ID   AL928692; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 215891 BP.
AC   AL928692;
DT   07-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-208D15 in linkage group 12 Contains
DE   the 5' end of a novel gene (zgc:73134), the timp2 gene for tissue inhibitor
DE   of metalloproteinase 2, the sfxn2 gene for sideroflexin 2, the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to vertebrate ADP-ribosylation factor-like 3 (ARL3),
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
DE   motif-containing 8 (TRIM8) and a CpG island
KW   HTG; sfxn2; timp2.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-215891
RA   Leongamornlert D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 76bb6c8228682ccc5d7c4977096fb328.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992902.
DR   ENA-CON; KZ115393.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000071409; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000105545; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-208D15. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-208D15 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-208D15 is at 215891 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-208D15 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..215891
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-208D15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..215891
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-208D15"
FT   CDS             complement(<14557..14584)
FT                   /gene="CH211-208D15.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008581"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73134)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTE9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04455.1"
FT                   /translation="MVLKSEDEI"
FT   mRNA            complement(<14557..14758)
FT                   /gene="CH211-208D15.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73134)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059497.1"
FT   mRNA            join(105041..105407,135778..135878,135966..136077,
FT                   137684..137808,139313..141709)
FT                   /gene="timp2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.2-001"
FT                   /product="tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA542571.1 Em:AA542611.1
FT                   Em:AI330622.1 Em:AI330755.1 Em:AI332057.1 Em:AW567197.1
FT                   Em:AW595123.1 Em:BE200591.1 Em:BI878393.1 Em:BQ260361.1
FT                   Em:BQ264269.1 Em:BQ285769.1 Em:BQ615697.1 Em:CA472226.1
FT                   Em:CK360759.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY324194.1"
FT   CDS             join(105281..105407,135778..135878,135966..136077,
FT                   137684..137808,139313..139510)
FT                   /gene="timp2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008582"
FT                   /product="tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SZM6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MTE8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001134"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001820"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015613"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027465"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030490"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTE8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030612-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04456.1"
FT   regulatory      141687..141692
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      141699..141704
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      141709
FT   polyA_site      complement(143607)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(143607..144656,147779..147826,
FT                   147946..147995,148251..148321))
FT                   /gene="sfxn2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.3-002"
FT                   /product="sideroflexin 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI889948.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(143607..144656,147779..147826,
FT                   147946..147995,148251..148300,148391..148457,
FT                   151663..151723,151812..151897,153871..153946,
FT                   154153..154251,155931..156101,156187..156354,
FT                   159010..159170))
FT                   /gene="sfxn2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.3-001"
FT                   /product="sideroflexin 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW422035.1 Em:BG729525.1
FT                   Em:CB361477.1 Em:CB362827.1 Em:CD760037.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC048044.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(143638..143643)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(144514..144656,147779..147826,
FT                   147946..147995,148251..148293,156235..156354,
FT                   159010..159076))
FT                   /gene="sfxn2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.3-003"
FT                   /product="sideroflexin 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ261981.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(144557..144656,147779..147826,
FT                   147946..147995,148251..148283))
FT                   /gene="sfxn2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008586"
FT                   /product="sideroflexin 2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MTE7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004686"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTE7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2831"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04457.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(144557..144656,147779..147826,
FT                   147946..147995,148251..148300,148391..148457,
FT                   151663..151723,151812..151897,153871..153946,
FT                   154153..154251,155931..156101,156187..156344))
FT                   /gene="sfxn2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008585"
FT                   /product="sideroflexin 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZUP3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MTE6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004686"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTE6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2831"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04458.1"
FT   mRNA            join(161486..161504,161939..162082,162694..162810,
FT                   162896..162946,165747..165932,166006..167787)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   ADP-ribosylation factor-like 3 (ARL3)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL922327.1 Em:BM858112.1"
FT   CDS             join(161502..161504,161939..162082,162694..162810,
FT                   162896..162946,165747..165932,166006..166053)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008583"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   ADP-ribosylation factor-like 3 (ARL3)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36405 Sw:P37996 Sw:Q9WUL7
FT                   Tr:Q543P7 Tr:Q8QHI3 Tr:Q9WUL7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MTE5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006689"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024156"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1MTE5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-7518"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04459.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(199610)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(199610..201482,201604..201719,
FT                   201851..201882,203673..203906,204202..204297,
FT                   213955..215643))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif-containing 8 (TRIM8)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL910224.1 Em:AL910225.1
FT                   Em:BM005130.1 Em:CD754446.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(199628..199633)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(200839..201482,201604..201719,
FT                   201851..201882,203673..203906,204202..204297,
FT                   213955..214527))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-208D15.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008584"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif-containing 8 (TRIM8)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q99PJ2 Sw:Q99PJ2 Sw:Q9BZR9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1MTE4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017907"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1MTE4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-4325"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04460.1"
FT   misc_feature    215891
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-208D15"
SQ   Sequence 215891 BP; 70118 A; 40000 C; 37800 G; 67973 T; 0 other;
     gaattccctg aatgaaagag ccaaactgca gttaaagtcc accatttaat aatttggcaa        60
     ataattccac tacagatgtc catgtaggtt aaacaccatc actttctact gtgtgtgagt       120
     attttgacag aaactcgcgc gtgcccaaat agacactccc acaccctccc actttagttc       180
     ctccgacact cccccctaaa cagagctgga cacgcccact tttctgactt ttccaaagta       240
     gaggtgtgaa aacaccctgc tgaaacgagg gggtttcatg gccctttaaa agctaaactg       300
     cataactaat aaagtccttt tttggatttc acagagactt taatctcaaa acaagaaaaa       360
     cactgactga gtttacatgc aagtttacaa tccaactatt tccattaatc tgaataaaac       420
     aataatatga gttgcttttt caatgttcct ttcctggtcc cgttttacat gttatagcac       480
     ataattcgat taacgccatt gcgtcagcac gctatccaca attcctccgg agtttcatgc       540
     aattcctggt gtttcatttt taatttgtgg acttcaactg cagtttggca ctttcacttt       600
     cattcaggaa catttcatgc aagccctcca tgtcaaacga gatatttaat gtgagtatgg       660
     actgctagaa gagtgttgtt ttaatggatt ttgatattgc atgctgaata aaaaacaaaa       720
     ctccacaatt cacgatgcag gtatctgtgg tcctttactg attcagtagg tgcagacaat       780
     agtgtcaaac agtcatgtgt gtatagacta tcctgttgca aaatgcagcg aaaatcctac       840
     acaaacgata atagtttaat taaggtgttt acatgtctgt actgcactct aatgcgacta       900
     aaaccggctc cacgtgtctt aatccaagtg cggtgatgac ttcaattgga ttaaattaat       960
     caaaaatcac tgttaacatg ttagactttt aatcagagta atgtcttaat catattaaaa      1020
     tcggattatt ggtgtccatg taaacgtact ccctgtcaaa cacaggcagg tcatttgatt      1080
     atttgtgttt tgattatcat gtgattctca tgtgattatt tcagactttt ccaaaaatca      1140
     cagcagttgt cagtagctgg tctgacacaa acatgtttac ttatgaactc aacatcgcac      1200
     taggttttca tccagactgg aaagtcttaa accacgtgaa aggtaccatt catttccaag      1260
     tcaaattact gtccaaactc aaaggcaggt gccactacca cagagacgca tgtctgcctc      1320
     tgacatcaat atgagcgtat aaatcttcag gcagaagcca ctctaaatgt gtcaaagtat      1380
     ctgccatcca tgtggctgcc gtttcctgga agctggggtg tttgttgcag gcttctctgt      1440
     tttatttttt gttttgtttt tttgtagtta cagccagatc tcactaagaa aagtaactta      1500
     tgttttgtca gtttagaggc taattcatac gaattcgtat aggtttagtt gtacgaaaat      1560
     gtacaacttt aaaaaggagg catggcaccc aaccccacgc ctatacccaa ccgtcactgg      1620
     gggataagca aatcatgcta attgagatac aaatgagatc gtacaatttc atacaaatta      1680
     gccactaaat cataaaaggt cagaattgcc gtgagattgc gttattagtt aatgctaaat      1740
     agaaggctgc cattttccat tgaggtaatt taaatgtttt ttaaaactga tttgaaccca      1800
     ctccacgaga actttattat tttctgaaag gaaaaactat cattatattc tgtattaggg      1860
     atgaacgata ctgggaggaa gtgatataca ataatgtttt tgattaacct gataacaata      1920
     tttcttataa tgctatgttt attacctatg ttttaaatca tttatttagg caatcatatt      1980
     gaaataaaca ggtgaaagat aattttcaga tctaactaac cttaattcag actaaaaact      2040
     gtgtaaatgt gcaaacattt agtcttttaa acaccataag caaaaagctc agcagaaatt      2100
     tgcacaatga ttggctcatt ttcctattta ttatcaggtc tgggttcacc tttgagccgc      2160
     ttcagggaat aagttttgct tgctaactac ataactgaaa acgtgctaca tataatacag      2220
     tttttcagat cacctacagc accttttaag atgaaaaaat agagaacttg ggcaaaaaaa      2280
     gaaagtaaat tctaaaaaga aaaaagaaag tagggccaag gcatttatca gtggaaatgc      2340
     tgtatcatca tcatcatcct catcacagcc tctaatacgt ttctaaaagg agacatcaaa      2400
     ctaggacgag ctctcctggg taatgtgatc tgcggtggca cctcttggca aactcaccgc      2460
     ggtgcatcac cctgcacttc tttcacagca caaccacatg atgatctgag cacagaattc      2520
     tggcaacccg caatcacgcg aacagtgctt gtgcgcacgt cgccactaaa tgacttctac      2580
     atgccttcac ttacagcaaa tgccactttc cacattcata caaactaata attaaagaaa      2640
     aaacacagca caaaatgaca ttttcactga acgcattgct ggaaatgttg gtgtagatga      2700
     ttgcaatgca gttgctaagg tgttctgaat ggatttttga atgttgcaat tgcctctatg      2760
     atactttagg tccaacaaag caactccgtg ggatgatatt tgccaatttt atcatgatgc      2820
     tgacataaag aaacgttttt ttttaataga ttaatacttc aagtcctcta ccacactgac      2880
     ccacagcgtg agccgggaca ccatgcttaa catactgccg ctgttgacca ggtcaattca      2940
     acacacttgc taaataccag acgcgtcacc cctgcaaaca cactcggtgg gggcgaggaa      3000
     tgtgccgtca tcaatcaagt caccggctgc gtgctgtcat ttggacattg ttaagggctg      3060
     aagaaacatg cggaacgcca atgttgttat ccaggaaaaa cataagtaaa acatttctgc      3120
     aaatggatgt gaaaaaggga tatgcaattt ggggaaaaca tctaattgcg acttttttga      3180
     gagatattgc aatttggatt tgatttgcgt gttacttttg tagtcaagcc tcagctcaat      3240
     aatctgtatc gtagcttctt actgctaaaa ttagtgctaa aaaaggaact gaaaagatat      3300
     taactaactt aaacggttat tcaaatttgt ttttaaatat tcagaaatga aacaattttt      3360
     tccctagagc aaacagtaag cgcaaataaa atgacaaata aaagggagat agtagggatg      3420
     ctcaaaataa tcgattacca ggtgaaggtg cagtaggtga tcttccacaa tgctaacagc      3480
     ttagcaaaaa tctctgaacc acagtccttc ccctgccgtc tagagccatg cctcctgaaa      3540
     cacgagcacc gcaaaagaac cctcatgtgt taaaagcgac tagtgcttgt ccggcggcgt      3600
     gcaagccaaa ctgacatgca tttcagagca aatatttaga gttgcatggt aaacaatata      3660
     gggagagact aggcggaata gcggtattta cttgtgtttt gttgttaaac taaattaaaa      3720
     tctacattat cgatgctgta aaaggtccct tatgaaactg aaaatagtct tatcaatctt      3780
     tgatcgtaag attttagtgg ctaaacaaca cttctgtgaa gatttaaccc atttgtaaca      3840
     acaacatcta acgttacatt agccttgcgt gaagctaaaa cagttttaaa acagaacatt      3900
     acctgtctac gagaaatcct tcagacattg tgtcatcctt tctccagcgt gcaaaagtaa      3960
     ctccaatatt gtttcaggtt ttaaaaagtt ttgattcagc aggtttttag cgatcgcgcg      4020
     cgtgaatgca cggcggtcgg cggagatgcg tacaaaaggc tgcgctgttg ttcaaatctg      4080
     catttgctga cagacagatt gggctgctta tcgttattat gagagatgtc ggttcgactc      4140
     catttaattg gatgaacatt tttttgtttt atgccttacc taaaatataa aaatacatat      4200
     aaatacatat agatcattta gtgtaatcat tactattaga ctgtgaagag actttcaacc      4260
     agcacaacaa aaaatgcttt tgaagacaat cacctactac acctttaacc gaaagggtgt      4320
     gtttgtaacc aattaatggt attagttaaa cgattcaaaa atattatttt atatatttta      4380
     tgcgtttttt tgcgttaaga ggggaatctt ttgaatggtt tactaacagc cgcaagcgtt      4440
     tttgctctca tcccaaagca gcagtgttaa cgtggaatgt tgcggtttga tactgactag      4500
     ttgatgccaa aacagcgctg atgttgatta cctcctggat ctgtgccata aacacaacaa      4560
     ataggcttta gcttttattt taaagcttat aaaaaatgta cgcaaatgaa tgcaatatca      4620
     tatttaaaca acaaaattgt tcacaaaaag tcaacataca gtatgcgcgc gttgccattg      4680
     tcttttccac gagtgagaga ggaaaccata tatcaagaca ccgaagacat ccattagcct      4740
     atataattaa ttttgtttca agcacaaaga tttgtttaaa aactatttct aaattcagtt      4800
     ttaatttcca gcaaacaaac aaatgaacaa taataacaaa gctatatcca aatacacatg      4860
     ctaagcctca tatagtccaa aacccaacag ctagacaaat ctaagcttgt ttttaacaaa      4920
     acaaatataa atacgcattt aataaataat actaataata ataataatat tatacaaaag      4980
     caagttctca taaataaact aaagatatct gcgtattgct gtacacagat aaagtgctgg      5040
     actttagacc tgctttcagc cgatctactg cacagtctat tttagttcct caaaatagca      5100
     acttgccaac aatgcacctt aacacacctc ctttctagac tggaacaccc atgaatctac      5160
     aaagtggcgc aaatggattt gctatttaaa caaagtggcg gaaaacagga aaattaaggt      5220
     tgcgttggtc tgaaaatagc aaaacatcag ggcaaacacg tcttgtgcct tattgcgctg      5280
     ggtgtatgat agggctctat atgtctgatg ttaacaaaca agagtcattg gttctcatgc      5340
     atttgtgaat gacactgaag tgagccaact aatgtagttc acatgacagt cacaacacag      5400
     cagatgtaat atgcatgcta tacatgttca tactactctg tacaaaatgg ccatgatttt      5460
     attggggaaa caaaagacta aaagtaaaaa tctgatacct ggttaacaac aagtttcctt      5520
     actatacaca atgactttgt ttaatcagta acttgtttct atttgtttgt gtattacaaa      5580
     agtacaatgt aaaagttaat aaatatttct atggaagaat atttcgacca tagttttaaa      5640
     ggtaaatttt ggaaaccaaa atttgtggtg ctgcttatgc atgtcaattt cataaggatt      5700
     catcaaaaat atccatgttt caaaaattaa ccacagcctt aatacaccca gtaaatgatg      5760
     acagaacaaa ttttggttaa acaaaatcat attatctgct gacatcgaga gctattaagg      5820
     ccttacaagg cagcttacta gattttacaa cagttcaaac caactatgcg cacaaacgaa      5880
     gaaaaactac catcatgtat ctttttcgaa acatccgtgg acacaagaac acccactact      5940
     tgctccttct aagcattgtc tctgcaaaca cactgataag aagggcagct gaaacacaca      6000
     agccacagat gagtctaaaa gcgtaatcaa gtcatcccag aagctcatac aaagcctcca      6060
     tctaaacaag ctcaatgtcc tgtggctgcc acgagtttcc tcatgtcata cagactctca      6120
     ttctgcgctc actattcaac tagtgaggga aaaagacatc cacaggcctt tagaagaaca      6180
     agcgtcatta tgctcctcaa aaaagtgtgc gcatgactta gaaaacgtac atgctttaca      6240
     atactatagc tttagaagca agcaatgaat tttactgcac aaataaacaa aatacctgag      6300
     taagataatc ctgaatgaca gctctaagcc tttacaattc cagtttggca gttcttttga      6360
     tccatttaga gaattaatgc actttaaagc attgttgtcg ttcagaaaga agctgtctaa      6420
     ctcccggaat cttccagtaa cgtcctgagc ttcatgtctt agtggaagtg atgctaccgg      6480
     aagattttgt gttgcagact gttctgctgt ctctgaaaat gacccccctc ctctcctcct      6540
     catgttctgt ctctttatcg ctctctgtaa ccctctcctc ttgtctcctc ccccgtcaca      6600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactca      6660
     tttcagcaca ttcaagagct ccaccctgtg gctgcacaca attttgcccc cctgttactt      6720
     taataaatgc acctactgtt taaagtttga gtggaaaaaa cttctcttta aaaagcaaac      6780
     actgaattga ttaatgctca cagaaaagta atttataaag ttaaaaaaag atatatattt      6840
     gctttaaata aaggctgaat ttttggattt ccattcaaag aatttaaata atttaaagaa      6900
     aacaaaaagg aggacatgat taagcagcac aactgtttta aactaaaatt agtttagttc      6960
     acctttgact gacagacagc atatgcagaa cgtcaaaaca ctcaactgtt ttgtttagat      7020
     tttagtaact ataactttga cttttaatta agtttgtggt ctcattttat ctgtaataat      7080
     gtaagctatg acattgctta gctttttaca aagacgccat tttcgcgcgt ataagtaaca      7140
     tagtaaacaa tgtaaacaac aggtcgcgct agaaacagtg acatacacaa acaaataacc      7200
     atccataatt caacactatt gtgtcggtgg attaaatgtg ctcgatagga tggactctta      7260
     cctttacaaa taaaccgtga agcacagtga tgaacgcgtg ttttgttatt acgatgatat      7320
     tcactccata tctaataagt gttttctgta caactcacac aaatttagca aatacattct      7380
     ttataagctt cccattgaaa aacaactagc tgtaatggct gcttgagagt tgtagctata      7440
     gattgatgta tagtttgtca agattacttg tgttcttttt gatgtaatct attcataaac      7500
     actgacatgt ggaaaaacag caccccagtg cgtccgcgtc ctggccatgg ctaagaactt      7560
     tggtaatctt aatttagtaa gcatttttaa tgcgattcaa agtttcttgg gaaccagtaa      7620
     agcataataa aatgatttct atttaatgaa tattttctgc aatatatact gcgatataaa      7680
     ttttacattg attgtaatga tttttgggag gagtgcatct gcataaaata caattattta      7740
     aaaataatat aatttaaagc acagatgaaa acaatagaca aagataaaaa tgaaaaaaaa      7800
     aaactatgga cttcagtgga tattaacagt attgtacagt attgaatcta tattgtgcag      7860
     ctctacataa tattaatata ataaaaaata aaagatcttt ataaatcttt atgtattaag      7920
     cattgttaat gctaatctat gtttcttgag aacaagaaaa gcataataaa attatgtatt      7980
     tttaaagata taaatttttt tttaattata aatctttatt tattaagcat tgttattgcg      8040
     agtcgatgtt tcttgagaac tggtaaagca aaataaaatg tatcctattt aataacatga      8100
     tattaatatt taataattga gaaaatcttt attaattaag cattattaat gcaaatcaat      8160
     ttaaagtcag taaagcatat taaattattt atatttaatg acatcataat aatatataac      8220
     aaaaaaagta aaaaagattt taattttaac ctgtaacaaa tttatttaaa ttcttttttt      8280
     ttttactatt ttgacaaact gggctgtatg ggaaagaaac tgcagcaaac acacctgaga      8340
     gcaaacacat tcaagtttgc tctcagttgc tttattgtgc atggaactag aatgagacaa      8400
     aagatgaact gaagagagaa tacatattgt gtacttttta tttttgttaa ttatttctgt      8460
     agtatttttt ccagtatttt agattcatcg tataatgtat tttgtaaata tttgttgagt      8520
     aaagtttctc ataactcaaa gtaatttctc ataaattgta atgttatgtt gtaattgtaa      8580
     aattggtctt atattcatta ggcatgtatg agtttgttaa acaaaaagta aaaaaggaat      8640
     ataaataaat gtgttacaag ttaagatgaa aatctgttta actttttttc atttattatt      8700
     aacactgtca caaactcatg catccctggt gagcataaga ccaattttca cacacaaaac      8760
     acagaaaaaa gcacaaataa acaaaatgtt ttacttaaaa aaaaaaacga agagcattta      8820
     cttagatatt cagaaatagc aaactaaaac agagtggtca atgagcaatt taacattaca      8880
     atttacaaca atactcaaca aatattcaca aaacacgtta tatggtaaat gtaaaatact      8940
     ggaactgaca caagatggaa aacatgctac agaaatagac taacacaaac aagttctcag      9000
     ttctcctcag ttcatctttt gtctcattct aattccatcc acaacaaagc gactgagagc      9060
     aaacttggat gtgtttgctc tcaggcgtgt ttgctgctgt ttctttccca tacagtccgg      9120
     ttttcccgta catacacagt agtgtcccac aacatacatg ccaactgaac cctatccaag      9180
     tcctgtctgg cctgttttct atcatcagaa ttttcatagc tcaaaaagct cagcaagaca      9240
     taaaagtttt gatgcccggc cacaccaaac atttggatct agacgtgtcc tgaatttcag      9300
     tcataatatc tcgccccaga tattaatgaa aatatcactc agtcacataa aagaaaccgc      9360
     tgagcacatg gttcagagca gcttcaaaag cagagctggt ccgagacagg acttagttat      9420
     tctagaggac ttgattttgg gtcacactaa gtaaagccac cgctgacctg gatatccggg      9480
     gtgaggagag tacggatgaa aagaggattg gtctcagaca cccatttcct gatgtcaaca      9540
     gggtcacaat gaaggcagtt taagtaaaac aacattactg ttggatctat tttttaaggg      9600
     tatacatgta catcacaaca atgtactaaa acataaatgg tttatttgcc attaaaaatg      9660
     tatacaaata tacacgtgat aacgttgttg tcccagttca ctcgaaacta aaaactacat      9720
     tgcgatgtcg accaatttgg cattgtacaa tgtctaatgt gaaacatcac catgaacgat      9780
     ggcatcgtca ttgtaggcat gcagcggtca attaattatt tatgaataat gaattaattc      9840
     ataatgaatt cattatttgt agcctaaacc gtttcaacta cctgacccgc atggtctttg      9900
     ttttacacta gggttgtaac ggtatgaatt ttttacggta tgataatcgt ctaaaacaat      9960
     accacggttt gacggtttcg tggtatacgg tattaaatag taattctcat agcaaagacc     10020
     ctgaaaagaa taagaacacg ttttctgact gaacaaaggt ttttctatgg gggaaaaaat     10080
     gcatttattt actgacaatg tatttgccca aaaaggtctg ggaatgaact aaacagaaaa     10140
     aaaatgttac aaaataatag aaaagtgaag caaatttgac tttttccaaa taatatattt     10200
     tcagttacta taaacaactc cacttacaat gaacaaataa aaaaataaga aaataataaa     10260
     taatgtgtca aagtccaaat aaacatggtg caaatcctca gtaaaaaaat agatataaat     10320
     atttactata ctataaatag ttacataacg aaactagatt caatatggaa catccttagg     10380
     ttttatgtgc cagcatggat atggttgtct gtggatatgg atttggatat ggttgtctga     10440
     aatgtatgcc tatctctcat tccgtgttgt tcaaaaagct cattgttggt ccacgaacaa     10500
     aagcgaaacc tatgcttatt ggttatgata tagcgagttt gaaccaatct gggcatggag     10560
     gagggacaat gcatcaatgt atcatgtctg gtttgtccgg agacacagtg acgagcgttt     10620
     ctttgtcaaa tcagcgttgt caaattttga tgacgtaacc gcactgattc cggagcctct     10680
     gaaagtccga atgttatgtg atacggcact ggaaagctga gattctcttc tttatgccaa     10740
     tctttgaatt gtatgaatcg gatcagcaga tcaaaagtta ttaaacattt aatagcaata     10800
     cttattttta gccgcgggtg gctgtctcgg tctttaaggg ttaaaaccgt tgatatgcaa     10860
     ttgttcatgg tatgataatt gtgcacgttc aaatcgtggt agaccgtcat accggtatat     10920
     tgttacaacc ctattttaca catagccaaa tcataaacaa ataaagataa aaaacacaca     10980
     aattaccacc cgtcaatcac tttttccgca ggactctgcg tgaataagca gagtgatatg     11040
     tgtcgttata atggcatcga caaacataat tagtaaaaag gtgcacaacc aacaggaacc     11100
     aaccaacagt atctaaggtt ttcactaaaa ttactaagta caagaatgaa agtgaaagat     11160
     tgaagcagtg cactgacgct gtgacatgtt agctgataga ttcaaaagac caaagagttg     11220
     ttagatagag acaaaattat ttaaatatca catttaacaa ctataaagac gtgatccagt     11280
     ggtataacct tggattgcaa tgctggctcg gcatcgtggt gtccgaccca accctagaaa     11340
     cactgttttc ttcatttcag gccagtagat ggcggtgttg taaagaagca ctttgcatca     11400
     gtgcacacac actgttctga tgtctgacat ttttgttttg cttgtcaagt acagtgaata     11460
     atggtgttaa taataaatgt tttactaaca aaataacttt ttttagtaac gagtaatcaa     11520
     atagtagtgc tgtcgcctca cagcaagaag gtcgctgggt tgctggttcg aatctcggct     11580
     cagttggcgt ttatgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgc cttcgcgtgg gtttcctccg     11640
     ggtgctccgg tttcccccac agtccaaaga catgcggtac aggtgaattg ggtaggctaa     11700
     attgtcagta gtgtatgagt gtgtgtgtga atgtgtgtgt ggatgtttcc cagcgatggg     11760
     ttgcggctgg aagggcatcc gctgcataaa aacttgctgg ataagatggc ggttcattcc     11820
     gctgtggcga cctggattaa taaaggcact aagccgacaa gaaaattaat gaatgaatga     11880
     gtaatcaaat acattagtta caacgccgtt acagacaata taattgataa ataatttgca     11940
     attttatcta tttttttctc tgttagctta ctctgctgtg tgtgcaaata actgacgatg     12000
     attggcgcat gtttttgtag gggtgggact accacataac tgataatgat tggctaaaaa     12060
     cgcaggtgac agttttaaag gggtagacag cagggggacc cctgcggcca cctcaatatg     12120
     atattgctgt agatattatt catttcaatg taatgatgta aaatgatgcc ataattactt     12180
     tgtgtaatct ggaaacattg ttaaacatta aaacatgacc tacaaatcac atttttaaat     12240
     gtaaacccaa aaataatgct tacaattttt tttaaactgt ctttatattg ggggccagtt     12300
     tctatttttc atctctgatg agtttattac atcagtgcta tttcagtcca gagcatcctg     12360
     tttgttccat gtcagactga ggggctctgt ctcaccacat gcataactca tctgaatgaa     12420
     aaaagaagag aagcaaagac tatgctaata aaaactccat atgaatcaaa tcttctttgt     12480
     gaatttcttt ccacttaaaa aaagtcccgt ttattaattg catcatttca gtaatcccct     12540
     tttttgggag tgtcatcctg atcctccttc agggggtgca gggaaatgct tcccactaag     12600
     aaacaccacg gtaacggtat ccatggatta aacaatccac aaaaatagga taatggacag     12660
     acagacaaac agacagtcag atagatagac agaaagacag acagacagac agtcagatag     12720
     atagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag     12780
     acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag     12840
     acagacagac agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     12900
     atagatagat agatagatag atttctttgt aaacacaacc aaaagaagta ctatgagtta     12960
     actgttgaag attaatcagt tacatgtcat tataatttaa gttgtaaaag caaaaattac     13020
     cctgaaatct atataaatat tttcatgtta tgacatctaa ttatgatcac aaaaatgcat     13080
     tttacccaaa tatcagtatg ttggcatgat gtgatggtga tgatattgtg taataaatat     13140
     gataacttta tttattgatt attggccaat aaaatggtaa ataatggagc agaatagctg     13200
     ttggaacaag ttatttcaat gaatgattta attggtcact cattaagaca gtctttcagt     13260
     cacttactaa tctttttaat aatcatattt acttactctt aataatcata tttacttatg     13320
     aagttgatat ttagccgcac catgtttgtg ttttgtaata cctaattttt aagagggggg     13380
     tcattagccc aacgctcaac caccagcctg gaagaccagg acatacacgt atactacgga     13440
     caatttagcc aacccaattc acctatagca cgtctttaga cttgtggggg acccagagca     13500
     gctggagaaa acccacgaga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa ctgaccaagc     13560
     tggggttcga actacaacct tcttgcttta aggtaacagc gtaggtatat aaggtatata     13620
     tatatattga taagaaattt taaacattta aagaaggtta ttgtttgtta aactcaacat     13680
     aaatacaaac aggtaagaga tatttgttga aacatttaag atagaggtaa agttttatat     13740
     tgttttatat tcggatattc agacattctc agaaaaattt cagaaaagta ttgcaaaatc     13800
     taaattggga aatcatatta gcagccaatg acttttaaag tacagccaag tttacagtca     13860
     attagatagt gttgatgttg tgttaaagtc atacttatat gctaattcta attgtatatt     13920
     caaatcagca ttttaaacaa tagagagata gttaaatgaa caaatgtgca aatataaaac     13980
     taaataaagt cttctttgcc taaatgaact gattccttac gaaaagaatt tttttaagtg     14040
     acaaataaat tattttattt tgacaaaaga acaaacaagc aatataatta attgttaatg     14100
     ttggtaatac gttcatgatg cttttttact ctatacagac caaattaaca aaattccaag     14160
     tctccccata tgctctcacc aatccgaatc atcccataag catcggttta cgaatcgaac     14220
     atgctcattg tataaaatgt catttgtata aaaaaatgtt tcaactcaac tcttgctaag     14280
     cgcgtgaatc ataaagtctg taagcgaatc gttcacattg gttttattta acacttcgat     14340
     ccattcaaca acaggatccg agtcaaatga atgactcgtt cacaaatcag gaaccattta     14400
     tcctttccgt tcagcagaca agacctgttg ctatcgatgc ctctgctttc aatagcgttt     14460
     aacaacaaca gacaataacg tcatgaagtt ttaacgatta ctatatttaa acacctatat     14520
     ccactgcaaa tatgaaaact tgtgagattc actcaccgat ttcatcctct gatttcagca     14580
     ccatgatcac tgcgcttcac acgagctcat gcgctgatcc tgtgattcgg agtaaatgac     14640
     ctgctggcgg tttaacaaac ctcacacttt cacctgttca ctcactgttt tgaacaacac     14700
     catgaactga aaaggtcgtt agaaagtatc cactgttcca gaagagaccg gatgtctctg     14760
     cgcgaagccc tcatgctctg cagagaggcg tggcttcatg gtgacaaacg gccaatcagc     14820
     accgatcttc gattttagtt ttttttgcag cgtgcgtgca gatgcacaca catacacacg     14880
     cgcgcgctca tatatatata tacctttaca tacatacaaa cacactcttc ttctacatct     14940
     aaacatcaat gtagagcatg taaacagaag caaagactaa aacaaacatt tcagtctgaa     15000
     atgttaaaca ttataacaga atcaacataa caacccactt ttgtggcttg atagttctga     15060
     gagcattcag ggcggtttct aggctgacat atgtgggagg aaagttttat gcatctgaaa     15120
     aaagcagggt aaaaatcccg caaatctgcc ctttgtaagt aacagcaaaa cacttctcta     15180
     ttctatatat agctaaagat ttataatggt agactggctt tctattgctt ggtttcatgt     15240
     ggtggtgggc aattcacttt gtgtcaaaca acaaacagac aaaaagcaat ataggctatg     15300
     cagtttgctt tattgtgatc agtataaaat gtagatttat gaatatatta tattaagcaa     15360
     ggatgcatca ttataatcaa aatggtaaag atttacactg acacttattc tggtttatac     15420
     tgtaatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     15480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttcgtgc gtgcgtgcgt gcatgcgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     15540
     actgtaacta caaaacacaa gttaagacac catggtaaat atacccgata atatgccaat     15600
     gttttgttca tgtggttcct gcaattttag gcaattttaa aattctaatt tcttgtttgg     15660
     aagactgttg gctctggttc ttcttatttt tagaatttac tattgagtac tttttacaga     15720
     aacctttttt atgtgatgcc atagaagaac atctttgggt tcctcaaaca acttttcagt     15780
     tgaacattct taaaccaatc tttttttctc ttatagcgtg caaataaatg tctatctgta     15840
     ttatctaaag aactaatttt ccaacccaaa taaccttctg tggaataaaa agttaccata     15900
     gattttaatt gaatgatcaa tggcaatgaa tgaacgagag agtgtataaa aaattataaa     15960
     tgtctacatg aaaccttcaa tccaagttct ttagagtgga taaatgttct ttagttgttt     16020
     taagttcttt agattataga aaggttcttt agggaaccca aaatggttca cctttttaaa     16080
     aggtgcataa ttgtgtccat atttggacct caaaaggtac atcctaggta catttggata     16140
     ctaataaact gtatacaatt gaagtcaaaa ttattacttg ttaattaata ttaattaaca     16200
     attatttttc atatattttt ctgatatttc gcaaagatgt ttaaaagagc aattaatttt     16260
     tttcacagta tttactatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     16320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttagag     16380
     aaagccttat ttgtttaatt tcggcaaaaa gaatggcttt taatttttaa aaaacatttt     16440
     aaggtctatt agctccctta tgcaatgttt ttttttccca ttgtctacat aacaaaccac     16500
     tgtaatacaa tagcttgtaa ttaatttagt taagccttta aatgcccatt ttagctgaat     16560
     aagaccttta aaaatatctg gtaatatatt atgtactgtc atcatgcaaa gataaaatac     16620
     atcagttatt agaaatgagt tattaaaact attatgttca gaaatgtgtt gaaaaagaaa     16680
     tcttctctcc gttaaacaga aattgggagg aaatatatac aggggggggc taataattca     16740
     gaagggctaa taattcaact tcaactgtac ctctagtcta aggtatcagt atggactctt     16800
     tagttacaca tgtgcacttt tttttaaagc tactgccaca ttgacatctc ccattctgag     16860
     tgtaagaact gcttcagtgg aaggtctttt agtaaatgaa ttaatggctc ttctgtgtca     16920
     ctgctgaaaa aaactctttt agaaccttta tgtttaagtc tttgaattat atttctgtta     16980
     tgccttaaaa caggtctgag tccaaaaacg gaaataatct ctacgcgtga caactagaag     17040
     tctgtgaaga ccttttaacc ccaaataatc tgacagataa agaaaacatt cagacaacac     17100
     tcagagcctc gggatattca agaggacact atcctttcag caactcttaa gaacagaagc     17160
     tttttttttg tcctctcgcc ctcaggacga cagtggtcac atcttaaccg tgaccaaagt     17220
     atgattatcc tcaatactgg atgaccgagc actacgtgaa caagctcttt gtttgtatgt     17280
     ttactgaccc ttcaagactg ccaaagaaca aatgtggaac caatttgaga caataaaaga     17340
     accagcaaaa atacatcaaa gttccccgac aaagtgtgaa tctgagtcga gcatcaggct     17400
     gcagctggag atgcgaaacc aattcatttt ccaggtgcaa aaaggaaaca aacatggctt     17460
     ccggtatgtg aaattcctga atctgatgta actttggcct gtgtctgcag tattagaagc     17520
     agaaggaata gatcatctga tgacagattg tttgtttcgc ctcagagaag agggtgcgga     17580
     cagctaatgc cagatgctcc tgtttacagc acagcctagt gtttactagt aaaatattat     17640
     agtcgtgtgg gctgagaaaa gacgtaaagc agacctcgca acaaggcatc ttcatcaaag     17700
     ataatcagcc aataaaactt gaagtgatgg tataataaaa caggctgctg ctatgggcaa     17760
     aacacagtat ttagaaaaga aatcaaagtg tgggaaaaga gaacaatcac aagctgcctt     17820
     taacacaagc tgaggtacca taaatgagcc atcatgttaa tgcatgtgta acggaggcca     17880
     gcaagggaag tgctacgcaa gtacacctca ctcccagtgg cgtagcgcaa aatgcggggg     17940
     cccccctgca gggatcactg acacggctcc ctgatgaagc gatcacaaac tgaggggacg     18000
     gggagagtcg gtggagcgac gacgcgagga agcgttcata aattaaggag cgggaaaggg     18060
     gggcggggtg gagcgatgac gcagggtagc gtttacaaac aagcgacgtc aaagtagccg     18120
     gaagttattc attttcaatg agaaccgata gcgaggagca gcgtggcgcg tcttctccgg     18180
     tgtgggcgtc gaggacgact cgaaatcaag tcagctttat ggtaatgagc tatgacgcgg     18240
     ttcggcggca agcactcaga atgaagtagt ctaccgtttg agaggagttt agagaacaca     18300
     aacctgtgaa ctttggttcc gaccacagtt gttcccaggg gtttgataat tgcggttgcc     18360
     ggatgttcaa ttattaaaaa aatcgcaacg acgcagggca acctaatcac gcggggcccc     18420
     tctgcgggcc cgtccgctac gccactgctc actgcccact gcgacagacg ctagaggcca     18480
     tggtctttag cctccttgct aaggctggtt tatacttctg cgttgagtga ttggcatgac     18540
     ccacggcatg ccttgtgcat tgccgtgcat ttatagttct gcgtgctgtt tgtgttattc     18600
     tgcaataaca ctccagaaag gctagctggc agaggttttt ctgttcctct gtgttgtgtt     18660
     tcttcattgg tgttttgttt tttctgaatg ctaccttaat gtacaagcag tattgcggag     18720
     attattttgg aaatgtaatc gattacagat tacaaatgac cctatttaaa atgcaataaa     18780
     tagtgtaact tttcaattac ttaataaaag taaagtaact gtttacatct gaatactttt     18840
     tgattacttt taagtttcta atggatattt tcaactaaat ctttttcaag catttatacc     18900
     aagcaggtgt aagcttacag tagcactgtt actgttagaa tttcaaaatc tttcatcact     18960
     tgaattaaga ttatattaat ttaattttaa agtacagcca ctacaaaacc agaccttata     19020
     acaaaaaaaa tagtttactg ttgttacaaa atctaaattt aagtttgctg tgcagggtga     19080
     tttttgtggc atttgcaata aaaaatatat actgtacatc tagctatttt tgcatttttt     19140
     atttttaaat caaatcaact taaacccaag ttaatcattt tttagtgatc attaaaactg     19200
     taaaactgat cattataaac attatatatt atttactgat aataatttgc tgtaccaaac     19260
     cgaaacaaat tatagaatat aacagcaaaa gctaaagaat tcaataaagc caggtgttac     19320
     acttttaaaa tactagagta attcatagta aaggggaata tttaggaatg agtattattt     19380
     aaaactcttc attaataagt tacactacat aatgtagtat tattagtaac taattagtaa     19440
     ctaatgaact aatagtagtt accatagtat actttagcct ttactacagt aaactatata     19500
     tagtatggtt ggcgacatca cctactagag cgagcggtgg cagtatcgca ccaaaaaggt     19560
     tgttgtcgtc taccgaaaac aggtagaaga aatcatcatt ctcgccgtca tatggcttta     19620
     ttttcatcgg cttgacaccg gcctcactac tctgtgaatg tcagtgctgt cacttattga     19680
     tccgcaatcg gtaaatgtag cttgtgtgga cgctactgcg ctatttgcct aaaaaatagc     19740
     ttcgctactg aaaagctatt ttattaataa aatagcgacg ctaccgccac actactgaga     19800
     agtgtagtta tagcggaata gccccgcttt aataaatggc cttagcagaa ggcatcgtgc     19860
     atatcataaa caggcaaagc aacagatcca tattattcaa catatgccag atttttaaag     19920
     aaaattttta gatgtaaccc catttgtaat ctttaacatt ttcctaagta actgtaattt     19980
     aattacacat tttttctcag taactgtaac aaattacagt tacatttatt ttgtaattaa     20040
     attatgtaac gccattacat gtaactagtt actccccaac actgtgtaca tgtagctaaa     20100
     acatgtacct cagtttgagg taggaacagg cagatgtgca ataacttaaa ccataaggta     20160
     aacacaaaac aaactttcca cctgaagctc cttcacggga ctcgacttgt aaacactcgc     20220
     tccaatggga tagcgcagct ctcggtcccg ccctcactta ttagcgctac caagccgacc     20280
     aatcacagag cttgcactat gcatcgtagc aacgcgccat agcgtcagtc acagcaaggg     20340
     ctatgcgacc acaccaaggc tgcaccagag ttcgatccca gctcagacca ggttgggtgc     20400
     agtaggaccg gtgggttaca cataatgcac actgttaaaa aaaatctatt tatgaaaatg     20460
     taaaaaaaaa aagattaaaa gagacatttt cgtaactcgc aattcataac tttttttatt     20520
     tagtggctaa tttgtataaa ttcatacaat ctcattcata caatttagta tgatttgatt     20580
     attcccagtg atagttgggt ttacgagtgt ggtttggtac cacaactcat ttttaaaatc     20640
     aaaaaaaatt ttacacggct aaacgaattc atatgaatta gatgctaaac tgacaaagtg     20700
     taaaatagtt actttcctcg taagatcagg ctgacaattt tgcttatgtt tttatgtcat     20760
     atcaacaaca tttgctatat tcatggcaac aacgatgata attattcaat acacaattta     20820
     caaacataat tgtttcttta aaaacctaat caagtctctt acttgggttt ttgtcttgtt     20880
     tgtagtacaa aaatttacat ttcaaaacaa aaacaagatt aatcttgtga aataatcttg     20940
     ttttcacttt gaaatgtaaa tattcggact agaaacaaga caaaaaaatt aaattaaata     21000
     aataaatcat atatattcag tataaaaatt acaatacaat acaattatgt agcacctggt     21060
     caatatcggg agtcaacatt gcatgtcttt gaaacaaaaa tctgtggtca attttgcctt     21120
     actaaatgcc attttctgtg gtgtctattt aacaaagaac gcaaaaaaat gtactgtcat     21180
