EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL713850; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 99681 BP.
AC   AL713850;
DT   22-MAR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-136D19 in linkage group 11 Contains
DE   the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate odz, odd
DE   Oz/ten-m (Drosophila) family and two CpG islands.
KW   calcium channel; CpG island; HTG; isl; opsin.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-99681
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; f46b5d2eec2f7ed1639c69241c7d3b2c.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000078760; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000002055; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-136D19. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-136D19 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-136D19 is at 99681 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-136D19 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..99681
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-136D19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..54876
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<463..625,6716..6775,8980..9096,
FT                   16742..>16823))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ136D19.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to calcium channel
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ272268"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<463..625,6716..6775,8980..9096,
FT                   16742..>16823))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ136D19.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001574"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to calcium channel
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9Z1L5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013608"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFR4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-133"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43422.1"
FT   misc_feature    21832..21987
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   mRNA            join(29938..30274,33437..33765,34552..34691,37236..37398)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ136D19.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel opsin"
FT   CDS             join(29938..30274,33437..33765,34552..34691,37236..37398)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ136D19.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001575"
FT                   /product="novel opsin"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P03999 Tr:Q8UWB2 Tr:Q9W7C1
FT                   Tr:Q9XS34"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFR3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000276"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001760"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027430"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFR3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-134"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43423.1"
FT   misc_feature    32980..33009
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(45908..46213,47706..47958,49381..49487,
FT                   AL714030.6:7960..8076,AL714030.6:11922..12055,
FT                   AL714030.6:14861..14962,AL714030.6:15334..15436,
FT                   AL714030.6:15537..15633,AL714030.6:15885..16012,
FT                   AL714030.6:17831..17990,AL714030.6:18179..18270,
FT                   AL714030.6:18613..18678,AL714030.6:20289..20417,
FT                   AL714030.6:34815..34898,AL714030.6:35130..35210,
FT                   AL714030.6:40478..40588,AL714030.6:41180..41338,
FT                   AL714030.6:42854..>43056))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ136D19.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human voltage-gated
FT                   L-type calcium channel subunit (Isl)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE980398 Em:BI755471 Em:BM088036
FT                   Em:BM933029"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:A22940 Em:AF305689 Em:AJ311617
FT                   Em:D38101 Em:D38102 Em:M76558"
FT   CDS             complement(join(45908..46213,47706..47958,49381..49487,
FT                   AL714030.6:7960..8076,AL714030.6:11922..12055,
FT                   AL714030.6:14861..14962,AL714030.6:15334..15436,
FT                   AL714030.6:15537..15633,AL714030.6:15885..16012,
FT                   AL714030.6:17831..17990,AL714030.6:18179..18270,
FT                   AL714030.6:18613..18678,AL714030.6:20289..20417,
FT                   AL714030.6:34815..34898,AL714030.6:35130..35210,
FT                   AL714030.6:40478..40588,AL714030.6:41180..41338,
FT                   AL714030.6:42854..>43056))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ136D19.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001576"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human voltage-gated
FT                   L-type calcium channel subunit (Isl)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O00555 Sw:Q07652 Sw:Q61290
FT                   Tr:Q8R5M6 Tr:Q923K6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFR2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002077"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005821"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014873"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027359"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFR2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-135"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43424.2"
FT   misc_feature    54876
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-136D19"
SQ   Sequence 99681 BP; 33493 A; 18025 C; 17044 G; 31119 T; 0 other;
     gatcattgcc taattgcaat ctcacttttt tttattcctt taacaataaa acaaaatttc        60
     cacccacatt tttatttcaa caatccattt cgctttgatg gatattcgat actcacaacc       120
     ttaatcatat tgctaaatgg cataactgca ccaaattctt gcactatttc aaatggccgt       180
     ttaagctgac aaaatacaaa ttgtgaatgt gacatctaaa tctaaatata tcattatatt       240
     aacccagata aaacaaatgt caatattttg atgggtatct tataagcaaa tggatatatg       300
     aaatggatat ctatttttcc cgtgctgctg ttcaggatag taaaccgtgt ttgggattgt       360
     acatgttgtt gtgttgcaat cgaccaatca gtgtgtcaag atggtagaat tgctctctat       420
     atcctatatc atgtaggcac cggtaaaaac aggatgcatt acctttattg tacatgttgg       480
     ttggcacctg caccacgctg aggctgaggt tgacggatag gttattaaaa tgatcgttgg       540
     gttccaggag aaactctcct cccagctcca cgctattccc atcctcatcc acctcgttta       600
     tcagcactgc gttgaaatac tcatactgta gaagaaaaat gagagacaaa gtcaatgttt       660
     tggagaaaag gagtaaagct gttaataaaa aagtaacaat gttagctgat taaaaaatat       720
     aaaaaatata atattatact tcaggtgaca cggtagctca gtggttagca ctctcgcctt       780
     acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt ttgagtcccg acagggtcag tttatcattt ctgtgtggag       840
     tttgcatgtt ctccccacag tccaaagaca tccgctatag gtgaattggg tcagctaaat       900
     tggccgtagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt       960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgagtgtgt aaatgttttc taatgctggg ttgcagctga aagggcatct      1020
     gctttgtaaa acatattatg gataagttgg cagttcattt cgctgtggtg acccctgatg      1080
     aataaaggaa ctaagccaaa ggaaaataaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatatt acacttctaa      1140
     atattttgat aaagttttag tacttgttac aattagtact tgtatggatc aacaacatct      1200
     taaaacttat ttcaaagaca tttttatact gataaaaaaa aaatacattt ataaagttac      1260
     agtaggtttc tattttaaac aattcctgct cttcttattt tgtgtgtaag tagttgaaaa      1320
     aaactaatct tttcttgtca cacgatttct gaaaaatatc actcaaaatg caaaaccaca      1380
     cctcaaatct ccaaaaccag atgctgtttc tcagtctttt catttgcctc aaacactttt      1440
     gttaaaaaca ctacacacaa ttctctaact aaaacacaac aatctaacag gaagccactt      1500
     gctttccttt tccaaacaca accaatcaaa atgcctcact tattcacaag ggcgcacaca      1560
     cacgctcctc taatgtgcaa acactgattt cttaactgat cactaaccaa tcactgcttt      1620
     actctaatat aggccaaagg caatgggaca ctggactgtt ctggggcata aaaaactggt      1680
     tttccaccca tctacaattt gtacctaccg aattttctct ttttctaaat cctaaattcc      1740
     tctaaaaatg aatagtggaa ttcttctgag cctggcgctg taacgtgtat gatgaccaac      1800
     cctatgccca catgacgctt tttccaaaag gggacatggt tttgaaaatg tgtgaaagca      1860
     gttggaaaaa aactattttt ttccataaaa ttaataggca gaatgaaact gattttagca      1920
     ttgtaaataa taataataaa tgttattgag catattagaa tcatctctga aagatcatgt      1980
     gacactgaag agtggattaa tgatgctgga aatgcagcgg tgggtgacaa gaataaatta      2040
     cattttaata tatataaaaa ataaaagagc ttctttaatt ttaataatat ttcacaattg      2100
     tactgccttt actgtatttt aataaaataa atagagagca taagagacac agcaattaaa      2160
     ccaaccccaa actttcgaac aatactacat aacaaactta tttaatacat ctctatttct      2220
     atatatttaa tttaagtatc aactttacct cagaagtttc ttccactctc agaggactct      2280
     caaaagagtc acagtgagaa atgcttcaca cagacctttg tgaaaacaac tctcagccag      2340
     accaagcatt cattcatgtt gctgaaactg taaatgaatt aatcaataac attattgcca      2400
     tgggatatcc tgtattttcg ggaaaatgta ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata      2460
     ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatgtattt      2520
     tattttgata ttatgttata ttatattata ttatgttttg tgatattata ttatattata      2580
     ttatattata ttatattata ttatattatg tattgtgata ttatattata ttatattata      2640
     ttacattata ttatgtattg tgatattata ttatattata ttatatatta tattatgtat      2700
     tgtattttga tattatgtta tattatatta tattatatta tgtattgtga tattatatta      2760
     tattatatta tattatatta tattatgtat tttattttga tattatgtta tattatatta      2820
     tattacgttt tgtgatatta tattatatta tattatatta tattatatta tattatgtat      2880
     tgtgatatta tattatatta tattacatta tattatgtat tgtgatatta tattatatta      2940
     tattatatat tatattatgt attgtatttt gatattatgt tatattatat tatattatat      3000
     tatgtattgt gatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat      3060
     tatatcatca ttttagatac attttatcat gcatattaat atatattttt ttaaatatca      3120
     aatattttat atacattttt aattactttt ttattataga tttaaaaagg aaatttagtc      3180
     agatattttc ggtcacttga ttttaagata caactctcgc aatcaataaa ccataaacta      3240
     taacttttgc ttactaattt gctggtttta gtagttctta atatagtaat ttaagttaag      3300
     gaagattttg gatgtagaat aagatcataa agaatatgta tttcataata aaaagaaaat      3360
     gacataataa tcaaatgtac agataaaaat ccagctgttt ttagtgagaa ttgttactaa      3420
     agggttacca aaatgtctta gtgaaatctg aaatgtataa cttcttgaat gcagacactg      3480
     tgatataaaa ctctaaagga aaaacatgta tgattagggt cttttcctga ttagaaaata      3540
     ggagaatctt agtgcaagat gaaaaaaaaa ttaggaaatt aagcattctc ttctccacca      3600
     aaatagccag ctatgcataa actatttgac taaaccatta aaaatgcaca ttaacagcat      3660
     acacacacac acacaaagat ttcacgcaag cgtcccagtc gaactataaa ggataacggg      3720
     gcaagaacat ttagtttgtg tccagaggct ctgcgtgatt aaactacctc tcactttact      3780
     ggaccagagg tcattctgtg aaaagaggct atctatctga taggtgagtg tacttgctaa      3840
     cacctttgtg tttaccatta agcgttatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcacttgg cttcagctct      3900
     ggttggggag ggcgggcatc actacaaacc ccagcaatga cagctcatac cacggctggg      3960
     cgctccggtg atacacccct gggggagtgg agaggagaaa cgctccgcac tcagcatttc      4020
     tgacagcact gcgacaagct tttgagggtt atcaacaaac agcaggagca ggtgctgcac      4080
     acccgaccga gtcctgctct cagagggttc tgagtcagaa cctctcattc aaagagtcac      4140
     ggtcaggacc gcgtcataca gacctttgtg aacattcact ctcgcccaga ccattctcta      4200
     ttgtcgctga gacggtaaat taattcaact ggcatgcgat atcctgcatt ttgtggcatt      4260
     tattatattt tatcttctga tttcattata aatcatgtta gttttagcat gcatattatt      4320
     attttcatta ttttaaaata ttttatatgc atttttattt aatctttttt ttgttttgaa      4380
     attagaaatg gttttagcca gcaaatagtt tatataccag cagtaaaata ccttatatat      4440
     acacttcatt taatacatta ttagtaggga tacactatat atatcggcgg ccatattaac      4500
     atcagcagat ttgtgctatt tttattgtta tcggtattgg tcagatatca aaattaggct      4560
     gatatcttta agcagataga ttaagtaaat gtattgcctg cctcattcat tcatgggtca      4620
     aacttcagac ttgtcttttg caattataaa tattattgtt ttgttttttg ctttgagagg      4680
     gctattcaaa gatcagttca gacttttatg aagtttttga aataaaatca gttgttcact      4740
     gtataaaaac atacattttt aaaatattta tatttatcgg tttatataaa ggttatcggc      4800
     ctccaaatct aaagagttat cggttattta taacggccca aaaaaaacat atcggtgcat      4860
     ccctattgaa tttgttacaa taaagatttt taaaaatctt cttgttccac ttgcaaaaat      4920
     gcaaatatca aaatatccgc ggccatatca atatcagccg atatgtatta tttttaatgt      4980
     tattgttatt ggtccaatat caaaattaat ccgatagatt acgttattgt gctgcctgcc      5040
     tgacgcatgc atgggtcaaa cttgttcaga cctgtccggt gcattataag cttttctttc      5100
     attgtttatt ccttcaaagt gtattcctac caagtttgtg tggtattgct gttcctcaat      5160
     aactcagtaa gtcaccattt tccttaccta tgtgaaatca ctgtagaaat ctttttatat      5220
     atcgatacat atacacacac acataaacac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac      5280
     acacactttt tttatattat taaattttcc caacattcag aaatgaaaaa gctagaaact      5340
     gacttttaat ataattattt atttgaataa taataacaaa aaaacgttct gcatgttgtt      5400
     taagttctgc tggaaatgaa tttttatata caagcgagag catgaattca ttactgcggg      5460
     gggataccat tattttaaac gtattttgct tcagtgaatt ttccatttgt ccctgaatag      5520
     cgcagtcaac gtgcagtcat ttatcttagt cggagtgcag aggctggaga gagggagggc      5580
     tttccaacac ataaatatat atataaatat aattcacttc aagaactaag ctggaggtca      5640
     tgtacagacg atttgcataa agcggggcca caggattatg gcaacgactg cagggactta      5700
     acattaaaat atcctttaat attctactct aaagaacaca gagtttcaga atattcttaa      5760
     agaaatatca atcaaaaaac tgcagtttaa taatgaatat gcacgcagtc atatattgtg      5820
     gcatcaaagc atgattgttg gtttataagc agcataaaga gaaatgtagt attgtatatt      5880
     tgtatatttt atttactggg cagaactgtg gctcagtggt ttgcacttca tcgcctcaca      5940
     gcaagaaggt tgctggttcg agacccagat aagccattcg gcattcctgt atggtgttag      6000
     catgttctcc ctgtgtttgt gtaggtttcg tccggatttc cttcacagtc caacggcatg      6060
     cagacatgtg aatggataaa ttaaattgtc cgtactgtat gagcgtgtgt aaatgtgatg      6120
     atttatgtga tgggtagtgt gatgggtgtt tcctagtact gggttgcagc tggaagggca      6180
     tccgctgttt aaaacatatg ccggaagagt tggtggttca ttccactgtg gtgacaattg      6240
     aaaaataagg gactaagctt aaggtaaatg aatgaataaa tgaattttat ttattttgtg      6300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      6360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatgtgtggt ttggtattgg      6420
     ataatcttat gtgattgaca gattgatccc gccctcccac cagaaaacac caatcaaagt      6480
     agagaagaga tctcattgaa agggtaggat tttttattat tattattatt attatgaggt      6540
     ccaaattagg ttatcaaatt tgatttgcac aaataaatca ttattattaa atactgtatt      6600
     tttccatatt tatcaatcac agtttctgaa taaagagctg tccatggttc tgaaatcctc      6660
     ccttataatg ctgcagaagc acacacgtac tgtataactg tacagtctct ctcacctgta      6720
     ggtctgggtt ttcttcatgc tgaagatgag cttcttctgc cgcttcgacg agcctctaca      6780
     tatgaatgac agaaaacagc agaaacttag aagaggtgat taatggctac atacatgcgc      6840
     ttgttcttga tggtcttcat cggctctaaa agatgcacac atttggaata acagcctcaa      6900
     gctacatata aaagacattt tagcacattt gtgtcttcca tcaagaagtc attaacaaat      6960
     atatcacatt aaataacgag tatcagatca tatgattttg tcgttgatca tataaatcgt      7020
     taatttaaca aataatccta tcatcatgag aaaataaatg gctaaaatat tttatgcatt      7080
     aacatgtttg tgtaaggtga ccgccttgaa gtaaaacact aatttaaatg tagttttaac      7140
     gctgcttgca aacaggtcgt atttcatgta aacgggttga tgccttaagg caagcacaat      7200
     gctgtgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata aaggacagtc tatgttttgt cgtcattgaa      7260
     aagtgctggc atgcattttt attaacatgg cagtataatt gcttccagta cacaaagcgc      7320
     tttaggaaaa ataattaata cttgtcgcat ttcaaggaaa ttatagcaac atgaccaaaa      7380
     caaggctttg tgccagtttt ctaaacaccc tctcgaaata taagccaagc tactgtgtaa      7440
     aatataaata taaaaacaac aacatgaggt tgtgttcctg tttatgcatg tcgacatata      7500
     gtattttttg atatattgtg ctctaaatag gttttagata acaaacatta tgttaaataa      7560
     aaatgtgaaa gtgggaatgc atattctttt aattcataac catatttcaa tcgtttgttt      7620
     acgtctcatt aagcacaaag ctaaaatcac gaggtcacag tgcctatttt cacctgtcgc      7680
     caaacaggcg gcgctagcgg acaaaccgag gttttacctg acgaggtaaa aactaaagat      7740
     gtgacgattt acgcactgtt taaccgatta tttaagcatt ttggtagata ttttcttcac      7800
     aaatataatc taaaaagcgc caacatgtgg cctaatgtaa cttaaatgac taaatgtcgc      7860
     ttaggtaaat gctaacttgt gttaaacctc aaaaggtgac acccgtaaaa tccatacaaa      7920
     cttctttatt tagttagact atttagctta taggcactat tttctcataa agttaacaat      7980
     ataatcagcc caacggacgt cttattataa ataagaagct ttattttagg ctttcacctt      8040
     gttttaggca aacaacttag ctagcgtgcc tatttattcc gcctcaaaaa atatgcgcgt      8100
     gcactgcaca cgtcgcccgc gcgtaggtaa taaatagcta ggctaattga taaatgttgt      8160
     cctcctttta tccctaaaag cgtacaaaga ggatatagtt tataatttat ctttatatta      8220
     taggcttaac atatcactca tagtatatta aatgtctttt tttctgtcag ttccttttac      8280
     taatttatta taagctagac aaaaaaaaaa acaataaatc caaattattc ataatatttt      8340
     ggcaactatt tgagtctcaa atgcacacac acacttggat gtctgtggta taaattgcat      8400
     caactccctg caaatccgac gcgcgcgtaa atttgtttcg cataagtacg cgcatgcttt      8460
     ttatcaaatc agtatgcagt agtgagctac aaatgcatga ggtgtatttc atgggtttta      8520
     cctttcatgg taaaccgact ccattgcatc ataaagtgac agtgtgtatc tgcaggagtt      8580
