EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL672166; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 74692 BP.
AC   AL672166;
DT   18-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   04-MAY-2006 (Rel. 87, Last updated, Version 18)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone XX-134G18
KW   activator of transcription; HTG; signal transducer; STAT1.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-74692
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2006) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; f891a7d61a1f452aba38a657efc5dcad.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000040730; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000076182; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000000280; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000059667; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000114822; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000145674; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   XX-134G18 is from a Incyte Zebrafish AB BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..74692
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Incyte-BAC"
FT                   /clone="XX-134G18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: XX-134G18"
FT   CDS             complement(<2232..2359)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY134G18.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001698"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O93598 Tr:Q8JFU8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW21"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001217"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013799"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW21"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-23"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58777.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<2232..2359,3289..3356))
FT                   /locus_tag="bY134G18.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW422900.1 Em:BM777493.1"
FT   misc_feature    10432..10626
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone XX-178P11
FT                   (AL672163). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   CDS             complement(join(16830..17026,19132..19268,20218..20312,
FT                   20424..20476,21628..21763,21907..22005,23071..23154,
FT                   23343..23387,25601..25691,30758..30817,30935..31027,
FT                   33304..33462,36448..36577,36829..36918,39896..39974,
FT                   40076..40168,44717..44815,49179..49314,50746..50873))
FT                   /locus_tag="bY134G18.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001697"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal
FT                   transduction and activation of transcription 1 (STAT1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O13131 Tr:O13132 Tr:O93598
FT                   Tr:Q90Y15 Tr:Q9QXK0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW20"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000980"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001217"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008967"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012345"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013799"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013800"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013801"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015988"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW20"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD52132.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(16830..17026,19132..19268,20218..20312,
FT                   20424..20476,21628..21763,21907..22005,23071..23154,
FT                   23343..23387,25601..25691,30758..30817,30935..31027,
FT                   33304..33462,36448..36577,36829..36918,39896..39974,
FT                   40076..40168,44717..44815,49179..49314,50746..50880,
FT                   54118..54401))
FT                   /locus_tag="bY134G18.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal
FT                   transduction and activation of transcription 1 (STAT1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW076798 Em:AW184090 Em:BG934698
FT                   Em:BG936345"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF307107"
FT   misc_feature    54770..54827
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   mRNA            join(57681..57874,60193..60322,62981..63046,63126..63225,
FT                   63884..64008,66439..66509,68782..68898,69831..69919,
FT                   70010..70168,72558..72673,72934..>73109)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY134G18.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA067762 Em:BB673492 Em:BF157307
FT                   Em:BF157616 Em:BI876596 Em:BI890026 Em:BM035761 Em:BM082987
FT                   Em:BM184463"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK010772"
FT   CDS             join(57789..57874,60193..60322,62981..63046,63126..63225,
FT                   63884..64008,66439..66509,68782..68898,69831..69919,
FT                   70010..70168,72558..72673,72934..>73109)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY134G18.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001696"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9CRF5 Tr:Q9H9U5 Tr:Q9H9V8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZVR1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011047"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019775"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q7ZVR1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD52133.1"
FT                   FLKLWAFDETTQ"
FT   misc_feature    72693
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: XX-68F21"
FT   mRNA            join(<72933..73109,complement(AL593852.6:1068..1177),
FT                   complement(AL593852.6:<772..952))
FT                   /locus_tag="bY68F21.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG728899"
FT   CDS             join(<72933..73109,complement(AL593852.6:1068..1177),
FT                   complement(AL593852.6:<772..952))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="bY68F21.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001548"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Q99KP5 Tr:Q9CRF5 Tr:Q9H8U8
FT                   Tr:Q9H9U5 Tr:Q9H9V8 Tr:Q9UIX2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFV1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK03589.1"
SQ   Sequence 74692 BP; 24375 A; 12695 C; 12886 G; 24736 T; 0 other;
     aagcttgttt ttaataaaac aaatataaat atgcaggggc gatttaagga ttttcatttt        60
     aggggggctg agctccttat aaggtaaaaa aattgatata tacataaagc ctaatattac       120
     atttataagt agtaatttaa tagtaataca cttaaaaatg tttgtttaat aagggttgta       180
     tactattatt ccattgtatt acatagacag gcatagccac attgagttct gagcaagcca       240
     agtaggctca acccacctgt ttactgtagt aaaaaacact ttctatattc gagtgcattt       300
     gttgtgcatt tcaggtattc aataaataaa ctgccacttt tctaattaaa tgacaaacat       360
     aatattctaa ttcacatatt tctaatgcac atatttcagg atctgaatga taataaataa       420
     gaagtattca tttagtacta gacaacactt gatgtttctg tttctgtcag tgactgtcac       480
     agttaaaacg agtacattct caaagtgctt ctgtcactgt gtttaatgct ttttgtgcaa       540
     gactgtatgg tatagttaat gccacacgaa ctgtaaagtg tttttattgg tagttcattt       600
     tgaaataaaa attgtgaaat gttcgttaag agttactttt ttcgctggag gaaacagttg       660
     tgctaatgag gtgaacacag agaaaacccg actgctcctc catgacactg ggatacagat       720
     gatacaaggt tatctatatc aaagaactgc taataagcag acattataac accttgttct       780
     ctcgacgtcc acggctgtgg tttgctgatc aaatgaaaag agaaaagaag gggaggagcg       840
     gaattctgcc actgttttca tatcaaattt aaaggtgact gaggcaataa ttgattgtac       900
     agttcatgag ctaatcgcaa aagttttagg ggggctgagt agaaatgtag gggggctaca       960
     gcccccctaa aataggccta gcaacaccca tgtaaatatt tatataataa ataatactgc      1020
     taataataat aacattacac aaaagcaaat tgtaatgaat aaactaaaaa agagatgaag      1080
     aaggcatgaa agtatggttt ttatatttat gtaggctaga aaagaatatt ttttgttata      1140
     ttttaatcct taaattcttt ttcatttgta atgatatttg tgtattgctg tacaccttgt      1200
     atatattaag caatgtgtca gcgaggcgca caactaacct gctctgcgct ggactttaga      1260
     cctgctttga tctggtttat tgaacagaca attttaattc tgtcacggtt gcaggtttgt      1320
     gcgccttccg gagtgtctgt ttggtcacgt gggttttgtt ttggttgtgc acgtgtattg      1380
     gttatagtca cgtgctatga ctatactctc tgttttgatt agctcaccag ctgaggctta      1440
     ctatcgtgcc tatatctggg cgacgcttct atgtttcttt gtcagttcgt tgtgtttgct      1500
     cgtgtgtctg tctgtgctta ggactgtgag gaggaccccg tacgtctgtc tgtttcctac      1560
     cctgttttcc cagttgtcct tgcacacgca tactgccctg ttggtttgtt ttgactgcat      1620
     caaataaaca cgttacttgc atttggatcc ttctctaaat cttgtttgat tgtgacaaat      1680
     tccttaaaat agcaacgtgc cttaatacac ttggtttttt agaccagaat gcctatgagc      1740
     gctaatgcat ttgttattta aataacgtgg tgcaaaacgt caaaatgact cttgcaccat      1800
     gcagaaatta gcaaacaacc tttgagtcgc gccttgcgcc tcattgcacc gggtgtatga      1860
     tagggcccaa agtgttgacc tgctttactg tgaaaaaaaa aacatttatt tacactatat      1920
     cgccgaccct gtctacttct tcccacaaca agaccgattt gtcacagcgg tgtttaaatg      1980
     tctgtactgc acttcaacaa tgcgactaaa atcagcatac tccacatgtc ttaattccat      2040
     ttctgtttag tttgattatg actttaatca gattaaatta atcaaaaatc actgtttact      2100
     cttaattaaa gaattgtcct aattgtccgg attattggtg tccatgtaaa catgctcttt      2160
     gtctcaaaat gatgatgatt ggtagcaatt tattatgcaa aaaatgttta atcattattt      2220
     taaaatctca ccagtcatga ctctcaatcc agtgacatag atattgtcgg atctccattg      2280
     ggaaagcctc atcgtaaagc tggtccactt gctccaaata cattgagtcc agcagctgca      2340
     gctggttcca gagcgtcatc tgcaaacata aaattgcaac ccgttatgca accctctctg      2400
     cgttgacatt tctcaccaag caccttgttt tatgaaatta ttactttagt tattattgct      2460
     tttattatta tttccattaa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataacagt      2520
     aataataata ataataataa aataatatta gagagatttt taaaggatca tggaactcta      2580
     aagactggag taatgaagct ggaaattcat cattaaaatc actggaataa acgattatat      2640
     taaatgacaa actacttttg aacagttatt ttatagtgca ataacatttc acaattttac      2700
     ttttcgtact gtatttttga ttaaataaat acagccttgg tgagcaggag aagcttattt      2760
     taaaacattt aaaaatcctg ctgaccccaa acttttgacc agttgtgaat ataaatacat      2820
     atatacattt ttcacaataa atgggacttt tataaaatat ttgttatttt aattaataat      2880
     ttaatgaaaa gtagttataa ctttacaatt taaaatgttt gatttatttt taactcattg      2940
     taaattgtaa aaagtttaat agccatcaag cccatgcata taaaatcttt tgcataaaag      3000
     tcatgcagat atgatcaaaa gatatgagaa aatgaaatag ccgtctacag cagaaaatta      3060
     ttttaagaga tccataaagc ttctaatcta tgcaattaat ttacttattt aaaacgtttt      3120
     cattttctaa aatgtatgaa atgaaattac aaattacatg atatgacatt cactaatatt      3180
     tcattacatt ataaacaaaa agctgcttta cgtggcattt cattatctcc agctttccca      3240
     tagcattttg catgaacaaa ctcatataaa acgcataaca tgtattacct ttcaacgtgg      3300
     acgtttagtc aagtcactaa aggagtgtat ctcaggataa gcagacaaaa tacgcgtaga      3360
     ctaaactgtc tgcttcagcc ttttattctc ctcagtgact tcgtaattat agaatactca      3420
     cagaggtgca tgtcacatta acttctcagg ccaatggtaa cgctttaact gtcatattta      3480
     aatacaccag cgatgacaac caatcacgtt ctgatgcgta cagtaaaagc acgcccccta      3540
     gccaatggct gttccaggga agcgcatccc tccctttact ctcacactca atacagaata      3600
     ggaactgata agagaacaga aactcagcga aacacaagga tgttgttatg ccttttgatg      3660
     gacggatact aatacttcat aataagatga taacatttca ttatttattt ctaaagatac      3720
     ataagaatag ctatatgatc aataaaacgc gtacggaaca gaaagttcat gctgagatgc      3780
     ttgttgtcag ggggaggtta cgaaactcat agcacagcca ctagccatcg ggtaagcaca      3840
     cgctttccga gaaaacgaga gttaaaatca aatgctggaa agaaacagaa acgaaacttg      3900
     gatttgtcaa ttccatgtta tgtttctgca caccactggg tgaaggagtc ctaataaata      3960
     ccaaactgta taaatttaat aacactattt cacttaaatg ctcattttat actcaatata      4020
     acaaaacact aaatctttta tttcgggagt gtacttactg taaagtgttt tggtttgact      4080
     tttccaattt cattaaattc ttactccaaa cttgtgtata tcccccaaaa attatattct      4140
     ttggttactt tgtacttaga tcattctctt tgtaaaggta ctattagttc attgcttttt      4200
     ctagctaaat tttatatcta taaatgtaca ttttcaaaga aacatccttt ttttattatt      4260
     aggaaggatt ctgatgtata cgtgaaatac ttaaacttga ataattatat tgcatttctt      4320
     ggtgtaaaac atttaaactt ttagactctt gttttctctc tttgttcata ttgtatcttt      4380
