ID   AL772295; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 113150 BP.
AC   AL772295;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 18)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-14A17 in linkage group 2 Contains
DE   the psmb5 gene for proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta type, 5,
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to proteasomes, the gene for a novel
DE   protein similar to human and mouse SKB1 homolog (S. pombe), the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to human solute carrier family 7 (cationic amino acid
DE   transporter, y+ system), member 8 (SLC7A8), the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to human adaptor-related protein complex 1, gamma 2 subunit
DE   (AP1G2), the gene for a novel ubiquitin-like protein and the 5' end of the
DE   gene for a novel protein with a zona pellucida-like domain
KW   HTG; psmb5.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-113150
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 20399aa8f0087aa7257667851f823b6d.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991384.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000054313; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000054337; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000075445; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000079605; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000103472; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000061677; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000088026; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000113111; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000167274; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000170672; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-14A17. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-10E2 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-14A17 is at 113150 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-14A17 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..113150
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-14A17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..113150
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(4271..4391),complement(3735..3919),
FT                   complement(3551..3654),complement(3391..3482),
FT                   complement(3133..3313),complement(2937..3042),
FT                   complement(2772..2860),complement(2569..2660),
FT                   complement(2377..2479),complement(2001..2176),
FT                   AL928674.5:1..96)
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein with a zona pellucida-like domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI709597.1 Em:BI710027.1
FT                   Em:BI979314.1 Em:BI983618.1 Em:BI984980.1 Em:BM140921.1
FT                   Em:BM182402.1 Em:BM182742.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(2415..2479,2569..2660,2772..2860,
FT                   2937..3042,3133..3313,3391..3482,3551..3654,3735..3919,
FT                   4271..4337))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001798"
FT                   /product="novel protein with a zona pellucida-like domain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8AYL0 Tr:Q8AYL1 Tr:Q9W7E1
FT                   Tr:Q9W7E2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001507"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R022"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-589"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14645.1"
FT   mRNA            join(4456..4816,5132..5179,5262..5344,5420..6130)
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel ubiquitin-like protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF095740.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA892544.1 Em:AI088112.1
FT                   Em:AI452792.1 Em:AL781427.1 Em:AL784969.1 Em:AL785594.1
FT                   Em:AW140702.1 Em:AW572481.1 Em:AW765642.1 Em:AW916332.1
FT                   Em:BF282335.1 Em:BF567340.1 Em:BG019290.1 Em:BG656747.1
FT                   Em:BI980699.1 Em:BM024640.1 Em:BM024876.1 Em:BM184904.1
FT                   Em:BM970629.1 Em:BM985140.1 Em:BQ284736.1 Em:CK710486.1
FT                   Em:DT864611.1"
FT   CDS             join(4799..4816,5132..5179,5262..5344,5420..5513)
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001797"
FT                   /product="novel ubiquitin-like protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P69321 Sw:Q9VJ33"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000626"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019954"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019956"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029071"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R023"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040718-295"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14646.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(5956..6619,8136..8234,8917..9068,
FT                   9637..9769,9843..9987,11607..11711,11794..11921,
FT                   15350..15439,15558..15680,15997..16051,18304..18444,
FT                   18548..18661,19847..19902,20006..20104,20190..20270,
FT                   20368..20463,20548..20624,22830..22926,23051..23192,
FT                   25407..25531,25694..25902,28635..28841))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human adaptor-related
FT                   protein complex 1, gamma 2 subunit (AP1G2)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC006691.1 Em:X54424.1 Em:Y12226.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI601497.1 Em:AI626712.1
FT                   Em:AL913818.1 Em:AL917529.1 Em:AL920296.1 Em:AL921695.1
FT                   Em:AW342806.1 Em:BF157594.1 Em:BG302927.1 Em:BG727756.1
FT                   Em:BG729199.1 Em:BG738033.1 Em:BM102671.1 Em:CA344162.1
FT                   Em:CA360949.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(6494..6619,8136..8234,8917..9068,
FT                   9637..9769,9843..9987,11607..11711,11794..11921,
FT                   15350..15439,15558..15680,15997..16051,18304..18444,
FT                   18548..18661,19847..19902,20006..20104,20190..20270,
FT                   20368..20463,20548..20624,22830..22926,23051..23192,
FT                   25407..25531,25694..25894))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002168"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human adaptor-related
FT                   protein complex 1, gamma 2 subunit (AP1G2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O43747 Sw:O75843 Sw:O88512
FT                   Sw:P22892 Tr:Q8IY97"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R024"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002553"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008152"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008153"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011989"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013041"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017107"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R024"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-587"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14647.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(34591..34785,34961..35110,37298..37394,
FT                   37482..37585,37759..37882,41029..41182,44752..44877,
FT                   48103..48254,48322..48526,53355..53475))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human solute carrier
FT                   family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system),
FT                   member 8 (SLC7A8)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB037669.1 Em:AF171668.1
FT                   Em:AF171669.1 Em:Y18483.1 Em:Y19022.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA013586.1 Em:AL921442.1
FT                   Em:AV669803.1 Em:BF717670.1 Em:BQ680711.1 Em:BQ707345.1
FT                   Em:CA318138.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(34591..34785,34961..35110,37298..37394,
FT                   37482..37585,37759..37882,41029..41182,44752..44877,
FT                   48103..48254,48322..48526,53355..53475))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001796"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human solute carrier
FT                   family 7 (cationic amino acid transporter, y+ system),
FT                   member 8 (SLC7A8)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P63116 Sw:Q9NS82 Sw:Q9QXW9
FT                   Sw:Q9UHI5 Sw:Q9WVR6 Tr:Q9N1Q4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R025"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002293"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R025"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14648.1"
FT                   WENKPKSFSSFVGMKKS"
FT   misc_feature    36585..36694
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    45908..45987
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    53655..53679
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   polyA_site      complement(58662)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(58662..59390,61715..61779,62165..62275,
FT                   62364..62567,62657..62832,65383..65505,65625..65683,
FT                   67452..67529,67625..67786,67859..68022,70850..70899,
FT                   71109..71221,73124..73258,75218..75303,78445..78563,
FT                   79297..79482))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human and mouse SKB1
FT                   homolog (S. pombe)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF167573.1 Em:BC023905.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI584569.1 Em:AI585215.1
FT                   Em:AI722652.1 Em:AI793888.1 Em:AI877958.1 Em:AI883650.1
FT                   Em:AI883682.1 Em:AI959641.1 Em:AL723628.1 Em:AL726430.1
FT                   Em:AL726511.1 Em:AL730642.1 Em:BG934245.1 Em:BI870903.1
FT                   Em:BI884649.1 Em:BI886813.1 Em:BM554644.1 Em:BQ219522.1
FT                   Em:CA370447.1 Em:CT645940.1"
FT   misc_feature    58738..58747
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   CDS             complement(join(59238..59390,61715..61779,62165..62275,
FT                   62364..62567,62657..62832,65383..65505,65625..65683,
FT                   67452..67529,67625..67786,67859..68022,70850..70899,
FT                   71109..71221,73124..73258,75218..75303,78445..78563,
FT                   79297..79394))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001795"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human and mouse SKB1
FT                   homolog (S. pombe)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O14744 Sw:Q8CIG8 Tr:Q96K27"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R026"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007857"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR025799"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029063"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R026"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-585"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14649.1"
FT   mRNA            86979..88106
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.13-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to proteasomes"
FT   CDS             86979..88106
FT                   /locus_tag="zC14A17.13-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001794"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to proteasomes"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O57330 Tr:Q8INY4 Tr:Q8T759
FT                   Tr:Q8T8V8 Tr:Q8UUL7 Tr:Q8UVV0 Tr:Q9W1S5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R027"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R027"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14650.1"
FT   mRNA            join(89640..89881,95253..95559,108186..108973)
FT                   /gene="psmb5"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb5-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 5"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF032391.1 Em:AF155578.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI793911.1 Em:AI884146.1
FT                   Em:AW279794.1 Em:BF937233.1 Em:BG729243.1 Em:BI844718.1
FT                   Em:BI984011.1 Em:BI984944.1 Em:BM025850.1 Em:BM101692.1
FT                   Em:BM571565.1 Em:BQ073870.1"
FT   CDS             join(89666..89881,95253..95559,108186..108472)
FT                   /gene="psmb5"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002165"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0R028"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0R028"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-215"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14651.1"
FT   misc_feature    111150
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-14A17"
SQ   Sequence 113150 BP; 37057 A; 19714 C; 19913 G; 36466 T; 0 other;
     gtgttgtagt ggcccaacat tcatccaaga acagtattaa aggctgatgg cccaattgtt        60
     caacagaggc ggaaattgga attgttgagc ctagagaaaa tgttgtggaa gtggccaaac       120
     cactgaagtc atctacaaaa atagaaagca tcagaaagat cattaaaatg gtcaagaggt       180
     taattcaaga acatttcact gagtttatac ccaccattca taagagtcaa gtgaaaggcc       240
     aaacccccct ggccatatgt ttgaaacgcc agaggatcat acaaaggagg agaccactct       300
     tttggcctga ggggaagtca atggtttaga tttatagtta tcagaagatc aagacagtgg       360
     agcatattgg tttaaagtta cacattctaa aatggacaaa gcaatcacct ttcaaaaaca       420
     catgccactg gataagacac agtttcagcc acagaagtga tctcagtctc aaatacaatc       480
     ccacccattg tcacctaaga agaggaagag aatgtgaact ttgagaaaaa gattgaactc       540
     tatgggtttc catttattta tttgaaaaaa atgaaaaaaa aaaaatcagt attgctacac       600
     ttttttctaa atgaatctca aataagacca aggtaaaagg agacctgaat ttagtttttt       660
     tttttttaat ggtaattatg gggtttaaac caagtaccac tttactcaag ccattaacta       720
     atagttatgg gttcaatgaa ttaagtgaac ttatttaaac tcaccagcct cctaatgtca       780
     caggccccaa attcagcatg aaacactgct tcggaccctt gagcgttcac agatgctcga       840
     gatggagggc agctccccaa ccggagaaga aatggatcta tttgagagac tacttcactc       900
     cattgcacag aaacagagtt ttcgccgcag ttcagagtga ttgctaaagg aaagtaaatt       960
     tgggtattag cttagaatca gtttgtgcaa caaatgttaa aatcattgtc caacataaac      1020
     actgcattct cataaaaggt gtaaattacc tgctcgtgcc actatggaaa aagccagaca      1080
     aagcaagact acaagtatca aaaaggactg cattgtgacg atgtactcgc atcttctttc      1140
     aggaaatact tatgcacttc gaatgctaat taacctaatt aaaggagtca aatgtggtaa      1200
     gcattgattg cgtgagctta attaacatca gctgctaatg attcatttct gatgatcaca      1260
     cgatgttggt tgttcacaac tcaagtgtca ttttcaaatg atttttattt taaaaaataa      1320
     gaggaatttt ccatagacta ggggtgtcca aactcggtct tggagggcag gtgtcatgca      1380
     aagtttagtt ccaaccccaa taagacacac ctgggctagc tatcaagctc ttacaaggct      1440
     ttctagaaca tccctgcaag cgttttgaag ttggagctaa aatctgcagg aggacatcag      1500
     actccaggac agagtttaga cacccatggt atagaccctt ttgagggatg taaacattag      1560
     cattagttca aacctatttt catgttttat atttttaatt ttcatagctt ccaagaatac      1620
     aaaaagttaa catttttata atgacaattc ttttaattcc aagttatgat tgaactgcct      1680
     ccaataacag ttatgaagta gtttcaaaac aattaggata tgttcattgg ataatgacat      1740
     aacattaaaa tggtctattt gctaccaacc tagtgggtta gttttgtatt cctgctgaac      1800
     agtgttaatt agaatcacct acttacattt taataacctt acattaatta ttcattaatt      1860
     aattaaagca ttacaaaagg ttgcaaaaaa atgagctaca taaaaagtgt ttaaatattt      1920
     ttattttgca caacaactct caaacttttc agacaattct caaacctttt cctcaccata      1980
     tgctattaca cactgaattc tataacatcc aacctttctt aggatttacc atttttacat      2040
     tgacatttta tgacaagcat ttaaagacag agtcacgttt cacagttttt aatagacaat      2100
     gtaaaaaaga tggagcagta aagaaaataa tctgaaaatg gcagctcttc atgactcctg      2160
     atgaagaatc cagcacctag gaatagacaa agcgttattc cagttcacta gccaatcatg      2220
     tatctcagcc atattatata caaattaaac accactgact catcaaatat ttacagcctc      2280
     accagacaga acctcagcct acagaagaaa aacaaactac tataatatac tatattataa      2340
     tataagtgaa ccatttgaca attctaaagc ataaaccttt ttctgagaga agaaacagac      2400
     agttggggca gaaattactg ggactcctca gtaaaagtca aaggtcctaa cacagatttt      2460
     aacaccagtc cttgaggtgc tgcaatccaa acacactgaa tgttaacaaa ctcacattaa      2520
     aatggtttac tgcatctttg gtttagaact aatatgcttt tgatttacca aaatctgcat      2580
     ccttcttttc acgaccactg caggttgagt cacagcactg gcaaagagaa ttctgaaatg      2640
     gatcatctaa aagctcccac ctatgaataa aaaaataaat aaatatgcct taaagtatat      2700
     ataaaaaaaa ataaaataaa aaaaaagcat agatactaaa agcatttaat accaatcaga      2760
     tatttactta ctctcctgtg gctttattat aattgcacgc cttcttcgtt ttattgaggt      2820
     catcaggatc ccatgcaatt aacttgcaat ggatgtaaac ctgcaggaaa agaacaagca      2880
     gcaacaaatt cagatgttta agaacttgac aagtttcaaa caagagactc actcacctct      2940
     tgtcccacag caaatgtgaa agcttgaagg tgaagcataa tcgaagaaga ttgaaacctt      3000
     ggtaaaaacc tggagaaact cttcttccca tctacaagac acctgtaatg ggttcatgtt      3060
     gtcagctgtg gaattacgtt cactaatctg caaatatata ctgtctattt caattattac      3120
     aaacatacac accctttatt agtgatgagt gggtgtataa gtgtatctgc gttcatttcg      3180
     ggtgttgcag atgctacaca ttcctccaga aacagtacca gtggctgatg gccttgctgg      3240
     tcaacagcag cccatatagg tacaaaagat cccaaaggaa agactgtgga ttctgccgga      3300
     ccactgaaat catctgaata gaaggtttta agacaagtta tcattaggag atcaatcagt      3360
     taacagacaa aggtttttct ccatacttac gattgaggat tgccatttga aaggctagtt      3420
     gcccataacc ttgtatttcg ccagtagaaa gactctggaa ggcaggagtc caaccttttg      3480
     gacttaagat cgaatatggt tattgtactt caccaacgag aatgattttg ccacagtgtt      3540
     gtgaccttac ctgtcatata cacatctaac tggataggta aaagctggag ggtaaggttt      3600
     gggcaatggc ctgtaagtta gttggttttc gtacactaag gatttccacg ttgactaaat      3660
     gaaatagaaa aataaagttt attaacaagt tttcaggatt gagtgataaa aaaaaatcca      3720
     tgaaacaaac ttacgatccg tctgaagccg cacgcactga atggatagtg aaattctgca      3780
     tatgctccat cttgcgtcat gttagagaac actgaaggaa agcagctacc caagaataga      3840
     cgagcaggat ttgcagtcat cgttttctcc aatttccact tgacatgaac agaatggtcc      3900
     ttgcaattaa cttgtatatc tggaaaaaaa tgacagaggt ggaacttaat agtttttaga      3960
     gttaaagaaa actgaacaac tctggcatca gtttggttac aaagcaagta ctaattagca      4020
     ggtcaagcat cttggatcag aattcaagtc cgctagccct gctgaggaaa tcaatattgg      4080
     ctggtaaggt aaattttgaa gctagtgtgc tagtttcaat gctggtcttt tcagtaggag      4140
     gttagactat aaaatatggt ggttagtcaa ccagctaaca aacaaataaa caacttttcc      4200
     cacaacatgt ttcataactc ctttttctta acaatagatc aacttttttt agtgcagtaa      4260
     taaacattac caccattact ttcgtcagac tcaaatgctg tggcaactgc aaaaacaaaa      4320
     agccacaggc aattcatggt cgggtagcgc agaccaagga ggtgccaacc aaacgctctc      4380
     tgtaaaaaga agctgaactc tgtttctcct catcagtaaa gttaatttat aacacctggc      4440
     aactaggaaa taacagcgtt tacttttgaa ctaaaccatt ttctggttta cacttctgca      4500
     ttatcattag ttatacattt gagcaatata caattcttta aatgattttg gcagcatttt      4560
     atttgacttt catttatttc aacgagacga ccaaatgcgg aaccatagat agagatgaac      4620
     caaaccaccc ggagttaatt taagctacac gggaaatagg gcagtttttt cctctcattt      4680
     caccagaagg gttttaaccg gtacatttgc gttaggtttc atcaattact tctgttaaaa      4740
     tattattata atattaaaca tctcttacca tcgtattcgt taaaatacat acctcaaaat      4800
     gttgattaaa gttaaggtaa gcgatattta tcatagcatt tacatgatct gtctctaata      4860
     tgtgagtttc atgattaagt tagttgtttt cagaaacaat tttcaaccgt ggttttatta      4920
     tagtaaaagc gtagtaaaaa ttttgggcgc atcgcaataa ccacatttta ctacaaatta      4980
     agatagaaac cttggttcat ttgcgtatgt gtgcatgaat tgttgcgtat ttgattcttg      5040
     ctgaatttaa ccgagcattc tctgcatgtt tactttatta tgtaagccat tgagatgcat      5100
     aagaaataat catttttata tcacgtctca gacactcaca ggaaaagaaa tagaaattga      5160
     catcgagcct acagacaagg taggaatatt atgatgataa tatttctgta tttttgaaac      5220
     taaatgtgga ggaaaaccac tgaaatcttt tcccaaccaa ggtggagaga atcaaagaga      5280
     gagtggaaga aaaggagggc atcccgccac aacagcagag actcatttac agcggcaaac      5340
     agatgtaagg ttgcagcaca gcgtcatttt gatgctaaat gttagccatg attctgaaat      5400
     gatctctgct ttatttcagg aatgatgaga aaaccgctgc tgactacaaa atccagggag      5460
     gatctgtcct gcatttagtt ctggctctca gaggaggaga aaacctgcat tagtcctgcc      5520
     agtgtctttc ctctaaattt aatcagttaa gcttgtaaat agtagaaatg tgtgttatca      5580
     tatccatcga aatcaacagc agaatctcca gaaggctgtg gtgctcaatg cctccagtgg      5640
     acacttggct ttgcataaac catgttattg tcatcacaac tgctcgggat tgagagagca      5700
     tcatacagat gctttctaaa cactgtttac agtcttaatg cgagcttatg ctctagcttg      5760