     agataagcct atctgctgca cacactccac acacacacag gcaattaaag cctggacgcg      8640
     tgtgtgtccc tctgaagaat aactgcacga gcaggttgaa acggggaaaa tctatatgtt      8700
     cttctgtata aaagggagaa gcttcaatcg agatgctttt tatacgtgag caataaataa      8760
     aactgtcgcg gctgcagcat ccgagacaat gaaggaagga attaaacaat aagaggcgtt      8820
     aaataatgct aatacatttc taatatatta tagcaataat tcaaacatat gttaaatata      8880
     tatatagtaa gttaaatata aagcaattca attaaataaa tcaaaaatct ttaaaagcgt      8940
     gcggatgata tttgaagcgc tttcttcatt gtaacttact cgtgtggcct ccgctttttt      9000
     ccgaaacatc tcctccatgt tctgcgccag atttttcacc aattttgcgc cgtcgatctc      9060
     ctcaattcgc accgacttct catactcctt gtatttctga ggagaaatga acgttatgaa      9120
     ttaacgcatt ttgtcaaagc tgcaggtctt tttgttgata aaaaaggttc ttaaacgttg      9180
     taggtttaca ctcaattaaa atatgactcg atggttcagg gaagagccat aatcatacag      9240
     agataatttt aagtttatat ccgtatcaga ttctctgact atgtcatggc aaaaacagat      9300
     caaatttgca atattttata aatatcacct ttctataatt ataaaaatat tctaacaatt      9360
     aaaagtcatc aacagcaata aaaaataaac aatatagtaa tgataataag atcaaaatct      9420
     aaatcaggtt tacttttgat aaaattgttc attcacatta gaaatagttc atttaaagtc      9480
     tctccagata aaaattgttg tctgacatta aaaatattgc actccacaag aatatgttta      9540
     ataatttggt ttctgtggca atattgacat tttccattaa catacagtaa atgaaaactt      9600
     tccattcact tccattcttc tttatagtgg gaaaaaaact tgtttaatgt tcttcaatct      9660
     aagaagaaga aagactgttt gattaattta ttttctaagg aacacaaaat agctcttcac      9720
     tggcattatt gtaaaattca tcctttaaat aaaaaaacac tttaaaaatt tactttacat      9780
     acagtagatg gtgttttctg ctatttaatt agtagacaaa accaataaaa aggaaattgt      9840
     tgcagcttgt ttggcaatac agaaagaatg ttgagtgtat tgacacttta taaatagaaa      9900
     aataaatgta ttcacacttg actttggaaa caacatggtt caataaattt gataaaactt      9960
     tacagcattc actttacaga ctttaagtaa gcagatcaag ttctttattt tcgcgctcat     10020
     gctcatgctc attctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     10080
     tctctactag tatgtagatc agtgtatctg tcatgctgac tctgaaaatg ttctaaatat     10140
     ttatttgtaa gtatcagcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatgttt ttttttgtat tttttttaag     10200
     atgtcatgta ctttttaact agctaaattg tttttagcta aaatgttttt gtaataaagt     10260
     gaccctaaaa gtcaaagtct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     10320
     ctctctctct ctctctctct cgagaaaaat cacagtttcc tgaagtgtgc ttgcacagat     10380
     gaaaaaacat ttttggtacc cttaagaacc ttgcagtaaa cagttctcaa aagaaaagtt     10440
     taaatatatt gtaatgaacg tttatattag ttctgaaact ttttttacac tataaataaa     10500
     ggaaaatgaa aaagaaagtt tatgagtatg ttaggcaagg gccggtgtaa gattttgatg     10560
     gtacgacaac tttagataaa aatatcacta tttgtatgac agttttgtga ttactgctct     10620
     aaattatgtt ccatttttaa atgtcagagt aaaaaactac aactttttcg tggcttgacc     10680
     aatagctttt gatgtggaga tactgttgcc ctaaaaatct aaataaaata ctcataaaaa     10740
     tacatacaaa attaaatgta ccataggaac ggtataacag aaaatgttgg aggttttaaa     10800
     accttgactt ttccaaaccg ccttaaactc tgaaaccagt tatcgtgccc tcattccaag     10860
     tataagtcac agtttcttca tgaaacatca atatcaaaaa agaacatttc ttttaaaact     10920
     aaagcaaaca tcttaaagat gaacaacttc aagcataaaa catattattt atcatttatc     10980
     ccccataaat taatgctatt tgcacaaaat aaattagatt gaatgcaaaa tagtttcatt     11040
     tgtaatctaa ctgataatgt gttttcttca aacatgagtt taagagatca gtgtccaaca     11100
     agacaggttc atttgtctgt aatcagtaaa tagtgaaccg ggatgttcag acgcatgcaa     11160
     atctgaaaga ggcagtcatg tgtggcagtg gatgatggaa ggatgggaca aataaaaaaa     11220
     agaagtgaga gcatgagaca gtgatggaga gacgtgtgcc ggtataagac gatgcctctg     11280
     tgacctgggc tttgcattgt ctcagtgtta atacagctgt cgttctcttt ggagtaggtg     11340
     ccacaagtct tcagataagc atgctctctt tctgacagcg gcctctctga ttggctgata     11400
     agatgaattc gcttcagata acgagctcaa tcttgttctt gtaattggtg gaagggctgc     11460
     tgcagtgtgt gtgattggtg gaggaggagc tctgtgggtg ggctgtttgg agggggtggg     11520
     cggtgcttgt ggaaagggcc acgcattgtt ggagggtaat tgaaatggag tcagaattgg     11580
     agagaaagat aataagttgt caagcctggg cgagtctgga taatgaacta cacttcagac     11640
     tacgctgagt ctgcagaaca agcgacacct gaagcaaaca gcactcaacg gccattgtga     11700
     tattagacta ttcaaacaca ctcaggcatc cacgcctgca ggcttacaac actccggtgt     11760
     aaagaaaaaa agaaacctgc tgataaaaat aaactcgggt taagtgaaac agagagctga     11820
     atttcatgaa ggaacactca agtctgacaa aatgtgtccc acacagcttt actaatgaac     11880
     agcccatgaa aacacacacc tcagatctca aaaaatacaa cgtctatgaa aagtgctgat     11940
     ctcagaaaat atagatgcat gttttctttt taaaacactt gggcatacaa tttacaagag     12000
     aacaggctcc tgctcaactc aaatcacgag tacaccatcc attcaatgct tttgagaaaa     12060
     gaaagaaaca aatacatagc agtatatcat cagaatcaat ttttttcaag acttcaggac     12120
     acgcatccca ttaaaactga tcccaaaaag tgcaccagat atccttaatc tggaaaaata     12180
     ttagtttctg ttaagaaaaa tagctagaaa gcatttattc tttgttttta aatacaaaag     12240
     gacgtcataa attgtattca aacactatgt gcaactcata tacttagtaa atatcaattt     12300
     acctgttcag attatttgta tattcattca tttattcatt cattttcctt cagcttagtt     12360
     cctttattca tcagtggtca tcacagcgga atgaactgcc aacttttcca gcatatgttt     12420
     tacacagcgg atgcccttcc agctgcaacc cagttctggc aaattatttg tgtaaaggac     12480
     tttaattcac tgaaaacaca caatgttctg cacagtcctg tttattaaaa acacacatca     12540
     ctctacacac tttttttgat caacagaaca tgaaattaaa cacacacaca ctctggcaca     12600
     ctataaattc taacaacata ctgtcttaaa aatggggggg ggggcctttt cattacatta     12660
     atcctttaaa aacagatacc ttttaactac aattaaaggt gtttcttgta agtgaaaaaa     12720
     tcttttcatt ccaagacaac aggacatgaa attgcactga agctcacaca ctctggcaaa     12780
     tctcagctcc gccgacatgt ttctaccacc accatcaccc cctcacacac acagatcgtg     12840
     gcaccacgca gcaaattacc cctttaagag agagaccatg gagagttact gaggcggaac     12900
     agttcatttc acgcctgtcc tgcctctcca ccccccaccc cccgtcccga cacactcccc     12960
     gtcccaaaaa agccataatc aaagccatta atgctgcgtt catcaatagt gatcatcaca     13020
     gtagccaaac agtcctacag agcgtcccgt atgttcccga ataaaacatt aacgcttttc     13080
     ccatcccgta ttctcaagat actacaaaat tattgactgt aaagacgctt aatgctaatg     13140
     tatttgttca atctgttatt ttgatgtgtc gaggtggaaa tttcagtgag tgaaagcaac     13200
     aaagggtgac atttgcatgg cttttttttc cccctttgtg taaaaatcag gtaattttgc     13260
     ataataagct taatgatcac tcttaacgat cgtctttaat gaagcggccc tgctgcctgt     13320
     ttctgactcc agctcttcag actgacagtt tattggctgg agccccgccc accggtcacg     13380
     cccactgagc aggatgatgg ggaaaaagtg caaacatacg cagaaacgca gatgatgaga     13440
     gaacacaact ggctgggacg ttttacagtg tgttaatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttagcttg     13500
     ataaagatca ttctgttcgg gacaatgcat gggacaaggt aattattgat gcttacggaa     13560
     gaagcaggag cagattttta ctctgacatt ttgacattaa aggatatatt tgatcacatt     13620
     tattcacact tacatgactg taaactcaaa tgctagattt tttcaatgaa aacagtagga     13680
     tgttattaaa tatatattac attgatatca gtcgtctcaa actcaattcc tgttagttgg     13740
     atcagctgtg tctgattagg gttgaagcaa aacagtatag agctgcggcc ctccaggaat     13800
     cgagtttgag acctatggtt tacattaaca tttataaaat tgaatataat ccttaaaatc     13860
     ttaattattt tacaaatatt tgcaggaaaa aaaacagaaa gaaaagtttc acagtatttt     13920
     ctatatagat tttcattata agtcttgctt gttttagttt ggctgaaata agagtgctaa     13980
     cttaaacatg cacaatgaga ttttcaataa gttatactcc aaaaattcca aatccttcat     14040
     ttattttccc ttatatcctt gcaaatttgt atgacttcat ttcatttgag atattttata     14100
     taaaacaaaa aagacatttc agaaaaaaac atttcaaaaa tacataaaag aaagacactt     14160
     gtacaattta gaagcaaaat taaataaatg ttgggtggca catcacttta aacttcagtc     14220
     tgtttcctac agtaagctgt tttattactg cagaagtgtt ttgatcatat ggattagatt     14280
     agtgctccac gacattggaa gaatctgata tagcgatatt tatttttctg cgattgcgat     14340
     atgcatacag tttcacaaga tggtttgaat accactattt ttctggagag tctaacagta     14400
     ttcaggtacg aaaattcaat aatcacaatg taaaaaactg attttcttac ttcgttcact     14460
     tctagtacaa ataccaaaaa catcttagat caagtaaaaa gtgtttagtt tttaccttaa     14520
     gaagaaatca gtcaaaatta agagttttcc ttaaaacaag ctacattatc tactaatttg     14580
     ttgagtaaaa taatcttatt ttcacttgaa cctgtacata tttgtactac aaacaaaaca     14640
     aaaattcagt ttccctttta aacacaaata aatgaaatta ttctttgtta cacctccaaa     14700
     catcaacatt tttttgtgca caaataattt aaactctctt aaaattctta aaaaacacat     14760
     gcaaagaata aaccttcact ctattatggt taaactctta aaaaagtgac tctaatttag     14820
     ggctgcacaa tataaaaaaa atctaacatt acaacatttt atttttctgc gaaaaaaagt     14880
     tgtgatatga ataaagtttt acaagatgct ttgaatagct cgatttttct gggtagtcta     14940
     acagtattga ggcacagaaa ttctgtaaat cacaatgtaa aaaatgcttt tattactttg     15000
     tctcctaaat tcttagtagt aaaaatagct ttttgttttc acctttagaa gaaattagtc     15060
     aaaattaaag agttttccct taaaacaagc taaattatct actgaggtga gtaaaataaa     15120
     attattttca ctttaaaatg tgcatatttg tgctacaaac atgacaaaaa ttcttagtaa     15180
     aaaatacaaa tagatacaat tattctttgt tacacctcca aacatcatca ttttttgtgc     15240
     tctttaaatg ctcaatcaca gaccttaaaa acacatgcaa atgataaact tccactctat     15300
     tatggttaaa ctcttgactt tatatattgt ctgtggctcc tggacaacta tgattcaaca     15360
     ttgcatattc tgcgatgtga ctattgcgga tgcacacatt gcgatatcaa tgctgaagca     15420
     acatattgcg cagccataga ctagattatg ttgttcctag agcttaactc acatggtcat     15480
     tatgaactga actgaaaaaa gcaaatgttt tgcaacaaaa caagggcaaa ttattccgtt     15540
     aacaattatg caaggtaaat cagccacact ggtctcggat cagtggataa atacaacacc     15600
     ggtaatgact ctgactactc tatagatttt tcctaaaaag acccagaagc taaagacaga     15660
     cccaaaaact gtccgttttc cctgcatcct tcacaagcac ggatataaga taaataaata     15720
     caacacacta taaacccaaa cttgcaaaca cactcagtct agctcagtta aggagtcacg     15780
     tacacacaca ttttgagagg aggtaattac gacgataata tgtgcactgg gctcttatct     15840
     cacaccaaca ctgagagact tattaatact tcagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     15900
     agaaagagag agagacgggg ttatctcaaa acatccatca ctgtttttcc ttcaatagga     15960
     accgagagga aatgaagtgt gttctgtagt atataacgcc agcgcatact gcattcaaac     16020
     agcactatac tggaacaaag aaaccaggtg gagatgctta tctgctaaat accagagctg     16080
     tcacagagat atgacgtcta atagtgaaat attaaaactg ctatctgtgc ctttttgtca     16140
     cctttttgag ggcattttca tattgaattg ttgatatgtg tataaaccaa tcacatcaca     16200
     ccaaacggac tacacggctg gagatgaaca ggaaaatggg ttttaaaaac tgcatggtgg     16260
     attttatttt tacgacttta aattacttaa acacgacctc aggatttttt tttctaatat     16320
     aaaaatgcag gggtttgcct ccagatgcct aaaatctcag aaatttcaac ccagtcacca     16380
     aaagaagaga tagatttgaa gcacacagat tgcaatatca tctgccacca tgtggttgaa     16440
     atgtgtaatg catcatcaga tgcttctttg tcatttataa gactcacatt cattctctta     16500
     ttatatttgt ctcttcctgg tcctacacag gtgtttagat gcaaaagaca gatcgggggg     16560
     agagaaactg agtgtaatga gccgtaccga aaactcctcc tgctcacaca cacacacaca     16620
     aatctcagat tatacacctg gatgttgtaa ggcaaagcca tctgtattca tatgagccaa     16680
     gaagtgctgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgagt gaaagagaga aggggaaata     16740
     ccttctgtaa gagctgagat cctgagtatt ttgaagctat tgattttatt tcaccaccaa     16800
     acgctgaagc ccagagtttc accctgccgg ggaaaaagct atttaattac tcaaattata     16860
     acacattatg acagaaaata atgcaagatt gctacagaaa taaatctgtt aacaacaaaa     16920
     gtgtatgact aaaccgtgtg ggattattct tgaaataaac atttgggtct gtaggttaaa     16980
     tccacatgat ttttttctct ctctcattca ctgtacgtac aaaataaact aaaacccacg     17040
     ccataaatgc ttctaatact gtatttacag cgtaaataga gaaataagtg tatttctacc     17100
     tgatttggct gttaaatgtt tctttaattg atttaaattg tgattatatt gcactaaatt     17160
     gactgaacta aaatcattta aaatagctgc tatcacttaa gcacattttt gcacgctaga     17220
     caatttttta aaccccccac acacatggga tagtattaaa ataataagaa aatgtacata     17280
     tattataaaa gcatctcatt tttggactct aaagagcagt taacatttat attaacacag     17340
     taatcatcac aaagcatagt tttatcatat ctcttgagat taaatgtaac tactaaaact     17400
     tctctgcaat ctgcatacat ttaaatatgc atacattaca aaaaataaac atttcacgat     17460
     tatagatatc actataatac tgcaaaagca gtactgattg agtctgcatc tctctctctc     17520
     ttgctcaaca aaattaaggt ttgactatat tttgcatgca atgtatatta caaacgcata     17580
     atttacactc caaaaaaatc taaaatcaca aacaaatacc ttagaagaat agttttaacc     17640
     tcactttctt tctaaatacc tgtacagaga ttaaacgcag attagtaggc aactcacact     17700
     gataggggaa tctccggttg ggacccccgc acctccagcg gcgtccagca cgcgctcagc     17760
     atcacacacc agagcagagc aggatttctc cggttccgct gcatccttcc cccaaaattt     17820
     cttacgctgc aacggaaccg gcggctttag aagtcccccc tcctctcggg tctctcccct     17880
     cggttacaaa aaacagcacc gagcgcctgt tcagccgcgc acgtgcccgc cccagcgcga     17940
     gtgcaggagc ctccggagtt tcagtctctc cgcccagctg tcacacactc ctcgacctcc     18000
     tgctcgcgct ctttgacatc gatccttttg cttttttatt cgtgcatcga ggctacagag     18060
     aacaaaaaaa aaaaagaaat gtaatggtgc tgattgggag caaattaact cggtgctact     18120
     gtctggctgc tgctgatatt acgatgagcg acactttcgg gtcagtggga tgtgctgaag     18180
     ttttagtgag gagaagcgag ctgaaaagtc ctcgagattg tgaggctctt gagtaaaatc     18240
     tgggaaagga gacctagcgc gttctctcca tgtgagcgcg tccacgagag aagctgatgc     18300
     gaaactttct ctcggccacg cgcactccgt gcttctaatc tctggactca agcggtgacg     18360
     gaaatcatgc atttatttta ttccattggt aatttcagca ttgattaaca ataacattca     18420
     cttttacaaa aagactaaat ttcatgtcaa ccagcagcta atgagttttg catactgcat     18480
     tattttaact gttctggtca cactgtgata atatattcgg tgcaagttgt cactctgata     18540
     ctgtttatct tatgtattgc tgtatattca tacagagtat tttgtatatt cataggagca     18600
     cctaggcctg atatgcaatt tatttcttca aatgctgtta tatgatttaa catgctgtaa     18660
     aaataaaaga aaaaaaagac cattaattca ttcattcttc ttttcagctt agtcccttta     18720
     ttcatcaggg gtcgccacaa cagaatgaac tgccaactta cagtattcag catgtgtttt     18780
     acgcagcaga tgcaactgga aaaactggaa aacacccata cacactcatt cacacacata     18840
     caacaaacaa tttagcttta tcaattcaac tagtgcatgt gtttggacac gtgggggaaa     18900
     cctgagtcct gaggagaaca cgcaaactcc acactgaaat gccaactgac ccagccgagg     18960
     ctcgaactag caaccttctt gctgtaaggc aatcatgcta cccactgtgc aaccatgaca     19020
     ccttaagatg atcagtgatg acacatatgt agttatatgt tactgaagta tgttaggtga     19080
     gaacttaaat tcatttgaaa cattaaactg gttttagggt ggcatggtga ctcagtggtt     19140
     aacactgtcg cttcatagca agaaagtcgc tggtttgtgt tgctgttatg ttagttgaca     19200
     tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctcccca tgttggcgtg gctttcctct gggtgctccg     19260
     gtttccccca cagtccacag acatgcgcta taggtgaatt gaataaacta aattggccgt     19320
     agtgtgtgta aattagtttg tatgggtgtt tcccagtact gggttgcagc tagaagggca     19380
     tccgctgtgt aaaacatctg ttgtaatagt tgatggttca ttccgcagtg gcgacccctg     19440
     attaataaag gcaccaagcc gaatgacaat taatgaatga attaactggt ttatagcaaa     19500
     tatgaacaac ccaacagtgg gttaattttt ttttcaatga aatttaaatg acaattttga     19560
     acccaacgct agctttcgtc tttatttgac ccaacattgg attaccacaa ccgagcattt     19620
     tttagagtat agtaatgatc tgtattttaa ataataatgt taattattaa aataatagat     19680
     aatactaata gtaatttgaa taagtattaa atacttaaat gactgaatga tgtattacac     19740
     aaactaacat taccaaaaaa tttgaccccc tctgacggtc aacgtataat tggcacactg     19800
     gtatatatta ctgtgcgcaa ttgaacttaa tatcatatcg gagtcgactg aaagttttat     19860
     tttttgttaa aatcagtatc attatcggaa aaataaaaag cagaaggtgc atccctgaag     19920
     agacagattt agggattttt gggggcccta agtattccag acatggggcc caaccatcct     19980
     aatataattc ctttgtattt ttatttattt ttttaaaaca atttcattta cttatttgtt     20040
     tgtttgttta ttttgttgtt tattttagct atttattcct aaaataaaac taaagataat     20100
     aaattaacta ttaactttta aaactaattt gactgctata ggttaggggc gggggacaaa     20160
     tttgcacaga tgtaatgatt acattaaaca tatactgtaa aaaaagttga ctcaacttac     20220
     aattatggca acaaacctca ggacatttga gtttactcaa cttaaataaa ttcatgggaa     20280
     gtaaatgagt caaaaatcaa ctcaaaaaca tcctgacatt tgttgcctta aaattgagtt     20340
     aacttttttt ttttactgtg tacatttctt agactctagc caacaaaata taatagaaaa     20400
     ctgttaaata aattttactt ttagatattt ttgggggctc ccatttttcc tgagacccta     20460
     aacggctgct tgcctcttta ctggttaaat ccaccccttc attactactc ttgacagatg     20520
     taaagcaagt taaaattact tcaaatttga ggcagcaaca attttttgac aggagttttc     20580
     aaatacagca gtatgattca gcatatgctg tttttcattg atcagacata aacaaaagca     20640
     tcataactga ctgctggact gttttatgac tagacgcagg gataaatttg cgcagaccta     20700
     atgattacat taaaactaca cagtaaaaat ttgagtttgt tcagcttaat tgggtcaaaa     20760
     attgtattaa ctcaaaaatg tcctgaaatt ttaagttgag tttacttttt tttttttttt     20820
     tttttactgt gtatatttct aaggccctcg ccaacaaaat ctgatagaaa actgttatat     20880
     aaacttctag gtatttttgg gggctcccaa atttcctgag accctaaccg gctgcttgct     20940
     tctctcactg gttaaatcca cccctgcatc tctactttta caaatgtaac gcaagttgaa     21000
     attacttcaa atttaagcaa cacatttttt gacagtagtt ttcaaataca tcagtatgat     21060
     tcagcatatt gatcagacat taacaaaaac atcatgctca ttcacactca gcttctcctc     21120
     ctcaacagat gccataaagg agcagatagc agacaaagta agtgaataag atttatgagc     21180
     agccactatt ccagcactga cctcttgtgc ctgctgctta acaatggcat ccaggtgcta     21240
     attgctattc tctcgttctc tttaggtgtt catctaatta ccacgagcat gtaaatgatg     21300
     aggagcgtct gcatgagtgt gtgtgtggta acgggctgtg atggatctgt cttaactcgg     21360
     ccagcgtctc tgtgcagtca tgattagctg taaatgcatc atacatcaca acctcagcag     21420
     cgactggagc tgattaacaa tctctatact gtactactgc aatgctgagg ctacagaaga     21480
     ccaacctgat gacattatca taaacttctg tttaacattt ggattttaca tatgattgca     21540