     cacagtttcc ataaaaatgt agcacaaaca aacaaaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     21240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaatg agaaactaca ggaataaact atacaataga     21300
     ggaatacatt tgattttatg acacataaga tatgagatat aaactgtgat aatacagaga     21360
     cttgtttagt tgaatgacta aaaataatgt cataaaacat tgaaagatgc ttagttattt     21420
     gttaagtttc agttgccatg gaaatggttg catatttagt atttaattct atgcaaaaat     21480
     agtttagatg tgtgggtaga ttgaaaacat tcctgtgatt acacacacac acacacacac     21540
     gaaagccatg aaatcctata acaagaatac aacagatgca aaatacggaa ggaaaataca     21600
     gcctgaattt aactttgttt cattgacatt cactggaaag tgagaagaca aggataattt     21660
     caagatctga agcatttcca ttgtaataat agattcaatt ttgggtttgt ggtcttatgg     21720
     tgcgttcaca cttgtaatta gctttccttg gttcatttaa ttcagaccag aaatcaaaga     21780
     cgcttttctc actgtggttt cggtgcatgt aaataaacaa aaagtcatta aatgcttgtc     21840
     tgtgcattca gtcttgaagt gatactgtca tttaaagaga taattcaccc aaaaatgata     21900
     gtaatctcat actttacttt cccccatgtg gtttgaaacc tttatgactt tcatttttct     21960
     gctgaacaca caaaaaaaaa atattttaaa gaaggggtca atgggtccca gcaaccagca     22020
     tgtttcattg tgcccctttg ggatggcatc acaaagtgac atgtcacagt gacaatttca     22080
     gcatttattg atcatgacat tgacacttcc ctatccagca cagccatcaa gaaccatgtg     22140
     caaaagtgga tcaagcggat catatcctct actcatttaa cactgataaa acaaacgcag     22200
     atgcacaaaa atgattacaa taacacacat gctcaagtaa gtcgcaaaaa tatcaattac     22260
     attttctttg accttaaagg aaggcaaatc caagcagaaa atattgcaaa ttgttgtgga     22320
     aaaagatgat gatgaaatag ctgtaaatag ttgtgcaaat ggcatgcaag gcttttagag     22380
     tcacaaatat gctgaaataa tgcacaaaaa tatgtaagca ttgttacatt caccaaacaa     22440
     atgttgtgct aaccagccta aatgagcagt ctgaacaaaa ggttccatac aattattata     22500
     tgtttccatt gcctaatgtt aactaatagg gctgcacgat atatgaaaac aatgacattg     22560
     aaatattttc attcactgcg ttatatattg tgatataaat gaaatttcac ctgacttgaa     22620
     taacttgtaa agaattcata attttaaatc aactgagatg attctgtagt ggagcacatc     22680
     tgcataaaat ataatttcca ctaaatgaca agcgtagata aacacatcag acaaaagacg     22740
     caaataaaaa ataatttacg attttcaggg gaatcaaaca gtattcagaa gcagaaatca     22800
     aataatcact gtaaattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaataata ataataataa taataataac     22860
     attatttaat aatttgacta aataattaag taatgttcaa ttaacctcca tagctacata     22920
     ttctgactat aatctcatgg ctctaactga gacctggttg aggccggagg acactgctac     22980
     acatgctact ctttctgcta atttctcttt ttcccacact cctcgtcagt cagggagagg     23040
     gggtgggact ggactactaa tttccaaaga atggaaattt actctgatac cgtccctgcc     23100
     aacaatcagc tcctttgaat tccatgcagt caccattatc caccccttct acataaatgt     23160
     ggttgtcatc taccgcccac caggtaaatt aggtcacttc ttagatgaac tggatgttct     23220
     tctctcatct ttttctaatt ttgacactcc cttgttggtg ctaggtgact tcaacattta     23280
     cgttgacaaa ccgcaagctg cagactttca gactctgctt gcctcttttg acctaaaaag     23340
     agcacctacc tctgctaccc acaaatcagg taatcagcta gaccttattt acacacgaca     23400
     ctgctacact gatcaaacaa tagtaactcc actacaaata tccgatcatt tccttctgtc     23460
     tctcaacatc cacattactc ctgagccacc acacactcca acactggtta cctttcgcag     23520
     aaacctacga tctctctcac ccaatagact atccaccatt gtttcagact ctcttcctcc     23580
     atcttgaaaa ctctctgcac ttgattcgaa cagtgccact gatacactct gctccacgct     23640
     agcatcatgt ctagaccgat tatgtccact tgcatccagg ccagcccgtg ccagtcctcc     23700
     tgcaccctgg ctctcggata ctctccgtga gcatcgctca aaacttcggg ctgtggagag     23760
     aatttggcgg aaaactaaaa atcctgcaca gctcttaaca taccaaactc ttctgtcctc     23820
     tttctcagct gaggttactt ctgcaaagca gacatattac cgtctgaaaa tcaacaatgc     23880
     cactaatcct cgcctatttt ttaaaacatt ttcctccctc ctctatcctc ctcctccccc     23940
     cctcatcctc cacacttact actgatgact ttgctacatt cttctgcacc aaaactgcaa     24000
     aaatcagtgc tcaatttgct gcaccttcaa caaacacgca agatacaaca ccaacaccac     24060
     acacactcac ctctttttct cagctctctg agtctgaggt ttccaaactc gtgctatcta     24120
     gccatgcaac cacctgtcca ctcgatccca ttccctctca tctcttgcaa gccatctctc     24180
     ctgcagtcat accaacactg actcacataa ttaacacatc tcttgactct ggtttattcc     24240
     ccacttcatt taagcaggct agggtaaccc cactgctaaa gaaacccaac ctggaccata     24300
     cgctacttga taactacaga ccagtatccc tgcttccatt catggccaag attctggaga     24360
     aagtagtgtt caatcaagtc ctggactttc ttactcaaaa caatctcacg gacaacaagc     24420
     aatccggctt caagaaaggc cactcaactg agactgccct gctctcggtc gtggaggatc     24480
     tcagactggc taaagcagac tctaaatcat cagtcctcat tttgctggac ttgtcagctg     24540
     cttttgacac tgtcaaccac cagatcctgc tacctacgct cgagtcactg ggcgttgcgg     24600
     gcactgttat acaatggttc agatcttacc tcactgacag gtcattcagg gtgtcttgga     24660
     ggggagaggt gtccaaccta cagcatctaa acactggggt acctcaaggc tctgttcttg     24720
     ggccacttct cttctccatc tacacatcat ctctaggacc agtcatccag agacatggat     24780
     tctcctacca ctgctatgct gatgataccc agctatacct ctcttttcat cctgatgatc     24840
     cctcggttcc agctcgcatc tcagcctgcc tgttggatat ttcacactgg atgaaagatc     24900
     atcatctcca gctgatcctc gcaaaaacgg aaatgcttgt agtttctgcc aactcgactc     24960
     tacatcataa cttttcaatc cagatggatg gggtaaccat tactgcatcc aaaatggtga     25020
     aaagccttgg agtaacaatt gatgaccaac taaacttctc tgaccacatt tctagaactg     25080
     ctcgatcgtg cagattcgga ctctataaca tcagaaagat ccgacccttc ttatctgaac     25140
     atgcagctca actccttgtt caagctcttg ttctctccaa actggattac tgcaactctc     25200
     tactagctgg gcttccagct aactctatca agcctcttca actgctccag aacgcagcag     25260
     cacgagtggt cttcaatgaa cctaaacgag cacatgtcac tccactgcta gtccgtttgc     25320
     actggctgcc agttgctgct cgcatcaaat tcaaagctct gatgtttgcc tacaaagtga     25380
     cttctggcct tgctccttct tatctgctct cacttctccc ccaaagaggg aagaaatcac     25440
     tttcgctcac gctcaatctg cccagttggt ggaatgaact ccctaactgc atcagaacag     25500
     cagagtcact cgctactttc aagaaacgcc taaaaactca actatttact ctccactaca     25560
     cttcctaatc tgcaattgcc tctctgaata tcacaaaaaa aaaagaaaat tactactaat     25620
     acttcccttc ttagacttta cagacctgaa acttgcctat ggcacttatt cattgttgct     25680
     cttagttgtg aaaattactt ccttgtcctc atttgtaagt cgctttggat aaaagcgtct     25740
     gctaaatgac taaatgtaaa tgtaaatgta aatctttaag ctacaaacat ttcatttatt     25800
     gtgcccaaat ggcacaagtt tgctttaaat tcttataatc aggccttaaa aacacatgca     25860
     aataataaac gtttactcta aggttaaaat ttgaaatgac tccactatgc tgtaactgta     25920
     atctctggtc aagtataaac ccaactacat tgcagatccc tgtgatgtga atattgcaga     25980
     ctcgcacatt gcggtatcaa tgctgaaatg atatattgtg cagcactaat accttattgt     26040
     aaagtgttac ttctaaaaaa caacaagatt tcctgtcaaa gacaaggctg acaagtttta     26100
     tgactcttgt ggatgtttta tagactattc tgaacatttt tgtttccatc taaaagcaat     26160
     aaatcaggaa caagggtgtt ctgaagtaac tcgacagccc tcccgttttg tgtatcactt     26220
     cattttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttaattaa ttacttattt atttttacat ttatttatgt     26280
     agaatttttt atacatgtca tttgattacg gttattttgt cttgtatctg gaagagagta     26340
     aataattctg atgtaaaatg ataatatagt aataagttta taaatatttt aaattaagtg     26400
     attttttctg ttatttctct cttcaaaaac aataaaagaa aactagaaaa attactgaac     26460
     aacaatattt aaaccagcta aacaaagtaa gtagtagcat atttattcca ctagaaggcg     26520
     ctgcaattaa actaaacatt gttttattag caaatattta atcagcattt taacccaaag     26580
     atgattttaa agacctaaaa taagtcctaa ttatttaaaa cataataatt acatttacac     26640
     agaaaatctg gcagtgtatt attcgcataa tgagcataat ggctattaac agctttataa     26700
     taatataatt caaagctcta ttatctccta ttaaagctat tttggtagac atgaatgaga     26760
     aagagaaagg gagatctgct cgttcacaac ataatccaga acagaaactg taatgttctc     26820
     ctgcagtata tgcactagga atcagggcaa aaaaacaata cccaacaaaa ataatacaat     26880
     cactgaccct gcggtgacat tggggctcgt gctatgtcat ttttcaaagg cctctcgcat     26940
     ttacagcgaa ttcggtgcat tctttctttg ctctgtaatt ttctgtcacc tcatgtactt     27000
     tctccgtttc tcctccttca tgcttcacag aaacagcaaa cagctgctgc tgaaagtcag     27060
     tgcagaagga gacggtgaaa cgcaagaaaa cactgacagg ttatttttca gagaggacaa     27120
     aaggacagaa tgtatacaat attaatggaa aacacaaatt gcattactac cttatgctgc     27180
     aagtcaccaa acaaaatagt cctgctaata aaatggactt ttgaccttat tttaatacaa     27240
     atacacagag aaaattctac attttatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     27300
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacacacaca tatatatata     27360
     tatatacaca cacacatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaca     27420
     atcatacatt tatgtgctct ccagctgcaa tccatctctg ggaaacatcc atacactcat     27480
     tcacactcat acactacaga caatttagcc cacacaattc acctgtactg catgtctttg     27540
     cactgtgggt gaaacctaag cacccagagg aaacccacac gaacgtagag agaacatgca     27600
     aactccacac agaaatgcca actgacagaa tatagcagaa tttaattggt aaatggtaat     27660
     ggtaggaatg taaattcatt cattcctttt ccttaagcag cagatgccct tccagtcgca     27720
     acccagtttt gggaaatgac catacataat cacatttaca cacacacact cattcactaa     27780
     agccagttta gcttattcat gtctttggac agtaggttaa accggagcac tggaggaaac     27840
     ccatgcgaac acggggaaac atgcaaactc cacaacgaaa tgccaactga cccagctggg     27900
     actcaaacca gcgacttttt tgttgtaagg cgagcagcct aaatgtcatc aatagttcac     27960
     aaaataaaac ttttttttac ataaacacat aactaaattc atctggtgaa atggtgaagt     28020
     ttcacttatt gtgctatttt caatgtaatt caaaataaca aattattttc ctgcacgcca     28080
     tttaaaatct tttcccacca cagaatttaa aaaacaaaga aacatttaaa taaacaaaat     28140
     aactagctaa atacatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat     28200
     gaatgaatgg taaaaggtaa attgtatttt tttttcacag ttctgacatt ttgccttaag     28260
     tctcacaatt attttttgtt tttgtttata tctcaaaatt aacaatgtgc aatgggaaac     28320
     acccatacac tcttgcattc acacatacac acactcatac actatggcca atttagctta     28380
     ttcaactttt agcgcatgtc tattggccca gccgggtctc gaaccagcaa ccttcttgct     28440
     gtgaggcgac agtgataagc gctggaccac tgtgccgccc tggtacgtaa acttagaaat     28500
     cactcagaat tcaaaatcag aactcagaat cacaaaaatg tttttaactt catttgttta     28560
     gtcttttatt aaattagacc tgagaaaatt aagaaatgtc cccttttgtg taaacatatg     28620
     tgactccaca ctctcctccc cgtcagccat tgatcaaaca aaaccaaaac ctccacccca     28680
     tgtaaccacc attgaccgac atcaatgtgc aagcgggttt gaaacagatc ctcatttaaa     28740
     tactaacctt taaatcatgc cacactactg atgcacagta gaaatgatgc attttaaaat     28800
     gcaaaatttc aatgaaaacg tgagctttga gattttagat gattgcaaaa atgactctga     28860
     ggagatgttt tgatccaggt acaaggtgta aacgtgctgg tagtttgatc tgtgtacatg     28920
     agcaaaataa aagttgcctt tgaggtaaag atatgcatta tctgaactcc tgctctgcca     28980
     aactgcagaa acatctgagc aggagagcag acggcagaaa tgagatgagg atccttcggg     29040
     agatgcagag ccttcacttg atgctgcttt acccagcaga cacagctaaa atacagacaa     29100
     gactgtgctg attctgtagc acactgagtc ttctgttcaa tgaaaagcag atgtgatact     29160
     taatcacaat ccttagcgag accgtctgaa tatatttaaa tatcatttca accttataac     29220
     ctaaacacta caatcaaaat gactaaaaac tgtaatctgt aacatcattc caaacaaatc     29280
     tcagtgctgt gaaacgatgg cattaaacta tttaaaataa gaaaagtaag gaagcaacaa     29340
     tccttatgta tgtataaatg gattttttaa aatcaaaaca cttcatgctt aatggaatta     29400
     gtatgatatt ataatattac aatttactaa ttaacattct aatattatgc actgtacaac     29460
     atgattggtt tctttaaaaa tgcattcatt cattcatttt ccttcagctg agttgattat     29520
     tcatcagggg tcatcacagc tgaatgaacc gccaacttat acagcacatg ttttactctg     29580
     cggatgccct tccagctgca acccagttct ggcaaatatc catacacact cattcacatg     29640
     caaactccac acagaaatga caactgaccc tgctgggact cgaaccagtt accttcttgc     29700
     tgtgaggcga cagtgctaac cactgagcca ccgtgttacc caatttaaaa aatgtatttc     29760
     acttaatatt tataataatg cacatcgtcc atttacttaa ttttaaggca atgggtttac     29820
     tttattcact ttttttaaag taaagtcaac taatcgcttt aaaagcaaca ggtttactca     29880
     ctttttaaat ttaaatcaac tattcaacta tacacatgcg gctgcggccg gaagttgaca     29940
     agaattattt atattattta tttaatttaa taaaaaccct accctaatca tcacagtaat     30000
     gtaaaaactg atctggatct ggagttttcc ctattagtat agctgaataa ccatgaaaat     30060
     tagttatagt atttattaaa tttcacatta attgtatttt attaacgtct acccacacca     30120
     caaccctaaa cccaaccgtc acactaatgt aaaaacagat ctggatctgg acagccttct     30180
     gagtctacta gtaggtgcaa aaagccccta ctggcccaca tctataagct gataaccact     30240
     gataactaat cactgataac tgtcaactaa tcgctctaaa aactaaaagg tttcctcacc     30300
     ttttaaagtg aagtcaacta atcgctttaa aagcaaaggg tttacttatt ttatgtaaag     30360
     tcaacagatc attttaaaac taaaaggttt actcactttt ttaataagtc aactaattgc     30420
     tttaaaagta attggtttgc tcactctctt aagtaaagtc aagtaatcta tttaaaacta     30480
     acttttattt actttaaaga cactaatcac tttaaaagca acatgttggc tcactttttt     30540
     aagtaaacta attgctttaa aaccaatagg tttactcact tttttaaagt aaagtcaaca     30600
     agtcatttta aaactaacag gtttcctcac tttaagtaaa gtcaaatatt cgcattaaaa     30660
     gcaaagggtt tactcactca tttaagtaaa gtcaactaat cactttaaaa ctaacaggtt     30720
     aattaatctt tttaaagtaa agtcagctaa ttgctttaaa agcaacacat ttactaataa     30780
     gtaaagtcaa caaataattt taaaagcgaa ggttcaccag cgatcgtaac ttcatagatc     30840
     actagatctc acacacaatc acttacggac tacaaatccg ccattcatgg atacaacttc     30900
     atacatgcac tttgctcaca cacatttcct cattctgact gattacacac accatttaag     30960
     cagcacatac actcacttct gttgccaagt cttgtttacg tctgtgacat tacaacgtgt     31020
     ttcctttgtc ttgtttgtcc gtgtgttcac cctagccttg ttaatgtagt tatccctgcc     31080
     tgttgcctgc attttgactt ttagcctgat actttgactg cgattctgga cttccttcac     31140
     atgtctgttt tcacccgtgt tgaccattgc ttgcctgact tcctccttaa acctgcatgt     31200
     ggatcctcac tcggttgtct gtgtaactcc ccgtgataca aaaaggttta ctcatttttt     31260
     tttttaaagt gaagtaacta atcaatttta cagtgaaact tatgcaggat taaaacaatt     31320
     tcttaagatt ttttcccgcg gctgtatatt tcattacatt ttctgttaca tatgacgagg     31380
     catctattaa gctgaatcct ttctcagacg gctgtcttta aattactaag caccagggtc     31440
     aaacaaacaa cttcagcttt tatcttttaa aggctgtatt taaatgccag atgagacagc     31500
     cattaaagta ccttattaaa gccgcactgc gttcaagact tctgaggtca gttcacacag     31560
     ctgaagcaca aagaatcaag atgccatttt ttaagtagga tgaagagaaa atcagacctg     31620
     accttcacta caggtgttac tacagaggaa ggcttgataa gactgtggtt gtagaaaaag     31680
     gtcatgtcat cccctgtgta ggggttaggg cacattcaca aaccttcaag tgtctactac     31740
     cattgacata ctttactttg atttagtaat gatatctttg agaatgaaac agcacactaa     31800
     aactaaagga aacttcaagg aaagtctaaa cgaaggggga tactcacaaa ttgcttgctg     31860
     aactaacagt taaatgacct atttcaaata gcagtacaat tttaagtgac ctgtcatatc     31920
     ccatgttgtt taatcactgc tttgtttatg gtttcatgct tgcagcacta gttctggttt     31980
     acctttgtga aatgaaaatg tagataatcc cacctgcagg tgtggaaaca catccttgct     32040
     tcttcttctt taaccatgta tctggctctt gtccagagct tactgttaag ggtctttcta     32100
     tcatggataa aaaatgtaat aacaattata tcaggaaaat cctaactgca gataaaagtc     32160
     cttcttcaat agcaatggtt aaatggaaac aagcatttca ttcattcttt tcccccagaa     32220
     accaggtcag atattacaaa atgcatgatt cctagtaaaa taaacacatt tttaaatatt     32280
     atacattcta tgcaatgatt ttattggtaa gtttaaggaa gggttttcac ccttgtgttg     32340
     tttttgtgaa atggaacggg aacggttttg gtcccaagtt tccttattac tttttgaagt     32400
     gtattacaaa tttataaata taactgataa aatggtttga tttatgtatt gcaactccat     32460
     aaattattgc aaatggagaa aataacaaaa attattttta ttttattttt tttatttttt     32520
     ttggaaagta ccacatccac aaatcaaaat atgctgactg taccaaattg taaactattt     32580
     ttcattgatc taaaaaaaca tttatgattc cctgactact atacagagta atacaaaagc     32640
     tatttagaca tcccaactgc tggaaaaata ttcagtgtac atgattaatc tttgttgtta     32700
     attcccttgt ttactgttct gcactcccct gtttaataaa aaagacttct tcttcttctt     32760
     cttctttttc ttgttttaca gcagaacaca gactaataag tgcattactg cctcctatct     32820
     cataaaatga ccactgacac tttaaccact aaattcctga ttgacctatc tacccacaca     32880
     caatcaccct tgattttcca ggctacctgt tcggatactt attgagcttc attctgcact     32940
     gcgtgttcag ctcctccgtc caccctcaac cctcttggtg gacaaaaaaa aagacagaca     33000
     gaagataacg tgatcatttc aaagtaatta aagtcatgtc aagactttat ttaccagtac     33060
     tgtgggtaag accagtgtgc gaatgaccag tgtgtgtgaa ttagagaaag atagagagag     33120
     agcaagcaag caagcaagca agaaagagtg aacacatctg actgctgtag tgctgtttgt     33180
     gtatgtgtga atgagagaga gcgcatccgc cgtggcgctg tgtctgttgc ttgtatagct     33240
     gcctgtagca tccagctagg tgttttttgg gaagcatatt taatcgcttt acattttaca     33300
     ttcttccttg gtccaatatg ttcctgccat gtttatagaa agaatgctga tatgatatat     33360
     gaaacacaat cggtactcgg caaatatatg aggatatgtt tgtaaatctc acttttgact     33420
     ttgaaagagt cggtgcctca ccagccacaa acctcaccac acgtcacttt ctcatatagg     33480
     ctcaaaacat tcacatttta gttgactgtc atccattttg cgagactaga cgtaacctcc     33540
     acaagatgtc atttttcatc actgctagtt ctttgacatc ggcttgtgtg tcctaagttt     33600
     aatgcatttt taaaagcagc tttgtttaca ttatcaaatc taacattatc aaattctata     33660
     agcaccacct actgacagag agggaattag catttttatt cagcctgtaa actgtttttg     33720
     tttagttatt agttacgttt tatgtagttt gcacattttt acaaagtgtt atgacctgtg     33780
     acatacttta attaattttt tttggttttt acgttgtgat gttgtgtgcc gttgttgtgt     33840
     ttttttgttt ctctcttttg gttttcgatg tttgcggatc tctgacatct attcccaatc     33900
     agggctgctg atttacaacc tgaaaattat agttggtaac aacatatctt atatttgatg     33960
     cagtgttttg atcaagataa agttgtgtta ttgtgtagtt aattctggct ctggagacgg     34020
     taatttcaaa ctcttctcag cttccttttt ttgttttttt actttttttt taacctataa     34080
     attattatat taatgtaata aaagcttaat tcagaccatt atgttttaat ctaaatccat     34140
     ttcagctaat gtacttaatg gtcaataaca tgaatggtaa atgaatgtac atgaatggtg     34200
     attacagtca actggttacc cccaaaaatg taaattcttg ctgacagttc agcctgcagt     34260
     aaaacaaatg aacaccttgt ttatgttgtt accatagttt aattttcagt ggctttttaa     34320
     aaaaattaaa ataactaaat tcacattggc ttattgcttg taaaaacaaa atataagtca     34380
     gaatctatca ttaaaatgtc aaatatgtgc atacaatacc agacaataaa tactgcaaac     34440
     gcccagtcac tagatttttc aatatccaaa atatgtttcc tgactgtata aaagctcact     34500
     tgctgcaagg ttgaaatcta aaacatttcc gcacctaaaa aacgccccta tcaagaataa     34560
     atgacagagc tgcatggatt ggtatatatt ttaggaatga attagcagtg ttgtcgccaa     34620
     gtggtttgag ttcaaggcga tttaagacca ggtggagaca gaccaaaata aacagttatc     34680
     ataccagctc accactctct ctctggttct ctgaacacac tgactgccat gcaaaacacc     34740
     ctcattacag tgcgcgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     34800
     cacacacaca cacctgtttc agagctgata gagagagaaa acaggggaac ttctatgata     34860
     aagataatta taaactacaa aaaataaaac atatatgggg attgtgaagg aagacatcat     34920
     cgcaatcatg catatgtaat gattgtgcag tattttaaga ttgtagaata ttttttcttt     34980
     atcttcatgg gtcagacaca aaacagcatt tttcaggcat caacacaata aaaatgtgta     35040
     atataacttt gtttattcag atatttatta cattaaaatg tgttgggatt tttattctga     35100
     gaaaaactaa attataaatc tatttttaaa taattcattc aggtttttat attctgagaa     35160
     aaaccaaact ataaaaaaat tcaagagtca cacacttaaa acaatttaaa atgatttaag     35220
     tcacaccttt aaaaaagagt gtaacaataa tttatacacc aaaaatatta ttttaaagca     35280
     tatttaagaa tcatttttaa ataatttaag agtcatttta aatctttata ctttaccact     35340
     gtacttggtt ttaccctttt gttaacaaga aaagtaaatt ttattaaaac ataaaaaaaa     35400
     tgtggaaatt ttatatcatt actcatttat ttatatttta tatatactat atattagtgg     35460
     tgggccatta tcgattttaa catgctgcat taacgcgaga ctcttatcgg gcaataaaaa     35520
     aatatcgcag ttaatctatt ctcaaagttg ggttgggagc tgggtctatt ctactcaagc     35580
     tatgatgatt ttcagcttga tattttagtg cggatgtata cctgaccggt gagccgtctg     35640
     acaaaaaagt gcccttctga atcaaatcag caggatgccc ttttggatct ttcactttga     35700
     agatactact gacttcgctt acatggacat cagtaatcaa gttatttgcc ttaatagaca     35760
     ataatataat taaggtgttt acgtgagatg ctttcatgta agagtttcct gtaattttgg     35820
     gtgactttaa ctttaactgt ttaaccttta ctcatttttc caaataccaa atagaaaaaa     35880
     aacttcaaca tttcgcgatg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg gtcccttact cacagccgcg     35940
     tgtgtggatc ttgttggaaa atatggcgaa aagacctaca tcatggtaag tttaattgtg     36000
     atgtttactt caataatgtt ttaccactaa tatatgcata cacgacatct taatttcatt     36060
     tctgtttagt tcagttgtga ctttagtcgg attaaggtaa ttaaaaatcg ctgtttggag     36120
     cttatgtagg cctacagttc aaaattcttg tttaactgaa taaacactag tgcatcttat     36180
     tgaacaccat ttattttcat tgtcatagta gaacatcttc tcaagcagtt tgtgatgcat     36240
     tttggaaaca ggagataagc ccttggtcta atgcaccacc tggcttgaga aacctgttcc     36300
     caaagactta catttattca agctaacttc caccagtgcc aatatacagc catattacac     36360
     tgttactcgt gtgatattgc tcacacacac acacatatat atatatatat atatgtatgt     36420
     ttaatataag aaatgtctgt ttgtctgttg ctctgattaa cagaacatta ttttacccaa     36480
     atgttgacat tttaatttca caaaagttat ttaaaacatt aaagcagata cttgcatttt     36540
     atatgctttg aaaataaaaa caacttttgc aaatttaata agacgccgac ctaaactggg     36600
     acacttcatc tttaatgcat ataatatatt aggaaaaaaa gatcttcgct agagaaattt     36660
     ccatcacttt ttccatgaca gacatcaaaa taaactgata tttccaggtt tttcataata     36720
     taaagaagtc acacatttaa aaaagggcga aacaatagtt catacatacc acaaataata     36780
     tcttaaagca tatttaagaa tcatttgata atacaatcag tcattttaaa tcttcatact     36840
     ttgccacttt acttggtttt acccttttgt taataagaaa tgttaattct attaaaacgt     36900
     aaaaaaacat tacacaattt tatatgatta ctcatttatt tttatattaa taagtacagg     36960
     tcagaatatg tatatgtata cctgttgctt tgattaacag aataatattt cacctaaaat     37020
     ttgacatttt attttcaaac atgttattta aaacagaaat gttcaaaatt gcatttaata     37080
     tgctttgaaa ataaaaaaac aacgtttgca aatttacttt gatgcagacc ctaaactggg     37140
     acacttcatc tttaatgcat ataatatatc aggaaaaaaa atgatcttca ccaaaaaaaa     37200
     gttccatcac tttttccttg gcagatgttg aaacgaactg atatttccag gtttttcata     37260
     acatccagtg acaagactgt cagtacactt tggagctaat acaagaggat cggtaacgct     37320
     ttcttttaca acccgcaaag taccgcgtaa gtacagtgaa attacagtgc acttttctgt     37380
     acgtactgtg taagtataat gaacatatgt gtaggtataa gggaacaaac cgtaatgctt     37440
     gggtaaaaag ggggtaacaa ccagatgttc atcacgaaat ttaccgcgta agtacagtga     37500
     aataacggtg tacttttctg tacctatagt gtaagtataa ataacgttta cgtaagtata     37560
     agggaacaaa ctgtaatgct tgggtaataa gggggtaaca accagatatt cagcatgaaa     37620
     ggtaccgcgt aagtacagtg aaataacgtt gtacttttct ttaaattgca aaagaacaaa     37680
     ccataatgtt tgcgtaaaag gggagtaaca ataagatacc catcacgcaa agaagtatat     37740
     taagtttacg atgtacattt cttcaagtat tgtatacata taaagaatta tgcaaggatg     37800
     gtgacaacct attgctatct gcaaatgtac tgtatatgca cctgcgtgag tacattagta     37860
     ctcttattca gtgcttgggt tttatatggg gtgtttaatg aataaaaggt ttacaacctg     37920
     tgaaattatg aacccttatt gtatactgta tgtattttaa gtctgcaatt caatataaaa     37980
     tatatttcca tacactactt accttatgtt tactcgtcga tctcaccaaa gccatcaatg     38040
     tctccataac tcactatcaa caaataactt tgcatgacat aggcctaccg tcagggttca     38100
     atgcagatta aaacaggctc gcatctttac tgctgttgca caggggggct aactgttgca     38160
     tttcagtaaa tgtatagctg atgctttata gaaaaatcta gtaatttggt ctttaatcaa     38220
     taaaaactgc tgctgtagtt tactctgttc ttagtgttca agtatacact agtatgttaa     38280
     agttcagctt cttccctctt tgttccctgt agttaaaggg taaatacagt atttgttccc     38340
     tccttgttcc ctgtacttac aaagtaaata ccacatttga gggttgtaaa ttaaagtgaa     38400
     gctttgttcc tcccttgttc cctgtactta cagggtaaat accacacttg agggttgtaa     38460
     attaaagtga agctttgttc ctcccttgtt ccctgtactt acagggtaaa taccacattt     38520
     gagggttgta aattaaagtg aagctttgtt cctcccttgt tccctgtact tacagggtaa     38580
     ataccacatt tgagggttgt aaattaaagt gaagctttgt tcctctcttg ttaccccctt     38640
     gttccctgta cttacagggt aaataccaca tttgagggtt gtaaattaaa gtgaagcttt     38700
     gttcctctct tgttacctgt agttaaaggg taaatacaac atttgttccc cccttgttcc     38760
     ctttagttta caatgtaaaa tcttgaaggc agtgaaataa atatacaaac acacaatata     38820
     tttcttcttt actttgtaac ctttatttta ataaataagc attttaaaag acttcatatt     38880
     aatcaaacat tgtcttgtct atcattgcct atactcattc attttctctt cggctttgtc     38940
     cttttgttaa tctggggtca ccacagtgga ataaaccacc atcttatcca gcatgtttta     39000
     cgcagtggat gcccttccag ctgcaaccca tctctgggaa acatccatac acacccattc     39060
     acatgcattc actacggaca atttagccta cccaattcac ctgtaccgca tgtctttgga     39120
     ctgtgaggga aaccggagca cccggaggaa acccacgcga acgcagggag aactccatgc     39180
     agaaaccttc ttgatgtgag gaaacagcac tacctactgt gccaccgtgt tgccacccag     39240
     ctgcaaccca tcactgggaa acatccatac acactcattc acacacatac actacggaca     39300
     attttagctt acccaatgtc accacatatt tttggacttg tgggagcacc cggaggaaac     39360
     ccacgctaac atggggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgccaactg acccagccga     39420
     ggctcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgattgtgc tacccactgc gcctgcctat     39480
     actcaaacag caaaataaca cattatttcc ttcccccttt ttttctggca tctcttgctt     39540
     ggcttcctct tctgctcttc tcagcttcca ctgaggactc tgatggtgag tggctgatga     39600
     aatcccatgg gtcttgctgc tctgcattta tataaaatat atgaacagac agaaaggctt     39660
     ttagtaagct atagacatgt ttattttcct gtttaatgtg tgtgtagtgg ttgtccaaca     39720
     atttcacaca ctaaacattt acagatacca tacagacact atacattact atcaaacaaa     39780
     agtactatca tcagatcata tgggagattg tgatcattta tagtgataat aattaaagcg     39840
     cagagggaaa aggcttaaat agtaggctaa ctactgtgct aaagtcctag gcaaacgtta     39900
     ctagtaattg ggtggggggg gggggggggg attgatatat caaactggca tgctacagaa     39960
     aatatcaatt tacatttcca aacattaatt ttgtcattaa ctttgctgta attaacgtat     40020
     acagggagaa aatcgtctgc acagtcagta tgacaacagt cacagagatc tgacctgctc     40080
     atcatccagt ctgtctggaa tgacatgaag aaactaaatc cataggaact ttggcaacat     40140
     ctctaagatg tgcaaagtaa acgacagtaa acattggtaa ataatcgctg ctggccgttt     40200
     agattcggcc atgaactaac gttaatgtta cgctaaaaac aaatgaaaca aaataaatat     40260
     aatctggtta atgcacaatt tataatcgta acaatagcct tatttactaa caacgattta     40320
     ctcacatgtg ttacatggtg acaagacgga gcaattccaa acgtcccaaa agtctgagca     40380
     aaacctcgtg gcgtgctgct gcagtttgat tcggatcttt agaggcttct tgattcacaa     40440
     ctcgtttgaa tcaacgaatc agtaggcgcg tacctgaagt gatacaatat cgcgagatgg     40500
     attcaaatgc acacggagct gtctgttgtt ctcgcgatgt tttgatgtca cactgatcgg     40560
     ttcgttgaag acgaatcgat tcaactctcc gtcctccatt cccagaattt cctgttcacg     40620
     gcagtacaag gacggcagcg cgaggtacat aaaacaagta tttttatgac gttatgttca     40680
     tagaagtgtt tgtttaggtt tttgtttcta tctgatgttt gtacctattt ttaacaatta     40740
     catccttttc acaacactgt tatgatgacg cgtttaacga tcatcaggat ctaaaatcct     40800
     tgagtttttt atatgatttt tttttaataa aataacattt atttgtattt acgtatgtat     40860
     tatataatat gattacatgt gcgaggtgtc tcaaacagtg tctatggtca tgagtaaatt     40920
     agaagttatt ctctcttctt gcggcgttat cagtttcaca ctattttttt atttttctaa     40980
     ttgttgagac aacaccatcg taaagttgga gcaaagaaga ttgtaaaaaa atgtgttgta     41040
     ctttcccatt cactgcgctg aaatgtaaaa agggtccata acagtacatc aaccatatta     41100
     tgttatcttt cactttattt aggactaatg atgggttaag acatgtactt taatcaaaaa     41160
     ctaaccttag gggtagttaa cccaaacgtt acatttactt accatttaat gagtgacaca     41220
     gaatttaaat atgtacactg aactgcaaat aatctttact tcaaagtcta tactgcctgc     41280
     acatatattt aagccttttc cctctgcgct ttaattatta tcactataaa tgatcacaat     41340
     ctcccatatg atctgatgat agtacttttg tttgatagta atgtatagtg tctgtatggt     41400
     atctgtaaat gtttagtgtg tgaaattgtt ggacaaccac tacacacaca ttaaacagga     41460
     aaataaacat gtctatagct tactaaaagc ctttctgtct gttcatatat tttatataaa     41520
     tgcagagcag caagactcat gggatttcat cagccactca ccatcagagt cctcagtgga     41580
     agctgagaag agcagaagag gaagccaagc aagagatgcc agaaaaaaag ggggaaggaa     41640
     ataatgtgtt attttgctgt ttaagtatag gcaggcgcag tgggtagcac aatcgcctca     41700
     cagcaagaag gtcgctggtt cgagcctcgg ctgggtcagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt     41760
     tgcatgttct ccccatgtta gcgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctcccacaag tccaaaaata     41820
     tgtggtgaca ttgggtaagc taaaattgtc cgtagtgtat gtgtgtgaat gagtgtgtat     41880
     ggatgtttcc cagtgatggg ttgcagctgg gtggcaacac ggtggcacag taggtagtgc     41940
     tgtttcctca catcaagaag gtttctgcat ggagttctcc ctgcgttcgc gtgggtttcc     42000
     tccgggtgct ccggtttccc tcacagtcca aagacatgcg gtacaggtga attgggtagg     42060
     ctaaattgtc tgtagtgaat gcatgtgaat gggtgtgtat ggatgtttcc cagagatggg     42120
     ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc actgcgtaaa acatgctgga taagatggtg gtttattcca     42180
     ctgtggcgac cccagattaa caaaaggaca aagccgaaga gaaaatgaat gagtataggc     42240
     aatgatagac aagacaatgt ttgattaata tgaagtcttt taaaatgctt atttattaaa     42300
     ataaaggtta caaagtaaag aagaaatata ttgtgtgttt gtatatttat ttcactgcct     42360
     tcaagatttt acattgtaaa ctaaagggaa caagggggga acaaatgttg tatttaccct     42420
     ttaactacag gtaacaagag aggaacaaag cttcacttta atttacaacc ctcaaatgtg     42480
     gtatttaccc tgtaagtaca gggaacaagg gaggaacaaa gcttcacttt aatttacaac     42540
     cctcaaatgt ggtatttacc ctgtaagtac agggaacaag ggaggaacaa agcttcactt     42600
     taatttacaa ccctcaagtg tggtatttac cctgtaagta cagggaacaa gggaggaaca     42660
     aagcttcact ttaatttaca accctcaaat gtggtattta ctttgtaagt acagggaaca     42720
     aggagggaac aaatactgta tttacccttt aactacaggg aacaaagagg gaagaagctg     42780
     aactttaaca tactagtgta tacttgaaaa ccaagaacag agtaaactac agcagcagtt     42840
     tttattgatt gaagaccaaa ttactagatt tttctataaa gcatcagcta tacatttact     42900
     gaaatgcaac agttagcccc cctgtgcaac agcagtaaag atgcgagcct gttttaatct     42960
     gcattgaacc ctgacggtag gcctatgtca tgcaaagtta tttgttgata gtgagttatg     43020
     gagacattga tggctttggt gagatcgacg agtaaacata aggtaagtag tgtatggaaa     43080
     tatattttat attgaattgc agacttaaaa tacatacagt atacaataag ggttcataat     43140
     ttcacaggtt gtaaaccttt tattcattaa acaccccata taaaacccaa gcactgaata     43200
     agagtactaa tgtactcacg caggtgcata tacagtacat ttgcagatag caataggttg     43260
     tcaccatcct tgcataattc tttatatgta tacaatactt gaagaaatgt acatcgtaaa     43320
     cttaatatac ttctttgcgt gatgggtatc ttattgttac tcccctttta cgcaaacatt     43380
     atggtttgtt cttttgcaat ttaaagaaaa gtacaacgtt atttcactgt acttacgcgg     43440
     tacctttcat gctgaatatc tggttgttac ccccttatta cccaagcatt acagtttgtt     43500
     cccttatact tacgtaaacg ttatttatac ttacactata ggtacagaaa agtacaccgt     43560
     tatttcactg tacttacgcg gtaaatttcg tgatgaacat ctggttgtta cccccttttt     43620
     acccaagcat tacggtttgt tcccttatac ctacacatac gttcattata cttacacagt     43680
     acgtacagaa aagtgcactg taatttcact gtacttacgc ggtactttgc gggttgtaaa     43740
     agaaagcgtt accagaggat ctaatacaag ctaagcattc tgttaattgg cacagctgtc     43800
     aaactgtagg cttactgtta atatccagca tcaaatctgt cactcttaac caattaaaca     43860
     caatcgttct gtgaaaatac aacaaaccag actggaacaa aaatgataca ttggatttgc     43920
     taaattcttt ttaggtaagt ggttgcaaat aatgtacagt atacaggctg tatttaaaca     43980
     aattaactgt attaaagttc aactttgttt aaattcagcc catatgaata gtttgcaacc     44040
     acttaccttc aaaacaaatt tagttaatcc aacgaattac cattactatg acattattta     44100
     tcagtgcatt ttagtcctct acacaaacaa taagagtgcg aagcgtccag agatgtctat     44160
     ggtcagcaca gtcatttcca tcacgagggc ctggtgggct gctctgtttt cagcacagaa     44220
     ttaaaagcca gaataaacac agcagctgca cgattaaata agaaacctgt tgaaaagccc     44280
     tctcagagac ggcagctgaa ttatgctaat gctctccatg tcacggtgaa ctattcagag     44340
     caaaaaccat ttccatggac acagtgtata aaaggaaata agagaagaat caatgttgct     44400
     gaacaaatag agccatgctg agtctgccaa agctacaaaa ttgaaggaag gtatatacag     44460
     ttgaagtcag aattattagc cttcctgttc aatataattc tttttataat gtttccttaa     44520
     gttcttttca gtggagagaa gatttttcta gaacacattt ctgaacataa gtttttataa     44580
     aatagtttct aataactcta tattaggcaa atcattgtat aactatggtt tgttttatag     44640
     acaatctggg tgctttttta caagcatttt ttttctttgc tatttgggct tattggaacc     44700
     taataagaat aaaacctaca gtaagtatca tcttttgata tgatgtactt gtagagaaaa     44760
     atgatgtcca tatatgtcca tatatgtgga ctcgtggtcc gcatttacat aaaacacctt     44820
     tcctgttttt taatgcacat aaaacatatt atttttaaca tgttttgact ctcagagagt     44880
     taaaaaataa taaaataaaa ataaaaataa tccccatttt ggacagttaa aaatactagt     44940
     gtttgggaca tttcaaatgt tgaaaaacag ttgcaggatg acactgtatg tctgtaacac     45000
     aatataaaac attcaaagta ttttaaatag ccacttaaga gctaacatgt gctgtcctgt     45060
     atgtggtcac tgagccgtat gaggttaaag ggggctaata ataatgaccc ttaaattaaa     45120
     aaaaaaaaat gtaaacctgc ttttattctg gccaaaataa aacaaatagg actttctctg     45180
     gaagaaaaaa tattatcaga aatactgtga aaaattcctt tctccattaa atatcacttg     45240
     agaataagaa ttaatatttc acaggagggg taaacagttt gccctcaact gtatatagtt     45300
     aattatttta actatattta ataaaattat aaaattatta ttagcccccc tgtgaaattg     45360
     gaatttaaac cataatattt aataataaaa taaaaaaaaa ttacaaaaat gttttaaaca     45420
     tcagaatcca gtagaagaaa aaaaaatcca caaacgtaat tgaaaaaaaa gttaatatca     45480
     tgttgattta ttcaccctca ggtcaaacaa tctgctgata ttgtggtcca gatataccag     45540
     cccaggcaat ttcagcctac atttttgtaa aattgtaaat atgttgctct gggtatgttt     45600
     ttgttacgga tgacaaattc actatatggg tggtgtcaac attttcgaat tttgttatat     45660
     ttgcagacac acgtccttct aaaacaagtc tacaagtaaa cagggcatga catacagatc     45720
     acccagacca gcaaaccact gatctaaacc caaccaatag tcttttcaaa atcacacatt     45780
     agagaaacgt gcacctgtgt aaaagttcac atactttacc ttgattttac attgttacat     45840
     ctcttttgat ctcaccaaac ttaaacttat ataatctgca ctacaaatac aacactgtac     45900
     aaagtgagct atgagcaaac gtaccatgaa aagctgtcca tatggggata ggggtgaggt     45960
     aaacttattc aattatccct aatccctaaa ttataccaga gcatacctaa tcagcagatt     46020
     cgccccacaa gacttcatat gttcatagcc actggtgttc attttgtaag gagttttttt     46080
     ttttttttta cttttaaagt gccggtagcc actgacttgc actttatgaa ttaataagta     46140
     acacagcttt agaactgcac ataaaaaaga atcaaactga aatgaaaatt atgagattgt     46200
     gtcaatagtg agataaagtc acaatcatta acaaaattat tttaaatttt atgaacttac     46260
     aattctaaaa aatgaaatca acattttgag aaaattcaca aaattcagaa ctcaattctg     46320
     agagattttg ttttgcctct atgtctcttg taaatgtaaa atttatgaaa ataaattaaa     46380
     cattttggtt acatttttta cccctaaaaa tgtttcttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     46440
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     46500
     cgctctcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctactg ttaaataaaa ttttaaaaag     46560
     tgtcgtcctt tagtttttcc tttaagttaa tggttaccgt taatgttgtg gttctaacat     46620
     ttttcaaaat atcttcttta atgtttaagc aggaaaatga agctcattca tttttggaac     46680
     catttgaggg agtaaatagt gagtaaatgt acattttttg tgtgtgcgaa ctattccttt     46740
     aaacaaatca agacctaata tgcccatcag taacatgaga ttttgattta tgaagttatt     46800
     gtgtgatact atgccaataa taaatccttc tgaactttct tgacagtctg atgtgacaac     46860
     acggagcaat atatcagcga aggggtccca catctaatat ttctgaatag tttgcgtcaa     46920
     agtttagctg cactgattca tacacacaca catttcagag accttattgg ccatcattgc     46980
     gatgctgaca gccgtttcca ataaagtcta tgtctggagc atcagacagt cgcagtagcc     47040
     cagaggctct cagtgtttat gatgccatta ctcactgctt tgacaaatgc agatccagaa     47100
     tgcaactaca gagcatatat gaggacacaa cgaaatgcat gatgggagaa aggtccaggt     47160
     ccataagatg aggaaaaaca agaattccct caacattaaa attatgtaat tgtttactca     47220
     tttacagtta aagtcagaat tattagccct ccttaattat tagcccccct atatattttt     47280
     gtctcaaatt tctaattttc ttgacacatt tctaaacata atagttttga taactcattt     47340
     catataactg atttatttta tctatgccat gatgacagta aataatattt tactagatat     47400
     ttttcaagat actagtattc tgcttaaagt gacattttaa agacttaact gggttaatca     47460
     ggcaggttag ggtaattaag caagtcattg tataacgatg gtttgttctg taaacaataa     47520
     aaaatattgc ttaaagaagc taataatgtt gacattaaaa tggttttaaa aactgctttt     47580
     attctagccg aaataacaca aataagactt tctccaggag aaaaaatatt ttcagacata     47640
     ctgtgaaaaa ttccttgctt tgttaaacat catttgggaa ttattaggaa agaaaaaata     47700
     ataataattt ggataatact aatcaactgt atgttagctt ttccaaatat tatccttgct     47760
     tatcttttaa agtgttttca gtgtaatgaa aattaatcag cattaaaagt gtcaagcttg     47820
     aagtgtgaca aataaaaaac atgatgtaag aaactagtca agaaaataaa aatgcaatta     47880
     taaataagtt caaaacgtaa catagattat ttttaatgat ttaaactcat cattgtgaga     47940
     attgcgagat gtaaactcag aattgtaagg gaaaagattg attgtgatta gaaaaacagc     48000
     tgtaatctca aaacaaagtc ctgttccaaa aacaacaggc aacttaaaaa ctttaagatt     48060
     taacatttta aaaaaattat acaaaagtgc attttaaaaa caatttaaac ttacagttgt     48120
     gaaaaataat agtcactatt aaaaaatctg ttacatataa actttgaatt ctgggagggg     48180
     aaaagtcaga ataacaagat taacaaaatt acaaaaattt ttaaaccgaa ttatgagata     48240
     aaaacctaga gagggagaaa aaattacatt ttgagatgaa ttacaactca gaattgcaca     48300
     aaagtcagaa atgagagata aaagtaaaaa agtaaaaata aaaaaataaa aacatttgaa     48360
     acaattttga gaaactaagt cacaaaataa aataaaaaaa ctcaaactca aaattgtgag     48420
     atgtaaaaaa tgctgttctg gtgaaaacag tctttcacag tttaatagtt aaatagtgca     48480
     atttatctaa ttaaaacaga tcaaatgact tgttaggtta ctgaagtgga aaagcattaa     48540
     ttacattttg atccatttct aacatcatgt ttggggggtt gaaatgacaa tataaaatgg     48600
     tacttttatt tttagctcaa gtactccttt aagattttaa gagagatgag gcagatatta     48660
     gatgaaattg ctgcgcttct gagatgtgaa ggtgtgagac tgagaagcag atttcaggaa     48720
     tctgatatta acttgtcaag cagatgtaat aaaagagaaa aactcaggca taatagattt     48780
     gcgtccggtc attctttttg gagaggctga gctcaataag aggctcagga gagctgaaat     48840
     gagatatgag gatatagcgg tataagctca gtttcaaaaa tgtcatttga acacaaagac     48900
     tgttctaaaa aaggtgattt ctaattttca gacacttcta aagcggaaaa gggctttcta     48960
