ID   AL731564; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 38601 BP.
AC   AL731564;
DT   03-APR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone IZAB-143E18 in linkage group 9 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate SH2 domain protein 1A
DE   Duncan's disease lymphoproliferative syndrome (SH2D1A), the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to vertebrate Rho GTPase activating protein 24
DE   (ARHGAP24), the cds2 gene for CDP-diacylglycerol synthase (phosphatidate
DE   cytidylyltransferase) 2, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   heparan sulfate (glucosamine) 3-O-sulfotransferase 1 (HS3ST1), the gene for
DE   a novel protein similar to vertebrate bone morphogenetic protein 10
DE   (BMP10), a novel gene and a CpG island.
KW   cds2; COL5A2; collagen; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-38601
RA   Clark G.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 44c976ec36ed85f86a588fb00f04fdd9.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone IZAB-143E18. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone IZAB-143E18 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone IZAB-35D8 is at 28794 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-167C3 is at 21816 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone IZAB-143E18 is at 38601 in this sequence.
CC   IZAB-143E18 is from a Incyte Zebrafish AB BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..38601
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Incyte-BAC"
FT                   /clone="IZAB-143E18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..36071
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: IZAB-143E18"
FT   CDS             join(<14113..14331,14446..14462,14584..14616,14712..14744,
FT                   16580..16633,16738..16774,19271..19320,19418..19463,
FT                   19594..19643,23057..23110,23728..23772,23850..23903,
FT                   24000..24098,24221..24265,24590..24643,24732..24839,
FT                   24946..24999,25087..25185,25269..25322,25416..25514,
FT                   25637..25690,25911..25964,26088..26141,26410..26454,
FT                   26715..26822,26904..26957,27358..27411,27494..27547,
FT                   27641..27694,27815..27922,28024..28077,28150..28203,
FT                   28292..28453,28533..28640,28847..28954,29059..29112,
FT                   29202..29309,29417..29470,29583..29690,29828..29881,
FT                   29975..30086,30190..30477,30848..31029,31401..31643,
FT                   34542..34688)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="bY143E18.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001745"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to alpha 2 type V collagen
FT                   col5a2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P05997 Tr:O70598 Tr:Q53WR4
FT                   Tr:Q61431 Tr:Q96QB3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW11"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000885"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001007"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008160"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW11"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58730.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<14113..14331,14446..14462,14584..14616,14712..14744,
FT                   16580..16633,16738..16774,19271..19320,19418..19463,
FT                   19594..19643,23057..23110,23728..23772,23850..23903,
FT                   24000..24098,24221..24265,24590..24643,24732..24839,
FT                   24946..24999,25087..25185,25269..25322,25416..25514,
FT                   25637..25690,25911..25964,26088..26141,26410..26454,
FT                   26715..26822,26904..26957,27358..27411,27494..27547,
FT                   27641..27694,27815..27922,28024..28077,28150..28203,
FT                   28292..28453,28533..28640,28847..28954,29059..29112,
FT                   29202..29309,29417..29470,29583..29690,29828..29881,
FT                   29975..30086,30190..30477,30848..31029,31401..31643,
FT                   34542..35185)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY143E18.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to alpha 2 type V collagen
FT                   col5a2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI721941.1 Em:AI723088.1
FT                   Em:AI959234.1 Em:AV670740.1 Em:AV671212.1 Em:AW174547.1
FT                   Em:BE017900.1 Em:BE201119.1 Em:BG173679.1 Em:BI412939.1
FT                   Em:BM022615.1 Em:BM833161.1 Em:N42734.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ224880.1 Em:AK021490.1
FT                   Em:X04758.1 Em:Y14690.1"
FT   misc_feature    21816
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-167C3"
FT   misc_feature    28794
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: IZAB-35D8"
FT   mRNA            join(31151..31247,31401..31643,34542..35185)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY143E18.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to alpha 2 type V collagen
FT                   col5a2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CT626019.1 Em:CT626019.2
FT                   Em:CT638355.1 Em:CT638355.2"
SQ   Sequence 38601 BP; 12808 A; 6621 C; 6994 G; 12178 T; 0 other;
     aagcttgagt aaatattatg tgtatattcc atctgaacca tatcacatcc cctggctaat        60
     ttttattagc acacctgttc actaatccct gccaaaggct tcccaaatgt taggcagata       120
     tctggaagaa ggtgaccaaa ttgtctgctg ttgtatgtct gtgtaatact aagagtaact       180
     acttttaact gcaacatata caagcctaaa tagcattcag tagtttctca tgttacagta       240
     tatttcagta atcacagtat tataaggatg ttgatacaga tacataatag atttgcacac       300
     actcatttgt ggctgccagg cttgaaaaaa tattaaggat ctattttgga tttcttgagg       360
     aaagtgtggt ttctggtcta ttagagctct tttatctgca acagcattaa ggcaagatag       420
     tgttctaaga aaccaaatcc tctaaggaaa aaagcagtga catgtagact tcagtattct       480
     gagaggatta aatgctacag gttttggatt caggccatga gatcaatgca acttaaaaca       540
     aactatcctg cataactatt ttgcattact ttttactatt gccagtgact aatagaaaac       600
     agccctacaa ttataactac agagtgccga aaatgaaaca gatgtcatac aggctagtaa       660
     agggattgaa ggctaagaag agaagtccgt ttttaattca atttgagttt caatgcatac       720
     caacatattt gtgggctatg aggttatcct gaatgtttag ttttttcccc taagtgattc       780
     tcacatttaa caatcaattg cagcattttc attcagttgg tttaaaacag catcttgatt       840
     tgtgctgcac aactgagaac tctcaacatg ggaacacatt gtgcttttca acacaagcaa       900
     ctctcctact cataactagg acacgtctca gtcagcccag tttatttgga aacatctgca       960
     cagactgagt catggacgta gttagattac tttctaatag tgtgtgaaaa aaacacggtg      1020
     atcctgagag gccatgtggc agtcacattt cagcttgtta aaatcagaga tatattaata      1080
     agtagttctc aaaattgaaa tcaaaggcaa acaactgtta tggagtttgg aaagtgttga      1140
     aacttgtttg gactattact tccatacatt cccaaaaata aaggtacaag ggccatcatt      1200
     ggggtggtac caaaagctac acattggtac accatttcaa aagaaattta aggtacactt      1260
     ttgagctttt taggtgctaa tatgtacatt tgaaatacca atatagaccc ctgaaaaggt      1320
     agcacaccag tggcaggcag cttcatatag ctttatttct gtgtgcaaat taattcattt      1380
