EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL713999; SV 28; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 133525 BP.
AC   AL713999;
DT   29-MAR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 46)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-263K19 on chromosome 1
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-133525
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Glithero R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   ( and BACPAC Resources
RL   (
DR   MD5; 0bd422aa7b46a13b8e328e3dcc21edd6.
DR   ENA-CON; GL383519.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000016.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000116521; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000143627; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000143630; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000160767; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000163462; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000169231; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000173171; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000176444; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000177628; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000185499; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000261893; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000262666; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000262785; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000263290; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000263324; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL713999.28:1-133525; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000302631; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000337604; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000368378; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000368390; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000368395; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000368396; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000368398; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000392451; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000427500; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000428024; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000573675; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000574749; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000575430; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000575670; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000576584; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; B7Z975.
DR   GOA; D6RD59.
DR   GOA; F5H241.
DR   GOA; F5H4Z8.
DR   GOA; H0Y6Y5.
DR   GOA; Q5VT61.
DR   GOA; Q96AD8.
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DR   HGNC; HGNC:1233; FAM189B.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:19019; TRIM46.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:7504; MTX1.
DR   InterPro; IPR000315; Znf_B-box.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EG-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003367; Thrombospondin_3-like_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR008271; Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR009030; Growth_fac_rcpt_N_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013032; EGF-like_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR017853; Glycoside_hydrolase_SF.
DR   InterPro; IPR017897; Thrombospondin_3_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR017903; COS_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR017907; Znf_RING_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR019564; Sam37/metaxin.
DR   InterPro; IPR028507; Thrombospondin-3.
DR   InterPro; IPR028974; TSP_type-3_rpt.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B7Z975; B7Z975_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RD59; D6RD59_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F5H241; F5H241_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F5H4Z8; F5H4Z8_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F8W6W2; F8W6W2_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y6Y5; H0Y6Y5_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q5VT61; Q5VT61_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q96AD8; Q96AD8_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; V9GZ38; V9GZ38_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 1, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 1
CC   Mapping Group.
CC   RP11-263K19 is from the library RPCI-11.1 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..133525
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11.1"
FT                   /clone="RP11-263K19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    16422..16596
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    19528..20109
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Assembly consistent with restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    20031..20106
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    20109..20544
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Assembly consistent with restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    20109..20109
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 4000bp from restriction digest data and
FT                   spanning pUC clone"
FT   misc_feature    21150..21268
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Assembly consistent with restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    22095..22238
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    22927..23212
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    23550..23563
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    78717..78722
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    82886..82900
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    83576..83582
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    101335..101402
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    101528..101590
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    103036..103206
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    106089..106220
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP11-98F1
FT                   (AL353760). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
SQ   Sequence 133525 BP; 31451 A; 35689 C; 35497 G; 30888 T; 0 other;
     gataccacgt ggaaccccgt gaaacagtgt aggtatacgg gacctttcct tcctttactc        60
     ttttgctcca agatcccttc tggtactgac ggacaggact tcctgcattg cagcctttac       120
     ccctttcccc aaagaacacg actgcagaac attcatgtac ttttcttcca tgatgagact       180
     cacacaagta tatgccactc cagtggcact gacagtattc aacagataac tggtaaaaat       240
     taatgtggga ggaaggaaag cctcactatt cccaaggtct gaaaacagaa ggtgcccaaa       300
     tgtcttaaca ttctgtacat ctaagctgga tactggtaga tgacacccac aacatatcac       360
     aactcacaga gctacaaaga atcaacttta ttgaacattc agggtcagtt tctcttcttg       420
     ctcttgcctg tgaccttggc tggtgtgagg actggagctg ctgcctggta cagggtggag       480
     gagatcttgt tgatgtagta cagaccaacc atggagaaga tgaagctata tggtgaagac       540
     agaaaggtca tggcaccagt gggcatctgc cagcctggtg cctcctaggg aagacactag       600
     catcaaggaa agaatccaag ttcaagttta ggaaaacggg gagggagaac agagagagag       660
     gtaggtgtgg aaggaaaaac tctggcacca tcacagtaag atccaatgcc aaaaaacgga       720
     atgctacacc ccttacccag ctgtcaagaa cataccaggt ggtgacacag actcggtgga       780
     tgaggccaga tgcaaagaga gccaacagga ggcacaggag aactagggag gcaagaagaa       840
     caaggagggc aacggtcaga atggaaatac taggcatctg cacatggagt ccaggagaaa       900
     tccggggctc tctgaatcct ggggaacctg cttagaaggg taagcgtgac tacagcagga       960
     ggattctgat taccttaatg atacccagaa catggaggta ggaggttgag tgtggtggct      1020
     tgcacctgga atcccagcac ttcgggaggc tgaggtgggc agatcacttg agcccaggag      1080
     tttgagacca gcctgaacaa caaagtgaga cccatctctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaattgaat      1140
     taaaaaaaat ttagccaggt agtacagtgg tacacatgcc tgtagtccca gctattcagg      1200
     aggctgaagt tggaggaacc cttgagccag gaagttcaaa gttgcagtga actgtgatcg      1260
     caccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag tgagaccccg tctccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      1320
     aaaaaagaac atggatgtag atgtatgctt ttttttacca gctctgcccc atatctcaca      1380
     taacttccct accctggctt tcctcccata aaaggaaaaa ggaaaggtga tggacaacag      1440
     agtctgaagg gcaaggtgtg ttcccatttg gggaacccag ttaaaccctt tccaaaagaa      1500
     gccagacaat gagagtcaat tcattaagct gggtgaccag tggtggaagt tgaaggcctt      1560
     gctccctgga cacaggttgg agggcagagt gcttggatct acttcttcat gggggcagga      1620
     aaggatttta ggttacctgg aatatgatgg gagagaaggt gagaggacaa aagcaaagac      1680
     aaacagggcc ccacctgccc aggtggagag ggcagagaag gcaaagtggg ccaagaactt      1740
     tgccccacca caatggcatc ttttcttttt ttattatttt tttttatttt tgaggcagaa      1800
     tctcactctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgcagtt tcagctcact gcagccttga      1860
     tctcctgggc tcaagcgatc atcccacctc agcttcccga gtacctggga ctataggtgc      1920
     gtaccaccat gcccggctaa tttttgtatt tttttggaga gacagggtct ctctatgttg      1980
     cccaagctgg tcttgaattc ctgggcccaa gctatctgcc agcctacacc tcccaaagtg      2040
     ctaggattac aggcgtgtgc catcccaccc agccaatggt ttctttcaga agcaactgaa      2100
     aagccaggca cagtggctca cccctgtaat cccagcactc tgggaggcca agacgggtgg      2160
     atcacttaag gtcaggagtt caagaccagc ctaaccaaca tggtgaaatc ctatctctac      2220
     caaaaataca aaaattagcc agttatggtg gcgcacgcat gtaatcccag ctactcggga      2280
     ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacctgg gaggcagagg ctccagtgag ctgggttcac      2340
     accactgtac tccagcatgg gtgacagagc gagactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      2400
     gaagcaagtg aaggtaatac atatggaaac aaaatctaac agagagaagt cccggggcta      2460
     ctggatggaa agaactctga agcctgcaaa agggctatgc ggagaaagca agtcctagag      2520
     gggggcaaag aaatgagggc agccaggcac agtggctcac acctgtaatt ccagcactct      2580
     gggaggctga aataggagga tcacttgagc ccaggagttc gagaccagcc tgggcaatgt      2640
     ggtgaaaccc catctctaca aaaacttaaa acagtagctg ggtgtggtgg cactcactgg      2700
     tagtcccagc tactggtaag actgaggagg gaagattgct tgagaccagg tcaaggcttc      2760
     agtgatcaca tccctgcact ccagcctagg cgacagagta aagccttgtc tcaaaaaaaa      2820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagaaa agattaaggg caaccatgat agatctttgt tttaccacat      2880
     gagggtttta catgagattg catctgctgt gaatttctga gcacgtggca ttccttaagt      2940
     aatctggcct tgacacttaa tttgctttat aaacttaatt ctccataaat aactgaatca      3000
     tcaattcttg attacatgag caattgaaca agaattattc caaacaggaa ataatctaac      3060
     agttattctg atttggtcag gattcctgct gccatagata tttggtgcct ctagtattta      3120
     ggctcttcac aattccctca aataagtaga attctctaat attgagttaa cttcacatca      3180
     gaactccata gtgaacttgg tcctgctgct tcttctggtg ggaacaagga ccgcctccca      3240
     gcgaatagat gcaaaacatc agcccaaatt tgcctgttcc cctcaaacct tccctgggag      3300
     ctggccagaa ggtaccaaag tttcttgctt tcaaaggcct tctcttccag ctccaactcc      3360
     aggagctata caaggtgcag aatcgaaaag cgtcatctgt cttcagacag cttcagtaaa      3420
     tatatttctc cttaacaacc tttcacctaa gcatctggaa attcaatatc atgtttcagg      3480
     aggttaaaga ggagaaagtt caaatactca agctccaata ttcacttact ctcagggaag      3540
     atctttgctt ggaatccttt gccaaagaca agattctcca gattattgaa ggcctggttg      3600
     agggagttaa ggagtagggt gtgcaacggg gacagagctg tgtggggaag gggaagggca      3660
     catgcctacg tggcccgccc cctccaactg cagggaggat acagtgagcg agaacacgaa      3720
     gagacccgaa ccaagcaggc cgccctggat ggtgagccac tcggtggagg ccagctgacg      3780
     gctgtacatc tgcatcccag caaagagcag cagggacagg agggaggaga gcgccagcga      3840
     ggtgcccgta cccaccactg gaggggatgg gagaagggac ggagagtcag gctccgccct      3900
     ccctccggca agctacgggc agatcagccg gtccggaagc tcggtgggcc gaccccctcc      3960
     aagaactccc gggactgcag ccacacgccc caactcccca caccgcgcgg caacccctac      4020
     gtattcccca gccccggaca ccccgaaccc tcccgtccgg tggaaatgcc cgctcccggt      4080
     ggaacccagg acacgtcagc tctgtcggga gaggacgagg aaagcttgtc cacccaaacc      4140
     ccgaccccct ctaggacttc ctggggaccc caccggtcct gttacccatc atgccccgcc      4200
     cgtgagtcca accggcgcct ctggccaaga aaggcgagct gaaccgggtg cggttagcta      4260
     tgcgcatgcg tcagcgctta ccgcggactt gctactcctc gcgttctcct ctttcttcct      4320
     ctcagtgcct ggacgcagcg ccctcttgcg acagggagga aataatgcgt cgagggggca      4380
     tcctcggcca ccgccctggt cctcaggctt tcctcgtacc tggtgcgtct gctgccactc      4440
     tgtacaaggt gcacttatct ctttaagtca ttgggcccat gcctgtggca tctatcccat      4500
     ctctgtcttc tttgccattt ctttcatctc tagtgcacgt tcctcaaacc tccctgcccc      4560
     atgcctcaac atctcccaac ctaaaattta gtgctcccaa ccaggaactc attttcctcc      4620
     gaaactaatc ccccgcttta tatgagtaaa attaggagcc aatgaaaaat gagaatgtaa      4680
     gaaatggctc ccccgtcaaa tacctttcca tattccccaa ccccccgacc ggctttcgag      4740
     aaccacgtgg ggagaactat ttcccacccc ctaccccgac gggcgctgtt cgaggctggt      4800
     cccgggagca tgcgcagtga cacctcaacc cccagccctc ctcacacccc cactgggctc      4860
     ctgcattaag cccggggttc gcagccgcag ccgggatcgg gcacccaggg gcgggcgggc      4920
     acggtagggc catggcagag ggtgaggata tgcagacctt cacttccatc atggacgcac      4980
     tggtccgcat cagtgtgagt taaggtgggg tcgagggaag gggagggggc gtatagggtt      5040
     ctggggcaag ctgggacctg gaacaggtgg ggatccagga agatgctggg atgtagacag      5100
     ggggctagcg atggcagaaa cggctgggag ggtcgggatg caggtatgag agggtaatcc      5160
     cgggagcagc ccggaggtga gtgccgtgaa ggcgtcggtg tgctggagcg tgaggaggag      5220
     ctaggagcag cccagacgca gcgggtgggc tggggtggcc tccagcagtg caccggggct      5280
     ggggcttcag gggaaaggcc ctgttatgag aagagggacg tgtgagcttg gatattttcc      5340
     aagaaaactg aggacaggtg ggggatgatg taggagccgc cccacagtgc agttcccaat      5400
     ttggacccct ccccaagacc ccaccccacg cacccccact cagggctgct tccgagcctg      5460
     cggttgtcat ggcaacccgt gcctggctct cccaggggcg gtgccaaccg tgttcccccc      5520
     caccacttcc tccccccctc cttgttcctc cctcctttgt gtcagctgcg cccctgaccg      5580
     ggatggctgc gaagagaggg accaaggtga ggtgtggggg tggggcatag cctgaggacc      5640
     cccactctcg ccaccaagag ggggagggga cttccggtgg ggagggggcg agtaggcggg      5700
     gctcttgatt cccccgctag ttcggagaag ggggtgccgc tgaccgggtt gcgctgcggg      5760
     agagggcggg agggcctgat gggggcgaag gggaatgggt tggtaagacc gatggggaag      5820
     tgaaggatgg ggaatggagg ctggagtggc cgcaggccgg agctgcggca ggaggacgta      5880
     tggagcgagc aggatggagt gccaacctcg cctggctatc gggaggaatc acggcatggg      5940
     ggtgctgcta gagaagggag tgggggtctg catggagctg cagaatgggc ggtgtccttg      6000
     agaaaaatgc caggggcaag ctgcccagag atgggggatg gaggcaggtg agggggctgc      6060
     cagctggggc tactgcagct ggagaaatgg ggattgggct tgaggctgga gcaggcacaa      6120
     gctccaaccg tccctcctct gggcctttag ctctgcagcg gggaaagaga agcaagggac      6180
     agaggtctgg gaaggtctgt gaaccagccc aaggcaggtg ctctggaaaa gctgcaggta      6240
     gcttgtcttg ctccttcctc agacccctag ggtatccaag ggcagccaag gggctgctga      6300
     ggtatgccta agtgtccaag cgctgaccta gcctcctggt ccctccacag accagcatga      6360
     agaacatgga gaaggaactg ctgtgcccag tgtgtcaaga gatgtacaag cagccactgg      6420
     tgctgccctg tacccacaac gtgtgccagg cctgtgcccg agaggtcttg ggccagcagg      6480
     gctacatagg acatggtggg gaccccagct ccgagcccac ctctcctgcc tccacccctt      6540
     ccacccgcag cccccgcctc tcccgcagaa ctctccccaa gccagaccgc ctggaccggc      6600
     tgcttaagtc aggtgggact ggggcctgta gggtggggat gggaacgctg agctattcat      6660
     caggaagatg gaagaagtcc atcactggtc agaggcatct gtctgtcttt ctggggggtg      6720
     gagatactgc ttacgcaggc tctaatgaga gctgagctct ggcacaatga aaatctaatt      6780
     taattaaaca ggcttcccca cacccagcca gctgtaactc tcatgtcctc tacctccctg      6840
     gttcacccac aggctttggg acataccctg ggaggaagcg aggtgctttg cacccccaag      6900
     tgatcatgtt cccgtgccca gcctgccaag gtgatgtgga gcttggggag cggggtctgg      6960
     cagggctttt ccggaacctg accctggagc gtgtggtgga gcggtaccgc cagagtgtga      7020
     gtgtgggagg tgccatcctg tgccagttgt gcaagccccc accactagag gccaccaagg      7080
     gctgcacaga gtgccgcgcc accttctgca atgagtgctt caagctcttc cacccctggg      7140
     gcacccagaa ggcccagcat gagcccaccc tgcctaccct ctccttccga cccaaggtga      7200
     gccagccctt ccaaggcctg gggagggagg gacatgctgc tgcaggtggg tgggggtgcc      7260
     tggcattgtg ggtttccaaa aggaagtggg aagggttttc caatgctaag cacctatctc      7320
     tgtaatctgt cacaaagtca ctggacaaat cattcaacaa ctttgggcct ccatctcatt      7380
     tacatccctg tagggggatg gtagtatctg ccctgcaatg tccataccta aagggttgct      7440
     gagaggatgg tgtgagataa tgtttgttca ctaaaaagtg ttacctgcac actgaaaagg      7500
     tctgtgtgca ttcactcact gaacaaatat ttattgagca cctatgtgca tggtgctatt      7560
     ctaggtgttg gagatacagc agtaaacaag atggacaagg ttaattatta actaccaggc      7620
     aaagattaat tggcatcatt attactgtta ttaccatata tcccaatgag agagatgaag      7680
     ggaggtgcaa tgctggtgaa atgggcaccg cccggagact gcaggaaagg ctctttgatg      7740
     ccagtatgta ccaccaggtg gcactgtgga gcaccaccag cggatgtctc cactcccatc      7800
     ttgccagtgg aggagggcac caaactgctg tagtggtagc atagcaccct tacccacacc      7860
     attgtctgac catcacattg ttctttgtgt ccctagggcc ttatgtgccc agaccacaag      7920
     gaagaggtga cccactactg caagacatgc caacgcctgg tatgtcaact ctgccgggtg      7980
     cggcgcaccc acagcgggca caagatcaca ccagtgctca gtgcctacca ggccctcaag      8040
     gtaaggaccc cccttatcca accctagtgc taactcacac tcttaccctc ttgcacctcc      8100
     tcccaactgc tggcttctgc agagctgggc ttgatgccca cctctttctt ccccctcagg      8160
     acaagctgac aaagagcctg acatacatcc tgggaaacca ggacacggta cagacccaga      8220
     tctgtgagct ggaggaggcc gtgaggcaca ccgaggtgag ggagggcaca gaggtaggcc      8280
     ctgggccctg cctgggagta ggggcaggaa gggggtgtgg gtgatcatga cccaatcacc      8340
     ttgttgctag ctcaggaagc ccgtgaggtg tccaggttct ggttaaacca ggtttgcagg      8400
     aacaccagtg ccccaggcca ggctgtacct gggctgcagg agggggcagg gtggctatag      8460
     ctcaggagag tgctcgaaaa accccatgca tagctcaaaa aaccccacgc gtagctcaga      8520
     tgctctcagg ctcaggtgcc taccgaggat gtcacgcatt cccagtgcta gagtgaggtg      8580
     atgactgata ccttctgcca ggttgcttga gctggctgac atggggatgg acaactaagg      8640
     atggcataga tgccagtgga cattaattag tgcagtccaa gtggacatta gggtagccat      8700
     ggcctcgttc atttggatga gtcactaagg ggcagagatt atgatgtggg gttccgggaa      8760
     ggttggcaca aatgaccagg agttgagtcc atctagaggt gcctttgcag ccatgagccc      8820
     aggccctgta ggaatgggtg agtaggattt ccccagatcc cttgtgacct tagccatgct      8880
     gtggcatcca aggaggccag cacaagtgct gcctccaaaa agaagatagt aagtcacgca      8940
     tcctttgggt gttgctccct gggcaggtga gtggtcagca ggccaaggag gaggtgtcgc      9000
     agctggtgcg ggggctgggg gctgtgctgg aggagaagcg ggcatcactg cttcaggcca      9060
     ttgaagaatg ccagcaggag cggctggccc gtctcagcgc ccagatccag gagcaccgga      9120
     gcctgctgga tggctcaggt ctggtgggct atgcccagga agtacttaag gaaacagacc      9180
     agccttgctt tgtgcaagcc gccaagcagc tgcacaacag gtactcaggg gcatgggctc      9240
     ctaggggggc agggacatca tggatgtgac caacatctag gacaatgtct acagtactgc      9300
     caggtggaga actggcattc taaggattct catgaggcca aactgatacc agctcccaaa      9360
     gcagttccca aggctctagg ggcaagcaag acagaattga ggggaaggga gactgcccac      9420
     atggcagtgc ctgacccttt cttgccccca tcccaggatt gcccgagcca ctgaagccct      9480
     ccagacattc cggccagctg ccagctcctc cttccgccat tgccagctcg acgtgggacg      9540
     tgagatgaag ctgctgacag agcttaactt cctgcgaggt aaggagatgg ccaggcccca      9600
     tgcccaacca gagccttctt cccttcctcc ccagcagcgg gcccgggggg cagtgcctac      9660
     cggggacctc cccggcctcc tgcccggcct ggccagccat tcctcccacc cagcccaccc      9720
     tgccacaccg tcctaccgcg ctcagcgctg cttctccctc tctttgtttg taggctgtgg      9780
     ccaccgcgga ctctgctccg gagcacccca ggcaagtcag cggccctgcc ccgggggccc      9840
     tgcccgccgc cgggccccct tcccaccccg ctgctcccac gcatctcagc caaccactca      9900
     ttgcttcctt ctctttcctg ccttgccccg acctcgtggt cctcccactg gaccaatgcc      9960
     ctgtctccct tctgccttct tcaggcgctt gcgtaatcct ggcccttctg accttttgtc     10020
     cttgtgaccc ttgccctctg gccttgcact tcctttccct tgacctccaa cccctgccct     10080
     cagcttttgc tgtccctctg ttgtccccac tttccacctc gctgcctcct aaatctctct     10140
     tctgagcctg gtccccttcc ttcctgctca gcgccctctt gcctgtgggc tccagtggcc     10200
     tttgcctgcc cctccctggg gctcctctta attcatagaa taactgagct gcaagggccc     10260
     ccagaactta cctgatctga taccctcatt tgacagggga ggaaactgag gcccagaaag     10320
     gggaagtgac ttattccagg ccagagtgag gtagcagcag cccagaacta gcacacaggt     10380
     gtcctgaccc ccagcccagc gctttcctgc ctcgttctct cttgggccct gccctacccc     10440
     tcctgtgccc agttcccaga tgagcccttc cccagctccc tctcacccac actcaccccc     10500
     ccggctcccg ctgctttccc ttttcctgcc tgcccctgcc ctccatgcca ggccagtggc     10560
     caggccctga ctgacacccg ctgtctcttc caacagtgcc tgaggccccc gtcattgaca     10620
     cccagcgcac ctttgcctat gatcagatct tcctgtgctg gcggctgccc ccccattcac     10680
     cacctgcctg gcactatacc gttgagttcc ggcgcacgga tgtgcctgct cagccaggcc     10740
     ccacccgctg gcagcggcgg gaggaggtga ggggcaccag tgccctgctt gagaaccccg     10800
     acacgggctc tgtgtatgtg ctgcgtgtcc gcggctgcaa caaggccggc tacggcgaat     10860
     acagtgaaga tgtgcacctg cacacgcccc cggcacctgg tgagtgggca ggcacaggtg     10920
     gtcgtgcaaa gggcatgggg tatgccaggg cctaggccct gacggttggt tccggtggcc     10980
     gctagagagg ccatataaca tagtaggtct cacacacact agctctggag ctagactgct     11040
     tgggttcaaa tcccagctct gcctcttgcc aactgtgtgg gtggcttctg gcaagttttt     11100
     accctctctg aacttcagag tccttttctg tagggataac gataatactg gccaggtgca     11160
     gcggctcatg cctgtaatcc tagcactttg ggaggccaag gagggaggat tgcttgaggc     11220
     caggagttca agaccaacct ggccaacaca gcgagacccg atctctaaaa aaataaatag     11280
     gccaggcgag gtagctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat     11340
     cacaaggtca agagtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccccgt ctctactagg     11400
     aatacaaaac ttagccaggc gtggtggtgc gtgcctacaa ttccagctac tcgggaggct     11460
     gaggtaggag aatcgcttga acctgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagctga gatcgcgcca     11520
     ctggactcca gcctggacaa cagagcaaga ctccgacgtc tcggaaaaat aaataaataa     11580
     ataaataaat aaaggccagg caaggtggct cacacctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc     11640
     caaggtgggt ggatcccctg aggttgggag tttgagacca gcctgaccaa catggagaaa     11700
     ccccatctct actaaaaata caacattagc tgggtgtggt ggcgcatgcc tgtaatccca     11760
     gctacttggg aggctgaggc aggagaattg cttgaaccca ggaggcggag gttgcggtga     11820
     gccgagatcg cgccattgca cttcagcctg agcaacaaga gtgaaactct gtctcaataa     11880
     ataagtaaat aaaatacgta aaaaataaat tatttttggc tgggcacagt ggctcacgcc     11940
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggt ggatggatca cgaggtcagg cgttcaagac     12000
     cagcctggcc aacatagtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tgaaaatgaa aataattagc     12060
     tgggtgtggt tgcaggcgcc tgtaatccca gctacttgga aggctgaggc aggagaatgg     12120
     cttgaacctg ggaggcaggg gttgcagtga gccaagattg cgccactgca ctccagcctg     12180
     gggaacagtg tgagactccg tctcaaaaac atatatatat ttttaaaaaa tgataatgct     12240
     tacctcatag agttgcaaga attcaactgg tttgagacga tcaatgggag tctgagtaca     12300
     gtgtccggct catggttagg gctcaagaat gttactaaag tgactagaaa atagttcgga     12360
     ctccaggggg tgggcataag agggaagcct tgccacccaa ataggggctg ggtataaggg     12420
     ccaggtgtga acccagagta tgggctggaa ggcacagatt gatggtgatg ggaatgtcac     12480
     caggtggaac agaatagtgg gaactgtcca tggggctggc cacaagtaag gggttcgagg     12540
     gagccccatg agtcagccag gtccggagca ctgacttctg tgcccactgc catcacaaaa     12600
     actctctggg gtcccacgcc catttggaat gcccccttct tttttcctca tgccccccat     12660
     tccagtttcc catgtcctgt tctcctgaac cccctgcctg ttcctggtga ctgaaccccc     12720
