EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL732562; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 187365 BP.
AC   AL732562;
DT   24-MAY-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-103D22 in linkage group 10 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate origin recognition
DE   complex, subunit 5-like (ORC5L), the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate hematopoietic cell-specific Lyn substrate 1 (HCLS1), the guca1a
DE   gene for guanylate cyclase activator 1A, the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate lipoma HMGIC fusion partner-like 3 (LHFPL3), the 5'
DE   end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate protein tyrosine
DE   phosphatase receptor type f polypeptide (PTPRF) interacting protein
DE   (liprin) alpha 2 (PPFIA2), the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein
DE   (zgc:64223), five novel genes and two CpG islands.
KW   adenovirus receptor; autism-related; AUTS2; coxackie virus receptor;
KW   CpG island; cxadr; guca1a; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187365
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 6d70a9a75901f6dfd161ad0644d79e22.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992632.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000043658; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000064107; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-103D22. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-103D22 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-103D22 is at 187365 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-103D22 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187365
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="10"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-103D22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..187365
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-103D22"
FT   CDS             join(<8048..8252,14591..14746,14843..14965,15105..15243,
FT                   16484..16757)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="cxadr"
FT                   /locus_tag="cxadr-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001776"
FT                   /product="coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P97792 Sw:Q90Y50 Sw:Q9R066"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q90Y50"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q90Y50"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-020814-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD61163.1"
FT                   GAIPVMIPAQNKDGSIV"
FT   mRNA            join(<8048..8252,14591..14746,14843..14965,15105..15243,
FT                   16484..17426)
FT                   /gene="cxadr"
FT                   /locus_tag="cxadr-001"
FT                   /product="coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF268197"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AF164698 Em:AF164738 Em:AI544623
FT                   Em:BG304267"
FT   misc_feature    12661..12682
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   polyA_site      17426
FT   mRNA            complement(join(43155..44382,45115..45364,46525..46608,
FT                   47983..48063,48397..48538,49134..49205,49615..49644,
FT                   49951..50022,50322..50417,52852..52896,54415..54653,
FT                   54805..55082,55890..56113,56282..>56427))
FT                   /locus_tag="zC103D22.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human autism-related
FT                   protein 1 (AUTS2)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB007902 Em:AF326917 Em:BC021509"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI397017 Em:AU122237 Em:AW419766
FT                   Em:BF937203 Em:BI318387 Em:BI662540 Em:BI688633 Em:BJ031016
FT                   Em:BJ062152 Em:W66779"
FT   CDS             complement(join(43155..44382,45115..45364,46525..46608,
FT                   47983..48063,48397..48538,49134..49205,49615..49644,
FT                   49951..50022,50322..50417,52852..52896,54415..54653,
FT                   54805..55082,55890..56113,56282..>56427))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="zC103D22.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001775"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human autism-related
FT                   protein 1 (AUTS2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8WXX7 Tr:Q8VDM3 Tr:Q9CSL7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023246"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZZ40"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-571"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD61164.1"
FT                   DIEAR"
FT   misc_feature    115750..115770
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    115771..115821
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    115822..115845
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    118778..118791
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    129055..129091
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    147944..147968
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    164754..164794
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    183178..183353
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    187365
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-103D22"
SQ   Sequence 187365 BP; 58780 A; 35349 C; 36028 G; 57208 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcgc catgaccaca atcgcaatac cactctgtta tgagccgcag actcagttta        60
     aactaagtaa aggcaagctt ctttggcaat ggtgtgtaca gtgttagata ttacatttag       120
     tggacatttg ctctcaacac gcagtgaatg caacgcatcg agattcgggc acattttccg       180
     aaaacactca attaatctcg gctggcggat caactttcac cacatgtcat gatcgctctc       240
     attactgcca ttatttgtaa ctttaggtga agtttgcaaa tctgtgtgct tttcactctt       300
     cagccgtttg catttctcac ggtcacaaaa gctcactgtc atctgacagc ggaaagcctt       360
     gagtgattga cagataatat taaccaatat agcagcaggg aagactgatt tagcacgttt       420
     ttagataaaa atcaaaacag gtcacactac aaccattata tgcagtcgca cacatgctcc       480
     caaatatatt atgaggtcgc atagattaaa tttcgggcgc atattcgacc aaaatgttaa       540
     ggtgtctatt tacatgaaaa tggcatgatt tatccatgct tgccacgcct cgtgtgaaca       600
     cagcattaca tgcaaaaaat cttctgccac ttttccaaat gataaactag aagtcaagat       660
     actatttttt tgctctttca actgggatcg acgacaacac ttttgttagg tagtgtactc       720
     aggcaagtgc cattattata atgtagctct ccatcatgca atccaataaa acatgacaaa       780
     gtacttcata gtataaatga agccagtgtt gtagagtgtg ggagatttga atatttaaaa       840
     aaatactttc atatgcaaat gtcataaact tagctttgtc catttttttc acaagctaga       900
     ctgtcaatta caacactgta ttcagcttaa tagaaatcca aagctgtttc tacaggggtg       960
     ccctagtggg taataagttt cattgtgcac tttagagcac ttcattgatt ttaacaaaac      1020
     tgtgtgagat tgcaatgaac tacaatgaag gacaggtttt ctatgattgt aagaaatgct      1080
     tttaaattgc ttttatacag aaattataaa ttttaaattt atcaaaactg acaaaggcat      1140
     taacaaaaaa agtttgcttc caaaaaatgc tttctgattt gtagtagatg cgttctgtta      1200
     atccttttct ctgttctgta tcaaactgaa tgaccctttt attcagtgat tggacttctg      1260
     aatgagtcaa ataaaattca ggtcttggtt tatctgagag acatcctttt ttcatcctgt      1320
     gcttttgatc taagataaaa gaagagggtt ttgacatggt atataaacac acaaggccac      1380
     cttttgaggg tgttttttcc cctgtattca gcaacagttc cttttttttt taaacacaag      1440
     aagtaaaaac aatgaatcaa ccttgaatgc agaacccaat ttccaatgat ggtattcatt      1500
     gtgaaggtct ttggaactca gtgaagcgtg aatgattttc ttgttttgcg ggacgccttt      1560
     aacaagtttg acgaattcca tacaaaaatg taccggtcat tagcattagg gaagaatgga      1620
     tgggaattgg gggcaacact cactgtacat gcactgtggc tccataatct cttgcgtggc      1680
     acctgcagtt gcacaatagt cctgctgtga ttgagcctga gagtgacaat gcgagataca      1740
     aaacaaaagg gaaatttaga aaatggaagt aaacagacat tttatcaagc catttttaca      1800
     aggaaaacga aataagattg ttttagggct gcacaatatg ttgtatcagc agcgatatcg      1860
     caatgtgtgc attcacagta gtcacatcgc agcagctgca atgtaaagtt gggattatta      1920
     tagttgacca tcaatgaaga atgaacagtg ttattttaca ttacatttga gtgttcaata      1980
     ataggcccag gacaaaatat agatgctgat ttagtgataa ttccacccgc ggtacactat      2040
     ggtgaccgta catgaggtgg cactcggatc gaacacatat caatgttgca attctacaaa      2100
     tgaaatgtgc tggtaataaa atacatctta tacatttttg atgcattttt cccccttcat      2160
     ttacaaatat cttgatatat tgtcgatggt tttcttgtga tttattgctg atattgtgat      2220
     tcatcataaa cgggggcaaa atacaatgat gatatttagg gctgcacaat ttatcgtttt      2280
     aacattttac cttagattgc tttacattcc atcaccagtt gcattttcag gtctgtatga      2340
     acatgtttta taaattttgt atcttaaatc aacatccgtt gccattttaa tattttgagt      2400
     aatgagtgaa tactcccgaa tttgaaatac actactgttc agaacctacc cttttttttt      2460
     aaaaagtgtt atttgcttat ttaatacaaa caaagttacc ttgtgaacta ttcactattg      2520
     tgaacacatt gtgaactatt ccatttccaa aataaatgca gttttgtgtt gcttaatgtt      2580
     tttgtggaaa tgtgatgcat ttcattttta ggattcttta atgaaccaaa aaaaaaaaag      2640
     cattttaaat gactatttac tataaattca ttgcatcctg attggttaaa gtaactcgtg      2700
     caaatatttt cactgttcac tgtagtgagt ttaacaattc tttcatgttg ttccaacaca      2760
     aatcgattaa gttatcttaa tagttattac acatttaagt gaattcaaca taaacaaagt      2820
     tgtctcccaa aaaacttgtt gaattgtgtt ttatacttat ttaaaaacaa gcaccaaaaa      2880
     cctttttgag tgtaggtatt tcttagtaat gaaaaaaatg gatgctacgt aatgtgggtt      2940
     aatagtaatt ggtaaattag taatttaaca aaacaactat ctaaatgaac agaattataa      3000
     ttacagagga agcagcatgc cattaaacta taaatacaaa tcgcaaagat aaataaatct      3060
     tctttggttc aggaatgtgc attaaggata attaaatggg tcttatggta cttccagtac      3120
     tatatcattc tgtattgatc tgcgtctgtg ttgtaaaggc tgtagtagtc gtgcttgaat      3180
     tagttcccag tagcagacag tgttgttcaa agccgtgact gtggttgtgc agtgagcgta      3240
     aacactgata cagacaggca ggccaacaga aactgcccgg gttataaagc agactgatct      3300
     ccagcgcagg tgactcagtg ctgctttgca ttacaaacaa gcttgatgtg gccctagagg      3360
     aagtgcacca acctgcaggt atacacgcat agcctcaagt gtaaacaaga cgcacaagta      3420
     aaacatatgc acacttccat tttaacaagt cacatagtgt ccttgaagac tcgcctcata      3480
     aaaagcagtg accctttatg accttttctt tgtagtgaac taaaagtagc aacaggtttt      3540
     ttgcggtttt ctgtaattta tacattgagt gtaaaagaat attgagaaag gaaaaaaatg      3600
     ttaatagcgt ttatttttaa atgatttttg tttattttat aaactgacat ttgtaaaggt      3660
     tcagtcatac tgtaaagtaa gtataaataa tgttataaat aaaattataa aaaaatattt      3720
     aagtaaaagt gaattgtcct taaaataaag gctgactact ctttgcagtc aaaaagtgtt      3780
     catttaaaga tgcgtcattt atagaatttt tgtcatttca ttggagtttg tgttttgtac      3840
     tgtgtcaaac aaaatcctac taaaagctca tattatgaga ttaagggtgc agtaggtgat      3900
     tttcaaccag cacaacaaaa aatctttctg aagacagtct cttcacagtc caatagtaat      3960
     gattaaaata aatgatttaa atgtatttat atgtattttt ataatccggg taaggcataa      4020
     aactaaaaaa tattcatcca attaaataga gtcggacaga catctctcat aaacccgata      4080
     agtaactaaa accaccagtg aacaaatgca gatttgggct tttgcacatc tctgttcacg      4140
     catatccgcc attagcgatt gcatgcctgc cgcgtgtgca cgtctagatg agcgacaccg      4200
     gcacgcgaga ctgtcagttg cggcaaaatc aaatgctgaa ttgaaacttt ttaaactcct      4260
     gaatcagtat tggagttact tttgcacgct ggaggaggta cgacaccaca ccatgactga      4320
     agtatttctg ttagagaggt aatgttatgt tttaaagcta tattagttac acagagctga      4380
     tgtagagtgt attgtgttat gaatgggtac tatgcacaga cgtgttgttc agccactgaa      4440
     ttctcccagt ggaagctaga tgtaattatt tttagtttca tatgggagct tttacagcat      4500
     tgatgatgta gattttatat tcagtttaac aacaaaacat cagtaagtag cactattccg      4560
     ccaagcctgc tttctgagct gtagttgctt ttatattggg tcatttctaa acagtgacac      4620
     gctcccacta ttgtttacag ctactctgaa tattcagtct aaaatagcat gtaagtgtgg      4680
     cttagtaata agtgaaattc ctgcacgccg cccggccaac cactacatac atttctaact      4740
     ggtgaatgaa ctgggttgtc tgctattgtg tcgtggtggg cgcgctcgta atttcaagag      4800
     gcgtggcttt aaaacacagt ccctccctat cgtccaaacc taatatgcta tccgattagc      4860
     atttttgcag atcacctact gcacctttaa atcttttgtt taggtttatg gcttttattt      4920
     aattatttat ttatttattt attctagata ttttgcagaa attaataatt taagttgagc      4980
     ccagtcttaa atataagttt acaccatttt atataatttg tatttttaac aaacaacatt      5040
     agaagagtaa gtgtacttaa cgattgaaag aatgcagcaa acatcaccag agaaatccag      5100
     agaagtctgt aattcagacc attaggttgg gtaaatataa acatacatgt atgtattgta      5160
     cactgcatga tcatttacac actttatagg taataatgac agtggtggaa agagtactaa      5220
     aaaaatctaa ctaaaagtac cattaattac ctaaagatgt agtgcaagta gagtaaaagc      5280
     atctgttgta cttattacat aagtacgagt aaaaagtatc ccttttaaaa gtactgaaaa      5340
     gtagtgagaa ttacgctgta aaaagctgat gcatttacat gtaatttgtg gaagtgtcta      5400
     attgtaacat tctgtagtgc ataagccgtt agatttaggt tgtgatgtca ggtgaccaaa      5460
     attcaatgtc tagccagtgt ctaaggacaa tgttatttta atgtccaata acgacatcaa      5520
     agtacttatt tttataattc taaaaagata tttaattgat tttaggttgt gttagaaagt      5580
     aaccagaatc caacaccgag ccaacatctt aaactaacat tagattgatg tcgaatactg      5640
     acatttattc atcaggtatg acaaccataa ttcaacgtct gatagacgtc atagtggtaa      5700
     tgtccacacg tcaagctgta acatcattag atgttaatat ttagttgttt ttaggttgga      5760
     cgttggtcaa cctgattttc atttccaaac aatatacaac atccccacga cattggggta      5820
     caacttcaat ctgacgtcat attgactttt gccgggtgtt taaggctatt acgatcatca      5880
     tacagtaaac ctgcatcgtt ttttttttca tcagcgacat ccatcttctg ggtcaatgcg      5940
     tgtaaaaatt ttggacatcc cttttactta tatgtgcgat ttaattggac aggaatcaca      6000
     ggactgttct ttttttaatc cccatggaca gtaaataata gtgactgcag gttgatgtag      6060
     tggagtcact ataactagta ctgataatgc actaaaaatg tactcgcggg aaagcaaagt      6120
     atttgtaaaa ctacttggta aattacaatt cctgagaaac gctactcaat tacagtagtt      6180
     tgagtttttg taatttgttg ctttacacca ctggatgttg aagatcgttt tgatcatact      6240
     tgtgttttaa cagttgatag attgatctcg ctaaagtgat aaagataaag acgtcataat      6300
     aaaggtacac gaaagatgca tcaattcatt ctttgttcaa gaatttagga cttttttctt      6360
     ttgttttctg tcttgactaa gcagactttg ctttgccttt tgcagttgca gtgcatgtat      6420
     gcagcttcag gcagttttcc ttatcccttt tttattatat tttagtcatt acattcagac      6480
     atggagtgtt ttacagatgt tgttggatgt gttcttgaag tcctgtgtac agactccagg      6540
     tggcatggag tagtcctgcc tataccgagt gataatttaa acaagatgct cctagattct      6600
     acagatgttt atatgtaata ataaaggaga agttctgttt ttctctttca cataatccta      6660
     gctctcatcc cccatgtgct gaatattgtt tgatgcattc ataagtgtat ttgagccctt      6720
     gccctgaggg gcttctcagg atggctatgc atgaagcaag actgtgcagg aagtcatcac      6780
     ctctccatcc tcgtgaaact gaagaggaac tgttgaatgg atcatgtgtt tctgtatggc      6840
     tgacaagaat ctgtttgcat ctttttttgt gtttgtccta tgcccttgtg cgtcttttag      6900
     ccaaaattcc tgtcattgca ctttttctga tgaagctttt agagacttaa gtgatcttcc      6960
     acaatgctta cagcttggca taaatctctg aatatagtcc ctcccctgcc gtctagagtc      7020
     atgcctcctt aaacacaagc acagcaaaag atccccctct catgtgttaa aagcgactag      7080
     tgcttgtctg atggccaaga gtaaatattt agagttgcct ggtaaacgat ataggtagag      7140
     actaggcgga atagtggtgt ttacttgtgt tttgttgtta aactaattaa tctatatcat      7200
     caatgctgta aaaggtccct tatgaaactg aaaatagtct tatcaatctt tcattggaag      7260
     attttagtgg ctgaacaaca tcgtcatcct ttctccagcg tgcaatggta aatccaatat      7320
     tgattcaggt ttttaaaaag ttttaattct gcaggttttt accgatcacg cgcgcgtgct      7380
     ctctcttcct ctctcgtgaa tgcgcagcac aaacatcggt cagtggagat gcgtacaaac      7440
     ggctgtgcag ttgttcaaat ctgcatttgc tgacagacag ttttgcctac ttatcggaat      7500
     tatgagagat gtcggcccga ctctatttaa ttggatgaac atttttttgt ttaattccta      7560
     cccaaaacat aaagaatata tataagcaca tttacatcat ttactttaat cattactatt      7620
     agactgtgaa gagaccttca acagcacaac aaaacatgct tctgaagaca atcacctact      7680
     gcacctttaa tgaagaatta ttctatgcct cttttaaaac ggatctgctg atgcttctgc      7740
     tttgttttag aaggtgttga tttggcctaa aaagaacact ttgttcaggt tttaacattg      7800
     aaagggcaaa tatctcactt gtgctgaagg acattttgta ataagggtgt acagtgtttt      7860
     cctttcccta aatgactttc agaagcagaa aaattaggtt ttagtctaga tctgaagttt      7920
     aacttggtct ttcactgaca cacatgcaca gtttattaaa atgttgatca gtatacctgt      7980
     acatttagtt taatttacta acacctcatt ctcatttgtt gttgttgttt ttttttccta      8040
     cttgcaggtg atcgtgtatt ctggtgaccg ggcctttgaa cactactatg atcctcttaa      8100
     agggagagtt cacttcaact cgcctgatcc taaaaatggt gatgcctcca tgaacatcat      8160
     gggcctgaaa gccacagaca ctgggactta tcagtgcaag atcaagaagg ttcctggtat      8220
     tgctagcagg aagtacctgc taaccgttat gggtgagtta aaaaataaaa gacacttttt      8280
     gaatcgatac ttttttttga cagccaatct ctaaccctgt ttagaaaaaa tgcttgacct      8340
     attgtttttc ttgaaaaaca ctcttcatcc tcatgttttt tttttctttt gaaagttgag      8400
     ctataaaaca agggaatgtc ctgtgtgact gtgtattgat ctgcaccgta aatgcacaaa      8460
     gtttgatttc atgggtcctc tgatgagcct tgtttcaggg tctgcattga tcgctgtcaa      8520
     cagcgagtgt gacatcagtg ctatttcgtg tgtgtgaaaa atcacctgtt tcttgttgtt      8580
     gactactgct gacagagaaa cgccctaggc taacacactg tcaccaaaca aggccatcag      8640
     aaacaatatg acaacagtgg cgtcacttcc cgaaactcag taaccacatg accaagctgt      8700
     gtatttgcat tcatgcaaac caaaaatgcc agtagctgta aaatagagga aacaggaaga      8760
     tatttttaat agttaaatcc ctgaaaggac caatctcctt gtaaatatgt acaattcttt      8820
     ttccccaaca agctttaggg tcagtaacta tttgaatatt ttataattgt ttcagtctaa      8880
     attaattaca taatttccat cctcaattaa tcaaatgtat tgaataatca gcattcaggt      8940
     ggcacaagac tagaattata tttcagctct gatatgtttt catcatataa gatataagca      9000
     tttaaacgat ggctgtattt agcttcaaga cagatttatt gttcatgttt gtgctataat      9060
     cactaacagt aagacgattg gttcatgtgt acttggctca tgctgctgcg gcagtgatct      9120
     gtcaatgtac aaaaatgctt cttaaacaac atttatcagt ggaatttcaa gataaaacag      9180
     acaatattaa agttgatatt tttttcgtaa taaaagtatg aaaacagtca cattctattg      9240
     tttgcatatc aactgcgtag actaaaagtt aattttgtta accgaacctt agcattcacc      9300
     ctgacattaa agaagcacta attaaccatc actgtttctg tcaatgattc ctcgaaatca      9360
     atatttagtt tcagctggaa ttttctatct tctaaaagac aaataatgaa aagatgttgt      9420
     tgtttgcgat tagtgtcact ctctgaggca gttattattt aagtaaaaga cttgagtgga      9480
     cttaaatccc attcatttat taaagtgaag aagtgtttgg ctaaagccgc cccggtgatt      9540
     agaggtggac cacagtaaga cagatggaag gacacagatt ggttgtgcta gcagcagttg      9600
     atgaatgcag ctgttctcgc ttcttctgct cccttcattg tccaccctct ttcctatcac      9660
     tgatgaccgc ggggactctg tacctgcatt cagagcagat gctgtctggc tgcgtgcgtg      9720
     tgttccttac taaacacgtc tccgtcagag acagccgtcc aagggcattc acttgaaggg      9780
     gctgtataag tgctacatgg cacctctgag atgtacagct attgcaaaaa caaagtgcct      9840
     ttaacaggca aaagcaactt ataaagttct ttgcattcaa atttgctctc gaaagggttg      9900
     atggtttatg ttaatgaatg tttgtttgtt tggtgtcgag catgtagctt aaaggcacaa      9960
     tgtgtgcaag tttcacagcc catggcgctt attcaaatga ttatcctgac cgtggtggag     10020
     gatttaatgt tcaacagatt ctaggcacaa ctgacaaaaa ttttgtagtg taacgtgtac     10080
     ccttgatttg taaatttaaa agcaaaaggt attagtgtat tttaggcata ggccagaata     10140
     agtttctgat ggtataacct cggataaaaa taccatggtt ttatgctatt gattactgct     10200
     ctaaaataaa taagtcttaa ataaataacc aaataaatca tttacttctg ctgtcctcag     10260
     tttcaaaaac aaagttttct ttataacaca taaaaaaaac atttagaatt ttacttatac     10320
     cttaggaatg atgtaacaga acattttagc agtattaata tcctgacttt tccaaaccgc     10380
     agtaaacctt gaaaccggtt gtcgtcccat gcctagttta aatatgattt cagtacttta     10440
     tgtctgttcc ctaacacata cattttatat gtactagggt aatctgaaag tggctggtta     10500
     caatgcagtt tttatttctg aagttcaaca tttgttagac acatttagag tatgttctga     10560
     catggcattt aggtgtgtca tggaatttct ggagcatcat ggaaatttaa aaggtctatt     10620
     ccaaacgttg aaagtcaggg gatttttata cttttaatat taactggcag tcgcttcagt     10680
     ctaatgcagt caccacactg tacctgttaa ctaaggctaa catgccagaa taatacacaa     10740
     tttatgagct ttgggttcaa aaggacaggt agtaaaacta ctattaagct atcaaatata     10800
     atttttttaa aaaatctgag gcaaataatc tcttgttgtt caaataacca tttaatttct     10860
     ttatttatat taacattatt taaatattat attattaaca tgcagtgctc agcataatcg     10920
     agtgcaccca cttttaaaaa atgaacatta tccgtttctt agcgaaatat agtcgatgta     10980
     ttagtgcatt taaacaaaac agatttatca aacaggtaca tttattaaaa taatatttta     11040
     gtattcaaac atatttagaa acagtaagat aatacagtta aattcaagct aaatattgca     11100
     agaaaagtgg caacctaaaa atacatttaa tatttctcta taacataaat gtgggtgtac     11160
     tagtttttgg gccgttatta tatcgcttcc tatcaaaaat atgcaagaga tttttgagag     11220
     gtgtacttat ttatgctaag cactgtataa acacagcagt gttctttgtt ttgtttttca     11280
     gatcattaga tggaaattta acattttagt gaaagaaaga cagggaattt catatttggc     11340
     ttaaagttgg atccctgtat cttgtgttca aggtggaaaa agtaaatctt tcccttcctg     11400
     caagcagaaa atagaaatgt ttgacctttt tcttttcacg cctttatgcg tctggagttg     11460
     catcgggcaa tttgactttt tcgttcttgt ttttcttgtc gcctttgtta tgaccagtca     11520
     agtgtgatca cctcaaaatt acagacacgc ttgtgtcgat ctcacgactg agctataaag     11580
     caactgcacc tttataggaa gttctataaa gaattgcctc tctcaaagaa gctgaaatag     11640
     atttgtagta ttaatgtgtg tgttggtttc agcacaggca tcaggccaga ccttgttttg     11700
     cccctcccac ctgtccatca acacacattc aatttctcca tcagaggaag ctgctgtgct     11760
     ctgacccctt atcctattaa attgctgttc agtcctgctg ttaatcctca ggtctgtaag     11820
     ccgctgtccc agcagcccca gagatctgtt tttacagctt ccattatcaa acagtaatgc     11880
     cgatggagac tcaaacgcca acaccctgcc cagggttggg aggattcaca gaaagcaact     11940
     attgacattc ttctgtctgt ctcgtcttcc aactatctct ttccgtctgt gtctttgccc     12000
     tcctcacttg agtctctgta tctgcctcct cctggtttta atttggaggt ttgtttgctt     12060
     ttgaattctc atgtcatctc ctgccaagcg aggagggggt ctatttgtgc aggctttggt     12120
     ttctacacag agctccctat gttctccatc ctccccccat tcaacctttc actatctttc     12180
     cacatctcta tccctccctc cattatatac atagacttca cccacttttt tcacctctag     12240
     cctgctgttt ttaacgcata tctgttcaga aaacacatgc tgtctgtctt tcacaatatc     12300
     cagccacttt gccgccctct ttgttccctc ttttatcacc aagaatgttg acacccaccg     12360
     tgctctgatt ttaattaagt tgattgacag cacctgtaat agcagcagct gtatccatta     12420
     cgctgatcgt ggcttccttt gctgtgatta gttatgatgg ggtgagaatg aatataggtg     12480
     gagtgtgaga agagcctcag ggactcgtcc tttacatcag tgatgcgcca tatgtgatgc     12540
     gggagatgat atttaagctg gtctgagtgg aatgatgata tttttcttct tgagataatt     12600
     gctgaatctg tggtctcatg catactaata gatctcatat atactctctt actctactac     12660
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttaatacagt tgatgcatgt ttataaatca tatatgacgt     12720
     agttggtgtt agtaactttt tatataatgt ttttaaaatt aaaatctgtc ttaagtaggg     12780
     atgttccgat caggtttttt tgccctcgag tcatttgagt tatttgactt tgagtatatg     12840
     ccgatactcg atccaataat tctaatacat aaaataagaa taaagagcaa aaaaacggat     12900
     ctgcaatgtt ccttatttct tatttaattc accttatttt aacattcaac aactccgttc     12960
     aagctacccc acagaagtgc tctgtttgtt aacagtgaag taataaatga caaattcatc     13020
     acttttggac tttagtcagt gcaacagtaa atataaaaaa tctattataa aaacaaacag     13080
     cacctcaact taacatacac ggcaggcaaa cttatgttta catatctcag tttgctacgg     13140
     taatgttatc gtcatcaact ttataatacc tccagagcgc agagatactt gtgctctcca     13200
     cttcaagctg cttccatgtt ctactttgcc ggcatttaac caatagtgtc tttgcaacaa     13260
     attgatgtca tgccgcacac gttgctgtta ctgtgtgaag tcaggaaaga ggtctaactc     13320
     tgtgcaacag cataacgaat ataatgaaaa tattagagaa gtgaacctac attggtctca     13380
     tggttcagtt acgattatca tgccatcgat ttggttcaat tcgatatctc ggtgcatcat     13440
     ggtgacttga cgatgctttc catacacaat tttatatttt acttcacagc acagcaattt     13500
     ctgtattaaa atgtatcatt ttaaaataca ttttatatgc atttgtaata cagtttagtc     13560
     ctttaataca agcacttgct ttttgtgtgt tgtcaagcaa cttgttaaac atctatgatt     13620
     ggtcatgcgc tgaacaaaaa gtgctgcgat tggctattac gcttgatgct gttcaccgtt     13680
     gagtgacact gataaacggc agcagtgatc acaactgatc catgatcgac gcggtggaga     13740
     aaactcaatc tgcagacatg cgctcgtgcc ttgatctaca agtgttcctg taacagccga     13800
     gagtagagga aacgtcacgt gagcaggtca aatgggccac agtgagagag atggagaaat     13860
     tgcgtttatt ttcatattct ccatgggagt gcattagggg cttctactgt aactttagtg     13920
     taagtgaatg actgtccagc aaacacacgc agtgaattgt gcagagttta tgcattttaa     13980
     ttatgcgaca tggcgcaaat gagataaatg acatcagtac attataatcg attatgatct     14040
     attactaaac caataacgaa ttttccgcat ctgcatacat atattcgagt cctgatcggg     14100
     aggtaacgtc cgattccgat caagtctgaa accgtttgat cgggcttgat ttccaatcac     14160
     gtgatgagat ctggacatct attcttaagt cttttatttc cactttcaaa atataaggct     14220
     attctctttg cagattctca atgcaaagac tttctctttg atatcagttt ttctttgctc     14280
     attggcagat atgtgttttg tttaatcaaa cttgcttcat tttgatcacc tcaagtaaat     14340
     gcatctttat ttaagaattg tgtcttttag cagtatcatc agaaggtgtt aaaccagtta     14400
     tttcaatact ctagtatatt attttttttg taacatcaat cggagtaaaa gcttgttcaa     14460
     cctgttacta atatacctca ctgtgttctg tagatattta catttagaaa acattgatgg     14520
     gttttgcctt taaattcaaa atgttttccc ctttttaata atttctcccc ttttatgttt     14580
     ccttcctcag tacgtccttc taaacccaaa tgtagtgcag agggtcaaac ttacgtgggt     14640
     aagaatatgg tgttgaagtg tagctctgtg gaaggcacac aacctatgga gtacatctgg     14700
     gagagaacct ctggcaataa gctattgcct ccattggcaa tcctgggtaa gatcttttca     14760
     cttgtatttt tcttttcttt tgattaatca tcttttgtgt tgtgctacag ttaaaattaa     14820
     caatgctacc tgctacacac agataaagtc acgggcacca tgactctgaa gaatgccacc     14880
     ggggatgctt cagggacata tcgatgccag gcgaaaaacc gcgttggaac agaagagtgt     14940
     gtggtagagg tcactataac gcaacgtgag tctttacaag tctgtcctat tctgtttaaa     15000
     acttagttac aggatctatc ctttaatatc tgattacttt atttggtgaa tgtgttaatg     15060
     gttatattct tggtttaaaa gtgtcccttt ctggcctttt gcagcaccta atacagctgg     15120
     gatcattgca ggagtaataa tttgcattct gctgcttctc attctcctcg ccctcatcct     15180
     cttctgctgc tgccgtgctc gccacaagaa gaagtacgag aaggaaatcg cctatgagat     15240
     caggtacacc acacacactc ttggctgcaa tcttgtgtcc taagcagacg gttaccatgt     15300
     ctacataaac cttttccaac aattaatctt ataaaaatag gagagaaaca tctgttactg     15360
     taattcaccc agaaacacac taaattagaa aaacgcctgc ttctcccaac tggcattcag     15420
     tctgcgcttc agcattcagt ttaataacca aagaataaga atgaaagaga gctcttgacc     15480
     cagatgccat ttggtacatg tcactgtccc tatgtctgta tgattcacct ctattcatcc     15540
     aatggcagcc ctcccctgta ctcactgatg accgaacaaa gctgatggcc agcgaaactg     15600
     gctagcggtg ctgtcagcct tcccctctca ccccttttct cttcaaatga aaggctggtg     15660
     taatcagttc tgtgcatttg tttgttcagt cgattcctgc tctgtcaatg gctcccccct     15720
     cagtccctgt ctctcgctcc cccggcctat tgaaatggca ttcctgtgtg atgtggcagg     15780
     ctgtgggtca agccctttat tatgctcccc cctggacccc agcgctggac actctgtctg     15840
     ggagccttgc gctgcatcac ttaggccatg acaaaagagg attatccaaa taagccagct     15900
     tctcttagaa gagaccctgc tgtctctctc tcttttgctg ttcggtgctg caatggatta     15960
     ttgctgctga ttacttgtta atttagagga tgggggagag catggtctga ttggccacac     16020
     ttgaaatccc tccattgtct tattcagcca atctgagcag tgattgtcga agcgccaaaa     16080
     caagtcttga cgggaattgt agcattaatg tatctccctc ttatttgatt gtgctgcata     16140
     ggaagatttt ttgtttggct tgacctgtcc agtgcctctt tctaaccttt ttcttcagga     16200
     aaacaatctt tgactttgca tttcatcatg aacggtgctt tcaaaagttt gttgaaattt     16260
     aattccagtt caggaaattc tgtctgctaa atcaaaatca tgtagtgcga tcaacaaagt     16320
     tatctgatct aaccagcatg cagaaactct gtaaatgata cctctgcggt cataatttag     16380
     cctttttgtg acaagtcaca gtcttttatg ttttttaaac accacaataa atctcctggg     16440
     cctgcaggtg tgattgaaca ttcttttgcc ctcctttcaa cagagaggat gtgcctcctc     16500
     caaagagccg tgtttccacc gcccgcagtt tcaccagtgt gggcagccaa cgctcttctc     16560
     ttggctccat gtctccttcc aacctgcacg agtacagcaa gccccagtat gacaagattc     16620
     cctctgaaga gtacgacagg ccccctagcc acgctcccat tcccccgccc agcagaatgg     16680
     ccggccccaa cctcagccga atgggggcca tcccagtcat gatccctgcc caaaacaagg     16740
     atgggtctat tgtgtaaaac tgaactggga tctttctctg cacattttga cggtctctgt     16800
     tcttattcat cattttagcg gattttgtga aggagcaaat aggaggaact cagctgtacg     16860
     gataatgcaa ttcggctggc agaacttcaa caaacattaa cacaaacttt attcaacaag     16920
     atgcagaaag tgatatgtct gctcttgttt tgtaaataat gcaacgcatg atgatttttc     16980
     cccattttgt tttctttaaa gatagaaggc ccttttttaa tgtaaggcac ttgaattggt     17040
     tgcctattaa gtgttctcca gagataaatt caaatcattc aaatgaaatg tacatttaat     17100
     acaaccccat tttagataaa aactctcaag ctatttgtta atgttttttt aaaccagttt     17160
     gaaatatttt ctggcaactt gaaccattaa tctatgacga ttgttttact tttttttttt     17220
     ttttaacttt gttttttttt tttttacttt tttgctggca aagatttact cgaagggtct     17280
     gtggaaaata tgatgaatag ctttggtttc tggatgtttc tcaaaaagat aacaacagcg     17340
     tttgcttgga ttgaagatta tttacctgtg atgtgtgtgt gtgtatatac atgaatatga     17400
     aattgattta tttgaagatg agctaatact gtgattctta acctgcttct tatgaaccat     17460
     ttggcatttt tttatcccag tcagcacacg tcagaataat cagcgttcaa gtctttgatt     17520
     ggtcagttcc ttacgctttg agcttgtgac cccaaaacct ctgcttctct ctatcctgca     17580
     gcataatggt actctttaaa ataagattaa agggttttta caaaagatgc ttaagctgga     17640
     cggtaaaata tgcttcactg agcaatctga cttcagtaag agccagacca gaaaagctga     17700
     tcccagatgc ctctaattaa tacacagact taaactagag atactaatcc tgaatctgca     17760
     ttcggcttgg ccatcaatca tcttgtttaa agttaattgt ctgattgatg tgttggtttg     17820
     cagtttattt attagatgaa ggacatctta ttcaaaaatg tgttgaccat atattaaagg     17880
     ccaatttata cttcttcctc aagtgtgcat ggtaggtccg gagtagcctt tgcactgttg     17940
     catacctttt gccatattct tatgcgtaga catgcaactc tcaaattatg taacatgtag     18000
     cagggctgca ccatattgga caaaactgac attgggatgt tttgttttcc tgccatatga     18060
     atacaacttc accagatgat ttaaatatta ttaaatatta tattattgat tgcctccaga     18120
     attgtcaaga gcatctgtgc tccgcatctc atgccttcaa atgccaccat tttttcatta     18180
     catatcggca ttgtcttctg aggtgtaagt cattatttaa aataaagaaa gatttacgca     18240
     gcatagccaa ccgcagcaaa ttccgttttt acttttgata tttggtggca gttaatcagg     18300
     aagtgactat tttgttctct ttgacttgtt ggatggtaac gctgctttat tcgcacatct     18360
     tttatgcgat aatccagttt tgcgcataaa tttaattagc atcttaggat ggaaatgtag     18420
     ctgctgttaa aatgttagaa ttttttatgc acacttgaaa tttcacattc ttaggcctta     18480
     aaaactttca ctttatttag gttaaacttc acaatggggt tcctggttta ccataattcc     18540
     actcaaattt cctaatggat gaataaactg aactgacatt gcagaatctg ccatgtgact     18600
     attgcggatt tgcacattgc ggtatcgatg caggaccgat atattgtgca cccctaacat     18660
     gtagtggcga cgcagatcac aagatatgtg attttttatt tttatttttt gcgttggtga     18720
     gaggggtgcg aggccggtgg tgcgagtttt taaacgagcc ttgaagcctg ctccagcatt     18780
     tgttttgtgt atattttatt actaaagctg gtgaaagttt taacttcttt tacaataaca     18840
     acccagagat ttttttggca caaactcaaa acaccggcaa agaaacttga cacagtgcaa     18900
     cataaaaacc ccactgccaa ctaacttgag taggtaagag ttgtcaaggc aacatagaca     18960
     gaatgcagaa atataaatat caacggcatc ggctacctgc aaggatttcg atgatcactt     19020
     gatgctgaag tgtaaattgg gcttatttta actaattgag ggacaattca tatgtaggat     19080
     catccataga gttataaaag actgtttgat aatttataaa tagtcagttg atcaggcatc     19140
     agtatgaatc agtatgattt tgattcgact aaaaggttca ccctaaaatg taaatttgct     19200
     cttaatttgc ttgtcaagtt atcctagatt aggggtgccc aaacgcagtc ttgtagggcc     19260
     ggagtcctgc agattttagc tccaacttgc ctcaacacac ctgtacggat gtttctagaa     19320
     agccaagtaa gagcttgatt agctagcaca ggtgtgtctg attggggttg aaactaaact     19380
     ttgcaggaca ccagtacaga gtttggagac ccctatttta gatttggacc acgctctctc     19440
     tttaagaaaa cattaaagta gtatttgatt tagtttttta agctgaaact gtgattctga     19500
     actttaagaa taaaaaacat acaagggaac tcaatttata aaggccctga cagtatgctg     19560
     agaatttata aatctattga aactattggt tttccataat gttctagtga aagaaaaaag     19620
     tctacatcta taaacagcag atttctatct gttcaagtca ccaaatttac cacagtgact     19680
     gtcaccaacc ttacggttct tatcaaggtt ttattactgc ttattttacc ctgtgtgtcc     19740
     attctaatgt tcactctgtg cctttttttg tctttgggtg taattaactg gtatacacat     19800
     taggcatggg ctggtataag tttctgatgt atgataacct tggataaaaa tatcataatt     19860
     taacagttta atggtattgt gattactgct ttaaaataag ctctttcccc cattaaacat     19920
