EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL772198; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 211682 BP.
AC   AL772198;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 27)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-194D6 in linkage group 9 Contains
DE   six genes for novel proteins similar to vertebrate PIM oncogene family,
DE   three novel genes, the gene for a novel protein (zgc:86704), the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to vertebrate chromodomain protein Y-like (CDYL) and
DE   a CpG island.
KW   HTG; rab5a.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-211682
RA   Sehra H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 92d2a94b6724299ab9a16862de99d7cd.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000000542; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000006383; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000016059; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000041171; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000000566; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000017292; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000021065; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000060347; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000125303; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000138386; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000148060; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-194D6. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-194D6 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-22A1 is at 47793 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-194D6 is at 211682 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-194D6 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..211682
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-194D6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..211682
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-194D6"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(BX322637.7:27123..27164,
FT                   BX322637.7:27259..27479,BX322637.7:30984..31095,
FT                   BX322637.7:33097..33250,BX322637.7:37341..37704,
FT                   BX322637.7:39751..39981,BX322637.7:51557..51739,
FT                   BX322637.7:78988..79053,BX322637.7:82576..82727,
FT                   BX322637.7:83633..83758,BX322637.7:84630..84796,
FT                   BX322637.7:87196..87413,BX322637.7:89034..89074,
FT                   BX322637.7:92201..92268,BX322637.7:92950..93097,
FT                   BX322637.7:94421..94493,BX322637.7:102444..102601,
FT                   BX322637.7:103199..103274,BX322637.7:104178..104301,
FT                   BX322637.7:109100..109183,BX322637.7:112540..112603,
FT                   BX322637.7:137184..137318,BX322637.7:157703..157803,
FT                   BX322637.7:164432..164513,55749..55870,90052..90219))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT   CDS             complement(join(BX322637.7:27123..27164,
FT                   BX322637.7:27259..27479,BX322637.7:30984..31095,
FT                   BX322637.7:33097..33250,BX322637.7:37341..37704,
FT                   BX322637.7:39751..39981,BX322637.7:51557..51739,
FT                   BX322637.7:78988..79053,BX322637.7:82576..82727,
FT                   BX322637.7:83633..83758,BX322637.7:84630..84796,
FT                   BX322637.7:87196..87413,BX322637.7:89034..89074,
FT                   BX322637.7:92201..92268,BX322637.7:92950..93097,
FT                   BX322637.7:94421..94493,BX322637.7:102444..102601,
FT                   BX322637.7:103199..103274,BX322637.7:104178..104301,
FT                   BX322637.7:109100..109183,BX322637.7:112540..112603,
FT                   BX322637.7:137184..137318,BX322637.7:157703..157803,
FT                   BX322637.7:164432..164513,55749..55870,90052..90219))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008596"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5DQR4 Sw:Q8K400 Sw:Q9WU70
FT                   Sw:Q9Y2K9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SQE2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000664"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001388"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013577"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019775"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5SQE2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-220"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11695.1"
FT   misc_feature    110578..110732
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   misc_feature    110907..110934
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(143661..144684,145863..146098,
FT                   146290..146491,168605..169212,171844..171976))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate general
FT                   transcription factor IIE polypeptide 1 alpha 56kDa
FT                   (GTF2E1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI886595.1 Em:BM083123.1
FT                   Em:BQ284654.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(144227..144684,145863..146098,
FT                   146290..146491,168605..169052))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008597"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate general
FT                   transcription factor IIE polypeptide 1 alpha 56kDa
FT                   (GTF2E1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P29083 Sw:Q9D0D5 Tr:Q7ZTQ1
FT                   Tr:Q8BV40 Tr:Q91859 Tr:Q9D0D5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SQE1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002853"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013137"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017919"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021600"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024550"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SQE1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-221"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11696.1"
FT   misc_feature    163890
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-22A1"
FT   CDS             join(<175078..175208,175300..175381,175472..175661,
FT                   177715..177871,178319..178508,180390..180497,
FT                   180598..180685,180765..181001,181180..181392,
FT                   183439..183564,184114..184157)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008613"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O60294 Sw:Q8BYR1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SQE0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007213"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011043"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SQE0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-110714-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11697.1"
FT                   FVLL"
FT   mRNA            join(<175078..175208,175300..175381,175472..175661,
FT                   177715..177871,178319..178508,180390..180497,
FT                   180598..180685,180765..181001,181180..181392,
FT                   183439..183564,184114..184784)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW173985.1 Em:AW778313.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(184338..184684,187494..>187736))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate crystallin
FT                   gamma S (CRYGS)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919397.1 Em:BM154107.1
FT                   Em:BM154161.1 Em:BM154321.1 Em:BM154402.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X79226.1 Em:X79227.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(184412..184684,187494..>187736))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008614"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate crystallin
FT                   gamma S (CRYGS)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O35486 Sw:P06504 Sw:P10112
FT                   Sw:P22914 Tr:O93615"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001064"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SQD9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050126-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11698.1"
FT                   QSFRRFTE"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(191696..192457,194612..195115,
FT                   196111..196297,197436..197802,198340..198504,
FT                   198587..198918))
FT                   /gene="CH211-194D6.5"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:162789)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC139633.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI884221.1 Em:AL923755.1
FT                   Em:BI866979.1 Em:BI868046.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(192262..192457,194612..195115,
FT                   196111..196297,197436..197802,198340..198504,
FT                   198587..198916))
FT                   /gene="CH211-194D6.5"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008615"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:162789)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8CA17 Tr:Q9CYG4 Tr:Q9NVR7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A4QP31"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012945"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017901"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A4QP31"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-222"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11699.2"
FT                   PTGTVC"
FT   mRNA            join(200632..200701,205132..205374,207642..207793,
FT                   207875..207997,208673..>208775)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.6-001"
FT                   /product="RAB5A member RAS oncogene family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL917362.1 Em:AL928059.1
FT                   Em:BI884561.1 Em:CA469878.1 Em:CA473323.1 Em:CB358566.1
FT                   Em:CF544102.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC049057.1 Em:BC054969.1"
FT   mRNA            join(200637..200701,205085..205374,207642..207793,
FT                   207875..>207996)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.6-002"
FT                   /product="RAB5A member RAS oncogene family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW421250.1 Em:CD285433.1
FT                   Em:CD591274.1"
FT   CDS             join(205212..205374,207642..207793,207875..>207996)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.6-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008617"
FT                   /product="RAB5A member RAS oncogene family"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SQE4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001806"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SQE4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2593"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11700.1"
FT   CDS             join(205212..205374,207642..207793,207875..207997,
FT                   208673..>208775)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008616"
FT                   /product="RAB5A member RAS oncogene family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36586 Sw:P61020 Tr:P31582
FT                   Tr:P61020 Tr:P61021 Tr:P61271 Tr:Q40570 Tr:Q7YZQ6 Tr:Q7ZUW5
FT                   Tr:Q86JP3 Tr:Q9SN68"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SQE3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001806"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SQE3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2593"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11701.1"
FT                   AKTAMNVNELFLAIGKC"
FT   misc_feature    211682
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-194D6"
SQ   Sequence 211682 BP; 68911 A; 38199 C; 37988 G; 66584 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacag acagtgtcgc cgaacctggc tggggatatg gggaagtcaa gaaagcggac        60
     tttgtcgact ttgcgcatat cagccagggg tggcgctcct ggaccactaa tgtggacatc       120
     gtccttccca acgcacacgc agcggactca gtagtccgaa gagctaagtc ggcggcggtg       180
     cgaagctcgt aagcctgggt tggacccacc ctcgtgcagc tcggccagcg cctgcgcttg       240
     gtagcgctag taggtggcta tcgcatgcaa ggctgaagca gcctggcccg cagctatgta       300
     agctctagct ccgagggagg tagataactt acaggctttg gatgggagac gaggcggatc       360
     ccgccaagaa gaggcgccgc gcggatttac cgccatcgcg cactcaacct gaggaatcgc       420
     cacatacccc ctggctgttt caccgtcaag agtggttagg gtggaggaac acgcagcacg       480
     agcagaaaaa agtgctttac aagaccgcgt gagcctactg tgcacctccg ggaagaaggg       540
     aacgcccctc tagtcggtcc ggccgcggag ctgggggata aaccatctcc aacccacggc       600
     cgaagcagcc cgggaaagca cggctaacat gtccgtttca ggatccgtag tgacagcgct       660
     caccagcccg aagggggcga gcgggtctgg atcatcatcg gacaatgaaa gcccaccctc       720
     cgatgccgcg gtggacatct ggtctccggt gtcatcgggc gtaagggcta ccatctgtta       780
     gacggatcgc ttcccccgcc cgaagcttgg atggagcgct tagaggagcg ggaggtccgc       840
     gggcccgtgg gcgacggatt atctctcgct gaaaccctca gatctgcccg agtgcccgct       900
     gcagagcagg ggacaactgg ggtggttcac ccttttgcaa aggctaaccg cgatcttgtg       960
     caacagtcat ggcatcgcaa tgacgacatg aactgcccgt gagcagcgca ttaacatgct      1020
     ggacccccag acatgtaacg cagtgcccgc gcccatcatc cgaggacagg aaaccaccgc      1080
     atccagaaac gcacagtcgg agcgccgtcc tgataaggac gtgctgcacg actgtgttgc      1140
     tctttctgtg aagtttgcaa ctttatacgc accgctctgg aggaccggac ccaaagaacg      1200
     ccaggcaagg gagaaaccca gctcgaccgt ctgccactgc gtgtacacac tctggaccgg      1260
     gagaatgctc tcgttcgctc agaatcgctg gtcacagcag gaggaaccct catcgactcg      1320
     atcagaaagt ctctgaagcg aaaaggatag cgtctgctgg cgccaggtga gcttatatac      1380
     tcagttgatt gcttatgccg ctcacctgcg caggcttgcg ctgccaattc attcttaatt      1440
     ggcccgttca atactctttc agacgagtag cttctgaacc gaacctccca atgcgtggat      1500
     tttacaaatc aaatccactt atagtgctga agttcccccc gaaggggaac tcttgttata      1560
     cgtgtctgac ccttgtacct ctattccttt ggtgttgaaa ttgctagcag acttcggcct      1620
     gatctcagga tataaattaa atttgagtaa aagtgaatta atgcctatta atacagcagc      1680
     cttggattac ccattaggtt ctctaccttt caaatcctcc ttacaaagtt tcaaatattt      1740
     gggcataaat atcacaaaaa gcttttcgga cttatttgac ctcaactttg tcccattagt      1800
     gaataatctt gcacaggatt ttaatcgatg gtctctcctc cccttatctt tgatcggtag      1860
     ggttaactgt attaagatga atgtacttcc tagatttctt tacttatttc aatgtattcc      1920
     tatttttatt ccaaaatctt tttttgtttc acttgattgc tctatttcta gttttctctg      1980
     gaacagaaaa accccaaaga ttcgtaaaag tattcttcaa agaacaaaac aattgggtgg      2040
     tctagctctt ccaaatttcc aaatatatta ctgggcagca aatatacgct ctactctata      2100
     ttggctacat tcatgcaaat tagcgaatcc cccctcttgg ctgcacattg agtctgtctc      2160
     gtgcaataag tcgtcctctt tggctgctct tttatgcctc ccatatacaa tgaccccaat      2220
     taaatattca aataatataa ttgtaaaaaa cagtctcaaa atttggaccc aatttttgcg      2280
     ccattttggt tttcataata tctctttatt atccccaata cactccaatc ctctgtttta      2340
     cccttctatc ttggacagtg cttatgcttc atggagagat cttggattgg cttcttttgg      2400
     tgatctttac attgacggtg tttttgcctc ttttggtcag ttggcctctc aatttaatgt      2460
     ccctaaatcc aattttttca gatacttaca aacacgagat tttgtgcgca aaaaatttgt      2520
     taactttcca aatgcaccgc caacttcaga tctagacaca atactgggca tagatccctg      2580
     tgctaaaggt tcaatttcta aattatttaa tataattgtt aatcttcaat tttcttctga      2640
     taacttacgg accacctggt ctcaagacat gggaattgag attacagagg agacatggaa      2700
     ggcggtcttg aacagggtta actcctcctc aatctgtgca cgtcacaggc ttatacaatg      2760
     caaggtagtg catagagctc attggtccaa aagcaggcta gctcgcatca atccgtctat      2820
     agaccctgaa tgcgacaggt gtcattctgg tacagctact ttatttcata tgttttggtc      2880
     ctgtccttcc ctgctttcct tttggagaca aatatttctc tcgctatcag ctattaccac      2940
     tgttgatatc ccaccatgtc caattattgg tttatttggg gttcttccgc ccgaccacac      3000
     tttaccctct cattttgtag actttgtagc tttcttaact cttctggcta ggcgattaat      3060
     tcttctgaac tggaagagcc cacaccctcc ttctcactct tgttggataa gaaatgttct      3120
     ttattttatg aaattagaaa aaattaggta ctctcttcac cgaactagca ctatttttat      3180
     taatttatgg aaaccccttc gcaaatatgt ccaaactctt cagcttgacc ctgctccttc      3240
     tgattgagtc cccaccccct aatgcccagc ttttatggga aactacttct ggtcaacaca      3300
     ttgtagactt gttttttatg tatataagat tgcactagtg ttgttgtttt ttattttact      3360
     tatctattca tttattttta ttatcatatt tttatttgtt attgtttatt tatttttatt      3420
     attactattt gctcaaaata ctcttcagta tatttgcata ttgttacatg attatgtctt      3480
     tgtaaatttt tgtaatgttt cacaatgtat aaataaaaca ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      3540
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagtaa agaggccaaa tgctccatgg agtgacgcag ctgactctta      3600
     aagggaacat gagataagac tctgattggt ttaatgcaag ttatgctcaa aacacaccca      3660
     taactcatta agaaaataag cacaaccctg ttagaccatg catgcaccat ggcgcaaagc      3720
     atacttttcc atcctcaaaa tagcaaaagt ggcttcggag aaactgtaat gcttttgcgc      3780
     catgcgcatt agactttgca actagatcat taaaatagag cccttaggtc tagtatcaat      3840
     ctaaaagttt caaataagcc cttccatgaa atcatatata cagtacataa aactttaagt      3900
     ggtataaaat ttattctaca accactactg atatcaatgt caatatactc aaacatgcaa      3960
     aaacattttt tttctttttt ttcttttttc ttttttttgg taacatgcat gagccataaa      4020
     caattttttt attatttact gttttatgat agtcaaaagg tgtaattcct catgatacct      4080
     aacatatttc tgcaaggcag tatgaacatt ttatgcaagc tatacagaac ctgtggctag      4140
     gacacacaac agagcaatca aatggtcagt cttacacttt tatttgtcca gagtcatcaa      4200
     gtcacacaat caaacattct agcagtacac tgactgtaaa agacagaaca ttctagaaca      4260
     acatcctgca atcagttgtg aaagtaaaac atctagtgat taaataaaaa cattggttat      4320
     tgatgatgaa cactcaagaa agtaccacca ttacagtgtg tgcgtttgca cgtatgtgtg      4380
     tgtatgtgtg tgttttgagg gaaatcggtc ataggtgtaa ttgttctaca tgcttgattg      4440
     actcttaatt gcacttagtt aaattgagtt gacaaacatg agcgttccac ccacacacgt      4500
     acaggaatca agatgttcaa tagtgcttgt gttggaaatc accattaaac acacatacag      4560
     accaatgcac aagcatcccc ccattgtgta ctttatatat taatttacta ttgaatatgc      4620
     aaatggtttt tatatgatga aaatccactg cggttacacc acaaactcaa catggtctct      4680
     gtaaaacact tctctagtga tttatttata caagggagta gattcataat tatttggttg      4740
     tatttttaat caaataatta ttttgatgca taatttaatt tatttattca aattattatt      4800
     attattatta ttattattat taattatttt atttatttat ttatttattt ttaacttttt      4860
     attggcgctt tataaatgaa acttaacatt actgcctaaa aaatctggat gctacatttt      4920
     tacatcaaaa ctgaatgcgg ttgcaggtta ttttacagta tgtatattta cagtttactt      4980
     aactaatcat tcatttattc attcatttat tttccttcgc cttcggaagc acccacagtc      5040
     tcccactcat acactatggc cctttttttt ttcaatttac ttatagtgca tgtctttgga      5100
     ctgtaggggg aaaccgcagc accccgacat ggggagaata tgcaaactcc acacagaaat      5160
     gccagctgaa ccagccagga ctcgaaccac cgaccttctt actgtaaggc aacaatgtta      5220
     acccctgtgc caccgtgcag cctacttaac taatcaactg tcttataata cgctatacat      5280
     tcattcattc attttctttt cggctttgtc cctttattaa tcaggggtcg ccaaatgtgt      5340
     tttacgcagc agattgaata tgcaaatggt ttttatatga taaaaatcca ctgcagttag      5400
     accacatact tatcatggtc tctgtaaaac acttctctag tgatttattt atacaaggga      5460
     gtagattcat aattatttgg ttgtattttt aatcaaataa ttattttgat gcattattta      5520
     atttatttat tcaaattatt attattatta ttattattat ttattttatt atttatttat      5580
     tttatttttt tttattggcg ctttataaat gaaacttaac attactgcca aaaaaatctg      5640
     gatgctacat ttttacatca aaactgaatg cggttgcagg ttattttaca gtatgtatat      5700
     ttacagttta cttaactaat cattcattta ttcattcatt tattttcctt cgtcttcgga      5760
     agcacccaca gtctcccact catacactat ggcccttttt ttttttattt acttatagtg      5820
     catgtctttg gactgtaggg ggaaaccgta gcaccccgac atggggagaa tatgcaaact      5880
     ccacacagaa atgccagctg aaccagccag gacttgaacc accgaacttc ttactgtgag      5940
     gcaacagtgt taacccctgt gccaccgtgc agcctactta agtaatcaac tgtcttataa      6000
     tacgctatac attcattcat tcattttctt ttcggctttg tccctttatt aatcaggggt      6060
     cgccaaatgt gttttacgca gcagatacct ttccagccgc agaccaacac tggaaaaccg      6120
     gagcacccgg aggaaaccca ctagaacatg gggagaacat gcaaactcca cactgaaatg      6180
     ccaactgacc cagccggggc tcaaaccact gaccttcttg ctgaatgtac tggaatgaac      6240
     cgccaactta tccagcacgt ttttacgcag cggatgccct tccagccgtt tctgggaaac      6300
     atccaaacac acacacacac acacacactc atacactacg gacaatttaa ccttcccaat      6360
     tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaacgg aaacccacac gaacgcaggg      6420
     agaacatgca agcgtcacac agaaacgcca actgagctga ggttcgaact agcaacaaag      6480
     cgaccttctt actgtgaggc gacagcacta ccgactgtgc cactgcgtca cccctttgcc      6540
     tgatataacc attaaaatgt attgccgtct ctgacttcat gaatcaggtc atgtttaaaa      6600
     gtagtgtttt catttcaaaa tgtttttatc cacacaatag cattttccaa atgtttttta      6660
     accacattga aacattaaaa aaaatgttag cagcacctta ttacatgtgt gtaatatata      6720
     atagattcaa agagatgata ctgagagaca taaacccctc acattaatct tctgccatga      6780
     acattttatc atctaaccat ttactggtga gtcaaactta ttttgcattc aatgtatggc      6840
     ctaaaagaag acaattggac tgtgataatt gactgcaatt acgcaaaagt tttaattatg      6900
     aaaattgtag aggaaaaagg tgcgttttta aatgcatccg gattagtgat agacaaaagc      6960
     tgcattcatg caattatgag atttcaatta gtagaaagcc tttatgtcct catacaactc      7020
     gtaattacaa cttgtaaatg gaggattttc tgatgcgcta tgacttgtag catgtgacca      7080
     ttgtattgcc tgaccacagt agaattattt aggggaaatg tttattgtgt ttccataaaa      7140
     aataaacaat ttcaagtctg aaagagtgaa cagctctaaa tatcacctat aagtcaaatc      7200
     ataattaaat tatgagatga catgaacaca cctagaacct aataatcagt tgatgagttg      7260
     ttggtggttg ggaattgctc taaaatgtta acagaccaat taaagtgtaa taaaagtgat      7320
     tataaaaagc attttttatt ctcccacttt aaggttagtt tttcagtcaa gaatttgttt      7380
     tgttttatca acacattcat tgttagccta cttacttatg tgcacaatac aagatgctac      7440
     aaaaaaaggc tttataatca cagtatccaa agtcagcagc aatgaactaa agaaatatga      7500
     cttatactct cagtagaatc catattgatc atactgataa tcatgctagt tatgcatttc      7560
     tatttagagg gatagatcac ccgaaaaata aactatttgt ctttattttc tcaccattaa      7620
     gccattccaa acatcaatgt attggcatac aatgctgaaa ttgagtggtc taaatagatc      7680
     aaactgaacc ttaaatgcct cacaaagtca taaaataatt tggaaataaa ctgaaacctg      7740
     tccttagtca taatatggca tatgattttt cacacagaca gctggtgtct aaatcagctg      7800
     aaagtctcag aagaaccaac aatgttcaga attattgatg tcaagcttag cttaacacgt      7860
     aaagcatgtt acaaaacaga gaggacaata ttattttctt tttgtttttc atgttctcta      7920
     gtatagatca acaatttaga tttttttcat caccctgcac tttagatatt ttgttcaatt      7980
     aaatgcttta gaatttgtac cccaaaccat ttctactaag ccactcccct atcccctccc      8040
     ctatcatttg ttcatacagt tattattttc tacatgttga atgacgcata gtacactata      8100
     tcagggatga accattcaga ccgtctaaat atacttttta ttatggtgaa taaagttaca      8160
     agcttccaca gtggtctaca aactgaccac aaactgtatc aggaccattt ctaaactaca      8220
     caaaattatg tattttaaac caaaacatga aatgcacaaa ctcagcatca cagacttaca      8280
     aatttacaga cttagcatgt attatatata tatttttttt taaggggagc tgctacacag      8340
     catgcacagg acatcaacat aacatcagat tgatatcccc taacatcgtg gaatgttgca      8400
     ttttatttgt aaatgaaaat caggttgacg tccgaaccca acgtcaggct aatgttaatg      8460
     tccaacgtca gacagacatt ggattttggt tactttccaa agcaacctaa aaacaacaaa      8520
     atgtaaacgt ttatcattgt tactgcttga cgttgtataa acgttaccaa tataatggat      8580
     cagatgttgg attttggttg ccatgtttga agaataaatg tcagtatttg acgtcaatat      8640
     gacgttggtg tcacattcac cagtgatctc taaccaccag aggtcgctgg aaaacattct      8700
     cactcacaga actacaaatg tgtttgtaaa tggacttcaa cttcatacat gctcttcgcc      8760
     cacacacctg cttcctcatt tagcttgatt actttcgcac acctgagaac tttcaaagac      8820
     ttattaacac acactattta atccacacat ttactcattc agtttgccga gtcttgttca      8880
     ccgtaaagta gcattacaac gcattttcct tgtcttgttt tcctgtgttt tgaatctagc      8940
     cttgtttatt tagttatcct tgtctgcagc ctgcctttcg acctcttgct tgttaaattg      9000
     actacgattc tggattgtcc tcacacacct gtttgctccc gtattgacca ctgcttgcct      9060
     gactgtgaat aaatctgcat attggatcct accttctgtt gtggtgttac tccctgtggt      9120
     tatagttggt ttaagatgtt ggctcgacat tggattaggt cacatttcaa cacaacctaa      9180
     aatcaatgta atttcacgcc gttatatttg aaaattcaat tacggataaa aaacatgaaa      9240
     tattttgaaa taaatgttgc atatttgaca tatacatacc actgaagtca aaatgattag      9300
     tccttctgtg aataattttt ttctttttca aatattgccc aaattacgtt aaatagacca      9360
     tggaattttt ccaatgacta ttttagtggg tttagaaaat gtgttaaaga tctttctcca      9420
     ttaaatggaa atcgggggaa aatataaaag aattaaaagt gaaaagaaag gctaatgatt      9480
     ctgaattcat ctgtatgtat gaattccaaa cacttgaatg ccatatatgt catttgcata      9540
     tattttcatg tatcatattt ctgtaaggga ttaatgtttt agtggaaatg acgtcaacac      9600
     accgaataat acaacacgtt ttaaggcact taggatagga gtttaaatgc cacatgtcaa      9660
     catttatttt cggaagacat ctgatatact catcaacttc ttttatgttc taaagaaaga      9720
     gaaagctgta cagttctggc aaggcaggag ggcaagagta aataatgaca gaactaaaga      9780
     ttgactttat ggatggactt ctcatttata gcagcctcca atcttttaca aggttcaaaa      9840
     acaaccacgc agagatgttt tggcggggaa taggtcacta gattgatgtt tccactgtga      9900
     agcacaggct aaagagaaag acgcatgttt gatggaggaa aacgacggag cgagattgaa      9960
     gacgttgaat agaaagacgt gtgactcaga gtccaaaaag atgggatgga ggagcagagg     10020
     tgaaaccttg agtgtcagtg aggcaggagg tgaaatagag aaatgagtca gagaaagaga     10080
     gacagagact tcagcaagat tgaagtggtg actcagattg agtaggagag agagagactg     10140
     aaaggaagaa ttgatatcta atggtgtcca tgtcataaaa gccacaaaca agcacacatg     10200
     ttaggtgacg tctcatgact catgctggtg gatttggctt gcgcagttta tatgctttca     10260
     attatattga ttttctcttc atttctcaac aatcatttcc tctttatgta ttctatgaat     10320
     ctatgcaatc tatattacta tacgtatcac tataatatgc aataattaat ttgttacaga     10380
     aggaagtcat ttgaaatgag catcaaaaat ccttgaaaat gctgtatata aaaatatata     10440
     taaaacattg taaaagtgtg tcttattctt cgagccatag gaaaaactac accttattgt     10500
     accgtaagtt tatttagcat tgcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttatgaatgc     10560
     cttaaggctg aattatactt ttgcgtcaag cgcacatgta tgatgcggca cagccctcgc     10620
     tgggcttctg acgggtacct ctcaaaaaaa tttaactaca tgttgcaatg atacatagca     10680
     caagctctgt gattggttgg cttggtagct gtgacgagtg tgggcagtgc tgaaagccgc     10740
     aagccagatg tttacaagtg tcgagtccag tgagggagct ctaggtggag acttttgttt     10800
     tgtgtttact ctatgattaa aatcgttgca catccgtcag ttccagcttt ttaatatgaa     10860
     tcacagtttc ttcaaatata ttgactattt tcaacgttga taatagaaaa gaaaatgtgt     10920
     acctgaaaac agtaggcact gaagactgga tttatgatgc tgaaaagctt ttctatcaag     10980
     aaataaaact gtaatatttt atgtttaata tataaaaaag aaaacagtta ccttgatttt     11040
     tccaatatta cagtttttgt tttttttact gtattaaaaa aatcgatcca gccttagtga     11100
     ccataggagc cttaaataaa aaataataaa ttaattaatt aataagtaaa taaattaatt     11160
     aaaaaataaa taagtaaata aataaataaa caattaaata aataaataaa tgaataaata     11220
     aggtaacaaa taaaaaataa ttaagcaaat aaataataat tatttaatat taaataaata     11280
     aatcacaaaa gtaaataagt aaataaataa ataaatgaat aaaaagtaaa taaataagta     11340
     aataaaaaga aatgaataaa taaataaatg aataaataag ttaataaata aattaattaa     11400
     ttaattaatg aataagtaaa taagtttata aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga cagaaagaaa     11460
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     11520
     gaaagaaatg tagtttcttg tcggcttagt tgctttatta atccggggtc gccacagcag     11580
     aatgaaccgc caacttatgc agtacgtttt tacgaagcgg atgcccttcc agccacaacc     11640
     catctctagg aaacatccac acacacatac acacactcat acactacgga caatttagcc     11700
     aacccaattc acctgtaccg catgtctttg gactgtggag gaaaccggag aacctggaga     11760
     aaacccacac gaacgcaggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgcta actgagccga     11820
     ggtttcaacc agtgactttc ttgctgtgag gtgacagcac tacctactgc gccactgcgt     11880
     cgcccttacc tctatcaaag tggttgaaat aaaaatttag ttatagcttc tgttatccag     11940
     gaatatttta acaataatat tttgcatgca tactggcaag aagtgaaaca aatttgagga     12000
     tccaaatgca gccttttggg attattgaac tcaaaataat atgtaaacca aacaaggaca     12060
     gggagaacac tcagacatcc tggaagtaag gtaaacgacc gacagcaaat gacttaaaaa     12120
     aatgaataca tatatagtgc aaacacttag attaaacgat atggtgaggg ggtggagacc     12180
     aataactatg gtaattaata aaaaaaaaat ctcaaaagac ctggtgtgac aaataaaaac     12240
     agggacagtt acactgaaga ttctcatcac aattatccca caactatgct gctgaccgtt     12300
     cacagtcata aaattatgtc gctggacttc cagctgagtt acagacttcc ttccccgaaa     12360
     tacagagaaa atgatgttga tgaacaacat gacaatttac tgagcattca cagcaagacc     12420
     atttaatcag tcagaagggg tacaattatt ggcggaataa ttgcctgcaa gatggtttta     12480
     cagagaggaa gagaatttgt ctaaactact ctctcataaa atcttatgaa actcagcatc     12540
     tctagagaga agcaaagcac atttcatttg ttttcctgct ctcctgcaag catctctgtc     12600
     cagtgttact aattaaaaac gccggcataa ctgcagccat gctaaattac agagcaagct     12660
     gttttcagtg ggtttcccca actcaaatgt gtgaatgtgt gtgtgtgtct gaaagagaga     12720
     gattttatga ctacatggtg acattttact ggcgtttctg tgaaggatgc tgtcagttgg     12780
     ttctccaaca atctatcaaa acacaaacaa aaaacactgc agagtctgac agttcgtaat     12840
     tatgctgctc acttcgacat ttctttagaa atataaaaca tcatgaggca tctaaaataa     12900
     aggagaattt acaatttgac aaagaaggca aaaattagtc tttagcttac agtaagcatc     12960
     atgctttcta tgtagatcac aagtagacaa agagacacat tcctgtttac ttatgtccat     13020
     cttttacccc tgcatggtag gttgacccta ttaaataaaa gttctataaa aaaagatcca     13080
     ctaaatacag taaaatgcac ttaatgtttg tctattccaa taaagagatt catttgttca     13140
     ttcattttca gcttagtcct tttattaatc tggggtcacc acagcagaat gaaccaccaa     13200
     cttatccagt atatgtttta cgcagcggat tccaatcact gggaaacatc cattcacaca     13260
     catacactat ggacaattta gctaacccaa ttcacctgta ccgcatgtct ttgggctgtg     13320
     ggggaaactg gagcacccgg aagaaaaaac ccacgctaac acggggagaa catgcaaact     13380
     ccacacagaa atgccaactg acccagccat ggcttgaatc agtgaccttc ttgatgtgag     13440
     gcaatcaact gatgctggga gctagactat ggagcccatt tagcttagtc agtttaagta     13500
     tgatgcatgt ctttgaatag tgggaggaaa ccggtgaacc caaggaaagc ccccatggac     13560
     atgggaagaa catgcaaatt ccacagagaa acacacaccg ttctggcggg gaccagagcg     13620
     gggcggtgtt cttgctgtgt ggcaacagtg cgaaccattg agccatcatg ctgcccaacc     13680
     tagaaagagg tgggaacaaa atgggaggag gaggaggggg gtgggggggg ttcttccaga     13740
     tgaagatggt tgtggaatga agactgtgat tatgtatagt gacttagaaa tcatctgatt     13800
     agaggatcat gtattagcta atgcgggacc ggctgtggtc aatcataagc atgtgatctt     13860
     cacaaaatta gtttataaat aaacttcaca tcgagtgaca agctgttttc tcctttctgc     13920
     ttgggtaaca catctaggtt tacaacagtt gagcttagtt gaatagtaaa aaagtgagta     13980
     aacctgttgc ttttaaactt attaattgaa ctgtgaaatg ttagtaaacc ccttgcttta     14040
     aaattatccc ataaataaac tctgtacata attatagaaa ttaccaatga caagttacaa     14100
     tgattttact cactttttta aagtcaactt gtcaatgtac ttactaattc ttttttttta     14160
     agtaattgct ttttattcac ataattttca tacaaaacaa aacatggaaa agcatattta     14220
     gttttgtttt ttatttttta ttatttttta aatcactaaa ctacactaaa tgctgtggat     14280
     tggtcttata attgtgtctg gtaaagagaa cattgtgcat tatacatttt aaaaccatct     14340
     tgctataatt aagatgccaa tgtttaactc ctatctaact aatgtcttgt aatgtttaat     14400
     aattagattt tagatggtct tttgtggcta ttcaaaccaa ctatgctatc cggaccgtgt     14460
     ccagacccgt ttcccagatc gtttgagaag tgtgagtgct ctgaatcggg ctcaggcaca     14520
     gttcagttgg ccggccctgg cctggttgga agaggtttgc cagagcaggg ttcaattggg     14580
     ctcagaaatc gaagatgaga cgtcactttt tacgtgactg tttcatatgg atttatttat     14640
     catttttact gttcaatgaa cgcaaactgt cgtagattaa taaagacgta aacccctcac     14700
     tacaggacag ctgtactttc agcaaacctt ctaattcctg cagcacgaag actttatgat     14760
     tgtttatgag cgtcaaaggt ggtggatctg ttcagggaaa tatttgactg tgtgtcactg     14820
     catcccaaac gactaaaaca atataactaa agaaatgtcc actgtgctaa acaagagcac     14880
     ttcttaaact gaacagagca tcatcgatga tgtaagcgtg ctcaggctcg aatgcaatgt     14940
     gagtgcggcc cggttcaagg caactgtaca tagtgtgagt acgcccttag accctaaatg     15000
     tccacactac aaatgcaata tgatcaaatg tgtctttgac taactctcaa agtaggcaag     15060
     gttggataag atctaaatgt atttagacaa agcatatata ggtgtactac aatagatgtt     15120
     tctacttaga aaaaactgat gtgtctctga aactatgagg atctcaggca ataggatctc     15180
     aagcaatatt tagtactttc ataataaaat ctgcatatat gaactcttgt tcattttttt     15240
     gttcattaaa gcaatgaaaa gcacaattaa ctgagctgta atattcattt tatagcgatt     15300
     attttattcg aataacaatg attggcctgt ctcgtgatca agaaaagagc aactcgtcac     15360
     cttggaattg taaggttcta tctgtgttct gaatgatttt gagattttga gcttcaaagt     15420
     ttttgcattc catatagcaa acaatatgtg ggttacattg gtttttaaat aaaaagtctt     15480
     cgtaaacatc ccataatgta aataagctct catttaataa gaatatgtca ataactcaat     15540
     tttgacaaga atctcagaat gtcaatatag aaccttataa ttctaaggtg acgaacttct     15600
     gagcaacaaa actttcttct gggttatttt attacctgtg acataattag gagtgaagag     15660
     taggattacg tgaaggttaa ggacaagtct gccataaatc attaaatggg acaaaacgta     15720
     aatgtactgc aataaagaca ttatatccag cttctaccat ttattatttt ttatattatg     15780
     taaattgttg agtcttttaa aatcaattag agctgcaaaa aaaaggtgtg tgcgtgtgta     15840
     tgtgtgcgct gacgtgattt ctcagctcca cactaatact gtcatcaaag ggaagatgat     15900
     tattgtaaat taacacaccc tgatggtgat atacaaattc tacctcagtg atttgtctca     15960
     tgcatgtgca ccagcatatt gcaaactgtg cctttaattc aaacaaaaaa catgttattg     16020
     ttttgttttg ttttttgatg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt tgttaagttt ggatttattt     16080
     tatgctcaaa atatgaaact aaaactgaca gtagctgatt atctattgag caagtcattc     16140
     attcaattga ttctttcaaa tggctgattc attcaggaat gaagtatgcc attctcttaa     16200
     tgaacaggca aacatgaatc atgaatttag aaacagaaca ctgtttgttt attggacaca     16260
     ctactgtcat gctgtggctt tttctctgac tgtagtgctg tatatataag accgagagtt     16320
     taggaattca gttcatttat tgaactggtt aataaaataa ctcacacata ctgtatactg     16380
     tatatgtccc tcttttttgc attttcagtt tccacaacat tgacaaaaga tttcaaactg     16440
     tatactgcag gtttttattt ttgggttgat tattggttgt acaacataaa aaacataaag     16500
     atccagaaaa tgttcctgct atcatgatac agcagtcaaa cagcattagg atggcataga     16560
     cagtttgctt agattctgag cagttcaaac gttctatctc ataacaccac aggagccgag     16620
     aagtcattaa attcaaacaa gtaaaaaagg gaattgtgaa ctagtcattt ctctttaagt     16680
     ttaagagttc taagtgccaa aacaagctgt ttcttatggt taaattatgc tttctaacat     16740
     attgttattt tgccaagatg ttagtgcatt aagagtcaca aggcaatgca aagttaaaaa     16800
     gaagtacatc aaaagtttag agttagttaa aatgcagaga atgcagaatt attccatttc     16860
     aaattatttt cttaatacaa ccctgaataa tatgcagcat catttctagt aaaatatttt     16920
     caaaattgca caatacaaaa aatttttgca gcaaattaga atttcttctc agatgagtca     16980
     tgacagtgag gactgaaaca aaggctgata aaatgtgcta gagttagtca aatgttaata     17040
     acattttaca ctgtaactat ccaactacat tttatttaaa taatgcatcc tgaaaagaat     17100
     ttaatcaaaa gaaaaactta tcaagttatg tgaacacttc cttgttagtt agaaacaaaa     17160
     agcgtaccgc agcaataagc attcaaaaga gctgcaaccg taaatacgca agttttgtta     17220
     atgtgtaaaa cgctcttaca tcagcatatc agtgtctatc gaccttgtat gtaaaacatt     17280
     aatacttctg cagatgctgc tagccggcct ccagtaaacc cactctgatt aattgattgt     17340
     gaataagcaa tctttctcct atcttcccct catgatgctg tgaattattc agcgaggggt     17400
     gatgtcttaa actcaaggac attcggtttg gtatccagac tcaagggcag agtgaaaacg     17460
     agggtgtgtg ggaagctgtc agcctgattc tttgaaagtt tttttgttcc ttttaatgtg     17520
     agctttccat tgtaagaata attgcgcaga tgaggatgtt ggcaccctgg gcatgtttct     17580
     catgccagat ctcgactata aagctctttt taaagaactt ttaacgaaca ggacgtgagt     17640
     ggttatgatg gttttagaga gttgaggcat tcagcttggg aaatgtcagc aggtaacgtg     17700
     atttttctgg aatgtgacgt tttccggtgc atttttacca attggagttg gcagcatgga     17760
     gccgaggccc ggcggcatcc ttactatcgc ttttaattat gatccctcat tacgctgcgc     17820
     acattctgcc gagccaaaag atccaggtgt tacgccggta cccaaacctg ctctgacaaa     17880
     tgaccacatc cgctgctgaa acccctctgg ctgcattgca cacatctgcc agacggtgca     17940
     ggagaacaca aggacgctgc aaatagtgtg cgagcataga cgtgcgaccc tgacggagca     18000
     ctgcttatgc aggtctttaa taatacagac aataggagga cacaggtgtt cattgcagaa     18060
     cgcagggagc tggcagtcag ttattgatag aagaacctcc agctgtttta gtttcaatgt     18120
     tggtgaaaaa aagctacgtc tcgcccagac aggactggtg acctggggcg acacattcga     18180
     ttggtctgct attgcatttt tgcagggtga cattttatgg tccctttcac accgaacggc     18240
     tgacaattag aataaagggc gagaggcaat ttgcatacag cggcctgtga tgactgccag     18300
     ttatctgaga taggcacgct attctctatt gttagattct tttttcagtc ttctctaatg     18360
     catatgattg cagatatgat ggtgtatgtg gattgtgccg tacaatttag acatggtgta     18420
     ttattctgca ccttattttt actgtcgcta ggggtgtctg gtcctgcact tatctctgtt     18480
     atggttaatt ttctactatt gttatttatt tgtatagaag ctaaattgat tgtcagactt     18540
     tcaacagcat atgtttaaaa actcccagta ctctaaaaat gcctgtattt ttcagctcaa     18600
     aaaatatttg aacagacttt aaaaaaaaaa ttacaaaaaa accaatttac agtgaaggta     18660
     tgacacaaaa acattttttg catgctagtt gttagttatg catccaaaag atataaacaa     18720
