ID   AL773601; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 201299 BP.
AC   AL773601;
DT   20-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-199O1 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein containing a neugrin domain, the sort1 gene
DE   for sortilin 1, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate heat
DE   shock cognate 70-kd protein (hsp70), the gene for a novel protein
DE   containing a membrane-associating domain (wu:fc22a07), the ahcyl1 gene for
DE   S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase-like 1, the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate nuclear transcription factor Y, alpha (NFYA), the
DE   gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate potassium voltage-gated
DE   channel, Shaw-related subfamily, member 4 (KCNC4), a novel gene and three
DE   CpG islands.
KW   ahcyl1; HTG; sort1.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-201299
RA   Pandian R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; bb469c35da7d9cb1a0998e8d5f6016a0.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992383.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000000690; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000056331; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000000744; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000078795; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-199O1. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-199O1 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-199O1 is at 201299 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-199O1 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..201299
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-199O1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..201299
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-199O1"
FT   mRNA            complement(<12406..13023)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate potassium
FT                   voltage-gated channel, Shaw-related subfamily, member 4
FT                   (KCNC4)"
FT   CDS             complement(<12406..13023)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011773"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate potassium
FT                   voltage-gated channel, Shaw-related subfamily, member 4
FT                   (KCNC4)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q03721 Sw:Q63734 Sw:Q8R1C0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R045"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000210"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003091"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003131"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003974"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021105"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028325"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R045"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14842.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(15429..17752)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate heat shock
FT                   cognate 70-kd protein (hsp70)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI867225.1 Em:BI867812.1
FT                   Em:BI885381.1 Em:BI896603.1 Em:BI897735.1 Em:CA975773.1
FT                   Em:CF265922.1 Em:CF549677.1 Em:CK361165.1"
FT   CDS             complement(15818..17737)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011766"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate heat shock
FT                   cognate 70-kd protein (hsp70)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q91233 Sw:Q9I8F9 Tr:O73922
FT                   Tr:Q6PH56 Tr:Q801X9 Tr:Q8UWN0 Tr:Q9IAC1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R046"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013126"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018181"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029047"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029048"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R046"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14843.1"
FT                   EEVD"
FT   polyA_site      complement(19620)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(19620..21238,23812..23932,24011..24089,
FT                   24262..24330,26478..26576,26841..26935,29746..29816,
FT                   30709..30797,31879..31942,32080..32196,33099..33205,
FT                   34339..34433,34531..34633,36119..36219,38574..38717,
FT                   41416..41530,58862..59326))
FT                   /gene="ahcyl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.3-001"
FT                   /product="S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC054614.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW281599.1 Em:AW419839.1
FT                   Em:AW419860.1 Em:AW419875.1 Em:AW420651.1 Em:AW421236.1
FT                   Em:BE557722.1 Em:BF937243.1 Em:BG727258.1 Em:BG727952.1
FT                   Em:BG727996.1 Em:BG728730.1 Em:BG729566.1 Em:BG883286.1
FT                   Em:BG883333.1 Em:BG883527.1 Em:BG892049.1 Em:BI430354.1
FT                   Em:BI473380.1 Em:BI473398.1 Em:BI473660.1 Em:BI474153.1
FT                   Em:BI474212.1 Em:BI475902.1 Em:BI562802.1 Em:BI671185.1
FT                   Em:BI839875.1 Em:BI884198.1 Em:BI884776.1 Em:BI884923.1
FT                   Em:BI885096.1 Em:BI885172.1 Em:BI885267.1 Em:BI885435.1
FT                   Em:BI885476.1 Em:BI885540.1 Em:BI885577.1 Em:BI982587.1
FT                   Em:BI982849.1 Em:CA471112.1 Em:CA473816.1 Em:CA474070.1
FT                   Em:CA588079.1 Em:CD283983.1 Em:CD284541.1 Em:CD583551.1
FT                   Em:CD584920.1 Em:CD586529.1 Em:CD588017.1 Em:CD588930.1
FT                   Em:CD589709.1 Em:CD591187.1 Em:CD591300.1 Em:CD592492.1
FT                   Em:CD592502.1 Em:CD594351.1 Em:CD595359.1 Em:CD595861.1
FT                   Em:CD595994.1 Em:CD596159.1 Em:CD596926.1 Em:CD597653.1
FT                   Em:CD597690.1 Em:CD597749.1 Em:CD599509.1 Em:CD600596.1
FT                   Em:CD604034.1 Em:CD605129.1 Em:CD605541.1 Em:CF348580.1
FT                   Em:CK142871.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(19638..19643)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(20710..21238,23812..23932,24011..24089,
FT                   24262..24330,26478..26576,26841..26935,29746..29816,
FT                   30709..30797,31879..31942,32080..32196,33099..33205,
FT                   34339..34433,34531..34633,36119..36219,38574..38717,
FT                   41416..41530,50105..>50177))
FT                   /gene="ahcyl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.3-002"
FT                   /product="S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY611474.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA588079.1 Em:DT057591.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(21232..21238,23812..23932,24011..24089,
FT                   24262..24330,26478..26576,26841..26935,29746..29816,
FT                   30709..30797,31879..31942,32080..32196,33099..33205,
FT                   34339..34433,34531..34633,36119..36219,38574..38717,
FT                   41416..41530,50105..>50177))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="ahcyl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018424"
FT                   /product="S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase-like 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R047"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000043"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015878"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016040"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020082"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R047"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-021206-7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14844.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(21232..21238,23812..23932,24011..24089,
FT                   24262..24330,26478..26576,26841..26935,29746..29816,
FT                   30709..30797,31879..31942,32080..32196,33099..33205,
FT                   34339..34433,34531..34633,36119..36219,38574..38717,
FT                   41416..41530,58862..59050))
FT                   /gene="ahcyl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011767"
FT                   /product="S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O43865 Sw:Q80SW1 Sw:Q96HN2
FT                   Tr:Q6NR07 Tr:Q6PC06 Tr:Q6ZNS6 Tr:Q7T2B5 Tr:Q80WX1
FT                   Tr:Q9VZX9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5PMG4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000043"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015878"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016040"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020082"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PMG4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-021206-7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14845.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(66527..67356,67446..67619,70952..71106,
FT                   71254..71356,72484..72615,73392..73538,75787..75870,
FT                   78323..78397))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nuclear
FT                   transcription factor Y, alpha (NFYA)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(67150..67356,67446..67619,70952..71106,
FT                   71254..71356,72484..72615,73392..73538,75787..75870,
FT                   78323..78397))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011768"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nuclear
FT                   transcription factor Y, alpha (NFYA)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P18576 Sw:P23511 Sw:P23708
FT                   Tr:Q9DBV7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R049"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001289"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018362"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R049"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040718-491"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14846.1"
FT                   ATELANAHWLPEHTPSLA"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(67150..67356,67446..67619,70952..71106,
FT                   71254..71356,72484..72615,73392..73538,78323..78411,
FT                   79044..>79126))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nuclear
FT                   transcription factor Y, alpha (NFYA)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI722199.1 Em:BI877197.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(67150..67356,67446..67619,70952..71106,
FT                   71254..71356,72484..72615,73392..73538,78323..78411,
FT                   79044..>79126))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011769"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate nuclear
FT                   transcription factor Y, alpha (NFYA)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001289"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018362"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R050"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040718-491"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14847.1"
FT   mRNA            join(79245..79296,81047..81430,84811..85230)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.5-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a neugrin domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN022102.1"
FT   mRNA            join(79265..79296,81047..81253,81320..81430,84811..85501)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a neugrin domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI793997.1 Em:CF997760.1
FT                   Em:CF998608.1 Em:CK030131.1 Em:H56779.1 Em:H56842.1"
FT   CDS             join(81048..81253,81320..81430,84811..85363)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011764"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a neugrin domain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8C401 Tr:Q99KS2 Tr:Q99PU9
FT                   Tr:Q9HBL4 Tr:Q9NPE2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010487"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1JPS4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-19"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14848.1"
FT                   EGNFLYRV"
FT   polyA_site      complement(88372)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(88372..90361,91143..91263,91373..91497,
FT                   91778..91886,92367..92483,94372..94561,94645..94832,
FT                   96871..97042,98401..98503,98605..98711,99752..99901,
FT                   102748..102892,102966..103120,105541..105587,
FT                   109677..109750,112388..112549,112784..112886,
FT                   114606..114679,117152..117211,120430..120794))
FT                   /gene="sort1l"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.6-001"
FT                   /product="sortilin 1, like"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL928375.1 Em:AW184692.1
FT                   Em:AW202779.1 Em:AW232624.1 Em:AW232794.1 Em:AW233291.1
FT                   Em:BI888525.1 Em:CA470326.1 Em:CD595470.1 Em:CD595536.1
FT                   Em:CF999051.1 Em:CK353695.1 Em:CK397532.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(88389..88394)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(89860..90361,91143..91263,91346..91416))
FT                   /gene="sort1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.6-002"
FT                   /product="sortilin 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI888525.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(90347..90361,91143..91263,91373..91497,
FT                   91778..91886,92367..92483,94372..94561,94645..94832,
FT                   96871..97042,98401..98503,98605..98711,99752..99901,
FT                   102748..102892,102966..103120,105541..105587,
FT                   109677..109750,112388..112549,112784..112886,
FT                   114606..114679,117152..117211,120430..120699))
FT                   /gene="sort1l"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011765"
FT                   /product="sortilin 1, like"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O54861 Sw:Q6PHU5 Sw:Q99523
FT                   Tr:Q6PHU5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R052"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006581"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R052"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-7447"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14849.1"
FT                   APKNDFHDDSDEDLLE"
FT   mRNA            join(126013..126069,126315..126389,128243..128364,
FT                   129501..129705,132338..132529,136053..137322)
FT                   /gene="CH211-199O1.7"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a membrane-associating
FT                   domain (wu:fc22a07)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY394944.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI657990.1 Em:BI885942.1
FT                   Em:CA474630.1 Em:CK238345.1 Em:CK240093.1"
FT   CDS             join(126321..126389,128243..128364,129501..129705,
FT                   132338..132529,136053..136163)
FT                   /gene="CH211-199O1.7"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011771"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a membrane-associating
FT                   domain (wu:fc22a07)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6TLG1 Tr:Q6WER8 Tr:Q6WES2
FT                   Tr:Q6WES3 Tr:Q6WES7 Tr:Q6WF70 Tr:Q804Q1 Tr:Q98SE7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6TLG1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001285"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008253"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6TLG1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050417-309"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14850.1"
FT                   TNQQEGAGQQ"
FT   misc_feature    129122..129126
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   regulatory      137301..137306
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      137322
FT   mRNA            join(138280..138451,140781..140849,140943..141255,
FT                   141340..141503,144029..144111,144223..144434,
FT                   148044..148215,148360..148481,150106..150826,
FT                   153168..153476)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW173924.1 Em:AW175549.1
FT                   Em:BF156693.1 Em:BG303432.1 Em:BI671235.1 Em:BI843127.1
FT                   Em:BI866562.1 Em:BI984688.1 Em:CD597821.1 Em:CD598409.1
FT                   Em:CK018603.1 Em:CK019387.1 Em:CK236862.1"
FT   CDS             join(138325..138451,140781..140849,140943..141255,
FT                   141340..141503,144029..144111,144223..144434,
FT                   148044..148215,148360..148481,150106..150826,
FT                   153168..153185)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011770"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013243"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R054"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14851.1"
FT   regulatory      153456..153461
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      153476
FT   mRNA            complement(<163755..165224)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.9-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to to adhesion molecule
FT                   with Ig-like domain 1 (AMIGO1)"
FT   CDS             complement(<163755..165224)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-199O1.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011772"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to to adhesion molecule
FT                   with Ig-like domain 1 (AMIGO1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q80ZD7 Sw:Q80ZD8 Sw:Q86WK6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14852.1"
FT   misc_feature    201299
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-199O1"
SQ   Sequence 201299 BP; 64866 A; 36037 C; 35954 G; 64442 T; 0 other;
     gaattcgttt ggtgaagaga cgaggcaggc gttgtctgtg gttatggcgc ttgtttgcgg        60
     tcgagtcgag tcagttctgt taaatgaatc ggctccttta agtgaacagt aaagagtcga       120
     attcggctcc tttaagtgaa cagtaaagag tcgaattcgc ctgaaaacga ttccattttg       180
     tataatattg taagacgcaa acatataatt catttatatt tcatcatatt gcttggttcg       240
     tgtactgctt gtacacgaat tgcttgttga tgactatgag ctcatgaaca cgtctgataa       300
     aatatctgaa tctgattcaa tgtcacacga gtcctgaacc gaagcagtgc aaaagtaata       360
     tattgattga aatataaagt taattatttt cttcgcaatt caaaatatta tatatctctg       420
     actttaacaa taagaataaa gttcgtttgg agtgtactga gaattattat tttttcctcc       480
     caggattcaa ttcgcaccaa gctccatcaa gctgtaatgg tggatgagag gcacataata       540
     ttataaatat tgcttgtaat atgtaatgaa ataaagtttt aatacttttt catgcgagaa       600
     tgtagttctt caaaactcaa atctgtggat tgttagtaaa gattgtgtgt aattttaagt       660
     gtgttttgcc ggtagcggag atctatgacc tccaggcggt aacggcgctc attactcatg       720
     tatccgccga gaggcgcctg tcttcaggct agacattggg acaattgccc cgtcttcgat       780
     ggctctatat gcgtccgaaa attaagtttt aactgttttt catgctagaa tgtagttgtt       840
     taaaactcta atctgtggtt tatttatata gataaaaaaa aaaagaaata tatatatata       900
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataattctg       960
     agattagtga cctccaggcg atgaaaggtg cccaatactc atgaaaccgt ctaaagcaga      1020
     catttaccct gacattgaaa taattgttgg ctgtttaaca gtctttggtt tcattaatta      1080
     attacttttt attcaagttt attatgtttt ggctaagcac agagttgttc attaaatatt      1140
     atttcatatt ctatgttaac tgtataaaat taaataaagg tgcagtacaa ccaaaaagat      1200
     gttggtaacc aaatcgtttt gggggctata acattctgtt attatctgtt aaaagttcat      1260
     ttgtattaat ttctacgttg agttaaaaaa aggtttgaat ttctataact aacgtgcaaa      1320
     agatatagcc cttttcacag taatttgctg taatcatgct acctgcagta atttcacaat      1380
     aaaattatga atacaacata ttactgtgaa tttttcagtt aaatactgtg aagagatact      1440
     aatgtaattt actgtgaaaa attacagtaa cttgttgtga aaacctggaa attttttaca      1500
     gtgtacatga tattgagatt ccacagaatt aaaaaaaagt cctttaatcc agtcccttca      1560
     caaaaaatgc aatcccttta tggctctaaa accttttatt tgcttatatc tcacttttaa      1620
     catttacatt ttaacattta catttaacat ttatgttaca tttgtacgct tatcactatt      1680
     tgttaatctg gctgtcaacc tctataatac caataattta tttagctttg gttccttgta      1740
     cgtagtattt gcattttttt gttaattgca ttaaggaaaa taaaaatgaa attaacattt      1800
     taaaaagcta aataataatc ttagttagtt agttagttag ttagttagtt agttagttag      1860
     ttagttagtt agttagtgtt taatattttt agactgttaa gaaagtctag gtctaaaaaa      1920
     aatctagtac aaaagttagt tacatatatt aatttgtctt ttatgcaaag taaactcgca      1980
     taatagttaa tgatacaaat gagaatatca gaagcacttc aaatcaccag aaagttacat      2040
     aatttccatg tatttccatt aatgagacaa tgtttaatgt caaataattt taggccatat      2100
     tgccaaccca cagggctcac tactgtcaga caaagaaata tcactttttc actgtgtgtc      2160
     cgtgtgtgtg tgacagagag acatgtaaaa tggatcaaat cacaacagaa tagctgtcca      2220
     attgagaagt aaacgcttca tttgcgcaca ttttattccc agtcatttct caaacttact      2280
     gatgtgtgaa agtgctcaca gtctaaagca gttcaatcat atctacagcg ttatgatatt      2340
     cagaaaataa aacagtaatt gcaatgattc actttttgtt agaagcaatt gtttacgcct      2400
     gtgtaaattt agttcttcaa cagaatgtgg catgaataca tatgcagttg catcttttaa      2460
     acgttttcat ataggcagca gataaaaatc caggttaaac aatactgtta tcagtatctg      2520
     ttgattatag tatctggtgt ttcattatta atgcatgttt atacatttac aatgcattat      2580
     gggacattga agaaggattt tgttgacatg tataggaatt tgcagtaata tagtttgagt      2640
     tggacatgta aaataaccgt cctgtcatgt tcacattcca ccccttactt aaacagtgtc      2700
     cctggtcaat attgtcaggt ttgtttttga ctgcttttat attagcacaa aaaacatttt      2760
     acacaactga atttttattc aacattcttt agctgtgaac aatgtctcaa agtagtcttt      2820
     aacatgaatt tatataatta gacataaaat aactgcagtg aaaatacaaa taggcactga      2880
     gaatgtttac aaaatgaaca ataggtgaca tatatcaaaa tactttgttt cattaccaat      2940
     agacagttta ttaaacaaat tatcacaggg tctgaccaaa ggaattgaat ttttaatcca      3000
     tctgaatgat ttatcaacca gcaaacatga acaaaacagt atctttccct gtgtactgag      3060
     tgctcgaatt ttcattcagt ccatcaaatg gactatatta gtgtactaat ataaggaata      3120
     gtgactgagg gtatagacca ggggtgtcca aactcggtcc tggagggctg gtgtcctgca      3180
     aagtttagtt tcaaccctaa tcagaaacag ctggcctagc taatcaagct cttactaggt      3240
     agtctacaaa caaccttgca ggtgtgttga ggcaagtttg agctaaaatc tgcaggacac      3300
     tggccctcca tgactgagtt tggacacaga cgtcttgtta cagacggtga gtatggacaa      3360
     agaactagca ctagttttac tttggtcatt ttgactgagt ttctaatggt cttatccaat      3420
     aaaattattg atgctaagtt aaggtaaaag tgctcctgct agacacggag attggctgga      3480
     agaaagaaag aaaaaaagag aagaccacac acacagatgg gaggatcaca cgggaggatc      3540
     cgacactctc aaggcaattc ataacttttt gatttagcaa ctatgtcata tgatctcatt      3600
     cgtacaattt agtacgattt gcttatcccc caatgatggt tgaatttagg ggtagggttg      3660
     ggtgccacta ttccttttta aattcttaca ttttcatacg tttatttttc aaactaaact      3720
     aacaatacat aaaatagtta cttttcttcg tggctggagg atcagcacat aagtgcggaa      3780
     aagaaatgtg tctgcaaaag acattgttga gtctgaaatg tgagtgactg agagagtgag      3840
     ttggggtggt gtacagtata tagggatgtt ttctgtctga tggatgaata tagtctggat      3900
     atccatttat ttcctagggt ggtcactttt aaccacaggt gtaacaaggt tgattaaaac      3960
     actcaaaatt taatgaaaag agtgatcatc acgatatgtt caagcatagt gtggaggata      4020
     tcataagtcc ttgaggcaat cagatgtgaa acacaatatt tatgagtgtt ttaagttgta      4080
     aattggtcag atttgaccag aacatgacaa gaaggttaaa gtactgtata aaaaccaggt      4140
     atttagctgt ctgtatcttt actgttactt tgcagatgta tttctatata ttatttctta      4200
     tgcagtatat tgtttcaaag tattaacaat gtcattaaaa ggccctttct taaactgtaa      4260
     tgttaaaatt aagtagctta cattttaatc tgttttgctc cataatgggg caaaacaact      4320
     gaaaagagct ttaatgaagt tcacagagtt tattcttgag actctatcac caaaaaactg      4380
     atgtttcctt tatttacctc gacattctga aagaaaaggt ttttcattgg cattggttgt      4440
     tccataaata acccttagca tcatcaaact tttccattta gctttctgaa atctcatatc      4500
     acataaagaa tttttgtgta attactagtg ccattgttga tctttgaatc actgtgttta      4560
     tgattactga ggaagcctct agaacagaca ttcatatata ataatagcct tgggtttctg      4620
     atatgagcac aagctgtcaa tcaatcacaa cagactgggt catctgacca accagagcac      4680
     aagcaggcac ttggaagacc agatccttga aaagaagaga tgctacagta taaatagtga      4740
     aaaaatgcta agctgttttg actttagaag gatgtaagcc tattggacac ctccaaaaca      4800
     aaattaggag tcattataat agtataatag ggtcaaactt atttgaaagc tttttaatag      4860
     cacacaacaa ttgagaacac tgcatttact accaaaatgc acggcacaca tccagacagt      4920
     ctttgccact gggtcaatta ccctgtgagt gattaattac catggcggtg agaacataat      4980
     gtagtaatta taaggtagag cttacatata acaaaagcaa caaaaactat caacacatat      5040
     acaacaaaat ttccatcctt ttaacagttt aaagggatag tccacctaaa aattcactca      5100
     ctcccattta ttctcaagaa ttttttaaga atgttggtag ctaaaccatt ttcggttcct      5160
     cactcactga ctcactaact atcaggagtc atcacagtag attgaaccac caattactca      5220
     tatgtttata agttgcaaat gttttatgcg gcacatgccc tttcagccat aacccagcac      5280
     tgggaccatt tcagttccag ctgagtgaaa agaaattgat aaaataaata cagttgaaat      5340
     cgttgttgta tgattctttg ctgggaaaac tgctaaataa cccaaaacaa caatgcctgc      5400
     ctttcgataa actaaggctg aatttaaatc tgatattaat atgcattttt gtgaatccga      5460
     tcacaggtga atgacacaaa atacaggtgt aaatgggtct aaaaattttg acaacttcct      5520
     gaggtatctg aaaacaaacg caatctcatg tcaatttgta acttttggat ttagtggcta      5580
     aatcttataa atttgttcaa actcatttat agattttagt acactttgct tttcctcaaa      5640
     aacgggtaga ggtggagttt ggggactgct ttaaaaaaat gttatgtttt catagagggg      5700
     tagttgtatg aatgcataca aattagccac atttctgaca atacataaaa tagatatgaa      5760
     atagaaataa ctacttacta ggagcacgtc tatagttccg atttggatga gtcaataaac      5820
     ttcagttgca tgtttttgta ttgtggaaga aaccgaggaa ccaaggggaa atccatgcaa      5880
     gtacgggaag aacataagga ctagaaccag tgatgttctt gctttgaggc aacagtgcta      5940
     accactgggc cactgtgcca cccatctagg aaaggaggag tagaggtgaa agaggggatt      6000
     cttcaaaagg aagatggctg tgatatggaa cttaggttat ttatggtgac ttgggaatcc      6060
     tgtgattggt gaatcatgaa ttggataata taggaccagc tgtgcaatca taagcatgga      6120
     atcctctcga aattagttta taaataaatc tcatttaata atcacaccag gactaagtta      6180
     gactacattt ggcttgaatg acttgtgtag caaaaataaa tttttacatt tataaaggtc      6240
     agatattttt atcttgaatg acgttttgat attttttttt ttactgaaaa gcaattaaaa      6300
     aatacatttt actttctatt tctcctctgc tgtttgtacg ctgtgattaa taaaagcctt      6360
     cagagatgga ttttcctctt tctaacagta ttagctggcc tgagcagcca ccagtaacat      6420
     ggtaacatga gccctgcagc ccataatgct ctcaaggcag agataattga gatggccgaa      6480
     aaggagcaga gtccaagaaa cccaaccttt ttttgctcct tgtcatttct aggcgattgg      6540
     aatataatga tctattgttt gctcagagtg gtttattccg tgcaaggtgt acctgctctg      6600
     tttcttcctt attactgctt ttccaagagg tttaatagtc tgtcaggctt gtgtgctgga      6660
     aaaatctaaa ttaattagga acaaacaaac atagtaatga tgaagaagtg ttggacctca      6720
     aggcagcggc tcagctgtgt gtagaggcta acaataaaag catctcagag gtgacaaaca      6780
     caatgcttat caatgaaacc tgtctgtttt gtagcctgaa gaaaagacac atactgtatg      6840
     atactgtttt gtttttttaa aagtgacctc tgtgccgaac aactaaagca attaattact      6900
     tctaaagttc tctaagggaa gaaattgatt tctctgtgaa aataaaagag ccataaggtc      6960
     cagagttcaa tactgtaaca gagatttagc cttacaataa aaagctttca cattactgat      7020
     ttaaacagct cattacagca gagactatac gctctgccag cagtactctt gctggtgatg      7080
     tgattacaac tgaatccaac cttgaaattt gcctcaaaac actcagatat gaacataaga      7140
     actcgcatat gcatcctttg ggatagctta ggctgagaaa gcaattaata ctttatttta      7200
     ttttccttca gcaatgacac actaaattga tcaaaagtga ctgtagaaat tattatgata      7260
     cctaaaacat tcttagaatt ttcagttcct gtataaaccc aggctcatta tggatacata      7320
     cgtcacagga ggtacttttt tttttttttg cagtttttgt tttcgcaaat ccaccagagg      7380
     ctgctgtgta cacattttca gatctctaat ttctctcccg agtgccatta gcgccagatc      7440
     ttctcacgta aatccacaag aggctgctgt tgaataaccg acagaccaat aacccccctc      7500
     cttctcccct aaacccaacc agtagtgttt taaaagcaca gactgaccag tgcccacctg      7560
     cttccctaaa cccaaatgat ttttaccaca atttttgatc cacattctca ccctgttatt      7620
     tacttgttta tttatttttt tgtcttttgt ttttgtttta tttgctgtct tgagccagac      7680
     ttcaaaccat atcacgacaa actcctcttt gcgtttcaag tccacagacg tacatggtga      7740
     gctactgggc aaactggtaa aagcagaaaa gacatccaac tgaaggtaag tgagcagctg      7800
     gtagcacaaa aagaaacaga cgccatctgc gaagtcatac caccccgtag cgtttgctat      7860
     aaaggctaaa tgcagccata cagtacatag ctctggctga tacatgctgc aattcacact      7920
     ctccataaat gtataccggg gtacaatcag cctatgttga aaaatataga gtattccaca      7980
     aatctgttaa acaatacagc cataatattt attatgaatt agttagggtt ttataaggat      8040
     tatttagaat tttgttgtct ttttcatact tttgatcaaa taaacttact gtagcaatgc      8100
     tgagctcttt tcatgacggt ctaatgtgag caagggcaga cacattacaa cacaaataaa      8160
     tcaaaccact ttaaaaacac tttgctctaa ttgcatcatg gtaatacctg ctgagagtca      8220
     attctgcccg tcatcattac ggacttgaca tttagacatt ttaaaagtgc tataatcagg      8280
     ttttcttaat ccctcttgtt ttattttttc ttttattctc acccagattg atgaatcttg      8340
     actatataaa taatattcaa atgtgatcct ggaccacaat aaataccata aatgtcaatt      8400
     ctttaaaact gaaactgaat aaataagcct tccattaata tatggtttgt tatgataaaa      8460
     caatatttat tcaaaaaaaa tatatttgaa aatctgcaat ctaatttcca aatgtaaaaa      8520
     ttgaaaaaat cacaataatt atttctatat attttctata tagtttttat atatttacag      8580
     catgaaatgt taaaacagct ttatggaaca agatattcac aatatttaaa agcataaaat      8640
     tagcattatt ataaataagc attattttag cataaaagta ttttattttg actcatacag      8700
     tgtatttttt attattgcca aataatttac ttaaacataa aagaacatac tgtaaggttt      8760
     tgttattcag ggccacacga aataaaaatg acctcaatac acctcattac ataataaaca      8820
     ttcttttgtt tagagctgat tttgtgcatt tatatactat cagtttacaa acctatcgcg      8880
     ataaaggaga gaaaagggca tatcagattg ttgatttatg gtaacacaaa tcattttgtc      8940
     tctgtagcat cacagaaact gcaagtgtca ttcatccatc acagcaagag aggattttac      9000
     acttctgaca tcagcgtgtg acacactaac actagggcag gtggcatctg tgtgaatgtg      9060
     tgtgcgctac agagtgagac aggtgcagtt taacagacag ttagtgctga ttgtgtttcc      9120
     attggtaaac gcagagtaaa gctgcggtca caccagagtt taagtttacg aaattctgtc      9180
     gtatagctct gcaaaaaggg gcgggattaa acaagcttat tcagcctgat ctcacgagaa      9240
     aacgtaagta ttttacgttt tgccagttta gtggctaatt cgtacgaatt cgtacgattt      9300
     cagtcatacg aaatgatacg attttaaaaa ggaggcgtgg cacctaaccc cacccctaac      9360
     cccatccgtc attgggggaa aagcaaatcg tactaaattg tacgaattag atcgtacaaa      9420
     ttcatacgaa ttagccacta aatgaaaaag ttacgaattg ccgtgagatt gtgttggctt      9480
     attagacatt tttaaaagct agcaattgct ccatgtttta aatttctgtc cagagatgtc      9540
     atgttttgat cctcgattgg tctcacgcag tcaagtgatg cgatttcgca ggtcagagtt      9600
     caccaagctt gaactttgca ctgcatcaac ttgcgaaact tgacgcatga ccctgcgttt      9660
     ccggtctgaa gcattcgcgt gcgtatgaat agaagtctct gggaggaaaa gcccagtgtg      9720
     accgcagctt caggatgatc agtgattata acgtttatgt acataaagct ctagagaagt      9780
     atgtaattac tatatattgc aagatgcaag tcaatgccac tcatattaaa gtgtctaatt      9840
     caaatgtgca agtcatgcat tagttagagc atgttaagtt atggctcgtt tcatgtttat      9900
     tgtgcgcgtt ggtttccttt tacattttag agcattacta atcacacagt ttgagccatt      9960
     agatgcatac attacaaaca aatattatct aaagtaaaat caatctatta tgatcttagt     10020
     tttactgtat tttttaatgt gtgatacact atgtctgtca cacctcagac atcttgccca     10080
     tttgcaacta tatacaacaa cgtaaaatca tataatgttt tctttacata atacattaaa     10140
     gagatatttc atttattact gtattaaact tttaaaatga tcaataatgg taaaagccat     10200
     gtatcattaa ttaagctgta caatatctct catcttctgt tatcatttac catacaaaaa     10260
     catccttaaa aactggcaaa attacataaa aatatatgtg cataattcgg accctgaaac     10320
     aaagtttctt taattgtttc tttgcttttt atacttggca agtttattca ttcatacact     10380
     ttccctcggc gtaatcacct tattcatcaa gggtcgacac agcggaatga atcaccaact     10440
     aatccagcat atgttttaca aaataggtgc ccttttagct gcaacccagt actgggaaac     10500
     atccatatac tatcacattc acacacacac actatggcta aaatggattg tgggagaaac     10560
     cggaggaccc ggaggaaacc catgtgaaca cgtggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa     10620
     tgataaagtg gctcagcttg aaccagcgaa cttcttgctg tgctgtgcac cgtgtgaccc     10680
     cttggcatgt tctttttggt acaattcttt tgttagtaga gcagaaacta caatctaagc     10740
     catatgctgc acacccaatg tgtcgttttc atttccaagc aaaaccaata aagagaatca     10800
     agctacaagt gtgcagcaaa caagagtaca gtgcagcact ttaataaata tacatttaat     10860
     ttgattattt atacaatgaa gatgatgcag tgttgtttta cattgttttt caatttctgt     10920
     atctgaataa tgtttgacaa aaccataagg caacactgct tgtaatttgt ttaacatttt     10980
     atgcatgatt cagtcccctg atgtgaatta ttgaacacta tccagataga gttattcaat     11040
     gcatctgatg aaactattcc aggcgatgcg gtgacgcatt aggtagtgct gtcgccttaa     11100
     agcagtggtc accaaacttg ttcctggagg gccggtgtcc tgcagatttt agctccaacc     11160
     ctaatcaaac acaccagaac aagctaatca aggtcttact tggtatactt gaaacatcca     11220
     agcaggtgtg ttgaggcaag ttggagctaa accctgcagg gacaccggcc ctccaggacc     11280
     aggattggtg acccctgcct taaagcaagc aggttggtgg tttaagcacc ggctgggtca     11340
     gttggcattt ctgtatagag tttgcatgct ctccctgcat tcgcatgggt ttcctccagg     11400
     tgctccggtt tcccccactg tccaaagtca tgtggtacag gtaaattgag tagcctaaat     11460
     tgtccgtagt gtatgagtgt gaataagagt gtatgggtgt ttcccagtga tgggttgcag     11520
     ctggaagggc atcaactgca taaaacatat gctggataag ttggtggttc attctgctgt     11580
     ggcgacccca cattaataaa gggacaaagc cgaaaagaaa atgaatgaat gatgaaactg     11640
     tttatatcgc aacatttacc acagtaaatt aaaagatgtc gtgcagctct aattctaatg     11700
     atgtattaaa ctcctaacta caatgaaaac gcaaaaggta cagtttgcct gagcattgga     11760
     cctttttatg gtcgcaactt gtgaaattca ttgtgtcttg tttttggttt gattgaaggg     11820
     actgatttgt gtcgtcattg ttttatagtc aaactaaaga gtttgtttaa gtgagaacaa     11880
     aaatacagtt ttagcttgtt tagtgcacac aaggttcaaa tagcagcatt cacacttact     11940
     caaatgacct gcaattgcac cagagttgat tttaataatc cagacatacc aaatgtatac     12000
     acatcctcca tttaaagggt tagttcatta aaaaatgaaa attacctcat catttactct     12060
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctttcatgtg gttttaaata tttttgattt ttttctgttg     12120
     aacactattt tgaagaatgc tggttgatat aggactcatt gacttgcata gtgaggaaaa     12180
     atgaaaaatg tacattttgt ttatcaaagt aactgtatat tcaaactata aactacatat     12240
     aagtatgctt tagttatatt aagtatgttt acctgctttt aattatacta taaatacgaa     12300
     tatataatta ttttaagttt cactttaaga caaaagttat atatctcttt gtgatttggt     12360
     catattttcc ccttaaccca tgttatttgg aatcagatct cttaccctgg ctgcacgcga     12420
     agaataggga tcttcaaaga gcgcccatat ttttggttgc caaacttcac agcatcccct     12480
     ggagcggtca gggctgtcct caatgccaaa gcgtctgggc atgtcctggt catcctcggc     12540
     gtcctcagga tccggcggct cgaatatgtc cagcgcctcc tctgcgtccc tgtgctggcg     12600
     gtaggtcatc cagcagcagg gctccacgtc cgtctcgtcg atgccccaaa acgccaactc     12660
     ctcctcgaac agagggccgc acacatccgc cgggcagtgg agcttgccag ttctgtagta     12720
     gttcagcaca taggcgaata tgccagggtg tcggtcaaaa aagaactcgc tgttcgggtg     12780
     cgtctgcccg gtgtctgcgt ccgggttcac ctggctgtcc gtgtccgcga gccaggcgag     12840
     tctggagccc ggtatggtcc tcagggtgct cctgtaggtt tcgtggcgcg ttccgccgac     12900
     gttgatgatg attttgtccg agtcttcgca tctggccatc tcttccttca gacatgattt     12960
     ggaaggaggt ttgttgcctg acttgcgccc gcggtacgac gaaacacaca ccgagctgat     13020
     catagatttc gatggagagg cttttattta gtgactctct tggctttcta aaccagcgca     13080
     gctgctgtca gttacaaaag tcgcacaact gtagagagtt tccgccgtca acatgaccgt     13140
     gagacgcgcg aagaaccacc tgttaccgga gaaactcctc ggttttttct ttctgtctac     13200
     aggttgctgc tggtgctgtt cctcgtgtat gggcactttg gcacgatagt aaacaaaaaa     13260
     catttaaaaa tagctcaaat gtttgtctaa aaacgagtct cttactaaac tctcgtctct     13320
     ttgtcgctgc attagtgaat tccagcctgt tgtcacgtgc gcgcgcatta ttcctgacac     13380