     tccttcaact gagtcccttt atttatcagg ggttgccaca gcacaataaa ctgccaactt      1440
     atccagcata tgttttacac agcagatgcc cttccacccg caaccaaagt cactttaagg      1500
     caagtcattt cactcagcag ccatctttaa aacgcctctc ggggagtatg ctcgggcatt      1560
     ctgtctgaat ggggaaaaat caaactcttc aaacctgatt gccaagctta cgaatacatc      1620
     acatctttag attcaccaat aaacttaaac aacaactgtc taataggttt agtttttaaa      1680
     tgtgcgaatc aaacaaaatc agcatattta ggttggccaa actaatgcgc atgcgcactc      1740
     aaaaggaaca agataaccac accaacctca tttatggtcg tgctacacat tattattctc      1800
     tggataatga tcgcactgct cttctgaagt aattcacaac ttggtcttga tggcaaatct      1860
     tctctagata taacagcgac tatttgttta catgtttgta ggccaggtgt gggcaaactc      1920
     ggtcctggag ggctggtgtc ctgcatagtt tagctctgac tctaatcaaa aacacctgaa      1980
     catgccaatc agtgtcttca agatcaccag aaatctatga acaggtgtgt ttgattagag      2040
     ttggagctaa actgtgcagg acatccctgt tgtaggcgtt tgattagttg ctgtcatgtg      2100
     catttgacac gacggactgt acctcgcgtt cgttttatac agattataac accaaaaaac      2160
     gtttgttttc aagtgtagtt ggttcattta aaagcccata ttttaagctt aattttaata      2220
     tatgtcttat gtctgtgaag caagtattca ctgagtttcc agtgcatttg ttgaccacaa      2280
     aaactgtagt aaaagcaaac gtctggcctg ggtttctccc cctgagaaat gtcagtctat      2340
     agcaatcgat gattggctcc tgtactaata ggcgagactt cattcaccat actgaccatt      2400
     acacttttct tcattcaaaa ctaaatgagt gactcatgat tttcctcaac ccagcactgg      2460
     gaaacaccta tacacctttg catacactac gtaccaatta ctgtatcata ctctacggcc      2520
     aatttagctt atagaattca cctacagtgc atgtctttgg actgtggggc aaaccagagc      2580
     acccaaagga aacccacata cactgggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaagt      2640
     gaaccagcct gggattgaac cagcgacctg gttaggcacc actgagccac ctgagtgtaa      2700
     atgattgtac ataattaagt acatttcacc aattactaaa atgctctatc aaatagcatc      2760
     aattatcaat gtgtcaagtt tcaaataaac taacagtata ccatcagtat gtaatttata      2820
     tttatcaata caaaagattt catacatctt tttttaaatt caagcaataa cagaactctg      2880
     gcaagtgctt tgagtctgaa aaaacattca tgagagagac atttttccac tttgttagtc      2940
     agttcatttt ggtatcttca ccgcatgaag tctgacacac tggcatttcc tttagagaga      3000
     gcgctgagta acgtctaggt ctgagtaatg atatcatacc ctgctgtgct gtgccatcat      3060
     ggttagagtc tttctacact ggtttcaaaa aggagatgca tggtaggtta caaatataat      3120
     aaagaataat gatgtagagt ttactgttta tgtagttgca gttacttgac aagtatttcc      3180
     cttaggagta ctagtgtgct tcatataaat gacatcaaac ctcaaacata ttttgactgg      3240
     ccacagcaaa ctaagctcta aacattttag ctattacctc ttgattaact aatttcaata      3300
     tttaacccaa tataattgta gcttgatttg gattcactga cactccctaa tatctctaca      3360
     ttgatttcat aagtatattt tttataaaat aatttattta tttttctttt ctttgataac      3420
     aaaaaataag tgaatacact taatttgtca aggatttaca caaaagtttt aaaaacaaac      3480
     ttatttacat tgtggtcctt aatggtaata atataatata atataatata atataatata      3540
     atataatata atataatata atataatata taatataata taatataata taatataata      3600
     taatataata taatataata tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa      3660
     tataatagaa acaacatata attacatcgc attttgtttc gctagacaaa cattaagata      3720
     actgagtaca tacttgtctt ttcgctagag tgcagtcatg ttcaaataat tagccgcatt      3780
     gaaataccct gcaaataatc actcataaat agaccagtat tgttatgaag aagataaact      3840
     acagtatgag ctgatgacta attagaaagc tctcatgaga caaactgttt gaccatacaa      3900
     ctcggcaaga tcatggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaattgaat tgaatcattt caaattggaa      3960
     caatttactt agactttgtt tagactgcca gatttttgga aagtggatgt gattttcaca      4020
     aatcaatttc atgccaaaat aatgtggaag ctacattaaa agtctctatt aaaaataaat      4080
     gacaagcact aacaccatgt caatgggacg ttaatggtct gattgaatat gtgcatcttt      4140
     tttgtcactt tcttatacca cataaaatgt aaacatatca gatgctgtat gtaaaaaaaa      4200
     cactaaaaga aaaaaagtaa agtgaaaact aacaatactg ttgttacagt aatacagata      4260
     cactgcaaaa aatgcttttc ttacttagat tttataacat gtttctagtc caaatatcta      4320
     aataatcaag aaacattttc taaaaaagca aaacttactg tcttgtttta agaattaata      4380
     tgccaaaatt aagttttaag tttttcctta aaaataacct ccgaaataat cttattttaa      4440
     atcaaaaaca agatttctta ccccattggc caattatttt gcttgtttta aagaaaaaac      4500
     tcactcaatt taattttcaa tattaatttc tcaaaacaaa acaatatttt tgtgtctaga      4560
     aaatgcatct tgatttaaga atttgtaggt atttggactg caaacaagag aaaacttcaa      4620
     ggtaataaaa acatttttgc agtgtatttg aatgttgaaa ctggcaaaga cagcactttc      4680
     tgcttatccc ttatgtagta atgcaggaaa attgtgacat ttcatgaaat aaagtaacat      4740
     ctatatttca aatgatgcta tagttatttg acgcaggcaa accaatgcaa catcattacc      4800
     ataaaaatat gcagatatat gccattttac acattctgaa tgaatttgaa gtacgttatt      4860
     acacatggta aaatgcagag tctatgagat taatggcctt tgcaagaact gacctttaag      4920
     ctgaccttca gaccacacta aatgtcatgt tttatgaaga tataagaccc tctaaacttc      4980
     aaaggttttt ttttcccaga ataacatgga tgtctttaaa tagtctgcag tctcagtttt      5040
     ataggaatta aatgatattt attacaagtg atattaaata ttttaatcag tacaacaata      5100
     taaaatacag agtctgtgtt taaaaatgtg ttacaatttg aagttgctga ggttaaactt      5160
     gccagtgcta aatgttaaag ctcattgtgt aggactttca gttgatgcaa gatggaagaa      5220
     aaaaaaaaaa ggcaggatga tggtctgaaa tggtgtacca cagtgtgggg tcacatgaag      5280
     taaatgttta tataaattct ctccacttat gcctcaaggt tctccatcca aaacagtata      5340
     atataagcta gaatcatgac agaccagctg tggaggctct gcaagctctc acaacatcca      5400
     aacaaagcaa agacgaggaa acactgcaaa aagaaacatg agggagggat gtttcaaatc      5460
     cctggaaaga ctctgtgggg ctgttcctca caggatgcac acaccctggg aaaaaatatt      5520
     tacattacct tttagaacaa gaaatcatta tttatatatt ttatttgttt tcaaactgaa      5580
     gttttagtgc tgaaatgagg ttagaaaagc aatacaagca ttataaaatt ttgttgatct      5640
     cagccaggag tgtgaatggt aatgacctgc atagattaaa tatcttgcat gacactaaca      5700
     tttacccttg aatgtctgag ttaacactgt gttttaatga ggtcatgttg tgtaaatgca      5760
     aggtaatgaa tcctggaatg ccacttcgtt gtaaataggc agctgtctac ccattgcatg      5820
     atatacagaa taaaatcaat tagcaaaaat aaatctaaat gtaggcgagg cagtggcgca      5880
     gtaggtagtg ctgtcacctc acagcaagaa ggtcgctgga tcgctggttc gaacctcggc      5940
     tcagttggcg tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccctg ccttcgcgtg ggtttcctct      6000
     ggctgttccc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc ggtaaaggtg aattgggtag gctcaattat      6060
     ctgtagtgta tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtggatg cttcccagag      6120
     atgggttgtg gcaggaaggg catccgctgc gtaaaaactt actggataag ttggcggttc      6180
     attccgctgt ggcgaccccg gattaataaa gggactaagc cgacaagaaa atgaatgaag      6240
     gaaaatctaa atgttaaaat tataacttaa tgcctggtca tgcaaatgga ggagactgaa      6300
     atgctgatgc aaagttttta tgttttatta atctttcgtt tgctgcattc caaagtttcg      6360
     tttggtgacc tcagccttgc aaatgtggat cacgtgatga cacttgacca atggaagaag      6420
     ctaaatgaaa agaatgcata ctttaaatct gcaggagtat taaattgcag cattgcaata      6480
     aagtcaaaca tgttacatca tttaattttt ttcatgccca tacagaattg tttttaaaaa      6540
     cgaacactgc attgtgtggc attgcatata ggcatcacag aacgatcatt atagcaactg      6600
     tagaaattct cagtgctcaa actcttgcgt gactttagta gtcacatgta tggagaaaac      6660