     tgtgtttaaa atgtattgca gaacactttc agtgctcttg atgtgagata tataaatagg     18780
     gttaaaggca gatttggtga tttgggtaca tttatgtgtg gattaaggtg taagggatgg     18840
     tcaacagtgt aattgtaaat gtaattatat aaattaatta cagacataac taccagcaga     18900
     tatgtattta agcataagaa caatgtaaaa atgtatttac acgatgagta cattgtaaca     18960
     aataagttac tttagtgtaa ttggccactg aatataaagt gagcctaaga ttagttacag     19020
     gttccatatg tcatgattta ttatttttgt tcttttttta tggttaaaag ctgcattata     19080
     gaactgggct gaactgtgaa ctgtgcgact tttattggca ttttagtagt ttgaaacaat     19140
     atattgtata agaaataata tagagagatc atcactaggt ttttgtaccg taatgtacaa     19200
     cacaaaccaa gaaaatatat cattttgaac tattagaaat aaatataaac aatataaatt     19260
     caagatcaag cattgttaga ggaaagatca atgaatttta aaatatggaa aacaataata     19320
     taaaaaacct gaatactgtg aaagcattta ctactaaagc catgaataaa taaaacctta     19380
     attttagggg aagaaggata gaaactaaag tttgagaata aaaaatttaa aaattaaaaa     19440
     attaaataat ctagactgaa agctctgagg aatctgtaac catcccaaaa catcttagct     19500
     cagcatttga accgttacac atcaacgttt tccaaagata agtaaccatt ctaattttga     19560
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     19620
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga cggatggata gacaaatgaa cagacagaca     19680
     gacagacaga cagacagaca gacaaataga tagatagata gatagataga tagacagaca     19740
     gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagacc aggttttaat taatcttcca     19800
     ttgtcccatg atgttactct tgttttttta ccatactgtg ttctgtggca tgttttgtcc     19860
     tgtaccatct taattaccct caggggcaga atggcttgtt ctcgtgacaa cggacagtcg     19920
     ggcagctgta tttggggtga caaattaaag accacattga ttaccataat tacagtaaaa     19980
     aaaacactcc atctcttact ccttccattt cttgtacttc catgcttgtt tctgtctccc     20040
     acctgctccg ggctgcctgt ttttgggaag ccggtgcttg acagggcggt aaatagcagt     20100
     gtttgttcac cacgctccat ttaatgagga cgagatcaaa tgaaggcaaa gtgattgtgc     20160
     taaaggggac gagccaatga aagtcacacg atgaagagag atgggagtaa tgagggggat     20220
     gggtggtcca agtacgatca ataacccttg agcaaattat tattggtttg tcggcttccc     20280
     taagagcatg ctcaaaaaaa gaaaaaatct gtcacccaaa catgtacaaa tgtcaatgaa     20340
     agcagccaca ccggggaata actgttgttt gcagtgttgt atcatttttc tgagcacact     20400
     gacaggaaaa tagtgaagtc taatattttc tgactgattg caatttatat ttaatagctc     20460
     acatggtgac ctcttagttt cccccaatca tcgttgtaag acaaaactat tagccctcct     20520
     gttaaattta aattctttct caaatatttt ctaagtaatt tattacagat catgcagaaa     20580
     atttacatca taaattaata aaaataaatt aaataataag atgtacaaac tgtaactaaa     20640
     ctagttagcc tagataacca attaaccctt taaattgaac tttcatctga ataccagtat     20700
     cttgcaaaac taactagtaa aatatcatgt actgtcaata tggcaaagac aaaagaatgt     20760
     aaatttatac aataaatata tactcctcta tatattcctc caagttgttt gtactaaact     20820
     gcaccataaa gtaaatttcc tttatttcca aaaaaaagag atgcccaaac tagggcccgc     20880
     gggccaaagt tggcccatgg taacctttga cttggcccac cattcaatct aaaaagaaaa     20940
     ggaaacagaa gggcatggtt ttgagattgt caattcaaac ttaatgtaac cctttatttg     21000
     ttttattgtt aaaagttaaa ataaatgttt caattaaatg gtaaatggtt tctgcctcaa     21060
     aatgagcgag tttgagccac ttgtacattc aggaagcgtc cagaaaaaac aaaacaccag     21120
     tgaagaaact cgacacagag gaacattaac acctcactgc caactagcgt ttcggaagtg     21180
     ttaatgcaga acaacagaaa cagcgcgcag aagtataaat ccacagttac acacgttgca     21240
     tgcgcagtgg gtcatgccga tcacttgacg cagaagtata aaccaggctt aacactgtct     21300
     tgactattgc ggttgaatga cattagtcgt gggagcattg tacaaatgaa gcggtgctat     21360
     tgacacatgc tcagggtccc tatgcgatat ctagtgtatt tatctctggt gctaacccct     21420
     cagccgccat gctgccttca cctgttatgc ttttcatttg tccttattta actctcttta     21480
     ctttcctcct tgtcttcgag ctcttatgtt ggcatgaaca cacctgcata gggcacactc     21540
     gtgccttcca gatgacattc actccattac caattaatgt caaaactatt ttcaccatac     21600
     tctctctctc atcccaggag ctgatgattt cagggcatcc ttaccatgtc actcagtttg     21660
     ggacagagag aaaaagggtg caattagaca gagtagggtg ccatcactcc accctataac     21720
     aaggacaaag gaagaccaga aaggatgaca ggacgagtgg aagaaacaag agggaacttt     21780
     tgccaaattg aaagcgatct gatgagttct acagggacaa gtgcgatttg ataatgatcc     21840
     tactggcacg aagcacggta cgggatgccg agcgtgtatg atgcgtgtag atgagggtca     21900
     gcagaacgga gatgaagctg tgaacgtaat tgagtttttc acactcctcc ttctcaattc     21960
     actccttatc tctcacacgc tccctctctt tggggccagt gcaagaatcc tgctcaaaat     22020
     gaacaatttg ttccatctgc tctaaaatca attacttccc ttgcaagcca gcagaaaatg     22080
     gtttctggga tatgcaagaa atacctaaag gacggagaga aacatgtgta aaccctaaag     22140
     agagagacag atgagtgtag gggagggatg aaaagaaatg ggaaagagat taaaaagcat     22200
     ttaattaaag atgcagttca gccaaaaact acactcattt tttactcatt ctagaagcgt     22260
     atgagttagg tccataccta ttctccccct taaggctgat ttatacttat gcgtcaagca     22320
     catgcgtatg gtccgacaca gcctccatgc ggtcgcatag ccctcaccgt ggttgtcacc     22380
     gtggctgtcg ccgttgctga tgcgcacctc tcaaaaaatc taactacacg tcacaacagc     22440
     gcaagatctg tgattggtcg gcttggtatc gctaactagt gagtggagtg agtgtttaca     22500
     agtctcgagt cctgtgaagg agctgcagat ggaaagtttt gttttgtgtt taccttctga     22560
     ttaaagttgt tgcatgtccg ccagttcctg cctcaaaatg agcaagtttg agccacttgt     22620
     acattaagga agcattcaaa aaaaaactaa acaccagcaa agaaactcaa cacagaggaa     22680
     cataaaaacc tcactgtcag ttagagtttt ggaagtgtta ttgcagagca acccaaacac     22740
     gtgggtcacg ctaatcactc gatgcagaag tataaaccag gcttttgccc ctcccactac     22800
     tcctacccct cattttgcgt tttcgcataa aggagtagtg gtgtcccaaa tctctttaac     22860
     ttgaaggtgt agcactaaga gaaagggcta gatagctcct gaaacgtaga tttttcagga     22920
     acacactcaa aaccaagggg tacaaaaatt tcccagaata caccatttac aacggcagcc     22980
     tggctgcaca cgaaagtcaa gagatgcaca aattaacatt gtatgtcatt attacgaatt     23040
     agcacaacaa acaagcaaat gctttaaaga gcccctatta tacattaaaa acggtcatat     23100
     ttgggtttta agagtctcca acaacaagct gatatttatg caaggtcaaa aaacactttc     23160
     attgtcttat aatatttatt tttttaccta attatcccag cgactaccat aagaatcatt     23220
     cagcaatcca tttgtcccca atcccctcca tagcacaaag ctaatctgca ctgattggac     23280
     cgataacagc ctgttgcgat tggtcaacag cgtttagcgc gagacagagt aaaatgccca     23340
     gcgcagctta tcaacaatat tgtagtcaca gtatatagtg tgtgtgtgtg agcatacctg     23400
     ccaacactcc tgtttgtccc gggagtctcc tgtatttcag atctccagcc acccacccat     23460
     tttgttattt atccctgaaa actcccgtaa ttttaaccaa ttcattttat ggtctgtgaa     23520
     acccctggct ctccaacact ggtataggat ctgatcgcag cggccgccca aaacatgctt     23580
     taaagtattt accttacaaa caccacagaa cacagtaccc ggtgctcaac agtgttattc     23640
     agacacctta cccccacatc taagctgaac tattctgaac cttgaccgct gcacgtgttt     23700
     aagaacagct gatggtgacc atagcaacga caaagggcag aagatcatgg gcgcacaaac     23760
     gcatttaaat ttctttgcag caaaatgcag aaaaatgttt acgacaaagt gacacgcgtc     23820
     ttgttttcat cgtgacttta atataagtat aaagaacata aagagttaac ctgatacagt     23880
     acacacggtt actgtggcct ttagtgattt ttttgaagat atataccaaa aaaatagcgc     23940
     aactggaata actacagcag tcatgattgt cgatctcata tgaagcaaaa gattgcgatg     24000
     acatatgatg acgtgtgcag gtgttgtagt gctgtcccat ttcttagagg caaattttaa     24060
     agcccttccc cttcacactt tgtttcaaag gccaagggga aggggtaggg gtacaaaaat     24120
     agaattgggc ctgtgccgta ctttaacatc attaaattcc tgttgaataa atacacaatt     24180
     ggcattatac tgaagtgcat tgttttgttg ttgctggtat tttacagtca catggcggat     24240
     cagaatggct gctttgaaat acggttgact caacaaatcc actgctaatt ggtttagaat     24300
     tcaccagttc agtcaatcat aaacaagagc acataaagtg cagatactgt tcgtactgcc     24360
     gtctgtttgt acaaagaacc acttacctaa taaatgcaca cacgcacaca aacacacaga     24420
     caaacaaaca cgcacagatc ggtcagtgca catctggaga tatagagatg tgatgttagc     24480
     agacagacag acaagccgca aactcaatca ctatgacaac tagaaactga agggccgaga     24540
     aactcaggta agtcaggaaa acaggaagag taacaaatgc attagaataa tgtatggctg     24600
     ccaatagact gttttgaatc tatgaagaat ctaatacaaa tttcaaacaa ataatatgta     24660
     taatattgat ttgtatcaaa aatcctgtag cagatattat taatttatta tatatacttt     24720
     attatattgt atcttataca acagttctgt ctggttctcg aatctgagtg gctgacagca     24780
     atatcagaac tactacagcc ttcttaccct tctgtattac tacgcccaca tagagtgaca     24840
     gcagatcaat aaactcacta cagtttgaca aatgttgctg ctgatggaca gcataatata     24900
     tttctgaggc ttttttagtc gagaatacag ttgtttagat agcaactatg caatttattt     24960
     ataagaatag tccctatttt aaatatatat atatatattt tattttattt ctgagatgca     25020
     gcacatcagc atccatcagt ctgtcattga gcagagcaaa gatggttgat gttgtccatc     25080
     cacaagatgg cgacagagac cgcataataa gtcctaagag aagaaaagat cgtattttta     25140
     aacttcagct gatcaaaaca ttataaaatt gagtgagtga cattctaagt cgatttatct     25200
     ctttttaatt tgttgtagtc ctgtatttat accatagtaa atatagtgta ttgagtgtga     25260
     gatgggactt gcatataacg aatgtatgta ttttgtgttg gccacacttt gtataaccct     25320
     gagttacttt ttgattggcc atctgtttgt ttcttgagtc tcctgttttc attactgcac     25380
     actaatttag taaagacaaa gaagaaatgc ccgcatgtgt ttagcgtttt tccttatcgc     25440
     aaacacaaca gtaatgaggt agtgtttgtg ctgctttgcc ttttttgggg ttaattattg     25500
     tgaaatcccg attacaacag agaaacactg ggaaatgtct ctagactgat ggcattttat     25560
     gtcattcagc cttataatac taaaatgtca gcaaaatcac ctgttttgtc atcacttaag     25620
     acataacact agagaatcat ttcaaatgct agctctaaag taacattggt gaattagtgc     25680
     cttagaacac tataaaagac actacaacag tgccgatata cagccatttc acattgctat     25740
     acgtgtgata atgctcattt atacataata catttaacaa taaggtttca ttgattcatg     25800
     ttatgaaaaa ggaataaaca agactagtac cgcatttctt aataatagtt ttaatcaaca     25860
     tttactaatg cattattaaa atccaaattc aaactcatta gcattaatta gagactttga     25920
     gttaacatga actaacaatg agtaactgat gttaacaata catgtattgt ttattgtttg     25980
     ttggtgttat taaataaatt aactaataca accttgttgt aaagtgtgac gaatattaca     26040
     ttattactaa aaagtcttca aaagatacag tcagaaaaga aaaccagaac aaagtaaaaa     26100
     ataaaaaagg gtttaaggga acaatgaaat ataaatgaag ggaacagtgt gtccaatctt     26160
     ctgaaactaa agtgggcact tcattatgtt tcccgaaccc agaccaaaaa catgaatatg     26220
     catctctctc tttttctctc acacacacat gcacacacgc acacatccag tcatctgaca     26280
     ttaggccgaa tgacctgagg ttctgctgca tgtactctgc tgagctgaac attacgacac     26340
     agcgaatatt aatatgaagc tcactggcat gcatactaat aacaacacca aacaacactc     26400
     acgtattcac aacgaaacaa aacctccttt tcataaatca cttcatttcc tttataatga     26460
     tgaatggcat tggacaacac ataataacac aacggagcat tcatctgcaa aatgaaaaac     26520
     ttaatctcac atgaaatgag atcttattgc tttaacccca cagaggagct atcagacaat     26580
     catctgtgtc actgcattgt ttctgttatg ttaaatcact aattaatttg ttcttcctgt     26640
     agatttctct ccagtgactc ttctatcgca ttgtccttgc ttttttttgt tagatgctga     26700
     atgtgtattt gtgtgtaact ttgacaggca tgggcgggac gtcatatttt gacatgaata     26760
     tacaataacc atcatcagca cagtcattca tcgttgttaa tcaaatagct cataactgag     26820
     aaatgcacat tgtgtcatca tttgctcacc ctctaaacca atacaacagt cttttcttcc     26880
     agtaatcaca aaaagagaga ttacaaaaac agacttttct aactacatat gtgtgtgtgt     26940
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtca ccaaccatcc caattttgcc aggattcttc     27000
     tgtattttac cattctatca accctttttt cctgtttttc tctcgtattt ttatctttct     27060
     atgaaaagta gcatcaaaat ggcaatctta aatttaataa aattgcaata gctgttcaag     27120
     agaattatgc tttggcttta ttttgacttg aaagcatgtt gaaattaata ttaaaatggc     27180
     caaattgagc agcatggtgg cttagtggtt agcacttaca tcaagaaggt tggtccgagg     27240
     tcgctggttc gagccccagc tgggtcagtt ggcctttcta tgtggagttt gcatgttctc     27300
     atcgtgttca catgggtttt ctcagggtgt tccgctttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc     27360
     gttataggtg aaatgaataa atgaataggc taaatttgct aaatttgttc atgtgtgtga     27420
     atgcaagaat gtatgggtgt ttcccagtgc tgggttacgg ctggaagggc acccgctgcg     27480
     tgaaacatat gctggaatag ttggtggttc attcctctgt ggcgaaccat gataaataaa     27540
     gggagtaagc cgaaggagaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa     27600
     tggccgcatt cactttattt cctttgaagc tatgcattga tcatcttaac tcttcctatg     27660
     caacttctga atcggtaaat tcatttatcg gtgcagactg acagacgtgc tctgtataaa     27720
     gacactattc ccagatcagc ttctgaacat ttgaagagga tcgaaagtga acatttgaga     27780
     tttaggtgtg ctcttaaaca gacgaataca ctcaataaca tgtaaccatg tctgtcctgg     27840
     catattttaa ttgatataca aatcattttg tcgtaaatga gcataaacag tttagaaagt     27900
     aatcgaatgc ttttattata gatttgtgca ttcttaaact gacacacctg ttataaaaac     27960
     aaacaagttg gtatcctgta ttttacatcc cgacgttgac agttgtgtgt ggggggatgt     28020
     gtgtgtgtgt ctaaaaggta aaaagcaaag cagagttgaa aaaaatatac aacggagcac     28080
     aacgtaaaag aaactcaatt ccccaaaaaa tgctaaaaat gttttcatat ttattaatac     28140
     ttaggtattt tgaaaggaaa ggccttttag ctatggaaat aagttgatta aatgacaaga     28200
     ttgttttttt agagattttg aagctttgaa gtttaaagta caaactataa aaagcaacat     28260
     acataatata ttacaaatat atacaaaatg caccacttca tgaaaaatga tcaacatttt     28320
     gatgacttaa atactgttag ctaaataatt tggatagata gatggatgga tggatggatg     28380
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     28440
     gatggatgaa ttgatggacg gatggatgga tgattggaca gatgcttgga tggatggatg     28500
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggtagattg gatgaatgga agaatggatg     28560
     gatggataga tgattggagg gatgattgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     28620
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggacagttg gatggaaggt aaatctttac     28680
     aactcataaa aaatattttg tgaacacggt tgctttaaat cgtatctgac tgcaaataat     28740
     agctctcact tgccaacagt aggaaaaaag agcactggac tcatctgatg tacagataca     28800
     gtgtctcctg caccgacagt gattcagcac cacggtcagc agcatctctg cacaactgta     28860
     actgaccgca ggaccattca ataagccaaa aactgaatgc tgctgcgacg tgctcaaatg     28920
     ccaagtgcat tctattagcc ttaaatccca cacctgcttt accatactcc tgtaatctct     28980
     ccggctccgc caatgtccct ctatatttct ctaatgctgg gattagtcta gtacagcatg     29040
     cctttcaata aactgcttga atatttctcg cgcagagctc tgtgtaaggt tatgaagagg     29100
     tctgctgtcc ttttgcccat aactgtctat cattccaaca gagtgctgaa ggtcttgtgt     29160
     tttatgtgga taattccctg caggaggcaa aacaggctct tgcctacatt ttctgctcca     29220
     aagaataaag tgcagctaat acagcatctc tctccctctc tctgatactc tctctttcac     29280
     acatactcac attgctgcag ttggttggca gattcctcct ttttacccct tcactgccct     29340
     ctgcttctct ctttctttct ctctctttct gtgtattctc tctctctctc cctctatctc     29400
     tcagcactat caggagatat tgattttgga gcccaaaggc ttttacagca tcaggagtat     29460
     cgtaagagtt ctctatcatc gatgcacaag caatcacgca ccaatgaatg tgtcacgcaa     29520
     taaacagagt gtgtgtgtgt gtattgtaaa gtgatctact acacaaagcc tgtgtttaga     29580
     aaactctgaa caagatatgg actaatgaca agaaaagggt tgcccctcat tctattgttc     29640
     atattaatag atcaccaaat attttaatcg tattttaatc aaacaggatg cagtgttatg     29700
     catatttaaa gcctacattt aggagcatac atggagctag tactgtgaag aagaattgta     29760
     gaaaatataa aaaaataatt atcataaaaa gtagtaaaga agcacttgtt tgccttttag     29820
     tgtatttttt gggtcagtta aacaagaggt cttttgaaat atatattgaa aatattcaaa     29880
     gcattcattc atacattttc cttcggctta gtccctttat tcatcacgtg tcatcacagc     29940
     ggaatgaact gtcaactaat ccatcatatg ttttacacag caaataccct tccagctgca     30000
     acccggtact ggaaaacacc catacacagt cattcacaca catacactat taccaagtta     30060
     atttatttaa ctcacctata gcacttgtct ttggactatg ggggaaatag gaacacctgg     30120
     aggaaaccca tgcaaacacg gggagaacat gcaaactcta cacagaaatg tcaaaattga     30180
     ggctcgaacc agcgaccttc ttattgtaag gcaacagcaa tacccactgt gccaccatgc     30240
     agcccataaa cagaatacct ttctttaaaa aaaaaaaagg taaaaaaact gaccccaaac     30300
     ttttgactgg tagtgtgatg tacattacat attaacatca tgcaaatgtc tgtcaaccag     30360
     actgcgaaca aaaggttggg ccattacctc tatatatgat cattttctct gagctgttct     30420
     cagagggcac acatctctaa gcttttactc atctgtggcc atttctgctt ttcaatccct     30480
     ctgttttcac ctacatccat ttgcaggatt ggcaaacaca ttttcataat gtagccaata     30540
     cataaacacg aaaaaaaaat catccgttct ctctcgcaca agcatacaca cgcctacaca     30600
     ctcaaacgtg cacagtgcac acacacaaac acacaaatgc atcggtaaat gtgcacagat     30660
     tttgacagca aaaagagaga gtgcagcaat catcatgttg ttgccattga aaacaacccc     30720
     aattaccatc atctgtggtt ttgtctgcag ctgacatcac tgcaggaatg ttttgaatta     30780
     tgatatacat caatgtcaaa agctctttcg gccactttaa tggaaattca aaataattta     30840
     aagcttcagc ctgtaattta gtgtttttta acatattgta cttgttcatg ctcagactta     30900
     catttttgat aaggaacaag tgagtcatct tgttcaagaa caaactccac aaacaagcca     30960
     tccagtttgt gacagaatgc ttgtcacact tattttaggc tttgactatg ttcttgtttt     31020
     aaaggagact tattatgcaa aaaacacttt tataaggggt ttaaacacac ttgtgtggca     31080
     acagtctgtg aacataacca gcttgtagag gtaaaaaaaa tctttattct aatctaattt     31140
     tttttataat aatgcttcat aacaacagtt gtcagaaata cttgatttat attcttccct     31200
     ttacattttc tcttatttgc actggaagtt agtcttgttt ttgaatctgc cactatcctg     31260
     gcatttatag ctccatcctc tttttaaaag tcttatttga atttaaagcg acagtcatca     31320
     aaatggcaca atttggatca acattgataa ggggcagttt caaaccttat acaaacttat     31380
     ctgtgaagta ttttgagctg aaactttaca tacacactct ttggaaatca gatacttata     31440
     tcacatcttg taaaaagtag cacaatagct tccctttatg tggtgcataa atactgtaga     31500
     acttgcaagc agcatgttaa gcattcatct caccatgcaa ctcgtttaac agttttgtat     31560
     agacagttgt cacaatatgt aaccattatt gcatgtgtat gcccaccaga ctgtacagaa     31620
     ccagtttcaa tcacttattg tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc aatcacaaaa attaaaagtg     31680
     gttccaaaac tatttgagtt tctttcttta gttgaacata aaagaagata attgaagcaa     31740
     actgaaaaca taatcattga cttcctaatt aggaaaaata aatacagttg aagtcaatgg     31800
     tttccagctt tctttaaaat atcttttctt ttgcataatt tgtctctccc tttaaaaaaa     31860
     ggtcagatga taacactcgg agaaaccttt aacatctatt aaaatgtttt acttcacaca     31920
     aatttttata gtgaaataaa atctgtgtat attatttatt taatattgta aacacacaac     31980
     cccttttgga acctttattt ttgagagtgt gaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     32040
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     32100
     atatatatat atataaacaa aaaaattata acatccagca taaaatctgg gtctggaatc     32160
     aaaaccaaat gagaaccgct ttagtaaacc gtaacacaca aaattataag cacttctgtg     32220
     aaatttaaac ttttattcaa atatttgcca agtgctataa cagagagact aattttaaac     32280
     ctaatagttt tacaaatcaa tttctaataa ctaatttatt ttgtctttgc cacaatgaca     32340
     ttattttgca agacactagt attcagctta aagtgaaatg taaaggctta actcggttaa     32400
     ttagcttaat ttaacaagtt aggttaatta ggcaagtcat tggatcacag tgtttgttct     32460
     gtagccaata aaatatgttg atatttctca aggggactaa taataataat aataataata     32520
     atatcaacta ataataattt ttaaatgttt tttttattat taaaactgca tttatttcac     32580
     acaaacataa aaagcaagat attttctaga agaaaaaaaa ttataaaaat attattaaaa     32640
     caaaaataca tactattaaa aacaaattcc ttgctctgtt acttgggaaa tgtttgaaaa     32700
     tgcattaaaa tttcacagga ggttttcact gttcatagtg tacatactga gagaggatat     32760
     ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcttt     32820
     ctctctgtgt agaacatgtg ctggtcggat gacaaggggt gagtcacaat gtgggctggt     32880
     gaataatctt gatttaaaca cactcgtaca cccacactcc cacacacaca catacacaca     32940
     ctgacctgtg ttctaaatgt gagagatgag ccttatgtaa agctatcagg agattaaagc     33000
     tacggcattg tgcttcattc acttcagctt taccagaaag aggtgaaacg cagtcaatac     33060
     ggtcagaaaa caccacgaca ttcaacaata gtgttaatgc tgaatacgat gatggcatgc     33120
     actattgttg cttaaaggtt aagtgagcaa ttttctttga cgttacaatg tttttctcac     33180
     cccagtaata tttcacagag acaactagga cctataaaag ccgacttccc aaagagtgta     33240
     aacactgtgg cgcgctggca ttttcaaagc atattgtttg aggagtctga catgtcaacg     33300
     tctgcttaaa ccaacagtgc aagtttggga gaagactgaa taaacaagat attttgtgtc     33360
     tgaatgaact gaaataacag ctcctcttgt ttagtaacat acacagcgtc ttgtttatga     33420
     atgaacaaaa ggaactggtt tataaactga atatataaat gtctcaaatg aactactgag     33480
     tctgtcattt cccaatgtgt agattgtgaa caatatgaga ataaatgtag tctgggaaca     33540
     gctaaattaa acatatcggt gaataattct gtgcacttcc taataaaaaa agttgacttt     33600
     ttgtaacttt cttattaaat agttgctgaa atatattcaa tatccaaaag tttgctagag     33660
     ctgcagaaac tctgctgcat gtttaaacat ctgacttata acaatttata caagcagaaa     33720
     aacacatgta ttgcaaagtt acaaacaaat attaaaacat taaaaaaata aaaattttaa     33780
     aacttataat gtaaaaactc ccttttttct aaagattttt ctctttttta ttgctggtac     33840
     tcatcacttt ttttatttag aaacaaaaat cgccttcaga gctcagttag gacttgctcc     33900
     aagattactg gtgtgcctct acagagtcta gcagagttac atgagcagca aatgctaagg     33960
     aaaattggaa tatgggatga ctctcatcct ctgaaggtat atttaaaata ttgccctctg     34020
     aaagaggatt ctggaccatc aggctcatct aacagatata aatgtacttt tgttccagaa     34080
     gctacaatgt tttgaaacct taaattttag caagtttaat tttgaatgta tgtattttta     34140
     tttattattt ttataagtag tagtatcata tttcttattt attatgaaag atgctggtat     34200
     atgttcttaa aattctatat cattgtaaca caagagtgct ggacaacgga gttgaagatt     34260
     cagtttattt gcaagattag tcatgcaggc aacggttaaa acaggggcaa acagatgctc     34320
     acagaaaaat ccatgatcgt ggtcataaac aggcaaatgg tcggtacagg aagcaaggaa     34380
     tcaaaatgat aaaacaaggc aaagaatcaa aatcacggct atgcaagaaa agaaagcgct     34440
     ttgtagtgct acagcatagc aagactcacc aaggacagta tgtttgagag gtctgtaaaa     34500
     tggctgtgta attagtcctg aacagattca attgttgttg tgtgtttgca atcatgggag     34560
     atctgggcca ggtgtgttag tgaagtgcat gatgggattt gtagtccata tagtgacagg     34620
     attgtattta gagtgaacgt gaaagattcc cagctatcta tcataaatat ttaaatatca     34680
     tgtttaacta tggtgagatg atatccagcg gtacatcctt gataaactgt cagacgcgca     34740
     ctgctctctg gggtttgtgc tcaaatcacc cgctgactgc tggagctcgg acgcatgcat     34800
     ccgctgcagc atgacagagc gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tcacgtgata     34860
     tgcgttttca gaggtatatt gaggaaggag ggcttttcag aaatgctagg tgaaacgcca     34920
     gtgtggacga ggattgtttt tgttctaaaa tgccatttta aaactaagac gtattagtgt     34980
     aaacaggatt ttcggggtat ggcatcgtct atcgacccaa tcctagtaaa atctatggta     35040
     acttactggc agctatttgc tagtaacaca ctgtacatca attacagcaa atatactgta     35100
     cttacaatca cagcatcatt aatattgctg tacatgtatt tacagaattg aatgtatacc     35160
     tgttctgtaa aatatgcagt aattttcaca atgcaacttt aaaataaaga aacatactgc     35220
     agagctgtcc tacaataaaa tatgattcat attgcaaacg tcccaaccgt cattggggga     35280
     taagcaaatc attctaaatt gtatgaaaaa gattgtacga attcatatga attagccact     35340
     aaatcaaaaa gttcagaatt gccgtgaggt tgtgttgaat ttaattgtcc cttgcaggat     35400
     taatacaatt ggttaactga caccaaaact cgtaataaca gagaaaatag actgaaataa     35460
     taaataaatt aaatgattta ctttttctgt ctttaatatc tgtttgtttc actcactctg     35520
     tctgttggct gctttagtga aattttgcgg aatgaaaatc ctgccgcaat tcccaacaga     35580
     acacatctat caatctttca ctagcactct ttccactcta atcagtgcag gaatcaaaat     35640
     ctaacattat ctaaaaggcc aagcatattt aaatgacagg catgtccctc gttcaagggc     35700
     aatcactaat tataatgatg gcgataatag aagaacagat gactgattgc acaaaaaata     35760
     caaaaatact gaaataggga aaaggacaat ggataatagc ctagtgctgg agatttcttt     35820
     ctatcaccgc aaccctcatt ttagataaaa taaccacctg ctgctctgct gctgtgggag     35880
     tgaaaatgca tatggcagaa attagcatct tctttcaggt aaatgcattt gtgtttgtgt     35940
     atgtgtgttt aagtgcgctg tatggctcct gaataggaat ttagggtatt gttatagtga     36000
     caacaccaat gatagtcttt gttgtcattt ccttaccctt atgttacaga ttcatatgac     36060
     ttatgtactt ggagggaaaa aaagtgctat tttcaaatga caaaagctga caggcagtat     36120
     ttatatgtgc atttaaagtt gtcactaggg tggtaccttt tcaaaaggta cacatttgta     36180
     cttaaagagt tcatattggt accacaaaag tatatactag tacctaaaaa tattaaaaga     36240
     aacacttttg aacttttaag gtacaaatat gtacctttga ggaattaata tggaccgttt     36300
     aaatacaaat ttgtaccttt taaacaggta tcagcccagt gacagctcgc atacctttat     36360
     ttctgagagg gcagtggaat tatagtgtgg atggagatga gcttcataca atgcgagtct     36420
     gttcagttga tacaaattta cattttaaaa tgtgtgaatg aattattgat tagaaaacac     36480
     tcctgccaca tttatgttta ggcaaactat atccttaatg cattatttgt gatatacaag     36540
     gaagttaaat gggcacacac acaaacacac atacacacta aatgctagcg gcctttcact     36600
     tcagttccgc tcattcatct attcaatcat ctctttcttt tgattccatt tcccttctct     36660
     ctatctctct attactccca ttagcctttt ctttaatctg cttgtgatat gggtcaagtt     36720
     tataaatgca caaacaaaca cagggctaaa aacaaatgtt tagtgctaca agacagcaaa     36780
     atgaaaataa aattaaagca aagcaacatt tgtagtgtat tttagccaca cacacgaaca     36840
     cacaaaaaaa ataaaaatat gtgacaaatc taacaaatca gtgtaacata tttttccaca     36900
     gtgttaggtc agttatcaga aatatctata tactattaag tcaacaatta cttgtatttt     36960
     tttctttaaa ccaaataact ttttatctca ttggcattgc attgatatat aaagttgttt     37020
     catgttttgt tgagttttta acttaaaaca caaaacacct caacttagaa atgggtggaa     37080
     atgaaaagtg aaataaataa atgttttttg cccttttatt tacacaacaa tgacataaca     37140
     gaggctgaaa actccaactt tttaaagcta tagatgcaac aaatatttta aaatggtgta     37200
     ttaattatat taaaaggggt gatgcactac tttatcatat tttaaacttt agttgatgtg     37260
     taatgtagct gtgtgaacat aaacaacatc tctgaatgta agacatttaa agttcaatgc     37320
     aaagggagac attggctttt acatagttag cttagcaaag cctacagcga acgaagtttg     37380
     gggactacaa aaaaatacat ctgggctagt gagatcatat gggttgtgtg atcataggga     37440
     tcatttggtt atgccacgcg catacaccct gcgcaacaaa ggggtgtggc cagaggcgct     37500
     gtaatgctgt aatgtagcag agaaagctaa aatgccatcc aaaagctgct attttcacag     37560
     agcttgttct gtttctgtat ttgggcttcc aaaaataaca acaaaaagag aacagcgctt     37620
     actattaatt ttaattatgc tccaaagaat tttaaaaagt atatagctac tgtatcattt     37680
     gacaaaggag agcttccaga atctccccca tattcagtta aaactcctcc aaccgacgaa     37740
     gctgtggatt gtgggccaca tctcaaataa caaactcgta aaagaaatgt gaacgtctca     37800
     tattacctac acatgcttag aacccgaata tataagaaag acacttgtca gatgttattt     37860
     tagagagcag gcgtgaggct cagctgtgtc ctgtgtcatt ttctgtctaa atcatgcaca     37920
     aactgatact actaagagct acttgcactg acattgttta cactgacatt gtttacactt     37980
     atagaggtgt gacgctgttt ctggtgacat ggagccaatt tgcaaatcag cacattatgt     38040
     tagccgacca atcagagcct cttgagggcg ggcttacaga ggaactagga aatatgaatg     38100
     tggttttcat gtaagctaag tagcagtata taatcaaagt aagatatatg aaaaacaatc     38160
     ctgattttct acaaataaag gatgagcttt gtttcttata aacacaaccg aaccttagaa     38220
     atacactctg gaccacccca ttaataaaaa tttatctaat tattatttat tttgaactca     38280
     agagtatgtg aacttgtaaa catggtcaca tcagtactgt agtgtataaa cattagatca     38340
     catgttcagt cttgtcataa tgtgcacaga tgaatacatg atacagcttt ttttgtcatt     38400
     ttcatagatt tgtgttaaca ggaatagttt tgactgtttg actgaaaaca gattttaaat     38460
     tacagcaatc ttttcaacaa ttcaaaggaa aagcaatcag tttttttata cacgtttgta     38520
     tcaaaaatat accctggatg tgtctaagca atggttagac tggtagtgcc ggaaaactac     38580
     aaaacactac agagaaaatc aagtcatttt tgcagttaaa gaattaaaca aaaagataac     38640
     tttaatttga ataatgcctc ggttacgaat acagccctcg tttcccgagg aactgacatg     38700
     gtaaatagga ttacagaaaa agggatttgc tttaatgatt actggacata actcatagtg     38760
     actgactgaa aagaacctaa aataatccaa aggcaaaact aaatatgtca ataacagaga     38820
     aaatatggca ggttatatgt cagacatacc caaataaatt agcaaaacaa atttatgaga     38880
     aggctaaaga agaacacaca gtactcttgt atttcccagt atcattctgc acacatgtct     38940
     tctctttctc ctgctctgtt catccttctg ttgatctgga gctcctggaa ggcaatcagg     39000
     gatgcccgac tcctgaggat atcgattgag ctctggccca cgtgtgtctg tgtgagatct     39060
     gatcctgatt ctgtgtttct gactctcatg gggccaaatc tgtgtggaca gaatgtttag     39120
     cgtctgctta aagggacagt tcaaccccca tcatttacta tgaaggctcc acaatagtgc     39180
     tccagactct attgcactgt ttatatgaag gtcaccctta taatcaaaca ggggtttaca     39240
     gtcttaaaac accttagaat gacctttttt aagctttatt tagcctttta ttctcctcag     39300
     tgaaagagat atgtgcttca gggtagccag aaagcaatat aacgggttgc acaattgacc     39360
     agtaaacaaa taatgctact tcaggagcat tataatctcc aaagagacac agtcactgca     39420
     agaactaggt attgaccaag acgagctgta tttgttattt ttattgctgg tgctgttttt     39480
     tttagagaga agaatgacct tgaaatttta cttagaagat taatacaatt tttaaggctt     39540
     ttgaaaagac atgattttct aaaaaaaaaa agccttttaa acaggaaaaa taaggaactt     39600
     tttatctgct gtcaagataa aatattcagt ttatagtaaa gtatagtcct gcttttatat     39660
     atacgtatgt atgtaatatg tgtgtaatgt aaaaggttac cagcctttca tggacaccaa     39720
     attcaaagac tttcaaggac ttttaaaatc actaatattt taaattgagc acctttataa     39780
     ttcacacccc cagcatatgt agtgccatga aagtccttcc tgagttaata tttcacttac     39840
     atttaatatt aacattaaaa tgtcaggaac tttaatacag tttaatacaa tttaatttta     39900
     tactggcata atttcaacgc gttttctgaa gtattgataa aatgcattcc ttgccatagt     39960
     aagtagctgg tcctaggttg tggaatgctc tgtccctttg cattagatct gtttcatccc     40020
     tgtctgtttt taaatctagg ttgaaaactt acctctttga tttggcattt tatcagtgaa     40080
     aattaattat aattaattat aactataatt ttataattta tatataattt atatatatat     40140
     atatatatgt ttttttgttt tgttttgttt tttttttatc tgttttgatt tgtacagtgc     40200
     agcacattgg ttaacttctg gttttgttaa atagtgctat ataaataaaa ttggcattga     40260
     tattgacact gaaacagttt gttaatttat tcattcattt tttttcggct taatcacttt     40320
     attattctgg ggtcgccaca gaggaaatga acagccaact taaccagcat gttttataca     40380
     ggggatgccc ttccaactgc aacccatcac tgggaaacac ccatacactc ccattcccat     40440
     acatacacta tggacaattt tgctcaccta attcacttat agcgcatgtc tttggactgt     40500
     gggggaaacc ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc atagtttatt ataggattga aatttaagat     40560
     tttcaaagaa tttttttttt tttgttcagg ctttaaaatc tgcacggtac agttgttgaa     40620
     ataacaccat taaatttaaa ttcaagcatt ttcagggacc tatgtttgtt tttaagttct     40680
     ttcctggcct tgaattcata tatcataaaa tgaagtactt tcaagaagcg tggaaatcca     40740
     gaaagtatta gttgacaact gttataaaat atactgtgtc aatatgtccc agcactgctt     40800
     aatgtaatca aatatttcct ttaactacaa tttataaact gtaatactaa acaaaactag     40860
     gagtgtcgtt atatgtcagc taattcaata aaagttatat ttatggtaat tagggatgaa     40920
     taaatatttc agttcagtca tttaaatctc aaaatattta aaataaaatg caaaagataa     40980
     tacaattaaa taaaatgata aaatgtaaaa ataataataa aatacataaa aataacattt     41040
     aatgaataaa aaaatatata aaaatgaaaa aaaaaattta aagaatattt ttaaataact     41100
     tgaaaaggaa tattttttta ttcatctaat aaaaaataca ttatccaata cttggttgca     41160
     gctgtaaggg catctgctga ataaaaatta tgctggataa gttggtggtt cattcctctg     41220
     tagcaacccc tgataaataa aagaactaag ctgaaggaaa atgaatgaat gaatgaatga     41280
     agattaaaat taaattaaat aaaaataaat gaataaataa ataaataaat aaatgaatga     41340
     atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaataagt gggcggcata gtggcgcaaa ataaaataaa     41400
     ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataacacagt gacacagtag ctcagtggtt     41460
     agcagtggtt aggttaaggt tgctggtttg agtcctagct gagtctaaag acacgtgata     41520
     tgggtgaatt aaataaacta agtaagtgta aggtgtatgg atgtttccca gtactgggtt     41580
     gcagctggaa gggcatccac tgtataaaac acatactgga taatttggtg gttcatttcg     41640
     ttgtggtgac ctgatgaatg aaaggactaa gcagaaataa aataaaataa aataaaataa     41700
     aataaaatac ctattagtcc ttaaaaactg cagccaacaa cctatgcttg catttttgca     41760
     cacaaaacat acaagaaaca agaaattgaa catgatataa ggccccaatg tactcacagt     41820
     aaggatcgtt tccattcttc atttagtact aaaaaggatt taaaaacacc ttcacatcaa     41880
     aatcaaatta atgaaagtcc caatgctgtc tgagctgctg agagccatgt ttagatgaat     41940
     atgtaagtac gctctgcgct tttctccaat gagccactga agaagctttt attctatttg     42000
     tagaagcgca ggaatgttcg cctcactgtg aatacacttg agagctgggt gtgcgcgtgt     42060
     atgtgtgtgt gcatacattc acatgccagt cagtcagtca tttctttccc tccatcaatc     42120
     ttttgatctg ctcttcaacc tctccacctc cacactcatc aagcccatag gcctttcttt     42180
     cagtcgctct aattgcaatc atttcagcac aatgaccgaa taacgccatt tatctctctt     42240
     ttccatcctt gcctcgacgc cagcccaccc ccagactccc tcaatccgtc taacaatcag     42300
     ccaatcaaca gccgacaaaa cttgaccact ccatcaaagc gagatcaggt caagggggca     42360
     gtttacatgc attacacgca catcaaaaat caacatacca tccacacaca cactttaaca     42420
     catcacaaac acatcacata atacacagaa gcaatttgta tgctggttaa ctgaagcctg     42480
     aaaggacagc agcctcaagg acacacaaac ataatccaaa tattatctta attaagtaaa     42540
     gaatgaaagg ccttacacac atgttaatcg cacatgactg acctttctac tccgctgctt     42600
     tgaatatctc tacagccttt cgttatattt ataagtagaa gaaaaatatc cccaaacaaa     42660
     ttaataaata aatgaggttt cgcttaacca gatgttccca gatggacggt agaaactgaa     42720
     aaccccttca ctgtgtggtg cagtcaacag tccttcgggg aaatgattta acaaacaaac     42780
     tgtactaaat aatggtttaa taaaaatgtt aaaatgcaaa agagaaaatg ttattaacca     42840
     aaaatgataa tgtaaaatag tgtagaaaca acagaagtca atggagagtt catatgccat     42900
     gacaaaaaac aaattcattt aaacattggt gcagtataca attgttaagt cttcactagg     42960
     cttacacgaa atctgcacac acagaaatcc acagatttcc acagattttt agcccatcat     43020
     tgagtttatg tttacttgtg taaatgtgtg tacattttta ttcattcagt tttttaattc     43080
     atttcactaa tattattgtg ctataataat agtaatatga aaatgttcat atgatttatt     43140
     tacaatacag tttttaaagt aatattttcc atcttttagt agatatgcat tgtgaacatt     43200
     aaataaaagt aaaaaatgca ttgttgttta ttttatatat tacgtttttt agttatgact     43260
     cctaaaatcc tttcgcgtaa ttccacagat tttaaaaaaa tttctgagca gaaataacaa     43320
     aaaaatgtcc acagattctg cctgaccata gtcatgacat gaaataatgt ttccgtgcca     43380
     agccgccact tatatgaatt aagaaaatat tcgtttatga ccactttttt aacatatcac     43440
     acattatagt gagttttata acatttctaa ccaaaactgg gcattgcctg tgtccttaca     43500
     ggtcagttaa tccaataaaa actaatattc agggtcatta aaaatgaata aatgtttcag     43560
     tgcagccctt taaatctaaa ataaaataaa ataacataaa ataaaataaa actagggcgt     43620
     catggtggcg cagtagttag cacgattgcc tcacagcaag aaggtcgctg gttcgagcct     43680
     cggctgggtc agtgggcatt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt cctccctgtg tttccaaggg     43740
     tttcctccct tcgtgtgctc cggtttcccc cacagcccaa agacatgtgg tataggtgaa     43800
     ttgggtaggc taaattaccc gtagtgtatg tgtgtgaatg agagtgttta ggataagttg     43860
     acatttcatt cagctgtggc gacaccgtat taataaaggg actaagccga aaagaaaatt     43920
     aatgactaaa ctaaactaaa ctaaactaaa attaaataat ttccctatat tcataattaa     43980
     aagaaaaata tccaaaaata aggttttgct aaactaaaag ttttaagagt gatggtaaaa     44040
     actgaaattt ccttcactgt gtggtgcata atttgattta ataaacaagc tgtactaatt     44100
     tatgttaaaa ataaatgtaa gaatgcagag gagaaaatat aattaactaa aaaaaaacac     44160
     tgtgtaaaaa aacatcagaa gtcaaagtgt attcgccatg acagaaaaac aaaaacacaa     44220
     atttgtgaag gtgtgtgtgt gtgttatgta tcttgttgca gccataaaat gttcattaat     44280
     ttaattagca gcattcacta taaatcagtt taaatcagat gcagttaagc tctctgcatg     44340
     ggtctctcac tacagtctga atgtgtgtaa tcgtgggcat atggctcacg tccacaactc     44400
     aaggatttgc taacaggatg aaaactgatg atcattaaac tatttgcaaa ctaaattgtg     44460
     attgtgttct cttccttgtt tagcaatgta attctcagtt tttcttgttt atgggttatc     44520
     atttcaattc aggtgactga aagcaaatgt gtattatttg cagaatcaaa gcctaaaatc     44580
     taaactttac tgattgtacc caatacttat ttcatactgc tgcacttact gtacatctcc     44640
     ttcagaaatt ttactttaat gtaaagtaaa tagtaaaaca ttttcaaaaa tttgcatata     44700
     atattatttt tgtagactaa gaagtaacta tgtttttcca caagttggca ctaacaataa     44760
     ttgtgttgtc ttttttgcca tttagtgtct gcatgtataa taacaaactg attctgctaa     44820
     tgagaaactt gctgggttga atctctcatt ctatatttca atctatatgt aatctgggtc     44880
     ttcatgacga gtgacatcgc catgtctcaa atactgcact tgggttcaca tttttgtgga     44940
     gtaagcttgc aatagaatgc cttgtagtag tctgcatcag tgcaggctca gcaaatttac     45000
     agcgtggaga cagtggctat aaaggggaat cagaagcctg aggtctcata gacgtcacta     45060
     acacaagtca tcacaagact gtaagactgc aagtgcacat ttagtgcccc atttggcaca     45120
     gggacactgt actgcatggt agagatgcat aagcgtgaag tctaacctac atttcagcct     45180
     gtcctgacct agaatcacaa actaagaaac tgtatatcgc ccagccacat tttgttctga     45240
     tgtccaagag tatgtataaa tctgaaatac acaaccattc aacgaagtgt cttatcctca     45300
     tctacggtaa atttacttta ttaaaaatat atttaaaaag caatattatt atcaatgact     45360
     atatatttct ttctactcat aaaaaaatgc agagaaatgc acctaaactg caaaaatgag     45420
     tttcttactt aaagttttta tcttgttcta gttaaaatat ctaaacattc tggaaccaaa     45480
     aagcattttc atgacaagac aaaatattgt cttgttttca aaaataatgt caaaattagg     45540
     tgagtttttc cctaaaatga gcaaaatatt ctgccaatga ggtaagcaaa ataatagtaa     45600
     attctctaca aaataagttt tgtttcctta caccatgtac agattattta gcttgtttta     45660
     tgcttcttca tttaggaatt tttagatatt ttgactagaa actaggaatg cacaatattt     45720
     cgatagccat atcgatattg gccgataaat gctattttta atgttatcgt tattggtcca     45780
     atatcaaaat ttggtggata tttttaagcc aaaagatttt gtaattgtac agaacgtgtg     45840
     gcgcatgcgt tggtcgacct tggtaagact tgtccgacgg cataaagttt ccagtttggc     45900
     tgcattataa cggaactttc ctgacattgt ttattccttc aaagtccgtc ctttatttgt     45960
     atggtattgc gttaataact cagtaagaaa ccatattcct catcattgta gatatgttcc     46020
     attgagtgtc attgtgtatt ttggtttaaa tcgcctcaag aaagttatta aatgtgtaaa     46080
     caacagggat gcacacatgc taaacaactc attgggttgt ttgtaatcta atatgattga     46140
     tagtgttttc ttgtttgtta attaaatccc attttgttat ttaacatatt attttttatg     46200