     gtaaatgtta aatgttctta aatgtaatct agcacagacg attattctgg taagatttta      4440
     cttttagctt gaaacaaagt accaagatag aactgcaact caaagttaag tatattttat      4500
     tatgaagact caatctcaat attttgtata ttgtctttat ttataattca ttattcataa      4560
     gtgtaaatgg gaaataaata acctagtttt acttattaat tactaccttt gtacataaaa      4620
     aaacaagaaa taaaaaagtg aaaaaagttt caaacgtatt atcttaaatg atttgttact      4680
     atttacacca aaatttgaga atggatgtct tgttgtaaat tatattttta ttacttacta      4740
     ctttttctat gttttccttt cattgaatta ttgtaggcta ctctttttgt gctattgccc      4800
     ttgtacaata cctgacaaat ttttgtcatc aattccattt gtaagagcaa caaataataa      4860
     cttgattttt ctgataaatc gtctgtcgaa ctgcatccca atcatcacaa atactgcaga      4920
     aaacctattg gaacttgcat ggacccaaga ttctcacaca aatcagttgg aaggaaaatc      4980
     atggttcagg gttacattca gtattaaggc gtgcgagaga tctgcagagt ggatggcaac      5040
     atcaacagac tgaggtatca agacatttgt gctgcccatc acattaaaaa ccacaggaaa      5100
     gggcaaattc ttcagcagga tagcgctcct tctcatactt cagcctccac atcaaagttc      5160
     ctgaaagcaa aaaaggtcaa cgtgctccag gattggccag cccagtcacc agaaatgaac      5220
     attattgagc atgtttggta taagatggag gagacattga atatgaatcc aaaaaatttt      5280
     gatgaactct aggagtcctg caagaacgtt tctttgccat tccagatgac tttattaaca      5340
     cgttatttga gtcattgtag agatgtgtgg atgcagtcct tcaagctcat ggtagtcata      5400
     cacaatattc attctttttc cactgcatca tgactatata ttctatactg tacattattt      5460
     ctgttaagtg acaagacttt tgtctaagca atgtcagacc ttactgtcct aattaaataa      5520
     ttgaaaatca agacatgatc acgttttatt ttggtaaaat aatcataatc tagaggcctt      5580
     tgcctttcat ataagccact tctgatacca aatgatcaac tagaggtcaa attattgttt      5640
     gtcgtttcta aaacttggat aggcaacaag acttttgtca ggtagtgtat tttctttgtt      5700
     atgcaaattg caataaaaaa tgtaagaagc acaaagaaac agagccacat gatgcttgtt      5760
     tcacttaaag agatagttca accaaaaatg gaaatattta ctctgccttt aggttatttt      5820
     aaacctttat gggtttcttg cttctgttaa acatagaaga aggtattttg aagaaagctg      5880
     gaattctgta accattgact gagagtaaat agtgagtaag ttttcatatt tgggtgaact      5940
     gttcctttca tgagagatga tggtctgtca tgtggttatc tattcaaact tttaattaat      6000
     gaacgtttgt gctgtagtct aagaaaatag atttactgta tgtgtcgcac atttcttata      6060
     acttttagaa aacagctttt ccaagtaaac gaaaccaacc aatatcacaa aatcctttgc      6120
     taatatttac tgatggttgc agtgttgttt acccagcatt atttatgtcc tggaggttga      6180
     tgatatcgag aaggaactgg aacaggtcaa aaaaagaact gagaaagaac tagggtcctt      6240
     tgttatgtgt cagacactgt taaagacttt ctgtgttgtc ttctttgatt ctgtaacctg      6300
     ctggggaggt gaactgttga aaagaggaga aaaagtaatt gaataagctt ttaaaaaggg      6360
     caggttctgt tgtggggtgt gtactaccca ctatagaaga gattgcacat gtgcaagctc      6420
     gtttagctca agatgaattc agccccggtg ttacagggaa caacacagga agtcattttt      6480
     accaacggta atcagattgt ataaccaaaa tcatactaga tgaatgatgt ggaattgtaa      6540
     tagcataata ctgtatatat ggactagtgt ctactatgga ctagttgttt gaaaataaga      6600
     tgtgcagtat gaatgtcatt ttattaatat tgttgtttca tacagttgaa gtccgaatta      6660
     tttgctccct tgaattatta gcccccctgt ttctttttcc ccctaatttc tgtttaaccg      6720
     ctgatttttt tcaacacatt tctaagcata atagttttaa caactcattt cttataattg      6780
     atttatttaa tctttaccat gatgacagta actaatattt tactatatat ttttcaagac      6840
     acctctataa agcttaaagt gacatttaaa ggtttaaata ggttaactag gttaactaac      6900
     aaaggtttgt tctgtagact atcgaaaaaa aatagcttaa atgggctgat aattttgttc      6960
     ttaaaatgtc tttaaaaatg ttaaaatgtt atcaaacata ctgtgacaat ttccttgctc      7020
     tgttaagcaa catttgggaa atatttaaaa aataaaatca aaggggggct aataattcgg      7080
     attcggcttt caactgtatg taatttattt tatttatctg attgtatcga gagatttgct      7140
     gtgatgtgat ttctctttgg tattaataaa gtctaaacaa acaacgtaca aacaagaaaa      7200
     gaaagcaagt tttgtacttt attagtcatt ttacacagat atcacactca taaataatat      7260
     cagcaatgac atatttttgc gaagctttgg gcctttattg atgtaaagac actgtgtaac      7320
     attgttatct gttttgttga ctttacatta acccaaatgt ttcaatcaat gttcaaaccc      7380
     agagaaagaa gtaattttaa tgagtagcat ggactgtgtt tttgtgacca tgcttataac      7440
     atcacacacc ctcaatttct ggtttagttt aaagaaaaag gaaacaccaa agaagcttca      7500
     atgtgttgtg caatttatta gattgcatta taacagaact ctaaaatgta tttaatataa      7560
     taaaactctt ccccacataa tcttgtcaga aagaaatgga aacggtgagt tgtggcatga      7620
     taaaagctat gctgctttca agagttctta gacatgctta gcgtttatag caggtttggc      7680
     aagctgacct tggagagaac cctgagctcg gagatacatg agcccaaggc ttctgcccag      7740
     tcaataagca tatatggaga tccgagatca gctaggtctc gaaagctccc ccttagaaaa      7800
     ggaaggaaaa ggaggagatg gggtggaagg ggggattcta ccaaaacaaa gacatagcag      7860
     taggtagaaa acgatccaat atagtaagct tggatcactc agattggatt attactgatt      7920
     gctgatgaga agccatatca ggtgctcctc ttgaagttag ttcgatgttg gttgaaaatg      7980
     aaactttgta ccatgtcaca ctcgtctctc atcaacaatt ttttcattgc tcttgtttca      8040
     ttttgacagc tttcagccgt actcagcttc acattacaat gataataagc tactttatga      8100
     acatgatttc tgcaggagtc ccgatgcaag aatgcatcga tgcagacttg agcgtaaaac      8160
     tcactcgaga agtccccgaa gtcattgtgg ctgattaaag gaggtgtgaa gcgcagcatt      8220
     caattcctgt ttattattaa agtttaggga tacaacttat ttcagttatt atccctaaat      8280
     gagacggtga aagtaaacat tcacaataaa aatcttaatt aatggtgttt atttgctgaa      8340
     attcatgtta gaatctgttt catttgtatt gtgcaatgta tatttgtaag gtttttgtgc      8400
     atctcataca ttgaaaaggg ggaaaacaat aaatcgttgt atgaatgctg taatgtttaa      8460
     atagtattcc tttaaaaaat gcgtgaaggt catgtgacca tcagtaagaa gcagcatctc      8520
     atttctcaga gcagcgtgtt ctgttcttgc agccttctga ggtagactgg caggaccagt      8580
     cttcacagaa atgcaattct gttctcagca ttcttggaat tgagaaacag ccttaatctt      8640
     gtcatcgtca aactatgcct ttgtttgttg tgaatatgtg ccctctagtg gtgcaaatta      8700
     cataaggatc ttctaaggat ttatgtgttt cagaattaat ttagtttaaa ttgcactacc      8760
     tcactctcta gccatttgat tagatacacc tgtttatctg ctcttcaatg catcagattt      8820
     ctccaaccca atgcaacaaa taaacaagca tcagaatggg gggaaattat gatttaatgg      8880
     gtcatgttca cccaatgaaa atgaaaattt tctcatgatt tactcatgcg ccactcaaac      8940
     tgattgagtt tatttcttcc gataaacaca aaagaagata ttaggatgtt ggaaagcacc      9000
     attgacttcc atagaatttt attttcctac taaagaagtc agttgttttt ggtttccaac      9060
     attttcaaaa tgcccagtgg agtatttcag aaactgctga ccaactggga ttttacttca      9120
     accttctcta taaggtttgc atataatggc ctgaaaaaga gaaaatatgc agtgagtagc      9180
     agttatgtga gtgtgcattt attttgaaat aacacaaata aacactgaat gcacaaccag      9240
     tcaaaccttg agtcagatga gctacagtag tagaagacca aatggtgtca ctcatgtcag      9300
     ctaaaacagg aaactgaggc tctgatttgc aaagatacac aaaacctgga ctgatgagtc      9360
     gcagtgtctt tcgatttctg ttgcaactta tgaataaaag cctcagcatt tgccctaaac      9420
     agaaagaaag catgggtctg ataatgatgc tgatggagta atttaggaga ttacattgga      9480
     acactctgga ccccttctac accaaccact cattatttca ttggcatggg ttttttacag      9540
     aacacatcca ttttttttat gaccacagta tagtatcatg tgatggcttt ctccagaagg      9600
     atagtgtatc atgttacaaa gctcaaaaca agtttattaa acttaaatga tcatcacagt      9660
     cttaagatcc aacataggct cattcttaaa acgtagcctt atatacattt atggagagcg      9720
     caaataatgt agccagaagt acgtatgact gcattttgtc tttaaaatga acaatacggg      9780
     gtgctatgac accattcatt ttttcactta ccagctgacc gcttgcctcc atatggactg      9840
     cttttcccgt taccagtttg tccggtagct ccacatttac attggcggac ttaagatgta      9900
     gagcagagtt gaccgcaacg actgggttta agtacggtga agaaagtttt aagaaagtgg      9960
     gtaagacaaa aacaaaagcc taaaaataaa ataaacaagt aaataacagg gtgagaatgt     10020
     agtaaaatct gaaaacatgg taaaaatcag gcgagggctt gtccttttct ggattgcttt     10080
     ttaaaacact tcggttgggt ttagggaagg gggtgggtgg gtcaatcagt gcttttgaaa     10140
     acactattgg ttgggtttaa tttgagctac ttctacaata aggtagcgtt cagaaaaaac     10200
     aaaacaccag caaagaaact cgatacaaag gaacatcaaa acctactgcc agctagtgtt     10260
     tcggaagtgt tattgcagag caacacaaac agcacgcaga agtttaaggg cacgacaatg     10320
     cacatggcat gtgccgtggg tcacgctgat cactcgatgc agaagtatga accaggcttt     10380
     aaaacaacac taacatttta caaatcagtt aaatcagata aacagttacc attttttaat     10440
     tcactcagct aatttcgggt tctggcaaga gcacttttac cttagcataa attatttgaa     10500
     tctgattaga cctggggtca ccaaacttgt tcctggaagg ccggtgtcct gcagatttta     10560
     gcttcaaccc taatcaaaca cacctgaaca agctaatcaa ggtcttacaa ggtgtacttg     10620
     aaacacgcag gcaggtgtgt agaagcaaat tggaggtaaa ccctgcaggg acaccggccc     10680
     tccagggctg agattggtga tccctggatt agaccattag catctcgagg taaaactcta     10740
     aaataaaatt tgaataattt tcccatttaa agcttgactc ttttgtagtt acatggtgta     10800
     tttagacaaa tggaaaatga aaattaccat aaatgaactg tttaactcta ggagacttta     10860
     cttttccttt agttgatcac ctttggcatt tattggaatt cccagatttg cattacttat     10920
     gtgcagtcat aaaatctgca aaactgtaca taaatatata aatgtcaata tagaataaat     10980
     ctctgaggaa catttcaaac atttcatctt ttaaattgtg agttcaatgt atcttccatt     11040
     atatcatggc agtttgacaa ggatatgaaa gctactgttt agtagcatct gtattattcg     11100
     agaaacgaaa ctcataattc caacttattg ttcattgact cattttgttt ttggattgtt     11160
     ttttcacttc tgataaacat ctgtagatct ccagcacatc aaggccacga gactgaagca     11220
     aatgtcatat gtggttgcac aaatacaaag cataaatgtt ttatttgcat caaatcaaat     11280
     gacagcaaag catttgaaac caattgtctg aacaaaatgg atgttcagca tttagatgtc     11340
     cttgttgtat aaaatgaaat cgttttgttt atgaggataa aggcaaacat gattagacta     11400
     cttctaaatg tctggattgt actgtgcgaa cacttgacat atgctgacag gaagaatgtg     11460
     ggtgaatatt tttcccatgt ttcttggaac acacacacag tcctgcccac tcaacaacat     11520
     tttcaacctc atgatgtcaa caaccacaat tccccaatgc gccagaaaaa gtgcattgta     11580
     ttttaaggcc ttgtgagcat atgatattac tacactcatc accagccact gtattaggta     11640
     cacctgtcac tctgctcgtt aacttaaatt tataaccagc caatcaaatg gcagcaactc     11700
     aatgcattta ggcatgtaga catgcgtccg aaatcgcata cttccatact ataaagtacg     11760
     ctcaagtcag catgcgagcc gagttgtatg tccgaattca tatcgaaaat cagtatgcag     11820
     gaagtacccg gatggcttac tacttttggc gagagtctga agtgcgcatc ccatgcacgc     11880
     tgcgctatcc catgatgcct tgcgagagaa ttcatgaatg ggagtgaagc gacgcaactg     11940
     acgcaggtag gtcacgtgac catgacaaaa tggcggatgt agtacgtccg aattccattc     12000
     atacttttca cattcatatt gtattgaacc gcactagcca gatgaaataa attaagtttt     12060
     gttttaagtc caaaataagc aaaatgttta atttcttagg cctgattctc acataacccc     12120
     atagcgtttg ttgccattta gcaataagag aacttcccat cgttcatttg taccatttta     12180
     tatttcacac tatcagaaaa gatcaaatac actcaaagaa agcaagaatg gggatgaaac     12240
     agactgatta aaacacagga aagtgtctgt ctcatctaat tgtaattcca gtgtattcca     12300
     gaaaatgggt ttaacttatc tttcacatta atactgagct aagatcaacc ctaaatctgc     12360
     ttataaggta tgtcagttcc aaaagctttt agtttggcta taaatgccac tcaagattgt     12420
     gattaattat aattggctca gtggttagca ctgttgcctc acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt     12480
     tcgagtacca gctgggccag ttggcatttc tgtgtgaagt aaacatgttc tccccgtgat     12540
     ggtttgggtt taagaaggga ctaaactgaa ggaaaataaa tatcagtact ttttgatgtg     12600
     gtcggtcaca taacatgaaa actgctggtt tgaagaaaaa tattttgaga aaaactaatg     12660
     ctttaattct tttgaagagt gttggttttt actttaaggc aggttaacca tatttttttt     12720
     cacttcaata taaaaatgta ctttaaatgt acattttttt tgggattgtg tcctgctttg     12780
     aatgtgtaaa tttaactttt ttcagtgtat aacgcttagt ggagaactaa acatgaaaca     12840
     taacctgtcc tgcaccagtt taggcaatgt tcagagcatt agtaacctta ctgaagttac     12900
     ctcagttttt ggaactgaaa gctgaggtta tgcactttca tatcctgact tatctgaata     12960
     cgtcacataa cctgctttct ggaatagccc cagagtgtaa taccaacata tttgatactc     13020
     actaaactcc atttctatta cggtttcttt caactaacaa caccagagag aaaccttaaa     13080
     attatttatt taaaaataca acagaaacaa caagcttgtc ataatatata cataaacagt     13140
     caaatttagt ataatcttaa accagattaa tgtttgaata aatctaaatt tacagaaatc     13200
     ctcagccttt acagacaatg gtttattacc aaccaatatt gtgatcagga tttgatctag     13260
     aatgagaatg acagaacata tataacacgc acacacacac atacacatac atatatatat     13320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaca     13380
     ataattgtgt tgaatataca gcctctttca gaaaaaatat gcagtacagt gatgtataaa     13440
     aaagtaaaga atggtaaaga gaaccataat aaaaagacgg atagaattaa acccatcaaa     13500
     attctgggat ccatctgaat tgctgtcgtc gccttttcta gggtgaactc atctgcaatg     13560
     taaacaagaa aacactgtca tgtcatgttc tctatctgct taattaactc aacttaatca     13620
     aagggagagt tcctaaaagt gaaaatttcc tcaacttgtt ccaaatcagt ttgagtttct     13680
     gtcgtctgtc agaatcacaa gagatatttt gaagaatgtt gaatagcctt tgacttcttt     13740