     acacacatgc aagatcattt tacacatctt ttttatatat ataattatct ttaattctgc      6720
     accccagtct ccactaacag cttctgtagc tatagatgtg gtttgacact ttgttttatt      6780
     acacttattc ttaacaacac atgcatatat atgaatgcat gaacacaact agatctttct      6840
     ctttctttca tagtttcttt acttcgctgt aaaatccttt cgtaaataac gttgtccata      6900
     tatagggatt cacgttttat tcactcattt atgtgtttga attgccttat gagatcttga      6960
     tttttcctcc aaaagctttt gatgttgaaa agtcactttt gttgacatgt ttaacagttt      7020
     aaagtgatgt acagattttg tttgtgtttt aaattacagt acaaaaacag gttaataaac      7080
     tgccaatact tttttgttat tttacagacc taactttctc tatactattt cttaaacaat      7140
     atattgtctc aaactactaa aatgtcaata aaagtcactt tgttaatata cagtgttgaa      7200
     ttttcaacat taaatgttga caaagcagag ataaagctct gataatgcaa ttcacaactg      7260
     taaataaaca gaacacacag agtctgttaa tacacagata cgtgttagtg tgaataagat      7320
     ttgaacttaa ttggccccat atagccataa tatctgctct gttaaccgag tttatcatga      7380
     cactatgaat ttcatgacat gtcatgattt tttttccaaa catttcctac acatttagaa      7440
     ttacaaatgt aggttattat aaaaatgcat ctaatgtcct aatcaagcat atggtgacag      7500
     tagatgaaac agttaaatgt tgaaactatt cttcaaggac tcatgataaa tgttttagag      7560
     cagtgtgatg tggcaataaa attatgcagt caaaaaaaaa aaaaagtttc tcactgcaca      7620
     tcatcgaaag cacaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggt gaaagacaag tccaaaccag      7680
     aggaaacctt gtttccttgt acaaacgaga ttgttcctcc aagactgaaa tcagcatgac      7740
     tcttcatttg aagatcctca tttgtatctc agtaaagagt agccacaaga acatgaagtc      7800
     aaggcttgaa taatcatagg tttcagtcac tttgaggtct atctgtcggg agtgacagtc      7860
     tgaattacaa tgtgaacaaa tcactaacat cccattttca cacagattct tcttcaaaaa      7920
     gagggagttg tgtgggaact gcggagaact ctatcagtta attacaagag aggtcagagg      7980
     tttacaagtc gcacaattta tttgtatagt ggacgtttaa aagacagggc tggagccagt      8040
     tttaaagttt ccctagagct tgaatgctaa cttatcttgc ttaactgtaa aaacagatgc      8100
     ttcctttatg gaaaaaaagc gatttttcaa tacactctga tttctggaca tcagcattta      8160
     gcaaagatca taaaatcatc ataaccaaac cagcatttca ctttgtttgg tgttcagatg      8220
     aaaatctgaa cagtctcaaa cacatatact tggaaagtgt tggatagaca gactcagatg      8280
     agtcactgtt tccataaggt catttctaaa ctatacagcc ttgttccaac aaaagagtcc      8340
     ctgaacgctg caagttatga gtatttccac ataacccaag gaaaatacat gtgatttata      8400
     ttacagttaa tctccctcaa tgcagtatct tggtggagat gtaaattgta aagaagaagt      8460
     tgcccattgt tatcctagac tgttcctacg gaagtctgag tgtttgggag agaaccacag      8520
     actttagctg acatgggata aagttgagca tgttcagtgt ggtcaggtca ggccagactg      8580
     aaagactgct ggaaaatgta cgtcagaagt ccacagagaa ccatgctttt gctatcatca      8640
     tcactaggat gtctgcaatg aattagctaa ctgagggaaa gagtgagctt tcccttcacc      8700
     tttaatggga aggtttcagg ggtggcttat gaatgatagt tcctctgcta ttcatttatg      8760
     atggctcaaa catataaaac attcacaggg gaaaagagtt ccagctgtac tgcataaaaa      8820
     aatgtgcatg tattttacca ttaaagctct cacattaaga tgactttaga tgtgtgtgct      8880
     atgttcttct catctccgag gctgagcgca tacacacaac ctcatgcaat ctctttcaat      8940
     cttttaaaaa catgaatgat tcgaatgtac atcaatgaat gatgcgcatg ccgtgctgca      9000
     aacgttacat tacagtacat gttttagtca ttttcactct aaactgagct ttgcagagca      9060
     acaaatgtgt acaactggaa aggggtaata atgtaataat cattttatct cgattaatgt      9120
     gttttctgac cgttaaaagc cagtatcgaa acgaagtttt caaataattg cacagtccta      9180
     ccttagatgt gtattttatc tgcactatat ctgctttttt gcataggtgt tgtaggctta      9240
     tttgttttca gggaattatg atgaatatca gggaattatg atgaatatca ctctcctatt      9300
     ttttttttcg ctatagtcaa atgaaaacat ttgtaatact gctttatgat gctgcaactc      9360
     ttcacaatga caacctgaat tcaagtctta ctgtttttgc aacagatctc taaacaacac      9420
     ggtaatatcg atcagtgttt tagacaaaac tggtcaacat tttaagttta tggaggtaaa      9480
     aggcaaattg agaaactgtt ctttaagtag cttttaaaca ggaatatatg gctaggccga      9540
     taaacaatgt catatcgaat cgcgataaaa tttatggcaa tagcaatgat acgctccaga      9600
     attttttact ctatattgat gtaagaacta accacactgc agaaatgtac aacaataggc      9660
     atcaaaaagt gtgttgatat tagagatgta ctgaattttt ggccatggaa aatttattgg      9720
     ctgaaaatac gtcatgccat ttaatgagct cttaaatttt tgaggcttca gtcattgtta      9780
     agttatatac tcttctaaat ctggaagcat taacaactta tatcataata tatattgttc      9840
     aatatggaaa ataattatcg agattgcatt tttgccatat tacccagtca tacaggaata      9900
     tatgaaaaat caattctgct ggtcatgttc aatgcattca gcaattcctc atgttgtttg      9960
     ctcctcacaa aacattctta acaagcaaga gaaaatactg aaaacaaact gaactgttct     10020
     catacaacat gtatgaggaa ttataggcca tctgaacatt atctagattt actggatttg     10080
     tcatgttcct gtatgggttt gagtaaactg ttaatatttg ttttatttta agttgttcag     10140
     tctaattgac tgaaatatat ttgattaaaa cactggcatt acccatccag aatatatatg     10200
     ttgtaaaata tagcaaaatt ggccctttgc atctaagttt tttcaaccat gtttcaatat     10260
     acgctatact tttccatatg ttctatgttt atatgttcta ctgtataatc aattaaattc     10320
     atgttcattt atatagagat tttacaatgt agattgtgtc aaacccgctt aagataaaag     10380
     ttctagtagt ccagttttca gagttcagtt cagtgtggtt gaaatttcac tgctgaaagt     10440
     ataacactga agtgcaaatg tatatggcca tgagattttt ttctgtatga gtgaattatt     10500
     taaaaatcaa tataaacaaa ttgaaaacaa agcaccttct tgtgttgtct tttgcaagaa     10560
     ataagggggt agagattttt tatgttcaat tgggaagaaa tttatccggt ggtttacaaa     10620
     ttaaaataaa aataaaaaaa gttgtagatt ttcaaacata actataaatc agaaaccaaa     10680
     gatttcaagt agtctcctat tttttttccg ctatagttgt gcatactgta tgttttaaat     10740
     ataagttaaa aatacatttg caagctgact gttgtattgt ctattagggt aaagttatat     10800
     tcactcattc ccactctctc tttaagaata taatttcaca aaaataatat tagcaaactc     10860
     caaaaagcga aatcatatta gcagccaaca ttgttcacag tcaaacaaat agtgctattg     10920
     ttttgaagtc atacttatac agttgaaggc agaattatca gccccgttta tttttttaca     10980
     caatatctgt ttaacagaaa gactttttca acacatttct aataacaata gttttaataa     11040
     atcatttcta ataactgatt tatttcatct tcgccatgat gacagtaaat aatatttgac     11100
     tagatatttt tcaagacact tctatacagc ttacagtgaa atttaaaggc gtaactaggt     11160
     taattaggtt aacttgacaa cttagggtaa ttaggcaagt tattgtaacg atggtttgtt     11220
     ctgtagacta tcgaaaaaaa ttatagctta aaaggactaa taattttatc ctgaatattt     11280
     gttaaaaaaa tatataaact gcttttattc taactaaaat aaaacaaata agactttctt     11340
     cagaagaaaa aaatggtccc actttatatt aagtgtcctt aattactatg tacttacatc     11400
     aaaaaataaa taaaatgtac ttactgtctt tataacgtat ttgagaacac ttgtggtgct     11460
     tttgagttgg gatagaggtt gggttatgga caggtttggt ggcatgggta ggtttaaggg     11520
     tgggttaagg tgtaagggat ggtcaacagt gtatttacaa atgtaataac aaaagttaat     11580
     taaagatgta attacataca ggtatttaat caagcataag tacacaataa atacatgtat     11640
     tcacacaata agtacattgt aacaaactat taattcctat gtaagtacat attagttaag     11700
     gccacttaat ataaagtggg accaaaaaaa ataatatcag acatactgtg aacatttcct     11760
     tgctctgtta aacataattt gggaaatgta aaaaaaataa taataaaaaa aaattcaaag     11820
     gggggctaat aattctgact ttaacgctgt gttcaatttc aattcagaga ctgtatacaa     11880
     aaccatggta aacaatatag ggagcatcag aagttgtcac tgaacgaatg tgtgactata     11940
     aaaccaactt taccttaatg tgttgtcttg tgaaaagcta tgtgtttgag aaaaaatatc     12000