     caacagtcaa gttgcatgtt aatttgcaat gcaaaaaaaa aaattttttt atttttggcg     46260
     tgctaattta tgtgaaatcg tcaatatagg tctacagtac ataatcacct tgcaattttg     46320
     aaaccgagta ggccattcag ttcataagat caattcaaac ttttatgaag tttttaaaat     46380
     aaaatcagtt gttcactgta aaaaaaaata taacatttta atatacttat ttttatcagc     46440
     taatgaattg gttatcggcc tccaaatctt aagagttatt ggttatcgat atcagccaaa     46500
     aactctatat cggtgcatca ctactagaaa caagacaaaa actctaagaa atttttgctt     46560
     gcagtgaaaa atcaattaat taatacatta attctacatg caaattaaag aacaactgta     46620
     cgggttgtgc gattaactga aatcgtatca aaatcacgaa ttgaacatgc acaattttta     46680
     aattgcctta cagttccaat aattatcctg cagtatgtta tttgaatcaa tcacagcaag     46740
     cctaaacaga gtgcaagaac aggagactga gcttaatgac taatagcctg cataaacagg     46800
     gatgaggagt tcagcacagg aggacttgat accccaaaac ccaacatctg tggtgtggga     46860
     ttgctttgca aacagaaagg ctgatgtatc gtagaaccag ttcatttgta agacctgtca     46920
     gtcacatatt gcgtctaaaa gcatgtggaa atcacgaggt gcgtcgcttc cttagaattt     46980
     tcaacgctct ttgcaattgt gctcctttgt cgttttccgt tttctcagag aatgacaaac     47040
     taacaaaaca ttgctacagc tcccgtttta tttatggaga atattaaaaa gcactgggtg     47100
     tttgggtgtc ctgtgtttga ctttggtaat tactttaccg atttgtgcat attccattca     47160
     aagtatgaag ctgattggtc agttcctgtg atgcaccatt ctgatgtttt taactagatg     47220
     cgcctgagat atgcaagcac gtcattccca atatacgtgt gcaagcctct attgaaaata     47280
     atgaacttga aaagatgtga tatgtgaaca gagtggcatt ctttcggcaa tgccacaaag     47340
     aggtctacca tctatgcatg gcaacgaaga aaaagtacac gcaactactt ctgattagtg     47400
     atgggccggt gtacgattct gatggtatga ttacctcgga caaatatatc acagttttca     47460
     ggtattgtga ttactgctct gaaatattta tatactttat attttaaatg tcttggtaag     47520
     aaaccagtgt gatctcacga ggaaacgtaa gtattttaag ttttgtcagt ttagtggcta     47580
     atttgtacga aaatgtacga ttttaaaaag gaggcatggc acccaacccc acccctaacc     47640
     ccaactgtca ttgggtgatg agcaaattgt actaaactgt acaaattaga ttgtacgaat     47700
     ttatacaaag tagacactaa atcaaaaagt tacgaattgc cgtgagattg cgttgtccat     47760
     aaaaaataga gttcagtgtg gaaaaacaag ctttttccac attcatttat tgattctttt     47820
     tttttttttt ttttggctta gtccctttat taatcacggg tcgccacagc agaatgaacc     47880
     gccaacttat ccagcataag ttttatacag tggatgctat tccagccgca atcccatcac     47940
     tgtgattttc tgttttcatg agatttaaaa acagttttcc tctttagatt attttcccca     48000
     aataaactaa cttggtctta acacgcataa aatttaagca aacatctttt tacatatatc     48060
     gtaggaacgg tttaacagaa tatctttttt ggtttgaaaa ccttgacttt tccaaatcgc     48120
     ggtaaacctt gaaaccggtt atcattccat gcctacttct gatatgtggt caagcataac     48180
     attgaagaca ggagtttgac ggcacacaca cacacacaca ctcagcaaga gaaaactggt     48240
     gcaaagatgt tataaatata aagagagcct gtaaagaagg gtgacatatt gtcagcagga     48300
     aagatagcag ccgcgtgcta actatcatcg tcagcgctaa gatctcagca ttatccactg     48360
     tcactctgac cacacgcaca agacatctgt cactgccttg gtgttggtgc atgtttctgt     48420
     gaggctgtgt tagatgtgtt tggatgagcg cgcgagtgtg tgtgagcgtg tgtgtgtttc     48480
     gcccatcatt ccgacattaa ctagacagag gctgcggtga actctaaacg tgccctgcct     48540
     gataatgaaa acagttcctg ctcttttact ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     48600
     ctttctctcc ccctccaata aaaatgaaac agaaaaaggg ggtgaaaatg atgcagaagc     48660
     tagcatgact ccacccattt ctgctttgcc atctcaccaa aatcccccct ctctctgtat     48720
     ttccgctagt ccactttcat gagaatcgac agcttatcac agaggagaat tctattacct     48780
     gttctcatgt actgtacgag ctcacacact ctcacacacc tacaaactta aaagaggaat     48840
     gcacactgaa ctggattaca tttttgaaca cacacacata ttctttagca cgctcctatt     48900
     ggacagtaat cccttcctca cctcctgatc caataatctt cagtccacaa tgtactagta     48960
     tcacagtgca agccaaaaag atggtggaca caaataaagc ctaaaggtgc acatttaaaa     49020
     agacaatgtt ttgaaaggaa agaactacag aaaaaaatta tttttattat tattattatt     49080
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattttg     49140
     atatgaacat cacaattaca cgggacaacc aaatgcattt gtttaagtgt tttagcagac     49200
     ttgctaattc tcaacacctg tctacaggag gcttgaccta aaataaaaat aaaatagatc     49260
     catatacact attataaaca ttaaaaccca ctatgaatac atgaacatta taacttttta     49320
     cataaaattg ctatagggca aaagcaaagg tggcatgatc aacaaactaa tagtagacta     49380
     tttatgtaca ctgctgtttt gtttttgacc attttttaag tacactacta aaaacattta     49440
     tattactttc taattttagg ctaacaggta aatcattcca caatttgatt ctcctaacag     49500
     agaaaacaaa ttgaccaaaa gaggtcatac tttggaacaa gacagtaacc attagcagtt     49560
     gctcgtgtga ctctctgaga ggactgatgc ctactgatga gatccaaaaa cagcattgga     49620
     acatgattat ttaatgatca tttaaacatt taaaaaccaa tctaaccctc cttttatcct     49680
     tagggtcaat ttgacatcat gtacacaaag ttcacttttt ttgctttata ttgcatgact     49740
     tttcctaatt tagtagggaa aacttggtaa acataaaatt aacatgacat tataatgccc     49800
     tgtacacatt ttgtcacttt gttgtgtgct aaaagaaatt gttactattt tcatatgtta     49860
     tagctaacaa aaatatatac caataaaagt acaaaactaa taaaacaaca aaaatatata     49920
     tatatacttt ttaaatttta ggttaaacag tgagttttca tgctgatttt taaaagtgtc     49980
     tatagtaatg cataggtaat ctgtgtatag caggcataaa gggtgggggg gggggggggt     50040
     atttcacagt gttgttaaga agtcaacaaa gacataaatt acctgacact aactttttgg     50100
     ctcaaaaaaa aatattctgg aggttttaaa ttgctgaggt caaattgacc ccaatggaga     50160
     aaaggtgtaa gcagatttta agagggttaa gataacataa aacctcacaa tgatgccatc     50220
     gcataggctt taagtccata attttaatct ggacataatt tgcataatgt ttcattttaa     50280
     tattcatttg aattacttat ttattttttt atttttttat ttaactgctt ttaaacagtt     50340
     tatatgggct gaatttaaac aaacctatta aatttagtaa tgttcaacct aatttgtttc     50400
     tttaaattca gcccataaat tgtttgcaac cagtttccct aaaaacatct ggtaaatcca     50460
     attaaacatt tttttcagtg tattaccctt catcctgcaa ctctccacaa attagtatgc     50520
     aatgccagtg aattagaatt gaccggcttt ctcgaaaact catgagccat gcagataatg     50580
     aacttttagt ggtgttagtt gaaagattaa tagtgtacaa gtgcaatgaa atcaattact     50640
     tgcttcgatc aataatcagt cactcaaata tcgaacttat ttcacaatac tggatgaaaa     50700
     gttatttaga tatctgcact acaaacaaaa aagatctact ttatgtgcta gttggtaagt     50760
     gttcctgtga tctgatgaac tgtggcacat cttccatcca tacacacaag cagaatgtgc     50820
     agaagcatat gcagttgtcg tggtaacaaa taataatacc aggccattac agcatcaaac     50880
     actataaaag tcaataggag tcagcattct tcaaaatatc ttcttttgtg tttaacagaa     50940
     gaaagaaact cataaagaac taaactacat gagggagagt aaacgatgag ccaattttca     51000
     gttttgggtg aacaatcctt ttaaacattt ccatttaatt acaatttatg gatctcaaca     51060
     gcattcaaga acaacctaca ccactggtat aaagtcattt gcgaaaaata ttttcattta     51120
     ttatgcttaa accgaagata tttcatgtgt gtttgattct ataatactgc cttctttcca     51180
     caactacaga aggacctcat tggattagca tgagaatgat tgtttgtctt ccttcacaga     51240
     gcttgtgcag taggaagact gcagtgaagt gaatgccaca ccaatctgag tcctgcatac     51300
     tgccagcctg ccaagatctg catcacaaca cacacacaca cacacagatg acatcaacaa     51360
     aaccacttaa tatgatgtgc ctcttgctta catcagcatg gtgcctattc ttatacactg     51420
     tacatacagg gctgtctttc tttcataagc tctaaaaaaa gagatgctgt ttacctcttt     51480
     ttacaaatct ttatgaaatg agcacaaatt caaactcatc aacgcacttg tagagtattc     51540
     ccctataaaa atgatttgca gacagtgtat gcagtgagtg cacagagagc ttgataatca     51600
     atagtgcagt gtgaatgttt aactttggac gcgctcaatc aatacagagc tctgaacaag     51660
     aactaaatat accattccgc ccaaagtcag aaagaaagag ccagaaacaa gcaaggaagg     51720
     tgagcaaaat ggcaacctta atctgaaata aacacattgc gccaagaagt gggaattcta     51780
     tttattattg ttgttcattt caaattctgt aagtaaattt agccataaca gcaataatga     51840
     agtatattta aaaacccagt gtgctgtttg gaaatgtttt cttcaaaaag tctcccataa     51900
     aagagattta atcaaacaaa gcactctgac taacattcac agcatataat acatctagat     51960
     cattgttctg ataagcgatg tcagaatctg actctgcctc aaactgagag ttttattaaa     52020
     caataatctg tacatttgct ttataagcct tggaaagtga aaatggagat aacattgttg     52080
     tgtttaatat acatctaata gacaactaaa cgtagacagc ttggctttaa caaggcaaag     52140
     cttggactgt cagtgaaaat ctaatagaca tctaagaata gtcttaaaac ttgactagag     52200
     gtcaaataga cagattagac agactttata tgtttagtca tttatttcta tttatttgat     52260
     gaccagtcta gttttggcct atttctagac tagttttggc cttttcctag acttagacta     52320
     ttagattttc accgacagct caaatttagc ctcagtaacg actaagttta aacgtatatt     52380
     agacatctaa aaaaaatgcc tgaaaaatgc ttgctgggta aggtcttttc caacacatgc     52440
     atatggtgtt tagaagtggt atagaaaatg gtgattgttt catttaattt cattttgctt     52500
     tgtttcgttt tgtctgtttt caggccttaa atgttggggg catatatcat tttatttatt     52560
     tgttgttgtt tcttttgttg ttgttgttgt tgtaatggtt gatgttgttt taaattcaaa     52620
     acttaggcac agtgttaagg aatagctatg tcaataaagg ccttataata ttcagtaatt     52680
     tgttttcttt tcagcttagt ccctttatta atccagggtc gccacagcag aatgaaccgc     52740
     caactcatcc agcatatatt ttacgcaatg aatgcccttc cagctgcaac tcattcacac     52800
     acatacacta cagacaattt agctcaccca attcacctat agcgcatatc tttggacctg     52860
     tgagtcccgg aggttattgg tttttttgaa gagaaggagc tactctccca ttctttcttc     52920
     atttttcagt tgagattact tcaaactttg catacaaatc aaatttcaaa acacttcatg     52980
     ggatgtttaa agcacgttaa cacatcctag tacatccaca aaagcaaaat agcatcataa     53040
     aacctcttta aaagtgttaa cagtgttgtc aaatcattgg agttttaaaa gattaccatt     53100
     aactgataca cattaaagat tactgatgaa gccggcacgg tggcttagta ctgtggcctc     53160
     agagaaagat ggttcgagtc gtgttcacgt gggtttcctc taaaataaat aaataatgaa     53220
     gtctaaatat cattgaagat caaatagtag ggcaaaatta ttgcaaagtt gtgatgaaac     53280
     tgcttaacca cagaactaag tactaaaatg tatagttgga atcctgttac ttgttaaact     53340
     gcttcttctt ttataataga ccactgaaaa caatcagctg acagagacga ctccaaacag     53400
     agtcaaagct gcttctttta atgtcatgtg gtacaatgat ggacagaaaa aaaaacgtgg     53460
     agcaaaaact cagaataagc tctgaatagg atagacagac tgggagagag acaggtcgag     53520
     tcatgctttt acagttaagt aacacagtcc atagttatct acagtaatga cagctccata     53580
     attagcacaa agctaattca ctgtgatgca aaaatggctc actatctctc ttttctcctt     53640
     cctcctttta tcgcttcatc tgtctggcac atgatttcta ggcatttctt ctctctactt     53700
     cttgcaatgc atgattctct gcacacaatt tattttctca aaactgcaag gaatcctctt     53760
     acgattaacc aaataaacag caggaatatt gaggacaaac caaaaaacat tttttcagcc     53820
     gatgtttcct aatcataaaa cactccaaac atctgagctg cacaagtgct ggcatcgggt     53880
     taaaggaacg tgattaattt attcatgcgg ctgaggaaat aaattacaca cgccaaaaat     53940
     caaatcacag attctctctt caaaatgatc caaattttga aatgtctcac ttctgtcagt     54000
     ttatgttcat tacatctata ctggcattca ttctgatatt gcctgataag acccaagtga     54060
     aattagctga ccttaaatat attggaaggt gatttttaag gaaaacctag agaattgttt     54120
     ggaatggatt tatatattga aataaataat gaataaaagg aataaagata tgttaaatag     54180
     ttttattatc actaattaca acaatttacc aaactatcta ttatttagca taaataagca     54240
     cacccccttt tgaaaatgaa tatttatatg catttctcag cgaatataaa taataatttt     54300
     tggtgcattt atacaaatca gtttattcat gttttattaa acagctaaat gcattaaaat     54360
     aagaaataga aaaaataatg catttaaaca aacaaaactt gatattcttt tatgtttctg     54420
     ttgatttgtg tttcaagagt tcacacttag ctgatgattg attataaagc ttgtttggca     54480
     tgctgtcccg ggagagagcc ctgagctcgt aagatccttg tccccagggc tccctcccat     54540
     ttgcatggca agaggggagt ttcagctcag gtagatctcg agaacttccc tgctgtagta     54600
     gctaatgaac agataaagat tgctcttaag agataactac ttactagctt gtctatggtg     54660
     ctgatttgaa ttagttaatt aacttaagtt gcgtgttttt ggacggtggg aggaaaccga     54720
     ggaaacccgg gggaaaccca cgagcatggg gagaatgtgt aaactccgca cagaaatgtc     54780
     ggctggcttg gtaaggacta gagacaatga cattcttgct gtgaagaaac agtgccaccc     54840
     atctaggaaa ggagaagtag gggtggaagg ggggaaattc ttcaaaacta agatgtctgt     54900
     tatgtggaac ttaggtattt atagtgggtt agaaattgtc tgattggtaa ttcataaatt     54960
     ggataatgcg ggatcagctg caagcaatcc tctctctcga aattagctta taaataaact     55020
     tcacttattt ggtgtttttt aaacttttat taaatatttt tccccaacac attaatttga     55080
     gtgtactgtt cttgggactg tgatctcatt tttatttaat tttatataca tcagttccag     55140
     ttttagtttt ggtactgact aatctaatgc atatgcacca atatacttta ttattgtaaa     55200
     tcatcttcta gaaaaactaa atctaaaaga aagatgttta agaggtgtac tcatttatgc     55260
     tgagcactat atatacagac atcagtgagc tttctggtaa ggcaagaaca ctgatttgat     55320
     tcaataatta attttctgtg gagttttgca ggcacagatt cagctcgaga ctgttcaata     55380
     atgctgccaa agaaatttca gacaaaaaca ctgctaagct aaagctaata tgggtttctg     55440
     ttagtgccca atactcatgt ttatccatta tttatccaac tatgttggaa gatggtgtct     55500
     cactctctct gtctgtctct ctcttttttc ctgtcagtca ttctcagtat taatgcattg     55560
     gcaacactgt gaggagattc ctctgggact cagtcaaacg gtcttacacc cctctatgcc     55620
     acagggaggt ctttaaagtc aggaaacatg acagcattat accttacctc tgacagtagc     55680
     catcccaatg cccaaaagtc cccctgaaat cttgaaatta cgctgtggag gaaacagcac     55740
     tggatcactg aggaaaagag agaaaaggat acattcgtat tcctccagaa cgagagccga     55800
     tggcaaggat cttctgtacc gggtcaaatg ccagagctgt gggctgatag gggaatccat     55860
     gacgcaccgt ctgcagagag aagaaaacag ggaaatcatg aaaaaagaga aaatatggtg     55920
     cgccgcatca acaacaaagt actgtaggaa actttagtca ttcattttca tacaatagtg     55980
     acagcctacg gcctgcctgc gcaccctgcc aatctcctga gagcagctca catctgacaa     56040
     tactgctgag atttactgtg cagacacacg cttccgactc ttcttcaaca taggccaaat     56100
     ttctcttggt ttggcaacgt tatttttcag atatttgggg ttggaaagat tttttgatgt     56160
     ttttaacagt cgtattcacc ggggatgcat ttattttata aaataaatta agaataatgt     56220
     aataaaatac agtaaaatca aaatgataat atgtcattta tgtatataga acaaagatta     56280
     gtttaaccag acttcagtgt tacataatct ttcagaaatc attctttatt gatgatttgg     56340
     tgcataaatc atctttatca ctataataat ttggtggaaa ttacaaataa ggagaaaatg     56400
     aaaaaaaaaa tgatcaagaa gcacaaaaaa gcttctaatt ctagtatagc tgtcacaatt     56460
     gaaatatgaa aatgaacaaa actgtaatat tgctgcatta attgtccata ttgcataaga     56520
     tttgttcatg cttgattgca gtacttaaaa taataaacaa aaacacattt ttgttaagcc     56580
     tatgaaccag taatttaaac aaaagacaac catcaaattg agtgcaaaac tatcaattaa     56640
     ttatttatat tgtatgcaag aatatagaag ataatacaca actcaattct gatgcaattt     56700
     ttttatgttt tgatgcaatt ctggttgtaa aataggaatt aatatctttt ttttaaatga     56760
     gcgtctatta cgctctactc aaaaccaaat ctattttaac tacttaatag tttttaaata     56820
     tgaaataaat accagtatct aacaatgacg tagtagtatc tagtaatatg tactagtatc     56880
     taaaataagt aatgaatgac ttctagtcac atttgggaga catactagtc aaaattaaag     56940
     agataataaa aagtcaatga ttaagtataa ctaaatatgt tactagtaca ctataaaaaa     57000
     tacatgatca attagttctg acagcatatg ttttaggtca ttgttactta ttaaactaag     57060
     ttaatcatat tttaacttaa ttttatacgt tatgcaagtt gttttaagtc agtttaacat     57120
     aatataagtt caattaactc ataaggtgaa tatgatgcag cttaaaattt aaaaacataa     57180
     caagttttac ttaatagtca caattaaatt aatattcaat agtatttaca aataagatat     57240
     tatttctaac aattaagaaa catttttaat gtggtttaga agtttttact tttttcaagc     57300
     agatctccaa gtaatccatt tgaagatttt gacctgaatg tgattttgtc ttaagagtaa     57360
     atcactcaag tcccaaagta tccagattat gccctgctac ttagtttagt gaaaagagaa     57420
     atcacttgac atttgaaccc tggtaccttt caaccacata atcacatatc atcaatgatg     57480
     atgattgcac tagatcactt gattaagcca ctgaattgca tgccacttta tgctgctgct     57540
     gctgtcatgc agacaacact ccactttcta ctcatttcct cctacacaac tccaggccac     57600
     agagaagatc tcagcatggt tttctagcac ctcgctgacc actcaagctg aacatcatca     57660
     agtctttctt catctcaggt cacccctctg tcaacacacc cttcatgacc atccatcata     57720
     cgcaaggaca aatctgaaac taccacccaa accagccaca aaactgatca aatcaagcgt     57780
     atccttcgca cagacaccaa ccagatgtgt cacagcaaga ttactaactt ctgttctgct     57840
     tttgctactc aaatccatac acgtgttcaa gcactgcttc acattttaat gtagtttatt     57900
     gaaaatattc ccaaagtagc atattagttt aatgattaca gaaattctaa atcatagaaa     57960
     atatatttta aaacaattat ataaaaaaaa ccactgcttt caattccaaa ttcaaagtat     58020
     ttagttgtag gtactccaaa agcatctata tagagaaaga aaagagaaag aaagaaagaa     58080
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     58140
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa taaacaatat ttaaacaata aaaaaataaa ataaacaata     58200
     aaacataata ataaaaataa tttaaaaaaa ttaataaaat aaagttaaat aaaataaaat     58260
     aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataacct ttaaccagag tccagagctt tattctgtaa     58320
     gtcacgtggc ttttaacctc taaaataact taaacattac acccttgcac aaatcaaagt     58380
     caaggcgctg ttatctgcca ttagcagaca gctaacagta aaggcagccc ctgtggagca     58440
     tcattgggtt aagtgctttt ctcaaggaca cagcagcgac acagtaacac agtaactctt     58500
     cttgagttca catcagtcac atctgttcct gcaaatgcac ctgcgaccag cattaatcaa     58560
     caatataact gacgagaaat tattgtcagt caagtaatat ggaacacgaa atgtaattga     58620
     aaaaaaaaat gttgccaaaa ataaaagaga ttttgatcat ttttacaatg ttttcatttt     58680
     aatctgaaca tccaactgaa tctttttttt acaaacacaa catgtatatt attttccttc     58740
     atgcattttt taagattttg aaatgtgggt gaggatacgt tttattgggg ttttgtcaaa     58800
     gaccacatcc aaatctgatt catttaactt atccagcata tgttttacag ctgcaaccca     58860
     agactggggg aaaatctgat tcagtacaat actcaaaatg aagacagagt agattgagta     58920
     tatataaaaa ataaattaat taataaacag tgttgccagt attctaccgt aaaaaagccc     58980
     ggtaaggtct aacagtgtat acacatatga gcaatatcac acgagtagca gtgcgatatg     59040
     gctgtatatc ggcactggtg ggaggcgtgc gttggcaaat agttaggaac aaatagttag     59100
     aaaatagttt ggaaatagtt aggaaattat tttacaagtt atgtgtctta taggctgttg     59160
     tatgtcattt ccattaaagt gcagttaaca tttaggcgta caaatgtttt cagtacgcaa     59220
     gccactattc catatattaa ctgccaaata tatctttcta ctccacatat ttgctgcagc     59280
     tggcatcact tcacacttct aaacagccaa caaaccaatc taagtccttc aaagttccta     59340
     aagcctctca ctagcgagtc acttatgtgc catttcacaa aatgagcatt caccttgttg     59400
     ctcttgcagc aaactctctg caatcactgt aatcaacaga gctggtcaga ggccaggttc     59460
     aaatcatgca gccctgggtg tgtttcattt ggtggctgaa ctgtacagaa agtgtccagc     59520
     atgtaagagc aggtgctgtc cagagctatc ggtgctcagc ctgcgggtct gagctagtgc     59580
     tctggcgcgt cgctgtccac cacagatggt gctgaaatcc atcacacatg cggctccaga     59640
     gcagtgacgt aaactctcgc accgtccaaa aataaatata tataaaaata aaacacttat     59700
     tttaggaaca gctctttgga ttagggttga gtccttgctg atttttggaa acaaagaaag     59760
     agtgtaaact aatttgttgt tggactgtaa agtcgtcttt ggctcactcg ttctccctca     59820
     ctcacttccc ccatttgttt ggctccttta tgaaggtacg atcatcaata attcatccgc     59880
     atggctctgg actgatgcaa gcaagtactg gatgaatgag caggatggag tgatcacaaa     59940
     gcaggcgaaa ggcagagaga gagatggtgt agagtgaatg cgatgttccg tctgtagtta     60000
     ttcagcagca atagagctgt gtggaaaagc tctgtcctgt ctgactgtga atgcagcttc     60060
     attgtctgtt tttgcagaca tttgggctta ttggtctgcg tctgtatggg tgtggctgtg     60120
     ctgtctttca gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtta gtgtcgcctt atcttctcta ttaatcaaac     60180
     gagtgctaat gaatgcctcg gcgtatagat tttcattcag tgctctgctt tattgcagac     60240
     tatttaagcg tcctcctccc attgcctctt catctctcgg tttctctttt cttgctctct     60300
     ctctcttata ccgatatggg ctgttgtctc caccgtttag cttttcaatt tctccaccct     60360
     gcttctacta ctctatgctg ttcttgcact cttaaaggca cagttcatcc ctgagttcac     60420
     tgtcatgact tactgttgag cacagaagaa gttaattaaa gaaacactgt aacccagtga     60480
     cttgctgtgt attgataaaa acaaggcttc ctcacaggct aaacaatgtc atgcaggtta     60540
     ggactgacac aaaggtgagt aaataagaga gtattcattt tagataaact gtaaagtgtt     60600
     tgcatgaagc aaaccatttt gttttattaa aatctgaatg aactatttag gccaaaactg     60660
     cattcaaatg acagtaaaaa ctgttttaaa tgttacaaag aggaatacac ctataaatag     60720
     atgattctga actttagatg atgtttcatt tattaaagaa taaatataaa attatatctg     60780
     aaaatgtcta gaagggatag ttcacatatt tctgtcttgt tgaacacaga ataaaatatt     60840
     ttgataatta tggaaaagct gtaaccattg acttcaatgg tatttatttt ttcctactat     60900
     ggaagtcata gtaggaaact ttattaggta cacctgtcga actgctcgtt aatgcaaatt     60960
     tctaatcagc caatcacatg gcagctactg aatgtattaa ggcatgtaga catagtcaag     61020
     gcaatctgct gaagttaaaa ccaagcatca gaatagggaa gaaaggtgat ttaagttact     61080
     cagaatgcga tattcagaaa ttgctgatct actgggattt tcaagcacaa ccatctctag     61140
     ggtttaaaag agaaaatatc cagtgagtgg caattctgcg ggcgcaaatg ctttgttgat     61200
     gccagaggtc agaggagaat ggccagactg gttcgagctg atagaaaggc aacaataact     61260
     caaataagca cttaagttat gcagaataac atctctgaat acatccaacc ttgaggcgga     61320
     tggcctacag caccaaaaga ccacactgag tgccactctt gtcagctaag aacaggaaac     61380
     tgaatataca atttgcacag gctctccaaa cttggacaat tgaggattga aaatacgttg     61440
     cctagtctga tgagtctcat tttctgcttc gacattcaga tggtagggtc tgaatttggc     61500
     atcaacaaca tgaaagcatg ggcgcatcct gccttgtatc aacagttcag gctggtggtg     61560
     gtggtgtaat ggtatggggg atattttctt atcacacttt gagttcatta ttatcaattg     61620
     agcattgtgt caacgccaca gcctacttaa gcaggttaat acgccatatc ataaagtgtg     61680
     aattatctca gactggtttc ttgaacatga caatgtgttc actgtactca aacagcctcc     61740
     acagtcacca gaactcaatc caatagagca cctttgggaa gtggtggaac aggagattcg     61800
     tatcatggat gtgcagctga caaatctgca gcaactgtgt tatgctatca tgtcaatatg     61860
     aaacaaaatc tccaaggaat atttccagga ccttgttgaa tccatgccat ggaggaataa     61920
     gccagttctg aagacaaagg cggatccaac caggtactag taaggtgtac ctaataaagg     61980
     ggccagtaag tatatatttg tgtaaaaaaa ctcataaaaa ataaataaaa aataaataaa     62040
     aaaatagtga gtaaagtttc attttaagtg ataactatcc ctttaaacat catgaaaata     62100
     ttaataatgt aaattataat gtaaataata ataatataaa tgatgcaaat acaaagtaag     62160
     tcattgagta ataataatga ttgatattca atgagtaaac atttctgaag catcatgtag     62220
     cacaaaagac tgagaaattg tgactgaaaa ttcagcttag taatcactct tattattatt     62280
     tattatttga atgtgtaaac atttttagga gttgttttga ttttaatatt aactgtataa     62340
     aagatctaat gaaggcggat ttgctggaaa ataagactca ataaaataag actcttactc     62400
     atgattcagc ttccttccac tgcaaacatt caaatgaaac aacacagtct tgttcattca     62460
     cactcccaga caccacatat ctagctgtca caaccctgat aaaaagttgt gtgttaaaac     62520
     tgtgaatcag gtcagggcca catatgttgt gtgtctgagc gtgtcatagc atgcttttgt     62580
     gccaacagtg gagcgaaccg gaaatgaacc tcccaccgcc ctccatttct ccaagtcatt     62640
     cattcaggtt attccagctt ctacatcttg cacacatctg cctgcatctc tgggttttac     62700
     agtttgtcag ataatgcaga aacgaatgga atacttccac aaatgctgct ggtcttcttt     62760
     aaacttctgt taataatgga tgtaatcatg attggcaaga cccagtagct ttatgacgtt     62820
     tcgctctcag taaatgtttc gatatgaact gctgtaagtg gcagagtgtg tttatgggat     62880
     ttctgcatca gctcatagta ataaagaaaa gcagagttca caagaactat aaaatattgc     62940
     atccatggaa tgctatcgat cgccaagctg aatcatttca attcagtcaa ctcactgtat     63000
     ataaacaaca gggaaacaag tttatggtga ataaactcat aacaaacact gttatgatca     63060
     tatgcaataa ctgtaacgtt taaatgcctt aaagggtagt tcattcattc attcatttat     63120
     tcattttctt ttcggcttag tcgctttact aatctgggtt cgccacagca gaatgaaccg     63180
     ccaatttatt cagcatttgt tttacacagt ggatgcgatt ccagctgcaa cttatctctg     63240
     gggaaatgga tagttcaaac aagaattaat aatacagtta ttaattactc tcacaaaaaa     63300
     aaatctgata aaaataatct gatatgatat gaaatctaat gttgacattt ttctacattc     63360
     tctaccatgt cttgttctta aatcaatgtg cagttttaag gctattcaaa taaatatagt     63420
     ggaagtatta gtgtttaaat tatgtgtaga ataaatataa aaggtaaaat tacattcatt     63480
     ttatttaagc ttagtccctg acatatcagg ggttgccaca gcagaatgaa tcaccaacta     63540
     ttctggcata tctttaattc agcagatgcc cttccagcca caaaccagca acgtgatggg     63600
     aaacccacgc aatctcatat tcaattcaca tacacactca tgcaccaatt tagattgtac     63660
     aattaatcta tactgcatgt ctttggggaa aatcggagaa ctcggaggaa acctgcgcaa     63720
     acatgaagag aatatgcaca tgaacttcac acagaaatgc caactggtag tatttgtcaa     63780
     taataaaatt ttacctagaa actgcagtct aacttatact aaaatcaaca taatctcacg     63840
     gcaatttgtt actttttaaa aatattgata tcaatttgta caatcttatt tgtacaattt     63900
     ggaataattt gctcatcccc caatgacagc cacgcctctt ttttaaaata tataaataca     63960
     cacaactaaa ctcgtacaaa ctcatataaa ttagccacta aactgacaaa aatgttaaat     64020
     agttacattt acttgtgaga tcaggctggt tgaaatacat ataaggtatt tcacaaatat     64080
     gtaaatgaag cacgtatttc caatgaggtt ctgtttttct ttttcttttt cttttttgtc     64140
     tgtgtttgac agttgataaa aatgattaat tcctccatga cctgctgtct gacttgatct     64200
     ccttcatgcc tgtgtgctca gaaaaccata tgtatggagt ttaaactgaa gtctttaagg     64260
     ctcactaaaa tcatcaatca aagttatgca tagagacaaa cgcttctcat gtttaattaa     64320
     ttatcaattt cagtgtttat tgcgattgat tttcctaatt aattgttcca gggttaacaa     64380
     aatacagaat atacagatca atcaaacatt agccaaaaat accttgcagt tcaaaatgat     64440
     agatttttct ttaataccaa aaatcattgg aatacattaa gttaagatca cgtttcgtga     64500
     agatattttg aaaatgtcat ggcttaaata tatctcagac tttgtttagt aatatttttc     64560
     tttacttgtc tttattgtcc acaagtggaa ctttatcttt ggctccacca cacaaacaaa     64620
     tcagcgttca cattacacac atcacagaaa aaaacaggca acacaaatac attcaaagtc     64680
     atcatatata tataaaaaaa cctctatttc aaactctatt catatttagg acccaatatt     64740
     taaaatttca atggcagtcg gcacaaagga catttgatac acatttttct ttacttgagg     64800
     ttggctaaaa ttgctaaaat gcattgctga taacttaatt tgggcagctt taaacatttt     64860
     cttggatttt atactttcag agtcctatct tggctgaata ttgtcctatt ccaaaaaact     64920
     atacattaat gagaagctca ttacttcagt tttaagattc caaagattga cgcttatgac     64980
     tgaattgggg ttaacgcacc catgcacttc cctaaaccca acccacagtt ttcaaaagca     65040
     atccagaaaa agacacactt tgtaacattt tattgatcaa gtttgagtct ctttaacact     65100
     tatgtttatt ttattatgaa gagatattta attcattcat tttcttgtcg gcttagtccc     65160
     tttattaatc cggggtcgcc acagcggaat gaaccggcaa cttatccagc aaggtttttt     65220
     tatgcagcgg aagcccttcc agccgcaacc catctctggg aaacatccac acacacacat     65280
     tcacacacac actcatacac tacggacaat ttagcctacc cagttcacct gtaccgcatg     65340
     tctttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc caaaggaaac ccacgcaaag gcagggaaaa     65400
     catgccaact ccacacagaa acgccaactg agccgaggtt cgaaccagca accttcttgc     65460
     tgtgaggcga cagtactacc tactgcgaca ctgcctcgcc cgagatcaga tattttgttt     65520
     agatattttt gtttttgact attaaaacta tttgccttag taatgttggt aaattaaaat     65580
     aaagtaggta aattttttaa aatcctaata ttcctcaatg tattgttaca aaatattcaa     65640
     taattatcga tatcgaatga tatgaaacat gatatcgtga tcatattttt gcaatatggc     65700
     ccagccctac cactggattt acacgctgta gacttcaagt cattgacggg ggtaactgac     65760
     agcatgacac agatgcggtg cacagacata agactgaaaa cagcccagaa tattccatta     65820
     atgagccaca cacacacgcc catctcccgc agctgggtta ggggcgggtg gtctgggttt     65880
     ggcagctctg cagcctttaa tcacggcctg gagaagaggt tgccacacaa gggggcgctg     65940
     acctcctgtc tgtcccagca gggagattcg acctgtggca ggaaggagac gaggagcccc     66000
     tgggacctcc ccgtatctgt gcataaaggg tggaggggcg caaacagacc tcatacgggc     66060
     tgcaaagaga gtcatttgcc attaaatata catagtacag agagaggatg aaaaatacat     66120
     ctactggccc caatctttaa agcctcattc atatttcatg accagaagat tctttttttt     66180
     tcactttttc cctctctttc tttcctattc tatatctctg gccttgcatc caatggtggt     66240
     ttctggttca tagtgtttaa ttcagaaatg aagagagaac catactgtag agtacagtaa     66300
     agagacctga tgtcatcaga ctctgagcaa gggactctcg ctcgctctat ctctctctat     66360
     aattacattt caaaccactc tttcgctaca aatattctaa cacacacaca catgcacatt     66420
     gaactctctt gctcgctcat tcactcagcc tcttctttct gaaggaaggg cgggcgagtc     66480
     tagaccccaa tctaaaaata gagcacacat ccagcgctcc catgcaccgc tctgtgcata     66540
     agactgcaga tctccctctc tcacacaagc atgcaaacac tcattgtcct tttagagaaa     66600
     taacaggtac tggagtgtcc aaaatattcc tggatgtatt gtttccattc ttacaatacc     66660
     catttctcac acacagactg catgacaagg aattgatctg ttgctgcaac gcaatacgac     66720
     acaatgtaag caaaagacgg tctacagtat ataaatgtcg gttcaaatca ttactaatgc     66780
     agcatgtatt aaaaatgtat tgagggaact attcatgttc cacacacagc agatgccttt     66840
     tgtacacgca tatagttcat gtacaaacat agaggtatag gatgcaatat catactgtat     66900
     atgtgcatgt cagtgcatga aatattaagg atgaaatgag tcagggctgt gaagtagtgg     66960
     ttatttgtag ggccttgtgc ttattcaggt aaaatgagtt accacggata gcgaaagtat     67020
     aaatattacc tcaaaatata cacaataggg attgtcggtg atcaattctg attggttgat     67080
     gaatgtttta aggtgtgcag ttattttcag ggaaatgctc agctaaggta gttcctggct     67140
     gcattactgt tccatatcac tacacctatt tcttctgtta tttttaaagg tctttacagc     67200
     tgacaacagc aaaataacac aaacctacaa ctgagcaagc aaataaatat agcaaacaac     67260
     cggactaaat aaatgacaaa ctattttcat gttttcccac tggaattaca tttacttatc     67320
     tagggaaagc ccatactctc tttctaccac tctatctctc tctgttgtgt aaaatgcaca     67380
     cacatgcaca aaaacgtaca cgcaaaaccg ctcagcagca atcgcttctc caactgtcaa     67440
     agcttttaaa aagcacaaag cactcagcac tgagcataaa atgcatgctc agtgcctggc     67500
     tatgctgcag gtgttttaaa atacgctgct ttcattgaca aaataaaaaa tgctcagcta     67560
     gcttttctgg agggcaaaaa cactttggtg gacacacata ctgtaccccc taggatgcac     67620
     tgaaatgaaa attttgggct gaaatggaaa attcagggtt tcgttggaaa atagttattt     67680
     tcaatatgtt tttgaataac aaattgtatt aataatagac tgtttaaaga aaatattaaa     67740
     gaaaaataaa ataaaataac taaataaaat catgcaatat aataaattaa tataaaataa     67800
     aatgtaaatt aaatttaaat taaataagaa aagaaaagaa aatgcaatac aacaaaagaa     67860
     attaaaaaga aaagaataaa taaataaagg taaaattaaa taaaaaataa aattaaatat     67920
     aaaaataaaa taaaataaaa atagaaaata aaaaattatc aaaataataa taataaattt     67980
     aaaattaaat taaataaaaa gttattatat tttttaaaaa tcataaaata aaataaaaaa     68040
     tgaattaaat taaattaaaa aatttaaaaa taaattaaat ataaattaaa tgtaatacaa     68100
     ttcaattcaa taaaaataaa taaataaata aagcaaaata aatcaacaac aatcacacag     68160
     aataaaaact aaaaatatgc aaaaaatatt ataataaatc aaaaagaagt caagtattga     68220
     actcagcagc tcttgtaaat acaaaaaaag actacgttat ataattaatt taatgaaaaa     68280
     agtacacata cacagataaa gcaatgggaa aatgaaagca ttctggcgtt ataacaacaa     68340
     gagcaagagt gaaatttaag tactagcgag agttaagttg catatttttt tgcttatttt     68400
     ttatgtattt gttgcaaaga accaataaaa ctatttttgt ctgactatta ttgaaaattc     68460
     tgtgcattcc tatagctgtc agcattacct gtaactatca attcaaaagc tactgtacat     68520
     ttctcagtag agaggtagtt acaccacagt tcttatatca gttaaattta cagctttgcc     68580
     attaaaaacg ctgctgctaa acacttctga ctgagagctg ctttttagaa tacactagca     68640
     aaaatatatg tgtaggtcta tttcaggttc acgcacaatt aatcagtcaa ttcccctctc     68700
     tctaatagct gcattagtct ctctccatat caatcactca agcatctgtt acaagctcta     68760
     aaattacatt ctcgaattag taatagagga ttgggatgaa atgtgaaaga aattctaaca     68820
     acacacaata caagactatt aaaaagaaga aaaagggaca aatatgtttt attatatgaa     68880
     ttacaagtct gtgtagtctc catggattga atgatgtaat gtaatgtcaa aacatattac     68940
     aatttaaact agaatctatt ctgttatcac acaatatcag cctctttatc aactctgccg     69000
     tattcctaaa ctccatcatt ttaaacagga tgagcgcatg cagattacac agataaactg     69060
     tggtaatatg taacaaatct aacagagatg cctgatacat atggtggaaa cgctcaaact     69120
     gctgttccct gataagcctt tccctttaat atcccacaga ctatcagcac atgcaggaag     69180
     ttaagcttcc atattggcac tctctgatat gactcactca caaaatacat cctctcattc     69240
     ctccaaaata acaggaaaca ttgacacact gaccatttga gtaactttaa acatttaaag     69300
     cctgagacaa aggtaaagat cactgcaaaa cctgttagga ttcaaacctc aatttgaaac     69360
     ttaggatctg tgtctgacag aaataaatgc aggtctagag tcagagagtc tgatgcaaat     69420
     aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaaatttgt agcattttta     69480
     tttaattttt tttttttttg gacaaattta gcaattagta attttactgt cgctttagtc     69540
     taaatcagtt atgttgtatt aattgcaagt tgccttgaat tagaccatct gctttacacg     69600
     aatcaatgta aacataaata tctctaaaac taatatgagt cacttaaaac tgaaaaaaat     69660
     aaatcatgtc ttttaaatgc ttggtgacta ctctcaaact tcagaaaatt atttattctt     69720
     atgcagtggc taattaaatg taaaccactg atttgaacaa cctttaagtg cacctgaaat     69780
     cagctggttc atttcagtca gagacagaaa taagggctgg gtgtaggaca tcatgttgtt     69840
     tcattctggg gtcttaggtt caatccctgg gatcccagag gatagtttta ttgcttcaga     69900
     gcttgctctt tcaaagaagt gctatttggc gactggagag gtgcagtgca gtggattgcc     69960
     cccttcagca aatcacttaa cctcaggatg ctcaagcagg accaggactg taataagtct     70020
     actgtaactt gctttcattt aaaaaaatga aactctagaa acactagaaa acgctcattc     70080
     attcattttc ggcttagtcc ctttattaat ccggggtcac cacagcagaa tgaaccgcca     70140
     acttatctaa catgtttttt accaagcgaa tgcccttcca accacaaccc atcttcggga     70200
     aacactagaa agcagactct acaaaacaga taaatattta caaacacaca aaaatatgag     70260
     ccatacaagt taaagcttgt cagtaaagtt ttgtcagaag taagaatgag acttaagact     70320
     taaaattaaa cttcattttt gttttattta gtattcattt tctcataaag ttatgttaat     70380
     tttgttaaat gattaaaaaa agtattctat tatttttagc tgttgtttca gtaccaaagt     70440
     gattttagtt ttatggttta caatttttac aataatataa tttgactatt taattaagac     70500
     tgaccatgtc tttgtttcaa agagccaata gaaaccaaat gcaaccaaat aaagcaatga     70560
     ttctttttgc attcagatca agccatcatc atgttcctgt tatattattt tccctcttta     70620
     atcctgcaaa tattgcataa aaaaatgtgt ttacaaaaaa aatgctataa agcattacaa     70680
     gtcttcgtaa ttataattaa gtctgtaatt tacttttctc aactactctt attatgtaat     70740
     cacgttatat gcaagcagca acctcccgct ctccctcgtg aagccaatac ctttggacat     70800
     ttgacccgct gacatgtttg taaggtaact tttcatttcc tcttggctgt taaagcgaaa     70860
     cttgtggatc cagacacgag cgtgtctgag gtgcaagttt tttccgctgt gtctattatg     70920
     gattacctgt gataaccgct tattatgcgc atatagactg taaccgcggc tgttcttccc     70980
     gtcatcggta tacatcgctt tcatttctaa agccgatcgc agccctttct gttgagcagg     71040
     taaggactat aaccaatcat aggggtgtaa atcctcgcct gtcagccctc aaaaagcaag     71100
     ctggattaat atttacatta gtttatttgc aataaatgct catgctgtct tctctgcatg     71160
     tattgaagtt ttgtttgata cattcaaaaa gctttttctt tgagaaggtc aaattaaggg     71220
     tacagtttat atatcttact gctgtattaa agaacaaaat tgtattaaaa ataatatata     71280
     aatataaata tatttaaaga ttttaattta aaaaatcttg tgttgtgaag aaaaaatcta     71340
     attatgtatg gaaagcatcg tcaatgcacc aagacatcga attaaaccta atcgatggca     71400
     tgataattgt aactgaacca aaccaaaccg cgtagattca cacccctact cgttacaatt     71460
     atacaccttt ttcttggctg ctgcatggag agcaccatag cgaccagcgt cttccggtag     71520
     aatgtttaga acttccgttt acagcgttta caactggtaa tttgcgatgc aaaaatgggt     71580
     ttcaatagcg ttttgagtgg attacgaagt gcttttgtga cacaactttg aaaggtgtgt     71640
     gttaaagctg ttaaaatctg tcagacctgt ggttcaaaca cgagagcaaa acagtattgt     71700
     tagcctatag gggttcgaaa gacccacccc gcaatgacaa aggtccagaa tttgtcccat     71760
     actttagctc atttgtccta ttttgactac tacgacatct taaaatattc cttcgaaaaa     71820
     ggctttaaga ccaagtcgaa tcctctttaa aagtcacatc agtgtgactt cagctaatca     71880
     gttttggcca atgcaaataa ttatatttca tgagtaaaac atccagttgt gcaacagaag     71940
     cagaacatat tgaaattgat ttgaatacta ttttggctat tgttgttatc catgaatttt     72000
     caaatgtact tttttttaca agagaggcta gaaaaatctt aaaacccttt tattagtaat     72060
     gttttattat tattattatt attattatta ttattatttt tattattttt attatcatta     72120
     ttattcaaat ggccaaattc tgactcctga cacttgaatg tactggtcaa tttgttgtca     72180
     aataattaac aatagactac agttttaatt taaaacctaa acagattcct atttttctaa     72240
     taatatatgg tgtaataaat gtttattttt ttaagtattt attctaaatc tttaagaaat     72300
     attctagtac actaaaaagt gtgactacga tgaccatcca acaagctaaa gtgagctaaa     72360
     aatagcgctt aaaatgtcat taaaatgcag tatttaaagc tcataattaa atagaaaatg     72420
     agtcaaataa ctgtaaaaag gtccacattt tgagaaaaaa ataactaccc cttacactag     72480
     gctggctacg ggcctgagta tattttaaaa gttttgttat gattatttac atttgtcttt     72540
     tgtagttgtt caatcaaaat tactctcaaa agcaatatat tatctgttta attttacaaa     72600
     acactgtttc taaaaaaaat ttcattcaag ttttttttta cattgacaag tttgaggtta     72660
     acatttgtgt tttgagctat ttatctagtt attatatatt tatagccttc aaattgggag     72720
     tgtaaagatt ttattgacaa agcatttgaa aatactcaaa aggacagcac tgcatgtagt     72780
     gtaaaattat ttagatatac tctggtggga ttgctctatt gcaggtctta aagggttaac     72840
     aggcaactaa ttattcatct gatcctttta ctgttggcaa aacctgaccc acatcagtat     72900
     aagccataac tcaaagacat atggtaacgg ttatatcact cagaaaagaa atttcctcca     72960
     aaataaggaa gatgtctaga aaataaggaa agaataaaac aaacagagca ggattctctg     73020
     tctgaccaat ctcagaaatc tgcttcaaat cagcctgaaa tgctattaag cctcatattc     73080
     aacaaatgac attaaaacaa ttgagtgagc aggaggaaga cagaaagaag tgagtggtgg     73140
     gagggaagga ggggaggttt gataccagat aagagaaatg aggctctttt attgggtcaa     73200
     taagtgtgtc atcgccccgg tgaagccaca tgagggcaaa cagcccactt taaaagcagt     73260
     tctgtcacca atcaattaca aaccagactc tcgttctgca cgcacactat agaataagac     73320
     agaaactaaa atggtcattc aagatccagt tggtggtcaa gtcaaaccat gtcactttaa     73380
     tttccacagt gcagcaggtt tacaatcaaa ctgggcaata atcaaaactc tggtatgagg     73440
     ttttattaat gaagaagttt aatacattaa gcacatttag tgttattagt ctactgacct     73500
     caactaagca agccaagggt gacaatccta agtagggatg actggtatgg gcttaaaaca     73560
     atatcacaat attttctgga atatattata ataactatat tgatgataat aattaatatt     73620
     tataaacaga gagacaacaa aagtccagta ttcatagaga tattttcaaa ccaaagaaat     73680
     tgagtaagca ctatggcttt cattcatact ggatgctaga tggtgccctt gcgcatataa     73740
     attccacatg tgcaccattg aattaaacat ccatcactga caagctaaaa gaagttagtt     73800
     aagaagagtt aaaagaagat agaaatgctt aaattattat taaatataaa atattcaatt     73860
