EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL928677; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 144076 BP.
AC   AL928677;
DT   07-SEP-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-70B1 in linkage group 7 Contains
DE   the atp1a3a gene for ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, alpha 3a polypeptide and
DE   three CpG islands.
KW   atp1a3a; cholinergic receptor; CHRNA7; CpG island; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-144076
RA   Matthews L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 019b5aea272e7bfbee3393658b78aa9b.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035785; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000051827; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000073518; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000134733; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-70B1. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-70B1 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-70B1 is at 144076 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-70B1 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..144076
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-70B1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..144076
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-70B1"
FT   misc_feature    6727..6818
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mRNA            join(66272..66469,70767..70811,74024..74133,74793..74872,
FT                   80738..80905,81312..81497,85515..85601,88325..88434,
FT                   88556..89095)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ70B1.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to mouse and rodent
FT                   cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha polypeptide 7
FT                   (CHRNA7)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF036903.1 Em:BC037571.1
FT                   Em:U62436.1 Em:X70297.1"
FT   CDS             join(66272..66469,70767..70811,74024..74133,74793..74872,
FT                   80738..80905,81312..81497,85515..85601,88325..88434,
FT                   88556..89095)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ70B1.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001918"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to mouse and rodent
FT                   cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha polypeptide 7
FT                   (CHRNA7)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36544 Sw:P49582 Sw:P54131
FT                   Sw:Q05941 Tr:Q03481"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6ZM45"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002394"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006029"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006201"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006202"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018000"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027361"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6ZM45"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040108-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE49579.1"
FT   misc_feature    77156..77174
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<124007..124069,124175..124246,
FT                   127300..127398,130297..130400,136987..137225))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ70B1.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG728029.1 Em:BI865011.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<124007..124069,124175..124246,
FT                   127300..127398,130297..130400,136987..137161))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ70B1.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001920"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8IUY3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004182"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6ZM44"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040724-9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE49581.1"
FT                   EEPNSLSL"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<124007..124069,124175..124246,
FT                   127300..127398,130297..130400,136987..137059,
FT                   140681..>140738))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ70B1.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF937484.1 Em:BI846672.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<124007..124069,124175..124246,
FT                   127300..127398,130297..130400,136987..137059,
FT                   140681..>140738))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ70B1.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001919"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004182"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6ZM43"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040724-9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE49583.1"
FT   misc_feature    131555..131613
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    133897..133971
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    144076
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-70B1"
SQ   Sequence 144076 BP; 44977 A; 26396 C; 26558 G; 46145 T; 0 other;
     gatcatttag aaatgaaact tcataatgat ccaaaacatt aaatcttatt cagacagctt        60
     accaatacct tttccaaaca ttcagttatc tggaaaataa ggaagtcctt aggctgaagg       120
     tttcccaact agcacttcac aatacaaaca gttagaagta ggtccaagga actatgggtt       180
     gcctctacca taactgaatc tcttcttcgt tcaccgactc acctattata cattccaggt       240
     gtctgaccag cgccctctag tggcctgtag ttccattttt acagcaattt tacaagtgac       300
     atttcattct gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat       360
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt       420
     gcgtaataat atactatgag aaaatgttac aataaatttg taaacaaaaa ataagtagtc       480
     atttattcac attatgatga ataattatat ctgatttaaa aaagacatgg cactaaaaag       540
     gtttcacata ttagaatttt acagacaaga ctacattagt gaaaatgacc tatatttttt       600
     aaaggattaa taatgattat aagttcacta cttaaaatct taagtttatg cattttcatg       660
     attgaattaa ctcatctttt aaagtaaaag gaccaaaatg caacatttta agttatgttc       720
     agtcaacttt acttaattaa gtaaagacaa cattagggtt tacagtgcac tagtggccat       780
     aaaaaataat tatgaacatt gccaacacta aaacataagc tgaaactgta tctaaattaa       840
     caaaaacatt tgtattctgc ttttcagctt ttataatata tcttccatag atcattgatt       900
     tgaattagac tattattatc tcactcaaac tcaagtgtta cgataatgtt catatttagt       960
     ttcctctaag acagaaatac caccagaaaa cgaaaacatc ctattttttt ggacaagtat      1020
     tatcatgtat tatctgcgta attgcatcgt agctgctgcg gccatggtac agcagcaaag      1080
     ttgcttgatt attatgtagg aatgagagta tagttcctat ccagttctca ttttccatca      1140
     gtacacaatg taagtacaga agagtcaagt tataaatagg aagattatca aagcttttcg      1200
     ataacgaatc atttttgagg aagatgctaa tggtctaatt tgattcaatg atttatgcta      1260
     agctaaaagc gcctctgaga tctttacatg gattcaaaaa tggtaaaact caattgttta      1320
     aagggcacct attttaacca tttttcaaga tttaatataa gacttttgtg tctccagaat      1380
     gtgtctgtaa agtttcagct caaaacacac ataaatttcc ttattacacc tttctgaata      1440
     ttagaatttc atgctctgaa caaaatgtag ctgtttttgt tgcctgtgcc tttaatgcca      1500
     gttctccccg cccaccgttc ccatgtgccg gtcagtgggg tgcctcaatc tccaccttgg      1560
     ctgcctcaga taaatggcac agtgacagat atgatggaag cagatctcat ataacttttg      1620
     agagagatac tacagtaaga actttcccaa tgattatttg atgtatttgt tgtggagata      1680
     attcaagcct ttctgcaatg atgagtcaca caatgttgat acaaagttca cgcacacaca      1740
     gacagcgcac aagtttaact ttgctctgct attgcatggc aattgagaca gtacacgtta      1800
     atatccacta ctgtatggat atctgatatg ttaatgtaaa aaataaacct gatttaatgt      1860
     ccacaaaccg ggattaaagc gtcattcaat taatcattca ttcattaatt ttcttttcag      1920
     catagtccct ttattaatcc ggagtcggca cagcagaata aacggcgaac ttatccagca      1980
     tatgttttac acagtggatg cccttccagc tgcaacccat cactgggaaa catctataca      2040
     ctttcattca cacacataca ccacaaacaa ttttgcttac ccaattcacc tatagcacat      2100
     gtctttggac ttgtggggga aactgaatca cccggaggaa acctacgcca acatggggaa      2160
     aattgtcaat caatttggtg ggaaaaggaa cctgcactca tacagcatgt tgcggtgggc      2220
     ctcaaaatgg gaaagatttg gatcctattt ttaatttttt ttaataaaaa aaagagtctt      2280
     gttgtctttc tgtcacacca atatgactgt ggagtcaaaa aagtggagtg ttgatttaaa      2340
     gttaaattaa aattaaataa aaaaattaaa taatttttaa ataataaata tttttttaaa      2400
     taataaacaa aattaaatat ttttttagat gttagtatca gtattgttag tttttcagca      2460
     atctacaagc tcctgtgctc caaaacagtg acaaaatttg cgtttagaag ataaaactga      2520
     cataaacatg taaagcttga agtttgtcac ttctgtccaa atgaatcatc ggttttattt      2580
     acgtctccac atactttagt ttctcgtcaa aacataacca attaaatgca ctctggtatc      2640
     tgacatgtta cgcccccttt aggatgcttc acatttgctt ttcatttgat gcactggtcc      2700
     actcttacag gcagagcggt gctaaaacaa aacgctattg gctgtttttt aaaaagaagg      2760
     aggagctaca ttacgtccca ccctctcttc gtgtttcggt tgatattatg tcaaacatca      2820
     aacaaaaatg cacatttcaa agcacttgac aggaccttta aagactgatg caaagcgaag      2880
     cttacttaac aattgtaacc taatctgtaa gctaaataat aaaataaaat aatttaataa      2940
     atgtaaaaaa tcattcacaa atctgtttat gtcttctaca ggctttagct aattttgtct      3000
     aatgtaaaat ggttatttat attgaagcct gttggaattg agtgttttat tggctgttgt      3060
     agatgtaatg tagtgtatgt tttggaggcg cattggggat tggtgttggc aggacatatg      3120
     ggcttcctct gctagagctc ctccagtcct tctgaacagg tgtaacagca atttactggc      3180
     gggaacagct caacaataat ttgatgagca ccaactggca gcgctccctc atcactgggt      3240
     ctctgagcca gaatatgcag cgctgtgcca atgaaggcgt gatgccacag caccaaaacc      3300
     aatgccaacg tcctcgtaaa tgttgcttta tgtgtttatg cattcttatg ccgtaatgag      3360
     ggcataaaac aaagtttcag gaatgcgcat atgtacacaa tgatttcaat gtttgattat      3420
     tgcagggtta cactaaattg gccgcagtgt atgtgtgtgt ttggatgttt cccagtacta      3480
     ggttgcagct ggaagggcat ccactgtgta aaatatgtgc tggagaagtt gccggttcat      3540
     tttgctgtgg tgaccactga taaataaagg gacttgtaac cacgactggg gtggagtgac      3600
     aggacaccac aggaggtaag atccactatg cagtttattc aatagtcagg caagcaatgg      3660
     tcatcaggtg caaacaggta tatacaggca gtccagaatc gtagtcgata taaacaggca      3720
     gaaggtcaaa aggcaggcgg cttaacagga taactgggat acaaggctaa gatcgaaaca      3780
     cggagaaaca agacagggaa acgcgttgta atgttactag gaaaacaaga ctcggcaaaa      3840
     ctggtggcgt gagagggtgg cttatgaatg ggatgtaatc agatggtgaa aaaggctcag      3900
     ctggtccttg caatcaggat acatgagtga gcaggcgtgc gtgttgggag cagtgcatgt      3960
     acgaatgtgt agtcctgggg aatgcggaaa tgaagtcctg agttcgtgtg agaaccagcg      4020
     atcctctggg gagcgatcgc tggttgtgac atagcccccc ccctaggagt ggattccaga      4080
     cactccacta ctgttcaggc gggaggcgta gcggaggcgt aacaggggga gggttggagg      4140
     gccaggacca tgcagctggg gcgtacctgg ggcgtggagc tgcggagggc ctggagactg      4200
     gagctgcgga agacccggag agtggagctg cagtggtcct ggatcgtgtg gcagcgaagg      4260
     acttggagtg ctgcgaggag ccggcagagt tagaggcttg tagggagccg acaaggcgag      4320
     gagccgggtt gggatcggca aggcgaggag tctggatgat gccagctgag tgagctgtct      4380
     gggtggcgcc gacagggcga ggagctgtgg ccgtttgggt agctcaggca gcgacggaca      4440
     ctcgggaagc tcaggcggcg acagcggcca ctcgggaagc tcaggcagcg gcggcgacca      4500
     ctcgggaagc tcaggcggcg gcgaccactc gggaagctca ggcggcggct ctggctgagg      4560
     cgctggcggc ggcgtcggct ctggctgagg cgctggcggc ggcgtcggct ctggctgagg      4620
     cgctggcggc ggcgtcggct ctggctgagg cgctggcggc ggcgtcggct ctggctgagg      4680
     cgctggctgc ggcgtaggct ctggttgagg cgctgttagc ggcgtaggct ctggctgagc      4740
     cgttggctgc ggcgttggct ctggcagctc tggcggtggc agctctggcg ttggcagttc      4800
     tggcggtggc agctctagag gatctggcag cactggacgg tctggcagca ctggagggtc      4860
     tggcagcact ggagggtctg gcagcactgg agggtctggc agcactggag ggtctggcag      4920
     cactggaggg tctggtagct ctggaggatc tggcagcact ggagggaatg gcagctctgg      4980
     agatggcctt tcaggagcag gaacagactt tgaactggaa gccatcttgt gagctggctg      5040
     actgggagcg gccatcttgt gagctggctg tggacaatgg gtcgcaagcc ccgtagccag      5100
     cgggtcttgc tctctacagc ccccccccca aaagattatt tggattttcg tccacctctc      5160
     ctatggtgaa ggaagatcca ctcatctgca gggctagatc aatatagttc accaaagacc      5220
     actggggtcc gtacaagggt atgttggagt ataggggctc agacagtccg ccatgaaaga      5280
     aaatcatgag gcatacctca ctcagggtgg tacggtgggc cagattaata aagtcctcca      5340
     cgtactcctc tattgaccgg gcttcctgac ggagacgcat gatttgaaca cccgctggat      5400
     ccatgttccg gccgagtctt ctgtaaccac gactggggtg gagtgacagg acaccacagg      5460
     aggtaagatc cactatgcag tttattcaat agtcaggcaa gcaatggtca ttaggtgcaa      5520
     acaggtatat acaggcagtc cagaatcgta gtcgatataa acaggcagaa ggtcaaaagg      5580
     caggcggctt aacaggataa ctgggataca aggctaagat cgaaacacgg agaaacaaga      5640
     cagggaaacg cgttgtaatg ttactaggaa aacaagactc ggcaaaactg gtggcgttag      5700
     agggtggctt atgaatggga tgtaatcagt ttgtgaacaa ggctcagctg gtgcttgcaa      5760
     tcaggataca tgagtgagca ggcgtgcgtg ttgggagcag tgcatgtatg aatgtgtagt      5820
     cctggggaat gcggaaatga agtcctgagt tcgtgtgaga accagcgatc ctctggggag      5880
     cgatcgctgg ttgtgacagg actaagctga aggaaaatga atgaatggaa tattgtaggg      5940
     tttgtctttt aaattgagaa agcaattgtg atggggattc gttgcattat tctcattagc      6000
     ttaatacaat gctatttttt tcaataaaaa aagttttaat tcttaaactc ttaatttata      6060
     atgtatatca atcaattatt gctcattttt aaaaaggtgg taatagactg ttttcacgtg      6120
     gcatcgtttt taaaagcgaa atcgaggctg gggtgggaag aaaccctaag tatcattggg      6180
     agttacatag aaacgttgtg tacctggctg tatatcttct tagccaagag aacgtgacac      6240
     aaatgaataa ttttaccacc ttccgagtgg cccgaagatc cgttctgaat gtatggtgaa      6300
     aataaaaaag gatatcagag ctcattttca gctaagttaa gagaaatggc actagttacc      6360
     aaacgttttc ttccctaaac acacgtttta gatgccaaaa tcaagttaat gaactgattc      6420
     tttcactata ttagactcgt catgatactg aatgtaaaga aaaaccatca atttcccgct      6480
     aacatttaag gcactgctga tggctttctt acaacagcgc tgatttgcca ttgcgttcac      6540
     gtgctcaaca gaaatgcttg tgattggcca agaaggtcat cagttcaccc tccactgttt      6600
     actgagtaca aacacagacg agctgagcga tctgtttgat gactcgactt atcttcatgg      6660
     ctgcttcttg ctccagtgtc catgtatgtg tgtttgtact gggtgaagag cggtaaactg      6720
     ttgagcactg gtgaacacta tggtaaatca gctctgttta tgaatgcact cagcggtgct      6780
     tgaatgttgg tgggaaatgg acgttattaa aacttcagta ccatgacaac actattacag      6840
     acagcacgag gatgtgctac agaggactgc agtgtttcat tactcaccgg gttacatagg      6900
     ctgaaataag agtttgacca gtgccatgaa ctgaagccta caggaggaca cttgagcata      6960
     ttactcttac aaagattgtg atgttgtttg atgcccatat atgcttttaa ttgtttaaat      7020
     taaacttact gaatcatatt aaattgatgt taacaccatt tctgcatttt gaaatctctg      7080
     caacagctgg aggtttatag tccacagcat gttactgcaa tgtttactgt gctggtccta      7140
     tactatcggg tttcttccca ccacagcctc accttggttc tttaaaatgg cggccacgtg      7200
     aaataagcat atgcataata ttaaatataa ataaaattaa aagtacacgt cagaatttat      7260
     gtttaagata tttgtaaatt ataaatcaca ttttattttt gttacacaag tctcgaagca      7320
     tgttagtttc aagatgtact tactgtatat ttaggttaaa taattaagtt aagcattata      7380
     attgggtgtg ttggcattgg gtaggttgga aaaaaaccca aaacaaggct gtgttccggc      7440
     atggaacgcc cattttcaaa agcagggtat ctgtttttag cataaaacaa gaatgttcac      7500
     ttagtatgtt tttaaaatac ctgcaaatat attatggtat tttttttata cattatagta      7560
     tgctttagaa gagtcaaaaa cttaaacctt taaattagac agcaagttct ttaacactaa      7620
     cactatatgc aatggattgt tgaatatgcc ataatggttt atacttgaaa tactttttcg      7680
     atagtctaca gaactattat tatacaatga tttgctagct aatgagttat taaaactatt      7740
     atgtttagaa atgtgttgaa aaaaatcctc tcttcattaa acagaaattg ggtaaaaaaa      7800
     aataaacaga ggggttaata attctgactt caactgtgtg tgtgtatgta tgtgtgtgtg      7860
     catatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      7920
     tatatatata tatatatata tatacacaca cagttgaagt cagaattatt agcagaatta      7980
     tttttatatt tcccaaatta tgtttaacag agcaaggaaa tcttcacagt atgtctgata      8040
     atattttttt cttctagaga aagtcttatt tgttttattt tggctagaat aaaagcagtt      8100
     ttaaattttt taaaagccat tttaaggaca aaatcattag cccccttaag ctatattttt      8160
     ttcctaatag tctacagaac aaaccctcat tatacaaaaa cttgcctaaa taccctaacc      8220
     tgcatagtta ctagttaatc tagttaagct tttaaatgtc actttaagct gtatagaagt      8280
     gtcttgaaaa atatctagtc aaatattatt tactgtcata atggcaaaga taaaaggcat      8340
     ctgttattag agataagtta ttaaagctat tatgtttgga aatgtgttga aaaaaatctt      8400
     ctctccgata aagaaattgg ggaaaaaaat aaacaagggt gctaaataaa tatatataat      8460
     atatatatat aggcttattt taaggcatat atgagctttt gtgtttgtct gagtgagagt      8520
     aagtgaataa cgcgcacact cagaatattg taatatagta caagttcatg aaagatgtaa      8580
     caataaaata aagtgttacc aagcagcagg cacacaatgt cataaaactg taacattagg      8640
     tcagatttag atagtgtcta gccagcgtct aaggacaaca ttaaattgac ctccaataac      8700
     aatgtcaaat gatatttata tttggttgat tttaggttgt aagtgacaaa aatccaacgt      8760
     tgaggcaaca tcttaatcca acatcatatt gatgtcaaat actgacattt attcatcagt      8820
     tatggcaacc aaaattcaac atctggcagg tgttatagtg ataatatgca cacaacctca      8880
     agctgtaaca tcattagcat ttgatatttg cttgattttg cgattttcat ttccaaacaa      8940
     aatgccccca cgatgttggg gtacaacgtc aatctggtgt catgttgacg tcctgtgcct      9000
     gctgggcaat atgttattat ttattttatt tatcttattt tatcattcat tcattcattt      9060
     attcattcat tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc attcattttc ttgtctgctt      9120
     agtcccttta tttatccggg gacgccaaat cggaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcaagt      9180
     ttttacgcag cagatgcgct tccagccgca acccatctcg gggaaacatc cacacacaca      9240
     ttcacacaca cactcataca ctacggacaa tttagcctac ccaattcacc tgtaccgcat      9300
     gtctttaggg aaaccggagc acctggagga aacacaagcg aaggcaggga gaacatgcaa      9360
     actccacaca gaaacgccaa ctgagccgaa gttcgaacca gtgacccagc gaccttcttg      9420
     ctgtgaggcg acagcactac ctactgcgcc actgcgtcac ctcatttatc tcatcattaa      9480
     gacaatattc tacagtatac attttaaaat ttgtttgaca cagactgcaa aaatcaaaca      9540
     acccaggctc attctgaaaa tgtaccacta tatacatttc tggagagcac gaaatacgtt      9600
     ttttttttaa tgtttttacg ttacgtccca tacgtttttt tgcaaatttt tgttttcaca      9660
     aagggtgaag tggtggtgca gtagaaggtt gctggttcga gcctcggctg ggtcagttgg      9720
     cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc catgttcgcg tgggtttcct cccggtgctg      9780
     cagtttcccc cataagtcca aagacatgtc gtacaggtga attgggtatg ctaaaattga      9840
     ccgtagtatc agtgatgggt tgcggctaaa agggcatctg ctgtgtaaaa catatgctga      9900
     ggaggcggtt cattctgctg tggcaacccc ggattaataa agggactgag ccgaaaagaa      9960
     aatgaatgaa tgaataaatg ttttcatgaa tccacaagag gccgttgtgt gccattcgca     10020
     cctgctgttc tcacataaat ccactggagg acgctgtcga ctaactgtat actagaggtt     10080
     cgcggatctg ctgaaatgac acctgaatcc ggggcttcgt actaatcatc cacctgtcac     10140
     ccgcccgcat atatactttt atctgatata tatatctgca cccgacccgc acccgatcgt     10200
     cactttaata gttctaattc attgttttag gcatgatgat aggtcaccgt ggatattaac     10260
     agcagatcta atctactctg cgcatcactg atagtaaaat aatagcccac gttaatcgta     10320
     gacattttta aatgaatata catttataaa aacaaaagtt tgtctttgga caacaatttc     10380
     ttcatttttc aacccttgta tggtgttcgg gtctgagaga cccgttttca gttttttttt     10440
     ttccaaaaga aaaattaacc aataaataat tttttcaacc taaaatttat ttgcttaggc     10500
     ttattttctg tgaagaacat aaatccgagc aaattttcaa cgaccgcata atgtacctcc     10560
     ccccacacat ttacattaca tacaaggtgt tcgggtccac tagacccagg tctaataaaa     10620
     gtgaacactg gctgagtaac caaaatacga acaccacaca agggttaaat acagaaagta     10680
     aaaataagac attttagcgt ttacagatac aggaacaaga taacaaaaag gcttcaaaaa     10740
     taacttcagc ctaaacgcca gctatgttgt gtttacttgg cgttttcttt gcactgtgca     10800
     aaaacagaac agcatctatt atgcctaaat tcaggcaatt cagcctctct cccaaaatgc     10860
     aggcagctgc actgaatgaa cattcgcttt cactgcttgt tgtagaaatg aacaagattc     10920
     tcctagcaag gcgctgcagt tgtgtaaata agcgatcttg tttctccaag aacaatagta     10980
     gattttcatc tgatgattcc tctgaaagtt tgaacagtac ttttgcactt catccattat     11040
     tttgggcgtc ttatcttcgc attctgcaaa gcccactctc tactttttcg ctggtccact     11100
     gctatatcct gctacatcca cccaaaacca actcgcaatt aatcataatg tattttttta     11160
     taacccaacc cgcccgaccc gcggattatc tgcagtgccc gtggatataa ccactagcat     11220
     cactattgtc tactgactac atgactgatc gatccactga cctaccctct ttcttcccta     11280
     aacccaaccc atagtgtttt caaagttaca gattaaaccg cccacccact tccctaaacc     11340
     caacatacag ttttaaaaag caatccagaa aaagaaaagc cctcgcctga ttttttacca     11400
     tgtttttctg gtttgaccac attctcaccc tgttatttac ttattttttt attttttagc     11460
     ttttgttttt tttttgtctt actcgctttc tggaaccgtt ctttgcaaaa ctcgaaccca     11520
     gtcatcgcgg tcacttcctc actacgtctc aagtctgccg actgacatgg caagctaact     11580
     ggacaaactg gaaagctgtt catacagagg taaacggtct gctgctcagc gtgaaaagga     11640
     atggtgtcat actgccccgt agagttcatt ttaaagacga agtgaagcca tacatatctc     11700
     tggctacata attaactata tccagaaatg tatatagggg gacgttttca gattgaaatc     11760
     aaagttgaaa tcaaaacaag tgtgttcctg accagttctt tgcccaaaat atgcatataa     11820
     gaaatgaaaa gaagaaaaaa agaaagaaaa gacacactat tcacccacac attaaataaa     11880
     taaataaata aataaaaaca caactacatc ctcactggtg ggaacagtta ttcggcgatt     11940
     taaataacga gaccctctct aaagtacttc tcattcctcc tctctggcca atttattctg     12000
     tccatcattt tgtacctctg cgtatagtca gagagagaga gagaggctgt aataaagcag     12060
     gctgttcgta ttccacaggc agagcggttg caggtacagc agacaaaacc aatcaccata     12120
     atgtgttatt catcacctca gagctgttca gcgcaaggcc gcagcgtgaa acagacacat     12180
     acctgataca cacacacgca tgcacagaca cgttcagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     12240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     12300
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatgcg tggccttcta gcatcaccgc     12360
     aggactgatg ctttttccga atccagcgca ttttttttct cctttatttt ttcacagcgg     12420
     ttgtccaatt tggcccagtg ttcacattct ccctcaacag accggtgagt gattttataa     12480
     caagctttgt agaaagaaat aattaggtac ccaaggcata gcaaagctaa ttatggatgc     12540
     actgcaataa tctgattggg aaaagattca atctagtaaa cacatgaata aagtaattgt     12600
     tcgcaatctt gctttagttt ctgtggttaa tttatagaac aatttgaaaa ctaaaggcct     12660
     tatttgattt catgtttttt tatttgatat tttaattgat attagtttag atttaattta     12720
     aagtttttta gattttactt tataagtttt gttttatttt aggtttcatt tttagatttt     12780
     attttatgtt ttatttaatt ttatattagt tttttttatt attggctata atctacttta     12840
     ttttatgctt tttatttttt ggttttatat tattttagat ttaatttaat ttttatttta     12900
     attgatttta aataaatttt aattcatatt tgttgaggtt tgttttattt gaagtttcat     12960
     agattttatt ttatagattt tattttcggt ttcattttag atgtaatttt atttgaggtt     13020
     ttattttatt ttaggatttg ttattatagg ttatgtttaa tatatatttt tgttgttgta     13080
     tttatttgga tttgaatttt agttaagttt tttataaaaa ttagatttaa ttaaatacaa     13140
     tttttattta gattttagat ttaatttaat ttttaattaa atttttttgt ttaggttttg     13200
     tttttttgtt ttatagattt tattttcaat tttattcgat attttagtat ttgttatttt     13260
     aggttttaat taatgtaagt atttatttta ctatttgtta ttttaggttt taatatatat     13320
     tagttttatt ttattttaag ttttatagat tttactttat tttataggtt ttattttatt     13380
     ttagatttcg ttttagattt tgtttaattt taattttaat ctaattgtat ttaaaatttt     13440
     atttgaggtt ttttattcca ggtcatattt aattttattt ttttattttt tttttattta     13500
     gatttatgta aataagattt tatttgtaat tattattttt tattttagat tttcatttat     13560
     attagtttag gctttgtttt gttttatttt tatagatttt atttttggtt tcattttaga     13620
     ttttaattta atctaattta ggttttgatt tatattagtt taggttttgt ttaattttaa     13680
     gttttataga atttacatta ttttataaga ttttatttta ggattcattt taatttaagt     13740
     aaatttttat ttaagatttt attttatttt aggtttttta ttataggtta tatttaattt     13800
     aatttaatta ccttttttgt tttattttaa ttttattatt ttattattat aattttttaa     13860
     ttatttttta ttattattaa ttttattaat atttttaatt ttagatttta atttagttta     13920
     ggctttgttt tatttgaagt ttattgatat ttattttacg tttcatttta aatgtatttt     13980
     attttaggct ttatttaatt taatttaatt tttattttat ttaattttat tttaggtttt     14040
     attttatttt agaattttta gcaccgtggc acagtgagta gcacaatcgc ctcaaagcaa     14100
     gaaggtcgct ggtttgagcc tcggctgggt cagttggtgt gtctttgtgg agtttgcatg     14160
     ttctctcctt gtttgcctca gtttttccca cagttcaaag acatgcgcta aagttgaatt     14220
     gggtaagcta aattgtccat agtgtatgtg tgtgaatgag tgtgtatgga tgtttcccgg     14280
     atggatgggt tacagctggt agggctgggg caaccccaga ttaataaagg gatgaagaat     14340
     gatttttatt atgggttata tcttatttaa tttaattgta gtttttcttg ttttgtttta     14400
     ttttatattt aatttaattt attttaattt agatgtaatt aaatttcatt ttatttattt     14460
     tagattttta atttatatta gtttaggttt ttcttttgta tttataaatt ttattttagg     14520
     tttcatttta ggttttattt tattttagta tttttttatt ttaggtttta atttaaatta     14580
     ttttttattt aatttacttt attttatagg ttttatttta gttttttata tcagtttatg     14640
