EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL672211; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 80828 BP.
AC   AL672211;
DT   21-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-6A2 in linkage group 11 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the eno2 gene for enolase 2, the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 4 (CHD4),
DE   the stard3 gene for START domain containing 3, the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to human dilute suppressor (DSU) and a CpG island.
KW   Ca2+ dependent activator; CpG island; eno2; fez; forebrain; HTG; OGFR;
KW   opioid growth factor receptor; stard3; zinc-finger protein.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-80828
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 6fc7417b6e7f4f1996bf527c673c9b85.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000070677; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000103997; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-6A2. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-6A2 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-1I3 is at 44958 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-6A2 is at 80828 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-6A2 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..80828
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-6A2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..78852
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-6A2"
FT   misc_feature    6449..6522
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(19074..19334,19492..19557,19835..19897,20077..20131,
FT                   20238..>20316)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.1-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human opioid growth
FT                   factor receptor (OGFR)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW018790.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<19098..19146,19253..19334,19492..19557,19835..19897,
FT                   20077..20131,20238..20316,20405..20471,20579..>20647)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human opioid growth
FT                   factor receptor (OGFR)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ616732.1"
FT   CDS             join(<19098..19146,19253..19334,19492..19557,19835..19897,
FT                   20077..20131,20238..20316,20405..20471,20579..>20647)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001618"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human opioid growth
FT                   factor receptor (OGFR)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW15"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006757"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW15"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-523"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59055.1"
FT                   KLIKSYKVMLDFY"
FT   CDS             join(19116..19334,19492..19557,19835..19897,20077..20131,
FT                   20238..>20316)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001619"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human opioid growth
FT                   factor receptor (OGFR)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW14"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006757"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW14"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-523"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59056.1"
FT   mRNA            join(20238..20471,20579..20848)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.1-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human opioid growth
FT                   factor receptor (OGFR)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:WZ31752.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<20579..20726,22037..>22466)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human opioid growth
FT                   factor receptor (OGFR)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI558633.1"
FT   CDS             join(<20579..20726,22037..>22466)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001617"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human opioid growth
FT                   factor receptor (OGFR)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9NZT2 Sw:Q9NZT2 Sw:Q9NZT2
FT                   Sw:Q9NZT2 Sw:Q9NZT2 Sw:Q9NZT2 Tr:Q8VE52 Tr:Q9H7B5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFS2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006757"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFS2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-523"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD44463.1"
FT   mobile_element  <24588..>25759
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.2-001"
FT   mobile_element  <26027..>33513
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ6A2.2-002"
FT   misc_feature    29960..29991
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    29992..30059
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    44958
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-1I3"
FT   misc_feature    52063..52129
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(55495..56073,56463..56595,56677..56811,
FT                   56919..57724))
FT                   /gene="fezl"
FT                   /locus_tag="fezl-001"
FT                   /product="forebrain embryonic zinc-finger like protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB041824 Em:AF281076 Em:AK019996"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI551961 Em:BJ078956"
FT   CDS             complement(join(55817..56073,56463..56595,56677..56811,
FT                   56919..57686))
FT                   /gene="fezl"
FT                   /locus_tag="fezl-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001623"
FT                   /product="forebrain embryonic zinc-finger like protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q90ZY2 Tr:Q9DGC4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q804Q5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015880"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q804Q5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001103-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD44468.1"
FT   misc_feature    58393..58478
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    63890..63969
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(75478..76003,AL672161.18:153..257,
FT                   AL672161.18:19050..19157,AL672161.18:25890..25922,
FT                   AL672161.18:26484..26567,AL672161.18:26770..26844,
FT                   AL672161.18:29523..29670,AL672161.18:31504..31659,
FT                   AL672161.18:38574..38715,AL672161.18:44149..44305,
FT                   AL672161.18:55276..55382,AL672161.18:61490..61558,
FT                   AL672161.18:65550..65673,AL672161.18:66506..66569,
FT                   AL672161.18:66976..67077,AL672161.18:79309..79496,
FT                   AL672161.18:79585..>79721))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1I3.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human Ca2+ dependent
FT                   activator protein for secretion (CADPS)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK054853.1 Em:AL833895.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW954646.1 Em:CA379924.1
FT                   Em:CK687273.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(75836..76003,AL672161.18:153..257,
FT                   AL672161.18:19050..19157,AL672161.18:25890..25922,
FT                   AL672161.18:26484..26567,AL672161.18:26770..26844,
FT                   AL672161.18:29523..29670,AL672161.18:31504..31659,
FT                   AL672161.18:38574..38715,AL672161.18:44149..44305,
FT                   AL672161.18:55276..55382,AL672161.18:61490..61558,
FT                   AL672161.18:65550..65673,AL672161.18:66506..66569,
FT                   AL672161.18:66976..67077,AL672161.18:79309..79496,
FT                   AL672161.18:79585..>79721))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1I3.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002016"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human Ca2+ dependent
FT                   activator protein for secretion (CADPS)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q80TJ1 Sw:Q9ULU8 Tr:Q4RXD8.1
FT                   Tr:Q8JFS1.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014770"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T159"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-525"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13802.1"
SQ   Sequence 80828 BP; 25887 A; 14513 C; 15085 G; 25343 T; 0 other;
     gatcctcaaa cacccacatt aacacacgca catacatgta aactcgcagc attcaaacac        60
     acctatacac tctcgcatat acatataaac tcgatctatg cataaataag ttgaaagtta       120
     cttaaaaaca ttatttaatt attatcatta ttaatattat atagtatttt gttaaatttt       180
     ccaagttaaa attcagtgag ctattaatat gcctctgtta gactcaaaat aaggaattat       240
     actttcttag ttcatattgt tttgattgag ctaggtttgt ttagattggg tatttgcaag       300
     tattgttaac ccttttattt ataactggct tgaaaatatc atcaaactca atgctaatct       360
     aaagataatc caaaagttga attggtttgt attttactca actttgggtt gaaaaccccc       420
     gcactgtctg gagtaattgt taacttcttt aattgaaagt tttacatagt tttacatgta       480
     ctgtctaata acattaataa tcaacttaaa taggctttta gttgtttaac aaggtaaaaa       540
     aaataaataa ataaatatat ttacataaag tccacttatg ggatagttta cccctgaaat       600
     taagttcctt agttgcagta caaatgttat acaggttcac ctgtagtttc agtacaaaat       660
     acaaaagttt gtaataatac aaaagttact taaaatacta cttaaaatat taaaatacat       720
     gtataaacta aaatttgggc caatttataa cgggaactta tgttgcaagt atactaatga       780
     aaattaacgt ttttgtgctt actaaataaa gtataaaata tagctgaact ttacaaattt       840
     aaagctgaaa gtctattgtg acttttgtga ctttgtatta agtaatatga agacaaaaac       900
     gtatagttga ttgtgccagc agaagttacc tggcgtttct ttttgactat aatggagcta       960
     aaatgaactt taaacctttt cctctagaca atattgtaat tgcctttcag gacaataatg      1020
     tttatgacgt tgcctgtaca tggtacttgc ttctgagaat tttactgata tgttcctgac      1080
     ctttacacat gcatgcatac acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atataaaacc      1140
     caatacgtta aggcaactca aaccatttaa aacttatctg agtactgtga acttactcct      1200
     tttaattaat aagattttta attaactcat taccttattt acctagttca aaactctttt      1260
     caaattagta gaattgacat tcagtaaatt ttgagttaac actcatttct tgttgaaagt      1320
     tgattgttgg gttttagtac acacacacac acacacacac atatatatat atatatatat      1380
     atatatatat atacatatat atatatgaga tttatcaaag tgtgaatctt ttacatgttt      1440
     ggtttcctct tcagattcaa atttgttttg gatgtgcatt attgcaagac atggcaaccc      1500
     ataagtttac gtaaggttat ttctttacaa tttcattttc gtttcaatag aaagaactat      1560
     tacctgagta tttgcgtgac acagcctgac ataattacag ctgaatctgt ggatagtttc      1620
     agtcctttgc gtgaccttta ttaccatgaa caccacagta ttattacaaa tttcacaatg      1680
     ttgtcagggc cagtaaacag aaaaaaccca aatgcaggtg aagacaatga tttattgaag      1740
     aaggcaaaaa ttctaacaga tcagttcata agccagaatg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat      1800
     cttctaaagg caatgtctca gtctcaaggg aaaaatacac aaaaacctca gttcgagaaa      1860
     tgggaaaaaa tgctcttcag caagcagtcc tctcagcctg atcaagaaag aacaaaaaaa      1920
     ctattatagt ccaaaaaaat gaacaacgaa aaatgacaaa aaaatacttg cagactttgc      1980
     tggaggggaa gagaatgact ggaaataacc aggaacaaaa aatagactgg ccagtagaaa      2040
     tagaggcagg tgtaattgtc agaaccacgc cagtgtccag gacatcaaaa actcaggcag      2100
     cacaaaagca aacacttcgg gcaagccagg gactacacag aaaggctggg aaggtaggga      2160
     gagagtcctg gagtcaaaca gaaaaaggtt aactaaaaac attaagttta cctatagttg      2220
     atgttgcagg gccagaagca aacaacaatc tggcactgaa cagcagaaac caagagaata      2280
     aataggggag ctaatgagaa gaaaataagc aaagacaggt gaagcaaatc aactaaaatt      2340
     atgagaacga ggaggtggag agaaacaatc aggagcacaa acaaaggaac atgtggctaa      2400
     tacaaacaga acagatagaa ccagccgatc agccaggagt cctgacaaat gtagcctaca      2460
     aaatacaaat ggaaatttgt gtttagcatg gttgaaccag cattaaaaat aacattaaaa      2520
     gtctttaatt tcgcttgaag taaaaccctt atttgtttgt tttttcataa agcgcatttt      2580
     tctatgaggt gccgtgtagg atttaaatca aactttgctt atcaacacat acataaaaca      2640
     tgtgtatata cacctataaa ttactcgcat aaacacctat actactggat gttcaaaaca      2700
     acatagatga aacttgtgta tatacatata aacttgacgc ttgaatacac acacgcattc      2760
     gtataaatcc tcaaacaccc acattaacac acgcacatac atataaactt gatgcatgca      2820
     aacacaccta tacacacttg catatacata taaacttgat tctcgcataa atacctacat      2880
     ttacacgcac atacatataa actcgcagca ttcaaacaca cctatacact ctcgcatata      2940
     catataaact cgatctatgc ataaataagt tgaaagttac ttaaaaacat tatttaatta      3000
     ttatcattat taatattata tagtattttg ttaaattttc caagttaaaa ttcagtgagc      3060
     tattaatatg cctctgttag actcaaaata aggaattata ctttcttagt tcatattgtt      3120
     ttgattgagc taggtttgtt tagattgggt atttgcaagt attgttaacc cttttattta      3180
     taactggctt gaaaatatca tcaaactcaa tgctaatcta aagataatcc aaaagttgaa      3240
     ttggtttgta ttttactcaa ctttgggttg aaaacccccg cactgtctgg agtaattgtt      3300
     aacttcttta attgaaagtt ttacatagtt ttacatgtac tgtctaataa cattaataat      3360
     caacttaaat aggcttttag ttgtttaaca aggtcaaaaa aaaataaata aatatattta      3420
     cataaagtcc acttatggga tagtttaccc ctgaaattaa gttccttagt tgcagtacaa      3480
     atgttataca ggttcacctg tagtttcagt acaaaataca aaagtttgta ataatacaaa      3540
     agttacttaa aatactactt aaaatattaa aatacatgta taaactaaaa tttgggccaa      3600
     tttataacgg gaacttatgt tgcaagtata ctaatgaaaa ttaacgtttt tgtgcttact      3660
     aaatgaagta taaaatatag ctgaacgtta caaatttaaa gctgaaagtc tattgtgact      3720
     tttgtgactt tgtattaagt aatatgaaga caaaaacata tagttgattg tgccagcaga      3780
     agttacctgg cgtttctttt tgactataat ggagctaaaa tgaactttaa accttttcct      3840
     ctagacaata ttgtaattgc ctttcaggac aataatgttt atgacgttgc ctgtacatgg      3900
     tactttcttc tgagatattt actgttatgt tcctgacctt tacacatgca tgcatacaca      3960
     tacataccta catacataca tacatacata catacacaca tacatacata catacataca      4020
     tacatgcatg catacttaca tacatacata taaaacccaa tacgttaagg caactcaaac      4080
     tatttaaaac tgatctgagt actgtgaact tactcctttt aattaataag atatttaatt      4140
     aactcattac cttatttacc tagttcaaaa ctcttttcaa attagtagaa ttgacattca      4200
     gtaaattttg agttgacact catttcttgt tgaaagttga ttgttgggtt ttagtacaca      4260
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata tatatatata      4320
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgag atttatcaaa gtgtgaattt atcaaagtgt      4380
     gaatctttta catgtttggt ttcctcttca gattcaaatt tgttttggat gtgcattatt      4440