     ttgcaacgcg ttccctgttc tgcagtctca cagcccccag tgccagtgtt tgtccctgaa     12780
     gttcttgctc catctcaacc ctctccctcc ttccagtcct gcacttcttc ctcgatagcc     12840
     gctggggcgc aagccgagag cggctggcta tcagcaagga ccagcgagca gtacggagtg     12900
     ttccagggct gcccctgctg ctggctgctg accggctgct gaccggctgc cacctgagtg     12960
     tggatgtggt cctgggcgac gtggctgtga cccagggccg cagctactgg gcctgcgccg     13020
     tagacccagc ctcctacttg gtcaaggtgg gcgtcgggct ggagagcaag cttcaagaaa     13080
     gtttccaggg tgcccccgat gtgatcagcc ccaggtcaga cccctctgga agggatgggg     13140
     tgtgggggtc ctggtgggag tgaggggcac agaaggggtg gcaagtggag cacagacttg     13200
     ctagggtggg gctgggaggg gattaggagg aagtagtagg agcctggaag ccaggctggg     13260
     aggcctgtgt ccaggagacg catgggctca gcaaaagggc ttttgaggac tgattttcag     13320
     agcatgtcgt gtggtcaggg aaagggatga tagaagaggg agccatctct gcttccttcc     13380
     aaccatctgt cactctggat caacacacca tctctccaag catctgtgtc ctttcttcct     13440
     aacactccat ttccaacata ccttctccat aaaacctttg ctctccaaga cctccttcac     13500
     ccgtatctta aaattcttcc cttagccgga tgcggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac     13560
     tttgggaggc tgaggcaggc aaatcactgg aggtcgagag ttcgagacca gcttgaccaa     13620
     catggagtga ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaaaaat agctgggcgt ggtagcgcat     13680
     gcctgtaacc ccggctactc gtgaggctga ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ccgggaggtg     13740
     gaggttgcgg tgagccaaga ttgtgtcatt gcactgcagc ctgggcgaca aaagcaaaac     13800
     tccttctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaattc ttcccttaaa catcccacct ccataaccct     13860
     cctctcccca actccctgtt tttttttttt tttgaaatgg agtctcgctc tgtcgctcag     13920
     gctggagtct agcggcgcga tctccgctca ctgcaagctc cacctcccgg gttcacacca     13980
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gactacaggc acccgccacc atgcccagct     14040
     aattttttgt atttttagta gagacgggct ttcaccgtgt tagccaggat ggtctcaatc     14100
     tcctgacctc gtgatccgcc caccttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc     14160
     cactgtgcct ggccccaact ccctatttaa caccctccca ctaatgcttt gcatcctaag     14220
     ccttctcccc agcactctat cccccaacac cttatttctt caaaatgctt tctccccaac     14280
     acaaacccct cctaaacccc attgtcccca accccgcata cctctaacac ccttcatttg     14340
     tgacaccaat ccaccctcat ctctctcccg acacccacct tcccaacatc ctttctcttc     14400
     ttagtcacta atctcggatt cttccaatgt cctctaatcc tcagaaccat ctccccagca     14460
     tgatttcccc aagaccattt ttctcaatgc ctttccgcgg gctataccaa tgccatgtct     14520
     ttcctgtccg cctgcccctc tcttgccaat gtgctttcct ctcagtgctc tctttccacc     14580
     aaacccaaac ccctgaccct atactctaac ccctgcctct tcagcgtttt cttctcaaca     14640
     cccaaaatcc atcccttcaa cctcttgctc cttaacattc catccttcca gcgtctccct     14700
     ctggtacctc atccgtcact ccatccctca acaatctcgt ccccaacacc cgcttctgca     14760
     ggtacgaccc ggacagcggg cacgacagcg gtgccgagga tgccacagtg gaggcgtcgc     14820
     cacccttcgc tttcctaacc attggcatgg gcaagatcct gctggggtcg ggggcaagct     14880
     caaacgcagg gctgacaggg agggatggcc ccacagccgg ctgcacagtg cccctgccac     14940
     cccgcctggg catctgcctg gactatgagc ggggccgggt ttccttcctg gatgctgttt     15000
     ccttccgtgg gctcttggag tgccccctgg actgctcagg gcctgtgtgc cctgcctttt     15060
     gcttcatcgg gggtggcgca gtacagctcc aggagccagt gggcactaag cctgagagga     15120
     aagtcaccat tgggggcttc gccaagctgg actgagcctt ccaggcccct catgcagacc     15180
     tggggtcctc ctgggccctg gcccccaaac ctcttggcac ccggttgtta ccccctggca     15240
     gcttctcccc caaactctcc taccatgtgg ccctgctcct tctcccgtgt ctgtcttccc     15300
     acagttttct cttgacccag gggctctctt ctgcccacct ctctggatgg cccccgttct     15360
     ctccattgct tgttagccag gcccccaccc ccactgagtc tgccctatga cctgcctttg     15420
     gcatgttacc caagccatgg agagagcccc ttctccatcc ctgtcctgtg ccccccaggc     15480
     tgattgggag ggagggcacc tggaacactg ggcatgatct ccagctctgc ccttgccctg     15540
     ccaagctccc tgccctgttg atgctgaact acagccttgg gacaggcagg ctttggggct     15600
     ggacgctgtc caggcattcc tggtgagggg aaggggaccc tgtcatcctg ctttatttat     15660
     ttgggtccca acaccccgca gccgcatgcc ccttatgtcc ctcttctccc tcttgcatgc     15720
     tttacctgtc ccacacccat gccaatgtgc caagtctccc ttggggaccc agctgagtct     15780
     gggtgttccc attgggttgg gccaggcaag gcctctggtg cccgctgccg tccccctgca     15840
     gtgggctctg ctaggcctgt gctgagcaac agctgttatt gtcatggttt ataaacaata     15900
     aactgtgatg ccaggcacat ctctgccttc cctgagcgca atcattcctg tgagtttctg     15960
     tgctgggtgt ggtaggcggg agggagcagg gtgctaggct gtggttctag gcaggagcaa     16020
     ccaatggatc tggtgcctga gagaggaagg ccccaggcca ggtgctctaa gcctcctgcc     16080
     acacgtgtcc tggcccggcc tgagcgcatc acagctgcca ggggacatag ctctctggct     16140
     gctggtggca ggccccaatc agggcttcca ggcctgcagc acaggccctg ggggaatgcg     16200
     gtcaagggac aggcaacgtg cctgggccca aaggggtcag ggaaccagaa ccacttcccc     16260
     attcccaggg tgttgtggag cccaccccag gggcagcagg ctggtggggc agccggggtc     16320
     agggaggggg ctgggcctgg tgccagcgcc cggatctgac ccagcctctg cttatctcaa     16380
     ccctgttgac tctgggctgt tatcactgcc caaggattta cttcacaccc ggacagctaa     16440
     gaatagagcc acctgggggg caccatgcca gggggcaagg agggcgtggg ccaggcgagg     16500
     agaggggaga gccactggca cacagagctc agtcacggag cccagtcacg ctagccctcc     16560
     aaagcccgcc tgggtttcgt ttcctccttc ctcttgtgct gccagggtta gccagaggtg     16620
     gctcctcagg ccacccctac tccccaatgt cacctcctcc tcacatctcc tgcttctcaa     16680
     acaaactcgc tccttactgc ctcctggcct ccctgtctcc tcccccagcc ccctcacaca     16740
     cattctgacc gccctgctgc ccacgggtca cagatgaaag atcagaagtt ggcgcagtgg     16800
     gagaccacgt tttattcagt ccagttcagg atccccgcta tctcagggct ctctgggcca     16860
     gtcctcctgg gagcccccac cacaacactt cccaggcatg agccctcagg ggcccacatg     16920
     agcttccaca cactgagaag tgtccgagaa attggtgggg cctctgaagg aggctgtgag     16980
     cagcccacct gaactcccag ctcaccagcc caaacagggt gcaggggctc tggccctgaa     17040
     gaacctgagt ggagtggaat ggcactggct ggccactcag ctcagcgggc gacgtgcccc     17100
     tacaagttgg cagaagtggc tgccactgct gggtttgtgt aagagaggct gctgccacca     17160
     ttacctgcag aaacctgggt ggaaggaaaa gagatccagg gtgaggagca aaaggtacct     17220
     cctagagccc ctggatgcca ccccaggctg gggtaatcag tccagagtcc tggccagctc     17280
     tcaaagggtt aattcagaga gagcacctgc caccccacca gccaggtgac tgtaaacagg     17340
     gctgccctcc tccctctgct ctccttcact ccctcttctt ggctctaatc agcccccttg     17400
     tccctccatt ctctgctgtt ccagcctaag gaggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttt     17460
     ggggggcggg gtgtatctgt gtctttgtaa agccgagaga gggaggtctc caggaggagg     17520
     aaaataggag caagaaaact aaactctctc ctcccccacc tggagtggtt ttccagcctc     17580
     aggtggctgc agtaattatt tactaggtcc catagagaaa gaccaggaga ggaaggaggg     17640
     agcgttcctt gcttccttga agctcccaag aaccccactg gcacccacgc tcacctggtc     17700
     tgctgacact tcttcttcta cctgggaaac ctccccctat gccagccttt ctcggtctac     17760
     cctccattcc taggagatga ttaggggcac agaggctcac ccctgggact cctcgggaag     17820
     ggctcccctg ggcatagtgc tccacccatt ttgcctctgg gtgcaaaaaa gcaaaacaaa     17880
     acaaaactgc cacggtggca ccagttcagc cagcgccagc cagcatgaat gtggacggcc     17940
     aatgatcttt taggaattct ggcagtgggg ccactccctc ttgagggccc ctttcttcca     18000
     tagtctcctc ccaggcctgt cccccaaaac tcctctgacc tctgcccctc atccttgcca     18060
     ggccctcccc tgctcacttc acgccacttc tcacctcttc caagctcttt gggttttcca     18120
     agtaccccct tcagaatcct tgcccagcca aaccctctgc ttcccctggc ctgtggggcc     18180
     caatctcacc ttctcatagg ggctacgatc ggtactgcta gggggcacat agcgcccatg     18240
     ggtgtggtag gtggggtact cgctcatagg atggtaggta tcccgggctg gaaagatgtc     18300
     cagctgcccg tagttctttc ggcggcactg acagacagcc tggggagata ggaggttatg     18360
     gcaggccatg gagtgccttc taccgggggg ctctgatcag ggccagggac tgcactcacc     18420
     aaggcaatga gatagacaat ggccagcgca accagaacac agaccagcac cagcagcgcg     18480
     atgccccagc ctggcacccc agccccagac tgggcagaga aaggaaatgg cacatcactc     18540
     actaaaagga aaagcagtgg tcagggcagt ctcccagagg aggcgcccct cccgctgcca     18600
     gcactaagga aagagcgggg acccagacac tggaaggaga ggggccccgg catggtgctg     18660
     ggctgcagcc agggaagtag cctcaccgct gacgtctgag atcgtcaggt tatatcgaga     18720
     ggctgcttcc gttttatact gattgaactg tgtctccacg tcgtggacat tgatggtacc     18780
     ttctcggaag gccagagtca attgtaccac cacagatcct ggcctggtca cagggaaatg     18840
     ggcacttcag ccacgggtcc cagctctggc tcagcactct tcccccaacc ttaagtgcac     18900
     cagtccctcc ctacggtcat gaccaccacc caccctccaa ccaccacact gggtccacac     18960
     ccagaactgt acctgaactt aatattggag aggcccagaa aacccccttg tttataaatc     19020
     tgcaaaaact ggggtgagag ggaaaggact caggcttgat gcaaagggtg tggacagttc     19080
     tgatggctgc ttcaggggag catggggaag gaaaggccga tactcaccat ttcagaaatg     19140
     tctctctgca gctcttggta gtagtcggtg ctgggatctt ccagagagga attaaactgg     19200
     aggtttgaaa tgtgaaaaga caggaaaaag aaagagaccc cagtagacaa ctggggagaa     19260
     gtgctgtgat tggaggaggt gagaggaggt accgtgctat ggtgagtgct actggcatca     19320
     gtcttggtgc tatggctggc aagggtggta ggagtatcag agtggtggct gggaattgag     19380
     aatggagtgc tcttgctggc tggggttgtg gtagccctgg cagaggtgcc gttgtgcacc     19440
     agagtagaag ctgagcctga tgcagagcct gaggccgagg tgacattgtg gactggaggg     19500
     gcggtggagc ccaaggcggg cctgttgtcc ggggccgagg tgacaccatg ggctgggggg     19560
     gcggtggagc ccggggccgg cctggtgtcc ggggccgagg tgacaccgtg ggctgggggg     19620
     gcggtggagc ccggggccgg ggtggagccc ggggcccgcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     19680
     acaccgtggg ctgggggtgc ggtggagccc ggggccggcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     19740
     acaccgtggg ctgggggggc ggtggagccc ggggccggcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     19800
     acaccgtggg ctgggggggc ggtggagccc ggggccggcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     19860
     acaccgtggg ctgggggggc ggtggagccc ggggccggcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     19920
     acaccgtggg ctgggggggc ggtggagccc ggggccggcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     19980
     acaccgtggg ctgggggggc ggtggagccc ggggccggcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     20040
     acaccgtggg ctgggggggc ggtggagccc ggggccggcc tggtgtccgg ggccgaggtg     20100
     acaccgtggg tggagcccgg ggccggcctg gtgtccgggg ccgaggtgac accgtgggct     20160
     tggggggcgg tggagcccgg ggccggcctg gtgtccgggg ccgaggtgac accgtgggct     20220
     gggggggcgg tggagcccgg ggctggcttg ttgtccgggg ctgaggtgac atcgtgggct     20280
     ggcggggtgg tggagcccag ggctggcctg gtgactggga ccgaggtgac atcctgtccc     20340
     caggtggcag ctgaacctga agctggttcc gtggccgggg ccagagtgac atcctgtccc     20400
     tgagtggtgg aggagcctga accggggctg tggctggaga gtacgctgct ggtcatactc     20460
     acagcattct tctcagtaga gctgggcact gaacttctct gggtagccga agtctccttt     20520
     tctccacctg gggtagagct tgcatgacca gaacccgtaa caactgttgc gggtttaggg     20580
     gctgtggtag ctgtaagaag ttaaagtcat agggttgggt ctttatgaag gaaaaataag     20640
     agcaagaaga aaatataagc tctggccacc agagaaataa taccaggagg actggggagt     20700
     gggcagcctc agtaacccct gggttggccg cctccttccc tgcagcagcc tccttctctc     20760
     tgcccatagg ccttggctca tggcccctgc atttcttccc ctcttaagcc ttccctctcc     20820
     ctactctctt ccccctagac ttctctacag gacatttgct tgcccctggt acccactctc     20880
     agggttgggg gcaactcttc tcagcctgtc cttagcctct ccctccttct ggcacagaca     20940
     gggcagcctc tgtctgcaat tcttacctta acttcatggt gccatctgcc agggagcaaa     21000
     acccacagaa agaccacgaa gaccacctaa gcagggcagc ccactcccca cctcgtgccc     21060
     ctcacctgta agcactgtga ggagcagcag caggaagaaa ggagactggg tgcccggtgt     21120
     catggtggtg gtgaaatggg tggggagggg gcagaacaga ttcaggcagg cgctggctgc     21180
     ttgagaggtg gagcgggcac aggcgcctac cgctttatac cggtcccccc actccccgcc     21240
     cgcccgccct aggcacagcc ggagcaggtg acaggtgaca aaaccccgcc ccctccccta     21300
     cctcctacct cttcctcctc ctccccaacc attcctgggt agggtacaag ggctctaatc     21360
     gctcaacccc ctgactaccc gtttgttctc cagctggcct ccccctttca ccaaccactc     21420
     cctggctccg ggggaggggg gaggggcagt ctggaacttg gggcccctgg gctctagttt     21480
     tagcctcagg gcaacaacta acgtggggat ggggaacaaa gccagctagg tcgaggtcct     21540
     gtacagcaag gtcgggaagc ccacccctag gtctcccact ccacttcccc gccctccccg     21600
     ggtccactga agcagagcgg ggccgagaaa taagagggct ggataatgag tggactaggt     21660
     gctagttttg ggctccctcc ccccaccact tcccggaata gccccaccct tctaaccgct     21720
     ccctgtcccg ttccacacgc agttctaccc tgaaacccac agtccccgcc ccagccggac     21780
     tttccagcag cctgggttcc ctccttggag aaagccaagg agggagtggg ggaagaaatt     21840
     tccacttaag ggagtaaacc tgggctccga tgaaccctag ggtccttcct tgccactctc     21900
     caccactggc caggagctcc tcccgccctc tagtggtcac cgggagcctt gcggggctgg     21960
     gccgcgcaag ctgaggggcc gctcggaccg ggcggagagg agtaagggca gcgctgccta     22020
     agtgaggcag cgagagcccg cgagagggaa gcagggcccg ggagagaagg gtcactgccg     22080
     tggccaggga gggaggaacg cacagcatgg tggacggctg ggagctttag gagggggcac     22140
     tccgggacgc gtggtggtgg cgtctggagg aaatggagct aagcgggtgg ggtcctgagg     22200
     tatgtggaag gggcaccgag gtatgtggga gaggacgttg gaacgtgggc gggggagttg     22260
     gacacgttct gtgtgggccg ttatgtactt aagaggcaga tcgggcgtgg cacggtggct     22320
     cacgcccgta atcccaacac tttggaaggc cgaggcgagt ggatcacaag gtcaggggtt     22380
     caagaccagc ctggccaaga tggtgaaacc tcgtctctac taaaaactac aaaaattagc     22440
     cgagcgtggt ggcgggcgct gtaaccccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc     22500
     ttgaacccgg gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgc gccattgcac tccagcctgg     22560
     gcgacagagc aagactccgt ctcaaaacaa aaaagggggg ggcagagagt aggtggggtg     22620
     acagaatggg atttacggac acagaactat cctttgggga gcagagtggt attggggaca     22680
     ggtaggcacg tagcgggggg caaaagcaca cgtgaggtgc gtaatgcgcg acagccaaga     22740
     ggtgtgtgcg gcagcagtgc acgaggggag gaagctatcc caggccgcgg cagcacgtgg     22800
     aacttgggtc ccgcagtcgc aggctgcgct ctaggccgac ggaagcagtt ccgcctgtat     22860
     tcagaaaaca gttctcagcc ccaaagacac aggttggaaa gaacacttta aaaacacttc     22920
     ggcgaggcac gggattggag cgcatcagat cagcaggcga gagaccaccg ctctcgcccg     22980
     cgcgccgcgc ggcgcccgag gcgcagcttt gtgtgcggcg agaccctggg gcaggcgctg     23040
     ggcggggtgg ggacatctga cgtcagcgcg cccgggagcg cgggccgggg aggcggggag     23100
     ccccccaact cgcaggccgg agaaaacacg agtagctagg tgggcggccc caaacctcaa     23160
     ctcccggcat tgccaagcaa cagccattca gttcggttgc tgggacacgc gtcaccatgg     23220
     cgacggctcc gcgccgcgca gtctgagtac ttaaagagca agcgcgcgca acgcccgggc     23280
     gtcggaaagc ggccttctgg gactccgcaa actcccgttc tccctccccc ctcccccttg     23340
     ccattccctt tgccttccgg gcgccaagtc tctctggcct ccaaggtgaa cccaactccc     23400
     cagcgcgccc cgggttcccg ggtcgggccg gcttcaggcg gtggggagcg ggatcccggg     23460
     ccccgggcgg gcgggaggga cgggacgcgg tgcagtgttg ttttttcccc cgccaatatt     23520
     gcactcgtcc cggcctccgg cccccccggc cccccggcct ccccgctacc cctagcgggg     23580
     cagcccccgc cctcctggct ctccatcccg gcggatcttt gatagactgg agtgtcgccg     23640
     ctgccaccgt gagtaagtgg gtctgggagg acttcgggca tcctccctca ggcaccctat     23700
     ccttcactta actccatcca gcacctcccc cacccgcatc cccaaatcag ccaaacttcc     23760
     cctagatccc taacttccac cctcccaggc tttctcttct actcgccgat tccttccact     23820
     tccccaccct atcccggaaa atccctaaaa taagcagttg cactggctta gaaaacaacc     23880
     aaaactttat ggcaatgtgc tgtcatcttt cctggggtta gtgcctgagt aatacccctt     23940
     gaaaacttct catcccctga agggtggggt gaccacccct ctgggactga actccttttg     24000
     ggagccagag aagggtctgt ggttggctga ggggctgtag cttagacctc agggtctcca     24060
     ggatggaccc caaggccaaa gggtctaaaa ttctgaattc tgaatctggt ggcctcctcc     24120
     tcacaccctt ccctggagca gctgcctccg gaatggctca aagtcctcag gcactgtgtc     24180
     tgaagaaggg gaaataagta aggtcagagg atgtggctct cccacaaggc atgaaggatt     24240
     aggttgatct caatcagcca cctcaccatt gcatcgatac tggagattgg accaaattat     24300
     gttttcttgg gagaagcaga atacaccaag acgcccccct cgcatggatg tgtcaatgat     24360
     caccccagaa tccgccacaa gctggggtcc ctcatagagc ttcaccctgt ccaggattcc     24420
     aggataggag tatccattgg tgctagggtg ccagtgggca ctgtgccacc atgcctgggg     24480
     ccttgctttt ccccagcccc ccttgagctc accaggcctg agagagaagg gagggaggga     24540
     aagggaggca ggaaggagag ggaagggggg tgcttttctc aggcctgggg cccctagctc     24600
     tttgtccagc tccttttgca tctcaaagca ccagccgcat tccaagcgag gattgggttg     24660
     ccatgacaat aagcacaatg ggctgggggg tgaagtcacc cgcttcccag gctctagtcc     24720
     accccctttt atcccctgtc ctggcacccc acagccccag gcaccttaaa ggggaaccaa     24780
     cccaggttcc tggactctgg gctcttggcc atggaaagtc cagcctctaa gcagacccat     24840
     ttcccctccc ttcctgttca tctccaccaa ctagggctac ttgttggaga gaaatgcaaa     24900
     gttgtggaca aagtgttgaa ccgaggcctg tgaagtcagg gccttgattt tctcttctgt     24960
     aaatgatgat gccttccagg tcagatgatc cctatccacg ttgataagac aggttccagg     25020
     tcataccaac taagggacca gatgtgatgt gccccttcac agattggcct gggtttggag     25080
     gcttctggag aactgtaaag ggcatctaac ccaatgccct cattttacag acgggaaaat     25140
     gggtcatgga ggagtgactt caccaacatc actcataggt gcttgtgtcc gtggtgagaa     25200
     gggtgatgga gagaagtggc tgcagttccc acccatggag aggtcactgg tgaatcccag     25260
     ctaaagagga aggacaggcc cggcctgagt cccacaggtg ggctcagccc ctctccttac     25320
     cgaatgtagc caacttgagg ccggtgcaga agctgccagc gataggaggt cttgtcccgc     25380
     cagcccacat ttcgtgggtc tgtccacagc agtcgtacct gatcaggggt gtggccagta     25440
     tgccacaggg catttcggag gtgctcacct gggccagaca ctgatgtcac tgcctaggag     25500
     acattggcaa agacagtggg tcaactgcag aactggagtg aggggagaca acaggtcggt     25560
     aagtgcaggt gggaaaggga ttcaaggcgg tcatgaaaat gccctggggc cccagagagc     25620
     cggcctccaa gccagatgtc tgggtaagag ggttcccagt caagcagtgg gggaggccct     25680
     ggggctgcag aggagagctt tgggaaaggg ccctgggttg cggaatctga gcagctgggg     25740
     accttgagct gcagcccggg ctgggcaacc gcccggaagg gtgtagcctg ccagtaggtc     25800
     tgctcggtct gcttccacat gactacgtag aagcggccac tgtcttgata actgaagaga     25860
     aagcctgcgt agtcatcatc agtcactgtg ttcacatgga aggtgccttc aaagtccaca     25920
     ccattgaagg ccgtgtatcc tggggtgggg gtgggataaa ggtcaggggc agcaaagcta     25980
     ctggcggccc atcatggggt aaagttggga agggatgcct gctatgtatg tggccagctt     26040
     gtgccactgc cttctctctc gccactttgc ccattctccc tgtctgtttc ctcccctacc     26100
     ctctgcccct ataggattcc tccatttgga agtgattgaa ctgcatatcc cttacatacc     26160
     aactgccaag ccagggtcac tgttcatggt ctgaacgatt tccatgccct ggggttgtat     26220
     agtaaagaaa aagctgtgat gcaggtgtgc tatccctccc aggccccccg tcccagtagc     26280
     cctgtctgat agcacctgcc cagcccactg ccccgagtta cctggttgag cacaacccag     26340
     tttgggtcaa tctgagcatc accctcagga tccaggacga cggtctgata ggcccgaaaa     26400
     tccgtaagcg ttacctctgc actttcagga cacacatcca gggggtcgac cacagcatca     26460
     ttgtcaaagt catcctcaca cacatcacca acgccattgc ctgggcagag tgaggctggg     26520
     tgctcaggaa ggccctggcc actgccatta ggcaacaata ccatctgttg ggcctgcatt     26580
     cctgacatct ttccccacct tgcccttcct cacttcccaa cagggcttgc tgcctccacc     26640
     tgggcaaagg caacaccagt ctaacgtgct ctgggtccgc aggcttacca tctgagtcct     26700
     tctgattggg attgggtacc aggcggcagt tatcgggacc aggaggcaca taatctggga     26760
     tgccatcatt gtcatcatcc ccatcacact catctccaag tccatcgtta tcagagtcca     26820
     gctgggagct atttggcagc tgtgggcagt tgtccttggt gtcctgatgc ccatccccat     26880
     cgctaatcag aagaacaggt accaaataaa ggatttaaag gtactccttg tccttccctt     26940
     cgcttctgcc tgggagtctc tggagcctgc tctccataca atcagacccc tggcagtcag     27000
     ccaggtgagg tgaaggtctg gcagtaggaa tggagggatg actgtaagaa taaattcctg     27060
     ctgaatagca atagagaatt aaggctaaat catagaagga atttagaata tactatggcc     27120
     tgggcacagt ggctcatgcc tgtattccca gtactttggg aggccaaggc gggcagatca     27180
     cctgaggtca ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacacgat gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa     27240
     aacacaaaaa ttagctgagc ttggtagcac gcgcctgtaa tcccagctac tcgggaggct     27300
     gaggcaggaa aatcgcttga accctggagg tggaggtcgc agtgagccga tatcactgca     27360
     ctccagcttg agtgacagag caagactcca tctcaaaaaa aaaaaggagg ccgggcacgg     27420
     tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg caggcaaatc acgagatcag     27480
     gagatcgaga ccatcctggt taacacagtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa acacaaaaaa     27540
     ttagccgggc gtggtggcag gcgcctgtag tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcagaag     27600
     aatggcgtga actcgggagg tggagcttgc agtgagccga gatcatgcca ctgtactcca     27660
     gcctgggcga cagagcaaga ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggata tactagagga     27720
     aagtaaaata tcccctataa gaccttgcat ttcgctggca cagtggctca cacctgtaat     27780
     cacagcactt tgggaggcag aggctggcgg atcacctgag gtaaggagtt cgagaccagc     27840
     ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtctctac tgaaaataca agaattagct gggcttggta     27900
     gcacatgcct gtaatcctag ccactcaggg aggttgaggc atgagaatca cttgaccctg     27960
     ggagacggag gttgcagtga gccaagatcg tgccactgta ctccagccta ggtgacagag     28020
     caagactccg tctcagaaag acaaaaaaaa gaaagacctt gcgtctcttg accaagacct     28080
     tacctgtctt cattagtatc acagacatcc cccaccaggt cgctgtctgc atctgtctga     28140
     gagagaggga cctgttctca ccatctcctc ttgataactc tgaagagggt gatctgacca     28200
     ctttccatcc aaagggctgg ggcttcatcc atcagtaccc tcatccctcc cctgtcctta     28260
     ccatctccct gtacctgggt aggattgctc atttcagggc agctgtcgca agcatctccc     28320
     accccgtcct catccctgtc tgtctgtagt gggttgggga ctttagggca attgtccaat     28380
     ccattgggga tgcctagaag acatgggtag cacaaggttg ttactagaac atgccatatt     28440
     ctctcttcta ggttggtgaa agtcccgaac tttgtctccc cacccagagg acaactggcc     28500
     aggaaatctg cctgtttctt gtctcaccct ctagtccaca ctctgcctaa cactacgccc     28560
     tacctcacat tcctattgac atctgctgca ggtaatctct cctcacccag gccaacgtcc     28620
     acaagcctgc ctccctattt cacagagact tcctagcttc cctgcttcat ccccacctga     28680
     tccaaattct cacaggtccc ccagccaccc cttcagcccc aggcctgcac catccccatc     28740
     cacgtcgttg tcacaggcat ctccttcccc attgccatct gtgtccttct ggtcattgtt     28800
     gggaacgttg gggcaattgt cacaggcatc accaaatgaa tctgtatctg agttctgctg     28860
     gtctttgttg gggaacagcc ggcagttgtc ctgggcagag gggtgggagg ggaagggtca     28920
     ggtctcccct aaatcacttg tcatcttgca cctaccttgt ctctgtatcc ttttctaaga     28980
     tcacaccctt gtgatggaca aactgctcag tacagtccca cccacccagc ctccttgtcc     29040
     tgggcacgag gtttttgcct ccctgatttg gagtatttgg cccttactag agagctgcca     29100
     gatgaggtaa gtgaggcaca gagaggacag gaggagggga gaggagcttc aaggggcagg     29160
     gcagtctggg agtcacctca acattcttga tcccatcccc atcagcatca tcatcacact     29220
     ggtcccccac accatcatta tcagcatctt cctgcccaga gttgggtgtc aaaaggcagt     29280
     tgtcctaaag ttcaggggaa gaggatggat gagttctggc ctgacccagc ttgggctccc     29340
     cactacgccc ccttgcccgc ctgctccctg cacctgtttg cagtgtttgt tgttgtccat     29400
     gcagggcagt gcttggtctg ggtagccatc gatgtctgtg tcagtcccac acacgttccc     29460
     attcccagcc cagcccacgt tacactaggg caacacaaag ggtaggagct agcagtttgg     29520
     tctggctccc ctcctcccta tattttccct gcttcaggtc ctattctccc caccaaacag     29580
     ttcctgggcc caggcccacc tctctcctat gaagaccccc aacccaggcc ctaaacatag     29640
     ccctactcct ttccccagac cctccctttt ccttccacgc ctgaagccta gctcacctgg     29700
     caggacactg caccattgcg ttcaaagaga cagtgagcat ggatgtggca ggggctgtgg     29760
     gctgggctgt ggcaggtccg ggctgggagg cagccctggc tctggttgcc caggaaaccc     29820
     aggcggcagg gaccacactt gaaagagccc taagagtgga gaggcagcat cttaggaagg     29880
     agggtgagcc caccaggcac ccaggaccag cactgctcca cctgcggagt gtgggctggg     29940
     cactcagtta tgccaggcat atcagtatct cctttaggtt atcatgacaa cctttcaggg     30000
     tggataacag cctcagtttt cagatgagga agctgaggct cagaaaagtt aaataacctg     30060