     ttttgtttta tttcattttg tatatatttt cttttctttt atagctttta atttattttc     14700
     ggattcattt tagattttat ttattttatt tttgatttat ttgaggtttt atgttatttt     14760
     agttttatta caggttttat ttaattaaat ttttggtttt attttttatt ttagttttat     14820
     tttgtctgtg ttattttagg ttttatttta aattagttta ggcttggttt tattttaagt     14880
     ttttgtttta cataataaaa taaaaaaatt attttaaagg gtttatttta ttttatatgc     14940
     atttaaaaga ttatgtttta ggttttattt tttatttttg tgtatttatt ttttttctcc     15000
     aacgcaggtc aagcctgtca tctctagtat aaataagagc aaattggccg gatgtcatga     15060
     atgtgtttgg aaaattttat cgtctagtta catctaatta agttcacgac cctggacttt     15120
     cagcacaggg agtttgtcct ctcaaggatt ttttttaata aagcacttgg aggatgttta     15180
     cacatatctg atgctactca agtccattct gggaataata tattagcata atgaaaaaga     15240
     tgtaatcttc acaacaaaaa caggataaaa agtcatctta aggacagatt atgttgttgg     15300
     tgagagtttg atgactcttt tccaagaaca catttccagt tccaataggc tgtagaagac     15360
     aaattagatc cctttagtat tatgtttgta tattcttgac tgcagagatt gaaagtggag     15420
     agctaattga ctcttgatcc ttttcaattt ttctcctgag agtttctgaa gattttgcga     15480
     gatgaattaa tgtagccgta gagtacattg attcaatatt ttacattgtt cgctgatatc     15540
     ttataggtaa tgtaatgtat ttggtttggt taagttcaga aattctctaa aaatggtttt     15600
     atatgcttat ttctaaccac agaaggtacc tctacaatga aaagctcagt tctgaccata     15660
     tttggaatgg ttatgaatat taatgagctc tgctctgatg ctctgcagct tgtgtcagtg     15720
     cttgtctgtc tgtctatttg tccgtccgtc cgttcagcca gccagccatc catccatcca     15780
     tctatttatc cacctatcca tcacacatgc gcacaagaca tgcaaaataa taattcattc     15840
     attctcttgt cagcttagtc cctttattaa tccggggtcg ccacagcaga ttgaaccgcc     15900
     aacttatcca gcaagttttt acacagcgga tgcccttcca gccgcaaccc atctctggga     15960
     aacatccaca cacattcata cactacggac aatttagcct acccaattca cctgtaccgc     16020
     atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccaaagc acccggagga aacccacgca aagaaacgcc     16080
     aactgagccg aggttcgaac cagcgacctt cttgctgtga ggcgacagca ctacctactg     16140
     cgccactgcc tcacccgcaa aaataatcat acttaagtca aaaaatatca caactaaaca     16200
     actccagaaa gcataagaac acaaagtcct ttttacagtt tgttggcaca caaaagtgtt     16260
     cttggagctt cgcatgatta cagtcaaacc actgaaatca caagtaaaat tttgacaaaa     16320
     tcaaagattt agtttttgat tccattcttt ctgatttcat ctaaaacatc ttaaatattc     16380
     gatcaaatgt gctttttggt tatgtctaat ggtcatacaa gacactcgta gttgtttaaa     16440
     tttgtttaca cacttttgtt attgaattga tgtgttgtta ttcgccttat tctatgatgc     16500
     ggaaggaagc tcttttctgc tattcattta ggacttcccc tatgatagaa atgaatagga     16560
     ataataagca gtttacaaac aagtgtgttt aagactataa ttcaaaacaa atagaataaa     16620
     aaatgtacat ataagtttgc aacatcaagc agcattacaa gctgttttgt tcagcacaat     16680
     aaaagaccag aaatcttaag acacttacag taggctccag ttaaatgttc ttctgtattg     16740
     gcgtaggtat cctccgtgtg ctccggtttt tcccacggtc caaagacatg ctctataggt     16800
     gaattgaata aactaaattg gccatagtgt atgagtgttt gtgtgaatga gagtgtatgg     16860
     gtgtttccca gtactgggtt gtggttggaa gggcatgtgc acaacatata ctggaatagt     16920
     tagaggttca ttccactgtg gcgacccctg ataaataagg gactaagccg aaggaaaatg     16980
     aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg gttatgtcct atggtcatag aagatacttg gtggttgttt     17040
     aaatttgttt acatactttt gtcatttgtt gatatttcga ccattgattt aggacttccc     17100
     ctatggaaaa aaaagcgtgt attgtgatgt gatgctgaca acagaggtgt ggatccaaat     17160
     gtagggtttg taaacagtgg tgatggtcag gcaagcaatg atcaatacag gaacaacata     17220
     tatacagcat tccagagtcg tggtcaatac acatacgaat ggttaaaggc aggcagcaga     17280
     catgaataag cagtaaataa acaaaacaaa tcgagggttc aaatcagcaa ggcaaagaaa     17340
     acgcatcgta aagttcacaa tacagttaaa caagagtcag cactgaaggg tgcgtgctgt     17400
     ttataaagtc cccctaatca gttcttgatg atcctcaggt gatgatgaac aggtgcgggt     17460
     gagtggtggt tgactggatc tatagtccat attatagcgg atttgtagtt ctatggttgt     17520
     gacaaagcaa cagtaaacag tccaactact ttctttatga gtctacaaac aagtgtgtgt     17580
     gtgtgtgtgt ttttttaaaa gattttattt ttgtcctttt tgcctttatt agataggaca     17640
     gtatattttg actggaagcg aagttggaga gagagagagg ggggtaggga aatgtcctca     17700
     agccgggatt cgaacacagg acgtcctgac gtgctactgc accatatgtc gacgcactaa     17760
     ccactaggtt attgcgccga ctagacaagt gtgtttatgg ctatacttca aaataaattc     17820
     aatccattca ttctttttct tttcagctta gtccctttat caatcctggg tcaccacaga     17880
     ggaatgaacc accataaata caataaaaaa agcaaatata agattagatt agattcaact     17940
     ttattgtcat tacacatgta caagtacaag gcaacgaaat gcagttaagg tctaaccagc     18000
     agtgcaatag aagcaggtgc aggatacagg tataagttat aaagtgcagt tatagaaaaa     18060
     ctatggtcat atttacagat ggatgtacta tgaccattat ttacaggttg tattaggtat     18120
     gttatattag ctaaatataa gtttgcaaca tcaagcagca cgacaagctg ttttgtacag     18180
     caaaaaaaat taaataagta aaataaatca atgaaattaa ataagaccag aggtcttaag     18240
     acatttatgc tccaatggct aaatgtgaaa ggtcaataga gccaaataaa ttatggctat     18300
     atgtgtgata ttgctccttc atcatataaa tcaatccttc caaaaagaat tgattctgct     18360
     tgattaatat ggatttattt ttgttgatcc tcggctgggt cagttggcat ttctgtgtag     18420
     aatttacatc ttctctattg tatttgtgtg ggtttcctcc aggtgctccg gtttccctca     18480
     cagtccaaag acatgctcta taggtgaatt ggataagcta agttggccgt agtgtatgtg     18540
     aatgagagtg tatgggtgtt tcccagttct gagtggcagc tggaaggtta tccgctactt     18600
     aaaacaagct ggaacggttg gcggttcatt ccactgtggc gacccctgaa taataaaggg     18660
     ataagccgaa aagaaaatga ataaattaat ttttgttgat ctctaaatgg agagcttccc     18720
     agtattttta tggatggcca ccagaaaccg ctgttctagt caacggaaca gaagtggact     18780
     ttgcattgac agataaatta aaagggggcc caagcataaa ggtttgtctc tggccatgta     18840
     atttaagtca ttaacagtcg ttagctctga gtgatgatga tgtcatgagg acgcctcatt     18900
     cagcactagg agtcattcac tcaggagatt catcataatt ttgttactcg tttgcttgtg     18960
     agtcgatcat tcctcttccc ctcctgccta aacatccatc tcagccacct gttaccaatc     19020
     agaaagctgg agggagggag ggattctggg attgctgatg ccccaaacaa tccacagaaa     19080
     aaagtggagg gggtccatag agctccacct cgactgcatg tggtgctctc ataaatcatc     19140
     ttctgtccat cattcagaac gcctgccaaa tccctgtggc tgagagagct gagccagctt     19200
     tacctccaat gcttgtcagt ctgcggaact agcgtataaa aacagtagaa tgcagatgaa     19260
     ctgcctgaca gacgctaaaa caatagtttg cccagaaata aaaaaaattc tgtgtgcata     19320
     ataaaagtat tacataatga aggtatgtta gtcatgtgtg ctatattcta atttgtatgc     19380
     atggaagagg ctataactga acctattaat caataaaaag ttggtaggtt caggtaaagg     19440
     tatatttgtt gcatatttag ttagtgctat tatctagagt ttaattacag taatgttaaa     19500
     ctctgtgaca tcatcgactt tcgctttaag atttataggg ctagcattgc accagatccc     19560
     cgtaagtggt ttcgtttgaa agtgtagaat ctatatttta tgcacatatg catcactttg     19620
     tttttttttc tactgtacaa aatttgggat ggactggccg atgttcggct gctgtaagcc     19680
     agcaggtccc attgactgcc tggagctcgg acgctagaat acgatgaagc agctttcagc     19740
     gcatgccaga gtgcatgtat ggtcatgtga tgtgcgcttt cagcagtgta gtgtggacgg     19800
     agagcttttc tgaaacgctg aataaaacac cagtgtggac gcagattgct ttcattctaa     19860
     aacgcaaaca gggcctaaat gtgcttttaa atgtgcagtt tttattcgat gtttgactta     19920
     atttcaactg aaaaatgaag agagggtggg acataaaatc gttccacctc ttaaaaacac     19980
     agccaatagc gttttgtttt atcacagctc tgccagtgcg aacgattaag gtcaagtgca     20040
     tcaaatgaaa agcaaatgaa aagcatcttg aagggggtgt ggggcatgac tgatactaga     20100
     gagcatttga ttggtcaata tttgatgaga aattgatgaa aagtatgatg tgacatgatc     20160
     cgatttagac agaggtgtca aactacaagc tttacatgat tatacttgtt ttatatcttg     20220
     tacacgtcaa atttctcatt gttttgtacc aaactagcta gcttcaagga tagatatcct     20280
     tgaagacaaa catactgata ccaacttata aaaaaacaat tctttaattt tactggacct     20340
     ttaaagggtc acgaaacacc aaaacacatt ttttgagcag ttgacagtcg tatatgtgtc     20400
     ccacactgct aaaaacacta ttaggacacc tatatttcac taaaaagtgt aaattggttg     20460
     tttttgcgtt atttcaagca aatttgtact tcctgtttga aacgaatttt ttaagctgcg     20520
     tcacggccat gacataatag cgtgtattcc agcgtgcaga ctgggcgtct gtgcctgagt     20580
     gagtcttatt acgtcttaca gtgtgatgca ttaatgcatg agtaaggctt gggtcaaacc     20640
     aatcagcgcg ctctattgtg caacttcatt aatattcatt attgtcaccg tgtttacacc     20700
     acaaagacgc cacgttgtgt tggcaaaaca agcgtgacgt gttgctttta tagtttgctg     20760
     ctgttaagtt tcgttttcat tttctctctg tgagagctta tctggatcac gtgtggatta     20820
     acagtgtacg cgacgctcga caacaataac ttacgtgtct aaggaggatt attgtttacc     20880
     tgagagctgt tctcatctgc aaacgctgaa atctggattt gcttgtagta ttctcttcat     20940
     aaagacgcgg ctctagttgc tggtgattgt tctgtctcta cagatttggt aagtgagcga     21000
     ccagtgctct ttgtttattc agtttgttcg tatcgaatta agttaactat tgcactgagt     21060
     gcataaatgt tagcaccgca ttttgtgacc ggaataacac acgcggcttt ctgacactac     21120
     ctgccgtgtg catctaagtt tccgggaaat gcagtttttt tttctctcat ttgccgtacg     21180
     gtatcaaaca ttgcatgaaa aatacacgct tgcagcagtt cctcaaatca aatatcttgt     21240
     ttgtcgcgag gggcatgaat gaattccctg aatgaaagag ccaaactgca gttaaagtcc     21300
     aacatttaat aatttggcaa ataattcgac tacagatgtc catgtaggtt aaacaccatc     21360
     actttttctc ctgtctgtgt gggtgtgtat tttgactctg aaactcgcgc gtgcacaaat     21420
     agacactccc acaccatccc actttagttc ctccgacact cccccctaaa cagagctgga     21480
     cacgcctact tttctgactt tttccaaagt agaggtgtga aaacacccag ctgaaacgag     21540
     ggggtttcat ggccctttaa gagttcggaa aatgagtgat gacattgatg ttaggcggtg     21600
     atcacgagtt tgtcagagtg taagagatgt gtgacaggaa agtatatata aatattttta     21660
     catgttacta tgtttgtata tataactgct attttcattt atagcacttc aatcttgcat     21720
     taatatttat atttcttgtt taaatacact atgaacagca gctacgctaa ctgttttctt     21780
     tgttctctat ttagttactc atcccgaggc ctctaaggat tgtgcagcac cattgatgtg     21840
     atccaaaacc tgtaaagaga tgatgctaac tatcgaggac cttaaggaca atacttacga     21900
     agagatgatg tcaaccatag aggattttag agatctacat aatcctggat caggtcatat     21960
     cctgaccaga tgctgtggcg ttcatggatg agactgaatc ttgaaatacc actgtgacag     22020
     acgagtcttt acattgatcc catgggccag cctgaacatc cgccggtgac ctactcacac     22080
     atggggcttc tccacgatgg acctccagca ttctacagcc tccagtgcct agatggcagc     22140
     tctgcacaag aagtttggcc agaggagaaa tggtcgtgct caactgagcc tggtttctct     22200
     caaggatttt tttttccttt ttcgtttcct ccaggttatt ttttgtcaat tggtaatgtt     22260
     tgttccttgc cactggcttg ttagtttggg acctgtggat ctgctcatcg atggatttga     22320
     tcttcagtgt ttagactttc agcagtgaaa attaaaccac actaaactga actgaaatga     22380
     acttcaactc taaaaactgg aaggacacaa tttcaattta ctagaacttc tatgttctgc     22440
     tttggcacaa tctacattgt aaaagctctt ttgaattaaa ttgaatacat ttgaatcata     22500
     gtttggtaaa cttggaaagc agtgaatggg atagaactac tttttttgca ttataattaa     22560
     ctaaaaaaca acaactttat agttttttac tactttaaaa aaagaaaggg tgaaacggca     22620
     gccatagacg ctgcataaat taaagcaaag attatataat acaacttgta gctttataaa     22680
     tgtacataca taaaaaaaaa aatatgaaaa acttttgaga aaataagatg ccgatgacca     22740
     ttgaaaaagt gtctataatg attattattc tacaaatgtt aagctaaaac tagaaaaaca     22800
     cttttaatta gaacaaattg gctaaatata ataaaattta aaaggttaat tggcaaaagg     22860
     actaaaacta aatgaaagca tcgctgacaa aataaatgct gattaaaaac aaacaaatgt     22920
     gtgtattaga aacatattca gagagaatcc agaatgtata ccccgctgtt acacatggtt     22980
     tcatcatgtc ccatcatgca cgtaattaaa ctaaacccat cgtttatctg ttttaggctc     23040
     tttcatttgt caagctcgag cttcaaagct ccctggtgtt ggttgttgtt ggtggaagag     23100
     ttcatttctt ccagatgtgg taaagggtcc catcaaaaag acacactgaa caaagagaac     23160
     aaaaagggag cagtaattag gagctgtggg aagaaagtca cctcaaatag cattgaggta     23220
     aagttggttt tatatttgca cgtttattca gtgacaactt gtgacgtgct tcctatattt     23280
     accatagtac ttgaatattc agttgaagtc acatgtattg tgaacaatgt tgttctttga     23340
     tagtcattgg ctgcttatat tacaatgttt aaaattagca aataatactt ttctgaaatt     23400
     atattattaa ggagaaagtc tgaatgtgcg aatgtaaaac caactacctc agtttaaatg     23460
     gcggcggttt gaatgttcaa taatcagatt cgtttaaaaa tcccacacct tgctttcccg     23520
     tcatcctgca tttctcagtg cagatctatt gtgttacctc tcccttaaaa gactgcctct     23580
     caggtgtagt gtttcagtgt gaaatgagct ctctctctct ctccgtccgc ccgtgtcttt     23640
     agagaaatga ggttgtataa tggggctgct tgttcagaga atattgttcg ccagataatg     23700
     gcctgcgtgt ttgactgctc gagtgtgtgc gtttcattgt agaaactgga gagctgagtg     23760
     ggtcagagtc gcagagtcgc acctcatcag tcataatgac ccggacgagg gaagagaaac     23820
     gcagcagcag agccctggat ttagtttcat tcgacgttcc ctcaaaagcc tgcggaattt     23880
     gcttttgaaa ttcagagttt gtttggagag ctctaatgat agatgtttac agtttccccc     23940
     tggctgaatg taataaatgt attgtttaac cttttttttc aatgtgattc tgaggtgaag     24000
     tgttttaggt tgcgtgtgct taaacaagct gcctgatttt gttttcgaaa cattgaagtt     24060
     gacaaaaacc caaccaaaat cctaagcaag aggaaaattg cacttctcat ttacattctg     24120
     gtgattttct catatttttt ctcccgtaga ataataaaaa caaacaaatg ctttgttaat     24180
     gttgacaaaa aacagtgttg ggtgaaatta attgcaaagt tactgtaatt aaattcattt     24240
     tcttcttaac tttctacagt taaacaaaga gataactgaa attttgcatt tgggagcaga     24300
     gatgagcttc tcaaggttga atgcttatct tggctctaag ggtcaaacaa caaaaaataa     24360
     ggtcaagatt cttggtgtga ttctggagtc agatctgagt ttcaatagtg aagtcaaagc     24420
     agtaagtaaa tcagcacgtt atcatctcaa aaacattgca agaattagat gctttgtttc     24480
     cagcgaggac ttccaaactt gttcatgctt ttatcaccag cagagtggat tactctaata     24540
     gcctcctcac tgtccttctc aaaaagacag tcagacagtt gcagctcatc cagaacgctg     24600
     ctgccaggat tctgaccaga accagaaaat cagagtacat catacctgtc ctcaggtctt     24660
     tatactggct cccagttaca ttcagaatag attttaaagt aatattactt gctataaatc     24720
     actaaatagc ctaggacctc aatacattac agatatgctt actgaataca aacctaacag     24780
     ataccgcaga tctttaggat caagtaaatt agaaatgcaa gtggacaatt gcacttttct     24840
     cgtaacaatt acattatgat tttctagtat tctttttatt cagaacaata ataaaataaa     24900
     caaatgataa gttcactcaa ggcaagacac tgtaagtgaa tagggttaga aaaattgtag     24960
     actgcaatta agaaattgca aataattaca ttgttttaat atgcaaacaa taaaataagg     25020
     tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     25080
     cacacacaca cacactcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     25140
     cacacacaca cacacacaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     25200
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caattataat gcaacaagtt     25260
     ttaattaaaa aacacacaac ccagtgtaca taactgataa aaatatattc ctcttccaat     25320
     aatgataatg aagcaaaaag ctctgtgaac attttcagga tgtaaattaa aaaatgacat     25380
     tatataaaaa acaaaacaaa aaaaaacaca tgaaatgttt cacaatgttt attgcagttt     25440
     tggttaaccc tcctaaccac tcttaatttt ttttaaaaaa gtagacagtt tgcagcaaag     25500
     ccacaggtaa acaggttttt acctaaagat tttttttttt ataatagttt actactaatc     25560
     agagactaca ctaaaaggcc attcaaactg agggtcacca tctaaccata aacgtaaagt     25620
     aacaataact atatctgtgt atcatttgct tttatctacc aatgttcatt tttagcttgt     25680
     gcttttcttt ttgcattgca cccttgtaac cagcattgtg tttctagcat ttctgccctg     25740
     tgaatccagc ttgtgtaatc taatcgaatt caacagtttg cagtagaata aaaaaacaac     25800
     acaatttatg ttaacacaga gttttaaagg aaaaaacaca tacagtaaat atcaaaacta     25860
     cactggatat ctgaggtatg tttattttta tacttcagtt tgaaagcaaa gctcacatat     25920
     atagcttcta taaacatttt caatcactct catttaaggc ttttgtttat catttaatct     25980
     ttgtctgatt cgttccccta aagtgcaaat tgtagttcat tttgttgctt ccattcccca     26040
     atcctggact aaaaagtgaa ggaacataac aatgtggtct gatctctgct gttgttttac     26100
     attcagaaca cttgtcagat gcttatcgat atttatcgtg aatggctctt tacgcaccat     26160
     ttgaggcttt caaattccag tttaaaacta taagaaaatg aatacgacat aagtaattag     26220
     caaatgaaga aactttgcat tctggggcaa aacaaaatca tcacttccta tgaaacctta     26280
     tcactaataa aaatggaaga tgctaagacc agagaaacca ctgtagttct tctttcttgt     26340
     aataatttaa ctgccatttc agtactaaat gacagaagaa tcttgacgtt aagactgtca     26400
     cagtcatggt ttctttgtgt tcaagttttc ctcccttgct cagtttgacc tagtttcgat     26460
     tgttctgttt atttaccatc acaattcatt aattaactgc ttacctgttt gtatttgagt     26520
     taatcatctt tgtatattta agtcccccta atttttctgt tccttgcggc ctattgcttt     26580
     tgtgtttatg ctgtttccct tctgagatca tgctttgcgt gttattaatg taaaataaac     26640
     agtgtatttt ttttctttag caatttagtt taatatccag gggcaggaaa agagagaaaa     26700
     tccatatttt atttggtgcc actagtgtga ctgtatggtt tgtcatcatg agctgctctc     26760
     atacttcagg atgttctgag atatgtcaca tttagaattc tgttccggca gctcaaaact     26820
     gcagctctca ctcttaactg ctgttgtttt gtctggagtg aaatgatcga aagctacttc     26880
     catgactttc tgcagacgtc aaccccaaaa tattgaattc acctgcagca tttacagttt     26940
     ataatggcac tgtatggcac tttattttac cagtgttgtc actgcagtat actagaagat     27000
     ctgcataccg atatgcaact cgatttctac attgggcatt ctgtttatat tttaatgctt     27060
     actttatgac aatgacatta ttttttaaat ggaaagttta cccaaaaatg aaaacttcat     27120
     taccaatttc tcacactcat atggttttaa actttttagg atatttttcc tctgctaaac     27180
     acaaaacaag atattcatac aggtactata catttatagc atgaacacaa aaaatactat     27240
     aaaagtcaat agcagttttt cctctacaaa agttaccatt atattttcct ttgtgttcaa     27300
     aagaagaaag gaacggctgc agggttgagt acatgttggc agaatgtttg ggtgaactat     27360
     ccctttaaga tacttctatt ttgaaacgta atattttatt atttttatgt ataatatata     27420
     atctctccct cgacataact gtaataaatg gctttgaaaa tcaaaagata gaatctttct     27480
     ctttgttttt ctgtaattat agtctattct gccttatgca ataagcgatt tacttccata     27540
     aagcaactca acatcccttc attattagtg ctaaagtgac attttttaaa ttagcaattg     27600
     agaacttggc attcaagtca gtatcggaag taatacattg cttggcttat tctgaaaatg     27660
     tagccctata tacattactg gagatgtagc cagaagatga gaatgtggta aaatctgaaa     27720
     atttggtaaa aatcaggctt ttctttttct tgattgcttt tgaaaacatg attttgaatg     27780
     aattagatga atgcttataa cgtcttttaa gtgtttttta ctcagttaca taattttaaa     27840
     tgcaaagata agattgttta agatgtcttt atgacaacct gacattatat caacatatcc     27900
     tcatcatatg tcattaatcc atcataaaca tgactgtcat gaggcaatag ggttttttta     27960
     aaaccagaca acccaccagc ccagtttcct acacacaacc acagttttaa atccagaaag     28020
     aaaacgtttc cctgattttt acaacgtttt tagatttgac cacattctca ccctgttatt     28080
     tactcgttta ttttattttt tggcttctgt ttttgtcttt ctggaatcgt tctttaccgg     28140
     actcgatcct cgtcgtcatg gtcaactcct ctctgtgtcg gaggtaagca atcagctggt     28200
     aagcacgaaa aggaacggcg tcacaccgcc ccatagcgtt agttcaaaag acgaattgaa     28260
     gccaaacgtg aataatttga aatctctagg aatgtatata gggatacgtt ttcagaatga     28320
     gcctatgctg aataatatga aaggattttg tcactaagaa attgtaatga caaaataatt     28380
     ttgttccatt gaaaaaaagt tatcagaaaa atgtataagt tataatgacc tcatgacaat     28440
     actatgtcat tttccccttc aagacctcac taactcgatt aagtgtttat caataattgg     28500
     gttgttttgc agctccattt tggttttatg cctgactgct ttcctaacat ctctatggct     28560
     ttggaaaatg ctgcttcttt cttggccact gacagctgta gaaatctgaa gtaaacatgg     28620
     aaggaaggct ctattaccta ttgttcacag tgactgattg aggctaaatt agagtttaga     28680
     ctaaatgaaa gctatataac ccagctagca aatgtggaaa gacatgtaat caaattacat     28740
     tttcttagtc caaccattgg aaaactgtga aaaaaacgta cattataatc tgttactttt     28800
     ttctggtaac actttggatt tcagtttcac aagcagaaat atgtctgcct cgcactgctt     28860
     gatttttaat catcctaaac gaaatcggac tgcatgaaca tgactcccat gtcacaatag     28920
     ctaagtttcc atctactttt atgcacattt tgggcatgcg cataaaaaaa atcggatgat     28980
     agaaatgcca gtatgcacat aaaaaatgtg cataactgag tgggataaac ttttattcga     29040
     aaataaaaga tgcacataaa ctacgatgca aacactttta ctgaacaaat tccagtatgc     29100
     gcattaaatc gtcttttatg cgaaattcct gttttgcgct ttaagttatt tcacattttt     29160
     gggaggaaac atagctactg taagatgtca gttgtcctaa tgtcacacta aatcagtaat     29220
     atctggatgc agccttcatg atgagagctg aaatgcattt cagacacaat gcactcaatg     29280
     gagttagtga cgtcattgtg aggggtaggg ttaggggtgg ggtttggtga gcccaataaa     29340
     aaacactttg catccagacc ccttttgagt gaatgccaac acagatgtgt aaatgtggac     29400
     atgcaaaaaa actcaccagg agtgtgacct catccattca tgatacactt tccagcattc     29460
     taaaaatgat gccaaactta aaaagcagtg gtggtaattt tgctcacaat ttccccacac     29520
     aagacatctg caaaaaccat tttcaacaca ggctcattct gaaaacatag ccgtatatac     29580
     atttatgaaa atagcaaatt atgttgccaa aagtacgtgt ggctgcattt cgtctttaaa     29640
     acaaatgcaa cagggtggta tgacgccatt caattttgcg cataccagcc gaccgcttac     29700
     ctccgtatgg acggctttcc ccctattacc agtttgtgca gtagcttgtc acttacgttg     29760
     gcaaacttga gatgcagagg agagctaacc tcgttgacga agttcaagtc cggtgaaaaa     29820
     tagaaggtaa gacaaaaaca gaagccaaaa aataaaataa atttcacaaa acaggtggag     29880
     aatgtggtaa aatctgaaaa cgtggtaaaa atcaggtgag ggcttttctt tttctggatt     29940
     gcttttttaa aattgttggt tgggtttagg gaaagaggag ggtgagtcag tcaatcggtc     30000
     agacagtgag tcattcagtc agacaacagc ggcctctagt gtatttacgt gagagcagca     30060
     ggtgcaaatg gcactcgcga gagaaatttg agaactaaaa agataaataa attataaaaa     30120
     aaaaaaaaaa acatagctcc tggaagcttt taagctctcc agaaatgtat atagcggtac     30180
     attttcagaa tgagcctggg ttgagcattt ttcgcacccc aacaaaacag aaaagttgca     30240
     tgtaatttga tcattaattt cctcagaacc tcttaattta catagcattt acatccactg     30300
     gtgtgatttc taatatagtt tgttgttatt gtcctctttt tacataaaat gtacaatgcc     30360
     tccaaagatt tctcccaaaa aattgtttgt gtgatgttat gggctcttct ttctatagat     30420
     gagctcacat tgcacagtat ttcatgacca acgcatttaa aaaaaataaa acaaaattca     30480
     cattcagtca tcatctcaaa aacactgttg tacttggata ggaacagtgt ccatttcagt     30540
     ttcctgacaa cctgctctga gaatggagac agatgtgcgc tatgggaaga gtatagaaga     30600
     gtgtttagaa atctgaggtt catttagtgg tccctcagcc actttctgaa ctctgaaaga     30660
     atgcttgttc tggcatttgt tggtgttgtt agattttttt atcaccttta tcatattttt     30720
     tatctaaaga ccaaaaccag ttccagagat gaaaaaacgt tgaaaaaaga atgttgttac     30780
     agattgatgg ttaactcctt ttggctttta tttcttttgt atcattcaat tatttatcat     30840
     atatggtgtc cagtgtttat atgatagagt tgtactctta aggcaggggt gtccaacttg     30900
     gtcctggagg gctggtgtcc agcatatttt aagttccaag cccaacacac ctgaacctgc     30960
     taattttgct ctttctagta tactttcagg caggtgtgtt gaaggaagtt ggagctaaac     31020
     tatgcaggac acaggccctc caagacagaa gctgcatccc aaatcacata cttatggacc     31080
     attctacgcc attttgtagt ataaatagtg caagtagtgt gttcacactg aaaactcaaa     31140
     aaataataag tgcactttaa ttacccggat gatgcactca ttcagccgct aaaatgaagt     31200
     gtgtaatgat ggacacttca cgcactcaac gaccgctggt ttgcttacgt agcggaaggg     31260
     gcggagctat cggacgcaca tgttgaataa ctttatttat tttggatggt gaaagcaaaa     31320
     gttctcctac gagagtgatt atagcggcta ccgatggtga atgcggttat actcacggct     31380
     ggtattattt gataatttgg tcgcttattt cactgatttg gcaaccgtca aacgtcatca     31440
     gggaaacggt ttgaatttcc gcttagtaaa aaaacattag tgtgccattt aggacgacac     31500
     tacatacata tactatcctg ttgagtgtgt aagtgcataa gtacttagtg catgagtgca     31560
     tagtttatag tgggccattt gggacgcagc tagagtttgg acacccctaa ggttaagaaa     31620
     gttaaggtct ttctttatgt taactgtata cattcacatt tatgctcaaa cattttcata     31680
     ttcttgctga aaatgtgaaa tttaaggaat aagattatat gaagctgttt ataatcacat     31740
     agttgggatt ctttttaaat cataaggatt actagtgttg gaagtaacat gttagaaaag     31800
     aaatacgttg aggtaactaa ttactttttg gtgtaatgca gtagtgtaaa agcattacta     31860
     atcattcata tattaatttt ctttcggctt atttatcagg ggttgccaca gcggaatgaa     31920
     ccgccaacta atccggcata tgttttatgc agcgtatgca ccttccagcc gcaatacagt     31980
     actgggaaac aaccatgcac tctcacattc acgcacacac actcatacac tatggccatt     32040
     ttttgtttac cctataacgc atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccggaga caaggaggaa     32100
     acccacatga acaaggggag agcatacaaa ctccacacag aaatgctaac tggcccagcc     32160
     gggacctgaa ccagcagccc tcttgctgtg aggtgacatt gctaaccact gagccaccat     32220
     gcagctcatt accgatcaat tttcagtaat attttactcg gtacatgtca aagtaacact     32280
     agagttacaa cacaattttt gtttaaaaca ccactagagg gcgcatatca aaaacaaaca     32340
     aaaacatagt ttgatgatgc tgcgactgag agtggaatca tgggaggctg aatctactac     32400
     taatctacta gtagtaatcc actactaatc agaagttact gcatttgaat ttactactcg     32460
     gacattagaa aagtatgttc tattccttat gtatttgagc agaatggatg gacgtactac     32520
     atctgccatt ttgtcataat cacgtgacct acccgcgtca attgagtcgc ttcactccct     32580
     tttatgaatt ctcttgcagt gcatcgtggg atagcgaagc atgcatctga tgtgcacctt     32640
     aaaatctcac cagatcatgt cataggtcat tcgggtactt ctcgcatagt gttttttgaa     32700
     ttctatgagt ttggacatac tactggctcg catattgttt taggcatact atatagtatg     32760
     gaagtatgca atttttgaat gcagccatag tctttatacc catcaagaca catgaaatca     32820
     tgtcagaaat tatgtttatc ttgaataagt aaatgttttt catcttgtgg gtcgctcagc     32880
     tgttttgaat ggttgccttg gccttgtgat gaaactttga tttaaaaagc ttctgtcgtt     32940
     ttgttagatg gacgtttcag aaaatggcag ttatatctac tacatttttc tacgggagat     33000
     ttttggaaaa cagcgaaatg tgagtggttt cacccacttt cacaagccaa actagtggtg     33060
     taagtccttc ccacttggag atctccaggc tgcagcaaaa tacagtactg tatacttgaa     33120
     catgatggtg cacacttcat tattctcata caagttgttg tggctcactg atttttcact     33180