     gcaagacatg gcaacccata agtttacgta aggttatttc ttaacaattt cattttcctt      4500
     tcaatagaaa gaaccattac ctgagtattt gcgtgacaca gcctgacata attacagctg      4560
     aatctgtgga tagtttcagt cctttgcgtg acctttatta ccatgaacac cacagtatta      4620
     ttataaattt cacaatgtag cctacaaaat acaaatggaa atttgtgttt agcatggttg      4680
     aaccagcatt aaaaataaca acattaaaag tctttaattt tgcttgaagt aaaatccttg      4740
     tttgtttgtt ttattcataa agcgcatttt tctatgaggt gccgtgtgat ttaaatcaaa      4800
     ctttgcttat caacacatag cctacataaa acatgtgtat atacaactat aaattactcg      4860
     catatacacc tatactactg gatgttcaaa acaacataga tgaaacttgt gtatatacat      4920
     ataaacttga cgcataaata cacacacgca tacgtataaa cttgatcctc aaacacccac      4980
     attaacacac gcacatacat ataaacttgc tgcatgcaaa cacacctata cacacttgca      5040
     tttacatata aacttgattc tcgcataaat acctacattt acacgcacat acatataaac      5100
     tcgcagcatt caaacacacc tatacactct cgcatataca tataaactcg atctatgcat      5160
     aaataagttg aaagttactt aaaaacatta tttaattatt atcattatta atattatata      5220
     gtattttgtt aaattttcca agttaaaatt cagtgagcta ttaatatgcc tctgttagac      5280
     tcaaaataag gaattatact ttctttgttc atattgtttt gattgagcta ggtttgttta      5340
     gattgggtat ttgcaagtat tgttaaccct tttatttata actggcttga aaatatcatc      5400
     aaactcaatg ctaatctaaa gataatccaa aagttgaatt ggtttgtatt ttactcaact      5460
     ttgggttgaa aacccccgca ctgtctggag taattgttaa cttctttaat tgaaagtttt      5520
     aaatagtttt acatgtactg tctaataaca ctaataatca acttaaatag gcttttagtt      5580
     gtttaacaag gtaaaaacaa aaataaataa atatatttac ataaagtcca cttatgggat      5640
     agtttacccc tgaaattaag tttcttagtt gcagtacaaa tgtaatacag gttcacctgt      5700
     agtttcagta caaaatacaa aagtttgtaa taatacaaaa gttacttaaa atactactta      5760
     aaatattaaa atacatgtat aaactaaaat ttgggccaat ttataacggg aacttatgtt      5820
     gcaagtatac taatgaaaat taacgttttt gtgcttacta aataaagtat aaaatatagc      5880
     tgaactttac aaatttaaag ctgaaagtct attgtgactt ttgtgacttt gtattaagta      5940
     atatgaagac aaaaacgtat agttgattgt gccagcagaa gttacctggc gtttcttttt      6000
     gactataatg gagctaaaat gaactttaaa ccttttcctc tagacaatat tgtaattgcc      6060
     tttcaggaca ataatgttta tgacgttgcc tgtacatggt acttgcttct gagaatttta      6120
     ctgatatgtt cctgaccttt acacatgcat gcatacacat acatacatac atacatacat      6180
     acatacatat aaaacccaat acgttaaggc aactcaaacc atttaaaact gatctgagta      6240
     atgtgaactt acttctttta attaataaga tatttaatta actcattacc ttatttacct      6300
     agttcaaaac tttttttaaa ttagtagaat tgacattcag taaattttga gttaacactc      6360
     atttcttgtt gaaagttgat tgttgggttt tagtacacac acacaaacac acacacacac      6420
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      6480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatat gtatatatga      6540
     gatttatcaa agtgtgaatt tatcaaagtg tgaatctttt acatgtttag tttcctcttc      6600
     agattcaaat ttgttttgga tgtgcattat tgcaagacat ggcaacccat aagtttacgt      6660
     aaggttattt ctttacaatt tcattttcct ttcaatagaa agaaccatta cctgagtatt      6720
     tgcgtgacac agcctgacat aattacagct gaatctgtgg atagtttcag tcctttgcgt      6780
     gacctttatt accatgaaca ccacagtatt attacaaatt tcacaatgta gcctacaaaa      6840
     tacaaatgga aatttgtgtt tagcatggtt gaaccagcat taaaaataac attaaaagtc      6900
     tttaatttcg cttgaagtaa aacccttatt tgtttgtttt ttcataaagc gcatttttct      6960
     acgaggtgcc gtgtaggatt taaatcaaac tttgcttatc aacacatagc ctacataaaa      7020
     catgtgtata tacatctata aattactcgc atatacacct atactactgg atgttcaaaa      7080
     caacatagat gaaacttgtg tatatacata taaacttgat gcatgaatac acacacgcat      7140
     acgtataaac ttgatcttca aacacccaca ttaacacacg cacatacata taaacttgct      7200
     gcatgcaaac acacctatac actctcgcat atacatataa actcgatcta tgcataaata      7260
     agttgaaagt tacttaaaaa cattatttaa ttattatcat tattaatatt atatagtatt      7320
     ttgttaaatt ttccaagtta aaattcagtg agctattaat atgcctctgt tagactcaaa      7380
     ataaggaatt atactttctt agttcatatt gttttgattg agctaggttt gtttagattg      7440
     ggtatttgca agtattgtta acccttttat ttataactgg cttgaaaata tcatcaaact      7500
     caatgctaat ctaaagataa tccaaaagtt gaattggttt gtattttact caactttggg      7560
     ttgaaaaccc ccgcactgtc tggagtaatt gttaacttct ttaattgaaa gttttacata      7620
     gttttacatg tactgtctaa taacattaat aatcaactta aataggcttt tagttgttta      7680
     acaaggtcaa aaaaataata ataataaata tatttacata aagtccactt ttgggatagt      7740
     ttacccctga aattaagttc cttagttgca gtacaaatgt tatacaggtt cacctgtagt      7800
     ttcagtacaa aatacaaaag tttgtaataa tacaaaagtt acttaaaata ctacttaaaa      7860
     tattaaaata catgtataaa ctaaaatttg ggccaattta taacgggaac ttatgttgca      7920
     agtatactaa tgaaaataac gtttttgtgc ttactaaata aagtataaaa tatagctgaa      7980
     ctttacaaat ttaaagctga aagtctattg tgacttttgt gactttgtat taagtaatat      8040
     gaagacaaaa acatatagtt gattgtgcca gcagaagtta cctggcgttt ctttttgact      8100
     ataatggagc taaaatgaac tttaaacctt ttcctctagt ctagacaata ttgtaattgc      8160
     ctttcaggac aataatgttt atgacgttgc ctgtacatgg tactttcttc tgagatattt      8220
     actgttatgt tcctgacctt tacacatgca tgcatacaca tacatacata catacataca      8280
     tacatacata cacacataca tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catacataca      8340
     tacatacata catacataca tacatacatg catgcataca tacatacata catataaaac      8400
     ccaatacgtt aaggcaactc aaactattta aaactgatct gagtactgtg aacttactcc      8460
     ttttaattaa taagatattt aattaactca ttaccttatt tacctagttc aaaactcttt      8520
     ttaaattagt agaattgaca ttcagtaaat tttgagttga cactcatttc ttgttgaaag      8580
     ttgattgttg ggttttagta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      8640
     cacacatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      8700
     tatgagattt atcaaagtgt gaatttatca aagtgtgaat cttttacatg tttggtttcc      8760
     tcttcagatt caaatttgtt ttggatgtgc attattgcaa gacatggcaa cccataagtt      8820
     tacgtaaggt tatttcttta caatttcaat ttcgtttcaa tagaaagaac tattacctga      8880
     gtatttgcgt gacacagcct gacataatta cagctgaatc tgtggatagt ttcagtcctt      8940
     tgcgtgacct ttattaccat gaacaccaca gtattaggcc tattacaaat ttcacaatgt      9000
     agcctacaaa atacaaatgg aaatttgtgt ttagcatggt tgaaccagca ttaaaaataa      9060
     caacattaaa agtctttaat ttcgcttgaa gtaaaaccct tatttgtttg ttttattcat      9120
     aaagcgcatt tttctatgag gtgccgtgta ggatttaaat caaactttgc ttatcaacac      9180
     atacataaaa catgtgtata tacacctata aattactcgc atatacacct atactactgg      9240
     atgttcaaaa caacatagat aaaacttgtg tatatacata taaacttgac gcatgaatac      9300
     acacacgcat tcgtataaac ttgatcctca cataaacacc cacattaaca cacgcacatt      9360
     catataaact tgctgcatgc agacacacct atacacactt gcatatacat ataaacttga      9420
     ttctcgcata actacctaca tttacacgca catacatata aactcgcagc attcaaacac      9480
     acactcgcat atacatataa acttgatcta tgcatataca cccacaacaa cacacgctca      9540
     tacacaaact cactgcatgc aaacacacct atactggcat atagccccaa tgcttaaact      9600
     caatgtgtgt ataaacaccc aaaataacac tctcgaaaac atcgaaaaaa tgaataaata      9660
     aattaaattc acaaacgttt atcacgaatc tggttattgc aaagcttatg aaataaaaat      9720
     aatccaatta atagagggat taaatatgtt aaattatgat cgttcattaa ttttcttgta      9780
     ggcttagtcc ctttattaat ctggtgttgc cacaacagaa tgaaccgcca acttatccag      9840
     caagttttta cgcagcggat gcccttccag cagcaaccca tctctgggaa acatccacag      9900
     acacattcac acacacacac actacggaca atttagccta ctctattcac ctgtaccgca      9960
     tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aaccggagca cctggaggaa acccacgcga aagcagggag     10020
     aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaacgccaac tgaggcgagg ttcgaaccag cgacctagcg     10080
     actttcttgc ctgtgaggcg acagcactac ctactgttct actgcctctc caattatgaa     10140
     catatgttat ataaaatatt agtctatata aatagactat tcaaaataag aaatattttt     10200
     atttaaaacc ttttcattta attaggtaat tacatacaca aatataaatg gacaagatgg     10260
     aacccttaaa ggacgttcaa aaagcaacca gaactataaa tataaatgta tactcaaact     10320
     aaactcctct tttctattgc aaatgttaat gtagcctata tttttcttgt tttgtttttt     10380
     taaattctta taactattat gctttttata tgtttttaca atgtgggtgt caaaattgca     10440
     agattttggt atcattgtga ttgttaatta ttcagcataa aaaaaataaa taaaaaaaaa     10500
     acgctgatta aaagtctctg ctctggacaa tccttttgtg tttgataact aatactttta     10560
     atttttacat cagctggcat ccagcatttt ggtgcattag cctgtttatt ggtgacagga     10620
     aaacccactt aagtgcattc ctgcccccta ctggacataa gtgtgtatca taacccttga     10680
     cgaatagtga caccaataat aaaacaaaca taaaaaaaaa ctaatattaa acaaacatat     10740
     tttattcaaa atgattactt aagcaacctt atatttatta aaccataata acatttccaa     10800
     taatttaatt gctcaataaa cctttaattt tgcaggagca ttccttagca ttatcttttt     10860
     atttattttt tgtagaatta gcaaaatcta ttttcgtaat tcaacagatg taattcctct     10920
     attaatcaca ttatttctgt ttcttaaggt ttgcaataac ctgattcatg acaaataata     10980
     atcttgttca ttacactcaa aggactttta cgttgaaatt aaacgacttc cttttaaagt     11040
     gaaataactt ccttttactg tgaaaatcca tgcatacaca catatgaaat cacttgcata     11100
     tttgtatata cacaactaac gttcgaggtt actaaagtaa cccttcgttc cccgaggagg     11160
     ggaacggaag cactataagt ggatttgatt gtaaaatcca cgcattggga ggttcggttc     11220
     agaagctact cgtctgaaag agtattgaac gggccaatta agaatgaatt ggcagcgcaa     11280
     gcctgcgcag gtgagcggca taagcaatca actgagtata taagctcacc tggcgccagc     11340
     agacgctatc ctttttaagc tgaagagact ttcaacagct aagggacagt cattatggcg     11400
     acggagtata gtgcttccat tcccctcctc ggggaacgaa gggttacttt agtaacctcg     11460
     aacgttcccc ttcgggggga acttcagcac tataagtgga tttgattgta aaatccacgc     11520
     attgggagcc cattgaaagc gccataatga ctgcacctta ccagcacccc cgatgaggag     11580
     atagtcaagc aagcgtgacg cacccacatc atggggggcg cggtcctcca acgtgtccct     11640
     ggccctaatt tatcctactt caacagaagt tttacggatt tatatatatt ttttgggaag     11700
     tcgtgagcat ctagataatt ctaggaaaat acgacagtac gttgggaagc gtgcaatccc     11760
     gatagggagg acgctgcgga ggccatccgt tacccaaggg gggatagatg gcagaattta     11820
     catatggact agccctaaaa agggggagta cgcatagcaa aagagtggtt agcggggagg     11880
     gaagacacgg gtccgcccgg ggggggactt aaccgtggcg gaataagcat atgggatcgc     11940
     ctagtgggga tcacgcatag caggcacctt taaccaaatc gcgggctgac cagcgggcag     12000
     acctacaacg tagtgggcca gcaagtgact cctccgctga gtcagtgctg ggggccacgg     12060
     aagaatctgc agggctcacc tgacggggaa ctttactgac agataaaaag gcgcacgtat     12120
     ctccgtgtta gggaaaatgg cgcagcaagc gtgtttcaac accctaccga attgtttcct     12180
     caatcaccaa gggttaccta atacccttga ggaaaccggc tccactcgca gattgtaaaa     12240
     ccttgcaaat gtgttgggtg tcacccagcc cgcagctcta cagatgtctg ttagaggggc     12300
     gccgcgtgcg cgcgctcgag aggatgcgat cccaattaca ggcacgagtc actgaccgaa     12360
     aaatgcctcc gggtccccga ccctctaatc gatatcaacg cgaccagcag agctgtcttc     12420
     agggacagaa aaatactgag tcgaggatcg aagggatctg acgcggcttg tgtagcgagg     12480
     gcgagatcct aagagggcat gagagggggc ggggtggatt aattcgctta acgcccctga     12540
     ggaaccggat gatgaggtta tgcgttccca cggtgctgcc agccaccgcg ttatgagagc     12600
     ggagatggca gccacgtaac cttgagtgtg gagggcgaca gcctgctctc caacttctct     12660
     cggcgtaaag aaagcacaac gctgatctgg caaattacgg gggtcttctc agcgagagac     12720
     acaccattca gtgaatagac tccacgtcag ggcataggcg cgctcgggga gggggctcta     12780
     gcccgagtga cggtattagc caccgcaatc ggaggttacc taagtcttcc tcgcgtctaa     12840
     aaatctcttc aaagatcggc gagggtgcca ggtggtgccc tgtccctgag agagtaggtg     12900
     ctctctcgaa gggactgcca ggggagggct atcgcgaggg agagctctga catccaggtc     12960
     cggttgagcc agaggggcgc aaccagcaac ctgttcctca tcctccctga ccttgcacag     13020
     taactgcgcg agcaggctca ctgggggaaa cgcgtatttg cgcgtgcccc gaggccagct     13080
     gtaagccagt gcatccgtgc cgagagcact cggtcaggga aagaacaact ggcaatgagc     13140
     gatctcgggg gaagcaacag atcgatctgg gcttccccga atcgcgccca tatcagctga     13200
     acagactcgg ggtggagtct ccattctcca ggacgcaagg ctgccgtgag agcgcatcgg     13260
     ctgcacggtt gagcttgcct gaatatgaat ggcttgcagc gatttcagcc gcggatgact     13320
     ccagaggagc agacggcggg cgagctgaga catgcggcga gagcgcatac cccctatacg     13380
     gctgatatac gccaccgccg ccgtactgtc catcctgacc agcacgtgtt gccgctccag     13440
     caccggaaaa aaacggtgga gagcgaggaa cactgccaac agctccaggc gatatgccaa     13500
     tgcaactggg tacctttcca caggtctgca gccgcatgcc cgcaacgcac agccccccag     13560
     cccgtgttgg aagtgtctgc tgaaacgaca acaagactgg acgcctgttc tagagacacc     13620
     caggcctgta ggaacgaggg gtcgctccaa gggctgaggg cgcggcgaca cagcgcagta     13680
     acagagactc ggtgtgcgcg cgcgtgccat gcgcgtctgg ggactcgatc gtgaagccag     13740
     tgctgaagtg gtctcatata gaataatccg agcggcatga agcggctgcg gatgccatat     13800
     gccccaggag cctctgaaat agtttcagtg ggaccactgt tttactgtcg agctctctca     13860
     gacagtacag catcagctga gcgcgctctc cggagaggcg cgctgccatg gtgaccgagt     13920
     ccagctccag cccgagagaa gagatcctct gcacgggggc gagtttgctc ttttctcggt     13980
     tgacctgaaa cccccacagg tggaagtgcc agagcacttt gtctctgtgc ataatcaact     14040
     gctccgagag agggcaaaat cagccagtcc taaagaaatt gagtatgcag atgcccgcga     14100
     gccgaagggg cgctgaggca ccctccgcgg gcttggtgag gacccgcgga gacagagaga     14160
     gcccgaaggg gagggctttg tattgccaag ctcgaccttc aaacgcaaac cgcagaaact     14220
     gtcggtggca aggaagagtg gagacatgga aatacgcgtc catcaggtct aatgctgcag     14280
     accaacccag aggacgaacg caccggagga tgcgcttctg cgtgagcatt ctgaacggca     14340
     gcatgtgcag gcagcggttc aaaacgcgca gatctaggat tggccgtgac ccaccgctct     14400
     ttttgggcac gatgaacaag ggctgtaaaa cccgctctcc atctcggctg gagggaacgg     14460
     ctcgattgca tccttcgcca agaggacagc aatctcctct cgcaagacag gggcggacag     14520
     ggggctgacc ctggtgaata cacacccgtg acttgggggg ccgtttcgcg aactgaatcg     14580
     catagccgag tctgattgtg cgtatgagcc accgcgaaga gctggcccgc gctaaccagg     14640
     caggcagagc tctcgctaat ggactcatcg ctacaatcgc tgacgtacca gcagtggggc     14700
     agcgcggagt gggtgtgctg atccgggaag ctcgcgggtc ccacggaaaa gctggaggtg     14760
     agatatttgc tctcactcca aacccgagct ccggagggga ggcttgaggg gtgggagaaa     14820
     ggagaccgtc ctcccagcgc tcgtgagcca ctggcgaaac gcaccgaatc tgcaagctag     14880
     aaagcatagc gtcccagact ggcagatttc gggctgtcac atctggggaa gtgaaaagtg     14940
     ccctttcata atgttttcat ggcagtaaaa agtgccgttg gaaatggggc cccgccctcc     15000
     agcggggaaa gagcaagttc cctcttctcc agatggcctg tcccaggggc gcttcgcggt     15060
     ccgttgccgg acttagcgac gttctgggca ggggggctgc ctgcttccga ggtgcccgac     15120
     gcgctcgctt cgccggaggc gtgtgcgggg gcggagcagc tctcgtaggc gggcgccttc     15180
     ggcgaggagc aggtatgaat ggcacggcgg gcggaggggg ctacggaccg ccgataaggc     15240
     atcacccacc aactgctctc tcaccgcctt gaattcctgg gtgaattcac agacagtgtc     15300