     aaaaaaatca atcaagaaaa tcaattatat tgttgtttgt atatatatta taaaaatcct     73920
     tagcaaaaat atctgttgtt tttgtttatt tatttaatat atacacattt ttttaatttt     73980
     tttatattct caacactttt taaaatttaa agcttgttct aggctgtaga tattttagat     74040
     atcaaatgtt gatggaccca cccgcaaaag ttagccaggg gggagagatg ttttattaag     74100
     tggccccacc cccatcacgc gggccgtccg cttcgccaca gttggcattc ctgtgtggag     74160
     tttgcatgtt ctccctgtgt ttgtgtggat ttcctccaag tgctccggtt tcccccacag     74220
     tccaaatgca tgcgctatag gagaattgaa taaactaaat tggccgcagt gtatgtttgt     74280
     gcatgtgaca gtgtatggat gtttcctcgt actgtgttgc agctagaagg gtatcatcca     74340
     ctgtgtaaaa catatgctgg ataagttggt gaataatggg ccaagccgaa ggaaaattat     74400
     tgaatgaatg tcacatcaat gttcttactt ggattttttt ctttttgaaa gtttagtatt     74460
     ttttttacat ttaaattata ttttttacag atgttttctt tttcaattgg caaactaatg     74520
     aacttaaaaa aaatatctgt ctaaaatata tttatgtaaa tatatagtca tttttgtata     74580
     taacttagaa aacatttgaa aatatccata cttttcacca tatgggaaca aacatgaaag     74640
     ttaatggaga gtacttgcct tctgaatgac aacaaggcag ttaattcatc catctggcca     74700
     tctagtgtct gtggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ttatatttat ctaaacgtca cttgaacgca     74760
     atgtgtgggt gcagcttgtt tgaaccctgc tgctgtttat actgcgagca tcaagctgtg     74820
     ctaagagcga gagttagaat gcaattactg agcttacaag ccattgtgta cttgagcgtg     74880
     tatctgcacg tgcctaactg gatttctgtc tacagacgta tcagctctca ctggcctatc     74940
     cagagatgca cactgctcaa tgctgaagtc attggaaaga gaggcagtgg aaagacgcca     75000
     atcacaaata aacacatctg tcgagagtga aatcgtcatc gacttaaaac aaatattgat     75060
     gaatgttggc agtgaggttg atatagaggt gaggcagcaa cttcttaatt aggcattaga     75120
     tggtggttga ggcaatcaca caattctagc ctgttaaatt tttgtctatc cctttcgctg     75180
     tcaataagca tgttacgtct atcaagcctg aagaaatcaa agaactctgt ttatgcccct     75240
     gtatgctatt aaatatggcg cacttataaa ttaactgcaa tattttttta tgcagattac     75300
     aacttcatat gtcagaatgt ggtttacata ttgctgtgtg gatttgtttg ttgtaaatgt     75360
     taattattat ctccttgttg tgacatttat ggtgctgtat gtatgttttt gactcttcta     75420
     aagcataaaa ataccataat atgtttgcag atgtttaaga aacatgctaa gtgaacattt     75480
     ttgtttatct gaaaaaaaaa acaatgcttg agtcaattat tctgctttga aaatgtgcca     75540
     gaacgtccgt cttgttttgg tccctttaac aagcccaatg ctagtttaga caattatatt     75600
     tcagcatgcc tagttgccct ggtggaaaac cagatatatg attcattcaa tcagtcataa     75660
     aggttcttaa agtgtgtgtt cgggaccaaa aatgcgatct ccgaaatgag aagcagattt     75720
     agagtaccac atgaggtgat tattaataac aaataataaa aatattacaa acttaaacat     75780
     taggtgagca ggttacattg taactctgtg tactaaagac aagttaggtg atgagattca     75840
     cagtgataag caattgggcg atccgcacca cacaaaacat gacagaaatt taaatacaac     75900
     cattcagaag tactaaatat atgtacgttc actgcactac aacaaaatga ttaggttcat     75960
     aatctattta atacatactt agcctcttta actttattaa atgtaaatgt tgaatcactg     76020
     atatgtgttg gctcccactg agtcactgat ctgaatttca aatggtttat tttattgtca     76080
     agttctgagg tgaactatct gctgctgctt tcagtatggc aatgaatgtc atgtgaaatg     76140
     gcattttaac taatgttttt agcatttaac actgaataaa gcacatgagg tgtatctgag     76200
     gtgatcattg tcagttttct ggtgttcagc tgcaagaaat agaagccatt tctaaaacat     76260
     caatttcagg tgttggttag aacaaaaact aaataaaata gtcagacatg ctcctgttgg     76320
     tgtcatcagt ctggcaacct gcacttgtgt gtgttttgaa ccaggggtcc aatatcaagt     76380
     tcaaccacta ggtgtcaaac ttaatgcatc tttaatgtaa atgacaaaaa atacatttta     76440
     atatattgta atgtaatgtt gtgtttattt aatgtcattt acttttttta tattattaaa     76500
     atatgttaat tataaaacaa ttacattaca gttttttcca actgattaca cacattttca     76560
     aagcaatgtc ttcttttttt taaaactcta cacacaattt ccgaaactgc acacaaaaaa     76620
     tgcaaaatgc ctcacatcta ctccaaaatg taacactgca ttcaaaatgt tataagcata     76680
     cgtcagaaaa aattaagtat ttgcatcaaa tggcaaacac atctctcata atagtaaatg     76740
     tctgaataaa ccatgtaaac actgttgttg taaatctaaa gctctttgct cttaaggcat     76800
     atatcttaag gcatataagg catatatata tatacatttc aatacaatgt tttacattaa     76860
     caggtacact aaacaccaat gacatgaaaa aaacagaaaa tatttattag gccaaacatt     76920
     attgttgttt attgcataaa aaacaaacat aatgtatata aaaatgttac aaaatagaac     76980
     atatgtaaag caaaagtata tagtttagaa cagtaaaaaa acaattgtgt gtgaagggag     77040
     tctcggggga aaaagcgtcc attgcctgga aaagtgtcat gtgggcattg ggttggttat     77100
     catacacttt atagtgctag gctcagaaga attcctcaat tttgggggga tttatgactt     77160
     agaaaaggag aaaatggggt aggtacaaaa ctacaaattg tggataggtg gcaaaccagt     77220
     ttattttgac cagaacagcc cagtgtccca tcacctttgg cctatattaa actaaagcag     77280
     ttactggata ttgatcagtt aagaaattag cttctacatt tgaggagcat gtgtgtgcga     77340
     ccttgtgaat aagtgtagca ttttgattgg ttgtatttgg aaaaggaaag caaatggctg     77400
     agttttgagt tttaggttga gagttgtgtg tagagttttg aaaaaagtgt tttatgcaat     77460
     tgaaaactga gtttaaggct gagaaatagc ttctgatttt ggagatatgc tgtgtagttt     77520
     tgcattttga gtgagatgtt tcaaaaattg tgacaagaaa agatttagtg tgtaagcagt     77580
     tggaaaaaaa ctgtaataat gataatcata ataataatca ttatatatta tgaaaattat     77640
     tataaatatt attgttttta ttcgactaaa aatagcaata ctggaaaaat acacttcatc     77700
     agatatttct aaatatcttg ttgctcttac tgttgtttca acataaaaaa tggctgttta     77760
     atacactgaa aaaagtgttg catgcaaaac ggttgcaaac aatttatttg tgttgaattt     77820
     aaacaaacaa attaagttta attatgttca acttaatttg tttgtttaaa ttcaacacaa     77880
     ataaattgtt tacaaccact taacgtaaaa aaattgagta aatccaagga atcatctttg     77940
     aataattttt ttcagtgtag ataaaaacac tttgcataca cactagcatt tcataaatct     78000
     gtatgtatgt gcaagtaaaa ttagatgtat cattctgcat tttatgtgtg ttgttgcact     78060
     tttttcaagt atgtttgttt ctgcattcag tagtataaac atctatttta catatgtgta     78120
     tgcaaatgag cttgatttga tgagctttac atggcgtctc acaattctct cataaacaat     78180
     aaaacacaga tattatgcag caggagattc aatatgcggc ttcagtgatc ataacagatg     78240
     tttttctttc tttctgacag ttgcagcaga atgaatgttt tgtcagtagc acttctgaac     78300
     ataatgttga caaatagcag ctcccgtatt tgagggtcag attaaatgtt attcattggg     78360
     caaccgctga aaacgaatgg ctggtattct gcaaacgtgt tctggaccta catacagtag     78420
     atctgttaca gaaattcctg attactcgtt tcagtggttc ataaactatt ctttattttt     78480
     aaaggcaatt aattaattca tcattcattt tggtttataa aactttgcag agcttttaca     78540
     ctcacaaaaa gcaacattat tcatagtgtg aatgtaatat ttgaaaaaag aaagaaaaca     78600
     tggacacttt acgttccgac cacaaaaata aagacataac tgcatgtaag tacacagaaa     78660
     caaacaatct gtccttccac tttctctttt gtgcaagtca ctcaattaca acaagagaaa     78720
     atgaaggggg catcagagaa gtgaagtgga aaaaggtttc gaggatatag attgactgaa     78780
     tagagctatt catttatgag tgattacaag cacagagctg tttggagtat taatacttta     78840
     tacctgctca gttgctggcg agataacaca gagtttaaat aatggaaaga aaaaaaatca     78900
     ggttcaaaaa aaggtgacaa cataagaaat caatcaaagt gagcaggtgt aaaaagaagg     78960
     aatgaaaaac aaatggaatt gagggataga gaaagagttt gaacagcact gtttatagga     79020
     gccactacag atcacaagtg aagtttattt ataaactaat ttcaagagga tcacatgctt     79080
     atgattgttt gcggctgatc ccgcattatc caattcatga ttcaccaatc agacgattcc     79140
     taagccacta taaataccgt aagttccata tagtagccat cttcgttttg aagaatcccc     79200
     cctttcaccc gtacttctcc tcctttccta gataggtggc atggtggccc ggtggttaac     79260
     actgttgact cttgtgagct cagggctttc ttccgggaca gcatgccata atcaatcatc     79320
     agcttaatgt taactcttga attatacaca attttagatg tcaaacttgt tgtgttgttt     79380
     gtttccaata aaacaaaact gccatctata gcaaggtaaa atatttcatc taaaactata     79440
     aggatattat gcattctttt agtttataat tgctcagcct caaaattact actcaaatac     79500
     accaataatt tctttaacaa ccctatttct tcacacattt acacatgcgc acacacattt     79560
     atacagttaa tatgaaaata attagccctt atgtgatttt gactacacag tcaaatctcc     79620
     aaaaccataa gctatttctc agcctagaac tcatttcatt tcagttgaat aacacacttt     79680
     tttttcaaaa cactacacaa aattctcctg ctacaacaca aaattcaaac aggaagctat     79740
     ttgctttcct ttaccaaaca tataacaaaa tacacacaca ctacacaaat gtggaaacac     79800
     atttttttaa ctgatcacaa accaatcact gcagtatagg cctgcaaata agccaaatag     79860
     gtgttctggt ccaaagaaaa caggtgttcc acccatccac aatttgtagt tttgtaccta     79920
     cccccatgtt taccttttct aaatcctaaa ttcctttaga aaagaatagc aaactttttc     79980
     tcagcctggc tctgtaaagt gaccccacac atacactttt gttcgttact gtattctgga     80040
     gaatatactt ttgctttaca tatgtttttt tttaccattt tacatgcagt acactcagaa     80100
     aaaaaagtta tcactgtggt ggtaccttca tggatcagat ttgtgccttt gatgaaggta     80160
     taatattgta tctacaggtt ttaaaaacca aaggtacagt ttggtttccc attgtacaaa     80220
     tcatgtttta aatggtttaa actgcaatag tacaaatttg tttctttgtc ttaaggtaca     80280
     atcttgtccc ataaaaaggt gctaccccag tgataagggt ttgtatcttc tttaatgcaa     80340
     cattgtacca tttttttcgc agtgtatgtt tatgggtttg ttgtattcta ctgtatacaa     80400
     tagtaatgtt taccctagag ctgcacgatt aatcgaaaaa agactgtgat ctcgattcga     80460
     ccccctagac gatcttaatg cagcattcct acgattctgc caatcatatt ttcaagttca     80520
     ggagagaagc aaaggcggcc ccacaagtcg tcacattgtt ttacatacgt tgttcagcaa     80580
     ccaggacatc tacaaacggt attgaaagag tcacattctg tatttataag gtatatttca     80640
     cccaaaaatg ccatttctgt cttcatgtaa tgatgtattt gaggccgcaa aatcacacgt     80700
     gacgtaatct gaccgtgact tgttactaca gagagggtgg gcgcaagcac gtgaatgaag     80760
     tcttctttaa tgaacagaac ctccataggc tgtgaataac aggtaaatac aattcttaat     80820
     aacattcagt ttgtggaaca gagtgatcgt ttgggagcca tgtggaaagc atgaaccaca     80880
     cttagcagtg aaaataaaac cgaaagcttg cacatcattt aaataatcat atcgcatttt     80940
     agagttataa tgacgacaag catttaatat gtttttcttt cttagcgaac acagagtgtt     81000
     gtgcatgaga ataaatgttt aacagtgtca gtagaactac tctagcctat ataatgttat     81060
     gaatacaata caagagggaa tctgataatg acaaatgtct gattttaggc agaaaaaaat     81120
     tggtctaata atgttgtcaa tgattgcaag catatgtcta tcagaattat gaatagttgt     81180
     attctgatct catcacttta ctgtgcatta atgaacagca caaatttaaa gtctgttcaa     81240
     gtccaccatt ccaagtctat acaaaattta acattttaat caacagtaga cctacacata     81300
     atattattac tgtttttata acatgtttga gaaataataa taataataat aataataata     81360
     ataataataa taataataat agcctactca tatttacctt gtaaaatcgt gatcgttatt     81420
     ttaagcaaaa aaaaaaagat tgcgattctc attttagcca gaattgtgca gctttagttt     81480
     gccctaataa atattttctg tttcttcatt gcactgatgt ttactcctct cagcagatta     81540
     tgttcactgt agaagatttt actgaaatat agatgtaagc ctataaaaga gcaaagagtt     81600
     ttagatttag aacaacaatt tttgcacgct ttatcccaac atttactatt acgaaagaac     81660
     tgttttccat ttgatacaga tgcttcattc tggcaagtgt ttatacaatt ttgaatgcag     81720
     tgttacattt tgaaggagat gtgaggcatt ttgcattttg tgtgtgcagt atttgaaaaa     81780
     tgtgcgtaga gttttggaaa aaaaagtgac actgttttga taatgtgtgt aagcatttga     81840
     aaaaaactaa gctgaatact agtatcttga aaaatatcta ttaaaatatg atgtactgtc     81900
     atcatggtaa agataaaaga aaccagttat tagatattag ttattaaaaa tatatttaga     81960
     aatgtgttgg aaaaaacaga aataggggaa caaatataca gggaggctaa taattcaact     82020
     gtatataaat ggtcccaaac aatattcaaa ccatggttac atccttgtta aaatatgcat     82080
     gttattaagc tgtttcagta aacaaaacta ttaccgttaa aggttttaac acatcattta     82140
     cagcgttgca gatataaaca gtaaaaagag gcagtggctc actcacactg gtctattttt     82200
     agctctttgc taccagcagg tcccatcgtt tctatctagc ctgaccactc tgttgaatct     82260
     acaaacagtg ttgatgatga agaatctatc agcagtaaag accgcacaat acaattcata     82320
     cttgtttctc tttgctcgag tgagcacagc cttcctgttg agagatgagg acgcatgcag     82380
     acagagcggg ctgctttaga gcacaggctg tgccgcccgc cactgcagtc tcccatcgct     82440
     gagaggaagc caacattgtt gacagagcac aaacacaatc atgccacagt atccaccttg     82500
     cttttttgtc atttgtgaaa gctgcgactt cctgattggc ctaaaataaa acaagctccc     82560
     tgcttgctca ctttcggtta tgatgttaca tacacatccc attgtatttt tgctccatac     82620
     ctttaaccct gttattactg tgagcatgct acagtagatt cctccttgag gaaaactgag     82680
     atggagatga gagagagaga gatctacatt ctagcacaca tgaaacatga cggcccatga     82740
     cgagagctgt tgtcagagct catgattcag ttgagtgatc ataaccagaa acgggtgtca     82800
     cagtgcgttc tcgagcacat gagagggtat tcggcagtct atttcagatc tgcgtctcta     82860
     aagcactgtc tctgtcaaca tcccaaagag ctcatctctt gacagttgga ttctttatgc     82920
     atgtctctag atataataac taatacagtg cttgcttact gtataaaatg tatagataaa     82980
     ggggctgtgt aaatggatgt gttcatttaa aatgtgtcca ctgtctgtac tgtatgagaa     83040
     gtgagattgt atgcaatgtt taaaacttaa attctcagaa aaatctctcc tcgaatcagt     83100
     ataaacactc taatacgatc tcatatttat gagccaaaga gttctttctg aacaagcata     83160
     tgatcaaatt gtgtgaccta gaatgcactc tcttcagtga gcaaaccaca ctgtaaaaat     83220
     gctttgttat agaccttttt cttggctgct gcatggaggg cgccatagtg accagcgtct     83280
     tccggtagaa tgtttagaac tttcgtttac agtgtttaca actggtaatt tgcgctccga     83340
     atatgggtta caattttgtt ttgagtggat tacgaagtgt ttttgtggca cacaacatta     83400
     aaaggagtgt gttaaagctg ttataatctg ccagatgtga ttcaagtgca agagaaaaac     83460
     attctcctag ttcacgtgtc tgccatcaga aatacagtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttccctggcc     83520
     tgtaagctgt taactcaatg gctctttaat tcactcacac gcacacacac acacacacac     83580
     acaccaattc tgtttttgat actctgctgg ctgatttgca tgttgattct aatcaggagc     83640
     tgtttatgtt tcatgtagtt agttcgtgtg tagtatttac catagtatgt gtttttctgt     83700
     catttcaaaa cggctcttta ttttcacttt gtgccagtct ttcaatcaat ctgtcagtgc     83760
     cagtgggaca ggacgtgtgt gtgtcaaaca ttttggtgaa ttacatttaa ttaggttggt     83820
     tatatatttg aaaaaagtca gaaactgttc actttagcaa tgacgaggcc ccattaaaac     83880
     cgctcaaagg gtaaatgact tgcagcagtt gttttccatc ctattagatt gcatttttta     83940
     aataatcgat acaggaggtg gcgctgaaaa cagtataagt tcaaagacat ttaaagcaag     84000
     taaaacagag ttaaactata atttcaaagc tgtccgaatg tcactgttta cacacatcag     84060
     ctgctgagtt cttagcattc tccttgcgcg tacacgcaaa gcataatagg aattttgcga     84120
     tcgtagaaaa aggtctatac gttatggatt tgtgttggga catgaagaaa ttaagttaaa     84180
     ggtgcagtag gtgattgttt tcagaaacag tttttgttgt aaaggttgaa agtctcttca     84240
     cattccaata gtaatgatta aagtaaatga ttgaaatgtg tttatatgca ttttaatatt     84300
     ctgggtgatg cataagacta aaaaatgttc atccaattaa aatttgtctg gctgataatt     84360
     tccataattc tgataagtaa cctaaactgt ctgccaacaa atgtagatct gtacttctgc     84420
     gcacccctgt tcacgcagac agatctgctg tttgcacgtg cacacgagag agtgacagca     84480
     gtaaaaacaa atgctgaatc aaaacttatt aaaaacctga atcaatattg gagttacttt     84540
     tgcacgctgg aggaaggatg acaccatggc tgaagtgttt cttttagaca ggtaatgttc     84600
     tgttttaaaa ctattttagt catgcaaagc ttatgtagat tgtgttgttt attgcagtgg     84660
     ttctcaaact ttttttcacc aagtaccacc ttagaaaaaa atcgtctctc caagtaccac     84720
     cttacgacgc tattttttaa ccagtattaa aaaatagcgt cgtaagccta attaagcagc     84780
     tacaggtgtg cacagtttta aaacgatgca gattacttcc tattagtaag aatatgtatt     84840
     attgtcagtc actttaaaca tttgaaatag tctgaacatt aactgtgctt gcagataaaa     84900
     aaaaaaaaag ttttagctaa aatgtgcttt taaaagttca taaaaaatgg cgctgttctt     84960
     aaaaagtaaa aagaaaactg ctgtacttaa atctaaagta ttcatagtag cctattcatc     85020
     aaaagctgga aatgctgctt ggaccttata aatataggct atatgtcata ttcctacact     85080
     ttcagacaaa tcttgaaata aatgttaaat gtacatatga cagggttcat acaggcacag     85140
     cctaatgaaa atcaattcca gcacctattt ttttttcaag actgacatgc tatgtattga     85200
     agacctgaaa tgtattctca gcaacccata aaacattgca taagaataga tacaaataaa     85260
     aaccattaat aataatattt attaatcata tattaataat ataataaacc tgcactaagt     85320
     gcttgtgaaa tcttttttgt actcaagtaa aaatactatt acactgctaa aataacaaaa     85380
     attttagtaa ataatactaa tattaggtat acgaattact cttttaaaaa gtactagttg     85440
     gttacttttg aaaaaaaatc tgattttcat catgaaatca ctttttttta agtgtaaacc     85500
     tgatttaatg gtttgattgc ttacatccca aagctagata tataatttgc actaacaaag     85560
     gaagtatagt caatttttcc tttcatgaca attaatcttt ttcaatagca ctggtaaaac     85620
     taccaaataa tctttaaggc catagagaca ctttttggcc atttttaaaa atatatattt     85680
     ttaagctttg aaaggttaaa ttaaagtata tggtaaaaag atttaaattt agccttttat     85740
     ttacatattt cacactattt tctttacaat atggcaaatt tgtttcttaa atagctgtcc     85800
     atcacatgta gattttattt tatacttgat cttaatctaa aatagaaacg taaaaaaaat     85860
     acaagtacac tgtcagtaaa aaaaaataaa acaaattact tcattttact tgaggtattt     85920
     gaaatattac gacactacat ttatcaaagc agtgctttaa gagccttatt gtaaattgtg     85980
     ataaataaac aataagtagg ctaacaatgg attgctttga cctgtaatgc tttaggacag     86040
     atcaaaatac agctaaatgt ataaatcaca caaatacctc acccagaaac atttccagca     86100
     taattatttt gtcgtaaaga aataaaaaat gttccacctt tgctaaaagt aagtttcact     86160
     tcacaacaca gccaaataag aagaccatta gcattgtcat cgatcatgta tcaatctatt     86220
     tctaaatatt tgataacttt gaatactttt gactaaattt agttaaggag caaagataaa     86280
     taatgtctac tttaatagtg gaaagatcgc gattgtattc tatctgagca cacacgcgat     86340
     catgagagga ctttcagttc atttgaaaaa agcctattta agagctcgca tatctgtttt     86400
     agcgatttgc gtacatgaat gcgctctcgt gttaaaataa agcactcgcc gcatttgcag     86460
     aaatgagtaa ttgtgcaata ccttcattcc cgcgccgcca ttcagaatgt atttagagga     86520
     gtgacaggtc agaggctagt cgactggctg tcggagagcg aaacgtgtat gaagatcatc     86580
     aaataggcag gaaatatgtc cgcggtttaa ttactctgct agacatctct gtagtgaaaa     86640
     catccgagaa gcattattcc aacaaaacat ttgtttttaa gttgtttttt ctgtctctgc     86700
     aacacagaaa gcatttgtcc cgcccttacg tttcacgcaa ctagacaagg tcgactgtga     86760
     ttggccactt ttcatgtcag tgaaatcacg cttcagaatc aattcttaaa cttcggaaac     86820
     tgattttcag cagcttatga cacaatgcac taaaataaac actccaagca cagcgctgtg     86880
     atcgtacgct tcacaaaaca gccaatgctg atcacatcaa tgttatatta cacattaaag     86940
     gattaaaagt gttaattgct tctttcatta tccagcgatt cctccgcgta ccactaggag     87000
     gaagcccgcg taccactagt ggtacgcgta ccacagtttg agaaccactg gtttaatgaa     87060
     tgagttattt gcactgaagt gttgttcagc caatgaaatc ttccagtcaa agattgaaac     87120
     gactattttc agtttcataa ggtcctttta cagcattgat aacatagatt tttatttagt     87180
     taaataacaa aacatcagta aaaaggtgct attccaccca gcctgcttta ctgaggtgaa     87240
     gttggtttta tattcacatc acattggttc attttttaac aatgactacc tacgcgctcc     87300
     ctatgttggt caccatgtta aactgaattt tcaatctgaa aaagcatgta attatagtcc     87360
     tgcatccagc cggccaagca ccagcacatg gagagtgaga ctaatgattc ttgcatgcat     87420
     aaacattttg ctacacaact gaaaacgtgc tggttataat agtttctcgt ttcagaaatg     87480
     ttgtattata aagtactata aaagtttcta actggtgaat gacatgatct ggtggtttgt     87540
     ctacagtcat ctttacgatg cgcattagtg tttcattgga tggcagggga gggacagtgt     87600
     tttcaaacct attttgctta tggatagcat tttggtagat cgcctacagc acctttaact     87660
     taattaactt taacttaaag ttttgctgct tatccaaact acttatttaa aataagctga     87720
     aattttttac attttttggg actcaccaat gtatagctaa tcatattccc atcttgttca     87780
     ttttcatgaa tgaaattgtg catcatttat tagtttaagt ggacatgctt gggcatgttt     87840
     ccaactgttt aattaaaaag ttagaaaatg cagaacagca cttcatatat tgaacaatga     87900
     cccatgtgct agactatcag agggtaaaaa tgcatcctga agatatgcat gtgtttttct     87960
     atactttatt aattcagctg cagtgatgat ttctaacaca gctatcaatc caaacagtta     88020
     accttctaca gatattgctg cagatcacct aaaaaaaatc aatgaaagca gaacgttact     88080
     cgaggctgtt ggatctgagc gtgagactct caccgtatat tccccaggga gaccagcaac     88140
     acagtggtcc cttcaccata catggtgaga acgagccgtg tgcctgtagg cgatgaatga     88200
     atgtgctgcg gtgggaatat ttcacaagca gcttcataag ctgtgatttc tgcacgtgac     88260
     acattcctga acttccattc agaaggaact gctaacattc atcctctctt accgcttatt     88320
     cctctcctgt ctaatttgct atgttgaaga agtctgcgct acggtgaatt ttttactcca     88380
     catttcaagt tcgaaccgaa ccgagtgaag gcagaagcac tgcagtcagt ttctgccatc     88440
     ccgaccggct acaatgggcc ctaaaaaatc taaaaatagc ctcaggaaaa aaaaaaatca     88500
     cacaggcccg gagactagaa caggctctct cactttttat gtaagcgaag acacctcagt     88560
     tatgtcatcg attgcccatc acttgacttc tccattgggg aggggattct cagagtcccg     88620
     agaatgccta attctaagca tctcattccc agtgcattaa caccacaaat aattatggat     88680
     agaatgacaa aactacatgt taaagaataa gaagataatt caaagaaggc tagtagtcac     88740
     tggtattcaa agcacagtac tgattggatg gcaatcccta caggttttca acattcttca     88800
     aaattactta ttttgcgttc aacctccact gaagaaaaat gatgtctgca aaattgttgc     88860
     aaacaattta tgtgttgaat ttacacaaat taaatttgat aatgttcaac ttaatatgtt     88920
     tgtttaaatt caacccaaat taattgttta cagcaactta acttaaaaag aaatattata     88980
     ttcatggaat cattttagaa taactttctt tagtgtatac tgtcccataa caatggacaa     89040
     gattttgggt tcaacagaaa aagaaacttg caaatgtttg taaattgcca tttttggatt     89100
     aactattatt ttaaatgacc attaactatt tgacagagac ataccatgat cagtcaatat     89160
     ggtgaaaatg catgtattta cttattgccc actgaaagga ttagttgtta gatttaaaag     89220
     taaatggtgg ctgagagtca acttttaatt ccatggtgaa aggcacacag acttagcatg     89280
     aggatgatga gtaaataata actgaaattt tgttttggta gaaacctttc aaaatagtca     89340
     tgtggatgta aaagattgga gactggacaa gcatttcttg ccagtagcgc agtcctttca     89400
     atgttcgatg aatcataact gtaataaatg tgaaaactaa aactgccaaa tgctacattt     89460
     ttaaagcatc cagtatataa gcccttaagt gtttgtttac acctgtaact gctgtttata     89520
     gtgacaacca tgagaaccta aagggatggt tcacccaaaa aattaaaagt catttactca     89580
     tgagtttact tataagtttc tttccactgt tgaacacaaa gaagatattt tgcaaaatgc     89640
     caaacaagta taatctgaga cactttcaac tttctttgaa acagagaaac tcatgaaggt     89700
     ttggaacaac ttaagcgtga gtaaacagtg gatacatttt ctttttgggt gaactgtgtc     89760
     tttaaaagta acaattcact aaaaatgcac tttatgtttt taataactta caattttgcg     89820
     tgaacgtccc ctttaacgtt tagagagaac caaatctgta gcttacaatg tactttacct     89880
     ctgcgttaat cgtctacctc aggtgcactg caatttctat agtggctcta tcaacaacag     89940
     ttcccccaac agctgcattg attagcacag gcccattggc caaaactagc tgcacatgtc     90000
     tactacaatg acacacaaga tctttgcgac aagcaggaga ggggcaccga ccttacagat     90060
     ctggaaatgc tccgacatca gtgtctcctg gatctccagc tcgcgcggtg ttggtgccgc     90120
     actgggggtc ccggccgcac tgccgcaacc gggagaccca cctggattga caggtgaaga     90180
     agtggtcaac ccgtccaaaa ccttccgaaa cttcttcatc tttatcctag tgtgtgtact     90240
     taaatgattt ttcttgaaca atctcaaaaa ggggcagtcg agacgcttaa aacggcatat     90300
     gagatgatgc ggcttcacag cacaaattca gacttctgat ttcttcttcc ttacagaatt     90360
     ttatgtgcac aaaaagtcac aaaagaaccg cattttccaa aataaggctg gtggtcatca     90420
     aaaaagtaga tgtttttttg gagggagagg cgaggatatg ttctgtgcgc attaaagcct     90480
     gaaccaggct ggagaagaac caagaaactt catggcactt acgcaggacg atatcgcatc     90540
     caactagtca acattctcag aagtcatgtc aaaggcatat taaagtacaa ctcactttgg     90600
     taaaatgaat gttactcgtc gtatttatcg agatgcagta gctgtacacg ccaaaactca     90660
     cgccgaacgc ttgttgtttg ggatcccaga cgcagagaca cgccgcagag aggcagcgta     90720
     tagcgacgag ccaacgtcga acacgtatca caaactgccg cgaaaagaca ggaaatttct     90780
     gcacctgaaa ggttttctgt gaagccccct tttctgtttc ttttttctga gttatttggg     90840
     aggagaggag gcgagcaccc tcgacccgca cccagaatct ctcccgcagt cgagtgcgag     90900
     ctgctgtcca aggtgctgaa agatcgagcg aaagaaagtc gcgcccccct ctgttcttat     90960
     tggatcatgt gtcacaaccc tacggtaatc ccgccttcca gaggcaacga ttggaccatg     91020
     tgctttagaa atcaaacaat gaaatagtga tttaattact tgcacatttt tattaaagtt     91080
     aacattaaac gcattgcact taattaagct acgtgtgctt ttttatattg aaatgcagtt     91140
     gatttttcat gtgagtgagg cgtgatgcta ctggttaaaa tatactttaa caaaagagaa     91200
     ccacactggt ccagaacatt aggttggcgt ttaatatgat ttacatgtga atttacagca     91260
     gtgctgttta gtgcatttaa acgtagaggg ggtttaatct gtcaccaaga aatatgaatc     91320
     ttcagacata cacacaacat tacaaaatag ctagaccaac gcaaaaagac agctttaaat     91380
     gcggagcagt ctggattacg cttcctgtat atagccacac tctccatcct gtccataatg     91440
     tgactcctct gagaggcagc aatggcctcc agggggcgct gcgttgtgca tctcgcagat     91500
     gcagattaca taagcgctta catcatctct cccttcggca cggcttattc cattcagtct     91560
     tttcccctga aatctgctca tgttgttgat accagcttca gagattttga tcctgctgat     91620
     gatgctcctg tgaattctcg tatcttggat aaaacgccac acacacaaaa aaaaaatcta     91680
     tgataaatcc aaaggttctt tttcatataa attgctatat atctgtgaat gtttgtagga     91740
     ttaaaacatg tataggatca agttctaaga aatatttaga tacatttata taacacttta     91800
     ctgtgtaata caaatttaca tgtatattat atagatattt tcaagagatt tgtacttatg     91860
     ggtgcatatt gataccttaa aaggtacata ttagtaacta acatatttaa acattagaca     91920
     gttgcattta gttttttact ataaaatcca tttttataaa ttttacttga tggagacatc     91980
     aaaactatag tacttgtatc tgccttataa ataaattcag catattttaa gtgcctcaaa     92040
     attgctaaca gttttttgag agagacctta caagatattt tatatagtcc tcagagaaca     92100
     ggatgcccct gaggcatgta cttctctcta gaaccaacaa aaaaaacctg caccctcttt     92160
     cagtcccacc atttctcaac atgaaaagat gcaagtaact aaagagggaa gctcgcaatt     92220
     atggtgatta cagggtccca gcattatgct ttctagtatt tttatcctga cattctccgt     92280
     tatctattgc tttgactttt tataggttat aaaattatag atcagactca agctccccca     92340
     attaacaggc tacaggctca gtgggctgcc atatgtaatt gctttttaaa atctcttcat     92400
     taaatatacg tttcatcatg aatgccaagg ccttttttat tggcacaaac cccaaacaag     92460
     atttcctatg actgattttc agcagtctaa acttcattaa caagataaaa acatttgtag     92520
     gctaaatgtt tatgtcattc ttcatcccac ggctctgcga cagcgatgtt ttaaatgcaa     92580
     cacagattaa atcattcagg tttctagtgc taatgcagct tgtcgcttga caaacatccc     92640
     cacatggact tgtttatctt agttgtatta ttatgtggtt gaggcaggca tggtagtgtt     92700
     gctaaaagag cttggcaggg gccttctccc tctgctgcat ggtggatgta ttacagaaga     92760
     aatccctttg ttgagaggat ttgggagtga gaaaaaaagc taaataatcc tcttcatcgc     92820
     tccctcaggg taaacagcat ccaagataac gcagctgcca agacaacggc acggggtgtg     92880
     tgctgcacaa cggggccact gcgttaatct tcctgctcga acctgcagac aaggattagg     92940
     gaacatgaac acgtcaggtg tcccatagtg taatgcagtt ggggagtttt gactgggcat     93000
     tacactgatt aaaatatgat gtgagaggcc attagcgatg tcggcagtgg agaatttatt     93060
     cactaattca aaattatgca taaaataata ttaataaaag agaaaatgat atgtatgtga     93120
     tcctgggttc aagtgacata tgggatactg aaatgcttgt catgactttg tccttgaaaa     93180
     agtattttac accatatgtc tctggggaag aatgcatgta aaattattgt actgtaagca     93240
     gttttagatt aaaacattaa tgcttaattg tttaatctca tctagtgaac accttgttca     93300
     caatgaaacc gtctatttgt tagaaatctt ttgtctacac aacagttagc cactagacat     93360
     agcttagctt caatctactg ttaactaata attaataagt ccttacattt atatagtgtt     93420
     ttctggacac tcaaatcact ttacaccttt ttggaggaat ctcctcatct accaccagtt     93480
     tgcagcatcc acctggatga cacgacaaca gccatattgc accagaccac acgccgcaca     93540
     ccagattatt ggtggagagg agataacgat gaagccaatt atgatacagg gatggttagg     93600
     aggtcatgat gaacagagga aagtgggcaa atctggccag gatgccaggg taaaacactc     93660
     caggtaccag gtactgctta gtttcagtgg gcgaccattt gagagttgca gagagctagc     93720
     tgctggctag ctgctaccaa tacatagcag taactgaaag tgtttcgcca tgcagatgag     93780
     gtcaaaatga aaactttatg tcccattctg attctaggtc aaatttgtgc agctttgatt     93840
     atggtgtggc tgttgatgcc aaaggagttg ctctgagtct gagcagaaaa cactgatctg     93900
     ggacttttta ccaaaaaaaa tggtgagtaa aagtaaaaat atccagtgag tgacaattct     93960
     gttagtaaaa atgtcatgtt gatgccgaag attgacacta gagatcggcc agactggcct     94020
     ggcctcaaat agtcacaatc attgttatta aaaggtgtgt agaagagcat ctatgaacct     94080
     tgaaatctga accatcaaac attgaggcaa atgatctaca gcagcaaaaa agcacaccaa     94140
     agcacaccat tcctgtcatt tctgtcatct aatatctaaa aactaaaaca acaatttaaa     94200
     acagactaac caaaatctga cagaagacta gaaaagattg tcttgagaaa cgtttttgct     94260
     caagatggta aaatctgaat ttggcacaaa cacattaaaa gaacagattc agcctgcgct     94320
     ggattggctg ttgaaactat tgatggtgga gaaatggatt gcctttataa ccaatgtgcc     94380
     catcttgtga cagatacttc cagtagtgta aaacgccatg tcacacagct caaataatct     94440
     caaactcttt tttttaatat aacaataaat aattctgaag ttagtaatac tgtaacagta     94500
     ttaagaacaa ctttctctgc aactttcaat gtttttgtga caacaaaagt atgcagataa     94560
     ggcccagggt ttatgaaagt agcgagaaat gtcagcatat gaacgatgaa atttatagaa     94620
     aaagatttta aaaaaaatta actaaaataa aataaaataa aaagattcag atgctgtccg     94680
     aaactgccta ctactcagtg ggttctgcat ttgaatttaa atgtactatt cggccattag     94740
     aaaagtacat tcgatacagt atgaatgtgt gtagtggaac tggacgtacc gagagatgag     94800
     tttgagcata ggtaggtttc aagaactccc ctgcttattt gagactaatg acaaataagg     94860
     gattgctgtg aagagatata ctgctgatta agagttcata tggtgccaac tgggtttggt     94920
     caatttacct atgtcgctgt gggaggaaaa aggaaaaccc agaggaaacc tacacgagct     94980
     cggggagaat atgtaaactt acgttgactg gccttgttag gacttaaacc agtgacattc     95040
     ttactgaaag gcaacagtgc tattcctaat tacttgggcc ccgtgccacc ctattaagga     95100
     aaagtgagga ggagtagggg tgaaaggggg gattcttcaa gatgaagata actgggataa     95160
     gaaactctgg ttatttatag tgagttaaga atcatcaaat tggtgaatca tgcgttagct     95220
     aatgtgggac ctgccgtgtt caatcataag tatgtgatcc tctcgaaatt catttattca     95280
     ttcattttct tttcggatta gtctttttat taatctgggg tcaccaaagc ggaatgaaca     95340
     gccaacttat ccagcatatg ttttacacag cggtaaacat ccatacacac ttattcacac     95400
     acatacacta cggacacttt agcttaccca attcacctga cctgcatgtc tttggactgt     95460
     gggcgaaact ggagcaactg gaggatacgc atgcaaccac agggagaaca tgcaaactcc     95520
     acacagaaat gctgatccag ccgaggctca gaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggtgatc     95580
     atgctaccca ctgagccacc gtgacgccac tcctctcaaa attagtttat aaataaactt     95640
     tacattgaac gactgaagcc agatggacaa ttttgaagtt tgtttatttt ttctggactt     95700
     tgaacgagtc agggactttg ctatggagga tgatggatct ctcagatttc accaaaaatt     95760
     tgtgttcacc taattagttg aacaaagttt tcagaggaca acactgagta attaataaca     95820
     aaattatcat ttaatttaag gatactgaac tttgaaagag ttcactgaca taccagtctg     95880
     gcgtgtcatg ctaatgttca ttcatattca cacttagaca ctcagacaga gacaaaacca     95940
     tgggagcttt cacacagaat gatcaaaact gtcagcgagt cttatattaa aacacaagct     96000
     gtaaaaggct tgtctcccca gcttaacaat gtgttcgtaa ttgtaaatcc cccactaggc     96060
     tttgaggaag agaaacgaat ggaaaacagc caaatcagct ctaacacatg gagtttatga     96120
     aagcgcacca gcatagcctg aggtaaagca ggtgcgtttg cctctttttc tgttccagca     96180
     tactctaaca tagattttca aatgcatatt ttagaactca gtaacccgca tttcacacag     96240
     ttaaaaaatg tcacactgct cagtttcttg tctccaacaa ttagaataaa tgagccccac     96300
     aagcacatgc acatgtgcct tccggggtca taaatcaact aaggagtatg attattaaaa     96360
     tataattgtc aggtcctaga cagcacatat tgtttaactg tcctttactg ttcagcacca     96420
     gcaataaccg tcatccctgt tgcttacaat caagacattc acaaaggaca gtcactcaag     96480
     atgaagcagt tgctttacag tttggggaag aacaaaaaat tgacttgact aaagttttaa     96540
     ttactctcgc acaatgctgc tgtgaccgtg caccctgggt gcgaattata cattgatgat     96600
     ccaggagggg ggtcacattc tttggtgata ttagtttctg taatgcttca gtgaatctac     96660
     atgtatgtat ttatatatta tcagtgggat agatgttgtt ttaatgtcct tcatggagaa     96720
     tcaagcatta attaaggggg tcaatccatg cccgaccccc ctgtaattct gtgtaccttg     96780
     tggcagggtt taaatattat caagtgagaa aatcctgaat cgcttttcat ctggtcattg     96840
     tattgaaggg caaaactaaa accatgatat taaaaacaca ctctctttct gtttgcaaat     96900
     acataaatgc tcattaatat taatcacgtg cattaatcag agattttcta tttgtttgga     96960
     tgcatcagta catcatacac atcatgtaaa gtgacaacta atttaagttt aaattagtat     97020
     ttaatgcgtt tttatcttca gattcaaatt tttggattaa taatgttact tataactact     97080
     atgcagcgtg tttttggaag aataaaaaaa tatctagaaa ctcaagacat tcatctttct     97140
     gacaccagtg ataagaactg ccataaatga tgtcaggcag gtggtggagt gaaaacttct     97200
     atttaagaaa ataaaaaaat gtcaaattat ttattttaat tttcttgaac actattttcc     97260
     atctttgttt tccatctcct ttgagttgct ctagatcatt ttatattaga tcatttatgg     97320
     atcaatttac gtcatatttt aggtataagg ttgtttggag tcaatgtagt gccatatata     97380
     catgcaaaat aaaagaaagt tttgcaaacc aaaaattaag tattaagcaa aaactaaaaa     97440
     aaatgcaatc tccaaaaatc gaaaagcaaa aaatgtattt ttaagaaaca cacagaaaaa     97500
     gaactccaaa taaaattgca tatatatttt tttatttttt tgcactgctt gatttttact     97560
     tgcagttttc tttgtttgct aattttattt ttatttttaa aaatttattt tcgctttaca     97620
     atttttggag atttgcattt attcattttt agtttttgct ttatactttt ttttgttagt     97680
     ttacaaaact ttattttatt ttacaagtat atatggccct ggattggctt cataggcatt     97740
     gtactgtgta ggtttgggat aagaatttgg tcagcttctt ctattgtcac ctaattctgt     97800
     ggtcacaaaa agtggtataa caccagaaaa tgttttacaa tctggcatta acatggtgaa     97860
     agtgtgtgta actatgagca agagaggcac ggctactgcg tactatgtta gattcatacc     97920
     atggcttgtc tgaagacatt gattggctag aaggtgtgca atctaatcga tgaatgcaca     97980
     gctaggcctt cttccatcag tttagtcatt attctctctc tatctctccg tctctctctc     98040
     tcattaattc aaataaatgc tgtaattcat ttaagtaaat gtaatctttc cgcaccactt     98100
     tatctcggtg tctgatgtta agcaggccaa atgctagatc aaaggagccg taactgacac     98160
     actcctgcat gcagccgtgc acaacttgtg aatgattata catataccca acatccaata     98220
     tagggatatt atgtggtaag ttttggtcac atcacatttt tgaaccaaca cctattcact     98280
     gcttgaaacg gctaacatgt cactatgttc cttaaaagag ataaagagtt gcaaatcgca     98340
     cacgtttgcc tggatgtttg ggaacattaa ttgaaaccaa atcatttaac tatgttattg     98400
     aactacgttt ggtataattt gtgtaaatgg ttatgttagc caaaaaaatg taaattatgg     98460
     aaatgtaatt attgtttgtt tttaggaggc tttttttggt atttttctgg acttagatta     98520
     aattgggagc ctttttgtca gtcaaggatg agagattaat tattttttaa tttgtcttaa     98580
     tttgtgtttt ggaattacat gggggcaggt ggtaattatt aacataattt tcatttttat     98640
     gcatgaacta acctattaag attagagaac acgttcacta ttaaagttaa ctcttaatta     98700
     ctgcttattg acagttatgt ggtatatggc tgagggaact agaatatctc tatgcagaat     98760
     aaggcactaa aagggactaa actgaaggaa aatgaatgta tgaatgaatg tataaatgaa     98820
     tgaatgaata aatgaattaa tatctactag ctgtatataa tgacatacat ttttagcaac     98880
     aggatgttta ttataatata atattgcaaa taatggtgcc ttttttattt catttatttt     98940
     tttacttttt tgtttacatt tagagatttt acagcagcat ttattaaaaa acaacaacaa     99000
     caaacaaaca aacaaacact accagtaaat aaaacaaatt acaagaagac acataaaaca     99060
     ttttcaattg tacagctgga aatactatgt cctgttgcca tgttcatata catagctaca     99120
     ggtgcccatc tttgtttaaa aatatcccat ttcaattggg cagtcatata ttccgttcta     99180
     tatatggatt caagtctttc tatccactgt gctactgttg gagggtgtgg ctttatccaa     99240
     tttattgtta tagtctttct ggcacttatt aaaagtatat gtagtatgta tctctggatt     99300
     ttattacata catcgccact ggcttgcatg gtttgggacc tgtaaagctg cacatcgatt     99360
     aattttttct tcagtgttcg aactctccgt agtgattatt aaccacactg aatggagcta     99420
     aactgaactg aacttaaaca ctgaaaagtg gactgtcact gttttaattt actatgatct     99480
     tatatgtgaa gctgctttga cacaatctac agtgtaaaag cgctatagaa ataaaggtga     99540
     attgaattta atacatcctg atatgacttc aagctagaaa aacaagggag taaaatgtag     99600
     atctaactgc atcatttttc attatcccaa tctttatgga cattcccaaa ataaatatgt     99660
     gtgattactt acttatttat caccaccccg gaatgaatcg ccaactattc cagaatatgt     99720
     tttacacaga gaagagcatt cccttccagt gacaacccag tactgggaaa actagtacat     99780
     actctgtctc cctaatttaa agtgttacca aacaaaatat actgtacaca atctgtacta     99840
     ttagaagcac taacgcaaca tttcttcttc accatgtgac attttaaggc acaaactcat     99900
     caaaagaaac agaataattt aagactctac agtttcatcc tttaaaacag taacacattt     99960
     tgtgttgcaa accttttcgt ttaccaccag ttgacctcag atcaggtcag ctactttgtt    100020
     tgtctgtact atcgatctaa acgcctacat gcctgcacca tttgtggaag aggatttatt    100080
     tgtagttttt ttctctgcct ctggtagaaa gtagtaaagg acaaaagaaa gtagaagaaa    100140
     aaaaatcaca agatataaaa aggtgttaaa attccaaact gaagtaaaaa atattaaaaa    100200
     gatgttttat atcattcaga caatgtacat tttgaaatat gtactggcat actgaagata    100260
     ttacaagctt tacgcttcat gaaatatgca gaaaatgaga tggatggatg gatggatgga    100320
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatgatataa    100380
     gacatatgaa tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tgatataagg    100440
     atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatataa agatggatgg atggatataa agatggatgg    100500
     attgatataa agatggacgg atggatggat ggatggatat aaagatggat ggatggatgg    100560
     atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg    100620
     atgatataag acatatgcat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat    100680
     gatataagac atatggacgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat gatataagga    100740
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatataaa gatggatgga tggatggata taaagatgga    100800
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tataaagata gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatata    100860
     aagatggatg gatggatgga tgatataaga catatgcatg gatggatgga tggatggatg    100920
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggata gataaatatg gatgggtaga    100980
     tggatataag gatggataca aagacagata tatggatgga tggatgaatg gatataaaga    101040
     tggataaaag gatggatgaa tataaagatg gatataagga tggatgtaaa gatggtgagg    101100
     cagtggcgca gtaggtagtg ctgtcggctc acatgagcaa gaaggtcgct ggttcaaacc    101160
     ttggctcagt tagggtttct gtgaggagtt tgcgtgttct ccctgccttc gcatgggttt    101220
     cctccgggtg ctccgttttc ccccaccgtc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgggta    101280
     ggctaaattg tccatagtgt atgagtgtgt gtgcgaatat gagtgtggat gtttcccaga    101340
     gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaaact tgctggataa gttggcgttt    101400