     gattttattg tattaataca aaacagacta ggacttccat tcaatgtgtt ttcatcagta     33240
     ttatctttaa atctcaagta tattaagtaa aattgaatgg tgcttttgta gacggacgga     33300
     cggacagacg gatggacgga cagacagaca gacagataga tagagttgta gatgaagctc     33360
     tagtttcgtc ccttgattac cactagagga aattttagtt gggtttattg ggactccatt     33420
     taccatagac ctcttcgcct aggactaatt gcagtagcag gtgctaattt gaactcccca     33480
     tataagcccc atgttctgtg tagttcagtg tgaagtcttg atttgccctg cagtcattac     33540
     caagggtttt tccaaagtgt tttgctttac ccgtgttttg accctcctgg gttttgacct     33600
     cttgtttgtt tatatggact gtgattgttc tctgcctgcc ctgaagtttg cctgtgtaat     33660
     tcaaggtgga tgctgacaaa gaagtgcgga tacaaatgca gatgtatgat gcaaagaaat     33720
     gggcgaggca gtggcgcagt tggtagtgct gtcgcctcac agcaagaagg ttgctgggtc     33780
     gctggtgcga acctcggctc agttaacgtt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctggc     33840
     ttcgcgtggg tttcctccgg gtgctgggtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca tgtggtacag     33900
     atgaattgga taggctaaat tttcagtagt gtatgagtgt ttgtgtgaat gtgtgtgtgg     33960
     atgtttccca gagatgggtt gcggctggaa gggcatccgc tgcgtaaaaa cttgctggat     34020
     aagttggtgg ttcattccac tgtggcgacc ccggtttaat aaaaggacta agccgacaag     34080
     aaaatgaatg aatgatgcaa agaatggtca ggcaagcaac ggtcaacaca ggggcaaaca     34140
     gatgtacaca gagttccgag tccagagtcg tagtcaaata acaggcgagt ggtcagaagg     34200
     caggcagcag acaatgtaca taaacaaagc aaggcaaggg tctaacatgg caaaacaagg     34260
     cagggaaaac acatcgtaac gttcacaata ctgcttacaa gactaagcaa atggtaaatg     34320
     gtccttgaaa tcagttcata agcagctccc agcatgtgta ttctactaaa tggggaacag     34380
     gtgcatgtga gcggtgcatg actaaatctt gtggtccata gactggcgga tttgcagagc     34440
     ttaagcaatc tgcatcttag atccactaga tagctggtga tcataacacc ctgtctattg     34500
     acctgccttt ggatcgccca tttgttgtct gattgcaata tcagtaccat taataaagca     34560
     atgcagataa atcaaccggc ttcggaatca tcacaacaca ttgtttccaa gttcttcttt     34620
     tgtagttatt ttagcgaaac taactcagaa gaaacagcat agtaatgtaa cattacaatt     34680
     cctaaacatt aacattgtat ggtaaggggt tacttttaaa taacagtaac aaataatctg     34740
     taatgtttaa cagtttggaa gtagcttgca taaaattaat gataatagaa atcacccaaa     34800
     ttcattcatt cattttcttt taggcttagt ccctttaata atccggggtt gccacatcgg     34860
     aatgaaccgc caacttgtcc agcacttgtt ttacgcagca gatgcccttc cagctacaac     34920
     ccatctctgg gaaacatcta taaacactca ttcacacaca tacactacga acaatttagc     34980
     ctaaccaact cacctgtacc acatgtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga gcactcggag     35040
     aaaacccacg cgaacgcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacgct aactgatcca     35100
     gccgaggttc gaaccagcaa ccttcttgct gtgagataac agcactacat actgcgcaac     35160
     tgcgtcgcca aaatcaccca aatagccctg aaaaaaacat aatatcatag ttaaagaggt     35220
     acagtatatc aacagccaac acaatacctg ttcatgacta attctcctgt actccagcaa     35280
     tattatcctg ctcactcacc gactgcttga gtaatacttg agtctgtgtt aaggtgggcc     35340
     ttagggcaag tgtgatgtat tgaacataat aagtaacagg tgtgtgggct ggagggggtg     35400
     tgaggcttcc agctgtccca gcagtctcag gtcatgtcct ccccatctgc cgcttcagct     35460
     ccctgtgttt cccaacacct gaagtgcgtc tgttaggtga tgccctcgtt ctttcagcca     35520
     ggggtcagaa ccctctccac taatgctgcc agtcctcaag aggaggctgg aaccctgttg     35580
     ctcatccaat gtgtctctct gaaacacatt tatgaaagag aaaacagcct tttagtggtg     35640
     gtattattta gacaataaca atatgcattt ttaaacatgt ttcttaacat aatagtttta     35700
     ataactcatt tctaataact gatttcttta accttagcca tgatgacagt acataatatt     35760
     ttagatattt gtcaagatac tagtattcag cctaaagtga catttaaagt cttaaccagg     35820
     ttaattagga aactcactgt ataatgatgg tttgttctgt agacaataga aaagaatatg     35880
     gttaagaggg ctaataattt tgaccataaa atggttttaa aaaaaattaa aaactacttt     35940
     tattctaggt aaagtaaaac aagtaagatt ttctccagaa gaaaaattat tatagagaag     36000
     attgtgaaaa ttctcttgct ctgttgaaca taattcggaa catttgaaaa agtctgaagt     36060
     taaactgtat gtcctaatgt ttgtatattt ggtctttggc agaatacagt gctgccgggt     36120
     gagcatgtat ttgaaatgca gccatacgaa attctggcta cataatttgc gatgtctaaa     36180
     aatgtatata gggctacgtt ttcagaatga gccaatgatg atatttttgc accctcagat     36240
     atttaaatat aaatctcgac caaatatagt actttactaa caaaccatac acgaatggaa     36300
     agattattta ttcaactttc ataatgcata gatctccatg gcaatgagat gcataatctc     36360
     aatatatata tatatatata tatataaata aaactgacac ctgttatgac ttgttttgta     36420
     gtcctgggtc acatttaagt ttccagaaaa aaagttttta aatgcttagt tcacccaaaa     36480
     atttaaattt tattaattac taaaatatta aaaattttag atgaaatcca agagctctct     36540
     tatcctctat gtctgtttac tatgggcaat gggatgcttg catgttggcc tgctgactct     36600
     aattgcaata caatgtagta accatagtaa aaatgtacca agccttttgc agaagaatat     36660
     atataggcaa tcaaaatagt tttacagttt tgtttttggc acttaaatgt gttcttggag     36720
     cttcgtttaa ttacagttgc accactaaag tcatatggaa ttgacagtgt taatggtttc     36780
     ttttctgtac cttgaatttc taaggaagct tgctgtctat agaggatgaa agaccatcgg     36840
     aagtatcatt atttgtgttc tgatgaagaa cggtctgatg aagatctttt tccactttaa     36900
     aaaaactttt ttggcatgaa atgtttggga gttgaaaggt tcttcatgga actgttggtg     36960
     ccaataaatg tgtacatgta taccatttta aaatctttat tcttagatat gcaataaggt     37020
     cagctgcatg aatattttgt tccttctttt tccatcgcta atgtttgact gcaaaaaagt     37080
     tttgttttaa aagctgctcc agggtaaaca tcatagcttc cagctccaac aacaatcaga     37140
     ccagagtaaa tcactaaatt tttcatctgc tttatctgca actgtctcct agtctgacaa     37200
     ccttaattca aattatgcct gtttgaatga aatcgatcca aagaggcata atttcagacc     37260
     tgaccagaaa gcaaccccta gcaatgcaat tatgttttaa gggcatttgt tacttgtcca     37320
     taggctctct taaacacagt aattgcattg cccggtcgct ctagccaagt atttataaca     37380
     atgcaatgac cgcttaggga gctattacag tgtagggccg gctgtgattg atgggatatc     37440
     aaagtgaccc caccaatagc cttttgcaat aaatgcagcc tttgttcatg tgagcagaat     37500
     ccaacactct tacctgcaac ctgaatgatc aaaatggtgc gtagactcgc agctttttag     37560
     cacttttttg gggtattaaa tatactttct tatattctag aactgaacta gagaactagc     37620
     ctcacactaa tttgaaacag aggctgtgtc cgaaatcgaa tactttcata ctataaagta     37680
     tgttaaatgc agtatgtgag aagtaaccgg atgacctact acttccagag agattctgaa     37740
     gtgtgcatca gatttacgct acagttttcc atgatgcccc gcaagagaat tcatgaatgg     37800
     gaataggcaa tttcagataa atcttgttgt caaaaatatg caaataagaa catatcacac     37860
     tgttatataa caatcaataa tatgcaatgg gctctatttt gacggtccat gcgcagagcg     37920
     caaaacgcag ggcgcaaacg ctttcagggt gtgtcaggac acgtttttgc taatttaagg     37980
     aagggaaatc tgccttccgc cgtggtgcat ggtctaaaag ggttgagttt attttcttaa     38040
     tgagttatag gtgtgttttg agaataaacc aattagagtc tcatctccca ttccctttaa     38100
     gaatcagctg cgtcgtgcca agagcgcatt cgctatgtac agtacgcaaa gtaagtctaa     38160
     gtggaaaaaa tgagcatttc acaagcaaac agttaacagt tttttttaac agaaaactgt     38220
     taaacagagc atctactgcg tgagaatgag aaataaatga tctactttca cattcgctct     38280
     tggataggga aacctttacg cacagacatc aattagtcta taaataaata cttttgtttg     38340
     ttaagtgcaa atattcgttt caaaactatt tctaaattca gttctaattt ccagcaaacg     38400
     aataaatgaa taataatagc aaaatgtgct caaaaacctg agttatatcc taaaacacat     38460
     gctgtgcccc atatggtcta aaacctgaca ggtgggcaaa tctaagcttg tttttaataa     38520
     aacaaatata aatatggata taataaataa tactgctaaa aataataaca ttatacgaaa     38580
     gcaaattgtt atgaatgaac tgaaaaagcc tcccgagatg aagaagacat aaaagcagtg     38640
     gtttttcata tttatgtagg ctagaaaata atatgttttg taatatttta atcctttata     38700
     tttatctcct atatctattc taattatgtc ctatatatat ccttaatatt taattttttt     38760
     catatgtaaa gatatttgcc tattgctctc ttgtgcgtat taagcagtgc gtaggcgagg     38820
     cgcaactgtg cgccggagtt tagaccgggt tagttttggt ctaatgaaaa atctattata     38880
     gtatctcaaa atagcaacgc gccagcgggc cgcctcagaa cgccttcctt tttagaccag     38940
     aacacctatg ggcgcacaaa tgagcgctaa tgcatttgct atttaaacaa cgtagcgcaa     39000
     cgcctcaaaa cgactcttgt gccaagctga aactaccaaa agactactgc gccgcgcctt     39060
     gcgccacatt gcactgggtg tatgatagga cccaatatgt taatgcattc tatggcacct     39120
     ttaaactgta tggttattta atataattat aatacaaaaa tctaaaaatg tcacatttca     39180
     ttcatttatt ttccttcggc ttagtccctt atttaacacc acagcggaat gaactgccaa     39240
     ctattccagc atatgttttt atgcagcgga tgcccttcta gttgcaaccc agtgctggaa     39300
     aacacctata cactctcaca ttcacacaca cactcataca ctacggccaa tttaatttac     39360
     ccaatttatt tatagcgcat gtctttggac tgtgggggaa actggagcac ccgaaggaaa     39420
     cccacactcc acacagaaac attaactggc aaatctggga ctcgaaccag cgaccttcgt     39480
     gttgtttggg gacagtgcta accactgaac caccatgcca ttttacatta cacatatttt     39540
     acattatgta tattattgtt atgtgtaaag ataaatacaa tgcaatgtct ttccgcggtg     39600
     tcatatcaca taaaaatgtc tgagccctga taacatgatc atattgatcc ccagaaccag     39660
     ctttaatcag agttttcaat tattcaccag tccttgtgga ggtcacaaga tgtcattctt     39720
     cattctctcc atacacaaat cacctttcca ctacttgctc cttctttttt cctgttttat     39780
     taagatcgct cacacattta tgccccaact gcattatgaa aacgaaaaac actgaatgtt     39840
     taatgtgcat cgaaggaatc ctgagcggag tatcatataa gatattaaag tgtgtctttg     39900
     catgataaat gtccgcttga tttgatttga gtcttgcaag caacagtggc agatgtgcag     39960
     taacacaggg atacttattc tgagacattc ggctgtcaga gagactcttg ctttcagttt     40020
     tatttcttat ttccagacaa taaaagccac tttcctttat gcaaatatat ttggactata     40080
     aagccagtct tatagatcga aatgaattca ttaggaagat gctttcattt tattgcattt     40140
     tcaattcttc tactgtagat aaattgtaca actagatttt tgcttgtttg tttaccctga     40200
     aagaaccttt gaattttggc ttcggatatt gtgaatctgt tatttgttta ttgccagtat     40260
     tgtctgggcg gcagacactt ataatgtgtg gtggaaaact agcatgtgaa atcaagcaga     40320
     actaaagagg ggacaacaga gatacacaat ctgacacact gcagtgaaac atattaaaat     40380
     ttatgagaat ggaagtggaa tgcaccatac agtcaaggga tagtgaagat ggtaaatagt     40440
     tttatttgta tactgaacac aagttatggt tataataaat tgtttatgag ctacataacc     40500
     tgaggctttt ttgcctgtga ttaattgaga tttgttcaac ataggcttat tctgaaaacg     40560
     tagccctata tatgtttctg gatcatgtag ccagagctac atatggctgc attttatctt     40620
     taaaacgaac gatacggggt ggtgtagcgt gttccttttt tgtgcttacc ctccgacacc     40680
     ttacttccat gtggatggct ttcccgttgt taccagttgg tccagtggct caccatgtat     40740
     cgtcagtgga cttgagacgc agagcggagt tgaccacgac aatggtgttc gagtcaagcg     40800
     aagaacggtt ccagaaaaca ggtaagacaa aaacagaagc taaaaaataa acaagttaat     40860
     agagggtgag aatctggtaa aaatcaggcg agggattttt tttttaaact gtcgggtggg     40920
     tttaggcaag tggacgggcg ggtcaatgag tgccttttaa aacactattg gttgggttga     40980
     gggaaggagg aggctgggtc agttcatcag tcagtcagtt agttagtcag tcgacagtgg     41040
     cttctagtga atttatgcga gaacaacagg cacgaatggc acttgtgaga gaaatttaag     41100
     atctaaaaag cgcacacagc ggcctctggt ggattcgcaa aaacaaaaac tgcaaaaaag     41160
     cagctcctgg gatgtatttg gcactttccc caaatgtaca taggggtacg ttttcagaat     41220
     gaacctgggt tggatttatt gctctatttg ttgatttttt gtttaataca ttttcaccga     41280
     actaggtaat gtctgttttt catttctttt tgtggatgag ccattttatt ttacagtaaa     41340
     gatgttaaaa gctatactta ttttatttta aaggctttag aaataccaac tttgacattg     41400
     atttaagatc aaattgaaga aacagagttt aaaatactga gtttatctaa aaatgacaac     41460
     ataggctcat tctgaaaaag tagccctgga tacatttctg aagatcgcaa attatgtagc     41520
     cagaagtacg tatgactgca tttcatattt aaaaatgaac actacgtatg gcaccattcc     41580
     aatatgcact taccatctga ctgcttacct ctgctgttac cagtttgtcc agtagctcgc     41640
     catgtacatc ggtggacttg aaacacagag aggagttgac caggatgatg gggttcgagt     41700
     caagttaata atggacgagg gctttttttt tctggattgc tttttaaaac tgtcggttgg     41760
     gttcagtgaa gtgggcgggc tgttcaattg gtgctttgaa aacactatta gttgggttta     41820
     gtgaaggagg agggtgggtc agtcgatcgg tcagtcagtc tggcgtattt aaacaaatag     41880
     cggcctctgg cgtatttaaa caaaaacagc aggtgtgaat gacactttgg aaaatttgag     41940
     atctaaaaag cgtacacagc ggcctcttgt ggattcgaca aaaacaaaac ttgcaacaac     42000
     aacaacaaca aaaaaaaaac atagctcctg ggatcataag taaatataca tatgattact     42060
     cacagtcaag tggttcaaaa cttttaggaa tttctttctt gaacaagata ttctgaaaaa     42120
     tgttggaaac ctacaataaa tatattaatg ttggtaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaaa     42180
     acaacaatac tatgaaagtc aatggctgct gctttccaac attctttagt atatgttcct     42240
     ttctgttcaa cagaagaaat aaagtaaaac agctttgaaa caagcggaga gtgagtaaaa     42300
     tctacatttt aagatctgtc tactagtttt ctgttagtgt tcagtatttg ccagcaaata     42360
     aatatgacag aaattaaata aagattataa agttcaatat ttgctcaagt gcagtgatta     42420
     atttgctttt tgtcttttgt tgtttgatta tcattattga cagactgcag caggaatatt     42480
     tggaagctca tgtcaacgat ttaatcattt tatttttttg cttttatcca ttcaattaaa     42540
     ttggcccttt cagtaaagaa aggtctccca tagagcatgt attccagact tttagaatgg     42600
     agtcttgcaa agccaatatg ccccaagagt tagatactga gtaaaaaact ggagtatttc     42660
     cccaaaaatg aagggtacca agaccactgc ccttaaccct tatgaccatt gacaggtggt     42720
     ttgaagaata aaagcttctg ttcttgagcc agaactgaaa tgtcctcatg tgcagaagac     42780
     tcaatggatt cacattggct gctgctgtca tgatgcccag cagcctctgg atctggctga     42840
     cagaggtcct ggcctaacca gatgctgctc ataagaggga ggattgaact cacacatgga     42900
     agagacagtt ggagaaagta cactgttgag gtttagtttt aaacccaata acctcatatg     42960
     ggtgagaaca atttaatgtt gaatcagcaa tttgtccact agaatcagcc agatgtctat     43020
     ataattcagc atgcaataac atcctgaacc tgtatatctg cagggttatt caataaacat     43080
     tggtaacaca ttagtttaca ccacaatttt tgctattaac tactggctta tacccgccta     43140
     tgtgattaac tgttcattga agtatgatct tattctacat ccctaatcct acctaaaacc     43200
     taaacccaac tactacctta cttactatta ataagcagct aattagttgt ttatgaggct     43260
     agtagtctta gttactgatt tgttaatact gtgaattgcc acttaaaata aagtgttacc     43320
     gaaatacttg ccaaagctga tgtattgcat gtaccaggcc tatatttcac cttgtttgta     43380
     aacaatacct atagggtagg gaaatgactt tgtatctgtg gcagctcagc tctggcatgt     43440
     atttagaatt tggcatgtgt ttaaggtgtg tgcccactgt ttcattccac caatagtgag     43500
     aagcaaatcc agcaatttct gaagaagcat tagcaaactc ttgatcagca acaatattac     43560
     catgtactcc ggcactgttg tgtaggttgg attgcactcg ccttacaaat ttacatgtct     43620
     acatactgta gctaacatgt tccatgcaca tgcatgatgt cacctttata aagataccct     43680
     tattgggtta aaaggaaagt aacagagttt tcaaatcttc cactcccact ttaaaaccta     43740
     ttttcaaatg tatgcattca cagtcaccaa atgcagtcat cgtgtaaatg ggctttaaat     43800
     gttttcttat gactgaaaac attgctgtgt gaatggcccc tcagaatagg tcacaacccc     43860
     catcattagt tgtaatcagg aagtagcgac cataaaagtc ttattttcca ttgaaaagag     43920
     gtattgttga cttttttgga aaagaaaggc tgatctttct gtgtcagaag ttctgtttac     43980
     tttatggtat aatcattggc agtacaccat aaaaattagg tagatagaag gcaaactgga     44040
     tccagaaaca ccatatctat gatttaccat tgagttacat ttgacaaaag tgctgccaga     44100
     tgattttata acagtatcat cttcttaata accagagatg tggcttgttt acagccatct     44160
     aaacagcatg ttagcaggaa acaagcatac aggattcact aactctcttt ttttaagttt     44220
     cattttcaaa gatgagctga gattttgtgg ttacacctgg ggtcccacct gacgcggggc     44280
     tacagaagga ccacctgaag gttaacagaa aagttcactg agggcccaga gagaggtcag     44340
     tcacacaata gcatgttctg gacagattca ccttggtttg ggggtccata gatatcagta     44400
     attttcttcc ctgctgaaaa atccagctta aaccagccta agctggttgg ctggttttag     44460
     ctggttgacc agcctggttt tagaggggtt ttggccattt ccaggctgga ttccagccat     44520
     ttccagcctg gtcttagctg gtcaagctgg aaaatgacca gctaaatcca actaaaacca     44580
     gcctgtccag cctggtttaa gctggagata gctgatttgg caggttttgg ctgggcaccc     44640
     agcctggctt ggctggtcaa gctggtttta gctggtcatc ttccagcctg accaactaag     44700
     accaggctgg aaatggctgg aaaccagcat agaaatggcc aaaacccctc taaaaccagc     44760
     caaccagcct aggctggttt aagctgttat ttttttcagt agggtttagc tcctcccgat     44820
     agatgcacga ccatagataa gcataactgg aggaagttgc ctgcttttag acccttcaaa     44880
     gcaggggtca ccaatctcgg tcctggaggt tgcctaaaca acttgcctaa acacacctgc     44940
     ttggaagttt aaattatacc ttgtaagacc ttgattaact tgcttaggtg tgtttgatta     45000
     ggtttggaga taaactctgc ataacagcga ccctcaagga acaagtttgg tgaccactgt     45060
     ttcaaaagac catgaaaact gctgaaaact tttaaagtca gtattcatca tgttgctgag     45120
     gccagtacat gagatgtgga catcaaggag aaagtacatg tccttgaact tgattaggct     45180
     gagctccaga tctctatttg gcaggggcca aatttgctcc tggaagtttg atgtcctgca     45240
     gagtttagat ccagtttgcc tcaatacatc tacctggaag cttttagacc aggggtgccc     45300
     aaactctgtc ctggagggcc agtgttctgc agattttagc ttcaacccca attaaacaca     45360
     cctcaacaag ctaatcaagc tctatcaagg tatactagaa acttccaggc tggtgtgctg     45420
     aggcaagttg gagctaaact atgcaggaca ccagccctcc aggaccgagt ttggccaccc     45480
     ctgttttata ctatagctaa aattgtctac tacttgagta tgttgctgca taaccagtag     45540
     aaaactattt cccatatagt atgagtgaaa gtagtatgaa tagtacttgg atgtactaca     45600
     tccttcatta gtcattacag catgacctac ctgcatcagt tgcgtcgatt ccattcatga     45660
     attctctcat gtggcatcgt ggaatagtgt agcgtccatt ggaagtagta ggttatctac     45720
     tgtttttcaa atactatgaa ttcagacata ctatttacct cagatagaga ttttagcata     45780
     ctatatagtt tggaagtatg tgattttgga cgcagacctt gattagctgg ttcagttatg     45840
     tctagtaggg ttggagctaa agtctgcagg acagtagccc tccaggacag agtttcggca     45900
     cccctgcgct atgataacca tatcagccat agagagaaga acagagtaag acaattcttt     45960
     tgtgacaaaa gaagattaaa tctgtcgcct ggcagccctt ttccatgagc tcaggatcaa     46020
     gtacagattt tttcaagatt tttgcaagac atttgaagat tttagcaagg aaagctgtgg     46080
     gttgtgaaga agtgtcctcg agcttgcttt agacagcctc ctcttgttca tggaccaatc     46140
     taaactcagc tttgccacca cacaagacct ctggaagctc cttgaaagtg atggactgct     46200
     agagctgacc agacagaaca ccgacctttc aacctaaatc gattcactca gaactggctg     46260
     caaacatcca aaccgaaaat ccatgagtca ggagagatgg gaaatctgtc tcaagcatct     46320
     cctctactaa ctcaagctgc aaccccaaaa gaccagaccc cggggccagc tttcagaata     46380
     gaaagtgctt gcaatgaaca caatcagtcc ctctgagaat gcaagctctg ctcccataca     46440
     catttctcac gtccattgtg acgaacaggg gacacggatg aagacaatgc atatgtttag     46500
     agaggcttaa catagtacag gctaatctta tttggtgccc agagcaagat attagttaga     46560
     tagcactatc taagacacag tttaatgcac aaactttaga tgttcagata agaagcaact     46620
     gttttattga accttcttcc ccatcttctt ttgcttggtt taaagaatta agacccagaa     46680
     acaggtgcaa atggaaaaca cttataatgc ctcaacagtg gtttaaccca ggggttccca     46740
     aacttttcag cccgcgaccc tcaaaataac aatgccagtg actcgcgacc cccaatatcc     46800
     tctgaggtgg ttataaatac agaaaccttt aatgctgtga cgcaaacaca ccaattaaat     46860
     ttgtgtcagt gctttaaatg tgccagaaag tataacctga tgttataaaa tcaaaatgca     46920
     tctgacgcta ttgctgcctt taatataatg taattacccc aggggtcgca atccaataga     46980
     actagtaact ataagctact atagtaacta tatagtatat agtaactata aacgactttt     47040
     tttttatttt cagtatagtt atggataaaa tatgttaatt cttatggttt attaaaaata     47100
     aatagatttt tggaaatcac caggcgaccc cccttcattg ccccgcgacc cctcgggggg     47160
     tcccgacccc cactttgaga accactggtt taaccaacat aggcttattt ttgataatgt     47220
     agccctatag acacttctgg agatcgcaaa ttatgtagcc agaagtacgt atggctgcat     47280
     ttcatcttta aaatgatcaa tcctttttgc gcttaccatc tcaccgcata cctccatgtg     47340
     gatggctttc ctgctgttat tagtttgtcc agttagctcg ccatgtacat tagcagactt     47400
     gagacgcaca gaggagttga ccacaatggg agggtttgag tctggcgaaa aacggttcga     47460
     gaaagcaggt aggacaaaat aagaagccaa aaaataaaat aaactagtaa ataacagggt     47520
     aagaatatct taaaactaaa caatttgacg aggggttttc tttttttgta ttgctattta     47580
     aaactatcaa ttgggtttag ggaagggggt gggtgggtca atcggtgctt ttgaaaacac     47640
     aatttggtca ggtttaggga aggaagaggc tgggtcagtc aatcagtcag tcgacagcag     47700
     cctctggtgg atttatgcga gaacagcagg cgcaaatggc actcgcgaaa aaaatatgag     47760
     atctgaaaaa gcatagacaa tagtctctgg tggatttgcg aaaacaaaaa catgtacctc     47820
     ctgggatgta tttggccctc tccagaaatg tatagagggg tacattatca aaatgagcct     47880
     gggttgggtt taaccttgta tgtacattgt caatgctccg tttaatttgc aatgttatta     47940
     tttttttttc actgaatgga aaataaatct gatttaagtg agagaacatg tttgcacaca     48000
     tgcttaattc actggattaa gtcttatgaa gtcaatggca tgacaaaagg gaataaatgt     48060
     gcctctctct ctctcaattc aattcaattc aattattgct ctattggcat aacaaatgtg     48120
     aaaaatgtat tgccaaagca gttataaagt ttaaataaaa ataaaagaac atgcatatgt     48180
     gtaacgagga gtctgacaca gagacatcca tttgcagtat atttattaaa cacagtttaa     48240
     tgacaagcac acagtatgca ctagtgtgca aactcacatc aaacgcagta atataaagtt     48300
     gataggctgg cggctggcaa tcaagggtcg tgataccagg catgggtcag aggcaggcgg     48360
     cgtggatcaa agtcaatgta caatgcaggg ttcgaggcag gcaaggcaag ggacagtcca     48420
     gattataaca aagagatcag tcaaggataa ggtacgctca gaaatgtcag ccaggcagaa     48480
     caagacttcg cactggagtg agtgtttggg ctgctaatat gtgtgtgggt gatcagtgta     48540
     atgtgtagca ggtgtgttgc aatcagtgtc tggggatgat gtaatgttaa tagtccggtg     48600
     atgatgacct ctgctggcca gcgaggggaa tgactgtgac agagtcggtg acaatatgta     48660
     ataaaaaaca cagtaaactg tagtagtagt agtagtagta aaaaaatcat atacatataa     48720
     tatttaaata aaaatataaa caatatatca gattatccaa tataccatat tattattcat     48780
     tcattcattc attcattcat tttcttttca gcttagtcac tttattaatc tagggtcgcc     48840
     acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc atgtttttac atggcggatg tccttgcagc     48900
     tgcaacccat ctctggaaaa tatccacaca cattcattta cactcataca ctacggacat     48960
     tttggcttac caaattcaca tgtctttgga ttgtgggaaa ccggagcacc cggagggaac     49020
     ccacgtgagc acagggagaa catgcacact ccacacagaa acaccaactg acccagttga     49080
     ggctcgaacc agcaaccttc ttgctgtgat gcgacacagc acaacttaaa tgcgccactg     49140
     cgtcgccaca tattattatt attattcaat atatcatatt ataaatcaat atatcactct     49200
     ctcactcact catcccacag acataccgat ttttaattat actgtacagt acagactgtc     49260
     ctacccctaa actcaaccct gactggaaac aatctgcata tttacatttt caaaatacta     49320
     aattctgtat gatttatgag tcatttcctt gtaggcatca aaaatgtccc cacaagctta     49380
     aaactgaccg gcttttggtc cccacacaca tatgcccacg cacgcagcta catacacaga     49440
     acaatcacaa acttaccagg ctattgtttg aaagtcttgc tatgtgacgt ctgcgatatc     49500
     tttttatcta aacatacaaa cagaggaaac aagaatatat tttctcaatt tcaaaacacc     49560
     aaagataata tacctgttgg aaagaaaact gctcttacag cttgacttca gtctgtattt     49620
     gtattttgtg tgggtctgga aacatcagtc tcacactgac atctgctggt cactgttagt     49680
     attgctttat ttttacatat accatggtat aaggcaggga tgtcaaactc aattcctgga     49740
     ggaccgcagc cctgcacagt ttagttttaa accctgctcc aacacactta cctgtaggtt     49800
     tcaaacaagc ctcaaagact ccattagttt gctcaggtgt gtttaattag ggttggaact     49860
     aaactgtgca gggctgtggt tctccaggaa ttaagtttta catctgtaca gttaaccact     49920
     acacattaaa ggcaatgaac aacatattaa gttttataca ttatgcaata attactaata     49980
     aatcagcata ggtcaaccac aggttccttt tattgtctat aaagtgaaat agctgaacat     50040
     aaatatagga gactgaaaaa actgctcatt cttggcctct ttatttatca ggagtcacca     50100
     cagtggaatg aaccgccaac tattccagca tatattttac actgcagatc taagtttatt     50160
     caattcacct ataccatatg tctttggact gtggtggggg atggagcacg cggaggaaac     50220
     ccacgacaac aaattgagaa catacaaact ccacacagaa atgccacctg gcccagctgg     50280
     gactcaaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gtgacagcac tacccattgc cattgtgctt     50340
     tctgaaaaat gctaaattta aaagaacttg tcagaagaca cttttgcatc tcaatttttt     50400
     catatataaa tgtatacatt ttgcaaagca ccttcatctc agtttgagta attgtgtttt     50460
     tagtaattcg ttttagcaat ttctgtctag gatatacaat gcaaatatta aatagataac     50520
     atacattaga aatgttttgt ttttagcgtt gagaataaag ttatctgttc tgtcactttt     50580
     atgtgcccaa actttcacac agctcttggc ttttatactc gtcttgcacc ttcagatttt     50640
     aagtagaagt gaagagaaga actgaaaagt gagctggagg gagtctgacc tgctggagac     50700
     tcacaccact gagtctgtca cctctggttg atcgtcttgg cctcctttct ctcgtctatc     50760
     tggatggatc tatgtaaaga agagcagaga acattgttga tcctgcagct gtctctaatt     50820
     taacttaaat gcaactcatg attagattca atctcaactc tacttttttg taaaatatat     50880
     ttttacatgg gagctttgaa gaaaacacac tagcgaatca gttagcaaat aaaatgacag     50940
     aatggaaagt tttgtatttg gaccacattt attcatagtg ataaaaattt gcttgtccat     51000
     ctatgtttac atgaatgaaa ctattctttg tcattatatc ataaacactg aatttactac     51060
     tcacgtgaca ctttgtgaaa atgaaacttc tgtcatgtac tcacctttta cttgttgcat     51120
     acctgtgcga ctttttaaaa tctattgaac agaaaaaaag atattttgaa gaaagctgaa     51180
     aacctgtagc cattgatatt catgatattt tttcctacta tggaagtcaa tagttacagt     51240
     ttcagctttc tttaaaatat actcttttgt gtttgacaga acaaagaact tataaaagtt     51300
     acagtataac aacttgaggg cgagtaaata ttgagtcagt ttacattttt gggtgaacta     51360
     tccctttaac taagctattc taaaatgaaa gtgcagtcat ttgtttcgtt tcttagattg     51420
     ttgagttggg tagtttgtgt ttatgcaatg ttttattctt acactctcaa cctctcgctg     51480
     tttaaaccct tgagctgtac tgtcttcatg gtataaaata aactttggaa acactaaacg     51540
     gagtacttca gtaattctac agtcacataa gctgtacaga aataagagta ttgtagctaa     51600