     actcagattc tgcagtataa agctgtgcac tgaaacaacc ccttttattc atggtttagg      5820
     aaactcctgt aaaagagctt atagaagttt gattattatt tctattttaa tcagtaattt      5880
     taacacacct cccttattca gttcttgcgc atctaaaaga gacacagatg tgtatcatct      5940
     tcccaaaaca acacgttata ccatatctgt tttattgtat tatgttttga tgaaagagga      6000
     ataaacaatg gatatttgtc atttcacaca cacacaatga ggttgagaaa tatgtatagg      6060
     acattttaag tatgtgaaat ggcaagttca cattcaccgt caataaaagg atacgatgtt      6120
     ggtgcaggaa tgtcctgagg ctgaagagaa ttaataattg acaaagcaaa gatgctgagg      6180
     aaaggcttga tactaacagt aaggcaactg gagctcagga tgttttcatt cccagacaat      6240
     atcatttatg gggcttctca tatagttgtt tagtgacagt gcataaaaga cctcatctaa      6300
     tgatggtgta cattaatttg ttcactcttg tgtggtaata acaacagcac ataaaccaca      6360
     cttttgttct agacaattca aaccaaggta acacatcata aaaatctgtc gtatcaaatc      6420
     tgttcagcga ggttgacggg cagctgccca tttccacaga tgaccgttta acgtctggat      6480
     tcacataggt ctgtcacaag actccgattg atggctgact gttccaagac ggactgggaa      6540
     aggagtcaat ttgtactgtg tcctgaagca ttgtgccctg atcggagtaa gagactcgaa      6600
     cccgcatttt aaggctgacc tgtagagaaa aaaacagtat tatgaagtta agaggagttt      6660
     taaggaaatt atgtttttta ttattcagcc tcatgtcatg tcaaaccctt cgttactctt      6720
     tagaatataa attaaaataa aacctgagag cttcctcatc atccatagac aggagtggtt      6780
     tcgaaaatat cctcagaact gagcatatga gtctggggtg tttaaactcg gtccgtgagg      6840
     gtcggtgtcc tgcatagttt agctccaact tccttcaaca tacctgactg aagctcttta      6900
     gtattcctag aaagagcttg attagctcgt tcagctgtgt ttaatagtgg ttgaaactaa      6960
     aatatgcagg acaccggccc tccaagacca agtttgggca gttctgcctt aagtggtgtt      7020
     caatcggaat gttatcagaa catgaagaat atttctgtgt gcacataaaa caaaaataac      7080
     aaattattaa gtttttgcta attattaagt ttttgtgtgt gtcacgctta gttttactgc      7140
     tcaggaatct acatgaccgc aagttatctt cagccatgtt tgtggacaaa cgcagagcat      7200
     aatgtaaacc aagggaaatc acaacagaaa ataaacattt tatactaata aatattgaaa      7260
     aacatctcac aaacactctt aatgaagtgg agtaacatgt ttatacttta aaaacgctca      7320
     agtttatttg aaactgacgg tatcaacgag ctgctgtagg aaaacagttc aagaaataat      7380
     ttattactgg agtatataca gttgaagtca gaattattag ccctcctgaa ttattagcct      7440
     cccagtttat ttttttcctt aatttctgtt taacggagag aagatttttc caacttattt      7500
     ctaaacataa tagttttaat aactcatttc taataactgc tttattttat ctttggcatg      7560
     atgacagtaa ataatatttt actagatatt tttcaagaca cttctataca gcttgacatt      7620
     taaaggctta actaggttaa ttaggttaac taagcaggtt agggtaatta ggcaactttt      7680
     tgtataacga tggtttgttc tatagacttt cgaaaaaaaa aatagtttaa agggactaat      7740
     aattttgtct ttataatggt gttcaaaaaa tgtaaaactg cctttattct agccgaaata      7800
     aaacaaataa gactttctcc agaagaaaaa aacattatca gacatactgt gaaaaattcc      7860
     ctgccctgtt aaacagcatt tggaaaacat aaaaaaagaa agcaagtcaa agggggctaa      7920
     taattctgac ttcatatatt tgttggagcc attggtgttt atggaagata aggaaactca      7980
     aatttcatcc aaaaatatgt atatttgttt tctgaaaata aacgcaagtc ttaaggtact      8040
     ggaatgacct gagtaattaa caattttcat ttttggatat agtgtgcctt tactgaaaaa      8100
     aaaataaaaa cagaactaca gctggaagga cttgccttgt ttgggttgtt gagtaaaaca      8160
     gtctgtgtga cttgaccgag gccatgtgct gcaatcacat tcccactcgg agccttcatt      8220
     tgcagctgaa cactctagac agggaaaata atagggttaa aacaagaaat tctaaaaaat      8280
     gttaatttat tttgttcata ttagtactaa agtaaagaaa aaaaatgatt cattaagaaa      8340
     caattgtcaa ataaaagcaa taaaaataac attaacgtaa aaagacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      8400
     aaaaaaaaaa accaaacggc aaccaaatgg atcaggagtt cagtgattta ttcattcatt      8460
     cattttcttt tcaacttagt tcctttatta atccggggtc gccacagcgg aatgaaccac      8520
     caacttatcc agcatatgtt taacacagag gatgcccttc cagctgcaac ccatcactgg      8580
     gaaacatcca tacacactca ttcacacaca tatccactac agacaatatg gcttacccaa      8640
     ttcacctata cagcatgtct ttggacttgt ggggaaaacc ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc      8700
     acgcgaagaa catgcaaact ccatacagaa atgccaactg acccagccga ggctcgaacc      8760
     agcgaccttc ttgcagtgag gcaatcgtgc tacccactgc gccaccacaa cgcccgagtt      8820
     cagtgattta tatgaataaa tacctctgca tgccatttat aacttgttca tatggttgct      8880
     gacaatgata agtttgaaaa tggagcaggt agagacctta ggtacagctg cttgaagagt      8940
     aaagttgctg atgtcattct gagtggagtt tgaggcaata agagtgactg tgatgtctgt      9000
     gtctgtctga ctgtcacact ggatcttcag gctcactcca ttcttctcat acaccgtcac      9060
     agcaggaact atatgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacg cacatcaaca aaactcctcc      9120
     actggcagat ttgtacaact tttagaactt ttcagaggtt tgcgttttga tttatttaac      9180
     cattaatatt attgtaattt aaaatattgt tgttgttttt tttttaaaag tcatttattc      9240
     ctgagattaa agataaatct ccaccagcca ttattccagt cttcagtgtc atatgatcct      9300
     tcagaaatta cctcaatttg ctgagaaggt tataaacgga gtcagctcta agttggtggg      9360
     acttgagctc taagtaggat gttcaaatct ggagttttta tttatttaat gtcttgtaca      9420
     cgagtctaat tttgtgcttt atgaatgtct acacctacta cgattttgag ttgtcaaggc      9480
     catttcaaag atcttctaaa caccttgctg agaaccatta atttattgac tcatttcttt      9540
     ataaaaaggc agtcagaccc caaacttact ttggttactt tggaaatatg tgaaacaggt      9600
     gtagaaatgg tgaattatgc aggagcgtgt tctcacctgg cgtgggctcc agtcctccca      9660
     gcaggtccag aagatcggca ctagaggtag ttgttgcagt gctggttggg gcagagctag      9720
     gctgcactgg tgtgtccgtc ccacccaaga gatccagaag atcacacacc ttaaacagaa      9780
     gtgtaaatta tgtacatttc tattttttta tgatttactg taagttatcc tataataatg      9840
     acctggtttg ctggctctga gagcaaaatg ggctcaacag gtttggtttt ggctggctca      9900
     ggctctttaa tctctcctga tgagtctcca ttagtgtggc ctggtgagtt tttctccatc      9960
     aaaggcattc tctccaacac cgcagctctg agaacaataa cgttaattgc tcactaatga     10020
     tcggcttgat gatcatctgc acaattctag catgatctca gggtgttcgg tgcaaataat     10080
     aggctattaa tgcgctagtt catttttttc cattcacttg tttcaaacca atttgagtcc     10140
     tttttttctc atatgtaaca aatatagttg aagtcaattt tattagagct cttgtgaaat     10200
     gttttttttt ttttttttaa aacattttaa aaggtcaata tcattagccc ccttaagcaa     10260
     tatatttttt agatagtcta cagaacaatc cactgttata caatgaatta ccctcacttg     10320
     cctggttaac caaattaagc ctttaaatgg cactttaagc tgtttaatta aaagcataca     10380
     ccagctcatt atttaacaat ggtttattta aataaatcta tagaaataga aaatctgaat     10440
     ttgatattaa atatttaaat gtgtctcttt tttatgttaa acacaaaaga agttattttg     10500
     aaaaatgttg ataagcatca acctttgaca tttatagtca gaaaaaaaac atacactacc     10560
     tgacaaaagt cttgtcacct atctaagttt tagaaactac aataacttga cttctaaatt     10620
     atcatttggt gtcaaagtgg cttatatgaa aggcaaaggc ctctagatta cgcttatttt     10680
     accaaaataa aatatgatca tgcctttatt tttaattatt taattaaaac agtaaggtct     10740
     gactttgttt agacaaaagt ctggtcactt aacagaaata atgtatagta tagaatataa     10800
     agtcacagtg gaaaaataat taatagtgta tgactcccat gagcttgtag gactgcatac     10860
     atacatctct gcaatgacac aaataactta ctaataaagt catctgaaat ggcaaagaaa     10920
     gcgttctagc aggactccca gagttcatca agattctttg gattcatctt ctgccttctc     10980
     cttcatctta ccccatacat gcttaataat gttcatgtct ggagactgtg ctggccaatc     11040
     ctagagtacc ttgaccttct ttgctttcag gaactttgat gtggaggcta aagtatgaga     11100
     aggagcgcta tcctgctgaa gaatttgcct ttttctgtgg tttgtaatgt aatgggcagc     11160
     acaaatgtct taatacttca ggttgttgat gttgccatct ctgcagatct cttgcacagc     11220
     cccatactga atgtaacctc aagccaggat ttttccttca ccaaacttga ctgatttctg     11280
     tgagaatctt gggtgcatgc gggctccaat atgtcttctg cagtatttgt gaatattaag     11340
     atgcagttta acagatgaca atctgaaaaa tcggcctttc tgtcactttt ccaaatgatc     11400
     aactagaagt caagttggta attattgctc ttatatctgg gatcgatgac cagacctgtc     11460
     aggtagtgca ttctgtgtgt tgatgtctaa attttaaaac gcattcaaca gaaggaagag     11520
     aggtttgaaa caagtggaag gtgtatactg ataactgaac tttcattttt ggctgaacat     11580
     tctcctttaa aaaaacatgg ttgtacctca tgtggtcata tttcttgaaa agtgcattat     11640
     attccaccgc tctctgctga agctccaggt caatacagct gccgtaaata ctgacaatac     11700
     ttctaatacg gctaaaacag aggaaaaatc aaataaacat caagaatgta tagtatattc     11760
     gtgtgagaaa ttcatagcag ttataagcca tactcgacat tgtctgtgat gcgagtgctc     11820
     agcttcatgg tcgcagtgag tgcgaagcct ctggttgctg gagccgacat gtgagactgt     11880
     agaacggttt ccaaggcatc caggacgtca tcctctgtaa cctagcgaca gaaaaggccc     11940
     caaaactcaa tttagtcact cgttacataa caaatactgt gatgatgatg atgatggcca     12000
     taagatttca gcactgatgt taatctgtaa tatacagctg aagacaaaat tattagccct     12060
     ccagtgaaac attacttctt tttcaaaaat atctgataaa tataagtaat atttaataaa     12120
     gcgaggagtt tcttcatagt ttttctaact aaattttcct tctgacataa tgtaatctat     12180
     tttttttaat gccacgtcag caaccaagac taatttgatg gcaagaacaa ataaaaatca     12240
     ataataaata tacaaattta aaacagcaaa caaataaata cataaatagg atgtttagtg     12300
     ttaatgcatg ataaaaattt taaaaattta tcctggtgtc actttttaaa aaatgtcttt     12360
     taaagttcaa gacaccctgg agtactttaa aaaattttga acagattttt gtgtgttgag     12420
     caacagttca gacaacgtca gcacctgtca gcgttaataa tgggagaact ggataatttt     12480
     gagcttttgt ctgctaattt caccttccgg gtttaaaatc acttttgggg gcaagatcaa     12540
     agttggtgac gttgtgcgaa tctgctagtg gagtgatgac gcaacgattt ctcattatta     12600
     ttcataactg tgttttctta tcctatgaga agaccctgct gcttaattat tcatgagagc     12660
     atgtgctttc caagctgtta gacccaatga ctgggtgaga ccacgtccgt gcatggcatg     12720
     ggttgtatgt gtttgttttc atgatccatg gggtttgttg caggtttttc cccgcaatac     12780
     tgtcagggcc acagatacag caaagctgtt ggtttgcgca agcatttttg tcaggatagc     12840
     tgtatgagaa ctgaagaata gtggactttt aatcagttga gcttgttacc attaagacac     12900
     attgtctatt gaccttattc ttcaccgacg aacgggcgct gccatttgaa tttttttggc     12960
     atgagacttc gggtctcatt cacttccatt aatttttaga cattaaaaac tgttcgtttc     13020
     gctgtttgat gttgcaaact gataattcct tgttatatta ttctacttgg tctgtatagt     13080
     catgcaaaca tttgtttgta gagcaagtag tttgaccgtt tttttgccgt ttattattcc     13140
     ttgtcatttc tcccataggc gactgaaacg gaagttgtaa gacaatcacg aaaacaggcg     13200
     cacttccgca ttttagaata aggtcaatat ccgtgctgct gtgtttacct atgtttaaaa     13260
     tcttctggat tactggcagg gctaattaaa aagataaggc aagagacctg ctgcactgct     13320
     atccattgtg tctgcattca aacatgggga ttgagaagga gagaagtcct cctcattata     13380
     attttaatat aaacacgatt atctttataa tgatataaca aattgcagtt acgtgtataa     13440
     ggaactacga ataacatatg tagcaggaca ttaaattact gtttaattaa atcatgggtc     13500
     tcctcatggt ttaagtctca ttttgttagc caactgacaa cagttgtttg cttccctctt     13560
     tctccccctg ctctgccggc cacacccact cctccctctg ctcacagagc acagaggtac     13620
     actgtggggg atttcatgag agttcattta taaaaaaaga gccttctgga atcattaaac     13680
     gcaggacagt ccagtaaagt gtattttact gtaagaggag ttgagcagta caaatattga     13740
     gtggagtctt taagcaaaaa gccatggatt aatccaatag gtgtccaata tgacacctgg     13800
     taaaaatcat ttgaccaaat ctagtcttaa catgtcttaa aactcttaaa actctaaaac     13860
     tgagatttca ggttgtattt caaacagttt attattttcc aatgcatccc actccttttg     13920
     ccaattattc attcattcat tttttcgtcg gcttagtccc tttattaatc cggggtcgcc     13980
     atagctgtat gaaccgttaa cttatccagc aagtttttac gcagcggatg cccttccagc     14040
     cgcaacccat ctccaggaaa catccacaca cacactcata cattacggac aattaagcct     14100
     acccaattca cctgtaccgc atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccggagc acccggagga     14160
     aacccacgtg aacgctggaa gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaacgccaa ctgagccgag     14220
     gctcgaacaa gcgacccagc gaccttcttg ctgtgaggcg acagcactac ctactgcacc     14280
     actgcttcgc ctcttgccaa ttatctaaaa tgtaaacgtt gacaaaaggt ctcatctcta     14340
     aatgaggaat ttggcatttg tttcttctga agaaaatcct tttcctcttg gataggctga     14400
     attactttgt tttttatgta aaaactgttg agggtaaata tgattagcct tcttaaagca     14460
     acactccatt ttttgtgtgg aaacaggctc attttacaag tcccctaaag ataaagagct     14520
     gagttcaacc atgttttaat tcactcagtt gatcttcggg tctggtactt ttagcttagc     14580
     tcagcttagc ataaatcaat aaatcaaata agacctcagc atcccattta taaataaata     14640
     aataaatgca tttttgattg gccacagaac aaaccatggt tgtgctaaaa cttgtccagt     14700
     aaataatcac ctcagattag catttaactt gtattttaag ccaaattatg aacggtcatt     14760
     atggcaaaga caaaagaaat tagttattag caacaagttt ttaaaaccat tatatctaaa     14820
     aatctgttcc tctctccatt aaacagcaat tgagaaatat tttttaaaac ttgtaaattt     14880
     cacaggaagg ctaataattt tgtttcaaga gttcccactt agatatgctt ggcatttata     14940
     gcaggtttgg catgctgtct cgggagagaa ccctgagctc tgagatattt gagcccaggg     15000
     ctcccacccg gtctagaagc atatcagggg acccaagatc aggtaggtct cgattgctcc     15060
     ccctttagaa ggggagaaaa aggaggagat ggggtggaag gggggattct tctaaaaaga     15120
     agatattaag ctaggatcat tctgattgga ttattactga ttacgaatga gtggccagca     15180
     gtgcacaatc atatcacgtg ctcctctcga aattagtttg tgaaacttca cttaaaatac     15240
     aaggtaaaga tagcacaaaa cttatggaaa gatagcacag tacttgacaa ctgacaaatt     15300
     atttattttg tcatgctcaa aatctcattt ggggtttatt ttggtttacc tgcacaggct     15360
     cgatctcctc acactcgccc ttcagcagca aatctccata ctctcctata caccagcatg     15420
     caacttggac caaggattgc tatatagagg gaatatctat tacacacaag cacttacaaa     15480
     gattcaatat gaacaggata agactgtaca cacaggtcaa gttcattcaa caaaattact     15540
     gaaatgctta tgtttacctg tgaaatatct tttacaagtg ctctgtagag cttgtgaacg     15600
     gtgtaacagt ggagttcaga tgctgtagtg ataagttgga tcagattggg cacagtttca     15660
     tctcttacat cacctccagc ctgaaagaga tatttaaata tcgatatcta aacatgacag     15720
     ttgttcctga tacagctgaa tggacatttc atccaataaa aaaacagcaa taacagattc     15780
     acccatgtca tttcaactta gtgttgtttt ctttaaaaaa taaatggata atgagctatt     15840
     gaagacattt tgcaatttat aaaacatatg gaagctcatt tttgctgtgg agtcagaaaa     15900
     taacaattca tgattgcaac atacagttta tttataatgg gatgattttg tgttatattt     15960
     taggaggtat tggtagtgca gattggattt ttttaccgtg gtgagcacat gcaggatggt     16020
     atcaatgtgc cagcgcttag aaggggaata cctgaacgaa acacaaagac aaagtgctgt     16080
     tcagtgcctg tgactcgcca catgtataca agtagacaag cgaacactaa aaccaacaac     16140
     aacacaaatg gcagtacatc aggattcctc catatgacat gatttagaat agatccaatc     16200
     attggtgagc agagaagtca ctgtgctgag taaatctgga tctcatgaat gttaatcagc     16260
     ccacactgac attcctagct aattcttaat taataattat tattaatatc aaactttatt     16320
     cttacttttc tggattttat tagtcttgta tagattttta ggtgagttgt acagctttgt     16380
     ttacacttat tatgatgtcc tacatgctgt atgagaaata gttgaatatt tttctttttt     16440
     ttaatactgt ttttccctga aaaaggacat tttcacatta tttcatatga tattttttga     16500
     tctggagaaa ttcttatttc aacaggaata aatccttttt aaggtcaaaa taattgatcc     16560
     ttttaagatc tttttcaatt ggctaccaat aaatgaactt gtcaaattaa ccaggttaag     16620
     cctttaaatt gcactttaag cttgaatact tgtattttgc aaaataacta gttatattag     16680
     gagacaaaag aaattaatta tttaaactat tatgttttca aaatggcgat gcagtggcgc     16740
     agtgggtagt gctgtcgcct gacagcaaga aggtcgctgg gtcgctggtt cgagcctcgg     16800
     ctcagttggc atttctgtga gtttgcatgt tctccctgcg ttccatgggt ttcctccgag     16860
     tgctccagtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca tgcggtacag gtgaattggg taggctaaat     16920
     tgtccgtagt gtatcagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga ggatgtttcc cagagatggg     16980
     ttgcggatgg aagggcaaac gtgctgaata agttggcggt tcattccgct gtggcgacta     17040
     agccaacaag aatatgaata aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg ttttcaaaat gtattgatta     17100
     ttctttaaac atcattagga aaatgttttt aaaaaaagaa ttcaaatttc acagaagcgc     17160
     gaataatttt ggtttcaatt gtatgaagcc agtttgctat gatttttatt ttttgtatat     17220
     ggttttcaga gatcagagtt tggagaggaa tgtatatttg tgattgggga aaaggttata     17280
     tgtatatcta tcgctaccca tttgacttgt gcattttttt tcttttcgtc tattctctat     17340
     tataaaataa aaaatttaaa aaatcaataa ttgtattaat taagctgttt tgactgtttc     17400
     actctgtgtt aacatttgtc aatgttttat taagataaaa aaaattgaga tcacatggta     17460
     tcccagaaag ctggtttaac ttaattactt cctttcttcc ttctgcttga taaagggtat     17520
     aactaaagaa agtttataat aataacgttt gtacacagct gtaaaatgtg acatacagtg     17580
     aaatctgttg ttatgaagtt cacaaatatt ttagatttta tttcctggtt agaagctacc     17640
     agcaggggca ttttttataa ttacttctca aaaacacaca tacagaaaaa agatatcaac     17700
     atcagtcaaa aaaagtaaaa aaatataaat ttgaaaacct gatattgtgc atccttatta     17760
     tattaataaa ggtcaaacta aaaaggtaaa caacaattaa atgaggtgaa gaccttttca     17820
     tttcggaagt atttaagttt ttattatata aatccctttt ttgaggattt tttgattgtt     17880
     gttgaaatca caagcaatgt atttaaaaga aaatgtcttg ttgccaaaaa ttacaataat     17940
     ttaacaaaaa aaactgtaca aataaacatt acttttgaac aggatttaat tgagaattga     18000
     tgaaatatat taacaaacac acacatataa agctcagagg ggaactaaac cataaatatt     18060
     atgatcataa atactaaatc ataaatgaat aatattatta tgttcagagt gtaaattgat     18120
     atggctactt gcataccctg aaagttacct ctgtttttaa ggtttacatt tccctaaact     18180
     tatcctggta agtcgcataa cctgctttct ggaatacctc ccccagccca aacacaactt     18240
     aacaaggctg agccccacaa acatataatg cagaaaatat gaaatgtaaa aaaccaatga     18300
     tacctttcag cagcgttgaa gatcccagaa gcagtttgag atcgcagttc tacaggacag     18360
     gatgaaagaa aaataaggag ctccttcatc attgagcgaa tgtttacagg tgacacgagg     18420
     gcaagtgaca gttccagagc acgactacag aggaaaaaaa acagcagaat gtattgcttc     18480
     aattatacct ctattggtat acgtctgtat tttcagtgca ttttcatttt attatcccat     18540
     ccagtaccgt ttgactgagg tgtcctgatc tttcagacag tcaacaatgg tgcctctgtg     18600
     gcgctgcact gcattgtggt ccgtctgcac tatcttctgg agtgacgtca ttgatatgta     18660
     gctgtaataa acaagaggag acagaaaatg agtgtgttag tgtaagtttc atactaaaat     18720
     tactgtaaaa atccaaataa ttctgttttt taatagtttc aaacttaaat aaatctacca     18780
     aaaacctaaa aaaaagagac agactaaaac taatttgaga tgatatttat ttaccataat     18840
     atttgggctc tgtaagagtt tccaattttt taaaaaggaa atctcttgtg gtcaataaaa     18900
     atgcaattat ttgcaaatat agcaatattg tgtatattat gttatgttgg ctttacaaac     18960
     aaagcttcat ctttacctca gacagtattt aaacagtatc ttctgtcata gttttcaagt     19020
     tttaaccccc aaatgaaaca gatgctcaat aaataacaac agaaaatgct acagactatc     19080
     cttgagagtg tcaaaacatt tatttaccta acatccttcc agttaacgac ttctatttct     19140
     taattattgc ttaaatttct aaaacatttt aacaatgaat tttagccccg tgaaagtata     19200
     gctggatttt cagcctcaaa attgcagtga tcagcactat ctgaaatcat gctgatacac     19260
     ggatttttgc tcaagatatt tttctgatta tcatttatgt tgaaaagtga tgctgctcag     19320
     tatttttgac aggacttttt aatgcaacat taagatgcag catttgatgc accatattct     19380
     tctttgtgaa ttcaatcttt gcttaaaaat ttgtactttt ttttaaaatt agtaattaag     19440
     tactaaccca tctctcaagg attttgggag tccaatttgt tcttaaaata aaaaaaagaa     19500
     acattttaaa ataattttgt agatttaaac caaataatgt cgcaagattt gagaaaagcc     19560
     atcacaaaat cagtctataa agcccaaaaa ctaaaagaat aaaaatgtcc cttcaaaaac     19620
     cttgagagat taatatctgt aaaaataact gtaccgataa tattttcagt ggtgtagtag     19680
     gctactcaaa caggaaaaac tggctaaccc cctgacatcc tctgcatagc acattgtgat     19740
     tacaatcaga tcaaagcaaa caaacgcata tgcgattaaa aaaaactata caatggaata     19800
     aatgaataaa atttacaagc gcaaagaaaa aaagaaagaa tcttaccgaa tattcctgtc     19860
     attatttaat agaaacctcc ccagaatatt aacagccagc accttaaaac agaaattaca     19920
     tccgtttaat gtccttaaat aatcaacaaa tgtcacaaca ctacataaaa ctgtatatta     19980
     tgttagatat gaaattatga cacaccctaa gcccactctc tgagttgatg tccatgatag     20040
     tcagaacggt ttcatacagc acagcactgc ctgcagtctt actgctgtct gtatttgtag     20100
     ccacctgtca atcatcaaca tcaggcatta taagctgtgt attcaatatc cataatggcg     20160
     tcacacagca aatgtttgtt caattatacc tgtgccaaca agtcattcat ggcatcactg     20220
     gcagagtcat tattgtgacc cagaatcctt agcaatctaa gaatgcgcac ctgtgggaca     20280
     gaaagagacc aatcccaata gcttaatata catacagtat gtttgagcat aataaagtgt     20340
     gatattgagc ttgactagat gacagacctg cagaaagggg tcactgatac cagcaacatt     20400
     gtgttctgga gagtaactgg acgtcacaag acctttcata atcgtaacca gctccggaac     20460
     agccttgcag aaagagaagg aaaagccata agtcgtctgt atgaataaga atagctaaag     20520
     taaacatttt tgagtaaatt aacttacctt gcggaactta tctagagttt cagcatttcg     20580
     ctcgcacaat tcggtgatga gaactacagc tccatgcaga acccctgcgc acaaagttaa     20640
     tcagacagtt ataaaatact caaacattat tattaagctc cctcattaaa aaaaaaacac     20700
     actcaaggag agacagtgtg atgaaaatga catttgtatc tcgttttttt tgtgtttggt     20760
     atgtttttag tacagcagga agaatactaa aagacaaaat ttttatcttt tttattaatc     20820
     acttattaaa caaactttgc ccttaaacaa attcagatat aaataaaaat tttcttcaaa     20880
     ataacaaaat ctatcacagt taatgctgta aaatacacac actggccact ttattaggta     20940
     ttccaactgc ttgttaactc aaatttctta tcagccaatc acatggcagc aactcaatgc     21000
