EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL672185; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 47697 BP.
AC   AL672185;
DT   19-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-172P2 in linkage group 19 Contains
DE   the reverbb2 gene for rev erb beta 2, the gene for a novel protein similar
DE   to vertebrate NFKB inhibitor interacting Ras-like 1 (NKIRAS1, zgc:92823),
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate ribosomal protein L15
DE   (RPL15, zgc:92114), the 3' end of the thrb gene for thyroid hormone
DE   receptor beta and four CpG islands.
KW   abcb3l2; ATP-binding cassette; CpG island; HTG; MDR; mhc1uaa; MHCI;
KW   reverbb2; TAP; thrb.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-47697
RA   Skuce C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 44cfc8d02c2607e96e89f94fb569c0fe.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC1309616; 16271140.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-172P2. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-172P2 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-179B20 is at 45698 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-262K18 is at 44026 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-172P2 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..47697
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-172P2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    112
FT                   /note="Divergence at this base from clone BUSM1-262K18
FT                   (AL672164) towards dZ172P2 clone left (SP6) end"
FT   misc_feature    5478..47697
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<26171..26433,28869..28917))
FT                   /gene="mhc1uaa"
FT                   /locus_tag="mhc1uaa-001"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex class I UAA
FT                   gene"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:Z46776"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<26171..26433,28869..28917))
FT                   /gene="mhc1uaa"
FT                   /locus_tag="mhc1uaa-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001609"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex class I UAA
FT                   gene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O97982 Tr:Q31364 Tr:Q9XRX0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8HWF1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8HWF1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-435"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58753.1"
FT                   "
FT   mRNA            <31277..31437
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172P2.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human proteasome
FT                   (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta type, 9b (psmb9b)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF155580"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW076691"
FT   CDS             <31277..31437
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172P2.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001607"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human proteasome
FT                   (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta type, 9b (psmb9b)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AVZ7"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AVZ7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-224"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58754.1"
FT                   PSKTATV"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(33557..33784,33909..34045,38753..38912,
FT                   38995..39174,42862..43050,43959..44087,46175..46372,
FT                   AL672151.8:2023..2228,AL672151.8:2416..2546,
FT                   AL672151.8:3524..3638,AL672151.8:3723..>4224))
FT                   /gene="abcb3l2"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172P2.4-001"
FT                   /product="ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP),
FT                   member 3, like 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:Z83329"
FT   CDS             complement(join(33557..33784,33909..34045,38753..38912,
FT                   38995..39174,42862..43050,43959..44087,46175..46372,
FT                   AL672151.8:2023..2228,AL672151.8:2416..2546,
FT                   AL672151.8:3524..3638,AL672151.8:3723..>4224))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="abcb3l2"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ172P2.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001608"
FT                   /product="ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP),
FT                   member 3, like 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9NP78 Tr:P79906 Tr:P79910
FT                   Tr:Q9PT29 Tr:Q9PT30 Tr:Q9PVE7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SRD4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001140"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013306"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017871"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SRD4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-225"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11509.1"
FT   misc_feature    38549
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-262K18"
FT   misc_feature    40221
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-179B20"
SQ   Sequence 47697 BP; 15295 A; 8613 C; 8368 G; 15421 T; 0 other;
     gatcatattc agtgttttat tatttctgta attaatattc ctgaagatca tattcagtgt        60
     tttattattt ctgtaattaa tatttctgta gatcatattc agtgttttat tatttctgta       120
     atttatattt ctgaagatca tattcagtgt ttttattatt tctgtgtcaa aatcaatata       180
     tttttcatct acaatgataa taaagaaact caatgtcatt ctgcatgatg tcccttcaca       240
     tgttttcagc tcatctgaat ctttctctac tctgtatcaa acacaaaatg attttctctc       300
     tttcaccaga aaaagctgtg aatgatttct gctactgagt tcaatttgtt gtgttttgat       360
     taaacggaaa ctgagctgaa catctctgac agtcaaatga atgattttca gctcagaggt       420
     aagtttatgg gcttgattta tttcgaaatg actcaaaaac acagaaagca catgtttctg       480
     accatatatg gtgtcgcttc ctgaacgctc cacccaataa tcatcatctc atgcaaatta       540
     gcaaaagaga ccagtccagc aatcatcttt aactgattta tatatgcaga tgaaacgaca       600
     ctgattggcc ggttgaataa aactgtaaca gaaggagaga ttgtgtatta tacttttata       660
     aatttgcttc aaaattaccg taaaaagagt ttatgaagat caatttaaat aaaaccaaag       720
     aaaatttatg aatactagga acaaactaga gtttattaac ggctttgaag ctcaaataaa       780
     gcaggggtgg ccaaccctgt tcctggagag ccaccttctt gcagatttca gttgcaaccc       840
     atatcaaaca cacctgcctg taattatgac gtggtgttca ggtcctaatt aattggttca       900
     ggtgtgtttg atatgagtag ctactgaaat ctgcatgaag gtggctctcc aggaacaggg       960
     ttggccagcc ctaaaataga cgatgttgga aaatgtaaat atttgattga taataaattg      1020
     agaattgctt tgatagaata ttaaagaata aatttaataa agagcaaagc tgagattatt      1080
     tcttattagg atgtttcaac acttttttgt gagttgatgt attttggaga tgcctgaaaa      1140
     gagtttggtt gagagttgtg tgtgttttaa cattaattat tactgttaac atattactat      1200
     tattgactat taaagcaaat tgtgtgttga ggagtaaaaa tcagcagtgt aattgtatga      1260
     aaaccaaaaa gagaatattt cagcttttgc tatcaaaaag acgtttaagg gaacctggag      1320
     tcaggataaa tgtgtgttta atgtgatttg tgctgatatg aaacactgag ctgttagttt      1380
     gagtaaagag tggattgtgt tgtttttaat gtgatttgtg tgatgttgaa tgtgtttgtg      1440
     ttactgcttc tgtttttatg tgacgtgtgt gaggatgttg actgtaatta attctgtggt      1500
     gagaataaag acagactgac attatttgtg gataataaag agagtcagag tctgtatagt      1560
     ctgtgctgat agtctgttgg tcactgcaga taatatcgag ccaacgatta agtcgtcccg      1620
     agttcgagtc caggatcgca gagttttcct gttgctgtat atcttctctc tctccctcta      1680
     acatcacttc ctgtctagtt actgtcctgt caattaaagc caaaaactat ttaaataaaa      1740
     accaattcaa tataaagcag ctgcatgcaa aatgaggcac aaaacatctg gaaaaatctt      1800
     aaagtccgca tgaaccagaa gctgcgaccc tgtttttttt tcatactgtg aagcagttca      1860
     tagagaaact aaatataaaa ggagacaaca gtgggtgtgg cttgtttctt ctactgcgag      1920
     ctgattggat gtagtaaagt aggcatttca ttcagaaggg agagttatta catcctaaca      1980
     cactccttca cctccttgcc atttaagttt gtcatcatag cgccttcaaa actgacagct      2040
     agaggggcgt ggttaagtat gttagccacg cccaatatct caggccgacg taatctgaga      2100
     atttaactga aaacaaacag gaagtgcatt ttcagatttc aattaaaaga ttacaagggc      2160
     aaactgtatt ttttgttctc aatgacctgc acagatgaat cgttcatcac aaaactagca      2220
     atgtaagcta accaagtcaa tacgcttagc attgatttca ttcgtacatt aacattaaag      2280
     aacagactat actgtacata agagaagctg aatacgcgga tggttttcct gcacgtctgt      2340
     gtaagtctcc aagacagaat gttttattta tgtatttatt catttttaga gtttatccca      2400