     cattccactg tggcgacccc ggattaataa agggactaag ccgacaagaa aatgattgaa    101460
     tgaatggatg taaagataaa tatatagatg gatggatggg tataatgatg gatggatgga    101520
     tggatggatg aatggatgga tggatggatg gatataaaga tggatatatg gatggataaa    101580
     tgaatataaa gacagacaga cagagagatc tgttttcctg actaaaaaat atttggctac    101640
     catcatgaca tgtgaaagtc acatgatact gttccagttg cccctgctgt ctttgtatct    101700
     tactccgact aaattgagtt ctttgttaaa cttgagaggg gaaaatacac acacacacac    101760
     acacaaagta aaaaaaaaaa aagatccaac cattcatttg agctgctttc atcgaaaaat    101820
     gaacactgaa tgattgaatt agtgacaatg gccatagcga cgacagcctt tgcaaaagac    101880
     ttcatttgca gcctctcctc cttcatcttc actgagccta atgcacttct tcaaacccac    101940
     tgctgtcaag aggttccttt cccttccact gctacatgtg accattcaca tatcatgcca    102000
     ttagtctgtt ccttcctttc atttgcaaga cccctgtctt atttcgatca tatttctcac    102060
     aacatgtgaa catatcccga taagggtcct caattccagc aaagaaccaa gaataactct    102120
     gcaaagtaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gaaaaaaaaa caatatacat aaatacataa    102180
     tttactcaaa gatttggcta gagtattttt tggacaccat ctatatccat gtgaatgata    102240
     caaatggaaa tgtaatatag actatgtgaa tggtaatgta gtcttgtgga atgtggatcg    102300
     tccatattct ggcacaccga ggagctcatg agtaccagtg ctgagcgaat ctgcatagag    102360
     tagaaaaaaa agcgatgtca atgtcagggc tgctagtttt tggatgtcat tgtggcagtc    102420
     tcagtggggc gatgggactg aatatcctct catgctgtca caacagaatt tgtgtcacta    102480
     ttccactgtc aacagggtga ctcaccaaag cctaagatct ccacacagag tgacattttt    102540
     tcaccctgca ttcatgaatt tccatttgaa aatttggggc aggacaagct aaaactatct    102600
     atttccattc attcagaagc tgacatgatg gccaaataga aagatggatg aacagacaaa    102660
     aagaaagatg ttggaaacaa acaaatgaat gagacaacaa acaaacaagt taataaatga    102720
     acgaatgaac taacaagtta ataaataaac gattaaataa atgatgaatg aacaaatggg    102780
     tggatggatg gataaacagg tggataggtt gatggatcga tggatggatg gatgaacaca    102840
     tgggtggatg gacggatcga tggatggatg gatgaacaca gaggtggatg gatggatgga    102900
     gggatggatg gagggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga    102960
     tggatggatg gatggatgag atgaaaaaag ctaacataga aggatggatg aaaaatggat    103020
     ggatggttag aaaaaagcta gaatggatgg atggatggat agatggatga acggatagat    103080
     ggatgggatg aaaaagctaa tatggatgaa tggatggggt tcaaacagct aacatggatg    103140
     gatgaaatga aaaagctagg atagatggat aggaagaaaa cctaacatgg atggatagat    103200
     ggatggatga gatgagaaag ctaggatgga tggacggatg aatgaatgga tggatgaatg    103260
     aatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg ggataaaaag ctaacatgaa    103320
     ttgatggaag gatggatgat atgagatgaa aaagctagga tggatggatg gatggaagga    103380
     tggatgatat gaaatgaaaa agctaggatg gatagatgga aggacggatg gatgatatga    103440
     gatgaggtga aaaagctatt atggatagat ggatgaatga atggatagat gggtgggatg    103500
     ggatgaaaaa acgctaacat ggatggatgg acggatgaat gaatggatag aaagatggga    103560
     taaaaaagct aacatggatg gatggatgga tggatggata aatgaatgga ttgatggatg    103620
     ggatggaaaa agctaacatg gatggatgga tggatggatg agatgaaaaa gctaggatgg    103680
     atgaatggat gggatgaaaa aagcaaacat ggatggatag atggatggat ggatggatga    103740
     gataaaaaag ctaggatgga tggatggatg aatgggatga aaaaagctaa catggatgga    103800
     tagatggatg aatggattgt tgagtgggta gatggatgga aggccaacac aaaaatatgt    103860
     taattaagtt gacatacatc aacattgtgt ctagcctcat tacaggtcca ctatagtcca    103920
     gtaaaatcac ggcttatggt gagttatgaa aattctttac taccatttaa atccagtagg    103980
     catattggtt tatgtatgaa ataaaatata agtagcatgt ccatggcatc aataaatatt    104040
     tttgtgaaaa acagaccaag gaaatgcact ataagtgaat tgaataaact aaatagtatt    104100
     tttatgaatg tgtatggttg tttcccagta ctgggttgca gctttaatgg catccgcagc    104160
     ataaaacata agctggaata gttggcagtt cattccgctg tagcaacccc agataaataa    104220
     gggaataagt tggcggaaaa ttaataaatt aatgtttatt ttgccagtgc attttgttgt    104280
     tctttatatg aacaattaat cctgttagtt tgctacgagg gagtgatgca caaaatgaaa    104340
     gccccggctc ctatactcaa tatttaattt cagttgaaag tacatcaata tactgaaatt    104400
     aaatgtctca gtagaggaaa aacataaggt gctttatgca actgggcaca gtccttcaaa    104460
     aactattttc atttatttct tgaataggtc tattattcat ttgcattaat gtaatgagcc    104520
     acaaaagctt caaaaacaaa cactctgccg aaaataaaag tagcatcagg tcctgacagt    104580
     acagttgttc agtgatggtt tcaggtggta atgccatact ttaatgtatg cagccataat    104640
     caataataat gattttgcat ggtaatccaa gatacacaat gttgtgacat tacatgaacg    104700
     tgatcacaac actgtaatac ctaatgcttg aaatagcaat gctttctatc agaatgcata    104760
     atcacagcgg ttagtattta tttcagcgtg caattaacac tgcatatcca gacaatttgt    104820
     taggtttcat cacatcagtg tattactcct gatggcatct gctattgatc tttcatattt    104880
     cactgactca tgtttattct gcccttaccg atttgttgaa tgtctgagaa atcacttact    104940
     gtaatctggt gttactcaga gtctgtcagt gctgtgtgaa ctggctctaa tctgtgccac    105000
     tgtgattgac ataatcaatg aaatctgtgg aactggctgc tgggtgtgat tggctgaaat    105060
     ggcttgggag ggaggacact ttccggccat attaactcca gcaactgttg ttgatgagac    105120
     aacactgacc aaatttgact tgccctggct aaatgttaat tttgccagcc tgcatatagg    105180
     tgacatcaaa gttaatagac atggactgaa agtccaatag actttaagac aattatgaaa    105240
     taatgagtag gcattgtgga gtgtattcag agttaatgag gaaattcaaa ttacacaatc    105300
     catttgaaac acaaacagaa acattgcttt tacttattaa atcacattta tatactgtag    105360
     gccatgaaca atatcatccc tcctaccatt ttgacctaag ttacattaac atcagtaacc    105420
     gcaagcatca tttaagacaa ctgatggagt tcctatttat gcagcaaagc gaagtattct    105480
     aggtccagct catggacagg tgcagggcac tggtaatcga cttagaattt acataggtcg    105540
     caacagtaat tgagtaacaa tggtgccaga gactttgaga gaaggaacag acttatccct    105600
     tgagggattt ctctgatttg catataaatg ggcgggtaaa cgcatgcctg ccattatcgg    105660
     cctgcctgac tggctaagag gagagggtaa tgagtgcctg ccccttttca attagcatgg    105720
     cagcatgcgt tccatttcag tgcagagaca cacgtgagaa taggtggaaa agaaaaaatc    105780
     ctctcgttca gaagggaaca aatgataaac aaagcaaaac aaaaaaacac gtttaaaggg    105840
     caaacaacac aaaataaata attgtctctg aagcaaaaca gctaataatg atacagatga    105900
     catttcttgt atttatccat tcaacacaaa cactaggccc agcagagcag gcatttaatc    105960
     cagattaaac atatgttttt cacagaaaaa tcatgcatgg atctgtaatt tggaaagcta    106020
     gagggccaag tgggaggaaa cagcttattt tagagaagct attccaaggc tgttgctctt    106080
     tgtgctactg tcatttggtg cttatgactc acagccttat aaagtcatta cacatccctc    106140
     aatatatgat atttacttca gttttatgca gaaggcaatg gctgtggtgc gtgacagtgt    106200
     gtttggtcag tctgtgagtg cattattcag cctaaagagc tacggtagca cagggaactg    106260
     aattaactta ctgaaataag catagagtgg cttattacgt tagtattggt ctccgcagtg    106320
     agatacgcag aaaaaaattc ctaccagcta aagaaatgaa ccagtgtaaa ttcaccagta    106380
     aagattagct acaactccca caagattact gtgattttcc ttagcaagaa gtgactagag    106440
     tgggctggcc aactctctag ggtcacatca ttactcacat tcatgggtca ctttgcgatc    106500
     actgtcttga gaatccatga cacaaatcca tactgccctg aataaatgca catctagggt    106560
     aatcctcctt agggcttttc accctgcact taacctcggt ttactctttt tctaaacatt    106620
     gctgcttatt ctagataaag gaaccgttca aatgtttgat taagaagatg ggttatagtt    106680
     gctctgcttt ttacccagtg ttaaaaggat agttcactca aatattaaaa ctctctcact    106740
     atgtattaga ggaaatagca aacactatgg aagtcatggg ttatggattt aaagctttct    106800
     tccaaacatc ttcttttgtg ttaaacagaa aaaataaatg taaaatttta aacaagcaat    106860
     ctgcatgttg tatttataaa cgtgttagac gcgttagtgt ttaaagagaa agatgtcaaa    106920
     tgttggcatg cagaaaaccc cagcttgact taaaagataa ttaaaaagtt tatagcagtt    106980
     tcaaatataa aaaacgttga ttcacaatgt caaagcctga atgttaacat gttacatgct    107040
     ccgtttgacc aatcaatgac tctgacaaca caaatatgca aatatgactc aaacccaggt    107100
     ttgggattgt acagcatgaa ttaaaaatac agaatttagt gatttttttt tttgttgaca    107160
     cagacctgga ttcagttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag gttgcataaa tgtaatccaa    107220
     taactgtgca aactattgtt ttttgtttgt ttattttcaa aacaacaaac aatggtaatg    107280
     gtcattaagc gcaactatca aattgcataa tttgcatcct acaaataatc actcaataat    107340
     cataattatg aggcagttta ctccaaattc tatcattgca agagttcaac ataggctcat    107400
     tctgaaaacg tacccctata tgcatttctg aagatcgcaa attatgtagc tagaggtacg    107460
     tatggctgca tttagtcttt aaaatgaatt ctacagacgc agtttctttt cctgcttacc    107520
     tcaatgtgga tggccctttc cgctgttacc agtttgtcca gtggcttgcc gcgtatgtcg    107580
     gcagacttgt gatgtggagt ggagatgact gcaaagatgg ggttcgagtc cggtgaaaaa    107640
     ctgttccaga aagcaggtaa gacaaaaata aaagacaaaa aaattaaata agtaaataac    107700
     agggtgaatg tggtaataac tgataacgta gtaaaaatca aggggctttt ctttttctgg    107760
     attgcttttt aaaactcggt agagtttagg gaaatgggtg ggcgggtcaa tcggtgcctt    107820
     tgaaaacact atagggaaat taccaaccta agtcacacat gacgtcacac gcatttaact    107880
     gtgcatactg gttgcaaaag acaaacagca aacatgttgt gttgtgccat aggatgccaa    107940
     aatagaaagt ctaaaaatag aaaacttaaa ttttaccgta caccatctac ccacattgct    108000
     tttaatgcca accgcagatg tctttggcta acagccatta gaagagttga atggagtaag    108060
     gatgtgatta aaaatgcttg actctgcagt tctcatttca tatcaggtaa gttcacgcta    108120
     tgctgagaga ttacccgttt tttgattgta gcaatgtatg atttcagcaa aaacagtgaa    108180
     atatgtttaa ttaaactaca gacactgaat aagaagaatg aaatgtaaaa atgtaagttt    108240
     acataccctg ccgtacaggt gcagttcgct gtcaaaatgc agttgttttg cttgttgatg    108300
     attacccagg ccttgtacag ttccatcttc attccttgtc tttggctagg cagaactttt    108360
     ttattttgga atctggtaat catggagcat tatttcttgc acatgaccag acagaacaaa    108420
     attgtaggca tctaaacact tgtgggcctt taacttctct cttctaaaaa cacttggagt    108480
     ttcaatgaca cagttgtata tttcgggctg gatgttttgc catttcgtct catccaatat    108540
     ccattgggag ggtgctatca caaatggacc tgtcagatga acgcagccca atttaatgta    108600
     attttgccaa ataactgtgc ttattactca gtgacatgct gttctattac actgaaagca    108660
     ttatgtacat aaaatatata atatgtaatt taatacaaca acaaactctg taccacatca    108720
     aatgtctttc cctcgctgta aattctagcg ctccgggttt ttttctgcag ccgtgatgcg    108780
     cccacaccct gaacgtttac aaaccgtcaa ttcgtcttta agcctatagg gaaggaggag    108840
     ggtgggtcag tcgatcggtc agtcagtcag tcaatagtgg cctctggtgg atttaagcga    108900
     gaaaagcagg cacaaatagc actcgcaaga acaatttaaa atctgaaaaa gcgtacactg    108960
     tggcctctgt tggatttgta aaacaaaaac tgtaaaaaaa acaacaacaa aaaaaaactt    109020
     acctcctggt cctggacgta tttggcaccc tccagaaatg tatatagggg tacatttcag    109080
     aatgagcctg tgttaaagaa tagcctgttt tttttaatga aaatgttgtt taattccttg    109140
     ttacttgctc tttagttaaa attgtttgta aaatttacta cacataatta ctttacacca    109200
     accaatcaat atagagatca atgttaatag catttttttt agtgtatttc ttttattttt    109260
     ttcttaaagg tcaggtgctt tgtatttcac attgtctatt ctggttgtgt actgtgcatt    109320
     ttggcaaagt aaaaggtcat gtaatgttct gtgttaacat agtgtgccga aaaggtatca    109380
     aagaatatcc tattcccaca tacccattat ttgcctattt ctatatcgtg aatgggtgat    109440
     gatgctatat cattagctta tcacctgtct gaacacctca gcaagtgcac cagattcatg    109500
     aacgaaatct ccttaagcac agcgaaggca atgagaggag acaagcatgc acagcttttt    109560
     cattcaaaca cacagagagc acatcagctt tgcaaggtgc cattcccatt ccaagctctg    109620
     tactcacatg atatggatat gataggcagc gtgcagatca taacactcat atcatcatcc    109680
     aacacaacat tattatcttc atccatgcca ttattaacat tatcatcatt aacataatca    109740
     tgataattat aaatggcttc tgtcccagtg agggagatgt tatgagaaga ttatatggag    109800
     atgatggaaa atgaggacat ctgttattat tatatccttt ggtacatttg atttctgaat    109860
     tgaattactg gagagaaaat caacatgaca gtggaacgga gctacaccag atccccgcac    109920
     gccctccctc tttcaatttc gtttttctcg ctcttaagtc tacagagaga gattgcgtgc    109980
     attacacagt gtgaattaga atgacagtgg tactgacaca catgcacaga ggaaaacatt    110040
     ttcacttttt taggctgctg cacaagctct tgatctaaca accgcactgc gtatttgcca    110100
     tgttatcttt aataactgaa atttttgcct tttcgcaccg ttttcacttt gattgttaga    110160
     ctaaagatac cttagctgag gtaaaaatga tgtttttatt attgataaac atttatgcaa    110220
     gaataaaaca catccaataa ttgcaacaaa ctttgtgctt agtaaattgg taacactttc    110280
     ttataaggtt atattagtta gtgttagtta atgcacttac taatatgaac aatgaagaat    110340
     gcctttatta tagggctgga cgatattgca aaaaataaaa aattcacaat atcgtgtttc    110400
     atatcattcg atatcgataa ttattgaaaa ttttttaaca agatgggata ttaggatcat    110460
     atcaaggcac atagtttaat agtcaaaacc aaaaatattt ataataaaat aaacgtaagt    110520
     gttaaagaga ctcttaaact tgcaaaacaa agtgtatgca atggtaaagg tgcttagatc    110580
     aacatctgta aggtgtcaat agtaatgata cagtcaacct caaactctgt aaacaaaaga    110640
     gactatgata atcaaatctg agctttcaag attgaaatat actgtatttt ataaatgttt    110700
     gttaaagttg ttcatcgtgt tatttcagtc agaccaactt tgccattttt ataatggaat    110760
     gttgaactat ggttaatata tgtatagtgg cacacctttc gtgcaaatcc ttatgtacca    110820
     ccttttgcag tttcaattcc aacaaccagt atttgcaaaa acgcgagtaa gaccgaatct    110880
     tcttctaaaa aaggtttact gaacaaatgc aaacaaaaat acaaagttac aatagactcg    110940
     atcagctcgg tcaaaaaact gtgttgcttc caacatccat aactgcaatc tgcctaaaac    111000
     gtatgaacta atgacctcat gacgtattac tgtcggaagc cacaatacca aattaaaggt    111060
     ttttaaatta tatcaattac taaattatgc attttagata atacaatcac aatgaattct    111120
     tattaaattt aaatatcaat ttttatcatg ttttaacctt cactaaatta ttatcacaaa    111180
     tgaattatgc ataactggct cttacattac ccggccccta attgttaggc tggaggacta    111240
     atcaattaca actaaaaaca ttaagagcca aacaacttaa acttcaaatg tgtgtaaaga    111300
     tcaacttgtc cttctttgtt actcgtccaa cgttgcctct ttcaacaggc acagtttatt    111360
     tacgggtctt tccaaagtgc tggttctggt cttcaatttc actctccgca ccattccagt    111420
     gtaatctggc agtgtttcaa ctattttcct gattacccaa gagttgcggg gagatgaact    111480
     gtccaccaat agcaccacat ctccaatcat gaagtttctg ctgggtttca tccatttctg    111540
     acgctcctga agaagtggaa gatattctcg cgtccatcta gtccagaata aatcggcaag    111600
     atactgaact tgcttccatc ttcttcttgc atatgtgtca tctttgcaga agatgcctgg    111660
     gggcatgatt ggttgagatt tcagaagcag taagtgattg ggagttaaag gctcaacgtc    111720
     gtttgcatca tctgagacac ttgtgagagg cctgccatta atgatacttt caacttcaca    111780
     cattatcgtc tgaagacagt catcattaac tgtttgctcc ttcaacaggg aattaagaat    111840
     tcttcgagcc gtccggattt gtctttccca aataccgcct tggtgagaag cagctgggct    111900
     attgaatatc cattttattc ctttgggctg caaagctctt tcgatcttat aattgtccag    111960
     ctgttgaata gcttccctta attctctttc agctgccaca aagtttgtac cattgtcaga    112020
     tctcatgatg gtgacttgac ctctcctaca tataaaacgg cgaattgcgt tgatgcagga    112080
     gtccttgtcg aggctgtcag ctacttcaat gtgcacagct ctgagcgtta gacaagtgaa    112140
     cattacccca tatcttttaa gggtaacccg gccccgttta acctcaaacg gaccgaagaa    112200
     atcaacaccg gtgttggtaa aaggaggttg atgtgggagg agccgatctt caggtaggtt    112260
     tgccatcttt tgctcaccaa cctttccaga catcctacgg catactgtgc atgtgttgat    112320
     tatttttctg atagcagaat tagcttgtgg aatccaatat ctgcatctta gttgtgccaa    112380
     cacatagtta cgtccacaat gtcctgttct ttgatgtatg tccctcaaga tcaaagttgc    112440
     aactttgctg tgtttagaaa gaatcgcagg atgtttagcc ttttccggca tagctgattt    112500
     gttcagtctt ccaccaaccc ttaacgtgcc gtcgtaaatc actggatcta atttagacag    112560
     tgcactactg cgagtgagtt gctttccctc ctgtagtacc ttgatttcct ctccaaaatg    112620
     ctgtctttga ctgaactgta tgatttctaa ttcagcagtg tccagatcat ccaaggtaag    112680
     tgattctttt acttcagcag gttttagttt cttcataagt tgctttaatt ttgatctttg    112740
     cttttcaggg tcttttacag cttgcttgtt ttttaaagcc tcttttcttt ctgttttttg    112800
     tttccacaga taactcttta cttttcctat ccaagccact gctcgtttaa gcttactcca    112860
     atccgaataa tagttgatca gctgtttcat tggttctaca ttctcttcta ctttaactgt    112920
     gttaacaaca attgtatttt tgacctctgg gtcattggca aggctttcat tccttctcac    112980
     aggttattcc ggccaatcct cttcatgcaa cagaaagtct ggtccactta tccatgttcc    113040
     cccttgcgct aagcttttcg ccttcaggcc tctgctggct tgatctgcag ggttttcatt    113100
     tgttccgaca tatttccatt gcgatgactt ggttgcttct cggatcaagg aaactctgtt    113160
     tgcaacaaac gttttgaaat gagcagtttc actgtcgatg tatctgagca ccgtagtgct    113220
     gtctgtccaa aagatcgatt gttgcaatgg aacctgaatc tcttgacgca acatcttgtc    113280
     aactttcaaa gcgacaaccg ctgctgtcaa ctcaagtctt gggattgtga ctcttttgag    113340
     tggagccact cttgacttcc ccaaaaggaa agtgcagtgt ttctcacccc gttcattctc    113400
     caacactagg taagacacaa tgccgtatgc atattctgat gcgtctgaaa aatgatgtaa    113460
     ttgcgctgta atagtgcatc caaacttggt gggtttaacg catcttctca cgtgaaagtt    113520
     ggaaaggtga gtaacatctt tcatccatct ttcccaatcc tctgcgtgct ttccatcaat    113580
     gttttcatcc cacccacgct gctctttgca aagatccttt aatagaagtt tggcatgcag    113640
     aatgactggg gctaaaaagc cgagagggtc gtaaatggaa ttgacgatcg ataaaatccc    113700
     ccttctagtc attggtctat cttgcagctt tatactgaag gtgaaagtat cattttctgt    113760
     gtcccactgc acaccaagtg tcctctcaac tggcaaagca tcgcgtcgta aatccagatc    113820
     tttgacttca ctggctctgt gctcctcagg aattgacagt aacacatttc tgctattgct    113880
     catccacttt gttagggtga accctccact gctgcgcaaa gcatgtagat cactgactaa    113940
     gtttactgca acgttttctg tagttacact tctcaggcaa tcatctacat aaaaattttg    114000
     cagtactgtc tgaacagcat ctagtgatgc agcatccttg tgatcctctg cagttcttct    114060
     cagtgcatat gaggctacac ttggagaaga agtagctccg aagaggtgca ctgtcattct    114120
     gaactcctcc actggctcat ccaatctacc gttgggccac catagaaaac ggagtaagtc    114180
     tgcatcatgt tctggcactt tcacttgata aaacatcgac tcgatgtccg ccattactgc    114240
     tacaggctcc tctcgaaatc taagaaggac accaatcaat gagttggtca gatcaggccc    114300
     ctgaagcagc tcactattca ggcatttacc ctgatacgag gaggtgcagt caaataccac    114360
     ccttaacttt cttttctttg ggtggtagac accatggtga ggtatataaa acaccctgtt    114420
     gtcatctctg ttcagttggt ctgtgggaac ctggacagcg tagcccttat tgatgatggt    114480
     ttccataaaa cttgtgtagt cattaaagaa ttcagcattt tttttcaact ttctgagcaa    114540
     acaagttaaa cgctgttctg ccacacagcg gttattagta gggatgggaa gattaaccga    114600
     tatgtatcga tacgcggtca tgcgcgtgca cgatgcgagt gcatcggtag agcagcagag    114660
     gatgaatgaa attttggaag caaatcgaga tgcatcggtt tttgcgagat gcatcggttt    114720
     ttccgagata cagcttattt ttttaatata gaatgtattt tttatttatt aacaagtgtt    114780
     gtcaacctgt ttttggcgca taatttaatc gacctacgta aagtaagcct tagcaacgga    114840
     tttgcggatg tgtacactta caatacaact cagtgtatca ggtgtgcgga tgaagctagt    114900
     ggtgcgccag caaaacaaac attttattcc ccactgagtt ttaaatctaa agtatggcaa    114960
     cattatggat tctgcaaaaa ggatggacga cttgacagga ctgatgcaat ttgcaaaatg    115020
     tgccgcgcat ctgtaaaata cgcgggcagt acgactaatc tgatatctca cttgaagcgg    115080
     cgccacggtg ttgttgtgaa agcatcttcc agtgttccta catccccggc tttcgcactg    115140
     cttgaactgt agctaccagc tccaaaagtg gtgagaaaag cattgaaagt tttttttttt    115200
     tttccatgcg caaaagtttt gtgcgctcta tgccaataac ggatgttatt gcattgttca    115260
     tctgcagggc cggagcaagc tgaactgctg ctctaggcag aggacgatcc agccgccctc    115320
     aaccccaatg tgaaaacgaa agtgcacggt tatgaaaatg aagtgacgtg tcgcggacct    115380
     ctattctgcc gccttatgcg cggatataac tgaggacgcg cgggtgtcgc ggacctctat    115440
     tcctccgccc tatgcgcgga tataactgag gacgcgcggg tgtcgcggac ctctattcct    115500
     ccgccctatg cgcggatata actgaggacg cgcgggtgtc gcggacctct attcctccgc    115560
     cctatgcgcg gatataactg aggacgcgcg ggtgtcgcgg acctctattc ctccgcccta    115620
     tgcgcggata taactgagga cgcgcgggtg tcgcggacct ctattctgcc accctatgcg    115680
     cggatataac tgggtgttgc ggacgccgcc ctctctatac tgccgcacta ggcggtttta    115740
     aaaacctcct cctgttaatt tttatttaat tataataata ataataatat taataataat    115800
     aatgataaaa ataatgggtg tcacggtggc acagtgggta gtttatcacc tcacagcaag    115860
     aagattgctg gtttgttata tttttatcag cctgttgttt acagtgacag tgatgtttca    115920
     aagcagcata acactgctag ttcacgacct taagttttga ataatcagtg gcaaaatata    115980
     tctttgtaaa acttgttttc atagttaaag ttaaatcaca attcttgttg tgcaatgctc    116040
     aacctttatg ttgaaagagt gcaaatatgt ataatttaat atatattgca cttatacatt    116100
     ctgtttatct tgaaaatact taaataatat gtgctatagg ttctaaaatg gccctctact    116160
     gtaaactgac actctggctc tgagagaaga gccagtttgt aaaaaagtct tggttttgct    116220
     tggttaataa ataatcaaac tcattcaatg gcacagcatc ctctttcaca taatctcata    116280
     aacttgattt aattagttag tgctgaatta tcgcattgta tcgtgatatg ggtgtgaatc    116340
     gtatcgtgtc gcatcgcaat atgtcataaa tgtatcgcta atatatcgga tcgtattctt    116400
     tgtatcgaga tgcgtatcgg atcggcatta tagcttagat gcccaaccct agttattagg    116460
     catttgtagg ttcttattcc tgagtggcaa tccaatgcta taatgcccat tctcaaagat    116520
     tgctgtcttc tctacagacc tcaaaaattg cttgtcttct acagacatct cctccttgtc    116580
     gtcatatttg cgctctggaa aatcagtatt gtactgctga accagtaact tttcattgtc    116640
     catcagagat attctgttta cagagaaatg agatggttca ttttctgaat ccttcagttc    116700
     cttccttaca ggaccattca ccacccaacc tatagccgtc ttcactgcat aaggacctcc    116760
     atctcgacta ttaatgatgc gccagggctc catggctctt gaacagttaa ctccgataag    116820
     cagacctaca tcagcttcta tttctggtaa gctgacttcc tgaaggtaag accactcttg    116880
     aatatctgac tgtttgggta tattctcagc atgcacaggt atgctgctat gagtgaacac    116940
     tttgggtagc tcaatgaaca tcgtgtcttc gagcccgcac acttctaagt ctgatatcac    117000
     aaaactgttc attagcgttt gttctcctga tgtatctttg cccatagtgc taagaagtat    117060
     tcttgtgggt ttccctttaa cattcaattt cctttgtagg tcttccgtgc agaatgatgc    117120
     tgtgcttccc gggtccagaa aagcatatgt ttctatatgc ttattactat tctttgattt    117180
     gactttcacg ggtactattg atagcacaca ttcagtttct ccggctccgg taagaccaca    117240
     tgactcttgt gtgatgggaa cttccataca tgatgcttct ttacgctgag caccatcttt    117300
     attttctgat gggacaaaac tttcttcctt cactttgtgc aaaatgtcag ggtgctttaa    117360
     tgcacattct ttgcactcta actttcgttt gcagaattta ctgaggtgtc ctggaaccaa    117420
     acatccaaag cataagccct ttgctctcag aaattccact cgtttttcat gtggctgaca    117480
     tttaatttta ctgcatgaag caagagtatg agactgctgg cagtacaaac atggtttagc    117540
     aaaggcattt gctggtttaa ttatgttagg aggcttgata ggtatttctt gaggtgcttt    117600
     actttcagta gcaacactaa tcgcaaaact gcttcctcga acctctttcc ttgcaggctg    117660
     cttttccctt agatccagct ttccagctgt gtttgggcgg ctgtctgaga tgttaccaaa    117720
     cagaggatct atagctatct tggcctggcg gtctatgaaa ctcaccaaat ctgcaaacct    117780
     tgctcttcta cctcttcgtt ctttaagttc gaaagcttca acacgccatc tttctttaag    117840
     tttgtaaggc agtttggata tcactgtcct catgttggta ggattatcca tttcttctaa    117900
     aaattcaata tcctccatag agttacgaca tccaatcaaa aacattgcgt aagcatttaa    117960
     tgctttccca tcatctgttc tcacttgtgg ccatttgagt gccttctcta tgtatgcatt    118020
     ggcagtcaca agttcatctc cataatgctt atgaagtaac ttcttagcct cgtgataacc    118080
     tttgctaggt ggcatgtaag cacaactacg aacgagttct tgaggctcac cgtctgtaaa    118140
     ctgctccaag aagtataatt tatcttgatc attttctgtc ttctgctcaa ttacatgttc    118200
     aaatgccctc atgaaggatt tgtactggag tgcatcacct ttgaacactg atatgtcttt    118260
     tgttggcaac tgagaaagct gttgttgctt tactaatagc tcagtaatta cattctgcct    118320
     ttgcatgatt gtcaaaatgt catcacttct attattctga gttataagac tttgatgaga    118380
     gactggttgt ggctgctgtg gtatttgtga gggctgcatt cgtgctggta catgaacatt    118440
     tacattagct tgtgtcggta gcgtaatgct tactctttcc ttcttcacat tctcacttga    118500
     tattttacgc actgatgcat aactattcat accatcttca gacctctcat actctttgag    118560
     cacttttaat tttgcttggc tttcagctag cgcagtctcc atttctaatt cttctttttc    118620
     agccttaatt ctagctgttt ccatctcaaa ctgctgctta atccttgcca cctcaaattc    118680
     aagctctcgc tttttcttca tcgctgatgc acgttccagc agagcagcat gttctgcttc    118740
     ctgtttagca cgtgtagatg ataaatatga agtgcttgat gtacgactta catgagatcc    118800
     acatgagtga gctttggcac cactgctgac ccctatctgg gagatactgt cacttggtaa    118860
     aacagcctct tgatgctcat ttattccatc atgattttct gactgctcag tttctttctc    118920
     catagattct tgcatatctg caacccatgt tttagttgtt tttatgaagt ctttaaacat    118980
     caccattttt ggttcaaacc aatcaacatg gtcaaacatt ttttcctctt cagtccacaa    119040
     attgccaact tctttattaa gtgtaatgaa ctcatttaga tactgctcaa aatcactttc    119100
     caacatatcc ttcacttctt gtacattttg agtatctctc ttcattgtct ctatctcctt    119160
     cattttgtct gttagagctc gcaaagtttg tttccttttt gctatgagcc gtcgcaatct    119220
     ctcctctaat cccttctctg tcagtttacg tgatcttcct gactccaccc catcttcgcc    119280
     ttggcatata ttaacttctt catcagccat cgtatttgtt gcggagctta tgcttatgtt    119340
     gcgtgcacaa agtttaaagc actttcttca aattgctttt cataaagaac tgaatgccaa    119400
     caacctttct ataatcacat aattccacac tgactgaatc cactttgtca ctcacgtgcg    119460
     ctctctgaca gagggagtga ttcagcgctc tcactgacca tgcggttaat tctttcactt    119520
     tcgtttttct ccgcacgtgg gaattcctca ttcatccata tgcgtctcct cctcacaata    119580
     ctcaaaaata aaaagtacgt tccaatacct tttcctggag gaagctgtaa tgaattatca    119640
     gttcgttgat cagttcgtcg agccgtgcaa taaggcaatc caaggagatt tcattgacat    119700
     cttcttagcg agttttttaa ctaatatagt ggcacacctt tcgtgcaaat ccttatgtac    119760
     caccttttgc agtttcaatt ccaacaacca gtatttgcaa aaacgcgagt aagaccgaat    119820
     cttcttttaa aaaaggttta cagaacaaat gcaaacaaaa atacaaagtt acaatagact    119880
     cgatcagctc ggtcaaaaaa ctgtgttgct tccaacatcc ataactgcaa tctgcctaaa    119940
     acgtatgaac taatgacctc atgacgtatt actgtcggaa gccacaatac caaattaaag    120000
     gtttttaaat tatatcaatt actaaattat gcattttaga taatacaatc acaatgaatt    120060
     cttattaaat ttaaatatca atttttatca tgttttaacc ttcactaaat tattatcaca    120120
     aatgaattat gcataactgg ctcttacaat atgaattgtt agttcttatg ttacataaac    120180
     taacagtttt agcatgaaca gtaggctagc tgtttacttc attgcaacaa aattaaagtt    120240
     gctgtttgcc aaagccaagt ggaagtcgac acgtgtctta gataagctca cctttgtagt    120300
     tgctgttgat ataggaagtt tgttaagctt tttccttcaa actttcttga attttctgtt    120360
     gtctctgttt tgcattgctt tactccctgt ataacggaaa gattatttgc tttgttgagg    120420
     tggtaaatta cacaaacaca tgccatctat actgctctcg cgaaatattt taaaatctga    120480
     tcttacacat tactacatct tacaaatata ccgctacacg acgcgaaggt tcccatgttt    120540
     atccaagtgc aatcaactgg tttactaaag acgtgtgtat tgtaggctac ggtctttttc    120600
     tgcgtttagt ttcgagtgtt cgatgttgtt taaagtctat acataaatcc taatacatta    120660
     attatacttc tgtatttatt gatcacatta tgacactgct gctataacag tttacaattc    120720
     attaacgtta tataaaaaag gcagttggtc gaacacccaa agcacatgca cgttatcttg    120780
     cgtatttgct caatattcat ttttttcaac aacgagacgt catttaaaaa aaaaaaaact    120840
     taaaaacaaa aggtcaatta tctggcaagt gatgcatgaa gatgatttct gtgcattgct    120900
     aaagctactt agatagcaat atatcatgta taaatgaatc tgtaatagtg atgaaaatca    120960
     ctgcgtttgc ctatacagta tatttcacca aagaattgga gctgaagcat aattttatca    121020
     aacataatgt aaattatccc agctgaaaaa caacagactg catgctggta aggtgtattt    121080
     ggatttcatt ggaaaatgaa atgaatgatg taacatctga aacagcacaa ttggtatgct    121140
     ttaaagatat ctttttacta ttattaacta taaaccggac ttaaaccata agtatttatt    121200
     tgcatggggc aagacggagg cacagtgggt agcactgttg cctaacaaca agaaggtcgc    121260
     ttgttccgag tcttgactgg gtcagttggc atttctgtgt gtagtttgca tgttctcccc    121320
     atgttggcat aggtttcctc caggtgctct ggtttccggt gaatgaataa gctaaactga    121380
     ccatagtgta tgtggaaatg agtgtgtatg gatgttttcc agtactgggt tacagctgga    121440
     agggcgtctg ctgtgtaaaa catatgctga ataagttggt ggttcatttc actgtggcaa    121500
     cccctgatga ggaaaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa    121560
     tgaataaatg aagcaaataa taaatatggc acatacaatt attaacgtcc attctcttag    121620
     attgtagttc attttgagtt gtctttaagg tatgcagtac aatagtattt cacatacagt    121680
     agcatatgca gcactgcatg tgtgtgttta agcttaacct tatttgacct cttactccac    121740
     atctcgactg attgattaat taattgatta attaagaaga gagatttgtt ggaccatagc    121800
     tttcctgtaa ttgagaaatg ttattaaatt tcagataatc ttagcttaac ttgtttgtgt    121860
     cttgcaggtt gatgaccatt gtttgctacc tgtttttgtt gcatggaaaa gatggcttaa    121920
     tattcttcaa acatccatta tttgtgtttt gtggggaaaa catgttcgga catgaggatg    121980
     agtaaatgat gacaatcatt ttagattgac gcattgcttt caatttgccc aaaatttcac    122040
     ttaatccctt cccagatgtt ttgtccgttc atatatcatt tatttgcaga tgtacagagt    122100
     aaaaacaaga tttaaagcct gatgttatac ttaagattgt taaaagacaa atttagtacg    122160
     ttgtattttt ttttttcgat tctacctata acaaaattct tcactttgtc agtttttatt    122220
     cctttaggcg tctctcttga acacattgaa atccattaca cataagtgac gtttatcttt    122280
     ttcttcctct ctgagtggat gtgcttttac aggattttag catatataaa acatgataat    122340
     ctcattacac tgtcaaacat taaatcaaac tgaactcttt ttcccattca gtgtgaagag    122400
     agaagccaaa agtacattgc ctaacatcat ctaaaaccta atccttcaat tgtatgacaa    122460
     atttcgcttt tagtcctact catgtccaaa aaaaccagga gataataaaa aaaacagcac    122520
     ctgtaatcca agctgcccta aatttgaccc acattaaaag gcacggtgct ccgtttttgt    122580
     ttttttgaag ttttgagaat agatgacagt gttgttgatt attgtttgta cagatagtat    122640
     tggtttgcaa tatgaaggtt ttcaagctaa atgtgtaaat gctttcatca gtgttcccaa    122700
     atgtgttcag tgaaagtagc taaagtctgt ttgagaatat gcttaatgtg gatagatatc    122760
     aacatgtgcg aatgaacata ttccaaacat cattgtgttg tattagccat ttacatttag    122820
     atgttagcga ttttttgacg ttttatgctt ctgttgttaa acaatgcagc acattatatg    122880
     tgattgccaa atgcattatt gcgttactta gtaactcttt atggtaagta atgtgttgag    122940
     ttacttttga gttacttttt catactaaga cttgatctct ttcaaaatgt gctgggtact    123000
     gtaaaacacc ttcatttacc ttaaaacaaa ttaataaaaa aatctgaata atgttacctt    123060
     ctgagaactt cctgacgctc tacatgctct atatacagat taacgaaggt tgaaagcaat    123120
     gcgtttgctt ctttgatatt ttttttttat tattagttca gtaaaaatca ctgttcattg    123180
     agacaatccc cttttctcat gtgttcaaaa tagtgagaat atttccatca cggaaaagta    123240
     agcctctgcc attttgtttt tttgtatgtt cccgcgggag ctcatattct cattgagggt    123300
     gattcaacat gattacacta tttttaattt agtaaactgt ttttaaaagt gtattaataa    123360
     atctaaaaag taatttgaga tacattttaa aataactcaa ataatataac ttttttaagt    123420
     gatgctttgc tttacttgtt acttagaaaa ataatattat tatgtaactc agttatttgt    123480
     aatgtgttat tcaaacactg ttaccctgga ccataaaatc cggtcttaat ttgcataagt    123540
     atgtttttgg ttatagccaa aaaacattgt atgggtcaaa atgatgggtt tttcatttat    123600
     gccaaaattc aataaaaaac taagatcata taagacatat atatatatat atatatatat    123660
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acacacacaa    123720
     attgtcctat catataagaa gtataaataa gtgtaaagct tatttattct gctttcatgt    123780
     cctctataaa tcccagtttc tcttgttgtg gtctgaggtc acatttacaa atatactaca    123840
     atatttgtgt ggcttttatg ttcattcttg gtgttttgga gcttgacagg ccttggcctc    123900
     attagatttc attagtcatc agagtaaagt aaaaagagag taaataatct gtttattatt    123960
     aatcttttaa ttatttattt tgagctgggt taatattact cttactttac tttcagaaca    124020
     tgtagtttat tattatttat tttattgatg tagaatttgt tgaagtcaga attattagcc    124080
     cccccctgac ttattagcgc ccctgtttat tttttcccca atttctgctt aatggaggga    124140
     agattgtttc agcacattag cataatagtt ttagaaacct atttctaata actgatttat    124200
     tttatctttg tcatgatgac agtaaataat attttacttg atatttttca agacacttct    124260
     gtacagctta aagtgacatt taaaggctta actaggttaa taaagtgaac taggcaagtt    124320
     agggtaatta ggcaagttat tgtttaatga tggtttgttc tgtagactat cgaaaaaaat    124380
     agcttaaagg ggctaataat tttgtcccaa aattggtttt taaaaaaaat aaaaactgct    124440
     tttattctag ccaaaataaa acaaataaga ctttttccag aagaaaaaaa tattatcaga    124500
     catactgtga aaatttcctt gctctgttaa acatcattta ggaaatatta aaaaaagaaa    124560
     gaaaaaaaaa ggaggggggg gggctaataa ttctgacttc aactgtatat atattgtgtg    124620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt    124680
     ttatttgttt tagaatatgt catttattct ttagtttatc ctttttattt tcactattat    124740
     tgttgttatt gtcgttatta ttaatattat tctttaacaa ccccctgttt ttgtttttat    124800
     gatcactgtt atatgctgat catctacatc atattttttg tgttcacata ctttttaaaa    124860
     taaaataaca aaatgaaaat ctgaagtaaa aaaagaaagt taatgataca attttgtaat    124920
     gtcccattaa atgttctata tgatctaaat tgactaaaca cgacttaaat attctatttt    124980
     atgtatttta ctgttttaat catttcatta tgaattggtg aatgtatgat caggtgctga    125040
     aatgtaacgg tactcgtggt ttcaccataa cccaaacctg catcagcatt taccatttta    125100
     gaggtcacgg ttaaaaagac aataatcccg agcagccgtt ctgcatggtt aacctctaac    125160
     aagaagaggt gtggctggag gaacatataa atcacattaa ccacagcacc accttcaatt    125220
     gcctggctat aaatcagcag ctcacgtttg cacatgccac catccctgca tgtctgcatg    125280
     tgcatgtttt atatgtgatt taatgccatc tgatcataaa tgaaaatgta attcaaggac    125340
     acgcacatca cattccacta cagatcagct tctttcattt catttatgac gtggacgtgt    125400
     aatgaagtgc cttttttgtg gtcgttttgc cttggtttgt gaaggtctga ctgattacta    125460
     tattgattag caggtacaac ttttaattac ttgaacattg aatcgattga ttgaatcaat    125520
     gattgactat agtgttggag agaccagtta gattatgtaa acatccagac actttaaacg    125580
     aactgcgaat ttaatttgcg ctttaatggt acttcaatca aagtagagct tgttaaatgc    125640
     gttcgtctgg aaattaagac ttgtgggaga atgtaggtaa ttatattttc aaacatctat    125700
     gaatgaaaat aattacaata ttcgctattg agtatcaagc ccgttgagta tggaagggtg    125760
     taatcaacta attactttca agcatttcgt ctgatttatt ctcattattg ttctttttgt    125820
     gcccgttggt gaccagtcaa actattattc atgcctatag gcttaattta gaagacgtat    125880
     attaaaggat taggtcatga tttgctcaga gccttgtcat acaagatgtc aatttctttt    125940
     taaaaaaagt acttttttaa cttccaaata gtagatttgc cgctgtcagc actagattgc    126000
     ttggttaggg acttgtggag ctgtgcattg atggatttcc tcttcagtgt ttggactttc    126060
     agcaatgaaa tttaaaccac actgaactaa actaacttga catttaactc tgaaatcagg    126120
     actgatacag tttcaattta ctagaacttc tatgttaagc ttctttgaca caatccacat    126180
     tgtaaaagcg ctatagaaat aaagatgaat tgaatagatt tagtgcagct tcaaagggct    126240
     caaatgatct tatagctgag gaataaggtc ttatgattgg ccgttttctt aaaacagaaa    126300
     atgtaaataa attttatgtg acagtttgtg gttaaaaaaa tatataaatt tgttttattg    126360
     gtgacacggt agcttagctg ttagcacggt cgcctcacag caagacggtc actggttcaa    126420
     gtcctggctg ggtcagttgg catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctcct ggtgttcgtg    126480
     tgggtttcct ccgggtgcaa actaaattgt ccgtagtgca tgtgtgtgaa tgagtgtgta    126540
     tagatgtttc tcaggttgca gctggaaggg cattcactgt gtaaaacata tgctggataa    126600
     gttggtggtt cattcggccg tggcgacccc tgaagaataa agggactaag ctgaaggaaa    126660
     acgaatgaat aaatttgtat ttttattttt tttaagagaa tgacagatta agaccattat    126720
     tcaatggctg agatcaatta gagaaatttt aagctgcaat gaaagctaca taaaagtcaa    126780
     caataatcaa tgtttttttt ttttcaaaag ccttttgaag aaatttggaa atttacagaa    126840
     aattaagatc ttgaatgagg tgatgtgtaa attatcaaga aatcctgcaa agtctgtaaa    126900
     acatacattt aaaataatta aattaggaga tcatttttaa atccagtcaa tattgaaaaa    126960
     ggcttatgtt gactggacaa atgaacacaa atacatgcat gaagtttttt tttaataatt    127020
     aatttcagta acactattga ctaatatgaa aacgttaatt acaaaacagt ttgtaaagta    127080
     atattttctg tcttttaata gatatattat atagagactt gccttgttta ccaaataatt    127140
     atgatctgga tggatttgca ttgtaaacat taaataaaag tttaaaaggt gttgtttttt    127200
     tattatttat atattaataa tataatattt tcgcataaat ccacagattt ttacaaaatt    127260
     ctcaacggaa ataggaaaaa aggtctgcag attatgtctg gccctaccta tactccataa    127320
     atccattttt aaacactttt gtgtgtatat agcgcagtct ctaatgataa atatatatat    127380
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat taattctatt ttttataatc    127440
     acacttgata aaaacagtct gcaaaaacac tttgtttgac attgtccctt tatacatgtc    127500
     attaaagtgg gaaatctctg ccaattagtg acaatctctc cctcattagc ataagcaacc    127560
     ctgagtaaca agccatcttc cgttatagtt ttgaatctgt cactgtgttg acgcataggc    127620
     atttatagct ccaccctctt ttgaaaagag ggctttgagc acaatctcat ttaaatttaa    127680
     agtgacaatc acaaaatcgg attttgatct aagcctatga aagggcttgt aaaagattgt    127740
     ttgtgtggtc ttttgagctg aaacttcaca cgcgtactct agtgacatca gaaacccatt    127800
     ttacatcttg taaaaagaag catcatagtc cagtttaaag tctggatgaa atcaaaatgt    127860
     tctatggtta ttttggtagc actcttgtta gccttaaggc acaggtgtca aactcagttc    127920
     ctggagagct gaatttttgc atagttaagt tccaacacct gatcaaactt attcaggctt    127980
     gtttgaattg tcaaagtctg actgtttgtt ttactctaga atggcagacc ttctctgatg    128040
     acatcatttt gaaggtttgg ttaaaatatg ctaagccact cctttccaat tgttagtttg    128100
     tgagtgaaag atgaaggagc gcataaataa ccccgcccct tattgacctt atacttctca    128160
     tatgagcagg cgcagccatt ggaatattat ggctcaagac ttccagtctc atttacttcc    128220
     aatgatttct agattgtaaa aaccccttgt ttttagcttg aaattgcaaa ctgatatttt    128280
     cttattgtgt tattctattt ttcaatgtat agtcatgaac acacttgttt gtagagcaag    128340
     tagtttgaca attttctggc atttatcatt catagtaatt tcttccattc taagttctaa    128400
     aacaatcaca aaaacgagtg cacttctaca tcccagaata aggtcaacac tcaacattct    128460
     gttttagctt acaaataagc catcatgata aaataaatgt ctccagcagc ttcacgcaga    128520
     cttcagtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    128580
     tatatatata tatattacat atgaagtcag gtttgtgcca gctaaaaaca taacagttga    128640
     aataatatat gcaagagaga aatttagaga atattaaaaa aaattgttac ggaagaagtg    128700
     cctaaataat aagttgaagc tgcttgaact tatttttgac agtgtaagcc gttgtaatgg    128760
     aacctacatc acttaggaat acttccataa tatcaatgcg aaagagatca ctcaagaact    128820
     cgcagttctg tctatctcaa atatcctttc tatctttcag acacagcaag tacgagtctg    128880
     acaggaggta tcaaaacaat tagtatcgct gagctgtggg cagctgctgc tttcagagag    128940
     atttggtggc gagatcggct ttgacatcaa aagcgtgagt ctagcgcttc ctctcgacat    129000
     gagcaccgtt ccactgactc acataattgc acactgacat caattagacc ttaatgaggg    129060