     ctaaagagct agcaagaggc aaaccagtat tccaaaccaa gtccatgtga acacctaatc     30120
     tgtgtagtgc cctggggagg aggaaaggca gcaggaaatt tgaaggtaag aaggggcggg     30180
     ggttggggtt ttaccattcc caccacccca gaatacactc aggatattca gctcaccaca     30240
     gtgttggtgc agatggagtt tgggtcacag ccaccattgt tgccatcgtt gcattcatcg     30300
     atgtcattgc agacctgaag gggcagactt tgggtggaac cagacctatg gtgggtctcc     30360
     tcagatacag cagaggacac tggtatggcc ttatctgtga acatcaacat taagcccaga     30420
     cccaaagccg atgcaaagcc atccatgtcc cattcatcac aagggtccca tgtccaaccc     30480
     agaagcccct ggcctctaca aggccaagat cccttgtcca cacacactac ccagtctgac     30540
     ctgtttgctg gcccgggcat agtcaatgcc cacaccagac acctgtgtgc ccttgtaccc     30600
     tcgaggacag gcctcacagt ggaagccggg catggtgttg atgcagctgg agcccgggaa     30660
     acaggggtca gcgtgagcac actggggacc agatgagaag gcagaggtca ggccgccctc     30720
     tgggaaactc aggtccctgc ctgtgatcca ggaaccattg ctccaggtct cccctttgtg     30780
     cagctctccc cacacaactg ccttgtgctc ctggtcccca ccccacttcc ctcggggttc     30840
     cctctctccc tccccatgcc actggtcgcc atctcaagcc tcccctgcag tttccccagc     30900
     tccttccctg tatggccttc agtctttgcc ccaggccttc tgtctctccc atcttgcatt     30960
     tctcttgcct ctgacctctc ctaaactcca gattcctctc ctccggacca gcatttatcc     31020
     caccctcttg ggtgcctcct gacatcctca ccccagtttt ctgtaccctt ctgggctctg     31080
     acctccctca cctcattgat gtcactgcag tgggtgccgt tgccctgcag gccagggggg     31140
     cagggcccac agcggtagcc tgggtactcg tacacttcca tgcagtccac acctcggaag     31200
     cagggattgg ggctgcagtg ggaacgctgc tcatggaagc ctgaggggtg gacacagtca     31260
     gagctacccg gtggtcacta tttaagccac cagaagggaa agccaaagcc attgggtggg     31320
     gaacgtggca cggtcatgtg gagcctcccc tgctctccca ctcaccgcac acctgacact     31380
     ccataatggt gtttcggatc agggacattt ccttcacctg gagaaggatg gggaggagtc     31440
     agcacttgac atctgccacc ctaccccaga atcagtgcca cccttcgcca gcccacccaa     31500
     acctggtctc gtatatcatc ccgcagctcc accaggatct ggttgaagag ggtgagttgg     31560
     gtgaccagcg ccttggtctg ctcccctgtc gggacccagg gtgtgagggg ttcagtactg     31620
     gagcaccagt cctgggccct ccatgggcaa taagccagta cctgccacgg ctgcccaccc     31680
     ctgcctttaa acctactaca ttcctgactg aagaggactt agtttcaggc agctgccaga     31740
     gcctggggcc tcctccccgc tccccgcttc cgcttcagtg tggcctactc acctagaatg     31800
     gagtgcagtg cattggtcac tggagaggag aagaaaacat agtcagaggg gtgaggtgaa     31860
     gtgaagagag gcctggttgg tgagaaggag gaaggaaggt gaggacaggg acagggctgg     31920
     agccccagaa taaagatggg gtgctggatg ctgggagggc agagctggca gacaagcagt     31980
     gccagctcct tctatggggc aaaaggccct ctaagggagt tgcttcacag gaagttagaa     32040
     cccaaatcct cctggttcct aggcatggta gtggcagaag ggatggaccc aaagcagggc     32100
     cagggcccca gtatatcccc attttttttt tttttgagtc ggagtcttgc tctgtttccc     32160
     aggctggaat gcagtggcgt gatctctgct caccacaacc tccacctcct gggttcaagc     32220
     aactctcctg cctccgcctc ccaagtagct gggactacag gtgcccacca ccatgcccag     32280
     ctaatttttt gtatttttta gtagagagga ggtttcacag tgttggccag gctggtcttg     32340
     aactccggac cttgagggat cagcccacct cagcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggtg     32400
     tgagccacca cacccgccat cccattccct tcttcaagag ctctccctca aatatctggg     32460
     aaaggtgggt cttttattta ggtgagagct tctgaacatc cctgtcagag agaccaggca     32520
     gatgggcaac actcagagaa attgctggtg acagctgcca gtgagaacta taaaagactc     32580
     gagaccaggc cgggcgcggt ggcttacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttgag aggccgaggt     32640
     gggtgcatca cttgagatta ggtgtttgag accagcctgg ccaacgtggt gaaatcccat     32700
     ctctactaaa aatgcaaaaa ttagctaggc atggtggagg gcgcctgtaa tcccagctgc     32760
     ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga actcagtgga gactgcagtg acccagattg     32820
     caccactgca ctccggcctg ggcaacagga caagactcca tcaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaat     32880
     actcgagacc agtatctctt ggtcagccaa ggccaagcaa ttaaccaatt cttctcttag     32940
     atcacttttt ttctcggatg ggtgtattgg agattgtgga gtcaggtgaa agatttggaa     33000
     taacagggtt agaaacccta ggaacaggtg agccaaagga atgggtttta agggagaggg     33060
     agatcaagaa gacaggagtc accaaaggcc acaggatccg tggtccaatg tcagcaaaca     33120
     agtctctgtg ttacctgcac tgtggatgga ctcgtcccct tggaatggac actcactcag     33180
     ggctcctacc cgggccatgg acccacccag aataattttc atagattcca caaagccctg     33240
     gggggatagc agcagagtaa ggtgggaagg tctaccaacc ccttccccag ctggtgcaaa     33300
     ctctatttcc acagaactca gaggctcctc ccggctcacc tgcatcctca aatacgcctt     33360
     ctgtccagtc ctaatctcca gcccatcgac ctccgctgga ggaatggggg ccagtgctgg     33420
     aaggcctgca tgttggtcac ccagtttgca gtccacgtag agatgtaggg cagggctggg     33480
     tctggaggga cctcggagtc gcaggagaac tgtgtgtgtg cgcccatcag ccaggcccgc     33540
     ttgctgtagg ttcacggcgt ggactttgcc atcctcccgc tggtatcgca ccagtactgc     33600
     ccaggagggg agatcagtat gggcgctatc ccccaccccc tgcctcccag ctgagccttg     33660
     gatcaactct gctagatacc acatctctag ggcccctatc cctaattcta ctatgtggct     33720
     ctcaacacct tgtatttaat aggtacacaa taaatgtttt tgaaattgct ttagaggcca     33780
     ggcacggtgg ctcacacctg taatcccagc actttagaag gccaaggtgg gcagatcact     33840
     tgaggtcaga agttcgagaa cagcctggtc aacatggcaa aaccctgttt ctactaaaaa     33900
     tacaaaagtt agccaggcat ggtggtgggc acctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggctga     33960
     gataggagaa ttgcttgaac ccaggaggca gaggttgcag tgagctgaga ttgtaccact     34020
     gcactccagc ctaggtgaca aagcaagact ccatttaaaa aaataattgg tttagagaca     34080
     aatactttct tagtcttcat tggtatcaga tgactgtatc ctctcctagg gtgacagctg     34140
     gttttgtggc cactgacctg ttccagggat ctgaaagacc tttctgtatc accgctgagg     34200
     cacagagaca tgcctcaccc tccttccagg catccccaag tacaacctcc catccctata     34260
     aatatcagga ctcaagcctc accctattgt ttggtacatg ggctcctaaa gcaccttata     34320
     agcaccccat accaggtgcc cctgatgtct gggcacagcc tgatgggacc ttggtcccta     34380
     atggaggcca aggagaatga ggaagcactt gggaagtagg gatgagggag agtgcttaag     34440
     gaggtcacca ttgcaagaaa ggagatgccc accagtcacc tttgttgatc ttgcctacaa     34500
     cagaggcctc cagccatcga gtgttgtctt ggcgagaata gaggccaaag aggacaccac     34560
     cctgcttggg gggcaggcgg aaggtggata agaggtagat gtccccagca gtgagcaagg     34620
     ctgtccggat cttctctgcc acagctacca tctgccgaga ctcgcccaca gtcagcaggt     34680
     caattactgg tcaggcaggg gttatcaagg ttagagaatg ggatcaaatg ctaaggtatg     34740
     ccctcccccg agcccacatc accccctacc cccaccacca ggcagcgtta gtcacctcaa     34800
     aattcaaccc ttggctgggc atggtggctc gcacctgtaa tcccaacacc ttgggaggtt     34860
     gaggcaggtg gatcgcctaa ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cctggccaac acggtgaaac     34920
     cccgtgtcta ctaaaaatac aaaaacaaca acaaaaaaga aaaaaaaacc acctagccgg     34980
     gcgtggtggc gggcacctgt aatcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agactcgctt     35040
     gaacctgaga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatcgcgc cattgcactc cagcctgggc     35100
     aacaagagtg aaactccatc tcaaaaagac aaaacgaaaa caaaaaaaaa cctcaaccct     35160
     tgttgctctc agaggacaga ggcactgtgc cttcctttcc ccattattgc ctattactac     35220
     cttccaggaa cctgcaggtt tgagactcac ttggaaacac agaaacagca ccccacaaat     35280
     ttgagatgcc cccaccaggt ggcgcaaagg agatgctgtg ctgatccccc acaggagtgg     35340
     cacctggtgt ccacaacgta gaaatggaag gcagcttctc tttccactcc tgggtttggc     35400
     tcgttccaca ccctagttcc cctcctccca tcctaggggc gcagcacact cgctctggat     35460
     aagaacagct gcccactgag gactctaacc ctcccaccat ctgggctatc tcccacggga     35520
     atgtaggacc cagctcctct gcctcctgtg tcctggccaa tctgtggttt tccctccagc     35580
     cagtaaagaa tctatgcctg tgtcatctgc tccagctacc tctcccacat ccatcggccc     35640
     atcccaccac cagacctccg ggagagccca ggcttcttgg tccccacccc cgccctgtcc     35700
     ttgggcagcc aggagcccag ggggacgaag cccagggacc tacagtacgc ccaccttcag     35760
     gctgctctcc cagaccctag ggtgcctaca gatgctcagg aaccacccca gccaggcagc     35820
     ctgagcatcc agttcctgag tcctctgccc tggcctcatg cctgaccctg tcctgttcca     35880
     gctcccccac tactctccgg tgcccactcc tctccaccag gccataattt caccaactct     35940
     aggcagtctt aagttttcct ctggctcaat ttctggactc ttcccctctc cccttgccca     36000
     catgttctct gctacttggg ctgagggcaa atggggaaga agcagagagc ggtctaagag     36060
     gatggagaca ggcttaccct gcagatcctg actggcagat gtgaaaaagc aaaggaggag     36120
     aagagccagg gccccccgaa gttcctgcgt ctccatgcct ctcagccggc tcactacccc     36180
     tggcaggcag gcagctggga ggggaaaagg ctaggcggag agagcaggag ccggggggcg     36240
     gagggacaga attggagggg gggccagcag gcgggtgagg gggggctgaa acaaagagct     36300
     gccaatcacc ctggaggcat catcagctct gggaaccagg ggcactggga aagaatcctg     36360
     gaggcctccc tgctttctac ctctccctaa tgatcctccc ccaggtgcct ccctctccgc     36420
     agtcatcatt gttgggggtc tcggcacaca gcgctaccga atgccactgt tttctggaag     36480
     ccacgattgt ggaaggcaag aacccctggc aggggcagtg ctagacagtg ggcattattc     36540
     cacagctggc aggaaaggat gccaagggag tggccgcaac tagcttgcta tagtgcccag     36600
     ggatgcccac atggcatgaa ttttgctgtt ctggcggagc aagtgctctt tattagggtg     36660
     gggggtcccc tgacaagtgc ctgtttctcc attttccctc attcgtagga aagcttggga     36720
     gtctggaagc gtctgacggg aactgaaggg agaatctaaa gcagtggtca gtgaggtcag     36780
     agtgaagaaa ccaaaaaaga ggaaagggac accagggaca ggcgcagaag accaggggta     36840
     caggcgagga gccaaggacc agactgtgga acactgtggg tactagcgga cgggccgtga     36900
     cccggatgaa gcagaggggc gcctgagttc ccgtcaccta agcgacagcc tgcgagcctc     36960
     tcttcccctc ccccacccaa gccccagccc ggcctccgct ccggccgccg ccaccgcccc     37020
     tgttttgttt ccatggcgac aggcggcgca gggcccgctc caaacataac gcgctgtgga     37080
     aaacatgctg ctcgggggac ccccccgcag tccccgctcg gggacgagcc ccaaggggcc     37140
     ctggagcagt acaggccacg tgcagtttgg caagagcccc cagacctggc ccaggcgcac     37200
     aagaccccgc tctccagagc ctgccgcgcc ttcaggggtt cggggctcca cttggacgag     37260
     gcgccgtgac actccgaggc gcgccgggcc gacagcgctg tcccgctacg tgggccacct     37320
     ctggatgggc cggcggccgc cctcccccga ggcccgcggc ccagtccccc gcagttcagc     37380
     tgccagtcgg gccagaagaa gcctcgcctc cccggggatc tccccaggcc ccctgaccgc     37440
     aacgatcgga ggggcggtgg cggggggcgg gcccaggcag gggagggcag aagcacacaa     37500
     ggaagtgttt ccgggacaga gggtgggcaa gatggcggcg cccatggagc tgttctgctg     37560
     gtcagggggc tgggggctgc cgtcagtgga cctggacagc ctggccgtgc tggtgagggg     37620
     tggcgccggc gccctctgct gtgccctgat gactggggag ggggccgaac tagccaagca     37680
     tccaaacctt gccagggcta ctcagcacgg gcgcagtggg ggaaactgag gcagtcaaag     37740
     agcgtacgtg gccgatatgg cctcagtgcc ctatgctgta gttttctagg cttaatgcag     37800
     caatgaaaag acgcctggtt gggagttcag gtgatgggtt ctagtccttg ctcatccatt     37860
     cactggctgt gtgaccttgc ggagatcctt tctctttggg catttttttt ctccattcgg     37920
     aggtttacta ggctggactg tctcagggac ctactctagc ttggaattcc tgccttctcc     37980
     tcagccccct tctcctcttc ctcctcactt aacagcattt actgaggcta ttgtttgtta     38040
     gaccaaacga ctcacagcca ggctttgtat aaagagctta gcaatcagac ttcctttgct     38100
     tcatttattc attgactcct tgctttaaag aggatctatt agatttcttc caaatattaa     38160
     acattgccag gcaaagatga ataaaatttg gttcctccct tcgagtttac agaaaggcag     38220
     ataggtaagc aaataaatat aataaaatat tcacatataa gttaaagtag gaacagacca     38280
     cagatactgc caaagagaag ggcattatca gtgcttccaa gaagagggat actggttagg     38340
     aaaagcttct gaggatagat gttcaccagg tagatggcaa gagaggagat agaggaaagg     38400
     attttcctgg ctgtcctgta atcacagaca tgtccggaat ctctctgagc cctgtgttgt     38460
     ccatttgtaa aatagaaatg gtagtgactc cccctttttt ttcgagacta agatactaag     38520
     tatagggaat ggcacataag gtattcaata aatgttattt ctcttcttga taccactgtg     38580
     ggggacatgg ctctgcctct ctgacttctg cttccttccc tgcagaccta tgccagattt     38640
     actggtgctc cactgaaggt acacaagatc agcaacccct ggcagagccc ttcaggtacc     38700
     cagtatccct tgggggtaag gaagggtgtg tacaagggga gaagcaagaa ataggcagga     38760
     atgtgttgca actatgtatg actaggcagc taagggtctg gttggtatac ttccctctca     38820
     atatcaggaa ctctgcctgc ccttcggacc agtcatggag aggtcatctc agttccacac     38880
     aagatcatca cccaccttcg aaaagaggta ggtgacttgg atagaggggg ctgccagtga     38940
     gagaagttca gtcaattcta tacaatacac atttattgag caccagatat atgccatgct     39000
     agatgcaggt gacccagagc atcaaggagc aacagtcttg tggcagagac acacacaatg     39060
     tcactgtgat gtattaaagc agtcggcaag agatgaaact tagggcactg tgaggcaggg     39120
     agggagagga gcacaggctg aaggagagtg gaagacagca gttggcctct gatggtggga     39180
     ctggagagag atttctaagg gccacttcct gttttcaggg actaggttgg gctagatatg     39240
     gggctcagga tggacaaggc ttagagccag gttggagaag atgaaagagc attactagag     39300
     gagtggggag gcctaggcta tgctctttac tctgccattg actatgtgat ctcgggcagg     39360
     ccatgtaacc tctcagggct gtgcactccc ttatttgtaa aactagaggg ctgggccagc     39420
     atgttttcca agggttcttc tagcattgac ggtcaggttc caagagggaa cagtgtcaga     39480
     agtaggacac tcttcctcat ttctaacttc ccaaaggttg aggacctggg gaattaattg     39540
     agaggcctgg aaagagagga tccagataaa agccaaagtt cctggcagag ccgaggccac     39600
     tgccctgatt gcttaggtgt gaacagagct tttccagttt ccaaagtatt ctaaattatt     39660
     tcctaacaca ggggcattca gagaaagaga ttcttacccc cattccacag gggagaaact     39720
     gaggcttagg gagatttaag gatcatgctg aagaggttat ctggggacaa agcttactca     39780
     ggatgtggag ggggatgctg aggaacaggg actggagcct gggaaggtag ggcaggctga     39840
     gacctggggg tatgggtgga atgtgtatgt ggtaatggtg tctgagcgat ggaatgaagt     39900
     gaaagaaata gccaagagct gggcactgag ggaacaagct ggggggccct gggcgtgggt     39960
     tccctggatc cagggagtgt gaggatggct ttctctggtt cctgaggcat ggaccgagtc     40020
     ctagcctgca tctgagctcc gttgtgctag ctttgtggtg tctgggtcgg ggaagttact     40080
     gttagaaagt tgccgtcagc gggcgttgtt ccagctttcc atggaaattc tgggagctgc     40140
     tcctagtttg cggcggagcc ttccttcctt ccctgcattg ggcgctggac cttcacggcc     40200
     aggaggctcc aaggcccagg cttttcgcca acagcaacag gctactggct gggcccaggc     40260
     aagggggcct tggcaggaaa agttccttgc tgtacctcca ctgcactcag aggccagtga     40320
     ggggggtacc agacaggact ccttcctccc tggtgaagtg cccttgcagc tccctagtgt     40380
     ccacgccatg gatatttcct ccacagaagt acaatgctga ttatgatctg tcagctcggc     40440
     aaggggcaga caccctggcc ttcatgtctc tcctggagga gaagttgctc ccggtgctgg     40500
     tgagtgtgcc cagacctccc agcatccatg gccagccggg gagggttcgg gaacacacag     40560
     acccacacac aggctcagga aagcatgggg gtcagaagcc caccttgaat cagacaggtg     40620
     cactggctca gacctacctg tttcttcctg cccacccaat ccaggtacat actttttgga     40680
     tagacaccaa gaactacgtg gaagtgaccc ggaagtggta tgcagaggct atgccctttc     40740
     ccctcaactt cttcctgcct ggccgcatgc agcggcagta catggaacgg ctacagctgc     40800
     tgactgggga gcacaggcct gaggacgagg aagagctgga gaaggaggta gctctgagac     40860
     cgggggctat tgtatgagat gagccccaag gatgctggcc aggaatggga gtgcttaggt     40920
     ggggaggtgg cactgttccc acagctgcaa gcctacctgt gtcgccccta cagctgtacc     40980
     gagaggctcg ggagtgtctg accctgctct ctcagcgcct gggctctcaa aagttcttct     41040
     ttggagatgc gtgagtctga ctccaagagg gtaatgggtg gcttggaaga agatacaggt     41100
     tcagatggag cagctggagc tggggctggg gctggggctg gctcaggctc tggataggag     41160
     gtccctggga tagaaactgg ccctagtgac agtgtgactg tgtgggggcc agagccttct     41220
     cagaggtaca aaagggtagg gtgggagggc agccaggcac aggaggggcc tgaagagctg     41280
     tggggcactg aatgtgccct ttatgcagcc ctgggataga gccctattca gggccaggct     41340
     ggcgccacct ggggatctct ccccatacca ggtctagaac tgtgtgtcct gtccttccct     41400
     ggtggccgcc tgctgcccag agcccacctc ccaaggctga ctcttcctcc agctccatct     41460
     ttaccccttc taccccagtg gttctcctcc atcccaccct tctctctctg ctccagccct     41520
     gcctccttgg acgccttcgt cttcagctac ttggccctgc tgctgcaggc aaagctgccc     41580
     agtgggaagc tgcaggtcca cctgcgtggg ctgcacaacc tctgtgccta ttgtacccac     41640
     attctcagtc tctacttccc ctgggatgga ggtaaggggc agatgggagg ggcagccctg     41700
     gggagagtgg gcagggatcc aagaactagt tctcctaaca caccttcctt ccttgaccct     41760
     cagctgaggt accaccgcaa cgccagacac cagcaggccc agagactgag gaggagccat     41820
     accggcgccg gaaccagatc ctatctgtgc tggcaggact ggcagccatg gtgggctacg     41880
     ccttgctcag cggcattgtc tccatccagc gggcaacgcc tgctcgggcc ccaggcaccc     41940
     ggaccctggg catggctgag gaggatgaag aggaatgatt tgtcctcacg ctcccaagac     42000
     tggtttttct actctcatgc attccagagg cccccgtgcc tcctcgttgt tggtacagcc     42060
     ggacacgggg tgctgccacc cagaataaag ccactcacac tgactgggct caaacatttt     42120
     ctcctttaag agctgccatt tttcctggct ggtgccatag gaatcatctg ggtgcctggg     42180
     cacacccgct gctgctttaa ggcttccgcc ctgatgctga cactgctgct ccacgggccc     42240
     agttctgcat ctccaggaaa gacaaacagt ctccagtttt gggcccagct ttcctagtct     42300
     cttcttttcc ttaccctcag ccctgatctt gtgtttgtac ggacagtgag ctcaccctag     42360
     gcctggaccc aggcccagtt tccaaagcaa gcagcacaca gcgcatgttc acataagcat     42420
     gggggctggg gggacactgg ggcttactga tctttttcta ggggcctcca gcccctggca     42480
     ccacctagag gggaaagtga gtcacccaaa ccattgcccc tgggcttacg tcgctgtaag     42540
     ctcacgctgg ccctgttgtg ccctctttag tcacagacag cgtgtgagct gactctgtcc     42600
     ctttaatgcc caggctgagc ccagtgcctc cttgagtatc tgctccatca ctggcgacgc     42660
     cacaggtagg tgtgaatgga gtagccaggt gagattgtct ccaggaagcc cacagcagga     42720
     tccttgatgg taagaggcac atccttagag gagctaggga gcagggagga gaagctgaga     42780
     gtgtgatcct gccaaggccc ccaacgctgt cttcagccca cttcccagac ctcaccattg     42840
     ccctcaccgg tttaggacga ccacaacagg agagccatcg ggatgcatca gtgccactgc     42900
     gtccgggtcg ttcttctgac tggcaaccag ccccactctc tgggagccct caggaatgaa     42960
     cttgctgaat gtgggaacag atggtcagag tccctcgggg tacctcccat gaaaccctca     43020
     tctaagaagt cgcccaccca cggacccacc ccataactcc tgcaaaggct ctgccctggc     43080
     tctctaggcc tggagccatg ctgctgggca ctgaccctgc ttttctgcat cgcagtccag     43140
     cctcaggcat tggggttttc tgttgctacc tagtcacttc ctgcctccat ggcgcaaaag     43200
     gggatgggtg tgcctcttcc gaggttccac cctgaacacc ttcctgctcc ctcgtggtgt     43260
     agagtgatgt aagccatccg atgtaggaga tgataggcct ggtatggaat gggggtgccc     43320
     gccctccact cacctgaagt ggccaaggtg gtagaacatg ggctgtttgt aaaacgtgtg     43380
     cttggtgatg tctacaatga tgggttccag tcggtccagc cgaccacatg gtacaggagg     43440
     ttctagggta aggacaaagg caaagagaca aaggcgcaac actgggggtc cccagagagt     43500
     gtaggtaagg gtcacgtgtg ggagaggcag ctgtgggtag gtcagccctg tgaggggcac     43560
     attccttagt agctaaggag ttgggggtgt gaagatccag gcatctcaag gggagctgag     43620
     aagtctgagg cagctgcaag tgcctcagta gttgcaaaag gggcaatgag gtgtgcagac     43680
     ctgtgaagga aaggcaagac agggaatcat ggttccccag agttgcccaa aagggcaggc     43740
     tacctgggga aagctggaca ggaagggctt ctatcagtct ttggtgagac tactaatggg     43800
     tctgaggtct cctttgcagg aagggagact ggggtggctt actgtgatga tgctgtggct     43860
     gtactgcatc cctcgatccc aggagcctag ccgcacactc tgctcccaga acttggaacc     43920
     cacacaggcc tctgaggcaa agagcatggt gttggggaac aggtggtgtg tctcccttag     43980
     ggtggctttg gctggagcca gaaagtccag gtaccaatgt acagcaatac catgaacata     44040
     cttagctgct tctgggtctg tcagtacctg caaaggaaga acaagtcacc ctggaccctg     44100
     cccacaggct tctggaactt ctagttcctc ttgtaggaat cctgaattag gtggtgggaa     44160
     gaatgcaact acagaggttt tgggagggat tttttgtttt tgtttttgag acagggtctc     44220
     cctctgtcac acaggctgga gtacagtggc acaatcatag ctcactgcag cctgaaattc     44280
     taggctcaac taaacctccc gccttagcct ccagaatact tgggactata ggcgtgccac     44340
     caccacaccc ggctaacttt tctatttttt tttttgtaga gttagggttt caccatgttt     44400
     cccaggctca tcttgaactc cttaggttca agtgatccac ccaccttggg ttcccaaagt     44460
     gctggaatta tagccatgag ctaccacccc cagcctagag aggtttcaag tcccaactgt     44520
     gggatccatg gcaccctgga ggtcccgggg aatggtgctc taggatccat agttgggtag     44580
     aaaaatccct ctaagtttgg gagccaatca tttggatgct ggatttgaag gtcactggag     44640
     caccatggag gtccaggcct taccaccttt gcccagtggg gcagcagcaa gcgttggtca     44700
     tccagcatga gtaggcggac attgtggtga gtaccgttgg caagggtagg acctaggtca     44760
     cgggcaatga agtctcgctg atgttcaggg gtgaagccca ggcactggaa ggggtatcca     44820
     ctcaacagcc cagcagaagg ctcattttca gctgtcactg cccagaactg taacttgtgc     44880
     tcagcatagg catccaggaa cctggcaaga gaaaggtcat gaatgatcca gccaagaaag     44940
     tgggccagac cgagagaaca ggaagcctga tggagtgggc aagactgaca gatccaagtt     45000
     tgaaaggccc agaaggtaga aaggtgagct gaggacaggc agatctggaa gtggaaccag     45060
     gttgagggtt gggacacaga tcagcatggc caaaggggag gccagtcctg atcccacatc     45120
     cttgctgatc ccttacttca caatgtatct ggcccaggtc tggtggtaga tgtctctggg     45180
     ctgtcccttg agtggcccct tcccattccc cgctcccttg gtcttgagcc gagtgggtga     45240
     tgtccagggg ctggcaagga gtgaaacggg acgctgggcc aactgcaggg ctcggtgaat     45300
     caggggtatc tagagacaaa ggtagtgaag agagaagcac ccagagttgg aacacatact     45360
     agcccaacca gtgcatccgg ttcagccatt agcccccacc ctcccacccc caggacaaaa     45420
     cagcagggga caaaatgtct gtacaagcag acctacccta cagtttctca acccccagac     45480
     atcagggccc tcagggcctg aaaaagctag aatgcctacc ttgagcttgg tatcttcctc     45540
     tgggaggctg aagttgtgca actggaaatc atcaggggtg tctgcatagg tgtaggtgcg     45600
     gatggagaag tcacagctgg ccatgggtac ccagatgatg ttatatccga ttcctacaga     45660
     aaaggatgat caagatatgg tagtccgagt caataggaga gtatgggact ctgcttatca     45720
     cttgccagtc ctaatagtgt ctgagtcagg gccaaaagga acttgggctc ctgggttgga     45780
     acctgtggag gctggcacct gggtgaagcg caggcctttc tgagcctgag tccgtagcag     45840
     ttagcagatg ataggcggcg aaatcttatt tcactggcat taagacagga accaaatgtc     45900
     agggatgggc agaagtcagg gtccaaagaa ttggcaaaga aaagtgtcag tggctctatg     45960
     tcatcctgtc cccttcctcc tcatcttctt cagagaagta ccatttaagt agcaaattct     46020
     gggcaggggg tgacagggca aggatgttga gggcacctgc atctgtcacg gcccctccaa     46080
     atcccttcac tttctggaac ttctggctgc aggatcagta gcaggcctga ggacatccac     46140
     agggttatca gtgcccaggg gagaaactcc atggtgatca ctgacaccgt ttacctctag     46200
     gaggacccag cctggcccgg ggggtgaagg gtgtaatggt tacctgtgcc ggtgcaatta     46260
     gcctgtatgg tcctgtactc agctccatcc aatgcccact gcttctgctc ttgtagcggc     46320
     tgaaggcacc tagggcagga aaggtcgggg ggtcaagagt cacagtatgt ggcattgcag     46380
     acacagacca ccgagctgta ctgaagcttt tagggatgca ggggcaccac ctgggaggga     46440
     gggagcacaa gcagaggtga ggtctgacaa ggatgtggag aacggacaca gctgtttgga     46500
     gagactgaag acggtttcaa aaatcctcac cccaaagttg gtctcagtca ctcaaaagga     46560
     tttattgagc acctactaaa agtctaccac cagcttactg gaaggctacc aaaggactat     46620
     gaggcagaag ggaggctctg tgctacctcc ccactgcctt gactcactca tctgatgccc     46680
     acgacactgc ctgaagtaga agcaatcctg tgaggctgcc agccatgatg cttaccctac     46740
     ccgaaggctt gggacattcc tgaggacaga atgaggaatg actgaaaagc aagtccctct     46800
     ccacccctca actactctcc cgggcagggc ttagctgcct ttgggtgccc atggcctggt     46860
     ctcccacatt cattaggaca aggcccacag acacctgggt gcagctctcc ctgcaaccct     46920
     tctgatgaca actctctgcc caccccaaat caggatgctc cccaccactc ttcccaccca     46980
     tttcaacttc gacccctccc tccatctgtg ccttgctcaa agagccatga tggccctgga     47040
     ttcaaagaga gtctgtcatt cattaaattc cagtgccagg attccagaag cactgtgaca     47100
     atgctgattg ggagctctct ctcttacctc tctggaagga cttgaaaact ccatcacctc     47160
     agggtcacta gatgaggaga agagcacagg ggttccagag tctctgaagg atagaggatc     47220
     cactaaacaa aaacaaggat gcaggtacct gccatagcta taggcactag gttactcctg     47280
     caagtaattc tggcttccca atgtggatgg gtcatgtgat gactaggaga gtcacatgac     47340
     acaggaagtg aggcaattgc agccatattt ctaaagggca attggcttcc tccgagttgt     47400
     tacagattat acaccctata aaattctgga gggtatatgt gaatgacaac tttaggaaga     47460
     gcctagaata cgaaagacag acttggatgg agaatcgggt aaagattcct aaatcccaga     47520
     ggatgggaac cacagcaggc acgctgcttt tttgataaaa atttcaaaat gatacaaata     47580
     aagctaatac caaaaaaaaa acaaagaaca aaaacaaaaa aaccttcatt gcacaacatg     47640