     gagtgaaata gtaacttaat caaaaatata ttattattat tagaaacatt tcaataaatt     21600
     tttttactgt tattcataca gtcagattat gaaaacatac tgtatataca gtgctcagca     21660
     tatacgagta caccattttg aaaatgaatg tctatttcac agtgaattag tcaatgtatt     21720
     ttggtgcatt tgaggaaaac agatttatta aacaggtata tactactgta tttacaaata     21780
     caaatttaat tgtattttct gtcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc atatatatat atatatatat     21840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgac     21900
     agaaaataca attaaattca agccaaatat tgcaaaaaca aactacaacc tacaaaattt     21960
     taactaaatg tttctattta tttttttatt ttttgctatt cttgattttt ccacttttta     22020
     attttagatc taatattttt ctatgccatc tcaatttggg tgtacttggc tgtttttgga     22080
     ctgctttcgt gagctatttt gttagataag cttcagattt ggcttcagta ctgactaatc     22140
     taatgtatat gcacaaatat aatattgtat agcttcctat taaaaatatg aatttaaaag     22200
     agagatttgt gataggtgta cttataaatg gttggaactc ctgtgaaatt gtatatattt     22260
     aaaaaatttt ccccaaatgt tttttataaa cattttttac attagaaata attcccaaca     22320
     catttattac atataatggt ttaacaacac atttttatta actcatttct ttaatcttgc     22380
     cataatgaca gtacgtaata tttttctaaa tattttgtaa ctttgatatt gagcttaaag     22440
     tgcaatttgt tattattttg ataattaggg aggttaggat taattatgca agtgattgga     22500
     ttgacagtcc ctttattaat ccggggtccc caaagcaata tgaaccgcca acttatccag     22560
     caagttttta cgcagcggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccca cctctgggaa aagttctgta     22620
     gccaataaaa caaaataatt tgaaataaaa taataatatt gaccttaaca atagttttta     22680
     agctgtttgt attccagcca aactaaaata aataaaactt tcatcagaag tcaaaaaaaa     22740
     aagaaagaaa ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacatattt tttttgactt     22800
     ctgatgaaag ttttatttta gtatatttat atttatttag tatatgtata ttatatatat     22860
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     22920
     acactgtaaa cgatttcttg ttaaattaac agtaagttac tggcaacaat tatccagtag     22980
     ctgctgtatt tcataaaaca gtaacattac tgtaatacta attacattag tattacattt     23040
     actgtaaaat gtaatacatc attttactgt tgttgatttt tactgtaaca ccaattacag     23100
     tagtgataca catactgcaa aactgaaaac agtattttat tgtacatttt taccatgaag     23160
     aactacggta ttttaacgtt actttcatta ttactgtata gtattttaca gttattaaat     23220
     gttattttat tttatttaat agtgctactt tataatgggt aaaaatgttc aaaaattgca     23280
     caagtgttat tttaactgtt caagaaatac aagaaaaata aagaaactga aactttaact     23340
     tcacaataaa ggtttattgt gtaaaccatg ctaaaacagt agcaattatt caatataaca     23400
     aagcaacaga acactaataa acaattgatc attaaaacca gtcaacaatt aatgcatcaa     23460
     aaattattac aattttaaaa acaggtgaaa atactgctac aagacaggaa atgatgaagg     23520
     ccaaatgatg tggaaaggga cagtgaaaaa gggcaggagc acttctgatg atcctgcaaa     23580
     aatgacaagc aaaatcaatc actgaagtaa aaactgatca tccctcaaac catttaattc     23640
     attcagaaac gaaacactgc actgttgttt atatatatat atatataaat atatataaca     23700
     gttataatat atataacagt ttttttaatt gtttttgttg gtgaaataca gtttggtgtc     23760
     aattcgaaat tacactaacg ttaatgggga aaagatcagc gggcattgtt cttgaagatt     23820
     gctagtcagg tgtccacaca ggtgtgtaaa aaataaagtc tcatcttaac ttaatgtccg     23880
     actctgtata gctcgaatat ctgattccat gatcacacta ctagtgcttc cacggattta     23940
     agaggggtaa acacagttca ttctcacttt aagaggctac atatttaaaa ttaaataaat     24000
     aaaaataatc taatttaacg tgactaatgt taattaaata cttttaggct tttaacacgt     24060
     ataaatccac ttctaactta cagatgagat tgcgttagag aacatgaaag ccgtgggtga     24120
     tttttttaaa ataatgctaa tgatgagtta ctgatatttg gtttgcataa aacaaagtaa     24180
     tcactaagca ttcattttag gcaaaatctg cagagaggct cagcgacacg aggaaatgtg     24240
     ttaaagttga gtagagaact aaagagcagt ctagcctact tcatgaaatg tttgtggtaa     24300
     tattctgctg tctattctga atatcacact aactatacaa aaaaaaaaaa aatactaata     24360
     ctactaatac ttcccttctt agactttaca gacctgaaac ttgcctatag cacttattca     24420
     ttgttgctct tagttgtgta aattgcttcc ttgtcctcat ttgtaagtcg ctttggataa     24480
     aagcgtctgc taaatgacta aatgtaaatg taaaatgtaa attcgtatta ctgtatttta     24540
     atatgcagca gtgatggcat gtcagcgaga caaataaaca ttttatcgag tcatttcata     24600
     caatttattt atttatttat tttttataca aaccctctag tgacatttcc tcaaactaaa     24660
     tcatcatgac gttactgtgc acagcatcag taaaacgttg agaataattt aaatacttaa     24720
     ttttttaaaa cagtcactgc tgattagaaa ctaacattaa agctaagctt acagaaatcc     24780
     tgtatgcatg acaatataaa gatgtattac tcactgatgt cgaagcactt ccaggtcatc     24840
     agagatgtag acaggacaga atgtgtgcta tcaaatgagc tcttgtgcag cctttgttgg     24900
     acatccaggt agtatgttca cccacactgt aagaaacaaa aacagaaaca atttattaaa     24960
     atgtgaggga tagtaaacat gtttggtcta cagagaaaga gaaaatgttt aatttaagca     25020
     ttgatcctaa tgaatctgtt tctcaactac atttaacctt atcacggaaa cagcgttttt     25080
     gagcttttag accaggggtg ctcaaccttg tttgctttaa attagaatta aaacaataaa     25140
     tctctatgtc aaataaaata cttcagatct aaataaagta ggtgatttta cctaaaggtt     25200
     ccttccctcc agttagtttg gctgcaaatc cctccacatc tgtgctttat tcggttcttg     25260
     tcttaagagt aactggtgtc acattccagg ttcatcacaa tctgagctag aaagacaata     25320
     tggcaaaaga caagacatat ataaataagt ctcagaataa aatatttaaa aggatagttt     25380
     acttttttgc caccattact ccatgtgttt taaatccgtt taaatttctg ttaaacacta     25440
     aagcagatat tttgaagaat gttagtaacc agtaactatt gacatccata tttgaaccaa     25500
     atttctttaa aaaatacgag tttgtgttca acggaacaaa ttaaatgtat aactattttg     25560
     aaacaagtgg aggatgccaa agatgctatt attttcattt tggggtgaac tgtcccttca     25620
     attcaagtgt caagcaatag tcataaaaac tgatgtgtcg cttgaggaaa actaaatcaa     25680
     gtactttctt tgaacaagca gaatcattat gccattgtat tcagtgattc tcttttacat     25740
     tttcccacta taaaacgata gcttcaacat gcaatctatg ttaacacaaa aatgaatagc     25800
     ataaaataac atattgaact aaacttacag tttcctggct gtttgaaaaa aaaaacacat     25860
     acgcccagta aaattgcaaa taaacataaa gacaacagtt atagaaaaaa atgtttgtct     25920
     aatatttact cagcacttgg taggcagata gcaaaggcgt ggctttttta acaccagatt     25980
     tttttaatct taagaactgc tggaagaaga aaaagaggtt ttacatgaaa ctcctcacaa     26040
     caaatctgtg aacaacttga catttaaaaa tctaatcaaa atgaggaaga catcaacatt     26100
     accttgaaca atcaagtgag gagtgattgg tagcatcagt ttttcaacat caattactgt     26160
     agctgaaaaa cagataaata taataagagt aaaataagac tcaacattaa ttaatctaaa     26220
     tctatggtac aaccatacca atctgtatgg ggttaaaata catttgtaca caaatcattc     26280
     cctgacccca tcaatttctc ttagaatagg atggatatat atatatatat atatatatat     26340
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatagtg ataatgactt tggcttatat     26400
     ctgtgtactc agaacgtaca ctcacctcag gtacacctga acaccaaaaa ttaaatgtac     26460
     agttaatgac acactaacta tacatcaagc tcattaacat tattgagaaa tagacaatta     26520
     atatgtattt tgttaatatt aacgttagct taaaataatt caactgcatt taattttcag     26580
     ctccatttaa taaaacagtt aagactcatt tcattatgag tttagtttaa ataactaact     26640
     tacagttgaa aaattttacc ataatgatag cttagtcata atgactatgt gaagaccaga     26700
     gcttacctta acggtaaacg tttaactttt catggtgact tcgccttcat ctcagtgttg     26760
     tgctgaaata gagaattcat taatgcagtt acaataagtt aaagttatgt ttttttcagg     26820
     taacttaacg tatggtcaaa aactcactca agataaactc actgtatcta atacctcgca     26880
     aacactacaa tgaccgcctg gcgtctgtta tttcttgttt aaaataccgt ttgttaacgg     26940
     atagcgtcac ataagaacct acaactaatg tcacttggtt aattctttaa aataacacac     27000
     aaaacacaga aatacttata aaacaatcct ttaacggaca gaatttgact ttaaaacact     27060
     taccgaggat gaattcgctg gatgaaagac gacaggtgaa tttcaaatta ggagagccgt     27120
     tgcctgcatg tcgagtcgtg tccgttcggt tctatgaatc ggctccttag tgcacagtaa     27180
     agaatcaaat ccgcctaaaa ccgattcctt tttgtatatg attcattact atttcgttat     27240
     cctgcttggc cacacgcatt tatacactaa ttatacacta attgcatatt gctgaatgtg     27300
     cttgtgaaca cgtgtgatca aataattccc gagcaaacgg ttcaattcgg ttcaatacga     27360
     tttagagttg ctcgaatgct gaaccgaacc agtgcaaacg ttatattgat tacaatatag     27420
     taacattgtt ttttattcac tttaccagcg aaattattac atatatctga ccttgacaat     27480
     aagaataaag ttcgtttgaa gtgttttgag aattatatat aaatatattt tttttttctc     27540
     ccagaattca tttcacatct acaagcaaat ggtaatggcg gatgagaaag cccatattat     27600
     aaatattgcg tttaatatgt cacgaaatga aattttaaca gtgtttcatg cgagaatgta     27660
     gttcttacaa actcaaatct gtggtttatt tatagatatc atgcgtaaat tttagtgctt     27720
     tgccgatagc agattctgac ctccagggtg tccatcatca ctcatgtatc cggcgaaacg     27780
     aggttataat cggctagaca tgtgagactt gccccggtct tagatggctc tataatgaat     27840
     gtgttataaa atttagtttt aaccgttttt catgcgggaa tgtaattgtt tttaactcaa     27900
     gtctgtggtt tatttataga gatgatgggt attttaaaat attgttttga aaatgcggag     27960
     atatgtgacc tccatggtga tgacggttgc ccaaacctca tgaatccgtc taaagcaggc     28020
     tggtcattat gacatttaag ctgactttgg tttcatgatg aatcaattac ttttgttcca     28080
     gtttacgttt tggttaagca caaagttatg ttgattaaaa atgatttaat attttcatgt     28140
     taaccttata aaattaaggt gcagtacacc caaatatgga aaaccagggg acagttttat     28200
     gcactgaaca gtctgaagaa actggttatt ttatttttct tcacaaaata ctttgtcaaa     28260
     aaataaaata aacataataa taataataat ataaagtgtg tgtagagttt ttcatggtca     28320
     tttgcagtac tgtatttaga tgcacagtaa ctgatttttt cccaaaattc attgtaaaat     28380
     ctgcagtagc atactgttaa tcatgttcac agtatggaaa tgttgagaat acattatcat     28440
     gctgtgaaaa cagcaatata tacagtaaca cactgtacac agcttataca gtaaacaact     28500
     gttgagaaat gcagtataat accgtgaaaa caacagaaat cgtttacagt gtatatataa     28560
     cgtttatgtt tatattgtat ttttaattca aatacaagaa tcaaaaacta ccaaccctga     28620
     attttgaaag tcaaatgttt atgatcttaa atgtcactta tgtgttatag agtgttatgg     28680
     ttcaattatt ttttctgttt atttgaacag cttttgccaa caatttaaga acaaagtatt     28740
     ttaggggaac atttctttta aaggtactgt aaagtgcatc tggtggaact acagtacaga     28800
     tgcacatcca gaaacagaag tgtttttaag tgtttgatcc tgctttaatc acaatgacaa     28860
     agacaaagct aagagtgcgg gtcttttagg gacagaagta gtagtttgat caatccggtt     28920
     agtctgtgct ggagttctga atacaggcca ataaacacac ataatctcgg tcttgtctta     28980
     atggaagtta aaactcttag caggtcaaat ttagtgctga ctgaagttac acatcgcatt     29040
     taatccctta caaaaccctt tacaaaatct gtcatcttaa acgcattgag ttacatgatc     29100
     tcatctcaat aaactgaatc ataggagcac ctctaaagca ataacgtaag gcgtcactgc     29160
     attgacatag ggtgaattaa cataaggcta aaattatgtt caatttttaa gcctacaaat     29220
     attatatgca ttttgtaatt ttagttgaca gagaaagcaa agaaatttac attttaatat     29280
     actgtactta tatttatcat tccatgtcaa gtaacatttt caaagttaaa aaacactgtt     29340
     aatgataaat aatgaataat gataaaaaat aagccatcat cgttagcatg agggattttg     29400
     tattttttaa atggagaatg tattgcactc actgatgcaa atttcttcca aatatattta     29460
     tatcaaacaa atctctaaat ctgattttgt tgaatcatca ttcattcatt cattttcttt     29520
     tcggcttagt ccctttatta atctggggtc gccacagcgg aatgatccac cttgaatcat     29580
     cacatctgac attattcata agagaaaatc cacacagaga aggcagcgtt tttgttcacg     29640
     attctttttc agtagctcaa atcattcctc aacagcaatc aagggaagag ctagatcaga     29700
     aaaatcacac ccaggaggac ttattgtgtc ttaaatccgg atcttcggga cttttcttct     29760
     tacagcacct aatctgaata agagctcttt tttgtgcgtc tccgactgtg ctgacatgat     29820
     gatgtgattc aaatgtgcat gtctgatcaa ctcgaatgac acagcacaga acaatacact     29880
     tagcttgact ggaaaactac cttttttggt tggcattttt agctaagact taagaagatg     29940
     gactttttcc cagaattcct caacgactct tccactcact atgatggccc tggtttgaag     30000
     gtgcctcttc cccgggcagg attcatcacg ctgtccctcc tcatggccgt gttctccatc     30060
     acatctgtcg tgttgaacgc tacagtgata gtcgtcaccc tgcggcacaa acagctgcgg     30120
     cagccgctca attttgccct ggttaacctc gccgtggccg acctgggcac cacactaaca     30180
     ggaagcgtgc catctgtggt gaccaatgct gtaggctact acattatggg acggatcggc     30240
     tgtgtattgg agggattttg tgttgcattt tttggtaagt ctcatccagg ttgaacatga     30300
     aataattatt tagactttac ggtgtacact gacacaaatg attcattaga tttaccacat     30360
     ttctttaagg tatgtggttg ctaacttcct gaatgggctg aatttaaata aacaaattag     30420
     gttgaagatt attacatttg tttgtttcaa ttcagcttat ataaatagtt tgcagccact     30480
     taaattgttt tagtaaatcc aattaataat tttttaatgt ataaactgca cacaagctta     30540
     cagacactgg tgaaataaat aaaagacttc atctaatata atgttattat ttgaagggat     30600
     agtttaccca aaaactaaaa cgtactcact atttactcac tctcaagtgg tttcaaacct     30660
     ttatgctttt ctttcttctg ttgtacacaa aagattaaac tctgaagaaa gctgaaaagc     30720
     cactgacttc catagtacga aaaacaaata ctatggaagt caatggttac aggattctag     30780
     cttttttgtg tgtgtttaaa ccaatgactg taaaaaatat ggacgacgcg acagcccttt     30840
     ttcccattga acgccttgag ggcaaaacgc ctgcttgacg ggcacaaact gtcgtaaaag     30900
     actgctgaaa ttggagccag acatgcgcag aaggattgtc tgatggagcc agaggaggag     30960
     ccgcgaaaat gagcggagtc gagcttccaa tcaaacgctt tatgtaaaat caactacgcc     31020
     ccccgaactt ctcagcatgc gtttgctgtc atatcaacac aaatggatgt aataacgtta     31080
     acaaatatga gggttttata tattcaatcg cgccagctct aggccgcaac acataactta     31140
     ctcgcggcgt cgcgggctga ttccggctcg catgcggcag cgcctgctcg ctcggccgcc     31200
     gcatctggct cgattgactc gggctggaat tgggtagtga gtccaggcat ccggagtagg     31260
     tccagcagag gtaacgttag tcagtctgag ctctaagaga taagtctccg gcaggcgaga     31320
     atctagccgg aactgtgttt tgctatctgg gtggctaggc gtgtatcagc aaactaataa     31380
     agcccgaaaa aagccctgaa cttagcgaat aaacagtgtt ccaccaggat catgtatgtc     31440
     agaaactata gtttactgct gaactcattt tgtcatggta aaataacaca gaaatcgaat     31500
     aataacattt cagtctactt cagtctcctg ccgaagctca gacgccgcgc tttgagaaac     31560
     tgtcaatcac aactgtcaat cacgatgaca cgcccagcat taaattactg ctaaaaacaa     31620
     actgtttaca aaaatgaaga tctgcaccta tttcagcaca ataaccagtg ccttaatcga     31680
     ccagaactat ctttcgggac attttattac aagtgtaata ttttttttat ttgggctcaa     31740
     gtctccttca ttaacacgga ggaggcgggc tttatgactt gtactgcagc cagcccccag     31800
     ggggcgatct aacggccgaa accttcactc aaacgtaggc ttgcggcaca cttagtttaa     31860
     actcattaaa gtttgaaaca aaagggtgag taataaaaaa tgcatttgta ataggttcgg     31920
     gggattcgaa agaagtcaga acttggcccc tatatgagct catttatccc atttttgaca     31980
     gtatgccatc atgaattgtg aaaataacca atagaaaaag gctttaagaa aaatagccaa     32040
     taaaagaacc aataaaacaa ggcttttatt atttaaatgg acaaattgtg actgaggaaa     32100
     tgagctggca agttttccat tggtgtatgg tttcttacta taggacaata tttggctaaa     32160
     ataaaatgat ccgaaaattt ggaatctgag agcttaaaaa aaaaaaaatc taaatattga     32220
     aaaaaaaaaa tgtctttaaa gatgttcaaa ttaagtgttt agaaaagtgt atcactaata     32280
     gttttggttt ggatacattt acagctagaa aattacaaaa tattgcaagc gaatatgagt     32340
     tttagttaat aattaatttt tgacaatcaa atcaataatt tttactctta caatgtattt     32400
     ttgcttatta tatatacact tgtgcaggtt ctcttggttc ttaaatctgt aaatgacctg     32460
     gcatctgcct atctgtcaga catgttgatc gagcatcagc ctggtcggtc tcttcggtca     32520
     tctaaccaga gattgtcatg tatccctaag tcggggctaa aatgcagagg tgaccgtgct     32580
     ttcacagtag ctggttctag gtggaatact ctgcccctct gtattagatc tatatcatct     32640
     cggtctgttt ttaaattaag gttgaaaact taactctttg atttggcatt ttatcaatga     32700
     acactgtccg tttaagcttt aattttatat ttttctttat tgtgatgtgt attgtacagc     32760
     agatttgtca acctttggtt atgtttaata gtataaataa aattgacatt ggcatatttt     32820
     gaaaaacttt tcaagtgcag ctgcaatatt gctatataac aaagtataaa cacagttgta     32880
     actatacagt acaacaaact ttgacaacag tacaatttgc aaaacaagta caactgccta     32940
     aaagtaacat accgacagtg ctttgttcga caaatcgcac tgttatgttt taaaacattt     33000
     tattgttttt tattctgtca ctgctgaaaa atccagttta aaacagcata ggctggttgg     33060
     ctggttttag ctggttgacc agcctggttt tagaggggtt ttgcccactt ccaggctagt     33120
     ttaagctgga catagctggg ctcccagtct ggctaggctg gtcaagctgg ttttagctgg     33180
     tcatctccca gcctgaccag ctaagaccag gctggaaatg gccaaaaccc ctctaaaacc     33240
     agcctggtcc accagctaaa accagccaac gtttaagctg ttttttttca gtagggtttt     33300
     ttagttcata tacctatttt cttttattct tatttaaagc actttgaatt atcattgtgt     33360
     atgaaatgaa taaacttgcc ttgctgtcat atgactgaag taaaatgttg tctctggcat     33420
     gtttgtgtgc gcacaggtat ctccgcgctg tgcaccgtgg ctctgatcgc agtggagcgt     33480
     ctgtttgtgg tgtgcagacc tctgggctcc atcacgtttc agtgcagaca cgccgcagga     33540
     ggcctgttgt cctgctggct ttggtctctg atctggaaca ctccgcctct gctgggctgg     33600
     ggaagctacc agctggaggg agcgggcacg tcctgcgggc cgcactggca gagtcgagaa     33660
     ctcagagacg tgtcttacat catctgctac ttctccgtct gcttcgcggt gccattcgcc     33720
     atcatcctgg tgtcgtattc atggctgctc tacacgctga gacaagtatg acatgttttg     33780
     ggctactttt gtttcataga tgatgaaatt tagacaggca gtaaggctat ttttttaaga     33840
     tagtgttact caaccacgtt cctggaggac aactaacact gcatgttttt gatgtctcct     33900
     gacataccca acgcaggtct ttctctaatg agctgttgat ctgaaccagg tgtgttcggt     33960
     taaggagaca tgctgcgtcc aaattcacat acttatacta cgcccttaaa gtttgtactt     34020
     ttttgtaaag gaaaaatata catacttttg agtgtgtgag tatcaagctt tggaacaata     34080
     tttccccgtt aacagatcgt tgcttagtta tgagcctgtc aatcatccac acatcatgca     34140
     catttctttc atatttagtt tcctacctaa ttggagaagc agcagcagca ggttattctg     34200
     ccattcgcaa atctttcatg cagataaatc ccctcgagtc gttggataat taagcattca     34260
     gacgttaatg tccaaacata tcttgatata acttcagtat tgttgttgca gatgaaatat     34320
     aacactgaaa acgctgttga aatatattcc agtgggctag atattagata acagtcatac     34380
     aaatcttttt actgcagcct ttctgcttga tggttgatct cgctcgtccg ccatgtttgt     34440
     agtttattta cacttttctc ccgcatttgt agttctaatc aaattcatgt ccaacgcgca     34500