     agtaatattt gttcttacta tagatgtcaa tggattctgc attcttcagt atatctttgt     13800
     gttcaactga gtgtgaatga atgctgagga aatgttcagt tttgagtgaa ccgtcacttt     13860
     gtctacaatt gctatttgtc aaagatgaag cttttctgag ccaattataa ataaatgact     13920
     tgtgttttca ctatgatttg cagaagacac acactaaaat gtcattcagt ctaacatttt     13980
     tatatgtact aatacaaagg gggaaataag tattaaacac gtcatgtttt ctttcctggg     14040
     aatattattt gtaattgagt tgttgacatg gaattgaacc agattttggt aaaaactcaa     14100
     acaatacaag caaaatgagt tgtgtgtaat aacaatgaaa tggcacaagg agaaagtgct     14160
     gaactaatga aatgtattta atactttata taaaaggctt tttggtgatg gcagcttaag     14220
     acgcctctca tatggagaat gaatccacat gcattgctca ggtgtgtttt tttcacagag     14280
     cgtaaaaatc ttgatggttt tgtgggtctc gtctatcaaa tctgatcatt attttgtatt     14340
     atctattaga ttcaggtcag gagacctggc taggccattc tacagcttga ttttctttct     14400
     ttgaaagcat ctgagagttt ccttggctgt gttttggacc attgtgttgc tgatatgtcc     14460
     accgtggttt catcttcatc atcctgctaa tgtagatgtt gaactgaagc agttaatatt     14520
     gatttacact gaggaagggc agagggttgc taaagaactg ctgagagatt tcagctgctg     14580
     tctgggcctt cactgccttt ctacccctgc ctttcatcat gtgttcaata ctttctcctg     14640
     gtgtcatctc ggtttattac acattgtcag ctaattagtt ttgttttctt tgtttatatg     14700
     gatttcttgg gttgttacca acatccagtg aaaatgtcaa gtcaatggca catttagaaa     14760
     taagttttct gagaaaaatg gtgacgtgtt cagtacttat ttcctctgct gtatattttg     14820
     tttaagggac atttagaaaa atagttaatc atctgaagaa tcatctgtta caataaatgg     14880
     tgcaggaaga ttatttcact cacattttga catttaattt tctctctgaa gttatttaga     14940
     cattaaagtc cactttacta catataaaat tagttttata gatttgatta aactggatat     15000
     tttgactcat aaatcatcat catcatcatc attatttcag caagctttga agtatgttta     15060
     aaaaattatt tacagcgctc tcaaactcga agggactgag gtgctgggtg atgatttcat     15120
     acattccagg agacattgga ggctcaggag aggaacatga atgttgtgct ggaacgctga     15180
     gattgagaaa atccccccaa aaatcatgag aatcagttca tgcaaacatg caacacttga     15240
     atctacaaat cataacactg catattaatt tgaaaggaat gaagatgttc gtaccgatgg     15300
     gaaattggaa ctaaatgtgt cggaatatag ggacaaactg taaaagaaag caacaaatta     15360
     gagaaatggt ttaaggtcaa ccttagaatg gtgaatcaaa tataaaatga gattaaaatg     15420
     aatgatattt cagcttttcc gtgtaaatac agtgaaaata cgtgactgta ttttactcac     15480
     taaatagagt atgttatagt ggccaaaaga ggttaacgtg ctgcatttaa gaaaacacta     15540
     gcaaattaag aaaatatctt catcggcttg agagcaaacg tgatgcaaat tctcacaatg     15600
     caaactaata acacctgcag cttctccacg atggacgtcc agtattctcc tgcctccaga     15660
     acctagactg cagctctgca caagaagctt ggcctgagga gaaatggtcg tgtccaactg     15720
     agcctagttt ctctcaaggt ttccactttc gtcaattggt gaagtttgtt cctcaccact     15780
     gtcaccactg gcttgcttgg tttgggactt gtggagctac gcatcgatgg atttggatta     15840
     gatctaaatt tagctggaac agtcgggtcg ggtagaaaac taggcgggtg aactaggcag     15900
     tgggtgaacg aagactgaat atgcggtggg agcggtcgtg tgcgaataaa acctggtggg     15960
     agcgggatta ataatccagt cctgcgcaga tctctaaact agactgacac agttttaatt     16020
     tacttgaact tctatgttaa gctgctttga cacaatctac attgtaaaag tactatagaa     16080
     ataaacatca attgaattaa attgaaatta agaaagcgtg ctgcaatttc tcacaacaca     16140
     tacaaatagc acagaacaca acgaaaatgt ttcaagggga cccaaaaaca tgacagactg     16200
     gctgggattt gcttattgtg ctgtgatctt tgacgcccga ttcacacaag gcttcagcgt     16260
     caacacttga tggagggtga ttctaaagtt gaaagtgacg caatcatcat agcagtgtca     16320
     gccaatgaaa ttagtccgca atcggctact gtctgatctg gggtatttgc ataaagtgat     16380
     cagattggct gacgcttccg ttggcactta tagttgaaaa attcccaact ttttcagcaa     16440
     ggacagctcc acaattcagc aagacttgac gtcacccatg taaagtgaat gggaagcgtt     16500
     gatgctaaag cccagtgaga atggggcatg aaaggtgagg ttttttgttt attttaacat     16560
     ccttattaac aaaataactc ccttgtcttt tatatattat aagcctaaaa accctagcct     16620
     aaatagccgg gtccgtcacg ttttttgccg tcaaagtgat gaaggtctga atttgctggt     16680
     gttttttaat tgcttgtatt ttcttaaatt gcatcacgtt aagctctctt ggccactgta     16740
     gtaagacatt gaatgagatt tcatgattgt taacttaggt tgtacacaat atatgggact     16800
     attatattcc agagagagtt tacagatgtc taacctttgt tctgctggct attgtaatgt     16860
     ttcccaaaag cctcgtcctt cgggatgtct ggataaagga agtttagggg attttctgga     16920
     acaacaccgt ctgcaatgac cttatagtcg cggattatgt cagcaatggg caaagcgttg     16980
     aggcggtttt tcgtgtacgg ctcgacagag atgaactttg gatctcctgt aggcatgaaa     17040
     caggtttatt taaaaacata caatgctcag cataaatgat tatgagtatt ttgaaaatga     17100
     atatttgtat ccatttatca gtgaatatag tctatattta ggtgcattta aataatacaa     17160
     ctttattaag tagtcaccta acatctttag gaataaaaac atacagtaat gcattcaggg     17220
     tttctgcagg cttgagtttc tgcagtcgag acggaaggga tttttctgct gttacggttg     17280
     ggctagaaaa gatttttact tcccccatca aaagaaaata atgaataatt tttttgttgc     17340
     atatttcaaa caatgtgcca agacaagcaa agcataattg tatgtatgtt tttttaagct     17400
     tttaaactaa taaactaaat gtatacacaa ctgtccaggt cagtgtgctc accgtatatg     17460
     gacaatgttc catatatcga gaacatttaa acaaaagtta ttgcaaagaa gatatttaca     17520
     caatattggt aaatagagtt ataaataaag atttgttaag ttttattgag atggattgtt     17580
     ggtgattgga agggtgtcag cccgattggt tagctttaca tgaatattat ttaaatgagc     17640
     agtatgtacg tttgacaccc agtggttgaa ctgggtatcg cactcctggt taaaaaaaca     17700
     cacgcaagca caggttgcca gattgacgac accaacagaa gtgtgcctga ctatctaggc     17760
     taaacgctga tttaaggctg atttagtatg gttctgaata aaagcaatgg catgcaaaag     17820
     acggaatatt ttccatttag tttttgtcct aaccaacacc tattttagat atggcttctg     17880
     aaagtttgaa tgccatttta catgacattt attgccatac tactgaaagc agcagcagac     17940
     agctcacctt agatcttaaa aataaaattt aaaatttgaa attgaacttt agaactgtgc     18000
     aaaccaacac atatcagtaa ttcaccatgt acatttaata atgttaaaga ggtttaataa     18060
     gtattgttag attatacacc ttaccatttt gttggagtgc agtaagtgca ctattctgtg     18120
     cttctgaatg gctgtaatta aatttctgtt gtgtttcatc tggtgcaaac agccaaattg     18180
     cttatcaatg caaatcttga gttagggtta gggttagaag tgctgaaata gaatgggcta     18240
     aactggcagg gggggttaaa gagaccaaaa caaagatgcc attccagcat ggatcgcaca     18300
     ttttcaaagc agaatatcta actcaagctt tgttttacag ataaacatga atgttcactt     18360
     agcatgttta ttaaatatct gcaaacatat tatggtatct ttatgcttta gaagagtcaa     18420
     aaactgacat acagcacctt taagacgtac aataaaatag ttcagtgaat ttaacctttt     18480
     aaggccttaa attttgtttt tgaaatgtca aactttttaa gaccctgcgg acaccctgct     18540
     attaagaacc caaaaataaa tgttatatga atttttcctc ttaattcaaa ttttattaaa     18600
     tattttgtta ttttattttt attttattaa aattttaccc taaccttatt tattttaata     18660
     cttatttttg cactgtgatc ttaaatgatt ttctttcagt tgtggactaa tctgactaat     18720
     ctaatgtact atactgtata cataaatatc tataacatgt aatgctataa atcgcataac     18780
     atatttagta ttttataaga gagatctgta aggcatgttc tcatttatgc ttggcactgt     18840
     atttaataca ataaaggcat aaagataagc atgctcagat ctgagctgta agcgtattaa     18900
     aggcatctct aaagcatgga acaaatccag gctggaattt ccctctgcaa atccaagaca     18960
     gcgtttcatc gagggaaatc aaaacaatct caagttcctt aaactttaag acctctaacc     19020
     tgtgtgggca ggcaagcaca gcaacttaca tacttgtatg ttgttatctt tcttaaacaa     19080
     taggaaatac tattgtaatg tctatttcgt gaccgtctta aaagcacaaa ccattttcat     19140
     cctgttcaac ccaggtgaag gtgattcctc caagatggct ttcactaaag cgtagcagga     19200
     acgttccggg ctccttctct ttcagtaaag cacgctccat ctctttactc acaaatccca     19260
     ttatgcaact gaaaaacaaa caaagatcag agtaagaagt tgctgatgta cctctcacat     19320
     gccccagaat gcattgcatt aatattggca gaaaaaaagc attcagcatt gcagaaaagt     19380
     caatagaaag ctcaaataat tatatcccag ctaagagaca aaactctcaa actttggcta     19440
     atgatttgga aaggtcatga tgaacaaagg tttgggtaca gtttatttaa tggtgtcctt     19500
     tttatggtgt aacgatggat tgaactactt agtcatgtta tcaactacat ttacatactg     19560
     tatggtttga gtagggatta gggttaggtt taggattagt tgcaatgatt atgcaatgtt     19620
     ttatgagtat tattactatt gttttaacat tttaagatat atttaaagga atagttcacc     19680
     ccaaaatgaa aattgtgtca tcaaataatc agcatctatt tctttctttc attcttctga     19740
     atcatagggt aaaaacacac attgacttcc atattattat tttttgttcc tactatagat     19800
     atcaattgct attttttcca gcatttttca taatagtttg ttttgcattc aacaaaaaaa     19860
     cacattcagt tagagccaac aaaatgtgag gaaatgatga gaacatttta atttaaatga     19920
     actcattatg cctcaatgtt tgcataataa taaaatgaaa atttttttta aaaaaattaa     19980
     atactgaacg ttttgaactt tcagtgaaaa ttctgaattt aacataactt gatgggaaca     20040
     ttaacagttt tagaatattt ttgttagctt accagtcaaa tctaactgta aatagaccta     20100
     ttttacccag tatgtcatgt tataatatgt tatgttatgt gtgcttattt gagtgccaca     20160
     atgttaacca gctaatactt gtttagagtt gagcttaaac tacatgcaag cactgaccca     20220
     tcaatccata caggaagtaa atgcttctta attaggtcca agatagagtc cagccacatc     20280
     caaaaactaa aggattttcc cggtatgacc tcctaaaaga gcaataagaa aaaacaacaa     20340
     ccattagatt tatattattg tactttttgt gatgcttaca gtaagtgcaa gataatagtg     20400
     ggattatatt cattcattat taccttgcag aacttggacc aagaaacctg gcagtcatta     20460
     taagaaccat gttgaccttt tgaaacaatt ttaaagcact gtttagatat gaagtttatt     20520
     aataaaatgt aagggaaaat gaaagagtgt attcaaactg acaatgacat aaaaaatgac     20580
     aaacacatta tagattcata aaaccctaaa cgctgagcaa tcaacactag ggcagtgtct     20640
     tacaaataaa atccttaaca accccttgat gtacagtact gtgcaaaagt tgttggcaat     20700
     tggatttgtc ataattattt ataattatag tataattatt catatagtat aattatatgg     20760
     tataataata tcttgctctt caattagaag atgaagttgg ggaagcctgg tatagggact     20820
     caatactgtt tttttgtgaa tatttctttt ttatctgttt atatcttaat gcagagacca     20880
     gtcttataaa tttaaggtca ttaaaacttt gccaaacacc gtgtgcgcat gcgagtgtgt     20940
     actatcctgt cgcaaatcac tgtgaaaagt cctacagtac atgacggtaa tagtttgatt     21000
     aaggtgttta catgtctgta atgcacttca ataatgcgtc taaaatcggc atactccaca     21060
     tgtcttaatt cgatttctct ttaggtcgat tatgacctta atctaatcaa attcatcaaa     21120
     aatcgctgtt tacatggtta acgcttaatc agagtattgt cttaattgca ttaattttga     21180
     attattgatg tccatgtaaa cgtagtcagt gatgaccgcc attaagagat ttcactatga     21240
     tcaaaacaac atttaagatg ttttacattg tggtcagtct gctggattgt caactaatgc     21300
     tgtcccatca tgctcgtttt tgttatcaca tcgtgatctg ttaaaacaaa accacttttg     21360
     atgtacatgc tggaatttat tcattaactg tgtttccatt gcagtttatg ctcatttttg     21420
     tcataccaaa taaaaccttt atcctactca tagtttgttt ctattcacat tcttttagtt     21480
     tatgcacatc ttggcgtttc cattaagcag gttttatgta atactaataa gagtgaaatt     21540
     taataatctg aattgaccac gcccactttt gcagcacttt ttccaaactc tgcttttaac     21600
     tcttttgtgt cagaatagaa aacataccca gaagtttatc tcccagcatg tttagctgct     21660
     ccttgttgag ccctcggcct gcgaaactcg agaactgcca gctgagcacc tcagagagct     21720
     gactccagct cgcccgcagc gggttactga agaaggccag gttctacaca agacagacaa     21780
     ggtcacatat aactaactgc ctgtcgaatt cagtaaaatg tagatcttaa gcatcatttc     21840
     tagatactag atattatgct agacatgcat tctctgatat ctgtatcaga ggtgtgagaa     21900
     tctgaccttt gggtcatccg tgagcaggtt gtaccacatg actgaagccc agcctcctgg     21960
     gagctgactg acattagaga tgaccaccag cggcagagag caagtctaga caggagaaaa     22020
     tataaacact gtaagctgta ttaggtttaa tttctaacat aatatatata tttatacaac     22080
     agttctgtct ggttcttgaa tctgattggc tgatagccgt gcgatatttt gctagtaaca     22140
     tcacacaaag gcctcttcac ccttcacctc tgtgtattac tccgcccaca tgcagccagc     22200
     aacaagcaaa gagacactac agtttgacaa atattaccgc tgttagaaaa caaaatgtac     22260
     tttttcaggg attataggta ccacagttta gatttagaac atgggattta tggagtcact     22320
     gaagattttt accataatgg agcaaaagat tatcgcttgc aagtgttgtg actatgaacg     22380
     tattaaactg agtttaaggc attcaggcac aagaaactgt tccattttta agtttaataa     22440
     aaacatttta ggagcaacgc ggtggtgcag tgaatagcac ttagcctcac agcaagaagg     22500
     ttgctggttc gagtctcggc tgggtcagtt ggcatttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc     22560
     cccgtgttgg cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc tccgctttcc cccacaagtc caaagacatg     22620
     cgctatactg taggtgaatt gggtaggcta aattgtcagc ggtgtatgtg tgtgaatgag     22680
     tgtgtatgga tgtttcctgg tgatgggttg cgcctggaag ggcatccgct gcttaaaaca     22740
     tgggctgaat aggttggtgg ttcattccac tgtggcgacc caagcttaat aaagggacta     22800
     agccgaaaat aaaataaatg aatgaataaa aaaatattta attgaattat tcctaaaatg     22860
     aagactatgc agtgctattt tacatttgat tattcaattg ctgtacctaa attcttacca     22920
     aatagcagtg taagccatct ggtgagtgaa attgtattca tatcacagaa atacaaaaca     22980
     tcacaatgtc agatttttcc aatatcatga agcccaaata cagtacatac tgcaacatga     23040