     cacgcagatt agatccaaac agagaaaata tgaaatgtga cctttcacgg actgataaca    129120
     cgtttgcttt ttcctggtag aaatagattg gacagtagcc aaatttgggt tttgtggcca    129180
     taatatttac agcgtcaaaa aattaaaggt aatttggact ccttcagcta aaatgctttc    129240
     agcatctcgg gtatcacatg gtttgcacta aaaggtgaac agattgcagc cggtgtttgg    129300
     gctagaatgc tagcatacta attgcactgt ttctgcgtta gcctatttat agtgtgaaca    129360
     ttagaacagt ttactgtatg gaatatctgg atgaatgact aaaatcagca gtatacatca    129420
     ttgtgttacc cttgatgcaa tccgcttgtt aagtggtaaa gtgttggtga tgtaatattg    129480
     tttttgggtc gaagccgcca cttatttgaa ttgagaaacc attagtttat gatcactttt    129540
     aattcatatc acacattaaa gttaatttta tataaaggca taatgtacac aacaatctat    129600
     ggccttgctg cataacaaat acccaaattt taacaattta taaaaaaaat gaatcacttt    129660
     ctggccatcg gatattaggc atggacctat atattgcaat cgtgattttc aaaagtacta    129720
     aatcgctttg taaacattta taattaccat ttcatgagtc tccatatgca gttgaataga    129780
     gcgcttggac ccggaagcca ctcaatgact gtagaaaata tggacgacgc gacagccctt    129840
     tttcccattg aacgccttga gggcaaaacg cctgcttgac gggcacaaac tgtcgcaaaa    129900
     gactgctgaa attggagcca gacatgcgca gaaggattgt ctgatggagc cagaggagga    129960
     gccgcgaaaa tgagcagagt cgagcttcca atcaaacgct ttatgtaaaa tcaactacgc    130020
     cccccgaact tctcagcatg cgtttgctgt catatcaaca caaatggatg taataacgtt    130080
     aacaaatatg agggttttat atattcaatc gcgccagctc caggccgcag cgcataactt    130140
     actcgcggcg tcgcgggctg attccggctc gcatgcggca gcgcctgctc gctcggccgc    130200
     cgcatctggc tcgattgact cggactggaa tcgggcagtg agtccaggca tccggagtag    130260
     gtccagcaga ggtaacatta gtcagtctga gctctaagag ataagtctcc ggcaggcgag    130320
     aatctagccg gaactgtatt ttgctatctg ggtggttggc gtgtatcagc aaactaataa    130380
     agcccgaaaa aagccctgaa cttagcgaat aaacagtgtt ccaccaggat catgtatgtc    130440
     agaaactata gtttactgct gaacttattt tgtcatggta aaataacaca gaaatcgaat    130500
     aataacattt cagtctactt cagtctcctg ccgaagctca gacgccgcgt ttgagaaact    130560
     gtcaatcaca gctgtcaatc acgatgacac gcccagcatt aaattactgc ttaaaacaaa    130620
     ctgtttacaa aaatgaagat ctgcacctat ttcagcataa taaccagtgc cttaatcgac    130680
     cagaactatc tttcgggaca ttttattgca agtgtaatat ttttttttat ttgggctcaa    130740
     gtctccttca ttaacacgga ggaggcgggc tttatgactt gtactgcagc cagcccccag    130800
     ggggcgatct aacggccgaa accttcactc aaacgtaggc ttgcggcaca cttgaagcca    130860
     cttcgcatga catcacactt aacaagtgga tatgttacaa caaaatggcc caatgatatg    130920
     ttgtgatctg ctcatgtccc cagtgatgaa tatgtttaat tccagcctga tttacaagaa    130980
     atgaataaaa tgtttttttt tattccaggc cagtaggtgg tgatgtcact ttttaaagaa    131040
     acattacatg tgtgcgcata tatatcctgt agtcaactat tatccacttg ttaagtgtga    131100
     cgtcatgcag tggcttccgg gtcaaagcgc tatatcaatc tgtatgggga gacgcaacaa    131160
     atggtaataa acacttacaa agcgatgtaa tactttcgaa aatcatgatc acaatataca    131220
     gttgaagtca gaattatttg cccccttgag ctattagccc cagttttttt tccacaattt    131280
     ctgttaaacg gagagatgtt tttcaacaca tttctaaaca taacagtttt aataactaat    131340
     ttcttataac tgatttattt tacagacatt agtgtcatcc tgcaaatgtt ctgcagcaaa    131400
     tgaaatttcc ccccaaaaaa ttggttttta ctctctgata gtcaaaaggc ttaaaaaatt    131460
     tatatgttat atatgcatta aaaaagtgtt ctatgtaaat tcggaccacg agtccacata    131520
     tatggacatc ctttttctct aaaagtacat catatcaaaa tatgatactt aggtttttat    131580
     tctaattagg ttctaataat cccaaatagc aaagagaaat aaaaagatgc atgtaaaaaa    131640
     acaccttggg cctcttaaaa ctctgtttga gatttcaggt tgcatttcta aatttaatat    131700
     tttccaatgc atcccactct gctcgccact aatttaaaat gtaaacgttg ataaaagctc    131760
     ttatttctga aggaggaatt tggcatttta aagcgtcctt tagtagctgc atcaactcgc    131820
     ttatttcctg aaaacccaac acgtcatgcc cacatggaaa aaaaaaaata gtatagtaat    131880
     ttagagtaaa tcctacagtg tttttgaact atgctacagt aaagtgtatt atactaatat    131940
     ttacaacact atgctatatt atactgcagt attaactatc ataaacttat aaaatgtaat    132000
     aaattcagta gttttaacta cagtaaactg tggcgtggtg tcacggtggt gcagtagata    132060
     gcatgatcac ctcacagcaa gaaggttgct agtttgagcc ctggctgggt cagttgccat    132120
     ttcagtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgt gttcgtgtgg atctgtgggt ttcccccaca    132180
     gtccaataac atgtggtata agtgaattaa ataaactaaa ttgactgtag tgtatgagtg    132240
     tgtatggatg tttcccagtg atgggttgca gctggaaggg catctgctaa ctaaaacata    132300
     tgctggataa gttggcaatt cattacgctg tgaagacccc gtattaataa agggactcag    132360
     gtgaaaagaa aatgaatgaa tgaaaaaact gtggtgtatt gtaatatacc tagttgaaga    132420
     acttagtaca gaatagagta atgttgtatt attacactac tatagaataa ccattatatg    132480
     tcatatcttt acattgattt ttatgtacag tattgtgttt tgtagagagg aaatggttaa    132540
     caagcgtaat cgtttcctgt taaagggtgt tttgttccct catcaggatc caatagcagg    132600
     aactgcacgc ttatgataga aaaacacttc ccccagagca gaatacagct cccatgaggc    132660
     cacacaatga catcacagct ccgagttatt gttccagaaa atcaggttga aattaactgg    132720
     agtaagacat gaagtaaatc tcaaacctga ggtaaaacct gccctgcagc tggttgttca    132780
     tgagcattgt gaacttttag aacttaaaac ttcacagctc atgcaaattt aggtttagct    132840
     ccaagttaat tttatggaag tcaatgtact aaaagcttat gtctcaaaaa taaacggaga    132900
     ggaggaggaa gcattttgta catgaaaata attgtaaatc tcgcctctaa cctccaggat    132960
     gatgtccatt taataaaaag tcatgcgggt tgctttagat gttctgccaa atagaatatc    133020
     catccaactc agtctgttct aaaaatgact aaatattcat gaataatttt acattaataa    133080
     caaatattgc aattttttag ctagttagag aattagcaca cataacacac ataacacaca    133140
     cacacacaca cacaattttg aaatctgtta ctcactctca tgttgttcca agcttatgaa    133200
     atgtttactc ttttaatctt aagtggaatc tgagtgaatt ctgtctccct gttgaaaggc    133260
     ttcaagttta cctcattaaa tgtatagttt acccaaaaat gaaacttata ggtagtgtga    133320
     cttcacctta aaccatattt atatgccttt cctctttcaa acaaacacaa ttggagatta    133380
     attcgggacg agggctgcaa attagcttta tgctatatgc cctatgtaca caacatcggt    133440
     tatctttgta taacaatgtc aaatgtattg tccctgtaaa ataaacaagc aaataaaaaa    133500
     ataaaaaaat aaaaaaataa ttacacaata accatgctat ttggtggcca aaacaatttg    133560
     aagcaaaaaa ataaaatact tgataaaagc actggtcttc agtataaaaa aatgtccaga    133620
     ttaaaaatga cattttatca ctggcattct ttagctcgag tcataacttc actctcatga    133680
     acgtgtatta ccagaagcca gtcataatag ttcagaattc ttatagtttg caatattttt    133740
     cttacaaaaa gacacaagtt cacttcagaa ggcattcgtc aagtcgctgg agtcgtactg    133800
     attacttttc tgatggatga atgcactttt tggtccttta aaaaactcta ttcaatccag    133860
     gatattatat tatttaacat ctttctgaaa gaagaaagtc ataaaaagct aagatggctt    133920
     gaggttgagt aaatcatgcc atcattttca tttttgggtg tgtgaagttt tgctttaaag    133980
     gcatagttca ccaaaaaata aaacatttac tcgctctcaa gtggtcccaa ataagattac    134040
     aatgaaaaca aaagaagatt tgaagaatgc tgaaaaccag caaccattag ctacatttgc    134100
     atccacctgt ttttatgcac atattggata tagacacaaa aaaatggttg atggaaacac    134160
     aaagaggcgt ataaattttg aaaatgtgca taactgagta ggataaactc tttatttgat    134220
     aagaaaagat tatgtaaaca ctttttattg aactagttcc aatatgcgta tcaaaaaaag    134280
     ttgtgatttt tttgtaaaag atcatgtgat gataaaaatg tgtgtgaatg tgctcagcct    134340
     gcaggtttgt ccattgtaaa acatctgaaa tgttgttttg atcattctag aacgccattt    134400
     cagtattagt gttatcatat tttcaattac cttcagaatt gtcaagagca tctgctctct    134460
     gtgtctgaca ccttcaaacg ccaccacacg ctcattctgt gtcggcatag ctactgtctt    134520
     ttcagggcgc aagtcgttta taaaataaag aaatgattga cgcagtttcc accaccacaa    134580
     caaattccat ttttactttg gatatttggc acaagataat caggaagtca agaatttgtt    134640
     ctctttgacc cgttggatgg aaacaccgtt ttagtcgcat gtcttataca gtatgtgata    134700
     ttccagttgt gtgcataaat ttaattctaa catctgtaga aaaaaaatat ctacgtaaat    134760
     ggttaacggt tttctgcatt cttcaaaata tcttcttttg tgttcaacag tagaaaatca    134820
     tacaggtttg gtaggaggat gagtaaatga caaaattatt ctcttttttt aggtgaacgc    134880
     tttttaagtt tctcaaccat gaaaaaatat aacctttaaa gtctccattt taatcatttt    134940
     taaaacgttg caacctttat ttggctaaat gtttgcctta ataatacaat ttgtgctttc    135000
     ttattgaaat tattatttta tgttttgtta taaattgcag caatacagca agttggggta    135060
     actgaacacc tcaaaaccag acatctattt cagacgcagt tcaattcaaa gaggagagat    135120
     cctgagtgtg tctgtgtgca tgaaacaagg gatgatattg cagaaacttc acccctcagg    135180
     ctgtgaaatt acaccttaca caaacacaca cacacttctg gccagcaggt gtgtcaccag    135240
     agagagactg acatgttgtg acactttaaa tggatcttga gagaaaacaa caacatactt    135300
     aaacacacgc acacacacac acacacacgc acgcacgcac gcatgcacgc acacacacac    135360
     acacacacac aacacacaat ttagacaagt gtcaaaagtg ccataaataa ataaacatcc    135420
     tgttaatagt gaaagaggat ttaattctaa ataatgtcat ctgctttaaa gtgacgatcc    135480
     atccaaaaca aaaaaaatct ttcatcattt aagcctctgt gttgtgccat cgccataccc    135540
     ccggagtgta tatgatgcat tttttctatt aatgtaaata tgccgacatt aatatttcaa    135600
     acacacgatg ggaattaatt atataaatta ccgtgataca gtcattaaca cccccaattg    135660
     ttatccagct cacctacagc tttccatgtt agaaacaata attagtgtgt ctgaaggtaa    135720
     acagacaggg aaataaacaa tactgcataa ccaatggcag agtggccgtg agtgaaagag    135780
     caacatgttg agattggcca cagcagaagc agccgcagga gaggcttaat ggcttttaaa    135840
     tgactgacag atgacagtgt gtgcgctttt ctaattaaat agagaaggcc attggatcca    135900
     aaaataacct tcacaaattc atctctcctt tgtgtgttct tcatttaaat gtgatgcaaa    135960
     agtgataaaa acaggactaa tttgtgaagc aaccaataat aaatgttgac ctatgaagaa    136020
     ctgcttacca gttcgctaaa aaaatgcagt gaatggtggg tgaatttttt ttattgactt    136080
     tttgcaaagt gatagaacag tgtttctcaa ccacgttcct aaagaaccac ctgctctgca    136140
     cattttccgt gtctccaaac acatctgatt cagatcatca gctcattaac agagacagaa    136200
     agacctgtaa tgggtgtgaa agacaaagga gacatccaaa acatttgtat tggtggtcct    136260
     ccaggaacat ggttgagaaa caatgacaga gtgatctcaa agttctgaat gaacattgaa    136320
     atcccgctga tggagtggat ttctttctgc aaagtaagga tcaatgttta tccttttctc    136380
     attcattcat tttctttttt ggcttagtcc ctttatttgt aaggggtccc cacagtggaa    136440
     tgaaccacca acttatccat catttgttta atgcagtgga tgcccttcca gctgcaacac    136500
     aacactggga aacacccata ctctatggac aattattcaa ttaacctata gcgcatgtct    136560
     tttgaatgtg ggggaaaccg gagcgcccgg aggaaaccca cgcaaacact gcgagaacat    136620
     gcaaactcca cacagaaatg cctactggcc tagccggggc tcgaaccagc aaccatcttg    136680
     ctgtgtgtga ggtgattgtg ctacaccgac tgcaccacca tgacacctat gcttttctta    136740
     ttacttatta atatgattat ttgaatcagt atttaatctt taaaatgatt ttgcataatg    136800
     aataagatta aaacatttcc taattcagga atgtttagtc gaagtgtctt ttgtccccat    136860
     ctttgtctgt caaaactcta tttacctctt gaatggaacg gcagggcctg atgactggaa    136920
     acaacggttc ctattagtat tgctgtatgt taattctgtt taaagtgatc tcccttttat    136980
     gcaagatagg ctttgtgtaa gaatatagca gcctgaatgt tgattgtagc agttttgaac    137040
     cagtttgata agacagctga gagtacaaag aaacaacctt gagttgtagt actggttata    137100
     tgcagaactt tgcagaattt ttcagtaaca tgggttcagt gaactgtatg cagttacaaa    137160
     atcaccatgt ttaaggtctg ttttctttac aaatcaacga tctccactgc ctgactgata    137220
     tatacaatat aaagtgggtc tcagaaagga caagaagcac tgcattaaat cacatctttt    137280
     ctgtgccatg tctttaaaat atgaacattt atttctcccc aatatattca atggagtttc    137340
     tgcactagcc tgccgatcct gatgggcgtg tgcatgtaaa tggcttttca tctcatttta    137400
     ggcttaaaca actgaatgaa cactgaagtc tatttaactt attgtatttg aattacattt    137460
     caacatagat gctgtacaag gaaccatttg aaataaaaaa agtcacttta accatttgct    137520
     gaatgtttat cagtttagga agaaagacta gctgtgcata tacccttttg ttgtcttgca    137580
     tgtatatatg catccgagaa gtcagctcta caggtttgag atcacccctg aatagtctgt    137640
     gagcagcctg acccaaaaca cctctcttca tctatatctg gattcagata tgaccctgca    137700
     gtgacgtaca tatttagaat tgtctatctt tgctttgatc aatcagaatc ttttacccaa    137760
     gtagacacaa tttctgtatt tgtgtaagag tattattgct gtgttgttgt actgtaagtc    137820
     agaagtgtga agtccttcca ccataaaact gcaaattatc ttcagtaaat tttcttcatt    137880
     tttattgaat ctcagactct tgagtttttt tcttgatctg acacaccagg tgttttattt    137940
     taaactatta atcttcatcc ccaacaccac agtgtgcaat cataaaggat catgaaaaca    138000
     ataatgtgct taagacaact tttttgttgc aaaagagtat acctttcttc tattttaact    138060
     gcatttaaat aatagacaat tcacgatgaa tgaagatact cagcaattac taatcctcaa    138120
     atggtttcaa agcccccaaa tgcctttctt tattctgttg aacacaaaaa aaaagcctgt    138180
     aacaattgac ttccatagta gaacaagcaa atacttagga agtcaatgga tacaggcttc    138240
     catatttctt caaaatattt tttgttcaac cagaaagaac ctcaaaggtt tgaaacatgt    138300
     aaagggtgaa taaatgatga cataatttta tttttgggtg aactaatcct ttatgtctcc    138360
     aaaggcacca aaaccatgct caattttctc agataaacat aagatgggaa tggtttatat    138420
     tggcgtttta tccatttatc atcataactt tgaagtttga tttgaaaatc aattggacgg    138480
     tgagttgcac taaaacgcaa gtgctttatt ttatttgaaa acaacaacct accacttacc    138540
     cacatttttt tcccattctc taatagtgtg ataatagcta aaaaagcact ttgtaacata    138600
     agtaacttca aatggctctt ttttaacctt actttactgg actaccagaa atctctttca    138660
     ggaaagtctg ttcactcagc agccataatt gaaatagcat atattaacat ttaagtgtcc    138720
     tgcaagtaca gctcaaattt tccaaagcta ttttccaagc ttatgattaa agacatagga    138780
     taaatgaaaa ttctgtcatc gtttactcac cctacaactc caaacctgtg tgtttctatc    138840
     ctctgttgaa cgcaaaagaa gccattttga ggattgttgg aaagcagcat ccattgactt    138900
     gcatagtagt ggccgctggt gttcaacatt gttcagaaga tctgaatttt ttttttcaac    138960
     agaaaaaaag aaaatcatca gtttacaatc acttaagcgt gagaaaacta tattttgtgg    139020
     gtgtttaagc ttagaccagt cctaagcatg catctgaagt cacttactaa gtaggtacta    139080
     tgaaatttga aaattaactt tgaaatgtac cttacttcgt ggctgtcgaa aaagtatgtt    139140
     ccagaatgta caattgtgag aaggacagtg cattccaagc aggatatatt ggcttctgaa    139200
     gcacacttta gagtgaaaac aatcatggcc gccatactga aggatcgttt caaactgaag    139260
     tgctcaaaac tagccacttg gaagagccct tcagaatgaa tgattttgag ggttacaact    139320
     aatggacact tcaggcaacc atgatccttt gcgcagggaa attgtttggt gacatctaga    139380
     tgtttggtgt ttgactttac ctataaatgt agtatttttc taaaggtttc tacaatattt    139440
     ggtcacacta aaggtaccaa tgaggtttaa ttagttaata ggtcacactt taatttgatg    139500
     gtccgttcgt tgaatttaag ttacattgca tctacatgcc aaccaattct cattagacta    139560
     caagtagact gttattttgg gttaagggtt agtgtaagtt gtacttgaaa atttttttat    139620
     agtcaggtcg atatctgtta aaggagcagt atcaacagat attaagcaga cagtataatg    139680
     gaccatcaaa ataaagtgtt accaattatt ctattaacta cttatgaaca atacttgtac    139740
     aggaattgtc taatacattt tctcatccaa attcatgctt gccaacatta gttaatgaac    139800
     aaatactgta ataaatgtat tgttcgtttt tatttcatgt tagtaattgc attaactaac    139860
     atgaactaat acaaccttat tgtaaaatgt tacccaatat ttatacaagt tataaataat    139920
     acaattctga aataaataaa aaatgatacg tttacattta aattagacgt agcaatcata    139980
     ggctcgttta aaaaatcatc cttgataatc tcaataaaat tactcagaaa agagatccaa    140040
     aaaagctttg ttgaccctta cactctcgtc gcttcaaagc tgacactccc atgggtagac    140100
     cctttaaact attatatata tctgtcattt tatgacatga cttacctgca ttagtttact    140160
     gccgtaagtg ttcattctat tgtgtgtaat gtatagctaa agcttttcca tttaatattt    140220
     tacaaaacaa acttgcttac cttcatttca ttataaagct gaatgagctt ctattggctg    140280
     atgaacacca gagtccaatc tgtgacctca ttgcaaaata aatcttcaac ggacgaaacc    140340
     tgataaacaa acatttattt ttattattat tagttatttt tgtataggtt aaactagaaa    140400
     aaaaaactgc ccctgtaata cattcctaac aaaaacatca gaagggaaag gtaagtttca    140460
     gagatgctga agatgcgcta gacataaaca cattaacaaa catgaagcgc agaacacctt    140520
     gacctcacaa acgctgaaat aatcaagagt cctcggaact tcctgtctga gaaatggttt    140580
     tcatttacag ctgaggcaat aaaaaataga agttaaattg gtatgaggct gaatgtggct    140640
     aataaatgga tggagactga tcaacccagt ctggctgaac acagaaacag taatttacaa    140700
     caacaaggtc agctaacatt atatgagttt cataaatatg taaaatccat tgaaagcctt    140760
     ttcatttgac actcatttat atgttaaaca gaggattagg catggtaact gaaatcagct    140820
     gaaaaaaatg cctccttgta aaaagttagc attcaccata aacatctctg atttgacatt    140880
     tgggaattgt ggtacattta tagtttttct tgtttctggg gtccaaaaat aatgtcttga    140940
     gtcaataata ttttttacaa attgtttttg tctactggaa tttaggaaat aaatattgtt    141000
     ggttggaggt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagttt tcattaaaca aaacaaagag gaatgagcgt    141060
     gcctgaaaat caagccttga accgtaagct tatcagctag tatatacatt tgtaatattt    141120
     gtattgttag ataataataa aaaaacacct tatgaatctg tctctcattt aaaggctttt    141180
     atggtcctcc tgaggtccca ttttcagctg tgcttggccc gcaaacatca aggaagcctt    141240
     taaaactgaa ataaaattag ctggtttctg ccaaggcaaa ccaaagtgct gaaatataat    141300
     tggttaactg gcagtgggtg gagttacaca gactaaaaca aagacagata ttctgacact    141360
     gatagcacat tttcatgatt atttttcata taaacaatta tgttaaattg gcttgtttat    141420
     taaatgacag caaacacata gtatttacta acacttcagt ttaggttaca attcacagta    141480
     ttaactaacc attaacacta ctagtttaat aactgttaat agtaaggtag aagttgggtt    141540
     taggttttgg gtaggattag gaatgtagaa caagatcata ctttataact gctaatgaac    141600
     agttaatatg ttgataatag gcagattata agccagtttt gtgacctaaa ctaaaacttg    141660
     gtatttattt ttatgctcta gacgagtcaa aaatgtacat aaaagcagta tcaaaggagt    141720
     cctatttgag tcctatctaa gctgtaaaat aagctttggg gtctggtgtg ttggtaaaag    141780
     ttttagctca aaataccaat ctgatctttt attataccct gctgaaaatg taaattttgg    141840
     agtcatagaa aaatgtagct gttttgtgcc tgtatcttta aatgtaaatg agctggttcc    141900
     cctcggtcac tgtaccaaca tgtctgctga tcctgtgtaa gataaacaca tcacaatgac    141960
     agagacattt ggtgacttgg atgaagcaga gatccattat agaaaaatgc caacgtaaga    142020
     tgaaccagga agtttctgaa tggttatttg atgtagttgt tgtgaagttt attcagcctt    142080
     tctgcaacga tgaatgagcc acacacaaat aacatttcaa agttcattgt gcagacacac    142140
     atacatttaa ttttatgctg tttttgctca ttgtctcatt gcaaatgtga caggatatga    142200
     aaaaaatata agcttctgtc ttgtccacaa actgggctct gctgttgtac gattgaagca    142260
     tccttgtttt tagttacagt tactagattt tactgtcttt ctttgtaata aaaaaatatt    142320
     ttcaaacttt aaaacctcct tcttgaggtg cagcctatta cagatagttg aaagatcttt    142380
     taatccaagt ttctttgcaa ttgcagagtt gtggacatga taatatgggt taatactgag    142440
     ccatgataat acccgcctgt caatcaagtc gatgtgtggg aaaaatcaca ttgctacgtc    142500
     acagtgtggt cagcctcaaa aatagctggg atttacatcc tgatttaaca ttacaatttt    142560
     tttttaaagg agttgatacc actatatggc tgtgtacaca ctacactacc taacaaaagt    142620
     cttgttgtca atcccagttg taaaagcaac aaataacaac ttgactatta gttgatcatt    142680
     tggaaaagtg gcagaaggta gattttcctg atgaatcatc tgttgaacta caccccatct    142740
     atcacaaata cagcagaaga cctatcgaaa cgcgcatgtt cccaagattc tcacagttat    142800
     tcccattaca ttaccattac atgatcacat tttatttagg taaaataagc ataatctaga    142860
     gtccttgcct ttcatataag ccactttaga tgccaaatga tcaactagaa gtcaaattat    142920
     tattatatag ttgttcccaa aacttggata gatgacaaaa cttatgtcaa gtccaaacag    142980
     cttctaacga ctgattttgc ataataggag ccttttaaat tatattgtaa aacacatgtc    143040
     ctcaaaatgt ttaaacacac cccctgcatg caaagctacc cactgctctg agctgcagat    143100
     acccttacta actggactcc acagtgctgc acctgtaatg tgaagtgaca gcagcactgc    143160
     cgcttttctc tttggctgca cgtcaacgca ccacagattt gatctcccgc acagtctcat    143220
     ccaagcatca tctcatccgc agctgcacca aagcacatcc ccagagactc tgttcccaat    143280
     tcaattacat gatcacacca taagaggtca attcaaacat ttttttggac acggtcactg    143340
     cgaaagcaac ctgtttttcc atcctagaca aaataaacca ctctgtgaat acatttgtgt    143400
     gaaataacag tttatgaaac taatattcat ctttcacaaa catatattta tgaacactgt    143460
     cagttttcac actcagcttt ttattacagt aaatggtcta acaaactgaa aaaacatcct    143520
     tttttctact taaggacaaa caaattgaag tgaataatgt ccactgaggc agagatcaga    143580
     gaaaaaagtg ctcgtttctg ctgtgaaagg aaagcaatca cactttaaac aaacatctct    143640
     cattaaatct cattcaatat cgcgttaagg aagccagccg catgaagatc gtttgtcttt    143700
     cctttcaaac tgcgagtctt gctaaatact gctgaggaaa aagagccatt aaaaataaca    143760
     tgaaagcaag aagatgagga aacgccttgg taggtagctt tgagcaaata ccacagtttg    143820
     tcactctctg tcatttaaaa gtcattcgtg tcagaaaatc cttggtttaa aggaggttaa    143880
     accttctcag aggttactgc ggcaacactg ttatataaat ggaagtctca gaatctgaca    143940
     aaaaggcaaa caaactggaa agctagcaat gtgagtgttt gccaatgtat gatactcttg    144000
     tttacaaccg tgatactgcg gtatcattgg caccggagaa gttttgtatg ggaatatggc    144060
     aggggagtga gaaagaacaa gagttaactg gtaaaacact acatttctca actctggcac    144120
     accgcacaac accgttagat atgaagtgtg caaaggaaac agattgtatc ctgtggggaa    144180
     aaaagtgaga tacagacaga acgagaagct agccagcatg atgaacttag aagtacatgt    144240
     cctggaagag gttttggccc atctcaatat atgcctcttt ctcctgagcg ctcatctgtt    144300
     ccaccagctc tggcctctgg cttacttccc tgtaagagaa gggtcttcct cctaccataa    144360
     ccacagggtc atctccgacc tcttcaaact catcgtcatc atcctcgtcc tcctcgtctt    144420
     gttttcctgg ccgcatggat gtagtgctgt gcaacgtgtg ggctggagcc tgtggtggag    144480
     agtcttcgtc cgactcgctc gtatcgctgt cagagtcact ggcgtttgcg gctggaacag    144540
     ttggtctgga gacggcggaa cctcctggac cagctccact cctcttctcg tgaatgagga    144600
     gagccagcat cacctcctca ttctcatcct gcgcggctcc ccttccagta attccctcct    144660
     gggttactac agagtcctcg ccagctggtg tgagaaaaaa attggaagaa aaatgacaac    144720
     aatttcagat gcttctttgt ttgtagaatt ccaatttttg ctacactttc taaatccaat    144780
     tcctttctga agctctgcta tagctttggg taagaaacag gctgtaactt cagagctttt    144840
     caaaagacaa tcttcccttc gctccaagtc caattctcaa atctttccaa agtctcaaaa    144900
     ctttcagacc agctactgat gatgaacaca agaatcaata atgttacatt tgtttgctca    144960
     tttgtagatt cacacgggat caatattaag aaattatcat ttatcacccc ttatttttta    145020
     agtataacac agtttattat atttctaatc tatgtgtctt atttttctgt atcttatttt    145080
     ggaaaactgg gcatgtttta aggcagtgat tggcaaagtt ggggtcgctt ggtggtttcc    145140
     aaaagtctaa caaatttgat taaactttta aaattaccat tgttaatcca taacttacag    145200
     aagataaaaa agttacatta aaaatacaaa tacaaaatac aaaaataaaa agaatttcca    145260
     ttttttttca ttggattgca accctgaggg tttttacatg tgctgttact tttgcttgtt    145320
     atattccgcc caccggtctc attaggtaag gttaatatta aataataata aaattatatg    145380
     tttgttagac tgttgcacat gtttgtggtg tcaatatgat tgtgtttatg taggcttttt    145440
     agtgtgtgtg agccgttgcg tgcaacgttt gtatgattat atccacatct gaaaatagtc    145500
     actggcattg ttattttagg ggtcgtaggc tgaaatgttt ggaaattcct gttttaagga    145560
     atattaggaa gcagacagcc atgaatgaca aaatttggaa aagacagatt ataagtttat    145620
     tcagcgccac cctataaggt ctatttaaat gtggcctttg ttagtttatt atatagtata    145680
     ttgtataatt tccattatac atttgtaatg aggcaacaaa cacatgtaga cggctgaact    145740
     gtttcatgta cattttggca tcatgtcatg caaaacctca aatgcataaa aaagaaacag    145800
     tattttatct aagatcataa atactacttt caccatgata tgatacagca ggtatgactc    145860
     acggttcttc agagcttctg tctcgttgta cgctccctgc actgtacttt ccgtcagcca    145920
     tacgggcctc tctttgggag ctttgccctc agcattctgg ccaggttgag gctcctggtc    145980
     ttccatgttg atgaccacat tctgcgtgta gaggtcatac gacgtgccct ttttccatac    146040
     ttctctaaca ggtcccccag cgcctgctcc cgctgcagtt tgtgcagcgc gctctcgact    146100
     gcaggaaaag ttcaaattgg ataaataaga cttatgctga catgatgtaa acctatttta    146160
     atagagcatc ctttaaaaca aattgataat ggctaaaaac aattgacaaa aaaagtctat    146220
     tattgaatta agtggacaaa tgttgtgata aagaaacacc tgagagtaca gtatttcaga    146280
     ttctctgacc tctgttttag agctgggatt tctgatggtt cgggctccag tagatcatga    146340
     gacaagttga tgttttccgt ttctcgaagc aatacataga tgggctcgat ttgctcattg    146400
     aaccgtgcca ccaaagtgcg agcatccttc tttggcactg ccgattcgtc ctcctctact    146460
     tctgtttgac aaaatgtaca gcggaacgta cctgtgttag agagaaaaat gtattaaaat    146520
     acaagtgttg aaatggctca acagcgctgt gaaacaacaa catcccacat caaccccatc    146580
     caccatattg agcaccccag gtcatggaag aggagcctaa acatttttct ttttaattca    146640
     taactccagt tccctttaac cagaggctcc aaaatctggg attccatgtc ccctttaccc    146700
     acagacacgg agccaatttt tgagttggag atgaagccag aacctaatct ggctaactat    146760
     tatctagcaa tcccatcagg ctagaaaatt tggctttgtc cgtcatatct gctggtctca    146820
     aactaggaaa tactaacatc agtggccagg ggaaataatg ttgtaactaa agtaaaaaac    146880
     aacaacaaca acaacaacaa atcagtcttg ctaatcaaga ttattcccat cataattgac    146940
     ttgccatgta tgctagaatt gaccaaagct gtctcaataa taaaattaaa ataacaacaa    147000
     cactattcaa aggtttgtgg ttggaataga agtaatataa ttttgttaat tattcatttt    147060
     taatgattaa ttaattgata gaatttttac tttagaataa ttttcatatt gtatgtcatt    147120
     acattgtaac atttaattta ttcccatggt ggcaaatctg aagggttcta aattgaaagt    147180
     ctgttttttt attttatttt ttatacatcc tttgtattaa gaaaaataaa aataaaaaat    147240
     aaaaattata aaataaaaat aaaaaattca catacaggtt tggaaaaagt ggataaataa    147300
     cattttcagc ttaacagtta catttaatag tttaaattgt tttttttaca gtttttaata    147360
     gattttactt tcaatttttt aacatccttt gctgagaaaa aaactaaaca ttcttcctca    147420
     aaccttttaa tggtatgatg atggtaacca tgtaaatttg tgtcacatat ttaaacaagt    147480
     tagaaatgtt aaacccaaaa cttgttgctt gtagcagaaa aaatatgcat tttttgagta    147540
     ttgaataaaa caattatttg ttgctagaac aataagaaat tatgatacat gactatcaat    147600
     agaagtaaag tgaaatccat ctacagttca atgcaactag tggcctgaac caaagccact    147660
     gctcccagtc taatataatt gaaactggaa agtgtaagaa caatcacaga caaaaggaca    147720
     aacacacgct cgatcccagc attcacaggc gattccacag caaagtgaag ctggtctggt    147780
     ttgccatctg ctgctgaagt tatttacagc cttctgacaa aagcacgcac agcagggcct    147840
     ggtatatgag tgtgtggtgt acatcggcta ctagtcgaat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    147900
     ttcatgcctt gacacacttt acatattcat gtacttagca tttaatggcc acagatggtg    147960
     cagatattgt gatcaacctc taactgtagg cttttatcta gaacgccttt ctactcatat    148020
     tcatgtgtgt tttgatatca caaaagcacc ccagcaatat ggtttttaca ctaaaatggt    148080
     cccatgttgc cgtgctgagt acatggtaaa tggcttccca attcccaatt tttctggcct    148140
     tgaagggaat caaacgagta aacgactcgc tgcaatttcc attttaaaag ctttgctgga    148200
     aagttgacaa caaaatctgt gaaggcgctc ctgaaaacaa tcacctccag ctaggtccct    148260
     ttactacaga tgtcttctct gccaatacag cagcggaggg ggaaaagaaa acaatttgac    148320
     aagcacaaag agtgggagaa actgtaaaaa aaagaaaaga aataacagtc aggtgaagag    148380
     aagataaaaa aggtctccga cacatttgac acagctctag agaaaatatc gacatacccg    148440
     gagctgcagg gaacaattta aagcagccct cctggacagt ctgtctatct tcacacacac    148500
     acattagtat tggtggttta cagggactct ccataggtgt aattcaattt attgaatgtg    148560
     aaaggcctta ttaggtctgc tttttaagca tcttggatca caaggacaaa agacatgtcc    148620
     tcataaacta cagtattaga gtacatgcaa gtcataccca tgtcattata caaaaacatg    148680
     tttttggaaa ccactgaaac cagtccacag acacacacat atgcatatgt ggtttacagg    148740
     gactcttcat aggcttggtg cattttatac aatacaaaaa tgcttattat atggccttcc    148800
     actacccata ctcctaaatt cagccctcaa aaatatgtgg catattttaa atgtcaaaag    148860
     acccctttaa gtatgattta agcattttga atgatgaaga cacaaggcat atcctcataa    148920
     accaacttaa tggtttatac ccaggtcata ctcatcttat tatacaattt tgtgtcctag    148980
     taaaaaactt aaacaagtac atttacacaa aaacaagaca cacaagtgat aagggatgaa    149040
     gagataacca gccacatttg aatgtctaca taataatgag atacattttc agatccacgc    149100
     aaacattttg tattatcaga gtaaaagata gcattcaaaa actgaagttt ttgccttaca    149160
     acacactgat tttccatgta aacattagct agattgacat ctttaactgt tgccctcgtt    149220
     caaatcctac aaacaacttg ttttgatctt tgttctgtct gtagctctgg ttctttgtta    149280
     aaaacatgtt attatttgca ctgttacagc atcatacaaa agtacagaag aaattgttct    149340
     acttttttcc aaggtcaagg cctactccac tactgttttt ttatcagttt tatacaggat    149400
     atatattatc agaaaagaat aatcagtcaa aaaaggcaat tgtaatgtaa atgtaagcat    149460
     cctcattgac ctaatatgga aaattatggc aacaatagag taaaatatta ttgtaattat    149520
     gatgtacatg taactgacat tgagtttgtt actcactttt caaaaacaat ttcactgcgt    149580
     gtttaatgca attaaataaa gttaaacata tatccaaata aggtgtttgt gttttttaca    149640
     ttcctaaaat aagatttact tttttataat tgtgatgttg aagttgcaca acagtttaaa    149700
     aaaaacagaa tgctagtaat taataatgta taatagggtt gggcaatgtt gactaatttg    149760
     gcactgtatg ttctctatta tgaaacatca tggtggacga tggcatcgtt ctcgtacatg    149820
     gcggtcaatt acttatttat gaaaatttat tttataatga attagttatt tgtggcctac    149880
     catttcaact aggtgacctg catgttcttt gttttcccat aacaaatcat aaataaataa    149940
     agacgttaca cacaaattac cacctctcaa tcactttttt ctatggaact acgacatgaa    150000
     tatgcagtgt gatctgtgtc gttacagtgg tgtcgataaa caggcctcaa ccaacagaaa    150060
     ccaaccaaca gtatctgagg ttttcggtaa aattactaag tacaaacgcg aaagcaaaag    150120
     attgaagcag tgtactgacg ctgtgacacg ttacctgatc gattcaaaag actaaagagt    150180
     tgttagatag agaaaagatt aattaaatat tacatttaac aacaagaggc aatccagtgg    150240
     tacatctttg ataaactgtt caacgtgact gctctctggg gttttgtgct caaagcacct    150300
     gctgactgct ggagttccga tgcgcacagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    150360
     gtgtgtggtc ctgtggtgca agttgtgagt tgtgtggacg tggatcgttt tcgttctaaa    150420
     atggcatttt gaaacaaaga tgaattagtg taaacgggag ctgtgtgtat ttttcgcgag    150480
     caggttgcag ctgcgcccga ggcggggcgg aggactgtga tgccggctca gcgttgtgat    150540
     gtctattggc catcggcaat ggacgatggc gttgtttagc aacccaaccc taatgatttt    150600
     tttcccttct aggatagttc ctaacaagca agagacaaca tttgtgcatc tcagatcaac    150660
     ccgtatcatt tgtttctgaa tgagtccctt tttgaacaaa taaattgagc cagtgattca    150720
     atgacctttc cataaagtca ctagttaaga ttctccgaaa aaaaactgcg atttttttat    150780
     ttaacaacta aatcacttat atattttgtg tctttttaat ttaaaatata aaaaggacta    150840
     ctcatatttg tttttttagg ttgactgaag tgtgatacta cattactgaa agtgttaaaa    150900
     gatagtgttt caaattgtat aaactataag ttcagtgtac agttatattt attaaaaaat    150960
     acagcagcat taaatattct gagaaaaaaa atatgactct gaatatcact tattgggcac    151020
     atacacatat aattggtgat taggatactg cgccaacacg tcttgaaact tgctttttct    151080
     ttccgctgaa caacatctgc tggatgtttt aaattcaaga atttacttaa catgagatct    151140
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagtaac tgtcagtgct agactgtaca gacgcagtca gcatgttagg    151200
     ctatattaac acttaaaaag cagcacaccg gaatacaaaa acatgctctg cgtgacccca    151260
     aagagacaga cagaggggaa gttcactagt tcagaaagga aagctattaa ctgcatgtta    151320
     aactgaagga atcgctgacg cactatcacc atcacagctc cagaaaaagc gaatgttaaa    151380
     acaagaaata aaaggtaccc atttttgtct tttcacatgc cattagaggc tcccaaccat    151440
     aattctgtag agatattaaa ttcgaagccc aggataatta gcaatatggc acattcacac    151500
     actcttgttg tcattttcgt gggtctgcga gtacacacac attgtcgtag tggatctaaa    151560
     ggaacatgga gctgcgcagt tagtgtgcag gcatacatta aggctggcat tgagagaaag    151620
     tgggctggtg tctttgtgtt gatagttttt gtattatcta tgagatatga ataggtctgg    151680
     tttaaattac acagtactct ctccagtgat tcagagctct tttgaaagca ggacggcgct    151740
     ttgttcagtc gtctacgcca aagaacaaaa ggacttttgt gaacagtcct ttaaagatga    151800
     atccagcatc atttcggcat ttgcgagatg agaaactttt tcatgagggg gcctgtgcaa    151860
     ctgtgacaaa tgtaccacaa agattcaaat tactaatgct atagtaataa taagaaataa    151920
     atgttttttt ttttctttga agataaaaag tagagatgac ttcaaagaga ttcaatacaa    151980
     tttaggctct atatggcagg ggtgcccaaa agtttttgta tgaagggcca aaaaccaaat    152040
     attattgaaa gccgtgggct gaaggtaaat ataccaaact attttacatt aaagttgcca    152100
     tggctaaatt tatttaataa tattgcaaaa taagtaaaaa ataaataaat tactgtaaat    152160
     ggtattaact aattcagtat aactttttaa atgataacaa tgaaataaaa acataaacaa    152220
     atcacattaa taacacagta gagttcaatg ctgaatacac tagttaagca gaatctgtct    152280
     ttgcgcattg tcaagtgaca ttttaaacaa aatctgatta atttacacaa tttaactgaa    152340
     acttttatta aaatttttaa caacaaaaca aacaaagggt tgcaataaat ttaaactgac    152400
     aatctcaaaa ctattccttt ccgtttcccc atcttcttac attgaattgc ctagtttggg    152460
     catctctgct ctacggagag catcctaaac cgcattaaga caggattagc tttcaggaaa    152520
     gaacatctta catggtcatc atcacagtgg ataaacaaag tctgttgata atgctcagac    152580
     gtgtgtgtac tccattaatg caaagccttt ccaaactatt gagtacaatt agcgaagttg    152640
     agcattacat ggtgttttaa actaacattg aaaagggtta gggctgttaa gattaaaatt    152700
     aaaattcatt taagcttact gagactgtac ctatttgata aaaaaaatgc catgttatta    152760
     caaaacaaat gcttcatctt tgaaagcatt ttaaaattat atttattact atgatactaa    152820
     agatgaattt tcagcagcct ttacttcagt ttcatgtcat catccaaaaa aaccatccaa    152880
     atatgcaaat ttgccgataa agaaagattt agtcgctgct agttcaaact agacatgcga    152940
     tgataactgg tttcaaggtt taccacggcc tggaaaagtt aaggttgtga aaaagctaaa    153000
     attttgttac accataccta agatatatgt aagttttttt gtgtgtgtat gttttttaaa    153060
     tgtgttgtaa agaaatcttt gtttttaaaa ctaatgaaga gaggtttaat tatttagcct    153120
     gacatgccta gttactgaac caaaatatta taaatgtttc ctaatataaa atgtattttg    153180
     tttattgggg gaaaatgttt aataagaaca taatatagag cagtaatcac aattccgtga    153240
     aatttttatc caaggttatt attccatcac aaccgggccc atccctagat caaattaata    153300
     tatatatata tacacaagtc cgctgacagt caactggtaa cagtggaaag ctgtccacac    153360
     ggagataagt gggactggca tcacatcgcc ccgtagcatt tgttttaaag atgaaatgca    153420
     gccatacgta cttttggcta cataattcgc catctccaga aatgtatatg agctatgttt    153480
     tcagaatgag cctatattgt atttttttcc taattccatt ttttctgttc aattttaatt    153540
     ttgatcaaat atatcttaag tatttataaa tattcaaaaa tatttaatac attaaaatat    153600
     tcaaagtgga tcaaaatata tcaaaaatgt cctaagacta gaatgggtgt tgttcagtag    153660
     tttttgggca agtatgatga aaggtttaga tacacttcaa atgttcacat tgactatgtt    153720
     gtgtctgtgt gttggtgtat ggttttattt agtggggtgg aaataaaaaa acatttttta    153780
     aattaatttt atggtcaata ttataagcca cgggtgacac ggtggtgcag tgggtagcgc    153840
     tgtaaccaca cagcaagaag tttgctggtt tgagccccgg ctgggtcagt tggcatttct    153900
     ttgtggagct tgcatgttct ccccatgttg gcgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctccagtttc    153960
     ctccacagtc caaagacatg tgctataggt gaattggcca tagtgtatga gttggtgtga    154020
     atgcaagagt gtatgggtgt tccccaatgc tggtttgtgg ctggaagggc ttccaatgcg    154080
     taaaaaacat gctgaataag ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggcgaccctt gattaattaa    154140
     gggactaagt cgaaggaaaa tgaatgaatg aataaattat taacaaacca ctgttatcca    154200
     agaacttgtc taacagactt caacagtaca cacagagaca cacgcagaga taaatggtct    154260
     aataatactt actgacgcta aaattttaaa cagtgaattt agtattatat tctgaatatt    154320
     gtagagctaa aaacagtaaa actggcttta caagctggaa atgctttttt aatggttaat    154380
     aattataaag tttgattttg taaaagaaat acaagttaac cattaaaata ataataaatc    154440
     ggatcctttt atctgaacat tgggtggttg cagctctgct tataacaaac acacacaact    154500
     tagaagaaag ggaaaactaa tgggagataa cagaaatgag acagagtgaa gacatgatgc    154560
     taagatagga tcagcgagtg acttattacc gtgcgagtct gaccctgtta gatctcctta    154620
     tctcccctaa cacctcacca atcaaagaga ttttcataga tcaatttttt tgagggggct    154680
     caacgagggg ggaccttgat gcgcttgacc aatctgatca atacactctt ctattctaac    154740
     acacaactaa gccacccaag cgtaaaaaaa cagtacaggg taaaaagatt caattgccaa    154800
     acatccacaa cagccccctc agtacacaga gagcaccgtg tgtcacaaaa cccatgttta    154860
     taaaatcctt tcaggtatat actagtccag gagggaacat gggaaataag agtgtgtata    154920
     atggcatggt ctacacaggg ttagatgctt catcattggc cgttcttctg cttcatcctc    154980
     gccaatcctc ctgatatgta tcctagcaac agctttgcct ccctgactgc cagtttgctt    155040
     tcagcagagg tgagggtgaa cacgtgccat gcactcttta cctgcctttc tactcctcta    155100
     acactcatcg ttcacctctg gcactgcttg aaacccttta tcactctgtc tctttactcc    155160
     tgttctttcc tctcatctgt ccatcactcg ctcaaacata ggcttactgt acgaaggaat    155220
     ttcctcttgc atgtcaggta caagatgatc tttggaacca catttgtagg aagagattgc    155280
     atgaaaggaa tgatgacgtt taggcttatg gttaacaaat atacattatt tgggatgctg    155340
     attttggctt catagtaaat aagagaggct tgccatggaa cgatagcaat ctgagtagta    155400
     gccaaccagt ttgttctcga aagcataagt gaaatctaaa acagcagggt ggtttattat    155460
     tgtcattcat tcaggaattg gactacaggt tgcaccatat ggttttggtt cagtcagact    155520
     gtgctcttac acatgccagg tttggtgcag ttaaaaactc tggcacaatt gctttagtat    155580
     tttttgaaca agcgtaaaca tagccatttg actcctggtg tgcaccaaac atgccaatta    155640
     agactactta agagtttttc acacaaactg gtttgactga aatgtgaatg gaacatgcaa    155700
     gagcagaatg ctaaacattg gccatttgtc actttttaca aaaggttttc aatttaggtt    155760
     catatgaaat gctgccattt tgcaacagat ttttagttgt tgtgtgcaat ataaacattt    155820
     ctggcactga actgaccatc cattttataa attttagaat gttctattaa aaacagcaaa    155880
     ggctgagcaa acagcacacc tcaaacagcc aatatggttg aagtctgcct cagcacgatt    155940
     gtccaccata ccctctcccc caacaggctg cactcatact gcattttgct ttccgaacct    156000
     gagcacactt acgtcatcaa tgatgcgact gttcagttta acaggaagag aaagctttcc    156060
     tgtaaagctt ttaatttatt taccactttc tttgttttgg tagtattttt tctttctgca    156120
     gttctaatct aacttgtatt ttatctctta tattgatctc ctgattgtgc attcaaataa    156180
     caggaagaga agcgctctcg ctcagcacaa tgaagaatgc tttagttata ttgttttagt    156240
     tgtttgggat gcagtgacac aaacagtcaa atattttgcc caacagattc acaacttttg    156300
     atgatcataa atgatcataa aagtcatcgt actgcacgta ttaggtgatt tgctgaatgt    156360
     gcaactgaag tgcagcaagg ggtttgcgtc tttaataaac tacaacagtt ttcgttcatt    156420
     gaaaagaaaa acgattaata aatccatata aacagtccct taaaagtttt gttgtgtctt    156480
     cagttttggg ctcaggcacg ctttgcacta caaccaaagc ccaaccgaac cacgctctgg    156540
     taaacctctt caaactgggc cagagccgac caaagaagca gtgactgggc ctgatttaga    156600