     gccgaacctg gctggggata tggggaagtc aagaaagcgg actttgtcga ctttgcgcat     15360
     atcagccagg ggtggcgctc ctggaccact aatgtggaca tcgtcctccc caacgcacac     15420
     gcagcggact cagtagtccg aagagctaag tcggcggcgg tgcgaagctc gtaagcctgg     15480
     gttggaccca ccctcgtgca gctcggccag cgcctgcgct tggtagcgct ggtaggtggc     15540
     tatcgcatgc aaggcggaag cagcctggcc cgcagctatg taagctctag ctccgaggga     15600
     ggtagataac ttacaggctt tggatgggag acgaggcgga ccccgccaag aagaggcgcc     15660
     gcgcggattt accgccatcg cgcactcaac ctgaggaatc gccacatacc ccctggctgt     15720
     ttcaccgtca agagtggtta gggtggagga acacgcagca cgagcagaaa aatgtgcttt     15780
     acaagaccgc gtgagcctac tgtgcacctc cgggaagaag ggaacgcccc tctagtcggt     15840
     ccggccgcgg agctggggga taaaccatct ccaacccacg gccgaagcag cccgggaaag     15900
     cacggctaac atgtctgttt caggatccgt agtgacagcg ctcaccagcc cgaagggggc     15960
     gagcgggtct ggatcatcat cggacaatga aagcccaccc tccgatgccg cggtggacat     16020
     ctggtctccg gtgtcatcgg gcgtaagggc taccatctgt tagacggatc gcttcccccg     16080
     cccgaagctt ggatagagcg cttagaggag cgggaggtcc gcgggcgacg gattatctct     16140
     cgctgaaacc ctcagatctg cccgagtgcc cgctgcagag caggggacaa ctggggtggt     16200
     tcaccctttt gcaaaggcta accgcgatct tgcgcaacag tcatggcatc gcaatgacga     16260
     catgaactgt ccgcgagcag cgcattaaca tgctggaccc ccagacatgc aacgcagtgc     16320
     ccgcgtccat catccgagga caggaaacca ccgcatccag aaacgcacag tcggagcgcc     16380
     gtcctgataa ggacgtgctg cacgactgtg ttgctctttc tgtgaagctt gcaactttat     16440
     acgcaccgct ctggaggacc ggacccaaag aacgccaggc aagggagaaa cccagctcga     16500
     ccgtctgcca ctgcatgtac acactctgga ccgggagaat gctctcgttc gctcagaatc     16560
     gctggtcaca gcaggaggaa ccctcatcga ctcgatcaga aagtctctga agcgaaaagg     16620
     atagcgtctg ctggcgccag gtgagcttat atactcagtt gattgcttat gccgctcacc     16680
     tgcgcaggct tgcgctgcca attcattctt aattggcccg ttcaatactc tttcagacga     16740
     gtagcttctg aaccgaacct cccaatgcgt ggattttaca atcaaatcca cttatagtgc     16800
     tgaagttccc cccgaagggg aactgtatat atgtgtgtct gtatgtttgt gaattttatt     16860
     ttatatgttt gcacaagtgt catttgggtg tttatgcaca catcaagttt atattcttat     16920
     gtgagagttt atgggtgtat atgcatagat caagtttata tgtatatgca agtgtgtata     16980
     ggtgtgtttg catgcagcaa gtttatatgt atgtgcgtgt gttaatgtgg gtgtttatgt     17040
     gaggatcgag tttatatgta tgtgcgtgtt tatgtgtgtg tattcatgcg tcaagtttat     17100
     atgtatatac acaagtttca tccatgttgt tttgaacatc cagtagtata ggtgaatatg     17160
     caagtaattt ataggtgtat atacacatgt tttatgtatg tgttgataag catagttgga     17220
     tttaaatact atacggcacc tcatagttta acttttattt tcacttaaca gtaagagggc     17280
     tgagcgcacg ctttgtttaa ctactagtct ttcaggattt ttttgtttgt ttgttttctt     17340
     aaagttgatg acatttttag gtatctaaag tcttggttct gtagtctgtt aagcacattg     17400
     tagttatatt agtagtagct tggattgcta aacatggagt cagatgatga ttgttaatgt     17460
     gagttggact acacatgaaa ggatgaatac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaccc agaaaaaaag     17520
     gtagtttgaa aaatgtagtt ttgtggctat tagagaagca aaggctgtct ttttctgttg     17580
     tctcccttaa tgttcataca ttataaaatc attcagtatt aaataaataa taaatagtta     17640
     aaactcaaca gttaacaaaa ttgtattttt tagcctccaa aacctgttgc ataatcggtc     17700
     atttcgtctg atgaaaactc ctgatctcgt acataaagct tttatagaaa taaaaagaaa     17760
     taaatacata ttttatttgc tttactaaat aaactgatta aatgctgtta actctcttgt     17820
     acagtataaa aattgtaaac ccactcacag tacatacata cttccttatc agaaaattgg     17880
     tcaaacgtga tgcattttaa atgcctggtt tgaaaaagca gaatttccag taataaaagt     17940
     cctgttcttc gatttttgca gatatacaga caacaacctg cacatcacat gcatcctgaa     18000
     gtatagggac tcttggattg gagcactatc aggccctgct ggtcaagttc ttcctccatg     18060
     agactcttgt aaacggagaa cttagacatg tgaaacaaag tgtacaagat tactttatat     18120
     ttgcagtgtt ggacaaatca aagaggaagg agctggttaa atatgcttat gagcatttta     18180
     aaccacaaga agacattgtc tggggcccaa aggagattct gcaaaagaaa acgtcaaaga     18240
     aagttgagaa ggaaagggag aaaacaaata agagcattta gggagtaaac taaatggatc     18300
     tctgtcctcc tcctgaaggc ataggtagca tttttttttt taaatggtca acaaaaagat     18360
     gatgaaggca aacaatgata acagtcaaag ttgctcaaaa aaggaagcca taaaaagcta     18420
     tatcaggagt ggggatggtg atgaggatga tgatgatggt aatgaaatgt ctcatcgtgt     18480
     tgatattcag aaatgttctc catgaagaat ttttgtgtct gactcagaaa ttatggaaca     18540
     agatttttct ccaaaaccaa aactgtatta cagaaaataa atacaaacaa aaacctgaac     18600
     ttaatgggtc attcttaaag ttgtatatag cattatatag catttttctg catgttaatt     18660
     gcatgaagct atttgtttat gccagtgatt ccaaataaaa tgttttgttg cttactgtgc     18720
     attgggttta ggttctaaaa gacccataaa ttatttttgt gtttattttt aattgtttgt     18780
     ttccacaaag gtatcataga taaagtttca gattaaaacg tagccaggga caatgttttg     18840
     ctacttgcta ttattgctaa aaaccaaaag gacaggagtg atttcaattt aaatctagct     18900
     gttaattaac gtcattcaga cttacctttt gtcatgtggc gtgaaacctt tgcagaacat     18960
     ttgagcaaca cctggcaacc cttaaataag ccctgcattt ccttgttgtt gaactacgcc     19020
     agaaatgccg tcggttcacc gtttcaactt tcattttcac ttaatggtgg gagggctaag     19080
     cgcgctttgt ttaactaact ctggcttttt gctcgatgta cttaaagctg gtaacatttc     19140
     tgaggtgtct gaagtcttgg ttctttggcc tgttaaggtt tacacataat ttgtttgctc     19200
     gtacttggtt tcgtcgtatt aatagtagtt tgcggtctac taaacatatt agtatggagt     19260
     cagatgatga ttgcgactgc gagttggact ccacatggga ggatgaagat gaaaacaaaa     19320
     cacccaatga gaaggttttt tataactact ttttccaaca acagtgttaa catttcttgg     19380
     ttatactgtt tatttatttt gtttaagttg tttaatgctt ctattcttcc aatatctcta     19440
     ttgaaaacaa caaggtctca cttggaattt tcgtttactt tgtatattta gctcaagaag     19500
     agtcgcagga acatgtatgc agccaaggac atgcaagact tccggcatcg ttgcctggtg     19560
     agtttcatta acttgtataa gatcagatat acctatgtga gagagagtaa gagccacttt     19620
     taaactcttc actaggcaag aagagctaga gttaaagagt acagccataa atatgcctgt     19680
     ttaaaaagaa agcttctgaa cacatgacat gatgaagtat ctcactgaca tgtctttctc     19740
     cactttcttt tctgtcaaat aaacatgcca gctcacattg gtccactgac gtgtgtggga     19800
     aaaattacag atttgtttgt ttgtttgtct ctaggaacta gatgatgact atgaggagga     19860
     ttataccatg gaaaaagaag atgatgcatt tcagattgtc agaatttgct atttacaatg     19920
     tttataaacc atattttaaa gtataattta cctgcatctc tggtgtaatg ctagatttga     19980
     tttgtatgaa atgcttgaga aattgttgca tttatttata tatatatata tgtgtgtgtg     20040
     tgtgtgtggg tatatattgt tgttgtcatc ccctagaatc ccctatatca tctgaagttt     20100
     tacagaggtg aaataaaagc tgcgccagtc ggtatgacat tacattcttc atacactgta     20160
     tttgagtaac acttttgtcc aatacaagag tcattatagg aagccaggtt tttaacataa     20220
     caccattatt tgtgcagcta ttcacattga tggttttcac aaagaatggt ggggtcaata     20280
     tgatttgctt gaaaaggctc actactacat tcaatggtaa gtttcactta atccatttaa     20340
     atgtatttaa attttaattg tacatatttt tatgtatgta atcaaacata tcaaaacttt     20400
     acaggctatt tccaatacaa aggaaagtta acaactggag aatacattgt ctcagaaaaa     20460
     aggaaattat ggtcagtttc aaacatttta ttcggtggta tccaagcata atttctcaat     20520
     atttagagga aatattagtt taagttaaaa aaatttaaaa tcacctcttg ctttccagct     20580
     attccgcaga gatgaggatg taaaacataa gctgatcaaa tcatataaag tcatgttgga     20640
     tttctatgga atacgtttgg ctgatgaaaa aacaggaaag gtggaacgtg ccgagaattg     20700
     gaagcaacgc tttaacaact tgaacaggtt tattttgtca tatttatcct gtaaaatgca     20760
     tttgctgttt agacctggta ttaatatgca ttttcaccaa tcactacagg tttagacagt     20820
     gactgaaagt tttaagcttg tccactttcc accacttcca tatgcatgat gcatatgaag     20880
     tcaaatctat tcaaactgct ttaagcaacc acattaactt tgcctactga ccttgttgtt     20940
     taagtactgg cctgacgtaa ttaaactttt acattggtaa tcataagttt gtattggagg     21000
     tgaaaaatgt aaagtagatg tcgttatttt accagccaca attttaacac aagcccacaa     21060
     tgttcagcat gcagttttgt ggctgttaaa gcagggaaaa aagctaaaat tttcagttgt     21120
     cttcatttat ttccattctt tcattttctt ttcggcttag tccctttatt aatctggggt     21180
     cgcctcaaca gaatgaaccg cctcatgttc atgcattaga aaatcattaa gtatcgatat     21240
     tataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata aatgcctaaa ttcaaccgtt     21300
     aacaaatatt tcatttaatt ttgcaatgta acatatttat tctatttaaa caacaactct     21360
     catgtagcag tgttgcactt ctttcataag atacagtttg tttaatttac atttataatt     21420
     ttgtataatc atatttatgt actgataata gttatattct atgcaaagca acatacaggg     21480
     acgaaatttt aaccaccacc agcgtcattg cgtctgatta ttattttttt tgaataaata     21540
     ttttattcat aaagacacag tagaattatt tcaatgttct gaaacaggtg cctttttaaa     21600
     agaagacaac aatgttatac atattaaaaa tgtaaaacga aatgaattta gcattagaaa     21660
     gtcaacataa atagagaaat aaatatcttt tttactcagt gcatttaaca ttcttgtaga     21720
     ataaaaaaaa aagttccagg ttatgttgct gtattagaag gatcagacag tactgtacat     21780
     gcactagggt tggaagaaaa gaatattaaa tttcacaatt ggattgtgac ccccagaatc     21840
     gaaattagat tggatcatta agtccttaaa gatttcctcc cctaacatac acctggccac     21900
     aatacatact acctcatcag aaaagtggac aaaagtgatg catttaaaag cctggtgtga     21960
     aaagcagttt gactcctaga ctcaatctgg gcctcagaat tttcagtaat aaaagttctg     22020
     ttctttgatt tttgcagaaa tactcacaac aacctgcgca tcacacgcat cctgaagtgt     22080
     ttggggactt taggattgga gcactatcag gcaccacttg tcaagttttt cctccatgag     22140
     actttgtttc aaggacaact taagaatgtc aaacaaagtg tactagatta ctttatgttt     22200
     gcagttttgg acaaatcaaa gaggagggaa ctgattagat atgcttattt gtatttcaaa     22260
     cccagaaaag actttgtctg gggctcaaag aagattctgg aagtgaaaac ttatccttgg     22320
     gactgccatc atgaaatgac caaaatacat gccagtcttc cacctgaaga gatgggaagt     22380
     gacaataaaa atgatgacca gaaagatgat gcagttagtc aaaacagact gaagggagaa     22440
     tgttcaaagt catcaaaggg aaactaatgg gaacagtcaa agtagctcaa atggtgacca     22500
     gatagtccag agaagatgaa tgaagagagt gagtcaaatg ataagaacag tctgtacagc     22560
     ttaggcaatg aatgtgtaaa agagcaaaac caaaagagta gtgctgatgg taataatgaa     22620
     gtccacatga caccacaaaa taaacctaat ggtaattctg atgaaagtaa tctagctgaa     22680
     attaggaaaa ctaatgaaaa tgacatgcta gacaaccctg aagttgaaat gaaagaagat     22740
     ggcatgtctc atggtgataa tggtaacaat gctgaaaaag agaggccagg gagtccatgc     22800
     aagttgaccg aacaaactaa tagtcaggat aagaggtcaa atgttgagac aaatgatgaa     22860
     gatgaaagta atctaaataa tacagcgtat actaaagaaa tgtcagcaga acatgagcag     22920
     ggatcaaata atgaaaacag tcagtgcaac tcagaaaatg aaactgtaca agaccaaaat     22980
     caagagatga gtgctgatgg tgttggtgat gagtagtgaa agtttgtcca tgaagggtgt     23040
     atttgtctga catggaaaaa aaggaaactg acaacagaaa gtatcaaggc ctttaatgtt     23100
     tttttttttt tttggttgtt ccccaaaata aattacatga aatatattga aacgcctgta     23160
     tgcctgggct caaattcaac tctttgagat gcattgcttt gttttgttta tttaacagat     23220
     tgactaatgg agattaaaaa tagcatgcaa aagctaaatt tgcactgtaa caaatgtaat     23280
     gttattattt tttttgtttt attttttgtg aagtgttcta ataagtttgt cttgaacttg     23340
     attgtttaat aagaaatgaa gttctgatta accaagtgat gattgatgca aataaaaatt     23400
     gtattgataa agcaagatca cactttgaaa actggctcca ataattgtta gatttgtatg     23460
     ctttcttttg taatggatga acctgttgaa gtttgtaaaa cgatgcagtt ttgttttggg     23520
     tttttgctgg tgaccaaata aatgtcatat cactgaatga tgtgttttgt atatcactgt     23580
     gcttgtaagc attgaacata tttctatgtt ttctgtcaca tcactgatat ctacaaaata     23640
     taaaggtttt ttaaaataaa ttactttaga ttatattgaa tgtgctatta catcatagca     23700
     cactaaaaac aatgcacact atgcatattt aacggtaggc cgatataaat agcagttatg     23760
     ggtcatttgt taaatgaggc ataattttaa gcaatatttc ctaaaatttt aatttgatgt     23820
     tttatgttat tagaatcaaa tacagaccac ccaaccgttt ctgttttata aagataaatc     23880
     gaatattctc tgtaagattg tttttaaagt attaccagca aaaaatatga ctattgaaat     23940
     acctggcaag ccttgaccca gctgatgttt ttgttgactt ctgcatcaga aatacttttg     24000
     cttcaccatg attttcaact taaattttca ctagccagcg agaaggtcga ggacttcaac     24060
     aagtctgagt tcttatgtct gctatatggc agtttataag acgtttactg agttaccaag     24120
     ctagtcctac aaacgatact acttttgaaa tggagttaag tcaagactcg gatggtgagt     24180
     gcgaactgga ctccacatgg gaagatgaac acgaaaataa aacacccagc aagaaggtat     24240
     cagaattcag tgccgtgtta ttatgtcttc attattctta caaatatttt cctgtaggtc     24300
     caatatgaat aaagtatatc acttccaaaa accagtagct cctctctctc tctctctctc     24360
     tctgcacgag gtgaaggagt ggtgtggggt gtgagagcaa cacgctgaac tggtttcagg     24420
     gttaatcttt tttgttttct ttttttttct ccctcccccc cccctttatc ctttttcttc     24480
     ttttttagaa gatttatttt tgtattattg attcatttgt ttggtttaaa ctaataccag     24540
     cgatcccctc tatgataagg gaaaccatgg cgtttctctc aggagaggga acacctggtt     24600
     tctctatcaa gaatggatgc aaagtttatt cggaccaagt ttttacagtt gaagaagtgc     24660
     ttttggcaat gggagaaata gttgagcatg aaaatatagt atctgcctca agaatgaata     24720
     aggctgtggt agtgtttctt aaagatgaga aacacgttaa tgatctcgtg gaaaacggaa     24780
     ttgttgttaa cgacacgcta gtacaagtag tgcacttgcg tacaccggct actaaagtaa     24840
     caatctcaaa catgcctcca ttcattccca atgagcaaat tcttaaggag ttgaatcgtt     24900
     ttggtaagtt tgcgggttct gtcaaaatgg ttcagtttgg gtgcaaaaac gtcgctttaa     24960
     aacatgtgct gtctttccgt aggcatgtat tcatgttttt aaatgcacag tctaagactt     25020
     tagacatttc gttccgtatt caacacgggg acagttctta tatggtttat gcaacaacag     25080
     agagtttgcg gtgtttcgag tgcggggatt tggggcacaa aaagctcaaa tgcactcata     25140
     agaaacaatt agaaaatgaa aaaaatgacg gaatgaataa agagcgcaat gatcaaagca     25200
     acagcagtca aaacaaagag aagcggccta cagcggtgaa agacgtagtg attccgggaa     25260
     aaaaaaacag aaaacaaccg gcattaatgg taacagttca gggatgctag atgaacccag     25320
     cgttgtttca gaagttggtt ttacaaccga gcaaagtgcc gaaggctcaa gttcaacgtt     25380
     agaggtaagt gcgtttactt caactctgag tgctggtgat aatgctgtaa gcccgtctgt     25440
     tttgaaggaa aatacggctg ttgataagga aaatgatggt gttggtggca atgtagtttt     25500
     aaaagagagt tgtttagagt cggaggtgat tgcagagaat gaaaatagtg atgaaaatat     25560
     ggaggactgc gatgataact gttcagagtt ttcggaaatt gagtgtagtc agtcgttgga     25620
     tgatgtgtat tcggtagaag aattgaatgc ttttttagat tcaactaaag gaaaaaagac     25680
     tgacatagtt aagcactttc ccgatagcaa tacatttatt aaatcggtgc tgattgctca     25740
     gaagaatgtg ggctatgagg tactttcaaa acaaaaatga ttccgattga gtaagtttgt     25800
     aacaacgtta cgcaaagctc aagaagaaca aggaagagtg tcaaaacgaa aaaagtaaat     25860
     cacatgggag agggatctat ttttattttt gttttactta cctgttattt cctgttttcc     25920
     ctttctatct tccctgcaat gcagattctt aaagtaggat cattaaacaa tgggatgagg     25980
     gatgggagta aaagagcttt acttgttgaa tttcttaaac ttaaagaaac ccatgtaact     26040
     ttttttacaa gaaacacata gtgatcaaaa gaatgaatct gagattaagt tatggtggga     26100
     aggaaaaact gtatttagtc atggtacaaa tatcagcgca ggggtagcta ttttgttctc     26160
     aaagtactta aatataaata ttatatcaga agtagaaata gagaaaggac gtattatgtt     26220