     atgtattgtg ggcaatatca gcggttagag tatgttcagt tctatactta ggttttactg     34560
     gaaatggtaa acaatctggg aacttttggc atgctctttt cagcatacta cgatttggga     34620
     catattttca aacactataa gcattgcaac gcagctttaa cgttagtttt attttttgtt     34680
     gttgaatatc agtttggatg ttggattaat aaattttact ttcaggaaaa tgtctaatgt     34740
     caacatcaga tagtgttaaa tatgaaaaca tgacattagc attgatatca ttgcgcctgc     34800
     tgcagccatg gtacggcaac aaagttcctt aattattacg ccagaatgag agtatagttc     34860
     ctagccatat caagctagca aatagccact tttcattttc tgttggtttt agtatatgat     34920
     gtaactaccg aagagccaag ctttaaacac gaaagttacc tctctgatta tttgtgagcg     34980
     agatgctaat ggtctaatct gattcgatta tttatgcaaa gctaagcatg cttccaccag     35040
     acccggcgat tgactgaatg aattctttta ggcttagtcc ctttaataat caggggtcgc     35100
     cacagcagaa tgaaccgcaa cttatccagc atatgtttta cacagcggat acccttccag     35160
     tcacaacccg acactgggaa acacccatac actcttttat tcacacatac actatggcca     35220
     atttagctta tgcaatttac ctgtaccaca tgtctttgga ctgtggggaa aacccacgcc     35280
     aacacaggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gatatgccaa cgtacccagt tgggactcaa     35340
     accagcgacc tttttcctgt aaggcgatcg tgctacccat ccactatgcc acagtatcgc     35400
     ctcctgaatg aattaaaaaa cagtaaaaat caattgttta agtctatcat ggttgtcaaa     35460
     gtgccttttt aaatgaattt ttcctttatg tgttttagaa atcacgtacg tctgtgctta     35520
     ttctcgagta taaacgcaaa gaagacaaaa aaagaggacc cacacaccaa aatgtgctca     35580
     aaagcgcaca taatcttatt ccagaggcca cgaaaatgag caaaaggctc aaacctgaag     35640
     ggtgttggca cttattttgc acttttcttt tcatggtggc ctctgtggag taagattgtg     35700
     tgagcttttg ggcaaatttt tttgtgtgtg ggtcttttca gtgcatctgg tatgaatcaa     35760
     tgcatccgta acgcactgtc aaaaatgcag ggttccacaa aatcccttca agttgtccca     35820
     aaacaaatca attaagttaa cttaacacat ttaagttgat tgaacataag acaattaagt     35880
     tgtcccacaa aatatctcca gaattgtgtt tcagctcatt ttaaataagc agtttaagtg     35940
     tggtttattc ataaactaat ttcgagagga tcacatgctt atgatcaaca cggctggctc     36000
     ctcattagct ccgtaatctg ccctattaga tgattatgga agcattataa ataaccagag     36060
     tttttcactc cagttatctt cgtcttgaag tttccccacc tccaccccta cttcccccct     36120
     tttgccgata gggtgacacg gtggcccagt ggctagcact gttgcctcac agcaagaaca     36180
     ccgctggtcc aatctcctat cgggctggtc tgtgtttctg tgcggagttt acatgttctg     36240
     cctgtgttcg cgtgggtttc ccccgggttc ctcctaccgt ccaaaaacat aaaccatagc     36300
     caatcgacta aaacaaatta tcacctaaga ctatagctgc gtcccaaatg gcacactatg     36360
     cactcatgca ctatgtactt atgcacttac acactcagca gaatagtata tgtatgtagt     36420
     ggcgtcccaa atgtcacact tctgtttttt tactaagcgg aaaattcaaa cagtttcctt     36480
     gatgacgttt gacggttgct aaatcagtga aataaacgac caaattatta aataatatct     36540
     gccgtcagta ttgccgcatt caccatcggg aggcgctata atcactctcg taggagaatt     36600
     ttgctttcac catccaaaat aaataaagtt attcaacatg tgcgtcagat agctccgccc     36660
     cttccgctac gtaggcaaac ctgcggtcgt tgagtgcgtg aagtgtccat cattacacac     36720
     ttcattttac cggctgaatg agtgcattat cagggtaatt aaagtgcact tattattttt     36780
     agaattttca gtgtgaacgc actacttaca ctatttatac tacaaaatgg catagaatag     36840
     tgcataagta tgcgatttgg gacccagcta atcttagttt acacttctca cacggcgaca     36900
     agcagaggag ttctcgagac ctacctgagc tcgaacttct aacgggaggg agcccctgac     36960
     tcgaggatat aacaagctca gggctctttc ccgggacagc atgccaaata cgctgtattg     37020
     attatcagct aagtgcgaac tcttgaaaca agcagtgtat tagtttactc agtgcttact     37080
     ttgtgtaatg gccaacactt gttgttcgaa cacattgaaa gatctgctgt ttctttcctc     37140
     cgacaggttg ctaaggttgg tggtggagcg gcggcgcggg cagaggctcg ggtggcttgg     37200
     atggtggtga tgatggtgtt ggcgtttctg gtgagctggt tgccttacgc tgctctcgct     37260
     ctaaccgtcg tctccaaacc tgaggtccag ctggccgtgc tggtcaaggt tttacccata     37320
     tacatggcca agagcagcac tgtatacaac cccttgatct acatatacat gaacaaacag     37380
     gtgagcagaa caagctgatc atgtgcaccc atatggcaca tattgacctt attctttacc     37440
     tacgagtgag tgcagcaatt gaaatctctt tggctccaga cttccgctct cattcacttc     37500
     cattgatttt tagacgttaa aagcagcttg ttttgctgct tgatgttgca aactgacatt     37560
     ttcttcttat tttgttctcc tttttatgtt tactcatgaa cacacttgtt tgtagagctg     37620
     accgttttct gccgcttatt attcctcgtc atttatccca taggaaaccg aatcggaagt     37680
     tctaaaacac ccgcaaaaga cgagcgcaca tccgcattgc agaataaggt caatactgta     37740
     gaaacaaaaa tacatacagt actgatacac agttacaact aaatgtcata catttcaaga     37800
     gttcacactt agctaatgat cattttaaag cttgtttggc atgctgtccc gggagagaga     37860
     gcccggggct ccctcccatt tgcagggcga gaggggagtt ttagctcagg taggtttcaa     37920
     gaactcccat gcttatttct ggctaataac aaataaaggg atggctatag agaaataaac     37980
     agcttaccaa gagctcgact atggtgctta tttagtaagt tcagtttact taagtagtgt     38040
     atttttgggc tgtgggagaa actcttggaa ccctttggga aacccacagg aatacgagga     38100
     caacgagcaa actctgcaca gaaatgtcta ctggtttagt aaggacttta acctgagaca     38160
     ttcctgctgt gaggcaacag tgctaatcac caggctgccg tgtcgcccaa tctagtaaag     38220
     gatgggggag taggggtggg aggagggatt tttcaaaaca aagataactg aggtaaggaa     38280
     ctctggttat tatagtgagt taggaatcat ctgattggtg aatcatgtgt taactaatgc     38340
     gggcccagcc atggtcaata ataagcatgt gatcctctca aaaattagtt tataagtaaa     38400
     cttcacttaa attttgggct ctcttgtata ttgcatagcc caaagaaaca aaacatcctc     38460
     tagcaaaagc atccccccac cccgcaattt tttttctatt taactgttgc tcctgagaaa     38520
     ctgtattctc ccgagcagca tgacatgttg ttgcacaaat atagtgctta actgacattt     38580
     tttttccctt ataaactatt gcaatcctaa aaagagcttt acttatattt tactgatgaa     38640
     atttgcattg ttgcaacatt ttcacattga atataacctt tgcttcatgt tgcaaaatta     38700
     ttttattccc ttcagaaact tttggccaaa ttcacactta gatccattta ggagagatgt     38760
     tcctatgcct aaagtgctga agtgacaggg cctagggatg agtgcttctg aatgaaacgg     38820
     agtttgcaac atcaatttgc aactacattt caatatggcg gctatgattg ttttgatatc     38880
     tctcattttg aatgcatcgt tactaaacaa gtcaagattg caagccaata aagcactgat     38940
     aataataagg tgtatgcaat ttattagtag aacagtttta acattgggtt ttttctcttg     39000
     ttgtgagacg acatcttcat ctctgctaaa gtcaacattt tctctttttt ttcaaatata     39060
     taacctgccc aaactaatgt aattctccaa aatgtttgac acacaatata tgtttgaaaa     39120
     tatcggctag tgttattttg aaatgacaga aaaacacaaa ccgtcgtaaa aacaacaaac     39180
     taaataaaac ataaacgaaa catgaaatga aaataaatta aacatgaacg gctcgcgatt     39240
     agaatgaaca gcaagttagc cagcagcaga gtatcagttt ggaactacac ttcaatatgg     39300
     ccaatccaat atggctgatt caatccaaat atggattgtt gagccgcaat aaagagccgc     39360
     tgagctaaca gctgacaggc cggggaaaca cacacacact gtatttctga tggcagacac     39420
     gtgaactagg agaacatttt tctcttttgc ttaaactaca tctgacaggt taaaacggct     39480
     ttaacacaca cctttctaag ttgtgtgtca caaaaacact ccgtattcca ttaaaaatgc     39540
     tattgaaacc catttttaaa atcgcaaatt acccatagtg aacgctgtaa acagaagttc     39600
     taaccattct accggaagac gctggtcgct atggcgccct ccatgcagca gccaagagaa     39660
     aggtctataa ttaccttgat tcatttacct gtaaaaactc tactaaaata aacatgtcta     39720
     aatagaaaat gcgtactaat gcatatgcaa tacattgcaa atatattttt aactgcgcct     39780
     caaataattc ctcttaattt ttaacaccag tcgagtgttc tgatacaagc acatcctaaa     39840
     tcatacaaat ctaacttatt tttttcttgt catcatgttt cttttgagtt cttaaaatgg     39900
     caattatatg ccattataca taatgttaaa agtggcggtt tgaatttaat gaatgtctgt     39960
     tttagttcca gaggtatgca ataccctttc tgatgtgtgg aaaggaccct tggccttcag     40020
     aggacgacgt atctgaagtt cagactgtcg tctctccatt aaacaacaaa atcagcccag     40080
     actgagcctt ctacagagtg tagagtttga tgaagcgctt ctctgcttga agtgaaatga     40140
     ttggatgaat gtggcgtttc ctataaatgt tgggtgggtc atgtcgaatg tagcctttca     40200
     ttcacatcac agctgtgcta tgctaatatt caaaattagc tgctattgaa atgtttaaga     40260
     agcatcaaat cagcatatca gaatgatttc tgaaggatcc tgtgaaactc agatttgaat     40320
     aggaagaata aatgatttta aagtatgttc aatgcaacac agttgttgtc agttgcaata     40380
     atattttaca atattgctgt ttaatcaagt aaacgcagct ctgatgatca taagaggcat     40440
     aaacattcaa acatcttacc agcctaattt aaaaacacag tattaatgct aatcagtcaa     40500
     gaacgcttat ctagatccca gagccccaaa tgaatctcgc actgcaatca gattaaatat     40560
     ttcatatttg accttccaat taaagccagc ttgacccaca gatccacaga gaaatccagc     40620
     ttcaagtaac cgtccgctgt tcaggcacaa ataaacgaca cagaggttta tgtattcatt     40680
     aagtttattc tgtattaatc gttagaaaat aaaatttcaa tattgattaa aatcaagtcc     40740
     aggccaaaat aaaataggaa aattacaaaa aaatgtatca atacaaaacc tagagggata     40800
     ttagaagtca tctgctacga agagaaaacc ctttttcttt ttcctcatgg attaaaaacc     40860
     ataacagagc aaagataaag actttcaaat ggagaacatc accacgcatc ttcccgttac     40920
     gtctgtacat atgttacact agaatcctat gtttccttac agcgttaata agaaaaaaaa     40980
     aagtatataa taataatagt aatagcaaca actctagatg aaaatgtgat aatcaacaga     41040
     tgtggctctg aaaacttgta taatactttt tttttctccc ttattttgtc aagttaacaa     41100
     caataaagag gagtgcacct ttatcccctt ctctcgtctg tttgtcccag cactgaaagg     41160
     tgaaatgtaa atgacaaata tagattccac taaaccgtac gcacagtcac agaaaaaaag     41220
     tacaaaattc gcccaccttg atacacaaaa tatgaataga aaacagggaa aacaaattgc     41280
     acgttacagt aatctgtgca aaagacgaac agcaatgtgc taatagtaaa atcccattgg     41340
     tatattaaga aacctaattt tttttccgtt cttttcagca gtccctgaca cgaggtaaaa     41400
     gttaaatctt tagtttaaca agattttttt tatttattca tttgtttaat aaaaataatg     41460
     catattttgt tgtccatacc agtaattgct acgaatagta caatgtgcca agaatgtgca     41520
     ttggtccgtt tacaagatac agtataatcg acatgaagac cggaacacaa caattcaact     41580
     tttttttttc ttttcatttt tttttttcca tttcagagag ccctttctga tgtgcacacg     41640
     cagtgacagt attcggttga ctgaaaagca cagtactttt ccaaaacaca cacgatcaat     41700
     aacactcgac aaaacccaac gcacgtttcc ctttttttca gctggactga agctttacac     41760
     ttcaaggcag tggcctttgc agtcgaactt aaattctttg tttttgccat aatgttcagc     41820
     attaatttgc ctgttggaag tgacaaaagg tcaattgaat tgatgtaatc ccatgtcgag     41880
     gcccgagaac agagatttac aacaccttaa aggcaaaaaa acggacgctt caaatgctga     41940
     tatgtttccc ctgcactaaa agaggtattt tccagaagcc agaggtgaag tgacggataa     42000
     aagagtaaaa cgaaagaggg ggaagggggt cagtattgct tagccagttt cttaccctgc     42060
     ttaaagggat agcgcaccca aaactgacaa ttctgtcatt atttactcac acatgacatg     42120
     cgacttagca atttccagca tggtcactat atttacatga tatcaattca tttgacatgc     42180
     ttctagggta taaattttaa attttattcc ctttaaatta aaggttcatg ctgcgtccca     42240
     aatagcacac tatgcactta tgccataggt ctcatactga atccgtggaa ggccgcagct     42300
     gtgcacagtt ttgcttcaat cataatcaaa cacagttaat ccaactaatc aaggtgttca     42360
     acactattag gcgggtgtga gttggaggtg gttggagata aactatgcag agttttagac     42420
     cactgactta tgtacataca cactcaacac taatggtttt ttacttagca gaaattcaaa     42480
     ccgtttccct gatgacgttt aatggttgtc aaattagcaa agtaaacgac caaaatacca     42540
     aataatacct gccatgagta ttataggaca attttgcttt cacaatccaa aataaataaa     42600
     gtaattccac atcagtgccc gaaagcttcg ccccttctgc tacctgagca aagctgcggc     42660
     cgttgagtat gtgaagtgtc caacactcta cactttattg taccggttga ataagtgctt     42720
     catccgagta tttaaagtgc acttactgta atctttttag agtttttatt gtgaatgcac     42780
     tacttacact atttatatta caaaatggtg tagaatagtg cataagtatg caatttggga     42840
     tgcacctata ctcttgttct tgagctagag ccttatacct ttgttgtcat agttctagca     42900
     aaaaaaaaaa ctattttcaa taacattttt gacatgaaat ttaaatattg caaacacatt     42960
     aactgtttac gtgagatttt cttttgtata ttttaaagct gaatgcaagc caatttcaaa     43020
     aatgcaatca aaaatttaaa tacactagag tagagatata aggattcacc gaactcgaac     43080
     tgattcaatt catgattttt gtttcacttt attttacaaa ataagattga atgcattatg     43140
     ccgtaaatga atttattagg ctattgctgc acgtttcttt gtaaaattta aatatataac     43200
     tactgtacat taaattgcag aatatattag aacgaatcaa ttattcattc attgattcat     43260
     tttccttcag cttagtctct attttagacg tcgccacagc ggaatgaagc acaagttagt     43320
     ttcatcaatt cacctatagc gcatatgttt ggactgtggg gaaaactgaa gcacctgcca     43380
     agtggtctag ctgggactcg aaccagcaac cttctaactg tgccacaaat caattaattt     43440
     acacaaataa aagaaatatc ttcatataaa ctcttcaagt aagactttgg cctgtgatct     43500
     tttcattaat caggatccaa actaaattgc agcatgagca ttttttatta atttagactt     43560
     tagtgcataa ttttacattt tgaagcaaaa acataatggt ctgactttag ttttgtgaaa     43620
     tttatggcct actacgtaaa gcaaatttga agaaaacagc agacgagcta aagaagatgc     43680
     tgattcactc tcagccagta ggtggcgctt atgaacagca attatattct gtttcccaac     43740
     caattgtcat tcccagccac tagacttttt ttcgttaaac cgaaattttg cgggttttaa     43800
     tttagcattt gtttgtttaa ccatgacgta ataaacgaca cagatatgaa tgaattaaaa     43860
     cagccgttgt agctagtgta ttctgggaaa ttttcttacc acttggtttc gagtgtggtt     43920
     ttgaaaaatc tctgtttcaa gggctatcta gtgcttcccc ttagcgctat gccctcaagc     43980
     taaagaaaat aaggggaagg ggaaggacta aggggtagaa ttgtgattgg gccttagagg     44040
     caagatgaac taaaaagaca acgtaaatgt ttcaaaagac aatcagttcc cttcagagat     44100
     tcatttcatt catataaact cctactttaa ttgtaccgag atttgttttg catcttaaca     44160
     aacacatatt tggatcgatt tttaacagtt cctggttcat cattacatcc ctacactaga     44220
     gcaaaaatac aaacgagaac cttaaatttg aagatctaac agcaacagat acaatttatt     44280
     ccattaaaga gctaatgcac ggacctaaca taatgataca catttttcct ttaactgttt     44340
     atgttcacat attcaactgt gtttaagtag ctatattgac tttgttacaa atatatattc     44400
     atctgtcaaa gcaaaagaac ctaagcaggt ttgtatttgt gcacaaacaa tagcacacaa     44460
     cagtttaatt ccagactgtt gagctctatt gacactgaga gcgaataaag acagaatttt     44520
     catttttgcc tgaacccttc ttttatggct gcacgatgtg gacatacacc tcaagtgacc     44580
     cggaaactcc ccaatcatca acatcattat gaaagtaaag gaagatttca gtattcaaaa     44640
     cacctaaaga gcagaaatga tggactgatc tgaaaacttt gcactatttc cagatcagca     44700
     attcatagat cagccagtgg cagcaggctt ttccaagtgg cagcatgttc ctggtgaggg     44760
     ttgtacagtt taattgcaga ctaattataa gcagcagcag catcatcgtt aatgcacaaa     44820
     gcatttacca ttgcaccgtc ctgcgcatct ccccggcaca aaatatgcaa caaaaacacg     44880
     ctgaaaatgg gaagtcctac gacagactct ttcaatacac acaaataaga gcacgattaa     44940
     gacacaattc tgtaagccct actaaagtca gcgttcatga cccataccgc atgccgtaga     45000
     tttcgaaggg aacactacgc cagtaatgaa acagacactg agaaaaacat cttgcatatc     45060
     ttgtgcgggc gtgtcacaga cataacctca tagaaaattg gctttttttg ttctatactt     45120
     ttcacaaacg agtaagaatg catatgagca aagaataaag gcaaagaatt taataaagta     45180
     cagtacctat taaaataaca ccgaatttcg tagtctttta cgtaatgcag ttaacatcaa     45240
     ttaggattaa tattgctgac ttttttgttt ttgtacagta cataattaca aaatatagaa     45300
     cgtctcttta caaagttgtc ttttgctcta tatatattac aagtcattta cagcatatta     45360
     tgaaatatca aacaggctat cctaaattaa aaaaataacc tgtctgctag tgcattcaac     45420
     gcaaaatgct gaactcctct tgaaaatcct gcatgatatc cttattgtaa accagtgtta     45480
     gtgtagactt agcttttgtt ctctaaaata tgcgcttgac ctaaaacctt actaaaaacg     45540
     aatcatacgg gccgaaacta aagcctttgt ggagggatat gccatactta gcttgcattg     45600
     agcttgcaac gtgcttgata tgcaaaaccc ttaataaagt gactgaggta atgacatatt     45660
     cgttctgatt gtcatcacct tggaactgcc ccccggttac ctcggcttgc tgctcattgg     45720
     tccgtttcct ggagtgacgg tacaagcagc caatgaaagt tcgggcggtc ctcccctggt     45780
     ggcggcgctg cgtccgttcc tgtggtgcct ttctgctctg ctgtgaaggc acttctttag     45840
     gtagtaagcc aataaataaa ctttatattt gtttgtttcg ctaaatcagt ttttagcaaa     45900
     ccaggtgcta taaagtggta atgcatatca tttcatctgc aaggtcctcc tcgtaacgag     45960
     gtctgggctc gggttcgggc tcctcgtcgc tgtagctcgc cgagacgtcc tgcagctcgt     46020
     agtctctgtg gcccagtatg ggaaacacat tgactccgtt gactactggt gtaatgccac     46080
     cgttaagaag atggctggcg gcgctttcca tttcgtcaat ggtcatctcg cacgcgtccg     46140
     caatctcatg ctttgtggcg gccacaaatt tgggatcctt ggcgtatcga cccagtcctt     46200
     ctgatatcaa gacctgctca ggggagaaaa aaagatgtgt actgttgcag tgtaaaaaca     46260
     tcctgctgcc ttcatttttt agttgaatca aatgaacttt tctacccagc aggcacacaa     46320
     aaccataaga tgttaatatt aggttagatt taggtcatga cgtcaggtga ccgatattca     46380
     atgtctcgcc agcatctaag gacatcgttt ttttgacggc taataaagac gtcaaattac     46440
     gttgatattt ggatgatttt agattgtgtt ggaaactgac caaaatccaa tgtctgatag     46500
     atgtcatagt ggtaacattg atgtcgacct gacgttgggt tttgacatca acctgatttt     46560
     catttccaag caaaatccaa cgtccgcatg atattggggt atgttgggtt acaacgtcaa     46620
     aataacgtca tgttgatgtc ctgtgcctgc aacttacatc aatatactga ctaaaaatat     46680
     aaagttaaac attggagaac ttaaaacatt agttcagacc tgattaactg attaaaataa     46740
     attaaagaaa cataaaaata tttgttgtct tgacttttta tcattacatt tttacagtgt     46800
     atcatctgtc tttactgaca cataaagggt gctttcatac ctagactttt gttttggaac     46860
     ctgtctcgtt tgcccagtta gcgaggttcg tgtcgtataa tgagacacga tccagccgta     46920
     catcctagat aaactgtccg aggtgcactg ctctctggag ctacgagcgc atgacagtgt     46980
     gtgtgtgtgg ctgttcgtga agcaattgtg aatccagcaa tcgcgctcga atccgtgtca     47040
     aaacaaacgg tccgagttcg cctgaatgag gtggtctcga ctcgattgaa acaaactctg     47100
     gagcgaattg attgtagtga gaaagtgata cgatccaagc ctggctatat cacagtatgg     47160
     atatgtaata ggcatatata cggctatatg aagagagaat tataagtagg gcgggaggtc     47220
     cagacatccc aagtctctcg gaagttccgg gagtctctcg caaatgtaca gagactcccg     47280
     gatgctcgca aacgagtgat aatctctccg aaatcacgca tctccctcct ggtcctcgaa     47340
     tacattgcac acccttctca cccctcccca ccgcatccct catcgctctt cagacacgtc     47400
     gtgcgcacct tgtcaaacac caccaaacca ccgtgaaact aaaccgtgaa actctgacca     47460
     atgtgaggag agtttactca cacatgactt gttttagcga ccttgttgct ttgagtcaac     47520
     agtgctaacc actaagcaac ctcactgcca tgtaaattac ttgtaaataa ataaataact     47580