     gcaaaatgta tcacctaaaa ttagggatgt attggtatta taaataacgt catatcgcaa    156660
     tattaaattt tttcgatatt accgaagtcg catgactcgg taaaactata ggtcttctga    156720
     gaaaatttgc tcaggcgaat gaagcgaacg ggaggtagct gaaactacat ttcccatcag    156780
     cccatgcgtg gccataatcc tttgcggtct gttgtcgcta cagatccagt aatgcggaaa    156840
     tggagtgtgc tgctagtagc ggagatggaa aaaagatgga aatgatcgaa cctaaagcgg    156900
     gtgttgtcgc cgcgcacgtg ctgaatagcg gtgctgtcgc gcacgttctg atcagctgtg    156960
     ttgtggcgcg cgttttgtaa agcgccgagg gggggggggg gggggggggg ggggtgtact    157020
     caagagaggt gttgtcgcgc gcctactgaa gggctggact ggacggaggt tgtgtcgcat    157080
     cgcgggggca cttttgatcg ttttggaagg gcattttcta tccaagacta aaaagggcat    157140
     gtgcactgca caggttgagc cctatgtgtg cacgtgcctg caagttgggg aatacgacta    157200
     ataacagtca tggggactgc agaaacacag cacactgttc agattgatgc agacattgac    157260
     ttgtaccgca aagagacctc tatctcactc atggtttgtc ttctcaagtg ggggaaagac    157320
     aatgcacaat gttaccccac tgctgtcaac ctgggccaag tcatatctct cttgtcccag    157380
     aaacctcagt cccaaatgag agggtttttt tctgttgcag gggacattgt aaatacccag    157440
     agataccagc ttttaccaga ttataattat atgataattt tcctttaaac ccatctctat    157500
     ctaagtgagt gagtgattaa atgttgaatg tgatgagttt tcaacaatac taaattgaaa    157560
     ctttattttt ttacatggtt taataatttt ttgttattaa aattgtagtt agtgtttcaa    157620
     agcttacaga tagatggcta atttgtatgt cattgacact tttggcactt ttttggagta    157680
     ttttcaaaag tttttttttt ttcctgtaaa tgattcaata aataccgtac cgtgacattc    157740
     ataccgaggt attaccgaac cgtgaaattc tgatactgtt acatccctac ctaaaatgca    157800
     tcattaattt ctttgagtct ggaccaaaaa ataataacaa taaaaaaaat taatggttag    157860
     gtggtgctca cagcgacctg agttcaattc ccagcttaag gttctttgcc gccccttccc    157920
     cccctctttg ctccccaaac tttcctctct gtaagctcta ctgtcttatt ccaatttaaa    157980
     gatgaaaatg aattacaatt gctgagaaag aaaaacaatt ctgagaagaa tttacattga    158040
     ggaaccatac aggttccaat tgttggcttc gactaaaaaa agtttaatga aagtaatttg    158100
     tttagtattc aaactaaaca gttgcacaat ctggttttgt gtcactgaaa agaacagacc    158160
     gttaagagtc attccttaag aatcagacag cactgatcgc attgtagatt caagcatgaa    158220
     gataaggctg agaatagatg gaaaacagtt ctttccttgc actgcactaa accaactcta    158280
     atcttacatt acacattaag tgaacttttg cttaattaga gagttcagat aacagaaagg    158340
     aggccacaaa atagggctgc atggtatcgg attttttttt tctctgcgat atttattgcg    158400
     atataatttc accctagctc tattttcaca atagctctat ttgaaaagtc attacattaa    158460
     ttgggataat tttgtagggg aacgcagggt aaaaatatgt tttatgtaat atatgttaat    158520
     atatgcatat aataaaacta cagtcataaa taaacacaat tgagcaaata ttaaagtgaa    158580
     ataaaccgcg ctccgtggtt ttctgaagag agtaacagta ttcaggtaca gaaattaaat    158640
     aatcaaatgc aaagtaacat tacacagtct taatcatata aataattcaa tcaaattaat    158700
     gtttaataaa cgtctttacg cactactaaa aagctttaat ctcacataaa atgcttacat    158760
     attcacaagc cttaaaacgc atgcagatta taaacactca attccgcagt ttctccacaa    158820
     atatggtgcg ttttgacctg tggtttctag tgatctataa tcctgactcg acattgtata    158880
     tgttacaatg tgactgctgt ggacacacac attgcgatac tgatgctcaa gcgatatatt    158940
     gtgcagctgt accacaaaac gctaaggagc aactcaacac agaagaactg cattgataat    159000
     ataaaccaaa gttctcaaac aagcctccta taaaatatta gtaatattaa aaacatttta    159060
     ttactgaagt actgctttaa tatttcttaa tagttgctac acatttatgt taaagccctc    159120
     tggtttcctt gtctgccaag ctttcagtgc aagtccatta ctgttatcat ttcctgttca    159180
     tttatataca atgaggtttg aaaataatcc agaatattct ttttaattga tgaaaccaaa    159240
     ttaaaagtta catttagcct cacttaagta ttcttattca attcccaaca ataagactac    159300
     atccgtccaa gaaaaacaag caattacctg atttctcagt gcacatagtt cattcaaaat    159360
     ttcagtcgct ctatatacct cctctaaaaa ttcatatatc ttagtcagga tggcccagga    159420
     aataaaatgg tcatcaccat atctgtattt cagcttttgt atggtgatgc aaaaagtaat    159480
     gatggcacta atagggtatt aataattcag caatagaatt tatttcataa tgcagcgttt    159540
     tatctgcatt acaacaaagg taactaaatt cttacaggcc ttagctataa ctacagtgtt    159600
     tagggctcaa agcgaccaat cagtaaagac cttaggttgg catcaagaaa actaattaca    159660
     cccctatgca agttgtacaa ttactgaaaa ttttttgggg cagtttggaa tctttttttg    159720
     tgaaacgatc ggtcgcattt ataaatatac tgtatacaca aaacaggaat ggaaacgtgc    159780
     attcgccact tcccatgtga aaattaatgg gagaaagtgc acagctgtca gtaaactcta    159840
     agttgacata tttactttaa atactgactt aattgaacca tgttaaatca taatataagc    159900
     cctaatattc tgacattgac ttttaggaag gtttctatgc acagttttat aaataagaac    159960
     caataatccc atttaccttg tgaatttaaa agctcagcaa ggtttcaaag taaaaacaac    160020
     tacataaact taacagacga aaggtaatat caggaaaaaa aaaacatagg cactttaaag    160080
     attttaaaaa tgcatgtgaa catgtgcata aaaaaagaca acatctatgt aggcaagtcc    160140
     ctgtgttagg tcagatgtta tttaaagact gtggatgtgt ctttagtgtt cagagcatta    160200
     gactctcctt ataaatttcc cttctgaaaa caaacacaga ttagataaat tatacatgac    160260
     tcaagactgc tggaatggac ccaaataaat aaatacacac acacacacac acacacacac    160320
     acacacacac acacacacac acactatgca gacattggtt tgtctgggtt cagaccatga    160380
     taaaagctta aacaggaatg gctagcagtt ctcaacattc atctctgaaa cctttataac    160440
     gcaagtcacg tcaagagcag cactgtgtgt gtgtgcatgt gcgtacttca agtacataaa    160500
     tcagcagctg ttgaagtcag aaatttaaaa cagcaagcac agaagcggaa agcatgatga    160560
     tgatgaagcc aatgcattgt gctcatcctt acagccgcct tctatgacat taaagcttac    160620
     ttatgttaaa gctacgaaaa tggttttatt ccctttcctg tctgtctgtc attgtctgtc    160680
     tacaaactga tgcaattcag catcagtctc cgagtgaggt tcattcaagt gttgtaaatc    160740
     tatgcattca actttttgac ctctgctgcc atcatgtgcc tgtattcagc tctgccacgg    160800
     tgtggagatg gagacttgtc tgaaatttaa cacttgctta acatttacat aaaaaagtta    160860
     agaagttata tcagagatca aacacagacc ttaatttaaa acctctttcc acttccttga    160920
     tgatggttaa gagtcttatt aatgatgatg acatgatttg agactagctg gccatgttga    160980
     aatatgttaa tgcagtgctc agcttaattg agtacgcccc attttgaaaa tgaatatttg    161040
     tatctatttc tcagtgaata taggcaatgt atttttgtgc gtttaaacaa acaaatttat    161100
     taaacagatt tattcaaata ataatttaga caccaaacat atttagaaat taaaagatag    161160
     tacaattaaa ttcaagcaaa atattgcaaa aataaaaaat aaataaaaat acaacctaca    161220
     aaatttcaac taatcttaaa atgtttaagc ttctcttgat ttttcctctt ttattaagtt    161280
     tgtatttaat atttttcttt aacatataaa tttgggtgta ctagcttttg gaccattatt    161340
     gtaagttatt ttgttagata agcttcagat ttagcttcag tactgactaa tctaatgtat    161400
     atgcacaaat ataatattgt atagcttcct attaaaaata ttaatttaaa ttatagattt    161460
     gtgaggggtg tacttatgtg agcactgtat cttctccata catagaaatt ctagcaagct    161520
     ctagtaaaat aattcttgac taatgggcat tttctaattg attttaacat catgtttatt    161580
     gtttaaacac ttttgaacaa caattatttg tcagatagct ccctcacttt cccataacct    161640
     ttagaatctc aggaaataaa caaaacaaaa ttctggagaa acagtcaaaa aagcagcagc    161700
     attttgatta atgcgactgg ctttatgtga aattagcatt ccatttgatt tgaccaagat    161760
     cttgcatgaa cttatgaata attataatta tgtattaaaa agtggtgttg cctgggtaga    161820
     ggacttaaga aacaattgaa tttgtttgtt tttgcatata agctggttta gttaaacagt    161880
     atttctttgt gaatagaaag tctgaaagaa gatcattttt aaaaataaaa attgggagga    161940
     cttccggttt cgatatgagc gagtagcacg cacgtcaaga cagctccgtg aaaaatctaa    162000
     tataactttg tcagaacatc ttgtacaaga tagtgagcac tagtatactt atagtctcac    162060
     attctagaaa ctactaaccg acatcaggat ttaatttgtc cagttttctt attatgccgg    162120
     caaaatctcg aaaaaacccg gaccaggccg cgacagcctc cggctcttgt gtggaagaaa    162180
     cgcctgaaga ggatgctcca gaggcgggca gctcagtcat ccttaatgcg atatcttctc    162240
     tccgtgcaga acttcactca attaaatcag acattgggga aattatagat tcgaagatcg    162300
     agcaacttgc tgtcactatc agaggagaac tgtcagcatt taaaaacgag gccaactcgg    162360
     caatttcgga gattaaagct acggcggatg atcatgccgc gaaattaaca acgctggaaa    162420
     gttacgcttc tacttcgtcg gacacaatgg ttaagatgga acaagatctg gttaaactga    162480
     agctcaccgt ggagcaactt actgaaaaat gcatagacct cgaaagccgc agcagaaggc    162540
     aaaatatacg catactgaac attaaagagg gtgctgaatt cggagtgaag cctagagatt    162600
     tcgttgctca actcctgaca gaagccttgt cacttgagaa acctccactt gtggatcgtg    162660
     cccaccgagc tctacgcgcc cgccctggaa atgatgaacc acctcgcgct ttcattttgc    162720
     gcctgcatta tgtccacgag atggaagaaa taatgcaaaa agcggctagg atgcaacaga    162780
     ttgtcttcaa gacacaaaga attaatatct ttccggacta tccacctgct gtggtaaaac    162840
     gacgcgcact tttcaagcgc gcgagggagt tgctgaagga taaaccagga gtgaaatacg    162900
     gactgcaata ccctgctaaa ctgagggtat cacacaacgg caaagagttc tactttaccg    162960
     accccgacaa agcggttagg tttgctgaaa gcaactttga aataccagga acagtgtaaa    163020
     ggatgtcaga ctcaagataa gtcaagataa gaataacgta actgttgaac tttaattttg    163080
     agcattattc tctaaaggac tcttgtttcg ttatgttata ttgagatgtt cttcaaaact    163140
     ctttattacg gagctgtgct gctgatgcga gtttgttttt ggaagtttaa ggtttgataa    163200
     ttttgaaagt aattgtctgt ttttgactaa cgtttattgt ttattttatt ttattttttt    163260
     ttttttttcg tgtgtaattc cgtatcgtgc cgcgagttct ggtttgtcgg ttagatgacg    163320
     gggttaatgt ttaagtttcg ggaaaggagc ctgtttaaga taccttatag taaacgaaca    163380
     gtgaagatta ttgatttgat cttttttaaa tcaagaaaaa ataacaacta aatgtagtag    163440
     gaagggtctc aaatttgtct cgtggaatgt aaaaggatta aatcatccgg ttaagagaag    163500
     caaaacaata gcgcatttaa agtctctttc ctcagatata atatttttgc aggaaactca    163560
     tctaaaaaaa gattccaaaa ataaactgaa gggtagctgg ataggacaga tatatcaatc    163620
     caatttttca gttaaatcta ggggggttgc tattttattt agaaaagggg ttccatttaa    163680
     actaaacaac ctggaaacag acagggaagg acgctacatc attctatctg gtgagatctg    163740
     tggcttacca attacgttaa taaatttgta cggtccaaac catgacgaac cagaattttt    163800
     tagaaaaata ttctctttaa tccccaaact gtcccaaacc aatcttgtca taggcgggga    163860
     ctttaactgt gtccttgacg gatatcttga tagatcctcg attaaaattg ccccacattc    163920
     taattcaaga cattttttga atgcttttat cgataattct aatttggttg acatatggag    163980
     acttatgtac ccaactgaaa gggattatac atttcactca catgtgcata atgtatatac    164040
     ccgtattgat ttttttctag tcgacagcaa tctcatttct agtgttttaa actctaaaat    164100
     tcatgacata ctgatttcag accatgcccc tgtttcattt gaagtcattc ttgatcaaac    164160
     atcttttact cgtccattgt ggaggatgga ccctcagtta acagctgatc ctaaattcat    164220
     agattatatg aatttgcaac taaacatatt ttttgattgt aacgataagc cagaaacatc    164280
     accagcatta ctctgggaaa cgttaaaagc gtatataaga ggttgtgttt tatcatatca    164340
     agggtccaag aataaactat acaaaacaaa actaagtgat ttagaaaaac aaatccacca    164400
     gctagacatt gaaaatgcaa taaacccctc attagatgtt tataagaaaa ttttacagtt    164460
     aaggtacgaa tacaataata tagtctctgc taaaattaat agaacttttc attatgtaaa    164520
     acagaaatat tttgaatttg gagagaaacc ccataaatta ctagctagac agttgcgcaa    164580
     aattgatagt gaaagaacaa tccataaaat aaaaaccaaa catgggactc actgtatctc    164640
     aaataaagag ataaacaaat gttttaagga attttattca aagttatact cctcagacac    164700
     tgagtttgac tcacaaacaa tggacttatt tctacataaa tgtaatctcc ccaagttatc    164760
     tccagaggac aaagcatgtc taaataaaaa cattactttg gaggaattaa agatcactat    164820
     aaatacttta aaaaactgta aaactcctgg tccagatggg ctgcctgctg aactatataa    164880
     aaaattcggc cacatactta ctccatattt gcttaaaacc tttcaacagg cattaaaaac    164940
     tggactacct ccaactttct ctgaggctat tattacagta attcctaaaa aagataaaaa    165000
     tccagaagaa gttgagtcgt atagacctat ctctctcctc aatgttgatc aaaaaatatt    165060
     gtctaaaaca ctcgctaata ggctctgtaa atttatcaat aaattggtta acgtagatca    165120
     gaatggattt attccaggaa gaagcactat ccataatata agaagattat ttaacataat    165180
     ttatcaccct aaggcaatcc gagacaattt gattgtaata tcattagatg ccgaaaaggc    165240
     attcgaccga gtcgagtggg gttacttgtt cgctgtcctg gagaaatttg atttgggtga    165300
     tgattttata acttggataa aaattttgta caatagtcca ttagcacgtg ttttaacaaa    165360
     tagaacaatt tcagactctt tttatcttaa aagaggaacc agacagggtt gccctctctc    165420
     gcctcttttg ttcgcattga cggtagagcc tcttgcagaa gccattcgat ccaattcttg    165480
     catacatggc tttcatactt caaatactat taataaaata tcattgtatg cagatgatat    165540
     tttgctttat atcacccaac cacaagtgag tctcccagct gtactcaaga ttattaatac    165600
     ttttgggaag ttttctggct ttaaagttaa tttagaaaaa agtgaactca tgcccattgg    165660
     tttaaaagac ctatctataa tacatacttc tccatttaag gtgtccacag aaaaaattgt    165720
     ataccttgga attgtagtta cctgtaaata ctctctactc ttcaaagcta attttaaccc    165780
     cttattgtct aaactacaga agtgtataga ctattggaag acgctcccaa tctctttaat    165840
     tggcagaata aatgcgataa aaatgatttt tcttcctcaa atattatatt tatttcgtaa    165900
     tattccaata ctattatcca agtccttctt taagcacttg gactccatta ttcttccgtt    165960
     tctgtggaac tacaaaagtc atagaattaa aaaaaatcat ctttgtaaac ccaaacagga    166020
     ggggggttta gccttcccag attttcgtct ctactactgg gctacacaca tacaaatctt    166080
     cacattatgg ttggaacaat cggctactgc cccagactgg cttcagatag agcgagatta    166140
     ctgccatcct tatgatcttg gagcaatgtt attatctcca gtgataacag accaaacggt    166200
     agttaatagt attgttacaa agaatcagtt acgaatttgg agacagataa gagaatatct    166260
     taagataaaa tcactttctc tcctaatccc aattgcaaat aacccatcat ttctcccttc    166320
     aaaattagat acaaccttta atcaatggaa gaagttgggt ataaacacag ttaaggatct    166380
     ttatatagat ggggttttag gttcctttac tcaattacaa cagaaatata accttccaaa    166440
     aatacatttt ttcagatttt tacaaataag aaattacctg cgcacacata atgtttccct    166500
     agaggaggtg ccgccctcaa ttgctgatga ctgtctcaca cagtgcaggg gacaaaaaca    166560
     tcaattatct ctaatttatg aaaggttatt tgcagctaat gcccccacta caaagatgat    166620
     cagagaagaa tgggaacgag agtttggcat caaaatttca gaagagattt ggcagaatag    166680
     cttagaggac attgataaac aatcaatcaa cactagatta tgcctcatcc agttcaaggt    166740
     cttacatagg ctacatttct ccaaaaagaa attacatagg attttcccca acatatctcc    166800
     catttgtgat aagtgcagat cagaagaagc tgatttagct catagttttg tattctgtca    166860
     taaaatacag ggattctgga atgaggtctt taaagtgctt tcagatgttc ttgaccaaca    166920
     tatagatcct gacccaatgc ttattatatt aggacattct gattatacat attcattgag    166980
     cagtccacaa cagaaattcc ttgcatattg tttgattaca gccaaaaagc tgctattatt    167040
     gtattggaaa aatgttaatc ctccaactgc caaactatgg cttgaagaat tgacatctac    167100
     tctgcatctg gaacgaacca gatttatttt aaaaggcaac attggacaat ttcagaaaat    167160
     ttggggccct ttcttttgtt acttcatggg gaattcttcc ccccaaagca atgtattgta    167220
     aataaaagtt gttttgatta tcactgtagt gtatacttac aggctgggct tggggtgttt    167280
     gttttttttt ttttttatgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg tttttgtaaa tgtatgcata    167340
     tcagaaaact aatcctgtga ttattgtaag tttattcaac gaccaaataa aaaacttatt    167400
     tgacaaaaaa aaaaaataaa taaaaattgg aataatttta gatattactt taacattttt    167460
     tatttaatag ctctaacaat atttaatact tttaatatta ctaattattt tactggtatt    167520
     gttttattaa tttaagtgtc tttgagtcct tgctaagcaa aagtattaat ttctttccaa    167580
     aaaaagtatt gattcgttct gagtctacta taccatattg tcatttggcc aactaatata    167640
     tatacacaat aacttttttt ttacaaaagc ccttatcagg gccggagtgg gactcttttt    167700
     cagccctgga gtttcaagcc ttagaccggc ccacctcagt tcacgactga ctatattaaa    167760
     ataaggtcat tttcaattca gtttctaatt acactatcac gtcttttttt tttttttttt    167820
     tttttttttt ttgagaaaac agctgcttta gaactttaaa tgttcaaaaa ccctaacagt    167880
     attaaatgtc ttaacaataa aactataatt aaaaaaaaaa aacatactca gacaagaatc    167940
     aaacctgggt cagcggcgtc gtagtctaat gtactaacca ctggaccaca acagttgtat    168000
     atgaagaact gactcatctg actaatatca tcattaacct gtaggctggt tatatataaa    168060
     aagagcagag atgcggtaaa ataatgaata agaagactgt agtcaagtaa gtaaataaat    168120
     taatttaaaa agtgtgactg ctgagagcaa cagattctgg agctagggac accggccctc    168180
     gcggccaaaa aacggaccgg cccaccggga attctcccgg tcctcccgat tagccaatcg    168240
     gggcctggcc cttatgtata tcttaaaggg atagtacacc caaaaaaatg taatattaac    168300
     tcacccttaa gtggttaaaa atcattatga gttttttttt ttgtgctgaa cacaaaataa    168360
     gatattttga agaatgttag aaactattac ccactgaaag caagtaagaa agacaagtat    168420
     tatagaagtc aatgatttct ggtttccaac atttttcgaa ataacttctt ttgtgtttgg    168480
     aacaaaagaa gggtgaataa attataatca ttttcacttt tgagtaaact atcccttaaa    168540
     gtattaaaaa catgccatcc aaaataagtc ttattttctc atagacttcc agttttccac    168600
     tcaccagtca tcgggtcaaa cagctgattg gcctcaaggt cagtgaatgt gttggtgcag    168660
     caggggcagc ggaaggaggc tctgttagtg gagtcccgtt catcagtctc aatgcgtctc    168720
     ctcatgtggt ccagcttgta cttcaccaca ttaaccagca gtctgtaatt aataaaatag    168780
     tagttgtgtc gcgttgtctt cccatcaggt gccgtctcca cacgcatacg acatttgaca    168840
     aacttgtcgg ctttgagcgt gttcagaacc gagcgcagct gcttgcggtc aaatttgagc    168900
     agctccagca tgtcctcttc acgtacacag gggtttcgga tcagcacgtc cagagcgaga    168960
     gcatgctcaa tgccataaaa accccgcaca acctgcttgg ccagccgttt gagagaggca    169020
     ggcacctcag tgagcagctc aggttcagtc atgatgaagg atagggaatg aggaaaaact    169080
     aaaagaaaga gggatggaga gagcagcaga tgaagagata tttcaggacc aagaatgtgc    169140
     tgtcatgaag ggtcagtttg tcttttatgc aagacagtga agagttgaac tttaggtttc    169200
     ttggaggaag gtctgtgaaa agtaaaaaaa cagaaaattt ctgaaaaatc acctgcttac    169260
     catattttat ccatgacata cagaagaaaa gattagtagt taatacttac atttacaaaa    169320
     ccaacatgaa aataaaaagc catcaacctt ttgatttgat tgatggattg atttattttt    169380
     gcaacccctg gggtgtttat tttatattaa aaacacagca cattgatttt atgggaccag    169440
     gttaaacttt ctgacacctt tacagcactc acctacatca aaaatatgac aatgaaaaca    169500
     acaatgaaac ttatttaact taacttataa aatcattgtg tgtgtgtgta tatatatata    169560
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tgaatacttt taactgtcaa    169620
     actgtaatat agcgccttaa atccctcatt taataaacaa cttcatcata attcggttgt    169680
     ttgttaataa ctgatgcttt caagagtcat tctagggctg ggccgataaa caatatcata    169740
     tcaaatcgca ataaaatttg tcaataacaa tgatgagctc tggacgtttt tactttaatt    169800
     gatctaagag ccaatcacac agcagaaatg taaacaatgg gaatgtaaaa gtgtgtggtt    169860
     attagagata ttttgccatt gctttggaaa tatgttaggc ctgttaatgg tttaataaag    169920
     cttttaattt ttgtggcttc agtcattgtt gggggtaaac ctctctttta aatttgaaag    169980
     cattagcaac ttctattgaa atatatatat cgttatcatt caatatggaa aataattatt    170040
     aagattgcat ttttgccata tcacccagcc ctaggtcatt ttcaatagta tttctacaat    170100
     cttttttttt taaataacta gataatttta ccttaaaggg cacctatcat aaaaatcatc    170160
     ttttgtgagc tgtttggaca caactgtaag taaagtgtgt ccacagttat attggagtga    170220
     tataaagaca ataggtctct ttttctattt cctgatgttg aaatagcatc caaatccatc    170280
     ccattttaag acccactgca ctgtgatgta ggagcgcagt tttcctgccc actgaactga    170340
     ttgacagccg catattaaca tgtcatcgca gtaacgagta aaatcatatc aacaagacag    170400
     gacgtgcaca aactgggatt aaaagatctg ttgagctctc tgtgatcatc aggcatcatc    170460
     aaatgtgatc aagaatgtgt tttacaaatt taaaacgttt ttaaaacgga gcatgattgt    170520
     aattaattac agcgatttta ctgtctttat aaccacagcc ccagttcagt acaattaaaa    170580
     agaagacctt tcaatccgtt tgtggatgtt aaatcaggtt tattttgtac attaacataa    170640
     tggatgtcca taaagcaggg gatattaatg tgtatcctcc tgtcacattt acgtgcaaaa    170700
     acagtgcaaa gttaaatgcg cgcactgtgt gtgtaggcat gggccggaat aagattctga    170760
     ttttataacc ttggaaaaaa tatcactgtt tcacgatatt gtaattattc ctccaaaata    170820
     aattattttt aaatgtctgg gacacaacaa cttttgcccc tattgaacac aatagattta    170880
     ttttaccagt agcttttagt gtagaggttc cttttttgct ggagattctg ttgccctaaa    170940
     aaaactaact aaagtaatcg tgaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaac atacacatac cttagaaact    171000
     gtataactga aaacattagc ggttttaaaa cttttactat tcacaactgt ttatcgtccc    171060
     atccctgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtaaactttc taacaacatt gtgtgcgact catcatagaa    171120
     aggcttgaat taactccaca acaaatacat caaataatca ttgggagatt tcttactgaa    171180
     gcatttctca caaactttac gggagatctt tttgtcactg tgctgtttat ctgtcgcagc    171240
     cgaggcagag attgaggcac actccgacag gcacgtggga acggtgggca gggtgaattg    171300
     gcattaaggg cgcaggccac aaaaacagct acattgtgta caaagcagaa aattccaaac    171360
     ttctaaaggt ataataaata atctgagagg tgttttgagc tgaaacttta cagacccatt    171420
     ctggagacag aaaagactta tcttaaatct tgataaaggg gtaaaatagg tgcactttaa    171480
     aggaatatca gctgaagtca aaacagcaat gttcaatttg tcactgaaat ctttgtaagg    171540
     ttagaaatgt cagaaagatt tgttaaaggt ctaagatgca ccatgcagaa accattatgg    171600
     agaacatatc aaccagaatt ttttttaccg tgttaacagc agtcattcat gttaacatgg    171660
     agtttaaaca cgtaaataaa aggagctcat ttaggagcga tgtctaaggg ttaattactt    171720
     taggaacgaa gataagtttg tgttgtctta aatatgtact tcagttacac gcaaagaagt    171780
     atgaaataaa tacgctcaac gaaaataata caaagcaatg tgagagtaca gatgactact    171840
     caccagtttc atgtatctgg agagtttaat gtaagattaa cgcgatgaat cggtattttg    171900
     agaaatgctg ttaacgatac attcacacgt ttagcaaaat aaacaacacg aaaactgaat    171960
     gagataaaat acagttcaaa cctttaattt tcctcctgtt tagatcagaa caagtttcct    172020
     agttcagcat cacgctaacg tttagcggaa atgacgtcca ggatgttgct gaaaagtcta    172080
     tatacaattt aaaacgcttt accaaaatat gttgtgcatt aaccatttta aaataatacg    172140
     ttttgttagt atttataaaa tcttatttta atatcaaatc taaaaaaagt aaataacaac    172200
     tactttttaa aagtcatgtg atgctgtgga caataaaagt ccctttaagt gtctttggta    172260
     caatcccacg gtacaagtac cgacactcgg catgtaaagt acacgtttat atgtttgacg    172320
     gaacgtattt tgctttgact tgtaaggttt aattgtaaaa gcttttgtca tagacgaatg    172380
     tgaagccgcc tccgctgtgt tgcttccttg ttgttcacag cgaagactac acgtgtgtcc    172440
     agagagtgat gccagtaaac agaaaaagag aacaaggaaa agatgctgcc gtgagtctgc    172500
     cagtgtttaa attcagttta tgttggttgt aacaggatag gctcagtgcc attaacttta    172560
     ggaatcatgt aattgaaatg tattttcgcc acttaaaaac tgtcaaaagt atcccgtatt    172620
     atgattctct ggcgtagttt agtagtggta ctgcataata aaaatactaa attatataat    172680
     atatgatgac aatatgtgaa ctggagtgtg aggtgtctag gggccaaagg caggggcggg    172740
     atttaaccaa taaataaggt aaacagtcac ttaatccccc agagaatctg ggagccccca    172800
     ataaatgtat ggaagcataa attataccta aaaattatgt aacatagttt actatcatat    172860
     gttggtgaag gtctaacaaa ttttaacgtc attattgcat gcaaaattgt cccccgcccc    172920
     taatcagagc agtttattca ggtaacttaa aaaattttgt tttaaaaatt aaatagttga    172980
     tttattgttt taaattgtga atttatttta agaaaacaaa taatttatag tgtagagatt    173040
     gtattaaaat ataaagtatt aaagcaaagg gcagcacggt ggcgcagtgg gtagcacaat    173100
     cgcctcacaa caagaaggtt gctggtttga gcctcggctg ggtcagttag catttctgtg    173160
     tggagtttgc atgttctcct cgtgttggca tgggtttcct ccggtcactc cggtttaccc    173220
     cacaagtcca taaacctcta gtacagggga attgggtaag ctaaattgtc cgtattttat    173280
     gtgtgtgatt gagtgtgtat ggatgtttcc cagtgatggg ttgcggctgg aagagcatgc    173340
     gctggcggtt cattccattg tggcaacccc agattaataa agccactaag ctgaaaagaa    173400
     aatgaatgaa tgaattaaag gagattgagt gatgtaagaa aagaacagca aaataattac    173460
     atattatatt gatattactg caactgactg ctggggtgca attgactgct ggggtgcaac    173520
     tgactgttgg gccccatggc tgaaattgct aaggcctccc aaataaaaaa cccctgcctt    173580
     cgaagccagt aaatggaaag aaaaaaaaag tctgtggaaa tgtttttctt acaacaagga    173640
     gttaccaatt tatcagcaat aataatttaa aatataaaca aatatagtat agtaaataat    173700
     tttcattaaa tattactata tcagggttca tacaaatttg tactacataa atattaagaa    173760
     aacaaatcat ttatagtata gagattgtat taaaatataa tttataaaag agtatcgagt    173820
     gatataagaa aaggacagca aaataaataa ataaatgaat atacacaggg tgcatactac    173880
     tacaactgga agtatgggtg caactgactg ttggacctca aggctggaac tgcttagggc    173940
     tccaaaatca ataaatccac ccctgcctcc agcagacagt ggaaatgttt gctgacaaaa    174000
     cgttcattaa tgtcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaaattc    174060
     acacgcacgc acgcacacac actatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    174120
     tatatatata tatatatata tagtatataa caattaataa ggtgaaagag ataaataaca    174180
     aattggataa aaacattaac ccaataatta aaaacaaatt catatttgat ttaaaatatt    174240
     ataaaaataa aaaaatggct aaataaaata aatattttga attatattaa atatataatt    174300
     ttcaactgga ataaagtgat taataaaaaa ttattaaaat aagtaaacaa atgtgtctat    174360
     gcatgtcaaa aaaaagtact ataacgacta ggaaaaaaaa ggtaaatgtt gaaaaccttg    174420
     taataataat aaattaataa caatttagac tagacatggg ccggtataag attctgacgg    174480
     tatgataacc ttggataaaa taatgtcatg gtttcatggt ttaacggtat tgtgattacc    174540
     actttaatat atggtctttt aaatgtcggg gtaaaaaaac aaaaactttt tgcccctttg    174600
     tacacaatat attttatttt gagaaacatt taaaatattt tggagcagta aacatgtcag    174660
     gctaaataat tcaaatgaat cattgacttc tgctgtcttc attagtttca aaaacactga    174720
     tttcattaca atttaagaca gcatctttaa agatcttttc tgctggagat actgttgtgc    174780
     tacaaaacca aaaattaaaa aaataaaaat cttacatata ccataggaac agtagcagag    174840
     aagtgttgtc agttttaaaa ccttgacttt ttcaaaccac ggtatacttc aaaacggtta    174900
     tcatcccatg cctaattcag acctatttat aatatacatt ttagataaat gaaacgcgct    174960
     aaacctaaag ggttagatca ccaaacaaaa aaagccaagt gctgtcatca tctcatactt    175020
     gtgtgcttcc aagctgtgac attctttatg aaataccttt tttcctttta cattcaccct    175080
     caggtacaag ggacaaatga cagcagtgtg gtcagtaagg tgtcagcagc ggcacagggc    175140
     tacttccacg atgatttcct caagcatttt gtgtgcaaga tgtcaagaag agctccactc    175200
     atcaataggt aaaagtttgg gaaagttcag gctgttttga taattatatt gtcatacaag    175260
     agagcttata tctatgatgt gtgtatattt ctttgtcaga ggttattatg tgcgctggaa    175320
     ggcaatcgat cactgtgtga agcagtttct ccatgcaaca aaatcctgct ccaggagaca    175380
     ggtaggaaga aatgtccttg tttagtgttt gagagttctt ctgaaagtgt ggagaatgaa    175440
     agatttgatc atttccttat cttaatgtca gattctgtca ctgggagcgg ggtttgactc    175500
     gctgtttttc cggctgcgtg cagaaggagc ccttggaggt gtcactgttt ttgaagttga    175560
     ctttccagaa gttgcccgtc gcaaagctgc cttgatcaat agcaatgctt gcctgaagga    175620
     cttgttgcca gattgggaga ctgtcctaaa taagcagact agtaagacat tcacatatta    175680
     ttaatagatt aaatgaacaa taagattttt gtcatgactg aaaaaagaca aaaagggact    175740
     ttcaaatatc aaaagtgtaa attaggcctt tttgtgtatg tttggactgt gggaaaaacc    175800
     agaacaccca gtggaaaccc aacaaacacg gtgagaacat gcaaactcca caaagaaatg    175860
     ccaactgact tagctgggac tcgaaccagc gacctttttg ctgtgaggcg acagtggtaa    175920
     ccactgagcc accatgttgc caaaacttat catcaccaat attagtactt gttgatggtt    175980
     tgatgttttc cttttttatt tacctccatc tatgtattta tttattttta atgattgtta    176040
     ttattttcta tgtttatttt tagtcatata tattttttag tttgttaaat aattagttaa    176100
     tctatttgct attattattt aggttttgta cttttggact ataacccata acacattttt    176160
     ttaaaatcat atttctagaa actttaattc aacatgtcaa caaaaaaaat aacataatac    176220
     aatcttctaa aaggtagcaa ccaaacaatt actaattaat ttgaaatctc tatattttgt    176280
     cactgttttt taccaatttg tcagcaataa ttatttaaaa tataaacaaa tataatgtaa    176340
     taaataattt ttattaaaca ttacaatatc tgggttcata cacatttgga ctactaaaat    176400
     tccaggactt ttccaaaact ttcaggtaaa tatttatgac ctaatgtgtc ttgcaatgtc    176460
     tacaaatgta gtaaataaga caaaagaaat gtatcatcat atttattaca gcatatcaaa    176520
     aaataagtat gtagtttcta tttattttta tattggtaaa atagttttag aaagtatctt    176580
     gcttaaaata ttttagaaaa tatttggttt gtgtttttac aagacttata tgattagtac    176640
     aaatctatat actgtagtag tatgtagaat agactttaat gtagaatagt agtgtgcaga    176700
     tttagtatgc agatgcactt acattttatg tttgtggctc tgttcataca tgtttgttgt    176760
     atcatggttt tatttattta tttttattta aaaccctaac cagggatgaa ggcagcaaat    176820
     taccttcatg tcatatgctc catatatgtg acattggttg tctatgtatt atccctgtta    176880
     aataaaaaca aataaaaaaa atcagccttt agcacactca atatcttaac tctgtagtga    176940
     gattgtttct gtacacgaca ctcaatgtag cttgaattac aggcatttga agagacagac    177000
     agcacaactg tattacaaat taacccaata ttatcatctc aaataaattt gagtacataa    177060
     atatttttta aaccaacttc catgactttt ccaaaatatt ttgggtttat tttatatttt    177120
     taaaactttt ccaggcctga aaaattaatt tactcatttt cttgtcggct tagtcccttt    177180
     attaatccgg ggtcgccaca atggaatgaa ctgccaactt atccagcaag tttttacgca    177240
     gcggatgccc ttccagccgc aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac attcacacac    177300
     actcatacac tatggacaat taagcctacc caattcacct gtaccacatg tctttggact    177360
     gtgggggaaa ccgaagcacc cggagaaaac ccacgcgaag gcagggagaa catgcaaact    177420
     ccacacagaa acgccaactg aaccgaggtt cgaaccagcg accccgcgac cttcttgctg    177480
     tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgcgccact gcctcaccgg cctggaaaat gcttttttca    177540
     aaattccatg acttttcctg attttccagc accatagaaa cccttcagta tataaactgt    177600
     attattcata agaaaaatat tagcaatttc tagtgaaatc ctccaagtct gtctgtgttt    177660
     ccaaaacatg ctatgtgtta gaacaatgac cgtgtgtttc ctattcatat atagatgctg    177720
     tgttcatcag cagtggtcat tataatctga ttggtgtcga tgtcaggaag gagcaggagg    177780
     tggaggcaag tctgagcgca gctggactgc agtgggacaa tcctacactc atcctgtcag    177840
     aggtggtgct gacttacatg gagacgcaat ggtgaggatg tgaattcagt gtgggtcaac    177900
     attgagcctt ggtaatcatt ctgcagtctg cttgttatcc tgatgtcatt gtctttttga    177960
     ttatctaatt gtttcccttt tttgttctac tgtactataa aagaaggcca tactaaaagc    178020
     tgcagcaatg tttggcactt ttcgaggtta ataaataaaa cagcaagctt ctattggtag    178080
     cctgaggtac atttctctat ttatggatat gacaattcac ttatgtactg tgctactgca    178140
     ctgtaatgat cgacccgaca gatcaaatat agtcctgtta tgattctgtg tgagacagga    178200
     ttcatgtgct tgctcattaa atgaatcctg aacaaaatac tgcagcttta actgttttga    178260
     aaacagttta gtgtattttt atcactttgt gttttgtctt ttttttcttt ttctccaggt    178320
     cggatgctgt gattggctgg gctgccaggc tcctcccaca gtctatgttc atgatgtatg    178380
     aacagatccg cccagatgac ccatttggca gagtcatgca gagccacttc cttaagctca    178440
     actctaaaat tcattctcta caacaatatc cagacactgt ggctcaaacc cagagattca    178500
     tacaggaagt aagtcttgta ttaaaatttc atggcctttt ttaatgttta aagtaattta    178560
     attaaattaa tattaatgtt tccaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    178620
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attgaattgt    178680
     tacactccgt ttatttttta atttctgtta aatggagagg gttttttttc aacaaatttc    178740
     taaacataat aggtttaata actcatttct aataactgat ttattttttc tttgccatga    178800
     agagtaaata ctattttact agataatttt caagacactt ctattcagct taaagtgaca    178860
     tttaaaggct taactaggtt aattaagata actaggcagg ttagggtaat taggcaagtt    178920
     attgtataac aatggtttgt tctgtagact attggaaaca aatttggctt aaaggggcta    178980
     atgattttgt ccttaaaatg gtgtttaaaa aaattaatat ctgcttttat tcttgccgaa    179040
     ataaaacaaa taaaactttc tccagaagaa aaaatattat cagacatact gtaaaaattt    179100
     tcttgctctg ttaatatata tatacacatt attttagtaa agatgcactt aatcaaaagt    179160
     gaaaaaaaaa tttattttac tttaaaaaaa tttttttttt catactgtat ttattttatc    179220
     ttcattaaaa ctggtttata gtttccacac acatattaag cagcaatgta tttgcaacat    179280
     tgatagttta aataaacatc caggttcgta cagttatgga aaacctggaa aagtcatgga    179340
     attaaaaaaa aaacagaaaa actcacaaag ttttggaaaa gtcatggaaa ttagcataaa    179400
     tgtctgtatt cttgaattag ggctgcgtaa tattgggaaa atctgacgtt acggtattta    179460
     gtatttctgt gatatatata ttgtgatgtg aatacacttt caccagttga tttaacagat    179520
     ttatttggct tgattggggg gattttgttg agtgaatctc aaataatata taacaaataa    179580
     attacaagca tagatgaata aaatatagta aagataaaag cgaattatag ttttcaggga    179640
     ttgactattc agacacagat attgtataat caacattgca ttgttcgtta ttgtaaatta    179700
     tttaatcttt tttacagttc cgaaaaaatt cttgtggcta aatgttttaa aatttgaaat    179760
     attgaaatgt tcacacaggc cttaaagttt aaagtttact caaagaacaa aatgtactta    179820
     ctatttactc acacttcact tgtttcaata caataagagt tattaaatga tatatttttg    179880
     tgttcattga aaaaagaaaa ctcataaatt tttgaatcaa gtgaagggtg taatgaaaat    179940
     agtaagtcat tttggggtga acttgcttaa gatgataaac ttttactcca ttatgattaa    180000
     actctatatt aaactataat cccaacattg catatcctgc aatgtgtcta ttgcgaatgc    180060
     acacattgca atatcgatgc tgaagcgata tattgtacag ccctaacttg aatataggca    180120
     agttgtcttt acttcttttc tgtcctcggc caaaaacttg ctctcacatt gttagtgctg    180180
     taagcataat caaaaaaaat gttacttaga tttaaaaaca catttaaaca aaagagattg    180240
     ttgcggtttc tacgatatgc tgcaaacaaa tttgagcatc attgtatttc ttattattta    180300
     ccatgtatat gtacacacta aataaaacat ttcttattat ataattaatc aacatttatc    180360
     tcagattaac agatcattat ttgccacagg gctgggaaaa atgtcactgt atggacatga    180420
     accagtttta ttttgatctt ctttctgaag atgagaggga gagaatcgaa aatctggagc    180480
     cgtttgatga gtttgaggtg agcaaatgaa ctcattccca gaaacaacaa caaaaatgtc    180540
     tgaatgatct cagcatgacc actgagtctg accgaatgac atgtttatct ttactaggaa    180600
     tggcatcaga aatgttctca ttacttcatc cttactgcct ccaaaggctc tgtgaccagg    180660
     caagctcttc tcacgctacc aaatagtaag tataaacacc tacattacat gtttgactag    180720
     ggaaggtggc gtgataaatc aagatgcatg cgctcttttc ctagcatcct ccattcccca    180780
     aatgactcct caatggaaca cacatcctcc tctggtcgtt cagcccatgt gtggatcacc    180840
     gtctgtggag gctcttggta tggcatctgc ccttctgacc cctgaaatca tccttctcac    180900
     tggaggcttt ggaagaaatg gaagagacac tgcagcaagg gtcctgatca aagagaagtg    180960
     tggctggaaa agtgcctgtg tagaagtaca tggagataaa ggtgattatc aatggttgga    181020
     agctaaaaaa aatcacagcc aaaaggagcc aaaatattaa aataatatta gcttattgaa    181080
     atctattatt gttcatacct gcttattgta atttttcaaa ataaccagtt tgagcggttt    181140
     ataagtgata aggcaatacc tggcatttgc tgttctcagt ggtgagtctt tatcagacgt    181200
     tgacttctgt tcctggtggt ggagttgttc ttttcggagg cagatcttct ccacttagac    181260
     catcaggcag tgtcgttttg gtgaccgctg accttgctga tgaagtacaa ctttcattca    181320
     cgaacatagt ttgtactggc actggtccaa agccacgatg gcgacacaca tctactttaa    181380
     tatgctacaa cggtgagatt tttcactcta aatattttgt gcaatataag aggcaagcaa    181440
     taacgtcttg ttcatgtgta atttcagaca agacctttct gtttgtgttt ggaggacgtt    181500
     ctgaaaagga tccgattcta ggagatgcac atttcctgtg tttggaagac aagcactgga    181560
     ctgaggcatg tattaaaaca cattgaaaac atacaatttg atggtgagtt tgttcagagt    181620
     ggttgcaaaa ctacttcttt aaagcattat gtcaaaatat aaaacaccct ttttagtttt    181680
     gcatttgcat actataccta ataactaggc accatccctt ggcctacccc caaacctaac    181740
     cttaacctgt ttaagtttat gcctactgta aattatagag ctgatttata catttggcag    181800
     atgctcttta tctgtctgcg ccaataggct agtgcgatat aaagcaccaa ggtgctcacg    181860
     gtgacctaag ttcgattcct ggctcgaggt cctttgccga tccttccccc atctctgctc    181920
     cccacatttc ctgtctgtaa aatctttact ttcttatacc aataaaggtg aaaatcccta    181980
     aaaaaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaaggatgct ctttaactta attccattgc cgttgattgt    182040
     atacattttt tattagttca tgcatatgtt aacttagctg gaaattggac atttatttta    182100
     atgttgcaag catcatgcta catctattag gatttcagaa aatatgtttt gaacaacata    182160
     acataaaaat attgtttgaa ataaagaatt cattcccaaa tgcatgtttg ttctttttgt    182220
     gtgaacttca tatcgaaatg ttgaaaataa tgtgagcaaa aaaaaagagc ctaaataatc    182280
     taatagtagt tcatgtcctg taaaagagac cttctgaggg tgcaaaaatg gtcctgtgta    182340
     tattctgaaa tagccatcac atctcaagag tgactgttat atcatctttt ttttgtgctt    182400
     ccatcagatt acagttgttg gtgctggtcc ggaagcccgc cactcccatt cagcttgtcc    182460
     ctatggaggg gggcttgtga tatttggagg tttgggggaa ggaggcaaac ctctggggga    182520
     tgccctttat ctaagaccca cgtcatcagg tttctgctgg gagatgaaag atttacatcc    182580
     acctccagtg cccaggttca aaacactcac ttcctgtcta tatttattgg aagtatttat    182640
     tgatgtcatc ggtgttattt gatttaatat tttgtttttt gttttttaaa cccaatcttt    182700
     agagtttact ggtccaactt tttttttttt tttttttagc aaactcaaat atatacttgc    182760
     ggattcactt ttttttgctc tgacttttaa gacttgacac tagggatgca cagtatattg    182820
     tttcagcatc gatattgcaa tgtgcacacc cgcaatagtc acattgtaaa gatacacaat    182880
     gtccaatctg aattatagtt gaccaggagc tataaactaa taaactataa actataaact    182940
     aataaactat atttaataac tgtatttatg tggaatttat gcaaaaaaac ttaattagaa    183000
     tttatgtctt gtttccagcc caaatatcta catttgaaag caaaaacaat attatttcac    183060
     ttaccccact ggcaaatagt ttccttaaaa caagcaaaaa tctctttatt tttcacgtat    183120
     ttcttctgaa ggtgaaatct aaacaatact gttacttggt cttagagttt tttgatattg    183180
     agactagaaa gaagacaaaa cacatttttt actccctata aatcatcaaa tggagatatt    183240
     taatccatat tttgaaactg tgtaacaata tttttcgcag aaaactaaaa tatcgcaaga    183300
     tcagactttt ccaatatcgt gcagccctac ttgtcaagac tttattttgg aatgggaaat    183360
     gtaaggaatg catcataaaa tagatatgtg ccacctctat gtgatgaaaa tcctctattt    183420
     ttagatactc tcactcagct catgtaatta atgagaagct ggttgtggtt ggtggagtct    183480
     ggcttcaggc tgatggagta ccaggagttt ctatagtaaa tctcaacact ggaagctgtg    183540
     tggagatcca gctggatact gtaagtaact ctagcactgg ctaatggttt attataaaat    183600
     tatccatact ggttttaaaa tctttatggc ttggagttag aatgtttttt tttcttttta    183660
     tgtttatgta aaaaaaaatt ataaactata aacaaaaata ttactgttat ggtattttat    183720
     ttaatttgaa ccagtgttta gtcttatagg aacttcataa aggaatcaga tcttttagtt    183780
     atattagaaa ttagattttt gaatatatat atatatatat atatatattc agttgaagtc    183840
     agaattatta accccacttt gaattttttt tttctttttt aaatatttcc caaatgatgt    183900
     ttgacagagc aagaaaattt tcacagtatg tctgataata ttttttcttc tgggaaaagt    183960
     cttatttgtc ttttttcaat acatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    184020
     atatatatat atatgtgtgt atatatatat atatgtgtat atatatatat atgatttgtt    184080
     gtcatgattt acctctgttt ctaattgttt cagttgtctg tgccttggcc tctgatgctg    184140