     tttccccatt tttttcctca gtctttcaag cagatctcaa tttatttaac ttcttttatt      2460
     cattatttta gttccgtcat ttaactcaga tgtgtttttt tattatgttt tctccccttc      2520
     ttaatgatta cttcatttat aaagtcattc ccataataag tcatgaagtc tccaataaag      2580
     cacagaagct ttcattatta tcacacccca tacagacatc tgctatacgg caatatatgc      2640
     aaatgagaca cgattagatt tcacatttat aaaatatgag tcatacacct aacatatatt      2700
     tcaagataat gtaaaaataa tggccgttta catactttct tttttaacta ttggaattac      2760
     aaatccaggc catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttcaaa catattagct acagttttat      2820
     aaatgtgttc ataagtggcc atatatatat catatttctg tatgggactg cacttctgct      2880
     gatcgtcctc atatcttcat cttctcatga tgctcgtagg gctttaatga ttcctccgga      2940
     gcgctcgtag atgtgatgat gtttgagcgc tacttcagtt actgtatttt tggggaacag      3000
     acgctaacat taagatcatt ttgagcatct actttggctt atgatgcttt tgggaaacgc      3060
     agcgctgagc gaacggtgta atctgactca ctgataaacg actcttttga atcactctga      3120
     atcatgagtt tgactgaatc actcgctgac tgaatcggtc ggagctgttg ttggtttttt      3180
     acactggatg tcgtgatttt catcgtctcc ataataactg atctaaaatc cgtccgttta      3240
     catgctttct ttctcaactg ttggaattac aaatacagga tgtgtgtgtt tattgtaatg      3300
     acctggccca cagcactata gccaggtgca tcatgggaaa tggttcagag ttattttatg      3360
     tgttatgtta gttacacaca tgggttgtct tgttataaac gttatgtgtg tttatgtttg      3420
     agttggcttc tgtgttttaa gcccaatgtg tccttggttt aataaatatt ggccatcatc      3480
     atcaatgaga atggtgtgta aaggaagcac cccaggggta cggtcctgtt aagggatgtt      3540
     catgtattga gctcagaatg aaaatggcta actgacagag ctgtttcctg ccagattgct      3600
     gacaacagag acgctcagag tcgtgcggtg tatgggacat cagtgttctt cttgctgaca      3660
     cactagagaa tgtgaagcgc accatgaatg ctagtaccct gctaaccgtt ttagattaat      3720
     ttagcagttt agctaggtta tatcagctcc agttgcccac atacagcaat catttcaata      3780
     tgtttaaata tattagctac agttttataa atatgttcat aagtggccat atatatcata      3840
     tttctgtatg ggactgcact tctgctgatc gtcctcatat cttcatcttc tcatgacgct      3900
     cgtagggctt taatgattcc tccggagcgc tcgtagatgt gatgatgttt gagcgctact      3960
     tcagttactg tatttttggg gaacagacgc taacattaag atcattttga gcatctactt      4020
     tggcttatga tgcttttggg aaacgcagtg ctgagcgatc gatcggtgta aacgactctt      4080
     ttgaatcact ctgaatcagg ggtttgactg aatcactcgc tggctgaatc agtcggagct      4140
     gttgttggtt ttttacgctg gatgtcgtga ttttcatcgt ctccattata actgatctgt      4200
     gaactgttag tgtgtcgtgt gtatttgagg cttgtgtgtt taaatcaggg atgtgtttgg      4260
     ctggttttaa aagacacaca ttatgatgat cgttctgtta tgattagttg tactttgatt      4320
     cagatagaga tgttgcagtg cagtgtgctt tcatatcaag caaaacatgt tttaaagtgt      4380
     tgttgtttag tatatagtca tacagtaaat atatgcatgc tttttattat aaaatgatca      4440
     ctttaaatat ttgttaaact atatatgttt aaaatataat tacataaata tacctgctac      4500
     aaaaacacat gttttgcagc ttttgttgga tttattttta aatatatgtt tgaaaaatat      4560
     gttttagagg acttaaaagt atataactat tatttaaaat aaatgatcat gcaacatttg      4620
     aaagaaagga tgattttgat ctctaaaact tctaaagcag aaaacaaaca tacctttttt      4680
     acattttaat aattagttca tttaaataaa taaaacatat ttacactttt ttaaactatt      4740
     ggaactacaa atacgtacat atgttcaaat atatgagata taattatata ttcacataaa      4800
     cacggacata tatgagcaca tatataagat tgtagcttat atatatttga acttacattc      4860
     atatttgtaa tttcaatagt taaacacata tttttggatg tttggacaca tgacatttta      4920
     tatttaagtg aaatttttaa agatcatatt cagagttttt attatttctg taataaatta      4980
     atatttttaa agattatatt tagtgttttt attatttcag taataaatta acatttttaa      5040
     agatcacata cattgttttt attatttcag taataatttt atatttttaa agattatatt      5100
     tagtgttttt cttattttag taataaatta acattttaag atcatattca gagtttttat      5160
     tatttcagta ataaattaac atttttaaag attatattca gtgtttttat tatttctgta      5220
     ataaattaat atttttaaag attatattca gtgtttttat tatttctgta ataaattaat      5280
     atttttaaag attatattca gtgtttttat tatttcagta ataaattaat atttttaaag      5340
     attatattca gtgtttttat tatttcagta ataaattaat atttttaaga tcatattcag      5400
     agtttttatt atttcagtaa taaattaaca tttttaaaga ttatattcag tgtttttatt      5460
     atttctgtaa taaattaata tttttaaaga ttatattcag tgtttttatt aattcagtaa      5520
     taaattaata tttttaaaga tcatattcag tgtttttatt atttcagtaa taattttata      5580
     tttttaaaga tcatgttcag tgtttttatt atttctgtgt taaatagttt gaagcttgtg      5640
     atggacatca aatagaggat gttggaagat ttcaatattt tattgatgat aaattgggat      5700
     ttgctgcaaa tgtagaatat attcaataaa aaccaaagca gagattattt cttattagga      5760
     tgtttcaagt caatgtattt tagagatgat ttataggaat ttagttagga gttttgtgtg      5820
     ttttaaaagc aggaaaatca caaagagaaa taaatgagat ttaatagata ataaataaac      5880
     agaatcaaat cataattgaa gatttgttcg cattagggct gcacgatatt gaaaaaaatc      5940
     taacattgca atttttttaa ttctgtgatg tatattgaga tatgaataca agaggagttg      6000
     aataactatt tggaaagaat cttattttta gattggtttg gatgattctg taggggagtc      6060
     tataacatgt aataaacaat ctacaagcat agataaatac aataaacaaa aaggtacaaa      6120
     ttaaataaac agtgttttat tgttttcctg aggagtcgaa ctgtattcag gtgtacagta      6180
     attgaataat caagtgcaaa ttaatactgc atagtcttca tttaataaac aattcaataa      6240
     aattaatcgt taatttgtta caaaaggtaa caagttacaa acggttaaat ttctttgctt      6300
     ttaaaatcct cacacagtca caggcctcaa gaaacacttg ctaaatgatc agttataatc      6360
     cagactcaac attgcgtatg ctcgcgatgt gactatagca aatgacaaca ttgcgatatc      6420
     gatgctgaaa cgatatattg tgcagccctt attcccgtaa ataaaacatt tcagcttctg      6480
     ccattaaaaa gacatttcag gaaacctgga gtcaggataa atgtgtgtta aatgtgattt      6540
     gtgttgaaat gaaacgctgg gatttgagta aagactgaat tgtgttgttt ttaatgtgat      6600
     ttgtgtcatt atgaatgtgt ttgtgttgct gcttgtgttt ttatgtgacg tgtgtgagga      6660
     tgttgagtgt gattaattct gtggtgagaa taaagacaga ttgacattat ttgtggataa      6720
     taaagagagt cagagtctgt atagtctgtg ctgatagtct gttggtcact gcagatatta      6780
     ttaagccaac gagattcagg cgtcctgagt ttgagcctct gtttgtgcag ctttcctcat      6840
     agatatatac cgtagatatc gcatacaggc cctgagcatg catcaatatc gccaccatac      6900
     tggtacagta ctcccaggac aaaagtcatt caaccacact taatcaagac caaagccaat      6960
     ctgaagatgc cagatatttg cactgcgtac aggtgtagta acgaatgaac aaaaaaaaaa      7020
     ctaaggataa aggcataacg ttcataggtc aaatgtagta ttttttatga atttatgtta      7080
     caaaattatg tgatcaacaa gtaaccttat tgatgttatt acagtcattt actgctttag      7140
     catgaggtaa agtggcacca acttgcacta aatactaagc ttaaatctgc atgaatcgga      7200
     aactgcgact gtttttattt attcgtattg tgatgcagct cctagagaaa ctaaatatta      7260
     aatgagaaaa cagtgggcgt ggctttttgt ttctactgcg agctgattgg atgtagtaaa      7320
     gcaggtattc cattacgaaa gacagagaaa agggtttggg tggagttatt acaacctaac      7380
     agacgtttcc tcctcattat ttctgttcgc tgtcaaagct gatagctgaa ggggcgtggt      7440
     taagtaagtt agccatgccc aatacctcag tgagaattta actgaaaaca aacaggaagt      7500
     gcattttcag atttcaattt taaattacaa ccgtaactat ttttcataat gacatgcaca      7560
     gatgaactgt ttaccactaa aactagcaat gtgagctaac tatagcaaca cggtttgatt      7620
     tcttgtgcac ttgaagctag ttttgttgaa gaaaaccagc taaaaagtaa atgaaatatg      7680
     accacaagac gctggtgcca gaaacatgta gcctattact gtcgacttag tgcacgctca      7740
     tttttgaagt aacttaataa gcatgactaa tgacataaca gcgcttgctt ctcaatgtgc      7800
     atactttcca ccctaaattg ttgaatataa aaatgtatat actattgaga acagagaggt      7860
     ggatagtatg cacatcgaga tatcgatggc tcacacgaat cgttcataac agagattcag      7920
     tcacaaacga atcgctccct gcgtcaatta gaagtgaaag ttggggtgtt tcaggactga      7980
     gatattcaag gataaaatat tcgcctgcac ataaatacat gctttacgtc agcaatgccc      8040
     gtgcaatcga ctcacttatc catcgataca gacaacagaa gtaaaattat gattttcgta      8100
     attgaaacaa atatctgaat atctgcatca ctgagaaaac tcctggtgct cctgattagg      8160
     gctgcacaat atatagtttg agcatcgatg tcgcagtgtg tgcatccaca atagtcacgt      8220
     cacacaatct gcaatgttga gtcaggatta tagctgattc tcaacaaaca cacaatgttg      8280
     cctcaatgta gcgaccttcc tgtaatgttg taccagcctt gtaaaaaggt tgaggatctt      8340
     tgttgttgct gaaggttgtt acaacggtgt cataatgttg ccatttaaac ggctgttgct      8400
     ttaggttgtg cttaggctgc atggacgacc actgtacaac atttactcgt catcaatgaa      8460
     tcagttcaaa tttcaacaga gcgttcagcg tctcattcaa caaagatcaa ggagacgtga      8520
     ctattgcttt atttcctctt gctaaattat tcatcagtgg tcatttgtgt agtcctgttg      8580
     tgttaagctc tgatctgtcc tcttgttcac tgcctattgt gtctgctgtg gattcatctc      8640
     tgaagctgga ttctctgttg agtttgttta ttctctgact gctttctccg taccaacaac      8700
     tatgcctgat cttcggctgc acttcccggt ctgctgtatt ctccagtcca gaacttcaat      8760
     gcccagtgtc tgcattttaa tttgctttct tgctttactt ttcttgtttg tttacttctt      8820
     aattgacatt ttaatttagc ctgtgtaatt agatgtttac tgtatgtatt aaatgttgtg      8880