     ctgaggctac cgtgatgttt aagacacagt ctttgcccta tagaggtgca tgaagcatgg     47700
     aagtcagaca cagatattta caggtaaaaa cagaaacagt aacaggtgtg catggagagc     47760
     tctctgagat gaggagggac cattcgtggg tggggaatta tccaggatgc cttcaacaca     47820
     ggaaaaagtg aggggggtta ttagccagtg aagtgtaggg cgcaaggagg gtgggacact     47880
     ggcagtgggg tggcaggact ggagggaggg gagtggtcag cttggctccc ctgcagcacc     47940
     cctcatttac tcattaaggg cctcggagag tcacatgaca caggcagtga ggcaattgca     48000
     gccatatctc taaagggcaa ttggcttcca gatgcagatt gtaataactg ttcttccttc     48060
     ctcacaggac agtgaggttt taaagtagtt cagaaaccag aaagtgttgt aaaaggccat     48120
     atgcttagtg gacatgtgaa ggaagttgtc catgccattt gcctcatgaa ccacatcaaa     48180
     tgagatttgg tgggagtggc acacacagtc atgaccagac taaccccagc tctcagccta     48240
     tttcctcacc tagaaaatgg aggcaatgcc acaacctcaa aggggtcagt gaggtaaatg     48300
     cagtgcctgg caacttggga ggcgcctggg aactatttgt ctgttgtttg tatctttttt     48360
     tgtacagttt tagtgagacg gcaaggttgg aatccttgct acaccattta ctggctgttt     48420
     gaccttcagt aaatcaatca ctctaagcct ctatttcatc tataaaaggg gagtgataac     48480
     tcctacctca tagaactgtt gtgaggtttg agtgtgataa tgtgtctcta gtacactgct     48540
     tgacactaaa cattgcaaca tgtcaggcct ctgttcctgg agttccttga aggaatgtct     48600
     tacacattct aaatatcctt gtagacagcc tggcacaggg gtagttgtca agttgtagaa     48660
     ttgaactagt tgcttcacta tgtcagtagc caccccttcc agacttcctg cttttctctt     48720
     ttttttttgt ttttttgaga tgttgtctca ctctgtcacc cagtctggag tgcagtggcc     48780
     gatctcagct caccgcaacc tctgcctccc aggttcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc     48840
     ccaagtagtt gggactacag gcacgcacca ccacgcccgg ctaatttttg tattttagta     48900
     gagatggggt ttcaccatgt tagccagact ggtctcaatc tcctgacctc aggtgattcg     48960
     cacactttgg cctcccaaag ggctgggatt acaggcgtga gccacagcac ccggcctgac     49020
     ttcctgctct tcaaggaaac gttgcacagg atttgttctg ggtagggcag gtaattatct     49080
     agtaccttac ttccctcaaa ttcattcatc tcacagatat ttcctgagca cattccacat     49140
     ttgcctctcc tgctttagcg agtttagaag ttcaaccatc tcctttctct taccctctgt     49200
     gtacagggag tgagctgctt cttttttggc caggtactga gcaaaatttt tttttttttg     49260
     agacggagtc ttgctctgtc tcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcacgatctc ggctcactgc     49320
     aagctccgcc tcccggattc acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggact     49380
     acaggcgcct gccaccacac ccggctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cagggtttca     49440
     ctatgttagc caggatggtc tccatctcct gacctcgtga tctgctggcc tcagcttccc     49500
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc acgcccagcc tagtgtctgt attttttgta     49560
     gaaatagggt cttgctatgt tgtgcaggtt ggtctcaaac tcctaaaccc aaaggatctc     49620
     ctgcctcggc tttgcagagt tctaggatta cacgcacaag gcaccatgcc cgcccctctt     49680
     ttcttctttt tatacttcat tttgtaaaat ttttccaggg tggctgggca cggtagctca     49740
     tgcctataat cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggcagtgga tagcttgagg acaggtgttc     49800
     atggccaaca tggcaaaatc ccatctgaaa tgaaaataca aaaattagct gggtgtggtg     49860
     gtgcacgcct gtaatcccag ctacttggga agctgaggta cgagaatcac ttgaacccag     49920
     gagtcagagg ttgcagagac ccaagattgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg gagacagagt     49980
     aacactctgt ttcaaaaaaa aaaaatttcc aaggtggata ttatttcaca tttcatattt     50040
     cctgtacaat gtgatttgtc cttgaggatt ttctatttta ttttctaagt aaagttagtt     50100
     ttaataagga ctaatgttta ttgtgccaaa gacaaaatta caacaaattt aacgatctcg     50160
     actggattcc ttccttcctg ccttccttcc ttcttttctc ctcttccctc ccctcccctc     50220
     tcttctcttt tttctttctt tccctccctc cctccctccc tcccttcctc ccttcctccc     50280
     ttcctttctt tctttcgacg gagtcttgct ctttcaccca ggctggagca cagtggcttg     50340
     atcttggctc actgcaaacc ccgcctcctg ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc     50400
     cgagtacctg ggattacaga cgcacaccac catgcctggc tgatttttgt atttttagtc     50460
     aagacggggt tttaccatgt tggccaggct tgtcccaaac tcctgacctc aggtgattca     50520
     cccgcctcgg cctcccaaag tcctgagatt acaggcatga gccaccatgc ccggccctga     50580
     ttgggctttt tctacaaaaa attcttgtga aacttttctg caatatttta taataaagtc     50640
     ctactgattt atatttgatt ttatatttgt aagtcaggtg aaatgagtga attcttcctt     50700
     gtgtatgaat gtactacatg ttgcagaatg tctacctttc ctgggctcca tccactaaat     50760
     tctcaaagtg cctcctaatc attgtctcta ttaaagatgc cccacaaatt tccaaaatgc     50820
     ccctagggtg tgcctgagag ccactaccct aggtgcctct cttcaaacac ctaggcctca     50880
     ctgcagtggc caataggggc atactaggtg gccacaatca cgttcctctg tcccctttgt     50940
     atagcacttg aaaaagagtt tgctaaggcc tggtacggtg gctcatgcct gtaaccccat     51000
     cattttaaga agctgagaca agaggatccc ttgaggccag gagttcaaga ccagcctggg     51060
     caacatagag agactccgtc tttacaaata tatatatata tttatttatt tatttttatt     51120
     ttttttggta gaaaaggggt ctccagtggc cgggcgcagt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca     51180
     gcactttggg aagctgaggc gggcagatca cgaggtcagg agatggagac catcctggat     51240
     aacacagtga aaccctgtct ctactaaacc ccatctctat taaaaataca aaaaattagc     51300
     cgggcatggt ggtgggcacc tgtaatccta gctactcggg aatctgaggc aggagaatcg     51360
     tttgaacccg aggtggatgt tgcagtgagc cgagacgcgc cactgcactc cagcctgagt     51420
     gacagagcaa gactctgact cagaaaaaca agcaaacaaa aaaagacagc tatataccta     51480
     gggaagacat aaatataagt gaaaagcaga agtacaaaaa tagttcggct gacccagcag     51540
     caattttgat cccatcccag caagacctgt cttggagtgt aggtctggct cagatagcaa     51600
     actccagccc tttcacactg acaggtatca tatcacaggc tcctaggtct ttaggtccca     51660
     tggagagtgc cactcccagt tccactgtta gttacttcta tggtctgtgt tcaagtcaaa     51720
     taaagacatt tgttcattcc atgcacagca cagagtaggt gctcaaaaaa gtacttttta     51780
     tacagatgaa tgaacaacta ctaccagtta acctagaacc tgtcctttca gctctagttt     51840
     ttaattgtaa ttttatttta ttttagagac agggtcttgg cacaatcaca attcactgca     51900
     gctttgacct ctcaggctca attggatcct cccacctcag cctccatagt agctgggact     51960
     acaggtacat gccaccatgc ccaactaatt tttgaaattt atttttagag atggggtctt     52020
     cctatgttgc ccaggctggt ctcgaattcc tgaggtcaag caatccacct gcctcagcct     52080
     cccaaggtgc tgggattata ggcgtgagcc atcactcacc tctagtttct ggcctgaggg     52140
     tatattactc tccctgatta ctgacaccaa aaatgatttc actcttgggt gggacctctg     52200
     ctgcccctta cccactaggg tgtgggtttt tttggtttgt ttttgtcttt tttaagacag     52260
     ggcctcacac tgtcatccag gctggaatgc aatggtgtga tcctggctca ctgcagcctc     52320
     gaccacctgg gctcaaggga tcctcccacc ttagcctcct gagtagctgg gaccagaagt     52380
     gcacaccacc acaccaagct aattttttaa ctttttatag aaacaggttg cctagactgg     52440
     tatcgaactc ctgagctcaa gcaatcctct tgccttggtt tcccaaagtg ctggaattac     52500
     aggcgtgagc cactgagtct gaccttaggg tgtggtttta ccattggatt catgtgattt     52560
     accaatgctt caacagtaac cacaacattc aatgtacagc ccagtgcaga tggaaggtcc     52620
     ttgtacctca tatgatctct tccaattttt cgcaagataa tagtcagtct ttcatgagtg     52680
     cttattacat gcactagcct gacaactcta cattacagat aagaaaatta agacttagag     52740
     gccagacgcg atggctcaca cctgtaatcc caacactttg ggaggccgaa gcgggcggat     52800
     cacaaggtta ggagatcgag accatcctgg ctaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa     52860
     aatacaaaaa tttagccagg cgtggcggtg tgcgactgta gtccccgcta ctcgggtggc     52920
     tgaggcagga ggatggcgtg aacccgggag gcggagcttg cagtgagcca agatcgtgcc     52980
     actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagcgag actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa     53040
     gaaaactaag acttagagaa gttaaatatg tggcagagtg aagcctaagc tcatatctgt     53100
     cctaatctaa attccaagca gttctgagtc atcaggtcac acagactgct tctcacatgc     53160
     ttcaggaatg ccttttcagt cttccttaaa ggttgcaaac agttgcaaag caaatttcat     53220
     ggttcctgtt tcttcaaaat ctcaaagctc ttcattcagc caggcatggt cgctggagcg     53280
     tgtatattca accacttgag aagatgagga tcttttgagc ccaggagttt gagacgaacc     53340
     tgggcaacat agggaaagcc ctgtcaccta aaaaaataaa taatacaacc agctcttcat     53400
     ttagaggcaa gcacaaaata ggtgctcaat gtttgttgaa tgagtgagtt gttaccaacc     53460
     ataccccatt attcaaggtc ctgcttgtca gtgtttcagg aagtgttctt ggcaaaggag     53520
     tggtgaactt caagaagaat gatgctgact ccgaacacaa ttatttattt atttatttat     53580
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttacttattg agacagagtc tcgctctgta gcccaggctg     53640
     gagtgcaatg acgtgatctc cgctcactgc aacctctgcc tcccaggttc aagcaattct     53700
     cctccttcag cctcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcgccc gccactacga tcggagaatg     53760
     ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cagggtttcg ccatgttgga caggctggtc tcaaacacct     53820
     gacctcatgt gatccaccca cctcggcctc ccaaactgct gagattacag gcttgagcca     53880
     gtgtgcccag cctgaacaca attattaaag tcaaagtgag acctaacagt ggaactttgg     53940
     ttgcggctac aggaaatatg gattcaaata ctgaacacca gctgggcaca gtggctcacg     54000
     cctacaatcc tagcactttg ggaggctaag gtaggaggac agcagagccc aagagttcga     54060
     gacaaacctg gccaacatgg taaaacgaaa aaattaacca ggcatggtga tgcacacctg     54120
     tagtctcagc tgaggtggga ggatcgcctg aattgaggta gtggaggctg cagtgagctg     54180
     tgttcctgcc acagcactcc agcctgagca acagagcaag accttgtctc taaataaata     54240
     aacacaacaa aaataaaaca aatactgagc caggtgtggt ggctcctgcc tgtaatctca     54300
     gcactttagg aggctgagat gggcagatca cttgaagtca ggagttcgag accagcctgg     54360
     acaacatgat gaaatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc tgggactgat ggcgctaatc     54420
     cctgctactc aggaggctga ggcagaattg cttgaacctg gaaggcggag gctgcagtga     54480
     gccaagatca cccccactgc tctgggttgc agtgagccaa gatcacacca cctgggtgac     54540
     agagcaagac tgcatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaga aaagaaaaga aagagagaga     54600
     gagagaagga aggaaagaaa gaaagaaaaa gaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagagg     54660
     aagaaagaaa aataaaagca tagagagtgc tggagcagtg tgagtgagat ggatagtggt     54720
     aaaaggtgac cttggaaaag gaaattggga ggccagattg tgtagggtct tggtggccat     54780
     ggtaaggagt ctgaattttg ttctaagatg gaaattcact gtagagtttg gtgctgggaa     54840
     gtgacaagat cacatgtgta tttttaagag atcactttgg gtgctgtgta gaaatcagac     54900
     tgtaggagtc aagtgtggag ggagaccagc atccaattac agcctgccat gaacttgcca     54960
     ggttcctctt cccttccttc agcacacact actctttccc accgcttagc ctagttaaca     55020
     cttattcttt caaaattagc ccggatgtca ctttctctaa gaacaaccgc gccccctgcc     55080
     gcctccccac ctcacacacc tcctctaacg caaactcata gccctcacaa cttctttgtc     55140
     actttttctc cccctttttt tgagacagga tctcgctcta ttccccaggc tggtctcgaa     55200
     ctcctaggct caaaagatcc tcccgcctca gccacccgaa tagctccttt gtcgctctta     55260
     tcactgttgt gattaattgt acaaatggct taatggcagt tatagcgccc agctcatcaa     55320
     aggcagtggc ctgccaatcg tcagcgggca gggcagggac cagtccagtc catcctggct     55380
     cccatgtgca gccccagtgc gcatcgcgac accggcgctc gttgccgcgc tccgtgaacg     55440
     tttgtcacat gtccgaagaa tgaatgaatt atataccttt cttcccactc cagccctcaa     55500
     aaagcaagtg gatacaaaga cttgaagatt ttataatcgc ttcattagta aaatttgacc     55560
     atccttacca ttaaaaataa tgataatgat gaaaaaggct aagtgcgaac gccgggaggg     55620
     gagagctaaa attcaaaggg cgaaatattt ataatgccta ccgtcggcga agagaaacag     55680
     cagccccaac cgaaggcaaa aggaaatccc accgcagcct ccaaaggcgc gtgggcggga     55740
     ctggagaatg gggccctgcg cactaggcgc ggaagtcaag aagcagcccc accacccgtg     55800
     ccgcgagaaa agcagccctg gggaggcggg gcggggcctc acttggaaaa gagacggtca     55860
     ctcatccaga ggcgggactc agagcccctc cacaagtctc attggtccat ttgaagacgg     55920
     acaactctcc ctgaccatcc gtagcacaga cggggcgcaa gcgtattgga aagggagcgg     55980
     gtgccagacg cgagaactac gcatgcgtct cagcgctttc ccgccagcac acccttagtg     56040
     ggtggggggg ggcgattgaa ttcccacagt gagtccagcc caccgaagct gagaggattc     56100
     ctaaccttcc tcttcagaga gcctcaggtt agggaacgtc cagtgcccaa aagctgccct     56160
     gtgggaatcc cattgtccac cgcctcttac ctaatgtttc gttctggcct tgccccatct     56220
     cttcctgagg ctgggttgtt acgatggtga attattcaag atgtcttgca gcctgacgcc     56280
     atctctgggc agtgctcctg catcctccct gtcttccttg ggagggcacc acgttgctct     56340
     tacaagcaca gggtcctgaa actgtttaca aggccccact ctgccacgtt agtatcttaa     56400
     cgagtgtttg ttgaggaagc actgtgtgtt agacccagtg caatgagcaa gtccctgatc     56460
     ttgtgacctt acattctaca ggacgacaca aacgtataaa caaaaaataa ttttagatag     56520
     tgatacatgc ttaaaacatg gctatgtggc cgggagcagt ggctcacgcc tgtaaatcca     56580
     acattgtggg aggctgaggc aggtggatca cttgaggtca aggagttcga gaccagcctg     56640
     gctaacatgg caaaaccccg tctctactga aaatacaaaa cttagtcagg cgtgatggca     56700
     gacacctgta atcccagcta ctcgggaagc tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacgcaggag     56760
     atggaagttt gcagtgagcc cagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgggt gagagagcca     56820
     gactgtatct caaaaaaaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaag ctatgtgata gaatgactgc     56880
     gatggggatt aggtcctcac tgaaatggtg agagtggagt taaaacctga aattaggtga     56940
     cagcaccaga tatatctgcc cgagggtttc gtgcttggaa aatagcaggt gcaaacgtcc     57000
     ttgtgctgtg aggaaatttg gctggaacag aaggtgggcc agattgtagc tgaccatagt     57060
     ctctgagagc ttggagatga ttctaaatac aatgggaagc cattaaattg aggcagagcc     57120
     ttgatgtgac gtgctttatc atcattttgc tgagtggaga atggattgct gggaaaagtg     57180
     aaagattgat tcagaggttg tggagagagg gtggctggaa ctaggtagct ggggaggtgg     57240
     tgggacgtgg atgaattcaa gataggattg gttgtgttgg atatgggaaa agaagtcacc     57300
     atggttcctg ggcttttgga atgtgcaaat gggtaatgga ggtgccattg agatgggaac     57360
     agtggaaaaa taaccggtgc tggggtggga atgaagagct cagttgtgtg gccgggcgca     57420
     gtgactcacg cctgtaattc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcagggggat cacctgaggt     57480
     caggatttgc agaccagcct ggtcaatatg gcaacaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa     57540
     aacattagcc gggtagcggg gcctataatc ccatctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa     57600
     tcgcttgaac cctggaggca gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tctcgccatt gcactccagc     57660
     ctgggcaaca agagcaaaac tctgcctaaa aaaaaaaaag agttcagtta gttcagttgt     57720
     ggccatgttg aatttgaaat actcattaga catccaacca gatatgctga gttggatggc     57780
     gctcaagaga ggtcaaggct ggacttatgc attaacacat agaaagatgg tacttaaagc     57840
     catggacgtt agtagtaggg ccacctacag aaagagtgga agtagaaaag agggcttacg     57900
     gtgggcaatg tggttcacgc ctctaatccc agcactttgg aaggtcaagg caggcacatc     57960
     atttgaggtc aggagtttga gaccatcctg gacaacatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa     58020
     aaatacaaaa actagccggg tgtggtggca tgcacctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc     58080
     tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacccaagag gcggaggttg caatgagcca agattgcact     58140
     gttacactcc aacctgggtg acagagcaag actccattta aaaaaaaaaa aaattgatgg     58200
     ccgggtgcag tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgacg caggcagatc     58260
     acgaggtcag cagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacaaggtg aaaacctgtc tcaactaaaa     58320
     atacagaaaa ttagccaggc atggtgacag gcacctgtag tcccagccac tcaggaggct     58380
     gaggcaggag aatcgcttga acctgggagg cgggggttgc aatgagccga gatcgcacca     58440
     tgcactccag cctggcaaaa gagcaagact ccatctcaaa aaaataaata aaataaaata     58500
     aaaatgacgg ctgggagcag tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcattttgg gaggctgagg     58560
     tgggcagatc acgaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacatggtg ataccctgtc     58620
     tctgttaaaa atacagaaaa ttagccaggc atggtggcag gcacctgtag tcccagctac     58680
     tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aatagcatga acctgggagg cagagcttgc agtgagccga     58740
     gatcgtgcaa ctgcactcca gcccgggcaa cagagcaaga ctccgtctca aaaaaatata     58800
     taaaaaataa aagaaaagaa aaaaaacaaa aacaaagaag gcttacgtga gacccttggg     58860
     gccctctact gttaaccagt tcaggagagg tgtaaaagtt tgtaaaggat aaccagagca     58920
     caaagtagaa gagcaatgtc ctcaaaggga aaaattcaag aagatgctga ttatggagat     58980
     taattgctgc ttcaaggtca agtgaaatgc aggcagagaa atggtcactg ggtctgacac     59040
     cacttttggt cactcaaatt ttggtcagag cagtggctga agaaacacag gggaaggagt     59100
     ctgatggggg tgggtgataa gagaatggat gtttaagtgt ggagggaaga aaaagaaaac     59160
     ctattgctat gaaaaggagc agagatagaa ttcgtggttg gaaagtgtgt cttgaaagtt     59220
     tcttttttct taaaagtttc ttgtgcacca tatagcacaa gatcagcaac ccctggcaga     59280
     gcccttcagg tacccagtat cccttggggg tgaggaaggg tgtgtacaag aggagaagca     59340
     ggagataggc aggaatgtgt tgcaactacg tatggatagg cagctaaggt cctggttggt     59400
     atacttttct ctcagtatca ggaaccctgc ctgccctttg gaccagtcat ggagaggtca     59460
     cctcagtacc acacaagatc atcacccacc ttcaaaaaga ggtgggtgat ttggatagag     59520
     ggggctgcca gtgagagaag ttcagtcaat tccgtacaat acacatttat tgagcactag     59580
     atatatgcca tgctagatgc aggtgaccca gagcatcaag gagcaatagt ctggtggcag     59640
     agacacacac aatgtcactg tgatgtatta aagcagtcgg caagagatgc agctcagggc     59700
     actgtgggga tatccagagg cacggtacct tctgcctgtc agtcagggag ggagaggagc     59760
     acaggctgaa ggagactgga agacagcagt tggcctctga tagtgggact ggagagagat     59820
     ttctaagggc cacttcttgt tttcagggac taggttgggc tagatatggg gctcaggatg     59880
     gacaaggctt agagccaggt tggagaagat gaaagagcat tactagagga gtggggaggc     59940
     ctaggctatg ctctttactc tgccattgac tgcgtgatct tgggcaggcc atgtaacctc     60000
     tcagggctgt gcactccctt atttgtaaaa ctagagggct gggccagcat gttttccaag     60060
     ggttcttcta gcattgacgg tcaggttcca agagggaaca cagtgtcaga agtgggacac     60120
     tcttcctaat ttctaatttc ccaaaggtta aggacctggg gaattaattg agaggcctgg     60180
     aaagaggatc cagataaaag cctaagttcc tggcaaggcc agggccactg ccctgattgc     60240
     ttaggtgtga acagagcttt ttgtttccga agtattctaa attatttcct aacacagggg     60300
     cattcagaga aagagattct tacccccatt ccacagggga gaaactgagg cttagggaga     60360
     tttaaggatc atgctgaaga ggttatctgg ggacaaagct tactcaggat gtggtggggg     60420
     atgctgagga acagggactg gagcctggga aggtagggca ggctgagacc tgggggtatg     60480
     gatggaatgt gtatgtggta atggtgtctg ggcgatggaa tgaagtgaaa gaaatagcca     60540
     agagctgggc actgagggaa caagctgggg ggccctgggc gtgggttccc tggatccagg     60600
     gagtgtgagg atggctttcc ctggttcctg aggcatggac cgagtcctag cctgcatctg     60660
     agctccgttg tgctagcttt gtggtgtctg ggtcgggaaa gttactgtta gaaagttgct     60720
     gtcagcaggc attgttccag ctttccatgg aaattctggg agctgctcct agtttgcggc     60780
     ccaacctttc ttccttcttc tcaatgggcc caggaccttg acggccagcg ggctccaagg     60840
     cccaggcttt ttgccaacag caacaggcta ctggctgggc ccaggcaagg gggccttggc     60900
     aggaaaagtt ccttgctgta cctccactgc actcagaggc cagtgagggg ggtaccagac     60960
     aggactcctt cctccctggt gaagtgccct tgcagctccc cagcgtccac gccatggata     61020
     tttcctccac agaagtacaa tgctgattat gatctgtcag ctcagcaagg ggcagacacc     61080
     ctggccttca tgtctctcct ggaggagaag ttgatcccgg tgctggtgag tgtgcccaga     61140
     cctcccagca tccatggcca gccggggagg ggacgggaac acacagaccc acacagagac     61200
     tcaggagagc atggaggtca gaagcccacc ttgaatcaga caggtgcact ggctcagacc     61260
     tgcctgtttc ttcctgccca cccaatccag gtacatactt tttggataga caccaagaac     61320
     tacgtagaag tgacccggaa gtggtatgca gaggctatgc cctttcccct caacttcttc     61380
     ctgcctggcc gcatgcagcg gcagtacatg gaacggctac agctgctgac tggggagcac     61440
     aggcctgagg acgaggaaga gctggagaag gaggtagctc tgagaccggg ggctattgta     61500
     tgagatgagc cccaaggatg ctggccagga atgggagtgc ttaggtgcgg aggtggcact     61560
     gttcccgcag ctgcaagcct acctgtgtcg cccctacagc tgtaccgaga ggctcgggag     61620
     tgtctgaccc tgctctctca gcgcctgggc tctcaaaagt tcttctttgg agatgcgtga     61680
     gtctgactcc aagagggtaa tgggtggctt ggaagaagat acaggttcag atggagcagc     61740
     tggagctggg gctggggctg gggctggctc aggctctgga taggaggtcc ctgagacaga     61800
     tactggccct ggtgacagtg gggctgtgcg tggggccaga gccttctcag aggtacaaaa     61860
     gggtagggtg ggagggcagc caggcacagg aagggcctga agagctgtgg ggcactgagt     61920
     gtgcccttta tgcagccctg ggatagagcc ctattcaggg ccaggctggc gccacctggg     61980
     gatctctccc cataccaggt ctagaactgt gtgtcctgtc cttccctggt ggccgcctgc     62040
     tgcccagagc ccacctccca aggctgactc ttcctccagc tccatcttta ccccttctac     62100
     cccagtggtt ctcctccatc ccacccttct ctctctgctc cagccctgcc tccttggacg     62160
     ccttcgtctt cagctacttg gccctgctgc tgcaggcaaa gctgcccagt gggaagctgc     62220
     aggtccacct gcgtgggctg cacaacctct gtgcctattg tacccacatt ctcagtctct     62280
     acttcccctg ggatggaggt aaggggcaga tgggaggggc agccctgggg agagtgggca     62340
     gggatccaag aactagttct cctaacacac cttccttcct tgaccctcag ctgaggtacc     62400
     accgcaacgc cagacaccag caggcccaga gactgaggag gagccatacc ggcgccggaa     62460
     ccagatccta tctgtgctgg caggactggc agccatggtg ggctacgcct tgctcagcgg     62520
     cattgtctcc atccagcggg caacgcctgc tcgggcccca ggcacccgga ccctgggcat     62580
     ggctgaggag gatgaagagg aatgatttgt cctcacgctc ccaagactgg tttttctact     62640
     ctcatgcatt ccagaggccc ccgtgcctcc tcgttgttgg tacagccgga cacggggtgc     62700
     tgccacccag aataaagcca ctcacactga ctgggctcaa acattttctc ctttaagagc     62760
     tgccattttt cctggctggt gccataggaa tcatctgggt gcctgggcac acccgctgct     62820
     gctttaaggc ttccgccctg atgctgacac tgctgctcca cgggcccagt tctgcatctc     62880
     caggaaagac aaacagtctc cagttttggg cccagctttc ctagtctctt cttttcctta     62940
     ccctcagccc tgatcttgtg tttgtacgga cagtgagctc accctaggcc tggacccagg     63000
     cccagtttcc aaagcaagca gcacacagcg catgttcaca taagcatggg ggctgggggg     63060
     acactggggc ttactgatct ttttctaggg gcctccagcc cctggcacca cctagagggg     63120
     aaagtgagtc acccaaacca ttgcccctgg gcttacgtcg ctgtaagctc acactggccc     63180
     tgctgtgccc tctttagtca cagacagcgt gtgagctgac tctgtccctt taatgcccag     63240
     gctgagccca gtgcctcctt gagtatctgc tccatcactg gcgacgccac aggtaggtgt     63300
     gaatggagta gccaggtgag attgtctcca ggaagcccac agcaggatcc ttgatggtaa     63360
     gaggcacatc cttagaggag ctagggagca gggaggagaa gctgagagtg tgatcctgcc     63420
     aaggccccca acgctgtctt cagcccactt cccagacctc accattgccc tcaccggttt     63480
     agcacgacca caacagcaga gccatcggga tgcatcagtg ccactgcgtc caggtcgttc     63540
     ttctgactgg caaccagccc cactctctgg gagccctcag gaatgaactt gctgaatgtg     63600
     ggaacagatg gtcagagtcc ctcggggtac ctcccatgaa accctcatct aagaagtcac     63660
     ccacccacgg acccacccca taactcctgc agaggctctg ccctggctct ctaggcctgg     63720
     agccatgctg ctgggcactg accctgcttt tctgcatcgc agtccagcct caggcattgg     63780
     ggttttctgt tgctacctag tcacttcctg cctccatggt gcaaaagggg atgggtgtgc     63840
     ctcttccgag gttccaccct gaacaccttc ctgctccctc gtggtgtaga gtgatgtaag     63900
     ccatccgatg taggagatga taggcctggt atggaatggg ggtgcccgcc ctccactcac     63960
     ctgaagtggc caaggtggta gaacatgggc tgtttgtaaa acgtgtcctt ggtgatgtct     64020
     acaatgatgg gactgtcgac aaagttacgc acccaattgg gtcctccttc ggggttcagg     64080
     gcaaggttcc agtcggtcca gccgaccaca tggtacagga ggttctaggg taaggacaaa     64140
     ggcaaagaga caaaggcgca acactggggg tccccagaga gtgtaggtaa gggtcacatg     64200
     tgggagaggc agctgtgggt aggtcagccc tgtgaggggc acattcctta gtagctaagg     64260
     agttgggggt gtgaagatcc aggcatctca aggggagctg agaagtctga ggcagctgca     64320
     agtgcctcag tagttgcaaa aggggcaatg aggtgtgcag acctgtgaag gaaagggaag     64380
     atagggaatc atggttcccc agagttgctc aaaagggcag gctagctggg gaaagctgga     64440
     caggaagggc ttctgtcagt ctttggtgaa actagtaaga ggtctgaggt ctgctttgca     64500
     ggaagggaga ctggggtggc ttaccgtgat gatgctgtgg ctgtactgca tccctcgatc     64560
     ccaggagcct agccgcacac tctgctccca gaacttggag cccacacagg cctctgaggc     64620
     aaagagcatg gtgttgggga acaggcggtg tgtctcccct agggtggctt tggctggagc     64680
     cagaaagtcc aggtaccaat gtacagcaat gccatgaaca tatttagctg cttctgggtc     64740
