ID   AL683823; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 180483 BP.
AC   AL683823;
DT   06-MAR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-128G10 on chromosome 3
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-180483
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 2b40de52e0a43e792efd568263e98429.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027884; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027886; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040389; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040412; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000068732; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027778; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027782; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027783; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027738; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027742; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027743; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027703; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027707; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027708; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027750; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027754; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027755; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027480; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027484; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027485; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028194; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028198; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028199; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026936; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026940; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026941; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027455; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027459; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027460; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027597; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027601; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027602; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027565; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027569; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027570; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027704; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027708; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027709; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027595; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027599; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027600; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028249; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028253; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028254; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026662; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026666; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026667; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027016; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027020; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027021; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL683823.11:1-180483; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029485; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000051145; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106613; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106622; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106625; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106626; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124384; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124731; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000185128; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063226; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063240; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063247; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063251; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063266; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063273; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063186; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063201; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063208; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063178; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063193; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063200; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062862; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062877; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062884; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063667; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063682; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063689; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063163; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063176; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063183; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062826; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062841; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062848; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062938; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062953; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062960; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062903; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062918; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062925; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063077; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063092; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063099; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062900; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062915; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062922; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063877; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063893; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063900; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062705; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062719; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062726; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062132; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062147; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062154; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2886967; 20363978.
DR   InterPro; IPR009011; Man6P_isomerase_rcpt-bd_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR009231; Chloride_chnl_CLIC-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR022179; DUF3695.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914745; Tmem167b.
DR   MGI; MGI:1922754; 1700013F07Rik.
DR   MGI; MGI:2385186; Clcc1.
DR   RFAM; RF00619; U6atac.
DR   RFAM; RF01268; SCARNA2.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9DAD0; CA194_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-128G10 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..180483
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-128G10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 180483 BP; 49540 A; 38856 C; 39287 G; 52800 T; 0 other;
     atctttccgt tgttcacatc agaatgtttg tggaggcgtc tctctagttt atcttagaac        60
     attaagactt gtcttaacaa cagccaaaaa atggttatgc tcgtactctg gtctgaccgt       120
     tctacaaggt aggttggtat tgaaatacca cactgtatct catacatact gttaacctca       180
     aagatttaag gagaaagacc actgtcccaa atcactgagg ccaaattaat taaaacaaac       240
     tctttttttt aaaagttgtg tacatgagct gactccccct gctaaggcag ggttcaagag       300
     attggtattg gacatgggcc agataagggc tttttatagc tcacgggtag ggggtttcca       360
     agtgggggat ttggcacata ggtgaggcgg ggttccaaga gcaaaacata acaaggtggt       420
     cataataact ttttgaaata aatgtagagt tgcaaggtgt tgataagaac ctcctgaaac       480
     aaaggcattt tggccattcc tgcaacaggc aagaacagaa ccatttgtag ttaaggttac       540
     aagtggggca cagccccact tagagaaaca gagatttaat cgcaaacagg aatgaaccta       600
     gcttgtcttt attataagtt ggctttcaag cccaaaatgg aagcagctgg gttcatcaat       660
     aaatatgtaa ttactatttg ttatcgaaaa taaatttgaa aagtttgtgc ttgtcaatat       720
     agcctcttgg ttttcataga ttaagtagat ttgttttgtt ttgtttttaa actattaggc       780
     atgatggcat ttgcccataa tctcagcact taggaggtaa agagagaggg agcagaagtt       840
     caaagccaag ctggacctgg cagcatgtat ctttaactcc tgtattcagg aggcatttgc       900
     aatggatctc tgtgtgtttg aggccagcct gatctacaga gtgagtacca ggcagccagg       960
     gctacagagg atgaccctgt ctcaaagaac aaacacacaa acaccaaaac aaaagccagc      1020
     ctctgaacct ctgccacata cacaccgaga gtacagccag taccaaacag cagcagcagc      1080
     agcaaagaat tatcatcttt gggacggcca ataggatggg cctcctggtt tcctttgtgt      1140
     gtaccccact actcccccac accctaccct cagaaacatc acctgagtat ttgtcagcat      1200
     cacacggatg gcaggacgtt tctcctttgt ttgagtagta gttggctgga caaagcttgc      1260
     agaaagggga gccctgcttg gcagcgtatg tgccaggctt gcaggggaaa cactcggagg      1320
     tgtaagccac ccctaggaag aaagaatggt atagacgatc aaagcttgag cccagacacc      1380
     aaggccctgg ggaccaaatg cccatccctc cctagaagcc aggagtccag gaagccagca      1440
     gcagacccag atccaagctg ttttctgtac ctgttatggc gatgtttcta acaagcacgg      1500
     gcttggacac tttggaccac accgagaaag ctgtggttct ccaatagagg acgttattgc      1560
     ctctatttag ctcaaccttc aaaaaggcat aaggtaggtg ttaattcatc acaaaaatgg      1620
     gcatcactaa cttgcctttt gtagctttgt gtttttaacc ctctcccact cttccctgat      1680
     cctccacata tgatccgtgc atcatatgca ctacaagcat ctctaatgga gcgatcagaa      1740
     caggaccaga gggggctggc agtaagggag actgacgatt gctcattctt ctatggtttt      1800
     ccagaaaaca cagcctcaaa gctggaacgc tctggctcct gggatgaagt cataggggca      1860
     aactagccac tgtatagcat catctagcaa ccacaaaaag aggaatcact tatgtctcag      1920
     cctgccccct ccgttacggc cctcggcctc tcctctggga tcccaaggac ggctggtgtg      1980
     atgctcacac tgtggaattc ccatcctttc tccgtagtct tcatccacct ggagtcatca      2040
     gcactgggct ggcactggtc attctggacc taaggcagaa gggggttggg aggagaggtt      2100
     cggtttcctg aggaaaggag ggccttatgt catactgtgt gatgctctca cactgttctc      2160
     acagcagagg agcagccaat tccctccagg cccaaactga gaacaaggaa gctgcacaca      2220
     atcatggctg agcatgggcc tcagagaaag aatttgcagc ttagcccctt gcgtgtcata      2280
     acaagtctga acaggatgaa acacctaggg acttcacagg ctctgtcctc cccatcagtg      2340
     tcctttgcct ggggtcttct ctcctcagac ccccaggcct gagctcattt tgctcacagt      2400
     tttctctaga gggaaaaaaa aaatctcaga catggctaca cttgtgaatg atccctacaa      2460
     aatgaatctg agcctcgggg aatctcaacc tctcctcccc caaccctctc ttccctccct      2520
     cctgcctggg agcttacaaa aaattcaaag atgatgctgg agtccgggta gtagtactca      2580
     aagttaacgg tgccagactg ctttaggttg acggcataca tcagtgtggc ggtgcattca      2640
     tctgtgttgg aggcgatgta gtctccccgg ggaacccact tggacctgtg aaagaacaag      2700
     gaccaagtgc tgtggcagca gcacaccccc acaaagcttc atgccacgag ttaggctcct      2760
     gttaggattt cagggcgggg gtggggggat tccagactta ggagtcaaaa gctgaaactt      2820
     gttccttgtg gtttgaatga gcaaagcccc cagaagctca tatatttgaa agcttggttt      2880
     ccagttagtg aaactgtttg gtaaggattg ggaggtgtgg ctttgttgga ggaggtgtgt      2940
     cactggaggt gggctttggg gtttctgaag cccacaccag gccagttctc ctacaccacc      3000
     tctatctagg cttcagatca ggatgtaaag ccctcagtga ctgttccagt gtcatacctg      3060
     tcttctttct atcatgatgg tcaaggccta accaggatcc caattaaatg ccttctttta      3120
     agagttgcct tggctgcatg atgggggtgc gcacctttaa tctcagcact ctggtagtgc      3180
     tgaggccgag gcaggaggat ctctgggagt ttgagaccag catggtctac agagctagtc      3240
     ccaagacaga caaagctaca cagagaaacc ttgtctcaaa aagttgcctt ggtcatgata      3300
     ttgcttcaca gtaataaaat agtaactaag aaagacctga gcatgctcag gttggagtag      3360
     caacatcagg gactctgagg tagatcaagg ggctaaggca cagccaacaa gaggaagaaa      3420
     ctgggtgtgc ctctgtgttt cccccagctg gactggaagt agaaggtagg taaagtcagg      3480
     aagctatata tcaaccagct attgagctac atgcttcatt gtcatgattt atgctcatca      3540
     gtaagaggga ggactattta atagatgaga acactgaggc ttggagagca ccttggccaa      3600
     catcaggaac ccttcaattg acaagactag gattcaagtt tcaaaactgt ttatccccaa      3660
     agttctcaaa tctgtaagca aacatatcct tgagaactca caagttcgtc cagtctaatc      3720
     ccacttcttt ttccagaaac atcactttac aatgctacat tttatcagaa agggatggca      3780
     agagagccag agatattcag tcttatcctg tctgttcagg ctcactctat ctacctggcc      3840
     caacagctat cctcactccc taccacactg tctcttgaac agcctttaaa ttcattttgt      3900
     gtctggtcct gtatcctcca atccgtctca caccatggtt agaaacatcc agaaggaaaa      3960
     tgtgaccaaa tcacttcagt gctctaaacc cttgttatgg cgtcccgttg ctctggggat      4020
     agggtccaca tttctggcct atgttttata cagcaaacct gtatgatttc tcccaattcc      4080
     catgtcaagc tttctctgcc cctgggcttg ccctcttctt caaacaaact tcttccttct      4140
     tctctttatt taactatcac cctaggcttg aaagaaagaa agagagagag agagagagag      4200
     agggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag      4260
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gaaggaagga agagagaaag agagaaagcc acttaatatt      4320
     aagaaggcag ccttgtgtcg agcatggcca tgcacacctt taatcccagt gcttcagagg      4380
     cagaggcagg tgaagctctg tgaacttgaa gccagcctgg tctacttagt aaattccagg      4440
     ttaaccagga atatatagtg gcaccctgtc caaacaaata aaagccttcc ttgactttat      4500
     ctgcttctgc aagaatgccc tgagattttt ttatttccac aattccattc tacattaaaa      4560
     ttctaatatg ttgtcaacca tttaagaacg atgcatagat gaaatgagca tacgtctgtc      4620
     taccatatag cttaagacat ccaacacagg gtagctttca tagtgccaga aggtgctatg      4680
     caggtcgctg gaggagaaag gtcatcagta gtattaccca gaatgccaca gtactgatct      4740
     gccaggcaag gtgtgcccaa ttggtatgac aatggcatga aaggttatgt ggggaaccaa      4800
     acaatttgag atgtgaggcc tgttccaacc tagctgtcaa ccttggtcag agaaacccat      4860
     tttgcaatgg ataaagtcag tgcagagact cggccagtca aagggctaag aatgagtgat      4920
     tgtccagtgt tcagctctct gaatggagca tccctatgac tttctctacc aagagacagg      4980
     gaacatgtgg aagaggggct aaaaaaagaa gaaccagagg gtggcaagga tgctgtgaaa      5040
     tgctgcccgc tggacacggg catgagtctg gtactcaagg acacagcagt ggttgcctgt      5100
     tcaagatcaa gacaatcaat attccagcac ggaggagggt ggggcaggtg gagcccatcc      5160
     ctagctcagg agctatggaa gggagttggt tatatgggtg tagcctctgg taaatggcct      5220
     ctgaacatgc aaacaactct aattaaactg aatcttaaag agaaagagac agagacagag      5280
     atagagatat ttgtctcaca tgttgggaag gaaagaggtt ccaaagagag tgagatgggc      5340
     atggaagatg aacgtgttca aaatatgtta tgtacataaa attatcaaag actaagtaaa      5400
     cagtattaaa agcagaccag agcagtcggg tgcagcagag gccaccctgc gccttcacta      5460
     gcccctccct ttcttctagc atttctcgac ccagttacca cgcggtgttt tgcatgtttt      5520
     gaaatgccac ataaatatca ttcttagttt tctaaaacta atttagttgg gacagagatt      5580
     tctatacaat ggtgtggaat ttatccaaat tcatgcacat agatcttttt ctgtgtgtga      5640
     gtacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac tcatagtggg      5700
     gatggaactc taatctacgc tctatatgta ctctctcatt gactcataca ctcctagccc      5760
     ttccttccat ctttcttgct gtctaatatt ctttccgtgg tctagtttat ttatttacac      5820
     atttatttac aaccactgga cacttaaagg cttccaggga ttttataatt gttcacattc      5880
     tgaccttgtt cctgtgtcca tccacagttc tgaacagagc gcttgggtta gttgctggct      5940
     cgtagggtat gggaactccc agcattaccc agtactgata ccttgttcct caaaatgtgt      6000
     atcagtttat ctcagctggc aatttaagag ggtccccgtt gctccacgtc ctctgcaaat      6060
     ctgaaactag cagactttat ggttgccctg tgatgtggtg gcgagtgttg ctatatgaca      6120
     taataggtca tttagtggct agttgggctt tagtcttatt tccttgatca cttgtgatct      6180
     ctgaagcttt cttgcaatct ggaactctct tctggacata ctttaattct tcctggctag      6240
     cctgtagcct gtaggttttg ggaggacaaa atctaccttg tgttacgtaa taatatattc      6300
     cctccagtcc agcaccaagg acctcagggt gattccagaa aagaacaaat tcagacagtt      6360
     ctgatatttc tgttttgtct gagactagcc caccaccctt aactatttaa cattggccat      6420
     taagaactcc ccctgtgtct gtcccaacta catagtctta caagcttaac agtatttttt      6480
     gtttattttc caagacaggg tttttctggg tagctctggc tgtcctagca ctcactcttg      6540
     tagaccagac tggcctggaa ctcacagaga tctgcctcct tctgcctccc aagggttggg      6600
     gttaaaggtg tgtgccatca ctgttcggca acagtcagta ttattatcaa aatggaaaca      6660
     taacaaacca aatccctccc aaatgagcca gctcccctga cagcattgat tcccttgttg      6720
     aaagagatat ctaatgctga tgtactccac agtatcagct ataaataacg cttgaagttt      6780
     aatgaataat taaaggacgc tataagtggg tcacgtttgc atgctggggt ttgctagtgt      6840
     tgtccccgct gaagacactt catgttccac aatcacagga tgtttgattg atctctagtg      6900
     ccagaggcat cgctctagat tcttctcgac tccttgacca gtgttgggga tctgggattg      6960
     gactcaaagt cttgaacata ctaggcaggc atgtgtatta ccactaagct ataaaccata      7020
     agctagtctt ctttcttctt aaaaattttt gccaggtagt ggtgacaaaa acctttaatc      7080
     tgagtatttg agaggcaggg gcagatggat ctttgagctt gaggccagcc tggtctctag      7140
     agcaagttcc aggacaacta gggttacaca aaggaaccct gtctccaaaa caaaacaaga      7200
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaga aatgaaaaca aaaccaacaa caacaaagct tcttttagct      7260
     gtatttattt tcatgtgtct ggtgttttgc ttacgtctat ctttgtgcac cacatgcatt      7320
     cctgttgcct tcagagacca gagagggcat tagataccct agaactggag ttatagacag      7380
     ttgtgagcca ctctggaggt gctgaggatc taactccagt cctctggaag agcaagccaa      7440
     tgcttttaag ttctgagcca tctctgaagc tgcctttgtt ttttgtttgt tttgttttgt      7500
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttaaaaaga cagggctaca ctgtgtagcc      7560
     cagtgtgatg gtttgtatac gtttagggag tggcacgatt agaaggtgtg gcccttttga      7620
     agtaggtgtg tcagtgtggg tgtgggctat aaaaccctca tcctagctgc ctagaaatca      7680
     gtattctgct agctcctcct gcaccatgcc tgcctagatg ctgccatacg tcttgccttg      7740
     atcattgtgg actgaacctt tgaacctgta atccagtcct aattaaatgt tgtcctttat      7800
     aagacttagg acttgccttg gtcatggtgt ctgttcacag caataaaacc ctaactaaga      7860
     atttcaggtc agccaagggt atgcagagaa accctatctt gaacaaccaa aataagtaag      7920
     taagtaagta aatatataaa taaattgtgt tatttgaagg tggcggtgcg gagcagtaaa      7980
     aaacttgggc ctgggtttga gcaccaatct ctccaggttc aagctaggaa attaaggtgg      8040
     aatgcttaac ctcactgagc ctccagtttt tcactctgca atggaaatca caatgccaac      8100
     tgtactcggc tcctgtgtag gttcaagaca aatgttccac gtattcatcc agcacagggc      8160
     caagtctcta aaaggcacat ctgaaatatg tgttcagctg agattcattc agatgcgagt      8220
     ggccccaata ggctcatata attgagatct tgatctctga ttagtagaac tgtttgggaa      8280
     ggattggggg tggtggggct ttgtaggaga aggtttgaaa agcccacgtg aggtccagtt      8340
     tcctgcttgt ggattagata gaagatctca gctactgctc caggaccacg cttgcctgcc      8400
     tgctgcgtgg agtcaccctc tgaacctgta agcaagcccc agtgactgca tctcttggca      8460
     ccaatagaaa gaaactaagg catggggtct caagggattt aggggatctc attcccaagt      8520
     caaagcgctc acccgactcc gacctctcca aaccacaaca gcatctcagg caaaaccagc      8580
     tctagaagtt tggcaccaag gccagcgata caaccaatac tttatacgtt gtgttctaat      8640
     caggttgatg aagtttatgt ggtcactcaa gattccacag agaaaataca gttgtgtggt      8700
     ttgtttggct ttttgtctta aaaaaaaaca aaaaaccaaa aaaaccaaaa accaaaccaa      8760
     acaaacaaaa accctgctaa gccattagat gcctgtcagc cttcatctac ctgcctctat      8820
     tgctttcatg tttccttctc acagacgtct gtcagtcaat ggtaagctta ggtcagacta      8880
     ggccaaagta gaggtcacat ccagtagtcc ttactcccac ccctgcctcc atggggtcct      8940
     cctcctccct ccagcctcag cagcatcaca gaacactacc cagagtgcac ctcggcccct      9000
     tccgcgggag acttgtgtgc tgtttcccaa actcacgaag tgcagttctc agtggactcc      9060
     gagatgctgt catcgacctc caagttggcc gagaggctgg caaagccgtg aggtagctca      9120
     tcccactcat caaatcggat gccagtgccg agggagtagc ggccctccgc gcagggcttg      9180
     caggactggt ccttcatatc cagaaattcc ccggcattgc aagagaaggc tgaaaggcag      9240
     agcagggaca agggaggggc gctgagatcg ctgtggtctc cggaggagtg atggctgaag      9300
     gcaatctaaa gccaggacct cggggtcaag atcttggggt ctggactact aaagtttggg      9360
     gctaagggac atcttgtatg atgatatttg tacagaatag tcatagagac atagggcaga      9420
     tttgtggtta ccataggtga ggtagtagac tgcaggaagg ctgtcactaa gaactatctt      9480
     ttcagactct taatgctccc agacttgagt ggttatgagt tgctgcaaag acttgggtgg      9540
     tggtggctca cgccttaatc ccagcacttg gggaggcagt agcagatgga tctgagatct      9600
     agaacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gttttgaaaa acaaacaaaa caaaacaaac      9660
     aaacaaaaaa gaatggctgt gaagattaca acagctccaa actttgctca gtaaggggtg      9720
     aaattcattg tgtgtaagaa gtcgtgtctg tggaagcagg ggaaggattg ttgtgcattt      9780
     aagatcagtg ttatccatac agaaaggcta cccagagatc ctatctcaat gaagaaaaat      9840
     agaacagaac agcctagtaa aacatagttg tgtcttaata aagctaatat ttttataaag      9900
     aaaggattta aagtcaggca aggtgacaac tctcctgtaa ttctagacct gttgagagag      9960
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agcaggttct gctttgctgg gggactctgg     10020
     ggcgcatctc tgacgacctg tttccttgaa gatgcttcag ctattattaa agctccaacc     10080
     aggaggatgt tgggccttct ggaccgtgta aggtccttca cccttcattc cccgtatcct     10140
     atggcctctg cctcttcctt ttagattctg ctgttgccat tggagctgag tttctcagca     10200
     tctgctaaac cattgcgatg ccttcctgac tgcctgattt cctgttttag ttcatgctat     10260
     agccttagat atctttctat aacaaggatt tgtattatta gtcccccacc tccaaagatt     10320
     tgtttattta ttatgtatac aacgtttggc ctgcatgtat gcctgcaggc cagaagaggg     10380
     caccagatct cattatcagt ggttatgagc caccatgtgg tggctgagaa ttgaactcag     10440
     gatctctgaa agagcagcta gtttccttaa ccgctgagcc atctctccag actttctctc     10500
     tctcctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctgtgtgtgt     10560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgagtgttt cttttaaaat aagtacttgt tttgttttgg tatcacatag     10620
     tcagattata gacattagag attagacaac aaacagtgtg gcacagcttt tgggttatgg     10680
     catcgagcct ggaatcctga cttttacaat ttcctggacc ctaactttct agcctggctt     10740
     gctgaagctt tctctgtgct gagttcatgc tgagccccag ccctgctgtg tctccaattt     10800
     tccatctcca aatgtctgct ttggtcctcc tagctactcc ttatcataag catccttagt     10860
     tctgattctt tctcacattg tactatcatg ttctatctac cttgtgtcct tgaggccctg     10920
     ggctccccca ggaactgact ggctcagagc ggagactgcc atcacaggaa caccataaag     10980
     gtttgcagaa gagatgaact gaatatcttt ctatgtcctc agtgcttgta ggcaggactc     11040
     actcagcata agtacatcat gtgtgcacac agtaggtgct tacatgtgct aggggctcac     11100
     taatgtctac tgagtcaact gaagattgct cctttgtttc tattagttat acctcagttc     11160
     tctccagatc tcagtcatat ctgtttttca atgttcaaat tccctgcacc agacagtggg     11220
     ttaaaatggt gttgaaattt gaaagtgctt aatctccctt gcaactcttt aaataaaccc     11280
     tcaagtctag tccctgttat ttattgttct tccctttgca tcctaaaaga acacggcact     11340
     gggaatagta aagttgtaaa gacagtcaga gaggtggggt tagagctaca agtcacagcc     11400
     tttctggtca cattgacagt gagaaggacc tagctccctg aaatgattga tgcccagtgc     11460
     attttaaagc ccgaatctgc acaagctcat tttctttggt tttccttcca agagcaaaag     11520
     caaactggaa tattgcctaa tgacggctgt agctggtaga tgcaggtcag agagaaatgc     11580
     agagacaggc agaaaagaaa aatgaagggt gtgtgtgcat gagtatgcac tcaagagtgc     11640
     acctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagaaaga gagagagaga     11700
     gagagagaga gagtgccaga attgtctata ttgtattaat tggatctgaa ttttttaaaa     11760
     aagtgaattc agatacgaaa tttgaattaa ataacctttc tttcctgctt cttcctcttc     11820
     tttttcttct tctcttcttc ttctcttcct cttctttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     11880
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgagacatgg cctctctatg tagtcctagc tgttctagag     11940
     ctcacgatgt agaccaggct ggcctctaac tcacagagct tcatctgcct ctggcttcca     12000
     agtgctaggc ttaaaggcag gagccaccac tcctggctgt ataaaatctc tgcagctgta     12060
     ccacatttca gaagggctgg gggcagaaaa ctaggggggt ggaatctgat gcctgtgctg     12120
     tcaggaagag cttggatggc aagaggctta gattagaggt cagagctaag tatcagggag     12180
     accctagaac agaaaggctg cttacagcac tcggtgccct tgacggggtc tgggaggctg     12240
     gtgcacaagc ccgggctgtg tggcacggcg accctccacc tggaacctgt gctgtcgcac     12300
     gctgtgtact caaaatggta ctctgactgc aagggagaga acagtgggca aacggtccat     12360
     catcagagat caaacattga cagtatgagg gctactgaca cctttcatta cagtaatggc     12420
     ccaatgaccc tggcaaagag caaggcatca tgataccctg tggttacagg gcccctagga     12480
     aaactacaat aatttggatt atttttcccc cacctgcctg tggtctactc acttagaaca     12540
     tttgtgagtg agtgagtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgattc tctttgctgt     12600
     tgtgtttaca taatgtccca atggacggta ggaatggggg tgattaaaca acaaactaag     12660
     gctggccatg taattcacag ctcaaagtca cccttggctg tatattgagt tcagggagaa     12720
     acctggctat ataagactgt caaaaacaaa caaacaaaag caaacaaaca aaaaactcaa     12780
     aaaactcaaa aaacaaaaac cagctagaaa taggagttcg tctagtccaa atagaattta     12840
     caaacaagga catccccctg ggatgagata ggggttggga agtggggagg tgggaaagag     12900
     tagatcttgg gaagatgggg agggactaga aggaatggag ggaggggaag ctgtagtcag     12960
     gatatattgt atgagagaag aattcaaaac aaaagagaac aaggacattc taaacggaga     13020
     ggttgcctcc cccccccaaa aaaaaacaat tacaattgtt acacaagctt tatttctagc     13080
     gctctctgct cagacagact ccgaagcccc cattgcatca cacaaatgtc atttttagcc     13140
     cagcaggtga ggcgctgcca tcacatgcac ctgtccacgc ggaactccgg ggggtggggt     13200
     ggggggggac ggggcggggg gagggggcct cgccttccag ctgctttacc tgaactagaa     13260
     caccagggaa acagaagtgc agccgccaaa tcaagatgaa gtaaatcaag caaaagcaaa     13320
     aacaaaagca aaagcacact tacacaccga aacacagcga atatggcggc gccctcagca     13380
     gaggcaggat ccctcagcag aggcgagcgc cctccgcacc ttagagtcgc ctgataaacc     13440
     tcagaaccga tcgcttttgc tcttcaagta tttcatggtt caagttttga gtccacacct     13500
     atattttgtg ttactgtatt tataagcgaa gcaaaatgtc ccccttccaa caacacaaaa     13560
     gaaggatgct gcaacatgca taattacaag gagcctgcta atctgtcctg tcaggaggag     13620
     gacaaagctt gacttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttaagcacag tcttatctat     13680
     cctgggatat gtaacttatt cacttaacat ctacaaaatc aaagtgtaag gtggttttta     13740
     aagaaaagca ttgtgccata ttttaactga ttagaacttt ttcttatgtg ccaagtttaa     13800
     aacaatggcc tgtctcagaa gcagggggat cccagatttg ctgaaatatg gatttgagca     13860
     tagtgtttcc aattctggga ttccagaaac ttagtacaag gaaagagtaa ctgtagttta     13920
     catctttctt ccgccccccc cccccccgta aatatttgct gaatacatat tgttaaccca     13980
     gcatgtacaa gttctagatg gaccagtaag tttggcttgg acagtgactt gaacttgaca     14040
     ggtcaccttc aggcaaacaa tgaacagaaa aagttgagag aatcgaggcc tttaagtttg     14100
     tttgtgacag cgtctcacac agcctgggtt gagttttggc ctgtatactt attttttatt     14160
     ttatttttgt gtatatgaga gttctgcttg tatgtttctc tgtgcaccat gtgtattctc     14220
     ataccccccc agagtccagg agaggacgtt aggtcctctg gaactggagt tacagagaga     14280
     tgagtgtgag cctgggaatt gaactgggtt ctctagaaga gcagcgggtg atcttaacgg     14340
     ctgaaccgtt ctccagcccc ggtctgtctt taagaactcc attgatttgt cctgtgtgtt     14400
     tatgtgtggg tgcatgtact gtgctgcata tgcgcaggtt aggagacttg caaaaccttt     14460
     caatgtgtga gttagttagg gattctattg catgataaaa caccatgact gaagcacctt     14520
     ggggagggct tatttggctt ctgtagcact gttcattatt gaacgaagtt aggacgggaa     14580
     ctcaaaacag ggcaggagcc tggaggcagg agctcatgca gagaccatgg agggtgctgc     14640
     ttacgggctt gttcaacact ttttatagaa cccaggatgg tcctacccac catgggcagg     14700
     gccctcccac atcaatcact aattatgaaa ataccctaca ggtttgctgt ggcctgatct     14760
     ttttagaggc attttctcaa ctgagagctc cttcctttct gatgactcta ccctgtgtca     14820
     agttgacata aaaccatcca gcacaaggtc ccagggattt gaactcgggt tgtcaggctc     14880
     ggcagcagct gctttcacgg aatgagccac cactgggtct ggccttggat tctctgtgta     14940
     gcaaaggata gccttaaatt ccttgacctt ccgtcaaatg ctgggatcta cagatgcaaa     15000
     tctgtaccac acctgtcgtc tgaagcttaa ctttttacca gaatctgtag ctttggattt     15060
     aaatgccggt ttcactaggg aaagaaagac catcaggatg agagttcatt gtggcctgag     15120
     ctaccacctt tctaggcctc cttttcttca tgatttctat cgtttccttg tctcagagat     15180
     aactagcctg tcgctgggag gtaagttggc tgactaagca tgtcttgttt tcagttctaa     15240
     aaatgacact ttcaaagggg tcatgttgcc agaatgaggg ttaagtaaaa tccacagtat     15300
     gcatattcaa cagagatttg atgcagaaag gattttatct gtgaacccaa tcgccctggc     15360
     agttcacgtg gcgcttttac agctcccaaa ccacggctcg tctgagcttc agggcttcct     15420
     aggaggccaa cagggcagag gttgttttct tcattgtgga gttggctgtc catggggtga     15480
     aatggcctgc ttgtcttgtc caaggtcaca caacctgtaa gtcactgagc ccaaactcag     15540
     actggccagc aggaatcctc tcccactttt gaaagtctga caaaacacaa actcacattg     15600
     agccaagttt cacagccaag tctaaaaatt aaatatgacg gtatcagtgg cccgtcagca     15660
     gccaagctag gttcaattct gaggcctgag aattggtgtg aaaatagcta atctactcaa     15720
     gcagatcatt ttaattcact ctaattgcgt ttggcctttt gaaggcccag gggacaaatc     15780
     tctccttttt cattggcttt tacttggtgt ctccaggtgc tatgaggcta agagattttc     15840
     tgggagaatg gttgctctga gccttagaaa gtttccctcc taatgagtgt taattttctc     15900
     catgccactt gggggagggt cacagcatct gtgatggcta gctctgttgc agctgctgaa     15960
     aactgagctg tgctttaaga tcacatcgtg aaagacaagc gtaggcagag ttagggcaga     16020
     gaagacctgg caggctctcc cagttctgct cactctccta tgagcatatc aattccccga     16080
     ggatataagt ggcttttctc gtcgctctgc ccaaatagct gacggaaggc aacttagggg     16140
     acgaagagta gatttttggt ttgtgctctg ggaagacgtg gcagcaggaa cgtgagcctg     16200
     cgtgctcccg tttcaatgga ccagaaagca cagaaaaggg aatgtcatcc cgtgtctggc     16260
     tttctccttc cccttcttat tcagtcaggg accccagtcc atgtactgat gccagtgtgg     16320
     acatccccct tagttaatta ttctctctag aaacatcttc acagatgtac cactcaaagg     16380
     tgtgcctcac caatgtcctg ggcatttctt ttcattttag ttttttaaaa aaatgttatg     16440
     tatatgaaac tgcagtccat gtgggtcctg gggatcaaac cctgaggatc aacaagtgct     16500
     cttaaccact gaaccatccc tccagcccca tgtcctaggc ttttcttaat tccatcagtg     16560
     tgacgcaatt catcatcaaa caaacaatat ttcaattacc caatcagcta cttttgaaag     16620
     tgtacaacca gcatatgcca cagattaaca tagacacaca cacacatcta ttcagcacat     16680
     aatcgcttcc tccctccatg cagatgtgtg acacacatct aaactccagt gttggacaca     16740
     aggggattga ttattccctg ttcctaggaa atcagtggga gggtttagaa atgatttcta     16800
     aacctttaat taatccatgc tccagctatc ccacaccaca cagccaagta gcactcctgg     16860
     ggactcaaga aaggagagag gaaagccttt aggttggagc tctgtctgct tgatactgaa     16920
     ctacctgttg gcagcagtga tcttccaggg ttagaattca ctcacacaat gtttttagtc     16980
     tttgttgttt gggtatagca caaatggaaa ataaatatca gccggtcggg atggtattgg     17040
     aatggcagtc tgcccgtcct gggacagaga tgcctctcag ttggtaaggg ttcctgctct     17100
     aggattctgg gtttgactct cagcactcac gtggtagctt acacaatgtg ttaacttcag     17160
     ttccagactt cttttggcct ccattggcat cacacacatg tggtgtttat tcatacatgc     17220
     aggcaaaata ctcatacaca taaaataatt tttaaaatgt taaatagttt ctgacaaggt     17280
     ttttaattta ttattttaat aataatcaat tattttaatc aattaatcaa tcagtcggtg     17340
     tggtgctagg gaatgagccc aggagctgga gcatgctagg caagtgtcct accctaagca     17400
     atgttcccaa cccctgaaca gttttacaga agaaagaatt ggggttcaga aaggtagaag     17460
     tcacttgctc ctcataccac atcgccagga gatgaccaag ctaggattgg acccagccat     17520
     tggaattgga gtctatgtgt aaggctgcca gtgtttgtac ccttgcacca atcacactca     17580
     cgggtgtgtc cggaccccta cactgcctct caggatgctg gggacttgat aaggaaagtg     17640
     tttcacagat ctctcaaaca agggccatag caatgtggag tgggagggat ggtcacattc     17700
     tgtcccttta tagggaatca cctcagcagt gaacatatgc tggtgcagcc tgccgtgtcc     17760
     actacagccc tctgctctgg aaacggtggc ccttttagga agacttggca ttaggtggac     17820
     agcttgatgg gactgtcgag tgaggtgggt ggcttgcctg ccatgggact gcacgtcaga     17880
     cactctccta ggataagtga gagatgagat gaaggtcaag agtgaggaca tctggtcagt     17940