     catcttaaca cgtgctacta ctatactata ctcaaatgtg tgcagtgtgt gtgtggcctg     51660
     cagtgcagcg ttttcccata tgcaatttgt ttattcacaa gatggcagcc ttgtcttgca     51720
     ctgattcact gcaaactgaa caaaacagaa tgcgtaaagc ctgtgcggtc agacgagaaa     51780
     atgtgtgaag acattagatt agtaacctag cttggtacaa ctctgtcatg aaatacagag     51840
     atgtttatgt tgattacttg tggtgacaaa atgcaaatat attgacttct gtaagacaag     51900
     agctatatgt acagcttgcg tttttcagtc accattaaac ttccggtaaa aggtttatgt     51960
     gactatttta aatttcataa ggttcttttt acagcgttgt tttctacaag ctaaatcagg     52020
     ccaacttcat ttgacattaa cctatcatct catttgaggt aaagttggtt cgatgtcccc     52080
     gtttccactg actggagtac tgtactttat gggtcacctt tatcaggctt tggtgggcat     52140
     ggtgtatgac agaaagtttc agtcgacatc attctcgctc aaataaatgt ctacagtaaa     52200
     gctgtacagg ttgttcacag atcatatgag aagcacttct cacaaaacag atgctttata     52260
     ctcataaata cttgtttata aatgtttatc actaacattt ctataaacat aatttgatta     52320
     taactgcaga tcaatgtgcg aaatagccta ctgtaatgtt tgaaattata taaaataatt     52380
     atataaatgc aacataaatg gacacactca ggcccttaca gtctccgata tgctactaat     52440
     tacagaaaaa ctacacacag cagacattta gtctttattt aggtttaaaa aacaacaagc     52500
     aacataaagc ccagtcagtg aaaacctctc atctgtgtct gtaatcttca ccagcacatg     52560
     tagcatctga ttagagagtc attctgtcat tctgagttca taatagtcca aaaggtgatg     52620
     ataattgtta aacatggcag tttgttcgtg atccaggttg ctaaaacaat ttgctcctgt     52680
     gttttgtcgg gcttctcttt tgtttgctgt tcactctcgc atttgtcctt ttctttttga     52740
     taggatcaga tgacgaagac actttaagaa tcaagcacat gttattatca tcagctcaag     52800
     aagtttctta tatcaaatat agatgcgatc gcgagctctc ggaagaaagc gaaaaccgct     52860
     tacactttta gacagccccg taaaacaaca actggacacg gcagattttt tacttcttgg     52920
     ctttgtgtct gtacatcaag acagcgacaa ggtttgtttg agctcgggtc atccatggct     52980
     tgttattata tgcataaagt attacagtct ctgctgtgta tttaaaatat gccagtttct     53040
     ttgttttcat tctggctagc tccacacgag cttgtgacgt atctctgtaa ccaatcagcg     53100
     ttcagctgca cgtgtagctc caccttttgg tatcctttct catgtttggt actctttaga     53160
     aagggtgctg aaaaagtggt atggtgtggg ttcggtacgc cgtttgacag tggaatcgac     53220
     cataaaatcg ttccgaaccg taccgtacca cttagtggaa acgggccatt attatcacac     53280
     aaatcatagt agcctagcag ccagtgacta tcgaagtaca acattgttca aagtcaaatt     53340
     aatattgctt atgttgtttt aaagtcatac ttacatgcaa gtatttaaag tagcatggta     53400
     aacataatag ggagcaagtc acaagtcact gaacgaatgt gtgagtaaaa aaacaatgtt     53460
     acctcaattg ttgtctctca tagggaaact agcctaatgg cttggtgtgt cccagccttt     53520
     aagcccaaaa aatttttttt tttacagtca aacactctac ctttgaaact aaatttaatt     53580
     ggactatata cacagatatt caacacattg cgacaacttt cagtgttttt ttccagccta     53640
     caggggttcg tttgtgctca atcccttgcc atgagttata agacacttaa acatctttgt     53700
     gttctcctga cctttttgta caatcatcca ttgccatttt ttattgtgtg gtatgactag     53760
     acacgatatg gctttgttcg gtttgctttt catccgcagt tttgttttgc tgggaaaacc     53820
     attcttgtca acatgaattt ggcacatcaa gtattgttgc agatcaggta caccctttca     53880
     gtggcattcc ccagtgcaag tgtctacttt cagcaggaca atgcacccta taagtttaca     53940
     gacttcagaa atagtatatt gaatgattta accagatata accagacata ttcaagggtg     54000
     ttttagagtc cacgccttat tgggtgcgtg atgttttttg gagattatag aggtctaata     54060
     gcatattatt atgtttttat ccatatatct ttattttaat gatcagttta aacatagtac     54120
     acaatatgtt tgagatgtga gctgttctgg caatagtaag gtccaatgaa aaacatatat     54180
     agacagataa aggtagcacc cttaactgtt ggtattacat ttttaacatg tggaaaaata     54240
     ataaagtagc ttaaatgaat aaactacttt aaaaaattta cttaagagaa ataaaataaa     54300
     ttaaattatt acaggttaag cagaatgtta aatgttgaat gttattcatg catttgcatc     54360
     tgcacttttc tcagtgttca tcataacgag tctgtgtttg agcagtgaat tctctgtgag     54420
     ccatattgca cagcctatat cactgctgct ctttttttcc aatgacacat ccaataacaa     54480
     ccagtgaagc taatagcaca ggctcaactg gttactttga attatcttga tcaccagtaa     54540
     aaaggttaat atccatattt aaatgtttat ctatcatgcc tctctttggt gccatcatac     54600
     taaataaagc tttacaatta tttaaagatt taataatatt ttacagctta aatcaatggg     54660
     gtggtgctga ggctaagcgg ttagcttgga tgcctcagag caagaaagtc actggttcga     54720
     atactagctg ggccaggagg cctttctgtg tggagcttgc ttattctctc cgtgtttgtg     54780
     tgggtttctt ctaggtgctc tggtttcccc accagtacac atgcaatata ggtatatgga     54840
     caaactaaca ttgaccatag agtgaatagg agagtatgtg tctgttttcc agcactggag     54900
     gttgtacact tataaaccct gtgttgcagc agaaagggta ttctctatgt aaaatatatg     54960
     ccagagtaat tggcgactcc tgataaagca gggaataagc caaaggaaag tgagtgagct     55020
     cagatcaatg ttttgtgtct aattgtttcg ttttgtggaa agaagccatg taataagcag     55080
     gataatgtac atctactaca tctaaagcca ttcagtctta tacagcaggc ctctgttttg     55140
     ctgataagcc taattttcaa caaatatttg cttgtcagca gtcagcaact tctgggaaac     55200
     cagctcagtg tatgtactac caatgcatac agtgggccct atcatacaca aggcgcaatg     55260
     tggcgcggcg caattgttgt ttgctagttt cagctcgccg caagagtcaa aagaaaaatg     55320
     aatgaatcaa tcaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatgtgtg     55380
     tgtgtgagta ttcatttaag cccgtcagtc ctacgccacc caatctgctc cgagctgatt     55440
     tcgaactggt aaccttccgc atgggagtcg gttgctctac caaggaggct aaagaccata     55500
     gcctctagca tctgtcgcta aagcaccttt agaggtcaga ggagtgagat ttacatgcac     55560
     agcacacact agctgtatgt atacatacgt atatactata tgtataaatg tgtgtgtgtg     55620
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     55680
     tatatatata tatatatata gttagggaag gtgctgttca ggctaattgt catgtacagt     55740
     gattcaattg tatgctttaa tcatctttca gatatgctca gagaaacagg tttaggatgc     55800
     tgtgtaattg ctgaaatggt gacacgcaag tgagatatga cagtctgttg atgatgggga     55860
     tgtgagtggg ttcaggtgtg aaatcataaa gaatagagtt ggatctaggc tgtagatttc     55920
     atgcagatat ttggtgtgta atgagcttcg gccatctgtc tctgctgaga attgattcag     55980
     catgacgaga tgaggaaaaa acgtatttac ttctttttgt gtgggagagg tacaataaat     56040
     aaatgcggtg ctagtactgc ggtacatctt ttccacctcg aaggagtggt gcaaggccac     56100
     actttgtact tttagtctaa tttctctctg cttggcgaga acctaaaaca gagattcaaa     56160
     ttgtggggtg tcttactaga aaccctttaa tcattatagg aacaggtttg ctaaagttat     56220
     gtgcatatag atagattgtc ataatgaata caaacaaaac tcataaggac ttacacggca     56280
     acacatttat ttatgtgtaa ttaaattgta tcttatgtct cctttcagct ctgttagagt     56340
     ttctgcctcc aagtcattcc atatgccacc agacctgttc ttaccatagt ggtctaccac     56400
     atcattcaac gcagttaagc tgcagatgtg attcattcat ctcttggccc atgtgcctta     56460
     ttctcaatat tgacaccaga gctgatgtca agctggcatt agaaaagtgg caccctagac     56520
     ctgaacagtt ttagggccta ctcacactat gctatctgaa ccgtgcccag gcacgtttcc     56580
     cggatcgttt tagacgtgtg agtatgctaa atcgggctca ggcactgttc acttggctgg     56640
     ccctggctca tttggaagag gtgggcctga gcgcggttca cttgggcttt ggcgcggtac     56700
     gcttgtagtg tgagtgaaaa acgtgcccga aactgcccga aactgaaaga gagacgtgac     56760
     tttaaggggc tgtttcatat gcatttatta atcattctta ctgttcaatg aacgcaaact     56820
     gccagagttt attaaagaag gaaacccctc actgcacgac agctgcgcac cttcagcaaa     56880
     cctcctcatt cttgcagcat gagagcttta tgatcgttta tgatcgccaa aagtggcgga     56940
     tttgttcggc gaaatatctg actgcatgtc accgcatccc taaggactgt ttggcgaaat     57000
     atttgatggc atgtcactgc atattaaacg actgaaacta tgtaactaga gaaatctcct     57060
     ctgtgctgag cgagaacact cactgaacag cgcagcatcg atgacgtaag ggtccccagg     57120
     cccgattgca gtgtgagtgc gggccgtcgg gggagatggg agggggtaca agcgtgcttt     57180
     ggcccggttc gaggcaactg tacagagtgt gagtacgacc ttagttcaat gttgtaatct     57240
     ggtgcagctt aagtaactaa tgatgtaaca cattactttt tcatttgcaa aacaatatgt     57300
     tactttatat ttttcatggg attcagaaag ttttgttttt tgtacataaa attaatgaat     57360
     taaaaaaaaa attatatata taaatatata taatatgtaa taaatataca taatttattt     57420
     ttttttttaa aacaagccag cctagcctaa ataaaatata aagtaatgca aaagttgtgt     57480
     agaccactac tgtctttaaa aagtaaaatt ttgttacttt ttaaaaagaa gtaacataat     57540
     atatttcatt taaaaattac tttcccaaaa ctggtctgga aaatctactg tacacagggc     57600
     gagatgattt aacagactca tcatctctct atcttattat acaggactat aaaagcagat     57660
     gcaacatcaa ctctactctt ctgagttgga tcctccagag tttcatccac tcacttctct     57720
     gcctgttcta gaatgaccct ggccatattt aggcatggat ttacactgat ctttcagcat     57780
     caggctccta tgcctgcttt ccttgtgagg acaagtattt caagttttgg catctgtgag     57840
     gtttagtgtc tgatgaagat ccccagaaat tactttacgt cagtacacat aaaagtgtaa     57900
     agcctgcaca aacagcctac aataagtgtg gaatgttatt gagtatcact aactaaattt     57960
     tgcacaatat ttttaaatgg aacaacgtcg aacaatatgt tcttttaaaa ccatgtattt     58020
     tctttttcac ttttatgtta agcattttat tacctttgtg cttgaaattt gttttatatt     58080
     cccaaacctg ccttaacgct catataaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacttcatcg tgtggatttg     58140
     cttagaattc ttaagacaaa aaaagtcttc caaaagcttt aattggctta tatcatctta     58200
     gacccatttt gttggccatt tgccaatctt gttttgtgtt attgatgaaa aaaagagatg     58260
     gttaattcac tatattagct cagtatacag tagatgtttt aaaaatggcc acggagtaaa     58320
     atggcttgcc ttaaagggac tttgtttata ctcattttac tgccaatcgg tctggatttt     58380
     tagaaatacc caccaaacaa aacaaaacat atctcaaact accatgttca cccttgcaca     58440
     cagttttcag gaaacattgc atttaaccca tgacacaaca gaaaaacatt gcacacaaat     58500
     tttagtttga atttgcgcca gttatcttga ttaaaagacc caggatctgc caaagtaatg     58560
     tagactggtt tcatgggttc acacacagac atttgactaa ataaaatata agtattcggc     58620
     aagctgtccg gggagagggc tctgagctcg gaagacaccc taacttgtgg tattcctctt     58680
     atcaggatag agagagatag ggtctgagcg cagtgtctag cccggcttca gaacactcct     58740
     ccctcagatt taaataggta tcaggtttaa taatgtggag ttggggtggt gaagggatgc     58800
     taaagtcaag agaaaatgga ggtatgacgt ctttaactat ttgtaggggt ttggtcttga     58860
     gctgattgga taatagaatg attgtgatga attagcctcg tcaaatacgg atcgtgctcc     58920
     tcccgaaatt tgtttataaa acatcactaa gtgaggtacg aagaacaaac ccctgctaca     58980
     tgaaaatatt ttatcaccat tattttaaaa ccttaattca tgtctattta tactgtatga     59040
     ctaatctccg tgagcaaaaa aaacaaacaa ccaataaaca accataaaaa aaaagaacgg     59100
     agtgcacctt taagacatct gtttcgcaat gtgctgagca gcaagttgca gagctgaatc     59160
     tatctggctg gatgctcagt gcagtggggc atttgccaag tctctcctcc tatatctccc     59220
     acccaaatca tgcagcatgg ggaaggaagt caaagcataa tgcctaaagg atgaaacact     59280
     gttgcactga agttgccagg aaaagtatta attggataac cacgatcaaa gtcatgcata     59340
     actataatta gtgtttgtaa gcattaatga aaaactaaag ttcagacact gtactaaatt     59400
     aaaggtatag ttcacccaaa attaaaactc tatgattatt cactcacatt ttgcctgttt     59460
     caaacctgtt taaatgtatt ttttctcgtt taaacacaaa ataagttact gtgaaaaata     59520
     ttgggaacct gtaaccattg acttccatag tatttatagg aagtctacgg ttacaggttt     59580
     tcttctttct ttaaaatatc ttaaagatta gcagaagaaa gaaatacata aaggtttgaa     59640
     accacttgag agtgagtaaa cgcttagtat tttcattttt gggtgaatta tccccattcc     59700
     acataggatt tttttttttt ttacttagtt cagtcctagg agaaagaaca tatttctggt     59760
     atgcatttgg cacactaaga cgataatcaa tatgctaaat ttctttttga atgtattttt     59820
     agttttaatt tgttcctttt atgacttgat tgctattgaa atcctttacc agtcatccac     59880
     atcacattgg aaaaaccatt agcattcctt tcggacgttg tgcttgagta aaattaattt     59940
     aaaagcaata tatcaatggt agcaagatag accataaaag tgagagtgga gagagaggga     60000
     aagagagaga gagagagggg gggggcgggg tttcatgcct tttgttgatg ctgctgcatg     60060
     agactgtatt cacttctgcc cgtgggatgc tgagagagac tcttcataac accaagacct     60120
     atatcaccac accagctttt ctattaattt ctgcaattta atctaaatag gaagatggga     60180
     atttgggaat atactcttta tttcaccacc acatgctgcc tatggagtgg taaggaacca     60240
     tttagacatt tgattatgaa atatccatga gctttgctga ataattgtct ttttaatgct     60300
     ttatcaaagt ttcttgcatg tcaatacagt gttttctgat tgaagtgttg catatccgct     60360
     cagatctatt tcaagttctg ctgtgacgta aatgaaattg atgttttgag gcttgttcat     60420
     atgaggatac tagccagatt gaatttgagg ttaatgagtg tgatttgttt tttgtgctgg     60480
     gtcatggctt taagttggca gtttaacatt agcaatttta acatagactt tgtggtctaa     60540
     ttctactttg ctcaagagtc agtctatttg aattcattct taattttttc tttatcttaa     60600
     ttttttttta atagctgtgg cttttataat tatgattttg ctctgttacc agtccattaa     60660
     ttagttgtct ctggctgcaa tctcattagt gccccctaaa ctgaatttgt acactggatg     60720
     ctttgtgtgc attatacagt agtgtctctg atactgtcaa gagagtctgc ttctcttgtt     60780
     tctgaattca tctctcatga ataacaggtg cctttttgaa tgaagcaaat gcctgatgta     60840
     atctagaggg cgtctttgtg gaattcgatt atgaatagat ttgatcctga gggaattcga     60900
     ttacaagaac atcccttgtc ctgctagaag agaaaaggca gtgattgaac tatgagggga     60960
     aaaggctaga gtcattatga attgccttgt atttgtccag attagtctag ataagttaga     61020
     tgcatactta aaaagatagt tcacccttaa aaaaaataaa aataaaaata aataaataaa     61080
     taaaaacatt ctgtcaacaa ttacgcatcc ttcacttgtt ccaaacatgc ttgagtttct     61140
     ttgttctgta ctgtaactta ataaattaag gtaactcaaa ctatttaagg aaaccgtttg     61200
     caacaaacca tttcagttca aaaactaatc ctaatgagta cagtgaactt aatccatttg     61260
     agtaaacaaa gcattttgag tacagtaaaa cccaaaaaat gaagagaact caaaccaact     61320
     gagtactgta aaacccaata agttaaggca actcaaactg tttgaggaaa ctgattgcta     61380
     caaaccgttt gggttaaaaa ctaatctata cgagtactgt gaacttactc catttaggtt     61440
     gaagtaataa ggtatttaat taactttata cctctaacac tgagttcaaa actgagtgca     61500
     attgattcca aattaattac actaatttta tttgatagag ctgactgtgg tgttttagag     61560
     taaataaatt aaggaaaaat tttcaaccta tttgttttga gttattttaa cctatttgaa     61620
     ttgtgttaaa cttattttat ttgtgttatt tcaaccaatt gtaggtaaat aaaacccatg     61680
     agcaaaattc cttgctaggt tacaagcaat tgatttgtgt tggggcaact aattaaataa     61740
     ctaagcaaat aattaagtca cttactcgtt tttacaaatt tatgtgaatt gaacaaagtt     61800
     atcctccaaa aactgaataa ttgtttttca gctcatttta aataagtagt ttaaacaaac     61860
     agcaaactcc atttttgagt gtgtcaaatc gttcttacat ttaactgaaa ctctttaaaa     61920
     tttttaacta agtgaggaat aaactcttac agtgtttttc cttacataaa atacgtaaga     61980
     ttattttact gtcaacattt cctcttcata acacaatccc acacaataca gggttgacaa     62040
     ttgaagaatt tttgttttag ctcatttaag acaggtagtt tgaacaagca gcaacaatga     62100
     tttttttgag tgaagttata ttaaataatg ttggaaagca gcaggcattg ggtgcactga     62160
     aaaaaatgat gtctgcaaaa ctgttgcaaa caatttttta tgtgctgaat ttaaataaat     62220
     taatagtata aaatcagccc aaataaaaag tttacaacca atttgcttta aaaaaaattt     62280
     aattcaagga atcatctttg aatcattctt tttttttaga atggatggaa atatagctaa     62340
     tggctcctga tgcgtataaa tatcgaaaat gtgtataaga atcttatgcg cacaagtaga     62400
     ataaacattt taaaaaactt taaaacactc caaaaagata tttacaaaaa gtatttgttg     62460
     aatttaaaat gtgctgaaac aacacaattc ttgagttttt tgtataaatt attttgtaat     62520
     ttttttttct atctatttga atttgtaaaa accattaagt taacttaact gacttgtgtt     62580
     gggacaacat gaaagagttg tgttgaacgc aacatttttt aacagcgtat gatgaaaccc     62640
     atttcctgaa tacatttctg cacgtgcatc gaaaaacgta atgtgatttt ggtttaacag     62700
     atcatttgat gacaaaaata ggcacaatgg gatgacatta acgggcaaac cagcaggctg     62760
     accacattgc acatcttaaa tgttgttttg gtcattctaa agtctcttag tcaaggtctg     62820
     ttatcaaagt ggtttagtat tatgacctta agaactatct tggctgtgct ccaaatagag     62880
     tggtctcaca cttttaaaag ccaccgcatg ctaagtgaaa tttaattata aactaatttc     62940
     gagaggatca cgtgcttatg attgatcaca gctggtcctg catcagctca caattgattc     63000
     accaatcaga tgatttctaa ctcactaact cactataaat aggaatttct tatctaagta     63060
     tctttggccc cgtttacact agtgcgtttt agttttaaaa cggcgttgta gaatgaaaac     63120
     gatccgcgtc cacactcgcg tttacccagc gtttctgaac tgctctccgt ccacaccaaa     63180
     acgctgaaaa cgcacatcac gtgaccacac acacacactc gggcaagcgc tccagcattt     63240
     ctacccagat gagagctctg cttgtcggac tgctcatcac gcatctcccg ctggatctaa     63300
     tctcactata tttgctaaac gtgatatttc attcatgttg ttgtctttat ctaacgacat     63360
     aggccaattc cctgactttg gtcattggaa tctattaagt tacttgttca cgggtaacat     63420
     gttttggtta agcgcaaaga taagttaatg attaatccag gtacattgac tgatcgctcg     63480
     tatttatttc ctacaatgta taaacttatt gtatgctata cttttataat tatcgattat     63540
     taaaactgat attcagcaaa agagagggtg tgtttcgtat tttcactgaa aggaggcatc     63600
     tgttatcggc tccgttttgt tataaatatg cacacagtga agatgacgct catatatgca     63660
     gcacggcgcc tcaacatttc tgctgtctgt taagttgcta atattaaaaa gaaaataggc     63720
     agttccttaa atcatgttta cattttattg ttgagaaagt gaaacaacgt agccaaggtg     63780
     atgtgaatga agttataaag tacactgttc cctttgaaga tttacccgtg tcctcggtat     63840
     gttttccata tcaaactgaa aagggggaga ctgcagcctt gatcaaactt gcgaagtctg     63900
     aacttacaag aagaggatgc gagactgaac tgtgtgtgtt aggctactta atattgagga     63960
     aaagccccaa tcagataggc gaacgtttgc agccccgcct ccgttttcag atgtctccgt     64020
     ctttccccat ccacactgag acggagcagc agcgttttag aatgaaaacg gcctctccag     64080
     cgttttcaaa aagctccgtt ttcggcgctc gagaactccg gcgtagtgtg gacggatggc     64140
     gtaaccgtag caaaacttat gcgttttcaa actaaaacgc actagtgtaa acggggcctt     64200
     tgtcttgaag aatccctccc tccacacacc cctactgccc ctcctttttt tagatgggtg     64260
     acacagcagc ccagtgatta gcactgttgc ctcacagcaa gaatgtctct gatttaagtc     64320
     cctactacac cagttgacat ttcagtggga agtttgctca ctctgaatga cgaggtgacg     64380
     cagtgggtag cacaattccc tcacagcaag aaggtcactg gttggagcct tggctaggtc     64440
     agttggtatt tttgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctatg tttgcatggg tttcctccgg     64500
     gtaccccggt ttccccacaa gtacgctata tgggaattgg ataagctaaa tttgccgtag     64560
     tgtatgtttg tgaatgagtg ggtatggatg ttttccagtg tccggttcct gctgaaaggc     64620
     cttttactgc ataaaacatt tgcttgataa attggcggtt cattccactg tggcaacccc     64680
     agattaataa agggactaag ctgaaaatga ataaatgaat gagtttgctc attcttcctg     64740
     tgctcctgtg ggttttcccc gggttctctg gtttccctaa ccagtccaaa aacacgcaac     64800
     ctatatacca tagccaagct cttagcaacc gtacatctct ccttagccat cctatgtctg     64860
     tcatttacca gaaagaagtt gggagagctc atcgtgatct acctgagctc aaactcgccc     64920
     tgcaaatgag aaagaggcct gggcttaagg atctcataag cagctctctc cctggacagc     64980
     atgccaaaca agctttgtta tcaatcatca gctaagtggg aacttttata attgcattga     65040
     gtcttcattt ttctataggc tcagggaaga aaaaaaaggc acatagtggc ttttcctact     65100
     tcagcaaatc ccttttttaa aatcagatat tctttattaa tttaattatc aatttggtgc     65160
     cagtttttca ggaagcatac ctggcctaat ctaaattacg aacaattgtt tttttgtcca     65220
     tgattgtcaa gtagccagat cttgtatgaa gctcatcacc ttacacaact gaagaaatat     65280
     ttaaaccact aagcatgttt caccttaatc tggaaacata cattaccacc cagatatgct     65340
     gttgatttct gcatgggatt tggtagatgc gggatttgaa cggcggtggt agcaagtagt     65400
     aaaccacaga tggggacagg gaatgaaagg agggttgttg tatttaatta cctatacctg     65460
     ccaacctgat ttcatcaaga aggacatgtt cctaaattaa catctgtgtt gatcctggaa     65520
     caatattgca atcagaatta agggataggt ttacagttta ttttaggttt agggttgcgg     65580
     ttaggtttat ccacttctgc atgagtgtta tccaactatt attcccctct gattttggga     65640
     ataatttaca attatggttg ggtgtaagag aagggaatag gtatggttta catgttagaa     65700
     caaaaatgat gttacagcat cagcatagat gttaattcaa cattgtacat agcataatca     65760
     tgacatgcta cccaccccat ctccaactgc atggacaact gctactcaac tttcccacaa     65820
     ttttgaaaac aaatgttgcc atgtatgtca ggaagtgatg atttcgttct caatgaacaa     65880
     tgatttattc acaaatggtc catgcgatat tccaattttc acattagacc aaattatctt     65940
     tggatagaaa catatctagg gactttcata cttttaatgt cagtggctgc tggtttccaa     66000
     caatcttcag aatctcttaa atagcgttca acaaaagaaa acattctttg ggtgaactat     66060
     ccgcttaaga aaaatggttg agtccaatca gtcagacttc ctggtggaga tttaatcact     66120
     gaaacccagc agaaaagctt agatgagagt ttcagatcaa tagaggcaca tccaaatgag     66180
     ctggagcagc tgcctctgct gatttgccag catttccctg aatatctcgt tcactctgtg     66240
     ctgtattcct cttctgtaag cgcttagcgg tatggatcga gtcaaggttg aaactctgca     66300
     accgtgtcac attgttcatt ctccgacagt gtcacttcag ggggagcatc agaggagact     66360
     ctatagagac ctgatgaaag attataaccc actggagaga cctgtgttca atgacaccca     66420
     ctcactcacg gtgtatttca gcatgagcct catgcagatt atggatgtgg taagtttata     66480
     aattcactca tttcaaaatg taatcactca aagcatgttt tatcaaagtc taaataaata     66540
     tgttccacta gctgcgggtt acaatcaggt ttgccaggtt ttcgcaaaca aaactagccc     66600
     aatgaccagt gtttggaaaa gtcacttttg aaagtaatgc attacaatat ttagttactc     66660
     cccccaaaaa gtaactagtt gcattactta gttactgttt gtggtaagta atgcgttatg     66720
     ttacttttga gttactttta cgtttcataa gttaagttta agttaacttt catacctgca     66780
     tgaggcttga tctctttcag aacttgcatg ctatttttat ttttctttct tttttttttt     66840
     ttaaacagat gatctctgca tttaacgata cacactgtat aacttacatc atcatttacc     66900
     tttgtttctt tttttttttc ttttttttta cctaaaaact aatttaaaat aattaatgta     66960
     ataaaaaaat aataaagcaa aatatactat tgttttcttt tgacagataa ttttatttac     67020
     cccattgaca gactatttgg cttgctttaa agtaaaactc acttactttt ggcatattat     67080
     tacttaaaac aacacaaact ttgttgttgg tctagaaaat gcttcttgat ttaagaattt     67140
     ctagatattt ggagtagaag caaggcaaaa cattttgcca tgcacacagt cacagagttt     67200
     ttccccacaa atctagtcac taaacgtaga ctttaaaata gcattgaatg gcacaaccat     67260
     tcaaatggtt gaactattcg tatttaattt cacatcgatt caagtcctgc cattgattta     67320
     aatgtcgctg aaaatttata ggacatattt gctttaaaga ctacagcggc cctatagtta     67380
     ctgtgaaaag cgaggtgaga gatgtggaga taacacagga aatattacaa gctttcaaaa     67440
     atggcagtta tataaacatt ttgtaaacct aggaacgatc atttgtcaca tttcatgctt     67500
     tagtagactt tgaaggagga aacattgact tgaattttac gcagatgaaa ttaaagatgt     67560
     gagggataga tattacgatg gtgtacacta tgataaaatt cctagaattt tccaaatttt     67620
     gaccctgcaa aactaactgt atgccacttg cgtatatttg tggaaatggc cagaaataca     67680
     ttgtatgagc caaaattata ctttttaaaa taaattttag gccacaatct attgaacatc     67740
     atgcaaatat gatctacacc ttgaaaaata aatatttcta aattagtttt ttttttcgta     67800
     ttttttattt tttattcatt tattcatttt cttttcggct tagtcccttt atccctttat     67860
     taatgcgggc tagccgcagg gtaatgaact gccaatttat ccagcacatg ttttacgcag     67920
     cgaatgccct tccagcagca acccatcact ggaaaacatc catacacgct cattcacaca     67980
     catgcactac ggaaaattta acttacccaa ttcgccttat accacatgtc tttggacttg     68040
     tggggaaaat cagagcacct ggaggaaacc tatgccaaca cagggagaac atacaacctt     68100
     cacacagaaa tgccaactga cccaggcaag gcttgtacta gcgaccttcc tgctgtgagg     68160
     caaacatgct acccaattgc attatgggac cttgatcttt cgtcatttac ccttgaactt     68220
     tttaaccttg agagattgga aaaagtgact tttattatta ttttaaatag tttacagtga     68280
     tatatcatgg taatagtgtt ttatatcatg gtaataaaat aagttaataa attgccagta     68340
     cattttctgt tattttacag acttacagta tttctctcta tattattttt ttatacttac     68400
     aatatttcaa acaactaaaa tgacaataaa agtcactttg ttaaactgtt gagttgaata     68460
     tttaacatca aaagtcaaca aagcagaaat caaggtccta taattcaata cactataaat     68520
     aaacagaaaa cattcagaaa tcacaaaata cggtaactgg tagtgaacag atatatttta     68580
     cagtgtaccg tgaagccatt tttgtaattt ccttttgtat ttccatcaaa ataaacagtt     68640
     taaattagta ttttttattg ctaaaaatgg aatttggaca acgttaagag tgattttctc     68700
     aatatttaga tttttttaaa actctcagat tccagaaatt caaatagctg catattcgcc     68760
     aaatattcga caatcctaac aaaccataaa tcaatggaaa gcttgtttat tcagctttta     68820
     gatcgattca gacgatttat ctttgtgact ggttttgtgg tcaaagtaaa gtttttggtc     68880
     tactaaattt attgttggta agagttttgt gctctgaaaa agtggcaagt tcttaagcaa     68940
     aagtaaaatc cattaaacac atttatcctt cacagccttt tcccccattg ctgtcaaaaa     69000
     tgaaatatgt cattaccctg actgaggtca gaaaagtcag ttgaatttta gcataattaa     69060
     ttttaatttg tagcaaaatt aacggcttat tagtcctaca tctaacagct aatcagctgg     69120
     ctctacatta atgccttaaa cattttcatt tattaaatca agactttttg tattgcaata     69180
     agtttaaatc ttgttaaaaa tcttccctgg ctttcctagc atgttagcat aacctgtaga     69240
     ctgatttgta tttaaaggac ttttgccttg acaatctaaa gaaatgtggc ctcccagcag     69300
     gcccacagca tcataagaca ttgatattaa attacattta gatcgtgatg acaggtgacc     69360
     agaattctcg ccagtgtcta aggacaacgt attttgatgt ctaaaaaatt acgtcaaatt     69420
     acgttgcata tttggttgat tttaggttgt gttggaaagt gaccaaaatc caatgtcaag     69480
     ccaacatctt taaccaacgt catattggcg tcaaataccg acatttattc gtcaggtttg     69540
     gcaaccaaaa tccaatgtca gatagacatc atagtggtaa cgtccaaaag acttcaacat     69600
     cgttagacgt ggatatttgg ttgtctttag gttgctttgg aaggtgagca aaatctgaca     69660
     ttatttgtct gatattggat actgacgcgg ccattcattt ctacccaaaa tgcaacatcc     69720
     cacgatgttg gggtacaaag tcaatgacct aaatttttaa gttaaatcaa attaacaaga     69780
     acttacatta gttaaactga cttaaaacat caagttaaaa tatatataac ttagaaaaaa     69840
     gttgaaacta gctctgtcaa aagattaatc gcgtttaatc acattaaaaa ataaaagtat     69900
     ttacataata ctatatatgt gtactgtgca tatttaaaat atttatatta tttttatttc     69960
     agcaatacac acatacctat atttacgcat atatcatgta aataatacat atatatttga     70020
     gaaaatcatt gtttatattt acattaatat atatatatat atatatgtaa atattttggt     70080
     tttgtgttct attgtgtttt atatgtttta tttatatata tatacacaat atttaaacac     70140
     atagagtaca caaatattta aatgcaaacg tttattttgg atacgatcaa tcatcgtttg     70200