     tttgctatac taaatacttc cttaggtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatatat atatatatat     12060
     atatataatc aacttccacg caacacacct tccaaatgca tctgtttgat tcatgtatgc     12120
     tgtttttatt cattagcttg actggtgcgc acactttgta atgcacaaat tcatttccct     12180
     tgggctataa ggtgtagtca catttgatct gcatcccaga attaatacgt gatgaacatt     12240
     tcaaatgtac aggtactggg gctactctga gcctactttg atgcaagttt gtaggttgta     12300
     aaacgtagca cttacttatt agtggggaaa acatccttag gttgatgatt tcaggtgagc     12360
     acacgtttta caaggtttta ctgatagtag ctaaaagaag cgcaaggctg ccacctggtg     12420
     tatcggtgcc atagatgcaa atttttacat gatggtgaac aattaatggt tcccacatct     12480
     gttcaatact ctgctttatg atgacttgta aaaaagaaag tttactatga atatttaact     12540
     gtattttaat tttaagcgaa tagcagactc cagcaaggcc tgctggaaac agtgaatcag     12600
     acttcctgga gagcattagc tcatgtcttc ccaaaagacc cattctaaaa gacaagggat     12660
     caccttttcc agtaattcct agacagtttc tcagggtaca ccacggcttt tacacttctg     12720
     aatgtctggc atactggact gattccatga cactcttaat cgagtgactc aagcagtatc     12780
     tttttctatt ttaaaatagt agatactcca tttccagaga gatttgaagc attttagcaa     12840
     tcaacatttg gaaagttgtg ctgtagttaa attggtaaaa aagagatgta acttttaaaa     12900
     acaagttatc acttttttaa aaaataaaat aaactgcatc tgcaacccat ccctgggaaa     12960
     caccctataa taatacatgt ttaagttaat aaatcatctg gtattttttt tatttaagag     13020
     tcacacctgt tttgtttgag gtgaaaaaaa acaagctgca gactcatata ttcattcatt     13080
     cattcattca ttcattttcc tttgggtcac cacagtggaa tgaaccgcca actattccag     13140
     catatgtttt atgcagcaga tgcccgtctg gctggagact aagtacagta aattatggaa     13200
     ttaatgtact attttcaatt gaactcaact ttatttctat agcgctttta caatgtggat     13260
     tgtgtctaag cagcttcaca tagaagattg aaacagttga aacagttttc agatttgaag     13320
     ttcagtttag ttcagttatc tattcagttt aagttactaa acatattaat atcttaatta     13380
     tggactactg atttctaaaa gggtaacagg gtggctcagt ggttagcact gccaccttac     13440
     agcaagaagg tcactggttt gagtcctggc tgggtcagtt ggcgtttctg tgtgaagttt     13500
     gcacattctc tccgtgttcg tgtgggttta ctcctggtgc tccggcttcc cccacagtcc     13560
     aaagacatgc gctttaggta aactgaataa actattggcc gtagggtatg tgtgtgaatg     13620
     agtgtgtatg gatgtttcct agtactgggt tgcacctgaa agggcatcca atgtgaatgc     13680
     tggataagtt ggcagttcat tacactgtgg cgactcctga tgaataaaag gctaagctga     13740
     agaaaaataa gcgaattaat gatttctata acaacaatat atatacagtg aaacaagcat     13800
     tgatgtgaat tacattaaat taggaataaa aaaataaaaa atattgatca cattttcaat     13860
     cacatggaaa tgttctaaaa cattttatgt atgattgcac atgtgaggtt catgtaattt     13920
     tgcaaattat ttcaaaagtc atcaagtttc ataccattta tatgaaagat tcttaaacat     13980
     ttaaaatgac agaacaaagc aaaagagcta acgtcaccac ataattctca ttattaacag     14040
     tttgccatat aatctctctc tctgtgtgca tgtgtgaatt atttacatag tgttttacct     14100
     tttttccctc agaggatgag ttgagctgta cagagaacgg gcaggtgtac acaaacagag     14160
     acatctggaa acctgagcca tgcaggatct gtgtttgtga cagtggaacc atcctgtgcg     14220
     atgaggtaca atgtgatgag gtgtcgaact gtgcaaaggt agtgatccca ccgggagagt     14280
     gctgtccggt ctgccagggc gatgcagctg aaggtggcaa tggcagacca ggtgagactg     14340
     caccagaata aaccttcaaa acagatgaaa atttggtttt aatcatcatg taaatctgca     14400
     gtggttgaat tttaagtttt tgtctgttat gtttcttctt gtcaggaggc agaatcgcca     14460
     aggtaagcta tgtcacaatc agcactgtta actgtctttt atttcaaagt actgtaaata     14520
     agtaaagaaa agaaacattt ctgttcactt tttttttttt tttgctttgt ttctttattt     14580
     cagggccaga aaggggaacc tggagttgta ccacatgtgt gttaaaatta ttatttatct     14640
     aaattgtaca aaatatggat atataataat tttgcataaa ttgtaaaata ataattctgt     14700
     cttgatttca gatcgttgga ataagaggtc gtcctggacc aatggtgagt gtttgactga     14760
     cttttattga atcctggtca gtataaatca atctaaatga ttcaattaca tatgataaaa     14820
     ttataaatcc tgtggcctgt tgagtttctg tcacatgcat aaagtagtta tattttctga     14880
     tatctggaca ctagatggtg atagaacaca tttatatgta ttttcttagg gatagttcac     14940
     ccgagaatga acatttactt agcatccatt gacttttgat tagttccaat cttctatgtg     15000
     tttctcttta tgttgaacac caaggaagat attttgaaga aagttggaaa atgggaacca     15060
     ttggtattcg tagcaggaaa aacaaatcct atggaagtca atggttacca gttttcaaca     15120
     ttttgtgaat tatcttactt tgtattaaac ttaaaaaaat ctgtcagggt tgtgacaagt     15180
     taaaaatgat tttgtcatga ttaatttttg ttttgaaaag ctatcccttt gaggttttct     15240
     attgatttta ttttgaaaaa aaaaaaaaat ctttctgcac tgacaattca taactcatct     15300
     taacagcaat cttgactttg acaacaacgt gccgtgactt aagcagtaat gtaggtactg     15360
     ttgggactcc tctattcaat ttgggtacac tagctcagca tattaaacct actggcacaa     15420
     atttagaacg gcaattaatt taggtttttt tcaaataaga caactggcaa aaataaagca     15480
     atatatatat accaaaacaa cagtttaaga cagtaatcta tgcttttgtg atcacccagt     15540
     tagattactg taatgcaccc cacatggaaa gaacctatat gaggatgtat gtgcatatat     15600
     gaaacatatg tgcagtatat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataatg     15660
     ataataattt cttacatttg tatagcgctt ttttggacgg tcaaagcgct ttacacatag     15720
     gggggaatct cctcatccac caacagtata caacattcac ctggatgatg cgacggcagc     15780
     cattttgctc cagaccgcac accacacacc agctgattgt tcttaagtta atgaatttaa     15840
     atttctttta tttatgttgt ctagcagcca tggatttcaa taatttaaca tataggtgaa     15900
     catatgtgca tatgcacaca aatatgtacc tatatgtgta catatatgtg catatatgta     15960
     catatgttat aggaaaacag ccaatttgat agatgtcaca tatagtaaag acctatattg     16020
     aaacatttat gtttataaag gttctttttg tgtgggactg tatgtgaaga gtagcaggtc     16080
     agctattgcc catttaaata tgcagcagca tgtcttttaa ctggtacgtg caaatatgac     16140
     cacattttcc ctgtgttccc tgctttgctt cattggttgc cagttcattt taaaacacag     16200
     tttaagttac tttaattgtt tttaagtctc taaatggtct tgccccacct tatacctcta     16260
     agctgataca tccctataag cccactcgtt ctctcaggtc agctgatcag cttctcctga     16320
     ttgtgccaaa aacaaagcta agcttagagg tcctagactc cagaatgatt tgcctcttcc     16380
     atgttctcat ttaaatcaac taatttttct ggttggcatt tgacacctgg ccttaataac     16440
     tggttattta tatttgcatt taaattgctt tttaagtagt ttagctatat tttatcttgt     16500
     attttttgta ttttatatac tattatgctt attttgttgt atattttatt tatttaaatt     16560
     atgtttttgg attttatagg ggcctccagg agcaccaggg tttagaggag acagcggacc     16620
     caaaggtcga cctgtaagaa actacaaaat catttttaaa catgaataaa attgtgaaac     16680
     tttttgtcat actattttat gtgtattata ttagcctgac ataaacatct ctttaagggt     16740
     cttagaggtc cccctggtta tgatggagag cctggtattc caggacaccc aggagagcca     16800
     ggacctcctg gacctcctcc cggagtgagt atgaccagac agattagctt cattattgaa     16860
     taaaatttgc atataaagag acgggtgtta cactagacat aacaagacta tttaataaca     16920
     taacaaagtg cagcagttac aataaagtga ttatttcaac aaatgactga agtgccacgt     16980
     tgtctgttcc ttagggtgag ttggcttcac atatggctgg aggatttgct gacaaaatgg     17040
     gaccccaggc actaatgccc ggtgttcggg tgagtagaga ttctgtaatt agaaacaaga     17100
     caagaaaaac aacacaaatt aacttttata tatattaact cttgcttgtt taagaaatca     17160
     aattgtgtac tcatacataa ttctatgcaa tttcaaaatg ttttttaaaa tgtttaggcc     17220
     tgtcaagttt caatttgtgt gaagccgaaa tatttgtgac caaatacttt tgataaaaac     17280
