EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL731861; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 87662 BP.
AC   AL731861;
DT   26-APR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-46I22 in linkage group 19 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein (zgc:77721), a novel gene, the 3' end of a
DE   novel gene and a CpG island.
KW   HTG; iron-regulated transporter; signal transducer; slc40a1;
KW   solute carrier; STAT4; transcription activator.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-87662
RA   Skuce C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 3f07c79376cc8f1c6669b44b3513c775.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000040730; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000059667; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-46I22. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-46I22 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-46I22 is at 87662 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-46I22 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..87662
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-46I22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..87662
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-46I22"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<452..643,2732..2868,3821..3915,4027..4079,
FT                   5213..5348,5492..5590,6652..6735,9199..9289,14043..14102,
FT                   14224..14316,16594..16752,19730..19859,20109..20198,
FT                   23659..23737,23839..23931,28139..28237,32593..32728,
FT                   34161..34288))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ182H3.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003694"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal transducer
FT                   and activator of transcription 4 (STAT4)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P42224 Sw:P42224 Sw:P42225
FT                   Sw:P42228 Tr:O93598 Tr:Q8JGN0 Tr:Q99K94 Tr:Q9D323
FT                   Tr:Q9QXK0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZZ53"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000980"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001217"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008967"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012345"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013799"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013800"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013801"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015988"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZZ53"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-264"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD61074.1"
FT                   PKDEAFGKHYNSQQNK"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<452..643,2732..2868,3821..3915,4027..4079,
FT                   5213..5348,5492..5590,6652..6735,9199..9289,14043..14102,
FT                   14224..14316,16594..16752,19730..19859,20109..20198,
FT                   23659..23737,23839..23931,28139..28237,32593..32728,
FT                   34161..34295,37607..37890))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ182H3.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal transducer
FT                   and activator of transcription 4 (STAT4)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF307107"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW076798 Em:AW184090 Em:BG934698
FT                   Em:BG936345"
FT   misc_feature    36223..36284
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(41850..42043,44326..44455,47108..47173,47253..47352,
FT                   48011..48135,50567..50637,52984..53100,54022..54110,
FT                   54201..54359,56514..56629,56901..57076,62172..62317,
FT                   62433..62613,67408..67502,69670..69765,70193..70362,
FT                   72744..72803,72899..73046,75077..75168,75385..75782)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY113D7.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK010772"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI497447 Em:BF157307 Em:BF157616
FT                   Em:BG302950 Em:BG728899 Em:BI876596 Em:BI884143 Em:BI890026
FT                   Em:BI980052 Em:BJ012314 Em:BM035761 Em:BM081035 Em:BM082833
FT                   Em:BM082987 Em:BM155702 Em:BM159079 Em:BM184149 Em:BM184463
FT                   Em:BQ077012 Em:BQ093519 Em:BQ131048"
FT   CDS             join(41958..42043,44326..44455,47108..47173,47253..47352,
FT                   48011..48135,50567..50637,52984..53100,54022..54110,
FT                   54201..54359,56514..56629,56901..57076,62172..62317,
FT                   62433..62613,67408..67502,69670..69765,70193..70362,
FT                   72744..72803,72899..73046,75077..75168,75385..75444)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY113D7.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003695"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8IWA0 Sw:Q8IWA0 Sw:Q8IWA0
FT                   Tr:Q9CRF5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZVR1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011047"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019775"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q7ZVR1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD61075.1"
FT                   RERGRGI"
FT   misc_feature    76208..76239
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(82072..84213,86113..>86733))
FT                   /gene="slc40a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="slc40a1-001"
FT                   /product="solute carrier family 40 (iron-regulated
FT                   transporter), member 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF226612"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI474884 Em:BI476220"
FT   CDS             complement(join(83900..84213,86113..>86733))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /gene="slc40a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="slc40a1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003693"
FT                   /product="solute carrier family 40 (iron-regulated
FT                   transporter), member 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q923U9 Sw:Q9I9R3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9I9R3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009716"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016196"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9I9R3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-000511-8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD61076.1"
FT   misc_feature    87662
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-46I22"
SQ   Sequence 87662 BP; 28273 A; 15242 C; 15469 G; 28678 T; 0 other;
     gatcagattg gctgacgctt ccgttggcac ttatagttga aaaattccca actttttcag        60
     caaggacagc tccacaattc ggcaagactt gacgtcaccc atgtaaagtg aatgggaagc       120
     gttgatgcta aagcccagtg agaatggggc atgaaaggtg aggttttttt attttaacat       180
     cctaattaca caacttcctt ttcttttata tattataagc ctaaaaaccc tagcctaaat       240
     agccgggtcc gtcacgtttt ttgccgtcaa agtgatgaag gtctgaattt gctagtgttt       300
     ttttaattgc ttgtattttc ttaaattgca tcacgttaag ctctcttggc cactgtagta       360
     agacattgaa tgagatttca tgattgttaa cttaggttgt acacaatata tgggactatt       420
     atattccaga gagagtttac agatgtctaa cctttgttct gctggctatt gtaatgtttc       480
     ccaaaagcct cgtccttcgg gatgtctgga taaaggaagt ttaggggatt ttctggaaca       540
     acaccgtctg caatgacctt atagtcgcgg attatgtcag caatgggcaa agcgttgagg       600
     cggtttttcg tgtacggctc gacagagatg aactttggat ctcctgtagg catgaaacag       660
     gtttatttaa caacatacag agctcagcat aaatgattat gagtatttta aaaatgaata       720
     tttgtatcca tttctcagtg aatatagtct atatatttag gtgcatttaa ataatacaac       780
     tttattaagt agtcacctaa catctttagg aataaaaaca tacagtaatg cattcagggt       840
     ttctgcaggc ttgagtttct gcagtcgaga cggaagggat ttttctactg ttacggttgg       900
     gctagaaaag atttttactt gccccatcaa aagaaaataa tgaataattt ttttgttgca       960
     tatttaaaac aatgtgccaa gacaagcaaa gcataattgt atgtatgttt ttttaagctt      1020
     ttaaactaat aaactaaatg tatacacaac tgtccaggtc agtgtgctca ccgtatatgg      1080
     acaatgttcc atatatcgag aacctttaaa caaaagttat tgcaaagaag atatttacac      1140
     aatattggta aatagagtta taaataaaga tttgttaagt tttattgaga tggattgttg      1200
     gtgattggaa gggtgtcagc ccgattggtt agctttacat gaatattatt taaaggtgca      1260
     gtatgtacgt ttgacaccca gtggttgaac tgggtatcgc actcctggtt aaaaaataca      1320
     cgcaagcaca ggttgctaga ttgactacac caacagaagt gtgcctgact atcttggcta      1380
     aacgctgatt taaggctgat ttagtttgtg ttctgaataa aagcaatggc atgcaaaaga      1440
     aggaatattt tccatttagt ttttgtccta accaacacct attttagata tggcttctca      1500
     aagtttgaat gccattttac atgacattta ttgccataca actgaaagca gcagcagaca      1560
     gctcacctta gatcttaaaa ataaaataaa aaatttgaaa ttgaacttta gaactgtgca      1620
     aaccaacaca tatcagtaat tcaccatgta catttaataa ttattgttag attatacacc      1680
     ttaccatttt gttggagtgc agtaagtgca ctattctgtg cttcttaatg gctgtaatta      1740
     aatttctgtt gtgtttcatc tggtgcaaac agccaaattg cttatcaatg caaatcttgg      1800
     gttagggtta gggttagaag tgctgaaata gaatgggcta aactggcagg gggggttaaa      1860
     gagaccaaaa caaaggtgct gttccagcat gtatcgcaca ttttcaaagc agaataacta      1920
     actcaagctt tgttttacag ataaacaaga atgttcactt agcatgttta ttaaatatct      1980
     gcaaacatat tatggtatct ttatgcttta gaagagtcaa aaactgacat acagcacctt      2040
     taagacgtac aataaaatag ttcagcgaat ttaacctttt aaggccctaa attttgtttt      2100
     tgaaatgtca aactttttaa gaccctgcgg acaccctgct attaagaacc caaaaataaa      2160
     tgttatatga atttttcctc ttaattcaaa ttttattaaa tattttgtta ttttattttt      2220
     attttattaa aattttaccc taatcttatt tattttaata cttatttttg cactgtgatc      2280
     ttaaatgatt ttctttcagt tgtggactaa tctgactaat ctaatgtact atactgtata      2340
     cataaatatc tataacatgt aatgctataa atcgcataac atatttagta ttttataaga      2400
     gagatctgta aggcatgttc tcatttatgc ttggcactgt atttaataca ataaaggcat      2460
     aaagataagc atgctcagat ctgagctgta agcgtattaa aggcatctct aaagcatgga      2520
     acaaatccag gctggaattt ccctctgcaa atccaagaca gcgtttcatc gagggaaatc      2580
     aaaacaatct caagttcctt aaactttaag acctctaacc tgcgtgggca ggcaagcaca      2640
     gcaacttaca tacttgtatg ttgttatctt tcttaaacaa tagggaatac tattgtaatg      2700
     tctatttcgt gaccgtctta aaagcacaaa ccattttcat cctgttcaac ccaggtgaag      2760
     gtgattcctc caagatggct ttcactaaag cgtagcagga acgttccggg ctccttctct      2820
     ttcagtaaag cacgctccat ctctttactc acaaatccca ttatgcaact gaaaaacaaa      2880
     caaagatcag agtaagaagt tgctgatgta cctctcacat gccccagaat gcattgcatt      2940
     aatattggca gaaaaaaagc attcagcatt gcagaaaagt caatagaaag ctcaaagaat      3000
     tatatcccag ctaagagaca aaactctcaa actttggcta atgatttggg aaggtcatga      3060
     tgaacaaagg tttgggtaca gtttatttaa tggtgtcctt tttatggtgt aacgatggat      3120
     tgaactactt agtaatgtta tcaactacat ttacatactg tatggtttga gtagggatta      3180
     gggttaggtt taggattagt tgcattgatt atgcaatgtt ttatgagtat tattactatt      3240
     gttttaacat tttaagatat atttaaagga atagttcact ccaaaatgaa aattgtgtca      3300
     tcaaataatc agcatctatt tctttctttc attcttctga atcatagagt aaaaacacac      3360
     attgacttcc atattattat tttttgttcc cactatagat atcaattgct attttttcca      3420
     gcatttgtca taatagtttg ttttgcattc aacaaaaaaa acacattcag ttagagccaa      3480
     caaaacgtga ggaaatgatg acaacatttt aatttaaatg aactcattat gcctcaatgt      3540
     ttgcataata ataaaatgaa atatttaaaa aaaattaaat actgaaagtt ttgaactttc      3600
     agtgaaaatt cagaatttaa cataacttga tgggaacatt aacagtttta gaatattttt      3660
     gttagcttac cagtcaaatc taactgtaaa tagacctatt ttacccagta tgacatgtta      3720
     taatatgtta tgttatgttt tgtgtgctta tttgagtacc acaatgttaa ccagctaata      3780
     cttgtttaga gttgagctta aactacatgt gagcactgac ccatcaatcc aaacaggaag      3840
     taaatgcttc ttaattaggt ccaagataga gtccagccac atccaaaaac taaaggattt      3900
     tcccggtatg acctcctaaa agagcaataa gaaaaaacaa caaccattag atttatatta      3960
     ttgtactttt tgtgatgctt acagtaagtg caagataata gtaggattat attcattcat      4020
     tattaccttg cagaacttgg accaagaaac ctggcagtca ttataagaac catgttgacc      4080
     ttttgaaaca attttaaagc actgtttaga tatgaagttt attaataaaa tgtaagggaa      4140
     aatgaaagag tgtattcaaa ctgacaatga cataaaaaat gacaaacaca ttatagattc      4200
     ataaaaccct aaacgctgag caatcaacac tagggcagtg tcttacaaat aaaatcctta      4260
     acagcccctt gatgtacagt actgtgcaaa agttgttggc aattggattt gtcataatta      4320
     tttataatta tagtataatt attcatatag tataattata tggtataata atatcttgct      4380
     cttcaattag aagatgaagt tggggaagcc tggtataggg actcaatact gtttttttgt      4440
     gaatatttct tttttatctg tttatatctt aatgcagaga ccagtcttat aaatttaagg      4500
     tcattaaaac tttgccaaac accgtgtgcg catgcgagtg tgtactatcc tgtcgcaaat      4560
     cactgtgaaa agtcctacag tacatgacgg taatagtttg attaaggtgt ttacatgtct      4620
     gtaatgcaca tcggcatact ccacacgtct taattcgatt tctctttagg tcgattatga      4680
     ccttaatcta atcaaattca tcaaaaatcg ctgtttacat ggttaacgct taatcagagt      4740
     attgtcttaa ttgcatcaat tttgaattat tgatgtccat gtaaacgtag tcagtgatga      4800
     ccgccattaa gagatttcac tatgatcaaa acaacattta agatgtttaa cattgtggtc      4860
     agtctgctgg attgtcaact aatgctgtcc catcatgctc gtttttgtta tcacatcgtg      4920
     atctgttaaa acaaaaccac ttttgatgta catgctggaa tttattcatt aactgtgttt      4980
     ccattgcagt ttatgctcat ttttgtcata ccaaataaaa cctttatcct actcatagtt      5040
     tgtttctatt cacattcttt tagtttatgc acatcttggc gtttccatta agcaggtttt      5100
     atgtaatact aataagagtg aaatttaata atctgaattg accacgccca cttttgcagc      5160
     actttttcca aactctgctt ttaactcttt tgtgtcagaa tagaaaacat acccagaagt      5220
     ttatctccca gcatgtttag ctgctccttg ttgagccctc ggcctgcgaa actcgagaac      5280
     tgccagctga gcacctcaga gagctgactc cagctcgccc gcagcgggtt actgaagaag      5340
     gccaggttct acacaagaca gacaaggtca catataacta actgcctgtc gaattcagta      5400
     aaatgtagat cttaagcatc atttctagat actagatatt atgctagaca tgcattctct      5460
     aatatctgta tcagaggtgt gagaatctga cctttgggtc atccgtgagc aggttgtacc      5520
     acatgactga agcccagcct cctgggagct gactgacatt agagatgacc accagcggca      5580
     gagagcaagt ctagacagga gaaaatataa acactgtaag ctgtattagg tttaatttct      5640
     aacataatat atatatattt atacaacagt tctgtctggt tcttgaatct gattggctga      5700
     tagccgtgcg atattttgct agtaacatca cacaaaggcc tcttcaccct tcacctctgt      5760
     gtattactcc gcccacatgc agccagcaac aagcaaagag acactacagt ttgacaaata      5820
     ttaccgctgt tagaaaacaa aatgtacttt ttctgggatt ataggtacca cagtttagaa      5880
     catgggattt atggagtcac tgaagatttt taccataatg gagcaaaaga ttatcgcttg      5940
     caagtgttgt gactatgaac gtattaaact gagtttaagg cattcaggca caagaaactg      6000
     taccattttt aagtttaata aaaacatttt aggggcaacg tggtggtgca gtgaatagca      6060
     cttcacctca cagcaagaag gttgctggtt ggagtctcgg ctgggtcagt tggcatttct      6120
     gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccccgtgttg gcgtaggttt cttgcgggtg ctccgctttc      6180
     ccccacaagt ccaaagactt gcgctatact gtaggtgaat tgggtaggct aaattgtcag      6240
     tggtgtatgt gtgtgaatga gtgtgtatgg atgtttcctg gtgatgggtt gcggctggaa      6300
     gggcatccgc tgcataaaac atgggctgaa taggttggtg gttcattcca ctgtggcgac      6360
     ccaagctaaa taaagggact aagccgaaaa taaaataaat gaatgaataa aaaaatattt      6420
     aattgaatta ttcctaaaat gaagactatg cagtgctatt ttacatttga ttattcaatt      6480
     gctgtaccta aattcttacc aaatagcagt ttaagccatc tggtgagtga aattgtattc      6540