     aaggacatcc tttgttttaa tgatagctat accgtcagaa tataagaaac atgttggtta     49020
     cggtacataa ccatatagat gaataatcaa tattacttga gtagcagtgc gatgtggctg     49080
     tatattggca ctgggaggca tgctttgcct tagtgtccca ctatagtgac gatatacagt     49140
     cacaacgcac ggttacgagt gtgataaggc atttatacaa cagttcgatg gcataatcat     49200
     gtgtacaata agaaaatcat acacagagag tcttaaaacc attttgtaag aggaactact     49260
     ttcttacgcc attcatttac atctgcagct gacgtcagaa cagcagaacc tgttgctcat     49320
     acactaacgt tactttagag gtagtatttg gatgattctc tagcgtgtaa cacaaaagag     49380
     agatatcgac ttagaaagtc atttacctgt ttattaatga tttgatcagc tgtagtttta     49440
     aattaccctg ttttctctta gggcttatta tgtggtctct gtcgccacct tgtggatgaa     49500
     catcatcaac catcttgctc aaagacaggc taatggccac caacgcgctg tcagaaatta     49560
     gaaatattta aaatccttat gcttataaat aaactgcata gttgcaatct aaacaacaac     49620
     attctcgact gaaataaagc ctcaaaagta cattatgttg tccaacagca gcagtatttg     49680
     tcaaactgta gagtgtcctc tgcttgttgc tgtatgttgg cggagtaata cacaagggta     49740
     aagggtgaag aggcggtatg actaatgtag ttccagtcat gcaccgctca cacgcacctg     49800
     ttcctcattc ggtagattat ggaacgtttc atgctacggt actgtacggt tcagtatgct     49860
     tttatggctg tatccactgt caaaaggcgt actgaaccaa accatacagt accacttttt     49920
     cggcaccctt tgcaaagggt accaagggta ccaaaaggcg gagctagatg tgcagttgaa     49980
     cgctattggt ttacagatat acgtcattcg ctcgcgcacc aagccagaat aaaaacaaag     50040
     gaacagccat gtttttaaat acacagtaga gacattccac cgtaatatta tatacatata     50100
     ataacaagcc atggtcaacc agagctcaaa caacccttgt cgtcgtcctg ataaacagcc     50160
     acaaagccaa gaggaacaaa atctgctgtg ccctgttgtt gttttacgag cccgtctaaa     50220
     aatacgagtg gtttcacttt gtccagagaa ctcgcatttg catacatatt tgaaatagta     50280
     aactttttaa gctcacatta ataatgtgct catgatcatt aaaacaatct gatatccgat     50340
     gatcctgtca gaaagggaca acacgagagt gaagcgcaaa aaaaacaaag gaaaagccag     50400
     aaagaacagc agcaactgat gcgtatgcaa cctaaaacat gaataaactg ccttgtttaa     50460
     cttttatcat caccttttgg aatattatga actcagaatg acggaattac tttctaacaa     50520
     gaggttacat gtgctgctga agattaaaga cacatatgag aggtttgcat agactgtggg     50580
     ctatatgttg cttgttgttt ttgaacctaa ataaggacta aatgtatgct gtgtgtagtt     50640
     tttttgtaag tggtaacata tcggacaaat atttggccta cagtgtttga ccttcgcttt     50700
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttacgttgct tgccaccagg actgaccatt     50760
     cgcctgtcat tgaccactct tctggatttg cctgtatgtt cccatttgcc cctgtgttga     50820
     ctgtagcctg cctgactaat cttgaataaa ctgcgcttgg atcagcaaga tcatttctca     50880
     gcgtcccttc acattacatt atactgtgaa ttgtgaccta aactaaagtg ttacttcaaa     50940
     tttttaagcc aatgattcaa atgcaaacag ctatgtgttt acgaaaaatt cctctgagtg     51000
     tggagaatgt ccaaacggag gccccgctcc tgtgtttctg ctgtcactga agcagatgcc     51060
     cgtgtaggca gcaggcagcg aggcggctca ttaggtcttg gaaaagaaac tagaaagcga     51120
     gatgtaaata agtccttcac tgtttaccat cacagacgct ggtgactccc tcagaagagc     51180
     ggcatcatgg gagatccatg tgtaggcagc actgactgga gtccagcatg gagaatatgg     51240
     gctcacagag caaaaatgag tcacttcact caaatcacac acacacctct gtccgctcac     51300
     tcactcttgc tcctcttcac accatacgct cactttcact cttccatttt cattgttctc     51360
     aagcacacat ataggctctt tttcagccat ctaagactgt ctggcagaga tgtgactggt     51420
     tcgtgatttc aaagggtcat ttcgttcttt ccttgtgtta gtcacacttt ttctgtcata     51480
     taatggaaca agtttttttt gtgacttcat ggccaaaggt acttctttct gcttctttcc     51540
     gttccttata actgggcaag acagaatctg cagatatttt ttgctatttc tgcacagaat     51600
     tttgtttaaa caaatctaca gatttacaat gaaaaaaata tttttgctgc ttgctcaaac     51660
     tgcttttttg aaatgagctg aaacaaaaca gttcttgagt gttcaagaca acttaattgt     51720
     tttatgttca gtgaacttaa aattttaaaa accattaaat taattgaatc catttgtgtt     51780
     gagatcagat aaagacagtg tgcgacaccc agcatttttt acagtgtatg ccagtagtat     51840
     gtcatatcgg tcctggaggt ccggtgtctt gcagatttta gctccaaccc caatcagaca     51900
     caactgggct agctactagc tagtcaagct cttatactgt aaaaaccaac aactttatta     51960
     aataataaat aaattgttaa ctcaaaaatt actgaaagtt aattctactc atttgaaaag     52020
     agttttgaac ttcaacttaa acagattaag tttacagtaa tcatatggat tagttttttt     52080
     tttttactca aacagtttgt agcaaacggt ttccttaact ggtttgagtt gtcttaactt     52140
     attgggtttt acagtactca gtaggtttga gttctcttca tttatctggt tttactgtgc     52200
     ttaaattgct tagtttactc aactggatta agtttacagt actcattagg atttgttttt     52260
     gaacttaatt gttttgttgc aatcaatttc ctcaaatggt ttgagttacc ttaacctttt     52320
     gggttttaca gtgtactagg ctttctagaa acatccttgc acgtgcactg aaaaaatgat     52380
     gtctgcaaaa tttagtaatg tccaactgaa tttgtttgtt taaattcagg ccaaagaaat     52440
     tttttacaac cacttaactg aaaaagtttt taaaatcaaa ggaatcatct ttgaataatt     52500
     tttttcagtg tgtgttgagg caagttggag ctaaaacctc aacaataagt agacattggt     52560
     tcgcaacata cgttgacgga ctttagaggt agagaggagt tgtcgattgg gttttcggaa     52620
     ggaggtgggt ggggtaatcg gtcagtcatc agtggcctct ggtgcattta cacaagaaca     52680
     gaaagcgcaa atggcactag cgggagaaat ttgagatctc aaaaaagcat acacagtagc     52740
     ctctgatgga tttgcaaaaa caaaaactgc aaaaaaaaaa aacgtagctc cgtggacgta     52800
     tttgacactc tacagaaatg tatatagggc aacgttttta taatgagcct gggttgtaaa     52860
     atctgcagga aaccagacct ccaggaccaa gtttgagaac ctctggtgta ttatgcgaag     52920
     tgattttaaa atatctttaa actaaaaatt cgaaataaaa aaatgatcca ttttaatctt     52980
     ttttaaactt ttacagtgca aatccaagtc tctcatataa tatatctact aaaagacaaa     53040
     aaatatgact ttattttaaa taaatcacat aaacatttgc atactagtta atattactga     53100
     aacgaataaa tacacacatt tacataagta aataaagagt tttaatgatt ggcaccccga     53160
     ttctgtctgg gcctacgagt atatgtaagt cacaatattg atttcttttg tcattcattc     53220
     attcgttcgt tcattcattc cttcggctta gtccctttat ttatcagggg ttgccacggc     53280
     ggaatgaact gtcaactatt ccagcatatg ttttatgcag aggatgccct ttcagctgca     53340
     agccagcacc gggaaacact cataaactct aacattcaca cacactcata caatgcggcc     53400
     aatttcattt tacctaattg acctttaccc catgtttctg gactgtgagg ggaaactgga     53460
     gcaaccagag gaaacccaca tgaacatggg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacgac     53520
     aactgactca gccaggactc gaaccagcaa ccttcgtgct gtgtggcgac tgtgcttacc     53580
     actgagccac ccgacattat attttatact caaattatat aatcatgata attgttacta     53640
     ttatttttgg tcatttaaat aggaaatagt attaatcttt tttaccattt atcatttaaa     53700
     attgatttat tgtcagttat aaattacatt tcttttaatc attatttaaa ataaaagttt     53760
     acaaatattc tgttttttac aaatatctgt atggctgttt gattttctcc acagtagcca     53820
     catgtgaatt tggaggtggt tataataaaa cactactcac tctgagactc aagctcgatt     53880
     gacttattga ctcatcatga ttagaattgg atatgagcca ctcaaagcaa atgaatcact     53940
     gcgtatgagc gcatgaaagt atataacaaa tccttcctcc acacttatca gaattcacaa     54000
     aatcccacat tcccactcta taaatataat ggttttattc atagcagttt cattgaaaaa     54060
     ctgtgttcct tagcaaacca ttcagtgaag aacattttaa gaatccatag aaacctttta     54120
     tcactataaa aatctttttg tgtgatcaaa aggttccaag aatgaataaa aggatcttta     54180
     atggaaccac cgatgcatga acaaccttta ttttttaaaa gtgcatgttc acacttccta     54240
     taatttgttt tgattgcctt cttaccattt ttctttctga cttggattaa cctttcagtg     54300
     aagttagact cacttaaggc tttttttgca cagtgtgata ttgctctgtc tctcagatac     54360
     tctcacacca gcacctcaac agtaaaaagc tttacagagc ttttttgggt aactaatgcg     54420
     tctctcagtt gcaccgtgtt cctgtgaaac taaaatacac agcctttgag gaacggtcaa     54480
     tgtggtcctt ttttcaacct gtcttcttat caatctgttc actacgataa aacccaatac     54540
     ttctcaaaac aattgtgcac tccaattacc tcaaaactta tacttgaact ctttatattt     54600
     ttaaagctaa gattaagtta gaagaaaagt attttttaaa caaagtaaaa ataactcaaa     54660
     gcttaaaggt ttaagtgcta attatcgaca gactagcatg tgcttatttt acttgacttt     54720
     tatttttcta gcctaacctc aagatttact tttcaccata atgctaacca aacaaaacct     54780
     caccagaaca tacaacacaa atgggtaaat accaatgtaa atgataatta agcaataaca     54840
     cacctctcac ttctttaagc acacaaaata agacttgttt ctatcacagg tgggtcttgg     54900
     acccgggtct ctgatgtgga gactggtaag tgaaccactg agacacaggg gcagttgtgt     54960
     tggacccaaa caaaacactc atcctgaaaa taaggatttc ttttaaaaag agatcaactt     55020
     agatcagggg tgtcaaagtc aattcctgga gtgccgaagc cctgcacagt ttagttccaa     55080
     ccctgctcca acacacttac ctgtaggttt caaacaagcc tgaaggactc aattagtttg     55140
     atcaggtgtg tttaattagg gttggaacta aactgtgcag agctgcggca cttttggaac     55200
     tgagtttgac acctgtggct tagattcttt tcaaaaatga ggtagcaaaa cagacagcta     55260
     agattcttct cagaacgagg tatacaaact ctttaacaga aaactccacg aggggagaaa     55320
     acaaataaac aataaggcag caaacaacag ggaaaacaaa acaactgttt ttcagagttg     55380
     taacgcattc cacagtttat cgaattgaac cgaatcaatg gcatgataat cgtaaccgaa     55440
     ttgaacggtg agacctggtt ctcataggtt cacagctcta ctatggatgt caatttttac     55500
     aggtatccaa ttttgttcta aatgtctttt ttgtgttcaa aaaaaaaaaa ctttaagtat     55560
     ttgatgaact ctttaaggtc caattccaat tctatttttg tacccctact ccttcccctt     55620
     ggcccttata atcgaggatg atggggaagg gctttaaaat ttacctgcac tacagcacct     55680
     gcacacgtca tcatacagta tgtcatcgtg atctcttgct tcatgtgaga gacgatcgct     55740
     acagctgtaa cgattccagt tgtgttattt gttggttttt atcttcagga aatcactaca     55800
     ggcatatatt atgttatcat aatgatataa tgtgacaata agattgtaac tatactttac     55860
     atttacacag tggccatatt catcaatgta aacacacgaa aacaagatta acattatagt     55920
     agaaactgaa aaaagcccat tcccagcatc cagacattac tgacagggta tttgagtgtc     55980
     atcgaatgtc agaatgttgt gggactgcta tacaaaaatt attattatta ttatagatta     56040
     tagatcgcaa aatttagcga tttatatctt agcgtttttt ttattaaagc atgatggtaa     56100
     aatacgaaca tggttatgaa tatattaaaa catgtgcttg tttgttgtaa taatgtaata     56160
     gtgtaatcat gacaaaaaat actaatttgt ggctctgctt acttccgggt gcagctgtgg     56220
     ctgatgtatt ccagggaaat tttcttaccg cttggtttcg agtgtggtcc tgaaaaatct     56280
     tcatttgaag ggctattcac cccttcccct tagccctacg ccttcaaggt aaagagaatt     56340
     gggactcccc taccccttca cagaaacatg caaaatgagg ggtagggcta aagggaaggg     56400
     ctgaaggctg atttatactt ctgcgtcaaa caccggcgta tgctacggcg ctgacgcata     56460
     gcccttcgcc gtggccgtcg tcgtcacagc cgcgcgaatg gcatgggcga ttgtttacaa     56520
     gtgtggagta ccgtgaagga gctccggatg gaaagttttg ttttgtgttt acctgatagt     56580
     taaagttgtt gctcgtccac cggttcctgc ctcaaaatga gcaagtttga gccacttgta     56640
     catccccgaa gtgttcagga aaagtaaaaa agcagcgaag aaactcgaca cagaggaaca     56700
     tttacacctc actgccaact agggtttcgg aagtgttaat gcagaccgac agagacagct     56760
     cgcagaagta taaatgcaca gccatgcgcg ttgcatgcgc cgtgggttac gccggtcact     56820
     tgacgcagaa gtataaatca ggctttaggg gtagaattgg gattgggctt aagtcttttg     56880
     aataagctgt tgtgatcaac ccattgtaat gtttttcagt gaatattgaa ttactgaaaa     56940
     agctgcagtt tattttgtgt tttttatagg ttttatatgt tttaaaagta acttcaaagt     57000
     aaagttattt ggaatctaat tacattttac gaatcagtat tgtaatcaaa ttacaatttt     57060
     ccagtagtaa tttataatct aatagttttt taaagtaact tgcccaacac tgctgttttt     57120
     aactattgtt atttttatag aatattttgt aaaaaataaa aaaataaatg ttttagaggc     57180
     ctaaatagct taggacattc actagataat attttaacaa acaacaacat acatgtttta     57240
     atatatgagt ttcttacaca atgaccagtc gagtgcaaat gttggtgttg agcaggagag     57300
     cagctttaca cgcatatcta tctccaatgc tcagtgccat tatggaaaca gcccttaata     57360
     tatactcaaa gcaaatgact tcccatttcg ctggattgaa aaatgctgta gtttgccaaa     57420
     ttctggagaa atgaaagagc aaagatgcga atttcctgtc tgtgtgattt tgcaatgatt     57480
     catgacaaat gacttgctaa aataaaatta cagaatgtgt ttatatttta ctaagtaata     57540
     gaaatcctgc ttttataaga cagacttgtc ttatttaaaa aaaatgaatt aatttgacaa     57600
     acatattaga attttatctt ttaattttag caattatttg cagaaaatga taagtcaata     57660
     atattattac atttaatgtc taaaaattga ataattcata ttgcaaatgt aagttctaga     57720
     tcaagggtgc ccaaacattt tcatttgaag ggccaaaaac caaatactat tgagggctag     57780
     gggccaaagg aaaacatacc aaactatttt acattaaagt tgcaatgagt agtttcctaa     57840
     tttatttcat aagatttaaa agttcaataa aaaacattac tttaaatcat attaataatg     57900
     ctgtatacct ttttaaatgg gaaattactg caataaaaca tttacaatca catctataac     57960
     acagtagagt tcaataatgc tgaatacact agtcaattaa caagccttgg acttgatttg     58020
     ctaactaaat tctttgcatt gttgggtgac tatgcacaat taaacaaaat cagattaatt     58080
     tacaccattt aattgaaaca tttaatttcg gttagctttt agcaattgtt gcgtgtggca     58140
     ttcactgctg cccataatta ttactttcaa ttgatcttgt tttgtctttt ttcccttttc     58200
     agttttctat tggttgattt ggtggagtca ggcctgtaag acggacggaa cggatttctc     58260
     gcaccctctc attcctccat gccaccacag tttttgacgg ctttattggt gtgttttcct     58320
     taatactttc cgtgtgttat ttgttttgag tggggagttc caacctgcct caggtttgtt     58380
     tggttgttat ttattatgct gttgggctct cttgtcattt tagattgttt tgctggttat     58440
     attatgttaa taaataattt agctggacca ctttggctat tgtttattta tgttacgttg     58500
     tcttcgaatc acgagtcata tttaaagtag gaaccgtaac ataattgggg gctcatgcgc     58560
     ttctctttat aatttgtttc acttcgttca caacaaacaa acaaagggta tcaataaatt     58620
     tgaattgaca atctcgaaac atccccatca ttctccctct catatcagat gggatggtgg     58680
     gccaaatcaa gggtcacata aagccaactt tgtactgcag gccctagcta aaataaacac     58740
     aaattaatat tgtacttggc aaatagaact aataattagt ttaaaatgtt ttgtattata     58800
     aaataaaatg taataagcaa atgaattatt taaaagttac acaacattgc atgcaattgt     58860
     tgtattctgt gatattgctt tccaatagtc aatagtaatt acagcacaca caatgtaaaa     58920
     actactgcat gtggagataa aagaaaggca aacgtgagct cggaaaatct cctaaatcat     58980
     attattcccc ttgtcaagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     59040
     agcgagagag agagagagag agagagatag agagagtgat ctagccaggc cttataaagc     59100
     tgaatgtcac catcaacagc gatctaatcc tggcagatca ccggtaaaca cacagaccgc     59160
     atagaactat aaatctgcca ttatatggac tacaagatcc agtcatgcac cacacacacc     59220
     ggttcctaat aatatatata cacctctcaa acacccacac tttgctgagt cattacaaag     59280
     tgttttcctt gccttggcgg ttttgaccct caccttgcct gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt     59340
     gtatatactg tatgctgcct gccttttgac catctgcctg ttactgtata tgtatattgc     59400
     ccatattcct gtgttgactg ttgcttgctt gaccattctc tgttcaataa accctgcatt     59460
     tggatccgca cttccttatc agcatcccac tatacattac tctaaatgtc aagagaaaaa     59520
     ggaggtagga cttgctttgt gatttatagg ggtgtgccct aatgccttta gattgaatca     59580
     tagaatgatt gtcaacaatg aattagcctt gtccaaaaca tctgcacatt ctccttctga     59640
     aatttgttta taaaacatca catgttcatt ttactgtttt actgaaagtg ctgtcaaatg     59700
     tatgtttgag tacttttttt tttttttttg tggtttcaca aaaatcaaag ttgctcaaat     59760
     tttttaacag cccatctctc ctgcatccaa cactacagta gttacaagaa ctgattgttt     59820
     gctttccatc taatctactg cagtagatca cagatgatca gtgacttttg ctttacctga     59880
     gactggtcaa catgttttgg ctcactgatg tacaaaatca aatggcacaa tgtgatgtag     59940
     acaatcaaat tgtattgtca ttcctcaagt actattacag ttctgttgct gaagtcataa     60000
     aggctgcaag gaataaaggt tgacaggaca gaaagtgtga gataaactga gttaaatagc     60060
     acacagcaca agtaaagaaa accttcaaat agacagcaca agtatagaaa cgtattatct     60120
     gccattacat ccattatccc atcatctact gtattgttca ctcagtccct gttaatgtgc     60180
     ttgtcattgc actgatttag ttctttccta tttatgaata agaaagaaaa atcacaaatg     60240
     tgaaaaactt caatgtttaa gctcttctta aaaacatgat caactggtaa ttttctcaaa     60300
     acattctgcg tctgaccttt tgcgtttcag catatctgat cagcgaaaga ttaatctgac     60360
     ttgaaaatat tcagtggaca tttcttaaac ccttccaaat gattccatat gtttttacag     60420
     cattgttatt cacacaatat atacacaatg tattggtgac catattacta ctgctcatta     60480
     aatgtcatta aaaatcattt gttattattt ttattttcaa tattttattg cattttttcc     60540
     agataatata caaacttata aatgtatatg aaaaatagaa gtcctatcag caaggagatg     60600
     acatgaaata tatagcaaca aaaacaagaa aactgtagaa ctcttaaatc aaacttgcac     60660
     ttttctaccc ccttctatgc accatccctc ccatctccca cccctccctg ttttctgagg     60720
     ccttcgatat gtacgcaaag atgaatcaag acacagataa ataaataata aaccacctga     60780
     aaaaaaaatt attaaagaat taataaaaaa tatataatta gtatatgggt cttgttatta     60840
     ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt aataataata     60900
     ataataataa taatcaactt tcttcaaatt gttttctttg tattcaacag gaaaaagaaa     60960
     gtcattggtt tgaagctact tggggattgc atgaatagtg agtaaatttt ccatgtaaac     61020
     tttcctttaa gcttgtgtag aatgttcaca gagtgacggg tcttaaaact attacaaact     61080
     ttcattcatt tatttacatt ttgcaattaa tccacaaatg atttgcattc caaaatgtgt     61140
     cttcaacagt aatccgtact taacatcatt gttaaacaat atattgctta gccctgattt     61200
     tcgttcctcc aaaagattag tagtaagaaa tttggtgtac atgaaatgca tacaaagtct     61260
     taaagggata gttcacccga aaataaaaat gagcccatcc ttaggtggtt cccagtcttc     61320
     atgagtttca tatgatctca agtatgtttg aaactggtag ccattgacat ccataaaagt     61380
     gatgaaagta gaaaatattc cacagtaaag atgctatgga ggtcaatggc taccggtttt     61440
     caacattttt caaaatatct tcttttgtgt ttctacagaa gaaaaaactc tgtcccactt     61500
     catattaagt ggcaataact actatgtact tgcatcaaaa aataaataca ttgtacttac     61560
     agtgtttgta atgtattgca aaacaattga ggtgggatac gggtagggta agggacaggt     61620
     ttggtggtat gggtaggttt aagtgtgggt taattgtaag ggatggtcaa cagtttaatt     61680
     aaagacattc attcattcag tcattctttt tttttctgct tagtcccttt attaatctgg     61740
     ggttgccaca gcaaaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcatt tgttttacac agcagatgcc     61800
     cttacagctg caacccatca ctgggaaaca tccatacaca cttattcaca tatacactgt     61860
     gtacaattta gcttacccaa ttcacttata ccacatatct ttggactgtg ggggaaaccg     61920
     gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cacgaacacg gggagaacac gcaaactcca cacagaaatg     61980
     ccaactgacc cagtctaggc tcaaaccagc gaccttccga cagcgctacc cactgcgcca     62040
     ctgctttgcc ccaattaatt atgtcattac agaaattaat tataaatgta agtacatgca     62100
     tacaatcaat caaccattca ttcattcatt cattcattat ctttttggat tagtcccttt     62160
     attaatctgg ggtcaccaca gcagaatgaa ccaccaactt atccagcatg tttatgcaac     62220
     ggatgccttt ccaatgcaag caaatattag ttaaggccac ttactataaa gtgcaaccaa     62280
     aaactcaaat gggtttggaa gaagtggagg aaaagtaaat gatgtatttt ttctttttga     62340
     gaaagagctg tccctttagg tctttaaacc gaatgaatca tcgactaatt gtaaagtatt     62400
     gacatctcta cagtaaatta aaatcaagct ccgctaaata aaccgaattt ccatccaaac     62460
     aggcttttgt tcatcttttg aagactgtta gggggttttc atctctaagt tttgacagat     62520
     ggcatgaagg aaactaagaa aatccggaaa atccatggca tctaatccct tcatttcttt     62580
     tccttttttt attattatgt caaaaacaaa acaaacccag aatcaaatca gtgtctctca     62640
     atcaattatg gtttctctga gagtttttcc tcttcgtttt cacctactga ttgtttcagc     62700
     agctttaaca acaatttcac acaaatcaca tcgatgagca acaaacatcc ataaacacac     62760
     agagggtgcc aacgcaaaca aataaatcgg acgtacattt tctctataca aatcttgtca     62820
     gactccccag aaaaacaaaa gcgattttga caaaatgtaa ctacttattt acatttgcaa     62880
     ttaaatgccg atgcactgct ctacgagatg ccccaatcat tttaaaataa tgaattattt     62940
     ccaaaaagag taaatctggt gccatctgtt ttaatattgc aatatatata acagaaaaac     63000
     aaaatattgc aatctcatat tttccccaca gtaaaataaa gcaacagagc aggcgaagtc     63060
     cacaatgcaa tctgatagta ttactgaaga tataaagagg acatgactga aggtcagcgg     63120
     acaacaggtg gacgtttcca gtctcacagt catcatatgg tgacgctatt attagtgttg     63180
     caacctaaaa cacaatttct gacagcacca gcaactttta cttcaacaca acaaatgatt     63240
     ggtctcacat tgcatgaaca tgacgacagc tcagcctccg attcagcgtc caaaacatcc     63300
     atgatccaga gacactgttt atcaccacgg caacaacact ggatttataa agcatgcagt     63360
     cgtgcacgtg attttacaca gatggttcca gaataactca tgcatcactt aaagtcatga     63420
     aatggaaagt caaaatggtc ttgatatccc cacatgtgtg actctggagc acaaaacatt     63480
     cttttgcagt agccaaaaat acattgtaca ggtcaaaatt atagattttt ctttcatgcc     63540
     aaaaataact tgaatgttaa attaagatca tgctccatta gggctggtcc gataaacaat     63600
     accatatcga atcgagatca aatttgtcaa taacgatgat aagctatgga catttttact     63660
     tgatattgat ccaagagcca atcaaaaagc agacatatgc aacaataaga atctgtgttg     63720
     atattagaga gtgctacttt acccagtatt gtttcaagag tacacactta gctgatgatt     63780
     gaaaataaag tttggcatgc tgtccctgga gaaagccctt agctcataag ggagtttgag     63840
     ctcaggtaga tctcgatgaa ctccccccag cttatttctg gctaatgaca ggtataggat     63900
     ggctaagaaa aggtgtattc gctaagagct tggctatggt atcaatttgg aatgttccat     63960
     ttacttacgt tgcgtgtttt ttggactgtg ggaggaaacc agagaacctg gggaaaaccc     64020
     agcacaggga gaatgtgcaa actccacaca ggaattttaa ctggtttgtt aggaacttta     64080
     accagagaca ttcttgctgt gaggcaacag tgctaatcac tggtccactg tgttgcccat     64140
     ctggaaagga tggggagtag gggtgggtag gcagggattc ttcaagacaa agatattgaa     64200
     aactctgttt atttatagtg agttaggaat catctgattg gagaattcat catgagctga     64260
     tgcgggacca gctgagaaca ataataagca tgtgatcctc tcaaaatgag tttataaaaa     64320
     aacttcactc agtgagctcg attcactttc ccgccagcag tatttgctgt taaactgttg     64380
     tttattttaa tgatgattat tttttacaat ttttaattta gaaatttaag taaaacattt     64440
     tttaaaaata tgtaattgtt tatttttaga aaatgcaata aggatttttt tttgtgtgta     64500
     ctgtatatat gctgtcagtt acagttcttc agaatatgat attttatatt gaatatcata     64560
     ggtacattgc agaaaattgg aatctccaaa aaatctgagt aatgtgtaaa ctgtttttgt     64620
     aatagacaat attttaagtg ttatttaatg aagcgtctaa tttttgttgg gataacttca     64680
     tttttgaaaa gtaatatgca ttgctgacta tttaatttga actattttaa tttaggtgat     64740
     tttctcaata tttagatttt tttggaaccc taagactaaa tattaacaaa tactaacaaa     64800
     gcattcatca atggaaatct tatttattca gattcagatg atgcataaat ctcaatttca     64860
     caacatttaa ccccgatgtt ttgtggccca tggtcacgct atactgcaag tttcatgcct     64920
     caaggctaac ttatcagttt aaattatgaa taattgtttt ctatttgttt taaaaaacgg     64980
     gacttgaaat tgtctaattc atgacatcac aatttaaccg taaagacatt cattcattca     65040
     tttttttttt cggcttagtc cctttattaa tctggggtca cggaatgaac caccaactta     65100
     tccaacacat gttttacgca gcgcatgccc ttctagctgc aatccatctc tggaaaatat     65160
     ccatacacac ttattcacac tcatacacta tggacaattt agcttaccca atttacctgt     65220
     atcgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggtgtgcccc gaagcaaacc cacgcaaatg     65280
     cagcgagaac atgcaaaaat ccacactgaa aagccaactg actcagccaa ggctcgagcc     65340
     agtgaccttc ttggtgtgag tcgacagcac tacctactgt gccactgcgt caccaccaaa     65400
     aagacataat atatatattt aagtacagac cagactattt tacacaaact gtgccaccaa     65460
     aacctgtgca aatccttctg aaagagcaaa atgtgaaatt cattttgata tggcagagcg     65520
     actaaaagag aatgttttca gctattgtca tttcacattt gaagagttct caattatgat     65580
     tagtaggtcg atataagttt tttttttaca aataacaatt aaattcacac ttaacaccgt     65640
     taaagggtta gttcatctac aaattaaaat tctgtcatca tatacttata tgtattattc     65700
     cactctaagg acatgaggaa tttgttcatc atcagaacac aaatgatggc attttcaatc     65760
     aaatctgtac ccaaaactca aatgcttcaa cattttgata aagagattac aaactacatt     65820
     tatatgagtt gagccgtcac attaccattt ttgtatgaca aatggacttg ttattagttt     65880
     cacttataaa tatcagggaa cattatttac agcattaaac ttggcaggaa gttcacgcat     65940
     gctagatgtg taacaaccaa tgaggtttat ttgtgcatgt cgcatggcaa atttgagctt     66000
     ctacaataac caatgaggtt tgtccaaagg aatcaggtgt tgtagagatt ctgtttaagt     66060
     tcactgatca atgtgtctat aattaaatct gtttatgata taaagtgact gtctctcaaa     66120
     gatttggatt aaatcacttc actatgtgta tttgctttaa atctgatctt ttaccttaat     66180
     ttgtgagtcc tttgttaagg gtttcaggtg atataagggt aaggaaatga cacacattta     66240
     ttttttggtc aaacaaatcc tgtaaaaatc cactaggtca cacatttgca atgttttgtt     66300
     tagttgaata tcaccatatt gtgtaaataa acatatatgt acagtatacc atttcagttt     66360
     cctaaaaaaa gaagtccttt ttccttacgt caacttctta acttttctga agtgaatata     66420
     aacattgcag cttttttgtt acaattcatt aatcaatgcc aaatccagag aactgataac     66480
     aactttgaag tagaataaaa aggaagcatt attttgaaaa tgttgtcatc atttactttc     66540
     agacttgctg gagtttttta atatgaatat tatcaggcct tgacattagc acccgccaaa     66600
     tgcgggtaga tttctgctgt ggcgagttag acagacagtc ccactagcca ctttggctat     66660
     ttgaagattc attcgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcact tgtttcatgc     66720
     agcggatgcc cttccagccg caacccattt ctaggaaaca tccatacaca ctcatacact     66780
     acctgtactg catgtcggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccggaggaaa cccacgcgaa     66840
     cacagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacacg aacgccaacg acccagccga ggctcgaacc     66900
     agcgacattc ttgctttgag gcgacagcac tacctttttt ttatttttta ttgtagtttt     66960
     cttaaaagca ggatttgaca ataatgatgg cccaatattc aagcaaatgt gatcttagaa     67020
     tcgagaagca acacaactga caaaaatagc tgtgttcgcg caagcaaaag aaagcaagtg     67080
     aataccgaat gagagaatga ttacggtcac gcagaggtga tgtgatgcga gtgactgtaa     67140
     aaaaacgcac gcactcctgt ttacttgtgc gaagcaacca tacctagaga aaacccaact     67200
     ggtgcgaacg gttctctttg aaatagactg gacaaaaagc aatcgtgcac ccacagtcct     67260
     gctgctttca agagctagag atttatatgt ctatatcttt ttttaagcag cagccgtcac     67320
     tgctttcatt ttaattattc ttttaacaga ttaacagggc taacgttaac catgtgcgcg     67380
     tgatcatcct ttcattatcc ctcacagtat gtttttacct gctttctttt tgcttacagt     67440
     tatttttgtt aatagggtta aattgtcttc ttttttttac aataacattg ttttaatatg     67500
     agattaactc cctgtttttg tgtagttaac tggtgatctg ggaccgttag ccatgacaga     67560
     ttactgtgca ttttttagat atacatgaca atagttcttt tttaaattta gttgtttagt     67620
     tgaattaaaa gcgcatgtac agctaggcga ggcagtgttg cagtaggtag tgctgggtcg     67680
     ctggttcgaa cctcggctca gttgacgttt ctttgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgcct     67740
     tcgcgtgggt ttcctccggg tgctccggtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca tgcggtacag     67800
     gtgaattggg taggctaaat cgtctgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtgaat gtgtgtgtgg     67860
     atgtttccca gggatgagtt gcggctagaa gggcatccac tgcgtaaaaa cttgctagat     67920
     aagttggcaa ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc ccgaattaat aaagggacta agccgacaag     67980
     aaaatgaatt aatgaatgta tacagctata tttagcttgt tttgacacat ttaaaatttg     68040
     tggccaaata ataaattttt ggtgtgatca gagatagcta aatttgataa atacttaatt     68100
     tcgagctctg aaaagtcatg tgaaataaaa actaatcgca atgtgacacg gctcattagc     68160
     ccatgcatac tgagcaagct catacacaac acacacagta attttatcat gtcaaagtct     68220
     aatttatgca tataaaatat attttcccaa caacaaaagt atggctagtg aaaatggcga     68280
     gtggctagta atgttggaaa tctactagac acagtggctg gtgatcaaaa aggtcaatgt     68340
     taagccctga ataatatgaa tatagctgga aaactaaaac aattggctta catggtattt     68400
     ggttttccta ctatggaagt caatatttac aagtttttca gctttcttca aaatatatta     68460
     ttttctgttc aacagaagaa agaaactcag gttttgaacc acttgagggt gcctaaatag     68520
     tgagtagatt tcattttggg gtgaactatc cctttaaact atttgggtga aagaaacttt     68580
     gctaacttca taagctaacc ttgtaaatca aagcacaaac atctgaaagt gagctcatct     68640
     ctcaacaaat cccagatttc taatacacac attacacatg cacgtaaaac accaaaccca     68700
     cctgctggag gagccgggtg aaccgtagga cacagaaacg cctgaaagct ggacgcgcag     68760
     agttcactca ccgtccccat cgctaaacaa tccctgattc actttaaagc ctacagttcg     68820
     aatgtgagaa gtaagtccct tttagcacca agaaagaaaa gaccagctac ttcctcttca     68880
     gtccgaaagc agaacttgtt caactgttta tactctcgcc tcaatcattc atttcaatag     68940
     tatccaacag taaatccaga gcaaaagagc tcagatgcac agcactgctc tcttcaccga     69000
     tgagcgccgc tctcacaatc tctctgactt cactccttgt attctctctc ctccctccct     69060
     ctctctcctc tctcactctc tttctctcta cgttcggttt aatacaaact tgcattattg     69120
     gcaggacaaa tgttacatat gtattgccaa agcatttgtg tttacattaa atagaacata     69180
     tgaacacaaa tgacatagta gtagtgatat aaatatctac aatatgtgta tatatataac     69240
     agtagtatat ttagcaatca aggttttggg acaaaacaat aattcattct ttaattttcc     69300
     ttcggcttag tccctttatt cattagggat tgacacagtt gaaagaatca ccaacttacc     69360
     cagcatgttt tacacagcgc atgcacttgc agctgcaacc tgggaaacat ccatacacag     69420
     taattcaaac agacaattta gtttattcaa ttcacctata gcacatgtct ttggactgtg     69480
     ggggaaacaa gggcatcata gaagcaattg aaaaaaatat agcctatcat ttgcgcgatg     69540
     tgttaatacc acagtactct ttttcatttt accctttagc agtcacaaga ctgaaacctc     69600
     aggtttaagg cagcactcat gtctcatcac aaaggggcaa ccaaaactga cacataggcc     69660
     caattttaat tctacccctt agcccttacc actttttttg catgtcaacg tgaaggggtt     69720
     ggggtttccc agttctcttt agcttgaagg catagggcta aggggaaggg gtagataccc     69780
     cacgaaaggg agattttaca ggaccacact cgaaatcaag gggaaataaa ttttcccaga     69840
     atacaccagc cataacagca acatggctgc acattttttg tcattgctac aaatttttat     69900
     gacaaacaag cacgttttaa tacattcata accgtgttca tgttttaccg tcgagcttta     69960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     70020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatta aataaaaaaa cggcaaattt     70080
     cgctatcttt aatccataat aataactcca atattaactc ctgtacagca gtcccacaac     70140
     attctgtcac tcgatgagac tcaaataccc tgtcagaaaa atctagtgga tgggaatgag     70200
     tttttcacag tgtctgctat aatgttaatg ttgttttcat ctgttaagat gaatatggcc     70260
     actgtaatgc gcagtacagt tgcgatctta ttgccacatt atagcgttat aataacatat     70320
     cattgccttc agtgatttcc taaagataaa taccaataac acaactggaa taactacagc     70380
     agttgccagc gtcaatctca tatgaagcaa gagatcacaa tgacatatca tgacgtgtgc     70440
     agctgttgta gttgctgttt catttcttag gggtaaattt tgaagccctt ctcactctgt     70500
     ttcaagggac aagaggaagg ggtaggagta ctacaatcct tgcacaacct acagttttga     70560
     atgttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tattacccaa tttaaatgtg ggaatttgga     70620
     aaccagatct aaatttagcg ggaatggtcg ggtagaaaat tattcggtcc cactttatat     70680
     ttattttcgc taatataaag cctgtggact tacatggtaa ctagatgtgt atctagtatg     70740
     taacgacagt gtatatacac acagttacat agtattactt atatatccac tcatgataaa     70800
     gtgtaaaatg gtcacaaatt actgtgtaat atataaaacc caagcctttg tgcaactaat     70860
     taacaacagc aaacttctgc caaaaatgta taagtgtata tagaaatatg caaatgcctt     70920
     atatcagggg tgctcaatcc tgttcctgga gatctacctt cctgcagatt tcatacccat     70980
     atcaaacaca cctgcctgta attatcaagt ggtgttcagg tcctaattaa ttggttcagg     71040
     tgtgtttgat atgggtagca actgaaatct gcaggaaggt agatctccag gaacaggatt     71100
     gagcacccct gccttatatg ttgttttaat gtgaattgta gaatcacatc agtattaaaa     71160
     gggtagttta ccaaagactg tgttattaat gatctgttac acatttgaac atattcagtg     71220
     tgttgttaca tgtgtttagt taaaccagta atacgcaagt aaatacaatg taccagtgtg     71280
     tacatacact gtaattacac actacttaca catctagcta ccgtgtaagt tcacaggtat     71340
     aagcaacact atataaagtg gaaccaatta ttctaagtga acaaagacta aatatacagc     71400
     aggaggggtt gggtggcgaa taaaacctca caagagcgag tttctaagag cgagcttaga     71460
     ttagtcattt tgttcaaagt atatagtaaa gttttttctg agttgtctaa attaaagtat     71520
     taaagcaaga attatttcag ggttaaaaat taaggggaat gtttgtcttg ttgtggtgta     71580
     tgtggggcag aaaagaagga agtgtgtctc aagtattttc tttctttctc tgtctctctc     71640
     aaattcaaac tcaaaacttg ctttattggc atgagaattg ttacaaatgt attgacaaag     71700
     cttttataag gttataaata tacaatatta tttatatatt atattatata tatatatata     71760
     tacataaaca aagtaaacaa tattttttta ttttataatt tatcaataaa taataatcag     71820
     tatatttaca ataatttatt tataaccatc taggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg     71880
     caagcacctt tctctctctc tctctttctc tctgtgtttg tgtctgtctc tttgtattca     71940
     ccaccatatg gcttctgcgt ttctctaaat ctggtgctga aatagtttta gtaaagcctg     72000
     atttaaatgg acatacatag gcacaagctc atcaacacct cccaaaaaca cctccccact     72060
     cactcccttc ctccctctct ctctccctcc cacaagcaca gagggcagtt tagtcagagc     72120
     agcgcaagca tcctgggcat ctgagccatg cgtggttttg aagggcatgt atatgtttac     72180
     tcatggagaa gcggaagatc aagcagccca tctataaatg tgcgcctgca gacacgtgta     72240
     cattgttgag accctctgaa acctacatgc attttaaaac actgtttttg tttgtgtgtt     72300
     tgtgtgtttt tttataccag taattgcctt cctgtagaat caagagcact ttaatgcaat     72360
     catcatgttg gtaatgatct atctgtgtcc gcattgtatg ttatatatgt gtgctttagg     72420
     aatagaagtg aattatgtat aattgcgcac aataacctga aatctaggac taagtgggtc     72480
     aaagatgaaa cccattttgc ggtctgcatt aaattaaatt tagtaaattc attttatatt     72540
     attagaaata taaaatgcaa gtaaaacgtc tgcttttaat gtttcacata acgtttgtgg     72600
     gggggggggg gtgaaatata tattggtgtt ataatttgac actcagtggt tgaactaggt     72660
     attgcactac tagatcaaaa cacaagcaag cccaggttgt caaattgaca tgagtatacc     72720
     tgaatattga gcctaaaggc tgatttgaac tgttttctaa ctgaaagcaa cggcatgcaa     72780
     taaaataaat attttttcat actaaaagga gtttttgtca taaccaacaa ctgatattta     72840
     tattttagaa acacattcta tttctcacat gatcagctca ggtacacctc atgtgcttta     72900
     ttcagtgtta aatgctaata atgtgagttt gaatttcagt ttacatgaca tttattgcca     72960
     tactacagca gatagtttca cctcagatct tgaaaataaa ataaactgtg tgaaattgaa     73020
     aattagaact gtaacttagt gctagccaag ttacaaaaca aatattaatc attcagcatg     73080
     tacataaaat aatgctaaag aggtttaata tgtattaatt agattatgat aattaccatt     73140
     gcttgattga gtacatattc tgtgtttttg aatggctgta cttaaatatc agtcgtagcg     73200
     tgttgttatg acacggggtt acaatgtaac ttgatcacct aatgtatatg tttgtaatat     73260
     ttctattatt tggtaaatca taacctcatg tggaactctg aatctgtgtc tcatttcgga     73320
     gtctgccact gaccaccaga ggtcgcgttc ttcacgagcg catgctttga gagccttctt     73380
     gaccgaagga attaagagca ctgttttcca gcaaggcaac ccggggtgct gaaatataag     73440
     tggctaaact gttccggcat ggaaagcaaa tttttaaagc agaatgtctg actttggcat     73500
     tgtttttcag aaaaacaaga atgttcaatt agcatgtttc ctaaatatct acaaacatat     73560
     gatggtattt ttatgcttta gaagagtcaa aaacttacat acagcacctt taagattcta     73620
     agacaatatt tcaatgagtt taagacttta agacttttta aaaccctgcg gagagcctga     73680
     gaagagagag agtattgtta cacttaatga cataaatctt ggtaaaaatg acataaatta     73740
     tggtaaaaat gcatgatagt caatattacc atatgatatt cagtggcttg attattatta     73800
     ttcattaatg aattacacaa ttacagttta acaagtattc atttgtaaat aaagtgaact     73860
     gaatttgcta gagaagttca tgttataaat attcacacag aaatctgcaa gctagagtaa     73920
     acgtgactgc aactgctgtg cttcttaaaa caagcatgac ttaaaggaaa cactttgttt     73980
     ttgcaacact ttcgaatcat aagactgctg aatatcgctg acttgtcgct ggtcaagtgt     74040
     cataaaacag gaactaaaca ttactttcaa ataacaatct cagcttggag acagaaaaag     74100
     aatggagaca atacagtagc ctgattatat gctgtgatct ttttttcatt aattaattaa     74160
     ttgttaattt aatgggacag ttgcactaaa aatgttgtca ttttgagtca tactgtgtat     74220
     atgagtacta cacagttttg ttttgttttt tttggtggtt tgcaacaaat aaaaccatct     74280
     gggaatgtca acagtagtat cagaggagag acgatgagga gatcctgttg gaaagtccac     74340
     ccagtacttt ccaaatcact ttcctcactt tatcttgtgt cactctttta ctggtatata     74400
     cacccttcct ttccttcaac tccacccata tatctcttgc actattcaca ccacacctac     74460
     actgtaaaac aaaatgcttg gtttcacaca attaattcac gttgtcccaa cacaaataaa     74520
     agttaactta atcgttgtta ccaatttagg tggattgaac ataaacaaaa ttaggttgtc     74580
     taaaaaaaaa caataagaat gtttttttta aaagcaataa agatttaaga atgagaattg     74640
     tgttgtttca actcatttta aataagtagt ttgaacaagc agctaaagtc atttttgagt     74700
     gtatctacaa tacactcttc atcatcaatt atacattttt caattgatat tttgtcaatt     74760
     attttattta atctaatatg agattgagac aacataggct taatctgaaa acgtagccct     74820
     acatacattt ctggagattg cgaattatag ccagtagttc ttatggcttt aaaacaaatg     74880
     ctacgcggcg gtatgatgtc gttccttttc acgcttacca gctgaacgct tacctctgta     74940
     gggacagccc atgtggcctt gcccagtggc ttgcagcgta tgtcagcaga cttgagacgc     75000
     agagaggagt tgactgcgat aatggggttc gagtccggcg aagaatggtt ccaaaaaaca     75060
     ggtaaaacaa aaacaaaagc caaaaaataa tcaagtaaat agcagggtga gaatgtggta     75120
     aaatctgaaa acgtggtaaa atcaggggac ttttcaaaac gctgtaggtt gagtttaggg     75180
     aagttggtgg gcgggtcatt cggtgctttt taaaacacta ttggttgggt ttaggaaaag     75240
     gggtgggtgg gatcagtcga ttggtcagtc agtcagtcga caggatttac gcgagaagag     75300
     cgggcacaaa tggatttatg atccatggat tttatgaacg catttagaaa tttcccgaaa     75360
     aatagatgtt tattattatt attaccatat acgtgtcatt actatgctta aaatggttta     75420
     atttattatt attatttttt aataagaaat aaaatgttaa atttcattca tgcattttta     75480
     ttcatatgaa aatgcacaat tgctttggta cagtattttg tctaaaacag aaaccaaaaa     75540
     gggccagtcg ttacattatt ttccataact aagtagttaa gttaacatgg cctaatttat     75600
     agttgaacga cttttaccta tttctgctct cccacatgtc tgaggttggt agataagatg     75660
     tttactggta atttggctct tcctgacacc atcatccacc aactgagcga gatcaaaaac     75720
     ctctatcaca ctcaagattt tgttcaattt aaatgattaa tctgacattt agctgtagct     75780
     attatctgca gtgattcaca gcacacttat tatagagacc ttctctttcg cagcagcctt     75840
     gaataacatt gcgtctttct caaggacaat gaagatcgtt caggatgcta ctgtaaactg     75900
     tagattgtta actgatagac acagcactca taataatatg caagatttgg tttacttttg     75960
     tgtgtctaat catttaaaat ttgcaattta aaagggcatg ttgaattaaa ttaatatgtt     76020
     ttgctatatt aagctgatta attcgaatta tctcaaacaa aatgattgtt taatgtttgc     76080
     ttatgtaaca aaaatgtctt tcgctgtatg gttttatgtt tagttaacta aaataaactg     76140
     atttaatgaa aaaatgtaat actctgaaat attagagaat ttaaaacata tattttataa     76200
     caaatactga tacatatatt tgggaaatat tttattacaa aatctttata atatacactg     76260
     taaacatgct gggttacatg caatgtattt gtattggggc attacgaagg aattaagtag     76320
     cttataattt tttacaaata taagtgaatt taacatagaa taaatagttt gtctccataa     76380
     aaacttaaga attgtgttat tttagcttat tttaaataag tagtttgacc aaagagcaaa     76440
     tgtcattttt tcaacccagg ctcattctga aaatgtaccc ctatatatat atttctgaag     76500
     agtgcccaat acgtagaagg agatacgttt ttttggcaat tttgttttct caaatccacc     76560
     agaggccgct gtgtacgctt tttcagatct caaatttctc tcgcaagtgc cattcgcacc     76620
     agctgttctc gcgcaaatcc accagaagtc gtctgactaa ctgactgatc catcctcctc     76680