     gatatacttt agtttaagaa acatttaaag ggtttttgct tttgttattt taaacatgtc     19980
     aggctaaacc atttaaatag atcactgatt atcttcatta gtttcagaaa cacatcgttt     20040
     ttcttgaatc gtggactgac cagtagcttt ccatttggag ggtccttttg ctgtagatac     20100
     tgttgccctt aaaaaatcta atgaagtagt cataaacaca tttaaaaaat aataacaact     20160
     tgcatatacc ttatgaacgg tacaaaagaa atgtttgcgg tttcaaaacc ttgacttttc     20220
     caaaccgtgg taaaaccggt tattgtccca tgcctaatac acattgagtg tgtccacatc     20280
     agcggcgtag ggtaaattgt acacaaacaa ttgttaatga tgaggtgtaa tgcacgattt     20340
     gacattatat gattttgttg cgcaggctgg caacaaatat tactctatat gttgaaacag     20400
     tcgatgtaaa atgacgtttt gaatttattt ttaaagaaat gctggtctca tggaatgata     20460
     ttgtgtacac cgacaaccgt ataccgtgtg tctgttgtac acaaacagca ggcttttcac     20520
     aatctgcttg tattttgacc agggttcctg ttgaatgtgt aaatatattt actgtaatgt     20580
     tgggcgcgat tgattgcgtt tgtctttatg gctgtagcct gttgcacttg ggtggctctc     20640
     caaggctgcg aatgtgatga aggactagag gatgatcagg ctaatcatcc gccatctgga     20700
     gaaggtatta acatttatta tgcatatgtt gttattacac aaaagcgcac acacacacac     20760
     acacactcat ggtttccttg ggcttttatt tgtcaagcct ctatgaatat agggctgctg     20820
     ttacaggatc agttcagctt gtttaaacat aaagactaat gccagtgtaa actgagaaag     20880
     ctacactttg gtcagcatta tctttactgc aagctgcaca aatcaacttc cttgaatcaa     20940
     atgatacttt tttttttttt ttgggatggg gcccgtttgg tatttcgtaa ccctagaggt     21000
     ttgtctggtt ctttgtacag tgccatttaa agagatagcg aactctcctt actaataaga     21060
     gacaaccaat gaaattaact gtagatgttt tcttttgaaa gaagctgtgt actaatatga     21120
     catttacttt ttcttcctct ttggtttgca catcatgtaa aaacctcctt ttatttttgt     21180
     gtgctttttt gtgatgtatt tttaaataaa aaacgaaacc actatcattc tgctttttaa     21240
     aattcttttc ctttgattcc ctcttctgca tcctgtgctc cgcaggctgc cggcggtgct     21300
     gtcgcgtttc agagtgatta attttaatct cccgttgatt tccacctcta actccaggtg     21360
     aggccattct ctcgctgact aatgaccgca attaatcaat gactcgcaaa agcaccggcg     21420
     gcttcgctga ccacgagcaa cagaacccaa agcgacggcg ttttctgtgc atgtggagcg     21480
     ctgcccttga gggctataca taaaacacgc tgcccgagtc agtcagccga gtcattgcaa     21540
     actaatttgt atcgcaagct cagccattgt gttggtttaa gagaggtaaa tcaaagtgta     21600
     aaaattagtg acaaattgct ttgattagac tgaggtcaaa taattggctt ttaaatgact     21660
     tgtgtgtcaa taagtgtgta ataaatgcca tttgtcaagg ttgcaaaaaa agtgctcacc     21720
     gtgttcacgc ttggcaagtg tgcttcgatt aaaattagaa ttctggtaag attactctgt     21780
     taatgtggtg catgttgata agtgtgcaca ctgcactcct aaccctggtg caaaccaata     21840
     atgacatgac attacatcac tagatttaac cacaattagg gcagaatgct taagcacacc     21900
     tgttcttatt ttgtcctatt tgcaatgttg ctataaaacc agttagtaca ggaatcagaa     21960
     aattaatctc tgtacagcag ataatcaaac gtgcacggga ccaatgaatt cctgctggat     22020
     tttgatgccg taacacattt tataagctgt gcatgagttc aaataaaagc acaataacat     22080
     gtacagctga agtcagaagt attagccccg ctttaaattt ttgtcttttt aaaatatttc     22140
     ttaaatgatg tttaacagag caaggacatt ttcacagtat gtttgataat attttttctt     22200
     ctggataaag tcttatttat tttatttcgg ctagattaaa agcagttttt aattttttaa     22260
     aaacatttta aggtcaaaat gtctagcccc tttgagctag aaatgtgttt aaaaaaatct     22320
     ctctgtcaaa caaattgggg gaaaaaataa actggggcta attattctga cttcaactga     22380
     atgcacagac aagtttaact tgacatagta tgtaaaaaca tgatttaata tcagtgaaag     22440
     atggatatac ttgttcagat gatccttcaa taaacccatt gtccccccta ttagcatatt     22500
     taagatggta attaaaaata caaaatagta ttattgatgc attttaagtc atataacaaa     22560
     ccatgaaatt agcttgatct tatgttaatt ctggatttta ttagagacaa tcatctccat     22620
     ttaaaaccca ctgagtaaga caatggaacc agaagtgcta aaatgctcat tgggaaaaaa     22680
     gaaaaggcgc atcaggtcag atgttaacat aaatttacag tagtgctggg tgatactgca     22740
     aaaaacaatt atcatgatat catgtttcat atcatccgat atcaataatt attgaatatt     22800
     tttttaaaca atacatttgg caatattaag atttttttgt tatttaacca ctttatttta     22860
     atttaccaac attactaagg caaatagttt taatagtgaa taaacaaaat atttaatcaa     22920
     aatatctgat ctctttataa taaaataaac atgagtgtta aagagactct taagcttgat     22980
     aaataaaatg ttacaaagtg tgtgcaatga taaaggtaga tcaacatctg taaggtgtca     23040
     ataataatca tacagtaaac ctcaaactct ctgaacaaac caaattatga taatctgctc     23100
     tgagctttcc agtaaaggag ctaatcatca ttattcaaat actaaacatt ataaatcgtg     23160
     aagttggata actacattac cccctatgct aaaacctctt tcagatgggg agctagtgcc     23220
     caggatgcac gagaaaagaa accaaaaagc cactctggcg acatcctttt tctatttaca     23280
     atctcctcac tgctgctatt tgccactcat tttcgcatat ggtgttaatt tgacctgatg     23340
     tgacaagtgc gagcacgtga atttcttaat cattttaatt ctctcacact cccctggcgt     23400
     ctcttgtaga taggtcacca taaacagttt tttcagagga tgacaaacgg acaaaccatt     23460
     gctgcagctc cgatgcaagt ttatggagaa aagtaaaaag cactgcagtg tatagatgag     23520
     ctgtgcttgt aagcggtaat tagtctaccg ttattactta atgtaataat aatgaatcgc     23580
     agtgcgtttg cggcattcag aaaagttcag atctttttca actaggtgta cctagaaaat     23640
     gcacctcgca tatgtgtgtc atgcaagcag tgcgccttca ttggaaatga caaacttaca     23700
     ccctaagctt attgccattg tttttttgtt tttgtttttt tttttgttat taataaacta     23760
     tagtgcttta tagcgaaaat tcataccaag ctttttttat tgttattgat aatggtgttc     23820
     agtcaataaa taccgatacc gattttatcg cccagcccta ctttatagtt taaacatgaa     23880
     cacaagtttt taatttaata ttttttccca acaacaatct aatgtatctg ctttggaaaa     23940
     taggaaaagt atttaaggac aacttagaac ttatatgagg ctcaacacac ctattataga     24000
     aaatcatttc aaataaaata tatgtagttt ggtgccctat aatgatgacc aaatattagt     24060
     ttttagttct atttctaaca acaaaactga aaaatagctc ttgtacatct gatccagtgt     24120
     aatgttgctg agtctcagaa caatactgta atgtattatg tatgaggctg aacaacctgt     24180
     tcctacaagt gccgttttaa cattatggca actctctgta aacactagta atcacacata     24240
     aggccttcaa gctatattta atatttgttt tactcttaat atgcttttta ttcttgtatg     24300
     aggacggtct tcatgtcatc tattaatatc tattcatttt caggctttga actgcagtca     24360
     ataacatgag tagttgcaat gatgttgacg tctgtagaaa taactgaatg ctcataatgg     24420
     cttgcagtcc tagtaattga tcgatgatca tttgtaataa aaagcagacc ccagtaagca     24480
     atgacatatt aagtacagag caagtcatta actgctgaat gtcagtatat ttttcattaa     24540
     ggcaatcctg ggtggaataa ttgcacagtg gatatgtggt aatttcagcg atggcgtgct     24600
     caagccatca aaagcacatt agagtgtaat gtaattttgt taatgtaagg gaaattcgcc     24660
     gcctctaagc tgcattttaa ctctgagagt cagtgttgtg tgctgttggg tatttccgat     24720
     ggccatatct gctttttttg tacaggattt gaatttgcac atggcattaa tcccacacaa     24780
     tggacagcat cactcttaga catgctattc ctcttgtcct tgggctgcaa gcggcagtca     24840
     gtgagatgag gacatggaaa cgtcccaatt cacacaaaca catactttat ttttcctgct     24900
     gaaggtatta attgtttgca tagctcaggc aggttgaaag ggagggtgtt gattgctgat     24960
     tggttggttg gctgcatatt tccaaggtaa cgttatcagg ttgtacacag ggtgaagcat     25020
     ggaatggagg atttatctta tagacgtaat gctctgcacc caaacaacag gagcctgtta     25080
     aagcagcggt ggtctccctc aacctttgct tcatcatttc tttcctctag ttaaaacacc     25140
     attgtcttat gtatttaggt ttaattagtg tgactcgttt ggatatacac tacctgacaa     25200
     aagtcttttt atcgatccga gttgtaaaaa cttgacttct agttgatcat ttggaaaagt     25260
     ggcagaaggt agaattttct gatgaattac ctgttgaact gcatcccaat catcttaaat     25320
     actgcagaag acctattgga acccacacgg agccaagatt ctcacagaaa tcagtcaagt     25380
     ttggtgaagg aaaaacaatg atttggggtt acattcagta tgggggcatg tgagagatct     25440
     gcagagtgga tgacacattc aacagtctga ggtatcaaga catttgtgca gcacattata     25500
     atacaaacta caggagaggg caaattcttc agcaggatag cgctccttct catacttcag     25560
     cctccacatc aaagtttctg aaagcaaaga aggtctaggt gctctaggat tggccagtct     25620
     agtcaccaaa catgaacatt attgagctag tctagggtca gatgaaggag aattgaaaat     25680
     gtatccaagg aatcttgatg aactctggga gtcctgcaag agcgctttct ttgtcattgc     25740
     agatgacttt attaataagt tattcgagtc attgcggaga tgtatggatg ctgtcgaagt     25800
     taaaaacaat attaattctt atttcactgc atcatgactt tatattctat attatttctt     25860
     ttaagtgaca agacttttgt ctaagccaag tcaggcctta ctatcccaat taaaaaaatc     25920
     aagacatgat cttatttaat ttggtaaaat cagcataatt aagaggcttt gcctttcata     25980
     tacagtaagc caccaaatga tcaactggaa gtcaagttat tttttgttcc taaaacttga     26040
     ataggtgaca agacactaaa atcgttggcc tctgtctgct tccaaacagc agatattcaa     26100
     atatgagtcc aacgaaaacc aaaggcgtgt atataaacat aaaacaagac ttgatgaaat     26160
     atgactataa acgagacaca aaaccttttg catttttaga ttctggccta aataagtcag     26220
     gacttaatga gttattggac tttgaaatgt actattaatt ggacttgacc aaatgaacct     26280
     tgagagcttt acagtactac agtgcaacac aactagacaa ccaaaaaacc tttgatacct     26340
     ttgaaacctt tgatttattg taataagtta atcaggtttc aactttattt tttaagttgt     26400
     acagattcta acctgatgct ttaagtcagt tttactgatg caagttgaat gactcctgaa     26460
     gttacacaga gtataaagta gcaaaaagaa aagtccttac tttattgtgt aaagttacaa     26520
     tcttgagcac tagtgttaag atgcgttttg gttgatcaaa ttgtagatag acgagggaga     26580
     cccactcctg tttacgccag ccatttgaat ttctctgtcg tccacttttg attcccttcc     26640
     taatctttca aaggtaataa gattgagtat tttattcatt tttagcaatg aaaacattgt     26700
     tttatacaag agaacacaca attagtctga tcatgagact catgttgatg aatttatgtc     26760
     ccagtaagtt gctttgcata aataaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga atttgtactc tagacacctc     26820
     ataagcatcc acatcaaacg caatctgatc aaattatttg aactacctgt ggacatgagg     26880
     gacacgagtt tgtttatatt taaagatacc attttcactt ttatggaagg aatgttgtga     26940
     cgtggccaag ttttgtgact catacttggt aatttgtgct ctgcattgaa ctcattcaaa     27000
     agcacacacc cagagcagtc ggggatcagt gccttgctca tgggactcac ctcagctgtg     27060
     gtactgaagt tggtgagagc tcaaacagga ccaaactgat ggaaaaattt agatttatca     27120
     gttggtatgt gtttatttag attttaaata gactggcctg cgtttaccac cagaagcaaa     27180
     ttgttgattg ctttcgtccc accagggatg aagagtgatc tgtatatcca gtactaagag     27240
     tcaatgtgta acacgatctg gaatgcatca tgtttgggaa gcagataaca gagatcctcg     27300
     cctgccggga ctctatttgc ttactctcca ccttcacatg gaggaatgtg gagcctgttg     27360
     ggcaacctgt ccatatggtt ttaatcagat gtgttaaaat ctctaaacgg cacattcaca     27420
     gcatgtctgt gcaatcaacc tgagcagttt tatataatca actaacaaag acttgttaag     27480
     ctattgttgg tcaaataacc atatatggta actttgatat tatttacact attatttttt     27540
     tttaaagaca aagatttgaa agtcttgtaa taacccccat gtaacacacc atggtttttc     27600
     caatgattat ttaaacgagt gccctataaa gggataaact ttcaagaaaa aaacaaaaaa     27660
     caccatgacc actgtgggct gtttctccag aggtctttcc ctattggttg tactttaggg     27720
     tttatggatg gtacatgctc gcacacttac acacacacac acattctcaa aggtaatata     27780
     agggtaagaa tgtaatattc ccacatgcct tatgtaatcc actttcttgg atattatttg     27840
     atccaggtta gatagctaag aagtaaaaca gactgttgtt aaaagccgtt tcaatcacac     27900
     acaacatcag ttgcttcact actgctgtta aagcattaat gtgacaagct gctaggaatg     27960
     ctggctatat tctgcatatc caggacgttt gagagagcaa gaatgattaa aaaaaatatt     28020
     aatttaaatg tattcgtcat ttgaggtggt acatagagac tcaataaatg ttgggaatgt     28080
     gtaactgtac atacattatt tttcaaacaa tggtagttct ctggaaagag tgatgagtga     28140
     acaggaaata ctgtacagta gtcaacattt gaagtggatc aaaaaagttt tcaaagtcat     28200
     cctaagacaa gaatgggtgt tggtcagtag ttttaggaca actttgatga aatgttttga     28260
     tccacttcaa acattgccta ctgctcattt tgttttgcct gcatgttttt tttttttttt     28320
     gttttttttt gttttttgag tctcagagtg ctgactgtta actttatgga tcaccaagga     28380
     ccagtttcgg ataaaagaaa aacattgaca tcctggaaga tctaagggta agaaaaataa     28440
     cagccaattt tagtgtgaaa tgtaccttta agatattgtt taaaaaacaa acaaacattt     28500
     cttgtctttg aatcttttta atgcatttta ctgcagtcgt ggcaggtcaa gttgcagctc     28560
     ttagaaaaat tcctagctta caacatataa ttaagaataa aattctaatt gttctctagt     28620
     tctagaatct tgaattgcgt ttgattgaca gtttgattta accagtgaac actaatattg     28680
     tactccactg cttcatttcc cattttctgt gagagacaga ttgtacagtt agcagattaa     28740
     cattggtgaa agaacagtga aaactgcata tataggactt gcaatgcaga cttcaggtac     28800
     tgaaacagga ttgggagtaa agtctacgtc tattcatctc ataaaaagtg ttcgcagagg     28860
     aaaattgaca gactgatgat agaaaatgct acctgtttgt tttcttcctt ttatttaagc     28920
     acaatgattt gtgtgagtct acaaacaata aaagtagagc tttaagtttt aagaatgatt     28980
     tcgaaatacc ttcaaatgat ttttcttgca tgattagaaa ttgtgcagat attttactct     29040
     ttacaaaaag tgccataaga ttatttcagt ttaacctcta atccaagtga tggtgcttca     29100
     tagtagtgtc cccattactc tcaggaccct cacagaccac tgggtgggtg agcaccccct     29160
     gctggctata ctaacgccac ttccagcaac atcctagttt accctggtgg tctctcaccg     29220
     ttgtactgac caagctcaac cctgcttggc ttcagtgagc agccaccctt ggcctacaga     29280
     gtaatctggc tcaagcattt ccttacggta tagtgatttc cgagtgccag gacatcaaca     29340
     gctcacttat gaaagtcaag catggattta ttgtggtaaa aatgtagcaa ccaagttatc     29400
     tttgggagtt gattaacatt tgtatactgt aaatcattta tttatttatt tattttacaa     29460
     ataccacgat taacccttgt gcataaatta aaaaggtatt ccctgaggta ttcccataga     29520
     ggacaaaaat gtatcccagt aaatattttt gaaacagatc agtctggaag atgaacatga     29580
     aagttataat gctttaaagg attttagaaa aaagttttgt ccaaaagttt tacacgcatt     29640
     gacccagaga ctgtttagat gcatgtcact gatgagagga tgacggatgt ttactgtatg     29700
     atgaccgaat tggccttaaa tactcagcag gcacaagaca tcaacatgac gttagtttga     29760
     tgttgtactc caacgtcgtg gggatgttgc gttttgtttg aaaattaaaa tcacattgac     29820
     gttagaactc aacatcaggt ctacgccagt gtccaaccaa atatcaacat ctaatgatgt     29880
     tacagcttgc agttgtgtgg tcgttgccgc tatgacgttt atcagacgtt agatttgggt     29940
     tgccatacct tatgaataaa tgtcagtttt tgatgtcaat atgattaagg atgttgattc     30000
     caagatggat tttggtcaca ttctaacaca acctaaaatc aaccacatat caacgtcatt     30060
     tgatatcggt attggtgatc aaaataacat tgttcttaga cactgtctat acgttgaatt     30120
     tgatcacctg acgtcacaac ctaaatctaa cctaatatta acgtcttatg acgttttgta     30180
     cctgctgggc aataactaaa tgcactacag aatgttacgt ttacaaccac agattacatg     30240
     taaatgcatc agcttttcac agcataatac tcactactca ctgttcttga gtaattttaa     30300
     aaggcctcct ttttactcgt actttgagta atatttacag cagatacagt atgtttactc     30360
     catttgcact acattgttga gcaagtaatg gtacttttac ttcatcttag tatgcttttt     30420
     cagtactctt tccaccactg atgttctcta ataatgtttt accatcactc acaactggtg     30480
     tttttgaact cagcattata tgcagtgaat tcttcgtgac agtatttcat tacagtcaat     30540
     attaacacag atgtgtggcg ctgaggcttc aacaagcagg taatgtgttt ggttgtggct     30600
     gttagagggt cgatggcgtg tgtttctttt cctctcttgt ggccatattg aggtcatctc     30660
     cattaccacc gttgtggatg tggaataatg tgtggtatga aacctccccg cagaggtcag     30720
     gaccgctgaa ttagctgtac agagtcattt ctcacctctc gcttttctgt ctctctttat     30780
     gtctctatat cctcctctgg atatatttca caccggaggc taaatcctgt taggcaatta     30840
     gagagtctct gtgtgtcggt ctctaacaga gattgagtct tcccgtgggt gtaagtgggc     30900
     ctccagggct cggagtgtgt gtgcgatttt cagataactg cgctctgatc aggcttgagc     30960
     ttctgctgta cagtgtgtgt ggataatgtt cctctgagag acgagttcag ggtcagacgg     31020
     caggctcttc acgagagaga cggctgataa tcgctgaaga gctttcggtt gatgtggtct     31080
     ggtttgtgcg gcgtgagggc cttcagaact tgacgttatc atatagccca gatggtggtg     31140
     gaaagatagc gtgctggaaa tatctgaatt tagactgcag ggctgtaaat gcttgattct     31200
     gattggttgg aggatgtgct gttgtcttta ggtgaaatga acagcaaaac ttgtagattc     31260
     aggtttgagt gcattacagt gccatacaaa taaataaata tacatatata tatatatata     31320
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataaata aatatatata     31380
     tatatatata taaataaata taataaatat ttaaaataaa tatattatac atcaatgggt     31440
     ggcacggtgg ctcagtgatc agcactatcg cctcacagca agaagattgc tggttcgagt     31500
     cccggccagt tggcatttct gtgtgaggtt tgcatgtttt cctcatgttg gcatgggttt     31560
     tctatgggtt gtctggtttc cccatagttc aaagagatgt gctgtaagtg agtatgatga     31620
     actaaattgg ccatagtgta tgagtgttta cgtgtgcatg cgagtctgta tgggtgtttc     31680
     tcagtgtggg gttgcggctg ttagaccatc tgctgtgtaa aacatatgac ggaataggtg     31740
     gtgattcatt ccgatgtggt aagccctgat ataagggact aaaatgatgg aaaattgagt     31800
     gacattatac gtcaaagctt cattttccaa tgaagttatt ttttatttat ggaaagacct     31860
     tgggtgcatt gtctggttat tcagtggcct gtcgtctgtt attccttagc taagtcttta     31920
     ttttgtacat tgtatgacag gatttattaa agatgacaat ttctgaggag attagatttg     31980
     attaattagt ttaacctttc tcttttgttg tcttaaaaaa caggaatgat gtcaggggag     32040
     ctttgtagat taactgcttt catttaatat tgcagaaaac ggaaacaata ataataataa     32100
     taataataat aataataata aactattact ttcaatatac aaagtattgt ctttattttt     32160
     ttagtatacc ttttgctaaa tagcacttaa ccgcacttaa actcagtgaa ttaccagtat     32220
     tcagaccctc ttaaactttt cactctctgt taaattgcag ccatctgctc aaatcattca     32280
     ttcattttct tgtcggctta gtccttttat taatccgggg tcgccacagc aaaatgaacc     32340
     gccaacttat ccagcacatg tttaaggcag cagttgccct tccagctgca acccatcttt     32400
     aggaaacatc catacacact cattcacact catacactac ttacaattta gcctacccaa     32460
     ttcacctgta ccgcatgtct tcggactgtg ggggaaactg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca     32520
     cacgaacgca gagacaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaacg ccaactgaac cagccgaggc     32580
     tcaaaccagc aaccttcttg ttgtgaggcg acagcactac ctgctgcgcc actgcgtcac     32640
     cttttcaaaa atcatttaag ttgatttttt cctcattaat gtacaaacag cacgccatat     32700
     tgacagaaac acatataatt gttaatattt ctaaaaaaga aaaactgaaa tatcatatgg     32760
     tcttaagtat ttggaccctt tgcctcaata tttaatagaa gcactctttt gattaaatac     32820
     agccagtctt ttagggaaag atgcaacaag tttttcacac ctggattatg ggagtctctg     32880
     ctattcctta ttgcagatcc actccagttc tgttgggttg gatggtaatt gttggtggac     32940
     aaccattttt atgtctctcc agagatgctc aattgggttt aattcagggc attagctgag     33000
     ccagtaaaga acaagtcacg gagttgttgt gaagccattc cttcattatt ttagctgtgt     33060
     gattagggtt attagctgca tttccactgt cgggctagtg cgagcctggg ctttttttgg     33120
     gcagggacaa tcacccggga ggttgagcag taaggctgaa ttcttgtcac ctttccactg     33180
     tcaggacaat aactcgcagg gcagcaaaca agccccacct ccagaacgcc ctcctaatca     33240
     aaagtcacac aacccgccca gttcagcggg aatcaggaag acaaagcaca ccatcgcagc     33300
     atcatcatga aacgattaaa atgaagacaa ctgaaacaag caaattacac attactgtac     33360
     agcattacat tgtatgtcta tatgcacaga cctatgtttt ttcattcaat atatttgttc     33420
     actcactgac cgacagttgg catcgtgcat cgagtggtct cgccactaac aaagggatga     33480
     cccagcacac catccataat acaaaaccac agaaaatcct cgtttcggta gacgtcgtca     33540
     gacattcagc ctaatgtctt gttgggaggt aaaccttcag cccagtctga ggtcctgagc     33600
     actctggttt tcatccggga cttccctgta cttggccgaa ttcatctttc cctatattgc     33660
     aaccagtcgt cctgtccctg cagctgaaaa actctcagct gagttaaaaa tatgagtgtc     33720
     acagcaaagg ggctgaatac ttaggaccat gtgatatttc agtttttctt ttttaataat     33780
     tctgctaaaa acacaacaat tgtgttttct atcaatatgg ggtgctgtgt gtgcattaat     33840
     gaggaaaaaa taacttcaat gatttcatca aatggctgct atataagtga aaagtttaag     33900
     gatgtccgaa tactttcttt atccattgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     33960
     tatatatata tatatatata tactgtatat atacagtaca cctccataaa tgattataag     34020
     caattgttac aaatagtcaa atgtgtaaag aaaatatttt cttttttctt gcttatattc     34080
     caaaaagctt ttaactttac atcccctatc actctatcta tatagattag cacatggatt     34140
     tttttgatag atttgatcaa atgtttcatg catgcaaatt ttgttaagca attataccct     34200
     cactgatcca tgaaaggcat cagaaattga aagagggtga aaaaaatcct ctgttatctt     34260
     gacacatcat gcgctggttt tggtgtgtta tgataagatg agtttcacac tgataagctc     34320
     aacgtgcatt aatattactg cagacggcag caatctcgct ctctgtgaaa acagaatcca     34380
     aatcttcagt aaaacagctt aaatgtggta tttcagtgca tcagtgcatt ccataaatat     34440
     tacattgtgc tctgaacgtt attcatacgg ttgaactgtt gaatcttgtt tggagccata     34500
     gcatctgttt ttgtcttatc agtgttttgt gaaacagaag acgaatctct ggcttatttc     34560
     agtctgttca caggaatcaa ggactttttg gagaatcgca gtgtaaatga gtacacccct     34620
     tttgttaact attattttta tacattttta tttttataca ttaaacacct atacttttta     34680
     ttacctgtcc aactgcttgt taacggaaat ttctactcag ccaatcacat ggcagcaact     34740
     caatgcattt aagcatgtag acatggtcaa gatgatctgc tgcagttcaa accaagcatc     34800
     agaacgagga aaaaaggtga tttaagtgac ttcgatcatg acatggttat tggcatcaga     34860
     tgggctggtc tgagtattac agaaactgtg gatctactgg gattttcaag cacaaccatc     34920
     tctagggttt acagaaaatg gtcagaaaac gagaaaatat ccagtgagca gcagttctgt     34980
     gagcgtaaat gccttgttga tgtcaaagga gaatggccag actggttaga aaggcaacag     35040
     taactcaaat aactacttgt tacaaccgag gtatgcagaa gagcatctct gaacgcataa     35100
     catgtccaac cttgagacag atgggctaca gcagcagaag accacaccgg gagccactcc     35160
     tgtcagctca gaacaggaaa ctgaggctac aattcgcaga gactcaacaa aattggacaa     35220
     gagaagatta gagaaacgtt acctggtctg atgagtcacg atttggatgg tagggtcaga     35280
     gtttggcatc aacaacatga aagcatagat ccatcctgcc ttgtattgat ggttcaggct     35340
     aacacacttt gggcccatta gtaccaattg atcatggtgt caagccacag cctacctgag     35400
     tattgttgct gaccatgtcc ctttatgacc acagtctaac cattttctga tttcaagtag     35460
     gataacgcgc catgcaataa agtgtgaatc atctcagaat gattacttga acacgacaat     35520
     gagttaactg aactcaaatg gcctccacag tcaccagaac taaatccaat agagcacctt     35580
     tgggatgtga tgggagattt gcatccgaca aatccgacag caactgcaag atgctgtcat     35640
     gtcaatatgg actaaaatct cagaggaata tttccagtac cttgttgaat ctatgccacg     35700
     aaggatttag gcagttctga aggcaaaaat ggggcccaac ctggtactag taaggtgtac     35760
     ctaataaagt ggccagttag tgtattttaa tgtatataat ctaaaaaaaa atgttttatt     35820
     aaacagttat attcattaaa acaagagctt ggtaacctaa taaattcagg gacagaaaga     35880
     ttatacaagg tgttgcaaaa aagaaaacta caaagtttca actgaatgga aaatatttat     35940
     gttttaatct tgattttttt gctagcaaat tgattggagt atatcaatga agtatattag     36000
     agcatactgt atatggagta tattgctccg tgatcttaag ttatgttgtt agattagttc     36060
     cagttttggc tttggtactg actattctaa tgcacatgct gtattgaatc ctatacaaat     36120
     attactttaa aggagatctc atttacgctg agcactgaag tttcatacag tacaaggaaa     36180
     ctcctcagtt gtcttaatcg gtttaaatgg aaaactattt ccgcagacat gcccacaagg     36240
     ctacatttca aagatgatat tacattacaa ggtctcgttc atttacgcac acacagaatg     36300
     gaatattgag taatgtgtgc agtatgtatc accagaaata gacacggatt ttgggcgtga     36360
     atgtgttctg gatgcatgta attattattg ttgtcaggca tgagattgag tatttgtgtc     36420
     taatcccctc catggctgaa ttgatgcact ccgctgagat tctttagcat cttaacatag     36480
     agggaaaaaa aagaagagga tgttttagat ttgagccgaa gtaaatgaag atgaaatcca     36540
     gcagcttgat tggcggatct ctcatgtgtc actcagtgga ttcagatggc acgcctttta     36600
     attaacacat aaagcggacg ttatataatt tgtgatgatt ggaaatgcaa acgtctcggt     36660
     ctgtaatttg atcgtgtttc acagaatttg atgtcacgct agttcctcct ttcattgttt     36720
     actctgacgc ttgattaaaa tctgtcctgc ttttgctctt gaagggtttt cctgtttgac     36780
     ggccttcatt gtttgcatgc ctgtggttct gctcataacc agcccgaccg gctctcagat     36840
     gagaacagca gcgccacacc ctccactgca cctgtcctct tcccagctgc tcttctcttc     36900
     gtgggttgcc agatcccacc cgccacatca gcctttcagg tttgtaggaa gagctttgct     36960
     gccatctgct gctatcaggt aaacagtgcg gggttttctc tgagattacg tgattgaatt     37020
     gtttggtgcc tgaaatgttc aatttgtgtg gtatttagtg gtttgtttac ctcgatcaaa     37080
     caagttttta aaggaaaaat tcggccaaac atttgaattc tgtcatcact tcacctttca     37140
     cttgtatcta tttgagttta tttttttctg ttgaacataa aatatttttg gaaaaaaaag     37200
     cttgtatctg gcacccatta actaattaaa tccagtggtg ccagcagtca gcattcttca     37260
     aaatatcttc ttttgtgttc aacagaaaaa agtcataaag gtttaaaacc acacaataga     37320
     caatagaaca atgtgtgaca tgtttttatt tttatttttt gggtaaacta tcctttttag     37380
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgttta ctgtttttga     37440
     gggactactt tccttcaaat tctgttatgt ttttagtagt agtgttgtca agccttgtca     37500
     agtatgggtt tacagtagat taaagaatac tttcattcat tcattttcct tcagcttagt     37560
     ctctatttct aatttcgtca cagtggaatg aaatgccatt ctaactgaaa cccagtgctg     37620
     ggaaacaccc atacaaactc gcactcttcg acctatttag tttatttaat tcacctgtac     37680
     cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaactga agcatccaga ggaaacccac gcccacacag     37740
     ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgc caactgaccc aggctggact ccaatcaatg     37800
     accttctcac tttgaggcga cagtgctaac cactgagcca ccgcaattat aatgtgttac     37860
     attaatcctc tgttagctta gagtcacttt cactgacata attacagaag cagaacttaa     37920
     aggcatcaaa acaaaacacc agcacagtgt tagatatttc ttatacagtc atattattcc     37980
     acattattgg ctacactgaa aacaatgctt aattgcaaat agttgcgaaa aatgatacac     38040
     tttacgctga agttaaacaa ataaatgaag ttaatcagtg ctaaatttaa tttgtttgtt     38100
     taatttcagc ccataataat tgtttacgac cactcacctt aaagaatgta gtaaatccat     38160
     tcaatctttt ttctttctct ctgtgtactt agtcaataat tcgagtcgtc aacaacaata     38220
     tacagctgac ctacagggaa catgcagata tcctacagga aaccagtaat gtttagtttc     38280
     tgtatgacta aggccatgtc cttatgtaca agagtatttt tgtaaacgga tttacacact     38340
     tttgttcaaa aatataatta tctagacatg aaaatgcaga aacacaatat gttgtgtaat     38400
     gctgcggtca caccaagttt ttgagtaagt cacatgcaaa cgagagaaag ttaagggagc     38460
     acaaatgttt tacagttaaa ttgagtcagt tttacatcag taggactgca gatgttgctc     38520
     tctaccaaaa gacttgaatg tgttgctgta tctttcttta tttgtgcact taacaacaaa     38580
     aatagtagtg taaacataca gtgatgcttt atctgaggcc catttattcc atccattctt     38640
     tcattcttgc ttgattgtga atgtgagttt tctttatctg aagattgtgt aattgttctt     38700
     attgtttact gtacattcca ctatacaaca gaagttagac atattctctg tcagtttctt     38760
     aaagttagac caggggtgct tcacatttat ttttgtgtga aattattttt tctctgaaac     38820
     aacaacaaat gttataaatt ctaattaaca ttttattttt gctatttatt tattcaggta     38880
     atttattgtt tccagacact agtgcatgca tggtgcattt ttattaattc tataatgttt     38940
     tgcctttata tttacccgtg aattccatta tacatgtgct gttggaaatc atcgggcctt     39000
     tattttattt tacattagag caactttgca gttgttgtgc agctccatct tgtggcgcag     39060
     ggatcgtctg agtcattagg agttgaagta tttcagtgcg ccctctagtg gttaaaataa     39120
     atccgtgtgc gtgcgttttg cgtttactct agtcataaat cgctagtttc ataatgttca     39180
     taatttactc atgtctgtca gttcagtgaa atgcatgttg agaagaaaaa gaaatctgct     39240
     gaatctatca gtgtttgcac tattgcagta aattacctat ttcatatgtg cgccagaatt     39300
     gttcacagaa gattagcttt cagaaacaac ctgatttaaa acaaacaaaa acagacctta     39360
     tgtaggtttc tgatattgaa tgttaggtat aatattggtt ttccctgttt ttttgtgagg     39420
     gactgtactg tcagaaatgt gtttttcctc tgcctgcaga gatctgagat caggccggtg     39480
     gactggagat tctcctcagt cacacatcac ctctattaca gttagtctgt ctctaggatt     39540
     gacccaaact attgaatata actggtgttt attcacacat cagtgtgttc ctattaacag     39600
     cctaatcatt tattctacag cctaacagcc taatcattta ttctattgat attttgagga     39660
     ttttagctat ggtcaatttt atatacagca aaaaaattca taatctataa ttgtgtgtgt     39720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     39780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa ttttaatatt tattttgctc tttgatatta     39840
     atattgaaat tattgcatga attgttttaa taatgaatgc tgtaaatatg aataatgctt     39900
     gtaggtttga tttacatttt aagtaatatt acatgcgctc ttcacaccat tcactagctc     39960
     ttttgctact aagaaattca tagacaaact ttgcagatta taacataaac agtccaaaga     40020
     ttaagggttc atttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacatg cataaaacaa agtaagatta     40080
     gcaatttttg cctttcgtca cttttaagca aaggatttgg actgctttgc taaatatatt     40140
     gtgttataca tttgtaagat cagtcctgta gccagcctat tgaaacggtg gttctttttt     40200
     tctcaaaaag tggatctttt tgctgttatt cttccaaatt tctatcaaat actgcatttt     40260
     agtgacattg taagctctaa tatttgctgc attcgcttgt cagctgatga tcatgaccag     40320
     atattttgat gcaactaaaa tatttcctat aattttgtca agaaggctca ctatactgat     40380
     ttaccacaaa gtgtttatat agaaatgtgc gtttaagatg taatttaata cagttttata     40440
     aataatgtta tgagattaca attttgaatt aaacatttta tataaagaag tataaaaaac     40500
     aaacttattt taaaaatact tatcatcatg catcaacaaa aacaattaga aatatgataa     40560
     aacgctcact ttattttgat ggtccgtttg ttgaatttaa gttacatgcc aactaattct     40620
     cattagatta tgagtagact gttagggtta gtgtaagtgg acatgtactt gcaaagtttc     40680
     ttatagtcag ttaaatgtct gttgatggag cagtatcagc agatatcaag cagacagtct     40740
     actaatactc taatgcagtg gttctcaaag tgggggtcgg gaccccccga ggggtcgcgg     40800
     ggcaatgaag gggggtcgcc tggtgatttt caaaaatcta tttattttta ttaaaccata     40860
     agaaataaca tattttatcc ataactatcc tgaaaataaa aatagtcgtt tatagttact     40920
     atatactata tagttactat agtagcttat agttactagt tctattggat tgcgacccca     40980
     ggggtaatta cattatatta aaggcagcaa tagcgtcaga tgcattttga ttttataaca     41040
     ttaggttata ctttctggca catttaaagc actgacacaa atttaattgg tgtgtctgcg     41100
     tcattgcatg caaggtttct gtatttataa ccacctcaga ggataatggg ggtcgcgagt     41160
     cactggcatt gttattttgg gggtcgcggg ctgaaaagtt tgggaacccc tgctctaatg     41220
     gaccatcaaa ataaagtgtt accgctaaaa cttattcaaa actaactaaa aacattaaaa     41280
     actgtagcct gtaggtaaat aacaaacagg cctgctcatt ttctcagtca gaatttgtaa     41340
     atttgaataa ttaaaaatgg aatttgtcct aaagcctttt ttatcaataa ttttcacaat     41400
     ttatgatgga ataatatcaa aaatgagaca aaagagttca tataggtgcc atattctgga     41460
     ctttgtcagt gggggggtcg gtcttttgaa ccaccagaac acccctcctg gctacgggcc     41520
     taaatgcaga gatctgaaac gatttgctgc agacagttct tcagttttct gatatacata     41580
     tatttaaata gatttgaaaa atgatcttag atgaaatatt tgtttgattt attaaattct     41640
     ttttttttat ttgcagtatt ttatacacaa agctcattga gcagcacaac cttaagtctc     41700
     tgtaaatgtt ggtgggtggc tggtatttgg gaatattagt gtttaatcct gtaaggaaaa     41760
     agtggtccag gtgccataaa aatcaaaggc ttttacttta taatgtgcta tcatactcat     41820
     aattctgtat gagcatcaaa gtgcaaaaat cccagccttt cattattgac tccacattat     41880
     tttgtgatga taaatgttga gaaatgtaaa catcaggaga ggattagttc acatttttta     41940
     ataacatggc acaatttaca taacacaagt ttaactgagg agcatgctgt cgcctcaccc     42000
     tttttttgta catgatctag aaaggacttc atttttttat ttacgtacat gataaacagc     42060
     aaaaaagttt cttacaatct ctttgcaata cgtattgact acccactact gcttcagtgg     42120
     acattttaat gttcgagttg aagaaaacaa aaacaaggag agaaattaaa tgaaaaagaa     42180
     gagaaaaaca ctgcacaaca tctgaatttc acagagttta aaagcgcaca actatccctc     42240
     ccatggacta ctaaaataga tctctgctca ttaaaaacaa actgtccata gcgtaccact     42300
     ggcttgatca tcgtgtagat acagaacact ttaatacata gctagaccga gagggaatcg     42360
     tcctcaaact ccacaccgtc tttgagtcac gatgggatgt ggtgtctttt tcaaattgcc     42420
     attcatttga cttggaggta attcattcat ttaaagattt cgctaacgtt aagttcttga     42480
     aacattggtg tatttgtaag gattgtcaac acagatttgt atagcttgaa gatcaagagt     42540
     tgaggagtcg gattgagtca aactgtctat ctagggagaa tctgcctgat gggtaagcat     42600
     gtagtgttgg tgcgacagga gaatgagagg gttcaattgc caccgctagt cctctaggag     42660
     agagagagag agagaaactg atagagaaag cccacgcatg agttgcatag ttgaaagaag     42720
     ggatgtggtc tctcggacaa aaccattcat atgcagcatt aaactaaaac ccgagcctgt     42780
     gcactcgcgc tcctcttgat cactgcccat tatgtacagc atttcaaagt aaagctttca     42840
     taacacccat ttgcatattt gtaccttaca tttttttcct caatcagaga aacacaccaa     42900
     cgttgcacat atctacaatg tattgaggta cctgtacatt ccaaaacaac cccttgaccg     42960
     tgtttgagat ctacacttgt ccacttgctc agtgtcctgt acatgtttaa gaatacacac     43020
     caatggagga gcagacaggg ctaaaagagc gtgtaaaatc ccagtctttt gtacaaaaag     43080
     caaacgcaac acagaaacca acgcacagtc tatacacaga tatgatacag cctcaagtgc     43140
     tcgcttctga ggtctcatcg ggcctcgatg tctttgtgtg tgtgtgaagg gggtctgtct     43200
     ctgatgtcag gcccgagtgg tgtagtccgt ctgggggacg acgagcgtgc gcctagggtc     43260
     gggattagag ggggcggagc actgagtgat gcagtgggag gggttttgtt gaggatgccg     43320
     ttctgggcag cggcggccac agcagaggaa ggactaacac gagggtagtg catgctggga     43380
     agtccggggg ccatgaggcc ggggtgcggg agatgtccat ctagaacagg gtgatgcatg     43440
     gggtgcagac ggccctgctc atagtcctct cggagcaggt gcaagcgctc cctctcttct     43500
     aaatgcgccc gctcttgttc ccgccgctgt tctagggtta gtccgtgagg gtgatctcgg     43560
     ttaaagtcat gaggctcgcg gtcccggtat gagcgctctg cttcgtacag ccgaggcgct     43620
     gctaaccggt gcagagggtc attccgtagg agaagttccc gagctaatgg atccctccga     43680
     tggatgtcca gtcctcggta agggtccctc atgggatccc agtgaaacgc gggataggga     43740
     aacctctctg cccctgggat gggactgatg cccatgaagg gcgccaccat acgagtcctc     43800
     tccaaactac tgatgctgtt tatggggtgc atgctggcca tgcccatggg cactggcatt     43860
