaaatt ggcatacgtc tgcagcagca ccatcggtga aagagagata    104220
     atctgagtgg ctgttgaatt tagaggacaa atcagtacaa gaaaatgaat gcaaaagtaa    104280
     tgaaagcggg caaagacttc agtgcgacag aaagaagacg gctctaattt ctcttacttc    104340
     tcttatgcag gcacagaatg tacctgctag ttggccattg actatagtat ttgtggtgta    104400
     tttaagagca acttttttgc tccgccagca atacttcatt atcagtttgg tgtatcttag    104460
     cttaatttac agcaaaataa agctaaattt catagaactt cctaactctc cacaaatctt    104520
     caccgtcata gtctgctctg ttttaatatc agaaaagtta ttcgatttgt gacagattta    104580
     gtatgctaat tctctcctag agtcccatga cattagcctg tcactctgcc aatggcccag    104640
     cagcacgagt ctgtccagat aagagtctgt cggcttatgt aacgttcagg ctcgatggca    104700
     cagccagctg cctgtccgat ggcctggaaa cagtcctatt gtgacagact gttgcactca    104760
     atttcagttt tgtaagacag acggagtgtg aacaggggag ataccctctg aaaaggtgat    104820
     ttttattctt tggttcctga ctccttagaa aacttagttc tgcatcaaca ttaatgtaat    104880
     ctaaatcagt ggtccccaac caccgggccg cacaagaaat ggttaattat ttccgtttta    104940
     tttattatcc gagtctgaag gatcttctat tttaaaagat cttttatttt ttaagatact    105000
     gtagactctt acttacatct cagtcacttg acagcctaaa tttaaaccac aagcttgcaa    105060
     aatgagtaag aagccggtgt ttttggaaag tttctttgcg aaggggaaaa ggcctagtga    105120
     aggattcgtg aactacaaag gaatggatcg gcaacccatt tgtcaacaaa tcaggtgaaa    105180
     ccaccatgtc tgtgcaagaa gaagatcaac tgctggagat cgcaaatgac agcggccttt    105240
     taggggccat tcgcatattg catctttttt tgcgcgcacg tttttatttt ccaattgggc    105300
     gtgacgtgct catgccttcc tgacgcacct agttgattaa atgctatgag cgcaccgtga    105360
     gtcacatgac aataactgac caatcagctt tataatttgt atggaatata tgcatccata    105420
     taaacccctc cactttgccc ccggtctgtg gtaaaatggt caagcgctga ccagtccgtg    105480
     gtaataaaaa ggtcgggacc actgatctaa atgatgatat gagatcaaaa acatagcaca    105540
     aatggtgcaa acctttgtaa gcgaaccttt gtaagtaagt gtgtgtagtt ccactatcca    105600
     tccagtttca ttgaatattc tagtacagac agccctcata cttgctttaa agttctgcca    105660
     tgtttggcta acacttttac actatttcaa aattgcattt tgcaatgatt ttttcctgtg    105720
     taggacaaaa aaggatatat tctgaggaaa ttttctacaa atgagcaatt gaccaacctg    105780
     tggaagttgg cttctaacta gcctgaagat gtctggaata aggttgtgtc ccatagaaga    105840
     tttaggatgg caaaaggtta agtaaattac aatttctatt taatttagca ctttgcacac    105900
     caacatacac ttgttatggc atgcaattac tcttagacag caaataccga ttgatagttt    105960
     tccaaccagc caccttcaag actgtagata ctgaacttta cagtagttcc tcagctatgc    106020
     agtaaaaggc ctgtacttac tgtcttggca gagtgcttcc caaactggta gtggcaacgt    106080
     ctcgttctcg ttttcgttct ccctctctgt ccgtggaaat ggatccagct gacaggcttt    106140
     ggccgagcct agtgtgcgtg ttggcaatga tgcggcggtc ccggggtggc acaggtggag    106200
     gtgggggtgg gggcgccgga gccggtatag gtattgggat gggcccactg ttgtggatct    106260
     gattggtgta ggcgttggtg gaagttgcag cgtgagaagt gggtggtggg gcagggtgaa    106320
     tgggaggtgg aggtggaggt gggcagggct gtcggtccag tcttaggtct ttgttttcct    106380
     ggctaagccg gtccagctgc acttccagct cctcaatgcg ccgacgctga gtttccagta    106440
     gcttctgttg gctctcgatg atgttgttga gctccagcag gtactccacc gccctgttag    106500
     ggctttccgg gctgccctgc ccagcatcca tgatgacaga tacctgtgca acagtcactg    106560
     tctgctgggg caagttttta ggagcactca gaaggaggaa actctccccc ccacgtggag    106620
     tgggtggggg ggagagaggt ggaatgtggt ggggttagag attggtaacc agggtaaaat    106680
     ggctggcagt tttaatctaa gattccctta aagttagatt caactttgaa agtcacaaca    106740
     ccaatactgg acaaggaaat gccatttcgg aagttgcatt cacatataaa agataactag    106800
     aagagacttt gtttgtctat gattggtgta aggatgtgtt tttatatgca tgcattgcta    106860
     ttcttctgtc aagtgtgcca tttttccact gccaccaaag aatcatggaa ttggaatcaa    106920
     agctggtttg cgaaaaagaa tttcatcagt ctttcagcca catattactc tcataaggga    106980
     ataaaaaaag aacattcatc agagtcacag aacattcctc tgtacctcaa gtccaaggtt    107040
     aggatgcgcc gcaaaaagca aagtcagcag atatccatta aacaggaagg aaagcctatt    107100
     tccttttcgt ccatttctct gatgcacatc cccttccgtc tctctttgaa atgtggactt    107160
     gaagcactgc agctgttttc tggctgtcta ttcatgactc atattctaga ctgaagtgtt    107220
     tgggagacat ttccattagg agtaattcta ttccagaagt gacggagatg gaaaggtaga    107280
     gagaaaaaga gatggagaga gaccaaagtt tttctgataa atccactgca atactaaatt    107340
     ggcttctggg aggtgtgcgc atgcctctca caaccctgtt cccccttctc tcttcgttgc    107400
     acgctcatta caacatcaag acctctccat tcaagccatt attattgcct atcattgtgc    107460
     atcttaagac atcacctgga tttcccacgc atgatgcatt tcaactgatt gagaagtccg    107520
     ttttacacaa tatttgatta tttcataaca cacaatgttt ccttgaactt ttcatcattt    107580
     cttatctcct cagtttaaaa taattacagc tagcattaat tttcatgcac gcatttgtcg    107640
     tgtgggctac tcacgagtcg ttccacactt actggccaga cagtccttga agacaatcgc    107700
     gcgcctccaa cgcgtacagc tgcgcgacaa taaggcgatt tgaagaatgc gtcccaaagc    107760
     gacgacaata aagtcattta gatctccaga ctcgatgttc cgacgcaaaa ccccgagttt    107820
     taaccgagca aatggttatc gatttttgtc gcagttaacc gcactatcag ctaaaacaaa    107880
     accggcatga aatacaatcc tttcagcatg atgtccactg tctgttgagt gtaatgtcgc    107940
     tttgtgtaat cagcgcaaaa ggcgatccgg tcctgaaaca gctgagacgc gcaatacagc    108000
     gtacgcgtgc tcgtccacag tgtcaagcca gtgcgcgtga gatcattaaa taacacccat    108060
     gctgatggag cacagctgtc actaccatgt ttaagacaat ttatggagat tgcgttgcat    108120
     ggtaactaat taaactcccc aaaacggtta tgcctccgaa tttgtgacag atgtcaagcc    108180
     ttattgacgc cagctactga ggacgttcgc tcatgaatga actgctcaca tgttgaacaa    108240
     gcgtgcattt cctcctgatg ctccctggac agccctgcac ctgccgccct tcgccgccat    108300
     tcggtttcac cgcagtgtcc acaagtgtct cgaacgctag tttcgcagca tgtcgatgat    108360
     gatgatgatg ctcagcgcac ctcgccgtgg taaaaggtga tgcgggggtt aaattcattt    108420
     gagtgagtca gagagaatat atttttcttt tcaatcgagg ctctgacgtt ggtccaaaca    108480
     tgtagcgcta gaggtacatg ctggggaaac tgtgtcccca tggtcggcca ttttggaacg    108540
     cggtaacatt tgattaaacg agagagcggc tctttgtgcc gatccaaaat gagtgcagtt    108600
     tcttgcgcgc gcgcagtttc ttacgctctc tctccctctc tctctcctcc acacacacct    108660
     caagactcaa atcgaaggct gtgcagtgca tttaatctgc agaagaaaag caagctagca    108720
     ttaatttcaa caatgttact cattcactgc agaccaaaat taatacttta tacagcaaca    108780
     ggtagcccac tacagactat tcactgttta atgtgatctc aaaatgctgc cagtgctcaa    108840
     tatgaatatt ttatttttgt gttataattt ctactgcagc aaaccccgcg aacaaataga    108900
     ttttgctttt agcagcaatt ttcggacgtt tcatgtgctg aatcactcat gctctcactc    108960
     ctttcagcac ccacattaaa ccatccattt tttcttccac ccacacgtcc tgccctctct    109020
     ttctctctct ctccatgcct tagtcacagc tgaactgtgt gtgagtgtaa gggatgtgct    109080
     aagcacatgc aggaaaagaa cagaccacca gtatttgtgg tttgctttat cattaaaagt    109140
     tcatctgtgc aatagtagtg aacccatgtt caacagaatt ccgctgttat ggacacttaa    109200
     aatagagtcc attgatttga tgcagcaata caactaaact aacagcaacc ttgtctcatt    109260
     cagctaccta ttcaggcagt taagaattca aagtgacaaa atctcagaat acaacacaaa    109320
     aatggtgaaa ataaacacaa aaatgctctc ttgctgtttt cacacaagcc agttggggct    109380
     gatttctggg tccaggatta atcttaagcc atgtatgcca ttctgcgtca tcggttcatc    109440
     aactcactcc agattccctc ttcttaaagt tcatggaaaa cgtgttcaag cgtgagagtc    109500
     tgctctctgc atgtgtgaat tgggaacgct ttgctcatat agagcatact gatatcaact    109560
     gtttatgtaa gaggtgcatg cggaggagaa aagagttgca gagggaaaaa aacagggatg    109620
     gagtgaaatc catttaattt cttactctcc cacacagaag ccttaattat tctactgcat    109680
     aattctctgt gcattcatct tcattgtaaa tgctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    109740
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    109800
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctacac tgtaaaaaaa atctgtaaaa taacagttaa    109860
     atgactgtat attttaacag attttttccg tatacacgta ttacgggtgt ttttccgttt    109920
     atatacattt tcgaattgca ttgtgggaag gggatcgcag ctcagacagc gtttgatgga    109980
     catcgggaca tatttcttcc tctgtttttt ccttggtaag tacgattaat aaaacatata    110040
     acaatatttt agttaaaaga ctgctttatt acctttttat cgttatttaa aatgattttg    110100
     tcttgtatga agtgcccatg gaaagtacag cagtgaatta cgtttaatat tgttaataag    110160
     atcagacttt atttcattaa gatcaaactg agctatgagt ggttaaatgt aatttaaaca    110220
     agcatttacc taatgatttt ttaccttttt atgcgttttc ctcatcagta aatatgatat    110280
     ctgttcattt acagttgttt gtccgtattt tgtacgtgac gtcccaatca cccgctcact    110340
     ccctctgcac ctgcgtgagt ctgactggat taacggtaaa cgtcagcttg tctgtgagag    110400
     tgtgaaaggt atgttaatta tttaatagaa atataaatgt tttctttgta cagtgcaaca    110460
     agggatagca ttcaaagttt gtgacactgt gtagtttggt tgatatacgt tacctttaat    110520
     gaacactaac gtcaacgtgt ttcaaacgct cgtaacacct gaccgtctgt gtttgtttgc    110580
     atattaataa ctaatttcat atttttactg acgttatcaa atgttagctt tagtttgacc    110640
     gacgtattaa ggctgtgtga ctgagtttca gtggaacagc tttgctggtt tttaagtaac    110700
     gttaagttat aagttagact cgcgtgaatt ggaggcattt gtaactcggt atgaggggaa    110760
     atacacactc gttaagttat tattagtggt gggccgttat cagcattaac gtgctgcgtt    110820
     aacgcgagac ttatcgcgcg ataaaaaata tatatcgccg ttaatctatt ctcaacgttg    110880
     ggttgggagc tgcagctcat gggtgacttt catactttga cattttagcg cggatgtata    110940
     cctgacaggt gagccgtctg acaaacgagt gcccttctga atcaaatcag caggatgcct    111000
     gactttaact gcggttaact gcagttcggc agtttcactt taactcatga acatttcatt    111060
     catcccgcgt gacaaactgg ggtaatagac gcaaataaga agcaagaact gatgagaatg    111120
     ttatggaatt taataacgct cgccaaatgg aacgaaaaaa aaaaaacttc cgcatttcgc    111180
     gacgtgtgtt tgtgtgtaca gagataacag agtgatacag taagtgtgtg acatttaaaa    111240
     gtatttatag tgtttacact gtcatgcgtt ttcggcctca aatagcctac aacgtgtacc    111300
     ttaaagcaca caattaaatg tttgttgtag tcgagttgaa ctgtcattga tatttattta    111360
     ttcactttta agaacctcaa gggcagctaa tataaagata taaagatgag ttgttcttcc    111420
     acagtcttaa aaatcttcaa actaattgtc agttcgattc attatagcaa ataatacttt    111480
     ctttactatt aggagatcag gagttttatt tgaatgaaac cttgataata gagtgaacta    111540
     cacatggtgt tatcgcaaat gaaatctttt tatgtagatt ttgagtcagt ttttttgcac    111600
     atataaggtt cactgatatt ttgctttgtt gactttcagg ttctttcatt ttggttataa    111660
     gtacatgtta caggtaaatt cttagattca atccaaactg aatttgaatt aatacagaca    111720
     aatgaaataa aatacacctg ggattttaaa tgttttaatt tttttattat tcacaacgtt    111780
     tgtgaagtct aaatgtagac tgtctcaaac tgaatgagtg ttatttttgt tttttgttta    111840
     ttttattttt tgttgacttg ttagtactgc atttttaacc ataacaataa tgatttatat    111900
     ttagcattgc atctattgtc attttaccaa gaatgtgttt gctctttcag aactcaggca    111960
     gttgtgctgg accttctgta ctttatacag gagatgacag taaactttca agtttaagag    112020
     gtaaaatgtt cagggttttt ctgtttgatt ttgagtgttt tgtagatata atgttaactg    112080
     atatatgata taagatttgc tttattttta tgttgtcatt ttggttataa gtacaaggta    112140
     caggtacatt ttcacagcaa tctaaattaa aatcttaaat cttacattca atccaaactg    112200
     aatttaaatt aatatggaca aattaaatga aatacacctg ggattttaaa tgttttcatt    112260
     tttttgttat ttacaaagtt taaagtttaa aagtagacta cctgctgcat gtttcaaact    112320
     gaatgagtgt tatttttgtt gtaggtgtgt tggtgtaaaa agtgatgctg actggtcagt    112380
     actgcatttt ttaaccaaaa aaataaacaa tgatttatat ttagcattgc atctattgta    112440
     attttaccaa gaatgtgttt gctctttcag aactcatgca gttgtgttgg accctctgta    112500
     ccttatacag gagatgacgg taaactttga agtttaagag gtaaaatgtt cagcgttttt    112560
     ttctgtttgg ttttaagtgt tttgtacata taaggttcac tgatattttg ctttgttgac    112620
     ttccaggttc tgtaattttg gttataagta caaggtacag gtacattttc acagcaatct    112680
     aaataaaaat attaaatctt acgttcaatc caaactaaat ttgaattgat atagacaaat    112740
     gaaataaaat acagctgggg ttttaaatgt tttcattttt ttattattca caaagtatgt    112800
     aaagtataaa agtagactac gttgcatgtt tcaaactgaa taagtgttat ttttgttgta    112860
     ggtgtgttgg tgtaaaaatt gatgctgact ggtcagtact gcatttttat aaataataca    112920
     aaaaataaaa ataaaaaatg atttatattt agcattgcat ctattgtcat tttaccaaga    112980
     atgtgtttgc tctttcagaa ctcgggcagt tgtgctggac catctgtact tagtacaggg    113040
     gatgacagta aactttcaag cttaagaggt aaaatggtca gggttttttt ttttatattg    113100
     atgcttttat ttttattatt tggcaaaacc aatttcttgt acctatattt ttactaagtg    113160
     tttacatgaa cacattttgc ttcagtaatt tagaattttg ttaacatgta ttcaaactaa    113220
     aaagcactgg gttgatgtgg gtgttttatc tgggtttttt aagctgctac tgtaatctgt    113280
     taaataaacc aagcagttat ttattattat tatttatttt tgcatcattt gaaatgttac    113340
     aagttcttta ttttggtaat gtctgcttaa agtgataagg aaataactgg tccactgctg    113400
     aatctctttt cttttctctc ttagccacct gatgatgaga gagacaattt caatgtgggc    113460
     atcttgatgg tgagccaggc cttcatgcta attttgtgac cgtttaatct atttagcgtc    113520
     attgtaataa cattatttca ggatgcaaaa ctggctaaaa atcaaattta aatttcaaca    113580
     ttaattgtat gatagtgtgg ttgatttaac attttattta atgttgggtt cattgtaaaa    113640
     aaaaaaaaaa gatttaattt tggttgaata aatgctgatt ttgggacagt tttgtctatt    113700
     tatcatcata gaattaccat tatttcaggg tggaaaactg cctaaaaatc agtggtgact    113760
     ttttaacgtt gtttcaatga tagtttgatt gatgttttaa catttattca atgttaattt    113820
     aacgtaggtt tgctctctgg gtaagaacta acttaaaaaa tgcgaaaaac ttatgtatgt    113880
     gccacttgac ttttgtatca catgttattg gcatgttatg gaatttaact atggcaaata    113940
     agtgagagga gatggaaagc tatgatgtct acacgttttc ctgaaacatt ttcaaggtca    114000
     attctttctt gtataaagat agtggaaaag aaagaaatgt aaaacaaaat ggtttgtcat    114060
     tttttttaat tttgttttct ttcctttatt gttttttttt tgttcttgca ctataattat    114120
     ttcttgtaat atttgattaa gtaaatatat atattttaat ttcttttaaa ttatgtagca    114180
     gacatgtatt tgaataattt tacataataa ttataatatt tataatatta tttataatat    114240
     taataattta acatataggt gtgcatatat gtacccatat atgtacatgt aatataggaa    114300
     aacagacaat tttatatttg tcacatattt caaaaaccta aatcaaaacc tatattaaac    114360
     catatgttta tataggttct ttccatgtgg acgtgtacca gacccaacac acaactcact    114420
     tttctttttt tcagaagaag agtccacagt cacaataaca agatcattgg gctgtcccct    114480
     aattgtggtg agctacatgt ttagtctctt atgtgctaaa cattatgtag cctaaggaag    114540