     acagcaccag ttaaaaccta attaacttat taaaataaag taacaaaaac aaacgttctt     70260
     gtgacttttt aattaaataa ttttttacaa tgtacagtct cacttaatct tatttatata     70320
     atactgtata tccttaaata tattttacaa tcaaaccata actgtttaac tcatttctgt     70380
     tataaaattt gtgattttaa atacacataa gattagtaaa ttgcagagcc ggtgcaaaca     70440
     aattgatgtc atacagttca taactgcttc ctcactgatg tcgttttttt ctcatatgtt     70500
     taaaagtgaa cagctcatat ttacattcat ctaaacatca ctctgtagac tctgtgtaga     70560
     cggtatctag atgatcagaa atatttccac tttcttttta catgtaatca aaaaaagttt     70620
     tctgcgagta tataagagca ctaaatcgct ttcagtgtct tgtatgttgt cttgtaggtg     70680
     aactatgagt tttaacactt gttgtagaag tgcttcctta atctgctttt atacgcaact     70740
     aagaatgcat ctttttccat ctacaggatg agaagaatca agttcttacg accaacattt     70800
     ggctacagct ggtaagagtt actcattgat cacagtatga cagggctcat cagtaaccca     70860
     gtccaactgt catgttcatt tagcgaagac ctctctgtgg ctctgttatt aatagctgaa     70920
     ggttaatgac cgtgaaggta atgtgatgaa gtcgtctgtg cttccatgac taaaataata     70980
     ataatgacct cttacaacat tcaatgcaat tttagctgaa gttaacatta gatgtagcat     71040
     aaagccagca actacacagt tttaatagta tgtcctacag agttttccca aatatctaca     71100
     aatttttaat taagaaagca gcttttagac aggtcaaaaa tattgccttg attttgtcag     71160
     tgaaggaatg ctggacagtg gaattgagga tcaaaagggt ggtcagacag gcaggtaaat     71220
     aacagaaaca aatgggtaca tacaggtgaa gcaaaagagt ggtcgggtca caggtccagg     71280
     cggcaaacta tgtaagcaaa agtaacaaag caaggggtca aacacggcaa ggcaaggaga     71340
     acgtgtcgta atgtccacta acagtaaaac aagactcagc actgatgtgt gtgtgtgtct     71400
     gtgctgtttt taaagtgtaa tcagttcatc atgatcctcc agctgtatgt gtaattaatg     71460
     tgaaacagga accggtgtgt gcgaggtgca tgctgggagt tgcagtttgt aaatgtggtg     71520
     tatgcgtaca gtagttctcc agcaatcaac agtagctaga ttgctggtga caaacagatt     71580
     tcagtttcaa tttcagaaaa caagcagaat aatctgcagt tggggttaga aaaataatct     71640
     agttttcgct ttaaaataag attattctga ttacctcatt ggtagattat ttaccttgtt     71700
     ttaaggaaaa acctgcttta tttagattta ttatttctga aaagaggaca atacttaagc     71760
     ttcttcattt aagaatttgt agatatttgg accagaaaca agacaaaact ctaagtaaga     71820
     aaagcattta tatgcagtgt gttattgatt ttcatgtagc taatgtttat aaagcaggtt     71880
     atcagttaat gaagactcac ttccgcaaaa tactgcaaca taaatctatt acccgtactg     71940
     tagctttcaa atcatgggtg ttttttttct ttttttttct ttcttttatt tactctttaa     72000
     aattgcatta tgggatcttg atctctgctc tgacaaagtg ccgaggttta gcaaagtgcc     72060
     attaattata acagtatatt gtcaatacat tattaatgat atagaaacca taaaaagctt     72120
     ccagtgtttt ttttgtgtgt tactgcatct atttttttct atatattatt tcattaattc     72180
     atttttcttc agctaagtct ttatttcaga ggtcgccaca gcagaataac ctgcaaacta     72240
     ttccaacata tgttttacac catgccatat gccaacatag gggaaacatg caaactccac     72300
     acagaaacgc caactgaccc agccgggact tgaacaagat accctcttgc tgcgaagcga     72360
     cagtgctaac aattgagcca ccgtgccgcc ctaataatat ttcacatgca atatatcttg     72420
     tccaactaaa agtatggtag cactttattt taaaatactg tatgtccact tagtgtacct     72480
     acagtataga actggcaaat ttgttatcat taaaataaac gttaaaatag ccaaagattt     72540
     ctcagatctt cgaaaggaat aggaagctat aggagtcccc caacacattt tcattgtggt     72600
     ctgcagtatt tgcgatgcgt ttttgcattt gcatgtgaga atttgtgtgt gtggataatt     72660
     tttcataatt gtaaattgat tatgttttct tgatttgtga gtcttttcct atttacatgt     72720
     ttattcttag cttgcagcgc atttaggccc aatcccaatt ctaaccctta gcccttccac     72780
     ttatccctcg ttttgcgcat tcacgagaag gggtaggggt atcccaattc tctttagctt     72840
     aaaggcgtag ggctaagggg aagggctact gtagataacc cctgaaacgg agattattca     72900
     gaatcacact caaaactatg cagtaccaaa atttccatgt cattgttaca aatttttaca     72960
     acaaacaagc gtatgtttac atacaatcat aactgcgttc gggttttaca gtcatgcttt     73020
     aaaaacatga taaaaaagct caattttgct ataatccata aaaataccta gtgtacagtc     73080
     ccacaacata ctttcacatc tgacactcaa tgacactcca ataccctttc agaaatgact     73140
     agtggctggt atttaccttt ttactgtgtc aacaattctg agctttttgc aatattatat     73200
     cgttatgata acatgatagt gttgcagtcg gtgatttcct gaaaataaat accaaaaaat     73260
     aatgcaactg gaataattat atcactcatc ctcatcaatc ccatatgagc acacagtgac     73320
     atatgatgag gtgttgtagt gctgtccaat ttcttagggg taaatttaat ttcaaaagcc     73380
     aaagggaagg ggtaaaaaaa atagaattgg gattgggccc tatgcttact gtaaaaaaaa     73440
     taaataaaat aaaatgctgg gttccacaaa attcctttat gttgtcccaa aaaaaaatca     73500
     agtaagttaa cttaattgtt tttgcaaatt taagtggatt taacagaaaa catttaagtt     73560
     gcccctctta aaaaacaaga attgtgttga ttcagctcat tttaaataag tagtttgaac     73620
     aagcggcaaa aataattctt ggctggagca agctgaactg ccgctctagg caaaggacgg     73680
     tcacgcctcc ctcaaccgca accctctcta ttctgccgcc ctagacgcag atataatgaa     73740
     gggcgcgggt ggtgagggta gtgtcaggga cgcggatata acttacggag tgggtggtgt     73800
     gggtagtgtg gcagacgccg ccctctctat tctgccgtcc taggcggccg cctaggtcgc     73860
     ctctatggac gcgccggccc tgattcttgg ccaccatacc ataaacaccg tacacatatt     73920
     cggttttatt tcatgcctaa ttcagtttgc aggcaaatac tttgaaagca taaatatcta     73980
     tgtttctgct gactgtctct ttttctcttt tgtctcattt tagtactggt atgactacta     74040
     tcttcaatgg aacgcctcag aatatcctgg agtaaccaat gtaaggtttc ctgacagtca     74100
     gatctggaag cctgacatct tactttataa caggtttgtt ctttccacag agggtttgac     74160
     atttaattag cttttcaggt aaagggttac ataaaaaaac gaagcatagc ttacaaaagt     74220
     ttaaacgatt tcttcaagag tagtcaattg actggaaaga agtgctgggt gatagagaat     74280
     ggacactgag tttgcacttc gccatgaaaa acaaagcttt agcctcattt gtccctgtct     74340
     actggaaatg cagaattaga ctctgtaaat gcaaagtatg ccactatctg gaggtcaaat     74400
     aaatcaggtc agtgaatcac taattggaaa catttattta aaaaaacaca aatttggtca     74460
     agcagcctgt aacatcatga tcttctccag agactgaatt tcttttcctc gaacagtcct     74520
     ccattatttg aagtataatt attcttgaga atgcacattt acataattga aacatttagc     74580
     cgaatatgga gtatggaagt tggagctgac atttccctga aaccctgcgt tcactgcaag     74640
     gctgttagtc atgcaaaata attcagcgct gatgaaaagc atttaccttg tattggatta     74700
     atcaatagca tatctaagtg ttctctgaga tgttcataaa tcatgtgttc tttttggttg     74760
     aaatgagtca tgctttttct tttcccccac agtgctgatg aaaggtttga tgccacattt     74820
     catactaatg tgctggtgaa ttcttctggt gcctgccaat acttaccgcc aggtactttt     74880
     ctcataagat taaaggtgcc aaagcatttt taccactttg tctatggaaa aactaaacaa     74940
     aacaaaacat tgaacatact gtatgttact tttctgaaaa tgaaacaaac accaaacgat     75000
     aaaacaccac acagtaggta tacacaaagc caattctccc tatatgagga gtatatacac     75060
     tgtgaagggc gcccggaaca gcagggggtt tcaataatat taaaagcata tccagtgggg     75120
     gaaataagta ttgaacacgt ccccattttt ctcatacacc atatttctaa aggtgtcgtt     75180
     gacttgaaat gttcaccgga tgttggcaac aaccaaacaa atccatacag tatatgcaga     75240
     gaaaacaaaa ctaattagtt tacaaatgaa gttatgttta ataaaatgaa atgatgcagg     75300
     gaaaatgtat tgaacacaca aagatataga gatgcagaaa ggcagtgaaa gcccagacag     75360
     cagctgaaat cactctgtac ttcttcagca aacctctgcc cttcatcaat gtaaatgaat     75420
     attagctact tcagtccaac atctacatta tcaggatgat aaagatgaaa ccagggtgga     75480
     aattttagca agataatcca aaacacagcc aaggaaactc acagatgctt tcagagaaaa     75540
     aaacaaacaa actgtagaat ggcccagcca atcacctcac ttgaatgcaa tagagaatgc     75600
     aaattaaaga ccagatttga tagacgagat ttacagaacc atcaagattt ttacactcaa     75660
     aaatgaaaga tacagtttgt acagtataaa acagaccccc tagtttttcg cgattttgca     75720
     atcaacgcaa atcacaagtg gcaaattttt gtgatcctac aaaattctta atttaaacgc     75780
     aaaataatca caaaaaaggt aaataatcac ataaagcatc ctattccaaa ccatataaac     75840
     aaattatatt tatttcagtt tgtaattaat tgttttatgt gacttactga cgttgcatag     75900
     gcagcgcacg tgatgaattt cagtgtttcg aaaaaaaatt atgtcttacc tgcaccctca     75960
     caatcattat tacatggaat ggaatgaggg catggggtgg gggtttcagc ctgtgcagta     76020
     agcagacgca gatgaagcgt gagtgattta catttgaagt catagcaaag atgtgatata     76080
     gacatcctgt ggcgcgaatt gagcgttttg tgcatttgac atgctttaga ttgcaagaaa     76140
     gttggagcaa acagagcaat ggaacagaca ggtggagatg agattggttc acagatgatg     76200
     gctgctggag gtgaccgaat tgaaggacat tctttgtgct tacatgaatg gtattatgat     76260
     gagcgtcaaa tggataattt atttagaaaa ctcttctctg tcgttgacga gttttacggc     76320
     attctgtgtt ttaggtgtat tatggtaggg gaaaccccaa tgcatgtcct gagtgaggta     76380
     catgtcagat gctgcgtgga gtgacatctg agagaaagta agatagtgga taaaaataag     76440
     agttatacaa acttcgtgtg gcttaatccc taccataata gatctgtttt tgatcttgtc     76500
     tcgacaagag accaaagtaa agaagcttta tttttatggt ttgtgtcatt gtgattgtgt     76560
     cagattgcac acctaacata gtaggctacc taatgtggtt aattagagac agtggcggtt     76620
     ctagtttaaa tggcacccca ggcgaaccac cccatacgga tgcccttcca gccgcaaccc     76680
     agtactggcc aatataccgc ccaatattat tattaatata aaattataat tctaaatgaa     76740
     tagcagaaat caatcctaaa cataactaga aaacaatgta agaaaaagac acaactgtag     76800
     tcaggggcgg actggccata gagagtaccg ggacatttcc cggtgacttg atggtcaatc     76860
     tggccttccc cctaatgtct ttattctggg attaacactc aatataatca atatcaatat     76920
     acctgcataa agtaaatggt atctcaaagc ttactggggt tcagtttttt tctcttcatc     76980
     accatctccc tgtgccgccc cagcaagatg ccgcccttgg caatcgccct atttatcact     77040
     aaattgtccg tacatttttc gaaagggcat ttttaattgc aaaaaaataa aaataaaaaa     77100
     atcttgaaaa actacggcgt ctaatttgaa taatgacgct ggaatcctgc aactattgac     77160
     tttcataata ttagtttggt atgtgaagag tttttagttt ttttgtgttc agcagaatac     77220
     acataaagac tcataaaggt ttttaccact tgagggtgag taaaaaggga gtaaatattt     77280
     gtttttgtgt caactatccc aggttccatg aatctaaatg cttctttatg taatcactga     77340
     tgccaataat gaacctttag ttttaggagc gcactatttg aggcctgttc agttctaaag     77400
     atttgtctca ttgataaact gtttgttgtg aatggagatt tgcctgtgct gtatttacgt     77460
     tcaccctctg gcttcttgct gggaaagctg aaccagggct ctagcccgag ataaacattt     77520
     gattcacgag tagatgtggt cctggcagtg agtttgcact aaattctctt tgcggtgaca     77580
     ttgaagagat tgccttccct tgaacctcca taaagctttg tcagaagcct agttatgctt     77640
     tatggcaaaa gaaagcaatg aaacacgaac ggaagatgat gtactgaaca atctgccggc     77700
     tctagctaaa ttacatacat atgtcttcac gggcatgttt cggcatttta cagcttatgt     77760
     cgtctcattt aatagtgccg cagatgttca ttttcatcac tgagggttgt ttaataaaag     77820
     ccgaagtaaa agtaatgata attctaatga taatcctatc atataactat aatggcttta     77880
     agtgcaaaat tatgcatata ggctcattct gaaaacgtac cactatatac atttctggac     77940
     atttctgacg ccatttcttt tctcgcttac cagttgactg cctgcctcca tgtggacggc     78000
     ttttcctctg ttaccagttt gttcagtagc tcaccatgta caaggcagat ttgaaatgca     78060
     gagtggagtt gaccatgact aaggttttca tgtccgaatg gagtcaatct agggcaggga     78120
     tgggcaaact tgatcctcga gggccggtgt ccctgcagag ttttgttcca acactagtca     78180
     aaaacacctg aacatgccaa tcagtatctt caagatcact aaaaatctat aagcaggtgt     78240
     gtttgattag agttggagtt aaactgtgca ggacaccggc cctccaggac cgagtttgcc     78300
     catccctgat caagggccat atatacttgc aaaataaaga atgttttgca aacaaaacta     78360
     agtattgagc aataaaataa ataataaaac aaatgcaaat ctccaaaaat cgcaaagcat     78420
     aaattatttt gagaaataaa catttgtttt gttaacaaaa ataaagaact gcaaaggttc     78480
     tcaaaaagtt ttgagaaata aaaaatttgc aaacaaaaaa gagctgcaaa aatacaaatc     78540
     aagcagtgca aataactaaa atatttgcaa taaaaaacta tatatatatt tgcaaaacat     78600
     ttttatagga ttgcctttcc agtcaattgc aaaggtcatt tagattagct ttttagtcaa     78660
     aagtaatttt gtgatgctgt ttttactttg cgcttactgt ttctgcgcgc ttcaccttgt     78720
     ggccctgatt tgacaagagg gcggagtcaa gggaacctgg gcatttacgg cagacccgga     78780
     ccaactggac tgtaagacca cctcagtgac actgtgtctc cgggtgatga acggaggaac     78840
     gttcgggcct accataaaca cccaagaaaa gtgaagtgca aagtcaaaac agcattgcaa     78900
     ctcacagctg actaaaaatt agcattgcat ttgactggac gggttttgta aaagcaatgc     78960
     tttaacaaat gttttgcaaa tatatacagt tgaagtcaga actattagcc ccactgaatt     79020
     attagcccct ctattttttt cccaatttct gtttaacgga tagaagattt tctcaacaca     79080
     tttctaagca taatactttt aagaactcat ttctgattta ttttatcttt gccatgatgg     79140
     caatactcaa tactttattt ttttgttcca aaaactttct tttattttgc aagtatatac     79200
     agtatggccc taaattgaca gaaaacaagt aagaccaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaatctgt     79260
     caatctgaat ttttttttat ttttataaaa ccatcagttg ggtttaggga aggaggaaga     79320
     tggaacagtc gatcagtcag tcagacgata gtggcctcta gtggatttac gcgagaagag     79380
     caggcgaaag catacacatc ggcctctggt ggatttgtga aaacaaaatc tgcaaaaaac     79440
     atagcttcta ggatgtagaa atgtatatag gggtacataa tcagaatgaa tctgggttta     79500
     aattattagc cctcatgttt ttttgttttt tttaatatta cccaaactat gtttaacaga     79560
     gcaaagagtt tttaacagta attcctgtaa tatttttttc tgtagagtct tatttgtttt     79620
     atttaggctg gatttattta ttttttttaa tttaaggtca aaattattag cccctttaag     79680
     caatttattt ttgattctac agaacaaacc atgacttgcc taaaggtaca gtaggtgatt     79740
     ctcttctaaa cattttttta ttgtgttggt tgaaagtctc ttcacagtcc aatagtaatg     79800
     attcaattaa atgatctaaa tgtatttctc tgtattttta tattctgggt aacacataag     79860
     actaaaaaat gtttgtccaa ttaaagttta tcaggccgac aattcccata attctgataa     79920
     gtagcccaaa ctgtctgtca acaaatttac atttgtacat ctgcgcaccc ctgttcacac     79980
     agaaccgccg tatgtgggtg cactttactg aggtaaagtt gcttttatat gcacatcaca     80040
     ccaatattga acaatgacaa cctgtgacat gattcctata ttgtttacca tgctactctt     80100
     actctgtaag tatggcttag taataagtgt aattcttaca aactgtcggc caaacactat     80160
     gcatacagta gtggctttag gacaaagcgt gtgagagaat gagaccagcg atccttgcta     80220
     cacaattaaa aacatgccag atataataca gttttttttt tcattcagag ttgtagtatt     80280
     aaaaaagtac tataaagctg tctaactggc gaatgacatg atctagtgcg ttgtctgctg     80340
     tcatcattaa tgtgcgcatg gtgtttcagg gggcatgact ttggacgcca agagagggac     80400
     tgtgtttcaa atatattatg ctaaccagtt agcatttagg cagatcactt cctgcacctt     80460
     taagccttta aaaagtactt taccctgaat actagtatct tgaaaaatat ctaataaatt     80520
     ataataaaat aaatcagtta ttagaaatga gttattaaaa caactatgtt tggaaatatg     80580
     tcgaaaaaaa tctttccatt aaacagaaat tgggaaataa aataaacagg gaggctaata     80640
     tttctggctt caactgtata tgtgcagctg gaggacttgt tttacaaccc tccactgaaa     80700
     ctgttgcact gcagttataa cacatttctg tttataggga tcttcaaaag cacctgctac     80760
     attgacgttc gctggttccc ctttgatctt cagaggtgtg atctgaaatt tggctcctgg     80820
     acgtatggag gatggtctct ggacctgcag atgattgatg ccgacatcac aggatacatt     80880
     gctaatggag agtgggacct tgtgggtagg gtgaccgact tcattaaata ccaatgcttg     80940
     aacagaagat aatgaaagac cacttaaaga gagtgcacgt tcatgacttt caatataagt     81000
     cagactgttc gatgtgaatt gatttcgttt caattatatt ttgaaaaatg tttttaagta     81060
     cacttgatgt tgttgacaga tttcttaaaa gtgcatataa agtactaaaa attttaagtg     81120
     taactagtct ttctatagtt cactttttaa aaataggaaa actgcagctt catcactgaa     81180
     aatgtgcaat gaaatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatatata     81240
     tatgtatata catatacata tacatatata tgtatatgta tatatatatt tatatattgc     81300
     agaagttcca ggtagacgga atgagaggtt ctacgactgc tgcaaggagc cgtacccaga     81360
     tgtgactttt acggtggtga tgcggagacg aacactgtat tacggtctta atctacttat     81420
     tccctgtgtg ctcatctcta ctctggccct gctggtgttc ctgctgcctg ctgactcagg     81480
     agaaaagatc tcgctcggtg agctacacat tgaaggcttt tgccataatt ttaagatgtt     81540
     aatatatatt aggggtgtaa cagttcacaa aaatcacggt tcggttcgat acgatacagt     81600
     ggtgtcacgg tttggtacgt ttttgataca gcaaaaaaag aaaaaagccg gaggatttct     81660
     ctggttttta ttttttaatg tattaaaaat accatcataa aagtatgatc ctgtttttga     81720
     tcctgatcct gagctatact tctggggttt ctgcttagca gcaaataaaa caaatccttc     81780
     tttatactca aaaccaaaaa gcttcctaaa aaaataaatg taatattgta gtagttaaac     81840
     aaataaaaat aaaagaacaa tctatagtct attttcaagt attttttttt ttcagaaaga     81900
     tgagtgtgca ccttttcttc agacagcaca gatctgcttg atttgactgt cacctgccat     81960
     tttagtggat ctgaaagcag tagttatctg actgaaatgg gctcatgaag gaatagtgta     82020
     acagggctct ataacattta acattttctt gaaacctaaa aattccacaa ccgattaaga     82080
     tctcacaggg ctcgaaatta acctttttct tggtagcacc ggtgctccta acttcaaaaa     82140
     tgtaggcgca tcagacaaaa ttctgcagca gctacgtgat gctatcatgt caataaggac     82200
     caaaatttct gaggaaaatt tccagtacct tgttgaatct gtaccacgaa ggattaagac     82260
     agttctgaac gtaatagagg ttcaacccag tgctggtaag gtatacctaa taaagtggcc     82320
     agtgagtgca tatgtgtgtt ttaagacaat aagtatgcat taaaacgtat aaactaaaaa     82380
     caacactgat gtactacaca agtatagtat ctatatatgc atagatgcaa agtatttctt     82440
     tacaaagtga caacaactgg tctgcataga aaggaacaaa cattttgtta ttcttgcaga     82500
     tctttgtaaa tgtgaaacag tgttgtcttt aaatgttttt atttttttct gttttcatac     82560
     attataatca tgtgacattt gaaatgtcat gttttctcta atatgcttgc ctacagttac     82620
     tgagctggaa aatcaatttt cattgaatct actccttatc aacaagaaat tatacacttc     82680
     acctttaaaa gggtttatta ggggagctaa gcttaactgg ctttacgttt gcacagtaat     82740
     aaccagaagt acataaatgt cacgtttgcc atttaaaaaa aaatcataat tttttatttc     82800
     tcacctcgac tcaactccca cataaacatc tcactgcttt tttttttctt cgctgactta     82860
     gcaaaaatcc agcatttaaa cctacatcat gtgaaatgca ctttggcacc ggcacacaat     82920
     ttatgctgct atccctgtaa gctactgtaa gtggcgtgta gtgagattga tggctcgcca     82980
     aagattgctt tagtgattaa tgcagttgga aagctgtgaa ggccaaatgc ctctatttct     83040
     ccggctctct ggatttagag gatgctgtaa cagggactga gggagcgctc tgaaagagac     83100
     tgaacccgaa atcacagcac aacacaattc attatgattt ttttttttca ttttgtcatt     83160
     cctaaatggt attagtgcga tgaggctgcc aacattactt tccacagagt gagttattgg     83220
     ctggtgctct gtgagctact taaaatcaat actctaaata tcagcaatta gccgactgtg     83280
     taagatacag tgcatttaag tttcatttta tatataggtc tgcttctatt ctcatctaat     83340
     tagggcataa aagaagctat ttaaaagaaa ccaattgaag atataagctt gattgcttgt     83400
     ttttgcattc tcctgtatca tcctgacatt agccacttgg tgtaaactct aaagtttgac     83460
     caaattaaac tacattttaa aggcaaacaa gttgaaggca gggccggatt aacataatgg     83520
     ctagttttaa atatgcctat tttgtcacca ttaagggtga acagatgtcc ttttttccga     83580
     ggaaagtccc ttatttccca ggacagttcc ttattttagc tctaccggga gagtggtcca     83640
     gtcaaagata agctaaccaa gtgcatcata aaacaaaaaa tagaattcaa acacagtatc     83700
     tgttattatc atgcagtaag agagctcagg ataggcagaa ctgtgcagaa tggactcata     83760
     attgaagtgc tgtctcagcc gcccctaagc ccacacaatt catgccctct cataactgaa     83820
     actgcctttc cactgcacac gacaagtgat ggaccggatt ccaatgacga gcagtccagg     83880
     agctcggttg agttccgatc atctctggaa atatgcggaa aattcggatc cgatttgagc     83940
     tgcggatccc ttaaaatatt aaaactcctg caactagaca ctaagcaacc ggctgacaag     84000
     atgggatgta gtacagtgtt ttccaagcag atctgtgcac gcgagatgag aaatacaact     84060
     ttttttcata tttttttttt atcagaaaaa gttatagtta gtcataaatg aattataaaa     84120
     atatatatat atttttaatg ttgtctccac atttcctcta aaatttttgt tgggggttgg     84180
     ggagaggggg gatgagctgg gggtttgtcg cgactgaaag ataggagaca ggggggttaa     84240
     gttggttttt aaacgataaa gatgaaagtg aagagtgggg gtagagaggt gggcgaagtt     84300
     tgtcgtggat gaaaatgaag ggcgagtggg ttggtttagt aggttggggt agagttgtga     84360
     atgaaggtga agggtggggt tgggaggctg ttggtttgtt ggtggagcaa tgaaatatta     84420
     cagcaatgaa atattggcac tggctgtcat cagacagtat ggcccaatct taaatatatt     84480
     tttgtacccc tatcccttcc ccttcccctt ggcccttaca accgagggtg aaggggaagg     84540
     gcttcaaaag ttgaaggcag aataattagc ccccctgttt aatttttccc caaattactg     84600
     tttaacagag agcagatttt ttcaacacat ttctatacat aatagttttc ataactcatc     84660
     tctaataact gatttctttt atctttgcta tgatgacagt aaattatatt tgactagatc     84720
     tttttcaaga cacttctaca cagctcaaag tgacattaaa aggcttaact aggttaatta     84780
     ggttaactat gcaggatagg gtaattaggc aagtcattgt ataatgatgg tttgacctgt     84840
     agactatcga aaaaaaatta gcttaaaggg gctaataatt ttgtccttaa aatggtgttt     84900
     aaaaatgtaa aaactgcttt tattctagcc gaaagaaaac aaatgaaact ttttctagaa     84960
     taaaaaataa tatcagacat attgtgaaaa tttccttgct ctgttaaaca taatttagga     85020
     aatatttaaa aaagaaaaaa aaattcaaag gggggctaat aattctgact tcaactatat     85080
     atattgagtg aaagtagtac aaagtaaact ctaatgggct agtcggtcat attcaattgg     85140
     ctactactgc cttatcaact acatggtgca gtagattggt tgctgtcacc tcagcagcca     85200
     ataagcttgc tcctcaacat ttaaatgtgc tagcaatgta ctgcatgctt ttaaatccct     85260
     cttcaacccc agctccacct gtgtataggt ctgctatggg gtttatatgt atgttatgtg     85320
     agcagcagca gtgtgttata ttcacagaca gcgtgaatat actggcagta gcaagtgtca     85380
     ttactacacc aacaatcaaa gcagcagcag tgtagcagat aaagtatatg ctgccaagat     85440
     caacattact atacattttt attaccatac taaatctctc cgagagttga cagaagtgtt     85500
     tttttgattg tcagggatca ccgtcctgct ctcgctgaca gttttcatgc ttttggtagc     85560
     agagataatg ccggcaacat ctgactctgt gcctttaata ggtaagtcct gcttgtaatg     85620
     attttagatt acttacttta atacttcata attttgtttg taagaaaaaa aggttgtttg     85680
     gaaatgttaa ttaaaccaac atttggaagc acttattttg gggtttgtta atctctctgt     85740
     ctctgtaaat caattgagta acatttggaa caatccaagg gtgagtaaac gatgacagga     85800
     ttttttgata aattttctgg ttaattattc ttttaacaag ctgtctaatc ctgaattaat     85860
     ttaaatgcat acaacaattt ctgggaataa ataaacatgt cccttacaaa aacatactat     85920
     gacaggacca tatgatggga ccagatggta aaacttgtgg gagattctga cagatgttga     85980
     acatcaatta agacagcgct agcatctgtt atctttaatt gtaggggggg aaagcaggtc     86040
     tttttttttt acaaatttta ttttacgggt tttaaaatct atatcaggcg tcacagtggg     86100
     tcgcgaaggt cgctgattcg aaccttggct gggtcagttg gaatttctgt gtggagtttg     86160
     catgttctcc cctacaaagc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgggaa atctaaactg     86220
     tccgtagtgt ctgtgtatga atgagtgagt atggatgttt tccattgatg ggttgcagct     86280
     ggatgggcat ccgctgcgta aaacatatgc tggataagtt ggtggttcat tcccctgtag     86340
     caaccccaga ttacaaaagg gactaagttg aaaagaaaat ggatgaatga atgaaaatct     86400
     acatcaaggc gacgctctac cacagtgcca cacagctttt aaatggttca atcaagctgt     86460
     gatactatgc agtacatata tagtcactgg tgtgtttgaa atctgtgcct atcagctgat     86520
     ccattaataa ttcactgata tatctgctca tactgtggat gggtcctctg attgacatgg     86580
     gtttcaaacg ctctaaaagt ctgaggactt ttctatccct tcaaagttgg tatgtatgtg     86640
     tcgatatggc ccactcccct gcttttttat tctgaggtat agaccttttt cttagattgc     86700
     aaaattaccc attatgcttt gtgtgtatgc tcaaagagaa tgcttcgaac ttccggttgg     86760
     cagctgatgc gtgtaaagag tcacattcaa acagctttga aacgatagtt ttaatgtatt     86820
     ttacttgctt ttaatgtctt tgaacaaatc ctattgtcta tcagtgccac cacctggact     86880
     gattatttaa aacaactgct gcaaggtatt ttaccctcat tgtcagacgg catcttgtgc     86940
     aatttaaatg aagccccgtc atcgctaaaa tgagaggatg agtttagagg gaaattgggt     87000
     gggaaggagc aagaatctaa cacaaacggt ttaggaaggg tccacttccc ctaaaaagta     87060
     gatgaaggag gttgattggt ttaggcgagg ctctgctact aaacttttgt tgattcatta     87120
     aacccatatg tttgacacac acacacacat agcctatact gtcccactga cacattgact     87180
     gaaagagtgg cacaagtgaa aataaagtag aatgtttaag ttaaagtaaa acacatacca     87240
     tggtaaatac tacacaatac aaactaacta aatgaaacaa cactgctcac gattaaaatc     87300
     aatgagcaaa tcagccagca gagtataagt aacgtatttt tataagtaat ttttggaaat     87360
     tgcatgactt acatacctgc tagttttatg ccagtaatat ggtttgctct ttataatgag     87420
     gtgaggtaat gtttgtgtgt gtacatgtgt gcgtgcgtgt gtgtattaaa gagcagcgga     87480
     gtacattata gcaggtgaca ggttaggaat acctatgcta aatttcagca tctgatctga     87540
     cggcagacac aaaattagga aaatgttttt ctctcacgct tgaaccgcat ctgacagaag     87600
     cataacagct ttaacacata tctttctttc aaaattttaa tttttgcatc acaaaaacac     87660
     tgtaagcctc tgaaacagta ttgacaccca tgttgagaaa cactgctctg gttgatgaca     87720
     attcttaacg gttaagttcg aagcagccta tccgaagcac tggtcactat ggtgccctcc     87780
     atgcagcaac aacaaggaaa aaggtctata cttgagctga aatgtgtcaa atacatcgta     87840
     gtacctatct gcacttacag ggaaagtgta tggcatagca acagcgtcac aataaattgt     87900
     aaagacgata ccagaaattg aatttagaga aataaagggc attatttgca caggtaaata     87960
     actaaacaaa acacaggtga acataatctg aaatctagat atgggaatta ttagtgcatc     88020
     taaaatgaga aacaaggtat ttcagcaatc tgttacaaaa aaaaaacaca ctgaacaaat     88080
     gattcattgg attaattatt tttaaggcaa gtggttgcaa acaatttata tgggctgaat     88140
     tctaacaaac acgttgaatt tggttgttta aattcagccc atacaaactg tttgccattc     88200
     tcttacatta aagatttttt ataaatccaa tgatccaatc cagtccattc tatttataac     88260
     tgaaacatgc ccccaattct aaaagatgca tttgttaata taattgtctc tgtcctctga     88320
     ttagctcagt attttgccac caccatggtt attgttggac tatctgtaat agccacagtc     88380
     tgggttttac aataccacta ccatgatcct gaaggaggaa aaatgccaaa atgggtgaga     88440
     tcctcatttc tgcattgatt tttattactt tataaaccaa tcaggttgaa ttcatcagta     88500
     tttcatattt ttaatgtcaa cgctttgcca tttaacagcc atttttgtgt gttagacacg     88560
     tgtggtgctg ttgaactggt gtgcctggtt cctgcggatg aagagacctg gcgaagacaa     88620
     agttcgccca gcttgtcaca acaagcagcc gcgcagcagc ctctccagcg tggatctaaa     88680
     catcagccct ggagtcgcac agtccaccaa tggaaacctg ctgtacatcg gcttccgcgg     88740