     tttataatga ttacactgca tacgggaatg cataaacatt gaacagtatt catccataat     47640
     tctccaaagt aaaagcttct acagtttgga gtgatgaagt gtgaaacagg aggcttctca     47700
     ctcaccgcct ccaccaggct ggtagcgctg cctctcttct gcaggtactg gttcctgtac     47760
     tcgggtggga cctgcaggtg aacaggtgag aagttcctct gctggtactc agggtcgtct     47820
     gtgtaccacg agctcttcct gatggatgaa tggctgctgc tggcgctgtc tcttagagga     47880
     cggtccacgc ggatgagcgg tgtgtagtac ggcgtccggt ctttacttgc aggagttgga     47940
     ggaggtgaag cccatgatct ggtagatcga gttggtgaaa gcctgtgagc cctgctagag     48000
     tccagacccg ccactgccat cacctgaaaa caaaacacac agtggccaat ataaatgaac     48060
     tgtttaatta gaaatgtaca aacataacac tatggtaata ctatagtaac acacacattt     48120
     tgcatcttca agataaactt ttctacaata acctccctgt ttatttcttt ccacaatttc     48180
     tgtttaacag agaggagatt ttttcaccac ataatagttt taaaaactat tttctaatat     48240
     ctgatttatt ttatctttgc catgatgaca gtaatatttg actggatatt tttcaagaca     48300
     cttctataca gcttaaagtg acatttaggc cgtatttaca ctgcatggtt caagtcattt     48360
     aattctgatt gttttctccc atgtggcaca gattggatat tactcaagta cgtgtaagca     48420
     ggaaaaaaat cacatggatt ccgatttact caaatcagat tcaggccttg ttcgtatgtt     48480
     catatttacc cgatatgaat tggatctgtg ccctagtgtc tgcagtgtaa gcaggtagat     48540
     cagattttca cctgtcaatg agttgtgcat cattaaaaac catagcgaat aacgtcaagt     48600
     ctgacgcttt catttcggaa cagacttcag cagagtccca aaccttaaat ctcatacacg     48660
     aggactaaat acatgtttat aatgcatgtt aacaagagag agcgagagca acgtccacca     48720
     tgtaaaaatc acgccatgga cattacatta agatgcctac tggtttaaaa agtcaaaaag     48780
     ttttctgtca taaactatag taaagcaaca actttaaaaa attaaacccc gtgagcacat     48840
     taaatacagg aatggagaaa aagagcgctc tttttttttt attatcgttg ttttttaaat     48900
     ggtcattgcg tctttgccgt gtgctgtgta aatgcagaca atcggataag agtcactttt     48960
     aaaagatgat ataagcatgt cagcaaaaaa atcggataca gtcacaaaat cgaaattgac     49020
     catcaagatc tgtagtgtaa atcttgttgt atagttattg tataatgatg gtttgttctg     49080
     tagactatca aaaaaatata gctcaaatgg gctaatgatt ttgaccttaa aatggttaaa     49140
     aaaataaata aaaacagctt ttattctagc caaaataaaa aaaattgact ttaccagaag     49200
     aaaaaatata attagacata ctgtgaaaat ttccttgcta tgttaaacat aatttggaaa     49260
     atatttataa aagaaaaaaa attcaagtgt acttcaagtg tacctgctgt tctggaacga     49320
     gtcatttata cgtaactaac tatgaactta attaagcact actgttgtat ttaatgttac     49380
     ctggtgttgc atgagatgta acggaagagc agttcgctgg tgaggaagat cgtcttgact     49440
     gctctgtctg cgcagacact caaaattgaa cgacggtctc cgattaccta tagacaggca     49500
     agattaatat tgtctgatta aaacaaaacc aattttaaag cctcaagact tgccttgcgg     49560
     tgttggagga agcagtcttc tctttggtga cctatgtgaa tcgtgataaa ggggctgctc     49620
     atcatcttca tagtaactgt caggatgatg gtaaccccgc ggcgtctcgt actcctggtc     49680
     actgttgggg tacctgcaca tggaagtgcc atatggtgac taaacattac aatagctcat     49740
     gattacgttg atgtagtgtg tgatgtagct ctttgtgaaa gtacaacgtc tgcaaagtta     49800
     taaaaaccta attgattaag ttaataagtt cgtttattca ttttccttca gctcagtctc     49860
     ttcccagcaa gcattttttg tttttaaaag aagtctaata gatgtctaat agatgtctaa     49920
     acttagccgt cttggctaaa cagctaaatt tgggctgtca gtaaaaatct aatagacgtc     49980
     taagtatagg ccaaaactag actagttatc aggtaaaccg aaaattaatg actacacata     50040
     tagagtctgt ctaatctgtc tatttgatga ctagtctagt tttggcctat tcttagatgt     50100
     ctattagatt ttcactgaca gtccaaattt agccttgttt tagccaagct gtctacattt     50160
     agatgtctat taaacacaga tttgtttgct gggttattta ttaggggtcg ccacaatgga     50220
     ataaaccacc aactattcca gcatatgttt tacaaagcgg atgcccttct attgacaacc     50280
     cagtactggg aaacacccat acactctcac attaacacac acactatggc cagttttctt     50340
     cacccaattc gcttacaccg catgtctttt tgactgtggg ggaaatcgaa gcatccaaag     50400
     gaaacccaca ccaacacgta tagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaatgcc aactggccca     50460
     gctgggaatc ggaccagtga ccttcttgct gggaggtgac agtgctaacc actgagccac     50520
     ctccccatcc caagttattg tctactaaaa gaaagaagcc attttgaact tcctgaaatg     50580
     atgcagtctt cctgcacaaa cccctgaaga gcttgatttg tgttgctaaa atcaacgtaa     50640
     aaatcaaaat gtgcaatgtt tattttgtgt tttattaatc tgtgcatgtt atgttaatcc     50700
     accggaaata atttattttg tgatctggaa tcaaagtatg agcatttgcc tctgcatttg     50760
     gattggcggt ccttctatgc tgatgtcagt ttaatgtcgt aattcgactt cttatcaatt     50820
     agaaactatc agactggagg ttttgaatat cagaaaatag actttattct ccataataaa     50880
     gccgagaaag agcagagcag acctcatagc attacattta catttagtca tttagcagac     50940
     gcttttatcc aaagcgactt acaaatgagg acaaggaagc aatttacaca accaagagca     51000
     acaatgaata agtgctataa gcaagtttca ggtctgtaaa gtctaagaag ggaagtatta     51060
     gtagtattag tatttttttt ttttttttgt acagttagtg tgatattcag agaggcaatt     51120
     acagattagg aagtgtagtg gagactaaat agttgagttt ttagtcgttt cttgaaagta     51180
     gcgagtgact ctgctgttct gatgcagtta gggagttcat tccaccaact gggcagattg     51240
     agcgtgagcg ttcgcgaaag tgatttcttc cccctttgtg atttctcctc ctgctccttc     51300
     taaagtctct cctgctcctt ctaaagtctc tcctgctcct tctaaagtct ctcctgctcc     51360
     ttctaaagct tctgtgtgtt tccaaaatct ttatacaggt tattttgaca cacccctatg     51420
     tgtctcttta taactcttga ccatttttga ataggttttc taatctaagg ggtcctgcta     51480
     ttcttggctc tcagcccact agctcatgtc aacaaagatg ttacaggtct atgtcagcaa     51540
     agtatagatg caacttatgc aaaggaacta agtgtttaca tacattgtta tgataggata     51600
     ataacttgat aatatgttac tcattctaac ttctgacaca tatagcttca tacaagtatt     51660
     taacatatat gatcagtgct ttacatattc agttattcta cacaatcagt cactcagcct     51720
     tctcctagtg ttgctcctgt gcaggcatgc tcatcttaca cagtattttt aacacacgct     51780
     ggtatgtttg ctgcaaacac tatatacatt ttgagaagag aaaattaact gctttacact     51840
     ttgaaaatac ttcatacaga gagaataaaa tcttcttcat taactgcttc cgccacaata     51900
     ttcttaacct gtcagcgatt caaatcatgc cgtgtgaaat gtgttctgat tgaaaataat     51960
     atcggagatt acatatagcc aataaaggaa gcagcaaaag gaacagctgc aaggcagctg     52020
     gaggtttggg ggagaagtta aaagagctca ttttcagtct atttggactc aagaaatgga     52080
     gggaaagcta gtgtaaattt agcaggaaac aaaacaaaaa agttgaagaa aaattgttaa     52140
     ttcccttcaa aagccaagta agcaaaatag gtacattttc tactgcacta aagccttcta     52200
     tgtagttaat gacacaagat aaacttatgc gacctcgcat tgtttccatg taacttctcg     52260
     catgtgttgt gagacaaagt ttggaaaaag ttgtcagcga ttcttcttat tttaaagtca     52320
     tgcagtgtct atccatcctg cagtgtaaac aaagcagcga tgaaatgcta ccccaattag     52380
     tcatgcagtg taaaaacatc tgacacgact actttgaaaa tcatgcaatt aggcattagt     52440
     ttacaacaaa gaaatgatgc acataaagaa agccccaccc cttattcgat attttgtcaa     52500
     tataaatata aaagtctcag caacttaaca gttcacacag attcaacatg ttaagaagga     52560
     tatgtctata aaaaaccaaa tcaactttgc acgcacctaa aaagtataag gacttacatt     52620
     tggcatcatt atttatttgt atcactgctt aaaagtgttg aggaaaagct aaaattagca     52680
     tttgataagg agttctggaa tggcaactgt tgctggaagt cccttaatcc atgtataagc     52740
     aatgtggtga tcattctttt gctgtgggat gtcccaaact gtggaatttc ctccctacag     52800
     aacttcacac catcacgaat gtggcactat ttaaagcaaa acctaaaacc tatttatttt     52860
     ttaattgctt ttgatattca gtagttttag ttgtcttact gacattgttg ttttaattat     52920
     gttcttcatc atcttctgtg ttttaatgtg tggttttgtt ttattgctgt aaaacacttt     52980
     ggtcagccgc tgggttgtag taaggtaata cataattgaa gttgattgct tgactgagtt     53040
     ttgggttctg aaatgtgctg taagtagttg accaatcaca acagactggg ccatctgacc     53100
     aatcacagca gagtagtctc taaaaaaggt gggtttattc catgcaaact tttctctaat     53160
     ttttggcctt ccatccgcac taatacagcg tttgtagaaa acaaaagcgt atccttttga     53220
     aaatactgtc caagatacat ttgaaaaagc attcgcgttg cactgtgaac tttgcaaacg     53280
     atgacgcatt ttagtcatga catccattca actaacatgg tggaggatat tgtaaagcag     53340
     atgttttgtg gtttaatggt agtttgtaca tgctccatat tgactctcgt caaagggcac     53400
     agaatgttta tgtcacaatc accagcaatc taatcctctg agatagctaa aggactacaa     53460
     atcagctggt atatggacta caagttccag tcatgcacca cacacacaca cctgttccag     53520
     atcttgatta attacactca cacagctggg agctgctcaa agactgatta aatggacttt     53580
     aaatacagtg cacacatcaa cctcttggct gagtcttgtt gtacagtctt gtgaacatta     53640
     cgaagcgatt tccttgcctc acttagccgt gtttttgacc ctcgctttgt ttgtttattt     53700
     ctgtctgctg cctacctttt gacaatctgc ctgtgtattc gactacgaca ctggatggtt     53760
     tgcttctgat tgtgaccatt gctagtctgt cagttcgtaa taaacctgca tttagatccg     53820
     cactgtccag cgcccacttc atattacagt ttactggaag ctgccgttca gtggcaaaag     53880
     cagatgactt ttgtgacatt ttgctgctga cattattctg tctttcaaag agatgtaaag     53940
     taaataaaca gcaggcagat atgacagata aaagcaacat acatctgtgt gcatgcgcag     54000
     tgctgaacac aagacctttg attgatgtaa actaattgaa ggagacccca aaaaaaaccc     54060
     agcaaccatt attttgatgt gattgttcac ataacagctt tacctatcac ccgatagcat     54120
     gctgtcatct tcataaaact cctctccgct gtaatactct ccagagtagc gatcttcttc     54180
     atactcctct tcgcggcgta tcgtgggtcg tcttctgtcg ctgccctgcg atctgcgtga     54240
     aagtcaagag gtcagtgaga ggccgattag atggcattca acaaaccagc gaataaccat     54300
     gcagtaccat gcagacgtac agctccggag agcagcaatg cagatagacc tctttagtaa     54360
     acaagcaaaa tcgtacaaag acagcaaatc agcagtcgta gccttgctag cttctgtgtg     54420
     tattagacaa gatctctagt tttaagattc ttgttccaac tgaaaatgtc cgtgcccttg     54480
     agactttttc aatgactaaa tcacagacct taaatcaggg gtgtcaatct acagtgcatt     54540
     aaagttaaag taaactgaca tttaacaaaa attgagctgt gaaaggagta cagtgtgttt     54600
     aatataaata cttttgttgt tgtaaagtag ctaactagtg tcacagcaca aactttagtg     54660
     tgccagagtc acatcaaaat gtctaaaaat gaaacaataa aaatgtatat aaaatatata     54720
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatttata     54780
     tatatttttg aagatgctac atctctattt tcctcagaaa gcagtactta aattttttta     54840
     ttttaaatta tttacatatt aaaattgaca aaatcagatc aaaatgtaaa aaaatatata     54900
     tttttatttt ttaatatgtt tttaatgtta atataatata ttattataag ataagaataa     54960
     ataaagattc atttgcctac ataaacacaa ttttaataaa tgaataatat attatgcgtt     55020
     ggtgtaaaat atatttattt aatataaagc ttgcacccta aaaaagtcta aaagttgtat     55080
     gtgactattt tttatttact tatatttaat aaaaaaaaag tttactgtat agtttactgc     55140
     ttaactatag tactttcaaa aaagtgtctt ccttggcgat tttaggctgt gcacattgta     55200
     tgttaattat tcagcataca acaaagaaaa aaaaaagatt ctataaatta taaataagaa     55260
     gaaaatatta agcaaactat gcatctatcc ctcacatcta tgcttctctc aaataatata     55320
     aataaattta aaaaaaaatt aaaaaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     55380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tcatctactt aaaggccttt aaaattaaga     55440
     gacaagcagc ccaatacaaa taatctgaac attcctgcag aagtgagctt aaaggacaac     55500
     tcttgatttg gaaaaacata tctgaattaa atataaattg tgtttcgtgt tatttctatt     55560
     ttaattaaat atctaatgag ttctccttta agacaaccat tttgttttat tagcattggt     55620
     tatccagcag aaacatgcag caagccccgc ctccttccct ttcattagcc aatcaccaca     55680
     cacagagacc cagaagaagc attctcactt gtttatgttt tactagacga tttaattaaa     55740
     gctttgaagc aagtctatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgaag ccctgtccca aatagcgctc     55800
     tctctgttat atttactgcg ccatttggga taaagcccaa taccattacc ttcacaattc     55860
     tgcatgtcat tctgtttttc tacaaacatt agtacctgct atgtgaacat ataataccta     55920
     atgtaacata cctaatatat gtctcatagt agcgccttct gttccagaaa gcagagagat     55980
     ggttaagaga aagcatttcg gttaggaagg aaagagagaa aggtggagaa aagcagggga     56040
     gtagggaaag gaagttgatg gacacatata tcacacagta tacacaggat atatacagaa     56100
     tttgtaatat atgtgaggct gttttcacac ttgctttaaa tcgcatataa gcactagaat     56160
     atagaatgtc tggtttgctt gttgaaattg gcacaaaact gccagattaa agtctcaaat     56220
     attaatgtat aatatttaat atctataata atagcaaaat tattgtttta ttaatgtgcc     56280
     agctgacatt atactcgtga aatatagtag tgaaatatta ttcctcatta ttctgaggtc     56340
     agttcaacaa tcattttgac aataatactt atcataatca taatctttcc gaatttctta     56400
     aatcctaagc caaagtcatt atagatactt aacccgatat acatttttcg ctctcttgtt     56460
     gttaagagcg aaatatgtcc caggagctac atattttaat gttccctaaa cccaacctat     56520
     agtgttttca aaagcaccta ctgacacacc aacccccttc cctaaaccca accgatagtg     56580
     ttttcaaaag cacagactga cccacccacc actttcctta acccaaccga tagttttcaa     56640
     aagcaccggc tgacccaccc actcctttct ctaaacccaa ccgatagtgt tttctaaaag     56700
     cactgactga cgcacccacc cccttcccta aacccaactg atagtgtttt aaaaaacaat     56760
     ccagaaaaaa agaaaagcct ttgtggccgc ctgattttta ccatgttttt agatcttgca     56820
     cgttctcacc ctgttattta cttgtttatt tatttatata ttttttgcct tttattttat     56880
     ctgcttcctt gaaccattct ttgacggatt caaactccat tgtcaccgtc gactccgttc     56940
     tgcttctcaa gtctgccgat ttacgtagcg agtcactggg caaactggta acagcggaaa     57000
     aaaaaagtcc acacggaggt aaacggtcag ccggaaatgc gaaaagaaac agaagccgtt     57060
     gacgtcgtca tatcgccccg tagcattagt tttaaaaaca aaatgcagcc atatgtacct     57120
     ccagctacat aattcgctct taccagaaat gtatacgggg ctacatattc acaatgagcc     57180
     tgtgttgagc cactaaatgc tctagactga aaaccaacac tacctcgtgt tatttgttta     57240
     cattatcacc aattaaaagt ttacattttt tgagtttata tgacatttgt acacctgctt     57300
     aagctcactg atgaactgat atcaagtttc taaaaattgt aaattaaatc aaacaaaaat     57360
     ttacactaac taaaaaagaa atatttagtt tgatagtggg atttggattc gtgaaaacac     57420
     cttgcagaaa acatggcatc accacagtac gataatggat caaagtaaga gaagaaattt     57480
     gggtaggacc ggtttgatta aaggtgaata aatggagaaa aatgaaaata atttaaaacc     57540
     tgaggtggga cattagcaaa tatttgtcga aatttttaat acaaaaatga ttaatagtga     57600
     attgcattgt aaagacaaat gttcaaatca aacaaactgc ttagttagtc aatgctgtaa     57660
     atttgcagga ccgactttaa atgattgcaa aatatgcatg gggaagcctt ttttccccca     57720
     cacgaaattc tcatgggatt ggatttattc gccaaacaat gttaaatgtg accacatcag     57780
     ctgatgacaa tgtagatgaa taatcatttc aagagtatac agtatgaatg ttcagtttaa     57840
     aagtaaaaaa gtacttcagg agttgaataa atctttaaaa accaaaatgg taacacttta     57900
     ttttgattgt ccatttgagt attagtagac tgtctgctta ctatctgttg atacggctcc     57960
     ttccgcaaac gtttaactga ctttaagaaa ctttgcaaaa acaacttaca ctaaccctaa     58020
     ccccaaccta acagtctact tataatctat tgagaattag ttgcaatgta acttaaattc     58080
     aacaaactca ccatcaaaat aaagtgtaac cactaaaatt cctgaagcag aaattggttc     58140
     aagaatgaat ctcattggta ttaatgagat tacaccaaac cataaattgt tgacaaatac     58200
     aaattaactg atcaagagca agatgttgaa cgaacattca cctttgccca tgaggggtcc     58260
     tgggcttgtc gtattctccg taatatgacc ctgggtagcc attagcggga gcgtgttcgt     58320
     agtagcgatt gtgtccacca ttgggtaaac tggacacgtt ggcgttgttg aggttgatgt     58380
     tggtggactt gggcgatttg ttgtaggagt tgttgtgatg atgatgatgg tgatggtggt     58440
     ggtggtgacg atgatggttt tgctgtgcca tggcattggc gcgacccaga cgccccacgg     58500
     gctgctccat gtggacgtaa tgtgggggcg gctgcacctg cagggggcgc tgtgtggcgt     58560
     ttgtttggtg gccagagctc ctccgggggt ctccgtttat gtggttgatg tggttgccaa     58620
     agagtcctcc gtttcgctgt ggataaatac ttgttcttgt aagttcaaca aaatgcgcaa     58680
     tggacttaag tcagcattga caccatattt aagttctcag aagatcagtt tattacaata     58740
     gcgaactaca ttgtaactac gatcaattca atcaatacac aatcagtttg tgctgggaca     58800
     acattgaaga attcaaattt aaggaagttt ttacaaattt aagtggattg aacataaaac     58860
     aattgagttg tcccaaaaaa tcctcaataa ttgtgctgtt tcagctttaa ttaggtaatt     58920
     tgaacaaaca gcaaaaaata ttttttgagt gcagttttgt cattcaccac tccatttttt     58980
     atgtcaatgt ttttattatt catcatctac actgtaaata attttaagtc agtacaaaaa     59040
     aaaaatcctt acgtccttcc gcttttttca cttttgaaaa catcagctgc actgatctat     59100
     aattatttgt cagttataca aaaagcattt agttgggtta acataagatt aatgattttc     59160
     tggagaggtg aactactttg taacaaaagt ttttaagttg tggcaacaaa aaagatttgt     59220
     ctgcagaact ggaataccag aagttgagtg aacaaaaaaa aaagtttagt tttttctcat     59280
     agttttttca cttttaattg ttaggacagt agagagtata gacaggaaag cgtgaagaga     59340
     ggggaaggat cgcatagaac ctcgaggcag gaatcgaatt ttagtcgccc taaaccctgg     59400
     aatgccattt atcgacgcac taacctctac accattggcg cagatgtgta ctcaactttt     59460
     aaaaacatca gttacactga cctaaaatgt ctgaaattga gtaaacaaaa actcgtatgg     59520
     aaattagaaa taatacatta tcagaacaaa caaacgtatt tcaataaaaa aaaacaaaaa     59580
     aaaaaacagg aaggcatgct tcacatgtga agcattaaga agcatttttc tgtttgtcct     59640
     gccatgtttt gatctttgtc ttgtttacag ttattgttgt tttgcctcct gtcctgattc     59700
     taattctgtg tctaattaat actttgttaa catttgtctc tgttttagtt gttttttcaa     59760
     ttgaaatatg tttgtttgtt ctgataatgt attatttctt agtaccaatt agtaccaagt     59820
     ttttgtccac ttaacttcag acattttagg tcagagcaac tgatgttttc aaaagttgag     59880
     cacacatcgg ccgcaatggt gtagtggtta gtccgctgac acatggcact cgagtcgagt     59940
     ttgatttcca cctttaggtc ctataccaat tcttcccttc tctccatgct ttcctctcta     60000
     tactctacag tcctatctat aaaaaaagat gagtacacta aaaaactaaa ggaaataagg     60060
     atcatgtttt ttgttttgtt tttgtttttt gactgaactt caggcattcc agttctgcag     60120
     acaaaaaaag acaacaaaaa aattcagctg gcacaattta gaaagttttg ttacagagta     60180
     gttcacctct ccagaaaact aatcaataat cttatgttaa cccaactaaa tgtttttttg     60240
     tattactgac aaatcatttt aggtcagtgc agctgatgtt tttaaaagtt gagtgaacaa     60300
     gaaaaaaaaa ggaaaggaaa caaggattgt gctttgatgt tgtactgact taaaattatt     60360
     tacagtgtag aaaaactgtt tttaaaagtg attccattga tttaggccat gtccacatgt     60420
     acacgggtat ttttatgaac ccgtattttt ccctgctttt attttttttt aaaaagtctc     60480
     cgtccacatg aaaaacacac tgtgaagcat gttaagggca cgcggaacca actgctggtg     60540