     cagccctgac tctggagttt atatgaaggt ctgtttttac atttttaagt ttatttcatt    114600
     tttataagac aagtaagttg atacatgttt gttgtattta caacaggagc atgctgagta    114660
     actatccaga atgtaggtcc aaagcagaaa aaagagcacc aagcagaaac ataccatcta    114720
     aactccttcg attcctgtca gaccagaaag actttcagaa tccttggaag atttaaaggt    114780
     aattaagcac accagtaata ctttataata actaaacact attgattaat ttattaagca    114840
     ttagcaaaaa gttctgttaa gcattaactc tacattaata gaccttagta tacagtttat    114900
     aactacagct gcaaatgctg taatcttgac atataagcac atctataatg tgcttaatga    114960
     ttttgttttt atattttgtt aatgattaat ttttcattac taaatttagt atagcattat    115020
     ttacaaacca gtgatttaag aatagttggt gtattttttt tctaatcatt cagaatgtgt    115080
     aagtaaatgg ttaataaact attcaaacta acatttaaat atcttattat tcaggcatat    115140
     agtaatagtt gggcagcaca gtggctagca ctgttgcctc acagcaagta gagctccggg    115200
     tgcttaggtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca taagctatag ggaaattgat taactaaatt    115260
     ggctgtagtg tatgagtgtg tttgtaaata agtgtgtatg ggtgttttca agggcgtact    115320
     catgctatgc acagttgcct tgaaactgga agcgtgcttg tctccccacc gacctgcact    115380
     cacatttcat tcgagcctga gcatgcttac atcatcaata atgcactgtt cagtttaaca    115440
     agtgctctca ctcagcacag tggagatttc tttatattgt tatatcgttt tagttgttca    115500
     atatgcagtg acacgcagtc aaatatttcg ccgaacagat cagccacttt tgacgctcat    115560
     aaacaatcaa agtcaacgtg ctgcaggtac taggaggttt gctaaaggtg cagctgttgt    115620
     gcagtgaggg gtttgtgtct ttaatctatg acagtttgca agggactttg atttggataa    115680
     attaatcact attactgttc aatgaacgca aaccccttac tgcaccacag ctgcgccttt    115740
     agcaaacctc ctattcctgc agcacaagga atttatgatt gtttattaac atcaaaagtg    115800
     gctgatctgt tcggcgaaat atttgacagc gtgttactgc atcccaaatg actaaaacaa    115860
     tataactaaa gaattctcct ccgtgctgag agcacttcct aaactaaaca gcgcatcatc    115920
     gatgatgtaa gagtgctcag gctcgaatgc aatgtgagtg tgggacgtca ggggagacgg    115980
     gagggaagac aagagtgctt cggcctggtt taaggcaact atacatagtg tgagtacata    116040
     ctaagctgaa ggaaaataca tgaatgaatt gtaatagtta tatttgtaaa taaagtacaa    116100
     aaaataagta tataaagtat atacaatatt tattttaata agtgcttttg ttaacttcat    116160
     ccagttttta gcctaaagtg aggattgttt atgctttgta aatcccctta taaatcacaa    116220
     ttaaagattc agttatattc taaaaatgaa attcattttt attgtattaa atgaaaaata    116280
     aatcttatct aaaataaaat tactgtacag tttaaacata gctaaataac actgaaatgt    116340
     tgcatcgtaa tatcattaaa ttattttagt gttgttttat ccagttttat gttatatttt    116400
     ggcactccag ctattcagca aggtttcata tttacagtaa ttacattttt tagataagac    116460
     tgtttagata agaatgttca tttgatactg agcctttaac tgtcgtttat aaggatttat    116520
     aaatcataaa taatcctcac agattaggcc acaactggaa gaagttttgt aaataatgca    116580
     atattaaata taatattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    116640
     tatatatata attatatata tataaatagt aatgtaaaat caatcattaa agtttgataa    116700
     cacaattatt aaactgtagc tgtagcaaat tttgcagctg tatttataac cgactgctaa    116760
     catctattaa tttagagtcg atgcttaaca gataatgaat tcactatttg ctaatgcttc    116820
     ataaatgaat catagcctgt agttattata gtgttaccag catagtttgt ttatattact    116880
     gtttctctct tgcattattg ttccgaatat tgtcaaaagt acctacactt tattttgaaa    116940
     aatcttaaag tgatttctca cccaaaactg aataattgat aattcataat ttactcactc    117000
     ttgacatttt aaacctgtat gactttgttt cttctgcaaa acacaaaata tcatatttta    117060
     aagaatgttg ctcctatttc tcctactttg ttctgtggaa gtatgtcagt cagacaggct    117120
     tgaaattaca agagtgagac aagaagatga tgataaaact tccatttgtg taaactattg    117180
     acatgcaagg aatcacccca gttgtaagtg aaatgtcatt agtaatgttt tttttttttt    117240
     ttttttttac agccattgaa gtatcagtat tggagcggaa gaagacccag ttgtatcgtc    117300
     tgtttcctgc catcttgcag tttaacctgg tttcttaatg taaagtactt gtaatttgcc    117360
     cacttgtcct caattatctt aaagctaaca tttaaaacta atttgctatg agattatttg    117420
     ccaagacctc tcactgtgtg attcacatgt caatatgtat tattgtgtgt ataactagct    117480
     atttggaatt caaatgattt gtattcatta aagaatctgt tttaattgca aagttgtttt    117540
     tgtactaatt ataagttcac agttaacaaa ctatttactg cttctttaca catacagtat    117600
     agaataaatg tttttttttt actatggtaa accattaata gtgtatttcc catatgtata    117660
     tgtttatcct taccaactgc catttctatg ctgcttgaag agcattaaat tagtaaaata    117720
     ataatttttt tacagtaggt atcccattaa aacaaataat ctgttcattt tttcactgtg    117780
     tatatatact attaaaaaac aaaaaagtcc tctttttaca gtaggtatac tattaaaaca    117840
     cagaatctgt ctgttttttt acagtaggta tactattaaa acacagaatc tgtctgtttt    117900
     tttacaatag gtatactata aaaacacaaa atatttccgc ttttttactg ttggtatacc    117960
     cttaaaaaca cagaaaataa ccgttttttt atatagaaaa cccttaaatt actataaaat    118020
     gtttcgttat tttacagtag tttaaccgtc aaaaaacgga tattttttag tttttttaat    118080
     gtggacacac tgtcaattaa cagaagtttt ccgtttttaa tttacggtaa aatatttgtg    118140
     taatgagctg ccagtacatt ttaccgtttt tttacggaat tttttttaga gtgtatctat    118200
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    118260
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ttatctatct agtctttttt    118320
     cttgtgctta tcacagtaaa agacataaaa atgagtccgc cagttcatct atctttcctg    118380
     tctctatatt tttttttagc tttgttcatt ttcctcaggt gtttaatttt attgggcttg    118440
     tcagtcaaac ctaaacatct atttttccat ctatttattc atatattcat ccatctactc    118500
     gcctaaatcc atctgcccat ccatccacac ttttttactg ttccttttct tttgttcctt    118560
     tcctgtttaa aatttgtctt tccatccatc catcctgcag cctgtgtaat tttaatcttg    118620
     tttcactttt ttctgtctat tttttagtca gacacattga ttttttcact atttgtcaat    118680
     tcactaaatc ctctgtttca ctattgcttt ttgtttcttt tctttccatc catccctcct    118740
     tatgtattta tttgtacttt taccttattt gtctggtatt ccttccattt tctttcgctt    118800
     gcatctttct ttcctgtttt tcatctctct tgtgctcttt taagtctctg acaccagtca    118860
     gaaacgaaag ctatgaaaca ttgtgaagat ctgagcttca aaactactgt catgttttca    118920
     accctcctca tctcttcctc tctctctctc tttctcccca cagggcaaca gcagcatttg    118980
     ttctctcaca ctgagctttc tattcgctcc taaatgcttt aggaacgttt cgtattcttt    119040
     aactattcat ttacaagcac cagcgtgtta tataaggagc ttcatcaaca tgtcacatcg    119100
     gttttacagt cgatcagata tttgctctgc agactgtgca gtggtgtggt ggcttcttgt    119160
     ggtctgctcc aattgttgta tcggtctgac actgacatta gcgcttatat ggcagtggct    119220
     gtgttccatt aaactggaca tggaccaaca gttggtttgt aaagtcattt tctgacactc    119280
     tatagtgtct gccaaagcaa taaatgatca ttctagtttc tatccctaaa ggggctgtgt    119340
     gtagaattca gaaacccttg ttattagcca cagagatggt cggtaagtga actgcagcca    119400
     gcaatttttt tgtttatggt cacacaccta atattgcaat gagcaattca atgccctatt    119460
     atacccatgc tgttgaagtc cattttaatt agaagtaaaa ggaagttcaa acatccagat    119520
     gccactgcga aaaacaacat ttttatgaat ttgtgatctc tatcagggat gtccagaaat    119580
     ctggcccaat cacatggttt cagactggat cggaagcggt tgcacagagt tcgacctctt    119640
     tcatgatctc acacagaaac agcaacgcat gcgacatgac atcactttgt tgcagagatg    119700
     ctattagtta aatgctggca aagtagaaca cggaagcagc ttgaagcgaa agcgcatgta    119760
     tatctgcggt ctgaaggtag ttgtgagata tgtaaacttg ggattgcctg acgggtattt    119820
     tcagttgagg tgctatttgt ttttatattt tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    119880
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatactgt tgcactgaag tccaaaagta    119940
     aagaatttat gttatttatt ccttgattgt tcaagctacc tcacagaagg gctctgtttg    120000
     ttaacagagc tgttgaatgt taaaataagg caaatttaat aaaatataat gaacattctg    120060
     gatctgtttc tttgctcttc tgtatttttt tatgcattat agaagtatca tattaggttt    120120
     tggtagatag tcaagggcaa aaacacctga tagggacatc cctagtctct atcaaacaca    120180
     actaaaatga cagcagggag ataatggccg ttaagaaagc atagcgattt gactcagact    120240
     caactttatt atcccatttg ggaactaaaa ttgcagcaag gtgcctaaac acaggccaag    120300
     ttccattacc aattttttac cataaaacat acaataaata cattttcagt tgcaattctc    120360
     tccctgctga actcatttaa taacctactg gccaccacaa aaaaaaagaa tatgtaattc    120420
     tgtttgtcct agttaagtcc tgatggcaac aactgaaaca cactgaacac taaatacaat    120480
     gggtgatctg ggatgcataa gataccctgg gctctcttaa atacataatt ttggtaaatg    120540
     accatttccc aggttggttg aaacatgcat aatctttgga taatcttgct tgtcattctt    120600
     acaaggctac tcaacccgtt tttatttgac agactcagat taccatacca agctataatg    120660
     cagaaagata aaacagatct aataaattgt ttaaaaacag tgtcatagag gtacaaaccc    120720
     gtctttgttg cacattttta tagacagtgt tagattggaa tgtcaacata atgtagataa    120780
     tgacccctag atatttatgt gtgtcaacaa tttcaatgtt caaaccttta aaagtcgtta    120840
     tactagaggc agaagaagcc ctcctgtaat ctatcaccat gcattttgtt ttatttacat    120900
     tcaactggag agataattct tccacaacag gaccatgccc aaaattctac ttatggagga    120960
     gacttcaata tcactgaaac atcagcatct tttatgatat aacaatttcc gtacatactc    121020
     tgatagtata cataatgaac agaacaggtg aaaggcaaca acctcgaggg gtaccagtgg    121080
     aacaatactc tgacacactg cagatgtcca actaaacaat ccagaatcca ttcattcatt    121140
     cattcgttca tccattttct tgttggctta gtccctttat tactccgggg tcgccacagc    121200
     ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcaagtt tttacgcagc ggatgccctt ccagccgcaa    121260
     cccatccaca cacactttta cacacacaca cacactacgg acaatttagc ctacccaatt    121320
     cacctgtacc gcatgtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga gcacgcgaag acagggagaa    121380
     catgcaaact ccacacagaa acgccaactg aggttcgaac cagcgacctt cttgctgtga    121440
     ggcgacagca ctacctactg tgccactgcc tcgccacatc cagaatccat ccacaggtat    121500
     taattaatta aatgtagctt cataatgtag cttcataatg ttaaaagcat aagagaaatc    121560
     aataaacaac actatggcat gagtcttagg cttttccagt tgattaaata ggtaattcaa    121620
     cagtgtaaga ttagcatctt cagctctcct ggtctgtcta actgcaaact gcaatggatc    121680
     cgatcaggtt tatcctttgg ctgcaataaa atcgaatctt taataatttt ctctaaacac    121740
     tttataacta atgaagtaag ggcaacaggc ctgaagtgct ttagctcctg aggaaactta    121800
     gttttggtta aagaaacatt aacagatttc atttaaattt aaggaaccct ttgtaacata    121860
     aaatactgag aaaaatagaa tgaaatattt cagaaagctg ttccacacac gtatgtagca    121920
     cactacctcc aatattgtcc ggttacacaa accagtcaaa aaaaaaaaaa atggacaagg    121980
     aaagattttt tatttttatt aagtgttctt atggtcacaa taaatagtaa aaaaaaaaga    122040
     aaaggaaaaa aagcgcacat gtagtttata gaacataaaa tgttcaagtc tggatgtata    122100
     gagaatatgt gtttttaagg ataattgcat ctcaaatctg ccactaagtt aagctaagtg    122160
     gtgctgtgac tttaggaact ctaataaaca aaaaagttgt cagaatacac tgtgaactac    122220
     gaggataaag atgtgttgtt ttttagattc agacatgcag tgttaataac cttttctcta    122280
     taccagatta aaaacattgc aagttatcat cacatttttt tccaatttaa aaaaaccttg    122340
     tggaattgta atgaaaaatg taatatgtcc acagtacatc catactagac ttattaaatt    122400
     atacatactg taacttactt ttttactagt tgcaaataaa ttacttattg aaaagaatgc    122460
     attactactc agagtaggta cttcacattg aggtattttt atttccagac ttcttgatta    122520
     aaaattaatt ccaattataa agcatataat ttaataggct aagctgttaa cgctttaaag    122580
     ggcacctatt ttatccattt tcaaggttta aaataagact tgtgtctcca gaatttgtcc    122640
     gtaaagtttg aagtcaaaat aaacatcaga ttatttatta cacctttcag attattggaa    122700
     ttttcagctc taaccacaat attgctgttt ttgttgcctg tgcctttaat gcaaatgagc    122760
     tagttctccc cacccattgt tcccacatgt ctgtcagagt gttgctgcgt cgcaattcgc    122820
     attatactac gccctaaaag tatgtacttt tttgtaaaga aattattttt tttttgagtg    122880
     tgtaacagaa gattatgcat gctttaagac ataacacttc ctcgttaaca gatcgttgtg    122940
     ttgcttaatt atgagccctt tcaatcattc acattttttt catatttaat tttctacctt    123000
     attggagaag cagcagcagg ataatctgcc attcacgagt ctttcatgca gagaaatctc    123060
     ctcaggtctt tggattatta tgcattcagg cgttaatgtc caaacacgtc attatataag    123120
     atcagtattg ttgttgcagg tgaaatataa cagagaaaac atgatttaaa tattttcctg    123180
     atggctagat attatttaac agtcatgcaa acatatttaa tgaagcctct ctacttgacg    123240
     gttggtcttg cacgtccccc atgtttgtag tttatttaca cttttcaccc atgtttgtag    123300
     ttttaatcga attcacgccc aacgcacaat gtactgtggg caatatcagc ggttagagta    123360
     tggacggttc tgcacttaaa agttttacca gaaacagtaa accatctggg aaacattggc    123420
     aaactctttt caacatacta ggatttggga catactaatt ctatttttaa atactattta    123480
     ggatggatag tatgcgaatt gggacgcagc acatatctcc atctcctgct gggtcagata    123540
     aacagcactg tgacagacaa gaaaaaagca gatctcacat aatgtgagta attctacagt    123600
     aagaactttc ccagtgatta tttgatgtat ttgttctgga gtttattcaa gcctttctgc    123660
     aacgatgagt cacatactat gctattacaa agttcacgca cacacacagt gtgcacgttt    123720
     aactttgcac tggttttgca cggcaaatgc gacaggatac acgttaatat ccatcttttt    123780
     acttgtactg aaatgcgctg tggtgatgaa ttatatctag tataatttaa ttatattaat    123840
     tattatatct agtataaatc tactataata tatagtataa ggaaggcaaa aaaagacata    123900
     aaacattatt aatttaattc tttttagctt ctgcatgtaa tctgacgact gttattaaag    123960
     gttgcattca gcatcagtta agacaatgtt agcacatgtt agctttaatt gtggggaaaa    124020
     ctagataatt ttgagctttt gtcagctaaa ttcagcttcc aggtttaaaa tgatttttgg    124080
     ggcgggatca aaatcggcaa cgtatcgcaa aactgcaagt gcaaagatga cgcgtcggtt    124140
     tctcattatt attcatagcg gagttttctt atcctatgag aagagtctgc ttcttattta    124200
     ttcttgattg cacatgcttt tcgaaggcag ggcagacctg ccagtgccaa gcagtgagac    124260
     acggacccac agcacacagt atttagctgt tcatgaaggg tcgtatgtgt ttgtttccat    124320
     gatccacagg gtttgttgca tgtttttccc cgcgatgctg tcagggctga tacagcaaag    124380
     ctggagagaa gaacgagaat tggagaatgt tggacgttgt cttttattag gagtttgttt    124440
     acatttagac acattgccgt gctgctgtgt ttgcctaaat cctctagatt accaactggg    124500
     ctaatcgtta aaatagacag ggcaaaagac ctgttgcacc gattctgcat ttagacctgg    124560
     ggattgaggg aaaagtcctc atttacagtg tttatatgaa cacgattatc tttataatga    124620
     tataaattgt ggttatctgt atatgaaatt atgaataaca aatgttgcat gacatcaaat    124680
     tactgtttat ttctttgtat tttaactttg taaactataa aatcatgcgt gtcctcacgg    124740
     tttgtgtctc attttgtaaa ctaactgaca acagttgttc gctcccctcc ttctcccctg    124800