     gagtaggagc ctgaagtggg ttgttactga gtcaggggcg ggacagagag gtggagccgc     18000
     tgtccagaag ccctccttac ttctcaggtc tgcctggcca tagccccgcc cacctgagcc     18060
     cacagaggta aaacaattat actaagggaa agagccgggt cagagaggga agaatgctgg     18120
     atgctttcac ctctacgctg taccctaagt agttgggatc agagagacag cagaactgca     18180
     tccgtggagg aacgagatag agaaggagac aagggctgtg tcatggagac agtttcacag     18240
     acaggtctgt ggcgtgctga tgacagtgca gcaggatgca tgtctgaaag ctagtgagcg     18300
     gatcacttgg aaacggctaa tttggcgttg tatgagcgga gggttagcgc tcctctagac     18360
     aaggacagaa gaggcccttg ggcctaacaa cacgcataca gttagggtac tgccaccata     18420
     gtttgtggcg tctaaccact gtttctgtgt agcttggtct ttatatgggc tccccaataa     18480
     ctggagcagg ggctgtcccc aaagctgttg cctgtctatg gatcccattc ccctaactgg     18540
     gctgccttgt ctggcctcag agggagaatg tgcacctagc cctgcagaga cttgatgtgc     18600
     cagggtgcag ggatacccaa ggaggggggg gggcttcgcc ttctcggggg agaagggggg     18660
     atgagtggag gggctgtgtg tgtgtggggg gggacagcca tggcaatata aagtgaatga     18720
     ataaacaaat taatgggaaa atggctaatt tggggactga agaaatgagt tgacagttaa     18780
     gagcactggc tgctcttcca caggatctgg gtttgatccc cagcatccac aggcagcttc     18840
     cagccatctg taactccagc tctagagaat cagacactgt tctgtttctc tagggactgg     18900
     gcgtaaaagt ggtgcataga cacacatgct cataaaacac acacaaataa aaacggctaa     18960
     gatggtaact tttgctgtgt gtaaaactaa aaaaaaataa ccctacattt tagaataaat     19020
     tacattaagc aacatttatg tgacaccatg tgtatgcgca tagaggtcag aggacaatct     19080
     tcgggagtca gttctcgcct accaccctgt gggtcccagg gattgaactc gggtcctcag     19140
     gtttggttga aggcacctgc acctactgaa ccatctcatc aaccctgtac tgtaaataaa     19200
     ggggtgggca gagatcatga cttggtgtgg cagcacaaac ctgtaatccc aatactccgg     19260
     aagtagaggg aaaagatggc aaatgcaaga ctcgtctgag atgaatttta aaatctttac     19320
     attttaaaag gatcctgcca tgagacatgg agaatatccc agcctcagag tcagtctatt     19380
     aaatgtgcct tccaatggaa atctgattac ctggcagtct agaagcaaga gacagctcca     19440
     attattttag gaaaaaaatg tattttcaac tatcattcaa tctactaact gaactcaaaa     19500
     agacaccaag caggagcagt ggtgactccc cgaggttcat cagattgtta ttaaggcatt     19560
     tttaaagcag ttttgttgca actgtgaaaa agaagagaaa gaggaaaaga gaaggaggag     19620
     gaacaagagg aggaagagga ggagggggag gaggaggaaa attaactgct aaaaaatgtt     19680
     ttgttttcaa gcattccatt cttttacaat taattcattt aaactctggc aattttggtg     19740
     ccatgggcct tgtcaggtct tccacattct agggagacac tctcagcagt cagtatgagt     19800
     ctgaagcccg tgatctgaaa gagtcccagt tttcacagag atgatagctg aactgtacgg     19860
     ggtgctgatg agaataaagt agagaggaga caggtcataa aatacaaaga aatgtaactg     19920
     ccaccccact cccctacctt ttaccacact ccctcactcc atccaccatt tcctcagcag     19980
     aggccttgat gccttggact ctgccaaaga caggaacacc tccctaaggc cacggtgtca     20040
     ctaaccagtg aacaaccctg cttcttttct gactgagaga ggtttgaaag gtgtggcaag     20100
     caggcctcca aagatactta gctttgctgc tagaaataga gaggacagat ggctggcaga     20160
     aatgcctaag ggacaagact agacggcctg gtggccgtgg ggcatcctat gctctcctcc     20220
     ttcctgccag ggcaatcctc tggcgggacc gccaagagtg ctgtctacag atggcctggg     20280
     ctggcagcag agtccaaagg caggcagggg gcctggtgtg atgacttaat cagtaaagta     20340
     ttcgcagggc aagaatgagg acctgcggcc aatgtgagac caggaacccg agtaaaaccc     20400
     aggcacatgt atgaaattct caatgaatca ataaaaatat tatataacat ttttaaaagc     20460
     cagacatcta atcacagaac gggggagatg gaagtcaagg atccctgggc ttgccaggtg     20520
     cctcgtcagc tgggtcagga agctccgggt tcagtgaaag acctgactga gatggagata     20580
     agtcaaggag atgccagtgt cagtctttgg ccacgcccag gcatagacat gtgcatatgc     20640
     acctgtacag acatgttgta caggtgggta gatacataca tacacacaca tacatacaca     20700
     gccagataca taaatagata catagataat agataggatg taataaaaaa atttaaaaga     20760
     aaaagtatat ttgctataag aaagaaataa ttcattccac tcccagtttt acttctctcc     20820
     tgtagttata aacctataat ccaaagctga ctttcagttc gtcacagcaa ggaccctgtc     20880
     tgagacccag aagcaggtca tctatcaatg tgtcaagttc cctacaaatg tgcattgcat     20940
     gctgggtgaa aagtggcctg ggagagttgg ttttgatatt ttgttgtctg tctgtctttc     21000
     cagattattt ttctgtgtgt gcatatgctg aagtggtgat ggggattgaa ctctggggtc     21060
     ttgccacgtg ctccaatcag tgagcaacat ttccagtttc ctgtgtaggt ttttttttaa     21120
     aacaaactga aggtctggga tgaggctcag ctgagcagat gcttggcaat gctcagagcc     21180
     tttgggttgt ccctagaacc acaaacaagt acaaagtaaa ggtcctgtcc cacaccacct     21240
     ccagtaggat ctgtgtgaca agttccacag actgaggcga ttgacctcaa aagggggagg     21300
     cctcctggaa ccggttgtgg aactcttcgc cggagaaaaa ttattgagcc gtagtcctta     21360
     tggcaatcta tctgttttgt tttctcttat tcctttcctt atttacatgt tcctgggagc     21420
     ctaggccaag atcttaagcg agaataatgg gaatagggat ggttaagaaa ccatccctag     21480
     agatggggcc actaacatga cctcatcccc agggaaacta atgctttact ttctaaatca     21540
     tttacaaaac tattatgata aaaactttcc caacaataaa attccatatg gctacatgtg     21600
     tgtcatcgga ggtggatttt ggtaaatggt aaagaaagcc ttaattagaa agaattaaaa     21660
     tagtttaagt ttatgcattg aagatttatt aaaaaaaatc aggcattaga tgttgaataa     21720
     taattgacca tatggggctg gaaagttagc tcagcggtta agagcactga ccataaagat     21780
     ttattaacct gctcctggaa atatgccact agctttggac gattgcctca ctgaatacat     21840
     ccttttagaa ttgttatatt tggatgcttt atattaataa tgatgttacc tgttctgttt     21900
     gtgattcact gaatacatag tttcagagtt gtaatgcttg gatggttttt gtgctttact     21960
     ctgccaaatg attttttttt tttttttttt tttggtattt gtgattattt cgctggatat     22020
     agttactaag agttgtaatg cttggtcttt taatgtataa aatcccctgg ttaagagctg     22080
     caaaatacac tcagattcag actgcctctg tgtctctttc tgtttgtcac tatcaaaatc     22140
     cttacccacc taggttcgag gagcctcatt ccagggaccc ccacacctga ctggggtggt     22200
     ccgtggcagt cctgcactat gcaaatgagg cctttttttt ttttttttgg tttgctttca     22260
     ggtggttgag ggtgttttcc catcatgtct ttaccaattt ctctgcacag tccttaccca     22320
     tttctgtcac tggacagcga gtttcaccca gagtttccct gttttaggct acactccagg     22380
     gacggtacct gagtctctct tgctgtttgc ttttggataa gagtcccagg atgggatggt     22440
     caggtttaag acgatgagtt cctttaaaac tcctgttcaa gaagagaaac ttacgggagg     22500
     gaacagatat ccctttaaaa cgtttttgtt ttgtttgttt gttcgcggga gtgtcttaag     22560
     tagctcaggc tggccttaga cttgtgatgt agctaaagat gtgaagactt ccttatggta     22620
     agatctaaat ttatgatttt gtaggtttgt tgttgttgtt gttttgagac aaggtcttgc     22680
     tatgtaacct aggttggcat caacctacct cctgattctt agaggtggaa gtatgaatgt     22740
     atgccaccat gtcaagcttt tcaatatata tttccagata tcaaaatagt acagtgggcc     22800
     cttgggctca tcactgtttt aatactttct agtatctggt gttctcactt caactacttc     22860
     ctactaactt ctactcactc ccctggagag cattttatat acatcctatt attcctttgc     22920
     agtgaaaatg tatatactta catttgtggt gcctaggtcc caaccatgtc attttagtga     22980
     atgaatatta ttgaataaaa cattaacagc gactgagaag tggttggtga aagagtctcc     23040
     cctatcctca ggaagaacct agatccaggc cggtgtctcc ccttcagagt ctttgaatcc     23100
     caaagctaag gttgtgtggt cccagtcaca ctgggaagca gaccagcagc gccagggttt     23160
     gtcttggcgg cctcgggttc ttgagaacaa gttcttaagc aaacctgagt tattgctgga     23220
     gccaattgtg gctacatcct tgttctgagg aaggatactt cccgttcctc caacacccag     23280
     gtcatttctc cctcctctca gagttcctga aaagaagctc cttaggacac aagagtaaga     23340
     tggttcaggt atcaagtgcc actgagctgg ggactcaggt ccgtgggtag tagttgcttc     23400
     ttggatccca cggattactg gcaggtactg gcagccttct gttccctctc cgtccttcca     23460
     ctctttgtca ggagacttgc tgtttaccaa gaagtaggaa taaagcccac tctactcaga     23520
     aagttggaaa aaaatcagag aaatgtcaca gtttgaaact tcagtcctct ccaagagtct     23580
     tctgggcaca gtgctggctg gagtgacctt tcttgagtga ccttctttat gcttttcgca     23640
     ctgggattga cccagcttga gttgtggtgt gtgcatgggt tgaagctctg gagcgaggca     23700
     acctgaattc tcttatccat tatgaaggtg gtggtgggag ggtctttcca ttattctcta     23760
     gcttgccaga caggaaggag gggagggatg gcagccacct gcctccccat cctcgccctt     23820
     ttaggaccac ctatacatca gtagtatata tgtctgctca ttgaaacttc ctggacagtg     23880
     tgtttgggtc tccgttacct tccctctttc agggcttagt gttctaaata ttaacttaag     23940
     tactggtgct gggcaggagg ctcagagtta agagcactgg ttagagaggt cctgagttgg     24000
     attccaagaa cccacatgat ggctcacaac tatctataac tccacttcca ggggatctga     24060
     tgcccttttc tgtccataga gggtaacagt cataagcata gtacatagaa atacatgcat     24120
     gcaaaatatt catatgcaca aataaataaa tgaatgttaa aaaataaatt atttgtccca     24180
     tttgttagat gataaacaaa tttcctacag gatatggttc ttagcctgtg ctttatagat     24240
     cacctctgtg catgacagga cacagaagtc agccatgtgt gttttcctgg ccagcagact     24300
     catactttcc attaacttta ttgccacttc ctctctacac agaaaaacat gtaaacgtgt     24360
     aatgacggat ttgaagtgtg aggttattta atattttact aaaccaaggc tataatactt     24420
     taaccacgag cccaaggatt taaaaggata gccccgacaa aaggaagtag aaagctgtct     24480
     ttttagtggg attacatgtt tctacctttc cttaagtgaa atttgtttac attgaaagtt     24540
     ttacatatca gaacaggtag gataacagag tctttctgag acaaagctca catgtaaccc     24600
     aggctgacta tggactcagt tctgaccttc ctgtcctaac agtggtagga ttacaggcat     24660
     gtaacgtcat gcccatttta aagttagatt gtatacctct gtttgtgcat atgtgtgtat     24720
     gtatatgtgg ggagggggtg ggagtgtatc cctgctatgt ggagatcaga gggccacttg     24780
     aagaagccag ttctctcttc caccctgtag tttgcaggaa ttaaatccag tttgtcagac     24840
     ttggcagcaa atgctgagcc ccatgcttgg tgttatgtgg gactggagag cattctactg     24900
     ccaactgaac aacctcatcc cagagtacca gagcctttac atgaaggttg ggcactaaag     24960
     gagactcata gggttaaggc agccttaggg ctttcctgaa tgccccaagt gcagtctgct     25020
     gacatataag acctcttgcc ctcacagaca gcaccagacc caggaactac caagcaacag     25080
     gcctcaagtg agctggtccc agccagctgt cccttaccat gtgaggttgc ctagcaacat     25140
     ggtaccagga tgactgggca tcccaggtta aggagtctgg gagagaatcc tggccttaga     25200
     ttactgattc ttagcattgt tcttttgctg ctctgggttc cagcttctcc tttgacccag     25260
     acccaaaaga catcactcac aggcacccca gagacacgct acgcaaagtg tggctacaca     25320
     aagtgtggcc atagcggctg gccacaagga tttgttgaat gactgaataa cagagcatct     25380
     ctgcagctgt gcaaggtgct gggattcgag tctagaggtc tggaccctgc tcttgtccta     25440
     gcacgctacc ctgcagggtt gtgggtccat cagatctccc gagtctataa attggatatg     25500
     tcacacactc agctaagagg acgaaacagt ccacttcaca cctgaaaatc tggacggcaa     25560
     caaccatctc ctgaggatga ttctaagagt ctgttcagga aagtttttgg aagctaaaat     25620
     tttaaaggta gataaaagat ggatgaaact caccagtggt agaacccttg cccacacagt     25680
     gtgtgtgtgt ggcttacatt caaccttcta gtacagcaaa aaggaaagat cagaaagaaa     25740
     taaagaaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagaaagaaa ggaagaaaga aagaaaagga     25800
     agagagaaaa aagctgcctc ttactagaac atacctgagg gggaccctat cgggcactca     25860
     gacttctggt gaccttgtca gggagcaaga gcaaaagaag gagcccttga cattgctgcc     25920
     tatcgtgacg acctgcagtg gcagcctcct ctccctcact ggatcgtcct gcctgactca     25980
     ccctcttgct aatccaagtc ttctcatatg gaatgacatc tgtcctctcc ctcagtttct     26040
     caccccagca acccccagag ctaatctccc acagacaaag gctggttgct gacacttggt     26100
     aaccatggcc aggtggccag gtgcaaaggg cttttcagtg tcagccataa aatgtccctg     26160
     ggattgaaag ggctttgtca ccaagagaca aaaatgccac tttaggaaac ctcatcattt     26220
     tctgacaggt gagaggaggg cacacatctg tccagggggt ggggctctcg gacactgtac     26280
     ttcaaagatg ggtttctctt gttttttaat gagggcaaca tgttccatta gattgttttt     26340
     gcctgagctt gtaactggac tcgagaacac cgggtcaacg aaggcctggc ccaagcaaac     26400
     ctgtctgagg acatggtctg tctggatgtc acctgtctga gactgggaac ttcagcatgg     26460
     aggacatgtg tctacagata caagtcaacg gggctttaat tccactacag ttatatcaaa     26520
     caattcccag ctggtacaac cccacaatag aagagtattt ctcatactgg ggttcctaca     26580
     tccccaagaa cacccatata tgctttcaag tttcctcaaa acctttaaaa aaaaactatt     26640
     tttaaaatca atcataggtt ctctgggcaa cagactctaa acaaggactc taggcaaaca     26700
     gagttcagcc accaggggtc atggcaggta cctataatcc tagcagtgga gagatgaaga     26760
     cagaaatatt acaagttcaa agttatcctg tattacacag tctgagtttg aggctacact     26820
     gggctacata agatcctgtc tgggtgtgct agtgcacacc tttaatccct agcactaagg     26880
     aggcagaggc agcaggatct ctgtgagttc tagaccagcc aggactacgt ggtgagaccc     26940
     tgtctcataa acaaacagca aagccacaaa taaaacaata acgaaaacaa tcacagacaa     27000
     gcaaacaaca attagaagtt ctcaagcctg aaagggaaat agacattctg ggtgttccct     27060
     agaacaccat cgacctcctc caccaaagtg gatgcagcaa tggatgtagc gctaccactc     27120
     agatccactg cccgacctca gggtcaagtg gcattgtatg ttctgtagct ttgaatgtgt     27180
     agtgctgtgt ccattacata gtgtcatata cacgatgcga catcattcag agtgtccctg     27240
     tcttgatcct cccacccctt cctcccaact accaggtctt ctctatcttc gtagcttctg     27300
     ggtggactta aaccacaagc ttttgctgtc tcacagtttg ggagcccttg aaatgaagga     27360
     ctcggcagga gagatgcctg aagctgacag ggagaatatg ttctgcactc ctgtcctagc     27420
     ttgtggtggc cttctgcaat ctggggcgtt cctgcgtttg ttacagcata acactgcgtt     27480
     ttgggtattt ttttagtcag tgtccacttg taaaaccagg ctgacctaga actgataatc     27540
     cctctgactc agacaggtgg taccatacct tgcaaaactc ctatcctcac atggcacttt     27600
     caccgtgtgt gtgtacccct aaactcccca accctcctta agagcatcag tcagattagg     27660
     tcctgcccta aggatgtcat ttggacttca tctgcaaaga ccccatttct agatcaggtc     27720
     acactggggt acactctaga tacactacca tttacagaag tatctggagg acataagtgg     27780
     cctcaataca atgtccgcaa atcaagttct ctatctagac agagagaagc aaggttcttg     27840
     gtcctgtgct gtgagatgta gcaatggctt cttagataga aaaaaaatta aaaacgaaaa     27900
     gatcaaagca gggccaagcg tacggctgta gtcccagcat ttagacccaa aggcaagagg     27960
     acatgcaaat ttgctagcct ggagttgaca gtgggcgtgg agttaaactg acacagtcct     28020
     gttttttctt ttgcatgtcc tatgcaatta caggatttcc aaaaacatcc attctttctc     28080
     taactattgt gtgtattttt taagaattac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     28140
     acacacagga ttcaggtact ctaagatgac gacacactca tcacatagct agagttgacc     28200
     ttgaccttct aatcttcctg cctccatctc ccaagtgctg tgatcacagg cctgaaccaa     28260
     gacacacagc tttatacaaa gctgggacta aacccagggc tctgtggcaa gtgctttacc     28320
     aattacatca cacctctgac tcccatggtt gtcttctttt ttatgctgga aatacactac     28380
     tcctttatgt tcatttgttt ggaaacaaga tctcacaaac cccagctggc ctcagactgg     28440
     atatgtagcc tgggttttac cctccactgt ctgtttcttt gtttccagag ctggggataa     28500
     accctccacc ttgtaaactc agcgattctg cctctgagat gcaccttcag ccacaccaca     28560
     gcactatttt tgaaacagaa gggagggaga caagagagct tagagacagc tccggtctta     28620
     atcagagttt ctattccagc acaaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg     28680
     gtttattcag cttacacttc catagtgctg ttcatcacca aaggaagtca ggtctggaac     28740
     tcaagcaggt caggaagcag gagcctatat ggaggccatg gagggatgtg ttttactggc     28800
     ttgcttcccc tggcttgctc agcatgctta cttatagttt tggttgtgag cctagccttt     28860
     aatggctgag ccatctctcc agcccctcag cttgctttct tatagaaccc aagactacca     28920
     gcccagagat ggtcccaccc acaaggggcc ctccccgctt gatcactaat tgagaaaatg     28980
     ccttacagct ggatctcatg gaggcatttc ctcaactgaa gctcctttct ctgtgataac     29040
     tccagctgtg tcaagtttgg cacaaaacca gacagaacag ctccttaaat cagagcttcc     29100
     tccaggtttc ctccataaat gttgagacct cctgggaggc agtcatgagg agaagcccca     29160
     ttcagccaca gcttttgctt aggataagac agccaggata tggggctgga gagatgggag     29220
     gatccagttc gaggggatct gaatctctct tctggcaggg gcatatgtga tatacagaca     29280
     tacaagcata caataataca gtcatacaca taaaataaaa ccttaaaaaa aaaaggcagc     29340
     gatggtgctt ttaaagctgg cataggcctc aggctgtggc ggtggaggaa ggactgactg     29400
     ggctctacac agatcagcta tgaagagagc agcagatgcc tggcaggatg tcttatcagt     29460
     aagccaacag aatggggcat acatgccagc tgttcactgg gcagatgttt gctatgtgtt     29520
     atacagaggg ctgggctctg ggagccttga caagagattt tttttttttt tttttttttt     29580
     tttttttttg cttcttttag gaaccaggag aatatcattt catcatttgc caggaaaggc     29640
     ctctgttact gagctatatc cctaacccag gagcaataca gtttcatttt atggttgctc     29700
     ttttccccgt ttgttcttgt ttgttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt     29760
     cttttctttt ctttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttctttct tttctttctt     29820
     tccttccttc cttcctttct ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctttctct ctctctttct     29880
     ttctctcttt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     29940
     ttatagacag actctcatgt agcccaggat ggccttatac tagtaaagca gccaagggta     30000
     gccttgaact cctaaccttc cccagcctca tgagagctga gcttacaggc atacaccacc     30060
     aggcacggcc tacaacctga attttggaag atgcgacttt tcttcttggg agttttggga     30120
     gtggagggca gtagcatcca gactgcaggc aatggagagc agctagagtc cttaaaagac     30180
     tggttcaaga cctgctcact gacctcttat ggagaagggt aggaagtttg cggggcaaat     30240
     ccctgaaagc atcagaggct aaagcaacag gagggagccc tgccccctgc ctcactccac     30300
     cctcctcctg ttttcctcag caaactgtag tattatccac catgcaaaga agagggacct     30360
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtacatg gatgccatag atgaatgttg ggtgccttca ataactatct     30420
     gttagcttgg agacaactcc actaggctcc tcccagtgac ctagcaaggc ttacatcctc     30480
     atctgctgca gatgcaggta gcatagaaag gactgagcac taccccagtt ctctttgttc     30540
     ccatgagttc ccagccagtt ctccccccgc ccccctgctt ttctctgccc tcaggactct     30600
     gctcctgcct atctgcctct accccttttc taggccctcc ccctcccctc cccctccccc     30660
     tcccccctcc cctcccctcc cccttccctc cccctccccc ttccccttcc cttccttcgc     30720
     ttcccttccc ttccaccaaa caaacctctt ttataccagt tgtgtttgct tggcataatt     30780
     actcagggga tatcttggca tgggcctgcc aggtacctcc tcaccatatt atattttata     30840
     acatcgtcca cttgattttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gaacagtgtt gtcaatgaac     30900
     ctggagcctg ctgatttgag ttagactgcc tgctcagtaa accccaggaa ttctctgtct     30960
     tttcctctcc accagttctg gaattaattc atgctctctg gcttgctgat ggagccatct     31020
     atctctctcc agctcttttt ctctctctaa gacttttttt ttttttgaaa agggatagct     31080
     ctgtgttacc ctggctggta tcctgtaact aactatttag acctagctgg tctcaaactt     31140
     gcctggtcta ttcctgcctc tgcctcctgt acactgggat tacaagtatg gaccaccact     31200
     ctcactcaaa caggaacctg acatgagatc ctcaactcac cccctcctcc aaagtcatgt     31260
     tctttgtgac ttctactagc gggtgtaatg tccctttatc ctgtactgaa gctggtgaga     31320
     gcagagagca cacccctgct gcttccgtga cccatgtccc cctcccacca tctgccagcc     31380
     cacccatcct caccccagcc ccttcagggc agcgcatcac ccaggactga gtgcacacaa     31440
     gcacctcgta cgctgtggga gcacaagtgg cttaggtcca agagtgaaat ctggtagaag     31500
     gaactagggc aggacgccaa acacccctca ctttcaggac ggtttagagg gctgcttagc     31560
     agtcactgga gagaacaaaa cagtcagggc actcctttat tttatggcca cccataaaca     31620
     agccgcctag gtttccctgc tgctctcatc agtgccagct tttagaacgg ttaatagatg     31680
     gtaattaagt accatagtcc cttctattta aatttgagac aaaagaaatt acggtggttt     31740
     aaacgaaatg ctccatttct acagagaatt gcacttttgg attctgatgg gaacaaagaa     31800
     gtttctgcct cagtaacagc tggttttatg aaattagtaa ttccattgtt gaaacactga     31860
     tacgctcggc tctctctgca cctgagatgc tctgctacag cttcagaact tatcaaaatt     31920
     ttaccgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtatg tgtatgtgtg tatgtatgtg tatgtttgta     31980
     tgtgtatgtg tgtatgtatg tgtatgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtatgtg tgtgtgtctg     32040
     tgcatgcatg catgtgtata cgcatgtgca catgtgtgca tgaagaagag gttggatctt     32100
     ctttaagcct tctccacttt gtgacactga acctagaggt aggctgctca tcagcaggcc     32160
     ccagtgatcc tcctgtccct gctccaccgg tgctgagttc acaggtgtgc acgatcatgt     32220
     ctgacttcat ttttaaaaag tttttatttt tatgtgtatg agtgttttgc ctggatgtat     32280
     gtatgtgcac tgtgagtgtg tctgttgcct acggaggcca gaagatgatg tcccctggga     32340
     ctaaagttac agatggtcgt gagctgccac atggtgctca cccaagccag gccctttgca     32400
     agtctgtctc tccaagagtt gccacgccag gcttccccac tcggtgcaag ggatctaatg     32460
     caggtccttc catttgagca gcatgcacca tagccactga gccatccctc taaccctgat     32520
     ctttaccaat taagtcctga atgatctttt taaaatgtct tacttatatg agttttgtct     32580
     gtgtgcatgt gcaccacatg tgtgagtgtg acacctatag aggtcagaac agggcatcaa     32640
     atcccctgca actcacttta cggatggttg tgagctccag gtgggtgcta ggaaccaaac     32700
     attagtcttc tctgaaagag cacaagtgct tttaactgct gagccctctc tcagctccct     32760
     aatccttact tctataacgt tctctttaac accctaacat agccgggcag tggtggcaca     32820
     tgcctttaat accagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccacc     32880
     ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc cgggctacac agagaaacct tgtctcgaaa     32940
     aaaaaataaa caaaacaaaa acgctctaaa gaaatgaatt tttttggttt atttgcatta     33000
     tttctctttt taaaatatgt aatcccttaa aaatagtctc ctctctctct ctctctctct     33060
     ctctcctccc tcattttatt tgaacccagt cctttggaag aggagccagt gctcttagtc     33120
     tctccagtgt actgcatttg ttttacttac acatattctt ttcttgttca ccctaccctt     33180
     acactcagga gtttccactt ttctgtaaga aaccaacatt gatagagact agaaagatgg     33240
     atggaccagc tgttaagagg gctgtctgtt acttcagagg acccaggttt ggcttccagc     33300
     atccacaagg cagctcacag cctcttgcaa ctctagttct aggaaattag atgccctctt     33360
     ctgacctcca agagctcctg cccacgtgtg gttcatgtgg ttgtgagctc taggtggatt     33420
     taaatccagg tggggttaaa ggcatatgcc accacttccc ggctaggcta gagagttaaa     33480
     gagaacatta tagaagcagt aaggattagg gagctgagag agggctcagc agttaaaagc     33540
     acttgtgctc tttcagagag gactaatgtt tggcgcttgt gcatacatac acacacacac     33600
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac ataaaataaa atattttttt aaggaagaaa     33660
     ttcacattga ctttgcttaa agaggttttc taagtatctt cctctggtgg ggtttgtttg     33720
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg ttagagaagg tcttatgtgt cctggaactt ggaatgtggt     33780
     ctaagatgac ctttgaactc ctgatactcc tgccttcacc accacaccca agtcacatgg     33840
     ttatgggact gcactcggaa gaacaataag caagcactcc atcagccaag gttaatcccc     33900
     agccctcatc tgcatattgc tactggatag ttcccatagc tccctccgag gtactgctgt     33960
     ttccacctaa aacgcttggc cacctggaac ttacaatgta actttaatag aaatagtatc     34020
     tttgaagata taattaattg aggttatatt aaattaggat gggcccaaat ctgtggttgc     34080
     acatgccctt aatcccaaca ctcggaaggc agaggcaggt tgatctctga gttcaaggcc     34140
     accctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtcttg     34200
     aaaaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaaggag     34260
     gaagaggaag aggaagagga agaagaggaa gaagagaaag aactaggatg agccttaaat     34320
     tcactgcctg gtatcattag ctcttgagaa gataacatca cacacaagaa gaataccatg     34380
     gcctaataga gtctgaaaac caaggaatac caggatagcc agcaaacacc agaatcaatg     34440
     aagaggcaag agagaattct ctctagcacc caaggatgga gaggacccaa ggatggaaag     34500
     cccctgctgc ccacatcagc ttgtgacttc tagcttccca gaactctgaa agaattccag     34560
     ttttttgctt ttttctttca gtcagggtct cactatatgg tcctggttgg cctggaactc     34620
     tctccccaac ccctgacccc ccacccccac cctgtgctag aattaaaggc ctgtacaacc     34680
     atgtctagaa tttccagttt tgtttttgag atagggtctc actagataga tcaggcttgc     34740
     ctcaaactca tggagctgcc tgcctcttcc tccaaagtgc tgggatctaa agcctgcatc     34800
     ttggttggtt gtttttaggt ttgtttattt atgtacatga gtattttgtc tgcgtgtata     34860
     tctatctata caccagaaga cagtaccaga caattgtgag caaccacgtg ggtgctgaga     34920
     ccttcagaag agcaacaaat gctctaaaac actgagccgt ctctccaccc catatttggt     34980
     tgttttaaag ccctcgctgt atagcacttt gtcagagcaa cccagtgact accacagaca     35040
     atcatcatga gcgccttttc cccctcattt ttgcaacgac cttttgaagg acactcatca     35100
     tcttcttgat cttcctggat aaatgaaccc ttgagatgct gcagcgtgcc tgagtctggt     35160
     cgcctgttgg gctaggatct gacgctgggc cccaagaggc tgctgtgcct gctgctggtt     35220
     cccatctgac ccctttctgt cacatccttc atctctcttt gtaacttcct gcaactgcct     35280
     gttcctttga cagccacata cttgcaggca tggagttcct accatatctt tctgggctta     35340
     gtccatcatg tttagtaaat aacttagaga ccagtgtgat ggagcatgac tttaatacta     35400
     gtgctccaga ggcagaggca gaggcaggta gatctctgtg ggttcaaaaa catcctgatc     35460
     tacacagtga gttctcggcc agccagggct acataatgaa agcctgtctc aaacaaacaa     35520
     gcaaacaaac aaatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaaggagata     35580
     acttggtgaa taaattattt taaaactttg gaaattaaag ttattaaatc tgagaggcca     35640
     gtgagatggt taagtgggtg aaggtgattg ctatcaagcc agataacttg agttcgagcc     35700
     ccaagacact tatggtggaa ggaacagact cctgaaagtt gtcttcagac ctccacaccc     35760
     atattgtgca taaccgcacc acccacacac atacacaaaa tatgtaattt ttcaaaagtt     35820
     tttaaacatc agagaaaggg taaatatctt acaaaataaa aaatagtaac cccccaccca     35880
     caatttcaag agagaacttg ttactgatat tttcaaagga gaagtgctct gttctctgga     35940
     gccaggtacc aatacggaca atatttcttt tcttttttca aaagatttta tttatttatt     36000
     tatttattta tttagcaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacacaccag aagagggcat     36060
     tggatcctat tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac     36120
     ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaaccg ctgagccatc tctctccagc cccacaatat     36180
     ttcttgatag tccaaagaag cccaataaat aaataaacaa acaaacacaa cccagagcct     36240
     gtgtactgtg gaggaaatta gagccccaag caaagggagc ggcgttgaga gagcggctct     36300
     gctgcggggc tgctgggtga agcctctcgg aagaaaagac ctctcctccc ctgcaccaga     36360
     cgtgtggatc ccaaaggctc ccccgagtcc atgtagccac ctctccttaa tcaggagcaa     36420
     caggcattag tagggtattt taaagggact ccagctgaag aatgtccact ctgttgttta     36480
     tttaagacaa ggtcccttta ggtagcccct gtttggcctg gaacttcctg tgcagaccaa     36540
     gctgaagatg cttcctaagt gtctgacaac cttctccgtg tgctaacaac tcacagtcac     36600
     gtactagggg aaatctgcac tttctgatag tgcagtgact aaggaggtta accacatacg     36660
     cataggcaca tatatgtgca tattatatac atacacttag cactctgatt tcttttccca     36720
     gggtaaaaga accccacccc aaaatgttca gagttcaggt tctcagtcca gccaagactt     36780
     taagaacctg acagcctatt gttgtggctc atacctatta acactagcac atgggaggca     36840
     gagacaggaa ggccgtgcca gtataaggct gtcctcatct atagagcatg ctctaaaaca     36900
     gcaagaatta caaagtgaga cccctgtctc aagagatcca aaggggaaat gggggagaag     36960
     ggggaggtgt ctgcctattg gacctgagac cctaaatcag atttcttata attccacttg     37020
     ggaagtggaa gcagaagaat tataaatgta atgtccacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt     37080
     ttatcgaaag gacccagatg tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgctggggc ctagcaaaca     37140
     cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct     37200
     agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaaggaatc tgcaacccta taggtagaac aacattatga     37260
     actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt     37320
     cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacgcaaac tgtatatgcc ccattacagg     37380
     ggaacgccag ggccaaaaaa aatgggaatg agtgggtagg gaagtgtggg ggagggtatg     37440
     ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta attgaggaaa atatgtaata aaaaaattac     37500
     ggtgttcaaa ctgcacagaa acatatagat gtatgagact atatccttaa ctctgaccct     37560
     gcacaaactc aactgtaaat aaaatgagaa ctgcaactta aaaaaaaatg taatgtcatc     37620
     tgaagctaca aaagttagtt tgagacactg gctcaaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaagcctga     37680
     ccagttctct tatgatataa gttggaaaat agagttttgg gaaagtgcct ttgatcgaga     37740
     acaaaggaag agactttgtg gagtggggta tgatcccttc ttggatctat ttgggctcct     37800
     cgtctccaat tagaaaattc tgcgttctaa atgtgaaatg tagaaaggag ggggcttaat     37860
     acattttggt tcatgtactg gctggttttg tgtgtcaact tgacacagct ggagttatca     37920
     cagagaaagg agcttcagtt gaggaaatgc ccccacaaga ttcaactgta aggcattttc     37980
     tcaattagtg atcaaggggg aaagaccctt tgtgggtgtg accatctctg ggctggtagt     38040
     cttgggttct ataagagagc aggctgagca agccagagga agcaagccag taaagaacat     38100
     ccctccatgg cctctgcatc agctcctgct ttctgacctg cttgagttcc agtcctgact     38160
     tccttggtga tgaacagcag tatggaagtg taagccaaat aaaccctttc ctccccaact     38220
     tgcttcttgg tcatgatgtt tgtgcaggaa tagaaactct gactaagaca gttcaaaata     38280
     tttttaaatg tatggggctg gaaagatggc tcagtggctc agaacactca ctgtgcacac     38340
     atgaagacct gaatttgaat ctccagaacc cacacagcaa gcaggtgtag ctgtgcatgg     38400
     ctgtaatcca gcagttaggg ctcagagaca ggcagatcct ggaagctttt tcaccaaccc     38460
     ctcatcctaa ctgaaacaac gagcttcaag gcaatcaggc agagaaggat ttggaggaag     38520
     attccagatg tcgtcctctg accttctcat agacaagcac tgatacactc ataaacacac     38580
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatgc atcaagcact tcattgctca     38640
     agaccagagg ttaaacactc ctaggaactg cacatgcctt gtgactgaat ctcccctaag     38700
     agctacccaa attccagact tgtaatgtca caatgaaaac gagtgtgtga gttgaaatga     38760
     gtgttaaggt taaagggaca tgatcaggac aatagaaaag cgaagcaaaa gagcttgcag     38820
     ctgagtctaa gccatgtgag ttgatgggtt agaggaagga cagggctcac gggtaaacaa     38880
     caaagcagtc ctcggaaggc tgcagctggc tcttgcaaag ccgttcctag ggaacacaca     38940
     cagttacatg gtccttttat atatccttac gtcgaatcgc aacggactaa atttgttttg     39000
     ttgctggttg ttggccatct ggctggctag ttggttggtt ggagacaggg tttcactgta     39060
     cagccttggc tggcctggga ctcactaggt aaaccaagtt ggcctcaaac ttatagagat     39120
     ccacctgcct ctgcctcctg agtactggga ttaaagcatg cagtctgcct ggctcagact     39180
     gaattgtaag gatgatttct aagaagctcc tacttattcc agaaacagga atccacccta     39240
     gagcatgccg taggctggga tttagatatg aggttggcaa agaaaactgc agccatgtct     39300
     ggtggctgct gatgatcaga aagccagtaa gtgattaaaa tccttgaaat tgcagttggg     39360
     ttgttcccac tgtatcacta attaacacac cagggcatca ctcacacatg cacattaatg     39420
     aaaagttgga ctccttaaag gacctcactc gttataccag ctcttgcatt gtggctttga     39480
     taacccctcc tttttgtggc cagtatgaga ggaaagactt agaagaaaga tctagctcac     39540
     cctgatttgg gacagaaaaa ggctcatcct acctcaggaa tgtgctacct gtcttatcca     39600
     caacacagaa ccaaccaagc tgctccccat cttgggctcc cactacgatc actttagggt     39660
     gcctgctttg cattgtgttg cttctgttgt ttttgttttg ctaaataaac ttaaactttc     39720
     tctatatctc ggctgaacgt actttttaag aaggtgagaa cagaaaggtc ccccgcatcc     39780
     atgccccctc aacatcaacc ttctaaaggc accgtgtaga tgatgctccc tagaacaagc     39840
     aaacctgttg acctcctttg gccttaggtc ttgcacgtta aaaattacga ggttaataag     39900
     tgcaatcagg gtagacaggc agatggttca actggcaaag gcatcagctg ctgagcctga     39960
     ggatctgagt ttggtcccca gggctccaca tgggggaagg aaaaagccag ccactcaagg     40020
     gttatcctct gacctccaca tgtccatggt ggtatatata caaacatgta caaacatata     40080
     caacatatat aaacatatac acatatacaa agtagtaata gtaagttggg gttatcaatg     40140
     gctttccttt ttatcttaga ttttagggtt atctaaaagc ggaaggagtg tcttctttca     40200
     cggtgagaga ctcctcgtaa ctccagtttg cacactctgg ctggtccgac ctttgctgct     40260
     cacacctgcg tccacacatc cttcatcccc catcatctca ctaagaaagc attatgcgat     40320
     tgtccgattt ttgcttttta cttcatgtca gtagaaagat gcaggtttag aaaaccttta     40380
     acctgagctg acccaggacg gtggctcagt gtgtaaagcc acttgctgcc aagcacgaca     40440
     gacccaagtt tgatccctga gatccacatg gcagaaagag ccaaccttca cacgttgtca     40500
     tctgacctcc acgcatgggt cagagcacgg ggtgctcacg tacatgagca tgcgtacaca     40560
     ctaaaagtag aaagccatgc gcttcaacct ctttcctttt ctggatacat ccctatatac     40620
     tcctttaaaa atgtatgtaa tgatccgtga caagcagaag gtaaagaata gatgataacc     40680
     gtacattaag tttcagactc ggagtttgcc aagtggagta tgaaggtgta cttgtctcag     40740
     acagctgtca agccctgact ataatgatct gttctgttct ttaatctggg acaatataca     40800
     gcaggaactc aagaaagaaa aacagagaac agtacagact aagcaaaacc taggaacttg     40860
     acatatacat ttaaaaaaat tagccactgc ttaacttcct tgatttagac aactggtagc     40920
     ctgttaaagc tgacaggcct tctagccttg cccttcatgt ctcagtaatt ccctgaggtc     40980
     aactagctct gtgggctgtt ctcacagcca acatctcccc tgagcctgtc actgagaagg     41040
     ctaatgatgt ctttaagtca gtgttgctga ctagacatta gactcctata gaaatgttaa     41100
     gcatactctt tgacacagca gtcttatttt taaagaattt attctagaga tggactcaaa     41160