     tgtcagtacc tgcaaaggaa gagcaactga tcctggacct tgcacacagg cttctggaac     64800
     ttctagttcc tgttgtagga atcctggagt tgggtgacgg gaagaatgca actagagagg     64860
     tttggggaga tttttttttg tttttgagac aggatgtcac tctgtcactc gggctggagt     64920
     acagtggcgc aatcacgact cactgcagcc ttgacttcct agggtcaact gatcctccca     64980
     cattagcctc ctgagtagct gggactacac gggtgccaca cccagctaat ttgtgtgtgt     65040
     atgtgtgtgt atgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatac atataaacac atatatatgt     65100
     atatacacat acatacatga accaccaccc ccagcctaga tagttttgtt ttgttttgtt     65160
     tcgagatgga gtctcgctca gcctcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgcgat ctcggctcac     65220
     cgcaaccacc atctcccggg ttcaactgat tctcccttct cagcctcctg agtagctggg     65280
     attacagaca cccaccatca tgcccagata attttttttt tttgtatttt agtagacaca     65340
     gggtttcaac acgttggcca gggtggtctt aaactcctga cctcaggtga tcacccgcct     65400
     cggcttccca aagtgctggg tttgcatgag tgagccacct cgcccagccc ctagaaaggt     65460
     ttcaagcgac aactgtggga tccatggcac cctggaggtc caggggaatg gtgctctagg     65520
     aatccatagt tgggtagaga aatcgctcta agtttgggag ccagtcattt ggatgctgga     65580
     tttgaaggtc actggagcac catggaggtc caggccttac cacctttgcc cagtggggca     65640
     gcagcaagcg ttggtcatcc agcatgagta ggcggacatt gtggtgagta ctgttggcga     65700
     gggtaggacc taggtcacgg gcaatgaagt ctcgctgatg ttcaggggtg aagcccaggc     65760
     actggaaggg gtatccactc aacagcccag cagaaggctc attttcagct gtcactgccc     65820
     agaactgtaa cttgtgctca gcataggcat ccaggaacct ggcaagagaa aggtcatgaa     65880
     tgatccggcc aagaaagtgg accagaccag ctgggtgtgg tggctcacac ctgtaatccc     65940
     agcactttgg gaagccgagg caggtggatc acttgagttc aggagttcga gaacagcctg     66000
     gcgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatagaaa aatcagctgg gcctggtggc aggcgcctat     66060
     aatcccagct acttggaagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt gaactcagga ggcagaggtt     66120
     acagtgagtg aagatggcgc cacagcactc cagcctgggt gacagagaga gagactcctt     66180
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa gaaaaataaa aagaaagtgg gccagaccga gagaacagga     66240
     agcctgatgg agtgggcaag attgacaggc ccaaggctga aaggcccaga aggtagaaag     66300
     gtgagctgag gacaggcaga tctggaagtg gaactaggtt gagggttggg acacagatca     66360
     gcatggctaa atgggaggcc agtcctgatc ccacatcctt gctgatccct tacttcacaa     66420
     agtatctggc ccaggtctgg tggtagatgt ctccgggctg tcccttgagt gaccccttcc     66480
     cattcaccgc tccattggtc ttgagccaag tgggtgatgt ccaggggctg gcaaggagtg     66540
     aaacgggacg ctgggccaac tgcagggctc ggtgaatcag gggtatctag agacaaaggt     66600
     agtgaagaga gaagcaccca gagttggaac acatactagc ccaaccagtg catccggttc     66660
     agccattagc ctccaccctc ccacccccag gacaaaacag caggggacaa aatgtctgta     66720
     caagcagacc taccctacag tttctcaacc cccagacatc agggccctca gggcctgaaa     66780
     aagctagaat gcctaccttg agcttggtat cttcctctgg gaggctgaag ttgtgcaact     66840
     ggaaatcatc aggggtgtct gcataggtgt aggtgcggat ggagaagtca cagctggcca     66900
     tgggtacccg gatgatgtta tatccgattc ctacagaaaa ggatgatcaa gatatggtag     66960
     tccgagtcaa taggagagta tgggactctg cttatcactt gccagtccta atagtgtctg     67020
     agtcagggcc aaagggaact tgggctcctg ggttggaacc tgtggaggct ggcacctggg     67080
     tgaagcgcag gcctttctga gcctgagtcc gtagcagtta gcagatgata ggcggtgaaa     67140
     tcttatttca cagggcatta aaacaggaac caaatgtcag ggatgggcag aagtcagggt     67200
     ccaaagaaag ggcaaagaaa agtgtcagtg gctcacgcat gtaatcccag cactttggga     67260
     ggccgatgtg ggcagatcac gaggtcagga gttcgcaatc atcctggcca acatagtgaa     67320
     accctgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt ggtggcaggc acctgtaatc     67380
     ccaggtactc gagaggctga gacaggagaa tcacctgaac ccgggaggtg gaggttgcag     67440
     tgagctgaga ttgtgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gtgcgagact ctgtctcaaa     67500
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aagtgtctgc tgggctcggt ggctcacact tgtaattcca     67560
     gcacttcggg aggccaaggc aggtatatca tttgaggtca ggagtttaag actagcctgg     67620
     tcaacatgat gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagccaggt ggtagtggcg     67680
     cacgcctata attccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcactat agcctgggag     67740
     gcagaggttg ctgtgagggg agatcacacc actgcactcc tgtctcgccg acagaatggg     67800
     cagagtgaga ttctgcctca aaaaaatttt aaaaaaagaa aagaaaaacg aaaagtttca     67860
     atggctctat gtcatcttgt ccccttcctc ctcaccttct tcagagaagt acgatttaag     67920
     tagcaaattt tgggcagggg gtgacagggc aaggatgttg agagcagcag catctgtcat     67980
     ggcccctcca aatcccttca ctttctggaa cttctgttct ggctgcaggg tcagtagcag     68040
     gcctgaggac atccacaggg aataagggta tcagtaccca gcgggaaact ccatggtgat     68100
     cactgacacc atttacctct aggaggaccc agcctggccc agggggtgag gggtgtaatg     68160
     gttacctgtg cccgtgtgat tagcctggat gggccccata ctcagctcca tccgtcgccc     68220
     actgcgtgta ctctcatagc ggctgaaggt accaagggca ggaaaggtcg gggggtcaaa     68280
     ggagtcacag tatgtggcat tgcagacaca caccaccgag ctgtagccga agcttttagg     68340
     gatgcagggg cgggcacctg ggagggaggg agtacaagca gagtgaggtc tgatgaagac     68400
     atggagaatg gacacatctg ctaggagaga ctgaacacgg tttcaaaatt cctcacccct     68460
     tggccgggcg caggggctca cacctgtaat cctagcactt taggaggccg aggtgggcgg     68520
     atcacctgag gtgaggagtt tgagacctgc cttgccagca tggtgaaacc ccgtctctac     68580
     taaaaataca aaaattagct gggcgtagtg gtggccgcct gtaatcccag ctacctggga     68640
     agctgaagca agagaatcgc ttgaatctgg gaggcagagg ttggaatgag ccaaaattgc     68700
     accactgcac tccagcccag gcaacagagt aagactctgt ttcaaaagaa aaaaaacaaa     68760
     atcctcaccc caaagttggt ctcagtcact caaaaggatt tattgagcac ctactaaaag     68820
     tctaccacca gcttactgga aggctaccaa aggactatga ggcagaaggg aggctctgtg     68880
     ctacctcccc actgccttga ctcactcacc tgatgcccac gacactgcct gaagtagaag     68940
     caatcctgtg aggctgccag ccatgatgct taccctactc aaaggcttgg gacattcctg     69000
     aggacagaat gaggaatgac tgaaaagcaa gcccctctcc acccctcaac tactctcctg     69060
     ggcagggctt agctgccttt gggtgcccat ggcccggtct cccacattca ttaggacaag     69120
     gcccacagaa acctgggtgc agctctccct gcaacccttc tgatgacaac tctctgccca     69180
     ccccaaatca ggatgctccc caccactctt cccacccatt tcaacttcga cccctccctc     69240
     catctgtgcc ttgctcaaag agccatgatg gccctggatt caaagagagt ctgtcattca     69300
     ttaaattcca gtgccaggat tccagaagca ctgtgacaat gctgattggg agctctctct     69360
     cttacctctc tggaaggact tgaaaactcc atcccctcag ggtcattaga tgaagagaag     69420
     accacagggg ttccagagtc tctgaaggat agaggatcca ctaaacaaaa acaaggatgc     69480
     aggtacctgc cttagctata ggcactaggt tagccctgca agtaattccg gcttcccgat     69540
     gtggatgggt catgtgatga ctaggagcgt cacatgacac aggaagtgag gcaatcacag     69600
     ccatatttct aaagggcaat tggcttcctc tcatctgtta cagattatat gccctataaa     69660
     actctggagg gcatgtatgg gtgacaactt taggaagagc ctagaacaca gatttgcatg     69720
     gagaatgggg tagaggctcc taaatcccag aggatgggaa ccacagcagg cacacttctt     69780
     ttttgataga aatgtcaaaa aggtacaaat aaagctgata taatttaaaa aaaaaaactt     69840
     cactgtgcaa aatactgaca ctaccaagat gtttaagaca gtctttgccc tatagaggtg     69900
     tgtgaggcat ggaagtcaga cacacagata tttacagata aagacagaaa cggtaacagg     69960
     tgtgcatgga gagctctctg agatgaggag ggaccattcg tgggtgggga attatccagg     70020
     atggcttcac agaggaaaaa gtgagggggg ttattagcca gtgaagtgca gggcacaaga     70080
     gggtgggaca ctggcagtgg gatgacagga ctggagggag ggagtggtca gtgcggctcc     70140
     tctgcagcgt cccttgtttc atcatcagat gcagatggta ataactgttc ttccttcctc     70200
     acaagacagg gaggtttgta aagtcgttca aaaaccaaag tgttgtacaa agccatatcc     70260
     tcagtggaca caaggaggaa gctgtccatg gtgtggcctc atgaaccaca tcaaatgaga     70320
     tttagcggga gtggcacaca cagtcatgac ctgactaatc ccagctctca gcccatttcc     70380
     ttgcctggaa aatggaggca atgccacaac ctcaaagggt ggttactgca gtcagtgagg     70440
     taagtgcagt gcctgaccac ttggtaggca cctgggaact acttgtctct tgtttgtatt     70500
     ttttgttgtt gttgtttttt gagacagagt ctcactctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt     70560
     ggcgtgatct tggctcactg caacctccac ctcctgggtt cgagtgattc tcctgcctca     70620
     gcctcccaag tagctgggat tacaggtgcc ctccaacatg ctcagctaat ttttttattt     70680
     ttagtagaga tggggtttca ctatgttggc caggctggtc tgaaactctg gacctcaggt     70740
     gatctgctgc cttggtatcc gaaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagccac tgcgctggac     70800
     cccagccatc ctttttgttc tttaaatgat ctcagtgaag tctttctaga tacactccaa     70860
     gcaaaattga tcatttcttc ttctaggttc ctccagtaat tttttttttt ttggttttga     70920
     gacagagtct tgccctgttg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgt gatctcggct caagcaattg     70980
     ccctgcctca gcctcctgag tagctgggat tacaggagcc caccaccatg cccagctaat     71040
     ttttgtattt ttagtagaga tggggtttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc tcgaacccct     71100
     gacctcaggt gatccaccag cctcagcctc ccaaggtgtt gggattatag caatgagcca     71160
     ccacacccgg tccctccagt aattaagtac agtctcagtg agacagcaag tttggaatcc     71220
     tggctacacc atttactggc tgtttgactt tcaataaatc aatcactcta agcctctgtt     71280
     tcatctataa aaggggagtg ataactccta cctcacagaa ttgttgtgag gtttgagtgt     71340
     gataatgtgt ctctagtaca ctgcttgaca ctaaacattg caacatgtca ggcctctgtt     71400
     cctggagttc cttgaaggaa tgtcttatgc attctaagta tcctcgtaga tagcctggca     71460
     caggggtagc tgtcaagttg tagaattgaa ctagttgctt cactatgtca gtagccaccc     71520
     cttccagact tctcactttt caaggaaaca ttgcacagga tttgttctgg gtagggcagg     71580
     taatatctag taccttactt ccctcaagtt cattcatctc acagatattt cctgagcaca     71640
     ttctacattt gcctctcctg ctctattgag tttagaagtc caaacatctc cttccacttc     71700
     ccctctgcat agtgagcctc ttcttttttg gccaggtact gagcaatttt ttgtttgttt     71760
     gtttgagaca gggtctccgt atgttgccct ggatggagtg tagtagcttg atttcggctc     71820
     agtgcaacct ctgcctccag aataagcaat cctcccacct cagcctccag aatagctggg     71880
     actataggcg cacaccacca cacctggcta atttctgtat tttttgtaga gacggggtct     71940
     tactgtgttg cgcaggttgg tctcaaactc ctaaactcaa aggatcctcc cgccttggct     72000
     ttgcaaagtg ctgggattac agggtgaggc actgcgccca gtccgcttgt tttttgtttt     72060
     gttttttttt ttgagacgga gtatctctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcacgatct     72120
     cggttcactg caacctccgc ctcctaggtt caagcggagg gtagggacca gtccatcctg     72180
     gcacccatct gcagctccag tgcgaatccc aaccccgacg ctcgtcgccg ggctccgtga     72240
     atgtttgtca catgtctgaa gaacgtatga attacataac cttcttccca ctccacccct     72300
     caaaaagcaa gtggatataa agacttgaag attttataat ctcttcttca ttagtaaaat     72360
     ctgaccatcc ttaccgttaa aaataataat gatggttggc cgggcgcggt ggctcacgcc     72420
     tataatcaca gctgtttggc aggccgaggc gggcggatca cgaggtcagg aattggagac     72480
     cagcctgacc aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaag atacaaaaaa ttagccgtgc     72540
     gtggtggcgg gtgcctgtaa tcccacgtac ttgggaggct gaggtcggag aatcgcctga     72600
     acccgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagccaa gaaggcgcca ttacactcca gcctgggcga     72660
     cagggcgaga ctccctcaaa aaataataat aataacaata ataataataa tggtgaaaaa     72720
     ggttaagtgc gaacgcaggg aggggacagc taagatccaa aggtcgaaat attcattacg     72780
     cctaccgtcg gcgaagagaa acagcagccc caaccggagg caaaacgaaa tcccaccgca     72840
     gcctgcaaag gcgcctgggc gggactggag actggggccc cgcgcagtaa gactctgaag     72900
     gcaggatgca gcccgaccac ccgcagccgc gagaaaagca gccctgggga gtcggggcgg     72960
     gacctggatt ggaaaagaga cggtcactca tgcagaggcg ggactcagag cccttcctca     73020
     agtctcattg gtcaagttga acgaacaagt gtcgctggcg agccggagag agagagagag     73080
     cgagagcgag agagcgagcg agagagagcg agagagcgag agagcgagcg agagagagag     73140
     agagagagag aggagccggc gcgagaacta cgcatgcgtg tcggcgtttt cccgccagca     73200
     cactgttggt ggatgggggc gattgaattc ccacagtgag tccagcccac cgaagctcag     73260
     aggattccta accttcctct ttagagagcc tcaggttagg gaacgtccag tgcgcagaag     73320
     ctgccccgtg ggaatcccat tgtccatcgc ctcctaatgt ttcgtcctgg ccgtgcccta     73380
     tcccttcctg aggctgggtt gttatgatgc tgaattattc aagaagtctt gcagcctgac     73440
     gccatctctg ggcagtgctc ctcccacctc cctgtcttcc ttggagggca ccacgttgcc     73500
     cctacaagca cagggtcctg aagctgttta cagggcccca ccctgccact ttagtatctt     73560
     aacgaatgtt tgttgaggac ctactgagtg ttagacccac tgcaatgagc aagtttctga     73620
     tcttgggacc ttaacattct atgggacgac acagatatat aaacaaaaat aataatttta     73680
     gatagtgata catgctgaaa ccatgggtat gtggccaggc gcggtgagtc acacctgtaa     73740
     tcccagcact ttgggagacc gaggcaggcg gattacttga ggtcaggagt ttgagacccg     73800
     cctggccaac atggtgaaac cctatctctt ctaaaaatac aaaatttagc tgggcgggca     73860
     tggggacggg cgcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa     73920
     cccaggaggt ggaaggttgc agtgagccca aatcacacca ctgcactcca gcctgggtaa     73980
     caaagcaaga ccctgtctca aaaaaagaca aaatgaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaaaacatg     74040
     gctatgtgat agaatgactg cgatggggat tgggtgctca ctgaaatggt gagaatggag     74100
     ctaaaacctg atattaggtg atagcaccag atataggggc caagggtttc atgcttggaa     74160
     aacagcaggt gcaaacgtcc ttgtgctgtg aggaaatttg gctggaacag aaggtgggcc     74220
     agattgtagc tgaccatagt ctctgggagt ttggagatga ttctaaatac aatgggaagc     74280
     cattaaattg aggcagagcc ttgatgtgac gtgctttatc atcattttgc tgagtggaga     74340
     atggattgct gggaaaagtg aaagactgat tcagaggttg tggagagagg atggctggag     74400
     ctaggtagct ggggaggtgg tgggatgtgg atgaattcag gataggattg gttgtgttgg     74460
     atatgggaaa agaagtcacc atggttcctg agcttttgga atgtgcaaat gggtaatgga     74520
     ggtgccattg agatgggaac agtggaaaaa taaccggtgc tggggtggga atcaagagtt     74580
     cagttgtggc catgttgaat ctgaaatgcc cattagacat ccaagcagac atgctgagtt     74640
     ggatggcgct catgggaggt caaggctgga gttatggatt aacacataga aagatggtat     74700
     ttaaagccat ggactttagt agtagggcca cctatagaaa gagtggaggt aggaaagagg     74760
     gcttaggtga gggccctggg gccctccaat gttaagcagt tcagcaggac aaagtagaag     74820
     agccaatatt tcccttttca aagggacaaa ttcaagaaga tgctgattat gggtattaat     74880
     tgctgcctcg aggtcaagtg agatgcaggc agagaaatgg tcactgggtc tgacaccact     74940
     gtggtcactg gaaagtttgg tcagagcagt ggctgtggaa agatagggga aggagtctga     75000
     tgggggtggg tgaggagaga atggatgttt aacagtggag ggaagaaaaa gaaaacctat     75060
     tgctgtgaaa aggaggagca gagttacaat tagtggttgg aaagagtgtc ttgaaagttt     75120
     cttttttctt tttttttttt ttttgagaca tggtcttgct ctgttgccca ggctgtagtg     75180
     cagtggctca atcacagctt actgcagcct ggacttccca agctcaagtg atcctctcac     75240
     cttagccacc tgagtagttg ggactacagg cgtgtcccac catgcctggc taattttttg     75300
     ttttttgtag agacagggtc tcactatgtt gcccaggctg gtcttgaatt cctaggctca     75360
     ggcgatcctc ttgcttcggc ctcccaaagt gctaggatta taggtgtgag ccaccatacc     75420
     cagtcctgaa agagttttct taaatatgag agacactaga acaaatttca ctggtgacag     75480
     agaatgatca agaaaacaag gggaaaactg aaatttattg aaggcttaca tactgttaag     75540
     agctttacaa acattctacc ttcacagtct ttaatggagc aggcaattgg ggttacatag     75600
     cttgcccaag gtcatgcagc tagaggtggc agagctgaga ggccacctag attttttgga     75660
     ctcttcgtgc ctgccttacc accccattgc ataggcacac gtcaccctgt acttaaacac     75720
     ctgggccatg cctttgccct gaccatagtg cccttgcaaa tcagaaagag ccactctcat     75780
     tctgaggggg acaagaattt gttttcctcc tccagtgcta taagaagggg catctccccc     75840
     acagtctaaa tacccatgca gcacaggaca gaagctctcc cagtccagag cagcagaggc     75900
     aagcagcaag agaccccaga ggtaggaggg aaagggacac tttggggggt atacagcagg     75960
     tttctttttg tgccagccag tgcaagagga tgctgggggc tgctggtccc aaccagctgg     76020
     tgcctgtggc tggatgtgtt cagtgtgaca agaagcctag gtcagagccc agtctcccgg     76080
     ctgcccccgt tgaggctgag gctgtggggg cgggtaccac gctccagcct gcggccagac     76140
     aggagacgcc gcagggaaga gctagagctc agatctccgc agctgcgaag gtggaggctc     76200
     tctcggccag gccggcccca caggctccgg ggcacctgga cagggacaca agaaagggca     76260
     tcatcaataa ggctcaatct gaagctccac gctttcccaa acatctttcc tggctccccg     76320
     aattcctacc tgcttatgtc catgagctcc agtcccactg gggtctgggg ctttcctgga     76380
     tatctggagg aaacgagtga ccaggccccg acctggccag ctgcccttta ggtcccccag     76440
     ggagtgggca ggtgcagggc ccgagggcag gggaactttt tggaaggtgg gcacagggcg     76500
     ccgtttctcg gctgaccggg cacgtagcaa cttgggggaa gggcagcggg ctaggcggaa     76560
     gaggcaggct tcagagcaga gccctgcaga gagacagaga taagagaatg gtattgtagg     76620
     gtggagaggg ggctgggcag ccatgcccaa tccccatccc tggggcgcaa accacatgcc     76680
     tgacctgtat ctgcagagga aacagaagca gcttcttcct caagcacttt ggtataaagg     76740
     tccctgaagt cagctgggga gaagagagaa agggagacag ggagtgagtg gaagtgttct     76800
     gtggacacgc ccaccctcct gtgggaactc aagcccagag gagctttcac agctcccacg     76860
     ctccatcccc aatcaaaggg ccagcatctc tgtccatatt agccagcaac tagatggtac     76920
     aatccaccac aacaaggact gcagtggtgt tgttcagcac ctggcgcaca gtgctgagcg     76980
     ttccccagta ctatctcctt tcttattttt ttgagatgga gtctcactgt gttgcccagg     77040
     ccggagtgca gtggtacgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccagg ttcaagcgat     77100
     tctcctgcct cagcctccct agtagctggg attacaggcg tccaccacca ggcccagcta     77160
     atttttcaat ttttagtaga gatgggggtt tcaccatgtt ggctaggctg gtcttgaact     77220
     cctgacctca ggtgatccac ctgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta taggtgtgaa     77280
     cagccttgcc cggccactgt ctcctttctc agcatcttcg agtacaatgc ctatggctga     77340
     agtactgtta ttatacatgt tttttgtttg tttgtttgtg tttttgagat ggagtgtgtc     77400
     tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcat gatcttggct cacggcaacc cctgctttcc     77460
     aggttcaagc gattctcctg ccttagcctc tctgttagta gctggaatta caggcgcgct     77520
     ccaccacacc tggctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagata gggtttcacc atgttagcca     77580
     ggctggtctc gaactcccga cctcaggtga tccacccacc tcagcttccc acagtgctgg     77640
     gattacaggt gcaagccacc gtgcccggcc tgaagtacta ttattataca tgtttaacaa     77700
     gtgacagctg aagcttgggg aggacagata agtggaccaa gctgagagct gtggaactgg     77760
     tttcaaaaaa taaatccttt tgggaggccg aggcgggtgg atcacttgag gtcaggagtt     77820
     caagaccagc ctggccaaaa gggtgaaacc ctgtctctac taaaaaatac aaaaattgcc     77880
     cgggcacggt gactcatgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggc gggcagatca     77940
     cgaggtcagg agattgagac catcctggat aacacggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaaa     78000
     tacaaaaaaa tagccgggcg tggtggcagg catctgtagt cccagctact cactactcgg     78060
     gaggctgagg aaggagaatg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agcccagatc     78120
     gcgcggctgc actccagcct gggtgacaga gcgagacacc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     78180
     aaaaaatatt agccggtcat ggtggcgcac acctgtagtc ccagctactc ggcaggctga     78240
     agcaggagag agtcacttga acccgggaaa cgggttgcag tgagccaaga tcatgccact     78300
     gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagccagaga ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaattctcc     78360
     ttttttagct gctaagctat ggatgttctg tccctaggag gtgagtacct gagaagtgtc     78420
     taccagagga gtgaactcac cctttcttcc tcctcaggga cctcaactgt gccccaatcc     78480
     tggtgggcat cactggccac ctaactccca gtgcctaccc tctcctgagc ctgggcagtc     78540
     ggggaggggg ctcaccagtg tcactggagg tcgtgatgcc tgggtcgctg tgggaccgtg     78600
     gcagcagcag cggtggtggg gatgccggat gaggaggccg gtgccccggt ggggtgaggg     78660
     aacctgagct atcgctgaag cgacgagtcg gggctcgggt gggcggggct gcggctgggc     78720
     ggccccctcc ccgggggacc cgccgcctca gctcggggaa gcagggtccc acccagggcg     78780
     gccagccctc caaccggtgg cagctgcggg cagctgtggg ggcacccagt gggggtggag     78840
     cttcaggggc agagcaggaa taggagcggg cagcccgtgg ggggcgccgt ggcagggggc     78900
     tttcctcgaa ggggccccgc aggccacagt ccaggctgag gcagtagccg gcacggctgc     78960
     gctggatgga gcgaaagaga acgtagtcca cggagcgcac ggagccctgc agctccagca     79020
     ggcacgagtc ctccgacggg ctagagcccc cagggaggtc accaatggct gacagcacca     79080
     gagacccgct gtccatggac actgtgggcg gcagggggcg ctgtgtagca ccagcctggc     79140
     ctggcctagc cctgcccagg cagttcctct tctcccaagc ccagcctcta ggggccactg     79200
     tgcctccagc tttatctcag aggagaaaaa taagtccagg gttccaagtt gccacagccc     79260
     tcctatgtcc ccaaaccacc aactccgcct tgttttcccc ttctattgtc tctacccacc     79320
     ccagctatcc ctggcagccc cgcccttgtc cacccctcat tacgccctgc tcaccgtcta     79380
     caatggaggc cactcgttca cagatgcacg agccatcgtg aagctgaggg tcaaagagag     79440
     tggcctgcag aagacacagg gtcaagggtt cagccctaca cactgaacac ccccatgtgc     79500
     tagacagagc tctggagact tagattccag accagccttg tccctttgta caagtcactt     79560
     aattgtgcag cctcagcttc cacgtctgta tggcagaaat gatagcttcc aacccactca     79620
     cctcaccagg ctctagggaa gatcaaaggc aacagtgggc atgctggtgc tgtaaagacc     79680
     ttgaccactg ttactatctt tatccagagg ctacagcctg ttcagctttc caggctacaa     79740
     cccggctccc cagcccgccc caagccgtgc tgtgctctca cctggctgtc tcctcgtagt     79800
     cccatgactg cctcataaga aggggggcaa tcggtagggt acaagggcac tgggctgtcc     79860
     atggagccat tgtacgtgat gctggcagat gaggaagagg gtcaatgtag gagaaataat     79920
     tccccctcca caaagatccc tctctccagc aatccaggcc cagccccagt ccccttcctt     79980
     agctccccca gcaagacccc accaggcctt acctctgtgc atctgtttct gagctgcagg     80040
     tatactctgg gggatagtag ggcggtgggg gcacaggcgg gacaaattcc tccaggtcca     80100
     gcatggtgtg taggagaggg gctgggggcg gggacgtgca gcccagaggt cccagtgggc     80160
     ctgagactga ccgctcaggg gccagctgct ggggaagcga gcaggtcagc aagtctggat     80220
     tctgggaata cagctcctcc tgggccccca aactcctctc tcatctacat tattttttct     80280
     ggccctatcc cctgagagaa gctcttgttc tggcccctcc ctcacccaaa atcagctctc     80340
     cttaacccca cgctcaccct gtacctctag ctctggccct gcccacccac aaattcctct     80400
     ttatggcccc acctccatcc agaagctcca cacattctgt gtcttcacag gaatgtccac     80460
     cctttagcct cacctccatc taggaccttc tttttttttt tgagacagag tctgactctg     80520
     ttgctggagt gcagtggcgc gatctcagct cactgcaacc cccacctccc aagatcaagc     80580
     aattcccatg cctcatcctc ctgagtagct ggaattataa gggtgtgcaa ccatgcccag     80640
     ctaattatta ttattattat tatttcgaga cgaagtttca ctcttgtcgc ccaggctgga     80700
     gtacaatggc tacatctcag ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ccaggttcaa gcgattctcc     80760
     agcctcagtc ttccgagtag ctgggattac aggcacccgc caccacaccc ggataatttt     80820
     tgtattttta gtagagatag ggtttcgcca tgttggccag gctggtgtca aactcctgat     80880
     atctggtgat cctcctgcct tggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccacgg     80940
     agcccagcct aatttttgta attttgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     81000
     tatttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct tgctcttgtc gcccaggctg     81060
     gaatgcagtg gcaccatctc agctcactgc agcctctgtc tccccggttc aagcaatttt     81120
     cctgcctcag actcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcaccc gccaccacac ttggctaatt     81180
     tttgtatttc gtttgtttgt tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagt     81240
     gcagtggcac tatctcagct cactgcaagc tctgcctccc aggttcatgc cattctcctg     81300
     cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggaccacag gcgcccgcca ccacgcctgg ctaatttttt     81360
     gtatgtttag tagagatggg gtttcaccat gttagccagg atagtctcga tctcctgatc     81420
     tcaggtgatc tgccctcctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttataggcac gagccactgc     81480
     gcccggcccg atttttgtat ttttaataga gacagggttt cgccatgttg gccaggtggg     81540
     tcttgaactc ctggcctcag gtgatccgcc tgcctgggcc tctcaaagtg ctgggattac     81600
     aggaatgagc caccgtgccc agcataggac cttcttgact ctaccccacc atccagtccc     81660
     attctctaaa gcaccctctc ctggtcccag accagcatca catacttaac tcactccctg     81720
     ccatctcccc ttctcatcct ccccactaaa catccattcc tccaatagat gaggataata     81780