     tgcatttaat aaatatatgt aaaaacatac ctcaagatca atatccagac cctgtaacat     23100
     cagcatggcc tcaaaattga gagagtgtaa ctcttctgtt actgacagcg gaccctgcag     23160
     gagacacaca atatatgaac gtcagctata cagtgtgaag ctgccctcta ctggcaggat     23220
     gatgctctcc acactcaatt acaaacacac tacaactcaa tcaagtaaca ggactcaaga     23280
     cattgcattg ggcagaaaat gggattcaaa gatggggaaa acatgcacct ataaagtctt     23340
     acctcatttc cttttcctcc ggtaggacac tttcgttctt ttagctgctg cagaacacaa     23400
     agcattaata aaataccttc cctcttttaa aggcatagtt caccaaaaaa taagaaaaaa     23460
     agtattttcc acagacaaaa ttaaacagtg tatgggtttg gaacaataca agaatcagag     23520
     ctggatgatg tgacaaaact ctcatatcgc aatgtaagtc atcatttcat aagctgataa     23580
     cgatatacag ttgaaaccag aagtttaagg acaacagagc gaatgttttg gagaggccat     23640
     cacaaagccc tgaactcaat ccaatagaaa atttttgggc agtgatgaaa aagcatgtgt     23700
     gagcaaggca gtctacaaat ctgactctgt tacaccagtt attttaggag gaatgggcca     23760
     aaattccagc aaacttttgt gagaagcttg tggaagaata cccaaaacgt ttgacccaaa     23820
     ttacgcatat taaaggcaac gctacaaaat actaaggaaa tgtttgtaaa cttttgactg     23880
     tctagaaaat aataaaacat tctcaataaa agaattctct cattattctg gcatttagca     23940
     aatataaatc attttggtaa tcctaactga gcgaagagaa aacgtttagt ttcagacatt     24000
     taaataaatg attatgtgcc tcttttacag agtgtatgta aacctctggt ttcaactgta     24060
     tattacaata tactgtagaa ccttttctgt aaattcagtc aattaatggt ctatatacat     24120
     actgaccaca atattttgtt taagtatatt ttaaagtata tgctcagatg tacttttact     24180
     ttacttaaaa tttcagggta aatgtttgat tacaaatatt gaagatatat aaacgaaata     24240
     taacaaactt ttcaaaaact aataattaaa agcccattat gaagttattt acaaacttaa     24300
     aaatgtgaaa tgtaaaacaa ttttacaagc tgttattcac atgtcttctg gatcctcatg     24360
     tttgccaaat aatctaaatg atgaaaaata attactgtaa actgaaacgt atatttgtga     24420
     catcgcaaaa taaacaagca aaatatgaaa cgatagactt tttattttac ccatactata     24480
     tatacagttg aagtcagaat tattagccct tctgttttat ttgaattctt ttatagttga     24540
     ttatcgggaa gattttttta aacacatttc taatcataat agttttaatc actcatttct     24600
     aataacttat tcattttatc tttgccatga cgacactaca tactttaata tttgacgaga     24660
     tgtttttcaa gatactggta ttcagcttaa aattacattt aaaggcttaa ctaggttaat     24720
     taggcaagtt ggggtaatta ggcaaatcat tgtataacct taaaatgctt caaaaaataa     24780
     taaaaaactg cttttatttt agaccagaga taactcatgg taacctttga tttggcccgc     24840
     catcccatgt gagaagagat ttcgaatgaa ggttgtggca aatgcctgca acagagaccg     24900
     tcatttttaa tttaatttgt ttgtttaatt gttgagctaa aaaaagaagt caactgaaat     24960
     gaagagtttc aattaattgt tgtgcatgaa tcagattttt aaaaaatgta aatagtgtca     25020
     ctcaaagata gaggacaatc caatgagcaa attaaggcaa aggcaggttt agcttggctc     25080
     catatattta gtatttaaca ccattgtgtc ataaatgtgt ttatgttttt attgtaagaa     25140
     gttgataata aaatgtaaag aaaaggtata actaagtact tttttttcta tttttttata     25200
     ttattgataa attaggaaat tacaatggca gctttaatgt aatagtttgt ttttattaac     25260
     tttattaact taacgtaatt aagtttggtt ttaagaaaaa gtttgggcac ccctgttcta     25320
     gacggaataa aggaaataag actttctcaa gaaaaaaaat acaatcggaa ttactgtgaa     25380
     aatttctttg ctccattaag tatcacttga gaaacatttg aaaaagaata tctatttcat     25440
     aggagggttt ataaatttga cttcatctgt atatggacat attgcacagc cctaacaaaa     25500
     attagtcatt aatgactgat taattttcct tcagtgggtg taaactattc tttcagtcat     25560
     ttccataaca gcaatatgtg ttagacttgg actgcagtac cagatgccgg aactctacag     25620
     acagacagcc agtggactcc tccacatcca tcactttagt gttgttggtc aggatgaaga     25680
     actgtctgtt tctataagca aacagtaaga cacagtgtaa gattaacgca gagttgaggt     25740
     tgtaaacaca gccgccccct ccccctctca cacacacaac tcatttaaat ttggcccaaa     25800
     taaacaacag gaagttcttt cttgtgtttg aggttgagtg cactcacact ttgcccggtg     25860
     gaaggtctct gcgtacacaa atagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa     25920
     aaaagagcgt aaaaatatag tcacgttggg tttaacacac ttgtgataca caaacactgc     25980
     tcacatggct tgtgaacatt aaaaggtgac acacttgtat gtaataatca tatattggtc     26040
     ataaatgcag tacattctca agttatgatt catatcccta tcatttgtgc tgtgatatac     26100
     atttagaatt ttaaatattc atgacagagt cataatttga tttaatacaa cttattaata     26160
     gagctcaaat acatgtacag ttcacatatg ttgatgtttg ctgatttcac ccccactcct     26220
     ttgtttgtga tggtttgctc cagatttatt ggactgtttt aacttatctt tcgacaagtt     26280
     tgttgttata ctgcatgaga atttagtaaa cacctttaat ttgaacaaaa cctcagccaa     26340
     tttatagcat gaggatttcc cgaaaattct gatactacaa ttcatattat tattattatt     26400
     attattatta ttactattat tattattatt ataattatca ttatcattat tattattatt     26460
     attattatta ttattatcat tattattatt attattatta tcattatcat catcattatt     26520
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attatcatta tcatcattat tattattatt     26580
     attattatta ttattattat tatcattatc atcatcatta ttattattat tattattatt     26640
     attattatca ttatcatcat tattattatt attattatta tcattattat tattattatc     26700
     attattatta ccagaaatgg gccgtattta tgatacaagt attttaaata cgtatttcag     26760
     atattaaata gtatttcata atttgtattt gatagggttt atgaaaatgg cttaatattt     26820
     tgtatcaaaa tactttagat atttgccaag gcttgagatc agactagaaa actgatttat     26880
     tttgaagaag ttgatcagtg cttggatgga aggagcacat caaaataaga ccagaaaata     26940
     agacaaacaa cattcagggc cctatcatac acccggcgca atgtggcgca agatgcaacg     27000
     caattgatat ttgctacttc caccttggcg caagggtcat tttgaggcgt tgcgcaacac     27060
     tgttcaaata gcaaatgcat ttgcgatcat atgtgcaccc ataggcgttc tggtctaaaa     27120
     aagcaggcgt gttttggcgt gttgctaatt tgagaaactg taaatagtct gatctttaga     27180
     ccagaacaaa gtcggtctat tgtctggccc aaagtgcgcc tggcttaaac actacacaca     27240
     agatgtagag caatacacaa atatctttac atatgaaaaa tatataatat cttaatgata     27300
     tatataataa ggttatatat gggatataaa taaaaatgat taaaacatta caaaacatat     27360
     taatttctag cctacatgaa tttaaaaacc actgccttca tactttcttc atcttgggag     27420
     gctttttcag ttcattcaat ttgcttttgt ataatgttat tattattagc agtattattt     27480
     attatataca tatttatatt tgttttatta aaaacaagct tagatttgtc cacctgtcag     27540
     gttttagacc atatggggca tagcaggtgt atttggaaat aactcagtat tttgaccaca     27600
     cttaaatttg caaatatgaa ttctgacacg ccctgaaagc gtttgcgccc tgcgatttga     27660
     gctttgcgtt ttgcgcatgg accgtcaaaa tagagcccaa aaagtcctgc agtggtaata     27720
     ttctattcga ttaatcttta tttgtaatgt agattgtgtc aaagtagctt cacatagaag     27780
     ataatagtga attgaaacag tgtcagttca gttttcagag ttgaagttca gttcagttca     27840
     gtacagttat atttatttat ctacaaaact ttattggctg tttcaaatgc cagtagctga     27900
     tctgcaagtg ttcttaatag ttaattacca actttgacat agttaatcag tatgagacaa     27960
     taatatttaa taatatccaa gtctacagac tggtcaaaac cccccaactc aggttttatg     28020
     gcagtaagaa catatagcaa tttgttttag atgttgtgtt ttaaattgtg taacaattaa     28080
     tggaaacaac taatggaaat tttagtcttt ttcagaaatc atgatttaca ttgagtatta     28140
     aagattttaa ttgcaaaaaa aagactaatt taaacaaaac ttttaagaga tggtggcaat     28200
     ttttacaatc aagagatatt gtgctatatt ttaacttgtt atctgcatta catggttttt     28260
     aaagggatta aagagatcat cttcaagaca ggctttctct atgaaatttg tacgaaacct     28320
     atactaaaat ctaagagaaa cacaagttac atttttatga atacctcctc atgtaaagaa     28380
     gtaggtgaat gaggtggcag agaagctgaa ttaaacttgc tcagctgttg ctgttaaaca     28440
     ttgtttacta agtcagttta atggtgaagg gactgatcca atatgcccat tgatggtttg     28500
     cgaagaaatt ttatacttat ttattactaa agtattttgt agtattttca aaatacaagg     28560
     actgtatttt attttgatat tttttgtggc tgctgaattt gtagtttatt ttgatacagt     28620
     acatgtaaag ctgaggtatt tggtatttta ttttaaaata catttcaatg tatttttgtc     28680
     catccctgat tatgactatt atacatttag agaaatattt cttactccta gtactacata     28740
     agtttgagtg gccatgtcct ggtaattttt atcatatgat caatgaatat ctcagaaata     28800
     tttaatatgt cttctcttgt tgttgtttaa ttactacaca taattgaaaa aaaacatgca     28860
     atattttatt ggtaatatgg ttttaatgcc aatgcatctc aatttgtact aatatttcct     28920
     gccaacagtg tcaataacat ggatttaaca aacctaaact caaaatgaaa gctctgagag     28980
     cattgaagta ttatgaggta aattactcgt aaataatgga cgtttgagat ttcactcaaa     29040
     aacaaaagtg ggtttactga catccacctc caggatgtga catcatatgt ggtaggaaaa     29100
     tacagacgca tatatcagta tacattttga tgaattattt agagttttgt ggcattagtt     29160
     gcttgattgt cattcgaata ctcattcaga tttgttttaa aaatagcaat catgataatt     29220
     tccatactgc tttttttttt tttttttgta ttgtgtatgt aatcaagtta taatgagagg     29280
     cagagaattt agaaaagttt ccagctattt tttggatgaa attgtatgtt ttaaaaacat     29340
     gtgtcatatg tatctaacca aaaacataaa tacatgcatt atttattgtt attattattc     29400
     attcaataat tttcttttca cctttattct taattttttt taaagtccct ttattaatct     29460
     ggggtcgaca cagcggaatg aaccgctaac ttttccaaca cgtttttacg cagcggatgc     29520
     cctttcagcc acaacccatc tctgggaaac atccacacat actaatgtcg ccagattaaa     29580
     atgaaccacc aacttatcca gcatatgttt tatgcagcgg ataccatttt agctgcaacc     29640
     caacactggg aaccaccgtg atccccctat tattattatt actattatta ttatttatta     29700
     gaaaaaatgc aacaaattat tattgattta tcactataac atttataata ctacttaact     29760
     gtaaagtatt ttgtataaat ttagatatgc tttatttgtc tatttataat attattatat     29820
     tcattattta catagttttt cctttgcttt taatagttaa accacatagc ttttatttat     29880
     atttttatta gtggataatc aacagggaaa ctattctttt tattctctaa ttcatgaatc     29940
     attctcttta ttggcagaca tgggaagata ttgtatgttg attaaatggc tttgaaccaa     30000
     gacagtaata aaactatttt catattctct cttatttaac actgctcatt ttagaccctg     30060
     gtaatgaata taatgaaaat aagtgtcgaa tcttaaccat atcacatttt ggttacagtc     30120
     tactttacca ttttatagaa atacatcctc atattacaac acatactgta tatacagttg     30180
     aagtcaatta ataggcctta tgtatatttt cccccaattt ctgtttaacg gagagaagat     30240
     ttttccaaca catttctaaa cataatagtt ttaataactc atattataga aatatattat     30300
     tttactagat attttcctat ttaaatgctt ataggcaggt tagagtaatt aggaatgtca     30360
     ttaaataaca gtggtttgtt ctgtagacaa tcaaaatata tatattgctt aagggggcta     30420
     ttaattttga ccttaaaatg gtttttgaaa aatgtaaaac tccttttttt ctagccaaaa     30480
     taaaacaaat aagactttct ccagaagaaa aaaaatatta aaggaaatac tttgaacaat     30540
     tccttgcttt gttaaacatc atttaggaaa tatttaaaaa ggaaaaaaaa aatcacagga     30600
     gggctaatca ttttgcccac aactgtattt attgcttttt aataagttaa tgagctgaaa     30660
     atgttttgcg taatatgaat gtcccaggtt ataaaaataa agaatagagg gtaaagaaaa     30720
     aaatattaat aatgtaaacc atatttagga aacatactta tcaaatgttg tcttgacttt     30780
     gagttgataa tccacctcag gtaacttaac cagcaacctg gaaaaaaaag aaaaaacaag     30840
     tgaaatgaaa agttggactt caggcagtca gttcaataag gcttcagact tgtttacttg     30900
     aagagttaca ggaagattca gcggtggttc atacctgacc ttggtggtga actgcacctg     30960
     cgttttgatg atgaggggtt tctggaggtg tgttggcata cagggctgct tctccaccac     31020
     aaaggagctg caaacattga ccaaagagag actttatttg ttgtgcaccg ttaactgggt     31080
     tttgtgttac agttgaagtc tgaattatta gcccccctct atattttttc cccaatttct     31140
     gtttaacggt gagaagattt ttttcaacac atttttaaat aatagtttca atagtataaa     31200
     ctgatttctt tgctatttgc cataatgaca gtaaataata ttgtactaga tatttttcaa     31260
     gatactaata ttcagcttaa agtgacattt aaaggcttcc ttaggttaat taggcaagtt     31320
     agggtaatta ggcataccag tggtttgttc tgtagtcaat tgaaaaaaaa atattgctta     31380
     gggggctaat aatattgcat ttttattaaa agctccttta attctagttg aaatgaaaca     31440
     aataagactt tctccagatg aaaaaatatt ataggaaata ctgtgaaaat gtccttgctc     31500
     tgctaaacat cacttgtact gcactgtacg acaaatgtaa atgtttcatt tagcctgtaa     31560
     taaaaataat tgctgagctt tgtgcgcttg tgttgatgtt ttactgaaac ataagtaaaa     31620
     aacaaagcct gtagtataaa tatgaaatca tttgtttgcc aaaaagtata tatagcttac     31680
     atttctgtaa caaataataa ttcaataaaa tgcattgtat ctaatgcttt attagacgta     31740
     ccaggcgtaa cctggttaaa ttgcatatag atttgaagaa tggatttata tctaaactgg     31800
     gtatcttccg tccattccat atccgttttc aaaaaaaaaa atgaaaacta agaaaactgt     31860
     aatttttcgc acaaaaaaat gagaaacaaa caagattttg gctcgatttt tgttttatag     31920
     gaaaacaaat aaatgacttt aaaattcttt gtccacatgt aggcggtgct gaaacgccat     31980
     tttttctctg attggtcaac taattgtgag cttgccctca aaataatagt ccgcccaggc     32040
     ttttaattgt ttttatttaa ttatatttat aaactaagtt tacacattct attatttgat     32100
     tagttagcag gcttacattg tattaattaa acaaaaacat aagttagcag tattatttga     32160
     catttgtcat taaaataagg tcatagtttg ctgccaaacg tcttgctgct gtgcacctga     32220
     tgctgggcaa agatagccag ttccgagcag cacctggttt gcataattgc ttccgagcaa     32280
     gagctatata ataataatag taatattaat ataataatga taataataat aataataatt     32340
     ataataatat aaaggtacaa atctgaaaat aaagtgaatg aataataata ataatatatg     32400