     gatggacact attcactatg ctacttcacc cgattctggg gtgatctgca gccggcttgt     88800
     ggcgaccgga gaggaggatg tgctgctccc cggagcccag gcatcttcag tcagtagtag     88860
     cggccctgga gaaaccgaac tgtccaagat cttggatgag gtgcggtaca tttccaagcg     88920
     ctttcgggac caagacgagg aagacactgt gtgtaatgag tggaagtttg cagcgtctgt     88980
     gattgaccgt ctctgtctca tggctttttc cctgttcacc atcctctgca ccattggtat     89040
     cttaatgtct gcccctaact ttgttgaggc catatcaaaa gattttttca cctgaagcct     89100
     tcacttaccc ttatattgta gctatatcta cttctcagag tctcctaaag gcacagtatg     89160
     tatggctttt gcactgaaat atccaaaaac catttatttt gttgacttgt acacttgtat     89220
     tgtaccaaaa ggaaggaagg atgtatataa gagcccagcc agatcatcct gtagcccaaa     89280
     actgacaaag gtaagcagag ccaaagtcat attaccctgt agctaagcag gattgagcct     89340
     ggtcagtact tacaaagaag accaccaggg agaaacctgc tagatctatt gctaatgagg     89400
     ccagcagggg gctctaatgt cacagtataa tcatagggac aatataaagc ctcaattcca     89460
     ctgagtggtt tggttcagta cagtcaaagt ccttttaagg caagtctttt cactctgcgg     89520
     ccatcttgac ctcctctcga agaattctta gtctatgaag attgctgatt ggctcctgta     89580
     ctagaaggca aggctttatt caccatcttg acagttacac ttttccccat tcaaaactat     89640
     acaagtgact tgtcttgtgc tgtacagtac agtacagttt agtatgggta accttggtca     89700
     gccttgaaat ttcactgcca gtagtaccct tacttagtgt ggtgtatgcc agaaagaagt     89760
     agtcagcggc atattatgtt tgatacttaa aatggagacc aagaggaagc agtgtgattg     89820
     cgctttccat gtggtttaga tgcaacatgt gagcagtccc ataaacaaca atggagaaca     89880
     aacagcagtt gttgcttctt ggcatgtggc tgtttgtaac aggaagaaaa caagctttgt     89940
     ttgagctcga atcgaccatg gttcattgct gcaaatgtca ttatattgtt atagtgttgt     90000
     gttttgactg tgtacttaaa aatgttaaat cctgtgtttg tcgttccccc tgacttgttg     90060
     cacatgcaag tgatgattct ctgtaaatca acagcattca gcagcttgtc tggctacacc     90120
     atttggtacc atactatagt gctaggtgcc ctaagagtat cccaatggta aaaaagatgg     90180
     caaaaaagta gtatggtaaa gtttgttatt taagtacttt taaccatgaa aactgacatg     90240
     gaaaacgtgg accatactgt actgtaccga accgaaccac accacttctg gaaatgagcc     90300
     ataaataagt aattctctta agaatgggtg tttaaccctc cattagccca tgagtcaccc     90360
     aaaagtgaat gtaatatcct catttagtca gcctccagaa aacctgtatg tgtttagttc     90420
     taatttttaa agtggtggtg cagtggttag cactgtcacc ttacagcaag agggtcaatg     90480
     gttcgagccc cgactgtgtc agttggcatt tctgtgtggt ttgcatgttc tccccgtgtt     90540
     ggaatggttt tcttttatgt gctctggttt cccccacagt ctaaaggcat gcagtatagg     90600
     tgaattgtat aagctaaatt gtccatagtg tatgtgtgtg aatgagtggg tatggtgctt     90660
     cctagtgatg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat ctgctgcata aaacatatgc tggataagtt     90720
     ggcggttcat tctgctgtgg caaccccaga ttaataaagg gactaagcca aaaagaaaac     90780
     gaatgaatga taagttaaca acttcaggat gagtaaattg gaaattttgt tttactttta     90840
     agtgaacttt acctgtaata atgcccatcc agatccatct ctctctctgg tgtttactag     90900
     tggtgttgct cactctttgc tcttttctat tgctctttac tctttactat atttactgta     90960
     caatgctttt gtagcatgag agcaatcatt gtgtggcttg atgatagcat ctatcaagcc     91020
     attcattctt ttttatttca tttgtttatt tttacataaa attgcaggct tcacttgagt     91080
     ttgacttgtg cattcagttt aaaattacat gtgaaactct tagaaagttg agcctttttt     91140
     aatcattact ttttttgcag caatttcatt catatgaaat ataataatgc acatgtaagt     91200
     gatcaattgt aacatttata aaactttggt tcattagttc atccatgaat attcattggt     91260
     tgtggtggca aggtgacaag aataagacac ctaccatgat tccatgctcc ttcacagccc     91320
     attcaagttg catttttctc taatatttta aattagcaac ttccattagc gaaacgtaca     91380
     tactgtgcct ttatataaag catatttcag agtagtaaat aaaaaaagta taagaatttt     91440
     caatcacact taatggaaaa gtatacaggc tagaaataac atgaaataac aagtcaatga     91500
     ttggttgtgt attagtagtt ctacaattca tgtatcaaca gaagtgtgta ccagagatgg     91560
     actatagccg caccttatga aagctttttt tcacaagttt gacaagtatg tgcttctcaa     91620
     agttaacatg catttctgaa tgcctgtatt gtcggatttg ccttccactg tggttgtcac     91680
     tgtagtctgt tatgctctaa ttacactgct gtacatcatc acacatgtct ttagcccagt     91740
     atagtatcac tggtgaataa ctccgtgtac atgatgtacc ggagatttat gaatgatttt     91800
     ctttcacaat attgtacagt aataaataaa catatttttg taggaggaaa ctgctttgtt     91860
     ggattagtaa attttaataa acaaactgtc aattacggag acccagaaag gacgtgatgg     91920
     tgggaaaaat aattggtgga agaaaaaaaa aaaactgggt gaaaaaaaaa aaactgtgtg     91980
     agagaagaaa aaaaaccctg agtgatagga aaacgtattt tgaaggtttt tgcgttccct     92040
     ctcaaagatt ttgcattctc tcgcaaagat attttgcgtt tccttgcaaa actgtttctc     92100
     cacaaacact tcctgttcac ttcattcata tgtacccccc tgtttttgcc aaaattctcc     92160
     cttattctac cattctatcc cactttcttt acattaaagc tgtgcatcga tcgtcgcctt     92220
     tcatatgcaa cctctgaacc atacctgtca acattgggat gtgaaagtaa gggatatgcc     92280
     caccataatt ccataaccgc cccacccccc aaccccccat ttcattctaa ataaacagtt     92340
     agatggtcag taatatcttt tattattatt ataattatta tttacaaaag aaaaaataaa     92400
     tatatacatt agcagcaaat aaattagcta acagttcagc ttattaaaat taatagctgt     92460
     taaaatgaaa tagagtcaag ctatcaaatc tcattagccg tttcttcact gtataactaa     92520
     cacattctga ttaaaaaaac aacgaatgaa tctctcattt attaagattt tttcatttta     92580
     tgaaattaaa taacaggtgc cactttaaaa agccacacat ctaacaatat aatacgactg     92640
     ctttcctgac tgtttagtgg gcaggggcga actgggacta aaaatcagcc ctggtgcgcc     92700
     tgtatattgt catatatttt tagactttct ccttactaat cttattaaag tattcttgca     92760
     aattctaaat ggtgaaacaa tattagcagc caatgacaat ccaaatacaa cattgttcag     92820
     tctaattaac attactaatg ctgttttcaa gtcatattta catgtgattt cagaccggaa     92880
     attagtagta ctatggtaaa caataaaggg agcttgtcac aagttgttat tgaatgaata     92940
     tggaatataa atccaactct acatcaatgc aatatgtgaa cagcccgctg ctatagttaa     93000
     tccagtgtgt gcgtattagc cttggtgtaa gttataaatt cggcccgcga gctgccaacg     93060
     aatagccctg cgttaggcct tgtcttgcta ttttgctgga aaggggtgat acatttcgat     93120
     aaaatatgag ctcacgactg gattaaaaac caaataggga attcaatctc ctccaattgg     93180
     acgggaatta aatcccgttt tgtgtaaata tgtgtaaagt gtgtatatgt aaagtttatg     93240
     tataaacaaa tttcgagagg atcacgtgct catgattgct agcggctgga tccgcattat     93300
     ccaattcact acgctccaat cagatgactc ctaaactact ataaataccc tgggtttcat     93360
     tccactgtta tcttcgtttt gaggaggcag cttcaccaga cttagcgccg ttgaagaacc     93420
     aactctaaac cagcatggac aaccaaagca gctaccagct acaatctaca acaacaacaa     93480
     caacaacaac aacaacaaaa caacaacaac tactactatt actacttcaa aacaactcca     93540
     acaattgcat caacagcttc aacaaaacat caaaccttcc acttcaaacg catctgctgt     93600
     gtcttcaacc ctatttttca gcaaaatgac agccaaaact ccaaagctat tgcaatgaaa     93660
     ctgaaccctt acctttttcc tagcggtgca catgctacac acataaaggg aagctttgca     93720
     aaataactat accaaacatt tagactaaaa catttataaa tcttttgaat aacaatacta     93780
     gcgtgatcaa tgattttaac taaagatact tgcctctcaa gcctcttgcc cgtccactga     93840
     tccataaaat tgaacagctt gtttgctgga atgttcagca gagcaacagc tcaagtcata     93900
     aacaatggtg aacttgatca acaaaatggc cgccgggctt tttcaccttt ggcacgcccg     93960
     attgacactc ctttgagcca atagctgtaa ggaaaagcgt caccatccaa tgagttctct     94020
     gaagatggtc ccgccctctc tcttgactct gcaagtcttt atgaatgaat ttgggccaga     94080
     catgcttgtg aacgtagtta agataccaac aaaatgttat tcatggatta aagtaaagcc     94140
     aattactaac attccattca cagttttagt aagtggtgac atcacccttg aagtcttaca     94200
     gagttcagag gttgatgttg gcaattgaag agaaaaaaaa aaaataaata aataaataat     94260
     aataaaaata ataataatta aattaagtaa aaaaaaaata aattatacac atcgaacact     94320
     gaagtccaat tacactaggt cagtgactga tttattcata cactagtgtt ttatgtaggc     94380
     ttataatggc aagtcagttg gatgtgaaac agcaacgatt caaacttcct gcttggctgc     94440
     tatgaataga aggaagacat ttctgacaac ggatcttcaa tgaatacttc caggaccacc     94500
     agacaaacca taccccttat cctcagctct ccatccatct gccattctgt ggggggataa     94560
     atgctcacct ctaccatcct tgcacgtagc gacatcaagc tatcagacca tgcataaaca     94620
     aagagtgcaa gcgaatgagt atgtgagtct atgggtacgt gcatatatgt gtgtacaggt     94680
     attgtacgta tgcttctacc ttttctttca agcctgctag gctccttccc tcaccatagc     94740
     tcagaccccg atacattctg tgagtgtata gagtacatta tgtgtgttta tgtatagaat     94800
     gtatcatgtg tgtgtatatg tatgtgtata gaatgtgaag cagcatctta tttctgctgg     94860
     ccatccttct tgtatccttt ctatgaccaa ccgcagttct ccatctgctg ctgtttgttt     94920
     tgaatttgtt cagtttttgg tagtcattgg tagtcgagct gcaagcagat gcacctgtag     94980
     ctcatccgct gcgtaaaaac gtgctgtata agttggaggt tcattccacg gtggaataaa     95040
     taatctgacc ccggattaat aaagggacta agctgacaag aaaatgaatg aatgaattcc     95100
     ttgtctttgc actgaaaaaa agtgttgcat gcagaactgt ttaataatgt tcaacttaat     95160
     ttgtttgttt aaattcatca cacataacta ctatatatac tacataaact actataaata     95220
     ccctgggttt cattccactg ctatcttcgt tttgaagagg cagcttcacc agagctagcg     95280
     ccgttgaaga accaactcta aaccagcatg gacaaccaaa gcagctacca gctacaatct     95340
     acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaacaac tactattact acttcaaaac     95400
     aactccaaca attgcatcaa caacttcaac aaaacatcaa accaaaacaa aaaaattgtt     95460
     tacaaccact taacgtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattgagtaa atccaaggaa ttatctttga     95520
     ataatttctt tcagagcatt taagctttgc tttgcctttt gtcttcagaa tgagaccaga     95580
     gtaagtaact agcttacatc ctgacttaat taattcagca ttttggtttg aaattttttc     95640
     aaaatctctc actgaaagag cattgcattc tgctcaagct ttacagttag cacactgttg     95700
     ttaactttaa ggccccgttt acactagtgc gttttagttt taaaacggcg ttttagaatg     95760
     aaaacgatcc gcgtccacac tcgcgtttta cccagcgctt ctgaactgct ctccgtccac     95820
     accaaaacgc tgaaaacgca catcacgtga ccacacagac actcttgctg cagcccatct     95880
     acccagatga gagctctgct agtcggactt ctcatcaagc atctcccgct cgatctaatc     95940
     tcactatatt tattaaacgt gatatttcat tcatcttgtt gtctttattt aacgacatat     96000
     tccctgactt tggtcatagg aatctattac ttgttctcag gtaacgtgtt ttggctaagc     96060
     gcaaagataa gttaatgatt aatgtaacca cgtagcctat tctgtatatt gactgatcgc     96120
     ttgcctttat ttcctataat ttataaactt attgtatgtt atacttttat aatggccatt     96180
     atcgattatt aaaactgata tttagcaaaa gagagggtgt gtttcgtatt ttcactgaaa     96240
     ttgaaaggag gcagtgttgt tatcggctcc gttttgttat aaatatccac acagtgaaga     96300
     tgacgctcat gcagcatggc gcctcaacat gtctgctgtc taagttgcta atattaaaat     96360
     gaaaataggc agttccttaa atcatgttta cattttattg ttgagaaagt gaaacaacgt     96420
     agccagagtg atgtgaatga agttataaag tacactgttc cctttgaaga tttacccgtg     96480
     tcctcgttgt agtctgtttt ccatatcaaa ctgacaagaa gagactgcag ccttgatcaa     96540
     atttgcgaag tctcaactta cacggagaag atgcaggact gaactgtgtg tgttaggcta     96600
     cttaatattc aggaaaagcc ccaatcagag aggcgaatgt ctgcagcccc gcctccgttt     96660
     tcagatgtct ccgttttcca tcatccacac taagacggag cagcagcgtt tcagaatgaa     96720
     aacggcctct ccagcgtttt cgaaacgctc cgttttcggc gctcgagaac tccggcgtag     96780
     tgtggacggt tggcgtaacc gtagcaaaac ttatgcgttt tcaaactaaa acgcattagt     96840
     gtaaacgggg cctaagccct gcagtcaatt tctcaccatt gtcattcatt gttgagactg     96900
     tattcagctg aatttttgct cctgctgact cacttgatct gatttctatg cttcccgtta     96960
     acatgacatc atcttcctct gcttgatcaa tccagtgcac ttttctctct gttttttctg     97020
     tgcttgaact gttgtttcgg tgatctgcac atgcgactga agtgattctt taatttgcat     97080
     tgattgcata tttttccata tgctggacac ttctttggtt tatgaatgta tccacacctt     97140
     ttacattcac ctttctctct gtcactctct ttctgtgtat cagctgcttt ctttactttg     97200
     gaaactttta tcttgtgcac tgccacatct gcttcctcat gcagggcttt catgtgattt     97260
     tgcattactt cacttgctct acagatgtcc acagtctttg tcagatctaa atctgtctcc     97320
     cagagcagcc tagctctcac agcatcattt attatgccac agactatgcg gtcttttatc     97380
     agctcatcgg ttagttgagc aaactcacag gctttcgctt tgttcttcag gtccgtcaca     97440
     taagcatcaa ttgtttcact tggtccttaa acgcgggtaa cagggccgga gtgggactca     97500
     ttttcagccc tggagtttca agccagaccg gcccacctca gttcacgact gtcattatta     97560
     aaataaggtc atttccaatt cagtttctaa tgacactatc acgtcttttt caagaaaaca     97620
     gctgctttag aaattcaaat gttccaaagc cctaacagta ttatatgtct taacaataaa     97680
     aaaataaaaa ttaaaaaatt tattttacca ggtgagattt gaacacaagt cggacggtat     97740
     agcaacacat tgagtttacc actagtccac tatagcgcta atgcagtaag aataaaaaaa     97800
     aaaaaagtat tggactgtga cctgcaagac acggtattac tttctattga tggcttgatc     97860
     tttttctacc ctttttagat ttctgatcaa gttatgtcag atttattaat gtagtgaatc     97920
     atctgttttt cattgagcag gtgtattatt cattaatatt aattattcgt attcgctgtt     97980
     tggggtcgaa tgatgttagt ttacgttaca tctattaacg ttgatcaacc tgcaggctgc     98040
     attttgctca cggggctgcg agaaaataaa taagaagagc ggcgctgcgg caaaataatg     98100
     aataaaaaga gtaaagctat ggtcaaataa ataaatagat gaaaaaaagt gcgactgctg     98160
     agagtgcaag cagctaggga caccggccct cacggccaaa aaaacagacc ggcccaccag     98220
     gaattctcca ggtgctcccg attagccaat ccgggcctgg tgggtaaaga atacgtgtct     98280
     cagatacgta atgttcttcc gaggcaatca tcgtattaaa cacctttacc acttcgtctc     98340
     cagcaacatg aacgaatgtc gcacatttca ccatctcact cttcgcagcg atgcccatcg     98400
     caatcagata gagttcaaac ttttgaatcc acgttcgcta gttttctgcc agatttccat     98460
     cgaagctcag actatttgga ggcttcaatt gctccatttt tgacttctga caccatgtaa     98520
     tgtcatgtaa tctttgatga atgaactcga acacagactg ctgtaactat ttagctgttt     98580
     attctgtagc aaacacactt gttctacaat aggagtgcac ataacagtgg taccatactc     98640
     caccttgtgg tcggagttaa ccaagcacat acatcacagg gtgtatcatg attgtatatg     98700
     tatagagtgt ttcatgagtg tatagaatga aacaagtgtt tatatgtata gattgtatca     98760
     tgtgtgtata tgtataggat gtatgtgtgt gtatatgtat agagtgtata gaatgaatca     98820
     tgtgtgtgta tgtatagaac atggattgta tcatgtgtat agtgtataga ctgtatcaag     98880
     tgtgtatatg tatagaatgt atcgtgagta tatgtataga acatagattg tgtcatatgt     98940
     gtatagagag taaagcaagt tgcccttagt tgcgttagtt ggattcgatt catatgtgta     99000
     tatgtatagt gtgtatcatg tgtgtatatg tatagactgt atcaagtgtg tatttctata     99060
     gaatgtatca tgtgtgtgta tgtatagaac atagaatgta ttgtgtgtat agagtgtaga     99120
     cagtgtatag acactttttg gtgccttgtc aatctttgac acctctcaca ccagagacca     99180
     cggttctatc ccagaacgtg acatgagaga attgtgtgta tatttataaa atgttttatg     99240
     cgtgtgaatg tatggagtgt atcatgtgtg tgtatgtata gagagtatca tatgtgttta     99300
     tgtatggaat gtatcatgtg tgcaaatgta cttggagctc cgcgagcaaa gggcaggagt     99360
     gggcgtggcc agcagagcag gggagaagga ggggagcgaa caactgttgt cagttggttc     99420
     atgaaatgag acacaaacca tgagacgcat gattttacag ttttcaaagt taaaatgcaa     99480
     agaaataaac agtaattcag tgccctgcta catttgtaat ttcatataca caaccacaat     99540
     ttatatcaat ataaagataa tcgtgttcat ataaacacta aatgaggact tttccctcaa     99600
     tccccgggtc tgaatgcaga ctcagtgcag caggtctctt gtcctgtctt ttttaactat     99660
     tagccctgtt ggtaatctgg aggatttagg caaacacagc agcacggcga tgtgtctaaa     99720
     tgtgaacgaa ctccactgat aaaagacaaa gtccaccatt ctccaattct cgtactgctc     99780
     tcccgacaaa aatgcttgca gcacacacac acaactttgc tgtatcggcc ctgacaggat     99840
     cgtggggaaa aacatgcaac aaaccccgtg gatcatggaa acaaacacat acgacccatc     99900
     atgaaaggct aaatactgca tgccgtaggt ctgtggacgc gtcttaccca gtcatcaaca     99960
     taggatttca cagctgagct tggcactggc agccaggtct gctttgtctt tggaaagctt    100020
     tgccttgtct ttgatcctgc cctaaaaatc cttttaaacc cagaagctga aattagctga    100080
     caaaagttca aaaatatcca gttttatcca caattcaatc taacaggtgc taacactgtc    100140
     ttaactgaaa ctcaaaacac ataaatcttt taaaatctct aaaaaagtac tcaagggttt    100200
     tgtgaacctt taacacgagc agtaaacacg agcagtacga tgcctttgta aagaagaaaa    100260
     agaactttaa atgatttcat atgaaagatg aacaaactta gaatattctt atgactcctg    100320
     gactttgatt aagagatgca caaggtatgt tgttttttgt ttgtgttgtt tgtgttcttc    100380
     cagttgtttg tgttcttcca gttttcaact ttgtgaagtt gaaaactgtg tattaatgct    100440
     ggttcgataa gaaacaaaat cagttaaact gctgtaaaga aaagcaaaac aaatgacagt    100500
     ttgtatgtga ttgtttttat ttgttttgtt tttttcatgg tgtcatcatg taaattgtca    100560
     agatgttttg tccaatgggt gtctcgctgt tccaagttgt caaaataaca taaagatgtc    100620
     atgatgatga cgacgataac catgaagaca ttaaactttg agacatcagt tgaagcctga    100680
     ttcttttaat cagaagaaaa cattcaggag ccgttacaaa ctccatattt tcctcttagc    100740
     aaatagtcgc caccatataa ttattattat ctttatatta aaatcgtgtg gaaaagacgt    100800
     cacatataat taaattaaaa gcacacagat tgcctttcat tagtttgttt taattaacag    100860
     aatgctgtaa ctggtcaaga gcagaaacgc caggtttgaa ataacccacg ctgaattggg    100920
     catattgtac tgtagtaatg gtcgtagatc aaaatgagtg atcaagtgga tttagcaaac    100980
     gcgagagaaa gaggagcagg aggcatattt attgaggcat gtttcataca caccttcatt    101040
     aaacagattc acaatgagga gaatgagggt acactatagg gaacgttagc tagctatcaa    101100
     gctaatgtta accagtctat tttgaataaa aagtaaaatc attttaaaag aattaaccga    101160
     aaatgagtaa aaacaattca gccattttag atagtaactc atataaataa caatagaaac    101220
     tattagagta gcaattagaa aatagaaata gaatagttta ttccagttat tcatagttta    101280
     ttccagtcct cagcccttca atttcattcg aagtctccgt gttctctcac ctagtttgtt    101340
     cattaaccaa taatcatctt taatgaaaat aatgagaaag agggtgatga gaaaaggact    101400
     gaaaggcaga aatccgaatt cttcagcact ttaaaaattc aatcttaata cttctagtct    101460
     ccaaatattc ttgcaaatgt agacaattta gcaacaaagg tcttaaacat ttcaatgaat    101520
     agcagagcgg ggtctgagtt gtgtaatgct gccaccctgt ggtcaaaaca gctcaaagca    101580
     cttactatta atttaacagc gtgaatcagt tttctatagg tgaaaagtgt aaatcagtta    101640
     tctataggtg caaaaaaatt gcaatttggt tggctgtcaa atcagatgct acagagaaca    101700
     tcccttttcc ttaactgaga agattactta cagacccaaa tctatctatc tatctatcta    101760
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    101820
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatctc tacagaccgg tctgtctgtc    101880
     tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc    101940
     tgtctgtctg tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatcggtc    102000
     tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctttctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc    102060
     tgtctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatcggtc tgtctgttgg tctatctatc    102120
     tatctgtttg tctgtttgtc tgtctgtcta tctatctatc taccggtctg tctgtctgtc    102180
     tgtctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    102240
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    102300
     tatctatcta tctatctcta tctatcagtc tgtctgtcgg tctatctatc tatttatcta    102360
     tctatctgtc tgtctgtcta tctatctacc ggtcgatctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    102420
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    102480
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    102540
     tctatcagtc tgtctgtcgg tctatctatc tatttatcta tctatctgtc tgtctgtcta    102600
     tctatctacc ggtcgatctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    102660
     tctgtctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc taccggtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    102720
     tctgtctgtc ggtctgtctg tctgtcggtc ggtcggtcgg tcggtctgtc tgtctgtctg    102780
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctatc tatctatcta    102840
     tctatctatc tatctattaa atccactgaa atattgtgtt gtaggtccta attaatttta    102900
     gcagttctta atttttatgt ccatattatt tatccaatca ctaacaatat atttcaataa    102960
     aatgtttatt tatttactct atttacttat taatttaatg tacttatctt ccttacaata    103020
     acttttgttt ttttaaggtt ttaacttggt cattaaaata aatctttagc gttttatcct    103080
     tgtgtaagtc tgaaatttca ttcataatga tcttaaaatt atcctaaaaa ggtcttaaaa    103140
     tgtcttaaat ttgactatga aacatgtaga aaccctttat ccatccatcc atccatccat    103200
     ccacatacaa cattaaagta ataacctctg aatggtacat gaaaatgcat tcatttattg    103260
     tccatgagtt ctacagcttc aagatttgct tgagtaaaca ttcattatgc catacacttt    103320
     ctgccctggt cacggacctg agccgattaa gctgtgaacg catagtaaaa cctgatcaca    103380
     ccatatgcag acacattaga tatttagagg atgctaaatc ctactggaag agctaggaca    103440
     tggcaagaga cttgcatata aataaataaa ataatcttaa tatacaatat tagatcctga    103500
     gctatacatg ttcaagagat tcataaccta cggaaagtaa ttcgaccgat gtgatggaga    103560
     gcgcttgata catttgccct tgttagggga aaagtaaaaa acattttctt gtgcattact    103620
     cttaccactg taatacactg tgcaggccag tcgagtcctt tcttttttag gtccagtaac    103680
     actttcagtc tttccttcat tgctaacaca atgcaaggct ttgcattaat acataagaga    103740
     gtttgtttgc atagttgcaa ggtggtcaca aacagagata aagtgagcgt cctgtgaaat    103800
     gcagcagtga ccatcagtag ttacctatgt ggacagacag aaagacagag tcaatcaatg    103860
     agctgcgagc aaaatacaca aatcaagcac agacacttca ttcatttgtt ttctttttgg    103920
     ctttgtccct ttattacagt ttttctcaga cgctttggtg catttctcac aacactattt    103980
     acatttgcac aacagttaat gcaacctgca aaacaattag tgcaaactgc aaaacctagc    104040
     tgataacctg caaaagccag tcacttgctc taaatagata gttcattcct caaaagcaag    104100
     tactaatgtc aatcaaagtg tcagtgtcat caaaatgaaa agtcctgtca ccattgttta    104160
     tgaacaagat agtcaaatgg cttagtcatg ttttcattat gacactttac tccgtacatt    104220
     ttttcaatgc aaaaaaaagt cagattttgg tgacacttgc taaaaatgct caagacagca    104280
     ctatatacta tttgcacagc catttgaaca ctacagtaaa gttagacatc actgcattta    104340
     cagtttttct cgattgcttg gatgcagttg tcaactgaaa ctccacattt tcaaaacagt    104400
     taacacacag gcctaaacag cggcactcat ggtcaaaatg acacattttg ctcgcaaaag    104460
     acacatatcg tgtcaaaaca tttaacatat gcaacaaaag ctagttttac tactagcaaa    104520
     caagtatatg agctctttca attaatcatt acacaatgga caacaaaata caaaatacag    104580
     aaatcaaaat gcaccaccat tgcttgccac tgtagcttat agccaatggc atttgttgtc    104640
     tctatttggg ctgtcaaatt cgcctttttg caaagaattg gatcaagaat aagatgtgct    104700
     ttgattgaat atatattgaa ttcatgacat ttttcaaact gtgtctgaaa actgaaatac    104760
     tgtatataaa aaaacagaca aaagtaataa aatactgtaa atattagaga aaacacatgt    104820
     aaactaatat acagtcaaaa ctattgggag tataggacat agccatattg acctgctcca    104880
     tcaatgctgg cacagaacaa cacagacctt ccatcgtttt tataaggttt gcagactgat    104940
     tgctaattga agatttgtgt gaaggagtgt caaaccggtg cttcagtgat ttcatactga    105000
     tgttggtagt ttttaatagt taggaataga tggtttctgt ttggttacca aaactaaaac    105060
     aatggagttt ggactgcttg aatgacatct gtgttaactg tttggaaaaa tggtggggaa    105120
     aatgtgtcaa cccaatgaga aagggtttac acatttgcaa gacctgtcct ctgttctgct    105180
     gggatagtga taatgataat aaagaggaac ctagtttctt taaccaggtc aaagcaaact    105240
     agaaaaactg tagtgaggta tctgagtaca aaacactgaa tatatatttt tcacattatt    105300
     actgcatttg ctctttataa ttctaattta ttcacagcat tgtgcaaaag aataaacaca    105360
     cccttattta caacaagcat aagcttcctt tgggtagagc tgtgcacaac tgaagacaat    105420
     attgcagtac aaattggaac tgaacctaca acacacaggt ctgtaaatca ttcatcgaat    105480
     tgttcaattt ttaagacatt ttaggaaaat aaagatttaa atttttttta taaaattagc    105540
     tagacatatt ttgacaacta gttcaacatt tttgtatgta atgactcaag taatgaaaca    105600
     aggactatta gttttatatg gcatgactat tcagcattta caagtttagt taattttgac    105660
     tgacatgaca taagcaaatg ataatgtcat aaacagcaga gagttgtatg aaagcaattg    105720
     atgcatgtcc aaaagcattt gcaatgtgtt ggaaggaatg agaaactgct actatgatgt    105780
     gcacaaaaga ctaattgttt tgagaaatgc attaactgtt gtgcaaatgt aaatagtgtt    105840
     gtgagaaatg caccaaagcg actgagaaaa actgtaatcc agggttgcca cagtggagtg    105900
     aaccaccaac ttatccagca tgtttttata cagcggatgc ccttccagcc acaatccatc    105960
     tctgggaaac atccacacac tcatacacta tggacaattt agcttaccca attcacctgt    106020
     accacatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaaca ggagcacaca gaggaaaccc acgtgtacgc    106080
     agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac gacaactgac ccagccgagg ttcgaaccgg    106140
     cgaccttctt gctgtgaggc gacagcacta cctactgcgc cactgcatcg ctttaagcgc    106200
     aaatacttga ttaaaacaat tctacaataa atgcatggat cctgcttttt aagtttatat    106260
     tagtcaaaca acaaaagtac actacctgac aaaactcttg tcacctatcc aagttttagg    106320
     tacagcaagt aaaaagaaat agcttatatg aaaggcaaag gcctctagat tacgcttatt    106380
     ttaccaaaat aaaatatgat catgtattga tttttaatta tcggtctgac tttgcttaga    106440
     caaaaatctt atcacttaac agaaataatg tacagtatag aatataaagt catggtgctg    106500
     tgggaaaaga actgatattg tgtatgactc ccatgagctt agaggactgc atccatacat    106560
     ctctgcaatg acctaaataa cttaataaac taatctggaa tggcaaagaa agcattcttg    106620
     caagacttcc agagttcatc aagattcttt ggattcatct tcaatgcctc cttcatctta    106680
     ccccagacac gctcaataat gtgcatatct tttgactggg ctggccaatc ctggagcacc    106740
     ttgacctttt tggctttcag gaactctaat gaggatgcaa agtacagatc tggcttgaac    106800
     ttatgcgcgt tttttcctac acttccacgc aattcgttat gcatggcctt gcaagctcct    106860
     gcagtggctt ttttcagatt tttttaaaca ttgctgcact gcatgcaatg gccaccaggt    106920
     ggcgcaggga acaacaatct ggggtgcatt tcccaagctc gttgactaac catggtcgca    106980
     gttcagttgt tacatggttc accaatgtgc tgtgtcccga aaccatattt caataaataa    107040
     ataaacaaat aaataaataa aaagaaaatc gcgatcgcac tgtattagga gcgctatcct    107100
     gctgaagaat ttgccctctc ctgtggtttg taatgtaaca ggcagcacaa atgtcttgat    107160