     aacattgagt taataagggt aagtttgatt gtacatctgt atgaggataa agcgtctgtt     13440
     gtcgaagggt gagacgggat cagtttgttg agaaagatct gttgcatgta gtgacagtca     13500
     ggcgacactg cccatgggag gatgatgagg atgatgatga tgctccagtg tctcggtaac     13560
     ccttacagcg ctgcatacgt atgaatgtga gctcaatttg attagtgaag aggaaagctt     13620
     ttgtttattc gattattggc gatatttcaa ggaatatgat gacgcatttc cgcactaatt     13680
     agcatcgtaa atctgactgt ttatatttat atttttagat tttaattacc ttttatgcat     13740
     atatttaact ctgtatttgt gtttgattat cctgccaatc catataaaat gtccttaagt     13800
     ctagaaaagt tgtataattg tatttaattc tgttttattt agactacatg catggcaatg     13860
     ttgtttcaaa aaagaatgtt gtttcgaaaa agtaacctgt acgggaatta aaaatattac     13920
     aattaaataa acatttaata ttcaagatat gaatgcttaa ttaaataagt acatgtgaga     13980
     aacttgacat cagatataat gtaaattggg tccaagtctt ctatcatgtt gagtgttctg     14040
     ttgtagttga gcagtttggc ctacaacgtc acctagtgta caaaaatagg taaagcaggt     14100
     ttaaccccct ttatttattt atctgtttgt ttgtctgtct gttgatttat ttattggtag     14160
     taaagagcta tagtaattga agttaattgt tatgaaaaag atgaacaata tacagatgtc     14220
     aatttgtcaa gttttatgtt tcatttattg tgggattgta attatgttgt acaattttgg     14280
     aaacattttg gataatttat taaggataat acacaagatg tttctgtttt aaagatatta     14340
     tttttaatca ttataaatct gcctctacta aaagaaatgc ttgttttgct ataaatttat     14400
     tttcttagta aattccatat cagcaaatgc aaatttactt aaaaaccaaa ctatatattt     14460
     cctgatttat tttttggttt tttttttttt ttttcaagaa tttaatcatt tttttaaata     14520
     taatttcttt atctgaaaat gggaaagcaa acagtacaat tttattttta tggctttaat     14580
     ttcattcatt tattgaatga aattaaataa atgaatttat ttgaaaatgt atgtatttgg     14640
     tttatgtatt acataccaaa atacataaat acaaatttat gtatttggtt gttacagctt     14700
     aaccagcgac ttatccagca tgtgttttac gcagcgaatg cccttccagc cgcatcccat     14760
     ctctgggaaa catccacaca cacacataaa cactacggac aatttagcct acccaaatca     14820
     cctgtactgc atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccggagc acccagagga aacccatgcg     14880
     aatgcaggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaacaccaa ctgacccagc cgaggctcga     14940
     accagtgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag cactacttac tgccccactg cgtcactggc     15000
     tttaattcat atactgtaac tggttcttaa atggcttacc ctcaagttta tttcatgttc     15060
     tttattatta ttatttttta tttttctttc tctctcttgt acatttttca tggacaatgt     15120
     aattcacatt attgttgtac acaaatatcg atgtaaacat gtcaactgtt ttttgcaaca     15180
     aaaaataaaa tgctttactt tagatctgca aaaaaataaa agccctaaat caaaagttgt     15240
     gtttcaaatt tgaatttgca aatatttaga gcaacacaag tgtcactatt tttgtgtgtt     15300
     cacataccac aatccaaaac atttactgag ttttatacat ttaaggtata caaacaaaat     15360
     ttacatgtca tttttttcca ccctgctttt ttaaacagaa aaataaagac agatttcgaa     15420
     ggatttcttg gtttaaattt gcattttttt aattgtcgaa aatgataaat accaaataaa     15480
     atacaataaa acattactga aagacaattt gcagggatgg ccaaactcag gtttcctgca     15540
     tgttttagtt ccaaccccaa tcaaatacac ctgagccagc taatcaagct ctttctaggt     15600
     atactagaaa cttttaggca ggctagttga aggaatttga agctaaactg tgcaagaaac     15660
     cggcattcca gaaccgagtt tggacacccc tgccttagag cattcaaaaa catttgacaa     15720
     acaagatata aaaataattt agcacattaa actagacata taacttattt aaatcagtaa     15780
     ttaatagagc tccatgtgta tgcacacttt actatctcta gtccacctct tcaatggtgg     15840
     ggccctgtga tgattcaggc tgggcttgga atccacatcc acctgcagga ggagctcctc     15900
     cctgatacag ccgcgagatg attggattgc acacactttc cagttccttc tgatgatgct     15960
     catactcttc cttttcagcc agctgattgt tctccaacca agaaacgacc tctgtacact     16020
     tatcaatgat cttcttctta tcctgttcgc tgatctttcc cttcaggttc tcatcttcaa     16080
     ctgtgttctt catactgaag gcgtaagact ccagagcgtt ctttgctgcg atcttctctc     16140
     tctgcacttc atcctcggct ttgtactttt ccgcatcttg caccatacgc tcgatatcct     16200
     ccttgctcag tcgacctttg tcattggtta tagtgatttt gttctctttt cccgtgctct     16260
     tgtcggcagc ggatacgttc agaattccat tggcatcaat gtcgaaggtc acctctattt     16320
     gaggtacacc acgtggtgct ggtgggatcc cagtaaggtc aaacttgccg agcaaattgt     16380
     tatctttggt catagccctc tctccttcaa acacctggat caggactccc ggctggttat     16440
     cggaatatgt ggagaagatc tgcgtctgct tggtggggat ggtggtgttg cgtttgatga     16500
     gtgcagtcat gactcctcca gccgtctcga ttcccaggga caacggagcc acatccagaa     16560
     gcaacaagtc ctggacgttt tctgaggtgt cacccatcag gatggcagcc tgcactgctg     16620
     ctccatatgc cacagcctca tctgggttga tgcttttgtt gagatccctt ccgttgaaga     16680
     agtcctgcag gagcttctgg atcttgggga tcctggtgga gccgccaacc agaacaatat     16740
     cttggatctg agacttgtcc attttggcat ctctcaaagc cttctccaca ggatccagcg     16800
     tgcctctaaa gagctccgcg ttaagctctt caaagcgagc cctagtgatg gaagtgtaga     16860
     aatcgatgcc ttcaaagagg gaatcgatct cgatgctagc ctgagagcta gatgagaggg     16920
     tccttttagc tctctcgcag gccgtgcgca gccgtcttac tgctctctta ttctgactga     16980
     tgtccttctt gtgcttcctc ttaaactctt caacaaagtg cttcaccatg cgattgtcga     17040
     agtcctctcc acccagatga gtgtcccctg ctgtggcttt cacttcaaag atcccatcct     17100
     caatcgtcag gatggagaca tcaaaggtgc ctccgccgag gtcgaagatc aggacattcc     17160
     tctctccctt cctgcccttg tccaggccgt aggcgatggc agctgctgtt ggctcattga     17220
     taattcgcag cacgttcaat ccggcaatga cccctgcgtc tttggtcgct tgcctctgtg     17280
     aatcgttgaa gtacgctggg actgtgatga cagcattatt gactctatga cccaggtagg     17340
     cttcggcaat ctctctcatt ttgaccagga ccatagatga gatctcctca gggtagaatg     17400
     tcttgttttc ccctttgtac tcgacttgaa cttttggttt gccatcttca ctgatgacct     17460
     taaatggcca aagcttcatg tcagactgga caacctgatc atcaaacttt ctgccaatca     17520
     gtcgtttggc gtcaaagatg gtgttgttgg ggttcatggc gacttggttt ttggcagcat     17580
     ctccgatgag tctttctgtg tctgtaaaag ccacatagct tggagtggtt cggtttcctt     17640
     gatcgttagc gatgatctcc actttgccat gctggaacac tccaacacag gagtaagtgg     17700
     ttcccagatc aatgccaata gacaaacctt tagccatctt tgattgttaa aatcacctgt     17760
     aatactaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacattt tgggttattt aataatgtaa aagctattta     17820
     tgggattatt taaaataatg aatccatttt tacaaaatta tagtaataaa aaagcaaaaa     17880
     aaaaatgttt ttaaaaaaaa tgtatttgct taaatatctt attaacatat aaaatatata     17940
     tatcatattt tccaagagat gggttgcggt tcattccgct gtagtgaccc cagattaata     18000
     aagggactag gctgaaaaga aaatgaatga ataaatttaa atatatacaa aaatatgtaa     18060
     atattactga tttatctgta aaaattagac ataagacaat gacaacatct gtttaattaa     18120
     aaaacaatct tatataaacg atgacaatta tatttaataa ataaaattta caacattata     18180
     ttataataac atctaaaaaa atattacgtg actagaaaac gttgacatca atgaaatgtc     18240
     gctaacttgc aagtctaaaa tgatagactc tacttctact ttttttaaaa aatgtaataa     18300
     taaatatatt ttataacaat tccaaaaaaa gtgtcagtat ataatattat tttaaacaat     18360
     agaatactat agcaacaaca acaaaacaat ttttcaaatg ttaagtctta cttacaggtc     18420
     ttgtgagttt cttcagtcgc ttcagagagc tgatttcagc tctgtttcgg gttgctcgag     18480
     ttgtgttttc tcgtctgctc ggcccgagcg tttctgggca ctttatagca gtcatcctcc     18540
     ttctagaaag cccagatttc tcttgactct ggccgtaact ttagagtctg acaagccctg     18600
     aagcttctag gcgctgaatg ggggtctcct gcgtgcttca aagacacgtc agagctccaa     18660
     acatagaaac ggaacaagct ggaattctat ttcatttctg tgcaacaagt gttgggtact     18720
     actagatgtg tcgctgattt ttccgtcaca tatttctaac tcattattat attacaaatg     18780
     gcgttatttt tatttaatta ttactttatt aagggcatat tatttatgta agacgtacaa     18840
     ttaaaacgcc gagctgtttt gtcacatgct atttgttaca tttctcagcg attaccagga     18900
     tgggccaatc gaagtatctg aggtgagaaa gatgcgtctt taataagaac aaatatctga     18960
     caatgttata tatttcaggt tttctaggat cgattataag gataaaatcg cttaagtctg     19020
     ccataatgtg tcagaatttt gcagattttt gcacgctaaa acgatactga gtcagaggaa     19080
     gatgttttta aaagcatatg catatcatat gatttaatgc taccaattaa gtatttttgt     19140
     cggattttgt aagtgtataa tgcctttaat ttttgattag taacgtaaat caaggctttt     19200
     tatgaccctt tagaaaccct taattatgtt taaattatag tctactaatc atatttcgat     19260
     taaatttaac caggactatg gattgccttt ttgtctatga aagttactaa ggagtaatat     19320
     attcatattt ttgacccagg ttacgcattt tttgtttaaa aaagaagaaa aaaaaacaac     19380
     agcaacaaaa ctaaaataca cttctaataa tactgaaata atattaaata tgaaaaaata     19440
     attttcacag cccctttaaa cagtcaaaaa tctgagtaaa aatgtgtgta aagaccacat     19500
     aaaatgccca ttcaaaagca catctgtgcc gtcattgcaa tgtaaatttg tcatatatca     19560
     aaaacagtaa acacagaaat gcttctaaca ttaatatcat aaataaaaac aaaaacatat     19620
     ttagtgagag caagatcttt aatgcaggga ttggatgacg tcaaggcaga ggaagcacat     19680
     ttgacaaatg atgcagtgaa aggtaaatca caaagtgcag atgaggcaaa tatattcaga     19740
     tggcagattc acagtgatat ttacttaaga catatgcagt cccttacaga tggccatcca     19800
     gatatgtggg cttactgtga gtctagccaa ggtacgttga gggcaatagg ttcagcaaac     19860
     cataaactcc tcaaaatctt atttcagctg cagtttagag ctgcacgact ctagataaac     19920
     tgaaaatcac attttggttt tatttgttta aatacaaaaa tcaggattgg attctgaata     19980
     gacaagttaa agaaattaca aataaagtta ataattagag gtgctgacaa aatcggttgc     20040
     tttctacctt ttttaattaa tattattatt attaaatatt tttttcagtc tcagtttgaa     20100
     cgaatgactc aataacttac tcataaagac ctttttaaag tttctcttga ataaattatt     20160
     ctgcgacatg aatttgaata gctgcagcct ttaagttact tttaaaaggt gattttgatc     20220
     gatacagtaa gtcccaaatg tcctcccagt acttctatga cagtttaatg tttgtaacac     20280
     cgaaaaaata acactggatt aaaagactga agcagtttca taaccataac acaacaactg     20340
     ctctgtctga atccgattta aacgttcact gtgatggtta aagctttaat aaacatacat     20400
     atcgcaaatc gtttaaaaga aagattgcga gttttaacga ttaatcatgc agctctacat     20460
     atattctcat ctacgtacgg cctacatgac atataatggt caacaacgtt atcttaatat     20520
     agggtttcat gaaaggccac agagatgatg gaagtgtgcc agaatgtgaa cgggaaaaat     20580
     cccagttggt gacgttattc ataaaatccc cccaagcggg gtatatatgt agcagcaggt     20640
     gctgccgggt cacagaagtt tctgcacaca gtggtgtgta tcatattgcc agaacattct     20700
     agcatttagc cgtaatacac agtacattca tttaataatt aaaaaaaagc tattatactt     20760
     tcttatgtaa gaggaatatt atgtgaagac taacaggttc atattaaaaa agccacacag     20820
     acatcctttt ttttggtcat gaaatcttaa gtgtagtgta acttcacgtc aatggaatca     20880
     atgtgtaaaa aataaagcat ggtaatgatt atcagtcgtc ctatgagatc agtaactcta     20940
     accaatattt ggcacttttt tagagccaaa gacagtggtc cgcttccttt cttaggttaa     21000
     aagatgattt acaacatatg ctataataca tcacttctaa caacgcacta aaagtgacat     21060
     gaatgtatat attttgtcac aggacattag taacactatt aaataagaat aacattcggt     21120
     aaaatcaagt tttgctttaa gaaatgtata ttaatataaa ataaatctct tgcttcactg     21180
     gttattacag gtctctccat ctttgatgaa ggctgaatcc atccagtcag actaatatct     21240
     gtaagcagaa caacaggaaa tgttattttc gttcagtttg gtatgttgtt gttgttgttg     21300
     attgcttggg gtcagtagga ttaggaaatg ataggtttta ttcagagatg tattaaattg     21360
     atccatggtt acaataaaga catggataat gctacaaata ctctgatatc aaataaatgc     21420
     tgttgttgtt gttttttatt tattcattaa tattgaagaa aaatatcagt ttctacacaa     21480
     aaaagcagca gtcattactc aacattaata ataagaaata ataatgattt ctaaaggatc     21540
     acatggcact gaagccttaa gtaaaatatt acattttgaa atattttaat agagaaaaca     21600
     gtgattaaat tataatattt gaagtgtttt cctgtatttt atatcaaatc aaattttgtg     21660
     cacacacaca aaatgtaaaa tgctaacata aaaatcttac caaccccaag cttttaaaca     21720
     aaagtaaatg ttatgctgaa aagctctaat tataactagt tgatttattg aaaaccagca     21780
     gagggcagta agtgataata aacagttaca aatctctatt aaaacagttt atgtctctaa     21840
     agaacatttt gcattccgta agtgcacttc ccacaggtga gtgggcttga caaaccacct     21900
     gtaggaacac tcctctctcc gtatgcacca gacttaaact tcatcttaca agaactcaat     21960
     aaggaaaaga atgtttactt gtgaatgtac cactaacttg ttttcttcaa ccttaaatag     22020
     ctcctttgca caatatcgta cgaatattgt tatgttaaag tgcttgtata gtctgtctaa     22080
     tatatattgt aattctaaca attgaaaaaa gtgtcaactt ttgcaatatt ttgaaacagc     22140
     tgtataatat gttacatatt ttagatatag ttgaaggcaa aattattaac cctcctctga     22200
     caatttttat atttaaaaaa aattgaattg ttttacagag caaggaaatt ttccacagta     22260
     tttcctgtct tttttttctg gagaaagtct tatttatttt agtttgacta gaataaaaac     22320
     agtttttaat tatgttaaaa acaattctta aagtcaatat tattaggccc tttaagaatt     22380
     tattttttca attagctaca gaacaaacta ctgttcttta atgacttgcc taattaccct     22440
     atttaaccca gttaagcctt taaatggcac tttaggctga atactagtaa aaataaatag     22500
     taaaatattg ttccatcata atggcaaaga caaaagaaat tagttattaa aataatttgg     22560
     tatgtaaaat agaagagggt tgtttatccc acatattttg gtttattcta aacgctttaa     22620
     tttctggaaa tatatttttg atttcttttc aaaagttttt taaaaggagg ttaagccgga     22680
     ccattgtctt gcatttcttg gatattctga gacattagac acttttccaa agttctagca     22740
     atgtctcatt tagaaaggcc taactctttc gaaaaaagga tacttttgaa caggaaaact     22800
     tctaacccta catgttttaa aaaagagtgg atggttgaat tgtatcaagt cattcggctc     22860
     aagaggatac gctccttaaa ctgattagtg ctatgccaat gatttattgg aacaattgat     22920
     cgtactctga taattatatt tcaactttat aattgcttta attgataaat actcccattt     22980
     gtttgttgtt tattcacttt aattaattaa tttttgtttt ctgatttatc gctggggttg     23040
     ttatgtttta atcagtgtat ttcctttata ctgtttttgt attgaaaaag aaaaaagctt     23100
     aaaaaacaag tatctgtaaa acagtgaaac aacagttgaa gtcagaatta ttagacccct     23160
     ttttattttt aataatgttt aacagagcaa gggaattttc acaatatgtc tgataatatt     23220
     tttgtcttct ggggaaagtc ttatttgttt tatttcggct agaataaaag cactttttaa     23280
     tttttttaaa aaacattata aggtcaaaac tattagcccc tttaagctat ataatttttc     23340
     gattgtctac cgaacaaacc attgttatac aacaacttgc ctaaataccc tgacctgcct     23400
     agtaaaacta attaacctat taagctttta attgtcactt taaactctat aaatgtgtct     23460
     tgaaaaatat ctagtcaaat attattttct gtcatcatgg caaagagaaa ataaatcagt     23520
     tattagaaaa ctattatgtt tagaaatgtg ttgggaaaaa aatcttctct ccattaaaca     23580
     aaaaatgggg gaaaaataaa taggggagct aaaaattcag gggggctaat aattctgact     23640
     aaacagcact tcggcacttt aaatttaata gaaggactaa taaattagat ttaaactgta     23700
     tacaaaatcc aaacatgaac ttgcatgtca tttatttaat tagcatatat tgccagattt     23760
     ctccaagctt gttgaggttg aacacatcct taagtctctc atatactgta cctgtagtaa     23820
     ttcggtttaa agggtccatt cttattgagg cccatatatt tggcctgttc atcagacagc     23880
     tctgtaagat gagcatcaaa gttgggtagg tgcaagctgg ccacatattc atctgaagaa     23940
     cacacaattt atcacagtta atgcacaaag tactgaagct gttggtggag acaaattcag     24000
     ataatcttac ccattttctt gggcagcaag tagacgtcct gtttatagcg accttctggt     24060
     gcattataca gctctatcag ggccaaagcc taagattaat acaaaaaaag agcacaacag     24120
     cctgcgatta gagatgttaa atcagccgta atagtcatac agctgtgcag gagcacttag     24180
     gagctctggc ataaatggat aaaatgtcag cggtacagac gcacttcagc taaaacccaa     24240
     agcggcggca ggttaaatta cctgggttgt ggctgtgatt gatagcacaa atgaggggac     24300
     tgttgagcag ctcaggttca ggagtcggcc ctgaaaaaca caacacaaat gactgagatt     24360
     gactgtgatc cagcagaaaa tcacatatag aggaaagaaa tttatcatgg tgggcacatt     24420
     cacagattga gtagagaaaa ctggggcttt gggaaaattc tgtggaccaa aatatatgtc     24480
     atggtatatg gcatagtaca tatcacacat tgtgacaagc atttttcatt tgatttgatg     24540
     gcaaatatct gtgtggaaag tcagattttt aataatccag aaattgtgaa aatgatagac     24600
     taaaatgaca gactaataat gtttttgact aatgttgtat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt     24660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat aaatcatgtt tttgcaattg tagtccttaa tgaacagaaa     24720
     aaacatgata tctgaagatg actaaaaaca gtagtttgta caaataaata tttatcagaa     24780
     aaaaatgttt aacgccaaaa cttatgaaag tcgaaaaagc atcaataaaa gtattattat     24840
     ctcaaattat ttataaaatt aattaaaaat aacatttcta aataattttt tttaaataaa     24900
     atatatttct gtggtgacaa gacagggttt tcagaattta gaaatttcag aacttcagtc     24960
     atgaatcaaa tagtcacccg tttgagtttc ttctattgaa caaaaaagaa gacatcttga     25020
     aaaatgctga ggacgaaaag ccattgacat gcgtagtata ttttttcctg gtatgtttgt     25080
     caatagttgt tacagatttt ccacattcat aaaaatatat tcataaaaga tattcctaaa     25140
     gggtcagaac acccgtgagt cactaaatca ggggtatcca aactcggtcc tggagggctg     25200
     gtgtcctgca gattttagct ccaacttgcc tctacacagc tgcaggaaag tttctagaaa     25260
     gcctagttag agcttgatta gctagcccag gtgaattgca gttggaacta aactttgcag     25320
     gacaccggcc cttcagtact gagtttggac aaccctagca ctaaatggtc agaaaaaatt     25380
     gttttgtggg aagtaaatgt ttctaaactt ctgactgcta ctgtatgcaa ctgtggaaat     25440
     agctatttat ataatctagt ttcaaattaa cagtgatata gaaataactg aaaagttaaa     25500
     ttcttagttt ttttattatc taatttcatt caaaactcta gcagacatgg tgtaagagtc     25560
     attaaaccct ttgcttccag agcactggct gaccaaagtg ctgcaaaagc tatgggctgg     25620
     gtctcaatga ctatgacttt tgtctttgtg gatccattca ggtcaaagaa gctctttcgt     25680
     tgataaactt gtgtggtcag tgtctcggca ggttctttca cctacagttg cagtcagaat     25740
     tattaaactc cctgaattat ttccccccat ttttccccca atttcagttt aacagagaga     25800
     ttttttcaac acatttctaa tcataatagt tttaataact catttctaat aactgatttc     25860
     ttttatcttt gtcatgatgt aagtaaataa gatttgacta gatatttttc aagacacttt     25920
     tatacagcta aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt aactaggtta actaggcagg ttagggtaat     25980
     tttaaaaaat atgttttaaa aaaaaaataa aaactgcttt aattctagct gaaataaaac     26040
     aaataagact ttttccagaa gaaaaaatat caatgcaata caaattgtga aaattttctg     26100
     aatcttttaa acataatttg ggaaatattt aaaaaagaaa ataaaatgtt acagtttaaa     26160
     aattctgatt gaaacggtat ctacttcatt tgcatgctgt gttagccatc tccaccttta     26220
     gccactgccc cgtcctataa acattataac agacagaaca actctgtcca tgtcagactc     26280
     atctagactt gtttcagact tttgttagac tcattcattt cttgaagatg gtgtttgact     26340
     gcagaacaac caacacgtct caatagataa ttctgcttgt aatgagtatc ctggactgag     26400
     ttctcatttt tccaacacaa cataaaacaa cctttccgac tggcacttat ttttgaaaaa     26460
     agacaacaag tacagacctc tgccagtaaa atgactcgtt tcccatcagg ccagatgacg     26520
     tgatcaacct gtgagcggac tctctcccag gtgagctctg gagtccgcag acttgcctga     26580
     aacatacata aatacacaca cttaaaactc gcaccactat acccaacaca cacacacact     26640
     cattcagttc actttgttgt ggcaaacatg cagctaagag gattttgggt tgattaaggg     26700
     accctgctgc tcagagagga cctacagctg ttgacggcaa cattcacatt ggtatagtat     26760
     ttgcccgcta cagccacagc aaatggagcc tcattatgaa taaaccaaac tatgttttta     26820
     cagagctgag aaatgctcac cacatcgatc tcagtgttgg aatggcccat gttacacacg     26880
     atacagccat tcttcattct gtccaagtgc tccctcgtca ccacattttt gttccctgta     26940
     gaaacaaaca attcttcata taaccttgat atacattatc tgtgagtaat aatactgatt     27000
     ttatcttagt ggatccccta aattgtcatt ctgtggatgt atggaacaca tctcacccgc     27060
     gaaactgtga acgtttatat ttgtgaacgt ttatatttgg aagttatctt gtcaattgac     27120
     agacagcatc tgtattctag gtgtactatg gtaaggcaag acctacactg taaaaaaaaa     27180
     ttgctgtaaa atttacaagt actggcaatt ttgaatgcaa gtaatactgt caaatgtaca     27240
     agtgcactgt aataaactat tacaattgtg atgtaaaact acagcccggt tctgattgat     27300
     tatttacagt gcgcttgtga tttatgccag taatattgta aaaattgcca gtgaaacgaa     27360
     tattttcaag cacactgtaa attaatcatt acaattgtgc tgtaaagctg cagcacaatt     27420
     gtattggtaa tttacagtat acttgtaaat tgtacaggca tatcactctg cagcccaaga     27480
     ctggttgctc actgaagcta agcagggctg agcttggtca gtacctggat gggagatcac     27540
     atggaaaagc taagttgttg ttggaaattg tgttagtgag gccagcaggg ggcgctcaac     27600
     ctgcggtctg tatgtgtcct aatgccccag gaaagtaaag ggggcacttt actgtcagtg     27660
     ggtgccgtct ttcggatgag acgttaacca aggctctgtg atcattaaaa atcccatggc     27720
     atttttcgta aagagtgaaa ccctggtgtc ctggccaagt tccttgcatt ggctcttact     27780
     ggcctcccaa tcatccccat ccaccaaatt ggctctatca ctgtctctcc attccaccta     27840
     tggctggtaa gtggggattg cactagcgtc aatgtcctgt ggctgccgtc gcatcatcca     27900
     agtgaaggct gcacactggt ggtgtggtag agagaccctc cacccatgat tgtattgcgc     27960
     tttgggtgta tggccataca caataaatgc actatataaa tacacattac ttatttagtt     28020
     acttttacag tattactggc aaccaaattg ccagtattat tgcaaatttt gcatcatttt     28080
     tagtttagaa tttccagtac ttctcttgtt tttgttttac acacacacac acgcacattt     28140
     acaaagttaa aacaggctcg gttctttaag ttcatatata taatatgaac atattcatag     28200
     tagaaaatat ttgtcaaatt tagaaacaaa tcattaaaaa tgttgacagt ggatggcaac     28260
     tttaaaaaaa aaacactggt gtgaaaagag tttcagcagg ttgtaagact tttaaagaca     28320
     ttttaaagac cattatgatt gagttttttc acttttacag ggctaaacgc taaggaattc     28380
     ttttttcgaa taagccagtt ggaaaagatt tttttaattt tatacattaa atcatacatt     28440
     aataataata attacaattt aaaaataaaa agaaaggtca ggtcagtatc ctcagctgta     28500
     aatataggga taacttttaa gcaaatttta tggtgaggaa aattattaaa aaataaaagt     28560
     aacaaataaa ataataaata aataaaaagt tttattgaga ttgattgttg gtgaacaaac     28620
     ataaatgaac aaaagaaaat taagacctgt taagacctac aacacattat ttcagtagat     28680
     ttaagacttt ttaaggccta aaatttagtt gttaagattt aggacatttt aagaccccac     28740
     agacaccctg agatgcgttc aaatgttacc aaagtccact tattatgagc aatgattatt     28800
     ttatgttttt ttaaacttta tttattattt atttatttaa atgtatgata attatgataa     28860
     tattttgact tgtggcttat ttatataata attaacttat agaatttaaa agatttttta     28920
     agatattcaa aatatccttg tatccttttt tattattaat tattatatat atatatatat     28980
     atatatatat attttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgtgtacct gattctaagt     29040
     gttgttgttt attgtgttaa aggtgtcatt cttgttatgt gaagcaccac tatgtctgaa     29100
     taaattgccc caaggggatt aataaagctt taaattatat attaattcat taattaatac     29160
     aaatataact tcattttccc tagtgatggg ttgcggctgg aagggcatcc gctgcataaa     29220
     aacgtgctaa ataagttggc tgttcattcc gctgtggtgg ccccagataa ataaagggac     29280
     taagccgaaa aaaaaaatta atgaatgaat aaataactgt tcattttttg tttatgttag     29340
     cacaaaataa attaacatag cattttttta tttgaataat gtattgttaa atgctgacag     29400
     tgacattaac aattaataaa tgctttacta tagtataata taataacaaa tagagaagaa     29460
     gtcatgtttg tcaatcatgt taactcactt aatgttacca aaatgctgtt ttacccttca     29520
     accaattaaa ggagctggag atcagttctc tctttatgac tagcagagac tcacaacttg     29580
     gcaaacatga tttttcccca gaccacttaa gagatcagcc gtagctgtca aaggcccaac     29640
     cgtttgacag cagctcaggg aggaatcgtt tgtgctgata agagctgcat ttaatagagg     29700
     aaatggatgt gaaagtggaa gctagccaac agcaagcaga cgtacccgtg caggtgatga     29760
     ccatgtccat ttgacgaacc acttcattca gcttcaccac tctaaagccg tccatactat     29820
     aaaggaaata aaaaacaaat aaaaattagc agatgtgttt agatattgct gtgcaaagaa     29880
     gattttgagt tcctatttgg tttgctgata tgctgatatt atttgtggta gatactgaga     29940
     gagaccagtt tacacaagtt atttgataca aaattgttat gtgttacagg gtaaactgaa     30000
     taaagtatat taactaataa ttatcacctt tatcactgaa tcactgactc aaattattaa     30060
     tttctaattt catttaggaa caaactcttg caatgttgct gtgagacaca caaatgttcg     30120
     cttcagattt gtttgagact gtgtctgaaa tgcagtatta ctgtcttgtt tgttaaactg     30180
     ttgtataaaa caagaacata tttacaacta actaataact agtaactaat aaccttaact     30240
     ttaccgaatt agattgtaat ggaataatgt gcaccttttg taaagctgct ttgaaacaat     30300
     aattattctg aaaagcacca tacaaataaa ctagaattga attgaattga cttgacttgg     30360
     agttgtttcg aatacaaaga gaaaataata ggctatagat tattagatta gattaactgt     30420
     ttaaacaaag tatttaaaat gtgtacacat aattatgatt gcattaatta gtaataaagg     30480
     caaatgacac tattgagctt gccatctgca ttttttaatt atttaaaatt gtgtaccttt     30540
     tgtatttaat tattaattaa aataaattat attggctaaa tatcagccac cctgctttcc     30600
     aatattgacc ttcagaaaaa caaatatcgc atgactacta atttcaataa caccgcactt     30660
     gtgtttaaat gtagatttca ctcattcttg tgggtctatt agtcttacca ggcttgaaga     30720
     gcacagatcg gatcgatctc cgtcacacac actattgctc caagtgcttt cagagctgaa     30780
     caacaacctt tccccaccta taccacggtc aacacagaaa cacagccaaa cacagaaacg     30840
     tcattccatt ctctgtgctt ttagaaaata atgtctgtct gttttgagaa attacagcta     30900
     cagtacagac actacaggtt tttttttttt gtctaattta aagaaaacac tcaaaatatg     30960
     tgataaaaaa tttttttatc acacttaaaa atgtgtctgt ggatgtcaat tacaatatat     31020
     ttccgtaaag actttttctc agaattattt tattctcctt cactgagcca tcaatctcaa     31080
     cttcagcgca atttgcagta cacacaacaa acttcacaat tgtaatcatc tgtatccagt     31140
     actccaaatg tttttaaaga tggatatgtt tatacataaa ctacctgatt attagaacat     31200
     tttattctac aagaaaaaaa tccattagtt actgacagtt gtagcattaa ctagcatgga     31260
     ctaaaatatt ttttgcattt ttttaaatct gattgttata acctttcatt cgacaaagac     31320
     atgagtgaaa ggattgatag agaaagatta ctaaaatcct ataaccttag actctcattt     31380
     gtcaaaaaca ttaaacctga gttttgaact ggacatcatt taatgttaaa aattgaagct     31440
     agaaatgtat gcatatatgg acacatgtat ttaaataaac cattgttata taacaagtgc     31500
     acatttaagc acttaaactt aataaaactt gttataaaaa tgtaatgaat cagctgggga     31560
     agtacagaag ttgacacaat caccagcgat ccaacctgtg cagatcgcta acagactaca     31620
     aatcagccag aaaaagtgtg cagtgcatga caggatcttg tagtccatat aatgacgaat     31680
     atgtagttct atgtgatctg tatgtttacc agggatcttc caggattaga tcgctggtga     31740
     ttgcaacaga aataaaattg gttaatttat ggaatttttt tgattttgcc catttcacct     31800
     gcagtgtctt gcattttatt tgcataatgt agattatccg aacgccctat tttatttttg     31860
     ccaaatgttt gtactgacct ctccataacc gcaaaccacc acctgtttcc caccaaacat     31920
     cacatctgtg gttctcttca gactgaggag aaagaggaag acagctaaga ttatattttt     31980
     tcttacacaa gttttagtca aacttggtta gaggtttaga ggaagatgtg ttgaaagaaa     32040
     agtcagaaaa gcatatctca gcattgcaga tgtctttacc cgtcgaggat ggactccctg     32100
     cagcagtaca gattatcaaa cttctgcttg gtgacagaat cattgacatt catggcaggg     32160
     acgcaaagct tgccagcttt ggagagttga tacagcctga cagaatcaat aaaaagagac     32220
     aaataaataa ataaaacatg aatgtttgta aaagtcagtt ggcatttctg tgtgcagttt     32280
     gcatgttctc cccgtgttcg cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc tccggtttcc ctcacaagtc     32340
     caaaaaccat gttctgtgga tgaattgggt aaactaaaat tggccgtagt gtgtgtgtgt     32400
     gaatgaaagt gtatgggtgt tttcgagtga tgggttgcag ctggaagggc atccgcagcg     32460
     taaaacatat cctggataag ttgaccccga ttaataaaag gactgagccg aaaagaaaat     32520
     gactgaataa atgaatgaat gaatgaatca atgaatgaat gaatgaatta atgaatgaat     32580
     gaacgaacgg acgaatggat gaatggatga atgaatgaat tattaatatg ccagaatagt     32640
     aggtggttta ttctactgtg gcaactcctg aaaaataagt gactaaacct taaaggaaat     32700
     gaaggaaaat aaaagaatga atgaaaatta attaaaaatt aaatttaatt taattataat     32760
     taaataaaaa taaataaatg aaattgttta aaaacaaaat aaaatgtgta aaacatatgc     32820
     cgaaatagtg tggtggttaa ttctgctgcg gcaattccta ataaataagg gactaagtct     32880
     aaaatgaaat aaaattaaaa aaaataataa attaaattta tctaattgaa catttatata     32940
     tttcgcatat tattttttta taattttatg tattttcttg aattgtttat gcatttgata     33000
     aaagcttttg cccaatatga cttaaaatgc attcaagaaa tagcatttgc tcctgtttat     33060
     gcattttctt tcttgacttt agtacagccc tcccgtacct gtgtacacca gtaacactct     33120
     cctccacgat tccacgaact ttcttaaaca cactgggata tttcttatac acccagtggg     33180
     tcaaatcccc tccgtcatct agaatctgta aaagaaagta tctttattac ttatctgcaa     33240
     acacaaacac catgctaaaa gttttgaaca ctaaatactg atttgacagc ggtgtataaa     33300
     ctgtaatagt agcattgtgt taaatagtgt aaatagtggc ggatatgata acaagcagca     33360
     taaaaagcaa caacattagc attttggcta cacatcatat tacaaatagt gaaatgttat     33420
     tcgcaaaaag gctaaatgat gagtgaagtt actaaaataa ctgccaacaa cattgattgt     33480
     ttgtgctttt ctgccatcac ttcttcaccc tccacttgtt caaaatttgt tagagtttat     33540
     ttcatctgtt gaacacaaaa gaagatactt tgaaaaatgt tggaaagcat cagcaattta     33600
     ttttaatcat atttattatt tttttctact gtagatatca atggctataa cattcttcaa     33660
     aatatcttct ttagcggtca acaaaaacaa aacaacacac acaaagaagg tttggaacta     33720
     attgaggata gcatcagcct tttattttaa cagtattgtc acaatcacca gtgatctaat     33780
     cctggcagat cactggtaaa cacaaagagc gcatataact acaaatctgc cattatatgg     33840
     actacaaggt ccagtcatgc actacacaca cacgcaccgg ttcctaattc tagctgattg     33900
     ctaacacaca caactgaagg tgttcagaac tgatgacatg gactttaaaa gcagcacaga     33960
     cacacacatt agttagctga gtcttgttaa tcagtattgt gaacattacg acgccttgcc     34020
     ttgatcctcg ttttgtttgt ttatgttgtc tgctgcctgc ctgtatggac cgtctgcctg     34080
     tttatcgacc acaaccattg cttgcctgac tattcttaat aaacctgcgt ttggatccgc     34140
     actcatttgt cagcattcca cttcttatta caagtgttta ctattttttt taactatagg     34200
     gatatcaaag gcaaggacat tcttcaaata tcagaaataa aacaaacaca ataaggtttg     34260
     gaactacttg aggatcagta aatggtgggt aaacttgaat ttaggctgaa ctatcctata     34320
     aagggcagaa ctttatacca tgtttgcctg ccagccatcc atgttgacac aacggtcgat     34380
     gcaccaccag aagtcgtctt ccgattctcc cttccaggca aaaactgaca caccttcaca     34440
     ggaaagacag caaaaaaaaa gtgagtccat aatctccaga ctggaactgt tagttcagac     34500
     agacgtgtta tttgtctaga gggagtttac cactctccgc caaagctgct gccacttcat     34560
     tctgggtgga gtaaatgtta caggcagtcc agcgacactg agcacccagg gccactagag     34620
     tctcgatcag cacctgaaag aaaccagcat agcaaatcaa acacattaca acacacacaa     34680
     acaacaatgt gtgcaaattt acattgtaag cactttggtt ttgatttgtt tatacgattg     34740
     tatgtttaat gaaactgcaa gcaaatcatt tgcaaagtgt gcattaatta gaataataaa     34800
     taacattttt aacattaaag cttttttagt ttttctttaa ataaatttgc taagaccaaa     34860
     ctaattacaa accagtctga cttacagtgc tcagcatata taagtacacc cctcacaaat     34920
     cgctctttta aattcatatt tttaattagg aagctataca atattatatt tttgcatata     34980
     cattagatta gtcagtaccg aagccaaatc tggagcttat ctaacaaaat aacttacaat     35040
     tacggtccaa aaactagcac aaccaaactt atatgttaga gaaaaatatt aaatattaaa     35100
     atcaagaaaa gcaaaaaaat taaaaaattt agttgaaatt ttgtaggttg tcattttttt     35160
     tgtgcaatat ttagcttgaa tttaattgca ttatctttca atttctaaat gtttggatat     35220
     gtttactaaa acattatttt aataaataca tctgtttaat aaatctgttt tggttaaatg     35280
     caccaaaata cactaagaaa tggatgaaaa tattcatttt caaaatgggg tatactcata     35340
     tgctgagcac tttactgtat gtgtgatttt tttccctttg cgacttcatc tgcaattttt     35400
     ttcggcattt ttaaaaatat gctccatgtt aagttttagt aattttatta ataaattcca     35460
     ccctatttca ttttagttgt ttgttgattc tttattttat tcattttact tttagataat     35520
     gtcaatcgaa aaacatttgt tgtttactta tttcataaac atttactttt agttttactt     35580
     ttagtgaatg gacactatat agtagtcatc attcgaagtg aatccaaaac atttttcaaa     35640
     attgtcctag gacatgaatg ggtgctggtg aggatccact tcaaattttg actactgtag     35700
     tttatagtat tggccgacac agatttatct ttccctaaaa aaactgttag tgtagtttaa     35760
     tttaatagaa atgaaacaaa aattcgttta ctaatccatt gtttaaataa ataaaaagtt     35820
     attttattta tagtttcctc ctgcttgtac taaaaacatt aaaacaatca cttgtgtact     35880
     gtggtaaatg aatatatttc actctgttat tttcttgttt actaaatatg actgtatata     35940
     atagatagaa agcaaaataa aagaagctgg tgaataggat caggaaagtt cccaaagcct     36000
     agattcaaac tcatgtcgcc aaaaatgttc cactctgacc aaaaatgtaa atgttttgtc     36060
     aaaatctctt tccggaagaa gtgtgtgttt gaatcgtgtg accctgagca gaacctacag     36120
     cagtctgagc agtgatgtgt gtgcatccgg ccactttggc cccggcgagg ggtttctctc     36180
     cctgagctct cttccgcagg gaaatcagcg cagacatatc tgtggacaac agttctgagg     36240
     tcagaccagc tggcctgaga tcagctttat taacacagct acaatctaga gaatcagagg     36300
     tcaaaccaag ccctggaaaa tgaggactaa aaatctgaat atgcctggaa taaggaatgg     36360
     ttaaaactgg ttaaaatggt tattattctg ttcagctcag ttgaactttt cattcctctg     36420
     tgtaaatgtt acattttgac atttttttct gcatttttct gattcattct ctaaatttaa     36480
     agtagtagtg tgaagtaagg actaattgat tgaattatta aggcatcttt acacagcaaa     36540
     ggtggcacag aaaccaaacc tggagcaata aaaatttaga atgggacata gcgtctttac     36600
     actaaattct gaacagacat agacccgctt ttatgccacc ttaaataagc tgtgcaagga     36660
     ttactacaga catgcacttt aaaatatgtg ttttctgttt atttacagtt gtgaattggt     36720
     ttatgggacc ttgatcactg ctctgtcgac ttttgatgtt gaaaattcaa ctctacagtt     36780
     taacaaagtg acttttatta gcattttagt agtttgaaat aagagattat atatagagag     36840
     agaaataggt ctgtaaaaaa caggaaatga actggcagtt tattttacgg tttttgtacc     36900
     ttaatattca acaccaaccc agacaaaata tcactttcaa ctattaaaaa tgttgatgaa     36960
     agtcaccttt tcaaactttt aaaggttaaa agttgttgga agaaagatca agactccata     37020
     atgcaattca aatacacaaa acataattta cagagatatt ttttacagtg ttctgagagt     37080
     aatgtacagt attcttctgt aataattcca tgaactcgta gcaattaatc tgcttatact     37140
     acggttacca cacctaaagt cacagttcag atgttgtatt tcaagaaatt tgtcaggttt     37200
     ttgtcctcaa acagtttgtg tgcgtaggat tagctgctta ctcatctcat ccaaagtcta     37260
     ctgttttgtt tgatttaata tttgacagtt gtaggctgaa atcattcact gtatgaaaca     37320
     gtaatgcagt gaagacctgg aaccactcta gcatgtgctt ctctaaaaat attgtgtaac     37380
     agaatattta tcagacaatc agaaatagag agaaatgagt catcatttcc ttaccctggt     37440
     gaaaattatt cacccatttt tttagtcatc atttactctg cttccacttg ttccaaaccg     37500
     gagttcatgt tattatacaa aatattaaat atttatttcc cacaacagat gtcaatcggt     37560
     ttctacaact caggtgtata cgtacccagt tctacatttc tagagacagc aaaatacgta     37620
     actggaggta cgtctgctcg cagtttttta ttttagcaaa tccaccagag gctgctgtgt     37680
     atgtttattg atgatcacaa acttctctag cgcatcctct tttcatgtaa atccgccaga     37740
     gtgtgcaata aacacttcag ctgaccagct tgctgtccat gaatgaatca cctgccccct     37800
     tccccaaacc caactgattg tgtttttaaa agtattctag aaaatgaaaa gccgatgagt     37860
     gatttcacca cgttttcatc ctcttgttta tttatgtttt tatttatttt ttgcttttgt     37920
     tttacttggt ttctaaaacc gttcttcgat ggactcgaac cccatcttcg tgatcaactc     37980
     tgctccacgt cccaagtctg ccaatgtatg tggagagcca ctgggaaaac ataggaaacg     38040
     ccgcccgtct gaatataagc ggtcagctag tagcgctaaa atgaacagga gccgtgggca     38100
     gtgtcatacc accctgtagc actcatttaa aagacaaaag gcagccagac atacctctgg     38160
     ctacataatt tacactctcc agtaatgtag acaggggtac atatcgacaa tgagcctgtg     38220
     ttgcatttct aacagtctct aacagtttct aacagtaaaa caattataaa gatttgaaac     38280
     ccctagaggg cgattaacag attaatccca tcaatatcta tggactgcac tgctgccatt     38340
     agatgctgac ccagttatta taaaaaaaga caaagtcaac ggtggacaat ggcttttccc     38400
     aacatcagca gatgttatca aaccttgttc acttgacagc acttaaacac acctatattc     38460
     gagttaacag gtataacaga tgccctgaat taacggtgct tcacagaacc actgacattc     38520
     atttataaat ttgccaaagt tgaaagctgt ttttgtgtaa attgtcttct gaccttgttc     38580
     tgcgatctcg atctcccgcc ggccaaactc tgcctgcttg atgttcttga cacagaagtc     38640
     gctgctgccc tttgaattga cctggctctt ctcacgagga gacgtctcat catctgaact     38700
     gtcagtgtac gaggccgctg taaaagcaca gaggagcatt ttagtaggat tatggatgca     38760
     ttcattgatt ttttgcaatg aaatgataaa agcacaactt tcttttaaat tgcttcagtc     38820
     gtgtagttta aacagattgc ttttttggag gtggacgggg ggtcaatctg cagtcacaaa     38880
     catgtaggaa tgtttatcct tcacttttgt tggtattatg agcgatttag gaatgtgaat     38940
     ttgtctgatc cagggccaat gctagcaaaa gtctgtagtt cttgctctaa gctggcctgg     39000
     gattatatta cacaacacac aatactagca tggacaagta atgagcaggc ttaagcaagt     39060
     ttgtagaaca cactgaccca aactttcacc atcaattgtt attttagcta caaatgatag     39120
     agtatttctg caatggacat taaatttaaa ttaacccggc aaacgtctaa tagatatcta     39180
     aacgtagctt ggctaaaaca agactaaact tgggctgtca gtgaaaatct aatagacgtc     39240
     taagaatggc ccaaaactag actagtcttc aaatagacag attaggcaga ctgtatatgt     39300
     gtagtcattc atttgtgtct atttgatgac tagtctagtt ttggcctatt cttaggcgct     39360
     tattagattt tcactgacag cccaaatgta gcctagtttt agccaagacg gctgtttaga     39420
     agtctattag acatctttta ataacaaaaa tgcttgctaa gaagattgtg aatcaaaata     39480
     aattgtcata acccattttt attgtttatg aactacgata aatatgccac taatacataa     39540
     aatatgataa aatgaatcta tggtgactac gaaaatctat gtaatttctg cattaaataa     39600
     tttagttcag aaattacaga ttgaactttt aagtatatta taccaaggat actttgttat     39660
     gtttacaatg attctttgat gaaatatcaa aggtataaag ggaaataaag ccactgggca     39720
     ctggggtatt tagcaattac ttccagttaa atttacattg ttgtatcatt gctagtgttt     39780
     ttttagggtt tagtaacttg ctgttttatg tcatctggtg taaaacactg attgttgata     39840
     cctccattgt gtattgtgta tttaagccca tgccgtctga tactgtcggt atgggacagg     39900
     ttggataggc tttatttttc aatttcccct agttgcaatc gtagcacaaa aacaacatgt     39960
     tttacctata atgtaatgtt atgaaatgtg taattatata acgcatttat tgtatattcc     40020
     tcatacaccc aaagcacttc acagtcatga ggggggtctc tccacatcac cagtgtgcag     40080
     catccatttg gatgatgcga cggcagccac aagacaacgg caccagtgta ctataaaagt     40140