     tctccatcga cctgtgagag gatattcccc ggagcattgt tatacatgac tggaatcaat     41220
     cactgagaag ttaatttcaa tatatgacgc tcagctctgg ggagacggct cagctggtta     41280
     accgtcgtgc aatcctaatg acctgagttc aactcccaga acctatgtaa aggtggaagg     41340
     caagaaccag cttcacaaag ttgtcctctg atggccacgc gcacatcacg ctcatacagt     41400
     aatgagattt atcataatga aaataaaata taaataagac agatatgctg gtgcaatttt     41460
     tataaacttt ttaaaaaggc atatattttt ctttgggaac aaaatattcc aaaaacagtg     41520
     tctgggtgat tgaggcacac gcctttgatt tcagcatttg ggaggcagag gcaggaagat     41580
     ctctgtgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac ataatgagtt ccaagacagc cagggataca     41640
     cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aaacaaacag acaaaaagga tgtcatgtgg aagtgctgac     41700
     atatgtttgt ctttggagac ttgtagacac aatgctcata ccatttgact gtttggattt     41760
     ggggcaagga caggcagaca gcatagtggc taagaaccca gctgcctgag ctcctaccct     41820
     ttcacttgct gcgtaacttc tggcaggtta atatctcttt gtaccttaat ttcatcatct     41880
     ccaaattggg cttaattcag gaaaagtaag tgaagtattt ccatcatgat aagctttaga     41940
     agtatagaca tgaataaagc atatgaagat attagcctat acagagtttg cattctagcc     42000
     agaagagatg gatagttaaa atataggctt gggtctggga tggctcagag gtaaaggcac     42060
     ttgcttccat acctgaccac ctgagttcaa ttcccaggga ctcacatggt ggaagaaaag     42120
     aacagacttc cacaagccgt cttctgacct ccacagcgct ctgtgttata tgcacaccca     42180
     ccatagagac acacaaacag gcatgcatgc acacacagta aaaaaaaaaa tattaaagaa     42240
     aaataaaact gaagagatgg ctcagcgttt aagagcacct cttgttcttg caggggacct     42300
     gggttcagtc ccagtaccca caaaacggct cgcaagcatt ctggtcctca tgggcacaag     42360
     acacacccat ggttgtggat cattttatag tgaaaaaagt gacaaacccc cacaccccca     42420
     gctttgatta aaatctcacc ttttgttttt gtttttgttt tttctttttg tttgcttttc     42480
     aagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctagaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg     42540
     gcctcaaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta aaggcatgta     42600
     ccaccatgcc tggctaaaat ctcacatttt tcattcgtaa acttcaactt gataaaagat     42660
     aagactatac aagattaatg ggaaataaaa ttgatacaat ttctccaaaa gagaaattga     42720
     gaaaaattaa gcaatataaa ctatcctttg actagggtat tcccatttct agaaacataa     42780
     tttaaggact gaagaaatga gccggctgat ggtggtacat gcctttagtc ccagcactca     42840
     ggcagaagca ggaggatctt tataaattca aggccaacct ggtctacaga atgagttcta     42900
     gggcagccaa ggctacatag agaaactctg tctcaaaatt gaagaaatgt cacactgggt     42960
     gtggttacac tcctgtaatc ccagcacttg gaagttatgg cataaaataa gcagttctcg     43020
     gcttatctgt ctagcgaacc tggctgtcaa gtaaacctgg gccattcaat aaggaaggga     43080
     aggaggggag agaacaggag aggaagggaa gggtaggggc aaagttaccc gaatggcgat     43140
     tgagcaaaca tctaaaactt gtatgcacat gtttatttcg atatttaact ttatggctga     43200
     aatggaagga ggattggagg tccaaaacca acccgttcca ctgtgctggc tagtttttgt     43260
     caacttgtca catgctatag agtcacctgg aaacctcaac tgagaaagtg cctccataga     43320
     actggcctgc gggcgtgtct gtggtgcatt ttcttgatga atgatcgatg tgggaatact     43380
     cagcctaccg tggatggcgc catccctaag cagctgatct tgggttatat aagaaagcaa     43440
     gctgaatgag ccgtagaaaa tgaggaggat tccttcatgg tttttgctcc tttgagttcc     43500
     ttctgctttg agttcttgcc ttggcttttc ttaatagtga gctatatata atctataggt     43560
     taaaagacat ccttttctcc taagttgctt ttggtcttta aacaacaaca gaacattacc     43620
     tttaaatgta ttttgcttat gtgtgtgtgc ttgggtatat gccgcatgga tgctttctca     43680
     cgacctggaa ctctgagacc ataatgtaag tctgagctag cctgctggaa aataaaaaac     43740
     aaggaaagga acagaggtgt cccactaaca gcctgccaac tgttagacac ctggacacgg     43800
     taccctagat tagtaagctc gaaaccacca actgaccaca gtcctgtatg ggagcctagc     43860
     agtgattagt catcctgcct agacctcaac aatcaacctg gagaaactac acagttctga     43920
     gccaaacaat agttactcct ttaaaccact aagtcttaag ggaggtttat ggcatgtcaa     43980
     aagctgatat agatcttcct cctcttcatc ttcctcctcc tccttttctt cattttcaat     44040
     tgaaaagtta tctaatcaaa agctacattt gagttgaaaa tgtaagggtc catcctgccc     44100
     aaagtaatct acagattcaa tgcaatcccc atcaaaattc caactcaatt cttcactaag     44160
     ttagaaaggg caatttgcaa cttcatctgg aataataaga aacctaggat agcaaaaact     44220
     atcctcaaca ataaaagaac ctctagtaga atcaccatgc ctgacattaa gctgtactag     44280
     agagcaattg tgataaaaat ctgcatggta ctggtacatc gacagacagg tagatcaatg     44340
     gaatagaatt gaagacccag aaatgaatcc acacacctat ggtcacttga tctttaacaa     44400
     gggagctaaa acatccagtg gaaaaaagac agcattttca acaaatggtg ctggcacaac     44460
     tgaaggttat catgtagaag aatgcgaatt gatccattct tatctccttg tacaaagctc     44520
     aagtctaagt ggatcaaaga cctccacata aaaccagaga cactgaaatt aattgaggag     44580
     aaagtgggga aaagcctcga agatatgggc acaggggaaa aattcctaaa cagaacagca     44640
     atggcttgtg ctgtaagatc aagaattgac aaatgggacc tcataaaatt gcaaagcttc     44700
     tgtaaggcaa aagacaccgt caataagaca aaaaggccac caacagattg ggaaaggatt     44760
     tttaccaatc ctagatctga taggggacta atatccaata tatacaaaga gctcaagaag     44820
     ctggactcca gaaattcaaa taaccccatt aaaagatggg gtacagagct aaacaaagaa     44880
     ttctcacctg aggaataccg aatggctgag aagcacctga aaaaaaaaat gttcaacatc     44940
     cttaatcatc agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag     45000
     aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg tgaggatgtg gagaaaaagg     45060
     aacactcctc cattgctggt aagattgtaa gcttgtacaa ccactctgga agtcagtctg     45120
     gcagttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtact accggaagat ccagcaatac ctttcctggg     45180
     catataccca gaagatattt gaactggtaa taagaacaca tgctccacta tgttcatagc     45240
     agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga tgtccctcaa cagaggaatg     45300
     gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttttacaca attcagtact tactactcag ctattaaaaa     45360
     caatgaattt atgaaattcc tgggcaaatg gatgtatctg gaggatatca tccttagtga     45420
     ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga agtcattaga catgcactca ttgataagtg gatattagcc     45480
     cagaaactta gaatacccaa gatacaattt gcaaaacaca agaaaatcaa gaagaaggaa     45540
     gaccaacgtg tggatacttc atttctcctt agaataggga acaaaatacc catggaagga     45600
     gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctaagatg aaagaatgga ctatccagag accacctcac     45660
     ctggggatcc agtcccatca tcagccacca aacccagaca ctattgcata tgccagcaag     45720
     attttgctga agggaccctg atatagctgt ctcgtatgag gctatgccag tgcctggcaa     45780
     atacaaaagt ggatgtttac gtcatctata ggatggaaca catggctccc aatggagaag     45840
     ctagagaaag cacccaagga gctgaaggag tctgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacaatat     45900
     gaactaacca gtacccccag agctcatgtc tcaagctgca tatgtagcag aaaatggcct     45960
     agttggccat cattggaaga gaggttcctt agtattgcaa actttatatg ccccagtaca     46020
     ggggaacgcc agggccaaaa agtgggagtg ggtgggtagg ggagcagggc ggggggaggg     46080
     tataggggac ttttggtata gcatttgaaa tgtaaataaa gaaaatatct aattaaaaaa     46140
     aaaagaaaaa tgtaagggtc caaacagaga tacacttcag atacaacatg cctgaggccc     46200
     tacattcaaa atccacagta tgggggtggg actggggggt attgttggtt gtctttaaat     46260
     agcaatgata cccttcatta ttgatctata ttagcaaacg ttatccctat tccttagggc     46320
     tataaagttc ttattaatat cctttctcag ggagtccctc ctgtgtcaaa gacagtatta     46380
     agaagtccca cacccttcta tttccccttc agtgctagga attgaaccca gggtcttgtg     46440
     tgtgctctac caactgaact atattcccag ctttgttgag acagaatatt gctctatagc     46500
     tcaggctggc agtgaactca atattgtagc ccaaattaat cttaagttgg tagtgatcct     46560
     cctgcctctt cctcctaagt gtggaaatta tattcttgtt tttaggaatt aggaatcaat     46620
     atatgaatct caatcactta ctctctaaaa taattaaaaa agaaatcatg atcagtccct     46680
     ttcccttgag aaaacagtgt ggcacctccc aaagatgaac ctgcatattc caggacccag     46740
     catcaggctt ctataggctt atagctttga gaaatatgta tcttcttagc agaagacaga     46800
     tgtaagactg cccaaagcag cattattaga aatagcaaaa cactagagag ccaaatattt     46860
     ttcaacagga aaataaattt ttagaattgt gaactattta tacaaaggaa tgttttataa     46920
     caatgaaaat gaagatataa aaacatacaa ataggggctg aagagatggc tcagtggtta     46980
     agagcactga ctgctcttcc agggatcctg agttcaattc ccagaaacca catggtggct     47040
     cacaaccatc tgaaatggga tccaatgccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt     47100
     gtacttatat aaaaacaaaa taaatattta aaaaaacata caaataaaaa tatggcaatc     47160
     atatgctata tggtcaataa atattataac tatttggagt ataataaagt gataataata     47220
     gtagaaaaat gtgaatgggg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc acccgactgc     47280
     tcttccgaag gtccagagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta     47340
     acaagatctg acgccctctt ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc tatagtgtac ttacatataa     47400
     taaataaaaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaatg tgaatgggta ataattgtgt gtgatatatg     47460
     acaatatatt aggaaagcaa atcatgcatt tttatgaaag tgggaaatag aacaaagtaa     47520
     gttttgttta gcaagacatg tgaagcaaag agatttgaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     47580
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagagaga gagagaggga     47640
     ggaaggaaga gagagagaga aagaaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa agaaggaagg     47700
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg gaagcaagca gaagaccaac actcagggag gcagtaagca     47760
     ctggggctgg gactggaagc gaagtctcca ggaggttttg tccctgtggg ttggctatgt     47820
     agaaatctga aggggactca gaaacaaatc acacaggcaa aacagcaggc cgttgcccct     47880
     cctggctgcg aagtgaccag gaggcccctg cagcgggaga ggaaaaagga aaggggccac     47940
     ctgtgccaca ggggcttcca gaccactgag agcattggtt cccgttctaa ccagaaaagc     48000
     attttaaaga aaagatttat ctttatttta tgcatatggg tgttttgagc ttatgtctat     48060
     acaccacatg gttgcctggt gcctttaggg gccacaagag gacgtcagag cctctagaac     48120
     tagagctaca gatgattgtc tgctaccatg tgggtgccag ggattgaacc ccagtcctct     48180
     agaagagcag ccagtgtctt aactgcaagc catctttcca gctcttgagg aaactggagc     48240
     acaagaggac agaaatcagg tgaaacagga tgttattgtg gaagcaaagc agctcagtgg     48300
     gaggcctaga gacggcgtct tggacaagga cgagtagcca tcacactcag tatattttga     48360
     aagtagagct gatgaaaatt ttctgatgaa ttctgataga ggaaggattt cgaaagaggg     48420
     gagtcaggat tcgcagcctg gatgttggga gggaaggggc tgctagggcc tgagaggaga     48480
     aagttccttt ccagcacagg acttcaaaga gaccaagatc agcaccaaaa tgatgctgag     48540
     gacattatga gcctgaactg ccaatcaaat gcatatccgg atgcagctgg agatacaggt     48600
     aagagagttc agggacaagg tccagactag aagtatgaat tcaagaccca tcaatacata     48660
     tgtggccttt caccacacca tgttgctgtt tgaagttgct tagggaataa aacttgaaaa     48720
     ggctggggag agaggtgaag ggatagaggg acatttgatg actgactttt gggaacggac     48780
     agattcacaa ctcaaggaga caagaaggct aaaaatcaag ccgacaagag aaggagccac     48840
     cagtatgtgc atgcggtgtg tacactacat gcgtgtggtg tctgcggagg ccagaagagg     48900
     gcgccaggtc ctctaggcct ggagttacag gagcgtgtga actgcaatgt tggtgctggg     48960
     aattgaacac tgatcctttg aaagaatagc catgcttttg atctctgagc catcttccca     49020
     gctccataac taaatgttta tcagtatata tgtatagttt attcttttta gacggtttgg     49080
     tttggtttgg ttttggtggt ggttgttgtt ttttttttta gacaagtttt tctctttgta     49140
     tagcctgtct gtcctggaac ttgttctatg gaccaggctg acctggaact catagagatc     49200
     tgcctgtctc tgcctcccat gtgctgggat taaatggtgt gcaccaccac ttgcctgtag     49260
     cattcttttt agttttggaa taaaagaagt aaatacattt ggaagtgggc gagaaccatc     49320
     tgggttgggt gtggtgatac atgcgtgcct cagcctcagc accagggaag ctcatgtgag     49380
     gaccatgagt tctaaagtga gcctgggccc cacagccaca caatccaaag ataagtaaat     49440
     aaaagattgg gaagagaagg gaaaggaatg acttcagagg ggggggggtc attaaaaggc     49500
     cacaagggac agtcactgtg agaatttgcc attagagact gaccaggcaa gcacttccgg     49560
     ttcatcgccc atgtgatatc acacaggacc atcgactgat cctgtgacga cagttcggag     49620
     gagcttacaa ctgccaacaa gcagctttac tgagccatgc atgcgatgcc tttcgccaaa     49680
     cacttttgag aatgatcttc ctccgtcctc caatcaactg tgagaaggca ggaacccagt     49740
     taccccatct tccagacaag aaagaaggta agggcaagag atgccaaggt tatgtgcctg     49800
     aaatagaacc gggcagaatc cgctatctgc aggccagcca tgtcccagag aaatgtgagc     49860
     ctcctacaga cttttcaatt tttctcaaaa atgtaaagaa tgaaaagggt gagattaatt     49920
     ttaatagtag gttacattta catagtatct atctagatca tatcaactta tagttattat     49980
     aaactattgt ggtgttcttc ttatattcag tcttcagaat tgataggtat taagatatgg     50040
     ctcatttcgg caccaaatat tcatccagag cgtctggtcc ccatttcgat tgtataaaaa     50100
     ctgtagctaa gaaaatatat tcatgctggg aagtagtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca     50160
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatttctga gttcaaatcc agcctggtct acagagtgag     50220
     ttccaggaca gccaggacta cacagaaaaa tcctgtctcg aaaaggccaa aaaaaaaaaa     50280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa gcagaaaaaa gaaaaaggaa gaaaatatat     50340
     tcatttaccc aagtcatctc aaactgagtt gaaaaggttt tcagtagttg agtatctatt     50400
     ttaactttca cttaattaag atgaaacaaa attaatggtc tagttccttg gagtcctaga     50460
     catacctagg cattgcttcc cacagctggg gccacagagc agagggccac agcccccgac     50520
     tctttaccaa gttccaccac cttttcccag aatgcctttc gcatctgttt ccctctcctt     50580
     atttagtaaa tgcgtttgct ctgctttcag atagggttta actctgtatg tagccaaggt     50640
     cccctaaaac tcccagtgtg gcccatgctc ctgtgtaact cgaggcagct cttctgtccc     50700
     acgtgctggg gttacccaca ttagcctcac gttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttgtttt     50760
     tgaaggcaag gatctcaaac cttctgtaat cacccacaca cccctcacaa cccctgaccc     50820
     gtcattccct ccatctccct ttcccccacc ctgcttctgc tttccaggac tgcaggtgag     50880
     tgacatcaca ctcagctttc aggtcaaccc acctccatca cccttaggtc catagtgact     50940
     cctttttaat ttactcttat gtatgggtat gttgcctgca tggacgtctg tgagccaagt     51000
     gtgttcctgg tgcctgtgga ggttggaagg cggcactgga cttacagacg gttgtgagcc     51060
     acattgtggg gattgaaccc tagtcccctg gaaggccaga caatgctccc aactgctgag     51120
     ccattacccc aacctcagca cttaacagat ttttttatta ccgtaagcca gggccagttt     51180
     gactttcttt aaaacacagt tgtaaccact aagagttatt ggatacttac catgccaaga     51240
     tttgccaaga tttgacctaa gctccgccca tgattagctg taaattgctg tagtgaaggg     51300
     agtgttctta gtatcttcct tctcgttctc tttcagtgct agagaccagg ctcatggcct     51360
     cacacaggcc agacaagcgt cttataccaa actgtctccc tgactcccaa cacccccata     51420
     tcaaagagaa gtggctgagg agatggaata acctcctagc taccgagtgg aagtgctaga     51480
     aagttgagct agcttgatct cctcctcaca ctctgggcct ctgggaggtg aatacgtccc     51540
     tcccaggtat acacccagct atggaacttc gagtgatgga agtctaggtg ctggctttgt     51600
     ttttcttttt aaatcttctc tcgttcttgc cagtgtattt caatttacgt gcccatgata     51660
     tgtaccgatt tttaaatgtc ttaagtctga taatgatgat tctggtatgg tttcagtcac     51720
     acaaatacac aaaattgctt cttaaatgtc cagatcccaa tgcccttagt ctcttctgat     51780
     agcaaatagc ctcctcttcg ttagtagcgg cagatacttt aaacatccag ccttggtggc     51840
     ttctaactgt gaaagtcatt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc     51900
     cccttttatt ttctaaacaa ggtctcctgt agcccaggtt gttcttgaat tttccgcata     51960
     gcccaaggtt accttgaatt cctctccctc cacctccaga atgttgggaa tgacagaggg     52020
     taatggcact ggagagatgg cccattggct aagggcactg taccgctctg gcagaggacc     52080
     caaactcagc tcacaataat gccctaaacc tccagctcca ggggcatctg atgcccctaa     52140
     gcatctatgg gaacttacat tcacatgcac acacccacac acagacacac aaaaacacaa     52200
     ttttcaaaat taattagagc agtgtataac tcactatgcc tggtttatat aatgttgggg     52260
     ctcaaacaaa gggctccttg aatgctaggc aaatactcta gcaaccgaga tatagcccta     52320
     actaaccatc aaccatgccc atgcgaatac ccccctgagc aggatgtggt cctgaccaga     52380
     aagccttcat ggatctttac ttgacttctg acattctgac tttgtttcct actatcctca     52440
     ccccacttca ggactcagcc aactggtcta cttgcaactc cctgactctg ttttttccat     52500
     ctgttcaacc ttcctccggc tcctccctct atctagaaag catcctgcct tccttccacc     52560
     atgtctgcct agtgagcgca atgattactc caagtagcag tggttctggt ttccttcctt     52620
     ccttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     52680
     cccctccctc cctccctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     52740
     tttctttctt tctttctttt ccctccctcc ctccctccct ctttctttct ttctttcttt     52800
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctctgctcac     52860
     ctgcctcacc ctgctgacca cacacgttaa ccttaggtca aagtttatat gttattattt     52920
     gtgtgtatga tttgttttgc ggccagtgtt tcttaagctc ttaccataca ctgagaatat     52980
     gtacgaggaa cttgaccgtg ctgtctgttt taactcagtc ctcacagcag cccttcgaga     53040
     taggcaggac tccctccatt ttataggaca gaagtcggag gctgtcagaa gttaatgatc     53100
     ttgattcctt actaaatggc aagagttatc actcactcaa caaatcgtat tccaatctgt     53160
     gtctgccaga ttcctagggc cccctgggcc tttcagtatg gattgggaag tccctctggg     53220
     gctattagca cagcagcctc aggacagggc agaccatacc agagccagtt ttctgctcct     53280
     ctccttttat ttggatttgt tgcactatgt taaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaact     53340
     gtttgggttt cagtcggcaa ttagctgggg ccagcacagc accaaaggag tgactcatgt     53400
     ggacaaacag catccaggat gtttagttcc actgggtgac cctgattatt gtaaacctga     53460
     gacaggagtg ccaagccctg gcacacctcc agcagtttcc tctccctgtg ctctgccacc     53520
     tcaataaaac ctccagccaa gtctcccttc ttcctgcttc aatccggtcg gagggctcag     53580
     cctttataaa tagtccatgg cagcagtgct atcactagga gcagccttag tttgataaga     53640
     ggccctggca ttgataccct acataggctc ccgagaaatc cataggaaaa tcaagaactg     53700
     agaagagaca gtctccctcg gactagattt tcaccgttta agaattggaa acccccaaac     53760
     ttgctggatc agctcgtatt gcttaatgaa gaactttgta atactgcact cattctcttc     53820
     cttattattt aggagtcaag ggtgttcaga ggctgtttgc tcaggagagt gtaaacagag     53880
     cttgctgatg cccctggcca acgagcatgc ctccaaagct atttcaacat ggcaaggggt     53940
     gtgggcctag ctaaagaggc tgagccaaga agtaggggtg aagtaactct attttgtatt     54000
     tgaggtccat ttttatcttt ccatcttcag gacaggcatc cctggggttg tcgttagcag     54060
     aatgcccatt ccacagctcc ccaaactgtg gagtgttgaa cacctttcca ctgccttcga     54120
     ctcacttact cgtaagcaaa tgtttgtggt ttaaataagt ctaaagacag aatatgcaca     54180
     caacatagaa ttcttatgtt aatattcttc cctccctctt aaccagaacg gtgtccaagg     54240
     ccttcaattc aatgtcttat atgtcacagt ggacaaagat ctaatgacag gcggcagttg     54300
     tatggtagaa ttcttatctt ctacaaagga aatgacagtg tttaacactt aggcaagaca     54360
     actaggccac aggccaccaa ggccagtgaa ccaaggtcac tgggaagatc atcctgttca     54420
     cggtcatctt taaaatctat cgtgaagtgg ctcggtaaaa atgtagttgg ttatggtcac     54480
     agccagggta ttattgggcc tagcaaaagt tctaaaaggc ccgctgactg gggccatttt     54540
     ccagtgattg cagggttttt atttttattt ttttctgtgt gttcatacta tgtatatgga     54600
     tatgggcaca cacatcccac agtgtgcaca tgaaggtcag aggatgattc tgtgaggcct     54660
     gtctctcact atggagcttc gaatgacctt ggatttctgg tcctgctgcc cccacctccc     54720
     aagtgctaag attacagaca aaggccactc tatctggttt actcagtact gaggaatcaa     54780
     acccagggct tcatgcatgc gaagggagca ctttgttaac tctgcaaaat gtgggaggtt     54840
     tgaaaacaaa agtctagcac tgcaggagga aagccaaggg tcaaatgtag ttgaggtgct     54900
     gaggggttca aatagtcctt gtagctaggt cccagccatg gggtcacttc atttttaatt     54960
     tttttaaaat tttgtgtata tgaatgcttg cctgtgtgca tgaatgtgta ctgcacgcct     55020
     gcagtgccct cagagaccaa gagagagcgt caaatcccct gaaactggaa ttacagatgg     55080
     ctgtgagctg tcatatgcct tctgagaact gagttcagat tttctacaaa ggcagcaagt     55140
     tctcttcacc cctgagccag agccattttt tcctcccttt gtggaacatg ctatgtccta     55200
     gaacccgatt tgtagattaa gctggcctca aactcacaaa gacccacctg cctctgcctc     55260
     ctaagtgctg gcgattaaag ggatgcaaca ccaagtccag tacctatggg ccactcaaat     55320
     attaatgaat cccacttgct tcttttgtga tttgctatgt tgtagatagg ctagtggtta     55380
     ggaccctcca taattgtatt tatgggactg cactggcatt gttaattaac actggtgact     55440
     taaaggacta ttttaacccc tcaaaacctt agctaggttt gatatttagc atctccccta     55500
     cagtgctaga cttttgacat gttttcaaat ctctcacatt ctgcataaat tttattctgc     55560
     cttccccaat atactttttg taaatatttc aatgttgtct ctaccatatg tttttaagtc     55620
     acttacagca caaaccaaat atcgttattt cactaatacc aaaactattt aactttggta     55680
     ttcctattgt cttgtcatat gtccccccaa aaaccaattt tcaaaatcat ttttgttgtt     55740
     gtggttgtta gaagacattc actacctctt ttgtgaatta tgttgttaac attttagaga     55800
     caccttgaaa aggacttgtg gcatatgcta acataagttc aaaggaaaga gtgggggggg     55860
     atatgttgta gaattcaaaa tctagagaag gtgggacatg tgctaaacac taaccaaagt     55920
     gtgcaaggga acaggcaaag cgttccagga gggcctcagc cagcagctgc gagcaactgg     55980
     atgttaacac agagggcact tactaggtag gatcctacgg ctggtctccc gagcttccca     56040
     ccctcagacc caagggcttc tgaccccagt ctactaccag tccttaactt tacttttatc     56100
     ccagttccct cctttcctct ttctgtttgg tctctcgatg tttccaatca ctctctaggt     56160
     aatttcaccc atctgggaag cagctactgt cttctttctc tttctttctg agaactgtca     56220
     ctctttcgga ccttactccc tgagccagag ctgctgagag ctcctgaggg tgatctattt     56280
     taggagtcct ccgatgggct ggcctccccc atgacgacac cagcctgctt ccctcgctcc     56340
     agctcctact catccctaga aaaaaattga actctatggc ccctgaaact gtgactggat     56400
     ctccaaggtc tctatctgga tctaggcttt ttagctcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     56460
     tcccaaagtg agatcaggtc aagggggtgg agtggacagt acctctttgc aggcgtgaag     56520
     ctcgggtccg gttcccaggg tcacctggaa ggtggtccca gcccaaagca acagccacag     56580
     aagccggggt gtgcgccttt cagtttttcc tccgtctctg gcagaaggat gggggttgtg     56640
     accaggctct gccatagcgc tgtcctgagc cagcggcagt agcggctcag gtgctgcggt     56700
     ggctgcttat gctggcagag gaggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag gagggaggta     56760
     cacaggggga ggatgcaagg ggctggactc gcttcagtca cctccctgcg gctacgccaa     56820
     ggcagcccat ccttcttcct ccctcggtcc tctcctcctc ctatccatgt cgccttgaca     56880
     accgcatcct cttcgctcag cgcgggtggg gcagggacca cgcgcgcctg tgcggctcac     56940
     ctgccggtct ccatggcagc cgccaccgct ggcgcgcggc gtgggagtgc acgagccagg     57000
     gtttgcaact aaccgaacag gcttacgtaa agcacgcagt agagaaaccc tccaaaacat     57060
     ctgcagcagc tcatttcgca cctattactc ttccgggcag ggggctattt ctaagcatat     57120
     cttattttgt aaacatggca tgtaaaacga ttaggggaag acaggcgtct tcgttatctt     57180
     ccagggatgg tctcctagag tggccccagc actaactgca aaaactagtt ccatccttcc     57240
     tccccaccaa atccatccac gtttttacag ccgtctcagt gagcaaccat gacgtctgca     57300
     tagttaaaca gcaaggagtg tgacctaatc gacagttttg caagtaggac acgtgagatc     57360
     tttgagatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     57420
     atatatatat attgacattc tcttactctc gttgatttga aaatggggaa gctctctttt     57480
     aggtgaaagc gagaaggaaa catttgggtc atcttttagt gtttctttcg tcagctttcg     57540
     cagaaatccc atgccttggg aagccagcgt tttccaacag aggctccaga gtgcgtatcc     57600
     aggtcgcctt ccctccattc acagcagcct cctctcaagg agccttctta gttgaaccgc     57660
     caggtggcgc atcagaatac atctgtcata actggaggga tagctgccta gcaactaaaa     57720
     attgggcgtt ccaaacaatt gggacccggg atcctctgcg aaccaggtcg tgctgaggct     57780
     gcactagtct ccagggagta agcgtgcgtc tctgggcctt taaacatgct tcagcctcag     57840
     gaaactttct cgaaccctgc cttacgcgac gaagacaaac atttgggaaa tctgtgggct     57900
     tctaaggtac attgaggttt cctcagcaaa ttcccagtgg ggcctgcagg aaattcttgg     57960
     taacctaact ctgatgagat caccaagtat caaagaaatc tgttttctgc ctgtctccta     58020
     ggtccgctat ttgcgtctga taacgttttg gaagtggttt tgagcagagg gaagggaact     58080
     gagctctaat gtagaacaag gtctgtcaaa gcagtgatgg ggaatataaa tgatggggaa     58140
     atataataat agtcagggtt ccaccaagct acccttttgt cttggcttgg catgtgtact     58200
     ccaaagacag atgagaggta gaatggaaga aaatctctga aagacaccag gtcatacttc     58260
     aagcaagtct tcatggtacc tctggcctct ggctgatgca agaacacatt tgtatacgtg     58320
     tgtgtgttta gttatgttca gtggaaatat acaccatctt tttcctagtc tgagtatttg     58380
     ggatatttga agagatgcac aataaagcga attaagtggt aatttgagct tgataacaac     58440
     accaaagaat ttccttttct tcaatatttg cggcttatgt gccaggcatg ctgggaaaca     58500
     ctgagaaaac atagcctcaa tttagatata gttactgtcc ggttagctta gtaaggaaga     58560
     caggccagcc cctgcatcag tcacttagtg ggtagcacaa ctgatcctca tatttggtgg     58620
     gtgaagggga cgaccaggaa ctctcagcct gcctgagcta tgagaatctg tttacaaaca     58680
     aacaaccaaa cccacagaca taacaaaaac caaaatgcac ttccctcaga ggcacatgca     58740
     ctgtggtgga gtcataggta gagtgcccaa gaataggggc ataaaggagg ggtttctaaa     58800
     agaaagtgag tgacatctgt tgagttacct gagacacgtg aaaaaggtgt gcgtgtgtgt     58860
     gtttgtgtgt gtgaagttag aaagaaggaa agaaatatca gctactgggg ataggaagca     58920
     gtaggtgcag atacattcga aggagagaca gagcatcctg gagaactgct aactccagaa     58980
     aagtcgaatg tcagtgcgaa acagcgacac tcagactggt gctagagacg acctcggtgg     59040
     ctgaatgctg tgagcattgt gttagtgggc taggagccat cacagagctg ttgggaatca     59100
     cgagacttca agtactagag tgtcacagag tgttagaaat cacacacagc tgtgacatgt     59160
     ctttcagtaa atgtgtgttc agtgtataag tataagccaa atcgagggcc tacaggcttg     59220
     actacatagc aaggtcgaga ctagtctaaa ttatatgaga cactgtctca aaaaccaaaa     59280
     ctggtggcct atgtggataa acttgatcaa gagaggatgc tgttaacatt tatgggattg     59340
     gtcttacgag tatcatatgc tcagctccat tgagttaatt gtaaataagt cactgctgct     59400
     agacacgtac tttgattata tccttgacaa ctatgaatag ctgcatgtag ctgcagtgaa     59460
     agagaaatta gagtctcaag atagcttgct gtggaagtcc tggataccca aaggaattga     59520
     gttagcagaa ggatgcctac acatgtaggt atttactatg gctctgataa tcacagtccc     59580
     caatttaaaa aaaaatagcc taggtatctg cccacatgaa tggctatatg tgagagacat     59640
     aaacaaccaa gtatcattta gtcataaagg acagttatat tttccaggag ttggatgcaa     59700
     cataataaga cagatgaggc agattcagaa aggcagatgt ggcatatgta aaatctactc     59760
     ttatatttaa ggatgtgaga cagtatctaa ggggttgaac ttgcctagcc tgagtttgac     59820
     ccctaacaaa gcaagtggga atgagacatg aacgtagaaa ggggactaat tggaagagga     59880
     atgagagagg ataacagggt tggggggcgg ggaaatatgg tcggagttct ctgtgctatc     59940
     acgatgaagc ctgttttgta tagttagtgt gtgctaatat taaaagatta catttgtcaa     60000
     tgttcagaga ctcctattac agaattggtg accaataaat agaggctctt ctggcttgaa     60060
     aaagaaaagg gaagaaatca catggagcag tggactggct aggctgggag cgagacagaa     60120
     gggcacctgc tgggaggcaa gtgcagtggt cattgggaag caggtgcagt agtcaaccgg     60180
     tgggcaggtg atgaacagaa gagtaaccga catcagtgac aggtgataag atgcgagttt     60240
     gagaaggatg caaaggacca ggcagtggga tttgatgcct gactccacat gggtataagg     60300
     aaatggataa atacaagata gactcctgga tttccggggg ttcaattaac accattactg     60360
     aaatggagca tcttaaggaa gcaggtttga acagaaagat gttgacatca attatgtagg     60420
     tgcttgtgtg gtgcctctga aatctttaaa tgattgtgtg ttatgcaggc ttgagaaggt     60480
     agggttgaaa atgtatgtct aggagctaca cggcttatgt gctgtttaaa agtgtagtag     60540
     aaaagccgcc tgccctgtga atataagagt aagacatgag ggactggaga gatagatggc     60600
     ttagtggtta agagcattga ctggtctttc agaggtcttg agttcaattc ccagcaccca     60660
     cttggtagct cataagtgtc tgtaactcct ggctctgacg tcctcacaca gacatgcatg     60720
     caccaatgca cataaaataa aaatagttaa aaaaaataaa acaaacaaaa agatactctc     60780
     ttgagaagcc tgagcagaga aggaaagtgt aacagccaga gaccggagtt aaaccggatg     60840
     gagttggcct acaggatgga gaagtattgg tggggtttca gagttacggt gccagaagtg     60900
     tctcaggaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag aaaaagaaaa agaaaaagaa     60960
     aaaaaaaaga tgagggctgg aaagatcctt ctagaagcca cagaggtcat aggtcaataa     61020
     ccagtttcaa tggacactgg aggagaggca agaacataaa gggttggaga caggaatggg     61080
     gaggaagggg agttagtaat tgttgaccct tgaagaaggg tgtttctgtg gagaaggtga     61140
     cagggtggta gatacagcac cataggtcag atggtacaga gggtggggtc agaggagggg     61200
     gtggggaaca gtacatatgg aaaggactgg gaagggctgg gtctagagaa acttcctcct     61260
     gagtaaagag acttctcctc ttgatcaaag gagagagagt ctgcagattg gcatcagtgt     61320
     tgatagttgg attttttttc tgtttgtttt tgtttgtttg ttttggacag ggtttctctg     61380
     tgtagccccg acagacctag aacttgtctg tagaccaggc tatcctcaaa ctcacagaga     61440
     tccacctgct tctgcctcct ctcatttata cttatattca gcctttcatt tttattgttg     61500
     ttgtttggtt ctgattttga ggacagggtt tctctatgta gccctggttg tcctggaact     61560
     tgctatgtag accagggtgc cttctaattc agagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct     61620
     gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct     61680
     gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctcctc tgcctctgtc     61740
     tgccaaaggc atgcaccacc accacctggc cttagtgaaa ggccatctcc ttgtgccaat     61800
     agagaagatg ttgagccctg tatagctttt gtagagtgtg gcagagccac ttggagacac     61860
     agcagagcaa aggcagtagc tgaatctgta tttgcatcac gtatacatat tttacattct     61920
     tgtctgatcc tgctgttcaa ctaagattta tctgagttaa tcatacagca gtttgctatg     61980
     tgatgggaga ggaggctaga tagtaggcta ttggtagagt tcggccactg gtttgatcag     62040
     gccctagttt ttaagtacct gtgttaggtc attgtccttg ctactgagga cacatgcagt     62100
     ggtgaaaata ttcattttct atatacaaga aaaatcaaat tttttctcac aatgtctgtg     62160
     gtgtttatag aactgagtgt ctgatgactt cttttatgat gttcctttcc tccgtgagtt     62220
     attcttcctt gaataatctt tttctcacct agacaacaca cattctttgt tccccttcgc     62280
     ctctcatggg actcttcctg ccctagtgaa aatagagcct tttagttgag ttcctcttct     62340
     gcacacctca actactactg catgtggaca acttgcttta tcttatttgt ttccagtgct     62400
     ccagcaagcc atacacttcc ggttttctgt tcattagaaa tccaaacttg ggacttataa     62460
     acatgaccat atcatcgtca tgcccggctc cctgagcccc cttctttatt tccaggttcc     62520
     cgacccaccg gtttcttgtt tccaaggccc acttcaatga tttctcactc agagagctca     62580
     gggagtcgtc gcccctgcta ctgtgcctct ccatacaacg ggatgaagca catgagccat     62640
     actgcgtcag caaggtgtct gggaactagg tcctgtgtgt ggtttctctt gcagaaatcg     62700
     ctgtataaga acccagctca ccttgcgcaa cagcaggatc cctggagtcg gctcagctca     62760
     acccccacag ccacgtccag aagtcgagac accttttttg attctaaggt actcagcatt     62820
     gaaatacaaa atactacttc tttttgcatc tacttaggcc tcaataaatt tattttcttt     62880
     ctttctttct tttttttttt aagatagagt cttgctacat ggccaaagct gacctcaaac     62940
     ttagtattta gcccagactg gcctggactc tcaatccttc ctgtcttagc ctcttaaatc     63000
     ctgagattgc gattgcaggc atatgccagc acacctggca ttcatatcct tttctaaaga     63060
     tagtctgaag tgcctcagca tctctccatt cattcccaat tcaagatctt accatccaaa     63120
     accaacctat taagtcacaa ggcttggtcc aagtcatttt tatcaaattt cttctcacat     63180
     agtgtatcaa atcaaaggct gctccaggct gttgtgatgc acacttttaa tcccagcact     63240
     tggggggcag aggcagacag atctccaaat tagaagccag cctggtctac agcgcaagct     63300
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaccaaagac aaaccaacaa     63360
     caacaacaaa aaccttccaa ggctgaatat aactgtaaat gaggtagggt ttgttaaacc     63420
     caaatcaaag acaattttcc catgtcacca gaaacagcct taaccaaaag agacccttcc     63480
     tattgacaag aagtctcatc acacacaatg cagtgttgag agctggtggg cttctggggg     63540
     ataggagagc tgagtccgat ctgaatacaa cagctggatg caatctggca agaggcaagg     63600
     cacagagcag caaagttaac tccgggagga ctgattcctc tctagatacc aaaggatgac     63660
     ctggacttcc gcttagcaac cttgtataac caccacactg gggcattcaa gaacaaaact     63720
     gagatattgt tacaccagga gaccattgag gatatccagg ggtaagtgat gaaatcagag     63780
     cccctccacc ctgaggatgt gcggcatcaa ttacataagg taaaaggaca cctggtgctg     63840
     tgaacaagtc catagctgtt tgtttgtttt gaggggtttt gtttttgttt tatctgcagc     63900
     atagtttttt ttgttttttg ttttgtttgg ttgtttgttt gtttgtcttg tctttgtttt     63960
     acctgtgctg gggagcgagc ctggggtttc atgcatgcta agcaagtgct gtaccacgga     64020
     gctacatcct cagctctcat ttctttattt catttttaaa acatgacaag tcctcatctc     64080
     gatagttcgt ctctatccag ttaagttcat ggagataaac aaacacatgc tttgatgatt     64140
     atagaagagc agtggggccc tgaggtctta tgaatgccta tttcccctct caccacctcc     64200
     tttctgattg actctctctg ctctctttcc accattgtct agaaccaaga tccagtttcc     64260