     acaatgacac ttatgttcag tccacaccaa atatggaatt aaggcctaat actaattcta     60600
     tttttgtacc cctacccctt ggcccttgaa acagattgtg aaggggaagg gtgtcaaagt     60660
     ttacccctaa gaaatcggac agcactacaa cacctgcaca cgtcatcata tatcatcgcc     60720
     atctcttact tcataagcga tcaacgatca caactgttgt agttattcca gttgtgttat     60780
     tattattttt tttggtattt atcttcaaga aatcaccgaa ggcatatatc atgttatcat     60840
     tataatataa tgtggcaata agcttgtaac tgtactgtgc atttacacca tggccatatt     60900
     catctatgca tacacatgaa aacaacattg acgttatatc agacacttta aaaagctcat     60960
     tcctagccac tagactttcc tgacagggga ttcgagagtt atcaagtggc agaatgttgt     61020
     ggaactggct gctaaacatg agtttaattt ataaggagcg aaatttagcg gttttaattt     61080
     tagagttttt ttttcttaaa gcgtgacggt aaaacacaaa cgtggttatg aatgtattaa     61140
     aacatatgct tgtttgttgt aataatttgt gcatctcgtt ccttttgtag ctactttatt     61200
     ctcggaaatt ttcttaccac ttggtttcaa gtgtggtcct gaaaaatctt aatttcaagg     61260
     ggtatctagc ccttcccctt agcactacgc ctttaagtta aagagaatta ggacaccact     61320
     atcatttcac gtgaacgtgc aaaacaaggg gtaggggtaa gaggaaggag ctaagggata     61380
     gaattgaact tcagcctaag aatttgcacg agtaaattgc atacaaaata atgccaacat     61440
     gaaaacagag gtggattact gtcctgtagg cgaacggtac aaaaatgcaa cacgtttgga     61500
     gaaaatgcaa aaaatgttgc ctcatttgca tcttccatgt ttggcagaaa aaaggggccc     61560
     actctttata ttaagtggcc ttaactaata tgtacttaca taggaactaa tagtttgtaa     61620
     caatgtactt attgtgtaaa cgaatgtatt tactgtgtat ttatgcttga ttaaatacat     61680
     gtacgtaatt acatttgtaa ctaacttttg taattacatt tgtaaataca ctgttgacca     61740
     tcccttacac cttaacccac ccttaaacct acccttgcca ccaaacttgt ccataaccca     61800
     acctctatcc caactcaaaa gcaccacaag tgttctcaaa tacattataa acacagtacg     61860
     tacattgtat ttattttttg atgtaagtac atagtagtta aggacactta tgaccattta     61920
     tgtgaagctg ctttgacaca atctacattg taaaagcgct atacaaataa agctgaattg     61980
     aattgaattg aacttaatat aaagtgggac cgaaaaaaga aaacagcaga catgctgaca     62040
     tcgtgaggcg aaaactccag ttttagtgtc cacacaacca cactgtacga tagtttcgga     62100
     aaatcttcac cctggccaga gttttgagaa agtatccgtt tcagtcacct gacacagcat     62160
     ttttatgtga acacacagca aaaccacaaa gaaaaaaagt gtaattttga aaatacctgt     62220
     gcttgtgtgg acagcgcctt agttattttg tatcagtcac attggagttc aaataatcag     62280
     aaaatgtatt aaagtttaat acgatgaaca actcttaaaa gatagcatac aggctatact     62340
     gtataagaca tccttcagcc gatgaaataa acaaacaatt gtacttcaaa acttaaatat     62400
     ggtgtctttg tttctcaagg ctacaatttt agattgccat tttcaatgat ctcatgggaa     62460
     aaagaagttg gaaaggaggt aaaatggcgt atggtgtgag tgaatttcat gaactgatta     62520
     aatctgacct caacagaaat gcagattaca tgtgcgctaa agaaaacagt cattactaca     62580
     aacctaattt agcctccgat aatgttaact gattgtggat tgccaacttg gcgaatttat     62640
     ccctataact gaaatgtgta cgacctctag gaatggtgaa cacttcatca catctcccct     62700
     aaggaactgt tactattaaa aagcagctca gagctctttg tatttgtacc aggcagttaa     62760
     ggaaaggcaa taaggtgcag atcgatttta taaggagaaa ggggtcataa aaggtgagta     62820
     atttacccta taaatttctt cgtcctcctc tggtataaag tctactagct catcatcctg     62880
     caggtcacat gatatcgcac ggcggatttc tggcccaatg tcatgcagcg tacgaaggcc     62940
     agcctgcaac catgatgaca agatagctaa aggagcgctc ttcaatggaa agcagagacc     63000
     ctcacacaca catgccacca gggggcgctt gaccagacac atttacacaa acaggcttga     63060
     cgagacactt ccagacagga caaattcatg aaggatggcg acaatcacag cagacaaaga     63120
     ggaaaaacat accaaagtgc gtccatattt gtgtgtgaca tacaacttta cactttagct     63180
     aagatgctag gctttactgt gactttctga aaaggccaca gatgctgttc aaatggctgg     63240
     ctgaaagaaa attatgtttg cagagaaatc aaacacattg gtgtttgatt tatgaggatg     63300
     aagaccaaca cgatgtctta aaaacaatga tacatgagtt ataactctga agtgatggta     63360
     aacaagtaca gaactacata taaaacagac agaaattcat ttgcagatca ccatcatcac     63420
     attgagggat ccgagctaaa acaacattag ggcatccaga aacagagaga tacagttgag     63480
     gtaaagaggt ctcatgcaaa gaaagtgtgc agacagtaaa ttaagacaaa tttcaacaga     63540
     tttcttttga actgtacatt atgtttacac tgacagtgaa catcatatta tattttatta     63600
     tctacagtgc tcagcataaa tgagtacacc cctcacagat ctctccttta aacaaatatt     63660
     ttcaataaga tgctttacaa acgaatttgc gtataaacag ttgaagtcag aattattaac     63720
     ccccctttga tttttatttt cttttttaaa tatttcccaa attatgttta acaaagcaag     63780
     gaaattttca cagtatgtct gataatattt tttcttctgg agaaactctt atttgtttta     63840
     tttcagcgag aataaaagca gtttacatta ttttaagcta ttttaaggtc aaaattatta     63900
     gcccctttaa gctttttatt cttttttttt tcaaaagtct acagaaaaaa acactgttat     63960
     acaataactt gcctaattac cctaacctgc ctagctaacc taattgacct agttaagcct     64020
     atacatgtca ttttaagctg tgtagaagtg ttttgagaaa tatctagtaa catattatgt     64080
     actgacatca tgtctaagat aaaataaatc agttattaga gatgagttat taatggggtt     64140
     tgcccttagg caaagtccat tcttactatt gtggtttatt attcttaatt ctgccaaaag     64200
     ttcggcgcgt aacttgtccc gcagctttcg ccccagaccc ttgaaagtgg tgtcaaatcg     64260
     tccggttcta tcgggaatgg tgtgctatga cttttataag cggtgggggg ttttttggcc     64320
     ccgcaggggc caaaaaacct gcccaaaaat cccatagact taacattgag ccgaactttg     64380
     acgaatcaca gcgccgagtg tgaatttcat agaattatgg gattcacagc atctgtaggg     64440
     ggttgcagcc taagtgagaa catacctcgc aagggggtat aagttgcacc tctggggctc     64500
     taggacgtcc caaagttctc ccattgactt acattggccc cattgactcc cattcatttt     64560
     tctagaagag cactaaacgc gccgcgaaat gggacgacct ttaaagcgtt gtagcgccaa     64620
     gtgtgaaatt cgtagaaata tgggattcgc aacatctgta gggggttgca gcctgtatga     64680
     gaacataccc caaaaagggg tataagttgt acccatgggg tgctaggacg tcccaaaggg     64740
     gtccccattg actttacatg gcccattgac tcccattcat ttcttgactc acatgtcaat     64800
     cacattacat agcagtgtca tactgacttg ggggttgcct tacttgactg aggcaaccaa     64860
     tcagcatctc aatatgattt tgaagctcac aagccacgac cccccaaacc atttaaagac     64920
     ccttaataac tgccccattg acttaacatg gggtgggatg tcccattgca catcccattg     64980
     acttccatta taaaggtcac acatctataa cattacatag gagtgtcata gagacatggg     65040
     ggtgggctca ttggactcag acaaccaatg agcttttcaa tatgataatg aagctcacaa     65100
     gccacgcccc caaactggtc ccatagactg ccattataac tggtctacat gcatatcttt     65160
     gcttagcagt gtcctattga cttgggggtt ggctcatctg actaagacaa ccaatgagca     65220
     tctcaatatg ataatgaagc tcacaagcca cgcccccaaa cgggtcccat agactgccat     65280
     taaaataggc ctagatgcat atctttgcat agcagtgtca tagagacatg gggattggtt     65340
     catttgactt ggacagccag ccacattcaa gttcactctg taatctcgcc catagcaaca     65400
     aaacagagta ccctagcaac cattcatcaa cagctatatc tcagcatcag aacatcgtag     65460
     agacttgggg attggctcgt ttgactcatg ctagcaaacg gaacttccta tatgctaaac     65520
     atgctagcag tgactagcta catgctaata ttgactagcc aagtactgta acttactaga     65580
     aatgcttact aagtataaat atttcatcag gcatgtatgt gaggcttgcc tagtaaccac     65640
     ccagggtacc ctagcaactg cctagcaacc acccaaatta ccctagcaac cacctggcaa     65700
     ccacctagca accgcctagt aacgtcttag taagggccta gcgaccactc aggacaccct     65760
     agcaaccgcc tagcaacgcc ttagcaacca ctcagaatac cctagcaacc acatagcaac     65820
     accttagcaa ccacctagca accacttggg acaccttagc aactgcctag caacacctta     65880
     gcaaccacct agcaaccact caggacaccc tagcaaccgc ctagcaacca catagaatac     65940
     cctagcaacc acctagctac accttagcaa ccacctagca accacttagg acaccttagc     66000
     aaccgcctag caacacctta gcaaccacct agcaaccatt taggataccc tagcaaccgc     66060
     ctagcaacaa catagaatac cctagcaacc acctagcaac accttagcaa ccacctagca     66120
     accacttagg acaccttagc aaccgcctag caacacctta gcaaccacct aataaccact     66180
     cagaacaccc tagcaaccgc ctagcaacac cttagcaacc acctagcaac cactcaggac     66240
     accctagcaa ccgcctagca acaccttagc aaccacatag caaccactta ggacacctta     66300
     gcaaccactc agaacaccct agcaaccatt cagaacacct tagctaccaa aacaaataca     66360
     ttgtacccca tcgatttgcc acgcaaaccc cattcacatt tcctttagga aatgtacaat     66420
     tctagttaaa actattatct ttaaaatgtg ttgaaaaaaa cttttctcag taaaacagaa     66480
     actgggggat aaaataaaca ggggggctaa taattctgac ttcaactgtg ttaccagcaa     66540
     cgtgtaaaat gtatataata catataatcg aacgtcaaag catgaaatga ttgctactat     66600
     atacattgcc taggcattct atagaatgca gagttgctgt gtggcaaagt gtgtaactgg     66660
     ccaacacttg ccatttttcc tgcaactgat gttggcggta acgcttgggc agtggtggaa     66720
     agagtactga aaaatcatac ttaagtaaaa gtaccattac ttgccaaaaa atgtagtgcg     66780
     agtaaaagta acttttgtaa atattactta acgtatgagt aaaaagtaac cctgtcaaaa     66840
     gtactcaaga gtagtaagta tagtgagtat tacgctgtaa aaagctgatg catttacatg     66900
     tcatttgtgg atgtgtgtaa acgcaacatt ctgtagtgca tttagttttt gcccagcagg     66960
     cacacaacat cataagacgt taatattaag ttagatttag gttgtgatgt caggtgacca     67020
     actatacacc acttctcttg ggtcgttgtt tgatgatggt tatcaaagca tgtgtatgtt     67080
     gaacattatt gtaagacagc gtattgccgg tacgaggttc cactaccaca tcacagacga     67140
     tatttccata attcttctca caaaatcagt gtatattatc cggctgaggt tccagagaca     67200
     ctctccttta acttttccct gtggattatt gtgtgatcat ttcggaaggg aatggagtac     67260
     taggacagga atcacacaac tgtatgttga catgcaacga aagcttttgt tgtgctgttc     67320
     tgaaacttaa atgccttgga attgtaccga atgcctagga aacgtgtgca aaatctttac     67380
     aaaaaaaatt atatttcata ttttgcccca aaccaacagg cattctatac attttctaag     67440
     gattctatac attatacaat accgggattt cacacattgc cggtaacaaa tacattagat     67500
     tagttatgca gtaccaaagt caaaattgga actaatctaa atcctaaaac ataagatcac     67560
     ggtccaaaat ttagtccaca aaaatgaata tgttgggata aatattacat aaaatgttaa     67620
     caaacaggaa aaatcaagag aaacataaag aatatattta tttagttgtt gcaataactt     67680
     gtttaaatgt atgacctttt tattttctta agatgtttgg tgaccatatt gccatttgat     67740
     aaaacttttg tataaatacg ttataatata ttgtctatat tcactgagat aaaataaaat     67800
     attttcaaaa gaatgtgcac tcatttatgc tgacatatac tgtatataca acgctcagca     67860
     taattgagga aaccccatat tgaaaatgat ttttaaaaaa aagtttttta tatatacttt     67920
     tctataacat aaatttggct gtactagtgt ttggaccgct atcgcaagtt attttgtttg     67980
     ataagctcca gatttggctt cagtactgac taatttaatg tatatgcaca gatataatat     68040
     tgtacagctt cctattaaaa acatgaattt aaaagagaga tttgtggggg gtgtacttat     68100
     aatgctgagc actgtatata tttagcctat ttagactgta tttgatgtaa ccattaccta     68160
     acagagaacc atataatatt aaatattaat tcaagtaata tttttttagt aaaagcattt     68220
     cagttgacaa aaaaaattga gaattcttgg agtaaattac aacccatttt gatttaagta     68280
     aataacaaaa aataatacaa aattaccaaa atataattta aaaaatcatt gttgtctgac     68340
     agagaattaa tacacacaaa atcctcaaag tgcagagata tgtagacagt aggttctgct     68400
     tacctgcagt gcgatggccg tgttgttctg tgccggatga actcccacca ggccttcctc     68460
     tttgcgtttc ttgaatttcc taaagtagtc ctgtatcagg aaagtggcat agaacttccc     68520
     caccgttacc tcatcatctg agtgaacaga ccacacacac ggcttcgctg tcagcaagta     68580
     gcttcaacgc acgcatacac accactgcgg tgacgcacgt tgagagacaa agactgacgc     68640
     taagagatgc tttctgtttt tccaactgct cagtcattta gggagaaaaa caactacaaa     68700
     gtgcaagcta aatgctaaaa aactattctg agttatcagg atttcaacac aaatgactac     68760
     taaacagtaa acacaaacag tcttaattaa caaacacctc gtctatcacc taaatatgct     68820
     ctagatcaca tgacatcaat gcatttcact ttcaagctcg tttactaggg tcaccttccc     68880
     tacagtttgg ggttgataag ctcattttaa atgtttcttc atcgttactg ccaaatattc     68940
     cttcagaaat cattctgcta cactgacttg gtgctaaata tgttactatt tgtgattttg     69000
     tgatgtttag ttaaaatgta tgatagaaag acaaagataa agtcaaacat gtgtttataa     69060
     aatatactac aaatgtgtta tttgttaaat aagactgctt ttacttcatt tgtttttcct     69120
     aaaagaagca ttttaaagcc attcaaacaa gaaatacaga taattaaaat aactattcgg     69180
     aaaaatcata agaattatta gttttactgt aagataagca attaataaat caaaataaac     69240
     tagacaagtt gctatgcatt ccctgttgaa aaacccaact taatctggta gttgtgtttc     69300
     gaaacattct agcaagattc tagatggtct aggtaattag tcagctacaa atgtcaaatt     69360
     aagctaaaga actcttctga attatctgga tttcaacaca aatggctact gaatagtaaa     69420
     cacaaacagt cttaattaac aaacacctcg tttatcacct aaatatgctc tagattatat     69480
     gacatcaatg catttcactt tcaagctctg taactagggt cgtcttcaat gtatttgcac     69540
     tacagtttgg ggttgataag ctcatgttaa atgtttctgc atcgttactg ttaaataatc     69600
     gttcagaaat cattctacta cactgacttg gtgctaaata tgttgctatt tgtgattttg     69660
     tgatgtttaa ttaaaatgta taatagaaag acaaatataa gggtaaacat gcttatataa     69720
     tatatactac aaatgtgtta tttgttaaat aagactgctt ttacttcatt tattttccct     69780
     aaaggaagca tttttaagtc attcaaacaa gaataacaga taattaaaat aattattatg     69840
     aataattata agaattatta gttttactgt aacaaatatg caattaataa attaaaaaca     69900
     agacaagttg ctttgcattc cctgttaaac ccaacttaaa ctggtagttg tgtttcgaaa     69960
     cattctagca agattctaga tggtctaagc tagtaattag ctggttatta gctggtccat     70020
     tcttgaacta gcatcaaacc agctatcagc tggtcaaaca gctaacgccc agcttacacc     70080
     agctagaaac ctgctatcgt attccataac acagctacca gtttaattca aataccagaa     70140
     gtgttaattc acattttagc acctgacata tgcaaacatg ttagcgttag catattagta     70200
     tagcaatatg agagagataa ctggaagtta caactgcatc aactaagcca actaactaac     70260
     taaaatctaa tccaatataa gctaagcttc taccaggaac atgcaagcaa gcagcactga     70320
     gcaatatgta ttagcacatt agcgtagcat ttctttaggt gcatgtctaa cgtgtgtata     70380
     aatgtataca aagtgttcat ctgtatgctg gtgtctgtgt atgcgtaaga gtgtgtgaga     70440
     atcattctga agcaggggtc tgtgtcactg ttttaaacaa gcactttggg gacagatcag     70500
     gaaagaagag gcaacattag ttccatgcca ccaccctaaa acagaattgc ttcagaatat     70560
     tctgaagatt tgaactttta catgaacaga aagacagtta atgaggaacg gaagctgtgg     70620
     aaaagctcaa gcagagacag gagagagagc gacagcgtag taaacagaga aaaagagaca     70680
     tttttataag gacacagcat gcctgagttg ccatgcaagc ccaaagctca acacacagtc     70740
     tctctctcac acacacacac acacacaaac actcgttctc ctccaaaagt attctcatac     70800
     actctaacac acatcattga gggtccagtg tggacacagt gaaagaaccg agcaggagag     70860
     gacagcattc gcgacacata cggaaacaga acaaacattg cagagacccg accaggagaa     70920
     actaagagca aaacagtggg agaaagctag tgctggtgtg agacacaaat gttcagtata     70980
     tgtgtgtatg ctaaaataaa ccatgttcaa caataatgtg agttaaaaga tgcagacgtt     71040
     agtgctgttg tgtatgctct gtcatgaatg cacatttcca ctagcagcga caaactctca     71100
     gctgtatcac tgaccaccag cagggggaac cacttgatcc agaagcttca tgctggttct     71160
     cttccagatc ttcttaatca cagctcggag ctcttcattc gcttgttcta ggttacctgg     71220
     atcaaaacac acagcatgct ataaacacaa ctgctattgt agcttctaca cactactgtc     71280
     aatataggta tataaaaaaa aaaaatctct tattggcaat agaccaaacc aaaatattta     71340
     agacctatca tttctgaatt caaagctttt taggtgttat ttattattat tattactact     71400
     attattatta aagtaacttt ttttgagaca ttttaaggat tttaaagacc cccagacacc     71460
     ctgaaaatgt ttcgatttga atgaataatt tggaatcatt taaagtggtg tattgacttc     71520
     cgactttgat ttggattcag agcaatttgt gcattgacac aagcagttct gcgagattaa     71580
     gcacgtacct tctgttttga ttttcaatgc ggttctcacg agagcaaaca gtgtcgcgtt     71640
     aaacatgacc gtgccgtcac tgttcagggg catgttcata gccaccagcc tctgaaataa     71700
     ttacagagat acaaagaaat gtagagggtg agttgtgtgt tagagcatac tgtacgttaa     71760
     aacaatttat ttatgaatac atgactccaa ccttgcaggc gactctatga ggacagagtt     71820
     tcccaaagcc gagaggaggc tgaatacggc gcaacaacgt cactacatca agatgtttta     71880
     ttctgcccct gtgataaaag aaaactttgc cttatataca gtctgcacaa ggaactagca     71940
     cagtggaatt tcttcctaca aggtacaatc aatcaatcaa tcaaccaacc aaccaacctt     72000
     tatttatata gcattttact ttaaccaaag tgcttacaaa attaaaacaa ataagtattc     72060
     tatgaataat acaagaatgt caataaaaca caaacacaat aaacttgatg cagtaaatgc     72120
     caaaaaactc atcttacttg gcctctgggt catattctga ccaaatcctc ttaaactcat     72180
     caaggtgatg tggccccaga attgaccaat cacgggtcag atagtcgaag ttgtccatga     72240
     tgacagccac aaacaggtta atgatctaaa acaagatatc actcagtctg aataattatt     72300
     caatgttttg cttttggaaa tagcattgtt gatcattttc atccggagca caaaaaataa     72360
     aattaaataa aataaaaaat tataaaatta aataaataaa ataaaaataa acaaaaagta     72420
     aaataaaaca aaataataaa ataaaataaa caataaaata aatacatgtt tctgatgaat     72480
     aaaaacaaaa caaaaagaaa ataaaagaaa acaaaagaaa ataaataata ataataataa     72540
     ttcctttaat ttatatagag cttttctaga cactcaaagc attttacaca ttttttgggg     72600
     aatctcctca acccccacca gtgtgcagca tccacccgga tgacacgatg gcagccatgt     72660
     tatgccagac cgcacagcac acaccagttg attagtggag aggagacaga ggctgtttct     72720
     caatatgcgt tcttcagcgg tcttgcgtcc tcgtgttctc gtgaaacgtc atcatcagct     72780
     gcctaagttc agttccaata ctcaagaccg caagtacgga ggacgcgtga aacttcccag     72840
     atgtgttctt gatatcgagg acgcactaat gcagacttga gcaccgaact cgctctggaa     72900
     gtcccagaag tcattgcgac tggaggtggg aagtgctgca ttttatctag atttattatt     72960
     aaagttcata gatatgaact atttacctca gaagtttctc taaatgaaac ggtgaaagta     73020
     aactttacca tggacatctt aataaaggaa taaacacatt aagggtgttt gtttactgaa     73080
     attcgtatta aaatcagttt tatttatatt gtgcagcata tatttataat gtttttatgc     73140
     aaagtatata ttttgaaaag gggaaaaaca ataaatcgtt gtatgaagtc tgtaatgttt     73200
     aaataattta ccatttaaaa cacgtgaagg tcatgtgacc atcaggaaga acgcagcatc     73260
     ccatttctca aaggacgcgt tctctgccct cacggtctcc tgagttcgtc cgaggacacc     73320
     tggcaagacc ggtctccaca cgagaccaag tccgttctcc tcgttcttgg aattgagaaa     73380
     cagccagagt gatgaagcca attatggtat ggggatggtt gggaggccat gacagacaga     73440
     ggctagtggg tagatttggt caggatgccg gggttaaacc cctactcttt ttcgaaggac     73500
     atcctgggat ttttaacgac cacagagagt cgggacctcg gtttaacgtc tcatccgaaa     73560
     gatggataat aatacctaaa taaataataa ataagacaaa acaaataaaa aaaataataa     73620