     gagaatagag ccaattcagc ggatggggat gattgggaga acaatgatag gtaggggccg     40200
     aaggagggaa tttggcaagg acacctcagt tacaccccta ctctttacga ggagttccat     40260
     gggattttta atgaccacag agagtctgga cctcagttta acgtctcatc tgaaagacgg     40320
     ccctcactga cagtatagca tcctcttcat tttaccgggg tattaggact catgcagacc     40380
     ccagactgag cgccccctgc tggcctcact aacagcactt ccaacagcaa cctggttttc     40440
     tcatgtggtc tctcatccag gtgctcatcc tgcttagcct cagtgtataa ccagtcttgg     40500
     gctgcagggg gataaggctg tggccatcaa cattcaaaaa agttgttcaa cctaaattac     40560
     aaacgcttaa aatgtaggtg ctgttcacac ctggaataaa gatgcatttt gtcgataaaa     40620
     actcaagtgg acaatacagg tgtaaacaag atgcaaaact tttatagatt gtccactttt     40680
     ggccccatcc agagaatgtt aagaacacat tcaaccaccg tgcccttgta gagtggctaa     40740
     atgttccctt accagtcctg ataatgtttt tttggcaaaa ataaacatat ttgtagtata     40800
     tttgaaggct atggctgctt cattctcttc aaacagcagc tcttatcatg cagggccagt     40860
     gaactgctgt tttctcttga gacaaagctc tgtgaatgtg ttatgtaatg ggtaacgtct     40920
     ttgatctgct attaacaatt ttattctata aaatcaaaat cttaaaatct tacacaaggt     40980
     caattccttc gcctgacgat tcaaagacac taaatgtaat tactttcaat gttctttaat     41040
     atttgttcaa tgaatttaac aaaaacaaaa gcataagtac atgttaaaac tgtaaaacag     41100
     aagagtgtag ttagtaccag aagtaaaaga aatctgttat ctataatttc atcgtcaatg     41160
     cataaaattt cccattcata aggcattttt aatcgatctg gtactttcaa taattttttt     41220
     gtgtatagta tagaaattat gctagcaaaa gagaaaaatg tgaacgctaa tgtgtctcct     41280
     cgatccaaaa tgcatcttga tatccagtgt gaacttggcc ttctcacctc tactatagat     41340
     caatgtattt gctgctcttc tgaactttag tactgtatta gcatgaatgt tgtattgcag     41400
     tgatgatgga caaacctgag ctgtagctgt ccgtagatga ctgagagatg gagcgagaca     41460
     gggagcggcg gcctgttttt gtagggaact tgctaaactc ctgtttgtcc tcctggttgg     41520
     caaactgaat ctgaagaaaa agagaggatg gggagagagc aagaaaatga atgtagttaa     41580
     agcattccag taccatattt tgctttgtaa gactcctacg atatattcat taatcaaagt     41640
     acaaacaaac acattattat tctcataata cacaatgcag cttcactgct ttttgtataa     41700
     aatggctttg gtctctctaa acacctgctc tgcttcaatt ggttggatga ttggtctaat     41760
     ctgtctctgc acctgtaatc tcagtaatat gaactattgc ggcatccaat tataggagat     41820
     aaaggaaggt ctccacaagt tcttatttgc tttgatttat tttgaatgta tcatataaag     41880
     acaatgcaca tcataccgtt gcaatacata tggtcaacag aaaattggcc ctctactcgc     41940
     ccattccaac aaataaacaa acagatcgcc aggtacaatg aaggaaatgg aagtgatccc     42000
     ccttgaaccc gagacagtga ttagccacgt tttttgtaac tgacttttct tacacaccac     42060
     agatacacca caatagtgtt tgtgagcagc caatcagaac tatagactgg caattgtgca     42120
     ggaaataaga ctgacgacat gtttcaggca gttctgtttc actgacattc actaacaagt     42180
     ataaagcaag tatatagcaa gcattactgt atacctcaat gcatgtcatg agtcttacta     42240
     ataaacataa catcaacaca tttcagcatg ttaggttaga ctaatttcaa gtagttcaaa     42300
     atgaatcata caaacaaaga tatagcttta aactctaacc actgatcctt aaatatactg     42360
     aaaagcgctg aggaacagca cggtttaaac atgttctgtc ttaatatagc ccaaaaagag     42420
     actataaata gcaatattgt acaattacat aacagatgtg agaaatgaat cccatcaagg     42480
     gatttcagtt ctgtttcggt cacttaaata atgcagacct tgaaatattc attgcatatg     42540
     tgcttggagt cagatgatga aggctatgtt ctgctgtttt caaagctgga gaatgcagag     42600
     gaacctgact gctaaattat accttgtgca tcaagatgct ttgagacaat cgcaaagcaa     42660
     actgctgcta gactgttatt ctctgcagta aactctatga ttgagctttc gaacgattgc     42720
     aattttcttt cctgtgttat cttatttagc caaaagcatt aagtttagac tgccatgtca     42780
     ttcagggact ttacaatcag tgctttatgt atgaatggac caagatttca aaggataaac     42840
     aaaatcaagt ttaatgatct agaacaaatt gctgagatct ttgatatgac ttaaaaatgt     42900
     ttggtggcta aaatgactta catgctgaaa aactatttct gtaagttatt ttaaccacct     42960
     attttaatat taactgtgtt cattttccat ttgcaatgga ttatgagtat atgccaatta     43020
     aaaaatagct catccaaaaa atgatacagg cagctttttc agactttatc acgtgtgacc     43080
     ttcaggaaaa gagaatgtca tatgctattc tgtccgagat tgcatctcga tcagctccct     43140
     aatacctgag gtggttcatc agtaggtcgt gagcatggat tcaggcgttg gtagggccac     43200
     tgatgagctt ggttcacaat atattgggac acactgataa tttgagacat gagtagcatg     43260
     taacaatagc agatctaata attttcattt aattatttta ctaagttttt aaaattacat     43320
     tccagctgaa taatttgatt atttcattta ccagcaacag ttaaaccatt aaacaattat     43380
     gactgtttgc tagatttctt tcttacatat ctagctaggt tcattcatgt taaaaatgaa     43440
     taaataaaga cttttctaag aaaaatgcat cccatttgtc attatgtttg atgatttgcc     43500
     tcaattgatt catatttcac ctttccaaac ttccattccg ggcacatagt acatattgat     43560
     gtgctataat tttcactgtg cattgtggga ctcttcaggg cgcaaacaat ttcagtgcac     43620
     ttaaaagtgt cacttaaaat ggctgatgcc ctgatcaatg ctctgactac tgaacaagtg     43680
     ttgctgatta aaatgcgcct tgagtccgca atattatttg gttgatttca cgtaacaatt     43740
     acaaaaatac aaaaacattt cggagtacat tagcatatag cattagcata tagcctgaag     43800
     ctaacacaac gactaaaagt caattaggtt ttgggtaatt aaaatgatta agcaaggtaa     43860
     tatagtctga aagtaataca atctgaaaat gtcacagtgc aaagaagctg acagaaacct     43920
     tctcacaaag tacaaaacca gccatgaaga cagaacaatc agtgttcccc attaaactgc     43980
     atgtacatgt aggcctgatc atatgtctga aaaagaaagg agggtggaag gggccgaggg     44040
     ttctggactg ggattcatgg caggctatta gatttacaca gtaatgcgca ggtaaatcac     44100
     agaagctgag ctctggtcct gcctgtgctc cttttttaga cctgatttat gtttctttca     44160
     tgcacagatg tctcttctac agacacggat ctccagcagc tcagcttcaa agcatccgca     44220
     gactcagatt tacagcaaaa caaaaaaaaa ctatgaatat gactgtgctt taggaaacag     44280
     attttattat cacagaatca actagtttga tatgtaacca gagttaatgc acatttacga     44340
     ctcaaacctc aaaaaagcca aaactgccat tgatgaattg ctaaaacaac atctcattta     44400
     attgttcatt tcaaaatgat tacagaatca gatactaaca cctcttaata tttgaaagtc     44460
     tggtaacgaa gaattggttt taagctgccg tcacattaat gtttgagtat gcgaaattct     44520
     gttggacagt gctgcaaaaa gtagtgggat aaaacaatat gatgcaacac ggttgctcca     44580
     tatttaaatt ttctgttcag aggggtcaag tttcgatcat ctactggcct cctgcattta     44640
     catgatgaga aattgcaggt cagagttcac caaatttgag ctttggaatg cagcgacttg     44700
     caaatctagt ttcatgagca tgtttttccg gtctgtctgc atatgaatgg aagtcagtgg     44760
     tgcaaaaagt tcagtgtgac cactgttaaa gacaaaaaaa aaaacacaca tgacatagat     44820
     ttaaatggga aaaaatgcaa cagttaattt ggatggtcta ggaaaaaaag ccctgccttc     44880
     tagtaaaggg gccaatcatt gatatctaga tatatcgacg ctataaacag acatttctct     44940
     ggaaaagaag cttgttccag acgtgttttt atgacagttt ctgcagcttc ctttttcgac     45000
     caactaacgc actaatattg gtaaatactt tgctcacagg cataagaaat acatctacag     45060
     tacgtaaagc tttaaatcta tactttttgt aaataaacca actacactta aaaactgtat     45120
     tgtaaaacat atctgtatga aataaacaca aggtacagtc tttccagtcc aacctcatta     45180
     ttttgaatga tttcccaact gacggcaatt atttaattaa attcaattca tgtttatttc     45240
     tatagcgctt ttacaatgta gattgtgtca aagcaactta acatagaagt tctagtaaat     45300
     tgaaattgaa actgtgtcag tccagttttc agagttaaag ttcaattttt atttttattt     45360
     tatttttaaa ttacccacat acttgtaaac aaagatcatt ttgggaggaa atttgacatc     45420
     aggaataact aggaaattaa cttagaagac cagcttggac acggatacgg cagtattgag     45480
     aagatgttaa ggagtaacac ttgattcttt tggtagttat gtagtttgtt tgagagggtg     45540
     agatttgatt atgtccatca gaaacaaaaa ttaaggagta tggtgtcgta ttttttttgg     45600
     tcatggttca aaattttgac aaatttcccc attcaaagag ttaggagctg cactccttgt     45660
     cagggatttc aaagatggtc actgagtgat aggacttgca ttaaagagac tgtcacaaag     45720
     acaaaaaaaa aaaacacagt cattaacaaa aaattccagc agaccattaa ataccccaaa     45780
     agctcagcat tttcagcatc tgaaacagta taatacaaaa atagattttc agttttaatc     45840
     tagtcacatt ggattggtcc aactgtcagt tagcgatcaa aaataagtgg gcaggaggct     45900
     tgaggctaaa gtaaccttca atctgtgacc ttaaccagtg acatctgtct gatcatgtgt     45960
     ttatgtgcaa ttttaatcag tcaaataatc tgaccatcca atatatttac tgtccaagtg     46020
     cagccagaga cagatagaga tggcagaacc tcagtctgtg tattatgtgc aaacataaga     46080
     tttagtctaa tgcaaccgat gagtcagaac actgcattcc ttgcaaaagg gttcatttca     46140
     atagcttttt acaagctaaa aaaacagcag atcccctcac ccttacaaaa cacagctgcc     46200
     aacacaattc ctactgtgaa ctacagccaa tatggagatg cagaggaaag ttgttattgg     46260
     atagaaacaa taccaaatag ctcaaaggga aataaaaagt ttagtcacta gtcatctttg     46320
     acagatcatt tttgtttttc attaatcact taatgaatgg tagaaaacat gaaaatttct     46380
     ttttttgtgt ggtaataaat ggccaattaa tttataaatc ttaaactttt gcagtttatt     46440
     aatgatcaaa ctttgtctta acaataattt tatattttat aatttttgtt ttattcaatc     46500
     attgaaaaac tagttagcag gtcataatgg attttaactt tttcatggat attcacctta     46560
     ttctccgccg acgagtgggc actgccactt gaatcttttt gtctcgcgac ttccggtcac     46620
     attcacttcc attcattttt tgacgttaaa aactgctcgt tacgctgctt gatgttgcaa     46680
     tttgatattt tattattata ttattctact tgatctgtgt agtcatgcaa acatttgttt     46740
     gtagagcaag tagtttgacc attttctgcc gtttattatt cctagtcatt tctcccatag     46800
     gcgactgaat cggaagttct aagacaatcg cgaaaacagg cgcacttccg cattttagaa     46860
     taaggtcaat aatgcaatac cataaaatcc ccttaaaaaa acatcactga actaaaatac     46920
     aaacaaaaaa tattctgtca gtcattttaa ctgtttttga aacaagtctt ctatataaaa     46980
     aaataaatat ttacttccta aattgcagtt tattccttta atgacaagct gaattttcag     47040
     catcgttaca attcttcagt gtcacaagat ccatcatact aatatgctta gttgctactc     47100
     aatacacata taggagaaaa aaagaatcac tttttcagct cttttccatc ttattcgttc     47160
     ttcatctgga cttttgctgt ataagccact ctgtaaacta aagactatgg gtggtagagc     47220
     ttttttgtac tgtgcgccta agctatggaa tggtctaccc atcagcatca ggaatgttgc     47280
     ttctctggac tgttttaaga aatttcttaa gactcacctt tttgccgttg cttttaactt     47340
     agattgatta tttttgttaa tgtaatcaca tcgttcaaat tttattgttt tattgtggtc     47400
     tttttactgt tttattgttt tgctttgttc tgtctgcctt gtatgccttg tagtgctttg     47460
     ggtctgagaa aagtgcgcta agaataaaag ttattattat tattattatt attttccata     47520
     gatctgtttt cctccatctc ttccctacac ttaacatgac ttcagatttt agtttgatat     47580
     gcaacgacac agtacaccaa tttctcttta ctcaaaacat tcacaatccc agaaaatgtt     47640
     cagttccccc agaagtgttg ctttaagaat atcataaata gatttatttg ttatctaaca     47700
     tgtgatctga cagacagcac ataaatcctg agtttagttg tgtttggaca caaaactgca     47760
     tgacatgcca ttgaagttga caaaacacac agctggcgat tcaaggaaat tgaagtgata     47820
     ataaaaatgc cattgagaga tgatattgtg acccccgggc agagcttgga actcaaagtg     47880
     cttgaaataa ccagacagta ccgatcagag aatagcagag atatacatct gcaggtgaaa     47940
     gactaacaga cggagaccaa tagaaagcta tgaaccatga tgaagcctca taagcgttaa     48000
     tgtcactttg agctcatctc actgattaca ctgtcagtta aatgattaaa attgtaccat     48060
     attctttttt taacatgctg taattatccg gaaagcagtg gattatgtta aatctgactt     48120
     gaactgtctg tgccagtgtt acatgacagt gttatgtcaa aagatgcagt ttgacagcag     48180
     tcagacttgt gacttcacct tcatattatg agtaatatct gctcaggtct atttcaggct     48240
     ggcagtccct ggaaaaacta gaacaagaag tctcaaatct tccttctccg agaagaactg     48300
     agtaattagg aaatatgcaa catttcctat aaaccttccc aggttgatga cgatttgact     48360
     gtgacaatct atagcattgg tctcaaactc aattcctgga gagccgcagc tctgcactgc     48420
     tccagcctta accagacaca cctgatccaa ctaatcaagg tgttcaagac tactctgcac     48480
     ctcgattagt tgaattagta gaatagggtt ggagcaaaac tgtgcagagc tgcggccctc     48540
     caggaattga gttcaggacc tatgatctat accataatgt ctccacatgt ttttttatga     48600
     gggaaaaggc agaggtgatt cctgcattat aagacctcaa caaggccaga tttaaatcag     48660
     atttgaggtg ttgtatctta taaaacaata gatgattaca gacaagtgcc atttacaagg     48720
     tttattgagg aagatataac ccagcaaaca atttcgtgct taatagacat ctaatagaga     48780
     tctaaacgta gacagcttgg ttataacaag actaaacttg ggctgtcagt gaaaatctaa     48840
     tagacatcta agaacggccc aaaactagac tagtcgtcaa atagattaac agattaaaca     48900
     gactgtattt gtgaagtcat tcatttttgt ttatttgatg actagtcaag ttttggcctt     48960
     tttttaagaa tctattagat tttcactgac agcccaaatt tagccttgtt gttgccaaga     49020
     ctactgttta gacgtccatt agacatctat tagacatctt ttaaaagcaa aaaatgcttg     49080
     ctgatgggta ctggaatgct atacacaaac atgtataaaa attatatttc taaatatgtg     49140
     attaccctga taagatagta tattaacctg attatgcaca tacaattttt taaaacaagt     49200
     ttatcatgta atattaaaat gaaatatctt ttttattttt tattttattt ttttttcata     49260
     tgctgatttt acacatgggt taatatgctg attttgaaat agtttaatgg ttgaaagatt     49320
     gctgataaat gaaacaatta aattattagc ctaataatta caaattatta gttcctctgt     49380
     ttactcattt tactagtaga aaaaaatcat cactttatta ttattatttt ttaacatttt     49440
     ttatttgatt gttcacaatt aaagttcaga aggactttta tattaattta gttctataat     49500
     ataataaaat aatttgcaat accattaatg aagaatataa aattttaaag aatataaata     49560
     aaggtaaaaa aaaatgaata acttcatttt ttcagcattt ttattaacac tgacaaagct     49620
     ttataattag accgtgtaat tagaccatca taaataaata aaaatatata aataaaataa     49680
     ataaaaatat tataaatata tagccagtta atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     49740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     49800
     atcagaatat aatgaaacat tcatatttat caacagaggt gaaaatccct aaaaataatt     49860
     attaaaatat tttcaatatt acattttaat tctaagcaaa aacctaaaca cacacacaat     49920
     ctgtcataca tcttacaatg cacacagtat gtaaagatac ctaatttcat tttttccaaa     49980
     gtttttatta atatatagat tttcccccca cacatctata ctgtattatt cctcaatgta     50040
     tataaaaccc attttctctg tgtcgtgctg tatgatggag tagttagcat aatgtgtcac     50100
     ttaccctggg aaagtcatag ccatagttca tgttccctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctggcc     50160
     tgagctcttg cctgtgtatt attacaaact gctgtttgac tactgtactt ttacaggggg     50220
     aggtttcaac gtcttacagc ggacatgagg ctatggggag gtgacaaggg aaccaataaa     50280
     tcaagcactc gcaaacccga cctgcctact ttctgctctc cttctgtaat ccgccgttcc     50340
     cttgcagcca gcgtttgtgt tcaggaatac caaaggaagg gtgtatttgt tgccctggag     50400
     tgttttaatc cgactggttc tcctagtgcc atcggaaaca gactctcctg cagagtttat     50460
     gcggggcggc tcataaaaca ggaatctggc gggaattaaa gcatgtttct gcaaacccca     50520
     aaagcatcca cagtaggtca cgccggtcaa ctctattccg agatctgact aaaaatagct     50580
     gaaaaagaaa tccattgcag tttatcgact gttccgcttt aaagctcaaa atgatccata     50640
     gtggtggaaa cagacaggca ggacaaggcc agcagacgct tgagccgttt accgtgactc     50700
     tgccaatacc tgctgaagtc ctaatgttac cagcctggcg ctcggccaca gtcgctaatc     50760
     ccaggctgag gtcatgcagt gtacactccg catgattgtc aacaaaaaca acgagctcag     50820
     atgcagtgtt agggcttttg atttagttct ttttaaaagc agggttgtca gttgattgtg     50880
     aaatgtaggt gaaatattaa tgaaatgatt atgtatagtt tccgactgtt agcccataaa     50940
     tggaagagat tgcattatag gggttagttt aaatatgtta taacagtggg tttggaatag     51000
     ggtcaatcaa tatattgttt ttttttcacg ctgaacaaaa agccatcaac agccacatcg     51060
     atgtaattga cgttttatat acataaacac aaacacatat acattatatg aaatatacac     51120
     actgtgaaaa atgctgggtt ctacacaatt tattcatctt gtttcaacac aaaccgctca     51180
     agttaacgta atagttttta ctaatttaag tggattgaac acaaaataat taggttgtca     51240
     aaacataaga attgtgttgc ttcaattaat tttaaataca tagtttgaac aaggagttga     51300
     agtcaatttt tgaaaataag taaaaccact acctttattg taatatgaac atttttttag     51360
     gtcaaaatat atttcttaat attataaaca atggaaaaag tcatgcaatt ttatttttct     51420
     ttgaagactg atttcataaa cttttaatta agaatactta tctgaaacac tcaaaaaata     51480
     gttttttttt tttgctcatt caaactactt aattaaaata agctgaaaca acacaattct     51540
     tgagatttta tcgggacaac ttaatgtttt tatgtttaat cccaataaat cacaatagtt     51600
     ggagaaagga ataaacaaag tgttgcaaaa gcgctctcag gtacagagtt tttgttttgc     51660
     cggacacgtg cagtaagata gttcttatat tctgatcagg cacgtgcaca catagggctc     51720
     aacctgtgca gtgcacatgc cctttttagt cttggataga aagtgccctt ccaaaatgat     51780
     caaaagtgtc cccgcgacgc gacacaccct ccgtcccgcc cttcagtagg cgcgcgacaa     51840
     caccgctctt cagtacgcgc cccccttcaa aaaatgtatc ctgcacatgc cctttggacc     51900
     gtctctgcac gggcctgatt ctgatcattg caataatgtt attagcaata ttgtaatgag     51960
     ctcatttttc atgtgccatg actggtgtaa tgtgtttttc tttgagggtg ggaggggtag     52020
     accacacatt gccttttaca gtgctgagaa cataatattt cacatacttt ttattttgca     52080
     gatgttatat ttcacaaact ctttatttaa caaataacag cggtgaatca ttcagtttgt     52140
     aatgcacacc aaactgagag cctcataaca gttcaatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     52200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgcgct     52260
     gtgactaggc tattgcttcg acattatgtt caattttgaa attaaaccta ttttagacag     52320
     taatacacct gaccttttta ctagatttac ttcacagaca tctggcagtc atgatgcaaa     52380
     attattttta gcaataaaaa tcacacatct taaaatcatt tgttatgaga tttaaagtgc     52440
     tgtctttaag agtgcacatt tgagtacata ctctagtatc aaagtggaac tgcaagatga     52500
     cataaaagca aattaactga gagcaaagca gaagcattgc tcgtgatttg tagtattact     52560
     ccatcaattg tgacaacagt ttgcactagg ggtgtaccga tacacacata tatatgtgtg     52620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     52680
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaagcag tggcgcagta ggtagtgctg ttgcctcaca gcaagaaggt     52740
     cactggttcg ctggtggagt ttgcatgttc tccctgcatt cgcgtgggtt tcctgcgggt     52800
     gctccggttt ccccacagtc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgggta ggctaaattg     52860
     tccgtagtgt atgagtatga gtgtgtgtga atgtttccca gagatgggtt gcagctgtaa     52920
     gggcatctgc tgcgtaaaaa acgtactgga taagttggcg gtttattccg ctgtggcgac     52980
     cccggattat taaagggact aagccgacaa gaaaattaat gaatgaatat atatatgtgt     53040
     gtgtgtatcg gtacacccct agtgcaaact aatttgcttt tatgtcatct tgcagttcca     53100
     ctttgatact agagtatgta ctcaaatgtg cactcttaaa aacagcactt taaatctcat     53160
     aactaatgat tttaagatgt gtgattttta ttgctaaaaa taattttgca tcatgactgt     53220
     cagatgtctg tgaagtaaat ctgcattaaa aaggtcaggt gtattactgt ctaaactagg     53280
     tttaatttca aaactgaaca taatgtcgga gcaatagcct agtcacagcg ctacagtgct     53340
     tcaggcgtcc caacttcaaa tcataacacg tggacctttc atgatcctgt ccctctcttt     53400
     ttcctacaaa aatgccaaaa aaagatctta aatcaggata tatacaggaa tcagagagtg     53460
     aaatttaata cattttaaaa ctctattcat acattttaaa ttggctaata ctgactaaat     53520
     gctgattgta agaaactaat cctaaaataa aacattattc atatattgaa taaaaatgca     53580
     gcaggcggtg cccttagaac agcataaaat aacagtgttg ctttggttac tgcagtaaac     53640
     aaagcagcat gatgacaaat ctagcaggat tttatcgatt tcataaacta tgtagcatcc     53700
     cactattcgc agattaaaag ctagcataca actatacata tgcacagtat aataaaaaat     53760
     aatacaatat ttaatacttt gccactcagc atttaaaaca ttttaatact cttaagggtt     53820
     ttaaatttct ttatatttat ttgtcaactt ttaatacttt tttagacccc gcggacacca     53880
     ttatcaatgt taaaatcata caagttagca tattctagaa caattgcata cattttgccc     53940
     tcagtaacgt ctgttattta ttgtatcttt atacttttca tacacatttt gtaacaacta     54000
     tatttgtata ttttgacttt atttttaccc tgaggtcgtt tacatactat gccgatgtaa     54060
     tactcaactc acagtatcaa agtctaacaa tgaccagcct gtgacagact tttaccatta     54120
     acaaaggcca tttactaaac agctgatgaa gctgtttagt tctcaaccca gttttttccc     54180
     cccaagtcat gttgacgtaa ctaaattgcc ttaacaggat ttggctgaga atatgaaaca     54240
     tcttaaactc tgtttaaaga catttcagca tccggctcag ccaagtcaaa agcaatcatc     54300
     ttcttgagta aatgaaataa ttgagctctg aagtgccgat ggtctatcgt gaataaatga     54360
     aacgcgatct aagctctctc agatgactgc tcggtgtaaa gagacccgaa tatcagctca     54420
     agcactgaag caacaccatc gctttaaacc cacaatgcat ccattcagca gaactagaca     54480
     tccaaaccca taacttccct gataattggc tgaaatttga tctaatcttt aaaactgtgt     54540
     gtatcaagta gaacaagcaa agaatcagta aggaagcaga aagagtcatt taattgaaat     54600
     gaatgtaacg gagcattaag agaggtctgg atgcaatgaa agctctccat atttcccatt     54660
     tgacaggctg aatatacaca atgagaaaaa cccaaggtca ctgcagggct cttatagcag     54720
     gtaggggttg atcaaggccc catgccaaga tttggccaga gaaaccagag aaaatgttcc     54780
     taaacaggtg tcatatttct ccagtctgag caattttctc tcacaatgtt atcagagcct     54840
     cctgctcagc gagggaaagg gctagcagag gtaccgagag agaaactttc tcacaccctc     54900
     ctcaaactga gaggaaaaga ggatacggtt tcagaaaaaa aaataatcgt gatgactagt     54960
     ggaaagcagt gccagtacac acacaaaaga gggaatatgc atgatcagag ggaaagacag     55020
     atgaatgtct gcaattttca aacctttgag ctttcctcaa aagagacatt ggctgttatg     55080
     aggtaatttg tgtgctaaaa gacaagcaca taatgtttct aagagatcaa ctgttctttg     55140
     tattaacatg gtattatgaa aaaccctgta ttaattacat cagataactc tgagtccagg     55200
     tagtattact ttttgaatat tggagactgt ttaacaataa attactatta aggttatttt     55260
     atgtaaaaaa taatttgtga aattcagcca aattctacat ataaaagtgc tatgcaaaat     55320
     caaaaaaatg aggctagatg tttgttcaaa gtagttattt taattgagct gaatatacac     55380
     aattcttgag agttttttgg gacaacttaa ttgtttgatg ttcaatatac ttaaatttgt     55440
     aaaaacaatt aacctaactg atttgtgctg ggacaacata aaggaattgt gtggaaccct     55500
     gcattttttc agtgtatact caaaaaaatg acgttcgctg tttgatcaaa ctacttatgt     55560
     aaaatgagct gaaacaacac aattcttcag ttttttttgt ttgcaataac ttaaatgctt     55620
     tatgttcaat ccacctacat ttgtaaaaat taagaagtta gcctaattcc tttccaatac     55680
     aaatcgattg tgtggaacca cagcatctgt acacatgtac acaacatatt cagattactc     55740
     gtcttctgaa aacttcacta tttgtttgca aaatgattaa tcctctggtg attatttatt     55800
     tagttgactt cattggaatg gtaccaaact cagtatacat tttagcatat gccgtgtgac     55860
     acaaagaata atgggtaaaa gtgttaaatg gtccttttaa aaactcattc tggtgttgtt     55920
     aaacgcatct aacataaaac atttgttagt gaaaacttgc gaaagatgtc cttagcctat     55980
     aaagaatttg gaacaaagtt tgtttgttta gactaatggc tttgattatt attacttatg     56040
     attagggatg tccagatccg atcacatgat tggaaatcgg gcccgatcac gcggtttcag     56100
     actagatcgg aatgggataa actcccgatc aggactccaa tatatatgta tattatatat     56160
     tctctttttt taacacatct atagttatgg ggtggcacag agttagacct ttcttgactt     56220
     acacagaaac agcaacgttt gcagcatgac atcacttgtg gcagagacgc tattggttaa     56280
     aggtctgcaa agtagaacac ggaagcagct tgaagtggaa agcgcgagta tagctgcgtc     56340
     ccaaatcgca tacttatgca gtattctacg ccattttgta gcataaatag tgtaagtagt     56400
     gtgtttacac tgaaaactct aaaaataata agtgcacttt aattacccgg atgatgcact     56460
     cattcatctg ctaaaatgaa gtgtgtaatg atggacactt cacgcactca acgaccgcag     56520
     gtttgcttac gtagcggaag gggcggagct atcggcgcac atgttggata actttattta     56580
     ttttggatag tgaaagtaaa ttctcctacg agagtgatta tagcgcctcc cgatggtgaa     56640
     tgcagttata ctcacggcag gtattatttg atcattcggt tgtttattta atttatttga     56700
     tactgatttg gcaaccgtca aacgtcatca gggaaactgt tttaatttcc acttattaaa     56760
     aaaacattag cgtgcctttt gggacgacac tacatacatt tactatgctg ttgactgtgt     56820
     aagtgcataa gtacatagtg catgagtgca tagtggatag tgtgccattt gtgacgcggg     56880
     tgtcggtttt ggtagatact caaaattaca tgactcggac tctgacggca aaaaatcctg     56940
     atcaggacat ccctacttat gattatctaa tagggctgca tgatattgga aaaaatcaga     57000
     cattgcgatg ttttgttttt ctgcgatata aattgcgata tgaatacaat ttcaccaaac     57060
     gacttaaatc tttctatttg gtaagaattt aagcacagat atagaatcat caaaaatagc     57120
     actacatagc atcttaattg tataaataat tcaataaaat atttgtatta aagttttaaa     57180
     cggtacaatt cttagtgcct gaatgcttta aaacgaacat tcttgatatg ctcatacagt     57240
     catgtagggc tgggctaata aacgatatta tatcgattcg caataaaatt tatgttaata     57300
     acaatgataa gctctggact ttttttttac tctaaattga tctaagagcc aaccacacag     57360
     cagaaatgtg gaacaatggg aatcaagaag tgtgttgata ttaatgcacc aaatttttgg     57420
     ctgtcaaata ttatcaccca ccaataatag gttatttaat ggactctcta gtttttgtgg     57480
     catcagtcat tgttgggata ctcttttaaa tctggaagct gatctcgaaa tatatatcgt     57540
     tttcgtttaa tatggaaaat acttaaccga ggttgcattt ttgccatatc gcccagccct     57600
     agtcacatgc cttaaaaaca tgtaaattat aaacatttgc tccattatgg ttaaaatctc     57660
     caatgactct gaactatgtt ctgaactgtg gctcctggcc aaacataatc ccaattcaat     57720
     attgcagatc tttgcaaagt gactattgtg gatacacaca ttgcgattaa gatgctaaaa     57780
     taatatattg tgcagcccta ttatctaatg cgtatcttat tatttaaaat gagcctaaat     57840
     tattaaagat ttgagtcaaa ctggaaatgc ttcttcagtt agatgcttag aactctataa     57900
     atatgtcata aatgtattat aactgtttaa atataattta gtaccagagt cttctaaaaa     57960
     tccaaaaaat ataataacaa acgtaactaa actagcatat attacatgta tgtcaatgaa     58020
     atagaaattg tcatttttga ctgccattca aacagcacct taagagttaa tacactattt     58080
     tttagtacag aacttacgta ttataactgt acatgcacac tgcgtaatta tttaaattgg     58140
     attttttaat accaaagagt tctgcaaaca tcagcagtga atttgatttg gcgctgagtg     58200
     taatgcagct gaagagaagc agcagaacag cccttggctc tgttgtataa ccagctgaca     58260
     actcgatgag cgagtgggca gagtagtatg tgcctccttt accaccccct cacacacact     58320
     ccagagggcc accctgaaaa catttacaca atcttagaaa gatcatattt catttgcact     58380
     gtaaatgatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     58440
     tctatctttg ctgagtatct tcactctttg atctctgtga cattgtccta gatagctact     58500
     accatcccag gtgttagaaa tcagagatta attttagata caataaaaaa aaaattccct     58560
     acatttcctt tagcttacat gatatctgag aatacacaaa ggtcagcggt ttctccagac     58620
     atgacgaccg gagcagagcc ggtaaatgta ctactggatg cggcgagaac agaactgtgg     58680
     aaagcctgga aatgcgcgtc acgtgactct aataggctcc agcacacctc tagttcaact     58740
     cctgtcaggg ataatctttc ctaatgatcc ggtaaagtga gcgacacacg tcccgaactt     58800
     aactgcggtg tttttggtgc acagactgag gcgtgtttgg gctcttaacg agcgcgctta     58860
     cctttttgac ggatttgtgg gtcgggaccg cagtgaacgc ggcggacagc tctccgacgt     58920
     tcatgttcac gtcgctgtgc ttcgtggctg tcatcgcgga gtatttctcg gctacgttct     58980
     cgctctcttt aaactctttg ctggcctgtt tcgtcgcctc cagcttggca tcctcgccac     59040
     agtctgtcat ggcagttgta agtgtgcgcg gtagccgggc ggttttcgcg gtagtccttc     59100
     agctctgtta ctgtaacctt tcgattcgtc cttatgttgc gctttaaaag ctccgactgt     59160
     ctcaaatgcg gaagagctga ttgcgcaaaa agcgtgtgga aggagaacaa gctgtcgaat     59220
     gaggagggca aacgcacgcg agcgtatgcg agtttatgag aaggtaattt cagcccgagc     59280
     cgcagtggac cgcagattat tgtatgtgag tgtccggttg acggccagca gcagcagcag     59340
     catcagcggt gggcggggcc tcgagcacct gcgcgcagag gaagttgcac gagcagcctg     59400
     gtttagcagc agcgtagaga cattaaacat ttattacgaa aaacacgttt catatcgtgt     59460
     tgacctcgtg aaaaatttta aaggaataat attagcatgt atcttgagga acaaaaagca     59520
     gctcaaaaat aaagcaaaac aaaacttgac agctgattta cacacacgtt tgtttttgga     59580
     gttggtttgg actttttata gacataataa tttgtaagct tacaaactgt acattctgtc     59640
     tcctttcccc taatcctaga tataaaatcg ccacagaaaa cttaaaaaaa ttcctaaact     59700
     ttaacttttt tttgcctttt gactcatgat gacatgtgga atgtcctcaa accatgttta     59760
     cagtgtagcc catgtaatat gcatgttatt atacacattt gtgtcataaa cctgacaaca     59820
     cacatattca ttcatttact ttttagctta ttcctttatt aatcaggggt caccacagcg     59880
     gaattaaccg acaactatcc agcatatgtt taacatggcg gatgcccttc cagtcgtaac     59940
     ccaacactgg gaaacaccca tacacacttt tttacagaca cacactatgg ccaatttagt     60000
     tttattcagt ttcccctata gcgcatgtct ttggactgtg agggaaaccg gagcacccag     60060
     aggaaactca cacgaacact gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacaaaaaca ccaactgatc     60120
     cagctgcggc tcgaaccagc aaccttcttg ctgtgaggcg atcgtgctac ctattgcgcc     60180
     accatgatgt ccacagcaaa catatctcaa attttattca ctcttatgtt gttccaaacc     60240
     tgcttatact gcaagactca aacgtttcat gtagcatctt ttccaaattg aaagccaatg     60300
     gtgactgagc ttgtcataac atctactaaa aaaagcgaaa ccacataaat atcagtaaac     60360
     tgtgaaattt ctatattata gtttcataca acctttgcct attgagtcca aatttgatca     60420
     atggaagctt tgtgtttttg ttttatggaa tcaaatctaa aaaaaatgaa tctgtatttt     60480
     tggttttgtg tatgaaaaaa tattggggga aaaacagttt tggaaataag ttgattttca     60540
     tttccccatt tatcctgtac tttaaaagta tatatgtttt agtttgcaga taaaagtata     60600
     gatttgttcc acaaaataaa gaaggtaact attaattgta tctcacattt ctgtctttca     60660
     tagaattatt ctaaatttgc aatgctgagg agaaatagct aaactgaaaa aagtaaatga     60720
     cctttataat aaaaatattt atattattca taataataag caaggggcga cgcagtggag     60780
     cagaaggtag tgctgttgcc tcacagcaag aaggttgctg atttgaaact cggctaggtc     60840
     agttggcatt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgtg ttcacgtgat tttcctctgg     60900
     gtgctctggt ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgcggtaca ggtgaattgg gtaagctaaa     60960
     ttgtccgtat agtgtatgta tgtgtgtgaa tgagtttgta tggttttccc agtgatgggt     61020
     tgcagttgga agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa tgaatgaaag aatgaataat aagcaattct     61080
     gagaagaaaa agtatgaatt ctattattta tcaggggtcg cctcagcaga atgaaccacc     61140
     aacaattcca gccaatctaa caaattaaat ccaacaaaac ccatgcaaac tctacacaga     61200
     aatttcaact ggcttagccg gcactctaac cagtgacctt cttgctgtga ggcgactgct     61260
     aaccactgag gcaccgtgcc accaattacc ttaaagaaag aatatgtatt ttagtgaact     61320
     taagttagtt acatgaagga aatgtaaggt tgtttagttc agtaaacata acattcacaa     61380
     ttcagcttta atttataaag atatttaagt tcataactaa atagattaaa gctaaattat     61440
     gaatgttatg ttgactgaac taaacaacct tacattatct ttacggaact aacttaagtt     61500
     cactattgac caacatgcag tactgcacaa gcaacacaac tccctttcat tcattttaat     61560
     taagcaagct gtttaattgt gaaaatttac tttttctttt ttttccaaca caactctttt     61620
     ggttttgttt aatttaaata tagttacatt ctttggacca actaaagcca taatccattt     61680
     ttgagtgtcc acccctcaca aatctctctt ttaaaatgta tatttttaat aggaagctat     61740
     gcaatattat atttgtgcat ataaataaga ttagtcagca ctgaagtcaa atgtggagct     61800
     tatctaaaaa aaaaaaaact tattataatg gtccaaaaac aagtacaacc aaatttaaat     61860
     gttatataaa aatattaaat gcaaatttta caaagaggaa aaatcaagag aagcaaaaaa     61920
     atggttgtaa ttttttccaa tattttgctt gtatttaatt gtattatctt tcaatttcta     61980
     aatatgtctg gtggccaaaa tattatttaa ataaatatat ctgttttgct taatgcacca     62040
     aaatacattg cctatattca ctgagaaaaa aaatattata tatatatata tataggtaaa     62100
     tgcaataaca tttatataaa tagttatctt cttgaaccct agaccccagg ttaggagcac     62160
     tactttaaaa tatctttctt caatcgtagc aaagtggatt aaactgtttg aattaggatc     62220
     attttcagcc ttcttgcctt cacacaggtt acaataataa agacaagttc tcaaaacaag     62280
     atctgtggca atgttttcag cacgcaactt tttatcaaaa tacaattaga cgactaaaat     62340
     gtcgaacata agaagaaact ataaatgagc cagaaatatt cactcaaaat acaaacaatc     62400
     attttatgaa aacactaatg taaaattagt tcatgttaga aagaaacatg tactgtgcag     62460
     aagcttggga agcaagaaca ccccatgttc cctgtgtttc cttggagacc agggctgatt     62520
     tctgaaaaat gttgcccttt tgccttaatt gtatccccgg tgctcacaca caccaaacat     62580
     gtacaaattc actgaacaac acaacaatgt atatttacag aaaacaccta cattatttcc     62640
     aagtaacgtc tcacttatga gttcatagac ctgacaagaa ttcccaaaac agtaaaaaaa     62700
     tcaaacagac cgcctcggtc ttcatgcagt acattggcaa aatgtgttct actgccacca     62760
     ttatgaaaca tcacagtaaa tgagtcctta ttactaacaa cgaatccgac atctctctga     62820
     gggtcaattc acgcttttgc tatttaattg ctttttaaaa cgcgagctga attcattatg     62880
     ctgtacatta acagtaatgg ctccttctat gtgcgtcctc tggaggaata tcagaccatt     62940
     agaagacaca aaaacagatg agatcctcct ttcactggaa gacatgagaa acaggccagg     63000
     ccgaattact gtttgtctgt tagtgctgtg tttgagtcac tttgttgtac aaactcagta     63060
     gtggttttaa tgctatgaga cccggatcat ctgggccacg gcctcatctc ctgtctggtt     63120
     ctggtcctgt tgctcctgct gaagaaagtg aagaggaaaa gggtcaatca ttaccctcag     63180
     tgctgatttc acatatgctt cactcagcac cttccacgca cacgagagtt gaggcaccat     63240
     aaagaaaaac actgaataac caagaaaacc agccaaaggt ttatgtttac caagctgtca     63300
     catcagggat ttcagggaaa tgccagctat ttggacttgt gttatttaga aatgtttaat     63360
     gttagtctct ctgttttcat ctattgagtc tctggaaaaa atattttaat tccaaaacat     63420
     ttatatggta acagaaacaa ctgaagctgc atcataatat gagaggcatt tataatattg     63480
     ttcaaaattt gatgtcatta aggtttcatg tttgaaaaaa gtctctttct cttctctctc     63540
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tatatatata tatatataca tatatataca cacacacaca     63600
     tacaattaaa gtcagtatta ttagcccccc tgaattatta gactgcttgt ttattttttc     63660
     cccaatttct gtttaaagga gggaagattt ttttcaacac atttctaaac ataatagttt     63720
     taataactca tttctaataa tggatttatt ttatcttggc catgatgaca ttaaattata     63780
     ttttactaga tattttataa aacacttctg tacagcttaa agtgacattt aaaggcttaa     63840
     ctaggttaat taggttaact agacaggtca gggtaattag gcaagttatt gtataacagt     63900
     ggtttgttct gtagattgag aaaaaatata gcttaaaggg gctaataatt ttgtccctaa     63960
     aatggggttt aaaaaaatta aaaactgctt ttattctaga tgaaataaaa caaataagac     64020
     tttctccaga agaaaaaata ttatcagaca tactgtgaaa aattccttgc tctgttaaac     64080
     atcatttgga aatatttgaa aaaaagacaa aaaaaacccc gaagggattc tgacttcaac     64140
     tgtatgtatg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     64200
     tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     64260
     tatatatgta taaacacagc atacatacat agaacagtct tgaaactttt ctttacagct     64320
     gattgattct atataagtca ttggaaggcc aatactgaat ctgaaatcta ttgattttta     64380
     gcccatcact gagtgtgttt atttacttgt gtaaatatgt gtaaatttat ttttattcag     64440
     tttttaaact aatttcagta ataatattta cttatatgaa aatgttatga gatatgactt     64500
     tgtttaccaa atgagagatt tgctttgttt accaaataag tggatctaat tggatttgca     64560
     ttgtaaacat taaataaaag taaaaaagaa aaatatatta catttaatat attgcattgt     64620
     tagcaacgac attcccaaaa tctttcggca taaatctgca gattatttta caaaatattg     64680
     cacagaaaaa gccaaaaatg tccgcagatt gtgtctggct ctagtcattg gcctcacaaa     64740
     tctcatccta tttatctcca ttgtgactca acttagcgct atccacccta gggatattcc     64800
     taagccctcc ttccccagca cctcttgtct agacctgcaa gaggggtttt ctggttcttt     64860
     gctaagaagt ttcttcttaa agcatgtttc attatctctg ttgtatgcag gttttgtcaa     64920
     tacctttcct cactcttgga gcagtagcag cagcacaact gcatcctgta aaaaaatctt     64980
     gctgccctaa tttttttatg cataatgtat aatttcaaaa agtaaaaaag ttaatgcaac     65040
     ataagaatat ttgttgtctc gactttttgt cattagatgt tttacattgt ataaatatat     65100
     aaataaatat acttgaatat atatatggat tctgaaatat gcagttcgaa aaaataccgc     65160
     ttgtctattt aaaaaaaaaa aaacttgcaa tcagatgtta aaaccatatg tgcaggatat     65220
     atgatataca ttaaacggtt ttgcaaaaag tgaccacttt ttatcgacat gaaaatgttt     65280
     caaaaccaca ttttgagtgt gttacttgtg attttaataa agttaaatgg aatttgtaac     65340
     gatgtaaaag tctttattgt cacttctgat aatctcaaca gaagtatact caaccctgtt     65400
     cctggagatc taccttcctg cagagtttag ctccaaccct gatcaaacac acctgaacca     65460
     aattaactag gataacactt gataattaca ggcaggtgtg tttgatatgg gttcaattaa     65520
     aatctgcaag aaggtagatc tccaggaaca gggtaggccg tccctgatct aatgcaatgg     65580
     ttcccaaagt ggggatcgct tggtgattcc aaaagtcaaa taaattttat taaactatta     65640
     gaaataccat attttaacca taacctacag aaaataaaaa cagtagtatt taatactagt     65700
     aaaaaaaaca acatgcaaat gaaaagtcat cagcctttta actatttttt cataggattg     65760
     gtttgttttt ttattagttt tttttttaag atttattttt ggcctctttg cctttattag     65820
     acaggacact attaagacag gaagcgaagt tggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagggg     65880
     ggtacggtag ggaaatgtcc ttaagccggg attcgaactc gggacgccct gacatgctac     65940
     agtaccatat gttggcatgc taaccacgag gctattgcac tgacagaatt ggtttgttta     66000
     cattagctta acagcaccgc aatagcgtca gatgcagcag gttgatttta tagcaccagg     66060
     ttaaacttta acatctttat ggcaatcaaa tacataaaaa aatgaataca ggccacatct     66120
     gaacattgag aatgatctct gactggcgct ctccaaaatt aaaccaagaa tagacttgta     66180
     ctgaaaacac tgtgtccacc agtctcttta gttgagttaa ataaacaaat gacgtgcact     66240
     tttttgtgtt gtcaacatgc tcatgtttat ataagcttat taatatgtgt gcaacgtttg     66300
     tatatttata accccctcca aggaatttgg gggtcacgag taactggcat tgatatttta     66360
     gggggtcacg ggctgaaaag tttgggaacc cctgatctaa tgtatcctac agcaaaatat     66420
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat taacaaatct caaacaccaa acatgatagt     66480
     tgattttggt aataaattta gttttttttc tctgaatctt gtcagaatgt ttattcagta     66540
     taaaaatcac aacatgtgac aaaaaatgaa cagtgctgac actgtatgaa aaccaagaaa     66600
     aagcacagca gcaggaccca tccagaaaca acacaacaaa agaggttcta caaaagaaat     66660
     aaaaatatat acattcaaac aaaccacatt tcttttacaa accgatccct caaaaataac     66720
     agtaaaaaaa atcctatttc agtgatttca tgattgaaaa tttcatgctt tctttaacct     66780
     ccatgctgtt taataataat gatgtttaga tctgacagtc acatgattaa gccaatcaca     66840
     tggcattagc aatccttcat cctgaagagc tgcgtgccaa taatatcagt gttttcatcc     66900
     tgactgatga tgagatgatc tttttttctt tttaaaaatg gacatccaca ctcagacaga     66960