     tggagaatgt ttccacgctc cttcagcccc cattacttcc cggaccacca tcaggcactg     64320
     gatcaaccct aagaaagagt ccatccatag cattcaggga tccataggtg aggattagac     64380
     gacagcgtgg gctcatggtg gcggcggccg tggggttgct agaggatggc caggatcaga     64440
     ggctccttgt tactggctga tagaaaagat cagagactat agagggtagg aattagtgat     64500
     taggctgtca cctatcatac taacactagg ggacctgctg atggtaaaac tgggggagtt     64560
     cgtgtcttta gattaagtct aggtggcatt ttgatcagca agcactggac atgaatgtgg     64620
     aagtgaagac cttggttcac ttccatcagt ctgtcatatc tcagtttcct acctttacaa     64680
     gaattttctc aaggtatcga taaatgcatt gattaaagga ttaaaagggg gctggggcaa     64740
     agggtctgaa atcccggctc accccgttct cttttctcta cagtgtctcc tcacactgcg     64800
     gccaccaatg gaggttactc ccggaaaaat gatggtggct tcttctccac ctagtggtga     64860
     caaccaggct aatttcaaca tggtggaaca tccagccacc catcttcatt aaataggttt     64920
     gttcaagatg aagccccatg tgtctgctgt ccaggacatt tttgaccatt cttaaaagga     64980
     agaaaattcc ccaattctag aaactagtcc tgttgggtaa atttgcacct tggaaagtct     65040
     gcttgccaga tgtaagggtt tagtacagaa gcacaactgg tttggatggg acacagtatt     65100
     tagtgtacaa gtttgtaaac taaagtcaca gctacacaga gccacatttg gcagtaagtc     65160
     agggaaacag gaaatagaca cagcctgttc tcttaatgag ccaggtatca ctatggtact     65220
     acatactcta tagctaactg ctagcatcac attatagatg gtaggcctct tgggtttcat     65280
     catctgcttt tctttgagag ctccatttcc ctggccttac tccttgctat cattcagctc     65340
     tgactctgcc acttcctgga agtcaacggt cttttctgtg tcaattttgc ctgtgacata     65400
     tagacccgat tctcataacc gtcattcaaa catatatgta tagttgtata ctatgtatat     65460
     atatatattc aaacatgcat gtatagtgtt cagatttcaa ggtccctaaa atgtgatgca     65520
     gtaagatggt ttctaatctt ataaatcatg gggttggggg attgctcagt ggacaaagtg     65580
     cttgctgtgc aagcatgagg acctgaggtt tgggtcccca gcacatctgt aattctgggg     65640
     ttatgcaggc agggatgcag gcacaaaggc agatcccagg gccttgctgg ccagccggtc     65700
     tggctgaatt aacttagttc taggctctgt gagaaactcc atctcaaaca aacaaaaaca     65760
     aacaaacaag caaacataca ataagtcaga cagacagaca gaggaagaca cccaacttca     65820
     acctctggcc tccacaagtg cacacacaga ggcatgtgaa tctgtccaaa aaaaaaaaaa     65880
     aagattgggc aaaaaatggc ccggcccaat ggccttttga atactgcact ataaggtatg     65940
     tatagtggta tacagcttta atcacagcac tcagcaggta gagacagagg aattgctagt     66000
     ccaaggctgg cctgagttac ataaacattg tctcaaaaat attttaaaca aataaaaagc     66060
     ttgtactatc aagttccatt tctaattaag tctgacagta ttactttatt tataactcaa     66120
     atacaaaggg ggttcttcca ggatctgctg tattccttta tataaatctt ccagtctcct     66180
     cagatagtat ctgctgccat gtggcaatat gaagtttcca cacttgggag gctgaggtag     66240
     gaatattagg aattcatggt catccttgtc tgtatagtga gttcgaggcc agcctgagat     66300
     atcttattta atgcactgtc taaataaaat cttaacatta ttctgaaaag ttgaacaaga     66360
     agcaattctt acaatctctt ttctcagggc agcattagcc tgacaccaaa accagatata     66420
     gacacatata tacttacaca ctcacactta tacatataca cctacattgc tctcacacat     66480
     atatacacac ataggctcac attcacacac ttatgcacac ttaaatacat attatacaca     66540
     cacacaatta cttaaacatg ctttttaaaa atcaggaaaa aggaaaggcc tatatttgta     66600
     ataaatgtta tggtggtctg aataaagaca ggctgggatt aaaggtgtgc accatctctt     66660
     ccggctaggc ccatatattt gaatgtttcc cagttggaga actgttctga aaggattagg     66720
     agttgtggcc ttgttgaagg aggtatgtcc ctggaggtgg ctttgaggtt tgaaaagccc     66780
     acaccaggcc cagactcatc tcttccctgc ttctaacttg tgggtctgat gaagctctca     66840
     gctgtgctcc agcaccatgc ctgcctgcct tcctgcctgt ctgcatgtct gcatgtctgt     66900
     ctgcctgcct gcctgcttgc ctgcctgcct tcctgcctgt ctgcatgtct gtctgtctgt     66960
     ctgcctgcct gcctctgcat gcctctgcct gcctctgcct ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgt     67020
     ctgcctgcct gtctgcctgc ctgcctgcat gtctgcatac ctgtctgcct gcctgcctgc     67080
     ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gtctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gtctgtctgt     67140
     ctgtctgtct gcctgcctgt ctgcatgtct gtctgtctgc ctctgcctgc ctgcctgcct     67200
     gtctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gtctgcctgt ctgcctgtct     67260
     gcctgtctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgtctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctctgcctgc     67320
     ctgcctgcct gcctgcctct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct ctgcctgcct gtctgcctct     67380
     gcctgcctct gcctgcctct gcctgcctct gcctgcctct gcctgcctct gcctgcctct     67440
     gcctgcctct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gctgctcctt     67500
     accatgatgg tcacggacta accctttgaa acttcaagca acattttaat caaatgtttt     67560
     ctttaaaagg ttgccttgat tatggtgtct cttcacagca ctggaacatt aataagacaa     67620
     acataaatgt aaaactcagc aaggtaacca agtccaatgg ctcattaaaa ggattatttt     67680
     atgtgatcaa atgaggttca taccaaggac aatagttgtc acaagttgtc acaagttgac     67740
     acaagttgac acaagctaga atcatctgaa aggaacttca actgagaaaa taactccata     67800
     aaatccagct ctcagacatt ttcttaattg gtgattgatg gagaagggct ctgcccatgg     67860
     caggtgtcct aggtagctct atccctggac tattggtcct gggttctaga agcaaacagg     67920
     ctgagcaagc ctgagagtaa ggcagtaagc agcatccctc catggcctct gcatcagctc     67980
     ttgactccag gatcctgccc tgtttgagtt ccagtcctga cttcctgttc aatgatgaac     68040
     agtgtgccaa ggaagtgtaa gcggaataaa ccctttcctc cccaagttgt tttggtcatg     68100
     gtgttttacc acagcaatag aaaccctaag acaaaggata agaccccaac attaagccag     68160
     gcatggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagaa cttgggaggc agagacaggc agatttctta     68220
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaggggaa cacagagaaa     68280
     ccctgtcttg aaaaaacaaa caaaaacaac aaaacaagac cccaacatta agtttatata     68340
     tcacaagtcc actctcagta ttttaccaaa taggagacag ccgaaacttt ccttctaaga     68400
     tcttgggcga gggaaggacg accaccacgt tcacccctta cattcagcat ggtaacaaga     68460
     gaaagccaga aagaatgaag agcattcaaa ctgggtggtc tcagggtggg tggtaggata     68520
     cccaactgtc attggatgca aaacacatgg tcttcttttt cttttcattg tgtgtttgtt     68580
     ttgttgtttg caacagggtt tctttgtgta tccctggctg tcttgaaatt tgctctgtaa     68640
     accaggatgg cctcaaactc agagatctgc ctgcttttgc cttccaagag ctgggatcaa     68700
     aggcgtatgc tgctaccacc cacagatata tgaccttaca ggtagaaaac atcagagatt     68760
     ttaccaaaat ctattagagc taataaattc aatatagttt caggataaaa atcagcatga     68820
     gggctggaga gatggctcag cggttaagag cacagactgc tcttccaggg gtcatgagtt     68880
     caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatcagta atgggatgtg atgccctctt     68940
     ctgatgtgtc tgaagagagc aatggtgtac tcatatacat aaaataaatt aataaatctt     69000
     tttaaaaaat cagcatgaga gtagcaacca gctactcggg aggttgagat agaaggatta     69060
     taatttcaag actttcctgg gttatagaat gagttcaggc tagcctgggc attttagacc     69120
     ttgtctcaaa ataaaaaggg ttggggatgt acctcagtga tagaacactt gcctaatatg     69180
     tacaaggccc tggattgatc ttcagtaagg aaggctaggg ttggggtggg ggggagtagc     69240
     ttttctgtgt accaatagga aatgtgtgaa caagaaacca aggaaacaat ccacttgtga     69300
     taaatttaaa ccatgatggg aatgatctct atctgcctgc ctgtctgcat gtctgtctgt     69360
     ctgcctctgc ctgcctgcct gccttgaaaa ctgtaaacac tgagaaactg caaagggcag     69420
     acactcatgc aaaggcatcc tgtgtccatg cactggaaga gtcggtactg tggaagtgtc     69480
     caaagcattc tagagtctat gcaatcccta tcaaaacact aataacgttc ttcatagacc     69540
     tgggaaagac aatgctatca catggaacta caaaaatctc caaataaggc taaagagagg     69600
     cctcagtagc aagctgcttt acaaaaccaa ggacctgagt ttaatctcag aactcacatt     69660
     cgaaaagctg agggggccct ggatagatgg ctcagtggtc aagagcagtg actgctttcc     69720
     caggaccagg gtctgattcc cagcactcat gtggcggtgg acagttagaa ctcaggggat     69780
     ctgagaccct ctcctggact ctccatgcca cacacctgtg gcacacagac attaaacaaa     69840
     tagaagtcga gtgtggagat gcatgctttt tatctcagcc ctgaggagca gaggcaggcc     69900
     atctctgagt ctgagaacag cctgggtcca cagagtgagt accaggacag ccagagtttc     69960
     acagagaaac cctggctcaa aaaaaaaaaa ccagacaaaa ccaaaagatg ttgaaaaaga     70020
     gaagaggcgg aagagaagca gacagtgtct ctggcctcca ccatacacat gtacacacac     70080
     ccatatatgc actgcactca tgtactcaca gcatagctgt cttagttagg gttttactgc     70140
     tgtgaacaga caccatgacc aaagcaagtc ttataaaaaa caacatttaa ttggggctgg     70200
     cttacagatt caaaggttca gtccattacc atcaaggtgg gagcatggca tcatctaggc     70260
     aggcatggca caggcagagc tgagagttct atgtcttcat ccaaaggctg ccagtggaag     70320
     actgacttcc aggcaactgg ggtgagagtc ttaagcccac acccacagtg acacacctac     70380
     tccaaccagg tcacacctat tccaacaagg ccacacctcc aaatggtcca agaatataca     70440
     aactatcacg atagctaaat cctgagctta cggtacctgt cttaatacat catgaatgta     70500
     taatagaaac tgcgtgtatt gacaaaaatg cacctagacc catggggcag aataaaaagc     70560
     ctagaaataa gacacatctg taggatactt tactttttga gacagagtct cttttattat     70620
     gtagctctag ctgttctgga acttgctatg tagaccaggc tgtcctcaaa tgcagagcga     70680
     tccatctacc tgtgttttcc aagtgctggg atgaaaggcg catgtctggc cagtaggatg     70740
     atatgggaag gcacagccta ctgtgggcag tgccacttct gggcagtcag tcctggaagg     70800
     tttaagaaag gtggctgaat acacacctgg agaacaagcc ggtaagcacc attccttcat     70860
     ggtcttggct tcagttccta ccttcagggt tctgcttggg cttttgttgt gacttccgtc     70920
     aggcatcact gtgacttaca agtgtaaggt caatcctatc ctccccaggc tgctttgggt     70980
     cgtagtgttt atcatagcaa tagatggcaa tatagacaac atacaactgg ccagtgagta     71040
     tatgaaagat gggaatcact aatcatggag aagtgaagac ggaaaccacc ataggatatc     71100
     accccacttc agttaggacg ggattaagac catcaaaatt ccaagtccca gaagcaggtc     71160
     tggggatgta actcggtgaa gtgcttgtcc ggcatgcata aaactccagg ctggctttcc     71220
     agcaccgaat aaaatctagg agtggtggaa gagcatgttc ataatcagat ctttggtggc     71280
     acacaccttc catcccatca cttggggagc agaggcaggc tcatctctga gttcaaggct     71340
     ctacatagtg agttccaggc cagccaaggt tataacagtg agacttattt caagaaggaa     71400
     aaacaagcca accaaccaac caaccatcca gccaggattg gtggcttgct tgaggcccta     71460
     gctattcttg ggattccaag acaggactac atcaaccctg cagcacagag atcttgtctc     71520
     aaaaaaaagc caaaccgtag gatccatcct gcaggcctat aacttgttat gtatcagtga     71580
     aaatgaaatc agtatttaaa gagatagcca cctctccatg tttactgcag cactattcac     71640
     aacagctaag aaatggagtt aatttaaatg tccatcgatg aatgagtgga taaaatgttt     71700
     tatacatggg ctggctggga tggttgaaca ggtaaaagca cttgctgcca agcctggcag     71760
     ttgtaacagg gcccccagat ctttgcacaa ctgactccat gatgcaagtg ccattcagga     71820
     tgtaaaaccc atgtagacag caccacccac caacaatgga aacagtctat caaagtccat     71880
     agttctgggg aagtctcgaa atgtactacc cttgctttgc gacttctgta gttctgctgc     71940
     tggctacctg ttcttgttaa ctgaactctg ccaatccagg acatcgtttt tgtgcttaca     72000
     agctcacctt gagaagggat tccagacctc agagtagttg ttagccagcg agtaaagact     72060
     ttctgttggc ttaaacccac atctaagcag tcatctctgg tgaactaccc agcagcaacc     72120
     tgtgcttgat ccctggagcc acagatggtg gagagaaatg acttccacag actatgggct     72180
     tcacatgccc ataagcactt gtgtgcacat agaaacacaa taaagtgggg ggaaaaaaca     72240
     gttcagtggg aaaatgtttg caagaagaaa atgtgctaca tgtacacatt tgtctcagga     72300
     tttgaccagg aattgttttg gtttgatgaa aaaccaggac caaagcaact tgggaagaga     72360
     agagttggct gacatttcca cacttcactg gaactcagga caagaaatca aacagggcag     72420
     gttcctgagg caggagctga tgcagaagcc atggaggggt gctgcctagg gacttgctca     72480
     gcctgctttt ttacggaatg caggaccacc agcccagtgt ggcaccaccc acattgggtt     72540
     ggactctcct catcaatcac taattaagaa aataccttac actaatccca gcacttggga     72600
     ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcaag gctagcctgg tttacagagt gagttccagg     72660
     acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tctgaaaaaa agaaagaaag agagagagag     72720
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa     72780
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa agaaaggaaa ggaaagagag     72840
     agagaaagaa aagaaaaaaa aagaaaagac cttacaggct ttcccataag ccaatcttct     72900
     gaaagccatt ttctcagatg ggtatccttt cagatgactc tagcttccgt agacattaaa     72960
     ctagccagca caatagatga gtacatgccc ataaaaaatg aatgaaatcc tgctacgcaa     73020
     tttatcagga actgaggacc attaaataag cccagcacag aaaaacacat aatcttactc     73080
     atgtggaatc taaacaaatt gctttcctac agttttcggt ataacagtaa attaccagag     73140
     gctgggagaa tagtgatcgg gtatggggga aaggttggcc aattgctgtg catcagaaaa     73200
     acttctgacg atctattgca aggtgaggtg attacaaaca ataatgtatc ctttatggaa     73260
     aatacacaca cgcacatgat atttgagaca ggtactttta cccttatgta gacattatgt     73320
     agacattaca caatgtacca atgtgcctaa aacctcttaa gtacatttgt gtgccaatta     73380
     aaattagttt agggtggtgg tgacacacac ctgtcatccc aacacttggt aggcagaggc     73440
     aggcagatcg ctcggagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc gggacagcca     73500
     agactacaca aagaaacctt gtcttgagaa gaagaaaaaa aaaatctaat aataaaatct     73560
     attttagggc taagagagtg gctcagtgaa taaagtgcca caagggtgag gattgggctc     73620
     ttaaatttcc aaaactataa aggccagtgg gtgcacctgt aattctggga tagggtgtgt     73680
     gtgtgtgcct gtacaaccgg cttgtcattc aaggagaggt tctgcctcag aaaatgatgt     73740
     gtgttgcggg gagggggtgt aggaaaagac atgacgctaa cctcaagcca tcacatgcac     73800
     acaatcacct atactctcac aaacaccaca cacacacaca cttgcacaag tttttttctt     73860
     ttaactcaat gtgttaataa agtggctgta atcgcagccc gggaggtaga ggcaggcatt     73920
     caggaattca aggttatcct cagctactaa ccaagttccc agcctgaggt agagagagtc     73980
     ctcgccttaa gacaaaacaa tacatccact cttaaagcct tatatcgtac acagcccaca     74040
     agtccctgca tccagtagtt tataaatgta tgctctgtaa cggacacatt cctcaactga     74100
     gtctgtacag ggcatggtac cttttagccc taggtgaaac tctgttagta gaaagagatc     74160
     agggctggag agatggctca gtggttaaaa acactgtctg ctcttccaga ggtcatgagt     74220
     tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatatgt gtgtcagcaa aacaggaggc     74280
     tcatatacat taaacaaatg tgtgtgagag atcaaacaag cccagactaa aaggacaaac     74340
     aactaaaaga acacacaaac atacacggtg agaacacacg cacgcacacg gtggggaaaa     74400
     aaaaactgct gcgggaacaa agcctccaaa aggggcggcg tgacgtctgc cctgggctct     74460
     ttcaccttga gcctcttgag cttcaccagc acacgaagct atagacgtga gccggggctc     74520
     ggcggccggg ccctggggcc gggctcagat cagaatcgct cggtaatcag cggctgggac     74580
     ggacccggcc tcgtctatct gatcaattca tcacttctga gcgccgggcc cgcaggaccg     74640
     atcccggaac cccgggaacc gcgacgccgc caccgcccag agggcctcgc tgcacagcgc     74700
     cccaccgagg gggcttcgca ggagggctgc ttttcatttc ggggcggccc ggcggggcgg     74760
     gggtcacgac ccgatcaaat aagatcaagg tgtaggcgag gggaggggag ggggggtaca     74820
     cacactcgcc ttgcacctcc cagtcgctcg cacacacact ccaatatcca tactcgcatt     74880
     cagcccaaag gcaccattca cgtcacacaa taccacacac agacatccac agccccagcc     74940
     gcactcccac tcgcgaggaa gtggctgggg caccctcttt taaacactcg gtcttgcctc     75000
     aaaggattct gggaggaacc acagagcgat caggcggctt ccgcatacct tgtttatcca     75060
     aagcattctc ttctgccacc tagtggctcg gaggtcccgg gggacacagg attgatttcc     75120
     ataaatcaag ttttgttgca ttttgtttga aagtctaagt tatccaacct ggtatcccac     75180
     tcaagatcct tcccacttca gcctccgggt gctgcgatta caagtaggca taaatccctg     75240
     cttccttatt atgtactagt tttatataaa atgtaaagag catcatagga acactcttac     75300
     agacgtttat cgtttatcat gtgtttttac ttatttattg gcagagtctg agcagtgtat     75360
     catggtgcac acgtgaaggt caaacttgct aaggttggtt ttcttcttcc accatgtgaa     75420
     tcttggattg gaatcaaaca tggactggtg gcttaaaaac aggcaccttt agccgggtgg     75480
     tggtggcgca tgcctataat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc     75540
     tgagttcaag gccagcttag tctaccgagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag     75600
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaca aaaaataaac aaacaaacaa aaaacagaca cctttaccca     75660
     acaactactt tgtagctcag taagtatcat ttaattgaag gatttttgat tacttagaga     75720
     cagggtatct gtaaaacggg gaccgcatag ccctagcctc actaacagag cctcctggtt     75780
     gcccagaact tgatgctaac agtcatattg ctaagccttc atttgcattc attccattaa     75840
     aatatagccg actttttgca ggcttgatgg tgcaatcctt tagccccagc atttgaaaaa     75900
     cagagggagg ttggaaccct tgagttcaag gctagtctag tgtacgtact ataaattcca     75960
     ggccagccag ggtaaggccc aaattaaaaa acaaaacaaa aaaacctaac tttcaagttc     76020
     catgaatgaa ataacaatta gatagatgtg cctctcacca tagaaagctc gttaatattc     76080
     caccccctcc tgtccctttt ccataagggg tgatgggtgg caaagtaaaa aaaataataa     76140
     ccattagtag aaaatttctg gagctgtaat ttgtatttat cccagtccta attggctttc     76200
     aataaacaaa tactgaggaa agtcccccgc ctgctccaga atccaattgg ctcagacatg     76260
     ccctcagggc ttgagtggtt aacctgataa cctcagaatg aagaacttca ccaaaaatgc     76320
     caaatgacac tttttttttc ttttttgttt tgttgagaca gggcttctct gtgtaacagc     76380
     actggctgtc ctggaactct gtagacaagg gtgatctcaa actcacaaag atcctccaaa     76440
     tgctgggatt aaaggcgggt gccaccatgg ctgggacact tgtcttttag caataggcct     76500
     gttggctaag tgtcctagag ctcaccagaa tggcagtatt tactccagtg agccaacatg     76560
     ctatagcatg gggagaaccc aagagagcat tgaacagttc aataaacaca catgacaaag     76620
     caggcaaaaa acacagggaa aaaagtttat ttccaaggat tgtgccaaca atggtgaata     76680
     aaaaaaggtg ctgattccac tataaaatag gagctgggtt catctaaccc tggtgcacag     76740
     ggttggtggc cacgccagcc tgaatctgaa gtaatattgt taccctcata cctccacccc     76800
     tgaaggacct cccctacaac aatttaccat tttgtctttg ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     76860
     aatgaaacac gtcagcctaa gtaataagta caccaggttt ctatttgcct ggttacagaa     76920
     agccaaaaat gaaataggcc atttgtttct tcctgtactt tttaatacat tctgataaga     76980
     aaacatctca aaatataata atgcaaaaac atttaagcca agaggatcca caaggaagct     77040
     gcagaatgaa agctgtttaa gaagggaagc tgttttctag accagagtca gagaagccag     77100
     ccctatttga aaacaagaca ttaaatataa agtaactcgt gttgtgccta cttcccaaga     77160
     gacacccagt tggtcaacag gtctcaaact cccatccaca agatctctcc agacccatta     77220
     aatttttctc tctcctgagg aaggatcctt aggaatggcc agaaaacagc aatcattgca     77280
     atttgcctgt ggaccaattc ctagcgagcc ttacacatgc atcgtgtgct tggtgacttt     77340
     ctacactgct gcagaccctc acagcagtca actgcatcag gacctgcgat tcccagcagc     77400
     ctgttctggt gcagtgtgca gacaaaagcg aatttcactt ctgggagtga gcccctgcac     77460
     ttgttctgtc aagctttatg acacacaatt ccactgagca tgtgtggctc gtgtgtacta     77520
     taatattaga cctacttttt gttccactgt tgtagacttc acatttacaa actgagtctt     77580
     tttcgggtgt aaggagggaa gggagaaatc gtcccttcaa aggcagagac atctgacatc     77640
     acctgctcag gagtccccca actccgagga aaagccctca acactcagtt gcaaagcttc     77700
     atttttcttt cctcagaaac acactcatta atgaattcta cgagctgacc aaatgttagt     77760
     atcagtgggt tttctcattt cagtttctca tggtcttaac agagagtgaa atactgcagt     77820
     atggacaaca ctaagagttg gcagagacac aactaaaact tgctggagac cagattagag     77880
     aacaagcttg tgtcttttat aacatggcaa aactcccatc tacatacatt ttcatcgcag     77940
     caaattctta cactagatga gcttactagt atatgaactg atatactaat ttacttatct     78000
     cttctaccag aacttcaaat attaatcaat gattttttta atagtcccct cccccagcat     78060
     tcgtatttaa aacccagtaa cagtatttag cactaggtga tttagaaagt gtttaaaaag     78120
     ctttaggaaa tagcgagagt tggttccttt tctctgtcag ttgagtgaag tcttctctgg     78180
     ggaccctggt aagcggaaga ctgctgcctt gcttgcttct gttactgctt cttactgata     78240
     accctggctt tcctatgcac tcaggttctc ttgagaaatc cctcaggctg ccagcatgtg     78300
     gcaatctgtt ctctctgcag aaccaccctc tctcaagttc ccagatgcac agaaagaaca     78360
     cactccaaca gccaaacaat tgtttcgcct ttcgtaactc ccagttctca tctagcccct     78420
     ctccctctct tcagttcacc agatccagat ccaaattagc caatgaagaa aatgaagcct     78480
     gaaaaattat ctcctggcac ttgcctctaa ttcagaaggc agaggcaggc ggctctctgt     78540
     gagtttgagg ctagcctgct ctccatagag agttccagga cagccaaggc tatgcagaat     78600
     gcctctcttt accttctggg aagtctgaac aaagcctata tcattcccca gtgagcctca     78660
     gttttcaaag attctgatga gggactaaag agccaaatag acggccagct gtaggttgtt     78720
     tttaccagtg ttggagaatg aacccaagac cttgccaatg ctaaccaaat gctctaccac     78780
     ccagcatagg tgtttaagca ggagatagat aatcatatca atgggggcgt ggtttatctg     78840
     gacatacaga cttgctgctg agggctgatt aacgtagaga tctaaaggtt ggctttctgg     78900
     aatcccctga agcaaaaatg ttcgtgacca tgaggtttcc ccacatatgg caggcagagg     78960
     cttcagtgtc atcttggaga cactaatgat tttagctcaa ctctcctaca ctgggtccag     79020
     gtttccgaca agttcttcat ctttatccct tggttggcag ttgatgagtt ggagggtttg     79080
     gaattcattt gataaacagg acgtaaaagg ccattacaat gcaggcaatt gcaacagcag     79140
     catgcagccg ggttccaatc acagcagcta gaggacaaac agaaagagac gtcataccag     79200
     gctcttcaca aaagccttgc tgcttccaaa ccacgttctg aatttctaaa gagaaccaca     79260
     ggtttcgaga gtctggaaat gttcttaaag aacaccctta tgctctaggc tctacatgga     79320
     ttgcttaccc cggccccttt tccctttttg agatagaacc acactgtgta gccctggctg     79380
     gcttccaatt tgtacctaga acaagaatgt ccttgaacta agagatctgc ctgtctgtct     79440
     gcctctgtct cccagggctg ggattaaagg tgtgtgctct catgcctgtc ctccctaacc     79500
     cttttagaga caaaggctca ctatgcaata gaattctagg gatgtgtcac catgccagtc     79560
     cttattttac cctatttaaa aaatatttat atagaattcc tgatgaaggt gcccaaaata     79620
     taaggtaagg atccaatgtg ttctcttaaa aacaaaaata agtggaaaac tattcttcct     79680
     gctaagagga gtttcaggcc aggctaaaat gatctaactt gtaaaatatc tccacctcac     79740
     cccatgagac caaatattgg ccaagaacaa gctcacttct tggcttccca agtagctgga     79800
     actacaagca tgtgccacac ctggcattgt tatgtgtcca ttatttaatc ctagaacacc     79860
     aaaattacct agaaagtaaa acaaacaagt atgccttaag taacggctaa tttaaaattt     79920
     acctcttccc tcaactttat cttattagca gaccctaagc aaagcactta ccacatgatt     79980
     gtgaggacct gagtcaaaat cccagaaatc acgtaaaata tggctattgt aatacaaacc     80040
     tgtgctctca gtacttgtag gctaagtagg caggacaagt tccagaagct cacagctcag     80100
     ctagccaagt gtacacagca gcaaccacac aattacaaca caccacaaac acactcatat     80160
     agtaaacatg agtccaaata tcaccctggt cctacgcctt ctattctaga accacaaaaa     80220
     tctttagcca agattttcag atctgcatct gttggtaaag catatgttca ggcggatcat     80280
     aaacgttagt ggaaattccg aaagttaaat ctcatacggc tacactgttg ctatactccg     80340
     ttgctgagaa gtagctacgt atgttctctc tctgcatgca gataaggcct tacctttgta     80400
     gaatacaccc cacactccct tcttctccga cagcagccag gttttgagac gaggtacttt     80460
     cttgaagtag gcacaggtgc aaacaaagag caaaccaaac accaggatcc catccaagga     80520
     gtacactgtc acaaagagaa ggagagagag tctttgatgc tgctgtgcct gaggaggtga     80580
     tgctgcccag actgcagtgc tgaggccacc tcaacggcag ggccaacggt aaacaggaag     80640
     ggtccatgat cttggcactg tttccccaac ctgcttgtaa aaagcccctt tatcactcca     80700
     ctcccccgcc ctcactacaa actagaagac acacgtgtat ttgtgtggca ctcttggaag     80760
     taactgaggc tagtactcgg ctagtcctcg gagtctgagc atacagattt acatatgttc     80820
     ttgatataaa tcactcatct gatgcaggaa agctcagtct ttagccaaga ttttcagatc     80880
     tgcatctgtt ggtaaagcat atgttacggc ggaccataaa cgttagtgga aattccaaga     80940
     gttaaacctc atatggctac acttttgcta tactccgttg ctatttcaag tacagtacag     81000
     ttaacaaatc atattcttgc caggacaaaa gatgggcaca aaatggaaga caggaagcac     81060
     tggtgtccat gaggcagaac gatgcacccc tggaacactg gtgttagcta agtgcagccc     81120
     aagttacaaa ggggaaaggg agcccatatc ctgcttctgc tccacacagc gtcctgctgt     81180
     gtaggcaggg ctggccttaa acttgtggtc tgcctgcctc ctcctactca acgctcggct     81240
     tagaggcatg ccaaatacaa cctgcaaagc ccactctcaa aacaacaaaa caaaaatgta     81300
     tctgatgctt aggtgacaca gaaagctctt agttctgctt cttacatgtg atacccaggt     81360
     aagcaaaatg aattacataa aggcagattt tattcagtaa tcaactgtgc cagaatattt     81420
     tatttcctag tttacactat gtcttcctcc gttccttctt taactttgtg tactatggta     81480
     agactgacta cccagaaagc ttcaaatgga tattatatac aatcagggtc tttgtcggtt     81540
     cccgccagtt ctggactata ctgacttctt ccagtgaaac tatttcacag ctagttccag     81600
     tatatcagtc agctcacaga cagtttctat ggatgccttt atgtcttgct cttttactcc     81660
     tataagttaa gagacaatgc caaaattcac aaggaaatga catttcagtc ttcagtgtca     81720
     cgtctatgga agtctatgag aaatactttc ccgagcctct ccaatcatag tacctagaaa     81780
     aggctttctt atttccgttc ctgtaagact gactataaag gtcttaattc atgctctaga     81840
     acctgaaaat catgactata aaattgtttg aagcaatctg gaaaaattac aagtgctcca     81900
     tcactaataa aaggcggctt ctaaatccac cctttgcggt attagccaga agctccagat     81960
     ggagccaccc aactaggact ttagtcaaac gaatgaaggc tttttttggt gtcttttaaa     82020
     ttaacaaaat aaacaaacaa acaaaaaact ttgggggttg tctacaatca cctcccccgc     82080
     aaacggtggg atttgatacc attactaagt cctttcaacc agcttactgt cagaaagtat     82140
     gagaccttag ggaactggat aacagcttct ctcccctggg gactaacaac ataattctat     82200
     agtgaacgac ctccccagcg gccagaacca acttctagga aagaaaagag agtaaagggt     82260
     gataacgaaa agtcaggtgt ggcactaggg taccttgatg ggcttgagaa aagagaaact     82320
     gcaaggagca tcccagacag gagttagggg ctccccaagg tccagggggg ccgggctggg     82380
     agggggcggg gggaacggcc acgtcagtct agccccgccc gccacgtttg gtcccagtcc     82440
     tctaccgcca ccctccgctc gggcccccag ctctcaccgt tcgtcatggc ggtagtgccc     82500
     ggctggggtg aggggtccgg gttcagctgt ggcggctgca aatgcggggg aacccggctc     82560
     ccacttgaca cttcccgatc cgggccgtgg tgacggggaa cgagccgtag tacgcaagcg     82620
     cgagagccga gcgagagaaa cgccgaactc aatcaggcat aattagctga tcgtcgagcc     82680
     aaagcctcgc cctgcctgcg tagcgtctgc gtccctacgt agtgggagga gagcgtgttg     82740
     ggcgaggctt cctttgtggt catggcaacc ggaagtccgc ctgcttgctc ctgtctaatt     82800
     agaccgactg gacccagaca gtgtgtttga aaaataaagg ctgtagggat tgctctgtga     82860
     cacatgttca gtgtgccaga acatgtcgtt ccccgttgta tctacttgag aacaaaactt     82920
     agggttccag tgattcatga ccaagaaaca aaagaaagcc atcccgtttc ctccaactta     82980
     tttaggtgac aactggtagt gaaatcaggt acagttccaa gagaaaacac ttgggaacca     83040
     ggctataatg cgaagcaatt gcacgtaagg tggcgcacgt gtgtatacta cagcagggtc     83100
     actgtatctt accataccaa gctgaaaacg tcaccactgt caggatagtt ggaccgttct     83160
     tggggacacg gcttgtttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttgtt tgttttgctt ctatgctctg     83220
     cagcagtaat atgtgctgta atatctgaaa cccgacgaga gtttgagtgc tgagggggat     83280
     accacagtag ttgctcggac tcctgggaca gcccttgtta ggtggcttct tgcggaaatc     83340
     tagccaagct gcctctgact ttcgtaaacg gaataagaaa ctataacaaa agccacatgc     83400
     ttccgatcct aaagctttcg gttgtcagaa gcattcagac agcttcctgt ttgttagaat     83460
     gactttcttt tccttaaatt accaggatag tttcctttat ctgcagagtt taagtcatgc     83520
     tggcctcacc tcttcagaaa tgtaccctgg cttctctgaa gatgttttga ctagatgatg     83580
     acagtctaat ggtgggctgg cgtgcaggga acaaagcttt aggttctgct ttgtaaactg     83640
     ggaccttcaa ttatagacag ctgggtctgc ttttctagag tctgactgaa agtgctgcac     83700
     tcagaaacct aagaattctg tccattcctg ctacagtgcc atctgctggc tgtgaaccgc     83760
     ctggttacct agaacaaaac tgtcagaaga cttggaatgg acagtcaaga ggaggaaacc     83820
     actagtagag tagccacagt gtttgatgta ggaaagagta cttgagccgg gcagtgatgg     83880
     cacacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc     83940
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agctagggct atacagagaa accctgtctt     84000
     gaaaaaccag aagaagaaaa aaaagagtca ttgaaaaaaa tatactcaaa ttaagaaatt     84060
     acagcatcaa aaaccaaaag atatatagaa aaaccctaac ataatcacta atataatcac     84120
     ttggattaca tatgtgtgta tacacacagg acattccaca aagcaagaca ggactgcaga     84180
     gatggcttag tggttgacag catttgcttc tcttgttaag accttcgtta ggtttccagc     84240
     atccaagtga tggctcacaa cgatatgttc ctctggttcc aggagatcct gttgtagaaa     84300
     taataataaa aattgttcct cacacttaga gatgaaggca aagatctgta ctaaagtgcc     84360
     tggctgactg tggttaatgc ctaaattaga gtcagccttg acaggattgt actaactggt     84420
     agcttcagta tgcttggccc agggagtggc actattagga ggtgtggcct tgttggagga     84480
     agtgtgttac tgtagggtgg gcttttagac cctttctcct ggctgtagtc agatcaagat     84540
     acagagccct cagctcctcc agagccatgc ctgcctggac aactgccatg cttccaacca     84600
     tgatgatagt ggactgaacc tctgaacctc taagccagca cctttgtaag agttgccttg     84660
     gccgtggtgt ctcttcacag caatggaaac tctaagacac taactcatat acacattggc     84720
     ttatacactt cacaagcatg catttcacaa acactgtcat cttgggtccc agtcccaaag     84780
     tacacttcaa tcaattctgt ctaatggcag atatgatcta atgtgtgctg gtcattcctg     84840
     atgaataaac atttatatcc tagcatccaa aacttcattt atctaacaga gctggttagc     84900
     atgctactta cctttaatta ttttggaggc aaaagtagct aaattctact tgtgtgaagg     84960
     aaatctatca ttaagtcctc tataacatta attttattac tttgagtttc ttctacatgg     85020
     gccccacact gctgttctgg actctgtggg cacacaagca ggcttgtggt acacaaatat     85080
     acacacagac aaaccactca cacatacata aaaataaaac aggctgagct gggggaatgt     85140
     caagttggaa accaacttgg gtgggtgggt gggtgagtga gtgagtgagt ttcagatcag     85200
     cctttgccat gtagtgagac ttcatttcaa taaaacaagg gccagagatg tggctcagcc     85260
     atagaacaca tgcctaatgg gttcaaagtt ctgcgttcaa tcctcagtag tgtcaaagaa     85320
     aagaaaggca ttcctcccat tcttagaagt tatttctcgc tttttcttaa tacatctgta     85380
     aacaaaatcc atttttctca ttgctaactc cattggtaac ccattctgct ccacggcttg     85440
     caaatatcac ttttcttttg catttcttta ttctgtgtgt ttttctgtgt gtacgtgtgt     85500
     gtgtgtgtac atgtagagat aagaagacgg ctcaaagaag tgagttttct ccttctacca     85560
     cgaggggcct ggggaccaaa ctcacgttgt taggtttaga agcaagcctc cttcccttct     85620
     gagccatttt actagccaca ttggtctctt tgatagaaaa tttgtaattt gatatcctat     85680
     ttagcatgaa agatttatat attctaaaaa ctatgttcaa taaaaatatt ttgggaaagt     85740
     actactgttg agtttgctgg aagccttgtc tcttgccaga gatgggcgtt aatccaggag     85800
     ttaaggtgcc aggagctcag tggatcagtg gcttcaggct gttctctctt gaatttgaaa     85860
     aaagaaactc atagcccaca gagagtgagt ttaaaagttt tatcagagga agcttaagag     85920
     aaagaaggca gagctcctgg acagcagggc caaacaccaa gaagtggggt acctgccatc     85980
     aagctgatag cctggaggat tttaatcaca gctaaaacta agataagatg ttggggagag     86040
     agtggtcact tcagttggcc cacacatgaa gtattcagga atttcctcct ggtttcatgt     86100
     aggtactcaa gcatagttta caaagcagga gattcattta agagaagagc cttaatgtgg     86160
     aaaaaaaact acttgctcta ggtgactgtt gtggtttgaa taagaatggc cctcgtaggc     86220
     tcctgtactt gaatgcttag tcaataagga gtgatactgt ttgagaagga ttagaaggtg     86280
     tggccttgtt ggaggaagtg tgtcactggg gggtgggctt tgagatttaa aaagctgccc     86340
     caccggcagg cacagtctct ctctgagtct atggatcagg gcatatctct tagttcgcta     86400
     acctttgcct gcctgccatc atgctccctc caccagactt cccgacatga tgaggatgaa     86460
     caaagatttt gaaactgtaa gcaaagcccc aattacatgc ttttcctttg taagagttgc     86520
     tatggtcatg tctcttcata gcgatagaat aatgacttag gcaggttctt accctcataa     86580
     taactaacta gtttctatct ccttgccagc tggacatggt ggctcatgtc tgtagtccca     86640
     gcacttggga gacagataat gcagtctttg tgaattcagt accagtttgg tctcgtgtat     86700
     gtatgtcagg cccaaattcc ccaaactcca aaaggcaact caaatatcta gagatgagct     86760
     cagtctggac tatgcatggt aaaagccagc attccttggg accttgtgaa gccggctact     86820
     gtctatcaat aggagtcatc tcctagcaat caaagcacat gaaggcctcc aggccccctc     86880
     agtacctgtt agatagttca aagtccatcc tagcatccga gctcttctca cttcttccat     86940
     tactctaaac ttcctctagt tcatgggctt gcttccctcc tgacagctac ttatccttct     87000
     tgaaatgcag catttttcac tattctcccc ttaggttcct gctcctgcta tctcaagatg     87060
     ctttctttac tttctcccac atccctagcc ctggccttgt ccagtctact actttctctc     87120
     tcttctctgg actcttccag atgcctctgg ctgttctgtc tctcatatct acaataaaaa     87180
     cttcccatac catgaagcaa ctgtgttgtc agtttataca tatatatcta tttctactgt     87240
     ataagtgtat acatacatat tgatttctcc catataagta ttacattaaa gccaggaagt     87300
     ggtggagcat ggctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcacag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc     87360
     gagaccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gaggaaccct     87420
     gtcttgaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacgg     87480
     tatttaccaa taaggcgtgg tggtgcatgc cttaatccag cactcaggag gcagaggcag     87540