     aaatatataa taataaaaaa tgttattata ttcatttgtg tggcattttt acacttaaaa      8940
     gtttacatat gcagttatta aattaaaaaa ggaaaaggaa aaaaaaagga aaaatgaatg      9000
     attaatattt agcaatactg gaaaatcact gctgatcctg tattctacgc agtattgatt      9060
     aaaagaaaca ttaatacatg tagtaagaac gttgtctcat gattgctgaa tgttacacga      9120
     caacgttgct acagccctct cacgtcttac atttctacgt tgtgacaatg tagcgagaac      9180
     gtaagtggcg acattgcatt taaaataatg caacgttgta cagacatcgc tacaacatag      9240
     atgtgtttgt tgggttataa tcagtgcaga gtttaatcat aacagagtat aagttgatca      9300
     tctgcatgtg tttttaaaca gatcgttcac ccagaaatct acttgctgtt ttcatttcac      9360
     ccttcgcttg tgagtttatg agtttctgtt ttatgctgaa cacaaaaaga caatatttta      9420
     ataactcata aacgtttcaa acagatgaag gacgagtaaa tcaggggtaa agtttaattt      9480
     ttaagtgaac tatcctttta aggcctgtga ttgtgtgaac atttaaaaca tccagccaca      9540
     agaaattata atgtttgtaa cttcaataaa gatggtgtta tatacaacga agactatgca      9600
     ggggtgacta tttaatatct gtacctcggc ctgtcatgat aaggcatggg atgataaccg      9660
     ttttcaaggt ataccgcagt ttggaaaagt caaggtttta aaaccgccaa aagtttctgt      9720
     aataccgttc ctaaggtata cagttgaagt cagaattatt agagaagact ttttcaacaa      9780
     atttctaaac ataatagttt taataactca tctctaataa ctgatttctt ttatctttgt      9840
     catgatgaca gtaaataata ttttaataga tatttttcaa gacacttcta tatagtttaa      9900
     agtgacattt aaaggctaaa ctaggttaag taggttatct aggcaggtta gggtaattag      9960
     gcaagttttt gtataatgat ggtttattct gtagactata aaaaaatagc ttaaggggct     10020
     aataattttg tccttaaaat ggtgtttaaa aaattaaaaa ctgtttttat tctagccaaa     10080
     ataaaacaaa taagactttc tccagaagaa aaaacattat cagacatact gtgaaaattt     10140
     ccttgctctg tcaaacatca tttgggaaat atttaaaaaa ggaaaacaat tcaaaagggg     10200
     gctaataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtatatga taacaattac acacacacac acacacacac     10260
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacggtt actttaatat tttgatgatc gtaatgtttt     10320
     cctttgtttc agtgcagtgt tttgaaactg atgtttgtaa tgtttattta ttttatataa     10380
     attaatattt tattggctca tttgttgctt ttggacagtt agctaacaaa tgcatctaaa     10440
     cactgaaatt gcttgtcatt ttgataaaac ttattatttg ttgtattatt tacaggtttg     10500
     atttgtataa ttattatcaa taattaacac ctgaatcaaa agatatgtaa agatatgtga     10560
     ggcatatttt gtgatgttca tctctctctc ttttttttta atctgaaggt tatgcatact     10620
     tgtttgatac taaagtgttg ttgtttttta acagccacag ttctccatac aataatacaa     10680
     caccctgaca gtgatgatgg ctgagtagag actgattgag ttggtgtatt tccagagttg     10740
     gtggaatgac caagcacacc ttcttggtca tttgtggtga taataatgaa ggtatgtttg     10800
     ataaagtttt ttatttgttt caaaataagc tgaaatggta ttagagcatt agagaataac     10860
     aaatgatatg aaggtgataa gttttgtatt gtgggtgaac tgttacttaa ataatgtttt     10920
     gctctttgct ttgcactttt ccccttctgc gtatcctaat attttagatt ctatttggac     10980
     ctgaaacatc tgctagactc aaggaaaggt ggtatcaata cttgacctga aagagcctaa     11040
     caagttgaat ctggtaaaaa aacacacaca aaaacacaaa cacacacgca cgcacacaca     11100
     cacacacaca caagcacaca cacacacaca agcacacaca caaacacaca cgcacacact     11160
     ggttgcaaaa gaatatatgt gaattgacag tttccgtatt tcataatgta tgttttgttt     11220
     ttgtttattt actgttatta attgtgtaca aattgcttgg tcaaaaattg atgtagaaac     11280
     tttaattaga cttttttgac aattgtgtag ttttaaatat tatattgtgt aagaaataat     11340
     atagagggaa ttaagtccat aaacagacag aaaatgttat gcagtttatt acaaagtttt     11400
     tgtaccttaa tgtacaccac caacccagac aatatacagt ttcacttcag actattaaaa     11460
     atttcattaa aaataagttt ttaaagtcaa taattgttgg agaaatatca agatcacatt     11520
     atggaatttc acagaaatca caaaatacag aaaactgtta gcttgtggat attttttaca     11580
     ctgtggccaa tattttgggg aagccagcat cactaaataa tataaaagat tttaacctcc     11640
     tctaaatttt gctccaagtg ttgtgttaaa ctgaggattc tggacagaca gctgcctgtt     11700
     tttttctgtt atagtcatag tagttaacct aattgttttt ggagattcca acagtgattt     11760
     atgttttttt tctctacttt ttcatatcct gtcaccttaa ccagctggga gagtcaagtt     11820
     gtggatcatc atgtagatta tcaaaaggtg agtttagatt tcttgaatat gttttattta     11880
     ctttaattgt tattttgact atatcataga atttaattgc aatttgtttt caaacattat     11940
     tctcagacat gtgggcgtct tgaagagttc ttagatgagc atcaccctat attcttgcat     12000
     caggaaccac cagacgagtg atcagcagct actacatcgt catggataaa atggtcatcc     12060
     tgtggctggg aagcacgtca ttcacaggac atgcttgatg aaattttcta ggtccagttt     12120
     catacaagtt tacagcattt ataccttcgt taagactgct gtctttgata tggaggacca     12180
     aggaaacatc agaagtgaaa gatttgcaag ccaagttctt taaaatgtaa tctcagaaga     12240
     aaactatgtg ttcagaagaa acctatgagt gacgctaact tcaaattgct ctgatgaaac     12300
     atcaagtttg gaccgaatga ctagaacagc ctttttgagc actggtcata catattttgt     12360
     tgatactgtc tgtactaata aaacatataa agcatatttt gacatattgt tgcattttaa     12420
     aaactgaatg aattgttgaa gttatgaacg ttttcaaata aaatgttttt ttttttgtaa     12480
     tttacagtcg ttttacattt ttaccatatt tacactcaag aaatttgaat aaaataacaa     12540
     tatattgtag taaaaaaatt acaccgaaca ccaaaataaa atttatttta caccaggcgg     12600
     tgttaaatat agttacattt ttaactctgc cctgagttaa aattaaccct aacttcggtg     12660
     tcaatgtgcc aacacttttg aaagttttga tttaactctg ttaagagtgg accccatgag     12720
     acattttcaa agtgttgaaa ttaacaccca tagagttgtt ttgggtccca atattttgct     12780
     gtattcatgg atattaattt gaataaaaca aagtagattt atgactatta gtaataaact     12840
     aaatgttatt gaaggctttg aagctcttga tggacaaaat gggaatgctg gaagatttga     12900
     atataggaag atttactgaa aatgaattga tgtttgctgt aaatgtagaa tatatattca     12960
     ataaaaagca aagcagagat tatttattat ttggacattt caacactttt ttgtgagtca     13020
     atatatttta gagatgagag tatataaata tttataaaag tttggttgtg agttttgtgt     13080
     gctttaacat taattattat tagggaccga gcaccgaaac ggtgcgtagg ccctattgga     13140
     attgctctgt ttattaggga ccgagcaccg aaacggtgcg taggccctat tggaattgct     13200
     ccgtttatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattcttct ctccaatgaa     13260
     tcgcgattta gaggggctaa acatgcccga aaactcacgc aactttgcac acgcctcaga     13320
     agtggcgaaa atttacgttt attatgggtc tcggaagtgg gtgtggcaaa atgactcgac     13380
     agcgccacct agaaaaatta aacggacgag cccccaatct acgaatcacg cacatgcacg     13440
     aaaattggca cacacctcaa acatgccaaa acatacgaaa aagtctcttg gagccatatc     13500
     tcaaacccaa caggaagtcg gatatttttg acttcctgcg gcgaaaaagt ggcgtttttg     13560
     ccatttccag gcgttgtact ttaacgaact cctcctaggg attttatccg atcgacacca     13620
     aaattgggtt ttgtcatcta aaggccttgg cgatgttaaa ttgcgaagct ttagagtttt     13680
     cgtcgatggg cgtgtccgtg gcggcctcgc aaagtttgac gattcaccac aaaacaggaa     13740
     gtcgttataa ctcaggcatg catcatccga tctgcctcaa aattcacacg tttaataaca     13800
     gtcctgacct gaacacgttt acatgccaat atccagatac agttacagcg ccacctgctg     13860
     gccacaggaa atgacatgtt tttacagagt aacaaactcc tcccacaaat tttatcgcat     13920
     cagcaccaaa attgggtagt gttatctaaa agctctagcg atgatatatt gtgaagatct     13980
     agagtttttg cagaggggcg tgtccgtggc ggcatgacaa acctcaacgc ttcgccatga     14040
     aacaggaagt cctcataact caaccacaca aagtctgatc agcctgaaac ttcatatggt     14100
     tgataaaagt cctcccctga acacatccac ataacaatat tgaagtgggc gtggcaaaat     14160
     gactcgacag cgccacctat aaaaattaaa cggacgagcc cctgatctac gaatcacgca     14220
     catgcgcgaa aattggcaca cacctcaaac acgccaaaac atacgaaaaa gtctcttgga     14280
     gccatatgtc aaacctaaca ggaagtctga tatttttaac ttcctgctgc aaataagtgg     14340
     catttttgcc atttccaggc gttgtatctt aacgaactcc tcctagggat tttatcctat     14400
     cgacaccaaa attgggtttt gtcatctaaa ggccttgacg atgttaaatt gcggagcttt     14460
     atagtttttg tcgatgggcg tgtccgtggc ggcctcgcaa actttgacga ttcgccacaa     14520
     aaccggaagt aattataact taggcatgca ttatccgatc tgcctcaaaa ttcacacgtt     14580
     tgataagagt cctgacctaa acacgtttac atgccgatat ccagatatag ttatagcgcc     14640
     acctgctggc cacaggaaat gacatgtttt acatcgtaac aaactcctcc cacaaatttt     14700
     ttcgtatcag caccaaattt gggttgtgtt atctgaaagc tctagcgatg atatattgtg     14760
     aagatctaga gttttcgcag aggggcgtgt ccgtggcggc atgacaaacc tcaacgcttc     14820
     gccatggaac aggaagtcct tataactcaa tcacacaatg tccgatctgc ctgaaacttc     14880
     agatggttga taaaagtcct ctcctgaaca catcctcata acaataatga agtgggcgtg     14940
     gcaaaattac tcgacagcgc cacctataaa aattaaacgg acgagcccct gatctatgaa     15000
     tcacgcacat gcatgaaaat tggcacacac ctcaaacacg ccaaaacata caaaaaagtc     15060
     tcttgaagcc atatctcaaa tccaacagga agtcggatat ttttaacttc ctgcggcaaa     15120
     taagtggcat ttttgccatt tccaggcttt gtatcttaac gaactcctcc tagggatttt     15180
     atcctattga caccaaaatt gggttttgtc atctaaaggc cttggcgatg ttaaattgcg     15240
     aagctttaga ggttttgcca ataggcgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaact ttgacgattc     15300