     ctggccacgc ccactcctgc cctttgctcg cggagctcca cgcccattat gatgcatctt    124860
     tttaaaaaaa ttctgatgta gatctgaacc gaaaatgggg ggtgtcatgg ccctttaagt    124920
     tacatgatta agattaaaaa tatttctaaa tcaggtacca aaaggcaaga ataaattttg    124980
     gatgcaacct ttcctttagc ataatgctaa tttgttacct tttttaaatg aagcctaaca    125040
     ttttgattca atgtgaaatt caatcaataa tcatcaatca ttttcttggc agcttagtcc    125100
     ctttattaat ccagggtcgc cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca acttatccag cacattttta    125160
     cgcaatggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccca tctctgggaa acatccacac aatcattcac    125220
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    125280
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacttta gcctacccaa ttcacctgta    125340
     ccacatgcct ttggactgtg ggggaaacta gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cgaacgcaga    125400
     gagaacatgc aaactccaca ctgaaacgcc aactgagccg aggatcgaag ttcaatgtga    125460
     gatttaattt aagaaaaata aaaacactta ttaatagcat ttgctaacta gcaaactccc    125520
     ttaacctgca aattatgtaa gaatcaaata gaaataagac atcaacaaca acttccttat    125580
     ttcttagatc caccacctgc cactgacacg cattcaattt ccaggccaac tgcataatgc    125640
     gcagcatatc agagtcactg taatgcatgg cccttgtgta cacgcctcgc acttatcagt    125700
     gattatactt catatgtgag tgacacaaac cctcctcgtc tcatctgaag cagcctgtag    125760
     cttgctgatt aaaaaggtca acatgacatt tccctggtgc tcaacatcca gcccccttct    125820
     gcttccctga gcagcaaaca aatgcacgcc tcagcaacgt gtctgtttcc caggcatgcg    125880
     ttatgctctc agacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtatcgttct ccctcaggaa cattatattg    125940
     actcttagtc agatgagtga tgattaaatt agcagataca aaaatgtctg ctggttgaaa    126000
     atgaccaaat tcccaatgtg attgagttct actgtatatg ctggggtgta aggctgaggc    126060
     agaccacccc ctgttcgtct gttatagagt taacttggtt tagggtgtag tgtattatta    126120
     gtgagtgcaa ttagagagag aaagaaaagt cttctgttat tcccataggc cttcccgcac    126180
     tcttatgaaa agtgtggtaa tcatacagta gttccaaatg taattttgaa gaatactggt    126240
     atgtgctttc agagcgagac tcaatagaga ggataaaata acaaatttgc tccaattcct    126300
     gccattgcat gaataatgtt cataagcacg aagtactgaa cctttcatct aaatttgtat    126360
     tgtgaattaa taaacaatag tttcagttgt tttcagtttt cagttgtgaa ttaataatca    126420
     tgcagtttct tgaggtgaca tttcaagcca ttcccagact gcactgcata tatccttatt    126480
     attattttat tattatagat attattatat tagtattaca gtacgcacta cattaagtta    126540
     aaagggaaaa gatagctggc aaatgcataa atttcaccca atgttgatgc atttccttta    126600
     ccttatacgg gaacgttgtt catatagcaa cttatgctaa tgctaaaaca aatacttatt    126660
     ttttcatttt gttagaatag ctgtcttaca gaatgtattt ttacttttca gtgtaaacat    126720
     attttaccat tgtaaactgc atataatgtt caaaataatg ttctttgtga ctggccgctg    126780
     ggaacttaac agattttgta ctatgtgcag tgagtttact aggttttgga acagacctta    126840
     tgtgtttgtg tattgtagga tattgagaga acggttagat actttatttc tctctgctgt    126900
     agaaggtgaa tatgtaggat ggtggatatt gtatgtgtag gagtttattc cagggtggat    126960
     tgtggtttat tgtgtgtgtg aaaattccag tgccctaaaa tagagaggat aaaataacaa    127020
     atttgctcca attcctgcca ttgcatgaat aatgttcata agcacgaagt actgaacctt    127080
     tcatctaaat ttgtattgtg aattaataaa caatagtttc agttgttttc agttttcagt    127140
     tgtgaattaa taatcatgca gtttcttgag gtgacatttc aagccattcc cagactgcac    127200
     tgcatatatc cttattatta ttttattatt atagatatta ttatattagt attacagtac    127260
     gcactacatt aagttaaaat tctaaagggc acgcttccta aattataagc atcttggccc    127320
     attttctata gcaagcaaac agggctgtat attcactaag gaaatttaaa aaaatagatt    127380
     tagaattcat cttatattcc attttggttc atcatataca taataccata acaaaactta    127440
     accatggggc ttaattgaaa aagagcacca tgccccctcc ccctcccaca tttttctttt    127500
     ttacagttca ttcattcatt attttccttc agtttaatcc ttattaatca ggggtcgcca    127560
     cagcggaatt aactaccaat tattatggca tatgttttac acagcggatg ccccaggtgc    127620
     aaccatggac tggaaaacac tcatacttaa gtaatgtgct gtgaacgggt aaacaaagta    127680
     catgtatata tatatcagta aggttaagca aagctatcac gtggcttccg ttggtgctaa    127740
     tgtaggctat gttgtttctt ttcgcgatta aattacacag taacgttagg tacttcgtcg    127800
     aaatttactg tttcttttaa cgtaccttca ttcttctgat cttctttccc gcaataaaga    127860
     gaatgtgatg gtctgtgctg cgtcaactga ttaccagcga caaaatttga aagccgacga    127920
     ggtgttgttt tatatcataa gtataagtac acaaaattca acattctcca gtgtgatttt    127980
     gccaactggt aaactcggag cttgcctgct gggcataaca ttaaacatgg agggaagttt    128040
     ggtaagtatt ttatataata cgagtaacca ttcaaagtat tttgacttaa atgtctcatg    128100
     tcagcaaacc tcttaagaac attcattaac catggtttta caaataaatc caacacaatg    128160
     gttattattt taaacagggt aaccacacat tgactatata taggttttgt aaacactaac    128220
     aatatttatc catggtattt gtagaaaaac tgtagaaatg caaagagtaa tcaatattgt    128280
     ggaaaaaagt ttatgtaaac tttaaaagta tgtttactat accttgaata caagacagta    128340
     taattctata tgggtaattt tcataagcag caatttatta ttgcaaagta tataatcata    128400
     attgcagctt caaaaagaaa actgcttgca caaaaaggca tgattgttgc aattcatggg    128460
     tgactgacat gctacaaata atgcttcaat aacttttgtt tacacatcaa agtacagaca    128520
     gatttttgag gttcatcgat taattaattc aaatatacat ggagaaatat tttgcccttg    128580
     ctcgaaattc cctcttgtgt gaatttcaat tttaactaga tttcccctgt aaaatttagc    128640
     agaaatgtaa atttgtaata tgtatttttt tctcattaat attataaatg ttagatagca    128700
     ggcctgtttg aaaattaacc attttttaat attgaaaatg ttgtaactga gattttggtg    128760
     tacttaccct attatcacag tttaaccaca aagactaaat tattattatt cataaactat    128820
     tattattagt aaatatctgg ttaacttttt tgtcagtaaa atcatgatta ataaaacaca    128880
     aaatccaatt aaactaattt gcagcccata gtatacagca ggggtgccca aactttttcg    128940
     tatgaagggt caaaaaccaa acatcattaa gagccgaggg ctgaagataa ataagctaac    129000
     tattttacat tgaagttgct atgggtcatt tcctcattta atttataata taaaaaaata    129060
     aatagaaagc atcactttaa atcacatgta ctataacatt ttaaatgata acttattgca    129120
     atagaagtat aaagaatcac atttatagca cagcagagtt caatgctaag ccgaatctgc    129180
     ctttgccttg atttgctcac caaagtctct gcattgacct ctatccagca ggtgacagta    129240
     tgtacatttt aaactaaatt acagcattta aattgaaacc taaacgaaaa tgtaatttca    129300
     gtaagctact tttttcaata aacaaaacaa ataaaaggtt acattaaatt tgaaatgaca    129360
     atctctaaac catccccatc attctccctc tcagacagga tgggtgatat cgaagggcca    129420
     actttggtcc gcggaccctt gtttgagcat ctcttgtata caatattaca gtttggaacc    129480
     aaaagtgcaa ccacaaaaaa atttattcca ttttattcag tttatttctg taactgcatg    129540
     tcattattca taattcaaaa ctccctgttg atgcattcaa aaacaataca gtatcttcat    129600
     acatatcaag agcaacaatt aaaaacctgt acatctgtgt tcaaggtgtc cccttgtgga    129660
     ctgctattta cacactcagc atcttccctg cagagggcgc cactaaaata acggctactc    129720
     gaggtctcgc ctcagacccg gcaggtaaaa atctgcaaca cactgctgtc tgcttcctcg    129780
     ttctctatac ttgagagtcc tacactaagt caaaatgaag gagaggacac ttatgctata    129840
     aaggaagtaa aacctttaca caggagctga cagaaagttt tgtagcccta tccgaacact    129900
     ttttaaacac ttgctttccg ttggcttgca aatggtgacc tccatatgca ctgaatggta    129960
     gggaaagcaa aatagccagc cagttggagg atcagcacta atgatgaaaa agatcatgtg    130020
     aagaattcag attgggcgtt tcatcgaggg tctctactgg tgcagcggtt acttctttta    130080
     tatgacacaa tgtcctcttt attcatcatg ggccacactg tctggcttgc agggggataa    130140
     aaagcactga gaaagtatac tgaagaacgg gtatggtgtc agaggtttac agtgcctact    130200
     agagatttaa gtatttagta tatagtggtt aaacaaccta attcttaact ttagaaataa    130260
     ccaaatgaaa tcaatcaaaa ggcaatttct tatttaaatg tgtaaaaaac aagtttaatt    130320
     ttcttaatgt tctaaaataa aagactaaag gacaaaaagt actttttaat gaagtttgaa    130380
     tatgttaaac tttaaattaa gcagtttctt attatgtatt ttcattaaac acaagtgtag    130440
     ttacttattt cattgctgtt attataaatt ataaaagtaa caatagtgtc aataactcat    130500
     ttataataac tgatttattt tatctttgcc atgatgacag taaataacat tttactagat    130560
     atttttcaag acacttctat acaactagac aacaagtgac attgccaggg tttaactagg    130620
     ttaattaggt tgactagaca ggttagggta attaggtaat ttattgtata accatggttt    130680
     gttttgtaga caatcagaaa aaatatatag cttaaagggg ctaataattt tgactttaaa    130740
     atggtttgta aaaactgctt ttattccagc taaattaaaa caaataagac tttctccaga    130800
     agaaaaaata ttatcagact tgctgtgaaa attttctagc tcggttcaac attatttggg    130860
     aaatatttaa aaagaactaa aaaaaaaatc aaaggggggc taataattct gacacatgta    130920
     tatatatata tacagttgaa gtcagaatta tgagcccccg tttatttttt ttctaaaatt    130980
     tctgtttaat ggtgagaaga cttttctaca catttctaaa cataatagtt ttaataactc    131040
     atctcaaatg ttttattttt accataacag cacataatat tttactatat aatttgagac    131100
     acttctacac agcttaaagt gacatttaaa ggcttagcta ggttaattgg gtaagcaggt    131160
     tagggtaatt aggcaagtta ttatataaca atggtttgtt ctgtagactt tcgaaaaaga    131220
     ttttagctta aaagggctaa taattttgtc cttaaaatgg tgttggtgtt ttaacttata    131280
     ttcattttag tagtattttt agttacatgt ataactagta atagtttgat atattttgaa    131340
     gtctatttca agagctcaca cttacagtag ctgatgattg attatgaagc atatttgaca    131400
     tgctgtcccg ggggagaact ctgagctcat aagatacttg agcccagggc ccccttccgt    131460
     ttgcagggcg agaggcgagt ttgagctcag gtagatctcg agaactctcc tggtgttatt    131520
     gctaatgaac aattggggat tgctataaag agataactta ctaggagcat gtctatgatg    131580
     ctcatttgga ttagtcgcat gtttgggaga aaaccggggg aacccctcac gagcacgggg    131640
     agaacatgta aactccgcac agaaacgttg actagcttgg taaggactag aaccagtgat    131700
     gttcttgctg taaagcaaca gtgctaacca ctgggccgcc ttgcccccat ctaggaaagg    131760
     aggagtagga gtggaagggg gcattcttca aaacgaagat ggctgtggta tggaacttac    131820
     tgtaggttat ttatggtgac ttaggaatcg tctgattggt gaatcatgaa atggctaatg    131880
     cgggaccagc tgcgataagc acgtgatcct cttgaaatta gtttataaat aaatttcact    131940
     tgtcagctac tctggattta catgaaattg gcaaagtaaa aacaggacat ctttctattt    132000
     tacacaagaa aattaaaaac ataaataatt ctctaaatta caacatttta cttaaaagtt    132060
     gaaagaaatg tcattttacc aaataaatta tttatttttg ttcagcaatg tatatattgt    132120
     aaaatcaatt ctttttcatc tattcacaaa taaatatgcc caaatattta tgactttctt    132180
     gacatagttt taattatgaa atatgtactt tttaaagatc tatattaaat agtagaggtt    132240
     ttctgaaaat aaacatttgc acaaataaac attcagttcc aaataatgct ataatgaagt    132300
     acagttgctc aagtgcttta cacccctgct gaattctatc ctatatttct agatataaaa    132360
     atctcatttt cttctttcct ctttacaaat tcaattgttc tagttctgta caatggctga    132420
     ctccttacaa ggccaatata gcaaattcaa gttgaaaatt caaagctgaa acactccttt    132480
     tgtgttttga cattttaaaa gcatcaaact cggtgggaca aacgcccgtc tgcatttatc    132540
     tcagtagagg gaaagagtat gacatcattg attagcattt aaaatggcac atttgcactg    132600
     ataggaacct tgcagacatt gttataaaaa acattgcatc gttgtattca tatatctgtt    132660
     ggctcagagt atggctcgta ttttgtgact actgaacatc taagggtcta aactgtctcc    132720
     ggtacgagga aacctatggg acgggaccat gtttggtggg catgctaatt cttatttttg    132780
     tggtctacat acttgtggtc tttgtgtctc taaatcttgc tttttaatat gttgaggacg    132840
     taatgaaggg ctataaaagt gggccgaaag acccacattg tgcaaaaacc aaggtcagat    132900
     cagattccac aatttcaata gtttcaaacc gccaacatat gtcgtggaat acaatatcat    132960
     gccattggga catttgattt cattataagg gccagtgcta ttaaaactag taatattcac    133020
     tacggacatg caattctgaa tgataagaat catttactgt atatatcaag cgtctcatca    133080
     agccattggg cacctcagac tgaaatgcag cacgtctcga aataaaccga cagtgctgtg    133140
     tatttctgat atgtaacatt tggggggtca aatacagatt tatccaaaat aaacaatgat    133200
     aatagatatg gatctataac tatgtacaat aagcttgcta cagtaaggga aatgctacag    133260
     tattaacgtg ttgggaaaac aaagctaaat cttccccctc acaaaaataa acctgaaacg    133320
     aaacatttac aaggtcatcc cagtttctgt acagtacgtg ctgatgccaa tgggataatc    133380
     aggtacaaag tcaacatcaa tacccaggct ggttgagaat tctgagagca gtgaactttc    133440
     agacgacacc tcagatgtat aatattcgtg taagagccct gatataaagt gttaacactc    133500
     aagatcattg tatcatcttt ttcccaatcg cagattgcta aatgcttaca ggctgtgtgt    133560
     atggcaatag aattcgcatg cggtcttctt tgtaagcatc tatcgatatg ttacagcaca    133620
     gtaaaaatct ccagtgacaa attaactcgg ttcggggttt ttaaatcagc aagatacaat    133680
     tcttaactat attactaaac tttgtaaata aattaattcc agcatgataa aacactgtat    133740
     tatattttaa aatatcaact gcatgtctac aggattcaaa tgaatttatc acagattatt    133800
     ttactgcgca tttcttggat gagcttgact agagcttcgc ttggtatgac acagaacaaa    133860
     aatagatagc acttattgct cagacagttc tgaggtaagg atcaatgcat aagctggtgg    133920
     tacagcatgt ctgattatca ccggatcaaa ttttcggttt cgtttcacca acctgcctgt    133980
     gtattttaac agtacacaaa attacgaatc tcatatctta ggtagaaaaa tcctaccgca    134040
     atttttgatc agtaagtctt acaaaatgca tagaagacct gtatcaaaat gccctttttt    134100
     tcttcttggt atttttttgt tttgtttgtt tttttttctt tttgtctcct gaaatgaaga    134160
     ttccgcatga tgctcgatgc tgattggtgg agggctcgga gatgaggatc gaccaggcct    134220
     tcgttttcaa tttttttttt tctttttctg aaatgtcaag ggcaatgaaa tgggtctgaa    134280
     atattgactc agaaagcata caaatgcaaa aaaaagtatc acaatggagg aaaaagaaaa    134340
     atctaaactt tgggtcctga ctttgagctc gagggaagtc tatgtctagt ataaaggaat    134400
     atcgcatgag gcacttgtaa tggctctctt tcactttgac tcacttagct gaagtttcgc    134460
     agagcgtgtg cagaatattt tccccaactt gtgaaccatg tcttgcaaag atatagatgt    134520
     taaagaggca gaacagtatt gtgttgcaca ctttctacta tgctacgtct aaaattcttc    134580
     tacttgtatt tgttactctc tttttttttt tttggtaaac actggctaaa gaagcagaag    134640
     gcacctggag aggtttgata cggctcactg gccttataat aaaagtttag ttctgttata    134700
     tccccccccc cctctttgaa aaggaaaacc accgcacaca cagcagggga gggttttcag    134760
     tccagtcaca aacagcaagc agctaataaa atctcttaaa tcgaaggtgc ttagtccggc    134820
     tcctgaagat ctctttactt tcagaaatgt cactcttcag gggcacaact gagcatccat    134880
     gtcttaaata aatcttcctt tttataatag atttttttgt agcattctta tgaaaataaa    134940
     ttgaaaatgt gcaaaataaa aatgatctga gaaaagacac atgctatgaa ggataccatg    135000
     aattatagac acatactaac tgaccttgca gttatgatca tgctagccat caacgtaatg    135060