     gtggatctct gtgaatttga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagtggagg aaaccctgtc     87600
     tcaaaatcaa acaaacaggg tctggagaga tagctcggtg gtcaagaaca ctgactgctc     87660
     ttctagaggt cctgagttca attcctacga accacacagt ggctcacaac catctgtaat     87720
     gagatccaat gcactcttct ggtgggtctg aagacagcta cagtatactc atataaataa     87780
     aaagttaaat aaatcttttt taaaaaatca atcaaacaaa caaagtattt accaggatcc     87840
     atggcatgct gagggcttgc tagattttgc aggcaaaatt aagaccctgc ctgccaagag     87900
     aataaaacat actgggtaag acagatgaat aagcaaattt aagaatatac attatatata     87960
     tgacattatt ttttattctg tagaatattt gcagactatt tttaaatagc attaagtgag     88020
     gatctgaaag taggtacttg gatgaggtcc tgttggtagc tggggtccag ataggtctgt     88080
     ggagcttcaa agctcccctc tgtttgttac tgcattgcct caaatttctg tgctctccac     88140
     ccatatccat ctttgaggat ttttgtccca agcattaggc ttttgtcttg ctggatcacc     88200
     cggatggcct cagtgcccga cagacatgtt tctcgtcagg ctaacgactg ggtcactctg     88260
     gctcttagag cacaaattca aggaataaac agagccctgc tggaccacag catctcaatt     88320
     catgcttcat cagttcacct cagcggacac cggagagctg ccagttcttg ccaaatgcct     88380
     gtcagtccag aacagtagcc tgtttgttag aatcattgtg gtcattgtgg tgaatgccaa     88440
     tcagtcttgg ggaccatgac cagagcattc tggtttaacc caaggataag ttcagtcccg     88500
     aaggcgcagc gtgcaacaat agcttctttt gaatgaaaac tatttgaaaa gggatttcaa     88560
     acaggcattg atggatgcta cgcacatttg tttccagact tttaagtgta aggtataagc     88620
     taaccttagg gagtcaagag atgtttgaga aacagtctgt ttttcataag tttaaggttt     88680
     aagagaaact gcttataggt aagccacata tagatagaaa caagcagaaa atggggcaga     88740
     aagtgagagt tgtcaaaaac caaaactaag tgccacagga ggatgaaaga gtcactgcct     88800
     tcagtcagag aaggctttat gaaagaacag accgttcact gggcctgaaa agcatgcagc     88860
     ctctctcaat aggaagaaaa acattccagt gggaaaggag ccttgatcaa aggctgggga     88920
     gggaaagctc aagaccagtc tggagcacac tgcacttctt tctttactag ctcactccgt     88980
     gcatccctca cgtcttagct gaatccccgc ccactccaag gaggcttcct cagacatagg     89040
     ctcccccacc ccaacaggcg cttagaaagt atatgccatc aaattcatga gccggctaca     89100
     ctgtaatgtt ctcttgcatt atttgtcatt ttgtggatgc tgaatatatt tggcagttgc     89160
     ttgtcagtta tttgtttcgg gggctgggag atggctccgt gggtaaaggc gcttgctgcc     89220
     aaggttgaca gcctgggttc aagccctgga atccaggtgg tggaaggaag gaaccaatcc     89280
     ctgcaaattg tcatttaccc aggcacctcg ggcgggacag atgtacagat gcacacaaca     89340
     gacagcaaag gaacaaacaa gtgaatgtaa aaaacttgaa aatctgttac gtaaatagct     89400
     gagtgtggtc atatacatag aaccggactg tcagaatttg tgaggaagat atggcacact     89460
     tttcctgggg aggcaactta cacacataca cacacacact tatgcaggca cacatatcta     89520
     ttaggtcaga aagggagcca agaacaaacc caagtaacaa ctgcaccaac ggcttacctg     89580
     gtaacctgat gtaactttgt tgggattact aacagtaatg ggtgagggct cacatatgag     89640
     ggatggagat gactcaaaag caactgcatc accgcaaagc ccactgcaac acagatgata     89700
     taacgcacaa aacctgcgcc cctgccgctc cgtatgcgct ggcagggagc tggactggct     89760
     gtgactccct gagttgtttt ttttgttgtt tttttttttt taagatttat ttattacatg     89820
     taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg agtcagatct cgttgcagat     89880
     ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactctg gacctttgga agagcagtcg     89940
     ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacca gcccttccct gagttgttaa tgactctgtt     90000
     ttaagttgct ggggtcaggc tctcaaaaat cacgtgtttc tgtcctccag atatgtgaga     90060
     catgagcctc tctctccctc ctgtgtggga tatttcaatc cagagaaaat tggcaaatga     90120
     cagtatagct aatgattgtc agccattgct actctgtttt ctaaaggtcc tcattttggt     90180
     taatttctgt gggtccttgc cctctgagcc ctgtccaccc tcagcaatgg ctggctatga     90240
     gatgtttttt ctgtcatttg acatctttcc tccaactcta aactagactc cggagtccac     90300
     gctaaacttg tagaggaagc acagggctgt tcactctgct ttgtgcctgt tctgctcatt     90360
     tgtttttccc agtttccatt ttggagtttg agttaagagg gttgaattat ccatgcttca     90420
     tagtttatac gctgatagcg taagtgtcta tagtcctttc ctttttactt atacatattt     90480
     atacatattt atttatgccc tatttccacc ttttctgtgt tgccatcttt ctgatatatt     90540
     taatgtctct gctttttgtt tatttgtttg tttggtttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct     90600
     ctgtgtagcc ttggctgtcc tagaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga     90660
     aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggacaaaaag catggaccac cactgccgag     90720
     ctttggtttt cttgttttga ctatgtagcc ctggctggcc tctaactcaa agagatcttc     90780
     tggcttctgc ctcccaaggc agggattaaa ggcgagtgcc actacactta gctctttcat     90840
     aattttaaaa tattttctta ttattgtgta tggaagccag aggacaacct tgcagactct     90900
     gtcttctcac ctttcacttt ttatacaggt cccagggatt gaacctgagc cttaggctta     90960
     ttccgctaga gcttttattg actgaaccat ttctctagca catcttttgt aatttaaaaa     91020
     aaaaaaaaag aagaagaagc aaaaaacggc cgggcagtgg tggcgcacgc ctttagtccc     91080
     accacttggg aggcagaggc aagcggattt ctgagaacga ggccggcctg atctacagag     91140
     tgagttccag gatagccagg gctacacaga gataccctgt cttgaaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa     91200
     aaaaaaaaaa aagcgcaaaa caaccttcca acccaaacta catatatata ttgcgtatta     91260
     acggaggcag gaaagattgc tccgtggtta agagtattgg ctgcttttca agagacttga     91320
     gtttgattcc tagcccctat atagcggttc acaatcgtct atctctagtt ccaggaaatc     91380
     ggttgctcta ttttggcttc tttggtgctg cacacacatg gtacacatac ttgccggcaa     91440
     aacacctatt tacataaaag aaagtagata tataattata taataatata gatactatat     91500
     ataatatcat ggggcttgtg tacttgagtg gatcagcccc agaggcaaaa agtcatccta     91560
     tttttacagg catttgtgag cctccgtaag tatgcacaaa tttatcactt atgttttctg     91620
     agacatgggc tcatgaaact tgagctgatc tcgaactcga agccctcttg cctctgcctg     91680
     ccaagtgcag agatttcccg gcgtagtata ccacgcctgg cttctttgta atttttaatt     91740
     cctccttcag gattccacac gtaagagcac gtcactgact tccagccaat cccaaggccg     91800
     gggttgggta ggagaatgaa cgcgcacgcc tctctgcgca acgctggcca ggccggaagt     91860
     gacgtacgta tcttataaaa ctcgccagcc gccggtgggc gggttcagaa ggctggcgag     91920
     cagctagcat ggcagatgag gaggaagacc ccaccgtgag tgagcgcctg tctcagcctg     91980
     gttcctcact cctttcggat cactagcgga ggcagagtct gacccgcttg tgccttaggg     92040
     attcccgccg agagtccggg ggctccgcgg tgttttcctt ttttggttta ccttagtcag     92100
     tgcgtgggac aagacgggaa ggaagagtag aaagggtctc tctttgacct ggatcttccc     92160
     gacactaaga catctagagg gtcataggag atcaaagctg attaaagcgg aaccagcagc     92220
     ccagatgctg acaaaactag tgaagatagc ggagaaacga tgaactaaag acaggaagct     92280
     tgggatccaa attctccttt ggcatcggtt ttcttgtgag gtagagtcca gcccagttaa     92340
     ggaaagttct tagcccttta tcagttgctt ccgatgacag cagagagtag attttaaact     92400
     accaggtttt tacagtagtc ttgcttagca gtgtgacaac taaattggct aaaaccaaac     92460
     ccagaacctg aggtcgttag aactttacac acgcacggtt gtaaggttgt tagcagccgt     92520
     aataaaagcc ttcttgcacg acttgagaat tggactaggg cttatgagcc ctttggtgct     92580
     aaattttcgt ggttttgtgc agtttgcttt agcttctcac tttcgaaaat gaaaaagggt     92640
     cactgggcgt ggtggcgcac acctttaatc ccagcactca ggagcagagg caagcggatc     92700
     tccgtgagtt caggcagaca cgggcacata gtgagaccac tttgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa     92760
     aaaaaaagtg tagagagata gctttagtgc ttaggagcat ttgctgtcac atctggcaac     92820
     ctacagcgat tagacctagt ttggcctcta tgggcaacag caggcacatt tatgtaggca     92880
     cacaatacac ataaataata aatgccttta aaaaaaaaga tgaaaagagt gcaggaggtg     92940
     tagctcagtg gtcaagcatc tgtttagcat cgtgagctcg tgggttcaat tcacagcact     93000
     ccacaaagag ggcgagcagg aggagactcg agggaatatc acgtgcactg caatcatttg     93060
     ccatgtccgt gttttaaaat ttctagtttg aggaggagaa tgaagaaatt ggaggaggag     93120
     cggaaggtgg ccaggggaag agaaagagac ttttctcgaa agaatgtaag ttgtactttc     93180
     tagtgttttt attacaggtg gtgaaagctt ttgaacatgt cttttcagag tatattgttc     93240
     tgcatatgtt tgtttatagg gacagtgttc tcagagttgc ctataaggtt gcctgttttt     93300
     attcttggtg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttaaagat aggctctgta tagccaaggc     93360
     tatactggtg cttactgttt agcccatgct agccttggtt tggtggtagt cctgctttag     93420
     cctctcaagt cctgggattg caggtgtgca tcccatggtc agtataagtc tctctcatgt     93480
     ctactaattc tctctgtgtg acataaaata atgaatgtga tcacctctgc cctcctcctt     93540
     gaggcagggt ttttttgttt tgtttgtttt tgtttttctt ttcctttttt gaggcttggt     93600
     ttttctgtgt agccctggct gtcctagaac tctttctgga gtttagaata gatcaagatc     93660
     tgctagtctt gaactcacag agatgtgcct gcctgcctct gcctcctggg tgctgggatt     93720
     aaagctgtga accaccacca cccagctgag gcagggtttt tagatcccag catgatttca     93780
     aacttggtat gcatatgcgt ataaccttga acttgcaaga accttgcaag aaccttgaac     93840
     ttctgctctc ctatctgttt ccctggctct agatgtacag gcatatgcca tggctcccag     93900
     ttgacatttt gaacgttgta tccctcttgt gtccaccttt caaatgatgt aagttgaggc     93960
     tttggactaa ggcatagctc agggcaagaa ggtggtgaag tgtgctgtgg agatgacagt     94020
     gcactagcct tccatggtgc tccttaaaca gacaggtagc ccttggggca gcgcagggtg     94080
     agcggtgtcc acttgttgtg cccatactaa ttcctgaaag gcccatgaga ctgcactctc     94140
     catcccttct cccaggctcc ttggctgagc cttgggaagt acagcggcag agatttataa     94200
     atgcctgagt acagtaggat tgaaaaattc tagaaactgc aagatcagcc tttaactctc     94260
     taaatctttt ttgatcccag ctcttgggag agatagggat gggagaattt gagttcaggg     94320
     tcttcctcat tgagtttgaa ggcaacttcg gctgtatctt acaaccataa cagaaatcct     94380
     cactagtacc ttccagtttc gttcaagtct gaccacttcc cattctgtct cactgatgct     94440
     agttacgtga tttgtgtgtg gttttactcc ttatgtggac atatgaaaac gacccttaca     94500
     ctaaagtgct ctaggaatgg tattcaccct gctgcttgtc caaaccttta gttcagtttc     94560
     aactgctcta cttttgtgat gacaaaaatt tggaatcttc gcaggcttct cccactgact     94620
     taatagaatc ttcatgtctc ttctattttt gctggggttt tttttgtttg tttgttttgt     94680
     ttttgttttt tgttttggac agggtcttgc tgtgtggtcc aggttgacct taaactattg     94740
     tttctcttga ctccatgatt ccctccttct accatgtgat ggtactcaga aggtaccaga     94800
     tatggaactc aggtcttcag gcttggcagc aggtgacctt atgtgctgag ctatctccct     94860
     gggctacatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta catcattttc     94920
     cccccttccc tttcatccct ccaaaccctc ccatatactc ctccttgctt tttcaaattc     94980
     ataggctctt tattaattgt tgttgtatat atacacatat gtacatacat tctctctctc     95040
     tctctttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tccaagtatg tcaggacaac     95100
     ttgctctgtc tgttttcaag ggcttaccac tggtttggac agccagttgg tgtgcttaag     95160
     gctgggaaga ctgctccacc ctttcccaga attccttagt tgcctgcagt tcttctagga     95220
     gagttgaagc ctcctgggct tccccctctc cacattagcg tgtctgtttt tgttgccctg     95280
     ggcagcttgt ttgattttga gacagggttt cctatagcct aggctgcttt gtcactgaac     95340
     ttgaacttct gatcctcctg cctttacttc ccaagtgctg agattatagg ggtgtgccac     95400
     cataaccagt tttattcact tctgggaatc taacccaggg ctctacgaat gctaaatagg     95460
     accttcctga ctgagccgca tgcccagccc tacagatttc tttttcttat tgtaacatgg     95520
     agtttcaaag gatctcctgt catttgtcta tgctttacta accctttggc caaatatgtg     95580
     catcttatat aacaaatttt ctactcccaa tgagataggt gaattatgcc catcaaaatg     95640
     ttaatgatgg gtatcttcct caaatattta aggaaaaaac agctcatagt gggaaatgat     95700
     aacatatatc actttagcta atgatcagag ttagcatcat cagtgataca ttggcatata     95760
     cccctgatct gagagtgtct tgactttggt gttctttcaa tagcatgtaa aagcattcta     95820
     acctcagtat aatcacaaga aaacagcaga caggaccatc tgcaatatct gactaggatg     95880
     cttgttgagg tcttaaagga cagggaagag ataaggagtt gccacaggtt ggatggaaca     95940
     aactatagag gtgtaatggg taagcagagt agagtctgat gggagtctga aaaagaggcc     96000
     tgggcactgt agatccgtgg taagagcatc ttcctagcac gtgtgaagct ctggtggggg     96060
     atggggttga aacaaggaac ctgaacagaa aaatcagtac aatctgaata aggtactagt     96120
     gttaattttt taattttgat gaatatttgt tatataaaag taaggggaag ctagatactg     96180
     ggcatatggg aactctcctc tttctttttt tttaaactca tctgtaagtc taaaattatc     96240
     tcttaaaaag acaagtttta aaactagaat tcgaaatata tatagaattt tggctgctct     96300
     agttgttttc tttcttctgt gttgggacct aaagtctctt ggcattgtga acccatcgga     96360
     taactgtact ccaagctggc ttccaagtcc caccattcat ttcttctctt tgttgcttct     96420
     gccagttttt gtttgtttgt ttggttggtt ggttgggttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt     96480
     agacagggtt tctctgtgta gtcctggagc tacacagagt agtagtcctg gaactcactc     96540
     tagatcaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc catctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat     96600
     taaaggcctg cgccaccact gcctggccag tgtttacttc taaagaggaa ttgtcctaag     96660
     gctgggtata gtgatatata cctataatcc caatactcag gagactgggg tgagaggatt     96720
     ctgagtttga ggtcagtgtg ggttacactg acagacactg tctcaagtct ctctcttccc     96780
     aagtagttag ttagataatg ataatagtca taaaagtaaa aacgatggtg ctggcaagat     96840
     ggctcagttg gtaagagcac tgactgctct tccggaggta ctgagttcaa atcccagcag     96900
     ccacatggtg gctcacaacc acccgtaatg agatttgatg ccctcttctg gagcgtctga     96960
     agacagctac agtgtactta atctttgggc cagagcaagc ggggttgaca gaggtcctaa     97020
     aaattcattt ctcaacaacc acatgaaggc tcaaaaccat ccatctgtac agctacaatg     97080
     tactcatata cataaaataa gtaaataaat ctgtaaaaaa aaaattaaaa caatctgaaa     97140
     ggacttgcta atgtacttat ttctgttttt acaagtatat tctgcacccc tttaaaaaca     97200
     attatagttg gtcatggtgc tgcttgtctt aaccccagca ctagggaagc agaggcaggt     97260
     ggatctctga gttctaggct agcatggtct acttattgag ttccagctca gccagggcta     97320
     catagtgaga ccctgtcttt taaaaagtag ttggtggggc tggagagatg gctcagtggt     97380
     taagagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcctaggaac cacacggtgg     97440
     ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatccagtgc cctcttctgg gatgtctgaa gacagtaact     97500
     aacatatata aaataaatac atctttaaaa aaaggaaaaa agttgttggt gtatgtgtgg     97560
     gtgtgcacat gccaaggcac attgaggagc agaggacaac tctgtgaagt tgattctctt     97620
     cttctgcctt tatgtgggtt ccagggcttg aattaggtca tcaggattgc atagcaagca     97680
     tcgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg     97740
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc     97800
     ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccaccgcc cagctgacag caagcgtctt     97860
     tagccactga gccatcttgc tatctttttt aacttcctct tttaaaaaaa aatttttttt     97920
     aatctgggca gtggtggtcc acacctttaa tcccaacact cagaaggcag aggcaggtgc     97980
     atttctgtga gttcaaggcc agcctgatct tcagagtgag ttccaggaca gccatccatg     98040
     gctgttacac agagaaactt tgtcttgaaa ggtgtgcata tgcatatgtg tgtatgtgtg     98100
     catataataa cattgtctta ctgcatagac cagcctggac caaaccaggt ccacttgtct     98160
     ctgattcctg actgctggga ttgaaaacca aatagtacca tgcccagcta taattgtgtt     98220
     tgaaccattg tttctaattg cgtttaatcc tagttggtat ggaaagtata ctggtggcat     98280
     tggtcagtct ctgagtcagg caacactctt gctctctcgc agtgcgctgt atgatgtatg     98340
     ggtttgggga cgaccagaat ccttacacgg agtccgtgga cattctcgaa gaccttgtca     98400
     tagagttcat cactgaaatg gtaagacgct tttgtaacta tgacttctct gttgtggtta     98460
     tttttgtaac tgttagttaa ttgaagattt gaagtgtaac ctttagacaa cactagcact     98520
     tttgaaataa gctatccatt agagtgcctg ctttgtgcaa gttcctggtt tctatttgcc     98580
     attactctga atatcacatc aatgtatccc agtgcttcag agcttgtttt atttattatt     98640
     tatttatcta atttcacttg gtgtgcgcag gtgttttgcc tagaaggtat gtctgtggat     98700
     ggtgtgtgtg tctggttctc tcagaggcca gaggagggtg ttggagtccc tgaacctgga     98760
     gatacagatg cttgtgagct gccttgcagg tgctgggaac tgaactccag ttctctggaa     98820
     ggatcccaat gttcttaagg actggcatgt ttctacagcc cctgagtttt atttgtaaaa     98880
     gcataatatc cttaagtaaa attaaaagta ctgcccataa tctcatccag cctaagatct     98940
     ttttcttcta gtatttattt aaaggtatat acagttcatg taataccttt gagattttta     99000
     aaaattattt catgtgcatt gaattactgc atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     99060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagggtgt cagatcctct ggaactggag ttacagacag     99120
     ctgtgagctg ccttgtgggt gctgggaact gaacccaggt cctctggcaa agcagccagt     99180
     ctaacatctt ggatggccac ttttatggtt ttcttccttt cctttgtgtg gttgtattag     99240
     cagggatggg gttactgagt ttggttgttt ttagttctta tgagtgctca ccctttgctt     99300
     tgggctatct ccttactaca gaataaaagt gaaaagatta ctcagccagg gcagaggctg     99360
     gttggtgtgt gtgcaagagc ctgcacatgt ggcaagtatt taatccagtt taactcagct     99420
     caaggaaaac attagctgta gcaatgctag atcatgctaa tatgaatgtg tgaggccctg     99480
     ggttcagccc ccagcaccac attaaatgac agagcctgac atggtggctc atacctgtaa     99540
     tcccagaatt ccagagagag acaggaggat ctactacaag ttaaaaaatc caacctggtt     99600
     tttatagtaa gttctaggct actcagagct acataacaac agacaaacaa acagaaaaaa     99660
     aaaaagcagc caggcatgag aagatgtcat ttcagtgtgc tcagaattcc tcagcattca     99720
     ggaggctgtg gtaggcggac cccagtttta agaccaggct aggctacaca gtaagaccct     99780
     gtctcaacaa acaaaaccaa agccaagcat aatggtacat gcttttaatt ctagaagttg     99840
     taacagaggc aggaagattg cctcgtttga gactagccta tattccagga tcctgtctca     99900
     ataaaaaaca gtcaggaatc agagacaagt tggtctgagt tcagggctag gctggtctac     99960
     atagtgagtt ctaggttata tagtgaaact caaaaacatg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc    100020
     agcaacaaaa aaaatattac cgttgtatct ccaagtatag attttgatat aaaaggctta    100080
     agcggtctta ggatcagact tactatttag cctccataaa ctttccttcc ttccagccta    100140
     ctaaagccta attgatatta tttgcctatt ctctattacc tattcattag ccatccccag    100200
     aacatttaac aagacaacct cctggaagaa aaccagacca aaccaaaaaa cttcacatat    100260
     atcatacaac aaaacagaag tatcttcaaa tttgctaggt tttagcctct ggctgttctg    100320
     tctttcatat ctacaataaa aacttcccat accaggaagc aactgtgttg tcagtttata    100380
     catatatatc tatttctact gtataagtgt atacatacat attgatttct cccatataag    100440
     tattgcatta aagccaggaa gtggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag    100500
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc    100560
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaga    100620
     gagagagaga gaaatttgct aggttttgtt gttctggtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctctct    100680
     gtcagtaagg cagggtctta ctatataatt ctggctgact tggaacttgt gcagaccaag    100740
     gcttatcctg aactcccaga gatctgtctg tctcgatctt tcaagtgctg ggattaaaag    100800
     tgtacatcac tctgtccagc taactttggt agttttaatg tccttaatga aaaaaaaagc    100860
     ctataaagca taaagaaaat gctgctaagt atggaaaaaa aaaggataag gagggctgga    100920
     gaggtggctc agtggttaag agcactgact gctcttgcag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc    100980
     aaaaaacaca tggtggccat aaccatccgt aatgggatcc agtgccctct tctggtgtgt    101040
     ctgaagacag tgtactcacc tacataaaat aaataaataa atcctaaagg aataaaaggg    101100
     ataaggatat gaccagagag atggttcaca aatgtaaaca ccagcgcgat taacagcaaa    101160
     ttaaaacaca aaaatattta acctttaaaa attcatgtgt ttccttgtca tagactcaca    101220
     aggcaatgtc gattggaaga caaggtcgag tgcaagttga agatattgtc ttcctaattc    101280
     gaaaggatcc aaggaagttt gctagagtta aagacttact aactatgaat gaagaattga    101340
     aacgggctag aaaagctttt gacgaagcca actatggatc ttgacaccgt tcgtacttcc    101400
     cgagattttg gtattttctg tggaagccat acattgaagt tgttgtctgc agtaacatga    101460
     tagctcggta tgcaatgaaa gaggtcttca actggagcct ccgttgcctg tctttatctg    101520
     accatatctg aattgcttcc tggctttaat aactcctaag ttaaagcatt gcaaaccatg    101580
     cggttccacc cgaaagggtg gaagtagtat ttattcttct ggtagacgtg tgtgttccaa    101640
     gctgtatacc attgctgcat agcatacaat ctgaatgtcc tttgatttta taaatggtga    101700
     ggctgtgctc tgtgtatctc aaggctttag aggacagtgg tgggggagtt attaaagaga    101760
     atgagctggc ttgtgggggt ttttaagaaa cgaaattctt gacttaatag atcatttgtt    101820
     tttaatattc ttttctaaag aacacttttt ttaaaagaaa ctaatatttg ctaagtgtta    101880
     gcagtcctcg tcttccttga tgactgtaaa gcttccaata caaatgcctc agtagtggga    101940
     acggcagggc ttaaagagcc gatgccagcc caggtgtttc tggctgtgct ctagtgacgg    102000
     aaatgtaagt actttaattg tgagaacgga gagttgatta aatctgtatg tggctgtgca    102060
     aaccattttc gcggttcagg ctttgtgtgt agttcactta cggtattaaa ttattattct    102120
     gcttagctta taataaggat aattgcattt aaagaggtta ctgaatgtta ctctgaaact    102180
     tagtggtgct tttaacatct aaatcagtac ttggggaaat actagctgtt taatctactg    102240
     atacaaggaa taaagaatga ggaattaaac acatcagtac ttgagtttgt gtttgcttgt    102300
     ttgtgcatgg ttcttatgag acagggtttc tctgtgcagc cctggctgtc ctggaacttg    102360
     ctttctagaa ccaggttggc ctcaaactca cagagatcca tctgtctctg cctcccacga    102420
     gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cactatcaca tcctgctgat tttgtgattt aaccccttct    102480
     caggatactg catccactac tgtatgatag tcctagctct ttgctcttgt tttctgttat    102540
     ttttatattg cacctcagtt gatgatgaga tttaatgcat aactggactg atcattttat    102600
     ttaaaaaaat gttgaaaagg ctggaggaaa aaaaaaacag ttgaaagggc tggagacaga    102660
     gctcagatag gtcagcggtt aagaacattg gctgtttttc cagagggatg tagattcaat    102720
     cctagcactc aacatggtgc cccacaacca tctaactcca gttccagggg atccagcgtc    102780
     ctcttctggc cttctcaggc accaggcaag caagtggtac acaacatgct cacaagaaaa    102840
     tactcatata cataaactaa aatgtacaaa aagcagttaa agctacctca ctctatataa    102900
     aaatgaaaaa tggcagctga gtgctgacaa gatggcacat tgattagatg gacttgttac    102960
     caagaatagc aatttgagtt taatcccttg gacccagatg gtggaaggaa gaaccacctt    103020
     tgggttctgc ctttgggttg gcatctaagc tctgtacata ctccttgcta tgagtatcta    103080
     cccaacatgg acacagaata aacaataaat gtaattttaa atattaaaaa aaaagcatgc    103140
     agtgggatat tatctgtcac tattttgagg gagggtggat gaagttgata cagggtctct    103200
     acatagccct gtttgtccta gaattcacta tgtaaacctg gctgacctta aactcataga    103260
     gatctacctg cctttgcctc tccagtgctg ggaataaagg catataccag tggctaatca    103320
     gggcctgttt tattccgaaa agtgtattaa agaatttgta ctgagtacta cgcatttttt    103380
     acccacttta tacagaaaag tgtgtgcacc ctgaattgac tcaaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa    103440
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaagaaga agaagaaaat tatttttgtt ttgtttttgt ttgtttgttt    103500
     ttgttttttt ttttttttgt tttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc    103560
     tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga agtcagcctg cctctgcccc    103620
     tgaatgctgg gattaaaggt gtgtgctacc acgcccagca aagaaaatga tcttactggc    103680
     ttacttagtt gaaaaatggg aaagaaggga tggggctaac ttcaggcttg actggaccca    103740
     ggtacttaag actatctcca gtttgtatgg taacctgtct ttactctctt gatggacttt    103800
     aaacatggct ggcagttcta gggttccatc cttaacaacc tgagaatgtt gtggtttgaa    103860
     tgaggatggc ccctatcagc tcatgtttga acggttggtc ctcagtggat ttgggggatt    103920
     aggaggtgtg gctttgttgg aggagatgtg tcagtggggt ttggctttga tagttcaaaa    103980
     gcccacacta ggcccagtgt cctccctgtc accctccctc cctccctccc ctctccatct    104040
     ctgtctctct atctcccctg ttcagatctt atataagttc tcagctattg ttctagtacc    104100
     atgtttacct gcctgctgcc atacttctca ccgtgatgat cacgcactta ccctctgaaa    104160
     ctgtaagcaa gcttcttatt aaatgcactt ctcttgcttt ggtcatggtg tctcctcaca    104220
     gcaataacag taactaaaca gaaaattcca agtgagagtt actattgtct tgactctgga    104280
     caggaagaag tgtgtaaaat ccaggacctc ctcctgtctc acctctgtgg tgaagatgtc    104340
     tgtcactaag ttagtagagt gcttaccaat catgcacaaa gcctcagcac cttgtaaacc    104400
     tagtataggt caaacctgta atctggatct tgggagatgg aagcaggagg atcagaagcc    104460
     ctaagttggt ggccagcctg agatacagga gatccttaag actctccctc ctccaagaaa    104520
     aatggcatag agtaggcctg gaaagaaaaa gaaagggaga ttggatagac aacagatgaa    104580
     cagtgaattg attcatgact gctttcccca cccccaaccc ccccaagaca gagtctcact    104640
     atacagtcca tcacccacct gcccatgatt gaactcaggg atcctcctcc agctctggtc    104700
     tcccacatgc tggggaggtt acaggcagag tttattaatt ttgagttcta tagctatctt    104760
     ccaacatcta cttaaagtag atgtcaactc tatgtggcga cttcttttaa aataaataaa    104820
     attgaaaact tagtttctca gttgcactgg atgtattccg ggttcccaac cccatgctag    104880
     tagctggcat agcattggac agagctgacc taacacgttt ccattttcac agaagaaaaa    104940
     aaaaaaaaag aagaatgatg attagaggac acaggtgctc cccactcagt tcctctgttt    105000
     tgcataaaca cattatggta gtttcagtag gcttggtcca gggagtggca ctattaggaa    105060
     ctgcccgtga gacagtctct cctggctgct ttccaatcaa gatgtagaac tctcagctct    105120
     ttctccagca ccatgtctgc ctctatgctg ccatgcttcc tgccctgaca gtagtggact    105180
     gaacctctga atctgtaagg cagccccaat gaaatgttct ttctaagagt taccttggtc    105240
     atggtgtctc ttcactgcag tgaaactgac actaacacac acacacacac acacacacac    105300
     acacacacac acacagtatt ataggaaagc ataatgagcc acagcttcag caaataacca    105360
     gttctttgcc aacctgcctt ctgagagcag tattaagtca acttcatcag caaaggcaga    105420
     gcacatccat ttcacagagt ggagcagccg tagaaaccgt gctcagaaag aagtgaacac    105480
     cagcttccaa attaagtaaa gcttgtcttc ttgcctctag gcgggcacgc acagaaacag    105540
     aaacagtagt atggggttaa atcacaatga gggaaattat agggatatgc agccaagcat    105600
     cagctagggc aacgttaatg tagacatggg aaaagtagct caccagatct gagcagtgca    105660
     gaggggtagg gcctggggaa tgccctcaga tggtccattt agcttgatgt gttacaagag    105720
     ttatgcaaga gtcattagca agagttatcc atgcagctct gcttatctct ttaatgtgac    105780
     ttagaatata taatttattt aaatattgag tttagaggtc cttctttccc accataatta    105840
     ggaactgtgt gttctctttc caagttgctt ttgttaggta tttgatagca ctgatttaaa    105900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacaataaa tacaacatat agcatacagt atctatccag actttatgga    105960
     aagttctact aagtagcttc aagctcattc cttatttttt ttatcacact tacttatttt    106020
     gtgtatgttt gcctatgtgc atgcatgtgc cgtagcactc atgtgaagat cagaagacaa    106080
     cttatgcgag ttgggtcttt tcttccacct agtgggtccc tgagttcaaa gttaggccat    106140
     caggcttggt ggcaagtgcc ttaaactgaa gagccagctt actgacccta gaatattgat    106200
     ttttcttttt tacaaaattt ttattaatgt tcatataatt acttaatata aatataaatg    106260
     tccttatttg aaacaatggt gtattttttt aaactaggtt taaccataca tgtataatct    106320
     aagcttttgt caaggagcct tggctagatc catgtgcatt tgtttttggg ttggttggtt    106380
     gggggaggtt ggagtggaag ggaaagaatt atgacagggt ctcatgtagc ccaggctctc    106440
     caggaacttc ctatgtagaa gaggctggcc ttgaatttct gatcttcatg cctcttgtta    106500
     gttgggaata cagatatggg ccacctcaca tggtcctgga tttaatcctt gaatctgttg    106560
     aaggagaagc caaggctagg atgctgctga ccctgaagca gaaaacttct ggtgtgctta    106620
     agttttcata agagcggctc ttttaaaata agccctctta tttccacgga actctctctc    106680
     tctctctgaa taccttggat taaaatgtcc tagtttaggt ttgtgctcgg attcctttgt    106740
     gacatctggg gaaaaccaaa agcttctatt caccttttta gaagtgagat ttgagaatca    106800
     tattcaaagg tacccaccta agcctgtagg catttaagtc ataaggcacc atgagtcatt    106860
     ttgtcgtgtt agaacctgtg ctttcaagcg atgcctgacc tagttcctga atcacagtag    106920
     gcattcagta gatgtttagt gaatgactga ggcagcacct caggatctaa ggacagtcca    106980
     tctaagaaag ctttgtcttc tgaacagttc attgctatgc agctaggaga gtgaaaggca    107040
     agaagatcta atcttagccc tgaggctgag tattgaaaag cgatacctta gccttacaga    107100
     tattaaggtt gtgtggtaag acctgatgtt acattaggaa gcaaatatac aaatagtcat    107160
     tgcattacca acatacaatg gtaaggtaga ccagctgtct tattccagtc tggtcctttt    107220
     ctttctggta cctccttttc ccagaagtat gaagagtgtg tatttgcttc taacagtctg    107280
     agttttactg aaaattcaga tgtatgctga actgctggca aaggtatgga gaacataaac    107340
     acacaacctc aaatcctcca caactcatca caataaggtt cattttcttt ctgttttttc    107400
     tttaagatgg ggtttctgta tgaagccctc cctggctgtc ctggaactcc aggctggcct    107460
     caaactcctc ttgcttctgc cttcccatgg ctgggattaa aggtgtgccc caccattgcc    107520
     tgaaaaggtt cattttcttt aagttaaaat ttggggttga tacaaggaat tagggcagga    107580
     aataaggagt aaggttttaa gagttttgtc tgtgggggtc ttgatcatgt ttgtttttct    107640
     cagccaacta aagaaataaa aggcaggaaa aaaaaatctc agacatagca tgcaacaagc    107700
     tattacaagt gaaacacagg ccacaagtac agagaaagac tccccacaga gcagaggggg    107760
     ccatcaggat ctgaagtctg tttttccagg gaaggactgg gagttttaag tgcttttggt    107820
     ggcctgagac aggtcccctt cccctaattt tgagttagcc agcttcaggt aaacatgtat    107880
     ttacagtggt atggggcagg gacttttccc ttgccctgag actggtttgg tctattgaga    107940
     caaataaagg ggagctaaca gacccaccgc ttcatgaatg tgttcaggac tgtccttgaa    108000
     catatctgac cagttcaaac tggtgagggg gaaggaggcc ctgcttgtca gaagaaaagt    108060
     cagattaaaa tatataaagg caggtttatt gccaggagga gggagaaagg gaatgaggac    108120
     gagaaagaga gaaagagtga ggccatgtgc agagagggta gggagaggga gagcatgaaa    108180
     gagatcaaaa tgtctgtctt atatagggaa gagcctctgg aggaagggca gcccagcccc    108240
     tgggctggca agttcaggat tgggggcagg gtatgcctgg tagggactga agaatgctgg    108300
     gaggacctgg aggccagtct gctttgacaa gtaaagttta cacctcagcc ccttgtccca    108360
     tggtctaaaa ccaaacactg agaagattca taataaatct taccagagtt attaggggca    108420
     gagcctagat cctggcagcc ctagtaacct aggttcagtc actggctctt caatatgcca    108480
     attaaagcaa tagcaaaagg cagagaaaga tttcttcaat gtgaccacat taggaagaag    108540
     aacaaagaag aacagtgacc ctccaagtcc ctcttcatgg agtttaggtt caatcagagg    108600
     gccagaagca tgcattggct aagccctctt ggtctggatt tctgcctctg gcagtgtaac    108660
     cagatgtcaa cattgttgga aatcttcctg gggcgccccc caccccccca gacaaggtct    108720
     tcctctggct ggcaccaggc ctttcccagc gtgagattcc cagtgaaatt ctaatttcct    108780
     agggactagt ctcaagagtc tggtaactga aaggaggggc ccacatttcc cttcaaatgt    108840
     cttcattcct gccaagctgc ttgtggtggt ctgaatgaga atggccccct atgctcaaat    108900
     atttgaatgc ttagttacca gggagttaca ctattagaaa gaattcaaag agttaggagg    108960
     tgctgccttg ttggaggaag tgtgtcactg ggggtggggt ttaagatttt aaaagcccat    109020
     gccaggccca gagtctcttg gcctaaattc aggatgtctg ttttcagctg ttcctctagt    109080
     atctgcctgt aggctgtctt gcttcttgtc atgttgataa tggactgaag ctctgaaact    109140
     gtgagccagt cccagataaa aggttttttc ctcttaattt atttatttat tatatgtaag    109200
     tacattgtag ctgtctttag acacaccaga agaaggcatc agatctcatt acagatggtt    109260
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc    109320
     tcttaactgc tgagccatct ctccatccct agaagctttt tcttataaca cttgccttca    109380
     tcaggtggtc tctttagagc aatagaatag tgactaagat actatatgat tttcttctag    109440
     gatttaggtg aactgggcaa ttgatgtttt gaagttcaga tattttaatt tctccctgaa    109500
     attaaaaatg ttctctctac aacttttaaa ctacgactta tctttttggg tttccctcct    109560
     cctccctctc ctcctctccc tcctcctctc cctcctcctt cctcttctcc ccctcttctg    109620
     tgcatgtgta tatgtgtatg aagccagaat tgatagtgct tgactctgat cactcttcat    109680
     cctattcatt aaggcaacgt ttctccttga cagagtttga cagttagtca gcttgtgtcc    109740
     ctcactccca tgatccatct ctgcttctga agctccgggt ttacaggtgg ccaccagcct    109800
     tgaataacta ctgatgatcc aaaccctgtt cttcatgact gcatggcaag cactaaccac    109860
     agacccatct ctgcagtccc atcttatttt gagacagact cttactatgt agctgggctc    109920
     agactggcct ccaatctgca atactcttta tcctgctgga attacaggca tgcaccaaca    109980
     tacttggtct ttaaagtatt gtatttattt attggatatg ttatgtgcat acacaatgct    110040
     gtgactcacc tggccattta tcttgaactg gattttttgt ctgtttgttt ttgaggtccc    110100
     agcctttgct ggctggaact cattatgtaa accaggccag gtaaatctct cataagtcta    110160
     cctctgcctc ctgagttctg gattctttat gctaaggttc ctggaggttc agctccttga    110220
     gcagtacgta tctgggggaa tactactaca caaatgtgta ggagtgaggt tactactgta    110280
     aataaaaggg cagttcaaaa cagcagcctt gttaagtgct tcaagatagg attagcttta    110340
     cacatggaga gcctggaagg ggatggtttt catggaggga gatggagtac ggaaaagggc    110400
     aaggaaggag tatttatttc acttaagctt tattagttaa tcgttggagt agaattaaga    110460
     gtcaaaccca gtgcacagaa gacatttgga agtgtcagac aggttgtcct agctactttt    110520
     tttattgatg tgatgaaaca ccacgaccaa ggcaacttat aaaagacagc atttaatttt    110580
     tagctcaggg ttccagaggg ttagttcatg acggtcttgg cagtgaatgt gccagcagac    110640
     agggaggcct gatgctggag cagttgctaa cagcttacac gtgatccaca agcaccagac    110700