     caggccatga aaaagcagat tatgcagatc atgcagtctg ttgtagcaat gagacatgat     67020
     gggacagact caagcagcca acgagcacag ggagagaagc gggaagtgat tcgtgcaaga     67080
     gcagccaaga acagcatgtc acaccagagg aggagtgaga atgatctgct aaggagttca     67140
     atgagtgtct tatgcaaggg acggtgtgtg ttcgggcagc caatgtgcat ttgccaattc     67200
     ggtggcattg tggaagtctt cctgcttgat acgggcctgc gctctcacct gcatcgccaa     67260
     ggccatttct tccttctctt ttggggagaa gaaccggccc ccatcgccgc gcttcctctg     67320
     catggcatgt ttgtgtcgtg actcatgaag gtatttctgt aggacggagt gtggggtcag     67380
     tctggatcat ttatttcaag atgcgcatat gacagcattc ggaagatgta agatgtaaga     67440
     ctcacctttc gctctttagg gatttttccc tctgcctcca gttttgcccg agcttggcgc     67500
     ctctttagga tgcgatgata ttgcttggca ttaacataca gcggctcctc ttcaagcatt     67560
     tcagcacctg gcagagggat tcgttggatg gctggcactg caccactgcc tggtaccatc     67620
     tacgttgaaa ggggaagaag gggaacatgg tgttaataca gtcgaaatgc aacacaaaat     67680
     gtggccctgt ccacatgtat tcaaaaatca cacaacattt ttttctatgc agttttgctg     67740
     cttgaccaca cgaaaattgt gcatcgggtg actgaaaccg aaactttctg aaaactccga     67800
     cctgggtgaa gattttccaa aactttgtgt tggcgtggac actacaacag gaacttttgc     67860
     ctcatgatgt cagtgtgctc ggagttttct cctttctgat tggccaacat ggctgggttc     67920
     acatgaaaaa gtggtacaac taaaaaagat gattagacaa taaaaaagcg agtaattgct     67980
     ccgtattttg aatgtctcta cagagaggtc atgttttaat tggtctcacg cgatcacgta     68040
     atgtaatttc gcaggtcaga gttcactaag tttgaacttt gcaatagggc tgggcgataa     68100
     aatcggtatt tactgactga acacctgtca aaattgatta aaaaaaattt ggtatggagt     68160
     tttcggtttt atgtttttgc aaatgtttaa ggaatccaca cactcatgct tgttacttca     68220
     ggtcagaata acaacactag attgtaaata aaaaatatgt agtcagagtg gctttttggt     68280
     ttcttttcta gtgcatttca gccactagct cccaatctga aagatatttt tagcatgggg     68340
     taatgtagac attcaacttc acaatttgta atgttgcagt acatattatt ggaacaatga     68400
     tggttggttc cttcacttga aagctctgat ttgattatgt taatttgttt tgttgacaga     68460
     gtttgaggtt tactgtatca ttattactga caccttacag atgttgatct acctttacca     68520
     ctgcacactt tgtaacatta acagagtaac atcaagagtc tctttaacaa ttatgtttat     68580
     tttattatta caagatcaga tattttgttt aaatattttt gtttttgact attaaaagta     68640
     tttgccttag tactgttggt taattaaaat aaagtggtta aaaaaaaaaa aatattcgta     68700
     aatgtattgt taaaaatagt caataattat cgaaatcgaa taatatgaaa catgatatcg     68760
     ttaaacatgg tatcgtaatt ttttttttgc aatatcaccc agtcctactt tgcaatgcag     68820
     caatatgcaa cacttttcac acaagcttgc gcttatggtc tgctgcattt gcatgcgtat     68880
     gaatggaagt ctatggggcg taaaatccag tgtgaccgca gctgaagaca cgaatgacgc     68940
     aagtttcaaa cattcacagc aaacacattg tgtatcccgc attcttcgac cgcgggacag     69000
     taatctacct ctgttctcat gtttgcattg attttactct aaattccctg tttggtatag     69060
     cagcataaaa aatgtcatta catgcatcag ggtccatttt tgtgttttca tatgggcaga     69120
     ggtttttaaa aaaacaaaaa catttattaa aatacttgtg tacatgtgga catggcctgt     69180
     atttgcaact tcagtcaacc aataaaatca aattaattat caaccccgtg attggtcagg     69240
     taacagttaa cataacatgg actgaaatat gatgacacta gtgtgagaga aggacaccca     69300
     cagaatagcc gagtggatca ttagtggaca ggacgatggg cagatttcag ccttatactt     69360
     gaatcagcgc taaagattaa cacacagagg acggaggtcg ccactttcca catgcttctg     69420
     agaaaatcgt caaattccag gaagattcct cacattctgt tgttttctac actgaatgct     69480
     ttgatacgaa ataaatagtt gacctaaaat acttacgcat acacttatag ccattattta     69540
     cacccttgtg ttgttgagat gagatttgct tttccatgga aaaaaaatat gaaaagttgt     69600
     aattttacat cagacacctg tattatgttt ttgttttgaa ctcaatgcga cacggtgcaa     69660
     agttgaatgg attagtaacc caaaaatgaa aattctgtca tcatttactt gtttcaaagc     69720
     tttacgagtt tctttcttct gttcaacaca aatgaaaata ttttgaagaa agctgaaaat     69780
     cgactactga cctccatagt atttcttcat aggtgttcag cttccttcaa aatatcttct     69840
     tttgtgctca acagaagacc gaaactcgca caattttggt accacttgag ggcgagtggt     69900
     tccaattttg gttgagacat ttttatgtaa actatccctt tcagtgtagt taaaataacc     69960
     tataaaattt aactccatgt aattttgaag tgtaaaaaac tagttctgac tatttaatta     70020
     attgtaaacc aactttattg atgctgataa agcatcagat ggcatttcac aggaatttaa     70080
     atgcctttaa actcaactaa ttgtcatttt attatttttt acacattttt ttaccaaact     70140
     ttatctcttt ttaaaggtgc tgcctagtaa cctgaaagta ctgatcaact gacatatcaa     70200
     attacatttc accagaagtt tacaatcttt atgcagaagt tctaaaacac actatgtact     70260
     acagccataa attactgaaa tgtcactgtt tatatgatac ttctcacttt gaaacactcc     70320
     aataaataaa tcatactaag ggcgtattta cactatgtac agttgccttg aacccagccg     70380
     aaacatgctt gtccttcctt ccatctcctc tgacggcccg cactcacatt agattcgggc     70440
     ctgagcatgc ttacatcatc aatgatgcga tgttcagcaa acgcacagtg gaaatttctt     70500
     tagttaaatt gttttagtcg tttgggatgc ggtgtcacgc agtcaaatac ttcgccatac     70560
     agatcagcca cttttgacgc tcataaacaa ccataaagtc ctcatgctgc aggaagtagg     70620
     aggaagcgta ccacgcctga gcccaaccag gtcaggggcg gccaactgaa ccgtgcctga     70680
     gcccgattca gagcactcac acttgggcct gggcaaggtt cggatagcac agtgtaagta     70740
     cgccctaaaa tatctctata aactaaagaa aatcattaaa tcatcctctt taattttcag     70800
     taggctggat ctgcatgtga aaatggcgag tccacaagca aaggctgatt ttgaggtgat     70860
     attgttttta acagcatgca cccaccaccc ttgtgatgac caatgaaggg gacggtttaa     70920
     gactgttaga tacctcatca ggaggtctta ccatgaccat tcccccagcg ttcaccatgt     70980
     ttccagatac gggcagggta acagtgactg tgccctgccc gctgttggtt gtggaggtgt     71040
     tagctgctcc tgctgcctgg acaatctgag tgcctgccag ggtgcctgct gggatggtga     71100
     tcacgcctgt ggaggtgaca ggactattaa gtaacctgaa taaacatgag tggaactagt     71160
     caaatgaaat attactgatc attcaggtgt tgttcattct ggtttactac agtataatga     71220
     gagtaaagag ggtgtaggtg tgcatttaaa taccctgctg cagcactgtg ccatcagcgt     71280
     tcacaggctg gtacacaatt gtctgtcctt cagctgtttg tgcaacctgt tgtccctgta     71340
     ctgtgatctg ctgcccctgc aaaatgcatc acacattctt actgatttac tgatttatgt     71400
     tagatgctgg caacaccatg ccggcataag tactattttc atagcactct cagaatgaat     71460
     ggagaaaaaa aaaaaacgta ggtggaacag tgggtagcac gttcccctta gagcaagacg     71520
     gtcactggtt tgagcctcgg ctgggccagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt gtaatgttct     71580
     ccctgttttt gtgtgggttc ctccgggtgc tccggtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc     71640
     ggtacaggcg aattgggtat gctaaaattg tctatagtgt atgagtgtgt gtaaatgcac     71700
     gtatacatgt ttcccagtga tgggttgcag caggaagggc atccgctgcc tacaaaatat     71760
     gctggataag gtggcggttc attgtgttgt ggcgacccca gaataataaa ggaactaagc     71820
     cgtcaaaaag ttattgaatg aatgatcatg aacaggcacg tgcccccccc gcttttccaa     71880
     aaatttatcc tgcacatcac atgcactttg gacggtctct gctcgggcct gatcatgaac     71940
     atataaaagc ttaataatag acaaacaagt ataatgcgat tcatttgtag ataaattaaa     72000
     cacacctgtg aataaaatta ttaatagctt cacatttata gtataacaaa tgttgaataa     72060
     agtactacat aatatataat aatttggggt ataccagtta aaccaattct ttataataaa     72120
     gagcaatgtg ctacgtccga cagatcgcac cttttataac ctgttttaac acatttaatc     72180
     tgtttttaat tatttttatt gtttgtctta ttttcttata cttgtctctt ttattcctgt     72240
     ttatgtaaag cactttgaat tgccactgtg tgtgcatgaa atctgctata taaataaact     72300
     tgccttgcct tatagttaat cagtggcatg gtgcaaactg ttaagcaaaa tgtcaaaacg     72360
     gcacgagtgt tattcatttt ataattttta tttggatttt tttacaaatg gaattgtaac     72420
     catccataaa acgcttaaaa acaaatctag tagaaaaagg atttattata gtttatcaga     72480
     gacctggttt tggccggcgg tgatggcagt ctgtggctgc tggatgatga tctgttgagc     72540
     ttgaccctgc tgaccctgca gctgcagcgt ctggccaccc tgcaactgaa tctgaccagg     72600
     ctgaaccaac tggatctaca tatacaaaga gatcaatcac ccaatataaa taacaccaat     72660
     gtttaaaaaa aacctgtgca ttaataatga cactaccaaa gggatattaa gaacatttaa     72720
     acctagacca attatcatct tagaggtttc atgaaatgtc ataacaatga agagaataat     72780
     cttataataa catcactttt tttttttgat cattttacca tcaagtataa tagaacagtc     72840
     aataaataca gctctgccct gatgaatgca gctataaaga catgaggctt ttaagtgcct     72900
     ctatttattt attcacatat actttaattt ggatcacaac atgcaataca gtactacaat     72960
     tttgacatac acatccttta aaatataact acactgacag ctgtaatgca gaaaaaaaca     73020
     cccaaataca ttaatgaaag aaaaccaatt aaatacaaaa aagagcagat gggtgactgt     73080
     gattactgta atagctttgt tcattattgt caaattaaag gcataacagg cctgtttaaa     73140
     atattttgtg gcagacaaag actatgtctg taatccgctt ttgatgtttg cagacttcat     73200
     acatacacaa acaactggat tactgtacat aacatgaaag atttttgtcc aaaaggcata     73260
     aaatgggcat ttattaacat gtctcttttg caaagctgct ttaaaaaagt tctaaataat     73320
     acataggacg tgatttgacc ttagatcaag ttaagcatat ttccttacac tgaggagtgt     73380
     tgacaactga cctgctgaag accttgagct ccagatacag gcacttgcat gatggtctga     73440
     ccctgagctc cagacatggc ctgcaccatg atgggctgac ctgacgacgt gatcagttga     73500
     ccaccactca cttgcaccat cagtggctga ccctgcacct gaacacacac ttaaagtcaa     73560
     cgggtgatag atattttaca cccgcaaaat agagacaata taagacaata tgggaccatt     73620
     ctgaaatatg aaaaaaaatc cattttaatt gctaagcttg tagagttact tatattattt     73680
     caatttaggg ccctataata gttgaaagtt accaggctgg tggtaatgag gtagctatac     73740
     actcaccggc cactttatta ggtaaaccca tccaactgct cattaatgca aatttctcat     73800
     cagaaaatca catggctgca actcaatgca tttaggcatt ctttgaatgc acaacaggtt     73860
     gaaccttgag gcagatgggt tacagcagca gttaccacac caggtgccac tccagtgagc     73920
     taagaacaag aaactgaggt tacaattccc acaggctcac caaaattgca caatagaaga     73980
     tcggaaaaat gttgcctgtt ctgacgagtc tcgatttctg ctgtgacatt cggatggtca     74040
     ggtcagaatt tcgctttaac aacatgaaag catagatccg tcctgtcttg tatcaatggt     74100
     tcaggctgct ggtggtgtaa tgctgtgggg aatattttct tggcacactt taggcccatc     74160
     agtaccaatt gagcctcgtg tcaacaccac agcctacctg agtattgttg ctgaccatgt     74220
     ccatcccttt atgaccacag tgtacccatc ttctgttggc tatttccagc aggatgacgc     74280
     accatttcat aaagcgtgaa tcatctcaga ctggtttctt gaacatgaca atgagttcac     74340
     tgtactcaaa tggtctccac agtcaccagg tctcaattca ataaagcacc tttgggatgt     74400
     ggtggaacgc aagattcaca tcatggatgt gcagccgaca aatctgcagc tattgcgtga     74460
     tgctatcaag tcaatatgga ccaaaatctt tgaggaatat ttccagtacc ttgttgaatc     74520
     tatgccacta tggataaagg cagtttttaa agcaaagggg ggtctagcct agtaaggtgt     74580
     acctaataaa gtggccagtc agtgtatttc cacgtttgta ttctaaaatg aacatgatca     74640
     taatgagaat cctgtgaaga caatcaatca tgcatttaat tcagatctat acagtttaga     74700
     ggtgtgcaat atttgtgatc tacaatacaa tgtaattgct gttttaacac tgagtgacat     74760
     gacgttagag tacgtcacta cattgggcaa ataaaaaaac aaacacttag agaatcaaaa     74820
     agcattaatt tccagataaa accgaaggaa ataaggttat aatatgaccc tttaattcga     74880
     gaaatgaaaa aaaaaaaaat ttttaggttt ttatttttgt gagatatgat atcgctaagt     74940
     aacatcacac aatcaagaga tgttttccca aatatcagcc aataaatgat attaatttaa     75000
     taatagtcca acaaaaatga agagttgatt ttgtcaacac tgccaggtgc tttttgccaa     75060
     tatgctgttg agtcaatcga gtgagtcaat gactcaccaa taaacaaaga tagtttactt     75120
     gctttgtttc tcagtgatta ggatgactca tttgaataaa tgattaaatg acactcttta     75180
     aagaacccgt gaaattaatt agtttcagtc tgttagtctt aaggatatct attagctagt     75240
     gtcataactg tcaatcactc tcactgacag agctgtgata aaaacaaaac aagaactggc     75300
     tgttttttta agggtaggag ctattatatg tcccgccttt tctttacttt ttagttgaga     75360
     ttacgtcaaa catcgaatta aaacactgca catttcacag tacctcacag gatctttaag     75420
     atgggaactt gctacaacgt atttatccat gaccggttga actcagacaa agtaccagaa     75480
     caaaaacaca aacattgtca aaaataaagt tgattatttt tagctttaat ctcacacccc     75540
     taatagagtg atatactcgg atatgaattg gttccaacat gcaggtgatc ttaagttatg     75600
     gatttccaca gttactccac atgacgagtc ctgcactgat atttcaatgc cacaatcaac     75660
     aatgagcatg gtagaatagt gcaagtaaaa tcaaggcatg ctaggatgag cttatatctc     75720
     acaaaaagtg tgacatgatg acgcatgcaa catcacaggc ctgaaagtcg gagttcacac     75780
     aactacctgg agcgtctgca cttgctggcc tgtagcagta gccacgggtg cttctgtttg     75840
     cagctgtact gcagttacag tgccctgagc ctgtggacaa tcccacatca cactttgatc     75900
     cgcatattgt ctaacacgaa ggtatatttg attgtactct gattctgtaa ttcctatatc     75960
     cacagtgtaa aggggttatg tagaattcag aaacgcttct taaagggtta gttcacccaa     76020
     aaataaaatt taattaataa gtttctcaca cccatttggt tttaatcccc ttgaggacta     76080
     tattcatatt cagaacacaa atcaagatat tttagacaaa aacaagacta cttttactct     76140
     cacaaaacgt caacaaagaa aaccaaaaac cttgtcaaaa catttctaca ttttaattca     76200
     tcttaatttc aatgtatatt gtgtcaaagc agcttaactt agatgaaatt ctactaaatt     76260
     caaactcctt cagtctagtt ttcacagttg aagttcagct tagttcagtc ctatatctta     76320
     tctgccaaat caggtcaaag tgtacattta cttcctacaa cgtattgtca ttagagtcag     76380
     cagggcaaga cacaagcatt aaactgctca tagttaatga aatgcaaaaa acttttggca     76440
     cacaaaaaat gtttttgaag cttcatacga aaataattaa accactaaag tcacatggaa     76500
     agctttgacc aagttttcgg ttccttttct gcaatgtctg aggacagttg ctttctatgg     76560
     aggctgagag agctctcaga tttaatctaa aacatcttaa tttgtgttcc aaaaatgaac     76620
     aaatgtcttg gggcattaaa aaaatgaggt tgagtaatta ataacagaat tttcattttc     76680
     gagtaaacca aaacattttt ttttttaaat ctaaaacttt tgtttagtga taccagtggc     76740
     tgttaggtga actgcagcct gcaacttttt gctcagccac aagtactgca aatttacctg     76800
     caccatgtca gcagataaag tacacaaaat tacacatgta tatattcaca aatcaacata     76860
     gactacgtag atgtggttgt atgacactac agtttatatt gatatggcat ttgtttcatg     76920
     tatcttggaa cagaaaaaaa gacactcggg agcggcataa acatcacatc ctttaaaatg     76980
     atttctgggg tacaatttag ggatatccac aacaaaaata aaaatgcgat taaatgatat     77040
     ccattcccta aattatgatg gatacagaga aataaacact acccagatta atttaattgt     77100
     tgattagata caaatactcc tcgacaggta tatgcagagg ggggcttctg atgcttgagc     77160
     accagccctt tttttctctt gcagaaaaag ttccttctca aaatgaaagt gcctttgcat     77220
     cttctccctc aaaccccacc cccttcacga tcactcctca ctgcttgaca ctatatacaa     77280
     aaatgaaatg ggataaaaaa aaaaattaaa gactgaatta ccacaaacaa gatgtggata     77340
     ttaaaaaaaa tcgagagagt tccttatttt taaaacccca atatcataag caaacaactc     77400
     tccatgcaac gggtttgcta aagacagtgt gcacagtcag aagcattacg agaaaaatta     77460
     ctaaaactat tatgtttata aatgttctga gaaaatctct ctgttaaaca aaaattgggg     77520
     aaaaaaataa acaggggggc taatgattct aacttgaact gtatgtcgaa aaaaaaagtg     77580
     ctcttagaat ggactaggga cttttttgat tttaaatact ccttttgtat atgcgtaacc     77640
     tatgtactac ggatgtttac aatatgcagc ataaattaga tattgttttt tgtgtgtgta     77700
     taaatatatc taatataaat tagtataaat atatatcaat tagtataatt ctatattaac     77760
     ctaaataaaa ataaatgtaa agttctaaaa atatatttta atgatcatat cacactcaag     77820
     actaataatg aggcttatcg aatcatggga ataaattaaa tctttctatg tatttacaat     77880
     cataatatta cagttttcat tgtatttttg atcaaataaa tgtagacttg gagagcagaa     77940
     gagcttcatt gaagatatta attgactgat agtgtacata taaatattgt ctttctgact     78000
     aacagtgttg caaaatgcac tgggtgtgtt tgggtcacct aaaccttgcg tttttttcag     78060
     aacagagaat gctcatttaa atagagagac tttgcaagct agttcaaaca ctatttaccc     78120
     agtcctttcc ttgaattgca aatcacttcc tgaagtaccg cttgtgcttt ttaaaaatac     78180
     caccgcacct gatacacatc tgcatatagc taaaattaga tacaataaaa atgtaaaaca     78240
     tatcgggcac acactcattg tgccccattt tccatagtaa aagtcactga ttaaacagta     78300
     acatgtttac attggctctt acctgctgtt ggatttgccc attggcagcc tgaaccacta     78360
     tctgatcccc actggctgta gctgtatatt gctccatctt ttcttcctca cctaatttgt     78420
     aataaaatac acatataaaa gaatcacaag gttattattg actataaata actctagtaa     78480
     atttctatta aaagttttct gagaaatatg ttaatagctg caggtttggg cctcaagcca     78540
     agtgtatttg agcctaaatg tttccttgaa gaaagtgctt aacattatga acttaatgtt     78600
     atattaccta ctgactttga tggttttaga tgcacataca cgtttaagat tgtaaaagat     78660
     tatcgtgaaa gtcttaatga ttcacaaatt tgtgccattt catccacctc ataaggtttg     78720
     tttggtaaac atcagttgat cattgttata aactgagctg caacaaatgt actacaattc     78780
     agcatgctgt gtaattaata taaaaagctc ttatttgaca aacattagca ggtctgtctt     78840
     tgttttgaag cgctttatta aaagtctcat tcatgtttag cgccagctgg cgagcgcgca     78900
     tatcatctgt ctcgcgcttt ctcccctctc gcattaactg atttgatttc tgcatttttc     78960
     ggaattagtc atttggttgg tcactgacaa accaatccgt gttgtcagct accatttccc     79020
     ttagagcaag cgcaaccctt taccgtttct ccggctgtcc ggttcccttc tgattggctc     79080
     cactacagat ctcaaaaacc caatcaacac agtggtgcgg acaaaatggc gtaaaatgag     79140
     ccacacagag aagaaagggg gcaggcttgg cgcatgtgat cggcgaacgg agccgagttt     79200
     gcccgagtac aatcgaacca ctgctgcgca tgcgtacctg gttaaactca cggtttccgg     79260
     aataatgtca ccgtgaagga agagcgaggg gaacatgtga gtgctttgct tgtattgttt     79320
     acgtatcgca tccgacgtta tgagcttgta tattgccaca atttgggctg tgagatgaat     79380
     tattgtatac aactgaaata aaatgttgag tttgaacaat tcgcttacgt agaaataacg     79440
     cagaatgtta aataaatgtt attttctgtt attgtgcagc ttcatatatt gatttgtatc     79500
     atgtgaatat gatacacatt ttaattaaca ttcttcgtca tacttggcat gttgttttat     79560
     catatatcga agtttttttt aaagagaaat gtctttatat tttcacttca caaatcagag     79620
     gaaaaaaagt aagtaaaatt gcttttacaa actgttttta ttagttagtt gtaatataga     79680
     agagcataaa ataatttaat ttccagctct ataaatggga acaacttctc cagagaaatc     79740
     aacattaaga tatgcattgt aaatggaatc agtacatctg tagatctgtg taaaaaaatg     79800
     aggtaaagtt ttccccttaa agaatttccc cttcttaata tatttcagaa aagtattctt     79860
     tgcctattac aaatagggaa atcatattag tagccaatga ctatcaaagt acaacattgt     79920
     tcatagtcaa ataaatagtg ctaatgttgt cttgaagaca tacttgcatg tgatttttaa     79980
     acagaacatt taaagtacca tggtaaagaa tacagggagc atgtcacaag ctgtcactga     80040
     aggaatgtgt aaatataaaa ccaactttac ctcaattgta aaataataca cacacacaca     80100
     catgtatttg gatgtttcat ttctactcac ctacaacgtt atagaagcaa aaaactcaac     80160
     atcttacaat ttagaatttt atttaaaata aactgaactg tttgactcta aaggaatagt     80220
     taatccaaat aataacattt gctatttact cacattcagg ccatccaaga aatagggcaa     80280
     tttcttcttt aatggattca ctgttatgcc ataagtttgg cttgtatttg tttttctgct     80340
     ctcaaagttc tgattcgcaa aggactacga tttcagttga aaaaaaatct aaaatgctga     80400
     aaaaagtatt ctttatcatg gatgtcctga ggatgaaaat aacagcatat tttatttttg     80460
     ggtgaataat ggcttaaaat aactgagatt ttaatgtaat gtgtcctctt atcatggcta     80520
     attgacccgt ttcacacttc cgggttcctc agtagagaaa gtcgtcatag ttgggaaaac     80580
     ttatgcaatg aatgggagaa tacaacaaat aattttttac aatcgtattt gctgaaataa     80640
     aaaaagaaaa aatcaatgat gatgttataa agactttcag aaaaaggaac aaaattgtgt     80700
     gagactgata atgccagcca gaggagagaa taacttcaaa ttaatttact gtcctgtcct     80760
     atagacgctg cattagaaac ccgttcacaa gcggtaattc atgttttgta atttaaaaca     80820
     aagatgatat aattcatgca ttaatacata taaatattca tacgtttttt ttttttttta     80880
     ttaaaatatt taaaactttt ttgttggatt taagatgttg atgaccatta aacttgtcat     80940
     aacaggcttg tgaaaagggt ccattacaat tagttgaata gtcattttca tgttggatcc     81000
     agttgaagtt tcggatatca ctgtctttgt atctctgacc atttagaatg gtgtccccct     81060
     ggagaagagt cctcatgctg gccaccaaac tggcccctgt cccaggacct gctgtctgcc     81120
     aggcccgtcg ccatgccagt cgaggctcat tcgggtggat gtcaaagaat cccaaacaga     81180
     aacaacaggg tgccgtgttt gaggatgacc atgacatgga cgcggtggaa gtcaaactgg     81240
     actctattat taggtgagtt cttctagaga aggacaaaag ctgctgtctt catgcaataa     81300
     tgttaacgct tctgtacagt gaagagagga gaagacagaa agcagcaaag tttcatataa     81360
     tcaagaggaa aatgaacact cctggagctc cacagagaaa gctcagctgg gatgccattg     81420
     aacagataag gtaacaaagt cagtatgtct gtctgttcag tgtgcaaatt gctgtctatt     81480
     ccgtgtgcga agattgccag ggggttgttg ggggcttggg gcaatttttt ttcaatagta     81540
     gttgggtaat acatgcttag gtgaatcaaa tttatcaatt tatttaaact gcatatcata     81600
     tattaataaa atgtatgctt ttttagggtt ttgaaggata ttgatgacta ttttagaggt     81660
     tactgtaggt caaaccatgc aaattatgtg tctaattttt ccttttttta gcctacatgg     81720
     ccataaaaac acctatttta caagaaacat gttttgtgaa tacttaagat gtctatctgt     81780
     cctctagaac tgccagttta ggactgttga atgatatttt tcctagcatt tattggcgcg     81840
     attatgcatt ctcaatggtt taagccacag gtgtcaaact cagttccaaa agggccgcag     81900
     ctctgcacag tttagttcca accctaatta aacacacctg atcaaactaa ttgagtcctt     81960
     caggcttctt tgaaacctac aggtaagtgt gttggagcag ggttggaagt aaactgtgca     82020
     gggcttcggc cctccaggga ttgagtttga cacccctggt ataagccatt atagggggat     82080
     caaatttaaa tttatattat acatttttaa tcattaatat ttaagatata aatcagagaa     82140
     agctattttt attatcaaag ggttgaccct ccatacatct tgttttgatg tccttcaggg     82200
     ggggatcaag tgtctattac aaaggtctct gaaattctat ttgatcagtc acaatattga     82260
     gcattcaaaa tttgttatga ttataagcca acattttcta ttgttacatg catgtgtgga     82320
     ctaatttatt attactatat ttttatataa tatgtcatac ttatttgaat ggtttgtgag     82380
     cccaaacttt ttttttaaaa tttaaatata ttaaataatt aattaggaga tgaaataaaa     82440
     taagataaag tgtgtgtata tgttcagttt atttagcttg tgtgtgtatt tataatatac     82500
     agtcaagcca aaatattcac accccttggc caggggccga cttaaccaat aagggaggta     82560
     agcagccgct tagggtcaca gagaattagg ggcccgcgac caatgccaat attgatcata     82620
     tagctcttta tacattttca agagttcaca cttagctgat gattgatgat aagcaagttt     82680
     ggcatgctgt cccaggagag agccctgagc cctgggctcc ctcccgtttg taggccgaga     82740
     ggggagcctt gagctccccc cttgataaga gctgatgact aaatgattgc tatgaaaaga     82800
     tatgctgcag gatcagagtt tgactgtagt gctatattta gattgatcaa ttcacttgta     82860
     gtgcatgttt ttggaaagtg ggaggaaacc gtagaaccct gggaaaatcc ccgcgagcac     82920
     gggaagaaca tgcaaactac gcacagaaac aaaatccggc ctgtttaagg actagaaccg     82980
     gtgacgttct tgctgtgagg cgacagtgct aaccactgag ccaccgtgcc gccctatgga     83040
     gggaaaggtg aagaggtaga ggtggagagg tggggggatt cttcaaatcg aagatgactg     83100
     tagtgagaaa ccctggctct ttatggtggg taaggaatgg cctaattggt ggatcataaa     83160
     tgctaatgca gaaccagccg tgttcaatca taatcacgtg atcctcttga aattagttta     83220
     taaataaact tcacttcagt cataggttgt aaaatcgatt ttaaatcttt tcaaaccggg     83280
     gcccccatga atagtggaac gttccttctg tactgcacat gcacgaaccg tgagtgcttt     83340
     aatcaaagac agtgttgcca actcagcgac ttttcagacc ccccctagtt acaaattttc     83400
     caaaaagtga ctagctaatg tttttaggtg ttactggaga tttttagaga gacttatgag     83460
     ctgtaccttt cctaacatta ctcttcgcaa cgtgctgcgg gtgatggcgt cagcctctcc     83520
     accgccttag agcactcaaa ggcagcacgg tgccacacag ccatctctca cacctgcagc     83580
     attgagagca aatcattcct ctgcatggcg acggcaaatg ttttagcacc agaaacgtga     83640
     ggtatttccc tgggacagtc aaacccatct gcttctccac tgttttacat gtaatcattt     83700
     aaattgaccg tttattttct tgcagttgtt cacaatcaca gagattttag tgacaccagt     83760
     ttgctagcga tcagagaaga ggcagacaga gtgttcaaga gtgagaatat tgagaacatt     83820
     tggggaaaaa agtataaata cgacaacttc ctccacgatc ctgctgtctg gccaaaacag     83880
     ctcagatgat gagtgttgtg agcttaagag agagggcctg ttcacatcac attctccagt     83940
     gaaacggcca ccgattcaaa aacagcaatt attcagttta tatgataacg ggtgcaaagt     84000
     ttagtttgat gaattgtaaa ttccacttgt ttaaatgtta gtttactatt attactatta     84060
     aaatctaatc acaacaatag ccaattaact gtacatcggg gtgcctaaac tcagtcctgt     84120
     aggttagttc caaccctgat cagacacatc tgagctagct aatcaagctg actcaacatc     84180
     tgtgctggtg tgtcgagaca agttggagct aaaatctgca ggacaccggc cctccaggac     84240
     tgagtttgga cacccctgct gtacatagtt tgtgaacttg tttttttttt tgtttgcttt     84300
     taattttaca ttagaaagag aacggttcat ttaaatatta aaatatacaa aatatgcttt     84360
     ttaacatgca gttttttttt ttttttaatt gctagggccc catacctgga attgctttgg     84420
     gccccaaaat caccaagtca gcccctgttt atgggaatct cattttattt atatgaaaat     84480
     atgaataaat cctatttttt cctcagagta tcatttaaag ggaaggggtt gctaagattt     84540
     tatgtccttt taattaaaat agtagttcac aatttaatgt aatacttttt tttagaatag     84600
     atgattctta attgcaagta tttcatggca aaaaaacaaa caaaaacgtt catatgcagc     84660
     tccttgtaaa tcaggcccta agccaaaata aaataagtaa aatcaatgaa tgtttgaacg     84720
     ttgatttctc aataaatcat aacaatgtca tgtcttgcca gaaatgttgt agttttttac     84780
     cggccagtca tctgccatat gatttcacag gtacctaaag caggagtctc cagaggaatg     84840
     gacgctccag agactagcag agggtttctc tgtcagccct gatgtcattt ccagagtcct     84900
     gcgcagcacg ttcaccccac cagcagcccg gaagctaaag caggatgcta aagtctcccc     84960
     cagcagtgga ccacagtatc tcaaagacgg caaagctgaa caatccagac ttcagaagag     85020
     cttgactcca tcagtactgc tcccctctgc aaacacatct cattctgccc tcaaaacact     85080
     ggacaccaag cagactggac tgacgccctc tgctggacac ataacattat caaaacagac     85140
     agctgtactg aatgtggcac cagaatacca ggacaggctt gagtctaaag gtgagatgga     85200
     tgtgaatgat gatgtagagt ttgaggagga gtgggatgga gtgattctga ctgacgaaga     85260
     gctggagaaa atcacacaaa cacttcatga gaagcccagt ccagtggagc agagaggaag     85320
     agactttttt gatagtgaag gtaacttcct gtatagagtt tgagacactt ggagtttatg     85380
     tttagaaaat gtttgttaaa taaaaatata tctaaaggca taattcaacc aaaaataaac     85440
     atttcttcac catttacgta aacttgaaag gacacctatg attaacattg gtaagctgtt     85500
     tggacagagc tgtatgtagg tatattgtgt ccacagtcat attggagtga tagaaacgca     85560
     agtctctttt taaaaatatc ctgacaataa aataggaccc atatcacagt gattttgagg     85620
     cccactgcaa cgtgggtgtg gttttccctg accaccgatt gattgacagg caccatgttt     85680
     ctacaataat gtgtatacac gtccacagaa catttttttg caaataaact tggattaaaa     85740
     tatctctgtg attttcataa gttatatacg tttaaaaaaa aattaaaaca gagtttgtaa     85800
     taaagacagt taaatcattc attcttaacc gctataatca acacggccac atggtgtcag     85860
     taaactttaa tgtgtgtgta atgcaaatgg catttgtgtg agactcatca tttcagaaat     85920
     gcttgaataa attccaccac aaatacatca aataaacttt cttgggtgtt tttgacttgt     85980
     gacgtttttt cagcttcatc cataactgac tgctgtttat ctgatttaac tagggatggg     86040
     aagattaacc gatatgtatc gatacgcggt catgcgcgtg cacgatgcga gtgcatcggt     86100
     tgagcagcag aggatgaatg aaattttgga agcaaatcga gatgcatcgg tttttgcgag     86160
     atgcatcgat ttttccgaga tacagcttat atttttaata tagaatgtat tttttattta     86220
     ttaacaagtg ttgtcaacct gtttttggcg cataatttaa tcgacctaca taaagtaagc     86280
     cttagcaacg gatttgcgga tgtgcacaca ctacaactca gtgtatcagg tgtgcggatg     86340
     aagctagtgg tgcgccctca gaaagcgcga gaagcaaaac aaacatttta ttccccactg     86400
     agttttaaat ctaaagtatg gcaagcaaca ttatggattt aaggatggac gacatgacag     86460
     gacagatgca acatgacagg acaatttgca aaatgtgccg cgcatctgta aaatacacgg     86520
     gcagtatgac taatctgata tctcacttga agcggcgcca cggtgttgtt gtgaaagcat     86580
     cttccagtgt ttctgcatcc ccggctttcg tactgcttca accagctcca aaagtggtga     86640
     gaaaagcatt gcaagttttt tttccatgcg caacagttct gctcgctcta cgccaataac     86700
     gaatgctatt gcattgttca tctgcaaaga tattcagcct agtgtcacgg agaacgaagg     86760
     ttttaaacac ctcctcctgt taatttttat ttaataataa taataataat gatgataaaa     86820
     ataattgggt gtcacggtgg cacagtgggt agtttgacca cctcacagca agaagattgc     86880
     tggtttgtta tatttttatt agcctgttgt ttacagtgac agtgatgttt caaagcagca     86940
     taacactgct agttcacaac cttaagtttt gaataatcag tggcaaaata tatctttgta     87000
     aaacttgttt tcatagttga aaagttaaat cacaattctt gttgtgcaat gctaaattta     87060
     tttatgttga aagagtgcaa atatatacat atttttttat atatattgca cttatacatt     87120
     ctgtttatct tgaaaatact atcttactat ctatctctaa aattatctaa aatggccctc     87180
     tactgtaaac tgacactctg gctctgagag aagagccagt ttgtaaaaaa agtcttggtt     87240
     ttgcttggtt tataaataat cattcaatgg cacagcatcc tctttcacat catctcataa     87300
     acttgatcta attagttagt gctgaaatat cgcatcgtat cgtggtatgg gtgtgaatcg     87360
     tatcgtgttg catcgcaata tgtcacaaat gtatcgctaa tatatcggat cgtattcttt     87420
     gaatcgagat gcgtatcaga tcggcattat agcttagatg cccaacccta gatttaaccc     87480
     atgagaagca gacacacatg tcgaaacggt gggtggggag aagcagctca tttgcattta     87540
     aagccacagg ctactaaaac agctacactg tactcagcca ccaaaatagg caggttctac     87600
     aggctataat aaataatctg atgggtattt tgggctaaaa cttcacagac acattctgga     87660
     gacaccaaag gctcgtctta catgatgtaa aagaggtaaa ataggagccc tttaatgaat     87720
     tttgttttgt ttaacacaag acatcctgga gaatgttgga aaccagcaga catcgacacc     87780
     cagagtaaaa acaaaaatac gatcgaagtc aatggatgct gctttataaa acaaaaataa     87840
     aaacaataaa ataaactccc aacaggtttg aaggatggag aaattattac agaattttca     87900
     ttttttagtg aactatcctt ttcgtagtaa agaaatgatt ggtaacatgg tgaaaactga     87960
     atactttgca tctctgtcac atttatatgg agctgccata ggaaatacaa tttgttttac     88020
     aggtaattgc gtttattttt cataattgag acaaattttc acacttttta aaaaaaattt     88080
     atacagtata tactcttatc ataaaaatgt atacggtata tattctttat ttttttggaa     88140
     ataagtttat ttgtgaaata taaactcagg tttgtaagag aaaaagtgtt tgcatcttct     88200
     aaaaccttag ttttctcttt ttttcctcac agaattgatg ttttatatat tgcaagttta     88260
     ttacgctcat atttaattca ttttcttata taaattgctt tattttttcc taactgcaga     88320
     agaatggaat tgaaaaactg acaaataagt atgaattttg accacacaaa atcaacagga     88380
     caaatcaatt tatttctcaa actaacagtt cttttccaaa tatacagagc aaagaaaata     88440
     acagatacaa agtgggaatt gctatatatg tacagagctt cacaactact atgtacattg     88500
     aagaagtgtt ccacctctca taaataacat cagtgtcaca atagaattaa cttcatttgc     88560
     attgcgtcta cttgtcatat ccagattatt tttattttta ttaagcatgg agaacaacct     88620
     aaactgtcca atttgcaatt aaatgggagg aatacaatat tagaggctca tttactatta     88680
     ttctgtttta taaaaagtaa aagtactgaa atatgaactc atgtttttga actgtggtac     88740
     ttctttcctc ttgttttaga attatagatg atgagattta cattttattg aaaggcacaa     88800
     gctatgcctt catgctaggc acttgaatca aaacacaaac tagaattttt atacctctta     88860
     aacatcatat gagtatttgc aaaggagatt gtcttcctct atgaaaatat gagactttcc     88920
     attaggactg gtacagataa gtaaacaact gctagaaatt tggctagaaa tgaagtgtag     88980
     atacttgaaa gaaaactcac tgcatcagac attaaacagg aagtacaagc ggaaaggtgc     89040
     taaactgctt tctattgcat ttgaatcttg ttaaatggca tggtcaaaga gttccgacca     89100
     ctgggtctgt tctcactgat gtttggaaat aacgaacaca tgctaaatta ttgcgactaa     89160
     tggtttgtca cgcaaacacc tagtcaagtg tcaggcggtt taaaaaagaa aaaaaaaagt     89220
     cacacctttt ctgcttgatg acatgggact ttcctgcagt caagaaccac aaaaacagca     89280
     caaacgtcga gagccaagaa aactacaaaa tttgatttgg gcaaaatgtg caaggttgta     89340
     cacaaactac aactctagtc ctattttaca tgcatctgcg tcattgctta gttcataaaa     89400
     atagttatcg ttacaaaatt tgacctaacc ctcgcagaaa tggcttgaag tgtgacttat     89460
     ttacaaatta tcacaaggtg tataatgtcg ataatattag atacagattt ttgtatcaaa     89520
     aacagctaca cagtatcatg taaagcagtg tttcccaacc acgttcctgg aggaccacca     89580
     acactgcatg ttttggatgt ctcctttgtc tgtcacaccc atttcaggtc tttcagtctc     89640
     tgctaatgag ctgatgatct gaatcgggtg tgtttggttg aggagacatg gaaaatgtgc     89700
     agagctggtg atcctccagg aaagtgattg agaaacactg atgtaaataa tgttcggaaa     89760
     tcttaaacga tgaacactcc tccgttttgt ttgttctgaa gccaaatctg ttgccgttta     89820
     ttgctttatt catatcagtg aatgttagta aagctttgaa agcagatcac attttactga     89880
     tgggttcagt agcacagtat tttaaataaa cctctttgat atgattgata tcatgcctcc     89940
     tgttgctaaa tcaaacgtat gcttaatcca tttcaaaatt gatcaactaa acgtccagtt     90000
     ttgacataaa ggaatctgta catgaaaaga aaaacaagta ttttacaaag tatcccatca     90060
     acagtcctta aaacgcccga agatagaatt aaaacaccat taaccgcatt ttaaacgctt     90120
     cttcagcaaa gctacattca agagagtctt tagttgtgag aacagcacct cctattggtg     90180
     gagaagcaac cgtgtccact cggattgatg gagaagcagg aagtgcataa cattagctgg     90240
     taggtaaggt ttgaaaaagc tgactgacag ctggcttgtg ctttaagaag agagacagca     90300
     gcagtaatgc ctggatgaca gcaaatggag ctccttctgc tcagctttac tccagcaggt     90360
     cctgacaatg acacagacat ttagcaagat cagtacaatg acttatggcc atgtttatac     90420
     ctagcgttaa gatgcttttt tgtctgtcaa acttgagcac cattatcaaa tacaatcaaa     90480
     aacattgtga ctttcgacca cttccagagg taattgaaaa tggattagat cagattgttt     90540
     tcaaaggatc tgtttacatc caggcgttaa agagacagtt cattcaaaaa tttaaattct     90600
     gtcatcattt tctagcggtg gaaggactac tgaaaattca cactcaagta ccattactta     90660
     cccaaaaatg tagcctgagt aaaagtatct gctgtacata ttactaaaga ctatagaata     90720
     cacaagacat gtgacctgta tacttttaaa tgggtcaata tggtgaataa acccggcatt     90780
     agaatatttt tttgtgttca tttgtgttca tggttttcaa atgtaacatt atcaacggca     90840
     aagggaaatt tacatatagt ggaacatacc actaactgta aaaaaaggag gtcagcaggc     90900
     agagagttgg tagttattag tggctgttaa aacacaactg accatgagtt tttacactat     90960
     gtaagcacag tgttttgagc tccctctggt aatgctaaaa tgtggataac ctcaaaacat     91020
     tttagacccc ttttacacgc atatttaaca tcaccctttt gagatcgaat gcattaaact     91080
     taatcttaaa accagatgga cacggagctt aagtgtagtt atttatgagt gtgaatctgt     91140
     acctcatctg aatcatcatg gaagtcattc ttcggtgctc caaccacatc tgtctccagc     91200
     ggttcatcaa caccattggc ttccacattg tgttgtaaga ctgagtatct gtggaccagg     91260
     aacctgcaaa atagagggca ggacagttta cagacagaat tatctttttg tatttaaaaa     91320
     aacgatatgt atttaatata taaaccttaa aatgtttggg gaacagactg accttccacc     91380
     gcagacgtat ttctttacga acagtgcccc aaacactaga ccggtcagca ggatggcgat     91440
     gaccatggca atgataggag ccgtgtgaga ggtggattgc tctgactgtg gattattctg     91500
     atagaagata aacagctgcg tgagtatgag gtttaagcgc tactgttaaa aagatccccc     91560
     attcacctag atcaggccag taggtggtga tgtcactttg taacgcactt atggtcaacc     91620
     acatttctgc attcttttaa aaatgtacac tttttaaaga tagtagagtg aactgttcat     91680
     tcaacactta tgtacataaa acaagcctac agtacatgtg actgatgttt ttataaatac     91740
     agaaatgcag aactgtgata tataaatgca gtctcaccag cggctggggg tcaagcaggt     91800
     cactgacgca tctcttgctc aggtcgatca cctttctttc tggttgtttc cctccttcac     91860
     acttatcacc tggaatcttt cggtatctgc caaattcaaa ataattattt attcattttc     91920
     cttccgctta gtctcttatt tatcagtggt caccacagcg gaatgaacca ctaataaata     91980
     ataaccatga aataattaaa atgtttctta aagcgacagt tcacacaaat taaaaatctt     92040
     tcatcattta caaaccctca agtgattcaa atcctgttct gttcttctgc tgaacacaca     92100
     atattttgaa gtacgttgga aaacacttgc cattgacttg catagtattt tttctctatt     92160
     atggacatca gtggctagct gtgtccaaca ttcttcaata tatcttattt ttttgtttta     92220
     agagattaaa tatactcatg aagctttttt ttccatttga aggagtaaat gattacagaa     92280
     atgtaatttc tgagtgaaca accaatttaa gaatcagaga aacataagag tcagtcctca     92340
     agagaataaa gcagagatgg cattacccac tggtctggag ctgctccttc ttcccatgaa     92400
     tgcagatctc cagatcatgg cctttgagtt cagcctgttc tatacactca gagctctttt     92460
     ctttacggta gtatccaaag tcactgaaaa ggaaggcaga gaatatttgt ctcttttctt     92520
     tacatttaca tttattcatt tagcacagtg gtcctcaacc tttttatcac cgcggaccag     92580
     tcaacgcttg acaattttac cgtggaccgg gaggggtcgg agtttcgtag gttgctaggt     92640
     gaccatcaac catttttctc agaggatgac aagctgtcac ccggatacaa gttttatgta     92700
     tggagaaaat gacaaagcac tgcagtgttt gggtgtacta agtttgtgtg agataatgtc     92760
     taccgaaatg tgtatattcc atccaaactg gggcggtcac ttcttgtcac gtgactcgcg     92820
     gcatttattc aactgggtgc atctggaagg ggtgagcacg tcacgttgga aataatgaac     92880
     ttgcgcaaac tctacaaaag atgcgaaatg cgaacggcca ctaaaaggtt gccgtcattt     92940
     gctatctcca attttctgat ttgttgacaa atgggttgcg gatccattcc ttggctgaag     93000
     gtttcataca tacacactca ttcacactca tacatcacgg acactttagc caacccaatt     93060
     cacctgtacc acaggtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccaga gcaaccggag gaaacccacg     93120
     caaatgcggg gagaacatga aaactccata cagaaatacc aacgaaccca gccaaggctc     93180
     gaaccagcga ccttcttgct gtaaggcgac aggactacct actgcgccac cgcgtcacca     93240
     atacggtgat tgttcatact cagataataa atacaatgga aataataaat gatttcttgt     93300
     gcggcctggt accaactgat ccatggaccg gtaccagtcc acggcctgtt ggttgagaac     93360
     cactgattta gctgacgctt ttgtccaaac aattcaggag gcatttaata cacacaagag     93420
     atgctagttt tacaaagtaa cttatttgag ctcagagaat gctagagttg ttgttttgtt     93480
     tttttgagag ggaaagaaag tgtttctaca ggtggtttgt taagcccact cacttgtgtg     93540
     aagcacactt cagaaatgta cagtctttgt gtaggttaat gtgtcagtga gatgaatgag     93600
     tgtgctttca acaggtgatt tgttaagccc actcacctct gtgaggcaca ctcagaattt     93660
     atagtatttt aggttggtgt gtggtgaggt ggggaagaaa ttaggggtct tggttttatt     93720
     caccagagtt caggtgctct taggccatgt caacacgtac atgggtattt ttaaaatatt     93780
     tttttcccgc cttctatcca tatgaagatg aactgtcaat ggcatgcaat taataggtga     93840