     gcagcatttt catgttttct cttcttggcc actggatggc gataaaatca agtcttgatc    135120
     ggtctgggtg ggagatttct ggatgatacc agatcacaga actttatact gtaggcatgg    135180
     attagagaca gaagaggggc tgatgggatg gtggtggtgg tgtacttaaa accacagata    135240
     tatagacaga gcaagagagg ctgtatgagt gggtatgtaa aagacagaga gaaatttaaa    135300
     aggatagctt acctaccaaa aaaaatatat aataaaataa acagtcattt acaaacacta    135360
     atgtcatttt aatcctgtat gacctcattt cttacataaa acaaaaccta tttaatagaa    135420
     gtttcaaaaa ggatgcaaaa agcaccattt aagtataata caagtgatca agatgatttg    135480
     agaactatat tatgttaata tatttgacgt taattagata tttaatagtt ttttgtgtga    135540
     agaacagact aaaatcttaa atcactgcag tcacaatatc agcaaaagtt tgcaggcaaa    135600
     aaaacaaggt gcattgtcta cagccacttt cggttttcta ctttgcaaat cattgaaaaa    135660
     cagtaaaaaa tacagtataa cccaaagtgt acttagattt ttatgtgtat gttaggtctg    135720
     cgcacattgt aaatgatgca gatatttaaa acataaaact ataattaaaa gtttttttgt    135780
     gctacatttg tccacaaggt gtcaacactg aaccagatac atccattttt tagtagactg    135840
     cttttcctat gaattatttg ttttgattca cacaatcaaa tagagttaaa taagtcaaat    135900
     gagttaaaag cttaccattt agatcagtgt ttctccacca cgttcctgga ggaccaccag    135960
     ctctgcacat tttctatgtc tccttaacca aacacacctg attcagatca ttagcccatt    136020
     agcagagact gaaagatctg caatggtttt gacagacaaa ggagacatct aaaacatgca    136080
     gggttggtgg tcctccagga acgtggttga gaaacactga tttagttaac attaatttgg    136140
     ggattggtct gaatatggct atgatattac tcttgagaat tggaatataa tgtaatatac    136200
     aagttatatt aatgtctttg acaatcagga aagaaataca acattaaacc accgtagacg    136260
     cccatgttta taaggcaagg catcttttgg aaagaaaaag cagacactga aggagaatga    136320
     ctttttttag tgtgcacctg taaagtgtct acagcagtgt ttctcaacta ccttcctgga    136380
     ggacctccaa cgctgcatgt tttggatgtc tcccctgtta ctctgcttaa ggaaacatgg    136440
     gctgtttctc aattccaaga atgcagagaa cggacttgcg ttcttatgaa gaccagtctt    136500
     gccaggtcac ctcggaagaa cgagaacaac cgtagaaaca cagaacacat cctgtgagaa    136560
     ataagatgct gtgttctttc ttgatggtca caagaccttc acaaattttt aacggaaatt    136620
     tttgcttagt gtcttagacg aaaatgaaga gcgggggtgg ggtgtctcca tgccatttca    136680
     tggtatcgtt tactttttta atcttaaaag ttttatctct gaacatttaa gagactgaag    136740
     aaatctatat aaaatgctgc acttcccacc tcctttattc atccacaacg aattctggga    136800
     cttctagagg gagttcggtg ctcaagtcag cattggtgca ttggtgcatt ctcaatacca    136860
     agaacacatc agggaacttt cacgcgtcct gcattcttgc agtctgagtt ttggaactga    136920
     actttcgtgg ttgataaaca tgttacatga aaacacaagc acacaagttc actgaaaaac    136980
     acatattgag aaacagcccg tgactttcat cagctaatga gctgatgatc tgaattaggt    137040
     gtgtttggtt aaggagacat gcaaaatgtg gtggttctcc gaggaatgtg gttgagagac    137100
     actggtctac aatatgctta caaataggtt acactttaaa aaggctgtgc aagcatgctt    137160
     ccattcacat aagaagtata ctttgggcta aacagcttaa cttcacaatt cttctcgaag    137220
     aaggaaggtc atacagtatt ggaatgacat gaggaggtgt gtttaggtga actatccctt    137280
     taaggtgaaa tagcattagg accacagtcc ttcatttttc tgggtcagcc ttttcccctc    137340
     taaaacctga gagagtttgt gagggctagg gacaagccag ggtcccgggg cttttgttga    137400
     agatccggaa gcctctgaag ggctgaaggg atccgggggc cactgagtcc ccaaaaatgc    137460
     aatgctggct gcagacacac tgacttcaga gaagctgtga gccgattctg cgcctgaccc    137520
     atcatcgtca ttgtccaaag gcatgaggaa ggagaaaggt gcgcgttgtg tgacctcggt    137580
     tgtgctggat ctgttcttat ccctcttttc tctttctccc tccttttctc cattccctgg    137640
     gaggctgttc tccctctgtg acctaacatc ttttgctttt tgtcttctct cccccatgct    137700
     tttgcttttt tgccttcctc tttgccgctc cccctctccc ttcctttccc cctgttttcc    137760
     atctcccttc tcctcttctt catcttcttc tctccgtgac ccttcttggc ctctcagtgt    137820
     accaggtaaa ctccgtgaac gcatctgttg ctctttcctt ctcctcgtgg accgggagct    137880
     accgactgtg ctgacgtcct ctgcccagcc atgcttgccc tcgtctgctc cacttcctct    137940
     actcgttctt cccttccccc tcctctctct tctctctcgt ccactgtcat ccacccatct    138000
     gctgctcctc agaggagtgt gatctactgc agccaccagc ggctcctcgg agaagacgga    138060
     ggagggggaa gcggctccgg cttcatggtc taagataaag aaaaattcag agatggttga    138120
     atgataaatg cattcatgtc aatttacaaa aaagataagt attaagaccc cagtatactt    138180
     cagatgatgt tttagttctt tttttgaggg caaaaagaag ttcaaaaagg ctgcaggacg    138240
     gtatactgtt ttgaaatact ctacaccttg ctcattattc gagcaaattc gttcccacag    138300
     gttgaaaaga aatttaaagc tacgtcacgg tgattagatc catttgtaaa ttccagcatg    138360
     gagattggat gtctgtattg accggtacaa cgtgacgtct tggagttttc atgattaata    138420
     cgtgagaaag acttggttcg agacaatcag cgcactctat tgtgaatgag gtgcaacttc    138480
     attaatatgc atgatagctt cgaagactct ttttaccagt tacagtgttc agacagcaga    138540
     gagacgccat ggtgtgctgc caaccattat taaaacaagt tgaagaagat gaattgttcg    138600
     gagacatggg tcatcactgt tgcatttata aatgtggcag gatagtctat acacacacgg    138660
     ctgtttgaca ctattctctg cacctaccaa gtctctacat gtaaattacc aagaaatgta    138720
     gagttttttt tcctcccaaa cggcgtgtgg tatcaaaaat tccattaaaa caacagtctt    138780
     ccagcagttc ctcacatcca atatcttgtt tgtcacaggc gacatgcatg aaatgtatct    138840
     gagtgaaagt gtaagtgcca aactttggtt aaagtcgaca aattaagaat gaaacatccg    138900
     aaattacatg aaactctggt ggaaatgtga atagcatggt gacgcgatga cgttaattat    138960
     gtgctataac atataaaacg ggatcatgaa agaaacatcc aaaaagcaac tcatgtaaac    139020
     acgctaatcc tattattgtc ttattcagat taaggcaaat aatttgatta ctggtgtcca    139080
     tgtaagacta tagtcactgt ctatctcccc tgcatctgtg cttgggttgc cgctgtgaaa    139140
     atcagctgta gtgcacgtac tgaaactccc cttttcatgc aaacccttcc ctctttcgcc    139200
     actcaacact ttcacctaaa caaagcagga ctcacccact cctgactttt ttcaaataaa    139260
     aggtgagaaa acaccctgct gagatggaaa caacagtttc ataaacatct ggcaaacagc    139320
     attctacaca agaaacgttt tctttttgta gcagacagac acagaacggc actgccagtg    139380
     tgcacaaaca agcagcgcag tgatgttggc ttcttgcctg gtgtgtgacc tcctctgagt    139440
     ctttaaaatg tctctgcaag cgatcatact ggtttgaata aatctgtcaa atggccaaaa    139500
     caaagttctt ttaaaccgaa ttttgtttga aattatgtca tttcagttac ttctttgatt    139560
     tcatttgaag tatacttgtg cctttagatg atggtggagt aaatggatga atgagagtta    139620
     tgtgacgcag cagtgactgt aatctcagcc aggttatatg cgtttgctgc ttttctaaat    139680
     ccttgagtaa tctatattat gtcaatgaaa cacagggata agattttggt ctcattgaaa    139740
     ttaaaaaaca acattattat ggcatggatc tgtgaagaac gtgaagacaa tcaactggaa    139800
     gggttaccaa ccgtgtgttt tctgtccgtc cgatgacata aaagcaaggc tcgccctgct    139860
     tggagttagt catacaaaga gataagctgg aaagctccac tggaggagag ttcaagagag    139920
     ggagaaagag taaagtatga agcaatgaat taaagaaagt agtaaataag gagaaaatag    139980
     ttcaggagat cagaaaagga gagaaacttt aatccaaatc atggtcagca ctagatcatg    140040
     ggcatctggg gctgttaagg gcaaaattgt ctttcacaaa ctattaatgg aaagatgtgc    140100
     actttaaaat atatctatta attaacagtt ttcatatttt gaaatttaga cgtgttttcc    140160
     atttatttac tgttgtgaat tgcattatga tctctgctct gtcgactttt catgttaaaa    140220
     attcaacttt accgtttaac aataataata taatgtataa gaaataaaat attaagaaat    140280
     aagtctgtaa aataacaaaa aattactgag ggctgcttat tacaaggttt ttgtaatgta    140340
     atatacaccc aacacagaca aaaaactaat gaaaatgtta ataaaagtca cttttttgaa    140400
     cttttaaagg ttaaaagttg ttagaagaaa gattaagctc ccataacgca attcaaaagt    140460
     gtaaataaat caggaaaaat aaaaacatga atcacaaaat atataaaatt gctaatttac    140520
     ggatattttt acagtgtagc atataagctc caaatgtccg tttaccttcc catgaccccg    140580
     actagaagaa tctgatctgc atgtaaacat gtgaaagtgc tgttaggcta ttttacaaat    140640
     tacaaatttt taggacaact aacacattag gtttacattc agagatttca gatatggaca    140700
     aaaacacttt tgttttctct taacgtagca ttgcaacatc acttattttt tcaccatgtc    140760
     tttaatggtt cattcaaaaa ccctctcact ctgaaacctg tatttcaaag agcctacact    140820
     gctctgaatg gtcagattac ccaaaaacgt aaagctgatg accatatcta aacttcagct    140880
     ttggtggaat gttcagtatt tctacacaca gtgatatggc cccaaatctt cgtcctttca    140940
     aaaacagatt gtcatttttt agtgcagaac atccctaaat caaactcttc cgggcctcaa    141000
     ctacaactag agtacttaag gcctggtcaa aatcaggggc gccccaaggg gtgtccagga    141060
     gtggccgtgg ccaccccatt gtaaactctg gccatttctg tggccacccc aatatgattt    141120
     tgctgttgat attattaatt taaatgtact tgcataaatt cacaatattt caataaataa    141180
     atagcagcca ctaaattgct gtggattgat tggtgccact gctgtagctg attcactgcc    141240
     cctctccgat cgtcgttgac agcacgcaca caccttcaat agacagcaat ggcagtttaa    141300
     tatttacctt aaggtacatt aataaaagaa gctgtattaa ttatttttgg ctcaaaaagg    141360
     aatagggcta gatgatacta ttagagtatg gtgagtgtgt atgtagatag taatgccttt    141420
     ggtcatttgt tttattaatt aatcttcata aattttagac atggcatata ccgtatgcta    141480
     tacaataaaa gtaggtgaaa aataactgaa aagttattta tatttacgaa aagttttttt    141540
     aaactaaaaa ttgattttta ttttattgat atttaatata ttgatttttt aggaataaat    141600
     tgcaatattt caaaagtaac tacttacata aattaaaagc acattgtttc atctaccaga    141660
     aacaaaaata taacattaca ctgtaataac attttttatg tgtgccaccc caagatttga    141720
     tgcagcttat tctggccacc cctaagaaca ttttctgggg tcgccactga tcaaaagaga    141780
     tcatattttg tcattatgca aatttgctac caatgtatgt aggtttatgt aagaaactca    141840
     aaaaggaggt tatcagagga agcagaactt tagtttgtcc tcaccataat ccggtacgta    141900
     tccgttgcct ttcttcagta cgaggtgtat ccgtgctcct ccctttcgga tctgctccac    141960
     ggcctggctg tgtgtcatgc cgactgtgct gtctccatta atctccacca gctgatcact    142020
     cacctgcagc atgagtcagc aaaagcttca gtgaatcagc gtaatgtcaa caacagcacc    142080
     taatcccagc atgcctcagc ataatcttca aaacatgact cagtactgct cctagtgttt    142140
     tgagtcagag cttcaaacat ccctgacagc gctgggttgt ttaccggtat atgtgtgcat    142200
     aagcacatgt gtgatatttg tatgtatact gtgctctaac ctgtattttc tgactgcgtg    142260
     aggccgggcc gccctccatc agaccgagca catacagacc catgttatac tcacttccac    142320
     ctcgcaaact aaaaccaaat cctgttggtc ccctctcaag atcaacatta taaaactggg    142380
     aatcctgatg agagagagag agagaatttt cataagcagc cttgtgttgt ataggatgtg    142440
     agatgtaaat taaatacttt gaaaagtttt acataacata acaccttatg gatatttaat    142500
     attttgatgt tttatatgct atattgcact aaagaatgtg tagaatgcat aatataaccc    142560
     atttaaaaag agaaaaggag gaaaatgttt ttaaaatgat acatttcagt cacactttcc    142620
     ccatattttt aacagaatct atactaaaat cttgagtctg gtgataggta gtctcacctt    142680
     ttgcttggcc cgatgccctt tcctcaaccg gctctcagca tcaaagtcag ggtattcagg    142740
     cagattattg tctgacaaaa aaatagacac actcatgagt ttagacacac aatgtaatag    142800
     cgcttattta gggtctatac accagtaccc tcttgtggcc aatgttaaaa tttctcctca    142860
     atgtctaaca gcaaatacat tcattcattc attttctttt cggcttagtc cctttattaa    142920
     tatggggtta ccaccacgga atgaaccgcc gacttatcta gcatatgttt tacacagcgg    142980
     atgtccttcc agctgcatat tttgcatgtt tattctgcat atttttgtaa aaatgttatg    143040
     taatgatact gtaatagatt tgtttaatat gaattgatgt ttaacttttt aaataatggt    143100
     aatgataaat tgttaatgaa ttaattgtaa atattttttc tgtttaggta ctttccgaaa    143160
     taaaattatt acaaaattgt gaaacactac ctgacaaaag tcttgtcgct tatttaagct    143220
     tttggaacaa caaataatac cttgatttct agttgatcat ttggtatcag aagtgtttta    143280
     tatgaaaggt aaaggcctct agattacgct tattttacca aaataaaatg tgatcatgcc    143340
     ttgattttta gctatttaat aaagacagta aggtctgacc ttgcttagac ttaagtcttg    143400
     tcacataaca gaaataatgt acagtataga acataaagtg atggtgcagt ggaaaaataa    143460
     ttcatatcat gtatgactcc catgagctta gaagtctgca tccacacatc tctgcaaaga    143520
     cttattatta aaacgtatta ataaagtcat ctggaatggc aaagaaagca ttctcacagg    143580
     actcccagac ttcatcaaga ttctttggat tcatcttcaa tgcctcctcc atcaatattg    143640
     ttcatctctg gtgactgggc tggcctattc tggagcacct tgacctactt tgctttcaga    143700
     gactttgatt tggtggctgg tatatgagaa tgagtgctat cctgctaaag aatttgccct    143760
     ctcttgtggt ttgtaattta atgtgcagca caaatgtctt gatacctcgg gctgttgatg    143820
     ttgccatcca ctccgcagat ctctcgcaca ccctcatatt gaatgtaact ccaaaccatc    143880
     ttattttctt caccaaactt gactgatttc tatgagaatc ttgggtccat gcgggttcca    143940
     aaaggtcttc tgcagtattt gtgatgattg ggatgcagtt caacagatct caacagaaaa    144000
     aatctaactt ctgccacttt tccaaattat caattaaagg tcaagttatt atttgttgct    144060
     cttacaactg ggatcagcga caaaactttt gtcaggtaat gtacacaaaa acaaacgcgc    144120
     atgcaaatag actaaccatt taaatgtact gttaaaagaa tcaaagacta aacagatcaa    144180
     aataatcctg aaaaatgtac aacaagcata ctaagcaaca ccactgctta cacattgaaa    144240
     ataataggaa ttgtttcttg aacaccagat atgcatatta taatgatttt tttgaggtaa    144300
     cctgtgacag tggaaactaa ataaatgtct gctgagaatt cagttttcgg tcacaagaat    144360
     aaaagtttaa aaaaagaaaa cagttatatt aaattagatt agatgttgta cagatacagt    144420
     gcatttaaaa tatcaacccc aaacctttaa acaatggatt atgagccaac atactgtacc    144480
     tcattaaaaa agaagcaaaa ttaaagcagt caagtgaaat aaaaagcatt atttatgttt    144540
     agtgtgctta ctggtgtgag agcgtggtac gatggtgagt ctgagtgtgt ttccagctct    144600
     gcgtaggatc tgtgcaaggt ctctgtgagg cagcgtgacc accgatctgc cctccacagc    144660
     ctctagctga tctcctggct gaatctgacc actgcgcgcc gctgggctcc cccgacgcac    144720
     cgtcacaaac ctatgagaca ctagagacga ggctaaacac acaaaacaga cacagaaaga    144780
     aagagattgt cagtttgcca ttcatgcaaa caaaactagg ggctagattt actaaaactg    144840
     acaaattagc atgagactgt tgccctattt tctttgggtg tctagaaatt ttgttttata    144900
     agttaatatc aataagtgaa tcagcactga atcaacagtt aattacacag ctgatctgaa    144960
     aggagcacag tcatcaatgg atccatatta ttttcatttc aaatgtaaaa tagaaaacac    145020
     aaacagtgaa gcttcagaat ggacattata attgtgcaac tcaaagtcca tgctggacac    145080
     ttcaactttt tagacctgtt ttgagtggaa acatttcttt aaaggtgcca cagaatgaaa    145140
     atctggatat atcttggtat agctgagtat taacgccaac ctgatttcac caagtagggc    145200
     atgttcatag actaacatct atgatcagaa ttaagcaata tgtttaccgt ttatgttaag    145260
     tataggctta tggttaggtt tatgaaattg tacatgattg ttatccaact attattcccc    145320
     tttgattttg agaatacttt aaagttatgg gggcagggaa tagatataga ttagatggta    145380
     atccagaatc acatcatcat gattgcaaaa ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcac atgctttaaa    145440