     gccacaaaac cggaagtcat tataactcag gcatgcatta tccgatctgc ctcaaaattc     15360
     acatgtttaa tataagtcca gaccagaaca cgtttacatg ccgatatcca gatacagtta     15420
     tagcgccacc tgctggccac aggaaacgac atgatttaca gagtaataaa ctcctcccac     15480
     aaattttttc gtatcagcac caaatttggg tagtgttatc tgaaagctct agcgatgata     15540
     tattgtgaag atctagagtt tttgcagagg ggcgtgtccg tggtggcatg acaaacctca     15600
     acgcttcgcc atgaaacagg aagtccttat aacttaacca caaaatgtcc gatcagcttg     15660
     aaacttcaca tggttgatta aatttatctc ctgaagaaat ctacattgca atattgagtc     15720
     atagtcctag cgccacctac tgacaggagg aagtttggca taaatctgta attttctcag     15780
     gttttttata tatatcggct taagatatta ttgttcacta atttctgtca tcctgaggcc     15840
     actgggcggc ggtgagcccg ggtgcgaggt ccctatcatc gctgcttgca gctttaatta     15900
     gggaccgagc accgaaacgg tgcgtaggcc ctattggaat tgctccgttt tttattatta     15960
     ttattattat tattccgccc cctatcgggg cacttttgag ggtctaaaca tgcccgaaaa     16020
     ctcataaaaa tttgcacaca caccaaacgc ggtgtaaata gcaggttgat atgggtctcg     16080
     gaagtgggcg tggcaaaatg actcgacagc gccacctaga aaaattaaac ggacgagccc     16140
     ccgatacacg aatcacgcac atgcacaaaa attggcacac acctcaaaca tgccaaacca     16200
     tacgaaaaag tctcttggag ccataactca aacccaacag gaagtcaaat atttttaact     16260
     tcctgcggcg aaaaagtggc gtttttgcca tttccaggcg ttgtatttta acgaactcct     16320
     cctagggatt ttatccgatc gacaccaaaa ttgggttttg tcatctaaag gccttggcga     16380
     tgttaaattg cgaagcttta gagttttcgt cgatgggcgt gtccgtggcg ccctcgcaaa     16440
     ctttgatgat tcgccacaaa acaggaagtc gttataactc aggcatgcat tatcagatct     16500
     gcctcaaaat tcacacgctt gataagcgtc ctgacctgaa cacgtttaca tgccaatatc     16560
     cagatataaa tatagcgcca cctgctggcc acaggaaatg acatgattta cggagtaata     16620
     aactcctccc acaatttttt ttgtatcagc acaaaaattg ggtagtgtta tctgaaagct     16680
     ctagcgatga tatattgtga agatctagag tttttgcaga ggggcgtgtc cgtggcggta     16740
     tgacaaacct caacgcttcg ccatggaaca ggaagtcctt ataactcaac cacacaatgt     16800
     ccgatctgcc tgaaacttca catggttgat aaacgtcatc tcttgaacac attcacataa     16860
     caatattgaa gtgggcgtgg caaaatgact cgacagcgcc acctagaata attaaacgga     16920
     cgagcccccg agctacgaat cacgcatatg cacgaaaatt ggcacacacc tcaaacatgc     16980
     caaaacatac gaaaaagtct cttggagcca tatctcaaac ccaacaggaa gtcggatatt     17040
     tttaacttcc tgcggcgaaa aagtggcgtt tttgccattt ccaggcgttg tactttaacg     17100
     aactcctcct agggatttta tccgatcgac accaaaattg ggttttatca tctaaaggcc     17160
     ttggcgatgt taaattgcga agctttagag tttttgtcga tgggcgtgtc cgtggcggcc     17220
     tcgcaaactt ggatgattcg ccacaaaaca ggaagtcgtt ataactcagg catgcattac     17280
     ccgatctgct tcaaaattca cacgcttgat aagcgtcctg acctgaacac gtttacatgc     17340
     caatatccag atataaatat agcgccacct gctggccaca ggaaatgaca tgatttacgg     17400
     agtaataaac tcctcccaca aatttttttg tatcagcacc aaaattgggt tgtgttatct     17460
     gaaagcccta gcgatgatat attgtaaaga tctagagttt tcggagaggg gcgtgtccgt     17520
     ggcgccatga caaacctcaa cgattcgcca tgaaacagga agtccttata actcaaccac     17580
     acaatgtccg atctgcctga aacttcacat ggttgataaa agtcctctcc tgaacacatc     17640
     cacatgacaa tattgaagtg ggcgtggcaa attgactcaa cagcgccacc tgcaaaaatt     17700
     aatcggacgt gcccctgatc tatgaatcac gcacatgcac gaaaattggc acacacctca     17760
     aacatggcaa aacatacgaa aaagtctctt ggagccatat ctcaaaccca acaggaagtc     17820
     tgatattttt gacttcctgc ggcgaaaaag tgtctttttt gccatttcca ggcgttgtat     17880
     tttaacgaac tcctcctagg gattttatcc gatcaacacc aaaattgggt tttgtcatct     17940
     aaaggccttg gcgatgttaa aatgcgaagc ttttaaattt tcatcgatgg gtgtgtccgt     18000
     agcagcctcg caaactttga cgattcgcca caaaacagga agccgttata actcaagcat     18060
     gcattatcag atctgcctca aaattcacac gcttgataag agtcttgacc tgaacacatt     18120
     tacatgccga tatccagata gagttatagc gccacctgct ggccacagga aatgacatga     18180
     tttacagagt aacaaactcc tcccacaaac tttttcgtat ctgcaccaaa tttgagtggt     18240
     gtcatctaaa agctctatcg gtgatatatt gtgaagatct agagttttca cagaggggcg     18300
     tgtccgtggc ggcatgacaa acctcaacgc ttcgccatgg aacaggaagt ccttataact     18360
     caaccacaca atttcagatc tgcctgaaac ttcacatggt tgataaaagt cctcttctga     18420
     acacatctac ataacaaatt gagtcagtca tagcgccacc tgctgacaaa aggaattttg     18480
     gcttataact cggccacaca atgtccgacc tgcctgaaac ttcacattgt ggataaaagt     18540
     ctactcctga acacataata atattgagtc tgtcatagcg ccacctgctg gcagaaagtg     18600
     gtttagcttg taagtcggcc acacaatctc tgatctgcct gaaacatcac atggttgatt     18660
     aaaatcctct ccttaagaca tctacgtaaa aatattgagt ctgtcatagc gccacctgct     18720
     gccagaaggt agtttggctt ataactcagc caaacaacgt cctatctgcc tgaaaattca     18780
     catggttgat aagactcttc tactgaaggc atctacataa caatcttgag tcacagttaa     18840
     agcgccacct gctgacagga ggaagttcga cataaatctg tgattttctc aggttcttta     18900
     tatatatcgg cttaaattat tgttgttcgc tgttctctgt catcctgagg ccacagggcg     18960
     gcggtgagcc cgggtgcgag gtccctatca tcgctgcttg cagctttaat tattattatt     19020
     attcttctct ccaatgaatc gcgattttga gggtctaaac atgcccgaaa actcacgcaa     19080
     ctttgcacac gcctcagaag tggcgaaaat ttacgttttt tatgggcttc ggaagtgggc     19140
     gtggcaaaat gactcgacag cgccacctag aaaaattaaa cggacgagcc cccgatccac     19200
     gaattacgca catgcacgaa aattggccca cacctcaaac acaccaaaac atacgaaaaa     19260
     gtctcttgga gccatatctc aaacccaaca ggaagtcgga tatttttgac ttcctgcggc     19320
     gaaaaagtgg cgtttttgcc atttccaggc gttgtatttt aacgaactcc tcctagggat     19380
     tttatccgat cgacaccaaa attgggtttt gtcatctaaa ggccttggcg atgttaaatt     19440
     gcgaagcttt agagtttttg tcgatgggcg tgtctgtggc ggcctcgcaa actttgacga     19500
     ttcgccacaa aacaggaagt cgttataact caggcatgca ttatcagatc tgcctcaaaa     19560
     ttcacacgtt tgataagagt cctaacctga acacgtgtac ttgccgatat ccagatacag     19620
     ttatagcgcc acctgctggc tacaggaaat gacatgtttt acatcgtaac aaactcctcc     19680
     cacaaatttt ttcgtgtccg caccaaattt gagtggtgtt atctgaaagc cctagcaatg     19740
     atatattgtg aagatctaga gtttttgcag aggggtgtgt ccgtggcggc atgacaaacc     19800
     tcaacgcttc gccatggaac aggaagttat tataactcaa ccacacaatg tccaatctgc     19860
     ctaaaacttc agatggttga taaaagtcct ctcctgaaca catccccata acaaaattga     19920
     agtgggcgtg gcaaaatgac tcgacagcgc cacctataaa aattaaacgg acgagcccct     19980
     gatctacgaa tcacgcacat gcacgaaaat tggcacacac ctcaaacacg tcaaaacata     20040
     cgaaaaagtc tcttggagcc atatctcaaa cccaaaagga agtcggatat ttttaacttc     20100
     ctgcggcaaa taagtggcat ttttgccatt tccaggcttt gtatcttaac gaactccttc     20160
     tagggatttt atcctatcga caccaaaatt gggttttgtc atctaaaggc cttggcgatg     20220
     ttaaattgcg aagctttaga ggttttgtcg atgggcgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaact     20280
     ttgacgattc gccacaaaac cggacgtgat tataactcag gcatgcatta tccgatctgc     20340
     ctcaaaattc acatgtttaa tataagtcca gaccagaaca tgtttacatg ccgatatcca     20400
     gatacagtta tagcgccacc tgctggccac gggaaatgtc atgatttaca aagtaataaa     20460
     ctccttccac aaattttttc atatcagcac caaatttggg ttgtgttatc tgaaagctca     20520
     agcgatgata taatgtgaag atctagagtt tttgaagagg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcatg     20580
     acaaacctca acgcttcgcc atggaacagg aagttcttat aactcaacca cacaatgtct     20640
     gatctgcctg aaacttcaca tggttgataa aagtcctctc ctgagcacat ctacataata     20700
     atattgagtc tttaatagcg ccacctgctg gcagaatgta gtttgtctta taacacaatc     20760
     tccacacaat ctcatatctg cctgaaactt cacatggttg ataaaagtcc actcctgaac     20820
     acatccacat aacaatattg agtcagtcat aacgccacct gctggcagaa ggtagtttgg     20880
     cttataactc agccacacaa tgtccgatct gcctgaaaat tcacaggtta gaagatgcct     20940
     ctcctaaaga catctacatg ccgatcttga gtcacagtta tagcgccacc tgctgacagg     21000
     aggaagtttg gcataaatct gtgatttttc tcaggttctt tatatatatc ggctgaaatt     21060
     aatattgttc gctgttctct gttatcctga ggctaccggg tggcggtgag cccgggtgcg     21120
     aggtcccttt catcgctgct tgcagcttta attattcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     21180
     ccgcggaatg aatcgcggtt ttgaggggct aaacatgccc gaaaactcac gcaactttgc     21240
     acacgcctca gaagtggcga aaatttacat ttgttatggg cttcggaagt gggcgtggca     21300
     aaatgactcg acagcgccac ctagaaaaat taaacggacg agcccccgat atacgaatca     21360
     cgcacatgca cgaaaattgg cacacacctc aaacacgcca aaacatacga aaaagtctct     21420
     tggagccata tctcaaaccc aacagaaagt cggatatttt tgacttcctg cggcgaaaaa     21480
     gtggcgtttt tgccatttcc aggcgttgta ttttaacgaa ctccttctag ggattttatc     21540
     cgatcgacac caaaatcgga ttttgtcatc taaaggcctt ggcgatgtta aattgcgaag     21600
     ctttagagtt ttcatcgatg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcctc tcaaactttg acgattcgcc     21660
     acaaaacagg aagtcgttat aactcaggca tgcattatca gatctgcctc aaaattcaca     21720