     cttccctaaa cccaaccaac aatgttttaa aaagcaccaa ttgaccagcg cccacccact     76740
     tctctaaacc caaccgacag tcataaaaag caatccagaa aaagaaaatc tcacctgatt     76800
     tttaccacgt tttcagattt taccacattc tcaccatggt atttacttgt ttatatattt     76860
     tgtggcttct gtttttcttt tacccgcttt ctgaaactgc gtctcaagtc cgccgatata     76920
     cttggagaac tactggacaa actggtaaca gtggaaaaaa gccgtccata cggaggaaag     76980
     cggtcagctg gtaagcgaga aaggagtgac atcatacagc cccgtagtgt tcatgttaaa     77040
     gacgaaatgc agccatacgt gcttctggct acataattcg cgccctccaa aagtgtatat     77100
     agggctacgt tttcagaatg agcctgtgac atttttttga gtgtacaccc ctaaaaaaga     77160
     tttagttcaa actgcttgtt tcaaattagc tgaaataaca caattcttga gttttttttt     77220
     ggaacatgga tttgggacaa tggaaaatgc ctaatattct tcaaaactga tattttcggg     77280
     atgcttttct gaatagaaac tctatattat tacaaaatta tttaatttta cagcatcgcc     77340
     tctcagcaag atggttgctg tttcgagtcc cagatatgcg agttggcatt tctgtgtgga     77400
     gtttggatgt tttccccata ttggcatggg cttcctccgg atgctgcagt ttcccccaca     77460
     atccaaagac atgcagtata ggtgaattaa ataaactaaa ttgttcgtag tgtatgtgtg     77520
     tgaatgagga aatatgtatg tttctctgtt gtgtatgaaa aaagggacta agccgaagga     77580
     aaatgaatga atgaatttta agacatcttt gataattaca aataagtatg caaaattaca     77640
     tccagctaaa cctaaaccta gcgctaattg taatcctaac catacagtaa gtacgtgtaa     77700
     ttaattaata taactcaaca attaaagaaa catacaatgg aacaagcaca acttaaaaac     77760
     aagtctaacc caaaaattgt aaaaaaataa ataaataaaa tgtaaatcgc tttttattaa     77820
     tgtccccttt ctgaataaaa tataaagaaa aacgtttcta taaaaataaa aaaacatctg     77880
     gatcattcga tcaccacaac cacagccaac aaaggcaaat gatcatagtc ttgtgctttt     77940
     gcagcgacta cacagaaata aagagccttt tcctcttatt tcaggcattt ataaatgaac     78000
     attttaggct aggaggacac cctgcagcga caaaagaaaa ggagaacaga ggaaaaatgg     78060
     catgcaagtt ttatgtcaaa tgttagtcag caggactttt aaaaacactg tttttttctg     78120
     aagagacgac tgccatcaag acccacagac atttcacaac atttctgaga aaaacacctt     78180
     taacaagaca tttcactgtc aaaatccaca acaataaaac caacccaaca acaaatgatc     78240
     tttcgtgctg acacactcaa atcctgaaga aaacagggtg tttatggagc ataccaacat     78300
     gaacactaca cagtcacaaa tctgtgggaa acagtgttgt cagttacagc tttaaaaaaa     78360
     ataaataaat aaaaactatg ataaacattt cgacagtagt atcaaagagc atagaatccc     78420
     caagaggcga cactctagtg tgatttggga aacagccact agatgtcgct agtgtcacac     78480
     cattgaaaat tcgccaccaa tgaaaattcc aatagaacaa cagtatatca gaaaaaaata     78540
     tgaaaagtgc tgatgattat gatagtaagt gttgtattgt cgtctttcag gttgtatctc     78600
     agctttaatt agctttttta ataaataaat taaaaacaaa gcacctactt gccatcgcga     78660
     cagcaataag acccactgaa cggctgatca ctttcactac aaaatggcag aagctgttgc     78720
     tgggcgctgc tgtcgcaatg gaacgttcta ttgagtgtcg catcttggtg attctaaact     78780
     ctttggtagt attaccattt aaaattgtta ttagcattaa agggcagcta tttaacccct     78840
     tattcacaag atgtaagata agcctttggt gtctctagaa tgcgtctgta aagtttcagc     78900
     tcaaaataca catcagatta tttattatag cctccagaat ttgccaattt tggtgtgttg     78960
     actacagtgt ggctgttttt gtagcctgtg gctttaaatc taaatgaact gcttctctcc     79020
     accctcctac gtgcatatct gcttgctgca taccattgaa aatactaggc tgaagcttaa     79080
     attgactaaa ttaaactgca aatcaaatca caacatcagt cagaaaaatc acaattaagt     79140
     taaatcgcac aaacttaagt gtgtttgaca tttattctaa catttttagg aaaattgaac     79200
     aaaatcgtga tacacactat taactgacaa ctacagttga agtaaaatta tttgcccgcc     79260
     tgtgattttt ttttatattt cccaaatgat gtttaacaga gcaaggaatt tttcacagta     79320
     tttcctataa tattttttct tctagagaaa gctttatttg ttttattttt tttttaattg     79380
     ttttaaaacc cttttaaggt caatattatt attatgtcta cagaacgaat ccctgttaca     79440
     cattgaattg cataattacc ataacttgcc tacttaacct aattaagcta aataatagtg     79500
     tcttgcaaaa tatctagcaa atattatgtg ctgtcattat ggcgaatata aagaaatcgg     79560
     ttattagaaa ttagttatta aaactattat aactagaaat gtgttgaaaa actcttcttt     79620
     cttgtaaaca agtttggggg aaaaatacaa agaagggcta ataattctca cttcaactgt     79680
     ttgtctttaa cttcgcctca tgtggttttc aaaaatgctg tgacgtcaga agaaccctgg     79740
     gatgcagctg cagattcagg actttcagca cgattttgaa gtgtctgcac agctgaaaag     79800
     ctaaaggccg ataaacgcct gcacagtgtc agcaagcact ggttgttgtt cattcagcct     79860
     tgctgtttca cagaactgtg aagctgaaaa aatggattca ccataatggt cagcagcttg     79920
     gattttccca ttaaaaaagt agtctatgaa cattttctgt tacatcagtt ccaaaactga     79980
     tgcttttttt ttggccatat gtttcagtca tatctgcccc aaatacatcc agtagttctg     80040
     ttcaataatc aagatgacag atgcatacaa atgaaaacta ggctaaatca tgacaaaagt     80100
     actgctagaa aaatcacaga cagactcttc ctgtaccagt ccttttattc ttgtaatagt     80160
     tggtattcat gtatcgtgat tggtagagca ttgcgtttta acaataatat gggttttatt     80220
     ctaagaatca cacacactct caggtaaaat ttatagcttg aatgagctgt aaatcgagtt     80280
     ataaaacctc tgctaaatgc aaatatgtat gagaaaagac tatgtgtaag gcaccatcta     80340
     aaaagcccac agtttgcatt tcaatggtcc cgcgttttga ttggtgacac cagttaaaca     80400
     tgatttcttg atgacaacaa acaatcaaag ctagctagat ggcacttaag tttaaaacat     80460
     atctgtctgt cataattagc tgcttgaaca aatgacctaa ttggtcattt ttggagaagg     80520
     aaaatcttca gttgaatccc agcatctcaa tgtgtagtat ttaagttaag acagagaatc     80580
     agatttagat atatagctgg atctgaaatc gcatattact cgacaaaagt acatttgcat     80640
     tgcaatgtga caaaacaaga acaattacaa tcagcgaggc tgtctgccct gcattattat     80700
     ggacacgctc actttccatt taaacagatt tcctccttta aaaggctggc tttctggcgt     80760
     catgatgctc atttgacatg cagaaacaga agcacaaagg aattgtcaca caataccttc     80820
     tgttgtgatg aggcagactt taagtatccc tgtattacat ttctaaaaat aacaacacag     80880
     gttcatagga aatacatgct tcagcttaca ttttcagcag aagcaaaaaa atatatacat     80940
     aacacgcatc tgaatgcagc ttctaggtaa aacaaatgct atggggaagt atgataccaa     81000
     caataatggt tacttaacac actaatgata tttacaagaa cataaggtat tattgacaaa     81060
     gggcggcaca gtggctcagt gggtagcact gtcacctcac agcaaaaagg tcattggttc     81120
     gagtgcgagc tggaccaatg gacatttctg tgtggagctt gcatgtttct ccgtgtccac     81180
     atgggttcag gtgttccagt ttcccccaca gtccatagac atgcgctata agtaaattgg     81240
     gtaaactaaa ttggccgtag tgtatgtgta ttaatgtgag agtgtatggg tgtttcccag     81300
     tattaggttg cggctggaag ggcatccact gtgtaaaaca tatgccggaa tagttggtgg     81360
     ttcattccgc ttgtggcaat ccctaataaa taagggacta agtcaaggga aaatgaatga     81420
     atgaatgaat tttcgacaaa ttaaggatta ttttaacaca gtactttact aaacaccaat     81480
     aaaaaattgt caactaagga tgatttgtga tcaaatacgt ttgatttata tattaggggt     81540
     gtgaaattac tgtataatgg tctcatggtt cggtaaagat tataatttaa tatagaaaca     81600
     gtcagataat gttcatcagc ggctattcat atctgctaat atagacagac actccaccac     81660
     ataaaagggt ctacagtaaa agagcaagga aatagggggt ctggggttct actgtacctt     81720
     cagtgtcagt gaaagtctgt cccagcaaac tcacatgcag taaactgtgc attcaccagc     81780
     atggaccaca ccacacttta agctagactt tattgtaggg atgaaaagga gtggtgaggg     81840
     aacagtggga taaaggggaa cagaggataa ataaagaaca agtaggtagg ttgatcgggc     81900
     atcctgcgat gatgcccaga gactaaggcc ccaatcccaa ttctaccctt tagcccttcc     81960
     ccttacccct acccctcata caccttcgaa cgaagatttt tcaggaccac actcaaaacc     82020
     aaggggtaag aaaatttccc agaatacacc agcaacaaca gcagtattgc tgaacccgga     82080
     aataaggaga tcaaccaatt aggttttttt tgttattatt acgaattttt acaataaaca     82140
     agcacatctt gtaatatatt tataaccacg tctgtgtttt accatcacac tttaaaaaac     82200
     aaatgctaat ttttgcaatc tataatcact aataatgact cctgtatagc agttccaaaa     82260
     cattgtcact cgataaaact cgaataccct gtcagaaaag tctagtggct gggaatgagc     82320
     tttttatgtg taaatacaca gtacagttac gatcttattg ccacattaga tcgctatgat     82380
     aacataatat atgtcttaag taacttcctg aaaataaata ccaaaaaata acacaactgg     82440
     aataactaca gcagtcgcga cccccccctt cccctactca accgaggaga gaagagaggg     82500
     taatagggaa ttggagagag ggaaggtggg tttgaaagaa tgagatgaat agtgctagag     82560
     gcctgatctt ccttaaataa gtttcaggag gtaagtgatt ggttaaagac aaagtgaggc     82620
     ttggtcccgc tgccgaacct atgtcaacaa gttatctcca tcaactgttg gctttttaca     82680
     tacttggaac attttaatca ctcgcatctc acatccctca ccaaagtatg ctgctgcgac     82740
     atagtatata tgtgatgtca gtgcgtaata agcagttgtg atcgattacc agggccagac     82800
     gtttttttgc tatttctgca gagaattttg gtaaaaatct gcgaatttct gcagaattat     82860
     tttgggggta tccagcggag tatcataact aaaactttaa tatataaagt aaatagtaaa     82920
     aaaaatataa agtaatatat tactgaataa aaactgaaga aattcatatt tacacattta     82980
     ctcaagtaag taaatagaat taataatggg ctaaaaaata atggctagaa atctgcggaa     83040
     ttctgcggaa aatctgcgga aaatctgtgg aattctgtgc gcgcagattc cgtgtgggcc     83100
     tattgcttac tgaacctata ctgcatcgtc cctatctgca ttgcagtctg ccaaagaaac     83160
     gattcatttt gacacctgtc ctatctatgg acaccttttc tgtcatggtc gccccctagt     83220
     ggatttgtca tctgaatcgt gcaataaaat aaaatgaagc gcatcaaaga aacaatttat     83280
     tctgacaccc ctactatctt ataacaaatt ttctagcaag gtcaccccta atggatttgt     83340
     catctgaatc gtgcaataaa atgtattccg agcaatgtat tttacatttt ggaaaaatgt     83400
     aggctgaagc atgtatttcc aatgagcctt ggcaaaaaaa aggttgtttt ttttgacaat     83460
     aaggtttcca caaacaacat ttaccattct tttgggaaag tttctttaaa ccattatgtt     83520
     cttcacagta ttatttaaag aactcattta ttcattcatt ttcttgtccg cttgttcata     83580
     agagtgaagg gtaatatttt ctgttcccct gctgatacac tttacattaa aaaacaagtg     83640
     aaattactga taacatttat ccggcaaaac aatacaaaga aaataaagac aatataaaaa     83700
     taaggaagat aactgcagag gaactataca gtagtgataa aaaaacattt ctaagctaac     83760
     cagcatcata tgccagcagt gaaagccttc atttaacatc tgtgatatct gcagggtttg     83820
     tttcccctat agggatgaag cagatcaaaa aatgaatgag cacatacaca catgcacaac     83880
     ctcatgtgat cgactcttaa aggaacattt tccaaataaa tgaacataat atgttatcat     83940
     ttacttactt tgctttaggc taacaaacgc taagtgaaat agcattgtat tatttttaaa     84000
     ccaatgtttc atttcttgca cagcctgatt gttttgcttc ataagccttc agcttattat     84060
     caggggccaa agttttaata gctatttcat tgcatttatg aattatcaaa gactagtttc     84120
     acataaaaat attcagtaat aagctgcaga agaagtaaag tcacctacat cttggattgc     84180
     ttgcaagtaa atcaagagca gatttctatt ttttgggtga actgtccctt taagactagc     84240
     tccagcacca ttaatggagt atcagactac acaagcaaca ttatgaaact aatataaata     84300
     attgtgtgat ctgtttcctt tacgggcttg attgtgacag actgcgcagc ccatgtgaaa     84360
     aacaggacta atgggaggtg gtcacgactg ctgacattgg tatctcacag tcgtcccgtg     84420
     gaggaaagct gtcgtttcat cttagctgat cttaaaacag atcagacttt gaagatttcc     84480
     ttcttctctg gagcttaaga ttaatgagag agtgcaagaa agactttaga gggaaggaaa     84540
     cacagcagta tttttcgaat taaatcaaag ggtgcatgga aaaggaatgg taaatgatgg     84600
     aaactaatag atatatatat ttatattttc gataagattc aaataataaa aaagtaacat     84660
     gcatgctatg gcacagcaaa catgatattt atctagtaaa ataaaatgta atcacattaa     84720
     gagcactttt atgtgtcatg gattggcttt tattagaaca tatatcactt ttttatatga     84780
     ctgtcatatt aaaatgtgta tgaattaaat ctgctttagt ttaatatgtc cttaatgtat     84840
     agatatcata tttcaaaacc aaactattaa atgtttgtgc ttaaattcat taaaattaaa     84900
     gttttgggtc agtaagatgt ttacaggaag aaatcaattg tgtcaaatgt atgtatatat     84960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgg     85020
     ttaatctcat ggcattttct caatttactt tgaatctgga tatttgatgg aaatagacgc     85080
     catctattgg ccatttagcg atagcacaaa atttaggacc aaaccaatcc tacacaaacc     85140
     aatgcatcac ttattctgca ttaacaaatc tgaccacatc agtaggttta tacattttta     85200
     gtaaacgaaa taacatgtaa ttattccaat acggacatct tatttggaaa ataatttaaa     85260
     cccaatcagt ttgttagcat aagcccactc cagacgtgga cagaaaagta ggccaccacc     85320
     accaccagta accctggttg aacctaaaaa tggattttaa tatgtgtggt cgctgtaaac     85380
     agtcctctgg atttgcagct tgcaagtaaa ccccaaaatg cacagacagc aaaaagtctg     85440
     aaaggaaaaa caaaaaaaaa acaaagctcc ctttagactg tatctaagtg gagcagcaga     85500
     gcgtctagga ggagtcgaca tctctgaccg acagcaaaaa agaggtaaac tgaggacaga     85560
     ctcagaggtt tcctgagtag cttcgctctt tcctggatgt gacactttgc cacgtctgca     85620
     gctgtaataa ctggtaatga gagatatatc ctatacactc ataactgtcc acacaaatac     85680
     agtcagcgga taaaatcatc cttttaccag cttcactgct gcttatgttt gttcattggc     85740
     aggcagatga aaaactagca tttaaatctg tgcatgataa aagtttgatg tttggatcgc     85800
     tctgattcat tacacagcca atgggaattc tactttagcc attgcttttc attcaaaaca     85860
     actaataatg ttcaatagtg cgtaaaaagt caattttatg tcaacattca ctcaccctta     85920
     tggtgttcca atgaggtttt gtttaataca taattaaagt tacatttaag gaggtttttg     85980
     tgcctaaaga aactgttcat aaagaacccc aaaaattaat ccgataaaaa gggtgctgag     86040
     gcgacacagt ggctcagtgg ttagcactgt tgcctcacaa caagaaggtc gctgggcccg     86100
     gctgggtcaa atggcatttc tgtgtggatt tctccctttg ttggctggtg ctcctgtttt     86160
     ctcctcagtc caaagacatg cgctatagct gaattgaata aactaaactg gctatagtgt     86220
     atgagtgtgt gtgtgaatgt gagtgtgtat gtttcccagt actgagttac tcctctgcat     86280
     aacatatatg ctggataagt tggtggttca tttcactgtg gcgacccttg atatataaag     86340
     atactaaggt gatggaaaat gaataaatgg atgaaaatgg gtgtttaata caagacttct     86400
     gaagacaaca tatatggcta tagatttttt gcctttacta aaatgaaaaa caacattcac     86460
     aaattaacat taatttctga ttggttatca acattaattt gtgaatgttt atttttttaa     86520
     acataaataa aacatttttt tatcaaatta gagaaatttc tgttcttctt taaaacttta     86580
     agaacaggaa tctctttaat ctgttaaaac atctacaaca ttttcatttt ggggtgttta     86640
     aacccattaa tggggtgtag tgttattttc acctccaatg acttcaaaat ttcattacaa     86700
     tatttgtgtg ttcaatatat ttgttctgca gaaaaaaaag aaataagaat aagttaatca     86760
     tgccatttcc tttggcttag tcccttattt atcagaggtc gtcacagcag aataaaccgg     86820
     caactattct agcttatgtt ttgcatagcg aatacccttt cggtcacaac ccagtactgg     86880
     gaaacaccca tacactctca ttcactatgg tcaatttttt tttaccaaat tcaattgtag     86940
     cgcatccgga aaaaacccac gcgaacacgg ggagaacatg caaactccac atagaaatgc     87000
     caactggccc agccgaagtt taaaccagtg accttcttgt tgtgaggcga cagtgctaac     87060
     cactgagtca ccatgcatcc caagagtatc atgttagaat taaaatgtat gtaaaatatt     87120
     tgtacattag cagttctcta ttttgtgatt catgattttg ttgtttattt tcactcattt     87180
     atttatgctt gtgtattgca ttatgggacc ttgatctttc ttccaacttt taaaaaagtg     87240
     acttttatta acattttaat agtttaaagt gatatattgc ctgggctggt gttgtataat     87300
     acagtatatt ttctgttatt tatatgttta ctattttact tatttctcta tataacattt     87360
     cttatacatt atataatttc aaaaaacatt gattgaaatc actttgttaa actgtagggt     87420
     tgatttctca acatgagcag agatcaaggt cccataatgc aattcacaag cataaataaa     87480
     tagtaaactc taattaacag atttttttcc agcgtacaat ccctataata tttacaattc     87540
     atcttttttt tttagattgt attgactttt atattgtaat ggctgggcaa gatgtgctac     87600
     agacatgaca atacataaat taaaccactg aaatcctaat taatttaatt taactaataa     87660
     aataaattca ctgctagtgt tgtcacggta ctggaattcg ataccaatca atactgaaat     87720
     tttaaaaacg tccatttcct gctaacattt gagcactgtt gagcatgttc ctaaacacag     87780
     ctgatttgcc attgtattca tgtgctcaac agaaatgact gtgatgggct gcgaaggtca     87840
     ttagttcacc aaactcacct gtttattgag agtaaacaca gatacaggga cactggagca     87900
     ttttagatca gtgaagaact atcaatccat cagcagattg cttatatgcc agattttaaa     87960
     cagaccagct gatctacgcg gctttaaaac actctaatgt ccctatatct gtagttacac     88020
     aaagctgcta ttagcaatta tctgttactt agtcaatctt aaagcaccaa acaaaaggtc     88080
     agtcaggcta tatccttggc ttatttcaag gtctgtcaga ctaatctgaa aggtaacact     88140
     tgtactccac acagccacct ccatcaaaac cacaaaaaat gtgcaacaac ctaaagctca     88200
     ttacgtgact aacgattttc aacggacaaa tgtgcagtca tgtcttattt gactcaagtt     88260
     gttatgaaaa tgactcaaag tacagccctg agagtgtgaa tttaaggtgg gtgtggagca     88320
     tttagttcct gctgctcatg aaattattgt tccattgtct tcacaacaac agctcaaact     88380
     ttaggaaaag tgcttcctac agacttccag agcttaaaac caagtgtgca ggaaccaaaa     88440
     ggagtttctc gcagtaatgg cataaaagaa ccatttaaag gggacttata atgcccatat     88500
     ttactagatg tataataaat ctctgatgtc cctaaagtgt gcatatgagg ttttagctca     88560
     aaatacacca caagtaacgt tctataactc ttcgaaactg ccccctttag gctttgatcc     88620
     aaattgtgcc attttagtga ctgttgaaat actgtgaaaa attccttgct ctgttaaaca     88680
     taatttggga aatatttatt taaaaacaaa ttcataggag ggcgaataat tttgacttca     88740
     tctgtatatt gttttgaata atcgtgatta caattattcg ccctcctgtc acgattatga     88800
     ttttcccata atcgagcagt cctactttcc ccttctgatg acacgtacaa agggagaatg     88860
     caatcaaagt gcttctgcag actgttttta tcaagtgtaa tttgaaaata aagaattaat     88920
     cattttttac tattagaagc tggttatatt cacacactgt tgccacataa ctgtgtttaa     88980
     accccatata aaactgattt tgcataatag gtctcctcta atgaaaatta actatttaat     89040
     tcttcaaagt tcttagcaga atcaaagttt gaagaatact tttataatat atatatatat     89100
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattctt     89160
     ttttttgcac tgtaaaaaat catttctgcg tcaaaaagcc ttcgtgcatg ttagaggttc     89220
     gttgagccat cattcagcgc caaaaataac ccttattttt aataaagtac ttttgactgc     89280
     ttttaaacag gtgtcacttc accaagtgta cgtttcactc ttgcacaaaa acagacattt     89340
     aaccactctc tgcacgctct atttgtggta tgtctgttgt tttcacacag gatatcctgt     89400
     aacatcattt ctgctactct gacattattg aaaaaagcaa ggaaaaatac aaaaaaagtc     89460
     acagtgagca tcacaagcat ttctgtgttt tattcttaaa acttcacaaa ataaagccaa     89520
     ggcaacctta attttcataa ataaacaaac agcatcccaa tgaatgagat taatttttgc     89580
     tattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aacaacaaca ttcattctga aaatacttct tatatgacgc     89640
     atttaaacaa catgcacaat attcagcttt acaaataaaa ataaagaagt tgcacacaaa     89700
     acagtgggtc tacttaggaa agtaataact gtcttgtcaa catggagacc gactaacaaa     89760
     ctgtcagtag catgcaagtg ttttctttac tattcatcat cgacctgtac gtttgtcctc     89820
     agttgtaata aaacgttata tgatgtcatc aaaaccgaca ctgtacattc tatgaataag     89880
     tccgtttttc aatatactgc actttgacac gccggtgtcg gtgtaaaaac gatccagtca     89940
     tgcaacttta acaccataaa acttaccgta attgtccgcc tccatactgc agcggtattt     90000
     cacacagatg atcttcctcc actgcacaca ctcaacatca ctgtctgtcg cgctgttttg     90060
     ctgttctttt tttcctcttc caggttactt ttctcacggt gaactaaaca cagaggccgt     90120
     gtctaaagaa cctaatgagt cgactacata gactgcatat cttgagtgct aaaaccttcc     90180
     tcaaaataca gcctatgcag ggcgttgata cataataacg tacacatctg ttacttagcg     90240
     ttagtatcat tgaatgctaa gcaccgtttg attcgcttta ttattcttgt caccatttga     90300
     taggtcgatt tttagtaaat tctccgtctt atccggtcga cagttttaat tctgtccagc     90360
     aggagtctcc ccaacctctt gagagactga aaagagggcc ttttttccat tcacacagcc     90420
     tcacatgaaa atatactata ctttgtttta accaatctat agtgtgttat gctgcatact     90480
     gtagccaatt tacaacacca tgttaatgaa tgctgcagtc tactgtaata ttaactagtg     90540
     aactaaaaaa gtaataaact ctgtagtata cttacggttt tactgcatta aacctataat     90600
     ataacgttaa tgtagcctat atagttgcag aaaaataaga acagtattag ggtgtttata     90660
     attgttatat tagaacagca atattaccac aacagattaa tttaactata tatactatgg     90720
     ctcaaaaaca ctaaattatc tacgataaat cactaaagca ttttttcaag tgggtctgca     90780
     taaaattttc gcattctggg gtcatttgtt cccagatgtg attagcactg ttgactcaca     90840
     gcaagacggt cgctgtgtga gtcccggctg gatcagttgg catttctgtg tgaagtttgc     90900
     atgttctccc cgttttgctt tatcccagtt ttccccacag tccaaagaca tgcgctatag     90960
     gtgaattaga tgaactatgt tggccataga tgggttgcag ctggaagggc gtccgctgcg     91020
     taaaacaaat ggtggataag ttggcagttc attccgctgt ggcaatccca gattaataaa     91080
     ggggctaagt cgaaaagaaa atgaattaat gaatgaagtt ggccgtggtg tatgagtgtg     91140
     aatgactcta tggatgtttc cctgtactgg gttgcagctt aaagggcatc caaagaataa     91200
     taaataaagg gactaataaa gggactaaag ggacaatgcc aaagaaaatt taatgattaa     91260
     atgaagaaaa gtttagacta cataaatagt tactatataa ttaccatatt attactgtct     91320
     ttgtgtttca aaaataccac cattgtaaga tgagagttaa acaacccaaa tgactgaaac     91380
     ataattcttc agaaactttt atttaaataa aatattcaaa taaaatgatc ttctgtatgc     91440
     atttccaact atactttagt ttttactaca gtaaaccggt gtataatgta ctgtatagtt     91500
     gtagaaatat tggatttata tttggattta tatctatatt tgaattgcca aaacagatta     91560
     attcaactac tttactatat cgtggttcac aaacactata gtatttacta taaattacta     91620
     taatatgttt tcatgtgggt ctgcatttga ttctcacatt ttagggtcat ttgtttccaa     91680
     aaaaaaactc ttgaattaaa acgtattatt tttaaaatat ttagactgca taaaaagcta     91740
     ctatataatt actgtctttg tcattttaaa atgaacctga ttgcattatg aaagttaaac     91800
     agcctacact gtaaaccctg gtgttgtctt tactaaaacg atcaagtaaa gttgactgaa     91860
     cattacttaa aatttgcatt tgcgttttgg tcctgtcact taaaaatatg agttagttta     91920
     atgtatgtaa atgcataaac ttacgatttc aagtgtagta agctcaaaat caaaattaat     91980
     catttgaaaa aaattgttat tttcaataca gtacaattat aatttgtgca acctttaagt     92040
     gcaaggtctt ttttaaatca gaaaacaaac agcttcagac acaattatta accataatag     92100
     gaataaatgg ctgtttataa atggagcatt ttaaaaccac gaagataagt cggttgcaac     92160
     ataggctcat tctgaaaaca taaccctata tacgtttctg aagactgtga attatgtagc     92220
     cagagctaca catggctgca tttcatgttc cttttctctc ttaccaactg agagcttacc     92280
     ttcgtatgga cggcttttcc actgttatca gtttgtccaa aagcccgaca tatacagtac     92340
     gttggctgac ttgagacgca gagcagagtt gaccatgaaa atggggtttg agtccagtaa     92400
     gatacaaaca gaagccaaaa aaataaaatg aacaagtaaa taacaaggtg agaatgtggt     92460
     aaaatctgaa aatgtggcaa aaatcagggg gcttttcttt ttctggattg cttttgaaaa     92520
     cactgcagtt gggcttaggg aagagggggg ggtatggggg ggtcgatcat ttggtcagtc     92580
     agtaaatcag tcagttgaca gcagcctcta gtggatttat gtgagaacag caggtgtgaa     92640
     tggcactcat gagagaaatt tgagattgaa aaaagtgtac atagcggcct ctggtgaaat     92700
     tgcgaaaaca aaaactgaaa aaaaacatgg gccgtatttt gctttcttca gacatttata     92760
     taaggggaga aaatcagaat ggtcctagat tggtcaattc atcagcagat cgcgcttatg     92820
     tcagctctta gacagaccag ctgatcttca cggctttaaa atgctccagt gtccatgtat     92880
     ctgtgttcat actcagtcaa cagtggtgag ttagctgaac tgaacaattt aagtataatc     92940
     tacaaaaccg gcaagttaaa taaacttcaa tatgcacgtt ttgggagact ccataactca     93000
     tttaaattga ggcaacatgt ttactcaatt catttagttc agtcaactta ttagggtttt     93060
     cagcgctgag tttggtaagc tgaacaattt aggtataatc tacaaaactg gcaagttaaa     93120
     ttaataaaaa tcaattgaat tgaggcaact cagttaattt agctcagtta acttattttc     93180
     agtgtaaata atttacatga ttttcagtag cgttcattta aataaaatta tctactgttt     93240
     gcatgtgtaa cgtgaggaaa aatgatgctg ttatcagcca acagaaacca taaatacaat     93300
     accatttttt acagtcattt acaaacataa cattatgttg gtgtcattta aaaacatgta     93360
     atttctcctg cacatttttt tcataagcat ataattttgc tccctagata gtagttacct     93420
     gttccttata aactattgcc aggatgctac atctaaatgc aggattccct cttgatataa     93480
     attaaagaca ttttcacatt ttgagtaact caatgttccg ctcctctgct tttttttctc     93540
     atcttttgtt tgtctgcacc ctctccacta ttaatcacta ttggacattg ttcaatgact     93600
     gacagcagca gtaactgtta ttccaaactg caacacactt agaccagaca caaatctcac     93660
     tatgctccta agaaagtttc tgtcgtatta tagaaaaggc ctctaaatta ttatgtaaaa     93720
     tcttctctaa atatgtagat tagtttacat ttagcactgt ttatactcta cattgttcat     93780
     ctcaagaaag ttggtgttgc attctatagt gtttttttcc aaggaaaaaa aaacacacac     93840
     gctttctggg caccacatac acatttttga catagttccc cggttaagta ctaccacaga     93900
     cactaaattg cttttgtctg tgccgcacac tgtcaaacac gcaacggcag accaagacac     93960
     aaagtttcta tcctacgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaata     94020
     tgaagactag tcctatagtc ttggatctga agctgctgat tagagtgggc cttaaagggc     94080
     accaattaat aagtttaaaa taggtttctt atgtgtatga atgtgtatgt ttttagatca     94140
     aattacccta gtaatgtttt ataacttttt gaaccaggca acatggtggc tcagtggtta     94200
     aactgtcgcc tcacagcaag aaggtcactg gttcaagtcc cagctgggtc agttggcatt     94260
     tccctgtgga gtttgtatgt tctccccatg ttggcgtaag tttcctccgg gggctccggt     94320
     ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgctctata ggtgaattga ataaacatga ttggccatag     94380
     tgtttgtgtg tgtgtttgaa tgtgtgtgta tggatgtttc ttagtaccgt gttgcaggtg     94440
     gcatcagggc atcagctgcg taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcggttc attctaaccc     94500
     ctgatgagta aagacactaa gctaaaggaa aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaaagaa     94560
     ctttttgaac catatgcttt gatccaaatt gtgccatttt ggtgactgtc tctttaaatt     94620
     caaatgagat tgtgctccca cccctctttt caaaagaggg tggagctaca aatgcctgtg     94680
     ctttagcaaa gcagcagact caaaacagga ctaaggttaa ctgtgaaaaa ctgacaatgt     94740
     gaaaagaagt ggcacagaag aaagcagtgt atggagacta cagtacttag tcgtgtatcc     94800
     taaaacttgt caattataat gtctttcagt tgctgacatt atgacaaagt ttttttttta     94860
     cttttattaa tgcatttacc cctttctgct ttacttaaaa ctcaacttca taaaacaaaa     94920
     tcccatttaa aaataaaatt taattaaatt ttctttttca atcttttata acctgtttta     94980
     acacgttaat ctgtttttat ttgtttttaa tcattattat tattttttat atacttgtct     95040
     tttttattct tgtttatgta aagcacttta aattgccact gtgtaggaaa tgtgctacac     95100
     tgttagacct taccgggcat ttttacagta gaatactggc aacactgttg ccagttactc     95160
     actgtaaaag tttggttaca gtaagtaact ggcaacactg ttgccattta attactgtaa     95220
     cttaaccatt acagtgagtg gctggcaaca gtgttgccag ttatttactg taaccgaacc     95280
     attacagtga gtagctggca acagtgttgc cagttaatta ctgtaataga gcagtagtgg     95340
     taactaactg gaaactgtgt acagttaatt actgtactgt ggtgttacaa ctcacagcat     95400
     tatactgcat acacattaat agtatgtcat agtcttacta agattaatta gtattcttac     95460
     ctgttattaa aaatagaagg cataaaaatt tagacaaatg tattttattg ttttggcagc     95520
     aaacaaatat acaacagaaa atgtataaca aaaataagaa atcagcagat ataaatgtca     95580
     tctttcatat tacaggtctg cacagtaagg ctgcggtcac actaacgttt gagcatgcaa     95640
     aattctgtca tacggcactg cgaaaagaag tgggattaaa caaaataatt agagattgaa     95700
     aaaacaagcg actggtccat agtttaaatt tttgttcaga caggtcatgt tttgatcttt     95760
     gattggtctc aagcaatcac atgatgtgat ttcgcaggtc agagatctcc aagtttgaac     95820
     tttccaatgc tgcgaacagt gaaatttttt gcatgagcta tcattccagg tctgcagcat     95880
     tcacatgcgt atgaatggaa gtctagagga agaaaagtgc agtgtgactg ggactttaag     95940
     ctgtaactct aattgaacac acctgatcaa actaattaag gcttgttaga aatctacagg     96000
     aaatgttgaa gcagggtgtg aactaaactc tgctgcgctg ctgtcctcca tgaacttgga     96060
     gtttgacccc catggtatat agcatatttt taaagcaact gccaacattt atcacaatca     96120
     catatcaaat aaaaaaatgc atgcatgcac acacacacgc atgcacgcac acacacacac     96180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag     96240
     aaagtgctgc agtaaaatgt gtttctctct cctcaatgct gaccatgcaa aaaaagaaaa     96300
     aactaaacag caaaaaacac aaaatattta ttttattttt taaagtttca aataatgaaa     96360
     aaataagcat atgaaaagaa cacacacata ttctctctct ctctatatat acacacatat     96420
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataaacatgt     96480
     ttgtcaaaca caggcagata ctgtgtcaat tctcaataaa aagttcaaaa taagtataaa     96540
     aaacaaaaac aaagtcggca acaccgaaaa tccaaaggat ccaatctttt attgctataa     96600
     ttattatcta ctttaaaatc tcatgaccac aaacttttct attgtttcta atataaattc     96660
     ataggtggaa acacagctct gaaaaatact tagcaacaaa ctcacaacct gggacctgac     96720
     aatggagctt ttgtgtgtgg atagttattt gtatcatatt ttttgtgatt ccctgtgatg     96780
     atttctgtgc acatgttaac ttactgaggt gatggaattt attggttttt atgtgcataa     96840
     acttttagca tctgtacatt attgcaatat gcaatatcca ataaataaat atacttaaaa     96900
     gcgaggagag gctaactagc taacaatgta gctttcaagt acacagttca agataacaac     96960
     aatataactt aaaacacagc cttattttag aaaccctcaa aaacatttta acacatttta     97020
     cttactcatt gtagattctt atttaaagcc taaaacatat cagactctac atctgaattg     97080
     atagacagag aatagagcac actcagcagt aaacaaatca aacacctggc tcccttaaag     97140
     agccagcatt ttctgaaaac tttttctaat acctttgtgt ttagaataag acagcctgtg     97200
     tgagtgtggt gagggctaaa tcattgtctt ctgactttaa aatgcacgtc tctataaaca     97260
     gcaacatgaa gcatcagagt aaatgggaca gtaatggttg aacagtaatt tgccatttat     97320
     tgtcacagta cataaagtaa attactgtaa tttatccttt gcattacaca attttataca     97380
     aactctactc cttttacagt aaaatactgt ttcctttcat tacagcaaaa cactgactag     97440
     tttgcagtta tttactgcat aatctacagg ggaagagtgc agttaagctt taaccctaat     97500
     taagcacacc tgatcaaact aaatctaaag gtagtgtgtt gaagcagggc tggaactaaa     97560
     ttctgctagg cttcggccct ctagtagttt gacacccctg gagcatagca tattttcaaa     97620
     gcaactgcct acatttatca caattatgca catattgttt aataaaaaca attaaaatat     97680
     gcaaacttca tccatagaaa aaaaaaatga tgataaataa tctgatcctc atgtagtccc     97740
     aaatctgtag taataataaa aaaacaccaa aattacatga tttatacatt tatgtaggaa     97800
     agtctttaaa ctatactgtt aatgccactt ttacttactt taattgaagt tttccaaaca     97860
     aattcattga gtctctgcaa acatgtatgt acgtgctgtt taagatatat tttttaaata     97920
     acacattttt actagtcatt tagcaaaata ctaatattca gttgaaagtg cacgttaaaa     97980
     gctgaactat aggttaaatt aggcaaatta gactaattat agaaacgtaa acaaagttat     98040
     aagaattatt atgacagttt ctttgctctg tgtgaatatt tttgccttta aatgcatttc     98100
     atccatatat gcttagcttt taatgatctc tgtggcattg gttgactcct gatactcaat     98160
     gttaaaacat aaaagaaacc aaagaaaaca catggctgca gtgaaattca gcttatcatc     98220
     aatgcaatgt cccactctcc cctcaatact gaccattcac atatcaaaac tgaacagtaa     98280
     atatatataa aattatataa taaatataaa tagcaacata aagcatcaga gtagatgagg     98340
     cagtaatggt tgatcagtaa tttaccattt attatgacag taaatatctg taatggatac     98400
     atagagtaaa ttactgtaat ttattctttg cactacagaa tttcatacaa atcctgcttc     98460
     ttttacagta aaatactgtt ttctttcatt acagctaaac actggctatt ttacagttat     98520
     ttactgcata atctacagta agggttaaca gtgtatataa ataaactttc cttgccttgc     98580
     ctaaatttat aaaaccacaa tctgataatt atcaactgta atcccactgg aattattgta     98640
     attgaatttc tttgatttac aacctatgat tactcaatgc agtctatgta aaaactttat     98700
     gtttgcctaa taaattactt tcatttgtat aaactacttt catattttaa aaatgggtca     98760
     atacttcttg ctgcaatgtt gcatcaatag tgatatatgt tcatgttttt tgacaaaatt     98820
     cagtcacaaa cgtttgtgag ttactgtatg tattgcaaat tttttgtcac taatttatct     98880
     tcactgacaa agagttaaat ttagtgatca accgatacat tgccaatgct gatatatata     98940
     agactatatt tggtattttt taaatgtagg catcagacgg taaatttctt agtttggctg     99000
     atatacaggg tacctatatt gaatgacatt gagtctttca tgagtatata tatatatata     99060
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     99120
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gaaagagagc gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     99180
     gagagtgaga gagagagaga gaaaagtcgg aattatcaca cccctttgat tttcttttct     99240
     tttttaaata tttcccaaag gatgtttaac agaacaaaca aaatttacag tatgttgata     99300
     atatttttta ttctagagaa agtcttattt gttttatttc agctggaata aaagcagttt     99360
     ttaaattttt aatgaccatt ttaaggtaaa aattgttagc cccttcaagc tatatttttg     99420
     tttgatagtc tacagaacaa accatcatta tacaataact tgcctaatta ccctatcctg     99480
     cctagttaac ctaattaacc tagttaagcc tttaaatatc actttaaact atatagtagt     99540
     gtcttgaaaa atatctagtc aaatattatt tactgtcatc attcattcat tcattttctt     99600
     ttcggcttag tccctttata aatcaggggt catcacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacctatc     99660
     cagcacatgt tttgagcagc ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa cccttctctg ggaaacatcc     99720
     atacacattc atttacactc atacactaag gacaatttag cctacccaat tgacctgtac     99780
     cacatgtctt taaatgtggg ggaaaccgaa gcacccagag gaaacccacg tgaacacgcg     99840
     gagaacatgc aaacttcata aagaaacgcc atctgaacca accgaggctc aaaccagcaa     99900
     ccttcttgct ttgaggtgac agcactacct actgtgccac tgcgttgcct actgtcatca     99960
     tggcaaagat aaaataaatc agttattaga aatgagtcat taaaactatt atgtttagaa    100020
     atgtgttgtt ctctctgtta aacagaaatt ggagaacaaa taaacaaggg ggctaataat    100080
     tcagggaggc taataattct gactttaact gtacatacag tatatgtata ctcatgaaag    100140
     acttaatcta tatatacaca cataaatata aatatataca catatataac catgtgtata    100200
     tactgtacac atgataccca ctgtctttaa agtatgaata tgattacttg gtcaaacttt    100260
     acaataaggt tcataagttt atgcatttca taaaatgaac tacatattaa caatacttgt    100320
     acggcattaa ctaatcataa ttcaacattt actaatgcat tattaacatc taggtcaatg    100380
     cttgttaaca gtagttaatg cactgtgagt taacatgaac taacaatgaa caactgtatt    100440
     ttccttaact aacaataact aacatgaaca aatactttaa taaatgtaat tacttaaatg    100500
     cataaactaa aatcaataca ttaaataaca ttaactaata caaccatatt aaaaatacta    100560
     atttctttaa acgtattttt taaataagtt tgaatttcat tcattcattc attttccttc    100620
     ggtttagtcc cttatttgtc aggggtcacc acagcggaat gaactgccaa cttttccagc    100680
     atttgtttta cacagcggat gcctttccag ctgcaatcta gtacagggaa acaaattatt    100740
     ttcaatgaat acatttttta taaattctaa tgtaattatg aattaaaatg tgataaatta    100800
     catcagctaa atatcagcca ctggccaccc tgccttccaa gatatcagta ttggcatcga    100860
     cctttaaaaa acccatatca gtcgaccact agttaaatta aaatatcagg agccatgggt    100920
     agtaattctg tttgttttgt tttgtactca cagtgtgctg atagatgtta acgtgagttt    100980
     tatgaatcac caataacagt gaatcagtga gttttatgca tcacagtttc agctaaaaat    101040
     cttcttcaat gaaaaaggta atgttcatca gggatggcct gaggggtgaa gttcactgca    101100
     aatgtattta tttatttgct tgtactattc ttataacata aaataacaaa acttattgtt    101160
     cttgtaaata tgatcttcta aaaagaaatg tacattttca aaaagcccaa aaacgcaaca    101220
     aaaacaactt tgaatccacg actccacatg cttctgcgca gccgcagccg cagccaaaga    101280
     ggtgatgtca tcatagccaa caaacttgcc atgagatttt ccaaccgttg cattaattta    101340
     tttattttac ttcattctct ctctcagagc agcacattgt ggattttcgc tttttccctc    101400
     tagtcagagt ggaaacaatg agagtgtgcc agctgcagac acagacgcag gagcaaagag    101460
     agctttttac tgctgttctg agtgggaaga gaaacaataa agagacttca gtaggtttat    101520
     gactacaaga gcaaattcct tatagatgcg atagcagcta aagttcccga ttcagcgtct    101580
     ctggtgtgct ttcctgtatt attatgagga aattagtttt tttgtttttt tattgaggga    101640
     ttgtggttca aaataagggt aaaaaggtgt tttaacaaaa gagtgtggat taaaaaaaca    101700
     cccagcagag agtaaagcct actttacaca ttatattctg ttatactgac agaataggag    101760
     tagcactaca gtagcacata gtttcatgtt gctttatgat gcttccagaa atatgaaaaa    101820
     ccatcataaa tcataaatac aggtcatgcg gaataaagac tgttgaattc atgcaacagc    101880
     tgtgtctgag aaatggactg tattaaatca ctagttagat ttattaacta taatcattga    101940
     gacaggtgtt cattttattg ccgaaagttt gatcatttct atcaacagca tcttttccca    102000
     gaccaaaaaa taggataact attaatataa tttttatgta ttttattatt attaatattc    102060
     ttaaatgttt ggagaatatg tccaaccact gacagttaat atgtgtttcc attatgttta    102120
     aaccctagta tctttcttat tcacatgtga atggttgatt ttccgcttct attcaaagtt    102180
     taaaattgta attatacgca gaattaaaat tttgcattta tgaataaacc aatgttctgc    102240
     cccagctgtt caagataata aaatcaccac ttccaaggaa actactgtga tatattatta    102300
     aattttagag ttgtctttta gaattattaa tacaatatga gatgatctga tagacatcag    102360
     tgctctgttt aatgaggaat ttaactggta aatgtgtgca taaaagtttg tgcaactttt    102420
     ttttaaataa tacacatatt ggtgtttcta ttcagtgctt tttatccaat ataaacttta    102480
     aaaaacagat ggatggaaac ttactctgct ttactgctga acttgttcaa ttttagtcaa    102540
     gtaaatgaca tttagaatga caaatattta taactaaata tttagtggaa aatagattcg    102600
     aactaaacaa gttaaatagt gaaataaact agattagact ttcagagtaa aataaatata    102660
     catatacagg caaaacaaaa ctaataccca aaccaaatca acaactcatc aataaataaa    102720
     ctattaatta ataaatcact gatgaaactt atggacgtat agcatctatt ttcatgttac    102780
     tagtacttat tttttcaata gagtactggt atcttttcag ttcattagtt tgtgcttatt    102840
     tgttaggtac aagaaccgtt ttaattatat aagttcttat ttataacatg gcctactaat    102900
     actgattcat tagaaatcaa tacctattaa attgactgta gtaccagcgt attaattaga    102960
     atgattttat tggaacattt tactaaaaat tatacctttt catacaaata aaattgcatg    103020
     aagcagcatg aattagccac ttttctgaca atacatttaa tagatacgtt ttctcatgca    103080
     atagtacata cttcttcgat actaacatca aatcattaga cattacttac ttataagata    103140
     ctaataatta ctaactatta agaatagtat ctaaaatgtt attactagtg tctctgattg    103200
     tatatgtgta tattatctaa tttaaaagta ttagcatcta atgaatggga actagaacct    103260
     attaaacaag aactataggc tcgtagttta tttatttatt catttatttt ttgaaagtta    103320
     gtaaacttgt atgaataaaa aaataatagc catttttatc agtcattgta ttaaataata    103380
     gcctaattag ccattgtata aaataacagt tagaactaat cgacgcctgt ggtttttagg    103440
     tgacacagtg tttagcactg ttgcctcata acaagaagat cgttggttcg agtcttcgct    103500
     gaataagctt tcttttctgt gagttttctt ttcagtcatt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt    103560
     ttttcccatg tttgcgtggg tttcctccgg gggatccagt ccccccccca gtccaaaaaa    103620
     tatgcactat atgtgaattg ggtaagctaa attgtccata gtgtatgaat gtgaatgaga    103680
     gtgtatgggt gattcccagt gatgggttgc agctggaaag gtatctgctg tgtaaaacat    103740
     atgttggata agttggtggt tcattatgct gtggcaaacc ctggttaata aagggactaa    103800
     gccgaaaaga aaatgattga ttgaatgaat aaagttaaga tgacttaatt gtgaattaag    103860
     taaatgtgac tcagtgtaag taagaattac tttttctaca ttagtaatta gtacttaatt    103920
     tgacaaagtt acgattactt aattgaatta aagcagcgag actgcataat tcattaaagt    103980
     aaacctaaca aattactttt tacattgtag tatgtaccct ggctgggtca gttggcattt    104040
     ctgtttggag tttgcatgtt ctcctcgagt tcgcgtcggt ttcctccaca gcccatagac    104100
     atgaggtgta ggtgaattgg gtaagctgaa ttgtccgtag tgtatgtgag tatgtgcaaa    104160
     agtgtgtggg tgtttcccag tgttgggtag gatgctggaa gggcactgca taaaatgtgt    104220
     actggataag ataagttggt ggttcatttc gctgtggcaa cccgattaag ggactaagcc    104280
     gaaaagaaaa tgaatgaatg agtgtagtat gtaaatagca gtctagatgt ttattaagta    104340
     tgaataatca ataatagcca ttattattta gacttattag tcattgtata aagtaatagc    104400
     ctaattagcc attgtaaatt taagctgact agtattagta ggctatctaa tgaaaaatgt    104460
     aaacagcagc ctaatgtttt ttaagtagta gcatgaagaa gcaatactag tcattatgct    104520