     gaggatggag ggtgtagagc agcaggagga ggaggaggtg cttgcggtgt agatctttgc     43920
     tccggcgatc tctccgtggg accgtcctgt tcctccttac gctcttcttt taccttcacc     43980
     tcactgtttt tcttctcata agtgatttcg gtctttttct ccagaatgtc tcgagtcagg     44040
     ccgccgttca cccgatccat gccgccaggc cgcatgtagg gtgacgctgt aatccgattg     44100
     gctggtttgt cttcagaaac gcggctgtca tggatgacgg gagtgtcctt gtcactgtga     44160
     tgattctcct tcagcttgtg ttcgtctgtg ttagagtctt tccagtctga gtgctctcga     44220
     tctctctcgc gatctttggg tttgtccttg tctttgtccc gaggctcgct ggaagagatg     44280
     tggtttcggg atggctcaga tggacgggtg tgacccaata gagtgagggg attaacagga     44340
     agtggggatt ggtggttttg gtgcctcttc tccacaggtt ccctagaggt atataaaaaa     44400
     gaccattact atacggcaaa tgattatgtg ctcgcctttt ccgggtttgt atttggtaat     44460
     gatgctactg ttaataattg tcatctctct gtacaactat aagagtgtat gtgaaaatgc     44520
     tgacatcttg tgtattacat gttcagttta tcctgtaggc atgtgccagt acttcacaac     44580
     taaaactata tatagttttt tacaaggtgg catcacaaac tactgaccta aaatgcacaa     44640
     aactagtcat ttttataatg ttgtcagtaa aaaagtgtaa aaccagacag gtaatatgtt     44700
     ccacactgtg taattaaaag atttggagaa acttatttta ttcaacataa gggaggctga     44760
     attctaaaca tattttctag gtagaccaga agatctaaat aaaaattaaa gattaaaaca     44820
     cgacctctct ggacagaagt ttaaaacatg gaccaaacgc ttgtttgttt ttaaagtcca     44880
     atcatcttgt ttaatcccgc cccttttcac agcaccgtac gacagaattt tgcacgcaca     44940
     aactctgatg tggccgcagc attaatcaca ttgtaatgat taagtctagc tgcagtacaa     45000
     atgtgaataa tccttaaaca aatcagcctt acacatcaaa caattcacta gctaaagcat     45060
     atctaactct tgacaaatga tgtgttgatt agtgtgttgt tataatccac acaccgttct     45120
     ttatcatcct tgttgactga tgagtccctc ttgtccaggt cccgctctct ctctctgtcc     45180
     cgctctcgtt ctctctcatg tgagctgact gaagcgctgc gctctgattc tccaggtttg     45240
     agccagggcg gtggagtggg gaaggatggc ggtgtgcgat ggagtctgtt ccatggctcg     45300
     tgagggccgc tgaagtgctg ttgtgcgctg ggtgaatctt tgtggccaaa cacagagttg     45360
     gatgctagga gaatgaaaca atgaaattaa ttagattttt tttattttat tttgcttcat     45420
     gcggagcaaa atatcagaca ctcttttatc agacaatcac ataaatttcc ctctcttaaa     45480
     cattattaga atagctgaca tgtatacagg ggatggacaa tgaaactggc caatttgaat     45540
     gaaacactag ccaatttagc attggaggtt tcagctctac tgtgaccaaa gacaagtctt     45600
     tgtgatgtat caggagccat ggtatccagg gtaatgttag cataccacca agaaggacga     45660
     accatatcca tcaggagtaa cagttgacgc gagagaaaag ccatgtctaa aaggatgtcc     45720
     ggatgctaac ccagattata tccaaaagac atgaaagcac agttgcccaa ctcactgcag     45780
     agttaaaagt gtaacccaat tctcctcttt caccaaaact gtttgttgga agctccgcag     45840
     ggtcaatata catggccggg ctgctatagc caaacctttg gtcacttgtg ccagtgccaa     45900
     atgtcagttt catttgtgcc agcagtgaaa atcttgggct gtagataatg cgaagtttgt     45960
     gaagcatgta tggttctctg atgagtccac cttcactgtc tttcccacat ctaggagagt     46020
     tacagtggtc tgtgctgcaa tataatggca ttccttaggc ccaatacttg tgcttgatgt     46080
     atgggtcaca gcaaaggaat accaaaccat tctggagcac catgtgcacc caatggttct     46140
     aacaatgtta cctgaaggtg gcgccgtgta tcaggatgat agtgcaccaa tacacacagc     46200
     aaggctggtg acagagtggt ttgatgacca tgaaatggtc caccaacatc acctagtgac     46260
     ctggccacta ttcttcaaga tgaatggctc aaaatccctc tggccactgt gcaggacttt     46320
     tatctgtcat tcccaagatg aattgatgct gtattggctg caaaaggagt ccctacacca     46380
     tactaataga ttattgtagt ctgaaactag acgtttccat ttcattgtcc tacccctgta     46440
     catgttctgc atttctaaat gattacaggt ggactaaaga gaaatgttca actaaacaat     46500
     agtttgtgac taattgacac tcaccgagtg ctggatttcc cagaccaccg aaggctgcag     46560
     tgcttaatga ggccagacct ccaaatgaag gcggtctgct gaagggctct gtcaaaacaa     46620
     aaccaaagaa ttagaaaact gactgagcaa ttcacccaac aattacagca aatgcttaca     46680
     atagagctag ctagttcaca aatgaacaga taacccaact tgttttctca ctaagtgttt     46740
     agtatttctt aggccagagg tggccataac tgttcatgca gggccactaa tctgttcaga     46800
     tctagtagat attaaacctc tgaaacagct atcaatggct acgtttacat ggacatctca     46860
     gtaattgaat taacttcctt aatctgaata aggcaataat atgattaaag tgtttacatg     46920
     agttgctttt tgaatgtccc ttttaatgat cccgttttac atgttatact gtagcatata     46980
     attcaattaa cgtcattgtg tcaccaggtt atcctcattt cctctggagt ttcatgtaat     47040
     tttggatgtt ttatttgttg atatttattg tagtttggca ctttcacttt cattaaggaa     47100
     catttcaagc atgcccccca tgacaaacga aatattggat ccgactatga actgttggaa     47160
     gagtgttgtt gataccgcac agcgtgtggg aaaaatcttc cacattttgt ggtgcaggtg     47220
     tctgtggtgc tttactgact tgataagtgc agagaatagt gtcaaacact actgaactat     47280
     cctgtcgcta aatatttact gaatacagtt acagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacagctata     47340
     ctgcattctc tttactgttt tggtctggcc acgcagtggg ggaatgtcac cttacatggc     47400
     gaatccagcc ataaaaagca tcaactgcta tagcttggag aaggggtata cgtgtgtgtg     47460
     gatttaggtt atacactttt catctccagg cagaaaaaaa atcctcaata ggtttgagga     47520
     atggagaatg aatatggagg aagatagaca actaaaaaac atgggtgggc agtgaaccag     47580
     ttatgaacca gatgagctct gatttctaaa ttgcaattct gtgtgacagg tgtttactca     47640
     tgtgatgagt tagtatgcaa agtaggacaa ctgactttac aattgtgaat gacagtgtgt     47700
     tccttgtaaa aactaaatat tttctgcatg aaaattgtgc aaaatgcaga gatttgtgtg     47760
     tagtgtttaa aaaaaaagtg tgcttaaacc tgcaatttga gtgtaaagca ggaaattgtg     47820
     cttgtagttt agcagaattg gttccgggtg ttggtgcatc agttacatgt tgtagtaatt     47880
     gtgtctgaag tacaagtaat tgtgtgtaaa caattggaaa aaactgtgac aggtgtgcag     47940
     tgacacctag tggaggagca ggaagacagc ttgtaggttt acctaaatga ggtgctggag     48000
     taagaaagtt gctaggatga tgtggagggt gtccgaaagg tgcagctgcg ggatgcgtgg     48060
     accctggaag acagaaaaca ttaaaattgg ttacaactta tgagcaagtc aaaaaaaact     48120
     tccttaatac atattgagag aagtaaaata acagatatta cactgcaaac atgataaaat     48180
     cagaatgctt gcagaatgaa atgcccagta tatttcatta tagtataaca tgactggtat     48240
     tttaagaata atggaataca gtgatttata tatatatata tattgtgtga ctatagtgag     48300
     actatatctg tggtgcagta aaaaaaaaaa tactgtatta gtaatattga aactaaactc     48360
     ttaactctct ctaaactctc tggatagtcc actcacctgc tgctgagaaa agcgatgcag     48420
     gtcgtgccag gtcatgaggg tgatgtatgg ctccaaaaag agtggggcct ggaggtcgac     48480
     ttaggaattc cggtttgagg ccaaagtcca gtttgtgtgg gtcaacctgc atctgctgct     48540
     ggagaaggca agacacgaga gagaacatat gtgatacctc tcataataag tttgtcagta     48600
     aagaaggttg tactatattc tgtttacatt tcaggatttc tcagtagcag aagtcgtcat     48660
     atttggttaa acttagagcg cagtgaatca gatattacaa caaataattt ttttacaatc     48720
     ctttatgctg aaataataaa agaaaaatgc cacgatagtg ttagcaagac tttcagaaaa     48780
     aggaaaaaag tagtgtgaga ctgatgacgg cagccagaga gaatagcgtc aaatttactc     48840
     tcagcctcag agatgctgca ttagaaacac cctaacacaa gtggtaattt gatgtttgta     48900
     atttgacgca aagatgatat aatacattaa taaaaatgca tataaatgtg catatgcttt     48960
     tttcaaaatc aacatattaa taactgtcta ggattttaaa ttatgatgac cgtcaaattt     49020
     atcaaaacag tcagaaaagg gtccattatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagaga aaagaataag     49080
     catttccaaa tgtacaggtg atctcgatag gaggttatgt gtgcaaatct caccttgact     49140
     ttctgttggt ggtggtaaat ttgccaggct atatgaacat gcatagcaca ccactttcct     49200
     ggtttctgtg aagacagaaa gaaaagctga gttcagatga ggaaattcag atgagtttaa     49260
     ctgtgtctaa aatctagcaa acactcctat agagcaatgt tgggtgcatc tgacaagatt     49320
     attttccaat ttaattgaat atgtttgaac tctttaaaat gatttttggg aacggctgca     49380
     aattaattac gccaaatgtc aatacaaagt gttttcagat aagggagtca tatagtgtgt     49440
     ctcctataga cggagatgag actgtcgagt cccagcgcac agctaattaa agagactgcg     49500
     gagtggaagg caggtgctcg gtgcaaggtg ggattaaact gtaatgagct tttactctat     49560
     ttcctgcaga gtcctatggg gaaacaaacc gaataactga taaagtagtc ttaccctgag     49620
     aaccggccgg aacggatctg tcagctagag aggagagggg aaaaaaaaag agagagagca     49680
     cgagtgagag agagattagg gacacaaagc tgtcactcag gacttttaat tagcatccga     49740
     gcatcacttc atcactgacc aaattaaaat gttaaaattt ccctttctaa tgaagcattt     49800
     tgtggaataa ttaggccaga attcagagta ttccccttcc tgtcactgcc tgcataccaa     49860
     tttgggcaac agaataacaa atacaatggt ttgcttgccc atactgtcat gaagcacaag     49920
     gttaaaaata ccactgttag ggttgcttac ccgagggtct ttctgaagaa gtgtgtgtgg     49980
     gacggctcca ggtctggctg ccacgtcaag agggtttgag gtctacaatg cacacacaaa     50040
     gacaaaacat taatattttc agctaatcac aagatagaaa accatccagc ctcatctctg     50100
     acccactcta gagtttatag ctaactgggg aacatgacca tggaaactga ttcagtattc     50160
     actacagata ctgtacctat acatgaaatc acagaagaaa cagacctgag atctgtttat     50220
     atttagccag atctgttcca tgtgtgcaca agtacactca gaacagcaca ggaggttagt     50280
     tttgggagat cttcgacttt tagtgtttga tatggtgata ccttgggctg gaacgctccc     50340
     tgcagagatc cgaagggccc cgttggtggg atgacgggcg gaatgccaga caccgctggg     50400
     gggtaagagt ggaacagctg agaaaagaaa aaggatacaa gacacggtta ctccaggagg     50460
     ttcttgtttg atcgtgtcag ctgtttacag ttatacagtg agaccggagc ctgcaggttc     50520
     ctgtacaaac taacaactac gcaagatcag ctgctgacat ttaaacagcc ctcttcatta     50580
     caaactgtat catgtaaagt gtcacacatg aaaacacaca gcatataaaa ctattgaatc     50640
     atatttcatt tttgttcttt ctgtgaatgg ataaatgaaa gaatgagact acaaaacatc     50700
     tattctgctg cgttcaatga tacaaccttc atctgacctg cggctgttgt gacattcaac     50760
     aaagattaac tgtgagatga attcacaata tgggtcactc tagaaacctg ctctcatagc     50820
     aatgactgtt attatcgcaa tacactgcat aatgcatgta attactgtag tgtatgtctg     50880
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca cgggtgggtg tcagaaatga atcattgcta     50940
     aatggtgagt ctgtaattga agggcagaga tcaaataaat taaattttac acaatgaaac     51000
     acgttttatg tttaacatga actctgtagt atccagcgag gcatttcaac aaaacatact     51060
     gtgcatccag acagtataca catcgattca ctttttccac atttttttat gttacagcat     51120
     tattccaaaa tggattaaat tgatttattt cctcaaaatt ctacacacaa taccccataa     51180
     tgacaatgtg aaaaaagaca attttttttt gaaattgttg caaatttatt aaaaataaaa     51240
     aagctgaaaa atcacatgta cacaagtgtt cacagccttt gtcgtaaagc tctgaattga     51300
     gctcaggtac attctgtttc cactgatcat tcttgagatg tttcagcagc ttatttggag     51360
     ttcacctgtg gtaaattcag ttgattggag atgatttgaa aaggcccaca cctgtctata     51420
     cgaggtccca cggttgacag tgcatgtcaa agcacaaacc aagcatgaag acaaaggaat     51480
     tgtctcgagg aacaaggctg gggaaggtta tagaaaaatt tctgctgctc tgaaagttcc     51540
     aatgagcaca gtggcctcca tcatccgtaa gtggaaggtg tttgaaacca ccaggacact     51600
     acctagagct taccggccat cttagctgat tgatcaggga gaagggcgtt atttagggag     51660
     gtgattaata acccgatggt cattgtcact gagctccagc gttcttctgt ggagagaaga     51720
     gaaccttgca gaaggacaac catctgtgca gcaatccagc aatcaggcct gtatggtaga     51780
     gtggccagac ggaagacact ccctgcctgg aatttttcaa aaggcatctg aaagactctc     51840
     agagcaaaag aaactaaatt ctctggtctg atgagactaa aattgaactc tttggagtga     51900
     atgccaggcg ttaagtttgg agaaaaccag gcagctctca tcaccaggct aatagcattc     51960
     ctacagcgaa gcatggtcgt ggcagcatca tgctgtagga acttttttct gcagcaggaa     52020
     ctggaagact agtcaggata gagggaaaga tgaatacagc aatgtataga gacctcagac     52080
     tggggcgact gtttatcttc cagccggaca atgacccaaa gcacacaaag ccaaaatttc     52140
     aatggagtgg cttcacaaca actctgtgaa tgtccttgag tggcctagcc agagccaaga     52200
     cctaaatcct attgaacatc tctggagaga tctgaaaatg actgtacacc gtcgcttaac     52260
     atccaacctg atagagtctg aggtactgca aagaggaatg agcaaaaatt cccaaagaca     52320
     ggtgtgccaa gcttgtggca tcatattaaa aaaacaactt gaggctgtaa ttggtgccaa     52380
     aggtgcatca acaaagtttt gatcaaagcc tgtgaatact tctgtacatg tgtttttcag     52440
     gttttttttt ataaatttgc aagaatttca aaactctttt ttcacattgt cattatggag     52500
     tattgtgtgt agaattttga ggaaataaag gaattgaatc cattttgcaa taaagttgta     52560
     acataaaaaa tgtgggaaag tgaagcacta tgaatacttt ccggatgcac tgtctcgtgg     52620
     ccaatctgct aaacaaaatg taaatgttat aatgaaaatg tttgcattta ttatgcagaa     52680
     atgttttttt tttttggcta catgttaaaa aacaccataa gctgttctca gcacatcccc     52740
     aattgctcta gaaatttaca tgatgtaaat gatggacacg gaataaaaat gaccaagcta     52800
     ggtgagaaaa aagacatcat agcaactgac aaaaacatga cagagactca cgctgtgcct     52860
     gtagaatggg tcgactttag tggggtattt ttcgaactgt ggaggaaaga agaaatagag     52920
     ctcagtacac aacaatttac tcctgacaaa tctcatgtgg agccacgaag ctcaaagcaa     52980
     acaccaaatg ctttaatatg ctctccagaa aagtgtttgg ttggcagtaa aatggtctct     53040
     gccctgatta atgaatgtta gcaccctgca tgactctcgc tagccccgtc caggctgacg     53100
     ctttttcaat ttacagtgaa ttatgacaag gccttcctct tgttaatgtg tattactcag     53160
     caattctgtg agtggtcaag tagaagccat ttagctgtct aaaaatagtc ccataaacag     53220
     ttcatttaat ggggtttgag tggtctaatc tgaatccaaa gagactgttt cccattcgtg     53280
     agtaaacaat gtagctctca aactagtttt atattctcat tagctaacag agcaccattc     53340
     tcagaggtct ttgagtctgg catagttcaa aagctgcttt taagcctctg tgggcactgt     53400
     ggttactgtc gagctgtgtg ggagtgtctg tatgaagcct caactcacta atcagctctg     53460
     ctgtctgcca accaaaagcc cacagtccaa actccatcag accaaaatgt tgtcattaaa     53520
     ttgggaatga ataaactagt attaagttct caagacttgg ctggaacaaa aatgtattgc     53580
     cagtggctct gactgccaat tctcaaatca gggcagagaa cagaatgtgg agaaccatgg     53640
     cagaggaaaa acagcagttt ttcaacaaag ccacataatg gcaagagaga aacacatggt     53700
     tacaattgag tgagcatacc actgccatgg cttccagtga ttactgaatc agcatactgt     53760
     actgtacaca aattttaatt ctctagctaa tataatgcac atgcgtgaat tcagttctgt     53820
     acagtgctcc caccattttt aagccaatga ctttcagttt gttcagtcct atataatgcc     53880
     atgatgagaa tacaaattgt tttgatgaat attttgagag attctattaa tcattaatga     53940
     aatgtctgaa tgcttcatta atggattcag aatgccctga ctcatttatg aaatgtccga     54000
     atgcttcatt aaaatgttca ccagatgaat ttccacgatg gtgggaatcc tgtaacttgt     54060
     atacatgcat ttgatttcca tgtgtgcatc atttttaaac aactactcag gcatatccac     54120
     cttatttctc aacatgaaag tcagtaatta acattaattg tacaagacta ctttagtacc     54180
     tacagacaaa actagaaaaa aacaaaaaac tgtaaaactt cttgcaacaa atcagtgttt     54240
     atgatcatga aatatgttaa taagtatcat tttgcagtta ccattcagtt ttgactgact     54300
     ttgtgtcaaa aataaagtgg atagcatcca tcatcacaat gtttatcatt ttatatatat     54360
     atatatatat atatatatat atagttttta gagttgtgtt ccacttatcc tcacatttct     54420
     ggctggggta cgcaccatgg gcggtgcagg cgtgggcatg atggcgtggg ggaaaggggt     54480
     gaaggtgtgc tggtgtgtgt gttggtgtgt gtgctggtgc tgatgctgat gctggtgctg     54540
     atgctggtgg aactcagtcc gcaagtatgg agggggaccc agtgatgccc cacgatcagc     54600
     actctgagat gccaggaaac gagtgtttaa ttcctgccgg agaatgtctt gttctgggtg     54660
     aaggaaaaag aggtttgttt ttaagacaca taccattgca aacttcttta tttagcagtg     54720
     tgcatcatta aacttctcat ataaaatata acagagacca tgtaatagag accatataat     54780
     agcactttag gtggtgactg gtacctgagt aggcactccc agctggatgt ccggggaccg     54840
     gcagagtgtt tgaggtgaga ggaggaggtg gaggcagagc agcaggcgac gcaaacatat     54900
     tggtgtgatg aggaagagtg gaggatggca gggagggggg gaaggtgtgt gaagctgtag     54960
     ggttcgctga caggggcagg gggaatgagg ctgatgcccc agtgggggca ggttggtgat     55020
     ggtgcagatg aggggctgga gatgggcccg gaggcttccc cggagtgctg cttcgactac     55080
     tgctgtgaac aaagagaaaa taaatgattg tgaaaaactg cacctgcatt aaaaataact     55140
     ccctttccaa actttaatat caaaactcct ttgttcacta aattgctcaa agagtgggga     55200
     gtgtctgcta taaacttaga aaaggattta gtttcagaaa cctgaaaagt gtgcatacac     55260
     taaagaatgt gttattccta gaggaatttc ccagccacac atgctaaagt atttatcaga     55320
     gtcatacgca atctaacaaa gagctctttt acaggccgag taatcattta aatgctaatt     55380
     atattcatat taaaagctgc gcacacagaa taacacaaag tataattatc atcagcagtc     55440
     cactggcaat ataccgcact gagtggacta cacaacaaat ctaaaggacg gcagagaagg     55500
     gcaagaggag ggaggggaag atctgcttct ctgcgggata ctagggtgtc tgagtcgaga     55560
     agaggaaatg ttatctacaa gccgccgcca gctacaaggc agcagcagca tcgaagtggg     55620
     aggggaacga atcaaaccgt ctaatctctc agctggggtt ctctttgcgg tgctgtaagg     55680
     cgcacacact caaacacaca aacatgtaag gatttgtgcc tcatctttac tggcggactg     55740
     atatatttta cattctaaaa cagaaacgtt gctgttgtat tataggattt aatagctgag     55800
     gctctactca atcagcaaac aacacatctg gattgtaaca gaaacttctt gctgtgcttt     55860
     tacattacac tcatttggtg cacactcacc tcaggccgtt gagcgtaagg ctgccactgt     55920
     aggctgaaat tggacgctgg tgacagcgtg agggtggcct gtgctgcacg ggttgcgtag     55980
     ggttctgctg ggctggtagc gctggtgatg gggggtggtg gtagatactt ggggttcgag     56040
     gtggctttgg gtgagatggt gattcaggtg ggtgctgaga ctgatgcggg ggtgcctgag     56100
     agagctcctg accctgggat tgaggcagag caataggggg tgacagtggc cttagtgtgc     56160
     gctctgggca agggttctgg gtttgagctg gcctcgaggg caagggtaac cccctgctgg     56220
     aagggggtgg ctggagatga agaggggcgg ggaggggagg tttgggatgg gaagtgggca     56280
     ccagtggggg ggtggccgag gagatttccc gggaagtctc ctggctcttc tcttgactgc     56340
     gctctaggcc tgacaccttg ggaatgccca ggcctcgcag ctcctggctg gcattggtgg     56400
     agagtgtgtc aacactaaaa tctggaactg tagagacaaa agaacaacaa agcacttttt     56460
     agaaacctca tgtgcagatc aacatttgat ttaatacaga atggaacatg attaatgtgc     56520
     aagatgatga tgtgcaagaa aaagtggtgt gccacagtat aatatttcac atttaaaaaa     56580
     taattgcatt gtgttttttt attttattac ttgattgaat aaatttataa tagtgcacta     56640
     ccagctctaa aacacttaaa ctgaaatcat gagagcaaca tcatacagta acaacaatta     56700
     gaagtctaat aagccaataa catgtgaggt catgtggatg gcttaatgtc ttttatcagg     56760
     gaaatttcca aagaaaacaa ccatcacact gccaaaaaat gtataataaa cattcatatt     56820
     atatgatatt agcttttttt atatgtacat aatgcactcc aataaatagg cagaaagaga     56880
     aaggaagaaa tagagaggct ttcaagctag attcagtgta ttctctggga ccaaaggctc     56940
     atgggggatc acagtgcata tgcaactctg attaactcct gtctctatgt ctcagaggaa     57000
     accacacccc tctgtgtttc catctcctca cacccagcca agcctcttct tagcctgcag     57060
     ctagggatgc tgattgagct tgaatctcaa aggctttggg gatcctgttg gaacagaacc     57120
     cctacggact gatgattcct ctctcatggg cctaggggcc tcccaatgca gcgacccatg     57180
     gggcccagct caaagcatta ggtcccagtg tgcagcttag aggtagtgtg tgtgatgcag     57240
     tcattaaagg tcagtccagc ctgcagcact ctaccagatg aagatcaata atctgggagt     57300
     acaaggctcc cctggggaat gggtttgtgt caaacatctg ccacatgaca ttgggggaag     57360
     gcaagacaca cataagcaca aacactaata tgaatgcata tacacgcatg tgaaagaaca     57420
     aacgaaatgc acacacacaa agatcaatca ttccgatgtg tattcccccc aaaaaacatc     57480
     cccattgaaa tgagaggcag gcaacctcat ttgacctgtg aaagctcaca ataccctccg     57540
     gctctggcac tctaagcaca ctttaacaaa caagggcaga tcagcctccc agctcagaaa     57600
     caagcagtcc agagggtgca ataagtcacc ctttatcctg cctgaataac tggatttaag     57660
     gcagagaagg ctaacagcat tcaaagaaaa gccgttcaca gttgtttgtg tcagaatgag     57720
     ggcttttata aatgagttcc cttcagatta cgtagcttca gtaggccgtc aacatctgac     57780
     atgacatgta aggatggaca tgctctcttt actagacaca caaaagtgtg cccatctctt     57840
     tttcctgctc cgtggccttc ctgtagagac ttttgatgga aaatatccaa agctcttcta     57900
     aaaggctgga ccacagagat ctctgctgct cctccctgga gcgactctct caatgtacta     57960
     acatgcctaa aaaaaaaaac aagacgaaga gtgaaaacac tgcttattct tcccgtaatg     58020
     aagactctag ggccgggcag ggagcgaaag agatgtgtgt ttctcctccc tggggagtta     58080
     atttgtcaag tctccttgat ccctggaaac aaataaatgc agctttctct cgcctcaacg     58140
     aaaagagtga agagaggtga tttttattcc aaatggcagc cgtggaggag gatgtttatt     58200
     aagatggtag aacagaccgg gaggcggact ttgaaaagtt ctcatctggt cacacactgc     58260
     ttatgtatgt gtatgtgttt tttagcagga ttaaggtcta caaggctcct ggagcagtgt     58320
     gcatgggtga ggtcccagca gatagcagca cagctcatta tcccgaggtg agtccagtct     58380
     gcaagaacac agcatataca gcggctagaa aaccacagac agagctcaga gaccttatac     58440
     ataaaatgtg tttatgagag tacaccgaac acaacagata tttcacaatt atttaatcaa     58500
     ttgcagtcac atcctgaatg ttcacacaaa ctaaggccca atccaaattc cacccctcag     58560
     cccttttctt tccctacccc tttgttttgc acgttcaagt aaaggggcaa tggtgtccca     58620
     atcgaaacac tcgaaaccaa ggggtgtgaa aatttcccag aacaaaccaa ctacaacaac     58680
     agcatgtaag gagcaaaagt aaggatatgc acaagttagt attttttgtc attgttaaga     58740
     atttctacaa caaacaaaca tatatatata tattaataca ttcataatgg tgtttgtttt     58800
     ttactgtcat gctttttaaa aaaacgcaaa aaaactgcta aatttcacta atgcctgata     58860
     ataactcctg tatagtagtc ccagaacata atttcacatt ctgttacacg ataacactca     58920
     aatccactgt cagaaaagtc tagtggctgg gaatgagctt ttacagtgtc tgctataatg     58980
     ttaatgttgt ttttgtgtgt ttgcgttgag gattaaggcc acagtgtaaa tgcacagtac     59040
     agttataatc ttattggcac attgtatggt tatgataaca ttatatgcct tcagtgattt     59100
     tctgaagata gataccaaaa aataacacaa ctggagtaac tacagcagtc gccattgtca     59160
     atctcatatg aagcaagtga ttacaatgac atatgatgac gtttgctgtt gcagtggtgt     59220
     tccatttctt aagcaggtcg cacaccaagg cggcactcgg cgccgcgaca cagcgcgtac     59280
     atgacagatt aaagtatcgc aaaccagacg cgcacattcg aatgatattt aacatgaaac     59340
     taatcagatg gcgctctgtg gcgcggctga aaaatgaact gcgtgctgag ccgttgccgg     59400
     gcgccgccga cagccgccga cttgcggcgc cggtgtgtgt atcctgatag aaacctatgt     59460
     ttagaattct aaaatacaag gcgctgtgtg gcgctgcgcc cgcgccgccg agcggcgctt     59520
     ctggtgtgcg acctgcttca ggggtaccaa aatagaattg gaatcaggct taaattgtac     59580
     cagagttcct ccttcatatt atagaaatct tattcatttt cgttcagctc gcaatacaga     59640
     ttttttgtta attaagcttt atattagtta actgaaccta gaactgattc ctaatacttg     59700
     tgaaattact ccaatataag gctgttatat tggagcataa gcctaacagc ttacaggatc     59760
     tctaacaaat ttgaccagac taatttaaaa cccaaaagtc tcaatagagc cattttgtac     59820
     aacaaagaac aaacatctaa atttaaagat gtctatacca aaaattggta tgtaaaaatg     59880
     aggtatcact ggaaaatgca ctgtttacca gtcttatttt tttttacaat ggaaaagaac     59940
     caaagcccag gcaagaatga gagagagaga gagagacaga aagagacaga gagagaaaga     60000
     gagagaaaga gagagagtgt gtgtgagaga gagagatgga tttcatttag atgcattgat     60060
     ttgaggaagc tgtttctata cactaattat tagagcatta aatgctcact gcatttaatg     60120
     ctaggccttt tcaatggcct taaaatgcat taattgactc gtcatctaga cgacccagtc     60180
     gttactcgat tttaaactgt gtaattctgc attaggtaaa agaactccat agagaacttt     60240
     aagttaaagt aattaaaact aaataagttt acgcattgtc atttgtaatc atagtaatac     60300
     taccacgata cttacaggac cttcctgggt ggtatgtgct gatagctgat ccttttggca     60360
     aatgccagtc atgctgttac actaggcttc aggcatcctg acacttctac atcccttccg     60420
     ccctgaaata gccccacata ctcctgtcaa gctagagatg aagtctgggg ttaaggggcc     60480
     ttccttcagt gcccccaggc ctgtgttaaa ctcttccctt cattgtaact gacaggcctg     60540
     cacgtcttct ccgcctgacg gccgttttgc tgtcaaatca gctgagctga gacttcagcc     60600
     cgctggtaag agcttagaca tggctatttg tgatcacttg gagcagaaga gaggacaggg     60660
     ggctttacag aaagatgatg taagtacctt agagggcagc tacaaagccg tagctgaaac     60720
     aatgaagtcg caacaaacaa agtctcagat cctcatgttt cagctacaac cacaacacag     60780
     attagcaact ttatccagat cagacccagg aatgaccaca gcagcgagtt atccttactg     60840
     tttatgaagt tgctcaagtt ccatcaatga cacaatctct tctaattcca cagtaaacac     60900
     cacagacaga tcagcattga gcataaattc ataatgcaat gagaagctgc tgaatcagca     60960
     tctgatacac ttaaactaca gtaacagagt acacctgtgc taggtgtcca gaacaggtgt     61020
     ttgaaaaacc caaacctgtt attgggacca tttaaaagaa cagcacatta tgcaatcaac     61080
     attaaaacat ctatttgagc acatggcagc tggtgatgca ataaaaataa actctcagcg     61140
     cgcacacaca caagacagct gatatattat ggctttaaat ataaactgag ggttagaaga     61200
     gagaaggcca tgactgaggt tctgacaaac tcatctcagc atgacagtgg ccacatctgt     61260
     aatgtacaca catgcaagca cacaacacac aaacaaaggc acccacatta tccaataggt     61320
     tgttttcaca tgatgtcatt gatgacgtgc gagactcaga tggaggaact gttttagaat     61380
     acaataattc attgacagca ccaataaaga ttatatacag gcctagctat gtgttatata     61440
     acaatcaaat acaaacacca ccacacttac acaaaatcca ggagaataaa tgtaccctgc     61500
     atgtaatcgc tgcaatgaaa tctctgtctt gttttgcatt gtaatccaag tctgtactgg     61560
     tgttttggtg gaatgaacaa cgcgtctata tgcgcagcag cagtgtgaat gtgagttcat     61620
     ctactgaaca aaaaacaaat gcaacccttg cgataaaact agacatttat tttctgtgga     61680
     gcacttttcc ccctttaaaa aaatacatat aaataataat gtaaaatatg cgtctgcgct     61740
     tttgtatgct ttcatctgtt attttgtgat gtctgaaaga tatcggcatg ggggaaaact     61800
     atagtaattt ataataaaca tgtttttgaa ccacatagta aagtgtataa tgtgtacaac     61860
     tctttgttaa ttaatgctat tgaatactaa taaatactgt aaccttagta taaactgtgg     61920
     tgcattatga tggtctataa ttatagcata gaaaactgca gcctcctgaa taatttgttt     61980
     actactacag ttgtgccgta ccacagtaac aatataatta ctacgacagt taaattcaag     62040
     tctttatcta ttgtatgtta ccaaacacta tagtatttat ttttttcatg taacataata     62100
     gctcgatgac aggcaaatat actttagttc agtagaaaac tcagcactct tcatgatata     62160
     aggatcaagc ccaacatatg tgactatttt ctatttatag ctcctttgaa atatgatata     62220
     aattgcaaaa atacagacat tcctccaagt ctcccattca gttttttact tcttgccatc     62280
     catttgaatt tcgcacgtca tcagaaccac gagattgaaa acaaccaaaa ccaaatatta     62340
     attatactta tggccagacg gaatctgcac aagttttttg tgatttctgc agagaatttt     62400
     ggtaaaaatc tgtggatttc tgcggaaata ttttgggagt atcataacta aaatcttaat     62460
     atgtgaaata aataaataat atctttttaa cttttattta atgtttaaaa tgcaaatcca     62520
     aatagattca ctttatttcg atagtaaagc aagtctctca tataatatat ctagtaaaag     62580
     acagaaaata atactgtaca aattgcattg tacataaatc agatgaacat tttcacatta     62640
     gtcaataata ttactgtaat taatttaaaa agtgaattaa tatagattta cacacattta     62700
     ctcaagtaaa taaacagaat taatgatggg ttagaaatct gcggtattct gtgcatgcag     62760
     atttcgggtg ggcctaatta taccatatac caattcctac acatgtagca aatcagcagc     62820
     aaacaaaaca aagataaaaa tacagatttt tttagtgtct aattaaattt tggccattcc     62880
     gagtttcacg tttttgaatg atgttgttgg aagctggttg tggttaacag tgtatcttca     62940
     atgtctgcaa ctaaatcaga gatatttatt tacactatca tagaaagaga tcagccctgg     63000
     ttcctaattg agctgagctc acagctataa atcaatcact gtaatgacag acagaccaat     63060
     ccgcctctta acctttgggc tgaaataaca tacactcagg caggctgctg agccaggagt     63120
     cttcattacg catgcagtat caaagtgagc tcatactgca aacacacggg aactctgtcc     63180
     taacagcatt aaatgaggct gtaaatgctt ctgttcttca aaaatcattt tgaatcccat     63240
     cacagataga ataagagagt agctgtacag tgacaaatac agacctgcgt tatggtccaa     63300
     tcagcgaacg tttgttaata gaggagcctc atgattatca tgtgagatca tgcatacttc     63360
     accatgtcag cgataatcta aaagaggaaa tccactgaca tacagaatca caagacacaa     63420
     acaaactaag cccgagatgc cattctgagc atacattgga catttttgaa gagactgagc     63480
     aaacatggca gcagatgtct gggtgtttat gttggccggc catttagtgt cacaattcac     63540
     tctgcactca acaccttgtg ctgtgtttgt tgcttttatg gacgtgtgtg aatctgtgcg     63600
     attgttcagc acagtggatg tgtgagggtt catctcccac agatggctaa ggtggtaact     63660
     gccgctgttt aaagctggtc aatctgctgt aattactgtg attaacacag agatgttttt     63720
     ctaagcactt gtgacagaca cactgctccc cggggccccg agaacacaca cacacaacta     63780
     ctactacaaa ttccaccctc acaaacacat tactgtcagc tcattctcac acacacctca     63840
     ttcacttcat cgcacatcac ttttcactgt ttctgctcca agctggcaag ctccagctgt     63900
     tgttattcat ttcctttttg tctccgttga acagttgttt ttagcgccca tgtgaatgtt     63960
     tgtgagatat tacatcttat ttagtagtct agtcaattaa atacatgcct atgctgccca     64020
     atagagaaat acatcttgag tgtgcttctc aacctttatc tctgatcatg gggccaatga     64080
     cagatctaca tgtcacggca tgttaaggag ttagtctatg tgtatgtgtg tgagactggt     64140
     ggactctggc aaagtataga tttcgtccat ggtgaggaca gtgttgatcc ctctgagaac     64200
     aaatctttat atatccttga ggactgagat catgtgcaca cattgaaacc agagaatgct     64260
     ctgacaacaa ctgggaatct gtcagaccca cacagtgcat attatatggc cctatcccat     64320
     cctgccccta aacccaaccc tcacaggaaa cctgtggcaa aatttgaatg tcaaaagact     64380
     caatttaagt atgattctta agtgttttga atgacaagga tatcatgcat gtccttgtaa     64440
     accattgtga tggaatacca ctgtcatact catgtcatta ttcaaaaaaa aaataaaaac     64500
     catgtgtttt gaaaccacca aaacacacac acaaccacaa gggtgctaat gccgtttatt     64560
     tagttgctca aggaaagaga cctcagtcgg tgtagaacac aattttaatt tgactctgat     64620
     ttaccctggc tgagggataa aagtacagac aagtgacatc actcaggcct catgaggtat     64680
     taaatgatgt caaccaatag ccaaatagtt ttgtgataga aaacttgatc tgacatcatc     64740
     aatgtgaact gtaagaattt tacaacacat tatggaggta aattgtgtta cggattgcaa     64800
     acacagtcac ataatgcatc tacactgcat ggttcaagta gcccagttct taatcctttc     64860
     tcccatgtgg cacagatcgc atatggccca tgtatgtgta agcaagaaaa aataacatgg     64920
     attccgattt actcaaatta gattcaggcc ttgtaaagtg gaaagtttaa atttatttaa     64980
     tatgaataag tggaaattta agtggaataa ttattcataa gtggaaattt atttaatatg     65040
     aatcgaatct ggcgacgcgg tggcacagaa ggtagtgcta tcgcctcata gaaagaaggt     65100
     cgctggttca agcctcggct gggtcagttg gcattctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc     65160
     tgcattcacg tggctttcct ctgggtgctc cggtttcccc cacagtccaa aggcatgcag     65220
     tacagctgaa ttgtgtaggc taaattgtca gtagtgattg tgtgtgattg agtgtatggg     65280
     tgttcccatt gatgggttgc aactggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaacat atgctggata     65340
     agttggcggt tcattctgct gtggcgaccc caaatttata aagggactaa gccgaaaatg     65400
     aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatt ggatctgtgt ccttgtgtct gcagtgtaag tgggtagatc     65460
     agattttaac ctatcaatgc aagttgcaca ttattaaaaa ctgtatcgaa tgaagtcaac     65520
     tctgacactt ttatttagaa cagccttcag caaattccca aaccttcaat ctcacacacg     65580
     agcactaaaa agcttttata ttgtcatgta gcacaattat ttaaggattc taacgagaga     65640
     gagagagaga gagagagcga gagagagaga gagagagagc gagagagaga gagcgagaga     65700
     gagagagtga gagagttagc gagcgcaaca tccgccacct aaacaaataa aataaactaa     65760
     aactgttgca tacgtcacat gcataaatca cacaatggaa atgacattaa aatgcctact     65820
     ggttttaaaa agcctagatt aaaagaagat gggcaaatga gaacttttct gtcataaact     65880
     atagtaaaac aatttgtcga aaaacatgaa accttgcaaa cagattaaat ccaggaatgg     65940
     agaaaagagc actcttttat tatcagctgt cagtcagcgc ctgctctttt ttttctagtc     66000
     attgtgtctt tgccgtgtgc agtgtaagtc ctgtttaaaa gatgatggaa acaggtcgtc     66060
     aagaaatcaa atttagtcac aaaattggat ttgatcatca agatctgcag ccataatgta     66120
     atattttgcc aatgttaatg ccattttaaa agtgacacac agtgtccaca atttagatct     66180
     ctctattgtt ttgtatgtaa attgtgaagc gcagatgata cagctgttca aagagcagct     66240
     gcagtgacag tgaacactga tgtaaacatg ctgaaacata gacaaaacac cagcagctca     66300
     ttcagtctgt gagatgactt acacgcttac tgaagacaga aagagctgat gagggagtca     66360
     gacttctgtc tgtcaacaca ctacaccttg ctatttgagc ggaacacttg ccgtcaggcc     66420
     aatggtatga atgtcaattt tacttaccac acaagattta ctccccattt caagtttatg     66480
     aaacaaacta tgtatataaa cgtttaaaat gcatctaaac aaatacatac aaaactaacc     66540
     aaccttgatg tcctatctct gctaaataac catttcacct ctttttgaaa atcagctaac     66600
     taatgctgtg ggtagatgtg ggtttgactg taagcactta cagtcatgca agcaaacgtc     66660
     cactgagaaa gcaaacctga actgtgagtc tccatgtgac cttgtagtca tcaaagattt     66720
     taatagaaga cacaagatca ttatgccgaa cagatgccga ctgtaaaaaa tgagacagtt     66780
     gtggtgagat cctgttgcag tcacagcatt caaagtacaa acacacttcc acaagcagat     66840
     ggcaagcacg ccataactga catctacacc ctgcttattc cacaaaaagg attacaagac     66900
     acctgtttag tgtcagtaac tgaatggaac ggagttacgg tctttacatc atcttatctc     66960
     ttcgctgcta tttcagggat tcatgaccta atgaacttga tctaaacact gcatcaaaat     67020
     agaagacaca cgcacaccta cccatctagc agttccttgt gatttctgtt ttgtcctgcc     67080
     atttaactag tgtcctatgc agaggtggaa ttacacacag cttcatttgg cgccagcggt     67140
     gagtggttta acccactggg ctgtaccata gtgtttaagg aagtggagat cagtgtgagt     67200
     gtgctttgaa gacagcaggc taacagctat tgctggagag agggatgaac ctgacttgct     67260
     gcaaagaaca gttagactga cataacctac agagactcat aacaacccca caggttgcac     67320
     aaaatgatgt tggacattaa aacacagcaa aattagtggt gcttgaaaca acaagtgaaa     67380
     gaaatcctag acgttattta aatgtgggtt aactctacaa accagaatat tacaatttaa     67440
     aaaactaaac taaacacacc aacaacgtaa acatttttaa agttatattt ttataatttt     67500
     ttttgtttga atttatttct ttatatacat taaaaactat ataatttaat taagtgtatc     67560
     tgtaactgaa aatatttttg gctattaatt aaaaagagct cagaaaataa aaaaatgtca     67620
     cattacttct tgctttgtat aaataactgt acttgacggt acaaattatt gataattgaa     67680
     taattatgta aacattacat gtagagtata ttctatattt ctgatcatat tttattatga     67740