     gaataatttg tccacaaata cagcattaac tattattgcc atcttcagta gtaatgttgg     17340
     tattattaaa aagaaactgt tgtttactgt tgtgctgtaa aacaatggcc aagtttagtg     17400
     ttgacacctt gtggacaaac taagtagtgc agaaacaata gagtgtaaaa gtaaggctgt     17460
     tagtggtcac atgcacttct acacacatac actactatat tttcatcatc tacatgtgta     17520
     tttttttttt ctaaaatttg ttagtgattg ggaaaaataa gtggatcaca tatgttgcca     17580
     aataatgtat accttcaata tactttaaca aatggtgcaa gatatgtttt cagttgagtt     17640
     ttaaaaattg ctttacccca gatactatga acaaaaacgt acagctacca ctcaatcatg     17700
     gttaaaccat gtttagtcta aaaaaactgt aacaaagcta tttttcaata gggagaagca     17760
     ggaacaaggg gaccacctgg gccgaatggg tcaccagtaa gtgtttatta cataaaaaag     17820
     tctttgttac acatactctg ctttatcaga tagaacaaaa atgaatgctt acagtagcat     17880
     tttttaagtt tatacaattt tctttaggga ccgtctggac cacaaggacc tcctggtgat     17940
     gtaggagatc cagggccaat ggtgagagaa catcattaag tgtctacact gtctcgtaac     18000
     acttcatcat ttactagccg aagtctgcca cacactttat ttcaaagcaa acatcagcca     18060
     ggatgaactc aaaaactgct ggttgttgga ggcaattttc atggctcatt tattaaggca     18120
     aaccacaact ctggctgctc acattttcaa agaaaagaaa tggctctagt ggttttatac     18180
     atgtacttac aattcttttc ccatcattca cttgtgtaag ttgtctggtt atgaactaga     18240
     acttgaagct ttagttagaa actgaagttt tttgtaaaaa atatatacag ttgaagtcgg     18300
     aattattagc acccatttga tttttatttt ttatttttta aatatttccc aaatgatgtt     18360
     taacagagca ggaaaatttt cacagtatgt ctgataatgt ttttttcttc tggagaaagt     18420
     cttatttggt ttatattggc tagaataaaa gcagctttta attttttaaa caccattata     18480
     aggacaaaat tattagcctc tttaagcaat attttcttcg actagtctac aaaacaaacc     18540
     atcattatac aataacttgc ctatttatct tcacctgcct agttaaccta atcaacccag     18600
     ttaagccttt aaatgtcaat ttaaggtgta tagaagtgtc ttaaaaatat ctactcaatt     18660
     attatttact gtcatcatag cgaagataaa agaaatctgt tattagaaat gagttattaa     18720
     aactatattg tttagaaatg tgttaaaaca tctctccgtt aaacagaaat tggggaaaaa     18780
     acaaaacaag acaagggcta ataattcagg ggggctaata attctgactt caactgtatg     18840
     tgtgacgtat agtaagaaag cttacacatt atgagataca caagccatct gtagtgattc     18900
     tcagcagatt ccaactaaag ctacttacta tactttatgt attgtttaga aattaacagc     18960
     actgttagag catggatgag ttttgtcatg aaactgacta acagctgaaa tacccgcatc     19020
     aatgctgctg ttataataat ttcctctttc acctatctct tttcaaaatt gattcaggtg     19080
     gaaatgcact gtttttatta ctaaaagagt ttaatgtttt gtactgtata gggtggcgct     19140
     gggcagaggg gaccagaggg tcctccggga aagcctggtg aagatgtgag tacatcataa     19200
     acatatacac aataatgtgg aaagtttaca tgggatctaa aatctgaaag ttttatgttg     19260
     taatagggag aagcaggtac tccaggaagt gcaggagaaa tgggattccc tggatctccg     19320
     gtaataaccg tcattcttca actgcagctt ttattagtag gtggtgttgt ttgaatttgc     19380
     attaatggct cactaacatc tgtgctcagg gaggaagagg atttccaggg acaccggggc     19440
     ccccaggctt aaagggccac agagtgagta aattatttga tttttcagct taatttaaga     19500
     tttacataac atgggggtga cacattgatt cagtggttag cactgttgac tcatagcaag     19560
     aaggtcgcag gtttgagtcc cagcaaaaat cagagtacca tgagagagag caattcaata     19620
     aaatcccaga tgagagtgga aagttctgga aatgtataaa tttaaaatca cagaagcagc     19680
     agaagaagaa taaagtgaac aacaaacaat tgagtattat cacaggtaat catcacaaca     19740
     acaatgtgat ttaaacacac tgaccttgtc tgttaaataa tgtgcatgta ctacactcaa     19800
     aaaatggctt ttgttcaaac tgtgtattca aaatgagtag aaacaacaca attcttaacc     19860
     ctctactgca cggcataacc atatggcaac atgatactta tgttcatttc actgcaactg     19920
     tttctttaag accaacatat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     19980
     acacacacac atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatccaatg atgtgctttg     20040
     gtgaagtcac atgacatgct gtgtttttct gtagtgcgat ttctgacaga ctaacagatt     20100
     tctgacagag ttgctaaatg taaacgtcaa taaaaacaaa ggaccaaatt atgtcagatc     20160
     cacaaaaaaa ttctgaaaca tcacctccag taagttatga tgacatactt cacaactttt     20220
     aaaaaaaaaa tctaattagt aaatcaatca gatgtgtatg ttgccaaatg gcaacactgt     20280
     gcaatagtgg aacatgcaat attgcaatgg gttagctagc tagcaaggtg tgaacttagc     20340
     tgtgaactta acaataacag catgaatgct agtaatataa tgttgattat tcatatgtta     20400
     atggcatttg cgttatgaac aaaatatagt tttgatggca atactacttt tgaatagaaa     20460
     taaatacagg gaatagtatt agctagcacc accatgttct atggtaagtt aaagaagaaa     20520
     aggacagaac tggctcttcc tcttcctgta gatgaaaatg agaatgagat gggttttagt     20580
     gaccatgaga atgatgcaga ctggacattt gatagagaca gagaaagtat gaataaggtg     20640
     tttttttttt aagttctgtg ttaaagctaa tagtgctgca acaccaatta aattatttca     20700
     aacaaaaaat tattaattat aaggaaattt taaaaatttt aatttctgag ttagatccac     20760
     tgttcaaagt tgccatatgg caacatttca taaagtacct taaaaaaaga ttttttttcc     20820
     aaaatatttt ttacagcact tcaagtttag ccattttaag aaaagaaaaa cggtcaaata     20880
     ttttttgtta cagatttatc ataatgcgtg cagtagaggg ttatattttt tgggacaact     20940
     taaaaattgt tttatgttta atcatcttaa attagtaaaa attatcaagt taacttaatt     21000
     agtttgagtc aatacaacat ttatagaatg tctggaaccc aacatttttt acattgtaat     21060
     aaaccttggt aaaccatgtt gcatcgtgtg aatgtactta aatacttatc ttcattattt     21120
     tgtaccatat atttcaagaa agtcctaaaa atgcatagta cataaggcaa aaaataggag     21180
     gcctctacat tacatcttga cggttgtttt tttttctttt cttaatgcca aaaagggtag     21240
     taaatcttga agtgaaactg gcatttttta taaagaaatg tgtgtgtttg ttcgtgcgcg     21300
     tgcatgcgtg ttgataagct ttgtgattta gaaaaagttt aaaaaaagaa agtatggtaa     21360
     cacttttacg tatgaacgat taataagcag gaaattaaaa gtttattgag ttaaaagtct     21420
     tatttaatta atatgtttat taaatatgtt aatggtaaca gttgtatctt aaaataaagt     21480
     gaccaaaagt tttattgcta ataaattatt caaaatattc taaagttcac ttaataaaca     21540
     aactaagctg aggtattaca ttacaacaga aatgtttgaa gcttgctctt ttctatttca     21600
     atttcttaat gctcatttga gaatgagaag ccgattctct tgatctgaat cttttcaagg     21660
     actatggtta aattttcaaa gcatcattga caagacacta agtgagatat ttaaacacac     21720
     acaaaattac aattgtcatg actgacatta aagcaattac accttatttg catcctattt     21780
     agtgaagttt attcataaac taatttcaag aggatcacgt gattatgatt gaacactagg     21840
     gatgtaacgg tatcagaatt tcacggtacg gtaatacctc ggtatgaatg tcacggtacg     21900
     gtatttattg aatcatttac aggaaaaaac aaaacttatg aaaatactcc aaaaaagtgc     21960
     caaaagtgtc aatgacatac aaattagcca tctatctgta agctttgaaa caggaacttc     22020
     aattttaata acaaaaaaat attaaaccat gtaaaaaata aagtttaaat ttagtattgt     22080
     tgaaaaatca cattcaacat ttaatcactc actcacttag atagagatgg gtttaaagga     22140
     aaattatcat ataaatataa tctggtaaaa gctggtatct ctgggtattt acaatgtccc     22200
     ctgcaacaga aaaaaaaccc tctcatttgg gactgaggga atcccccctt ccacccctac     22260
     ctcttcacct ttctccccat agggcggcac ggtggcccag tggttatcgc tgttgcctca     22320
     cagcaagaac gtcaccggtt ctagtccttt aacaggccgg cggttgtttc tgtgtgtagt     22380
     ttgcatgttc ttcccgtgct agcgtgggtt ttccccgggt cctccggttt tctcccacat     22440
     tccaaaaacg cacaacatgt gaacagatca acctaaattt agcactacag tcaatctctc     22500
     atcctgcagc atatctcttc atagcattca ttttagtcat cagctcttat caagggggga     22560
     gttgtcgaga tctacctgag ctcaaggctc ccctctcgcc ctgcaaacgg gagggagccc     22620