     attttaaatt ttaaaaatgc tgcagtttaa actgagcatc agaaatgtgg aagaaaggta     21060
     aaggtgaaga aaggtgactg aacggctggt ttgagtattt cagaagctgc cgatctactg     21120
     ggattttctc gcacaaccat ctctgggttt acagagaatg gtctcaaaag gttcatatac     21180
     acacaagttg tttttatatt aaataattaa caatcaaata aaataaatca tgtaaatatg     21240
     taaattgcac aaggtagctt caacgcagat ttactgttac aaattaaagc atttacaaga     21300
     cagttgtatt taaacagtta aaaatataat gaacacataa gctaatatag cgcaaataat     21360
     tatcttctct agagtatatt tctttagcaa agtattaagc tgtggacacc atttaagtgt     21420
     ttaagaaatg caagatgttc attcatgttt atttggtgct ataattagta gtaaaaaagg     21480
     aagaaataat caagttcact tgtactgctg cattgcctat tgcaaaacag caaactctac     21540
     agtttacacc atagtgcaca agtgtcaaat ccagttcctg gtctctacta tatttttatt     21600
     cacttcatta ttatcaccag ttttattcac atataaacag acagaaaaat tgaaagaagg     21660
     acctttcaaa caaaccctgg agtggttctt ttgtggcgat aacgtgaacc aacacaaatg     21720
     caaaaagtag tttgcttctt tggactaaac cagttgtcct tagaataaaa agacttagaa     21780
     actgactttt gcacaggctg tatttttttg ttacacattt atacgatttg cttgaaacag     21840
     acaaaaatac tttgtacata atataaactt gaagagtttt acaaactcac catggttata     21900
     ccaaagactt attcactcat aaatggatta aaagattgat cttgggattt agaattaaca     21960
     gcctgagtcc ttacaaaagt ttcaggttga cttctggaca agctgtattt gcctgttaca     22020
     cgttaatacc aagacataat tttagacaca ctttattttg atggtccttt tgttgaattt     22080
     aagttacatt gcatctacat gccaactaat tctcattaga ttggaagtag acttttaggt     22140
     tggggtaagg gtaagttgac atgtacttgc aaagtttctt agggtacgtt cacactgcag     22200
     gcaaatgtgg cctgaatctg attttttgcc ctcatgtgac tcaggtaatg acaatgtgaa     22260
     caggtgaaca gcccgaactg cattgaatct gatcttttca cttcagattt gtgccacttt     22320
     catatatagt cttaaatcag acaaagatct gatgttctgc aatgcgacag cagtgtgaac     22380
     ggttatgtcg gatttttatg tgacttttac ataatctttg agcgacatgc atcatcattc     22440
     tgtgctgcaa acttcatcta cttctcagca gcacagtaga atggcacaca gggcaattac     22500
     tttaccacag aaagttggtt gttcattttg aaaaagattt tgaaggcaaa ataactggtg     22560
     cctgttaact aatctggtta acgattgagg catgggttga tcgcaaagcc gaagagcgtc     22620
     gtggatgttg cagataggag atctgtggtc aaaggaaggg gaactttctc tgagagaaaa     22680
     aagggcaggt gcttaagcac ccaaaccccc cttctgcacg tgtctgatgt ttataaacaa     22740
     agtaaaatta agtgttacca taattttttt cttaaaacat ccaaaacact ttgtacataa     22800
     tataaacttg aacaatttat caaactcacc atggttcttc tcagacagca gagaccttgc     22860
     tgaaggagta aacagctctg caagctctgg gacctttctt attatgtgga cggcacacag     22920
     cgtggcctaa atcattacca acaccgtaca gaaacaaaac atcatttagc aagactgtgt     22980
     tagtgtggat gctgacatga cttcagctac acttagacat gttgactaac accaaatgtc     23040
     atgaactgac ctttttcttg atgtaagaag tagaggccct gaggagccgc tcgatctctg     23100
     gcgccaggtc tcgacacatc tctgatgaac ccatgcaggc caaagtgcag agagccagag     23160
     actggacata ctgactgctg tgggaaaggt cactgcaaca ccagcagagt aatggatttt     23220
     attatattga caaacacaat aaaaactaac tataattaaa atgcttaaat taaatcaaat     23280
     gtaataaaat aaatgaaaaa atatttaata tttgaataat tgttttaata tgaattagtt     23340
     agaatttaaa aatatttcca tttaatgaat taaaaatgtt gtaagaggaa aaaattgttc     23400
     agaagtgagt acacttttat gatggcttgt gaaatactga tcaaaaaaat tcaagtagtt     23460
     ttaaaaggaa aaatatggta ggtcccgatg ttttggttgt ttgttaggta ttgcaatgca     23520
     gtttctaggg tatctgaggg gttattatgg tgttctgatg gttgtgagag tgttgctttg     23580
     gggtaaccta gacattcagg ggttgctagc atggtgctgt gccattgcta gagtgttctg     23640
     ggtgcttgaa aggaggttgc tagaatcagg gttcccattc taggccaaat gtcatattgt     23700
     ttgcattatt ttgtgttatc atgtctcaac tgtttgagaa attgtgctaa aactcaaagc     23760
     caaaagctga actgccatat taaattcaag tgggttggtt atccttaaaa ttatttcata     23820
     acattaatat agcattgatt aatacatcaa ataatgattc ttttacacca atctaaagtt     23880
     tacatgacta agtactggtt gcagaggcaa ataataataa taataataat aataataaaa     23940
     acattcacag tatttagttc acaacttaat tagctatatt tccaattctg tcattgacca     24000
     tatacctaat atgggctaca ctttaaaaaa taaatatttt taaactaata acataacaca     24060
     attgtaaaga aatctgtgtt tttgaaacaa atgaagacac cagaagtcaa tcaacgattt     24120
     taattatata acctgacatg tttactgctc caaaatatca aaaactcttt caaaaaataa     24180
     aactggttgt ttttaaagaa gaaaaaggtt ttgttttttt acccagacat ttgaaaagaa     24240
     tatattttag agcagtgagc acaataccat gatagtgtga aactgatatt tttatccaag     24300
     gttatcatac cgtcagaatc ttataccggc ccctgtctaa tataatgttg aatacaatgc     24360
     aggagacaac ctgataatga caaatgtttc attttaccaa atggtctaat aatgttgtca     24420
     atgacaaatg acaagaatta tgaataaata cattctgatg caatcacttt cctgtgaaca     24480
     actaggacac attttaagtt caaatccacc ctttctagtc tatacaaaat gtttagcatt     24540
     ttaaccaaca gtaaacctac acataggcct aacattatta ttgttgtttt atcatataac     24600
     aatacttata gcctcctcat attacccttt attttgcatc tacagaatca tgtgaaaatc     24660
     gtaagcttga tgttaattaa aatatattgt gattctcatt tcaccagaat cgtgcagccc     24720
     tacccctgac attctgtaac ctggataaaa taaataacat aatattccct gactcacaaa     24780
     acctttccat gacattccag aaattccatg accagcaaaa accctgtagg ctgtttctat     24840
     ggtatgccag aagattaata agcaatttag agttactaaa gtaatctgtg tttgcttgga     24900
     atccagtaga gtgctaaaaa acacttgata aggtattcaa aatgtagttg ctagactaat     24960
     tgatgtggta acttaagcgg tttctatggt aatctgggta gttgatagaa gattgctagg     25020
     atgttatgag tggatgctag catgttgcta agtggttcct aagtcattgc taagggtttc     25080
     ttaggatgtt ggtatgtggt taataaagtg ttatggattg ttagcatgag gttgctacgg     25140
     tgttcaggct gattattatg gggttagcag ggtaatcttg tggttgctta tattttgtca     25200
     tgtggttgct gaagcgctct gagtgttctt gttataccaa gtgttctcag tgcaataggg     25260
     ttagcatgct gttagtgggt tgcaatgagt tttctagaaa tggccaggat ggtttctgga     25320
     gtgttcttat ggagttgcta atattttgat tgtgtcacac acacaaaaaa agcaaacagc     25380
     ataaaatata caagtttttt ctttacttct tgattgagtt ggtgatcagt aagctggcgt     25440
     cttgcttctc atccaggagc atcattgctc ccaggtaacc aatcctcttc tcgctgtacc     25500
     tgggactcgc aatcagacgt acacactcca tctgcagagg aaagaactag tttttaacaa     25560
     gaaacatact gtaggtgaaa acataatata atgtaataag aggtacataa ggtgtaaaga     25620
     tccttaagta gacacaagac ctaatttttc atcaatccag caatggcaca cacatgtgga     25680
     gactgagagt tacctggccg aagtgtgcag ggtagcccag catgtgcaca tacagtagtt     25740
     ttgccagact gtgcgaacgc tccccgttgt cagtctgacg aaactgtgcc cggatttctg     25800
     cacactcttt ttggatgatg cccctttctt caccttgcgt ccgggcactt cggatgaccc     25860
     ggatcatttc ctgtaaacgc actgacggag tcatgactgg atctgtaatc agagatttcg     25920
     agagaggctt ttcatagaaa ctgaaagagg acccagaaca ttcacagcac aaaacaagga     25980
     cattaaactc gggagattat tagtacttga ttcaactaaa aatataatgt atttttaaaa     26040
     ctaattgcaa ctctctgtgt ctaacatgct ttcattttac acagaaaaaa aattattagg     26100
     gaattttagg gaaataaatt aaactcttta ttattgttaa tttatatgaa acaaaatatg     26160
     gctctgagtt ttgatggaag tcaccctata ttgcacctac taatcaatag agcaaaatgt     26220
     atacatgtac ttagcaagat tttaagttaa taattttgta attggagaac tacagattaa     26280
     aacagtaaga ctttataaca ttctctttat ttatttattt atttatttat tttttacatc     26340
     agtacaaatg ataactttta catttgtata catttttttt cttttaagca agaagttgta     26400
     acatcatgtt aaagttatat gtaaaagaga acaaaacaaa acaaaaacag agaaaaaaaa     26460
     aagggggggg ggtgtgagag aatttgaggt gctttactag ggtagggttc aatcactact     26520
     ctcttgttaa aatactcaat aaatggattc catattacat agaaattctt gattttaaga     26580
     aagtttgagc ttctgaagtt gcaggcagga catgacattt tttatcaacg tagagcagcg     26640
     gggaggatct tttcattttc aattcagtaa aatcaatcca cgtgaccaaa tggttataaa     26700
     tcttaccact gtactttgat ttttagatcg ttctgcatca tgactgacaa caaatatagc     26760
     taaaataggc ccggaatata ttttttccca gtacttctga tattaactga aaaaccaaaa     26820
     tccaataatt tacaatttta ggacaactgc caaacatgcg atgccggaga ttgactgcat     26880
     ctgtcacaca gtgggtctac ataggggaac aacttgagga gatttaatgt aggcaagtgg     26940
     attcttaaat tatattaaac catgcctgat acacacagaa ctagaatgaa tttatttttg     27000
     tgcttcctgc cttagccaga ttttaatttc tgctccgaga tccttttcct ttgacaggtt     27060
     gagatgctct aatgagtcat cacattttaa ttgagtcaat ttattatgga tttattatgt     27120
     gaactttgca tgttctcccc atggtcacat gagtttcctc tgagtgctct ggtttccccc     27180
     acaagtggta taggtgaact gggtaagcta aattatcttt agtgtatgtg tgtgaagggg     27240
     tttgtgtgga tttttcccag agatgggttg cagctggaag ggcattcgct ggggaaaaca     27300
     tatgctggat aaattggcgg ttcattctgc tgtggcgacc ccagattaat aaagcgacta     27360
     agccaaaaag aaaatgaatg aatgaattaa attccacatt tcagaaatgg attctgtaga     27420
     aacaaagttt ctactaggga ggttggtggt tcagcaggaa attatataaa attattttgg     27480
     gcaaaacggt gagcttgtag atatttaaaa cagtaaaaca ttttctgtat ttgaaataag     27540
     tctgttgaac tcaccaagag tgcatgtatt taataaaagt ataataaaaa aggtaaaata     27600
     aaaaagacgt ttaacacata caattaacta tatttttatg tagatttgaa attaaaaaaa     27660
     aaaactagat atcaatgtat gtatatgtat agcgggttgt tgaaatatta cgttgctgct     27720
     taatattttt gtggacactg catttttatg attttttaaa tactgtttaa aaaacagttt     27780
     tttataacat aaaaaatgtc ataaaggtca attaatcaca ttataagtgt aatttttacc     27840
     cttttgatta gttttactgg atactcatac attggaaaaa aaaatttcca agtacatcct     27900
     cgaattgata attttttcat tgaatacaca caaaattacc ttcaaaatac actctcttca     27960
     ttttcccata gctaaactta cagttggaag atgcaagaaa cctgtaaacc tccttttaat     28020
     tccaagaaat gtctaatttg actgcaccat tccataaaac tgttttaagg gcccaggata     28080
     gttgttaaat tagtcgtgcc tgtcaccttt gcctcttttt tgtcggtggg attcaaacat     28140
     acacctgcct tcacttcaga tcttcccaca ctcgctacat tcattcccgc atgcgcaccg     28200
     cggccttcac gctcctataa aacgcattcc cacatctcat tatcgttttg acatctaaca     28260
     caaccatctt catatattat ttacagcgca gtccatgtgt tcagttatag tcgaccatct     28320
     ttaaacacga tcgctgcgag tgtatcaaaa acagatgcac ataaatgcta acaaaaacgt     28380
     caacagtcaa gtataagagt cgaatcatcc aaaactgcga ccagttatta tcgctaacgt     28440
     aacatgtcgc tcctgttgtt tgcatgagat aaacaaatat tgtggttaaa taaatgtagc     28500
     tgacactaaa tttgggtgtt acttatgcta cttttcgaaa gcaaaattca agtttgagct     28560
     cgtcctgagt gttgtcaacc tgtgtttgta tccgcggatg tttggagcat cggatcccgg     28620
     gctcatcgtc ttacctttgg ccgcgcagta attcctctcg ccgaagcccg tcggctgctc     28680
     aaagcctaat tcatccgctc ctcctcttct aatttcaccg tacgatgtta cagacgagat     28740
     gctttactgt acgagtaact ttaggctgta agagcattta cgaatgtgtg cataaggctc     28800
     atagtacagc gcaacttccg ccatccgggt gtgccattca ttcccgtcca gcagctctgg     28860
     agctggaaaa acacttgtgt gcagtgtgtg tgtgtattta aaggaccctc gcactattta     28920
     ctgatgcttc gtctgtttcc aaacgtgaaa atattcgata aatgtggcaa agaatgcgat     28980
     taatttcaac tgttcattac ataaaacaac taacgttagc ctagctatca atgtttatgt     29040
     tattactgct tttattagta ggctagtaaa taatttaaga gaaggaactg tataagggta     29100
     tacaggtagt tcgtgggtta catttactgt ataattatga tatttatgaa tctacagact     29160
     cttttttttt ttcaaaacaa cttataaaaa tgggctaaag cacttcttct aatatagcta     29220
     tcgcttcatg tttgttgtta cctttatgaa accatacagc cacaaaagag gatcgaataa     29280
     gtttcatcac tgccatgcaa aagtatgctg tcagtttact gttctccaat aatactacaa     29340
     tattgtgttc taagttcaaa ataacctaca tctatcagga tagggtatcc acattgaaat     29400
     gatgtcaagt gtaatttctt ttaattgaga tatatagatc tcatgaaagc tgaataaata     29460
     agctttccaa tgatacggtt gttaggattg ggaaaattct ggctgataca aaagaaatat     29520
     aaaaaaaatt gggaaaaatc acatttaaaa ttgtccaaat aagttcttaa caatccttat     29580
     taaaattgta gtttttatgt atttacagta ggaacatgat attaacttaa tattataaaa     29640
     ataaaaatca ataataagaa aaaaatgtca gactcactgt gaaaatttcc ttgctgttaa     29700
     acctttaact gtcacaccaa gaaaaaagca agagaacatt ttttgattgc atttcttaac     29760
     ttctaatgtc gctagttaac acaatcaatt ttttttctca acacatccca taatttctaa     29820
     aatatcagcc tctaccaaat ggttgagatg tcagtttatg gtaaaagtac cagaattaat     29880
     aaatatacaa taaaataaga aaatatgaag tgtaagacca atttaattaa aaaaacataa     29940
     ccaaaataaa actttcttga atactaaatc atagccataa aaatatttca gacttgtctg     30000
     tttttttttc ttttcttttt tacaataaaa tcaaaatcaa gggaattaat ccaacaggat     30060
     tttgtttgtt tgattttttt ttttgtaaac cagcaatgct gtgtagtgtg attcattatt     30120
     agaatgatat ctttcaaaca atataaatca tcatttggga aatatttaaa aaaaggaaaa     30180
     aaaaataaat caaagggggg ctaatcattc tgactttaac tgtatgcaaa tgttcatgtt     30240
     ttgcatataa aaatgtctta catgtacata tttgcaacat atatttcaaa atattgcaaa     30300
     aatatccatt agatcattaa aattacaaat ataaataaaa acatccagtg cccagcataa     30360
     ttgagaacac tccattttga aaatgaatat ttctatgcat ttctcagtga atatagagtg     30420
     taatttggta aatttaaact aaacagatta attaacagat atatttatta aaataatatt     30480
     ttagtcacca aacatattta gaaatggaaa aataaaacaa ttaaatttaa gcaaaatatt     30540
     gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctacaaaatt ttaactaact ttttttttac tttttgcttt     30600
     tcttgatttt tcctcttttt aaaatttgta tgcaatactt ttttatgaga tcaattttgg     30660
     tgtactagtt tttggacagt tatcgtaagt tattttgtta gatatgctcc atttggcttc     30720
     agtactgact aatctaatgt atatgctgaa atataatgtc tgcacttcac ccctcaaaaa     30780
     gaaataataa taggcttaaa cataaacaag gtataagact agcatttttt gatgaattat     30840
     tatgtctctc tgcaagtcta atattaaaaa cactacaaaa aaaaatcaac aatgaggcat     30900
     atacacatac tgtatttaat gcatcaacaa atatacacat ttattacatc acataaataa     30960
     aaaatgtcac cgtagaatca ctctataagg gctattgcac tattactata ctttacaatg     31020
     ctcaaaaatc tatataaata aaataataca aataattaca tttaattaaa aacaaaaaaa     31080
     gagtctcatt tgactagcaa gttcaagtac cttttagcaa ctatttaaac agtttaatat     31140
     ttaaaggagg atatgttaaa gacaattgac caaccgaatt aaactttata catttcgaaa     31200
     ttaaatcagt ttaatcttaa tcatgacaaa agagagtttg gaagtctctc tgtgccattg     31260
     ttatcttttc tttctcttta tttagcatac atttaagcat ttgtttccat tgttgggatt     31320
     tgcaaaaact ggatggtgca accttgcagc ctaggggccc ctctggctcc tgacagtcac     31380
     tagccccatt ggcctggtca gtaatccatt cctgctccta cagggacaga gctgacattt     31440
     atatttgttc agaagctgaa ccttgcctac tgagttctta gacagcattg tgttaacatc     31500
     agcactagga gattggaaga taaaactcat ttgttttcct aagaacggac atgaccgtat     31560
     aaagtcattt taaacactga ggggtctgta taatagcagc acagcgtata atgtgttatg     31620
     taacatatct agatgtcaca cattctaact cccaaattca tttttaatgt ttaactttga     31680
     ttcatttgat tttaagtgtt cttctcttat attttaacct tgatagaagc ttatgagctg     31740
     aaatgtgtca gtcaaagttc ttcaaacaac aacaaacggc cctggtttac ctttccttca     31800
     ctattctgtc aaggccagaa agcttgatgc gttttgttgt tcttgtccaa gatgaaagcg     31860
     gggtgtagga tgtggattat ataacacagc aggctattct tcccatttac ttctaaatta     31920
     ccaacatttt ccatgctgga tcgattccat gctggtaaat agcatgcact tgagacttct     31980
     ttttttcttt tctttgctgt taatgttttc agaaagtctt cagggaatgg ttcacacaca     32040
     gaaatgtatt cacgatgcac ctgctctgta atagttactt tttttctgtg tagcacaaaa     32100
     gaagatattc tgaagaatgc tgggtaagca gagagctgat gttaccattg gtgtacatgt     32160
     atatagcagg gaaaggacaa taattgtttt caaggtttac cgtaatttgg aaaagtcaag     32220
     gttttaaaac cgcaaacatt ttcttatata ctattcctta ggtatatgga tggtttgtgt     32280
     ttttgaaact aatgaagata gcagaggtca atgacttatt ctaattattt agcctgacat     32340
     gtttactgtt ccaaaatatt ataaatgttt cttaaaataa attatattct gttcaattaa     32400
     ggaaaaaagt ttgccagaca tttaaaaaca gggcttctgc tggtttcaca tggttaaatt     32460
     taagactttg agacattttt aacaccatta tgaatgaaat tttataccca taaagaacta     32520
     aaggctaagg atttttttca aatggcccag atagaaaata tttttatttg ccctataaaa     32580
     atatatatta taatttaatg catttaataa tacaataata cattaataag aaaaaaatat     32640
     ataaatttta gattttattt attagctaaa tattttaaat attgtgtaaa aacaagcaag     32700
     ctctacttgt atacactttt tccaactaaa actttctttt aaataaaaaa aaataaaaaa     32760
     atgaacaatt gttttaaaag ttttaaaaac tataataaac taaatgtata cacaacaatc     32820
     tgtccaggtt agtgtcctcg ctgtaaatac atggagaact tctaaaaaac tgattctgta     32880
     agtaaaataa ttaaaccatt atgataaaca gattaaaaaa ttaccttaaa gtttaataaa     32940
     aagttatatt attattattt tttaaaaaag ttttattgag atgattgttg gtgaatttat     33000
     gagttttggc cagacttggt agcaatacat gaacaaagga aaattaaaac ctgtttaaaa     33060
     aaagatttaa gaccaacaac acagcatttc agtaaattta accttttaag accttaaatt     33120
     tggattttgg gatttaagac attttaagac tttttaagac cctgcagaaa ccctaacaaa     33180
     aagaacatat acagtagagt agtaatcaca atgccatgaa accgtgatat ttgcatccaa     33240
     ggttatcata tcattagaaa cttataccgg tccatgccta gtacataaca gagaaaaaaa     33300
     attcagtact tatgttggat tggctaccac cattcttcta aatatcttat ttcgtgctca     33360
     acgggagaaa gggagaacat tagtgaacat tactattaat ttgttaataa acaacattta     33420
     caaactaaca atgcaaaaaa aggtttatat taacaattat tcatccagtt taaattggag     33480
     aatcagtttt aagaaataaa aacatcagag actgatcaag aatacatgct cagtataaaa     33540
     atacaaagtt atctttaaca gacagtaaca atagttatca agcattgaac aatcttgcca     33600
     atgggtggca gtattgcact aaagatattt atttattaag gccagtcata caaatgaaag     33660
     aaacttttgt ttttgtttgt ttttatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     33720
     atatatatat atatatatat atataattta agacttttta agaccattat ggacaagatt     33780
     tcagacttat actaacccta agttatagct aaacttagct aaacgctaag gatttttcta     33840
     aaatggccag gttactgcta taaatagttt ttgtattaat gaaagatcat gtaaagggat     33900
     gtgttacttt agttttcttt cccttattaa ggaatttaat ttgaaaaaac ttaaaaatgt     33960
     ctaacaactg ttgtgaattg cttctctttg caataaaaat gtgtggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     34020
     tgtgtataca tacataagaa tatatacaat atatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtgtgtgtgt     34080
     gtgtgtgtgt atgtatatat atatatatat aatttgttaa aatatatata aaaaatatat     34140
     ataaaatata taaaatatat aaatatatat aaaagttatc taataatata tatataattt     34200
     gttttgaaat ttatgacatt ttaagacttt gtaagacccg gtggacaccc tgtattaaat     34260
     tagtctctta actgtgtgca tatttgcatt ttcaaaatct atcaagaatt atattactga     34320
     aagttgacgc atgaataccc atcaatataa ccataaaatt tacttcttgc tgtaatccta     34380
     tccatcttcc tctctgtctt catttccatc ttctctgtcc tcgccagggt aaaccaccag     34440
     gcacaacttc tgccccaagt gtgtcagtct ggctgtgtgt acatacaatg gcagatggag     34500
     tgtttttagt ggccctcatt tacagtctgt tgagtcttaa gcgaatgtga ctgacatttg     34560
     taaatcattt ttaacattat cacataagat ttaagatttc ttcataccaa caaaagaact     34620
     gaagctcttg ggcttatttt cccaatagat gccaaacaga tacacaggaa ccccagatag     34680
     catgatggcc agaccaatac agcacaccac aggctccgag tacagagaga agatcagcag     34740
     gaaagcccag aaaatcagga aaactgccgg ccatgccaag ctcacctgtg gagtgaaact     34800
     tgttgatttt ttctgtggag aactacaaaa tgcgcaacac caaacacaga aatctataat     34860
     tatgcataat tgctgttcat agcaactgct gggatctgac agttctcagg gtttgctgcc     34920
     aagtcataac taacaaatag tcaataggat tgagtcttac tttgattggc cgatatatgt     34980
     ctggctctct gatgcgaagc acaatctgcc cggcaacagt gaccccataa aacaggtagt     35040
     tgatgaagcc aacgtagttg atgagggtgt atatgtcact gacacacagc atcagcagag     35100
     tagatataca ctacaaaata agtatctgat tagaatacat gcacagttca gttcatttaa     35160
     aaacaaagca tttggcattt catactgcag ggtttattaa cactatttat tcatggacat     35220
     tattgatatt cttattattt atgcgccttt gtagctttta atcggaacaa ctacttctct     35280
     catactgtga gtttagggat cgtgtttact ggcataaaag cgggacaaca tgtcactcac     35340
     atgagacaac agtaacctac tttttttcta gttgaaggag tcattttaag ttcatattat     35400
     ggcttaaacc ataaaagatg gccattttta atgtgttgat ttagtaaaaa tactctaata     35460
     gactagtagt ttgtctacgc tagggcagta atttttgcta attgatatct tttcatatgt     35520
     agatgcaaat atactaagaa atatgctgtc tgttgttttt tatatgacat ttttcatatt     35580
     tattcaactc aattaatctt tatttctata ggacttttac aatgtagatt gtgtcaaaga     35640
     agcttcacag aagttcttgt aagtatggaa ggtcattgag gccaaaagtc tttaaatgaa     35700
     atgtgtgaat tcgtttcatt cattttcttt tcggcttagt ccctttatta atctggggtc     35760
     gccacagcag aatgaaccgc caacttatcc aacatatgtt ttgcgcagcg catgcccttc     35820
     cagctgtaac caatcacttg gaaacatcca tacacactca tacactatgg acaaagctaa     35880
     cccaatttac gtatagcata tgtctttgga ctgtggggaa aaccggagca cccagaggaa     35940
     acccacgcaa actcggggag aatatgcaaa ctccacacag aaatgccgac tggccaagcc     36000
     gaggcttgaa cctcaattcg attgtgtcag tacaaacatt tggctgtgtc aatacgtaaa     36060
     caagcacagc agccaatgaa acgcctgtat ttgtatattt gatacaaata gagaaataca     36120
     caatttccaa aattttgaga tcactgctta atcgtattta aaaagttatc taaacatggc     36180
     atcagtggcg tttcaagtca gaaaggacaa ctaggccgac tatttactgt ttaaaattaa     36240
     attttagaac caattttgtg tagcttatca gtatcactac gcctctgtgt gcaccatctg     36300
     attgcacgag gtttactagc atcagcttta ctgaaaaaag tagaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa     36360