     ataaaacgaa gaaaaggctg gcttgggact ggagagatgg ctcagcggtt aagaacactg    110760
     actgctctat ttggaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcctgacaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca    110820
     tccatagtga gatctgatgc cctcttctgg ggtgtctggc gacagctaca gtgtacttac    110880
     atataataaa taaatcttac aaaaaaaaaa aaaagccaga aaggactggc tcttgaaacc    110940
     tccaagacca ccctcagtga catctcttcc aacttgttca cacctaatcc agtggttctc    111000
     aaccttccta atgctgcgac tctttaatac agttgctcat cttttggtgg cctcctcacc    111060
     cccagccata aaattatttt cgttgctact tcagaccagt tggttactgc tatgaattga    111120
     aattatatga tatgttaccc tcctaggagg tgttgggacc catacgttga gaactgctat    111180
     ccttatcttt tcctgtcagt ccagtaactg gggacaagca ttcaaatgca tgagtatggg    111240
     ggcaattctc attcaaacta ccacacctgt ccacgctatt ttgggacata acatagcgtc    111300
     acccgaaggt tctgggccta cattctcctt acagtcatct cctaaaccat aagagcagag    111360
     aaggcgaggg ccaggagcct ccaggcgtca gtcttagatt ctgcccgccc ccgtgttagg    111420
     ccccgcctct aggccccgcc ctaccctcct gggctggccc agccgactct tctgctcagg    111480
     cacctgccta gccgcctcgc gaggaggggt cctgaggcgg ctccagggac gagcagtgat    111540
     tggctgcagc tggcggctgg agctccgttc cagcggcgct tgacaaccgc agtccgcgga    111600
     gcggagcggt cggaggcggg atcggggcgg acgcgagcag gaccggctga cgagctgatg    111660
     gattgacgtg cgggctgctt agcccagacc gccgccctcg cgctcgcgcc ttagactgga    111720
     attggctgtc tcggggctct ggccgccggc ctctcctccg cgttttcctc caccgcttct    111780
     gccggctccg cccggagctc tcaggtgagc ggattccagg aggcgggggc gggccgccgt    111840
     gcaccgtggg ttgccatggt cacccgtcgc cacctgtcac tagcctgatg cggcgcagac    111900
     cccacagccc cttgggcggc gttcgcagcc gggaggagtg tcttgggtag gctttggtgg    111960
     cgactgcgag aagatgggat gcgggcgagg cccgggtgtc tcggggacag gacctgggac    112020
     ccgccaggca atctatccag gccgccactg ctggaccaca ccttccccta cttgccagtc    112080
     tgattcgggc ggctgggcga tgcccctcgc cctggtatgg agtatccacc tcgccgctgc    112140
     tgaggggcgc gaggagggct gactgggctg catctgcctc gcccctctat tgggctgggg    112200
     cgagactgag ggctgcgcgc tggtcccttt ccctgctcgc cttggccggc gaatgggtag    112260
     ggagtggcgg ggttgagggt ttgtggggga tccgggtttg ccctttctga cgccaggcca    112320
     gtggctgtta ggagcagtcc tgtggggtct gggagggtgg ggacaggggc atcgactgaa    112380
     tttcgaacgt gatttgttcc cggggacgcc tgcgtaagac accggaggtt atggaactca    112440
     gagggttaag ctgcttagct gtattgggga gaaaaagatt ggggctctag ctctgggacg    112500
     acgcctttgg caaaggggta ggaaccaagt aggcagcggc agtatttgac ctgatgattt    112560
     cccccctgta catccagaca tgcagctagt aactacgaag ggtgtcgtct gaggggagct    112620
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttggcaactt ggttctcact gcataatgag aggagaagtc    112680
     tttgttccac ccagattcat cggttgaaat cctgacactt agtttccccc ctttgttgta    112740
     gagagttcat agaatgctat aaaaagttaa tggcacagga attaacatac aggtttaaaa    112800
     gggctgtaaa tctttttcac agataatacc acttcttttt tttggggggg ggtctcaagt    112860
     gttggcatat gttatgttag cattttacta gaaaggagaa acgcctagca gtcgaatttt    112920
     ctttatatgg cacattctgg aggtcttatt taggtgggag atataacgaa tcattgtgca    112980
     ttaaggtttg gaggaggggg aggaacattg cttccaacaa caaagtaaca cgtaaatggg    113040
     aaagacaagg aaataatcca taacagtata tgtaaggcaa acaaccagat catgaacttg    113100
     aattgggctg ccattactga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga    113160
     gagagagaga gagagagatt taacttattt cccaccttgc cacttttcta ggtttttttt    113220
     tttttttgtg aaaatcagta gtaggaatgt atcataagag agcaagagtg ctaatcagtg    113280
     tttgcagtta cataattgtg cagtttcttt ctgtttgtca aatagtttgt tattgaatgg    113340
     acaccgtatg acttgtttag tatatgctac agtttgaaaa gcaaataaga aatatgtcaa    113400
     aataagaaaa atgtccaatt ttccttggta ggtcagttgc ctgaaaatca gattgcctgg    113460
     atggaagctt ctctttgctt ctgtaattac agtcttggaa gagatattta tcctaccatt    113520
     gaccttgttt tcttattctg tgaaataggg ataatgcctg gtgttgtttt agtctgagag    113580
     tggactgtga tgttgaataa atcagttcag ttgcaagtgc tttggaaaat attaaggaat    113640
     ctgttgacta ccttttacca gaggggaaca ctgagaggga gtattatcat tttctgtgta    113700
     atctttttaa catttctaga ttcaagacct tttttattac agtggcctta aaaggcttat    113760
     gagaaaaatg gaggcgtttc ctcattctca gtagagggtt tgcttcagtt gtggtgatgt    113820
     ggggaaggag ggttttgctt ttgtatatga gttagtgata ctttcttgca aataaggcta    113880
     ctgctaataa ctgaggagtt atatttggca ctagataatc ctcactgcag gtcacaggtt    113940
     catgactaat gcaaacataa ctttatcccc tctgacctaa gtttttcaaa ttgaggtatt    114000
     gacactaatt caggctgggt ctgtagttca gtggctgagt actgtctagc ttgattccca    114060
     gaacaacaga aataaagttc tgttgaataa gcttcagtat tcaagaaaaa gatctgtagg    114120
     tgtgtaaatg acacatgaaa tagtccttaa tttcatttga agaattggat aaattcatac    114180
     aaatcaaaga tgacacaaag agaaggcaat attaacatta atttctaaga taacatttag    114240
     agatttcaaa atagacttcc tgttggactt gactgaagct aagtgaattc taagctgtgt    114300
     ttagtttttt tctgtcctaa gtgcaaaagt ttaagaagct ttgttttagg cattcttaat    114360
     taatgaatgg aaaatcctca catagcacag gaaaaacggc ctttttcatt tttacagttc    114420
     caattttaaa aaggttcacc gttacttaaa ttctaacttc ccctcttggt tttatgtttt    114480
     tttatttgta tgccctggac ctctccatag agcaggctgg cttccaacat acaacatctg    114540
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagg agtgttggga ctaaaggtgt gtgccatcac tgtccacctt    114600
     attccctctt gtttgtttat tttttaagat ttatttattt tattttattt tatgtatatg    114660
     agtatactgt aactgtactg atggttgtga gccgtcatgc ggttgctgag aattttattc    114720
     aggacctctg ttcgctccag ccccgctcgc tccggccctg ctcactttgg ccctgctcgc    114780
     tctggcccaa agatttattt attattaaat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca    114840
     ccagaagagg gcatcagatc tcattacgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg tttgctggga    114900
     tttgaactca ggatcttcgg aagagtagtc agtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca    114960
     gccctccctc ttgttttaag ccctgtaaaa agttagagta ttgtattgga aatggtgaag    115020
     aattttagtt tacatcagtg gctctcaacc tatgcgtttc tacccatttt gttgaactat    115080
     cccttcacag tgatgaatgt cagatacctt acatatcaga tatttacatt attattcata    115140
     acagtagaaa aattacagtt acaaagtagc aatgaaaata attttgtgat tgggggtcac    115200
     cacaacatga agaactgtat taaggggtcc cagcattagg aaggttgaga agcactggtt    115260
     tagatagact gattaactca tttcattctg ggcttgaact tattttctct acgggcagat    115320
     ttcacacctc tgagcataag taatcaccta taaaaggatg atcacagggg catgggaact    115380
     atatagatga tggatggaag gatccagcta ggacccaatg taaatgaatg ttagtacctt    115440
     ttcacttttt ccttgtagag tcaaagacta ataatctgga gctgaagaga tggctccttg    115500
     gctaagagca ctggctactc ttccagagga cctgagttca agtcccaaca ctcatgtggt    115560
     ggcttataac tatctgtgaa tctagtccag gggatctaac ataacaccct cttcttactt    115620
     ctgtatgcac caggcaccta ggtgatgcac agatatacag gcagggaaaa cactcataca    115680
     tattataaat aaaatacaaa atttagaaag aagaataaat ttttacacac attttttaaa    115740
     aagaatttat ttatttattt tctatatata tatatatgac gagtacactg tagctgtttt    115800
     cagagacacc agaaggaggc atcagatccc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt    115860
     tgcttggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cactgagcca    115920
     tctctccaac cctttaccca tatttttaac aggaaacttc actgcttcct gaacttcctt    115980
     gatattttat atttaatttt ttagatactt cttcattttt ttataacata tcacactttc    116040
     tttttttttt aaattaggta tttatttcag ttacatttcc aatgctatcc caaaagtccc    116100
     ccacacgctc ccccacccac tcccccaccc acccactccc ccaccctccc tctcccactt    116160
     cttggccctg gcattcccct gtactgaggc atataaagtt tgcacgatca atgggcctct    116220
     ctttccactg atggccgacc aggccatctt ctgattcata tgcagctgga gacacgagct    116280
     ccaggggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt gttcctccta tagggttgca gatcccttta    116340
     actccttggg tattttctct agcttctcca ttgggggccc tgtgatccat ccaatagctg    116400
     actgtgagca tctacttctg tgtttgctag gccccagcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta    116460
     tatctgggtg ctttcagcaa aatcttgcta gtgtcacact ttcttaaaac tgagtgtgtt    116520
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtaagtg tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    116580
     tgtgtattca ccatagtaac aaccatttta tctgaggtat gcagactagt actagaacat    116640
     aaaaatactt aaatatatgt ttaagatttt tttattatat ttatttgttt attttgcttg    116700
     tatgtgcatg cgcagtccat gtgcagaggt cagaggacaa cttgaaggag tcagctcctt    116760
     ctttccatca ggtgggtcaa gtcattgagc ttggtggcaa gtgcctttac ttactgaggc    116820
     atcttaccac cactagataa atttttacac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    116880
     gtctgtatct ttatctttga gatatatgta tcttaggggt atgtgcatgt tagttctggt    116940
     acccaaggag gccagagtgt gagatcccct ggagctggag ttataagtgg ttttctgagc    117000
     tgtttgaagt tggtgctgac aactgagctc agctcctctg taagagcagt acatgctttt    117060
     aactcatgaa ccatttctcc aacttctggt tttaattttt tttcaaacat tactttgaaa    117120
     acttaggggt agaattaggt aagttttgtt taacaactta aaggctgggt ctggtggcac    117180
     ctgtaatacc agcccttggg agatggaggc agaaggatca ttagtttaaa gccagattct    117240
     gctactcagc aagtttgagg ctgacctgag ctaagtgaga ccctctctca aaaaaagcag    117300
     ctgggcatgg tgtctcatgc ctataatcca gcccttcgga gactgaggca tgaggattgt    117360
     tgtgagtttg gaggcagcat ggtttacata gtaagctcaa agaaagaaaa gaaaaaagag    117420
     gagctgtgga gggaaggaag gaaaataggc ttggtgatga aattttaggt ggtacaaaaa    117480
     gaagatcgca agttatggga actgttagtt ttactgtata tagttactgt ccagactatg    117540
     ccagaaatac tgcgttctag tctaggtgct ttaattaagg tagatattca tgtgtattca    117600
     taagagtgcc atccagatgg taggagacgt gaagaatggc tttgtaaggc tccattaaca    117660
     atatacataa gatctaagaa tagttcccag tatttatata ttgaaaacac agcagttatt    117720
     cttgctttgg caatcctgct ccagtttttt agctcagtaa tagaatagac ttttgtgatc    117780
     taattctaaa aacggtcatt tttatacttt ttagcttaat tttatttaaa cattttaaag    117840
     gtttattttt acttttattc acatgtgaat atgtgtgtgt aaatgctgtg tgagtataga    117900
     tgccttctgt ggccataaga ggctattgga tccttgggag ctggagttaa aggatgttac    117960
     tagtgaatat gggtgtagga actgaacttg ggtgcactgt aagagtagta tgtgcgctaa    118020
     actgctgaac tatctcttca actctagatt cttaatttta aaattaaaag ttgtctccgt    118080
     accagaaacc cactgtcatg gaccatatct ttatccgaag cagttattct gagaccagcc    118140
     tggcgatata tattgatggt gatgatggtg atgatatacc aatgatagcc tcctttgaag    118200
     tggaatcttt ctgtgttttt aagactgccc agaactcctg aggttcagcc atatactcct    118260
     gccctagcct ctcaaatatg tggaattaca agtgcacacc acaatcatgc tgagtgaggc    118320
     aatccagacc cagaaaaaca cgaattgcat gttttttttc tctttagata tgtgtgtttc    118380
     acttaaatgc aggggttagg tagctattaa ctgagcaggg cactttgagg gaaagaaggg    118440
     gtgttttagg gaagaagaaa tataatgcta taaagggata aagagaaaat aagaacagga    118500
     ggattaattg ggttggggga atgggaggac agggtgaagg agggactata aagagggaca    118560
     actaacttta actgcctctt gaaaagctat ctggaaacct actacagtag aagcttccta    118620
     aaatgtaaac atatataaaa ggagtttaag tagcattacc atataatgag gggaacaata    118680
     gcctgactat atactgtatg ccactaaata aaaccctagc accaagaatg gattacatct    118740
     ttttgatttg ttgaccagtg gggttccata gacaccccct aacattacaa gctattgcca    118800
     atgcagtgtt atttgacact gcattacaag ttgacagtaa gagactattg gtgattacac    118860
     ccattcacaa ggcatgggac caggagaaat ctagccggta ctcaactgga agtgtcatca    118920
     ttattagcta ttgttcatag tgttgatagt gctggcaata tcagaggaga aaactaatga    118980
     ttaatttcac ctggcagtga atgctctgag ctataataat gatatgttgc aagatttgtc    119040
     catagatgca gtagtggcac agatgtcacg agagcagcct accagttttg ggtggattta    119100
     aggcccggtc tataagatgg aatccatacc tggtaatgac tagataagtc atgggcccta    119160
     ggggaccacc ttttcctgtt attctgctaa atgatcatag aaataattag attattccta    119220
     attacatatt gctatatcta tagattggta caagtgtgag aagttgtctt gggttatgag    119280
     aaagtaaatc actctgaagt aatattactt tatatatgca aatttgttac tttagggttt    119340
     atttttagtt atgtatgtgg gggaatatgt gcacatgtgt gcaggtgcct gtccatattg    119400
     acactcacta tatagactaa gctgacttag agctaatgct tctgctgcca agtacaggga    119460
     ttacagatgt atgccaccat gcctggctct gccttacaca ctttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    119520
     gtgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagacaggtc tcaatataca tccttgattg    119580
     gcctagcatt ctatgtagac tggcctcaaa ctcacagaac tctgcctacc tctatttcca    119640
     gagtgctgtt atttttttaa aaaatattta tttatttaat ttatgcgagt acactgttgc    119700
     tgtcttcaga caaccagaag agggcatcca atcccattat agatagttgt gagccaccat    119760
     gtggttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctt cggaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaacctctg    119820
     agccatctct ctagccccag tgctgttatt tttaaagtat gtgctaccat ggctgacata    119880
     actgcttatg ttttattgtt aaagaatgtt taacaaccta gggttgtgct gtgcgggtca    119940
     ggtcagcttg caccttgatt gagtcttggc tggccttgtg cttgcaatct gcctgcttca    120000
     cttctcctgt agtgggtaac accaaacttt atgtagaact tttattttat tattttaatt    120060
     ttatgtgtgc atgccacatg gatgcatgtg cctgcagaag cagagaggag gttggatact    120120
     ctacagcttg agttacaagt ggttgtaagc catttgatgg ggctaggaat tgaacttggg    120180
     ttttctggaa aagcaacaag ctctcttaac tgctgagcca tctttctaac cccacattaa    120240
     aattttttgg atgtgtaata tttatacatg gtatagaatt caaaagattt aatagggtac    120300
     atgataaaat gtcatgaagc cattcctatt tatcaaggtc tttgggacac aaccattact    120360
     accaattctg tgcgtctttt tctacagaca ttttaggtat atgtacaaca tgatttaatc    120420
     ttactttatt ctatagctaa agcggcacca ggctttaaac ataatttgtt tctttttctt    120480
     attttgatat agtgtctctc tatattctga gttggctcta actaatattc ttgtcttttt    120540
     gtttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg atgtcctgga actcactttg    120600
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat    120660
     taacggtgtg tgccaccact gcccggctca tattcttgtc ttactccagc gttttactcc    120720
     actgtaattt atcaatgtgc taccatgccc aggtgtcttt aaaactttaa aaggtttatt    120780
     ctctctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    120840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatttgtat ttacatacca ttgtacacag gttgaggtca gagaataagc    120900
     tgtgggagta ggctctctac taacaggtgg acccagggac caaacttagg ttttcaggtt    120960
     tggtggcaag tgcccttagg tactgaacca gttctctgtg tcccttttaa tttttttagt    121020
     agtctcactg gccttgaact tgttccacag gcaaagatga cttcaacttc tgatcttctg    121080
     tccccttcct cctgggggct agattgtagg tgcaggacac cacacctgat ttatgctata    121140
     caggacttct tgcatggtag ccaagcactt tatattatca ccccccatag ttttgggatg    121200
     aaaatcaccc atagttctat aaagtaagtt aaaataatca atgatctaaa ggtggttata    121260
     aacgttaaga aaggacatgt ttataaacag tttattagca ggtacaatgg agctttgtag    121320
     ttaggagggc agttttgttt gtaaatgatc taaagaaaaa aacttttaac tgaccttata    121380
     agttcaaaat ttctgattat tccagacttc atagtaccca ccagaatatc tgcttcctgt    121440
     tactaaagaa tgaattgaaa taaatcacaa aattaaatca taaatgaaaa aaatcatagg    121500
     aaagagactg taagcacttt ttcatgatca tgaagtttta gactattcta attttctcag    121560
     cctaaacttc tgaactgttc ttagtctccc atgttttcct tcttcctaaa ttctgtattt    121620
     taagtaagca acatcattgc aaagaaacat tgaagttatc tttatatttg gttagaaagc    121680
     taacactgtt ttttgttttg gtttggtttt tctgagacat tatcttggtg tatagtccaa    121740
     gtttgccctg gacatactag atagctcagg ctgacctcgt attcttagta ggcctgcttt    121800
     ggcctcctga gtgctgagat aactgtagtg tgtcaccact tgcagctagt gatattttta    121860
     atgaaaaatt tctttttcta tatatgaaaa tacatttgtt atttttaatc tgttgttaac    121920
     attgaccttt aatcttcgat ttctaaaact aaggtttaat taattaatta attatatgta    121980
     agtgtactgt agccgtcttc agacactcca gaagagggag tcagatctcc ttacagatgg    122040
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaattcaaga ccttcagaag atcagtcagg    122100
     tgctcttaca caccaagcca tctcaccagc ccgggttttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt    122160
     ttgattttgg ctcatcaaga cagggttttt ctgtgtggcc ctggatgtcc tagatctctc    122220
     actgagatct catgctgagc ccaggctggc ctcaaactta cagagattct tctgcctctg    122280
     tctcctgagt actggggtta aatgttgcgc ttccataccc aactctaaaa ccaattttat    122340
     atttaaactt ttttctttta tttatatttt gtgtttaagg gtttttgcct atatataatg    122400
     cccaaagagt ctataagatg gcatcagatc tcttgggact ggagttagag agggtgtgag    122460
     ctgccatgtg tgtgatgtga attgaacccc atatcttctg aaagagcagc cagtggtttt    122520
     gtttttggtt tgttattgtt gttctttttt ttttcagaat atgaaaattt attagtttcc    122580
     attgtcaaat gtttgtgatc ttggcctttc tttcttgcct ttgtatagag ccaaaagaga    122640
     aacattggct accttaacca cattaaagca ggctccagga atatcaccta cagcatgacc    122700
     ttttcgacca aacccagcaa ccagaacttc attttcctca atgacgttca ggcagccatc    122760
     actgggcacg cacggacgct gtgatcttct tgccgttctt aatgagctgc accctggcac    122820
     acttcctgat ggatagcaga atttggctgt ttggcctcaa ccgctacttt ttccagcaca    122880
     attccctttg catgagaggc accccaaacg gattggcctt caaggctgtg cccaagtggg    122940
     ctttcttgta ttgtttatca tgccacttct ggtcccgtcg gtgactgcgg agcttccggg    123000
     cagttcagag accatgacac tttacccatc ttgacggcgc cacaggcaca agagagagtg    123060
     ttgtttttag cagggtcttt ctgtgtggct ttggctgtcc tagaactcac tatgtagatt    123120
     tgtctgccta ccatacccag ctgcagccag tgtttctggt atttatttat ttatttattt    123180
     atttatttag gtgtttcaag attgggttgc tctggcagtc ctggaactca ttctgtagac    123240
     caggctagct ttagactcag agatcaacct gcccgtgctt cctgagggct gggatcaaaa    123300
     ggcagtgcca gcactgccag acttgtggcc attgttctaa gtctcggggc atctctctag    123360
     tccctattct cttatgttaa aaaagattat ttgtgtcacc tagtccggtt attgagtatg    123420
     agtaaaattt tatttctcaa aggaaaatcc caagaaacac agaatttcat gttgtgactt    123480
     caaaagaact gtcatttatt aatgggaata ctgacactga cactacccta tttcaatgta    123540
     atatacccta atgttgtctc tttgtgagtt ctttgctaag taggtgtttc cagcaattgt    123600
     tgtctgggaa gccttcctac taagatcttg gagaatttac ttttacaaaa tagtaggatc    123660
     aaaaagccag aaccctgtta aaaaacagaa accttggcct ggagagatgg ttcagtggtt    123720
     aagagcactg actgttcttt caaaggtcct gagttcaaat ctcattgttt aagagcactg    123780
     actgttcttc aaaggtcctg agttcaaaac atggtagctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagat    123840
     ctgacgccct cttctggggt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa    123900
     atcaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa caaacaaaca aaaccagaaa cctttagaga tgttggaaac    123960
     acaaaagtaa cttattctag ccttagaaga agcatttttt ttcagtgatg ctttttgcat    124020
     ttcacgttca tttaagtagc attaattaaa catacttggt gtcattcccc tggccccaat    124080
     cccagtagga actgaatcta aggccttcag catgtaaagc aagcactcta tcattataga    124140
     gttttaatcc ctttatcctt ccctactgtt gtagggtttc attgctgtga agagacacca    124200
     tgaccatggg aactcttata gaagacaaca tttaattggg tctggcttac aatttcatag    124260
     acttagacca ttatcaccat ggtgggaagc atgacagcct ccaggcagac atggtgctgg    124320
     agaaggagct gagagttctg catcttgatc caaaggcagc aaggaggatt tttgatttgt    124380
     tccacactgg gcagagcttt agtataggag acctcaaagc ctaccccaac agtgacacac    124440
     ttcctccaac aagactgcac ctactgcaac aagaccatac ctcctaacag tgccactccc    124500
     cattggccaa gcattcaaac acctgaatct atgggggcca tacataccta ttcaaactgc    124560
     cacacctacc gttttaaaga cagaaatttc cccatctaac ccagagtggc cttgaatttg    124620
     agatcctttt gccacagcct cctgaatgtt aggattatag gtgtgtgcca ctatacctga    124680
     cttgcatatg tttaaaaaga tcacctcaga gttatatgta gtagcatata attatagtct    124740
     gagctattca agatgttgag atgaccttca tttgaactta gttgttgagg ctagactggg    124800
     caacaagccc ttgtcttgcc ctttcttctc tttgccaact tcccccacca gaaaaacaaa    124860
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa aaaaaaccct acagaaaaat caaacaagca aataaacaac    124920
     aaatgggcat gatggggtat gatggatgtg tcagtaatgg attagaaaag agtaattaca    124980
     tcttccaaat atgtatatat ctatatatgc atatatcttg taataataga acttttaaga    125040
     ataaaatttc tgaagtgatt aaaataccat aattttcaac tggtaatctt atagtttcca    125100
     gctgaaactg agactggagg atcatgtgag gctaagcatt gagaccagcc tgggcaacac    125160
     aacacaccct taagcatagt tatgagttaa agaaggaaaa ttgccacaag ttccattcta    125220
     agattactta cttaatattt agtttaaata ttgactataa gacctgtaaa gtatttatgt    125280
     tgtactacct aagaaattta tagtttcagt tcttgctaaa tgtgtggttg gtacacggta    125340
     atattaatga cgcgtcccct aagttctcat tatgaggatg gagtaatatt tttctgcaag    125400
     tgaatttagt taaagtctat tattttatta gatattttct ttatttacat ttcaaatttt    125460
     atcccctttc ctcatttccc ctccaaaaac tccccatccc atttcccctc cccctgctca    125520
     ctaacccacc cacacctgct tccctgtcct agcattcccc tacactgggg catcgagcct    125580
     tcacgggacc aagggcctct cctctcagtg atgtcccaca aggccatcct ctgccacata    125640
     tgcagctgaa gccttgagtc cctcctctgt actctttggt tggtggttta gtccctgcga    125700
     gcactggggg tacccattgg ttcatattgt tcctcctatg gggctgcaaa tcccttctgc    125760
     tccttgggta ctttctctag ctccttcatt gggaaccctg tgctcagtcc agtggatgac    125820
     tgtgagcatc cacttctatt tgtcaggtac tggcagagcc cctcagagaa tagctatatc    125880
     aggctcctgt cagcaagcac tgttggcaag aagtctattt tttttaagta ttatatgacg    125940
     atttgggggc tgtctaaatt gctaatccat gtgtttggga gaatctcagg gagatagttc    126000
     tgaaatatgg ccagaattta gtaagtagag ctctcactaa ctttatttta taattgtgga    126060
     caaactggag gatgtagcaa agggagtgtg aggaactgaa cagttggcct gttgtgagaa    126120
     aggtttgtgc ttatttgtca actgtggcag gcattacagt atgtgggaat agacatatta    126180
     ttctttaaaa ggttttaaac attacatttg tgtttgcgtg tttgtatgcc tgtgcagacc    126240
     tacaccactt gcaggtcaga ggacaacctg caggagttgg ttctctcctc tgatcatgtg    126300
     ggtcctgggg atcagactca ggtcttctgg ttcagcagca ggcatcttaa cctgctgaac    126360
     catcccaccg gccccaatta ttttactctt ctatcactaa gtaagtattt gagttgagtg    126420
     gctagagaga tggttctgca gttaagaaca ctggatactg ttgtggggac ttctaggggc    126480
     cccactttgg gttcaatgat aaagacatgg atacctgtat aatataaggc tattagcttg    126540
     tttgcttgct gggggggggg gggataccct cgctacccat ctagactcaa gctgactctc    126600
     ctgccctgct cctgctctgc ttccctcctg ccccagctcc agcagcctgc tctttattta    126660
     tcaaaagcca cactctattc tcatacaaaa atgctactag cacaggggag ggagggaaga    126720
     gcttccacag catactcatt ttgaaccaat cagcagccag actacatcca ttcatatctt    126780
     agtgttgcct tttggcagat tgaaggcaag gtgttccccc atggcagctt gctttttaac    126840
     cggacaatct cagagaatcc tctttttttg ggcagatgag gaagcaacat atataaagca    126900
     ggtcttgtgg gctctagaaa atacaatatc atatattctg ccagcacctg actccgcagg    126960
     tacagcaatt aacaattgag aatacaggga cacatcttca tagccagctg atatagtatg    127020
     tatggtggta ggttatccca acaggctgtt ctcccagaag acctgggttt gatttccagc    127080
     atccacatgg tagctcacaa ccatctgtaa ctctagtcca aggaatctca tgtcctcttc    127140
     tggagtcctc aggtactgca tgcatatggt gtacagacat acaagcaagg caaaacaccc    127200
     atacacatga ataaattagc ccggtatagt ggtgcatgcc attaatctca gcacttagga    127260
     ggtagaggca gtggatagat tccaatctgg tccatatagg gggttgtagg ttagccaagg    127320
     gctacgtagt gagactatgt ttcaaaaaaa ttgtttcttg actgaataat tttcttaaca    127380
     cattccatgc tagcttcttt gcataagaga caagatgcta tttgctgatg aggacattct    127440
     agttcgctgt acatttgtat tcctttttat gaagaaataa attgtcaaag cagattgaaa    127500
     ggaacaaaat tagttatcta caaacttgtg cttatgtttc tgtgagcttg gttaaaatgg    127560
     cttggtccaa tgagaaagac cacacctctt tatagtcacg ttaaccatca ggtaacattt    127620
     ccttgcagcc agtccattag tgtacttttt ttgcattgct ctgaggaatt ctgtatatgt    127680
     gtctatatgt gagtctttgc atgccatgga gtacacaagt tagaggacaa cttcccagga    127740
     gtcagtttcc ccttggacta tgtgggtcct agaccttgaa ctcaggttgt caggcttaat    127800
     agcgtgtttg atgctggcca tattgccagc cccactataa gtttttcttt aatagaaggg    127860
     ctttgtttct atcattccag agatgtccca tgtcatcctt ataatctggc tgggtaactg    127920
     cagtctccct ctcacttgct gcagggttcc ctttcagaca cagatgctat ccaaatcttc    127980
     ctgctgtcct tgttcttaac tgtgtgcctt gctgaattga agccatggga tttgaaacaa    128040
     gttcagtatc attttcttca aggattaact catcacctgg gcttgagaaa ctgaaccagc    128100
     agcatctgaa ctcatccaaa ccttgaggat gtatttttca tccaagaaag ttcagatttc    128160
     aaccagagac ccattctcac accacaacta gagacaggtt ttccagtaaa tagcacccgc    128220
     tcagcgttca ccatgggaac ctacaacaag ccttcatttt cacagtaaat gcagcaaaga    128280
     gagacccacc ttcatctctg ttcttgtgat ctgtcagggg cccgagtgtt tcctatgagt    128340
     attaacattc gaaaaataca attgcatatg acatatgcaa aatgagagca ctgatctaat    128400
     gattttttaa aaaaaatatt tttaagctat aaatcttttt actttcataa tgtatatatt    128460
     tagttgtatc attacagatg tgtagaaaag cattaggagg aattttattt aactattttc    128520
     tattggaaac tatttttata tattctggtc atggtttttt ctcccccaac tcctcctcac    128580
     ctcaccatcc atacgattcc atacgttctt tctctctctt ttgagaaaac aaacaggcaa    128640
     aatatggata aaacagtgaa agaataagta caagaaacag acacacaaac aaaatccata    128700
     aaaccacaaa attggaaact ataatataca agcaaaagac cagtaagatt taaaaaagtg    128760
     cccaaacaaa gcaatatgag acaaaaatgt acagaaatat cattgagttt gttttgtgtt    128820
     ggcatcttct gctgggcatg gacctgccgt taagtgtggt ttatataccc aatgaggctc    128880
     tgttggacaa aacacatttt tcctctgcca gtggttgtca gttggtgata gcttcttggt    128940
     tagggatggg agctcttgga cagaccccgt gcatgctgcc tgtgcatcca tgtgcatgtc    129000
     agtactgttc tttttttgtt tgtttattta tcatatgtaa gtacactgta gttgtcttca    129060
     gacacaccag aagagggcgt cagatctcat tacggatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg    129120
     ctgggatttg aactcaaaac ctttggactg ctgagccatc tctccagccc ccagtactgt    129180
     tctgttatgg ctggggaaga cattgtttct ttggtgtctt ccatcccctc tggctcttag    129240
     aatctttctg cttcctcttc tgcatagttc actgagccct gcgggagggg aaggatgatg    129300
     aagtcatcgt ctatggctga gtgttttaaa ctctctcact ctctgtacac ggtccagctg    129360
     tgggtctctg tgttagttcc tatctactgc aagaggaagc ttctctgctg atgtcagagg    129420
     gagatactga tctacaggta caacagaagg ttgttaggat cctgttattt tgttgctatg    129480
     ttcctttggc agaacaagta tttcattcca atccaatctc aatggaagga gttttaaagt    129540
     gttgaactat aattgatatt accactatga cactgatatt acctagttgt atatttcagt    129600
     tgagccttat tttactccaa actgactcac aaatgaccaa catttgatct acaggctaca    129660
     tgttttcaag gatagatatg aattcagccc agaacaaaat tataaactta cttagaatta    129720
     tgaatttttt tggtaacttc actggggaag gggaggtgtt cttgagatgg gtgttgtcgg    129780
     tgacagcatt gtggcacagt gtctgagtct taggcatgcc tgatactgtc actgctagac    129840
     tattctgagg tacttcagac ctcaaaattt aatgtcacta ctccagtggg tatttctcac    129900
     agattagtac ttttaaaacc atgagccata tttttaacac attaaagaat gactcagttt    129960
     tgatagttaa tttcactgtg aaacaatgta ctaaacattc ccaagcaaca ttctcatttc    130020
     taggcgatta aacttcctca taaaactaca ggactaagtt cttccttgtt cctatttatt    130080
     taggctagca atatgactgc tgaagaaacg gtgaatgtga aagaggttga gatcattaag    130140
     ctgattttgg acttcttgaa ttcaaagaag cttcacatta gtatgctggc gctggagaag    130200
     gaaagtggag tcataaatgg cctgttttca gatgatatgc tcttcctgag gtacggtaac    130260
     atcattacta tgaggcttac aggcagctct tcctaagaag aatatggtaa tatgcataat    130320
     atctcatgaa atactataag tataattaaa tttttttcat aatggaatat ttgtaatgca    130380
     cagtaatata tgtacagaat gtctttagta gtaacatgtg tagtcttcag agttacagcc    130440
     ttaagtatgg tatcaattta acaagtacac aagaaatcca aggcactggg aagatcaaac    130500
     atttctaaaa tatgcacaag gagtgtatag aaatgaattc cataaaataa agcatttatt    130560
     atagaatata ttaattatta aaagtaaaga aaattcacca ctacatagaa acaactgtga    130620
     ttcttacatt tatatatgtt gcatttttaa attttttgtt ttaattatat atatatgtgt    130680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttttgta tatgcctggt    130740
     acctgtggaa gccagaagag ggtcccagat gccctggaac tagagttaga gatgattgtg    130800
     agcggtcacg tgggtgctag gggttgaatc caggtcctct gggagagcag ccagtgcttt    130860
     tagccactga accatctctc cagccccttt tgtgtatatt tttttaaaat agcaaaattt    130920
     ttccagacat tgtagtatat gcctttaatc ccagcatttg agtggcagag gcaggcagaa    130980
     ttccaggcca accagaacaa catatacaaa gcgattctgt cacacacaca cacacacaca    131040
     cacacacacg taattttgtt tcacaggaat tctctgtggt tacaaataaa taccttaaaa    131100
     ctttcaattt agtctctttc ttgtttattt gtttgttttt tcaagacagg gtttcgctgt    131160
     gtatctctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccatgc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatt    131220
     cacttgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg cgccaccatt gcccggcgta    131280
     tcctttctcc attttcaaga ttaaaacatc tctttataaa actactatga catatattat    131340
     gattggttat tattctttaa attaaaatat tggaaatctt atgttgatcc ttctgcccat    131400
     ccatccattt tataaattta cttttatcat agtttcaaaa ttgagaaatt gttattgtaa    131460
     aagaacacta ctactgtttg aagagccaga gacgatcatc tcattatttg ctttaatgtc    131520
     tatttttgaa ttggtgagca ttctagattt ttctttattt aggcagctga tcctggatgg    131580
     ccaatgggat gaagttcttc agttcattca gcctctagaa tgtatggaga aatttgacaa    131640
     aaaaaggtag gattttattc taaagtctta gtgttttgtc attgacagaa acctagcaac    131700
     aaaacagaac aatcaatgca tgtcaagtgc agccttccta tgaaacagca cccgctggat    131760
     cctgctgtgt tagagcagcc tggttacagt tacagttctt ggaagtcttt gtaagttcca    131820
     tgagcagatc tactcagtca gtagtgtgta tgcagacttg tgcatatgaa gtagtgaggc    131880
     gcatacttca gagacatctt tctgctgact cttggccttt attgctcaat gagcagtcaa    131940
     ttgtaatttg tgtccttatt ctcttagtgt aaccaatgtc cttcctccac ccctccactg    132000
     gctgccttta agttttatgc tttatcattg gtttttggta gtttgattat tgtcttggtt    132060
     agagtttttt ttgctgtgaa gagacatcat gactgagaca actcttataa aggacaacat    132120
     ttaattgtgc tagcttacag gttctgaggt tcagtccatt ataatcatgg caggaagcat    132180
     ggcagcatgc aagctaatgt gatgctggag ttactgagag ttctagatct tcatcaaaag    132240
     gaagccagga gcagactggc tcttctgccc taggtggagc gtaagcatat gacctcaaat    132300
     tccacaccca cagtgacaca tttactccaa caaggcccat acctatgcca gcaaggaccc    132360
     acctcctact agtgtcactc cctatgggcc aagattcaaa cacatgagtc tatgggtctc    132420
     ttcagaccac tacaattatg atatgcttaa gtgtttttta atttcctcac ttatttgttg    132480
     gggggggtag ctgtgtgttt attcttccaa tttgaaatat ttttggccat acttcttcaa    132540
     aagtatacct cccagtgtat tttccttctg ggatatcata taaaattgaa tttgtccaca    132600
     gcactgagga cttcacttgt ttagtttttt gtttgtggtt ctagggcttg aacatagggg    132660
     ctgctgcatg cttaacaaat gctcttgaat aagccacatc tgcaagaccc tcctcccttt    132720
     tctttctttt ctcttgagac agggtctcat tagtctcaga ttggcctcaa gcttgatact    132780
     agagcatgac cttgaacttc tgatcctcct ccctccacct ctgggacact tggatttatg    132840
     taggtgtgtg ccccagacat agttaataaa gtgttggtgt ttgtacatgc tgagggcaca    132900
     ctgcatcagc tgagcttccc gtcctaatac cccaacctga aaacagtttg ttcagagaca    132960
     gtgtctggct ctacagaatt gactgaactt ggaatcttct ggcttccata ttccaaatac    133020
     tgaggttaca atatttgcca ccacatctta atctttttta aagcacattt cctttatgtt    133080
     tgtatggatt attttttatt gaatcttcac tgaactttct cttagctaca taataagcat    133140
     gagattttaa atttcagata gcatacattt caatttcaat ttttttatta ggcatgatgg    133200
     tatatactag tcatcctggt gcttaaaagg cagcggtagg aagatcatga gtctgaggtt    133260
     tcctgggctt aataaagaat ttcatatcag cctgtgctat acattgtgcc taactcaaaa    133320
     gcttttgtct ttttaatttt tctctgagat atcttttctt gctgttgttg ttgggttttt    133380
     tgtgtgtgta tatgtcttgc tcccaagata gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg    133440
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggctttg aactcagaaa tccctgcctc tgtctcccaa    133500
     gtgctggtat taaaggcgtg cgccaccact gcctggcaaa agtgttggct tttaatacat    133560
     ttatttttat tattttaaat tatgtctaca tgtgggtatg tctgtgtgtg ggtatgtgca    133620
     tgtgagagca ggtgcctgca gacaccagag gtgtgcagtc ccctggagcc ggagtttgag    133680
     gcggccgtga gctgccctat gtggtcctgg gaactgaact tgggccttct gctagagcag    133740