     agagagcaaa agatctcata tcttcagaac tcatctaaac acaaaatgca ggatatacag    145500
     attataaatg tattcaatgc cactctgaag aggcaaaagt ctgtttaaat gtatcttttg    145560
     ttagtttaat gcgaatattc agacaaatta cagctgatgc taataatgag caactgacaa    145620
     atgtaaacct gacacttaaa acttcacctg actataaatt tagaataaaa aaataaaaaa    145680
     gtcttttcac gtaaagacat gaaggttttt aaaatgccca tttacattaa agacaataac    145740
     tataatgata acaatataat taaaaaatct gtttaaatgt aaacatatca gcttccacat    145800
     acaacaacta taatgataca gacatagaag aatgatttcg ctggcatcgc tttctatttt    145860
     ctgtcatcat tccatagttt ttttttccaa caataaaaat cgaggttacc tgttatcaac    145920
     acacccacac atacacacac aaaaagaaac tcaaagggtt ggaacatact gtaaaatagc    145980
     aaggttccac acaattcctt cattttgtcc caacacaaat cgaataaatg aacccaataa    146040
     ttttttacaa atttaaataa actttcgaat tctgttgttt cagctaaggt aattttttaa    146100
     gtgcaacatg aaagtaagaa aatgagtaaa tgaatgattt taggcgaatt atgtgtttga    146160
     ggctttatgt tgacatgttc tctatcacaa acaagctttt ttccacgcac ttttttacat    146220
     tacatttcac aaaattgaga gtttgtgaat tagaaaggac aaactggcca taaatcacta    146280
     gaataaactg tttgcacttt tagttacaac gtggagcagt cttatcatag aagtccagtg    146340
     cattaatcac ggttattgaa taccggtgtt tgcttaatta ttgctttctc cttcactgtg    146400
     tcccaagttt cactgctgtt ctccttttga tggctctgca ttcactcagt gtagcctatt    146460
     gtatgatgtg ttttgttcca ctccaatctc gtctgtccac attattcagc ctctttactc    146520
     tcggccaaac aagaggttag ttgccaagat tgtaatctca aagtcctgtg tacaattacc    146580
     ctgagcactc gccatcatgt tacacagaga cagttgactg aagaaacaag agctagacat    146640
     aaaacattag acagctgaat gaaacactgc tctgttccag ttaacaatct gctctatgtt    146700
     catctttgtt ggaagatgct tcagctaatg tgtgtgaata aaaacacaca cacaaacaca    146760
     ctattcagac tgaggtacct gttttcagaa aaaaagaaag caatccttat cccagcaccc    146820
     aatcaaaatg aaatagggga gaaactaaag ggacatgttt aataacggga aaaatatgta    146880
     agtactgcaa aatgatagtc gttgccttaa attattaagc cattttaact tgcataacat    146940
     taaattgact ttgaaactga ggttgaacat aacttaaaga gcccctatgt gtttttgaaa    147000
     atgaccttcc atgcaatgaa aacatccagc tgaggtataa tccaaaagtg cactgtttaa    147060
     aactattgtt tctttaacga aatatttgac tcatagcaga ataaattaat tgagctgttt    147120
     cggatctttt gcttgaacat gtcgacgtca atacggtaca tcaccgaata tgtagttcca    147180
     gatccggtta aatgtgaagg cgctttcctt tcagactcta gcggagcact gaggatcaca    147240
     ggactgatca tgacaagaaa ttgatgatca ctgacaaatg gagattcggc tgcagggaat    147300
     aaagggttaa agttcatttt cacaacaata ccacagtata tccaacctag tgctgtgttt    147360
     gtttctgtca tttttctgat ttttgattcc ataacctccg ctgcagtgcg ggactcgtcg    147420
     gctgtttgct tttagaggat ggagcagcag agactattat gtacagactt tttcatagtc    147480
     atggtggcca ttcttctgtc tcgtgctgaa tgcagtcgac caatcacaac agtctgggtc    147540
     atcggtccaa tcagagcaga ttagcttcat gctaaggagg ggttagggaa caaattaatt    147600
     gctgaaggaa tcatatagac atagtttggg ataattaggt aaaaataaat gcatattata    147660
     agacaatgaa agtgtttttt gaccttgcac gcatatcaac ttgttgtttg agaccccaaa    147720
     attaaattat gaccttttat aatgcaaaat tggagctatt taaattaaat actttacatg    147780
     taatattttt ggtgtaataa ttgaaataat tttaataagt ttaaataaca aaacatttgt    147840
     tgttatgaat taatgataat atttctgtat taggccttag tatagtgctg aactgaactg    147900
     gcactggcca atattggctg gcaaatcgac ttgtttgtat tgatcgtgca ctcatgtagg    147960
     gaaacagcca acagcgctga acacgtaaaa acaaaaacag ccctgaaaca ctttctgtta    148020
     gccctttaaa tgctcactga cctaatctat gtcaaagatg gcagcttaca gcaccttttc    148080
     aagaatacag gcttcaagca ctgtgtacag tgtacacatt ttgcacttca aaatatgtga    148140
     actgggattt tgcgcgtttt aacctcctgc tttgctgagg gaaatccgga acctcacacg    148200
     tgtacaaagc tctgactgta atattaatag aaaatgcaag accaaagcaa aggaaactgg    148260
     gttacactga cacaatggac agcaaatctg aataaacaac aaacatgtca taaaagaaca    148320
     aatatacatg attcgaattc acacgccacc acaactttca tatttcagtg aaaactggtc    148380
     ccctttgata ggatagtaaa aataattaag acttttcttt aaaaatgcaa agataaaaaa    148440
     aaaatgtgtt aaactgaaaa gttttactgg acgatcattt caaagaaata acttaatggg    148500
     gattagagca aaaaagggac agaaaatatc attaaagtac agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    148560
     atagtagtcc ctatggctca tgtgctactt ttatactaaa acatgcagcg attttaagag    148620
     atagcaactt gctattgttt tctcatacaa agcttttaaa tacagtgcat gaagcatatg    148680
     catcactttt aagatttttt attttatttt ttggtcattt taaaacactg gatgaactgt    148740
     tcattaaaga caaaacctag tattttagat gtaggcaact aaaatgcttc aaaaatgaca    148800
     ccgaacacca taaaacatca ttttaaaaag tatcaattgt tcatttggct cacatgcttt    148860
     gttgtgtaat aagacctatc aatattgaag atatcaaagc aattaagtga aaaactaatg    148920
     tttattcttt ttctcaaaag aggatacagc atcacatggc tttggatgga gctgtaataa    148980
     attaaataca attttatttg cgcatttagg ataattgttg cttcttttca tgaatacaga    149040
     atagatcaca aaattctcca aaaaacttag ttaccctatc tataagctgg catgctttaa    149100
     aacaatgaca aaagtcacat taagaagata aatgcattca atacgtacag tgtctttcac    149160
     aaacatgggt ctataaattt gatgacatca ctctgcactt cagcttttca ttaaattttt    149220
     agtcaaatca aatgctctgt aaaatctgaa gcatctctcc acctactgaa acacttttta    149280
     aagcaaagac gcatttggtc tctaataaat tgtataatga taaatataat aataataaat    149340
     tcagccctaa tggaatattt acaccgacat atacatcttt gcttcaaaaa aaaaaaagct    149400
     tgacgcagca ctcaggaatg ggtttaaaaa agcacagcgt agtgcaaggt ccaggtgatg    149460
     taataccgac aatgacaaac ccattagaaa taggaaaaaa aatgaattac gcacttagac    149520
     atacaaaata aaactactgg ataaagccac tatgagtgcc ttgtctgcca tgataaaaca    149580
     gcaaaataaa cagttgttaa atttctacta taaacagaag tttgcggtta ccccgcctcg    149640
     ggttctcctg attggtccac ttcttaaacc agtcattgat gggctgcact gagtgtgaaa    149700
     gttaaaaatt tttcagcttg acacagcatc ttaaaaatgt ggccctcgca tatgctatgc    149760
     ttcgaaagac atgagatggg agtgaaacag tcaaactcgc ccatcaatcg tctttacatt    149820
     gaaaaacaat agaaaactag cgtgttggaa ataaaaaaaa ttgaatctgt gtgaaccccc    149880
     cctaatttaa agagaagtcg tgcaggtaat ggtcaaagac aggggcaaat tgtagcatac    149940
     aggtaatcca atatcgcagt caaaaaacaa gtgagtggtc ggtacaggcg gcaaagaatt    150000
     aataacgaaa aaaccaggca aatatggaat gactagatga gatttaatgc ttcgtaatgc    150060
     tacaataaca gtgaacaaga ctcagctcag aagtgtgtgc gttctgtgta aacagtcctt    150120
     gtaatcggtc cgtgatgaac ttccatctgg gtatacgcat tcagcaggta aactgcaact    150180
     ggtgtgaacc ggtaagatgg gatttgtagt tctttaggtg gccgatttgt agttctccag    150240
     caatcagtat agactagatc gctggtgact gtgacagtag ctttgagttt agcagctctg    150300
     aacaagcaat aatagctatt ttttaaaggg ggaggagata cagtactaaa tatgctctgc    150360
     cctttaaaat ttctcttttt cacttttcaa caagctcttc ttccctttac tcaatgaatg    150420
     ttactgtgag ctgaacatgg aaacagagaa tattgtgtgc tgaataaatt gtgatgtgtt    150480
     gtcttgtgaa atgacaatgt gtgtatgtgt acagaatcat tcaagcccag gtgagatttg    150540
     ctcagtgtca cgtgaagcgt gttgagctgg tagagaacgt tctcccacgt accacattgt    150600
     taagcactgc caattattac caaacctaca ttattcatga gtctgtctat tattcataac    150660
     acatttatgc attattcata gagtgtaaaa catctctgtt aatgagcata ttgttctgcg    150720
     ggttatttat agaaatggac atatggagtg aaaagattaa aagggttatt gtgtttatag    150780
     ggaggatgta tttaacaaac atggcacagg ggggtttatg taatttcgta aaagtctccc    150840
     tgatgaaaac agagataaag agataaatac gggatgggta gaggggtaca gctgtctctg    150900
     acccagctgc ccaacagaca gaaatgctct ttgggatttg gagatactga acatcatcgc    150960
     agtattatgg cttcataaag gtatatagtg ttggttacat aactcttatc aaacacttcc    151020
     cataatccta taaaccgaaa ctattactga cacagagaaa gacatgattt gtaaatttta    151080
     cagcatagta taatactgaa agagacaact tataagtaga tttaataata ataataattt    151140
     gttaacaatt tgattattat acagtataat attattttag ttaatgtttt ataataccag    151200
     ggatatatta cactcacggc cactttatta ggtacacctg tccaactgca caacacgtcg    151260
     aaccttgagg cagatgggct acagcagcaa aagaccacac cgggtgaaag tcctgtcagc    151320
     taagaacagg aaactaaagc tacattagta ccaactaagt atcgtgtcaa cgccacagcc    151380
     tacccgagga ttgttgctga ccatgtccat ccctttatga tcacagtgta cccatcttct    151440
     gatggctact tccagcagga taatgcttca taaagcgcga atcatctcag actggtttct    151500
     tgaacataat aacgagttca ctgtactcaa atggcctcca cagtcatcag atatcaatcc    151560
     aatagagcaa atttgggatg tggtgtaacg agatttgcat catggatgtg cagccgacat    151620
     atctgctgca actgcgtgat gctatcatgt caatatggac caaaatcttt gacgaatatt    151680
     ttcagtgcct tgttaaatca atgccatgaa ggattaaggc agttctgaag acaaaaaggg    151740
     gtctaacctg gtactagaaa ggtgtactta ataaaatggc cagtgagcat atattatatt    151800
     atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattaaatt    151860
     atattatatt atattatatt atatttttca ttcattcatt catttttttt caacttagtc    151920
     cctttattaa tccggggtcc ccacagcgga atgatccgcc aacttatcca gcacgttttt    151980
     acacagcgga tgcccttcct gccgcaaccc atctatggaa aacatccata cccactcatt    152040
     tgcacccact catacactca gacaatttag cctacccaat tcacctgtac tgcatgtctt    152100
     tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg agcatccgga ggaaacccac gcgaacgcag agagaacatg    152160
     aaaactccac acagaaatga aaactgaccc agacgaggct cgaaccagcg accttcttgc    152220
     tgtgaggcga cagcactacc ttctgtgcca ctgcatcgcc tatattatat tatattatat    152280
     tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatatataaa    152340
     attctattat attatcaata aaaaaataat tttcaaacct ctaaaattaa atttttttaa    152400
     aattctgcag gtttaaagat tgaagaaatg cataattcaa tgcttatgat tcagataata    152460
     acattaataa tgaggttaca tttaaaggtt taaaggcaac agttatatag cacagtaaat    152520
     atttattttt taaatatatt ctaatatttc ataggtttat acgagaggca ttttatatga    152580
     ggcattttac tagcaggagc aggttttttt ttttttaaaa tgatagtaat aataatgaga    152640
     tataaatata aacatacatt atataagcac attttgtgtt cattaataat ttgaatcagg    152700
     tgcacagcac aagcatgggt caaaatgtaa tcaaaagtgt ggaaaaactg ggtcaagctt    152760
     cagagctgta acacaacgct ttgtttcagt tcacctccac ttttattcag gagcctgtta    152820
     ttttcacgtc tggccaaatt ttctctgaac tgcgagccaa tgagccgtgt gagaggcgag    152880
     ttttacacac accacaggct ttggcgggaa gaacagaggt tttgcgtgtt gtgttcagcc    152940
     gagttcagcc gggggtcgag agtgaatgac tgcagcgcct gaacaaaact cctcacgcag    153000
     agcagagaac agtagcactc atgccgagat gatgaccttt tgtcacatgt cagaagaaca    153060
     cacgcacgca tgtttacctg cccattggtg aactccttta aagctattct caattaatgc    153120
     tgaagtatgt tattgtttaa agtcaatgaa tcatcctacc aggtttggtt tacagaaaag    153180
     tgttgtgtgt ttaaacaatt caatcagccc aacaacagtt catccaatag catacaattg    153240
     gggcggggct taactgatca gccagtcaac agcaaaaagg atgtatttga aaaatgtaac    153300
     ttaaaaacag tgtgtattgg tgctattccc tttcgaatga cacactttaa ttcaaattac    153360
     tacaaaataa ttataaacta tcatttagct gagtcagttt tctgacagca gttgaaccat    153420
     tctgcttgtt tagtcatgac atatggaata ctgtttccgg gtccaagcca ctactcggtt    153480
     caattgagaa aatattcatc tatgaccact ttttgatcat atcacacatt aaagtcaatt    153540
     ttatataaaa tcatgctgta cacaacatca gcattgcaga caccaatatt ttagcaattt    153600
     ataagaatgc atcactttca ggccattgga tataaggcat ggatatatat atatatatat    153660
     tgtgttgtga tttttcaaaa gtgttacatc tcttagtaaa cgtttattat taccagttgt    153720
     tgagtctctc catacagttt gaaacagcac ttgaacatca cacttgacaa gtgaatagtg    153780
     tgggttaggg gtgtgattgt aaaattagtc agccaatact agaaaaaaaa aacttatatt    153840
     tattgttttt ggaccttttc atgtttatgc aagcactatt taaacaaaac aagtttcttg    153900
     accacaaaat tacaatgact acctgatttt tgaacatttg tatacttaat gcacacacat    153960
     taccctgaag cgagctgtga gtaaatgatt gagtgagtac atgaccagtg aataactgaa    154020
     aggcagcagt aatagagcat gctttgtgtc atgtgtctgg attacatttt caattcagct    154080
     attatagatg tataaacagg gccaaaaaaa atgaaatctt catagaagat catttcaccc    154140
     aaatcctgtc ataacttgct tcattgtgga acaaaaataa ttaatgttaa aaatcatatt    154200
     cactgacttt aattatattt ataatagcag tataatagca atagcaatat aatagctaaa    154260
     gtttttctct ttttttcaca gtattaagag catatttcag attttacgtg acatgagtat    154320
     gatatgagct ccatgggtct gctgtccttt caatgagtga aatctagtgg tgatggtttg    154380
     aaaccctgca aaggattcct ataggcttta atagtaatac agaaaagaaa tatatatata    154440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    154500
     tatatatata tatatatata tgctggttgt tcaaaaaatg agctgaatca cacaattttt    154560
     tagttttttg ggaggactac taaattgttt tatgtttaat ccacttaaat ttgcaaaaac    154620
     aattaggtta acttaatcga tttgtgttgg gacaacaaga aggaattgtg tggaacccag    154680
     catttttagg taatttttgt aaaaaaaaat tataaaagta aaaaagtaat ttcactgcaa    154740
     tatgccactt taataagaaa atatcttgta aactacaagt aaacaaatgc aatatacact    154800
     acataaattc tgggttccac ataatttctt catgttgtcc aaacacaaat caatcaagtt    154860
     aactttttaa gaactttttt tactaacttt aaatgaattg aacataaaac aaataagttg    154920
     tcctaaaaaa aaaatgttgt ttcaactcat tttaaataag taatttggac aagcagcgaa    154980
     atattttttg agtgtaatac aaataataat aaaataatat tgtaatgacc tagtccacag    155040
     cgctgatagc caggtgcatt atgggaaact ggcttagagt tgattatatg tgttttacga    155100
     gctatataga tgggctgctt tgttattaat gttatgggtg tttatgtttg attgggttct    155160
     gtgttttaaa cttaatattt cctagtttaa taaaatattg gccatcacca tcaataatag    155220
     aagtgttata agtaagccct ccgatggtat ggtcttgtaa gggctgttca tgttctgagc    155280
     tcagaataaa aaaagttaac tgacagtgct gcttcccact tgcttattct gtcagattgc    155340
     tgacaacaga aacactcagt ggtgtggtgt gtatgggaca tgagtgttct cctcgctaac    155400
     atgctgttaa gcgtaaagtt ataagtaggg ccagacagaa tctgctgaca tttttagcta    155460
     tttctgcaca gatttttgtt aaaaatctgg ggatttatac agaattattt tgggagtatc    155520
     ataactaaaa cttaaattta tgaaataaaa aataatacct tattaccttt tagtgtttac    155580
     aatacaaatc caattagatc cacattattt ggtaaaaaag cctttcgtat aatatctcta    155640
     ttaaaagaca gaaaataata ctttacgaac tttattgtaa ataaactata tgaatatttt    155700
     catattagtc aatattatta ctgaaattca tttaaaaact gaataaatat aaatttacaa    155760