     agggctcaag gaccttttga tctcagggct ctctcccggg acagcatgcc aaacttgctt     22680
     ataatcaatc atcatcagct aagtgtgaac tgttgaaatg ctattcatca ctaagttgct     22740
     tgttttttat tctctgtaca ctgcaaagct ttattattca ctttacttag aaaggtaagc     22800
     atgtagcctt gaaggcaaca agttgacttt acttaaaatt aagattaaaa taaaaaaata     22860
     attagaactg ctaaattgac ttaaccaagt cacatattca catgaaatca tccagtttac     22920
     tcaaattagt tttacagtgt tgaatagaca aagaatgtca ctgctgcaaa actgtatttt     22980
     tttactgtta gctttaaagg tggattatta atctgtataa gtaataatct tattatcttt     23040
     ttttttcaca tttcagggtc accaaggtcc agatggtctt aaaggagaac gtggagcttt     23100
     gggatctaag gttcagcttc tgctcatttt aaatacactt cttatttaat ttgcctctca     23160
     ataaaacctc ataacagttg atattaataa ataaaagagc agaattaaag tactccatat     23220
     tgattaattg attgattgat tgattgattg attgacataa tctcacacat attaaaatgt     23280
     aattgtactg taaccatttc atatttctaa acacattttc gtgatatgct atattgtcgt     23340
     tattttaggg tgaatctggt ggatctggtc caatgggtgc tcctggtcct atggtaagta     23400
     cactacaaca caattaaaat taaacctctc ttgcctgtgc cttcttaaac attagaatta     23460
     tcaatatgaa tgcagtaaat aacagatgat accctccaat ccctgctaca aatatgttta     23520
     gccttattct gacaaaatta aaacggcctg ttgcttaatg cagggtccca ggggaatgcc     23580
     aggagaaaga ggacgcccag gtccaggtgg cgcagcggta agggacaaaa aaacaaaaaa     23640
     aaaaacacaa aaaattgata attagagctg tgtttatttg tttttaatat aagtcttaat     23700
     aatattatgt tttcctttat atttcagggt acacgtggtg gtcaaggaaa catgggaaaa     23760
     ccaggcccga tggtaaaaca ttttaaatta gcagaaatgt gtgagcaact gcgaattcca     23820
     caatgctaat atttgtttaa ttatttaagg gtcctatggg aattaatggt gccccaggtt     23880
     atcctggatc tccaggcatg aaggtgggta atgctaaaca aatctgtaca tctacataaa     23940
     tattttaatc tattgtaata ggtcagctaa acttcagcac taccttaaat gcttttcagg     24000
     gtcaaccagg acctactggt gtgaggggac cagagggacc acagggacaa agaggagaaa     24060
     caggacatca aggcagatct ggaccaacag gacaacaagt atatatatat atatatatat     24120
     ttggttctca ttttgtacat cagtgaaaga ttgaaaactt cgatcatcaa ttatttataa     24180
     atcttatgca tgcaactaaa catgattctg gaattttcag ggccctatgg gcactgatgg     24240
     tggtccaggt tccaaaggcc cagtggtatg taaaaaaaaa atcacatcaa caaatttaaa     24300
     atatataatc tagataaatt aagtttgaat attgtctata acaacatatc attttatcca     24360
     gggagttcct ggtcctcagg gtcccgttgg tctacttggg ccaactggcc caccaggtcc     24420
     tcagggaagc actggacagc ctgggatcaa aggtcaattg gtaaggcttt ctacattcac     24480
     acggtggcat atacatttat atttttgatg taaaatatgt atctggaaac tcaaaatgag     24540
     ataatagtaa aaacatacca aatcatcctt gtttgtgtgt tctgtttagg gagatttagg     24600
     tgttgctgga tttaaaggag aggctggacc taaaggagaa cctgtaggtt atgatttcta     24660
     aaaagtgaaa aagccaagag gttgggtttt ttaacacaag aaaaacaaac attgcctttg     24720
     tggcttttta gggtccacca ggatcacagg gagtacttgg acctcaggga gaggagggaa     24780
     aacgtggacc cagaggagat cctggttcta ttggcccacc tggacctgtt ggtgagagag     24840
     tgagtctagt tttacttttt aatgcctatg caacagcaaa atgacatgta tgaaatagtg     24900
     aaaattacat caattttcaa tgggggtttt tattctgtaa tatagggggc acctggaaac     24960
     agaggctttc caggtcaaga tggcttacag ggtccaaagg taatgagaga gttaaattag     25020
     aaacaaacta ttaacttgct gaatatgatt atctgaatac taaaattatt ttgtttctca     25080
     tcaaagggtg cacaaggaga ccgtggaact tcaggaacct ctggccctaa aggttcaact     25140
     ggtgatccag gaagaacagg tgaaccaggt ctaccaggag caagagtaag taaaattgac     25200
     catgccaata tgctattttg agtttaaaat atagctctgg ttattttttt gcatcctttg     25260
     tttcacaggg tttgacaggt acgcctggag ttcagggtgc tgaaggaaaa ccaggaccat     25320
     tagtacgttt atctgatgtt ttccatgcat aataaaatat ccacacatgt actgtaacag     25380
     gaaaattaat aaatgttact tttcacattc tacagggtgc tccaggtgag gatggacgtc     25440
     cagggcctgc agggtcgaca ggaacaagag gccctatcgg aactatggga ccaataggac     25500
     ccaagggttt tagtgtgagt ggattttgaa tatgaaattt ggaaattgaa cttagaaatt     25560
     gtatttagaa attgttttaa aatgtattgc acataaaaca gaacaaaaca aacttaaaat     25620
     tttgacaata ttctaggggg atccaggaaa ggcaggtgag cagggatctg ctggagttcc     25680
     tgggcaaagg gtgagtaaca gctattgagc tgacaaaagt attgatttgc attactcaca     25740
     ttactaagac aaactatctc agaacagctt agtaattaat tgttgtatca acagtatagc     25800
     atctttaaag tgtattatct tagtttttga ggtcaagctc cactaactaa aaatctaaat     25860
     attgttctac aaaaaaacaa actctatcct ttaattttga ctttttatag ggtccacctg     25920
     gcaaagatgg agaagtaggc ccagctggtc caccaggtcc acatgtaagg gtcccattcc     25980
     tacttataca ttagtgtgtg tgttgtgatg ctattgcaat tacaattaga aaaggaaatt     26040
     cagagcaact ctatgaaaac tctatgtttt cattttttga ttttcagggt acagcaggcg     26100
     agcgaggtga acagggacct cctggaatgc acggtttcca ggtgtgtagt ttgtgtctta     26160
     tgaaaatatt ttctttttat gttattaggt cctatataat gtgaatcacc ttacctgttt     26220
     tttaggggtt gcctggacca gcaggtgctc ctggggaggg aggaaaacct ggtgatcagg     26280
     tgtgcagtta attgactaac tttaactaaa taatgaattt ctaggaaaat acaatggaga     26340
     aacagcataa aacaatgcta atcaggaaca tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     26400
     tcttttaagg gtatccctgg tgagggtggt ccagttggcc aaattggacc aagggtgaga     26460
     tcttgtttta cctctgtaaa aacatagttg tggtcattat ctatcgttca tggtaaactg     26520
     aatgatttaa cagggtgaac gtggaatccc tggagagaga ggagagttgg gacctgctgg     26580
     tctgcctgga gccaaaggta tcccaggagc acctggtcct gatggcccaa aggtagaaaa     26640
     taaattagat aagatcatat ttgctattga tgcttttaaa atgctgattg ctcattatgc     26700
     taatcttttt acagggcagc cctggaccta ctggtacatt gggcaatcaa ggccctcctg     26760
     gtctgcaggg aatgccaggt gaaagaggga tctctggccc acctggtcca aaaggagaca     26820
     gagtgagtag ttatgaattt agatttacag tatgtacact gacatttcta tatatttgaa     26880
     ttaacctctt cctacatttt tagggagcta ttggtgagaa aggatcagaa ggcaccccgg     26940
     gaagtgatgg tgcaagggta attatcagaa gtattttcag atttttaata aaccttaatt     27000
     ggttcgcata aggtcattct aaaagttgct ttatgaatta gctaaagtat taatagctac     27060
     tgtataattt tagtaaatta tcttcagaaa atagttttaa gcagaataat gtttaatata     27120
     tttctctctg tgatttagat ttgaaagaat caatgctaga aaaagacaaa acatctatat     27180
     caagtttgaa aatgcaacac gacatgttag agaatgaaaa gaggatgaac tttgaaagac     27240
     ttgttaacac atgcctgaac acagatgcaa acacacaaaa tgattctttg tatgttgctc     27300
     atggttgata tgcatgaatg gatcactttt gtgctgatgt ttgtctgcat gatgtagggt     27360
     ttgactggtc caattggccc tgcaggaccc catggcccaa gtggtgaaaa ggtatagggt     27420
     tacgtcattg tcaatttttc ttgcaaaact tttcttttaa agaccacata attcaaatgt     27480
     agtgttttaa cagggagaac caggccctaa gggaccacct ggtcctcaag gatcaagagc     27540
     aatgccagta agtttatatt tagcaaacaa agaaggaaaa aaatatgtca gccaatcaaa     27600
     tattttattt taataccaaa tatctgtgct attaaaaaag ggttcccgtg gtgaacctgg     27660
     gccaataggt gctgtgggct ttgtcggacc tcctgtgagt agagattttt aaaagtaaca     27720
     gatatccatg ttaaattatt atatacaata catgtacaac aaatattcag atcattaaat     27780
     tctttatgaa cctggcacac tttcaaaacc acagggtctt gatggtcagc ctggtccaaa     27840
     aggaccacct ggagagcctg gacaaaaggg tgatgctgga tctcctggcc ctcaagggtt     27900
     ggctggccct cctgggccac aggtgataaa atgtttctat aataaatcaa atgatactga     27960