     aatagtttgc cccattttaa attcatgtaa atatatatat atatataatg gcctgcttaa     67800
     aatataattt aatctaattt ctttgtataa gaaatgaaga aataaaaaga catatattta     67860
     atttcttcat atagtttaag aaaacattaa tacatattaa ttatttaaat atatttaaaa     67920
     aaaaaactca aaatagtttc caatacatca gacatgctac tgtattaaat gtgttttgtg     67980
     tgcatattta taagtgcgtg gctgcatttg ctacaatgtt aacactttgt cactcaaggc     68040
     tgatttatac ttctgcgtcg agtgatagtc gtgacccatg gcgtatgtct tgcgagttgt     68100
     agtgcattta ctgtatactt ctgcgtgctg tttgttttgc tctgcgatta cacttccaaa     68160
     acgctagctg gcagtaggtt tttatgttcc tatgtcgagt ttcttcgctg gtgttttgtt     68220
     ttttctgaac actagcttaa tgtacaagta gctaaaactc tcccattctg aggcgggaac     68280
     cagcggacgt gtaacaactt taataaaaag gtaaacataa aacaacggtt ttcatctgga     68340
     actccttcac aggactctac acttgtaaac actcgctaca acgggttcaa gtggctctca     68400
     gcacccccca cactcgtcag cactaccaag ccgatcatga cagagcttgc actatgcgtt     68460
     gttgcgatgt gtagttacat cttttgagag gtgcgcatca gtttcagcca tggcgagggc     68520
     tataccactg cgcaaaggct gcgatggacc ttatgcatgc acttgacgca gaagtatagt     68580
     cagccttaac tgaattcgcc ctatttagat cactattagt gttgtctccc tcagggactt     68640
     ctatcagtcc tctagtttta tcctctctca ctcaggtttc acagctgaat gttttaatct     68700
     gttgaaactg ggcagaaatt gcactcagtg cctctccgcc tctctgaatg tgtgacacag     68760
     gggacagagt gctgcccttc actgagatct ctggaaacat aagccctcca acaacccacc     68820
     aaaactggca cttaccagct cacacagcct gtatgtgtgt gtaaagctct ctcattaccc     68880
     aaggctcatg tttcagtaag tttgggatta gagacacaca tgctgtttga gtgtgtgtgt     68940
     gtttgtgtgt gtgagtgtat gcctaagggg tgttaggact gagccacctg gaaactcatc     69000
     cttcctaggg catggccgta aaccaatcct ttggctcgac ctgttgccaa aaactccaga     69060
     atccaaagca aagtctgttt cttttcccta atttacttgt taggatcttc cccctcccct     69120
     tcctgctatg cataaacaaa ttcttccttt taaaatcaat ggccattctc atgttgatct     69180
     aggaaaatcg ggggatgaag tgagtgacac aaggccggtg aagtattctg cgtgtgtgtt     69240
     ctacacgtct ccatgcgttt atttgaagta gtaagggcag ccaaaacagc cggctgcctc     69300
     gggagtctct caacacactc ttcagcccaa cagtggttga gagagtcatt gggcaaccca     69360
     ggaccccctc agaccctgct agaccttggg ttgagttact attagaacaa agccgtctct     69420
     gtgaggggct acactctcag agggggccac ggcacagacg gacacactga cacacacata     69480
     cttgccactg gctgagggta gaatcatata tcatgtctga ggctaagggg aagcagaatc     69540
     tcccatgtgc atgaatctcc agagtacatg ttgttaggca gtgtcagaat ccagtgcatt     69600
     tgcgtgtgtt tttgttgtat ctaatctaag cagcagccct cagcaggctg agttgtttgc     69660
     ttttctagtg tcccataagc ccaagcactg aggcccaaac tgaaatatct ggtttaggat     69720
     gtcactgctt gaataaaact tgatgcatgg gataaagaca gtcatttaaa actgaattca     69780
     aacagcttct ttttagagta atgtaatctg gaacagatgg tgacaatcct gcgaatggga     69840
     cacctctcca tagagcttat gaaaccaggg cccgggtgtg gaatctctca taaatggaac     69900
     caacggtgat aaaatgaaac atttcacact tcattagtgc ttgtttatat gaaagcacac     69960
     actggatttt ccgttcagtg aggaacactc tggagcagcc acaagctggc ctcaactaag     70020
     cctccaggcg gcctgaattt gctctatttt gtaagcctat agtatcacat gtataaaaac     70080
     aaggtaggca ggaaaaaact gactttagtc aggttgaagg tcacactaaa ttcaatgtat     70140
     tgaaaacaag gctgtgaggc ataatcttta tgatggcctg catgttaaac ggtcctagtc     70200
     tctgttgggt gaatgaaaaa ggcacacaca attagaaaca tttcaggaat tctgaactta     70260
     tagtctaatt atgcttaatt ctacaggatt tcggggatat gcttgttgga ttatttaaca     70320
     gtctgcctaa gaaaaatctg ccatgacagc cctcatgtgg aaaataagct gttatattta     70380
     cagctctaaa aataagcact tgtaatgatc atgtaaggca ggggtgccca aactcagtcc     70440
     tggagggcca gtgtcctgca tattttagtt ccaactccaa ttaaacacat ctgaaccagc     70500
     taaccaagct ctttctaggt atactagaaa cttgcaggca ggtgtgttga aggaagttgg     70560
     agctaaacta tgcaggacac cggcccttca ggaccatgtt tggacacccc tgatgtaagg     70620
     tattcaaagt agttttggca tatactcaga ccattcaaca gtaccgcaca gaataaaatt     70680
     gacttggttc aaaagaagga ttacttttaa caacaataat aaataaataa tagtagttaa     70740
     agtgacttat cctcatcaga tttgaatgat tattaaaact ttataatctt aatagacttg     70800
     atgtgaacag gccttaatgt tgaagttctc tatcttggca cataaacgtt gttcaaagat     70860
     agtcatggat agcctgatag ttcaaacggg gagctcatag gtttccgaat tacatttcaa     70920
     tatggaatta agcaaaggta atggaaacag aggcagacag aagtgaatgt tcctaatcct     70980
     ggcctgcagg ggcaaaggtg tttattttta ccctggattg gtatgagtga gtgtcggcag     71040
     aagaaatgct gggagaagga gggagagctt gagtgttagg aagcatacac tcttgaggga     71100
     gcaattaatg ctctgctttt cctagatttg agctcacatt ctgcactcag tctgttcacc     71160
     agctgtgact ctacgcttgt tttttatccc ccctttccaa ctgagcattt cagtgtttac     71220
     tatttgagtg aggagctctc aattccctga gggaccacat gggtggcaga gaggcagtta     71280
     tcccacccag aaggtggtca gtcaaagtgt ctatccttgg ataccaccat gggcgtccac     71340
     aaggcatttt tctctcactc tctcttttta tgggtcatag ttcctgacca gcatgacctt     71400
     acttcaggct ggagctcatc tatagaaaaa catctagcag ccatgctgga aagctgcttt     71460
     acctcctgga ctttatacag ctgcaacagc tcctctttca gtttaatggc acacagttgt     71520
     gtctatccga cttccaatca gagccttcag caaaaaaaaa gcctctaact gctatctgga     71580
     gacttggaga taaagagagg ctttgttttc acaataaatc cagcaatcag caaaagagaa     71640
     tctaagaaga tatgttacaa ccagtgatga tgactgacac ccctgagaca tcttttaaag     71700
     cagctggacc ttagatgata ctaatgtttt cctgatttta tagggttatg gggcttgacc     71760
     gcttaagctg ttgatctaat cctgcattga tcattcacat gggactgcat tttaatcaat     71820
     atttcgatgg attattgaga aagagattga gcagattaca tttatctaca aatgcacagc     71880
     aaggcatgaa aaccatcaaa cacacaacca caatctttaa atgtggacag actcgcctca     71940
     aatttgttca agaggtgctg gggtgaagta aacatacaaa aagataagca tgatctgata     72000
     tacggtcaaa tcctcaaagg attcagatag ccgaattgat gccagatcag taggaaatgg     72060
     tgctaaaacc tgaagcttga catttgacct actgactctg tgcttgaggg caagggcatg     72120
     aacctttcta agtttaacac agtcaagacc atgtgttgag gtatttgtgc tctgtttatc     72180
     caatgatcac acacgtttct atgaaacctt tttaagtgga tcaccgactg tccagaggac     72240
     tctcttacta gagctgggcg attaattaaa aagtaactga aattgacaaa tatgcacaga     72300
     actataagca atcaaatttt tccaggtctt catgtgtgga gtcacgccac cctgctctgt     72360
     taaggctaat ttatacttct gttatgattt atattaatta ttttattctg atattatact     72420
     tatgccaagc acatgcatac ggtccgatgc agccttctca tacccgcgca cataaactac     72480
     ataaaaacat taaataaata aataaaataa ttgtttatta attgtaatca agttaaaatg     72540
     ttgaattaat taggattttg attccaggtt aaatcattct gccatatctc ttactgtgcg     72600
     ttcacaccaa aagcggcaag agtgtcaaag gagccgggga gctagtatcg ataagcagcg     72660
     cagcacgtct tcttcgttgt gggcgtcgag gagagttaaa attgaatgaa ttttatggta     72720
     attagctatg acgtggtttg gcggcaagca atcggagggt aaaagtccac cgcttgagag     72780
     aagtccagag atcacagtca ctgtgaactt tgattccgac cacagttgtt cccaatggaa     72840
     ccaatccaat ccaattattt acaatgtttt cttacaggga catacattaa aaaagtgtta     72900
     ctggcgagtt actgatgtgc attaatgtta tatttttttc tttaaaaaag cgggaatctc     72960
     atgtgacagt acaaagcagt attggtgctt cagaatattt caggcatatg gacacatatt     73020
     ggataagtgg agcaaagcca cagcacatgc aacttgacct tccattgtta aataaatttg     73080
     gtaagaagtg cgcaacattt tcaagctaga aagcatgttt aatgtggaaa tgtaactgat     73140
     ttgctgatat gctgcaatgg ctcctttaaa tacgacatca atgtagtgaa ttttgacgct     73200
     ctcgtaccga gagctgtgaa agcagacagc gttgtcacca gggtgaccag agcgaacttt     73260
     gacgctctca ccaccttctg tgtgaatgca ctgtgcacac tctaacttcc atatgcatac     73320
     ctcaacaaaa aaaatgtaaa gatctgggaa attatataaa atttatagct gaaaagaaag     73380
     aaaatgaggg gagaaaaaac aaaataaatg gtcatcacag aggaaacagt aaccaaaagc     73440
     ttatgtgatt attcatcaca ctgtgtttcg accacagcat gaatttcagt ttgtcgttca     73500
     tttatgtctg tgaactacct tctgtccact accagatatt ttaaatacag acttttaaga     73560
     ttaagcagaa ataacaacta gtatcttttc taaacttcca gtgattgaaa attgttaatg     73620
     tttgaatatc gtgtatttat ttacatgata atgtgtatgt tataaacggc aaagattacc     73680
     ggtgacgcga cgagtgattc aagaaacttt tcccagttca tctctgatga agaagtcaaa     73740
     aagcattgct agcagttgcc ctgtggccct cagtaggcga tacttttatc tctggagtgt     73800
     ggcccattta aatgtttgta cttgaccttt atttagcttg atggcttcca gactccctgc     73860
     gtttagcatg gcatgtcgga tatagcagtg tttacacaat gtctcttgtc tccctggccc     73920
     ctctttcttc ctctctttcc tccagtcacc aagatggatg aatttacttt agtccttcaa     73980
     cctctggggt ttgggaacaa cctcggaatg acctctttga gagagaggga cagattgaga     74040
     gagagtgtag gagtgtgttc gtgttatgac tacaagcgga acggcctgag atgatggata     74100
     gcgttaaatg actgtctgac ttccaattca tcattttttt cactgcatct ccacctctcc     74160
     tcccagcatc gctaatgtgt gactctagtt aaagctgttt taaaacacac tcccgttccc     74220
     tgtggcaata aaaccactta cagtaagcct gctggaaaaa caataatcat atggttatac     74280
     aacaatgctt actcatacgt gaggagacac acacacacac tcacgcatca ctgggcagtc     74340
     tgtctgagag tgggtggtgc tattgtttgc tggccctggg cagtaaatct ggatgttgcc     74400
     catggtgtgt taacctctat gtgtttgtgt gtcaggggat gagacatcac tgcagactac     74460
     aaacacagtg cgctatgaat tacagcccat ctttcatcac acacatttta acaagccata     74520
     aattacagcc tgtctctata gaaacgataa aagacatatc tacagaagta tgtcgatatt     74580
     gctgatatac ttctagttta gcttgtggaa agctagcgga gctgattggt aaaataactt     74640
     ctacaaaaac agataaagaa agatgttttt cattgatcct cagaggaaaa ataaaaagaa     74700
     caggaagctt tgacttcatc aatcattcat ttcaattggt tactcagcat agaacaaggc     74760
     aacgcgaaca gacaaccttg agagtctgtg taagagatga gatactaatg ttagatgaga     74820
     gtggcattta ccaggccaga aaacagcttt gtcgatcata ataaaatagg tctacgactg     74880
     tcaagctgtg acgagatgct catttccagt gtagaccggg tgttagctca actttaggct     74940
     gttgccaagc aacaaaatgg cccaagatca ttacatgaac acttttctgc attaataaaa     75000
     tattgcagat gtaaaaattt tatgttttta ttagtggtgt aacagatcac aaatctcaca     75060
     tttcagatca cgttatggtt ttattagtca cggattggac tatttttcgg atcagccaaa     75120
     aaggggagga gacaaatgta atttgctttc tatttattac aaaaacagta ctgcaagaca     75180
     cctttggcta taacaaacag aacataaaac ctgtaatatt attaaaaata aaataaataa     75240
     tcagctgaat aaaaataaac agtaaaatat tcagtcctgt gaaaaattca ctgttacaac     75300
     tgctgtttct gatgatgcta aatgtttata tctaacatta taatatgtac aacccatatt     75360
     tattttttgt ctcattttca gtagaggatt cagttattca ctcataaaac tatgtttcat     75420
     tgttagatgt gtcatttttg aagaattatt cagtggcata tttttgatgg ttggttgtcg     75480
     ccacctattg tctaaataat gtaattgttg cctacatatt tcatttttaa gcatcattaa     75540
     atgcatgtga cggtgattgt aatctttacc ataaacatca gtggttatat caaaactata     75600
     aactgttatt caaatgcttt tgtgttactt gactgtttgt aacttcatta ctatctcaag     75660
     actaaagact aaattttttc cttgattttt gcattttcag atttgaacgc agcgattcga     75720
     agaattaata aacatatgca aatcaacata atttacaatt tatgttgcat gggtgttgag     75780
     atcctgatct ttcaatgatc aatcgtgcag gttacactga atgcattaaa caagcagtga     75840
     cagaaaacac ctttaataac ctaaaaaacc cactacattc tgagaaccac aaccaccaca     75900
     acttcttcca tttgtgattt gaatgacacg agaagcgatc tttctgtgat cgatacatac     75960
     aaaatcattc tacaagtaaa aaaaactgta ttaatttgct ggttgtgtgt tccgaacagt     76020
     gggttgtgat ctgtacgaat cacagatcaa ctgtgatcag ttgcatccct agtttttatg     76080
     tttatccagc catattttag atgaagaatt tagatgttga ggattttagt ttttatctaa     76140
     atacttccag tttcatctgc tttaagttat tctactaaaa cactctgctg gattggttga     76200
     tgttgcaacc tggtatttgt tacaataacg taaatgtatt attgtaaaca aaaagcatgc     76260
     gggttgctct tcaaatagtt tacatgcgtt tttttgcaca agtctcagag atttatagga     76320
     aatatcttct gcactagaat atagggttga taaaattctt aaaatgctaa aatacccatt     76380
     gcagccagtg ttgagttgac aacaactggt atgcaaacat tcatacaaac acacacatac     76440
     acactcctga agcttcagac atttgtgaga ctacagcact cagcgaccgc tctgctatct     76500
     caagagctct ccacatccat ctatcttgct cttaacaact ctcaactgcc tcaaacttca     76560
     tctctctgcc tcttctttcc ttctcttcat cctctctccc cctctttttc aatctcccga     76620
     caatgtcatt attggagaaa ttacaccttc cacacaggcc caaacagagg cctgctcttc     76680
     agttgaatgc tttgctgcca gcatgcttgt gtgtgctgtc aattgagcct gtctgaactg     76740
     tatcaacagt gctcaatcac ataatattgg aaaaaaaaaa cagatttaat tttcacatac     76800
     aagcaaccaa tctacagtgc tcagcatata tgagtacacc ccccacaaat ctggagctaa     76860
     tctaacaaaa taattcacaa taatggttca aaaattagta acccgaattt acatgttcgt     76920
     gaaaaatatt aaatacaatc aaaaatagca aaaatcaaga gaaacaaata atatatacaa     76980
     tgttgttgaa atgttgtagt ttgtaatata ttttgcaata ttttgcttga ttttaattgt     77040
     attatcttac aatttctaaa tatgtttggt taataaaata ttattttaat aaatatatct     77100
     gttttgttca aatgcaccaa tatatattac ccaaattcac tgaggaattg ataaaaatat     77160
     tcatttttaa aatggggtgc actcatattt gctggcactg tatgtactaa atgtacaaca     77220
     atattccact attatatatg ctattacaca cagtaaacaa gtcagcctaa taataaatca     77280
     ttggcttctg ctctcttcat taatttcaaa aacacagatt tatttataac aaatacacta     77340
     aaaaaaacct tacatatacc ttaggaacgg tataacagaa cgttttagcg ttaatgaaac     77400
     cttgaatttt ccaaacagca gtaaacctta tcgtcccatg cctgttccca aaaaagtata     77460
     agacaatctg tttagtggtt tgggtggtaa atgtggtcct cctaagtggt acactgacag     77520
     catattgaga aagagaagga gatagttata tatgaatagt aaatatactg attattatta     77580
     ttacttattt ttaattttta tcaatacatg ttgattgtta aatgtacagt ttttgttcat     77640
     tcatttattt tgttttcggc ttagttgctt tataaatcag gggtcgccac agcagaatga     77700
     accgacaact tattcagcat atgttacgca gcggatgccc ttccagccgc aacccaacac     77760
     tgggaaacat ccatacatac tcaatcacac tcataattta gcttattcaa ttcacctata     77820
     ccatatgtct tcggactgtg ggaatgtaca gtttattctc atttattact attttttttt     77880
     gtatttttat tgtattatta tactatatct tttaatagta tcataatatt tactgtattt     77940
     tctatgtttt ttaaatacac gtatgttctt tttaatgtaa agtttataaa tgctttggca     78000
     atacatttgt catgccaata aagcaattat tgaattgaat tgagagaaag agagagacag     78060
     ggagaaaggg tctgtagtga tagctctctc ttgtcatccc actccaaaat gtggccaata     78120
     gaatgtcagg cataatttat actctgcaag aaattattta tatatataat attaatatat     78180
     aatatttaat ttataattac tatcaatctt ccctttaata tttagtagca cacaaagatc     78240
     attagaatca agaccaatgt tattagtaca gttgttacca ctgatcatat tttattaaca     78300
     gtctattata catgatagag tgtcagaata tttggcagaa caaagttgca catctcagta     78360
     gttttttttt cgaggaatcg aggaaaaagg cttctaagaa gcgcaagatg caggcgatga     78420
     atacactaat tgaggcaggc tggttggcag ccacctgcag gctatgtgag agagacagta     78480
     attaagtcga acatttaatg attctgctta ataggagtga gagacggagc aataaggaga     78540
     gaaaaaagaa aacaagcaac aattacacaa aacatcagga ggcaaaggag aggagaaaat     78600
     ggcagaggtt ctaattcagc aaaaaataag tgaagtaggg atgtacatat cctgtaaatt     78660
     aacttaattt tcaaactggt tataacacac aacaaacatg ctgtttgaca aactaattta     78720
     gtataaaatt atgtaattat caccatccag agaacaagat taacactaag ttatcttatc     78780
     agggccataa gcttccaaaa atgtttgctt cttttgatga aacaccctgt atctgaaatg     78840
     ttttaacctg caactttatt ttgttaaact ttttaccgta tctacaacaa attgtggaaa     78900
     atcacttctc ttctctctcc agtgctcaaa atggcctaca gcccaataaa tgatctaaga     78960
     tatgttttgc tcggctcttg tggagtttga tctatatttc cccctcagag gtgactgttc     79020
     cctctcatct cactctcgaa cgtgaggcat tttgcgaacg tcaaccacct gagtgtgaaa     79080
     aacaccgcag cgagcctttg gttcgaggct ccaggcaaat attgacatct tttctgctgc     79140
     ttgtctctct gctcgtcagt tctgcgttct ctttcttctt ttgtttataa aggttaagag     79200
     tctgagcaac tggtaatcct gggtaacaga gagcagcgtt ctgcgtactt tcatcttcct     79260
     taaaccctcc aataaaaata ccacagcgcc taagttcatt tgcacctgtg ctttggagga     79320
     cgatcctcta ttctccatcc cttctgccaa tgaaggattt gcatatggca agacaagaag     79380
     tggacatgaa ggagaggaga gaaaaaagac acacatttaa atggaaatag agtctggagg     79440
     gagacgaagt ggcctggcag tcagtgagaa gagaaagcat atttgtgtac tgtttcccaa     79500
     gcaccagctt ttcagaagca gaggaggcgg gcatgtgtta gtttaaggcg cacaaaggga     79560
     gttttaatcc tttcagaggg gtcgtaatgg ctacggtgag gcgtctccag gagggaaagc     79620
     ctttccgaaa gaaggcttgc cattcagcac ccctctgaac ctcacaaatc aaacctctaa     79680
     aggccttcaa agagcagaaa tgtgggaaat gtgtttgggg tcccgaggga gtgaagcaag     79740
     ggggaaaagg aggaacaagg ggcttgtcgg catcaatcag tcgctctctc tcacctcctc     79800
     cccggggtca gatctctttc cagcctccct ccatcgcacc ccaccccacc catcatgctc     79860
     tccatcctgg taacgcacca ttacagagga atgtggattc acaaggctgg gctccattat     79920
     gttggcctgc ccgaggtttg taaaatgggg agctcaaatt ccaaaggctt taagagcaaa     79980
     ttagcggtgt gctgatgggc tcctgctgtc taaagacact gaggttttaa aagcaactca     80040
     actgactcca ctcccaatgc ctcagatcct tcgacttctt gcgttcttgc cgcagactcc     80100
     acgcggatga acttcctacg cacatggcgg gacgtttaca tgcacacaaa gaacagacgg     80160
     tgcgcacgtc gcagctcctc actgtataaa cacaaagcgt gctttttaaa atagacactg     80220
     caaacaatat cacacacgcc gagtatcaaa ccagcagggt agaattgctt cttccacaac     80280
     cgtctgtgcc gcagatccag cacctttatt tagcatttca caactaatca atttccataa     80340
     cagaagccag acgccgctgc acatgggacc cagtgtgtgg cgtttacaca tgctgcgcgc     80400
     ctgaaatgga ttttctcatt catcactcag cagcacattg ggatctgttt aacagagtgg     80460
     ctcagatgga tttctctcag cccatacgct gtgagaaagc acggatacaa cacactgtgt     80520
     ctgtcgatgg aatcgcagcc agtcttgagg aaatgcatta tttcccatgc cgccccggaa     80580
     agcaaaacac attaaacgta atctgaatgc tacggtggta aataagattg acttatataa     80640
     taatagagac tctgcactgt tgggtgaagc atcaacaatc acatgctgac tcagtcagac     80700
     aacaacttta atataaaaga gtctagatgg aattatccac acatattaga ataatgaaat     80760
     gcaatacatt ttagggggaa ataacagcaa tagaataata ataatctcat tggtagcaat     80820
     attaagctgt cagcagtaat ttgccagtgc atgattgatt tacacaagtg acacacattt     80880
     aagcagtata aaaaataaag aatgtccacc atacctttaa ctgcagctgt gctgaagagt     80940
     ttctctgagc tggcatctga gccctgagag agagcgagaa agagagagtc agtacatctg     81000
     cttcacaact aagcaggtgg gcttcatcat caaaggtagc gcagcactaa tgagcgcaga     81060
     aattcagtcg cttcccagag cggccactgg atggcactgt ggctccatgc gcaaaaccac     81120
     acgctgcact tgagacaggg ttgaacgcat taacattact atgttattgt gcaaacatcc     81180
     agcgttgcca tttacacagc atttaggtaa tgaaagccta tttaagtgac aatgtggtgt     81240
     caaaggggca tcggctaatt caattggcta aacagcaaca aagatagaac cattacagtc     81300
     catccattag catctaacct gaatctccac tcagtcattc gacagaaaat tacacacaac     81360
     accagacaac atgtgcgctt tttccttaga atgattcatt agcacaataa cacacagaag     81420
     gacttgtaat gggacacttt gtttctcttt cgttgaattc ataagaatat tctcagaaaa     81480
     caatgaaggc aattattctg acaggttaag caacacagct ccaggcaaat aaacgacact     81540
     gacaaggtat gacaagcgtc tcaaatattc tctcctttta aacatttctt tcttagaaat     81600
     aataatgcac ggctaaaaat acgaataata ttgataacga tactaataat gaaaaaaaca     81660
     tgaattaaaa catgacgtca agagatttcc acataggcta atgatgcgtt cgcgcgaccg     81720
     ctttattcaa accacaaccg aaaaacatct ggcaacattc actgcagaga tttcaactac     81780
     aattatccac aaccaacgac acgaaaacag ctctccaaat cctccagtca tcgagtaatc     81840
     caatgaaact gctttttatt cccctaaaac gtcgaatgac attgtggtca gggaaatacg     81900
     aactacgaaa aatccatttg tgaagcgata tcatatgaag gtgcggtgta ccttttgatg     81960
     tgtcgatatt ggcacggagg aaaataagtc aagaaatcac ttttagaggg tttagtaaat     82020
     acgccgtttc acattctgct tgtcaaacaa tgtaatccac aaaaacaggc ggcgaatttc     82080
     tctcgctccc tttgagagaa tgacagccat gcaaaataag aagccttttc ccagggaagc     82140
     agtagaaaaa catccaaagc tcaaagcgag agaggctctc ggacaaaggc agccatgtgt     82200
     ctggtaccca agagcgcaga aaagtgaaga aatcctgcag ttcgcgcgaa tttgtcgttt     82260
     gaaatcctcg ccaaccgtcg tttaacggac accgtcgcct atgcgctttt gtgtcagggg     82320
     cgcgctcagt gacaacccat ccgcgcgcgc ctctctcccg tgcgctcgtg ccgagcaaga     82380
     aaatccaaca aagcgtacag tattttcctc ctttaggcag aaagggtggt gtaaagccgc     82440
     actaaaacct cgtccgccgc ttcctttcct cgaaaacgtc gccggtttta cgctcgtgtc     82500
     ctgtcgctgg ctcccgttcc tcgcgcaagt gctgcctgta tccacacaaa ctctcattca     82560
     gcacagcgcg accgggtcct cccacttcct gaatctaacc tgacttcatt cagctccgac     82620
     cccctgcctc tctctgccgc acacacacgg agagcgcttc ctccgctcag cttcaccgga     82680
     cagacagtgc gggagtgcgt gcgcgcgcgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgcgtgtaa tgttacggcg     82740
     ctcagttaga gctactagga gcagagtcct taaaagagcg caaacaggag agagagagag     82800
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaag agagagagag agagagagaa acagagagag     82860
     agtctagatc gatataaatg cagcctaaaa ttatgatttt aaaataaagg ttactgttta     82920
     ttattgttta tcattattgt attattttgt tttcttattt gttagtttta taatttatta     82980
     ttatttttta ttacaactat gtaattgttt taatatgttc tatttaatgt aaacatggta     83040
     aatgtttggc aatacatttg tcatcctaat aaaacaaatt tgaattgaac tgtattgaga     83100
     gagaggaagt gtgtgtgtgt ctgcctgttt atgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt aagagagaaa     83160
     gagagagagc agggaacatg gatagaatga tattctttca ctttctggcc ggagtgagat     83220
     gatgtcagct gctaatgaat ttcccagtag ggtgcagcta ctgtgaaggg gagggagaca     83280
     gagactctgt tcatgagcag cacacacaca cacacacacc tcactgcttc actcagccac     83340
     ggcctttttc attgggtaac agggctagaa tcacccaagc tgacccgaac agcaatattt     83400
     gcccatcaaa ggttgcaggt ttgagtccct gaaggctatg cattgtaagt ggtgcactct     83460
     tccaccctca ataccatagt agaggttagc ttcttgaaca aggcactgat tcctgggtgt     83520
     gtgttcaagg gtgtgagttt attcattttc atttcggctt agtcccttta ttaatcaggg     83580
     gttgctacag cggaatgaac tgccaactta tccaccatat gtttcatgca gcggatgccc     83640
     ttccagctgc aacctatcac tgggagggtg tgagttgctt tggataaaag cacctgctaa     83700
     atgtaaattg tgatgattta catcagataa ctatatcaat gatttggggt cgtgcaaatt     83760
     taatatcagc gatttagaaa ggaagaatat acagtactgg gttgcgaatg gaatggcatc     83820
     tgatgcggaa catatgccgg aatagttgga agttcattcc gctgtggtga cctctcaaat     83880
     agagccgaag taaaaaggat aaatgaacaa atgagaataa ttcagcaact gggagtttta     83940
     actatctcca tcaactattt gtgttttaaa agagtgcgct cttgaagagt tgccatgtac     84000
     acttattatg agtgttatgc tttttatttt acagttttgg agtcaataaa gtaggcaggt     84060
     gcatataaaa aaaaattgtt tttcatttgt aagataaagt gtttgtgttt aaggatatta     84120
     caagcttttt tttatctagc aagttctggc actaatgagt aaagctggtg attccctgtg     84180
     atttcctgtt gtcactactt cactactttt tcagaagtta atttggttgt tgattgaagt     84240
     tttcacaact gcaaattact aatctgtata tgtgtataaa acagaagctg aaccgacaag     84300
     tgaattatgc ctcattcaca ctatcagcgc ccttgtagct gcctgtcggt ctgggtggcg     84360
     acctgcggca aacaaaggtc tgtgtaggtc tacagcaggg agaatacaac tggcctctga     84420
     gtgagtaaag tctagatagg atacagctgt ggacaaacat caatatagca tcatatttgt     84480
     gaaactgtac aacaataatt catattttta cagtactttg acagttgggc ttggggtaga     84540
     cgttaataaa atataattta ttgggtaatt taataaataa gataaataat actaggtaca     84600
     actactgttt ttacattact gtgatggttg ggtttaaggc tggggcagag caaggcatta     84660
     ataaaataca atttattggg taatttaata aataatatca aaagcataga attggcatgg     84720
     atgacgggga tgtgtcccca ctaatatcaa ccaattactg aaatgtccct accaataact     84780
     gaatcgactt caaaataaac taattctccg tcaactcaac ctacacgtgc accaaagttt     84840
     gctctgagtt caccgtaata ctattaacca aggcagtcca attaattaaa attcagtttc     84900
     gcttttggcc tctgtgatta tgaaaaacaa taatccggat aaagcagtta aattgcatca     84960
     cacacctctc taaatttctc tacattcata cttttgcagc atgggatggc attgttattc     85020
     atattgttaa gtgtttattt tatattatta agtatttaat taatgtttta aaaggccgaa     85080
     acataatttg tgctgttaaa tttgtgcgct gatgtacagt atgttccctc caatgtcaag     85140
     agtgtatcta ctcccttgaa tgacacagag aatacttggt acaactactg ttgatcagtc     85200
     agaaagtcag tcagtcgaca gcggcctctg gtggatttac gagagaacag caggcgcgaa     85260
     tggcaaattt gagatgtcaa aaagtgtaca cagaggcctc tggtggattc gcgaaaacaa     85320
     aaaatgcaaa atgtcgcttc tgggatgtat tttgctgtct ccaaatatat ataggggtac     85380
     gtaatcagaa tgagcctgga ttggctttac cagtgctcct attggctgtt gcccaagaaa     85440
     gtcgctcttc atttgcataa agtttgcata aagtccatct gttgctcgca tagatggaag     85500
     tcgccggaag tcgctcattc tccattgaaa tggacagtcg cttgtcgctt tgccactgca     85560
     aggtgttcat agtgtgaatg aggctttaag ctgcagtgtg catgtccata atgtagtgtt     85620
     acacaaaaaa aaaagttctt aaaaagtcat ttaaacctat cagtattctg ttggtgaatg     85680
     tgtgaaaaac ttgaacccaa tgcagaaccc cagattgttt tagaaatgac tggattttgc     85740
     ctgcaatggt aaatgcaacc gtattgagaa ctgctctgtg tatttttggg gactaacatg     85800
     gcaggatatt taacaaaaaa gaattaaaga ctaaactaat caaccacgtc tgtggtgatt     85860
     atatgctaag acgttcctaa ttgtgtttcc aaaccaaggt gtaatattaa cctccttccc     85920
     ccagggtttg aggaaaagcc tgaagatcta attccactaa cctcagtcca tggacactca     85980
     aacccaaaca atccagcaat cttcagataa agccggacat tcctggaaaa tctccttaat     86040
     ctgactgatt tggggtcttg tggcttagca aaccagtatt aaccctctgc actgcgggtc     86100
     aatggattaa caagggactc gcattgccgc gacctctgac cttgactgcc cccgactgag     86160
     taagagaacc agtttgctta ttgctggatg tttatctttc cttctctata tctttcactc     86220
     cttctccatt gagccagggg aaaaaagctg catgctccat caatataaga gtacactcaa     86280
     ccccagacat cggcctcagc aaacacaaaa catatgagtt tatttttcct ctgtgaattc     86340
     aaataaagtt ttctacaagc ttagcacagg tattgtgaca agaaagttgc tggaaaatta     86400
     cagtatcaca ctatttccat actgtatata tatgaattat ccttgtaaaa ttagaattca     86460
     gaatcaaaat tggaaaactg aaaaaaaaat gaaataaatt aactattatt gaaatccatt     86520
     attaaaacat gactttgaat actagtttag tattgcaaac ttggagacaa tgtttcatac     86580
     acccagcgca ataaagcaca agacgtgctt ggcgcgattt gtggttattt tcagaccagc     86640
     gcaaccctaa ttttcatgtt ttgcatcatg ttgttcattc attcattcat tttcttttca     86700
     gcttagtccc tttattaatc cggggttgcc acagcggaat gaatcgccaa cttattcatt     86760
     acgtttttac gcagcggatg cccttccagc cgcaacccat ttctgggaaa catccacaca     86820
     cactcactca cacactgcag acaatttagc ctacccaatt cacctgtacc acaagtcttt     86880
     ggactgtggg ggaaaccaga gcacccagag gaaacccacg cgaatgcagg aagaacatgc     86940
     aaactccaca caaaaacgta aactgaccca gcaaccttct tgctgtgagg cgatagcact     87000
     acttactgcg ccactgtctc gccttgcacc atgttgttta aatagcaaat cgatttgcgc     87060
     cactttgtgg acgcatgggt gtgctggttt ataaaggagg tgggttgttg gcacgttgct     87120
     attttgagaa actaaaatat accgcaccat tgaccaacta aatctggtct aaagttcaat     87180
     taaatttttc aattcaattc agctttattt gtatagcgct tttacaatgt atattgtgtc     87240
     aatgcagctt tacataaatg gtcatagtaa ctggaacagg gtagttcagt ttttagagtt     87300
     taagttcagt ttagttttgc tcagttcagt gtggtttaaa gtcattactg agagtccaag     87360
     cactgaagag caaatccatc gatgtgtagc tctacatatc ctgaaccatg caagccagtg     87420
     gcgacagcgg agagggaaaa aaacttcacc aataggagag tgaagaaaaa aaaccttgag     87480
     agaaaccaga ctcagttcgg catgaccatt ttaatttctc cgctggccaa aagtcttgtg     87540
     tagtgcagca gtctcagcgg tagaggctgg aagtccagcg cagagcgtgt tagttaagtg     87600
     cctaggcggg tccaaatgct tacaaattgc ttaatacata cacgatgtac agcgatacac     87660
     aaatatcttt atatatgaaa ctaaattata ggatttaaat gttacaaaaa taatagtaat     87720
     actcaggaga tatgtgatat gagatatgat agcttttgac ctattacttt tctgtattgc     87780
     tcaaagacta atttaatata tttgttcatg aaaaaataaa atgtttagtg cagtgcattt     87840
     ttttttacat tacttaagca tcgataactt ctttcaattt tataaactct agatcagtgg     87900
     tcaccaaact tgttactgga gggccggtgt cctacagatt tgagctccaa ccctaatcaa     87960
     acacacctga acaagctcgt caaggtctta ctaggtatac ttgaaacatc cagaaaggtg     88020
     tgttgaggca tgttgaagct aaaccctgca gggacaccgg ccctccagga ctgagattgg     88080
     tgacccctgc tctagatgat ggataatata gcccaaagtg tcaaactttc caaagaccaa     88140
     attattgagc aactgttaat gttttagttt gggaaggtca tttttaagaa aatgtctctg     88200
     atagtgaggc aaagaaagtc cctgatatag cttcaaaaaa aaattttttt ttttaaagaa     88260
     atctcatttt gcatgctatc ttcatcaaat ttgcaatata agctcatgaa acacttggct     88320
     ttcaaggcgt ttttttctag gacattattg ttttcctgtg tttgtatatg gaaaaacaaa     88380
     tattgaacac aatacatttt ttttctcatg acttataatg tataactttt tatgtttttg     88440
     agcataaaac cttttaccac agtaaagcgc aaagtttttt tctttccaat gatagctaat     88500
     ttgtgtttgt agcttgttgg agtcaagaac tgttactatt taaagttagg taagtgtaaa     88560
     tccccataag tgaatgttgg ctaacaggtt tttaaataaa actttaatta ttgcattatt     88620
     atttttttga gcattaaaca tatataagtt tatagaagta tataattatt gtgttttata     88680
     tataattatt gctttttgta aattattcta ttattagagc ggtggttcat tactctgtgg     88740
     cgacctctga gatagagact aagccgaagg aaagtgaatg aatgaatgaa tattagagta     88800
     ttatattatt agagtaggaa taattattac taaaataaat acatttacac caattacgat     88860
     tataaattta atgtacatac tgtactgttt ttctttctta gacaataacc aagacaatta     88920
     attaactgaa taatttcagt tcagaaccaa tgaaaatgga catattttaa acccaacaca     88980
     aggaaattaa agttagccaa ataagaggag gaggttggtt ttaaagaaac ttcctcttat     89040
     atttttcccc tataggccaa ctattgaaca taattttgga gtttgaaaaa aattaactgg     89100
     tagttcacca tgcaaagcgc agctatcaat acatatctga gactcctaat gacctttata     89160
     aactataaaa agtgattagt atacattact ttaaaaaagg gagagtaaaa gcattgccct     89220
     aaaagcgaca agttgatttt acttaaagaa agtgagttaa cttgaaactg ttaagttgat     89280
     gagttgattt cctctatact tttagggcaa caggtttact tacgttttaa agtgaagtaa     89340
     ttccattgct ttatacagtg ttagcacaat atcaggaaag aaaagaactc tcaatttgga     89400
     ttaaaacaga tgtaaattaa aaataaaaat taaaacagat gtttgtctca tgtttccctg     89460
     ttctaaaatc taaagttcac atttactaca tgatctactg cttgatgtca gtttttcata     89520
     acccacatag tatattttta tttgcacgta accgtggcaa aattggtttg gctataaaaa     89580
     agggcccctt tttcatctat atttgattaa atagatatga ttacattatg attacatata     89640
     tggagcatgt cagggtttgg atgaggtgca ccaaagcagc cttcgtcccc aaaatcagag     89700
     ctcgctttcc taaatgccta tcatcagatt tgagcgaaac ctcaagcctg tgattaccgc     89760
     tctccgctcc acaatcaacg tccggatctc tcagcgcaga ttatttttaa ttcaaatgaa     89820
     acgctgacag actacagaaa gcggaggggg gaggaagaaa gagagagaga gcgagagaaa     89880
     gaacgaaatg gaaggaaatg cagcgagaga acatgtcgta gagctgccaa gaaactaatt     89940
     tgaagtggca gtggggtatg gaaaagcact tggtgaagct tgccagaaaa gtggaatagg     90000
     agatcaaaca ttaatatcca gagttatgct atgtatgcca gtaattgctg tctgtgcctg     90060
     taaaattccg cctatagacc ataagccctt tctgctgtcg ttttgtcata ttttattcct     90120
     ttttctggcc ttgatcctcg gcttcaaagt aaccagagcc gcattttgcc tttctccttc     90180
     atccatccct ccctcccgtt ccatttccct gctttctttc cgactcaaaa cgcatggttt     90240
     aatttcacag gaactctgtg ctagattgca atcactggag atcggcggtc tgttatggtc     90300
     tccacggcta ttacggaagc aatctctcct tctcattctc cctcgctctc ctttaaaata     90360
     ttgccgtgca acctgagggg actggatata atgtgttaaa tagggtagct ctgaccggcc     90420
     cttgtctcta atctcctctc ttgtattctc ggtgctcttt tcagccgggg cctttgagag     90480
     acactcaaaa gaaaggtcca tttctagtga cacttaaaac tttgccggtc aggagggaac     90540
     actgaccagc tcatctggga ggccttcggg atggtattag ccctgtgtaa gacaccaacg     90600
     tcaacaatgc cagcgctgag gaggggaggg agttttcgca agacaaaaga gctgtggaga     90660
     tggatgaaaa aaagatggag cgatctgctt tcctcgattc ttttatacaa acagaaattg     90720
     tgagcgataa ggctcctccg gttccatcaa cagctcctgc ctgcaatctg ctaagcgcaa     90780
     gtctttttcg ggaaataaag ggacagtgta ttgatgtgtg ctgtactgga gcagcaatga     90840
     cttgtgttgg ctttagatac accaaacaaa ctaaattata aaaaaatgta ttgatttagt     90900
     ttgcatgtcg gagctgcacg ctagtggtta gtgcacatac ttaaactgaa aactgtaaag     90960
     cgtggtttat actcgacaga ttcgctagtt tgcttgagtg cacgcggtga atgttatgtc     91020
     attttggtat tcgctgaggt tcactttgac tgcgcgcaac atgattttgg ctggcggagc     91080
     gtacaaaatt tttttcgact caatcgaaca gttctcgcga caccacattt gatttgaatt     91140
     gaatacgagt cacttttcca ccattcatag gttttacact gatgtatata ttacaatttt     91200
     gaatttaaaa caacttaata gctacaaaac taaaatgaaa tcacaaatta tttctttgat     91260
     aactggaaaa gaataggttt acgatatact gatggtttat ttttctgggc tttattggtg     91320
     aaaatggaca ggaatgttgg actattattg ccttggcata agcagagaat aataatttac     91380
     ttattattct tgccataata aaaatatctt tgaagagcaa cctatgttct gttatcattg     91440
     atattaaact ttaataggta aaactgccag agatatggac gaaagcaagt gatgcatcaa     91500
     agtatgattt aaaaaaatct tgaatggtaa taaaaatctt tataatcatt aaaatatatt     91560
     actaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt tatttaaaaa atcttaaatg atattaatga tataacgtag     91620
     ttccggaaac tttctacttc atcagtctga ttttacagcc gctttctttt gaatgccccc     91680