     aataatagca ataataagga ataaacagta tattgttatt taatagaaaa taaacaaaac    104580
     aataatcaaa taaaaagtat ttgtatgaaa atatatgtta gtacgttaga gcagaactaa    104640
     atgttacaac ggttcgccgt ggttactttg cacgtttgtt ctgaactcga taggtacatc    104700
     aacattataa taacgttaca tgcacaagaa gcacacgtgt atttaacatg taaacaaata    104760
     ccgaaaagca gctcgttttt cttcggaaca cagtgtaacg tgctctaaat cccttcggcg    104820
     tagattgtat taaatacttg agtgtgtagt aggctatata tttgtccaaa aactccgtcc    104880
     tgacagaaag agtgtagaaa tctttcgaag ccctcaacga agcaagcgcc cacctctggc    104940
     tgaatctggt ttgaagggag gagtccgcac gcgcagtatt aaggcatgaa cctggtttct    105000
     ccatgagaag aacacaccca tagaaggcag tggaaaagaa agaagcctgg aaagaccatt    105060
     aaacatagag ctagcagtgg acttccttta ttaccaagaa gccccgttcg tctctgaggg    105120
     atttaacggc aagcagtcac actgataccc tgcgtgtggg catcgcggac ggtgtaacgt    105180
     tacttttggg ctgtgtgaga gatccggatc attgttgaca ttgcagaaga ccgtctacct    105240
     gcctgctttt attgctgtca gatactgaag tgaggcgaaa atgaagagcg tcaggagctg    105300
     tattggcaca ctggttgtgc tggtactgtt tcgggtggga gagatcgcag aagcgtgcag    105360
     ttgttccccg gttcatcctc aacaggcgtt ctgcaatgct gatgttggta agtgcgtgtc    105420
     aacaatccta acgatgctac gtcacaatgc aaaatttcaa atacgttatt ctagaaccaa    105480
     ccacgagttt tagaacgcga agaacgcacg ggtattgttt gatgctgcag gatagaaaca    105540
     tacaactata tgcgattgat taggagccta catatgtgtt cactgatgac aacaacaaag    105600
     ttccaggctg ctctggtgct gctttgtagg tggaatcaaa agcacggggg ctgaggggga    105660
     tcacagctgg atgttttagt actcttttgc acaaacaaat agctcataaa aacagaagca    105720
     aaacatgcca gctgtcttta atagaggagg cagctctgca tcttgtagat gtagacttaa    105780
     aaattgaagc atgttattaa aaagccccat agtctttgtt tacaatattt gcatttattt    105840
     ataataagct ttggttgttt tatttgttgt attaagatct tcagatttta agtatttcaa    105900
     gctcataaat ttgtaaataa aaatacattt tgagttttaa tacttgttac aaaaaattca    105960
     gaacagcttt taatttttat atttcatgca tattttaaaa ttacatattt attgtgatta    106020
     tgttaatata tatatatata tgtatttaaa aatctaagat tttgtattag tctgttaaaa    106080
     ttgttgttgt tttaataaaa gtaaatatgt attattaatt taagttattt taatcattta    106140
     atatttgaca ttagaaaatg tattctttta tgatagttta ttttaatcaa actatttatg    106200
     tgttcataat ttgagttatt cagaacagaa ttctataact ttaaggaatt tgtctgccat    106260
     cgctgtctct gtgaaatatt aatctgtttt atcatgttaa taacaatgtc ataattaata    106320
     ataatgttta tctgctttgt ttggatttaa atcaaattag ttgctactca tttattggtt    106380
     gtatctgaat gcattttcag tgtcttttac cttcagcaca cacatagcag tcctgcagcc    106440
     tgatctgaat gacgttttga ggcctgttta tatctattta tatctggctt ctctttttca    106500
     ttcctcagaa acaactcatt atgtctgggt ttaacagaaa tctttcagct ggcctacata    106560
     cacagccaaa acagtacatt aagggtaccc atccaacatc acactgactc tgccaaagga    106620
     tttgttggat gcagattgcc tgttgcatga gaaaatgatg ctgagatgtt gtttagcaga    106680
     acaacaaatg tggaggtgaa actgaggcct gttgttgaaa gactgaaaac attgacgcat    106740
     gacgcatata tatggctctt actgacctgt agattcacac ttactcactg tctcgctgca    106800
     agcaatggtg tgattagaag gctcaatttt ttctgctaaa aattcataca aatttggaaa    106860
     ctgttatgaa ggctaggggt aacatttcaa atcataaaat tatattttta tagtgttaaa    106920
     aatgttttca caatctaaag aatagttttc cacttataaa agaaccataa tagaattaaa    106980
     tgcttatata actgttaaat attcatgacg gaaccataaa cagcaataaa aaaactaatt    107040
     cttaagagtg gcagttctgt caactggccc aaaatgattc accaatgact ctggataatc    107100
     atcatcacga atcttttgaa tgactcgaga atgatgagtc ctctcaggga gtgattcgtt    107160
     cattcacaca tgcgcacatt tgtgcaggtg gagtagaaga ttagttcctc tttcgagtct    107220
     tctgtcaagt ttaagttgtt tgttcatcaa gtgaaagaca gaagtcaata atatgcagtt    107280
     agagccagaa aaagatttaa tccgttcatc tctcgagtcc ttggtttgag taatttttca    107340
     tcacctgaaa gacagaagcc aatattatgc atttagagcc agaaaaagag ttgattcgtt    107400
     catctctcga gtcctcgggt ttaagtcata tctttataca tgctgtcacg tgatgagcaa    107460
     actcatcaac aatcagaaga ctccaaaggt gaacaaatca tgcctccttt cggctcggac    107520
     tgtgtaaact ggttaagctc atatggggct gtaagtgtga cttcaatgca cccctcaaat    107580
     ttgaagacct gtcagaagtg gtgagctgag ctaatcataa acaaaagagc aggcaaacaa    107640
     taaatgatta ttttctcttt tatagcattc tagttatgac ttgtttgtat tatgattaat    107700
     gtttggtgta gttgtagatg agtttgaaag caactcgcaa cattttacta atattttagg    107760
     caaattgaac aaaatgaatg aaatgactct aaaaaaagat ttgttcacct cactgaacga    107820
     gactcaaaag gtctgagtta gtaaaatggt ccaaacttcc catcaaaaat accaacatat    107880
     gcccattctg ataacgtagc cctatataca tttctggaaa ttgtgaatta tgttcccaga    107940
     agtacggatg gctgcatttt atcttaaaaa taaatgctac agggcggtat gatgccatta    108000
     ctttcgtatg gacagctttt ctactattac cggttttcca gttagctcgc catgtacgtc    108060
     agcagacttg aaatgcgatt tgagatgttg agaacgattc cagaaagtat caaatataaa    108120
     ataaacaagt aaataactgg gtgagaaagt ggtaaaatct gaaaatgtgg taaaaatcac    108180
     atcagggttt ttctttttct tgattgcttt tgaaaatagt tggttgggtt tagggaagtg    108240
     ggtgggcggg tcaaccaata caattggttg ggtttagggg gaagaaggag ggtgtgtcag    108300
     ttgatcactc agttattcag tcagccaaca gtggtctctg gtggatttac gtgagaacag    108360
     taggcaggaa tggcacttgt gagagaaatt taagatctta caaagcatac aaaaagtgta    108420
     aacaaaaact acaaaaaatc tagctcctgg gacgtatttg gtggtctcca gaaatttaca    108480
     tactgtagaa gtacgttttc agaatgagcc tgggttgact tataccgtgg tttggaaaag    108540
     tcaaggtttt aaaaccacca aaattttctg ctatgctgtt cttaaggtgt atgtaagtct    108600
     ttttttttac attttttccc cgttttttag gacagtatct ccagcagaaa aaaatccaat    108660
     gatggcattt taaatcgcaa agaaaatttt tgatactaat gaagacagca gaaatcaatg    108720
     attcatttga attattcagc ctgacatatt tactgctcca aaatacttta aatgtttttc    108780
     aaaataaaat atattgtgtt taaaagggga aaaaagtttt ttgtttttta tccacacatt    108840
     caaaaagaac agattttaga ccagcaatca caatagagtg aaacggcaaa gattttatcc    108900
     aaggttatca tactgtcaga atcttgtacc agcccatgcc tagactagtg tatcattaaa    108960
     cttctaaaac tacaagtttt ttcatagatt ttttttggca gtcatagaag aactattagg    109020
     gttccacaaa gaaccctttt taaaaacatt taaatcatct taagaaaatt tttccactgt    109080
     gaagaaactt gaaatcttaa gtttccaaaa atgttaaact atcaactcca atttagaacc    109140
     tcgactttta agagtgtaag tgtatatttg tggtgacttt tagataaatg tgtcttcaaa    109200
     tgaaatcaaa tagtaaaaga gagaatcaaa tgcagatgag agcaaaggga ggacaagagc    109260
     gctactgact aaggccttga tttcctgtgc aactggtctc tatttcattt ttcactctga    109320
     tggagaaagc tgaggcataa aaaattgcaa gaatgttttg catcccactg gggttttccc    109380
     tcccagttca tgcttaattc aggcactgtc cagagatgat tagctaggta cgcctgcccg    109440
     ctggagcaga acccaagctc tgtcttgagc tgggaataca aaataagaca aaacacacac    109500
     tcttaaagtg tttttgaggg cttatagctt gcttcgaatg ctgctccaga accgtcatag    109560
     agcatccgac atctggccgg taggtctgga tgtgccagag aggaaaaagc aatgaaagtc    109620
     aaggaccttt tagaaatatg catggcattc ttaagacagt gagaaaagcg cagtcttttg    109680
     gctgcaccgc acgcccttgc ctcagctcac tggctttgaa ccagtgcttc ttggatcaag    109740
     agggaaggtt tttttccatc tgtttgtgaa aagtaacttt agtggctcgt gtctttcctg    109800
     attgcagtga aactgaacag gctattaggc ggaaattaat ttcacactca tatttcatga    109860
     caaaactggg atttctgcat attaaggcca tcttcaggat aaaaaggaaa aataactcag    109920
     tggcagcata tacacaacat aaaaaaacaa taatggtcca cgtactgagc cttgcggtat    109980
     gccataaata gtaatagtat ccaaaccagt ttctaataag gtttccacgt gccatgctta    110040
     aaaagtcatg tggattcagt ttttcgttct caatgggagt gacacagccc tattatttac    110100
     ctcacagttc aatgttattg agtcatagat gagcacaaca tgcttttaga gagtctgaac    110160
     agtgacagga ctgtctcagg attgaaaact gaaacatgag cagtgccact agactttttt    110220
     tcctcttaag cttttaaagt ctgttgtcca gaacgcattc caaagctcaa catgtttgtt    110280
     tgtctccaga accactgaaa aaaaatcatt cattcattgt acaaatcgag gtcagctggg    110340
     aaatatacaa tctaatcaga attagggtag gttatttcta agcagggagt aagatctgtg    110400
     gaaaatcaac atgctttaga acattccaga tattactttg aatagaaaag catctgtttt    110460
     atcttaggtc ttatttgtat atgttaaagg tgcagtatgt aagtttgtga tccagaggtt    110520
     gaactaggta ttgcactcct ggattaaaac acatgcaagc gcaggttgcc agattgatga    110580
     aatcaactgg agtttgcctg actatcgaga ctaaaggctg attaaggctg atttaagtca    110640
     tgttctgaat agaagcaaca gcaagcgata gaaggaatat tttccatatt aaaagatgtt    110700
     tttgttctaa ccaacacctt aaatttctaa tttagaaact tgcatctatt ctagcttcta    110760
     tttcttgcag ctgagcaaca gaaaactaac aatgatctcc tcagctacac ctcatgtgct    110820
     ttattcagtg ttaaatacta ataatgtgag tttgaatgcc agcttacatc acatttattg    110880
     ccatactact gaaagcagca gcagatagtt cacctcagat cttgaaaata aaataaaccg    110940
     tttgaaattg aacttcagaa ctgtgactcc aacacataac aacacatatc agtgattcag    111000
     catctacatt taataatgtt aaagaggttt aatatgtatt aattagatta taagccttac    111060
     catttcatga gtaagtgcac tattttgtgc ttctgaataa ctgtatttaa aattctgtcg    111120
     tgtttcatct ggtgccaaac tgcttatcac tgcaaatctc gtcacattgc ctgttgttag    111180
     gacacagggt ttaatgtaac ctgctcaaga taacctgcaa caagataagt gcacataata    111240
     aaatgctatc atatttggtg aaatcaattc aattaaaaat gttttgtttt aaatgctttg    111300
     gttgattaaa catttaattt aatttaattt caaactaatt taatttcaaa ctaagctaaa    111360
     aatgttaaat taaagaaaga aagaaagaaa acccttatta aatgcatgtg ctaaatcact    111420
     attttgtaat atcaactgca aaaacacctc agcaaaatat ttatttaggc aaatcatacg    111480
     aaaatgttga tcatgatttt attaaatgta aacgtttctg tgcagcacaa atttctaagc    111540
     attaaggtct gtgcacactg gggcgctttt tgcttgcatt ttctatcgac ttttaacgcc    111600
     tcgtgactaa ataaagggcg ccaatgtgat cgtgcacatc aacgcgcaaa acactaggcg    111660
     taaaagcata atttttttaa aaacgccttc tgcacgtttt tttgttttga cgtgccactt    111720
     ctccacctat caaattggca cttttgttca tgtgcacgga gctgctgtag ttacagtaaa    111780
     cagcacttgg gggcactcaa gttgcttact gcactggtga acaataatca tttcttcatc    111840
     gctagagctg ctacttgaac catccatgct tgttcgaatc gccagtaact ttaacaacaa    111900
     gcgtgtcaac ttttctgtct tcttcttctg tgttacaagt gggtgtcaga agcttaaagt    111960
     tgtgtagcac tatctaacgt caaggagtga ttttgcatag tcttctgctc aacgccagtg    112020
     aaaatcgctt gggtttgatg ccggaaaaac atctcaaaaa acgctgacaa agcgcaaatt    112080
     cggttctgta gggccagtgt cctggagagt ttagctccaa ccctaatgaa acacacctga    112140
     accagctaaa aaagctctta ctagagacta gaaacttcct ggcaggtgtg ttgaagcaag    112200
     ttggagctaa actcagcagg acaccggccc tccaggaccg agtttggaca cccctgcttt    112260
     agactatgca atgccaatgt aaaaaagaaa tagtctccac cattttggtg tctgcatgaa    112320
     attataatga aaaaggcaat tttttaatgg aaaaactata aaatgtgtgc ttaaaaagtt    112380
     ttaaataatt ttagcgaaaa taaatattca atattttgaa aaaataatgt tccagtgtca    112440
     tttagtgcaa tatatgtaaa tggctaattc tgacctagag ttggttctta gtctttttaa    112500
     aagtggccaa atgattcttg ttcttaaatt cacctgacaa gatgtatttt gtataataaa    112560
     taaaatttaa attttgcttg gcctgtgaga tagaagtaac aaaaaccatt aaacgtctca    112620
     tatatccatt ttcaacttat atgccgcaca gagattatcc cactgcctgc cttgtttacc    112680
     tgggaaataa gtcaaatcac acaaataaaa tgggttaata tttatgttga ctctacacaa    112740
     gacctttgga tttaaattgc cccattttct gtgatgttgt ttgtactgta taaactgaag    112800
     gcccaattat atttgtctat ttgtcatcta ctccaaatat ttatccgtct gaatgcatct    112860
     gaaccgtctc gtgacaagca tggtttcaag tctaacgtgt gcagtactac agactgtaaa    112920
     acagggttgt gatggacatt tgagtgattg gagggtggtg ttcaacattc ctgaatacag    112980
     atgagctgag gatttattag cttgagagtg aggacgttgg aaaaaatgga ataaattgga    113040
     aaaaaagaga ggaattaaca gtgaggtatg ccaaatgcac aaacattcct cacaggtagc    113100
     gcttttaaaa agtttagtgt atccaaaagc cttgtggcag gaccagagat ttttttgtga    113160
     ctgcagtact tggacacact taaacaatgg tgatcattca tgaagagtaa caagagaaca    113220
     ataatgtaaa ggagcagaca ggctaagtat gaaggattta acatttatgt gtggtttcta    113280
     gccgtaacga ttagccatac tgttcagatt ggctagagca aataacctac tgtatgttcc    113340
     cttgtgtggt tttaaacatt catgcttttc ttctgttggt tacctttggc tggccaagct    113400
     gacagccagc cattcggctt cattggtctg ttagtcaggg ctagttggtt tgttgtgttc    113460
     cagatgtcac ctcttgttgg attgagctca ttggcgcttc tatagcctgt ttccactgag    113520
     tggtacagta cgggtcggta tgggtcaact ttatcaggct taactttaca ctgccaccaa    113580
     gacagaaagt ttcagtcaac gtcattctca ctcgaggaaa tgtcaaagta aagctgtacg    113640
     acttgttcac atatcatatg agaagcaatt ctcaaaaaac atatgctctt tacacataca    113700
     tacttgtgta taaatgttca ttactaacct ttatatgaac ataatttgat tataactgca    113760
     gatgaatgat agggcgaaac agcctactgt aacatctgtg atcatataaa ataaataaat    113820
     aaatcaatgc aacatatctg aacacataca gatgcttaca gtctccgata tgttaccaat    113880
     tacagaaaaa gtacacactg cataaatttt aggcccgtgc acactgggaa gctttttgct    113940
     cgcatttttc gtcaacgttt tacacttcat gactaaataa acggcgccta tgtgatcctg    114000
     cactccaaca ctcaaaacgg cagatgtaaa atcgtcattt ttaaagaaac gcctcatgct    114060
     ggtttttgtt ttgatgctcc atgtcaaaac cttctccacc aatcagattg gcacttttgt    114120
     tcacgtgcac ggagctgctg aagttacagt aaacagcact tgcaggcgct caagcgcaaa    114180
     actgtcaatg cgagcgcata ttgaagaaga tgcccagaga ctaaggccgt actcacacta    114240
     ggtacagttg cctcgaaccg ggccaaagca cgcttatccc ccctcccgtc tcccccgacg    114300
     gcccgcactc acaccacaat cgggcctcgg cgcgcttacg tcatcgctgc tgtgctgttc    114360
     agtgagaagc gctctcactc agcagcacag tggagatttc tctagttata tcgtttcagt    114420
     cgtttgatat gcagtgacat ccagtcaaat atgtcgccga acagtcctta gggatgcggt    114480
     gacacgcagt cagatatttc gccgaacaga tccgccactt ttggtgctca taatcataaa    114540
     gctctcgtgc tgcaggaatg agatctgctg aaggtgcgca gctgtcatgc agtgaggggt    114600
     tttcgtcttt aataaactac ggcagtttgc gttcactgat cagtaagaat gattaatcaa    114660
     tccatattcg taccatgctc aggcccacct cttccaactg ggccagggcc agccaagtga    114720
     accgtgcttg agcccgattc agcgcacaca cacttctcaa acgatccggg gaacgggcct    114780
     gggcacggta cggatggcat agtgtgagta ggccctaaat gaacgtggag ctgcttattg    114840
     cactggtgaa caataatcct tatttatcgc tagagctgga gctgctactt gaactatcca    114900
     ttagtacaag cgtgtcaact ttctgtcttc ttcttctgtg ttacaagcgg atgtcagaaa    114960
     tttaaagttg tgcagcggca tctaacgtca aggagtgatt ttgcatactc ttctgctcga    115020
     cgccagtgaa aatcacttag gattgaattc ggaaaaacgt ctcaaaacgc tgatgataaa    115080
     tgcaaacgaa aagcgtcccg gagtgtacga gcctttagtc cttatttgtc ttaaaaaaca    115140
     acacgaaaca tatagcccag tcagtgcaaa cctcttatct gtgtctttat tcttcaccag    115200
     cacatgtaac ctctgttaga aagtaattct gtcattcagg gtcattataa taggtccata    115260
     aagtaatgat aatagttaac catggcagtt tgttcatgtt ttaggatgct gaaagaatcg    115320
     tgtgctctgt ttttttttct ggcttctcct ttattttttt gcacttcact ctcacgtttg    115380
     tccgtttctg aaaggatcgc atgtcagaaa cactttaata ataacatgca cattattatc    115440
     atcagctcaa gaagttcatt atttcaaata tagacatgtg gcgagcgcaa gcaagctctc    115500
     tggagaaagt gaaaccgctc gcatttttag acagcctcgt aaaacaaaaa caggacatga    115560
     cagaattttt tcattttggc tttgtgaccg ttcattaaga caaccataag gtttgtttga    115620
     gctctggtca accatggcct gttattttat gtatatagta ttacgatgta attcagctgc    115680
     gcatttagct acgcttttgg tacccttttg ccaaaaagtg ttatggtacg gtacagttcg    115740
     gtttatggta cattttgaca gtggaaatgg ccataaaagc gtaccggagc tgcaagaatt    115800
     ttgaggaaat caatgaattt aatccatttt ggaataaggc tgtaacaaaa aaatgtggac    115860
     aaagtgaagc gctataaatt attccggatg cactgttgat tgtacttgct gtttgtgtga    115920
     ccaaatttaa tgatgtatcc cgagagagca agactattat cttggttatt cagttcaaac    115980
     atacacggcg tatttgatgt cataaccaaa gcaatcaatt ccacctgtta cagagtatta    116040
     agatctcatc agatctcgtc tggatctcgt ctcatcttct ttgctgcctc aatgcaataa    116100
     gacagagctc attgccacat ttaatagtcc cagacacgag caataaacac tggagaagaa    116160
     ctcacactgc ttttcttttg agggtaaaac acattgtttg aagctttaag ccaagcattt    116220
     ggtccctttt ggttgtaata aaagagaaaa gttttcaaga gcagaacgtt tgttgggagg    116280
     tttctaaaaa tagtcaaata tgtaagttct gtccaggaaa tgtacctccc acaggcggga    116340
     tatgcacctc atatgattca tttttgatat ctgaacctca tattttatgt cactgcagtt    116400
     tacagtacgt cagattgtcg tgaacatgtg acttttgtaa gctgcatgtc agacgatatt    116460
     tttctccggc gtaggtgcac tgcctcacaa atttctgaca aagaaacagc taaatgtgac    116520
     atctttcccc atgtgttttg ataaaaatgt gaaatcagtg gtatttaaat gcagtcagca    116580
     atggtcacac acaaaccagt gtttctccac atcctgccat gcccaatctg cctgtttata    116640
     aagcggacag catccgagcg tcaagttgtc cagttctgac tttatccaca ttggtaaacc    116700
     tcagagactt ttgagaacat ttgcactggt tttattgtac aagcagtaat gaggatgcac    116760
     agaaacctaa cgaatgctgt cttctgtgca tgttttctgt tctgtgctat gaaatgcaga    116820
     ttcctttaaa tgtcaaacaa taacatttgg cagtgttaat caacaactga tctgtttgtt    116880
     ttttttacat tgctgcatgc agttctcgtc atttattctt tttttttttt ttttttactg    116940
     caaaaggaaa atcttcacac ttctgtttcc cttacgatga gtaatgacag ttcagattgc    117000
     agaattaaaa gtcctgttgt cttctttata aagaggtttt taaacaatta accaacaaac    117060
     atagacccta cataatgtta gtctttggtt cacatttgtt tgttttttaa ataaccaaaa    117120
     tggttatttg taggttatta ttttgcaacc ataaaataac atccccataa catttccagc    117180
     aggtaattta tagaatgtta cagggagttt atatgtaaaa tacagattat atgtttatac    117240
     ctaaaattac ttttattata cctccgctaa tgcttatttt tcaggctgtt attttgcaac    117300
     caaaaacaac atttccagaa cgttacatga aggttatatt gaaataacct aaatataact    117360
     cttattacat gttccctaat agttattttt agcttattat tttgcaacca taaaagaatg    117420
     tttccattac atttccagca gctattttta gtttttattt tggttttttg gcaactgcaa    117480
     aataactttc ccagaatgtt tcagggaggt catttgtaat taacctaaaa ataacattta    117540
     ttacatgttc cctaatggtt atttttaagc tattaatttg caactataaa ataacatttc    117600
     caggtttcgg agaggttata tttaataagc taaatataac ctgtattgta tgttccttaa    117660
     tagttatttt taggttatta ttttgcaacc ataaaagaat gttcccataa cattaccagc    117720
     aggttaattt tagtttttgg gtttttttcg caaccgcgaa ataacttttt cagaaggttt    117780
     cagggaggtt atatgtaaat aacctaaaat aacttttata cattccctaa tggttacttt    117840
     gggttgttat tttgcataac atattatatt attaacataa tatattattc ccataacatt    117900
     tgtaggttat tgtaatattt taatattttt aggtaaattt tttttttttt gcaactgcaa    117960
     aaataacgtt ctcagaatgt ttcagggagg ttaaataaaa acaaaaaaac aaaaaatata    118020
     ttttataaca tgttccttaa tgattatttt taggttattt tgccaccata aaagaaagtt    118080
     tccataacat ttccagcagg ttatttttag gttttttatt tttatttttt aaataacttt    118140
     tattatacct tccctaatgg ttattttaag ctgttgtttt ttgcagttat aaaataacat    118200
     tcccataaca tttccagctg gttattttta ttttatttta ttttattttt ttgcaactgc    118260
     aaaatatctt tttcagaagg tttcagagag atgttcccta ttggttattt tttggctgtt    118320
     gttttgcaac gattaaataa cgttcctata acatttcaag caggttattt ttagtttttt    118380
     gcaaccgcaa aacaactttc ccagaaggtt tcagtgagaa tttatgtaaa taacctaaaa    118440
     attactttta ttataccttc tctaatggtt attttaggtt actattttta accataaaat    118500
     aacttcccca taacatttcc agaaggttgt ttatttagtt ctacatccat gtaaagtaac    118560
     ttttcataac tataaacaat atttttccaa attacatgac tggaatttgt tatttttgca    118620
     taatattcta catttatatt caccaacatt ttatttctgt tttagtgaac atttaaaact    118680
     ttctggttag ccaaactaga ttttttttat taaacttgag tctttcaatt tttcaatgaa    118740
     tcatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tttttttttt    118800
     tttttttttt tttttttttg taaataaggc gaaaaccata taagcatatg ctatcactta    118860
     acggcctcag agctcctgga aggtttctac attatcgtta aaaagcagtt cctctatggg    118920
     taaaatgaat gggatttttt taagccaact gttacagtga tgaattgtgt caggagttca    118980
     aaaagaaaga aacgagttca aagaaaccgc aagctgagca ttcagagtgg aagaagaaca    119040
     gccactttat acaattactt gccatgtggc tgttccatat tcattcatgt caagcatttt    119100
     gtacagcata cattttcctt ctcattaatg taaagtaggt caaacaatgt gggggggttc    119160
     aggcatcaaa acaataaaag tgtagtacat ttctccctgc attaggcatg tcatgttacg    119220
     tttttcatgt catgttacgt ttttctgaga agaatatgaa taatttgatg ccattttaag    119280
     agtactgcag ctttcaaaat acttgttaat gtgattttat aacgatttat attgaggata    119340
     aaagaaacac ttcagatcac caaagagcag caaagttagt ttagccattt ttaaatatac    119400
     ataaacacat acacaccgag aggaaagaga ggagctgact cattgcacag tattttccca    119460
     gaaacatgga gtgtttataa gctgtatgta tgatgcattt ggataggaaa agagtgtgtc    119520
     tccttcaggt attttgccaa acatcacaat aaaactactt acaggtggtt tgtcaaggcc    119580
     actcacctgc atgaggtatt ctgtttattg aagaaatatt gacaatatat gttccaggct    119640
     aaatactgtc agcttgggca acacaatagc gcagtgggta gcactgtcac ctcccagcaa    119700
     gacgattgct ggtgcaagcc ccggctgtgt cagttggcat ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatt    119760
     ttctccctgt gggtttcctc ctggtgctca ggtttaaccc acagtccaaa ggcatgtgat    119820
     gtagctgaat tgggtaagct aaattgtctg tagtttatgt gtgtatgtcc tggtcttcca    119880
     aattgtgggt tgagcgttgg gctaacaact cgccttatta acaaaataca tgttgcgaaa    119940
     caccaatatg gtgtggctaa atataaactt attaaatggc cctgggagtg tgagtaagta    120000
     aatactgtca gcttaaaaca tcaataaaac tcattcacac tcatacacta cgcacagttt    120060
     agccaattta gcaatttagt ttgcatgttc tccctacttt cgtgtgggta tcctccggat    120120
     gctcagtttt cccccacagt ccaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaaatggat aggctaaatt    120180
     tactgtagtg tgtaagtgtg aatgagtagt atggatgttt cccagagatg ggttgcagct    120240
     ggaagggcat ccgctgcgca aaaacatatg ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccgctgtg    120300
     gtgaccccag aataataatg ggactaagcc gaaaagaaat tgattgtatg aatgactgaa    120360
     tttttacaaa agtacacatt gtcttggatt tcataatata caaatcactt ttgtacattt    120420
     aatttgatgc caattcaatc ttacagcttg tctctgaccc atatacaaat caatgcaaga    120480
     gtattttctt gttttaccat aagtttttta tatattagat gttatatcta tctatcaatt    120540
     gcatatattt gattatgggc tgtcctcgat tatctgtttt ttcctctcga cattgttttg    120600
     ctggtcttgt gtaccttaga gtggtttggt tggtcttgtc tctgttttaa ttcagttttt    120660
     ttaaaatcac ttccctaaag atgtgctctc ttattggtct tcttaactga tttatctgtt    120720
     taaccgttga ccattaaccc acttggcttt gcacatacac tgattccatc tttaatttag    120780
     tttttttgat tattcactca attccctcta aacaaaacac attcaattta taaatataaa    120840
     cctgacactt agtatatttg tatatataac tgcggtggcg cagtgggtat cgctgtcgcc    120900
     tcacagcaag aaggtccctg gtacgagcct cggctgggtt agttgataat tctgtgtgga    120960
     gtttgcatgt tctccccgtg tttgagtagg tttcctctga gtgctccggt ttccttaaca    121020
     gtccaaagac atgccctata ggtgaattgg gtaaactata ttgtccatag tgtatgtgtg    121080
     tgaatgagag tgtatgagtg tttccaagta ctggattgtg gctgaaaggg catcctctgc    121140
     ataaaacata tgctggacaa gttggcggtt tatttgctgt cacaacccca gattaataaa    121200
     gggactaagc cgaaaagaaa atgaatgaat aaatggttta gaccagggat caccaatctt    121260
     gttcctggag gtcggtgtcc tgcagatttt agttccaacc ctaatcaaac acacctggac    121320
     aagctaatca aggtcttact aggtatactt gaaacaccca ggtaggtgtg ttgagacaag    121380
     ttggagctaa accctgcagg gcaccagacc tccagggaga ttggtgaccc ctggtatata    121440
     agataacaga ataagaaaat catagtaaaa gatgagataa ctaatgaaat gcttaagggg    121500
     tccacaaact ttcaagcagc actgtacttt actttttact gtactataat ttttgtcaaa    121560
     tgtttttaat ttctgtcatg aagggaagaa ctttatcctg tagaaaaata gatgtttaca    121620
     aaatgattga atactttgaa agaaaggctg gagatttgtg tccaaatctg gcctaatttt    121680
     gtgaagttaa aaccaaggaa ttgctatact aagagaaaag tggtataatc tggttaccat    121740
     gtccctttgg taaagtctgt ctgtaaaggt gggagtggga agagaagttt ggggactttt    121800
     ggtggagtgg tcggcctggg ctctgagatg gtcatgattg ctaaaagctg tgcaggcata    121860
     cagaaagtca ggatgtggct agtatttgtg gtggctatgt tttcatggaa actatgacat    121920
     tttgattatg atatgtgcat atgtaagaga gtgtgtaagt catccgtgga gggagcaggc    121980
     gttgtgggat atgcatgatt atcgggcaac aggaatgtgg gtcaggcagg aaaaatgaag    122040
     ctgaagacac actgcagaac atcaatccat ctgaactgca gagctgagat aattaccctc    122100
     ggatgcttga attatcgcaa aggaaaatac aattttgata tgatcgaacc atcctgaagc    122160
     tacagtttaa aaatcacctg atgtttcaat ccaaatttgg gtaaattatt gacaaacaca    122220
     caaatgagtt taacatttaa tttaaagtct gcataaaatg gaagttgctg agacttttac    122280
     tccttcagta tgttgactga agctccctct ttttgcacat cattcccttg tagtaaattt    122340
     atagtgttaa agcttaagca gtcaaactga catcatcaga aaatgaccac cactccaaat    122400
     acagaagcaa atagtcagac ttcgattgaa gattaacaaa acaaataaat gcatgtgcat    122460
     aactgtccac cacagccata tcaccctgca gcccaagact cactaaagct tagcagggct    122520
     gagcctggtt agtacctaga tgggagacca catgggaaaa tcaggttgct gttggaagtg    122580
     gtgttagtga ggccagcagg gtgtgctcaa cctgtggtct gtgtgagtcc taatgcccca    122640
     gtatagtgaa ggggacgcta tactgttagc gagcgacgtc tttcggatga gatgttaaac    122700
     cgtcgtttcc tggccaaatt ccctccatct acccttaccc atcatggcct cccaatcatc    122760
     cccattcact gaattttctg tatcactgtc tctccattcc accagtagca ggtgtgtggt    122820
     aagcacactg gtgctgttgt cctgtggctg tcgtcgcatc ccttcccctt cgcccttcgc    122880
     tatcaagcta aagagaattg agacacccct tcctcttcac gtgaacgctc aaaatgaggg    122940
     gtaggggtaa ggggaagggc taaggggtag aattgggatt gggcctaaat taaactccat    123000
     tatgattttc tgttatgaaa taaacttacg ttttgccaaa tcttctcatt caagccctcg    123060
     gtttatccgc tctgcagttg ttcacgttta gttcagtcac agcaggctgt catgtactgt    123120
     ttgtgttcgt ttcactgaat cacgcatgca ctgtattatc agttcaccgc ttcttaaatc    123180
     catagactgt aaaatatatg gacgtagtat ctgtgacgtc acccataggt ttctgaagag    123240
     cgcaaaagaa gccacaagta ggcgcggcca accgtcgcca ttttggtcac gcgtcatcac    123300
     acccacgtcg ggataccaaa caagggcaaa gaggcggaga gtgagcagag ctacagacac    123360
     ctgctagcat ttagcttgga cctggttcag acacacttta ctttgggaga atgcttaata    123420
     ctttaccacc tgtgactcgt ttgtattctg accacttgtg cttggttgta cactatatca    123480
     ataaaatgtt tagtctttta aaaacactgc tgtaatacat tgagccacta aacattgttc    123540
     ttatgacgtt tttcaacagg aggaaaacgc gaattactta caaacacttc agatatagtc    123600
     tgtgttagtt actgtaagac tattgataaa atccagcata acactgtatg acaacgcttc    123660
     agatgactgt tctagagcct acagctaatc aatctgacag attctggagt gcattacatc    123720
     tctaaatata aatataaacg ataaatgatc ttaaattaaa caaatacatg tacagagatg    123780
     gtatataagt atataacttt actcacatgg gaaacggagg ccacgtgaat ggtttgtgag    123840
     cacaattaag tgccctcagc atgccatgcc atctaataat tgtgggaaac aagtccaaaa    123900
     ggcagttgac tgtgtaaagc cacataaaac aacacagaaa tacgataaat atgccgagtt    123960
     cagtggctaa tctgcaggat tcagctgagg tgatgtgacg gcgaccagca atacctaact    124020
     gtcactcaag tggccactcc cttaattatg caaacttaat ataacttaat ataaaggaaa    124080
     cggatgagtt ataaaaaaaa atcaccccct cacagttgtc atgaagggta atattagctg    124140
     tattaaccaa aatctttttt tgtaccaggc tgtaaacacc tttttttctg ctgtaaagtt    124200
     ggccattcta acagtgggct caattgaaat ttgctctgtt ttggagccag gagcggccag    124260
     gactagcgga atttcggatg aattgcagtt ttagttactt ccgtattggc ttcctgaggg    124320
     agagcgggag gttgccgctt gcttaaatct gatctcagtg tactattcta ataactcaat    124380
     aactctgtat atattggttt atttcgagtt agagaggggt ataaggcatg ttaaaaagta    124440
     agtagtttgt ggataagagt gcttaatgga gatgcaaatt gttttaaaat gatttagttt    124500
     gaattggtga actagttcaa ccgcttcact taggtaagta atatattact tacctaatat    124560
     tacttacctt agcaatatat tttctggtta aaaagatttg tttgcgattg cgatcactaa    124620
     tacagaatta aaatacaata ttgggcacaa aagtgttaaa tcaatcattt ttagtctctg    124680
     aatttaatgc tgtcaccgtg ctgctgtctt gtccactcgt ttttgtcacg ggagcaacag    124740
     cgaggattgg actggaggag aaccggcttt atctggtcat tacaggcact gaggtgccgt    124800
     acggttgaaa caccaggcag cgcaaagtaa atagatttac ttctaaaagt aggctgactg    124860
     tattaaatac atttacaaac acaaaaacaa aaacgaaaga agtttttgct tgaattttag    124920
     ttagttttag ttaggtgtat gtacacaata cagtttcagt tctatttttt ctaaaaaaaa    124980
     agttgtttta ttttaatttc agttaacaaa aatgttttta aatttgagtt ttttcgtttg    125040
     ttttcgttaa ctataataac cttggtggag agacccaccc tcatgattgt gaagcgcttt    125100
     gggtgtatac catttccgaa agcactatat attacttact tacctaccta aagaattaca    125160
     atgtgcacta gcaaaataaa tagtgtaaat ttaaatttcc cactgagatt tttttaatcc    125220
     tttgtccttt tcttccaaat ttgggttgaa acaatctggc ttttttctct gtcagtgaac    125280
     cagtaacttt tctgcatctt tagattatta tatattttgt ttattaaaga attattggca    125340
     atatattttc caggctaaat actgtcagct taaaaacttt atttatgcac cgaggttata    125400
     ccaaccatac atttcaatgt gcaaaacatc ttaataaaac tactcatttg ttgggtaaga    125460
     cttaaattta ggtcacaatt cacaacatta acttttggct tattaccgtc ctgttattta    125520
     gatattaact gtttattagt agttatgaag tatgatcttc cttgctaact attaattaac    125580
     agctaatcag tggtttatta agctagtagt gttagttaat ggtttgttaa taccgtgaat    125640
     tgtgacctaa acagggtgaa gtttttttga ttctacgttt tcctctgtgt gtttggcatt    125700
     attggccata aaggggtctt gaattgcctt ttttataccc tctttgaggt ccaatttacc    125760
     acccttttca gaccatccac tcttctgatg ttgggatcaa aataaaggca atggaatgac    125820
     tatgtcattt ctcaagttgg ctttgcacag tgtcatgttg cctttggaga atgcttatca    125880
     tttggtttct ttgtagaccc atgtttgcct cttgttattt ccctgctgac aattatctgt    125940
     gatcagtgtc ctgtgtaaaa acagttaaac tatttagtga cgtgttcagt gtcagttgcc    126000
     actgtatttc tgctcccgag tttgggatgc taccagaatc ctttagagaa tggcttgatt    126060
     acttcagcag gagaagcgag gcctcagaac ggttagagct tagcggcgtc tggaatttat    126120
     tggttcaaaa tagcttgtag cttgacctag tttaacactg gaactctgat aaattggatt    126180
     gagcatacga ttatattgat ctttaatgct ggtatggtgt tggtgtgctt tatagctcaa    126240
     gttcctcaca tgagcacatg aagtcttgac atatacagaa aagcatgcaa cttttggaca    126300
     aggaggagga ggaggggggc tatcgttaac tttaagagca atgaacccct catatttgcg    126360
     tcttttccag cccataaagt gaacccatgg gtgtataata atggctatga gtgtgcgttt    126420
     tcctttttct tgctatttta tgctcctgca tcctatattc ccggctcata ttttccatgg    126480
     tgagcaagtg cctcgaaaaa ctgcaagagt tacactttgt atgtttttcc atttctatct    126540
     cggactctcc tgtgatatca ttcatctttt tctcatcctc acatttaaag gaacagctct    126600
     gtcactgtca catgtttgac attaatcaat cacatcaata gccaaatatc caagcttctc    126660
     tattctatac agttaaaaat gaatggtgac cactgcggcc aacattcttt tatttatctt    126720
     tattgtcttt gcactggttg catggtggat cagtggttat cactgttgcc ttacagcaag    126780
     aaggtcgctg gatcaagctc cagcaaggtc agctggcatt tctgtgtgga gattgcatgt    126840
     tctccccgtg ttcctgtggg tttcccccac aatccaaaga catgtgctat aggcgaattg    126900
     gataaactaa actgtccgta gtgtatgtgt gtgaatgtga gagtgtatgg gtgtctctca    126960
     gtactgggtt gcagctgtgt aaagcatatg ttggataagt tggcgattca ttccgcagtg    127020
     gcgacacctg atgaataaag ggactaagcc gaaggaaaat taatgaatga atgcagggga    127080
     acgattttag ttcacgttta cacaacaaca gtatagccaa aaatggaaca gtgttttaaa    127140
     aaagttttac gtcaacaagg ttttcaaaac aaatccccat aagaacggcc aaaagtaacg    127200
     tatttcgtat gccaggccac aataaacatt accaatagtg aagtgacaat gtgctatcag    127260
     aaggtcagca cttgtgtata tgtataattt gccgtttgtg taagatgcat ctccataatt    127320
     tactgaggaa gcattcagaa acacttgagc aacaacacta tcacatacta catggttgtg    127380
     catgttttgc acttgccttt aatatactcc gctaaacgtg tgtcgataga tttgctcttc    127440
     agtttggatt ttaagcagtg aaaattaaac cagactgagg ccccgtttac tttaatacgg    127500
     tttagttttg ctatggttat gtcaaccgtc cacactacac tagagttttc gagagctaaa    127560
     aaagaatgtt tcagtgtttc atgaagcctc gctttgccca ccactatagg tgtgttacca    127620
     gtgtgtgctt ccagtgtgct attaatttta tcaaatgttt tcattttgcg aaatgaccaa    127680
     aaatggacta gttttggtga ctgaaagcac attgatgata taacactgta aaaaatgctg    127740
     ggttccacac aattgacaat tccttcatgt tccttcaaca caaatcgatt gagttaacat    127800
     gatcgttttt acaaaagtaa gtggtttgaa cataaaacaa ataatgctga tttcagacta    127860
     cacgattttc aaatcagtcg cgtcacggat gttttagatc gaaaaagaag cccttttaac    127920
     ttctccctca acctcccgct ggcctgcagg tacgcatact agtggatgct gctctctcat    127980
     tggctgtagg taatggccaa tgttcatcac aggcgtcggc gactcatctg caattctcac    128040
     agattgggtc ttagatcgtt cacactgtgt gattgtaact catgtgaatg agcaccgatt    128100
     tgcctgtgat ttcaggcatt cgtctgcgat tttttaaaaa ccagccgaca agtcaaaatc    128160
     tggcctaaaa tcatgcctcc ttaactcggc ataagttgag gcataataaa attatgaata    128220
     tcggtgtttc agcttatttt aaagtagttt gaacaagcag aaaaagtatt ctttgagtgc    128280
     atacattaaa taaaacactc acaaacaact taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaactg aatacactta    128340
     cttttgaaat tggatgaaag tggacaaact gtagacccca tttaaacctg agtttagcat    128400
     gtatcgtcca actgtcatca gattaggcat gggccggtac aagattttga tggtatgata    128460
     accttggaaa cggtttcaag gtatcacagt attgcgataa ctactctaaa ataagttctt    128520
     tttaaatttc tggattaaaa aaaaaaattc ccttttgaac aaaatatatt ttattttgtg    128580
     aaagatttta aaaagttttg gagcagtaaa catgtcaggc taaataattc aaatgaatca    128640
     ctgacttctg ctgtcttcat tagtttcaaa aacagatttc tttacaattt aaaacagcat    128700
     ctttggattt tttttctgct gaagatactg ttgtctaata aaaaatctta cacaccttag    128760
     gaacggtatt acaaaaaatg ttggcggttt taaaaccttg actttttcaa accgcggtat    128820
     accttaaaaa tggttatcat cccatgttta catcagattg acataaaagc aacttactac    128880
     caaagataac cagtaaaata ggtagattga agcaccagtt aaacaaaata tttcatatta    128940
     cttggtataa acaggtcctg tgcttttatt atgctttgag cttttgggtt aactttcatt    129000
     atatggaaga gaacagctgt agcatccttc gaaacagttc tgttcaactg acgttaatag    129060
     gtttggtacg acgtgaggat gagtaaatga tgacacgatg ttcaattttg catgaattgt    129120
     atacttttaa cctcaattag ctctaagagt tttagcagcg agtctaattc agcttgtaaa    129180
     atccagtttg tctcttaaac tgtgctccat ttgtatctcc atttcactgc ctaagtagtt    129240
     ttgcagaaat gttcctgagc atacctcgat taaaacaagc tgtcgaagca aaacacgcgg    129300
     cacatccaaa cagctggcaa agcaaatcga tgctacggaa agactgaaaa tgtgtatgaa    129360
     agcacaggga ggagcaggcc tgctaatatg ttgatacttc agacctcttt aaactgacgt    129420
     tctgtgtacg tttagttttt tcctgaagta aaaggctgta gcttctgcag ctgtaattgg    129480
     aagccagctt tacaagacag ctgctgctga tgaaggccta cttgagaagc tgcctgtctc    129540
     cattcatttt catctgcagc tgattaacat gaaactgtgc gcagtaaatc ttttccccct    129600
     ttagagacgt ttttttgttt ttgctgggtt cggtcgacgg gacagctttc agacactcat    129660
     aagctcactt tgggtgtatt tccaatcact gaacaggcgc aggaatgtcg tttgctcaga    129720
     aatgagctgc caactcacat ctgtgcagaa gcagatgaag acagtaggag aaaaaagcct    129780
     tgattaatgc aaataataaa aagtaactaa ccatataatt gcgtggttag gatctcaaag    129840
     atagtagact tctggatctt ttgttgcaga tgttaaatgt ctttttacac caagaacaat    129900
     aactataaat atgcctgtag caatataatt tgaactgtat tggtgtccac accaatccac    129960
     gatcattttt tatatgcaca tactgtggtt ttgatatctg gccctttaaa ttaatccact    130020
     ttttaatacc tgatggattt tggtgggctg ttgaggatta gttcactcaa aaatgaaaat    130080
     tctgttataa gttactcatc ctcatgtctt tccaatccct gaaacctttg ttcatcttct    130140
     aaacacaatt gaagatattt tagattaatc tgacagctct tttattctcc atagacaaca    130200
     acagtccagg ggtgcgtttc cgaaaaccat tgttagccaa ctaaggttgc aagttgcgtt    130260
     gttaccaaca tagtttgttg atttggcgtt tcacaaatcc atcgttttac ccaacattcg    130320
     caaactgcgt ctcaaacttg cacgattgca actacacatc tagagctgta gttagaaaca    130380
     gagttcctgg ttgtgttcta tttccagtta ttctccctat gcccttttgc tttgaacctt    130440
     ctgacattta aacttgaaat gattttagtt cagtttaatt gatcctcata ttgacaattt    130500
     cactcaattt caccttcgta gtgcactttg aaaacattga tgtcatttta aactcagccg    130560
     tggcttatga ggaaagttat aggtaatcta ttatttaaaa gtggaattta cattaagcct    130620
     tcgaagcttg tgaaaaacaa aaaaaattgc atatgttaat ggttttaatt tgtaggaggt    130680
     tatttattat taagaaatgt atctttactg tatatgacat gggcctgttg gttaaaacat    130740
     ttatgcagtg gtttaaatgt gtcaaattgt aaaagtagat atttacaatt aataaataag    130800
     attcaactta ataataataa aaatagcaat aagttattat tattattatt attattatca    130860
     agtatgattt ttttatattt atgttttata tatgagatta gaatacatgt tagccaagtg    130920
     gttttatgtt aaaatagaat atgggatatt ctcaataata tttgttaaag aaacataaaa    130980
     gccctatatg tgccatttac ataaagttga agttagaatt gttagccccc tttaaaaaaa    131040
     tttttttttt tttttgtctt ttttaaatat ttcccaaata atgttgaaca gagcaaggca    131100
     attttcacaa tatgtctgat aatatttttt cctctggaga aagtctttgt tttatttcgg    131160
     ctagaataaa agcagctttt aattttttta aaaacatttt aaggtcaaaa ttattagccc    131220
     atttaagcta tttttgtttt aatagtctac agaacaaacc atacttatac aataatttgc    131280
     taattaccct aacctgccta gttaacctaa ttaagccttt aaatgtcact ttaagctgta    131340
     tagaagtttc ttgaacaatt tctagtaaaa tattatttac tgtcatcatg gcaaagataa    131400
     aataaatcag ttattaaaaa tgagttatta aaactattat gtttggaaat gtgttgaaga    131460
     aatctgctct ccattaagca gaaattgggg gaaaaaataa acgggggcta ataattctgt    131520
     ggtgctaata attctgactt caactgtata tttcaattaa tatggaaaca gtgtatgttt    131580
     taacaaaact aatactggat atttattaaa tgtgtgtgcg tgtaaaagaa tataattttt    131640
     cacaaaacat taggaaattg ttattccagc cggtttagag tgtcataata aacgttttcc    131700
     gttataacta acgtagttca aacaatgaat ctgcgacaga gaaactatgg gttttgggaa    131760
     acactcatca atacattgtt cttttcccaa acgatgcatc gtactatgat agttcagccg    131820
     tgagttatgt cgttgtttgg gaaacgcacc cttgatgagt taaaagttca gaaaaggaac    131880
     caaaaatgtt tctcaccatt gcatgtgtct ttagtgaatc aactgtaatc atacaaagct    131940
     ccgagaacac ttgttttgtg gcaaaaactg taaatatgac tttgtttgtc tatatcttcc    132000
     cagacgtcta tatcttctca gaagggccag acggaatctg cggacatttt ttgctatttc    132060
     tgcaacaatt acatctatgg tgatgcattg tgtcattact attcagttcc caatgtacct    132120
     tagggcagtg gttctcaaac tgtggtacgt gtaccacaag tggtacgcgg gcttccttct    132180
     agtggtacgc ggaggaatga aatatggcat gtacatgcta catatatttc aaaattgatc    132240
     aaaaatgatg tatatagtat gccataaatg acatatagct tatatttctg aggtaatttg    132300
     ccacattttt taactgtgca gagttgtagc tgctttactg ggcctactat actactgtat    132360
     ttcaatactg ctctttttgg tggtacttgg agagataatt tttttctgag gtggtacttg    132420