     aacaaaacaa aaaataatag taaataaatt aataataaaa atatgtaaat aaattaataa     73680
     aaaaaaaatg aattaaataa aacaaaacaa aaaaattatt aaaaaaaatt aattaaataa     73740
     aacaaagcaa aaaaattata aaaaataaac aaaataacaa atatttttta tttttttata     73800
     aataaataaa tgaataaaaa caaaaataaa taaaacaaaa aaaattaaat tttataaata     73860
     aatacataaa ataaaaagta aaaaaaaaaa taaaacaaaa caaaaaagta aacaaaacaa     73920
     aataaaaata ataatattaa ataaaaaaga aaataataat aacaaatcaa taaaaaaaaa     73980
     attatataaa taaaaaataa ataaaataaa caggtgatat tatacattaa attattctag     74040
     taagtctaaa aacgctccag ttagtgtgtg cgtgtaccag gaaggcgcag agcatgtaga     74100
     aggtgatgaa gtagatgatg gcgaaactgc tcccgcaggt catttcttcc ccaggattat     74160
     agtctgactc cgggtcacac agcttgcctg gcatacatgc taacatgatc tcctgccagg     74220
     cttcacccgt agcacaccta cacccaaata acagccaaat tgaattcatt gcgctaaaac     74280
     accaaaacgt actggtaaaa caaaggaaat gtataattaa ggtatattcg aaagaaaaaa     74340
     tacaagacaa atgccaaata atcttcataa aagtttaaaa ccctgatgtt ttagctttcg     74400
     cacattcact gtgccgtttc ctgacctgaa gagcagaagc acagcctgag ggaacgtctg     74460
     aaagttgttg ttcctgttga tttgagtgtg atccaccatg gcaattttcc caaacacctg     74520
     aataacagag tgaagtcctc tgatggtaaa taaagttgct ctgtgtcgtg ctaaaatgtc     74580
     aatctgtgca catcatgtgt tatcaagtaa accacacatt gttgatttgc atttcaggta     74640
     aaatatcaac agtctacagc acatcaaaac tgtaaacaat cttcaaaata aacagcagat     74700
     tagatataca ttgctttttg atacttcaaa aatgtgaaat gctttaaatg ctttgatttg     74760
     ttttcataaa agcccatttt catgtgtagg aggaaaaaat ataaccacag tgttaaataa     74820
     aaaacttttt ttgcacttaa aatccattat gaaactcacc tgcatgccaa tgacagcgta     74880
     gatgaagaag agcatggcta tcagcaaagc aacataaggc agtgcctgaa aaaagaatat     74940
     aaaagaatgt ataatttatt attatactta aatatatata aataaataaa tacattatca     75000
     tattatatta tcatatatta taattttttt aatgatgcat aatattacta agcatatttt     75060
     tattacaaaa acaacataat atttagaata caagaatata aaaaattaat tttcttgcaa     75120
     acgtatagtg taaagaactt cttgtctaat aaattgcaat tgtgataaaa cacaggggaa     75180
     aaagacgtct atataattaa tattgtatct tttttacacg cgattaacag catggttgtc     75240
     tctgcgatta attgcattat gcacagaaat gtattattat tttaaaagaa gtgtattaag     75300
     cactttattt aaaaagtgta agtgtataaa caactagaaa cacataacat tccaataaca     75360
     ttttagcagt taaaatattt attttaaatt tattaatttt atttatttat ttatgtttac     75420
     ctgtaaattt acaaccaaag attgtaatca aagattgatc gcactgccag tacatgaaaa     75480
     ttttgcgtag cattaattaa catatatata gaagctgact gattgatata atattctgcc     75540
     agtaacagca ctcgtactgc ctcttaaccc ttcacccttg tgtattactc tgccgacata     75600
     cagcaacaag cagaggacac tctacagtta gacaaatatt gctgctgcta ggcaacgtaa     75660
     tgtactttta aggctttttt agtcaagaat gagttgttta gattgcaacg atgccgttta     75720
     tttataagga tagtgcttat ttgaaatatt tataacttct gaaagagtac attggcggca     75780
     attagcctgt ctttgagcaa cacggttgac aatgttaatc caagatggcg acagagacgc     75840
     ataataagct ctaagagaaa aacagtgtaa tttcatatga ctttcttggt tgatcacttt     75900
     cctttgaatg ttgtagtgct gtttttatac cacaataata ttgtgatctc ccgattgcaa     75960
     cagagaaata ctgggaaatc tctgtagacc gagatgacat tttatcataa acattatatg     76020
     gcttataatc ttaaaatggc agcgaaatca cctgttttgt catcacttta gaccatgctt     76080
     tagaccatgc tttagaccat gctttagacc attgctttag acattacgcg cgagaatcat     76140
     tcaaatacta gctctaaaag tgatgttggt gaattaataa cagcttctgt ggaagaaaaa     76200
     agttccttat acaaagggtt ttgagactct ccgtgtttga ttttcttttt tgtatacacg     76260
     attatgccat caaactgttg tataaatgca atatcacact catagctgta caatgtggct     76320
     gtataacgta aatagtgaaa cactaaggca ctcgggcttc atgtcaatgc acgcctccca     76380
     ccagtgccaa tatacagcca cctcacactg ctacacatgt tatctattgc acatgtatat     76440
     atatatatat atatatgcat gtatatttat atatatgtaa atgtatatgt atatatatat     76500
     atatatatat atatatatat gtaaatgtat atgtaaatac atatatatat atatatatat     76560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa     76620
     actaataata gtcagacctg gaaggatttg ataaaggtcc agagtagggt tcgaattccc     76680
     tcccctctgc tcagcagctt gaccaatcgc atcactcgaa aaagacggaa gaaagtgatg     76740
     gaaatgcgag cgctgtcctc agtgttctgt gagggcggag tcagcattag taaaccaatc     76800
     agaggaaaga tctaacacag ggcattaggc tgtattaagg cagtctgacc agcggagggc     76860
     agaataatac atcatttgtt acccattagc caaaatgttt aattcaagct taaaatcaag     76920
     aaatagccat gtcagtaaag gcttttttat aaattttcca catttttcaa gtgccttgga     76980
     ctgatttttg ctgtttattc tgatgaatcc cgtacccaaa gagaaccaac acattattta     77040
     agcaacctct gagcactttt tgtttgattt tggattttta tgagaattta gaattggtct     77100
     tttaacagct ggtttgacgg atccagaaac actgccagag accctgtgtt tcatgcttac     77160
     atcctagaca ggagaggaag ggggcagaag ggtgcatgct ggataaaaaa cagaaaaacc     77220
     ttgccatact tgaccgcacg catcagcgca agcatggctc tcttgaccca aagttacttc     77280
     atgccaactt acatcgggcc ccaaaacctc atatagggga aaggtcagtt tgaggtcaca     77340
     agcttacctg gtccaatccg acctaatctg accacagggg ccccttaacc atgcagcagt     77400
     gtcagcgcta caaacgtgag gggctgataa ccccacacac acacacacac tcacacacac     77460
     atagtttgtc acgtttgggt gacactccct tatttgacaa aagagtcaaa ggatgtaaaa     77520
     ccaaagcaaa accaaagcaa atgaaatcaa acatcaaatt gaagtcgggg tgggttaaga     77580
     tgagaggcaa caatgtttta atcaagattt caaaactcaa acggaaacct gaaaaagaat     77640
     gcagactgta aaactgggca gaaaagccca agaggggcag aaattcttac ccccgactca     77700
     tccacctgag gtgcctctgt gggctttaaa atcaaagacc tgaattaatc tctcacacat     77760
     gacgtttgca cagccactta tgcttttaaa cgcattcaca acacccgcag actctcatgt     77820
     catcacacac tcgagaatag catttatacc cgacagcaaa atggcttaaa cgtctgcaac     77880
     agacaatcct ccattcagaa ctggctgaaa aatgaccaat gaccagagac aaacaggact     77940
     agattcacat aaggggctta cataacacag aggtccgtca tgtgacctta tttctattcc     78000
     gtggattaca taataagctg cagacagcat tcaacataca gtacagtaca gtacagtaca     78060
     cacacacaca caggaatgta tcccaaaaaa tgctaagcaa cagaaacaca caagtaaaat     78120
     aaacccttaa tgccacatta taaaattaat acttttctac attcatgtca actaacaaac     78180
     ctgcactaaa aaaaaataat tcattgaatt tacaaaaaaa ttttaaggta ttgtttatgt     78240
     ttgtaaacaa tttatgcgag ctgattttaa actaaccaat taagttgaac attaatacat     78300
     ttaatctatt tgtttaaatt cagcccatat aaagtgtttg caaccactta cctttaaaaa     78360
     atataagaaa tccaataaat catgtttttt cagagagtaa ccaaaaaaaa gtattataaa     78420
     ttgacaaacg accccatttt ccaacccagg ctcattctga atacgtacct ctttatacat     78480
     ttctggagag tgccaaatat gtactttttt gcagtttttg ttttgagaat ccaccagagg     78540
     ttgctttttc atatcttaaa tttctttcgt gagtgccatt cgcgcctgct cttctcacgt     78600
     aaaaccacta gaggctgcta tgtacgcttt ttcagatctc aaatttctct cgcgagtgcc     78660
     atgtgcgcct gttttctcac agaaatccgc cagaggttgc tgtgtacact ttttcagatc     78720
     tcaaatttct cccgcgagtg ccattaatgc ctgttcttct catgtaaatc cactagaggc     78780
     cgactgcctg atcgactaac ccactcagga atccagaaaa agaaaagccc tcacaacagc     78840
     ctgattttta ccacattttc tgatacgact acattctcac cctgttattt acttgtttat     78900
     tttagttttt gtcttacctg ctttctggaa acgttctttg cctgactcaa accccgtcga     78960
     agcagtcaac gctgctcgac atcaccagtc tctcaatgta agcagcgagc cactgggcaa     79020
     actagtaacg gtcagctggt aaacaagaaa aagtaacgct gtccaaccgc cacatagcac     79080
     tcgttttaaa gacgaaatgc agccttacat atctctagct acatatcagt ctctagaaat     79140
     gtatataggg cgacgttttc agaatgtgta tatgttgcca ttttctgtat tttaggtatg     79200
     tttaagcaga actacaaaaa taaaaaataa aatctaaata aactgaagta tattcctgat     79260
     tttccagttt ccatctaaca aaatttccca ttttcagtta tttgattttt agaagatact     79320
     aacagcaacc tggcaacttt taccaagaag caaacacaaa gcattttaat tacataaagt     79380
     tcaattattt acttttatta tttatcccgt cataattttt ctactagata aatgtgtcaa     79440
     ctaataacat aaccccttta tttatttatt tatttgcaaa caaagtgttt taaatgtaag     79500
     ataagcatac taaacatgca caaaatatac atccgcccat ttgctttgag aacaaatcca     79560
     ttctcgaccc tgaaagaaca caaaccaaaa cccattcaac aacatttaaa cactcacaca     79620
     cagtggggag aaattccagc atgaagtcag aaaaaaggac gaaaaaagga cgaatccttt     79680
     atctgtgcag aaagaacaga ctccagacag acatggcttc actcacacaa cctaaaaacc     79740
     cttaacataa actgtttgca tttgcatgag aagcagaaat gataagatgc agtttgcagc     79800
     cgttgcattg ccgttgatgg tgcatgcgtt aagcagtcag gcacatgtgc gcacgctttc     79860
     aaacatacaa agtctttctg gaagacacgt tcttgccata acagcaacaa gacttgaagg     79920
     agctcagttt tgcagagcat ctccatgcat gagcactgaa gacgagacac cactcgaggg     79980
     cgctctcaca gtccaatgca ggagaacaga cgagtgtcca atcaaagaag gacaggattt     80040
     aagaatgagg tgaaaagaaa ataaaggaaa gaaaaccaaa agaaggaagc aaaaagggac     80100
     agacaggttt gtaaggaagc aaagaagaaa aaggaaatga aaacaagagg gaagacagga     80160
     tgaaagaaat gaaacaaaag tagaacaaga agatgtgagg aaggcgagaa agaaagtaga     80220
     aaagaaagaa aagcgaaagt agacagaaaa gcaaacagaa gaaaggaagg aagaaagaaa     80280
     gaaggaagaa atgagaaagt ttggaatgaa tgagaaaagc aaagttgaaa aggttaaaaa     80340
     aaattcaaga aaagaaataa agaaaaagaa aaagggaaag aaaactgatg gatggaaaga     80400
     aaaagcaaaa acacaaggaa agaacatata aaggaaacca aaaataagga aaggagaaaa     80460
     tagaaagaaa agaaaaacaa gcaaggaata aatatagaaa aggaaggaag gaaagacaga     80520
     aaaaacaaag taagagaaag ggtaggggag aaagggaggg aggaagctag gtcaaagtga     80580
     aaatgtacaa tttaatgaaa aaaaggaaat ttggtaattg taagattgaa aaagttgaaa     80640
     gtcaaaaaag tttaaagttg aaaatatttt aagaaaaaag tgataaaaga aaagtaaaaa     80700
     agaaagaaaa atggacgtat ggaggaatga taaatgaaat gcaaaaaaaa acaaatgaaa     80760
     gaaatgaaca aaaagaaaga gaaaagacag aaagagattc agaaagaaag aaagaaaaga     80820
     aagaaagaaa gaaacttaaa aacataaaaa acagggattt aagggatgat aaaaaaacag     80880
     agaaagagta aaaggaaaat agaaggcatg aaaagtacca aaaataaaat aatatttaaa     80940
     aaggaagaga ttaaaaaaga ttttaaaagt aaaaaatata aaaagtaaga cagaaagaaa     81000
     tgtattaaaa aagaaaataa tatttttaaa aagcaagttg caacaggaag gaaagcagaa     81060
     aaaaataaag caagaaggaa agagaagttc taaaaaagaa aagaagatta aaaaacaagt     81120
     tataagagga aggaaagcaa agtgaaatgg tttgtaattc agtcagtcag agagtcagcg     81180
     ctgggcaggg caaagatgag gtcatgcagc ctgtctgacg tctacacacc tgctctactc     81240
     aagctctaac agctcactga agagagacag aacagagaga cagacagtca ctcacacaga     81300
     cacacagaga tattaactgc atctcatcac tctcaacaca cattattaga tgtgctttca     81360
     cttgaattcc attaactaac attacacttt taaaaaatga ccgtaatttc aaatgtgaaa     81420
     aatgctaaat caaaaatctg taacctggtt tacaataagt ttccttaata tatacaataa     81480
     ataaccataa attgactttt gcagaattct ctgcatgaca cttcacttta tgcctttttg     81540
     ttgacaatac tgtggttctt ttgagttatt tttctcatca gtgatgtaca ttagagcttt     81600
     atttgaggtt taatattgat aaataatgtt tattgcatta tttaatttgt atgtgtgtta     81660
     ccatgatagt acttagtaga tattttatat gtttctctgc tcctgggaaa agttgtttgt     81720
     gatcagctta ggtgacgttc tggttgtgtt ttcatctgtg taacaaaagt tataatgtat     81780
     agacgttcgt actttaaaaa actggtatat ttgggacaat ctaccagaaa cgtacattat     81840
     ctgtccctga aataaaaaca ttagtacagt gaataaatag tatttcatcc caaaaatgtc     81900
     taaaatgggc tgttggttga tttctgtgag ttgttctgta aaggaatatg tcattcattt     81960
     ggttcccatt ttttttcctt cattaaaaac actttagaaa tgttcaaaca ctgtcactgt     82020
     tcttgccctc aggctaattg aacttacagc tttaattgtt ttgttatgct aaaatttctt     82080
     atttagagag aaaaaaaaac ttcagaaaga gcaagcttaa gttgtcattc aaataaattg     82140
     attaaaaaca taaaactatc agtaaattct acaaataaat actacaaata tataatacaa     82200
     ataaatgtac tattgtcccc atgtttttgg tcagtcctgt ttaacttgca ttcagtttga     82260
     cataatgtgc tctattttga tgatccaggt gcaaagtcca aaacgcaggg cgcaaaagca     82320
     ttaatccgaa tccactttta ctattttgac gacggaaaaa tccttttgtg catggtctaa     82380
     cagggttgag cttattcaca atgagtgttt tgagaataaa ccaatcagag tctcatctcc     82440
     cacaccaaga gtcagttgcg tcgcgccata gcggatttgc tatttacatg gctgactttg     82500
     taaatgaaaa aactgaacgc ttcactagcg agaaaacagt taaacagagc acctacagtg     82560
     cgagaacgag tctcctcatt ccttactttc actttcactc tcgtgggcaa ggaaacgtgt     82620
     tgtacgcaca gacatctatt agcctacatg attaattttg tttgtttagc acaaagattt     82680
     gtttccaacg aataaatgaa caaacataac gaagagtgtt acttccaaat acacatgctg     82740
     tgccccatat ggtccaaaac ctgacaggtg gacaaatcta agcgtgtttt taataaaaca     82800
     aatataaata aaataaacaa tactattact aatcataaca ttatactaaa gcaaattgta     82860
     atgaataaac agaaaaagct ccccgagata aagaaggcat gaaagtatgg tttttacatt     82920
     tatgtagaaa ataataattt ttgtattatt ttattcaatt taattctttt tcatttgtaa     82980
     agatatttgt gtactgctgt acatcctgtg tgtaatacgc aatgtttaag ggagggactt     83040
     tagacctagt ctattgtaca gtctatttta gatgttcgaa atatcaaggc gccagaaatg     83100
     cgccttaaca cacctctttt ttagaccaga acgcccatgg gggcacatat gagcacaaat     83160
     gtatatgctt tttaaacagt gtggtgcaaa acgtcaaaat gacacttacg tcgagctgaa     83220
     actagcaaat aacaattgcg tcgcgccttg cgccgggtgt atgatagggc ccaatatgtg     83280
     tgcaatacat ctttaaggct ttgacacaga agtgacatga tggagaagaa gctgacagtc     83340
     gagtgttttg aaatgagatg atcaagccta cagaggacag atctcatcat aaggcaactg     83400
     taacagctgc cgtttataag cagtaaaaaa acgtgtaatt attttttttt caaagcgatt     83460
     ttaaaactta tttaaagcga tctgaaggca aagctggaaa tatatttcct ttgactcata     83520
     catgtacaca taaaaatgta aactgttaat aaaatcactt tttattaaga catgtcatac     83580
     tctttttgtt tttttcaaca tgtgtttaga tatccaggta aaataaaacc taattcatac     83640
     attaaatcca gagttttctt aaaaaacatc ctgatgttat cagcgtgcaa tgaatgttga     83700
     gatgttgagg ccgcgaagga tccagcggtt gtatccttca ttaccgggaa acgaaggatg     83760
     cattttgagg ctgcatttaa aggagccttc gaactttttt gaaacgagac agccttcttt     83820
     gcgacgcgat gacgcagcgc actttgaatg tatgcctcgg aggttgcagc ctctgaaatg     83880
     agacacagct atagtgatca aggatgcgtt ctatcattaa attgtatgag tttatgtttg     83940
     tttttgtatg attttttgta ggacaacaag cttaagtcag gccctgtcac attttgtata     84000
     agtgaaaatg tacatttctg gtagaatgtc ccatatacga taaaataatg atataaagta     84060
     gtttaccgtt aaaattgaga actttatttt acggtttgca ccatatttct aactgtaaag     84120
     ttctggcatc cacagctgct gttttttcac tgtaaatttg actggtttat ttgaacagcg     84180
     tagttaataa aagttataga aaagtcaaac acttccaaaa agacactgtt caattctatt     84240
     cctctttttc aggaacatct ctgtatacta gactgatgct gctttatgat tggacgctat     84300
     attatctatt tttaatcatc tctgagctcc agggccattc tgtctggagg tgaacaagag     84360
     gaactgaaag agatgagatg attcaaactt taaaactaca ccgcctgggg cactgaccgg     84420
     aggagaatgg agcgggtggc cgagcgccat ctgcagaaaa tcaagctaat gttagcgggc     84480
     tacatatccc agcatgcaac aggggatggg caaaccagtc actccaacca ctgcaagatt     84540
     gggtgaacgt cacacatacc cctgagtggg gatgaatggg tatagatatg aagatgatgg     84600
     atcagggcac attgggaatt tgctgatcca atgcttcata tctataactg cagaatttag     84660
     caagccacta aaacaatgag tgatgagttt cacaaggctt taaaaatacg aaagctgtat     84720
     tgtaataatc taaatgtgtt tcaaatatga attgtcaggc caattaacaa ttttaaaatg     84780
     acaaaagcaa caataaatac ccttattatg gtccatacag tataacaaat gtttagttac     84840
     aatataaaca agttactgta attaaacttt tccattgaaa aagcaaagta atggattaat     84900
     tgtttatttt gtacactgta aaacccaaaa agttacggta actcaaacta tttgaggaaa     84960
     ccgattgcaa caaaccattt aagtttaaaa cctaattcaa atgagtactg tgaacttaat     85020
     ccatttgaat aaattaagca atttgaacac agtaaaactc aataaatgaa gagaactcaa     85080
     accaactgag tactgtaaaa ccaaataagt taagccaact caaaccattt gaggaaactg     85140
     attacgacaa accatttgag ttaaaaaaaa aactaatcta tatgagtact gtgaacttac     85200
     tccatttaag ttgaaggttt ttcattacct tccaacccat taccttcaac actgagttca     85260
     aaactctttt caaataagta gaattaactt tcagtaaatt ttgagataac tatactcatt     85320
     tcattggata aagtggactg ttgggtttta cagtgtaggt aatttaatta cagttaacta     85380
     tacttgtcta aaatgttgta aaaaattaag cagtttttta atataaatca attcaaagaa     85440
     gcaaaataat tttatatttt taaaaatata ttttactaaa taatactatt tttcacctta     85500
     cagcacaact gcacatgcat aagaaaccaa attaagcgag ttagaaaata gttcatgaca     85560
     atataaggtg gtaaattgta cctatattta tttttgttat tataaatatt atttttgtca     85620
     gatattttgc ataatatctc ttttttacca aaaggttatg agtgcacatg cttaagaaac     85680
     aattgtttga ttaaaaaatg aatatcaagt gaaatattgc atgtccttac ttgaaaatgt     85740
     tttatgtttt gatacatata ttcaccattt tataagttta tttatttatt tatttattta     85800
     tttatttaaa gattcttgtg aatcattttg ataaaagtga ttcagctctc atttcactca     85860
     ttttcgagtc aaagattcaa taagtcaacg attaagagag aaattattac ctaaattaca     85920
     tacatttaaa ctattttccc acccaaaaac tactgacatt tgtaagatta taaaaatata     85980
     agaaaatttt ttattaagtt atattttttg atattatttt tattaaattc tttaattgtc     86040
     caatttattg tcattgcatt gaaaaaaact tagaacaatt atatatatat atatatatat     86100
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aatacttcaa     86160
     gtttgacaaa agaccttgtg aaacctcttg atgtttcaat caccaatgaa gtgcacaaag     86220
     acagcagaaa acaaagagat aagaggaaaa aacagacata aagacaagac gcaatcactc     86280
     tctgattctc tctgtcacac aaacatccac aaactctcat ccgtacttat cacatacaca     86340
     atacaatgac aaaacgtata gagaatcgac acactaatac aacacatcca atgaacatgg     86400
     ccacaataca aacacttaca gggacatata caatatacac atatatacat ttatatatgg     86460
     acgctgggac atgaaactcc agaaaatagc tctgcagctc agacagcgga atgacagctg     86520
     tgtgacagat atacatctat atgtgtgcgt gtattccctg cagtatatgt ctgaagctgg     86580
     acagcaactg tgagatgtta aaaagcacca ccaaagagat cgcacacaga aactccacca     86640
     ttgatcttaa aggaacacca tgacttttta gcaccaccct cttcatgacc agcattacat     86700