     cgcttgataa gcgtcctgac ctgaacacgt ttacatgcca ctatccagat acagttacag     21780
     cgccacctgc tggccacagg aaatgacatg atttatggag ttataaactc ctcccacaaa     21840
     ttttatcgta tcagcaccaa aattgagtgg tgttatctga aagctctagc gatgttatat     21900
     tgtgaagatc tagagttttt gcagaggggt gtgtccgtgg cggtatgaca aacctcaacg     21960
     cttcgccatg gaacaggaag tccttataac acaaccacac aatgtccgat ctgcctgaaa     22020
     cttcacatgg ttgataaacg tcatctctgg aacacataca cataacaata ttgaagtggg     22080
     cgtggcaaaa tgactcgaca gcgccaccta gaaaaattaa acggacgagc ccccgatcta     22140
     cgaatcacgc acatgcacaa aaattggcac acacctcaaa catggcaaaa catacgaaaa     22200
     agtctcttgg agccatatct caaacccaac aggaagtcgg atatttttaa cttcctgtgg     22260
     cgaaaaagtg gcgcttttgc cattttcagg cgttgtattt taacgaactc ctcctaggga     22320
     ttttatctga taaacaccaa aattgggttt tgtcatctta aagccttggc gatgttaaat     22380
     tgcgaagctt tagagttttc atcgatgggc gtgtccgtgg cggcctcgca aactttgatg     22440
     attcgccaca aaacaggaag tctttataac tctggcatgc aatattcgat ctgcctcaaa     22500
     attcacacat ttaataagag tcctgacctg atcaggttta cgtgccgata tccagttaca     22560
     gttatagcgc cacctaatgg ccacaggaaa tgacatgttt gacactgtaa caaactcctc     22620
     ccacaaactc tcccctatca gcaccaaaat agagtggtgt catctgaaag ctctagcgat     22680
     gatatattgt gaagatctag agtttttgca gaggggcgtg tctgtggtgg catgacaaac     22740
     ctcaacgctt cgccatggaa caggaagtcc ttataactct atcacacaat gtctgatcta     22800
     cctgaaactt cacatgattg ataaaagtcc tctcctaaac acatctacat aacaatattg     22860
     agtcagtcat agcgccacct gctggcagag ggtagtttgg cttgtaactc tgccacacaa     22920
     tgtccgatct gcctgaaact tcacatggtt gatgaaagtc ctctcttgag cacatctaca     22980
     tagtaatatt gagtcagagt catagcgcca cctgctggca gaaggaattt tggcttgcaa     23040
     ctcggccaca caatgtcaga tctgcctaaa atgtcacatg gttgatgaaa gtcctctcct     23100
     aaacacatct acataataat attgagtctt tcatagcgcc acctgctggc agaatgtagt     23160
     ttgtcttaaa acacaatctc cacacaatct ctgatctgcc tgaaacttca catggttgat     23220
     aaaagtccac tcctgaacac atccacataa caatattgag tcagtcataa cgccacctgc     23280
     tggcagaagg tagtttggct tataactcag ccacacaatg tcccatgtgc ctgaaacttc     23340
     acatggttga taagattcct ctcctgaaga catctacatg ccaatcttaa gtcacagtta     23400
     tagcgccacc tgctgacagg aggaagtttg gcataaatct gtgattttct tagatttttt     23460
     tatatattgg cttaaattat tattgttcgc tgttctctgt catcgtaagg tcaccgggcg     23520
     gcggtgagcc cgggtgcgag gtccctatca tcgctgcttg cagctttaat taatatatta     23580
     ttattgactt ttttattaaa gcaaaaactt gtgtcgagga gtaaaaatca tcagtgtaat     23640
     tgaaagaaat ccataaagag aattgaatga gatttaataa atgagaatta aacagaaata     23700
     aataattttt gaagatgttc ccatgaataa aacatttcag cttctgctat taaaaataca     23760
     tagggctgca caatatatca tttcagtata cgcaataaat aaaattataa ttgataattt     23820
     cgcaagtgtt tttttgaggc ctgtgactgt gagggtttta aaagcattca ggcgtaagaa     23880
     attgtaactc tgacctatta ataatgattg attttattga actgtttata aaaagaagac     23940
     tatgcagtat tattttacat ttgattattt aattactgta tacttgaata cagtccaact     24000
     ccttagaaaa caacaaagct ctgttaatat tatttgtatg tttatttctt tattgaattt     24060
     atctgtttgt atattgttta tgatgttacg cactccccaa gagaatcatc ccaatctgtc     24120
     taatattaaa aactctttcc aaatagttat ttaacttatc aggtgaaatt gtattcatat     24180
     cgcgaataaa aaaatatcac aatgttagat ttttccaata tcctttagca ctaataataa     24240
     taataataat aatcataatc ataataataa taattaataa acccttcttg actgccactg     24300
     ttacagaaaa taaatcacag ctataactct ttatacccgt acataatttg tacatttact     24360
     tgtaagacat atttttacag taggatttat tttcagtagg aatcatcttt agataattaa     24420
     tatttagatc cttaatcctc aaatacattt taaatatcat ttggtactag aaggttgcaa     24480
     ctaaataaat tattgattta aaaaatctaa taaattgagc atcacagtta caaaaaaatg     24540
     tttatttata acatatgtaa gacagtaaag ttaattaacc atgtgtgatt agatatttgc     24600
     actgaaaaaa actattcttc tattgtcatt atttattata tattttttat gttacattta     24660
     atttggaaca aagcgaaaag taacatatat gttcatttaa gttttattta catgtattat     24720
     aataatacaa taacaattat ttaatcataa atatttgatt acatttattt tataaaattt     24780
     tattcattta aatttgtcag tttactgtgc gtaaagtttg tacagtatgc acacacccgc     24840
     acgcacgctc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     24900
     acacacacag ttactttaat attttaatta tcgtagtgtt ctgctttttt tcagctcagt     24960
     gtttttcatc tctgatattt gatcataatg attactagaa atggcggaga tgtggagaat     25020
     taatccacat caactgaact ctgtttactg cagaaatcaa agcttttttt tttacatttc     25080
     tgaaagtgtg aaaccctgaa tagttttttt ctctctcgtt ctcttcatct gctaattgat     25140
     ttacagcaga tctgtggatt tactgctcat gctgaacact gcttgtaacg ttccacatat     25200
     taaaatctga aattacacat acaaaaagtt catattggat gaaaacaaat atatatatat     25260
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     25320
     atatatatat atattaaaat cttttctgtg ttaaaattca tattttttaa gatcacattc     25380
     agagttttta ttattattat tattattatc atccagcagg atgtcccatc acatgttttc     25440
     aacttctcaa acttaatcac aaaaatgatt ataccttttt caccagaaaa agcagtgaat     25500
     gagttagttg tgttttgcta aaacagagac tgtgctgaac ttctctgaca gtcaaataaa     25560
     taattttcag ctcagatatg agttaatgag ttgtctttga cgaacacgcc agtaaacaca     25620
     gccaggttta ataaagtatc ttggctcaga agagcattct ttaattttgt aagtttacgt     25680
     acactcactg taacttcaca ttttcattag atataattat acatatgttc atatttatat     25740
     agagccataa aatatacagc tttagctaat atatcataac atgtacatat ttgtaatttc     25800
     aatggttaaa aagaaaaaaa agagttgaaa gcaaagtttt tagccatcca gtgaaatttt     25860
     gtgaaaatgg tcttttggtt gttgccatca ccagtttttg agtaaatatt tcttcttaaa     25920
     gagcaaaaac agctaataca gatgtttagt ggatattact atttgtttga agccatttgc     25980
     ttttatcaac gctgctaaat tttcatcaat attgcttggt tacaattttt acattacatt     26040
     gagaatttac attattcata tttatgtgca tttatctatt acactttgtt tatttattga     26100
     ctttatttat gtattttact gatatataaa aatggtttat gtatgtgaag atgggttttg     26160
     tttccaactt accctgtgtc tggttaaacc tctcctttat gacctgaatg ttgtttttga     26220
     agaccggatg tgcgccagta aagatctgag tctctctctc ccagtaatct tctcccacat     26280
     tctgtctcat ccactctgtc tttggcacag ttttcattgt gttgctgtca aagtacacaa     26340
     actgctctcc atcaaccaga ctaaccactg tgaactctgg gaaatcaatg tctccagaca     26400
     caccagtgta gaagtacctc agggagtgtg tacctgtgaa cacaaacagg gaaaattttc     26460
     tcattatttc aaaatattaa atgttctata ataagtaaaa tctattattt acataacatt     26520
     attttattgt ctactaacaa taaaatatta ctaaagcata acagtattag caatttgttg     26580
     agcatgcatt ggcgtcacgg tggggcagtg ggtagcacaa tcgcctcaca gcaacctcgc     26640
     tggttcgagc ccccggtcag ttggcatttc ggtgtggagt ttgcatgttc ttcctgtgtt     26700
     tgtgtgggtt tcctccgtgt gctctggctt cccccacagt ccaaacacat gcgctttagg     26760
     tgaattgggt aagctaaatg ggccgtagtg aatgagtgtt tcccaatgtt gggttgcggc     26820
     tggaaggaca tacgctgcat aaaacatatg ctaaataagt tttcggttca ttccgctgag     26880
     gcgaatccca gattaataaa gggactaagc cgaaaagaaa atgaatgaat gaatgtgcat     26940
     gcatttaata tcatttcgtg ttattttttt tattagaact ataataatta tttattcaga     27000
     aacattcgtt agtttgcaat agtaaggtgt tgtatttatt gttgtttgat ataatctgaa     27060
     taaaaaaatt ataataacat ttttaaaaag taattaaata attaaattga ttccaaagga     27120
     atagttcata ttaaattcat gcagttttta cagtgtaaca ttagtattca gtctaaatta     27180
     caatatgcaa tttgtattat aattgcaatt tttgaaaaat acatttttat tattgaataa     27240
     cttgagtttg taagtttgat aaattgattg taattgtaaa atatgtcatt ttaaatgtat     27300
     gcatgtatgt atttatctat tttgtattta ttattattat tattattatt gtgtctactt     27360
     attattatta tctttattaa aggactttta caagtttggt ttttactttt acaaaaaaat     27420
     tgttattcat taaaaattta tttgaattat ctttaaaacc ctattttaca tacatataag     27480
     ttaagaaagt acacagaaag atcaagggtc aaaaattact cacgttgaac taactgcgtt     27540
     taatataaac aaactaatca aaataagtat tcaatttcac tgtggcaacc cctaagccaa     27600
     aggaaaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat     27660
     gaatgaacaa atgatcattc gtgacaacat tgtttgacaa aatttagcct atgttgtcaa     27720
     aaacattata cacatttgaa ttaaatgcaa attaaataaa cttaagtggt aaaaacttta     27780
     cattaattca cacttaagtt ggtgcattta aaaatattat taattataca attaaatcgt     27840
     attatagcat attttaggta attaattgtc agttaattat gaactgccaa tgtgctgtaa     27900
     gtgccactta agtggtttaa aaaattactc gaaagtcacc actagcctat ataattaaac     27960
     tgatacattt gaaacttatt acaaattaaa agaccttaag ttacaaaaaa aatcacatta     28020
     aataaattca ttcttacgat ttgtgtgttg ttttaaaata tattatttcg ttgcaagtac     28080
     acaaaagtga tgtttcgaga gattgtatcg ccatctggtg accaaaacac ttatttattt     28140
     atttatttta cctttttaaa aataaaggat tttatgtatt tttaatataa tttgtttatg     28200
     ttctctcgat gttgttttgg ctttgaaata caattattgt aggttgttct ttattaatag     28260