     aaagaaaaat ctactttgac taatcgccca gccctatttt agacagcatt tttattggct     36420
     gttgtatttg tggatgcatt aatgtggtca aaaccaacac aatttcacga caattcatat     36480
     atttttgatt tagtggctaa ttcatatgaa ttcgtacaat ctcacacaat ttagtatgaa     36540
     ttgctcatcc cccaatgact gctggattta gtggtggggt ttggtggctc gcctcttttt     36600
     ttaaaaccat actgcacttg tacgaattac ccactaaact gacaaaacgt acttacgttg     36660
     cctcgtgaga tcaggctggt caaaatatgt ataacagggg tgtccaaact tggtcctgga     36720
     gggccggtgt cctgcatatt tttgttccaa ccccaattaa acacacctaa accagctaat     36780
     caagctcttt gtaggaaaac tagaaacttc caggcaggtg tgttggagga agttggagaa     36840
     aaactatgca ggacacaggc cctccaggac cgagtttggc cacccctggt gtataacaat     36900
     caaatttgat gcattttttt ttattttggc cccagttgcc ttccataaaa gtatacatcc     36960
     tacatgtatc acaacatttt tcacacatgg caagctctac ataagtatta gcatcaggaa     37020
     gctctgggaa ccaaaaaaca caacattttt tgagtctaca cagatggcgt gcgtagaaca     37080
     gcgaatgtag aagatgaatg tttatacaga agagcacatg tgttaactca tccatccgtg     37140
     gtagagtatg ttgtaaaatc tgtgaggaca cgactgcgca tgagatggaa cggaaagtga     37200
     aaaattaact atacccacag gcctatatgt tacaataggg aaaacaagac tattttaact     37260
     tctgcttcat aaaaccttta agaaccaaag agctcacggt gatgagcaaa gctgggatgg     37320
     gtgtacagcg gttcacatga atcattgcca gcagacgggg aagatgaccc tccctcgcac     37380
     ctgcaaagaa taacctgaga aacagaccgt taatcaacct gataatgatg ctgaaaatgc     37440
     taaactggaa gagcaactaa cacgccatca ttaagactga cctagatgat gtgaaaaggg     37500
     atccattcac ccctccgaag gtggacagag caacagagat gggcatgagc catgacatca     37560
     cgcctagcag cttttcacca aatgtctgat ggagatgaaa agagaataaa gaaatgactg     37620
     gggtcaaagg gaaaggtgaa agccgggtac gtgctgagca gacgttaagg gagaatgtca     37680
     gatctaccga tgacctgtct gtttaatttc ctgaaggaag aactcattag gtttcttaat     37740
     gtgagcagag aaactcacca cagctacagc attggaggcc agtaactcct gggggctcat     37800
     tgctgtaacg tatgcaatat ttgctgatac atagacgaac gtgaccagag ggattgagat     37860
     gaagatcgca cgaggaaggt tcctataaag agaattaaaa catgagttcg ataatgatta     37920
     acagcgccat attcagtgat ttgggggccc taagcaattc caaacaaggg gctcaaaatt     37980
     ctaaaatgca ccttttgtac ttatttattt ttgtttattt tgctgttttt tcatacacct     38040
     cctactcctt ttctacattt aattctaatg caaaataatg taacatgtaa agcatcttgt     38100
     gacatcttgt aaaactttta aaatgatttg tttcttaaaa tgaatttgac tgctggaccg     38160
     gtccatgatt aaggatggga gacacatttg cgcatgcaga tgtaataatt atattcaatt     38220
     aaaaatttta gaacctcacc atacaaaata tcatacaaag caatattatt tatcatttat     38280
     catatttatt atgtatatat aatacacaca tgcctgcata tatttgagaa aatgtttaat     38340
     aatatttaga tataaaatat atatatgcac atgatacaaa ttatatataa gattaaatat     38400
     ctatgtaata aaattgtttt gcattgtttt tatgtatgtg tgtgtatcac atatacataa     38460
     taaatatgta taatacacat acacacacac acgtcaaagc aaacttttat tttggataaa     38520
     tcttaattaa tcaatgaatc actaatcata atgcataaac gatctcacta acttctacac     38580
     gttctatata tatctatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatcta     38640
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataacaggt     38700
     tctactaact ttcttttaca tacaatttgc ttctgttttc atcttaagtg catggtagag     38760
     cacaattttt gataacaggg cagattaaga cataatcaac acggtgttat cacatcagac     38820
     taaaacaagc taatgtttcc atctcatatt ctatagcagg ggtgtcaaac tcaattcctg     38880
     gagggccgaa gccctgcaca gtttagttcc aaccctgctc caacacactt acctgtaggt     38940
     ttcaaacaag cctgaaggac tcaattagtt tgatcaggtg tatttaatta gggttagaac     39000
     taaactgtgc agagctgcgg cccttttgga actgagtttg acacctgtgg tctatggatt     39060
     ttcaggtata gtaaacttgc ttgttagctc acctggtaca cattttgtct ttattaatta     39120
     attaattaat taactaattc cttcattttc ttctcggctt atttccttta ttaatcaggg     39180
     gtcgccacag cagaatgaac cgctgttacg gcctcggggc gaaacaagta aaaaataaga     39240
     gggggaagcc aaaaatcacg ttacaaaagt tttatttaag cccactgtga tcaaacatta     39300
     ggcaagaacg ccccgccaac tcgcacgccc tggtctccgt cccaaccctt agccggaaga     39360
     atcagactct caaacagtgg caggacgctg ataaaagagc gctcacttag actcaggtgt     39420
     cccccatcca cctgattatg ccccgcaatg ttacagcgca tctgtagagg gagcaaaaca     39480
     gacacacaga cagacacggc agacaaatga cagcgcagca ggcgtcacaa ccgccaactc     39540
     atccagcata tgctttacac agtggatgcc cttccaggtg caacccatca ctaagaaaca     39600
     tccatacaca ctcataaaca cacatatagc tagtttagtt taatttagtt tattcaattc     39660
     acctaaaccg catgtctctg gagaaaggaa agaaaacctt ccttcctttc tccaaaggaa     39720
     gaaactttct tcccggagga aaccaacgca aaaacaaaga gaacatgcaa acttcacaca     39780
     gaaatgccaa ctaacctagc caaggctcga attagcaacc tttttgctgt gaggtgacag     39840
     cgctacccac tgtgccacca cgctgccaca ttttgtcttt aatgttatta aatggctatc     39900
     tggaatcctt tattctaatt ggtcaatcat gacattctaa ggtatgttat tcgccgataa     39960
     caaaagttga ttttttttag ctctactaac tggaaatttt gaatatttcc ctttatttca     40020
     gatgtttctc ataaaatgcc ccaaaggaaa tgacacctga taaaaatgac tgatatacta     40080
     atagagcata gccacgaaac cttaattata gaataatttg atgagatcta tttaggttga     40140
     aatgataaaa taaataactt agaatgaacc taaactgttt gaaatattgt ttaaatcttt     40200
     tgtctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gattctctag acggacatta gtttacttta tttgagcagt     40260
     agaaagcttt gctgaaatat tcagcaactt ctgttcttaa actggaatta aatttactta     40320
     ctttagtcaa tagaaacaag cagccagata aatgtgtgtg tttatagtta atgtgaatgt     40380
     tacatttaca tacatcttat ggttataaaa ataattaatt attttctata aaaattgtct     40440
     gggtggcact gtggctcagt ggttagcact atcacctcgc tggtttgagt cccgaaaatt     40500
     ttgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccccatgt tcatgtgggt ttccttcagg tgcttcggtt     40560
     taccccacag tccaaagaca tgcgctataa gtgaattgaa taaactaaat tgcccttagt     40620
     gtatgagtgt atgtgtaaat gtgaatgtgt atgcatgttt ccaaatactg agttgtggct     40680
     ggaagggcat ccgctgcata aaatatatgc tggaatagtt ggtggtttat tccactgtgg     40740
     cgacccctga taaaaagcgg actaagctga aggaaaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaaata     40800
     ttgtttgata tgttaaaaca aacaggttca cctcgcataa aaacagctac taaaaaacta     40860
     aatacatttt tattacagta cgtattccat aagataactt ctctcagaaa aaaaatctgc     40920
     agtttctata ttaattaaga caaagccctc tctcgctgtt aggatttatt atttggcaat     40980
     aatagggacc agatgactgc acattaaccc tgacaaatga caatgtacct gtaggggtcg     41040
     atcagctcct ctgttacata attaaggaag ttccagcctg cataagcaaa ggatccctgc     41100
     agaacagcga gtgcaatgcg gcccatgtca tatggctgga gagggtgaaa tgcatgctcc     41160
     ggttccaacc aataaaaatg acctgaagac acagaaagga gatgcatttt atgtactatg     41220
     cccgaattaa taggtagaga ataaagccat atcaactaca gcccaatctt tttctttgtg     41280
     tgtgttttac agtttcgtca gcaaagcaca ttatgtgtgc atacagcacg cttatttaaa     41340
     caaagtacag tttccatgat caaaatcaat agttctttct ttgaggcttt tagttgagta     41400
     gatattcagt gttacttttt gttctttgga taagaaacgc ttgaagaaag aaaaaactga     41460
     ttacaaacag cccagcttga cagtcgactt gtctgtgctt aatggatttg tgctcttttg     41520
     tttatagtgc taaaataggt caaatatgaa aagtatgcct atgtaatact cttagcttag     41580
     tgtctgctga tttatataca agccctttat gttcacattg aatacttaac atgagctggt     41640
     taaacaagct acgcacttat ttcattgttt ccttgtttta aatcataatt taaaacataa     41700
     tttagtaatt tggatactat gtttatggca ctgagaactg taaaatgttt ttggggcact     41760
     gaaagttaaa gtgaaattga tacatatttt ttggatacat taacagtttt taatacttta     41820
     ttcataggat atttttagaa atttgcacaa aacagaaaaa ctaacagtta acaacaacaa     41880
     aaaaaacaaa catccccaac acttatttcc tcatttgtgg ctctaacaga taaggcacat     41940
     agctaacagt cagcaaacat ttcagggttc aagtcttcga acatcataca aatgcacagc     42000
     aaatgtctgt acagtataag gtgcatacac aacattatta tagtagtaaa aaataaatca     42060
     tttaaatcga tgaataaata aatgaacaaa aatgttaaaa ggaaaattac aaaagatata     42120
     catacataca tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catacatacc tacatacatg     42180
     catgcataca ctgtcaccgg ccactttaac aggtacacca gtccaactgc tcgttaacgc     42240
     aaattttgaa tcagccaatc atatggcagc aactcagtgc ttggtagaca tggtcaagat     42300
     aatctgctgc agttcaaacc gagtatcaga atggaggaac agggtgattt acgtgactct     42360
     gaatgtgaca tggctgttgt tgccagacag actggtctga gtatttcaga aactgctgat     42420
     ctactgggat ttttactcac aaccatatct agcgtttaca gagaatggtc cgaacaagag     42480
     aaaatatcca gtgagtggca gttctttggg tgcaaatgcc ttgttgatgc cagaggtcag     42540
     aggagaatag ccagactggt tcaagctgat agaaaggcaa cagtaactca aataacaact     42600
     ccttacaacc gaagtaggca aaaaaacatc tctgaatgca caacatgtcg aatttaaggt     42660
     ggatgggcta cagcagatga agaccacacc gggtgccact actgtcagca aataacagga     42720
     aactgaggct acaattcaca caggctcacc aaaattggac aatagaagat tggaaaaatt     42780
     ttgcctggtc tgatgagtct cgatttgtac tgtgacatcc ggacggtatg gtcagaattt     42840
     gttgtcaaca acatgaaagc ataaatccat ccctaccaac aattcaggcg ggtggtggtg     42900
     gtgtaatggt gtgggggata ttttttttgg cacactttgg gtacgttaga accaattgag     42960
     cacagtgtta atgactccac atccttttgc tgtattgttg ctgaccatgt ccatcccttt     43020
     ttgactttaa tgtacacact tccagcagga taacatgcta tatcataaag tgcgaatcaa     43080
     ctcatactgg tttctttaac atgacaatga gtttactgtg ctcaaatggc ctccacagat     43140
     accagaactc aatccaattg agcaccctag ggacgtggtg aatgggagat tcgcatcatg     43200
     aatgtgcagc caacaagctg tgcagcagta actgcatgat gctatcatgt caatatggat     43260
     caaaatctca gaggaatatt tccagtacct tgttgaatcc atgccacaaa tgattaaggc     43320
     agttctgaag gcaaaaaggg gtccaacccg gtaatagtaa ggtgtaccta ataaagtggc     43380
     cagtgagttt acatgaaaag tgaaccattt aatgtttaat agcaggaagg ttctgtataa     43440
     ttttattaca agcaagccaa ttgtggttaa tgtgaaagcc attacaaggt tacagttgga     43500
     ggaaagaaaa aaagggaacc tttgagattc tccctatgtg attaaagatc cctctggtct     43560
     aagaatagta aattatcaac atacattatc taagaaaggt aaaccatgtt tcaaaaaatt     43620
     tactttttga acctttgaga ttcaattaga tttttttaag ctgaataaaa tacatgacgt     43680
     ctttaatcca tctagtacag ggatgggcaa acttgatcct cgagggtcgg tgtccctgca     43740
     gagttttgtt ccaactctaa tgaaacacac ctgcttgtag atcttgaaga cactgatcag     43800
     cttgttcagg tgtgtttgat tagtgttgga gctaaactgt gcaggacacc ggccctccag     43860
     gaccaagttt gcccatccct gatctagtgt gtgttgggta ctcagccttt ttaaatagag     43920
     gagaacaaaa tgccttgcca atattgtggt aacacattac atttttgtag ataatttata     43980
     atattttctt tacatataaa taaaagcact aaatcttcat atgaaaataa tttctgaaag     44040
     atcatgtgac actcaatagt ttttgggagc tttccaatga cagaaatcta taacattatt     44100
     tactgtatac ttacaacaga aaaacaatgt gttgaagtaa tatttcacaa tgattgtttg     44160
     tactgatttt ttggacaaat tcttgctgtc aatgcacacg cacgcacgca cgcatgcaca     44220
     cacacactgg gggaatatta atagcttctc aaaagtgtct tttttaataa attacaattt     44280
     aaaaattgca catttctcac tctataaaat gtcagtatac aggacacaaa cattaaaatt     44340
     cctgcagtat ggttactgat aacacagaaa taattgaggt acatgttctg gaaatgtcaa     44400
     aaccaaaacc attggaaaaa taaatgtttt ataatcatca gttttaaaga aaaacttcac     44460
     tagactgttt gctgattatc gtgaggctga tctgaaataa aaagaaaact gctttattat     44520
     ttatagcagc ttctaagata tataaaataa aaattggaaa acaacaactg aaaaaaccct     44580
     ttgcagaaat gagatattat actacatgca accagaataa aacatgtaaa atgtaaagag     44640
     gcaacaacac agacttgttt atatatataa ttatattagt aaaatatgag ctaaatatgt     44700
     ttatgttaat aaatgtttgg atgcattatg acatgaactg ttataattta cctttgcaga     44760
     tttgcacgat gcccataatg atgatgagac cgagggcgag gagcttgcct gtggtgaaaa     44820
     catcctgaac acgcgtcgcc cagcggacac tggagcagtt aatccaagtt aacagcacta     44880
     caaaaaaaaa acaacctggt ataaacatac cacctcatat ttataacatt aatcaaacgt     44940
     tgtgtggaaa gatgaattca gtcaaatatt ttacactgag caacaataaa ttcagatagc     45000
     acacacaaac agctactaat atgttgttgc aactttccca aacatgaaaa caacagatta     45060
     aagatccaag caaagcaaca acaggcaacc agtttaagcc ttggcaatga ttaaaatggc     45120
     cagacaacat tactccatgg ctttgaaaac agtctaagag ctctttcagt cggcacaata     45180
     tgcagcttga cctcttgcag aaataaaacc ctgagtgttt tagactggtg tgaacaagct     45240
     ctttgaaaac cctcccatca tgagtcacaa agctgacatg cttcagctca ttgaatgcaa     45300
     ttatgtattg atgtatccag gtaagcagtt cctgcacaag agcaggttat aaaaagccac     45360
     ttttgtgttt taaagtgtta cttttgggca agcgaagatt tgtgatataa ctgtcaacat     45420
     ttttgtaatt aatgtaacta taaatattgc ttgacataat tctctgaaac actgagtaaa     45480
     aaatagaatc ataaagtcta tttaaaaaga tgttaatctg tcatactgtc tctaagtcaa     45540
     tgtagattaa atttacctct tgaaaaagat gttcatttta agaagtatgc ttaagtaatg     45600
     ttgaagtgta tataatgtat acttcatgta acaagtattc cgtgtactag tagtgcactt     45660
     gtaagtgcac tacttgaata ctgcttggga ctaaattggc taacatctaa gtatataaaa     45720
     atgttctata agtgtaacag tagtaaacct tgaatgctca agtggtccac agttagattt     45780
     ttcatttgta ctgcaagtaa acctaagagt tgtttaggat ttgggctttg catttaacca     45840
     ataaaagtgc ccacacagta gtgaacacac acacactcgt gcacaaccaa aaattcctgg     45900
     cagtattggg actcaaacct gcaacttttg caaaaaaaag taacattgat tcagtaaaaa     45960
     acaaaaaaat cactaggcat agcttgttat taaataccaa atgtacaatt tgttgcagca     46020
     atttagaaaa gtcattattg tgtatatttt tctatttttt cttttcaatt gtgtgtttat     46080
     ggtatattta caatctctga tgatttctgt aatgtacttg taaccaacaa atatcagtat     46140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatgtgtat atatatatat atatacatat actgtcctat     46200
     atacatatac tgtcctatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     46260
     atatatatat atatatacac acacaccggc cactttatta ggtacacatt cccagtactg     46320
     ggttggaccc tctttagcct tcaaaactgc cttaatcttt tgtggcatag attcaacaag     46380
     gtagtggaaa ttttcctcag aaattgtggt ccatattgcc ttgaaagcat taagcagttg     46440
     cttcagattt gtcggctgca catgcatgat gcaaatctcc ttttccacca catcctaaag     46500
     gtgctctatt ggattgaggt ctagaaactg tggaggccat ttgagtacag tgagcccatt     46560
     gtcatgttca agaaaccagt ctgagatgat tcacgcttga aatggcaagt taccctcctg     46620
     gaaatagtta agagaagagg ggtacactgt agtcattaag agatggacat ggtcagcaac     46680
     aaaatcaggt aggctgtggc gttgacatga agctcaattg gtactaatgg gcccaaagtg     46740
     tgccaagaaa atatccccca caccattacg ccaccaccag cctgaatcaa tgacacaagg     46800
     caggatggat ccatgttttc atgttgttga tgccaaattc tgaccctacc atccgaatgt     46860
     cacagcagaa atagagactc atcagaccag gcaatgattt ctttaatctt ctattgtcca     46920
     atttcgctgt gcttttgcca attgtagcct cagttttctg ttcttagttg acagtagtgg     46980
     cacccagtgt ggtctactgc tgctgtagcc catccacctc aaattcgacg tgttgtgcat     47040
     tcagagatgt tttctgcata cttcggttgt gacgagtggt tattcgagtt actgtctggc     47100
     ctttcccctc tgaactctgg catcaacaag gcatttgtgc ccacagaact gccactcact     47160
     gtatattttc tctttttcag accattctct gtaaacccta aagatggttg tgcttgaaaa     47220
     tcccagtaga tcagcagttt atgacatact cagaccagta cgtctggcac caactaccat     47280
     gccacattca aattcaccat tcttatgctc ggtttgaact gcagcaggtc atcttaacct     47340
     tgtctatgat tgatatatat atatatatct atgattgata tatatatata tatatatata     47400
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgctagat     47460
     tagtttacaa agtgttagga ttagttagca aatttgcaaa agaaaacatt gacaattaat     47520
     gtgtctgcaa aaatatttag catatgtgat ttttctaagt gaatataggc taagcagttt     47580
     ttataaaaat ttgagaaaca cataatagaa gaaatactga tgtacatctt gagacataac     47640
     aataacactg atgtattttt agttatgtca ctgaaagttt tttcagttag gaccactcaa     47700
     acatgcactg taagaccact cctaaacctc atctctgaaa atggggtagt atataatatt     47760
     atgtgaaaga aatatatttc tgccactcaa ttaagagtaa aatcaactac aagccaacta     47820
     tacttatatg taatttaatg tttaagtatt ttcttatttt tgtttatgct tgaataaact     47880
     tttttcatat agatagatga ttgaaagata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     47940
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca tatgctctca     48000
     aataaaagtt gttttatgta ccatcagggg tgttgcaaat gagggaaaag aagaacggag     48060
     tgcataattg agcaacaaaa ctgtctgttg gcttgtactc acacagacag acagcggcca     48120
     gtaaacccag agctctctcc ggaggaaagc aggacgggaa gaggggctgc aatgcgtaat     48180
     tggcaaatgt gagggcaatc acagcctggt tagttggata gatgaccaac actgcaatcc     48240
     acagtctcag aaacctgttc agaagacaaa ttctgtaaaa ccttacatca cattacacct     48300
     aaggtaacga gtcagtctta cccagcaagc cctccaaaga tgtcattaac gtaggaataa     48360
     tctccacctg actttgggat tgtgactcct agttcagcat agcacagagc accgatggca     48420
     gtgatgatgc ctgtgaggat ccacactatg agagccagac ccactgaacc agagttttcc     48480
     aaaacaccct tcggactgac aaaaatccca gacccaatga tgttacctga gaatatacaa     48540
     caaaattaaa ttacaaacct taccattgtg ttggagtgca gtgagtgcat attctgtgca     48600
     ttgaatggct gtatttaaat ttctgtcgtg ttttgtctgg tgcaaacagc caaattgctt     48660
     atcactgaaa atcttgtccc atagcctgtt gttaggacac gagattacaa tgtatcctgc     48720
     tcacctaatg tttacgtgtg taatatttat attatttgct aattaataaa cacaacatgt     48780
     agaactcaga atctgcgtct cattttggag tctactattc attagaagtt gcattttatt     48840
     catggacaca cactttaaga gccttcctga ctgaatgaat gaaatactct ggctgcgtcc     48900
     ggaattgcat acttccatac tatatagtac gctaaaatag tatgcgaaca gagtagtatg     48960
     tccgaattta ttcactcatt ttcttttcgg tttagtccct ttattaatct ggggtcgcca     49020
     cagtggaatg aaccgccaac ttatccagca tatgttttat gcagcggatg tccttccagc     49080
     tgcaacccat cactggcaaa cacccatttt gtctgaattc ttggaattga aaaaacagct     49140
     atgagaagta ctcggatgac ctactacttt cggcgtgatt ctgaaatgcg catttgatgg     49200
     atgctatgct atcccatgat gcaccacgag agaattcatg gatagagtaa agcgacacaa     49260
     ctgatgaggg taggttacgt gatgataacg aaattgtgga tgtaaaactt ccgagttcca     49320
     ttcacactac tcacattcat actgaataga tcgtactttt ctgatggcca agtcattata     49380
     aattcaaatt tagtacctac tgagtaataa gtcatgtaat gcaattcaaa agcataaatg     49440
     aaataataaa aattaaaaca tgaatcacaa aataattgat agatatttga tatttaaagt     49500
     gccgggttga aaaaaggtta ttactgattg atttggatgt ttttgaaagt aaaaaaaatc     49560
     ccaagtggac ctcagacaat agaataaaac aaaacaacca gttcatgacc ccttaatgct     49620
     attaataaaa ttgtttataa atattgaaca agcatctgga tttttagatg ttcccatacc     49680
     tttttatcct gtcctgtggc atactagtaa caccaccatt caaaatttca gggtcagtaa     49740
     gttttcgaaa atatcataag aaatttattt gaaccgcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattcttac     49800
     caaacccaaa cgtttgaaca aactttgctc atgcctcaga gtcagtgtac ttctcttgta     49860
     taaggttttc ttcagtgctt tgtggccttg agggctggtt tcaaccagtc tggtaaaata     49920
     ttaagaatgc tcattgttag cacctgttga gccttgaaaa gtttctttgt ttggaaacaa     49980
     aaaaagagat tgaaatctct ggagatttgg aataaaaaga tgagggaaga atgaattaag     50040
     ctgttttgcc acttgaaaaa cagaagctct caaaggcaga ctgtttctgt ttcactgaag     50100
     tgccttcctg agtccctttc tttttgttta cttttaataa catactgaat tattttctcc     50160
     aaaaaagcta aagatttctg gataattgtt ttgctacaat ttctgctagt tccacaaagt     50220
     caaatttgag actttctttt tttaaacatt tcatagacaa ttatgaataa aaattcagac     50280
     ttattcaggg ctaaacaata tgtttgtttt ttttctaatg ggctaacaga aacatatttt     50340
     acttgcccca tccaaaaaaa tcaaatcaaa tgagttattt cttagccaca tattttaaat     50400
     aatgtgtcaa aacaagcaaa ccctagctgc atacacacac attcttttca tcgtaacatt     50460
     agttaaaaat aaaaattgac aagctttaaa aaccgcaatg aactaaatgt atgaacaaca     50520
     gtctgcccag gtcagtgtcc taccgcatat ggtctttaaa tatatggaac atttaacgaa     50580
     tgttactgca agaaagataa ttaaaacttt attggtaaat aatattgaga tgtactgttg     50640
     atgattggcc tggctgggta gcttcacata ggcataggaa aataagacct gtttaaaatt     50700
     atttaacacc tataagacaa catttgagtg aatgtaatgc tttttaaagc taaatatttt     50760
     gttttgaaaa ttgaagtcat tttttagacc tgatctgaaa agtcgaaatg atctaataaa     50820
     gagtcaacat tttatgatca ctgaaaataa tcacaattta taatgcaaaa atggacaagt     50880
     cacaaatata acaaaaacat gtcagaatta tgaaataata aactttagtt gtgagataag     50940
     tggaaatgag gaaaaaggct acaaaaaaat tgtccattat aatgatcaca atgttttaca     51000
     aaactttttg cctcacaact gacaaacaaa ccacacaggc ataaaaaaag aaactttaaa     51060
     aaatgtgaaa tttatgatca taataaaact aaaaactgct attaaaatta atttgtaatt     51120
     gtaaaaccca ggccatctag atcaggggtt cccaaacttt tcagactgca atccccaaaa     51180
     taacagtgac tcatgacccc tgatatcttc tgtgggtcat aaatacagaa accttgcatg     51240
     caactgtgca caaacaccaa taggtctatt cttcatatta tcttttaaaa aaatgtatgc     51300
     tggtgctgga aaggtgtcag aaagtttaac ctggtgccat aaaatcaatc tccagcatcc     51360
     gacactgtgg ctgtgtcttt aatataatgt aatcacccca agagtcacaa tccaatggct     51420
     aaaaaaaaat aaataaataa attaaaaatt aaaaatcaaa aaaatccaaa aaatcaaaag     51480
     actttagcta tgaaatactc tttttatttt cagtaggtta tggatacaat atggtaattc     51540
     taatggttta agacaattag atttttggaa atcaccaagc cacccccctt acttgtcctg     51600