     cctatagttc gccgccaaac ttcttgctgc tgtgcgcctg atgctgagca aaaacattta     32460
     cgaacaggat cgcatgatta tttctgagct actgtaggcc taaacaataa taaaaataga     32520
     ttttgtttca tttagtgtct agaggtttta ctgttttttt atatatatag ttgtttgcag     32580
     gaccagaata agaacacatt gggccctggg gctttaaaaa aagggtacca tatgttttta     32640
     gattatttcc tcatatttta attataaata cacacacaaa tttctaagca taatagttta     32700
     ataactcatt tctaatgact gatttatttt atctttgcca tgatgacagt acataatatt     32760
     tgactagata tttttcaaga cacttctata cagcttaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaact     32820
     aggttaatta cgttaactag acaggttagg gtaattgggc aagttattgt ataatgatgg     32880
     tttgttcttt agacaattga aaaaaatgag cttaaatggg ctgataattt tgacctaaaa     32940
     atgtttttta aaaactttaa aaactgcttt tattctagct gaaataaaac aaataaaact     33000
     ttctccagaa gaaaaaatat gatcagacat actgtgaaaa tgtctttgct ctgttaaaca     33060
     tcatttggga aatatttaaa aaagaaaaag agttcaaatg aggggcacgg aagatatcct     33120
     gattatatct gtttagtcaa aactctttta tgtggtcaat tgtaaatgaa accctttttg     33180
     caaatcagct aagtgatcta aaaaaaggca taaagtaacc gtgtataagc aggccataaa     33240
     aggcagaagt gaatttttgt gtctcatttt ttccatatat aacatataat ccctattggt     33300
     taccttttaa tgaggtggta gatgaggtat ttgacctgct cctccatctg aggtctctgg     33360
     agaggaatgg gatcgctctc atatgtgact ttcaggatca gctcaccaag cttgtctagc     33420
     tgtcttttaa tctggaacag actctgggct gtcagggtga acctgcaaga ggaaaatcac     33480
     atttaaactt aggtttgatt taaacttgat cacatgtagt gttttttatg actcctgtaa     33540
     acaatttcaa tctgttggcc accacaaaaa aacgcaatag tagtatctta gcgtctaggc     33600
     taattactcc agtaaatgct tagcaatcaa tcaaaaaacc ttggttactt tcgttttgtt     33660
     tttgaaagtg atctcttatt ttcaccaaaa ctgcatttgt tttaaaaata cagtacaagt     33720
     agtcatttca tgtacaatgt tatttcaagt tttatatgct aatatattta aaaatgcaat     33780
     tattccttgt gaattactct tgtcttcagt cagtcacatg atccttcaga aagtattcta     33840
     taattaattt ggtgctcaat ttattaattt tttttcaata ttgaaaacag ttgtgcaaat     33900
     acattttttt tatattcatg acattttatc aaggtaaaca gaaaattcaa aataattaaa     33960
     cgtatttgag gtaaaaatct tttgtattat tataaatatt ttcttagatc aatttaaaga     34020
     attgttggct aatataaaaa tcatatttaa tcgcatccaa tcgcatcatg attaatcgca     34080
     ttcaagataa aagtttgtat gtacgtaaaa tatgcatctg tactgtgtat atctatgtga     34140
     acatataaaa aaacacacgc atattgtaca taaaatacaa acatgtataa aagaaataca     34200
     ctcaccggcc actttattag gtacacctga cgaactgctc gttaacgcaa atttctaatc     34260
     agccaatcac atagcagcaa ctcaatgcat ttaggcatgt agacatgggc tgtttctcag     34320
     tatgcgcttt tcagctgtct tgcgtcttcg tgttcttgtg taacgtcatt atcagttgcc     34380
     aaagttcggt tccaaaactc aagaacggag gacacgtgaa acttcccgga tgtgttcttg     34440
     atatcgagaa cacatggatg cagacttgag caccgaactc gctctagaag tcaccgaagt     34500
     cattttgact ggaggtggga agcgcagcct tttatataga tttattatta aagtttagag     34560
     acataactta tttatcttaa gagtttccct aaatgaaacg gtgaaagtaa acatcaccaa     34620
     taatggaata aacacataaa aaaactataa aacaataaat cattgtatga atgctgtaat     34680
     gtttgaataa ttttccatta aaaatgcctg acggtgaaga cagtttaccc cacagtccaa     34740
     agaatgcagt acaggtgaat tgggtaggct attgtccgta gtgtatgagt ttgaatgagt     34800
     ttgtgtggat gtttcccaga gataaattgc ggctggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaaacg     34860
     tgctggataa gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggcaaccct ggattaataa agggactgag     34920
     ccgaaaagaa aatgaataaa taaatgaacg cctgacgatc atgtgaccat caggaagaac     34980
     gcatcatctc atttctcaga ggatgcgttc tctgttctca cagtctctcg agttcgttcc     35040
     tctgaggacc tggcaagacc ttgtcttctt gtcttcacaa gacacaagtc tgttctctgt     35100
     cttcttggaa ttgagaaaca gccagggtca agaagatctg ctgcagttta aagcatcaaa     35160
     attgcaaaga aaggtcattt aagtgacttt gaacgtggca tggttgttgg tgccagacgg     35220
     gctgatctga gtatttaaga aactgctgat ctactggaat ttttttgcac aaccatctct     35280
     agggtttaca gagaatatat ccagtgagcg gcagttctgg tttgaggtga taaaaagact     35340
     aaaataaata atatttggta actcaaataa ccactagttt caaccaaggt atgcagaaga     35400
     gcacctctga acacacaaaa tgtccaacct tgaggcggat gggctacagc agcagaaaac     35460
     catattgggc gccactccta ttagctaaga acaggaaact gaggcttcaa ctcacacagg     35520
     ctcaccaaaa ttggacaata gaagatagga aagacattgc ctggtctgat gagtctcgat     35580
     ttccgctgcg atattcagat cagaatttgg catcaacaaa atgaaagcat ggatccattc     35640
     tgccttgtat caaggttcag gctggtggtg gtagtgtaat gatgtggggg atattttctt     35700
     ggcacacttt gggcccatta gtaccaatta agcattgtgt caaggccaca gcctacctga     35760
     gtattgttgc tgaccatgtc cctttatgac aacagtgtac ccatcttctg atggctactt     35820
     cccgcaaaat aacacaccat gtcataaggc gcaaatcatt aggtttcttg aacatgacaa     35880
     tgagttcact gtactcaaat ggcctccaca gtcaccagag ctcaattcaa tacagcacat     35940
     ttgggatgtg gtgggacagg tgattcgcat catggatgtg cagcagagca gacaaatctg     36000
     tagcaactgc gtgatgctat aatgtcaata tgggtcaaaa tctcagagaa atatttccag     36060
     caccttgtta aatctatgtc atgaaggatt aaggcagttc taaaggtcca acccggtact     36120
     agtaacgtgt acctaataaa gtggtgagta tatatttaca tatatgttta aatttatata     36180
     taatttgcag tattttagat gcgtagaagt gtagtatttt aaaagtttta ttttagatgc     36240
     gataaattgt gattgtttga tatcagtatt aaaaataatt attttaaaca aaaaacagtc     36300
     caaactttta ccagtagtgt tctttaaact ccatatatct tgcatatatt ctgctagccc     36360
     cattaatcta caataaacac tgtaataccg taaatgttac attacgtctt catctattat     36420
     atatctttgt agtctaaagc attttaccag ttctggagct ggtccagtcc tatcagaacc     36480
     ggccctccga tgcaggcgat ctgctgcctc cgtttccatt ccttgagttc agggttgagc     36540
     tgggaggaaa tcagagcatc aatttccttg ataacatctg ctgtctttga caaaaactcc     36600
     tacaaatgta aaaaacaaaa agcagaaacc aatgtcagca atgaccagcc aacaacaaca     36660
     catggctgca tcacatacct aagaaaaatg tggcacagat gtgtgaaaac cactcaaacc     36720
     tcttggctga agcaggaagt tctcagggta gttcaataca aaaccaaaca acaaaataaa     36780
     cgagaagaag aggaaatgct tgtgaaccga aaaaagccag agaaacactt gcctttcttt     36840
     tgaaatccaa gcggttcagt atttcttgaa gagttgtgac ttcttgtttc atggatgaag     36900
     agttcctctc aagtggatct acagggtttc agaggaagat gtatattttg tattaaaaaa     36960
     aacatctctc atgtgcctat tagagctttg cgattttgac agaaacatat attttggatt     37020
     tttgcaataa aactcaaaaa taaattttgt tgcttgttca aactacttat ttaaaatgag     37080
     ctgaaatgac acaaatttta cattttggag gggacagcct aatggttttt agttcaatcc     37140
     acttaaattt gaaaaaacaa ttacgttaac ataattgatt tgtcctaccc atgttgccgt     37200
     gggtttcctc cggttgcttc ggtttccccc acagtccaaa aacatggggt atagatgaat     37260
     cgaataaaca aaaattgtcc gtagtctatg agttagtgtg tgaatgagtg tgtatgggtg     37320
     tttcccagta ctgagttgca ggtggaaggc atccgctgtg taaaacatat gctggaatag     37380
     gtggtggttc attccacgtt ggtgacctct gactaagcgg aaggaaaatg aatgaatgaa     37440
     tgaatgaata attaatttgt gttgcaacaa catgaaccca gcatttttta cagggttcca     37500
     cacaattcat tcatgttgtc ccaacacaaa ttaggttaag ttagattaag ttaacttaag     37560
     ttcaaagtcc ccaagaaatc aaaactaacc atatgatttt tttagcttgc attgctaatt     37620
     ttgtgatgat taattcatct gtgcatgtca ttaagaacaa aaaattgttt gccctttttt     37680
     ttatttataa aaaatatata aacatttatt agatgatgtg attttgaggt aatgggggtg     37740
     gctaagtttt gacaacaaac aggaatggtg agcaggagga gtctgttagg ttgtaataac     37800
     tcttctaaaa ccctttttcc tgatctttct gagtgaaatg cctactttac tatatccatc     37860
     tagcccacga tagaaaaaac aagccactgt ttgctcattc gcagcttccg gttcacaggg     37920
     actttaggtg aattgaacat aaacaattaa gtcgtcccca aaaaagtcaa caattgtgtt     37980
     gtttcagctc attttaggaa agtagtttaa acaagcagca aaataatttt taagtgggat     38040
     atttaaagat ttcaagtaga attgtagaac tcagaaacat tcatccaatc aaaacgtttg     38100
     gcctaaacat tataataggc tgtccttctt gccaaatatg taattgcaca ccctgtcctc     38160
     acagaaagaa ttacgtcatt gactacgttt acatggacat cactgataga attattttcc     38220
     ttattctgaa taagacatta ataggattaa ggtgtttaca tgagttgctt tttgaatgct     38280
     tctttcatga tctcgtttta catgttatag cacataattc gattaatgtc attgctgtcc     38340
     acttttcctc cagagtttca tgtaattttg agtgtttcat ttttagtttg ttgactttaa     38400
     ctgcagtttg gcactgtttt gttcactttc attcaggaac attccatgca tgccccccgc     38460
     gacaaatgag atattggatg cgagtatgaa ctgctggaag agtgttgttt taataaaatt     38520
     tgatatcgca caccgtatgg agtgtgtgtc tttggtctga ctcggtagat gcagaaaata     38580
     gtgtcaaaca gctgtgtgtg tgtatagact atcctgtcgc aaaatgcgga gaaaatctta     38640
     cacaatggca atagtttaaa tgcggtgttt acatgtatgt actgaaccga actaatgcca     38700
     ctaaaattag catactccac atgttttaat tagattttgt ttagtctgct tacgacctta     38760
     atcggattaa attaatcaaa aatcgctgtt tacatggaag actcctaatc agagtattgt     38820
     cttgatcata ttaaaatcgg atttttggtg tccatgtaaa catactcagt gttgatttca     38880
     cgtacacggt tcaaacagag aatggcgggc aaacatcagt aacctatttt agtttttttt     38940
     ttttttttgg tttggtattg tctttactaa ctgtactaaa atggttttgt ctctggtgaa     39000
     cgttacatga tgtattacag ttatgttgtc aagcatgtgt tcaggaggcg tggctttaaa     39060
     aggtaatttg cagggtgcac ggtaaaaaaa atttcctacc ctacatattt tagttgaatc     39120
     caattttgaa tccacttttc tagtcatctt gaatcaatca aactaacaaa aaaattaagt     39180
     taaacttttt ataatttaaa aaatgtagtt gaaacctgtt taacttctta aaataaggta     39240
     aagcaacata gaaatatttt caagatctcc tattgcacct ttaaattttg cctgccatgg     39300
     ttaaataaat ggttaatgac ccttaaacta ctagtaactg gaggcacttc cctgtgatta     39360
     ttaaaatcag taattaaaca gttcactcaa aatggctgat ttacttcaaa acaaatgtgt     39420
     ctttgtgtcc tactgctata ccagtagttt caaactcaat tcctggaggg ctggagccct     39480
     gcagaattta gttccagcca tgcttcaact atgtttcaaa caagcctaaa gcactcaatt     39540
     agtttgatca ggtgtgttta attagggttg gaactaaact tgcagagctc tggctttgac     39600
     acatgtgttc tacactatag ctggtgaaaa acagtcgagt agtatatctg aattcatagt     39660
     attagtgaaa agtgagacta ttagtgcaaa atagtgcaat acatgctaaa ggtcatgaag     39720
     cggtaaaaac atagcacatg taactttaac taaaaacaat aacctataat tattattgaa     39780
     ttaaaacaat aataataatt atgaaaattg ctatacaaat aaacttgaaa ttaattaaac     39840
     tgaatgtagt ttgcccaaat ttgtgctgaa gtaatgatga cagtcaccaa atcacctcga     39900
     agctggagcg ttttgtaacg aaagtcaaaa tcgtcttgca tatcttcaag atacttcaca     39960
     gcctgatcca gcatctgatc aaatagtgca gaaaacaaac atgtcacaca tgcatttcat     40020
     atatgtaaaa tcccatggtt gtgataacaa cgaacaaatc ttgggtgtaa attacctgaa     40080
     cgctgcttct tatcacagcc actttattgt ccagaacttt ctgcttctcc aaagctgctg     40140
     agttttgcat tgacttttcc agtggtccct ggcattgaca aaatagaaat atgcagatgt     40200
     aaattccaca tgaaaatgta aatttaacat aatgggtatg caggttttgc ctgttgatat     40260
     gctccttcaa cagacattta actgactata acaaactttg caagtactta tcaacttaca     40320
     ctaaccctaa ccccaaccct aacctaacct aacagtctac ttataatctc atgagaatta     40380
     gttcgcatgt agatgcaatg taacttaaat tcaacaaaca gaccatcaaa ataaagtgtg     40440
     actgataaag atattttgaa gaacactgaa aacctgtaac catcaactta gtatttattt     40500
     tttctacttt ggaagtcaat ggttaccggt tttcagcttt cttcaatata tcttcagttt     40560
     agttttgaac actaaagtta gtgtaaaatt aatgttcaac aaaataaaga aactcataaa     40620
     tatttcagac cacttgaggg tgaatttaga ccacagtttg ggtgaactat ccctttggtg     40680
     acactttcct ttttatcctt ccttttgtat gctgttatgc gtgcatttta tttagcacac     40740
     atttgcaaga tgacttaaat tgaaattaag cacaaaagat actggaccat taatagttta     40800
     aataaaataa aaaaaacata ctattataat ttgaaggaga atgttgacat ttaaaaaaaa     40860
     acataactga aactaaattg ttaaaataaa cttgcaggag gtaatatatg tcctgcagct     40920
     aaattatttt tattatagtt tcagagttct gcttgaagta ggtcaattta tttttattct     40980
     tttgatgaag tagcattcaa ctttaagagc cctttagacc atgcgctgga ccctttctct     41040
     gttttcgatg gtaatgtctt taaaaaataa ttatttaggc ctatttaatt attaatttat     41100
     tatttatgta caataattaa gacataaaat gaaaaagtaa aatataatca acaaagaaaa     41160
     tataaatgaa atctgtaaat gaaaaagctt atttattagc tgtcttggtc ctcactttaa     41220
     aatattaaaa actgtacatc tctctaaaca cttttttaaa aatgtattta tttaatttaa     41280
     tttatttatt tattttaatt tatcaatttt atttttttta ttaattaatt tattaatttg     41340
     tttgcttatt tatttattta tatttatata tttattttta ttaatttgtt aattaatttt     41400
     atttatttaa ttatttaatt attttaatta tttgtttgtt tgtttatatt tattatgtat     41460
     ttaattttat taattattta attatttttt aattttttat ttattttgtt tattcgttta     41520
     tttatattgt actttcattt tagctgtctt tatttttatt tatttatttt ttgtttccaa     41580
     agtttgcctt gtttagttag ttttcctctt agcacttaaa agtttacaat gataataaag     41640
     cttgttacca agtttttaat actttatgaa ggaattaatg ctttgtttca ttattgtatt     41700