     attatcttaa ttagtatact gaattacaaa ttagaaatct ccttctaata tctgtaacta     28020
     cagggtaaac ttggtgttgc tggaccaaag ggtggtagag gaacacaggg ggcaccagta     28080
     agtggttaaa tgcataacaa ggataattcc atttgaatga aatgcaaatt aacatacctc     28140
     aatgtttagg gtccaaccgg gtttcctgga tctgctggaa gggttggccc acctggtcca     28200
     acagtaagtt gcattgacaa cagtttcaca ataacaaata agattatata tcaaaaaaaa     28260
     tattctttaa actcttaact gtgtttttta gggtcctatt ggtgaaccag gtcctcttgg     28320
     tcttcctgga aaagagggtc cacctggact tcgaggagac catggacctc caggacgcca     28380
     aggagaaaga ggcccccctg ggcctgctgg aggccctggg gacaaaggag attctggaga     28440
     agatggacca ccagtaagtg cgcatcagac atttctcaac tgaactaata agtctaaaaa     28500
     caaacaaaaa ttatctttgt tatttccatt agggacctga cggtccaccc ggtcctgcag     28560
     gaacaacagg gcaaagagga attgtaggcc ttcctggtca aagaggagag cgtggaatgg     28620
     caggactccc tggacctgca gttagtatcc attaaaaaac atttaaaatt atgaaaaaag     28680
     ttctcaaaca ggtagttgtt gtatgctgaa atacaagatt actgataggg cagaatggtg     28740
     acttagtggt gagcattgtc gcctcacagc aagaaggtca ctggtttgag tccaagcttg     28800
     actacttgct gtttctaatc ttctttatct cctttttctc ataaagggtc ctccaggaaa     28860
     acagggtaca tcaggagccc ctggagacaa aggaccacct ggccctgttg gagtgccggg     28920
     tgctaatgga cctcggggag atcctggacc tgatgtaaaa aaatcttaat ataattgttc     28980
     attaaattta acagctactt tacacaataa aaagttgtat atttaaatgc attaaaaaaa     29040
     aaacatttta attaccaggg acccgctgga tctgatggcc caccaggaaa agaaggtgtc     29100
     ataggagccc aggtgaggac aaaaaacact gaatgaccca tgtctatgtc ttcatttcag     29160
     tctgtttatg ccaatctcac agagctgttt aaaatttaaa gggtgatcga ggagatccag     29220
     gcccagaggg tgtgcttgga actgtaggac agcctgggcc ccctggtcct gttggtgcaa     29280
     ctgggggggt tggaaagaga ggagagcctg tgcgtctcat attttcctta aaataatcat     29340
     ataataaatt aaacacgtaa tggaatgcca tgtctaaagg attctgactt acatttttct     29400
     tggtgttgtt ctacagggtt caaaaggacc ctctggccct ccaggtccag ctggaaaacg     29460
     aggactcaca gtaagaaatc agcaaaacaa cacaatttaa catattaaga atggcttact     29520
     tgaccgaaat ttgcagacaa aaacaacaca actactccct cattttaaaa tgtcttttta     29580
     agggaccaca aggaccaagg ggagataagg gtgatattgg tgaccacggg gaaagaggac     29640
     agaagggtca tagaggattt gcaggcttac aaggtcttcc tggatcacct gtaagttttt     29700
     agagagatta aaaaaaactt aaagagaaac taaaagaaaa tatttaaaca cagtctaaat     29760
     attgtgatat ataacactaa ccaatataag catgtcaaat gaataattga caaattgcct     29820
     tttttagggc acaactggag aacaaggggc cacaggcatt gttggtccaa gtggacaaag     29880
     agtatgtctc cagcttaatt agcctaaccc taatgcaact gatttattac tagtcaaaaa     29940
     gtgactgaca acatttaaat aatttgtctc acagggacct cctggaccta ttgggccacc     30000
     aggaaaggaa ggctacattg ggcaacctgg accaatggga cctcctggtt caagaggatc     30060
     tagtggggat attggaccag aggcaagtta cttgtttcca aatagctcaa ataacattaa     30120
     aactttgccc actaattttt ttttcacgtt caccctgttc tcatgcttag ggaccacctg     30180
     gtgagccagg cccacctggc cctcctggcc ctgctggacc acccactgca gctgtggatg     30240
     atctttttgg tggagcacat gattttgaca gtggtccttc tccccctgac aataatcagg     30300
     atgaggctct tcccatgagc aactctacaa gtgtgttcca ggctgatcct ggagttcagg     30360
     ctactttaaa ggctctgagc agccagattg ataacatgcg tagccctgat ggtagcagaa     30420
     aacatcctgc cagaacttgc gaggacttga aacagtgcta ccctcaaaaa aagagtggta     30480
     agttaacttt agagtattgc acagacatgt aaatcacaaa tgttgctcgt acggctggta     30540
     ataatgcttg gtatggttaa tattttgttt tgttttcccc aaatgtgtat agttagtact     30600
     tcacctagta ctatttatta ccaatttgag gtttcaaggg gactgtactt atggcaaaaa     30660
     aaaagatgtc taagcactga agatcactga ttgactggaa aataaatcat aaacaaaagc     30720
     ttcttagcaa aatgagctgt tgctgctatt ttaaataaga atcaaaactt tccaacaata     30780
     ttctccaaca attatcaaaa tatcaacagt taagaaaatc ctcaaatgtt tcatctctac     30840
     gtctcaggtg aatactgggt agatccaaac caaggcagtg cagaggacgc cattaaaatc     30900
     tattgcaaca tggacaccgg agaaacatgc atctccgcaa ttccatccag catcccccgg     30960
     aagtcatggt ggagctcccc aggaaataaa cctgtgtggt ttggagctaa tatgaatgga     31020
     ggaacatatg taagcatgtc cagccaatct aatataagtt tatttgttta tttagtcaac     31080
     taatgttcta gcacttgtga tagtgtggag aatgtgacat gtaaagaagc aatacactgt     31140
     aaaaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa ttagttgtga attagttaac taacatcagt agaccccttt     31200
     accttaaaac cacattagaa aaaaagtaaa tgaattatgt gcatgaagta aagtgaacag     31260
     ttctaagtta caaattacag ctttttaggt agtcaacttt tcaattttaa agcaacaggt     31320
     aaattgcgtt ttacagtgta gccatatcaa cgtagaactg tatgagtctg atttgtattt     31380
     ctttgtatgt ctttgtgaag ttcacttatg ggaacaaaga ccagccagcc aacactgtca     31440
     cagttcagat gactttcatc cgtctactct caaaagaggc atcacagact atcacttacc     31500
     actgcaagaa cactgtgggc tacaaggatg aatcaactgg aaacctcaag aaagcagtca     31560
     tcctcaaagc ttcaaatgat ctagagctca aagctgaggg aaataaccgc tttagataca     31620
     ccgtccttga ggacagttgt tcagtgagta tactgcaata catcatttgt aaaaagccac     31680
     aacctagtga gctgtcttgc tcgttacagt ctactacagt atttaggaca gaagaactct     31740
     aaatggaaaa ttgcgagtga ggcttgcttt tagaataaca tataaacatt atcttattat     31800
     gttgctaaaa atacacagca catacttttt gtaacataaa aacttactaa tagttggata     31860
     tcttatagtt ctagtattta ccttctatca agagtgttta cccaacaggt tttcaattaa     31920
     atttaaatta cacttttttt taaccaatga ctaggtttgt taatatttga tccaacattg     31980
     ggttataata acccagaatt tttttagagt gtaaataaag tattatgctt tgaaggaata     32040
     gttctcccaa aaaatgaaaa tctgtaatca tttactttct taacacaaaa gaagatgtac     32100
     taaataatgt tggaaattta tatatgaaac cattgacttt catagtgcaa gaatgttttt     32160
     ttttaaatcc agcagctagc tctctgcaac tcgcacatga tcacccactg aagctaagca     32220
     gggctgcgcc cggtcagtac ctggatggga gaccacatga aaaagctagg ttgctgctag     32280
     aagtattgtt agtgaggcca gcagggggcg cccaacctgc ggtctgtgtg ggtccaaatg     32340
     ccccagtata gtgacgagga ctctatatac tgctcagtaa gcgctgtctt ttggacacgt     32400
     taaaccgagg tcctgactct ttgttaaaaa tcccaagatg gactgttaaa aatcccagga     32460
     tgtccttcga aaaagagtag aggtttcaca ccaacatcct ggccaaattt gcccactgac     32520
     ctctgtccat aatggcctcc ttaccatccc catatcataa ttggtggtct cctcaccacc     32580
     aatcagctgg tgtgtggtgt gcggtctggc gcaaaatggc tgccattgcg tcatccaggt     32640
     ggatagtgca tactggtggt ggatgaggag atccccctct atgtttaaat tgctctgagt     32700
     gcccagaaaa gcactatata aatgtaagga attattatta ttattattat tattattatt     32760
     atggcaattc atactgtaat tttgcagaat gactaaaaca ttatcagtgt gatggtgaag     32820
     aactttacat ttcaagtcaa accatccttc tgcagtctta tgccgaagct aattaaataa     32880
     ctttaacact tccataaatt aacatggata ttagtttgag tttaataact ttgtatcatg     32940
     ttgttcaaaa ttcaagtgta tcaaagcaca aataacctgt acttcaactg cacctgttaa     33000
     aggttacagg tacagttgaa gtattttttt ttttttttgc cctcccgtta atttaaaata     33060
     atgttttcca agtgatcttt aacaaaccac agaacacaga agaagtattt cctttaaaac     33120
     aaaaatattt ttctggagac ataataagtc ttatttccta gagtttgtct taaataaaag     33180
     cagtttttaa taataattaa aaaaaataat aaaaaattaa gatcagtatt attagcctcc     33240
     ttaagaaata tgtatatttt ttgattgttt actcaacaaa ccagttatac aataacttga     33300