     caatcctctg gggggtccca acccccactt tgggaaccac tgatctagat tatctgttgt     51660
     aattgtcagt aaacaaacaa gtattttgga gttgtctttt tccaggactc tttaaagggc     51720
     acctatgata aaaatcatct tttgtaagct gtttggacag aactgtgtgc aggtatcagg     51780
     ttttcacagt catttgggag tgttagaaac acaatagttc tcttttttta ttttatttcc     51840
     tgacgttaaa attgaggtcc gtagcaacgt gacgtaggat tttctccatc caccaaattg     51900
     gttgacagcc acgtattaac atgtctctgt agtaacgtgt aaaatcatat cagcaagaca     51960
     ggaccagcac aaagcaactg gaattaaaat atctgttaaa ctctgtgatc atccacacct     52020
     caaaaatgag ttttacatgt tcataacgtt tttaaaacag tgcatgtttg taataaagac     52080
     ggtaaaatcg ctgtaattca tcaccacagt cgcatttcag tacaattatg aaagacgaca     52140
     ctccaatccc agtttgtgga cattaaatct ggtttatttt gtacattaac ataacggata     52200
     ttcatacagc agtgtatatt aaagtgtatc ctgtcacatt tgctgtgaaa aatctgtaaa     52260
     gttaaacgag cacgctgtgt gtgtgcatga acattgttaa tgacattgtg tgtggctcat     52320
     cattgcagaa aggcttgaat tacctccaaa acaaatacat taaataatca ttggaaagtt     52380
     cttagtactg tagtatttct caaaaacaag tgtaatctgc ttccttcata tctgtcactg     52440
     tgctgtttat ctgatgcagc aggagatgga gacacacatc agagccatag aaagagatca     52500
     ctgtgcctct gatgggcacg taggaatggt gggcggggag tactacgcag tacaagaaag     52560
     taggcgcagg caagaaaaac gacaatgtgc tcagatctga aaattctaat attctgaaag     52620
     gtataataaa taatctgaat agtgttttga gctgaaacta cacattctgg agacacaaag     52680
     gacttctctt aaatcttaaa aaaggggtta aaataggtgt cctttaaggt tgatattaac     52740
     atttatccaa tttatggctt atccaaaagc tgaattttag gttctgttgc caataaggat     52800
     cctgctgaaa aacctaagga cctaaagcgt tcaaatgatc acacacacac acacgccatt     52860
     gcccgtgcca catacagcag ctgttaatgg gcagcagcac aggtagaaag tgacctgacc     52920
     ttcagtaacc caaacaccgc ctcgcagctt aaatctcagg taacaaacat cgacccagca     52980
     gagcggtaac tggcacagac atgtcagcaa gcttctttta ttcaagtcta aattacacgc     53040
     cgtgttgtga cctagtttag gtttaactca ctacttaaca ctgggctcct actgataaat     53100
     ctctttacta tttcataatc cttattggac tgtgctttga aatccctttt gaattcactt     53160
     taggagttta caaataccac atataatatc atgaataaat ctaatattaa aaacatcaaa     53220
     ataaattata taattcgttt ttttttatct tattttaaat ttcacaaaat ttgaggccta     53280
     ctttttttgt ttattgtata cgttcactct taaagtgcaa ggagaatgaa aggtaaagca     53340
     taaagcacac ttacccacga caatcccaca tgcactgaga agtccgatct ctttctttag     53400
     ggtaaccgct ggttctccgt cgggatccga gtccggcact gatgcagtcc tgcgtcgggt     53460
     gccaccgctg ctcattttct cacagacagc agcgactctg tgttaagtgt tgatgtttag     53520
     agtcgctgta actttatcct cctgcctcaa acttattgtg ctaatctgat caacccgcct     53580
     acactgtgct ggtttggtct agtttagtag atgagaataa caaaggaata ttatgcaact     53640
     actaagagat ttttttattt tttattctgt tattcggcag cctgttggaa tcacaacagt     53700
     ctttgcaatg taaaatagca atttttggac caaatgaatt aataatctta aatgataaat     53760
     caggcaaaga aatgattttc tcttaactca tcagtattgc cattcacata ttggtgatta     53820
     aaaaacgtca atgtcattaa aaaatgatca tacttgtaac tatattaact atactgtgac     53880
     tttttattaa aatttttccc ccttgttttg aatttttgtc ataatgttga ctgaattatt     53940
     tacaatggta aataattata caaaaaaatg gatttttaaa aattacatct ggttgtgtgg     54000
     tcatgaatat tgcaccagct ttgaatgtta tcagtagata taataggcat tcagtataat     54060
     aggcaatcag tggttatcag ctaatagata tgagacagta gaggccttct gcacctacta     54120
     gtaggctcaa aaggatgtta tcatccatcc acatggttaa tcagctatac tgatagagaa     54180
     gactacagat ccagatctgt tttgacatta ctgtgacagt tgggtttagg gtagacgtta     54240
     aaacaatgca attaatggga cactttataa atataaataa ttcttgttaa cttcaagttg     54300
     caaccatgtg atctatagct gattaaccat gtgtatgggc gataacagtc ttctgagcct     54360
     accagtaggc gcagaaggcc cctactgacc catatctatc agctgataac cacttataat     54420
     gcccattcaa ttaagtttta atattcgaat cgactgaata taaaatcata gtgtaagtat     54480
     taaactataa taatctgtct tagtgttaca ttttaagtaa aaaatacaaa taaaacacaa     54540
     ataaatgtta atatgttata tttgtataca aggctggatt tttaaaaatc acatatgaat     54600
     gtttgaacca ataattcagt gttaaactgt attatcatga cttttttaac ttgtgttata     54660
     attatgaatt ttggtaactt aattttgact tgttatataa ttttgttgtt tattaatgat     54720
     ttccacccta gttttgattt tttttctatg catcgatgga tttgctcttt agtgtttagg     54780
     ccctcagtag tgatgattaa accacactga actaagctaa actgaactta aacactaaat     54840
     actaaactac actgtttcaa tttactatga tcttttatgt gaagctgctt tgacacaatc     54900
     tacattgtaa aagcgctata caaataaagg tgaattaaat tgaaatatat ataattagca     54960
     aataacaaag tgttttttac tttccaaata cagattacat tcgatttaaa cgattttgat     55020
     acattgtaat tctaaatcat ttgggaaatg attgtttgaa ggcttatttg ccacattaag     55080
     tgtgaactga tgaatcattc attcattttc ttttcggctt agtcccttga ttaatctgag     55140
     gttaccacag tggaatgaac caccaactta tccagtgtac gtctttacgc agcggatgcc     55200
     cttccagcta taaccaatcc ccgggaaaca tccatacaca ctcatttact tcaaacaatt     55260
     tagcctaccc aattcacctg taccgcatgt ctttggactg tggggaaaat cggagcaccc     55320
     ggaggaaact gacgcgaatg cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa cgccaactga     55380
     cccagccgag gctcgaacca gcgaccttcc tgctgtgagg caacatacac ataatataca     55440
     catcacacat acaaatgaaa tggaggcaag gagagcacaa tgttttcagc attttaaaga     55500
     gccagaatta tgtttgctag aggccaggtg accgaatgag ctctttggcc agaaaacaaa     55560
     gcttctcagc cttgcaaatc aatatgcctt tccccatagt tacagtgtaa tttatttgtg     55620
     tcatgctttt cattgtaaat gcctttccaa agaaaaaaga aacacaaaat tagcttcttg     55680
     aatgtgtgcg ttttgaaaat gctgaatgtt tataacaata atgtagctaa atatccaaac     55740
     aatatttaca atgcgacaat cctaaatttg ccaaaaatgc ccagtagttt gtgtgacaaa     55800
     gtacttttgt ttattttaca tttatatctt ttacctgcta ttaaaaattg acccaactta     55860
     tttggacctc tcaccatttt attttacttt tcaggtgctg ctggttgcaa ttcctgaatt     55920
     ttcattgcta attttaagcc aattgtaaca gtttgttttg gttcaatttc aaatttcccc     55980
     aacactcgca aagcccgggg gaccagagta agcgctccag catggcctcc tctgatcccc     56040
     tctcatcatt ttatcgatcg gaattcatgt ttaatatcgg taaacagtaa agccccacct     56100
     cgcatccccg ccgcctgtta gggcattgca ggtgaatatg gtaaaaaaag aaaagaatta     56160
     ttagttatca tcacacttcc ctggctgata gaatataaat ctagattatc tttaaatatt     56220
     atattatgca aatgactaac tattttaata aatatgtgct aatttgcgta cactttagca     56280
     caggggtgcc caaactcggt cctggagggt cggtgtcctg catagtttag cttcaacttt     56340
     cttcaacaca cctgccagga agtttctaaa gagagcttga ttggctggtt caggtgtgtt     56400
     taattggggt tgaaactaaa atatgcagga caccggccct ccaggaccga gcttgggcac     56460
     ccctgcttta gcaaaaaatg gcaaaaattc ttggttttga aaggttgtta cagagagcat     56520
     tttattatca ctcaaaataa tttaaaatta aataaatata aaaattaaat gtaaaatcaa     56580
     atatttttta ttaaataaaa aatattttat tcaatgaatt ggtaaacaaa atcggcaaaa     56640
     tatccctgac actgaacata tgcttttaaa aaccttcaga gtatgaattt aactggacat     56700
     ttacgttcaa gaggaaaaag ttcatgttta gaaaatttta aaaatatgta ttgtaattgc     56760
     aatcattata cattgataag tgtaataaaa gaaacaactt actctggaca ttttcttttc     56820
     tattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaactttatg aaaagccaaa aagcccagaa attaaagttg     56880
     ccaaatgcat gaaaaaacat atttttaacg ctttattaat ataataaaca aagcaacgtc     56940
     actataaaat aattgttttg aatgtcttga ataaagttta aattactgaa gggaacgtct     57000
     ataagggtta cagtcctatt taaaatgata accaatgttg taatggattg taaagtctaa     57060
     attaaattgg gagatgtggg ctcaaaacac actcaaatag tctaattaaa ctagataaag     57120
     cttttacttt ctaatgtgtg ttccaaagga tcccaatcaa tggtgcttga acagctattt     57180
     gtgactattc ccaccataac gctagtaaat gggttcagat gtcttggctg acatacttgg     57240
     agaatctccc ttgttcacaa actgtgctct tttaatgaca gttcacgagt gaacaaaaac     57300
     aaagccagag ctgatggctc cttcagttta gctacaaatg atacccttct gttaaataaa     57360
     tccaagctaa tgggtgtgat attatttgta gatacaattt gtttatgcaa atgttggcta     57420
     atttattcag gaaatacaat gagcacgtaa atactgcaga tttgttgtgg atcccccaca     57480
     ttagctcaga ttagatatta gattattgct acacgattaa ttatcatgca tactgtgtat     57540
     aaaaataata aatgcctaaa gtgagagaca atttacaagg caatcaaact gacaagctaa     57600
     ttgtaaaaag ttacaaatat gtgtatttat actttttaat gtgatttaca gtagataatt     57660
     acattaagca ggtttaaata tacatttaaa aaaaacatta agacaacaaa agggtttatg     57720
     ttctccaaat gaatgccaag gagctattag caacagttaa acgtttgaaa aacaaactta     57780
     ccaatctgtt accttttact taatttaaca taaaaaggta taaataaatg ctcaaacact     57840
     aaaaatagtt tttactgtac attctgatca tactgcaaaa aaagcatttc tgcagatttt     57900
     ttttcaagta aactttaaga cttaaagact tttttttaca tcatcatgaa tgaaatttta     57960
     gagttcagga aactaaacta aagatgattt tttaaagaag tttttgtttt tttgcttgcc     58020
     acaacagcaa caagtttgag ttgtttctta gccatatatt taatgtgtca aaacaagaaa     58080
     actagttgta tatacttaaa aaaattaata aaatttattt taaaaaagga caaagttcat     58140
     cattgttaaa aatgtatttc ttatggacat gatttaaacc ttacatctgt acattttttc     58200
     aataaatgga agatcatgta aagggaaata ttgctctgtt attatcatga ggaattgtgt     58260
     aactgttttt ttaggtttct ttccctgatt agaaaatgta atttcgacaa tttgctgcaa     58320
     aaaaatatat aaataaaatg attgtcaaga tctgttttga atgttcaaag acctacaaca     58380
     caaaatttca gtgaatttaa cactttttaa ggcctaaaat tttgcttttg aaatgtaaga     58440
     cattataaga ccccactgac acgtacgttt atattgtacg tttatactgt ttttcagtgc     58500
     agatatcgaa cagtacagat acacaaactt tactggaata atacaaatct ggtagttacc     58560
     tttaatccag agctatgaaa actgcttttt aattattaaa atcatccatt aatgctgtga     58620
     gtttgaggca ggacaataaa atacatccag aaagatcaaa gttttgtatc ttttttttac     58680
     tcgtgttgta tgacaataca ttatcatcag gaaaacaaaa acaaaaccgt ataaaagtat     58740
     ggaatatgtt tcctaacatg gcctgactag ggacataata ctatggtttt cctaaccgtg     58800
     gggcattgca gggcacaggt gggcacaata aggctggtat ataacgcacg aagacaatat     58860
     agaccgccag actcacatga atcagttcta gaaaataata gtcctcaaaa aacttacact     58920
     ttttagctat taataggagt caaaaggctt cattttattt gtagttgttg ttaaacatca     58980
     gaggagtctg aactaagaaa gagcaccagg acattgcgca ttgcttttaa aggatacctc     59040
     gtaagtgcag ttttagtttc cttccttata aacattacat acacacatgg ctgtcattga     59100
     gaatgatctc cttgagtgta gttttaccct tgcaacaaga tattttaacc cgatgtttat     59160
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agatgtggga gtaggccgtg ttcgagagca gacgtcagca     59220
     tgtttgtgtg tgtgttgcta caggccaata gtgtaagagc gcccggcggg gttgtgaatg     59280
     gcggagcata caggctcggt cacagcccat tcataccaga ccttctttcc attgttacac     59340
     ctccaaaagc gtacacatac gttatcgcca caggacagcg ggatcggctg ctgcatgagg     59400
     aaagagaaaa aaaaaggtgt taggattaca ctctcgacat gactgttcac ttcagcgcat     59460
     taactgcgga gctgataaac tgtcacgctt tcacagtgct tagcagacac tgcttttaaa     59520
     acccaaagtg ctaacttgta tttatgtcca tgacacactt ttctactgtg gagttttaca     59580
     acaaagtgca aaagggagaa cagtgcggcg ttgataatac aatgagcagg atggaattgt     59640
     tagacaaaag ccaggtataa agggaagctg actgctaagg aagtgaacta cactgtaaag     59700
     attttgcgtg tatacaaaga caagccaatt aaattaactt ttcacattta agttgattga     59760
     acatgaaaca attgagctgt accccccaaa aatttaagaa ttgtgttgtt tcaactaatg     59820
     ttaggcctgt acaattaata gttttaaacc aaaatcacaa tttgaaaagg tgcaattttc     59880
     gaatgtttat ccacgtcact cgttggtgaa taacgccaga gctgcattaa tcgttaaagc     59940
     actttctgtt aagagcagga aacaatgacc gatcataggc atagcaaaaa caactttatt     60000
     gaaaaaatgg ttttaaaaca acagtagcac agtgtagtgt actttgtgat tatgcttggt     60060
     ctttcttttg tgctgttaaa gccaccacat taaacctgta gctcttttac aaaactttaa     60120
     aataatagaa tatagaataa attgcatttt aaaatcgcaa actgcaattg atcagataaa     60180
     aatggaaatt agattttttc tccaaatcat gcagccctag tttcaactca ttttaaataa     60240
     gtcatttgaa caagcagcca ttttttgtgc atagtgcaca atgagaaatc attctaaaaa     60300
     ggcaggctga taaacaaaat gcatccatgt tggataggtt ttttgtaaca ccttttttta     60360
     aaccaaaata ttacatttca aaatgttacc ttatgtgcca catgagtttt agaaatcatc     60420
     ctaatcctga aatggtgcta aaacatttct taatgttaag ggtttcactt cattattcaa     60480
     atattatctt tttaatcaaa tatttacaac aattaaccag ttttgtcgta aaaatggtaa     60540
     gcatattgaa agaaacgggt atttgtacag aacataaaat cactttacaa cacggcacac     60600
     agttaatgta cttaaaaaca tgaatgaaca ctaaacaata cactatagta tttatttgtg     60660
     catgttaact ttagttaata aaactacagt ttttcattgt tagttcatgt taactcatta     60720
     atgttaacta gcacagattt tttttttatc aatgcattat tgttgaaata tgattaataa     60780
     atgctgttca agctaagtaa ctaacattaa ctacgtgtcc agacaataaa caatacatgt     60840
     attacagtat ttgtttatgt taattattag tagggacaga cagaatcagc agatattttt     60900
     atctatttct gcagattatt ttgtaaaata cctgtggatt tatgtagaat gattttagga     60960
     gtatcataaa aaaaaaatga aataaaaaat atctttttaa cttttattta atatttacaa     61020
     tgcaaattca attagatcca cttatttggt aaacaaatca agtcagtcaa ataataaatc     61080
     tactaaaaga cacaaatatt actttacaaa ctatattgta aataaatcaa ataaacactt     61140
     tcatattagt caatattatt actgaaattc attttaaaac agaattatta taaatttaca     61200
     cacatttaca caagtagaaa tctgcagaat tttgtgtgca gattccatgt ggcctagtta     61260
     tttgagaaaa ttgttcgatg ttagttcatg ttaacttaca gtgcattaac taatgttaac     61320
     aagcatgcat ttgtatttta ttaatgtatt aatacatatt aattatgatt aataaaagct     61380
     aagtattact cattattagt tcatgttagt aaatacaaaa actaatgaaa ctctaacaaa     61440
     actttattgt aaagtgttta ggcttgaaat tgattacaaa tgttctttgt agttgtttct     61500
     tttatagata tatattttat tcattttcta aatactgctc agttttctgc tgagtgagaa     61560
     gaactaaaat gtataattat aatgtctgta aaaattgtat ttttgtcaac tagtcataat     61620
     tatttttata ctatcactac acattcatac acttgtgttt tttgtggtta tttttgaaaa     61680
     ccacaataat aaattcccta ctttcttgac ttactttcaa ggggaatagg atggggaacc     61740
     aggagaacat cccaggagag tgtgtttcag gttttatacc tgcaatcatc aagaaagact     61800
     tatttaattg tttaaagtgt cacacacagt aacaagcgca ccaacagcac ttcagttcag     61860
     taaatcagac ttaataaaga tcatttaaac actttatagc tacagttaga tgcagtctgc     61920
     agattaatca ccatttggat gtaaatgtaa ttgccattct catgtaaatt agattttaat     61980
     agcgatcaag ttaataaggc aataattctc aattgcccac tctcaataac cgtgccaatt     62040
     tgcagccatt attaccgcaa atacccaaaa atctctgttt tgagacattg aatgaacaat     62100
     gaaagcctta gacattgaaa gaggcattaa attggcattg tgtgatgcaa cacatgagac     62160
     ttactgagtg tgacttcttt atacagcgtg gcctcgaagt acccagcgaa accgtgaagc     62220
     actgaattac atccaacggg gaatcgcaga cattgatacc gattattatt catatctgca     62280
     gagtgtaaaa gaccaagagt taatagcttc attcaaagag attatggtga aatctgcgtg     62340
     tccgtctctt tgtgatctag tacctgtggt ggggtgaaca aaggtgaagc aggcctgtgg     62400
     gtctgcaagt tggtggaaat tgtgtaatct gacaacatat ggtgtctcaa aatggcactc     62460
     tgggtctttg tctcgttccc gacagcctcg tacttcatta tatagtttag atgaggacag     62520
     aggagccaag aaagatgtgt aagagcaggg aatgctcact ccatcatcta cgagaaaaca     62580
     aatgtttatg aatcgaccca gagaggtaaa actcaaagaa aatacttaat aaaagaaagc     62640
     tgatgttatc ttagaccttt aagaaagtgc tgcgctccgt cgagacattc cggtgaaagc     62700
     tcattgtccc cgaatgaccc taaaagctca ctgacgatga tatctgcttt ctctggagac     62760
     gtccactccc tcatgtcaca tgacacaaca gtcacctgat caccccactc ctcaaacttc     62820
     cagttctcca gtctgaggaa gataaaggag aaatacatag caaagaaagt taaaacttaa     62880
     actattattt cataaatatt aaataaatct actgtcattt tagaaatgac gactggatga     62940
     aaataacaaa tgcttagaat ggtggcatct tagaattgag aagcagcatg actgacaaaa     63000
     ataactgttc gcgcaacaaa tgagaggatc acgcgcaccg cgagacacag gcgatcctca     63060
     atcaatgatg agggtattcg tctttagctg atgtgatatg cgcgactatt taaatgtgca     63120
     cactctcctt gcgcgaagca accatccctg gaaacgtaac tggtgagatt ggttctcttt     63180
     gaaatagact agaaaaaaat ttaatgctca agcacccaca atcctgctac tttcgagagc     63240
     ttaacattct ttataagcag cagctgttgc agctttcgct ttaactattt ttttgaacag     63300
     attattaata ggcctgaggt taaacatgtt taacgttaac gagataatga aaaatatttc     63360
     gtgtaacgag ataatgaaaa ataatgaaaa ataatccttt cattatcgca caaggaactg     63420
     ggaacttaag ccggacagat tactgcgcaa ttttagatac atgagaataa ttttttaaaa     63480
     tgtcaattgt tttttaaaca aaaatttttg ttaaaaaaag tatatgtata cagctatatt     63540
     ttgcttgttt tgacacatta tttaaaattt gtggcaaggt aataattagt ttggtgtggt     63600
     cagaaaaaag gtgaattctg agtgttgagc cctgaaaagt catgtgaaat aaaacaaatt     63660
     gcaatgtgac actatggaac caaagcccat ttgctcatgc tcattgagca aactcataca     63720
     caacacacaa aaaagcatgc caattttagc atgccaaagt catatttatg catataaatt     63780
     atattttcca aacaacaaga ttgtggctgt tgaaaacggc aagtggctgg taacattgga     63840
     aaactactag ccacagtggc tggtgatcaa taaaagttaa tgtcaagact tgatactaag     63900
     gctgcacaat atattgtttg agcatcgata taacaatgag tgcatccaca atagtcatat     63960
     tgcaggatta gaatatttat taaaaattaa aagacataat taaatctttt tatttttata     64020
     taatttttta caatgacgaa catgttagtt tatatttgat tgtttaattt ctgtacctga     64080
     atactgtaag actctccaga aaaccatgaa gcgctgaaat ttcactttta tctttgctct     64140
     gttgtattta tatacgcttt taatttatca tcatttatgc aaacgcacag catagaaaca     64200
     atatcttatc atcccaatct accgatataa taccgatatt gcagccttca gtacgaaccg     64260
     ttacaaatcc aatatcagca catatcatta atactttact tttacccatt tcgttgagtg     64320
     gaatgtatga acggctggat caaactgaga acaaaagtca ttttatttgc ataatatatt     64380
     gcacagattc caccctactg cccacatggc aaaagtacta caatgtgaat agagacagaa     64440
     ctgcaaactc atgtgcaaag ctgacactgt ttatcaaagc actttctctt tctaggcttt     64500
     ttaaagaaga ggtaaacatg ggaatgcctc taattaaatt ttccttctgc ccaaaaagta     64560
     ataccattct ttattttaaa ctgtaatggc cctcagcaac agaatgattt cttattctta     64620
     tttaacagat aattaaacaa caaagatgtt tagcatttaa caccttttac atgacactgt     64680
     ttctattcag tgtgttcaag gaaaaaaatg aactaaaaaa taagaaatcc actatttcac     64740
     ttctatacat gctgctccct gctccctccc tccctctcta gtcttggtgc tgctgagaga     64800
     ttgagatgga ccggccaaag tttgcataca aagtaatgca aaaacacagc tatagaaaac     64860
     gaaagcagaa taagggacat gttaggcgat ttagaaatcg gccgctgaga taaagtctta     64920
     ggtgtgggaa gcgctggtga tgaattaggt atcacactgg atgcacaacg acatgtcatg     64980
     accgaattga ggctcgcact atgtgcgcta cgtcgccatt cggtgtcttg cattgtttag     65040
     cagcgtatac aaaacaatgt aaagattgct tgacgtgaag taaataaacc agtaacttta     65100
     gaattgtgcc tttgttgatc gcgtcagcgt gtgctactgt cacatcagat ttctatcgta     65160
     aaacaccata acttagtgtg aagagtatgt taaatcttaa agagactttg ctagcaagca     65220
     gagtttagag cgaatcagac tgcttacatc tgagattttt aacgcagtcc aatatagttc     65280
     aattggactg atatcggacc tatttccgat atcaatatcg gatcgggaca ttcttgaaaa     65340
     tgagtaagga attttaaaag atttcatcct aaagttactt acgtgactac agcattaggg     65400
     tttttctcaa cagcgtatac gcgcagcttc ctcttagctt gttttgctgc acgaagtgag     65460
     gcatttacca gaggacctcg acctgcacca agtaccatca aaaccctgaa aataatggta     65520
     aaaaacaaac ttagtgttga cactgtctgc catgcaagca gcctatctgc ctagttcatt     65580
     aatatctgac aatgagacac ctggaagagt gtgaagtcac ttactgcaca ttggtttcca     65640
     tctgttcttc aggaactctg tctagcagac atctatatac ggcctgacag gaaagacaat     65700
     tcactgcaat taatgaaaat aacataatgg atacaacaga atatgctaat tttctcaagt     65760
     gatgcctttt tttttgctta aatgagatgt aatgtgacac tacaattcat tcacaagttt     65820
     tagttaagcc tgttttttat gtctctaaaa gaaacctcat tctcacaatg gctgcattta     65880
     tttaataata aaaaaacaac aacactagat gttaaatcaa aattacttta atttgatagg     65940
     ttgttgaaga ctttttataa gatgacagtt tttgttagat caatgggata tttgccttag     66000
     ttaacaggca tggcctggtg actgccagtt gacaggtagg aaaagaacat gacaatttag     66060
     caaaaggtat aaaactgtgt aataaaaaaa catactgtat agaaaaacta cattttgatg     66120
     aatccaacct aaaattttaa ttgacaaaca aaagtccctg atattcaatg accttttaaa     66180
     attccatgat attaaatcat tctgaaaatt tttccaacca atataatata ccacaatgca     66240
     attttttaaa atactttcag ctgcgtcatt tcattaaatc tttgtccaat aagggtgaac     66300
     tgagatttga acttgcagtc ataaagcaaa ttgtaacgaa tagtttttaa aagtaaaagt     66360
     ttttaaaaga ctaatatcca aaatatacaa agctctgtct agctcatgta cttctccctt     66420
     tcagagtatg aagggtgtag ggggaaaaaa tttaggtcac aaaattgaag atacagattg     66480
     gtctgaaata atatgtaaca atttgttttc taaatgtact ttatagagtg ttcatgaact     66540
     caactataaa ttcattaaca gagtttatct tacacccttt aatttgaaaa ggacttacag     66600
     aaagtcttct gatatttgtt ttaactgtaa taaatgcaaa ggaacattcc ttcactgttt     66660
     ctggtattgt ggcaaaatca tttatttttg taggaaaata catcattttc tacaaggact     66720
     cgctaagata aaatttagtt tttctctgga attttaattg tcatatggtg gagtagagaa     66780
     tgtgttggac tcccacacca aacacttgtt tttaatatta atagtgtatt gtggtcatct     66840
     cctcaggtag actcctttaa aatgtggctg tctcaagtat gtacgccatt tcaactcaag     66900
     aaactcacct atgacataca tctaaagtca gatgactttt agctgctatg gacccctttt     66960
     tagcattaca tttataattt ctcctgattt tatattctat ggtgtagatt ttagctcctt     67020