     caagcattct taaccatgga gccatctttc ctaaaagggt tgatttttat ttaagcaagt    133800
     agttaacttg tgtagtccaa aatacaaatt ttgctttttc tctggtagat tgtagtgaaa    133860
     tttcttcttg tttttttttt tttccctccc caccattttt ctgttgtttt ctcagtgccc    133920
     cttggcattt cttttttgtc ttaaccattt tgggaaaata gttgtaagtt cgggcacttg    133980
     aatttataca gtacatttga atgcatctct catctcttac catggttctt tttttctttt    134040
     tccttttttt tgttttttgt tttgtttctt cactcgtttt ctgtctgatc tagcagtatc    134100
     aaactagggt ggtagaaact ttttcctaaa gatttatttt tattttcaat tatgctcatg    134160
     catgtgtgtc tgtgtgggca tatgtgcata tgaggccaga aaagggttgg atcttcaggt    134220
     gtggtagcaa gcacctttat ctgtggccca atttgaccag ttttaaaaca aaatggctag    134280
     catggtgctc tggcccaatg atggatggac tgtgtgcccg gcatgcgcag agccctgggt    134340
     ttggtctgca gccctgccca ggacagactt gtgctcctga agcctctcta ggctgtgcct    134400
     tgttatcatt cttgctgtgt agctcaggtt ggctcacggg tgtccttatg cagcctcctg    134460
     agtctggatt tatagatgta cgcttccatg cctggtagca ttcagttttt taattatttt    134520
     aatgtttcct ctttcacagg tttcgttata ttatcctgaa gcagaagttt ctagaagctt    134580
     tgtgtgttaa caatgcaatg tctgcagaag atgagcccca gcatgtaaga tttttattcc    134640
     tgaaggtttg cgccctagtc ttgttttcag ctattttatt tactaaatca gaagattatt    134700
     atcatgggtt tttcttttct tttttttaaa gatttattca tttattattt gtgagtacac    134760
     tgtagctgtc ttcagacacg ccagaagagg gcatcagagc tcattacgga tggttgtgag    134820
     ccaccgtgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggaccctcag aagagcagtc agtgctctta    134880
     accgctgagc catctctcca gccctatcat ggatttttca agggtttgtg agctatgatg    134940
     aggcaagatc tgtagttttg cagacagagt acttttaatc tgtaatcttt ctaaacttat    135000
     tctctgatta aaccaaagtg ctatgtgaat aacccaaagg tatatattct cctttaaggt    135060
     aagttaaacc agggcctgtt aaactttttc ctctttttac actgttttat cctagaaaaa    135120
     tttatatgac cctggattta ttggtattca aaaaaagaaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaacaaa    135180
     aaaaaagaat ttagtgatca caaatctaag gaattttatt ttaaaatgtt atacatattg    135240
     ttttaccata ctgtttatta gcaatgaaag caaatttaca tgctaatgag atagatatgt    135300
     atatttacct aatatttatg tatattcatt tatttgtata tgtatatatg cgaggtatat    135360
     gtcccccctt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac acatggatgg    135420
     agtccagttt gtccttatag gctgtcctcc ttagttacta tctgccttgt ttctttgaga    135480
     caaggtctgg gaaggattgc tgtttttttt tatttattta atttttttta gcaaggctgg    135540
     cagccagcaa gccccagtga tcctgtgtcc acctacttaa tgctggggtt ataggcatgc    135600
     ttggttttta catgggtgct agaatcttgg tcttctcata agcagagcaa atgttcctaa    135660
     catttgaatc ctctctctgg cctcacctct atatatttat tgaaattaat aaaaaatagt    135720
     atgtgtgtat gatttgtata tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag    135780
     agagagagag agagagagag agaataaatg tatgcatgct atacatatgg tatatgtata    135840
     gaggtcagag gacatcttgg gtgtctgtcc tcacttttta gcttgttgag acaaagtttc    135900
     tgtgttgttt gcgtctttat atgccacact agctggtctg tgagcttcct aagattctcc    135960
     tgtggccact tcccatcttt ctgtaccagc cctagaatta tgaacatgtt gcaaaccttt    136020
     agtgtgttct agttcagtgg gttctaggga ttcaaaccca gtttattgta ttgcacagca    136080
     agtactttac ctactcagtc atctctcatg tcactctctt cttttttaaa gaaagggttt    136140
     ctgagtttgg ttcctaacat ctacatgatg gctcatgacc atctgtaact ctggttccag    136200
     gtaattcagc accatcttct ggcctcccag ggcactgggt acacataagg tcgcatatat    136260
     gtatgcaggc aaagcactcc tgtacataaa ggaaggaaag ggggggaaga aaaggcaggc    136320
     ttccatgtag cctgggttgg ctttgagctg gcttagaaca ggatgatatt gagcttctgt    136380
     agcacctgcc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136440
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136500
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136560
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136620
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136680
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136740
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136800
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    136860
     cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tcctgatgct cattgtcata taaaggagta aacactggct    136920
     agatatttta tattacagga tagagcaaat ctttaactca atgttggatc aagttttaaa    136980
     tctttatcac ttatttattt tgtgtgtggg gggggtccat cacacacttc agggtaaaag    137040
     tccgtggagg atggcagaaa gcttgcagga gttggttctc tccttctgcc atctgggtcc    137100
     cagggaccaa actgaggtct tcagagttgg tggcaggcaa ctctttctct cggctgtctt    137160
     gccagccctt ggtcagtatt tttattttat aattgttaat gatgacaata cattgcataa    137220
     atacataata caaaatggca gaagtatgct tagggtgatt ttagaaatca ttggaaattt    137280
     tgttttaatc tcaaaacaga attaatcaaa agttttaaaa tgaaactcaa gcaagcaact    137340
     caaacataaa ctttgaattg aaattcttga agcagagttg aggtttttaa aatctaaagt    137400
     agattttaac caccaaggat taaaacagtg gttttctaca tttatttgtt tatttgtgct    137460
     ctctctcttt ctttctcaca cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    137520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cttgtgccat tcacaaatgt agagatcaga ggacaatttg    137580
     agtcagttct tgccttcagc acgtggatcc tgggaattaa actcaatgtt gtcaggtttg    137640
     gcagcacgta ccttacccac tgagctccac ccacaacaga tgaattatgg ggaattcaga    137700
     gcatagcaaa accaacggat aatatttttt tcccatggtg aagaaatttt tactagatga    137760
     tgtcacgagt agaaaaaaca gtagaacaag ttttatttaa aactaaactt gttattttga    137820
     gtttgtcact aattgattca gtttgtattt tcagttaggc ccatatactt aaattctatc    137880
     agctgtgtcc agacttgtga cactgggaca tgatattgtc atctacagtg cttacactca    137940
     agaaccacac aactgagttg gaagaaaaac accttaatgt ttacattttt ggattgggcc    138000
     acattcatag ctaacctggg gcacatacta ctcccaggcc acaggttgtc atgcagtctg    138060
     ggtatctgac agtatttagt atacacattg tcgtcagtca tctcagctaa gcttctttct    138120
     gctctttcta ctgtttttgt agtgttttgt aatatagatg ctccctggtg tgaactttgc    138180
     attttatccc tatatctctt agaatttatt ctaagagaag ttgagactaa gaaaatggct    138240
     cttttgcatt tgagctaaac taaataatga agtttttaaa acaagctatt gtcatccttc    138300
     agttttaact ctccttgatt tgtgcatgaa ctctatgaac ccagtgttca tcagacagga    138360
     agagcttgag ttccagagca gcccgggcca cagagagacc ctgtatctaa ctctactgac    138420
     aaagtgaaag tccattaaag aacacacatt ttcacagaat ttaagtctga attagaatgc    138480
     tttttttttt tggtaggtaa aattttaatt tggtaattag ctaatttttt cacttttaag    138540
     ttgtaaaaac atcagcagtt aaaaattatt acactgtaca aattatgtgt atgttctctg    138600
     gcaccaacat ctatctttta tgctctcagc tttcatgttt cattttaagg tgatcatttg    138660
     ccttgcaccg ctttatagtc atcctttgtt tttcagttgg aatttaccat gcaggaagcg    138720
     gtgcagtgtc tgcatgctct ggaggagtac tgcccttcta aagacgatta cagcaagcta    138780
     tgtctgctcc tcaccttgcc tcgtttgacc aatcacgctg agtttaagga ctggaatccc    138840
     agcactgcac gagttcactg ctttgaagag gtctgtgtca tggttgcaga gttcattcct    138900
     gctgacagga agctaagtga ggctggtttt aaagcaagta acaatcgctt attccagctc    138960
     gtaatgaagg gcctacttta tgaatgctgc gtagaatttt gtcagagtaa agcaactggt    139020
     gaagaaatta cagaaagtga agtccttctt ggcatcgacc tgttatgtgg caacggttgt    139080
     gacgatttag atctaagttt attgtcttgg cttcagaatc tcccttcttc agtcttttct    139140
     tgtgcatttg aacagaaaat gcttaatatt catgttgaca aacttctgaa gcctacaaaa    139200
     gctgcatatg ctgatctgtt gactcctctt atcagcaaac tgtctcccta cccttcatct    139260
     ccaatgagaa gacctcagtc agctgatgcc tatatgactc gctctctcaa tcctgctttg    139320
     gatggcctca catgtgggtt aaccagtcat gataagagga tctcagatct tgggaacaaa    139380
     acttctccaa tgtcacactc ctttgctaac ttccactatc caggggtaca gaacctcagc    139440
     agaagtctca tgcttgagaa tacagagtgt cacagcatct atgaagaatc tcctgagcgg    139500
     taagcattta ctcctaaaaa ctaggatgtc gtcactgcca agtaatctgt agcgtgtgtg    139560
     tgcaaatgat cttggtgttc agtactttgt aattttaaga atttaagttt attttcaaag    139620
     ttagcttata aagtaatggg tttaatagtg acgtacattt ttatacatat gtgttattat    139680
     tacattattc tgatttgtct ccttcactgt gctcccccat gctcctgtca gcttctgact    139740
     gtatctcctc cttctctcaa tgtttttatg cacatgtgtt ccattccttt tttcttcctt    139800
     tccttaagat acctttcttc cctgtcataa taccctttct actgtgatga cctatacaca    139860
     caccatagac agaaatataa ttctaagtat aggtcctcca tagggaaaat gtagtgtttg    139920
     tctttctgag tttgtcttac ttcttttttg tcaagacagg gttcctctgt atagtcttgg    139980
     atgttctgga gctaactctg tagaccaggc tgactttgaa ctcacaaaga ccaccctgct    140040
     tctgccttcc aagtgatggg attaaaggca tgcaccacca ctgcccagca agtctggttt    140100
     atttgatttg acaatcattt ctaggtgtat caattttcct gtggatgcca tgatttcaat    140160
     cccattgtat actctgactt gccaggcaag atgtgcccac tggtacacta atggcaggac    140220
     tatttgggga acaagcaact gctttcagac tagattctga gtccctctcc attggaggga    140280
     atgtatgcct ggtactgagc ctaaggctgg agaggttata ggccctagtg gagaacatct    140340
     aatcaaagtg ccttctaaat atttgtattt atactcacag aacagtgctg ttcttatcct    140400
     gggtcagaaa agtttctttt agcagaggtc gaaagttaat gtagggactc acacatgggc    140460
     aaagtaatga gaataaatgt ttgtcaagtg cttagtccta aatggaacat cagtacctgc    140520
     ttcaaagtcc aggaaacacc accaaaggtg tggggggggt tgttgagtgc cgtgaaacac    140580
     tgttttctgg aagtggcatg accatcccag tcaccagctc acagcagtca tgaccagctg    140640
     tacaaaaaca accagatgtg ggagtaaaag gggaacagtt gaggagaagc aagtcatcaa    140700
     gagagggaag ggagaaggaa ggtgatgggg cgagaatgat cacagacagt ctatattttt    140760
     acattatcag taggaaaaca caaatgatca gaagcatata ttataatgta caagaataaa    140820
     taagatgtcc ataaagctcc actgtgggta tgtcctacat tttctgtatc cgtttgttgt    140880
     tggtcatcca ggtttgttca ttttctctct gttgtgaatt gcacagctgt ttagaaacat    140940
     ggatgtgcaa gtgtctctac aatgtattga cctgcagctt ttggggacat actcagagta    141000
     atatggttgg gtcatacagt agttctgttt ttaggttttt gagaaacctc catcttgatt    141060
     tccatggagg ctgcacaagt tcccagtgag tatgggttct ttctccacat ccttgccagc    141120
     tttagttatc gtatattctt ctattgataa ctggctgtga ggtggaactt caaagcagtt    141180
     ttaattttta tttccctaat gactaaggtc gttgaacatt ttgcataata cttattggct    141240
     atttgtattt ctcattttga gaatcatctg ttcagtcatt agctcattta ttgatttggt    141300
     gaggtttttc tctttggtgt tcaatttttt ttagttcttg gtctatgcta agtattattt    141360
     tattttattt tatttattta tttttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccttggctg    141420
     tcgtggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatcctc ctgcctctgc    141480
     ctcccaagtg ctgggatcaa aggtgtgcac catcaccgcc cggctactaa gtattgtttg    141540
     atgtatggtt ggcagagctt ttcccaggca gtatgctcag cagaagcctt ttactttcat    141600
     gtaatatcat tcttgcagtt cttgggatta ttttctgtgc ttttggagtc ctctcagaaa    141660
     gtctctgctt ctgtgtatgg ttcagtgtag gcaaggttat catagttgtt agtaactcac    141720
     agcagtctga gaatgtgtgc atcttccaca tgcacacata cttaggtagt cagaaggaca    141780
     agctcctaag tagagggtgc ctttgggaca gtggcagtct aactttatct tcctgatccc    141840
     catatcctta tatactcttc caggagaggt gagtacttta taactaaatt ctttaaagtg    141900
     gaatgtcatt taactaatat agttgtttcc atggtgtttt gtagcaatag gtaaatctct    141960
     gtaaatgttt ggtattcatc atcagataac gttttccttt tttccttcct tcctttacta    142020
     tttatttatt tgtttgtttg tttgtttatt tatttgagac aaggtatgta gccttggctg    142080
     gcctggagct cactgtgtga agcaggctgc ccttaaactc atagcctgcc tctgccccgt    142140
     aagtgctggg attaggggtg tgcatcacca cacctgggtt actgttaaca tttttgagat    142200
     ttatgaaaag cagaagctgt tagtgtttta aaagaatatt aggaacaact tgataaaaag    142260
     aaaaccctat tgcttatgcc attaaaaaga tcatttatta aaaacgtggg aagaccgggt    142320
     gttgtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcag aggaagacgg atttctgagt    142380
     tcgaggccaa cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc    142440
     ctgccttgaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa caaaaaagtg ggaagatagg ccaggcatga    142500
     tggtatagta tacatcttat acatctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg    142560
     acctcttgaa ttcaaggcca acctagtcta catagtgagt ttcaggatag ccagggctat    142620
     atagagaaag actatctcaa aaaatttaaa aaaaaatcga gtaatttaaa aaagtagaaa    142680
     gatatgattt acttttaact tcagtatata taagtcaaat aaagtctctt aataaaattt    142740
     aaagtcttaa aactctgtag aagcatatga gagggaaaaa aataaatatt tgaataacaa    142800
     aatcataatt catattgcat aaagagacca tgagtattaa atctctcagc ctattcagtt    142860
     tgtagatgat tctgggccac aagaatggaa atgaatttcc tgaaaacaca gatttagact    142920
     agagatcctg ctttctgagt aaatgtatgt tctacacacc tgcagctgca gtgtgggggg    142980
     ctgaggatcc gtgcagttca cacctgcatc tgcagtgtga gggggctgag gatccctgca    143040
     gttcacacct gcagctgcag tgtggggggc tgaggatcct ggcagtacac acctgcagct    143100
     gcagtatgag ggggctgagg atctgggcag ttcacacctc cagctgcagt gtggggggct    143160
     gaggatccag gcagttcaca cctccagctg cagtgtgagg gggctgagga tccaggcaat    143220
     tcacaactgc agctgcagtg tgagggggcc gaggatccat ccctgcagta cacacctgca    143280
     gctgcagtgt gagggggctg aggctctctt tagctcagga gtttgatggc acctgtcgca    143340
     aaagcaaaca ccttctctct aagcatgttc tatattttga atctactttc tatagttaaa    143400
     agaataaaga catttatttt tttaaataat taataagcac taaatcctca atattctttt    143460
     ttaatgcaag aataattctt ctaaatgtat tttttccact cacgtctgtt tttttctact    143520
     ttttggaaga agtgatacgc ctgttgaggc ccagcagcct gtgagcagtg aagccatgtg    143580
     ccaggggtca gggttagaaa aagagcctgc aaatggagca cagaacccag ttccagctaa    143640
     acaagaaaaa aatgaggtaa tatttattgg atgccatgtt ttcaaagtta tactctttgt    143700
     aaaaattaat agaattggat aaattttaaa agatttttaa tattttggag tagtacaaag    143760
     attttagata ttcttattgg atcattttct agcttctccc cagagaattt atagtatgtt    143820
     tagctgtcat caagcatttt gtaactttta agtagaggaa tttataaaaa aaaatctgca    143880
     atgccacata ttggcattgc atgacttaaa taattgaatt tgcattaaat atggctaatt    143940
     ttcattttaa aggcatgtac tatataataa acaaatttta taatatagag caatactttt    144000
     atctaaaccc taaggctcca tttttatgtt tctgacagga aatagattat acattttcga    144060
     cttgaagagg tgttacatgt gatttttttt ccttttttta aaaaaattat gtgtgtgtgt    144120
     gagatgtatg caagtgcaca tgccacagtg catatgtgta ggtcagagga gaatctgtgg    144180
     gagacagttc tcttcagaat caagctcagc ttgtcaggct tatatgggag ctacctttat    144240
     ccacttgtct gtctctccag cccctaaatg attgtttcag tgaatgaatg ggaaatactg    144300
     agactgaaga tgaatttaaa attagctatt actcatgaaa gcatatttta gcccaggttt    144360
     tgggcaaata tgtttctatc tatagaaacc tattatatgc tcagtattaa atatgtttaa    144420
     taaggttaat attttcgcta aatagtaata cagtctttaa aaaggtatct aatttaagta    144480
     ataccaaatt tatcattatc tccatgtata ttccctcact attactgtca gcttgcatgt    144540
     ttactttgag ctagtcagga atggccagta agcagtcatt tcagtcagag taaagcacag    144600
     ggacccgcca tcggggacgg ttaagatgtt gatgctatgc tatttttcat agagtaatgt    144660
     gatttttaaa ttgttctaat tgtaatttta ttcagcatta tgaaaaacca taattcagta    144720
     atggtctgtt caacaatatg tattattttc taatattttt aagcttcgag attccactga    144780
     acaatttcag gaatattaca ggcaaagact gcggtaccag cagcacctag aacagaagga    144840
     gcaacagcgg cagatgtacc agcagatgtt acttgaagga ggcgtgaacc aagaggatgg    144900
     tcctgatcag cagcagaatc ttactgaaca attccttaat aggtctgctg tctgcctctg    144960
     taaataagag atttgtttaa agctgtccga agagcacagt gagggctagg gctggagagg    145020
     tggctcgcca ttaagattac atgatgcttc ttagggaaga tccaggttca gttaccacca    145080
     cgcacatagt ggtacgcaaa gctcctaacc acctgcaact cttcttttgg cctctttgag    145140
     catcaagtaa acacagggtg cacatatgta catgtaggaa aacattcatg tgtatgaaat    145200
     aaatcttttt aaacatgcag tatctgctac ttttcatgta gtttggaatt ttcaagattt    145260
     tagaaatttt ttgtaatgta aaattacata ctgtctttaa gttataaacc tatttttgtc    145320
     tttctaccct gagtagctac agctgcagtg tggtggttca gctcatggct ggaagctgtg    145380
     ggctaggggt atcccatttt tacccaaggt agatgaggat ataggagaag ttactgtttc    145440
     ttttctgttt aaattctaac attttatgtg ctagtgtttt gtctctgtgc ctgtctgtgt    145500
     gccagagcat gactagtggt cacagagcct ggaagaagcc attggatccc ctgggtctgg    145560
     agttacagac agttgtgaga taccatatag gtgctgggaa ttgaacccag gccttctgga    145620
     agaacagcca gtgaggagag ccaattcctc tatgttgtct tctggcctcc acaagcatgc    145680
     tgaagcatat gcacacacac ccttagttat taattagtaa ttaattaatt ttgcttttaa    145740
     aaaaaaggac agggtttctc tataaagtcc tggctatttt ggaactcact ctgtagacca    145800
     ggctgttctt gaactcacag agatctgcct gcttctactc cctgagtgtt gggactaaag    145860
     gtgtgtgtgc caccaccacc tagcacgatc aaattctaag tccacaggat attaaggtct    145920
     atattgtgtg tacttgtcct gtgtgcacat gacttgcaca tcaatttttg ttattctctt    145980
     aataatactg caccaaaatt ttacattctt gattgtgtgc tcagtattat acttggcacc    146040
     agtgattggg cgcttaaagg tctattctgt ctagccttca tcctacccta cttcaagaga    146100
     ctgggctata gaatgagacc cagtctcaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    146160
     gagaggagag ggagggggag agagggaggg gaggggaggg ggagagaaga gggggagagg    146220
     gagaggagag aggagaggaa aaagactcta aaatgacaat cagactgatg tgagcatttt    146280
     gaagtctctt tacacttaat gtccagattt acttaggtct tttggggggg ggcatatcac    146340
     aggattaatg tttcacaaac attttcagaa attctttcta attaaatttg tacctaatac    146400
     atagttaata aatattgact ttctcctgat ttttgttata ctattgtttt ggcttttgag    146460
     ttgtctctgt gtacttcagg ttagcctcag ccttgcaagt actggcatga tgataggcat    146520
     ttgttagtat gcctgtcttt tgtaaaagac tttaaaaacc aaatacacat acaatggtta    146580
     gtaagggaag tgaaaaagca caatgaatta ccatatttca gtaatcatac caattgtgtt    146640
     agtcttcttt tatgttgact cttgactgaa gcgtgatcct gggtcagtgc tagacctaag    146700
     cactttttga tgatctcact gtgcaggcta ggctggtctt ctcctgcctt agcaccgctc    146760
     acgatggatt acagatacac accatcaagg catcctagat ctaagagagc ctagtaccat    146820
     cttctttgtg cctcccataa gcctgagctt ctgaggagtc aggctatgca gatagaagga    146880
     ttgtttagag agaaatattg agggcacatt ttttagtacg ttctctctcc agtgccccgt    146940
     gagagtggca aatgatagtt aaaggatgag tgaatgaata cagacctgag taataggcta    147000
     cctctagaca tttgtggtct gctctcatca tccatgtctt gacatgttga caggatgttt    147060
     ctagagataa atgaaatgaa gacagcttat tttgttagag gaaaatttga taccttgata    147120
     tttttattga caatatttgg aaattatgat tttttttaaa ttcaaagcat cacatatgct    147180
     aagcaacaac caccaaacct gtctccttta cagtgtgata ctgtgggaaa atttggatta    147240
     tcttttttag tatcttggtt atgtcttcag ttgatgatga gtattttttt atgaaaaaat    147300
     ttccccttga ttatatatat tcacaagttt gacttttcaa gctttagaca tatcatgaat    147360
     gttttaaagt acatttttga aaaaacactt gcgttgttca cttctatagg tctattcaga    147420
     agcttggcga attaaatatt ggaatggata gtcttggtaa tgaggtgcca gtgctcaacc    147480
     agcaatgcag cgggagcaaa aacaatggat caaataattc ctctgtgact agtttcagta    147540
     caccacccca agattccagt cagaggttaa tacatgatac tgccaatatt cacacaagca    147600
     ctcctcgtaa tcctggatca acgaatcaca tcccttttca tgaagactca ccttgtggaa    147660
     gccagaagta agtacttgac tataaaacct gaaatattaa cttcttactg tagtgatagg    147720
     aacataaact tcaactttgc tttggagcct tccggaattg agggctgctc ccaatttctc    147780
     tctgacctgc cttcgtttgt ctgttttcat ctctttatag tcatctttcc tgtctggtgt    147840
     cttttgcttc ctcaccagta ccaggacagt tgtaccctga ggcttactga gtctttagtg    147900
     ttagacttta ttttgatttt tatccctgta cctttgacat tcaacagata atttcacaga    147960
     attttagggg acaagagggt gtttttacag cacgttagag tgattatagg aagacaattc    148020
     tggcaaccgt gaagagcatt atagcagcta aagactttgc atattcatgt tttcactagt    148080
     tagagcattt ttatcttcct gtcactagta aacaggggtt aatttatgca gtgagaagtg    148140
     tcaagaggtg ttttcttgca ccaccataaa atacttctca ggtgtggtta atttagaaat    148200
     gtctaatttc cttttgagac ttgtgtactt gtaggaattc gccttgtaat taatgtcata    148260
     ttctactttt gtaactagga tactggatcc caggctgtta cacaaatgtc tatgagtaga    148320
     gacaggagct aaatcttaaa gttaagcttt attcagaggg cctgtgatcc aagaagacag    148380
     caagttaata ccctgacctc tgtatgcaca gcattgcaca cacctatgca cgcacacaca    148440
     caaataaatg taaaaaacaa aactctctca gtattttaaa aagcatccag tgagttgttg    148500
     tcttctttct ctctgggaca tgactggcgc cagcatcgtt cttgctttta cttactgact    148560
     ttaagccatt taaaaaacag acaacaaaac aggcctagaa aattctggga ctttcctcat    148620
     cttcctgggg tcttcttttc ctgtgttgga tccctgtctg taggatctca tgtagttctt    148680
     tgaaaaggga tatgtgccgg gcgtggtggc gcatgccttt aatcccagca gaagcaggcg    148740
     gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctgctcta caaagtgagt tccaggacaa ccagggttat    148800
     acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa    148860
     gggatatgtg tcagaagtag tttcttagac cctgtatatc tgccagtgtc tgctgtattt    148920
     cagtgtcggt atagatttgg gatcatttct cagtatttaa agtcctgcaa catgatattc    148980
     cggtttcaga actcttatga agaaatccaa tgtcgttttg attcttgatc ctttgtgaaa    149040
     ggcctgttgc tttttctact ctgaaatttt taggtggttt tctttcctga tattctgtaa    149100
     tttcattctg tcagatcctc catggacctc ctaaaactag aaacttaagt tttagcaggt    149160
     tagaaaaagg gtgtagttat ttcctcacct ctggtctcta ctgacccccc acccccgtgt    149220
     gatgttccca ttttctaaaa atttacttta aaaaagcact ccattttttt tttctgatct    149280
     gaaatccttg tgtctataaa gagtgtaatt atggttttag acgtgggctt tgttctatga    149340
     agtgctgctc tttcctcgct tccttcggtg tctccctttt atgagaagcg cttttgcttc    149400
     tttgtgtttg gaagcctctg gctgtctgta attcctgagg agttttctta agtaattaga    149460
     aaatagctgc atgtgctggc aacttgtctg tccttggcct cacaaaaaac agattaaata    149520
     gacacactgt tctatgaagt gaaaactcag tttcagttat tgttttctcc agataatttt    149580
     cctaaagagc aatctccagg cttgtgcctg gggtaggatt aataggcgtt atagacagga    149640
     ctgtgggaca agccgaggaa aagttctccc tccttcctat acaatgtaga gacttgaccc    149700
     tcttttctta ccttctctct acatctctcc tttgtatcac caaatccagg gcccttaagt    149760
     ggctccatat agtagctttg aatggagtta ttcaagattg tttgctaaga gaaaaaaaaa    149820
     taaagattga aaggttaagt taacttagtt tctgcttcta gtttcacagt aagctttatt    149880
     tgaatgtcta tcccacagct catcagaaca ttctgtcatt aagccatcac ctggagattc    149940
     ttcaggaaat ctatcaaggt caaaagggga agaggtaatg tttttgagaa gtttctgttt    150000
     gtatatgttg caaaggaaaa aaaaatgtct tttgtgagac agggtctcac tgtgtgtgta    150060
     gctctggttg acatggagcc tggcctcaaa gccccagaga tcagcctgca tctgccccca    150120
     gcactaagat taaaggtgtg tgccactacc atcctgctgc aaaaattctt ccttcaaaaa    150180
     aactatagaa atggtcattg ttaatctcaa aatagttgga tagagctcat ggaactacac    150240
     gttagagtga ttataggaag acaattctgg caaccgtgaa gagcattata gcagctaaag    150300
     actttgcata ttcatgtttt cactagttag agcattttta tcttcctgtc actagtaaac    150360
     aggggttaat ttatgcagtg agaagtgtca agaggtgttt tcttgcacca ccataaaata    150420
     cttctcaggt gtggttaatt tccttttgag atgtgtactt gtaggaatca gccttataat    150480
     ttgccttcaa aaacacatct tgggatcaat tgggatggct gggtcagtgg ggaccagtgc    150540
     tcaccaccaa acctgataaa ctgagcgcag cccccaggac ccacatggta gaaatagagt    150600
     actgactgcc agatgttgtc ttttgacttc catgtgcata tgtgcaccgc cccccccaat    150660
     aatagttaaa tgaaaacaca gttgtagata attcatatta atgacctagg tgaccttgaa    150720
     ttttcaagct gagactacta ctctctgaac ttatagtggc tttgttgaga ttatattggt    150780
     atttctactg ggcctttcat ctcagtatgt tgtgtgctct ggaatcagac attttttttt    150840
     tcttactaga atattctatc ttgttttctc cagctcaaaa tgtaacccca taaataaaga    150900
     tatgttttca gatgtctgta gaggtcaaac aggaaataaa ttaatagtgt ccaccatttt    150960
     cataagtatt caggaatatt tgttccttgt acaaagaaat ggaaagcact ggtgtttcca    151020
     gtttcttaag aaaagctagt atctgccggg tgtggtggcg cacaccttaa atcccagcac    151080
     tcgggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaaatgagt    151140
     tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac ccggtctcaa aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaca    151200
     aaaaacaaaa gaaagaaaac ctagtatctg tatttttata tgcagtctcc tattatgcaa    151260
     ataactacat ttttttaaaa aaattaaaac attgcagtac aagtaaaacc aacttatgtt    151320
     acttgtgcta ttaaaaaaaa tctcttcgta ttagtgttca gaagggtaat taatcaacca    151380
     tccatccctc tcctttctct ctgtttttaa agatttattt attttatgta tatgagtaca    151440
     ctgtcaatct cttcagacac actatttgat cccattacag atggctgtga gccaccatgt    151500
     ggttactggg atttgaactc aggacctttg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aatcattgag    151560
     ccatctcttc agtcccctct cctttttatc ttacttcccc catactattt acatacattt    151620
     acatgtctct ttcctctaca tggttttgga gctcatataa ataacaattc agttagataa    151680
     gaaaaataca tattaaacgt atattgtata aatacatatc tatacacata tttagacaca    151740
     tcccttgctt ccctaaggag agcccattgt tggtatgcat aaaagcttgg gtagtaagag    151800
     tctgtgaact ggtcattgtg atttttgagt tctcaggctg tgtccagagc tgaaacaatt    151860
     tgcatttttg caaacctgac attgatcttt cccaaagaca agattacatt aaggctgtca    151920
     gccatgctat ctgtagaccc ctgtttgtcc aggcagtcct gctcaagtta gcagtgctgt    151980
     tttaaaggac attgagcaag agctctgtga gtctttgtat aaaattgctt caactcactt    152040
     ctctgagagt gtgtggacag agactgacac tttaagtaaa catgaaactc aaatattttt    152100
     attaaaatca ctttcataat tttaaaaggc cattctacaa ttcagtgtga aataatgaga    152160
     tactaattgc cataagctgt ctgattttaa ttgtaattgt atcaaattaa taatagcctt    152220
     ttatatttct tcttcttctt ttcttcccga gagagcagtc tgtgttgccc gctttcatct    152280
     agaactactt ctcctgcctc agtttcaact agcagcccat gaatttccta ttaaaacaca    152340
     aatgaagctc tgttgttgtt gttgttgtta aaactatgta tatgagttcc cccttgaaag    152400
     ttaaagaaag cttaagatgg gaatatacat tctaatgtta taattatttt aatttcagtg    152460
     tttatttatg tgcatgggtg ttttgtctgc atttatatat gtgcaccatg ttgtgccagg    152520
     tgtccacaga gcccagtaaa ggagctggat ttataaatgt gtggttgatt ggaattgaac    152580
     tgaggtcctc tgggagagca gccagtgctc ttaactgttg tttatgagtg ttgtgcattc    152640
     agtacaatct tatgtctgtg agccaccatg tggttcctgg gaattaaact caggacctct    152700
     acaagaccag cctgtgctct taactgctga gccatctctc caccactccc cacccccaat    152760
     cttatttctg tcacatttat atattttatc tgtaacattc ttatattcca gttaaatgat    152820
     gcacagcaaa aatagtaaga ctcattacag attgagaata tatatacata ttttttcaag    152880
     gcagtacttc atgttctgtg tgtatgtata taatcacata tatgactggt gtctgaggag    152940
     gtcagatggc atgagttcct cggaactgga gttatcatga tgttgagctg ctgtgtggat    153000
     gctaagaatt gaacttaggt cctctacaag agcaacaaat actcttacct gccgagcttt    153060
     ctctccagac cccatatttt gtttttatct gactttggtt taaaattact aacattatag    153120
     ttaattggac ttgtcactta aaagattatt agtagctact atgaaattat caaacaggta    153180
     taatatggta attgatttaa agtggaataa aggtaactca agcttgtttt ttccatataa    153240
     tgacttttat atttgttctt tccataggat gacaagtcga aaaagcagtt tgtttgtatt    153300
     aataccctag aagacacaca ggctgttaga gccgtggcgt ttcatccaag tggtagttta    153360
     tatgctgttg gttcaaattc aaaaactctg agagtgtgtg cctatccaga aaaaatggat    153420
     gcaaggtgag agcagctgtc tgtgttctgc tgccttgttc tgcagttggc tctgttgact    153480
     gcctctgagt cgccatttac taatgttcac ttcttccttt ccttctgtta aactttatta    153540
     atcagtgcct aggacaatat ccatcattag taatttattc attttcctat aaaatatttc    153600
     tgagtatgcc attttgcatc agaaagtctt tattatgtct aaaacgttta tatctacaga    153660
     gttcttatag tccatctaaa tgatgcaaga caaaaactag atcatggctc attacagatt    153720
     gagaaaatcc acattttttt cttttgaggt agcattttac ttgtagcatt gattggcctt    153780
     aagacctaga ttcttctgcc tttttttcct ttgcaagtac atgccatcat aacctgaatt    153840
     acatttctta tagtttcaga ggagttatgg ttaaattata gtaattactg atattgggca    153900
     tttttaaacc tacaaaaatt aaaattttat ttggttaact taacaatggt tttactatct    153960
     tgttctagca acagaggaaa cctcaacaag gcatggaaat ggtaatattc attagttata    154020
     gttcagtagt gatatagtat ttacctatgg tgcataagac actcgactag gttcagtccc    154080
     cagcaaagta aaaaatatat tttttgtttt agatataact tcacaggaat ctagatagga    154140
     tctttgtgat aaggtactat ttttgtcttt ttgttgttta ttattaaatg tctgctatga    154200
     gtaaagtcgc attagagcaa agagtttttt ccagaggacc tgggtttgag ccccagtgcc    154260
     cacatggtgg cttataacct tctgtaactc caggagagcc agtgtcaggt acagacatac    154320
     atacagtcag agcattcata cacatgaaat acattttttt taaaaaagta ttataacgat    154380
     tatgactact ggatgtgatg gcacacacct ttaatcccag cattgagaag gcagaggcag    154440
     gtggattctg tgagtttgag gccagcctgg tctgtaaaag gagttcagga ctctgttaca    154500
     cagaaaaacc ctgcctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa    154560
     aaacaacaac aaaaaaaaaa aaacccagaa tataaaaaag attatgagct atttggtaaa    154620
     attttgtgac tagagaaata agactgtatt agtattctag aaaccacagg gcctgttaga    154680
     acagttgctt cttattcaag tggtagctta tatactgctg gtttaaatta aagaaaaagt    154740
     ctgagagtat gcctatttag aaacaattca ttttcatact aaaggaaaga tacccaagca    154800
     aataagctat agaaggcttt aaaagtatta acaggtacta tgcagcatat tatgttggct    154860
     ttttaagcaa agttttaaat gtactgctta gttttagaat ttcatgcatg catataatgt    154920
     attttgatca tattcactcc tctccccttt aattcctcgt aagcctcccc cagatataca    154980
     tcccaccccc aactttatac acttttaaaa agttaaatac acactgaatc tagtcagtgt    155040
     ttcccatata catgagtgtg ggggccatgc actggggcat ggttaacctg ttagtatcca    155100
     cacgccaaag agaactgact gtccctctgc taacagcagt caactgccaa tagctccagt    155160
     tggctgtggg ccatcctgag ctcatctctg gtccattgct gcagttttga gcagcttgac    155220
     cttttgcagg tctagtttag gtaacacggc tgctatgcgt tcctgagtgc agtggccatg    155280
     tcacatacgg acgaccccat ctcacagcac tcctcccttt ctgtaatgct gtgttggttc    155340
     atgcagctgt ctcattttat ttgattagtt atgcatctct gtattaactg ttgcctctgc    155400
     caaaaaagaa ggttcttttt tgagactaat gttgagacca gcacagatct atgggtttca    155460
     acataaatat ttagaggaca gtttgacagt gtgaccattt agcaaaacac ctcccaggga    155520
     ctgtgttttc cccttatctg agcttttgac taggttagca gtataataag ttttaaagta    155580
     cactttaaga cttattataa ccctaataga atagaattga tggaggcttt catagtattt    155640
     ttaatacaca cacacacatg tgataattaa ataaataata attttgatct ttgccctgtg    155700
     aaagcattta aagagttaga taagaggcta tagagatagt tcagtggtta agaacacttg    155760
     atgctcttgc agaagaccag tgttcatttc ctggtactca tggcaggtgg ttcacaacca    155820
     tctgtttact gcatgcagtc ccaaggggtc taatatcctg ttcttgcttc caagggcacc    155880
     tgaatgcaca tagccataca catatgcaga ctacacatat acacataata aaaattaaaa    155940
     actaggaaaa agaataatag aaccctgtta attcagtgtt cattttttgt tgctcttttt    156000
     attaataagt agatttattt atttatattt aagcgtatga gtgttcttac atgtttttaa    156060
     atgcaacaca taatgcattt aaatgcagta ctcacagagg ctgggagaag gtgtgggatc    156120
     ctagaactgg agtacagaga gattttagca gtcatgtggg tgcagggaac tgaacacagg    156180
     ttctccacat gagcagcaaa tacttctcac cattgaactg tctctccagc tctgtattac    156240
     taagtagaaa tacttgaaaa gagacagcag agttttagac cagggttttg ttttgttttg    156300
     aggctggcct tgagcttggg gtccatgcta cattctcagc gagcactgtc acatctctgt    156360
     cgtcttttcc ctgcagctct tctgtgactt ttagagttca gaacttcata ccttaccata    156420
     atcaccccag ctaagttgtt aaattctcca aagaggcctt gtccttttaa ttcttaccca    156480
     cctcttacct tttcttaaac ccaggcacac tgtttattat ttgttaataa gtatttattt    156540
     cactttccta gttccccacc cgcccccctg gaaaatatat gaaaaaataa gataaatgga    156600
     gttttttttt tttaaacctg tatgtcctat ttattatgtg atctgaaatg atagattcat    156660
     gtaatagtta taattttact gatttggttt aaatgtgatt tataatattt tcttttatga    156720
     ttttgaaaat ctaatcatct gctgtcaggc atgtggtacc cacatttgac atcagcattc    156780
     tggagactga gacaggaaga ttattgagtc agagctaggc ttggtaggat atatctcaag    156840
     gcttggtagg atatatctca aggcttggta ggatatatct caaggcttgg taggatatat    156900
     ctcaaggctt gggaggatat atctcaaggc ttggtaggat atatctcaag gcttggtagg    156960
     atatatttca aggcttggga ggatatatct taaggcttgg taggatatat ctcaaggctt    157020
     ggtaggatat atctcaaggc ttggtaggat atatctcaag aagcaagtaa tccagcctct    157080
     ccccaaataa agccttggtg ctggatattc ttttcctcct tcttttattc taatttcatg    157140
     ttaactaact ttcaaaagca ggagcctgaa gtatctctat gtgctttttc tttccagtgc    157200