     atatcacaga aatacaaaac atcacaatgt cagatttttc caatatcatg cattccaaaa      6600
     acagtacata ctgcaacatt atgtatttaa taaatagatg taaaaacata cctcaagatc      6660
     aatatccaga ccctgtaaca tcagcatggc ctcaaaattg agagagtgta actcttctgt      6720
     tactgacaga ggaccctgca ggagacacaa tatatgaatg ttagctatac agtgtgaagc      6780
     tgccctctgc tggcaggatg atgctttcca cactcaattg caaacacatt actacaactc      6840
     aatcaagtaa caggactcaa gacattgcat tgggcagaaa atgggattca aagatgggga      6900
     aaacatgcac ctataaagtc ttacctcatt tccttttcct ccggtaggac actttcgttc      6960
     ttttagctgc tgcagaacac aaagcattaa taaaatacct tccctcttaa aggcatagtt      7020
     caccaaaaaa taagaaaaaa aaatattttc cacagacaaa attaaacagt gtatgggttt      7080
     ggaacaatac aaaaatcaga gctggatgat atgacaaaac tctcatatcg caatgtaagt      7140
     catcatctca tatgctgata acgatataca gttgaaacca gaagtttaag gacaacagag      7200
     tgaatgtttt ggagaggcca tcacaaagcc ctgaactcaa tccaatagaa aatttttggg      7260
     cagagatgaa aaagcatgtg cgagcaaggc agtctacaga tctgactccg ttacaccagt      7320
     tattttagga ggaatgggcc aaaattccag caaacttttg tgagaagctt gtggaagaat      7380
     acccaaaacg tttgacccaa attacacata ttaaaggcaa cgctacaaaa tactaaggaa      7440
     atgtttgtaa acttttgact gtctagaaaa taataaaaca ttctcaataa aagaattctc      7500
     tcattattct ggcatttagc aaatataaat cattttggta atcctaactg accaaagaga      7560
     aaacgtttag tttcagacat ttaaataaat gattatgtgc ctcttttaca gagtgtatgt      7620
     aaacctctgg tttcaactgt atattacaat atactgtaga accttttctg taaattcagt      7680
     caattaatgg tctatataca tattgaccac aatattttgt ttaagtatat tttaaagtat      7740
     atgctcagat gtacttttac tttacttaaa atttcagggt aaatgtttga ttacaaatat      7800
     tgaagatata taaacgaaat ataacaaact tttcaaaaac taataattaa aagcccatta      7860
     tgaagttatt tacaaacttt aaaatgtgaa atgtaaaaca gttttacaag ctgttattca      7920
     catgtcttct ggatcctcat gtttgccaaa taaactaaaa taaatgatga aaaataatta      7980
     ctgtaaactg aaacgtatat ttgtgacatc gcaaaataaa agagcaaaat atgaaacgat      8040
     agacttttta ttttatccct actatatata cagttgaagt gagaattatt agccctcctg      8100
     ttttatttga attcttttat agttgattat cgggaagatt tttttaaaca catttctaat      8160
     catattagtt ttaatcactc atttctaata acttattcat tttatctttg ccatgacaac      8220
     actacatact gtaatatttg acgagatgtt tttcaagata ctggtattca gcttaaaatg      8280
     acatttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg caagttgggg taattaggca aatcattgta      8340
     taaccttaaa atgcttcaaa aaataataaa aaaatgcttt tattttagac cagagataac      8400
     tcatggtaac ctttgatttg gcccgccatc ccatgtgaga agagatttcg aatgaaggtt      8460
     gtggcaaatg cctgcaacag agaccgtcat ttttaatttt atttgtttgt ttaattgttg      8520
     agctacaaag aagtcaacag aaatgaagag tttcaattaa ttgttgtgca tgaatcagat      8580
     tttttttaaa tgtaaatagt gtcactcaaa gatagaggac aatccaatga gcaaattaag      8640
     gcaaaggcag gtttagcttg gctccatata tttagtattt aacaccattg tgtcataaat      8700
     gtgtttatgt ttttattgta agaagttgat aataaaatgt aaagaaaagg tataactatt      8760
     aatatgattg aagtattttt tttctatttt tttttatatt attaatcaat taggaaatta      8820
     ccatggcagc tttaatgtaa tagtttgttt ttattaactt tattaactta acgtaattaa      8880
     gtttggtttt aagaaaaagt ttgggctccc ctgttctaga cggaataaag gaaataagac      8940
     tttctcaaga aaaaaaatac tatcggaatt actgtgaaaa tttctttgct ccattaagta      9000
     tcacttgaga aacatttgaa aaagaatatc tatttcacag gagggtttat aaatttgact      9060
     tcatctgtat atggacatat tgcacagccc taacaaaaat gagtcattaa tgactgatta      9120
     attttccttc agtgggtgta aactattctt tcagtcattt ccataacagc aatatttgtt      9180
     agacttggac tgcagtacca gatgcctgaa ctctacagac agacagccag tggactcctc      9240
     cacatccatc actttagtgt tgttggtcag gatgaagaac tgtctgtttc tataagcaaa      9300
     cagtaagaca cagtgtaaga ttaacgcaga gttgaggttg taaacacagc cgccccctcc      9360
     ccctctcaca cacacaactc atttaaattt ggcccaaata aacaacagga agttctttct      9420
     tgtgtttgag gttgagtgca ctcacacttt gcccggtgga aggtctctgc gtacacaaat      9480
     agagagagag agagagagaa aaaaagagcg taaaaatata gtcacgttgg gtttaacaca      9540
     cttgtgatac acaaacactg ctcacatggc ttgtgaacat taaaaggtga cacacttgta      9600
     tgtaataatc atatattggt cataaatgca gtacattctc aagttatgat tcatatccct      9660
     gctgtaatat acatttagaa ttttaaatat tcatgtaaga gccataattt gatttaatac      9720
     aatttattaa tagagctcaa atagatgtac agttcacata tgttgatgtt tgctgatttc      9780
     acccccactc ctttgtttgt gatggtttgc tccagattta ttggactgtt ttaacttatc      9840
     tttcgacaag tttgttgtta tactgcatga gaatttagta aacaccttta atttgaacaa      9900
     ttccccattt cccgaaaatt ctgatactac aattcatatt attattatta ttattattac      9960
     tattattatt attattatca ttatcattat catcattatt attattatta ttattaatat     10020
     tattattatt attatcatca tcatcatcat tattattatt attattatca ttatcatcat     10080
     cattattatt attattaata ttattatcat tatcatcatt ataattgcca aggcttgaga     10140
     tcagactaga aaactgattt attttgaaga agttgatcag tgcttggatg gaaggagcac     10200
     gtcaaaataa gaccagaaaa taagacaaac aacattcagg gccctatcat acacccggcg     10260
     caatgtggcg caagacgcaa cgcaattgat atttgctact tccaccttgg cgcaagggtc     10320
     attttgaggc attgcacaac actgttcaaa tagcaaatgc atttgcgatc atatgtgcac     10380
     ccataggcgt tctggtctaa aaaagcaggc gtgttttggc gtgttgctaa tttgagaaac     10440
     tgtaaatagt ctgatcttta gaccagaaca aagtcggtct attgtctggc ccaaagtgcg     10500
     cctggcttac agactacaca caagatgtag agcaatacac aaatatcttt acatatgaaa     10560
     aatatataat atcttaagga tatatataat aaggttatat atgggatata aatataaatg     10620
     attaaaacat tacaaaacat attaatttct agcctacatg aatttaaaaa ccactgcctt     10680
     catactttct tcatcttggg aggctttttc agttcattca atttgctttt gtataatgtt     10740
     attattatta gcagtattat ttattatatc catatttata tttgttttat taaaaacaag     10800
     cttagatttt tccacctgtc aggttttaga ccatatgggg catagcaggt gtatttggaa     10860
     ataactcagt attttgacca cacttaaatt tgcaaatatg aattctgaca cgctctgaaa     10920
     gcgtttgcgc cctgcgattt aagctttgtg ttttgcgcat gcaccgtcaa aatagagccc     10980
     aaaaagtcct gcagtggtaa tattctattc gattaatctt tatttgtaat gtagattgtg     11040
     tcaaagtagc ttcacataga agataatagt gaattgaaac agtgtcagtt cagttttcag     11100
     agttgaagtt cagttcagtt cagtacagtt atatttattt atctacaaaa ctttattggc     11160
     tgtttcaaat gccagtagct gatctgcaag tgttcttaat agttaattac caactttgac     11220
     atagttaatc agtatgagac aataatattt aataatatcc aagtctacag actggtcaaa     11280
     accccccaac tcaggtttta tggcagtaag aacagatagc aatttatttt agatgttgtg     11340
     ttttaaattg tgtaacaatt aatggaaaca actaatggaa attttagtct ttttcagaaa     11400
     tcatgattta catcgagtat taaagatttt aattgcaaaa aaaaaaaact aatttaaaca     11460
     aaacttttaa gagatggtgg caatttttac aatcaagaga tattgtgcta tattttaact     11520
     tgttatctgc attacatggt ttttataggg attaaagaga tcatcttcaa gacaggcttt     11580
     ctctatgaaa tttgtacgaa acctatacta aaatctaaga gaaacacaag ttacattttt     11640
     atgaatacct cctcatgtaa agaagtaggt gaatgaggtg gcagagaagc tgaattaaac     11700
     ttgctcagct gttgctgtta aacattgttt actaagtcag tttaatggtg aagggactga     11760
     tccaatatgc ccattgatgg tttgcgaaga aattttatac ttatttatta ctaaagtatt     11820
     ttgtagtatt ttcaaaatac aaggactgta ttttattttg atattttttg tggctgctga     11880
     atttgtagtt tattttgata cagtacaagt aaagctgagg tatttggtat tttattttaa     11940
     aatacatttc aatgtatttt tgtccatccc tgattatgac tattatacat ttagagaaat     12000
     atttcttact cctagtacta cataagtttg agtggccatg tcctggtaat ttttatcata     12060
     tgatcaatga atatctcaga aatatttaat atgtcttctc ttgttgttgt ttaattacta     12120
     cacataattg aaaaaaaaca tgcaatattt tattggtaat atggttttaa tgccaatgca     12180
     tctcaatttg tactaatatt tcctgccaac agtgtcaata acatggattt aacaaaccta     12240
     aactcaaaat gaaagctttg agagcattga agtattatga ggtaaattac tcgtaaataa     12300
     tggacgtttg agatttcact caaaaacaaa agtaggttta ctgacatcca cctccaggat     12360
     gtgacatcat atgtggtagg aaaatacaga cgcatatatc agtatatatt ttgatgaatt     12420
     atttagagtt ttgtggcatt agttgctgga ttgtcattcg aatactcatt cagatttgtt     12480
     ttaaaaatag caatcatgat aatttccata ctgctttttt tttttttttt tttgtattgt     12540
     gtatgtaatc aagttataat gagaggcaga gaatttagaa aagtttccag ctattttttg     12600
     gatgaaattg tatgttttaa aaacatatgt catatgtatc taaccaaaaa cataaataca     12660
     tgcattattt attgttatta ttattcattc aataattttc ttttcgcctt tattcttaat     12720
     tttttttaaa gtccctttat taatctgggg tcgacacagc ggaatgaacc gctaactttt     12780
     ccaacacgtt tttacgcagc ggatgccctt tcagccacaa cccatctctg ggaaacatcc     12840
     acacatacta atgtcgccag attaaaatga accaccaact tatccaccat atgttttatg     12900
     cagtggatac cattttagct gcaacccaac actgggaacc accgtgatcc ccctattatt     12960
     attattacta ttattattat ttattagaaa aaatgcaaca aattattatt gatttatcac     13020
     tataacattt ataatactac ttaactgtaa agtattttgt ataaatttag atatgcttta     13080
     tttgtctatt tataatatta ttatattcat tatttacata gtttttcctt tgcttttaat     13140
     agttaaacca catagctttt atttatattt ttattagtgg ataatcaaca gggaaactat     13200
     tctttttatt ctctaattca tgaatcattc tctttattgg cagacatgtg aagatattgt     13260
     atgttgatta aatggctttg aaccaagaca gtaataaaac tattttcata ttctctctta     13320
     tttaacactg ctcattttag accctggtaa tgaatataat gaaaataagt gtcgaatctt     13380
     aaccatatca cattttggtt acagtctact ttaccatttt atagaaatac atcctcatat     13440
     tacaacacat actgtatata cagttgaagt caattaatag gccttatgta tattttcccc     13500
     caatttctgt ttaacggaga gaagattttt ccaacacatt tctaaacata atagttttaa     13560
     taactcatat tatagaaata tattatttta ctagatattt tcctatttaa atgcttatag     13620
     gcaggttaga gtaattagga atgtcattaa ataacagtgg tttgttctgt agacaatcaa     13680
     aatatatata ttgcttaagg gggctattaa aattgacatt aaaatggttt ttgaaaaatg     13740
     taaaactcct ttttttctag ccaaaataaa acaaataaga ctttctccag aagaagaaaa     13800
     atattaaagg aaatactgtg aacaattcct tgctttgtta aacatcattt aggaaatatt     13860
     taaaaaggga aaaaaaatca caggagggca aatcattttg ccctcaactg tatttattgc     13920
     tttttaataa gttaatgagt tgaaaatgtt ttgtgtaata tgaatgaccc aggttataaa     13980
     aataaagaat agagggtaaa gaaaaaaata ttaataatgt aaaccatatt taggaaacat     14040
     acttatcaaa tgttgtctta actttgagtt gataatccac ctcaggtaac ttaaccagca     14100
     acctggaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaacaagt gaaatgaaaa gttggacttc aggcagtcag     14160
     ttcaataagg cttcagactt gtttacttga agagttacag gaagatttag cggtggttca     14220
     tacctgacct tggtggtgaa ctgcacctgt gttttgatga tgaggggttt ctggaggtgt     14280
     gttggcatac agggctgctt ctccaccaca aaggagctgc aaacattgac caaagagaga     14340
     ctttatttgt tgtgcaccgt taactgggtt ttgtgttaca gttgaagtct gaattattag     14400
     cccccctcta tatttttccc ccaatttctg tttaacggtg agaagatttt tttcaacaca     14460
     tttctaaata atagtttcaa tagtataaac tgatttcttt gctatttgcc ataatgacag     14520
     tagataatat tgtactagat atttttcaag atactaatat tcagcctaaa gtgacattta     14580
     aaggcttcct taggttaatt aggcaattta gggtaattag gtataccagt ggtttgttct     14640
     gtagtcaatt gaaaaaaaaa tattgcttag ggggctaata atattgtatt tttattaaaa     14700
     gctcctttca ttctagttga aatgaaacaa ataagacttt ctccagataa aaaaatatta     14760
     taggaaatac tgtgaaaatt tccttgctct gctaaacatc acttgtactg cactgtacga     14820
     caaatgcaaa tgtttcattt agcctgtaat aaaaataatt gctgagcttt gtgcgcttgt     14880
     gttgatgttt tactggaaca taagtaaaaa acaaagcctg tagtataaat atgaaatcat     14940
     ttgtttgccg aaaagtatat atagcttaca tttctgtaac aaataataat tcaataaaat     15000
     gcattgtatc taatgcttta ttagacatac caggcgtaac ctggttaaat tgcatataga     15060
     tttgaagaat ggatttatat ctaaactggg tatcttccgt ccattccata tccgttttca     15120
     aaaaaaaaaa aatgaaaact aagaaaaccg taatttttcg cacaaaaaaa tgagaaacaa     15180
     acaagatttt ggctcgattt ttgttttata ggaaaacaaa taaatgactt taaaattcat     15240
     tgtccacatg taggcggtgc tgaaacgcca ttttttctct gattggtcaa ctaattgtga     15300
     gcttgccctc aaaataatag tccgcccagg cttttaattg tttttattta attatattta     15360
     taaactaagt ttacaaattc tattatttga ttagttagca ggcttacatt gtattaatta     15420
     aacaaaaaca taagttagca gtattatttg acatttgtca ttaaagtaag gtcatagttt     15480
     gctgccaaac gtcttgctgc tgtgcacctg atgctgggca aagatagcca gttccgagca     15540
     gcacctggtt tgcataattg cttccgagca agagctatat aataataata atattaatat     15600
     aataatgata ataataataa taataataat aataataata taaaggtaca aatctgaaaa     15660
     taaagtgaat gaataataat aataatatat gcctatagtt cgccgccaaa cttcttgctg     15720
     ctgtgcgcct gatgctgagc aaaaacattt acgaacaggt tcgcatgatt atttctgagc     15780
     tactgtaggc ctaaacaata ataaaaatag attttgtttc atttagtgtc tagaggtttt     15840
     actgtttttt ttatatatat agttgtttgc aggaccagaa taagaacaca ttgggccctg     15900
     gggctttaaa aaaagggtac catatgtttt tatattattt cctcatattt taattataaa     15960
     tacacacaca aatttctaag cataatagtt taataactca tttctaatga ctgatttatt     16020
     ttatctttgc catgatgaca gtacataata tttgactaga tatttttcaa gacagtcttc     16080
     aatacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt aactaggtta attacgttaa ctagacaggt     16140
     tagggtaatt gggcaagtta ttgtataatg atggtttgtt ctttagacaa ttgaaaaaaa     16200
     tgagcttaaa tgggctgata attttgacct aaaaatgttt tttaaaaact ttaaaaactg     16260
     cttttattct agctgaaata aaacaaataa aactttctcc agaagaaaaa atatcagaca     16320
     tactgtgaaa atgtctttgc tctgttaaac atcatttggg aaatatttaa aaaagaaaaa     16380
     gagttcaaat gaggggcacg gaagatatcc tgattatatc tgtttagtca aaactctttt     16440
     atgtggtcag ttgtaaatga aacccttttt gcaaatcagc tatgtgatct aaaaaaaggc     16500
     atgaagtaac cgtgtataag caggccataa aaggcagaag tgaatttttg tgtctcattt     16560
     tttcatatat aacatataat ccctattggt taccttttaa tgaggtggta gatgaggtat     16620
     ttgacctgct cctccatctg aggtctctgg agaggaatgg gatcgctctc atatgtgact     16680
     ttcaggatca gctcaccaag cttgtctagc tgtcttttaa tctggaacag actctgggct     16740
     gtcagggtga acctgcaaga ggaaaatcac atttaaactt aggtttgatt taaacttgat     16800
     cacatgtagt gttttttatg actcctgtaa acaatttcaa tctgttggcc accacaaaaa     16860
     tgcaatagta gtatcttagc gactaggcta attactccag taattgctta gcaatcaatc     16920
     aaataacctt ggttactttc gttttgtttt tgaaagtgat ctcttatttt caccaaaact     16980
     gcatttgttt taaaaataca gtacaagtag tcatttcatg tacaatgtta tttcaagttt     17040
     tatatgctaa tataatttaa aatgcaatta ttccttgtga attactcttg tcttcagtca     17100
     gtcacatgat ccttcagaaa gtattctgta attaatttgg tgctcaaaat ttatttattt     17160
     tttttcaata ttgaaaacag ttgtgcaaat acattttttt atatacatga cattttatca     17220
     aggtaaacag aaaattcaaa ataattaaac gtatttgagg taaaaatctt ttgtattatt     17280
     ataaatattt tcttagatca atttaaagaa ttgttggcta atataaaaat catatttaat     17340
     cgcatccaat cgcatcatga ttaatcgcat tcaagataaa agtttgtatg tacgtaaaat     17400
     atgcatctgt actgtgtata tctatgtaaa catatataaa tacacacgca tattgtacat     17460
     aaaatacaaa catgtatgaa agaaatacac tcaccggcca ctttattagg tacacctgac     17520
     gaactgctcg ttaacgcaaa tttctaatca gccaatcaca tagcagcaac tcaatgcatt     17580
     taggcatgta gacatgggct gtttctcagt atgcgctttt cagctgtctt gcgtcctcgt     17640
     gttcttgtgt aacgtcatta tcagttgcca aagttcggtt ccaaaactca agaacggagg     17700
     acacgtgaaa cttcccggat gtgttcttga tatcgagaac acatggatgc agacttgagc     17760
     accgaactcg ctctagaagt caccgaagtc attttgactg gaggtgggaa gcgcagcctt     17820
     ttatatagat ttattattaa agttcagaga cataacttat ctatctcagg agtttcccta     17880
     aatgaaacgg tgaaagtaaa catcaccaat aatggaataa acacataaaa aaactataaa     17940
     acaataaatc attgtatgaa tgctgtaatg tttaaataat tttccattaa aaacgcctga     18000
     cggtgaagac agtttacccc acagtccaaa gaatgcagta caggtgaatt gggtaggcta     18060
     ttgtctgtag tgtatgagtt tgaatgagtt tgtgtggatg tttcccagag ataaattgcg     18120