     tgttgtttta aagaatatca caacggcgaa cacctcaagt ataatagctt catctgtttc     91740
     gtgaggtgcg gacgcagtca gcggaggttc tcgacatgcg ccaggccaat ataaatcaac     91800
     cttaaccagt ttctagtgca atagtggatg tgaaatcgtt aggttgctat agtgtgtaaa     91860
     gtttatctaa atcatttttt tacacatttg caccatctgt atgacttttg tccaaaattt     91920
     ggtcatctga gactaatttt gcaatcctaa aagattattc tgatcctaga ccaaaagtct     91980
     ttgacagcaa gtttgactag tttgctgaca gctgattaca atcaaatttt tacctcaaag     92040
     gaaattctcc agaatgggag gagaacagaa gctggtaaca taattagtac aacaacaata     92100
     aatcaacttc aaattcacac atcatgcaaa cccagagatt gtttttcttg cacatgaatg     92160
     tggatcagca actggtattg atgtcaaact ctgcgcgcgt gcccattttt aacaagtctt     92220
     ggctgttgca cagcattagt gacaactgaa atcccgccat ttgacatgat gttggtatgg     92280
     tttgacaagc aacagccgta aaggattatc ataaattaca gagcgtacgt tgttgttttt     92340
     tttttgctaa ataaaaaaga aataaagaaa attatgtgac attttaagtt caccaaaatt     92400
     ttggtatgta tgtgggagat gcaaccagtg ttggggtaac gcattacaag taatgcgagt     92460
     tatataataa ttagggatgt cccaatcagg tttttttgcc ctcgagtctg agtcatttgg     92520
     tttttgtttt tatatttgtt ttaacgttgt cataaaaaat tgcattcatt tttaaggtaa     92580
     atgaaggtaa aggttacatg gtgtgttgtt aaatgcagag ctcctctatt taaaaaaaaa     92640
     ataattaaaa ataccctgta atgtctgaaa gagatcaagg ctcgggcagg tatgaaaaag     92700
     taactcaaaa gtaacgtaac atattacttt tccataaaaa gaaactaggg agtaactcaa     92760
     tattgtaatc catcacttcc caacactgga tgcaacttag agtctggctt gcaatatttt     92820
     gggattttat ttccccagct tttccttgtc atttcaacgt gtaagtaata agtaaaaaaa     92880
     ggagcacaaa acaaacaaac aaataaataa ataaatacaa ttgatttact tctagacata     92940
     ttccctgcat tattaagcat gtctgaaaaa gtgaacaacg tcagtcaaca aaacgtgaac     93000
     cttgagccgc atgcacacaa aactgtaaac gcgaaactcc agataatctt ccatctctcg     93060
     ctccctgttt tcaggcagcg gtacaacact tttcactgct gagacttatc tgcttgagac     93120
     cgctcaacgc agcctatgac agctcctcta atctccctcc tccccaaaca cagcacgctg     93180
     acagccgctc tctcttcctc cctcagattc ccgaccatac atatattaat ctgtcattca     93240
     cacggcacac aacagtaggg ggaagatgtg cacaaaccca gcctgtagta acacgcacaa     93300
     acgtgatgtg caatacaaat tcaaacactg cgtttgcacg taaactttca acacattcat     93360
     taatttctaa ttatactgtg gagctgttga atgcatgatt ctgattggct gatgaacatt     93420
     ctaaggtgtg catttatgtt cagggaaaca cagctatagt agttccaggc aggttttgac     93480
     atcattcaca tatcgcttga tcaagttcgt tatttctaaa ttaaacttgt ggcatactcg     93540
     accatgtggt gcattacgct tgcttttttc taggttgttg aaaacatctt aaattttcag     93600
     aatgctgcga gcactgcaga tcatgtgaca aaaaccaacc aattagcttt acactttaga     93660
     taaattatgc aaaatttaat aataatggta gagtaattcc cctgcaatgc agcttacttt     93720
     ttataataaa taaaacttgt ctcagagctg cagcaagggt ttgtcagagg tggttcttct     93780
     gcttaacgtc ccattcacac aggacatcag tgtcaaggct tcccattcac tttgaaaagg     93840
     tgacgtcaaa cgttgccgaa ctgaattgtg gatccattgg cactgcttca gaagttgaac     93900
     taattagatc actttttttc taacatcaca gctcataaag ttgacgattg cacgctaatt     93960
     ttattggctg gcgctgcaat gattgtcgca tcagcctcaa ctttagacat gccctcagtc     94020
     aagcattgac gctgaagccc tgtgtgaatg cacggtaaca atgatagatt ccaaggaagc     94080
     gcaagctcaa aaatgaatag aaatttcccc aagtggtttt aggatgcttt cacatctgcc     94140
     acatttagat tggttgaatc acactacagt tgttttcaca tttgtatggt ctcctggtta     94200
     agtttaaata cagcaatcga accaaaatgt gaaagtgaac aaaagaagcg cacagtttat     94260
     tttctagaac attatctaac cttaaacagg cccaaccgca aaagtattgc acattttttg     94320
     gacaaaatca aaacatctct atacaactta aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatctta     94380
     gaaaatatgt ttaataatac atatggcaaa caagtgatca ttgactagtt ctgtaacggt     94440
     ggtgtgggaa agtatgttat cccgaaaaag aaacaataca aatttgccat ttgttttaaa     94500
     tttctcttgg tcaccagagc gaaacatctg tcaaaatact tttttaaagc aatgaaaaaa     94560
     tataacacgg ctagctctta tgttataaat attaaacaat aaagaaacaa caataaacta     94620
     tgcgaaccag aaaaaacaaa tgttgcatat gtttctacaa aagacaacaa taaaaaaaca     94680
     ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     94740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatctcaga taggtatata aaaataaaaa     94800
     taaattagga atcatttggg aatcactggt ttggatcaaa gcaatcaaaa aacccaagat     94860
     aggcttattg taaaaacgta gccttatata catttctgga gatcgttaag tatgtagcca     94920
     gaaatacata tggctgcatt ttatctttaa aatgaactct acgatatgat gtcgttcatt     94980
     ttcacgctta ccagctgacc gcttacttct gtatggatgg cttttccact gttaccagtt     95040
     tgtccagtag ctcgacacgt ttgtcggcgg acttgagatg caatacgaag ttgaccagga     95100
     caacagggtt ccagaaagca ggtacgacaa aaaaagaagc caaaaaataa acaaataata     95160
     taacagggtg agaatgtggt gaaatctgaa aacgtgggaa aaatcagggc ttttcttttt     95220
     atgtattgct tttcaggttt agggaagtgg gtgggtgggt caatcagtgc tttttaaaat     95280
     agtattggtt aggtttaggg aagaaggagg gtagggggat actgtaggtc ggttagtcaa     95340
     ttagtcagtc gacagcggcc tctgatggat ttacctgaaa acagcaggaa cgaatggcgc     95400
     tcgtgagaga aatttgagtt ctcaaaaagc atacacagtg caaaatgcta tattgtatca     95460
     tttgttgtcc ttggtccaga tttaatgaag caaacatagg tgggaaagaa cctcaaaaca     95520
     taagcaaaac taaagccttt gggtgagatg tgtaagaaac tggtattaca aattggagtg     95580
     gacaaatgtc atagaacaca acatctgaac ataagtgcaa taattcactc cagtccgttg     95640
     aattattaaa aaaacaacgc acactcctct tcacattgtg cctgcgtcat cacttctgtt     95700
     gagcattatt tttgtaatga ctcaatagcc ttgtatcagt atttccttac atatactgac     95760
     aattagacaa agaaagttag ataacaaatg accatgctag acaaccatca gatctacaga     95820
     gacattagga attttaaaag caggactaaa ttatcttcgg cttccgtgct ttgtgatatg     95880
     aacctcacat catgtatcgt ttcacacagg tccaggaaac acaggcactc agcttacccg     95940
     tcggaaaaaa aagacagagt gagtgtgtaa ctgaagtatt atcagtttat ctagatccta     96000
     tctccctcag tcaaaaggca gtttagagca ggcaaatggt atgcgcagta caatgttcaa     96060
     cattatctcc atctggaagc ccgtaatgac acgggccagt cgagccagtt ggctgataag     96120
     ccccagtgca ggtctagctg ctctctcgct cttttaaaac aaactggaca ggaaaattgg     96180
     tttatccctc ctgtctcaaa tgctctggtt acgcccttaa taagttttcg tctgtcgttc     96240
     actcgacata tttccagcgg gaagaaaagg agagaaaagg aaagggtctt tttggtctaa     96300
     attacaggca tgactgagag cacaggtcac cgcgccaaga gtcatttcag agcagtcagt     96360
     cacacaaaag agccataaaa atcagcagaa aaaccaacgc atgcataaac gcaaagaaaa     96420
     taatagtgct taaacacatc caggacttat tcattcaaat aaacctgtgc catatggata     96480
     ttatttagtt agatatagct tagaagtaat aacgcatatg gaaacacaca caagtgcctt     96540
     tatgagaaca ttatgtcata atgtgtgcaa tgtaaaaaag attaagtcga tctaaatcta     96600
     attcttcctc agtataataa aggtgcaact gctcagaggt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaac     96660
     aactgcactg atctagttta tgagcatttt ggttcagggt ttataaagat ctcttattaa     96720
     aacccttgca taatgaaggc tcaaacaggc taggaaaaaa ggacagagat ttctgcaatg     96780
     ttatttgggt gagctggcat ttttcagcaa gcaaactatg attttaccct aaaggaaaaa     96840
     gtttgtttgt ttttgtgttc atcagaggat ctgaatggat gtttgttctt gtatttttaa     96900
     cataatttga ggatttttaa aagtcaggct tgcattaata aaatcagacc attgcaattg     96960
     aatctacgaa aacaaaataa taccaataca cgatagaaat ttccactaaa taatattatt     97020
     taaggtgcag taggtgattg tcttcagaaa catttttgtt gggctgattg aaagtctctt     97080
     cacattccaa tagtaataat taaagtaaat gatctcaatg tatttatgtg tttttatatt     97140
     ctgggtaagg cataagacaa aaaaaatcat ccaaataaaa tttgtcaggc cgataattcc     97200
     cataaatctg ataagtagcc caaactgtct gtcagcaaat gtagtttgta caactgcgca     97260
     attgtgttca cgcagatccg acatttgtgt gtccacgtgg gccgcggtca cgtagacacg     97320
     agtgacagaa ctaaaataaa tgctgaatca aaacttttta aaatccagaa tcaatattgg     97380
     agttgcttat gcacgcttaa gtatttctct tagacaggtt atgttatgtt ttaaaagtat     97440
     tttagtcaag caaagctgat gtagattttg ttgcacagct gggttatatg cacagaagtg     97500
     ttgttcagcc actgacatca tctggcgaaa gattaatttg actattttta gtttcataag     97560
     gcccttttac agcatcaaaa atgtagattt ttatttagtt taacaacaaa acatacgtaa     97620
     atatcgctat tccgcctagc ctgctttact gaggtgaagt tggatttata ttcacattgg     97680
     ttcatttttg acaacaatga caacctgtga tgcactctcc tgtttaccat tctactttga     97740
     caattctgtc tgaaatagca tgtaagtatg acagtaataa gtgtaatttc tgcaccccgc     97800
     cggccaaccg ctaagcatac agtagtcgct ttatgacagc gtgtgagaga gtgagaccag     97860
     ggatccttgc ttgcatgaaa tatcgcacat tatgacaagt tttgctttct aactacagaa     97920
     ctgaaaacat gctacatata atacagtttt tcattcgaaa ttgtagtatt acaaactact     97980
     ataaagtttt tctaactggc gaatgacatg atctatttgg tctctgtcat ctttaatgtg     98040
     cacgttcatg atttcaaaag tcatggcttt ggacagcagg ggagggattg tatttgaaag     98100
     atattatgct aacggttagc atttagacag atcacctact gcacctttaa tgtccattaa     98160
     atgagtttgt ttaattgata gtttgtgtag ttaaccaatg tttactagtg ttaaaatctg     98220
     ttaaggttta ttaatttact aaataaatac tattattcaa catagagaaa ttgtatttga     98280
     ttttattcac caaaacaatc ctaaaaatgt catttttcta atgatgttac aataataact     98340
     gttgtcaacc ctgataaaat atctttcttt agtaccaaat tactatataa aaatgacaat     98400
     ttagcttgct ttaaatggaa caaactacat ttgactttat attaaaatta aaaaaaaaga     98460
     ttttattgtt aatatttttc ccaatattgt ttttgctaca tatttggatc aaataaatgc     98520
     aatcttggta agtatatttt tccgcaagta cattttaatc ctaaccgact acaaactttt     98580
     gattgacagt atataagaac acctaccaag attgcttttg tttatcgtta agatacggtc     98640
     cgcccatgtt acaccccttt ttgcatatat acatatagag cgagggacgt atagagtaag     98700
     ggatggagaa ataaaaagag aaagcagaat aaaggggtta tgagcgacag acagatagac     98760
     agacacagag ggagggcgag taagacagag aaacgtcccg ctgcgactgt aaggtgaatc     98820
     acggcaggaa ataaccggga aacgtgccat caaaatctgt ctgacctgcc acagatcgcc     98880
     ggggcccaga gcgctctgga tggcagcaca aacgcatgca ggcagcggcg cctctcaaac     98940
     gctctgtcaa gacctctctg tcagccccgg tggattgacc cctcctactt cccgcctcag     99000
     cctgctcgct caagccttca ttgggctgaa ctgctacaaa gtgggcgtct gatgaccggc     99060
     tctctgggga tcagagatgg cctgaagact tcaaacgcca gcaggctgac aggcagcaag     99120
     ggaggtctct ctctcctctc cgtctctcta actgcatctc accccacgcc cccatcggcc     99180
     ctggaggggt ttctaattgc gtttcacagg gagagccgac ctaaataagg tccttgttct     99240
     ctctctggct gccaccctgc tggggggcag agagacggag agatggagag gagaatgaag     99300
     gaggaggagg tttgcctccc ctgtgtgaca gaaagcttta acgtgtcaga aatcttcagg     99360
     gaaagaaaga tggagagctt cgatttccct gcaggtaaca gaagaataga gtagaagtaa     99420
     caaaagaaat gataggcgag accaaggtta tttttcataa atgaaagaat aaaactattg     99480
     gtcaaaaagt taactgaaat agttacgaaa aacaatgtaa taattagcaa acaaataatc     99540
     gttttcagaa ttagtaagca cttggcagac ctgcagctat ttagggaaaa atctgaagat     99600
     aaaaattaaa actaaatata taaaaacaaa aaagaactgt tcacaaaata aataaaaaca     99660
     gagggtgcat atagacggag acacatttag cagtatatgt aaaacaaaaa tcgttttagc     99720
     ttttagttaa cactagtggc caaataaaat atatactgaa aaataaagta ataattagca     99780
     aacataaata atagttttca gaatttcaat gtctgaccaa ggtctaggtg caatcgaggc     99840
     acaaagtcca aagtgcaggg cgcaaaaaca ttaagggcgt gtccaaatcc acttttgcag     99900
     ttttaaggat gcaaaaatag actctgtgca gcggagcatg gtctaacagg gttgagctta     99960
     ttctcttaat gagttatggg tgtattttgt gagttatagg tgtatcagag aatcttctcc    100020
     cattcccttt aatagtcagt tgcgtctcac catggcgcat ttgttattta cgtggcgact    100080
     ttgtaagtgc aaaaacaaat aaatgaacag taataacgaa gtgtgctcaa aaaactgagt    100140
     tatatccaaa tacacatgct atggtccaaa acctgacagg tggacaaatc taagtttgtt    100200
     tttaataaat caaatataaa tatgcatata ataaatacta ctactactaa taataacatt    100260
     ttacaaaagc aaatagtcat aaataaacta aaaaaactaa gatgaagaaa gcatgaaggc    100320
     tgtggttttt atatttatgt agaaaattat atattttttt atgttttatt cctttaattc    100380
     tttttcattt gtaaatatat ttctgtattg ctgtacatcc tgtgtgattt aagcaatgtg    100440
     taagcaaggc gcacaacaaa cgcgctctgt gctggacttt aaacctgcat ttagctggtc    100500
     tattgtgcag tctattttag ttcctcaaaa tagcaacgcg gcaacaatgc gccttaacaa    100560
     acctcttttt tagaccgaaa cacccatgag tccacaaagt ggtgcaaatg gatttgctat    100620
     ttaaacaaca tggtggaaaa caggaaaatt aaagttgcgt tggtctgaaa atagcaatat    100680
     gtcagggcaa acaggtcttg cgccttattg tgtcgggtgt ataatagggc ccctggtgct    100740
     gcagcctgtg acgtcaggag ctttttcagc atagagttga ctttttaact tcaggcacac    100800
     agctccttca aaaatgtgtg atgcagcatt cggtagaatg caaggcaccc agaagcataa    100860
     acatcagagt atatgctcaa caaacaaaac catttaaaaa gacacctctt actgcaaaaa    100920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatgtggcc ttattaatct ctcagcagaa aatcggacct    100980
     gcaatgttta ggaaaataaa tgaagattaa aattaaaatt aaaaatgtaa aaactaaata    101040
     gaaacatgtt cacaaaataa aaactaaaga ggggccataa acacagagat atgtttagca    101100
     ataaatgtca aaaatgttgt aatgtgttag catttagttt agacagaaat gtaattttat    101160
     agctggaaga gcttttttta aaattatttt tcaggtgcac aaccaataaa actaacaaca    101220
     caattcacaa agagaactca aattaaacta aaatttacag tcaatgtaaa atagtactga    101280
     aataaaaact aatttaaaaa aattcaaaat ataacttggg tgagattgaa taaaggattg    101340
     gagtcatcca aaaagtgctc ttaacccttt gcttgacaga tgaagatggc aaacgagggt    101400
     ctactttgaa gctgtgtgga tttaaatatt tcatgcccat ctctgccgcc atgtttgtgg    101460
     caaacgtggc ctttcattat ctccgattca aagtgggccg gtggaggcaa atcacagccc    101520
     ttgcacgcaa tctgtgacag catctcatta actgcacacg gcaattaaaa caattactga    101580
     taagagaggt gtatcagagc ccgcaaacac acaacagata cgagatgtct gcgctgatta    101640
     acacgcgtag ttatcaggaa gagcgctaat cgcagtctta tctcgagtgt gtcgagctgc    101700
     ctgcacaagc agagactgac aatgtgacgc ggtatgtcgc tatctgttgg gaaatttagt    101760
     ctctctggta aaataacaaa agtttgagat tcctttttgt gagttagtta aggctcggga    101820
     tgctaaatgt ggcaattttc tgtacaagtt gtacagaata taaagtaatg gaactttaga    101880
     aacaatatgg cataagaggt gatgcagtga ttttactgtg ccatggtaaa gggtaaataa    101940
     aaactaaata aaaaaaaatt gtttatacat atacacagtg ggggaagtaa tgtacaatag    102000
     atgaccattt ttctcagaaa acatttctaa aggtgctgtt cacttgaaaa tttcatcaga    102060
     tgttgataac aaccagagaa atacatatat gaaagaaaaa atcattagtt tacaaattag    102120
     gtcacgtgta ataaaatgaa atgactcaag gaaaaagtat tgaacacatg aagaaaggaa    102180
     ggtgtagaaa ggcagtgaaa gcccagacag cagctgaaat ctctcagtag attttcagct    102240
     acccgcagcc cttcgtcatt gtaaatgaat attagaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa    102300
     gaaaacctag ctgtaggatg gcccatccaa tcacctgact taaatccaat agagaaatcc    102360
     aaagttttac cctttttttt attaggtttt tatgtaccct ttaccatggt acagtaaaat    102420
     tcctgcatcg cctcttatct ctctcttata tatatacatt tcttttattg taatcgattt    102480
     ttaatacagt attttaaaga tgtatacatt ttctcaaata tatacagtac atgaatgttt    102540
     atgtacattc aaattgtatt ctatgcaatt gttacatttt agtagtcttt acttaccctt    102600
     ttaatgggtt ttatccatta aaaagcccca ataaaaacta tctggtcaac ctctaataac    102660
     attggcttta aatgtggctt taaatccgat cagattttag agccagaact gtgttataaa    102720
     gttgtgttca aaagcaataa agcccctata tcatgttaaa tctcacctaa aggagcttat    102780
     tcactgtgtg tttgcatgtt tacgctcaat ctccgctgtg gcttgaccat gctgatttat    102840
     agagatttcc aggtggttgc aatgcatatc tctgtgtgtt gtgttataag ggccgcctgt    102900
     ctgcctgtaa tagagatgcc tttgagaggg tctgtgctga acccgcgtcg agtcggcgga    102960
     ggaattcctc tcattctcga cacacttaca tcctgacaac cagctaaatg tgcactttgt    103020
     tgggcctctg ccccgagagg agagaagctc acattcacag tacggtgcag ttattccagt    103080
     caacaccaca cacacataca gtatatacac acacacacac ttgcacagct atctatgtga    103140
     ggacattcat caacacagtg taatctcttg tcacttaccg aatcttaacc tatcctaacc    103200
     tctagtgttt aaccctaacc cttactttaa acttgaagcc tgccttatat ttttggttga    103260
     gtgatcgtca tatgccatgg tgcatatatt gctgactgtg ttgtaagcat ttatagttct    103320
     gtgttctgtc tgtgctgctc tggcaatgat acttccgaaa cactagtagg cagtggtgtt    103380
     tctatgctcc actgtgtcga atttcttttc caatgttttg agtttacgcc agaaatgctt    103440
     gcagtgctac tgtaaaagta gatttgaccc ataccaaaga ctatagacat acaaagacaa    103500
     ttagctggca ttacaatgaa tagggaaaag tgcaatactt agtagggtca gtagggcagt    103560
     gtttctcaac catgttcctg taggaccacc atcactgcat gttttggatg tctcatttgt    103620
     ctgtcactcg ctttacaggt ttttcattct ctgctaatga gctgatgatt tgaatcgggt    103680
     gtgtttggtt aaggagacat ggaaatggtg gtctttcagg aatgtgctgg tcactggtct    103740
     atgataagtc ccacttctga aaatagccaa tcgtcagtct ttatagccat gcgcttcggt    103800
     ggggatgggt gtctacagat tagcttgttt taacagcatt taaaacatgt ttacaatgta    103860
     actagagctt ttccaataac agtaatagaa caggttactt ctgattttgt agtttaattg    103920
     tgagttcagt aggctgttta cgagatttca ggatttcccc atttatttag atagggcttt    103980
     agtcttaaat gaactgcccg gggtagttgc taatatggtc acagagtaaa cagactttat    104040
     aacaagatca atcattaaaa ataaacaaaa acaaaagtat ccatctggac tgtaaaccct    104100
     aataagttga gattactcaa attatttgag gaaagtgatt ccctaagttt gtttgagtaa    104160
     tgggaaatcg acaactcaat tgagttgacc caatgtggtc tcttcattga ataaacttaa    104220
     atgtttaatt acagatacat taaatgttat aggacagata acttaaaatg gcaaatagac    104280
     taaacttcca aatgttttag cttttatttt ctttacttac taccaaggcc atttatattg    104340
     aagttgatat ttagctgcaa catcttggtg tttcgtaaaa tcaaattttt acgaggtatg    104400
     ttgttatccc aacgctcaac cccaaacctg gaggaccagg acatacccac atacactaca    104460
     ggcaatttag cttacccaat tcacctacag cgcatgtctt tggacttgtg agggaaactg    104520
     gagcaccctg aggaaaccta tgccaacatg gggagagcat gcaaactcca catagaaatg    104580
     ccaactaacc cagttggtac tcaaaccagt gaccttgttg ctatgaggcg acagcgatac    104640
     ccactacttc actgcgtcac ccctgcgtgt atatcaatta ataaaaattt acgtaagcat    104700
     tcaaatatct acctactagt ttaacttttc tctttggtca gatgggttca ggcagtgcct    104760
     ctgtccttca gcaaaattca gcatcacaag caaaatgacc accttgtgtc atataacatg    104820
     tatcgaccaa ttagcgcagt agtcaaggca gaattttagg tgcaaccaat cattttaaac    104880
     agaaacatgg tgaatcattt aaagaaattg aaatgttcag ttcagagaac tgagaataat    104940
     aattaaacgt tttttgctgc atgataagta agttaaacac acctgtttac gttttgatgc    105000
     caaaacttgg tattttaagt aatgtctagt tatattaacc gaatatcttt agtaatgaca    105060
     acagcagggt ttacagtgtg tagctccttc accagactcg agacttacgt ttaatactcc    105120
     tgctactggc attcctccgc tcccatggct cttggccaca cccacactca tccccaacac    105180
     caggccaacc aattacagat cttgcactct gcttctcctg aagtgtacat tcctttagag    105240
     gtgcacgtta gggttgaagg gtatgcacaa caactgcatt tttgggattg aaaatgggtt    105300
     acaaaataaa aacaacccag aaaacaagag tctaaacgat gacacatgca tgtatggtac    105360
     atgtttagtg aaagtgtaga tttagggcaa gtgtgaacaa acacaacaat ggcaaagtat    105420
     gttgtagtgt tgctgctcag gtgtttacaa gaaattgctt cagcaaagtg tggatttact    105480
     ttacattaca acgcagcata tacagaatgg caaattctat acacacaaag atagttgtac    105540
     aagtatatat gcacaataag tacgtgcagc agcagcagaa cacataggag tgaatctaag    105600
     ggtgttgatt tgttttatat agatctgcaa aggtttgaat gggtgcgaag ggtgtgtaca    105660
     gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgatgat gacatgagga gagtgttaat atatgtgcat    105720
     gatgtgtgtg tgtaatcttt acatgtgtgt gtgtatgaag gaatgtgtga agtaggtgag    105780
     tttcctgtca ggttgatcag tgtgtaaatg tgtgtgaaag ctggctttgt gtgggtaaca    105840
     cacggcttgg ctgtacacat ttttatcttt tactggcctg tttggaccat tagttcagat    105900
     gattacatgc cctgccaaca tcttcacagc caaaaagtga aagtatattt ttagttttac    105960
     ttacactgta aagaatgctg gcttcctcac agtgatttta ataccactaa tcaatactct    106020
     gattaagagt ctacagcgta aacagcgttt ttttttgatt aagtgaatct gattaaggtc    106080
     ataatcgtac aaaacagaaa tcgaattaag acatcgaatt aagattttat tgacattatt    106140
     aaagtgcagt acagacatgt aaacaccgca atcaatctat tccagtcttt tcgctgcatt    106200
     ttgtgatagg atattccata cacacacaga tttttgacac tattctctgc acctactgag    106260
     tcagtaaaaa aaccccagac acacatactg caattgtgga gtttttttct cccttccgtc    106320
     gtgtggtatt aaattccatt aaaacaacac tcttccagca gttcatactc gcattcaata    106380
     tcttgtttgt catggtgggc ttacatgaaa tgttcctgaa ttaaagtgaa agtgccaaac    106440
     tgcagttaaa gtcaacaaat tgaaaatgaa tcaccggaaa ttacatgaca ctccagagga    106500
     aatgtgaata gcgtggtggc actgtgacgt taattgactt atgtgctata acatgtaaaa    106560
     caggatcata aaagcaacat tcaaaaagtt actcatataa acaccatcat attattgtct    106620
     tattcagatt aaggcaaata attcggttac tgatgtgatg tccatgtaaa cgtagtcagt    106680
     tcctccatgt taactgaatc ttttaacaaa tttaagtgga ttgaacatat aacaattaag    106740
     ttgtcccccc aaaaaactaa gaattgtgtt gtttcaactc attttaatta agtagtttca    106800
     acggtcccac tttatattaa gtggccttaa ctaatatgta cttacacaag aattgatagt    106860
     ttgttacaat gtacttattg tgtaaataca tgtatttatt gtgtacttat gcttgattca    106920
     atacatgtat gtaattatat ctgtaattaa cttttgtagt tacatttgta aatacactgt    106980
     ttaccatccc ttacacctta acccaccttt aaacctaccc atgccaccaa accagcccat    107040
     aacccaacct ctatcccaac tcaaaagcac cacaagtgtt ctcaaataca ttataaacac    107100
     agtaagtaca ttgtatttat tttttgatgc aagtacatag tagttaagga cacttaatat    107160
     aaagtgggac cgtttaaaca agcagcaaaa gactttttga gtgtatgtac tgcaaatgtg    107220
     catagttctt cttcatagct tcttctattt ttattgtgtt gtcatttttt gactgacaga    107280
     aagtgaaaat gtataaaact aaatgactaa aatgttaaaa taacactgta agaatgaaaa    107340
     ctaatttgtt atctattatt agaaaataat aatgtttcca tatatggtga gatttatgga    107400
     atctaagggc ccatttgtga gggcccacaa ataaatacct actgtagaag cataaatgat    107460
     acctataaat tatatataac attgttttct attatatttt tatggtgagg gtcccccacc    107520
     ttcagtaatg aacctgttta gcagtcaaat cagtaaatat ttcattttaa aaacaaaatt    107580
     atttatttat tatttttact tgagaattca ccttaaaaaa acaaatcatt taaaaagttc    107640
     tacacggtga tttgcaaaat gcatcacaaa ataataataa taataatata ataataataa    107700
     taataataat aataataatt taagtacaaa gggtgcattt tagaactttt tccatggctg    107760
     gaattgctca gggccctaaa atcactaaat ctgccccagg tgaaactgca actcaaatgg    107820
     gataatgtgt gtttgtgtaa ctcagtcatc agcagttgtg tcagtctgga ttaatctgac    107880
     ctctgtttaa caacacacga ctgagaaaac acaaaaacag actgtaagag gatttaccta    107940
     cagtatgagc acatcatcta cacacacatc gtcttacagc acagagaagg ataatctgta    108000
     gaggaccact gtaaacccgg actagcacac atacagaatg tcaacacact gataaagcag    108060
     catcacggag cttcaagaaa acatgaacac atgaacagag aattataagt aaaaaaatcc    108120
     aatgtttgac tgcaaccact acaaagcctt ctaacaacac atacagtcat cagaagccag    108180
     atggcggatc ataaagcaaa cataatctgt gccagaataa agcctagttt tccaggtgtt    108240
     gagagcgatc tctactgaga gttacaacca aatggcacca caaatcacaa ggcctgagga    108300
     tattaaaaaa aacaggcaac attcacgcat tgggaggtct cagagggctg cgacatctag    108360
     ataactcaac actcaacgtg atcagtagtg tttcctaaag caaattatca acacttaaac    108420
     aaatatggaa atagtaaagg atatatgttt ttttagatgc acaaaagagt caactgttca    108480
     agaattggac tactgcattt acatctgttt taacatggaa aaatgtctaa aaactgcata    108540
     atttttagga agggaatgaa acaaatgatt gcacagaaaa tacggcttgt aaaaattatt    108600
     aaaggagtta tattggtgcc gaaaaacttt tgtaaagatg ttttgccttt cccatctaac    108660
     acacttttgg gactgatttt tgctgattaa catgaacaaa caccaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa    108720
     atgttttagc gcttttatag ttttcatcta aaattatttt ttgtttgaaa atctctaatt    108780
     attatttagt ttaccaaaca aaaaattgat tcacaaactg atatttaaaa aaattaaata    108840
     atgactttgc ccccggacct aagaagcagt gatagtcttc acactttttt ttatgtctat    108900
     atattttgaa agaaaaacaa gataaattat tacatacaag ggtttgacaa gactttttat    108960
     ttttttgtta cattttcccc catgaacaac ctccctcccc ttccaaaaga aaaataaata    109020
     aataaacata taataaaaaa tgtaaaaaat ataaaaaaga aatagaaata atagtaacaa    109080
     aattaattaa ttaattaatt aatgctaaat taaataaaat atttacacag tcacaaagtt    109140
     ttaataatac aatgaggaag tatttaacag taatgtttgc tcatttagtt tgattgcgtt    109200
     atccttataa gcacagacct ctattagttt taatttcagg ggaagtgtta ggcctttttc    109260
     aaagtatgag attattggag tccatactga ataaaaacgt gtagtagatc ctctaagaga    109320
     ataatcttca ctcttttaaa tctcgtctta aaacccatct ttgcaggctt ttgtgtgact    109380
     atggtttacc atgctacttt atactttgat gtttttgtac ttcagcttct gtcatgtatt    109440
     tcatgtattg tgtcttgcat tgttttattt tttattaatt gtcttaataa tttgtttcag    109500
     tctctctgtt gatgcttgtt gttagaccac cttgagtgtc cagaaaggca ccatttacaa    109560
     aatgaattat tattattact tttataaaat aatgattatt cagatcaaaa caaatatgaa    109620
     ataaaaaaat aatacaaaaa ttgaatgcat tacaaccatc acaatttgat gcttgttcaa    109680
     actatttatt tataatgagt tgaatcaaca caattcttga cttttttttg ataacttaac    109740
     tgttttatgt tcaatcaaac taaatttgta aaaacaatta aattaacaaa atcgatttgt    109800
     gttgagacaa cattaaggaa tagtgtaaaa cccagtaatt tttacagtga gaccagctta    109860
     tctgatcttc aatctgtctc aatttccaaa caaaaataat atacacacta taacacacac    109920
     atactttctc ttcagtctta cacacgcaca catacagagt ctgtctgttc ttccccagca    109980
     gcagtgctgt gtatcctcac gggccctgcg gtgggaactg tggtgtcaaa acaacattgt    110040
     catttttttt tccacacttc tccatggtgt tgctttgttc agctggccgt gtctgattcc    110100
     ccgcgctcct ttcctgatgc atttttcaga agttacgtgc caaacattgt gttccgacgc    110160
     atcaaaaaga ctatttagag cccccaggat taacagctct tgttaaatcg aaggttacac    110220
     ttggcacagc cataaaaaat tgagcagcta actatattaa ccaggctgag cggcgtgaac    110280
     tgcatttaaa agataacacg gtttctttta gcattactaa ttcatccaca aggcctgccg    110340
     gtggaacgct gaaacactgg gatacagaaa gctcacacat aaattgaaca tgccgtctca    110400
     cccgcagctc cgaaacatcg atttctcccc atcgtgtcga tacgtcttca ctcacaaaac    110460
     actcaaaaca aactctccca ccgcagagag taattacccg atcgctgcct ctgaagctga    110520
     tagaacaaat gctgaacaag tgtctcagga cgctgggaat ctgccttcgc tggattatat    110580
     ttgcacataa actaaacatg agtgcagcag gtgcgagcgg tttgggaaat aacattgttt    110640
     actacatgag aacgactctg gagcatctcc tacaaatgac aaatcatatc tgacttgtat    110700
     aggttgttaa tgaaaaagct ggcggtgtta ttgtggatga tcttattggc taatgaaagt    110760
     catgggatgg gattggattg gtgttttgct tttaaatact caaaagcctt aaaggagtaa    110820
     aacatttatt tagccaaaag atttattcac tgtcatgttg tttcaaacct atattgtttt    110880
     ttttgtgata aaagtctatg tgtcctaaaa ctgtttggat agcgacatcc ttcaaaatat    110940
     ctccaagatc agattttttt ccccccatat taacctcatc ctctgtgtat cagtgggcgc    111000
     agccattaga atctttttgg cttgagcctt ccggtctcat tcactttcat tgacttttag    111060
     atgttaaaaa cagcttgttt ttcccagaga tgcattgcag ctggatctgc tgcataaaac    111120
     ttgtgctaga taagttggcg gttcattccg ctgtggcgac cccgaattaa taaagtgact    111180
     aagccaaaaa gaaaatgaat gaatgaatga aaacacctcg ctatgctgct taatgttgca    111240
     tactgatatt ttattataat attattctgc tttgtctgta tattcatgca cacatttgtt    111300
     tgtagagcaa gtactttggc cattttcttc catttattat gcatcgttat ttttcccata    111360
     ggctactgaa tcggaagttc taaaacaatt acaaaaataa gtgcacttca gcattgaaga    111420
     ataaggtcaa taatggaagt caatggaccc agaagtgttt gcttaccaac attcttcaaa    111480
     atatctttaa aatcagacat ttttatatgg aagtccataa tgagacccaa atttgatgag    111540
     cttatttaaa tgttatcact catctgaatg agcattatca gtggttatca gctgttagat    111600
     atgagccact ggtaggctca gaaggttgtt atcatccatc cacatggtta atcagctata    111660
     gatcacatac ggctgcagct gaaagtaact atttgtataa tttattaaat ttctgggcaa    111720
     tgcattggtg tagtaggtag tgctgtcgcc tcacagcaag aaggtcactg gttccagcct    111780
     cggctgggtc agttggtagt tctgtgtgga gtttacatgg gtttcctcca ggtgctccgg    111840
     tttcccccac agtccaaaga catgcggtac aggcgaattg ggtagactaa attgtcgcga    111900
     gcgtatgtgt gtaattaaga gtgtatggat gtttctcaga gatgggttgc agttggaaga    111960
     gcatccgctg cgtaaaacat atgctgaatt agttggcggt tcattccgct gtggcaaccc    112020
     cagattaata tagggactaa gccgaaaaga aaatgaataa ataatcgtga taaatttgcc    112080
     attaattgta ttttattaac atctaccttt accccaaccc taaacccaat cgtcacagta    112140
     atgtaaaaac agatctgaat atggagtctt ctctgttagc atagctgatt aaccatgtgg    112200
     atggatgata acagcctccc aagcctacac tcgtgcagaa ggcccctact ggccaatatc    112260
     tattagctga taaccactga taatgcccat tcaattaagt gctaacattt gaatcagatg    112320
     atttggtttg gctaatagca ttcttcagaa taatcttgcg tcccaaatcg catacttatg    112380
     cactattcta tgccattttg tagaataaat agtgtaagta gtgcgttcac actgaaaaat    112440
     aataagcaca ctttaaatac ccagaagggg cgaggcagtg gcgcagtagg tagtgctgtc    112500
     gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctggttcgaa cctcggctca gttggcgttt ctgtgtggag    112560
     tttgcatgtt ctccctgcat tcgcgtgtgt ttcctccggg tgctccggtt tccaaagaca    112620
     tgtggtacag gtgaattggg taggctaaat tgtccgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtgaat    112680
     gtgtgtgggg atgtttccca gagatgggtt gcggctgcgt ataaatggat aagttggagg    112740
     ttcattccgc tgtggcggcc ccggattaat aaagggacta agccgacaag aaaaggaatg    112800
     aataaataaa tacccagatg atgcactaat tcagcagctt aaatgaaggg tggtaatgat    112860
     ggacacttta cacactttct gcacagtcaa aggaatcttg ggcagaggaa gatcctattg    112920
     taatcgcaca aaaagttgaa attctgggca tgctaaagga aggtagaact tacacggccg    112980
     cagggtgcca ttatggaata aataaatgaa gattaaatgg ttttgatctt tggtttcatt    113040
     ctataatact tataagattt tttttctatg aaggtttgaa ctttgagtgt gttgaaacgg    113100
     gagagataag tatgaaaatg ataatgcctg tctgagaaaa gtgtagaaag tgtgtaatta    113160
     agtgtgtaca gccttaaaac atctataata attgtaaaaa ataaagaaga ctactttgca    113220
     gatttcgcct atcattcgag ttatttttag aaagcaactc ctgcaaataa tgagggacca    113280
     ctgtacatct gcacacattt ttgaactttt accagcatgg acaatgccaa aatttgagct    113340
     agacattatt gtatggatgt agggatgaaa gggatggtaa aaggaacagt gggatgaagt    113400
     gtaagggaag taggaagata aatggtgaac aggtaggtag gtttatcggg cgtcctacga    113460
     tgatgcccag agactcagag tgggagtacc gtctctgtaa tattttgata gagtgtttgg    113520
     acccccttat tcaacctagg agcgaagaga gggttatagg attgttaatg ggaagcgagg    113580
     aaatagaggg aggaaaggtg ggctcgagag agaatgaaaa gaagagtgct ggagggctgg    113640
     attgtcttaa ataagttttt agggagcagg ttaagaagac aaagtgaggt gtgattctgc    113700
     tgacgagcct ttgctatcaa gttaactcca tataatggca ataatgggac aataacatga    113760
     acagtgattt atagaaatga agagatttta aaccaaccac ctgatgacac aaggatctct    113820
     aagaagttgt ccgctattaa caagaaatgt catgaccata gacctgtcct tcagtctatc    113880
     agctgttatg tagccattta agcaagaggt cagatgttac gtttcagcct tgagatactc    113940
     agctgtaaat cttcaaaaac tggcagacat ccaactgacc cttcatgaaa caggccaaga    114000
     cgtggacaca cagacagaca gaccgaccga ccaacacaca cacaggcact caatccttcc    114060
     cagcatacaa ttggcccctg attactcaaa gcattccagc aaatggctga ttacacaatc    114120
     agaggccttt gaagcagaat gattctcctg tggcttcagt aatggaggca aaatgaaacc    114180
     tgtccacttg ccttagaaga gccgtctgat gagaccttca tcggggagaa caagagcaag    114240
     agagggaaag agagacatgg gggaaatacc ctactaacac agcacatcaa tcactgcacc    114300
     cacggggaga gaaccagaaa gaaatgtgtt ccctccttcc actgctctcg cctctctcca    114360
     cggtcttatt atttctgccg agcgtctggt tgaggagttc ggggagatgt gaaggtgact    114420
     gtgcgaccag accaatgatt gatagagctg aaacaatcaa tccatctatc tatccatcca    114480
     tccgtctatt cattcactgc ttcaacactt tgagtaatta tccaccaggg atttattcta    114540
     atttgtccac ctaggtgaga ctgattatat ttttttgcac aagtttttta taatgaagag    114600
     aatatataaa gaaaaaagta aaagatggag taaaagtttt gtggaagcca tgatatacca    114660
     ttataaaatt cctgacttcc atcttaattt tacacgtcat caatgatgtc atataaaaac    114720
     aatctagtct tgattcatca aagaatcctg aaaagcaaaa tgtatcattg tttccacaaa    114780
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacatgaag catttttttt taacatcaac attaatatga accattatta    114840
     ttggtgaaca aagtagtttt ttacagtttt ttagtgcaca atggtgttct tggagcttca    114900
     tattttatga tcacagttga accactgaag tcacgttaga tgtttttaca atgttcttaa    114960
     ttcattttct ggacttttct ggatgagaga tctgttatgt ttcatctaaa atatcttaat    115020
     ttttgttgca aagatgaatg aaggcctcgg gggtttggat tggcacaaga gttagatatt    115080
     aatgacaaaa ttttaattta atcctctatt gaggtccatg cttaactgat cattgataag    115140
     gtgtatcaat ttattggatt atcaacaatt aatcaatcat cgattaatca ctggcaccct    115200
     agcctatagc tgtaaagatt ggtgcagttg tgaatatttt agtttttttg aaaatgtaag    115260
     acatatcttc ttcactgctg ggttttgttg tgcctgatct ctcctcctcc tccactgctc    115320
     ctctgactgc cgggaggatc gatgcaggtc acactgtcag ggccagcaga tgtagagctc    115380
     tcatttaaca cctgacagag aggaacacac cagagacacc agcacaggcc agcggtcagg    115440
     ggtcaacctg cagcctcgtc actgctaaac atcaagctcc aggccagaga gagagctaga    115500