     ggttaaagct aaagtaaaca atcaactctt tgaatttata aatatctatg ctcccaataa     26280
     atgctcagaa aaattagcag tatttaagaa attaaaagat tttttaaata gttatacttt     26340
     ggaaggattt ctaattgtgg gaggagattg gaattgcact cttaattttc ttttagatag     26400
     aaacaatcaa gaaccacatc ctgcatcggc atcttttttt aaaaagtttc ataattcaga     26460
     atgatttgat agatgtgtgg cgagaccaaa atgcggaaat aaaacactat acatggacta     26520
     aaataaatct gggaatgatt agtgtagcaa gacttgatcg gttttatgta aagtgtagtg     26580
     ataaaaacag agtaagtggg tgcaatatct ttccctgttg tttatcagac cataatttaa     26640
     ttacagtcag tattgtttta acacaatcta attttaaaag cccttattgg aaattgaata     26700
     ctgctttatt gaaagtaaaa cagttttatg aaaaattcaa attattttgg gaggagttga     26760
     gttttaggaa aaaagatttt aaaaatttat tacaatggtg ggagttagga aagattcaaa     26820
     taaaaatttt ctgtcaacaa tatacatggt tttcaacaag aaaaataaaa caaaaaattt     26880
     cggaaataga gcatgaaatc tgtcatatta cgtctggcat gatacagcat tctgattcat     26940
     cttcagcagt ctttttaagt aaaaaaaatc aagatttaaa atcattattg caagtgcggg     27000
     ccaaaggtgc tttgataaga tctcggttta tgtcattgca cgagatggat gctcctactt     27060
     cttatttttt taatttagaa aaagtgtcaa aaaaacaaaa tgaaatgtac tgtttgaaga     27120
     cccctgaagg actaaagact tttgatccag aaaaaatgag aaagattgca gtggattttt     27180
     attcagactt ctacaagaag gaagaaacta atattgagtg catgtcacaa ataatggaga     27240
     aaatccctac tcttactgaa acacagcgca agtttttgga cagtgctata ccatatcaag     27300
     aattaatgga tgcagtaaaa cagatgaaga cgggtcgagc cccgggaatt gatggactgt     27360
     ctattgattt ttacaagtct atgtggaata ttattggaaa tgatttttat gaagtgattc     27420
     aagaatgttt taaagaaaaa agtcttccta caagttgtca aagagctgtc ttaacacttt     27480
     tgccaaaaaa ggggaatttg agtgatctta aaaactggag gcctgtgtct gttttaacta     27540
     ctgattataa gttaatggcc aaagtgttgg ctaataggtt aaagactgta cttggtgatt     27600
     taatacaccc agatcaatcc tattgtatcc cagatagaac aatttatgac aacattttca     27660
     tggtaagaga cattttagat tattctaaac taaatgatgt gaatgttggt tttttgtttt     27720
     taagagaaag agaaagcatt cgatagagtg gaccatggtt ttttatttga aactatgaga     27780
     gcttttggtt ttggaaatgt ttttatttct tggatcaaac ttttatacac aaatgcttca     27840
     tgtgttttaa aaataggtgg tagcttaagt aaaccagtaa gaatacttaa aggcataaga     27900
     caaggatgcc ctttatcagg ccagctttat gctttggcag tagaaccatt actgtgttta     27960
     ttaagagaaa atttgtctga ttttaaactt gatgctatat gcaattcagt taaagtaata     28020
     gcttatgtag atgacatcgc tattttagta aaaaatcaaa aagatgttga tgttgttaaa     28080
     acagcatctc tttatttgag agggcttcat ctgcaaagtt aaattggatt aaaacagagg     28140
     atttttggtg caatgaaaaa agtacaatga ggttacctgt tattcctgaa aatgtaaaat     28200
     ggaaaaaaca tggttttaag tatttaggta tttttttggg atccgaatcg tatcaaagaa     28260
     ataattggga aaatgttaaa gaaaaagtgt gtaatagatt atcaaaatgg aattggattt     28320
     taccacaact ttcgtatagg ggtagagtac tggttataaa taaccttgct gcatctgttc     28380
     tatggcataa attaattgtg ttaaatccac cagatggttt tattagagaa attcaaaaag     28440
     tgttcataga ttttttctgg aatggaaacc attggctaaa agagacaata ttgtatctac     28500
     aattaaatga gggtggtcaa ggcctcatgg acattaagtc caaagtagct gatttcagat     28560
     tgcagactgc acaaaaactc ctttatcaaa agtctctaaa ctggactgct attgcttgca     28620
     ccttattaaa cagagtagga cggatgaatt ggaacagaca ccttttttta atgaatttga     28680
     aagatattga ttttaatggg ctttcttctt tttatacatc agttctaatt gcatggcaaa     28740
     tatttatagt taaaagagaa ctgaccgaag taactcaaga atgggtactt gaggaaccat     28800
     tagtttataa tcctttattg tttgagattt tgaaatcaaa ggcttgttct acaagattaa     28860
     ttcaagcagg aatatgcaaa atctgtcatt taagaataca ggatagttgg atttctgcag     28920
     aaaaacttgc tgagaaaatc aatgttcact ctgttaggtt tattgaaaaa ttgttatatg     28980
     aggttcaaaa attgtttcct gtagtaccat tgcaaacaga agtaactaag actgtatttc     29040
     ccaggattag tgtaaaagta aatttagaag attggcagga ggatgatact agattacttt     29100
     catttaaaac accgcaactt ggtttctttg atgaaatatc taaaaagtca ttctattgtc     29160
     tttgtgttaa atttttaaat ttaaaatctt tgagagaaat tccagaaacc aaatggggaa     29220
     attttgttga aattggtacc actccaaaag gatgttggag gtcattatat aaagtaccaa     29280
     ttgaaaaaag aagcggagat ttacaatggc ggatctctca ttggatattg gcaacaaatc     29340
     gttataagaa tcatctaaat ccggtaaaag gagataaatg tatattttgt ggcctttcag     29400
     aaacaatggc tcacctattt attggatgtt caaggctttt tagattgttt gacatgttga     29460
     gagacttgtg tcagaatttt ggtttcattt ttactaatag tctttttatc tttggaccaa     29520
     aatacaatgc tttaaataag aaaaaaatta ttttaacaaa tattctatta gataaggcaa     29580
     aactggcagt atggttgaca agaaaaaata aaatactgtt agacagcaat actgatcctt     29640
     tggacttgtt cagaattttg gtaaaaagca ggctagtaat agagtataaa tattatgaat     29700
     tggtgaatga tgttgattct ttctttcttg tatggggtgt tgaaaatatt ttatgtcaac     29760
     ctaatgaaga aggaggttgt gatatattgc tgtaaacttg gtggtattag ttttttatca     29820
     ttgttttatt attatttatt ttgtgtgtta ttgtttattt tttattattt tttgtgtgta     29880
     tatacatgtt tttgtaataa gctgttgttt ttaaattgat acagtttttg aactgttgta     29940
     attaaagagt tgttaaaagt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctatatatat     30000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatag     30060
     tcgaagtcag aattattagc ccccctgaaa tttttaacgc ccctgtttat ttttttcccc     30120
     caatttctgt ttaatggagg gaagattgtt tcagcacatt tctaaacata tatataatat     30180
     atgtatatat atgtgtatat atataaatat atataaaata gatactaata taccattata     30240
     tattttatta cacataggtc aatggattca ttttgtaatt tatcaaaagg tacaaagcca     30300
     ttttttgcaa atgtaaggga cttgactgca catgatgtcg ttactaaaac ttatcaactc     30360
     ataagcatta gaacatatga atgaacatta atagccatat atcgaaactt tataggttgt     30420
     ttcctataca agagcaaggg ttgaacaggt ggtcacatgt gctcacaaaa aaggaaataa     30480
     aggttagttt aaaacatcat ttacatggtg tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatata     30540
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgta tatatatata     30600
     tatatttttt ttttttattt tttttttttt tatgtatttt aaaggaaaca ttcataagtt     30660
     tatatttttc ccatctgtta ttttacagct tttccgtaga aataaacaag cactgcgtaa     30720
     cttggtgaaa tcatatgaag tcatgttgga tttctatggt atatgtttga tcaatataca     30780
     cacaggagag gtgagacgtg ctccaaactg gaggcaacga tttaaaaaac ttgaacaggt     30840
     atatactatc atcttcatgt tgtttcttaa aatttcatat aatttttttt aatgccttta     30900
     agcatttcca gtggtcaaag tacagtatct ttctttgata tttgcaggta tacacacaat     30960
     aacctgcgca ttacacggat cctgaagtgt ttgggaacta ggattggagc actatcaggc     31020
     cccgctcgtc aagttcttcc ttcgtgagac tcttgtgaat gcagaactat caaatgtgaa     31080
     acaaagtgta ctagattact ttatgtttgc ggtcttgaac aaatcaaaga tgagagagct     31140
     ggttggatat gcttatgagc atttcagacc tcaagaagat tttgtctggg gcccaaagaa     31200
     gattctgcaa aaggaaactt ctaaagaagg tgagcaaaaa agggtgagtt ttcctgtgag     31260
     ttttcttcat atatatttct caagtgctga cttagtacat aaaaactatt tcaacaattg     31320
     ttttaataag taatttcttt tgtcttcgcc agtaatattt taatagctat tttgaacact     31380
     actaagaaac ttgtattcag tttaaattgc aaataacttc tttcaacagt tcgaacaaga     31440
     atttcaacac taacctcagc atgttttttt ttttttcccc catgcagcca attgaataga     31500
     aataagattt tctccagaag aaaaatgtaa taggaaatac aggggaaatt cccttgctct     31560
     gttgaacgta acttgggaaa tatttgaaaa agaattcatt tcacaggagg gctaaaatgt     31620
     cttaattgta taggagattg tagtgaacaa aatgaaaagt taatgtctga caaaagccta     31680
     ttaattctaa tcattgttgc taaactgact tataagtgtt tgccctaaaa taacaggttg     31740
     taaaacgttg tatgcagatg agaagtccac aaaccgaagc ccagccaaag ccccaccaca     31800
     aagagaattt aacagcaaag atgttgcatc ttttatcccc tattcaaact gcaacagatc     31860
     taggaccagt ccagcaactg tcattatata cattgtgata atttccacta ttttactttc     31920
     tttattgttc tctttaattg ttatcgttac aggtatggtt taatttatta atgtcttatc     31980
     actgacaaaa caactttgac taaagctaga tggcttcaaa gcaagaaata aagtactgaa     32040
     tattgtgatg attaagctat gttaaacttg aaaactggtt ccagtaaata tccgatgtgt     32100
     gagttctgtt ttattattta ctgctgaatt catttgctgt gaaaactgga ttttacacca     32160
     tgttagaaac actactttat taaatatgtt tataaacaca gtactgtaat atgttattaa     32220
     aaatacactt ttgtttgtct gtaaggtttg ctgaaacaaa taaatgtctt catataacca     32280
     gaatgaaata ctcaatgtaa aacgtacact ggaagaaaga aatcaatggt tgcataataa     32340
     ctgatattaa gtcagttttg cataaagatg aacattaaga gtaaatagtg gacttatgca     32400
     agcaaaaaca aagtgttgca tattactttt ttatatttgc tgtattggac aaatcaaaaa     32460
     agagggagct ggttagattt gctttaaact agaacagttt gtttttgggt actaagacga     32520
     ttctctcaga tgcattgaat gcaattgcag ttgctttgga ttaaagcgtt cacttgcata     32580
     ctttttaaag caacacaagc aatactggtg ttcctcaagg aacagttttc gctccatatt     32640
     tatttacatt ctatacgcca gactttcaaa acagcttcaa aaattgccat ttactgaagt     32700
     tttctgatga ctctgcaatt gtgggttaca taaggaatca tgatgagagt taataggttg     32760
     tttttaaaaa gtttgctgac tggtgtgaaa caaattgtct taaattaaac actaataaga     32820
     ccaagaaaat tattgttgat tagacatcca tcacaagcgg tgccaataat tatacataag     32880
     tcagaaattg agattgtttc atcatatagg tgccagggtg tatatttgaa caacaagctc     32940
     gcttggtctg aaaatacagt tcaggtgtat aagaagggtc agagtcgcat tcatttctta     33000
     agacgactta ggtcctttag tgtgtcagac actgttaaaa acttttttat gattttgtat     33060
     gctgtaacct gctggggagg gggactgttg gaaaagaaga aaaacaaatt aaataagctt     33120
     ataaaaaagg cagattctgt tgtggggagt gcactaccta ccatagaaga gattgcacat     33180
     gatcgaatgc tggacagatt tatcagtata atgaaccatg atagtaatcc cctttttgat     33240
     acagtccaag cgtgtgcaag ctcttttagt gcaagattaa ttcaaccccg gtgttacaga     33300
     gaaagataca ggaagtattt ttttaccaac agtgagtgat caaattgtac aaccaaagtc     33360
     acactataga ggaattgtgc tgaactgaat taaatatttt atatggacaa gtgtttactc     33420
     gttgtttttg gaactaaggt gtccaatatg aaatgtaaat ttaatattgt tttatatgta     33480
     tataacttat ttatctattt ttagtatgga gagctctgct gtaacatgaa tcaataaatt     33540
     caaaaagaga gcaaaatgaa aatataagta ttgatgaagc atattgtggt tctgttgatg     33600
     ataacagcgt atctcatagt gattataaaa tatattttat ttctcatgaa agtaatgtga     33660
     ctattatttg agtcttaaga attttttaat gagtcttctc ttaattattg acatatatta     33720
     aatgcacttg atgttgacat tgttttttat tagaaagtta atattcattt ctttactgag     33780
     aaaacaactc tgggaaaatt gaaaccttga aaatatataa tgaaacttgc aatgataatg     33840
     cactttgaag tttagtagca gtaaatgtta aaatcacaaa aaaagaatag ttcaatagtt     33900
     ctacatctga caaaagttgt cttttttaaa cactacgata catttgtagt gtcaacattt     33960
     taaacaattg tgtgatatta tttagctatt tttgcatatt tgtaaaaata ttttttttaa     34020
     aaaagagaat gtgccaattc aattgatttt gtgtccaatc aaaggccatt ctttacacat     34080
     aaacaacatt tttaatgttg gatgtccttg gaagataagg tgtgtgaaaa tatttaaggt     34140
     cttgagctct tatagttctt tcgaatttca gaattgcttt caaaaaatga aattaagcaa     34200
     ttcactgttg tacctcttgt attttgatga tctgtggctt caatttatct gtgctctata     34260
     tctgtaaggt tgttatctat gatttattaa aagtaacatg gcaagaattt gtctaataac     34320
     tgtttctttt acctcattta tttagaagtg gtgtgattaa aaaaaaaata gcaaaactgc     34380
     acaaaaactg acacctgctg tgtaaataaa gcatagtgat atagaaatgt aataaaaatc     34440
     tagttgctat gatttaaatc aattaaataa gttgaaagtt acttaaaaac attatttaat     34500
     tattatcatt attaatatta tatagtattt tgttacattt tccaagttaa aattcagtga     34560
     gctattaata tgcctctgtt agactcaaaa taagaaatta tactttctta gttcatattg     34620
     ttttgattga gctaggtttg tttagattgg gtatttgcaa gtattgttaa cccttttatt     34680
     tataactggc ttgaaaatat catcaaactc aatgctaatc taaagataat ccaaaagttg     34740
     aattggtttg tattttactc aactttgggt tgaaaaatac cagcactgtc tggagtaatt     34800
     gttaacttct ttaattgaaa gttttacata gttttgtact gtttaataac attaataatc     34860
     aacttaaata ggcttttagt tgtttaaaaa ggtcaatata tatatatata tatatatata     34920
     tatacacaca taaggtccac ttatgggata gtttacccct gaaattaagt tccttagttg     34980
     cagtacaaat gttatacagg ttcacctgta gtttcagtac aaaacacaaa agtttgtagt     35040
     aatacaaaag ttacttaaaa tactacttaa aataataaaa tacatgtata aactaaaatt     35100
     tgggccaatt tataacggga acttatgttg caagtatact aatgaaaatt aacgtttttg     35160
     tgcttactaa ataaagtata aaatatagct gaactttaca aatttaaagc taaaggtcta     35220
     ttgtgacttt tgtgactttg cattaagtaa tatgaagaca aaaacgtata gttgattgtg     35280
     ccagcagaag ttaccgttcg aggttacaga agtaaccctt cgttccccga ggaggggaac     35340
     ggaagtgcca taaagtggat tgattgaaat ccacgaatgg gagattcgga tcagaagctg     35400
     cttgtctgga gagtattgaa cgggccaatg aatgaaaatt aattggcagc gtaagcttgc     35460
     gcaggtgtgc ggcatcggca attatcccag catataagca cacctgaagc tagcaaacgc     35520
     catcctttta agctgaagag actttcaaac agctaaggga cagtcattat ggcgacggat     35580
     tatggcactt ccgttcccct cctcggggaa cgaagggtta cttctgtaac ctcgaacatt     35640
     ccccttcggt tggggaactt cagtgccata aagtggattg attgaaatcc acgaatggga     35700
     gaagtatgga aagcgccata atgactgcac cttaccaacg cccccgatga ggggatagtc     35760
     aagcaagcgt gacgcaccca catcatggga ggccctgtcc tccaacgtgt ccctggccct     35820
     aatttatcct acttcgacag aagtcttacg gatttagata tattttttgg gaagtcgtga     35880
     gcatctagat aattctagga aaaaacgaca gtacgttggg aagcgcgcaa tcccaatagg     35940
     gaggacgctg cggaggccat ccgttaccca aggggggata gatagcagga ttacatatgg     36000
     actagcccta taaaggggga gtacgcatag caaagagtgg ttagcggaga gggaagacac     36060
     gggtctgccc agggggggga cttaaccgtg gcggaataag catatgggat cgcctagtgg     36120
     ggatcacgca tagcaggcac ctatacccaa aacgcgggct gaacagtggg cagacctaca     36180
     acgtagtggg ccagcaagtg actcctccgc tcagtcagtg ccgggggcca cggaggaatc     36240
     tgcagggctc acctgacggg aaactttact gacagataaa agggcgcacg tatttccgtg     36300
     ttagggaaaa tggcgcagca agcgtgtctc aacaccctac cgagttgttt cctcaatcac     36360
     caaagggtta cctaataccc ttgaggaaac cggctccact cgcagattgt aaaaccttgc     36420
     aaatgtgttg ggtgtcgccc agcccgcagc tctacagatg tctgttagag aggcaccgcg     36480
     tgcacgcgcc caagaggatg caacgctccg agtggagtgt gcacgcactc ccgggggaca     36540
     cggctgacct cgactcaaat aagcgattga aatggcatcc acaatccagt gggataatct     36600
     ttgtttcgat acggcacttc cctgctgccg accgccataa cagacaaaga gctgctcaga     36660
     tgatctaaaa ttctgagtac ggtccacata aatacgcaga gcgcaaactg gactaagtat     36720
     agaaagggct gggtctgcct cctccggggg cagcgcttgc aggttcacta cctgatctct     36780
     aaagggggtg gtaggaacct tggacacata acccgggtgg ggtctcagga tgacgtgaga     36840
     gtaatccggc ccgaattcca ggcatgagtc actgaccgaa aatgcctcca ggtccccgac     36900
     cctcttgatg gaggccaatg caaccagcag agctgtcttc agggacagaa atcttagaga     36960
     tactgatttg agaggctcaa agagatcgga tcgcaaactc gtgagaacga gggcgagatc     37020
     ccaagagggc atgaaagggg ggcgagatgg attaattcgc ctagcacctc taaggaaccg     37080
     gatgatgagg ttatgctttc ccacggtgcc gccagctacc gcgctatgat aagcggagat     37140
     ggcggccacg taaaccttga gagtggaggg cgacagcctg ctgtccaact tctcttgaag     37200