     ggctgactgt attatcctgt ttactagttc gtatattttc catttttcct actctatagc     67080
     cgagactgta tttgtatgtg ctgatgtatt aaaataacca acaattaata attaaaaatt     67140
     ccatgatatt tgagaaacca tgacccatag gaaccccatc atttagatat tagacactga     67200
     acacaataca actgctacac atggttcagt atgcatgata tataaaactg catcagttga     67260
     caaaatttct acttaaaacc acagctatac aacactgcaa ttcgtgctat acagccaatt     67320
     ctatttttaa gttggattat gtgattttgt acaagttttc taactaatta ttaatttatc     67380
     tgcttaatca aaagcacaat gaaaacaatt gtttgagtgt ttctttccat taggaagtcc     67440
     tttgaactca cctgctggta ctgagaatat ttgataggat ccttctcgaa cacttcatac     67500
     gtctgtgact ccaaattgtc cattaaaggc tgataaaaca ataagaaatc ccattagtac     67560
     aagtgcaact gaatcaatat tgtgaaaaat gaacagatgc ttgtatcctg acagacagcc     67620
     agacctgcag tggtgactgt aggtaatctt catagccttt ggcgaagagc tcgtaggcat     67680
     taggtgctgg acggttttga ttgaggtact ctagatactg cagatatgag cgcaagtcct     67740
     tctcgctgtg gcggttctgc cctgtgaaaa tgaactgagc ctccagctgt agagacacca     67800
     gactgttaga taggcatggt gaacagaaga aaagtgacat gatactggaa acctttacct     67860
     tgaagagacg gaagatgatt cgctggtggg cttttgaaag gactggaaag ccttttttat     67920
     tggttagaaa tatgctggta gggagaatgg ctgctttgat tggctctcca agccacttgt     67980
     cgattaatgt gtcagatggc aggtctgctc caatctcaat tgctgtgcag agaagtaaat     68040
     aaaacagttc atattcactg cttaacaggt gaatattgtg aagtatatta actaatagct     68100
     gtcaccatat taccctagta gatttattac attaagagtt aaaggtgcag taggtgattg     68160
     tcttcagaaa cattttttgt tgagctggtt gaaaatagta atgattaaag taaatgatct     68220
     aaatgtattt atttgtattt ttatattctg ggtaaggcat aaaactaaaa catattcgtc     68280
     caattaaaaa ttgtagagcc gataattccc ataattctga tatgtagccc aaactgtgta     68340
     aataaatgta gatttgcaca actgcgcact cgtttacaca gtttgccatt tgcgcaaaca     68400
     tgtggacaaa ggcgacagct gtaaaaacaa atcctgaatc gatattggag ttacttttgc     68460
     acgctggaga aagggtgaca ccatggttga agtgtttctt ttagacaggt aatgttacgt     68520
     tttaaaacaa tttcagtcac gcaaagtgac ttagtgtttt atgaatgggt tacatggaca     68580
     gaagtgttgg tcagccactg aaatctttcg gcgaaagatt gatgtgacaa ttttcaattt     68640
     cataagggag cttttataac atcgataatg tagattttta tttagtttaa caacaaaaca     68700
     gtaaatagca ctattccaac tagtctgctt tactgaggtg aagttggttt tatattcaca     68760
     ttggttaatt tttgaataat gacagcctgt gatgcgctct ctatattgtt taccatgcta     68820
     ctctaaatat ttggtctgaa aaagcatgca agtagggctt agtaataagt gtaattccag     68880
     catcccgccg gccaagcttt aagcatacag tagttgcttt aggacaaagc gcatgagaga     68940
     gtccagtgat gcttgcatga acaaaataac ttttgcttgc tacaaaactg aaagcgtgcc     69000
     agatagaata aatttttttc gttgggaatt gtggtgttat aaagtactgt aaagttttct     69060
     aactggggaa tgacatgatc tagtgggtct cagtcatctt tattgtgcgc gttcgtgtga     69120
     ttttaggagg taataccaat gaaaaaaaat atataactac aaaacaaaaa caaacaaaaa     69180
     tcactaaata atacactaaa taatgcacta aataatacat cagataaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     69240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac atatgcttat acatatatat atatatatat     69300
     atatatatac acatatatat acacacacac acacatttgg ggattaaaaa atacttaatt     69360
     taaagtctct gcagattgtt gtctgataaa attagaaata aagtgttcca cgagtacgtt     69420
     taacagtttg gtttctgttg caatattgac atatttttag ggtcctcttc tttgagtaaa     69480
     tgttcacgag tctcatgtgt ctgttacaac atcttgtgta agcaatctca tcatgtcctg     69540
     agtttacaaa atagtgagac tttctaagga ttacaaaaag ttatgttttt gtgcactgac     69600
     cccaattgcc tgccatttgt ggctttaagt cagaaggtca gattttgcac tcatttattt     69660
     ttcctgttag gtctgttttg gctttttgta gaaatttttt ttttaattac aatctgacaa     69720
     actatgtttg aacaaatccc tctgtaagaa tccacaacca ccacaaaaac agctcagcat     69780
     tacatctgaa caattacctc caccaaaatt cacaattcag agtattaggc agtacttttc     69840
     tgacaactcc ttactcgagt catttaatct tgagctctca cacacaacaa accgcttgtt     69900
     acaagcggat cccatgcatg atgaaattct gacagagaag ccctcatttg tgcaggtacg     69960
     gagcagagtt gcctctcctc tctgagctgg ccagcagcag aagtaaaagt gcgctgacct     70020
     gcttacatac acagattgtt tccatgtgcc cacactgact tctctgcttc ttgttagtga     70080
     tactcatttt gagtctctca cagctgcacg ttaatcgatg gtaagaattc tacagattaa     70140
     tcctaacagg attcaaatct aatttacgtt cactcaaaac tgacaattaa atcactactt     70200
     tttcaatttc aagaggatcc aaacctttta gtttcttttt tctgttgaac acaaaaagaa     70260
     ctaaaaacca gtacccactg acatattttg gtagtcaatg gttaccgatt tctagctttt     70320
     ttcaaaatac tttgttttgc gttcaacagt aaaaagaaac tcaaacaggt ttgaaataag     70380
     tgcagaatga gtaaataatg acagaactgt cagatttggg tgaactatcc cttttattac     70440
     ttttctgtca agctattttt aaaatgtttg ctgcacgagt aaaaaaaaaa aactttggta     70500
     gacaaatcaa aattgtggtt ggagaaagag aatattgttg aagttgttag gaaatgcttt     70560
     accagaacaa gattaaacaa aatcagagaa taagttaaat aaaatataaa taaaatataa     70620
     ataaataaaa gtaaattctg gtttgaacat tgtcaattat aaatctttga aagaaaatca     70680
     gtatctgcaa aaatctgaat cagcagttca cacttcacaa ttttttttaa acatcaaaat     70740
     cggccaagaa aatagcaatc ggtgcatgtc tactttatga aaagccaaaa ataacaggtg     70800
     catgaaaaaa cgttttgtgt tgtgtgcagt ttattttttt tgctcttacc gaggcaaatc     70860
     ctcttgttgt agtcacagag tgttctgaat gagtgccacc tgaagagaga aaaaaaggaa     70920
     attaaagcac aaaggccaaa gattgctttg ttcttcatgc agatgactga tttaatctca     70980
     cagcattcta aaatgtggac taatagaaga aaaacgcaga tattcacact cgagtggttg     71040
     ttttaatgag ataacttgtt taatatctat aattaattga acaaatgggt tcgtttcagc     71100
     tttctcacca tgcccaggtc ttctcatcat tgctgccatc gtccatttgt ttagacggct     71160
     cattctcaat aagatcttca cgcgtatcct caggagccat cagtggaact cgtatccaaa     71220
     actgtgtaat taaaaacaaa tcaacattga actaatttat tcctaatcaa ctaagaaagc     71280
     agtattacaa ccaataaatg agcacccaac tgagaaaaac ccaatggatt tgtttctgcc     71340
     tgcacaatga tgcatttcgg ttggcttcgc attttaattg agttgataat gtgtccttat     71400
     tgaaaaaaac gctgtgttgc tgcattttgg tcaatggttg taataacatt gtaaattaga     71460
     caataggaaa taaaagatgt atgtcacatt ttaattcatt agatttagag tataatgatt     71520
     aaatcataaa catctagcat agtcaaatac aaaaaaatga tatgcagaat taaattgcat     71580
     attaattttg ctaagtgttc ccaaattaag ccaaagcatc ccattactgt gtaaatcaca     71640
     gaacatatta atttgatgat ttagtgcaca ggaatatttt cttttaccat ctaagctgaa     71700
     ttaatattta ggggactatg agtaaagtgc aaaacataaa tgacatcgta gaatccataa     71760
     tagacacatt taactgtata agattgattg tcatggatct tcggtacatt ttggactaat     71820
     aaatccaaaa taggacagta cacaataaat caagtttggt gtagttgacg tgcagcgagg     71880
     ggtttacgtc tttaataaac tacgacggtt tgcattcttt taaaattaag aatgattaat     71940
     aaatctatat gaaacagtcc cctaaaagtg acgttgcgtt ttcagtttcg ggcttaggcg     72000
     tgctttgcac tcacacaaga agcctaacgc gccaaagccc aactgaactg tgcctgagcc     72060
     tgattcagag cacccacatt tttcaaacaa atcgggaaac gtgcctgggc acagttcgga     72120
     tagcatagtg tgattgtgcc cttacttaag accgaatatt caaagtagca tggttaaaaa     72180
     atatacggag cacgtcacag ggtgtcattg tttaaaaatg aaccaatgtg aatataaaac     72240
     ttcacctcag taaatcaggc taggcagaat agcgccattt actgatgttt tgttgttaaa     72300
     ctaaataaag atctacatta tcgatgctat aaaaggtaac ttatgaaact gaaaatagtc     72360
     acatcttcat ctttcgctgg aaatttcagg ggttgaacaa cacttgtgca tataacccat     72420
     tcataaatca ctaaaagtta ctttagaaat aatttagcca tggtgtctgt cttcctctag     72480
     catgcaaaaa tatctccaat attgaatatt aattggacga acatttttta gtcttatgcc     72540
     ttacctagaa tataaaaata catttagatt atttacttta atctaaagtt ccaactttcc     72600
     tattggaatg taaagaaaat gaaagaaacc agcacaacaa caaacattct aaagacaatc     72660
     acctactgca cctttattaa aaaaatttca ctgtcacttt tctaaacaca ataattttaa     72720
     aaataaataa attcaatagc cacatgcttg ggaaaactaa aatctctagc tcaataagca     72780
     ctgcacattc atgacaggca tttaaaatgg caggcagctg ataataatta ttaataatca     72840
     caataatgcc agccaattca atattacaaa tgcatctgat caattgacct ttatggataa     72900
     tgcaccaaac actattacaa ataacagatg gacagcaagc aaaaaaatga taaacagtct     72960
     tttcacgccc caaattaatt cccatcagtg gggggaaaaa cgcaaaagtc agcagccaaa     73020
     atgaagattg tgtgtaaatg ataggccctg ggtgtataca taaacaaata atggttcgct     73080
     ttgagcatat ttgttttcag cctatactac agattgccat taccatgcaa gagtggtgtc     73140
     ctgtgtggat gtggttgagc aggattcgag ccaggttggc acagtgtgga ccccttaggg     73200
     ggatcatgaa agctggcagc cccagataag cacagaaatt gagctcctgt accagtgcct     73260
     gcagcaaggg cacaaaagac attagaagga gtgatcacat caaaataaac aacaaatctg     73320
     ctcctctttg ttgggcaaat ctccaataaa tggtcctcgt ttgcatctga ttcttgatta     73380
     cagtcacaat gacaccttgg tgtgtttaac gaaggcctta tcaaaaaccc aactgtgaac     73440
     gtattgtatg catgaatcat ttgtaataca acactgcagt ggaaatcaaa gttagagaac     73500
     ggtttatgaa caagtgattg tttttatatt catttcaaaa ataatgaaaa tcaatcaaaa     73560
     tttcaactaa ttttagctgt ggcaataaca agctagtaga acagtttttt tacaagataa     73620
     tttgtagcac acacagtgat cagaatagaa caacagcaat gactgtatct taaagacaga     73680
     ttacaatttc tgaaatcagt ataaagtgta caaaatcttg ctttgaatta ctagtctctc     73740
     tctggcatca ctactcttcc acagttcagt gactgtaggg gttttttatc catgacttta     73800
     gcgctaagta tttttcagag attctttatc aggtttagac aggactatga gctgccattt     73860
     ccttaattta atgttttcag cttcaagaaa ctgcttaggg ctggacgatt aatcgaaatc     73920
     gacattcaga acctataatc aatctagttt ttctaggttg atttttttag attactttcc     73980
     ataccacgtg tggaatcacg ttagctcgct ctgtgtatac ttctgcgtca agcacacaca     74040
     tatggttcag cgcacccttt gctgtggctg acactagggg tgtcaaaatt aattgtttta     74100
     tcgatgcacc gtaatgcaga cccaaacaat ttggtattgg ttcagtaata atcataacca     74160
     actattatgt actgacgtca ttcacataag cattatatag cggtagctta ctatggcgag     74220
     ggagattgat taaaatgtaa ttctgtgact aaaatgtaat taaaatggtc cagctactta     74280
     aaaagcagat aattgtgtac aattcactgc ttcagtcttt cactgacagg gaagaacatt     74340
     ggaacccagc tagaaaaaat aaaagctgaa actctctctc tctctgtggc cactctcacc     74400
     agctggcgtg ttagtgaggt aacgttttac catctctctc ggctgttaca acaataaagt     74460
     tacttgtgga tctctgattg gtcggcttga tagcaaaaaa gagtgtgggt ggggggagag     74520
     cagcgagccc ataggagcga gtgtttacaa gtgtggagtc ctggggagaa gctacaaatt     74580
     ggaaactttt gttttgtatt tactttgatt gtctgatgat ttggctgagg ctgatttata     74640
     tctctggtca agtaggacga tgtacccatt tttgagcatt actttgcact acactgacga     74700
     tgattaaaag ttgcaccaga catgccttca gatggcatat tatccattac actaaaatta     74760
     ttgttaacat taaaatattt gtttacataa gattttttta ttttaggcca aatcgcccat     74820
     ccctagaact gctttgccta gaaccagttt ctcataaaaa ttgctggtag attgactcat     74880
     aaaccacttt tgataaacat atctgaaagc gttcaccaag tttatttagt gtttgttgtc     74940
     aaactcatct aaataaactt atttaataaa caaattactg catttcagaa tacaccaaaa     75000
     agtactttta ttctttaatc tgctcttttg ctcatgttaa aataacttca agtggtgacg     75060
     ttgaaatttg gcaacttgta ggttctctac ttctgattcc cactgtaggt tgcaataaat     75120
     taataacatg tgcttaatgt tcaagattag atgaataatg catttataca tacatatgca     75180
     ataacaaatc aagaacccaa aaaaactgtg aacatacagc ttctgaattc ctgcgctctg     75240
     tggtcaactc ggagtcagtc tcaatccagg gtgacagctt tcccacgata agagtgttcc     75300
     aatctaatga agaataaatg aacattatat tattacacag atataatcac aatgtctaag     75360
     tgtgtgtaat tctgtaaatg caattatagg caatcatgga aaaagaaatg aagaacaagt     75420
     cagttatcca atgtatccaa aagaaactta atgaggaagt gacattaaag gggtcttatc     75480
     ataagatctt taatcattta tttagacctc taaggattgc ttaaaaggtt ttagaggcaa     75540
     aaatagtctt gatttgggtt tcataagcat tctccagctt ccttctgacc cttaaaattt     75600
     aatagatctt ttttatatct ctcttttgaa ctttaaatat gactttacct ttaatccttc     75660
     tgggctcagg atgaataata tccttgcatt ttgcatttca aattaacttg ccatcacagt     75720
     gtggggtact gaatagtttt tagtgatgtg taaagcaaca gtcttagacc tatgttagta     75780
     tacacaatta cacgtatgtt aatatacaca tacagaataa aaaaatacaa acaaaaaaac     75840
     acaacattca tttagagcat gcacaaatac atacttcgac acatgcaata gaaagattca     75900
     tccttctcca gcgtctgcac cttttctctt caaaagtaat gaaaaacatc tttctactta     75960
     tttaaataca gccttcgata gtttgttgtt ctagttactt ttgtttacac agttggtgca     76020
     ttccaaacgg gatatacaac ccacaatcat ggccaccaca ttaaagtgta cttccaaaat     76080
     gaagagctca aaactggcca ctttgaaggg gccttcagat tgaaggattt taaatgctac     76140
     aactgatgga cactgatgcc cgcacaggga agttgtttgg tgttgaacag cacatttcat     76200
     tcagaaagga tcatctctat gctctaatcc cttcgaagct gtcactccgt ggggtaaagc     76260
     ctataggcat aggtatagta aaggctcatc caatgaaggc atacggttaa gcctatgccg     76320
     agtttggaac acgcatgttt gtaagaatgg ctcatttcag tattgactcc ttgtggacaa     76380
     actaatctgt gcaaaaacaa ttaaaagctt aaagtcatga aaattggcca gttagcatac     76440
     agtattagca tactcttcta atggcaaaat tcaagttgtg tacagtctac aattaggctg     76500
     cacaatatat tgttaagtta taattttctc gataacagta tatacatttg cgcatcacag     76560
     acatgtacga ttaattactt ttatgcattg gttgtttatc taaatatagg gcttgaaatt     76620
     aacatcttta cttggtagca ctggtgcact tactaaaaat gtggtcacac cagccaaaat     76680
     gtagtctcat ccaccaagaa ttatgtgcag cattactaca agtttcatat taacaaattt     76740
     gcatttgaaa ttatccttac gatcaaatga aggattaaat agaacactta aaatgtgtag     76800
     attcagtggc aaacactatg acttgttata gttatccact cttcatgtgt atcattaatc     76860
     agctgtgtca ttatttgtaa ctttaggtgg tttctaaaca aaatctgtca atatactttt     76920
     tattctttca tcttcagcgt tttacatatt cgcgactgta tctctccgtc acccgaaagc     76980
     agagagcatt gactgaatga ttgacagctg atattaacca atccattcac attcatttct     77040
     agagcttgaa gaaatgaagg gcaagctatg cggggtttgt ttactgtaga aagttgacat     77100
     gacgactgtt ttaaatttat actactaggc aagggacgat aacagtttgc aaggtatacc     77160
     ggggtttaga acagtcaagg ttttaaaacc gtcaaaatat ttttataccg tttcaatgat     77220
     gtaaataaga cttaacgttt tacgttttgt atctacagca gaaaagatat ccaaagatgc     77280
     catttcaaat agtaaagaaa tcagtgtttt tgaaaccaat gaagagagca gatgtcaata     77340
     attcatttga attatatagc ctgacatgtt tactgctttt agtttttacc cagacattta     77400
     aaaataactt attttagagc agtaatcaca gcaccgtcaa accgtgatat ttttatccaa     77460
     ggttatcata ccgtcagaat cttataccgg cccatgccta catgtggacg catagccctc     77520
     gccatggccg tcgacgatgc tgctgtgcac cttttaaaaa aatttaacca cacgtcccaa     77580
     cgacacgtag cgcaagttct gtaactggtc ggcttggtag tgctgaagag tgagagcaga     77640
     ggtgagagcc acgcaagcct gttgaagcga gtgtttacaa gtgtggagta ccatgaaggt     77700
     tgtcatgtgt ttagggtcaa ggctgtttgt gtttacctta ttattaaagt tgttacatgt     77760
     ccgctgattc cagccttaaa atgagcgagt ttggctattc atgagtatac gggcagccgc     77820
     attttagacc atttgaagtc tagaaataga aagtgagggt agaccaatat ataaagaata     77880
     aaaataatct aattgcttgg aaatgcaggc atggataccc gtttcctaaa atatctgctt     77940
     tgggttttac tcgcagtgtt ttaaaggcta aaacaggctc tgcaccttga catgtttttt     78000
     tttcctgaat taaaatttat tacatcttaa taaactattt acctggttat tttaatatca     78060
     ctaaacaaac aaatgattac aaacataacc aatataaatg gcatttttaa ggtaaatgtt     78120
     atatcgtaag aaatattgtt atcgcaaaac aacatcccat attgcatatt tccccagaat     78180
     agtccagccc tagcattcag taccttgtgt ataagctaaa acttgaaatt gatactttaa     78240
     ctttgacatt tgttttaaaa tctgatgttt tgcagcttag gttttaaaaa gtacagtatg     78300
     gttttatagt atatcacttt aaatttatac tatagaacca cttcaagagc cttaaaaacc     78360
     ttatgaaaaa aagatttttt cgcaactgac tccattttaa gtgtgaatat tcagatgcag     78420
     aaaagagttt gtataaaatc tcacctctac cacacagcag caggtcagat cgtgtttggg     78480
     ctccaggacg tgactttgca gggtccagtt cattttccct tcgaaaccgc gggtggaaca     78540
     gcggcataca caggaaatca aagctgtagg acagaattac atgcattaac acaagcaggc     78600
     tagatattga gtatattcac ttttattata gtaaatcagc taaaaatttc taatttcatc     78660
     aaacaggaca ggtcttggaa ttttggtctt ggaatttatg tatgtatgtc ccttcaattt     78720
     ataatcattt catagttttt ttaacctaaa aacatcctgc ttagtttaat tacaagacag     78780
     aaagctcaaa ttacttgttt ataatacagt gattttaaat gtattcagct gtcaagtgat     78840
     cagccattaa aagctactca atcccatcag aaaatggggt caaacctatt aagatgttgc     78900
     tgctagcatc tccaacgacc ctcagcatta aaaagcaacc agtaatgttt ctaacacgat     78960
     tattgtgcta aaatgtatat ttcatgtaca ataggaatga atgagttcat tcaaaatcta     79020
     ttaaatataa ttagacggcg ccaaaatatt ttttaaaaac ctttctagag ttgttgcaaa     79080
     ggcttcaaaa caaagccatg ttaaattttc caaaactgct acacacccat gttcattaca     79140
     agtagatctg aaaaagccgc tattagctag caaagctcat gtgcatcacg tgcggcgacc     79200
     tagccgggcc aacttcaaac tgaacacact tgacttcatt taagaataac accgaaatat     79260
     cattcagttg ctgcgcatac agctcgcttt gcttacccta atttggcgac cgcagcgagg     79320
     gtatccgcca cttcaggaac acaactcaaa tctctcccgc aggagaccct gctacctgca     79380
     ctgccggacg ccatcgttag gagacgagat gggagggaaa actaaacaga aacagaacta     79440
     tggagaaact gaagtcatgt tggctcaatt caagagcgca ggaactctag gagacaagcg     79500
     ggtgaggatc caaaatggcg tttgctcgtg aggcagtttc tgtttctgtt gagtctctcg     79560
     cgagatttca caacgaggtc agactgtggg gccggcaggg cagacgtgat gctgcagact     79620
     agaaagagaa tccacgcgct ctctgagacg aactttaatt tgttccagta attttagggg     79680
     aacgtttaat tagttttaaa ggattgcgtc gtttatgtaa taatcagctt gtttttatac     79740
     tacaggatta attattataa actcagcagc gataaccacg tcaacgagtt attttaatta     79800
     aactgtgcac tgcatatttc cagattaaac ccgtggcaaa tggatttgcg ctggattttt     79860
     tacaaagaaa agaatatctg tgggctttac tattgcctga agtggaatag cactcctaaa     79920
     cagcctgaac cagttccttc ccttggatct tttcacccaa tatcatttat tcattttctt     79980
     ttcagtttag tccctttatt aatccagggt caccacagcg gaatgaatcg ccaacttatc     80040
     aagcacgcgg atgcccttct agctgcaaca actcatctct gggaaacatt cacacacact     80100
     cattttcaca catacaatac ggacaattta gcctccacaa ttcacctgta ccgcatgtct     80160
     ttggactgtg ggggaaacag gagcacccgg aggaaatcca cgcgaatgaa gggagaacat     80220
     gcaaactcca cacagaaacg ccaactgaca cagctgaggc tcgaaccagc gaccttgctg     80280
     tgaggcgaca gcaccacata ttgcgccact gcgtcacccc ctatgttagt tatgtatgat     80340
     agctcttgcg ttcaatgttg tgttaatatt tataaatatg ttgattcatg tagcatggtg     80400
     gtcctgcgag acatagcagg acttttactg tacatgtgta gcggaatgac aataaagctc     80460
     aacttgacta gtgttgtaca tgacactttt tcaatttcct catacatttt ttatatactt     80520
     ttaacctttt tttctctttc agacaaaaac ttataatgcc attttttagc agtcgcatct     80580
     gttttggaac aaattttatt cttatggata aatcccttga gatgtgacgt ctcatttcca     80640
     agggggtccc aaataaagta ttgagtgttt tatcccagat agcaggcagt aatcggcccg     80700
     agctcggctg ccctccggcg cctccggctc cgactcggca tcggcgagtg ttatccgggc     80760
     cgagtgcggg ccgcagctcg ctcgcgcaca tgcggttgtg atgcggctgt aaagcactgg     80820
     cccgattccg gtcaaccata tccggcccga gtctgtctgt agagtccggg ccgcttctgg     80880
     caaggactcg gctgatggca actgattaag ttcttatttt atctagtaat ctgttagctc     80940
     cacgtttaat gataatttga gaaaatattc atggtacgat agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     81000
     agaatattta gcgtggatgg tcgcaatgtt tagacgcaaa caaaacaata ttatttataa     81060
     atagattata catgtcatct agagaaaaac tatgtaaaat ttgctcattt ttgagatagc     81120
     acgctcctgt gctgactgtt ttttttttaa agcagaagtt ggtttcataa taaacacatg     81180
     cgttactaaa ttcctgatcc aaactccaat ccagacggtg gcggtaatgc tccaaaaagc     81240
     tggttgtcaa ccaccatggc acgaagatca caagaagaaa aagtttggtt tttcaaagac     81300
     tcacgtggat tccggtcaga aaggtaagct ttttactgtt tgtgtactgt ataattagcg     81360
     aatttagagc ttaaaacatt tccacggtgt ttggttgtaa cagcgtttag tactttaaaa     81420
     cagtttgata cgaaatgtaa cttgctttaa gaaacacgac tggagctaat gtatgctaac     81480
     gttaacagtt acaaacacgt ctgaaagttc cttttccttt tacacaatgt tagattgtaa     81540
     cgtgtgtagt acctgaaaac tattttaatt attttaaaga aacatgaaac gaatttgtgt     81600
     gtatgctaac tttgcgttaa agaaagtttc tgtagacgaa tccattaact aacttggcaa     81660
     aacgtgtttt ttcctgattt aacattataa agtaccgtgg atgttgaaaa aatcattgta     81720
     caggcgtata cttatccaac agtattaatt ctgtgattat gtgtaaataa aaactaatcg     81780
     ttttggatta ataaaatatt gtttatcttg tttatgcagt tagtcacgaa aaatgatcga     81840
     aactcgactg tttactattc tctttaaatt atccaagaga aatatattac tatgcacttt     81900
     aattcatatt ttttagccta tgtgaatcaa ttatatcttt tgttcaagct gtaatggtca     81960
     gttaatgtaa aactgaacgt cttaaagcag attttgatgt ttttttatgt tattgacagt     82020
     gataaattct gatttaaatg aatgggtaac aatatttgtt ggttaagtct tattgttctt     82080
     gtttaacaaa ggttagtgag atcattttgc agcacatcac gaccaaagaa gtcaatggca     82140
     cactcttttg aacgtgaata ggcatgttat agttgtgtgc taaaagtcca ttataagctg     82200
     taaactgctg atatattttc aacatagatt gagcttttca gacattacat tactaattgc     82260
     ttcacaaaca gctgaaatgg tttattgtta ttggctatca tcaaacattt ttcacaatgg     82320
     taggttaatc ttcatgggta cagaataatg catgtgcttg acaatcttac aaatctatgt     82380