     gataacccat agcccctggt gctcaaaagc cagatctgta gccattgttc cctcaggcaa     81840
     gtctcagcac acacacccct gcccccacca tacctgcgtg ccctggcccc tgctcccttc     81900
     tcaccgtatg cacgaggtcc agggagaaga tttggatgca gcagacaata gcagagagtg     81960
     tacagattat agcggcacaa atggtgagcc cacagacgct gaagagcagg ttctggggaa     82020
     gggaaaggag gagaggagtc aggagacggc taagttccac acattatggg cctgtgagta     82080
     ccccagcagg ggaggcaaga gtgagaacca ggaggatgtt tgcagggtgc aagctcacct     82140
     tgagggcccc tcgggcttca tcacaggtgg agttaggggc aactttcagt tcctgccccg     82200
     actctggaca gggccggagg aggggaacag agggacagca cacacagacc tttccttcct     82260
     gagtggagca gggagggtga ggcagcctga gtcaggacaa actgaggtgt cctgcacacc     82320
     tcccccagcc agttctttcc agctctccct cctcaaatct caccagagag cactgttgga     82380
     agtctcgggc cagttgagca ttcttacagg agagaacaga gccagccatg ctaagcatga     82440
     cacagagcac cgaaagcaag gagaagaagg agatctgggg aaaacagggt gcagactcag     82500
     ggctgggacc ctcatgagta ctcctctgcc acggacagag tccccctcct tcacagacac     82560
     ttcgtgccca cccggctggc accaactggg gagccagttc ccttcttgag gacataaatg     82620
     ggcttcccct tgcgtgctgg gcacctgcct cccagtgggc actggaccct ggcacctacc     82680
     actagagtga atggccgctt ccaggacaca atgccaacca ccccggagaa cgccagctgg     82740
     ggacagagtg ggcacaggct cagcctggca ggggaggctc ctgagtgagc ccctcaccac     82800
     aggatgcacc cagccctgta aggaggcaga ggaccaggag agggaggaga ggcaagcatg     82860
     tggacttgca gctggtgtgg agggtggggc ccgaggagcc tcccccaccc aacaactgtg     82920
     cacccaactc accgagaacc cagcccaaga cgggcaggac ctcttgatgc tctcggtggt     82980
     ggtgacggaa gaggccacca tgctgaaggt gaccaccagg atgcccagga gcacttggac     83040
     cagccccagc gtaagcaggg cctgcagcca gggtcggtgg aggcggaggt gggtaaggcc     83100
     cctggtgctg ggccggctgg tcagcgagcg gctggagtca ctaggcgagg gcatcatgcc     83160
     tgctgcccgg ttgcctgcgc ctcgctcggc cctccctggc acttgggagc atctcagagg     83220
     cgcccaaggc cccgtccttt ctcctctcca ccccactcgc tctagagccc accccctggc     83280
     tgggtcccct ggggcatggc cgagggacgc cagctgtggg gggggccaag cgaggggcgt     83340
     cacggaggga ccgcggagtg ctccctcccc accacgggca ctggacgggc accgtgcccg     83400
     gggcgacgat gaggacgcgg gggcaccggc tcatcgcatc tccctaggga agaggggcac     83460
     cgagaagggc cggtccagga gtgaggaggg ggcggcggcc tggagcccag ggaggggtgg     83520
     ggagggtaaa agcgggaagg atggaaataa gtctagagaa gaggggaggg gtcggcgtgg     83580
     ggtgactcta gaggcgcggt cggtgtgccc tcagggcgtc cagtaggatc cggggccgcc     83640
     tggtggggag aggccgcggc gccgctgtct cctgtgtcgc ctgtcccgct cccctcccca     83700
     ccacgctccg ctccccgagc tccggctgcc gcaggtcggg gactagagaa gggggatggg     83760
     aatggggatg gtgcgggaag gaggggcatg gcggcgaggg ccggcgcggt gcaccccggg     83820
     agttgtagtt cgggactgag accctgtcgg ggttggggga tcccgcggca gggcgaggca     83880
     gtcggataag cgctcctcca gtccctgcct cgctctggac cctggctagg ctgctagtga     83940
     tcctttgggc ctccacttga gccccatcca gcttttcagg ctccaggccc gcgtattcct     84000
     tggcgttccc ggcagaggcg gtggctcttc cccgtcatta atggagaggg gtggggagca     84060
     gggctccctg gcgtctccgg gtttcgcgtt tccgtggact tcccacctcc ttcctgcgcc     84120
     agccactcgg gctccaccgc cccgcccctc atatctccca gtttacacta aagccgggtc     84180
     cgaccttccc acctcactcc acactctcct ttctctttca taaggcctaa ttcccaatga     84240
     agattcagga aacggggatg tcagttccag ttccactttc tttttattta aataaccgaa     84300
     gcaacagccg tggcacagca gagggaagct gggttggggc gtgtgagagg tggcagcagt     84360
     gtggcctgat ggggggacta ggtcacagtg aactccccac acgcctgtca ggttcagcag     84420
     tcatggccat aggattggga gcactacgga ggagccatca gttagtgatg tctctccaag     84480
     tcccagagac cttagggacg ggagctaagt cagctccctc aagtagcagg gccagggcat     84540
     cccagtcagg ggtcacgggg cccggaaggc attttcagca gccccagcgg ctgcattggc     84600
     agctgcggtt cgcaccgcag ggttggagaa gacaccagca gcaaattctt gctgggcctt     84660
     ctgaaagctg gcacctgtgc ggcggtataa ggagtggatc tgcaagtaga ggacaaagac     84720
     attaccgccc attccagcca ctggttcccc accccagcct aacagcatca ctaccactca     84780
     gcagcctgct gcccagcaca cacactcaca cacagaaaca cacaccccag aggtccatta     84840
     gctgagaaca acccagcagc ctgacctgtg ccagttgctc ctgaatgttc cacccacgcc     84900
     cctggggacc catgatctca ccatcccggc cccaccttcg acacagccct cacccgtttc     84960
     agcatgacaa ttcctagcac agcaatgcca gtgaagagca gggcgaccag cagcatgagc     85020
     acggatactg ctgtgttgcc cttcggcacc accagagcag agatccagcc actgtaaagg     85080
     gaaggatgta ccagtgaaga ggggctcctc agcttctcca ctggttatgt caccagcatc     85140
     ccctgttcct acccttccca tcagcagtgg ctccctgtca atcgagcagc attccaagca     85200
     ccacaatccc aaactgtatc taatctcttc atagtttaat tccagtttct gaaccattag     85260
     ccctgagctc tccaagctct tccaggcact catctgggga ttcttcttcc tcctttcaac     85320
     catggttcta tgcctcctcc aggaagccac cttagattgg ccaaatgcag cattcttccc     85380
     ttcaatctat atgtgtcaag agtgctgtct gcgctctatc ctggaagtat gtcttgtatc     85440
     tcattaaact agtacctccc aaggattaaa accacatttc ctttttctga acaactccta     85500
     tcccagcacc cagtgctggc tggatctaga gggaaaggtg agggtggata acagcctcac     85560
     aaacctgaat ccccaacctg ggataccaat ggcctggagg acaaagagca catcctggac     85620
     gaagaaaatg aagaagaaaa cgaagaaatt gaatgaactg tcactcctac aaagaggaaa     85680
     aaaatgggga gggtgggaga agaattagag ctgaaggatg ggcagacgtg gggcccatcc     85740
     caggtctcca tcactctccc accactaaca cacttaccgg aaagccttat acatggggcg     85800
     gtaccagcag acaaaggagc agggagtgaa aaggaggacc cagaggatag aaagcccaaa     85860
     gcctgcgcca ttgttggttt ccacacagaa gctggccagg caggcgagga agttcaggag     85920
     aagagccagc gtgctgccta aggggcagag ggacaggatg aggagccctt ctggactgca     85980
     atgaaggctc cttcccatct atgctcatcc tataatattc accaaacatg gcagagtaag     86040
     gaaatgaagg cagctgctgc cttcatggaa tcctcaacag gggagatgga gaaagcaaat     86100
     gtcaataatg tgtgatcccc ttgcaaagac attttttttt ttgagacgga gtctggctct     86160
     gtcgcgcagg ctggagtgca gtggcgcaat ctcagcttac tgcaagctcc gcctccccgg     86220
     ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctccag agtagctggg actacaggcg cccgccacca     86280
     cgcccagcta attttttttt ttcttttttt ttttttgaga tggaatctcg ctctgtcgcc     86340
     caggctggag tgcagtggca ggatctcggc tcactgcaag ctctgcctcc tgggttcacg     86400
     cccattctcc tacctcagcc tcctaagtag ctgggactac aggcacccgc caccacgccc     86460
     ggctaatttt ttgtatttgt agtagagacg gggtttcacc gtgttagcca ggatggtctt     86520
     gatctcctaa cctcatgttc tgcccacctg ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt     86580
     gagccaccgt gcccggcctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagatgg     86640
     agttttgctc ttgttgccca ggctggagtg caatggcatg atcttggctc attgcaacct     86700
     ccacttcccg ggttcaagtg attctcctgc ttcagcctcc tgagtagcta ggattacagg     86760
     catgtgccac cacgcccagg taattttgta tttttagtag agatggggtt tctccatgtt     86820
     gatcaggcta gtctcaaact tctgacctca ggttatccac ccacctcagc ttcccaaagt     86880
     gctgggatta caggcgtata ccactgcacc cagcccaaag acatctaaag aattcaaaat     86940
     atattcctgc atatggacaa taaaaagtgg ggagagggca agaacatttg ctagcaggct     87000
     ggtgagttct aaatagaggt gaagtgtttg gttcttggtg agcggacccc agggcagtta     87060
     agagatctac ctgtaacttc ctccaaaagg cttctcacta ctcacacatc cagaggtagt     87120
     acatggtgga tacagtcttc tgaaattctt gggggatctc catggagatg tcctggaaaa     87180
     agcagggctg aactggacaa aaagaaggta gagggggcca attgttctgt cgagctgtaa     87240
     ggcacaaaaa aacaggtgga ccccagaagt aaaacagaga ccaacaaagg aatcactccc     87300
     ccttctctcc atccctggat cctctctttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gatagggtct     87360
     ctgttgttca ggctggaagg tagtggtatg atcatggttc actgtagcct caacctcctg     87420
     ggctcaagca accctcccac ctcagctttt tttttttttt ttttttctcc tgagatagag     87480
     tttcgctctt gttgcccagg ttggagtgca gtggtgtgat cttggctcag tgcaatctcc     87540
     gcctcccggg ttcaagtaat tctcctgcct cagtctcctg agtagctggg attatgggca     87600
     catgccacca cgcccagcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gacagggttt caccatgttg     87660
     gctggtcctg aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ccacccgcct tggcctccca gagtgctggg     87720
     attacaggca tgagccccgg cgcctggccg tccacctcag cttcttgagg agctaggact     87780
     acagacaggt accatcatgc cctgctaatt tttttcatta atgttttgga ggcaggatct     87840
     cactatgttg tccaggttgg tctctaactc ctgagctcaa gcaacctgcc tgcctcggcc     87900
     tcccaaagtg ttggaattac aggcgtgagg caccataccc agccctggat cctctctttt     87960
     atctccaatt tggggtccaa ggagacaagt gagagtggaa aaattaatac tgtttattat     88020
     tatttaaaac atctaagcac tgtaccaagt acttcacata tattttgttt aaccttcaca     88080
     acaaccctgt caaacggatg caaacgtggt tttcatttta taaataggga aactgaggca     88140
     ttcaagatta agtaacttcc ctaaaagctc atggttagta agcagtatct ctaaaattca     88200
     aactcagcag tctgactcca gagcccaggt ttgtgttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt     88260
     ctcactctgt caccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgctatctc ggctcactgc aacctccacc     88320
     tcccgggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggact acaggtgcgc     88380
     gccaccatgc ccagctaatt tttgtgtgtg tgtattttta gtagatacag ggtttcacca     88440
     tgttggctag gatggtctcg atctcttgac ctcgtgatcc gcccacctca gcctcccaaa     88500
     gtgctgggat tataggtgtg agccaccgca cccagccgag cccaggccct taagacctgt     88560
     ttttgctcct cccaaactct cagatgctct tccccactct attacttact agctgtgccc     88620
     cccagggcag catgctgcag ctctcgctcc cttcggtcca actcctctgc cttccggttg     88680
     agctcctcct gtttcttcag cagctcagct gtggctgctg cagctgaggc ctgcccagtg     88740
     tgagcagacg gagatgtgag ccctgggccc caggactggc ccttctcccc agccctcacc     88800
     tgcacacctc ctgtacctga gtgctgtatg agccatagtt cttaggttct gtggggctga     88860
     gctttctcga gggctgcaag gagggagctg agggtggagg caatggggca ggggctggag     88920
     gctcataggc tggtggtggc tgttgaggaa aagaccttag tgatcatcta gtccctcata     88980
     acacaggaat ctagagtctg cttgaatacc tttagaccca gaactcatga tgtaaggaag     89040
     cagcctttcc cccatttgtt aggaagctag ttcttctgtt gaatttctgt cagagaactc     89100
     tatgatgacc tgtagcagcc ttatcatccc tcatatccaa ttccttagtg aggactcaaa     89160
     tcactcattt accatatctc cccacttaac tgtgtttttt ttttttcttt tcttctgggg     89220
     atggagtgtg gggttgtctc tctgccaccc aggctggagt gcagtggtgc aatcatcact     89280
     catcgaagcc tcaaactcct gggcccaagc agtctttcca tcccagcctc ccaagtagca     89340
     aggactacag gcatgtgcca ctacacctag ccaattttta aaacgtttca agagatgggg     89400
     gtctcgctgt tgcccaggat ggtctccatc aaattcctgg gctcaagcaa tcctcccacc     89460
     tcagcctccc aagtgggatt acaggcatgc acaccatgct tggctttttt ttttaagttt     89520
     taagtaccat gaaaacccct taaattctta caactcacca tcttctaatc cagtgggaca     89580
     aacaggtgta gtcctcctca ttccttgctt tcaaactgca cacctaacct aaactccaac     89640
     cagccccaac ctttattttc ttcaagaaag ccttcccata cagaacattg gttaaggcct     89700
     tgccagcctc cagatcttcc caggactgac ttttagagct caaaccattt gggttggtgg     89760
     ccctggtggc cctagaagga tgaggcatcc catggctgac tagcctctct cagggaacta     89820
     agatcacagt gcctcttcct tcctgtgcat gcagaaaagt cccctgtacc caagctaact     89880
     tgtctcactg gcaaaccctt cccttccttg aactcctatg ctctccagta gctcacctcc     89940
     cgggtctcaa aagggttgta gacgtcaagc gtggcatact gccggctggg tcggtgctgg     90000
     atcacagctg ggtcctgagg gcagagaccc gggtctcagc tggcacccag tgccacctag     90060
     gggaattccc agggaccatt cccaaactgc ctgtggctcc aagtactgca ccttcggggc     90120
     cacgccgttg tcccaggact gggacaacat ttacctcaaa tccatcatcc aacactgcca     90180
     gcaccagccc attaaggggc agggcccgcc ccccagagtg ctcactggtc tggagtcact     90240
     gtcaccccac gtggcggctc ttcccaggat caaatgtcac aaatggggat acaagttagc     90300
     ccgaccctac agaaccggga agaatcaacc tgaccgccca aaagaggccg actggcgcaa     90360
     gtcacctgaa aggggttgtc aagctcgctg ggctcggcga acgggtttcc gccgtctctg     90420
     ctctgagcca tgtttgcaac tgcggcctcc gcggccctct gccctccacg cccctgccgc     90480
     agcagtggcg gtagcggtag ccctcagagt ccacttcact cgcctcagtt cgccccgctt     90540
     ctctgtgcac ggattggttc caccgaccgg aagggccaca aggatccccg cagcagccgt     90600
     gggttgcgcc tgcgtcttgt ccaaaagcta agacgaaagt gcccccacgt gatacctcta     90660
     acccagtgcc cacaaccaac taccgcccct cttccatgtg acttccttcc actaacgaac     90720
     tacacttccc agcaggcctc gcgtaggaat ccggccttcc tagtctcccg agatggacga     90780
     cgggagcctt ctgaccggtc gtggcaatcc cccctaggag ccaggttgag cacgttttca     90840
     acctgagttt ctggctctat actgggccgc ggcctaatga ctctaggagt cagatctttc     90900
     ccaactctca taattccaca tccgagaagt gccacctcat aacacttctc tgttttaatc     90960
     tgaaagaaat gctgccccac ccatcactac cctcccatat gataaggtgg acaggggaaa     91020
     taaactggta gcctggctgt gcttcatttt ggagggtaag gaggactccc ttcataccca     91080
     aactcagaaa gtttgccaat agtttcatcc ctccacccca gcattcccaa acctccaact     91140
     ccagggatgg gggtcaaatg aagcacgtta ttttatttca caaagactgt acaaaattcc     91200
     ttataaaaca tggggtagat gccacctggt tacctcactc ggcccccatc caactccgta     91260
     tgagggggca ggtgagggtg gaaactgtgt ggatggaata gtattatgta caaggcaggg     91320
     gttgaagtga taggtacaag ttctttcata tttacactat ttcacatatt cacaggtata     91380
     tagagagcca ggaggaagga gtgaactctg gctcgttctc ttgtataaaa aagcaccagt     91440
     gtcctggact ggacacccac tgctataaaa gatgcagggg ggcccagggc ctgatcgtca     91500
     ccgactgata tcccgactgg agtcccacaa cttgttgggc ggctcagccc gaaggcgggc     91560
     gaagaaagga tgctgaaggg cttcacccaa ggtcagccgc ttagctggtt catactctag     91620
     catgctttca atcagatcga agagctggtg gtgttcctct gcctctgagg tcagataccg     91680
     ctggtggagg agggcaggaa aaaggtgagg caggatgcct tacaaaccct gccttcttca     91740
     agaccctacc tttcattctt ggagaaccaa ggctctgctt gcaaccaatt tgaaggctac     91800
     ctaaccacga ccacaccagg accaacgttt ctgatattat agctcaacct accttcccac     91860
     tagcacaatt actccataat ctttgaaagt tctttctact tgtatatcct tgtcaacttc     91920
     atgaatcttc tttagttcct cattaaaatg taagctcttc aaaggtagtt tattcttttc     91980
     tgtctgacct aaagaatcca ggacattgct ttgatctctg gttgtctcaa ggttaggctg     92040
     tctaacctcc ttccctccac aaaaccactc cctcttatgt ttcctctgtt gaccaaagat     92100
     gtcttctttc agctttcctc ccctcctttc ctaaccctct gcttgtgaag agcattccag     92160
     ggggcaaacc accctaagaa ggaagtgact tctggacggt gggcactatt tatcccgagc     92220
     ccagctcacc cgcagcggtt tgcagttctc acgaacatag cgcccagctg atgtgttctc     92280
     atcccaatcc aggcgacccc ggtaaaaata tttctgcttt ctagagggga aggggaggtt     92340
     gaggaatcag aaggtcaccc ttgttacaat tcccttattt ccccatctga aagtaactgg     92400
     ggggagagga ggtatcaaag aaaaaagaaa atgatgtgaa atagaccaat tctgtggaga     92460
     gaaaaggaaa agagttaact agtgccccct caaggttcac cttgtctttc ggatcatccg     92520
     ggaagggata ggacccaaga tcctttccat catggctaga tgctctctgt tgtcatgggt     92580
     ctgggaaaca aaaacagaac tgagcatggg actgaaaagg gcatgctaag gatcagctgc     92640
     caggaaggca ggcaatgtgg agaactgagt aggcaggtcc tcagcagaaa acaaaggaac     92700
     caggtagaag aatgccaggc agtcaagtaa gacatcccat cacttacctg gaagagggtg     92760
     aatcccacat agtattcaaa gatgatgcag cctatactcc acacatcaca aggctgtgac     92820
     cagcccaact ctgggtgaga atgggaggga aaaggtgtta tgaggcttag gtggccccac     92880
     cctcacatca tctcacacac ttggacagcc ttgccctccc ttaccaagga tgacttctgg     92940
     tgctcggtaa tggcgagtgg agacaatggt gctatggtgc tcatggtcaa aggtggcact     93000
     gccaaagtct accacccgca cagctgtgct cttcacactg cgctcatctc gcttctagga     93060
     gcagaggaga aagaggatga acctctgcac ccagactgag attccaccag tattctctac     93120
     attgcttctg agccttaaaa aaggtactgt gatctcctgc ctggccttac aagccctggg     93180
     aaattcctgt tttacagctt ccaccacatc cagcataata cttttagaag taggggagca     93240
     aaaggattaa gaaatgatta tagaacagcg tgcacatctg taagcatctg aagactacac     93300
     tcaagtgcca gatatatagt tattctgaaa acatgtaaca tgtagcaaat gggtttttct     93360
     gaaaaaatgt aacatgtagc aaatgggttt ttctgaaaaa atgtaacatg tagcaaagga     93420
     gtttctctaa aaatatgtaa catgtagcaa aggggtcaaa ggagggagag cttctttagg     93480
     tctgagatct ccattatctc cagttagtca aaggagccga gctttcctac ctcacagaaa     93540
     tacacatctc aaaaaagaag tccgggccag gcactgtggc tcacacccgt aatcccagca     93600
     ttctgggagc ccgagacagg cagatcacct gaggttaggg gttcgagacc agcctggcca     93660
     acatggcaaa accccatctc tactaaaaac acaaaaacta gccaggcgtg gtggcgggtg     93720
     cctgtaatcc cagctactcc agaggctgag gcaggagaat cacttaaacc tgggaggtag     93780
     aggttgcagt gagccgagat tatgccactg cacatcagtc tgggcaacag agtgagactc     93840
     tgtctcaaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaagtcca aaccaagaac     93900
     cttaaaaact ttcactctac tggaaagtta tctgaagtcc cctgtacaag ttatctccca     93960
     atttaagtct tcttaagaga tttctccctt tcaacctatt tagttttacc cagttggagc     94020
     cagacaggga gaaaatgtgg gaggacgaaa taaaagggag aaaacaaagg gctcggcaga     94080
     aggcaaagtg gtgcagctgc ctgcccccag taaccaaggg cagaccctat ccatcttacc     94140
     ttctctaggt tgtaggtgag ctcatagtct gaattcacaa acagaatatt ttcaggcttg     94200
     aggtctgtat gtgtcagctt gttatcatgg aggactgtag gggagaaggc caggtcaggc     94260
     ttggtgcagg tggccagagc taactggtat cagctgaccc caggcctggt tacctagggc     94320
     aaagccagtg aggagacagg tccagaatca ctagggctgc tttctgctct acgtctaaat     94380
     ggaatgcctg gtctaagaag ctctgctctt tctaatgtaa gatacatatg tagctcaact     94440
     gatgtaaaaa aaaaaaagtt tgctttgagt tgtagtgtgt acacactttg acatgtgtct     94500
     agctggcatt atgttaactc aattctgtga aactgtatta ttttgatgac tccagaggaa     94560
     tgatatattt ctttgaattc cccaccttgc cccttagctg aactacatac tctgtgttcc     94620
     catctccttt gctgtgaatg aacatctcat cccagacaaa tgtaagcctt taccctaagg     94680
     agtgtatttt tgtctcttta tgtttgctgt ctgactgatg ctttcccaag aaagggagaa     94740
     aggaaaaggg gagggtaatt aagtgctttg attccaaagg ctttctcttc tagctgctgc     94800
     taggctaggt gtagagtaag agcaatcagt gacgataaag acatcagtca aggagttaag     94860
     tcagaagacg tttcaagatg acagtaaatc aaagaactgc agataacaga cagctgactg     94920
     tttaggggct tcaccagtgc acaaccgaca gagagatcca atgaagggag ggactgcccc     94980
     agagtccact tcggcccacc ccactcacac ttgacagcct ggcacagctg gaaggccatg     95040
     tggcgcactt ggtggatggg gtagggcagg tagttgttgt ctttgaggaa atcgaaggtg     95100
     ctaaggccca gaagctcaaa ggagatacac atgtggccat ggtagtcaaa ccagtcaaac     95160
     atctggacac agaggctgag aagagagatg ggggaagggg ggttgtctga tgagctccca     95220
     tctgcccatc agccatccaa caaggaggta cttcatagct gttgattcca catacttgtg     95280
     taaaaccatg ccagctagta ctaacaccaa aattcagttc agctaaggag tagcctctac     95340
     cagacccaag aagaatggta ctatctgcca ggtttttttc ttttttgttt ttgagatggc     95400
     gtctcactct gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgcgat cttggctcac tgcaacctct     95460
     gcctcctgtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca gccttccaag tagctgggac tacagttgtc     95520
     caccaccatg cccggctaat ttttttattt ttagtacaga cggggtttca ccatattggc     95580
     caggctggtc tcgaactcct gacattgtga tccacccgcc tcggcctcca aagtgctggg     95640
     attacaggcg tgagccacca tgcccagccc aagtttcaaa atatcttcct gcgtcatttt     95700
     aaatagttca aaaactattt gctgaagagc tgtggagtgc caagctccaa acagtataga     95760
     tcctgaatca tcaaactgtc catcctaaat cccaacccca gcccaactcc tgatattcat     95820
     tcaccactag ctaccactgg gctcctattt atacctactg gcctcatatc ttggcttaaa     95880
     gtccttattc tatttttgga ctgtgaatgt atgtgaacaa aatattactg cataaatgtc     95940
     tgtggcctta tcagcatagt tctacttata aaagcttaat tcattgttcg atgaggttga     96000
     tgctcagtcc tagggctatg tccagggtat atctctacag aagccattct aggctggggt     96060
     caaacgacag agcaatctaa cttccctgaa aacaagggga gtggattaag gaatgtcatg     96120
     ggcccccccc ctttcctacc ctgatgttct actactctaa gatgatgaac aaaagatgaa     96180
     tggatgagaa ggtctaggac tcccctgtct gcctaaacca ggtctagaag tctctcccgt     96240
     gtaggggttg gggctctcag cctccctaca tacttccttg cttgcttact tcttgttgtc     96300
     agggtctttc tcattgattt tctctagcac gttgatctca agtcgagctg cttccttgta     96360
     cttctccaca ttcttaatga tcttcagggc aactcgagcc ccacccctgt aagttggcag     96420
     gagaggcttt tgctgggttc tcaagaatgt ctcaaaatga acagggctgt agggggacta     96480
     agaaattcta cctcaggtta attagcaaaa aagccccata taaccccaac catctcttta     96540
     gccccacata gtagggaggg actgacagtt acctgcgatg gtcaacacat tgtacaactc     96600
     ggccgaaggt cccctctcct aaggtgctaa cgatttcatc tgaaatgaaa gagagcaggg     96660
     tcggggagag ggagggagag aaggtgggga atgagctgag ttggaagaaa aaaggggaca     96720
     gcaacctggg gtggagatga aggaagggga acagatacag atggtcacag gggaagaaaa     96780
     cccctgcgtg attcccacca cctttaaccc aggggccgtg agagctggga gtggacaaca     96840
     gaggtcaatt ctcaacagca actcaaacca cccagataaa caacaccact gagaaaaggc     96900
     aagaggctgt gactcaggtt ggcttgggac gttaggatgg ctatgggacc attacaggct     96960
     ataggattgt tacgatttgg cttgtacatc gctcttgtag ccagtccccg acgtggtaga     97020
     tgaggtggcc ctcagcgtcg tcctctacac tcttggctct ccggctgctg tgctgctgtc     97080
     ggggggcagg gggggtcgga gcaagccagg tgtcggagcg ggggccggag ggaggcgggg     97140
     tgggtggtag aggggtcacc ggtcacaggc gcccagccag gggggacaga cgatgatggg     97200
     ggacagtgga agggaacacg tcagatgcag taaggtggat cggtgtgaga agagagagcg     97260
     gcgcataatc ccaagtcccc aaacccaaaa caggaacagg gagaggcatg ggcagagcag     97320
     agaagtggtg ttgttgccaa tgtcacccac aaccccatgc tctacacaat gcccttccgg     97380
     gcagacacag atctcccctt gcccccaccc aagcccgcct gccaaggggg ctacagagcc     97440
     cagggcttgg gggaaaaagg cagttcacaa gcaaggtccc cattaaagag tggaggccgc     97500
     tggggcggag aagctgctcc caacacaata agcccaacat gccagggaga gcactggggg     97560
     tcacaaatgc tccgtgccca tccatctcca aagcagatcc agggcccttc aagagtcgga     97620
     gagcttccaa gaaagtaggc aaactcagtg cccacctcag tgttcatgcc ccaatgttca     97680
     gctgagaaca aggatactgc tcacttacca gagtcctaga gggcctgcag aagagtgggg     97740
     agaggaaggg cctgggctgg cactcaccga agatgagcgg ctaaatgtcc ggctgcgcct     97800
     cctccgccgt ctgtgcttcc tccggctgct gcgctggctg cggtaactgc tgttctcccg     97860
     ctgatattca taggaatgcc gatagtctgt gtcatagtag gcatctcccc gatcccggct     97920
     ataatcgttg cgtctgtagc tgccacagta tcgccggtca tacaccctcc ggtcggacga     97980
     acgatcatca taactgctgt tggataacaa ataccaatga ggtgtatctg ttcagatcac     98040
     attccctacc ataccctgtg acaaggtcct gccttagtga ggacaaagag taatgctaga     98100
     aaactgttct cagacacttg ttgagtcact gagaggacca agggaccaga gaagtgaggt     98160
     aacaagcaca tctgccatgt caccaaaacc tctgaaaagg catctgcaga accactccct     98220
     attggggcct ttttcccgct gcagtgatac aaagaaacaa agagccattt ttttctcaag     98280
     ctttcctgaa tgaaatcccc ccttgctcta aaccatcctt aacccattct ttccactgaa     98340
     cataccacta aaatattaaa actgggccgg gcacagtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca     98400
     ctttgggagg ccaaggcagg tggagcactt gaggtcagga gtttgaggcc aacatggtga     98460
     aatcctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa attagccagg catgatggcg     98520
     catgcctgta gtcccaggta cttgggaggc tgaggcacaa gaatcgcttg aacctggggc     98580
     catagagttt gcagtgagct gagatcttgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagtga     98640
     aactctgtct caaaaataaa taaatgatat tttaaaattt ttaaaaaatt aaaaacacaa     98700
     agatctaact ttgtcttatc tgttagctta ttagttacct gtagctccca gtcctttgca     98760
     catgctttcc ctctgcccaa agacacttcc cccacctgac tctacttgtc ctccagacat     98820
     atacagatgt tgctttctct gcaatgtttt atctgaatta acatcctgcc ccactccaac     98880
     caaacgcact gggtacgtcc tcagttcctc attatgtatt ctaacactta acactgcagc     98940
     ccaaatggct tctttggtta tctatcccga cattaccttc agccagctac ttaaggcaat     99000
     ggttttagca tataaccaat aagtatttgt tgaacaaagg aatgagcgag tgaccctgtg     99060
     tttgagtatc tcttcctgag gcctcacctt cgagaacgga catggtagct gtcctctcgc     99120
     cgacgccgtc gtgtccggtc actactactt gaccaggagc gacttcttcg tcgcttatgc     99180
     tttcggctcc gatagtgttc acggtaactc ccccggctgc ctcgctctga ggagtggtac     99240
     cttcgaggat gcggcatctg gaaggcaagg gaaagcggaa ataggaaagt ttcgagtttt     99300