     gaaagagagc acaacactaa tctggcagtt tcgggggtct tctctgcgag agacgcacca     37260
     ttcagtgaat agactccact tcagggcgta ggcgcgcctc gtggagtggg ctctagcctg     37320
     agtgatggta ttaaccaccg cagtcggtag gttacctaag tcttcctcgc gtctaaggac     37380
     cacacgtgga ggttccaaag atcggggcga gggtgccaga tggtgccatg tcactgagag     37440
     agtaggtcct ctctcaaagg gatccgccag gggagggccg tcgcgaggag tgagagctct     37500
     gatatccagg tctggttggg ccaaaggggc gcaactagca gaacctgttc ctcgtcctcc     37560
     ctgatcttgc acagtaactg cgcgagcagg ctcactgggg gaaacatacc tgcgcatgcc     37620
     ctgaggccag ctgtgggcca gtgcatccgt gccgagagag ccctcggtca gggaaaaaaa     37680
     caactggcaa tgagcgttct cgggggaagc aaacagatcg atctgggcct ccccgaatcg     37740
     tgcccatatc agctgaacag actcggggtg gagtctccat tctccaggac gtaacagctg     37800
     tcgtgagagc gcatcggctg cacgattgag cgtgcctgga acgtgaatgg cgtgcagcga     37860
     tttcagccgc gggtgactcc agaggagcag gagctgagac atgcggcgag agcgcatacc     37920
     ccccatgtgg ttgatatacg ccgccatact gtccgtcctg accagcacgt gttgccactc     37980
     cagcaccggt aaaaagcggt ggagagcgag aaacactgcc aacagctcta ggtgattgat     38040
     atgccaatgc aactgggcac ccttccacag gcccgcagcc gcatgcccgc gacacacggc     38100
     cctccaaccc gtgttggaag catctgtaga aacaacaaca tggctggacg cctgtcctag     38160
     aggcacaccg gcctgtagga acgaggggtc gatccaaggg ctgagggtgg ggtaacacag     38220
     cgcagtaaca gagacccggt gtgtgcccgc atgccatgcg catcttggga cccgatcgtg     38280
     aagccagtgc tgaagtggtc tcatatggag caatccgagc ggcgtgacgg cggctgcgga     38340
     tgccatatgc cccaggagcc tctgaaagaa cttcagtggg accactagtt tgctgtcgag     38400
     ctccctcaga cagttcagca acaggcgagc gcgttccttg gagaggtgcg ctaccatggt     38460
     gatcgagtcc agctccatcc cgagaaaaga gatcctctgc acgggggcga gtttgctctt     38520
     ttctcggttg acctgaagcc ccagtaggcg gagatgccga agcaccttgt ccctgtgcac     38580
     aatcaattgc tcccgcgagt gggctaaaat cagccagtcg tcaagataat tgagtatgcg     38640
     gatgcccgcg agccgaaggg gcgctaaggc accctccgcg agtttggtga agacccgcgg     38700
     agacaaagag agcccgaagg ggaggacctt gtactgccac gctcgaccct cgaacgcaaa     38760
     ccgcagaaat tggcggtggc gtggaagaat ggagacatgg aaatacgcgt ccttcaggtc     38820
     tatggctgca aaccaatccc gaggacgaac gcattggaga atgcgcctct gcgtgagcat     38880
     tctgaacggc agcttgtgca gacagcggtt caaaacgcgc agatctagga ttggtcgtga     38940
     cccaccgctc tttttgggta cgatgaagta tgggctgtaa aacccactct ccatctcggc     39000
     tggaggaact ggctcgattg cacccttcgc caggagggca gcaatctcct ctcgcaagac     39060
     aggggcggac agggggttga ccctggagaa atacacaccc gtgaacttgg ggggccgttt     39120
     cgcgaactga atcgcgtaac cgagtctgat tgtgcgtatg agccatcgtg aggggctggc     39180
     ccgcgctaac caggcaggca gagccctcgc taatggagtc atcactacaa tggaagagct     39240
     ggaggagagc gattcgctct ggctccgcac cctgactccg gagagggggc tggagggctg     39300
     agggaaggga gaccgtcccc ccagcgctcg tgagccactg gctaagcacg tagaatctgc     39360
     gagccggaag gcagcgcgtc ccggactggc agaatttgtg ctgtcacatc cggggaaggg     39420
     gaaaagtgct cttttattga tgttttggtg gcactgaaaa gtaccgttgt tatcggggcc     39480
     ccgccctcca gcggggaaag agcaagtttc ctcttctccg gatggcctgt ctcagggacg     39540
     cttcgcggtc cgtttaccgg acttaacggc gccctgggca gctcatgtaa taagcttggg     39600
     ttggacccgc cctcgtgcag ctcggccagc gcctgcgctt ggtagcgctg gtaggtggcc     39660
     atcgcgtgca aagcagaagc agcctggccc gcagccttat aagctctggc tccgagggag     39720
     gcagacaacc tacaggcttt ggacgggagg cggggcaaac cccgccacgt acaggcgccg     39780
     cgcagacaaa gattgaccac gatagcgcgc tccactgacg ggatcgcctc ataccccctg     39840
     gcagctccgc cgtcaagggc ggtgagggcg gagggacacg cagcacgggc agagaaaggt     39900
     gccctccaag actgcgtgag cctactgtgc acttccggga agaaggggac gagaggcttc     39960
     gaaggcttcg ccttttgatc ctctacgtaa tacccatcta gtcggtccag ccgcggagct     40020
     gggggataaa ccagctccaa ccccacggcc gaagcagccc gggaaagcac ggctaacatg     40080
     tccgcttcag gatccgattt gacgacgctc acctgcccgg agggggcgag cgggtccgga     40140
     tcttcgtcgg acagtgaaag cccaccctcc gatgccgcgg aggacatctg atctccggta     40200
     tcagcgagtg tgagagctac catctggtta gacggatcac tcccactacc cgaagcttgg     40260
     atggagcgcc gtgaggagcg aaaggtccgc gagcccgtgg gcggcggatt gtctctcgct     40320
     ggaaccctca gatctgcccg agcgcccgct gcttttttag aacaggaggc aactggggtg     40380
     gctcgctctc ttacaaaagt tagccgcgat cttagctgtg caagggtcat ggcatcgcaa     40440
     tgacgacatg aaccgcccgc gagcacggca ttaacatgct ggacccccaa acatgcaatg     40500
     cagtgatcgt gtccatcatc cggagccagg aaacccccgc atccagaaac gcacagtcgg     40560
     agcgccatcc tgaaaaggac gtgctgcatg actgtgttgc tcttttagga aagtttgcaa     40620
     caatacgcac cgctctggag gaccggaccc aaagaaccgc aggcaaggga gaaacccagc     40680
     ttgaccgtct gccgccgcga agacccactc tggaccggga gacacactcg ttcgctctga     40740
     agtgctgaac agcaagagga accctcatcg actcactcag aaaggatctg aagcgaaaag     40800
     gatggcgttt gctagcttca ggtgtgctta tatgctggga taattgccga tgccgcacac     40860
     ctgcgcaagc ttacgctgcc aattaatttt cattcattgg cccgttcaat actctccaga     40920
     caagcagctt ctgatccgaa tctcccattc gtggatttca attaatccac tttatggcac     40980
     tgaagttccc caaccgaagg ggaactggcg tttctttttg actataatgg agctaaaatg     41040
     aactttgaac cttttcctct agacaatatt aacagtaatt gcctttctgc ctttcaggac     41100
     aataatgttt atgacgttgc ctgtacatgg tacttgcttc tgggaaattt actgatatgt     41160
     tcctgacctt taaacatgca tgtgtacata catacataca tacatacata cttacataca     41220
     tacatacatg catacataca tacataaacc caataagtta aggcaactca aaccatttaa     41280
     aacttatctg agtactgtga acttactcct tttaattaat aagatattta attaactcat     41340
     taccttattt acttagttca aaactctttt caaattagta gaattgacat tcagtaaatt     41400
     ttgagttaac actcatttct tgttgaaagt tgattgttgg gttttagtac acacacacac     41460
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atatatatat     41520
     atatatatat gagatttatc aaagtgtgaa tctttttaat gtttggtttc ctcttcagat     41580
     tcaaatttgt tttggatgtg cattattgaa agacatggca acccataagt ttacgtaagg     41640
     ttatttcttt acaatttcat ttttgtttca atagaaagaa ctattacctg agtatttgcg     41700
     tgacacagcc tgacataatt acagctgaat ctgtggatag tttcagtcct ttgcgtgacc     41760
     tttattacca tgaacaccac agtattatta caaatttcac aatgtagcct acaaaataca     41820
     aatggaaatt tgtgtttagc atggttgaac cagcattaaa aataacaaca ttaaaagtct     41880
     ttaatttcgc ttgaagtaaa acccttgttt gtttgttttt tcataaagcg catttttcgg     41940
     catattactt gacgtttaac gtttgcattc aagacaaaac agctaacgtt aaagaaataa     42000
     aagatcaatt aagctaacct acattttact taatatctta agctacttta aaaggactat     42060
     agacctctgt aaataatatt aataaataaa tatcaactta ctcttcctaa ctctagatgg     42120
     tgcgcttgtt ctaatgttgc caagtggtgc tcactgttga gctcatttcc gcacacgtgg     42180
     tagttggtag tcatggtaac gcaaggcttt tctgctttcg gagagcgtca tcgcaggaaa     42240
     atactagcgg ttattattat gacaaagttt gggtttctgt tgcatattgc agcgatattt     42300
     tctttcataa agttacaatc acatggcaaa gtttgacttt tatttctttt tgtctctctg     42360
     aaacaacagt aaatggcttc ttatacaatc gaagagtttg agctcagcca gaaacacgag     42420
     gatatgtgag tcagtttgtt tctttgacag tagagctgta actttagttg tcggtttatt     42480
     ggttataatt gtcacaattc acttcgggtt ataaaactcc acagattaat gaaagcattt     42540
     ttcagtaact tactgggttg tggcaggaag ggcgtccgct gcataaaaca tatgctagaa     42600
     tagttagcag ttcattccgc tgaagcgacc tctggaatag aaaataagcc gaagcaaaat     42660
     taatcaatta atgtattttt ttctggtgta gactggggaa aagagcatta cttctgcagc     42720
     agatggaggc gcactatgaa cagcagagag ctaagagaaa acagcggttt ctgacgtctc     42780
     aagcagcgaa gcagaggaat gctcagattc ttaaggttcc ctcaactgtg tttctgaatt     42840
     acagtctaca tacattgtaa cattgtctgt atatgattat gttgtgttgt attccaagcg     42900
     agatgcatca cagctttaaa attatactct aaaaaaatca gacatcttca tttattcact     42960
     aaggcataat aaaatactgg atttaagaaa atgcacagta gttttgacag caactcattt     43020
     tcatactcca tcatgtgtta ttaattgctt taaattctac ttaaaccctc attttctatt     43080
     gatggaaatc atattatctt ttgtatcaca ataaagtgaa catatggaca ttgctgaaca     43140
     tgacatgcag tttgagaaat attatacaat atatctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     43200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat gtgctataat gcctatgttc acttaattgt     43260
     gattaaaagt atatacttgt aattaaaata taggacattg aattcactta cacatgttat     43320
     aatttcatgt aaaattgaca aaactagtag ctcactagga gtgttataat ctgatttaag     43380
     tatttagcta tggtaaactg tcagtaccca tattaagtgt tttgttacaa tagtatgtct     43440
     tttactttgt ccacaagttc agtttctatc tcactcaact tttaatctca gacaaaaagt     43500
     tttatttatt tatttattta ttattattta ttttatttat tatcttggtc tacacgagca     43560
     atgtctcact catttatatc tatattaaga gtataaagcc acatcacaca aatgcaagtg     43620
     tgtattgggt tctttttaac caggggtgcc caataaaaat aaaacttgat tgagtctagt     43680
     gggccaaagg caaatatagg agtaatttac aatggctaat ttcctaattt atttaataat     43740
     gcttaaaaat tactagaaaa cattacttta tatcaactaa tacaatattt tctacaatat     43800
     ttataccaca caatacaata ttgttacatt ttttaatgaa cttattatag taaagcaaca     43860
     tatctcatca ataaaacaaa caaaaaagat tacgacaaat taaaaatgat gctctcagtg     43920
     ttaaagtcat ttgccccaac cctctccatg ataacattgg ttaaaatatc acggtttcat     43980
     ggtattgtag ttactgctgt aaaatatatt atttttaaat gtcttggtaa aaaatttaaa     44040
     cgtttttccc ctttgaacac aatttatttt attttgagaa acatttaata tattatagac     44100
     cggtaaacat gttaggctaa atataacata tatatcctgt atgaacggta tagcagaaaa     44160
     ttttaacagt tttaaaacct tgacttttcc aaaccatggt ataccttgaa aacagttacc     44220
     atcccatgtc tatcaccaaa aaggttgatt ttttttcttt tttttaaaat taactgtatt     44280
     tgtagtataa aaaataaatt tctctctgtt acttttcagc ttgatatact tattttagaa     44340
     acactttttt aaattgcagg gcatttatta aataactgaa ttagccttca tggttctgag     44400
     acaaactaaa aaatgagttc tgtatgttta aaatgcattt tgtgtttatt tttttacata     44460
     tgtatttgtg tatatttcat ttgcaggatt tagaaaatgt tgaaaaaaat cttcaaacta     44520
     gacagctcct tcatccaaat attattagcc ttgaggtaaa gtattgggct atttccttta     44580
     ttaaaatatt ataatataat atagtataaa gtctcataaa ataaaactgt tgtagtgttt     44640
     tatatttatt gtaaatgttg cacttttaaa atacattttg catgcctaga ggtgcagctg     44700
     ttatagtgaa ctaaaatgca ttttattatt ttgatgtgat gtgatgtttt tctaaagatg     44760
     ttaaaattta atacaaatat gaaaattgac aaatgaactg ctcttaatta tttgttgtgc     44820
     tgtcatagac tcggtattgg gcctcagttg aaaggaatct gccagaatgg gagcagtatt     44880
     tgcttgggaa aggacaacca cctttaagcg aatctgagaa aaagttaaag aaacagagac     44940
     tgaaaacagc acagcaagat ccttcacctg cacagtgcag gggtaaacca cctcgaccca     45000
     aaccttgatg acataacttt ttgaggtgtg tagttgattt gtgtttgtta tgatgacatg     45060
     ttggatcata actgtagcac ttaacaatgg ttacgaggta atgttcatgc attatgattg     45120
     aagtactgta ggaacaaaat gagcaataca gtttttaatt ctcaagttag acttttttgt     45180
     tgtttatttc agctgcgtgt tgtcaaatca ggattttata ctagagagaa agtgctaggt     45240
     tttctggaat tctttgaaaa caaattctgt aattaatgat ttaaacaata tcattttcca     45300
     attattttaa taagttaaac acattaatat aaaatagtaa ttggattcaa atagcttgct     45360
     gttatataaa attaatagca cataaatgtg attaaacatt attcaaataa attatacaaa     45420
     ctttaattaa aaaaaagtga ttaacatact aattatatta aaacaaataa taaaaattag     45480
     ttaaaatatt tatagagaga aatataaata ttatgtatga gtattgtaat gagcagaaaa     45540
     atgtagttac ttgttgttaa atgtagtaac ttaatagtaa ataattgttt tgcagtatat     45600
     aattaataat atatagcata ataaatataa gataattcag aataaattgc gataacatat     45660
     attatattag gcatggttga tctcatgtaa gggtccactg catgtaaaaa agttgaaacc     45720
     accaacatta actgtagcag catttacaaa tgattcagtg tttcatttaa tttgttgaaa     45780
     taaacaggaa cttattactt tcattattgc tggttttcat taactgtgaa ctgtgtatgc     45840
     agtgtaatgc atatgaaagc aaatggcaaa gtactaccat cataatgtgt atgtgtgtat     45900
     ctggctgggg gggactacac tttctgggtc aaacactatt ttacagtcta tggtcaaaca     45960
     ccacaacatt ttttcttctg tataataata aataaattat taaaacgatg catcttttac     46020
     ttaaacattt atcttttaat acttttttat ggattttgtg gcacataatt tgctacttat     46080
     taaactacca ttagatagtt aattaaacag tatagttgat gtttgtgtac cagaagagaa     46140
     tttaaactgt aaaattattg tttacaaatt gtcaaacaat aagttaagct ctggtgagca     46200
     ttactgtttt ttattcagct taagtcacta gtctctagat gaacatctgc aagttcatct     46260
     tgggtgtttt tgtatgttgc tctaaacccc acaacctctt acctgaaccc tcaacaacag     46320
     tgaggtcatg actgccatta cacaaagcct ctctgagcac ttcagctgcc cacatcataa     46380
     ttgctattgt attatccgcc tgttgaaagg tcagccactt aaagttgagt gttaagttga     46440
     ctaatactta aaaaagggca caattggtca tttgaaaacc actgggggtt ttgttaatcc     46500
     agacttaaaa cctgcaacaa ctttatataa atgttattta gtttccatta caaattagaa     46560
     cgagtatgtt tccaagtttt tcccacgtcc tgtgatgttt tgaatgaatc atgggattaa     46620
     cttctgttaa actgtaaaca atcagtgaaa ttttgtaaac actgggtaca gtgatatgtc     46680
     atttatctcc tcaaagttta tctatttatt attaaaaagc agcttaataa aagaatatat     46740
     agactctcat tagaccataa ttagccacaa aattaataaa tctttccata gcaataaaat     46800
     aattattaaa ggaatagtaa gaatatagaa atagggatcg atagaaatct ttgtaatcat     46860
     ttgctcattc tagcttcaaa tcagtttgtt tctttatttt gttgacacaa aagaagatat     46920
     tttgaaaaat tttgaaaagt tcatccattg aatattaata ggcaacttat tataatgaat     46980
     aaaagactca ttagcccaca aataacagca aaaacttaaa aataaacttc ccgcagcaat     47040
     attataaaca tacaatatta aataaagtat taaaagggga ttagttcacc tagaaatgaa     47100
     atttctgtta acatttgccc atcctctact tgttccaaat ctgttttaaa tttctgtcat     47160
     ttgttgacac taaagaagat attttgaaga atggtggaaa gcagttgcct ttgacttcca     47220
     tagtaaaatt aaatctctgt aaacatttgc ccatcctcta cttgttccaa atctattttg     47280
     aatttctgtc ttttgttgat actaaagaag atattttgac gaaagttggt gagcagcagc     47340
     cattgacttc catagcattt tttcatttct accatatgtg aatggctgtt ggttttcaac     47400
     attcttaaca atatcttatt tggttttcaa cagaagaaag acattcataa atgtttagaa     47460
     ccacatgaat gtgagttaat ggttagaaaa tattgccttt ggggtaaact attatataat     47520
     gtagggaata gaaagagaaa ttaattttga ggaacgaaac atagtgacag ttttggccac     47580
     agatatgttt gtgatactaa taattaagag cattcaaaat gacctctcac ttaattttct     47640
     cgaagaatat ggattatttg taaaacaact taattgttaa acaaaataat ttgtttcagt     47700
     tcttttcaat ggatgttctc caaactttaa atatttaaac aaatgtatct attgtacact     47760
     taaatatact ttcagcctct tgttctttac ttcataatct tttagcattt tgtgtactgg     47820
     gagagactac agaccgtgac ctagcctaat tggatgatca aactggttgt gggtgacacg     47880
     gagtggcggc ttgacaaatg cgatcatctg gatggtcaat attgaagtgg tgctggttgg     47940
     cagctgccct tcctcctcag ctgggactct tgcccctgag gtcagggcac cagtcgaggc     48000
     caccagattg gcggggacgg ttggtggggg tcagttggcc gcggatgggg tgaagaattg     48060
     tgggtgtgga tgaacagtaa gacggcaaat tatctaaaag ggttttgaag agcacgatct     48120