     gctggaaggg catccgctgc gtaaaaacgt gctgaataag atggcggttc attccgctgt     18180
     ggcaaccctg gattaataaa gggactgagc cgaaaagaaa atgaataaat aaatgaacgc     18240
     ctgacgatca tgtgactatc aggaagaacg catcatctca tttctcagag gatgcgttct     18300
     ctgttctcac agtctctcga gttcgttctt ccgaggacct ggcaagacct tgtcttcttg     18360
     tcttcacaag acacaagtct gttctctgtc ttcttggaat taagaaacag ccagggtcaa     18420
     gaagatctgc tgcagtttaa agcatcaaaa ttgcaaagaa aggtcattta agtagctttg     18480
     aacgtggcat ggttgttggt gccagacggg ctgatctgag tatttaagaa actgctgatc     18540
     tactggaatt tttttgcaca accatctcta gggtttacag agaatatatc cagtgagcgg     18600
     cagttctggt tggaggtgat aaaaagacaa cggtaactca aataaccact agttacatcc     18660
     aaggtatgca gaagagcacc tctgaacaca caaaatgtcc aaccttgagg cggatgggct     18720
     acagcagcag aaaaccacat tgggcgccac tcctattagc taagaacagg aaattgaggc     18780
     tttaactcac acaggctcac caaaattgga caatagaaga taggaaagac attgcctggt     18840
     ctgatgagtc tcgatttctg ctgcgatatt cagatcagaa tttggcatca acaacatgaa     18900
     agcatggatc cattctgcct tgtatcaagg ttcaggctgg tgatggtagt gtaatgatgt     18960
     gggggatatt ttcttggcac actttgggcc cattactacc aattaagcat tgtgtcaagg     19020
     ccacagccta cctgagtatt gttgctgacc atgtcccttt atgacaacag tgtacccatc     19080
     ttctgatggc tacttcccac aaaataacac gccctgcatc ataaagcgca aatcattaga     19140
     ctggtttctt gaacatgaca atgagttcac tgtactcaaa tggcctccac agtcaccaga     19200
     gctcaattca atacagcaca tttgggatgt ggtgggacag gagattcgca tcatggatgt     19260
     acagcagaca aatctgcagc aactgcgtga tgctatcatg tcaatatggg tcaaaatctc     19320
     agaggaatat ttccagcacc ttgttaaatc tatgtcatga aggattaagg cagttctaaa     19380
     ggtccaaccc ggtactagta acgtgtacct aataaagtgg ccggtgagta tatatttaca     19440
     tatatgttta aatttatata taatttgcag tattttagat gcgtagaagt gtagtatttt     19500
     aaaagtttta ttttagatgc gataaattgt gattgtttga tatcagtatt aaaaatctaa     19560
     ttattttaaa caaaaaacag tccaaacttt taccagtact gttctttaaa ctccatatat     19620
     cttgcatatg ttctgctagc cctattaatc tacactaaac actgtaatac cataaatgtt     19680
     acattacgtc ttcctctatt atatatcttt atagtctaaa gcattttacc agttctggag     19740
     ctggtccagt cctatcagaa ccggccctcc gatgcaggcg atctgctgcc tccgtttcca     19800
     ttccttgagt tcagggttga gctgggagga aatcagggca tcgatttcct tgataacatc     19860
     tgctgtcttt gacaaaaact cctacaaatt ttaaacaaaa agcaaaaacc aatgtcagca     19920
     atgaccagcc aacaacaaca catggttgca tcacatacct aagaaaaatg tggcacagat     19980
     gtgtgaaaac cactcaaacc tcttggctga agcaggaagt tctcagggta gttcaataca     20040
     aaaccaaaca acaaaataaa cgagaagaag aggaaatgct cgtgaaccga caaaagccag     20100
     agaaacactt gcctttcttt tgaaatccaa gcggttcagt atttcttgaa gagttgtgac     20160
     ttcttgtttc atggatgaag agttcctctc aagtggatct acagggtttc agaggaagat     20220
     gtatattttg tattaaaaaa aacatctctc atgtgcctat tagagctttg cgatgttgac     20280
     agaaacatat attttggatt tttgctataa aactcaaaaa taaattttgt tgcttgttta     20340
     aactacttat ttaaaatgag ctgaaatgac acaaatttta cattttggag gggacagcct     20400
     aatggttttt agattaatcc acttaaaatt gaaaaaacaa ttacgttaac ataattgatt     20460
     tgtcctaccc atgttgccgt gggtttcctc cagttgcttc ggtttccccc acagtccaaa     20520
     gacatggggt atagatgaat cgaataaact aaaattgtcc gtagtctatg agttagtgtg     20580
     tgaatgagtg tgtatgggtg tttcccagta ctgggttgca ggtggaaggc atccgctgtg     20640
     taaaacatat gctggaatag gtggtggttc attccacgtt ggtgacctct gactaagcgg     20700
     aaggaaaatg aatgaatgaa tgaataatta atttgtgttg caacaacatg aacccagcat     20760
     tttttacagg gttccacaca attcattcat gttgtcccaa cacaaattag gttaagttag     20820
     attaagttaa cttaagttca aagtccccaa gaaatcaaaa ctaaccatat gattttttta     20880
     gcttacattg ctaattttgt gatgattaat atatctgtgc atgtcattaa gaacaaaaaa     20940
     ttgtttgccc ttttttttat ttataaaaaa atataaacat ttattagatg atgtgatttt     21000
     gaggtaatgg gggtgtaata actcttctaa aacccatttc ctgatctttc tgagtgaaat     21060
     gcctacttta ctatatccat ttagcccacg atagaaaaaa caagccactg tttgctcatt     21120
     cgcagcttcc ggttcacagg gactttaggt gaattgaaca taaacaatta agtcgtcccc     21180
     aaaaaagtca acaattgtgt tgtttcagct cattttagga aagtagttta aacaagcagc     21240
     aaaataattt ttaagtggga tatttaaaga tttcaagtag aattgtagaa ctcagaaacg     21300
     ttcatccaat caaaacgttt ggcctaaaca ttataatagg ctgtccttct tgccaaatat     21360
     gtaattgcac accctgtcct cacagaaaga attacgtcat tgactacgtt tacatggaca     21420
     tcactgatag aattattttc cttattctga ataagacatt aataggatta aggtgtttac     21480
     atgagttttt ttgaatgttt tcaaatgaat gttttcaaac atgagttttt tttctttttg     21540
     aatgcttctt tcatgatctc gttttacatg ttatagcaca taattcgatt aatgtcattg     21600
     catcttcacg ctatccactt ttcctccaga gtttcatgta attttgagtg tttcattttt     21660
     agtttgttga ctttaactgc agtttggcac tttcactttc attcaggaac attccatgca     21720
     tgccccccgc gacaaatgag atattggatg cgagtatgaa ctgctggaag agtgttgttt     21780
     taataaaatt tgatatcgca caccgtatag gaaaaaaaaa actgcatttc acaatgtgtg     21840
     tgtctttggt ctgactcggt agatgcagaa aatagtgtca aacagctgtg tgtgtgtata     21900
     gactatcctg tcgcaaaatg cggagaaaat cttacacaat ggcaatagtt taaatgcggt     21960
     gtttacatgt atgtactgaa ccgaactaat gccactaaaa tcagcatact ccacatgttt     22020
     taattagatt ttgtttagtc tgattacgac cttaatcgga ttaaattaat caaaaatcgc     22080
     tgtttacatg gaagactcct aatcagagta ttgtcttgat catattaaaa tcggattttt     22140
     ggtgtccatg taaacatact cagtgttgat ttcacgtaca cggttcaaac agagaatggc     22200
     gggcaaacat cagcaaccta ttttagtttt tttttttttt tggtttggta ttgtctttac     22260
     taactgtact aaaatggttt tgtctctggt gaacgttaca tgatgtatta cagtgatgtt     22320
     gtcaagcatg tgttcaggag gcgtggcttt aaaaggtaat ttgcagggtg cacggtaaaa     22380
     aaaatttcct accctacata ttttagttga atccaatttt gaatccactt ttctagtcat     22440
     cttgaatcaa tcaaactaac aaaaaaatta agttaaactt tttataattt aaaaaatgta     22500
     gttgaaacct gtttaacttc ttaaaataag gtaaagcaac attgaagtat tttcaagatc     22560
     tcctattgca cctttaaatt ttgcctgcca tggttaaata aatggttaat gacccttaaa     22620
     ctactagtaa ctggaggcac ttccctgtga ttattaaaat cagtaattaa acagttcact     22680
     caaaatggct gatttacttc aaaacaaatg tgtctttgtg tcctactgct ataccagtag     22740
     tttcaaactc aattcctgga gggctggagc cctgcagaat ttagttccag ccatgcttca     22800
     acatacctat gtttcaaaca agcctaaagc actcaattag tttgttcagg tgtgtttaat     22860
     tagggttgga actaaacttg cagagctctg gctttgacac atgtgttcta caccagtggt     22920
     tctcaaagtg ggggtcggga ccccccgagg ggtcgcggag aaatgaaggg gggtcgcctg     22980
     gtgatttcca aaaatctaat tatttgtatt aaaccataag aattaacata ttttatatat     23040
     aactatactg aaaataaaaa tagtcgttta tagttactat atactatata gttactatag     23100
     tagcttatag ttactagttc tattggattg cgacccctgg ggtaattaca ttatattaaa     23160
     ggcagcaata gcgtcagatg cattttgatt ttataacatc aggttatact ttctggcaca     23220
     tttaaagcac tgacacaaat ttaattggtg tgtctgcgtc attgcatgca aggtttttgt     23280
     atttataacc atctcagagg atattggggg tcgcgagtca ctggcattgt tattttgggg     23340
     gtcgcgggct gaaaagtttg ggaacccctg ttctacacta tagctggtga aaaacagtcg     23400
     agttgtatat ctgaattcat agtattagtg aaaagtgaga ctattagtgc aaaatagtgc     23460
     aatacatgct gaaggtcatg aagcggtaaa aacatagcac atgtaacttt aactaaaaac     23520
     aataacctat aattataatt gaattaaaac aataataata attatgaaaa ttgctataca     23580
     aataaacttt aaattaatta aactgaatgt attttgccca aatttgtgct gaagtaatga     23640
     tgacagtcac caaatcacct cgaagctgga gcgttttgta acgaaagtca aaatcgtctt     23700
     gcatatcttc aagatacttc acagcctgat ccagcatctg atcaaatagt gcagaaaaca     23760
     aacatgtcac acatgcattt catatatgta aaatcccatg gttgtgataa caacgaacaa     23820
     atcttgggtg taaattacct gaacgctgct tcttatcaca gccactttat tgtccagaac     23880
     tttctgcttc tccaaagctg ctgagttttg cattgacttt tccagtggtc cctggcattg     23940
     acaaaataga aatatgcaga tgtaaattcc acatgaaaat gtaaatttaa catgatgggt     24000
     atacaggttt tgccatcatt aactgaccct ttacttgttt caaaccttta taagtttaca     24060
     agatagtaga ctgtctgctt aatatctatt gatatgctcc ttcgacagac atttaactga     24120
     ctataacaaa ctttgcaagt acttatcaac ttacactaac cctaacccca accctaacct     24180
     aacctaacag tctagttata atctaatgag aattagtttg catgtagatg caatgtaact     24240
     taaattcaac aaacagacca ttagaataaa gtgtgactga taaagatatt ttgaagaaca     24300
     cttaaaacct gtaaccatca acttagtatt tatttttcct actttggaag tcaatggtta     24360
     ccggttttca gctttcttca atatatcttc agtttagttt tgaacactta agttagtgta     24420
     aaattaatgt tcaacaaaat aaagaaactc ataaatattt cagaccactt aagggtgaat     24480
     atagaccaca gtttgggtga actatccctt tggtgacact ttccttttta tccttctttt     24540
     gtatgctgtt atgcgcgcat tttatttagc acacatttgc aagatgactc aaattgaaat     24600
     taagcacaaa agatactgga ccattaatag ttaaattttt ttttaaaaca tactattata     24660
     atttgaagga gaatgttgac atttaaaaaa aaacataact aaaactaaat tgttaaaaat     24720
     aaacttgcgg gaggtaatat atgtcctgca gctaaattat ttttattata gtttcagagt     24780
     tctgcttgaa gtaggtcaat ttatttttat tcttttgatg aagtagcatt caattttaag     24840
     agccctttag accatgcgct ggaccctttc tccgttttcg atggtaatgt ctttaaaaaa     24900
     taattattta ggcctattta attattaatt tattatttat gtacaataat taagacataa     24960
     aatgaaaaag taaaatataa tcaacaaaga aaatataaat gaaatctgta aatgaaaaag     25020
     cttatttatt agctgtcttg gtcctcactt taaaatatta aaaactgtac atctctctaa     25080
     acactttttt aaaaatgtat ttatttaatt ttatttattt atttgtttta atttataaat     25140
     ttatattttt tttattaatt attttttttt tgcttcttta tttatttata tttatatatt     25200
     tatttttatt attttgttaa ttaattaatt tttatttatt taattatttt tatttatttg     25260
     tttgtttgtt tatatttatt atgtatttaa ttttagtaat tatttaatta ttttattatt     25320
     tttttattta ttttgtttat ccgtttattt attttgtact ttcattttag ctgtctttat     25380
     ttttatttat ttattttttg tttccaaagt ttgctttgtt tagttagttt tcctctttgc     25440
     acttaaaagt ttacagtgat aataaagctt gttaccaagt ttttaatact ttatgaagga     25500
     attactgcta tgtttcgtta ttgtattttc atttacaagt agcagagtat ttacagctac     25560
     tgtaaacagg cccgcagcca ggggatgttc gacccatccc taactgacaa aagtccagaa     25620
     tttgtatcat acataagctc attcgtccta ttttgactgc taagccatca tatattgaaa     25680
     aaaaattcct atgacaataa cccatcgaag aaggctttaa gaccaagcgg aatcctgtgt     25740
     cggctgttgc tgttgtgtaa cttccatatt cagcatccca aaatctgact aacagttgaa     25800
     tgtgctggcc agtttgttat ttgcctaata attttttttt ttttttgata cacgataaaa     25860
     taaacattaa tttcatattt ctttatttaa aacttttagg aaatgttttt ggtacatcaa     25920
     aacttgtggt tttgatgacc atctgacaag ctaatccagc aaaaaattgt gtttaaaatg     25980
     tcactaaaag gcagtattca accttcataa ttaaatagaa aatgaggcca ataactgcat     26040
     taaggtctac ttctgtagaa aaaaaaacta ccgttttgaa caggctggct aagggcctgg     26100
     tatatttctg tcgttcacat ccagtccctt tgtgccccct ggcggcatag tcgcaatctg     26160
     cttttacatc aacaaacttg ttcttaatcc cagtgtcctg cagtggcata tatatacagt     26220
     tgaagtcaga attattagcc cccttccaat ttttttcttc ttttttattt tcttctggag     26280
     aaattctttt tttttttgtt gttgtttttt agaatattag aattttatta gaataaaagt     26340
     gtcacaatca ccagcgacct ctaaccacca gaggtcgctg aaaaacatta tatctcattc     26400
     taattacaaa tccgccagtt tatggactac aactgcatac atgggctgtt tctcaatatg     26460
     cgttcttcag cggtcttgca tcctcgtgtt ctcgcgcaac gtcataatca gttcagttcc     26520
     aatactcaag accgcaaata cggaggacgc gtgaaacttc ccggatgtgt tcttgatatc     26580
     aaggacgcac taatgcagac ttgagcaccg aactcgctct ggaagtccca gaagtcattg     26640
     cgactggagg tgggaagcgc tgcattttat ttagatttat tattaaagtt cagagatatc     26700
     acttatttac ctcaggagtt tccctaaatg aaacggtgaa agtaaacatt aacatgaata     26760
     tcttaataaa ggaataaaca cattaagggt gtttgtttgc tgaaattcat attaaaattt     26820
     gttttattta tattgtgcag agtatattga taacgttttt atgcaaagta tatattttga     26880
     atagggggaa acaataaatc gttgtatgaa ggctgtaatg tttaaagaat ttccatttaa     26940
     aacgcgtgaa ggtcacgtga ccattaggaa gaacgcagca tcccatttct caaaggatgc     27000
     attctctgcc ctcgcggtct cctgagttcg ttcttccgag gacacctggc aagaccgctc     27060
     tccacaagaa cacaagtccg ttctctgcgt tcttggaatt gagaaacagc caatgcactt     27120
     cacccaggca cacatgcttt ctcatctaga ctgattacac ttgcaccacc tgaggattgt     27180
     cagagactga ttgcacacag tatttaagca gcacacacac tcattcagtt gcagagtctt     27240
     gttcactgta agtaacacta caatgcgttt cccagtcttg ttatccagtg taccaacctt     27300
     agccttctta gcatccttga ctttgtctgc cgcctgcctt ttgacctttc gcctgttact     27360
     gattacaatt gtggactgcc ttcacatacc cgtttgtacc tgtattgacc attgcttgcc     27420
     tgacgacaaa taaacctgca ttgtggatct tacctcagtt gtatgtgtca ctccccgtgg     27480
     ttacaaaaag cagtttaggg acaaaacttt tagccccttt aagctatatt tatttcaata     27540
     atctacagaa caaagcatcg ttatacaata tcttgcctaa ttaccctaac ctgcctagtt     27600
     aacctaagtt aagcctttaa atgtcgcttt aagctgtata gaagtgtctt gaaaaatatc     27660
     tagtcaaaca atattgactg tcatcatggc aaagataaaa taaatcagtt attagagatg     27720
     agttattaaa acttttatgt ttagaaatgt gctgaaaaaa tcttttctcc gttaaacaaa     27780
     ttgggggaaa aataaacaag cggtctaata attcagaggg ctaataattc tgacttcaac     27840
     tgttcttcca aagttatttc tagtaattaa aatgtctatt ggtggagtat caaaataaac     27900
     tttaagcaga tatgaagcag acagttgata cgtagttgca aagttaatta tagccagcaa     27960
     cacagaaaat aaactgctgc caaaatatta atacgtttat ttgtaacacc aagcaagggt     28020
     gactacagta gtttgagcta aaggtcagac cgagtgcaaa actctgaagc ttggttaaca     28080
     acagcagcat ggggtacttg tggtttttgc atgttgtttg tcgcgtgttt ggcagtacct     28140
     gttcctgcat gctggctgtg gacaagatgc gtctttcttc tctcaggcag ttacagatga     28200
     ctgcagccat ttggagagga attgctttgt atttcacctg ggagaataga cgaaacaaca     28260
     tttactggat aatgtgaaag caggaattgt atccgcatcc gaacatacac tggttaaaat     28320
     aaatctagag cattttaatg caattgagag gacttctgtg gtggattcag ggaggaaaaa     28380
     gtagtaaaat ccctatacac tgaggtctgc tggtgttata aagaggttta caagctagag     28440
     aagatctaca gtatcatttg ccgactttca tttctaaaaa ctgcatggat attaaggaaa     28500
     cgaaagtctt ttaagaccag caaaatacac atcattatac acaaagtgac ctgtgtatgc     28560
     atggaatata tttaggtgtc caatttcaaa atattttaca taaaaaaaat tatattactg     28620
     ttgaaaatat tgtgtgttat attgtatatg tatgtatgta tgttcatttc attttcttgt     28680
     cggcttagtc cctttattaa tctggggtcg ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc aacttatcca     28740
     ccgcaaccca tctctggaaa acatccacac atacacacac actcatacac tacggacaat     28800
     ttagcctacc caattcacct gtaccgcatg tgtttggact gtggggggaa accggagtac     28860
     tcggaggaaa cccacgcgaa cgcagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacgga aacaccaact     28920
     gagccgagga tcgaaccagc gaccttcttg cagtgaggca aacgtgcaac ccactgcgtc     28980
     gccatgtata tatgcataaa gaatattaca tatttatgca ttcaaagaat atatcattca     29040
     acctgcatta aaatgacata tttaaagcaa cttcggcatt aaaagccttg atcttgctgt     29100
     cacttgcttc tgtcagatgt tcaaaatgct tttgtctcta tttttagcat ccccattaaa     29160
     atgaaagcaa ccacactgtt aagacggaaa tcaaaattct aaagaatttt agctgacggt     29220
     aaaaactcgc taccatttac aggaatcgag catcaagagg aatgtggcat tacaaggagt     29280
     ggaatcgttt tgattgataa cagttcattg ttaaagttct tatgttttca taaggagtga     29340
     ttcatgttga ttcatcactg atgtcagtga catttaatcc cataacacac acacaaaaaa     29400
     aaaaacaatc atgataaatg tccaacctaa taaatcatgg ctaaatacct catgcttcat     29460
     ttgaaaaagg aaaaatagtt tttattttag gtattatcat catattaatg gctttaaata     29520
     agtgcgcttt cattttcctt aaagcacctt ggctcaaaaa gcttttgagt attttaaatg     29580
     acacatgtgt tattatggaa aataacaatc atctgtctct gaactctccg tctgcttttt     29640
     aaacattatt gtgggtgttt ggtctaggtg cttttttcat gcagtattca gacagatatt     29700