     cagacagtag ctacagcgga tttaccagtt ggtcatctgt ctctgggcag aaaagcgctt     28320
     ctcaagtcag aaatgaaact gatctgacac tgcagaccag cacgcgctca agaatatagc     28380
     atacttcact ttttttagat tcaaacattc aaatcaatga acaaatgtgc ttgtttgtgt     28440
     ttaatgactg tagatattta tacagcgttt tattttttaa aagcgcatcc cttggaatac     28500
     actgcaatgt acagtcgcct tatttctcat gttttattgt tatggttaac taatattgtt     28560
     aatatgttct tgttgttttg tgcctgttat aattatcgtt acaatgtaaa ggtttttcag     28620
     tagcctaaat tattatgtca caacctaaag tagtacacaa gcatggacag gttatgttat     28680
     attttttcaa aatattaata actatttaaa tgtaaattac gtcattatac acgtttctga     28740
     cacaaacacg aaaactttct ttttcacaca tgctgttcat gtaggcctat ttgttagaca     28800
     ataactctta aaaagcagtc ataaaataaa tggcagtcta tattgtttaa taaaaataat     28860
     ctactcacca gcataagcga gatgagctcc gaggagcata agcaaaacct gctgcatctc     28920
     tggttcacct gagggaaaat gtgttcagaa aaaccgatct ggagaaatta cttaattatg     28980
     cgaccgaaag cctctgttat ttgttgtgga ctgacggagt attcctgctt aaactcctaa     29040
     tagcattcgg gttctgaaat gccaaccaat gaacatccta gaaatgctta ccgtcacagg     29100
     tttccatgag gctcttcctc ttacttgggt ttatagtgaa actgacaaca aaaaagaaat     29160
     taactgatat gtaacacata tgccttttga gaaccttttc ttatttgata tttgttttca     29220
     acttgtttta attgagtgat tgagttcggt tatacacata atttttcaca aataatgttg     29280
     tgacatattc agagcaagct gtatgttttt gtaaagtcat ctgtttaata tctctgaaac     29340
     ttaaatgaca gtagagaatg catatatggt attaaagtca acatttcact ttcacaatca     29400
     tttcatttaa aaagatagtt cacccaaatc taaaaatctt gtcattgttt actcatcctt     29460
     aacttgtttc aagcctttat gaattcctat tccgttgaac acaaaaaaaa acaatgtttc     29520
     gaagaaagct ggaaacagta agcatgtatt tgtttttttt tctcaatgat tacaggtttt     29580
     cagcttaact caaaacatat ttttttgtgt gtttaacaac ataaagaaac tcaaaggttc     29640
     gaaacaactt gagggtgtgt aaatagtgta aatgccttcc atatcaatac atttgtgaca     29700
     ctaccaatat acaaacaaaa ttgtctgttg tgttttgttt taaatgaaac tattttatgt     29760
     tcttggttaa taaattcatt cattttcttt tcggttcagt cccttaatta atctggggtc     29820
     gccacagcag aatgatccgc acacttcctc cagcattatg ttttacgcag cggatgccct     29880
     tccagctgca aaccctcact gggaaacatc catatacact ctcattcgca cacatacact     29940
     aaagctaatt tagctgaccc aattcacctg tactgcatgt ctttggactg tgggggtaac     30000
     tggagcaccc ggaggaaacc aatgctaaca cggggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa     30060
     tgccaactga cccagccgag gctcaaacca gtgaccttct tgctgagagg caaacatgct     30120
     acctactggg ccaccctgca gcccctgtta ataaatagtt attttaattt atttatgttt     30180
     tattaatttt agtgcaaaaa taaatgctct aaagtaggga aggggttatt ggggattagt     30240
     ttgaaatagt tataaataat tttatttatt attgaataat ttatttaaca aacaaaaaaa     30300
     agttataaaa atatactggt cttttaaata gctttaatag caaatccact gttacaaacc     30360
     tactgttctg cagtacagtg cattgtttta tgtacttaac tgcaccccta tagctgaatt     30420
     aaaaataaga ataatatcat atttttaata aaataaatct ataatgtatt acccgcattt     30480
     taaaaaataa attatatata gtacatatat ttatagtcta cacagatttc acttatttgt     30540
     aaagcattta aagcacactt tgataataaa atttgtgaaa attaatggtt tttcgtatac     30600
     ttgttcaagt tcactgaagc agaactaaaa tatatatatt ttaaagggta tttattaata     30660
     gtaattcgta aatacaaatg agttatatta agatgttgct aacattgaat accaggtgga     30720
     aaataactgt ttatagaata tttaaaatca ctatttatgc tttttacact ttttatgctt     30780
     tttatgaaat aagctaaacc tcattaaata cccacgagcc acttgtgact ttatttcact     30840
     ttctcattat tttctttttt aaacaatagt atttccttta tattaaatat aaatgtattt     30900
     ccaatctgat atgtaaaggg ggaaaaagaa gaatgagttc atcagacgct agatttgaac     30960
     tggataatcg cgtcaaaaca tgttgccatg tgctgtacga gctatgctgc tcatgctgct     31020
     atcttttgca ctctttagtt atatttgtgt ctgtcaatca aactgtgatg gacgtaaagt     31080
     cactcaaata gctcttgcag gtgccccgag tgcacacagg cccctgggcc agtacccata     31140
     atgcccatta attaatccgg ctctgcatat ggtgcaaata caaaccagcg tcagaatgtg     31200
     atactaaacg ataataaaaa taacaaaata aatctgttca aaatgatctc taattcacta     31260
     tgtgctttat attaaggtct gtcactggct atgagcagag atggttccag cggaggtgtg     31320
     gcctatcttg ttaccattga cagcgaaggt gtggaagaga agtgtattgt aggaaaccag     31380
     cttcctacat tttatgaccc agatattatg gagccatcca aaacagcaac agtgtgaata     31440
     caactgatgt atggtgctta tgtggtttat caataaatta cactcttttt cattgtacag     31500
     tgtttatgtt tattaatttg caacctctgg tgcacacacc aacagcctaa agaacacaga     31560
     taattgtttg acggaaaatg aaaacagctc acataagcat atattattca gaatgagaaa     31620
     atgagtcatg aaatgtaaat acaagtatga agtttgtaat ttcctgtttt tcttgaatat     31680
     tttcagataa tggagaacct tattaaagcg atagttcact aaaaatgaaa atgtattcac     31740
     tatttactca ccctcaagtg attttaaacc tttatgagtt tctttgttct gttaaacaca     31800
     aagtgaagtt tatttttaga caaatttcga gaggatcacg tgcttataat tgtccatggc     31860
     tggtcctgca ttagccaaca cacgatttac gattcctaac ttattataaa tatccagagt     31920
     ttcttacctc agtatttgtc ttgaagaatt aaccccctcc acctctactc cccctccatt     31980
     ctagattggg caacgtggca gcctagtgat tagcactgtt gcctcacagc aagaatgtca     32040
     ctggttgaaa tccctactga accagttggc atttctgtgt ggcgtttgct tgttctcccc     32100
     atgctcatgt gggtttcccc cgggttccac ccacattcca taaaactcgc aatctatgta     32160
     aattgaacac accaaattgg catcatagtc aagctctttg taagtcggtc attagccaga     32220
     atcctgttaa caggagggag ccccgggctt gaggatcttc tgagctcagg gctttctccc     32280
     aggacagcat gccaaacaag cttataatca attcaatcat cagctaagtg tgaactcttg     32340
     aaagaagata ttttgaagaa agctgaacaa aagcactgag caaaaattaa tcgcatccaa     32400
     aataaaagtt gtcctgacat atgtgtgtgt actttgtata tttgttattt ttatataaat     32460
     acaaacatgc gcgcaaatac ttgggacact ttattaatat ttagatataa aatatatgtg     32520
     tatatgatac aaatcattta tatgttcata tagctatgca aaaaagtttt gtatagtttt     32580
     gattttgtgt atgtgtgtat gtaaaaataa ttgtatatat attcgttgaa gtcagaatta     32640
     ttagtccccc tttgaatttt ctttttcttt tttaaatatc tcccaaatga tgttcagcac     32700
     agcaaggaaa tgttcacagt atgtctgata atattttttt cttctggaga aagtcttatt     32760
     tattttattt aggctagaat aaaagcattt gtcatttttt ttaaaaccat ttcaaggtaa     32820
     aaatgattag cccctttaag caattttttt ttctacattc tacagaacaa accattatac     32880
     aataacttgc ctaattaccc taacctgcct agttaaccta attaagcctt taaatgtcac     32940
     tttaagctgt atagaagtgt cttgaaaaat atctagtcaa atattattta cagtcatcgt     33000
     gaaaacttat tagaaatgag tgattaaaac tatgatgtta agaaatgtgt tgaaaaaaaa     33060
     actgctctct gttaaacaga aattgggact cttgcaactt ttgtgtgttg gctcagtgat     33120
     tttacattta gtgacataat ttcttttcat tgcctttcaa gtgaaataac tgaaaataaa     33180
     cagtatgttg agaaaaatga tcattttagg agatttcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     33240
     cacatacata tatatatata tatatatata aatatatatt gataaatttt tgcccaccac     33300
     tactgaaaaa tatttgacat ctgtaaagga aaaacaaata ctatggatgt caatggttaa     33360
     agggtttcaa aacatctttt gtgttcaacc gaacaaagaa actcatgaaa gtttaagatc     33420
     acttgagggt gagtaaacat tgagtttact tcaatttttg tctgacctat cccattaacc     33480
     taaaatctaa caatcctatt taatcatgag tatgctgcct gtttgtttta cagtttattc     33540
     ttggaaaatg actaagtcat tcctgtttaa tctccttcac aacagcctct tcttcttctg     33600
     taaagagcct ctctttcagt ttatagtaat ttcctttctt ctccatgagt tcctggtgcg     33660
     tcccttgctc cacaacctct cctttgtcga tcacgatgat ctgatctgcc ctttcaattg     33720
     tttttagtct gtgcgcgatc accagcaagg tctggttggg acgacaggca agagcttcct     33780
     gaacctagta tttaaaacaa aagcaataca tacatgtaaa aatgtcactg aaaagcttac     33840
     ttttcaatag tacaaattat ggattcacca catacatttg aataatgcta atgaataatg     33900
     cacagtacca tgcgctcgct ctgtgtgtcc aggctgctgg tgacctcgtc cattatgagc     33960
     acttgaggtt ttcttatcag agctctggcg atagcgatgc gctgcttctc acccccagag     34020
     aggagacaac cacgctctcc aacatctgaa gcacaaaaaa tacatagact gattgaaaga     34080
     tcataactca tgacttaaat cctagtctgt aaatctatgc caattttgta tgtcaaatat     34140
     ctattcagta acttttgcat ataaaggaag ttgttcatta caatagggaa ggaaagaaaa     34200
     caatatgtag aaaaatggaa aagacaccgc acatttaaga catatcttgt ttttataaaa     34260
     tacaacccaa tgtattgtgt aatttaaaaa aaagtaaaaa aaaaaaacaa agttcctcat     34320
     ggcattgccg atagcacaat aacaatggaa aaacaaaggc atagtggcac tgaatgacat     34380
     acaaaaatga ttctttataa cctttgaatt actttcccac acatataatt ttccaaaaca     34440
     taacattttc aaatatttac aaattagaca cttggttaaa gagataactc agtagacatt     34500
     ttttaaaatt ccagtcttat caccaactga aaataacatc cataataaaa ttgtattgtc     34560
     cccaagaggt attacatcta tagactactg cataattcat tcattcattt tcttttcggc     34620
     tttgtccctt tattaatccg tggttgccac agcggaatga accgccaact tatccagcat     34680
     gttttatgca gcgtatgccc ttccagctgc aaccaattac tgtgaaacac ccatacacac     34740