     atgaaaaaaa tttgagaacc actgccttag ggtgtttcct cacttggcag tccaagtgca    132480
     atgaaaacta actctggttc gattgtgcta tactggctct atagcgctat agttctactt    132540
     ccatgtaaaa tacaaataca acaaggacct aaacaaacca aaaataagca tacagtcaca    132600
     aaatgcaacc ataaaatcct ctgaatgctc aagcatgtct gttttttctt gacatagttg    132660
     atatgtttcc aaaataaaat tcaatacagg cattataaac gtgtgtcctt acacatttta    132720
     aaagctattc actagctaac tgaaaaagtc caccatgttc acacatacaa caagcgtgtt    132780
     cagaacacat cattcattca ttcagcatgt gtttacccag catatgtttc acgcagcgga    132840
     tgaccttcca gctgcaatcc atcactggga aatacccata cactctcatt cacacacata    132900
     cactacagac aatttagaaa ctggagcacc agaaggaaac ccatgtagaa tatgcaaact    132960
     ccacatagaa atgccaactg acccagccga ggctcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag    133020
     gtgacagcgc tacccactgc accaccgcac cacccaaaac acatcataaa agcatttatt    133080
     tttattttat atcctaaggt aagccctaaa aatcatagtg tgaacactaa gtgaaccaaa    133140
     ataaaaatat aatattcttg gtgtgttaca agtgtgagaa cacacacata acccagttgg    133200
     aagaaactgc gttagttgat gcataaataa agacaataaa tctttgtcac tgctgttggt    133260
     tcattttgtg caatgtgcag ctgacatgca catgaaatac cccagaatcc taaaatatct    133320
     gttccccttt cttgatcttg ccagaggcat tgccaacaca aataaatgtt gcatattgac    133380
     actgcttctc attttaggtc accaaatggc tatgtacact gtggaactgg ctatttatgg    133440
     gtgaatacac tgcaaaaagt gtgatttcca gtatatatct ggacaactta gcaaacagtt    133500
     tttcaagcag cgacttgatc tacccattta ttaagacaag tttagccgtg agagcaactt    133560
     tagcctgtaa tagtttcctc gttggtttac taggcaaatg tagacaagac caacaagtaa    133620
     acaatacagc ttctctccca tctatcaata acaaatacag catatctgtg tttgacatca    133680
     ttaatgagaa gaatccatta tcacaaatgt ttaaatttac aatgcatcat aaagtcactt    133740
     aaaagatctc taaaatctaa tctggtagag tttatcgcaa acaataaagc atgaaatcat    133800
     tgtttaacat ctgctctttt agtataagca gctaagttta atgtaataga cagtttagaa    133860
     gatttgcatc tcagtttaca catctgtcaa agctaagctg tctgtacaag gcagatatgg    133920
     aggaaatttg gagattgtca aaagcataga cagtgagtcc taaagatgct tcatttaaat    133980
     cacataatgt ccatgctatt tttttgtgaa taaaaaaaac aaccatttag aaaggatgaa    134040
     ggaaaataag ggtgaatata ggagtcagga gaatgaatga gtcagcgtaa ggttgtcatg    134100
     tgtcagcttc tctgccgcat gttggctgac ctgacaaaga aagctaaaga aaagtcggac    134160
     agctgcaaac gctcaacttg caggaaatga gatttgggtt tgagggcatg actctcttta    134220
     tatgagagac ctctcgctgg tgtttagaca aggcctcaga tgagaggtgg catggagaaa    134280
     gtaccgtacc ggagtcatat gccttttcat cttttcatga tgacgagaca gaatctctcc    134340
     aggcctcgtg ctgtagtttg tatattttac caagtccaaa tagaggtgga aaaactttca    134400
     gaaaactcca cactcagaaa atgaagtctt tagctgaact taatatagtt gttgacagta    134460
     gcttcaaact ttggaaatgg gttttcttaa catttaatta aactgtaaac ggagactgga    134520
     ttaggttaaa tgatgaaatg ctgacacgcc aaactaattc aactgtaact aatgctaaca    134580
     acagagcatt caagcatgag aattataact cttaaacaca agctttccac aatggtgatc    134640
     caaacaccat cacataacag aatttctgtc atattccaac aaaacaaagc aataaaaagc    134700
     acctccactt ttctaattct actcaaaaag cattcaaaca acactcagcc tttactcacc    134760
     ccattactcc agtgtaaagc atgccgggaa ctggaaatcc cctgcttgga gaaatgctat    134820
     gctaacagaa attggtgtag tcacaacaag gtggccatct tggaaatgtt tcagtcacac    134880
     aattttagct tggtcgtgcc catgctaata tgtttatgtt tgaaaatgcg tctccttctc    134940
     gatgcgttgg gcttttatca tacagataaa tttgaatata tattttggaa aacagttata    135000
     catttttagt catgttattc tcaactcata atttacattt tctttcattt gtttttaaac    135060
     tagttcatat aactgcactg gtttaaacac tttctgaaaa tatagacagc aatcagttca    135120
     aactgggagg ttcatcaagt gcattaagac agatttattg tgtttgaact agggctggac    135180
     gatatggcaa gtatgcaatc tctataatta ttttctatat ggaacgataa caatattttt    135240
     tcgatataag ttgttaatgt ttccagattt aatagagtac cccaacaatg actaaagcca    135300
     caaaaattag agggtccatt aaacggcata aaattttcag gcgatacatt ttcagtggct    135360
     gaaaattagg tacatctcta atatcaccac atttcaaaat tcccattgtt gcatatttct    135420
     gctgtgcaat tggctcttaa atctgtatac agtaaaagaa agtccagagc ttattattgt    135480
     tattgacata aattttattg ctgttcaata taatatcgtt tataggccca gccctagttt    135540
     aaactggttt tggctattac tattgattag taaacccaca gtattttgaa gtgttaactt    135600
     aagttaactt aattattttt aatgatcaat ttacttaata attttagggt acaggtttac    135660
     tcattccact aattgctttt tacagtgtct gatggtctta tttttactta tagcatttat    135720
     aatactttgt ttttgcagtt aataaaaata acccattcat gaatcgtttc tctccagtaa    135780
     tcagagccaa ggtggttgga aataaagaag tggattctgg gaacgatatt tatgggaacc    135840
     cgatcaagcg gatccaatat gagataaagc agatcaaggt gagggacgaa aatggcagct    135900
     gtcaaaatct atccaacatt ggaaatgtct ttcattggat taaaagattt gttgtcctta    135960
     tgcagatgtt caaaggcccg gaccgccaca ttgacgtggt ctttactgcg ccctcatctg    136020
     cagtgtgtgg agtgaccaat ttggacacaa acggcaagaa ggagtatctc atctcaggta    136080
     aaaattgtgt tttgggcaag taaatgtaca ctgggaaaaa aatatctgta atatctctgt    136140
     tgtccatata ttgggattga tgtttttcat ttatttatcc ttttgtattg cattatggga    136200
     ccttgatctt gctccgacaa cttttgatgt tgacaagttt gaaaaggtta cttttattga    136260
     catgtttaat agcttgaagt gggttgatgt tggaaattac tgtacaaaaa cctggcaata    136320
     gactgccagt acttttttag ttattttaca gacctaatta tgttggcttg agaaagccaa    136380
     cctattgaaa ttctgtttaa acttattatt attattctga gactaaaaat tcggactata    136440
     tctcctccta gggctttaat gttatgacca acaaactttg gtcagacctt aagactggtc    136500
     tgacttggca tggtatatct tttctaactg atccgacttt cggtttttca aaaactgtcc    136560
     cggaaaactc cgaaaagtcc catcaactta ccattgcaac caactttaac acatcatatc    136620
     tccaaatgag aaatacttat aaacatgtga tattccacat ctgaatttgc tgtcaggctg    136680
     tgtaaaacta gatattaaac tttctatcta ttcatacttt attcatactt tttcaaacta    136740
     aaaatcgata aataatctat gcaattcaga accataaata aataagaaaa ctatgaatca    136800
     aacagaacct gttaattaac agaaattttt acagtgtagt caatccacaa aacaacacta    136860
     ttgcttacag ccttcacagc aaagaacttg ccagttggct cgtgctccac tcgaggccat    136920
     ccattttcag acaggacaga agtttacaaa ctgtgagttg atgatgtgca atgtgctgaa    136980
     tttatagctg gatttcagct cctctcctct ttttctaatg aacttgctga gcaggcaact    137040
     ccgaagggaa aaaacacaga atataaaaga acgacaaaag atgaacacag aaacttctgg    137100
     tttccccatc ttagcccatt ccagcagagc ccaaattaca gagttgacaa ggcagaggtc    137160
     tgtggagggt agcaattgcc tttaaagccc aagttttcga ggaggagggg aggtaaaata    137220
     atgagagagc tgatcctgta gtgtggagta actgctgagg ttgtgttttc agggcacacg    137280
     tcgacttctc cacactgagc acaaactgca caagtttcaa attgtaacca gagctaaaat    137340
     agcttgttta tgtcattgta tttgtacatt ccctcccatt ctgtgaactt tgtggttggc    137400
     tatacttcaa caaaaagctt tttgtgtgta gtgtttttca ccaaaattct gtcgctgact    137460
     ctgtgatgac ctccgtaatg tggttcagtc ataataaaga acagtagatg actaacagaa    137520
     gggtacagtt tattctagaa caaagcggcg tttggtaaat gtggcgacat gttattgtat    137580
     tctgctgtgc tgttgttttg tctgctgagt cttgatgtgc ccatgactat cagatgttga    137640
     cagactgttc agtttgtttt gtctgcacac tgtgtgtttt caggcaaggc ggaggccaac    137700
     ggtaagatgc acgtgactct gtgtgatctc atcatgccct gggaatccat gagtgccacc    137760
     cagaagaaga gccttagtca gcgctatcag atggggtgtg actgcaaggt gaggatatta    137820
     aactttggag ggacatataa taattatcac tgtaaaacat actgtcaaca agcgctgagc    137880
     aaaattcaga gtttgaacag ttggctctgt ttcattttat ttgaactggt catgacctga    137940
     gggacgcaaa atgggatttt gaattagaat gacaggcaaa ttaatctttc tgtctattta    138000
     ttcacccccc ctttatatcc atctgtccat ccaattaaat atcaagtgcc agatcatcca    138060
     tccatcccat tcagttatat tgatccatcc gattataagt ccatccattc atccagttat    138120
     atatcatatg cttgtccatc catccatcca tccagttatc tttccatcca accctaaatg    138180
     tattattgcc tgtgtctgtc tgtctatgca accattattc acccattcat ccgattatct    138240
     atccatctga ttatcagtgt accaattcat ccatctatcc agttgtcttg ttcatccatt    138300
     actccaatta ttagtcaaac tgtctgtctg tctgtctcat ccatccatcg aagtaccagt    138360
     ctatccatcc atcccatcca ttatccatat atctatttgt ctatatatct attggtccat    138420
     ctatctatac atcagtccat ccaaacattc aactatttat ccatccaatc acccatctat    138480
     ccaattatct gtaagtccac ccaacaaacc aagagtttat ccatcatcta ccgacccatt    138540
     tacctggtta tctgtctatc aataggtaca tccatctgta catcaatcca tccaaacagt    138600
     cgattactta tccatccaat caccaataaa tccaattatc tgtaagtcca tcatccacct    138660
     acccatttat ctggttatct attggttcat gcatctgtac atcaatccat ccaaacattc    138720
     gactatttat ctatccaatc acccatccat ccaattatct gtaagtccac ccaactttcc    138780
     aagactttgt ccagcatcca cccacccatt tatctgctta tctatatatc tattggtcca    138840
     tctatctgta catcaatcca tccaaacatt agattgttta tctatccagt tacccatcta    138900
     tctaatcatc tgtaagtcca tccaactatc caggagttta tccatcaatc tgttcaacca    138960
     cattagggct aaaatccttt aaccttcaaa gctgattata tttaagtaaa attaaaaagg    139020
     tttagatgga gttagtgcaa gaatagcttg tgaggatcat actatgcata aatatgacac    139080
     ctcaaatctt tctgcatttt tagatgtcaa cacacactac ttgcactgta tatattaaat    139140
     atgctctttg agatgaaccc gagtagtaag cacctaccca attagtattt accttgttat    139200
     aatatatgta gcatttgcac atttcattta gccaacctca cgtgatgctt taaaacaaaa    139260
     aacagaccca gtatcacacc cagtttacaa acattgtttt tgcttaaccc agatcacacg    139320
     ctgtgcgacc ttcccatgcg agatcagcgc cccagaggag tgtctgtgga cagattgggt    139380
     gacggagaag ataattcatg ggcgccagtc tgaccactac gcctgcatca agagaggaga    139440
     cggctcctgc gcctggtacc gcggagtcgc gcctcccaaa aaagagtttc tggatgtgga    139500
     agacccttaa aacatctctc tctcccttct ccacatcacc cgatctgaga ttcttacaaa    139560
     aatcatagat gaggtgtaac ataatatcgg cataaagaca aaactctacc aaattgaaat    139620
     tgaaacaggc tagatttagt gtacagtctt ctttagatat cgcaacatga gacagaatga    139680
     agcgaatgta acaaccccac ccaaggctgg ctctccatcg ggtgtgggac aatcctttaa    139740
     aacgagagca ctttctgccc cccaaaacag cgcttagatt tctctctgca caaaggatct    139800
     ctttacaatc tcccaaaact gcagtcgctc ggctcatttt gtattttcaa tttctggtaa    139860
     tccagttcaa acccacatgg ggtggtagtg aaagtattac ttttgaaggt agcgtaattt    139920
     ccccaaagcc atgccaattg gtccactcag ataaatggtg aggcaggact tcccagatag    139980
     ttcaaagatg tgcggggacc tggaaagaac tggggtttag ggaaaagcaa attaaagacc    140040
     aaagttaatg tcgctagtca ggaatttgtg acggaaacaa aattgtgctg ctgaccaaat    140100
     ttcagaactg ttgtatatga agctgttctt catttcacct ccactgcttt tcacaacaca    140160
     tccttcgtgt ataccccctg aaaaaattaa ggatacataa tctgacagca gtttctagtg    140220
     ttagcaatat acaacaaatt caacgttttt acgtacattt ataaataaac catccctaat    140280
     ttgttttgtc aatatgtctg tatatatact tagtctcgaa cgcccacaat ttgtgcattt    140340
     attcctccgt taatagttca gtgatactat ttgcactttt taaagacaaa accaagagga    140400
     ctgtctcctc ttttcttttc tttttttttt ttttgtaact cattttaatt tgttcttgtt    140460
     ttactttacg acttacaatt atctaagttc cttttttatc ttctgtattg tgtcatttac    140520
     gtaccgagga ggtacccgag actttagttg ccatggtaat gggaagaccc ttggtttttc    140580
     ccctggagta aaacaaggct gattggattg gcatgcaaaa gcacaggcct ataagcatgc    140640
     gctgaggaag aggaaacaaa gagcgatgtt ccttcctcct gtgctgtcaa taaactcagg    140700
     agtttattgg cggcttgaga ggaaggcatg gagttggatt gttgcagctg tcctctgatt    140760
     gggcattgcc atgtcatgtg attgactgag ggcgaggcgt ttgaatacta gttgctaggc    140820
     gcttcgccag agtgaaccat gtggttatag tgattgagag acagggagtg aagagcgctg    140880
     ttgaactgac gaaagcaaca ataaaagtgt tgatcgattt aatgcgtcgc tatcattgta    140940
     taaactcaac accgagatca tttgtattga caaagggagc attcttaaag ggacagtcca    141000
     cccattaatg ttaattctat cataacttac taacctttca cttattccaa aactgttcga    141060
     gtttctttct tctcttgacc ccagaagaag gtattttaac aacattttgg aaactccaca    141120
     gtattttgga agcacttaag ggtcagtaaa tatgtttggg tgaacaatcc ctttaataag    141180
     taattgttca attcacgcct ttccgttttg gctgtcagtg ttccagcatt aacgtacaac    141240
     gcttttttgt gtgtgattta aattaagatt tttgattcag tatcctcact tctcttcttc    141300
     acaccagaag cattgtcata aacaagcttg gacgaatagg ctatataaag gttaatgttt    141360
     aatatgcatc gagctataac tacttaaatg gctttgtatt aattgttatt gaactctaat    141420
     ggcgtaagtt aaatgatttt gtttttcacg tttatacttt ttaaaatgcg ttattacctt    141480
     tgatttatat gatcattgtg ttattttttt accagtcttt tgtctttctc ttttatgatt    141540
     tgctgaaaaa gagcaggaat gtgagaccta gtgtctgaac cacatgacaa aagctgtggt    141600
     agaagaagca gactatgcat gtctttgatg ctttgtgtaa ttctcatgtc gacgttcact    141660
     tgacggataa atatacagta ttaccaaata aaaaaaatat taaactacat cagctggtcc    141720
     cattaatgct tttaagtctg cgcatattta tttatgagtc attttggtgg tcacattaca    141780
     tttataaaag tcactttatt ttcaatgaat aattattcgg tgcaaatgta tgcttcaaag    141840
     gtttgagtag attttgtgaa aacttcaaat gcgtgaaata atgttcagtc taacagatgt    141900
     ataaataaaa ctaaatattt attctgacct atattaatac acagttgaag tctcctgtga    141960
     aattggaagt ttttagaaaa aatccccaag tgccgtttag atacttttta acacatttct    142020
     aaacataata gttgtaataa ctaatttcta gtaactcatt tcttttgtct ttgtcatggt    142080
     ggtattattt taggtcatat tttggaagat actagcattc agtgaattgc aagtgcaaga    142140
     ctttacgaga agaagaacta ttatagaaaa tattgtaaaa atggccttgg tctgttcaaa    142200
     ttcactgaaa tttataatga atgaaagatt aacaagagga ctaataaatt gggcttcaat    142260
     tcatccattc attcagctta gtcccttatt ttttaggggt cacaacagca gaatgaacca    142320
     cctggacttc aattgtatat acataatacc aagagatcat gctacatttt atattttaat    142380
     ataatataac tataaatttt acaaatatat tattcaaaat gttgaaaaat ccagtggttt    142440
     aaaggatagc gaccaagtat aatacttgta aatatgcctg acatttattt gagctattta    142500
     atgaactagt gtaacactga atgacatttt attggctgta aatcatgttc agtaaatcaa    142560
     ggcaaaggtt gaaccattga acccaatata ttaaattact tatattataa attcatatat    142620
     acaaatattt tttttgttgc attaataagt gtaaccaagc aaatacaatg tataatagag    142680
     ctgcacagat catcaatatt gcaatgtgtg tgtccgcaat aatcccatca caatatatgc    142740
     aatgttgagt taggattata gacgatcagg taccacaggt caaaacacac gagacttgta    142800
     gagatcctgc agaatttaag cataatagag tgaaagttac tcatttgcat gtttttttaa    142860
     ggcctgtgac aatgtaagca ttttaagaga gttcaaagca tttcaattga gcgcaaataa    142920
     gtttaataaa gatttatttt atcaaaccat ttatatgatg aagaatatgc attattaatt    142980
     tgattattca gtttctgtaa ctgaatactg ttagaatctc cacagaaaac cataaatcac    143040
     tgtttatttt actttaatat ttgccccact gtttatttat tacaattttg tttattaaat    143100
     gtattattaa atcaaataca aatatattta tatttcactc ccctataaaa tcaacccaat    143160
     caatctaaag tctttgcaaa aagagttaag tcattatata tatatatata tatatatata    143220
     taaatatata ttattataat atatatatat atatatataa agaaaaaaat ttcaatacta    143280
     tgcagcccta ttgtacgtag tatgtagcaa atgaaatagc ttaattgtaa aatataatat    143340
     aatatatata tatatataat atttaatact gacctcctct tgtggccttt tacagtatat    143400
     atcataatac tgacctcctc ttgtggcctt ttacagtata tatcataata ctgacctcct    143460
     cttgtggcct tttacagtat atatcataga gcatctgaaa taagtttttc atatttacat    143520
     ttttaaaaac tcgaatgatc agacactgcc ctcatgtggc aggaatgaag agcgaattca    143580
     ggcgacgata aattaaacac aaggtccact ttggttgaac tctcacgagt tcaggggttt    143640
     atttcgacag ctgtctgttc atttcatcat ctcataatga tgaaaacaag tacagaactc    143700
     agatagttca cagtgaggtc agactacgag cgcatcaatc tttgctttcc tttttttaaa    143760
     tgtaaatgca aggcacacta catccacaaa acactcttta accctgaact ttaaatggag    143820
     cattcatcca aaagtgaagg tttcctcacc attcacacct tcaagtggtt agaaacttct    143880
     gtgttgaaca caaaagaaga tactttgaag aatgttggaa accagtagct attagcttcc    143940
     atattattaa aaaacaagga agtcaacacc taccagtttc caacattctt tgaaatatac    144000
     tgtatatcta taaaaaataa tctataacaa ttgaagggtg cgtaaatgat gacagaattt    144060
     acatttttgg gtgaagtgtc cctttaaaga ctcacaagtt tatgcttgta actggtattt    144120
     caaacataaa catgatatat atttcacgat aagtttctgt cagtttaaga acatgttaaa    144180
     accgatggct ttagaaggca ttaaagcatc agacctttaa aatgacagct tcctgagaga    144240
     tgtatgtggt aatgaagatg gagtttggca tcagagggaa atatctttca aacttcacaa    144300
     tctgcttgca attattcagg gtaaatcata catgacagga ggactaaatc aggttcaagc    144360
     aatctccaga aattttctgt aaaacttatc tatcaaatca aactgattct cggcagcatt    144420
     tagggccatt tgtaaaacaa ctcttcatat attaggcttt actgcagcaa atctctctgg    144480
     gtcgtaaagc aaaatgtcaa accaaaacgc ttctttttta caaccttatc aacaaaaatg    144540
     tgtgtgtgtc cagcgctcac aggcccttgt tgaagtaaac gtgactgatt tgctccccgt    144600
     actgagagat gatggattct ctaagctccg gctccagttt tgacacagcc atcgaactaa    144660
     aaatcaataa acaaataaca gattagttta cttcagtgca gagtccacaa tatttagcaa    144720
     aacttgtttt cttttttttt ttttttgcag ctgcagtaac tagagaaaaa tataagctaa    144780
     tcaagctagg aatgtgatga ggatgcgaaa caaaaagact tactaattca tttattcttt    144840
     aggagtgcgt tttaatttaa gtatttttga aatgaatgaa tgaaattatc aaatgtaaaa    144900
     ttaacaacaa aattttaata tgttgttgct ataaagttaa aagttaaact ttttaagaag    144960
     ctgaaaatta agcaactgat ttacatgtta aaataataat taaaaataaa taaattgaac    145020
     aatttaagtt tttattgatg caaaaatcta agaacatata cttcctaagc taggaaaata    145080
     atgagtatgt gcaataaaat gaaaaaatta aatagacgca ttattgataa ttttattcag    145140
     taggagaaga gcacattttt atcagaaata cttttaaaat taaagaatta aatttaacat    145200
     taattataaa aaattgaaat aagattttaa aatatgtttc cactagtagg agtgaaccta    145260
     ttagtaatcc gtttattcag taggtgaaca ttttcattag aaatactttt aaaattaaat    145320
     acgtataaaa ttaattgtat aaaattaaaa taagttttaa aaatatgttt ccactatata    145380
     attatcagta ggcagtgctt cccatgggtt tgaaatatat ttactgtggt agccggactg    145440
     aaactaacct tttactcacg gaacataaaa gttgctttat tggcatggca ttttgtacag    145500
     gattgccaaa gcattttaga tatgtataca gtatgtaata tatattaaaa tcatcaaatt    145560
     aataaaatat atagcaaaat gagaaatata tgacagtaaa aaggaataaa aatagtgcta    145620
     aaattataat aattgcaaga ataaaaagta tagattatgt acataaggca aatgagttga    145680
     ttaaccattt ctaatggtgt acaaatattt tgcagccagt aaatatgtca ttttgtggtc    145740
     tctgagtata tagagtcgtt tatcaaagaa ttaggctatt tatttaatgt ttctctcgca    145800
     cagtcaactg tgaatccaag caaaaataga cttaaataaa aaggtaatgc aaaaacgcat    145860
     atgattaacg acatctttag aaagcgaaag tggaattcca gacattttaa gacatttaga    145920
     atcctcagcc ggacatatat ttaagtgccc aaaagacacg tctctgtaag tctgcagagc    145980
     atcagaatct gtgggagtgt tgacaggtct aaatgtgtag ggcaagagaa gaatttccag    146040
     tagttaatcg atcgcaaatg atcaccaaat atacttgggc agccgttaat atacctgggg    146100
     ggcctgccca agtaaagtat atgtgtggga agcactggta ggattaaacc tattattaat    146160
     aattgtattc ggtagaagta cattttatta taaataccta ttaaattaaa caataaaatt    146220
     acttgatata aaattaaatt tttaaaacag tattttttca ctataaaacg aagcaatttt    146280
     gctaactgag ttaccatgtt atttgacaaa atgaaaataa ttcaatcatt cattcatttt    146340
     cttgtcggct tagtctcttt attaatccgg ggtcgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt    146400
     atccagctag tttttacgca gcggatgcct tttcagccgc aacccatctc tgggaaacat    146460
     ccacacacac acactcatac actacggaca atttagccca cccaattcac cagtaccaca    146520
     tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aaccggagca cccggaggaa accctcgcga aggcagggag    146580
     aacatgtaaa ctccacacag aaacgccaac tgagccgagg ttcaaaccag caaccttctt    146640
     gctatgaggc gacagcacta cctactgcgc cactgcctcg ccaaaatgaa aataataatt    146700
     attattaaat taaaagttta tttaggatta agtcctcaat tattttatcg ctacataact    146760
     atgagctctt ttttaattta attaaatgtt aattgtcaaa gtgaaaataa tgaacatgtc    146820
     aaataaaaca cttttttaaa cactaaaccc caacatttct agaggtttat tgcacttaca    146880
     gcggggaaaa taagttttga acacgtcatg tttttttctg tgaataatat ttctaaagga    146940
     gctgttgaca tggaattgaa ccagggtttg gtaaaaactc aaacaataca aacataaaaa    147000
     caacaaaaga aatctgaaaa ataagttatg tgtaacagca atggaatgac acaaggagaa    147060
     ctgaactact gaaatagatt taatgcttta tataaaagtt ttttttaatg attgcagctt    147120
     aaagacgcct ctaatatgga gaatgaagtc atatgcattg cttatgtgtg atttatttct    147180
     tcaacagact tcaacagaat gcaaaaatct tgatggttct ttgagtcttg tctatcaaat    147240
     ttgatattta ttttgtattt tatattggat tcaagtcagg tgatttgctg ggccattcta    147300
     cagcttaatt ttctttctct gaaagcattc gagtttcttt gggtgtgtta tggatcattg    147360
     aattgcttca tcatcctgat aatgtagatg ttgtacttaa acagcgaatt ttaatttaca    147420
     ctgacaaagg ccagatggtt gctgaataac tttcagctga ataagatttc agcagctgtc    147480
     tggcctttca ctgcctttct acacctccct ttcttcatgt gttcaatact tttctcagcg    147540
     tcatttcact tgattatgca taacttaatt tgtaaactaa gtcatattgt tttctttgca    147600
     tatatggatt tctttagttg cattcatctg gtgaaaaact catgtcaaca gcacctttag    147660
     gaatatgttt tctaagaaaa atgataacat gttcaatact tatttccctg ctgtatattt    147720
     gatgacacta ctgcattaaa accccctata taatctgtac agtatatgca aatgttacca    147780
     tctctgagga aacagtgaac acgccgcagg aaccatgaag atcaaactgt gaagcagaga    147840
     tagacagaag tttcctctac tgaaacattt ttgatattat atatgacata tatatatgac    147900
     atattaatta ttgctatttt cataaagcga agcgcaatca cttacaacac gccgaccatc    147960
     atgacttgca gcggcccatg aagaaatgtg attttctgca acagaaggaa aaagggaatg    148020
     agataagatt agatttacaa acacaattag tgcatgtaac acacatctga tcattagcca    148080
     acatcaagaa gcattataaa ataaatgttt atgcccccct gataataact agatgttaca    148140
     agaaagtgaa ttcatactag aaacccttgc aaatcataaa gcagttcttc tatcctttct    148200
     ccgttggttc caatgggtgc ttcttaaaca caagagagct tcagactgac ctgcatgaat    148260
     ctgtgattct ccagcctctg cataataatg gggagaatga ctggaaagag gacagaaagg    148320
     ctcaggattc agctgtttta tttctgcact gagatctgat ggttaaacac tggtcaaact    148380
     ctgcactcac tcatgcccgg cgctgccatg gtaacgcgag agatcaccac ctgtgtgatg    148440
     cccttcacag ctgctttctg tcataaacac acacatacac acacacacac acacagttaa    148500
     tatactaaat gctttatttg aatgttgcat ttttcatatt tggttgtttt ttctacatct    148560
     agagttctca ttattcaagt atcattaaag gtactttgaa taaaagcatt actggataaa    148620
     atgtcatcac taaaagattc atcacattca gatctctttg acactagtac agtattcaag    148680
     tccatctgac ccagaacaga atagttttta gtaaggaaac agaatatttt tgggttgttt    148740
     tttcaggtca tattggaggt ggtacatttg aagatttaaa gaaaatttaa ataaaataaa    148800
     taaaaaacat aaaaataaaa taaagaaact tcagatctaa aaaaaaataa aataaacttc    148860
     agatctaaaa taaataaatt aaattttccc catatctaaa acaattttgg gacagtattt    148920
     tatcgatgac acatgtacat ttatatcagc tgacaagcca ttgcaacttt aaatgctgat    148980
     cacgtttttt gatctgaaag tgaggattta tccattttat aagtaaaagt aaaaacactt    149040
     gttttgaagc ttttcaagtg ttttttatat tgttttgata ttgtttgaaa tgaatgtgga    149100
     ctgttattgt aaagtcaagg gaatataaaa ttgtatttat catgtcaaat tatacaaaga    149160
     tacgaccccc acagttcaat acacacaagt agattttttg gttttgcatt aaccaaacca    149220
     caaaagataa cgaaaccact cttctcttga ctgaaaagct atatagttca gtaattgtta    149280
     cccttattaa attgaaacag tgaagactat atactgtaca gtcagcagta ttattgggtt    149340
     gttttttcag tttatgtatt gtacatgtaa aacctgaaaa gcactgctac ttttagtatc    149400
     gtctttgcta ttttgtattc tctttgtatt gcatttgcta gtagtttttt tttacttgac    149460
     acatattata aaccaaacat attatacaac gaactgtacc aaaactgtga ccgaaaacca    149520
     ataaccgaac catgagaagt ctgtattgtt gcacccctaa tatatatatg ttattttata    149580
     catatttaat gtattatttg ccctcatgtg aaatttttgt tcttttaaaa atatttccca    149640
     agtaatgctt aacagagcaa ataaaacttt cagagtacag cggtccctcg ttactcgctg    149700
     gagttttgtt ctaaaaaaaa tagcccacgt taggcaaaat ctgtaaagta gtcagcttta    149760
     ttttttacaa ttattagaga tgttataagg ctgtaaaacc ccttactaca cgctttatac    149820
     atttttctca gacagacact aacattttca cacttttctc tctcatttaa gcaaagttca    149880
     tagaaaaata aagtttagta ttaaagaatg aaaccaaaga ttaaaaccat ttgatcttca    149940
     tttatttatt ccataaaggt gcactacagc catgtaattt ctaccctaat gtccaggggc    150000
     ctcatgtatc aacgctgcgt acgcacaaaa actttgcgta cgccaggttt cacgctcaga    150060
     atcgctcacg tttggattta ctaacaatga actgaactag aggcagttgt gttaaattcc    150120
     tctctacaaa gtgtctgagc cttgcaatgg cagctgtatg agacgggttc atctagcagg    150180
     tatgtaaggt tttcatacca tacagttgac cagctaaaca ttaaagcaca atttgcagcg    150240
     gtcgcctgtt ttcccaatgt aatctgagcg atctaccgca cgcacattgc tataaagaca    150300
     ctatctgaag atgaatttgc atgcgtgaat cataaacatt tccattcaat aaatgtgcaa    150360
     ataaaatatg atgcacaaac ttattgatga ttcctacttg tctttctcgt gacaaatagt    150420
     gggcaaaatc tgatatgtag cggggaaaaa aagaaaaaaa gagttcatca gacgctggat    150480
     tcaagccgag ttcatgctcg aacgtctcaa tacatgatca catgcgtctt acgagatgcg    150540
     ccactgagac tgttaaggat actgcaacat tttacaacta taaaccacac tatttctttt    150600
     tttaatgcac acgatgttca gacccaactg tgttaaccgc atcagctaaa ctctcccact    150660
     ctattttttt tcttttgttg ttaattccgg agaacaaact tgcaaataac accgcttttc    150720
     tccggtctac ctccgaaagc agcacctcca attcacattc tgttcaaact ttctcttttt    150780
     gcttgatttt gccattgctt tttcgttggg ttttgtgttc gtgcatgttt cgctcagttt    150840
     cacgttcatt cggatgtaca aaagaatatg cgtgagattc tgcatacgca gtgtttcata    150900
     catctgaatt tttttacagt acgcactgta aatgtgcgta cgcaatgttt tagtaagatt    150960
     tccacgcaag tcttcgtaca tgaggcccca gaagttcaac tttttgtgcg atggttagca    151020
     tcttcctctg ccttttgggt gctattgcag gtgcctttga cagtgcagaa catttcatcg    151080
     aaattgtggg gagaaaactt gcaaaaatac agtacagcac ttcagagtca cattgctagc    151140
     aatcaaagat ttatgtaaat ttggcaagtt gaacgcattt tgtactgtaa aagaagattg    151200
     attggcctac agctagtcag gacgcagaac acaatgtgct gtagaaaaac agcatgtcaa    151260
     attgcactaa aaaaatctgc aaaactgcga ggccacgaaa cgtgaactgc gttatagcga    151320
     gggaccactg ttttccctat aactttaact ggatttacaa ttattaggcc cttaataaat    151380
     atacattttt tttggctaca gaacaaggca atgacttgcc taaataacca aacttgccta    151440
     gtgaaactaa tgaacttagt taagcatttt aattgcactt taagctgaat actagtattt    151500
     tgcaaataac tacacacaca cacagtattc ttttgtattg tgaaatatat acagcttctt    151560
     ctttacaatc aaaataaagc atggataagt tacatatgat atctattgca agggtaaatg    151620
     taaacctgct aatgtaatag ctgaaatgta aatgtctcct acccttgagt ggcccagttt    151680
     atttccatct tcatctgtca cagcaatgcc atgcaaaatc tccctgcata gaacagaatc    151740
     agtttgaata tgccaatatc tgaacctgca aaactgacag gaaaaaagct ggtaaaaaac    151800
     aggagtctca ctgctgtctc atcattggga tgttcacaca gtttgcagca gcgacagcag    151860
     cgaatggcac ccagcgagcc accagtggag gagctttctg aagacacaga gaagaacaga    151920
     tgataataaa caaaacacgg caaatgtaga tccagagtca ccacagaaaa cagtggaaaa    151980
     aaagtttttt atttttttta tttttctgtt attttattgt aatgaagtaa atgattacca    152040
     taactgacaa ttaaagtaaa atatttaggt atgcatgtaa tttattaaat atgtatttta    152100
     ttttattaca caaaagtata taacattaaa gtaaatactt aacattcatt tattcatttt    152160
     cttttcggct aagtcccttt attaaccttg ggtcgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgtcaactt    152220
     atccagctta tgtcttacgg agcggatgcc cttccagctg caacccatct atgggaaaca    152280
     cccatacaca cttattcaca cacatacact acggacaatt tagcttaccc aattcaccta    152340
     tgccgcatgt ttttgaactg tggggtaaac cagagcaccc ggaggaaact cagtgggaat    152400
     gtggggagaa catgctaact ccacacgaaa atgccaaatg gcccagctgg ggctcgaacc    152460
     agcgacattc ttgcagtgag gcaacagcac tacttactgc accaccgcgt cgccaaatat    152520
     ttcacatttt acacattttt tgttcattac aatatattat aaatttaaat aagtttaaat    152580
     tattcatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    152640
     tatatatata tatatatctc attactacat taaacacttg gcggagttgg cgcaatacaa    152700
     tttatttata tacgctacgg aaagttaccc aattcacctg taccgcatgt ctttggactg    152760
     tgggggaaac cggagtaccc ggaggaaacc cacacgaacg caaggagaac atgcatactc    152820
     cccacagaaa ctgtggggaa actccccaac tgacccagcc aaggcacgaa ccagcgacct    152880
     tcttgctgta aagcaacagc attacctact gcgccactgc ttcgcccttt tctatgacat    152940
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    153000
     attgcgatat gtatgcaatt tcaacagatg acttaaatag ctctattagg aaataaacta    153060
     ttcatttaga ttgattggag tgattttgta atcctgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa atagtgcaac    153120
     aaaaaagttg aataaacagt gcttcatggt gatacggagt caaacagtat acaggtacag    153180
     aaattcaata atgaaatgta aaataacact tcatagtctt cactgtatta atgattcagc    153240
     aaaattattc tgttaagtta caaatgtact cttttgtgca catgcatgct atttatttct    153300
     ctgttgtgct gatcaactat aatcccatga caacattgca tattctgcaa tgtgactatc    153360
     gcagggacac acatttcaat atcgatgctg aatccatata ttgtgcagcc ctactatata    153420
     atatctattt atttattaaa tacatattgt tagtttaata gcaacttttc ctttgataag    153480
     tataaactat atgcttaatg cttatttatt tactataaca taagtacata aatactgaag    153540
     taaatatata acatgttatt gttataaatc taatgctttg gttagttaaa atagatcaaa    153600
     tataaaataa attctaatta aattaaattt tgaatcataa ctagtattat tttttacatt    153660
     aaataattta taacatctta atcattactt aaatatttga cttattagag acttttattt    153720
     atcacaattc cattaatata tattctaaat acaatttatt gaaattcttg tatattagtt    153780
     agcttcatct gaatacacag aaggttagat taagctatag attaaaatat catttttatt    153840
     ataattattc tggttaaaag tgattaatac cttagtgtag aggttaaggc caactgcagt    153900
     ggccaacgct gtgcttgttg ctgtcacata agcaactcca atctgcctga gcaaagaaaa    153960
     cacacaacac caacatctgt tactgaagct tatctgctat tcaaagctcc tgcccagaca    154020
     tctgttaata aattgctagg aatcatggga ctgtcacatt ttaagatgga cacattgcac    154080
     atcacccaac tgatccaatc catcttacta gtgagtaaag ttcatagaaa gacaaaggtc    154140
     agaggaactt actttggtgt aattggagac gcagcgttac ggttggtgta gttaaccaga    154200
     gcattgaaag actggttaac ccactgccag aacaccacag cgggaactgt cctacatggc    154260
     catcacaaac aactggttat tttttaatat aaatttatat attaaataat catattaata    154320
     aaatgtacaa aaataatcgt aataatggaa tatttaaagt acataaaata tatattatta    154380
     gaaaatgata aacacaatga ttgcttttaa ctataaataa aaaaatcata ttttaatttt    154440
     attggtaata ttcaataaga aacattaatg ttaataataa tacattaaaa tctgcatata    154500
     ctataatcat atcagaatat caactattaa aattaaacaa taattacaat aatgttgaat    154560
     aactacatat tttatatatt tctacactac ttgacaaaag tcgtgttgtc aattcaagtt    154620
     ttaggaacga caaatagtat cttggcttct tgttgatcat ttcgtatcaa aagtggctta    154680
     tatgaaaggc aaaggcctct agattacact tattttacca aaataaaata tgatcatgcc    154740
     ttgatttaat tgggaaagca aggtcggact ttgccttggc aaatgtcttg tcacttaaca    154800
     gaaataatgt acagtctaga atataaagtc atgctgcagt ggaaaaagaa ttaatattgt    154860
     gtaggacttc catgagcttg gtggactgca tccatacatc tctgcaatga ctcaaacaat    154920
     aaataacaat ggcatagaaa gcattcttgc aggactccca gagtttatca agattctttg    154980
     gattcatctt taatgcctcc ttcatcttac cccagacatg cttaataatg ttcgtaactg    155040
     gtgactgggc tggccaatcc aggagcacct tgactttttt tgctttcatg tagaactttg    155100
     atgtggaggc tgaagctaaa gaatttgccc tctcataaag ttacgggcag cacaaatgtc    155160
     ttgatatctc aggctgttga tgttcatcca ctctgcagat ctctcacacg ctcacatact    155220
     gaaagtaacc ccaaaccatg atttttttct acaccaaact tgactgattt ctgtaagaat    155280
     cttgggtcca tgcaggttcc aataggtttt ctacagtgtt tgtgatgatt gagatgcagt    155340
     tcaacagatg attgatcaga aaaatccacc ttctgccaca tttgaaaatg atcaactaga    155400
     agtcaagtta tgatttgtcg ctcttacaac tggtatctac acacacacac acacacacac    155460
     atatatatat atacacacag acacatgcac gcgcgcatgc acgcacacac acgcacacgc    155520
     acacgcacac gcacacgcac acgcacacgc gcacacgcac acgcacacac acacacacac    155580
     acacgcacac gcacacgcac acgcacacac acacacgcac acacacacac acacacacac    155640
     acatatatat atatatatac acacagacac atgcgcgcgc gcgcacacac acacacacac    155700
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    155760
     acacacacac tcgacaaaat catcataata attatacata gttaataaga ataatattgg    155820
     ttgtaaaaat cataactgta ataaaaaaaa cataatattt aaccaattaa attataatgt    155880
     aaaaagtaat aatataatat caaataaatt cattatttaa acctactaac ctgtaaaact    155940
     gaagcataaa ccccgtgatg gccatacctc cgggcacctg aaacgacatt ctccctatca    156000
     gattcatcct gtcccccgtg tcggggtgaa aagcagaatc atacagtttc ttggcgtagt    156060
     gtagctgctc ctctgtcgtg cctggaggaa cagagcctgc tctagtggag atagcaaatg    156120
     acaaaaaaaa aataagaaac gggaatataa aagtgatcag ctcattgaat caacctgttg    156180
     gcccacctgc agctctccac caacactttg gcttcatcca gtctggagtc gggcagaaga    156240
     gcggtgcggc agtcggtgat attgaagaag tgtttgaggc gacccataaa cgtggactga    156300
     tcccagcgtg gagcatcgat atcaaagccc ttcacagcct ccatggttct ctctcttctc    156360
     gcaaaaaaca caacataaaa cggcaaatat tcacttcact gctgcttttc agatccagtc    156420
     cacagggaac tgctcaaacc caaatccaca gaacaaaacc actgtgacat ttggatgatc    156480
     tattctgaaa gatcaaaggt tcttttcttt gatgaacaaa cagtggattt acgttattgg    156540
     gtggcctaca aaatgtgtta ttttatatta ttgctaaact ggattctttt ctaaacatct    156600
     ctaaaagatg tgaacagaaa gccagagcct taaccctcac agcgaggcca gctatgcaaa    156660
     caaaagtatg gatatcaggc aaaacaaacc aggcgctcaa ccaatattcc tgaccaagct    156720
     gaactactga gagtctgacc tacttcacat tttagatttg tcttcaaact aactttacaa    156780
     atgacttttt tatcactctt ttatttgatt ttcggcttag tgcttttatt aatcaggggt    156840
     caccacaacg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc ccgcatatgt tttacatagg ggatgccctt    156900
     ccagctgcaa cccagcacta ggtcaccgat acactctcat tcacacacac acatacacta    156960
     cagacaattt caatagtatc tggatgcagc ctttatggtg caagctgaga ttgcagcaat    157020
     cagcgatgca atgtcagaca caatgcactc aatggagtga atgacgtcac tgtgacgggt    157080
     agggttaggt gagcgcatta aaaagcattg gatgcagctc agattgcact gcaccaggtc    157140
     tgcatccaga ctcctctcga caatttagcc tacccaattc acctatagca catgtctttg    157200
     gacttgtggg ggaaactgga gcacccggag gaaactcaca ccaacacaga gagaacatgc    157260
     aaactccaca caaaaaatcc aactaaccca gccgaccctc aagccagcgc ctttcttgct    157320
     gtgaagcaat agcgctaccc actgcaccac ccattacttt agaatatttt acaaaaatag    157380
     tttaactaga ttaaaaaagg taatacaaac ctctgtattg gcttgataaa gcttgaccag    157440
     aaagcctttt taagctttaa gttttaacct ttaggtttta acattttagc acactgctgt    157500
     catatttttt tatctagttg ttaacatttg tatccaaaga ctatattgtt aacatgtgtt    157560
     gttagcataa ctgcattcac acattttgtt agcatgtttt aaaccatcgc ttgatgtttt    157620
     gaacatgtta aacaagatgt taacatgttt taaggtgtaa ctaacaataa tagtaagtat    157680
     aacatgctag catgtttcta aaatgacgta acaaactgtt agcactccac acaagttaac    157740
     taaatattaa tataaaatgt aatattatta aatattatca tgtagtgtta tcgttattac    157800
     attttaacat tttaaagaag ctgccagtgt tagcatcttt tgctagaaca tgttgatagc    157860
     tcttttctac aatgatttta tacactgcta gcatatttta acacaaataa atgcacaaaa    157920
     tagatggatg tgatcacatt tgtgggattt tacaagtttt gttcattact ttgaggatgc    157980
     tggaagtaca atcagttata cacaaagtca gaacggtctg aatctctgac cagagttttt    158040
     tgggtttagt ttgaacactc aagaaactcc agtaagggta gtttttttaa attgaagtaa    158100
     agttggtttt atatacacac tatttcagac tttctcctta aaaatatact ttcagaaaac    158160
     tactctttgt aaattctaaa tagtaaagtc atgttagcag cccatgtctc tcaaagtaca    158220
     acattgctca cagtcaaata aataatgcta acgttgtttt gaagtcatac ttacatgtgt    158280
     tttaagactg catttacaaa gtaccatggt aaacaatatg gggagcatgt cacaagctgt    158340
     cactgaacga atgtgcgaat ataaaacctt cacctcaatg tttctgaaga cctttaaatc    158400
     tcaagccaac ataaacatca gtacacctca acatcacatg tactttgcat tgaacgagta    158460
     aagcattaat acagtaatgt attacaaacg tcaatcatta aatcaatgca tgaagaaagc    158520
     agctgaagat ggaccagact tgacgtgtag taccactatt tactattgta aatgaaagcc    158580
     caagttcaca aaagaagcaa agactacttc aatgggttca aacttgccat gttaatttcc    158640
     attctgttaa tttgtttcat tactggttta acctgattta cttgtactta aacacattca    158700
     aaaatgtata cgtacatcac attatcatat gaaatcgtcg tatatcacat tatatcatta    158760
     ttaagccatt tctgaagtgg aattagcaat aaaagtgttt ttgaacaact aagatacctc    158820
     aaaaagtata aaattatcaa aacaaaccct gcattaaatg tgcaccagaa gtaaacacag    158880
     tgttagaaag cagtagtaag ttgtccagca gcttgcatca tcagtgcatg ttctctctac    158940
     acacgcaccc ggatatagta aaacaaatca ggcgaaacca caaacatcaa atgtgcttca    159000
     cagaaatacc tttataaagc gactcgacac tgatgtttat gtctcgtggc gctccagtcg    159060
     tagtaaaaac caatgaagtg agttaaacac cgtgatgatg tgggcttgca gcagtggagg    159120
     agcacgtggc atcagatccg ccaatcacag aagaaaagag tctccctccc cttgcgatga    159180
     taggaagtcg gacacatttc cgcagatcgg ttcctttgaa gtttatacca gtcttggttt    159240
     taattatgta tgattgtgta ttataatgtg cagaactgtg atctgtgagc aactcatatt    159300
     ttttcagatt ttagatttag ttatctgtta attacatttt aagaaatgtt gtttttgtat    159360
     ttatttattc attcattcat tgtattaaat gcttaaaaaa catttacaac aaatgtcatc    159420
     aatcaaacaa caacaatcca gaggttttca gtcatttagt ccaagacatg tgccaagtcc    159480
     ttcatcaaag tccttgtccg tattgctttt aagtttgttg atccctcaat agactcaaaa    159540
     tacaatttta tttcaatttt aaattcagaa aaaaaggttt aacttacaaa acttgctttt    159600
     gtgaatatga aatttgacca acaggaaaat aaggtttatg aaatatgtat tacttcccag    159660
     cacacaattt tctgtttaat agatgtctaa tagacatcta aagcttggct aaaacaaagc    159720
     taaactgggc tgtcagtgaa aatctaatag acacctaaga atagaccaaa actagacgag    159780
     tcgtcaaata gacagattag acagtcttta tgtgtgcaat cgttcaattc tgtttgtttg    159840
     atgcctaatt tagttttggc ctattcttag atgtcaaaga gattttcact gacagcccaa    159900
     atttagcctt gttttagcca agacaactat tttcaagaca agtttcaaga caactacaat    159960
     caataatatc acaccaaaat gtcactgaat gaggccaatt ccaaaataaa taaacagaag    160020
     cctttttaag gttacactgg tctggatagc atctatgaac ctactttgtt cataaaattg    160080
     ttttgcagaa aatgcacttt atattttttt taacacctta acatctgata ttttaatatt    160140
     atattacaca ttatattaca tgacatgcaa ttttatttca ttgatttacc tatggttttc    160200
     tacacatatt attttaataa tgtttctaga atatgtttgc aacatactgt acaccaacag    160260
     caaaatatat aatgaaaatc agtttaattc gttagaaaat gtgtgtaatt catattaaaa    160320