     tccagaagaa aaaagttttt gcagtcgtcc taaataattg caatctccca cacactctgt     29760
     catttattgt gttcagggtt ggcatacaac accagctgca gacagcttta cgtaattttt     29820
     ttaaccgcgt gaaactcctg acatttgatg catctgtgaa ggtttctagt aaagatgcat     29880
     ctgtaaaaga tttatgtttt gagaaatccc cacagctccc actcatgaaa ttacagcaaa     29940
     taactgaatg cagttgaaaa tacatagaga gttcagccag tcagatttta tcagtgaatt     30000
     tagatgttat gttaaggaag ttttggtttt ggtttttatg tttgggtttt agtttttttt     30060
     tggggttaag tagagttggg tatttactcc aaaaaaggat ttaattacta atcacatcat     30120
     taaaattgta tttaaattac ttttattatt actttgtctc aaaagtaact taattactcc     30180
     atgagtaaca atagaattta aatttgagtc aaagagaaaa acaaatggaa tcacaattca     30240
     catattgaca agcagtgatg tgctagttac tgaaaaacag taactaatta cagttactag     30300
     ttacttcaat caaaaagtaa ctcatttact ttattgatta aacataccaa aatgtagcgc     30360
     attgctgtta aaagttattt taagttacta ttccaaagaa cattttaaat gcttccatta     30420
     atgcccttat tgaccatatt ccttaacgcg gatgtgtgaa cttccgattc agttgtctat     30480
     gggagaaatg actaggaata atcaaccgca gaaaacagtc aaactacttg ctctgcaaac     30540
     aagtgtgttc atgactatac agacaaagca gaatcacata atacaaaaat atcagtttgc     30600
     aacatcaaga agcataacaa gctgttttta acatctaaaa atgaatggaa gtgaatgaga     30660
     ctggaagtct caagctaaaa agattcaaat ggctgcaccg ctcgtatgca acgaataagg     30720
     tgaataactt cagtgctgca tggggaatac actgtggatc agcttcacag ttttaattca     30780
     tttgcattct cacaactaaa acattacaga cttaaacaaa atgtaatttt taaacagtca     30840
     gactagcagc acaaaaagga aaatatccta aggtgataga ccagaatagt cagaaacaaa     30900
     aatcagaaac tacccacttc gccaccacgc tgcttaataa tattatattg tattttattt     30960
     tacattacat aatatttaat cacataaaaa tagtatttgt ttgagtctca ctacacacaa     31020
     tatgacagaa aacaatgcta tatatatttt ataggtacaa tttatacttc tagatattta     31080
     ttggggggcc ccagatttcc aggggcccta agcagctgct tacctcgctt actggttaaa     31140
     tccactcctg tccatagtaa tgcaaaattt acttgtataa taaaaataca aataatctgc     31200
     ttttctaaat tggtttatac ataaccgttc attttaagta cagtatttaa ggcaagcacc     31260
     ttattcgttc atttattttc ctcaggctta gtccctttat tcaccagcag aatgaaccaa     31320
     caacttatcc agcatatgtt ttgatgccct tccagctgca acccagtact gggaaacatc     31380
     tatacactct cattttcaca catctcataa gatttaactg caattcacat ataccgcatt     31440
     tctctggact gtggggaaat aaccggagca cccagaggaa acccagaaac gccaactgac     31500
     ccagctggga cttgaaccag cgaccttctt gctgtgaggt gacagtgcta accactgagc     31560
     caccacgtcg cccgacaagc acactataag taactgtaat tacattacct gaaattaaaa     31620
     gtaatcccgt actttacttt tttagaataa aggtaattta attacagtaa taagtaactt     31680
     ggaaactaat tacacccaac aacattgaca tgaactaaca acaactttgt cactgcagct     31740
     agcatatcaa aatagtatgt ttcatgtcag ccattgttta cagactgctc ataaatatgc     31800
     ttcctatcta aatgtggtaa actcggtggc ctcggtgcta actattggtc aggactgttt     31860
     ccacccaagt caatgaagtt tagcaaaaac cacacctgag tttacaaaat cccacttaca     31920
     ctaccccatt caaaacagca cgtaaaatta ttcacactta ctgtacatca cgtataaatt     31980
     acaacagaga gctgttatta gcttgttgac tagcactatt aatgtcagta ttaaagggat     32040
     agttcagcca agaataaagc gtttactaac cctttactta attcaaacct taatgagctt     32100
     ctttcttttg ttgaacacaa aagaagatac tttgaaaaat gttggaaacc tgtaaccatt     32160
     gatttaaaca gtatttgttt ttttactatg gaagtcaatg gttacaggtt ttcagttttc     32220
     ctcaaaatat cttgtggtta acatgaagaa agaaactttg gatccacttg agggaatgta     32280
     aataatgagt aaataaaaat ttgggggtga aatatacctt taaattaatt gtattatata     32340
     taagtaatca aattcattca gttgtgcatt tgtcagataa acagtcacgg ggtcattcac     32400
     aaggacatta tgtgcgcttt gctttcctct cacttctctt tgtcaagtac acaaagagca     32460
     ggggtctaaa aatacacacg gtggcatcac tatctgaaac actgcttttg ataggcaacg     32520
     ctcattcaga gtgcaaataa aaacagcttt caccgctcag ttatgtataa gatgtgttaa     32580
     ggcatatgtt acctgtatct gatgaaatat tctcttcagg ttgtgtctgt gaagaaagtt     32640
     ctgctcctga gagcactgtc tctccagctg aatgaggaag ttattgaaga gtacagtagc     32700
     catagattca tggtttgatg ccgtttccct gagccaataa attcagaaat gctttaggac     32760
     gaggtattga cttttccatt acacagtatt cctgtaactg ccagctctac taaatggttg     32820
     accatgtttt ggctgtttta aataatggtt tacactacac aacattgttg gtttacaaaa     32880
     aaaaaaccat caaacataat cctgttgcac tattacactt gattttggtt taattgtaaa     32940
     tataaacaac aagataacat gttaaatgag aatcggaaat attttaatgc atacctcaaa     33000
     aattaaagat gatttagtgt tcaaacttga ttttattttg aaaatgtttg tttaaaataa     33060
     attggtctta cacctaatat tttcagattt ttcatagtat atgaaaatat ataatgtaat     33120
     tcatgtattt ttgcataaac caacatatca accatttggt agaggttaat actttagaaa     33180
     ttatgggatt gttgagaaaa aaaatgcaac tagcgacatt aggagttaag aaatgcaatt     33240
     aggcatgggc cggtataaga ttctgcagta tgataacttt gaataaaaat atcacggttt     33300
     cacggtatta taactactgc tttaaaatgt ctttttaaaa agcttaactt ttaaaaaaaa     33360
     accttttaac taaagcttat tttccctttg aacacaatct attttatttt gaaaaacatt     33420
     taaaatattt tggagaggta aacaggctaa ataattcaaa taaattattg acttctgctg     33480
     tcttcgttag tttcaaaaac actgatttct ttagaattta aaacggcatc tttggatatc     33540
     ttttctgcct gagatactgt tgtaaaaaca taaataaaga attcttacat acaccatagg     33600
     aaaggtatag cagaaaatgt tggcggtttt aaaaccttga cttttccaaa ccgccgtata     33660
     ccttacaaac ggttatcatc ccattcctaa ttgcaataca aatttatttt cttggtgggg     33720
     cagttaaagg gggatttaac tgtaatatga atggtatttc actgtatgag agttttgcaa     33780
     tatttttctg tatctcaaag ttgcattgta agaaatttaa gaaaattatc gccattaaaa     33840
     cattattttt aatttgctgt gaatcaaaat attagaaaat ataacagtaa aaaaatatga     33900
     gaagcctgaa gaagtaaaga tatactgtaa aatactgtaa aaacatgtac agaaaaacaa     33960
     acagtataat attaatacag tatttttgct gtaagtttgg tttacagtaa attgttggca     34020
     aactgtgcca gtaagttact gtaaattata cagacaattg ttaaaagtgt gagatttgtg     34080
     tattttctat cattttatag ggccgcaaat tgaaagtgag atttgataaa cgtgcaaatt     34140
     atgatcaata aaccacatac caatcctggc tttcaatcca gttagccagc acttgtctca     34200
     gctccattgg aaaattgtca tcgtaaaaat aatccacctg ttcgaggaac ttaatatcca     34260
     gttgctgaac ttgcttccac tgactcatgg tgatgctgga aaagaaacat gctatattgt     34320
     agtcataaca aagcaacaat gccttcagag agtcagttat gtgataagaa ataaccaaac     34380
     cactatcata catgagcatc atccacctta accttcttga ggttacagtc ttgttgaggt     34440
     tacaatcttt ttataggttg accgtgcaaa attaaaccgt tctttttgga tgtgtttgtg     34500
     aaatgacaga actggcctac tctaataatt ctaaaagcaa aatagagatg actattatac     34560
     aaaacaaatg caagtaaaag tgtctaattt attgttttaa attgttttaa aagtcttttt     34620
     taaataaaat atcaaaatct gtgtgaagta taaatggtcc atcatcattc agtgtaatat     34680
     ccctcttata ttaaaataca taaaattata agtggtcata tgaattgcat tattgtcaca     34740
     atcaccagca gcaatccagg cttgtagatg gctgggagtc attcgctttc cctaaggact     34800
     agaaatctgt caccatatgg actacaaatc ctgtcatgca ccacacactt acacctgttt     34860
     cggtttgctg ctgattgctg atacacaatg aagttgttca gaactgatta catggacttt     34920
     aaaagcagca cagacacaca cacaccagtt gttgagtctt gttatactgt tttgtgaaca     34980
     ttataacgcg tttactttgc cttgcgttgc tgtttttgac gcttgcttat ttctgtttac     35040
     atggcttgct gccagtactg accattcgcc tgtttatgga ccacgactct ggattccctg     35100
     catgttttga ccattgattg cctgaccatt ctcataataa acctccatca catgacagtt     35160
     atatttttaa ttattaaata tgtctttaaa aagggaccta ttatgcccaa ttttacaagg     35220
     tgtaaaaaca ctgtaagcct atgatgtttc taaagtgtct atgtgaagtt tcagctaaaa     35280
     ataccaaaca agtgattttt aactctgccc tttttggtgt ctgatacttt aaattcaaat     35340
     aaaagtgtgc tctcagccct cgtttcgaaa ttaacattag caggtactgc cctaaaacta     35400
     atggcggacg gctgcttctc cctgtctacg ctaatgaagg agagatctaa tcactaatgg     35460
     gtggggcttt cctctgatga cacaaacaat gggagtatgt caatcaaagt gtttctgcag     35520
     actgttttta agtaagggtg attatgaaaa atataactca ttaattttta ccattagaaa     35580
     ctggctatat tcacacacta ttgccacaca gcaagtgctt gaacccctta tgaaaggaat     35640
     ttttgcataa cagatgccct ttaactcatc aaatgattgt tgtgagaaat atccctgaaa     35700
     gtaatttttg gattagaaac tactgttaca ctgaaagaca atttagttgg tttaatggaa     35760
     atgtatgaat tattcatgta ctactttata tgtcattata cttccaattg aaatggtgtt     35820
     aaaaatgctg ggatcaggga caaatttaac caataagcaa ggtaagcaac cacttagggc     35880
     cttaggaaat ctgagggccc ccaaataaat acatagaagt ataaattatg catataaatt     35940
     atatttaaca ttgttttcta tcatattttg tatggtgagg gtctaagaat tttaatttgt     36000
     atcccccact ctcaatcttg gaccagtcca gcagtcaaat cagtaaagat ttagtttttt     36060
     tttttaaatg ttaatttatt acttttagtt gtgaattcat tttaagaaaa cgaatcattt     36120
     aaaatttttt acaagattat acaatatgct ttacatgtta ttattatttt gcattaagat     36180
     aaaatgtaga aaaggagaat gagtgataca agaaaaaaac tttatatata tatatatata     36240
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatttttt tttttttatt     36300
     ttttattgtg aacaaaattt tacaccttta gactatgtgt ttcttttagt tgtacagttt     36360
     attatgcttg gtttacaact aatttacagt tcaagaaaga gtcatcaata tctgtcaaac     36420
     tttacaataa ggtttcatta gttaatgtta gataatgtac ttactgacta acattaacta     36480
     attatgaact aatttattaa tcatagttca acatttacta atgctagagc tggggcgata     36540
     aattatatta tatcaaatcg cgatacaatt tttgtcaatt ctctatattg atctaagagc     36600
     caaccacaca gcagaaatgt gcaacaacgg gaatttgaaa gcttgttatc attagagatg     36660
     cactgaattt tcggcaccgt aaatttattt gacaaaaatg ttatgccatt taatggaccc     36720
     tctaattttt aaggctttag tcatttttgg ggtactctct taactctgga acttggcaat     36780
     aacaacttat attgaaatat ataacgctat cgatgaatat ggaaaataat aatcaagatt     36840
     acatttttgc catatcgccc agccctatac attattaaaa ttgttaacat tagttaatgc     36900
     actgagagtt atacacatga attaacaatg aacaacttta ttaccaataa ctaacattga     36960
     caaagatgaa gaaataccaa atgtattgtt cattgtttta tcatgttaca aaatacatca     37020
     actaatacaa acttattgta aagtgttcct ttggaaacta tatcaatgtc gtgagaggct     37080
     acactgtaaa aaaaacttgc cttaaatttt ttaaatgaat caaattaacc ttatgagtcc     37140
     attgagcgta tatcatgttt aactgcttgt gtaatttaga aaattaagtt gtcataactt     37200
     agtttaataa gttactatga ccttaaaaca tatgctgtaa ggactaattg atcatatttt     37260
     ttacagtgta tgttattgtt atacagtctg agacacaaaa caattgtaca acagtttaca     37320
     cagttgataa atcaaaattc tcagtgcatt ataataatca taaataattc aaatactcat     37380
     gtaaattatt tcgtttgtaa ttttaattaa attcaagttt atctgtgagc ttttcaaaat     37440
     aattattgtt tcaaaacagc tttacaaaag ctagccatca cattattgcg ttacaataaa     37500
     attcggaaaa gttaagatta taagttacta taactttatt aaatagtaat aagtttaatt     37560
     agtaaataat agctttaata gtaatataaa cctaaactag tgttacctgt tgccctttta     37620
     agagacactg ccaagaagtt cactcaatgc tcctgcttca cctgttgttt tgaaagcaac     37680
     tcaaccagca gccacgcttt tatgccagcg gcagatcctc aggagttttg cccacagacg     37740
     acagacccaa acccggccgg agacgcttca gatgctccta gaagtctaga ggaggttgaa     37800
     cggtcccgtt tcctctcatg aatgaagtcc tcgagggcat gaatgtcaga tatctcatcc     37860
     agagattgaa cgcgtaaaca ggtgggttct tcaaggaaat gttgagcact tcgcgaacac     37920
     ggaaacgtcg ttgcagtaaa aaagcacaag gggaaagtcc cctgctttga cagcaagtgt     37980
     gctcaaaggg tattttatac agactcacat attcagagag gattatccag taatatcaaa     38040
     actactcact atattaccta atctcggcca tcatttagaa attgacgctg gtatacgctg     38100
     ataagattta tacgatttta ataacacaat agcctgcagt gtacagtaac aaatctgaag     38160
     aaatgtttga tgaattcatt ttcaaatcaa gacaaatgta atgcttaatt tgcatagtct     38220
     cgtcaagcat tgctgggaat tttatgatta tgacagacat agatagatag atagatagat     38280
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atactatcta     38340
     ctatttatgt ttacatattt aaatttgtac tatatatttc tattatactt aaaaaaataa     38400
     atttaaaagt ttttatttta gttatcctgc agatttcaac ttagacaaca tttaagtcaa     38460
     agtacctcaa aataggctac atcttgaact gtaggagcca ttttttgtgt tgtagtgatt     38520
     tatgttgtcc actaggtgtc actaactgaa aactataact gaggtgcctg tgtaagcgag     38580
     gaagagcgtc aggtatggga aagcacacgg tttttgactt aatataacag ccttccattg     38640
     ctgttatcgc cagaaatggg ggtgagcacg tatttcacgc gtgccacaga gtaatttgtt     38700
     tgctagccag aaaacagcag tgtttagata tgtgctgtgt atacatggag tgaatattat     38760
     attgacatga taaagaagaa aggagaagca aagattgctc gctgcagagc catttgtgga     38820
     gaggtgagct ccagagaggg ggagcatgag ctgtcgctcc tcctcctgta agctgtttta     38880
     atgcgtacac caaccccacc cctaacccta cccccagtga catcactcgt agaagaagtg     38940
     caaaaaaggt ggagctcaag cttaagctcc ccctctctgg agctcacctc tcctcaaatg     39000
     gctctgcagc gagcaccact tgaagattga ggctttgttt aatttacctg cacaaataaa     39060
     gacattctgc ttaaaaacaa ctttagcatg catggactct gattgcacgc gtgaaatacg     39120
     tgctcaccct catttctggc gataacagca atggaaggct gttatatgaa caaaacactt     39180
     aaattcttaa atgagaaaat ataactttaa aaccacatgc attgcttaaa aaacatttac     39240
     atgatggttg tcatatttac ttcacatttc aaacaatatt ttacaataga tatatacaca     39300
     tgcaaaatat attttttctt cttttatcca taagtaatca ttacaacaac aacaaaatcc     39360
     agatttttta aattgcttag agttttgtta ggaacacagt ttaaccaaat aaattttaac     39420
     taaatttgtc tgaattgttt ttccatagct acattttaca aacaaatttt aaccctaatt     39480
     taccatctaa attacatagt gcattttctt taaaaacaaa acaattcata tgtctatatt     39540
     taacacaaca caatctcacg gcaatttgta actttttcat ttagtggcta attcgtacga     39600
     attcgtatga tctaattcgt acattttagt acgatttgct catcccccaa tgacggctgg     39660
     gtttaggggt ggggttaggt gccacgcctc ctttttaaaa tggtacaatt ttttacgact     39720
     gaatttgtac gaattagcca ctaaactggc aaaacataaa tacttacgtt ttcccgtgag     39780
     atcaggctga tttaacagta taagtgcatg aattcttatc ttacattaca gtttttactg     39840
     taaatgcaaa cattcattca ttcattttct tttcagctta gtcacataca atacggccaa     39900
     ttttagctca ttcaactcac ctatagcaca tacctttgga ctcgtggggg aaactggagc     39960
     acatggagga aacccacacg aacactgtga gaacgtgcaa actccacact gaaatgccaa     40020
     ctgacccagc tgggtcttga actagcgacc tcgctgcgat catgctaccc accgcaccac     40080
     caatatgcta acaaatgtaa cttattatta atgtttttta aagtattaaa tggatagttc     40140
     accccaaaaa ataaaaaaaa ttactcacta tttactcact ctcaagtggt tccaaacctt     40200
     tatgagtatc tttttcctgt tgaaggcaaa agaagatatt ttaaagaaag ctaaaaaaca     40260
     aatattatgg aagtcagtca gtcgttaacc atttttcagc tttttcaaaa tatcttcttt     40320
     tgtgttcatc agaatataga aatcgttaaa aaagcactta gaaattgcat ttgccgtttg     40380
     ttcatatcat ttaaaataga cttagtacag caaacaattt tttaacaatc cagtttgctg     40440
     aaataataaa caaaaacttc atgatggtgt tatcaagact ttcagtgggg gaaaaaattc     40500
     aatattgcct taaagtaaag tcaaattaga cccatagttt gtataatttg acctaaagta     40560
     aaccgaaatt gctaatcagg tcagattaca cagctgaaaa cctacattaa taatttattt     40620
     atttataatt aattataacg catgtattta ttaataaata agatgtaatt taaataaata     40680
     catacatttc taaattcact gaagcatgta ttacacaaac taacaatacc aaaaaagttg     40740
     atcctctcga ttgtcaatgt ataaatcgca cactgctgat aatggcagcc atgagagaga     40800
     agaacgccaa atgtactttc ctgctgcccg tacactctgc attacaatca cctcgcataa     40860
     gcggtaattc gttttttgta atttggtgca taggtgataa tgcatactat acttcaatat     40920
     atatgaatgt taatacgtat ttctttaaat gaaatatgaa aaaaaatcga gaaataagga     40980
     ttctgatgaa tgcaaatgtg tcataacagt cttgtgaagt gctccataga tgtcctaaaa     41040
     actaacaata ctcaggcccg ttgtcagggg ggtttggggg gttcaaatga cccacccctc     41100
     actgacaaag gtccagaatt tgatacatga gctgatttgt cctattttga caacaaattg     41160
     tgaaaataac ccatccaaaa aggctttaag actataagcg gaatccttcg ttggctctag     41220
     ctccagcttg acttaagctg atcagttttg gctaatgcaa acaatgactt ttcaagacaa     41280
     tctgacgtaa gtgaagtcat ctttcactac tgtattgtta aatagagaaa acattttaca     41340