     tcattcacac acatacacta ctacagacaa tttagcctat ccaattcagc tgtaccacat     34800
     gtttttggac tgtggaagaa aacccacacc agcacggaga gaacatgtaa actccacaca     34860
     gaaattgcaa ctgacccagt tggggctcga accagcaacc ttcttgctaa atttaaacac     34920
     atgacaacaa tatttcgaaa cagaagtggg aggtggatct tggctacaaa tattatatgg     34980
     ttgagtggga gtcattatga acagaatgca gactactttc aaatccacta gacataaaca     35040
     aattcaattt aatataatgc attcccaaaa acatcatacg tttaatccta atatatcttc     35100
     aaaatgtcaa aggtgttgaa ggtacagttg aaggagatat gctttgaata tgctttggcg     35160
     ttgtcctatt ttgtctgatt tttggaaata tataattgac atattatcaa aagttagaga     35220
     tatccaactc agctaggatc ctagaatctg gatattaggg gacactgaac tactagatac     35280
     atctcatcat aaaaaatact ttagatttct ggctggaaca gctgggaaaa atgcattttt     35340
     attaactcga aaacatctca ctcttagggc tctattttga cggtccatgc gcagatcgca     35400
     aaacgcaggg tgcaaacgct ttcagggcat gtcagaacgc gtttttgcta atttaaggac     35460
     agtaaaatct gctttgcgcc gtggcacatg ttctaaaagg gttgagttta ttttcttaat     35520
     gagttatagg tgtgttttga gaataaacca attagagtct catctcccat ttcctttaag     35580
     acccagcagc gtcgcgccaa gagcgcattc gctatttaca ggatgcaaag taagattaag     35640
     tggaaaaaat gagcatttca caagcaaaca gttaacagtt tttttaacag aaaactgtta     35700
     aacagagcat ctactgcgtg agaatgagag ataatggaac tactttaaca ttcgctcttg     35760
     gatagggaaa cctttacgca cagacatcaa ttagtctata aataaataat tttgtttgtt     35820
     aagcgcaaat actcatttca aaactatttc taaattcagt tctaatttct agcaaactaa     35880
     taaatgaaca ataataacaa aatgtgctca aaaacctgag ttatatccta aaacacatga     35940
     tgtgccccat atggtctaaa acctgacagg tgggcaaatc taagcttgtt tttaataaaa     36000
     caaatataaa catggatata ttaaataata ctgctaataa taataacatt atacaaaagc     36060
     aaattattat gaataaactg aaaaagcctc ccgagatgaa gaagacgtcc aagcagtggt     36120
     ttttcatatt tatgtaggct agaaaataat atgttttgta atattttaat cctttatatt     36180
     tatatcctat atctattctt attatatcct atatatatcc ttaatatttt aattttttca     36240
     tatgtaaaga tatttgcctt ttgctctctt gtgcgtatta agcagtgtgt aagcgaggcg     36300
     caactctgcg ccggagttta gaccgggtta gttttggtct aatgaaaaat ctataatagt     36360
     ttctcaaaat agcaacgcgc cagcggtccg cctcagaacg cctttctttt tagaccagaa     36420
     cgcctctggg cgcacaaatg agcgctaatg caattgctat ttaaacagcg tagctcaacg     36480
     cctcaaaacg actcttgcgc caagctgaaa ctaccaaaag actattgcgc cgtgccttgc     36540
     gccacactgc gccgggtgta tgatagggcc ctaaatctac aaaacttatt ttctactgca     36600
     cagtgtcaga aaataagcaa ggacttttga aaaaatttgg gggaactttt ctggtgtatc     36660
     tacatatata tatatatcaa ttattattat gaattattag ccccctgttt attttcccca     36720
     atttctgttt aacggagaga cgattttttt caacatttct aactattcat ttattcattt     36780
     tcttttcggc ttagtccctt tattaatctg gggtcgccat agcgaaatga accgacaaat     36840
     tatccagcac atgttttaca cagcggatgc cctcccaact gcaacccgtc tctgtgcaac     36900
     atctaaacac acttataact cattcacact catacactat ggacaattta gcctactcaa     36960
     ttcacctgta tcacatgtct ttggactgtg gggaaacccc aagcaaaccc agggagaaca     37020
     tgcaaactcc acagagaaat gccaactgac ccagccaagg ctcaaaccag cgaccttctt     37080
     gctgtgaggc gacagcacta cctactgtgc cacagcgtca ccctacaatt ctaaatataa     37140
     gttttaataa ctcatttcta ataacactat taataatgcg ctgatttatt ttatctttgc     37200
     catgatgaca gtaaataata tttgactaga tatttttcaa gacaatccta tacagcttaa     37260
     agtgacgttt aaagacttaa cttggttaat taggttaact aggcaggata gggtactgta     37320
     attaggcaag ttattgtatt acgatggttt gttctataga caattgaaaa aatatatagc     37380
     ttcaaggggc taataatttt gaccttaaaa tgacttataa aaattaaaaa ctgctttcat     37440
     tctagccgaa ataaaacaaa taaaactttt tccagaagac aaaatattat cagacatact     37500
     gtgaaaattt ccttgctctg ttaaacatca tttgggaaat ataaaaaaaa aaaagaattt     37560
     taaaaggggg ctaataattc tgacttcaac tatatatata cctctatgat attgagttat     37620
     ttctttcttt ctttcaatgc tttggttaag taaaagaaaa gtctgttaat atttgcacaa     37680
     tatgctgtgc tttacatata tttgaagaaa aaaaagtaac agaagtgtag cacaaacact     37740
     ttgctcagaa atacaccccc tagatgcttg tgtgcaacat catctaatta aaacaaagca     37800
     caggcaaatc tgaggtacat ggcacatcag tgtgactgag cgcttatttc ttaggggggc     37860
     tagattgagc actgttattg ttttttaagg gggcttaaca cttagctctt tatgctctcc     37920
     tgtgaacatc gccctatact gacactgagg agaagaaact tttgaataat tgattatttt     37980
     tgttttgtgt ttattttttg ataatatcct gatataagca cagaaccatg gtctgttttc     38040
     agaatggttt ttttttggta tttttctgaa ctttgatatt ataatagtat tactaattaa     38100
     taatggtgtt agtcagggct gtcgctgtct atggaggatg aaggagctct tagatttaat     38160
     ctaaactatc ttcattagta tttcaaagat gattgaagat ctcaggggtt tggaacaaca     38220
     aggtgagttt tcatttttca ctctatatgc agcagatact ttacttaaac tccatcttac     38280
     aaggtctcaa taagataata taaaagtgct tattatattt ttatattatt tgtatattat     38340
     tatattatat tgtctgtctt aggtcatgtg tatagttaag tatgtacagt atagtatttg     38400
     catttttagg agttagcagt taggttgcca ctctggtatg tcagttgtgt atatgtttga     38460
     atatgctctt atgtccagtg ttcatatttc atgtcatgtt tatttattta gcaccgtggt     38520
     cctgcaagac atgacatttt gtttcactgt atgtccacac aagtggaatg acaagaggaa     38580
     tgacaataaa gctcgacttg acttgaaata aaaaatgacc tgaggtaaca taaactatca     38640
     acaataagtc tttaacaaca atagtctgca acagaactct gtagtaaaat tttgttaaca     38700
     cattaagtaa cgtttactac taggaacttg ttcaacaatt tttcaggttt acctgcatca     38760
     tatttttttt ctagtcgaca gatgaagtca tgagcgttgg cttctctggc tgcatcctcc     38820
     acctttttct gatcacagtc agtcaaaccg taagctatgt tgtccctgat ggagccagaa     38880
     aaaagcacag ggtcctgacc caccatggcc acctatggga caaaaaaaga gtcaaatgat     38940
     tccacaatga agatgcaaat taaacgctaa gatgatttaa cagcaaaaaa ttactctaac     39000
     tttctggtgc agatatttgt gttggtagtt ctgcagtggt tgtccgtcta acagaatgtg     39060
     cccctgctgc ggctggtaga atctctccag cagactcaca caggtgcttt tcccgccacc     39120
     ggacattccc accagagctg tcatttgacc cggcttcagt tccacagaga agttctgaaa     39180
     aaaagtaatt acacatatga atgttttaaa aaatattcac aatgaacctg aatatgaata     39240
     tacagttaca gatattagcc ctcatgtgaa atgtagtttt tgtttttcaa tgtttccaag     39300
     tgctgctgtt taaaggtccc gtgaaatact ttcgaaatgt gaattttttt attcgatgtt     39360
     tgaagtaatc tcaaaaaaaa aattaagagg gcgggacaaa gagtagcctc tcctttttaa     39420
     aaaaaacagc cagtagagtt ttgttttatc accgctctgc cagtaagagt ggttgagctc     39480
     aagctcatca aatgaaaagt tttaaaggga gtggggcatg tcatttgatt ggtcaaaatc     39540
     aaatgagaaa ctgaagtatg aggtgacatg aaaaaaaacc ttaatcaatt tgatatcttc     39600
     tgaaccagaa ttttgtcctt acaaccatta gattgaaatt aacatctaaa tcttttatat     39660
     tttaacttca agggacgttt tacagagagt taatttttgc aacacatttt taaacataat     39720
     tgttttattt actgttttct aataactact ttattgtgtc tttgccctga agccagtaca     39780
     taatatttga ctaattgtat tgcatgaaat tagtattcag cccgcaattt aaaagcttaa     39840
     cctaattagg ttacagcaac taagcaagtt agattaataa agaaagtcat tggacaactg     39900
     tggttggttc tgtagccaac tggggggaaa attatgctga tagggctaat aatattgacc     39960
     ataaccatgt ccaaaccaaa caaaaaagaa ataattcttt cctcaaaaga aaaacatagt     40020
     aaataatact ataaaaattt tatttgttgc aaatttggtt agaaaatttt cacaggcggg     40080
     taaataattt tagaaatgtt tagccctcct gttttagttc agaattatta gacctcctgt     40140
     tattttaaaa ttcttttact tttttcccta ataaccgcta aatcaagaga tttttcaaca     40200
     aatttctaaa cataatagtt ttattaactc atttctaata actgatttat tttatccttg     40260
     ccgtaatgag agcatataat atttgactaa atatttttca tactagtatt tagcttaaag     40320
     tgacattaaa agtcaatcaa aaaaatattg cttaagggag ctaataatat tgatcttaaa     40380
     atggtttaaa aaaaataaaa actgctttta ttctagctaa aataaatcaa atgagacttt     40440
     ctacagaaga aacaatatta ttaatattat tcacaagagg gcaacttcat tcattcattt     40500
     ttttttctgt ttagtccctt tattaatcaa gcagtcgcca cagcagaatg aaccgctaac     40560
     ttatccagaa tatgttttac aaagcagatg ctcttccagc tgcaaccaat cactgggaaa     40620
     catccataca ctctcattca cactcataca ctatggacaa tttagcctac ccaattcatc     40680
     tgtaccacat gtctttggac ttgtggggga aaccggagca cccggagaaa acccacgcaa     40740
     acacagagag aacatgcaaa ctccaacaga aaagccaact gacccagccg agatttgaac     40800
     cagaaaccta ctattgtttt aagagtcctg ttccactttt tccagtgagc tcgcgtgcac     40860
     tctccacgcg tcatgaaata tttgaaataa caaacttctt gagctgatga taataacgtg     40920
     ctcatgatta ttgaattgct tctgacatcc gatcctttga gaaacggaca aacgcgaggg     40980
     tgaagcacga aaaaacaaat gagaaaccca aaaaaacaaa gaagcaaagg attctttcag     41040
     caacctaaaa gttgaacaaa ctgccttgtt taactaatat catcatcttt tggactatta     41100
     tgaactggaa atgatggaat tactttctaa caagaggtta catgtgatta aaaattaaag     41160
     acacagatga gaggtttgcg ctgactgtgg gctatgttgc gtgtggtttt tgaagccaaa     41220