     acatttacac aagtaaataa acagaatcaa tgatcagcta aaaatctgct gaaatctgca    155820
     gaattctgcg cacgcagttt ccgtgtaggc ctagttataa gccacacgct agcaccctgc    155880
     tagccgttta gattatttaa acagttcact taggtttatt agctccaatt gcccatatac    155940
     agcaattatt acaatataat accaaataat ataacccaag cttctgttaa aaagcaaaaa    156000
     cataaggaaa accaaattgt caagcacaag cacggaacag aaactcagag atacagatca    156060
     cagcataaca agtatatggt gactgagcat cagagccaca gtactcattt acatcaggct    156120
     gaccctgcag aaacaaacaa tcccagcact gctgtaaaca acagcacatg aaacagtatc    156180
     tgcagtgaaa cacagcttta cacacagcct gtgtgtgtct accactgaac aaactgatac    156240
     agtattacac atcctgtcca atcagattca aaacacacgt ccaactgaac acaattcaaa    156300
     cacacacata cagtaaagta cagtacaagc atacttgcat ccccctttgg gaataaagat    156360
     gcaaaaccat ctgtttaata tttagcccta tccagcttat tagtgcagcc atgtctctaa    156420
     aaaagaacaa tgcagagcct cacatgacat caggaaatca tgctcaacta atgatccaga    156480
     acctgcgatg tctgttaaca tggttaagct tcatgaaaca gcatcagctg acttcaaaac    156540
     aactcgttcg tctgaaaaat ggaaacaggc ataagatgac gccttaagga tattacaaca    156600
     cagagaggat acagataaga tacagacaac ctcatattga ataagactga aaggaacatg    156660
     cagtgtttct ctctctctct cactcacatt gcacattccc cacaaatgac ctcatgcaga    156720
     ggatctatca aacacgataa gatttcaggg tgtgcagctc atagttatgt attgtgatga    156780
     acagtaaatc ttaactacga agatgtcata ctgtaggtgt tgtgctgttg acattgtact    156840
     tcaaccgatt aaaaataata tggtgtatcc atgtataata ccatagtgaa caccttggca    156900
     ccatagtata ttttaccata tacagcctaa aaaacagtaa aaaaatataa aaatgagtaa    156960
     accctttgta acgtttaact ttgtaactgt taagttgact tatattttac aattataaac    157020
     atttcttctt cagattaagt taagccaacc aatcacttta aaaagcagca ggtttactca    157080
     cttttttagg taaagtcaac taatcgtttt ttacagtgta gtaccatgtt ttgtccattt    157140
     gtaccctggc agtaccagga tgttgcttaa aatggcaagg agtaccgtgt acatgcaatg    157200
     gcaccaaaaa ataccatact gccacagtat tttacatata ttactatggt tgtatcgagg    157260
     aacttactgt atctgacttg tcagtttcag agtattctta aaaataccac ggagtaaaaa    157320
     cagtataaca tgaatttagc accttagaac agggatatta tgacatggtg tgatttaaaa    157380
     tttttactat gatattatta cagtaagttt ttgcaataga aagaaaacta aacaccatga    157440
     aacatggtac ttaaaatgca gtactaatgg tgccatgtcc aatgaatatt gaagcactgt    157500
     gtccatcact tccatactgt acacatactt tactatttga gtaccaattg tcagaaatga    157560
     atagatcttc agacaaaaat gtcaacaaaa attacattac aaattacaaa tgtaaaaaaa    157620
     atcagggttc atacggtctt ggaaaacctg gaaaatctgc caaggcattt tccaggcctg    157680
     gaaaagtttt ggaaaaacag aaaagcccac aaagttttgg aaaagtcatg gaaaacagat    157740
     atctgtatac ttgaaaatag gttagttgtc ttgacttcta ttctatcctt ggccaatcac    157800
     atacgctcac aatattagtg cgggttaagc attatctaaa taaatttcac atagatataa    157860
     attgaaacta aatagattgt tgcatgtttt acaatatgtg aaaaatcata gaaaagtcat    157920
     gaaattttag tagataaaat gtgtatgaac cctaaaaatt ataaatcagg acacgtcata    157980
     cctaaacgtt tgttgttctg tatttttaga attttttttt attttttttg tataataagc    158040
     tttacattat atccctaatt tgagttcaac ttgtttaaag aaaggtaagg taattttatt    158100
     tgtgtgtact gtttgctcta gagaaaaaaa agtgtttcat ttctgaatat ttgaaaacta    158160
     atttgaataa acgtttaagt taatatcttt tcagtttctt tttattaact aacactcact    158220
     gcatttcagc agtaagaagc tctgatacag ataagtaagc tgaagcctga ctacaaaatt    158280
     aaatcacaaa tcaaatcgca gtacaatatg tcaaaaaaaa taaataaata aaaaataaat    158340
     aaataaataa ataaatcgca attagatatc tttctcaaat cgcacagccc taaatgacag    158400
     tgccacaaaa ttttgggagc tactttacaa acattttaaa cagaattact aaagtattac    158460
     aatgtgatct ttttacagta gcgtattact gtcaggtttt ttataataaa aaaatattca    158520
     aaagcatgtt aatgctatga tacaaacatt ctgctacatg caaatgagat atttcaataa    158580
     ttgtttattt tgttgaattc tactatattc ctgtacgcag agatttgtac tcttctgcag    158640
     tgttgagtct gctctcgctg gtccaacaca tcacagaaga attgagcctt tctttggcac    158700
     aaacactgga aatatttcag gcatgtaaga gccaggtgaa ccccagctcc aggacgctct    158760
     gaacaatgaa aaatgcagag ctttaatcaa atgaaatcac ttcataagag ctatcccgta    158820
     gagctcaaag actatactcc acctaaacat gcatcctatt acaaaacctg aacacacccc    158880
     atctcagctg aagaaaaata taatgaaaaa gaattatgaa acagacaaat taggctgcag    158940
     atccttattt tttgaataaa cgaaacagta gttgagtcaa taattaatta aaatacaaga    159000
     gaaagtattt acgtttggcg tccttcacag ttttcagggc agcctgaagc ctttccagca    159060
     tgttgtcctg ataaagtttc taaatccagc ttcaaatcca cagaatttct gacactaagg    159120
     ctttaaatct gcatttattt ttttacaaaa ggagcaaaaa tcaggagtgt tcaggtgttt    159180
     ttttcccttc agagcagaga aattgaagct gcttgcgctg acaaaactga tctgaggaaa    159240
     agagaggggc gaaagagggt gaaaaagtgc agagagtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag    159300
     agagagagag aaagagagag agagagagaa atcactggag ggagggtgat agagtgcata    159360
     tgaggaaaat aagagcgatt taatactaca ctgaatcctt tcccaaaaat attcacatat    159420
     ttatacttac cactatatac tataacaaca catgcaattt gtatgcatta ccatataaaa    159480
     gtttaaattc attttcaaga aaagaggaat taaaggtgat tgtaatactt taaaatgctt    159540
     tttttatact aatcattaaa gaatctcaat aattgtattt tattttcaat ttaaacaaaa    159600
     ggtataagaa gaattgtgtt ttaaacattg acaacactgt aaaaaatact gcattccaca    159660
     ccaatcgatt aagttaacat aattgtttac aaatttatat ggattaaaga taaaacaacc    159720
     aagttgtacc caaaaaacaa aacaaaaatt gtgttgattc aatttatttt aaataagtag    159780
     tttgaaaaag tagcaaaaaa aatgttttga gtgaataaga agaatactgg gatgaatcgc    159840
     cacaaatata aattacattt tgaaatatat tcattcattt tccttcggct tagtcctttt    159900
     atttatcagg ggtcgccaca gcggaataaa ccgtcaatat ccagcggatg actccaaatg    159960
     aaatatctat acacaattgc gttcacatac acgacggcca aattagattc ttcagtttac    160020
     ctataccgca tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aaccggagca cacggaggaa acccacgcaa    160080
     aaacagggag aacatgcaaa ctccgcacag aaacgccaac tgacccaacc gtggcacaaa    160140
     ccagtggtct tcttgctttg aggcgaccgt accgtccatt ttgaaatata taaaaatata    160200
     taattttgct ttatattgta ataatatctc atagcattat tagtgtattt agtaattgga    160260
     tcaataaatg cagccttggt gagggttgga tacatttaat attttttctg taaacaagtt    160320
     aaatgtcatt tatttttaag gatatacatg attgactgaa ctggtaatct ttaataaatt    160380
     atatgcaaca acaaaaaatc aacacaaggt actgtttgta cactaaagac ctggatgggc    160440
     ccggtgacaa caaaatcatt tttggattac agggtaacac tttacaacaa ggtctattag    160500
     ttaaaatgag ttattgcatt aactacaaag agcaatggat ttgttgtagt atttatacat    160560
     tcacacaaat aaacaatagt tagtaaatat aaatattctc aatgttttta taaatctttt    160620
     cttcttttca tttcttttca atcaaacttt tcatgggctg cacggtggcg cagttggtag    160680
     catgttcgcc tcacagcaag aaggttgctg gtttgagcct cgcctgggtc agttgccgta    160740
     tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgtg ttcagatggg ttttctccag gtgctccggt    160800
     ttcccccaca gtccaaagtc atgggctata ggggaattgg gtagggtaaa ttctccatcg    160860
     tgtatgtgtg ggaatgagtg cctatggatg tttcccagtg atgagttgca gctgcgtaaa    160920
     acatttgctg aataattttg cggatcattc cgttgtggcg accccagatt aataaaggtt    160980
     ctaagccgaa aattcatttt tgttatccaa gttccaatat tttatttaat tcgttattca    161040
     tagcattatt tcatttattt tcatatgaac ctattttaaa gtataaatgt gatatgtaat    161100
     aaaaatttaa taatgtaata atttaaagta ttattatatt tgtgttaata aagtgtgtaa    161160
     tcagatatta aatatttatc acagatattt ttttcaaaat tgttaagaaa catgtaaaac    161220
     aggcaaatct cactggttcc tggacatctt tgtgaatgaa tgtggatctg aaaacataag    161280
     atgttttcaa caatactcta tactctgcta tacaatacac cctcaaaaga caatgaccaa    161340
     gtactgaact gctacaaaac acaacatata aaaggacaaa gataagaaaa aaagagaatg    161400
     aaaacaggaa aaactgcaat caggaaacgg ttccatttgt cgtttcacag ttacaagcac    161460
     agctgcacac aaaccatgac ctcactccga ttttacttca tcctgcattt acaaaccctt    161520
     ccccaaaccc ttcccctcaa cgctcagagc agtgaactac aaaatcatgc atattagtaa    161580
     ttaataaaaa ccaactataa acgtcttctt acaaatcaca gcgtacacat cagccaagct    161640
     tcaaatcagc tgaaagaaat cataattagt ctgctaatta gaaatgttct atgaacatgc    161700
     ttattgcata atgacatgac tcagtcagac aacatgctca gaggataaat tgcccccttt    161760
     tcctcccaac aaatcacctg gccatgaaaa tgtggaacaa gaattgttca ttctctttat    161820
     agagaaagaa gctatattta cagagttttg atgtttatat ttatatgatg tactgtgaat    161880
     aataatacaa tactactgta ttagttcata catgtattaa tggtgtcatt attttggctg    161940
     aagattacac aacacaaggt cacacgttta ggccagaaca taaatagatt actcactatg    162000
     attcagctta atccctgatt tatcaggggt cacgaaaaac agaatgaacc gccaattagt    162060
     ctggcatatg tttctaccca ccacctcgga aacacccata cactctctca ttcacttaca    162120
     atcatacact atggccaatt tagtttactc atttcacctc taaggcatgt ctttggactg    162180
     tgggggaaac cagagcacca aaaaaaaacc cacgtgaact cagggagaac atgcaaactc    162240
     cacacagaaa tgcttcctgg tccaacctgg actcaaacta gcaaccttct tgctctgaag    162300
     cgattgtact aaccaccgag catttcaaag cattttacaa aggacagctt ccagaatttt    162360
     tccctgttta gtgctggatt cagccaaaac cttttatttc cttcatgtat agtttctagg    162420
     cgcaaggatg taaacaatga gaaacactgt ttgccacact gttaacaatt tacaaataaa    162480
     ttcatattta ttaaattaat atctaagaga tgaaaacacc aacaatcttc actagtgatt    162540
     gcaatgtctc tctacatggt cgcttttcct gcgttcaaca cttgaaatta acttgagttt    162600
     gcaaaagata tgtgaacctt tcgtattact tacacatgct aacccaaata gaaaagaaag    162660
     acatttgtca aatattattt tacatttgag gcatggtgaa actgtcaaca ctagatgctg    162720
     aattgctagt aagaggtatg acgtttccta gtgaggtgga tccaatccgc aaatcaaaac    162780
     acattaggtt agctaaccaa tcagaggcca ttggcggcgg gccttcggag gaaccaggaa    162840
     atatcatagt cgtattcatg ctaactgagt accagtataa aattatggca agatatgtga    162900
     aaaaaataac gtgattattt acaaatgaag cacgagcaca caatgtttag cagaccataa    162960
     acacaatcaa gctttaaaaa aacactctgg accacctttt taatacctgg cctcttttat    163020
     actcacaacc ccaaaaccca gtcaattcgg gtcacgtcac caacataacc ttcacatttt    163080
     tacttgccct gtccccaagt ggtattcaaa ccagcttttg ggtatggaac acaggcctac    163140
     taaaaaggat gctaaagagc atttcttttt gtatgagcta ctaaagcacc tcatgaggcc    163200
     atgagagtga attacatgga tagtttttta aatatcaaat gcagtggtca ttaaaagaaa    163260
     atgtctggaa tgatttgaat gtaatagtct atcaataaga accagatggc ttagcacttg    163320
     ttactacatg tacaacagag aaaatggtac ccatgcattt ttttatgtaa gcgcagatta    163380
     gtagcaaagt ggttttgaca agactactta cttccattca ctacatcctg ggatgcaatg    163440
     acaaacccga atccttctcc tggtcttcgt ctcaactcca catccatggc tctggaagag    163500
     attgctgccc ttgtgtccac atggctttta gatacagcgc cagggttaga gacagcagtt    163560
     cggctccact gagcaggtcc gtcctccact cctaaccagt cccgaggctc tagggtcagg    163620
     gtaacgggca ctgagtccag gaagctggtg ctttggacca ggttgggaag gtcaccacag    163680
     ggcgaggagg gagagagggt gctctggctg ggcacagcac catcagagga gggcgaggtc    163740
     agatcaggag tgcccagtga aggagggggt ctcttatagg cattcgggga gcctggggag    163800
     caaagaggac ctgagggaga acatgacaat gatgagtgaa gtgtgttata ttctgtgtaa    163860
     tggtagaaat atgaacacag tgtcgatgac cctcacctcc tctgtaaacc agtaagacca    163920
     cctcaccctg tttggtatgt tcttgcagca cccgctgcac ctgttcatat gaaaaagatc    163980
     acatgcagtg attcagataa gaaaaaaagt ttcagaacac tgtagagtta ctgaattacc    164040
     tgtgcaaagc tgaggctctg cacatcagcc ccattgattt taataatggc atcccctggc    164100
     tgtaaggagt ggcactgtcg cctgtcccag actctcttca ccactgccaa ctgacctccc    164160
     tgccccccag ccgtcacact gaaacccatt ccccctccct cgctcctgcc caaggccaca    164220
     ggtaccagct caccccctcc cccacagcct accccacctg gggctcctgg ggaccctagg    164280
     ccacccggga gaggccgcgg ggggttgttg gctggacacc cgttgaaacc acagggtggg    164340
     tgctcggttg ggggtgcgac ggcaagtgat gtttggggca tgggaggccg ctggatgctg    164400
     ggtgctcctg gtggtggagc agtaggaccc acctcaggct ggggtagtgg gagcgcagta    164460
     gaagagagat cactctcgga agacttggaa ctgtgatggg tgtgagaagg ggctggaaga    164520
     gagttgttgt tgtagcttcg gataagggaa gctctgtgta gaaattggaa aaaaatgcat    164580
     gtgtacacag ggtggcatca ataataataa gaaaaaataa gtaaactggt tcgatatttc    164640
     agatgaactg actgtcaaat ttttgttacc tgcgtgtgac aacagagctg acctctgtat    164700
     cgctatgact ggagctcatt cgctctgaag gggcggggcc gtttgataaa ggcaccgccc    164760
     ccagccctat aatccctcca actccatttc cattggccat tgagtaggaa ggctggggtg    164820
     cagtgttccc attggcatcc aaggcctctt tctgcatgcg ggggtagaag ttgttgtgga    164880
     gtgacatgga gcggttgagg ttcacaaagg cgggttgctg tccatcagga tgctggacct    164940
     gggattgagc agaaccaggg gctgcagggt tggtgttggg tgtgtcagaa ggggaggcga    165000
     gactggtttt ggggcagcca tcagggttgt agagcatggg gtaacctcga cgaagaacaa    165060
     catccacgct gtgacccatg gggacggatt tcagcatttc tactacttct ttatgagaca    165120
     aacccagcac acatgagtcg ttgatgtaca ccaggatatc cgctgaaaga gagagagatt    165180
     tctgtcattt atttttatgc ataagggaaa tcaaattgta aacaatccga tttttttttg    165240
     agtgcaaaga gtacaagagg aattaaagtg tagagatgta aagatttaga tctaaagcat    165300
     aacatttaaa tagttcagtc tacaatgcaa accgactccc agttaacaaa actaatgtta    165360
     tgtgtaacat gctagcatag ccatgaagtt atgaaaacac tatttttaaa cgttctgtcc    165420
     taattcaaga cttccagatt ttaaaattgc tttaaaaatg ttttgggtca tgcaaaggtt    165480
     aagagaccat tccgattgat tattccaaac acattatgga aactgatgta ctgaagctaa    165540
     gcagggctgc gcccggtcag tacctggatg ggagaccaca tgggaaagct aggttgctga    165600
     aaggagtgat gttagtgagg ccagcagggg gtgttcaacc tgcagtctgt gtgtgtccta    165660
     acgccccaga gtattgatgg ggactctata ctgctcagtg agtgccgtct ttcagaggag    165720
     acaaaagtgg ttgttacatt tatatagtct ctatataaac tgtttgcggt cgttaaaaat    165780
     cccaaaatgt ccttcgaaaa acagatggtc gtttaacccc gccatcctgg ccaaatttgc    165840
     ccattggtct ctgtccatca tggccttcta accatcccat atcatagttg gcttcagcac    165900
     tctgtctcct ctccaccaat cagctggtgt gtggtgtgcg gtctggagca atatggctgc    165960
     cgttgagtca tccaggtgga tgctacacac tggtggtgga tgaggagatt catgtaaagc    166020
     actttgataa gcgctaaata aatgtaagga attattatta ttattattat tattattatt    166080