     agtaactttt attctaaatc ttggacctta ttcttgaaac aaaaaaatga tctataaaaa     41400
     gttgtgaagc cccaaaagct acccatacaa ttatttgaat aataatttgg caaatgttgt     41460
     tatccatgaa ttttcaaatg taattttacc agaggctagg ataaatgtga atctctacat     41520
     tattattatt tattattatt attatgttta cattttttat tattcaaatg cccaaatact     41580
     gactgaaaaa agttgaatgt tgaaatttgt gtttaaaaat aagtattttt catccaagaa     41640
     gctaatccag ctaaaaatag tgcttaaaat gtcactaaaa tgcagtattt aaatctcata     41700
     attaaataga aaatgaggtg aatgactgca aaaaagtcct ctatttgaga aaaataaccc     41760
     catccttgtt attacttata acaacatcta aaaaatgttt tcttttttca tgggaccttt     41820
     aaatgtgttc tcacggtaag tgttcgcccg gtcgcgtgat gtcgctgtgc tcctgcagac     41880
     actagtcact acagacgagg aagagagacg cgttgcggcc acatgtgatg atgtgaatct     41940
     gtagagaggc tgaaaacatg gtggaaaaga ctgacatccg cgtggttcgc tgcggcggga     42000
     gtaaaataaa ctttagacct cctatcatct cgcatgactc caggtatcct ctaaatctag     42060
     tcaactaacg tgtctgattg tgtctgcgtg ttctctgcgg tcagaaaata aacaccgggc     42120
     cgtgcaggag ggaatgcagc gtgatgagcg atgcacactc tgatataact aacgttaaca     42180
     gttacttgtg cttctaaact tgtatgaatg aaaggttcat ctactttttt aatgttgtga     42240
     gggttggtga tggtttaaac atgtttctag aaggcatgtc actctttcag acacacatca     42300
     tgtgtattgg tttagaagaa atgtctttca tattagaggc agatatagaa gtttattgct     42360
     tttaactttt tttatttact ttagcgttaa attgttaaac tttaaggaca tttaaataat     42420
     atgatctctt taaaagatga ccttcataaa aaaatatggc tgactttatt attatgcagg     42480
     aaaaacggat tcatattgtt ttataataag caaacatgtt atcaatcctc caaaaagtta     42540
     taattgattc agtgttgatt gttattacag tatttttgag atgctgtttt tttaaacagt     42600
     gctcagtata attgagtaca acccatatta aaaatgaata tttttattaa tcttttagtg     42660
     aatatagtct atttaatctg gtgcatttaa acaaaacaga tttatttaac ggatatattt     42720
     attaaagtta tattttagtc accaaacatt tagaaattga aagataatac cattaaattc     42780
     aagcaaaata ttgcaaccta caacattcca acaatttttt tttttttttt tgcttctctt     42840
     ggtttttcct cttctttaaa tttgtcctta atattttttc tataaaatat aaatttggat     42900
     gtactagttt ttgcaccatt atcacaagtt attttgttag ataagctcta gatttgtctg     42960
     caatactgac taatctaaag tatatgctca aatacaatat tgtttagctt tttattaaaa     43020
     atatgaagtt aaaagattga tttgtgactg aggggtgtac ttgtatatgc tgaccactgt     43080
     atacatacat agatttgtgt ggggtgtaat tatatatgct gaaaaaaaag ttattttgag     43140
     ttttccaaaa gaacatacat aacttacata gtctctcata ctgtaacaga tcttgcatat     43200
     gctttgtatt ttcttccctt taataacaac tataaacagt aaaacggggt gctacaaatg     43260
     ctttagaaga ttgtcttcta aagatgaaaa tatatgtata ttctgacaca taatattaaa     43320
     tttataagtt ataattcaag aaaagcatat tggtgaaata tactcaattt acttcaattt     43380
     agaaaaaagt aatcaatctg tgttcttaat aaaaaagatg tcatgcataa agtgttccgt     43440
     gtatcaatcc attcttcaac tgtaggtgac tctaatttta acaatttgtt tgtaattact     43500
     tttttactag ctgccggaag aaaaaaaaaa gtttcttgtc tttattaatc aacccatcta     43560
     aaataatgtt gcctaaatat aaagattcac aagttaaagc aatctctact taaaaaatgg     43620
     cagaatttaa aactatattg agtaattgat gcaaatacat ggtgtttgta gtaaatgtat     43680
     aataatattt attaatatta ttagtaaaag acttaaaata ggctgccaag attataataa     43740
     actcatgatt ttagtggtaa aagtaacaag tagtaatgaa gtatgtaaaa tgcttggtac     43800
     atttggttaa tactgcaaaa taattgtctt attgattgaa aatacatgca tcagttctgt     43860
     gaaatatcac ttgtaaatag tcaaatctgt atgactaata taaaccgcaa actttgattt     43920
     gtaaaatgtt aactttaaat aatatgcatc atttattaat ttatgtcacc atttattagt     43980
     attttattaa atttgaagat gtgtttatca ctatttattg cctgaagaaa tgtgaaataa     44040
     cattttaatt ttaaccaaca ttaacaaaga agaataagtg ctgtaatata ttgaaataac     44100
     taatttatgc tagctaatct attatagaat gattataacc gcttaaaacc tgtaagcagt     44160
     tactaacatt taattctaaa tattaatcaa caactaaatt tatcagttta gtttgcagta     44220
     agtgtttgtg cattaaaagt gtgcatacgt atgaactcgc tgcacaagaa gtttctagtg     44280
     tcattgtaaa ggcattgact aaagttgtgt gtctggttgt tgcaggtttg tgttgtgcgt     44340
     ctctggggat tcagtgaagg tctatagcac acgtacagaa gagtggcttc ataatctgca     44400
     gggccacaac aaccaagtaa ccggcatcgc cttcaatcca gccaatcagc tgcaggtctg     44460
     ttcatctctc tgcttctggt gcataaatgt gtgacagttg attgggtttc tttgttcagt     44520
     cagcattcag atcagcttgt ttgtaagtgt tctttaaagt cagcattaca attcctgatg     44580
     ttatgcgagg atttgggctg ttatgtttta aaagaagtct gtaacacaac atgataaaac     44640
     aatggtccat tatgtaatgt ttactaacgt gaataaaccg ttagtaatac atttgaaact     44700
     ttattaatct atgttaagat tagttaacgg taagttaaac aatgttagtt catgttaact     44760
     ctagggttgg gcgatgtcga ccaatttggc atcttacaat gtctaatgtg aaacaccgca     44820
     atggacgatg gcatcctcat cattggtgga gaatttatta ttcattaatt atttatgaaa     44880
     aattaattaa ttcataacaa attaattatt tgtagcctac catttccact acctggcctg     44940
     cgtggtcttt gttttaccca ttaacaaatc ataaataaag ttgcacacaa attactacct     45000
     gtcaatcact ttttccgtag gaggctggtt ggtaaaaaag gcgcacaacc aacagtatct     45060
     gaggttttca ctaaaattac taagtacaag cgtgaaagta aaagactaaa gcagtgtact     45120
     gatgctgtga cacgttacct gacagattca aaagacagaa tagtcgttaa atagagacaa     45180
     gattaattaa atatcatgtt taacaactat agtgagactc catcctgcgg tgcatccttg     45240
     ataaactgtc tgacatgcac agaggtgcgc gtggggtcac gtgatgtacg ttttcagcgg     45300
     acggagggct gttcaaaaat gctaggtaaa acacagtgtg gatgtggatc attttcattc     45360
     ttaaacacca ttttaacatt aaggtattac tgtaaacgag gcttaagtgt gtatttttcg     45420
     cgagtgggtt tgcgacgggg gcagggcgga ggatcagcga tgccggccca gcatcatgtt     45480
     aactattggc catcggcgat ggatgatgga tttgtctatc agcccaaccc taggtaactc     45540
     gcagtgcatt aactaatgtt atcaagcgca acttttttta ttaaaaatta attatgcact     45600
     atttaatgtt aaactatgat taaaaaatgc tttacacaat ttttcaaact tgttagtttg     45660
     aatacattaa ctaatggacc attattctaa agtgttacca aagtcttaaa ttcatgcccg     45720
     tcagatagcc tagtagatag ccagattaag tttaagccta gtggttaagt ttattgatgt     45780
     atcagcctga gtttgttgct gtcttgtggt cttttcccaa atcaattgtc ctctctctat     45840
     ttcttctttg ctgttgtctc ctcttttcta tcaaaaaaaa catgagtaaa gtgaaaaaga     45900
     aaaagtgtat ggcctaaaat catcactttt aatgcacata aatttgctgt tggcaagtaa     45960
     ttaaaagcat gttactcagt agttgaacat tcatatttaa aaggatcacc gcatgtcttt     46020
     ggactgaggg ggaaactgga gcacccggag gaaacccacg tgaacatagg gagaacatgc     46080
     aaactccaca tagaaaagcc aactgaccca gctgaggatc gaactagcgg cctttttgct     46140
     ttgaggcttt tgtgctattc tctgcgccac cgtgacgccc tattaatatt aatagttaat     46200
     attaatttat actaatatta ttatttcata ctaataatag tatgtgcaat tttaagtaat     46260
     ttattatgta aaatgttttc attgctcaat atttagtttg attctaggga tcattcttta     46320
     aattgatatg atttagttgt gccatttaaa taaatataat ttatactgta aaaaatgcag     46380
     gctttcacac aaattattta tgttgtccca agttatcata acaatgatga ttgaacataa     46440
     aacaatgaag ttgtcctcaa aaaatctcaa catttgtgtt ctttcagctc attttaaaat     46500
     aaaggctgat ttatacttct gtgtcaagcg cactcaaatg ctccggatca gccttccctc     46560
     cctgtggctg atgctgacac acacatctca aacaaattta cctacaagtc gcaatgatgc     46620
     atagccatgc tctgtgattg gtcggcttca gttgctatga tgagtgttgg ctgtgctgag     46680
     agccgcgagc cagataaagc gatcgtttac tagtgttgag ccccgtaaag gagctccaga     46740
     tgggaacttt tgttttgtgt ttaagggttt ttcagaaaaa acaaaacata gggtgaagaa     46800
     atttgacaca gaggaacatt aaaacctaga tccagctagt gtttcggaag tgttattgca     46860
     gagcaacaca gcacacagaa gtaaaaggtc ttgtcgttaa ctcgacgcaa aagtataaac     46920
     cagccttaag tagtttcaac aaacagcaaa gatatttttg tgtgcaattg gatgtttttc     46980
     taaatttttt tgtgaatatt tttgtaagtt ttttttttta ttcatattta tttatttatt     47040
     tgctcaacta ttctttctta aagcaaactt gttttttagt tcctactctt tgttcattct     47100
     gctgcaggtc tactcttgct cagcagatgg cactgttaaa ttgtgggact tcattgatgg     47160
     cattcttatc aaggtacagt ttattacaaa agcacatgag gccactgttt agataaatat     47220
     ttagactcgt gttgttattt ttcttttttc agacatttgt cattggatac cctttgtatt     47280
     cattatacgt gtcagagaaa catgaagggg tcattttcct tattgtttcc atggttacag     47340
     attccaacaa tggtaagttt ttcactgtgg tttatactga aactttaggt ttttgatgat     47400
     tagagcacac actaaaatct tgtcacaaat acagcatgaa aattttttgt agctatcagt     47460
     atttaaatgg taataatatt attactattg actttttttg tctgtctgca taatttctgg     47520
     tcaccaccaa ggcttaacag ttgggtttcg gaaataaaaa ctcattcata ttcattttct     47580
     ctatatagaa atgtactttt aatggtaact taaaaaaatt aaagacaagc ctattttgaa     47640
     ttccatggat gttttttagt ggtgttagct tttgctgagg cgatctgttt gcgttaattt     47700
     agcttatttt taaagtaatt ctttaactgg tgaatttgtg ttgaaaactg cactacccta     47760
     atgctgaaca gaacagtcta acagtcagag ccagagtgaa caaagcaaac tcccatgatg     47820
     cacaatgagt tacgtaatca cgtcagcctt gtgtatattt ttttgaatac acttaaatcc     47880
     atttaaggca gccaatcaga atcaaatttt aaaagcaggt gctagtcaag tcagttcatg     47940
     aggtagaagg acataataaa cattgcacta aaacagattt ttctggtcat tgtgctttgt     48000
     gtgtttccag agagtttcca gttggttgct gtacatctgc ccaaatcagc agagcaggag     48060
     gtggaggcca aagagctgtc cactgttgcc agtaaaatca gcccaaaccc cagctgtacg     48120
     gccttcggca gaggggtaag agctcactca tcactttctg ttcagctgaa tcttggtgtc     48180
     gtctcttgtt tttaagcgct ggtctgttta tgaaagtttt tcaatgagtt acagaacctt     48240
     gaaatatctg ctgagattgc tgttaattca aagctaggtt atattattgt tattcgtttt     48300
     attacaggca cagcatgtaa ctcagagcac atgggaagtc tgttagtgtg gaaaaacaaa     48360
     tttgatattc agatgctgct tgtaaaaaac acaaactatg tttccattgc tgatatcctt     48420
     attaatagtt tttaaattat gtacagtaaa attaaatatt gatttaaatg ctgtagtata     48480
     actagggatg taccaatatt gcgattctgg ctaaactaat aattgggaac aaaatgcatg     48540
     ttataaccta attatacatt aaaaatgtgt atttactttg agatgggata aatattacat     48600
     ttaacagctg tgttaaacta aaattccttt taatgataaa cttaatacca agataattta     48660
     agggtgcttt cacaactaga cttttgtttc ggaacctggt gcgtttgcct ctgcgaggtt     48720
     tgtctggcat atgtgaatct agcaatggcg attggattca caccaaaaca atcggtcaga     48780
     gaatgcctga atgaggtggt cttggctcga ctgaaatgat ccctggagtg aattggttgt     48840
     agtgagtaag caatacgatc caatgaacca ggctatatca cagtgtatta tggaaatgta     48900
     ataggcatat atacggctat atgaagagag aatgatgatt agggcaggat gccattccaa     48960
     ctggtaaatg tgcatttcat gtccaatacg aaagtgaaag cgtgcagaaa tattaacaag     49020
     agctgtttat tcgttaggaa aattgaccga actggttgat ttatctttta ttttatctat     49080
     aatgtaaagc atattttact actaaaccaa ttttactact aatcttcctt taattcgtca     49140
     tagttaatta atcgtaaagc ctttctgcac aaaacaaaac ttttgcaact aaaagttatg     49200
     ccaactttgc gctagtttac agttccgaat ttatacacaa taatacgcgc gcacactaga     49260
     ttaaaggctg attttaacta tggcttaagc tgttaactaa ggaccgttca catatcccgt     49320
     cttttttacc tgcaagtttg ttccaataga ggtgtgcgac ttgtgcacac acattggcag     49380
     cgatattatt ttatttattt tttatttatt gtaaattagt tttattcttt attcattgtt     49440
     cataatcatt tatttatttt cagtgtaaaa attgtacgta tgtttaaata ccaaaacaaa     49500
     attcacttat tccaaagagt ccaaagagaa atggactatt gtttttttat tactattgtt     49560
     ttgtgaagta ttaattggtt actgaggagc aacaactctt taaaaatata cgttttcgtt     49620
     agatttttct aaactagtag tgttttgcaa ttaatgaatg cataataact gcaaaaccgt     49680
     gattattcct cagactatat tcgcacaacc aaaatctata attgttgcat gcttaattgc     49740
     cataaataaa aaaaaggacg cctgacagct aagcgggacg ttaaccaatg tgaggagagt     49800
     ttttctcctt acttattttg gtcggtttag aaactttgcc atgtgaatgc aaaccacact     49860
     aagaacaaag agcaacattg taacaatttt aatccctgtt tcgaaacaaa ccaatcgatc     49920
     tacaggtgtg aaaagtgcac aacatgttat tctaaatgtg caatgcacaa aacacccatt     49980
     atttcaaaac acaaggctat tcccatttgc cagtatcaaa ttttgtatca tcactcattc     50040
     ttttatataa aatataatta tttagagtaa aaaaaaatgt gttaatatat ctattaaaaa     50100
     ctgtattatt tgaaccatca atacaaacat gtttttcaat ataaaatcat ctttaacatt     50160
     gaaaagtgac atgtcatcta tcaccaatta tagctgaaat tcatcttcca ttcctgtttt     50220
     ttttgccctt cataacataa tttcaaacat tagttcatgt ctgattgtgg caaggttgtt     50280
     ctgggtgaag tctatgtcat accctctcgg ttttgtcatg gataaatctc catcctgcaa     50340
     agtcattgcc tgtgtgttga tgtggtaaag taaacatggt ttgaaccctc tgtaggttaa     50400
     ttagtgtggt acatgctggc attatttttg taggctgagt gccgtgtgca acctttttac     50460
     acatttacta gttgttttgg ttaagccatt acacacatta acttcttaac cttctgtggt     50520
     tgttaacaaa taagtataat aagtcttaat atttttgtgt tttcaggggg aattcatagc     50580
     attttccagg cacctccagc ttaatgttta tttcttcagg aagcagaaga catacaggta     50640
     ataaccgccg tatcctgaac agtctttttt tcatggtcag agcatgtggg aacttgtttg     50700
     accacactgc ttatttactg gcttcaggga acacgagacg cgtgtcattg tagcttgttt     50760
     taggcttggc ttttatgttg gtttttccac atgccaccac ttttttgtga aaacaacaaa     50820
     taagctgaga caacaccatc tgaaagaagc aacttcagat tgtcattatt ttaccctgtg     50880
     tgacttccta tgaacttgtt aggttatgga taaactgatg aactagtgta atcctgtcag     50940
     agttcacaag aaaaataaaa gatatttgtg ctttctctgt aaggctcact gaaacttaaa     51000
     agaaattaaa tgataaatta tcgttataat aatcgttgtg agtgaattga cgtattaaag     51060
     aattttctca tacagtatag ctgtaaatta tgcaaaatta gtgccaaaca attttatttt     51120
     tgtttaaaaa gtaaacataa gtaataataa tgagcataca aatctgtatt tgtactattc     51180
     atcaaagtaa tttaatttaa tcagtatgac tgcaaataag ataatcagtc tgtaatgact     51240
     tctgagaaaa gtgtttatgg tgcatttcca ctgtagcatt aggagttcat tcttcatatc     51300
     tcgcttaaat gatctacagt aagatgattt gtcagatcct ggatctttta atcttgatat     51360
     ctgatctctg gctaattcgg ttcttcacag aagtccacaa atcagattaa aatgtctgga     51420
     tgaactgatc tgacatcttt ctttccttga aatcatgatc agcaatccaa caattggctg     51480
     acggcacagc agtgtaatga catcgtccga ttaatattca attacccatg tgagcaaaat     51540
     tgcataaaaa tcgtagtaaa tggtttgtta aatatgatac gcaataactt tccagctttg     51600
     ttgtgggcta caggctttac actttcatgt gtcaagagca tttagcaatt tatttacttt     51660
     tacatttaga gtggattttc tttattatag tagtctagac ctattcaagt ttcttaaacg     51720
     gtgtaaggaa taactggctg tttaaataaa ttttgcatca aaaaagcttt ttgatatcag     51780
     taaaggtgtc tgcaactttt gcgacgcatc aaatcggcat catattagct gtcaaaacat     51840
     gttcatgact gcataaattt atattcctta aaacaaaaaa aacagtcgaa ttgtttgcat     51900
     gtctattatc aaacacaaat atgtacccta taatggtatg cgtttgtatc gtaaacagtg     51960
     cagattgtat ccgaagtgca gatatatata tatatatatt tttaaccatg tttccaagtg     52020
     tatctaacta ctactgtaaa aaataccagc attaggtaca tacttttgag tattaccttt     52080
     gcttgaaatg gcccgatcta ttcccgttta tatgaaatga gcctgctcct gagcaggttt     52140
     gagctaccag aactgttgct atgaaaacaa ctcttgaatg acttttgaag aacgaaggga     52200
     tcctgggtcg tgtaaaattg tcaaaccaaa tcaagctatt ttttaattac tccatatatg     52260
     aagtaaagac cccagatctg catttagtgc aatactacaa gctactgctt taacccatgt     52320
     atagtttagg gcagatcata tccatgattt acttttataa ttatatttac tgctattaaa     52380
     agtttatcaa gtgtaagaac ttaaattata ttattttcat ttgaagtaga ttggcagtcc     52440
     ttgtctgttg gtgtcagttt gaaggcttca gccacaatat tcttaactac actcttccga     52500
     atgaacttgc aaatataaag ccctgaccca actcaatatt ttatttcagg tggaagtacg     52560
     acaaaatact gaaataaaag tctcagcaac ttccggttca ctcagacttt atgcaaataa     52620
     atgttattga gattataaac tatattaatt tgagactaca gtttaaatta aaaggatagt     52680
     tcacactaaa ataaacaatt actcactatt tactcagcca gtttcttttt tctgttgaac     52740
     agtaaaaaaa gatattttga agaaagctga aaaccttgac gatttccagc tttcttcaaa     52800
     atatcttttt tttccgttta acaaaagaaa gtaaacaaat gacagaattt tcacttttgg     52860
     gtgatttatc cttagtaact gtactttatc aaaatattat gactactttt ttctgatatc     52920
     ctacagtcat aatgacacat tgtttaacat ttcccatctt ccactctctt tttctttctg     52980