     ctcagattca taaggctgtc actctgcatg aatctccgaa taaatcttgt gcaacctttt     82440
     gtgcactgat tatttacact ataggtatta tatgcattaa ttaactttga tagtatttca     82500
     ggatttgaac ttttctttac gggaggttaa caacaatgtg atgttttatt atagatgcat     82560
     atgaggaagc tcgactcaaa catccacacg caactgtgat ttctgactgg tagacagatg     82620
     aggatgatga tcgcctgtca tacatctaaa gacagaacag gtttgtttgc aattatttta     82680
     aacacatact gtcaacatta tgtcattgat ctattacaac ctgtgagttt tgccctggca     82740
     ctatactaaa gtgatgtttt gttttgtaaa tgtatctgat caagggacag tatagacaca     82800
     tctataccgt gatgaagaaa aattatttgg aacaaagagg ctggataaaa ggcaggtttg     82860
     aagatttcag aaatcaatgc agcaccacaa gtaccatcac catcaatgac tatgttagaa     82920
     atcttaagac caccatcaag atgcacagat actgtacatt ccagtacacc aggcgtgtcc     82980
     aaactacggc ccgcgaggct ttttataaat atcaatagaa tctggcccgc tatacaaaaa     83040
     tgaacgtaat tcaataaata accaccgggt gtcgctatta catgcattca attaagcagc     83100
     agttcttgtt atgatctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tacacacagt tgaagtctga     83160
     attattagcc cctcattgat ttatttcttc ttttttaaat atttcccaaa tgatgtttaa     83220
     cagagcaaga acatttttac agtatgtctg ataatatttt tttcttttgg agaaagactt     83280
     atgttttatt tcggctagaa taaaaagcgg ttaatttttt tatgaaccat tttaaggtca     83340
     gaattattag ccccttaagt cttcagaaca aaccattgtt ataaaataac ttgcctaatt     83400
     accttaactt gactagttaa cttgattaac ctagttaagc ctttaaatgt cactttaagc     83460
     tgtatagaag tgtcttaaaa atatctagtc aaatattatt tactgtcatc atggcaaaga     83520
     taaaataaat cagttattag aaatgagtta ctaaaactaa tatgtttaga aatgtgtgga     83580
     aaaaaatgtt taactctccg ttaaatagaa attggggaaa aaaataaacg gtggctaata     83640
     atttaggggg gctaacaatt ctgacttcaa ctgtatttat atatatatat atacacacac     83700
     acacacgtgt ctgtgtgatg tatttaaaat ttggcccgca acaacgtttg tttttttgca     83760
     tctggccctc ggcccaaaaa gtttggacac tcctgcagta cacctatgaa catttacagt     83820
     ctttgttcta gtgcagtttg agatcaagac agaacttatt gcatctcgtg atgtctttgt     83880
     aagaattgaa gacatcacta aatttgttaa ggtttaatgc agctagaaag taaagatcaa     83940
     ctagagaata tcagcagtgt ctaacccact gatgtattta cagaggttgt atgagaataa     84000
     gctacaggtt gatttatgct aatctgttat ttttcttttt tagcacgact gactgaagtt     84060
     ttaaaatcat gcaacgtcat aaagcagcag ctgggcctga ttctcacaaa gccaaaacag     84120
     acgtgatgaa attccagatg taaacacatt tgaccgtcct ttggccaatt tgatttggaa     84180
     aagcttgaaa atcaactaaa ggagcagccc gaacaaatga agaaactggt aagttcaagc     84240
     tcttgctaat ttcaaagtgt tttaagttta tttgtttttt ttattgtttt tttttttttg     84300
     cttcgtaggt agcctacttt tttcctaatt ttttcttttt ttatacatta gtacttcttc     84360
     actactaatt atctgtttat cttttaatca cagatggagt gaggacaaat gtccatacca     84420
     cgccactgat aaagaagtgg aaaaatgcat tacaaggtag ctacaacttg cccctgacag     84480
     gggtggagga agaaagaaga gaaagctaat gtgtcaaatg tctaaatcac tattttgttt     84540
     tattttttaa acaacatttt aagtgtatta ggatgttccc tgatacttga acaatttgtt     84600
     tctttcattt gcatttatat atatatatat atatgtatat gtgtatatat atatgtgtgt     84660
     gtgtgtgtat atatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtgt gtgcgccaaa     84720
     ttatgaagaa acatcttgat acatttttaa taaacgtaat acaaataaaa ttataaatat     84780
     aaaattgcac aagacgtgta tatatatgaa atgtataatc atctcactca tgtcttgctg     84840
     tttgtgcaat tgattttgtt caagtttatt taaaaataag tttgacttta tacttctgca     84900
     attatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatttttt     84960
     tttttttttt tttttattat tttaatgttt tattaaaaaa tgtttcaaga tgtttcttca     85020
     gaattctgca gtacttttca caagtttgac ttggatattt tacggattgt cattggtatt     85080
     tttaagatgt ttcttgctat ttcttaaatt ggtttctata tttaggttta tataaaattt     85140
     agctgttttt ttacaaattt ttaattcaag tctattggga aaacagggtt gttttaaaaa     85200
     catctgtgtt tgtgtgtaat ttttagattt tttgtttaaa tctttctgtg tgtctttatt     85260
     gtgttgtttt attgttgttt ttatattgat attcttgtgc actacaaatt atttataaaa     85320
     ttttagtact atttttttct tgcaatcaat aaacgtttaa catttattaa ttttgtcatt     85380
     tgtctgatta ttttcgttac agaatatgta tgcagtttgc actttattca aaggttaaac     85440
     gcagtgctta cactttgtgt ttacattata gcctgtgttt gctgttatat aaataaacta     85500
     ataccatata tcaagtacca atgtaatacc aaaaggtttt ataaggtgta taaatacgga     85560
     gtcgcgccag ctccgggccg cagcgcacat taccctcgcg ccgattccgg cgcggatgcg     85620
     cagcgtcggc tcgcttacgg ccgccgcatc tggcccgctt gattcgggcc ggaatcgggc     85680
     agtgagtcca cagtcatccg gcccgagtcc ggcagccgaa gttgggccga ggggtaagtc     85740
     tccggcaggc gacaatctag ccggaactgg cccgagtgta ttttgctatc tgggataaaa     85800
     gatagtaggc ctacatgagt ttaagaaaag tctgggatgc accccattta aacggcacct     85860
     gcgctaaaaa tcaccttttg gaagctgttt ggtgtaggta taatgtgtcc agtcatattg     85920
     gggtgatata aacacaataa gtcttttttt attttttatt tccagacgtt aaaataagat     85980
     ccaaatccct cccattttga ggcccacctc aacgtgacat aggagtgcgg tttccctgcc     86040
     caccaaattg actgacaacc acatttgaac atgtctccgt agtaacatgt ataatccaat     86100
     gtataatcat atcaacaaga caggacgtgc gcaaagcaac tgggatttaa agatttgttg     86160
     aactcgctgt gatcatctgc acctcaaaaa tgttttttat aagtttaaaa tgtttttttt     86220
     tattcattca aaactttcat tcattcattt tattcatcta ttgcaaaaaa gattttatct     86280
     gacgcagcca aggcggaaat tgaggcacac tttcgtaagt atgtgggaac ggtgggtgtg     86340
     gaactatagc attaaaggca caggcaacaa aaaacagtta cagtgtgttc agcgcagaaa     86400
     attccaacat actgaaaagt ataataaata atctgttggt tgttttcagc tgaaacttta     86460
     cagacacgtt ttggagacac aaaagactca gcttaaatct tgaaaaagag gtagaatagg     86520
     tgccacttta aagacttaat gaaggttttg ggaaatctca aaagtattgt cctcaaacct     86580
     aacaaagcat taaaactggt tttaggcata aaacaatttt caactacata gacaattaac     86640
     cattttgtca gagtctagtg ttgtattcca cacggttcat ttgcacagct acaaacctgc     86700
     aaagtatttg gtgagatctg cagaaaagca gacggggctc attatactct catctcagca     86760
     ctttatgatt atgtttgaag agtcgcttca ctgttgtgcc tcagtggtgt ccacagaagc     86820
     atatcagaaa taaatggtag caaagatttt ttttttggct gagacatcac atgtgtgtaa     86880
     gggatatgac gataagactc tccaccttct atataaatca ggcctcggag gagtatttat     86940
     tgtcagttta gcttttaagg ctcaccttag cagctaaaat ggctcttcag gatgtttgtg     87000
     gtttcacaga gacatttgat gacaccaact catccagtta ccaaccaaat gagatgggat     87060
     acatgtggag gacaccgttc gagtttgaca gagagagttc ttttaatttt caccttccag     87120
     ctcagcagag ctgcagaaaa aacacagcat caactctttt ctcttcaact ctttcacctc     87180
     acgagcaacc atttcatttg tcacatggga ccaccacttt gggttttata ttccaggatg     87240
     gtgtaatagc tgctgcggac actcgcgcca gctgtaaagg tctagtttgc tgcccgataa     87300
     ctcataagat tatgcctatc cactctcacc tggtggtgaa cacctcaggt agcggtgctg     87360
     attgtatgct gtgggaacgg attctcacac gtgagatgag gctttaccag cttcgccatc     87420
     gaacgagact cagcataaat ggagccgcaa agctgctctc cactatgctt catccattca     87480
     aagggactaa tgtctgtgtt gcagctactc tttgtggatg ggatggagaa gaatctcaga     87540
     tacaatggaa aacaagcatg ggaactgtaa atgttaatga atcaatggct caggattcca     87600
     ctctgtctgc aatttctgat gaatctgctc taggtagtga aaaaagagct tcaataagtg     87660
     agcaggagga gatcctgaag gacgtgccag atcaacagaa tcgctctact tttggaggac     87720
     ggtttggtcc cagggtatgc tatgtttgca gtgacggctt gcaactgaac ggagagataa     87780
     tatcagtggg ttcagggtca ccctatgcat acgccgtgct tgatgacgga tggagatggg     87840
     gaatgactgt agatgaggca gtgggactgg cccgggaggc tgttttcaga gccactcact     87900
     gggatgccta ctctgggaat aatgtagacc ttttctatat cactgcccgt ggctggagac     87960
     gcagagagag agaggatcta aaggaggagt actacagaga aagggagaga gagagggaga     88020
     agatcaagga gagggaggaa gagagacaga agagagagct ggttgaaggg gatgatgatg     88080
     atgtatattc agtacaatgc ggatagggac acaagaggtg gaaaaacaaa aatacatgga     88140
     tggaatgtga atgcgatggg tggaagtatt cgtgagtaga acaatgtcaa gctggtcatt     88200
     cgacagcaga taagacagaa tgcacaatgc acagggaagg caaatatata tgtttatatg     88260
     aatctttttc aaccaaatta atatttttat aatagttttt aattacagat tattataagt     88320
     catcagaaaa aaggaagtgg atttattttt aaaaaaaaat ctattaaatt catgtttatt     88380
     cataaagctc ataatacatg caatgactca aatacacttt actgaaatgc atgtttcctg     88440
     caatttggtg cctgttagtg tccatcaggg accaaagacg atacaaatta ttcagtttgc     88500
     taatgacaat attccaggcg aaatctatga agttgattaa agcaatgatt gcatgctgtg     88560
     atcattaaca caagaactgt tagtttgaat gttaattaag agtctcaagt cctattctga     88620
     gacatacaga ctactacacc ccatgtagaa caattatcat gctgttaatc aaatttaaag     88680
     tgaaattgga gttgaagttt ataagattct taaaaaatga taaatctgag gatgatcata     88740
     gtttaatgac acaagatcag ggcatacaac aaggctacaa caaatgataa aagcaggggt     88800
     gcccaaactc ggtcctggag gaccggtgtc ctgcagagtt tagctccaac ttgccttaac     88860
     ctacctgcca ggatgtttct agcaagccca gcttgatgac ctggctcagg tgtgtctgat     88920
     tgagggtcaa ttcaggacac cagccctcca ggactgagtt tgggcaccca ttgttaaaag     88980
     tgtctggata ttttgataag tagatatata tgtacaattt aataaacaaa acaagaggaa     89040
     ccaaaatatt aattaactca gtaaaggcat atgatatttt tacccttttg aatgatttat     89100
     gctgtcatga aatatttttc agaagctact ttgttataaa aatcattata ttatttatgt     89160
     tttaaaagtg aattgcagaa aaaaaatgtt taaatatata attgttataa tataatatag     89220
     ttgaagctgg aagggcatcc gctgtgtaaa acatatgctg gataagttgt aaattcattc     89280
     tgctgtggat cccctgatga ataaaaggga ctgagccaaa ggaaaattaa tgaatgattt     89340
     gtgctaacta ttctatttta aatgtgctta catagcatta gcatcatcat tgttgtgtga     89400
     tcaatcggtg acttgagaag atacactcaa aaatattaat taattctcta aacgatcatt     89460
     gtcagcctct ttcattgatc gtttagggaa ttaattaaca ttttctgagc atatttcgtt     89520
     tgattaaata gcttgaatca tgtgtggcaa ttttgctgta gtcggtcatc ctgagcggta     89580
     gatggcgatg tggttccatg atgtttcact tactcacatg taacatacaa gaagcagacg     89640
     ccacttctgg tcagttttct gaaacatggc gctgtctagt attttgcgga atgagtctgc     89700
     ggatttttca gatccaattg accggtcttt tgctcacgga tgtggcctaa accagacaaa     89760
     tttcggcttt ggagccgctc tgggtgacag cccaaacttc gccgtgaaga ctctgggtga     89820
     agacgatgaa ccggagagaa aaatcgagtt tcttcacggc acgaccacct tagcattcaa     89880
     agtgagttca tttaacgtta gccagcagct aatagcatct gaagagttta aaagctgtgt     89940
     attcttcctt tctgttaaca tctcaaaaac gtaacaatta tacaatcagg accatgtgtc     90000
     tgctgcactc atatttatac atgatgtgtg tgctatgaat agagaaatgc tcaatagtca     90060
     aataactaga acatgaggct gttaacgtta gttaagttac tcagtcgcta tgtttacatc     90120
     aatgttcatt caattgttta cgtcattata tttgatgaat gttttgagtt gtttttttgt     90180
     gtgcgtgtga cttaattcct gaataagagc ggccccattt tgttttactg tcaataaccg     90240
     tagattattg tgtcaaacag cattaaaagt gtttatggct atacgaagtt tgcgagtttt     90300
     tattaaaaaa ggcagaatag gattttatta aagtatggat gtttacatac tccagcttta     90360
     ctcctttatg taaaattaaa gcctgtcagg ataagaccga gtatgacaca gcacctaatg     90420
     tgctttttca ttgtggccta ctctgcctac attttatcat aatcttatgt agaccactaa     90480
     gttatgatta ttttaaccaa cacatttatt acttgaactg aactgagttt gggttattga     90540
     caaatgtgtt gtctacatat taaaactaat acagttttgt aatagtttcc attttgcctg     90600
     ccctttttag ttgcatgatg tttatttgaa taagtggcat taaatgtatt ctaataaaac     90660
     ctatgttagg gctgggctga gaaacattat attaaatcgc aataaaattt gtgtcaataa     90720
     cactaagctc tgcacatttt tactctaaat tgatctaaga gccaatcaca cagcagaaat     90780
     gtgcaacagt aagtatctaa aagtgtgttg atattacaga tgtactgtct ttttggccat     90840
     cgaaaatgta ttatcggaaa ataggttatg ccatttaatg tactgtaatt aaagggatag     90900
     ttcatccaaa aaattaattt tctgttaatt tattcaacct caggctgtca aagatgtagg     90960
     tgagtttttt tctttagttt attttacata ttatgaaatt atgttgcaag tcaacagctt     91020
     tgagctgagg tgtccaaact ctgttctgga gggtcagtgt cctgctgagt ttagctccaa     91080
     acttgcttca acacacctgc aaggaagttt ctagtatatc tagtaaaagc ttgattagct     91140
     tgttcaggtg tgtttgatta gggttggagc taaaccctcc aggaccaagt ttggacacca     91200
     ctggctttga gagtctgaga gtcaaattat tacctgtggc tcctgatagt acaattaggt     91260
     cttatgatgc aacaaagtcg gtccatgcaa gagactaaat attatttccg actactgagt     91320
     gagaacatga cattctcaaa taattatatg tgttgtttag tgacaattta gaatttagca     91380
     ggaagatgaa aatgctgttt tcatcaaaat agtccttgcc tgtgcttccc ctgaatgctg     91440
     gaacctgtat taaaatgatt gtgtacgcaa tctaaatcgg gaaaatgaca ttttacagat     91500
     tcacaatgac tgaaattagg gttgggtgat aaattaaaat gtcatgcaca tgttttcagg     91560
     gatgcttggt tcttttatca gtagtaaata ttctccaaat gccagagggt gcttttgcat     91620
     gaaaattcga ataagcctca aagaagaaac ccaggaaatc cctgttgttg cttaataaac     91680
     tgtttattaa actgcttttt taaaattcaa cctaactaat aattcggcct gtgcaatatt     91740
     gaaaaaaaaa ctggcattgt gatatttagt ttttatgcaa tacatatttt gatattcagt     91800
     ataatttcac ttgattaaat taattggtct gtttaaaaat aatcatagaa atgaattaat     91860
     tgagatgatt ttgtagggga gagaatatcc ataaaatata ataaaccaat cacaaacatt     91920
     gataaataca gtagagcaaa gacacaaatt aaacagtgtt tcttgatttt ctgggggtct     91980
     agctgtattt aggcacaaat taaatgatca aatgtaaaat agcactgtat agtgtagctt     92040
     tatcatatat gcacataaat acaattaatc tttcttaaag ttacaaacat aatttcttat     92100
     gcttaaatta tttcaagtgt tttgaaatgc tcacacattt acaggcctta aaaacacatg     92160
     gaaaattatt aactaaatgg taaatttatg gttaaaatgt aggcctgacg caataataaa     92220
     catatcagtt ttagtgtaat aatgaaaatg actgaaaaaa taatattgtc cttcttaatt     92280
     gcatacaatc aagtcttcct aacattttat ctgattttgc agcctctgtc caacctgaaa     92340
     tctcacacag aattttaaga cattttagga ctagatttga tcaagcggtt tttaccagat     92400
     gtcatattgg gcatacaaga ataacccatg tttttttgct ccaaggtgaa aaccctttcc     92460
     cttactataa aacgcatttt actagactgt cctgctttta atgattccag aagagttttt     92520
     ttctgaaatg aactctctta aggactattt tagcaaagtg acaccagaaa agattttaga     92580
     atttttatca tgtattaaca ataaaaatcc tatttagatt gttgattttt taaatatatt     92640
     tattgttgaa atgttcctgc catgaaaata gccctggttg ccgacatggc ataaaaaaca     92700
     ttacattgtg acctttatca tcttgctgat ctctgtttga ggtgtctgca agttcaggga     92760
     actttttgtt agaaatttaa tagtttgcaa aattaaaaaa tccatgatag tcttttgggc     92820
     agccagtctt aagatttcag tagcctgaaa ttaattcaaa aggcctaaat agaaaagtcc     92880
     ttatttacta aataaaataa aatacattgg caaaaaaaca aattataatg gaattcatca     92940
     taattagggc cagatggaat ctgcggatgt tttttgctat ttctgtggag aattttggta     93000
     aaaatctgca gatttctgcg gaatcatttt ggaaatatca taactaaaac ctttatgtga     93060
     attaaaaaat aatatcttca cttttattta gtgtttaaaa tgcaaatcca attagatcca     93120
     cttcatttgg taaacaaagc aagtctcgta tgatatatct gctaaaagac agaaaatatt     93180
     actgtaaaaa ctgtattgat tatagttaaa cattttcata ttagtcaaaa atatcattgt     93240
     acttaattta aaaactgaat aaatatagtt ttacacacat ttactcaagt taataaacag     93300
     aattaatgat aggctaaaaa tttgcgaaat tctgcgcgtg cagatttcgc gtggccctaa     93360
     agctatgtat ttatgtgtgt atatatatat tttaaatgat ttgaattatt tttattgtat     93420
     ttgtgttttt tttttgtccc taaaaatcat gtgaaaacct ggtaggcctc tctttttttg     93480
     ttttatttat tagcaacttg gtactgaagt aatggttctt ttgacaacac caattagtac     93540
     aaacgcaaat tcaaacacat tgatagtggc tcctcaatgc ttgaaaacca caaaaaccgc     93600
     tgaaataggc tgtatatttc ctcacattcg aatagttcaa cgagcgaggt gaattaaatt     93660
     ttggtagccc gactggaaaa tattatagcc ccgggatgtc aggctatcag ttttgtgagc     93720
     actgaacatt gtttaactga caggtgaatt ttcccgtttt cttaaaaact actgatggat     93780
     tgaaacaagt tgtccaaatg agctctgttt cagagctgca gtctacttca ataaaagtgt     93840
     cagcgcaaaa tggcacacat ttacaaatga ggttaaagcc atttcacaag gacatttaca     93900
     ctctacatca ccagtgtcca tttatataaa gacatttact ttttaaacct caaatgacag     93960
     aatctcaatg accttaaaga gatttttttt cattcctgga aagtttttat acccatttgc     94020
     attattatgg ttatataatt atttagtcac tggaataaaa ttatcttaaa atgacaataa     94080
     tatcacttat cgaaataatt tctgtaacaa taaatcacac atgattttta attgtgacag     94140
     gcctaacagg ttttagattt acccgtttat tttttttact ttcaaaagtg ccaaaagctg     94200
     ttgatttgca ttgttataga tcttcaagag gcacgatttg agctaaaaat ctttcttaat     94260
     tttctgctga ataaagttat caaaatcttc gatggactaa ggcaaaggtc tccactcaat     94320
     cctggagggc cgcagttctg cacagttttg ctccaaccct aatcgtacac agctgatcta     94380
     gtagtgactt gtagtcttga acaccttgat tggatcagct atgtttgatt agggttggag     94440
     caaaactgtt cagagctgcg ttctccagga tttgagtttg agacctatgg acaaagggaa     94500
     ttaaagtaag ttagaggtcc tgtgaaattt atatttttat ttatttttca actaaagatt     94560
     ttttagttaa taataatcat agttataaag atatctatca gctatagtgc atcaaaacag     94620
     taacaaattt cccatttaca agatataaac aatacatcca cagcttgtag ttagtcactt     94680
     ctggctaaat tgataaacaa ctttttttaa atttatttat ttatttattt tttaacatca     94740
     cctcatactt cagtttccca tcaaatcttc agaccaatca aatgacatgc cctgccccct     94800
     tcaagatgct tctcatttgt ttttcaatgg atgcactcga tttcaaacac tcattggcag     94860
     aactgtgatt aaaaacaaaa tatcattggc tgttttttaa aagaagaaga gctacatttc     94920
     ctgtcctgtt tcacttgagt taaggtcaaa cttttaatac aaatgcacat ttcaaagcac     94980
     ttcatgggac ctttaaatat ttttaatttt gcttttaaat attacacatt tttgcattta     95040
     aacaaaaatg actaaatggc tacttttgaa ggactctcaa tggaccaaaa gagcttttgt     95100
     atagccagat ggtttccgca tctgcgagct attcgtttta caacaaccag ccacacattg     95160
     gttccttggt cgccttggtt ttcattttct gctattaaat ttaaagtaaa aaagttcaat     95220
     ttgcaccaac atatttgtgt catctgtctc agtttcagca tggtgtgatt gtggctgtgg     95280
     attctagagc gaccgcgggc gcctacattg cttcacagac agtgaagaag gtgattgaaa     95340
     tcaacccgta cctgcttggc accatggcag gaggggcagc agattgcagc ttctgggagc     95400
     gactgctggc caggcagtgt cgcatttatg agctccgcaa caaagagcgc atttcagtgg     95460
     cagctgcatc caaactgctg gctaacatgg tgtatcagta caaaggcatg ggcctcagca     95520
     tgggcacgat ggtctgcggc tgggacaaaa gagggccagg taattatcat atgcttgtgt     95580
     taattgtagt ttgattagac aaagtattct ttttttatca aataaataaa ttggttaaat     95640
     tctttacatt caaaaggggt tgaaagatca tataaacact tgatagatta attcatttat     95700
     gttttttgct ttgttttgat tgatgtcttt ttattgttgt agatctttat tattatagaa     95760
     aaattatatt taaaacatcg tcatcttaga attataaggt tctatctgac atttttgtca     95820
     aaattgagtt attgacattc ttattaaatg acaacttatt tacactatgg gattttttta     95880
     taagtagttt ttttataaga cgtttattta aaaaaaaaaa aaacacattt tacacacata     95940
     tggtttgcta tggaatgtta aaatattgaa cagtcataat cttataattc caaggtgaca     96000
     aaatgttatg gttttgtcat gaaattgcca gagaagctga tgtggcaaat tcaaaattct     96060
     ttctctccca ttatatttta attaaattgt acattttaaa atctattttc caatattttt     96120
     aaaattgaaa gtattactgg ttgtactggt aaattggtta gatttttttt gttgacaaga     96180
     cctgcaaaat gtaaaatatt atcatcttat cctcagattt atcatcttta caggctacct     96240
     attaagtttg atctcataag cttcaactca gtcaaatcag atcaataatt ttgggcccta     96300
     ttacactagg ctggactaaa ttatacctat taaataaatt ctattactta aattttaaat     96360
     gacataagtt tattagcata tttttgatta attcatagta tattagaata attaataatg     96420
     taatgtgaca tttaaatata attaaaattt aatatacaaa tagttttttc atttgtttac     96480
     caataagttt tatattttaa tagaaaatta catttttata tttcagaatt ttttatgtat     96540
     ataaaaatgg aacatagctt tgaattttat gtcatacatc ttatgcgatt gtaaaatact     96600
     atatagtatt aaaaatgtgt tgttttttta tacactcaga tacacattta ggcttgtcac     96660
     aataatcagt atatcgatcg tgcaatgctc agagatctca ataatttttt gtcgttgcaa     96720
     tatatattta caaatttgca attaacgtta aagccatttt acaatgacat ttacatttaa     96780
     ccgcaatgct gttaacgttt ataattggac aattacctaa tatgatgttt aatagtgtat     96840
     ttataatact acatttacct ttttacatca aattatagaa ttttaataac cttaagaata     96900
     ataagtatgt attataatgc cattatataa ttagtggcat aaaatgatct caaaatgaca     96960
     atatttgttg cttatcgcaa cagtttctgt gacaatatat cgcatgacaa aatattttta     97020
     tcgtgacaga cctacataaa catacagttg aaggcaaaat tattaaccga ttgttagtaa     97080
     ctaagggtgt cacgatcctc caaatcttcg attcgatttt tgattataaa taattaatta     97140
     attaatgacc aattaattat ttgtagccta ccgtttaaac tacctgacct gcatggtctt     97200
     tgttttaccc ataaacaaat catacagtaa atgaataaag gcaagataca cacataatta     97260
     ccacctgtca atcacttttt ctgcgggact cgtgaatagg cagtgatctg tgtcattata     97320
     atggcgtcgt tctaaaatgc catttaaaaa caaagacagt gtaaacaggg cctgagtgtg     97380
     tacttttcgc gagcggattt gcaacggggg cgggcggagg atcgcgatgc cggtgttgtc     97440
     tatcggacga accgtatgta atacgtacat agcagagctt gcaaaactgt tttttttttg     97500
     tcgacaacac gaacgttgtc aacataactc actggaaatc caaaatgctt acacaccggc     97560
     gacttcattg aaagaggaga gggtttaatt ctgtcgacgg gtctcctgct tctgcagttt     97620
     aacaagcctg ttttttcccg cttggcaagc caagctgacg tgacatgggg gcgtggcagc     97680
     atcgacgatt ctattttttg attcgataat cgaaattgag cataaatttc gatcgatttc     97740