     tgataaaagc aacccggtct tcttctgaat acgtaccgct atataaattt ctggagagcg     93900
     ccgaatacat cccaggagct atgttttttg cagtttttgt tttcgcgatt ccactgtgta     93960
     tgatttttca gatctgaaat ttctcttgtg agtgccattt gcatctgctg ttctcacgta     94020
     aatccaccag aggccgatgt cgactgaccg atgccccatc cttccccctt ccctaaaccc     94080
     aaccgatagt gttttcaata gcactgattg acccaaaaac ccatttccct aaacctgcat     94140
     aattcaggat ctccagaaat gtatatttcg ctacgttttc agaatgagcc tatgatgcat     94200
     aaaagcctta caataaaggc acgttggcca attagaaaca agaaaaaagc acgcaaatca     94260
     acactatgag gcaaaaagtt gacaaagttt tcaaaaaatg tatgtctttt tcacctgata     94320
     ctgcgttttt gtttgatatt ttcatttttt aaggattagt tttccactca ccacaggaag     94380
     tcatcaagtg tgcagacaca cggcgtgggc tgtttgttaa ctacatattc ccgtccaatc     94440
     cagcaaacag agtccttcct cacccgcagg aaacgctctt tgtagcccag catgcaaccg     94500
     tcttctgggt cgctgatgtc atcagagtgt gccagccatt gaacataatc atcactctcg     94560
     cctgaaaacc aaacaaaaaa tggtttgtgt caactaaact ataaagtgca acaagatgtg     94620
     gttgaaactg aactggtcac ttacaatttc gttttagcag gtctttaaag tcaatagtgt     94680
     aggtgaccca gtggctgatc atagcgtctt cataacccca gagactgacg ttcactgagc     94740
     gggcaccagg ctcagaggcc aagcctgtga agtacatcgg cgtctgggtg aacgtgtgaa     94800
     catgccagca ttggccctca tcggtggaga acctgtgcgg cacataaaca acgagttgtg     94860
     tgggatgtac agacattatg cattgaagaa aattagcttc atttttttaa gaattacaaa     94920
     gaaaactggt atctaaaagc cagttatggt agccagatac acacatggtt ttttgctcca     94980
     aggtgtaaac cctactcagt gtttgtgctg caaaactcct cttactataa aacatatttt     95040
     actggactgt cctgcttttt ctgattccag aaggactttt tatgaaatga actcttttca     95100
     ggacactttt gacaaagtga aaccagaaaa gattttagaa tttttatcat gtattaacac     95160
     aaaaaaactt atttaattta tgttttattt tgtttgctga tttttaaatt gtatatttat     95220
     tgttgaaaga ttcctgccat gaagatagcc ttggttgctg acatggcatt aaataaaaaa     95280
     tacattacat tacatggtag ccagatacta actgaaatca taaacaattt tcttttattt     95340
     ggaataaaat aatgttcaaa taaactaaat tactgtcagt tgatgttcta tttttttaaa     95400
     tttcatttta accctttaac tttctgctcg acccaatggt tgaccatatt ttgactgact     95460
     atattttatt gagaggatta cctaacttaa ccaaacctaa aggagccatc tctaccgtct     95520
     ggttgaagta tgtttggcca ataaaatcca ctagtcgtca ctaacttgat caacagcact     95580
     catcacaaca ttgtttcaag aaaaaacaag gaaatcactt ctgacatgct aggtaggcat     95640
     ttttcttttg acaaattatc ctctgagagc cctagcttta caaagtttag ttacttggta     95700
     ccatgaataa tatttagtat gtttgtaata acttttcaaa aacatgctca accaaattat     95760
     tgatttgtct tagaaaagca aaactaatgt tttcatatta taaatttccg cagtcagaat     95820
     ggactgtttg cctagaaatc attacatttg atcattcaca gggtacatat gacacagcat     95880
     gttatttatt cttgaatata gtgaaatact tacttaagta ctttttttca acaattttag     95940
     gatctttttg gtgtaaatat aatgcattct taaaactaat gtgtggaaat cacaactttc     96000
     aaagattttt ttaaaactga cttttcttta attgcaaatg ctggtcttct agcattagta     96060
     taattgtaag agattgatat ttgtttgtat gtttatttgt tttttgcatt tgtttgacgg     96120
     atgtcaacag tttctatgat acaagaacgc acattcaata cttatattaa tttaagccac     96180
     caaaacatgc agtcaatcaa taaataaata atgtaatatt ttctgtttga tggatctaaa     96240
     aagttgttta tgtttgttta gtttgtttat gtttagtttt atttagggtt accagtcata     96300
     gcatcatgtt ttgttaaatt ttcctgttaa atatttttgt tttctgagtt cttggtttta     96360
     atttgttgta gttacacatt attggaattt ttacgcccac ctgctccatg tttagttcat     96420
     gagttactgc atttacaggc gagttgttct ctttttggtt tatgtgttta ttttcagtta     96480
     atattacacc tgagatctcc ttggactgac ttttcatgag atctacacag acaaaaattt     96540
     aattgtaatt gaatatttaa aaagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cagtaacact taagtttagg     96600
     tcaaaattca tgctaataac tactgactta tcacctgcct attattaaga tgttaactgt     96660
     tcattagtag taataaagta tgctcttatt ctgcatcctt aatcctaccc aaaacctaaa     96720
     ccaaacttca accaaacaaa ctattaatca gctaattagt atttttaagc tagtagtgtt     96780
     agttaatggt taagtaaaag tgtgaattgt aacctaaact aaagtgtaac aaaaatatta     96840
     atataatcat aacactatct cagtgcttac ttaatctcgg agatgggttt ggcctggttg     96900
     tgctccacgg ccaccagcag gcctccagaa tccaggatgg catagtgatg tggccccttt     96960
     agagcctgca gccaggtgta gcctccatca tcagacacat acacatcagg cgtctgcatg     97020
     gagatggcgt cccctacgct gcctggaaaa gggtgagtgc aacagtcaat gtttcgattt     97080
     attttcttta ttggtattcc cattatttcc atttactata aagtgttcct tctgaattgc     97140
     cttgaaatgc acagctttgt tcgatgtgtg aagtaaatcc aaattaaaca tgaagtcagg     97200
     gtggggaata tctgccccat ttaaaaaaag aaaagtcaat agcgtattgt ttatatagct     97260
     ctgccaataa gagtcagaga gataaagcga atctgactat tgacaaccac agtctttgat     97320
     agcaatgctg agtctgtctg actgtttctc cactttaaat tacagcattt agtcaaattc     97380
     aaatgggtct gatacctttc tggtctatgt ggttctggac cagagcagac tatctatgtt     97440
     aactcatgtt agattttact gtatttgtct taaccattct tggaatataa taaaataagt     97500
     aagctgacca aaattcttaa ggggagatgg ctttattaaa gacattgttt agtacagttc     97560
     ctcagcatca atgttaactt gtcggccttc aagtaactta gcccaaagta ctgtctgtga     97620
     gacagtactt cacagcaaag aagattatta cccagctggt ttggttgggt cacaactctt     97680
     gagttcctgt agggcatttg gttcatacct tttcagatgc agatacttgt ttgcatataa     97740
     aaccagccat acaatctatc actctcttta actcacaact agacttcatt cacctcaatg     97800
     gaaagtttcc attttcattt gaatattttc ctccccacat tattccaact aataaacatg     97860
     cagaatttca gatgtgtcgg ctaccattta ttattttctt atttatgcaa atgtccaata     97920
     agtaaacgat ttcagcctta actagtaggt aagaatcagg acaattgcga tacaagagag     97980
     cttttgattg gtcagaagat ctgataagaa gctgaagtgt tccttgattt cataaaaatt     98040
     gttgatccat tgagaaacaa aatttaatta cttatttttt taaatgtctt tgttttgaag     98100
     cagttaacct taaaactaat aaagtcacta atatccaaca aaactttaat tctgatttta     98160
     aggggacttt aattatttat atatatgttt gtattttctt caattcgtct ataagaacct     98220
     attttctgtg attgttttgg atttgtgagt caataagttt gcaatggcta agtccccctg     98280
     cacgtgaaag agtaaggtca ttacaggtta ctacacataa aataaaatga aataaaacaa     98340
     accataacaa aacaaaacaa gtacagtgca ctggtcttaa tagtgtgttt gcattattac     98400
     catgagccaa gataagtcca acagcattgg gttcactgag aggtggcatg ggtacgttga     98460
     ccttcatgga ggtactgtat gaagcatgaa tatgcagact acactgtaca aaagaaagac     98520
     aacactagta agtaaacaca ctaaacaaca aaaacttctg tccaatctgt cccatcatca     98580
     cacctttgct tacaaggttc ttaccatttc tgcatctttg gctgtggaat cacacttggt     98640
     gttttctggt ttcttcaaag gaacccactc tcctccctgg tcaaacgtta ttactgtctg     98700
     tacagagtta tctttagcag aaataaaaaa taattacact accattctat aattatcttt     98760
     attaagggca tctttggtca tgtcaactaa tgtatgtgcg tgtgtttgtt tatgtaatat     98820
     tttcaattta aaatgatgca ttaaattaaa aagcacaaca aagtatttaa acagaataaa     98880
     atgttttctt gaacaccaaa tgagcatatc agaatactgt ctgcaactta tcagtatcat     98940
     gtaacatcaa ggagtaaaaa aagtcagctt ttataatcta aatataatac cataaaaaca     99000
     tttttaaaac aacagttatg ccattgcggg aattaatctc atgttattag attgatagtt     99060
     cttctaaatt gaaataattt tatacaatat tactgtgtaa ataagtgcaa ccttggaaag     99120
     acacatcatc tattttaaaa ttttcaaaaa agtactgtac ccaaactttt gaacagtgct     99180
     taaacaatgt taaatatcaa atctaaatgt acatttaaaa cataaacagc aggccttcca     99240
     attgaaactg cttttatcca tgttcattta aagaccaggt gtcaaactca gttcgtggtg     99300
     ggccacagtt ttgcacagtt ttggtccctt tccactgagc agtacggtac ggtacggttt     99360
     agttcggaac atgcttcatg tatgatatgt gaatgaccgc tacagcttta ctttgacatt     99420
     tccttgagcg agaatgacat caactgaaac tttctgtcgt acaccacacc catcaagagg     99480
     gtactattgg tgcccttttg gcagtggaaa tgcaattctt ataaaggtga cccgtaccga     99540
     cctgtaccgt actgtactgt accactcagt ggaaacgggc tatttgaaac ctacatgtaa     99600
     gtgtgttgaa gcagggttgg agctaagctg tgtaggaccg cagccctcca ggaactgagt     99660
     ttgacacccc tgatttaaag catacaattt aaatctgaca caaacacaca tacgttaaat     99720
     atatgtgcat gttttctaga atatacccta ccctcagcta gcacactagt agtgtagact     99780
     cctctgaggg aagtgacgtt ggtgaagtct gtctctcctc cagtgtacag atggcgttct     99840
     agagacttgg aatagactgt gcctctgtca tctgacacat agatggtgcc aatgcctgtg     99900
     tctggaaaat aaacaaaggc acaaggcagt taaaaaagac acagtagaag gtctatcaag     99960
     tttattaaaa aacaacagtt gtttcttttg gcagttccac tcttttgtat tgctaaatgc    100020
     ctgtggttga ccagtacaag attttcatat taaaaacaat gcatctatat accagtgtgg    100080
     ctgatttcaa gatgttttat aaaacaggaa aacgctagtg aaaaatgggg ggtttgtgtg    100140
     aaattctcac tttacagagg tgcaagataa cattattaag tatgtcactc gctttgtgaa    100200
     aaccccaagc aacttgagag cccaaaagca ttcactttgt gacaaagcct attggaatac    100260
     agtcagaatg aatcttaaat tatagttatg aaagcaagaa aacatccttg tatgcgtttt    100320
     cctttttcca tagtcttgca agtctagatt cagattggct gaaaggtgta taatataagg    100380
     tgttcacacc agatgcggaa gaagcatcaa gcatgagtga tttacatgtt aagtcaatgc    100440
     aaagaagcaa atagacaatt gctcttgttg gggggggggg gggggggggg taattatgac    100500
     gtagcgcctc ttgttggtgt ccagggggaa aatcctcctg ccaacactga caacagttca    100560
     tcaaactggg cttggctcag tcagaagcac cgctgaaagc cttcatcatc caggtctagt    100620
     ttctggagga gtttatgggc tcacagaggt ggatgcacct cagaatggat ctagtggaca    100680
     cggctccaaa cgaattgatg ctgtttttca gtcttcctaa agcaactaaa cgcacagcta    100740
     ttctctcaat aaaatccatg ttagccattt agcaacaaag cttaacacgc gaatgaagcg    100800
     tatttgaggc gcaaaagaat tgagtaaact caaaatgttt acgcgtctat ttatccttgc    100860
     ttaccgcatt aggtgtgaac acagcattag tattaaaggg cacatatttt accctttttt    100920
     caagattcaa gttttattag tcttttgtgt ccccagaatt tgtctgtaac gtttcagctc    100980
     aaaacaccca tcagattatt tgttgtacct ttcagaatat tggaattttt tgctatgaaa    101040
     acattgcagc tgtttttgtg gcctgagccc agttttgggc aagctacttt aaaaaatgta    101100
     gtgagctaag ctattagcta ctctacttaa aatgtagctt aactacacta aaagctaagc    101160
     taaaagctac atgggaaaag tagcttagca acttctaagc tatttttaca aatttcattt    101220
     ttaaatcgaa gcaactgaaa tccaagtcaa tcatatctta gtgatcaata aaactgtcaa    101280
     tgaaacatat gacacataat agttcagttc agttatttac tgtaaataat atcctgtact    101340
     gaacagaaac aaattatagt aaataacagc taaaacaaaa aaaaaatctc tatatatata    101400
     ctaaagtatt ttttgagcat agcatcagaa attaagtttt tacaccttaa catgtacttc    101460
     ttgaggtatg gtcacgagaa atatactgct tcagaaataa ctcctctccc tcagtcatct    101520
     ttccatcaag caagtttagg tttgcgacat cgccaaccag aggtggcagt aatgcaccaa    101580
     aaactttgtt gtcgaacatc gaaagaagaa gaaatcgtca ctctcgccat catatggatt    101640
     tactttcatc tgctagacac cggcctcaca tctccgtgaa tgtgggtgcc atcacttatt    101700
     gatccacaat ctgtaaatgt agcttgtgtg gacgctactg cactacctgg ctaataaaat    101760
     agctttgcta ctgaaaagct atttaattta gaaagtagca aacgccacac aactgaaaaa    101820
     tgtagttaag ctagtagcgt cactacttga agcgatgcta ctgcccaaca ctgcttgtgc    101880
     ctttaatgct agttcttctc gcccacggtt cccacatgcc tgtcagagtg tgcctcaatc    101940
     tccgcctcgg ctgcgacaga taaacagcat attgacagac aagaaggaag cagatcacat    102000
     ttaacatttg tgagaaatac tacagtattt ttcccaatga ttatttgatg aactttccca    102060
     atgattattt gatgtatttg tagtggagtt aattcaagcc tttctgcaac gatgagtcac    102120
     acacaacgtc atcacaaagt tcacacacac acagactcac aaacagcaca tgcatttaac    102180
     tttgcactgt taatatccaa tgctgttttg gatatagtga cacatagtgt tgattgcaaa    102240
     tgtgacatta gcccctttca ttgatatgaa aatttcattg acattgatac aggtaaatat    102300
     tctgaaaatt accagaatga ctgtacgttc cagaatgttt caggaaaaga ccatttacac    102360
     atccattgca aaatgccggt atattttgac atcattagcc aaaaatgagc tctaaatagc    102420
     agcgcagaag gggtcgggct tctgttgctg atttcacttt tatttaaagc tttagcattc    102480
     taaagctgca gattctttgt ctggctacat aatttgcgtt ctccagaaat gtaaataggg    102540
     ctgcagaatg agtttatgtt agattgtttg gacaataatt gtgcagtcac cacctactga    102600
     tctgacatgc acaacacagc attttcagta cttttttcac agattcattt gtgcatatgc    102660
     aaaactattc aaaaatgaaa aacgctgtga agaacactag atgtaagcat atgttataaa    102720
     gtaaataaag caagagaaac caccaacctc ctggttcatc cacatgcata aagaccattt    102780
     catcattggc tgccagtatt gagtaaaact gctcgtgact gacaggagga agttgtgcca    102840
     tgttccacgt ctcaccaagg tctactgaca catgtatcgc acgcatgatt tcctgaaaaa    102900
     catgaataaa gttaacacac tgtattcatg catatataca cacactcgtg tatcataaca    102960
     cacacctctg atgccgacgg tattatgttt cctgatgctg ccataactga agcgaacaga    103020
     aaacgtccac caatcccgaa ggagtagatc ctctctgcaa ccgtctttat attagcgcca    103080
     aggtcaactg actttctcag caccagcatc cctttatcaa ctgaaaaaca caaaacaaca    103140
     aacggtgaag tattaatagg ggtttagaat gatgtccctg gttttatgag atgctcgggc    103200
     cgcagtttgt gttttttcag caataacaca aggtttgctg actcaaatcc gctgtggggt    103260
     gtttaattat aatgctaaaa tattcgaacg tttcatctga cagctattaa tgagctcttg    103320
     agcaacacca gtcacagggt gctgcttcat cccctctgac actggtgcaa aagcactcat    103380
     aaacattgcc aaacatcttg aaaaggaagc ttaaaatttc attctgttgg gttcagtatg    103440
     aggacagctt ttactggcca gtgcaagaga gttttggatc agttgacaga actgtaagaa    103500
     ctatttctgt agcagctttg atgcaatttg cactgtacaa gatgctataa aaactgaagt    103560
     gacttgactt tcaaaactgt gcttttattc ataacttttt tggcttcatt ttaatatgta    103620
     taatttaatt aataatcttg tgatagttgt ggaaatatca tttaaaatgg cacagcttca    103680
     ttcattcata cattttcttt tcggcttagt ccctttatta atcaggggtc gccacagcag    103740
     aatgaaccgc caacttatcc agcatatgtt ttacgcagag gatgcccttc cttcagcaac    103800
     ccatcactgg gaaacggcac agcttcaata ttatgtatat ttttcttata tgacattttg    103860
     ttttaattcc atcaaaaaaa ggtttatgaa cataaatatt ttcttcaata aaacattata    103920
     tatacagtat atatgtcagt taattattgg ttttaatatt gctttcatag aagcatattt    103980
     cagaaaatgt tattgccatt tactggttta gacattttgt cagggctgta gtgatcaagg    104040
     ctagagtgca tgagagataa atccgcagaa aagtttaatg atctaacaag tatccagacg    104100
     gccaacttta acttaaaata ttgtgaatac acagttaatt taaaggtcac ataaatgcat    104160
     taaacactga agtagaaact cccacaaaga ataaaacatt cccctaaatt gtattattat    104220
     ttttttaaaa acctaactat acaccctcaa atatgctgtc aaagcagagg aaatgagcta    104280
     gaataaaaat gtaaaaaaaa atttatatat ataaatatat atatatatat atatatatat    104340
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatgtcaaa    104400
     taaaatgcta tttatatcta caatagacaa ggcaaggcaa gtttatttat atagcacatt    104460
     tcatacacag tggcaattca aagtgcttta cataaacaag aataaaagag ataagtgtat    104520
     atgataataa aaacaaataa aacagtgaat aaaaaaagat aaaaacagaa tgaaatgtta    104580
     aaacaggtta taaaaggatg aaaaagaaaa gaaagaccta atagtttgat ctgtgggacg    104640
     tagcacactg cttattcagt aaaggcacag ctaaacaggt atgttttcag tctggatttg    104700
     aatgtgccta attttggagc acatctgatt atttcagaaa gccgattgca gcacagattg    104760
     gagcgtaata gatggacaga gtgtaataga gcgtaataga agacagattc accctgcttt    104820
     gactgaaccc ttggaatttc tagtttacat gatcttaaag atctaagtga tctgttaggc    104880
     ttgcaatcag tgagcatatc tgtaatgtat tgcggtccta ggccatttaa tgatttatag    104940
     ataagtaata atactttaaa atctattctg aatgtaactg ggagccagtg taaagacctg    105000
     aggacaggtg tgatgtgctc tgattttctg gttgtggtca gaatcctagc agcagtgttc    105060
     tggatgagaa ttttcagtat tttattgctc taaatttaat tttgttctat atattttttt    105120
     tagattactt ataactttgt gctattttga tatttaaaaa atattagtat taaatatgtt    105180
     ttccaaagcc tgtttatctg tgattgtttt atattaataa ataaataaca ttgaaatgca    105240
     atactaaaaa atgtgtattt atatgtatgt atgcattatg tattataaac aaatatatgc    105300
     tttttttatt cattaaaaca gacggcactg gtaataataa ccatttaatg taccagcatg    105360
     tcaaactatt gattttattt tgttcccaat ccaactctca tctttcattg cagagtttcc    105420
     tgttggacag gaggacaagg atataaacgc aggaatacac atatgattta tacacacaca    105480
     atactggcac acaattgtgt catcacacct tagatcaaca gagcaataaa tgttactcac    105540
     aacaagatcc gttaaggttg gttgagaaga acagagcatc tattcccctg ttgaaaagta    105600
     gaagagagaa ttgatccgtg agattacact cctgagacct cataaaacaa cagcagtcag    105660
     atcgggtcac tttgttggca gcataacaag tgcgaacata cagcatgcta aaatctcaag    105720
     caagtagcat gtagtttatg atgatcccta aacaaaccat atttttgcat aatgaatgac    105780
     atatttatta ttcatataaa caagaaactg gccggatagc gattgatccc ctattacatc    105840
     ggtgtcgttg tcgtaacggg atatttaaga ctgtcacaga tcatatgacg cactgttaag    105900
     acgagactca agagagtgac tcaggctgag gagatttcag gttacaaaat cattctaaac    105960
     agattcaaac atttaaagga ttgctaaccc cccaaaaatg tttttcttct gttgaacaca    106020
     aatgagacat ttcttagaat gttgaagaat ggtagcattg agtttcaata gttggtcaat    106080
     ggcaaccatt cattcttcaa aattaccttc taaaaaaggt ggatagtgag taaatgatgt    106140
     ttcatttttg ggagaactat ttgtttttta aaagtcactg agcaatttca agacggcatt    106200
     ttttttttac tttatatatt agatgatatt aaacttaaaa tttgttaaaa aggatactat    106260
     atttccttta aaatctgcat gaatcgaaag cttcaaccat tttttttcat attgtgacac    106320
     agttcctaga aaaatgaaat attgcagatg ggtgaaattc aaatcttcca gtagaccgcc    106380
     aatcttcgag tgcagaggca ggtccaatat gggcgatcgc ctatggcgtc atcttgcttc    106440
     atctgcgacc cacaaaacca tacaatcccc cttgcgtgca ctacgacacc ctgaacattg    106500
     tgagggcgaa ccagtctgtg tattaacaat atttcaagat cgcaagttaa gcttgcgacg    106560
     atcctgttca agtagatctc agagttaaaa cgagttgcag cttgtgaaaa actttcctaa    106620
     agtttacatg gaagggttga aatttatttt gataaatggg aaacatttct aaaattctgt    106680
     gacccacaac gctagcaaac atgtaacgag acaaaatatt aattaagact gatattagca    106740
     accctttttg tttggtttgg tttattttct caatattcat ataaatgtta tttatttatt    106800
     ttgtattgct ttgcttttct gataatgctg tatttgaaat tcttctacat tatttgcaaa    106860
     taggaaaaat ctataaaaag ttcaaataat aaaaaagaga caaaatatta aatgcggaaa    106920
     cagtggacgt ggcttgtttt tcctactgca agctgattgg atgtagtaaa gtagatattt    106980
     cattcagaaa aatctggaaa agggcttcag gagagttact acaaccaaat agacacctcc    107040
     tcctcaccat ttctgggttg ttgctagatc agatacattt gtggtcaaaa gttaaagaga    107100
     attatttata ttatttaata catttcctat taattgtatt ttagtaacgt cttcccctac    107160
     cctaacccta aatctaaccg ccacagtaat gtaaaaacag tagtagtacc gagtattatt    107220
     aatgttattt attaaattac caaataaatt gtatattttt aacatctacc cccaccccaa    107280
     ccgcaaaccc aaccgtcaca ggactgtaaa aatatgaatt attattatac agtgtcacaa    107340
     aatgtgcata tccgcagcca tatacaatct agagtttacc ccatctctgt ttgttgtcat    107400
     agcactgtca aaactgacag ttgaaggggc gtggttaagt aagttagcca cgcccaatgg    107460
     ctagcaaaga catgatctga gaattgaact gaaaacaaac acgaagctca ttttcagatt    107520
     tcaattttag attacagggg caaacattct ttttttcttc ttagggtgct ttcacatttg    107580
     gttcaattgc ctggaccgaa cccaagttcg attgttcccc ccttgccacc ttctcagcta    107640
     tttttttata cgcttgcgtc atcaagctgc tgttttgtgc acagctgttg caaggtgatg    107700
     gccacgaaag aaaagttcca aaacagagac atctgcattt cacggtcatt atgcttttac    107760
     tgaatcttat aaccaaaacc aaaatacaga gagccacttg cgtctatctg ccgcaaaaaa    107820
     aaacaaaaca aaacattaaa aatgttcaga acatcaggca atgtctgcaa aagtcgtttt    107880
     tggtggagac aagcagacat tatcactgtg tttgcactgg gtcagtcccg tttaccaccc    107940
     agctagttga tgcaccaaca tacacacaca caaatgaaca ttatgaaaac taacgtttgt    108000
     tgtacagttg gcggttcact tctgttattt ggtacgattg cattcatatc agaagtaaac    108060
     cgtaccagag ttcccacaaa ccgtatccca gaccaccatt tcaggcagac tcgggtacgc    108120
     ttcacgggtg cgcacatgag ttcagaaggc atgttcacac tagctaaacg taccgtgctc    108180
     tgacgtcaaa caaactcggg tgcggaccaa aaatgctagt gtgaaagcac ccttaattat    108240
     atgcacagat gaattgttca ccacaaaact agcaatgtga gctaataaaa tcaatacggt    108300
     aagttttgat ttcatgtgta ctttaacttt tttatgtcac catatcaggg ttttaagcag    108360
     ctgttgacat ttttgaacat gtttctggtt gttactcaat ataaaagtga aagaacaaaa    108420
     aactactctg aactaaatgt tggttttctt cctctgcttt cacggttaca ttttatgctg    108480
     ataaacttgt aatgacaccc ttctccagga agtggtacaa tttgtggaag gaaaacaaca    108540
     gcacgaacat tgctttagca tcatgtttaa aaaatctcaa atatttagcg taatgcatct    108600
     ggtgcttgga aaatatgcaa ttattacatg taataaattt aaacacaata aaagtgtcct    108660
     gatgtgtctt gataactgca ctgacaaacc ttcaatttca atttactcag acttctatgt    108720
     taagctgctt tgacacaatc tacattgtaa aagtgctaga aataaagacg aattgaattg    108780
     atatttaatg gtgggcatgt ctgaaaatat ggttttaata cttcctcata ctgcattctc    108840
     tacgtctgct tgttttgtac tttgaatcta ataaagacat tccattaaaa cacattgaat    108900
     tagaggagaa atgatcaagg tttttggtgt ggcttgtaaa ttcatgtgca aactttatat    108960
     gatgcggttg tgggtgagaa cttcctgttg tatgttgtag attcacgctc tcaagatgtc    109020
     ttactgatct gacccaattt ctgactgccg ttttgatccc ctttccaaaa aggtggaata    109080
     cggttctttt tttaaaacta ggttattcag agggctgcag ggacgcctga ggatgaacct    109140
     tgcctaccgt taggaaagct caaaggagga attaaaggaa tagtatggtt tataatgaat    109200
     ataaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaactag agtgtttaaa cagatcttgc tttcttggtt    109260
     aaacattaaa cctgtaaatg gatagtctgg atgaatttgc ttttaaagat aactactttt    109320
     gtgttgaagt gtaaaaacac aagactttaa cagtagattt aaagtgaagt ttgatgcagg    109380
     tgtttatctg gggcagctga gcgtcttcgg acattgaaag ctgagccttg tggaaaaaca    109440
     ggatgactca gcagagaatg tctcgtgttg ctgccatggt ggccatattt gcatgtttgt    109500
     gttgttgtgt cctggatata cacccgtgac aagacaagcc agaacttccc aaacaggctg    109560
     gtcaaatgta aaaagaaaag aggctgtgct ccaccctgtg tcttcacaaa cacaaagctc    109620
     ctaaataact aactcgctca cttctaggta ttttgacaat cattgaaaga tcttaccatt    109680
     tcaccacgca caccatctca tgaatttttg tccatgttgt gccaaagtct ttcgagatcc    109740
     agaggtcatg ctgaaacggc agtaaaatta gaaattatgc aaatgttcaa aagcagaaat    109800
     gcaccagttg aaatgcataa taatattgta tttttatgta tatgtaaaaa tgtaaaagca    109860
     gggcttcacc aagtcaaatg taagactttt aaagaccttt taaaaccatc gagaatgaaa    109920
     ttttcagact taaacagggc taaacgctat aatgcccaag cagaaaaata aataatttac    109980
     catcaagaaa ctaattttaa ttagttattt cttggccaca tttttgtgtc acatcaaccc    110040
     agcaggcaca taacatcata agacgttaat attaggttag atttaggtca agacgtcatg    110100
     ctgtttgagg acaacattat tttgatgtcc aataacgacg tcaaattacg ttgatatttg    110160
     gttgatttta ggatgtgttt gaaagtgacc aaaatccaac ttctgataga taccatagtg    110220
     gtaacatcca cacaacgtca aggtgtaaca tgataagacg ttgatatttt ggttgatttt    110280
     aggttggaca ttggcctgac gttgggttca aacgtcaacc cgatttttat ttccaaacaa    110340
     tatccaatgt ccccacgacg ttttggtaga acgtcaatat gacgtcaagt tgacgtcctg    110400
     tgcctgcagg gaagtgtcaa ataaagcaaa ccctagtttt ttcaacataa ctaacaaaaa    110460
     agccttttac aattttaata aactaaatgt atgcacatca ggttttattg atatgtattg    110520
     ttggttattg gatgtgtgtt ggatcgatag ggtagcttta cataaacaaa tgaaaataaa    110580
     gaccctttaa aaataaaaaa gagctttttt aaggcctaaa attttgtttt tgaaatttaa    110640
     gacattttaa gactttttaa gaccctgtgg acaccctgaa aagttcaccc aaccaggata    110700
     aacactttaa ttaaataaaa taaactgatc aaattcgaag tagtggactt ccgttaaatt    110760
     ttagttctcc aaagtgttag cagaaaaaag ggttgtattt tattttatgc tattatttat    110820
     ttacatgaag ttacagagta cttaccgaag aaagtactag ataaaataag ataattacag    110880
     tggattagat taagtttaga agttgagggt gagcacctag ttactatatg gttaaatata    110940
     gatgttcaca aaaatgaaca tttcccaacc caggctcatt ctgaaaatga accgctatat    111000
     atatttctgg agagagccaa atacgtccca ggatgtatgt tttttttgtg tttttattat    111060
     tattattatt attttttaca gttttttgtt ttcgtgaatc caccagaggc cgctgtgtac    111120
     attttttaag atctctaatt tctctcacga gtgccattcg cgcttgctgt tctcgtgtaa    111180
     atccaaccct tccccatacc cctacccccg catgcccgtg aaggggtagt ggtgtcccaa    111240
     ttctctttag cttgaagaca tagggctaag ggtaaggggt atatttccct tcaaacgaat    111300
     atttttcagg accacactcg aaaccaaggg gtaagaaaat tttcccagaa tacactagcc    111360
     acagctgcac ccggaagtaa ggagatccac aaatgagtat tttttgtcat tattaagaat    111420
     ttttacaaca cacagacacg tgttttaata tattcataac cacgtttatg gtttaccatc    111480
     atgcttttta aaaaaacgct aaaataaaaa cagctaaatt tcgcgatcta ttcgcaatct    111540
     ataatcccca ataataactc ctgtacagca gtcccacaac attctgacac tgaattgttc    111600
     ctgtcagaaa agtctggtgg ctgggaatga gctgtttaca gtgtctgcta tgatgttaat    111660
     gttgtttttg ctgtgtttac atgatgaata tggccactgt gtaaatgcac agtacagtta    111720
     cgatcttatt gccacattag atcattatga taacatgata tatgccttca gtgatctcct    111780
     gaagataaat accaaaaaat aacacaagta gaaacactac agtagtcgcg atcgtctgat    111840
     ctcatttgaa gcaagaggtg gcgatgacat ctgatgatgt gtgcaggtgc tgtagtgctg    111900
     tcccaattct taggagtaaa atttgaagcc tttcctccta acccttggtt gtaagggcca    111960
     aggggaaggg gtaggggtac aaaaatagaa ttgggattga gccttaagtg agtttaaact    112020
     tttatgaatt tttttttttg ctgaacacaa aacaagttat tctgaacact gttgggtgaa    112080
     aaaaacaccc attaatattc attgtagatc ccaaagtcaa tttagcaatc ccaaagtcag    112140
     ctacttatta atagtagaaa aaaataccat gaaagtcaat ggctcaatgg aaggtcaatg    112200
     gctgtttttt ttctccaaca ttcttcagta tttcaatttg ttttcaacag aagaaaagaa    112260
     cttaaacatg ttcggaacaa gtggaggatg taaagaagtt gatagcataa ctgttacata    112320
     atatgtactg tacatatgga tcaggacagt aaaataaact gctatcgaat attatatagc    112380
     ctctcacctt ggtgctgata gccgcaagca catcagtagt ttgagggttg tacattatct    112440
     gcataagtgg gtgaaagggc agctctgtgt ggacgaaact cttgccaaag tctcttgaac    112500
     ggaaaattct ggcaccactg cctcccgaag cgtctcccgt gagaatcacc tgaagggaag    112560
     aaaatcagag atgctttaaa gtgctgttgc acagttgaac atcagaaaat aactgaaggt    112620
     tcagcttgtc ttttctcact ttgattgaca tggagcattt aagagtctac aggccatttc    112680
     agcaactcga gaaacacctt taacgtgatc tgattcagct catcagccca cgtgtgcttc    112740
     aatggaggag cttactcaaa tgtttgtttg catttttgct caccttgcca gagttttccg    112800
     gaccaatagc aatcccaaag tcagtattga tgaaggtgtt attgatgagt tctgagacat    112860
     cctcaaatga tttgccatag ttttcactgt cacaagaaaa caaagacttc tagttaggta    112920
     aagtcctcaa aatatgctac tttatgaaag taaatccaaa gttacaaaat aaaacataac    112980
     tactgtgaaa atacacataa tataggcttt tttacaatgt ccaaaatagt tcaatcaaga    113040
     atttgatctc attacatcag tatttctcaa ccatgttcct ggaggagcac caacactgca    113100
     tgttttgtct gacacactca ggtctttcag tctctgctaa tgagctgatg atctgaatca    113160
     agtgtgttta gttaaggaga catggaaaat gtgcagagct gatggtcctc caggaacatg    113220
     gtagagaaac acagctctac acctctccta tctgagaccc tagccagttc tgattggtta    113280
     gatggctaaa gactatagat atacaaagac atagaaatgt ctcgtattac tatgaatgct    113340
     gaaaagtatc cagttttctt tcgagaaaag ttttatcata taatttcata tgatttaatt    113400
     gtttaattca ttcgattgga aaaacatttt atcaagaaat taagccttgt gcaacataaa    113460
     cggcacactt ttgtgtcttt ctgacacatt tttggctcaa actataacag cagcaaagaa    113520
     tttaattggt ttgaaaccga atgtctaatg aacgtcaaac gtcaaactaa ctcgccacat    113580
     cgaaggaact cccgccctct ggtcaaaata gcaaatcatc atttatttta gcaacaaggt    113640
     ttttggggaa aacagcttga ttttgttcag atttgcttga tcattagggt aaccgctgtt    113700
     gtttggcgac tgctttgtgc ttgtgttgat tttaacatga gaaaagacat catcacacta    113760
     tcacaccatc ttgtgttcct ctagtgtcat ccggcctcat gttctgtgtc tattattcca    113820
     gtgtttgtaa tggtgtcctc tggttaccat tgaaaaagcc ataaaggaga ttggtgtctt    113880
     gccaatcatt gcgcaaaaac tgcagctgga gcaaactaga aatgatcgtc attaatacta    113940
     aacataattt tgtttttgtc ttccagcatt atcaaaacat attttagttt agattttgtt    114000
     actgatttga aatgtgtaat tcacctacaa tgacagaaag cagtttttga ggtttcagga    114060
     tttctccatt catttagata ggactttgct cttagaaggt ttttaaatat gatcaaatga    114120
     atggacattc cttaaaagga actttaagat ggcccaatgt gttgtgattg gtctagtgtg    114180
     tgtctatata taagtacttg taaacagaat gatatctaca ctaacaatag tgaaagtttt    114240
     actgcatcaa tttataagtc ctcaattctt aggactgcat gtaaaattga ttcacttttg    114300
     aagcacagct aaacaacaat gaattttcca agccttagct acaactacag tgtttaagag    114360
     aagacattgt atgtggcccg ccaatgaaga gcatggaata gcaatataca actgtacaaa    114420
     tctaagagaa acaagaccaa aattactgat tgtcttgttt taggcagttt agaatctgat    114480
     gctctatttg tgttgcactt tggtttttta catctgcaaa cagctatatt attacacact    114540
     agaggaaaag tagcatccaa aacaaaataa taagagcact tgaaaaagct caaactagca    114600
     ctcacctcct gtacagtttg gactgtccaa atcgcagaaa gactaatggc atctgaaatg    114660
     ttgtcaaagc caggactacc tagaattgac acataagaga tggttattaa ccttgagaca    114720
     aaaatcctca caatatatta ttggaaaact gcctgtacgg gaagccctgc tacttgcagt    114780
     tcaaaagtct agtgtcagta atacttttca gcaaggctgc attaaaatga ttgcaaaatg    114840
     attgcaatac catatacagt gcatccagaa agtattcata gcgcttaact ttttccacat    114900
     tttttatgtt acagccttat tctaaaatgg attaaattaa tttatttcct gtaaaattct    114960
     aggctaacat catccctaaa gtgaagcatg gtggtggcag catcatgctg tggagatgtt    115020
     tttcagcaac aggaactgga agactagtca ggatagaggg aaagacgaat gcagcaatgt    115080
     acagagacat cctgaatgaa aacctgcttc agagtgctct tgacctcaga caggggcgac    115140
     ggtttatctt ccagcaggac aatgacccac agcacaccgc caaaagatct atgtagtggt    115200
     ttcacaacaa ctttgaatgt ccttgagtgg cccagccaaa gcccagaact aaatcctatt    115260
     gaacatctct ggagagattt aaaaatggct gtacatcatc gcttcctaag taggcatggg    115320
     acgataacca ttttcaaggt acaccatggt ttggaaaagt caaggtttta aaaccaccaa    115380
     atttttctgt agtactgttc ctaaagtatg tgtaagattt ttatattaat gttttttttt    115440
     tctttttttt tctttttagg acaacagtat ctttagcaga aaagatttcc aaattgtaaa    115500
     gaaatctgtg ttttttaaac taatgaagac agcagaagtc aatgatttat tttaattatt    115560
     tagcctgata tgtttgctgc tccaaaatat ttaaaatgtt tctcaaaata aaatatatac    115620
     ttatatatac atatgtatat gtgatttttc aggatttaaa ttattttttg caacattttt    115680
     ttttcacatt gtcattatgg gttattgtgt gtagaatttt gagaaaatac attaatttaa    115740
     tctattcaag aaaagggttg taacataaaa aaatggaaaa agtgaagcgc tatcaattct    115800
     tactggatgc actgcattaa caaaatgtca cataaaggtc agatcaatgt aaaaaatcta    115860
     gaaaaaaaga aataaaacaa atagtagcaa tgttttgata attacaataa tttttgaggg    115920
     atcatgtgac aatgaagact ggagaataat tgctatttaa tcagatttgt aaacaaaaaa    115980
     gttttcataa cagtatagga taccagccaa gaacagagta aaaaaaaaga tgatctaaca    116040
     tgaccttgaa tgtgcactgg ggcatgagag aggtcaaact gatcatgaga ttgcatttgc    116100
     tatattgatt ctcatgttta tttttctttg taagccctgc aaacagcatg agagctctgc    116160
     aagattactc tagacaatct aaatttaaac ctaaagctaa aaaagtccct atctaacctt    116220
     aatggaatta ttaatgcaat tctctcagag actttatctc agaaaggcaa atccataata    116280
     agtctgtatc cataaaacaa atcaaaggtg aaacttggaa aagtatttat tcatctttgt    116340
     tactctggat taaggaaatt tcttcttgaa aaggaatgga tagactgact taatcaaaca    116400
     caaaatgcac atattttaca agatttggga cttcttcatt ttttagataa gaatggactg    116460
     actgtttagt aaccccaaac aatgtgatca tactgtgtaa gtatttaact ataattgact    116520
     gtgctcatct gtgcattgta tttattatga cttactttat tatatttatt cattttcaat    116580
     ggaatgtaca gttgaagtca gaattattgg tctttctaaa ttattattag cccctctgtt    116640
     tatttttctc acaatttctg tttaacagag atttttttca acacatttct aaacaataat    116700
     tttaataaat tatttctaat aagttagtta ttttatcttt gccatgatga cagtacataa    116760
     tattttacca gatatttttc aagacacttc tatatagctt aaagtgacat ttaatactag    116820
     gttaattagg tttactagac aggttagggt aattaggcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacattatc    116880
     agacatactg tgaaaatttc cttgctctgt taccataatt taaaaaatat ttaaaaacga    116940
     aaaaaaaaac ctcaaagggc taataattct gacttcaact gtactgtata tgtgttgaac    117000
     tgtcattgta ttaattttat tttatttttt acaaaattgt cctttttata attattaata    117060
     aaataagtat ttggttacta ctcatacagt atgtatgtat cacatttttc tgaaacaatg    117120
     aaagtagttt aaaaataaaa gtgaaactta ccccagttcc atccccaacc caggccaaag    117180
     acacagatcc actaatatct tgaaacgtcc actgaaaaaa aacatatatt ttttaataat    117240
     attatacaaa agcaaagaca ggaagtgtcc aaaactacaa ggaacatcat catgaaaaaa    117300
     tacaagggtt tttgaagcac agtatttcct agaaggacac tgtcatgcaa aacacatgtt    117360
     atccttgaat ctgaatcaaa aacttcgcaa ctattaccat taaactgaaa tgagaaatga    117420
     cagatcatca gtgttgggta acattactat caaaagtaat atattacaat cttaagcagg    117480
     gctgggccga ttaacaataa ttttattgaa tcgcaatatc atttatgtca ataacaatga    117540
     taagctctgg acttattttt tttactctat attgatctat gagtcaatta tatagcataa    117600
     atttgcaaca atggaaatcc agaagtttgt tggtattaga gatgcactaa acttttggcc    117660
     accgaaaatt catcggctaa aaatatgtaa tgccatgaac cttcaaattt ttgtggcctc    117720
     agtcattttt ggggtactct tttaagttta gaactgttaa caacttatat atatatatcg    117780
     ttcaatatgg aaaataatta ttgagattgc atttttgcca tatcgcccag ccctaatctt    117840
     aagtcatttc tagaaaaagt aactaaatgt gttagttcca tttaaaagaa agtaatgtga    117900
     aagtatgtgg taatatgtta tttttgcttt attgaaagat taagattaag aggtttaaga    117960
     tcttaaaagt aacattaccc aagttagaga ctatttcaat aaaaacataa gagatttgga    118020
     agacatataa acaacagtag tacaggtatt tatagaaact tacaaaaaag gttaataaga    118080
     aactagtatc aagaatttat tcctgtctga cactaacaaa gaaacactca acaatataaa    118140
     acaaaaatgg gcaaagaaag ccaatataat tataacgaat gaagaatggt taaccatttg    118200
     ggaaacacag acgatcacaa ttaataagat tcaaggaggg aatttatttg gaaaaatgta    118260
     atcaggttct ttatgacacc taaaataaaa tactttcaaa ctagagatga aaaaaatggt    118320
     gaatgctgga gaaaatgtgg aaatgtattg actgataatt tccacatatt ttgggattgt    118380
     aatattatac acacatgcag ggtttcacac aattaattca tgttgtccca acacaaactg    118440
     attaagttaa cttgacactt ttaacaaatt tatgtggatt gaacataaaa acaattagtt    118500
     gtcgtaatga aatctcaaga attgtgttgt ttcagctcat tttaaataag tagtttgaac    118560
     gagcaaaaat gtatatttct gagtgtatta gcaagatttg aataaaggga aaaatgcaat    118620
     aatgggattg aatctggaat gtaattttaa aactttgtac ctgggaattt actggagcct    118680
     gttgatcttt gatacgtaac gcttaaaaaa ctttatatag caacatttta ttaaccataa    118740
     atacgaatgc aaataagatt gtatctggtg acctttgaca cttgtattgt gtctttttta    118800
     tttccatgtt catttgaatt tttgttgttg ttgttgtttt gtttgtttgt tctgaactgt    118860
     tttgaaaaat gtaaaaaaaa atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    118920
     atatatatat atatatatat atataatata aatatataaa tatataaata aaagtaacat    118980
     taccctatac tgcaaatcat acaaatgaaa aaataggaag gaaatgtgaa attgaagatg    119040
     acatatcaaa acagtgtttt atttttaatc ctcttccttt agatgagtgg ctctcaaact    119100
     ttttacataa aaaaccctcc tccctaaaca aaagaggtta tttaagcatg ataactcatt    119160
     tgtgtaatca aatgtgccat tactctgctt aaaaagtcaa ttgtaaactc tcattcaaag    119220
     cactttcctt tttgatttcc aaagtgcatc tgaactgaat gctgacttaa atacttccac    119280
     tttcttgcac cgctctgtct gtgacccttt aaataacagt taaatcttat aatcccatct    119340
     agtgattctg aactcagtct acaattgaac atacacccaa acactatata aagaccaaaa    119400
     ggtcagtgta attacagtgt attaacacag ctttgtttat gtcacctctt ttaaatttaa    119460
     gatagctttc tacagaaacc cagaagctag gttgacacat aagtgactaa aaaggagagg    119520
     aagttggtca gagacagagt tggtgaggta aaaacaaact gatgtttcaa agaggtgagg    119580
     tgtgaaccag ccctcaaaca ccgctttaat atgtttggtc aatgacaaga tatttccgag    119640
     aaaaggaagt catcacaatg actataatgt caaaatgtgt tctgttccat tttataataa    119700
     tagttatact tgcttgattt gaaaagtggt ttggtagaaa tttaaatgca ttataaagat    119760
     gcatacatag gaacaaaaaa ttaaacaggt tgtaccagtt taactggttc tacaactgct    119820
     gcaagtcaga ctgcacctac tggtcaagta cacaatgaaa cacaaccata aacattgtaa    119880
     agttattata ataatgaaaa acgaaacgta ttctgaggtc aagacagaag gcacgaaaaa    119940
     aaaattaacc ttacaaacca gttttttttt tatcaaacca tccttttaaa atgaaaggct    120000
     cattttaaaa cacttcacat tattcatatt tctattaatc acaaaaatgc aagaaatgtg    120060
     aatgcgtttg agctaaacaa atgagctttt caacatctaa atagatttta aagacattta    120120
     aacacgtctt cctaaaacaa tagcaagctc tgttttgtta tttctttatt agcaagttaa    120180
     tacagcccag tatagtgatt gattgtatgc tatttataca atctagcttg tcaatattga    120240
     attactcact ataagtgttt actgtttaga gttaatagcc gttcgtaaat caaataactt    120300
     gttctatttt caaggaatgc atatatagat ttatcagtta tctcgcaaaa atgtcaagtt    120360
     agggtgctgt ctaagttaga gaaagaccct cggttttagg gttgcgctca ttggtgcaag    120420
     tgaacttacg ttgtgcgtat tgctagttaa cttgctctca tatccttcta acgttaaccc    120480
     attacatgag tctgagccac ggtcggtgct tcttttctgg atgcgatggt gaacccgaga    120540
     aaaatctgca tccgatcccg tcccgagcag acttctgacg gataccggag acttcgcata    120600
     cagcgggtgc gcgttagagg atccgggatc cacatggaaa tccacaccaa atgccattgg    120660
     aaaaaataaa agtgcaataa agtgtcctag gcctctcatt tttcgtcttc ggaatatttc    120720
     caacaggact gtgttgctgg ttaaatgcgc attaattcct cagtgtctcg ctcctgagcg    120780