     ataaaatatg tttaaatcta ataaattagt ttatttttat aaataaatta acacaaactt    160380
     tattatttct ttttctttga gcagatataa ctttttttat taacacttca agaacaaagt    160440
     acagaacaat acaaatacaa agagagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaaaaagaa    160500
     agaaagaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gtaagggatg tacaaaaaac taaatataaa    160560
     taagacaaac aaatatatgt gtaagtatac atacttaaga aagggtaaag accttgacta    160620
     aggtaaagtt ggtttagtga caacttgtga catgctccct atattgttta ccatggtagg    160680
     ctactttgaa tactcggact gaaatcactt gtaattatga ttcaaaacaa catcagcact    160740
     atttatttga ctatgaacaa tgaagtactt taatactcat tgactgctaa tatgatttca    160800
     ctatttagaa tttgtaaata atatttttct gaaattatgt tattaaggag gatgtccgga    160860
     tgtgtgaata taaaatccaa ctttacctta atgaggcttt aagggattat agaatcttga    160920
     agatttcaag taaaataaca gttttaatgg tttattttag tgctttgctt tatgctgttc    160980
     gtataatatt ctaattattt tagtatagca ggataaaatg gtttttggct attaaattgg    161040
     catttgtgaa tatggtactt tgtaaatcaa aagattaata acataagctt cattctctat    161100
     ttttgttaca gttcaaaaat ccagaattaa catgttggta tcctaaatga aaatgtggca    161160
     ataatttgtg gtcaatgaat ttagatttgt cgtgccaaat tttctttgag aaatgacaat    161220
     tatacaatat attgggcagt ttctggctgt gacaaagaaa atgaacagtt ttaatctatg    161280
     tcttgtctaa acttggaaat aaaatgtttg acggggtaaa attcatgtag agttttaaat    161340
     gagacctctt taaatttgtt tgtgataaaa aagttaggca acgatttgtg gactacgtca    161400
     cttttcggcc ttcttggaat gcgtgtatta tttgcgtact acgtcattcc gtcttcccct    161460
     tagtaaccct cggcggcgtc tcagggaggc agaatcacaa gatggtgagt taaagcgctt    161520
     ataataaacg aatttcaaca tgtagactcc ttcgctctga atttcaacct tctgttagtt    161580
     tacattgtta aaatcttttg atgttcgccg ttatgtccga gcagactcga agctcttgta    161640
     atctagcggt tttaaagatg agcagcggtt ctcgctcgtg gatgagatta gctttcggga    161700
     ttgattgttt aggtgtcacg actgttcgac aatcgcgtat taagtgcgtt ttatatatgt    161760
     tcttatgtct gtttgggggt aggaaatgac attaaggatc tattatcttt aattagccat    161820
     ccctcgagca ttcattattg ctcctcttga aagctgtttg ttgttgatgc tcgtgcgtat    161880
     gacgtcatgt tgcacgcatt gcaaaaactc agatcactgt acattctgcg ccttttaggg    161940
     tttgttgtcc attttacgga aactgaagag caccccagat caggaggtga ggatattgct    162000
     tctaggactg gacaatgggg gaaagacgac cttactgaaa cagctagcat ctgaagacat    162060
     cactcatatc actccaacac aggtaaagtt acagacactg ttactgtaac tactgcattc    162120
     acatctctag ataaagctaa ttagattaaa ttgacataaa ccactttgat caaagatgaa    162180
     tgagggtttt taggcatcag tgtttttgcc atgcattaaa agatgttttg attaattgta    162240
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaagatt caatcaattt atcgatatat aatcatacat tttagacata    162300
     aattgcagaa gacacccagt aaaatacaat atcagtcaga gtgataagag tttatacacc    162360
     aaaaccttta tttataaaaa gaacaatggt taatggcata ttaaacggct caatttaata    162420
     ttaaatgccc tttgatctta aatagactct tttaaaatgt aatcaaataa ctattgtaca    162480
     attctttgcc ttcaaaacgc caattttttg tcaatttcta tacttgcaaa tagcatttta    162540
     atttttaaac ataccgcaaa ccatatacaa tcctatctac ccccaacaaa tcaatcccaa    162600
     ataaaacaat caacatctga aaaaaaaaaa aaattaataa aattcaaatt gacctgtagt    162660
     tatttttaat aacccttttt tttcttcttc tagggtttca atatcaagag cgtccaatca    162720
     caaggattca aattaaatgt gtgggatatt ggtggtcagc gaaagatcag gccctactgg    162780
     agaaactact ttgagaacac agatgtactg gtgagaccgt gtgtctgatt aacgatcatc    162840
     ccacaatcta ttttgcacca aaacatttgg ttaattggat gtttttttat ttcagattta    162900
     tgtcattgat agtgcagacc gcaaacgatt cgaggaaacg ggacaggtga tgctttgtca    162960
     ctgtagggct tttcacattt taagtagtaa acccttagcc ctggtttgtt atgctgcacg    163020
     tttcacatgg cttataatta acacttggct aacaattaat tctgggtttc catacattta    163080
     ggtttcacac tgtacaatct taagcctggg ctaaagggat tgttcaccca aaaataaaaa    163140
     ttgccatcat ttaccttttt gtgtttgctt ctctcgttaa acacaaaata agatattttg    163200
     gaagccagta gccattggat tccattgtgt ttttttctta ctatggaaat caatgttgat    163260
     cgtcagtaaa tagtaaaatt tacattttca tttactgatt tttgggtgaa ctatcctttt    163320
     aatgctctta ttagcatgtt tgctgagcaa cataaaaagc ttataaaaac tctagcattg    163380
     tgcagtattt taatatacag tattttgcca gtttttataa cccgaggtaa aaaaaacagg    163440
     actaacccac ttctaaatta ctactttaaa acattccttg taaccccaat ttttacttca    163500
     ttgtccagaa atcgtcatat ctcaagcgca ttccctgtat gtgtgagcat ttctagtgtt    163560
     ctgtctatgt tgctctgcgt tacaggtcta tcaaaaccta taccacgaga ttcatgaaca    163620
     gttttttatc agaaagcttt aataaccata ttaaacactg aactgaaaac acattcttga    163680
     catgtaagaa taacattggc gtatagcact tcattttttc acagagcttg ttgctaaatt    163740
     gttatttctt attcttgtgc aatatggtat ttatataaat attaaatatt aaatattcct    163800
     aaatattcct taattaattg tttacacatt atgtgggctg gttatattgg taacttgttt    163860
     gtttaaacat tattgttcat tcttcttgag tcttgacaca gaaaagaaat ttgtctttaa    163920
     cactgctaac ataaatacaa ccttacaaca atcacaaaat agcaaaactc tacaagacaa    163980
     ctacatgaat ttaaaaacgt tgtatataga atttaaacta tattaacgca atagatatta    164040
     ctacagatca ttctcagcaa ccaccctatt cacttcacag tgatcccatt caggaaaaca    164100
     actgaaattg ggatcaatga ctttttataa gcatttcttg gggttctagg aatttttaac    164160
     ctatgtcctg attgtaaaaa gttgtttgtg accaattatc gtatttgtct gattgataat    164220
     ttgcgataat tcttctgttt aagtgttgtg ttccaaaact atgagacaat attatatgag    164280
     agaacattct ctatcaatga tctatatgcc atgtttaaag tctgtgtaca aacattaaaa    164340
     ctttccaact tgtagaagag accaaggcgc tgttttcctt ctaataaaca gcctcaacat    164400
     tagttatcaa aattcagttt attgtcaata attgtgccta aatccttcaa attcaagacc    164460
     tgctctacta tgcatctgct gctcttgttc gatttcctag acttcctagt ttttttgttt    164520
     tttcaatatt aagatgaaca tttgccaaac cagtctgtaa tagtctcaat atatttaaaa    164580
     tgtggccaaa tgtgcaatga caaaaaaaac aatcaatcaa taacactttc aaaacactag    164640
     taggcagtgg agtttctgtg gtccactatg tcgagtttct ttactggtgt tttacatcct    164700
     ggccaaattt gtcttcatca ctctgtcctc tctccaacaa tcagctagta tgtggtgtgc    164760
     agtctgacgc aatatggcaa ccgtcatgtc atccaggtgg atgctgcaca ctggtggtgg    164820
     atggagattt cccccaatgt gtaaagcgct ttgagtgtct agaaaagggc tatataaatg    164880
     taaggaatta ttattattat tattacacta gaaaggcgtg agatgttact gtagaaaagt    164940
     attttaaact cactcattct gggaagaaag aggtgggaac tggcaaatgt tcaacaactt    165000
     taatcctata aaataaaccc aaaccaaaag tatccatctg agctcctcaa tgggactctg    165060
     ctcccatggc tctcgaccct gcccactaca tgttgtcatg atttttagtt acattcatga    165120
     gtgtcagggt attccgaggg ctattgtgtg cacttgacgc agaggtataa attggctcga    165180
     cctggagtta aagttaccat gaaacggaag ttaagattta actttttttc ctttatcatg    165240
     atgtacatcc acttgaaacg gtcctgaaat taagaaaaaa aatattgggc agtcatgatt    165300
     tggtcctttg ggaaccaatt ggattgtttg gaagatgggc attgctagca aaatgaaaaa    165360
     agattaatga atggatgaag gcatagtcga aacaagacac gccctgatag ctccgcccca    165420
     aaggcatccc atgtggccag aagtgaagac caattgtttt gaggtgggag agaaggttat    165480
     gatatttgat taaaggggat tctgagggca aatcaatttt tacaaaataa tgaagtgcac    165540
     agataaatcg attacaacaa gcactactac tgtatataca tacacaaata agaagagtac    165600
     attttgtttt tattccgact ttaaaagcgt gtctagaaca atgataatac aggggtaagc    165660
     acagtgtgaa aagcatttta gactattttt tgtgctattg caagcacttt gtgttctcag    165720
     tgtttaaata aatgatctga atgcaggagc tggctgagtt acttgatgaa gagaagctca    165780
     gcggtgtccc ggtcctggtg tttgctaata agcaggattt gctcacagca gcccctgctt    165840
     ctgaaatagc agaaggattg aatttgcaca ctatcagaga cagagtgtgg cagattcagt    165900
     cctgttccgc cctcacagga gagggagtcc aggtcagttt gaaacgcata ccgatgtaca    165960
     aatgatccta aagctatttg ggttgactct gatgttgtgt ttcaggatgg catgaactgg    166020
     gtctgcaaga gtgtgaacgc taagaggaaa tagtttttct gttaccgtgg ctttcgtttc    166080
     tggacacgca gagggaatgg tgaagtctac gagagattgt cagtaggtgt aggaaatgaa    166140
     ggcacccctt caaaactatt taagtttaac tttccttttt tttttaaatg ggcctactat    166200
     ggtcctgtat acatacaatg agttaatagc ttgctttcac tagtctttca atagcgacag    166260
     ttcacccggt gataaaatta gctgttaatc tacctaccca cagacttttt cttcagtaga    166320
     acattaaaaa gatgattttc agatgaatct gtggttgttg gtggtttata aaatgcaagt    166380
     caatggttac tgcactgcaa aaaatgcttt tcttagattt tttttgtctg gtttttagtc    166440
     taaatatcaa aaaattccta tatcaagaag cactttctaa acaagcaaaa catattgtct    166500
     tgtttaaaga aataaaaatg caaaaattgt gtgagttttt cctttaaaac aagctaaata    166560
     atctgccaat gggattagca aaataatctt atgtcgaaaa gaaaaacaag attattttgc    166620
     ttaccccatt ggcagattat ttagcttgtt ttaaggaaaa actcacttaa ttttggcatg    166680
     ttattactaa gaaaaacata ttttgcagtg tggcatctta aataaaaaaa atagataaaa    166740
     aataagtggc acttgaagat actgtaaggt cttatgtagc aaagtgatca gactacacaa    166800
     gaaactgaac attatttaca agattaaaac cttgtggtag attgattgtt tcacatcata    166860
     gtacttcaat gcatcttcaa aagccatgca tatgtttaat ttcatcctgc attatctcat    166920
     tgtgtgtaat ttaccagctg tttttgggtg aactgccgct tgaaactctg aattaggaag    166980
     tacgtccatg tgattcgcat tgatttgact gcttttcttt agttcacacg tgtcaaagcc    167040
     agatcctgga gggccgcagc cctgcacagt ttaattccaa ccttgcttca acatacttgt    167100
     aggtttcaaa ccatcctgaa gaactcaatt agtttgatca ggtgtgttaa ataagggttg    167160
     gaactaaact gtgcaaagtt tcgaccctac aggaactggc tttgacacct gtgctttagt    167220
     tcatttcaga tcttaattca ctctgccttc atttcttgag atgagtgact tgcgttttta    167280
     taatgaatgt tagttattta gaggattttg ttactgagac atttctagaa gtgacagcct    167340
     atatcattca gttcaactgc tgtcttttca tacttgctcg ctgacataaa actccatctc    167400
     atgtcatata tacatctata ttttttagat tttcctgaga gtaatgaatt acgagataca    167460
     gattattcta ccaaatgcaa cgtatcaaaa acatcagttt gtccaaaaga aaagggggac    167520
     cattggtagg gtaggaaatg tgtttttgat attactatgt aaataaatgt tccacatagc    167580
     aaattatttt ctgcacatat aagtaaattt tacaaatcca ggatttctta gagctctata    167640
     ttgagatggc ctgtacagct gtaatctaaa cactacaaaa aggtaaaagt ctattgtcgt    167700
     cacatcaaga ttgtttctgt agtgtctctg aatgttatga tgtgtgtgaa attactgaag    167760
     catattgagt aaaacactga aaccatggac aatgtgttgt tttattggct gcggattctt    167820
     ttaatcagtc atttctgtta tttattatct ttgatttgac tgttattgtg ctaatgctaa    167880
     tactacagtg tttctatcag acacatacac acacacacac actcaacata tggtgctgac    167940
     agaggcacat actcctaacc acactgtgtt tttgtatgct actgtattaa tggttaaagt    168000
     ctaatgtata tatatatata aatttggggg ggagggggta tatttcagaa tatttaggtg    168060
     tagtacaggt ggcactattg cccatgttta ccatgctagc atcagtcgtt tcaattgctg    168120
     attttatatt gtttcactgg ttttatagtt aaaattataa aacaaagaaa ataaccataa    168180
     attattaaac catattaaat tctttacatt gtaaaaggat tacacaggta ttatataact    168240
     ggcattatat atatatatac acacacacat acacacacat atacatatac acacttttta    168300
     ttttttgtta ttattattat tatacacatt atattaaaac acatacaaat agagaaggaa    168360
     aaaacaaacc gagattggaa aagtcaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aatactgatc agatgcgtgt    168420
     gtgcgcgcat gtaacggtac tgggtggaca agtcaaagca cataaataag taaacaaaat    168480
     atatatacat acaacatgca taaaagtagg aagcatattt aatatcaaaa tattataaat    168540
     atcaaaaact gaagtgaata atatacttat aaaaacataa caaaacataa aacaaaacca    168600
     atcagtgata tggaataaca acaatggttg taatgtaatg atgcaatgac agtaaatatg    168660
     acaactacag caataataat tataatgaca gtaaaaaaaa acaacaacaa caataatact    168720
     aaataatagt aatacacacc aataactact actacaatga ccacaactat taaaacgaac    168780
     attattacaa ttactaccac tgttactaca acgactacta ctacaacaat tattactatt    168840
     actactaatt ttactacgac tgctactaca acaattatta ctactactac aatgaacatt    168900
     actactgtac tactattgtt actacgacta ctacaacaac cattattact actacttcaa    168960
     cgaccattac taccacaaat actactactt ttaccacgac tactactaca acagctatta    169020
     ctactactac aatgaccatt cctactacaa ctactacttt tactacgact actaatacaa    169080
     caattattgc tactactaca acgaccatta ctacaataac tactgtacta ctactagcac    169140
     tacaacaact agtacaacaa ttattactag tagtactaca atgaccacta ctactaaaat    169200
     gaactttcct acaactacaa tactactgtt actacaatga ctactacaat aattattact    169260
     actatttact accactacta ctgaaatgac cataactaca acaactactg ttactacaac    169320
     gattactact acagcaatta ttgctactat cattactact acaacaacca ctactacaac    169380
     aactacaact acaacttatt tgagtttatt ttaaagtaat actatgactt acaattagga    169440
     ttttagaagc aaaatattag tttagctatt tttatatatg tatttgagag ggagagagac    169500
     ttttttacct ttaaaacaac gttatttaaa ttttatcttc tttcacttaa aaccaaaaaa    169560
     tagttttttt tatttttttc caaatattta ttcatgtcta catgtatata tagaatatat    169620
     acacacaaaa acccagagga gaaaaaataa tatagataca tacatatttc tggaattgta    169680
     aaaaacattt aaccaaatta tacatatagt tccaaacaac cattaatttc tgttgcacac    169740
     acacactgat ttactcccta aatactgtta aaggttacta gatctttaac ttgatggtaa    169800
     aaggcataat ctaccttaat tcttgatgct attaaacctt ttaaaatgat cctaacatca    169860
     gaagatcttt cattgttcat tttacctttt cgtgaaagcc atattgaggg agagagagag    169920
     agggggagag agagaggggg caattttcct taagctcatt gtttatcaag gaatcttaaa    169980
     aagatttatt aatttttact gaatcctcat tttagaatta ttaaggatca tgtaacactg    170040
     aacactagag taatgcctgt tgaaagttct gcattgtcat cctaaagaaa gttttgaatt    170100
     gtattaattc tacttaactt gtattatgtc taattattac agtttttgct aaacgttata    170160
     tttggaaagt gaatgcagca ttggcataaa agctccttta tatccctttt cagtcttatc    170220
     attattcaaa gtgatgttaa ttgttgtttt tgcttctaca aacacaaatg tatgtattaa    170280
     tccaaaaact ttgaacaaac cgtgattaca aagccgcctt ttgccaatac attttcattt    170340
     gcatttacat ttttaatggc ccaaaagcta gccttaatct taattgaatc gattctagtt    170400
     aattaaatca aaatgagtcc atctgagtgc gtttgatctt taatgagcaa aacaggctcc    170460
     atcccttaaa gagaagaatc tcactctgcc tttaatgttt gtgtaaaaag cgaccaatga    170520
     agagcagaaa catttgtcct agcacccttt cccccctccc tttccagggt tgccaagtct    170580
     gcttataaca cacaacatgg cttttttaag ctgcataaaa aaatcatggt ttgcaggttt    170640
     tttggggctc atttaaaaaa aatatatgat tgcttgttta gaaactatga caaccaacat    170700
     aattattttt aaattgacaa tgtgtagtca tagttataat ctattaagat aaacattata    170760
     gcacatatat ggttttgaat gggttaaaat gcaatggtta ttacggacgt tatagtaaaa    170820
     aaaaagccct gccttttatt agaggaacca atcattgact gctatagagc agggatcacc    170880
     ttgttcttgg aggtccggtg tcctgcagat tttagttcca accctaatca aacacacctg    170940
     agcaagctga tcaaggtctt actgggtata ctttaaacct tgcagggcac tggacctcca    171000
     ggaacgaaat tggtgaccct tgctataggg ggtcgctcta aacatgtttt tgtgacagtt    171060
     tctgcagctt cgtcattata aaccctatgg gatcagtaaa tgcgctgaga tctcagcaaa    171120
     tacttgcctc acagacatga gatatatatc taggttaagc tacgttaacc aaccaatgtt    171180
     tacttatttt gtaatctgta tgaaacgcta ttcagaaaat gatacgctca ctggccactt    171240
     tattaggtac acctgtccaa ctgctcatca acgcaaattt ctaatcggct aatcacatgg    171300
     cagcaactca atgcatgtag acatgtgccc ctttcacaca tacagacctt tccggaaaat    171360
     taccggcaat tttctggaaa ggttgtatgt gtgaacaggt cctttttaaa aataccggta    171420
     aattcgttct ggctattttc cgaaaagaga agttgtaaca ttaccggcaa tttgccggaa    171480
     tgctgcgctg tgtgaatgca gaaggaagat tcccgtaata agcgcgtgca cgtctagaac    171540
     gtgctgacgt gagacgtctg ctttagccaa tcacaacagt cagatgcatt tacgtccgcg    171600
     cggtttgtga ggataaaagc ctttgaatat ttttccagac acatttagct gctagaagtt    171660
     agtcagatca cgtttatatg ttcttcttaa tgccaactgt gtaaataatc atcgatgaga    171720
     tgcttatgat aagccgttgt ttgtttacct tcaagctttg cgtgtgcctg tgaaacagcc    171780
     tatgagtgcc tgcacatgca catattatga acatctcgac atgcgaaagt gatcctgtga    171840
     aagttgttca caatattgat catccacaga gtttgtaatt tagtcaaatg gttacaaata    171900
     caagcgcagc cgtttaaagc tcatttgtgg tgaatgatgt cagaatttac cggtattttg    171960
     gaatggatgt gtgaatggtc ttttccggaa aatttccgta acgtcctcgc ctgtgtgaac    172020
     agcgcttttt tgaatatacc ggtaaagtct ttccggaaat tttccggata tttaccggta    172080
     tcactgtgtg aaaggggcta tggtcaagac gatctgctgc agttcaaact gaacatcaga    172140
     atggagaaga aaggtgattt aagtgatttt aaacgtggca tggttgctga tgccagacgg    172200
     tctggtctga gaaactgctt atctactgga attttcacgc acaaccatct ctagggttta    172260
     cagagtatgg tcagaaaaaa agaaaatatc cagtgagagg cagttctgtg gcgcaaatgc    172320
     ctcgttgatg ccagaggtca gagaagaatg gccagactgg ttccagttga aaggcaacag    172380
     taactcaaat aaccactcat tacaactgag gtatgcagag ggcatctcta aatctaaaac    172440
     atccaacctt gaggcagata ggctacagca gcagaagacc acaccgggtg ccactcctgt    172500
     cagctaagaa caggcaactg aggctacaat ttacacaggc tcaccaaaat tggacaatat    172560
     aaaattgaaa aacgttgcct ggtctgatga gtctcaattc ctgctgcaac attcagatgg    172620
     tagagttaga atttggcatc aacaacatgt aagtatggat ccatcctgcc ttgtatcaac    172680
     ggttcaggct ggtagtggtg gtttaatggt ttgggggata ttttcttggc acactttgtg    172740
     cccattagta ccaactgagc atcgtgtcaa tgccacagcc taattaagta tagttgctga    172800
     tcatatccat ccctttatgt ccacagtgta cccatcttct gatggctact tccagcagga    172860
     taacgcacca tgtcatgaag tgtgaatcat ctcagactgg tttcttgaac atgacaatga    172920
     gttcactgta ctcaaatggc ctcaacagtc accagatctc aatccaatag agcactttgc    172980
     ctttggggtg tggtggaatg ggagattcac atcatggatg tgcagctgac aaatctgtag    173040
     caactgcatg atgctatcat gtcaatatgg accaactatt tccagtacat catttatgca    173100
     atgaatgatt aaggcagttc tgaaggcaaa aggtgtccaa ctcgttacta gtaaggtgta    173160
     cctaataaag tggctggtaa gtgtatgcgc aatacataat tgactcttat ggttatagtt    173220
     tgattgaaag gttaatatct gattgtgtcc tccagaaaag atctgattgc agatctacac    173280
     acagtctcag acaaccattc tcagacacaa tgcactcaat ggagctagtg acgacacaga    173340
     gttcgtttac atgcaccaat acaagtgcaa aacagcgatt tttgattacc ttaatctgac    173400
     taaagtaaca atccaactaa acataaaatg aagaattaag aattaagacg tggagtattc    173460
     ctattttagt cacattattg aagtgctgca caggcagata ggggcaattg aattgtttta    173520
     cgttgaatcc acttacattt gtaaaaacta acactacccc ttcatgttat ccaaaaacaa    173580
     tttgattgtg tggaacccaa cattgttttt ttacagtgta tgttgctcac ttattattaa    173640
     atgctaaata ttaaataatt taaaagaata cgcaataaat aataaagaaa atacataatt    173700
     tatcatagat agaaatgatt acaataaata atgtaatgat tttggtcttg ttcttgaagc    173760
     tgctgttcat ctcgcaagac ttggcaaccc tgttcgctcc ttttcttcat ttaaaacaag    173820
     ctgtacagta agtggcgacc atgctgactg aatagtgacc aggctgagtg cttgaataag    173880
     aacacacccg accactccct ccggttcctg cactcagcgt ctttttgagt gacatttgca    173940
     agctgacacg tgcgcccaca gtgaagcggg caggctctat taagcctgaa taaatcctct    174000
     gccagccagc tctttgagac aggcaattag acaggcctcc atacctccct ctgcatccta    174060
     gtgtgaagga cccagccctc atccagcatt cttatccaca ggcttttcct tccatctggc    174120
     ccttagacaa gccggagtag aaagacagtg gctttttttg aattctgctt attgaagtga    174180
     gagagagaga gagaggcccc tttctctctg atttaaattg gtagtcttga agtgtggctg    174240
     ttttttgatg gagtcaagaa gaaatcgtct tcgtgatggg taacaaagtt ctgggagaat    174300
     ggtttatcgt ggggagcaaa tcgaaatgtc tgggaatata ttgtgtgtaa ttagcattgt    174360
     gatggtctgt ttggttcttt ttaattacat ctgacttcag atggagacag ggatgaagta    174420
     cgaagccatt cttagtatct tctttaaaat gagaccacag ttgtgagagg tcatgaaatg    174480
     taatcctttt agatcaggta tgttattttt acgtttggtc agaatcttcg ttgtagtttt    174540
     ggcagtgtca ctttgtaaaa acacactgtt attcctggag tcaccattgt tgttttggtt    174600
     gtcaagtact cacttgtcta tagacattgt ccctttaagg ctggaattcc caaacttttc    174660
     agccggcgac ccccttaaat aacaatgcca gtgacttgcg acccccaata tcctctgagt    174720
     tagttataaa tatataaacc ttgcacacaa caacgcacac aataggccca agtctattca    174780
     tcttttaaac atgaatccca taaagatgtc agaaagttta ccctggttcc ataaagtcaa    174840
     tgtgctgcat ctaacaacat ttctgtgtct tttatataat gtaatccccc tagtggtcac    174900
     aaaaaaaaat ctaaaggctt atggtttttc atttgcatgc tgttttttaa cgtaattatt    174960
     acccacaatg ttaattcttc tgtaggttat tgataaatat ggtaattcta atagtttaat    175020
     aaaatgaatt agattttggg aaatcaccaa gagacccccc cccccccaac cctatttgtc    175080
     ttgcgacccc tattttaaga accactgctt caagacatag gtctcaaact ggagtggatt    175140
     cctggagggc cacaactcta cacagttttg ctccaaccct aatcaaacaa aggcaatgct    175200
     actaatcaag gtgttcaata ctcttttaaa tacattgatt agttggatca gcgttgtttg    175260
     attagggttg gagaaaaact gtgcacagct gcggccctcc aggaatccag tttgagacca    175320
     atgctttaaa gcaagtcatt tcactcgccg gccatctttg aaacacctcc cagcagtatg    175380
     ctcgggcatt ctttttgaat ggggaaacat taaattctcc aaaaatgctt gccaagctta    175440
     tgattggatt tcatgttagg aatcaccaat gaaattaaac aacaactgcc tctttagttt    175500
     catttcttaa gtccaaatca cacaaaatct gcagaaactt acatctagcc tgagcccctc    175560
     ccccggagta tcatcagtct atatcggtga ttggctcctg tacttgaagg cgggctttat    175620
     tcgccatatt gaccgttaca cttccacagt caaaaaaatg cgagtggcat gtcttgtgta    175680
     ttctatagtc tttgatgaca acactttttt gtttaattgt agtttaaata gtgatgatgt    175740
     tgggtatcac ttaagtatta atacttacta atggcttttt tggtaattgt atatatcata    175800
     tacagtacat tcctaatccc acacaatagc taaacacagc tacttactta ctcactcact    175860
     cactcactca ctcactcaca gggccattta tatcgaagtt gatatttagc tgcaccatat    175920
     attggggttt tataacatct agcttttatg aggtgggaga gaagtacacg gatgacttac    175980
     tacattcggc gagatgcgat atcccatgat gcaccgcaag agaattcata aatgggattt    176040
     aagcgatgca ggtaggtcaa gtgaccatga caaaagggtg aatgtagtag gtccgaattc    176100
     cattcataat tctcacattc atactgtaca gaacatactt ttctaatggc cgagtacgtt    176160
     taaattcaaa tgcagtttct actgagtagt aggcggtttc tgatgcagcc catagaatac    176220
     actataactg tgtcacttat atagttttaa ctggggaaaa gtgtaatggt caatatggcg    176280
     aatgaaaccc cgcctattag tacaggagcc aattatcaat tgctatagac caggggtggc    176340
     caaccctgtt cctggagaga cacgttcctg cagatttcag ttgtaacccg tatcaaacac    176400
     acctgcctgt aattatcacg tggtgttcag gtcctaatta attggttcag gtgtgtttga    176460
     tatgggtagc aactgaaatc tgcaggaagg tggctctcca ggaacagggt tggccacccc    176520
     tgctatagac gattgcctgt gggagaatct tagaccagac gtgtgctttt acgacagttt    176580
     atgtggtcaa caaacacact ggaatctcag caaatacttg cttcacagac ataagaaata    176640
     tatcttaata aagcttgaaa tctgaccttt taatgaacag actacactta ataacaaaag    176700
     ccccgtttac actgtcaggt cgtgatgccc aattccggtt tgttgcctat attttattta    176760
     tttttttaaa aattctgtct gtttacacgt acttttaact atatctaatt cacgtgttta    176820
     cacttgctat acaattaacg ttgagaatgc gtaaaggcag gttctagcat ctgtgccaca    176880
     ctagccacaa atgatgaaat tgtcttgctt ttaggtctgc taaatatgta aagttacccc    176940
     acctttaaaa tgattgtgag gcagagtaga agggaaagtg ccatcatcgt aacttgcgcc    177000
     tatggttaat atatggtgtc ctcccctatt cagaggattt tgtgggtatg agagagatct    177060
     caggtctggt ggagcaaatt gtgatgattg accactttcc tcctccatgt ttcttctgtt    177120
     gttgtgtatc atgtcggtgt ttccagacac actgttcttt ctacgttatt aaaccgtgga    177180
     gaattaccac attggcacaa ttttcatgat gtacaaaaca aaatgaatca ataaatctga    177240
     tctgcctgtt tacatgatgg tcgcattgtt ttatatctga tttatttcca catatgaagg    177300
     cggcctgaaa ccgatctctg aataatcaaa tgcatgcatt ttctttttca ttgttacacg    177360
     gtcatagcgt atgagcaaaa attgggacac atttaacctg cagtgtaaac agccaaatgt    177420
     tttctggtat tgtaatctgc atgaaacaag ttgaggtaca gtccgtcctg tcaaacgcac    177480
     atcacatgac agcagctact caaacgcgta caaactagta aacaaagagt aatccaagtt    177540
     gtggattact tcaaaagacc agcgcgatct gacaaagcat tttccagaag atgacaatgt    177600
     gtagaacggc cataaatgag gttggcgtcg tgatctcgtt ccttttgagt gcgcatgcac    177660
     attagcctga gcaacctgaa aaaatgctga ttttgtttaa ttcgaatgtt tagaaactaa    177720
     acttaacaga cggtagttat ttaattttaa tggaattttt attgtaatct atttgttatt    177780
     ccaaatatgt aatgtaattg taagcttggc tgacagtttt gaagaatttg acgtttcccc    177840
     attcagacag aatgcccgag catattgccc tggaggcgtt tcaaagatgg ccagcgagta    177900
     aaacgacttc ctctaaggga ctttgtttta ttttgtgaaa ctttgttgtg tatggaataa    177960
     ccatattata aaaaaaataa gccatacaaa tctgtggttt acaatgaatt taaatcaggt    178020
     atttttttgc ttagaaatgt acctttttta actttatctg tgattttaga tgtttagaaa    178080
     ttagttttac atctctgttg cttatctgta tctgtaatct ggggtatttt tgtatcctgg    178140
     aaattaatgt cgaaagagat agctcccctt caatagtatt tgttttccta ccatggatct    178200
     caatggtaac aggttttcag catacttcaa aatatcttct tttgtgttca acaaaagaag    178260
     gaaatttttg gtttcgaact acttgctggt gattaaatac taagtaaatt taaatttttg    178320
     ggtgagctat cctaatattt ctatttttac tgaattcttt tattacattt atgtgagcat    178380
     aagctatttt ttaaatattt aataagccaa acctttgaca gctagcatat gtgtttattt    178440
     aatgccaata atgtccttac attatcataa aatacgcatt gaaaaactca taatgtgcat    178500
     cccgatcacc catttttcta taatgacaga ctgaccttga tatcatcctc aaaccgcatg    178560
     agacctcatg catgttgtga ataatgctat agccggccgg tgctcctcag catctgcact    178620
     ccttcctatg acagaaatgc aatagtccgg agttggatta gtggtcgatc acaccttatc    178680
     taagatcaag aggctcagac cattcttcca ataacatcct gcagtctatg taaccatagc    178740
     aactccgagg gacctgatcg tgcctttaaa gttgcacaaa taaaagggca acattgattt    178800
     ttatctcctt gatgggatgc agtcttctca tttgacttaa attagcacaa ttctgacaat    178860
     atttgattta agcaccctca aaatgatatt atccaaatag ctgcacactc aaacaccctt    178920
     aaacgtatga aatgaccatg cattttagtg aatatactat ctgtacagta tatatgtgtg    178980
     catccagatc atataaatat ggatttgtgg acagagattt gttgcatggc cttatcagca    179040
     cacttgcaga ctcaaaacac tcacagaggt ttaatcgtca gttcaggcag tcgcacctct    179100
     gttattgagt gccattaaaa tactggctgt cagaggggtg cagtgaagga gacataatta    179160
     tgcacctccg ccagacacaa aaggcccaac acccacacag atctcttctt ccctcacaga    179220
     gcagtcgagc tctgccacac gggacacggc actgtagatc atcgggatca tctctgcaaa    179280
     ttcagatgtg cacctaatga caatgttatc attgtgaaaa catgtggaat gtgctttaag    179340
     tcttgtgcat gtgcagttta agagggttgc tagctgtttt ttcctgaccg tgtgccacca    179400
     tgcataagca tgtgtgtgcg gtggcgaggg ggaggagttt gcacagtaaa tttcttgttc    179460
     tttttttttc tactgtgcat tttgatggga atcgggcagc tgttttgcag ctgctgcatg    179520
     aatagagcca ccctgaggcc tctggagccg ttttcacagt ctctctctct ctctcattca    179580
     aaagcagata gggataagga aagaacataa aggttttgaa gatgtgcttt ttaaagttga    179640
     actgaattaa aaaaaaatcc taatgagagt tgtgtgactt ttagggtgtg ttcacatttg    179700
     gtgggtttgc tgtaattgct ctgtcagtgt ggttcatttg aatatgtgtg tgaaggctga    179760
     cgtctaaatc tcggtgtgca ccaaaaaaac agaccgagac cactgaaata cgggtattgg    179820
     tctgcttcca aatgaactct agtgtggttt gcaatgcaga tcaaagatat ctgacccaaa    179880
     aacaggatat gatgtcacaa tacgtggtca taatgcacaa gactagcatt ataattcatc    179940
     atatttggca gatgcttaaa tcctctgtgc aaattaggac aacaaaagta actttatttt    180000
     gaccaacata ctattcatgt aaaaaaataa atgatctcaa ggactattta ttcagacttt    180060
     tataatgtag aacatgttat tattttactc aaaccaacac ctaataaatc cagagacatt    180120
     caacattctg tcttgctaca atcccactcg atctttaaga tcttaaaact cagggtttct    180180
     ggtagtgccc agaatagcaa agtccactaa aggaggtcga gccttctcat atatggctcc    180240
     taaactctgg aatagtcttc ttgataatat tcgaggtcca gacacacttt ctccatttga    180300
     aactagatta aagactcatc ctcttaatga agtatatgca tcacataact gtaggataaa    180360
     gctaggaagg cttgaagaga atatgccaac tgtcacatgt ggggacaagt ctcagacaac    180420
     atagatagga tccaagtgca atttaataag agtattcgtg taagcaggca ttgatcaata    180480
     caggggcaaa ttagatacac acagggcatc aactatcaca caggacacac aactatctgt    180540
     ataattagtt actcataaca gaactatgta attctgtttc acagaaacca aaggatctcg    180600
     ttctcaatgg aaaaaagaag ctgtcccaca aaacagctct cgagcagcca tttttagctg    180660
     aatgttagca tttttaactg cctagaaacg ctttggcact cacacctgca cattttcaga    180720
     gcacacaacg gtatttatgg tgagccctgc tgtgtgaatg gaaccataac agacggttct    180780
     tgcactagtc cccaagtatg cagttaaaga gaaaagagtc aatttgtaaa tggatgtata    180840
     agatgtagag gctttattgt gctgaggctt tttgtgttca cacacttctg taccagcctt    180900
     tttccccatt catttatttt ttacattggg atttattgtg gaggaattaa aatctacact    180960
     caggcaactt taacaagaat taccgaagta tgtaaagaag tgtatgtcat tcttgtcggc    181020
     ttagtccctt tattaatccg gggtcgccac agtggattga gccgccaact tatctagcac    181080
     gtttccagcg aatgcccttc cagctgcaac ccatttctgg gaaacatcca tacacactca    181140
     ttcacactca tacactacag acaatttaac ctacccaatt cacctgttcc gcatgtcttt    181200
     ggactgtggg gaaaaccgga aaaaacccac gcgaacacag ggagaacatg caaactccac    181260
     aaagaaatac caactgaccc agccgaggct cgaaccagcg accttctagc tgtaaggcga    181320
     cagcactacc tactgcgcca ctgcgtctcc tgaaaagtat atgtgaaaca tgaaaaatcc    181380
     catgaagcat tgcaaatgac ataatcaaat tgaaaattat ggagaaaagt tgttgtatag    181440
     agacaatatg tttcaggttt atacataatt atttgggcct tccagctgca acccagtgct    181500
     agaaaacatt catacacact cattcacaca catacactat gccaatttag tttattcaat    181560
     tcacctaaag cgcatgtgtt tggactgtgg gggaaaccga agcacccgga taaaacacac    181620
     gccatcacag ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgc caactgaccc agttgggact    181680
     tgaaccagtg accttcttgc tgtgaggtga cagtgctaac cactgagcca ccgtgttgcc    181740
     ctaaaacaca cttgattatg taatttgccc ttcatggatg tgcgtggggc taaaattatg    181800
     taatgtagtt tgtatgcacg tttaactact aaacacaatt atttttatat aaatagtaaa    181860
     gttaaattag tacaagcact aacttattgc gatctattcg ctgcacattc gctgagtatt    181920
     cactggataa ttaaacacaa catatagatt taacatcaat atctattttg atcaatccta    181980
     tctagtatga tctgtcgtct taatatgaat gtgcagtaca tactatcctg acgctttact    182040
     gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    182100
     atatatactg tgtgaatgta tattttgttt atattaataa tatagtacca atagtgttga    182160
     ataagcatgg acggaggtga catgtcacca atatccactg atttttgaaa tgccatcctt    182220
     tttgaaactg atttttgata atttaatcgc ttcaaaaata aaataatgca ctatgaaaag    182280
     aaaaggttaa atcatgttac tcaagcccta cctccccaaa cacatatgga cattgtgatt    182340
     ggctgtgcct tttcttgctg tcaagtgaga ggctgctacg gtgcgtttaa atgttcacaa    182400
     cacaaaaacc acaagtaaat ttgctattca ggcttactgt gcaagactca ggtcatacca    182460
     ggagatatat tagatcccca ctaatatcaa aagcaaatat ttgccatttt atagtacaac    182520
     agtatagaaa atcatgctat atagcttcaa gtactcaata gtcattccca taactgtaca    182580
     tgaaagtatg caacctaggc tgattatgta cccctacagt atatacattt ttggagagag    182640
     caaaatacgt cccaggaact acgttttttt gcagtttttg ttttcgcaaa tccaccagag    182700
     gccgctgtgt acgctttttc agatctcaaa ttttcgaaca aagcagactt gacctgcgaa    182760
     tagcgagatt tatccgcaca ttccgtgttt ggtgtgaaca cagcataata atgttttaaa    182820
     aagcacagat tgacccaaat ataatttaaa atctacataa ttcatgacct cctgaaacgt    182880
     atatagcgct atgttttcag aatgagccca ttgcttggtg tcatacaatg tttgtgctct    182940
     ctatgtacac cagcaaactg catatcaata caaattgttg cagccttgtt aattcaccat    183000
     aaacaacctc attttcacta aacatgtggg atcacatatt ttgcctttca tatgtttagt    183060
     gtttatatta gagctttcta gtcattatcc agagcttgag tctttaacct gcacgtcatg    183120
     caaacgctca cttttccttt ctcttggttt tctggctagt tcaccccctt tagcatccgc    183180
     gaggctgtca aacagacaga aggagaggaa tgatgaaaga gaagtggggg gaggagaggc    183240
     aggagagaga aagaaataaa agcaacgcca ggagagacac acaggtgtct gtgtcagatc    183300
     attgggcccg gtgagggttg gcagagcagc ggagggggga cagagaggct ggtgttaaat    183360
     tacagtgggc ctgtgtggag ggatgatctg ggtcacaggg ttcccagcat ctccgctgac    183420
     acacacaagg gagccaagct catcaccacc atcctgctgc tcattctttc ggcacacaga    183480
     aatactggag taaaaaaata gataaaataa ctttggcaca catgaacgaa aggagctcac    183540
     agacaaaatt tctagaggtc cacgatagtg ataaaaacat gctagctcag tattttaagg    183600
     attattttgg ataccaataa ttattagttg tttcactgaa cttggtttgt aaattggcag    183660
     atatttgcct gttgtaggta aataactata atactgcaag ccagtaggcg gcagcaatct    183720
     tatcttaaag gtttcatgaa attaatataa agttttttta aatattagca tcagtattgt    183780
     tcatctttag gatgtctgta cgctagtgtg caccaaaaaa gtgacaaaat tcacgtttat    183840
     gtggtataaa accgacatgt aaagcttgta ctttgtcact tccgcctaca tcaggggtat    183900
     ccaaacttgg gctgcgtccg aaaccgccta ctactgcaat tgaatttaaa cgtactacta    183960
     ccgttagaaa agtatgttct atacagtatg aatgtgaaaa gtatgaatgg aattcggacg    184020
     tactacatcc gccattttgt catggtcacg tgacctacct acgtcagttg cgtcgcctca    184080
     attccattca tgaattctct cgcagggcat tatgggatag cgctgcgtgc atgggatggg    184140
     cactccagaa tctctatgaa ttctatgaat tcggacatac tactcggctc acatactgat    184200
     ttaagcatac tatatagtat ggaagtatgc ggtttcggat gcagcgttgg tcctggaggg    184260
     ctggtgtcct gcagatttta gctccaactt gccgtaacac acctgcaagg atgtttctag    184320
     aatgcttagt aagagcttga ttagctaggc cagctgtgtc tgattagggt tggaactaaa    184380
     ctttgcagga caccggccct ccaggaccga gtctggacat ccttagccta aatggatcaa    184440
     cgatatgtca cctcatactt cagtttctca tcaaatcatg gccatttaaa tgctctgtag    184500
     agtctgacat gccccacccc gcttcaagac acttttcatt tgaagcgctt ctcattggca    184560
     gagcagtgat caaacaaaac gctattggct gtttttttat aaagaggagg agctactgtc    184620
     ccaccctcac ttcatgttac agttgagatt acgtcaaaca tcaaagaaaa aaatgcacat    184680
     ttcaaagcac tttacaggac atttaatgac agcaggaaca gtatgtaatt ttcgctacta    184740
     gatggcacgt atttacaaca aacaagagct gtatcggtaa tcgcacctat accattaaaa    184800
     tgcgctatcc attgcgccac agagggaaca gtgtgcactg tttgagggaa cagtcatttc    184860
     taatggtaca cccctcacaa atctctcatt tagtttaata ttttttatag gaagctttac    184920
     aacaggcatg accaaccttg ttcctggaga tcgaccttcc tgcagatttc agttgcaacc    184980
     catatcaaac acacctgcct gtaattatca agtgctgttc aggtcctaat taattggttc    185040
     aggtgtgttt gatcagggtt ggagctgaac tttgcaggaa ggtcgatctc ctggaacact    185100
     gctttacaat attatattta tgtatagact gtccattaga ttaatcacta ttgaagccaa    185160
     atctggagct catctaacac aataacttaa gataacattc caaaattagt agcctaaaat    185220
     aggcaaaaat ataaaataaa aaaagagaaa caaaaactga gtaaaatttt gttgaaattt    185280
     tgcagtttgt ctttttttac cagtatctca cattaattta aatgtattat ctttcagttt    185340
     ctaaatatgt ttggtgatgg tgactaaaat attattttaa caaatacatc agtttaataa    185400
     atctgttgtt caaaattcaa atgacctaca tatgacctat attcactgag aaatgaacca    185460
     aaatattcat tcatactcat ttatgttaag tgctgtacat acaatttctc acaaagggat    185520
     atattgagct ctatgcatat ataaaatcaa gttagactat cttataatta taactgcact    185580
     gttacacgag ttgataatgt caactcgcac atagtaaaaa caacaattat gatattatca    185640
     taggcgacaa acatcgcaca caactaatgc cattaatata tatttttaaa agcatctgca    185700
     gtgagaaatt acttggaaaa aatcgcaata cagacactaa taggctaaaa ctcgtgcagc    185760
     taaaactatg aaaacgtccg atcgcttttg gaaatctgta aaatagcaca acaacccctc    185820
     ccagtcctgg aaataactaa tccctgtctg ttcaaatcaa acaacagtca catttattac    185880
     catctgagag agaaaacagc cttcgtaagc agtagccagg acattaatcc agccagggtc    185940
     acagacaaaa aagcagagat ctattaagta ttaatgacag gccaagcact gccaaatccc    186000
     ttcttcccaa atgtaaaacg aagcaaaagc aactggcatt cttctatttc gaactaaaca    186060
     ctggtattaa ttattgagtt ttgagagctg aaagtgactc tttttgcact cctaatactc    186120
     attcctggtc ttagtttgca tgattcatcg gtgcatgtta ttttcataaa ctttcatcaa    186180
     aatttaataa cttgctctgc ttctgaaatg actttccttg gcctggtctc tctcaacgtg    186240
     gccctcagga ctgtagtcca cacttatttg acgtagtgct gcatagactg ttgagtagca    186300
     gtcggtcgtg gagcctttat tactgtatat tcatttattc attttccttc aacttagtcc    186360
     ctttattcat caggggttgc cacagcggaa tgaaccacca acttattcag catacgtttc    186420
     acatagcaga tgtccttcca gctgaaacct agtataggga aacacccaca tactctcgca    186480
     ttcacacaca ctcatacact atgcccaatt tagcttaccc aattcaccaa tagcacatgt    186540
     ctttggacta tgggggaaac cggagcaccc cgaggaaacc cacacgaaca tggggagaac    186600
     atgcaaactc cacacagtaa tgccaactgg cgaagtttta ctgtaaatag taaaattgct    186660
     aaaaaccaaa actgtttaaa acaatctgaa aaactaaatt acgtgtagca gcttttacgg    186720
     agctcacatt gtaataacat aaactcaaat aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa    186780
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa ataaaataat tttagacaga    186840
     aaacttggat ataatcccac attgcaccaa caaaattgtt taataaatta tttaaacatg    186900
     tagggaaatg tttaaaaaaa taggttatcg atagcatttt caaagtgtac actaaatatg    186960
     caataagttt tggataagta gccaaggtct acattcctga ggacagcgga atatgtgact    187020
     ggaggtacat ctgctcgcag tttttgcttt tgtcaatccc ccaatggccg cagtgtttgc    187080
     tttttgatga tctcaaattt ctctcgtgcg tcctcttctt gcataaatct accagagggt    187140
     gcaatataca cgtcagctga gcaggggtgc gtttccgaaa accatcgtta gctaactaag    187200
     gtcgcaagtt ccatcgttac aaacattgtt cgttgatttg gtgtttccca aatctatcgt    187260
     tccaacgaac atttgcaaac tgcatcgcaa acttatatgc ttgcaactac acctctggag    187320
     ctgtagttag aaacagagtt cctggctgtg ttctattccc agttttccct cctttgccct    187380
     attcctttcg aagattctaa catttaaact tggtatgatt tttttaaagc attaaagtca    187440
     tctctcttag gtgtaatttg ttttcagagt atttttacag ttcagtttta gtgatcttca    187500
     tgtagacaat tgcgttgcct tcatagtgca ctttgaaaac attgatgcca ttttgaacgc    187560
     agccgtggct caagacgata acatggcttt acgttataac taaggtggta taaacgacgg    187620
     ttttgggaaa cactactctc tacatcgttc ttttcccaaa cgatgggaaa cgcaccccag    187680
     gccagcttgt tgtcgactga cccacccacc ccatcgcaaa acccaaccga tagtgttttc    187740
     aaaagcaatc cagaaaaaga aaagcattgc ggaggagtaa tttcaccaca ttttagcctg    187800
     tcgtttctgg aatcgttctt cgctggactt gaaccccagc atcgcagtaa actcacctcc    187860
     atgtctcaaa tccatcagtg tacacagcaa gctactgggc aaactggtaa cactggaaaa    187920
     gctgtctgta tatagataat cggtcagcta ttgctaaaag gaacagaagc catcggcgct    187980
     gtcatactac tccgtagcat tcattttaaa gaaagcatgc agccatatgt acctctggct    188040
     acataatttg tgtaatttcg tatccacaat gagcctgtgt tgcttaaaca agtagtaaaa    188100
     ttactaaaac ctaaactgaa gatttaaaga tacagtaata ttataaaagc catcatttag    188160