     gagagacagt caaacacacc atctaagtaa ctaaacaatt acagtataat ctttattctt    115560
     tagccatgaa catatcattg tcctaatggc ctcgtgtgaa attaaaaatc attatttgat    115620
     tattaaactg attttcaata agtttaacag agcaaggaca tttttcagtg tttccaatga    115680
     catttttctt ctaaacaaag ttcttattct tttagtttgg cccctttgaa ttaaaaaaaa    115740
     aaattaatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    115800
     tatatatata tatatatata tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttcaaag tatgtctgat    115860
     agtatttttt cttatcttgt cttatttgct ttatttcggc tagaataaaa gccattttta    115920
     atttttaaaa agccatttaa ggtcaaaatt attagccctc taagctagtc tacagaaaaa    115980
     aaaaactgtt tttaaaaatg ttttaggttg ctgaaacaat catttgctct tttgtttttt    116040
     ccggctctgc tttgtttttc ttgcttcact cttgagtttg tccgtttctg aaaggatcag    116100
     atgtcagaag cacttcaaaa atcacacgca cattatcatt agcccattag ttcctttttt    116160
     caaatataga tgtgcagcga gctctctgga gaaagtgaaa ccactcacgc ttttagatgg    116220
     cttcttaaaa caacaacagg acacgcagct tctgttcttc ttggcttttt ggcaattcat    116280
     caatatgaca aggtttgttt gagctctggt cgaccatggc ttgttattat atttatatat    116340
     tattacggtg taatgtctcg gctgcgtatt taagaatgat ggtttctttg ttttcattct    116400
     tctggcttgt gcacacgcta gtgacgtatc tttgtaaacc aatagcgctc agctgtgttt    116460
     ctagctccgc cttttggtac ccttttgccg tactaggtac ttgcaaaggg tttccaaaaa    116520
     gtggtacggt ttgctttttc ataccttttg acagtagaaa cgggcataaa agcgtaccaa    116580
     cctgtaccgt tccacttagt ggaaacagac cattagactc ttcgaatata gttgtgcttg    116640
     cttattgtaa agtaagtgac atactttcta atttcaggtt gcaatattat attacaataa    116700
     aatcataggc tatacatttt gcacaccatt agttaatata taaataaaaa gaagcttaaa    116760
     cacaaacttc aaataatgtg ctttcaaaac ctcaacagtt tctagaagca agacataagt    116820
     aaaactggta atttttctac taattgtaag cacagtgtgg tctgttttag atgttataga    116880
     acagcacagg aaaattaaat aaagcattgt gcccatgaga gagagagaga gaaagagaga    116940
     gagagagaga aagagaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    117000
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagatatgtg tgttcctgta    117060
     gtcaagaggg tgtgtattca acaggcaaca ctcgaggacc atcatgcaca cttcacttca    117120
     gctcacttca gggccaagtg cattaagcac cactgctgag ctccaccaac agaggataaa    117180
     aagagctggg ggggctggag aaacactcaa tgaatgaaac atgtgcaaac gctgtgactt    117240
     cagagcaact gctttttcat ttacatcaac cagaaaaaaa ggagggctca agcccatgtc    117300
     agaaaaacac tttaaatgtt accttttcca tatactgtag tgctagggcc aaatgataac    117360
     aaagttttaa tgccaatcaa tcattgttat gtaatttttg caaatatttt ctgcactact    117420
     agtgctgtag tgcggtggtt ctcaaacttt gtagccccca aaataacaat tctggatgct    117480
     tacgaactaa actatcctca gaggtagtaa taaacaaaca gtagagacat tggctaaaca    117540
     tatagtatag ataaaataca accccccccc ctcattctcc cgtgaccccc actttgggaa    117600
     tcattgtctt agtgatcaag ataatttgtt taaactgtat ttgaaggttt ttgcaacaaa    117660
     caaactgtta actatgcctc aataaactcc taaattgctg catattaata tttataaggt    117720
     agtaacatag tagtatacta ttagtaaaca tatacaaata aacagctaat atcttaacaa    117780
     taggctttaa taaatatcta atagtgagaa ttggtactta aactaaagcg ttactgattt    117840
     attttgtaac atttctaata gggtttgaca gtaaagagct aatgaatggc atttacctat    117900
     ttgattaagt taaaattaca ctttacactg taaataccct cttacatggg tactttttgt    117960
     ttagatatgc ttttaaattg ccatatgggc tttagtaaaa aactatgcac agtagttaca    118020
     ctactaattc tcgcttctga tcgagctggt gattgacaga tctatctatt aaataaagct    118080
     ttgcagcttc aaattattac caaaaaagat ttaaaccaaa aaaggtccaa ttgtcacaat    118140
     cactagcaat ctagtccata cagatggctg gagaacttca aatctgccat caaaagaacc    118200
     gtaaatcctg tcttgcacca tgcactcaca ccagttccag ttcttctatg attacacaca    118260
     cacacagctg aagctcatca ttcattacct ggactataaa gacagcacac acacaaacat    118320
     ctttgctaag tattgtttat ctgttttagt gagtattacg atgcgtttcc tttgccttgc    118380
     catgcttgac cttacgcctt gttttactgt ttccgttgtt ttcgctgcct gtcctgacca    118440
     ttcgcctgtt tactgaccat tctttggatt ctcctatatg catttgtttg ctcctgtgat    118500
     cgacctgact attcttgtta ataaatacta ctaatgatag taagaaaata cattgcataa    118560
     catcaacaat cataaaacgt agtttctaaa tcgtgttaca tactaaataa acattaataa    118620
     aaaaaggaca aggatacatg tatcatattc aaggtatagt ttttttttta catttatttt    118680
     aactgaattg ttaactttta tttttattgt atgttgttca gaacttcaga agaaataata    118740
     atcaatagtt taaatcaata atcaatagtt agaaatgaaa aaaaaaaaaa acgttttaca    118800
     caaacctagc ttatacaccc agtaaattta aactgaatac ctacaaacaa atacaatata    118860
     cactcactga ccaatttaat agggatctaa atagaaacag agaaaaaaag agcaagtctt    118920
     ttcttctaat aaacgactgt ttggtgacaa catgcgaaag aacaaaacag ctgtgtatcc    118980
     tgttatctga agaagcgtgt gtgaggtgtg aagagtttat gcgtgtgcgt gtttcaaggt    119040
     gtagagttgt gcattattaa gactttaaat aacgatgtgg aattgcttag cagaaatgat    119100
     ttgattagca tgttgggctc ttaaaacgag ctggaagtaa accaaatgag agcagagaga    119160
     taaagcgaga gagaaagcgg gagaaggtgc gataaggccc ttaattgctg taactgcacc    119220
     tagagacttg atgatctgtg acatcttccc ctccgccatg tgcaaactct gctaacagtt    119280
     aattaagtgt tgcggggatg ttggggagcg atggatcaga gagagctgtt ctctggagaa    119340
     tataccgact gcattataaa aagaggtgtc agcctgcttt accaacactt taggagctgg    119400
     atgagacctg aatgctttct actgaccctt gcccagtgtg tttgctctga catattcagc    119460
     tgaaatcatt gatttagtct ttatgtgcca tacaaatcta taaggcaggt aggcagggct    119520
     aagcctggtc agtacctgga tgggagacca catgggaaaa ctaggttgct catggaagtg    119580
     gtgttagtga ggccagcagg gggtgctcaa cctgtggtct atgtgagtcc taatgcccca    119640
     gcatagtgaa gggtacacta tactgtcagt gagatccatc tttcggatga gatgtaaaac    119700
     cgaggtcctg actctctgta tacatataca ttacatatgt gtcaaaaata acgtctgtaa    119760
     atctagaatt gaagtatttt aaaaatgtta ataaatgtat aatgagcaaa attcaaaggg    119820
     ttatgcaaac aaaaagacca gtatggaaaa tgtgcagata ttttattacg cttctaaatt    119880
     atttaacaat ttgaacaaac tgtgcaaaac atcacttcat ttttttcatt gtgttcttct    119940
     catgtaaatg tctcctttca agatgttagg aaacagacga attcttttag cctcataact    120000
     tgatgttgtc gccatgttgc cgtctcttgg tagcatttaa aggcttaaaa gcacaaatcg    120060
     tttctggatt ttaggccttt attcgcacgc aattgacaaa tattcacagg caaattaagc    120120
     tttagtaaca aggcagcatt ggccggattg agccactaac ggttctgtct agtgtcccga    120180
     gcgtctttca cgctggctcc gagcaattgt gcagtcctta ttgttgagcc ctgatacttc    120240
     ttagtacttg atttagttaa attctttcca ttattgttga ctttaggtgt aagatgagtt    120300
     tatgagttaa ttattgattg cttgcttgag tgattataag tggggaaatt gttattgtgt    120360
     tgatcaaccc tgaataacag acattacata tgcgtactaa ggtcagcagg atgcttcagt    120420
     gataaatggg taaatgaaag tttggcctca ggtgaccagc gtgtctgagg aacacagtgt    120480
     acagcctgag cctcagaaaa tatcaggaga cacagccatc aaatgtcaca ggctgtcaac    120540
     ctgtcacacg ctctcagagt aatgcagcgg gacacacaca catgcacagg cacacacata    120600
     tgcacaccca cacactcacc ctgcaggggc ctttgtttag cttgtggcct ctgactgcag    120660
     gagcatcatg ggaaatgtca gtccgtcaaa acggcgaggc aggtcagcca ttctgacacc    120720
     tcggagcttt tcagctgagt tgagtgtatt agagcagaga acacacacat aaaagaccta    120780
     gtgtgactgc tttactctcc ttactgtgtt ttaggggttg gcagaactaa aaaaatctaa    120840
     cagaagagtt tttttatgtt gaatttctac aggaaattaa agatgttcat atgtagctac    120900
     aacccccccc ccccccccat tatattaaaa aagtaaacaa aacaagttat tttatcttta    120960
     cacttacatc tatacatcga gtaaatactt tataaaagaa atgtacttta ttttttgaat    121020
     ttcaaaataa aaatccatcc atctatctgc ctttgttagt ttttattcat atgaaatatt    121080
     taactaatga aagctagttt ctttacatct tttaaacatt tgattggatt gttgtttttt    121140
     aaattagatt atattagaaa atcatttaga cttccaacca tccatcatta tatgttgttc    121200
     tattttgcat tgttaaaaac atttaacaac acacacacac acaaaaatgt taattaaaat    121260
     atttagcaag atagcaacat ttgaagagtt cagatgaaaa gaaaaagacg aagaattgaa    121320
     gcgtgccata tgaaattttc ctttaaaatt agttttgtct cagcctgttg tgtttaggat    121380
     cagtcattgc aattttaaag ccaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    121440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt ccattgcctt    121500
     taacatgaaa tagctgagca taaacagaga aggctaagaa aaatgctaat ttaagagaaa    121560
     catttcagct ggcaattttc tttttttagg gatgtcccga tcaggttttc tcccttgagt    121620
     ccgagtcatt tgattttaag tatctatcaa taccgaaacc tgatctgata cttttataat    121680
     acataaaaaa gacgaaagaa gagtgaagaa acagattcag gatgttccat attttttttc    121740
     tatttgattc atcttatttt aacattcaac aactctgtta acaaacagag cgcttctgtg    121800
     aggtagctta aacaatcatg taataaataa catcaattct tcacctcttg caatccaaag    121860
     tttacatatc tcacagtttg ctatggcaat gttgttgtca tcaacgttat aatacctcca    121920
     tatggcagaa aaactctggt tgttgatctg gttgatcaga tacagttgtg ccgagaaatg    121980
     cacccctgcc gtaaaatgca ccctctctgc atctataaac tgaaaatgat taaaaaaatt    122040
     aataacagag ttatgacact aatgagagtt actgaggtga gtttcatgaa tggaaccctt    122100
     cccttacaga atataaataa ataaataaat aaatcaacaa ataaataaat ttgtaaacct    122160
     agtgcaattt ataatgtgta taaattattg tccttgcttt atccatcaaa atattaatca    122220
     ttttacgttt taataatttt taaaatgtag actaagaata ctaattaaag tctataaaga    122280
     gggggatttt acagcagggg tgcgtttctc ggcacaacac cggcatttaa ctaatagcgt    122340
     ccctgcaaca aagtgatgtc atgccacatg cattgttgtg tgaaatcaag aaagaggtct    122400
     aaccctgtgc caccacataa tgtgttaaaa aatattaaga atatttatat atacataaag    122460
     ttgaagccag aattattaaa gcctgtgagt tagtagcccc tgtttttttt cccctaattt    122520
     cggtttaaca gagagatttt ttcaacacat ttctaaacat ttagttttaa tagctcattt    122580
     cattttattt cgttttcttg tcggcttagt ccctttatta atctggggtc gccacagcgg    122640
     aatgaaccac caacttatcc agcaagtttt aatgcagcgg atgcccttcc agccgcaacc    122700
     catctctggg aaacatccac acacacattc acacacactc atacactacg gacaatttag    122760
     cctacccaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtgtt tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg agtacccgga    122820
     ggaaacccac gcgaatgcag ggagaacatc caaactccac acagaaacgg caactgagcc    122880
     gaggctctaa ccagcgaccc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgacagcac aagctactgc    122940
     gccactgctt cgtcttaata gctcatttct aataactaat ttattttagc tttgtcatga    123000
     tgacagtaaa taatattttg ccagatattt ttcaagacac ttctatacag cttaaagtga    123060
     catttaaagg cttaactagg ttaattaggt taaccaggca ggttagggta attagacaag    123120
     ttgttgtata atgatggttt gttctgtagt ctatcaaaat atatatagct taaagaagtt    123180
     aataattttg accttaaaat ggttaaaaaa aaactgcttt tattttagct taaataaaac    123240
     aaacaaggct ttcttcagaa gaaaaaatat taacagacat actgtgaaaa tgttcttgct    123300
     ctgttaaaca tcatttgggg aatatttgaa atagaaaaaa aaaatcaaag ggagtttaat    123360
     aattctgatt tcaactgtat attctgtaca tatatattag agtcctgatt agaaggtaac    123420
     atctgattcc aatcgagtct aaaaccatgt tttcgaatct ggacattcct atttttcttt    123480
     tcttcttcaa tttaattctt ttttcacttt ttggcttctg aaaaattcta cactgtaaaa    123540
     ctcaagtgtc aactttttga attacaatga gtgcagttat ctcaaaattg actgaaagta    123600
     aattctactc atttgaaaag agtttcgaac tcagtgttga agagtaaatt aaatacctcc    123660
     ttacttcaac ttaactggag taagttcaca gtactcatat agattagttt tctaactcaa    123720
     atggtttgta gcgatcagtt tcctcaaacg atttgagttg ccttaaccta ttgggtttta    123780
     cagtactcag ttgtttgagt tctcttcatt tattagttta actatgcaca aattgcttca    123840
     tgtcctcaaa aggattaagt tcacagtact cattagaatt agtttttgaa tttaaatggt    123900
     ttgttgcaat cagtttcctt aattggtttg agttaccttt actttttggg ttaccaaaat    123960
     caaaatgaat agattttagg gtatctatta atccatgaaa catttgtgat tgtttttttt    124020
     tatatttata gaaaatgaaa actagtttat ttacattttt gaatatttaa ttggattctt    124080
     ttttatttag attataacag aaaggcattt attcatccat ccatctttta tatgttgtga    124140
     tattttaaat tggtacaaac aacttaatac aaaaggttta ttgaaatatt tagcaatact    124200
     tctatttctt tcttttctaa ttttttggat tctgaaaact tctgtccata gatagataga    124260
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    124320
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gcttctgtgt    124380
     ctttaattta aaactacatt gttttttttt tgaagtaaaa tgcaatctct ttaaatgtgt    124440
     catgccagag tgcatctgtt gaatttgaaa gcaaacattg tgctcagtga tcttaacgtt    124500
     aaagtctatt tacttctaac acacgaggag gcgcagagac aggtttctcc tcttcccgct    124560
     gccatcatcc ggctgacaga gccgtttctc tgagcgtaac ccaccgtgtt gctacacaag    124620
     tcgtcctgaa tgccgctttt tattctgacg ttttgacaga cgcaaggatg ctggcactca    124680
     gcctgtctac cgtgcgactc gattaaaatg ggaagttatt tgttgcaaaa ccaattacag    124740
     ggcagctaat gaagacgcag catctctccc gcctgtctct gtatctctct gaagaccttt    124800
     gagagagaca aattaaagag catcaaagcc agggattgga acaacaacat tcttgatgat    124860
     cttagacatg tcaaacaaag tggaaatgtg aatcttggat cacaagcttc ttaatctgcc    124920
     ctgatgtgac atctacagag agaaaggtca caaaaaaggt ggttttttta cacctgcact    124980
     tgggccgttg atgtgatttt gcattgtaga tacgcacctg tcaacatttc tggagaatgt    125040
     ggattatgta gccagagata cgtctggctg cattttgtct ttaaaatgaa cgctacgggg    125100
     tgttatgatg ccaccaatgg cttcttttcc ttttaacgct acaagctaac cacttacctc    125160
     cgcgtggatg gattttctgg tgttaccagt ttggccaatg gctcaccgaa tacgcagatt    125220
     gacttgggag ttggcgacgg ggtttgagtc aggcgaaaaa cagttccaaa gaccaaacaa    125280
     aggcaaaaaa ataaaataaa tatgtaaaca ctaggctgaa aacatggtga aatcacacgg    125340
     ctgcgacggc ttttctattt ctagattgct tttgaaaaca ctatcgattg ggtttaggga    125400
     aggggtgggt ggttcagtcg gttggtgggt cagtcggttg atcattcagt cagtcagtcg    125460
     acagcatgct ggcctggtta gctgaagtgt atattgtgcc accatgatgg atttatttaa    125520
     aaagaggatg cgcaagagaa atttgatact atcaaaaagt gtacacagca gtgcctgacg    125580
     aatttgtaaa aaacaaaaac tgctagaaga cgtatcttcc gttatgtatt tttgctgtcc    125640
     ccaaaactac agaactgggt acgtatcaac aacaagcctg ggttgaaact gctgtgttat    125700
     ttaaaaaaaa attaattacg ggcaaataat aaaaaaaaaa caatagaaaa tagttcaata    125760
     aatgacaaac ttttttaaaa accaataaca aagcttttaa tttatgttgt cacccctgtt    125820
     tttacatccc tattactagt ctgacaagac attgaaaaaa atgattcaaa atattattca    125880
     taatttcaaa taacataact aggaccatac tctacctgac aaaagacctg tcgtcgatcc    125940
     cagttgtaag agcaacaaat aataacttga cttctagctg atcatttgga aaagtggcag    126000
     aagatagaat tttccatgaa agtgcatgcc aatgatcata aatagtgcag aacacttatt    126060
     ggaaaccgca tgtacccaag attcttacag aaatcagtca aatttattaa aggaaaaatc    126120
     atggtttggg gttacattca gtattggggc atacaacatc aacagcctga gtatcaagaa    126180
     atgtgggctg cccattacat tacaaactac aggagagggc aaattcttca gcaggatagc    126240
     actccttctc atactttagc ctccaaaagg tcaaggtgtt aatacgagga tcttactgtc    126300
     ctaattaaat aattataaat caagacatta tcttatttta tttgggtaaa ataaacataa    126360
     tctagaggcc tttgcctttc atataagcca cttctgatac caaatgatca actagaagtc    126420
     aagttattat gaattgtttg ttaatcttaa taatgaatga aaataagcgt ccaacaatga    126480
     agataaatag ctctcatgct atttgtatat ttttaagtgt tgtttttata tatttttact    126540
     aagtcacatc ataggaaatt tttacgaaac agttcagtca aattattatt atattttata    126600
     ttcctattat attatattaa ataattataa cgttattata taattattat tataaagttc    126660
     ttgacctctt atattaacac tagataaaaa gaactatttc ttttctttaa aaattatgtt    126720
     ttacaaaaaa aaagaattat tattgtctat ttgtcttacc cacattcaca gttatatacg    126780
     tatttctctt gaagaaaaca caagaacagg atgagatgtt gatttccacc tagtcttgat    126840
     tgaaagaagc actatacaat atagtgaaca cacgatcata tacacctgta caacgaccta    126900
     ttcattaata ccgttttttc ccttatattc cgtcatatat ccatggcaac agggctcaga    126960
     tctgtaaggt tgaaagacat tacggtgatc tgaagagaaa aggtgggcgt attctctttc    127020
     actctttcac atcaaataaa aagaacaaat aaatcgcagc gcattcatca aacatcttcc    127080
     ctgagaggcg caaagtttcg ctgcagaaaa acaagcctta aatcaaagta aaggcgcctg    127140
     tcgtcgagct ccgagaaata tcgagagaaa aagatctatt atttggaacg gaacaagaac    127200
     gccaatccaa agcaaaaaaa agaagatggg ggcgtctcaa gctgtttctg ttcaaatacc    127260
     ccctcccttt tctctttttc tcttcaggca tatgtttggc ctctcaccca agcccgctat    127320
     gctgactgac ccggtgtttg gctcctctga accccctacg gtcaggagag tcgtccgggg    127380
     cgcatgaggg cacggcagta gggaagagag gccaataaca cctgctgctc ggcgtgaaag    127440
     ctgcctcgct attagattct ggcctgtggt cacacacact attacttctg gtgtgtggtt    127500
     tctgtctctt ttctctctct caaacacaca ctgagaagac aaagagggat gtgcggcaga    127560
     aacattcacc atgggtttct cccctggctg cgtactttgt ctttctcaaa catggcaaca    127620
     catcgctgga gaagggaacg atacctaccg catgcatttg tctgctaggg tgcaagtgag    127680
     tgatcgccca gacatttggc tcacttggta ggggctctga atatcacaac actttgacaa    127740
     atatatcaat atgatctaaa cttgaagaaa acttgaattg gattatgttg gatgaaggtg    127800
     tcatcttttg tagggttgta ttgaactaaa tcgaatcagc atttaagtga ctatatattt    127860
     ttagctactt cacaataggg agtcattaaa tcattcgcat tgaatcattc atcttgacaa    127920
     taactgttgt gaatttctta gcaaggcaaa atggtgtttc attaaaggat atgctgcttt    127980
     aaatgaatcg gttaaataaa aagctgggtt tctatcaccc tgttaatgca cattttaaaa    128040
     tattgcatta gaaacgtgat ggaaacgtga acttttttaa taaaaaaact aaatttgcca    128100
     aaacaagtta tgctagcttg aggtgaactt gcacaaaaag gctttatttg attaatggga    128160
     aaaaaatgtc aaataagctc tgatgtagtg aacattacat acacatgatt ccattatgct    128220
     taccggctgt attgttggct aaatggttac caatgctacg acagtcaagg actacagaat    128280
     acacaagaca ctcatatagt tttgaatggg aaagaatggt caatattgta aatgaagccc    128340
     cacctataca ggaaccaatc attaatcggt atagactaaa ctcagaccag atgtgtgttt    128400
     ttacaacagt ttgttgttca acaaacgcgc tggaatctca gggcgctttc acacctacac    128460
     ttttgtttcg gaacgtgtct cgtttgccca gttagcgcgg ttcgtttggc atatgtgaac    128520
     agtgcaatcg cgctctgttc cgcgccaaag taatcgctcc gagatcgctg gaatgaggtg    128580
     gtctcggctc gattgaaatg aaccctggag cggttcgatt gcagtgagaa agcgatccga    128640
     tccgagcgcg gttatatcac agtgttttat ggatatgtaa taggcttacg gctatatgaa    128700
     gagagaatta tgagtagggc gggaagtttg tgagtctccg gatgcccgca aagatctcct    128760
     ggtaatcttg cgtctccctc ccggtcctta aataggcatc gtcgcgcaac cttctcaccc    128820
     caccccaccg catctctcct cagacgcgtc gcgcgcgcgc accctgtcaa tcaccaccaa    128880
     accaccacct ctcctgacag cttagcagga cgctacaaaa taaaccctga cactctgact    128940
     aatgtgagga gagattactc gcacgtgact tgttttagct cttttggtcc gataagaaac    129000
     tttgcagtgt gaaagcgaac cgctccaaga gcaaagagca acaatgtaac atttgtaatc    129060
     tctgtttcgg aacaactgaa tcgattcata ggtgtgaaag cacccttagt gaatacttgc    129120
     ttcacagaca aatatatcaa aataaaactt gaaatctcta cttttaaatg aatcaacgac    129180
     acttaaaaac aaaatatttt ttggttttgt aatctgcatc aaacaaacgg aaggtatagt    129240
     ccatcctgtc aaacgcacac cacatgacag caactactca aacacccaca aaacttgtac    129300
     acaaagatgt cctgtcatct ctggaggaga ttcgccatca agaacaagtt gtgaagtact    129360
     tcagaagagc agcccgatct gacaaagcct tactcagagg atgataatgt gaagaatggc    129420
     cataaatgag aggttggtgt cgtgatcttg ttcattgtga acagttgtag ttttaagttc    129480
     attggtggtt ctaaatatgt aatcataagc ttggcaaaca gttttggaga gtttgatgtt    129540
     tctcaattca gacagaatgc ctgagcatac tgcctgagag gcatttcaaa gatggccgcc    129600
     aaatgaaatg acctgccata agggacttac agccagccac tctagcaacc tatttttgtg    129660
     aactttacaa agattcgctt caggttaaga tggaaaggca gcaaatgact ccttcattaa    129720
     gtaatttgtc accacatact ctaagtttca gaattaaaag tgtaatgaaa tgtttccatt    129780
     atttttctat attcaaaatt aataatacat tatatatata tatatatata tatattgaaa    129840
     tagtgaatgt accaaatcag atgcaatgtc tgcagtgcaa agctgaatat tatttgattg    129900
     ataaacacag aaataatttc ttatgattta ttcattcatt ttccttcggc ttagtccctt    129960
     tattcatcag gggtgtagac agcggaatga accaccaacc tgtccagcat atgttttgca    130020
     cagcggatac ccttatagct gcaacccagt atggggaaac aatccattga cacacataca    130080
     ctacagccaa tttagtttat tcaattcacc tatagcacgt ctttggattt ttctaacagt    130140
     atttagtgat tcaatatact acatttctca atgaaaattg atctcttaaa aaattccttt    130200
     ggtctttccc ctcaaagttt tggtcttgtt ttggccttga cacattctgg tcttggcctt    130260
     gacttggttt caaaccctca acattgtggt cttgacatac tctgaccttg gtcttgactt    130320
     ggtctcaatt tctcaaagtc atggttttga cttggtcttg acacactaaa tcaaaataca    130380
     ggattttagg ggttttaaat atatacttct aaagtccaag aaaatactgt taactgaaat    130440
     aagagcctaa ccaacataaa gtgtttaaaa aaacaccaaa aatagatcaa gctagaacag    130500
     tttggcctga acagttgact attatccatc ataaggtggt tttatctggg ctatgagtgc    130560
     ttttcattgt gattgttgaa ttaagtgtgt tcagtggcct ttagctggca tcgggatatg    130620
     aaaccacaac atgaagtata aacttacaca actttgagct ggctgtatta agctagccaa    130680
     cttaaaacat ccatgacagg aacaaagatc gcaccagcac acagtgggac tagtttgtgc    130740
     aagctgtggt tcccgcccta accgcgaaca ggagtgtgac gtgagatgat atccccccga    130800
     ggggctggct taatcaatga aagatgctga actcatgaac taatcctccc tgatgccaca    130860
     gtaaagctgt gcaatgtaat tgagagacaa actgtatttg aaaaagatgt gcttggtcaa    130920
     ctcaggacgt ctcgctaaca cggcaggaat cttttttttt ttttttgtct ggctggctgg    130980
     ctgggcaaac actgcttttt aatcttcaaa gtacctaatg agagagcctc aaaacagaga    131040
     aacaaaacat ttattttccc cgcagactga aacagaacca gctggatcga ctgggtccaa    131100
     ttagatgcaa actcatgacc ggctggcggt gaaccggcga aaccttggac gccctggcag    131160
     agcccaaccc taatggaaac acacaaggaa catgctcttt ctctgtccga cccccatcat    131220
     ggcttgcatt tttttttcgg ttgtggggaa ggagggtaat tgctaatcaa atgcaaacag    131280
     tcgacagaac ctcagagagt ggtgcggagc agtaatcgct aacagctgga ttctcagtac    131340
     tgaatacgct tttttagaaa ggttgagatt gaaaattaaa gagcaagtgt ttagtggttc    131400
     aaggttacag gtaaagactc aaacactata aacaaagact ttgcctattt ttttcggggt    131460
     gggggaaata taattaaata ataacattaa taactagaca gcttgacata ttattttagg    131520
     tgattttaga aggtttaaag atgttcagtt taagtttata cctgtcaatc ctcccgtttt    131580
     tcccaggaat cccctttatt ttacaattct atcctgctat cattccataa aggtattttc    131640
     ccgcttttct cccgcatttt tatgaagggt ggcaataaac atcaaagagc cgatcctccc    131700
     attacacaac ccataccttc aaacaaacag gggatgcccc ttgctcctaa ttgtgaatct    131760
     gttctgtgct tttattttat ttaggcatga aaatacttcg aaataaatat aaaaacaaca    131820
     caaatccctt cctttccatt acaggcgctg tagcccatat gcaatcctca aaactgttag    131880
     ttcatgtagt ggttcatgac tgtcagacgc gctccatagt gataaataga tgctgtttcc    131940
     caaactgatt ttgtacacac cattttaagc agagcgaaag tggacactct gggtattgag    132000
     tgcatgtttg aacagacata tactcaataa taataataat aataataata atacatgttc    132060
     tccctgtgtt tgcgtggggt ataggtgaat tgggtaagtt aaattgtcca tagtgtatgt    132120
     gtgtgaatga atgagtgtgc atgggtgttt ctggagttgg ctattcattc agctgtggtg    132180
     acccctgatt aataaaaggg actaagccta aaagaatatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg    132240
     aatgaattaa taaatgggta aataataatt atgatagtaa taataataat aaaaataatc    132300
     ataataacat ctaaacatgt tggtattgtt ttttttattg aaactcaaca aatttagtct    132360
     taaatgagca taaacagata cgagagcagt caaatgcttt cattatagat ctgtgaattt    132420
     ttaaagtgac acctctttta tttaatgtaa tcaaatgaaa aaatctaaat aagagattca    132480
     ttcactgctc tttaatcaga atgtttaaat tataatgtac ggaaaagatg aatgagattt    132540
     gataacttga ttattactat aaatttgaat aggctacact gtttgctaat ttatttgcaa    132600
     catttccgaa tgtaggatat taattatatt tttgaatgaa tagtatacta caacatgtaa    132660
     agtatgtaga acttgtttaa ataaacaagt ggttcactca atgcaatctc acagcaattc    132720
     gtgaattgta ttttattagc taattcatat taatgtgtac aatctcattg gtacatttaa    132780
     tatgattagg ggtaggttta ggttattaac ttttttattt atttatttat tttttacatt    132840
     tttatacaaa tcaaatcgta tcaatttgta gaaattagca acttttctga tagtatgtga    132900
     aatagtcaag ttttattgtg agattgggca ggttcatcag acagacagat aaatagacaa    132960
     aaagattgtt gctttgatat tttaagtgat tttgaggtgg ttgctatgca gttgcttggg    133020
     gatttcagat gtttgctatg gtactgctag ggggttgcta cacagttgct aatgtaagtt    133080
     gtttctagag agctgctagg aaactcttgg ttattgattt gcagctgatg cactgttgct    133140
     agggtattct tgatggttgc tagggtgttg ctggtgagaa tttattttac tttgtaaaat    133200
     gttttataat aactcagtat tacatgcttt aaagtcaaca actgagatct actgcaaaaa    133260
     tagatattca taaatgcaaa caactacagt tgccgccttt agatgccgtc agctttctgt    133320
     tgagtgtttg caaacctgct gtgattgatg caattttaaa gattgcttac ggatagtggc    133380
     ccatagaaat atgtgctaat gaagcatcta tgtatatatc taaaattaca tgaacacaca    133440
     tcaaataatg ctgaaaagtt gtgaacactt gccaagatac tatctataat gttgaagatg    133500
     tgcttgctag ggtgttttgg gaagatatgc tggctcccca catatcaagt gatgcttata    133560
     tatggctgct attgccaatg gcacatctga tggcagaata aatagtaaag caggggtttc    133620
     aaactgccgg ctcgtaggcc aatagcggct cccttcgttc tcccttcagc ctgcaactga    133680
     cgtcaaaata taacaagatt cagtccaaca aaaatatatt ttggaatcac tattgctgtt    133740
     gtgcagtcgc atatactgtt gccgcttgtg gttttgactc tcacctactg gacatttaaa    133800
     gtacggtttt atattttcgg cttactttcg gtttcagtgt gtggtcgaga gtaacgcaca    133860
     tgcagattat ttctgtggtt gacttaaatg tttaaatata ggtccgtaaa tgctctattt    133920
     tatgctctat atttttgtga atattcaagg gtcattggat tataatcagt tttatactac    133980
     ctgtattttg ttgtacaaac acgtcttcat ggcttacaca ttatgctggt ggtgtaaata    134040
     atcttgctta tatctttgtg tattattgta ttattggtgg tgtaaataat ccttgctaat    134100
     attcgattca aagggtctca ttaatagatt ttacccatat tcatattaag atttgcataa    134160
     aaaattgcat tagtaaagtt ttactgctgg ctgaattgaa cgtgttaaag taaatgtgaa    134220
     tatgtacata ctcccccccc cccccctttg ttgttgtttt acaaaaaaga aaaatattaa    134280
     gaagtacaat tgccaggaaa gtcataccta ctgagatccc gctcattgat ttgtgtcctc    134340
     tgtagtggac attgtgtttt catgattttt taatttattt tttgagctac tccttttaag    134400
     tcctgttgta ctgttcagag gacatcctgg gctttctaga gatatgtcat ttgattggct    134460
     ggcatgctag gaaccacttc ttacattgca tccaaaatgg aagacataca aaaaagcaca    134520
     ttttatggga atgagagagg taggtaaaat ttaacttttt aaatgttttt ttttactatt    134580
     cttacatata tatttgttta ttagggtgtc aggaacaatt cattaagctt ttaaagctgt    134640
     taacttgttt gtgtttcaaa atatcatcat tttttaaatg tccactatag tggacaccag    134700
     gaccatctta ttgtaatatg tacaacaaga aacaaaaaga aggagctttg atactatggg    134760
     caagaatgtc tgagtgcatc aattacatca ggtttccatg tttttcttgt gctgaatgtt    134820
     aaagtggccc tcctataact tgtcagtcac tgatatggcc tcccaataat ttgagtttga    134880
     gacccctttt gtaaagcttt gtttatggtc aaatgcaata tgtctaaaac atgttttttt    134940
     taaaaacccc atgaaaacct taaaaaacag aagccgtaag cttaaaacta agacatatta    135000
     aacaaaatat ttttaagcgt ctgatgtttt atatcatgcg cttttgagct ataaatcctt    135060
     tttgtgtgtc aaacagccag aaaagctctt atcgtagaga gcagagtgag gttaggtctc    135120
     gactcctccg gcggtgagtt tttaaacagg gatttacact gtttttgcac taagcctgtc    135180
     tccgattccg cactaaaggc attgaacaca cagacacaca gacacacaca cacacacaca    135240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    135300
     cacacacaca cacacacaag caagcgaagg cctaagggca gcgttcacta atcacattct    135360
     tcaaacgggt tctggttcag tttgtttaaa taaggtggag ggattctgat cagcgaaaag    135420
     tgtgtggagt ctgatcccag atcagctgcg tttttattcg gattgaagca gggatcaaaa    135480
     acacagcgat gaccaaaagt aagagagatc gcagaagctg atttcaccag tctgggattg    135540
     tcttgggaat agaagccaag aagaacaaaa agagcgagcg ttactaactc aaggctaaaa    135600
     ccctgcacta atgccgggga ctgataacac caaagaagtg ttaattagga ggctcaactc    135660
     atcctcccgg ccaatcacat tttcacactt gcactaagca tgctaattta catgcctgcc    135720
     atccaatcac aaactcgctg tctatgctaa tactttgttg tttggagcta aaagctaaag    135780
     ctaatttgct gtttgctcat ttatctttga ggcgaactgc aaggcatgat gggagccgga    135840
     gccataatga cctgatcaac ctttccttcc ctcctaggaa gatgagtgtg cccccaagct    135900
     atccatcgtt cttttggagt aatgagggag gcacgaacag caagacagag agatgggagc    135960
     agggagagag taatgatgcc actgctctct gggcaccgac acacgccccg tgccgggcac    136020
     caattacacc gccattaata aacagggcta atccctctaa atgtggtgtc tgtggacaga    136080
     tgtgtgtgtg gactgacctt caaacacaca cacacatgca tacattcaca gcagggattg    136140
     ctcagctcga cagttatctg cacctccaaa ctaacttccc acatggagcc ccagagatga    136200
     gcaaggatat ggactatctc cttcattaaa gctcatttag agagctgtac aagcttaaga    136260
     aagaaaaaaa aagcattttc tttaaaagtc tctggaacag atggagggaa attaattgca    136320
     ccattaggcg ccggcagaaa ataccaaagc agcctcctct tcaaaatgtg catgtgtgat    136380
     acaaaatact ttggaggaaa agccaattac tgcaacactt gccacaaaat aaaggtttct    136440
     ttaatcgcca ataaacactg gattgagatt tacattggat ctcataggag ccgtgaagac    136500
     agtgagagca gcatttagag tctttttatg tctgaaacgt acacataaat gtgaaaacaa    136560
     aaattcagtc cagaactttt ctgccaaatc tggctaaggc gggtaagttt gccaatggct    136620
     agcaccaaat atttagaatg ggccgtgaaa atatatatac tgtgtaaagt acttctcttt    136680
     gtttctctgt tttctttttt tgcatctctg aaagtaaaat aatagcctac gttaatcgca    136740
     aacgttttta aatgaatatt tatgtatgaa aacaaacgtt tgtctttgga caacattttc    136800
     ttcattttca aatacagaaa gtaaaaataa cacattttag cttttacaga tacaaaaacg    136860
     agctaacaaa aagggtgcca cttcagccta gacggcatct atgttgtgtt tacttggcct    136920
     ttttctttgc actgtgcgaa aacagaatag catctactgt gactaaattc ggacgactcc    136980
     gcctcgcctc caaaatgctg ccagctgcac tgaatgagcg ttcgctttca ccgcttgttg    137040
     taggaatgaa caagattctc ctcgcaaggt gctgcagtcg tgtaaataag ctatcttgtt    137100
     tctcccagaa tgatagcaga ttttcctctg atgactcctc taactgaaag tttgaacaat    137160
     actcttgcaa ctcaaccatt attttgggtg tctcatcctc ccattctgca aagcccacac    137220
     tctgcttttt cgctggtcca ctgccatgtt ttgctaaatc cacccgcaat taatcataat    137280
     gtattttttt attacccaac ccacccgacc cacggattaa ttgcagtgcc cacggctata    137340
     accgccatcc gcgcatcaca aatgtgtata tatatatata tatatttgta aaaatcatcc    137400
     ttcattgcac tgaccctgga ccacaaaacc agtcataaat atcaagtatc aaatatcaaa    137460
     tatcataaat ttcgtataga attgtttgaa actgacattt gatgaatgac attgagaaat    137520
     tgacgaatat ttcaagatgt cctcactgca gtctgtatca cgatgactta ctggactagg    137580
     tcaaatattt agtgaacatt gtaacaccca ctaagataat cctcacattc ctgtgacagc    137640
     tgggttttgg ttggaggagg tgtagacgat cgttaactac acagtagacc tgggtccagt    137700
     acgtcatcaa gctgtgggtc tccaatatta gggcgagata caagtatttg agagttaaaa    137760
     aatacagtat gaaaatgctt gccactgtac actacctgac aaaagtcttg ttgttgatcc    137820
     cagttgtaaa agcaacaaat aataacatga cttctagctg atggcaacat caacagcctg    137880
     aggtatcaaa atatttgtgc tgcccattac attacaaacc acaggagagg gcaaattcct    137940
     gaaagcaaag aaagtcaacg tgctcaagga ttggccagca caatcaccag acatgaacat    138000
     tattaagcat gtctggggta agatgaagga ggaggcattg aagatgaatc caaaaaatat    138060
     tgatgaactc tgggagtcct gcaagaatgc tttctttgcc attccagatg attttatgaa    138120
     gttatttgag tcattgcaga gatgtatgga tgccgtcatc caagctcagg ggagtcatac    138180
     acaatattca ttcttttttc actgcaacaa tgactttata ttctataatg tacattattt    138240
     ctcttaagtg acataacttt tgttatgttt tgtttaaagt cagaccttac tgtcctaatc    138300
     acataattaa aagtcaaggc atgatcttat tttattttgg taaaataagt gtaacccaaa    138360
     ggcttttgcc tttcatataa gccacttctg ataccaaatg atactagagt caaaatgaaa    138420
     ctagaagtca agttgttatt tgttgttcca aaaacttgaa taggcgataa gacatttgtc    138480
     aggtagtgta cattaccaat cataaattgg gtttttacat atttaaaata ggaaaactta    138540
     ctaaataaat taatggaaca tgatctttac ttaattttct aatgattttg aacataaacg    138600
     gaaaatggat aattttgaac cattttgagg tgatatttat aaaaggtatt ttgatactta    138660
     gctaaatgac ttgaaactgc acctgtcaca atcctaattt tgtttctaaa atactcgttt    138720
     tagttgccta atgagtgtcg ttttccacat atgcgatgcc atatggagtt ctggaatcca    138780
     gacatctgag acaaacttct caatttccac ccactaaata caaaagttcc tagaacattt    138840
     actctgcgaa aaatataatg aaagcaaact taattgatag tcttctagta gctatgataa    138900
     caagcccctg tgattctgga tcagagctga taaaatataa agagagctgg agttaattag    138960
     aatgactatt gcatttatta catcagtctt ttaaaaaatt cagtttaggt aatagaaccc    139020
     gtgggttgac agtcaaagat gatttcacat ttgggctctg cgccatgaat taaattgcga    139080
     ttaagttgtt ggagtcacca gcacccctca tcatgtggag ttaaagcaga cgagcaggaa    139140
     aaaccctgat ctctgagctc agactctcac agctgtgagc tcttctaaca cactgacttc    139200
     agttcagctg ctgacagaga gagacagaca gagaggcaga gagaaaagag cttttaaatc    139260
     accagtaatt tcccatcaaa tatttgtgca tgtttgcctg cggctagtaa ttaaagtgct    139320
     ttcatctggt ggctaattgc tcctaatgta tcacacaaga gatgcggctc agagagggat    139380
     cactgctcca aagaaaccag ctgatgagtc ttaaaacaga gatgtggaaa aaacgaaaaa    139440