     aattaaaaat cgaaatcgtg acacccctat tagtaacatt taacggatta agcacatttt     97800
     cacaacattt cctcaaattt ttttaaataa gcaatatttt gttgattttt gttaaaaaca     97860
     aatcagtcat tagaaataag ttattaaaag tattatgtta agaaatgtgt tgaaattggg     97920
     taaaaaaaaa agaacttaaa ttgaagagaa gggctaaaaa ttctgatttc aactgtatat     97980
     cacacataca aatgcattat gaattatgat tgttgctttt gttgtagtat tgcaatatat     98040
     tatattacat gaacattatc gtaatttcat gcaaaaattc aatggctatt catacatctc     98100
     acctgcttga tatgctcgta taaaatgttc cagcgagccg gggactaagg attatactaa     98160
     ttatatattg cgtaatgctg tttacaataa tgtttgccgt taattaaagg tggttttcct     98220
     ctttcctttt tactccgcta ccatcaaagg cactaagctg aaatattcca gctgcaacct     98280
     gtttgcatct ggaatagctt tgtgatgcaa aagattgtca gaagggacca catttttatt     98340
     tttttgcgcc atttatgttt tcaatgattg ctgcagttgg catggggaca aattatgtga     98400
     ttattttctc tgctgatttg aacctccctt tctgctggaa tagctttgta aaaatagctc     98460
     tatcatcata atttcctgcc agtccccagc agtagccgga atctggtttt aatatgcagc     98520
     actatgacta tgttttttta agatgcatca caaaacttgc gcattaatgg actctcgaga     98580
     cctttgcttt tctacaccat gattgatgtc catttcttct taattggaca ttgcatttag     98640
     atctatgaga ggcttttaat ctaatggtct taatggtgag ctctgcccat tttcagttca     98700
     ttttgtttct tcctaacatg aggagtgcaa agctaaatga ggcaaatact gactgggaaa     98760
     gacaaagaga tattactgct agaaattgca gatcgtaggc agaccaggga gttgtttaag     98820
     cccattccaa cagatgcatt tttaaaataa agttattaag aatgttaatt tttagtacct     98880
     cctatgtact ttttaataaa ggtttttttt tatcatggat tttatagttt aattgttcaa     98940
     tattgtatta ttatattata ttatattgta ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata     99000
     ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatatgaaa tttaattata     99060
     ttatatttaa ttatatttga ttatattgtt gtaatttatt agatgttatc atcatcatca     99120
     ttatttaata aaaaacattt acttttaata aatgttttta ttattaacat cattgtttaa     99180
     ttgtttatca ttgtattata ttgttgtaat ttattagatt gttattatta taatcattat     99240
     tattatttaa tataaaaaat ttactttttt ataaaggttt ttattattaa cattgcttaa     99300
     ctgttcatta tattatatta ttgtaatttt agtaatgttc ttattattcg catcatcatc     99360
     atcatcatca tcattattat ttaatataaa acatttacct tttaataaat gttttttatt     99420
     ataaatattg ttgttttatt gttcattatt gtcatttgat aatattattg ttatttatta     99480
     gattatgtta ttatcattat catcatcacc attattatta ttattattat tgtttaatcg     99540
     ttcattatat tatatttgat ttattattgt aatttattag atgctgttgt tgttgtgatc     99600
     attatcatca ttatcatcat ttaatataaa acattttctt tttgataaat gttttttatt     99660
     attaatattt gtaaaaaaaa ttatttaatt gtgcattatt atatttgatt ttatttattt     99720
     atattatatt gtaattaatt gttaacatca atatgttgtt gttgttatta ttatttaata     99780
     ttaaacattc aaatgtttat aatattatgc acgcgtgtgc gtgcgtgcat gtgtgtgtgt     99840
     gtatttgttg taatacgcaa acacatttat tatattatta ataataatgt aattgtcatt     99900
     tgtttgtgct cagtttttta atatttatga atattaaatc attttaatta tataatttaa     99960
     tgtataataa tattattaat aataatacga agaagaatta aatataaatt attaatataa    100020
     taagattggg tgtgcgttgt atataaattc ttataatatt aattaattta caattaatat    100080
     atgtataatt ataaatgtaa tgtaataata cttgaaaaac ctgtatttgt gatatctttt    100140
     agttttaaca tcacgcacac aaagataaat gactgctaca aattgcagat ggtaagcatg    100200
     agtgtgcaaa gcagggatta acttgagctt gtaccagcag atggcgacgc agcgtcctgt    100260
     gctagtgatg cattcctaag ctgcagatac tgaggtgctg taactgctct acatcacggc    100320
     cagtgtgttt aaaaaggccc tgcacactga cacagtaatg ggaaatcaat attccggtga    100380
     ctgtgggcca ggggggagca gcaccatgat ggacgcggct ttcagatggg gcgatcaggt    100440
     cgcatgcaaa gtcgcgtcag ctcgatcaat tgaggtttat gcggtgacac aggccagtgt    100500
     ggctcttccc aaaaaaaaca accttcacct gacaggctaa caaatgtacg tggtaaatat    100560
     tccaggcaat tctgcaagta atgattgctg ttggaagttc aatagcagca ctggctgtta    100620
     cgatgcgttg tgattcaaca tagaggtaac ggttgcacaa attaaatcaa tcttgattaa    100680
     acaaagcaca tttactgctt taacagtgtc tggcgctctt attcctgtga taaagtgtct    100740
     taagtcgctg tgaggaataa attgaacaca aaactgtgat atggttctga caaaagatgc    100800
     tgataataaa atttaatgca gtgcagcgac cgccgagacc actgttgacg ccccagagct    100860
     ttagcctggc tgttattgga gcgccgcttt cctctttgct gcttgagtta taggcacgat    100920
     ttagaactgc tattaaaatt catctcaagt gatccagtga caaggggaag tgcatgtaat    100980
     ctttgaccga aacaatcctg gggggtcata tgttttgtgg ataaatcctt ctgttcatta    101040
     ttcaattaag cattaagcta aatatggttt cacatttatg ctggcataaa atgtcaccca    101100
     cattttaatg tcatagtatg ctgtaaaaat atctgtaaaa taacaatttg ccatattttg    101160
     tgattaatgt ttattattat ttatttattt atccttttta attgcgttat gggaccctga    101220
     tgtgtctgcc agcaagtttt gatgttgaaa agtttgaaaa ggtgactttt tttaaaaaca    101280
     tttttaatag tttgatgtga tattttgtct aatttgctgt tgtaaattac gatacaaaaa    101340
     ccggctacac catgatagca gtaatgaact gtcagtacat catctgttct tttacagact    101400
     taattctcta tatattattt tttatgcaat gttgttgttt caaactagta aaactttagt    101460
     aatagtcacc ttgataaaat gtgccgttga aaagtcaaca gagtagagat caacattcca    101520
     caatttaaat catcgacgta aatgaacaga aaaaactgta aatcatgaaa tacagaccct    101580
     gttaacaatt ttttttttac aacatcaaca cttattttag tgttatttgt tgatacacac    101640
     tcatgtttgt ttttgtgaaa tgtggggacg ttacatagtt ttccattgtt tttatacttt    101700
     acaaactgta ttttctatcg ccctaacctc accctactcc taaacccaat cctcacagga    101760
     aactgtgtac cgtcacctgt gacattatac agatgtgtcc tgatatgtca caaaaacatg    101820
     cgtatacaca cactatgcat tcagttttta atttttattg tttatgaaca ttttatttgt    101880
     gttttcattt tttttttgtt ctcagttagg cactcttgtg atttgttcta ataacaagat    101940
     aaaaacccta atagttaaat aattaaattg tttactttaa tctaaagtaa aaaagtgttg    102000
     cctttttaaa atcttaaaac taaaatatta ataaaataaa actcgataga atagttaaat    102060
     caatagaaaa attacatctt tcatgtatta aaataattga tgaaaataca tgtctctttc    102120
     ccagtactgg gttgcagctg gatgggcatc cgctgtgtaa aacatatgct ggatgagttg    102180
     gcggttcatt cctttgtggc gatctcagaa taataaaggg actaagtcga aggaaaatga    102240
     atgaacattt ctgaagcatg caaaattgcc tgcaggtaat ttgtatcatg caaggtgatt    102300
     taggtagtcg tgatttttct tactgaatat ctaaaatagc gcatcatgtt gccttagtaa    102360
     aacagatttt tttgttccaa ccacttaact ccgtttttct tttctctgtt agcactcaga    102420
     tcattgcaag tctcaattct gggaaagttt tcagtctggt gatccaccga atacattcaa    102480
     acaatccttt agtgacagtt tctctaaaat tgtgcttaat ttaaaaaagc aacagtgatg    102540
     acccgcatcc tttttctatt ttacacgtta ctaatttcct attacacgtt ccgcacttgc    102600
     tgtgaaaata taggcagcgt ctgtcctgcc aggagctgta aacatcagca ggactgttat    102660
     ctcaaagacg ttcgagctct ttcaactgcc atcttttcat gttctgccga tgtggaccgc    102720
     cgatgtgcat gcatgctcgc atgtctgtac acgcgcttgc ttttgctttc tgagcagctg    102780
     ctctcatcag cggcactctt aaccaaccat ggccgtgtga caatcagcag tgcagtcagc    102840
     caatcacctg tgtagactct ttccttttgt ctggaagttg ccattcatac atgcagacag    102900
     cctcactttc agtctagcac atctaactgc ctgtcacctt tgtgatggag tgcaaggagc    102960
     cgggctgtcg taacatatcc tgcgatcgct cccgcttcgc cgcctctgct ttacgagggc    103020
     tcgcaaattc aagtgccttt ttttgttcac ctttacttcc ccaccctttc tcagtgactc    103080
     aggtagcatg cgacgaccgt tgtgtgataa agcgatccca ggtgttgtat gtaaaaaaaa    103140
     aaaaaacggt aaaaaacaac agtctgctca agtaccctcg cattcggctc ctaatgagaa    103200
     ccgggtgcct tgcaggtgaa agaagacgta ctattgcatt tttaacctgt tttttgtcgt    103260
     cacacttgag tctacaaaat ggcaaattac cttgcatatt tttagggagc cgtaatgatt    103320
     atcaggtcga gctaacgacg catacagagg gtgtaaattg cttgttgaag acatctgagc    103380
     ttcactttct gtagaacgtc cttaaaatgt ctctctgagc tcatttgagg ggattgaact    103440
     ttggtttaag ttggcagagt acaaaaggaa tattttagat tatttctgat ttagtactag    103500
     tgatcttcgt gagttgggaa cagatgagtc gctcgctttt tatagggagt ttttacccaa    103560
     tgagggtgca tggggtataa tcataacaag tgtggcttgt ttaatacgaa gcgattatta    103620
     aatggtaagt gacatatttc atgttctttt cggatttgtt atgagtgtca gcttgttgat    103680
     catctcccat tcttacactt aaaggtgtaa gtttttgact cttaagcata actctaagaa    103740
     gttttcccct taagcataaa aataccataa tatgtttgca tatatttggg aaacatgcta    103800
     agtgaacatt tttgtttatc tggaaaacaa tgctaaagtc agatattctg ctttgaaaag    103860
     gtgagttatg tgctgaaact ctgtctttgc tttggttctt gtaactcacc cactgccact    103920
     ttagttaatt atatttcagc accccgggtt gccttgtgga aaacagttta tttcattcat    103980
     tcagtcagca aggctttcaa agtatgcatc cgtgaacaaa atgcgacctc ctgtggacag    104040
     tagcagatgc ccaaaattag atgcagattc agagttctac atgaggtggt tatttattag    104100
     caaataattt caatattacg aacgtaaata ttaggtaata ttagcgtgtt ctaataacat    104160
     gctatgtgat gagatatgca gtgattacaa gtttggctgg ttgcaccaga cacaacatga    104220
     cagaaattta aatgcagcca ttcagaagca gaatagtgca ctcactgcac ttcagcaaaa    104280
     tagttaggtt tataatctaa ttaatatatt taactctcta acaggcacag ttctacagtt    104340
     taatttcaag tggtttgtca tttttacgat cttgaggtaa actatctgca gctgctttta    104400
     gtatatgaaa atacatgtca tgtaaaatgc cattcaaact ctcattttta gcatttaaca    104460
     cttaataaac acatgaggtg tacctgaggt gatcattgtc agttttctgt tgttcagctg    104520
     caagaaatgg tagccgtttc taaaaaagaa attgcatgtg ttggttagga caaaagctcc    104580
     ttttaatatg gaaaatattc cttctctcgt gctgctgctt ttatttaaaa cattttttta    104640
     atcagcctta aatcagctat gttgttggaa atagctcgct ctctgttgaa atgaatggtc    104700
     acttcttgct ttgttgctgt gtgtcgctcg tagtgtgaac gaggctttag aaagctgttc    104760
     agaagaagtg ttctcactct atacaatgga gattgcttta gttatattgt tttgtattaa    104820
     tttaaatcgt ttgggatgcg atgacacatt caaatctttt gttgaacatt tccaccattt    104880
     ttgatgcttg aagtcatcat gctgcacgta ttgagaggtt tgctaaatgt ggcagcttag    104940
     taagaataat taaaataaag taagaatgat taataaatcc atataaaata gttctttaaa    105000
     agtgatgctg cgtcattagt tttgtgctca ggcacacttt gcattcaaac tactgcgcca    105060
     aaaccctatc gaactgcact ctggcacacc tcttccaaat gggccagggc aggccaactg    105120
     aactgaactg aactgaactg aactgaactg aactgtactt aggcctgatt cggagcactc    105180
     gcagttgtca aatgagctgg taaagggttg tcaaatgcgc ctgggcatgg tttggatagc    105240
     ctagtgtgag taccccctaa atgataacag aatacatttt ttttggtgaa ctatccctct    105300
     gaatcattca gttatggcag atgttggatc atggttgtca tgagcctatg aaatggttta    105360
     ctcctcctca tgttctttga ctttcttctg cagaacacag aagacttttc ttatagcttt    105420
     tctgtagaat tagtcagtga tgttgttttt gagcccacag tgatatttac tgtgtggaca    105480
     aagcagttca aatgttcctt aaaatatctt ttgcgttcca aaaagtgagt aaatgatgac    105540
     tgcataaatt tttgggtgaa ccatctgatt actggtccat ctgcagcctg gttctgctgg    105600
     agcacagatg gaacatagtc accattgctg tgggagtgtt tcctgtcaca gcacagcctc    105660
     tcggacactt aaaacctgcc ttgaggtgat ctgctcctgg accagacagt gacccaccag    105720
     ttcatcgaat gtgatctgca tcgtccatca tgtctggtga gaggtcgggt cttcagatat    105780
     agatcaataa taaattctgg tgtttttgga gcgatcgatg gcgcctcggg cgatgccaca    105840
     aggtggacgc tgtgtttgcc tgtgcctgat cagcagtttg tttttagatt gcttaaaggt    105900
     gtcctattat gtcctttttg tacttacaca ttgttatttg aaatgttctc caagtgttag    105960
     aggtgttccc gtgtgtctaa agttttagtt caatatgcat cgaacactat ttttatactg    106020
     ttgtaaatgc acattttgag tttctctttc atgtaaaata aacaaatgcc aaaagtccac    106080
     actcaaagtt cacatggggt ggaaaaagca cgtatatccc tacattcaat tggtgaaaca    106140
     ctacatttcc atctaaaagt gcaaatttga cttgtacaca tggatcaaaa acagtgcttt    106200
     atgcattata tttgtgtaca aggtaaaaac actggctatg tttacatgga catcggtaat    106260
     caaattattt gccttaatct gaatttaaga ctatactatg gttaaggtgt taacatgagt    106320
     tgctttttga atgtcccatt catgattctg ttttacatgt tatagtacat aagttgataa    106380
     acatcattgc gtcaccatgc tatccacatt cctccagagt ttcatgtaat tttgggtgtt    106440
     tcatttttaa tttgttgact ttaattgcag tttggcactt ttactttttt tcgggaacat    106500
     tttatgcatg ctccatgtga caaactaaat atggatggga ctataaactg ctggaggagt    106560
     agttttaatg gaatttgata ccgcacaccg aataggagaa aaaacctcca catttcacga    106620
     tgcaggtgtc tgtggtcctt gactgactgg gtaggtgcag agaatagtgt taaacaatgt    106680
     gtgtataaac gtgtgtataa aacaggacaa aaagtcctac atgtcggtaa taatttcatt    106740
     gggttgttta catgcctgta cttaacttct gattagttgg attatgacct taaatggttt    106800
     gaattaatta taaatggctg tttacatggt agacctttaa tccatgtaat catactcatt    106860
     gtcgcttgct tttgatgata tgtatataat gaagttccag caagtgaact taaaaaccag    106920
     tttacctgtt tttctttaaa atacactttt ttttgttgga acatttttag ccttatgaat    106980
     gcaattttgg ggaacacaag gaactttttc acatttccta gaactattaa ttagtaatac    107040
     actttttttg taggaaattt tgttgcctta tgattgcaat ttggggtggt gcagtgtgta    107100
     gcactgtcgc ttacagcaag aaagttgctg gttcaagcct cagcttggtc agttggcatt    107160
     tctgtgtgga gctagctacc ccaacccccc ctcccccctt ggttggcgtg ggttttcccc    107220
     cacaagtctt gcatgcaacg taggtgaatt gggcaagcta aattctccgt agtgtatgtg    107280
     tgtgaatgag ggttttccca gcgttgggtt gcagctggag ggacatctgc tgtgtaaaac    107340
     atatgttgga taagaaggga ctaagctgta aaagaaaatg aatgaatgat tgaaaattgt    107400
     actgtttcga ttatggcatc ctccagttgt tgaatatgtt gtacgctgtt cttgatgttg    107460
     ctgtcaactg ccttgcgtca ctttgtatcc tttgatggtg tcagtgcaac caggaaaatg    107520
     ctctgggaaa aatagttctt tgggaactgc ctgacaactt gtagctgacc actgcaaaag    107580
     cccctattcc tatatgtaca ttccccaagg gaaacttagg actacatcta agcatttaag    107640
     ggagaaatgc tgcttactga tatagagaat attccctatt aagtggactt tgtacttttg    107700
     tcactgcaga tctttttcat gttcaaacaa ctacattact caccaaagaa agttgaaaat    107760
     gtaaaaagca taatagggtc cctttaatat tagaaagtcg taagctcttc ttttgtaatt    107820
     cgtcctgctt tttcttcccg ctttcatgct gaaacccctt ggtaccccca agaccgagct    107880
     ccaactacca agcatccggc tgtcagaaag aagaaaaaaa aagtcaacca cccatttccc    107940
     atgattcctt ctcaaacatg tactcactga aatggatttg accttgtctt gttcaaacaa    108000
     ttatttataa ccctgtgttc ataacattag atcgatcaac tgaattctct cttaagtttt    108060
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tacgctttta tccttcatgg aggtgcctgt ttttttaaca    108120
     cagcaggacg taaagcagtg ctgattgtct ctcttatgct cttccttctt tttttctgat    108180
     tgcaggactc tactatgtgg attcagaggg caaccgtgta tgcggagatt tgttcgctgt    108240
     tggttcgggt tccatgtatg cttacggcgt cgtcgacagc ggccttcgat acgacttgac    108300
     catagatgag gcttgtgacc tgggccgccg tgccatatac caagctactt accgtgacgc    108360
     ctacagtgga ggccaagtca acctctaccg cgtccacagc gagggctggg aaagagtctc    108420
     acaggaagac gtgcttcagt tgcaccaaaa ataccagagt gagaaagctt agagcgaagg    108480
     gtagaggaga tgagggaaga gcccacagca gttgagtttc aaaagaaagg gtaagaccag    108540
     tcagatgagg aatgaatagc agattattga tatgacctga aaggcacttg agttaatcaa    108600
     atccgcttct atgtaagtgt tttgtaagag caggctcttc tgcataaggg aacattagca    108660
     aagctgtctc tcttcttctc aaagttattt ccgttatttt tctcacccat gttatttgtt    108720
     gagttttcat ccacagtttc agtagtatta caaccctagc cggtctaatt gcaattgttg    108780
     tttatgataa taaaataagg gggggtgctg tctcccaatg gacactaatg acaagccaat    108840
     actctagtag ttggcccact ctcactgagt gggagtgggc ttctgttctt ctcttctcac    108900
     atgtatctgc tgtttccaca gttactaaac ctactctcaa taaaaccttg gatttttttt    108960
     ttttgctatt taagtgtttt ttttttcagg atcctgatgc atcggttggt atgtgttttg    109020
     acaggtattc aaaagtcgta tttggaaact caagtcacgc ataagatatg aaggtcgttg    109080
     cactaaatag aaaattatca aaccagctgt atatggaaag tgccgattaa ataatgaaac    109140
     tacttttccc tggactacac attactttca gacaactttg ccaatattat ttttagtttg    109200
     gactacagga ttagtgcagt cttattaaat tttttttgta aatcttatat ttgtatattg    109260
     ctctgggtca gtttcacaca gataccagaa ataatgtgct tttgtattaa gaaaaaaact    109320
     tttaaacatg tgttaaacat acatacattt tacaagcatt tttgattttt tttttgtcag    109380
     tgttgtagtt taaagggaca gatcacccaa aaatgaaaat gcactcacta gctaagtttc    109440
     catccaaaat gctaattaaa tatatgcaaa ataagaatat tgcataaaag attccatcca    109500
     atgattcaaa gagaacaaaa ttgtcacttc ctgattaact gccaccaaat atcaacagta    109560
     aaaacggaat tttgtgcgat aggagaagct gtatgaatct tttacttatt taataaatga    109620
     cttgcacctc agaagacatt atgccaacac gcaatgaacg cgtattggca tatgaaggca    109680
     tgagagcaca gatgctcttg acagttctgg aggtaattaa taatataata tcactaatac    109740
     tgaaatggtt agggtgtttt agaatgtccg aaacaacatt tcagatgttt tacaatgtgc    109800
     tcagactttt ggttcgtcca ttcacacaaa tttgtattat aatttttaaa aaatctcttg    109860
     tcaatttttt ttaatgcact tagtggaatt tgttctgtaa aagtgtttcc atcatagttt    109920
     atgcacattt ttttgtcgaa taacacgttt ttcctactcc actatgtttg tttttatgca    109980
     cgttttcaaa atttatgcgc atctcggcat tttcatcaac ctttttattt tttattttta    110040
     ttttttttgt gtgtgtgttt tttttttttt ttttttaact ttttttatgc ttttatttaa    110100
     aatgcacata aaaaggtgga tggaagcgta gttactgttc tctagggttg aatattgttt    110160
     ggggttattt caatatctgt gctaaatcga tacttttaaa aatggtactg atgtcggcgc    110220
     tagtggtgta gtggttagtg catcgaaaca tgcactctgg tgctcatggc gactcgcgtt    110280
     cgatttctgc ctcgcggtcc tattccaatc cttcccctct ctctgctccc catgctttcc    110340
     tgtcaatact ctctactttc ctatccaata aaggtaaaaa cttggaaaaa aatttataaa    110400
     ataaataata gaatagtacc ggtgcctgaa ccaacacttt tgagacacaa aattatggtt    110460
     gatgactcta gaatatttta ataattttaa ttgaacaatg taattaaagt ttaaatttaa    110520
     agtatacaac aattgatatt ttatatattt gaattgaatt gcattaatgt agttttttgt    110580
     ttgttagcat gaatttaaga tttgtcttat acagttaaca ttacattagc ttactaatga    110640
     cctgtggaaa ggctgtcaac aaaatcagga aacacctttt ttctagggtt ggggcttgtg    110700
     actacgttta catggacatc agtcgttgaa ttatttgcct taatcttaat aagacaataa    110760
     tatgattaag gtgtttacgt gactgttttt gaatgttcct ttcatgagct cgttctacag    110820
     gttatagcac ataatatgat taccatcatt gcgtcatcac tctatccaca tttcttccgt    110880
     tgtttcatgt atacagatgt catttttagt tttttgactt taactgtagt ttggcacttt    110940
     cacttttgtt tagcaacatg ccccttgaca aacagatatt tgatgagaat ataaagtaag    111000
     gactgatggc agagtgttat tctaatggag taaagccgcc tttccattgc tcatgacatt    111060
     tggacacgac tattggaatt cactcccttg tggaagtcac acagaatttt cagtgttgtc    111120
     atacatgcac catggaagac aagctgattc ttgtggtgtc cgaaataaag tgcaaaaaag    111180
     gcctatattc tttgtgcgtt caccatggtt gaatgaatga atgcatgaat actagaaacc    111240
     catagactgt taaaaaattt ggagcgaatg tagagacgac ataaaaaaat tatgtttttt    111300
     aattactctt taatgaatag aaatgttttt tttaatatag actttttttc tgattcaaaa    111360
     cagataatga aaaaatatcc catttctcat gaatgacttc cggtctgtcg cttgacgttt    111420
     gtcgtgtgca gtggaaaggc agcttaatac tttagaatgc ctagtttaag caaatttgac    111480
     gaacacaatc gtgtgttgat aaatctgaag gtagtcgctt acagaatgcg atgtgtgcgg    111540
     tgtttgtttc ctacatgtgt gcgttaccta agcaacaaga acaaatgcct atcatcagct    111600
     tctgttcgta tccctcaaag tagtttaaaa gtaactttta gagatggtgt gacacagcgc    111660
     gtacctatgt gtgccttttt gatgtacctc ttgatgcctc ttgcgttgtt gtcgcagcac    111720
     tagtggccct aaaattaggc actgaaattt atatgctgat taggtttggt gcataccggt    111780
     tatataggta tggcactggg tttcggtacc caaccctact gtttactcac cttcaggagt    111840
     gttttttcat tttgtcaaac tttaataaga aatttactct gaaagtagaa cacaaaaact    111900
     ttgtaggtga catttaggtg tctttataca cttcacagag gggcatgatt aaatttactc    111960
     agcatttgca tgctatatta taaactattt taatgctgca atggttgtga gcaggcataa    112020
     tttagcctga ttttatagac cattgcgtct ttacacagaa atttgggcat gcattaagca    112080
     gcttggctgt gtaaactgcc tataatcaat tctaattgta ctgtcaaaat aagtatcact    112140
     atagagacta gggaggcctt ttaatactgt tctggtcaat acgactcccg aaaaggttct    112200
     cactttaaaa tctaaacttc ttttagacag aagaaaacaa attggtgcta tttttcattc    112260
     aaattattgc ttgatttgat atttgatctc tttatggctg taatttaaat cgtgattaat    112320
     tatacacaaa aatatgctgt cgaaaattaa cgcaattgat catgccctct gacccatagt    112380
     taaattcctt aaggcatttt tctatttttg gagcagctga agcttgaaat accaccatca    112440
     tgtttttgcc acaataatgt catgtcttga atttctcaat attttgtgtg aaaaatcctc    112500
     aagataagta gttgatgttt ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    112560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa gatttgccat    112620
     gataacggta cataatattt tactagatgc ttttcaagat actagtattt agcttaaagt    112680
     gctattttaa gccataacta ggttaattag ggtaattaga caaatcattg ttttgtagac    112740
     aatcaaaaaa aattgcttaa gggggctaat aatattgacc ttaaaatgtt tcaaaaaaat    112800
     agaaactgct tttattttag ctaaataaag caaataagac tttctccaga tgaaaaatta    112860
     taagaaatgc ttttgataaa ttccttgctc tggtaaacat ataacaaata tttgggaaat    112920
     atttgattga gaaaaaaaaa aatcaaggag ggcttataat tttgacttga actgcataca    112980
     aagttttata aaataataca atataaatat caatacttct atttttaaat ggccgccagt    113040
     ggcatttatc tgcttttgcg ccattttttc cagaatgtgt ttctaggtga acccttttaa    113100
     tgcacgctca gaaagctttt taaaaaacac cattgtccgt aatagaattc               113150