     acacgacaat cctaagcagc cagtggtgcg atttaaaaga aacaaacatc ataaaggatc    157260
     tatttattgt gtggcttgga gtccgtgtgg acagttgtta gcaacaggat caaatgacaa    157320
     atatgtaaaa gtgctgccct tcaatgcaga gacatgtaat gcaacaggta gggcccggtg    157380
     cagcagtgcc tcacgcgcca gtgtgcatgt acgcttgtcc ctctgtctct ctgtcttcac    157440
     tgatgacatc caagaacact gtcttgaaga attacttttt gttctgatta ttctgatcca    157500
     aacaggcatt atttttttaa ataagtctta caggttagtt aagtagtata tgaattttag    157560
     aaaagcataa ggaaaaaata atttttaagg actagggatg tagctgaatg atagatcact    157620
     tgcctagtgt gcatgcgcag acagacagac atgaaagaga cagacagaga ctaagagagc    157680
     cttttaaata actaccatca ttgaattaat gggtgttttc tacagtgtat ctttcctttt    157740
     ttgtttgaag taaaagacag ggaagcaatg aattttctgt agttctgttt taaaggcagt    157800
     aataattagt taataatcag tattttaatg ttttgaagtt ttatgttcag taaatgaatt    157860
     gattatgtca gtccataaat ataaatcata ttgcactatt ttttaaatta agtatgttag    157920
     tgcatagcct agcacatgag ataatgggtt tcattatgat gttttcctac agatgtgtca    157980
     ttgtgctttg ctctaacact gctgtgttac ccttggccag agcttaggca gtttagcatc    158040
     ctcttcacac agtaagttga gcagcatttt ttttttttta attcttattg ctgtttcagg    158100
     accagatctg gaatttagca tgcatgatgg gacaattcga gatttggcat ttatggaagg    158160
     cccagaaagt ggtggagcta ttttaataag tgctggagca ggagattgta acatttatac    158220
     aacagactgt caaagaggac agggtcttca tgctttgagt ggacacactg gtatgtgata    158280
     ctcagtcttc cttttctcag tctgtgctgt gtgctgtttt atcagtgaga tctccttgta    158340
     atggatcttt ctgagacaga tttttatttc aaaaacttgc attgtgagtg ttggttatca    158400
     gagaaatatt aatagcacta cgatccgttt agtcatcacg ggattccttt actttagctt    158460
     cacagccatt atgtgatgta ggaagcttta tccctgtttg tatttgaaga aagtgaggca    158520
     cagggggtga agctggtaag ggacagctca gataagttgc cattatttta agtgacagat    158580
     ttttgtcttt actagttact atatcttgaa atacagaaac aacttagtct tctaatagag    158640
     tcaccaaaga aggactgaat ttgttcagag tggttttgat gaattttaaa aatccttaaa    158700
     tctactttct agtctctaca gtctctgtga tatggcatat ttggttagct ggtgatgaga    158760
     agaacttgct tttacacacg tgtggaaggg cctctcccac atcagtgact tcgtggttct    158820
     ggtcttttgt agggcacatt ttagcacttt atacctggag tgggtggatg attgcgtctg    158880
     gttcccagga taagactgtt agattctggg atcttcgtgt accaagctgt gttcgtgtgg    158940
     ttggcacaac attccatgga actggtaagt tttccataga tttgaatgaa gttctatgag    159000
     aaaggaactt tataaatgac tctagtgtct gcttccctag ccccatcttc atgtaaaaaa    159060
     agagaagtag ggctgggagt gtagcttact gatagattgc tggactactt tatatgaagc    159120
     tctgagttta attcgtagta ctgaatagac ccagtcagcc tgggatacaa gagactgctt    159180
     taaagaaaag aaaaggatgc tgggggtggg tgttaaaggg aagaccgact ttgtatttta    159240
     ttgcttagtt tcaattcctt tagaattctt tgatacatta ctgtatttgt aaactgatat    159300
     tagattaact attgtgttcc aaattggcaa ttttactgta tattcatttg tttattatat    159360
     gtgatgtatg tgagtgtgta catgtgggac aactgtggaa gtccattctt tcctgcgggc    159420
     tctggggatt ggtctgagtc caggcttgga tgcagtctcc ttaactgctg agccatcccc    159480
     tgcctaggtc tacatatata acatttttaa ttaattacct tctttattta tgtgagggca    159540
     tgtgttcact tgcaggtcac tgggtaactt acggagtcac tctgtcttta cagtctgtgt    159600
     catgagaatt gacatcagct tgacatcaag tgttattcat tacctgtctg gaccatctca    159660
     ctgggcctat gactccagat ctttaaaatt actttttaaa gatttattct tactttatgt    159720
     atgggtgttt tgcctgcctt tatgtctgtg cacatgtgca tgcattgtct atggagacaa    159780
     tcaatcccct ggaactgaag ttacagaagg ctgtggagcc accttgtggg tgctggggag    159840
     caaaccctca ttttctgtaa gcgcatcgag tgcccttaac cattgagcca tctctgcagc    159900
     ctcttctgac tctcttaaca aaattcacgc tctaggtttg aagttcgggg ctacctttaa    159960
     agctctgctg cactgttttt agtatatttt acctcttctt tctaatgctt tctgacctaa    160020
     ggccaggtca tggcctgaag ccctttctta taaacctcac tacttcctga agaatgttca    160080
     tgtgccagct ccttcttatg aaccagctat gtcttttatt taaaagtatg cttatctagt    160140
     gtgggttcag ggggccgttt tggtagaatg gaacattctt taaataccta ttaagtccat    160200
     ttactgtatg tatgggatag tttttgttgt tgttgtcttt gttgttattt tggtttggtt    160260
     tggtttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg acctggaact cactttgtag    160320
     accaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc ttcctgagtg ctgggattaa    160380
     aggcgagcac caccactgcc cagcaaggga tagtttatct ctaatgttca ttgctgggtt    160440
     ctcatttgga tgatttgttt agaaatgagt agggtactga aatcacccac tattattcta    160500
     tcaagacttg atccaaacct aaaacaaaca atctgttgat atttgggtga aagaaaatgt    160560
     aatgtgcatc ttcttggtgg attgttctct ttttaaatat gtagaggcct tcttcatttc    160620
     tcatgacctt ccaacacctg atgctagtga cccacttctg cttgccaggc cccacctcct    160680
     aaatatgtca tagcctccca aaagtattca aaacatgaag ctgtaggaga ggggagaggt    160740
     aatttcaggt tccagcctga cctggcatca tgccccctta gtcttagttc ggacgtttgg    160800
     tttgttttcc ttttttgtaa ccttccaaga ttttccgtga ttcatgctgc ttctgccgca    160860
     tgcgtgttcg tccttttgtc gtctctttcc caggcttttt ccttatctct aggcttcagt    160920
     tcagcatctc ctcgttaccg gaagaagcct cctttgactg ctctaattct gaactcacca    160980
     ctatgttctg tcacagaact cttaatatct gtttaaaatg tttatcctta ttaatcgctt    161040
     gcctcttata atacatatta agtgatcata tctgcttcat gtttcagaat agataaacca    161100
     ccttctgtaa agtgcctggc ccaagggaca actgaattaa tcattagctt tttaaagaaa    161160
     taaactgaaa tttggcacaa taaatatttt tatatttaaa ctcaaatttt tatagttttc    161220
     ctgtgtgtta gctcttctca ttttccctaa ttcttttgtg catgtttata tatgtagtgt    161280
     ctgtgtgctc acatgtgtgc agatgcgctt gcactgtgta tgcatgtgga gaccaaaggt    161340
     cagttagcat caggtgactc atctattact cgccacctta tgactgttat tttttgaaga    161400
     tctcttattg actctggagc ttgccatgcc tgcctgactg gcctgccagc gagcctgcct    161460
     ccaccatcag ctcaaggtca cacatgtgca tgcctggcct tgcagtccca tggcaccagg    161520
     gatctaaact caggtctttc actttctcac taagtcatac ccttggtcct cagcttttct    161580
     aataaaaagt cgtagtggat gatatttact ttgtgtgtgt gtttgtatgt atgtatgtgg    161640
     ggggtgccgg tgtatatgat ctcctggagg tcaaggacaa gtttagagag agtcagttct    161700
     ctccttccac catgtgggtt tcaggaatct actcaggtcg tccggcttcc tagcaagcac    161760
     tttcacctgc tgtgctctgc ttggaccagc ttttcctatt ttgatcattt atttactaca    161820
     atggctcatt ctaatttttt ttttctcatg caactgaggt caggcattta agtgagttgt    161880
     taaatgacta gatactagtc tgcagagagc tgttttattt gatttctagt acccatttat    161940
     actttttaaa gacccagtca agtagctatc ttccgatatt gtttatcctt tagtttttca    162000
     ttcagccctg attccctcat tatttgcttt tttctccttt tataataatc tattttaatt    162060
     atgtacacat ttttgcttag attaatcgtg tatcattcag ttctcttgct tagaaacttg    162120
     cagaggtgct tcgctgatcc taccccttag aatggagtgc aaggtgctta gcggtctggc    162180
     cctagcctgc ctgtcatgtc tcagctccaa ttgttttctt ccttttacta ctcgagcctt    162240
     tcagctttta tatggttttc atttaaatgt ttacttatgt aactcttcca gccaataata    162300
     ttttcttttt tttctcccaa agtttcaaga aaagattatc ttagtttaca tagatgtgtt    162360
     tatgtttgga cattcatgta caccattatt tatgctgttt accgtttttc aagttttaat    162420
     ttatatcctt ttatttctgt gcaatttcca gagactactt gaactacttg ggtattgagt    162480
     acaactcttc aatcttattt atttatttat ttatttattg agacaaggtt tctctgtata    162540
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc    162600
     ctgcctctga ctcccaagtg ctgggactaa aggcgtgtgc caccactgcc tggcttcaat    162660
     cttattttta tgattgctct tctttaagaa gaaaaatcaa atctttatcc taacaaggga    162720
     aactaaatgc taaataataa catttgctta gatccacaag gtttgttagc atttttttta    162780
     accaccatct ttttttgttt tgggggttat gaatatcccc gttgagaata catggtaaag    162840
     ttagggctat atccttcaga ttcagaactt aatttctgtt gttaatagat cttgggttgc    162900
     cttagatatt tccacactgt ttctttaaag tataccttgt ttgtgagttt ccttgttccc    162960
     ttgttcaatg ctctaagctg agcatcgggg tagttttagg acgtgcccta gtagttatac    163020
     atatgttatg ctggtgggtc ttcaactcac aggacagacg tgtttcattt cttccagaac    163080
     ttgttttatc ctggcttctg aaaaagatac agtggttatt ggttaatttt gatttttcct    163140
     tatcagatca ctacaacagt atcgataagc tataccagat cattagtgtg tggttcagtg    163200
     aacttgagga gttacattgt ggcataagta ttaattttct gtgttgcaac attcatttcc    163260
     ccctataggc agtgcagtgg catctgtggc tgtggacccc agtggccgtc tcttagctac    163320
     aggtcaggag gactctagct gcatgctgta cgacataaga ggaggcagaa tggtccagag    163380
     ttaccaccct cactccagtg acgttcgctc tgttcgcttc tctcctggag ctcactatct    163440
     gctgacaggc tcttacgata tgaaaataaa ggtgacagac ctgcaaggtg atggagactg    163500
     gctccctttg tttttaattt cctattctat ttgtagattt tttttctaat atgatatgat    163560
     tgactaacat tttttaagct ttaattctat agttattgcg aagactatat taagatttct    163620
     tgtagtaagt tgagtgaaat ttgtttaata aaatacattt tattaatttg atttactaca    163680
     atgacttctt ctgtgttata agtgatgggt ttatatatac tactttaaca tcttaaaaat    163740
     agtattgtac aatttgtatg gttagttctt caatgtctag ttttatcttt aaacattcat    163800
     taactaaatg tttgttaaat agtaactggg atcagatgaa gtaactctta tcttaatgga    163860
     gcttatattt tagaggccag tgaaaaataa actaacaaat gatgtaattt ttggtattgc    163920
     caatgtgatt ataaattagc tgctaggaat agtgactaca gttaggggat ggctgttgta    163980
     gacagggtga taagtgtagt tctctgcaga gatgccgttt gcacagagac cttagtgagg    164040
     aggaacagac tgtaccaaga ccctcagtga agagcacaac agatacaggg tgctgaggca    164100
     gggcagactt ggaacagtcg tgacactgta ggaagttgac gtgttggaac atagtcaacc    164160
     caggaaagag atgtggtagc aagggtgtgt tcgtgaaccc caaaaaacca gtcaggagcg    164220
     gattcgatac agtcacacca gggcctttaa tcaagctagg tcggctttcc tccctgcaga    164280
     ttattgtttc ctaaccggag gtttaaattt ggagataatg tgagtgtgaa gcataggcat    164340
     ataaacgccc aggatatgag atagaatttc agaggaagca agatacaggg gagacagaag    164400
     aaatttacaa gatggggact ctaagattcc accaaacttt aaattgggaa aggaagggaa    164460
     atcagggaag ggccttgatt tgattgcggt ggagccgcac tggagaagga ggtggggaga    164520
     gtagcagttg tgacaggtaa tgcctgtgtg ttttaccaaa ccctggccct ctcagtaaca    164580
     ggaagtctgt ataatctgag tgtccacttg cttttttcct tataagccag tatctcttct    164640
     ttctcaatct aggggacctc accaagcagc ttcctctcat ggtggtgggg gagcacaagg    164700
     acaaggtgat ccagtgcaga tggcacaccc aggatctctc cttcctctca tcctctgcgg    164760
     acagaactgt gaccctctgg acttacagtg gctagaggcc accctgcact ggcctatgcc    164820
     gtgcaaacac agaccccaga ctactgaact gttaggacta caggcctgaa gaacgcgtcc    164880
     tgccccagaa agagcttaag tggaggaagc ccccttatta ccatttccta tgaacagaag    164940
     gtgttgggtg gtggttttca gtcttccatg tgtgttcatg ctgctgtgta gtttccttgc    165000
     caaagtctgc agaagagctc ttatgttgtt ggtttgcatc ccaagtcatg gtccaggatg    165060
     ggttcatggt tattaagtgc actccttggg tgttacccag gtcacagttt atactcacac    165120
     tgacatggaa ttataattta agtaattgtt acacatacta ggtccaggtt ctcccccagc    165180
     taaaacagag gtattcagaa atgactttgc tcttgtcacg atcccatact gtatcacgtg    165240
     tcttctagag gtcagggttt ggtaagtctc caattttacc tgatcatctt tgcatagggc    165300
     tcaccacaga gcctccagat gaaaggagag ctgcttcttc ctcttaaccc aggggtgtgg    165360
     ttgctaattt gacacgtcac tttgtttcag gctaaaaggt aataaccatt ttgctttggg    165420
     aacttgttga cttcagtttt ttgaatgcac aaggtccccc ccccctccaa acagcactgt    165480
     agaagcagag cggcagctgt tacgtggaac aatagtcaat ggtaggttaa cttaccaggt    165540
     agcattttcc tcttcaaaat taagactttg ccatgaccct agcatggctt gaaaagctat    165600
     gtttgcatga taatttaaaa tggaaaactg aaactttgca ctccagaagc ttattcggat    165660
     tttcttgcac agttttgtgt aatgaggaat aatgatttta tttgtacagt actatatatc    165720
     ctaacatttt atgtatcttt attttcatat tgttcagtat tttactttaa gttattaaat    165780
     aggctacttt atttatttca gctgcagtgg tattgacctg tctgtgcact atatgtagca    165840
     agcattttaa atctatagta cacaagtggg aggtaataga agtgtaactg tgctttttat    165900
     ttcaataaag acctcttgac actcaatctg tccttttctc acggtctgag tccatggcat    165960
     tctcttcatg ctgttccagt ttacttggag aaggtaggtc caagggaagg aagacttcct    166020
     ggatgtggag tggatcctag ctctgcttct tcctgactcc tgaagcccct ggcgacacag    166080
     agcacttctg tcctctccat tcttgcactc gttaagcaag cagtgtacta ccccagctgc    166140
     atccccaggt ttttttgttt ttttgttttt ttttggtttt tggtttttgg agatacggtt    166200
     ttgctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc    166260
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaaatg ctgggattac agtcatgcgc caccatgccc    166320
     agcttgcctc cccagctttt tgttgtgatt tctagttaac aaaacctggc acagcagggg    166380
     ctggaacaat gcctggtaaa ggattttcta agcatgcaga agccctgagc tcagtcccag    166440
     agctataaaa cacataaaca cccaggctga gtaaagtggg cctcggaaag cacacacact    166500
     ctaaccgtgc gttggcaggg tttggaagct tttgaatgtt taacaaggac agatttttca    166560
     ctcacagtga gtgactcggt agggggtagg gaatgctaca aaccgcaggc catcttgaat    166620
     gaaactaaat ctccttaatt tggtttaagg cccagtttca cacgttttag gtctttttgt    166680
     tttgatgttt tgggcagggt ctcactctta accctggcta gcctggagct cagagatcct    166740
     ctttgccccc caagtgctgg gattaaaaat gtaggcccca ttttaggatt cattcattca    166800
     ttcattcatt caagacaggg ttacctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta    166860
     gaccaggctg gcctctaact cagattcacc tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc tgagaccaaa    166920
     gctgtgtgtc accactgccc tgttcatttg aggaattttg aaaggtcctt tttgctaagt    166980
     ttaaagcctg ggtggggaaa ggcagacagg atcttaccct actttgaaaa gggagctacc    167040
     gatgtgatgc cgctgctcct ccttcccaag tcaagcttgg tttcctgatc cttggacaac    167100
     agagagtttt gaccaaacca agtgaaagtg actttgtttt cctttcagga aattagaaca    167160
     ttcaaaaaac acacagcttt ctctgcatgg tgtgtagggg atgtgggaca tgagtgtcac    167220
     tgaagtcctc tgtccacttg gttttgagta cacccagtgt ggtgttgctg ttttcctgtg    167280
     gtctgtacca ggtgcggggg gggggggggg gcctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggggaatcct    167340
     gagcagaagt tgttatttaa aggcagcctc ttttgctcat ggatgggcta ggtattctgc    167400
     cctgctgtgc tctgacagcc cagaagtgtt gcttagcaag aatgcattgt agagcaggtg    167460
     tcacctgggt caccttgctg tcctctgcag gctctgctgc tggaggtctg cgtgggacac    167520
     caccatagct gcagccctcc cctagctctg cactgagctc tctgtagaga gcagatttca    167580
     caggccctgt gggctgcttt tcctgaacgc aaaattactc gtttatcata aaacatatta    167640
     taaaaggaag agccagggag cttccccggg cagctgtgtt caggacctcc atgtacaccc    167700
     ttactcagac cttgtagggc aggtcgttct tccctcctac ctgactcttt cgtttcccct    167760
     ccctttcccc ttccctccca ccaccttctt ttccattaaa attgtattta taggatactg    167820
     tgagattttt caactccttt gtatattttt tttctccctg cgttttgaag tggttcacta    167880
     tgtgttgtca tcttagtata taattgtagc tatccagtgg ctatggacca actgggtata    167940
     cctgaaagtg ggggcggaaa taagaaaagg gcggggccgg gagaaggatg aagccaagac    168000
     aaagtctctg atcaagcact gcatttatat aggaagagcc cacagatccc atcctttgtt    168060
     tcagctggat tacgttgcaa agcaaactca gcaggcagtc tactcctgta agctgatgcc    168120
     actaggcagt agactccacc taggtagttg tattggctag ttttgtgcca acttgacaca    168180
     gctggagtta tcacagagaa aggagcttca gtggaggaaa tgcctccgtg agatccagct    168240
     gtaaggcatt ttctcaatta gtgatcaagg gggaaaggcc ccttgtgggt ggtgccatct    168300
     ctgggctggt agtcttggtt ctataagaaa gcaggctgag caagccaggg aaagcaagcc    168360
     agtaaggaac atccctccat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg ttccctgacc tgcttgagtt    168420
     ccagtcctga caacctttgg taattaacag cagcatggaa gtgtaagctg aataaaccct    168480
     ttcctcccca acttgcttct tggtcatgat gtttgtgcag gaatagaaac cctgactaag    168540
     acagtagtta aggttcaaca gtggcaaacg cttaaggttt atttagccta ctcaaggctg    168600
     ggggaagggc acatataata aaataccaaa actttaccaa tatagccctg ttaagtttca    168660
     tgacagcaga tatgcatggt gttatattcc tatatagcgt gttggaggtt ctgaaaccct    168720
     gtctcaaaaa catttatcta gaaagagaga gagagagaaa gagagagaga gcgagcgcca    168780
     gggatataga tctatggtaa agcccttact gatatgtatg agtctctggg tttgattctc    168840
     aacactcccc atacctcccc caagttcata aagcatatat cctacttaaa ttgtgaggca    168900
     ggaagctttc aggaccctca gatgcagtat gaagttcatc tttaaacttt tctgtctgta    168960
     ttacacacac acagggtagg tgtgtgtgct tctgtgtgtg cacagatttt ggttccaggg    169020
     gtcagactta agttgtcagg cttgtgttgt ggccaggcac ctttactctt gagccactca    169080
     ctggcttcca tttcatttct tttattgcat tgtcttatag caccagaaat gattttagca    169140
     actattcagg tacatgcgct cactttctgt ctgtctacac tgtcttcccc cacgggttga    169200
     acagattctg aactttatac acaaaaggaa ctgccaaggc caaggtgtct gtgcttctag    169260
     ctgctctcag catgtgagaa aggagtttgt cccaaagagg tgtcggactc cccaggtcta    169320
     atttaaattt cacagcctaa ttaaaatttc ccccttcttt ttgtttttct tttttcaatc    169380
     aaagatattt cgttctcctc aaaaactata agcccaaaag atacactaaa cagtgaagga    169440
     agcccatgaa atgtgagaaa gcattcacaa atctttaaga ctatgtaatt gtcgctggtc    169500
     agatggctcc actattaaag gctaggctca caaccaaaag aataagaata taaaattatt    169560
     tggacaaggc agttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaattgcca caagtttaag gccagcttgg    169620
     gttacatagt aaatctcagg cctttctggg gcatgtccct cctgtcctaa acacacaaga    169680
     gagacagaat attactaaaa tgtaacaaca ttcaaaacca accaacaaaa tccctggtta    169740
     gaaaggattt gaattcacca aagaagcaca tgaaaagatt cactgctgga cttggaagac    169800
     aacacaagag tttgaggtca gcctgggcaa caaaaaagat attatccaag aaaaaaaaaa    169860
     aagactcaaa cagttgagga ttcaggatat ttcccccccc ccccccttgg gcacacctgt    169920
     gatcacaatt tttaaaaaag atttatttat ttactatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct    169980
     tcaggcacac cagaagaggg cacttgatcc cattatagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg    170040
     ttgccgggaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga actctggaag atcagtccgt gctcttaact    170100
     gctgagccat ctctccagcc cacaaaatta ttttctactg cagtggttct caacacagga    170160
     gtcacatatc aaatgtctta tgtattagat atttacaata tggttcataa cagcaaaaca    170220
     aaattatagt catgaaggag caacgaaata ttttgtggtg gtgggggtca tctcaacata    170280
     aggaactgta ttaaaaggtt atagcattag gaaggttgag aatcactgat ctatagagat    170340
     gttggcagtt cctaccaagt taaaactgga gccagctgtg gtggcacctg cctgcattcc    170400
     cagcactggg aggctgagga gggcaatcag gagctggaag cttggtgggc tgcctaataa    170460
     gaccctgtta caaaatacag aaataaaaat aagaaaaata ctactcagca gtaattcaaa    170520
     catatatcac tgaaggtggg gatatggctc tgtggtcaac agcacttgtt gctcttgcag    170580
     ataactagat tcgattccca gtacccatat ggtggttcac aactgtctta gggctttgtt    170640
     gctgtgaaga gacaccatga ccgcatcaat tcttgtaaaa gaaaacattt aattgggctt    170700
     ggcttacagg ttcagtggtt tagtccattg tcatcatagt gggaaccatg gtagcatgca    170760
     ggcaggcatg gtgttggagg agctgagagt tctgtatcag ataggaggca gcagaaagga    170820
     agactcagcc actaggcctg gcttgagctt cagagacctc agagcccacc cactagtgac    170880
     acactcttca gtagccacac ctactccaat aaagtcatgc ctcctaatag tgccactgcc    170940
     tatgagccta caggggccat tttctttcaa aatactacca caaccatctg taaattcagt    171000
     tccaggggaa gctaacaggt acacatgtgt gatgcacata catgcacatg ggcaaaacat    171060
     tcattcacat aaaacaaatc tttaaaaaac attaacatat atgctaatgg agttttaggg    171120
     ccagagttct gtctctatgt cctgatgtgc ctgactcaac tacctatcct aatgtttcaa    171180
     agatgacaaa ggacaggata atcaacttgg ctatgattgg atgaatagtg tggcagctaa    171240
     tactgtctac ttgacaaaca gtccttgggc atatctcaaa attagattaa cagtgtactg    171300
     gctggttttg tgtgtcaact tgacacaggc tggagttatt acaaagaaag gagcttcagt    171360
     tggggaaatg cctccatgag atccaactgt aaggcatttt ctcaattagt gatcaagggg    171420
     gaagggcccc ttgtgggtgg taccatctct gggctggtag ttttggttct gtaagaaagc    171480
     aggctgagca agccagtaaa gaacatcact ccatggcctt gcatcagctc ctgcttcctg    171540
     acctgcttga gttccagtcc cgacttcctt tagtgatgaa cagcaatgtg gaagtgtaaa    171600
     ctgaataaac cctttcctcc ccaacttgct tcttggtcat gatgtttgtg caggaataga    171660
     aaccctgact aagacacaga ggtaggaagg cccaccttaa ctgtgggcag cctcacccca    171720
     tggactggtg tactggactg gctacaaggg agagagcaag tggagcacta gcattccttt    171780
     gtcactctac tttcggatca agaacctaat gtgactagct gtgtcacatt cctgcttcat    171840
     gacttccagt cttcccctga actctgaact caaataagcc cctctcccct aagatgcttg    171900
     tgtcagagct tctgatcaca gcaacaggaa aataaccaat aaagatggat aaaggagttt    171960
     ggtggcccca aatccctata tccaaggata accttaactt cataatctct cctccttatc    172020
     catgctcatg tgtaagcatc cataattaaa cctattgagt cacacaaata aaatgtgact    172080
     gtacaagaac tgatgtggaa agtgggtcag gaggaggggg aaggggacaa aagagggtta    172140
     taataagtgg gtttgatcaa aatacattat aaacatgaaa atacgatgaa accattatct    172200
     ataattaatg catgctatta aaaagaagag tggagactca gctaatataa gtttaattag    172260
     ggttggttac gtgagcaaag gtgaaaggtt atttacagta tagattggca acttaattag    172320
     ttgctatacc attgaagaaa atacctcctc tcctcaagca atcattaact gcccatagcc    172380
     ctgttccatg ttcacatgtc atgttcacaa cgtcaagaca gatactgcct tgtaacagtt    172440
     cttagctact agtgagttca tgtcgtgcca gggagacaag agtccacaac acgcctacct    172500
     ttctaccctt cctctggctc tcagattcta ccattaccac ccccaccccc caacccacca    172560
     aatgatgttc tttgagtttt ggaaggagca agttagatgt ttcatttagg gctgagcatt    172620
     caagccactt attctcagca ctttgagcag ttatgagtct ctgtattaag cactactact    172680
     gcaaaatgaa gcttctttgc ccaaagctga aggcagtact aatgtttggg taaacataaa    172740
     tatttggaag gctgcttgat atgtatgata catttagtca gcaaaagaac agtagcttcc    172800
     cccctagggc attgacctcc cagacgcaga tttgatcagg tctactgtgc cggacatgaa    172860
     tcccctccta tggagtgggc ctcaaatcaa gctggaaaga agatggctac ccacttaaca    172920
     gtttgccact attgcaaatg tgggtacatc ttgcctggga gggcagccgg gtaacataca    172980
     aggtcacagc agggcaagac tgctggtgac ttcttccata aggcatcctt atgttatgaa    173040
     agctaacctt ccagagtaag cattcagtcc agttccatct tgacttctgt acacacatgg    173100
     ttgctacagc agtaggatct tatcatctac atctgaaagg ctaccagcca cagtagcaat    173160
     ggggctggag aagtggctta gctgttaaaa gaactcaagt tcggtttcca gcaaccgagt    173220
     tttgtggctc aagatcaccg ataactctgc atctcaggta cctgatgctc tgctggcaac    173280
     tgcagctctg acctctgctg gcaactgcat tcatatgcag aaacacaatc agaattaaaa    173340
     agaaaatacg tgttggtgcc acaattatct gggacttcct atctaggggg atccaacccc    173400
     ctcttctgac ccctgtatgt actagacacg cacgtggaac acatactata tgaagcaaag    173460
     cactcataca tatgaaataa atctaaaacg actacaaatc ttaaaaagtt gtaaatgatg    173520
     tatgtatacc caagaatacc aaattaaata ctaacagtgt ctcattgcca gttagttttt    173580
     gtattcattt ctggggtggg gttcctcttt ggacactttg gaaactgcaa agccagaagt    173640
     tgaagataaa cacaaaacaa accttacgtc caaactccca tttgcctccc tcactatata    173700
     tagtactagt taaccattat cttccactta gaaagttatg ttcgaagtag atctctctct    173760
     ctatctctct ctctctcctt ctctccctcc ctcccccctc tttctttctc tctctctctc    173820
     tctctctctc tctctctttt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    173880
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttt ctttccttat    173940
     ttacttatta cttatttact tatttagacg tacttggctc ctttagccac gaccgtctga    174000
     actgaactgg tggttgggta attgaaaagc ccttacttca gagcagagga gcgcggcctg    174060
     gtcccgcccc cgcctccgcc cccgcggcgc agccaatcag caacgcgcgc gggaaggccg    174120
     cacagctgcg ggccgagcga gtcgatgagt ccgctcggga ctccagtccg agtgcaccgt    174180
     gtttgaggta ggcggctcgg cgtcttccgc ggccgggctg gcccgggtcc ctctgaaaga    174240
     gcaggcagga ccctcgacgt gagtgggcgc tcttcggtgt gtcggggcgg cccgcgggtc    174300
     tgcgtgggag gcggcgcggc agcgtgagag gtgccggggc ctgggcccgt ggcgattccc    174360
     tgttccgtct tacgcgggta gacagcgccc gccagtcatt ccccttgtct cggctaaccc    174420
     tgcgaatata ccgagcggcc caccctgggg caagagcatc cttgcttgtg ttatctgaaa    174480
     ccttggcaga atctgcaaca aatactgacg gccaaaaaat tatatatata tattggattt    174540
     gttggagtaa tggtatgaaa ctccaaattt aatttgagta tattaagtta gttgatgctg    174600
     taagtctgtg ggtttataat taggtgcaaa acgtcaggtt ttctccatga tactgattat    174660
     aaaagtgctc ttctcagcgt tgtctgggca catattggaa atgaaaattg tctggtgggc    174720
     ggtgggcacc ctttaatccc agcactccgg aggcaaaggc aggcggatct ctgagttcga    174780
     ggcctgcctg gtctacagcg tttccaggat acaccgagaa acctcgtttc gaaaaacaaa    174840
     caaacaaaca aacagaaaaa aacaacctca attgccagga aaggacaaga acacgcgtga    174900
     gctaaatagc gacttcccgc ttctaagata accgagaatt tgacttccct taacccggtt    174960
     agtcctgctt ggctggttgg ttagacctct gattctttga aatcagtgac tttcttgagg    175020
     gtttccattt cgtggctgtc aatcagcctg cacatcttaa gagctaagcc agaggccgcc    175080
     cctgtgagaa gccccttttc tggttttccc acctgtgtga taagacccag cagagtttcc    175140
     tcacccgctt ttgaacccta acctccaagg aacctctcag agctcagagg ccatgggcat    175200
     gttacccgtt ttttctggga ttgagacagt ggtgcccttt ccaagagttt ttgtaaggat    175260
     taaaggagca tatgtttcag taacaaaatg tcctctatta ttgtatgagt atgttttttt    175320
     atatactatt attgtgcgca ctggagtaca tgtgttgtag ttgaggcaat gagaaaatga    175380
     tacaaactaa ctggtgtcca ccgacaagtc atagagtaac gcaggttttt ttcataaact    175440
     gaggcaacat aggaagattt ttgtgatgtt tttgtttttc cgagtcagtc tatgtagcac    175500
     tggctggccc tatctcagag acttgtcttt aaaataagct cgaagcaggt ccagattgca    175560
     actttggagg aagtgtggga tcagttctaa gtgttgttgt tttcaaagag ttctagtctt    175620
     agatgaccac cggcctctga caggagggat tgaatttcca attgattgtg gttttggttt    175680
     cttccatagc cccccccccc ccctttttga cttcccagct cattctggtg tggaatctaa    175740
     ctctggctgc ctcccccccc cctttttttt tttttttttt ttgccttcca tcattttatt    175800
     cattctgtag tcttggttaa ctcttcacct gctggtcact attggagaaa gtcacgtggt    175860
     tgcccgtggt gtaactttgt gagtggtact tggcaggctg tcagcctcca taagtgatgc    175920
     cctcttgctt ttgttttcta aacgtccgtt accttcaccc taaactcctg tttttatctg    175980
     agaaaatttg tcttccttct cactcgttct gttgatgaag aagtatgcca tgcccacgaa    176040
     agggatacag gatgccgttt ctgtagcttt tatttcaggt tttttttttt ttttttaata    176100
     ttttatgttt atatgagtat actgttgctg tcttcagata caccagaaga gggcattaga    176160
     tccaattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact catgaccttt    176220
     ggaagagcag ccagtgctct taaccgctga gccatctctc cagcccttat ttcagttttt    176280
     atatgctctt aattacttct tcactcatta atactggtcc tttccctatt actctttcag    176340
     taagtggtta tttaattaac tcatcaagtg accttttctt gggctttact gaatgtcttt    176400
     gacatattga gtataaccaa tacttgtttt tttcagccaa gcccctcctc tttttttttt    176460
     ccttaaaatt tttttccttt aaaaaaattt atgggtctta tagccgggcg tggtggcgca    176520
     cgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc    176580
     ttggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agagctaaaa gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa    176640
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat tatgggtctt ttacctgtat gtatgtctgt    176700
     gcaccgtgtg tgcacaaaag ggcagaaaag ggagtcagat gccctggaag tggagttaca    176760
     gccgggtctg aactgctgtg tgggtgctgg gtcctctgga agagtagctt ctccggcccc    176820
     ttccctgatg tcttcccttt gctgtttttg tttttttgtt ttttctttct tgcttgctgg    176880
     ctgctctagt taagcctcca ctttcttctg tatgtagttc ttctaaggct ctatttcata    176940
     tctttacttt taatcacata gttattcaat ttttctgtct ccagagtatg agatgatgtt    177000
     aatgttagca tgctgtctaa gctccacccc acagttacct ggcaacagtc aggtatgctc    177060
     ctccccacag ccaggtagac ctgactataa aagaggctgc ttgcccccca tcctccctct    177120
     cttgttctct tgcttctctc ttgccctctt gggctcttcc catcccctct cccttccaca    177180
     ttctcttccc ccctctctcc atgtgctcat gaccatggcc ggcctctact tctgtactct    177240
     ttccttctct ctgcctttct ctgcttctac taccctctta actcccctcc ccatgccctg    177300
     attaaattct gttctatgct ataccgtgtg gctggtccct cggggaaggg atgccttggc    177360
     atgggcccgc caagataccc ccttcctgca ccttaccacc cccaccttgc cacatcccca    177420
     tgaacatatc ttacatctct ttatctttta taaacacatc agttagtatt tagttagttt    177480
     gttttcaagc ataaacatta aaagtatcag ctagtcagca tattactatt tttgatcgat    177540
     tcctgatcgt cactgtttta gctactctgt gtacccttgt tctgcatagg ggtttatata    177600
     tcataagagg agactgtggg ttatagacct ctagtttttt gtgtctaaag aaatctgtat    177660
     gagttttcta ggactgccgt aataaagtat cttaaactgg gtagtgtaaa taacaaacta    177720
     gttttctgac agttctgtag gccaagaaga cccagcggaa ggtgtagcct ggttggtttc    177780
     tcctgaggcc tctcttcttg gcttttgttg aatgactttc ctggcaagac aggctttgtt    177840
     ttttgttttt tgtttttgtt tttttttttt atgtatgagt gctctgtctg catgtatgac    177900
     tgcatgccag aagagggcat tagatcccaa tcttgtgagc caccatatgg tttctgggaa    177960
     ttgaactcag gacctctgga agaacagcta gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctctct    178020
     ccagcccctt gacaattcta tttttattcc cttcagatta aaaatgtaaa tgacaggccg    178080
     gagaaacagt tccatccaag tctagcttga tgaacagtgg ctttattggg gctccttatg    178140
     gtgcgtgggt gaccgactgg ggcaactgta tgtatctata gaaggaaaag gcacacagta    178200
     ccatgggtga gacacttaga ggaagctatg tctctgatga gtccctcccc ccagcaatcg    178260
     tttaccactt ttatagctta gagaggggct tcctcaggct tgtgagcctg cctggctccc    178320
     tggaagagaa tggtttgatg gagaggcggc agcttgcagg atggtttgta gatggcctgc    178380
     atcttcacat tgccttactg tgatctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctctct gtgtgtgtgt    178440
     gtgttgagac agggtatcac taggtagctt tctggctctc ctggaattca ctctgtagac    178500
     cagaccaacc tcacactcac agagatcacc tgtctcatct ctgccttctc gagtgctggc    178560
     atcaaaggtg tgtgccacca cgcccggccc aatagtagat atttaataga gtagtttctc    178620
     ttaattcttg aacacgctca tccacaggtg aaattattaa attcttacag tgggatcctc    178680
     atcactgcta agttctccct ctccctcccc tccccccttc caccatattc atccttggct    178740
     cacagtcaca gaagagtcta ctctgctctt ccgtatcatg aagtactaga aggttccctg    178800
     tacttgaggt ttcactaacg ttgcgattcc tcagtgaagt cttcctggat tttcataatc    178860
     agataagctt ccttcatttc tgaacttctg aaacccttgg gctccttgct aaggcttgtg    178920
     ccatctgcat ttgcttccta acacttactg agctccattc tagctccaag gctgggtgct    178980
     cggcttgcga tgtggatgtg tgagggaggc gagtatagat gtgggtgaga cacccccttt    179040
     cagtgacgta cgtgttcaca cagcacgagg ttttctaccc gggctgcaca gtgaactctc    179100
     ccactggctg ggcttcagtt ctggagaggc tgatttaact ggggagtggc cagagctgtg    179160
     ggtgttagag ctctttggat ggtcagtata tagccatagc tgagagaccc tgtgctgatg    179220
     ggagactgac aagtataggg ctcagtcgtg tgttttgcta taataataaa gtattgtgga    179280
     agcacagaga agagtttaag ttagattttt taagattatg tggcagttaa aatattcaac    179340
     ctttcacatt aggtatgttt ccagtgctcg gtatcctcat aacgactaag ttggattctc    179400
     aagcaggata ttctctgaat gatatggcgt tcactctcct catttgagtc tttaaaaaaa    179460
     ttttttttca catctgtgtc tatgtgggtg catgtgcatg tgagtgccga cagaatcgaa    179520
     aagagaagct tggatcccct gaagttgaag ttatgggcac ttccgagcca ccctgtgtgg    179580
     atgctgagaa ctggactcag gtagcaagtg ctcttagcca acgagacact gctttagata    179640
     cttcttttag cattcatttc atatctttta aaattatttg tttcaaaaat taaggaaggg    179700
     ttgacaagat ggctcaactg gtaagtgctc ttgtcggtaa gcttaagaga gctgatttca    179760
     gatctcagag cccacatggt gaaggagaaa gccaactgct ataggttgtc ctgggacctc    179820
     cacgtgtgtg tggttgttaa tatgtgtccc cctctggccg gcccataaat gtttcttttt    179880
     aattggtgag gtaggtctga ttaaagtacc tgggaaggtg gttcagttgg taaagtactt    179940
     gctgctcaga catgaggatc tgagtctagc tagatattgc agaattcatt taaaaagccg    180000
     ggctcaatgg cacatgcctg aatctcacac tccatcagag ggttggaggc agaggattcc    180060
     tgagctcagt ggctagagac tgaactgatg tgcgctgggg tcagtgagtg atcctgtctc    180120
     aataatgaaa tgggaaagcg gtagaggata cctgataatg acctttgacc tcaacacata    180180
     ccctacaaac acgcatatac tatacacata tacaataaat ttaaaaagaa atacttgttt    180240
     tttggcaaat tgtattgtgc tctaaggcac atactacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    180300
     cacacacaca cacacgtatg tgtgtatata aatctatttc attgactttt tattattatt    180360
     ttgtatgggt gtgtgtgatg tgcatggggg cactaaggac agctttgttc cctgttgagg    180420
     taacctaccc ccactccccc acacattgta tcagatggct atgtagatat gcccctgtat    180480
     ttt                                                                  180483