     ccaactaatt attttgtagt ctttacgatt taacatgatt tacaggtttt ttttttaaat    188220
     acaactatta aaactattgt aactattcaa atgctattca acatttctac tttcattcat    188280
     tcattttatt tttggcttag tacccgccaa cttatccagc atatgtttta cgcagtggat    188340
     gcccctccag ccgcaaccca tcactaggaa acacccatac actcttatac acatacacta    188400
     aggccaattt agcttattca attcttctgt accgcatgtc tttggattgt gggggaaacc    188460
     gcagcactcg gaggaaaccc acgcaaacac tgggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac    188520
     ccagcagggg ctcgaaacag cgatgttctt gctgtgaggc gattgtgcaa cccactgtgc    188580
     caccgtgctg cccctttcta ctttcatttg ctactaattt tatttgattt taaaatattt    188640
     gctaaatttt gttattatac tccataataa tttatatttt ttgtgtattt ttctctttac    188700
     agtgtgagca ccatgttatt gtcctagtga atatgaggtt tgaatgttgg gttatgtgag    188760
     ggcagcttac tgtctgaaaa tggaatgtta tgttcttatt gtagttaagg acagggattg    188820
     taatttatat ttacttatat ttttatatat gtattgtttg tgtacagcac tgtggtcaac    188880
     ttttgttgta ttaacatgtg ctttataaat aaagtgaaca ttatagaatt attcttcact    188940
     gtatacatgt aacacagtat tttctcacta aactatttca tgtggaaaga agttgcatta    189000
     tggaaataag agcttatgaa tgctgggatc ataaaacagt ggaaatgcat tcctcgcggc    189060
     tggaaacccc tccttgtaga aatgctgagc gttttcacat tgcagcatca tcactgcaca    189120
     cttccaacaa acccaaagca tctctttgat taatgtcatt accacttcca ttaaatcacg    189180
     tcctaaatca ttagcttcaa tggcttcgac atctgtcctg gagcgagcaa atcgccagtt    189240
     aagacatctg gcaaactcgc tttcatcaga tccgctgtca cgtctgtgag acatcagagc    189300
     ggctttctca gcctgcctcg tccgtctttc ttccagactc cttcaacaca ttcccagtgc    189360
     aagtgggcag acgtggtggc atgacaagtt tgatcgtttg catagaagca gcagggcttc    189420
     tccaactcac tttttttcat tcttcatcat gttcgcatgc accaacacac tgatgataac    189480
     tcagtaaata aataaataaa ataaaaatca gcgtattaaa gaaacttatt atcctagttt    189540
     atatgcaaat taacaatgtg gcaatgcata gaaaatacat tttcaatact taattaataa    189600
     atcagtttcc tggtagtgac attctggaaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    189660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatgaataca cacaccttac tagttggacc ccctcttttg    189720
     ccttcagaac tgctttaatc cttcgtagca tagattcaac aaggtcctgg aaatattata    189780
     ggtatataaa taatataggt tttggtccat attgacatga tagcatcacg cagttgatgc    189840
     agatttgtcg gctgcacatc tatgatgcaa atctcacgtt ccaccacatc ccaaaggtgc    189900
     tctatcggat tgagatctgg tgactatgga ggccatttga gtacagtgaa ctcattgtca    189960
     tgttcaagaa accagtctga gatgattcgc aatttatgac atggtgcgtt atcctgctgg    190020
     aagtagccat cagaagagga gtacattgtg gtcatgaaga aatggacatg gtcagcaaca    190080
     atactcaggt aggctgtggt gttgacacaa tgcttaataa attaatgggc tcaaagtgtg    190140
     ccaagaaaat atcccccaca ccattacacc accaccacca gcctgaattg ttaatacaag    190200
     gcaggaagga tccatgcttt catgttgttg atgccaaatt ctgaccctac catccgaatg    190260
     tcgcagcaga aatcaagact tgccagacca ggcaacgctt ttccaaacat atattgtcca    190320
     attttggtga gcctgtgtaa attgtagcct caatttcctg ttcttagctg acaggagggg    190380
     gtgcctcttc tgctgctgta gcccatctgc ctcaaggttg gacgtgttgt gcatttagag    190440
     atgctcttct gcattgtttg gctgtaacga gtggtaattt gagttagtgt tgcctttcca    190500
     tcagctggaa ccagtctggc cattctcctc gaacctctag catcaacaag gcatttgcgc    190560
     ccacagaagt gtcgctcact ggatattttc tcttctttct gaccattctc tgtaaaccct    190620
     agagatggtt gtgtgtgaaa atcccagtac atcagcagtt tctgaaatac tcagaccagc    190680
     ccctctggca gcaacaacca tgccacgttc agtcactaaa atcaccttaa atcacttcat    190740
     tctgatgctc ggtttgaact tcagcagatc atcttgacca tgcctacatg cctaaatgca    190800
     ttaagttgct gccatgtgat tagaaaatta ggtaaatgag cagttgtaca ggtgaaccta    190860
     ataaagtggc cagtaagtgt atatgtgtgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    190920
     atatatatat atatatatat gtatatatat gtatataata tgtataatat gtataatatg    190980
     tataatatgt atataatatg tatataattg tatataattt atgtactttg agtttgaccc    191040
     attcacccag tacttctaca tgtgcacaca caacacgcat gctcacacac acacactctt    191100
     tcttgtacct gactgtttct attgtttgtt ttgttttttc atctctgaag aaaaaataat    191160
     gcaactaaag taggaataat tctcgttttg atacttgaag attgtagcca gatgaaggta    191220
     atcagaaatc actgttatca acatgctaga tttgtgaata ttgttgtccc agtaaccata    191280
     ctgattgacg tattcacaga ttcattcata tcaggagaaa tgccctgagg ttataaaaat    191340
     ctcttttgct aatgcccttg cacacacaca cacacacaga cacactgcaa gcaacacacc    191400
     gcaggggctt gccgaataat ttcatggtgc cagcagagac agattcctct gaaatatgac    191460
     caaaggcatt tcaacacgat atgacacaca ctccctcctt cagcgccgtt gagggctgag    191520
     aaagggcaca cgatgaagaa gcctgtctcc aggcaaagca tcagcaaaaa aaaagggcca    191580
     cggtccacac ataaacctga gctcagctgg actttcagga aaacaacctg tgcctgtaaa    191640
     atagcccaat gcgcaaagat agtctacttc tttctttttt ctctctctcc tgtaaaatag    191700
     tttcactatg gattgtttct tcctagtaag cacagctgag ggagctcaca agcgcactga    191760
     gagccaacac acacaaattc acaggattgc agaggtattt tggactgtga aagccggttt    191820
     tcaagagaaa agagggtatt attgcctaag agcaaaactt tccattaatc taatagacat    191880
     tcagcttcct ctgagacctg ctaatatggt ctggttacaa taagcctcaa aagcagctac    191940
     tgaatgtaaa accatgaaaa ccatatgaga gcacttacca aaaggagcgc aaagcagtcg    192000
     ctggtggaat taaaaaatgg tttgggagat ttttcagagc gacacaccca agctggaagc    192060
     tatgtcagcg atcactgcta cagataactc aaacccaacg ttttaatagc ttttctaatt    192120
     gggtgagaat ggtatggatg cttgtttcaa ccagggaata aaaattatac tttttaatct    192180
     cacaatttgg attttttttc tcacaattca gagagaaata cacaatttaa ggagagaaaa    192240
     ggtcagaatt tcaagagata aacttgtaat tctgagaaat aatgtctgaa tgggctattt    192300
     gcacacagac ttttaatttc agtcagccag ccgcagggct tccagtgaat tgtcatccca    192360
     ttcaaaatat ttaagatctg atttccttag aaaacagcgg tcttcactgc ctggttaaga    192420
     tacaataaaa agtttgtatc agaccaaaca agaagcactg cattaaataa tatttttcca    192480
     tgccatgtct tcaaaatgtg gaaatcaatt ttaccccagt attttcaatg gagtttttgc    192540
     gctagcctgc tgctaatgta gtgcctatgt ttaagcagtc ttttgtttct ttttactatt    192600
     taacaaccaa aggaatgctt atgtttttta cactttttat tttaattaca ttagaacatt    192660
     aatgctgtga aaggaactgt atgaaactga aaactgtcac ataaaaattt caccggaagt    192720
     tcatcattaa aaaacactag ctgtgcatat agcccattgt gtgaaagcca ataaactcat    192780
     aattgcaata tatgacctct gaccttagtt catcacaact gtgagtttat aagctctcac    192840
     agttctgact ttattagttg aatttcacac catggctatt actaaaaaag ttaataaaat    192900
     gaaactcact tctcactttc acataaaatg aaactcacta aaaatcactt taaactgctt    192960
     gcagggtgaa caaaccatgg ggtctaattt gcatgctttt gcattattcg acaattgtaa    193020
     atttatttga tttagacagt cagacttata agccccggcg tttatttttt ccccaatttc    193080
     tgttcaacat actgtgaaaa tttccttgct ctgttaaaca tcatttggaa aatatttttt    193140
     aaaaaatgta aaaattcaaa agggggctaa taattctgac ttcaactgta tatatttgta    193200
     gtatttattt gaagaatata tttataattt catgtttttc atcaattgat gtgcacgata    193260
     acaacttaaa cttgcaattt ctgaagcctt ttttccctaa ataacagttt ttagcataac    193320
     aaactattaa agctgtaggt tcagttgggc tgaggacatg gacaggggca gggtttttac    193380
     atttgtgaac tgttcaaaaa agaaaaacaa tccgagaacc aaatgaatga cataacgtta    193440
     ttcctttaca gaacaactca cagaaatcaa ccatcagccc attttagcaa tttttaggat    193500
     gaaatacttt tttttcactg tatttatatg tgtattttag ggacagataa tgttggtttc    193560
     tgataaaatg tctccataca cagcagacag atgtgacaaa actacagctt cagttagcat    193620
     gctaacgtta gctaccacta tagtaatatt ttgaatatct agcagggctg atttaacgtg    193680
     tttatttaaa taattgttta tagaaaaaaa taattattat ttttaataat taatgattat    193740
     tatagttttt aaataataat cctatattta aaaactataa gcagttccaa gcaagatgtt    193800
     ttgtgccgag taacaagtta tgcacgttgt aacgttattc atttacacat ttcaataaac    193860
     agtaggttta gacacggtca actgtttgaa aatgaaaaca ttaacgttac ctttaaagcc    193920
     gttgccaaag ctgttgttga taagtagcaa taccgattac ttcactcttg aatgagtcaa    193980
     ccgtgtaaat aacgttactg agggaatgaa tcgcttagtt catacgttct ataattgaaa    194040
     attaaaaata atatgtctta taaaggcggc actgtcgcct cacagcaaga ggtcactggt    194100
     tcgagatggg tcagttggca tttctctgtg gagtttgcat gttcttctcg tgttcgcgtg    194160
     ggttttctcc gtgtgctcca tgtttccccc acagcccaaa gacatgcgct aggtgaaata    194220
     ggtaagctaa attggccata gtgaatgtgt atgattgagt gtgtttgggt gtttcccagt    194280
     gatgggttgc agctggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaacat atgctggata agttggtggt    194340
     tcattccaca gtggcaaccc caggttagta aaggaactaa gccgaaaaga aaatgaatga    194400
     attaatgtct tataaaatgt tctgctgtta ttgttgttgc ataaatagca aaaaggtatc    194460
     atgtttaggt ttactcaaac ttacaaacaa cccaagaccc atgttttaac ctcagaaata    194520
     taaaaaaaat atgaatgttt gttcgaataa accttctttt aatcacaaat actaacattt    194580
     gttatactga ccaacagtta ttttctgaaa aataaataaa taagctttaa atgccaacca    194640
     ttttattgga tatttgaaat aaattaaaca attattttca aaaaattctg aaatgcatat    194700
     ttaatacatc aagttcattt aaaaaaaaca aaaacggaga attgctaaat aatttttttt    194760
     taaattgcaa atatttttct tattcgacac atattgtggg ctaattcctt caatttaatg    194820
     tgtaaattaa attccatcat ataattaatt tgataaaaaa cgtgcttgaa taccttaata    194880
     actacacaat tccaataaga tgttttttgt tgttgttgta aaaataggtt gctaattttt    194940
     tattattaat tataatgttt ataaattatt tattattatt ttaattggaa aattagcctg    195000
     tttcagataa ataaaaaatg aaagcagctt tattaccatc atgctaataa agaatgcagt    195060
     gaagtctgat gaggctaaat ttactcccct aaactgatga aatgtcatga ctgtcgtgac    195120
     acacacagct catgtgttat tgcattaaca ctcaggcatt ggcctttctc tcaccttgca    195180
     ttagattcag aagttcttca tcagagagtg gtctttgcta ataatcgtga acacaatcat    195240
     ctgcagtgtg gaaacgtgcc gtgcgtgaag cctttagaga aaccagatgt tttcatcctt    195300
     ctatcctgcg ctgcctccaa cctacaaata tctcagcctt tcttttctgt ttgccttgtg    195360
     atgcactaaa aaatgctgag ctgctattta gagtcaggca tctcactgac attctttcaa    195420
     gaaagaaaag ccgaggaggg ggagacgaaa cccaggttat acaaacatca ctgaagactg    195480
     atttttgcag acacacacac acacacacac acatgtatct gcatgtgagt ggcaggcatc    195540
     caatacagat tattcaactt cagtcttgca gattgttaat aaatcttcac acacatgtac    195600
     caaagctgct ctgaataagg gttgcatgat ataataatta tttccatagg cttagcaaaa    195660
     ccagcaaatg tcagcatatg cagatcacgc ccatgttttc actatttgcc tcaaaatttt    195720
     cacactccac tgtgagcaca ttgacaggtg cgctgatcta cattatactg aagcttgtgc    195780
     agaaaacctc acgttcagtg ttcaaagaag cagcacattt taaaggaagc gctttagctt    195840
     tcgtagtcat atttagagtg agtgggtccc tgtcagtaga acacaatgag aatctaacca    195900
     cccctgacct caattcttca tcaaattgat caactgaggc ctcttttgtg tgtttttgct    195960
     ttcattttgc ttgactttgt tttagattga acaactagat ttgactgcaa cacacccgtg    196020
     cattacatag atgaacaaaa agttgtaaat tcttgtttaa ttcttattgt ttttaattct    196080
     tataactaca aaggaatcgt ttattaagca ttagcaaata gttgattcgt tatctgttaa    196140
     gcattaactc tacatagtaa gcagtttata actgcagatt acaattgctc tgttattcac    196200
     ttaaaatatt gattgtattt tcttacttta agatacattt ttccattact aaattaagta    196260
     ttgcattatt tacaaaccag ttaataaagc ataggtggtg tttttaaaga tcattcagaa    196320
     tgagtaagta aataattaat acactattca tatcaacatt tataattctt attaatcagg    196380
     catatattga tagttcattt gtatgttaat aactgcttta ttaagtcaac tgcattaagt    196440
     tttgtggcct aaaactattt aagctttata aatccctaat gaatgagaat taaagggaat    196500
     tagttttatt ctaaacaggg aaaaaagaaa ataaatgact ttattaattg ctactcattt    196560
     gaagatacaa aagttaaact gaatcaattg aaaaataatt cttggcaatc ttaattaaaa    196620
     taaaattact gtgcagttta aacattgcta aataacatta aaatgtatca taatatattg    196680
     ttaaatttta ttttatttca attttattta gttgtattta tttttatttt tattttgaca    196740
     ctcctattac tctgcaatgt ttaaagttta cagtaattta attgtttaga taagattgca    196800
     aagatttatt gttcatttga tactgagcct ttaattgaaa tttattagag atttacaaag    196860
     tataaatagt cctcacttta gataaggtca caaaactgca tgaagttgag ttaataaagc    196920
     atttattaac aaacagagta acccctaata cactctcaga aataaaggtg caatgtttct    196980
     ttctttttaa aagaaacata attttaccca aagagtccac taaagtacct caaaggtcca    197040
     tattagtgcc caaatgtaac taaaaatacc aatgaggtac cattatggac ccttcaggta    197100
     caaatatgta ccttttgaaa aggtactgcc ccagtgacag ctcctctacc tttttttgag    197160
     agtgtatatg cctgaataat aaaatattta aatgttgatt tgttgaataa tcattcacta    197220
     actcattctg aattattcta aaagccacca atttctctta aatacaaatg gtttgtaaat    197280
     aaggcaatac ttcatatagt aatgaacaat taacaagtaa taaagtataa aaatataatc    197340
     ataaagcaca ttataaatgt gcttttaagt caagaataga gcattttagc tgtatttata    197400
     aactgcttac taacaactat gtagagttaa tacttaaaag ataatgagtt aactatttgc    197460
     ttctgcttaa tagatgattc atagtgggta gttattataa agtgttacct tatgtctttt    197520
     tttgttgaaa tatcattttg gataataact ataactgtga actagatgta aacatcttat    197580
     tctattctat tctattctat tctattctat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    197640
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacagtt gaagacagag ttattagccg    197700
     tcttttgatt tttgattttc tttttttaat atttcccaaa tgatgtttaa cagagcaaga    197760
     aattaatcac agtaaaaatt tttcttctgg agaaagtctt atttgtttta attcggctag    197820
     aataaaagca gtttttattt tttttaaaac aattttggga caaaattatt agccccttta    197880
     agctatatat atatattttt tgatagtcaa cagaacaaac catcgttata caataacttg    197940
     cctaattacc ctaacctgcc tagttcacct tattaaccta gttaagcctt taaatgtcac    198000
     tttaagctgt atagaagtgt cttgaaaaat atcaagtaaa atattattta ctgtcatcat    198060
     gacaaagatt aaataaatca gttaatagaa ataggtttct aaaactatta tgcttagaaa    198120
     tgtgctgaaa caatcttccc tccattaaac agaaattggg gaaaaaaata aacaggggcg    198180
     ctaataagtc agggggggca aataattctg acttcaactg tatatatagt caaaaaataa    198240
     atatcacatt ttcagtttct ttatatttat gcattaaaac aattgttgtg ttattctaaa    198300
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc tagaagaaat cgatatttcg tcaccttgaa attatgaggt    198360
     tctgtctgtg ttctaaagga ttttgagata ttgagcttca aaggttttgc aatccacata    198420
     gcaaacggta tttgtgtgac agttctcttt tatacattaa catgacagac actaaatgtt    198480
     ctctacatgt aaattaccaa aactctcttg tatttgctaa ttggggtaaa aaaaataaag    198540
     aaaataaaat aaaaaacagg gcaaatgcag atagaaactt caaattctaa agtcatgttc    198600
     tgcttggaat tataaggtct tgtctggcag atcattcact gaagcattac ttttcaagta    198660
     atactatcag tctacttatt aatttaatta aaaaaaaatt aaataggggt tttaacaata    198720
     tgttgatgtt tacagaaagt tacatttttg cttctataac atttatttaa tgttttagga    198780
     tgaatatttg ttttcctgtt caaattaagc atgcaaggct gtgctaaata ttttgtccag    198840
     tgcagacgtt acttctaaga tgacgattta gagaaaatat tgtcattttc tgggggaaaa    198900
     aaagctctga atgatttcta tttgaaagaa atcttcacag aataaaagaa atattaacat    198960
     tttactcaaa aggagaattt gagtggtcac gtcacacaca gacacgcact cgtatgcatg    199020
     caggtgtgtg tgtatgaatt tacagtttgt gtgtttagat gtgtgtgttt atataatctt    199080
     tatttatatt tttttgtgtg tgtctgtgta tactgtgcac atgctaaatt attatgcaag    199140
     ccaattttct gatcacaagc cattttgcca attccaaacc gtatcaatcc taacaattaa    199200
     tttagaatcg aatcattaag aagtgatgta aaattgttaa cgaagcctga aggtgaaaaa    199260
     taccttctat tatgagctgc agatttatta agcaggtttg cttttgcagg cacaatggcc    199320
     taaaacaagg ttcaccacaa tgaatagaca aaaatgctta aattcccaca agaaaagtgc    199380
     agaactgcag aaactgaact gcaacctata cttggaggct ccagaagtgc tgcattaaat    199440
     tcatttctga aatctgaaag agtttgtgtc aatgattagc ttcacacaga caaaaatgaa    199500
     caagtgttaa atggaggtgt taccatagcg atgcttgcga tgtggtctat tttaagcccc    199560
     ggggttcatt atacagcctg aaaaagaaac tgcagaaaag aagcaattct taaacttgaa    199620
     attagcattt atttgaacaa ggttctttcc aaattacaag tctttctttt tcatttcaca    199680
     aaatatttac aacagaaaat ccctccattt tatcccaagt attcagttag tttcataatg    199740
     ttcattggtc aatgtttttt ttttaagtag tacgtaaaat aaaaaataaa aattaagcaa    199800
     aaaaacttca ttccctgttt caaaagtcat tttataactg cttgcagttt tattctttct    199860
     tttttttttt tgtctacgag tgctcataaa ctcttttcca catgcactca gtaacaaaca    199920
     ggaagcctga ggctccgttg cttggagccg gaaacggcgc gaaacacaag gaagaacaat    199980
     tacagcattg acagtaaatg cagaggcatc aagtgcacca tgaccctccc gaacacaggc    200040
     catctcgtct ccagctgaca cgtttgcgct aaagccaccg ttgagtcaga tataatgaga    200100
     ggccacggct aaacgaaaga atgccaaacc aacgcatcct gcgtttaaca tacaggatgt    200160
     gtaggggagc atttctgtgg ctttgaaggg cgtgagagag aaagacagcg gcatctggat    200220
     gagagcagac tgaaggctca gaggactgtg aactcgggtt gaagggcatt tccattataa    200280
     gctgcattcg gtaagggaag gtcaagccaa atcaacattg gcgccaatga caatgctgtg    200340
     ctgctccagt ttccgggtca gttcaaaacg tgcttgtgct ctttgtgagg acatgaaacg    200400
     tggaaggctg ggaaaaatat acaaagtttt tgctaacaaa caacagccat gtgatgttaa    200460
     tgataaacct ttgtgggcta caattctctc ctttagttaa gagctgactt gatagtttta    200520
     ctgcggacgt caacggtaat tgccaaaatt tggatcttac aaaagaaagt gcaacattat    200580
     tgatgattca accaacgagc gtctcggtga gtgctatttt gaggagagca acttgcgttc    200640
     atggtacaga atcacaacac cattagtgcc taaataatgt gcaaagctat gcttgacttt    200700
     gtgatatgaa ctttctcgga cttcatccaa gatgattgat tagatctgcg tacaaaagaa    200760
     aatgccccac atgcatctct cggcggaaaa caaaaagacg ccccatctgg tgactggcag    200820
     cagtcactgg agcaggggtt aactggtgac gtaatgcttg gtggaagact ggccgtagag    200880
     gctatagaag tcagtgtgcc tgtgcgactg agatgcgtca atccagtcgc gcatggacaa    200940
     gctctggaga gactgggaca tggccggggc ggaaggcaga ggggcatgcg agtactcctg    201000
     cgagctcacc ggccagggga aggagctgga gcgtgggtag ggcgggtgac tgcggtggtt    201060
     agacacggag ggcacccctg agcagtaaca gttatccacc gtgcacatca ggatcttgcg    201120
     cgctccatac tgaggcagct gggagctgct gccatttggg taatgggagt gtgggaacac    201180
     cgaggtggag tgtggtaaag gttgagagcc ggaggctgag ctgctgcttc cgacatgttg    201240
     gccggagccg cacggcccta gagcttgctg ggaggactga ccttcgcctg gggcagagcc    201300
     ctgagtaaga ctcaagcacg gctgcttggc ggacgcagga cctgacgagg aggaagagtc    201360
     catgtagctc gcgcctgctc ggctgctccc gctgccttcg gggaatgcca tcgagtgcct    201420
     gcgcttctcg cataggtatg ccggaatact ctggaaaaag ttagcaggag cgctgaaggg    201480
     ggctggagat ggaagaaagc aaatgatata aatggttaat tattcagaga gaacagctgg    201540
     atgcagcatc agatggtttt ctgtaattaa tggttaaatg ggagtcattt tgttcatagc    201600
     taccttccag catcttgcag agattcttct ctcgtttcga gatttcagac agaaatagtt    201660
     tggagttgag gctgcccact ttgtatggtg acagtgtgct gcccacgtac gactgagacc    201720
     tggagtccaa aacgaagaaa gttagccatg caagttaggg tttacagtta cacaataaca    201780
     ggacaggaat gatgatgact aatgaaactc ataataatga ttcatgtatg aaaactttgc    201840
     agtgactcac ctgtccatta gtattttcac agattttgtg ttctgaaaag taaaaagtaa    201900
     ttatatgtta gatcaataag agggttccta gactgacaaa aagccctgga aggttttctt    201960
     gcataagcaa attaagttct aatctcacaa atgtgtgtcg taaatgtggt ctcaacaagc    202020
     agtaattacc atttcattaa taattataat atgtatgctt gtgtggatgg cctacgcgtt    202080
     ggctcagtgg ttagcactgt cgcctcacag caagaaggtt gctggttcga gtcccaggtg    202140
     ggtctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctcccag tgttcacgtg ggtttcctca gggtgctctg    202200
     gtttccccca gtcaaaaaga catgtgctat aggtgaaatg attgaacttt actggccgta    202260
     gcatatgtgt gtgaatcagt gtgtatggat ttttcccagt actgcagctg gaagggcatc    202320
     cgctgtgtaa aacacatgct ggataagttg gcagttcatt ccgctgtggc cacccctgat    202380
     gaataaaggg ccgaaggaaa atgattgact gaatgtgtgg aaagcagtgt caagatagat    202440
     ttagatacaa atgcaggcca tacccagaag tgttgtgtgt gggattttga acaataatct    202500
     tgttgtgtga gttttggcat gctaaatata gcaggaaaaa agcagaactg atctttttgc    202560
     cagtcaagaa cctaaaataa gcctgaataa gagtattcaa ggacaagata ataaggggag    202620
     ccagtggaac atgcatgtct gcagaggact ttcttttgct tctgtttgtt tgaatagctc    202680
     aaaaccttct ttccagttga tacacagtta aagtcagaat tattagctcc cctttgaaaa    202740
     ttcttataac tcatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    202800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atttcccaag tgtttaacag agcaaggaaa    202860
     ttttatttta tatttattta tttttttata tttttatcaa ggaaagtttt tatttttttg    202920
     tcaaaattat tagccccttt aagctatata tttttttcga tagtctacag aacaaaccat    202980
     catcatacaa taacttgcct aattacccta acctgcctag ttaccctaat agttaagcct    203040
     ttaaataagc actttaagct gtatagaagt gtcttgaaaa atatctagtc aaatattatt    203100
     tactgtcatc atggcaaaga taaaataaat caattattag aaataagtta ttaaaactat    203160
     tctatttaga aatgttgaaa aaaaatcttc tctctgataa acagaaattg gggaaaaaat    203220
     gaataggggg tctaataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtatgaat atagtacgct aaacagtatt    203280
     tgcccaacat taaacccttt aaatctcctt cgattaatta ccataaatgt ttctaaatac    203340
     atatttagct cctgaaaaat gaacacccag atctcttttt gaaatgcata aatctaaaca    203400
     agacccaacc tgacaaaaac acttcacatt tcctggattc cacagaggtg aactgtatat    203460
     ccagcagagg cctaaaaata atcattttcc atcatttttg tatactatta caatctgcaa    203520
     taaatctgac ttcagccatg cagaaaaata ctcttcaata tcatctttct ccatgccaaa    203580
     acacaaaagc gctgttaaat atggggaaat gtcaccattt ataacaacaa aagactgcgt    203640
     ggtattgaca acggcaataa aaggcaggtc accttcataa aaccgatgtc ctctgcctta    203700
     tcgaaaacca tctggatgga gctgagcagt ttctttgcct cttgctgttt ctggtgaagc    203760
     tgcagggcct gcgcagagtt ctcctggcag aatttcgagt gggctttatc caggacctcc    203820
     agggtcttcc ccaaatcctc ctccaagagc tgctgcatct tctgatactg cagctgcacc    203880
     tcctccttca ggtgctgcac tttgtcctga ggtttaacac aaacaccaat tactatgcaa    203940
     gtcgtgcgcc gtcttttacg gaggctgaat ctgatgcgga tgattaggga gagccactga    204000
     ggaactggat tggttatggt acaagaacca ggcgcaacct ttatcacaaa cctgtgcaaa    204060
     tgtactaatg tggtcattaa tcacagtaat aggaagagcg tcctgtatta gtgcttggtt    204120
     ttaaagctcg caaaagcaat gggttcaatt gcttggctaa taataataat gttatttggc    204180
     ttgtcagagt ttcacactta cttccatgag acatttgtca gattctagtt tgtagagttg    204240
     ctcctctatg tcctgaaccc ggtcctcgat ccgatcctgc tgtttaatca gcatttgctg    204300
     aaatacaaaa gcataagatt aggccagtgt ctttatttaa tttaggttat aatatttgat    204360
     catgttgaga taatcagctg atagaaacat gttgtaatcc attagaaaca tatataatgg    204420
     tcaagctagt gacattttca taaaccatat tcaacccttc gcttgtttcg aaagtatttg    204480
     agtttcttct gttgaacaca aaagaagata tttaaaaaaa tgctgtttga ttgtcacaat    204540
     actggaactc agtcatcagt tcaccgaact caccgctatt tactgtgtaa acatcgatat    204600
     agagacaatg gagcatttca aagtatggct gtgcgattaa tcgaaatcga atcacaattc    204660
     agatttgaaa ctttgcattt agctaatcgc aagaagctgt gatataaata tgtattattt    204720
     attttccccc gcccagagca aacgcgtgaa tggcatctgt gtgtgacagt tttactagcc    204780
     aattgagtaa gcacattcct aatcagaatt gtgcaaccaa actatgcaga atgcacacaa    204840
     aaaaccccaa acaaacagga aggcacggac gagatggatg atggtgactg ccgcttcaga    204900
     aacattaata gattcaatat caaattcata tcaaagaaaa acaggacatt agtaatatgg    204960
     gaatattttg gtttcaaagt gtgtatttcg cgtgcattca cagctcgcaa tgcaggtatg    205020
     tgcatcgtct ggagtgactg actgtaatgt aatgtactat acaaacaaaa tttgtcattt    205080
     cattttcata ggacagttat atatagatgc attagttgca gaattttaaa gcagtttaac    205140
     gatttaaatg cttcttattg gatattacat cattcaatgc gacaataaac ataactgtac    205200
     ggatagttta cgacctacta actacagttt gctttaagca cgttgacaaa tttagtaaca    205260
     aactagctat tagaaagaac ttacaaacag ctggtgcaac cctacccagg atataactaa    205320
     tgccataacg cactaccctg ctaaagacac gtgcctttta atgcagtgac caaagagaga    205380
     ttaacaaaac tcatctaaat gcaagataga cacatctcgt ctcttctgtc ttacacctat    205440
     tttagccatt ttggagtacc acagctgtac gtttaacatc atgatatttt gtgtagcatc    205500
     tgtgataatt attttgtttt agacaatata agcaacagaa aggctcttat cagccatatt    205560
     agtttgctga gtgttctgta tatttataat gattatcttt tgtttgtata ataagctaca    205620
     ctccctaatt tgagtttaat ttatttacag aaaggtaagg taattttatt tgtgcttact    205680
     gtgtgctcta gggaaaaacg ggtgtttaat ttctgaatat ttaaaaacaa ttttgaataa    205740
     atgtttaggt tagttaatat attttcaatt cacacttcag taacactcac tgcatttcag    205800
     cagtaagaag ctacaataca gattattgag ctgaagcttg acttcaaatt caatcgcaaa    205860
     tcaaatcaaa tatctgtcaa aaaaaatgca attagatatt ttccataaat cgcattgtcc    205920
     tatttcagag tcgcatcaat cagccggttt gtctataagc tggcatacaa gcgatctgct    205980
     gttgaatcgc ggctttaaag tgctccagtg tccctgtatc tgtggttaca ctcagtaaac    206040
     agcagcgagt tcggtaaact gatgaccttc acaaccaatc acagtcattt ttgttgagca    206100
     cgtgaacaca atggcaaatc agcgctgttt aagaacgtgc tcaacagtac tcaaatgttc    206160
     gtgggaaatg gacattttaa aaatgtcagt atcggttggt accgaatacc agtatcgtga    206220
     caaacctagg accaactgac ttccatagta atacttcttc ctgccatgga agtcaatggg    206280
     aagtcaaaat atcttctatt gtgttcagca gataaaaaaa aaaacactca taaaggttaa    206340
     aaccacacaa ggcagagtac atgatgaagg caatttcatt ttttgagtga actaaccctt    206400
     tattgcaaga gagagagaga gaaaaaaaaa agtatgtgtc atttccaata tgcaatgcaa    206460
     tttgtacgca attacacaat aataaaaaga ttatgcagaa tccgcaaaca ttctggatgc    206520
     tgtaaatggt atgaaattac ccaaaccaat tttattcccc accaaaatgt cactaaaatc    206580
     gcatgcctcg ctaaaatgtc aattctacca ccatcatttg ttatggaaac attgcatgac    206640
     ctgatgtaca gtagaaatga ctctttggcg gcaaaaaaag gctttcagaa caaaagaggg    206700
     actgtgtttg taaatgtgtc ttggacatgg tcaataaatt agtgtataaa actggggttt    206760
     catgaacact gaacaaaatg attgacatct aatttcatgt acgcatcaat atgacacaga    206820
     aaaaaaccta aaacttctgc ttttaaattt attcaccaaa tctactgcca ttctcacagt    206880
     ctattaataa aagcaatgaa gaatcacaaa aacattgtgt tttttctttt agaaaacctg    206940
     ctctgcaaac taaaatgtgc aaatattgtt gcttaattat acatgaacag aaagattcat    207000
     gaatattcaa catttcaccc agcccaaaga tcacatataa ttgacaatgg gttgaattca    207060
     agctctgtgt agaatattca gaaaacactg gatgctggaa cacaaatact gtatagttta    207120
     agctacaaac tctgaattct tgatataaga aaatcacttt cattctgttg ccagacaata    207180
     gcatcgatca acaatctagt aggcatgggc tggtataaga ttgtgactgt atgaaaacct    207240
     tgaataaaaa tatcatggtt tcacagtgct gtgattgctg ctctaaaatg tgtttaaaca    207300
     tttaaaatat tttggagcag taaacgtcaa gctaaataat tcaaatgaat cattagctgt    207360
     gttttcattc aaaaatgcat gaccttttta atgcgcattc tggaaaatgt acagtaaaag    207420
     tgtttccatc gcagttcatg tgcatttttt cttatcaaat aaaaagttta gcctactcag    207480
     ttatgcgcat gttatttatg tgcattttca aaatttatgc gcaacttgtc gtttccatta    207540
     accatttttt atgtgcatat ccaaaatgct cataaaaata ggtggatgat aagtagctat    207600
     tgattgtgtt cattagtttt aaaaacagat ttatttacaa ttttgaacag catcttagga    207660
     tatcttttct gctggagata ctgttgtcct aaaaacaaaa cgttaataaa aaaataataa    207720
     aaaatggttt agcagaaaat ttggccattt aaaaccttga cttttccaaa ccgcggtata    207780
     ccttgaaaac ggttgtcgtc ccatgtaggt atgggccggt ataagattgt gacggtatga    207840
     taaccttaaa taaaaatatc acggtttcac gttattgtga ttgatgctct aaaatatgtg    207900
     agtaaaaaaa ctaaaacttt ttccccttta aacacaatat attttattta atgaaacatt    207960
     taaaatattt tggagcagta aacacgtcag gctaaataat taaaatgaat tcatagctat    208020
     gtttccatcc aaaaatgcga attaacttta tgcgcaaaac tggattaaca cattaaagat    208080
     gtgcaaataa agcagcgttt ccatccaacg agtcaaagtg aacaaaaaca tcacttcttg    208140
     attaactggc gccaaatatc aacagtaaaa acagaatttg ctgtgttagg agaagctgcg    208200
     tgaatctttt cttcatttaa taaatgactt gcaccttaaa agacaaacct gacatgcagt    208260
     gaatgctcgt ggtgtttaaa ggcgtgagat gtggagcaca cacgctcttg attctggagg    208320
     tcattataga tgtaataaca ctaataccga aacggttaag gcattttaga atgaccaaaa    208380
     taacatttta gatgttttac aatgtgctca gcctgctgct ttttccattc acacacattt    208440
     ttaacatcac atgatctctt ataacaaaat cacatgacct ttttaaatgc acatacttga    208500
     atttgttcgg taaaagagtt tccaccacag ttgatgcgca tcttttctta ttgaataaaa    208560
     agtttatcct actcagttat cctactcagc atgttttttt attcacaatt tcaaaattta    208620
     tgcgtatctt ggcatttcca tcaactgttt tttatgcgca tatccaaaat gtgcattaaa    208680
     ataggtggat ggaaatatag ttactgactt ctgctgtctt cattagtttc aaaaacacag    208740
     ttttttttaa aacattttaa gacgccatct ttggatatct tttctgctgg agatgctgtt    208800
     gtcctaaaaa taaaacaatg gtttagcaga aaatgttggc gtttttaaaa ccttgacttt    208860
     tcccaaacca cggtatttac cttattctac gcctacgagc gggcacagtc atttgaatct    208920
     ttttggctcg agacttcctg tctcattaac ttacatttat ttttagacgt taaaaacagc    208980
     tcgttatgct gcttgatgtt gcaaactgat attttcttat tataagattc tacagtatct    209040
     gtataatcat gcaaacattt gtttgtgaag caagtagttt gaacgttttc tgctgtttat    209100
     tttttcgagt catttctcct atactgtaga cgactgaatc gaaagttcta aaacaaattg    209160
     caaaacgagc gcacttccgc attaaagaat agagtcaata ccttgaaaac ggttatcttc    209220
     caatgcctac aatccagtat ttatataaac cagcaaattc tttcaaaaac aaatcatttc    209280
     tacatcataa atctaagaat gcgccactaa gagacaaaaa gacaaaaagt tctgctgtga    209340
     tggcacgaaa tgtaactttg ctaacttcct gttcctttct ctttcaatga atgcaattgt    209400
     caaggcccca cagagaaggg ctggtggctg aagaggaatt tcaattattt tcctttcata    209460
     ttcaacggca aacaaagggg ggacagaaaa aaaaacgcaa tcaacaaacg actgacagaa    209520
     gttcagtggt accttaggaa caaaccaaat tagttttaat taaacaaacg cctcatgcga    209580
     gaggcagtca ctaaaaagaa ggtgggggtg ctgtcatggc aacaaagctc tttttttcat    209640
     atctgtatat tcagagggga atatgaggga gggaaaagga ggaggagaag gaacgacagc    209700
     atagaggaga gcaaagagaa agaaggaagg ctcatttcac accgtctttc cccattttgt    209760
     ctttgtctgc gtccaaggca gagacaaatc gtgttgaccc tgcgagtgtg tattttggag    209820
     caaagctcta taatgaatgc aggctagctc accgataaaa gtgcttcctg tagaaagagg    209880
     acaaacctca tccacatcaa gccacttacg ctctaaagct tacaggccaa aaagtgggct    209940
     tgcgctggca aagttgactg agggcacgtc taatttagcg tcatgacgtc aaattgtaat    210000
     aaccttacat gaaagcttaa acaaaacagg tattccttgg tgaagtcaat tttggtattt    210060
     tccttcatgt tcaggagtaa cggcattata taattctgat tcatctcagc tacaaagagt    210120
     aaaaaaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca aagggaatca atgtcagtct tcagaatgca    210180
     gcaatacagg acaaacgcag gacccggaga cggatgcgct gcaaactaat gatcttcaat    210240
     cacaccgtct gacagacgct tataacagct gactgtaccc tctgtgccaa atgaactaca    210300
     tcaatcactg ccgatgatac gcgcagccaa accttttcct ttcaacagat tttgtttgct    210360
     gagcgtatga caaattggat ccacaatcac atggtgctgg gtaaacggag ttgttttcgc    210420
     ggatctcgct tgtgcatcaa ccgattttct tgtggcgcaa atccattgct tagatttgga    210480
     tgcaaggaat tggaattggc ggtgaatcag attcatacag actacagtaa ccttccatca    210540
     ttaccaaaaa ctattacata tttacagcaa gatgtagaat atccgtcttg gcacagctgg    210600
     agatcgcttt tcagagccaa tagcttgttt aaagccatat ggaggtgatt tccgttaaat    210660
     tactgcagta attcagaggg atacctcacc aacaaaaggt ataattattt atttagcatc    210720
     acgtcctctg tgaaaaccta tttgtttgtg gaatacagca caatccattc tgaaacgtgt    210780
     ttttgtcctt acaataaaag tgactgtgtt ccacggtcac ttttggattt ccctgatttt    210840
     caatgtaggg acaaaagatg tctttaaatg ctaattattt tttagttctt gttctgcagt    210900
     aggccattaa taattttgtg ttggcaatga attatgcata ttttcaggta gggttaagcg    210960
     atgtcgacca atttggcatt gtatgatgtc aaacgtaaac atcgcaatgg acaatggcat    211020
     catcgtcata ggtgacattg aattaattat ttatgaataa ttaattaatc cataacgaat    211080
     gaattatttg tagcctatcg tttcaactac ctgacctgta tggtctttgt tttaccaata    211140
     accaaatcat aaataaataa agaaaaatta cacacaaatt actatctgtc aatcaccttt    211200
     ttccacagga ttctggcatg aataggcaga gtgatctgtg tcgttataat ggcgacgaca    211260
     aacttggttg gtaaaaaagg tgcacaacca aaaggaacaa accaacagta tctgaggttt    211320
     tcactaaaat tactaagtac cagcgtgaaa ataaaagatt gaagcagtgt actgacactg    211380
     acacattacc tgatagattc aaaagacaga agagttgtta gatgaattaa ttaggattaa    211440
     ttaaatatca tgtttaacaa ctatagtgag acgcgatcca gcaatacatc cttgataaac    211500
     tgtctgacat gcactgctct ctggggtttt gtgctcaaag tacccgctga ctgtctggag    211560
     ctcagagtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtggtcat gtgatgtgcg ttttcactag tatagtgcgg    211620
     atagagatct ttttagaaac actaggcgaa acgacagtgt gaatgtggat cattttcgtt    211680
     ctaaaatgcc cttttaaaac taagacgtat tagtgtaaac ggggaataaa acctggttta    211740
     tacttttgcg tcaagtaatc agcgtgaccc acggcgcatg caacacacgt agatgtgcat    211800
     tcatacttct gtgcgctgtt tctattgctc tgcaataaca cttccgaaat gctagctggc    211860
     agtgaggtgt ttatgctcct ttgtgtcgag tttcttcgct ggtgttttgt tttgttttat    211920
     tttgaacgct ttctaaatgt acaagtggtt caaactcgct cattttgagg cagtaacagg    211980
     cggatgtgca acaactttaa cgataaggta aacacaaagc aacagtctcc ctccggagct    212040
     acttgtaaac agtcactcca acggactcac gcagctcttg gccccaccca cactcatcac    212100
     cgcttccaag ccgaccaatc acagagcttg cacagttaca tttttttgag aagtgcacgt    212160
     cagcgacgtt gacgcccacg gtgagggctg agcaaccacg cgtaggctgc gctgtagcat    212220
     aagcgtgcgc ttgacacaga agtataaatc agccataagt gtgtattttt tgtgagtgac    212280
     ttgctgctat gatgggggcg gggcgaagaa tcacgatgcc agctcagcat tgtaatgtct    212340
     atcggccatc agcgatgaat gatggactcg acccaaccct actttgagaa atcactgtta    212400
     tttagttttt tttcatataa ccttggttta agcatgttat tttattttct tgtatttact    212460
     tacaatgagt gataaatgtt attaaaaaat agctcaatcg tttattttaa tgaaatgaaa    212520
     attaataaca tttatataat ttaaaatgat aaaaaaaaaa ttttactaaa taaaaattaa    212580
     aaaatagaaa ccacattatt attagattgt caaaccatga caacaacatt aattaataat    212640
     cacgtcttgt tctgcagaaa gaaattacat atgaataaat acatttgaat tttggatgag    212700
     ctgccccaat aaactgcagt ctgcattaaa tagcctacaa ggaatctggt gttacgtttg    212760
     gtttcttaaa acacaagttc accatctact cctttacgga ttaaatcggt gtttatctac    212820
     atcaacaatc aggaacagaa gaaaggtcaa gaagcagaaa accgcatgga gacagagaat    212880
     gtctttgaag ctctaggatc taagaccatg gcctaattgt agtgactgat gagctcgggc    212940
     tgccggcaga agcctggagg ctggaaccta atacctcatg gcagcggtgc tggcttgcca    213000
     tccaggacgg acctctctca agggggaatg ggggtagggt gctcaaaatc actgtcattt    213060
     cataccagcg tctcttccgc caaggtcaga ttgaacaagg caatagcaac cttgccctca    213120
     gctacagccc cagacagagc cattttgcct cacagcagat gaacagggaa ggacaaatga    213180
     agatggtaaa cttaagatac acaaacacca gagaaaacca actctggaaa tcccatagca    213240
     tccccaacag gattggtttt ggtttcagat agcttgggca acaccatggc aagggtttgt    213300
     tttgtagatt gattggtcat tgcgtatcac agaaatgaga taactgatgg catttggatt    213360
     tatataatca gcatgaatgg aaattatgat gacagcatgc tgctgaataa aatcagaggc    213420
     cgtgcttgac ttcttataaa gctactgtga ggaaaaatgg acaaatttgg tataaactga    213480
     gaacaaatgt ttgatattag tagtaaatat aaaagtttaa aaccccaacc ctggtatttt    213540
     tatgtggttt ataagtttct agatctttaa aaacaagcaa atgtgggttg ttttgttgca    213600
     ggggagtctg gaaaatgcaa gagcttgtta agggtaaatt aaatccaaat ctggcctttt    213660
     ccctcatctg tgccacagaa aataagactc atcattaaat tctccagtcg cagtcctccc    213720
     cctccccaaa acgccatgca aggatgcacc tgtgctggga agataagccc agaggagagc    213780
     ttcggtattg tttgcagctc tacccaattg tttatcattc aaatggaaga aaaaaaaaaa    213840
     ggggggggaa ggggaaagaa tagttagcaa ctacaactga taaacctcgc cagctcctcc    213900
     gccaaatcca taacctttag cttgaagtaa aacaaagtag ttgtggccac ttactctgat    213960
     atcgttacgc ctgacttcga tatcgcacac cgcgtggccg tggttggtag cacatctgga    214020
     gaagcagcag tactggcaga cagccacatg ctcggtttca caatgataca gtctgtactc    214080
     gtcatgctgt ggacagctcc aggcccgaac atcttcggcg tccaccagta ggtgtccagc    214140
     attggaagag ggttgttgga gatgggtctg tacatgggaa tgacagcagg gtgcattaca    214200
     cctgaggcaa accttctggg cttgaagggg gggtccacgt cggcacagaa tgcaatgcaa    214260
     caccgctggt gtcttctcca catttaatgc gttgaacttc tccacaatgt tggacagctt    214320
     gtggttcttc tccaaagctg gcttttgagt gtaggcgttg ttgcattcgg gacagcgaac    214380
     cattccagca tctttagacc aggcctcatt gatgcacata cgacagaagt tgtgtttgca    214440
     agggagctga actggctcgg aaaacacatt cagacaaatt gggcatatga gctcttcctc    214500
     cagacagttc ttccagttct ctgccatctt taaaacagca taaacaagcg ctgatacctg    214560
     aaatgggtgg agtgggaacc acaagggccc tgctttctcc cacaaacctc aacttggtgc    214620
     cagcgagagt atgaacactc caggagagag tacttttagc acactttagc tcaaggcaac    214680
     atcattacac cacccacttc ttcattcgtt cgtgtcaact gtaggcgttg cgagaattgc    214740
     cacagagcta aagtggactt ttttcggtct tgtgacttta aatgccaaca caccgtttca    214800
     tattctacat gtgtggccct cccactagtt atctatgaat aatccagtct gctgacgacc    214860
     agcttgacag ctcgtcgttg gctagggccg tttttcgaca acagcctcga gcgagagact    214920
     aataaaagct ttagaaagta aacgataatt ctcacgtcaa ggcgtctgtt gtgttttacg    214980
     acatagcatc acacagacat ggattttact cccaaagagg attataaatg tcctgctagg    215040
     tctccataca gacgagcgtt acactttacg ttaaaataaa acgtatctca catccacgca    215100
     gcgtgctttt atattcacat ttcatagaaa ataacgataa taaccaaagc agtcgggtaa    215160
     ttcttacaca tatgtgaata ctgcgcgcat actagacttc ccccctcatt ataacaaagg    215220
     aacacagagt gaacatacac tggtatgtaa ccaagtctag agaaaactgg actgccaagt    215280
     gcattcactt taatctcttc ggacgagaaa atgaagtgtt gttccgattc acgtccacaa    215340
     ataaacagac agcccttcgt gtaaaagcga aacggttcac gctactggag tctgtcatct    215400
     gccatcttgc gtccctcttt aaaaatgaaa aagaaaacgt ctccgtttgg cccccatcaa    215460
     gcctctctcg ctttagcgct tgaaagaaat caaaagtgga tttctggcgt gggtttcatc    215520
     gttgtttccg aatccaatcg cgatcagttc ctgagagcgt gcatccatgg gtcgatcctg    215580
     aaaacgggcc gatctcacca tggtattatt tatgggtttt ttccccctct tctctcgttc    215640
     gggctttgat gagggttgga atgcagggac agaaaagaga gtttcaatac acgcagagct    215700
     tcacgctcgc tccgcccctc tcaacgacca ctccgccaat cacgtgactc atctccgctt    215760
     tgacatgaaa aagaggaggg gccatgagca aagaggcgga gtaacattta aaagggcatc    215820
     tccatttggg gaataacaag aagattttgg gggattttga atcattgaag tggcttgaat    215880
     cttttgaatt c                                                         215891