     gttgctgacg ttctcaacat aaacagactg cctgtgacag cgaaaggtcc ctgctgctta    120840
     tattattagt gctgcctcct cagagagcac aatcaacgcc ctttttactt catctagaca    120900
     atttccaaaa atagcagaaa aatcatagac cagacaagtt gctctaatgg attgtatcct    120960
     tgactgtttt tcgtgtaaaa cacttcaaat acatgcaacc cgaaaaaaat aacgatgaat    121020
     agaatgcacc ttgcagagcc tgcatgattg gctgctgcgg ctggggcgtt tttctgattg    121080
     gtcaatggag gcggattcat gtttctgtga ttccctcagt ccttgtggac aagttagtgt    121140
     gacacgtcac acttcagcgg acagcattgt gcgtttcata ttgaaaatga attaaaatta    121200
     ataatcaata cggcaataaa ctcagaattt aataacccca aaattcacaa agctgtatga    121260
     gacgctaaaa atgtgcatgt tgtttcatgg gctggatcag atgctttttt ttcaaagcaa    121320
     agtaaggaat acaagtgatt gcttataaag gggtaaatag tcaccagaag tgctagcaat    121380
     gcaaagtttc agacattatt tagggaagta tgttaaaagg gattgattga ttgattttga    121440
     ttgattggtt tagatcagag attctcaaac ttttttcatt aagtaccacc tcagaaaaaa    121500
     aattgtctct ccaattagca ccaaaatgag cagtattgaa atacagtagc gtagtaggcc    121560
     cagtaaagca gctacagctc tgcacagtta aaaaaatgtg acagattacc tcagaaatat    121620
     agatatgtgc agggttgtcc aaacttgctc ctggagggcc ggtgtcctgg agagtttagt    121680
     tccaacccta atcaagcaca gctgaaccag ctcatcaagc tctttactag atatactaga    121740
     aacttcctgg caggtgtgtt aaagcaagtt ggagttaaac tcagccggac accggccctc    121800
     caggaccgag tttggacacc tctggctaca tgtcatgtat ggcatgttca tctatacata    121860
     cattttgaag tatatgtagc atgtacataa catatttaat ttctctgcgt accaccagaa    121920
     ggaagcccgc gtaccactat tggaacatgt atcataattt gacagccact tatttagatg    121980
     tagcctgcct gttttgagct ctctatgtaa tttctcaaga atctcatcat catgtttggt    122040
     caagcaagga aaagttaatg aaaagtttct ggaaagtgaa tatccacggg taaaggcctg    122100
     gtctttatta tgttttatag ttgcatggcc atgctatctt acaatgtggt aggtcagttg    122160
     gtcaaaaaag attacctgaa ttaatgactg aactactcag gaaatttgtt gatggctgta    122220
     tctggatgga gagccagagt gacaaggaat atgagaaggt ttgttataca ctcaccggcc    122280
     aatttattag atacacttta ctagtaccgg gttggacccc catttgcctt cagaactgtc    122340
     ttaatccttt gtggcataga ttcaacaagt tacagaaaat atttctcaga gatttcggtc    122400
     catattgaca tgataaaatc atacagctgc tgcaaatttt tggattgaga actggtgact    122460
     gtggaggcca tttgagtaaa gtgaactcat tgtcatgttc aaaaaaacag tctaagatga    122520
     ttcatgcttt ataaaatggt gcgttatcct gctggaaata gccatcagaa gatgggtaca    122580
     ctgtggtcat aaagggatgg acatgggtag caacaatact caggtaggct gtggcgttga    122640
     cacaatgctc agttggtact aatgggccca aagtgtgcct aagaaattat cccccacagc    122700
     attacaccac caccaccagc ctgaaccact gatacaaggc atgatggatc catgctttca    122760
     tgttgttaaa accaaatttt aaccctacca ttcgaatgtc gcagcagaaa tggagactca    122820
     tcagaccagg caatgttttt tcaatcttct gttgtccaat tttggtgagc ctgtgcgaat    122880
     tttagcctta gttttactgt tcttactgac aggagtggca cccagtgtgg tcttctgctg    122940
     ctgaagccca tctgcctcga gattctatgt gttgagcttt cagagatgct cttctgcata    123000
     ctttggttgt aatgagtggc tatttgagtt actgttgcct ttctatcagc tggaaccagt    123060
     ctgaccattt tccttcaaca tctggcatca aaaaggcatt tgaacccaca gaaccgctga    123120
     tgactggata atttttcttt ttctgaccat tctctgtaaa ccctagagat ggttaggttg    123180
     gaaaggagta cctaacaaag tggccagtga gtgtaggtga tgttcttcat cccatgacat    123240
     tatggttaat ctagttgaaa tgaaagatac aactgtgtag tttagtttac taaagcatga    123300
     atgaaggtct caaatgatgt gaccgaagcc atgcatgaac ttcttcattt tataagatga    123360
     ataagcgact tcaaatgcac atactttctg cttgtgtctt tacagcttaa tgatttcata    123420
     tgcctaaata tcaatgcatg actcagtcag atcatagtaa aaagatggtg gagctttcca    123480
     aagtgcatca tggaagaaag aagcatctgc tgatgcactt cacagttcag cctacatcat    123540
     aactgtgtat tatctgtgtc tctgactcat attataatga acaattttag agcatcttcc    123600
     cactgattca atccatttta ttcttatata agatgactct ggaaacaaag tgaaaggtca    123660
     gtttcttagt ttctttttct taaacatgtt tgatcttttg aacggtttaa atgtatagtt    123720
     agacatttac tcttttttca ttgtgtttat tttatgtgaa ttgcattatt gttactgcat    123780
     attgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tatttttgga atggtttagc atagcctatc ccatgatcac    123840
     aaaccatgtg acacagaaaa aaaggcttat tgtgacttcc atcattgccc tataattatg    123900
     atctgccatc atgcttattc tagatctgca ctgctggccg ggagccacat gcttcccatt    123960
     gattctcatc ctgtccgctc catggataat atttgcaaaa gaagcaaacc acagcatgga    124020
     cgtcattgct tttgcaagca agattataat tcttaatatc aggccagtga gtctgcggtg    124080
     aagcatttca ctaactctgc aatgcatgaa aattatgcat gggaaaacct gtcatacaag    124140
     taaagaagat gtgacctgaa ttcctcagaa gtgactgtat aatgtttggg ctcctcctgt    124200
     ccattgagag caagtgggaa acaaaaaaag cttttatcac tctttgtgga tcgttctaga    124260
     ttctccaggt ggcagactgt tcttttttac cctcagctgt gattttaagg ctaaataagg    124320
     aactttatat atgtgaacgt gttacttttg caccattctc tgtatgttaa tgatgtttac    124380
     acaatgcaaa ggaaacacat ttaattgtgt ggtgccataa caaaccaaac atacaagttg    124440
     tacttttttt tttcattttc tttgcttaaa atttgcatac ttgctactgg catctggcaa    124500
     ggaagataaa taaacgttga taaaagacaa gaaaaataat tgagcattta caaaagattg    124560
     ctgattattt ttttattatt aaaaactttg ataatagcgt cctcttatgg ccatactaca    124620
     acaacgttga atgctgtcaa tcattttaaa atttgcattc ttatatagta tttttgtatt    124680
     ttacatgtgt ctttttgaaa ttatcgcaga aatgtcacta aaagctggca tcatgtatgc    124740
     gtaagtttgt acaaaaacat ataaacattt attcattata cataattttt aactccaaaa    124800
     atgataaaca gaaattttat tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    124860
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataat aagcaaataa    124920
     ggattgtttt ttgttgttgt actgacttaa aattttttag agtgtatata atatgtaata    124980
     ttaatagcct agtttaataa taatgataat aaacaagtat aataatatgt atttatcgac    125040
     tctgcttttg catacattta tagattacct ttgacaaaac atgcattctt ttcaatacaa    125100
     aagcttacta actcaaaaca caagatgtaa aaggtaattt aaatcatcaa tgttctataa    125160
     taatttgcct tgacacacgt atacatctta gagagtaaaa tcttcaaaag aaattattta    125220
     cggtcattgt gtcaatagta tatttgtata atttaagcat tttaaaatgt gatatcatct    125280
     aatttcaagt tgtacattat ccaggttaaa tgtaatcttt ttattttcct tttttttttt    125340
     accatttgtt gtataacaga aaggcagaaa aaacaacaga aatcaaactg atctgaggat    125400
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    125460
     atatatatat atatatataa aatctattat atatctatcc tcagatcaga taacctagaa    125520
     aaaattggaa gtgaagaagt actttcttgt taagtgaatc tggaattgta agcaattttt    125580
     aatcttatat aaatgctata aataaaatct tgcaacttga acattcgcat taattaatga    125640
     aaaatctgca tagaatgaaa aagattaatt gtaaatcaga cattaaaatg tgtatatgaa    125700
     aaatattact tttggagtca gaaaaattct gtgagtaata tttgagaatt gagataaata    125760
     aattaacatc ttgccaaaat tggaacacgt tgcatgatta aaataagtga gaaagagttt    125820
     cagcgttatt ctgaaaaaaa aggagcattc tgtatcaaag tctgatccaa atcgtttctt    125880
     taaggttaaa tgtaatcatt tagctaccat ccaactgcat catgagctca tcatcataag    125940
     ccccggtttg tctgagcccc ggacgaatca cgtcaccaat cacgtgctca aaaccatgtc    126000
     taaagctaaa acaagaaagg ggagaggaac tttgacaact ttttggtatt tgtctggtga    126060
     ctacacaagg taagctttct gaatttgact tattttactg taatacaaca tatcacggct    126120
     cgctttctgc tttacatact tgatttcgct caagataaat gctgcatttt ctacagactt    126180
     gattaaactt gtggggagag aagaaaagaa atccgatata aattgagccg catttcacat    126240
     atttccgggt gtttatgctt tagtgtttcc gcgttttcta cagttgtaac ggtttgttga    126300
     tgctttattt ccagaacaca atgaacgggt ttcaactgga cctgagccct ttgaaagaac    126360
     cactgggatt tatacgtgtg ctggaatggg tacgtgctgt tcagttaata gcatttgttt    126420
     tagcctaaag ttacatcacc acatgttatt aaaaaatagt aatcacacat tattattgtt    126480
     gcttatggtg ttaaatcttt gacttgaagt caaagttttt agtgtttata gtttgttctt    126540
     gaaaatgaat aaagttcaag ataaaatttc cataaacaaa tactgtacgt tgtaaattcc    126600
     tttcagtact gtttggccta tgtttgaatt gttgctcatt catatactac ttattaagtt    126660
     aataaccata taatgacgta atttaataca aaatgttcac aatgtcaaca tcatgttcct    126720
     taattacaag ataagcatca gatgttatta ccataatacc gcctctgagg ttgtttgaaa    126780
     cacaccattt cctctctaaa atgaatggca tcaaataaaa ggaagcagaa agcaattagg    126840
     cttttgatgt tcattaagat acctttggaa caaacaactt actactataa agttagttgt    126900
     atttttatat aacctgctta gtactatgta agtatgcatg ctatggctgt gacagtggca    126960
     aacctgaact atttttgtgg taagggcctc caccacctca ggcgttgcag tgtttggcgg    127020
     gaggaggggt cttcctccac tcccttgttt tcataaccat tttaagatat agtgtaagaa    127080
     aaaaatattt aatgaaaaca ccaaaattca cataaaacag gaatccacta catttacaaa    127140
     atatatagag tttaaatgca ttattaaaat gagtttgcaa aaataatcat gcaacaaaca    127200
     tcagccataa ctgcctccga acacatgatc acatgactgg acttgtatgt gtcctctaca    127260
     cactctgatg ttcagatatt cattttggag gaaaacaagc taatctggtt taattttgca    127320
     catacttcag aaattaattt ccttttataa tcatcgggca tctgaaaacg ttgatcctca    127380
     acaattttat tgttacacca tttttaaaca ataacatttg aatcaaataa aatgcataag    127440
     cagatgtgct gcagaaggtt agacataaac aggacagtgg gcaggcagag tttgaaatgt    127500
     tatttctgtt tcattcatac tagatactat agggcgccct cacgtacaat ctgcatatgt    127560
     atgttgccaa gacaataaca aacaggcgtt ttcaacttcc attgttaaac atatatagca    127620
     ttatatccaa gcagcatgta ataaacaaaa tagtacataa taataataat aataataata    127680
     acataaataa accttaaata atacaaaaga gggtggcgta gtaggtagtg ctgtcgcctc    127740
     acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt tcgagcctca gctgggtcag taggcgtttc tctgtggagt    127800
     ttgcatgttc tccctgcgtt cgtgtgggtt tcctccaggt gttccggttt gccccgctgt    127860
     ccaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaattgggt agcaaaattg tccatagtgt atgagtgtga    127920
     atgagtgtgt gtggatgttt cccagagatg ggttgcggct ggaagggcat ccgctgcata    127980
     aaaacatgct ggataagttg gtggttcatt ccactgtggc gaccccggaa taataaaggg    128040
     actaagtcga aaagaaaatg aataaatgaa taatacaaaa gaaagtacat aacattcagg    128100
     gggttcagtc catgaaatct gacaaaagtt tagagagctt tagaatgcac agccctaatg    128160
     catgctttat ttgcttacca tttatacagt attctttcac tgaattcatt cattccaatc    128220
     tgtcactttc actgtttttc agatatttgc catttttgct tttgccacaa ctgggggtta    128280
     ttctggctct actagtttca acattgtctg caagggcagc agtgtcaccc aagaaataaa    128340
     tgcatccttc agctaccctt ttaggtaaac ctcattaaag agtctctaat aagaattttc    128400
     aaaattctat gttttcactg ccattgtgtg gacagcctgt aatgtaatta aaaaagcaag    128460
     atcttgaatg acttcctagg tcatgagtag actgattttt atgtaaagta ctctggataa    128520
     tttttttaag gacaatcaaa aggatgtgat gtttgcgggc ttctctcaga catgtgaaac    128580
     aaatgtatta cacagtcttc aaacaatggc aaaagtacca tgacccgacg aatctatagg    128640
     tgtaaaccat atgtacagct taagtttaaa gcaacgtgtt tgctactttt gtactttttg    128700
     tcatattagt caagtaaaat cactgtccaa taagacaatt tccttttccc tttctttgat    128760
     gagttcaaaa taacaagaat acttccatct cagaaatgta aggctctagc ctgccatctt    128820
     tgtttctatc tgttcccaat gaaagcttat tttcttattg agtgtgggat tcaatgtgac    128880
     aacgttaatt ttaattcagc aattaaaaaa aaagttaatt aaaataaaaa ttaagtcaaa    128940
     aaagtaactc aaatattatt acttatcttt taaaatcatt ttattactta tgtaaaaaag    129000
     taatattgtt acgggtaata ttgttaatat tgttattatt tgtaatgggg tagcccaaaa    129060
     gtgtataaat gcagtatata tatatatata tatatatata tataaatata tatatatata    129120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatcct cagatcagat aacctattga tatttctttg    129180
     tttttagttt gatttctgtt gttttttctg cctttctgtt atacaacaaa tggtatttta    129240
     tatatattga atgaatcagg gctttgaaac acgcaaaatg tgaacatgag caataaattg    129300
     caggctgcag gtcagttaat ggccatggat gtcactaaag caaatttttc tgaataatac    129360
     atattacaat gagtttttca gatatttgat tatattgata ttatttatat aagataaatt    129420
     ctatagtatt tatattattt tacattgtat ttattatttt atgccttctc ttattcccct    129480
     taattttttt tgtttaaaag gctcaatacg cagagttaca aagtcccaac ctgcgaagcc    129540
     aattcaacaa cctttcgaac cagacagctg actggagacc attcatcatc agctgagttc    129600
     tttgttgctg tcggagtttt ggccttcctg tacagcacag ctactcttgt gttgtacctg    129660
     ggttaccagc acctctaccg tcaatctcct cgaggtccct acattgtgag tgtttaggat    129720
     aaagttcaca ctgtagctat tttaagtgtt gtaaccgcct ctatgttctt gcatcctttt    129780
     aatgctcata atgcttttta aatctgtgta ctaatttcac atttcagatg tttaaacccg    129840
     aattatcatt gctttatgaa acagtcataa cctaattttt gtaaactaca accagattgt    129900
     atcaatcaga aaattagaat tagatttttt taaatgttac agtgttttac tggtttattc    129960
     attcattcat tttccttcgg cttagtgcct ttattcatca ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg    130020
     aactgccaac ttatccagca tatgttttac acagctcttc cagctgcaac ccagtactgg    130080
     gaaacaccca tacactctct catttacaca catacactac agcctattta gtttgttcaa    130140
     ttcaactgta ccgcatgtct ttggactggg ggggaaaccg gagcactcgg aggaaaccca    130200
     cacgaacacg tggagaacat gcaaactcta caaagaaatg ccaattatta aatttccact    130260
     agtttttcct ccatttgttt gggtcaaagt agaccataaa tgagcgcttt taacttctct    130320
     cccaaccttc cactggcctg caggtatatc caatatctca tgggcgttgg tgactcattg    130380
     gtgattctcg cagactgcat cttttattgt tcatactgtg tgattgttac tcatatgaac    130440
     gggcgcggat ttgcctgcga ttttgggcat ttgttagcga tatctcaaaa cctgtagcta    130500
     agtcaaaatt ggggataaaa tcatgcagtc ggaactaggc acaacccagc caggaatcga    130560
     accagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcaacag tgcaaaccgc tgagccactg tgccaccctt    130620
     ggctggttta tacctttgtt aaaggttaag aaaatatttg aaatgtaaaa ttaatcataa    130680
     ccaacacaaa aactataatg ttattgcatt tttaaacatt ttttttttac atatttatca    130740
     attttacatt tgcaaaactt tcaaccaagg gatcagtgtt tcatggtttg tgactatgta    130800
     aacttattca tcccaaaagt gttttagata tgggagaaag tagacataaa tatagcaagt    130860
     tttacaaatg ttttacaata gttttacatt taccacatag agtacctggt ggcctggacg    130920
     taaaacttca tataactata tatatatgat gggtgacatg gtggcgcagt tggtagcacg    130980
     ttcgcctcac agcaagaagg tcgctggttc gagcctcaga agggtcagtt tgcaatcctg    131040
     tggagtttgg atgttcggtc cagtttcctc cacaatccaa agacatgcgg tacaggtgta    131100
     ttgagtaggc taaatgtttc ccagagatgg gttgcagctg gaagggcata tgctgcgtaa    131160
     aacatgtgct ggataagtcg gcggttcatt ccgctgtggt gcccccagat taatataggg    131220
     actaagccaa aacgaaaatg aatgaatata tatatatacc aagttttaca acagttttac    131280
     tggggaaaaa aacattcaac acgtttctat acataataat atgaataact aatttcaaat    131340
     taaataacaa aaactatttg tttttatctt tgccatgatt acagtaaata atatttttct    131400
     agatatttct aaagatacta gtattcagct taaagggcaa tttaaaggct taactaggtt    131460
     aattaggtta actaggcacg ttagggtaat tcaataataa gttaaaatca ttgtgtaatc    131520
     aataatcaat ttaaatcatt gtatatggct tgttctgtag acaattgaaa aaactgctta    131580
     aaggggcgaa taatttcgac cttaaaatga ctttttaaaa aaattaaaaa tgcttttatt    131640
     ctaaccgaaa taaaacaatt aagactttct ccagaagaaa aaatattatc agacatagtg    131700
     tgaaacattc tctgctctgt taaacatcat ttgggaaatg ttaattaatt cattaattca    131760
     tgaaaaaaaa tcaaaggggt ctatttctat cttttaaaag tctgaataat atgaattata    131820
     tggattctga agaaaagcat tttttttata tatttgatat ttaaaaaata tcttttagaa    131880
     aaatatgttt ctcttcaaat aacttaagat attaatttga acagaagaaa aaacaaacaa    131940
     aagtcaaccc cttcattcaa taataaatac tgtaataagt taagttaatt gatactgatg    132000
     tcttcctggc ctattttaac aatagccttt tcagtattat gctggatttc agcattactt    132060
     gtttgctgga tgatcatttg tgagctgttt ttgaaccgtg tgggagtgtg aagagtttca    132120
     cttgtgtgta aatgaggaaa cagagggctg ggtttttctg acaacagctg caactgttaa    132180
     agtctgttaa agtttgaagt gccctgaggt taatatgagc acatgccagt tcttaatata    132240
     aaacattagt gcatggataa aagaacctgg tcaattaaat taaatatgta tctatctgta    132300
     catatatctc tgtatttaat ggtgtacatt tttttaggat ctactggtaa ctgcgatctt    132360
     cacattcatc tggctggttt gttcctctgc ctggggaaaa ggcctcactg atgtcaaatg    132420
     ggcaaccagt ccaaattcac tcgtgtccct aaatgaagtg tgtaggcaag aattgaacaa    132480
     gtgcactgca ggacacacgc cgctgatggg ccgcctcaat tcctcagtgg taagaggatt    132540
     ataatgagca atatattcaa cttgtgaagc gcacagagga ttgaattgac tgattgattt    132600
     gattcatcct ggtttgccag atgtttttta tcattctcct caatatatat gttctggctg    132660
     tgattgagtg gatattatac tgattcattt tagagcaaga caatgcaggc aaaaagcttt    132720
     tccagtataa tagaaagaaa agatccaaaa aacactttta agtgttacaa aaatagaatt    132780
     gggattgggc cgtaggcaaa atagatgtaa ataaaacatc tttattttat ttcctaaaca    132840
     acaggattca atcatctgta ttgcaagcag gcccggattg gctaatcggg aggaccggga    132900
     gatttcccgg tgggccggtc tattttttgg ccgcgagggc cggtgtccct agctccagaa    132960
     tctgttgctc tcagcagtca cactttttaa atttatttat ttatttattt atttacttga    133020
     ccacagtctt tttattcatt attttaccgc agctctgctc ttttcatata taaccagcct    133080
     gcaggttaat gatgatatta ctcagatgag tcaccttgta taaatcaact attgtggttt    133140
     agtgtttagc atgttagatt gcgaccccgc tgacccgggt ttgatccttg tctgagtatg    133200
     ttatttattt tttattttta tcatttttat tgttaagaca tataatacag ttcgggttgt    133260
     tgaacattta aagttctaaa gcagctgttt tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagacgtgat    133320
     agtgtaatta gaaactgaat tggaaatgtc cttattttaa tatagtcatt catgaactga    133380
     ggtgggccgg tctgaggctt gaaactcttg ggctgaaaaa gagtcccact ccggccctga    133440
     ttgcaagcta ctctttagca cgtaaggtca aaaactgtag ctgcgttcca attcgcatac    133500
     ttatacagta ctaggtccta aaagtatgta cttttttgtg aaagaaaagt atacttactt    133560
     ttgagtgtgt aatagaagtg tatgcaagct ttgggcaaag agcatagaat caccaagagg    133620
     cgacgctcta atgcgatttg ggaaacagcc actagatgcc gctagtgtca cgtggtggcc    133680
     attttggaat gaaaattcta atcaaacctg tcaacattgg aatgtgaaaa taaaggatat    133740
     gcccaccgta ataagggaat aaagaaaaaa aaaatttttt ttttgtttga ttacattaaa    133800
     taacaggtgt acacatctaa tgttataatg caaacatttg attgctttcc taacttttta    133860
     tgctcattta ggacgaaatt agttgtgttt gaaaaataaa aatcccacca agatcgacat    133920
     ccttagatat tactgttatt aattatgtgt atatgtctgt ttaaacaggc acccaaaacc    133980
     cagactttca ctccgcttca catcgcgtgt acagaatgcg ttttatgaaa cagcatctat    134040
     caatatggag cgcgtcagct gacagtcatg cattttgagg attgcatatg aaggggagac    134100
     ggcacctgta atgaaaagga gaggaaatca cgctgttttt atatttcttt caaagtgttt    134160
     tcatgcctaa acacagcgaa agcacagaac agactcattt ttaagagcga ggggcggccc    134220
     ctggtggttc ggctgtatgg gttgtgcata gggaggctcg gctctttatt gtttatttgc    134280
     caccattcag agaaagactg aaaatacagg aaaaatatgg gaaaatacct ttaaaggatg    134340
     atagcaggat agaattgtaa aatacgcggg aatccctgga aaaacgggag ggttgacagg    134400
     tatgattaca atagaacaac agcatattat aaatctgtaa aataatttta attatttaaa    134460
     gtgctgataa ttgggatagt aagtgtttta ttgttgtctt tcaggttgta tctcagcttt    134520
     aatgcgcttt ttaaaataaa aaaataaaaa acaaagcagc tgcttgccag gggcgccccc    134580
     tagggcaaaa catgtcttga tataagttca cattgttgtt gcagatcaaa tataacacga    134640
     aaaatgctat ttaaatattt tccagttggc tagatattga ttaatagtca ttcaaacaac    134700
     ttcacgaggc ctctctactt gacatttgta gtttatttac acttttttac tcaagttagt    134760
     agttctgatc aaattcacat ccaatgcgct atgtattgtg ggcaatattt gcagttagca    134820
     cttcaagttt ttactggaaa aagtaaatca tccgaaaacc gttggcatat ccttttcaac    134880
     atactattct ttgggaaata ctaattctat ttttaaatac tttttttgga tggataatat    134940
     gtgaattgca aatatctgtg cctcctacca gggccggagt gggactcatt ttcagccctg    135000
     gagtttcaac ccttagaccg gcccacctca gtttactact gactatatta aaataacgca    135060
     atttccaatt cagtttctaa tgacactatc acgtcttttt caaggaaaca gctgctttag    135120
     aatttcaaat gtttttcata aatatgagaa cattaaagga tagctaagtc tccgacgttc    135180
     attctttaaa acatcacaat gtgctttcct gcaatatgtg aatatatatt ctgtgcaaaa    135240
     ttctttatag atatccagtc ctttgtaaca gtggtcacac aaaaaaacaa aaataaaata    135300
     tgtacaccta tataagtaac ccaaacagta ttatatgtct aaagactaaa aattaaccac    135360
     agtggcgctg ttatgtcggt gcatttggaa taaaatataa gtattgcact gtaatcttaa    135420
     ccacagtatt actttctatt gatggctcaa attttttctc gcctttttag attgctgatc    135480
     aagatatgcc aggtttatta atgtattgaa tcatctgatt ttcattgagc aggtgtaata    135540
     ttcattaata ttaattattc aaattcttat attcactaag gtgctgctgt ttggggttga    135600
     atgatagtta cgtcatcatt aacctgcagg ttgcattttg ctcatggggc tgcgagaaaa    135660
     taaataaaaa gagcggagct gcagcaaaat aatgaataaa aagagtgagg ctatggtcaa    135720
     acaaataaac aactgaaaaa agtgcgactg ctgagattgc aagcagctag ggacacctgt    135780
     cctcgcggcc aaaaaatgga ccagcccaca gggaattctc cctgtcctcc cggttaacca    135840
     atccgggcta gactcctacc aacgcttttc ctcaatgcag tgaagccaca tatatatggt    135900
     accattctgt cacctagtgg tcaaatgcca ttatacaatg tatggcacca acactttttt    135960
     tccaatactt gtttttttta atgatcagat taattcaaaa tgaatcaagt gatgttaata    136020
     atgatgcaca taacaagtgt atatctgttt agatctttgg attcctcaac cttatcctgt    136080
     ggggaggaaa ctgctggttc ctttacaagg aaacgccgtt acacaggaca accaatcaac    136140
     aagaaggagc aggacagcaa taatgaagca gcaggtcaca tccacattca tcaggcaggt    136200
     gttgttgcag tatttaagtg gtgtgctaca ttgcacccag tccactgaag tgtctacctg    136260
     atgtgatgtc acaaacgttc caaaggtctt cgcctagaat atttccatta ccatcagata    136320
     tttcgatgtt ccacattaaa gcaaagctgc atatttacag aaggtacaag gcctagccaa    136380
     atctttttgt acgatattaa catcattaca gtattatatg aatgtcatgt ttcagattcc    136440
     atttcaactt gttacatgaa atgtttttga ctattgtttg ctgaattata ttttgaattg    136500
     gatatttaac ttgaaattgc tgttgatata atacacctct ttataacggt taaggttgca    136560
     caatactcat tgctgttgtg tttagttgat tgcagtttgt aggcctgtca tgatatttac    136620
     tgtttgttgt acaatatgtt gcgccaaaca tattgttata aacgatatta tcgtcatttt    136680
     aagactattt tatgacactc attatgcaat gccagaatga cagtataata tcatcacaat    136740
     gtaagtacac tctttcaaag aacacatcat attattttct tatgaagatt taatttaatt    136800
     gtagtcattt taacagttta ataaatcggc tttggaatca gaatgtgaaa atgtttattc    136860
     taaaaaaata aaataaataa ataaattgct accagatcta ttttcagttt atgaaagtct    136920
     actaagaagt taacagtaaa tactttttaa accacactga cacctctaat atagaagaga    136980
     tgttgcacaa tcagctgaaa tgctgctaga attgtttttt tatgtctggc cgatatatat    137040
     tgcatcacca aaaatgattg aggtcatgtc catttgttgt gcgataagtc gatatattga    137100
     ttattgtgac aggcctagta catgtagttt gccttataag atatcatctc agtttacttt    137160
     cacattgtat taaaatttcc tttttaaaac gtgtgtgcct tataacttag tttatattta    137220
     caaatgttta catcaaatct gccaaaatgt tttgtgtgtg tgtgtaggtg ttcaacaaag    137280
     atgaaggctt tttttttttt aataaaaaag aatttcattt gatattatta gggattgttt    137340
     tatttgtggc tcatgtgtgc atatatttcc taattacata atggaaatta ttttctaatt    137400
     atatttgaat catgcaaact gcgtataagg gtaagcatct atttctataa aattatgaat    137460
     gtacaaaata tagttcacta tatatttata ataaattgtt gatgccaatg gtttatgagg    137520
     atgtttcaat tgactctata tgcagtgttt atgaggtaat aaactgaaaa ttgggtattt    137580
     cctatatggg tatttccagc agttcatgtg tacagacacg aacattgtga tgaactgctg    137640
     ttttgaatcg gatcttttca atgaatcact tataaacctg tttgaacgat ttgttcatga    137700
     atcgaattga actgaattga gtaaacaggt cttgagtaaa caattgtagc tttttaaact    137760
     cacttgtcaa ttcaaaacct tttttatcac atttgtctat ttttacagac agattttgtg    137820
     ctttttttgt ttgcttccgt aacaagtcaa atcgattgag tttctattag catctatact    137880
     tttctttgat ttgtacatgt aaacataaca ttttattgtg attaattgct ttgctgtgat    137940
     tttactgaag atgaagaact gtgacatctg accgttacag tgaaattgca acaaacattg    138000
     gggacacttt caatggcaaa aacaaaatca aactagtcga atttacactc ttacttcctt    138060
     ttttcatatt tatttttctc aatggaagga ctgtaaatga cttgagcaca tccaaaatgg    138120
     taaagtttaa aacagagaaa tataaacaat atgtgccact attgtttgct acttaaaata    138180
     atcactgaac aagtttgtgt gaatcgattc tttaaatcga acatttcaaa tgaaccgact    138240
     cttagaaatg aatcggactc ctagtcgcta gaaggtaatc cgccgtgagc gcgcaagatg    138300
     acgtcttgat gcgctcccgt cgtgatggtg gcggatcgtg cacgcgctaa aacggtaatg    138360
     gctgccctgg atcggcggat ttccatcctt gactatgtag ggcaaagctg ggccgctttg    138420
     atcgacaaag ctaacgtatc cacgccggac ggtaagtaaa ataccatcga gctctcgata    138480
     cttcaatttt caatcgcgtc gagtgggcac aggaaatgga tttgtttgaa aagagcaaac    138540
     cccggacacc aagacccaaa caaaggcccc gccgggtcct agcgccgtat gggttgcagt    138600
     cccacacgct cgacttttgg aaaatctccc aggtcctagc gctcagttaa gccgataaat    138660
     attccctttc ttaaaaaaaa gtacagtctc gaaaacggtt tgatgatgtg actgaattgg    138720
     tcataaatgt tgtcgtgctt gttggaggct taaatgcaga agatgcggct gagttggtga    138780
     tctgacagcc agcgcgacgg gaagtgaagg tggagacgag tctctggcca gagaactatc    138840
     aacagaaata aacctctcaa cacatttaca gactcccagt ttaatgattg ttcagtttat    138900
     gagccgaaaa tctcattatt tgaccgtttg aaacgctgga ctgatgtttt atttcgcagt    138960
     ctctatgaac gctgcctcta tgtgcatctt cacatcaaac taacgtcggc tctcactttt    139020
     ctttaaatat tacataaata tatagcacac tgaaatggcc tctttccctc tgttcatctg    139080
     aggaactgat tttgaataaa acatggtgtt ttcatgtgta tggtttatgt aattcaggaa    139140
     atgacccaca ttaatgaacg cattgagctg tggccattag aaatgggaac attcagtact    139200
     gttgctctga catttgattg ctggattttc tgcactctgc aaactttgaa gacctcaggt    139260
     ccagggtctg aaggaaagac ccggccatga gctagtcgtc ttgtgaaaaa ccgatgggaa    139320
     aagtgtaggc cagcagcatg caaaccagca ccacattcgt gggttgaaat tcatcactaa    139380
     accttcacgt tttccaccgc agtgttcatc tctttgccaa atatcttttt ttcattttac    139440
     tcacaagttt catttcacac cttctttctt tcatcattgt tatctgactt cgaaaacccc    139500
     tacacaccat acattcaccc tctgcactgc cagcaataaa ttgaatcttt gtgttatttt    139560
     tttaaatcaa ataataaaat gtatagtgat tttattataa agattatttt tatatttatt    139620
     tggattacat tttagtaaat atgtaatata aaaatgtttc atgatttcaa aaattgtaac    139680
     tttatataaa ctagggatgc tccaattgat catccgtaga tcagtatcaa ctgataatca    139740
     catttcacga ttcgattggt actccacaat ctggctgata tcataaaccg atcacaagtg    139800
     tttgtttatg agtttacatg ccaggttaaa aatccacagt gctacaatac atgagcaatg    139860
     tgtttctaaa ttgcattgtc agtaatttgt tttacaactt ttttttctat ctgttttata    139920
     tattattttt tggtgaagct gattctgacc attacatgta tgcaaaatcc ttaatttatt    139980
     ctcttaagta aggagagatc tcgtacatag agggaaaatg tgctaaagca atggcaaagt    140040
     tatataaagt ttgaagcatc agaatcggta cttggtatcg gttgatctca caatgacagt    140100
     ttactccgta tcgactgcaa aaatcctgat cagagcatcc ctaatatcta cagtatattc    140160
     tgtttgatat tagcttttat ttatttatta attatagcta tttttttaag aagtccacta    140220
     actgcaatta taagtcaaga attctaacac cgaaccatta cagccaaaac attttagaat    140280
     ttctgaattt attctctcaa ccaaccaata aaatatcttg aattttcaaa ttaacatgac    140340
     atgatgaaat cgctattaat tgtttgcttt atttgcttta atatatgggt cgaccctcaa    140400
     agagttcgac tgaaaggcct ctaaactaaa caacaggata tgatgtcaca aaatgtacat    140460
     cagaggaatt tctgtaaatg ttttgattcc ttaaatcatt ttatgagctc tttgcgagtt    140520
     ttctgcagtg aaaattttaa attgtaaggt tgtaaattta tctttatgac tatatgttcc    140580
     aataccctac tgcactttgt taaaacggta tcatttacat tttagttcca cgtttttcaa    140640
     aagaactgtg tagttttctc cctcaaaggg tgaacacgct catagtgtct caattacaga    140700
     gaaatgctga tctaaaaaca aacatccaaa ttgtgtttca tttcctgttt tgaagatctg    140760
     tttatttcac tgctgttcag ggccccctct ggaagagtgc agcaaaaatg tgaagaaacg    140820
     gatggaaacc atgactctca agaaagaggg tgaggaagac tttgacgtag gcttgtgatt    140880
     cacagatgac aaaacaatag gatcatgact ttacaagtaa acgccttgtg ttccactcac    140940
     agacatgtcg atatatggcc actgcccagc acacgacgac ttcttcctgg tggtctgcag    141000
     ccactgtggg caggtggtga agcctcaggc gtttgagaag cattgtgagc gtcgacatgg    141060
     acctttcagc aaactctacg gcacaccatc caactgttct ccagaccgac cccaacaggg    141120
     gagacctcca tcctctcagc atgtcagcct ctgtgagggt caagatggca ggcaccaggg    141180
     ggctggacct ccacgagtcc caccacctca tcctccacac cagggacggc ccaaaccaca    141240
     gagggaagca cccaggtgag aaagaacgaa aaacagttga tttccgctcg attttgagca    141300
     tccagtgttt attctattgt tgtcttgttt acatttcagt cttcagccgg tggataaagt    141360
     tccccacgta aagcctccat caccttcaga tttgcccacc ccaccaaaaa aagcacttcc    141420
     gtctgctgaa aagccaataa tacagaaggg tttggattca catgggccaa gaacatacag    141480
     cagaaccttc aagaaagttc ttagtaagtc tatgatgcag attataacac cctatcatct    141540
     tgtgcctata agtatgtcat ggttttgctg aagaaaagtt agtaaacatc aaggctgcac    141600
     attttgttgt ttcagcactg atatcgcaat gtgcacatct acaatagtca agctggcgtt    141660
     ataattaacc aggaaccaca gttgactaca cattttgtgg agtcactgaa ttttaaccat    141720
     aatctcttag acttttgctt ggatgtgttt ttagggcccg cgactgtaag atttaaagca    141780
     aattaaaatc atttgggcac aagaaatgat caagtttgcc gctttaacaa agattcattt    141840
     tgtttaatta ttaataaaat gaaaattatt cggtagggat gtaacgattc tctgtgagcc    141900
     ggttgaaaat tgattaaaat ctgtgacgaa ccggtaaaga tgttgaatga atcgtaatac    141960
     atgtttgaac agagggggcg ctatgtttac aggtgcaaac tcgctttacc tgcacatcag    142020
     tggcgagcaa gaggtgaggc tgcagagtaa aatgacagcg gtgtagtgcg tgaaacaaaa    142080
     cacaaactgt gtgcaaatac tgcaaaaaga tgtttacttg cactaacaga acaatgaata    142140
     tgatgcacat aatccgtcaa cacagttaaa aactacggtc acaaacatct atacgcaata    142200
     aactatcaat aatgcaaacc actcggaccg gatgatttgc agttttcttg ctccgatgag    142260
     tgcttcagtg atcatgcggt ggatcagtgc tttcatagtg aaagtgggaa gatgtttttc    142320
     agactaaaag ggaaagttgt tctgttacag aaccagatat tagtttattt ttactctctc    142380
     cctttcaaaa tagtttatgc atattttaat aatttgctta ttataataaa atagttcaaa    142440
     atgttcaaga ttatctctta agtgcgtcgc actgatactt acactaatta attatacaag    142500
     taatattaat tattcacctt cataatcatg ttcaactcct atcacaatcc tactatgtaa    142560
     ttggtaaatt tataataatt tttttatgcc agtggtccgt cccatcggtc agagggcctt    142620
     ttgattacca ctgtacacac tgactgctca ctggtttagg aaaggcttcc ctctccacac    142680
     cagccatctc agtgcaaagt aaatgctgat atttttttta aaaaaatcta aaattccagc    142740
     acagtcacag ctttagtttg tttatattaa tgagtctact tttagtttgt attgttattt    142800
     atttatatac ttcttttgga ataggtttta aaacagcaat ttggttatgg cagaaaatat    142860
     tattttgcaa aaataattat tttgaaaata ttattttgca gcatttaaga aaaaaaaaga    142920
     aaaggcgttt cgccttaaat ttgttttaaa taatttagtt tacaaatcgt gactaaattg    142980
     tattgtgata ttagtatcgt gaatcgtatc gaatcgtgag ttgggtgaat cgttacattc    143040
     ctactataca gtgttatttc cgatatgata attgaatttc tgtacctcaa tattgttaga    143100
     ttccactgga tggcttattt agtttttatc ttcgttctgt tgtattatct gtgctttaaa    143160
     ttgttttctt aattttatat atttttgtat attttatgca gattctctca cctacacgat    143220
     catcccaatc aatctcaaaa ctttccaaac agttacttta gtcatattgt gaaattatat    143280
     tcatatcaaa gaattacaat atggtaatat tttacaacat cttgcagccc tagtaaacat    143340
     tctaaatatt gtggtttatt ttatttaact tttattttga ccattaagag catttgattg    143400
     cttttgcatt tcctcatccg agaagtaatg gaaataaatt aatgttgttt taatattgat    143460
     tgatttaatt ttattattag tttagttatt tttaatcatt gactgctgtt aagactttca    143520
     aaaaaaacat attaaaaaca aaattgtcaa tgtttttcat tgtttttgaa agcctttaaa    143580
     ggctcagcaa gacttaaatg taataaaaac agcattgtta ttaaagaatg tgaaaactag    143640
     tcaaagtaac tactttctgt ctcatttttt ctatcttagt ttatttaaat gttattaatt    143700
     tatttgaata attgtcttgt tatgaaacat ttattattat taatattatt attattaata    143760
     ttatccattg tgctactttt gtggaaacca catcttcttt ttcatgagtc tttaatgaat    143820
     agttcaaaag aaaccttttt taatgtattt ttttattaat gtgtattgat atatttatgc    143880
     gtcgaataaa aacaaacatt aatatagtgt aaacctacag aaatagcgta aatatttgca    143940
     agtagtattt tactttcttc ataagcaaaa tgggaatatt cttctttgtt tcttctagtt    144000
     gaaaccattt tttaaattgt cattttagag aaagaatgtg acgtgaacaa gcactgcggg    144060
     gtgatggatc ctgagagaaa gaaagtgtgc accagactgc tgacctgtaa tgtgagcata    144120
     tagtcaatat actgaatcaa aggcttgcat acatgttgga gtgctgttga acacgagctt    144180
     taaactttaa tctgtttttt ccatgcatct ccgtcacctt agattcattc catccatcag    144240
     cggcggcagg ttgtagggag gcgtaaaccc tttgaccagc ttgtaatgga gctaaagatg    144300
     agctcaaagc ctcgagagcg accgcctctg cccagagaga tttccgacgg agggtctgtc    144360
     aaccacgaga cccctgcgcc acagactggg cctctgcact acaaatgcca aatcactaac    144420
     tcttctattc tcaggtctgt agatctactg ctttctgtga tttaaaaata ttcaagttta    144480
     tctgttacaa aagactgtat gtggagaagt cttgcactga tcatgattat tcatgtgtga    144540
     ttctgattgc cattttttac aagcaaattg accaattctg aaaacatgaa gcattggtta    144600
     gaatggcatc agttgttaac tgattgacaa actacacgag acatcaaaaa tcaagacaca    144660
     agggagataa agcgagaagc aatgtactga agtaaattat caacatatga ccgaaacgct    144720
     cgcctttttt acttcagtaa atagcttgtc actttatttt gcttgtgttt tggatttttg    144780
     atgtttgaga gtgtgcacac ttttcttttg ttatttctct ctgtggaatt tttttggtca    144840
     acacacctat tggtctgatt tgaagttgcg gtgagtgttt ggttgtttgc atgagacaaa    144900
     gcaatgaaat cttgcatcat aatgacacac taagtcaagc aaatcatggt aaaatcagga    144960
     actaatggtg tcttcttttt ttttcttcaa aagtattttt attgaacata ttagatatga    145020
     agcatacatt acaaatagct tttcactttt tctttttttt cttacacaac aaacaaacaa    145080
     aacctgtcgc atatatatac atttaggttc tagaaaaaaa tatataaata atattaagaa    145140
     aaaatacaaa taaatagtta taataagtaa agcatatgtt actctcatat ataagggaaa    145200
     aaagaagaaa atacaaaaaa tagaaaaaaa aaacaacaac aacaaacaaa caaggaaagg    145260
     ttctactctt ctaaagtgac tgaggggtcc atcttttttc cgtgatctaa aacaggttgc    145320
     cagatgagaa aaaacatatc agtacggcct cctagagtgt atcgtacttt ttctaaggtc    145380
     aggtggtgta gaagttccat aagccattgc ttaaaggttg gaggaagttt ttccttcctt    145440
     ttcatcaata ttaatcttct agctaaaagc gtagcaaagg caatcacatt tatcttgctt    145500
     ttgttaaaac ataaggactg tggtgtgatc ccaaaaattg aaattatggc ctcaggttct    145560
     acataggtat ttaatgcgtc cgagaggaat ttaaatatta gctgccagaa tttctttatt    145620
     tttgaacaag cccaaaacat atgagataaa gtagctggct caatgttaca tcggtcacag    145680
     ttagggtcta tatttggttt aaatttggct agtttcactt tggaccaatg taatctatgt    145740
     actactttaa attgtataac tctatgtttt aaacaaattg aagatgagtg gatattgtct    145800
     aaaacggatt gccacatatc ttctgatagt tctatctcta gctccacctc ccattttctt    145860
     tttaattgta ctaggggttc cagattgtgg gaattaatta tataatatat tttgccaata    145920
     agtccctttg agtatgggct tagctccata atacagtcaa gcagggaggg gggaggcagt    145980
     gatggatagt tactcattga ggaggacaca aaacttcaca gctggacgta tctaaagaaa    146040
     tgagaatttg gaatttgaaa cttaactttt acttgttgga atgaagcaaa ttgcccatca    146100
     ataaacatat ctttctaatg gtgtcttctg aacggggctt aaagagccct tattatatat    146160
     taaaaataat ttcccatatt tcggttatat gggtctccaa caacatactg atatgcatgc    146220
     aaggtcaaaa aacactttta tggtcttata atatgaattt atttttacct aattatccca    146280
     gcgactctca tatgaatcat tcagtgatta atttgttccc aaaccttctt ctttccaaac    146340
     tccttctcag cgcgaagata cagcctgttg tgattgcgag cgcaagacag tgtaatgccc    146400
     cttgcggttt gtcaagaccc cgggtcccca actttggtat aggatccgat cgcagcggac    146460
     gccccaaaca cactgtactc aacagtgtta ttcagacacc ttacccccta aagcagtgta    146520
     gttaaacacc agcatattgc ttcgttctta aatatgacac acattcagta ttaatccaca    146580
     cagcagcaaa agctaaacta ttctgaacct cgccggctgg acgtgtgtag gaacagctga    146640
     cggtggccag agccaaaaca aacggcagtg gaacatgagc tcacaaatgc atttaaatcc    146700
     gtagacaaag cggcatgcat cgcgttctca acgtgacatt agacccgata caagaatata    146760
     aagttaactc gatacagtac aaacggttac aagtaataaa acacaattaa atacaccatt    146820
     tgcaagctag agaaaacaag gagacagcca ttcacttaca cttatgaaat gtgtcacggg    146880
     ccaggtctga tttcattaat tatctttgat tttggagctt ttctcccttc tcatctgtag    146940
     attgtttcta tttgcaatca ttgctttggc acctcttgcg tgaagtgtta tatgttctca    147000
     gggcttacct gtactctgct ttgctcaaca atcacatccc cagctagtgg gttgtagctc    147060
     tcaccagcgc gcttcctcag ggtgcagcag gctgcctttg tgcctaataa actggcctta    147120
     ttttgcacgc acccctggtg tattgtctgt ccatccatct cacaagtctc atacatcagt    147180
     agtcttttct gatctttcct ttaacaaacg aatgaatcgc ccattgtaag catgtagatt    147240
     gctaaagcac tcctttccct cacacttcca ataatatcca ggtaagcaca gcgtcttcat    147300
     gactcatgct gacttcagca tctatttgta tttgctgctg tgttagtggg cggggccgca    147360
     ggtttaaatt ttcctgggtt tgtgcgcaca acaattgggc ggggcttatg tttcgtagac    147420
     tcaatatgaa cacgattcat tctaaccact atgtgtggac tcattttttt ttttttagat    147480
     gaatcaatag ttttgaaaac tgtccacttt cagatataag ccttagctgg atatttcact    147540
     tcacttagag ctgtgttaca cactacgtgg aaggtccttt tcaaaaacct acaattgggg    147600