     tagtttttcc ctaaaagcca cagataagaa agcaggcaaa aatgcattta catgtgtagc     53040
     ctgtcaccca acagatgact gcatcgccag cggtcatgaa gatggaaaga tccgcctctg     53100
     gtaaggccag aatccaacat tctgtgttct atgtcatgtc cacatgtaca tgggtgtttt     53160
     tataatattg gtagagttga gaattcccat ttttttttta tataaaaaaa gctctgtcca     53220
     catgacaatg cataaacgca ctatgatgga tgttaagcgc acgccaaacc aacaagcgga     53280
     gataatgaca cttttatgct gggttcgtac caaaggggca attaagtata ttcattcatt     53340
     cattttcttg tcggcttagt ctctttatta gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccaccaag     53400
     tttttatgca gcggatgccc ttccagccac aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac     53460
     attcacacac acactcatac actacagaca ttttagccaa cccaatttac ctgtaccgca     53520
     tgtctttgga ctttggggga aacctgagca cccggaggaa accggaatta agtatatttc     53580
     gtaagtaaac tgcatacagg tcagtataaa tgtgagaaca gatgctggat tgcgatatac     53640
     gtgattcgtt tgccacaaat tttttatgtc tttgcatctg gtgtgaaccc agtcgtgttg     53700
     gccaatcaga aaagagaaaa ccgcacgctg atgtcatgag gcaaaaactc tggttgtatt     53760
     gtccacacaa ccacacttta cccagagttt cagaaaatct tcacccttcc cagagtttta     53820
     atgaagtttc aatcacccga ttctgccttt ttgcgcgttg gtgtgcacaa tcacattgac     53880
     accatttatt tagtcacgag gtgttaaacg tcaacggaaa acgcaagcaa aaaacgtctc     53940
     tgtgtgcacg ggcctttagt ctattttgca ggtcatgtat ttagaactga atatttgaat     54000
     taactttctt tttccctaca ggagaaactt caatcacaaa aaagagtaca catattccac     54060
     aaagcactgg catcacgatg ccgtcaacca tttgtgcttc actccagaag gtgggttttg     54120
     ctgcatcatt ggtgtttttc acactttctc acctctccga ctgttaaatg tgtgtttgag     54180
     cactgttgtt gtgtctgcag gctctaattt actgagtgga ggcatcgagt ctgtgctcgt     54240
     ccagtggcag tatggagata tgagcaaaaa agagttcctg cctagactcg gaggatccat     54300
     ttcgcatgtg tctgcatcag ctgacggaca gttgttttgc accgcacatt cagacaacag     54360
     taagatgtca agttttaacc cttgtgcact gttcaaatgt atttgttttt gttatgttcg     54420
     agaagaaaac aatctctaaa ttaaactgct ttaaaactgc atcagattaa tatttttgca     54480
     ttattttttc aaaactacta aattttttag ttttaactga ttttaatgtc acacacaaaa     54540
     tattttcaat ataaaaagta gttgtggact ggattttttt tcagtcttgg acatttgaaa     54600
     gattagtagc agcattgctt ttgatgcatt gttagttttt gtgcagcata aagcctggtt     54660
     tatacttctg cgtcaagtga ctggtgtaac ccacggcatg caacgcgcgt agctgtgcat     54720
     ttatactttt gcgcgctgtc tctgttggtc tgcattaaca cttccgaaac gctagttggc     54780
     agtgaggtgt aaatgttcct ctgtgtcgag tttcttcgct agtgttttgc ttttcctgaa     54840
     cacttcctga atgtacaagt ggctcaatct cgctcatttt gaggcaggag ccggcggacg     54900
     tgcaacaact ttaactatga ggtaaacaca aaacaaaact ttccagagct ccttcacggg     54960
     actccacact tgtaaacaat agcttcattg gggtcgcgcc attcgcgtgg ctcttggtcc     55020
     cgcccagact cgtcagtgct accaagccga ccaatcacag agcttgcgct acgcttcgtt     55080
     gcgacttgta gttacatttt ttgagaggtg cacgtcagcg acggccacgg cgtagggcca     55140
     tgcgtcaacg ccgtagcata cgcgtgcgtt tgacgcagaa gtataaatca gccttaagat     55200
     tttataaata aattgatgga tggatggatg gacggacgga tggatagaca gttaaggtca     55260
     gaaatattag cccccccccc tttgaatttt ttttttttct tcttttttaa atatttccta     55320
     aatgatgttt agcagagcta atatgtctgg ggggctaatc catataaatg gcccaccctg     55380
     tggatggatg gatagacaga cagacatcaa cttcaaatgt tgattagtgt atatgtacgt     55440
     gtatgtatat atacatgcat acagtggagg tcaaaataat tacccctttt gtgaaactaa     55500
     tcattaaaaa agaaaaaatt gtgtttgagg gaagatttgt tctcaacaca ttttaacaca     55560
     aatggctttt tgtgaaatta ttttgtaaat tatacttatc tatctatatt tatgtatgtg     55620
     tgtgtaaaac ctattttact ggaactacaa aatgactaaa cttactaagt ttagtttggc     55680
     tacatataaa tgtattttga tttcaataaa aatgaagctg gatttaagta atgtaacaga     55740
     acagtagtat gatgtgtata aaagggatga agcattattt gaaattacgc tgtaaaaaat     55800
     cggcacaatt tattcatgtc tacttagcac aaatcagtca agttgacttg aagttgtttt     55860
     ttgacaaatt taagtggatt gaacacaaaa caattaggtt gtctgaaaaa aaatctgaag     55920
     aattgtgttt cagctcattc taaataagtg ctttgcataa ttattttttg agtgtacact     55980
     gtaaaaagtg attgcttgaa aaattgagta aatccattgc cttaagtcgt aagttgattt     56040
     taaatatttg agtagttctg ttgtagctta gaactcttaa gttcacttaa cttatttttt     56100
     tttaaattag gcatatattt tatttacatc attttaaagc aatgagtcta ctcacttttt     56160
     taaagtagtc agctaattgc tttttacagt gtataaacca aaataattca agccagaaaa     56220
     ggttttctcc cagtcaattt tcaaaagtga cattaaagag atcattttac aaaatattta     56280
     ttgcaacctt taccataaat acaaatgtaa tttttcaata tggcatacat ttacacttct     56340
     gaattatcat ttgctcctct tcctccgcag agatctccat tatcgagagc agctttaaag     56400
     tgtccggcct gattcagggt ttagtcagag gtttgtaaag tagcctcatt tgcacgtaca     56460
     atttgaatta cacaacaatg gcagtaaaca tttattcctt ccgatgcttc caggagatgc     56520
     tgtttcgact gatctaatga ttgacccgcg cagtaaagct ttagtgctca atgggaaacc     56580
     gggtcatctg cagttttact ctctcctacg tgacaagcat ctgtacaatg tgagtcgatg     56640
     ctacgattaa gcttaacgtt tctcaggaaa aagcaagtat atggggaagt atgcactgga     56700
     aaatgtttgg tcaggtgtta gcgtgttatt tccatcaatg tgtgtgtttt tctgctgaca     56760
     cgggttcata tactgttgca agaacatgtc tggtgaaatc cagtgctatg tttttcaaat     56820
     gtattacttt aaatatgttg ttcttgatat taatgactga ataatagtct tttttttttt     56880
     tttttttttt gcattcacag ctggatatcg tgcagcaaga gtatatttat gaagcaggtc     56940
     tggatcagtt tgaagtggtc aaggctgttt ttgatgtaaa agggtcctgg ctcgctacag     57000
     tggaggaaag aggacataaa acttcagatc ttgagttttt cctcaaacta tgggctttcg     57060
     atgagaccac gcaaaggtat tagaagcaga attgaatcac ttcatatcat tgaacatatg     57120
     acttctataa gctgctacat ttgtgctgtt tcgcatgata atggtgttag gggagcaatc     57180
     aaaagctcat ctttcgtttt atataatgaa tataatgtcc tcacatgaac caaaataaca     57240
     accaaagatt cacagcgcct ttaaaacaat cccaataggt acatagttca aaaaatccca     57300
     aggaatgatg caaaaaggct gcacactctt aaaactctaa aattaaaaag actcatgaga     57360
     gattaagtga cagaatttac tgaaaaaagg caattttttc agtgacatca ctattgttga     57420
     tgccaagcta acatgggctg cgttgtcatt ctcttggatg tatgtcatta actttgtttc     57480
     attcattcat tttcttgtcg gcttagtccc tttattaatc cagggtcgcc acagcggatt     57540
     taaccgccaa ctgatccagc aagtttttac gcagcagatg cccttccagc cacacacaca     57600
     ttctcacaca cacacataca cacttataca ctacggacaa tttagcctac ccaattcacc     57660
     tgtacggcat gtctttggac tgtgggggaa aacggagcac ccgaaggaaa cccatgctaa     57720
     ggcagggaga acatgcaaac tccacccaga aacgccaact gagccgaggt ttgacccagc     57780
     gaccttcttg ctgcaaggcg acggcactac ctactgcgca tctgcctcgc ccttaactgc     57840
     gtttccacaa acctattttt atgctcattt tggaatatca cattaaaggg ccatgacacc     57900
     ccccactttt ggttaaagtc tacttcagaa ttttttcaaa agatgcatga ttaatgggcg     57960
     tggagctccg cgagcagcgg gcaggagtgg gcgtggccag caggggagaa ggggagcgaa     58020
     taactgctgt tgtcagttag ctcacaaaat gagacacaaa gaggagacgc atgagtttat     58080
     agtttacaga gttaaaatgc aaagaaataa acagtgattt aatgccctgc tatatttgtt     58140
     attcgtaatt tcatatacag acaaccacaa tttatatcat tataaagata agtgtgttca     58200
     tgtaaacact ataaatgagg acttctccct gaatccccag gtctgaacca tagatctaaa     58260
     tgtagactca gtgcagcagg tctcctgacc tgtctatttt aaccattagt cctgctggta     58320
     atctggagga tttaggcaaa cacagcagca tggcgatgtg tctgaatgtg aatgaactcc     58380
     tgatacaaga caacatccgc cattctccaa ttctcgtgct gctctcccga caaaaatgct     58440
     tgcatcacac acacagcttt gctgtatgat cggccctgac aggatcgcgg ggaaaaacat     58500
     gcaacaaacc ccgtgggtca tggaaacaaa cacatatgag cctacataaa cggctactgc     58560
     gtgcccgtgg gtccgtgtct cacagcttga gcttggcact ggtctggcag gtctgcgtct     58620
     gccatgcctt cggaaagcgc gtgctgtcat gctctcatga ataactaagc agctggctct     58680
     tctcatagga aaaggaaact ccgctttgaa taataatgag aaaccgacgc gtcatcattg     58740
     cacttgcggt actgcgctac gtcgccaatt ttgatccctc cccaaaaatc attttaaacc     58800
     cggaagttga aattagctta caaaagctca aaattatcca gttttcccca caattaaagc     58860
     tgaaaggtgc taacattgtc ttaactaatg ctcaacacac acaaatctgt taatatataa     58920
     ataaaagttc tccagggtgt cctgaacctt taaaaaccct ggatggaaac accaagatgc     58980
     accattaaaa aagtatgcgc acagttgaat aatgaacttt atattaaata agaaaaaatg     59040
     tgcataaact atgttggaaa tgcatttaat gaataaattt gagcatgctc gttaaagtca     59100
     tgtgacttta cttcaacaaa ccatgtgata acaaaaatgg cagaacgtga cgggtatgtg     59160
     aggtctgaac atttttaaat gttaaatacg agaaagaaaa catcagtgga aagcgcaaat     59220
     cttccaagaa gtgttatgcc gagttcagac tgcatgattt tagccccaat tttgactcgc     59280
     cgagaggttt tgagaagttg cagacaaatg cctgaaatca aaagcaaatc gatgctcgtt     59340
     cacgtgagtg acaatcacag tgtgaactat caaagacacg atctgagaga attgccgttg     59400
     agtcaccaac actcgtgaga tatttggcat gctaaatatc tggagcagtc agcgattcaa     59460
     aatcatttcg attcccaaca gcctatgaga ctatgggcct actcacacta tgccatccat     59520
     accgtgccca agcccgtttc ccggatcgtt tgagaagtgt gagtgcgctg aatcgggctc     59580
     aagcacggtt cacttggccg gccctggccc ggttggaaga ggtgtgcctg agcgcggatc     59640
     acttgggctt tggcgcggta cacttgtagt gtgagtgcaa aacgcgccaa agcccgaaac     59700
     tgaaagcgag acgtgacttt taaggggctg tttcatatgg atttattaat cattcttact     59760
     gttcagtgaa cgcaaactgc cgtagtttat taaagacgca aactcctcac agcatgacag     59820
     ctgcgcgcct tcagcagacc tcctcattcc tgcagcacga gagctttatg attgtttttg     59880
     agcgccaaaa gtggcggatc tgttcggcaa aatatctgac tgcgtgtccc cgcatcccta     59940
     aggactgttt ggcgagatat ctgactgcat gtcaatgcat gacaaacgac tgaaaggata     60000
     taactagaga aatctccact gtgctactgg gtgagagtgt atggcaagcc gttttagcat     60060
     ttaaaccttg ttctgactat ccataaatat atttagagat atctctaatt atattttgac     60120
     tagtcataat tataattcga ctagtcagaa tgacaattag acatatctgc aattacaatt     60180
     gtactagtac gaaatcagat tggagatatc tgcaaatata ttatgactag tcatattcct     60240
     ccattgactt acattgaaaa atatttgcag atatcactaa ctgagttttg actcgtcaaa     60300
     aatctaattc aagatatcta caactgtaat tcgactatta gtaaatttat tagagatatc     60360
     ttcaaatata gttgtaaata tctctaaata tgacgaatta aagacatctc caaatgtatt     60420
     atgactagta aaaactcagt tagagatatc tctaattaca actgtgacta gtcaaaactc     60480
     atttagagat atctgcaaat atttttcaat ggaggaatat gactagtcat aatatatttg     60540
     cagatatctc caatctgatt tcgtactagt acaattgcaa ttgcagatat ctctaattat     60600
     tattctgact agtcgaatta taattagaga tatctctaaa tatatttatg gagtcagaat     60660
     aaagatttaa atgctaaaca ggcttgccat agagagcgct tgtgaagagc gcagcagcaa     60720
     tgacgtaagc gtgccgaggc ccgatatggt gtgagcgggg gccgtcgggg gagacgggag     60780
     gggggacaag cgtgctttgg cccggttcga ggcaactgta cctagtgtga gtacggccta     60840
     tgagagagta gtatgggtat ctgcagacca gcagaaggtt gggggtgaag ttaaaagtgc     60900
     tcattttcag tttatttgga ccaaagatat gtaggaaatt ctagtgtgaa tttggaagga     60960
     gcactcatgt ctgtttgact tatcatctga gcaatatcac aaccgggttg aaaaagaaac     61020
     gcgttgagga gaaattgcta attcccttca aaacccaggt gaacaaaata tgtatttata     61080
     ccacactaaa ggcttctgtc tcattatgta gttaataaca aaagatatac tacatgacct     61140
     tgtattgttt ccatgtcact tctcacgtgg gtttggttgt gagacttagt ttggacaaag     61200
     ttgtcagcga ttcttcctat tttaaagtca tgcagtgtga aaccccctat cactgatcca     61260
     tcttgcagtg taaacacaac atagacagaa cgctagcctg gattgtcatg cagtgtgaaa     61320
     acttccatga cacgtctact ttgaaaatca tgcagtctga actcggcata actgaagatg     61380
     atctcctgcc tccaaaagca agatggcatg actgcgcaca ttgcatttcg tctacgtgtt     61440
     ctaagacaaa gtaaattatt atatatttaa aaagaccttc tccaaaggta acaacttccc     61500
     tttttctttt gatatttggc gctagttcat caggaagtgg ggatttgttt tttgttttgt     61560
     ttttttccct cttggactcg ttggatggaa acagtgattt atttgcaaat gttttaagca     61620
     atattccagt tgtgcacaga agattaattt gcatctttgg atggaaacat gactattgat     61680
     tgttacacaa atgcccatta ctagaagagc ttctgcatgg gtttaaatgg aatttcctaa     61740
     agccttaagc acttgggaac tacacaacta ttgttgtgat tgttatacta gattaatgcg     61800
     ttttaaatgt aaattaatac tgaattaatt ttttagcagc ctttactcaa ctcttttttt     61860
     ttttgtctca ttatcctata gaagttctaa tttaatttgg tgtttaggaa acatctccca     61920
     ttatcatcaa agccgaaaac aattgtactg ctgaaagata tgttaaacta tgataatcaa     61980
     tttttttttt ttttttatta tagagaaaag ttcgatgaac agcatatgat ttaaaaaaaa     62040
     aaatcttctg tacccttaaa atcctcttca tcttttggtt aagtttaatt tgttctttcc     62100
     acataaaagt atgacgcttt aagctgtatt ttacaatttt ttcacaattt ttatgcgctc     62160
     tgtgctgtta gctttgtcct gaataccacc gtcactgagg cccacagcga gcggattaca     62220
     tccatgtgct tcagctcttc agaggagacc accatgctgg tgaccacagc cctggacggc     62280
     cagttcaaag cctggtgtca gactgcagac gctcaacgtg agtcaaatcc tccagaacct     62340
     tccaaaggtg ttaatgttgg atgaagaaaa gctaacaagt cttgggttca gacacacccg     62400
     tctcaccgca ccccttttca tttgtgtttc agaggcccag aactactggt catgtgattt     62460
     cgttggcagt tatcataacc tgaagccaaa gaactgctgt ttctcagctg atggctccat     62520
     cctggctgtg agttttcaag aagtcctaac attatggagc ccggagacct gggagctgct     62580
     caccacactc tgccaaccac ctggagaaat aaggtgattc gctgactgca gatcagcttg     62640
     accagacgct ttctgctgtg tttgttttaa taggggtaca ttgtgctttg aaattagagt     62700
     atcatagctt atattgatta atacaattgt gcaggctgag gtttaatcta attaaatgct     62760
     atgtatgcaa cacaagcttc agtaaaaact attacaagtt gcctgcatgg aaacgaaaac     62820
     aaactataca ctgaagattt ggcaacccaa aatacaagtc atgaatgttt ggaatttatt     62880
     ttattaaatg aagaaaattt ctgtattttt gtgacccaca atattagcat aacatgtaac     62940
     aagacaaaat aataatgatg tccccacgga cacatttttg tgtgcaagtg ttttgttttg     63000
     gtttatttac taatttaaca tcatttatta ttcgatagtt ctttgaacta tttgcaaata     63060
     ataaaaagtt taaattgtca aaaaatgtgt caatactaga aacgttttac tcagaagttg     63120
     cttgtacatt tcacaagtac ttacaaataa acagcaacac tttatgaata taaaatataa     63180
     atattatgaa ttaaaaatgt aaaagcatag tcaaaaactt caaaatagtc tgaagagatt     63240
     tacctggttt tgtaatccaa tagtctgtgt tatttacagt tcaaatatat ttaaagctgc     63300
     ctttaacgtg tttttgcaat gaatttgtta atatgcggga gaatatcaca aaatcatctt     63360
     tcttactcta gaactctgaa acagagctgc ccaaaataga gcctttgggc caaagttggt     63420
     ccattgtaac ctttgatttg gcccaccatc ctttctgaga atgatggaga gggttggagc     63480
     gaatgccttt aacagagatc gtcatttcta attggacgta accttttttt ttgttttctt     63540
     gttttgttgc ttcaaaaaaa gcttcaaaaa agcagactga aaataaatgt aaatgaatga     63600
     aagtttaaaa cgtaaacact gtcacccgac aaatagagga ctatgcagga gacatgagca     63660
     agcaagtcaa ggcaaaaaca gtgtaactct tattatcaat gagattgtaa tagtacattt     63720
     aaagcaatct tttctagtta ttttaaatgt tatataaaaa ttcggcccac tagcctcaaa     63780
     gtttggtttt tggcccttca taagaaaaag tttgggcacc cctgctctag aatgattcat     63840
     ccattcacta ttttttaatg gatcacagta aaaccaaata ttttatgact tcgatgcaca     63900
     agtgtaggag ttagacagac aaagacagca aagattagaa taagtgataa atattacaat     63960
     tttaccttta aattttacac accttccttt agttgtaatg tcagcataaa ctccttgtgt     64020
     cagttgctga aatattgact atttgaaaag gcactcattt ttccactgct ccaatggaaa     64080
     tgatgggagt ttgtaaataa taaaggtagc tgcaacactg tattccattg caatttttta     64140
     ttattattat catttgtaac tttacctgag agctgtgagg tagtgttgtg aaaagttgtg     64200
     attacctttt tttttttttt taattttcag ttttgtatag cgttactccc ttaattagca     64260
     ttcgttcagc acaggctctc gttcgttgag caggctctca gcacagcttg aatggtagta     64320
     actcagtgac taagatttag atgttggcca gacagaataa gaattgagtc cttttgaaga     64380
     gttgagcgca ggccaaactc tgcggggtca acagggacgc gctgttactt ggtcagtgtt     64440
     tttgaaaaaa ggaagttcat taggtgcagc tagggtacta catcatgatg gaaactgcat     64500
     gacatagctt gtcaacaact cttctcagtt cttacttgct tctctttatc acacacaagc     64560
     agtacatttt attggataaa cggttgcaaa ttgcaatact ggattatcca gcattgttga     64620