     gttattagat gtacaagtaa tatttttgtg ctaaaattta cagaatagaa tgaaagacat    166140
     cccgctgtca acaagaacac tgatcattaa caattctgga atttgtttta attttaagag    166200
     aaccttgtca gtatgctagt tacagtacaa ttcagagaac agtagcgtat tcttggtgct    166260
     gggatgtggc tgaaagggca tctgctgtgt aaaaaatatg tctaagtaat tggcggttca    166320
     ttccactgtg gcaaaccctg ataaatcagg gactaaggtg aaagtgagtg agtgagtgag    166380
     taagtaatgg ttattattgc aattattcat ttattttatt ttcagcttag tccctttatt    166440
     aatcaggggt ggccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt tttactcagt    166500
     ggatgccatt catgcaacat cccaagactc ggaaacaccc atacacttgc atttacacac    166560
     atacactacg gccaatttag cttattcaat tcacctatag agcatgtctt tggacttgtg    166620
     agggaaaccg gagcacccgg atgaaaacat acaaactcca cacagaaatg ccaactgacc    166680
     caggcagggc tcaaactagc aaccttcttg ctgtaaggcg attgtgctaa ctcatgtgcc    166740
     accgtgatgc ccattgctat tattattatt gttaaaatta taaaattact atatatccaa    166800
     atatattatc tttactattt ttatcatgtt cataaatata tagtattaac aaatgacact    166860
     tataaaaata aattaaattc tatttgttga atcaactgaa atcaaatcat gtatcgcctg    166920
     acccctttag ggataaggga tggcaggagg ctttgtgggc acacgtgagc agacagtgtt    166980
     gtgtgtaaaa gacaggcaga ttaaaaccta caggcgcatc tggattaaca gcagatcagc    167040
     agcagattca aaccatgaga ccctccaaat cactaaacac acacacatac acacgcgcgc    167100
     atatacacag actaatctaa tccagagaga gaaggagtgt caagggattt ccagcctaaa    167160
     ataaaagtga ggattggagg gatagattag aggataggga gagaggaaaa gcaagcagct    167220
     catcttttat ccatcagatc ctattctctt gcctggcttt ttcttccatc tataaacggt    167280
     ctgacttaaa tccagatcta tgaagctttt tgtcttcttt taaatgtaaa aagaggacat    167340
     taaagtcaga ggtgccgtta cgtcacatat gattcactgc gtcctcaaga gtcctctgca    167400
     caaatctatg catgttatta aattattatg tctgtcataa atggataaat atttaaagaa    167460
     gtgacctgtt gaagtgccat ctcctgttct gcaaatttgt agagaggcat caaaaagcag    167520
     gagccactta tagcagtttc caggagagac cgtgttgcca tgtgaatgtg gcatgcagga    167580
     aagcatttat ttatttttat ttatttttta aaattttgtc caaatgtgat attagaaaga    167640
     tttaaaaatt gcctcatgaa aatatttttt acattaataa tctaatgcct ttccaaatgt    167700
     tcctgagtgt gcttctgaaa tgtttcatta tgagcaaaga tttatcatgc aatttatcat    167760
     gatttttttt tctctaaaaa ttgcttaata ataataataa taataataat aataataata    167820
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taatgatata taagcaataa    167880
     tagtcaacta taaaataaaa tctaatattg ttcatctccc agacctttca aaaccattac    167940
     aagattagaa tattaataat aaaatacagt acattagcag ttaataaata ctctagtaaa    168000
     aatgctacag ataaaaaata aaaatgtcct aaaatctctt gcatttaatt gtaataataa    168060
     caacaacaac aataataata ataataataa taataataaa aacaaaaact atataattta    168120
     gtaattgtaa aacaatagta aaaatgttaa ataagaaaac cttcattcac aagacctttt    168180
     aaaaccaata cagtaagttc attcattaat tcattcattc attcattcat tcatttattc    168240
     attcattttc cttcggctca gtcccttatt tctcagggga taaaagcata aaataaaagc    168300
     ataaaaatcc aatttacaac tgtatcaaat tcttaatttg cctagcagaa aaatgacttt    168360
     cgaaaccact atatttaata atcattatca ccgttatcta tttagtacac tgtaaaaccc    168420
     aaaaagttaa ctcaaaccgt ttgaggaaat cagttgaaat aaagtattta ggttcaaaaa    168480
     ctaatcttca tgagtaatac tgtgaactta atccatttga gtaaataaag caatttgaac    168540
     acagtaaaag ccaataaatt aagagaactc aaaccaactg agtactgtaa aacccaaaaa    168600
     gttaaggcaa ctcaaaccgt ttgaggaaac ctaatctata tgagtactgt gaacttattc    168660
     catttaagtt aaagtaaaga ggtatttaat taattcatta tcttcaacac tgagttcaaa    168720
     actcttttca aatgactaga attaactttc agtcaatttt gagttaacta cactcatttt    168780
     aattcgataa agttgactgt tgggttttac agtgtagtat ttttacatgt acattgagaa    168840
     atagctcaac tgacccacca aagagacatg ttgcaaaaaa ttcaatccta atattatctg    168900
     ctataatctg gatactctgc ggacagtgtt tgtacttgtt ttcttaagac tttttgaaag    168960
     tgttttacct gttttgagtg cagacggtcc cccgggagtg acactgtaca cctgcagaaa    169020
     ctctcgaggt ctgctgccac ccacaatgtt gaagccaaac ccacggggtc ccttcagcaa    169080
     gcgagtgtgt atggaatagc ccttcagatc agatggctgg tctgtgaatg caggtactaa    169140
     ttcatgcaca cagacacaca cacaagaaaa tttgcattta aagaaaaaac agagataagt    169200
     gtttatgcca agtacacaga gtccaacaat aaccttaaac ctaaacatca gtgtttaaca    169260
     atgcagcgaa ctgctataca acactgccat ctgctggcgc cattagagct gtacatatgt    169320
     attcactcat tttcttttcg gcttagtccc tttataaatc tggggtcacc acagcggaat    169380
     gaaccaccaa cttatcctgc atatgtttta cacagcagat catcttaaag ctgcaaccca    169440
     ggactgggaa attaaatgct aaattattaa actaaatatt aaaaatgcca tcaagccatt    169500
     tgaagataaa aaaagtagct actttaaaaa aaaaaaagca caatatcata tactactgtt    169560
     cttgtaaaat tgtatctttt tttgtatctt ttctgatact gtaatagtaa acaccgttta    169620
     ccacaatgca gtgcatttga gaagactttc tatttctcat tgcaacaaat tagcaggtaa    169680
     tacttgcaat ttttgaatca tctgaacaaa ctgccaaaag tatttttttt aacacagctg    169740
     catcaaaaat acgaaataac cacaacttaa cgtatacatg caatgttaaa agcacatgtg    169800
     gcaatatagc atactacttt taaaaattgc ataattcata gggttccaca tactattttt    169860
     aaacaatagc agacagaatg tcatatatat agtgcgtcac tgtttttatg tgtagtacat    169920
     gagttataca ttttaaaatt cctattttta aaaatacctc tctcttagac ttttataccc    169980
     cacttttata tgcatgcaca gactgtattt tctgtcaaat aagttgtatc ttgttaaaat    170040
     tgcattgctg tggctaatag tgaccctaaa taaaacaaat ctaaaattgc tgtaaaaaga    170100
     aacaaatcct ttaaacttaa agggataatt catcttaaat ataaacattc ggctgctgaa    170160
     ggcatcattt tgatttatgt agcaaaacct aatgtacaaa actattaccc ttacttcagt    170220
     ctctgcaaat atccattcat tttgcattca gtttacatat atatatatat atatatatat    170280
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atagagagag    170340
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagacttaa gaaattgtac cgtttataat    170400
     tttgacaaac taataacaat tcattttatt gaattgttta taaaatgatg aataggcagt    170460
     aatatttacc tgaatacagt ccgataataa aacactgttt atttaatttg tgtctttttc    170520
     tctattgaat ttatctatac ttttttctta tatttatgca ctcacctact gaatcatcaa    170580
     accccatttt aaatcgcaat atcacaatac aacctattgc aatatatatc gcagaataaa    170640
     aaaacatcgc aatgttaaag ttttccaaca tcgtgcagcc tatatataca catctgaagt    170700
     tagatttttt ttcctttttt aaaatatttc ccaagcgatg tttaacaggg aattttcaca    170760
     gtatgtctgg taatattttt tttcttctgg agaaagtctt atttgtttta tttcagctag    170820
     aataaaagca gtttttaatt ttttaaaaat cctcttacgg tcaaaatgat tagccccttt    170880
     aagctatttt tttaatagtc tacagaacaa actattatgt ttagaaatat gttggaaaaa    170940
     tagtattcag aaaagaaaaa atattctaaa acaaatataa agtatagtaa cattcagaaa    171000
     aagcaacatt ttaattaacg tcaaactaat tattaaaggt aaaactgaaa cgaacagaat    171060
     attggacata aaaaataccc actatacaaa tattcatgta tctgaccaat tcaaatattt    171120
     ggcatttcac actttttttc gcttgcttga tgctattgac atccctgaat gtctcagatt    171180
     gcatattttg gaaaatagat tacatgcatt tgcacaaatt gctttcttaa cagacttata    171240
     aagattgcct gattagatag cagacatgac cttctcaaat ataacagagt gtgttgagtg    171300
     acagataaca aaaaagagaa aaagagatgt aagaatgaag cgagcgggga gggatgagag    171360
     gattgtggat aaggtttgaa aggcaaagga taagatgaag gcgtgagaga aagactaaat    171420
     ggctccagga aggtttgtca ttaatctttg tgtgtgaaga ctgcagagag agaagcgaga    171480
     gtgtgtttgg gggcagaaag tggaaaggtt ccaagcatgc acgcacacac acgcacacac    171540
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    171600
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gcacacatat    171660
     acactcacac tctgtcttgc tgacaatctc tttgccctga gtccttgggt ccagccagct    171720
     tgtggtcttt gagttatggc tgaaaaatga aagaaatgag agagactgtt tttccggctc    171780
     acaaggtttt atcagcaaat ttaagatgaa atacaacagc agttttgaaa acaataaaca    171840
     atcattttta taggtctagg caaagattat gcacttttca ctgatgtatg tgcatcttaa    171900
     tagagtaaat attgtgcaaa gtggcaaaac aattacacac ttgacacatt aagcaaactt    171960
     aaaggcaaag attttgtact tttccttact gtgcatctta aaggttacag ttacacatta    172020
     aaaacacttt attatcataa agcatacatt gtgttcatcc aatgattttc atcttaaagt    172080
     ggaaaagtca tatttttaaa ctcaaaatgt ttgcaaaata caaaaacaaa atatatgatg    172140
     tgcatttcaa aactcaaata tcacattttc agacaaaata atcattaaaa atacagtctc    172200
     aacacattta agcagagtta attttctata attcttcaaa ctgaccaacc cttttgttgt    172260
     gttggggctg tttttgccct attgacttcc attataacca cattttttat tgtaaagcca    172320
     tgacaccaaa taatcatgca ttcttgattg ttggtgtttt tccttgttgg taagaggtaa    172380
     aacttcaaat ttttcatgtt gctcatcagt ttgcactctt gaccctttag aaatgcctgt    172440
     gcaaaacagt ttctggcttt tatatggagt tctatggatt aaaacagcag aatatagtgt    172500
     ttatgcagaa atacacttac tatgtttact accctgcacg cacaggacgt caacatgacg    172560
     tcatattgac gttgtacccc aacgtaccaa cacaacctaa aatcaaccaa atatcaactt    172620
     aatttgactt tattggacat caaaataatg ttgaccgctg gctagacgtt gaattttggt    172680
     caccagacgt catgatctaa atctaaccta aaattaaatg catgcacgca cacacacaca    172740
     cacacacaca ttatactcca cataaccata taattttaag ctttgttttg cactgtaact    172800
     gctgattaac aataaaaatc acaaattgta cctcttacaa acaaggacaa acaacaatca    172860
     agaatgcatt agtatatggg ttcatggctt tgcaatcaaa aaatgttttt ataatggaag    172920
     tcaataaggg caaaaacagc cacaaatata atgaaagggt agtaaatttg cctagtgtat    172980
     ttttgaattt tttgtaattt ttcaaagtat tttagcaata tgtctccaaa taagatttgt    173040
     caccaaaaac cattgcattt gctgaaaggc agagaaagtt gtggccaaat taagactcaa    173100
     aatcacctca gagtggctga aaacatccta tgatgtgcat cttaaagttg aaatattgca    173160
     aaatatatat atcaatatat aatgttttat gccattcaat attgataatt attgaatatt    173220
     tttaacaata catttaggaa tattatgatt tttttatttt atccacttta tttttaattt    173280
     gccaacatta ctgaggcaaa tagaaacaaa aatatataaa aaaatataca tctaatttct    173340
     ttataataaa ataaacaaat gtaaaagaca cacttaaact tcataaataa aatgttagaa    173400
     agtatgtgca actaaggtaa atcaacattt tgtaaggtgt gaataataat gatacagaca    173460
     acatcaaact ctgtgaacta taactataaa attatgataa tcaaatctga gctttcatgt    173520
     aaagaaacca gctataatta tccaaataca cattgaacaa cacaaattgt gatattgtat    173580
     gactgcatta ccaaataggg agctagtggc tggcatgcac aagaaaagaa accaaaaagc    173640
     cactctgccg acatcctgac atccttatct cctgacttaa ctaggtgtgc ctggaaaatg    173700
     tcttccaatg cacgcgctca gtagccactt ctcaataaaa ctatagcgct tcataccaaa    173760
     acttcatacc caatcttttt ttttttttta ttaatattga caatgatgtt atattgatag    173820
     cgattttatc ggccagtagc catttgtagc aataatttat ctgtttttca aacctctgta    173880
     ttaaagatat aaacaccaca cttaattttt attaaggcaa tgactatgca tttatcatct    173940
     gaggtgcatc ttaaagttaa aatatttcct tttataacaa aaaaagcatt aaacactaaa    174000
     gtttgatcca aagattaagt cattttaatt tatgtgtttc atgaattcat gttttacgat    174060
     taagctaact aattaaagga aatttgtttt cacagaagtg catcttcaaa ttcaaatgtc    174120
     acctttattt gtcaaaaatc taaagtgaca tacaaaatcg tcacatcact ttgagtagaa    174180
     tctttaatta ccagaggaag caaatgacct tctgtctatt tttccccgct ctatttccca    174240
     ttctttcctt ctcccccttg atgactcact tgatgtaata gggttctcct gtgtcactga    174300
     acgccagctc ccagttttca ggcaatgccc ctccacgtgc tccgttctca atgggaagcc    174360
     ctccgtcccg cacgccgccc aagtcccatg tctgattagg tgagacaatg gtggtaggag    174420
     gcgcactgct ggcccctgcg gaccccgctg ccaaacacag tcaacatggc atgagatgca    174480
     ggcgctttgt ataatcttgg acaacctcag gtcagcgtga ggtcatgctg ttcatgttac    174540
     tgtcctcttg ccagctctaa tacggaagtg gcatcaatcc tgaacacaat tccatagctt    174600
     ttaatgtcaa aaatgtaaaa ctgcaaacat gtgctggctg agctgacatc catttgtctt    174660
     aaaaatccgt gggttccaaa taacggcaaa atggaaagtc aagtcagatt tgaagatgct    174720
     gggagatttc gcatagcaca tgaaactcaa aatattgtac acattacatg aaaaacaaca    174780
     aaaatgactt tcgtattact ggctagtaaa gaaatgtgct taaagatttg tttttaggtt    174840
     taattcatca aaaaaattaa taatagctag atgttagttt taacaatggc ttgtcttgag    174900
     ctgataagtg tattgactat ataatggaat gaaaatatta tattttttta aaatggaaaa    174960
     ttaataaaca aacatatgtc caaacttaac ccagcctcaa tacggatacg tacccctgta    175020
     tacatttctg gagagcacga aatacattcc aagaggtatg tttttttact gtttttgttt    175080
     ttgtgaatcc agcagaggtc actgagcaca ctttttcaga tctcaaataa ctctcgcgag    175140
     tgtcatccac gccttactct gttatttact tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt gccacttgtt    175200
     tttgttttac ctgctttctg ggaccattct ttgggaccaa gcctgccaac atttgtagca    175260
     agctactggg caaactggca acaaaaaagc cttgcacacg gaggtaaact gtcccatagc    175320
     attcattaaa aagattaaat gcagccatac atagctctgg ctacataatt tgcactctcc    175380
     agaaatgtat acaggggtac gttttcacaa tgagcctgtg ttcccaaact agtgccttgc    175440
     agtactttat aagaaataga tgctgttgaa aatagtaagt cactaaaacc aacagaaaaa    175500
     gtttacaaaa ttatcccagc aatcataatt tgtacacaaa agtgcaccaa gatttcaaaa    175560
     caaacacatt aagcttatct gattttcaca gataatgcat tatgcagttt ttgacattta    175620
     cgcatcttat ggttcaagct tgaccttcac ttgtcaataa tccaatgcaa caaaatgtaa    175680
     aatcctcaat aatagttcat ttgttgtttt aacagtgact tgtctttatt agataatctt    175740
     atagactaaa tataccattt acctgacatt acctgaaatt aattaagaaa aaagtgacta    175800
     atataaaata aagttgcagc caacagcttg agtacctgac agaccagagt cttcctcgct    175860
     gttgtcacct tcctccactg ctttttccag gttgctgagt gatttgctgc gggtacggaa    175920
     gttcctcagg aggtttcgat gttcctggta tgtaatgggg gggctgtcag gaccgatgtg    175980
     aactggccga ggtgtgccat aatagttccc tgaagacatt aaatattttt aaaaattgct    176040
     cctacaaacc cctaaaccaa aaacgcaata ccagcacacc tcaaaaacaa tggccattgg    176100
     acacaatgca ttatatgccc taaatgaaac aatccttgtc aagagccatt gtcattcaag    176160
     taaatttcta atgcagccaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaaaaaat atttctagaa ttgcagacca    176220
     cgacaagcag ctcaaataag gggcttttga aagttcaatt ccattttgaa gaaatgaaca    176280
     tgtttatctg aaaatagcca aaatccagca aacccacaca agctggcatg aactccacag    176340
     gtctgaagcc aaagctcctc aaaatctgat gatccatgtt atcctacatg atttgactga    176400