     agaaatgtct tctcgagagg tacattttgt cttagcaaat ccggttttca ctctctctga    139500
     ggtatttact gttggtctac atcatactat catcatgcta aatgttccaa aagaggcaca    139560
     tgatgactca aatcacgtca aatttaagaa ccctgcaaga tatgtctata agcaacagat    139620
     ttattctttt tcttcttctg ctatcgagtc tataggagct cacagaggtg aatggtaaaa    139680
     aaatgtgaaa tttggcacag agatagaaaa agagtctcaa cttaaaccac aggaaattta    139740
     gagtttttta atctctttag ctcttcctac cgtactgtcc aagtttcttt ttggtcaaat    139800
     tttatttttc atatgttcac actcacagat ttttgacaga ataaagtatg cagtccgggg    139860
     tgaggtctct gaattcggca agacacttat catatgttat tccccttatc agaatagaga    139920
     gagatagggg tccgagcagt atagcccagc tccagaacgc ttcccccttc gatttatgta    139980
     ggaattgggt ttaatagtgt ggagtggggg tggtggaggg atgatgaagt tgacagaaaa    140040
     cagaggtagg acatgcttga ctttttatag gggtttgatc ttatgttgat tggataatat    140100
     aatgattatc aataataaat tagcttcgtc aaaactgatt gtgctcctcc cgaaatgtat    140160
     cacttaggta caattctcac tatttaatac caatccatta agtatgcttt tttttgactc    140220
     aatacactcc caatttgcag cttattatta atatttatag ttgttaggtt taggttaggg    140280
     gtgtagaatg agatcattca gatataagaa caaatcaaca gccaatatta taacaaaagg    140340
     ttagggaata agccaccagt taatagtgag aattattcca tagaggagtg gcgtggtggc    140400
     atggtggctc agtgggtagc gctgatgcct cacagtaaga tgtatcccag tattgggctg    140460
     tgactggaag ggcatctgcc acgtaaaaca tatgctggga tagttggtgg tctattctgc    140520
     tttggtgacc cctgataaat aagggattaa gctgaaggaa aatgaatgaa tgaattattc    140580
     catagactaa agtgttacct tgactttcca tcattaattt attcatgata atttgaagtt    140640
     tttgaaaacc tttgtgagct ctttcaagat catttttttt acaaaaatgt aaccggttct    140700
     tcggacatag tttaccttca aaggtttatt aatttaacac atttgatgaa gtgtatgtga    140760
     ggctgtttct ccataattct taggtatatt gagaccaaac agtgcagtgt gatatggcac    140820
     gatgacacct gcaaactttt ttctatagtt gccatctagt tttcagaaga tttggggaac    140880
     gtgtttattt ttgctatttt tgtcctatgt catgtctgca ctgctacaaa gataattttg    140940
     ggataaaata ccgagttcct aatatatttt tcattaaata aattaagtcc tgttaactat    141000
     gaattcttcc ttttcttctt ctgctatcga gtctatgaaa gctcacagag ctaaatggta    141060
     aaaagataaa agagtctcaa taaaaacagc aaattgtgtg ttttttactc aattcctcta    141120
     accctttctc ctgtagtgtc taagggtgtt ttcacacctg ccttatttag ttcagttgaa    141180
     ttgcaccaga gttcgttttc cctcttggtg tggttttttt tgggcaggtg tgaatgtagc    141240
     aatcgcattc aagtgcgcac caaagtggac caaaaagcgt accgagacct cattaaagag    141300
     gtggtctaga tacattttaa aacgaacctt ggagcggttc gtttgtgctg agaacatgat    141360
     ccgaactaaa acagacccaa aagttctgtg tactttgcca tttgtgatgc attaaaacat    141420
     tgtcttccag ctgcagccgt gctttattct cgaaatatat agtttgtcta aagtgatgta    141480
     cacaagctat ttagtatact atgaccaggg gtacaatcag ccagcgcagt cgtccagttc    141540
     cattgtcatt ttcctgcacg ttctgaccaa tcgaaaagca gtttgggaaa tacgttcaat    141600
     aacatctggc caatgaatga tgtggatttt gtcacatgac tgctttttgg ttcttttcaa    141660
     ctggttcaaa ccaaagcaat cagtgcaatg taaaaaggac ccaaaacagc agaaaaaagc    141720
     tacaatatat catttgttgc ccttggtgtg gaccaaatga actgaatcac agatgtgaaa    141780
     gcaccctaag ttcctttttg gtcacatttt atttttagat acaattctta ctattaacaa    141840
     accaccaact aggattattg cctcaataaa ctccttatat gtctattttg gctactgttg    141900
     tcccatgtca tgtctgcact gctgcctaaa agtgaatttt ggcataaaat actgagttct    141960
     taatatattt ttcatcaaat aaacgtagtc ctgttgagta gaagaaacat ctttcaaaaa    142020
     catgaaaaca atctcaatgc atatgtagca gcagcagcag cagcagtttt tctgctatct    142080
     ttcactctct atagatttgt gtttttcgag aaaattcaga gcttttctct tttttccagc    142140
     atcgtctctc cctctggcct cttctctctc tccatcctct atagctgttc tcttttaatg    142200
     agtagctgta gatgacagct ttaatcactg cctgtggccg tcgagagaga gaaagagagt    142260
     gaagagaagg ctgttaatga tagaagagaa gagagccatt tgcatctatc atttccaaat    142320
     cactctttat gataatgcag tggagcaaag ggagaacaca cacacacaga tggcatgcat    142380
     ggtgatagac tgaggcccag tgtccttcaa catgacttca ttgtgctttt gaacacaaac    142440
     aggccgacac acacacatat ggtaagccac aggtgcaaag aatcaaaagt attgaaaagc    142500
     gagaatgtta acagtcactc acattctgag ttgtaaggaa aaccagcgct ttcagctttc    142560
     gcctttattg gccaataaat gcacacaatt gtaaacatgc aaggtcatgg gtttgattgg    142620
     cctggaatgc gtgaactcat gaaaaaatac atgaaaaaat gtcagcggtg aagcaatgtt    142680
     aagtagcctc ggataaaatg tctggcaaat gcataaatgt aaatgtaaaa ttattgaggc    142740
     ttaattactt ttgccactcg tatgaatgaa aatgtggaat ttgaaaacta aatgaaatct    142800
     ggaagtatgt gaagcatttc ttgatctttc aaattctcga ctgcatcaag cttggagagt    142860
     ttcatgtgtt tttgaaaggc tttgctcaca gacaacacat actgtactgt gtatggcagg    142920
     tcagtagttt caaatgtcac tgtgaaaaga aacactatga tcttgaagtc tgcctttcta    142980
     gactgacatg taatatgtgt gcacatgatg ttgaagtttt cacaaacatg ctttttgtag    143040
     tttgcacaaa gggattattt tcaaaaacga gcactttgaa atccgatttc taaagtctgc    143100
     attttcaggc ctgaaaaccg tctgtcatgt aaacgtatag ctacagtgct ttaaagcgtt    143160
     ttattttctt gtagacatac cctttaggtc gaacattcat tgcgcatgtt tctactatcg    143220
     cgcctaaagc gagcatgcca gggtgagcca gggccagtca catttccact gtcagcgggg    143280
     cttccttgga gccagtggcc agcctttttt tggcccacca aaaaccttgg gccaaagagg    143340
     gccagctggg acttcagggc gagtgaaaag agagagcgaa gtttgcccga gtctgggaaa    143400
     gttggctgct gccgttacac tagttttccg atcgcacacg agtacatgca ccaaacaaat    143460
     aaataaataa gggaaagaaa aacatatagc tggtcagttt aagacaggct atttcataaa    143520
     acaccttact ggctaggggt ctattttttg cttaagattg ccgttatgtt tcacttttaa    143580
     gtgtaagagt gttgcatgaa ataataaagt agtcttcatt taataagtga cacttttttc    143640
     tttttttctt tctttatttt ggagataata caaaatatga atacaacaga aagacatcaa    143700
     actttacaga ttacatgtcc acttttgtag gctcaacaca aaagtgtcat agatctacat    143760
     aaaatagcct aaactgtatt gaaatcattt taaaaaaatg actaatttcg aatataataa    143820
     aatcacatta aataaaccaa taaaaaacaa agaaaagcta taacaatgta cgtatataca    143880
     atacaaaata gattaaactg ttttaagcca ttttaaactt tcattttaca aaggcctatt    143940
     tgaaaagatt ttagatattt tctaaaaaca agaaacaaca gaggagttta gaaatattat    144000
     ttataaagta ttcgaattcg atgatattaa tcaaatcctg caaacagagc atttttaggg    144060
     agagcgaaac catcagaaac taccttcttt tctgtcgtcc agtcctgcac tctttgtatg    144120
     ttttttgtta ataaatcatt tctctttaca atttacacaa tccgcattgt ctctattatg    144180
     ttacaatttt gagccagttg tgagttaaca attttatttt tatattgtgt acaaaaacaa    144240
     aaaagaatta acagtacctc tgctaacaaa atacaaattg ttttataatt ctaaaatgtt    144300
     tgaatgtatg atatttaata cagtaaaata aaaaaacgga agcagaagtg ttggagacca    144360
     ctctttattc aacacttctt caacaaaaca ctaatagtaa aggtgaattt cattggtata    144420
     acaaactatt taaaacagca atcaacaaac ttacattagt cacaaagaag aacagtgtgt    144480
     gaaacagtac tgtacaaaca cgctttgagg tatgaaacat ctacaacata caaagtgcag    144540
     catttaaagc aaacaagcaa ttgaaataaa gaatatgggt atccaaacac aggctcctga    144600
     ttaaactcca aaccatctgc atccagcaaa ggcagcagac gagcggtcca aaaagtgtca    144660
     ccaaaacatc ccaagcgtct gtcaaagcta ctcggcaaaa tccagggcta gattagagtg    144720
     accttggctg ttcaaagaca ttaagctgga aagacttcaa actgcaagcg ggacaaaaac    144780
     agcccaaatc tcaacaaagg gaacactggt gaaagaagaa tcctaagcaa cgcacacaga    144840
     caagacaata gcccttcagg cgaatgcctg ctttctctcc ccacttctcc ttcgagtcct    144900
     tctctccacc ctccctcttg ctttcttctc ctttctttct gccttttccc tccctctccc    144960
     tgcagatggc tgaggaggga gagggttttg cttcagtaat cccctgccac acagacggaa    145020
     aagcttgtta cagcgttgct gatcactgca gaaagtcaaa gtggagccag agagaggtca    145080
     gtcggaatta ggccacgttt taactccatg gatttgacta attcccccat aagccttttg    145140
     aaacccaacc tgttctggcg atgcccagag ctcaggcacc ccggaaaact gctggagaaa    145200
     aaaatctgcc tgagcctaat ttacactggc acaaagagag cgcggtgcta caacacacac    145260
     ctgtacacat atgtttgcgc caatattttc acgcacacac attcgcacga ctccggcagg    145320
     cgcgctaagc ttttcccaaa gagcaggctg gaacaatcga ccaaagaatc attgattttc    145380
     aatgggagtg aggggaattt gagcaggcca aacatgacac cagagctctg ggtctcagct    145440
     gctttagagc tcagagactc tttgaagctc tatcatgata ataggccaaa gactcaaggc    145500
     ctctgcgcat caggccctgt tgttgtcagt tactcacttt gaaggggaaa aaaagagctc    145560
     agagttgaga gatgaacaaa gaacgcaaag ggtttgaaat tcctcactga gaaaagcgac    145620
     gttattataa aatgatggta cggtgaagag aaagttattt cattcatgca ttcttttaga    145680
     gcggagcgca gactgaaatt cttggtgttg tataacggat actaaaacac tgatatacat    145740
     gacaagtaaa gcttgatgct gataatactt atactacact ttacaagctt tgtttggtaa    145800
     tattacttag ttaacatgag ctaacatgaa ttatactacc gaggctcatt cagaaaacgc    145860
     tatatacatt tctgaagagt gccaaatatg tcccaggagc tacatttttc cagtttttgt    145920
     cttcataaat ccactagagg ccactgtgta tgctttctga gatctcaaac ttcttacgcg    145980
     agtgccgttt gtgcctgttg ttctcgcgta aatccaccag tttgacccgg ccacccactt    146040
     cccttatccc aaccgacagt tttcaaaggg aatccagaaa aagaaaagcc ctcatttgtt    146100
     tttaagcaca tttgcagaat ttaccacatt ctcaccttgt tatttacttg tttatttttt    146160
     aaactttttt ttttttgtct tacccgcttt ctgtaaccat tctttgccag actcgaaccc    146220
     tgtcatctta gtcagctcct ctctgtgtct caagtctgcc taggtacatg gtgagccaat    146280
     ggacaaactg gtaagagtag gaaagtggtc catacggagt taagcagtta gcgggtaagt    146340
     gcgaaaagga ttggtgtcat cctgccctgt agcattcgtt ttaaagataa aatgcagcca    146400
     tgcgttcttt tggctacata gtttacaatc tccagaaatg tatatagggc tacgctttca    146460
     gaatgagcct acagtatgtt ggaataatac cactaaagca tttatttatc agagctaaca    146520
     ttaataatca actagttgta tttttaaacc taacattaac caagatgaat aaataatgct    146580
     ataaatgaat tactcattgc tagttattgc attaatgtta atggaacagt gataccatac    146640
     aataaggtcc cagtagttaa tgtatttact aacatgatcc aacaatgcac attatattta    146700
     taacgtgagt aaatgaaaat aaagttgttc actgttagtt cttgttaacg cacagtgaat    146760
     taactaatgt taatgttaag gatttcaata agcatttgta cattttgaag tattattcat    146820
     tcttagttga tagtaaatac attatcaaat gtagggctgg gccattaatc gaaaattaat    146880
     tgatactgac tttcagaata tataatcgat caagtttttc cagttcaatt tttttcaatt    146940
     actttcccta cttaccatgt ggagctatgt gaccctactc tgttaaggct gatttatact    147000
     tctgcttcga tcgcacgggc atgttcctgc atctcgaaaa atgtacctac acgtcacacg    147060
     tttgcactac atttgacgat aattagaaaa tgtgccagat atgccttaag acggcatttt    147120
     tctattacaa taaaatcatt atttacattc aaatatttgt taacagaaga taaaaaatgt    147180
     actgtttaaa atattattta caggatataa aatttccata tactgtaggc tcatatctaa    147240
     actttttttt aaaataattt ttttaggggt tttcaccttt attggacagg acagtagaga    147300
     taactgacag gaaagtgtgg gaagcagaga gaagggaagc atcggcattg gacctcaagg    147360
     cagggaatcg aactcgggtc gccgtgagag catatgtcgg tgcactttcc acgacgacat    147420
     tggcaccgac tcatatctaa actcttaaac aaacaaaaaa aattgctgta ttatgtactg    147480
     catacatcac aaattcaaca cccttgcttt tttaaatatt tttaataaac ttttctatca    147540
     agtagactaa tgcctcattc agactagcag tgattttgta gctgcctgtc gctctcggtg    147600
     gcgacctgct ttaaatgcag gggtgtgtag gtatatacag cacgaatgca agccatcttt    147660
     gagcaagcta agaaaggttc acgtgagctc tactgatgtt cctataagtt gtcgctcaag    147720
     aaagccgatc ttcatttgca taaagttgaa ggattctcaa ctttgtcatt tcactcgaca    147780
     tgcccacctg gtcgccaaca gtcgctgtca ctcgcataga cggaggtcgc tgaaagtcgg    147840
     tcactctcca ttaaaatgaa gggttgcttg tacaacttta gcctactttt agatttagtc    147900
     tcagaaacaa acttgtgtga tgattgattt taagatccga gtgcatttga aacacttaat    147960
     catgctgcct taacagatcc aaacagtgac taaagctatg gtaaacataa atgttaagta    148020
     catcacagac aatgacaatt atctcccttc gggattaaaa aaacactgaa cgtcttcatc    148080
     atttcccggg agacttcgga gctgcaattt ctaaacacca acacgctggc ataaaatcac    148140
     acaatcgctg atctgcattc ataagcagct cttaatcctg tcaaaatcgg agtgaaaaac    148200
     agatcattac gaaggcctaa tatgctgctg cattattcaa ataagctgct gtcatacgtc    148260
     cttgtgtgaa tctctgttag tgtgatcatt tgtaatggac tgttttcctg cccgagggtt    148320
     tctgtctaga aaaatatgaa aacatgtgtt tgatctcggc gctgggcgac aggtacctca    148380
     ttccactctg acagctcaaa tatccatcag agttgaagag actaataatt acctatcaaa    148440
     cctgcaagct gccaagccgc ataacagctc cagtcatagg cacactgtat agatcaatta    148500
     aaattaaaat gtggatatac gagcggatgg gacataaaca catacacagt gagactcacc    148560
     ggcacgtggg tttagtgtta agtgcaaggt ctctcgctct tatcctacag atgaagtgat    148620
     aaagccagtg ttccggatga gaggcaacac ttaacgctgg tgctggtgat gagttttacg    148680
     gagagaaagc tgtgtgcagt gaataagtga gtgtacattt taatgagtcc attaaggtga    148740
     ttttactaac aaccaaggat cgaagaagct tcatataaac atgttatacc acatagggat    148800
     gtttaaggaa agtagtctga gtttcgcttt aactgacaat cccagcattt gctacttgtt    148860
     atatacaaaa taagtcctca tcaaaaaaat aaaataaata aataataata ataataaaat    148920
     taaaaaatta tatgtattaa gagtttctgc aggtttcaca aagtcaaatt taagacttct    148980
     taagaccttt ttaagacaat tttttaaaag aaaatttaat tagtaattta ttttttctta    149040
     aatgatgtaa caagcaaacc ctagttgttt acatgcacag ttttaacata acatttcttc    149100
     aaaaaacata ttagtatata gagtttggtt taaggttttt tgagatggat tgttggtgat    149160
     tggagacaca gacaaaggaa aatgaagcct tgtttaaagg ggtttaagac ctgcacgaca    149220
     atatttcagt gaatttaaga cttttaaggc caaaaattga gtttttaaga catgttaaga    149280
     cccagcagac acccttatat atacatacac acagtatgta ctgtatgtac tgtatataaa    149340
     tataatatta cattgtgtaa atgtattatg cacgatatca ctctgaaatt aagtaatcta    149400
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatg taaaagcaaa gaattaatat acttccccag    149460
     caatatttaa ttaaaaataa taaaatcaaa aggaaaaagt gcttatatca acgtgttttt    149520
     gtatattaaa ttatatacaa aagagaaggc tgccaatgta tatttttata tagctctatt    149580
     tttaaaataa ctctgcatgc catatatctc tcatcacagc atcacatgtt tatgttaaaa    149640
     caaaccaact tcttattttc agaagagctt tactgtcaga aatgttcaca catacagaaa    149700
     ctttgttttc aagacagagc ttcaacagtt caacagaatt acagagacag gacaaaaata    149760
     ataataaata tattttaaaa ttagaagtaa gtactaaata caaatataca aatgtatgta    149820
     gaggtatatt actatataca atgttatatg tgcagcagtt atgtggaaat tggcatgtaa    149880
     agtatgttgt taaataaata agtgtatatg tttataaaaa gtagtgatgt atgtttcaca    149940
     tttactatta tcaagtgttc atgacatgga atttttaaat tttatttgac ctgttcttgc    150000
     taaaatgtat aaaaaataag tgattttgca cattttttat attctagatg attttaaaca    150060
     acttgctgat taaaaaacaa aaaccctact gggttttaaa gaatactgca agtataaata    150120
     aacatttaaa attaaaatta attagtatat tgagacttta ctatgattct tattaaaatg    150180
     tcattgaatc attcttgtta tacatacgga cacgtttttg gtatttcaat tagtgagtgc    150240
     atgtgatgga aattgtttta tagtcattat ggtttgctca aataattaat aatttaaata    150300
     aataaataaa taaataaata taggacatga attaaataat gcatgaaaat aaataaatct    150360
     atataacgat ttacttgtgt tgacaattaa aaactcctta ttaccaataa ccaattaaaa    150420
     caaatcttta atggtcctgc gcctctgcat atgatcacat tataaataat acatcaacag    150480
     tgcttaatat atgatgaaac acttgactag agctacttaa ttatgatgaa acaatcgcct    150540
     tacgtttccc ataaacacca ttaattcacc gacatgccga acaaaaccgt gcttgaactg    150600
     atcagcaggg cgacatcctg ctattcttgt agctctgtct gcagccccag tcatgaacaa    150660
     caacatggca ctccatcaac aaacagaaca agaccaaaaa aaaacacaaa caagttttct    150720
     agaaattgtg ggtattttgt tgtttatcca tctgcttgtc cgcatgaatc cgcacagctc    150780
     ttctgtatgt gtacgaaaag tgtgtgcaaa ctttggcacg gcggagtgaa tttgattgtg    150840
     tgggcactca tgagtggtgt gtggttgtgc gtagggcttc ccacaatccc cctcattaac    150900
     agctcctgcg ggttggcaaa tgactgctcg agccctgcct gtctctctct ctctgcttgg    150960
     ctctcattag cagctggcaa caccacatga gagatgagtg gacactggca cagaatggca    151020
     ttacccgctt cctcgctgtc atacgctcac acacaaagca gcccatgcaa acggaggaag    151080
     tgataaagag agagagagat agtcttcatc tcagtagatt taattaaaac tggggtgagc    151140
     agatgggggg agatggaagg aagtccaaca agagacagct catctgtctg agccacactc    151200
     ctttcccccc catttctcct tctctctcag tttcctatct cttcgccaca catctcgtct    151260
     cactctctcc tttttaatga atccttggct ttctataacc tcccaattta aagcttccag    151320
     tctggacgga tgacagacgg ttggtccaga tcggtgagag aatgtgtgtg tgtctgactg    151380
     gggtaggtaa ttagtgtatg gaggtaaaac aggtttgtta aggctgcttg agattctgct    151440
     ttacacttga aacttgcttg tttgaaatat aatggcaaaa tagatgactc tataccataa    151500
     agtttaagtt taactgaaaa cgcagagtca tcacttagac gtgcatccca gatttacttt    151560
     cttgaagatg ctttaaaaaa tctctgttct ctgaaaatcg ataggacaga gtgttctttt    151620
     agccttaact ggcttttgct gtgtgaacaa aaaaaaaaag tctgtttaaa gtatattaca    151680
     gtactgggaa actgaatgtt taattctgat tggctgatgt acattctaaa gtgcacaatt    151740
     tttttttttg aaaaatgcat gactaatgta aagtgattct gtttgcttaa ttgtaccctt    151800
     cagtactaat atgcaccagt caacacgact ggaatgtaat acaaatgcgc cagacattgc    151860
     cttttaatgt aaacatgtaa tgtaatgtgt tatgtaaagt gatatggaaa atggcctgaa    151920
     atattttgtt ttgatgcctc tttttttgat acagacttaa aaaataataa ataaataaat    151980
     ggtaacactt tattttgaat gtccattcga gtattagtag actgtctgct tattatctgt    152040
     tgataatgct gctaaacaga catttaactg actgtaagaa actttgctag tacttgtcaa    152100
     cttacactaa caataaccct aaccccaaca ctaaccccaa cagtctactt ataatctaat    152160
     gagaattagg aattagttgc aatgtaactt atgttcaaca aattgagaat aaataaataa    152220
     tgatcttctt agccagcagt gtagaaaata acagacaggc aacagagtga caatgtgact    152280
     agcaattcag cacagttaat tacagttgtc caaccatgtc gagaattctg gcctgaaaat    152340
     gctttttatc tcatgaagta atacaacggt agctattcct gactgatttt agaagtgttc    152400
     agcatgacag tggaaaagca gctgtagttc cgggaatgat tgctttagga catgattaca    152460
     ccaaatgcat tcttttttgc agttgagtgt ttccttttta aaatagtttt ctattggcag    152520
     tgagcatttt gcatgctgtt tatgtacccc cagtgacttg cctgctgtgc ctcatgtttt    152580
     taaggaagcg ctctgtgcaa ctgcagtaaa aaaaaaagtc aattctgttg aaaaatgtgc    152640
     tccagcagca agaccgttga tagagttacc tagtaaaaat aaaaacaaaa catataaaaa    152700
     taagattttt tttttaaagt cctattttca gctctatatt tcaaccacat ttaaatacat    152760
     ttttcataat tctgcaattt tgcccctcgg tgcagataac agaccctttt cacagttcca    152820
     ggtttctcag tagcggaaaa catcatagct ggtgaatggg aaagtaaaac aaatattttt    152880
     tttacaatct tatttgctga aataataaaa gaaaaactcc acgatggtgt aatcaagact    152940
     ttcagaaaaa ggaaaaaata gtgtaagact gatgacggca gctagaggag agaacaaaca    153000
     aatttatcaa aaaataatca aatttactct cagccctaga tagacgctgc attagaaaca    153060
     ccctcgcata agcggtaatt tgttttttgt aatttgatac aaaagattac ataatacatt    153120
     aataaatgca cataaatgtt catatctttt aaaaaaaaaa tctaaatatt aaaaactttt    153180
     aaggatttaa gattatgatg accgttaaat gtgtcataac aggcttgtga aaagggtgca    153240
     cttccatgta gtggctactg tattacaaca ttactagatt ttgcagattt ctcaatctgt    153300
     ttctttaaat agtgatattt aaatacagat taatttaaaa aaatgttatg ttctaacaaa    153360
     accagcgata atctttatac ttgtcaactg aaagcaaagt gaaaaagcgc acaggcaact    153420
     gtcaaagttc atcatatgaa tacttagaaa tgtccatgca tcacttaaaa cgcttttcca    153480
     ctttctaacc tttttcgttt tttttccctt tttttttttt gcttagctca gttctctact    153540
     acattaatct cattatcctt tgaacctttt caccgccgat gccaaatgca atttgtattc    153600
     tgcagcccag caaagagccc taaactgatt atcccagtat aaaccgtggc agtcctggat    153660
     attgtaaggc ctgaaaggcc cttctagcct gtgaaagggg ttcccatatg ccctcagagt    153720
     ttcatgacac aatgttgcgt ctgctttgca aggaagaaat taagcgtgtg aaagtctatg    153780
     caaagccctc attttccagt taatcaaatc tctgcctaat caaattagcg cacataattc    153840
     agctagatgc gtggcacaaa aacggcatta tcccctctct ccggagctga aaagaaggga    153900
     accagcgtgg tatctctccc tgggcctctg catcagtcaa tataagaggc tgagagatgg    153960
     gacgggctct cgggaggtca gaggggagga cttcaacggg aaggggaggt tcgaaaaggg    154020
     gagggcaggg gtgttaaagt tgaagccacc cgcgtgagca aaaactgcag ggtggaggga    154080
     gactttggca gcgattaagt tcccagctta ttaaaaggcc tggctcagtg ctctcctcac    154140
     gggagcaacc caacgcttgc taatgaggta cttgtttaat tttctttcaa agggctggac    154200
     atctgtgaca aactctctct ctctctctct cttgctgtct ctcacccctc ccttcacctc    154260
     gttcggcctc cccgcgcaca caaagcccat ctatcaatag acctacagcg cctctctggt    154320
     ttgatgaagt gttttccatt gtatacagca gataatgtgt tcagagtgcg gcaggactat    154380
     cagtattacc tctgatctct catcccggtc aaagcccatc atgaaaactc aatagtgctt    154440
     tgagttcaat ggcgaagcat ctcctccctc tctttaattg atttccctcc tgttgatgat    154500
     gtgcgcacga ggatgcgccg tgtgagacca cgctgatggc ggctcgctgt ccttcacccg    154560
     aatctttagg gattctgctt gtgaagtgca tctgagctgt catctaggat tcattttatg    154620
     acttggggga cctgatctta gcccgcatgt agcagcagca gcatacatca gcttatttgc    154680
     ttgagtgcat tgactagaag ctcttcctct gggtaagcaa gacgcagaat gcactctggt    154740
     ggaggcctgg agacccaaat atagaactgg agcaaacgtt tccttgattt taaatgtgtt    154800
     aaactggctt tcaaatgtct tcactgaatc tataagggga aactaaatga gatgtaactt    154860
     taagttaaaa atcatataat aataatggac gatgtggtgg gtactccggt ttccctcaca    154920
     gtccaaaggc atgcgctata taaattgagg aagctaaaat tggccgtagt gtatgtgtgt    154980
     gaataagtgt gtatgtgtgc ttcccagtaa tgggtcgcgg ctggaaaggc atccgctgcc    155040
     taaaacatat gctggatgag ttggcggttc attctgctgt ggcgacccct gattaataaa    155100
     gggactaaac cgacaagaaa atgaatgaat gaataataag aatgtatttt tgcacctaaa    155160
     tatatgttga atgctcgatt ctgattggcg gaggagctgt tttgaaggtg tgcaattatt    155220
     ttcaagaacc gcatggctaa attagttcca gatcttgact agattatagt tctatattac    155280
     aaaatgattt ctgttttttt aacctaatta tttcagttat tttgttgtgt ttacatcgcc    155340
     accttgagcc aacaatattt tgaaatttac tggctatttt aaactgtaat attacctcac    155400
     tctttgtact gtattttgtt tttatcaaat acatacagct gtagtcagcc cttttaataa    155460
     tttgtatgtt taaaattgac gaaattctgt gtcatcttca gaatcttttc agttagaatt    155520
     tccaattaaa cgctagtata caaaacccaa tttggctcac taaaagaaat gttagtaaca    155580
     ctttataata accacactct atcaatagtt tattgagcat tagcaaagag tgaattcata    155640
     atttgttaag cattaacttt tcattaataa tcgttagtaa gcagtttata aatacagcta    155700
     caaatgctcc attcttgaca tgcttaataa ctgcactttc ataatttggg actgattgat    155760
     ttttcattac taaattaaat attgcattat ttacaaacca tttgtattta ggagttgttt    155820
     aagataattc agaatgggtt agtaaattat taataaacta ctgaaatcaa tgtttaaata    155880
     tcttattatt caggcatata gtaatgttta ctatacagta catgttaata atttttttat    155940
     taactttaat tttgtgcatg caccaaatca aaagtgagaa caattaaagg ctttgtatca    156000
     aatgaacaat gatctttgca atcctacact gtaaaaacat ttttttaaag tattttacgc    156060
     agctttatag ggtaccagaa aaaaacattt aaaaaaatcg tccattaaat tacagacatt    156120
     attttacgta ttttacgcag ctatataggg taccagcaaa actggtccag tttaccctaa    156180
     aataaaggac attaaattgc agaaattaaa cttaaatttt gggtaaattt ctgcaaatta    156240
     ctgtctgtta ttttacagta aatgtctgta atttaatggc tgtaagttta agtttttttc    156300
     cggcacccta gctgtaaaaa aacaaaacaa cagatttttt ttttacagta tatctaaaaa    156360
     aataaaatta ctgtatagtt aaaacattgc tgaataacag tgtcaaaata taaaataaaa    156420
     ttggataaaa caacaacaat atattaattt aacaatataa tttgatgcaa catttcaatg    156480
     ttttttagca atgtttaaac catacaataa ttttatttta gataaggttg caaagatttt    156540
     ttttcaaaga taaatttcat ttgtgaatct tcaaatgaat agaaaagaat aaagtaattt    156600
     agaatgtaac caactcttta attgtcattt ataagggatt tataaagctt aaatagtcct    156660
     aacattagat taggtcataa agcatttaat aaagcattta taaacataca aatgaacttt    156720
     tagtatatgc ctgaacaata acatatgact gttaatttgg atagtatatt aattattcac    156780
     ttacgcgttc tgagtgatct tataaaaaca tcaactattc ttaaataacg ggtttgtaaa    156840
     tactgcaata ctgaatttag taatgaaaaa tgaatcatta acaaagtagg aaaatactat    156900
     tattaagcac attaaacatg cttataagtc aagattacag catttgtagc tgcagttata    156960
     aactgcgtca attgtagagt taatacttaa cagataatga acacactatt cgctcatgct    157020
     taataaatag tacatagtgt gtagtttgtt atattaccaa tcattttgtt gatctgtgtc    157080
     tataaaagtt ctacaaggaa tatctgtatg tcagtgttcc aaacaacaag cattatttct    157140
     atgagaaaac actagcacta gtaaaaacga tcaataaacg cttaaaaaaa tcatcaaagt    157200
     tccagaaggt tgcacatttc tctactatac tgtagttcta tttctccatt ttcctctcag    157260
     gcctgcaatt ggtattcaaa agagcgcatg tcttgtctct tgctgtcggt cacttctagt    157320
     tattttataa tacattcccc ccactctcat tatgagaact gccagattca tatttgcact    157380
     ttgataccct tgctaatgtg tgtagacaga cacggcatac caacacgttc ctccctaacc    157440
     accttcgcct ccctttatca gagacgctcg tgtagtgtgc gactgccaga catatccagc    157500
     acccaaacag cttcaatctg ctcaatgtaa acaggcacta acgacggctg gaggtcagag    157560
     gtcaatccca tggatcaagc ctcagctgga gcgcgcttat tgctggattc gatccacagg    157620
     ggggagggcg ttgtttggga caaagacgaa ggcttagcac cccgaagccc tgaagtcaga    157680
     tcataactaa actgcgcgtt attatagctg tgcctcaaga gagggccatc tgtgccgtct    157740
     aatgggcttc agtgaggcgg tcagagctca agttcattta cgaaaatgat catgatgatg    157800
     acggtgttaa tggtgctaca aggaaacacg tcttgccact ggcaccggca ggaagtccaa    157860
     ccgagatacc ggtcattcgc tgcatcctgc tgttatatta ccacaagctt tatgaagggc    157920
     tattatgaag ctttatattg tttgcggctt ggttgctttt aaatttattc aacaaaacat    157980
     catgcaaaac ccattcattc attcattcat ttaccttcgg cttagtccct ttattcatca    158040
     gtggtcgcca cagcagaatg aactgcaaac ttatccagca tatgttctac acaagaggtg    158100
     ccaaaacttt tcatatgatg ggccaaatat cattgagagc cgtgggctga aggtaaatat    158160
     accaaactat aggctaattt cctaattttt tccataaaat ttcaaattaa ataaaacatc    158220
     actttaaatc atattattat tatatttatt attattagta gtagtattaa ttattattat    158280
     tattttgatc ataataatgc agcattactt taaatcataa cttattgcaa taaatacata    158340
     tttacattta aaacacagtg gagttcaatg ctgaatactt gtcaaggaga atctgccttt    158400
     gacttgattt gctcaccaaa gtatctgcca aagtttgatt catttaattt tggttagatt    158460
     ttaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa    158520
     caaacaaaca aacaaagggt tgcatttcat ttcaacggac aatctcgaaa ccatccccat    158580
     ggttctccct ctctttttat atgggatggt gggccaaatc aaaggttacc atgggccaac    158640
     tttggcctgc gggccctagt ctgagcatct ctgttttaca cagtagatgt ctttccagcc    158700
     acaacccagt actgggaaac aaaaacactt caaataaagc ttaaaaatat caaatcattt    158760
     caaatactaa ggttggtcta cacataatcc cagcattata tcacgagaaa tcacaactgt    158820
     tttatgtatt ggcaaataac tggctaaatt gtacagattg atatagtttg attggcatga    158880
     aaatgtaaaa ttttaaaaaa agaaggcata ccccaaacca actcaaaaca aaaatgtcat    158940
     tggggatagg gaattcatat tcatatataa caatgagttt gtagaaattc atacacatta    159000
     gcaaaaagtc aaataaaaaa tattttaaaa taaatgtaac gaattggaat gggattgtgt    159060
     caaataatcc atatagaaaa tacaagctca gtgaaacgag catcagaatg agaaagaaag    159120
     gtgatttaag taactttgaa tgtggcatgg ttgttggtgc aagacgggct cgtccgagtt    159180
     tttctgaaac tgctgatata ctggagtttt catgctcaac catctctagg gtttacagag    159240
     aaaggtctgg aaaagagaaa acattcagtg agctgcagtt ctgtgggcgc aaatgccttg    159300
     ttgaggccag aggtcaaagg agaatggcca gactggtttg agctgatcca aagtcaacag    159360
     taactcaaat tagcactcgt tacaaccgag atatgcagaa gagcatctct gaatacgtcc    159420
     aaccttgagg cagatgggct acagcagcag aagataacac tgggtgtcga acctgtcagc    159480
     taagaacacg aaaactgagg ctacaattca cacaggctca ccaaaattgg acaatagaag    159540
     attggaaaaa tgttgcctgg tctgatgagt ctcaatttct gctgtgacat tcggatggta    159600
     gggtcagaat ttggcttcaa caacataaag cacggatcca tcctgccttg tatcaacggt    159660
     tcaggctggt ggtagtggtg taatggtgta ggggatatat tcttagcaca ctttgggtct    159720
     attagtacct attgaacatc gtgtcaacgt cacagccaac ctgagtattg ttgctgacca    159780
     tggttatcac tttatgacca cagtgtactc atcttctgat ggctacttcc agcaggatat    159840
     gcaggatgtc ataaagcaca aatcatctca gactagtttc ttgaacatga caatgagttc    159900
     actgtactca aatggcctcc acagtcacca gatctcaatc taatagagca cctttgggat    159960
     ttggtgtaac taagtgagtt tggaaggcaa aagggggtct aacctggtac tagtaagttg    160020
     tacctaataa ggtggccggt gagtgtatca caagcagcag ttttgaactt gtgttttttt    160080
     ctctctttgt atttcctaca gtacaattat agtctgtaat aataaatgtg ggaaagattt    160140
     gtgtgtaggt tttgtggtta tttgtgttct gctaaaataa tttattaatt cgaacaattt    160200
     gcatttttaa atttaatgga caaacaatga ggaagaataa tggcacaaca gtttttaaaa    160260
     cactactgct ttttaacagt taaagttatt actataattc atgcaaagta tcatataatt    160320
     tagaaaaatg gcagattgga tgattgatta tttctatgat tgattatttt tatgattgat    160380
     gtattgattt aaatctattt ttagttctat tcttttttat tctttactgt atgtttgtat    160440
     aataaattaa aatgtattgc tgataaattt aaatggctta tcatatttct ttatcatgct    160500
     acataccacc ccatggttca ctggtgtgca tgtcagtcca gttgacctca gggtggcatg    160560
     tcttaggtgt gtgtttagtg tgtttgtgtg tttaagtgga gactgtgtct tctgttgact    160620
     gtgaggtgat cagtcatgtg gtggtgtgag acagggcctg ataaaggagg aacagataag    160680
     gtcagagaga aaagagaaag aggggtcgac accagattca tttagaccat tatctctgac    160740
     taacagtcaa ctatgacaaa cagtaagtag aaatgtgctc tttacaaaac tttgaacaaa    160800
     tgttggactc atttcccaca gacacagtgc aatttaccat cgtgactgct acactctgac    160860
     atttaaaaca agcctttaaa aaatctcttc aagttttgta gacaaataag tataaagttt    160920
     gacaatcacc atttattggt ttttcgttat aacaggtgtg tcaatggcat gaaaacaaag    160980
     tttcataata caactgccgc aatggctcag tggttagcac tgtcgcctca cagcaagaag    161040
     gtcactggtt cgagtcccgg atggactagc tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgcaagctct    161100
     ccctgtgttt gcgttggttt cctctgtgtg ctccggttgc tcccgtcaaa agacaggcac    161160
     tataggtgaa ctggttgaac aaaataagcc gtatgggtgt ttttccagta ctgggttgca    161220
     gctggaaggg catctgctgc gtaaaacata tgccagaata gttggtggtt cattccgttg    161280
     tggcgacacc agatatataa gagactaagc tgaaggaaac tgaatgaatg aactgtcgta    161340
     ctgtaattaa aatgactgat ttagggaatt aatatacaaa tgttcattca gatttcttgt    161400
     tattttgcta aaaacaatta tcaaagtgct caaaacaata taaatttttc acagagtaca    161460
     tttaaatgtt gtgactcaaa cactttaaaa caagggattt acactttagt aaacaagtag    161520
     cagttaaaca agtaagttat tgtctcttag tgcttcattt taaaaatgaa tgctgacttt    161580
     tggaattaca ttgaaatttt tgcatgttgt ttcagattaa ttttatttgg tttttaaaaa    161640
     taatcactca ctgactagat tcagaatatt gtagttacaa tattggagct caataactgt    161700
     ttttttatgt gtaatctata tacaatttta aacactttgc tgataacaga tgcctgagtg    161760
     cgcttacaat aattcgattt gaatatgatt aaaggtgctt tcacacctac actttgttta    161820
     ggaacctttc tggtttgccc cgttattgcg gttcatttgg catatgtgaa accaccaatc    161880
     gctctcgaat ctgcaccaaa tcaatcgctc cgagatcgct tgaatgaggt agtctcggct    161940
     cgattgaaac gaactctgga gtggatcgat tgcagtgaga aagcgatatg atccgagtgc    162000
     cgttatttca gtgttttatg gatatgtaat aggcatacgg ctatatgaag agagaattat    162060
     gagtagggcg ggaagtttcg caagtctccg gatacccgca aatgagtgat aatctccaag    162120
     taatttcgcg tctccctccc ggtccttaaa taggctacgt cgcgcaccct tctcacccct    162180
     ccccaccgca tttctcctct tcagacacgt cgcacgcacc ttgtcaaaca ccacaaaacc    162240
     accccctctc ctgacagctg ggcggtactc tgcaaaataa accctgacac tctgaccaac    162300
     gtgaggagag tttactcaca cgtgacttgt tttagctctt ttggtccaat tgaaaacttt    162360
     gcagtatgaa aacgaaccgc tccaagagca aagagcaaca atgtaatctc tgtttcggaa    162420
     caactgaatc aattcacagg tgtgaaagca tcctaagaca atactctgat taagagtcca    162480
     ccatgtaaac agcgatttat gattaaatta atcaaattaa ggtcataatc aaataaacag    162540
     aaatcggaat aagacatgta tagtatgctg attttagtca cattattgaa gtgcagtaca    162600
     agtaaacacc gcaatcaatc tattaccgtc atctaggact ttttgctcat tttgcgtcag    162660
     gatattccat gcacacagct gtttgacact gttctctgca cctaccgagt cagtgaaaga    162720
     ctacagagat tttttctaca gggagttttt ttttccatac gccgcgcagt atgaaattcc    162780
     aataaaacaa cactcttcca gcagttcata ctcgcatcca atttctcgtt tgtcataggg    162840
     gcatagatga aatgttcctg aataaaagtg aaactgccga actgcagtta aagtcgacaa    162900
     attaaaactg aaacatccaa aattacataa aaatccgaag gaaatgtgga tatcatggtg    162960
     tcgcaacaac gttaatcaaa ttgtgtgcta taaaatgtaa aacaggatca tgaaaggaac    163020
     attcaaaagc aactcaggta aacacctgaa tcttattatt gtctttctca aattaaagca    163080
     aataacttga ttactgatgt ccatgtaaac gtagtctttg acaacctttt atagtattgt    163140
     gaatgactga agtcatttgt tctactgttg ttaaatctgc cacaaaggac acaatacaat    163200
     taataatgta atgactcttg tgaagctgaa aaaaatcatg tacagtaata atgtattaaa    163260
     taatgtaata atgaataaat aaaatcttat ataaaattat atatatctta tattacatat    163320
     tatgtatgta ataaataaaa tcttatataa cttgcttaac ttttttaatc tcataattaa    163380
     aatgactagt aaaaatctga aactcgtgac cagtaaacag tcctgtcatt tttttttttg    163440