     ggagcccttc caaatgacta gttctgcatt atgtattcta atggggaaag gcctgaggtg     48180
     atttggctac agataccact gccaactgag gctgtcagag cccaggcaca ggccaagacc     48240
     aaatgttgga gatcagatca gggtctcaga cacctggatg tctgccagag cttgaggagt     48300
     gttatagaga gatgatagag caaagctggt tcttatttaa cattgtctgt ctgtataaat     48360
     gttatttgtg gagttgtgat catgccattt gaaattagaa aagttgatta tgttggcaag     48420
     tatggcatat tgtgtgcatt tttctattta aagaattttg gagtatttct attaatattt     48480
     tctaattcat tttttggaaa agataaatct gtagactgca agtattttat attggaatca     48540
     attaaaaaca attcattaat aatacaataa tacataagca tatatattgt taaaatcaga     48600
     atattgaaac cccctttgaa atatattttt ttcttttttt ttttaatttc taaatgatgt     48660
     ttaacagagc aaagaaattg tcacagtatg tctgataata tttattcttc tggagaaagt     48720
     cttatttgtt ttattttggc taaaataaaa gcagttaaaa aattaagttc agtactttaa     48780
     tactataaaa ttatatataa ataaatataa ttttttttcc cccgatagtc tacaaaacaa     48840
     atcatcatta ttcaataact tgcctaatta ccctaacctg cctagttaac ctaattaacc     48900
     tagttaagac tttaaatgtc actttaagct gtatagaagt gtcttcaaaa atatcttgtc     48960
     aaatattatt tactgtcatc atggcaaaat aaatcgatta ttagaaatga attgttaaaa     49020
     ccattatgtt tagaaaagta aaaaaaaaat ctctgttaaa gagaaattag gggaaaataa     49080
     acatgggggc tattaattca ggaggtttaa taattccgac ttcaactgta ttagatttct     49140
     caaataaaaa atgtgataat tgcagattgc atgcgtcgtc ctattaaaat tatttcaatt     49200
     gccgatgcaa ttatgtgatc tctaaagatc tttaaaaatc aataaatatt tcataattgc     49260
     atttctgaaa caaaattgtc acaatcccat atttagcaca ttttaaaaat aggtgacaaa     49320
     aaatatgatt aaattttaga gtatgtgtat tagttgttgc taatgaaaca cctgaaaaaa     49380
     catacacttg cagtttttta gtattctcat tcatctagtt aagaaaaatc cattcacatt     49440
     gaatgaaaca aaaaacaaaa tattggtgat tatgccacac tgttttattt aaatatcttg     49500
     aaaataacca acaaaaagca tataatgaaa catccgagca ttcccgttca gcatcaatca     49560
     tcagaactca aaggcagtat aaatattata atgtctcctt agctaaacaa gttcgtcttc     49620
     catcagaaac ataccaccca ttgctcccaa aggagctttt cactaccaaa gatctttgtc     49680
     aatgtagtgc acttaaacac gaatagcttt tgctcaggag cctgttgggg aattctctcc     49740
     attcttgaaa ctattattcc accactagtg ctggtcataa ggggactcct ggtgggtttt     49800
     tgttttggct aacttatacg tcattctgtt tagtattgat tttgggtttg gatgttgtta     49860
     ttttccctct tacctcactg gaacccttta attcaaacaa tcaaaacatc cactcagtct     49920
     cagtatttaa tgccaaatat attcagtaca ctgtatttcg atcagaattc caccacgggc     49980
     cggccgtaaa atcacagcct aagggatcag ccgatgacac atcgcctttt ataaaatccc     50040
     ctgctttcta acttggtgta ccagcttaac agcggggttt ttggtctgag ttaattaagt     50100
     cccatccatt ggtaaacagg cagtggagat tgtcctgaaa gggcatcctg ggtcaaaaga     50160
     ttagcaccgg acatcccaga tttactgatc ctgccataca atgagactgg tttcaggtca     50220
     cttgtctatg taaaacaaca atctaaacta tctactccta atcatcagca ccttacttcc     50280
     taacactgtg cattcatatt tctataaaaa gctgggaaat gaggttgttt attgtggaac     50340
     ggtttgtttc gaggtcagac cttcgtctct tttaagacag tgtgggtaaa gagttggacg     50400
     aagggacaga aggtcccctt cagctgcgtg gcctgaagcc ctcaagactg cttgtgaata     50460
     gaggtcatac ccgagactga cattgatgtg agtcccggca ctgcctcgac accttaaagc     50520
     aataaagctc cttctgtgag catgcccttg acgaacaggc ctgacgtacc gatgcctgct     50580
     actcagtgcc ctgtgtgatg gggaatgcct gctcgtttag gaatgccagt gtaaacacac     50640
     atagcatttt ttgcatgata atattttgta ccttgtaaac aagggtgtct gaaagtatta     50700
     attcatataa ggttgattgt ctttttattc atattattga aaagtgctgt tgcatgaact     50760
     ttacagtttt gtacaagaaa aaaaggttat gaataatgtg gtcacattat gttttatctg     50820
     aaagatcaat atgtgttcat atgaaggtca agattttaat gattttaggt caagatttgt     50880
     gatgttttct cttaacatca caaaaaaatg tctttaagtt gattgcacat atttggtgga     50940
     ataaatccaa attttagaac aaaacagaaa cattttgtag gaaaaattat aaattatagt     51000
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttgtt tttggaacat ttaataagac tttaaattta aatggaaagt     51060
     taaacagata cttttttttt tcattttagg ccactttatg ttattttatg ttgtccaaga     51120
     aatggaaaag tctttcatca tgaaggtgta ttcagtaatt tatttcactt tctttgatag     51180
     aaataaatag caatttttaa gatatatata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     51240
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagatt ttcagccaca     51300
     agactttaaa acatatttat ttgttatttt ttaaatttgc actgagacat gttttattgt     51360
     tttatctaag ggtgctttca cacctacact tttgtttcgg aacgtatctc gattgcccag     51420
     ttagcgcggt tcgattggca tatgtgaaca gggcaatcgc gctctgttcc gcgccaaagt     51480
     aatcgctccg agatcgcttg aatgaggtgg tctcggctcg attgaaacga accctggagc     51540
     ggttcgattg cagtgagaaa gcgatccgat ccgagcgcgg ttatatcaca gtgttttatg     51600
     gatatgtaat aggcttacgg ctatatgaag agagaattat gagtagggcg ggaagttttg     51660
     cgagtctccg gatgcccgcg aacgagggat gatctcccgg taatctcgcg tctctctccc     51720
     agtcatcaaa taggcatcgt cgcgcaccct tctcacccct ccccaccgtg tctctcctca     51780
     gacacgtcac gcgcgcgcac cctgtcaatc accaccaaac caccacctct cctgacagct     51840
     tagcggggcg ctgcaaaata aaccctgaca ctctgaccaa tgtaaggaga gtttactcgc     51900
     acgtcacttg ttttagctct tttggtccga ttagaaactt tgcagtgtga aagcgaaccg     51960
     ctccaagagc aaagagcaac aatgtaacaa ttttaatctc tgtttcggaa caactgaatc     52020
     gattcacagg tgtgaaagca ccctaagtca ctgtaaatca tgtatatata tatatatata     52080
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt tttttttttt     52140
     tttttttctt aaaaaatgga aaagtcaaac tttttgtcaa agtcaaagtt tttttttttt     52200
     tttttttttt taaatataag tatttgtatg ttttaactcg tttgtaaaaa gaatgttctc     52260
     cacaactgtg aagcaaacac ttttatgaat gtctttttat tggtgaactc tatgtttttg     52320
     gtggataaaa tatgttagga taaacaatat tttagaacaa aacggcttac acgttttaca     52380
     aaaaaagtca ttttgttaac ttgctctttt ttgtttaata aggcggcagg cacattttct     52440
     tcgatttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttaca tttagtctca gtcattcgtt     52500
     cacagcccgt aaaactggat taaaaaacat attgtcaggt tgacctcctt tatcatcatc     52560
     gtcttggaca taaatacgtg tacagaacac catgcggtcg cttggccgag tccgtctttt     52620
     caacaccgtt ctgcaggaac ggatccaaag agcgcgcgcc tgacgctcat taactttccc     52680
     ctcggcgcgc ctcaatgcgc ctcgcgagcg ctttgtgcca agaagcaatg cttctcttaa     52740
     caagaactac aactagcccg ctcttctcca actgggagag aaattgcttt ccaaaacgat     52800
     ggaaggagga cggtttaatt agaatttcat ttgggctaaa ctgagagaaa cgatgtagtt     52860
     aacatttggt ggacttaatt ggggtctttt cttcctcgcc cccttaaaaa tgctgacgct     52920
     acccccgtta atcttccatt tacaatcaat tgagttgacc aaacaaaagt ctagctcttt     52980
     ttttcttcct gtctcagtcg gggcttttgt cgcttgtaaa tgcctcaatt tcggctgatc     53040
     tctgtcgtgt acatgctctc cgctgttgac agttcattaa tgcgctcttg tccctataat     53100
     ccctctcgcc gcgttacatg tgcatgcagt aatgagctcc gttgtcaatt aacatgtttc     53160
     tagaagcaaa gccggttgct cagatgtttg agaggtaagt gcagaaaaag gccaacgaga     53220
     ctgcctttag gttgttttct tcaccgcaat cttttttggg cactaggcaa gataggcagc     53280
     tttgtacaaa agaggttttt ttatacccca cacaaacatg tcttttgctg agacccgccc     53340
     ccactgctat tttcccagac cccttagctg aaatgctctg ttttcggttc ataacaaccc     53400
     atcgtcagca acttttagtt gctgatttaa agttgttgtt ttttattagt tttctttttt     53460
     attttattta ttttttatca gagttacaac ttacacgttt attttacttt cagaccactt     53520
     taaataaaat tggaaacgtg ttactttttt aaatttgtgt gttttttttc ttttttcttt     53580
     agtcgggtaa aatatttaaa agatatcgac aatattttac aacagtatga attcaccgtg     53640
     gctccttttt attgctttga ctacgcgttt ttcgtttatt aaatcatgcg cttccagttc     53700
     attgcattta tgcaaacctt taaaataaag ccatatagaa tttcatgaag ataatttaaa     53760
     gggatagtca acaaataaat aaataaatct gacattgttt actcatccac cacttgctcc     53820
     agacatgttt gagtttcgtt cttctgttaa atacaaagaa agatatacaa aacaatgtgg     53880
     aaggaagaaa caaaaaccat ttttgtgcct atggatgcca tttcccccca acattcttca     53940
     gaatagatgt ttagtgttca aatgagaaag gaaatttata aaagtttaga accacttggg     54000
     atcgaataaa tgtgcaggaa tttccttttt ttttttttga gtgaactgta cctttaatac     54060
     ctttcgaacc atttatttgg cacacattgt tcttaaaaaa tattatttta acatattatt     54120
     ttaaaacgca cttgttaact cactggttct gtaaataaca caattaaata ttctgttatt     54180
     ttgttattat tgttattatt taatataatt cattttaata ttgtaaaaca tttgatatta     54240
     aaattagttt agaaatgttt aaggaatatt attttactag tccgctttat atgtaggttt     54300
     taatattttt tatagatttc caactttaaa ctggaaacat caaaaacaaa acaaaaaaag     54360
     tatcatacat caaccagcaa tctatatcaa ccaaatcaat ttgtgtcagc ttttatttca     54420
     ggttatcatt tttgttttgt aaagtacatg acaggttgaa catctcgaat cccgcttatc     54480
     cctctttaag catcgtgatt tatgatttta aataaatcac gcctattcca cacgggacga     54540
     tattttaaac gcttctgaat gaaataaaga cacttctgtc cacacatttt agaaccgtgc     54600
     ctctgagtag gtgaataggc cattcaacta gtaatattag tcttcctcgt agtcccaaga     54660
     cgttggcata attgctaatt gggctgtaat tgggagagcg agatttggga tcacgcgctc     54720
     gtctctcatc agaatttctg ttagcgtgta aggataatat tgttccagga tccgtgcgcg     54780
     gaatacatta ttgtttatta atgctgcggt gatgagaaga aggagaagtg tagtccattt     54840
     tccaccttct gatgaacacg acttgatgcg ctggagcttc ccctgaggct ctttagttga     54900
     ttaacgtaat aggctttcaa gagtccatgt tttatctgat aatttgagcc attaaaccga     54960
     agtcaagtgt acggtcacag aggcagagtc gtgtatcaaa tgtctgagtg aaaggacagg     55020
     cttgaactcc accagacatg tcattatgag cttaaattaa acggcaccga atctgcaggc     55080
     aatagatcga tagttattta ttatatttga tacatgagtg agtcatcgtg ctttgatttt     55140
     aataaaccat aaaattggta tagcgtgagg tttatgcatc caatttactg taaagtggcc     55200
     tattacagtc tgtttctaaa aaagggcgca gttgtttttc cttaaacatc tcattcactc     55260
     taaaaaatag gatttccgtt taaaagtttt tagtagccat tttcgttttt ttattatata     55320
     taatgactga tttggcaatg ttccaaatcg ttaaaatctg cacagtttca caaacatgaa     55380
     aaatcaccac attctaaaat aaaaacctga attaaataaa taaggtgcat gagacaaaca     55440
     aatattaatt accaattctc ccagtaaaac aacataaatc cgacattatt gtatttatga     55500
     ttttatttta gcatgtttgc tttactgcgt caacaaattt acaaatttat caaacatttc     55560
     ttttttttac acataggttg catttattta taaaacgctt ttccctctag tctacaaata     55620
     attgcttcat agccccgtat ggcagtggtt tcattaaata atattttatt ctattttatg     55680
     tacaattcct cgatgatgtt atggttttcc ccagtcccgg gcatcttcgt tcgtgtcggt     55740
     ggaagatgtc aaagcaccac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcg tgcggttcat cagtttcagt     55800
     caaaatctgt cgcgtctcag ttttggtgtc ctctggaaga atcgtttccg ccggataaac     55860
     aattagcgtt atcgtgcaat ttccgtatgt gctttttcaa gtcaaagttc ctgcaaaagc     55920
     ctttcccgca ggtcccacag gtgaagggct tcttgtcgtt gtgtgtgtgc atgtgaaacg     55980
     tgaggttata gatctgatgg aaggctttgc tacagattga acacttgtac tgtttctcgc     56040
     cgctgtgggt tagtttgtgg ttcttgtaat tccctgaaaa aagaacaaaa taattatgta     56100
     agttttttct ctaaacaggt caacagttca caattaactt atatttaaca gaagagtttc     56160
     acttccaagc cttccctaat cagcactttc cacgttgaag tcaagaagtt gtcaaactca     56220
     gttaatatca cgccgagaac tgtcgacgta caaaggaggt aaaggtctgt gttttgaccc     56280
     gtataaaatg taaaatacaa tggtaagtag ttagtagaga tactaattta tcgtttaaaa     56340
     ttggttacct tgtttcagca actaacaatg atacaatgaa attgagcacg ttatttaata     56400
     tgttggccta tacacaacaa ataggttaca tattttaaaa tatatatata aaaaagtttt     56460
     acctttttga tgaaaaccct ttccacaaaa ttcgcagacg aatggtttgt atcccgcatg     56520
     aattcggatg tgtgtgttta acgtagagct tctgttgaaa gcttttccac actggttaca     56580
     cttgtgaggt ttctcctgta aacacaatta atcacttgag agcattttat taaaattaaa     56640
     aatttttagt gtttatacat atatatttta acctacctgt gtgtgaataa ttttatgtct     56700
     acacaacgtg ctggcttgtc ggaaaccttt cccgcatact ttacacacga acggccgcgc     56760
     tcctgtgtgt accggcatgt ggcgagtgag gttatagtgc gcgttgaaga cctttaaaag     56820
     aatagaaact gcttaatagg cctaaataat cagcaattta tgtactattt tacttttccc     56880
     acatcccatc aaaaccattt cagaatcctt caatttacct ttccacaaac ttcacacgtg     56940
     aagttcttgg gtttcccgtc tgaagagcag ttattcgtct tgctgtgcgc tttcactcca     57000
     ttcttctccg tcaggttgtg gctctcccgc acgatttggt ccagttgccc gggcagatgc     57060
     tctttatgtg ggtactgagg tgtgggaaat ttctcaggag aaacgcaagc aagtttagcg     57120
     ttctccaaca agaggagctt ctgatgcgcg cttatggctt gtgcttgaga gttcgcgatt     57180
     gccgaagaaa ataaatgtcc actcagcagc tcagactgat aagcagagtc caggtaattg     57240
     aaataacaca aggatccgtt ggcgggcata gccagcgcct ggtgtatcac ctgcggtttg     57300
     atgaccctgg tccctggcag caccgagtgc tttatccccg catccgcttt actgcagacg     57360
     ccgcagttgg ttttacacat ggccgctgaa gtgcataatg ctcccctgaa attaactttc     57420
     cagaactcgg aatagttcat taaagccttg gcttgcaggt cgtagctgaa cggttggatc     57480
     gggatcatgc agggaatcgg tgaacacaag ccgaccgtct tcttcccttc ggatcgctcc     57540
     tccgcggcgg cggctttcgg ttccgacgtc ttggacatga ttctgtcgat ggaaaaggcc     57600
     agggacttgg gtgcagccgt ggccccgctc ctgtcgtcta gtctcgggca ggacatcact     57660
     gtttccagag gaagagagct cgccatttct acccaacttg gtgtgagcat cgaccagccg     57720
     ccccgtcctc tcctgctgaa ttccagagaa gccaggacac gcaccagttt aataagcacc     57780
     ttgcttttac aatgtcatcc atttgcattt aaatggccat ccccagaaca atagcatcca     57840
     ggggtacccg attaatgctc attaactagt acacacaaaa ttaacaggac attacagagc     57900
     tcgttaagca gagaataaga caaaacccct cccagagtgg attcctattc agcaatctta     57960
     cagcaaactt acgccagagt cgatgttgta gtttaccttt ttcctctaaa gcgcacagca     58020
     gatgtattca acgatagcgg cgtgactgca ctgtcacatt ttactcgcag acgtcctcat     58080
     cagcgcgaga tcactgtctg gagcacttag ctgacatcac ttgctcttgc tcttatcagg     58140
     gtgacaagga aacgccatca ccagaactgt cccctctctt accgctcatt tatacacggc     58200
     cacgggggtg gtatgcatga cagatactac agattattat ttaagtttct tgccccaaat     58260
     cgtcacgtcg cgcatccaca gcacagtgga tgcgcattca catttatgat ctgcgaggtt     58320
     cagttggggg gcagtcacat taatgaaaaa tcagtcatac acattattct agtaactttt     58380
     taaaagttta tcatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     58440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt tttttttttt tttttttttt     58500
     tttttgactg agtaggcata gcatagtgtc actaaaaaag tttatattat agtgacaatt     58560
     tatacatcac ttatttattt attaattgat tttagcactt tatttatttt gtgtgtgctt     58620
     tttacagtga tcatttttac agaaaatgtt tggtttaata aaaaccctcc gaccagtttc     58680
     aattttcatt gcaagttgct aatccttgtc actgaaaatt gcttttccat gctggtttat     58740
     acttactatt tgttcaattg agaaggtccc atttccacct gtttagagag cagattgcaa     58800
     gagcagaacc tccctcggat cctattaaac gtttttcctc cttcacctat tcagaggaac     58860
     caattttcca gcgcgattca gagttcagcc ccgaaagaag cagctctttc acttttagcc     58920
     actaaagcac tgcgtggaac ctggttttgt gtttttctga aataaaggaa aggattaaag     58980