     ctctttaaag gtcccaggaa atttaaataa atatttttag atggtagttt cactctgttg    147660
     gttttgagga tatctgcaaa acagtgacaa aattcacatt tagaaaaatg tataactgtt    147720
     ataaacatct aaagcttgca gtttgtcact tcctaaatgg atcaacaatt ttttcacctt    147780
     accttatcaa atcttgacca atcaaattgg aagaggtggg ataagactga tagactattg    147840
     gttgtttttt aaaaactgcc ctttcttcat ttttcagttg agattatgtc aaacattgtt    147900
     taaaaatgca ctttatagga cctttaactg cttgttctca cacttgtgca cacacgaaat    147960
     gtgaattaca atgaatggac accaaatctt tcattcttgc atgccatgac atgaaagaca    148020
     tttctctaaa tgtgtgttta caggtcagtt aatccatcag agggtgttgt ggaggtgaag    148080
     gaggaagtga tgcgctcaga ggagacgcag gcggagtctc tctcagcggc tctttccagt    148140
     gaagagagtg atggggaaaa ccgtgaggaa tttgctcatc tcccagcaag caccttacac    148200
     cccaaacctc taggcgtgag ttttaaaatt ttgaaatagt gttttataat tcattaacgt    148260
     aagatgacaa caaaagtctt agaaattaca tttgcttatt aaaataacat ttggggaaag    148320
     atgaaaccat gtttgtttcg tttcttacat cctacccagc tttgcacgtt cggggcccgt    148380
     gttcttggtc gcagcgtgtt ggcgtttgac cgacggttgc tccacctgcg gtcagctttc    148440
     agtgtcatga tggagcagca cctaagcact tatctgtgga agtaagagga tttacaacat    148500
     cagactggtg actttgtgac atttataaca tgtgttttgc gtcttttcaa catttatcca    148560
     actatacaaa tggaaagcag tccaaacatc aaatattaat aaacaaacat ctatctttgt    148620
     tgtaacatta tttaaagcaa aacatgttta gttattaatg tattatcagc atcgtttata    148680
     aagaaaaaca tataacaaat aaatacatat tttgaatttg gttgaatttt atataagtat    148740
     acgataataa taatattttg ttttttatca gcacgttata ttaatgggat taagtaaaaa    148800
     aaatgtatag tgaaagttca gatttttata gtattttaat attttgcttt ttgataacaa    148860
     cactctgtca agcacaaaac aagacacaac aggacatact tattacatac tcttttagat    148920
     taaatcaata ataattataa taaataaatg atagtaatac taaaaaaggt cacttttatt    148980
     catcttttat atctaaagaa tatatttgaa ataaggctct tttttgatgc agggcatata    149040
     ttagatacaa atcaaatgaa acattataac atcttattcg ggtgtaattt aaatatagta    149100
     tactggtgaa ttttccatat acacagacta acatgtttta cttttgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa    149160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatata tatatatatt tatcatctgt tgaactgcat cccaattgag    149220
     caaatgctgc agaagactca agattcttag agaaatcagt caagtttggt gaaggaaaaa    149280
     tcatggtttg gggttacatt cagtatgggg gtgtgcgaga gatctgcaga gtgaatggca    149340
     atatcaacag cctgagatat ccagacgttt gtgctgccca ttgcattaca aacccaagga    149400
     gagggcaaat tcttcagcag gatagcactc cttatcatat ttcagcctcc atatcaaagt    149460
     tcctgaaagc aaagaaggta aaggtgctcc aggtttggcc agcccagtca ccagaaatga    149520
     acattattta gcatgtctgt ggtaagatgg aggaggtatt gagatgaatc caaataatct    149580
     tgatgaactc tgggagtcct gcaaaaacac ttttttttgc aattccagat gactttatta    149640
     ataaggtatt tgactcattg cagagatgta tggatgcagt cctccaagct cgtgggagtc    149700
     acaatattaa ttattttttc actgcagcat gactttatat tttgtactgt acattcaatc    149760
     tgttagacaa aacttttgtc taatcaaagt cagaccttac tgtcctaatt aaataattaa    149820
     aaatcaaggc atgatcatat tttaatttgg taaaatgagc gtaatctaga ggcctttgcc    149880
     tttcatataa tccacttctg ataccaaatg atcaactaaa agtcaagtta ttatttgttg    149940
     tttctaaaac ttggataggc gtcaagactt ttgtcaggta gtgtatttgt attaatatag    150000
     tttatataat tataatataa tttgtacagt cttaatttca aaactggaag cttttagata    150060
     tgtgcatgta ggaatgtatt catttctttt atcttctatc tgcaggaaac tccctcaggt    150120
     gtcagaacta tgctctaatc aacaacagat cacctacaat tcccatgatg ccacgcgcag    150180
     ttcagcgccc atccacatca cctctactct caggacaagc acctcaggac aatcagagcc    150240
     ctcaaaccta aaagcctcct ccaaacgacc aacaaaagcc cagtcagcct caggccctgt    150300
     tcggccacgt cagaccagca aacaggccag tttacagacc ggtttcaggg agcttcagga    150360
     cagtccaaca gccagcaagc ggaggaaatc tcccaaagag gacaaggact catctggaca    150420
     gtccaaaatg ctattcgtcc cacaccaaag ggaccaccag tcctccttga tttctccacc    150480
     gcacggactg ttcaatggga cacacccatc cagcagcaag acacgcccac ctgaaacaaa    150540
     ggggcgtgtt aagcaaagcc ccgccctcat ctccgtctcc tctccctctc ctgagtgtga    150600
     aaggggaggt tcctcagggc tcagccatag gagtgatggg tttgagctta aaggcagaaa    150660
     gcgcaagacc agcggtgcct ctccacccaa aaacacttca tgtgctccta aagccaacat    150720
     cctctcaccc ctctcccaaa ctcactcagg cctggtgtcc tggggtgggg atggcagacc    150780
     cggatcaacc tcccacagtc tgacgaagaa actggctgca cagaaggtat gttaatcaca    150840
     gtttctggtc atttctgaca ctcagatgtt tcattaaagg tcatttttta atgtttattt    150900
     cagtgaccga tgttatcttg gaatttgact ggttataaat gatcaacttt ctcagaaggt    150960
     tttaatttta tcattcagtt ttggggaaag tcgcttttta atagttcata gcttttatgt    151020
     tgaaatcaaa aatagttatc tgtcatttat accattgttc tcgtatgtct caagacactt    151080
     taaatggcac caaggatgaa aatcatcttt tgtaagctgt ttggacaaaa ctgtgtgtag    151140
     gtatagtgtg ttcactgtca tattggggtg atataaacac aataagtctt ttgtaaattt    151200
     cttgatgtta aaatgggatc caaatctatt ttgatgccca ccgcaacatg acgtaggagt    151260
     gcggttttcc cacccaccaa attgattgac agccatgtaa taacatgtct ccgtagtaat    151320
     gcgtataatc atatcaacaa gacctgcgca aagcaaccta gattaaaaga tctgcttagc    151380
     tctctgtgat catcaatcat catcaaatgt gatcaaaaat gaattttaca agtttaaaac    151440
     gttttaaaac agtgtatgtt tgtaatgatt tacagctatt ctaccgtctt tatcaccaca    151500
     gctgcatgtc agtaaaatta taaaagaaga cgcttcaatc ctgaattgga cgttaaatca    151560
     ggcttgtttt gtacaataac acaacaaata tccatacagc agtggatatt aacgtgtatt    151620
     ctgtcacatt tgcctgcaaa aacagtgcaa agttaaatgt gtgcagtacg tatgtgtgtc    151680
     tgcgtttgtg cttgtgaact ttgtattaac attatgtgtg actcattgtt gcatcgttct    151740
     agcagttctt ttgttagact tttgaattaa tgacggccaa tggacttaag ttacaactga    151800
     aaatttgttt tgttataagt caagagtttc caaccaactt ttatatacat aatttaaaat    151860
     atacttaagg taatatttta taatacatta tttaaaatat ttaaatgttt ataaatattt    151920
     aaagggcaca tattttacat cttttacaag ccttgggtgt ctccagaatg tgtctgtaaa    151980
     gtttcagccc aaaacactca tcagattatt tattatagcc tccagaatct gcccattttg    152040
     gtgtctgagt acagggtagc tgtttttgta gcctgtggct ttaaatggaa atgagctgct    152100
     ttccccaccc accactccct tctgcgtgtc tgcttctcct gtgttacatc agataaacag    152160
     cagtcagtga tagagacaga catggatgaa gctgaaatac agctcattag tcaaaaatac    152220
     caggtaagtt tattcaagca tttctaaaat gatgagtctc acacaaatgc cttttgcagt    152280
     acacacaccc acacacacgc atattagcgt ttactgacac catgcggctg tggtgattac    152340
     agcggttaat aattagcaat tttactttat tttaatgtct taattacaaa ccttatgaac    152400
     ataattaaat atgtatgtaa caaataattt aatcctagtt tatttgcaaa aaaagttctg    152460
     tggacgtgta tacatgttat tatagaaaaa tggtgtctgt caatcaattt ggtgggctgg    152520
     gaaaaccgca ctcatacgtc acgttactct gggtctcaaa atcactggga tttgggtcca    152580
     attttaatgt caggaaattt aaaaaaaaaa agtgacttgt tgggtttcta ttactccaat    152640
     atgactgaga atacactata cttacacaca gttctgtcca aacagcttac acaaattgat    152700
     tttcatcata ggtgcccttt aataaataca atgcaacttt gtggcaaaag aaataaaaag    152760
     gtgacagatt aaaactacgt cctttacaaa atcagacaca gatgttacta ttattactta    152820
     aatccattga ttaactaccc aaaatgtagc tgcttttatt aaaatacact tatgattcaa    152880
     agttgttgca catttcagag gttgtagtgt gagttttcaa gtgttgttca agcatctcac    152940
     attgaagtta ctgaaaagaa aaccggcaca gctttacttt ttaaacactt caaggataaa    153000
     aatacaccat gccggagaga aacaacaagt ctaggaagtc acagattgat attctgttga    153060
     ggatgaatca tcaaggtttc atttcagcac agtggttgag tctcagctct cagtttagat    153120
     ccttttcctg accatctgct cttctttctt tttttttctc ccttcagcca aagcttcttc    153180
     actgagggag tctgccttaa actcctccag aagcacaggc tcactgccat gtatttgcca    153240
     tagactttat gcacaggatg gtgaaaacgt ctgaagctca ctgtctgagg acggatctgt    153300
     atgtatgttt gtatgtaagg atggatggat gtttggtttg tattatgaat ttctatgtga    153360
     gtgagtgttt cgctgaatga cctgcaaatg aatattagaa aatacctcaa gaccttccta    153420
     tgctgctaaa cagactgtca gataatggac tcagaaataa acaagccacc acgtttcttt    153480
     tgtctcgctc ttaattagtt ggagtgcatc atttcaccac tagatgacac taaacagttg    153540
     gataaatctg ctttacataa acgaaagggt ctctttcttt tagtgtaaat aaaaattggt    153600
     atttgtggcg tgctgcaagt ttgacttggg aaatgattta aatctcatcc ctacgagcaa    153660
     atattgaatt acgaatagat tatttttgca tccagtgtcc tgacatttta tcctacccat    153720
     caggttatgc taccaacact gtatttgaat ggttctgagg ttggggttag ggattaggta    153780
     ggttagagtg atattttcgg cttcatatta cactaatcca cattacaatt tacactggtt    153840
     gcaaaatctg aggggtagca tattgtgtca tcaaaacgtg ctacctgctt ttgaatgaga    153900
     ggtagaacaa attgacagaa caccatacat gtaataaatg ttatgtatgt caatagctga    153960
     tcgcctatca aagtactcag ttcaaagatt ctgtataaag aaggaacaaa caaatgtttt    154020
     caaacaggaa aacattgaaa gctttgcaca gctttgattc tttatgatta tgatacattt    154080
     ttacacacta aaatattatt cagtgtaaca gtatgtgtat atatatatat atatatataa    154140
     ataaccgtaa agtcaggcac attaaacagg gcgtctacag ggtcttaaaa tgtcttaaat    154200
     ttaaaaaaaa actaagtttt aggccttaaa atgtttttat tcaatcattt tcctttggtt    154260
     tagtcacttt ttcagtggtt gccacagtgg aatgaaccgc caactattcc ggcatatgtt    154320
     ttacgcagtg aatgcctttc tagccgcaat ccagtactgg gaaacaccca ttcacactca    154380
     tacatatggc caatttagtt tacccaattc acctatagcg gatgtctttg gactgtgggg    154440
     gacacagtca cccctcaaca cctggaaaaa accaatcgca aacacgggga ggacatgcgg    154500
     gtcttacttc atataaaatt ggtattaatt ttcgtatctg tatgtacagc tttccaacac    154560
     cctgtccaat caccaacagt ccatatcaat gaatctgtga atctttaatc ctctatttat    154620
     aactcttttt accaatatgg tttaatgatc ttccttacaa ttacaaaagt attgaccatg    154680
     tgtgtggagg acactgactt ggacagatgt gtatactgtt agtttattat agtttttaaa    154740
     gcttgtccaa cttttaatag aaaagaaaaa ataataattg tgtaagtgaa caactagagt    154800
     ttgcctgttt tgacggattt aaaatatgtg gctaaaaata acatatttaa attgttttga    154860
     tgacgtaaat aaaaaaactt tcccgctggt ctaagtggcc ttttcgaaat aatccttagt    154920
     gttatctgaa atttcattca taatggagaa acctgctgaa accctgttaa gcagtttatt    154980
     taaggcttaa acaccaaatt actaaacaat gttcttttta attttggata ctttgtcact    155040
     atccttcaaa tcacctaggt tttacatatt tttcagcaag aaatgggtaa taattaaaaa    155100
     tataataaca tttagaacaa tattccgtgt attttaagtc agaataaaca tgtttagttt    155160
     ttgcataaat gtatctgtca cactgaatga taatggaaca ttattccacc catattttag    155220
     caacaatttt aacatcaaag tatcacatct agcttttgac ctgtgtatcc attttggaag    155280
     ctactgtaat atatccagtg ttattacagg gggaaaaaaa tccaaaacat tctcttatta    155340
     ttttctcact gtttctttct tctgttgaac acaaagaaaa aaatcaatga agtttctgat    155400
     agcctctgac ttccattgaa ggaaaaaatg aatattattg aagttagtgt gattaagtct    155460
     tgataaatat tttgggtgaa ctgtcccttt aacactggat atattagctt ccacaatcgt    155520
     gtagacatat acagacatgg acaaaattgt tggtaccctt cacttttatc catgccagct    155580
     ttattacttt tcctttttaa tgcttcctga aacacaatta gattttttta ttaatttatt    155640
     ttcagtcatt tttggattaa tcattacttt tttttcaatt ttgagttatt tcagtgacaa    155700
     ctgtagtttt ggtttcttcg gtaaaagagt accaacaaat ttgttcacgt ttgtgtgtgt    155760
     atatacagct gaattattag cccccctgta tattatttcc ccaatttctg tttaatgaaa    155820
     atcttttttt tttaaacaca tttctaaaca taatagtttt aatatctcat ttctaaaaac    155880
     tgatttcttt tatctttgcc atgatgacag taaataatat ttcacttaat attttaagat    155940
     ataagtattc agcttcaagt gcaatttaaa ggctttaatt aagcaagttg aagtgaatag    156000
     gtaaataggc gtgataaaat cattttaata tgatggcttg ttttgttgat aatcaaaaaa    156060
     atattgagtc taagggtgct aactatattg accttaaaat ggttaaaaaa atggctttta    156120
     ttctagccaa aataaagcaa ataagacttt ctctagaaga aaaaatgata ggaaatactg    156180
     tgaaaaattc cttgctctgt taaacatcat ttgggaaata cttaaaaaag aaagaaaaat    156240
     cagaggatgg ctaataatgt gtatatactg gtcaaactag atgacaaaac aaaaattaaa    156300
     tagtgctgaa tgtaaacatt ctcctatctg tgcatctggg accataatcg ttggggcaaa    156360
     taaaagacaa aaatggtcag tttaatattt tgttcacatt attggtaaat tatacttctt    156420
     acatgtaagc ttccatgtgt gaggactgct gatccagaat cagtttctgc acaatccata    156480
     tggtgtcctt ctcagtctcg cagaggaata tgcggcacac agcactcatc agtcttgttt    156540
     ttgacattca gactaaataa acttttacag ctagctctaa aactggacct gacaatgttt    156600
     ccattattgc tctctctctc tgtcttaggc tatatgatgg cagagacttt acatatcaac    156660
     caaaaagatt caaactgttt attagtgata tctaaatata tcagaatgct tgttttctag    156720
     gaattgatac agacacatgt tcattgctgt gattccaata ggcgttggtt ttatctctga    156780
     tatgttctca aatcttacta gttataaaac taatgctgat gataaacagt tattattagc    156840
     cttcctagga aatgttttat ttattttttt ttaatttcca aaatgtttaa gagcaaggac    156900
     agttatagtg tttttatata tactacatga caaaagtctt tttgtcgatc ccggttgtaa    156960
     gagtaaaata taataaattg acttaaattg agttacctat tggaacctgc acggacccaa    157020
     gattctcaca gaaatcagtc aagtttggta aaggaaaaat catggtttga agttacattc    157080
     agtatggggt gtgcgagaga tctgcagagt gtatggcaat atcaacagcc tgaggtatca    157140
     agacatttgt gctgcccatt acattacaaa ccacaggaga gggcaaattc ttcagcagga    157200
     tagcgctctt catacgtcag cctccatatc aaagtttttg aaagcaaaga aggtcaaggt    157260
     gctccaggat tggccagccc agtcaccaga catgaacaat attgagcatg tctaagggta    157320
     agatggagga ggaggcattg acgatgaatt caaagaatct tgatgaactc tgggagtcct    157380
     gcaagaacac tttctttgcc tccagatgac tttattaatg ttattacatt atttagtata    157440
     tttagtaagt tatatattat ttctgttaag tgacatgact ttagtctaat caaagtcaag    157500
     accttattgt cctaattaaa tggttaaaaa tcaaggcatg atcatatttt agtttgataa    157560
     aataagcgta atctagaggc ctttgccctc atagaagcca catctgatac catattatta    157620
     accagaaatc aagttattat ttgttgttcc aaaaactagg ataggcgaca acttttgtca    157680
     ggttgtgtat tttcccaatc tctcttatga aaaaaagtct tgtttatttt agtctggctg    157740
     gaataaaaaa caataataat gaaaaaactg caaaggtcaa taatattatc cagatttatt    157800
     tatttcagat tggcaaccat tattgtccaa tgacttacct aatgaaccta acctgcctag    157860
     ttaatcctat ttatcctagt taaaccttta aatagcactt taccgaattg aacattagga    157920
     tcttgcaaaa taacgaataa aagtttatgt actatcgtca tgacaaaaat agttttttat    157980
     aaattatttt ttttcttttc acatcacttg caattttttt tagaaatgtt gagaatttaa    158040
     tttaaataat aaaaagataa taattgaatt tattaaattt ctggtaaatg atgtcagaat    158100
     ttaccggtat tttggaatgg atgtgtgaat ggccttttcc agaaaaattc cagaacgtcc    158160
     ttgcctgtgt gagcagcact ttttttaatt taccgggaaa gtcgtttttt ggatgaaaat    158220
     tttcggatat ttaacggtat cactgtgtga aaggggctac tgacttcaat tgtaggaaaa    158280
     acaaatatgg aagtcattgg ttacaggttt ttcagctcta tacaagataa tacattttaa    158340
     ttggtgttct gttcaacaga agtaaaaaaa aaaccttaca gtggttggaa caagtgttga    158400
     acaggtaagt gaagagttag gattttcatt tttgggtgaa ctatcccttc aaagtaaaat    158460
     aaccaaataa ttttcatctt gtatcatatt gattatcgaa ccattagcca aaaaaattat    158520
     ccattttttg tattaagttc cacaaactat ttcctagcct aaaagggttt tatttgtgtg    158580
     cgtgttaaat atcacattcc acttagaaaa tcatctgatt acaagagtaa aatggtagag    158640
     taaaagagta aaacaacaga attagctctc tgatgcttct tgagatttaa tttaatgaca    158700
     tcttttaaaa aaatctcaat tgatgtgcct aaataacaaa acacgataga cacgaatgtg    158760
     cgatcggaat tcaaaataca tgacagagaa aaacctttac agtccgtgtc attaaaatag    158820
     gtttaccaat atgctatagt cacaagtgga atctagacaa ctgtacagga aacaacagca    158880
     acaacaacac gcaagaacaa ggaattcagt ctctttggaa cctcgagggg gggagaaaag    158940
     ctacctaaaa tgacaccatc tcataaacac tgtaaaaaca aacactgagc acagatgtac    159000
     tgttagatgt tgagtaatga acagtggccg ttcacaagaa ctggtagcgg aatagccaag    159060
     gacaaacact ttagaagaac acacacacac acacgtgaca ggggccaaaa aactgtggtt    159120
     ttaggggggg gggtttggct tttcggtgtc tttgcaaacg gactgctaga tctcaggcct    159180
     cctcccacag cactcgtaat ggtaaggcct ttctctttcc tccacactaa ttttggattg    159240
     cagctggagg gacatgtaag agagcgaact gcccatgact gcagtctgcc atagctgcta    159300
     ttatctgtca ttctctctcc ctgagataat actgtttgcc agttcatcca cctatcaaac    159360
     atttaatagc ttcacccact ccctcgctcg caaaaacagg atgcaattac gatgttacta    159420
     aggaaagagg tcggaccaaa accaagattg ctcatgctga acccatccag accccgttat    159480
     aaatatgcag ttatggttaa catgcgacat gggtctgatt tctttccagg aacagaagaa    159540
     tggaagtagt gttcccagaa tttaagggtt cgttcgtccc taaattgttt agtcagcctc    159600
     ataagacttt cagagctcaa ttgaagattt tcattaatga attctgctct gtttaatatt    159660
     ccattgaaaa tcgattcact caaatgcttt gaaattgtaa cgataacatt gttgtaaatc    159720
     tacaggaatc aagtaaacga atccatatcc tttagagaga catgattact ttgtatgatg    159780
     gcaagaaaaa aaaaaatttg tggcttttat taacataact gttatctcaa atgctttgaa    159840
     attgtaaaga taacgttaaa gtaaatctac acgaatcaat tagattaacc caaatctttt    159900
     agagatacat gaccactacg tatgatgacc agatttaaac ctatggcttt tattaacata    159960
     tctgtttact cagaggcttt gaaattgtaa agataacttt aaaataagtc tacatgaatc    160020
     aagtagatta atccatattc tttagagata cacgaccact acgtatgatg accagattta    160080
     aatttgtgtc tttaattaac atatctgttc actcaattgc tttgaaactg caacaataac    160140
     attaaaataa tccatatcct ttaaagaaac atgatcactt catatgatgg ccagattaaa    160200
     aattttggct tttattaaca taactgttct ctcaaaatct ttgaaactgt aatgataacg    160260
     ttaaagtaaa tctacacaaa tcaagtgggt taatccatat gttttacaaa tacatgacca    160320
     ctacgtttga tgaccagatt taaatttgtg gcttttatta ttatgtaaac attgatctgt    160380
     gagtgtaaac attgatctat aaacataaag agaagctcaa cgttatcttc ttgacatgcc    160440
     agaacaaata ttgttggttc atggagaaac ttggatgtag gtatgggacg ataaccgttt    160500
     tcaaggtata tcatggtttg gaaagggttt taaaaaccgc caacattttc tgctgtgccg    160560
     ttcctgtgat atatgtacga tttatttatt tatgtttttt tttttttttt taggacaaca    160620
     gtatcttcag cagaaaattt atccaaagat gctgttttta attgtaaaga agaccgtgtt    160680
     tttgaaacta atgaagacag cagaagttaa tgattcattt gtttagacat gtttactgtt    160740
     ccaaaatatt ttaaatgctt cttaaaaaat atattgtgtt caacagggag aaatgtgttt    160800
     gttttttacc cagatatata aaaagaatat attttagagc agtaaaaaaa aagcagtgaa    160860
     aacatgatat ttttatccaa ggttatcata ccgtcagaat gttatcccgg cccatcccta    160920
     ctcggatgtt ctatgtgaca tgtaagaata accctcattg gttctcgcag atcaagcaag    160980
     caggactgag cttccgtgac caaatttgat tgggaaatac attgtttact gatcactgtt    161040
     tatatgttgg gtgaccagat gttcagaatt tcccaggaca gtcctgtatt ttagctgttt    161100
     tagtttattt cagcatgttg atgtatttcc aattgaaaca gaatattgat tagggggcgg    161160
     ggcttgaaat aagaaaagag aggaacattt tgctgagaat atgcacttta tgaatgtctc    161220
     tttaaaagat ttagatcggc tcagtttata tggaattgtt ttttgctctc tatgaatgtt    161280
     ttgaagcatt tgttttgact ttcagtggag ggacaaaaat ctcttagtca aacgatctta    161340
     aattgttaca aaaattagca ctgcttaatg acagaaatta atttagtgtt taacaaacta    161400
     ttaagaggaa tagtttaccc aaaaatgaaa aatctcttaa catttaccct cacaatcaag    161460
     tgcttatgaa tattttatga ctttctttct tctgttgaac acaaaacaag atattatgaa    161520
     gaatgctggg tgggaaagct gccatttttt catccatagt agaacaaata tactattgaa    161580
     gtcactgtct gcttcttttt gcaacattct tgagtatatc ttcctttttg ttcaacagaa    161640
     aacaagttga ggatgagaaa atcatcacag cattttcatt tttgggtgaa ttattttatt    161700
     aaagggttct aaaatcctaa tttccttatt atgatcctta catgatgttc tagaacatcc    161760
     ctatcaaggc ttttgaatcc acaaggataa taatgttgta atggaaatgc aaattgtcgg    161820
     tatcaggttg aaatggatat agtcacatct tccttgagca cagccagcaa gctttacgca    161880
     ttacattatg attcatagcc tagtttccta tgccatggtt tatgtaaata tagcattgct    161940
     ctttgagaga tcgctgctgt tcgcctgtag taatcattta gaatatcagg ggtatcgact    162000
     aatcaccaca ttttttgaac tgagctcaag cttgatttga cttaattctt aaaatgtatt    162060
     tgaattagaa tgttttgagt taaaactaat aatacaaatt ccttagcttt tggctgatga    162120
     agattacatc tgtgcttcaa gggctggaag aaagaaaaaa aaaacacatc cattccgaca    162180
     atggatgagt cagcactgac tccaaccacc acaagtgcaa atgaacgcag agtgagaaga    162240
     ggtctgagtg tctgaaactg ttttggctgt tgaatccagg ctcaaatcat catagcctta    162300
     gagatgagat agcaagcaga tgggacacgt cattctattt aaagattgca ttagcattat    162360
     atgtcacttt ctggttgtca tgatagatga gctcaagcgg ctgagaatga acacaggatt    162420
     ttagtaatta gtgttttttt ttgctaataa atgtacacat ttgattatac acatttatta    162480
     aggtgatcgc tcactcaaat ctttgaaaac gtgtactcac cctcaagtgg ttccaaactt    162540
     ttatgagttt cttttttctg ttgaatgcaa aagaagatat tttgaagaat gttggaaata    162600
     ggtagcaatt gacatccata gtaggaaact aaatattata ttttgagaga ttaaagaatt    162660
     aaaacaggtt tgtaagaagt agacggtgaa aaattacaac ataattcaac ttttttggct    162720
     gaactatccc ttttgtctgt ggtcttagca caattatgtg ctagcttgtt taaaaaagtc    162780
     tagatttaac cagccaatcc agtttcacaa taatttgatt tgtatgtttg aagagttcag    162840
     atgcaaaaac atctaagtgc cgtctgaaat ttccatcgaa aataaacgtt tttctcagcc    162900
     tcctttattt aagttgagat atttaccttt aaagaccagg aaaaggactt attctttgcc    162960
     ataacagtga cattactaaa caaacacaca gtagcctgat aaaagtgcta attttggagg    163020
     aaaatttcaa aaggcattta gaggttttgc atctaaactc ttcatttatt aatagacgtg    163080
     aaattatcat cacatgggtt ttacctgtta cacacatctc ataggaaagt gaccattaat    163140
     cctcggttcg ctgtttgact ccttcattta gaacacacat ataatattcc atagaaacac    163200
     agttttccgt cattttcttg tcatggtttt ctctaaaatg cagtagtgct ttgctttccc    163260
     catgcagtga ccaactgcat atggcttttc ataaagtggt acggttggtc atttagcaat    163320
     aaaggtggta aatatgataa gctacaaggg cttcattcta tgctatattc ttctgtacat    163380
     tagcagtctg caaagctcat gcttatgacg tgattatata gtggatgtgc taatgttcga    163440
     atgtttctca acctagcttt ctagctggat caccgagaaa tcgcagattg catgtgacgt    163500
     ttacccagac tacctctagt cacacttagt gggcttgaaa ctcacaggaa catctaaaca    163560
     ctccaagttt agattccact aatatggcaa gaccttttca cagtatatac ttaagtgcta    163620
     cagattaaaa tgctggaaag gttttgcaga aacagccaaa cactgaggat ggcaaactgt    163680
     gtaaagtctc tttgtccgag aaagccacaa caatgaactg tctccggtca aaagatacac    163740
     atcctccctc agactactat gggagtgtca gaaaagactg aactgattga gtctgccacc    163800
     gatttcttcc tctttccctt tccttgcatg gcctcctcat ccacctcctc atctccgttc    163860
     ggattcacct ttccattctg tccctgcagg tccttggggt caatgaaggc cacgtgcctg    163920
     ttgagctctg ctttggtggc catgtcctca tgcgttggag tgacactgag catagaggag    163980
     tggatgctgt cttcatgatg gttctttgac ttgtcaggac agcagaagca gcggcagggt    164040
     gttagatata gatagataag aactaggacc acgcttgcca agcaacccac caaagtggtg    164100
     taagcagtgt tgagggtatc gccattgccg ttgagggtaa aattgtggac tttgaccact    164160
     acatagagtg tttcgttgag gtattcactc acggcgaagc aagtgtacac acccgagtcc    164220
     tcaggtcgta ttgtttttaa ttcaagatca ccgtctggga gaaccacagc gctcaggtta    164280
     ttgccaggag aaaccactac atttccaggt aacatccaag tctttgacat ctcccgatgt    164340
     cgggtatcac agtcaaggat gagcgtctgc tccaaataag cctctctgtc tgtttcttta    164400
     aacgtactgc agttcatatg aatgttgagt tcgtacaaac gcagtacccg tttatccggt    164460
     ccagggtgaa cacaggtatg gtcgtcctta aagtccaaag ccgaattgag tcgcctgatg    164520
     ttccaatgtg ccatcaaact gtacaactcg cagtcgcaga tgagggtgtt gttatggaag    164580
     taaagtccat tcttgatgta ggccggaagc gcctgcaggt cttgaatggg gagaactttg    164640
     atccgattgg aagacaagtc caacaggctc agcttgtcca gtcggttctt gtccttgacg    164700
     agctccaaag ggaagcgaga taccaagttc tggctcaggt agagcttctg caggctaccg    164760
     aggcccaaga aggctgtgcg gtctatctgc gagatgtggt tgttgtagag cagaagaacc    164820
     tccaaatgta tcagtggctc gaaaatgaac tcgtccagct gtcgcaaaac atttgatgaa    164880
     agatccaagt agcgcagttg ctttacgaat atgaacgcct cggaagagat gaatgacaaa    164940
     ccattgtgac tgagtaagag attgtggaga ttgggcagtt tgtgcttggt ccattgtgcg    165000
     cgtagtccgg ttatctcatt aaaactaatg tcaagcacgg ctgtgtagtt cggcaggtca    165060
     gacgggatca tcgtcaggtt catcttagaa cagctgacaa tgttgctggc gcatatgcac    165120
     attttgtgac aattcagcgt cgaccctctg atcttgggga tcagtgcaag aatacaggac    165180
     aagcagacag cccacctaat gcaccaatta atggaagggg gcatttctga cacgcagtta    165240
     aaatgtggtt gtagcacaag tcataaactc cttgttcagt agtgaagctg tttaaatcct    165300
     ttccacactg tttggagaaa cagcttgtgg gacttatgag gcaaacgcag agctacaaga    165360
     caaaaaagaa acaagagtgt tttatttacc ttttaaaaac aaaaatgaaa ctgctcaaat    165420
     gttaacctgt ttacatctga tgtacgtttc agtaattcag taattgaatc acaaaatatt    165480
     tagttgatag gttgctaaat tgttaatttg taatcattag tcaaaagcta aattaaatta    165540
     tcatgctgta taacagtaga aaatggtcat atcggctact ctaagtatta tgtttgtatt    165600
     ttaaaagtag tattattaca taaacattat taaatataat gacagcctac atctttctac    165660
     ctatcattct attcagacag acaaacagac tgacagacag atagatagat agatagatag    165720
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    165780
     attatctcta aaccttaaga tcatctttaa aaacacaaac tatgtatcaa caaaacacca    165840
     agataggttt tcatttacaa tgttcaaacg tcaaagtaag tgtcagatgt ctatatcaca    165900
     ttttgctctt tggctgcatt tataagaaca gctaaactgg taaaagctgg tctttagctg    165960
     ctccaagctg actgcagagc gtcttggacc agcaagaaag cagcaaacat catgaggtga    166020
     tcaaacaacc ttattacaag gtaactggcc cgcgagctag catgcgccag ccatgaccaa    166080
     cgcacaggaa ccacaataga ttctcctcca agggttttta agtgcaaata aagcagggaa    166140
     actcactgga acatgatacg gatctgaacg ggttaatgta acgtgaatga atgtgaacac    166200
     aatagttaga acaagcgcgc gcaactaatg catgcgcata ggtttacaaa caagctctga    166260
     cctgttcatt cagataagag tatggcgcac atggcgggat ctgtacatca atatgtctta    166320
     tttatttata tacatatttt cacttatttg actgcacttc caatgtcatt aaaaacgcaa    166380
     atttgacagg agctataact cactgtaaat gttaagatct ctgtgatgtg gcctctacgg    166440
     actaatcatg gtgtagcact gcaccattta ccgtatgcat aaagtcatct gtggttttaa    166500
     taaaacataa agataacaag attacgaaaa acgcgcaaat attttacctg catgctaatt    166560
     ttcctaaaaa tgtcatttca aaaatgaaat attctcttta atccatttca tcacagcaga    166620
     gtgacacgtc tttcccattt aaagcgaaga gaaacggaag cgccaaggag agcagtggac    166680
     gcgcagtctt cagagactga aaataaaacg tttccagatc gagcgcagag cgaaaaatga    166740
     tggcagacac accagaaaca gcgtaacacg gtaagaataa gattacgtaa agaaacagac    166800
     tcggagaacg ccatgtctca gtactaacct tgagatgtat cagcgcagag acacatgaat    166860
     ccctttagaa agtccatgtc ctaaggagcg cccgagcttt tctctagcag cagtgtgact    166920
     gaacgggtgt aaataagcgc ccgccgcagc gcacacacct ctcagcagca gcagcagcat    166980
     ctcttcatga gcgcatgagc agacccacac acacacacac acacatatac acaccgcaaa    167040
     cacacactct gctggagcac ttgagtctgt gtccgcatag gcaaagcatc cgtgaagagc    167100
     tgcatctttc agcctcaact gacagtctgc tttctgctgc atttacacct catttaattg    167160
     cttcttgtca gcttgctgag cacatatgcc ttttcaaaat taataacaat aataataaca    167220
     gtttaactgc ctgctctacc aaatgtttaa caaactgttt taaataaagt catttaaagg    167280
     ctgatttaaa aattggttta cacacacagt attgttggtt tacaaacaaa aaaacaatcc    167340
     tgttgcacta ctactacact tgattttggt tttattgtaa aacaagaaaa caagttaaat    167400
     gagaatctga aatattttat ggcacacttt aataaataaa gatgatttat gttttatttt    167460
     gattacattt ttaaataaat tggtctaaca cttcgtattt tcggattgtc atagtatttg    167520
     tattaatttc agtactttta ccataaacca acatcacttg gtataggttg atattttaga    167580
     aattatagaa tgtgttaaaa caaaaggcat tgagtgtgct aacaagcgac tttacactct    167640
     cagaaaaaag gtacatggtg gtaataatgt tccttaagga acagttttgt tcctatgtaa    167700
     aggttgtact ttatatggta cagaaaaaaa cctcttctga tactgctctg tacattttat    167760
     attacaactg aaacgaaggt aaacaattgt tctcataaaa agtgttggac aactccttta    167820
     ttacagtatg aaaataaaaa tgactggaaa aagtgatttt ataaataatt tccatatcaa    167880
     aaaatgaatc ataatttaaa acatatgcgt aaagaaagtc attaacatta attattaacc    167940
     tctataataa aaaacaacaa ctggtaaaac aaaactatag gttttgtaaa ctaaacattt    168000
     aaggcatttt taaataaaca tttggtaagc attttctgat gaatacagtt tcattattaa    168060
     tatccgcacc ttttagcgtt tgctttccac tacacacatg agctggcaaa agtcctgcat    168120
     atgcaaagtg tccatgcaga cattttagta ctgtaaaact aatcaaacat tgtgcatatc    168180
     tcgttacaat acttttgcat aattctattt ctattttaaa atcaattaaa ttaaattaac    168240
     tttgaagtga ttacaaaggt attgagagaa aattacagaa aaaaaagttt tatattgtac    168300
     aagggagaat gtatttctgt aacatttttg taaaaagtgt tgtgatatgt ttagcaaaaa    168360
     acaggtcttt gatttatgtt aaaatatttt ctattcttta ttgtaaatgg aaaaggcgca    168420
     tttacactaa aagaaactta aaaaaaaaca ttgtttaaaa atgtatttga tgttttatat    168480
     ttactgaagg gtgacgcagt ggcgcagtag gcagtgctgt cgcctcacag cataatttaa    168540
     agcattcttg aacctcggct tagatggcgt ttctgtgagg agtttgcatg ttctccctgc    168600
     gtttgcgtgg gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttcccccac agtctaaaga catgcagtac    168660
     aggtgaattg ggtaggctaa attgtccata gtgtatgagt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtggat    168720
     gtttcccaga agggcatccg ctgtgtaaaa acgtgctgga taagttggca gttcgttctg    168780
     ctgtggcaac cccagattga taaagggact aagctgacaa gaaaatgaac aaataaataa    168840
     gtatttactg aaaataaatt aacacatttt agataccttt aaattgcttt taagggaaca    168900
     catttgatac tgttaatgtg caaagtgtct tgtcactgtg gtggtacctt catggatcac    168960
     gtttgcacct ttggtgaagg aacaattttg tatctgcaga ttttaaaaac caaagataca    169020
     ctgtagtttc caatggtaca aattaagtcc ttaaaggtac aaactgcaat ggtacgaatt    169080
     tgtttctttg tcttaaggta caattctgtt ccataaaaag gtactgcccc agtgacaagg    169140
     gtttgtacct tctataatac aacattgtga atgcaatcca attatttttg gtggggcagt    169200
     tgaagggata ataataatgc taataatatt actaaaaagt tatgaaagca tgcatttaag    169260
     gctgacaaac ataaaagctg caaacataaa agctgagcac accccctaac attgttaatc    169320
     atttctcagt gaatatagac aatatttatt ggtccattta aacaaaacag gtttattaaa    169380
     cagttctatt catcaaaatt agagtttggt cacctaacat ctttaggagt agaaatataa    169440
     cacatttaat ttcaaatgtg gtattgcaaa aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaacg tgcaaactaa    169500
     tgtgctggat aagttggcgg ttcatactgc tgtggcatcc ccagattaat aaggggacta    169560
     agccgaaaat aaaataaatg aatgaatgag tatctcaatg ataaaattaa aagccacatt    169620
     gttttaaaac agaactttaa aatacatttt ttaaagagcc cctattgtgg gttttcgaaa    169680
     atgagcttcc atgtagtgtg taacatagat ctaagtgaag tgaaatatcc agctaggctt    169740
     aaatctgaaa gtggaccgtt tttaaaacta ttgattaatc taaaaaaaaa agagtcgact    169800
     catagtggtt agaatgaatg agtctttagc cgtttcggcg tgacgtgact acgaaacata    169860
     gttgttatga gcgcaaaccc gggaaaattt aaaaacctgc ttcaaaacag attagcttcg    169920
     cactaaggag gggtttggga acaaatgaat cattgaacaa ttcatatggg agtcgctggg    169980
     ataattgggt aaaaataaat gcatattata agaccatgaa agtgtttttt gcccttgcat    170040
     gcatatcagt atgttgttgg agacccatat aaccgaaata tgaccctttt tcatgtataa    170100
     tatgggctct ttaacagaca ctatagcaat tgtggaaaaa gggaatgatg aagaaagaat    170160
     aaataattac ttcatatgtt tattttttat ttaacggtac ttttttgaat tttgttttac    170220
     taaattttca ggcaatacat ttacaacaac aattatgata tcttttaata acaatattag    170280
     tgacaaatga acagaacaag gggaaagaaa agttgtaata ataataataa taataataat    170340
     aataataata ggtaaattaa acaaagcaaa aacggatccc acctctcatg aattaaaaca    170400
     tctttgccat gtaattcaca agtcaagtag tccagtggta catattcaag cagtgccctg    170460
     tgccataaag actttgtata ggagttttgt ccgttatcca gttcaggaga atacattttc    170520
     ttgcacataa tgtcaggaac ttgcaaaaag tttttttttt ttaagtttgt tcacattaat    170580
     tttatcgtat atcccaggca gcatatgctt tgggtcacaa ctaatattaa taggatacca    170640
     ttaatttctt ggttaatcaa ggcccagaac ttttgaattt tcctgcaaag ccagaaacaa    170700
     taaacaaggt ctaattgtac ttctaattaa atttataaac cagaaactga aatatgaaat    170760
     gtctctaatt acagtgctta cataaaagaa atctgacaca tgcaacaagc atcaagcaat    170820
     aatctaagac agtaaacata actgacttcc atgaaaaccc aggggactca ggctgacgct    170880
     gacgctcctg caggtttgta attgcactct cgcatacgta attgcattag tcccgtcttt    170940
     aattaactgc ctttctcctt ttgtctctta aagaatgtcc cttttctcat ataaaagtct    171000
     cagtatgcat caacagctca aaacacaagt gacgagttct gtaggccttt tagtttgttt    171060
     ttagttcaaa gcagaacttt ggttgattgt gtctgtttgg atgagagtgt gttcaccaaa    171120
     ttcatgttct tgcaataagc attgacactg aagacctgca acagcatcag actctgtttc    171180
     tgtcactcgt ttctctctcc agcgggagct tttgaaccgc tccatgaatc tgtgagctgg    171240
     agaacaaagg tgatcacagc atgtgggctg aagatgcagc agcactgaag gatgaatcca    171300
     cataatcctc aataaattaa tctaccatta tctgaaccat cccaaaagca catttattaa    171360
     taccaagatt attcttctct ttaaaggatt gcaggcttta tgcttataat cagggttgac    171420
     aggtctgcgt taaaaaaaaa aaaaacctca caacaaatgc taattaaaat tgcctgtaag    171480
     accattttta tttgactttt tgaaaaatct ccttcttttt atttaatata tttttaattt    171540
     acagactaat gcatttaaag ccagtggggt ccaataatat tgttaattat caaatttttt    171600
     taggatgaca taggagtaag ttttctttag tcatatttta agatataagt ttacttcggt    171660
     gaaattaaag ctggattttc accttcatta ctccagcctt cagtgtcatg caatccttca    171720
     gaaaccagtc tatgattgtt tgatgctcaa aaaatatttc tcaaaattat caatgttgaa    171780
     aacaattgct gcttaatatt tttgttgaca ccaagatttt attgtttcct gattctgtta    171840
     aacaaatgtt tttttttttt ttaaatcaac tttaattgat ggtcaagtgt aacagaaatg    171900
     taatattctg tctctaaaaa aataactaac taaaaaactc taaagaaaat gtcatcatga    171960
     ttcatcttat tttttttttc taatcagcca ttcacatggc agcaactcag tgccattagg    172020
     catgtagaca tggtcaagac gatctgctgc agttcaaacc gagcatcaga atggggaaaa    172080
     aaggtgattt aagtgacttt gaatgtggcg tggttgttgg tgcaagaccg gttggtattt    172140
     agtatttcag aaacttctga tctacttgga ttttcacaca aaaccatctc tcgagtttac    172200
     agagaatggt cagaaaaaga gaaaacattc agtgaagtgc agttctgtgg gcgcaaatgc    172260
     cttgttgatg aggtcagagg agaatggcca gactggttaa ggctaataga aaggcaatgg    172320
     taactcaaat aaccacttgt taaaacttag gtatgcaaaa gagcatctct gaaagcacaa    172380
     cacgttgaac cttgatgcga atggactaca gcagcagaag accacaccgg gtgccactcc    172440
     tatcatacac cacagacaat ttagcttatg caatttacct gtacctcatg tttttggact    172500
     gtgggggaaa ccggagctcc cagaggaaac tcagatgaac acagggagaa catgcaaact    172560
     ccacacagaa ctgacacagc tgaggctcga accagataat ataaaaaatg cactcttttt    172620
     ttataatatt ttttgtaata tagcctataa ttttgtatga gttattaaac tataagtggt    172680
     atagtaccta agtttttctc actggtgtga caatgttggt agctaaaagt tcagagtgaa    172740
     aaatgaaact taaaatccct ctgccagttt gaccattatg gccatttaag gtaggacatt    172800
     tctcagaatt ctttgtgttt tgtataaatt attttaataa aatgttattt tattggtatg    172860
     tgtgttattt taataaaatg tcaatagaat gaaatatgca cacttttagg aaaagtcagg    172920
     tgactctagt tttaaacaac aaaattcaaa aagttctctc tagttctagt gttaaagaca    172980
     gaattttctt gaactgtctc tttaagacca gagtaaggaa tgaaaggaaa actgccagcg    173040
     ggacacatcc taaattatga tcactcctca agtgtgaaca accagcaaga taaattagga    173100
     agtcaaacaa aaaccataca tggtcacagg cagatcgagg ccacttaagt actcaaaata    173160
     aaattaaacc agttagatat gtgaagcaga tattacacac aaaaaaatag ttcctctgtg    173220
     gagttttggg aggattgtgg tttcgtcaat actgccaaat aagaactggt taagagcaat    173280
     ttcttcagaa gttctttagt gattctttag ttagttagaa ccacagtctt aaagataata    173340
     ttgtttagat ctttaaactc ccacttagtt tagttgaaga cagaattaaa caacattaag    173400
     atacattaat tatatcttaa aataatgtgt ctcccattca cattggccca aggttattaa    173460
     aaacctatta acagttatta aaaacagcct ttgccgttgt agtaaattcc agtttacagc    173520
     aaaacaaatg ctatagttac agttgccttg taccccctcc cctcttccct gatgacctgc    173580
     actcgcactg cattttgtct tccaagccgg agcacgctta cgtcatgaat gatgcgactg    173640
     ttcagtttaa caaaaaggaa gcgctctcac ttagcacagt tgagattgca ggggattcat    173700
     cttgtgcttt tgcacctcgt ctcagcacca gactgctgtt gtcttttccc aggcatagtg    173760
     ttacaccagt cataatcata tgcagtagca aacatagtgg gtcaaggcgc atgtgcacaa    173820
     aaaaatacgt aatatgtttt ttgtgttcgc cataaaatgc atttaaaaaa aaatatttat    173880
     caacatattt tatttctact cagtttttgt ttatattact ataatatata tacacatata    173940
     tatatatata tatatggtgc gcccctccgg agttggtgtc ctacaaaacc tgcatactct    174000
     gcgtatagac agcgacggtg ctggacggtg ctggttttga tacatataat gtttatcttt    174060
     ttctgatgtg ttattaaata aaggtaaaag accacgttta actcaaattt tacatttagt    174120
     ttctatcatt catgtgttga gatctataca gattaagatg ccgtattaaa aggcacctaa    174180
     tttacccatt tttcaagatt taagattaag tctttaggtc ttttgtgtct ccagaatgtg    174240
     tctgtaaagt ttcagctcaa aaacacccat tagattatta attataactt tcaggttatt    174300
     gggattttct gctctgaaca cagagtagcc gtttttgttg cctgtgcctt taatgctggt    174360
     tctccccatc caccattcca acacgcctgt cagagtgtgc cagcacagtg acagcacagt    174420
     gacagacatg aaggaagcag atctcacgta tcgcttgtga gaaatactgc agtaagaatt    174480