     cattcgttct gctctgagtt gctggattgt gaaggatctg agctggtgct gattggtgga    184200
     ggtggaaact gtttctcatt tggaactcac ctcaaccttc atcctgttac tgtggatctt    184260
     aaaccaatac tttgcttttg attttagtca tagcactcaa gtacaaacta caaacaagca    184320
     acaaatgtgc tgctgagtga gtctctaacc aaacttttat ttgagctgga acttcgagtt    184380
     gatatagccc aagcactgtg acacagaaac atcactctgt aaagcgacgg aaagactgca    184440
     cgctgggaca gattgcgccc cagtccactg gtttacggta gttgcccttt tccaggaagt    184500
     actggtggcc acgatagttg ggatgctcat agaagatcca gtatccatcc agaactttgc    184560
     aggaattaac ctctctcaga cggaacctct cctgcactga tggacagtct tcaatggact    184620
     ctatagcctg gcctgtgaag tcgggcttgt cgtacaactg aaccttgtac tgcattccac    184680
     tcgtctgcat gggtttgagg tgtaggagaa atgaaacaaa gacatgatga catcagagaa    184740
     tatttatgtc catactttaa taagctttta cataaataaa tggatgcttt tagctttttt    184800
     gaccactctg tagatctttg ctgtccacta atttattctg gaaaattttc aagacatatt    184860
     tattcaattt tattatagta ttatgcttct gatattcaaa tactggccca acacaacatc    184920
     tttgtccata ttcagggttc gtacgggtgc tggaaatcct ggaaaatgaa tataactcga    184980
     tttttttagt agtgttttca aggttagaaa agtggttgga ttttggacaa agtgtttgaa    185040
     cctgcttgaa gttgaaattg cagggctcga aaatgcgacc gttttggttg caaatgcgcc    185100
     tgaattttta tctatgcaag ttgaaaatat atttgggagc atttgtgcga gagcataaaa    185160
     ttgttgcctt gcgaccagtt ttcattgcaa aatgttcccc gcatgtgcgt atttaggaga    185220
     cattcacgca gaatgcatca ttacagctaa aaacgccaaa cgcagtgctc agaaatagtt    185280
     taaaacagtt gccatgtcaa cttgctagaa cagttcatta atttgcagta agaaaattct    185340
     ggggttcgtt aggatttaat ttattaattg aattttgaat agcaatgcac atgaaatatc    185400
     atgaacgacg aaagtttggt acaacactca aacaaaatct tactgtaagc ttattttttg    185460
     agttatcaac tttaggtaga aagagcccaa acttaaaaag atgtttcatc cagtaactga    185520
     acatttattt atatttcatt tttaaatatt tttgggtgaa ctatctcaat aaatcaaaat    185580
     attcaacaat ttaaattgaa atgtcatatt gtgatttaaa aaatagcact atggatttaa    185640
     atgtgaaaaa gtacatacag caaataaacg taattaactg tggttgttag gtgctggaaa    185700
     agcaaaaaaa atgcaccttt aaagtgctgg agtttgaagt tggaagaggt gtaagaaccc    185760
     tgcatatttc acccaaactt tgagtaaaac aacccaggca tttttgtttg aaagtgcaca    185820
     aagccttcag gcagaaaatg ttctgaaacg ttatagattt tgcatgtctt tcgtaatgtg    185880
     tttttatttt aaattaagcc agtgatggaa aagattaaag agaagtaaat tgactggagt    185940
     gtaattatgt ttatggttca ttgattacaa caagcgtctg ttatacatac aaatatggtc    186000
     tttcaaactg actctattga atacagcagg ccatatgaaa attgatctgc tgacaaaacc    186060
     ctacagccaa attagttaac cagacctaat ggttaaaggt ctaattcctg accttccact    186120
     actcagacac tggctttaac ccagcaaatg gaattcagtt tgagcacatt gtgcaaaagt    186180
     ctgatctcag tctaaccaca gctaatcttc cacacctttt acattgaatt ttgatggtca    186240
     cttttaacat ttgttgacta ggagaaattt tgcaagcttg ttgaccagag ttcattagac    186300
     tatagtatta ttagactgtt taatatctgg aagacttttt aatttattta ttaatatttt    186360
     tgaaggattt ctcagcagac attctgatga ctataataag tatatataag tttcttcagg    186420
     cctttagcca gggagggttt gggtggttcg agaagtccag aatttggcct ctatatatga    186480
     actcatatga gtctcgtttt tgacagtatg ccatcaaaaa atgtgaaaat aaccaataga    186540
     agaagggttt aagacaaatt tattttttat ttattcaaat ttacaaattc tgactgagga    186600
     aatgagctgg ccagtttgtt atttacagtt ttgaatatgt ttttcgttgg ttttaaaaag    186660
     gttttaacag attgctaatt gttttttaat gatgcatgat aataaattta aaataagtat    186720
     tttttaccat ctaagccctc ctttttttca ttaaatgtat tattattttt aatcatttta    186780
     ttattgtata tttttagtat gtgtatatac atatgggtgt atgcatgtgt atgtgcatgt    186840
     acatatacat tttatatatt tattttgttc tctcttactt tctttcctca ttatatgtcc    186900
     taaggatttt tttgtattta caaccatttt ggtaaaaaat ggtaaaaaga aaaagaaaaa    186960
     aaatgtatgg actaattgca aaaaaataaa aacttttacc ctatattgca ctatataata    187020
     tgtaatgttg tattctttaa taaaaataag ttccgaaaaa atataagtat taataaatta    187080
     aatgtaatta aataataaaa tgtttaaaat ctaatcttat aacaatattt ataaaatttt    187140
     aatagcttac agtttaagcg catttctcaa taaaaaaaaa aaattggtaa aattgtatgg    187200
     taagcacttt aataaaattt ttaggaaata tgtttgttga aatatgtttg ttgcatcaaa    187260
     atgtatggtt gttatcacta tctgacaagc taatgcagca aagattcgtg cttgctatgt    187320
     cacaaatgct gtatttaaac cacataattt aatagaaatt ggagaactgc aaaaagctcc    187380
     actttttgag aacacccctt tcaggtaata ttaattcggc gtccctcaga atattagact    187440
     gtcaaaataa agcataaccc aatatttgat gcagtgataa tagctgaact tacaaagcgg    187500
     ataatcttgc aggaactgag gcagtcattg agtcccatcc agcccaggta ctccggatac    187560
     tcgcccctgg tcagcaggta gcggttcccc gtgtagtttg gccgctcata aaccacccag    187620
     gcgccgcttt ccacacggat cgagttgcag cggctcaggt aggtgtggaa gtcggagcag    187680
     tcgctatcgc actcgtaacg acggccttgg aagttcttgt cctcaaaaaa cacaatctga    187740
     gagagaaatg aggttgaaga acagatttga tggcttgtcg tcgaacatac atatttaact    187800
     tatccattta acttatccgc ttaatttcta gtttgttttt ttcgtatttt ctctgattaa    187860
     caataaaata taggctaaca ttcatcttgg aatgattttt taatactatt ttatgcagcg    187920
     tgtttttaca gggttgtgta ttaaccaggt gtttactgaa tatggtatta gtagctatat    187980
     tacaggtatt tgcattgcat agtctgcaat attggcttaa tcagctatct gcagctctgg    188040
     tcaatctgct caggcataaa ccaatatggt ctattaaaat taaaataaaa aacgatgact    188100
     ttaaatttag acagatcgac aattgtctaa gctgcaaata aaaacatttc atttactaca    188160
     acataaaaaa taaggactaa agtttcatta atgtatgaaa tggttttaaa tggtgtcatt    188220
     gtttaagcat cacaaagaca ttattactta ttatgccaaa aagttaacaa tatttcaaaa    188280
     tttcttctta ctgcatattt ttacatttct tgccaaaaaa tttagaattt tacattttct    188340
     tttcgggtta gtccctttat aaatctgagg tcgccacggt gcaattaatc gccaatttat    188400
     ccagcatatg ttttacgcag ccaatgcatt ttgagccgca acccatcaca ggaaaacatc    188460
     catactcata catacactat ggacaattta gcctacccca attcacttgt accgcatgtc    188520
     tttagactgg aggaaaccca cgcaaacgca gggagcgcat gcaaactcga cacagaaatg    188580
     ccaattgacc cagccgaggc tcgaaccaac gaccttcttg ctgtgaggca acagcactac    188640
     ctactgcacc actgtgttgc tcgttgaatt ttacgaaata aaaataacga ataagtaaaa    188700
     ttcacgaaac atgaatatca taaccatgac taacaaagca aaacataaca ctaaacacaa    188760
     acctaacaat aatgcgtttt tatgcaacta gtctgacttc aagcctcttt cccaatatat    188820
     tcagttctac tcaccttgcc catcttgaat tttgtaatta ggctggtcag gaggaagtag    188880
     tctgaagtcc agagtgaatg attatggggc tgtttaaata tgcagctctc aaagtcaaaa    188940
     tgacgagaag gggagggcca gatattcact ttgtcatgaa aatgagatcc aaaaatcgag    189000
     tcagtggttc tcgcactatt caggtttttt tccagaaaag cgaataggga ttaaaaggat    189060
     aatgactagc ctggcatagc cattcattca ccctgacaca ccactgcacc ccacgactgg    189120
     accaacttga gccacaacaa acacagcata ctgaccagca cctgatgcca agagcactgc    189180
     caaataaaga gcccggactc attggattgt gtgatgccac gttgaatgcc actcattaca    189240
     ctggctcagc tcttttcaac aagcacagcc actgacaaat gaaccaacta actaaactaa    189300
     atctggagaa aatgacagag atttgagtat aggccgtgat ttaggtttat aatgccaaat    189360
     acacagtgaa atgatttatt tggcacatac tctgtgtcag aataactgac ctttttgtgt    189420
     gtgcactgtg catagcatta gatctatgtc acaacattaa aaagtttgcg aagtctttta    189480
     atgtcatata gtaaaagtag aacacaatat agaaatgtaa ataacataca aatacaacat    189540
     acagagacaa ccagacatac agacagaacc ctttctagca aaataacagt agatttagca    189600
     taaaagtaaa ctcaaattag atgcattttt atagtttgac ctaaagtaac ctctgaagta    189660
     gctaataaga ggttactgta ggtcacagta cactaagtat ccctcaaaac attgaaaaaa    189720
     tttatataat ttaaataaaa acattcattt gattcactga agcatgtatt acacagacaa    189780
     accttaccaa aattggaaat tggcactctg gatatatgcc ccccagatca aagtcaactg    189840
     attttgctat gaataataat tattaagctt tcacttagtc ataatacaca ctaaaataat    189900
     aaccataaaa taataattcc aaatagttac agttatcgtc ccatgcctag acctgactgt    189960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgagcaa tatcacatga gtagcagtgc gatatggctg tatatcgcac    190020
     tggtggttag tgcttagtgc ccccaccagt gccgatacac ggccatatca cactgctact    190080
     cgtgtgatat tgcgtttata caacagtttg acggcataat cgtgtatata aaaacaaaat    190140
     caaacatgga aagtctcaaa aacccttttg tatgaggaac tactttcttc cgcattggat    190200
     tcaaatcata agctgacagt taaacagctg agctagcatc ttttagactt tagatctgta    190260
     gtgtactttt tgctggttgt atgtgggcgg agtaatacac aaagggcaaa gaggctttac    190320
     gggtgctgat attacttaaa tatatcacag ctatgagcca atcagattca agaaccagac    190380
     agaactgttg tataaatgta tgtatgcata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    190440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacataca cacacacaca tatatatata    190500
     tacacataca tatagcgtaa tgtatatata ttaatataat aattaatgtt ttttatatat    190560
     atatatatat atatatatat acatatattt atagcgtaac tcggcctgcg gcctcatgcc    190620
     aactcacgcc tcccaccagt gctgatatat ttttagtgtg tataatgact aagtgaaagc    190680
     tcaattattt tatcatgtat cagatgatct tgttctgttc ccactttagt ctgcagacgc    190740
     atgctaaaca agcaaatgga taattgtctt tttttatgaa ctcagccaaa tgggtgaagg    190800
     tctcttaact ttgacactta accaatattc atctacttaa caaataagac acctataatt    190860
     ttcaaaggaa gattcatcaa cattagacat gtttttatcc atctttttat agcttatgga    190920
     aactagaaaa ctaagtattt agttgtaaac aataaaaata agcaaaaaca atgaggtcag    190980
     gggtgtccaa actctatcct ggagggctgg tgtcctgcag attttagctc caacttgcct    191040
     caacacacct gcacggatgt ttctgtgtct gattgggatt ggcccttcag gatgtagatg    191100
     cacatacact ggcccttcag gactgagttg actcccctaa attaagcaat gtaaactaca    191160
     aaaagtacat tatggaaaaa aaaaaagtta taggaactaa aaactaaaaa caataagtta    191220
     tggaagaaaa aaaataggaa aggtgtttga aaaacagtta caggaactat aaaaatgcaa    191280
     ttgtgataac tagaaaaaaa gtgagtacta tatatttcaa atatatccat ttatatctat    191340
     ctatacatac atacatacgt acgtacgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gcgtgcgtgt cagagaaaca    191400
     gacaagtaag atttaattaa taaagacaac aacacacaga ctgatataga cacaaaaaat    191460
     agatgtacac agaggcacag actaagaaag acaaacattt ttcctgtctg ttctactgta    191520
     agtgtcttca aaccaaatat aaaaaataat gttgtttatt aagccatttc tcttttaata    191580
     aattggattg ttggtcctat attaacataa tcacagtgtt gtctataaac agctgtacac    191640
     ttaccagtaa atgcacttaa attctcctgc aagacacgaa tacatccaag aggcatttta    191700
     agtgacagca tttgtggaat ctgtattgtg aagatacaat aatagtgcaa ttacacagtg    191760
     taaggcattg tgaacaaaca tacagcaaag gagaaataca aacattcata ctggccgtga    191820
     gatttcagca gacaacaact gcaaactttt caagtaagtg tatgtcacgt accaaccgag    191880
     cataacattt gtcaacacat gcctacacac aactcatcct tgttccatct aaattcatac    191940
     gaaagcagta ctcctgtttt cattaaataa cgactcttat ggtgatattc tcttgcattt    192000
     caacctgtgg aatcactggt gtcctataat gggcagtaac gtaacgccta aacagcgaaa    192060
     tcagacacca gtagcaacac tacacacaaa agcacctctt caaactaatc cagcatagat    192120
     ttctctagac atcaataatg tgacaggaca caatgtcccc atcagatcca gatccagctt    192180
     tctatatgga cagccttcgt aacagaagag tgctaatgct tctgtgagaa ctaaaggggt    192240
     tttgaacgtt aagccatttt cttagcaaac agttcccgtt ggttgttcat gcgtttgttc    192300
     tttaagtgtg ttctggttgg aagaccagtg ctctgcagag ctggatgggg tgatggtagg    192360
     agggaggagg ctgtccagct cttgtctttg acccgtctca agtagccatt catggaactt    192420
     ctgctccact aaggcctgaa actgccgtcg ctgagccctt taatacaaca aagacacaac    192480
     acaacactac tgaatgcctc ataagaataa aatcaacatt tcacaattgg tttaaataag    192540
     tattctgaac tacaattcat ccatgtgtta tgtttacatt taagatgtga attcatgttt    192600
     aaatagagta caaatgcata aagtttgtat atatatatat actcacatga aaaaatacat    192660
     atactaattt actatattta tttagtattt atatttattt attattttct ataagtacta    192720
     gagtaattta tagtaaatac aatagtgttt tgaaccacat tttatagttt gttacaccaa    192780
     agattatgga atacacaaga catgtcactt gtatagtgtt gaatggggaa aagtgtaacg    192840
     gtcaataaag cgaatgaagc cccacctact agtacaggag ccaatcattg attgctatag    192900
     gctgacggag aagcttggac cacacgtgtg cttttacaac agttcggttg tcaacaaaca    192960
     cactgaaatc tcagcgaata attgctccac agacataaga aatatctcca gatgaagctt    193020
     gaaatctcta cttttaagtg aaccaagtgc acttgaaaac aagttttggt tttgtataaa    193080
     acgaccgcaa ggtacaatcc gttcggttaa acacacatta catgacagca tactcaaatc    193140
     cccacaaacg tgtaaacaaa gagtcacttt aatttctgaa ggagattcgc catcaagacc    193200
     aagttgtaga ttacttcaga agagcaactt gatcagatga tcattattca gaggacgatc    193260
     gtgtgtaaaa cagccataaa tgaggttggt gtcatgatct cgtttctttc gattgcgtat    193320
     gcgcattagc taggacaacc tgaaaatatg ctgactttgt ttgttgttta gaaacaaagc    193380
     ctatgagaca gatgttgtta aatttcattg gtgattgcaa atatgtaatg taatcataag    193440
     cttggcaaac agttttggag aattagatgt ttccccattc agacagaatg cccgagcata    193500
     ttgcccgaga ggtgtttcaa agatgaccgc cgagtgaaat gacttagcgt gaaaggaact    193560
     ttagttacac tttataaatt ataatattta caattttttg ttaataattg ctacagtata    193620
     tttccagtat taataagaat gagctgttga cctgtaatac tttagcttat acaacagtaa    193680
     tctgcagtgc attgcagtat agttttagaa cctacagtat cgggtaattt cttttaattg    193740
     ttttttcata gcaactatag aattaccaca acagaagagc acaatatttt accatagtat    193800
     cgttcaaaaa cacaagcact ttttaaaata aattactata gtctttttaa acgtggctgc    193860
     acaaacacac actactgtat ataaaaaata tttaaaaaac agcagcataa taaaagtaac    193920
     acccgattca catggggagt gcatgtctga agttggccca taaaattagt ctgcaattgg    193980
     ctactgtctg tcataaagag atctgattgg ctgatgcttc tcagttgaga atgttgagaa    194040
     atcccaaaca ttgatgtgtc gacagatcca catttcagtt cggctttcca tcacccattc    194100
     aaagtgactg ttaagcattg acgctgatgc ccagtgtgaa tcagacataa aaatgatgta    194160
     aaataaatat atcattctaa tctatcatat tattaccttt ttaatttttt agctatttta    194220
     gaaaaggttt tgttagtttt gattcgtcac tttgttgcag attgtttttt attcttttaa    194280
     ttttaaaaga ttcagtgttt ctattgtaga atattatgtt tgagaaatgc tttataatga    194340
     aagtattttt tatgcattta tagataatta ttgtaatatt aatattcaaa tcatttttat    194400
     gtacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgcacgcaa gaacacacac    194460
     aaaacttttg ataagaaaag caacaagtgc aatacaacat cttgaacaaa actgtttata    194520
     ttacactcca catacagcta tgtcggattt ggctcaaaat ttgcatctac gtttatctac    194580
     agcttggaca ggaaccaaaa agtaggctta cttgttcaag tgtgcatcct tgacagtctt    194640
     ctgccactcc tctatggtct tttctcggct ctccaaggcc ttctggaaat cttccggcag    194700
     gctgcaaggg ctctcgcagt tatctccatc catttggaag ggaatcacta gtggataaaa    194760
     ctcagaaggg ggctggattc ggtagcagcc tgtatctgga gctgaaccct cgactccaaa    194820
     cagcagaggc tggttccata aattgggaac cactgctaaa cctgcactcg ccatgtggtc    194880
     ttctagggtg gggtactgtg tgtgaaaggg gcccaaagtg agagacgcat ttccaggaag    194940
     gagaaggggt cgagttggag tgagggagtg aattgtgcag ttgaaggagc ctcctatggt    195000
     cagacgaccg gccacacaaa caacacggac attctcacag ctctgaatgt ggacgctggt    195060
     ccttaccggc cccagaacta gtgtactgtt tctgcacttg tccagggtca cagacctgca    195120
     ggacacaaag acttggttaa aatggacgtt gacacagcac tttttttcta tttatttata    195180
     tttataattg tgcgtttctt ctgctaggga gtttttcata tatacatttt aaaatatata    195240
     acatgttaca tttcttgtat tattatatta tattttcttt ataatttcgt tctgtattac    195300
     acttcaactt gataaaaata tttattgaca ggagactatg cccgcttttt tggtaagtta    195360
     gttaagctct agttatgcaa gttgtgattc atccaatgct gttataatta ggaatgggac    195420
     agtattgttg cctagttgta tagcaacaat tgcattaatt ttccatttgt aatgtgctcc    195480
     acattaaaac tcaaatagtt aagcatggca tggacattgc caggattgta ggtttaattc    195540
     tcaggtaaag caagtactga taaaaatgcc tacctttaat tagctttgaa taaatgcaat    195600
     gaacatcaag caaagaaata tggagacatg aaattgtgct aaatgtgact aggataagag    195660
     tatttgttat agaattattc caacattcag gtagattcaa aattggttta gtttgcttta    195720
     tgttaataaa ctttattcat agtaaatggg aaaattaatt tttttataaa taaaaagcta    195780
     cagacaataa agaatcatat acttaactat ttggttacat aaatctaaac acctttattg    195840
     acaaggcaat gtattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt    195900
     atatcatata tggttatata atgacaaaca gaaagaatga tatgtcatga tatacattaa    195960
     aagggtgtat taatatccat tttcaaatca cagtaactat catgatacat attattataa    196020
     tatattgcag ttacttttac gacaatatac tgcttaacaa aagagggtat attacgacat    196080
     gcctaaatta tgaatgaagt gtttccttac cacagaggag agagaaggta gatgaatgcc    196140
     tcactgcagc ggtggagttt gatgttgaca tcattcagct tttcagagtc cttggccaat    196200
     gtctgtttgc agacctgcga catgagcacc agtcgacttc ctggaggagc tgcatgggtg    196260
     tttcgaaata ttttggcttt ctttagcgtg ccctctactg taaaattaaa gaaaactagt    196320
     gactccacca tcatatttac tattaatcag attaagccaa accaaacaaa agatccataa    196380
     catatttctt tagctgtttc cttgaggttc agttaacttg tatggttaat attcctattt    196440
     tttcatttta cattttttca agttcacttt aatatatact aataatataa ataataatta    196500
     atataattga ttcatatagt gtttttctgg acactcaaag ctctttacac attggggggg    196560
     aatgtcctca tccaccacca gtttgtagca tccacctgga tgacgcgatg gcagccatat    196620
     tgtgccagac cgcacaccac acatcagcta aatgatgggg aggagaatta ttgtatggag    196680
     atggttagta ggcaatgatg gacagaggac agaattaaac gcctactctt ttttaaagaa    196740
     catcctggga tttttaacaa ccacagaaag ttggaacctc tgtttaatgt ctcatccgaa    196800
     agacggtgct cactgagcag tatagagtca ccgtcactat actggggcat taggacacac    196860
     acagaccaca tggtgggcac ttcctgctga tctcactaac atcacttctg gcagcaaccc    196920
     agctttccca tgtggtctcc aatccaggta ctgagtgcag ccttgcttag cttcagtagg    196980
     cgaccatgtg agagttgcag agagccagct gccgactgaa taataataat aataataaca    197040
     ataacaataa taatatgttc aacaatatat tctgtcataa tttactcatt ctccacttgt    197100
     caaaaacctg tttgactatc ttactattgt tgaatataaa aacatatcat ttttttagga    197160
     atgttaaaaa gctttttcca aaacactttt ttgaaatatg gattttatgt taaaaactca    197220
     aaggttttta accaatttag ggagagtaaa tgtccatttt tatgaaatgt tttaaacaaa    197280
     tacatttttg ctactgttcc tttaagattt ctaaacaaat atagccttat tgcatataaa    197340
     aaggtaatat ttactcccaa agatcactga atctgtagaa gtctgcaaaa aactaacaat    197400
     tactttaatt tctataagat caactttcag tttaccttgc aaggcccatg acagtttctt    197460
     gcccgattgt gagcagttgg aaatgccaaa ggggttgagg caaagggcct gacgcaaaaa    197520
     gtcctggaac tgctgcagag agtaggaaca actgagtttc gagaatcccg cctgggactg    197580
     cagctgtgag cgactgagga gcttgtggac tggatgaact gtacggctgt ggctcacaga    197640
     tccttccaga agaagactga ggctctccac agcctctgaa gtgaggtggc tgtcacgcaa    197700
     aacctgtcct gaactgctca gctgtcctgg ctccaccagc agttccaaga gctcaggcag    197760
     gtgtgtttga ataaaagtaa gatgagcctg aacatcccag ttctggtaaa acagaaaggg    197820
     aaaaaagtct atgtgcacta tattgataat tgctacagga taacaggcac aaatgcaagt    197880
     tagacacaca cacacacgcg cacacacaca cgcgcgcgca cacacacaca cacacacaca    197940
     aaattatcat aatcataatc atcatcaaca tcatttattc attttctttt tggcttagtc    198000
     cctttattaa tcagggatca ccaccatgga atgaaccgcc aacttatcca gctcacagcg    198060
     gatgcccttc cagctgcaaa ccatcactgg gaaaatcatc ctcattagta ttattaatta    198120
     aattttcttg acatttattt ttacaacaat taagcagatc ccaagaactc cttttagtta    198180
     ataattgatt gaaaaaatta atcatttatt tgaaatagta aactttaaat agaaagtttt    198240
     aatgtcatgt cttattaata aaatgcatac tttctaaata aaagaaataa aaataaactc    198300
     cttttttaat actttataaa atatgactga tacacacacc ttattttggg aactaatttt    198360
     ggcatctctc tcagaagaag aagatgaggg cgatcgtgat cggggactcg gccattcctc    198420
     tccaatcagt gacgtgcgga gagagattcg gttcagttgt tgtaaatata ggaacagtag    198480
     aaactgcaga gtgtctactg acagctaaag caaggtgaaa agaaacaatt agtgcagcag    198540
     gatagcaata acattgtcta acagcactac acctctttat tcgtacctta caacgttgcc    198600
     tgtcaagctc cttctgagtg tggcattgag acagagcttc tgcccactct aatctctgct    198660
     cggcagagcg tggcatcaac agatcaaaag tttcaaaata gagccaagcc agatcctctg    198720
     caagctgcag tttgccacaa gcgatgtgtc gccacatttg ccaaccaagc ctggggaagc    198780
     agccatcccg tgtccggaca taactggcca tcttgcgcag ataatgcatg ctgaatttgc    198840
     ttggaggtgt ggcgggaagc accccgacga ggaagggctc cagacgtggc catacatatg    198900
     ctgtgtactt gtccatttct atggaagaga ttgagtcgga tcagagaaag catcaaataa    198960
     tcattaaagt gtgggtgaca atgtgctaga atatgtgtaa aatggtatat tatgtaaaaa    199020
     tacaatgata atcgtattag taatagtgtc agtaacaaga gaaagacggt gtacagctac    199080
     atctatagca ggcaaaggca agcaattttc taagtaacca cttgatggcc ttcttgaatt    199140
     gaaaataatt ttcaatgttt ccatgacgac cacagcatcc taatatgaag atgctaatca    199200
     gactaactta ctttttatta atgccatata atactgtgag aaacatatat tgaaaaaaac    199260
     acattctaaa cctgtggcat tttacagtac aaatcggaat agtacgcaca tttgtagaca    199320
     gagagacaac cttcctgcaa catataacta atctgaaaaa gtgtgaaacc agcccaagaa    199380
     acctttagat taaaatattt ttaaaaaatt ctggatttag gaaaatatga acataacgag    199440
     caattttaaa cgattttgca gacatacgcg agaacagatg gtactactaa gagtataaca    199500
     agttatttaa gattacattg tactatatgt gtattagata tacatacttt ctacttacga    199560
     tgtaagaaag atatgaagca atagggtaac tttacgacaa ctaagttaac gttaacttac    199620
     acaaattcag aattcactcc ccttacctga ccactggaag tcttacggtg tcaaaaggtg    199680
     gtcacctttg ttttttgggg taaaaataca ttcgaacata aataaaataa acatttagat    199740
     ggaaatgatt tcgatgctat gcacattgag tcgcgcgcga cccgacacaa aacacaggaa    199800
     cctcgcgaac gcgcgctgtt gtaccgctca aaacttcatt ataatcgttt aattcactac    199860
     agaatcactt gaggtcaagg ccatcaccaa accgtcacct cagaataata aattacttca    199920
     atactaataa acatgtaact tcttaaacct ccagctttac catctctaag aaaacaaacg    199980
     ataaaactgt tcaactgttc atgagtggtt accaagtctg cgtcacagcg tgacgtaacg    200040
     caaaccgctc tgtttggagc actgcatttc aacataaaag tcatatggtg atttgcttat    200100
     ttgatgtcat taaaatacac cgaaaataac atatttgcaa gcaaaccact accaaatgca    200160
     atatttttac tgtatatatg aggattaaat tagactgggt gttatgtact aatcttagtt    200220
     ttaccttttc tagatttcaa aataaaagtt agtgaatata atctaataaa agcgacccat    200280
     agatatatat gaaaaagata ttaaaaactg tcttatttat gttttaataa atctagcttg    200340
     atttcattta caattttctt atatatatat acatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    200400
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    200460
     acatatatac atacatatat acatacatac atacatacat gaacaaactt ttattaacgt    200520
     ttattaaaac tgctcagaaa tgatgtatac atgattttaa atccacaatc tccacaagct    200580
     gacttctaca gctcaacaat gcgcatgcgc ggatgtgcgg aagtgttcgc agccccataa    200640
     ccagctgata gatcaacaac cgaacagcca tcgccaaaag agccacgact ggcaacaaca    200700
     ggtaaatatc acttatcctg gtcattttga attccaatat gtatctaaac cagatgtgat    200760
     taatttggaa acgggtgctc atggcaccac ttgggccgct tcgccaggat cgagacgagt    200820
     cacgttaatg gtcagtctat actgcgcctc taatgcatca cagcagacac gctcacctga    200880
     ctggcagagt tctgcgtttt atcaagaaaa tctgctacta actatcagag agttatcatt    200940
     cgcatcagta gacaaactcg tgattattag agttaattat ctgatccaca gacataggct    201000
     actccttatc gttaggattg ttatccagat cagaagacat attcctaaat attacagtta    201060
     tgaatcacat cagcagacat gttgctgatt tttacagtta tgaatcagaa gagtcattgg    201120
     agttattatt tatatcaata gacaacagac atgcgcttga ttgttaatat tattatccag    201180
     atcaacagac atgcacctga gcattttatt tagatctata gactcctgat tgaatcaggt    201240
     caatacacaa aactcctgat tattagttat tgattattat tcagaccagt agtcatacga    201300
     atttagcatc aaatcaatag acatacagtt attaggatga aaaattagat caatagacat    201360
     actaccattc atagcattat tattttgact aatagacata ctcggatatt attagcttgg    201420
     ggttggaagg gtgttcgcca cataaaacat ttgccagggt aattgccggt tcattctgct    201480
     gtggcaactc ctaataatca gggattaagc tgaatgttag tgagagagtt attattagca    201540
     ttatttattc agatcaacag acatattcct gactattagc tttataattc agaaagatgt    201600
     acagtacata catataatta ttagaattat tgatggtgta gttcactcaa aaatgaaaac    201660
     gtactcacta tttactcacc ctcaggtggt tcgaaacatt ggggtaaagt tggttttata    201720
     ttcgcatatt ctgactttct tcttaataaa ataatttcag aaaagtaatc ttgtaaattc    201780
     taaatagcga aatcacatta gcagccaaat gaccatcaaa gtgcaatatt gttcacagtc    201840
     atataaatag tgctaatgtt gttttgaagt catacttgca tggtatttca agccgaattt    201900
     tcaaagtacc atggtaaaca atagggagaa tgtcacaagt tgtcaaagaa tgaatgtgcg    201960
     aatataaaac caactttatc tcaatattca aaaccattta gtttctttct tacatttaca    202020
     tttagcagac gcttttatcc aaagcgactt acaaatgagg acaaggaagc aatttacacc    202080
     actataagag caacaatgaa taagtgctat aggcaagttt caggtctgta aagtctaaga    202140
     aggaaagtat tagtaatttt ttgttttttt gagtacagaa ttgcagatta ggaagtgaag    202200
     tggagactaa atgagtggag acaaaaagtg gagacttctt ctgttaaaca ctaaggaaga    202260
     tgttttaaag aaggatgaaa acatgtaacc agtactctgt agtatttaca tactatataa    202320
     cactacatag tattgtagaa aattcagaaa gccaaaatgt attgttcagg tcaggattgt    202380
     aatttaccat aaaaataaat cctgtaccat aatactctta acgtgctgtg tgcgcgtgtg    202440
     aagtactata taaaatgcta tttattatta gcacacatgt aattctaata attggctcat    202500
     catagatgtt tcatattaag ctcaacaagc tcatcactgg tgacacttta tttaacgcat    202560
     ttaggttgta gcacagcttg agggcaaagc tgttgcttga tggcaaactg acctatgtac    202620
     ttaaaaaaag tgtagctata aatatttgca ctgcaaagtg atactgatgg aaagtctgag    202680
     agcagaacag caaacgccgc gaaaccacaa agaggtggca gtttcacaaa cctggtggtt    202740
     ttctacctgc tcagcatcta gggcagtaag agctcttgat ccttgtttat gccaacatcc    202800
     attgcaaggg gctttgcaaa atgtataact gaggggggga acaatggatt tttgaatgca    202860
     atgcaaacaa catactttca gtaatgagat attttcacca agatgtgaag ataagatgtt    202920
     tggccagaag aaaaatggtt gtgcacagct gagcttcttt ttttttttta cttaattttt    202980
     tttttcactt ctgttaattg gtgaagtttg tttctcgcaa cttaatttga attattggag    203040
     ctgcacatcg gcggagttgc tcttcagtgt ttcagctttc acccctgtca tttacattac    203100
     actgaacaac ttatctgaag cagtttccat ttactagaac tcttctatgt taagctgctt    203160
     tgacacaatc tacattgtaa aagtgctaga gaaataaaga tgaattgaaa aagaatgtca    203220
     ataatcactt ctgaagcttt cttaaagtct gtgtgaaccg gaacagactt ttatttcagt    203280
     atgttgactt acttctattg aaacagaaga ttgaggagga ggcggggctt tcttttcatt    203340
     gcatcgttct ctagtagcca actaacagtt agaggggcgt ggtttacaat attgtggttg    203400
     aaactagggc tgtacgattc tggaaaaatc tggcattgcg acgttttact tttgtggtat    203460
     gattattcca ccagattaat ttaatagctc tattggacaa tatttaatta atttacatcg    203520
     attgagctga tcaagtattt tttctatgca gtaaatctgt gcataaatca caataaaata    203580
     caagcaaaaa taaatatgac agagattaaa agaataaagt ggaacaaaca gtgctttatg    203640
     gttttctggt gtcagtgttc aattatggaa attaaacaaa caaaaaataa aatggtcatt    203700
     gtataaatga tttaaaaaca ataatatatt tatcttttaa tccttaataa ataatctaat    203760
     cttgctgttt ggcttttaaa gatacacaca ttgcgatatc aatgctcaaa cgataaattg    203820
     tgtagcccta gttgaaactg atgtcagcag aggaagactg ccaaatggtc agactttgac    203880
     tgaagcttac caaaaaattt tcttattgca ctttttgggc gttctctgaa tatagcaggg    203940
     ttattgagct ttactgcaaa cgctcttgca tttttgacac tgctagcagg atggtatatt    204000
     cttttattat tgaaacaaag atttccccca agttttgaca actagttgcg agatgcaatg    204060
     agcttcatcc atttgggaaa aaatcaggtt tacaataaat ggcaatacta gggctttttc    204120
     tgaaacatgg gacccattca gaattttctt ttctgagcat gtcagtatct ctacaaactg    204180
     tcaatctaaa tcttaatgcc tttcgattgg aaagcaaatg tatttaagta gtttgtataa    204240
     ataactgagg ataaatgctt gtaatattgg gttatcaagg tatgtgtgta ttctgtacag    204300
     ataatacaaa taatttttta attcattttt tttttgtttt ttttgtttta atatacattt    204360
     tttatttatt tttatttctt cttcttctta ttattattat tattattata tttttgtctt    204420
     ttagatacat gtaatttcaa cttgtttaga gggtataaat ggaaataata ttagtttaaa    204480
     tttctttgta aaattccttt gttatatctg taaaagttta agaaacagaa aaaaaacata    204540
     tttttttctg taaaataact tgcatggatt gattgttcac caaaagacta acaatgtgtg    204600
     ctatgaataa caatgtgtgt cacacatcag acattttatt aaaaatgctg aatgagaaat    204660
     attatttatg acagttgggc tctaactgtc atgaggttgt ttagcaatgc actcttacct    204720
     aataaatcgt attctgttgc tttactcacc agcttcccta tttttggatg agaactgatt    204780
     ctcaatcaca aaacatctgt ggtttctgat tgctgacttg aaagttgctt gtattggcaa    204840
     gaatttagca agatatagtt aagggcagtt ctctaatatc cagtataata actttcttct    204900
     gtgtacaaca atataataaa catatttaaa agtattaaga ataaatttaa attctttaaa    204960
     ctcaaaacaa aaacattgtc ttcatgagct agctcttaaa atataagtca cttcctcttc    205020
     cactacccgt tccaggaaca ttatgctcaa acactttctt tttttatgtt tttttttttt    205080
     ttaggattac agactaactg ctgtccttgt ggactaataa aacgtttgca gtactccaga    205140
     aacggagtcc actgctttga actgctgctt tcagagacgc tatcagggag gacggccacc    205200
     cttcctacat catgagtacc cgtgggacag gcagggccaa tgggaaccta ccgcagacca    205260
     agatctgcca gtttaaactg gtgctgctgg gagacatggc cgtcggcaag tccagcctgg    205320
     tgctgcgctt tgtgaaggga cagtttgatg agtttcagga gaccaccatt ggaggtgaga    205380
     aacactgtag ctgatggatt tgatttgagt tcatatggat tggtattgag ctataggaaa    205440
     acattgattg gtttaaacca gaggtgccct aacttttttt atgaagggcc aaaaaccaaa    205500
     cttgactaag gctagtggac tgaaggtaaa tatagttgcc ataggtcatt acctaattta    205560
     tttaaagaac tcctataata cattaaaaag ggtcatatgt tggttttggg ggtatccaac    205620
     agcaggctga tatgcattca aggtaaataa aacactttca ttgtcttata atatgcattt    205680
     atttttacat aatcatccca gcgattccca tatgatttgt tcggcgattc atttgttccc    205740
     agatccgtcc agatactaat ctgcgctgat tgacagtctg tagtgatttg ttgatagcgt    205800
     tcagcatgag acagagtgaa atgcccacca cggcttatta acaatattga agtagtcaga    205860
     gtgcacagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagcatacc tgccaacact catgtttttt ccgggagtgt    205920
     tccgtatttc agacccatct ccctcccgtt ttgttattta tcctggaaag ctcccataat    205980
     ttcagccact accctccagc cgcttaacac gcttaacagt tgttacacca cagaacacat    206040
     tacccggttc tcaacagtga gaatgctcac ttctcctctc agatgggatg gtgggccaaa    206100
     tcaaaggtta caatgggcca actttgaccc atgggtccta ctttgggcat ctctggttta    206160
     aacagtttgt tgcattaaca ttcccacata caactttcaa acgtttgggg ttaatacgtt    206220
     tctagacaga ttgattggcg tgattcatgc ttcagaacac ccgttagggg aacatgagtt    206280
     ttttttactg tgcgttgtgg gaattttcaa ggagtcagtg tttcagtgct ctagaagaat    206340
     ttgcgatcga gtgtgccttg ataatagctg atcactagtc tactgaacta gagagctgat    206400
     tgagacgccg ccacccatac catatcatca tcatcgaccc tgcttgtttg cagcctgatt    206460
     ttcactaatt aatcttaatt tgactttcaa ccaaactaac cttgtaatta gtcatagtag    206520
     aagatataat ctgataaaag atatcatgtg tatgaagaca aaccagattc attatctcta    206580
     gtataatctt catagtagaa tgtatgtata ttattgctta cagactttgg ctcccataaa    206640
     gtcagagaca gacaggcatc atataaatgc ccataatgca actctaatat tagattggcg    206700
     ttctcgttaa aatgataaaa cattttaagg tcatgcatca caatggtttt accatggtaa    206760
     aggttgttta aggcatgtag tgaagtcact ttaaagtgtg gtattaaatg gtttatggtt    206820
     agaaccatgt tctagcaatg gtgctggagt atgataaaag acaccaattt ttaaggatta    206880
     tttataataa ataacatgta ttagtaatcg tcatcattca taattataat ttactgggta    206940
     tctcaatgtt ttgttaagaa agctaaagct aaggttgagt attctcttct ctttaggtat    207000
     tacttctctt ctatttagta tttctgttcg ccatttatat tctgtactat tttagtatta    207060
     tttataattt actgttattt ctatactata tcagtattca ttaatattca tttacatttt    207120
     tatatactca gttttttata tattcaattt ccttttaatg tctgttagtt tttgtcttat    207180
     tattattcat tatttacttt cagtcctgtg tttttaggtc agttagtagc caagggaata    207240
     ttttaaattc ccctaatgtc aacttcatgt caattaaaca ttaataataa tgtatatttt    207300
     tagttctttg tttcatgaat cagattatta ttttcagagc ttgcaaaatc tggtagcctg    207360
     aagtcccggg gctattgttt ttttcagtca ggttacaccg tgcccagtgg ggtatctaga    207420
     atagcccgcc aggcacattg ttgaaaaatt ttggtaaccc aacaacaata acaaaaaaaa    207480
     caatagccct agattttgcg agtcctgtta ataataaaat aataaaaata taatctgatt    207540
     tgtaaaacta agaactaaaa gcctaaaaat caatctcact agtattatac atgcttaaat    207600
     accttaatta cttttgttgt tgtttgtttg tccaccttta gctgcattct tggcccagtc    207660
     tgtttgtctg gacgacacta cagtgaagtt tgagatttgg gacacagccg gacaagagcg    207720
     ctaccacagc ttggctccca tgtactaccg tggagcccag gcagccattg tagtgtttga    207780
     tatcactaaa cctgtaagtt tagaacagta cattcttttc aaagataata caaactttca    207840
     tttgattgct tgttcccatg ttccctgttt gtaggaaaca tttgagcgag caaaagcatg    207900
     ggtgaaagag ctgcagcggc aggccagtcc caacatagtc attgctcttg caggaaacaa    207960
     agccgatcta gcagacaaga gacttgtgga gtatgaggtc atatctttgt ctcttttatt    208020
     attttttaag acatttatac agttgttttt attagttatg ttgcaaaacg tgaaaaaata    208080
     cagtctgggt tagattatca ttcattcatt cattttcttt tatggcttag tccctttatt    208140
     aatccggggt cgccatagag gaatgaattt atccagtata tgttttatgc tgcggatgtc    208200
     cttccagccg caacccatct ctgggaaaca tccacacaca cacacactca ttcacacaca    208260
     tacgctacgg acaatttagc ttacccaatt cacctgctac ccactgcgtc acctgggtta    208320
     gtttatacat atctaaaaca gtaatattgt gaagcatcaa agttcattac aatttagaaa    208380
     aaaaacttgt actcaaatat tttgaaatgc atttttttcc agagaactta gttgagtttt    208440
     caggaattac tccagtctac agtgattaat ctaacagtat tgtaatatgc tgatttgatg    208500
     cacaagaaac attatttaaa acattaaacc cataattatg taaaacaaat cttactgatc    208560
     tcatatgtgt gaatggcaat acatatttta atcacccaac taattattaa aacagttgct    208620
     tatgtctttt gtgcagtacg taacccagac tataatttat atttccatac aggaagccca    208680
     gacatatgca gaagacacag gtttactgtt catggaaacc tctgccaaga ctgcaatgaa    208740
     tgtaaacgag ttgttcctgg ccattggtaa gtgttaaagg gtcacgaaac accaaaacac    208800
     attttttgag ctgttgacag tcgtatatgt gtcccacact gctaaaaaca ctattaagac    208860
     acctatattt cactaaaaag tattaattgg ttgtttttgc gttatttcaa gcaaattcgt    208920
     acttcctgtt tgaaacgaat ttttgaagct gcgtcacggt catgacataa tagcgttgta    208980
     ttccagcgtg cagactgggc gtcagtgcca gagtgagtct tattacgtct tacagtgtgc    209040
     tgcattaatg catgagtaag gcttggttca aaccaatcag cgcgctctat tgtgcaactt    209100
     cattaatatt cattacttca ttactgtgtt tacacgacat agacgccacg ttgtgttggc    209160
     aaaacaagcg tgaagtgttg cttttatagt ttgctgccgt taagtttcgt tttctttttc    209220
     tctctgtgag agctcagtct cacgtgtgga ttaacagtgt acgcgacgct cgacaacaat    209280
     aacttacgtg tctaaggagg aacattgttt acctgagagc tgttcttatc tgcaaacgct    209340
     gagatccgga ttcgcttgta gtattctctc cataaagacg cggctctagt tgctgtggat    209400
     tgtcctgtct ctacagattt ggtaagtgag cgactagtgc tctttgttta ttcagtttgt    209460
     tcgtatcgaa ctaagttaac tattgcaccg taacatgtta ggaccacaac caaactttaa    209520
     cctcgtgtag ggtttttgtg accgcatttt gtgaccggaa taacacacgc ggctttctga    209580
     cgctacctgc cgtgtgcatc taagtttccg gaaaatgctg aggttttttt ctctcattcg    209640
     tcgtgcggta tcaaacattg catgaaaaat acacgcttag agcagatcct cgaatcaaat    209700
     atctcgtttg tcgtgagggg catgaatgaa ttccctgaat gaaagagcca aactgcagtt    209760
     aaagtccacc atttaataat ttggcaaata attccactac agatgtccat gtaagttaaa    209820
     caccatcact ttctcctgtg tgtgagtatt ttgactgaaa ctcttgcgtg cccaaataga    209880
     cactcccaca ccctcccact ttagttcctc cgacactccc tcctaaacag agctggacac    209940
     gcccactttt ctgacttttt ccaaagtaga ggtgtgaaaa caccctgctg aaacgagggg    210000
     gtttcatggc cctttaaggc tgtcttctta tagtatgttc tcttctacat gctgttattg    210060
     ttagagcact gaactgtggt aaacgtgaaa gtacaactgt ttaaaaaaag gaattgaaat    210120
     gtcagccttt gaaaaggatt aattttattg tatttcttaa cactatgcat tgaatacaat    210180
     ctttagactt aaattagggg attttattaa tactatttat agtgtatatt ttttcacaga    210240
     caaagcatac catcctagtt acagatattc caatttacta gtcttgaaag ggataatatt    210300
     acacttttta cactttcaat gtcctatgat gcctaattgg agcatgaaaa tctaggcagg    210360
     gaggggtttt gcgctcatgc acgtgcgctc agtttcacgt taagtcggat gtacaaagag    210420
     aatatgcctg ggattccgca tacgcagtgc ttcatacttc tgaatttttt actgtgtacg    210480
     cacatttacg ttttgtgcgt acaaaatgtt ttagtatgaa ttcaacgcat gtcttaaggg    210540
     ccctgatcat taacgcacag taaattgatc acgtcagaat acaagtattt ataatttaga    210600
     tgttaaatta ttgtgtttga gacaaatgct tatcattgag aacattattt gaccatttat    210660
     tcactggtaa aatgagacat ttgtcatttt tagattccct cctgcattat attattacat    210720
     tagggctaga gtagttatac cgagactgtt aaacatttat tcccatgcac aacagtgtgt    210780
     tcgctatgaa agaaaaaaaa tgcttgtctt aatcataact gtaaaaagtg atcatttaaa    210840
     tgatgtgcgc atcagttaat ttttatttcc gagtgcagct caagacctcc gtcactctga    210900
     gaaaaaaaac acacctacat gcaaatcata ctccacgagt ccacgcacaa ctctcgaacg    210960
     atcgctctgt gctacaaact gaacgatatt ttaactttat tacctgttat tcacaaccta    211020
     tgctggttct gttcactgaa gtaggcatca ggcggccacg cgcgcgtcct ctcggtagta    211080
     aacaaacagt gtgtcagccc atgtgagatt ttgcagccgc aaatacatct ttacataaag    211140
     accgaaatga attacacctt ataaaatagt atctgacact tataacacca tttggtggtg    211200
     tccatgttgc cgtgaagact tgtgcattcg cctttgcact tctattctga cattgaaaat    211260
     ataattggct gaatcgtaga aaagctaaat cagctaaaaa gatcgctaaa aagattgttc    211320
     ttatggcaat tttctacagg gggaaaacac aaattgtttc caaacactta aagggccatg    211380
     aaaccccctt gtttcagcag ggtgtttcca cacctctact ttggaaaaag tcagaaaagt    211440
     gggcgtgtca agctctgttt agaggggagt gtcggaggaa ctaaagtgag atggtgtggg    211500
     agtgtctatt tgggcacgca cgagtttcag agtcaaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    211560
     cacacaaaca cacacacagg agaaagtgat ggtgtttaca tggacatctg tagtcgaatt    211620
     atttgccaaa ttattaaatg gtggacttta actgcagttt ggctctttca attagggaat    211680
     tc                                                                   211682