     cagaaatctc ctccaaggac tggctgctcc aaagatgcta agctgctttc ccctcttatt     99360
     tctgcctctt tttaccaggc acaacttcct cagtcttcct ctgtacttac aattcctcct     99420
     tattggagta cagccaccta ctaactctgg ctgaaactct agaaagcccc caaacccatc     99480
     cctcattacc cacccctcag ttcaagtgtt cttattttat tcttgagaca gagtctcgct     99540
     gtgtggccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa tctcggctca ctgcaacctc cacttcccag     99600
     gttcaagcaa ctctcctgcc tcagcctcct gtgtagctgg gattacaggc acgcaccacc     99660
     actcctggct aatttttata tttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggatg     99720
     gtctcaaact cctgacctcg tgatcctcct gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca     99780
     ggcgtgagcc accgcaccca gccagttcaa gtgttctatc cttattttct tcaaacacag     99840
     ctccatgaag accttcaggt ctaggacaca gttcactaca gagcaaagtg tatgacgacc     99900
     gatggagact gccacagtgt atccccgttc aggatctaag atatagatct gtgtgatgct     99960
     gagttcctca caagtcaata gagtaaagct ttggtttaca gttatgataa atgttgtaca    100020
     ctcattaaga gtacatctca tctcctcaag tagactatca gtgtcctgag ggtaggaatc    100080
     cagtctccca ggtttctaca tataccaggt aaacgccaaa tactatcagc tccagggatc    100140
     tgggtcgggc cccttgaatt aacttaatca tctctcacat ctttggccaa ctctcccttg    100200
     agaggtttta atgtagtagg ccacaaaata cagtcagcat cccatctggc ccctccactc    100260
     ttgtgcttaa gacgtagata acaactgttt cttgtgtttt tttttttttt tttgaaacgg    100320
     agttttgctc ttgttgccca ggctggagtg caatggcgca atctcggctc accataacct    100380
     ccgcctgcag ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggattacagg    100440
     catgcgccgc cacgcccagc taattttgta tttttagtag agacagggtt tctccatgtt    100500
     ggtcaggctg gtctcgaact cccaacctca ggtgatccgc ccgccttggc ctcccaaagt    100560
     gctgggatta cagatgtgag ccaccgcgcc tggccagtaa gtggttttta attaatatca    100620
     gccctactta gctgacagct ggccaccttc cagttaatgg aattggaatg ggatggttca    100680
     caaatccttt ttttccttca aggaaaaaag agaaaaatca ctgtcacaat ccaggaagat    100740
     gagaatagga aggcacaata aaatgaaaca ggcccaggga cataagtctt ggtgggggtg    100800
     tatgagaatc gcgtatgcaa aaggtttaat gattccgatg tctgaccacc attctgtatc    100860
     acttcttccc aacctcccca aattgaggag ggtggtattt gatgcattct tggtgtaact    100920
     ggggccggta gcataccaag ctgcaagcac aagattttcc cagcatagtt atcctaatca    100980
     gcatagccac ataaatgcca tctcaccaca tactaccatc aaacggcctc acagcactgt    101040
     cccctcaaaa catcactagc ctacctttct caagtttgaa atcttttgct ttttcctttc    101100
     ttactcagaa aatccagaac tcctacaggc aaattcttcc tgcatgttcc aagtgacacg    101160
     gtgatgtatt cctcccctcc agctttgatt ggacccgagt ccaactttga tattccactc    101220
     cttcacatct ctggaaccac tcccatcctt actctatcat cccttctagt ctggttccgc    101280
     ccaagcttcc tacaggtctt cttggtacat ctaacgcagg ccgacctcct tccccctcat    101340
     ctccctactc cgtcgcttcg taggtctcaa ctctcctcct ctccaaatct cgcccccgtc    101400
     ccttgccccc aacccaagcc taaccccgcc cgccccgcgg tcgccatctt ttcgcgcggc    101460
     cagccaaccc gcgcgctcac cgttctggcg gcgaggcccg tgcgcttgtc ccacaggaag    101520
     tccgtgatgg cggcgacact gcggccggag tcccggcacc cccgcggcga cgaaatgctg    101580
     ctccaccccc ccaacccggg accctgggac ctcccgcccc gttcccgggc tccgcttcag    101640
     tcccgcccgc cccggctccg tccccgcccc taagatctgc ttggcgccgc tcgcaccgcc    101700
     cccgcccggg gcccgatccc agctcggtct ccggctctgg cctctccgct ccgccgccgc    101760
     cgccgtgagc gagcacgtac gcacggaccg acgtcctgcg tcgcttccca gctaccccct    101820
     gggctccgcc cccaggaccg cgcgcgccac cacgtgctca cgtagttggc aggcatccgc    101880
     ctgtcagagc ctcggaggta ctgggggcgg aagttcatag gggcgaggag ggtccacagg    101940
     gacaagctgg aagccttcca ggcccgctat gccccgcctc ctgtcctttc ccactccgtc    102000
     ttcaatcttt taccctttgc atggagacgt gtggcttagt taggtttgga gtttaaaaga    102060
     aaggattgtc attgtcaata cagtgtcgct gctctgcaag cctgactgta gtgaggcttg    102120
     atggtgaagt ctcattcttc tgcatagcct gaaaataacc atttcttaaa acacttcacc    102180
     tacctatccc caggacaaaa gtctgccacc ttttgtcatc aacaaaagtt atgcacgact    102240
     cggggtgggg acacagccat ggaggaaagg tttgagcaat ggagggttgg agaatcgggt    102300
     gccgaaaagg gggacttact tgagaactgt atcctaaggt ggcttacata atgtgtgaga    102360
     aatacaagtt tactagggcc gggcgcggtg gctctcgcct ataatcccaa cactttggga    102420
     agccgaggcg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga gttcgagatt agcctgatca acatggtgaa    102480
     atcccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gccgggcatg gtggcgggcg cctgtaatcc    102540
     cagctactca ggaggctgag gtaggagaat cgcttgaacc cgggaggcgg aggttgcagt    102600
     gagccgagat cgggccattg cactgcagcc tgggtgacag agcgagactc tgtctcaaaa    102660
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcgcgcat caccacgccc agctattttt ttttttcttg    102720
     tagagatagt gcctcacttt gttacccagg ctagtcttga acccctgagc tcaagcaatc    102780
     ctcccccatc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaagcat cagccacggc gcttggccag    102840
     tttactaaat cttaaaaaag aacaggaagg ctgggcgagg tggctcacgc ctgtaatacc    102900
     aacactttgg gaggccaacg tgggtggatc acttaagcat aggagtttga gacagcctgg    102960
     gcaacagggc aaaacccaga ctcttaaaaa aatacaaggc cgggcgcggt ggctcacgcc    103020
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccaaggc gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac    103080
     catcctggct aacacggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccgggcg    103140
     aggtggcggg cgcctgtagt cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga atggcgtgaa    103200
     ccccaggggg cggagcctgc agtgagccga gattgcgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcga    103260
     cagcgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaataca aaaattaggc    103320
     caagcgcggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca acagttttgg aggcccagga aggtggatca    103380
     cttgagcaca ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacctggt gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa    103440
     aatacaaaaa ttagccgggt gtgatggcag gtgcctgtaa tcccagctat ttggaaggct    103500
     gaggcacgag aatcgcttga atccagaagg tggaggttgc agtgagccga gatggtgcca    103560
     ttgcactcca gcctgggcga cagagtgaga ctgtgtctaa aataaaataa aataaaaaat    103620
     aaaaattagc cattcatggt gtctcccacc tgtagtccca gctactcggg aggctgaggt    103680
     gggaggatca cctgagcctg gggaggttga ggctgtagtg acccgtgatc gtgccactgc    103740
     actccagctt gggcgacaga gtgagactct atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    103800
     aagaaaagaa aaaaagaaaa tgagaaagag aaagagttag agactttaca gaaggaattg    103860
     agaagtggtc agaaaggtca attgaaagag aaataatata atctgagaat aacgatatta    103920
     aagtcaggga gctgagcaag gtggctcaca cctgtagtcc cagctactca ggaaactgag    103980
     gtgggaagat tgctttgagg ctgcagtggg tcatgatcac accactgcac tccagcttga    104040
     gcaacagagc aagaccctga ctctagaatg agtaaataaa taaagtcagg aaatattaga    104100
     gaggagctgg atgaaggatg gtcagatgga ggttagatca gataaccaga catagtttag    104160
     agaagttccc tggaatagaa catggagagc aatcaatgaa ggagtcgggg agagagaagt    104220
     aaagatttca cttccacctc ctggaacatt ttcctagatt attaattcat tcaacaagca    104280
     tttactgaat gtccactatg tgtccagaat tatgccaggt gcaaggttcc tgtttctcag    104340
     agtttcacaa tctaacagga gagaaaatct gtaaataaat aatgagacca tgctcatgcc    104400
     tgtaatccta gcactttggg aagccaaggc aggaagatca cttgagctct gagttcaaaa    104460
     ccagcctggg caacatagtg tgacctcatc tctaaaataa taataataat ggtagccctg    104520
     tgacatgagt tgctcaaaac agtggtgccc tggctgctgt aaaaaagctc tagaatagac    104580
     cctacctgag gaaaggagag ttggaaatgt gttcctaggt ttcctagaga aagcaagatc    104640
     tgaaccaact gttcgaaagt gaattggagg agaataccag gcagagaaaa tatttgcaaa    104700
     agcatagaga caaggcagca caaagtcttt cagcatgatt ggggctgtgg ctttcaagag    104760
     agggactgtc agaagagaga ctgttgaaac taggtccaaa ttttttgggc ctggtacacc    104820
     atgctaagca gcttaaatgt acccctgtag aagatgggaa agcttgatgg gcttcaagca    104880
     agtgacacag ccatagttgg attttaggaa ggtaactggc agggaatgga agaagaattg    104940
     gcctggaaga ggttgaagac tcttttagag gtttccgaag taatttaagt gaaaaaatgc    105000
     tgagggcttg aaatgaggca gtggtaataa gaattggaga tgaaggggag aatttgagat    105060
     atttaggaat ttgtagcact tcgcatagca ctgcaattta cctgtctgtc gttgggcaca    105120
     gatgagcagt ggctttatgg ctaggccttt gtttttgttt tgttttgtgt tgttttccat    105180
     tactacatgg agatgctaag actaggactt ttgtattcat ttttgtttcc tcagcatcca    105240
     ctcaatgaca ggcagagttg cacttggtga aggctgacag aatgaattag gaaattaaat    105300
     actaggggaa gcagttcgga ggagaccaaa agacaagaat atgcctagga cagtgttgag    105360
     agaagacggg agcaggacag aagtccctgg gcgagagtgg agaagaatcc caaaagccat    105420
     ttccacttct tccattggtc cccaatccct ctccctccca agtccttcaa gctacaaacc    105480
     cgcgtccgat tttcccgcca ctgcaggggg ctcctcctcc ctggttctca gtggatgaaa    105540
     ggccaacgct aggccacgcc ctctccctgg ctcaggctgc gctccccgcc ttctttgcta    105600
     agccacgccc ctctcggagt tcctccagga tcccggcgtc ccagccccgc ccggtcttgg    105660
     cgcggccctc gccagggggc gccgcgcagc ccgcccgccg cccgccagtc tagcacacac    105720
     cccctccgcc ccgcgcgccg gcgattccga gcctacgacg cctccgctag agcccgcggg    105780
     gctgcgccga ctcctgctct ggaggggttg cgggtacctg atggccacag agggctctag    105840
     gaggccgagc gtgtaagcgg ggtgggcgcc atggaggcag agcagcggcc ggcggcgggg    105900
     gccagcgaag gggcgacccc tggactggag gcggtgcctc ccgttgctcc cccgcctgcg    105960
     accgcggcct caggtccgat ccccaaatct gggcctgagc ctaagaggag gcaccttggg    106020
     acgctgctcc agcctacggt caacaagttc tcccttcggg tgttcggcag ccacaaagca    106080
     gtggaaatcg agcaggagcg ggtgaagtca gcgggggcct ggatcatcca cccctacagc    106140
     gacttccggt attgggggct tggcggggag ggcagggtac atcaatccca ccctcgcggg    106200
     cagcgacacc gggacccggc ccgccccacc ctccacggtc acttcatttc cagcccgggg    106260
     tcccttggtg gggcgggaga gtcacttgca ccagtctagc ctgggaattc ctgggcgggt    106320
     atcccctgcc ggaggtcctc cgtgcctgga caggctgggg gcaccagaag gggcaagcag    106380
     acatcagggg atctccagag acctggattt cctctttcag gaacccggga ccccatccgg    106440
     accaaaggaa ctaccagagt ttgggacccc tgcctcctcc agtcctgctt gctggagatc    106500
     taggaaatta tattctaagt atcggggcca gtctgaggga gaagccgagc tccgccatct    106560
     cccatcccca cacccgctcc ttagcacctg cctagttcag catgacagac taccaggaaa    106620
     aatagggacg ctgaaggggg cggggggtcc agacctcagc tctggtcgct gtccctagtg    106680
     ctgaaggcgg gggcggcggg gcggggccga gactcagagt gactgaggcg gcaaagcagg    106740
     ggcaggacca ccacccaggt gactcccaga gaaggaacag agggtggggg tggggccatt    106800
     tcacagtctc cgtcagggtg tacctctaca tcaaggtcgc taggggaaga cagcagccct    106860
     gtccttgggg gaaatgaagg acagctcttg gatgaggcag ggatgtgtgc aaagcaccta    106920
     acctggggaa ctaaagaagc agagaggaag aggtgtgaat ctggagcctc gaaatacagt    106980
     tgtagaccca gacattatct tgaatccaca tatatacaca ctccctctat gtctctcttc    107040
     ctcccattgt tcctttcact cctgtctttg ctgcctcgtt cccacccagc cagtgcgcct    107100
     tttctagtct cctgtggatc tcactctctt ccctcagttc actcgcagac ggatccccag    107160
     aagcctggta tccctctgat tgtgcttctc cattctctat actacatcac ccgccaggct    107220
     tgtgacccac ctgtgagtca ggctgtgaag atgctttcat ggctaggcga accctctttc    107280
     cctcccctct cttagtgtct cacaatacag gattcctcct cagcagccga ggagagaaaa    107340
     gaagaatggc cgagggtttt tgtttattga aaacatacag tctaaggggc ttcccagagg    107400
     cccggacttg aggaagtttc tttcagggct gaaaattgat tttgcagtcc gagtcagaag    107460
     gggctagctc ctgagttgac actgggatta ggtgtgtcct agaattaaaa ccaccatagg    107520
     taactgagtc cctgagattt tcctgtgcca ttctctgaat gagggcttca cacagttccc    107580
     tcttgacctc ttctttccac ggtgtctgcc acagcaatgt cactcacccc tgcccatgcc    107640
     tctgcctgtg ctcagccaga gtcccagtgg acacagggag gccagaggag gaaaggtatg    107700
     cagaactcaa gccttgctgc ttcatgatct cctgtggagc ttctctgtgt gtgcagccct    107760
     gtttgaggtt ctgtggaggg ggaagggcat ccctggaaag ctcaattcag aggaaggcag    107820
     gatagaccac cccaccctga gacatggatg agcaaacctc agcagaggaa caggatccgt    107880
     gggtccaact gtgttggaga agaggaatgg ggtggagaag gctggggagg gcatgaggtc    107940
     ctagactaga atgggcagat aactggagat gggggaagca gcagcctttt cagaaatctg    108000
     gggataaaga gtgagtgagt cataatacca actagtgcct gtaccacact gtcacatcta    108060
     ttgtctccat gtaaatgttt tcagcaatgc tgtgagatta gcacaggata ctttagcttt    108120
     tttttttaac cttaaaaata tttagcaatg gtgaggtaaa tgatatatag tagggatatg    108180
     tatgtagatg gaagagtaat tttatttatt tatttattta tttttatatt tgtttattta    108240
     ttttgagaag gagtctcact gtgtcgccca ggctggagtg caatggcaca attttggctc    108300
     actgcaacct ccgcctcccg ggttcaagcg attcttctgc atcagcctcc tgagtagctg    108360
     agattacaag cgcatgccac cacgcctggc taatttttgt atttttagta gacgtggggt    108420
     ttcaccattt tgtccaggct ggtctcgaac acttgacctc gtgatccacc cacctcagcc    108480
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccacaccg gcaaattttt atttatttat    108540
     ttattttatt tatttattta ttttgagaca gagtctcact ctcgcccagg ctagagggca    108600
     gtggagcggt ttcagctcac ggcaaccttc actcccaggt tcaagcaatt ctcctgcctt    108660
     ggcctcctga atatctggga ttgggattac aggtgcgcgc caccacacct ggctaatttt    108720
     tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagtctcgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcaca    108780
     atctcggctc actgcaagct ccgcctcccg ggttcacgcc attctccttc ctcagcctcc    108840
     tgagtagctg ggactacggg cgcccgccac catgcccagc taattttttg tattttttta    108900
     gtagagatgg ggtttcaccg tgttagccag gatggtctca atctcctgac cttgtgatct    108960
     gcccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccacg cccagctatt    109020
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacagag tttcactctt gttgcccagg    109080
     ctggagtgca atggcgcaat ctcggctcat ggcaacctcc acctcccagg ttcaagcgat    109140
     tctcctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctggg atcacaggca tgtgccacca ctcccagcta    109200
     attttgtatt tttagtagag atgaggtttc tccatgttgg tcaggctggt ctcgaactcc    109260
     cagcctcagg cgatccgccc accttggcct ctcaaagtgc tgggattaca gatatgagcc    109320
     accgcaccca gcgcctggct aatttttaat tttttttttt ttttttttga gatggagtct    109380
     cgctctgtca cccaggctgg agtacagtgg cgtgatctct gttcactgca gcctccgcct    109440
     cccgggttca agtgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta caggtgtgca    109500
     ccaccatgcc cagctaattt ttatattttt cgtacagacg gggtttcacc atgttggcca    109560
     ggatggtctc gagctcttga ccttgtgatc tgcccatctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga    109620
     ttacaggcgt gagccaccac acctggcctt cttctttttt tctttgaggc agagtctcac    109680
     tgttgtcacc caggttggag agcagtggtg cgatctcggc tcactgcaac ctctgccttc    109740
     cgggttcatg ccattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc tggggttaca ggctctcgcc    109800
     accatgccca gctaattttt gtattttttg tagagacgag gttttgccat gttggccaga    109860
     ttggtctcaa actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cgccagtctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga    109920
     ttacaggcat gagtcaccag gcctggccta atttttaact tttgtagaga taggatctta    109980
     ctatgttgcc caggctggtc ttgaactcct ggactcaagt gatcccactt tggcctccca    110040
     aagcgctggg attacaggcg tgagccatag cttttctttt gagacagggt ctcgctctgt    110100
     cagtcaggct ggagtacacc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactttaggt gtgcaccacc    110160
     tggcctggct aatttttttt atttgttgtt gagatgaggt ctcactatgt tgcccaggct    110220
     gtttcttgct tcttttgctc agcattgcat ttgtgaaatt catccatagg gctgaatgta    110280
     gctgtagttg ggtaatttca cagctgtatg gtatgccagc ccataaatag tgtatttatc    110340
     tacttatctg tctacatttt tctacacaag gacatgtgtg ttgttctcaa atttaatgct    110400
     gctataaaca ttcctatgtg tatctcctgg agcgcatatt ttccttggat gtgtctatac    110460
     gtaggaatgg gattgctgag ttgcagggaa tgcaaatgtt taacttcact agataatgct    110520
     gaactatttt cccaaatggt ggtcccaact tatactccca acagctgtaa acagtcattc    110580
     tgttattgtg tatctttgcc cattcttggc catgtcagcc tatcttctgt cagtctagtg    110640
     gctggtgaaa tatcctcatg gtcttactcc tcatctcact cccaccttag gttttactgg    110700
     gacctgatca tgctgctgct gatggtgggg aacctcatcg tcctgcctgt gggcatcacc    110760
     ttcttcaagg aggagaactc cccgccttgg atcgtcttca acgtattgtc tgatactttc    110820
     ttcctactgg atctggtgct caacttccga acgggcatcg tggtggagga gggtgctgag    110880
     atcctgctgg caccgcgggc catccgcacg cgctacctgc gcacctggtt cctggttgac    110940
     ctcatctctt ctatccctgt ggattacatc ttcctagtgg tggagctgga gccacggttg    111000
     gacgctgagg tctacaaaac ggcacgggcc ctacgcatcg ttcgcttcac caagatccta    111060
     agcctgctga ggctgctccg cctctcccgc ctcatccgct acatacacca gtgggaggag    111120
     gtggggtggg gagatggcgg gcggggcagt gggtggggga tgttggggga gaagggggcg    111180
     gggcggctgg tggacttctc taggaagatg ctatgggtgg ggctcctggt gaccttatag    111240
     tgtggggaag atgggtgggg cttccgtgcg tgagctctct ccaaaactgg tgggggagaa    111300
     gcaggaacag aatgagggtt cgggggatgg ggcctggggt gaagatggtg gcacaggagg    111360
     gtggagcaca gctgccggac acactttaga gttagctgga tgctgggcgg aggatgaggt    111420
     gtggaagaag ctggagcttc agcttcagag cagcagagtt tagtggttca gactgtgggc    111480
     tctgcagtct cattgtcttt ggtcagatcc cagttttatt gtttactata ggagacttgg    111540
     ttttctgttc tataaaatga gagtgttaaa tacacttacc tgtgataaga ctgttaggat    111600
     taaaggaatt aatacatgca aatcacttag aaaggtgtct agcacatact aagttctcag    111660
     tgaagccact attatatatt attattatta ttatttttat tatactttaa gttttagggt    111720
     acatgtgcac attgtgcagg ttagttacat atgtatacat gtgctatgct ggtgcgctgc    111780
     acccactaac tcgtcaccta gcattaggta tatctcccaa tgctatccct cccccctccc    111840
     cccacccatt atatattatt atgactggaa aggagagggc tgctggatta attcttacac    111900
     atatgccctg gagacattac actgtgaaat gccctctctc ttttctaggc tacacctggg    111960
     cagcttgtgc aatagatttg tttgattctc tgctgtgaca cttactatgt ggttctgggc    112020
     acatgactga cctcagcttt cctatctata agatgagaga aataagaaac tgctttgcat    112080
     tagctataca tgtgtgccac aaaactccac acaaatgaat aatagttgta ttttttaatt    112140
     catgggggct ggggctaggg agtagttcag aagagaattt gccaggctgg gaatggagga    112200
     ggacaagcag ggaggggttc ctgtccacag cagctcctcc tcggactcct cagatctttc    112260
     acatgaccta tgacctggcc agtgctgtgg ttcgcatctt caacctcatt gggatgatgc    112320
     tgctgctatg tcactgggat ggctgtctgc agttcctggt gcccatgctg caggacttcc    112380
     ctcccgactg ctgggtctcc atcaaccaca tggtggtgag aagtccccac agctctgcct    112440
     ttcctgggcc ttcttagggc tcttctgcct gagtagcagg gatggccaca gggagcagga    112500
     ggtgggagat gatcacaaca gaaaatagga gcgaggaggt ggggaggagg gaggaaaggg    112560
     gaaggagacc cagaagaagt gctcgtgtgt tggagggagc aggcaaagga agggtaccta    112620
     cccggaagct gaggccccca agttgcaata gaggaccctt ttgcctcagg gccccccaga    112680
     accaaactta agtgcctgcc aggaggaagg cctgcagtag aaggggcaga cagaaagacc    112740
     aaagaaggaa aaggggcagg cagagaatga ggctccgagg ggcccatgcc cagctctgca    112800
     atatactctg cccctcagaa ccactcgtgg ggccgccagt attcccatgc cctgttcaag    112860
     gccatgagcc acatgctgtg cattggctat gggcagcagg cacctgtagg catgcccgac    112920
     gtctggctca ccatgctcag catgatcgta ggtgccacat gctacgccat gttcatcggc    112980
     catgccacgg cactcatcca gtccctggac tcttcccggc gtcagtacca ggagaaggtc    113040
     agcagggaca ggagagggag gtgtggcatg gaggggtgtt ggagactggg tagcctgact    113100
     tgaggcccat tctgatgtgt gcccctgttg cgtctctgtt tcctttcctg ccctgtgtcc    113160
     atttgttccc tgcccctgca tgtacctttt ccttgtttga acctatgcct gtgcttggcc    113220
     cctctgctgt ccacgcctgg gttttcctat gactgtgctc tgtgtcttcc cggtatccat    113280
     cattatccgt attcctctgt ggccctgtgt atccatgtct ggttccacgt ttcacccctt    113340
     tgagtttgac ctgtgtctct gaccttccgc acacacaccc cactgtgccg gccccaaatc    113400
     tctccctctg tcctcttgcc cctggcaatg ggctggccct ccagtacaag caggtggagc    113460
     agtacatgtc cttccacaag ctgccagcag acacgcggca gcgcatccac gagtactatg    113520
     agcaccgcta ccagggcaag atgttcgatg aggaaagcat cctgggcgag ctgagcgagc    113580
     cgcttcgcga ggtggggctg ggttgggcct ggaagggggg ctcttcaggg acctggagtg    113640
     ctgtctggtg gtaggggcta ttggtcagca ggtgctccta tagggaatga ggcctgcaga    113700
     gggccccgtg ggaggccagg tatttgggct ttcaggggct agggtctttc ttgaaggccc    113760
     tttgagggtg aaggatacat gaggagggac tatagggatc tctgtttttg ggggatggtc    113820
     ctgcaagggc tcatgggaaa gatctgaagg caggagctta gggatggtcc caggcccact    113880
     gatgcctccc catcctttgg cagaacatga ccccaggggt ggggtttctg gaagcggatg    113940
     agctcggtgg gatcatctca ggtcaggggc acagcctgcc tgacaggccc ctcccctgtc    114000
     caggagatca ttaacttcac ctgtcggggc ctggtggccc acatgccgct gtttgcccat    114060
     gccgacccca gcttcgtcac tgcagttctc accaagctgc gctttgaggt cttccagccg    114120
     ggggatctcg tggtgcgtga gggctccgtg gggaggaaga tgtacttcat ccagcatggg    114180
     ctgctcagtg tgctggcccg cggcgcccgg gacacacgcc tcaccgatgg atcctacttt    114240
     gggggtcagc aggcctcagg gagggtggca gggtcacgag cagacagtgg agagggcaac    114300
     tgctcccagg ctctgggtcc ctgcctcagt acgctgcaga atcacagagc tccagcccct    114360
     ccccaggcct actcagtgag aatctctggg ctggggtctg gagctctata gtttttgttt    114420
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tttgaggtgg agtctcgctc tgttgcccag gctggagtgc    114480
     agtggcgcaa tctcggctca ctgaaagctc tgcctcctgg gttcacgcca ttctcctgcc    114540
     tcacactccc gagtagctgg gaccacaggc acccgccacc acgcctggct aattttttgt    114600
     atttttagta gagacggggt ttcactgtgt tagccaggat ggtctcgatc tcctgacctc    114660
     gtgatccgcc cgcctcagcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgaat caccgtgcca    114720
     ggcctgagct ctgtagtttt taaagcttct caggagattc taatgcacag ccaggttgca    114780
     aactactggg ccagagggcc ttttagaacc cttagacagt gaaatccaag gatcctatga    114840
     gatgagggaa aggcaggagt gaagcagagc tgtcctggag cataagcttt ttggagctgc    114900
     ctggtggcgt gtttcaggga cccagcctgt ggcagtaggg gcagttcagc cttccactgc    114960
     ccaaagtgac ctgaggctta tataatctct cagtccccaa accacccact actcccatca    115020
     tgttgcactt tgctctttga tactgctttt ctccttcagg gctgccctca gtgtttattc    115080
     aagggggtgg gaggggtggg tacactgagt tgcccaggtc tacctcttgg gattgagcag    115140
     tcggggaggg gtgggagtta aagtggagtg gaatcactgg gaatttaggg ccagcaagac    115200
     ctgcctggtc atcagccttc atatggagag agtaggaagg acagggagca gtaacccagt    115260
     aattgtgggg gtctggagaa agacaatgct tggggtgttt agggttcctg gggcacggag    115320
     gtaataggta atcaatggtt tctcccaagt ctagggagga gccttagaaa gttgggtcca    115380
     ctgctgcagg ctcagcaaga ggagttctgg ggacaaggac ggggttctga agcttcctcc    115440
     caatttctgc agagatctgc ctgctaacta ggggccggcg cacagccagt gttcgggctg    115500
     acacctactg ccgcctttac tcactcagcg tggaccattt caatgctgtg cttgaggagt    115560
     tccccatgat gcgccgggcc tttgagactg tggccatgga tcggctgctc cgcatcggtg    115620
     agacctgtcc accccatctg ctctgggtcc agactgtgct ctcaccccac ctccaaagca    115680
     aggagcccag gctttagggc tccagggtca tatcccaatc cattcagtcc caacaaatgc    115740
     tccctaacag gactttcaac actgtggccc actgtcccta tccctcagca tgtccttccc    115800
     aggagagata gcatcccaag cccccatgtc ctgagtcctc cttcccctga gtaccagtcc    115860
     cctgaccctc gctgtctctg atacataccc tcttcctcca acccccatct caacccccat    115920
     agccccattg ccatactact gactcccatc ccctaccctc aaccccaccc catcctgata    115980
     ctctcatact ctttgatatc caacatccat cttggattcc ttccctatcc ttaacttctc    116040
     cctcccggta caacttctag gcaagaagaa ttccatactg cagcggaagc gctccgagcc    116100
     aagtccaggc agcagtggtg gcatcatgga gcagcacttg gtgcaacatg acagagacat    116160
     ggctcggggt gttcggggtc gggccccgag cacaggagct cagcttagtg gaaagccagt    116220
     actgtgggag ccactggtac atgcgcccct tcaggcagct gctgtgacct ccaatgtggc    116280
     cattgccctg actcatcagc ggggccctct gcccctctcc cctgactctc cagccaccct    116340
     ccttgctcgc tctgcttggc gctcagcagg ctctccagct tccccgctgg tgcccgtccg    116400
     agctggccca tgggcatcca cctcccgcct gcccgcccca cctgcccgaa ccctgcacgc    116460