     acctcaggtt gttgatgttg ccatccactc tgcagatctc tcgcacgccc ccatactgaa    107220
     tgtaacccca aaccatgatt tttccttcac caaacttgaa tgatttctat gagaatcttg    107280
     ggtccatgtg ggttccaata ggtcttctgc agtatttgtg ataattggga tgcagttcaa    107340
     cagatgattc tgaaaaatcg accgtctgcc acttttccat atgaacttga agtcaagtta    107400
     ttatttgttg ctcttaaaac tgggatctac gacaagactt ttttcagata gtgtacatgt    107460
     ctttggactt gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc cgaaggaaac ccacgcgata tatatatata    107520
     tatatatatg agatatacat tattaacttt gatattttgt ttgggaaaca ttttattcac    107580
     aaatcaaaat gttcttaaat ttatttatag ttgaaattga tgtatttgtt atgtctttta    107640
     gattggttaa aaacgaaaaa atgtgaaaga tttttgctat tattattttg aaaatgccac    107700
     agatacacaa gtctatttat tattttattc tcattatttt attttatata tattatatac    107760
     tttaattgct gtgttaaagt actatcatta ttgctactat gtttatcaat tgccagtagg    107820
     ttcggtttca gtaagcttgt tacttgaatt aataaaaaaa actatgttat taatattgta    107880
     agtgttgctt gtcaattatg ctttaaaatt gtgtcattca gccaccattt attagataaa    107940
     gatgtgctgg tatcgatagt tggtcttgaa tactatttaa agggccgtgc atttatttaa    108000
     gacactggaa aaaaatgtgt gtagtcagat gatattacag attcatggaa ccttgggcta    108060
     aaaatattag ggaggttgag ggttgggttt acatcccgga tataagactt tgcagagtgg    108120
     gatgtgtgga aacattcaga tagcgtacag aaaccttaaa agtgaactta ggtacagtgg    108180
     tgaagtgaaa gcaagcactg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    108240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtggt ggggcggtgt    108300
     ggaattacct ctctctgaga gtcagtgcag ggttgttgct gaggaaggag agctgctgct    108360
     ccaggctgca gacacgaaag gccaggtaac atgacgacag gatgagcagg ataatgctgt    108420
     gtgaggcaga agcacacggc catgaacagg cagtttttca gatggaaaca gaacactgca    108480
     acatgtgact cactcatgct aatcagagag atgagatcat gctgagcctt gtccatgttt    108540
     atttggactc tagatggcgg tgttgtgcgc tgaaatattt ctgacattaa tcttttacag    108600
     aaagatatct tgtaaatgtt gttagggcta ccaccagttt tttttcatgc gtgcatatgc    108660
     atttattcat tttaattcaa cttagtgcct gatttatcag aggccgccac agtggaatta    108720
     tccaccaatt actgttctat gcagcggata cccttcctgc atacatttta ttatatattg    108780
     tattatagtt atatatacat atgtatgttt ttctcttaaa ttatgttatt taattataat    108840
     tttatattat ttagcaattt ttttggagaa tgtatataaa ttaaatctcc aaataatagt    108900
     tcaaaacaat aagaatatat taatataaga acatataata taaataagaa gatatataat    108960
     atttcctatc cttattttat ttatttatga atgtgtttgt ttatttttta ggcatataat    109020
     gattagtttt catgttgtat ttttattaat gaatattgtt tttaaattaa atacttttat    109080
     atattgtttt aaaatattta tacaagataa acacacaact gaaaattatt tcattataat    109140
     gtatatcttt aataatatgt ttattcaaaa ataatgaaaa ggaagaattc tttctttctt    109200
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    109260
     tatatatgaa taatactgtg ttatattttg catttgttat tattattata ctgtattaaa    109320
     catattcata taatatttaa tatacatttt atacactttt aaagttgtct ttttaaacat    109380
     tttatacagt acagaaatgc taatgtattg ttttattaat aaagcttgtt ctggtaggga    109440
     tttttcctgt tgtaacatcc ttttttaatc agaccgaaca aacccagcac tgcattagca    109500
     acagcacagt taacatgcgt gagagtttac atgtctagtg agtttatccc tgctgctcta    109560
     cttaaatcta catcaatctg gctgtgtggc gatgggaaca gattactgca gcaggtggac    109620
     tggcaagcaa acacaaggtt ttagtttttt ttactgcatt aaatctcttg atttgatcta    109680
     tttataaagc ttagaaaaaa agttcttact tgcttacttc ctgaagcaca gttatatgca    109740
     tctacagttg aagtcagatt tatcagcccc cctgtacatt tattccccca atttcggttt    109800
     aacagagaga tttttttcaa ctaagtaaaa taaaataagc ataaaaattt ttagaactaa    109860
     tttttaataa attatttgtt ttatctttgc catgatgaca ttaaataaca tttaactaga    109920
     tatttttcaa gacacttcta tacagcttaa gtgactttaa aaggcgtaac caagttgatt    109980
     attctaaccc tcctgttgtg ttcacatccc gtccctatac tatagtgttc cctgtcaaaa    110040
     ttgaccggtc tgttttaact actcttaaaa taaaaaaaaa caaaacactt ttcaccacca    110100
     aatttttatt caacattctt tagctgtaaa caatgtctga ccaaagaaat tgaaattgta    110160
     atcaatctga atctgaatga ttgatcaaca ggcaaagcac aaacaaaacg ttatcctttc    110220
     ctgagtttca ttcagtcctt caatcaatct atattagtgt agtaatgtag agaatagtga    110280
     ctgagggtat ggatggtgaa tatggacgca gaactagcac taatatattt tggtcctttt    110340
     tgagtgagat gctaatggtc taatccaata aaacaattta tgctaagcta cgctaaaagt    110400
     gctcccatgc aagacccaga gattggctga ggagagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    110460
     aaagaaagaa agacatttgt atgaattgaa ctcaaactac gaattagcca caaaactgat    110520
     gaagcgtaaa atagttatgt ttttttgtgg gataaggcac aagcatgtaa aacagatgtg    110580
     tacctgcaaa agacattgtt tagtctgaaa tttgtgtgtg agtgagtgag ttggggtggt    110640
     gtgtatgagg aagatttctg tctgatatag tctggatgcc cattcatttt cttatggcag    110700
     tcacttttga ccgggaacac cccaggtgta acaagactga ttaaaacact tcaaattcag    110760
     taaaagaggt gatcatcgct tttacatgct cagcaaagtg tggaggatat aataaggtct    110820
     taagccaatc ggatgtaaaa caacgtttat gagtgtatta agttgtaaat cggtcagact    110880
     tgacccgacc acaacagcaa ggttaattag gcaaatcatt gtataacagt ggtttgttct    110940
     gtagactatt aaaaatattg cttaagggag ctaataattt tgatcttaca atgtttttta    111000
     aatattaaaa gctgctttta ttctagcaga aataaaacaa ataatacttt ttccagaaga    111060
     aaaaatatga tgggaagtgc tgcaaaaaaa tccttgctct gttaaagatc atttgggaaa    111120
     taataataaa aaaaaaaaaa tcacaggagg gttaattatt ttgacttaga ctgcatacct    111180
     gtcaaccctc ctgtttttcc tgggattctc ccgtatttta ctgttctatc ccactatcat    111240
     cccgtaaaga tattttcccg tatttctccc gtattttcag tctttctcta gagcaggggt    111300
     caccaaactt gttcctggag ggccggtgtc ctgcagattt tagctccaac cctaatcaaa    111360
     aacacctgaa caagctaatc aaggtcttac tatgtatact tgaaacaccc aggcaggtgt    111420
     gttgaggaaa gttggagcta aaccctgaat ggacaccggc cctccaggac cgagattggt    111480
     gacccctgct ctagagcctc aatatacgca acacataccg ccgaaccacc aggagtcgct    111540
     actggctcta aaacatgagt cttttgtgct tttgctttgt ttaggaatga aaacacttat    111600
     aaataaatat taaaaacggc gcgattccat ttcttttgat tacaggtgcc ttcgctcatc    111660
     ctatacaatc ctcaaaacag tcatataatg gtgcatgact gtcagctgat gtgctccata    111720
     gtgataaaca gatactgttt cccaaacaga ttctgtacat gggatttgaa gcggaaagta    111780
     agtctggctt ttgggtgcgt gtttaaacag acatacacac ataattaata ataataacat    111840
     ataaggatgt cgatcttggt gggttttttt ttcaaacaca actaattttg tcttaaatga    111900
     ccataaaatt taaggaaagc agtcgaatgc tttctttata acgttagatg tgtgcatttt    111960
     taaagtgaca cctgttattt aatgtaataa ataaatctta ataaatgaga gattcttttg    112020
     ttgctcttta atcagaatgt ataagttata tagtggagaa acggctaatg agatctgata    112080
     gcttgattct atgtcattat aatagctatt aattttaata agctgaactg tttgctaatg    112140
     tatttgctgc taatctatat atttattttt cttttggtaa taataatttt aaaacatatt    112200
     actgaccatt taactgttta tttataatga aacagctcca aatgaacata tttattaatt    112260
     tggggatgtt tggggggaat ccctttttta tggtgggcat atcccttatt ttcacatccc    112320
     aatgttgaca ggtatggact gtacgtgttt ttaaaatatg tggattttat tcaagttaat    112380
     catttagaca gtacccatgc tataaacatt atttttctct gtataaagat gacagcttct    112440
     gctgaataag gtggcctgaa acaatgaatc ggtctctgtg acagcactgg accaaaataa    112500
     attcttggtt tagattgtga gatattttct gggtgttcaa gacgttcggt ttttattaac    112560
     atttatggct gcggacacat agaggatatc cagccaaact cacagcagga tgaagaattt    112620
     gaggagctgg tactccatct ggcccagttc aggtatcgtc tctgtcagga ggatcttctt    112680
     gctttccaga acttgatctg cattagaaaa ggagcagcat tacaagatga gaagcaatgt    112740
     attataggaa ttttagtgct gtatagtgtg acacaaacta ctctttaagt ctttattctt    112800
     tactaagtgt gagcctggac ttttgctgca ctggtataat attggcaagc agtagccaaa    112860
     aatacattgt atcattagac tattagtatt aaatattaac attaaaatta atattagaag    112920
     tagggctgca caatacattg ttttagcaga gattttgcaa tgtgtgcatc cgcaatagtg    112980
     acaacgcatc tgcaatgttg agtctgaatt ccagttgagc aggagccact aaacacatga    113040
     tttttagagt caccgcaaag tttaatcata atagactgaa ggtttatagc ctgtaactgc    113100
     acgagtttaa aacatttggg cagaagaaat tatgactttt ggaggtgtaa caaaggttaa    113160
     ttgtattaaa ttatttacag ttgaagacag aattattagc ccctctttga tgctttttct    113220
     tttttaaata tttctcaaat gatgtttaac agagcaaaga aatattcaca gtatgtctga    113280
     taatatattt tcttctggat aaagtctgat ttgttttatt tcggctagaa taaaagaagt    113340
     ttttcatttt ttaaacacca ttttaaggtc aaaattattt tatcaatgat ctatttaagc    113400
     aatccccccc cccccccccc ccgatagtct acagaacaaa ccatcgttat acagtaactt    113460
     gcctaattat cctaacctgc ctagttaact taattaacct agttaagcct ttaaatgtca    113520
     ctttaagctg tatagaagtg tcttgaaata tatttagtca aatattattt actgtcatca    113580
     tggcaaagat aaaataaatc agttattaga aaggaattag taaagctatt atgttaaaaa    113640
     ttttgttgaa aaaaaattgg agaaaaaaat aaacggggct aataattctg actttaactg    113700
     tatataatga agattttata gtgttatttt gcttgcctta ttggcagatt atttagcttg    113760
     ttttgggaaa tttaattttg actaattatt tctgaaagtg aaactatatt ttttggtatt    113820
     tggattagaa atgagacaag cctaattaat atgcattgtc attattcatt ttctgtacgt    113880
     aaatactgtt acactcccca gaaaaatgtc aaatgctatt caaaccgttt tgttattgca    113940
     atatatatta aagaaaatat aacatcgcaa tattagattt ttcccgtaac ctacagccct    114000
     aattagaaga tcatgttcca tgaaaatatt tttcacattt tgtacctaaa atatatcaaa    114060
     actctttaat aatgtcaaaa gtcatttttt atttagtaat gtgcatttcc aagcacttca    114120
     tttaaagaac tttaaacttt aaattttatt tattaatatt taattttttt attagtcata    114180
     ttccaaattt tacactgcaa agaatgtgtc tcttggagtt tttattttgt ttctagtgta    114240
     aatactgtat ctacaaagtt ctaaatcatg aagaattttc tggacagatc aaaactattg    114300
     ttatgttttt agaaataata agtcagaatt ttgtttttct ctaaaacaaa ctaaataatt    114360
     tgtcaatgtt cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcattca    114420
     ttcattttct ttttggctta gtccctttat taatcagggg tcaccatagc ggaatgatcc    114480
     catcactagg aaacatcaat gcatacacat acactatggc caacttattt tattcaattc    114540
     acctatagca catgtctttg gactgttggg gtaaccggaa tacccagagg aaacccacgc    114600
     gatcatgagg agaacatgca aactccacat agaaatgcca actaatccag ccgaggcaac    114660
     cagcaacctt cttcctgtga ggcgatcgtg ctacccactg cgccaccatg acgcctaatt    114720
     tttaaatttt ttaaaaataa tagtcattca tacattttct ttttggctta gttcctttat    114780
     tcatgtggcg tcgccatagc agaatgaacc agcaacttat ccagcatatg ttaaacgcag    114840
     cggatgtcca ttcagctgca aaccatcact gcagaaaact cttattcaca cacatacact    114900
     gcggacaatt ttagcttacc caattcacct gtactgcatg cctttggact tttgggggaa    114960
     accggagcac ccggaggaaa cccatgtgat tgtggggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga    115020
     aacaccaact gacccagctg aggctcaaac cagcgacctt tttgctgtga ggtgacagca    115080
     ctaccaactc cgccacctct catttaaaac tagagtattt tgcttacccc attggcagat    115140
     cttttttctt attttaagga aaaactaaaa aaaaaaacta atgtttaaag cattcttctt    115200
     gatttaatat atttttagat atttggaata gaaatgagac aaaaaccaag aaaaactaac    115260
     aacaaaagac taacaaaaac taagtaagaa aagcataatg tattttgcag tctaaaatag    115320
     tttcagtaat gaagtctgca ctgtgcgttc acattttttt attattattt ttttttggtg    115380
     cgttaatctt gtcttgttaa taatatcatt caaaaggtca tgattcacac tcataaaata    115440
     attactttaa aaagctttat tttacattct tagtagatac aaaacacaga cattttagca    115500
     caatgtcttt ctaagtgtgg aaggcattgt gctgaaatct ctgtgttttg tatctcctaa    115560
     tgtcaaataa agctatataa agtaattatt taatgagtgc gaatcaagac cttctgagtg    115620
     taaaacagtc taaaataatt ttgtagtggc tttcagatac tatgaatcgc aatttgtaaa    115680
     aaaaaattac acttatgact gatttcatgg tccagggtca caaatgcact cattaattga    115740
     gagactgcat gtaatgtgtg gtgaaatgtg tgagattatt aacaacctat aacccataaa    115800
     gtccagaaac agctttttac accatacaaa cacacacatt cacaagtatt acatgttagt    115860
     cttagccaga ggctggtatt ttgccgtttt atctctagat tttaaaatct cctggtttta    115920
     atcctctatt acataatgga tccgagcaaa cagaagcagt cctgcctcat gtccctacac    115980
     actttctcta tagaaataat ccattttaca cttaaaaaag cacttattat atggccttac    116040
     acatgttatt cttaaaccta gacatcacag gaaaactggg gaacaatttg aatgttaaaa    116100
     gatcctattt aatatgattt ataagcattt gaattgcagg gacacagggc attttctcat    116160
     aaacaacctt aacagtgtaa ttccaaggtc atagccacgt cactatgcaa taaagcacat    116220
     actgtaaact tactgtaaac cagaacacac acacacactg agcgacttgg gcactcacaa    116280
     tatctcccat ttatgatcta aatttgacgt caaagtgaag cgatcagctt gttccagaac    116340
     agaacaaaat catttaatgg attttttcta ttcgagaaaa aaaaatcatc aaacggggac    116400
     attaactgcc agtctgctct gagaaattaa tctgctcaaa gctaatgcgt ttcctgctgc    116460
     agtatttcac ctggatttaa catcagcagc ccagcacaaa actaacccca gtgatgcgca    116520
     gtcactttaa ttcactgtga tttttttatg ctaacttgta tgtgtgtgat aatttcttgc    116580
     attttatgca ttacagcata cagtacaagt caaggaaaac atatgatatt tgtttcgtga    116640
     ttgtgtactg gacattttaa taaatgcaat caatgatcta ctctgtaaaa tataactttt    116700
     cttaaagggt cacgaaacac caaaacacat tttttgagca gttgacagtc gtatatgtgt    116760
     cccacactgc taaaaacact attaggacac ctatatttca caaaaaagtt taaatttggt    116820
     tgtttttgcg ttattttaag caaattcgga cttccggttt gaaacgaatt tttaaagctg    116880
     cgtcacggtc atgacataat agcgttgtat tccagcgtgc agactgggcg tctgtgcctg    116940
     agtgagtctt attacgtctt acagtgtgat gcattaatgc atgagtaagg cttggttcaa    117000
     accaatcagc gcgctccatt gtgcaacttc attaatattc attagtgtca tagtgtttag    117060
     gcggcagaga cgccgtgttt tggcaaaaca agcgtgaagt gttgctttta tagttttctg    117120
     ttgttaagtt ttgttttcat tttctctctg tgagaactca gctgtttacc tgagagctgt    117180
     tctcgtctgc aaacgctgag attcggattc gcttgtagtc ttctcttaat aaagacgcgg    117240
     ctctagttgc ctgtctctac agatttggta agtgagcgac cagtgctctt tgtttattca    117300
     gtttgttcgt atcgaactaa gttaactatt gcaccgagta caaacatgtt agcaccacaa    117360
     ccaaacttta acctcgtgta ggattttcgc cgcatttagt gaccggaata acacacgcgg    117420
     ctttctgatg ctacctgccg agtgcatcta agtttccggg aaatgcggag gttttttttc    117480
     tctcattcgc cgtgcggtat caaacattgc atgaaaaata cacgcttaga gcagttcctc    117540
     gaatcaaata ttttgtttgt cgcgaggaac atgaatgaat tccctgaatg aaagagccag    117600
     actgcagtta aagtccacca tttaataatt tggcaaataa ttcgactaca gatgtccatg    117660
     taaacacagt cactttgtcc cctgtgtgtt tgtgttttga ctcggaaagt cagtgcaccc    117720
     aaatagacac tcccatacca tgcctcttta cttcctccga cactcccccc taaacagagc    117780
     tggacacgcc cacttttctg actttttcca aagtagaggt gtgaaaacac cctgctgaaa    117840
     cgagggggtt tcatggccct ttaaaagtta catgtaaatt gtgttgtgtg ttacatagat    117900
     ttttttttac aattattatt aacagcagca taaaaactga aataacaaaa taataaccag    117960
     agctttacat taacacccgc caacccgcca aatgcgggta gatttcagct ttggcgggta    118020
     agaaagccgc tccctctagc cactttggca ggttggaaat aatttttaca ttgtagtttt    118080
     ctttaagcaa ggttcgactc gacaataagg atggcccgat atgcgtgcaa atgtgatctt    118140
     agaatcgaga aaaagcatga ctgaaaacaa ctgtgttcgc gcgagacaaa agcaggtgaa    118200
     taacgtataa gaggatgatt actcgcacgc acaggtgatg tgatccgccc gactttaaag    118260
     cgcgcgcgct ctcgtttact tctcgttact gcttttttcc gttcacttgc gttcggttct    118320
     ctttgaaaaa gactagacaa aaaacgatgc tcgtgtaccc acagtcctgc tgcttttaag    118380
     agctcaagat tgaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatat    118440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtat atatatatat atatatatat ttgtaagcaa    118500
     cagcagcagt cactgctttc gttttaatta ttctcaggca tgtgatcatc ctttcactat    118560
     tactcgtggt attttacctg ctttcttttg cttacattta tttttgttaa tatagtttaa    118620
     ttatcatcct ttacaataac atttctttaa tatgagatta tatgttatta gacatcaaaa    118680
     taacattgtg tttagacgct ggcaagacat tgaattttgg tcacctgaca tcgaactaaa    118740
     tcaaacctaa tattaatgcc tttgatgttg tgggtctgca ataattaatg cactacagaa    118800
     tgttgcgttc acacacacat gcacaagtta cacgtaaatg catcagcttt tttacagcgt    118860
     gatgctcact actcatgagt acttttgaaa aggctacttt ttactcatac tttgagtaat    118920
     attaacaaca gatactttta ctctacttgc tctacatttt taggcaagta atggtacttt    118980
     tacttgagaa tgatttttca gtactctttc caccactgtt tacatgtttt aattccataa    119040
     tgccacttta gctttgctct gctgtgcttt attagtttga aataacgttt tgtcatgtaa    119100
     attataatac aaaaaatgac atatttattt tttctctata ttattatttt ttttttcatt    119160
     ttatttttac taaaaatttc aataaaagtc actttgttaa gctgtacatt tgaattttca    119220
     acatcaaaac ttgacaaagt atcaatcgga caattgttca attcaagttc gtctggaaac    119280
     actaacatca ggagctcgat aaacatatta tagttgatta tgtaaaattc tatatcattc    119340
     agggtaaaaa aaagcaccat gttagtgtgc aacaatgttt tccgaattga gttttgaaca    119400
     ttttaacatg agattacctc taacaataca catgtccaaa tacaaatgaa atataacaag    119460
     gtgatgtcta tttaagtttg attaattctg caaccttacc attcaaatgt ctcagtggtt    119520
     aaagtttgtt gctttacaca cccaacagat atccacaaat aggtcttggt taatcttttg    119580
     aaagcattta tcagattata ctgtgacatc atatattgat atactgtaaa tcaatgcttt    119640
     gggattttgt ggaataagag atttgcatga tggatgtgta acctgcaaat ctgcagcaac    119700
     cgtgtgatgc tatcatgtta attcagacaa aaacagcttg acagctaaac aaaaacaaaa    119760
     aaataaataa attcagaaag caagtcagga ctatcaaagt gtactgaata aagacatcat    119820
     aaaataaaaa aaaaatctat gtacatgtat ctgcttgtta taaataatgt gtctgtgtga    119880
     tgcattattt agttaatcat ttaacctttt atcaaatacc ataaccttcc ctgacctctg    119940
     gaaacatttt ttctttattt ctggtcacat ggaatgcctt tagggcgggg atatgtctcg    120000
     tttctgcctt gctttcatcc attggtcaat ttttctttta tttgttagca atgactctct    120060
     ttcaatgatc caatcagttc ccaaaggaca aaatcatgca ctgccctaca ctcttttctc    120120
     atttcaggac agtttcaatt ggatgtacgt cacaatatag tgaaaattta aatggtgtta    120180
     tgactatgga atcgttttta aaactcaccc tcaagaggtt tgtctgtctg gaatggggca    120240
     tctacggcac tcaagctgct ggctgagttt cccagtaagt caggtaaaga tgaagccaca    120300
     gagaccactg acggcttcct cctccacttc agcactggag gaaactcatc tggcacaggg    120360
     aaaacttcag ggacggggaa ctcatcctac accagcacac acaagtacgg gttacactaa    120420
     cattcactat gaatgaattg ctctgaaaga aaataccttt tgcacataca cattgtgcac    120480
     tgtaaaaagt gattacttac ttaacttgag tacaacgaat aagcccaatg ggcttaaaag    120540
     caacaagttg actttattta aaattgagta aaccttttat agcttggaac tattgagtta    120600
     acctgactta tttttcttat aattatgaac agttcgttgc aaccagtctc attctgaaaa    120660
     cgtagtccag cggacgtttc tggagaccgc gtaatacttc ccgggagata cgtatttgtg    120720
     cagtttttgt tttcgcgaat ccgcgagagg ccgctgtgtg cactttatca tatctcgaac    120780
     gtctctggcg agtgccgtta gcgcccgggc tgttctggcg tcaacccacc agaggccgtt    120840
     gtctgactaa ccgaatgatt gactgcgcga ccggccaatc ggctgaccca ccctcctcct    120900
     tccctaaacc caaccagttt taccgattga cccggccgcc cgctaacttc cctaaaccca    120960
     agcaacaatt tagaaaagcc gtctagaaaa agaaaagccc tcgtctgttt tttttcacca    121020
     cgttttcgga tttcaccacg ttctcatcct gttatgaact cgttcacttt agtttttgga    121080
     ttctgttttt gtcttacctg atttctggaa ccgctcttcc ccggcctcga acccgctcac    121140
     cgtggtcaac tcctcctctc tgcatctaaa gtccgccaac acacacgatg agctgaccgg    121200
     aaaaactgat tgcagcggga aagccctcca cacagaggta agtggtcagc cggcaagcgc    121260
     aaggggtaac agcgtcacac cgcaccatag cgttccctta aaaaaatgaa atgcagccat    121320
     acgtacctcc cgggacatat ttcgcggtct ccagaaacgt ccacgggact acgttttcag    121380
     aatgagtctg ggttggttaa tttagttaat aaattgaagg caatgagttt acttttaact    121440
     tttaaagtaa agtcaattga tagcttgaaa tacaatgggc ttactccctt ttattaaagg    121500
     gcacctatga taaaaaaatc tatttttgta agctgtttgg acagaactgt gtgtaggtat    121560
     agtgtgtcca ctgtcatatt ggagtgatag aaacactatg agtctttttt ttttttactg    121620
     acgttgaaat aggacccaaa tcccagttat tttgaggccc actgcactgt gatgtaggac    121680
     tgcagttttc cccacccacc gaattgattt acaggcacca tgtttctata ataacacgta    121740
     aacaaatgtc cacaaaacaa ataaactggg attaaaacat gttacaactc tgatttttat    121800
     aaggtttata ggtttaaaat gtttttaaaa cagcatattt gtaataaaga cagtaaaatt    121860
     gctgtaattc ttaactgcta taatcaccac agccgcatgg tgtcagtaaa cactaatatg    121920
     tgtgtgtatg tatgtgtact gcaaaacagc atttgtgtga gactcatcat ttcagaaagg    121980
     cttgaataaa cttcaccaca aatacatcaa ataaactttt tgactaatga gctgtatttc    122040
     agattcatct gaatctgtgt ctgttactat gctgtgtatc tgacgtaatg caggaaaagc    122100
     aggaatggtg agtggggaga agcagctcat ttgcatttga agccacaggc ttcaaaaaca    122160
     gctacactgt attcagacac caaactagca gatctggagg ctatagtaaa ttatctgatt    122220
     ggtattttga gctgaaactt tacggacaga ttctggagac accaaataat tatcttacat    122280
     cttgtaacag aggtaaaaca ggtgcccttt aagtaaagtc aaataattgc tttttacagt    122340
     gtatataaac aaccatttac tgtctggttt tatgagatat tcccatctac ctatttttat    122400
     gcactttttt ttattttgca ttaaaaataa ttaatggaaa tgctgtgtac tgtatataca    122460
     gttgaagtcg gaattattag cccccccctg tttatttttt ccccccaatt tttgtttaac    122520
     ggaaagcaga tttcttcaac acatttctaa acataatagt ttaataactc atttctaata    122580
     actgatttat tttatttctg ccatgatgac agtaaataat atttgactag atatttttta    122640
     agacactttt atacagctta aagtgacatt gaaaggcttt actaggttaa ttaggttaac    122700
     tagccaggtt agggtaatta ggcaagttat tgtataacaa tggtttgttc tgtaaactat    122760
     cgaaaagaga aatagcttaa aggggctaat cattttgtcc ttaaaatggt gtttaaaaaa    122820
     ttaaaaactg cttttattct agccgaaaaa aaacaaataa aactttctct agaagaaaaa    122880
     aatattatca gacacactgt gaacatttcc ttgctctgtt aagcataatt tgggaaatat    122940
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaattcaa aggggggcta ataattctca ctttaactgt ttatataata    123000
     aactaatgtg cagtattaga gcagaataaa ctttttatcc aataagaata aatgtgcata    123060
     cactacaatg gaaacacatt taactagtaa attccagcat gtgaatcaaa caagccacat    123120
     gattttgctt tattaaatca tgtgatgata aataagggtg cagtgggatg gcattaacgg    123180
     acagtgtaaa gtttcttggt cattctaaaa tcctttaacc aacgtctgtc attaaactgg    123240
     ttcagtataa ttatctctga gaactttctt gattggctgc aatcccatag agtggtttac    123300
     gtttccaaaa acacagaatt ttcatagcgt ttcgtcttca tcttctgagt cgcaagcaat    123360
     ttattatata agaaaaaaag gcccaccttg gcttctccta ctgcagcaat taccattttt    123420
     cttttagatt tttggcacca gtttataagg aattgatggt tttgttctct ttgactcatt    123480
     ggaaagaaac agtgttttat ttgcaaacgt ttaatgcgat gttcgagttt cctaaacata    123540
     gctggtaatg gtattggtag agtaatggtt gagcagtttg ttggtggtta ataataaggc    123600
     ttttgaaact aaaatgcaat catattatag atgatgaatt attatgctac actctcagaa    123660
     ataaaggtac gcgagctgtc actggggtgg tgccatttca aaaggtacac atttgtactt    123720
     aaaggctcca tattggtata tcaaaagtat ttatcattac cttaaaattt taagaggaac    123780
     acttttttcc ttttatgtac taatatgtac ccttgaggta ttaatatgga ccttttaggt    123840
     ataaatttgt atcttttaaa aggtaccacc ccagtgacag ctcacatacc tttttatttc    123900
     agagagtgta ggatgaaaac attgcatgta aaatgttacg tggttgggca gattggtaga    123960
     tttgaggttc ctataaaaca agaccaatgg agattttcaa acctaccaga gataaagagt    124020
     tgggctcctc catgtactgc ttgagactga gaatcttctt cccattgacc taaatgacag    124080
     aagcagcatg gccaccacac acttagcgtt aggctcttag tgttttcgta ttgttttcaa    124140
     ctcaacaact tatagatacc aagtaaattc tcacctgtag atgtgtgcag atgcgtctta    124200
     acacatcata tacactatct ctggacaata gagacacaaa gacgtactgc agacaagatg    124260
     gacacaaaca tatttatgaa tacatgcact gaaaaaagtg ttgcatgcaa aactgttgca    124320
     aacaatttat ttgtgttgaa tttaaacaaa caaattaaat ttaacaatgt tcaacttaat    124380
     ttaattgttt aaattcagcc caaattaatt gtttacaacc attaaacata aaaaaaatga    124440
     gtaaatccaa ggaatcatct tttgaataat ttttttcagt gtggtgttta aactgctact    124500
     ggtataaata tgcttttaga atatcttgaa cctttaaaaa atacagacaa gtataacaaa    124560
     aaatagagat catgttgcac agcttcttca taaactgaag gcagggaatg ttggctattc    124620
     caacatacaa tatgatttta aagcgatttc ttagaagaac cagtttctta gattttttta    124680
     aatgtgaaaa gtattttaat aatataatta ttatgaaata tggcaagttt cagtaggtat    124740
     gaaagtttct gttgtccaaa ataacgtttg atttctatgt tgcgagacat agacttctgt    124800
     gataatcagt tttagctttt agatttttca acagttattg gagggcataa ccagattatg    124860
     acaaagcact ttagtttaat ttcacaatgc agccgcataa tctccctacc aggaaaaggt    124920
     ttatcctttt agagaacaca aagagtgtgt gaaagccaat ctcataaggg tcaaaggctt    124980
     tatggattaa tgcaaaacaa atgaaaccct cgagattccc agtgatgtcc agctttacag    125040
     tattcacatt ttatctagat ttttgatgcc agtcagtgtt taagctttat ttgcttctga    125100
     atttggtttc caactaggca caactgccta tcttggtttt tattatgtgc acatcaaggc    125160
     cgcaatacat tgttttgtca gtgtctgttt tggactgctt ttacaataca ataagaattc    125220
     ttcagccttt gataactata gatttactca ctattcacaa gaattaaagg aatgcccatg    125280
     taaaagcaaa agtaatttga gcttaaattg aatctgaatg gaaaatgcct ggtacttaat    125340
     catctggacc actcattaca tagaacatca cagtagatgc caatgaacgt caagtaaata    125400
     tcagtatgaa cacatacatt cattatcaca taggtttgag gacaaataat cttgattctg    125460
     ctggtcatat ttttactatt gctacagtac gcctggtgtg tgtttgttct catttatgaa    125520
     aaataactca aacaaacttg ataagaaaaa aaacgtccat tttatctgag cagcacattg    125580
     gcaacacatt gtaattgcgg aatctgtact gaaatgaaat gatagctaat gcaaacaatc    125640