     ctaattagtc taaccttcct agtttactta cgtaggtctt taaattacac tttaatccta     33360
     taaaaactga atacaactat cttgcaaaat atagtgaaat attatgtact aactgtcact     33420
     atggaaaaga caaaaaaagt agtaattagt taaactattc tgttttctgt ttgaagactc     33480
     gtgctttatg tcacgactgg aaacaaaaat gaacgaagac aaaactaaac gagttgaata     33540
     ttacttttac atgagcgtga ctgaatttga ctgaactaaa tttgatcaat gtgttacatc     33600
     tgttctctgg tacttggtga ctgtttgtaa attcaaggct gcgtttcata acgtaaaact     33660
     atgtacaata aatttctgat agcctatgga tagccgagga cttcctatat taaatgtttt     33720
     aaaatcgcta ttggaaagtc taatataaca atggacattt tcacaacatg aacatgactg     33780
     aagttgaatc ttttaataac ctcttaattt ggggtttaac ttccgacaaa tgtgagaaac     33840
     tggtgcgtgc agcactgtcc ctgacaaatg tcaagggaaa gcagaaacag cgtggacgca     33900
     cgacaccaag agcatacgag agaggcctta gttatatttt cacagtctgc caccaatagc     33960
     tgatctcgct tctttgtggc gttttaattg tgatacaaaa atacatgtcc aaaggagagg     34020
     agcagagcag gaaaagagac cagagcaaag tttaccacct attttgtatc tttctcgacc     34080
     atgtgaccaa aggccaaaaa ctgagacata caaactgacc aatcaacatg tgaccacatc     34140
     ataaaattcc caaagtctgc ctttggaatg tgtatggacc ttcttggtga aaaatacatg     34200
     ttttgccata taaacaaatg catatgataa ttcacattct tagagtagca tttgattttc     34260
     cttctataga tgtcaatggt cacaggttta caacaaggtt ttttctgggt gtgcgattta     34320
     tacatacgtt tctttattta accagataaa aacccattga gatcaagatc tcatttacac     34380
     aacattttac atttttctaa aatgcacagc tcactagttt ttgtaacaaa gccataggac     34440
     aaaaacaaat tacaacctac agttgcatta ggaaatcaca tctaaaattt cagaattaca     34500
     agtgatctca catttaaatg tctatgttca tctttttaca gcaagcaaat gggaattggg     34560
     gcaagacagt gtttgaatac aggacccaga aaacagcaag actacctatt gtggatattg     34620
     caccagtgga cattgggggt tcagatcagg agtttggaat tgatattggg cctgtgtgct     34680
     tcttgtaaat cacgaagtgg agacgcattg aagagattcc tgggactctc gtgagtgact     34740
     gctgaaaaga tcagccttgt acatacagag cattggactt ttctggcccc tgtagcaaga     34800
     tatttattgt gcctgccaag tgattcctga aatcaaccac tcaacaaggt tttttccaga     34860
     ttgagccctt gaaataaatt caattaactg aattttacac tacaagacta tccatcaact     34920
     gctgttttaa attgagatgg caattgctaa caacaccgta atgatcgtac acactgtacc     34980
     aacgctagtt gcaattaaaa tcatctgaat ttgcctcttt tcatgacagt atttttgttt     35040
     ttgtattatt gttacacaaa aatggtgcta tagaggaagt ttacgttaaa atgaatattt     35100
     ttgactccca aatctgtact cttgttcgat caccttgtag ttgattacaa catgagttta     35160
     caattaaaga tgaaattcta cagaacagtg caagctacct cgtttctata aactagcaaa     35220
     aactgacagc agacttgctg tatgggaatt gtgaaatgag ctgtacaact ctttcagcaa     35280
     aaggttcaaa gcagggtaaa gaaattaaaa taaaattcaa ttaaatgcat ctgagactct     35340
     aatttctaaa aggtgcatta ttattgctcg tttccattat gtaaatcaag tattccctct     35400
     agcgattggt tttatatttt tatataaggc ttttgcaaag gtaaaaggca caatatagta     35460
     aactctgatg tagcttaaaa acctccagtt tggaaaattt gtgatgtcat attttctaaa     35520
     gcatgcaggt attcctataa ttctggcact ttttctcctt ttattattat tttagcctac     35580
     tttagacagc ttttaagtca ttttgtttgg ctttgaagct actctcatgt attttctttt     35640
     ttgcaaatta aacatatgat cagtatcatt ttaatgaatg aatcaaaacc tttttttctc     35700
     ttacaaaatt gcttgttttc tccatcacct tttaagcatg aaaatatatt ttaatgaata     35760
     aaatgtaaga tattgctttg cttcattata tcctctataa gttgatttgt ttcagttttg     35820
     ttaaaacttg aatgttttat atttttgtta tatttatttt ttcttaatta caaagaagtg     35880
     gcagggataa cacaatttga aaacattttg tcctttctgt atgttcaata ttaagtcaag     35940
     ttgtaaatca tatgactaga aaatgtctaa gattgcaatg actgctttaa gttagcattg     36000
     ttttatgagg gagaattaaa tatggcaaat cctcatttac aactcctgtt tgaatgtcat     36060
     attgttattt attgtacatt cctaagataa gctttccaca attacagaac tgattgaaat     36120
     atgacacatc tcagtgtagc actatgaatg gaaaaacact tttgttgaac attcaaagga     36180
     tgacaaaaag cagcttacct gagcagcaat gtgagcatca tgtggagctt ttcaggaaga     36240
     cacacttata acaacacaga caattacaca attgagacaa attattttta aagggcacct     36300
     atattacctc ttttacaaga tgtaagatct aactttggtg tctccagaaa gtgtctgtaa     36360
     agcttcagct caaaataccc atcagattac atataatgta gaatctgccc attttagtgt     36420
     ccgaagacta tgtagctgtt tttgtagcct gtggcttaaa attcaaatga actgcttctc     36480
     cccgcccacc gttcttatgt gtgtgtctgc ttctcatgcc tttgatcaga taaacagcag     36540
     tcagtgatag ggcactatca cacacccggt gcaataaggt gcaagacgtg ttttgtgatc     36600
     ctacgcaacc ctaattttca cgttttgcgc cacattgttt caaatattaa tacttttgcg     36660
     ctactatgtg gactaatgag tgtgctggtt tataaagaag gtgtgttttg agaaactaaa     36720
     ataggctgca ccattgacca agttaaagct ggtcaaaatg gtcacagagc atgttagtta     36780
     tgcacctatg catgtcaaaa ctgcgtacac attgcttgat acatgcaggg tgtacagcta     36840
     tacacacata tctttacata aattaaaaaa taaaggatta caaaaattat acattttcta     36900
     ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     36960
     atatatatat atatatatat atattattac tacaatacat gccttcttta tctcaggggg     37020
     cttttttagt ttattcatga caatttgaat ttttattata atgttgttat tattattaaa     37080
     agtattattt tattatatgc atatttatat ttgtttttat aataacaagt ttagattcgt     37140
     ccattttatg ctttgagaca tctgcatcac tatatggggc ataagaatag gatgtgtggt     37200
     aagatattac tcagtttttt gaccacactt attattgttc atttattcat ttgctggaaa     37260
     ttagatctga atttagaaat agttttgaaa caaatctttg cacttaacaa acaaaattaa     37320
     atatgtaggc tagtggatgt cttcagtgga gtgcgtacaa cactgttccc ttatccacga     37380
     aggtaaagga gtaaagtaaa gagtaaaagt aacataaaga gaaagcaaag aggcagaatg     37440
     gaggaggctc gttctttatc cttgcgctgc agatgctctg ttaaactgtt ttctcgctag     37500
     taaaacattc agtttttcca ctaacaaagt ctgccttgta aatagcaaac gcaccctggt     37560
     gtcacaactg attcttaaag ggaatgggag atgagacttg taacatctgt tttaatccca     37620
     gtttttttgc aaaaatgttc tgtgtacatg tgtatacatg ttattataaa gacacagcat     37680
     ctgtcaatca aatcggtggg tgtagaaaac cacacttcta cgtcacattg ccgtgggcct     37740
     caaagtcact tggatttgga tctctattat aacgtcagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca     37800
     tttgttgggt ttagatcact ccaatatgaa agtggacaca ctacagacag ttctgtccaa     37860
     acagcttaga aaagataatt tttaatatag gtgcccttta aatttgaaaa taaaataaac     37920
     aaaaatcaca ctttttttta tagcgtagaa aacaacattt aagcttttat actaagtgat     37980
     tgcatagaaa tcaaaatagc attctagtaa atcatgatta ttttactgta atactaccat     38040
     attttacact gatattaaat aaatggtctt ccacttgaaa taaattactt ttgaagtgac     38100
     gatttctaga gggaaaaaga tccagggtct catttaatgg agataaagta aaaaaaaaaa     38160
     aaaaaatgac acaaaaatac tcagagtata tactgttttc ttttaatgac tacaacagca     38220
     aaggctaaaa taatgcttac aaacagaatt aacaataata catgaacaga gctcttccaa     38280
     agtgcttcct tgtgcaagag tatactaaaa tatataatat aaaatcaaac tgcattacaa     38340
     gtacgtgtta ttgtggaaat cgtccagttc tgccattcat gacaccgctt ttagttaaaa     38400
     aatactgttt taaatggatc cattgctaca aataaaaaca atattatcat tttacaagtg     38460
     atctaataca aaaggagtgt gattatgacg tacgataagt gttaaaaatg aagttataaa     38520
     acaatgtaca ggaaactctc ccttttctga gttttattaa ctgcgatatg ccaaagagtt     38580
     tgtaatgtgt aacacaagct t                                               38601