     accaaaacca actgtgcatt ttttcactct ttatatatgt atacttttaa tattaaacag     64680
     gattgtttac aacgaacttt acttaccctc cacttgttcc aaacctgttt gagtttgtaa     64740
     gatattgtat aaattatata gaagacattt tggaggatgt tggaaactag taactattta     64800
     cttttattgt cctttttgtt tttaaactat gtatttaaag acctataatt ttacaaaatg     64860
     tatcattttt aaaatatctt acaaactcgc atatctttct ttgtttaatt tgaaaaaaaa     64920
     attaaagatt tataattgtt tgaaagcact tgagggtgag taaatgagtt ttctttaact     64980
     attatttaac tgcactttta ataccagctg taagagtttc aattgattgg aaaatgcttt     65040
     aattaagggt aaataaactt gtgctgcgtt cacaccagac gcggatcaag catcaagcct     65100
     gagtgattta catgttaaat caatgcaaag acataaataa acatcctgcg gtgcaaatga     65160
     agcccacctc gtcaaccaat cataagcttg ctcttgtagg ggagtaatta tgacgtagtg     65220
     cctgttgtat agtttttgga ggagttgatg aactcgcaga gctgggtgca cctctgaaag     65280
     gatctagtga actcagatac tgcgccaaat gaatatacgc tgtttttcag cattttaaaa     65340
     gcacataaaa agcacagcta ctctcaataa aatacatgtt agccatttag caatgaagct     65400
     aaagtgaccg ggcaggcaaa agccctgccc atgatgcaaa tctgcatatg ttgaggagtg     65460
     aatttgatgc acatatgaag caagtagaca caaaattatt cacacatcta tttatgtgtg     65520
     atttattcac gcatgctgcg actggtgtga acacaccaat agttttccca tttcccatta     65580
     gtttttctat ttttccatgc agttgcagtg aaagcacagt aaaagtgttt gttttttttg     65640
     tttgtttgtt tcattgtttg tttgtttgac taaaaacctc tgtagataaa tgatgaattt     65700
     gtgtgatgaa ctgattgtaa tgtaacatta atttagtaaa agaaagggta tgtttactac     65760
     acatggacag tgtttgtgtt tataaatagt gtcatggcct ggcatgcata atacactgtt     65820
     ttgaaacgct gctgtctgca gcaaaacttt tcaatgcaat gcagagagaa aatttagtgt     65880
     tttgctggtt tgtttacaca acaacattgt ttttacaact gaaaacacat taaaccatct     65940
     taaaacggta acaaactgaa catttttttt aatgctgttg ttgtggtttc cgtctaaaca     66000
     cccgaaaacg agagtctttg aaaacaagga cgtcatatgt atatagtaca tggtttagcg     66060
     agtgtctttt tcgtgcaaac aaacacacaa caatggcaga gtatgtagta gtgttgttgt     66120
     tcctcaagtg tttcctaaaa catcacaagc aaagtgtaga tttacttcac attgcaacca     66180
     ttagcagaga ctcatcttac acacacaaaa aattctactg tgcatcatgg tactgtttac     66240
     tagcaagtca aatactggta gtacatttat gcattacagt atttttggcc attttcacat     66300
     ggatcagttt gaaaggttgg ggtctaaacc ttaaacattt cttaaatcca agggaagaaa     66360
     atgtttctta taatggctac atcattgtat gtatatagat atagttggtg attatttgtg     66420
     aatccatgac cagcacaatg tctctatttg tcagatgaat ttaagagctt gatgatggaa     66480
     ctttcactgt tataataaaa gtaataagga atttcaacta gtgcttaatg tgctatacag     66540
     tattttcaat cctctcacat tgatttgttg agccaagttg tgatgtgaat ctcaaaacat     66600
     aaattcagag agaaagtttg ttagcattat attgaaagat ctgtttatat tttccgaaac     66660
     aacaaaccac agagttatgg gaccagaaaa atatcagtct gtagacatat tttaggtttt     66720
     aaatgacgaa aataaacatg cgttatggat gtgactgaaa agtttgcgag tctacagtaa     66780
     acaacatact ttgtagaatt tttgtgaatg aaactgcaca acccaaaaaa gcaatgctaa     66840
     tctaaaggat aatcgtcatc ttactataga agaaaaacag tagatttttt ttatattata     66900
     ttttacattt aaagcttcat ggatgtaaca tctctccgtt atggatgtga cagatgtaaa     66960
     attgccattt gtgtgacttt ggtaaattaa acataattat ttaaaacata gacacagaca     67020
     tgtttgagta tttttacagt acagtaaaat acaagcctac acaaaacagc ttaaggtttc     67080
     agtattttgg tgaaaacctt atttttttca tgggaaggtt gacatttgct tggaattttt     67140
     cagcagattt gcatcaagtg taatgtccta tcacaaaaaa gtggatggct ttggtaaact     67200
     tgggtacatt tctgaaaaac ttgagatatt tacctttgat gatctgattc gtgactgttc     67260
     atgtcacagt tcttgattaa ctgtaagccg actgattatc acgcacagag actaatctga     67320
     tgaaatatgt aagtgacatg ggttttgctg atcacggtgg tctttggttt ggtgaaagcg     67380
     actaatgctg ctgctttgat ccaccaggga cctttgtttc ggccggttaa gctgctccaa     67440
     atacttgctt agcaccacca ccaagaacct gctctgctgc tggaatctcc tcacttgtgc     67500
     atgtaagtgc tcattcatat tggttcatat tcatatttgc aatttttaca gtttgtaatg     67560
     gtgcatctgt ttaaaagagg atagcggagg atagctcact gcaaaaagat ttactcatca     67620
     aacctgtttt tccttgaaca tgagcatgga ttagtttact ccaaatattt gctttaaaaa     67680
     gacagaaaca ccacagtgat gcacaaatgt tctctgccat cttttttttt ttttttcatt     67740
     tttgttaaaa tggaaaaaat agacactcta tttttacttg gtttattatg ctttaaaatg     67800
     cagtgaatgc ttttaagctc tcaaaatgtg tgaatctgaa tctttctttt atgagccctt     67860
     ggttttattc agatatgtga caaaatgaca gtatgcaggt tttaatgcac tgacagagat     67920
     ttttttcttg agataataac ctgtgatgca caataaagag atatagtatt tttttgtgaa     67980
     cttcaccttt aacctgatca ttgacattag actataaatg caaaccaaag cagtggatag     68040
     ctaattttat ttgaataact tgactgcaga aaacctgcaa ggaaacatca atatctttct     68100
     tttcccacat ttacaaattg caattgcaaa gttttcattt tcttctaagt caaaaaccta     68160
     cattgaaaat gttttgtctt ccatcatgcc tacactcctc taacatgctc tgaagtagag     68220
     gtctgcaaat ttccaaataa aacatggtag cggaggtaac tctggtgtaa tttgaacggg     68280
     agagggcgta taacaatata gcattctcaa gtcccaacgt tatttcagaa tggcatatct     68340
     gtgatttcct ctttcttatt gaaagcacat gcttttttcc cgcacagtct gtgcgtgcat     68400
     cagagcgggc ttcaccaaag ttgtagagca aactgaagat gcgctgacct tctgcttgca     68460
     ttaagaaaac ggtcagttta ctgttagcaa agacctttga agaaatgatg ccatccataa     68520
     tcctggacta agttgtatct tgagctgatg ctgtggtggt catagaagag tgaagagcat     68580
     gagactctga aagagccctg tgacagactc cgcttgatcc tgtgggccag cctgaactca     68640
     cctgcggctc tccacagtgg acgtccagcg ttctccagcc tctgctgcct agactgccta     68700
     gatctttgca caagaattgt ccagaggaga aatggtcgtg cctaactgag cctggtttct     68760
     ctccaggttt ttttcctcca cttcgtcaat tggtgaagtt tgttcctcac caatggcttg     68820
     cttggacatc ggtggatttg ctcttcagtg tttggacttt cagcagggaa atttaaacca     68880
     cactgaactg aactttaact ctaaaaactg gactgaccca gtttcaattt actagaaagt     68940
     ctatgttaag ctgctttgac acaatctacg ttgtgaaagt gctatagaag taaacatgaa     69000
     tttaatttat ttaaaaccca catcaggcaa gtctgatgta tgggagtctt tttgatgttt     69060
     catagatgca aatggaaaaa ttcacccttt gcacgatgtg ataatacctc acagttttac     69120
     cctttaaaaa tcccaagact ggaacctcag gtttaaggcc gctttgtaat gagactcatg     69180
     aaactaaacg gacatttacc ctactatcct tgcaaaatcc aaagttttat ctgttatctc     69240
     tttcttttgg tagtacccag ttttatcgtg agagtttgga aaccggatgt aaatttagca     69300
     agaacggtca ggtctagtag aaaattattc taggctggca gcagttgaat aaagactgaa     69360
     tatacagctg gagcggtcgg gtgtggaata aaacctctca ggagcaggac taaaaaatcc     69420
     cgcacagacc tctactctaa agttgaaatc acttttatga gcctattaag ttttcttagc     69480
     agactgatta tgattaatat aagcatttaa tggctaatgc caatatatta tggatcactg     69540
     gaaataatat gacagtaagt aaatgatgct aggactatta tttaaggtga agcactattt     69600
     tctgtgggta gccaagtaag tttatgtctg gttttattca ctgtttggtt tcatctctgt     69660
     ggttcacagt ggaatggagc acatctgtgg atgtttccag gctgcagtca gaccctttgt     69720
     cagaaaatgt ggccgctttt tcattcgagt ctaaacacac acaccgtaag tgtttaaagg     69780
     tcatcaccta catctcttta gtgtttggtt agaagtaatg tgtgtttttt ttttttattg     69840
     gtgctctttt ggaaatctct ttttgtcact ttataattca gtaaaataaa atataaaatc     69900
     aataatgtgt tgtacaatta gctaaaattt aaatgaacac tgttgtgtca taaccttcaa     69960
     aatataaatg atgaaactgt aaacctttaa taaaatgtat tgtaattaat ttaggataca     70020
     aaaatacaga cacaatttga taaagtgtga caaatgaaac gcattaaagt gcattatgga     70080
     tgttttcttt gcattagact gaaaatggca gaaatctgag aattgacaag agcatcaaag     70140
     cctttaattg atcacaagct gctgttaaat gtcttctctg gtgtgtgttc agtgtttgtg     70200
     ttcaagccca gcgagccacg gcctttgttc agccagagat acgtgtgtct agaaagggtg     70260
     gatcgagccg tgtttgttcc tcgagaagag ccgttcaaca gttgtgatga aagctgtcag     70320
     tggctcaaca gatctcagct ctacttcctc acacacaaca tggtacttca gtcataccta     70380
     gagtcaaaac atgtcctttt tttttattat taagctgata acaatggata acaataagtg     70440
     catggcgtaa aatatatagt ataatctgct ggttttaaac atacagtata ataatgcaat     70500
     acagatattt aagcagctat aacattacaa ttatccaaac ccaaattgac ccaacaaaca     70560
     aaaaatatgc taattaataa aagaagaata taaataaaaa ataggggggt ttcatttaca     70620
     aagaaggtaa gaaggggtct cgacattaaa aaacacaggg ttgcacattt tataaagtgt     70680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgc atgtatatgt atataaatga     70740
     tgagttcaga tgcaaaaccc tctaaatcca ttagaccttt tttcttgtaa atgggcattt     70800
     tctatcaggc tcctataatt aggctcagaa gtttcatttt atagataatg aaagttatta     70860
     gttgggaaat aaaaatagct cttttttttc aaaaaatgtc cctttagaca attctttggt     70920
     ttttaacaag gtacattttc ttttgtgtca aatccagcta aatccacgtc tgcttttatt     70980
     gcataacctc taaatccatc tattgggaca atcagtgcaa tcagttgaaa aatcacaaga     71040
     tgcaagtata aattatttta ctaaacataa aacacattac aaagaccatc taaaacttaa     71100
     aatatataaa tctgtcaagt aagtggcggt tcattccgct gtggtaacct atgataaacc     71160
     agagactaaa ggaaaatata tgaatcaaaa caataacatt aaaataaaca ttaattaaat     71220
     cctaactatc tgttgttgtt ttttttgttt gtttgttttt tatttattta ttgtaagtag     71280
     agcgatgtaa acattgcaaa tattgtacac taagcttgtt agattcaaat tatgtaaaca     71340
     cattgtgaaa cattgatatc tgtgcgttgt cctttaatat aaaaagcttg tttggcgttt     71400
     atgtagtatg aagtaataca aaaaagtata gcttcataca tttatatttt tctttaaaaa     71460
     aatagcttac attagcacat aaaacacaag gtaggcctac tgagcaaaaa ggggatgcct     71520
     ctcagacact atttgaagct gttattcttt ctcaccataa tcactgtctt ggtctccttt     71580
     tcatctcgtt tatcctcatc catgtgggat aaaagaacag cctcttaact ctgtctttta     71640
     tgaaatgcag ttcattcaaa gtagtatcgc tgcgcaaaaa actttatgaa tgcaagctac     71700
     acttctgact gtacattatg ttttcttttt cttaaaatgc acagagtttt gaggtaagag     71760
     acgttttcat ttgccattca ctgacagttg gagaggctca tccagttcat caagctctgt     71820
     tatttagaat cttaatcgga agctaaataa aacactctcc tcataaagcc ggcgtatcag     71880
     cacgctgctg cattgaaaac gtgattcgat tcgcaccttc tatggttctc gggatgtagc     71940
     ggcttttggt gtcaaaggca ggtggtgtaa acaaactgtt acttctgaat gcgctgatgc     72000
     tgcgatttag atgatttcaa gcaaaactat ttgttgaaca tgtactacgt gcctaaagca     72060
     ttcactcaat gtcataagct catttttggc agaagtggcg tttaatacag aaaatatata     72120
     atttgctagg aaatgctttg caatgagtgc gaacccccct cctcctccta tttatattta     72180
     tttatatttg ttatttttat tattacttat tttttcaata tatgtacata tatatgtata     72240
     ttatatatgt gaaatatttt gtttggaccg cacattacag attgtaaaag actgaatcat     72300
     atggacttga aggaaactat gttggtgttt atgcttataa tacagtacct tttacgggcg     72360
     ggttggagtg gggggctaat gggagagtaa cctgtactat aaaaacgact gtataaaaag     72420
     aatgtaataa ttgtatgtga tgcctctggt tatctgtttg ttccgttatg ttaaaacgaa     72480
     taaaaaacaa aagtaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gtggccttta gcggcttttg catctgaact     72540
     cttcatataa ataaatatat atatggcttg ttttataaaa tgtggaaccc tgtgttttct     72600
     tttgtcaagt aaaatataca aatttgtatt gtaattgcat aaaattatta taattatttc     72660
     tctatgaaat attactcata attaatactg ttaatactaa atactcacat tctggctaaa     72720
     atggtctgtg ttcaatttat taggatttgt tgaccttcag ctcagcaaca gaagaggaca     72780
     gaatgttgtc ttctagtaag cgggtatgga cttttgttgt tgtttttaac cttacacctc     72840
     cattctgctc attaattgtg aatggctcta agagtaactg tgtctctcct tggtgcagct     72900
     tgtgattgat gagagtgttg ctgtaacacc gttttacctg ctgttgggca gacaccggaa     72960
     acagcagcac aaactcaaca cagagactca agaaccggca gacaaacctc aacacacaca     73020
     gggatcggtc accatcaaac aggcaagtcc attttattgc cattataagg gggattattc     73080
     tgcaaaacat ctatataaat tgattaaagg agacagtaaa ggctttctga gtgttacaaa     73140
     agtgtttaaa aaaaagattt tctatgtaac tctctattca tcacaaaaca tgacaaaaaa     73200
     gtattacaat tgctttgaaa ttaggccaaa cttgtttctt gagcatcaga tcagcatttt     73260
     aaaacgactt ctgaaggact gcataactga ctggagcgat gatgctaaaa aaattcagct     73320
     ttgacatcat aggaaaacat acaatgggct acagcgccag aagaccacag cgggtgccac     73380
     acctgtcagc taaaaaccga aaaactgagg ctgtaattcg cacaggctcg cccaaattgt     73440
     actagaagat tggagaaaca ttgcctggtc tgatgagtct cagtttctgc tgcgacattc     73500
     ggatggtagg gtcagaattt gacatcagca acatgaaagc atggatccat cctgccttgt     73560
     attaagaatt caggctggtg gtggttgtgt aatggtgtgg gggatatttt ctttgcacac     73620
     tttgggccca gtagtaccaa ttgagcatcg tgtcaacgcc acagcctacc cgagtattat     73680
     tgctgaccct gttcatccct ttatgaccac agtgtaccca tcttctgatg gctacttcca     73740
     gcaggataac gcaccatgtc aaaagccttg aatcatctca gactggtttc ttgaacatga     73800
     caatgagttc actggtggtc tttgtaaatc ctaatgcccc agtaaaagtg aaagggacac     73860
     tataccgtca gtgggcgccg tctttcgaat gagatgttaa accgaggtcc tgactctctg     73920
     tggtcattaa aaatcccatg acacttcttg taaaagagta ggggtgtaac cccggtgctc     73980
     tggccaaaat tccctctcat gccttaacca tcatggcctc ccagtcatcc ccatccactg     74040
     aattggctgt atcactgtct ccactccctc tacagctggt gtgtggtgag agcactgttg     74100
     ccattgtcct gtggcagccg tcgcatcatc caaatggatg ctacacactg gtggtggtgt     74160
     ggacagactc ctctcatgat tgtgaagcgc tttgggtgta cggccataca caataaatgc     74220
     gctcgataaa tacacattac attacataaa actgttgctc acatgctctg catttgtgac     74280
     gtcatatatg caggaactgc ctacacgtga caccaacata gctataaaat aaaagtgtaa     74340
     aaagcatcct ggttttgggt gctgagattg tggataagat ttcagaggag ggctgcacaa     74400
     tatatcgttt cagcatcgat atcgcaatgg gcacatccgc aatatcacag gaagagtaat     74460
     gatgctgggt ttatatgttg ggattgtagt tgagcaggag ccacagatca gaacacacac     74520
     ggtatttaga gtcaactaag tgttaaacca taatggagtg agtttttcag ttgcatgtga     74580
     ttttgagacc tctgactgta aacagagact ttaaagtatt caggcacatg aaactgtact     74640
     gtttgtaact aataaagatg tatttattta attatttaaa caatgaagac tatacagtgt     74700
     ttggttgtat aaacaactag atcttgttgt acagtcagtg ttgttacagt gtttgtagtt     74760
     gatttttctg tacctgaaaa atgtgatgta aaatatttta cttctatctt cccaatctta     74820
     tttcagatca atcccataat cttccagaat aatcccaaat aagtctaaat taatgaatta     74880
     ctttttccaa aaagagctat tcaagctgtc tggtgatgtt gcattcatat tgcattcttt     74940
     atcgcaaaaa aacaaaatat cacaatgtct aatttttata atatcgtgca gccataattc     75000
     aaagagagta aggtgattgg aattgaaatt aagatatata ttataatatc tttgcctctt     75060
     ctttattttc ctgcagttgc tacacacacc ggctcatgtc ctgcctgctg cttcagtgct     75120
     gtgctccatg tttgtcaggt ccctcctgat ctccaacact ggagtgcggt gggtttgcat     75180
     ttgtttgttc tcacagcaga taattatttt cagatttaca tgttttttat tcagatatga     75240
     gcatatatga ttttctttga aagttaacct caatcaacat tcacacttct ctgtttccct     75300
     tcctgttttt ttggagactc tctttaacgc aagcgtacta aagtcttgat gtttttcttt     75360
     ttgcttttgt tggctcataa acagggagga aatggactcc tcagagcagg aaatggacag     75420
     cgagaaagag gaagaggaat ctgaggagga aatggaggca tgtgacggtc agcaggagct     75480
     cagagcgcag ggttctgtgg atgagcagaa gcccaaactc tctaaagctc aggaaaggga     75540
     actcaagagt ctcagaaaga ctgacttcag ctggatgacc agccttattg actccaaacc     75600
     atgatcatgc agtttcggtc acgttttttt tttaattcta cccaactagc ttctgtatgg     75660
     tagcttgagg cttgatgagc gatttttgta actaggacaa gaatgcattt tgtacgtccg     75720
     aatgttaatg tttatccgag ttgcatgaac attaatttat aaagaacttt ttgaacaatg     75780
     cattgcagag ttttgttgtt ttcagtacat ttgtgcagtg ttgtagctaa attctgaata     75840
     tgtatgtgag taaaatgaga tgtcccattt tgcatttaca attttaaaaa gagcagtatt     75900
     tgttcccagt caaagtatat gaaagagaat tgatcaaatt attaagcaat ttaaaaagaa     75960
     taaaatgaat aacttaaaaa aatgttttgg tttgatggat actggcaaag taatgtcaac     76020
     ttacatttta acaattagac aaaaataaat aaataaccaa cagtcataaa aataataatc     76080
     caacaaaaag taaacatgca ttcccacaac caacctccca caagtgctac ccaatggtaa     76140
     aagtaggtac taaatgcaag taaacttatt aataactcgt tttagaaagg tgataaaaga     76200