     ttattcagga atcactttct ggttaggctt gctcaatata caaggtaaaa aatggaggca     86760
     cgtcatgatt ttgttaagta atgcgatgct ggattaacat ctatgttgat cccggaacat     86820
     catttttgtt aaaaaatgta atcaatatcc attccctacc cataaaccta agcataactg     86880
     taaatgattc ccaaattcag aggtgaataa tagttgtaaa acttaacatt aatggtaaac     86940
     gtatccatta attctgattg gctgattgga atgttgtttc aggatcaaca tagatgttaa     87000
     tccagcaaca tgtcctactt ggtgaagtca ggttagggaa aatgcacggt tccacacaat     87060
     tcatttattg ttgtcctaac acaaatctat tactgtaggt tataacaaat ttaagtggat     87120
     tgaacataaa acaattaagt tgtccccaat aaatctcaac aattatgttg tttaagctca     87180
     tttcacataa gtagtttgaa caaacagcaa actcattttt tggagagtac agtatttaac     87240
     cctggaccac aaaaccagtt ttatgttgaa gaagaatatt ttgggcaata gctctataca     87300
     ttgtatgagt caaatatact ttgtaagaaa ttaccaaatg ttactgtaat tttaacagta     87360
     aattacatta gtatcacatt acaagaactg tgaatttttt tgtactcaga attttattgt     87420
     ggcatcatga ttacagcaaa ttactgtaca aagggctata tcttttgccg ataggagttc     87480
     caacactctt tattttattc aacatagaaa tgaatccaca tgaaccttta agctagtaca     87540
     ggcacttttt ttgatattta gaaatattta cagtattatg gttattatga actacctcac     87600
     agtaatttac tgtaaattaa catacagtac ctgtacagtg aaagtaatgc aattattatc     87660
     cagtaattta ctttaaactt aaggtcgaat atattacagt gtactgtttt ccttttatat     87720
     caaaaatcat tagaatattt aggaaaaata acagtccatg cagatatttt gtaattttct     87780
     acagtaaatg tatcaaaaca caattttggg tcgtaagatg cactgtcaag aacttttttt     87840
     agataacttt aaaggtaatc ttcccattat tttgaactct cagattacag aatttcaatt     87900
     tgtattttgg ctaaatattg tcctgtcata acaaatcaaa catcaacgaa aaccttattt     87960
     attcagcttt catgttatca tgtaatgtag aaatctaaat aaaataaaaa acacatcctg     88020
     tcccttatga ctggatttgt ggtctagggt cacgtataat gatgatgaca ttttaaaata     88080
     ataataaaat aatttgattt aattttaaat gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     88140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat agttctgtag     88200
     accatgtatt gttttgtaga ctattgaaaa aatatatagc ttaaaggggc taataattct     88260
     gaccttaaaa ttgtatttaa aaaatgttaa actgctttta ttctagccga aataaaacaa     88320
     gacgttctcc aggagaaaaa tattattaga catactgtgt aaattctctt gctctgttaa     88380
     acatcattaa aaaaatataa aaactaaaaa ataatttaaa aggggggcta ataattctgt     88440
     tttgacttca actgtatata atataacgag ttcagtaaat ggcctctgaa cttttcccct     88500
     aaaatgagca ttcttctcag cctcctgaga attttaaatt atattaagag tattatttac     88560
     atttaattat tacaagtgag atcaaataaa agtctagata ttgttaaact aatgaaaatg     88620
     ttttcacgat agatataaat gaactattac cccactgtaa ctaaaaacca cttggaatat     88680
     gttatcatat tttatcagtg atttgatgtt gaacatttca agcgtgatgc caaaaagtgg     88740
     tggttggttc ctttaaaagt catcaaccta aacgaatcat taaagctgat ttggcttgta     88800
     atcaatttcc tgaactgatc ttgatgacat ctattaacca gcacaatatt tgggcatttt     88860
     taaataaagt cttagtgaag cagaacacaa gcaaacagag gatcacatct tgccatactt     88920
     gcctctaaaa gtttctatgg ggacagaatt gaagaacaag cattagataa aaccagctga     88980
     tgtttttctg cagctctcac agcatttaca cacatttgga tgtgaggcaa cacaattatt     89040
     ggtcaacaca agcacacaca acacaatgca aactaagaga tttgagttgt tttctcagca     89100
     gcagccgagt cctcagggtt cacaaggtgt cattttatat cagataagca ggggaaacag     89160
     aaagtgtgac tgttaatatt gttaaggtta gatcaattaa caacacaaag acaacatatt     89220
     aggaaacctc gcaaaaaaca tcagtgccat tacaagaaaa acagtaaaaa gaagctagga     89280
     aaatagtcaa ttcacagaat cgacaccttt gcatatggct agatgtttta tagaaatgaa     89340
     taatacatac agtacagcat catatataca gtacattttt gtcagtaatc tttatttcaa     89400
     taattctgaa attaattaat tacatttaat tagaaaggat gcattaaatg atcagcagtg     89460
     acagaacagt tgtataaaga tgtatatagt aaataatata tttaaattat attacattta     89520
     ttataaatat gtattactca tacattatat ttgatttatt tatataaatg caataaatac     89580
     tctttctctg aaacttcgct tctttaaaga atcctaaaat atataaatct agaccttcat     89640
     aaaatattga attttaaaaa agtgaacaga ttcatagaga aataaaatga attgtttact     89700
     tgatctaggt tttaaagcac ttaataaaga cattattgcg tatgtaatct gtgtagggca     89760
     atatgtaggt ttttaaaata atatatttaa attatattac atttatcata aacactacat     89820
     tatattaaat gtattttttt attaaataac tgctgtcctt ttgaatcttt cgttcattgg     89880
     ggattcctaa aaatatattt atctagactt catcaatatt gataaaaaat aaaataaaat     89940
     taattatttt attttatttt ttatcaatat tgatatatat acacacacac acatacatac     90000
     ataaatataa taaataatcc acttgatctg ggttttaaag cacataataa agacattatt     90060
     gcatttataa tctgtaaagg gcactaggtt ttttaaaaat atatttaaat tatattacat     90120
     ttattataaa tatatttatt aatcatacat tatattaagc gtatttattt aaattaaata     90180
     cagttgggaa aacaagtact aaacacaatg ttttcctggg aatgaaattt cttaagaagc     90240
     tgttgacatg gaattgaaca agatttaggt gaaaacccaa acaatacaaa cagaagtata     90300
     aaacaaaaga aaaaaatctt gttgtgtgta ataacaatga aatgacacaa gaagaaagta     90360
     ctgaactact gaaacgtatt tttcaaaaga gtgtaaaagt cttgatggct ctttgggtct     90420
     tgtctatcaa aatttaatct ttaatatata tatattatat tggattcaag tcaggtgatt     90480
     ggctgggcca ttctacagct ttctttctct gaaagcattt gagagtttcc ttggctgtgt     90540
     tttggataat tttcttgctg aaataccacc ctggtaatgt agatgttgga ctgaagcagc     90600
     taatgttcat ttacagtgaa gtacttgctg aagaactgct aagagatttc agctgcagtc     90660
     tgggctttca ctgcctttct acacccccct ttcttcatgt gttcaatact ttttccctgc     90720
     atcatctcct tttttttaca cataacttca tttgtgaaca aattagattt gttttctttg     90780
     ctacgtggag ttctttggtt gttaccaaca ccaggacaaa tttcaaatca acaacacctt     90840
     tagaaatatg ttttctgaga aaaatggcaa tgttcaatac ttttttcccc agctgtaaat     90900
     actgttcttt tgaatcttcc attcattaaa gaatccttga ttaaaaaata aaataaaata     90960
     aataaaataa aaatatatat atatatacac tttcataaaa tattgcattt aaaaaaagtt     91020
     ataaaataaa tataaataaa atgaataatc ctcttaatct gggttttgaa gcacataata     91080
     aagacattat tgtgtttgta atctgtgtag ggcactagat aggtttttct tgcgaggctt     91140
     caacacttag aaaggtgaaa agcagttgta cttacgttga cttcagtgat agcaatatct     91200
     acgacgctac cgacaacaat taaggcgtca aatgtgttcc atgcgtcagt gaaataatgc     91260
     tgttaataaa agacaccaca ccacacacaa ggaacagggg gggggaaatg aacagagaaa     91320
     gaatgaggga gggggaaaaa gaaggtgtga aatacagatg ttagatctca gcggtcaaag     91380
     aaacaaggtg tcagttgaga aagaagctca accctgagct gaaacctgag cctgtctgaa     91440
     gtcaaagatg gatatataag aggacagggc ctagaactgt gctgtactta catcaatctc     91500
     actgagaact atgtctacaa tgctgccgat cacaaccaaa gcgtcaaaga cgttccaggc     91560
     atccccaaaa tacccctggg gacggccagg gaatatatat gtcattagga attagatgta     91620
     gtataaatca atttacattt aacttctaca tttaactatt aaaacataaa tcaacactca     91680
     aagtacactc aaaaaaaata taggcctaaa attaagattt atgcattcag gaaaattgat     91740
     taaacagtta aaaaaaatta gtgctgggca tagattaatc gcagttaatc gcattcaaaa     91800
     taaaagtttg ttttgacgta atatatttat gtgtattatt tttatttcct ttgtatatgt     91860
     gatacacaca catacataaa cacaactata taaatgtaat ctgttccata gatatttaaa     91920
     tatatattta atttgtatca tatacacttc tatttcaaat ctaaatatga atgaacattt     91980
     tctcaaatat atgcatgcgt atgtgtatgt atatatacta gaggttaaac gactttagat     92040
     tttttgaagt cgacttttat gttattaaag tcgagtcgat gttaactagt cgctagtgac     92100
     gtcatcaata aaacacaaga tgcaaatgtt ttgcaaaatg ccacaatttg cgatttattt     92160
     gcaggaaata tatacacatg ctgtttgaca gctcataaca ttttggaaaa aaatccaaca     92220
     ttactattga ctaattttag tgcaaaacaa aagttttgtc aacaatttca ttttggtaat     92280
     aatgcaagat tagcccaggc taagggcgta ctcacactat tccatccgta ccgtgccaag     92340
     gcccgttttc tgggtggttt gagaagtgtg tgcgcgctga atcgggctca agcacggttc     92400
     acttggccgg ccctggcccg gttggaagag gtgtgcctga gtgcggttca cttaggcttt     92460
     ggcacggtac gcttgtattg tgagtgcaaa acgcgccaaa gcccgaaact gaaagcgaga     92520
     cgtgactttt aagggactgt ttcatatgga tttttaaata attcttaccg ttcaatgaac     92580
     gcaaactgcc gtagtttaat aaatacgtaa acccctcact gcacgacagc tgcgcgcctt     92640
     cagcaaacct cctcattcct gcagcacgag ggctttatga ttgtttatga gcgtcaaaag     92700
     tggagaatct gtttgccgaa atatctgact gcgtgtcacc gcatccctaa ggactgtttg     92760
     gcgaaatatt tgactgcatg tcactgcata tcaaacgact gaaacgatat aactagagaa     92820
     atctccactg tgctgagcaa gagcactcac tgaacagcgc agcatcaatg acgtaagctt     92880
     gcccaggcca gattgaagtg tgagtgcggg ccgtcggggg agacgggagg gggggacaag     92940
     cgtgctttgg cccggttcga agcaactata catagtgtga atacggccta atacggcctt     93000
     tactgctaaa taaatgcagt caacatattg atcaatgcat gttctagtaa aaagtaacaa     93060
     taacagatat tttattatac gtcctcagca cacagactca taacataatg catgaaagac     93120
     aaaggctata acattaagcc atattacact gtcagagact tgcttagatg catattataa     93180
     cgctatgatc atgcgtccta aaaagctgct caaaatcctg tttaagtctg gcgttttttg     93240
     cagttactgg ctcatcttgg ttatcagacg tcttctcact gaacgtcttt acagtgttca     93300
     ctggggatgt tttggagttt gtcacacctc cgcagctgcg cacttcacac ttcattcaca     93360
     aaatgtccgt gtctacattt cgcaaagggc aacagccaaa taacattact tttccagggt     93420
     tgctaaaatg tgattggcta gcatatgctc tagggtattt gcatggaggt atctaactga     93480
     catctgtttg ccgaagttca agtgaatctt tgacatgaga aaaataacat tttaaaaatg     93540
     actttaaata atctgaggcc atttttattc agcaaaccac cttagtgtgt aaagctgcat     93600
     gtagtttagg taaaaaaaca tgtgatctgc acagcgtgac tagtcgacat catcaaaaag     93660
     tgtcacggca aagcattaat gtcaactagt cggtgcaacc cctattatat tcataataaa     93720
     tatacacagt acacacacgt aaattatgtc taaacaaact tttattttga atgagattca     93780
     ttttttccct aaaaacaaaa caaaataata aaacaaaaaa aaattatttc ttaaaaaaaa     93840
     taaaatgcat ttattcaaaa agcttaaaat caggatttta atagttaatt aactaagaat     93900
     aaataaatta ttatatctta tagaaacact accccttaca gtacctcaaa attaattaaa     93960
     gctatataga catacttaaa gtaataaaaa cacaccaaat ttaaaacatt tttattaaaa     94020
     taaatttatt taaaatactt tgaatcgggg ttacaatagt gaattgacta agtctaaagt     94080
     cattaaacta attacatcaa atcttattat aaaaatagtt ttttcatacc taataaataa     94140
     aataccataa ataataaaag ttatatactt aaagtaataa aaacacacca aaattactac     94200
     aactgtaact aaatttggtt tatttaaata atgaaatgaa ttattaacag ttctatttaa     94260
     accaaactga accttttaag agcctgaaac gatttggatt gcatgataat aaatttataa     94320
     acctcattac tgtctgttta aaacacatac agttcatttg tattggtaat cacagaaatc     94380
     ctttcttaac tgtttcatta tactattcaa ctgatgaata ttattaattt atgttacaac     94440
     tgagaaatca aaaaggcatt tgaaaataaa tcttaaaatc aggactaata ctttgagtgt     94500
     attactgtgc gaaaaagttg actatcttgt tacataacat gccaagttca tgcatttgtc     94560
     aaattgtcag attatggacc gaatctgttt gtctgagaga cacttcaagt cacgccacac     94620
     tgaaaaaaaa agtgcaaacg acagcactgc acaacacgag aggcttacta gcattctgtc     94680
     cttcttctga acacaaatct gcatgtgtga aagttttcaa cgggaagaag gatgttaata     94740
     tgaacttgta tagggatgta agtaatgtta agtacaaaag gaagacatat agaggaggga     94800
     gctgctgtat acagttgaag tcaaaattat taactctcct gcgattttct ttttcaaata     94860
     tttcccaaat gatgtttaat gatgacaaag gattttttcc acagtattcc cgataatatt     94920
     ttttcttcta gagaaagtct tatttgtttt atttcgtaca ggataaaagc agttttacat     94980
     tattttaaaa ctattttaag gtcaatatta ttagcctgct taagtaatta tttttttaca     95040
     attgtctaca gcagtggttc tcaaccacag gataccagtc cgtggatcaa ttagtaacgg     95100
     gcagcacaag aaatcattaa ttatttccat tttatttatt acctgagtct gaaatctttt     95160
     aattcaatta ataattttaa tttcaataat taataaatct tttaaatctt ttatttagaa     95220
     aaatgactgt gttctttcgt ttatatctcg gtgacttgtg cacccaaatt taacccacaa     95280
     gctgcaaaat tagtaagaaa catacgtctt tgcaaacttt ctttgctaag gggaaaaggc     95340
     ttattgaagg atccatgaac tgccaaagga tggatccgca acccatttgt caacaaatcc     95400
     aatagtatct ggatgcaggc tttttgatgc aagctaagat gtcagacaca atgcactcaa     95460
     attgaacgag tgacgtcagg gtgagaggta gggttagggg tggggttagg tgagcccatt     95520
     aaaaagcatt ggatgtagct cagattgcac tgaaccaggt ctgcatccag acccctctca     95580
     acaaatcagg tgattccagc atgtctgtgc aagaacacga tcaactgctg gagattgcaa     95640
     atgagctcct tttaggggct gttcgcatat tgtgtcttct atagagttca cacaagttca     95700
     ttatttctaa tgaaggtgac gcacctcagc gcccagttga atgaatgcac catgagtcac     95760
     gtgacaaaaa ctaaccaatc agaaagacaa gcacctttgc accccccctc ccccaagtta     95820
     aattttcaag cgttgactgg tcagtggtga aaaaacagag tatatacagg aatccaagag     95880
     tgaaatttaa tatcttttaa gacctttttt aagacttgtt ccatacattt taagacctta     95940
     tgaccacttt aggtttcaac tggaaacacg ggcaagattt caacttacag aatatttact     96000
     aaatattatt gtaagaaact aaaacaaaac taaaacatta ttcatatact gaataaaaat     96060
     ctattaaacc aactaattta gcaggttgac gcttaaagaa ctgcagaaat aatagtgttg     96120
     cattgagtac tgcagtaaac aaagcagcat gatgtcaaat ctagcaggat tttattgatt     96180
     tcataaacta cacagcatcc tgattcacac agatttaatt caggcaaact ttagcataca     96240
     accaaacatt gcataataag aatatatatt acatttagag cattacaaca ttttagattt     96300
     attaatactt attaagggca ttcatctcaa aaatgattta ttaactatca atactttttc     96360
     aataccccgt gtacaccctg taaaaaggtt gaggcccgct ggtctacaga acaaaccatc     96420
     attatacaat gacctgccta attaccttaa cttgcctaag cctttaattg tcactttaag     96480
     cttaatagac cattttgagg aatgtaaaca aaaacaatgt acccaatgta tttcctgatt     96540
     tacattttta atttcgatag cttctcagaa tccaaaagag ccacacatat ccaaataatg     96600
     tcatgatagg tgtttcaaca ttaagttatg attaaactgc ctcttgttac agttatgaag     96660
     tagcttcata acaagcagga aatgctcaca ggccaatgat atgaccactc tgaaatggtg     96720
     tatactagta ccttgaaaaa aatctagtaa tatattatgt actgtcatca tgggaaagat     96780
     aaaatcaatc tgtttttaga aacgatttat tattatgttt aaaaatgtgt tgaaaaatct     96840
     tagtaggcta aaaattcagg agggcttata gttctgactt caactgtaaa tatttattct     96900
     gtactgttct aaatgtataa atatgaaata gtgatgatgt gtgtatctgt aacatgtgtt     96960
     tgaatgactt acccgaggct tgaaggcgat cagcttgagc accatctcca cagtgaagac     97020
     ggcagtgaag accatattca gaatgtccat aacataattg aagagctcag actgaccata     97080
     gtgctggaaa aaattatatt taaaatactc taaaaatgtt atgaaataat aaattataga     97140
     ctgattaaat cagtttacac agagtacacc agagttgttt ttgttgacta aaaataaata     97200
     ataaaaataa ataaaaataa aatgtatttc aaaatatgaa taaatactaa gaatactaat     97260
     agcagaatta gctgacaaac tatgtttaca gattttgtaa aggtgtaacg ttgctttggc     97320
     aggcatttat ttatagtact ctctgtatct cacaatcata tacagcatag actctcaata     97380
     aataattaca aataaatgat tagtatttat tagtaaagaa aaaaagagga ttatacatta     97440
     aatattccac tatcttggtg atattaaatg agtgtttaac agaaaatgaa taaaagccac     97500
     caaaaaagta ttaaatataa aggtaaataa taatattggt gtccttaata tacattttac     97560
     aactaataat agtcaaacac atttgaattg gttttgcata tttaaaccca agcattgtca     97620
     tgtattttta aaaatatgaa gaataaatct aacagagaga gttacctgca cggcgagaca     97680
     gatggtgttg agtaaaatca ggacaaacat gatgtactcg aagccggtgg agttcaccac     97740
     ataccagaac ttatactgat atgggttctt tgggatgtac ctcctgagag gacgtgcttt     97800
     caatgcatac tccacacact gacgctgaaa acacacacac acacagcaca tagtctgaat     97860
     aaaatatgtg atccatttat ttttttgata ttgaaaagca tagacgtata caaaaatata     97920
     cctataaata gcaaaagcac gtaaaaatat taataaaagt gcataaataa taccaacaaa     97980
     taataataga tatcataaat catcattaat atcataaata atcccaaaca ttctatagtg     98040
     catttgggat ttgcattatc tgtgagaata tatgcactgc tgaaattaaa taacatttta     98100
     ttaatttatt agtttttatc tttagaaacc agcatcgttt tgttttccaa aaaaagaaaa     98160
     ttaatgtgtc tatttctaca ctatttatcc cataaaaatg acttttgtta gaataattaa     98220
     tgcatataca aaattagctg tcctgtaagt tttaaatcat tttttaaata tttcttaagt     98280
     gctatttaat gcagaaaaat attctttcta acattttgat acataaaagt attaaaaaca     98340
     tatgactaat aaccaattcc ttcgtctttg ccatgatggt acataatgct ttattattta     98400
     ttttgtagaa tgctacttaa aatgctattt aaaggcttaa caaaagatac attacgcaag     98460
     tgattggaga agagtggttt gttctgtagc caaaaataaa cttgttcact gtaggagggt     98520
     taatttttgc acataatcag aacggtttcc tggttaattc taatcacaac tctacactgc     98580
     agattctgta atgtgagaat tacaaattgg cacattgtga tgctgatgct gaaattattt     98640
     actgtgcagc ctaatggagc ataatggaga tagttgattg gtcacgtggg tgtaatgatt     98700
     gctgcatttt attatttata aattttttta ttggtttaat tttttagtaa tttattttat     98760
     tattaacttt ctatttatta ttaataattt actttatttt atgctatttt aatatttttt     98820
     tatttttaaa ttattttatt tttatttatt tattgttact aataatttat tttaattatt     98880
     attttttaca tttattttat ttttttcatt tattttatta ttattatatt attatattta     98940
     acttttcttt tattattatt attaataata ataatatttt tattattatt aattattata     99000
     ttttattttt gtttaattat tttcacaaat tattttatta ttttattgtt tattttattt     99060
     tactttattt caataatttg tttattttta tgtatttata atgatgtttt atttatttat     99120
     ttttatttat atcaaagttt attcaacaaa tgaggtgttt cttctctcat atttgacatt     99180
     aaccctttat aacacaagtc caaaaccacc tcaagctcct tttttttttt tcgcaaataa     99240
     cgggattttg aatcaaaatt cggtgcttcc agctaatgtc tcctctcacc tggttcttgt     99300
     ccagctcaca gttcttgtac tccttctctc cctgttcctg aaaggtcacg atgacgaaac     99360
     ccacaaagat gttcatcata aagaaagcga tgatgatgat gtagatgatg aagaagatgg     99420
     aaatctccac tcggtagttg tagatgggac ccatgttctc ccggttggag tcgatggcct     99480
     tgtacagcaa ccttaaaggt atagtgaaat taaaataatg ttttttctaa gatattagtt     99540
     ttagtatttt tagttttata tatctatata gatatctata agatagtgcg ctccaaaaca     99600
     gtgacacatt tcatgtttag aagctataaa ctgatatgaa catgtaaagc ttgcaaattg     99660
     tcacttctgg cttaattgat c                                               99681