     ttcccaatta ttattttatg tatttgttgt ggagttaatt taagcctatc tgcaatgagt    174540
     cacacacaat gttgttacaa agttcacgta cacagacagt gtgctcgttt aacttaacac    174600
     tgtttttgaa cagcaaatgt gacagaatat atgttaatat ccactgttgt atttatatct    174660
     gttatgttaa tgtacaaaat aaatctgatt taacatccat aaaccaggac tgaatcgcct    174720
     tctttttact gacatgcggc tgtggtgata aagatggtaa aattacttta attcataaca    174780
     aatatgcaat ctttaaaaac aaattcttga tcacatttga tgatgattga tgatcacaga    174840
     gagctgaaca gattttttaa tcccagttgc tttgcttttt gtgatctgcc tcaaaatgtg    174900
     agggatttgg gcccaatttt aacgtcagga aataaaaaaa aaatagactt attatgtttc    174960
     tgtcactcca atatgactgt gaacacacta tagctacaca cagttctgtc gaaagaactt    175020
     aaaaaaagat gatgttcatc atgggtgaac ttcaagtcaa gtaactgaat tacttaatga    175080
     attattatat catttgaatc atataacata tctgtttacg tatttgaagt aacttaccca    175140
     acactgcatt gaaccatttg accaaattgc tctatttttc accaatttaa gagtgtacat    175200
     acaaattcct gttttcaaca ggtttccaat gtggaataag acaaagcctt ttcattagcc    175260
     cagataaact gatgagttct gtgtttttgc actcactttc ttgcgtaatt aaccatatag    175320
     taaaatgcct ggcagtccgg cggctttgtg ctcagaatca ttaatgttct attggactcc    175380
     tgctcctgct gtggagggaa cagtgttgcc tggcaactgt tgtggtttta catgagccgt    175440
     ggcattgggt tgcccaccct ctgattgttt ttgggatgcc agctcagtat accggggttt    175500
     accaggaagg aatataacaa atataaagag acagaggcaa aaatacatgg tgaaataaaa    175560
     cccccttgac atttacaagt tagagctaac caattgatta aaaatctgca ctgataaata    175620
     ttgaactgac aactgagaga gatggtcttt ccttttctgt tcttgctttc caacaattac    175680
     tcatgcttct aacaatagcc tgcaatgcta aatagacaaa tggatccccg ggttgtctcc    175740
     acagtggtaa acagagctgt agtcattgtc tgtgctccac ctggcaaaca cacgcagatg    175800
     gtaaacacat tctttattct tcggcaggtg cgtttgagat cagttgccat attaaaacag    175860
     ccagacttga aggtgaaagt atccgagata tatttaagtg agagttatat gtgggagatg    175920
     actataaact gatttatatc ccagtacaaa aattaaataa ttataaaaat atgttggtgg    175980
     gaaatttttt aggttaccta caatgatatc atgagaattc tgcttaaaat aacaatgagg    176040
     agcagcacag gtgatctata tttgtaaaaa taaaatatat atgtttattt ttaaattaga    176100
     ggtttcccag aatgcttttc aaatagaaaa ttaaagttaa tgctttactt tttattgtat    176160
     cgatttaata tttatccttc taattgtcta aacttagtcg tcttggctaa aacaaggcta    176220
     gatttgagct gtcagtgaaa atctaataga cgtctaagaa tagaccaaaa ctagactagt    176280
     catcaaataa acagaaatga atgactgtac atataaagtc tgtctaatct atttatttga    176340
     tgactagtct agttttggga tattcttagg cgtctattag attttcactg acagcttaaa    176400
     attaaccttg ttttagtgaa gctgtctaca ttatgaagtt tttttagatg tctataaaac    176460
     acaataccgt ttgcagggta agatgttgac taattaaaat catttcaatt ggcatcacga    176520
     tttctcaatc tgcttgcagt gtttttttgt tttaagctca aaacatgaat tactgtaaca    176580
     aaatgcagat taagaaacat tttctgtgta caaaaccaat cacagagagt ctgttgtgca    176640
     aatctttgct gcataaattt cattaagaaa aaaatgaaac attgaggaag attcgttttt    176700
     taaataactg ttttaaaatg ttttaaattg taatttaatt catctgatgg tgaagtcgga    176760
     tttttaacat taaggggcaa ctatgataaa aataatcttt tttaaggtgt ttggacagaa    176820
     ctgtgtatag gtataatgtg ttcacagtca tattggtgtg atataaagac aattagtctc    176880
     tttttttatt cattatttta acatttatta acattatttt tataatgtta aaataggatc    176940
     caaatccttc ccattttgag gcccattgca gcgtcacgta ggagtgtggc ttccctgccc    177000
     actgaattga ttgtcagctg cttatctaca tgtctccgta gtaacgtgta taatcatatc    177060
     aacaagacag gaagtgctca aagcaactgg gattaaaaga tctgttcagc tctttgagat    177120
     gatccatcat catcaaatgt gatcaagaaa tcgttttaca agtttaaaat gtttttaaaa    177180
     cagtacatat tttggtattg aattacagca atttcactgt ttttacttta tcaccactgc    177240
     cgcgtgtcga tacaattata aaagaagaca attcaatccc ggtttgtgga cgttaaatca    177300
     ggtttatttt gtacatttaa cacaacagat atccatacag tagtggatat taacatgtat    177360
     cctgtcacat ttgcagtgca aaaacagtac aaagttaaac ttgcatgctg tgtgtgtgtg    177420
     tctgctctgt gtgtgtgtat gtctgtgggt gcgtaatctt tctattgaca ttgtgtgtga    177480
     ctcatcattg cagataggct tgaattaact ctacaacaga tacatcaaat aatcattggg    177540
     aaagttttta ctgtattttt ctcaaaaatt ttaggtgaga tcttcttcct tcgtgtctgt    177600
     cactgtgctg tttatttgat gcagccaaag tagagattaa agcacactct gacaggcatg    177660
     tgggaacggt ggttagggaa aaccagcaat aaaagcacag gcaacaaaaa cagctagaag    177720
     atgctcaaag ttggaaattc caaacttctg aaaagcaaaa taagtaatct gatgagtatt    177780
     ttgagctgaa actagacaca ttctggagat gtatcttaaa tcttgaaaaa gggataaaat    177840
     aggtgccctt taatactttt tctaatacac ggtaaagaat gctgggttcc tcacaattcc    177900
     tttatgttgt cctaacacaa attcattggt aacttaattt ttttataagt cgattgcaca    177960
     taaaacaatt aagctctccc ccgcatcccc ccccatccca taaaaaaact aaactcacaa    178020
     attgtattga ttcagctcat tttatataag tagattgaac aagcagcaca aatcattttt    178080
     ggagtctatg ctgatttggt tttctgctta atattttatt ttgcagaaaa tggcatatat    178140
     attttcataa ttttaattaa tacaaagctg taattttgtt ataataataa taattaaata    178200
     aatattgagt cacattataa atgctattga aggtagtaaa gtaactagac atagatgtac    178260
     acaatcaaca aatcaatgag aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaga aagatttaat ttgagtacaa    178320
     aagaaactaa aatcaacatt ggcaaattga ggactgaaat aattaaatct ggtccattaa    178380
     attcctagta atgcacattg tgacgcatca cagcttgaaa ctttctagaa gcattcaagg    178440
     cgcagtaaca gcagtcaatg cattgtgaat aagccataat tcctaaatac accagacaaa    178500
     tgctggttat ttttaacata attagactga cgagagtgac aatagaggag caggtgtttt    178560
     attcatgggg catttcccct tctgctgtat atttgcttgc agcttccaag tggaagagct    178620
     cagtcaataa gcagctaaat catcccgagc tatcacgtct gcagggattt tgtctttctt    178680
     actggattga tggatttaca ctctttcatg cttgtggctt tacaactcct ccaagagatc    178740
     tcactcgggg ccagtcttac atgagatatc tgaaatctgt gtggcttcat ggtggttcaa    178800
     agtgcactta agaagagaaa caacagctgc ttaatagctt ttgtgcattt aaatattata    178860
     gcactttctc atcatcatcc ttagcatcca cttcttcact gaagaagaac aaaagatcag    178920
     attaacttaa gtacttcttg ttttgaaatt agcatttttg ctcaatgtgt gaagtgaaac    178980
     atgaagatta aactgaactg aaacatgaaa cttgaagatt gggacataga gtagctcctc    179040
     ccctttcact ggtttttgca acagctcaaa cgtgcttata tgacatgtaa aaattaatct    179100
     tattcgttct ctcgtttcaa gcaagcatga ctgtgtttct gtgaatgaat caacctaggc    179160
     tcattctgaa aacgtaccgt tatatacatt tctggagaac accaaatatg tcccaggagc    179220
     tttttttgca ttttttgttt tcccgaatcg cgaggctgca ttatacactt tttgagatct    179280
     caaattgggc ctgctgttct gacgtaaatc caccaggggc cgctgttgac tgatcgattt    179340
     aatgactgac tgattgacca atcaactgac ccaccttcct ccttctctag acccaaccaa    179400
     tagtgttttt aaaagcaccg actgacttgc ccacccaccc acttttctaa acccaaccaa    179460
     cagcaatcca gaaaaagatt gccatcacgt caatccaggc ggatgctggt ggatgaggag    179520
     attctctcaa tgtgtaaagc actttgattg tccagaaaaa ctctatacaa atgtaaggag    179580
     ttatttttat tcttaaaaat tgtatacagc atacactaga tttgtgaaaa aaaattgtta    179640
     aagccgtaac tcctggtaca tatttcttgt ttctcaaata tgaagtgtga aataaatttg    179700
     ttcattatat aaagctcttt ttttcagttc tattcaagta gagtcaagta attttttttt    179760
     cacattacat tactctgatt tgattaaaca tatcctcatt aacattctaa aagtgagcaa    179820
     gtttattaca ttgcgtttaa aacagggtga gtaaaagata acagaactgt cattttgggg    179880
     tgactaaccg tttaaccaga aggctacgca gatgatatct cttgttttct ggatgagcag    179940
     cactatgagg gctcattagt cacactgagc acagacagga agtcgccccc atcctcagct    180000
     aataactaag atttgttcaa gcagctggag agattttgca cctgcttttt gttttcagtg    180060
     gtaagagaat gtccctctgc ctgagtaggc tgattcaaaa cacacactgc caaaagattt    180120
     gtactgctag acttagttcg ctctcccact catctctagt tcagtcagta gttgcactgc    180180
     gagcatatgt gcaaataaac atttgcctta atgagtctca ggctaacgct ctctaggtca    180240
     gtgtggagtg catgtttatg agccaaaact gttgttttta tgggaaatgc aagttggcag    180300
     acagtaggat gttggatttt ttgggtacaa taagtggttg tttatatgaa aaataataat    180360
     tttcaccaat gttggtagca gggttttgta gagttaaaaa cctggaaatg aattagcatt    180420
     ttgttttttt tgttttttaa tagggttttt aatcaaatgt ttgaaattaa ttctgtacat    180480
     aattcagaca attgacatgt aaaatattca gccttcctag cttctgtgac atttttttta    180540
     tttttcaaaa atttccatgt gctgtttaac attgagaaga ttttttcaac ccatttcatt    180600
     caacaatata ttgttagtaa ctattttcta ataacttttt gtctgtagag actatttttc    180660
     attttaaagt gcaaatgaaa ggattagcta tatgtttata ataatgacaa cttaattagg    180720
     caagttgttg caagttgttg aataacagtg gtaaaaaaat ataattaagg gggctaatta    180780
     tattgaccta aaactgatct gtcaattcca cagcctacct gagtattgtt gctgaccatg    180840
     tccatccctt catgaccata gtgtacccat cttctgatgg ttacttccag caggatatat    180900
     gccatgtcat aaagcgtgaa tcatcccaga atggtttctt gaacatgaca atgagttcac    180960
     tgtactcaaa tgacctccac agacaccaga agtcaatcca atagactcca attaagcatt    181020
     gtgtcacatt ctacctgagt attgttgctg accaggtttt tatgaccaca gtgtacccat    181080
     cttctgatgg ctacttccag cagggtaaca atccatgtca taaagcaaga atcatctcat    181140
     actgtttttt taacatgaca atgagtttat gtactcaaat ggcctccaca gtcagcagat    181200
     ctcaatccaa ttgagaacct tttggatgtg gtgggttgtg agattcgcgt catggatgtg    181260
     cagccgacaa atctgcagca actgcatgat gttatcatgt caatatggag caaaacctct    181320
     gaggaatatt tctattacct tgttgaatct atgccacaaa ggattaaggc atttctgaaa    181380
     gcaaaaggag gtataacctg gtacgagtaa ggtgtaccta atagtggcca gtgagggtat    181440
     atataaattt agttaaaata tggacaaacc gaaatgttgg gttaaatttt agaaagatca    181500
     aatacatttt aacttgacgc gttggtttgt ccatattgta gttgaaaaat ttaatcacct    181560
     ttgacaaaga aaacatagat tatggtaaaa aaacttattc ccacaaaaag ttattcacac    181620
     aaacaattca tttggtcatt ttatgggaga ggaaactctt gagagtagat tagtctttat    181680
     tttaaaaaga gtgttggacc ctataaacaa tagctaacaa tggaactgga agtgctcaaa    181740
     tgctaaattc tgtcaaaatt tgggccaacc aaaatatctc tgtatcagtg ttgaaaggtc    181800
     ctcatagtga aatctgctca attcctcaac aaaacatccc caatcacgct ttctggggct    181860
     tttgtttaga gtagaccact tctgcaggaa aagtgcagac ttggcaacac tgcccttcaa    181920
     tctttatctg acaaccatca atacacagat atagctactt gaaatatggc tattgacctt    181980
     accccacctc ctgtttcttt agattggttc actgattagg atgagactag gcaagatttg    182040
     cagcttgcag ccagcaaaaa ccgctgctgt ttatcaaagg gttcaaatat tgtgattata    182100
     aaaacagaat cgccttgggt agtgagatat tacaggggga gaagtacatt tgctcatggc    182160
     agaagctgca taagccatct caggccacaa aacaacataa tttccctcca gtacagcagc    182220
     atccaatcat gttaatgtaa taacctagcc atctaacctc aaatgccagc tgcagctttc    182280
     atagtcttga caagacacaa aattgagaaa aaaatgttga acatatctgt ttaggacaag    182340
     gactaccttt gatcaaatca gatcctccaa acaataataa ccttcataat gccatttatg    182400
     tattgtattt ttatacgtat atgagtaaat aaatcattaa ttaaaaaaaa aatacgtgaa    182460
     aacagacatg cacacataaa atattaaaaa tagaggatcc cagttttttt tatggcagtt    182520
     ataatatcaa tatataatat taataactct attaatattc tggggttatt attaatagaa    182580
     aaaatggcca cgtaatgtga aatttgatat gcagatgtgt cagagctggg tttatgtaac    182640
     ctgtctgtga gggcacaggt gtcttattta acggaggtac aaacagataa cagtgatact    182700
     gtgtcctggt gctttagttc attgcaggat caaatgtctt gtttcctggc tgggtctttc    182760
     ttagaccgct gtctttattt atttagcacc aagcttgaat aatgaaaaat aggtgggaag    182820
     gaagtcactg cagcaaaggc gctcatggaa catgaaacag cagggagtgt ctaaaagcac    182880
     atgacatcca tcctttagcc tcacatgggc tttatagcga cagaatgagt gaacagtcag    182940
     gtcttagtgt cattcacaga tcctacatcc tatagccata ttagaaatga tccttagtcc    183000
     accttcattt tctccaaatt tgttcagctt attcaaactt tatttcttca atagtgaaga    183060
     tgatttttaa aagatgttgg ttaatatata ttgacttcca tctttttttt tgtctccact    183120
     gtgaaagaga atggttatga gcaactgtgt ttaccaacat tgttatgtgt ccatcagaaa    183180
     atttttgaat ttttcttctg cgtagtccct ttattcatcg agggtaacca cagcggaatg    183240
     aaccgcccat ttattattta gtaatactat gaaaaaatat tattatcatt taaaataata    183300
     ccttaaaatg tatatattga taaaaaatgt taatgtatat ttattcctgt gatgaatggc    183360
     aatgctgaat ttttacaatc ctgtcataaa tgttacgtga tctgctgaaa tcactttaat    183420
     ttggtgagtt gaaacgtaat aacatttctg atggttatca gcaacaaaaa tatgaagcat    183480
     attcatccat tcattcattt attcgtctat tttcttttcg gcttagtccc cttattaatc    183540
     aggggtcacc acagccaact tatccagcct atgttttaca cagcggatgc ccttccagct    183600
     gcaacccatc actgggatga cacccacacc ctctcatcca cacacaaaca ctacctacaa    183660
     tttagctttg gactgtgggg gaaaccacag caccttaaac aaacccacgc caacacgggg    183720
     agtacattta acccccacac agaaatgcca actgacccag ctcaaatcag ggaccttctt    183780
     gctgtgaggc gacggcacta tccactgtgc caccgtgcca cattatatga agcatattgc    183840
     atattcatat gttgtggaaa ctatcgtttt taaaaaaagt atggcaaata tgtttgataa    183900
     agggaaaaaa tgttaagtga acactttatt tagaatgaaa tcattcttta acatgaatct    183960
     tatacattta aaatgtttta gaggatgtat atttatattt tcatccatca gagaatccta    184020
     aaaatttatt atttaaacat attaaaacat aattaacaac tgaacacctg caatgatgag    184080
     caatttagaa atgtcatgat ttctgaagga tcatgtggca tcacatgatt attaatgact    184140
     tttaaataac ctttttccac ttaactaaaa aactttacaa aaaatctaaa cttgtgtcta    184200
     ataataataa taataattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattaa tttcatgtca    184260
     tttgttttaa gttgtatgtt ttcttgcagt tatgtttgct ctatgaataa aggagtcata    184320
     tgagaagtct actacagtat atttctaaac tacaaggcga ttttacttga ctgcatacac    184380
     tatgtaagaa gagcacacct cagcccatca atcctcacaa ctttttacag aggagctgtt    184440
     aagagtgttc ttactaatgg catctgcctt tggtatgaga ataccattaa aaagataatg    184500
     aagtcagctg aaaggttcgt tggtgtcaaa atgacatcta ttgaggaact gtatcaacaa    184560
     cgttgtctgt ctagggcaaa tagcaaagtc tgcacacaat catgccgtca gacaggcggt    184620
     acagaagcct gaggagcaaa tcagtgcaga ttcgttatag tttttatcct gtcattataa    184680
     gacttttaaa taataccgta tcttaaacac tattaatagc tagcatgtaa taaaaacatt    184740
     aataaacagt taaactagca caaatttttt atattttaag taatataaca aaccgtgcaa    184800
     tagttattta aaaattaatt tatcccttct gtgatttttc taaattgggt tatattttat    184860
     ataactatat ttttatatat ttatgaaatt ataaaagctc attcattttg ttaggttttt    184920
     ataggatttg atgttttttt tttacgtaat ttcattttgc attacaattt attgacaaaa    184980
     ataaaagata ataataacaa taacaaaaat aatagtaata atattaatac tactactact    185040
     actactacta ctactaataa taattcaaat tatgattttt ccagagatgg gttgcggctg    185100
     gaagggcata ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat    185160
     aaaaataaat aatgataata ataatagtga taatagtaat aataataata ttgataatat    185220
     taatgatgat aataataata ataataataa taataatgat gatgatgatg atgatgatga    185280
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataaaa atattatgtt    185340
     tgccagagat gggttgcggc tggaagggca tccactgcgt aaaaacgtgc tggataagtt    185400
     gacggtttat tccgttgtgg tgaccccaga ttaaaaaagg gactaagccg acatgaaaat    185460
     gtatgaatga atattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattaataat    185520
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aatgataata ataataataa taataataat    185580
     aataataata atttccatca agtctgaaac aagatatttg accacactga atgagtcaat    185640
     catgcggcat ctgaagaaat ttaacctcca aaagattttt gttggattta ggtttattca    185700
     atcctcccaa aatagctcat atccctgtct acgttttaat tttcatcctg acctttcatc    185760
     ctgctgacag taacagatgg tcgtctgcta aaagttgcca acatccacat gttcttaaga    185820
     gcagccctcc tgttttgatg cgtgacttta ggctcagctc cttcacataa tcaccagttc    185880
     cattatgcaa tgactgtgtc cactaacgcc aaagggaaaa ctgttactct gagcaagcca    185940
     gtatatgtta atgtgtgcat ctgcatatgt agagaacgaa gcccttattt gtctgttctt    186000
     cccagcatgc atcactctca agcatgatat tagctaactg caagtgtgtg acgactgagg    186060
     atcacaacca acatgctatt gattattgcg caataaagca ccaagtgttc tcactgatgg    186120
     ctcagattcc tgtggattta caagataatt atcccgctaa ttgcaggatt aatggagcct    186180
     attgtgcaga tgcagaactt atgtgtcatt aacaaaggcg cgacactgct gagagaaacc    186240
     caacaatgaa gtttctcatc aacagccctt agatttattt tgacatcagt taaaaatgac    186300
     aaggttgtac tataaaagct tttattttga cagtgtttat atatcctgta taactcattt    186360
     cacatattat tttgtctcaa ttgtttaaaa aaaatgtaag taacgtacaa taaatatttg    186420
     atcattcgct attgaattat taataaatga ttttacctgc gatggtgatg tcgaaacagt    186480
     aaatcacttg tgaaacagct ggatcagttg atttgaagct atggaaagct ttgtttctgc    186540
     tatcactgat gtttctgtgt ttggcgtaat gatatggaac tgtaatgtgg tcaaaacttg    186600
     cctggaactg cattacctgt gcgcttgctg aaaaataact gcacacatat gtttactgta    186660
     aatgctttat tttaattggt tggtgaatat tctaattatc taatatgtag ctgctgaata    186720
     cttgattctg attggtggtg aattatccta agatagcgct tttacaagat tgtgtcaaag    186780
     cagctacaca aagttctagt aaattgaaac tttgtcagtc cagttttcag agttgaagtt    186840
     cagtttagtt tgttttcagt gtggtttaat tttcactgcg gaaagtccaa acactaaaga    186900
     gcaaatccat cgatgtgtag ctccacaagt ctcaaccagt cttaaagaca gtggcgataa    186960
     cagcgagaaa aaaacttcac caattgacaa aagtgaagga aaaaatacct taagataaat    187020
     cagaccctgt tgggcatgac catttcagct ctggctacac tttttgtgca gagctacagt    187080
     ctagacgtcg gacactaaga acgctggaca tccatcgtgg agcactgcag gtttctgtag    187140
     gttaccgggg gtgttcaggc tggcccacag aatcaatgtg aagactcgtc tgtttttgtg    187200
     gtctttttta ggaatcagtc tcatgctctc cactcctcca taaccaccac agaatcagct    187260
     caggatacgg tctcgtccag gattatagat accttggcat catttcttca caggtcttgg    187320
     atcacatcaa tggtgctgca taatctctag aggtcttgag atgagtatcc tcacgtggaa    187380
     atagaggata aaaaattaag caataattga ttacaggcta tagaattatt gaaaaatcca    187440
     tgtacactta aagtggtaat gttgctacaa tgtttatacc atgtgcatcg ctagggcaat    187500
     tctactcagg ctccccttca tctctaactc tctcccccac aaccctcttt atctctaact    187560
     tcatcagctc ccttacaatg acaaattgcc cttgcatcca ttttgtttta ggctgttaac    187620
     tgaaatatct gaaaccttgg cttggtgtaa actgtaatgc agtttcaaga actgcactgt    187680
     gaaacccaac agtcaacttt atcaaatgaa atgagaatag ttaaatcaaa attgactgaa    187740
     agttaattct actcatttga aatgagtttt gaactcagtg ttgaaggtaa tgagttaatt    187800
     aaatacctca ttaccacgga gcaagttcac agaactcata tagattagtt tttttactta    187860
     aatggtttgt tgccatcggc tccctcaaat ggtttgagtt gacttaacat atcgagttat    187920
     acagtagtca gttggttaga gttcatctta gggctttaaa atttgtgctt aaattgctcc    187980
     gtctcaattg gattaagttc acagtactca tttggattag tttttgaact taaatggttt    188040
     gagttaccat aaccttttgg gtttaacagt gtgcctggaa ctacttcagt tttgcattta    188100
     gttgaaaatg attgtgtcta aaagtgttcc tcaggcaatc agcagtgttt atgtctgtgt    188160
     atcagcctga aatataagac attttgcttt ccatactaat ttaatatggg gcttgtcttt    188220
     taaactttaa atacaagaga attctgtatt ttatgggtca gatagaaggc ttattttaga    188280
     gctataatag aggcttgtgt gactgacagc agactataat acatgcctgt caacattggc    188340
     atgtgaaaat aaggcatact ccccagatct ataataaaaa catttgattg ctttcctaac    188400
     tttttatgct tatttacgac aacatttgtt gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcaa caagatcgac    188460
     gtgtttaggt tattattatt gttattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    188520
     ttattatgcg tacatgtctg ttcaaaaaac ccagagtgtc cacttttact tcgcttcaaa    188580
     tggcagaatc catttgggaa acagcatcga tttgtcaata tggaatgcgt ctgacagcaa    188640
     caatgactgt aaaaagcatg caccgctaca tgaacagacc gttttgagaa ttgcattgga    188700
     ggggcaactg caacggcaac gtttttatat ttatttcaaa gtgttttcat gtctaaataa    188760
     aaatagcacc aaaaatcgca cgaaacagaa ttacatttaa gggcaatggt ggtttggagg    188820
     tatgggttgt gcaaagggag gatcgagtct ttgatgcttt ttgccaccct gtacagaaag    188880
     agtaaaaata tcagaaaaaa tactggaaaa taactttacc agatgatagc aggataaaat    188940
     tttaaaaatt cagagagaat actgggaaaa acaggagggt tgacaggtgc gatagcaagg    189000
     tgccaatctt gaaggatgct ttatacctta agcgaagttg tggaaaatgt gttgcacatc    189060
     atacgtcatt cttatcccat ggaggaattt ttctatatct ttgcagttgt attcctggta    189120
     ggtaatctac ttgcctgaat acttaattta gcttttggag tgacccagca attggcagca    189180
     aaatctcaac ttatgataac ttataagttc acctgcttta aaaactacca aatgcatttg    189240
     agaaagctca tgcatctatt tggttggaga gtttgcaggg cagtgtcaag tcggacatgt    189300
     tttatttatt catttgtcaa tgttgtagtt ttttttgtct ttttttttgc tgttatacac    189360
     tgtaaggacc ttagaagtta tcatttggga aagcaatatg aactgtaatc actcaatgaa    189420
     atcaggcatt taacaccccg gaagtataat ataatataat agaatattca ttggtgacac    189480
     agtggcgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgcctca cagcaagaag gtcgctggtt cgagccttgg    189540
     ctgcagttgg cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctcct acctactgag ccactgcgtt    189600
     gcatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata    189660
     taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taataataca    189720
     gaaagctcac ttgaatgaca aatgcataat tttggtataa aaacgcatag agatcttaac    189780
     ttaagagtcc ttccagagct cggtgtgatg tgatagacac aatgtgtccc tgaaggccct    189840
     gacagttctg agcttatgta atcagaacac agactgtgct gtaatgtatt tattcagttg    189900
     caatacctcc taatcgttca gctagagttg aagatttggc cagcatatgc ttaagctgaa    189960
     cattattgat ttccacttat aattgaaatc tctctctctc tctctatctc tctatccctc    190020
     tctctttctc ttgctctcaa gtatgcgtat gaatattgtt tgcaaaacaa tattaaaatg    190080
     ttgacacgag gatggataat agtcaggaag attgttgcac tctggcgaat ctgctgcctc    190140
     tagcatgaac aaagcttgaa tttctctgtt tatcttcatg gagaatgaaa agaaagaaag    190200
     catgattctc cctgtcagcc tgcctcagtt atattacact gatttgtttc atggtgttaa    190260
     gtaaagctct tattcagctg tagtaatctt gtgctcagtc acacagcctt gtggtgagat    190320
     ttaagggctt tagagacatt ctttccccca cattaatctt tgtcattctg tgctgtacag    190380
     ccacctaata cagcagaagc agatttttag agacagataa cacttgcgaa tgctagtgcc    190440
     tttattgatt gtagccttat tcattatagg aatgtgcgct tcctatatat tcttgtttta    190500
     tcttgaccat aggtgtacat aatactgtaa ccaaaataac taaatattga aaatgttctg    190560
     ttgtttttta tatgattttt aatgagtaaa aaaaaatcta aaaaacaaaa gtgttaattt    190620
     atctttaaat aacgtatgaa atacacgcag ctagccaatt gctaaaataa atttgcacta    190680
     ggtattttga atctgtatat tatcatactg ttaataagta taacattaac agtattctga    190740
     caccaactgg caacccaagt atcactgaaa taacagggct ggatccacaa atcattaaag    190800
     ctttgttcac accagacgca gcacgtgcgg ataaatcatg ctgaccacat caaattcgct    190860
     ttaaacacat taaattcatc tcccaatgca tattcgcatc atgggtaggg cttctgtctg    190920
     ctctgtgact ctagctttgt tgttaaatgg ctaacagaga ttttattaag agaatagctg    190980
     ggtttatgtg ctttaggaag gctgaaaaac agatcctcac agaggtgcac ccagctctgt    191040
     gagttcatca attactttag aaaccatacc tggatgatgg agattttcag cggtacttca    191100
     gactgagtcg agccaagttt gatgaactgt tgtccagtgc tggcaaaaga attttcactc    191160
     gggacaccaa caaccggcac aacgtcataa tcatgcccct acaatataaa gctcctgatt    191220
     gattaacgtg gagagaatgt ccgctgaagt tcagattttc caatttgcat gaaagctcaa    191280
     cccgtgctgc tttatttgtg tgaatttcat cattcgcgct gcctcattcg cccttatcac    191340
     tctacaggat gtctattcgt gtctttgcat tgacttgaat gcagcattag tcaattaatg    191400
     acgttaatga attaactttt gttcaaaaca ttgtctaact tgaaaaaaga agaataattt    191460
     ggaaaaatag tttgtattcc cataaaatca tctttaaaat gtttatataa ttttcattcc    191520
     tctattactt aaaaaacagc atttaagagg atttaaattg ttggaaataa cattcttgaa    191580
     ataatcttaa atcccttatt aaagctaaga tatttgttca gatttgtatt tattttttag    191640
     taatccattt ctgattagtt taggaaaaca accaaagtcc ttccgaagtg cttttattgt    191700
     gatctcacac tgcttttatg gggttagttt tacctggttt ctggaactgc tactgagcaa    191760
     tcacgccaaa cataaagcag tccatacaga ggtaagcagt aagtggtact gcactgtagt    191820
     gtacgtttta cacttaaaat gcagccgggc cggatcaata aaaaatcaca tttattaaca    191880
     ttgctaaatt ttttgtgttt gagaaaatct ttttcacgta tcgtatgagc ctactagaac    191940
     gatatttgaa catgcttatc taagacaaat gtaaaaaaga acgaaatgat aattcaaatg    192000
     attgttttaa atgaatataa aataaacaaa ttaaataata attataccat gtcatgggca    192060
     tactgcatac acaaaatgtt taaaatatgg ttaactgaaa tcatccaaac agaatggtaa    192120
     agcgtttttg gtgaacattt ctccaggacc tggcaaccct gaaaaaattg tcagtttgaa    192180
     tcgcgccaca atcaatcaca cacgcgattt ttaattgtag ataacgttac atattacaaa    192240
     ttaaaatctc ggtcttttat ccacatattt tattgtacaa cttcggaagc tttggataac    192300
     ttacaggaca acacatgcac tactttttag tgcgtttgaa cagcgagaaa cgccattcat    192360
     gtaatgtcat cgtttggagc aaggtcaggg tgagtaacgt caaacgacag cattttctat    192420
     ttgttcagtt tactttacaa tccgtaggct gctgttttgc ccaaatttgt aagtctttgt    192480
     cattgttcgt tttaagatat ttgccccagg gccattctac agttaggtta tcaaactcac    192540
     ttaggccaga tgactggatg tgactggtag gtttgagaga aaacagctgg tgttctcctg    192600
     catgctggca tagtgtttat aataagcagc caacatctat ctaaagtgag aacttccaca    192660
     ctcctctaga ctagctgtct ctctcctctc tcttacacac acacacacac acacacacac    192720
     acacacacac acacataaac aaatatgcta tagatttcag atttctattg cattatgtgc    192780
     cttgttatta attgttttgt aattgatgtg ttctccccct tccctttcat tgctgtatgt    192840
     agttgtattg atggttggta ttcataaaat aacatacatt ccgcattaag attaaacatg    192900
     tttactgcag ataataataa aaaaatatgc ctgcaaggtg gaactgtaat cattactact    192960
     acacaacaac ctcacgattc aggtaataaa atgtagcagg ctgccaataa ccttgggtct    193020
     ttgtgctgaa agatctgttc atcaagcctg cagtcgattt aaccctgact tcaatgcaac    193080
     agaataactt aactcctgct agctaaaatc atcctttgta gtatcaaaaa catgtttttt    193140
     tttttttttt tacatggtgt taaatatcaa actttgtttt ttgtcataat acaaaatttt    193200
     tgatccctgg aagaaaatag ctgcatcata atatgataga tatgacaaac tgtttcattg    193260
     tgttttaatt ggttgcattt ataaaaagaa atgtttaata tttcttgcct tttctgagaa    193320
     ttttgaatag caatattgtc catctttaga aaataatgct atttatttat tcaagttttt    193380
     ttccatatag ttagtttatt ttacagtctt tacaaggtta tgtttagatg ttttattttg    193440
     tgaaaggaat taactctcct attaacccat aattctgtaa cacatttaaa cctttggggc    193500
     caaatcttta tttattttta attaaaagac ttgtgcaaag taatttatgt catagttgac    193560
     ttcttaaata gccctagtaa taacccaatc ctgcctcccc cactccctgc cccttatcta    193620
     tattacccat tgacaaattg gcaaatcacc ataaaatctc actaaatgac tgctacgaac    193680
     accctgatta taaaatgaca ggacattgaa aaaaatgtcc atgttaattt tgtcaacaga    193740
     gttatccaca ttaaattagg aaaagtcatt acatttgaag caaaaacaaa tgtcaagtat    193800
     gtttttactg gtatgtactg tagggttggg ttgatagacg ttgccatcgt ccatcgacga    193860
     tagccgatag acatcacgac gctgagtcgg ctttgcaatc ctctgccctc cccccatcgc    193920
     agcagcaacc cgctcgtgaa aaatacacac ttaggccctg tttacactta tacgtcttag    193980
     ttttaaaata gcattttaaa actaaaacag tccacgttta cactggcatt tcatctagca    194040
     tttctgaaaa tattaccaca cacacacaca ctctgccatg cgctgcagca tttgcgcatg    194100
     tctgagctcc agcagttaac aggtgctttg agcataaaac cccggagagc agtgtatgtc    194160
     ggacagttta tcaaggatgt accactagat cgcgtctcac tataattgtt aaatgtgata    194220
     tttaaatcat tttgtcttta tctaacgact cttccatctt ttgaatctat caggtaacgt    194280
     gtcaccacgt cagtactctg cttcaatctt ttgcattccc gctagtactt agtaatttaa    194340
     gtgaaaacct cagatactgt tggttgttca acttttttac caaccatgtt tgttgatgcc    194400
     attataaaga cacagatcac tctgcctcta ttcatccctg agttctgcgg aaaaagtaat    194460
     tgactgtctg gtggtgattt gtgtgtaacc gatctttatt tatttatgat ttgtttatgg    194520
     gtaaacaaag gccatgcagg tcaggtagtt gaaatagtag tctacaaata attaattcac    194580
     tttgaattaa ttaattaatc ataaattatt aacttattgc cgcctacgac aatgatgcca    194640
     tcttccatca caatgtttca tattagacat cgaacaatac caaattgggt taatactttc    194700
     attcaacaaa gacagtatat tgtacaattg tgactaaata catttaaaat tgattatcaa    194760
     caaaatattt ggtatttatt taatgctttt ctttctatta attgaagaaa taatcagtgt    194820
     tttcataaaa acattaagcc gcacacacag ctaatttata ataataatgc atatttggaa    194880
     gttttctcct ccttattgta gtgcttataa ataactatct ggcagtttgc aaggttgtca    194940
     ccaaatgtag gtcaaactta tcccctttag tgccctgtgg tgatcttgat gcttccaggc    195000
     attgatggca ttttgagaat aggcctgttt tttaacagct cattagtcaa aagaagccaa    195060
     taaacgaaca ggatgaaaca ccatgcagaa tttaggatgg ggtcgtgccc tgctgcagtg    195120
     cgcagttaaa tcactcggga tgctgtaact ctcaaccaag gacactgcag tcatattaaa    195180
     cacaagtaca ggttgaaaag acacatttag tgctcctgct gcttattgct aaagtaatac    195240
     ctcctgctta cataattata gaaaaatgac tgtgctttga gagtgtttta cttaattaat    195300
     taacttaatt tacttaattt gtagtcattc aagattttgc aatagtttgt ttcaagtgct    195360
     tcttttcttc tcatttgtaa tttgcctttg aataaagcct ctggtaaatt aataaatgta    195420
     aatttaaggc agaaaccagt cagtatctgg tgtgatttac ctcatgcagt gcaacacatc    195480
     ttcttgacat agagtcagtc aggttttgat tgtggcctct ggactatgtt ggtcctcgtc    195540
     aatggctgtg tgaagttgct ggatattggc agaaactgga acatgctgtc ataaattcag    195600
     attcagagca attcagcaca tcccaaagtc acttaatggg tgacatgtct ggtgagtttg    195660
     ctggccatga aagaacctgt gatattttaa gcttcaaggc attgtgttct catcctacgt    195720
     agagccgcca tgctgcaaca tgaggcggtt tttgtgaatg aatggcacaa caatgtgact    195780
     aaggatcttg ttgcggtatc actgtgcatt taaaatgcca tcaataacaa tcagctgtgt    195840
     ttgttgttca taacttacgc ctgtcaatac cataacccta atgccaccat gggccacaac    195900
     tttgacatca gcaaaccact catccaaaca acgtcataca cactgtctgc catctgcctt    195960
     gcacagtaaa taccaggatt catctgtgaa gaaaacacct cttctaagtg ccagacgtca    196020
     gtgaatgtga gcatttgccc acttaagtga ggtatgatga tgaactgcag tcaggttgag    196080
     accctgatga ggacgataaa catgcagatg agctaagacc taaggctgtt tagacaaaaa    196140
     agttttagtt ttaaaatgca taagtttaga tacggttaca gcttccgtcc acaataccct    196200
     caagttttcg agccttaaaa ttggagcgtt ttggaaacgc taaagaggcc ttttcagatt    196260
     taaagagcac ctagtttacc ccttttttaa agattttctt ctttttttta agacttccga    196320
     gtaattcaga tttttttatt ataacgtgtt aaaaagtgtc tctttggtag cgtgtataca    196380
     ggtcgttgtt ttaggggtgt gttgcttcac atgaaaatta gttttgactt ccggcccaac    196440
     ttaacaaggg ggtggagcca agagctcccc cgctttgtgt atggcaacag acaggcagac    196500
     agggagaagc aacatgagtg agaggaccag cattcagcat gtacaactcg gacacagacc    196560
     aagcagagag tacaaaatca tttgtgtctt tatagttttg cagccaactg tgtgctagtt    196620
     taaagttccg agcttgtaca ccaagactaa ttaccacaca caccgaatta actttgactg    196680
     aggctataac taaaggtcat cacacaccgg atgcgccgct cagagccaca acacagatca    196740
     ccagaagtgc acattcgcat gttatataaa atgaaactaa tcagatggcg ctctgtggcg    196800
     cggcagaaat atgtacagtg tcctgagtcg tggctgggcg ccgcggacag acgccgattt    196860
     gcagcgccat tgtgtgtacc ctgaaagaaa cctatgtata gaatcctaaa atgcatggtg    196920
     ctgcatgttg ccgagcggtg cttctggtgt gcgacctgct taaggcaagt tcattatttc    196980
     caatggaagg acgcgcacgt aaggcaaaga gcttgcactt tccaactgca cctagttaag    197040
     atgacagagc ttgtgtgatt gcaggaaatg caaacggcta aagtttaagg aagacgcaat    197100
     gaaaagtaca cctgtttgca aacccaccta aactttcaaa caatggcgcc gatgacagca    197160
     atcatgtggt gaatgttgat cttgtgttga gcccaatgag ccttacatct aaaaatagag    197220
     caagggtgtt cctttggtga cattgctttg actcacatgt tgaaaatggc ggacgtgaaa    197280
     caacaaattg aggatatggt aatgcgcacc tgtcaatcaa tattggtggt agggggaccg    197340
     cacttctacg tcaagttgcg gccgatctca aaaccgctcc aattggtcca aaccgctcca    197400
     atttaaaatg gagacatcta aaaacggagg cgtggctgca gacatttaca tctgattgtg    197460
     gctttttctc aatattaaga atacaaagtt cagtcttgca tccttccttg taagttcaaa    197520
     cttcgcaagt ttgatatgga aaacaaactc ctgaggacat gtcggttaaa tcttcaaagt    197580
     aaacggtgta ctttataacg tcatgcaccc tggctttgtt gatttactat cttaacagta    197640
     aaatgaaagc atgatttaag gaattgtctc tgttcatttt gataataaca actttacaga    197700
     cactagaaat gttaaggcgt tgtgtatcta catatttaca tgaccgtcat ctttactgta    197760
     tatttaacat acagagccta cagagcctac aacataactg catcctttta tttcattaaa    197820
     aaatatgaaa cataccttgt gtcttttgct taatatcagt tttaattata aataatgtaa    197880
     attaataaaa tataataagt tatattatat gttataaatc acctacatat ccacagtgtg    197940
     aataaatgaa cagcaaattt aaattttagg taaactatcc ctttaagaaa atgttaaaat    198000
     tacaggcatg tatgcatttt ctcattactt caatcatttg aagcacagtt gctcttagtt    198060
     gctgggggtt tttcaggatt taatgcagta tctgcaatct ttagcatgat gtaaacattg    198120
     gcgccctctg gagaacagtt aagtagtgca ggcagattta gaagtgcaca gtcatccaag    198180
     acattcagtt tgttagatca catccctgtg tagcactaaa ctaaattcag tcattctggt    198240
     aacctgatca taccctcagg tagggattta agaggacaca agccaggtgg aatagtcatc    198300
     acagtattaa acagagcata tactgtagct ctgtttgtca tctctggcca aagtctcagc    198360
     aaacatttcc catcgtactc atcttacagg cctttggata gaggctaaaa gcattgaaac    198420
     gcagtcccaa taaacacaat ggctaatgat gttagtgctc attttctctc cattacagtc    198480
     agaatgtgag atgagctctt ttctttctgc agtgctcaaa tttacgccac tggaatatct    198540
     tgttttttgg ctatttattt attttctgta ttcatttcgg tgcctcaaat ttagctctac    198600
     agaaaagact gtgatctcat gccaccacta ccaagggtta gtaaattaga aaaggattcc    198660
     tgaaggataa tgtgtgatgc cgaagaccaa agtaatcata ttttttaaaa tataaaattt    198720
     ttaaaattgt taagatattt tagaattata ataatatttc acagtattac tgttgttgat    198780
     tttggtttgc cacagtttta aaacatgatc acagctggct atttcaaaat aatcacaaca    198840
     tttttatata gaaattaatt ttatacagaa atataaaata cttgtatggg cgtctatgta    198900
     ttgatgaaat atttaattgg aaatcattgc agcagtagat ccagtgcttc ccacacatag    198960
     actttactta tttacacatg caatgcttgt agttattgac aacatcatta gacaatttat    199020
     ttttcacact tgtcattatc ggattctctc ttgcattata ttcaacatta tataggccag    199080
     attagttata ctgacactgt taaacattaa ttttcatgca ctgcactttg tgtttgctat    199140
     gaaagataaa acatatcaaa tgcttgtcat acaaatgcga tatgatcaat aaaatgataa    199200
     gtacactttc aggttcactt tcactggcga gtgtgctcat gtcatggctg tcttcacttt    199260
     gcgaagaaaa aaaacataca tgtaaattac acttcccgct tggctcttaa atgatcactc    199320
     tgcaacaaat ggaacattat ttacaacttt atctgttttt tacagcctat gcaggttctg    199380
     ttcactaaag tagacatcat tcacaggcat atgtgcatcc tctcagtagt aaacaaacag    199440
     tgcgtcagct tatgtgtgat ctcgcggccg cgaatacttt attacaatta gacagaaatg    199500
     acatatttgc atgaattata atatgtaagt ctttcaaagc cttttggaag tgtccatgtt    199560
     gctgagcaat gtaattaaaa caatgtgaag acttgtgcaa cctcatttat gcttctgccg    199620
     aacttgaaaa tttaattggc taaatcatag agatgctgga ttaagatcat gtgggaagtc    199680
     gaatcaagat tgtgatcttt tttcaattaa tggtgcagcc ctaatggaaa gtacattgta    199740
     ttaacatgat cctcaaacat cattgtttct ataatctcat gtggatccca tgagtgtaaa    199800
     atattggtga aaaccaaggg atcattaata tgcatgcttc agactgtgtt ggattgacca    199860
     caacgtttct taatgagatt acaacaatga ttattttttc cttgtagttt atctaagctt    199920
     atattaaatg tactatgtat gtaggtcttt tattttaaag aggagaggca gggagactta    199980
     aaaggggcag ttttatgcat gactacagag agtccacagc ttgatagaac gcaaaatggt    200040
     ggatttacag attacacatt tatttagcac caccctgaag aggcatacaa tctgattaac    200100
     cgcatctttt gttagttcat catgtatatt gtgaaattta accttgtgtg cattgtgtat    200160
     tagcttgctc agtgtgcatg agcaaacgga ttgtcgcaat gcaatcagtt tttattttgc    200220
     atgacttttc agagctcaaa atcaaggatt taccaaattt atctctgacc ttatttatac    200280
     tgaaataagt atttcttcgc cacaatttgt ttgtgtcaaa acaaggaaaa tatagctttg    200340
     caggtgcaat ttttaattca gcaaaacatt tcatcaaaaa acattacatt aaaaaaggaa    200400
     ttaatgtcat gtatctaaaa tatgcacagt aaacggtcct ggcttaaagt cccagatcac    200460
     cagtgaacta cacataaacg gggagtaatc tcccattaaa gcaatgttat tgtgaaaaaa    200520
     atataattta accatattaa caaaaataaa tgtaagcaaa agaaagctgg tgaaacatac    200580
     cgtgtttgat aatgaaagga tgatcatgtg cacacggtaa atataggcct gttaataatc    200640
     tgttcgagga ataattaaaa tgaaagctgt gacttctgct gcttacaaaa taatatgtgt    200700
     atttttttta aatcttgagc tcttgaaagc agcaggattg tgggtgcatg atcatggctc    200760
     tttgtccagt ctattttaga gggaaccaat tgcaccagtt gcgcttcctc ggttgcttca    200820
     cgttagcaaa cgggtgcacg ctcgcttttt aacagtagca cgcatcacat cacctgtgcg    200880
     tgcgagtgat catgctctcg ttgggtattt actttccttt ttgctgtttt gttcgcgtga    200940
     acacagttat ttttgtcagt caggcgggtt gacgggtgtt aatgtaaagc cctgcttata    201000
     accacaggaa ttaaaagatt tggaacttag ctaagccaca tacctactat atagatatca    201060
     gagaacaatt taacatattg aattttagca ctccataata tcctgttttt aggggaggta    201120
     atgtgatgca gaattgtgca gagcttaaca tggactcata aataaatatg aggattgttg    201180
     agaatctcct gatgactgcc ttagtgttta cacgcaatgt atggagtcac tcatgtgaga    201240
     agtgaagtgc ctcagataat tataatgctc tgaggatctg attctttgag agggaattc     201299