     caggtgctga gaagcaacta cttggtaaaa taaaacaact aaaaatcctg tggaggtgtt    163500
     tctttccagc gaactctctg ccctggtgaa atgtgatcag aaaaagccct tcagctacag    163560
     cgctcctcca actttcccct cctgggtttc ctccagtgta gcagatcatg ttttttatgt    163620
     tgtgggtaaa ctttgctccc ggctacacct tctgcctcgt actgaatcat catgccgagc    163680
     cttggaggtg gccttgagaa agccgaacac gggcatggag agttttaaag caagccgtga    163740
     gggtggatgg ggtgaagctc ctgacaggca ccgctgctgg cagttacaga gcatgttaaa    163800
     tcatgcatgc gggtgtcgag gcctacaaac acactggacc cgtcctgcca ggctgaaagc    163860
     gaaccgcagc atctaccact caaaaaactg acatgcagga gagaaggcca gggcaagctc    163920
     gcgctccaac attttatttc tgtcaagctc gaaaatataa gaacataccc accgatgctc    163980
     catatttttt tgcttggaag aaaaccacat gccacattta aagccatagt aaaacaaaca    164040
     gacacagtaa acaattgaag aaaactgtgt tagatctgac aaagacaaag caaaaacaat    164100
     tataaataaa gggatcttgt ggcaaaatac atcaaaacaa acaaaaaact atttttcgca    164160
     catttatttt catcttttga cactgaaact tcaggattga aaacaattga cttatacttc    164220
     agcatttaaa caactttaga aaagctattt catgttacaa cagcaaaaag aacaaaaacc    164280
     acaagttcta agtgcttaat tgttaagaaa aaattctcaa atgaattgta atttttgata    164340
     cttcaaagat gcaatcaaaa acgaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa atgatttttt tgtggaggaa    164400
     tgaaagctaa tagccatcaa aactgttgga ttaatacttt aaaatatctt ttgtgtgttc    164460
     acaaaaaatc atacacgttt agaatgacaa ttacagcgtg gaattttttt tctcagaaaa    164520
     catatttgta aaggtgccat tgatttgaaa ttttccttgg atgttggtaa ccaccaaaga    164580
     aatccattat gcaaagaaaa caaatctaat tattttacaa attaagttct gcaaaataaa    164640
     ataaaataac gcagggaaac gtatttgttg taaatgaggg cgatgccaac cctcttgtgc    164700
     accaccagag ggaaccatcg ccagaattct gattcgactc acggactcaa aatcccataa    164760
     gccctgctac ctggcactga tttcggtcca ggtgcaactc atcagctctc gtgtatatat    164820
     accacactca cgctccggtt cgttgcgaag tcttgatttg cctggctgtc atttctgagc    164880
     gttccatact ccctgcttcg gactgatctg tgtttctgac cctgtgcttg ttctacgatt    164940
     acgaaagaca tctgcctgcc cctgatctcc agcctgttat tctgaccagt aagatatctg    165000
     cctgcctttg aacttttgcc tgtcccacgt tctgtctcct ggattgcccc tttgtgtttg    165060
     tttgtatgtg tgctcttaat aaagcttgca aatggattca atgccttctg actcatcaca    165120
     acagaagact tcgccactac agaatccagc agctttagca caagtctcga ctgaactttc    165180
     cgctcaagcc actcagttag ccacccatca tcaacaactc acccatctaa cttctctcac    165240
     ggaggaactg gtgagagcta tgcagcaact ccgtcatccg aatcctgcag ttaccccgcc    165300
     tgctaccatg acagcttctc aaccaacgca tgtctccaat gctccggcta ccgtaagtcc    165360
     ccgattagct tttcctgaaa agtttgatgg gtcaccttct cgctgcaaag gcttcttatt    165420
     gcaatgcaaa ctatttgtta accaacaacc tgcattatat cccactgatt ctagtcgggt    165480
     ggcttttgta tgcaacctgt taacggggaa agcgctggaa tgggctacag cgatatggaa    165540
     ggaggaggaa tgtaactatc ccacatttga aacttttctc aagcaatttc gggaagtgtt    165600
     cgagcaccca gcagatggga gaagccccgg tgagcagtta ctttctctta cacaggggcg    165660
     taacacagct gcagaatacg ccttgtcatt tcgcactctc gccgctcaaa ctaactgggt    165720
     tgaggataca ctgaagacac tattcagacg gggtctgaat accaatctac aatctgaatt    165780
     ggcttgccgt gacgaaggaa agaaattgaa cgaactcatt gaacttacca tccgtcttga    165840
     tcatctgatt cgcagccgta gaaatcctcg cacacagctc catgtttcca gtgacacgcc    165900
     ccctgatgaa cccatgcaac tgggtttcac ccgtctcacc catgaagaaa gaatgcatcg    165960
     attgcaaaat catctatgcc tgtactgcgg tcaatcaggg cacaggaaat ccacctgcag    166020
     cgtacgacct cagacaccag ttcaatcggt gagtccgtcc catgttcctg cactttttag    166080
     tgtactgatt cctgtgatta ttaaatttga taaaagaatg attaatacta cggctcttgt    166140
     cgactctgga tctgccggaa actttatatc taagaaattt gctttatgtc acgaactatc    166200
     tctcagctca tatgattcct gtcttgcagt ggaagcacta gacggtcgtc ctgtgggtga    166260
     aggacgcatc cgtatgatta cgaataagct acagttacaa gttggtgttc tacacattga    166320
     agaaatgcaa ttctacatta ttgattcagt taatcatcca ctggtgttgg gactgccctg    166380
     gttaaggcga catgatcctc atatctcctg gagggacgga cagatattgc agtggagtga    166440
     gtcatgcatg aaacagtgca tccagcccat tcacaaaatt ccattacgaa ccaccaatgt    166500
     gttacctgaa ctcgttgatg aactaatccc cattgagtac catgacttac atgaagcttt    166560
     tagcaaacaa aaagctactc aacttccccc acatcgacca agtgattgtg ccattgagtt    166620
     aattccaggt tcaagtcctc caacgggtcg aatattccct ctgtcacaac ctgagcacaa    166680
     ggcaatgtct gaatatatcg acgaggaatt ggccaagggt ttcatccgac cttctacatc    166740
     tcctgcttca gctggattct tctttgtaaa gaagaaagat ggcagtttac gtccctgtat    166800
     tgattaccga gggctcaatg aaatcaccgt aaaattccgc tatccattac ccctcgtacc    166860
     tcctgccctg gaacaattaa gaaaggctag atattatacc aagcttgatc ttcgcagtgc    166920
     atataacctt gtcagaatcc gtgctggtga cgagtggaag accgcgtttt ccaccactag    166980
     ggggcactat gagtacacgg taatgccctt cggcctgtca aactgtccat ccgtgttcca    167040
     atcttttatg aacgatgtct ttcgggatat gctggatcgc tgggtcatca tttacatcga    167100
     cgacatcctc atatattcaa acacgatgaa ggaacatgtt gaacatgtac gtatagtgtt    167160
     gcaacgcatg attcaacatc gtctgtacgc caaattagag aagtgtgaat ttcaccagac    167220
     acagatcgcc tttttgggat acgtcatcag tgcagaaggg attaccatgg atgatacgaa    167280
     ggtacaggca gttcaacgat ggccgttacc ccagaatctc aaggagttgc agcgatttct    167340
     aggttttgcc aacttctata gacggtttat cagaggcttt agttcaatag ccgcaccatt    167400
     aacagccatg accaaacgaa attcccacaa actatcctgg tcctctgaag cacgccaagc    167460
     atttagcgat ctgaagactc aattcaccac agctcctatt ctccgtcatc ccaacccaga    167520
     cctacctttc attgtggaag tggatgcatc caacacagga gtcggtgctg tgttatctca    167580
     acgtcagggt caaccatcca aaatgtatcc atgtgccttc ttctcccgta aattgaccag    167640
     cgcagaacga aactatgatg tgggaaatcg cgaattactg gcaatgaaat tagccttgga    167700
     agaatggaga cactggctgg agggggctag tcagcaattc accatattaa ctgaccacaa    167760
     gaatctggaa tatcttcgct cagccaaacg tctaaatccc agacaagctc gttgggcttt    167820
     gttcttcacc agattcgact tcattgtcac ctatagacca gggagtaaaa atagtaaggc    167880
     agatgcacta tccaggctat cagaggataa aaccccaatt agtgatgaaa ccattattcc    167940
     tacgaactta ctagtggctc cagtacagtg ggacatactt accgagatcc aagaggccaa    168000
     ccgagaaaac aaccctccag tagactgtcc gaatcacctg atttttgtac ccaataacat    168060
     acgtaccaga ttactgaccc atattcatga cactcccagt tcggggcatc caggcatcac    168120
     tgcaactttg gagttagtca aagcccgttt ctggtggccg tccctcacga aggatgtaat    168180
     taattatgtt cagaaatgtg aaatttgcca aagcacgaag gcatctcacc aaacccctgc    168240
     tggcctgtta caaccgctac cggttccgca acggccctgg tcccatatag cggtggactt    168300
     cattacggat ctccctgttt cccagaacaa cacagtcatt ctcacggtgg ttgatcgttt    168360
     ctccaaggct tgtcgcctaa taccgttgcc caaattgccc tctgcctttg aaaccgcaga    168420
     agccctgtgc aatcatgtat ttcgaatgtt tggcttacct gatgatatcg tctcagacag    168480
     gggatcccaa ttcacttccc gggtatggtc cgctctctgt aaaaatctaa atattaatgt    168540
     tagtctcacc tcagggtacc atcctcaatc caacggccaa actgaacgta tgaatcaaga    168600
     agtcattcga tttctacgtt cctactgtca tcagcaacag cacgactgga gtcgctatct    168660
     gatgtgggca gaatatgcac aaaattcatt aataaagcca gccacgggta tcacgccatt    168720
     caaatgtatt cttggctacc aaccacccct gtttccatgg tccggagaac ccactgagtt    168780
     acctgctgtc acggattggc tgcagcggag tgaggatgtc tggaaccagg ctcacagaca    168840
     tctcatgagg gcagtcagga ggagagagat tcaggcgaac cgtcaccgac gccagggacc    168900
     cacgtatcaa ccggggcagt gggtgtggtt gtcgacacga gaccttcgtc tgagattgcc    168960
     ctgccgcaaa ctcagtccca ggtatgtagg gccattcaaa attgtacgcc agattactcc    169020
     agtgtctttt cgcttagcct tgcctaatca ttatcgtatt tctcctactt tccacatgtc    169080
     attactcaaa cccgctggtg gtccacgaga ggaggcggtt gaggaggaat cggaaaccag    169140
     gacccctcca cctgtcatga tcgagggcga ggaagcttac ctcgttcgag aagtgctgga    169200
     ctctcgacgt cggggtggcg ccctccaata tctggtggac tgggaagggt acggtccaga    169260
     ggaacggtcc tgggtgaatg ctagagatat tctagaccca actctcacgg aagagtttca    169320
     tcaaaaccag ccccccgaca gcgcggtaga ccccggcgtc aggtgccttc tcgcttcagg    169380
     agccgctcgc aggagtgggg ttctgttgta aatgagggcg atgccaaccc tcttgtgcac    169440
     caccagaggg aaccatcgcc agaattctga ttcgactcac ggactcaaaa tcccataagc    169500
     cctgctacct ggcactgatt tcggtccagg tgcaactcat cagctctcgt gtatatatac    169560
     cacactcacg ctccggttcg ttgcgaagtc ttgatttgcc tggctgtcat ttctgagcgt    169620
     tccatactcc ctgcttcgga ctgatctgtg tttctgaccc tgtgcttgtt ctacgattac    169680
     gaaggacatc tgcctgcccc tgatctccag cctgttattc tgaccagtaa gatatctgcc    169740
     tgcctttgaa cttttgcctg tcccacgttc tgtctcctgg attgcccctt tgtgtttgtt    169800
     tgtatgtgtg ctcttaataa agcttgcaaa tggattcaat gccttctgac tcatcacaac    169860
     agtattgaac acatgattaa agggaggtgt agacaggcag tgaaagccca gacagcagtg    169920
     aatgtttctc agtagttttt cagtaaccct ctgcccttcc tcattgtaaa ttaatttgag    169980
     ctgcggctac attaccaggc tgataaagat gaaaccagag tggacatttc agcaagacaa    170040
     tgatccaaaa cagccaagga aactctcaaa tggtttcaga gaaaaaaaaa aaacaagctg    170100
     tagaatggcc cagcgaatca cctgacttga atccaataga gaatacaaaa taaagctcag    170160
     atttaataga cgagacccac agaactatca agatttttac actctgttga agtctgtaaa    170220
     aaactcacac ctgagcaagt catgtgactt ctttctttat ctgagcgacg tctttaagct    170280
     gccatcaaca aaaaagaatt aaataccttt caatagttta ttttttctcc ctatggtcat    170340
     tatttacatt acatataaat aatttttcag atttttgcaa tgtttttgtt ttaccaaaat    170400
     ctggtttaat tccacgtaaa ctactccttt agaaatatta ttgcctggaa aatctttttg    170460
     tttttacatt gacattttaa ctactaaact aaaaacaaac cctgtaaaca ctaaaagtaa    170520
     acttgtattt tatagaaaat aaaagaagac tgtccatgtt aaatatgcat atttcaacat    170580
     ttagcttcag tttgtatgtg tactttacat gattagcata gactacatgt tacagaaatc    170640
     cacttttgag gctgtaaata tgacatatgc tcagaatgaa gtcgattatg tcagttcaga    170700
     gagtgaccac aatcctttgc aaatgctgct tcagaaacat tcatgtaatg agattctgat    170760
     ctcatttggc aaaagactta tgagctgaaa gcaataaaca tgttcagttt gatcagtagt    170820
     tgaacatgac atattatgca aacacaactg tgagagagcc agcgctgaag aggatttaac    170880
     tgtcattata atgctgttga cacacacaca tacacataaa ccatggcaat gacacacttc    170940
     ctcagctaac tgcattaaag gccattaatc ctgatagatc gcttaatcca tgcagaaaag    171000
     cagtaggtga tgcatgtaaa tggacacaca caaatatact cgtctgccat tttcaagagc    171060
     acaaaatgtg ttaatctcat agattaggat tagtctgtga tgtctctgaa acaaaagtga    171120
     gatgaaagca gtgtcgagcg gcaacatttt gctgcaaaaa atcccatttg ctgcataata    171180
     acactatact gacgagcatc taaagcttag ctgagctttg caaatgtaaa caagaaatat    171240
     ctccctataa ttcagatgtg tcatcacgca aaaaaagctg ctttctagaa agagacagtt    171300
     cctggaagta tggaagagtc aatatagcgg ggttattatc agtaactaac tgccaactaa    171360
     ctgaacgctt caactgctga tataactaga aattaataaa gacttgtttt agaattaata    171420
     aattcaagtt ataggaacaa caaataataa cttgacctct tggcattaga agtggctaat    171480
     atgaaaggca aaggcttcta gattacaaat attttaccat aacataacat gaacctgcct    171540
     taattttaat tacttaatta ggacagtaag gtctgacttt agacaaaagt cttgtcactt    171600
     aacagaaatg gtcctacttt atattaagtg tcctttacta ctatgtactt acatcaaaaa    171660
     ataaatacaa tgtacttact gtgtttataa tgtatttgag aacacttgtg gtgcttttga    171720
     attgggataa aggttgggtt atggacaggt ttggtggcat gggaaggtta agggtgggtt    171780
     aaggtgtaag ggatggtcaa cagtgtatta tacatgtact taatcaagca taagtacaca    171840
     gtaaatacat gtatttacac aataagtaca ttgtaacaaa ctattaattc ctgtgtaagt    171900
     acatattagt taaggccact taatataaag tgggaccaca gaaattatgt acagtataaa    171960
     atataaagtc atggcacagt gaaacttaat attgtgtatg actctcatga gcttggagga    172020
     ctccatactg tatccatact gtacatctct gctatgactc ttattaataa agtcatctgg    172080
     aatggccaag gaagcgttct tgcaagactc acagaattca tcaagattct ttagactcat    172140
     cttcaatacc tccttcttca tcttacccca gacatgctca ataatgttca tgtctagtga    172200
     ctgggcccgc caatcctgga acaccttgtc cttctttgct ttcaggaact ttgatgtgga    172260
     ggctgaagta tgaggaggac tgctattctg ctgaagaatt tgaatagaat ttgaatacat    172320
     ccatactgaa tgtaacccca aaccatgatt ttttcttcac caaacttgac tgatttctgt    172380
     aagaatcttg ggtccatgca ggttccaata ggtcttctgc agtatttgag atgactggga    172440
     agcagatcaa cagatgattc aaaaatcaac cttctccctt cattccagat gattaaatag    172500
     aagtcaagtt attatttgtt gctgttacaa ctaggattta tgacaagact tttgtcggat    172560
     aatgtatata cagtcatgcc taaaattatt gttacacctg gggaaagaaa attttcaggc    172620
     ttgactgtat aaagaaaaat ttattacatt aaaatgataa attcacagaa caaaattgct    172680
     tataataagt atgtaaacta agtattacat tcatattgta atcaattaat atcttaactg    172740
     ttcttcataa tatcttattc tatgtattaa ctatcagaca ctatttattt tacttacaaa    172800
     tcaatcacat cccactgctg ctgtacagtg cttgatgttt atattatctg cttatttaac    172860
     tgtcactcgg tgtaccttgc agtactattt tctgaaatat gttaaatatt tgcagctgcg    172920
     tgtttagtct ttgtgaatgt caacatgtgt cacaattgtt ttcagaagga aatgtgtttc    172980
     agttttagga atcgccatgc aaaaaacaac aaattgactg gctaaaataa taataaaaaa    173040
     tgtaaagcta ttcaaacaaa gaaacattat caaactaaat agtctaaaat gaaataaaat    173100
     aacagtgaca catctaagga tgatgaagag agtgaatgtc taactaattt ccaatataaa    173160
     aacaactatt ccgcaaaaac accttgaaag ttgcaaacaa cagcattctt ggtcaaacag    173220
     gaaaccaata tgagctgttc atatatcaca ttttttttgc acactcgggt tcattatttt    173280
     aaatgtagat gcacagcaaa tacactcaaa tagagagagg aaatggttct gcttttactt    173340
     tccacatgtt tagatgtgaa atgtaaatag cccaaaaaac gatggaggac atacagaaga    173400
     ttgtgctctt ggttgtttaa cacaagaaaa gaacagtatt gtttaagcat ggctcattgt    173460
     tgtgcactgt ggttaaaata ttacagtatt cattggtcat cgcttagcca gatattaaag    173520
     gccacaccaa caaaaataca aattcaaact gtaaacaata ctcagatgaa cgacaaaaaa    173580
     taaccacaaa aatatcacaa agcccagttt gtgctgtaac tggtgtaagc tgacttctta    173640
     tttgggaaac atgtctagca accaggtaaa gtagcctgtc acacaacact atgttcacca    173700
     catgatttgc ctctatcagt actgatacaa actgatacaa gcctgtgttt agctaatgtc    173760
     tgatcaggct cacattttct tcacttcctc caacaaaact ctgttaggtt tctttggtgg    173820
     gtccacaatg gtgtttatga tggtgttggc tatatattag atcagggatg tccatactcg    173880
     gtcctggagg gccggtgtcc tgcaaagttt agttccaacc ccagtcacac acacctgggc    173940
     tagctaatca agctcttact agacattcta gaaacatcct tgatattgtg ttgaagcaag    174000
     ttggagttac aatctgcagg acgccggccc tgcaggactg ggccttgttt cctctcacgg    174060
     tttggatttg gattttttgg ctaactccat ccgggttata aaaacaacaa atgacatgta    174120
     ccttctagca gatcgctttg ttgcatttat ttgtacttct atatacgtcc atggttttac    174180
     aggaagggga tatgcaggat tgtgtgaacc gagtctctca cccaaagtag caagcgtgat    174240
     ttcaggtgac agaagacaga tctgctgcgg cagtattaat ctagttaaaa gtgattctac    174300
     cactgattca atattaaaga tattttaagg tggaaagcat ttcacttcat attttctgaa    174360
     tgtttccaca tgctatgtct aggctaagat ttatcccaga aacactcacc acctgcataa    174420
     ttcataaaga tgcaattgtt atgcataata cagtcaggta ctcaaagata aaaggctgat    174480
     gggctcaact ggcaatttca gacagtttgg cttcagtttt gttcatcgct gactgtgaat    174540
     tatctgccta ttactgagat attaactagc acttataaag tatgatcttc ttttaaatcc    174600
     ctaatcctac caaataccta aacctcataa atagttaaat tagattttgc ctacacttgc    174660
     tgtctattgg aaggaatgca tcaatagagc tgccattcta gtacagggta gcgctccttt    174720
     gaaatgaatg tggaaccaag gtgcagcgga ggactggcaa tccggagcaa tgatatatac    174780
     acacatatac ataaatctat gattggaagt ttaccagtgg ttaggatgca aatatttttt    174840
     taattatgaa aattataatt ttacatcact tttctatatt gatgtataag taaccacccg    174900
     ggaattgctg acaagcttgt gtttatctgc atggaaatgt attatctccc aacctgttaa    174960
     attcgatcta atgcgtgtgc tgagacccac tccctctcct gctttcactt ctcattctaa    175020
     cggagggagt gattagtttg tgaatgaatc tccattataa atgactcgtg tgaaccatcc    175080
     atatccctgc gtctcaatgt gcatatccac ctttctgatc taaatggtat ctaatatttg    175140
     taatatttaa aaaatgtagg gttgacagta tgcacattga ggcacagaca ctgttatgtt    175200
     atcaggcacc cttatacgtt actaaaaaat gtagaaacct ttgtgaactt agcagacaat    175260
     gatacaagtt tcttgtcact tttacatgtc atttttcatt tagattgttt gctgatttta    175320
     ttcaacaatc tctagcataa gcctagaatt tagtgcaagt tactgatact ttgggttatg    175380
     atgaatgcag taagtaactg tattatcatt aatatcgtta cttgtttacc acaaaagttc    175440
     gaaacataca aaatcgtaaa attaaaatct tatctatgaa atgttgtgcc tttatgcttt    175500
     gttttttttt tgctcattac tacacccata cacagcgcac aagtcaagca tcttcacatt    175560
     ggctttagtc ttgacttgtc aagtgcagtt gaatgacatt tgtcctggga gcactgtaca    175620
     aatgtgatgg cagtattgac gaatgtttag gttccgtatg tgatatctag tgtataaatc    175680
     tatgcctaaa cccaactact accttattta ctactagtaa gcaaataatt agtagttaat    175740
     taagctaatc atcagataat catcaattag ctaatcatag ttaatggttt gttaacaatg    175800
     taaattgtac atgaaatcaa gtgtaacaag ctctcatttg catttaaagg ggtggtccag    175860
     aatgtaattt taagacttgg ttgtgtttat aagatgcaaa gcaatgtgtg cttatgtttc    175920
     acttgaagga aatcgcgtta ttttttcata tatctcactt tgattataca cagctactca    175980
     gctaacatga aaacgactgt catatttcct agttcctcta aaaggcccgc ccttaagtga    176040
     ctctgattgg tcatcgtcac aatgtgctgc tattggcgga tcggctccac gtcacgcccg    176100
     taaaagcatg cgcttttctg ctgtgtaaac atgcagtcaa cctcgcgccc gctctctaaa    176160
     ataaaatccg acaagtgtct gtaactaacg agtgaaaatg gggtgcggct cctttaacag    176220
     cgtctgtgtg tgcgtctatg tgtgtgtaaa tgtgtgaact ttctgtaaca agcgcatgtg    176280
     cgcgggactt tctttttctt tttctctgat gctcggatta agttgtttct gtaatataaa    176340
     gtacaagatg tgggatgcta ccttttgagc cttgatttat tattctgctg cgaccacgag    176400
     tcaggtaagc taatctgtat ttttttttaa ctctatgcgt tatgacgtct ttcatgagta    176460
     tctggaatat gcaggtgtaa gaaatatgaa tcatccacat atcttttgcg acttcattat    176520
     ctgagatgtg aaacacatgg aaaagctgcc tgaagacaat cagtgcagtc ccgtgcgcac    176580
     acacataaga gacacgaccg tgctggtgga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgc accagtttga    176640
     ctgataaata tgaatttgta gctaaatcgt ttgcccgcaa agcagcattt cgcattgttt    176700
     acatcgttgc tacagtatac tgttaacgct agacactgta catgtcatga tcaattttaa    176760
     caaataaaaa aacttacttg tagcttacaa attctgcttt gaggagattt tagccgaatc    176820
     caacactgaa ctggaagcga ttctggagct gttttgtcaa atcatgcttg ctgtgcgttt    176880
     tatatttctc tggaagataa ttaatattga actaaaggca cttctgtctt tgtgttgtgt    176940
     cctttggaag cccaaataca gaaacagaca aagctctgtg gaaacagccg tttttagacg    177000
     catttttagc ttcatctctg ctgtaacgtt acagcgcctc tggccacggc ccttacctgc    177060
     atgcgcagtg tgggatgcgc agtaacaaac ttttgtgatc ccacagggag cggaagtatt    177120
     tttttgtagg ccccaaaatt cgttcattgt aggctttgct aagctaactt tgtaaaaacc    177180
     aaggtctccc tttgcattga acttagattt ttttactttc agagatgttg tttatgttca    177240
     cacagctaca ttacacatca actaaagttt aaaatatgag atcatagtgg accacccctt    177300
     taaagataca tacaagaaaa atgtgtttgc tcacacctaa aaagtggcaa attaaacatg    177360
     ctataataaa taatctgtgg ggaattttga gctaacgctt cacagacata ttcaccttga    177420
     ttcacatgag agttatatta cacattacaa aagtggtatc gtatggctcc ttcaacacac    177480
     cctttagtgc ttaactgagt agctgaactg tctttcaaat ggtgattggg tttaacctta    177540
     ttgtaagttc actttgcaca tatgctacta actgcagaac gtcgactaga gccttgagtt    177600
     gacatactgg atcagagtca atatccattt cagttcatac ctccaaactg actagctgat    177660
     tagctgataa attcaaatgg aatgctgatc aagtatcatt ttatgctaag cagacctgac    177720
     aacaatgata gcagtctaat tttctcctca ggccggtgag tagtgagcgc agtggctgta    177780
     gtgcagttct gccatctgtg gctgatgcat tatttagctt gtgcagccac tgattagcat    177840
     taacgctatg gtaatggccc tccgggctcc tccaggtcta cctgcctccc agcacaccct    177900
     gaggtctctc tctctctcgt tctttttatc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    177960
     tctctctctc agctgatctc tctttcactt actcacttcg ccttgcattt ccaaccctct    178020
     taactggcct gagaaagttt gctttaattt tttatggcat gtgtattcag gtgagacccc    178080
     ataaaaacca aaattgaagt ttgtggcttt aagtccatgt ctgtttggtt tgatgcatct    178140
     aatatcttag tgaagtgggt tcaagtggaa agtccaaact gaaccacaga aatcaattaa    178200
     cataaaaaag aaaacaagaa aatatcacta acatgcttta caatgttttt aagaagtcgt    178260
     ttccgctcta caaagctcca tatattgcta ataattgttt aatagtttaa aattaatgtt    178320
     ttttatttta atatatttta aatgcagttt tttttgcaaa actgattatt ctgcattata    178380
     gctcccattt tcaacgatcc tttagaatca ttacagatta ttttataact gatgtaacaa    178440
     ttgaccagaa cgtatactgt aaaaaatggc caacacaaat tgattaagtt aacttaacat    178500
     ttttaacaaa tttatgtcga ttgaacataa aaaaattaag ttgtctcaat gaaatctcac    178560
     gaattgtctt tttttcagct cattttaatt aaaaacatat attttttgag tgtagggata    178620
     gacacaacat gtatttttgt attaacaaaa cgtacataaa taatacagaa aatagccaaa    178680
     atattaaaat gttaaaaaca ttgcatatta gatggaatag atagaataaa gatgggtgga    178740
     tagactcata tggatgggac agccaaaggt atgtactgac agatagaatg aatacattga    178800
     ttacataaga ataactatta cattattgtt ttcaaaaagt gactgaaatc tagcagttat    178860
     ataatatgat gtaatttata taacaggaac agagctgaca gatagtagaa tttacaattg    178920
     gtgtactata aaccagtgtt tcttaaccct gtccctgaag gcacaccaat ggtacacagt    178980
     ttcaacctct acctaatcaa acacaccaga ttcaactgat cagaacatta gaagagactc    179040
     taaaacctga aatgaatggg tgagataagg gggacatccg aaatatgtac tgttggtttg    179100
     cccccaggag cagggttggg aaagactgcc ttaaacatgt tgcataaatt aatgagagat    179160
     caataacggt atccctcaat gccttcctca attacttatc agaggaaatt acatcacttt    179220
     cagcaagtta catgtttgtt tgtttttttt tttaccagtg cattcattta ttttccttcg    179280
     gcttagtatt tgacctattc cagcatatgt tttacacaac aaatgccctt tcagctgaag    179340
     cccagtactg ggaaacaccc atacacactc attctcacac actcaattta gtttattcac    179400
     ttataacaca tgtctttgga ctgaggagga aacccacgct aacacagaga gaacattcaa    179460
     actccacaca gaaatgtcaa ctggctcaac cgggactcga accagcaacc atcttgctgt    179520
     gaggcgattt ttataaccca tgtaacattc aaaaaatagt ctaaactaga tttataaaaa    179580
     aacatttaaa tggtgaaatg taatatattt tcaatacagt ttgacgaaat cttgcttcat    179640
     cacaggcatc tggctctttc tatcaaatca gacaaccttc tgcttcaata ggaaacacgc    179700
     caaagaaaga agactacact tgtcgcacgc atctttaaaa gcagccaatt aaactgagac    179760
     aatgcttaag acaacttccc atgaagcatt tcagctgaag cccatccagc aggtttgagt    179820
     gtgcgtgagc gcctttgata agcttcatta ataaacatga catcctctaa tacacaggct    179880
     gtggcatatg gtaaaaggca gaaagaggaa gggagtgatt tgctgtttgc tctgaaaaac    179940
     aaacaagcca acaggtcctg ccagatggcg gcgagtgctg tttcggagag agcgagagag    180000
     agagagaata caggaaacaa caaagagaag aagacgaact cgacaaaggt gacaggagct    180060
     tgtcgacggc cgccatcggc ttctcaatag gtaaacaaat aaaaacgtct ttccgctgag    180120
     ctttttatac acacgctgat cctacctcac caattcagcc agaaacaaaa ctgaaaaaga    180180
     gaaataaaaa tgaaaataaa acatagttgg gggcaaacaa aaacactgct cgaggcctgc    180240
     aatacttctg aaaaacctaa ataaagcaac atggagaaaa ccaggctact tgtttgatgc    180300
     ttttcctact gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc aagccaaaac gaaatgcaag ctcagctaga    180360
     agttcgctca ttttgaatta tggtaattct cattagcata actaaaacat tccacatggg    180420
     ctgccctgga aagtgcactg tgatttattt ctgctagttc agccacaagg ccaacattat    180480
     cactgatcaa cctgtcaccc ctttaaaaca tttacaccct aattgggtgt ttgtggctaa    180540
     tcattttcct gtaatggtgc agtagattac tccatggcac aaagagctag acatgcagca    180600
     cagtgcgtca gatctctcac aactaaaact ctatcacgtg cttaatttct ttttcattag    180660
     acattctcag caattcatta ttggtgtgaa catttcatta ggttgtatca tctgcaatct    180720
     taataatcat tcagtctttg tttttttaca taagtaataa cgatcacact ttacaatgag    180780
     gtaacattag ttaatattat ttaaggtctt tactaacact aactaagaat gaacaaaact    180840
     tctgcagagt ttttaatggt aattaatgtt aatttcaaca tttactgatg tattattaaa    180900
     gtatattgtt gtgcttctaa acattaacta aagtactttg ggctaacaag aactaacaat    180960
     gaataactat tttcattaaa taatgtggag gtaaataaat actgtaatag atacattgtt    181020
     attttttgat atgtgtcagt aaatacaata gctaacatta gctaaagaaa ccttgttgta    181080
     aagaaacctg ctgtctgtgg atggatggat ggagaaaata gatgcatgga tggatggatg    181140
     gattgaaaaa atggatggat aagtaaatgg aaagaatgga tgaatggaaa aaatgtatgg    181200
     atggttgaat ggatgaaaaa actggatgga cgatggatga aaaaatggat ggatggatag    181260
     aaaaaatgga tggatagaaa aaccaatgga tggatggttg gaaaaaatta atggatggat    181320
     ggatggaaaa aataaatgga cgaatggaat atattgatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg    181380
     aaaaatggat ggatggaaga aatggatgga tgaaaaaatg gatggatgga agaaatggat    181440
     ggatgaaaaa ctggatggat ggaagaaatg gatggataga tggaacaaat ggatgattaa    181500
     aaatagatga atggatggat ggaaaaatgg atggatgatg gatggacaaa tggatggatg    181560
     gatgatggat ggaaaacacg atggatggat ggaagacaga cagacagaca caaacagata    181620
     gatagaaatc tgtccgtccg ttcgtccgtc cgtccgtccg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    181680
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    181740
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    181800
     tctttttttg tgcactacac gctctccctg atgttcttgt gttcaggaca aacatcaggg    181860
     ttatgttggg cctgcactac taggcccttt catgcgactg tgctttattt tcaacaagcc    181920
     cctttatgca gcttaacgtc actgacagtt tcagagatgc attattaatg cccagttgag    181980
     gactagcgtt cagacaggcc tccactagta cagcttcctc tcctgctgtc tgtcatttct    182040
     gtctcgcctc gctcaatctc cttctttact ctaccagctg agacacaagt aatgcaatga    182100
     catgcacagc tgaaatccaa gaccactgga tctagagtta agcctgctgt gttgacagta    182160
     actatgacaa caaggacctc aaccttgtgt gactgacata tattaaagaa ggatgggcag    182220
     acggacctat atacagataa tgtacagaat gaaatgatgt acgataaatt aaatgattgg    182280
     atattggatg tgatagacag aatgaggatg gatggactaa tagatggatg agatagccaa    182340
     aagtacatac tgacagaaag aatggataga tgattgatta aaataaacag atgaaagaag    182400
     aattgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgcatataa    182460
     gtagatggcc agaaagatga atagacagat ggatgaactg aaaagataat tgagagagga    182520
     cagattagat atatggatgg atatagagat ggatggatgg ataaatggat aatataagga    182580
     tgaatgatat gatatgaata tcgtgaatga tatgaatgga taaatgaacg tatttacttg    182640
     gatgggtgga tggatagagg aatttatgga tgaaggaaag gaaagacaga tgggataggc    182700
     agatgaacgg atatagagat ggatggatga tagaatggat ggatggataa atgatggatg    182760
     catagaggaa tttatggatg gaggaatgaa aagatagatt ggataggcag atgaacaaat    182820
     atggagatgg ataaatggag ggatggagga atgaatggat agatgataga tggatggata    182880
     gaataaatta tgaatgaagg aatggaaagg tagatgggat aagaacggat atggagatgg    182940
     actgatggag gaatgaatgg atagatgatg gatggatgga tggatagagg aatttataaa    183000
     tgaaggaatg taaaaataaa tggaataagc agatgaatgg atatggagat ggatgtaaag    183060
     atgaatggga taggcagata aacatataca gacatggaca gctggatgta gagataggtg    183120
     gacaaatgaa actatattat gaattagcaa acaaacataa agatacagta catggataga    183180
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    183240
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    183300
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatcgatcct    183360
     tggcaattcc cccatgtcaa aggtattact tgtaaacgaa agacggcact gcctcaaatc    183420
     tcaacatgac cagtccatta acaatgcatc tgctcattca ttctccttca ttcaccttgt    183480
     caaggggcca ttttaaataa gagagagaca gaaagaaagg gagaggagaa aggaaagtgg    183540
     aggtgaaaga tgaagcggtg ggccttgcag gcatgaatca cactcttttg aagatgaata    183600
     atccttttga gggctagcag gctaagctga tttagaattc tgtttcagct ttctcccata    183660
     atgcctgtct ggagctccac acgtactgga agttaaagtg aaggccgcgg agatcaggct    183720
     tctgcaggcc aaaccagccc tgtttagttg ctattatgaa caagagctgc cagattacac    183780
     tacaccatga cctcctttta aacaactaaa actgaacaca aatattttag acaacttact    183840
     ttcttgtgtg gacaacaaaa gaagatactg aacaaatgtt tcataaattc aattaaagtt    183900
     aaggggtcca atggtttttt agggtgtttt cacaaattta gttcggttga atcgcactag    183960
     agttcatttt ccctcctggt gcggttcgtt tgggcaggtg tgaatgtggc acttgagtgt    184020
     gcaccaaaag cagaccaaga aggtctcttc aagaaggtct cggtacgcct tcaaaaaaat    184080
     catgcggttt gtttgtggtg aggattacct aattgatcat tggttatatt tccggaagaa    184140
     gaccagtcat agtttagcta aactaattca cgcctcctcc taaagtgact tgcgatgcac    184200
     ctttgccatt cccaatgcaa taaaacattg ttttccagca gcagcccgct tcattccgga    184260
     aatgtaaagt ttgtctaaag agatgtatac aaactatata gtacactatg accagggata    184320
     ccatcagccg gcgcagtcgt ccctccatag taaaaagggt cattttctgc tggtttgttt    184380
     acttgctgga gtttcattgg catttccctg cacgttaatt ccgactaatt gaaaagcagt    184440
     ttaggaaata tgttcaataa cacctggcca atgagtgatg tgaattttct cacatgactg    184500
     catttcggtt cttttcaact ggttcagacc aaagcaatca gtggggtgtg aaaaagacca    184560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaggcagaaa aatgctacaa tgtgtcattt gttgcccatg gtccagacca    184620
     aatgaaccga accacagatg taaaagcacc ctatgacccc acagaaaaac agttttcaaa    184680
     atatacaatt aataatcatt gtgcatttat gaagtgtgct tcacataggc gagtgggttg    184740
     acaaaccacc tgtataaaca ctcttctctc tatatgtacc agacacttaa actatagccc    184800
     tttattttta aacgttaaca gttcttttgt ataatttgga cttttataat tctgtgacag    184860
     ctcttaaaaa tgacctgttt ttgtttgatg cctgtcactt tgaaaccaaa atatttccat    184920
     attaccgatg tcctgtcttt ctttgatata aatttgtcaa ataatgcttc tgaagcagca    184980
     gatgccattt tcccacttgt ctgcgctttc ctgtatgatt tttttgcttt ttattgtggg    185040
     cattaagcat agtttaattg tgcaattctg attgttcaga acaaaagtgt gcttactcaa    185100
     ttggccggtc cagctaggtt taaactaata cgttttagtt tgaaaacacg taagttttgc    185160
     tatggttatg tcgtccatca tccgtcaaca ctaagccaga gtttttgagc gctgaaaatt    185220
     gagctttttg aaaatgctaa agaggctgtt ttggttttaa gacgctgctt gtctgtgtta    185280
     gtgtggatgg gagaaaacaa agacatctaa aaatcttatt ggggctattt cctcgatatt    185340
     aagtagccta cacacagatc agtcttgcat cttctccttt aaagttcaca cttcgcaagt    185400
     ttgatatgga aagacacgtc aggtaaacct ttaatgggat cagtgtactt tataacctca    185460
     ttcacatcac cctgactatg ttatttcact ttcttaacaa taaaatgaaa acataataca    185520
     aggaactgcc tattttcatc ttgatattag caacttaaca gacgccaaaa atgttgaggc    185580
     gtcgtgtagc tatatattta tatgatcgtc atctttactg tatgcatatt tataacaaaa    185640
     cgcaccctat aatataacag ctttctttca ttctcattga aaatactaaa taataaatac    185700
     taacacactt gttcatgtga tgtgcatttt cagcgtttta gtgtatacga agagttgttc    185760
     aaaaacgtta gataaaacag cagtgtggac gcagatcttt tcattctaaa acaccatttt    185820
     aaaacaaata ggtgtaaaca gggcctaata ctatgacaca cagacggcag tcacacattt    185880
     gctctgggcg gggaaaatca aataatgcat acatatttca aatcacagcc tttagcgatt    185940
     agcaaatcac aatgcttcaa attgcaattg cgattcgatt tcgattaatt cctcagccct    186000
     accatggatg ttatcttctt tcgggttgta cagtaggatt acaaaataag attgcttagc    186060
     ttgaaacgtt ccattcttgt acagtttttc aggccttagc tgaacttcag ctatgcagat    186120
     aaacccacag actctttgtt atgtaaaact cacttaacta catcatgggt tttttttttt    186180
     gctctagaca acacacatta cacactcctg gaaaaatgac atgggaaaca aagcctcatg    186240
     tcctttacat ggctcattct tccggctgac gcctccagct cgtttgctca tgtcagggtg    186300
     ttagattcca tcatttgcac tcgagaccga cgacgatcac cttcctctac acggcaatta    186360
     acatacatgg cttgctaatg ttagtgatta agacagaggc agacgctgat taaaatattt    186420
     ccccttgatt tgccaacggt aaacaacttc ctgaagacca aggttgatga acgtggcgct    186480
     gcaatcaagc tgcgacaggc agagagtgaa aaaaaaaatg actcggagga gctaaaaaga    186540
     gcaagagaga aataaggact gaaggttggg ggagtccaat tttctttctt caccctccgt    186600
     gcctctctct ctcttttttt cctcccgaaa gaaaagaact ctgactactt aattggagga    186660
     atcaaattta gtcaagcacc ctgttggctc agacctacat cattaaagtt gccagctaac    186720
     aaacatcaaa aaaccaggca gcattaatga ggcagatgta ttaatttccc atttatgagc    186780
     agctaagcaa ctctcctcca cctctccctc tctctctctt ctctcgttct ccctctttca    186840
     ttctgacaga actattaatg atctttaatg ccccacaggc agtaataggc cccactggga    186900
     gagcagaaat acagcgattt gtatggagga tttagacata acgggggaga gcgatgggga    186960
     gagagaaaca gagcggcgtg cgatcgctcc tgggagagag cgtttgatca ggctgcagtc    187020
     tctccgagga gttcggccca gcgctgggac ggaataataa acgacgggat gcagatgaaa    187080
     tcaaaccggc tgttcggaga cagacagaaa gagaaagaga gagaaagaga aagtcagcca    187140
     gtctctgatt gtcgctaaca accgacagct tttaacataa gcacctctag gggtgacgga    187200
     accagacaaa tgtagaagat gggaccagag ggaagaaaat actgtcgtca aagacaatta    187260
     aataagtctg aaacataggt gttactggag ttcaagaagt cttaaaggga tagttcattc    187320
     aaaactgaaa attcggtctt catttactca tattttaaag aattc                    187365