     atcttccaaa cgatcaactc cagtttcaaa ggaagcaaga aaatctgacc ttttgtatca    176460
     cggagtacac atgattaggg tcataaattt gcttaattgc ttaaacagcg aattagctta    176520
     attatgacat aaaattgtta aatgtttatc tttccagcag attttgaatc taaaagtaat    176580
     ttccaatgcg tcatgttccc ctgctgtatc tttccaagtc aaagttttct gtgtcagcag    176640
     ttttactgat ataattgtag cacatttcat ccaaaaaaaa aagatttttg ttttgctcct    176700
     gggtgctgct gcagctctag gacaaactcg ttttaaaatc tctaatcact gttgttatga    176760
     aactaataaa ctgaaaggat gttccaaagc tcttttagca atcagatcaa tagcaaaagc    176820
     aggagattaa tccacctctg aacatctaaa gtacacccaa atcaaaacag aaactgaact    176880
     ctaaaaagtg tcttacacac agtaacactt ctgtcttttt ttgcggattt tgttttctat    176940
     tttttgtttt ttaaaacagt ctaaaaatat ctatatttta actttcaaac tgtaacttgt    177000
     ttcattcatc ataatcaaac tcattttaat acaaacaaca tagattttgt gtattttaga    177060
     tgccaactta aaagctcatc atctgcagat tcagagagaa accacgaatg aactgcacca    177120
     aatccaatta tgatggccct aaaggtatct tagaatactg aaaatattcc cacaggaatt    177180
     tggtctcatc tgttttcaaa tcttgttcta tttttattta cttttgtgtt tattgtcatg    177240
     tgatttattg tcaattgtca tttattgatc gtatatgttg ttagtgcact gtcatttttt    177300
     attttttgct tcaagttcag gtcaatgaaa ataaatgatg gcctgttttt aattattatt    177360
     ttttaaagat actgcataat accagacaga tcaattaata aataacatga ttagtaaatg    177420
     tttaaagtaa cactattaat actaacatta atacacttaa atacattatt atactaatac    177480
     taatgaaata ttaataaata atgagaaact aacaaataaa acattcgtaa tactattaag    177540
     acccatggtt cttgctaaaa agatatataa tttaacacca aaaacgtgag ctaccattgt    177600
     tacagtctta agaacccaca tttagtacga tttaaagtca tttttcgaaa gtatagcatt    177660
     ccagtaaaag ttacaatttg cactttaaga ctaccaagag atgcccactc attatttaag    177720
     ggtctgcttc actattgtac agtggctata ttttcatcag tttcaaagat ttttaactga    177780
     agcatatgcc aaactccttg ctgtggctta tttacaactg gagaagaaaa aaagaaatgg    177840
     gagaaagaga gagggagaag gaatgggggc ggaggagtga ttggagacag aaaaaaactg    177900
     aaatagggat tacagagaaa agcctctttt ctcctgtaca gagtgataga aaagtaggag    177960
     tgcggtgtgg tttctggctt gagaaatgac tcatgggctg cggggcatca ctgctcaggt    178020
     gttagcaaca cttttggagt taattataga cgttttaagc aaataatacc acattttgaa    178080
     tttctagtag tatttctagg ggttcagtaa aggtttaagg ggtcacgggt tgagcaatca    178140
     aatatccttt gattatttga caaattaaaa ggcattgtat tgaaaaacca ttgtgtaagt    178200
     ttcagaactc aaagggagtc taaaaacagg ttttattgat agcgagctgc caaaatagct    178260
     cgtttctgat ttggtctcat tatgacatca cagtgagaca aaaagcaaca actctgcagt    178320
     agatcagcgc ctacttctat atcactccgt ttttagccca attattcatg tgtgtactga    178380
     gagattaaat atgaaagaga tgcaaacaca agacttctcc ggcaacaaaa cgcgcagagg    178440
     attacaagat gctgtgcagt gccaagttat ggaaaaacag tttttgcttt tgaaatcctt    178500
     ttgctttatc tgttacagag cgttattttg aaatgtacat ttttaaacag aatgattcat    178560
     ttctatctgc attcatcata tgtgtgtcca tctattaata tttttcctta cagtgggcat    178620
     ttcaatccaa gcgttgaatg ctgcgcacaa atcaaaatgc gataattcaa ttaaagggtc    178680
     agaaactgga tagaaaatag acttttctta tgttttgtgt aaatctctta tattcatcaa    178740
     ggcatttaag atttgatcaa tacatggata tgtaatggat atgtacttat atggaatctg    178800
     caagtgcagc aatccacaga tttccacaca cttttagcca atcattgact atttatttac    178860
     ttttttattt atttatcatt ttgtaaatgt gtgtaaattt gtatttattc agtttttttt    178920
     atgattttag taacattttt gacaaatata aaaaagttca tatttatata caatactgtt    178980
     ctgtctacag ttttctgtct tttagtagat acagtgctta gcatatataa agtacacccc    179040
     tcacaaatct cttttaaatt catattttta ataggaagtt atacaatatt attttctaca    179100
     tatacattag attaatcagt actgcagcca aatatgaaac ttatctaaca aaatcttaca    179160
     atagcgatcc aaaaactagc atacccaaat ttgttatata tgttatagta aatattaaat    179220
     acaaatttaa aaaaagagga aaaatcaaga gaaaccaaaa aaattaaaaa atttgttgaa    179280
     atgttgtagg ttgcagtttt gtagttctgt ttgcaatatt ttgctcgaat ttaattgtat    179340
     tattgttcaa tttttaaata tgtttggtga ctaaaaaatt attttaataa atatatctgt    179400
     ttaatagatc tggcatgttt aaatgcacca aaatacattg cctatataca ctgagaaatg    179460
     aataaaaata ttccttttca aaatgaggtg tattcaatta tgctatatta tataagagat    179520
     ttgctttgtt taccaaataa gtggatctaa ttgggtttgc attgtaaaca ttaaataaaa    179580
     tttaaaacgg tattaaaaaa aaaaggtaga aaaaaattat caacagaatc tgtctggtcc    179640
     tactgtagta atgagttaat aataagtaat catttagcat tactcagtct tcaatgtcac    179700
     atgatctttc agaaatgatt gtaatatgct gatctgatga tcagttatga ttaaaaaacc    179760
     tgtttaatta acatctttta taacatgtct taagtttaat gtatccgaac gtgatttgaa    179820
     gcatttttaa caaaaaaagt actagaatat catgattttc acgaaattaa gaagcagcat    179880
     gttgaaaaca ataacaataa atatacaata tattacaatg attactcaaa gttaaaaatt    179940
     acatttcaaa acatagaaaa aagagcaaca tttcattcat gcaaacttgg tgagcataaa    180000
     agatttcttc ctagccctaa atgctttata cactgctgta ctgtgtatat atatatatat    180060
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    180120
     atatatatat aaaatattat tttggcagga cacattaaaa gccaaaagca ctagaagtat    180180
     gacatttaca tcagtcaacc ccatttgctg tttaaattca caaaaaaagc aggtttgcat    180240
     aaaaacctca tgggggactg aaatggacat aataagcgag caatatctta cttactttcc    180300
     aaagacaaaa gaacgtaaag tgtcgcagtg gcgtcaaaaa cacgactcag cggaaacata    180360
     ttcataaatc ggagggctgc atctttgaag gatgtcatag tgtgagtctg cagctgtgtg    180420
     tgagatcctt aacggagaca tcagtctgcg ttacacgctt gttctctctc cattagggct    180480
     ctttttcagc tctttctgct gataatgttt ggaggacaga agtgagccag cacggcactt    180540
     ttctctgcag tctggaggct gcttctctgg actctgattg gcttgagctt ttggagctct    180600
     ggcgtgacgc cctgaccctc gccatgtgtt cacgagtgca cacaaattca gatgcatgcg    180660
     cacacatact cggatgaaca gtaaataact ccttacacat ccaaaacaag ctctgcctgc    180720
     tccatatgct cacataatat catcattagc ttcagaaaca ttttccatat tgattttttt    180780
     tggtatatat ggtggatatg taaaacattt acataaaaaa tattaaacaa ggctatttag    180840
     ttaacttttt agttaacaaa tgtagagaag gtttaagttt aagagaaggg ggtttgctca    180900
     taagcaattt ttaaatattt aatttgttat ttgacaatgg ctgtaacctt tttgacctac    180960
     ggtatttaaa ataaataaaa ttttattata ataactaaaa cttacaatta gatagtttaa    181020
     agatttggat agttggaacg attttaaatg ttcagtgatc ccattattat acagcttggt    181080
     ataattagag aaatgtatat tcattagcgt ttcccatggc actttaatat ttcattcatt    181140
     tgcattattc atttcaattc aaggtctaga aatctcactt ttaaatttaa gctctcatac    181200
     atccaggctt tttaaaactg tgagagtcct ggaattcaat gttgatgttg taggcatctt    181260
     gaaggccacc tttttgttgt ttaatgttca gtttgttcgc tgtaaaaaaa tgctgggttc    181320
     cacacaattg cttcccaatt gttccaacac aaatcgatta gattatctta atagttttta    181380
     caaatttaag tagactgtac ataaaacagg ggcggcatgg tggcccaatg gttagcactg    181440
     tcgcctcaca gcaaaaaggg ttctggtttg agtcccagct gggccagttg ggcatttctg    181500
     tgtgaagttt gcatgttctc tccgtgtttg cattagtttt ctgttgtcct cccccacagt    181560
     ccaaagatat gcgctatagg tgaattgaat aaactaaatt gcctgtagct tatgtgtgcg    181620
     aatgagtgtg tatgggtgtt tcccagtact aggatgcagt tgaaagggtt taaacttatg    181680
     ctggagtagg tggtagttca ttccgctatg gcaaactcta aaaaataaga gtctaagctg    181740
     aagaaaattt aaatgaaaat gaaatcacca tacaacaatt aagttctccc cccaaaaaac    181800
     tctcaataat tgtgttgatt cagctcattt taaataagta gtttgaacag gtagcgattt    181860
     actgaggtat cttttacaat gacattttta accaatttaa ccattgtagt gaaaagaact    181920
     gtctgtggat gagctgcaaa gtgttaagac tactgtaaat atactgcata atccttaact    181980
     tatacatgta aatgtataat agtctatttg tgagttacac aagtcagtgt gctgttacca    182040
     aaacctgaca agtgttgata ggttcagctt tagctttatt gtcattccac tacatgtgtg    182100
     gacagacagt ggagcgaaat gctgacataa ataaaactaa tcataaagat gaacacaaca    182160
     ctgcactgaa aaccttaata agttgactga acgaaattga gtaaacccgt tgcctcaatt    182220
     taaatgagtc tcccaaaaca tgcattttta agtttattta acttgccagt tttgtagatt    182280
     atacttaaat tgttcagttc agtgtgtgtc tctgtgtata attatatact atgaaaaaat    182340
     gtttaaaaga aaaataagta gcgatttaat cctattatgg taaataattt ttcaagaagc    182400
     cttgttttct gataagacct tgcactaaaa ggttgcacat attagaattt cagtttcagt    182460
     aatgtttcag tcaagactac attaaaagac gacataattt tttttcaaag gattaattgt    182520
     gattttgagc ttactatact tgaaatctta agattatgca ttttcgttgt atataagtta    182580
     aattaactca tatttttaag tgacggccaa aatgctaaat tttaagtaat gttcggtcaa    182640
     ctttacttga ttgtttaagt aaagacaaca ttagggttta cagtgtggac tgacagtgag    182700
     acatctgtgg ttttgcaagg gaaccagact agatttacac tgttaaaatg tgcaatcttt    182760
     aataaaatga aagcatgtga agaataccta gaaaatttct gcgctgggac actctggaga    182820
     acaatggggc ttgtttcgat ttacaattga ataaggtagc aaagaagatc tgtacctcta    182880
     gttaaagagt ttaagttaat ctgatttgta aaaagaatca aactacatga gtttggttat    182940
     ttgttgtctc agttaaaagg gaaaaaaatt taaatctatt gaagcaatcg gtttctttaa    183000
     atgttctgag tattctgaaa ataccatgtt ctactctgtt gggctgtgaa gtgatgtttg    183060
     gttgagaaac aagtttagac gcattaagtg gttttaaagt agacagtgat tctgaccttt    183120
     gaacttccca ctttccagca aggctccaga ctcttccaga gagaaaaatt cttcaatgga    183180
     cacaaagtta taatccaccc ctgagatttc tccgtcccgt ggttgccttg ttgtaccttt    183240
     gtaaacacag aaagagaaaa cataactgta atcattaaaa gaaataaaat gtttttgctt    183300
     tttgttcaac tatgtatctg gtagaagtaa acaacaagcc ttttaaacgg agaatgtaaa    183360
     aataggaagg cctgtagcgc aaaagacaca tggggctttt taaaagatcg ctcattattt    183420
     tttcatggat ttccatcttc aatctaatgc atctttggta aaaaaaacat cctgatgaca    183480
     tcactaggac taaggtcagt cgctttgatg cgtctgatgt ttggattcat cgaccttgga    183540
     tgaaacatat ccacatctgt caaacataac atgattggcc ttaatataaa tagaggcgaa    183600
     gatacattca ttcatttaca tcattaatta aactgtttgt tttatggatg agaaatattt    183660
     attaccaaat ggaccaagct gaaaagaaaa tgaatgaatg aatgaataaa tgaattaatg    183720
     aatatttatt accataatat tgtaactgtc attttaatga tgttcaagtt gacattttgt    183780
     aattcgattc acaaaaaaaa ctaacaagtg taatgagtac actgtaaaat atgccggagt    183840
     ccaccaaatc aatttgtgtt gggacaacat gatggaatta gggggtgctt acactaggca    183900
     cgattgcctt gaaccatgcc tggtgcaatt gtcccccttc ccctctcccc tgatggactg    183960
     aaatcacact gcatttttac cttcccagct cgagcatgct tacgtcattg atgatgcaac    184020
     tattcagtta taaagagaag cgttctcact cagtacaatg gagagcgctt tagttatatt    184080
     gttttttttt ttaaagtcat ttgggatgca ttgacacaca gtcaaatctt ttgctgaaca    184140
     gatccaccat ttttgacatt gtgctgcacg tattaggaga tttgctgaac gtggcagctg    184200
     acgtgcaatg aggggtttgc atctttaact agacagttcg cgttcactga aatgtacaaa    184260
     tgattaataa atccatataa agcagtctct taaaagtgac tttgattctt cagttttgca    184320
     cacggacact ataagtgtac ctcacccgag cccaacggaa ccgcgctctg tgccacctct    184380
     tccaacctaa ctgagtccag gcactgtttg caaaaccttt cttgagtaca ccctaggttg    184440
     acttcttagc agattgacgt tgtacccttt ttttattgga aatgacaatc aggttgacgt    184500
     cagaaaccaa tgtcaggctg gcgtcaatgt ctaacagaca tttgcatttt gggtactttc    184560
     caacgcaact taaaaacaac caaataccaa tgtctaatga tattacagct tgacattgtg    184620
     tgaacatcat ttcacttcac tattggacat taaaataaca ttgtccatag acgatggtga    184680
     cctaaatcaa aatttatatt aacatctaat gatgttgcgt gtctgctggg ttattaattt    184740
     ttacaaatgt aaatggattg aacataaaac aattaaatcc tctccacaaa aatctcaaaa    184800
     attgtgttgt ttcagcacat ttttagtaag tagtttgata aaaacagtca ttttgagtgt    184860
     acaaaagcat ttactgtatg acaaagaata taagaagtta taatttctct agaatttatg    184920
     aaagcaagac aaatacctgt atgacttttt ctttttattt acaaaatata aaataggtat    184980
     gaaataaatg gtagttacaa aataaaactt aaacaaaaca actatgtgac atttaacaaa    185040
     aaatctattt atattgagca aacaccaagg aaaactgaga tatatttttg tcaatatcac    185100
     acaaccccac agtatgccta tttgcatcta actttggcaa tgtaaagtga cacctggtta    185160
     agatttcaaa cagtttaaac ttgttcttaa tattcccaca gtgatgacat tatataactt    185220
     cctctcagct ttccatctcg aatgaaagtt gggacaagtg gattttccta aggtagatta    185280
     gccaagcatc ctgaattaag ctaaactgat cactgtaact cactagcact gcagaaaaga    185340
     tacagtagaa aacattgatg ctttgatcag tcaaccttca gtagccaaca taaaaatggc    185400
     tcagaagcaa gtcttgagga agagaaaagg tgtgtggttt tgtgcggtag acttgtgcac    185460
     ctatgttatg aatgcaacac actcacacac agttattcaa caccaagcaa gattgtaatg    185520
     acttaaaagc cttcagccac catacacaat aaatcatcca taaataacaa agcacaaaga    185580
     gtgcagtgga tagcagtaat gaggagattg taaaaaaatt gatgcaagga tgtcgccaaa    185640
     gtggcttttt ggtttctttt cttgtgcatc ccagcctcta gcaccccatc tgacagagtt    185700
     ttagtatagt gggtaatgta gtcatccaac ttcacaattt gtaattttgc agtatgtatt    185760
     tgaacaatga tggctgattc ctttacctga aagctcacat ttgattataa tattttgatt    185820
     tgtttacaga gtttaacgtt tactgtatca ttattattca cacttttaag gtttgctttg    185880
     atagtttagt gtttacactt ccgcattgca cacactttgt aacattttat ttatcaagtt    185940
     taagagtctc tttaacactt atttaaataa agtagttaaa taaaacacat ttctaaactg    186000
     attattaaaa aataaactat caatatcgaa tgatatgaaa catatttcat gacaattaat    186060
     tttgcaatat catccctata tgtaacaatt gtttgtcgct actatggaaa ttaatggttt    186120
     tcagctatct tcaaagtatc ttcttttgtg tttaacagaa taaagaaact cataaaggtt    186180
     tggaatctca tgagggagaa taagtagtga taaaatgttc attttcgggt gatttatccc    186240
     tttaaggact tttatttcta taataacgct ccacattata gagttatcct ggatattcaa    186300
     aaggaaaaga ttcattttat ctatcagaaa ctgattggat tataaaaagc aggcataaaa    186360
     tgtcagaaca gagccaggtg gttgtggttt aaatatagag tggttatgat gtcagctgga    186420
     gaaaaaaaaa acagccaaga gagttattac atcttgatga aagattatga ggaaacattt    186480
     ttttttcttt gagaataaca tgcactgatg aattataaac aataagacca ggaacatgtt    186540
     tttagaaaag tacataatgt tgactttaag ttgactctaa aagccccaat gtatctgtat    186600
     atcctaacca ttgacttctt gcacctggtt aaatggagca atgtgctttt atactgacac    186660
     acctgtgcta tttaatctta aaaagaacag aaaagaggag catcttacag ttcacagtct    186720
     tctaattgcc tgcaatgaat tc                                             186742