     ggaccgattt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttc taaaaaatca tgtattttaa     76260
     gctctagctg atttttttcc agctgctgta atgtacatga taactctgtc agctttaatt     76320
     agagttggaa cttcttccaa aacaaaagga tacatttttt ggcagagatc aacataaaag     76380
     aagcaaacac tacagttaaa tattgttttt atagtatttt aatatgcatg gagagttgtt     76440
     ttgtttccac ttttgttcta taaatcattg tcaaactgtg atttagtcat agttatcatt     76500
     tttgtgttca ggaaaaatac acaacaaata ctctttaatt ttatttttaa aaaatcgctg     76560
     aaacaaaaaa taaatctaaa agatgtcata gaatgaatat ctggatatac tctggtatag     76620
     ctgagtaggg tgtcttacat aatactgaca taccatgagc ctcgaacagc attgtttcct     76680
     ggttcttatg gaaatcccaa caatgtaaaa tcctggtgaa taacaggcca agcaaaacaa     76740
     acagactgtg acgttccaca cgggatcact accctgctga aaaaaacagc ctaaaccggc     76800
     ctaggggtta aggccattcc agactgggtt ccagcctggt cttagctggt tagactggga     76860
     ggtgaccagc cttgccaacc catttcccag catcgtcata gttggaaaac cagcctggaa     76920
     tggccaaaac ccttttaaaa ccagattggt cgagcagcta aaactagcca acaagttttt     76980
     tttcagcagg gatatgcaca ccccagcctg tgtttgattg tccacaacat ttccttatga     77040
     gattactgca atttagcttt ttcctatttt tatgttttta tgtaagcttg tattacactt     77100
     tatgaatgtg ggactcttat tttgataacg agacgacaca gaggcgtctc ggacatcgct     77160
     gagtatttca tctcagcaca actcttaatc ggaatggaaa attcatgaaa gacagattat     77220
     acatttattc ggcgccaccc aaagatacat aaggtctgtt taaccttctt ttgttagttt     77280
     aatatttgta tatactgaga gatgtgccgt gaatgtttgt gatgaggcaa aacaaaacaa     77340
     catgttgact gtttaaagca cgtttatcca tcgtgtcatt gctatgattt ttctgaagca     77400
     aaaggaacgc cagcaaattt taaaaactca tgttaatgtg gaggtttgtt gaacatttat     77460
     tttatttgga gtttctgcgt tcacctgcct atcctgacgg cagctgtgtg taaacggctt     77520
     ttcatcttgc tttatgccag gcgtgtccaa actacggccc gcgggccatc tgcggcccgc     77580
     aatcagtttt gtggcggccc gcgaggcttt ttataaatat caatagaatc tggcccgcta     77640
     tacaaaaatg aacgtaattc aataaataac caccgggtgt cgctattaca tgcaatcaat     77700
     taagcaacag ttcttgttat gatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     77760
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatatata tatatatata tatatatata     77820
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaca gttgaagtct     77880
     gaattattag cccctctttg atttatttct tctttttaaa atatttccca aatgatgttt     77940
     aacagagcaa ggacattttc acagtatgtc tgataatatt ttttcttctg gtgaaaaact     78000
     tatttgtttt atttcggcta gaataaaagc agttttaatt tttttatgaa ccattttatg     78060
     aaaattatta gccccttaag tcttcagaac aaaccattgt aataaaataa cttgcctaat     78120
     taccttaact tgactagtta acttgattaa cctagttaag cctttaaatg tcactttaag     78180
     ctgtatagaa ttgtcttgaa aatatctagt caaatattat ttactgtcat catagcaaag     78240
     ataaaataaa tcagttatta gaaatgagtt actaaaccta atatgtttag aaatgtgtgg     78300
     aaaaaaatct tctctccgtt atacagaaat tggggaaaaa ataaacgggg gctaataatt     78360
     taggggggct aacaattctg acttcaactg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     78420
     tatatatata tatatgcgtg tctgtgtgat gtatgtaata tttggcccgc gacaacgttg     78480
     tttttttgca tctggccctc ggcccaaaaa gtttggacac ccctgcttta tgcttaaact     78540
     actaaatgaa tactgaagtc tatttaactg atttatatat tttaattact ttacaacatc     78600
     catgctgtaa aagaaaccct atcaaattga acaaaaaagt cacattaacc attcactgta     78660
     agtttaatgg tatgggaaga aacactagct aggaatttgt ttctatttaa caactgaatt     78720
     gttttttaaa tttcttacat gtgatttaca gagtacatca ggctgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt     78780
     gtgtgtgcca gaacaggtat atatttacga aaattacgac cgttccaaat atggtcaaaa     78840
     ccaagttttt catgctaaac aattagcata gtgaaaattg ggagttatct aagccacata     78900
     gctactattt agattttaga aaactatttt acatattaaa tcagtgcact ttaatgttgg     78960
     tcaattgtta gctggtcaga cattcacagt gacacatgtt attgtaaact acagaaaagg     79020
     taaacacaac tagagctgcg ttcttgaaac tgtatcaaag gtcatgatgt ttttttaggc     79080
     ccgatgttgt acaagatgaa ttgcttagga caccagttat tttgcacgtg cttctttttt     79140
     taaacgctaa agacaatatc ttatctcttc tcttcccgtg tctggatttc tagttcaagc     79200
     aaagtcgaac ttcagttaat ctttgctccc actttggtgc agatttcaac catataatca     79260
     attacttcct gcattaaaaa agccctgcaa tactttaggg gggtattatt agctttctta     79320
     tggtgtgttc atggtcctta cttaatgcct gtaaaatatg tgttgaggct ttaaagagtt     79380
     tggattctgc actttggacg caaattgact tagcatgcac tttcaaaagg attcatgctc     79440
     aaattgatta aggctacacc atcgttactt ttttatcact gtttacaagt gctgaggaag     79500
     cttcctgagc tgaaatttag atatggtgat ggatgtttgg tttccgactt gcacagtaag     79560
     ctgtaaaccg atcacaagag agacaagtgg accatctgac caatcaaagt aggctagaga     79620
     gacacaatcc ttaatctttt tagacattta tagaaacaaa agagaatgtt tttgaccttg     79680
     gatgaatgca aactgaattt aaataggtaa aatattggca tcagtgatgc cagagactgt     79740
     tttgtacacc atgattttat ataagattca ctttaatgtg tgaaatgact gaaaagtggt     79800
     cataaacgaa taatttctca attcaaatga gtagcggcat ggacccggaa acagtattct     79860
     atacgtcatg actaggcatg ggctggtata agatttcgac agtatgataa ccttcgacaa     79920
     aaatatcatg gtttcaaggt aatgtgatca ctgctctaaa atataaatat tttaaatgtc     79980
     tgggtaaaaa aaacaacaac ttttccccct ttgaacacaa atattttgga gcagtaaaca     80040
     tattagggta aataattcaa atgaatcatt gacttctgct gtcttcatta gtttcataaa     80100
     cacagattta tttacaattt aaagcggcat ctttggattt atttttttta tttttatttt     80160
     ttggagatac tattgtccta aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtagcg gtaaataaaa ttcctacaca     80220
     taccttagga acggtacagc agaaaatttt ggcggtttta aaaccttgac ttttccatat     80280
     attttcgtat accttgaaaa cgattatcgt ctcatgccta gtcacgacat agcaagcaga     80340
     tagccaatgt gcacattgcg gtatctgtgc tgaaacaata tgttgtgcag ccctattacc     80400
     cttgatgcag tagggctgtg cggtttagtg aaaatatcgt aagatttttg caatttttaa     80460
     aattttattt atttatttat tttggacaga tattgcagtt tgatttacga tttaattcaa     80520
     gcttcagctc aatgatctgt aagccgtggc aacaattttt tgacagctct gaaaacgacc     80580
     tgtttttgtt tagtgtctat gactttgaaa ccaaaatatt cccatattgc aaatgctgtt     80640
     tttctttgat attcgtctat taatgcttga atgaatgaag cagcagacgc catcatccca     80700
     cttgtctgca ctttcctgtt tgttttcttg tttttgttgt tgttgtgggc atagttcagt     80760
     tgtgcaattc taattgggca gaacgaaagt gtgctcactc agttggctag ttataaagcc     80820
     ccggtcagat cacacaattt cagcacgatg tcgtgacaca acattcaatc gcttcttctc     80880
     gtgtaatggc atagttcaca ataaccaata ccatatctgg aatgcctcac gacaccatcg     80940
     cagaaagact agcatgttta ttttctgaag catagcagac tggttttaaa gcactttacc     81000
     tcagatgtta ttcattacat aatcattcat tcattttatt ttcggtttag tccctttatt     81060
     aatcaggagt cgccacagca gaatgaaccg ccaagttatc cagaacttgt tttaggcagc     81120
     ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa cccatcactg ggaaacatcc acacacactc attcacacac     81180
     atacactacg gacaatttag cttacccgat tcacctaaag cgcatgtctt taaacttgtg     81240
     ggggaaaccg gtgcacctgg agcaaacgcg tgcaaacacg gggagaacat gtaaactcca     81300
     cagggaaatg ccaacggacc cagccgaggc tggaaccagc gaccgttttg ctgtgaggtg     81360
     atcgtgctac cccaccgtgc cactgtgacg tcctttcctt acatatatac atatatattt     81420
     tatattgcag cctcttgcga ttaactaaaa aattgtgatg ggatttcgat taatagcaca     81480
     gccctatgat gaagtacaca atgttcacca atcagagtca cagtgagcaa cccacactgc     81540
     aaatgtaatt gtgtttgtca ccctgtgctc tcagcatact taaatatgtg tgtgtttgtg     81600
     tgtgtacaca gctcattaaa gctaagtata cagtattttt gttgtttcgt tgcttcaaac     81660
     aaagtttata actctcttgt ttgcgttata aatttgtaaa aatccctttg ggaaaaatga     81720
     acaggaaaca aatgtttctc agttctggtc caaagctcac tgggttgcat acaaattcca     81780
     ggtctagacc cagctgattg gcccacccag aaggagcggt gctctatttg ttccttgcat     81840
     gtaatcaggt cgttctttgt ctttgcttct tatgcaagcc aagatgaact cagcatttag     81900
     tcaatgcatt aaccaaaaaa aaaaagcctg aatgggcctt ttagagaaaa ttagcagtaa     81960
     acccatctaa ggaatgtgtg accctgtaca attgtggctg gacgtgttcc agctcctgca     82020
     ggttcccagt cgacctcttc gaattcttaa ctcaatcact cagacattgc atttagatac     82080
     aaatctgttt atttcagtcg aagtgagata caatacaaga ctaaagttct ataatcctcc     82140
     cactgcgatg gagtgtgaac cacaattatt gcaaatatgc caccaaacat gaacagaatc     82200
     aatatgctta tataaagaat aatctaggtt cttctgttac attcaactgg gtgtcgaaag     82260
     tacaatttat tgcaaacgtg tttacttctc ttgtctaaaa gggggaaatc tgtggcctta     82320
     caaaggagga taaaccagat tggaacaaaa ctagtcaaca taagaatata aaaaaatatt     82380
     ttacagatgt aaataaggct tcacattcac agaaagactg acacaatgaa agactgacag     82440
     tgtgtttgtt ggggcctcat gaagtagttc taacacatta aagaaaacgc taacttagca     82500
     agtcaagtgt gacttggcac ctgtgtttgg aaccagctgc gctgcaaacc agccgtttac     82560
     acactggact caataatccc ttctctgttc tgtgcatatg gtggattccc gctggtgtcc     82620
     aacatcaata ttacacaact attataaaac acctcatata tatatctata tatctatgtc     82680
     gagccagctg tggttttaaa aggatgttag tagtacttct atgattgtgg ctttcatcta     82740
     agctaataga acaggtctgt aacctttact ttgtattata aaaaatctag attagcgtat     82800
     gaggtgtggt gtcttatata ggaaggtaaa aatcatgaag tttgaggtta atgtactttg     82860
     aaaatcccat tttgaaataa atttgcatgt aaaaatatca gatttcctgc ctggccgtga     82920
     acttcggcgg caggttttgt gtcttgtgca aatatcgtaa tacctgaagt gtcttgttgc     82980
     gcttgtttcg taatggaaaa cgtatattaa tcatgtaaag tgcatgtgta acaatctttg     83040
     caaataaaaa caagaattat gtgcgaaaat cactttcaaa tcaaacagga gcacaaatac     83100
     ctagcgctaa aatctcttgc tgcgatgggg agcctatcag cgcctaaatc tccaagaaat     83160
     catcacaccg gtaataataa taatatggaa tgtttaacac gataaaaaaa cggcaattcc     83220
     ctcacttcca cgtgatgcca aaaaaaaccc actttggtta catgtataaa ccgcctgcat     83280
     ggctttccaa aagagttgaa acaacgtagc accaccgaag ctgagataaa gaatactgac     83340
     tacacgtgta tataaatata taggcattat ataggcttac ctgaatgtat aactagcgca     83400
     ctcttaatag ctattaaaga gactttaacc aaggcttgga agaagggaca aacattacaa     83460
     aactacacta tcataagtag agcacattgc aaaactgtca taaccagtct gaaggttaac     83520
     tacgaccata aagttgaaaa aaaaaacaat ataatacgta aacgtagaat aaatatgcta     83580
     atttttgctt tggagctctt acaaaagtca ttaaagcatg atagaaccgt agtttccatg     83640
     tatatatttc ctcctacggt tgcttctatg gcatttttac agcaccttga acatgatagt     83700
     gagaagtgat gtatgctatg ctaagaagag ctccttctct ttgttatttt agcctatggc     83760
     agaggatatt tactcaatgc acagcactgc aagcagcaaa agcatgcatg ttagtaaaac     83820
     agatgggatc ctggcaaggt tctgaaagaa cacagcaagc cacgctcttg tagaaatggc     83880
     ctacggtctc tttaaaaagc tatacagagt ttggaagtga gggaatgttg ggatctggct     83940
     tctgctcggg tgaacagaac aggaagagtc ggcttccaag gcttttatag gcaaacctga     84000
     aatacatcat atgtcccata gccacgaagg aaacggagat gattacaaga agaccaaagg     84060
     cttcaggatt tggtgcaagg atgaccatga tgaagtgcag gagatcgaga agataattca     84120
     tggagttctg gacgccattg atgactcctc tctcggactc aatcacattc tcttggatca     84180
     gttgggtcac ggtcaagtcg aaggaccaaa gacctggaag caattaagga gaatcaatta     84240
     aacacatatt gggtcattaa aggaacacca gcgcactata atcacaaaca tgacttgttg     84300
     ttttttggtc tcaaaggttg gttttataac tttcaggtga tacaacgata tcatcttgaa     84360
     gataacggaa aataagcact aaatgaaact atttctatag tttcctgttg gttgctcatt     84420
     tacacaaact ttttgaaatc cagccagaaa taggaaaaaa atcaaactat ttttataaac     84480
     tcaagacatg atgggattgt ttacataaga tatcgtattg gatgcatgag cctcacacgt     84540
     ggacatttac tcaaaggaga aaaaaacaaa atgtcaatat tgccacagag aaaccattta     84600
     aaatatactt gtggaatcat acggctttta tcaaatcaaa tataaatgtg aatccttcca     84660
     aaatagtacc attttgtatc aaaagtagac cttaaaaatg atttttaccc tatatattat     84720
     tactatttta tgtattatta atagctgtta gtgacttttt attttagatg ttcatgttaa     84780
     ttttgccaac cgacaaccat cgctcgataa tcaaatattg cgttttcaac agaataaact     84840
     acataaaaag tataaaataa attgttctgc cctagatatt tttcacctga aaaacacgtc     84900
     tagactgcaa aaagaaaaca ctgacagaat tctttttaag aaacgacata tgctgtttgt     84960
     ccaaggtcag tgtatctttt ggtcattgaa ttttcatttt gaaaacggat attaaaaaac     85020
     aagccatttt ttgattttca ttaaaattca aaaataaata tttaaatata agttgttttt     85080
     cttgttcatg gtgaaaaaca gaaaagcaaa cttaaaaaat gatttgattt acatttttta     85140
     tttcaaataa caaaaaataa aatcaccaga aaacaaaaac gaataaaggc ttgtttttat     85200
     atttcaaaac cacataggct gactcgttca cgatgacatt tttattcgaa ataaaaaaat     85260
     gaaaatcaaa taatttcacc gatcgctgca cagaaaatat gcatttattc aatgaaaacc     85320
     ccgcatctgc tttcatttga ttgaagaatg aaaaagacat gacagacgta acatgctttt     85380
     tccgatcaga gtttagtttt ttcaactgca caacgcaacg gttagtaaac cattcaaaag     85440
     atggcattct caatgcaaaa aggatgttcg atgtgatcgg cccctgatgc agcaaaactt     85500
     taaaaattaa tataatcata gttttctaac atttaactga taccaatagt aggttaaaaa     85560
     cttaattttt cgttaacggt taatcagtta ttatgtgcat ccctactttt tattgttaaa     85620
     atatttttat tattatagaa aagtgatttt tattaaaaat gtggtaaact tttttgcaat     85680
     gacatagcca gagtagtgtt ttcacgattc tggaaatttg gtaccaatca gtactgaaat     85740
     tttaaaaaca taaatttcca aaacaattat gcgctgctga gcacatagcg caacagaaat     85800
     gatacaaata catgccactg gtgtatttca aagccgcgaa gatgagtcga ttcatcagca     85860
     gatcattcgt atgtcagctc atagacacac taatctttat ggctttaaaa tatttctgtt     85920
     tggacctggt gaacagcagt taagaccgtc atggccaatc acagtcattt ctgttgagca     85980
     cgtaaacaca atggccaatc agtggagttt aagaacacgc taaatagctc aaaatgttag     86040
     cgggaaatgg acgcgaaatt ccagtatcga gacaacacta ggtcagagaa actgatatag     86100
     gattaaactc accaactcta gcagcaataa caccggcaaa gagaagcccg acagacatgt     86160
     aggactctac tgggggggct tcctcaaaaa cggtgacgtt ggcctgaatc gggggttcag     86220
     ttgtaggaat gaatgtagga ctctcacgca gcgagccgct gtctccaaac agatgtctta     86280
     agacctcttc gaagggcgag acgctgagat cgaaagggct gccaggggcg aagacagatg     86340
     ctacacacag cgtgaggcag gacagctggg tgactccagc aatgaagccc gtcctgatga     86400
     ggccgcactt ctttcggatc caggtgaagg ccactgtccc acagatccca gatacagctg     86460
     aggctcccat gaggagactg agcacagagc cattcaggcc ctgagtgtat gcatagcctg     86520
     tggtgatgca gtcgaagccc aaaacggtca tgtataggaa agccagagac atgccggcga     86580
     agaagatgga ttgattgtag taggctaccc agccatcttt aaaggtacgg atgggctctg     86640
     ccatttggta gcagcagccg gtgtccttct tgggctcgga gctttcagtc atcagttggg     86700
     aggcttcgac cgggctttca gtgtttccaa tttctgaaac agtgagttag aaaaacacaa     86760
     aagtgaaata actgagtcag atttaagtgt caaccttctt gttagcattg catactaaag     86820
     taattgcaca atgaaaggca tttaacataa ataaggtaca gacgacttaa tcgtttgcta     86880
     tggaatcaac gactttcaaa tgatagcgag aaagtagctt aatcgtcaga actcatttta     86940
     aatgtgaaat gtttgcagat tgaagtcgtg gtcatactag agtttgaact tgccaatttc     87000
     tgtcgaaagg tgctgcgaaa ataagctgga ttaaacaaga ggattagaca ttaaaaaaaa     87060
     agaaaagtcg agctactgct tcatatatta aatttctgta gagagaggtc atttatttgg     87120
     tcttctatag gtctcacaca gtcatgtgat gcgattttgc aagtcagact tcaccaagct     87180
     tgaactttgc aatgctacga cttctgaaac ttgtcgcaca agcttgtgtt tccagtttgc     87240
     cacattcgca tatgtatgaa tggaagccta tggagattta gtcaaaataa aacagctact     87300
     ttgattattt ttccttaaag agatagctca cccaaaaaca aaacaacctc aagtggttct     87360
     aaacctttga gtttcaaaca aatgctatag aggtcaacag ctagagtttt ccagctttct     87420
     tcaaaacatc ttcttttgta ttcagcaaaa taaggaaact caaataggtt ggaaagaagt     87480
     aaagacactg taaatgatgt gcaaatttga atttttggtg aactacccct ttaaataatt     87540
     tggttgagct tgacaagtgc agttatctct acagttcgag taccttattg attaaatgga     87600
     ttatttactt cctaagtgtc acaattttgg ggaatgctcg ttttatgtaa ttggagaaga     87660
     tc                                                                    87662