     ttcatttaca agtagcagag tatttacagc tactgtaaac aggcccgcag ccaggggggg     41760
     ttcgacccat ccctaactga caaaagtcca gaatttgtat catacataag ctcatttgtc     41820
     ttattttgac tgttaagcca tcataaattg aaaaaaaaaa tttcctatga caataaccca     41880
     tcgaagaagg ctttaagacc aagcggaatc ctgtgtcggc tgttgctgtt gtgtaacttc     41940
     catattcagc atcccaaaat ctgactaaca gttgaatgtg ctggccagtt tgttatttgc     42000
     ctaataattt tttttttttt ttttgataca cgataaaata aatattattt tcatatttct     42060
     ttattttaaa cttttaggaa atgtttttgg tacatcaaaa cttgtggttt tgatgactgt     42120
     ctgacaagct aatccagcaa aaaaatgtgt ttaaaatgtc actaaaaggc agtattcaac     42180
     cttcataatt aaatagaaaa tgaggccaat aactgcatta aggtccactt ctgtagaaaa     42240
     aagaactaca gttttgaaca ggctggctaa gggcctggta tatttctgtt cgttcacatc     42300
     cagtcccttt gtgccccctg gcagcatagt cgcaatctgc ttttacacca acaaacgtgt     42360
     tcttaatccc agtgtcctgc agcggcatca cgttggcggt aatggtcata ttgaactatc     42420
     gccctctgta tgtcgatggt cacattctat ttacttaaaa tctacatgtc aactactgta     42480
     actcacatta cagtactact agagtattag tagactgttt ggttagggtt ggtataacac     42540
     aggagtggcc aaccctgttc ctggaggtcg accttcctgc agatattagt tgcaacccat     42600
     atcaaacaca cctgcctgta attatcacgt ggtgttaagg tcctaattaa ttggttcggg     42660
     tgtgtttgat atgggtagca actgaaatct gcaggaaggt ggctctccag gaaccgggtt     42720
     ggccacccct ggtataacaa atactaagta atatatatac agttgaagtc agaattatta     42780
     gcccccttcc aatttttttc ttctttttta aatattttcc aaatgacgtt taacagagca     42840
     aggaaatttt cacagtatgt ctaataatat tttcttctgg agaaattctt tttttttttg     42900
     ttgttgtttt ttagaatatt agaattttat tagaataaaa gtgtcacaat caccagcgac     42960
     ctctaaccac cagaggtcgc tgaaaaacat tatatctcat tctaattaca aatccgcaag     43020
     tttatggact acaactgcat acatgggctg tttctcaata tgcgttcttc agcggtcttg     43080
     catcctcgtg ttctcgtgca acgtcataat cagctgccta agttcagttc caatactcaa     43140
     gaccgcaaat acggaggacg cgtgaaactt cccggatgtg ttcttgatat cgaggacgca     43200
     ctaatgcaga cttgagcacc gaactcgctc tggaagtccc agaagtcatt gcgactggag     43260
     gtgggaagcg ctgcatttta tttagattta ttattaaagt tcagagatat cacttattta     43320
     cctcaggagt ttccctaaat gaaacggtga aagtaaacat taacatgaat atcttaataa     43380
     aggaataaac acattaaggg tgtttgtttg ctgaaattca tattaaaatt tgttttattt     43440
     atattgtgca gagtatattg ataacgtttt tatgcaaagt atatattttg aataggggga     43500
     aacaataaat cgttgtatga atgctgtaat gtttaaagaa tttccattta aaacgcgtga     43560
     aggtcacgtg accatcagga agaacgcagc atcccatttc tcaaaggatg cattctctgc     43620
     cctcgcggtc tcctgagttc gttcttccga ggacacctgt caagaccgct ctccacaaga     43680
     acacaagtcc gttctctgcg ttcttggaat tgagaaacag ccaatgcact tcacccaggc     43740
     acacatgctt tctcatctag actgattaca ctagcaccac ctgaggattg tcagagactg     43800
     attgcacaca gtatttaagc agcacacaca ctcattcagt tgcagagtct tgttcactgt     43860
     aagtaacact acaatgcgtt tcccagtctt gttatcctgt gtaccaacct tagccttctt     43920
     agcatccttg actttgtctg ccgcctgcct tttgaccttt cgcctgttac tgattacaat     43980
     tgtggactgc cttcacatac ccgtttgtac ctgtattgac cattgcttgc ctgacgacaa     44040
     ataaacctgc attgtggatc ttacctcagt tgtatgtgtc actccccgtg gttacaaaaa     44100
     gcagtttagg gacaaaactt ttagcccctt taagctatat ttatttcaat aatctacaga     44160
     acaaagcatc gttatacaat atcttgccta attaccctaa cctgcctagt taacctaagt     44220
     taagccttta aatgtcgctt taagctgtat agaagtgtct tgaaaaatat ctagtcaaat     44280
     aatattgact gtcatcatgg caaagataaa ataaatcagt tattagagat gagttattaa     44340
     aacttttatg tttagaaatg tgctgaaaaa atcttttctc cgttaaacag aaatggggct     44400
     aataattctg acttcaactg ttcttccaaa gttatttcta gtaattaaaa tgtctattgg     44460
     tggagtatca aaataaactt taagcagata tgaagcagac agttgatacg tagttgcaaa     44520
     gttaattata gccagcaaca cagaaaataa actgctgcca aaatattaat acgtttattt     44580
     gtaacaccaa gcaagggtga ctacagtagt ttgagctaaa ggtcagaccg agtgcaaaac     44640
     tctgaagctt ggttaacaac agcagcatgg ggtacttgtg gtttttgcat gttgtttgtc     44700
     gcgtgtttgg cagtacctgt tcctgcatgc tggctgtgga caagatgcgt ctttcttctc     44760
     tcaggcagtt acagatgact gcagccattt ggagaggatt tgctttgtat ttcacctggg     44820
     agaatagaag aaataacatt tactggataa tgtgaaagca ggaattgtat ccgcatccta     44880
     acatacactg gttaaaataa atatagagca ttttaatgca attgagagga cttctgtggt     44940
     ggattcaggg aggaaaaagt agtaaaatcc ctatacactg aggtctgctg gtgttataaa     45000
     gaggtttaca agctagaaaa gatctacagt atcatttgcc gactttcatt tctaaaaact     45060
     gcatgggtat taaggaaacg aaagtctttt aagaccagca aaatacacat cattatacac     45120
     aaagtgacct gtgtatgcat ggaatatatt taggtgtcca atttcaaaat attttacatt     45180
     aaaaaaatta tattattgtt gaaaatattg tgtgttatat tgtatatgta tgtatgtatg     45240
     ttcatttcat tttcttgtcg gcttagtccc tttattaatc tggggtcgcc acagcggaat     45300
     gaaccgccaa cttatccagc aagtttttac gcagcagatg cccttccagc cgcaacccat     45360
     ctctggaaaa catccacaca tacacacaca ctcatacact acggacaatt tagcctaccc     45420
     aattcacctg taccgcatgt gtttggactg tggggggaaa ccggagtact cggaggaaac     45480
     ccacgcgaac gcagggagaa catgcaaact ccacacggaa acgccaactg agccgaggat     45540
     cgaaccagcg accttcttgc agtgaggcaa acgtgcaacc cactatgtcg ccatgtatat     45600
     atgcataaag aatattacat atttatgcat tcaaagaata tatcattcaa cctgcattaa     45660
     aatgacatat ttaaagcaac ttcggcatta aaagccttga tcttgctgtc acttgcttct     45720
     gtcagatgtt caaaatgctt ttgtctctat ttttagcatc cccattaaaa tgaaagcaac     45780
     cacactgtta agacggaaat caaaattcta aagaatttta gttgatggta aaaactcgct     45840
     accatttaca ggaatcgagc atcaagagga atgtggcatt acaaggagtg gaatcgtttt     45900
     gattgataac agttcattgt taaagttctt atgttttcat aaggagtgat tcatgttgat     45960
     tcatcactga tgtcagtgac atttaatcct ataacacaca cacaaataaa aaaacaatca     46020
     tgataaatgt ccaacctaat aaatcatggc taaatacctc atgcttcatt tgaaaaagga     46080
     aaaatagttt ttattttagg tattatcatc atattaatgg ctttaaataa gtgcgctttc     46140
     attttccttg aagcaccttg gctcaaaaag cttttgagta ttttaaatga cacatgggtt     46200
     attatggaaa ataacaatca tctgtctctg aactctccgt ctgcttttta aacattattg     46260
     tgggtgtttg gtctaggtgc ttttttcatg cagtattcag acagatattt ccagaagaaa     46320
     aaagtttttg cagtcgtcct aaataattgc aatctcccac acactctgtc attttttgtg     46380
     tttagggttg gcatacaaca ccagctgcag acagctttac gtaatttttt taaccgcttg     46440
     aaactcctga catttgatgc atctgtgaag gtttctagta aagatgcatc tgtaaaagat     46500
     ttatgttttg agaaatcccc acagctccca ctcatgaaat tacagcaaat aactgaatgc     46560
     agttgaaaat acatagagag ttcagccagt cagattttat cagtgaattt aggtgttatg     46620
     ttcaggaagt tttggttttg gtttttatgt ttgggtttta gttttttttg ggttaactag     46680
     agttgggtat ttactccaaa aaaggattta attactaatc acatcattaa aattgtattt     46740
     aaattacttt tattattact ttgtatcaaa agtaacttaa ttactccatg agtaacaata     46800
     gaatttaaat ttgagtcaaa gagaaaaaca aatggaatca caattcacat attgacaagc     46860
     agtgatgtgc tagttactga aaaacagtaa ctaattacag ttactagtta cttcaatcaa     46920
     aaagtaactc atttacttta ttgattaaac ataccaaaat gttgctgtta aaagttattt     46980
     ttccaaagaa cattttaaat gcttgcatta atgcccttat tgaccatatt ccttaacgcg     47040
     gatgtgcgaa cttccgattc agttgtctat gggagaaatg actaggaata ataaaccgca     47100
     gaaaacagtc aaactacttg ctctgcaaac aagtgtgttc atgactatac agacaaagca     47160
     gaatcacata atacaaaaat atcagtttgc aacatcaaga agcataacaa gctgttttta     47220
     acatctaaaa atgaatggaa gtgaatgaga ctggaagtct caagctaaaa agattcaaat     47280
     ggctgcaccg ctcgtatgca acgaataagg tgaataactt cagtgctgca tggagaatac     47340
     actgtggatc agcttcacag ttttaattaa tttgcattct cacaactaaa acattacaga     47400
     cttaaacaaa atgtaatttt taaacagtca gactagcagc acaaaaagga aaatatccca     47460
     aggtgataga ccagaatagt cagaaacaaa aatcagaaac tccccacttc gccaccacgc     47520
     tgcttaataa tattatattg tattttattt tacattacat aatatttaat cacataaaaa     47580
     tagtatttgt ttgagtctca ctacacacaa tatgacagaa aacaatgcta tatatatttt     47640
     atgggtacaa tttatagata tttattgggg ggccccagat ttccaggggc cctaagcagc     47700
     tgcttacctc gcttattggt taaatccgcc cctgcccata gttctgcaaa atatacttgt     47760
     ataataaaaa tacaactaat ctgcttttct aaattggttt atacataacc gttcatttta     47820
     agtacagtat ttaaggcaag caccttattc gttcatttat tttcctcagg cttagtccct     47880
     ttattcacca gcagaatgaa ccaacaactt atccagcata tgttttgatg cccttccagc     47940
     tgcaacacag tactgggaaa catctataca ctctcatttt cacacatatc tcttaagatt     48000
     taacttcaat tcacctataa cgcatgtctc tggactatgg gaaaataacc ggagcaccca     48060
     gaggaaaccc agaaacacca actgacccag ctgggacttg aaccagcaac cttcttgcta     48120
     tgaggtgaca gtgctaacaa ctgagccacc acgtcgcccg acaagcacac tataagtaac     48180
     tgtaattaca ttacctgaaa ttaaaagtaa tcccgtactt tactttttta gtagaaaggt     48240
     aatttaatta cagtaataag taacttggaa actaattaaa cccaacaaca ttgacatgaa     48300
     ctaacaacaa ctttgtcact gcagctagca tatcaaaata gtatgtttta tgtcagccat     48360
     tgtttacaga ctgctcataa atatgcttcc tatctgaatg tggtaaactc ggtggcctcg     48420
     gtgcaaacta ttggtcagga ctgtttccac ccaagtcaat gaagtttagc aaaaaccaca     48480
     cctgagttta caaaatccca cttacactac cccattcaaa acagcacgta aaattattca     48540
     cacttactgt acatcacgta taaattacaa cagagagctg ttattagctt gttgactagc     48600
     actattaatg tcagtattaa agggatagtt cagccaagaa taaagcgttt actaaccatt     48660
     tacttaattc aaaccttaat gagcttcttt cttttgttga acacaaaaga agatactttg     48720
     aaaaatgttg gaaacctgta actgattgat tgactcattg atttaaacag tatttgtttt     48780
     tttactatgg aagtcaatgg ttacaggttt tcagttttcc tcaaaatatc aaaaagaaaa     48840
     ctttggatcc acttgaggga atgtaaataa tgagtaaata aaaatttggg gggtgaaata     48900
     tacctttaaa ttaattgtat tatatataag taatcaaatt cattcagttg tgcatttgtc     48960
     agataaacag tcacagggtc attcacaagg acattatgtg cgctttgctt tcctctcact     49020
     tctctttgtc aagtacacaa agagcagggg tctaaaaata cacacggtgg catcactatc     49080
     tgaaacactg cttttgatag gcaacgctca ttcagagtgc aaataaaaac agctttcacc     49140
     gctcagttat gtataagatg tgttaaggca tatgttacct gtatctgatg aaatattctc     49200
     ttcaggttgt gtctgtgaag aaagttctgc tcctgagagc actgtctctc cagctgaatg     49260
     aggaagttat tgaagagtac agtagccata gattcatggt ttgatgccgt ttccctgagc     49320
     caataaattc agaaatgctt taggacgagg tattgacttt tccattacac agtattcctg     49380
     taactgcctg ctctactaaa tggttgacca tgttttggct gttttaaata atggtttaca     49440
     ctacacaaca ttgttggttt acaaaaaaaa accatcaaac ataatcctgt tgcactatta     49500
     cacttgattt tggtttaatt gtaaatataa acaacaagat aacatgttaa atgagaatcg     49560
     gaaatatttt aatgcatacc tcaaaaatta aagatgattt agtgtcaaac atgattttat     49620
     tttgtaaatg tttgtttaaa ataaattggt cttacaccta atattttcag atttttcata     49680
     gtatatgaaa atatataatg taattcatgt attttagcat aaaccaacat atcaaccatt     49740
     tggtaggggt taatacttta gaaattatgg gattgttgaa aaaaaaaatg aaactagcga     49800
     cattaggagt taagaaatgc aattaggcat gggccggtat aagattctgc agtatgataa     49860
     ctttgaataa aaatatcacg gtttcacggt attgtgacta ctgctttaaa atgtcttttt     49920
     aaaaagctta acttttaaaa aaacctttta actaaagctt atttcccctt tgaacacaat     49980
     ctattttatt ttgagaaaca tttaaaatat tttggagagg taaacaggct aaataattca     50040
     aataaattat tgacttctgc tgtctttgtt actttcaaaa acactgattt ctttacaatt     50100
     taaaacggca tctttggata tcttttctgc cggagatact gttgtaaaaa cataaataaa     50160
     gaaatcttac atacaccata ggaaaggtat agcagaaaat gttggcggtt ttaaaacctt     50220
     gacttttcca aaccgccgta taccttggaa acggttatca tcccattcct aattgcaata     50280
     caaatttatt ttcttggtgg ggcagttaaa gggggattta actgtaatat gaatggtatt     50340
     tcactgtatg agagttttgc agtatttttc tgtatctcaa agttgcattg taaaaaattt     50400
     ttaaaaatta tcgcctttaa aacattattt ttaatttgct gtgaatcaaa atattagaaa     50460
     atataacagt aaaaaatatg agaagcctga agaagtgaag atatactgta caatactgta     50520
     aatacatgta cagaaaaaca aacggtacta taaatattaa tacagtattt ttgctgtaag     50580
     tttggtttac agtaaattgt tggcaaactg tgccagtaag ttactgtaat ttatacagac     50640
     aattgttaaa agtgtgagat ttgtgtattt tctatcattt tatagggccg caaattgaaa     50700
     gtgagatttg ataaacgtgc aaattatgat caataaacca cataccaatc ctggctttca     50760
     atccagttag ccagcacttg tctcagctcc attggaaaat tgtcatcgta aaaataatcc     50820
     acctgttcga ggaacttaat atccagttgc tgaacttgct tccactgact catggtgatg     50880
     ctggaaaaga aacatactat atggtagtca taacaaagca acaatgcctt cagagagtca     50940
     gttatgtgat aagaaataac caaaccacta tcatacatga gcatcatcca ccttaacctt     51000
     cttgaggtta cagtcttgtt gaggttacaa tctttttata ggttgaccgt gcaaaattaa     51060