     cggggaagaa aagacttagc ctggccagag gtatagcacg aaatgaaaaa aagagagacc     59040
     cttttaaagc tgtataaaaa gtttgccgga atccagagtt ttgtgtgctt gctacaatga     59100
     ccagtcgccc tctcgtcttt ttaagagggc cagcttgaat tcatttgttt gcagacgatt     59160
     tcacctgaga ctcacaacaa attattacaa aaaggccgca acttgattac tgagaggaga     59220
     atatggttga agctgctcac acagcgtcgc ccggagatgt tgacttagca ttccactgat     59280
     tgaagcgtga tgacgtcttc tagcacgact gcctatgaca gtaattaatt tgttagtgtt     59340
     ttgcatgcag tgagcagccc attgcggatt ggcattgatt cgtttcttcg tcaattgtaa     59400
     tagttttaat atattgtaat actaaaagtt tggaaacatg atttattttt ttaacaaatc     59460
     tgttcaccaa gggtgcatta cttattaaaa tagacctaat acagattata atttccattc     59520
     aaataaacct ttctgtttta gtaaatatta aaatgtaatt gtgctttaaa gctgaatttt     59580
     cacatcattc taaaatttaa agtcacgtga ttctttgtat tattggtgcg caatcattaa     59640
     taaaggtttt tatttaccta acattgaaga ctattactta gtggaaaact ttttttttta     59700
     ctcttcagta tttataagta aacataaagt tcaaaataac agtattttga aataaactta     59760
     tttgtcaatt tattatatgg aaaaaactac tgtatttttt aaaatggcaa gaagccacaa     59820
     aaccaataac aatcagaaat gtttcaatac tgtattatat tgcacaaaca acccagaaac     59880
     agttgttttt aactaaaata ttatttaata atatgtatcg tattttgatc aaataaattc     59940
     agcctattaa gcagaagaca gtcctctaaa tataaaataa aaaaaaattt tttttgctcg     60000
     ttttgaaaaa tccctttccc cacacctgca accgctgcag agagggcttt aaacaggttc     60060
     cactaattct actcatatgc aaatgatcga actctaattt gagtttattc aggctcaatt     60120
     agcggcttgt ctacacaatc aacattgatc ctattgcagt aacttctcca tcagtccgcg     60180
     aacacgttgt gaaattagct cgaaatccca ttcagcggac gcgctggtct tcagaaagca     60240
     agaggcaaaa gacggagcac gatttacaaa acaaattgct tgtgtattaa ggcgcgttta     60300
     attgtcgtgt agaaaataca taactttaca taaagtttga gaataaatcg ccgccgttag     60360
     aggaaactgg ctttttttgc tctgtacgga agtagcctat attgcttggc tattttatac     60420
     agtagcttgc aaaactttta gatcttaatt gaaacaaaaa taacaggttg attgataaac     60480
     agcacgaatc taatgaccaa aaaatgagat acagaatctt taaaaaatgt ttagactaac     60540
     taaattcgaa gtgggataaa tggatttcca gccttcggct ttttaaaatt gtgatgttct     60600
     tccggtttga gtaagtttaa aaagtttaaa aaaataagaa aaaaattttt atccattgga     60660
     ctaaatgagc tttatcttaa cttttcttct tctcaatcac ccttttgatg caatgatagt     60720
     cttgcctttt cagtaatcct tttggcaggc aatttacatt gaatccccgc tgattattca     60780
     tacttgttat gtttgtatgt ttactgtata taaaatttat gtaataagca gtttgattga     60840
     ggcaactcaa tgcagacatt tatcatacag taatatttag cttacgctat tcatttatcc     60900
     cactttactt cacacgttta ttagatgttt tatcataata atactttagc agcactcaaa     60960
     acttcaccaa taaggtttat tcatattcta cagttttgtt cagacataaa ttgcctattc     61020
     agcaaaaact gtctggctga ggggtaaata tatatcctta taaatatata taaatatcta     61080
     aataataaag tttaataaat atatacaatt taatacaaaa aggttttcag ctctattgta     61140
     atcaatcatc tggggaagta tcgagatgac tatggatata gtaaacagaa catcaaaaac     61200
     catggtttta ttattatgca tggctaattt tcaaaattgg tgtggaaagg atgagagaca     61260
     tcctttatca tacaccctcc aattgttacc atcagttcat cgatattgtg ttcccagatg     61320
     tgtaagaaat aggacaaaat gtccatttat acctctagca attaagtttt taaattcctc     61380
     ctctctcagt agcagttgat agccagtata ctagatattt atttagagta ggggtaccat     61440
     gtttttatat gatttatgta tataaatgtc ataggtgaaa tgtcagatgt ctctatgagt     61500
     gtatgctgca aataaaattt ccctacaggg acaaataaag ttaactaact gacataatca     61560
     aaactttttg ggtaactcat ggaaacaagc attaatgtac aaatacataa gtagacttca     61620
     ggttttaaaa gtggtcagtt ttgacatatt tacttttctg aaggctaatt ttcaacagga     61680
     ttatgttctt gatctctatc cactttgtct gattataaca tgattaagtt tttttttata     61740
     aatgactcca tcttttacaa cagcaatgac agcttgtaaa tcccattagt gttttatatt     61800
     aggagaaaaa actaaaaagt gtctggccaa cagtactgtg tacttccaga taacagacac     61860
     ctgtgaactc agcagcttta tatttcaggt gcactgagat gcagcacatt aattgtgaga     61920
     attacaagac aacagagaca aacagaaata tggcgcgaca caaacacacc tccagagaca     61980
     cattgtgtca cacgttgtgg caggaaaccc acccttgggt gcatttagag actgattcaa     62040
     tacaacgctt gcaaaccatc tgttctcaga tcagtcgaag agtcttgatg aaaatttaaa     62100
     tttagctttg atctgtgatt ctccaatgat acagagaaga gatctgttga ttagttcact     62160
     tttcctcaat gttggtttga gtgagtttac ggattacttt catcaatgtt tggtaacact     62220
     ttacaataag cttcattagt tgatgcattt actaacatta actaatcata aacaacacat     62280
     atacatttat taatcaaaat tgaacattta ctaatgcatt attaacattc aagtccatgc     62340
     ttgttaacat tagttaatgc atcatgagtt aacatcaact aacaatgaac aactgtattt     62400
     tcattaacta acgtttatca acatgaataa atactgtatt ttatatgtat ttgtatatgt     62460
     attttataat gtattgttca ttgtttgttc atgttagtaa atgcaatatt taacattaac     62520
     taatgaacct tattgtaaag tgtgaccgaa tgttttctaa acgatagctt cattttgtca     62580
     tttaagtgtt tgcttcaaac atgtaagtta gattacaaac tgcacagata ttaatatgta     62640
     aagtgaatta ggtctgaatc agcatccttg tttgcatttt cttagtgact ttttgttgtt     62700
     attggtgagt aagaaatcca tagtgtggac tgatgtttaa cataaacaga tcaaatggca     62760
     gggatagaac atatcggcat aatcattatg actgcaggtg tccacgtttg tgatcatata     62820
     ggaataatat aacttttttg attatgatat gaaaaagcaa ggcattagac atattttgtt     62880
     tgtgtgctct tttatgaagt cttacattaa atgttgtttt cagtgcagct gacattcttt     62940
     taaaaatgtc tgtaacagtt tatagttgtg ttaaagctgt gctttaatat tcttaaaagt     63000
     tttatcttaa gtatcacatc agaagtaaga tagttttaca ggtttagaaa tttgttttat     63060
     ttttttccag agataacact atcttgtatt aacatttctt tttttatata tattaaagtt     63120
     tgcccatttt tgccaatatt tatttatcta tttattaatt aatttgtttg tttgttttaa     63180
     atgaaaaata tttccttgtt atccagctaa acaaatatta tagatttaat aaactataat     63240
     aaccctgtaa taactacatg agggtcagta aatgatgaaa tattctttaa aatattactt     63300
     aatatagtta atttgaaact tttaaccatg actatattca cagtatagcg cagcctcaat     63360
     tgtaaacttc aaccttatta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     63420
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt gaaatcaaaa     63480
     tttttagcct ccttgaatta ttagcccccc gtttgttcaa cacatttcta aacataatag     63540
     ttttaataac tcatttctaa taactgattt atttgatctt tgccatgatg acagtaaata     63600
     atattttact agatattgtt taagacacgt ctatatagat taaagtgaca tttaaagggt     63660
     taactagaca ggatagggta gtcaggtaaa ttattgttta atgatggttt attctgtaga     63720
     caatcgtaaa aaataaactt gcttaaaggg gctattaatt ttttttaact taaaatgttt     63780
     tttaaataaa attaaaaact ctttttattg ttgccaaaat aaaacaaata aggctttctt     63840
     tagaagaaga aatattatta gacatattgt gaaaatgtcc ttgctctgtt atatatatat     63900
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     63960
     atatatataa tgcaaaaaaa atgaaatctt ttcaatatat aatatgcaaa tgttcagaga     64020
     tataatatgt tcagagatgt ctacaaagtc aagctgattt gtgctaaact ctcagaaata     64080
     aataagggta caaaatacat aactttacat ttttatacaa ttctggtgga cattagtacc     64140
     tttagtgtac acttttgtac ctttaaggtt gacttttgta cttttaagtt actgtgagtt     64200
     acacatttgt actttattgg tattaatatg tacatttgaa ggacctgtta ggaccttaat     64260
     ttcggacagt gttttagatt tatcatgcag atttgttggt gaactgtcaa tttaattcag     64320
     ttcaattcat ctttatttct atagcgctta gacaatgtag attgtgtcaa agcagcttca     64380
     tagaagatta tagtaaattg aaaccgtgtc agtccagttt tcagtgttga agttcacata     64440
     catctttttt tctaaattca acagaaatgc ttactttgag caaacttaga gcttaaacca     64500
     agcctcactc atgtggctac agtaagacaa aaagtatagc agctgtcaaa gttgcaaaga     64560
     agtcggtgag caagcagaag agctgtgttg tcagacagtt gctgtggact gcaaaaaaaa     64620
     acgtctgttg ttaatgccaa gtccttttgt cagccaggac attccagtag tttctcacct     64680
     gcgtcttgct gcctgtccgt tcagctctct tcagctccac acaaactagc ttttttacaa     64740
     ttgtgtggtc ttgtcatagc ctatctagtg catgctctct tagccagctc ttttctgttc     64800
     agattgtctt tcagcgcacc tttcttctct attttccttt tcaacgttct ttcaagtgct     64860
     gagcgaacca cttttgctcc tgcttctatt tttctgaccc ttgtccgtgt gcagctggtt     64920
     ccccataatg tgggctctga atggcgcagt gtttttttcc aaagcgccgg ggactcgacc     64980
     gcacctttga tgcttggagc gcaaggtttg aatgcttttt ccagaacaat ggccgaggaa     65040
     agcccgacaa agccgcgggt gcagggcaac ctgagtaacc cttcttcacc ttcctattca     65100
     gcatgcacgt ccctcatctg tccaccaaat taaatatgct ccgcaaaatg cacaagggaa     65160
     tgtcccctcg ggtgttgtgg gggacggagg aggccgcggg acgcagacga tgtgtcttgt     65220
     gagtaaggtt gaacattaac atattcactt gaggctgcta aacaggtgga tggaggaaga     65280
     atgggaatga gcgagggatg tgattgctgc cgtttgattg gctgtggaga atgtgagctc     65340
     attgctctta agggcctgat tatccacttt aaacttattt acagcatatt tgtgtttctt     65400
     tggggatgtt tggagttgtt agacttgcac atgacatcat tgggttagtt cagaattact     65460
     ttacatgtgg agctttagaa aaatcgttgt aattgatgac agatgcttct tacaaagatg     65520
     atttaaaaga ttatcaagtt attgaattat atacactttg ttaaagtgta tatacatatt     65580
     tatacattta attcggtaac ccagcagttg gttgtctatt tttacgcaaa ttgatggata     65640
     aagtgtagac aaactgtttt tgactgccat gggttgaaat aaatatataa taatagtaat     65700
     aatattattg taacagtttt gtttaaaaaa ggcagaggtt cagtgttgtt aatatagttt     65760
     tccctgtaag ttaggcctaa cctttcagcc atgactatat tcaaaatata ccacaacttc     65820
     taccttatta taaatatata gcagatgata attcagaagc ttttaaaaat gttcccattt     65880
     aaacacaggt tccaagcttt agtatttaca tcaatgatgc cttgattcta aagaactttt     65940
     aagtgaagag ttcatgaatg ctttttagtc tgaaaaaaaa caaaaacatt ttctaatgta     66000
     aagaaccttt tttgtaatgt aaagcttgtg tgaatgtttg tcttgggcca tcattgtcaa     66060
     tgaagaacct tcagttttaa acgtgttaat cacaaaacaa gtaaaccagg cattccattt     66120
     ttcagattgc ttgaattgca tcaagtcaaa gggcgggtgt aagagggaag gcacagtgag     66180
     atcccagcat aagcccattc acaaggccag atatgacaca ctttatcctc ctctgagcca     66240
     tttctgatta aagcaggatg atgatgatca tgatcatctt catctctctt tgtttctccc     66300
     tcactcactc attcctatcc cgacggctct cccatgagcc gaacataatg tgagattact     66360
     ctaaacatta agctattcat ttcacggaaa agatcaaaaa ataataatca ggcgcgttgt     66420
     tccccgctcc taatgcggag ataagaaata taagaggctt tgaattgtcc ttggtgcagg     66480
     gatctgacat ctacctgttt acttagacac tgccatccat ccaatccctc ctctagaagc     66540
     acacgcgtct aggtgagagt cgtgctcggt cgcgtcaccg cgcaatgaca tctgctcgtg     66600
     aaagtacgca cgctgcgggc ctcgaattga aacgtttaag cctaaaccga tgttggcaca     66660
     caaatgtaat ctcgagccct gcgtttgtgt ctgcgatttc tgtttttcat tcgttctcga     66720
     ggtcacacgc tgcgtttgaa gcctctcccg cgcagacgca agtgcgaacc tggggccagt     66780
     tcttgttgcg ccggtcaatt ggagaatctt ttatttggat acacttatcg ttcctatttc     66840
     ctaacctgat tgaggcttaa aagccaaagc agctcagatc gtgccagaat aaatctcctt     66900
     gcctattaat ctgtcgccgg gtcctctccc tctcaaaatt gttgcattgc ggcgggattt     66960
     atgaggaaat taaatgtatg atatcctagc cttctcttac ggcgctccgc gagcatttct     67020
     gtcctccact gttgattaca gtgaaatcag cggctcggag gaagcgtaca ttccgacaat     67080
     taggtcacag cggcggccgc gggaacatat tctggcggcg ggcctcactc atttgtcttt     67140
     ccctgccctg tgcccccgcg ccgagacaca caccaaattg tatccgtggc ttcggatcgg     67200
     aaagagtaag gagatgaaaa ggcaatttcc atctgctagt taaagctcct ccattctttt     67260
     ctctggctat gaacgcggcg ttatagctcg tagtatatgc tccagggggt taaacgaaac     67320
     acttcacctc cgttatgctt aacaatctgt cggttgacac agtgaagtct gctattcaga     67380
     cagagcgcat gtaaataatg aatggtacat tagacagttc tcatcatcaa ctgtgtcctt     67440
     acaggtcata aagaggagaa taatgtgttt gtgaaacaaa atgtccttgc tcttaaactt     67500
     aaactcaaat atttgatctg atacataatt ttggccattc aataatgaaa ataaaaaatt     67560
     aaaccatctc gaggttaaag taatgcgaga ttaaacttat aaatgaataa aaaatttaag     67620
     gataaactca tttaattttg agaatcagtc aacctgttca accacatttc agcattgaaa     67680
     ataaactaaa atatatctaa ttttgttatt aaatatccat atgaataatt agaatgtaag     67740
     atcacaaagg tgattccttg gtgggtgttg catatgttaa agcttccact tgttattcat     67800
     atctagcatc agggtgtaat ttttttcctg acatcctgtc ttggattttt ttcacatcct     67860
     tggagacttg ttttcgaaga atccacatta ttataaagat attccatctt cacttaatat     67920
     gcagcagtat taataactaa tccctcacat tcatacttat tgtcttgaag gccagactga     67980
     tttgttctag aaatcttcta tgaaaaatgt taatctggtt gagaagatct gctctgcgtc     68040
     atctttggtc agtcaatctc cttctgtcct acagcataca ggcactgaag atgagctatg     68100
     tcttaatccc aaaatgttaa tctcagactt tttccttctt gttttctcga gtgggtgagg     68160
     ggagaggtta aatcgaggct gaagtattgt gagattcact tatactgtaa atactgaatg     68220
     aagctggtat gacaagagtt tcaagctttc agtcaaaaca ctgtacgtat atgccaggac     68280
     agtgttgatg ccaatttgta acgcttttgt taatagtagt ctaaaaatct tgccttttaa     68340
     aggattagtt cactccaaag tctgttatta actcaccttc atgtcatcaa tcccctgaga     68400
     catttgttca ttttcacaac acaaaataag atattttaaa ttcaatctaa ttgaatccaa     68460
     ttaaagacag caaatgatcc ctattgtcag tacattccgt gtgacttcag agtttcaact     68520
     gtaatcatac aaatctccaa gaacactttt gtacggcaaa acaaaactgt aaaaatgact     68580
     gtgttcacca aaatcttctc gtcctcccca ggtcatcagg gtgcatgttt acaatgggca     68640
     aaacaatgta cagccaatta agtgagcaaa gtaacacaca agcagcatat tgcccaaagt     68700
     aaacatgcac tctaatatga tgcgggaggt taataaagtc tttttgtgcc gcacaaattt     68760
     gttcattgag ctctgtatga ttacagttga accacttaag ttacatggaa tcttgtttgg     68820
     ttccttttct gaactttgaa catttacaga ttgttgttgt ctatggaaag ctctcagatt     68880
     tcatcttaaa tatcttaatt tgtgatctga tgatgaatga atattacagg ggattgaacg     68940
     aatatctcag gggattgaac gatacacgaa ggtgaggagt atttaaattt ttgtgttaag     69000
     tagcctcttt taaagccctt ttcaagcctc caaaaattgc ggttatcatg caaatgaaca     69060
     accaaaatgc atgaaaagtc cattcagaaa ttaattaata attcggggtt accaatatta     69120
     cagtttttcc tcagtggttt ttggtacatt tctcacaaca ctatttacat ttgcaatcca     69180
     tttaattcat ttctcaaaac atttagtaca aactgcaaaa cctagctgat aacctgcaaa     69240
     agcatgtcac ttgctcaaaa tgtagagcat tattaaactt aatttgtttg tttgaattca     69300
     acacaaataa attgtttgca acagttctac atgcaacact tttttcagtg tacctcaaaa     69360
     gtaacgtatt cctcaaaagc aagtattcat gtcaatgaaa gtgtcaaggt gaaaaatact     69420
     gacaccattt tactctgaca gtttactctg taattttttt ccaatgcaaa aaagtcagat     69480
     tttggtgaca cttcctgaaa atgctcaaga cagcactata tactatttgc acagccattt     69540
     gaaaactaca gtaaagtcag gcatcactgc atttagtgag gtatctgagt acaactcact     69600
     gaatatgtat gtttcacttt ttactgcata tgctctctgc aattctaatc tattcacagc     69660
     attgtgcaaa agactaaata catccttatt tacatcaaac ataaatttcc tttaggctga     69720
     agcagtggcg cagtaggtag tgctgttgcc tcacagcaag aaagtcgctg gtttgatcct     69780
     tggctcagtt agcgtttttg tgactagttt gcatgttcgg atttcattat gagtttactc     69840
     tggacatttt caatgcaaaa aagtcagatt tttgtgacac ttcctgaaaa tgctcaagac     69900
     agcactgtat actatttgca cagccatttg aaaactacag taaagttaga catcactgca     69960