     aaacaaaaac tcttaccatg attttcaaat gggaaattcc caaactgttt tcaaattcta    125700
     gatcaaaaga tcctagatcc tactatcaaa atgtgtagct ttctataata acttaaatgt    125760
     ttctcaccaa aatctacaag tctggaatat ctgagcaata atattccaca ataacagcta    125820
     cagtctaaaa ctaacatttg ctgtttgctc aaactactta tttaaaaaaa agctgagcca    125880
     acaaaattct tgatcatttt gaagtacaac ttaattattt tatgttcaat tcaccaaaat    125940
     ttgtaaaaac taataagtta aaggtgcagt atgtaagttt gacacccagt ggttgaacta    126000
     ggtattgcac tcctggttca aaacacatgc aaaagcaggt tgccagattg acgacaccaa    126060
     caaaggcgga tttaaatcat gttctaaata aaagcaacag ctatagaagg aatattttcc    126120
     atattaaagg tagtttttgt tctgactaac acctaaaatt tatgttttag aatgtatttc    126180
     ttgctgctga acaacagaaa actgacaatg atcaccccag atacatcttg tgtgctttta    126240
     tttagtgtta aatgctaata atgtgtgttt gaataccatt gcactagaca tttattgcca    126300
     tttgactgaa agcagaatca gatctcagat cttaaaaaat gaaataaaca gtttgaaatt    126360
     aaattttaga acagtgactc agtgttaacc aacacatatc agtgattcag catgtacatt    126420
     taacaatgtt aaagaggttt aatatgtatt aattagatta taaatcttac aattttgctg    126480
     gagtgcagtg agtgcactat tctgtgcttc tgaatggctg tatttaaatt tttgtcgtgt    126540
     tttatctgtt gcaaacagcc aaattgctta tcactgcaaa actcgtcagg tagtatgatg    126600
     ttaggacaca gggttacaat gcaacctgct catctaatgt ttctgtttgt aatgtgtatg    126660
     ctgtttgcta agtaataacc aactcatgtg gaactcagaa tctgtgtctt atttcggagg    126720
     ctgctactgc ccactggagg ttgcataatc atttattagg atattaatca aatatgctgt    126780
     tttacacaaa ggcaacccgg ggtgctgaaa tacgattggc taaagtggca ttgggagggt    126840
     ttaattacca aaacaaagac agacgttccg gcacataaca catttttaaa gcagaatatc    126900
     agacttcagc attgttttcc atgttcacta agtttcctaa atatttgcaa acatattttg    126960
     ctatttttat gctttagaag agtcaaaaac ttttaactta attccttcat gtcgtcccaa    127020
     cacaaatcaa ctgtctggaa cctagcattt ttttacagtg taagaaacta aatgatgatt    127080
     ttccttgcta aaccagttac atccctgaag agaatcagat acagtacttc actaatgaaa    127140
     aaaaaaatgc tgactaaaga caaagattca cactgtgacc tggaatctca gtgttgcatc    127200
     aatttgcatt ttcacagttt tgcagcagag cagcatatgc tgactaagct atgtatttca    127260
     atctgccggc cggtgacctg gaacccagtg gaaacgcacc ttctgactgc tgtctgtggt    127320
     gatagccaag ccattaggaa ccagacctgc tgtcttatgt ttcttcacca accgaaccga    127380
     cgcaacagga atggccacct gagaggtaaa agaaagtgat agaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa    127440
     ccttcttcag ttacgaattc ttgcatataa cattttccca ctcaaggatt aaaattggat    127500
     aagctacatc taattactaa ataacatggt gtataaaaga ataatactat aacattacac    127560
     ttaatgcagt acattaaact gcaacatggt acaatgccac aagtaagcga aacattcatt    127620
     ctatgttggt gttccctgta agttttccaa caagctcctt gatgtcaaaa catcataaaa    127680
     aacccataat aaatcatgca aatcaacttg atgttaattg actatataaa tgccaaaaca    127740
     acatcaaatt gacatctaat attggcatca aaaaacacaa cattttattt caggacagtc    127800
     acgtaatcaa atgttttttt ttgacgataa tgttagacat caatttgatg ttgttttgat    127860
     atcaagtcca tttacatgta ttgtggagat cctgaatccg gtgtcaattt gtaatggaag    127920
     ctttcagatg aataaaacat tcattatgta agaatacttt ttgtaacata atttaagtgg    127980
     tcaaaaaggc atcaatgtgt tgacgtcaaa tggacatcaa ggtttcgtca ttaaatgaat    128040
     tagcagtttt aatgtgtttt tgacttataa atgtcaattt gatgttgtgt tgacatcaag    128100
     ctgcccaaag ggttgtcttg ataataaaat gctaaaattg cacaacctta aaaaccaaag    128160
     aaaataacca gatattggtt gcattctgga tcattccaac atttctgcat tgatgtaaac    128220
     tgtgaaataa acccagcaac acttgaatca aacaggcaca aaattgtttt atgttttttt    128280
     tctattattc agtgctccat catttattca tcaattattt taataatatt taatatatca    128340
     tatttaatat aatatataat agtaattcat tcattttatt ttcggcttag tccctttatt    128400
     aatctcgggt tgccacagag gaatgaacca ccaacttata cagcatatgt tttacgcagc    128460
     ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa cccatcactg cgaaacatcc atacacactc atacactact    128520
     gacaatttag cctaatcaat tcaagtatgt ctttggactt agggggaaac cagagcatcc    128580
     agaggaaacc cacgcgaaca cggagagaac atgcaaactc cacactgaaa tggcaactga    128640
     cccagtagag gcttgaacta gcaaccttct tgctttaagg tggacatgcc acccattttg    128700
     ccactgtgct gcccataata tatttaataa tatcttttta acaagttttt tttattttct    128760
     acatctaaga aattcagtgc cactggcagg accttaatat tcatgacttt actgtttgtt    128820
     aattgatttt cagcatcaga tgatgttaag gtttgaaaat aacttttcat atatgcatag    128880
     aatattacaa actgcataca atggaagtta agattgtcct tttaccttat ttcatgacag    128940
     atatctaact gaaatgggca tgaaattgca agatttttgc aattgagatt tctaaatttg    129000
     gatttggatt tctaaatatt taattagtac agtaaggtct gactttgctc aaacaaaagt    129060
     cttgtcactt aacagaaata atttacagta tagaatataa agtcagtgca gtggaaaaag    129120
     aatgaatatt gtgtatgact ccaatgagat tggaggactg catccataca tctctgcatg    129180
     acttaaataa cttattaata aagtcatctg gaatgacaaa gaaagggttc ttgcaggact    129240
     cccagagttc atcaagattt tttggagtaa ttttcaatgc ctcctccttc atcgtacctt    129300
     agacatgctc atgaatgttc atgtctggtg actgggattt gcaatcttgg agaaccttga    129360
     ccttctttgc tttaagtagc tttaaagttt aatgctgaag gagcactatc ttgctgaaga    129420
     atttgtcctc tcctgtggtt tgtaatgtaa tgggcagtac aaacatcttg atacctcggg    129480
     ctgttgatgt tttcatccac tttgcagatc tctcgcatgc cttcatacag aatgtaaccc    129540
     caaaccatga tattttcctt taccaaacat gactgatttc tctgagaatc ttggttccat    129600
     gcaggtttcg ataggtcttc tgcagtattt gtgattattg ggatgcagtt caacagatga    129660
     ttcatctgaa aaatctacct tctgccactt tttcaaatta gaagtcaaat tattatttat    129720
     tgctcttaca accatgatcg gtgacaagac tttagtcagg tcatgtagag tatatatgaa    129780
     aatgaattag ttttaatttt atgccgactt taacactaaa caggaaattt gtgaatattt    129840
     ataaccaccc agcgtcacca aacagctcag tcacggaaag tgttcatctg ttccacaaat    129900
     ggtaacaagc atcatctgtg cattaaacta gtctcacaga agagttccag aaggataaaa    129960
     agaggagtga cgacagtgga agacgagaaa gggcattttg ttttctgctt attaaatatt    130020
     aaaaacagtt tgaaacattc agcagttcct gcctccttct tctcttgaaa tgtgagtttt    130080
     acattgtgtt ttaagaacat tctttaatta tactgaatca atgtttatta caaggtacac    130140
     tggatttgtt attaccacaa tataaaaaaa gtatcatttg atttgatgtt cagctttcaa    130200
     atgaaatctt aaaaagctac actaaacttg cacaaatgcc accttttagt cacatattta    130260
     gggactacaa tcatacgctg aagatgtgat gctcaccttg atgtctttac caaagaggtt    130320
     tgcgtagaag cacagccagt ttcgtgagat gtagagtcgg ccttgcagga ggatatctct    130380
     gagcagggcg catgagtaca ctaaagaaca ggtcacaagg tcacttatgc aagagatgca    130440
     agatgatact gtcaagtgaa ggttcaacaa aagcagcaaa ttcagacgtc tcatttgaac    130500
     tcagggtggt taatatgctg atcccaatgt cacatggatg gcaacaacac aatattatta    130560
     aaaatcaaaa taaacaagta ctacactgtg gtctaaaatg gatgagaaga ttacagatta    130620
     actaactaac taactaacta actaactaac taactaacta actaactaac taacagtaac    130680
     taattgaatc atttaagtaa aaacgtttat tatatgaaac ttaagttatg accacataaa    130740
     tattacgatt ttgaaatatt gtagattacg tatcaaatag gcaaagttgt gaacatgtaa    130800
     acttcataaa aacagcttca gtgctgttac actataatat actgttaatt acacttgtaa    130860
     acaaacaaaa acaagcacaa gagaagtgag aggaaatgat agaattagaa taagttaata    130920
     aacatattta aagatgattt tagtaaaact ggcccacaaa aataatatat ttttaataaa    130980
     tagtttcgat ctataggtgg tgctttgcca tgtgaagtgg tatggtcagc gtgaggttac    131040
     aatagtgaca cagtttgacg taatgatggc aaacttagtt cgaagagata cagactttat    131100
     ggaaaatctt tagcttttta tgaacatgat ttgaatatga caaaaggctg attcatactt    131160
     ctgcatcaat ggatcgtcat gatccacata tgcctcgtgt ccactgactg gttagggttc    131220
     gggttcggtt cgggttggta tgggtcacct ttatcaggct tgcgtttcca ctaccaagag    131280
     tacccttttg gtggtcatag tgtatgatag aaagtttcag tcgcatcatt ctcgctcgag    131340
     aaaatgtcta aagctgtaca ggtcgctcac atatcaaatg agaagcactt ctcacaaaac    131400
     agatgcttta cacacataaa cacttgtgta taaatgttta ttgctaactt ttctatcaac    131460
     aggattaaat tataactgca gatcaatgac attgcaaaat agcctactgt aacgtctgta    131520
     attatattaa ataaataaat gaacatatat gagcacacac agacccttac aatctccatt    131580
     atgttcccaa ctacagaaaa actacacaca tcatacattt tgtccttatt tatattcaaa    131640
     acaacacaaa atatagccta cagtcagtga aaacctctca tctgtgagtg taatcttcag    131700
     cagcatgtgt agcctctgtt agagagtcat tccatcattc ccagttcata ttagtccaaa    131760
     aggttaagat agaaaattaa aacaaggcag tttgttcacg tttgctgaag aaataatgtc    131820
     ctccttttcc ccggcttctc cttcttttcc gcgcttcact ctcgcgtttt tcagtgtcta    131880
     ataggatcgg gtttcaaaag cacgtcaata atcaagggca cgacattatt attatcagct    131940
     caagaagttt gttatttcag acatagacgc gcggtaagcg caagcaagaa agcgacaatg    132000
     ctcacgcttc agactcatac ttcaggctct attgctttgt ggctgtccat caagacgacg    132060
     acaaagtttg tttcagcctg ggtcgaccat ggttcattgt tatatgtata tataattccg    132120
     ctgtaatctc tcgctgtttc ttttaaacat gcaatttttt tttattctga catttgcgta    132180
     agcaaatgac gtatctctgt aaaccagagg ttttcaaagg gtgaggcgcg cctcccctgg    132240
     ggggcgccag agcatgtcag gggaggcgcg ggaaaaaata ttatataata aaaatataat    132300
     tattaagttt aattattaca tgtatttttt attattttta aacgatttaa ttaaacaaag    132360
     ctaaaaaaaa taatacgtca aaaataagaa aacctttttt acacagaagg ccatagctgt    132420
     gaattcgctt ctgtttggca agcctgccaa tacaggtata tggctgctaa tacaatggat    132480
     cggtttctga gaccccccga ttcaaagcct tcaagttcag ggctcaaacc caaaagacga    132540
     cgatatgatg atcagtattt gagtttagga tttacgtgga caggaccagc tgatgaacca    132600
     cgacctttta tgtgtggttt gtcaagatat tttggctaat gacagcatga gacccgctaa    132660
     acttccactg ttttgactgg gatggacagt tcttggatct gttctattca tattgaacca    132720
     tcatcctagt tttaaaaacg ttatattaaa atacttgtta ttactctgta aataattgca    132780
     ctttcatgca aatgatgata aaagtgagtt aacagtctga catctgtctg tgtctttata    132840
     tgtactgtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    132900
     gtgtaggtgc gtgtttggga ggaggggggc gccaatggat aagttgtgtc aaaagggagg    132960
     cccactgtct tagactttga aaaaccctgc tgtaaacgaa tagtgttcag ctgcgcgtgt    133020
     agctctgcct tttggtaccc tttcttgtgt ttggtaccct ttcttgtgtt tggcaccctt    133080
     tcgaaagggt gccgaaaaag tggtacggta cggttcggta cgccttttta aaagtggaca    133140
     cggccataaa agcgtaccaa accaatccat accgtacaac tcagtgaaaa cgggccaata    133200
     gttgtgcatt tatacttgta cgtgctgttt atgttgctct gcaataacac tttcaaacgc    133260
     tagctggaag taggttttta tgttccttct ttgcaggtgt tttgtttatt ctgaatggta    133320
     caagtagcta aaacttgctc attctgaagc gggaaccggc ggacgtgcaa caactttaat    133380
     cataagctaa acacaaaaca aaagtttcca tctggagctt tttcatagga cttgacactt    133440
     gtaaacactc gctccatctg gcttgcggct ctcagcacaa cccacgctca tcaccgatac    133500
     caagccgacc aataccagag cttgcactac ttgtcgttgt gacatgtaat tacatatttg    133560
     agaggtgcac gtcagcgtcg gtgccagcca ctgcaaaggc tatacgactg cccgaaggct    133620
     gtgctggacc atgttcgcac ttgaagcaga agtatgaatc agccttgact caaatttggt    133680
     gagaattaaa aaattgtttt tcaaaatgtg taaataatat gaaaatgcat tcataacaaa    133740
     tagcatttct ggcaaaattg aaaatggcag acaaccaaag tggatgacgt ggagaaatga    133800
     aaacttatgc tgctatagtt gttttcaaac ctcttgacca ctaggaagca ctatgctgat    133860
     ctgtgcaagt tatctcagtt catgggtttg aaaccccaca ccaagtttgg tctagatcag    133920
     ggatgggcaa acttgatcct cgagggccgg tgtccctgca gagttttgtt ccaacactag    133980
     tcaaacacac ctgagcatgc taatcagtgt ctttaagatc acaagaaatc tataagcagg    134040
     tgtgtttgat tagggttgaa gctaaactgt gcaggacacc ggccctccag gaccgagttt    134100
     gcccacccct ggtctagata aagccttatt tcatgtgtta tttaagaatg gattgactaa    134160
     tcagctttat ttctgtaaat ttttgtcagc atggtcaaac aacctagttt gattttcaga    134220
     acaattggac aaaatggagg aataaccaag gaggagtatt aaaatggcag gtatagtatc    134280
     tgcttaataa gtcgtgttgt atggaatact gttttctggg tccaagccgc tacgtacgca    134340
     tttgaattga gaaaatattc gtttatgaca attttttagt catatcacag tgtacacaac    134400
     agtttgctgc atcacagaca ccaatattgt aacaatttag aaaataataa tcattttctg    134460
     gccatcagat tttaggcata attatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    134520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata aataattttt ttattttttt gtaatcttga    134580
     ttcttgaaag tactacatag ttttgtacat gtttactatt acaatttgtt aagttttctc    134640
     atacattttg atataatgct tggactggga agctgctttg agttacgtaa cacttaacca    134700
     gattcacccg cttcgaatgt taccactcga tttaatttgc attatcagtg gttatcagct    134760
     gatagatgtg ggcgggtatc aaccttttga gcctactctt agactccgaa ggctgttatt    134820
     atccgtccac atggttaatc agctttacta atagagaaga caccagatcc agatctgttt    134880
     ttacattact ttgacggttg ggtttagggt tgggctagac gttaataaaa tacaattaat    134940
     gggaaatgta ttaaataata taaataattc tcgcaaactt ccggctgcag ccgtatgtga    135000
     tctaaagctg attaaccacg tggatggatg ataacagcct tctgagccta ccagtaagca    135060
     cagatagccc ctactggcct atatctatca gctgatagcc actaataaca cccaattaat    135120
     caagtgatac attcgaatct gctggttcaa tcaaataaca cttctgaaga ttatttagtt    135180
     attaggatac acataagagc cattttggat cggtggtggt actagagaga tcaaatagaa    135240
     aacattgctc tggataaaac atatgaatga tatgaactat ccccttaatt tacataacat    135300
     tttattaaga aagttaatat tttcatgcta tagtagttaa agacacctta cataacgtgg    135360
     gaccatacat atataataat acacattcag aggttattaa aaacacttat ttttatttat    135420
     ttttttgctt ttaagcatgt gttgtaaatg tatttgggct gtttgcatgt ttgttggtat    135480
     ttgtctatgt acagcacttt ggttcccatt taggttgttt caaagtgttt tagaaataaa    135540
     tgtaagtaac agctgaagtc agaattatta gtcccccctt tgaatttttt ttctttttta    135600
     aacatttccc aaattatgtt taacagagca aggaattttt tacagaatgt ctgataatat    135660
     ttgttttatt ttagctagaa taaaaacagt tattattttt ttaaacacca ttttaaggac    135720
     aaaattattg gcccctttaa gctaattttt tttcgatata cagagcaaac cattgttata    135780
     caataacttg cctaattacc ctaagctgcc tagttaacct aattaactta gttaagcctt    135840
     tgtcacttta agctgtatag aagtgtcttg aaaaatatct agtaaaatat tatcgactgt    135900
     catcatggca aatataaaat aaaccagtta tgagaaatga gttattaaaa ctattatgtt    135960
     tagaaatgtg ttgaaaaaaa tcttctttct gttaaacaga tattggggac aaaaataaac    136020
     agggggctaa taattctgac ttcaactgta tttacatgct ttaaagggac agattgaaaa    136080
     ttgaaaatgc actcactttt ttactgtatt tttaaaaatg tatttaaaag aagatatact    136140
     gaacaaagct ggaaacctgt atccattgac tttcatagta gcaaaaacaa atactatgga    136200
     agtcaatgaa tacagctttc cagctttgtt tgcttctttt ctgttcagcg gaggaaacaa    136260
     ctctctgagg aaatgcattt tcatttttgg atgaactatc cctttaacac gcagactaaa    136320
     atccaatttc ccttgtgttt tcagaccttt gctcttattc ggtatgttgt gaacttggat    136380
     aatggataat tttattaaca gtgaagctgt gcagtttaac atcatttaat tttagaaaaa    136440
     tttaaatggg attttgcgga cactaaacta tactttcaaa caactgcaag atgtaaaaag    136500
     tgttgggttc cacacaactg atatgtgttg ggacagcatg aataataaag ttagcttatt    136560
     aggttttgca aatttaagtg gattgaacat aaaacaatcg agttttccaa aaacaaacaa    136620
     aacaaccccc taaagaattg ttgttttagc tcattttaaa taaatagttc aaacaaacaa    136680
     caaacacaca caattccttt aagttgaccc aaaacaaatc aagtcaactt tattgttttt    136740
     acaaatttaa gtggattgaa cataaaacag ttaagttgtc cccccaaaaa agctcaaaaa    136800
     ttgtgtggat tcagcaaatt taaataaata gtttgaacaa gcagcacatg taattgttga    136860
     atgtatacgg agggagctgg agtataacta gctgaatcat ctcccaaggt cactttacaa    136920
     gaagcgggaa gatgcagcaa aatgaaaaat cttgcagcag aaggagtaga ataacaacaa    136980
     acgtaccttt catcaggagc tcttctttgg gcacgctctg gaagagcttg tggtactgcg    137040
     cattgtactt gctgacggtc tgtgaggggg tagaggaaag ggaaatcagc tgcttcgcac    137100
     agctcttctg cagcctggct ctttctcgta agggatgtga gctctgcacc aaactgagca    137160
     tgctgacacg aaactaacgc tccacgccaa acgcagaggc agccgtgtgt gttctgcaga    137220
     ttccccgtct ctctctgctg tcccaccact aagaggcaac ttagacctgt cctcttcctg    137280
     tgagctaata cagcgtttct ggttacttca gaagcgtctc tctctctttc tttccctctc    137340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcagtcac aggcgtgcag cagaaacacc cactgcacct    137400
     tgaaagaaaa acttgtgggc tcgtttgttg cactgagact ctctcactct tgcttcctgc    137460
     tgtgtgtttt gagcacactg acgctcagct gatcattcgg ataatgttca ttatgtagat    137520
     ggacttatcc acttccctgt caacatttaa ccctgcttgt acaaatacag tgtctgttta    137580
     taagctgtaa ataaagcatg atgccttaaa ggaacactac acttttttat gtcgcccagc    137640
     gttaaacggt tgagttttac cacttttgtt atcgttatca tttagccgat cctgggtctg    137700
     gcaggagcat tttggattag cttagcatgc atcattgaat caggttagac cattagcatc    137760
     ttgtttaaaa aatgtaatta cttttgataa ttgtcctatt ttaaagcttg acatttctgt    137820
     agttacagtg tactaagact gatggaaaaa acagcaaaac gttgttattt tgtaggtcaa    137880
     tatagataag ctttattaag tttgacaaaa taatcaaaaa actaaaaatg gttcccagtt    137940
     aggtaacagc gctgcatagt gccattgcat ctgccatggt agagcagcaa agtttcttga    138000
     ttattgcacc agaatgagag cataatgcct agacctatca acctatatag aaaatagtga    138060
     ctattccttt ttcatcggcc ttaatacaca ataatagtaa taatactact actactacta    138120
     ctactactac tactactact aatactaata ctaataataa taataataat aataataata    138180
     acaataacaa taataataag ggcttacatt tacagttgaa gtcagaattg ttagcccccc    138240
     taaattaata gcccccctgt tcaatttttc ccaatttctg tttaacggag agaagatttt    138300
     ttcaatacat ttctaaaagt tttaataact catttctaat aacagattta ttttatcttt    138360
     gccatgatga gagtaaatat tatttgacta gatattttca agacacttct acacagctta    138420
     aagtgacatt taaaggctta actaggttaa ttaggctaac taggcagttt agggtaatta    138480
     ggcaagtcat tgtctaataa tggtttgttc tgtagaatat tgaaaaaata tagcttaaag    138540
     ggggtaataa ttgtgacctt aaaatggtgt ttaaacatta aaaactgatt ttaatctagt    138600
     agaaataaaa aaaaaaattg actttctcga gaaggaaaaa tattgtcaga catactgtga    138660
     aaatttcctt gctctgttaa acatcaattg ggaaataatt aaatgagaaa actaaatcca    138720
     aagtggggct aataattgat ttgaactgta tataatgctt ttgtggacac tcaaagtgct    138780
     ttacacattt agggaatctc ctcatccacc acctgtgtgc atcatcgacc tggatgacgc    138840
     aacggcagcc atattgcacc agaccacaca ccacacacca gctgattggt ggagagaaga    138900
     cagagtgatg aagccaatta ttatatgggg atggttagga ggccatgatg gacaaaggtc    138960
     agtgggcaaa ttttaatttc agtttaatgt ctcatccaaa aagacggtgc tcgctgaggt    139020
     agattataga gtcccttcac tatactgggg cgttaggacc cacacagagc acaggttgaa    139080
     ctggcctcac taacaccact tccggcaaca acttagcttt cccatgtggt ctccaactca    139140
     gctactgacc gagtgcagcc ctgcttagct tcagtgggaa accatgtaag agttgcagag    139200
     agctggcagc cggatgttat tttaatgaga accaataaag agttacaagt tctactgaag    139260
     aaaatgtcac ttaaatcttg gatggtctga gattgagttc attttaattt tggggttaac    139320
     tttactttct tttaagagca ataataaatg tatttgcttt agaaaacaag actaaagaac    139380
     tttaacaaaa aggcaaacag tcttgtttat atttaatctg atgaattaaa tttggttgca    139440
     attctaagac attttaactt gataagattt catacatcca ttaaaaatca ctgcaacatc    139500
     agacgactaa aaccaacagc caatgctggg tcatttctag aatgtggttc tttttccacc    139560
     acaacgatat acataatgct tggattagct ttttgtaaaa ggatatgctt attgttcaga    139620
     aaaataacac tgcataaagt ggatttgttc atcagatcta agccaagaga cttgttttta    139680
     ataaaataga atgttttatt ttttatgcca ataggtcaaa gccagattta ttgaaagctt    139740
     acacaagcaa aaaccttttt ttggcattaa agaaccagaa aaaaaaaaaa catgatgaca    139800
     agacatgaac cgtgaattcg ttggagattt ccttttagat gtgcaatatt tatgacagga    139860
     gagcttctca agtgatgcag tttatttata acactggaaa acttgctagt aatgaaagtt    139920
     caagttttcg tttaattatt tatttgtgat gctggatcaa aaaatcctgc ataactgtca    139980
     atttttggaa attgagattt atacataatt tcaaagcaga ataaatatgc attccaatga    140040
     tgtatggttt attaagacag gacagcatat ggctgagata caaccatatg acagtacatc    140100
     tgaaatgtac agagaaaatc acttttaaag ttgcccaaat tcaattttta gcagtgcatg    140160
     aaggtttaaa tatattaata gagcaagatt tattaaatgt cttcattgaa gatctttccc    140220
     taaaaagcag tttaatcaaa acttaaaatt ctgtcattgt ttacttcccc tttacttgtt    140280
     tcaaaccttt atgagtatct tttttatata aaacacaaaa gaggattttg aaaaatgttg    140340
     gaaacctgta aacattcgct tccgtagtat tttttttcaa catttacatg ttcccaacat    140400
     ttttctaaat atcttctttt gtgcccaaca gaagaaagaa actcataaag gcttggaatc    140460
     acttgactgg cactatttag ttttaaattg ttatttttta ggtggactaa ccctttaata    140520
     acttttggca tgcaaaaatt gataattttg actcatacaa agtatttttg actatattca    140580
     tggctggttt tatgatgcag agtcacaatt attcatactt tttgttattt aatgtcactg    140640
     cttttacaag atattacatg atgatctgtg tgtcacttac agatccacgg tagcatttct    140700
     tgacgtcctc atatgacaga tcatctatta gatgtatcct atgagaaaag gagaaataga    140760
     aagatgatgt gataaatatt aacctgcatg atcacttgta taactcacat gatttatttc    140820
     aaaggagcag catttagaaa acggcacgtt aaaagaacat ataaaggtaa aatttccatt    140880
     acgttatcaa gtttcacatg tattcttttc atctgcacta taaaactgag caaacacaca    140940
     gccttgttaa cttcagggtg aactcatgac agaaaataca tgaccctcaa cccaagatat    141000
     gagctcatgc tctaggcaga gtacatcaca agctttcctg aatgaattta tattatacag    141060
     ttattcaaaa ggatttcaaa tattttttag gatattatga ttttgctgaa tgaggtcaaa    141120
     ctgaatgtga catacagtat gctatccatc acaataaata tatttattct gttattaaaa    141180
     taagtgtttt tttatacatg tgtattatat atgtgtattg tattgggcct ttcctatttt    141240
     aagagtatcg tttacaaaaa tatattatta gtaagtcagc tgaatactgt tcctcgtcat    141300
     tgtttgttga acattttaaa cctttaaacg tggcacgatc aacacctttt ttacttgtaa    141360
     tcctcataaa ctgagttttg ttatatttat aaaggtgaga aataacacct ttactgtata    141420
     acagaataag agaaatgaat ttgaatgaat attctgtgtt taagttagtg atatatttaa    141480
     attcagacaa cttacattaa atgacccaac tgacagaaca tcgcaaacca tcaatatttc    141540
     accatttaaa tccatataca tttaaatgat gtctattgtg tttttgggaa ataagccttt    141600
     cagatttatt ggttaatttt attaatatag tcatacacat tatgatacag taaaatgctt    141660
     acatttagca atattacaat aaaatctaca atggagaaat agaagttatt attctttatt    141720
     ttgtctttat tttgttgcag gggtaacaga acagaaccta aagcatgaac aattttgatt    141780
     gattatgagt tcatgaagat gtgaggctga ttacttgact atcacttcaa agggatatca    141840
     gaaatgagct aggaggagtt aggaaaggtg gagggagtgt acagttggcg agtggccaaa    141900
     ctctgaagag agaaagatgt cagaactggt ctgttatact ctatatatgc tatacaagtt    141960
     catatttgca tttcatatac atacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    142020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac atacatatat atatatatat atatatatat    142080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ttatatatgt atatatatat acatatattt    142140
     ctagtagtat aagaaatatt atatagagac ataagtgtgt aaaataacaa ggatattgtg    142200
     ctgtaatata caacatacaa cacaagccca gacaatatat cattttaacc ctgatatata    142260
     tatttaaccc tctaccgcaa ggtgttgcca tatggctaca tgttatttat gttcatttcc    142320
     ctgccactgt ttctttaaga ctatcgaata aatttttttg ttggaaacag aagaccttag    142380
     tgtagccaat gatgtgcttt ggttatgtca cctgacaggg gcgtcatagt ggtgcagtgg    142440
     ctagcacaat tgccacacag caagagggta gctggttcaa gccccggctg ggtcagttgg    142500
     catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc cacaatttgt gtgctctgga ttcccccaca    142560
     gttcaaagac atgtgctata ggtgaattgg ataagctaaa ttttccatag tgtatgtgcg    142620
     tgactgagta tggatggatg tttccatctc atttgctcgt tgtctgtttg cttttaaagt    142680
     tgatattaag ccttgaagag ccattacttc atttaattca tggggcatat aattcaatac    142740
     atctaactca ttgattcata taaagcatat aattcaataa atatgaccct attaattaca    142800
     taaaattaaa tgtgcagtat ttaagtttga cacccagtgg ttgaactgta ttgcactcct    142860
     ggatcaaaac aaaaagaagt gcaggttgcc agattgagga caggagcgag tgatttaaac    142920
     cgtgttccaa ttaaaagcaa cggcacacaa tagaaggaat atttttcata ttaaaaggag    142980
     tttttgttct aacctacacc tcaaattgat atattagaaa cggcttctat ttctcacagg    143040
     tgaacaactg acaatgatca cctcaggtac acctcatgtg ctttatttag tgttaaatgc    143100
     taacaatgtg agtttgaatg ccattttaca tgacatttat tgcccatact aaaatcagcg    143160
     gcagatagtt tacctcagaa cttgaaattg aacttcagaa ctaaacacgt gattcaacat    143220
     gtacatttat aaatgttaaa gagggttaat atgtattaaa tagatcaggg gttttcaaac    143280
     tgtgaacaca ttcctgcagc tatatttaca ctgcgatgaa tcaaaaccag tacgattgat    143340
     ggcattaact caaaaacctc ttaacctaaa aatatctaaa gtgtgtttcc tacaaaaaga    143400
     caaagcttat gtttcacagc ggtctttttc tttttttttc tctcgacatt acaagcactg    143460
     ctcagtttga gccctcccaa actgcgttta gccggcagag ctcgcgcaga gcagagctcc    143520
     cagtaaggga ccgtcggaaa agtgcttttt tttttttttt ttttctccgt cctgcgtgtt    143580
     ttattttaaa cactactaat tttctcttaa atgagcacaa acagttacta aagtactcga    143640
     atgcttcatt atagatctgt gcattcttac attaacacct ctgttatcaa acaaaacaca    143700
     atgagagatt aatttgctgc tcttcactaa ctatggtaac tttaatcaat atgcaaatac    143760
     aattaaaagc aaaatagatt ttatagcttt atttaatttc tgtatagccc attgatttta    143820
     ataggctaaa ccttttattt tattgtcaat tttttctaat gtttgctatg tattctatca    143880
     tttgaagcta tgtgttgtcc catatttttt acatcccaat gttgacagat tactaatcaa    143940
     taaatagcta tagtgctatc tgttagtttt aacgtcacct aatgttatgg aagggcatag    144000
     atgttatgga aaatagtaat agtactgtaa ctacccccat cattccttcc tcaagcaaat    144060
     gtgtaaatat tagatc                                                    144076