     accgttcttt ttggatgtgt ttgtgaaatg acagaactgg cctactctaa taattctaaa     51120
     agcaaaatag agatgactat tatacaaaac aaatgcaagt aaaagtgtct aatttattgt     51180
     tttaaattgt tttaaaagtc ttttttaaat aaaatatcaa aatacgtgtg aagtataaat     51240
     ggtccatcat aattcagtgt aatatccctc ttatatttaa atacataaaa gtataagtgg     51300
     tcatatgaat tgcattattg tcacaatcac cagcagcaat ccaggcttgt agatggctgg     51360
     gagtcattcg ctttccatca ggactagaaa tctgtcacca tatggactac aaatcctgtc     51420
     atgcaccaca cacttacacc tgtttcggtt tgctgctgat tgctgataca caatgaagtt     51480
     gttcagaact gattacatgg actttaaaag cagcacagac acacacacac cagttgttga     51540
     gtcttgttat actgttttgt gaacattata acgggtttac tttgccttgc gttgctgttt     51600
     ttgacgcttg cttatttctg tttacatggc ttgctgccag tactgaccat tcgcctgttt     51660
     atggaccacg accacgattc cctgcatgtt ttgaccattg attgcctgac cattctcata     51720
     ataaacctcc atcacatgac agttatattt ttaattatta aatatgtctt taaaaaggga     51780
     cctattatgc ccaattttac aaggtgtaaa aacactgtaa gcctatgatg tttctagagt     51840
     gtctatgtga agtttcagct caaaatacca aacaagtgat ttttaactct gccctttttg     51900
     gtgtctgata ctttaaattc aaataaaagt gtgctctcag ccctcttttc gaaattaaca     51960
     ttagcaggta ctgccctaaa actaatggca gacggctgct tctccctgtc tacgctaatg     52020
     aaggagagat ctaatcacta atgggtgggg ctttactctg atgacacaaa caatgggagt     52080
     atgtcaatca aagtgtttct gcagactgtt tttaagtaag ggtgattatg aaaaatataa     52140
     ctcattaatt tttaccatta gaaactggct atattcacac actattgcca cacagcaagt     52200
     gcttaaaccc cttatgaaag gaatttttgc ataacagatg ccctttaact catcaaatga     52260
     ttgttgtggg aaatatccct gaaagtaatt tttggattag aaactactgt tacactgaaa     52320
     agacaattta gttggtttaa tggaaatgca tgaattattc atgtactact ttatatgtca     52380
     atatacttcc aattgaaatg gtgttaaaaa tgctgggatc agggacaaat ttaaccaata     52440
     agcaaggtaa gcaacccctt agggccttag gaaatctaag agcccccaaa taaatacata     52500
     gaagtataaa ttatacatat taattatatt taacattgtt ttctatcata ttttgtatgg     52560
     tgagggtcta agaattttaa tttgtatccc ccactctcaa tcttggacca gtccagcagt     52620
     caaatcagta aagatatagt tttttttttt aaatgttaat ttattacttt tagttgtgaa     52680
     ttcattttaa gaaaacaaat catttaaaat tttttacaag gttatacaat atgctttaca     52740
     tattattatt ttgcattaag ataaaattta gaagaggaga atgagtgata caagaaaaaa     52800
     actgtatata tatatatata tatatatatt gttattgtga acaacatttt acacctttag     52860
     actatgtgtt tcttttagtt gtacagttta ttatgcttgg tttacaacta atttacagtt     52920
     caagaaagag tcatcaatat ctgtcaaact ttacaataag atttcattag ttaatgttag     52980
     ataatgtact tactgactaa cattaactaa ttatgaacta atttattttt catagttcaa     53040
     catttactaa tgctagagct ggggcgataa attatattat atcaaatcac gatacaattt     53100
     ttgtcaattc tctatatcga tctaagagcc aatcacacag aagaaatgtg caacaactgg     53160
     aatctaaaag cttgttaaca ttagagatgc accgaatttt cggcaccgta aatttatttg     53220
     acaaaaatgt tatgccattt aatggaccct ctaattttta aggctttagt catttttggg     53280
     gtactctctt aaatctggaa cttggcaata acaacttata ttgaaatata taacgctatc     53340
     gatgaatatg gaaaataata atcaagatta catttttgcc atatcgccca gccctataca     53400
     ttattaaaat tgttaacatt agttaatgca ctgagagtta tacacatgaa ttaacaatga     53460
     acaactttat taccaataac taacattgac aaagatgaag aaataccaaa tctattgttc     53520
     attgtttgat catgttacaa aatacatcaa ctaatacaaa cttattgtaa agtgttcctt     53580
     tggaaactat atcaatgtcg tgagaggcta cactgtaaaa aaaacttgcc ttaaattttt     53640
     taaatgaatc aaattaacct tatgagtcca ttgaacgtat atcatgttaa actgcttgtg     53700
     taatttagaa aattaagttg ttataactta gtttaataag ttactatgac cttaaaacat     53760
     atgctgtaag gactaattga tcatattttt tacagtgtat gttattgtta tacagtctga     53820
     gacacaaaac aattgtacaa cagtttacac agttgataaa tcaaaattct cagtgcatta     53880
     taataatcat aaataattca aatactcatg taaattattt cgtttgtaat tttaattaaa     53940
     ttcaagttta tctgtgagct tttcaaaata attattgttt caaaacagct ttacaaaagc     54000
     tagccatcac attattgcgt tacaataaaa ttcggaaaag ttaagattat aagttagtaa     54060
     taagtttaat tagtaaataa tagctttaat agtaataaaa accgaaacta gtgttacctg     54120
     ttgccctttt aagagacact gccaagaagt tcactcaatg ctcctgcttc acctgttgtt     54180
     ttgaaagcaa ctcaaccagc agccacgctt ttatgccagc ggcagatcct caggagtttt     54240
     gcccacagac gacagaccca aacccggccg gagacgcttc agatgctcct agaagtctag     54300
     aggaggttga acggtcccgt ttcctctcat gaatgaagtc ctcgagggca tgaatgtcag     54360
     atatctcatg cagagattga acgcgtaaac aggtgggttc ttcaaggaaa tgttgagcac     54420
     ttcgcgaaca cggaaacgtc gttgcagtaa aaaagcacaa ggggaaagtc ccctgctttg     54480
     acagcaagtg tgctcaaagg gtattttata cagactcaca tattcagaga ggattatcca     54540
     gtaatatcaa aactactcac tatattacct aatctcggcc atcatttaga aattgacgct     54600
     ggtatacgct gataagattt atacgatttt aataacacaa tagcctgcag tgtacagtaa     54660
     caaatctgaa gaaatgtttg atgaattcat tttcaaatca agacaaatgt gatgcttaat     54720
     ttgcatagtc tcgtcaagca ttgctgggaa ttttatgatt atgacagaca tagatagata     54780
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagatact atctactatt     54840
     tatgtttaca tatttaaatt tgtactatat atttctatta tacttaaaaa aattaaattt     54900
     aaaagttttt attttagtta tcctgcagat ttcaacttag acaacattta agtcaaagta     54960
     cctcaaaata ggctacatct tgaacaaaac acttaaattc ttaaatgaga aaatataact     55020
     ttaaaaccac atgcattgct taaaaaacat ttacatgatg gttgtcatat ttacttcaca     55080
     tttcaaacaa tattttacaa tagatatata cacatgcaaa atatattttt tcttctttta     55140
     tccataatta atcattacaa caacaacaaa atccagattt tttaaattgc ttagagtttt     55200
     gttaggaaca cagtttaacc aaataaattt taactaaatt tgtctgaatt gtttttccat     55260
     agctacattt tacaaacaaa ttttaacctt aatttaccat ctaaattaca tagtgcattt     55320
     tctttaaaaa caaaacaatt catatattgt atgtctatat ttaacacaac acaatctcac     55380
     ggcaattcgt aactttttca tttagtggct aattcgtacg aattcgtatg atctaattcg     55440
     tacattttag tacgatttgc tcatccccca atgacggctg ggtttagggg tggggttagg     55500
     tgccacgcct cctttttaaa atcgtacaat tttttacgac tgaatttgta cgaattagcc     55560
     actaaactgg caaaacataa atagttacgt tttcccgtga gatcaggctg atttaacagt     55620
     ataagtgcat gaattcttat cttacattac agtttttact gtaaatgcaa acattcattc     55680
     attcattttc ttttcggctt agtcacatac aatatggaca attttagctc attcaactca     55740
     cctatagcac atgtctttgg acttgtgcgg gaaactggag cacatggagg aaacccacac     55800
     gaacactgtg agaacgtgca aactccacac tgaaatacca actgacccag ctggggctcg     55860
     aaccagcgac ctcttgctgt gaggcgatca tgctacccac catgccactc atatgctaac     55920
     atatgtaact tattattatt gttttttaaa ggattaaata gatggttcac cccaaaaagt     55980
     gaaaaattac tcactattta ctcactctca agtggttcca aacctttatg agtatctttt     56040
     tcctgttgaa ggcaaaagaa gatattttaa agaaagctaa aaacaaatat tatggaagtc     56100
     agtcagtcgt taaccatttt ccagctttct tcaaaatatc ttcttttgtg ttcatcagaa     56160
     tatagaaatc gtttaaaaag cacttagaaa ttgcatttgc tgtttgttca tactctttta     56220
     aaataaactt agtacagcaa acaatttttt aacaatccag tttgctgaaa taataaacaa     56280
     aaacttcata atggtgttat caagactttc agtgggggaa aaaattcaat attgccttaa     56340
     agtaaagtca aattagacac atagtttgta taatttgacc taaagtaaac cgaaatagct     56400
     aatcaggtca gattacacag ctgaaaacct acattaataa atacatttat ttatttataa     56460
     ttaattataa tgcatgtatt tattaataaa taagatttaa tttaaataaa tacatacatt     56520
     tctaaattca ctgaagcatg tattacacaa acttacatta ccaaaaaagt tgaccctccc     56580
     gatcgtcaat gtataaattg cacactgctg ataatggcag ccaaaagaga gaagaatgcc     56640
     aaatgtactt tcctgctgcc cgtacactct gcattacaat cacctcgcat aagcggtaat     56700
     ttgttttttg taatttggtg cataggtgat aatgcatact atacttcaat acatatgaat     56760
     attaatacgt atttctttaa atgaaaaatg aaaaatcttc tagaaataag gattctgatg     56820
     aatgcaaatg tgtcataaca gtcttgtaaa gtgctccata gatgtccaaa aaactaacaa     56880
     tactcaggcc cgttgtcagg ggggtttggg gggttcgaat gacccacccc tcactgacaa     56940
     aggtacagaa tttgatacat gagctgattt gtcctatttt gacaacaaat tgtgaaaata     57000
     acccatccaa aaaggcttta agactaagcg gaatccttcg ttggctctag ctctggcttg     57060
     acttaagctg atcagttttg gctaatgcaa acaatgactt ttcaagacaa tctgacatat     57120
     gtgaagtcat ctttcactac tgtattgtta aatagagaaa acattttaca agtaaatttt     57180
     attctaaatc ttggacctta ttcttgaaac aaaaaaatga tctataaaaa gttgtgaagc     57240
     cccaaaagct acccatacaa ttatttgaat aataatttgg caaatgttgt tatccatgaa     57300
     ttttcaaatg taattttacc agaggctagg ataaatgtga atttctacat tattattatt     57360
     tattattatt attatgttta cattttttat tattcaaatg cccaaacact gactgaagaa     57420
     agttgaatgt tgaaatttgt ttttaaaaat aagtattttt catccaagaa gctaatccag     57480
     ctaaaaatag tgcttaaaat gtcaccaaaa tgcagtattt aaatctcata attaaataga     57540
     aaatgaggtg aatgactgca aaaaaagtcg tctatttgag aaaaataacc ccatccttgt     57600
     tattacttat aataacatct aaaaaatgtt ttcttttttc atgggacctt taaatgtgtt     57660
     ctcacggtaa gtgttcgccc ggtcgcgtga tgtcgctgtg ctcctgcaga ctttagtcac     57720
     tacagacgag gaagagagac gcgttgcggc cacatgtgat gatgtgaatc tgtagagagg     57780
     ctgaaaacat ggtggaaaag actgacatcc gcgtggttcg ctgcggcggg agtaaaataa     57840
     actttagacc tcctatcatc tcgcatgact ccaggtatcc tctaaattta gtcaactaat     57900
     gtgtctggtt ttgtctgcat attctctgtg gtcagaaaat aaacaccggg ccgtgctgga     57960
     gggaatgcag cgtgatgagc gaatcacact ctgatataac taacagttac ttgtgcttct     58020
     aaacttgtat gaatgaaaag ttcatctgct tttttaatgt tgtgagggtt ggtgatgatt     58080
     taaacttgtt tctagaaggc atgtcactct ttcagacaca catcatgtgt attggtttag     58140
     aagaaatgtc tttcataata gaggcaggta ttatagaagt ttattgcttt taactttttt     58200
     atttacttta gcgttaaatt gttaaacttt aaggacattt aaataatatg atctctttaa     58260
     aagatgacct tcctaaaaaa tatggctgac tttattatta tgcaggaaaa acggattcat     58320
     attgttttat aagaagcaaa catgttatca atcctccaaa aagttgtaat tgattcagtg     58380
     ttgattgtta ttacagtatt tttgagatac tgttttttgt gtgaatttaa caccataaac     58440
     agtgctcagt ataattgagt acagcccatt ttaaaaatga atatttttat taatctttta     58500
     gtgaataaag gctatttaat ctggtgcatt taaacaaaac agatttattt aacggatata     58560
     tttattaaag ttatatttta gtcaccaaac atttagaaat tgaaagataa taccattaaa     58620
     ttgaagcaaa atattgcaac ctaaaaaaaa cctaaaaaca aatttttttt aattatattt     58680
     tttatttttt atttttgctt ctcttggttt ttcctcttct ttaaaattgt ccttaatatt     58740
     tttctataaa atataaattt ggatgtacta gtttttgcac cattatcgca agttattttg     58800
     ttagatgagc tctagatttg tctgcaatac tgactaatct aaagtatatg ctcaaataca     58860
     atattgttta gctttctatt aaaaatatga agttaaaaga ttgatttgtg actgaggggt     58920
     gtacttgtat atgctgacca ctgtatacat acatagattt atgtggggtg taattatata     58980
     tgctgaaaaa aaagttattt tgagttttcc aaaagaaaat acataactta catagtctct     59040
     catactgtaa cagatcttgc atatgctttg tattttcttc cctttaataa caactataaa     59100
     cagtaaaaca tgaggtgcta caaatgcttt agaagatttg tcttctaaag atgaaaaaaa     59160
     ttgtatattc agacacataa tattaaattt ataagttata attcaagaaa agcatattgg     59220
     tgaaatatac tcaatttact tcaatttaga aaaaagtaat caatctgtgt tcttaataaa     59280
     aaagatgtca tgtataaagt gtttagtgta tcaatccatt cttcaactgt aggtgactct     59340
     aattttaaca atttgtttgt gattactttt ttactagctg ccggaagaaa aaaaaaagtt     59400
     tcttgtcttt attaatcaac ccatctaaat taatgttgcc taaatataaa gattcacaag     59460
     taaaagcaat ctctacttaa aaaatggccg aatttaaaac tatattgatt aattgatgca     59520
     aatacatggt gtttgtagta aatgtataat aatatttatt aatattatta gtaaaagact     59580
     taaaataggc tgccaagatt ataataaact catgatttta gtggtaaaag taaaaagtag     59640
     taatgaagta tgtaaaatgc ttggtacatt tggttaatac tgcaaaataa ttgtgttatt     59700
     gattgaaaat acatgcatca gttctgtgaa atatcacttg taaatagtca aatctgtatg     59760
     actaatataa accgcaaact ttgatttgta aaatgttaac tttaaataat atgcatcatt     59820
     tattaattta tgtcaccatt tattagtatt ttattaaatt tgaagatgtg tttatcacta     59880
     tttattgcct gaagaaatgt gaaataacat tttaatttta accaacatta acaaagaaga     59940
     ataagtgctg taatatattg aaataactaa tttatgctag ctaatctatt atagaatgat     60000
     tataaccgct taaaacctgt aagcagttac taacatttaa ttctaaatat taatcaacaa     60060
     ctaaatttat cagtttagtt tgcagtaagt gtttgtgcat taaaagtgtg catacgtatg     60120
     aactcgctgc acaagaagtt tctagtgtca ttgtaaaggc attgactaaa gttgtgtgtc     60180
     tggttgttgc aggtttgtgt tgtgcgtctc tggggattca gtgaaggtct atagcacacg     60240
     tacagaagag tggcttcata atctgcaggg ccacaacaac caagtaaccg gcatcgcctt     60300
     caatccagcc aatcagctgc aggtctgttc atctctctgc ttctggtgca taaatgtgtg     60360
     acagttgatt gggtttcttt gttcagtcag cattcagatc agcttgtttg taagtgttct     60420