     tttagtgagg tatctgagta caagacactg aatatatatg tttcacattt ttactctgca     70020
     tttgctattt acaatcctaa tttattcaca gcattgtgca aaagaataaa cacaccctta     70080
     tttacaacaa acataaactc ccttttggtt gaactgtgca caactgtaaa caatattgca     70140
     gtacatattg gacctgaacc tgcaacatac acaggtcagt aaatcattca tcaaattgtt     70200
     ctattttaaa gaccttttca gacaaataaa gtttacaatt ttttttttat aaagttttgc     70260
     ttgaccgatt ttgacatcaa gttcaaaatt tttgtatgta atgactcaag tatgaaatgt     70320
     ggactattag ttttatatgg aatgactatt cagcatttac aagtttagtt aattttgact     70380
     gacatgacat aagcaaatga taatgttata aatagcagag agttgaatga aagcaattga     70440
     tgcacgtccg aaagcatttg caatttgtcg aaaggaatga aaaaccgcta ctaggatgtg     70500
     aacaaatgac taattgtttt gagaaatgca tgacctgtag tgcaaatgta aatagtgttg     70560
     tgagaaatgc accaaagcga ctgagaaaaa ctgtaataaa gggactaagc cgacaagaaa     70620
     acgaatgaat gaatgaatga attaatacat ttcatttggg tagagctgtg cacaactgta     70680
     aacaatattg cagtacatat tggaactgaa cctacaacac acaggtctgt aaaccattca     70740
     tgaaattgtt caacttgttc tcaaaagatt gtaaaaatgt tataaaatta gcttgacaga     70800
     ttctgacaac ttgtttaaca tttttgtatg taatgactca attaatgaaa tgaggactgt     70860
     tagttttata tggaatgact attcaggatt ctcaagttca gttaattttg actgatatga     70920
     caaaagctaa taataatgtt ataaaacagc agagagttgt ataaaagcaa ttgacacatg     70980
     tccaaaagca tttgcaattt gttggaagga atgagaaact gctactatga tgtgaacaag     71040
     actaattgtt ttaagaataa cctgttgtgc aaatgtaaat agtgttgtga gaaatgcacc     71100
     aaagccactg agaaaaactg tattatagta ccgatatagc tggccattga ccaactattt     71160
     ttgaattgat atgataaagg ttttcactat taagaaatgt atttttgtga atttaaactt     71220
     gtaagaaata tattcttggt atcaacaact gaaatttaac tgcaacctgt ggtaacagta     71280
     aactagggaa aatacaatga actagctgaa acttaaatta tgatgcaagg gcataggttt     71340
     gcacttgaca ttggtgggga ctggtgtata caatacatgt tgcataatgt tcatgtgttt     71400
     gggaagcggt gccactcatg gagagaatgt gattgaacct actctgcttg tctaggttaa     71460
     taatgacagc acaatgtgtt gtgtataaaa ttattagtga ggaaatttaa atagttgatg     71520
     gatattggtg gggacatgtc ccctccatcc atgctaaatc tacgccccta tcatgatgtc     71580
     ccgtatcata tttctgcaag tgatggcatc actgttcaga aatgaatgtt tttactagtg     71640
     taattataat tgctgatacc agaaatgcaa tatagatgaa attaattttt agataccaaa     71700
     aattaatatt tgagccatta aaaacataat gaatcaataa cattctgtga atgaataaaa     71760
     ttcaaaatgt catgtcatac aaacaccagt tattctgaaa caacttgttg aaattgacag     71820
     aacgagaaag aggtttaaat ttctttcaaa acactgtcat gaatcaccaa agacggtata     71880
     aaatgcgaaa ccaccaaaat attagtatca cagatgacac tgaataatta gctatctatt     71940
     tcttattatt agatctcaaa ttaagagcaa tatgagcttg aaagtagaat tcaatgagct     72000
     ttacgttaga cttccacaac caacagctag tttgagtgtg aaaagccttg gtctgacctt     72060
     tatgtacaag caaaaaacaa agtaatggtt ttatttttta tttttataag cccagatttc     72120
     tgcattccag ctgtgggtgt acataaggcc gaagcgagat gaatccacca gttactttcc     72180
     acaaaatcaa aagctttcgg ataagatttc tgacaattga gacatgcagc tactgcacag     72240
     agggggatat aaagcactat atacacaaaa acaacagtgg caatgatgaa aacctgtaag     72300
     cgtttagagt caatccagac agaaggttcg taaatgcttt gttgaaacaa aacgaataca     72360
     aaagaaagct ttatcgtcat tccccccacc ccccaaatac agaataaata tattttttat     72420
     attttaaaat aacgcatggc ttaaaaacat aaaaaaaatt attgacgtca gtttaagtat     72480
     atcacaaata agctatattg cctctctaaa atacagctac gaacagatca ccttacctaa     72540
     cttgttaaaa aaaggtgtaa aacagattgt ggatattaga cattttgtcg agatgaatat     72600
     ataaacatct gaacaagtta atacaatcat atcagttagc ctacactcca aaaaaagaaa     72660
     caagtctatg cacagttatg taccattact gtatttacaa tacgttgaag aagcggcaaa     72720
     cggatttgca ttgaacgggg acacgacaag catttttcca tatccatctc acacaacatt     72780
     gtttacgaat gatactccat attgcttaga aacacttagg aatgaatttc agacaatttg     72840
     ctttcttata tatatttttt ttatctcaaa aaactgcaac aggttgcttt aatccaactg     72900
     tggatcaaat atggacaatt tttgtagtta ggtcaatagc aatatttggc atttgtgtcc     72960
     atggatcaca aaaccagtca taagtgtcac tttttttttt ttggaaattg aaatatatac     73020
     gttgtccaaa agctgtttgg tttgttagaa gtggacaata tttttataat tggactatta     73080
     catatttcta aagcaacttt aattttctaa atctggaatc taaaaataga gaaaatgcat     73140
     acactatata tatatatatg aaacaacaca attcttggga tttcattggg acaacttaat     73200
     ttttttatgt tcaatttaca taaatttgtt aaaaagggtt gagttaactt aacagtgtat     73260
     tactaataaa accttatgtt ttaatagatt attggtagga aatgtcttca acttgatcct     73320
     tatttaattt tcaaattatt tttgtcatga aataaaaaaa cgataattct gactcaaaca     73380
     atgcattttt ttatattccc acaaatatac acaaaaaaaa tactgctgct tgttcaaact     73440
     acctgtgtaa aatgagctga aacaaaataa ttattggact ttgtgttggg acagcataaa     73500
     gaaattgtgt tggtctcact acgctgtaaa aaacaattac ttaaaaaact tcgtaaaccc     73560
     atatccttaa aaacgacatg ttgattttac ttagaaaagt taagtcaagt caatggttta     73620
     actcattttt ttaagtaaaa tcaacttgtc atttttaaga caatgggtct actttatttt     73680
     ttaaaataat tgtttttact gtgcactgtt aaaagcaatt acttaaaaag tgagtaaacc     73740
     ctatgcctta aaaatgactt gacttaagca atgtaagtat ttcagttgta gcctacaaat     73800
     gttaagttga cttaacttga tttttgttaa aattatgcac atagtttatt tacttaataa     73860
     cttcaatcag tttcaggcaa tcagtttagt cacttttttc aacgaatcgc tttttactga     73920
     taaggggagt tgtagttttc agcatgttct gcgtgggatt gaattaagag agggaaatat     73980
     tgacaataaa agtaatctga ggtgttttaa gttaatagat atacagctta gcttaattag     74040
     ctaaaatgct ttgttgcttt gctcaacgat caatatctgt cctaaaatta gttctgattt     74100
     cagtctgtgt atgtaactca tgaaatctgc ttaaaatggc tcttataatt catttaggat     74160
     aagagacttc aaaatgtgcg acacataata aacacacatg ctataatcag acttttgagt     74220
     ttaagacctt tgagtttaag ttaaataaca atacaaatgt atttaaactt ttatttgata     74280
     aaatcatgtt ggaccaactc aattgcattt aattgtgtaa atagtttttt agtttgtgct     74340
     aaacaaattt attggatgga aatcctgctc tcaattaaat tgagttcatc caatgagtta     74400
     ttttttgagt gtacccatgc aacatactca aaaaaattaa taattaacaa ttaaaaagta     74460
     ataattgctg cttgtttaaa ctacttattc aaaatgagtt gaaataacaa tgtttaagta     74520
     tttgtggcac aacttaattg ttttatgttt caagagttca cacttagctg ataatcaata     74580
     aagcgtattt ggcatgctgt cccgggagag agccctgagc tcgtaatatc ctcgagcccg     74640
     gggctccctc ccgttagaag ggcgagaggg gaattcgagg tcaggtaggt ctcgagaact     74700
     cccctgctgg tcaccgtgag aagtgtaaac tcaggttgta ttgggtgata atttgtttta     74760
     gtcgattgct atggtttatg tttttggacg gtgggaggaa accggggaac ccggggaaaa     74820
     cccacgcgaa cacggggaga acatgcaaac tccatacaga aacaccaacc agcccgatgg     74880
     gttggactag cggtgttctt gctgtgaggc aacagtgcta gccactgggc caccgtgtcg     74940
     cccgatcaga aaaagtggga ggatgtaggg gtggaagggg ggagcttcaa gacgaagata     75000
     actggagtgg aaaactcagg ttatttataa tgcttccgta atcatctaat agggctgatt     75060
     acggagctaa caaggagcca gccgtgttga ttataagcac gtgatcctct cgaaattagt     75120
     ttatgaataa accacactta atacacttaa aatgattaag ttaacttaat ttgtgttgga     75180
     aaaacttgaa tgagttgtgt ggaacacagc attttttaca gtgtgatgtt gcagaacact     75240
     agagtttgag cttgcaaaat gtaaaaatgg atgggattaa aaaagacaat gagacaaaat     75300
     acaagcgatt ggtccatatt ttacatttct gtacagagag gtcatgtttt gatcttagat     75360
     tgggctcaag ttgtcacgtg atgctatttc gcaggtcaga gttcaccaag cttgaactgc     75420
     aacagcgaac tgccaaacgt gttgcatgag tttgcgtttc tggtgtgtcg cattcgcatg     75480
     cgtatgaatg gaagtctatg taaagaaatg tgcagtgtga ctgcagcctt agactggttt     75540
     tgaggtcgag gatcacattt attaatatca atatgtcaaa aattgaccca aatgtggctt     75600
     gaaacaaccc agaatgtttt tgaaaagtaa tttaaattta gattaatatg ttgttttcat     75660
     catctaaatg gagattaata aattgttgtg tcacttcaat tgaaattggt ctcttgtctg     75720
     tcatcaaaca tgactttatc aacatccaga cctgtacgag tgatggacag tggtgtacat     75780
     gcattatttt aggccacgat aaccgtggct gtgactgaag tgtctccagc aggatctagt     75840
     cgtcttcttc atcactatct ttcattgata tcccctgcat ccctccttct ctcacagatg     75900
     ctgtggcctc ttctagaatc agcctgtttc tcacagtctc gtacatcttg ctgttcagag     75960
     ttgagtctaa tacgccttgc agtcggaaat cacgatactt tttctgtgta aacaaggaga     76020
     attgtggatt taggtacatc tagctcaatt ttcctttcat tacttataac agtaataata     76080
     gtcatgacat tcttttatta aaacacaatc ccaatgtttt aatttcagaa gagttaagaa     76140
     agcaatattt ggtggaaaaa aaatgttcac aacaaatgaa cactgaccaa ctgtcatttt     76200
     ctaaaaatat atatttttaa aatgctctaa atgataatat tttgaatact tttgattaat     76260
     taaaattaat tatgagtaga gttgcacaga tttattgtcc aataattggt attggctgat     76320
     acttttttgt gaaactggac ttttgttgca aactatttac agtataggag ctaaatttac     76380
     acaaacaaat acaattttgt tcaacttaat ttatttgttt aaattcagcc caaataaatt     76440
     gttagcaaca acctaccttg aaaaaattta gtaaatccca tgtttttttt ttcagtgtag     76500
     taagaattgt atttctaata tcaactgaat tttaacagca tttagcagta aactagggaa     76560
     aatactacaa aatagttgaa atttaattga taacatcaag aatctgattt ctgcgactga     76620
     tgttgtcatt gttcaggaat gaacatttta acccggggta atgtaaatgc tgataataaa     76680
     aatggcattg tatgatattc aattcatgat accaaaagca acatttaaaa tagggaaaat     76740
     gtaataagta aaatagataa aaatctatga atgtcaacga atgaaattca aaatgctgta     76800
     tcatatagag agcatttatt ctgaaacaac ttcaagagaa tacatttttc tgtttttatt     76860
     tctttcaaaa cactattgtt attatagttt caaaagaaag tatagtatct gtttcatatt     76920
     gttggatgtc tatgagcaat atcagcctga aagtgggatt ttgtttacat gagatttaca     76980
     accaatagct agtttaagtg tgaaaaaata agtttatgta caagcgaaaa acaaaatcat     77040
     gaggtttttg ttgggtaagc ccagatttct gcattctagc tgtgggtgta cataaggctg     77100
     aaacaaggta aatccaccaa ttacctttta ctaaatcaaa agctttcgga ttaggctgtt     77160
     tcaagccaac tcctcgtgac atgtagacaa ttttttaatt acaaatttaa cccaacattt     77220
     gggtccatat ttgacattta ttaatatcaa tatgtcacta tctgacaaaa gatggcttga     77280
     aacaacccag catctaataa cagtatttta tacagaataa aataaacttt actcaaattt     77340
     tatttctaat aaatccagaa aatccaaata atttttaaat ggtctctgtt tttttttttt     77400
     tttttcaaac ttcaagaaaa ggatataatc ttttaaaaag tttagggaca tcactcagat     77460
     atgctgattt gttgctaaag aaacattaat ggataaatta tgtgattaca aattattcac     77520
     acaatggcag taaatttttt taaatggttc ttgattcttc ctttcatctt tctaatttca     77580
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacatt tcatagctta atcacagtat agaatgaaca tataattatt     77640
     atgctaactc atttgtgaac aatggaatta aggaacaaat tattcctgca ctgtgaaacc     77700
     caaaaagtta aggtaactca aaccgtttga agaaaccaat tgcaacaaaa cattcaagta     77760
     aaaaactaat cctaaagagt attgtgacct taatccattt gagtaaatga agtaattaga     77820
     gcacagtaaa accaaataaa tgaagataac tcaaactaac tgagtactgt aaaacccaat     77880
     aaattaaggc aacttaaacc gtttaaggaa accgattgca acaaaccagt tgagtttaaa     77940
     aaacaacaac taatctaaat gagtactgtg aacttactcc atttaagttg aagtaacgag     78000
     gttacataat gaggttaatt aacttattac cttcaacacg gagttcaaaa ctcttttcaa     78060
     ataagcagaa ttaactttca gtcaattttg agttaactac actaatttca tttgataaag     78120
     ttgactgttg ggtttttaca gtgtaagatt atcaaattaa caagcaagtt agatagaagt     78180
     tatctaaaag tagttcaaaa gtagtcaggg tacagtaact aaaataagat tgtgttacag     78240
     attacaatga tttcatcttg ttattcgaaa tcagtaacac aatctagatg acttatttac     78300
     ccgtaaggta ttgtatttac ccataacttt attaatataa aagagcaaca tttagaccag     78360
     tagtgaataa aataattaag taatagctta atttaggatt aatctccaac atgctaacct     78420
     agtttattaa ttgtattatt attttaattc ctaaagataa taatcacaca catgcaagtt     78480
     ttaataacat tttagaacat atatgaattt tggtaatggg atttaaaaat acaagattgt     78540
     tctgttactt atttatgaaa aatgccattt ttaatgtaac agttgatatt ctgatatgat     78600
     aaataaatat aataaataaa ttcgaaaaaa aaaacagtag tcagtaaacc taatctatta     78660
     caccagattt cagttttacc cttcaatttg tccatcaaga aaatcgtgac atacatccac     78720
     acacacacat actatacaaa tgcacagaaa taaatgtgta aagccatact aggaaatcct     78780
     gctgatctcg ctgaaagaaa aaaaaaaact gagcacaagc agagactgga gaaagaaaaa     78840
     aaactgcctt cattcagctg atccagctct gaattttata acagttgttt caagtacctt     78900
     tggtgcaaat actgtaacaa ttacttcccg cagacatttt tgaatctata tctgaagtta     78960
     tttcagttcc tcgtttcagt ggtcagtgac agtgtagttt ttaccttcac aactctgatg     79020
     aggattttca gctgatagac gtgaagttgc aggtccatgc ggtctgtcaa ccacgtgccc     79080
     aggaggttca ttgtgctggt gtaccattgc tgaaacacaa atacatgatt ctccagcaaa     79140
     cacagacaca cagaaaaatg ctgccacaca caaacacgta tctacagaaa cacaacacaa     79200
     acacacaagc actgtataca gtagatttaa atcacaatga tgagcaaatg agcattgatt     79260
     tagtacaaga tctaaaaata atccttaacc tgatttacta caactctaaa ttgactattt     79320
     tactcttctt gactgtttgt gtacgtatgg atcaaagaca aaaaagccat ctatgtggaa     79380
     aatcgttcct tttttataat aagaataata attacatttt tatagcgctc ttttggacac     79440
     tcatagcttt gcacattttt gggggaatct cgtcatgcac caccagtgtg cagcatccag     79500
     ctggaggcag cagtgccaga ccacaccaca caattttatc caattttaaa ttatctatcc     79560
     gactttaatg tctcatccga aagacgggac ttattaaaca gactagagtc cccttcacta     79620
     tactggggca ttacgatggg actcattaaa cagtatagag tccccttcac tatactgggg     79680
     catgaggacc cacacagact gctggtctca ccaacaccac ctccattacc aacctagctt     79740
     tcccatgtgg tcttccatcc aggtaatgcc caggcacagc cctgcttagc ttcagtgggc     79800
     gaccatgtga gagttccaga aagctagctg cccgtaaatg gttgccattt aacaatatta     79860
     ttatgttcca ggctagtctt agatgcttta atttttttta ggctggacta gcaagaacta     79920
     acattgtggt gaaataaaat ccattcattc gttttctttt tggcttagtc cctttgttaa     79980
     tcaggggttg tcacagcgaa atgaaacgat atcgctatac ttgcatggca catttggtcc     80040
     ccacaatgtc agcaatgtat ctccatagac ataatacgtt ttataaagcc cacccctaca     80100
     accctaaaac caacattcac tgagaaccta acaaaatttc agtgttaaaa gaccacgtta     80160
     actgattttt aggcagtttt aattacgagg acacaacaca tgtccttgca aaccaccacc     80220
     aataccattt cattatttaa ttgatccttg taaaccacat aaacaattac aaacttggat     80280
     ttactttggt tcctgtgtat aaatcacttc tggacatatt atttaatcca ttcaccaaaa     80340
     tgggacatct tgcttttgac ccatatggga cttcagcgtc aacgcttgac tgaaggcgtg     80400
     tctgaagttg gggctaaagc gatcgtcata gcagcgtcag ccaatgaaat tcagtcagca     80460
     ataggccact gtcttgctgg tgtatttgat acagcgatct gattggctga cgcttccgtc     80520
     ggcacttgaa aagtcgagct agtcccaact tctgctgcaa gcaacgtctc tgaagcggtg     80580
     ccgacggatc cacaatgcag ttcgggaacg cctgacgtcg cccatataaa gttaatggga     80640
     agtgttgatg ctgacgatag tgggtttcct ctttaaaaat ttaacatcaa gtgcactcct     80700
     ttcactcatc gattgctaaa atgtacaata ggttgaagtg agctttaaga gccattgatg     80760
     acattacagg gaaatgttat agataaaaca ggtcccttaa aagaagtcct tctgtcacag     80820
     ttttgatc                                                              80828