     cagcctatcc cgggcagggc gctcccaggt ctccctgctg ggtccccctc caggaggagg    116520
     tggacggcgg ctaggacctc ggggccgccc actctcagcc tcccaaccct ctctgcctca    116580
     gcgggcaaca ggcgatggct ctcctgggcg taagggatca ggaagtgagc ggctgcctcc    116640
     ctcagggctc ctggccaaac ctccaaggac agcccagccc cccaggccac cagtgcctga    116700
     gccagccaca ccccggggtc tccagctttc tgccaacatg taaaaccttt gagtacatcc    116760
     agccttagtt cttggggtgc agtagtatgt acccaagggc agatgcctct tggggaaggc    116820
     catggggacc tgaaacattg ccccatggaa atgtcgaccc tgtgcggaca ttccgcatac    116880
     tgccatgaag acggtctctg tgtcctcagc tcaagaatcc tgtagcttgt cccatcataa    116940
     tccattcacc cgttcatcat gtgtactgag cagctaccat gttcaaggta atatgccagg    117000
     cgctgtatgt ctccactgcc aagtagaagt gactcaaaac cctctgacaa ggatattccc    117060
     ttggctatgg tcctgccagg tgcaggccca ggcccatgac cccaccttta ctaagcacaa    117120
     gtacttgcca ctgccatcac tgccaagtaa ctagatgtct ctgtttccct gccaatgatc    117180
     ctgcaggttc tgcccggtct ggttatcttc ctgttcctgt agcatagcca ggcactgcca    117240
     gtcacctgtg cccccattgc tgtcagcaga tgtcttgggt cctgagtgtg ggtatccact    117300
     tttacccgct cactgccacc tgtggacact ctgtgtctac cctctgagtg ggaacatact    117360
     tctaagttcc ctgcagtctc tgtcctgtgg tagaccatct ttttgtaaac tgcgagcttc    117420
     ctcttccctg taccctctgc cccagtcgtg accccctaaa agttaagggg tagttggcac    117480
     ctccttatta atatgccagc ctagatcccc cccggtggag gggcaaatgg ctgaatcctt    117540
     gtgtgatatt tttttcttcg cttgtttatt tattcattta tttaattgta tttattcatt    117600
     tactaacttt atgtgttacc aattaatttt gtttacccat tcctttatcc atccctcccc    117660
     tccttttcag gtaaggagac aggaggagta ggaggaggca gggcctctcc atgccagcct    117720
     ctgtggtcct tgcccaaacc catcagcgca atacttgaac cttctcccag gtaggggcag    117780
     gaggagccac atgagagagg gagaaggacc gcgtttacct ttagagtttt gttttgtttt    117840
     ttccttctga gtttgctgtt ggtgcaggaa taagggaaag gcccaaggta tccaagcctg    117900
     gggaagggca ggccagccag cacctctgcc ttctcaggga caagagtagt cctttaccac    117960
     cctcactctg cctgtcccct ctcctactct acagcattaa agactgtggg accaggaccc    118020
     taagtctcct ttccttctgg gtggggagtt ctggggttct tggtgtgtgg gagaagtttt    118080
     ataattgctt ccaaacagct gggtttaaat ataaaataga cacactcatt tttggctctt    118140
     ggtttgtgtg tgggaacaac atgagtggga aggaatttct gggtgcagaa ggaagcagcc    118200
     ggggatttga ccaagcaggg tatcaggcag gcatgagagc agccaggaca gtggtctaca    118260
     agcccagcac ggaggttgtg aagacagtga caaaatcagc tgcccagccc tcacttctcc    118320
     ccagcatcca tcccacccag ttttcccaaa agcgtggact ttcatgtaac tgttagtcac    118380
     catgaagggg tagcctgccc tggcacgaga tgcccagatt atcatgaggg ctacatatga    118440
     gaatgggaga ctgtggacaa gattgccctg tctcccctct cccccacccc aagggatggg    118500
     atgcctgggg ttatggaatt aaccagccaa actgggatta aagactcaag gcatcttagg    118560
     gcctgctgag cagattggat gcagggaatg tacaattggt gctgttgggt ggccagtgca    118620
     taattggaca cagactttca ggacctgtgt gaaatggaga tggggaaggg gcaacctcga    118680
     aggggctaga tgacagttat agtctcagat aggcctcagg tagggagggt caggaataga    118740
     gaagagagga cttaaaggtg gggctttgga ggggtgtggg ctggagaacg tagactgggg    118800
     aggaagggat ggggtacaag ggtaggctgg gccagaggag ggaggggcgt ctcaggatat    118860
     gcttagcacc cgcatgatgt tggtgtagcc ggagccaggt cgccagcctg tcaccacaat    118920
     caccaggtct ccaacacgga ggaagccacg gagctttcct gggggaggga aagaaaacaa    118980
     atcattggac aggtgtggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccat cactttggga agccaaggca    119040
     ggaggatcac ctgaggtcag gagtttgaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccttgtc    119100
     tctactgaaa atacaaaaat tagctgggtg tggtggcgca tgcctgtaat cccagctact    119160
     agggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa ctcaggaggt agaggttgca gtgagccgag    119220
     atcacaccac tgcactccag cctggggaca gagcaagact ccatctcaaa ataataataa    119280
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aaaagaagaa aagaaagaaa    119340
     attagtcatt gagggaccag gccagccctg taacgagaac cagccaccac ctttcaccac    119400
     atcaaggcca tcctgtaggg aatgaggcag tgaagtatgt cccacgggtg gcatgcaggg    119460
     aatgtgacca ctgcagtata ttaaaggtgt aagagatgcc agcacggtgg ctgacgcctg    119520
     taatcccagc actctgggag tccgaggcgg gcggatcacg tggtcaagac attgagacca    119580
     tcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattat ccaggcgtgg    119640
     tggcgcatgc ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg tgggagaatc acttgaaccc    119700
     aggaggcaga gattgcagtg agccgagatc gtacccctgc actccagcct ggcgacagag    119760
     caagactctc tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaggt gcaggagtat ctgtgggcta gggcagagtg    119820
     tgttgctaag tagcacggcc gtctgcctgt gtggctatgc tgatggaaga ggtatttgtg    119880
     atatgccaga ctgatatctc agtcttagtg actctcacag ggaaaacctg ggaccacagg    119940
     agagaggcaa ggccctttga gtgggtatgg gaagctgggt tggggggctc ctgatacaaa    120000
     tggtaggagt ggcagggaag gtctaggtag ctcaccactt tcaatgccaa attgcacccg    120060
     gcgatctaca tcatctgccc agatggcttc tggaggttca cggtaaagca aggggaagac    120120
     tcctcggcat aagtggacct ggcgggcagc ctgggcagag cgggtgacag caatgactgc    120180
     tgcccgaggt cggtaccgag acagaagctg ggctgagctg gaggaggcag agaaggtcag    120240
     cccagaacag caagaaagtg gtgaacgagg aaaggagaat ctttgttcca gttccaggtg    120300
     tcactaacaa gctgtgtgac cctgggtaag tcatcatact tctctgggcc ttggtgttct    120360
     cacctgtaaa atgagtgtaa gaatgcctgc ctcccaggcc gggagcggtg gctcatgcct    120420
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgagatg ggagaattgt ttgagcccag gagctggaga    120480
     ccagcctagg caacatagtg agaccccatc tctgcattaa gaaaaaaaaa agaaagaatg    120540
     cctgccctcc ctaccacaca agaaagatat gagataatac agatatatca aatgagataa    120600
     taaggagaaa tctctttaag aaatataaaa gctggccagg cacagtggct catgcctata    120660
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc caaggagggt ggatcacctg aggtcaggag tttgagacca    120720
     gcctggctaa catgatgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaatat gcagggcgtt    120780
     gtggcatgcg cctgtaatcc cagctactcg gaaggctgag gcaggagaat cacttgaact    120840
     tgggaggtga aggttgtggt gagctgagat tgcaccattt tactccagcc tgagcaacag    120900
     agcgagctgc cgttctcaaa agaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa acaaacaaaa acccaagagt    120960
     ataaaaccct tttgagaaag tccattatgt gcttaattta ctatatagat attaagtact    121020
     atctagtact taatatctcc tgttaatcct gccaacccca tgaagaacaa atcattacct    121080
     tgtcctgttc atgaggaaag acagcaggct aatagagcta catttctgag taaagactta    121140
     aactcagacc tactggaccc ttctgtaata cctcagtatt ggtaggctct gtgggccgaa    121200
     tggacttgcc tctgagcccc agaagcccaa atggccttga agccaatgtg cccagtgatg    121260
     ccgctgtccc cttccagccc ccagaagctc actggcattc tgtctctcct ggcctccagc    121320
     tgtcattgct gcctctcctc ttgtctcagg tggacactct tcacccctgg tgaccagact    121380
     aaacccaagc ctggggcccg tcccagccca cccctgaccc aaagctccat ctggacattc    121440
     ccaatatccc cctcaccggc cagttgtggt cagcacaatg atggcagcag cacagcactt    121500
     gaaggcagcc tccacagcac caatggcggt gacctcagtg ggatcacggc ttagtggcgc    121560
     tgcccgacgt agctcctcaa acagctgccg gtggtacact gcggcctctg cctcccgggc    121620
     aatctgcagg tgccagaatg ttagtctggg aaggggcact ggggtatgga agggatttgg    121680
     ttccctggcc catttgcttt tcattctgag ctcctaccgc atgctgcatc ttcaccgctt    121740
     ccacagggaa gttgcccttg gcagtctccc ctgacagcat gatgcagtca gccccatcca    121800
     gcacagcatt ggcgacatcg cttgtctctg ccctcgttgg ccggggcttg gtaatcatgc    121860
     tctccagcat ctgggggaca gcgtggatgt caaagttgta ggactcacac tgtgactggg    121920
     gaccctgccc aagctacttc tctgacaccc acactctcag agtgtcccaa aatccagggt    121980
     cacagtcaca acccctgaaa ataggagtca aagtatattt aactttgtcg tttggtcaca    122040
     acccctgaaa ataggggtca aagtatattt aactttgtcg tttgaggatc aaacactttt    122100
     catccaaatg tgctataaac ctacagtgtg ggctgggtgc agtggctcac acctgtaatc    122160
     ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcgagtaga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc gagaccagtc    122220
     tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact gaaaatacaa aaagtagcct ggcatggcgg    122280
     cggtcacctg taatccccac tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaattgtt tgaacccaag    122340
     aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc ggagattgcg ccactgcact ccagcctgga tgacagagtg    122400
     agactccgtc tcaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaataaaccc ctacagtgtg ggtattcacc    122460
     cacaggtgtc cctaaaaccc acagagtgcc gaacctcaag gcctcactcc agacctgtgt    122520
     ggcacagaca acaggcttgc ccgccaagtt gcagcgccca atcatcatct tctgagccag    122580
     gaaaaccttc tctgctggga tctcgatgcc taggtccccc cgtgccacca tgatgccgtc    122640
     gctcacctcc aggatttcat caaacctgag aggttgggag aatcaaggca gaggcaggca    122700
     ggagaagaaa ggtgatgggg aatagcgaca gggccgaagg ggaacagagc ccaagcctca    122760
     cctcttcacg ccttcgtggt tctcaatttt gctgatgatc ttgatgccgt gtccttccgg    122820
     acccagagca gccctgacgg cagccacgtc gctggctttc cgcacaaagg aggcaaagac    122880
     gatgtccacc ccatgctcca ccccgaagcg caggtctcgg acgtcctgct cggacagccc    122940
     gggcaagtcc acctgggccc ctggcaagtt cacgcccttc cggctgccca ggacgccgcc    123000
     gttctccact tgggtcacca gtccctctgg gcctgcggac atggaaagag ccagctgcgg    123060
     tcaggggtga ggacggggca cagttgcagc agagaggaca ctggggcttg gacccgcaag    123120
     aggtcaggaa ccatgtcctc ctcatctctc cgcccttgtt ctgggcttcg cccggaagag    123180
     gcacagatgg acgtccgtgg aagaaacgac ccacccatag tccagcccaa acccagggtg    123240
     agcgcagagt ctacacgctg gggactcctg ggacgggctg gcaaaaacgc gtggccaggg    123300
     gaaggtgtga tcggtctgag ggctgatggg ggagccaagg agaagggaat gtgcccagcg    123360
     cacggatgtg gtcagggcgg gaggcgcgtc cgcaccgatt ttctggacca ctagggagat    123420
     gagcccgtcg tcaatgtaga tgcggccccc caccggcacg acccggacaa tattggggta    123480
     gtccacccac acggtgttcg cgttcccccg cgtccggaac gcggggtcca cagtcaccag    123540
     cacctgggag cccttcacca gctccacttc cgactctgga ccctaaggag ggagccagag    123600
     gagatgtgag ttctgagccc cggagtccgg gacccgcccc tgcccacgcc tgggcccaac    123660
     cctacaggcg ccgcctttcc ggccctggcc cagcgagtcc cagccccact gctcaccccc    123720
     tgcaggatcc cagtgcggat ctccggtccc ttggtgtcca gggcgatggc cacgggccgg    123780
     tagctgagtg gggaacctgc aaagctctcc accgcctccc ggacgttggc gatggactca    123840
     gcatggtact gggggaggga gcggagcgag ggtttcaggg gaaggtggcc aggacctcga    123900
     ggcatcctcc tgccccaccc actgcccggc ggcccgtccc gcacctcgtg ggagccgtgg    123960
     gagaagttga gtcgcgcaat gttcatcccg gccttgatca tctccttgag gcgctccacg    124020
     gagcgagatg ctggccctag aaccagagat tcacgttcag acaacgttcc cccagaacat    124080
     gagaggcaac caaacccaac ccattaccat tctcagaacg cctcacgcca caggcgtcct    124140
     gttacctgat ctttattccc tgatgcaacc cctgcccaca gatcacagac tccccttccc    124200
     tctcaagcca acatccatcc ccttggggag gcagcagtgt ggaaatcgga ggggagtgcc    124260
     ctccgccagg cctgaggtca ctgtatgggc atgtatgggc actgtatggg catgggtatg    124320
     taagtgctgc ttgcccggct accccagggt atggggtgta gggcaggggc tgggagccag    124380
     gtgagggcgt ttgggtgcgg gcttttagag ctaggaggcc tcatggactg aggagagctg    124440
     agttctatcc catgcctgca ctgctatggg gcagctgcta gccgagagca ggttggctca    124500
     ttcttcggtc cctatctgtc tttccacttg tgcactaggt ctcctccttc tcacctgctc    124560
     aaggacataa attaagccat tctgtggtcc tctgtgacac ccatgttttc cttttctttt    124620
     tctttctttt tttttgagac ggggggagtt tcactcttgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt    124680
     ggcaccatct cagctcactg caacctctgc ctccccagtt caagtgatta tcctgcttca    124740
     gcctcctgag tagctgggat tacaggtgtg caccaccacg cctggctaat ttttttgtat    124800
     ttttagtaga gaaggggttt caccatgctg gccaggttgg tcttgaactc ttgacctcag    124860
     gtgatccatc cacctcgccc tcccaaaatg ctgggattac aggtgtgagt caccgtgccc    124920
     agccatgttt tcctttttta ctggatcatc cccatccgca ggtaaaccta ctgttatttc    124980
     tttcatcatt aaaaaaaaat tctcttaatc tcctggtttc ccctcagtcc cagtatttgc    125040
     tctcacttgc agcaaaactc atcgcaagag ttatctgtac ttgctacctc tagttcccct    125100
     cccccattct cccttgaacc caccccactc aggcgttggc ctccatctct ccactgcatc    125160
     tgttcttgtc aaggtcacca agaacctctg tgtttttgct ccatgtaatg ctcaatgctc    125220
     agtcctcctc tattggccca tcagcagcct gaacatacat ccttctttga cacactgtct    125280
     tcacctgacc tccagggctg caccctctct tggttgactc ctacctcact agctgctctt    125340
     tcccagtctc ctttccttgt tcctcccctt aacgttagat accctgttct cttctccgtc    125400
     atttcaccta cactcctttg gtggtctcaa ctagtctcat ggcttgagat accatctata    125460
     tgtagccaac tcccaaatgt ctctccaatc cagacctttc tcccaaaccc agagttgtgt    125520
     acctgactgc cccctctatc acatttggat ggctaataag catctcagac tcaacatgtc    125580
     ccaagcaaac ttctgctctc cccccaaccc cttccaccac agtctttcct gctcagtggc    125640
     taatgcatcg ttccagttcc ttatggcaaa aacctcagag tcacctgtca cctttgactc    125700
     ctttctttct cgcccacact ccatacccca tatccgatca attagcaaat cctgtcagct    125760
     ctacctgcaa aatacattca gaatctgacc acttctcacc acctcactgc cgccaactgg    125820
     tctgagccag aaatactgca ggggcaccct tccccccacc ccccatctat tttcagtgca    125880
     gcagcagggg aggggaggct ctattaaaac ataaataaga gcttgtcatt cccctgctca    125940
     aaaccctgca gcagtttctc atttcactcg gaggaaaacg caactcaaat tctaaaaatg    126000
     gcctacaaag ctgcacctga tcttcctgtc cgtacacagt ctcttcatgt ctgccgctct    126060
     tcccccttga tggtttctag ctcttctaac cttcttgact taggccttga cactgactga    126120
     tccttcttcc tggaattctc ttcccccagg tctctgcatg gctaattctc tcatctcctt    126180
     caagtcttcc ctttggtctc atttactcaa taataactga cctccctatt tagggctgca    126240
     acctgtcttc accctcgtac tcctgatgcc cttatcacac ttgatttctt tccccatagc    126300
     acttaaaact ttcacttttt ctttcttttc ttttcttttt tttttagatg gaatctcgct    126360
     ctgtcaccag gctggaggac agaggtgcga tctctgctcc ctgccttcca gttcaagtga    126420
     ttctcctgcc tcagccttcc gagtagctgg gactacaggc atgtgccacc acgcccagct    126480
     aatttttgta tttttattag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggatg gtatcgatct    126540
     cttgacctcg tgatcagtct gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgaaac    126600
     accacgcctg gccttttttt tttttgagac ggagtttcgc tcttgttgcc caggctgggg    126660
     tgcaatggca cgatcttggc tcaccgcaac ctccgcctcc caggttcaag caattctcct    126720
     gccttagcct cctgagtagc tgggattaca ggcatgcacc accatgcccg gataattttt    126780
     tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttctcca tgttgaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc    126840
     aggtgatccg cccgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc    126900
     ccagcttttt tttctttttt taaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacagagttt cgctcttgtt    126960
     gcccaaactg gagtgcaatg gcgtgatctt ggctcactgc aatctctgtc tcccgggttc    127020
     aagcgattcc cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggatt ataggcacat gccaccatgc    127080
     ctggctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaaa cagagtttca ccacattagc caggctggtc    127140
     tcggacccct gacctcaggt gatccacctg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattatag    127200
     gcaagagcca ccatgcccgg ccaactttca ctcctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    127260
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctctttc    127320
     tttctttctt tccttccttc cttccttcct tctttctttt ctttctttct ttcttgcctg    127380
     cttgctttct ttccttcctt ccttccctcc ctccctccct ccttccttcc ttccttcttt    127440
     ctctctctct ttctttcttt ctttccttct ttctttcttt ctctctttct ctctagggtc    127500
     tcgtctgtca cctaggctgg agtacagtgg ctcgatcatg actcactgca gccgtgacct    127560
     cctgggctta agtgatcctc ccacctcagc ctcctgagta gctgggacta caggcatgca    127620
     ccaccacact caactaagtt ttgtattttt tgtagagatg ggttttgcca tttacccaga    127680
     ctggtctcaa actcctgggc tcaagcgatc tgccaacctt ggcctcctaa agtgctggga    127740
     ttacaggcat gagccactga gcccagccca cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    127800
     tgtgagatgg agtttttctc ctgttgccca ggctggaatg caatggtgtg atctcggctc    127860
     accacagtct ccgcctcctg ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg    127920
     ggattgcagg cacgcaccac catgcccggc taattttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt    127980
     tctccatgtt ggtcaggcta gtctcgaact cctgacctca agtgatctgc ccacctgggc    128040
     ctcccaacat gctgcgatta caggcatgag ccaccatgcc cggcctcact ttctaacgga    128100
     ataaataatt tacttatttt aaataattta ttgtgcttac tatttattgt catactcagc    128160
     tagactgtca gctccccaag ggtagggatt tttgtctgtt tttttcactg atctactccc    128220
     agggcccaaa atcttgtcta ctatatgctc aacaaatttt tgttaaatga atgactgtgt    128280
     caaacatgga gaagtctcaa aggagacaaa agatgaagaa gcacctcaag aaataccaat    128340
     aggccctgtg tggctgcagg gggatgggag tgcttaccga tggtggcaat gatgctggta    128400
     ctgcgagcag ccacgggctc ggagtcaatg tccagtaggc agaggtgttc caggaaggtg    128460
     tctgccatag cagctggcag ctgctgctgc tggaagaagg cagtgcccag ctcctgggtc    128520
     agttgggcca cactggcccg ccgcagatac cccgctggcc ctgtggtaga agggggctca    128580
     gggactgcat gtcacctgcc cttcctcccc atgccttcgt ctctcagcat accctctgtt    128640
     ccttcccttc ttatgagctg ggcatcatgc atatattatt ttattatgtc acaaggatcc    128700
     tataaagcag gtactgttaa atgttctata attatccaat tttatggata aagaaacaga    128760
     ggctgagaaa caggaaataa atggtccaat attatacagc ttctaagtat ggatcagcta    128820
     ggattcaaat ctaggtctga ctaactctag cccaagttct tgaccactca gttatactga    128880
     ccccgcacaa cccaggaccc cccgacctgc agctactgat gaccctcaac cccaccaccc    128940
     cttgatgtct agtccccagc agcctcaccc tatgcagacc cagaatcacc cagttcctgc    129000
     tccaaaggtc tctgttttct cccttccaac ccctggctac tggctggctt ccccacccca    129060
     tcctctgagt ctccccaggc ttctcaaagc tgctacagac acagaggtcc ctgtagcttg    129120
     acccatccca gttcagagga gcccccgatt ccagccgcac cttccatgcc actgcacacc    129180
     tctctgggtc tccctctctg tgggtctgct ccacactgtt gggttgtcag aggcatgagg    129240
     cccagctggg ctggggatca gttctgcaga ctggttaaag tgtcaccact gtctcctgtt    129300
     ccattggaag ccctgtatgc caggggccag agtccaggaa ccacgggagt gccccgtggc    129360
     ttacatgctg tggctctggc ctgcctatag ggcctggaaa agacccaggc cagggtccat    129420
     aatttaacac acgggaggct ctgaagaacg tacgttcctc tccaaaaccc acctagccag    129480
     tggctgatgt ggatcattta tgccctccac cctggctcct agttttcacc ctcattttcc    129540
     tcctatgttc catggcttct gtctcccctt cttacctcct ggagccccaa tcaggatgga    129600
     ctttgctaag tctctttggg acttagagac ccatgaccga agctgcaggg atgatatgtt    129660
     ctcctggatc gacatgcttt cagtgtgggc ctggggctgc gggaccatgg aatgagaggg    129720
     agaggatgac aaaactgctg gtcttatcta agggagacag agaagagaaa aggggcacac    129780
     ccagtaggcc accctgtccc cacagaatcc ctcccccaga acggcctgct ctctgccctc    129840
     atctcctggc atttcctctc atcctttttt cctgataaat tttcaatcca ttcatactat    129900
     ctggtcatcc acgtgaatag atattttttt tttggccagt catatggccc cattttcttt    129960
     gtactttact gaagttagct ctagtgaatc cagggagcag gggctgtagg gtggggctgg    130020
     agcctgaaga aagacaaaag ggatcactgt gataatatgg tggggggagg gttacccagt    130080
     tctgaccact ttttttctct gtctcaacca agaaatgcag agtgccttca ccactctgta    130140
     acctggccag ctgcatgttt tcgcctacat gtttgaaccc aagatggtac cttgaacatt    130200
     ctcagacact gataaacttg attaggttgt tgctggaaac actgaaagat cgactatttt    130260
     gctaaactta tagactccta cccccaggga aattttcttt cctccctccc ttccttcctt    130320
     ttttcttttt cttttttctt ttttttcttt tttttttcac agagtctcac tctgtcgccc    130380
     aggctggagt gcagtggcgc aatctcagtt cattgcaacc tctgcgatcc tcctgcctca    130440
     gcctaccgag tagctgggat tacagacgtg caccaccaca cccagctaat tttgtttttc    130500
     ttttttcttt tcttttcttt tttttttttt ttttgagact gagtctgact ctgttgccca    130560
     ggttggagtg cagtggcgtg atcttggctc actgcaactt ctgcctcctg ggttcaagcg    130620
     attatcctgt ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggattacagg catgcaccac cacgcctggc    130680
     taatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccatgt tggtcaggct ggtctcgaac    130740
     tcctgacctc aggtgatctg cccgccacag cttcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga    130800
     gccactgtgc ctggcctaat ttttgtattt ttagtaaaga tggggtttca ccatgttgtc    130860
     caggctggtc tccaactcct ggcctcaagt atccaccagc ctcggcctct caaactggtg    130920
     ggattacagg tgtgagccat catgcccagc cttgttttct ttcttttttt tttaaagggt    130980
     ctcactctgt caccctggct ggagtgcact cgtgtgatca tggctcactg tagccttgac    131040
     ttcctgggct ccaacgatcc tcccacctca gcctcccaag tagccagtac tacaggtgtg    131100
     caccaccatg cctggctact ttttaaattt ttatttatta aaaatatttt tttcctttct    131160
     ttccacaggt gctgactttt tatttttgta gagactggtg tcactctgtt gcccaggttg    131220
     gtcttgaaca cctatgctca agtggtcctc ctgccttggt ctcccaaaat gccaggatta    131280
     caagtgtgag ccatagtact ggcttcaaat ttcttaaaca ctcctataaa caccataccc    131340
     cgaacccctc cttgagaaca tacctgggta gaacaccctt tgtcccattg tccacagcaa    131400
     ggatgtgcag tagctgttct gtaggtaagt tcccctaatg tatgctttgg cctgattgcc    131460
     ctggcattta gtgcttcatt cactggaatc ccaaccagcc ccatcttggg atggtttggg    131520
     gcatcctttg tgagtgctgc cctgatgcca cttttggtgt gacactagct gtgggttcag    131580
     ctgatactaa ctggtgggat tctctggaag ggctttgata gcatcatcat catcatagca    131640
     ttcattagtt accatttgcc cattccccac tgtccaatct ttatcgagca cctacgctgt    131700
     atcaggccct aaggacacag tagtgagcaa aacagacagg gcctttgccc tctgtgagat    131760
     ttacagtata gtggggagac agactatcaa caagtatcag agaaataaat atgtaactac    131820
     aaaccttgca agtgctacta agtagtggat cagggtgctg gaacacagaa gccagtggga    131880
     gaagagagag ggtgtatttt attttattta tttatttttt tggaagcgga gtttcactct    131940
     tgtcacctag gctggagtgc agtggcacga tctcagctca ctgccacctc tgcctcctgg    132000
     gttcaagcaa ttctcatgcc tcagcttcct gagtagctgg gattacaggt gcacgccacc    132060
     atgcctgacc tagaggatat attttagaca agatgagatg gttgaggaag gcctctttga    132120
     agtgattatt ttgaagctga aatttgaagg atgagaagga accggtgggg gcaaatggag    132180
     aaaggggttt tccatggcgg cggggcgggg gcagaaataa tatatgccaa ggctctgagg    132240
     aagaaaaagc ttggtgccaa ggagacaaag agctgcaatg aggctgagtg cctggagtgc    132300
     agggtcgtgg cccatagtga agatagggga cctgagcagg atcttgtaat gtggtgggtt    132360
     tacccagggg atggacatga tccaactgat ggtttaggtc cctcccgctg ctgggtaaag    132420
     aatagatggt agccgggagc ggtggctcac gtctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa    132480
     ggcaggcgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagcc tggctaacac ggtaaaacct    132540
     cgtctctact aaaaacacaa aaaattagcc aggtgtggtg gtgcgtgcct gtaatcccag    132600
     ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaatccgg gaggcagagg ttgcagtgag    132660
     ccgagatcat gccattgcac accagcctgg gcaacaagag caaaactgcg tctcaaaaaa    132720
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aacagatggt aggtacaggc agaactactg cgggcttagg    132780
     aagaatctag gtggtaggtg atggactagc atgttggcag tgaagacgaa gagaggggga    132840
     cggcttggag atgcattttg gagaagagcc agcagagtgg aacggcaaaa cagccgtgga    132900
     gagggcggct tctagtgtcg aggagtctgg cttgagcagt tgggtagatg gtagcgccac    132960
     taactgagac tacggaagaa ataggtttga agtaggggga aattcaagct ttctgttttg    133020
     acaggctaaa tttgagaagc cagttaatca ttaaaatcca tagtcagaca gttggagctg    133080
     ttcatcgagc acacttcctg tgtgctggaa cagcattcat gcctcatgga caccatctcc    133140
     ttttatcatt gtgacaacct agaaagaagg taggatcaac aggctgtttt acagatgagg    133200
     gaactgggcc gtagcaaggt gtgttccttt tccactctgc tgtggggcca ggaggctgac    133260
     ggctttgcac agtggcgtct gtagggtttg gagagtggca cccataggag atgagatgga    133320
     gagggtgagg ttgagcattt acctccccag ttgccattct agggaccatt ctctccctat    133380
     cccttggacc ttacaggggt aacaaagccc actgttatta gatctggggt aatgcactat    133440
     ccgttgtggt ttaccaacac cctgcccatt cctttgtata atcctgttat gaaacacctt    133500
     caaattatcc catttaagag aattc                                          133525