     taaggactaa atgtatgctg tgtgtagttt tactgtaatt gatagcatat tagagactgt     41280
     aagagtctgt atgtttatat atatatatat atgttgcatt tatttattta tttattttat     41340
     ataattgccg acattacagt aggctatttc acactatcag tgatctttaa gtggacatca     41400
     gtaatcaaat tatttgctgt aatctaatta aaagaataat gagactaagg tgtttacatg     41460
     agttgctttt tgagtgttcg tttcatgatg ccgttttaca tgttatagaa cataattcga     41520
     ttaacgtcat agcttcaccg tgctatccgc atttccttcg gagttccatg caatttcgag     41580
     tgtttcattt ttaatttgtg gactttaact gcagtttggc acttttactt ttattcacga     41640
     aactttcatg catgccttcc gtgacaaaga gatattggat ccaactatga actgctggaa     41700
     gtgttgtttg ttttaattga agttcatact gcatgctgaa tggaagaaaa aaacccttcg     41760
     gatttcacga tgcaggtgtc tgtggtgtgc acagactggg taggtgcaaa gagtgtcaaa     41820
     cagtcatgtg tgtgtgtgcg gactatcctg tagcaaaacg ctgcgaaaag tcctgcatga     41880
     cgataatact tcgttaaagg tgtttacatg cctgtacttc acttcaataa agcgactaaa     41940
     atctgcatac tccacacgtc ttaactcgat ttctctttag ttcaattaag accttaatct     42000
     gattaaatta atcaaaaatc tctgtttaca tggtagactc tttatcagag tattaactta     42060
     atcgcattat taatcgaatt gttggtgtcc atgtacacat aaacattgat gtagagttat     42120
     aatcaaatca tgttcataaa aaggttagta atgaacattt aacacaatta attatgtgta     42180
     taaagcatct gtttgagagc agtgcttctc atatgatatg tgaacgacca gtaaagcttt     42240
     actttgacaa tttctcgagc gacaatgacg tcgtctggta cccttatgac agtggaaaaa     42300
     ggggaccaga caatgttgcc attggtaccc ttttggcagt ggaaacgcaa gcctgataaa     42360
     ggtgagctgt actgacccgt actgtatcgt actgtaccac tcagtggaaa tgagccaata     42420
     tagacactaa gacaagtgtg ccgctataaa tgcagcaaaa ggtggacata ccttcttgaa     42480
     atctaaaata ataacttctg ttctgtaaaa tgctaaagtt taactcaaac catgtgtgga     42540
     aacttagttc cttataaagc tccttattat gccaccaaga ctgatcacaa cggggtgatt     42600
     gtaagagtaa aaggtttaag tacaatccat ttttgcacta ttggagtgta ataaactgat     42660
     ttaatttaat ttcactttgt ggttttacaa attgatggtt gctttggtga gagcaacctt     42720
     ctacatgttt aatcaacaat atgaaatcaa atcatgtttt agaggcaaaa aagttcaata     42780
     tttccagatc tgtcacttgt tctggtgatt ttggccactc tatgtggtat attaatacta     42840
     aacattcagt gtttgttgta ccttgagggc tggttgatca ggtcgagttg ggtagaagaa     42900
     ggtgacattg ttaaagtgga cttgtccagc aagggtttca gggtgaaggg ttccatccgt     42960
     gtccactagc ggctttctgt ccagatactc gaaaacttta gcggccgctc caacagagtt     43020
     aagcatgttg gaatacatgt agacaagtga ctgaaaaaaa agacacatca taattttaat     43080
     tattgcacag ttgtatgcaa aatctaaaaa cagtcttata tctgcagtgt agttaggggt     43140
     gtacaatagc atcatatatc acaaagtgcg catccacact agtcacattg caagatatgc     43200
     aatgttgagt ctgaattata gttgaccaag acccacagaa ttatatttaa ttactgtatt     43260
     tatatgaaat tcatacaatt tgtgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatttttct gatttagaat     43320
     ttttgtcatt tctattccaa atatttcaag gtgaaaacta aattatttta ttaggcaaat     43380
     aatttagttt gttttaagga aaaactctta attttgcctt aattcttcag aagttcataa     43440
     caaaacaaat tttttatgcg atctagaatt attttttttt agatatttgg actagaaacg     43500
     agacaaagca aagtaagaaa agcattgcga ttatttattt tctgtaccta aatactgtta     43560
     gactccccag taaaccataa aacagtgcta ttcaagctat attgtgaatc tatattcata     43620
     tcacaatttc attcattatt ttttccttca gctcagtctt ttatttcata tcgcaatatc     43680
     tgccacagaa aaataaaata ttgtaatacc agatttttca aatatcgcgc agccctaatt     43740
     gtagtactag cagagcagtt cccataatac gatactttta aataattaaa ttctgggtac     43800
     agttgtgtac aatttaggct gatatgtaat ccacaaaaat tgtcaatgaa atgtttttga     43860
     ttttaatttt gcattctgaa agtgaaactc aaatttgact taaaaaacaa gtcacatcac     43920
     tgaatgcact aagaaagaga acaaaataat gaacaaaccc tgatgtatga tcccaggtcg     43980
     ccctggtaaa ggatgaagga cacaaggttg cctgtactca tggatcctga tttgatgaac     44040
     tgacgaccgt agtacagcat cagaacttga attcccaatg acatcagctg ttcatacatg     44100
     aaatacagtt acataaagat taatggcaca cgatgagact aatgatataa aaaatataaa     44160
     ctcaccggcc actttattag gtacacctgt ccaactgctt gttaacgaaa atttctaatc     44220
     agccaatctc atgtagacat ggtcaagacg atctgctgca gttcaaatcg tgcatcagaa     44280
     tggggaacaa aggggattaa agtgactttg aacggggcat ggttgttggt gccagacggg     44340
     ctggtctgag tatttcagaa actgctgctc tactgggatt ttcatgcaca accatctcca     44400
     gggtttacag agaatggtcc gaaaaagaga aaatatccag taagctgcag ttctgtgggc     44460
     acaaatgcct tgttgatgtc agtggtcaga ggagaattgt cagactggtt cgaactgata     44520
     gaaaagcaac agtaactcaa ataagcactc gctacaaccg agatatgtag aagagcatct     44580
     ctgaacacac aacacgtcca ttgttgaggc ggatgtgcta ctggacaact actggagata     44640
     ttttcttggc acactttggg ccctttaata ccaattgagc attgtgtcaa cgtcacagct     44700
     tacctgagta ttgttgctga ccatgtccat ccctttatga ccacagtgta cccatcttct     44760
     gatggctact tccagcagga taacacatca tgtcataaag cgtgaatcat ctcagactgg     44820
     tttcttgaac atgacaatga ttttactgta ctcaaatggc ctccacagtc accagatctc     44880
     aatccaatag agcacctttg ggatgcggtg gaatgggaga tttgcatcat ggatgtgcag     44940
     ccaacaaatc tgcagcaact gtgtgatgct atcatgtcaa tatggactaa aatctctgag     45000
     gaatatttcc agtacctttt tgaatctatg taacaagatt caccacagtt ctgaaggtaa     45060
     aatgggtcca acaaggtgcc agtaaggtgt acctaataaa gtggccgggt agtatatata     45120
     atttagaata gagaatggga ttttatgtca cgtcacattg catggtgtag agtttgctta     45180
     ttaagaggtg cattctggaa cagacattgt aaacaatgta aacagacatt aaacaaaaaa     45240
     acgatatata ttaatctata taattttaaa gttatttaga gtaattagta taaaacagac     45300
     taccattaaa atctacataa cttttaccat ctatatattt atgctataac aaaaaagtaa     45360
     aaacattgct aaatcttgaa cccttatatc gtataagtgt aacttatatc atatgtgtat     45420
     tatatcggaa ggacagtcaa acagaggagt ttaacaaaat aaaataaatt atatgcaatt     45480
     agtacaaaca catgaataat gatattcaag atgcaatttc ctatgtttgt ggtctattac     45540
     aatattaaac aaatctgcct tttttggttt taatcattta aaatgtttta cctcacaacg     45600
     ttaaactttc actcttggct gatttccatt gtgttgcttc catgttagaa aaaggacagt     45660
     gagcatggct caagcaattg atgaatcagc aatagttgat cattactatg cattcttata     45720
     ttgaatatta caaacataat gcaataaaaa gtcaaaattc actgcattgc attgtgaaca     45780
     tgtttgcatg ctttaaagtt tttcgcaaaa tgtaagataa acaatgtcga gtttgtgata     45840
     tttgcttaga aatcgtgtct tttacaactg taataagata agcctgttgc aacaagttga     45900
     cactgtattt cacagttaac cccagggcta tgaataattt tgtgtaaaaa aatgtaactt     45960
     gttcaaacta cctaattaaa ataagctgaa aaaacacaat tcttgatgtt tcattgagac     46020
     aacttaattt ttttatgttc aatccacata gttttgttga aagtgttaag ttaacttgat     46080
     ttgtgttgag acaccatgaa tgaattgtgt ggaaccctgc attttttaca gtgtgtaata     46140
     gtaaaattaa attgtatatg gataaaacac ccacccgtcg cactaatagg tagactgccc     46200
     tcacggtatc tcgttgagtc ttcaggttat gagtgtcatt cagtcgctcg tcataacgtc     46260
     cagcttcact gggctccatg ctgaaactgc gcacagtcct cacacctgcg acagcttctc     46320
     ctgctgtctc attggctcgg gccacagagt cctgtacttc tttggataat ttctgcacaa     46380
     caaaatgaga gaaatacaat tagcttgttg gctcaaaatc atgggaaaca cgttaatgat     46440
     gttcagcaca atggtgcagt aggtttcaca tactgttaca ccactttcat atagagagat     46500
     ataaatggta atttaccaca acaacttaag ctgttttata aaacaatcct tgattctggt     46560
     tggttagtct tgttgaaagt agagtaaatt actctacaaa catacaattt tgagtgttga     46620
     taggcaacca tcccactatc aatacaatat acagtcacaa ataaaggtac agaatctgta     46680
     actggagtgg tgccttttgt agtggatatt ttttagggaa cacttttgta catctgaggt     46740
     tcacttcttt acctttaagt tactctgacg tacacatttg tacttttagg tattaaaatt     46800
     tacctttaag gacctgttag gaacaaaaat gtaccttatg ataaagtacc gccccagtga     46860
     cagattatga acctttatat ctgagagtgt actgacccag caggcacagg acatcaatat     46920
     gacgtcagat tgtagaaatg tcggacagac attgaatttt ggttattttt caatgcaacc     46980
     taaaaataat aaaatattgg cctctaatga tgctacaact tgacgttgtg tggatgttat     47040
     gttatgacgt ttattagacg ctggattttg gttgccatac ctaacaaata aatgtcagta     47100
     tacgtcaata tgacattggt ttaagatcag tttaagctcg atgttggatt ttggtcactt     47160
     tccaacacaa cctgaaatca acaaaatatc aacgtctttt caagtcatta ttggatgcca     47220
     aaataacatt gtccaagcta gtgaccaaaa tcgaacctaa tattaacgtc tgctggggag     47280
     ccatagaaac ttcaactaaa cagactaaaa gagaggtgaa gaacatggga agaactcttc     47340
     aggttttaga gggttctttg tacaacagtg gtactataca accaccccaa aggactgtaa     47400
     aagaaccttt ttttagtgtg tactagtgac aagaaagttc tctttgaagg tacggaatta     47460
     gataaagatc ttaaatttgt taactaaatc aatttgaaat acattgaaaa aaaacactta     47520
     ttttttcaaa ttgctgtttg ttcaaaccat gtatttaaaa tgagcgaaaa caacacgatt     47580
     cttgagtttt tttgggagca actataaatg ttttatattc agtccattta aatttataag     47640
     ataagcttgt tgataagcaa tgaatcaatt gtgtggaacc caacctgttt tacagtg        47697