     ttaaagtcag cattacaatt cctgatgtta tgcgaggatt tgggctgtta tgttttaaaa     60480
     gaagtctgta acacaacatg ataaaacaat ggtccattat gtaatgttta ctaacgtgaa     60540
     taaaccgtta gtaatacatt tgaaacttta ttaatctatg ttaagattag ttaacggtaa     60600
     gttaaacaat gttagttcat gttaactcta gggttgggcg atgtcgacca atttggcatc     60660
     ttacaatgtc taatgtgaaa catcgcaatg gacgatggca tcctcgtcat tggcggagaa     60720
     tttattattc attaattatt tatgaaaaat taattcattc ataacaaatt aattatttgt     60780
     agcctaccgt ttccactacc tggcctgcat ggtctttgtt ttacccatta acaaatcata     60840
     aataaagttg cacacaaatt actacctgtt aatcactttt tccgtaggag gctggttggt     60900
     aaaaaaggcg cacaaccaac agtatctgag gttttcacta aaattactaa gtacaagtgt     60960
     gaaagtgaaa gactaaagca gtgtactgat gctgtgacac gttacctgac agattcaaaa     61020
     cacagattag tcgttaaata gagacaagat taattaaata tcatgtttaa caactatagt     61080
     cagactcaat cctgcggtac atccttgata aactgtccga catgcacaga ggtgcgtgcg     61140
     tgcatgtggg gtcacgtgat gtacgttttc agcggacgga gggctgttca aaaatgctag     61200
     gtaaaacaca gtgtggatgt ggatcatttt cattcttaag caccatttta acattaaggt     61260
     attactgtaa acgaggctta agtgtgtatt tttcgcgagt gggtttgcga cgggggcagg     61320
     gcggaggatc agcgatgccg gcccagcatc gtgttaacta tcgaccatcg gcgatggata     61380
     atggatttgt ctatcaaccc aaccctaggt aactcgcagt gcattaacta atgttaacaa     61440
     gcgcaactgt ttttattaaa aattttaatt atgcactatt taatgttaaa ctatgattaa     61500
     taaatgcttt acacaatttt tcaaacttaa tgttagtaaa tacattaact aatggaccat     61560
     tattctaaaa tgttaccaaa aagtcttaaa ttcatgcccg tcattgcaga tagcctagtg     61620
     gttaagttta ttgatgtatc agcctgagtt tgttgctgtc ttgtggtctt ttcccaaatc     61680
     aattgtcctc tctctatttc ttctttgctg ttgtctcctt ttttctatca aaaaaaacat     61740
     gagtaaagtg aaaaagaaaa agtgtatggc ctaaaatcat cacttttaat gcacataaat     61800
     ttgctgttgg caagtaatta aaagcatgtt acttagtagt tgaacattca tatttaaaag     61860
     gatcaccaca tgtctttgga ctgaggggga aactggagca cccggaggaa acccacgtga     61920
     acatagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacatag aaaagccaac tgacccagct aaggatcgaa     61980
     ctagcggcct ttttgctttg agccttttgt gctattctct gtgccaccgt gacaccctat     62040
     taatattaat agttaatatt aatttatact aatattatta tttcatacta ataatagtat     62100
     gtgcaatttt aagtaattta ttatgtaaaa tgttttcatt gctcaatatt tagtctgatt     62160
     ctagggatca ttctttaaat tgatatgata cagttgcgcc atttaaataa atataattta     62220
     tactgtaaaa aattcaggct ttcacacaaa ttatttatgt tgtcccaagt tatcataaca     62280
     atgatgattg aacataaaac aatgaagttg tcctcaaaaa atctcaacat ttgtgttctt     62340
     tcagctcatt ttaaaataaa ggctgattta tacttctgtg tcaagcgcac tcaaatgctc     62400
     cggtgcagcc ttcgtgcggt cgcaaagccc tccctgtggc tgatgctgac acacacatct     62460
     caaacaaatt tacctacaag tcgcaatgat gcatagccat gctctgtgat tggtcggctt     62520
     cagttgctat gatgagtgtt ggctgtgctg agagccgcga gccagataaa gcgatcgttt     62580
     actagtgttg agccccgtaa aggagctcca gatgggaact tttgttttgt gtttaagggt     62640
     ttttcagaaa aaacaaaaca ccggtgaaga aatttgacac agaggaacat taaaacctag     62700
     atccagctag tgtttcggaa gtgttattgc agagcaacac agcacacaga agtaaaatgt     62760
     cttgtcgtta actcgacgca aaagtataaa ccagccttaa gtagtttcaa caaacagcaa     62820
     agatattttt gtgtgcaatt ggatgttttt ctaaattttt ttgtgaatat ttttgtaagt     62880
     tttttttttt taattcatat ttatttattt atttgctcaa ctattctttc ttaaagcaaa     62940
     cttgtttttt agttcctact ctttgttcat tctgctgcag gtctactctt gctcagcaga     63000
     tggcactgtt aaattgtggg acttcattga tggcattctt atcaaggtac agtttattac     63060
     aaaagcacat gaggccactg ttttgataaa tattttgact cgtgttgtta tttttctttt     63120
     ttcagacatt tgtcattgga taccctttgt attcattata cgtgtcagag aaacatgaag     63180
     gggtcatttt ccttattgtt tccatggtta cagattccaa caatggtaag tgtttcactg     63240
     tggtttatac tgaaacttta ggtttttgat gattagagca gacactaaaa tcttgtcaca     63300
     aatacagcat gaaaattttt tgtagctatc agtatttaaa tggtaataat attattacta     63360
     ttgacttttt ttgtctgtct gcataatttc tggtcaccac cgatgcttaa cagttgggtt     63420
     tcggaaataa aaactcattc atattcattt tctctatata gaaatgtact tttaatggta     63480
     acttaaaaaa attaaagaca agcctatttt gaattccatg gaagtttttt agtagtgtta     63540
     gcttttgctg aggcgatctg tttgcgttaa tttagcttat ttttaaagta attctttaac     63600
     tagtgaattt gtgttgaaaa ctgcactacc ctaatgctgt acagaacagt ctaacagtca     63660
     gagccagagt gaacaaagca aactccaatg atgcacaatg agttacgtaa tcacgtcagc     63720
     cttgtgtata tttttttgaa tacacttaaa tccatttaag gcagccaatc agaatcaaat     63780
     tttaaaagca ggtgctagtc aagtcagttc atgaggtaga aggacataat aaacattgca     63840
     ttaaaacaga tttttctggt cattgtgctt tgtgtgtttc cagagagttt ccagttggtt     63900
     gctgtacatc tgcccaaatc agcagagcag gaggtggagg ccaaagagct gtccactgtt     63960
     gccagtaaaa tcagcccaaa ccccagctgt acggccttcg gcagaggggt aagagctcac     64020
     tcatcacttt ctgttcagct gaatcttggt gtcgtctctt gtttttaagc gctggtctgt     64080
     ttatgaaagt ttttcaatga gttacagaac cttgaaatat ctgctgagat tgctgttaat     64140
     tcaaagctag gttatattat tgttattcgt tttattacag gcacagcatg taactcagag     64200
     cacatgggaa gtctgttagt gtggaaaaac aaatttgata ttcagatgct gcttgtaaaa     64260
     aacacaaact atgtttccat tgctgatatc cttattaata gtttttaaat tatgtacagt     64320
     aaaattaaat attgatttaa atgctgtagt ataactaggg atgtaccaat attgcgattc     64380
     tggctaaact aataattggg aacaaaatgc atgttataac ctaattatac attaaaaatg     64440
     tgtatttact ttgagatggg ataaatatta catttaacag ctgtgttaaa ctaaaattcc     64500
     ttttaatgat aaacttaata ccaagataat ttaagggtgc tttcacaact agacttttgt     64560
     ttcggaacct ggtgcgtttg cctctgcgag gtttgtctgg catatgtgaa tctagcaatg     64620
     gcgattggat tcacaccaaa acaatcggtc agagaatgcc tgaatgaggt ggtcttggct     64680
     cgactgaaat gatccctgga gtgaattggt tgtagtgagt aagcaatacg atccaatgaa     64740
     ccaggctata tcacagtgta ttatggaaat gtaataggca tatatacggc tatatgaaga     64800
     gagaatgatg attagggcag gatgccattc caactggtaa atgtgcattt catgtccaat     64860
     acgaaagtga aagcgtgcag aaatattaac aagagctgtt tattcgttag gaaaattgac     64920
     cgaactggtt gatttatctg ttattttttc tataatgtaa agcctatttt actactaaac     64980
     caggtttact actaatcttc ctttaattcg tcatagttaa ttaatcgtaa agcctttctg     65040
     cacaaaacaa aacttttgca actaaaagtt atgccaactt tgcgctagtt tacagttctg     65100
     aacttattca caataatacg cgcgcacact agattaaagg ctgattttaa ctatgtctta     65160
     agctgttaac taaggaccgt tcacatatcc cgtctttttt acctgcaagt ttgtcccaat     65220
     agaggtgtgc gacttgtgca cacacattgg cagcgatatt attttattta ttttttattt     65280
     attgtaaatt agttttattc tttattcatt gttcataatc atttatttat tttcagtgta     65340
     aaaattgtac gtatgtttaa ataccaaaac aaaattcact tattccaaag agtccaaaga     65400
     gaaatggact attgtttttt tattactatt gttttgtgaa gtattaattg gttactgagg     65460
     agcaacaact ctttaaaaat atacgttttc gttagatttt tctaaactag tagtgttttg     65520
     caattaatga atgcataata actgcaaaac cgtgattatt cctcagacta tattcgcaca     65580
     accaaaatct ataattgttg catgcttaat tgccataaat taaaaaaagg acgcctgaca     65640
     gctaagcggg acgttaacca atgtgaggag agtttttctc cttacttatt ttggtcggtt     65700
     tagaaacttt gccatgtgaa tgcaaaccac actaagaaca aagagcaaca ttgtaacaat     65760
     tttaatccct gtttcgaaac aaaccaatcg atctacaggt gtgaaaagtg cacaacatgt     65820
     tattctaaat gtgcaatgca caaaacaccc attatttcaa aacacaaggc tattcccatt     65880
     tgccagtatc aaattttgta tcatcactca ttcttttata taaaatatta ttatttagag     65940
     taaaaaaaat gtgttaatat atctattaaa aactgtatta tttgaaccat caatacaaac     66000
     atgtttttca atataaaatc atctttaaca ttgaaaagtg acatgtcatc tatcaccaat     66060
     tatagctgaa attcatcttc cattcctgtt ttttttgccc ttcataacat aatttcaaac     66120
     attagttcat gtctgattgt ggcaaggttg ttctgggtga agtctatgtc ataccctctc     66180
     ggttttgtca tggataaatc tccatcctgc aaagtcattg cctgtgtgtt gatgtggtaa     66240
     agtaaacatg gtttgaaccc tctgtaggtt aattagtgtg gtacatgctg gcattatttt     66300
     tgtaggctga gtgccgtgtg caaccttttt acacatttac tagttgtttt ggttaagcca     66360
     ttacacacat taacttctta accttctgtg gttgttaaca aataagtata ataagtctta     66420
     atatttttgt gttttcaggg ggaattcata gcattttcca ggcacctcca gcttaatgtt     66480
     tatttcttca ggaagcagaa gacatacagg taataaccgc cgtatcctga acagtctttt     66540
     tttcatggtc agagcatgtg ggaacttgtt tgaccacact gcttatttac tggcttcagg     66600
     gaacacgaga cgcgtgtcat tgtagcttgt tttaggcttg gcttttatgt tggtttttcc     66660
     acatgccacc acttttttgt gaaaacaaca aataagctga gacaacacca tctgaaagaa     66720
     gcaacttcag attgtcatta ttttaccctg tgtgacttcc tatgaacttg ttaggttatg     66780
     gataaactga tgaactagtg taatcctgtc agagttcaca agtaaattaa aagatgtttg     66840
     tgctttctct gtaaggctca ctgaaactta aaagaaatta aatgataaat tatcgttata     66900
     ataatcgttg agtgaattga cgtattaaag aattttctca tacagtatag ctgtaaatta     66960
     tgcaaaatta gtgccaaaca attttatttt tgtttaaaaa gtaaacataa gtaataataa     67020
     tgagcataca aatctgtatt tgtactattc atcaaagtaa tttaatttaa tcagtatgac     67080
     tgcaaataag ataatcagtc tgtaatgact tctgagaaaa gtgtttatgg tgcatttcca     67140
     ctgtagcatt aggagttcat tcttcatatc tcgcttaaat gatctacagt aagatgattt     67200
     gtcagatcct ggatctttta atcttgatat ctgatctctg gctaattcgg ttcttcacag     67260
     aagtccacaa atcagattaa aatgtctgga tgaactgatc tgacagatct ttctttcctt     67320
     gaaatcatga tcagcaatcc aacaattggc tgacggcaca gcagtgtaat gacatcgtcc     67380
     gattaatatt caaataccca tgtgagcaaa attgcataaa aatcgtagta aatggtttgt     67440
     taaatatgat acgcaataac tttccagctt tgttgtgggc tacaggcttt acactttcat     67500
     gtgtcaagag catttagcaa tttatttact tttacattta gagtggattt tctttattat     67560
     agtagtctag acctattcaa gtttcttaaa cggtgtaaac ggctgtttaa ataaattttg     67620
     catcaaaaaa gctttttgat atcagtaaag gtgtctgcaa cttttgcgac gcatcaaaaa     67680
     cagtcaaatt gtatgcatgt ctattatcaa acacaaatat gtaccctata atggtatgcg     67740
     tttgtatcct aaacagtgca gattgtatcc gaagtgcaga tatatatatt tttttaacca     67800
     tgtttccaag tgtatctaac tactactgta aaaaatacca gcattaggta catacttttg     67860
     agtattacct ttgcttgaaa tgacccgatc tattcccgtt tatatcaaat gagcctgctc     67920
     ctgagcaggt ttgagctacc agaactgttg ctatgaaaac aactcttgaa tgagttttga     67980
     agaacgaagg gatcctgggt cctgtaaaat tgtcgaaaac caaatccagc tattttttta     68040
     attactccat atatgaagta gagaccccag atctgcattt agtgcaatac tacaagctac     68100
     tgttttaacc catgtatagt ttagggcaga tcatatccat gatttacttt tataattatt     68160
     tttactgcta ttaaaagttt atcaagtgta agaacttaaa ttatattatt ttcatttgaa     68220
     gtagattggc agtccttgtc tgttggtgtc agtttgaagg cttcagccac aatattctta     68280
     actacactct tccgaatgaa cttgcaaata taaagccctg acccaactca atattttatt     68340
     tcagttggaa gtacgacaaa atactgaaat aaaagtctca gcaacttccg gttcacttag     68400
     actttatgca aataaatgtt attgagatta taaactatat taatttgaga ctacagttta     68460
     aattaaaagg atagttcaca ctaaaataaa caattactca ctatttactc agccagtttc     68520
     ttttttctgt tgaacagtaa aaaaagatat tttgaagaaa gctgaaaacc ttgacgattt     68580
     ccagctttct tcaaaatatc tttttttttt ccgtttaaca aaagaaagta aacaaatgac     68640
     agaattttca cttttgggtg atttatcctt agtaactgta ctttatcaaa atattatgac     68700
     tacttttttt ctgatatcct acagtcataa tgacacattg tttaacattt cccatcttcc     68760
     actctctttt tctttctgta gtttttctct aaaagccaca gataagaaag caggcaaaaa     68820
     tgcatttaca tgtgtagcct gtcacccaac agatgactgc atcgccagcg gtcatgaaga     68880
     tggaaagatc cgcctctggt aaggccagaa tccaacattc tgtgttctat gtcatgtcca     68940
     catgtacatg ggtgttttta taatattggt agagttgaga attcccattt tttatataaa     69000
     aaaatctctg tccacatgac aatgcataaa cgcactatga tggatgttaa gcgcacgcca     69060
     aaccaacaag cggagataat gacactttta tgctgggttc gtaccaaagg ggcaattaag     69120
     tatattcatt cattcatttt cttgtcggct tagtctcttt attaatccgg ggtcgccaca     69180
     gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccaccaag tttttatgca gcggatgccc ttccagccgc     69240
     aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac attcacacac acactcatac actacagata     69300
     ttttagccac ccaatttacc tgtaccgcat gtctttggac tttgggggaa acctgagcac     69360
     ccggaggaaa ccggaattaa gtatatttcg taagtaaact gcatacaggt cagtataaat     69420
     gtcagaacag atgctggatt gcgatatacg tgattcgttt gccacaaatt ttttatgtct     69480
     ttgcatctgg tgtgaaccca gtcgtgttgg ccaatcagaa aagagaaaac cgcacgctga     69540
     tgtcatgagg caaatactct ggttgtattg tccacacatc cacactttac ccagagtttc     69600
     agaaaatctt cacccttccc agagttttaa tgaagtttca atcacccgat tctgcctttt     69660
     ttcgcattgg tgtgcacaat cacattgaca ccatttattt agtcacgagg tgttaaacgt     69720
     caacggaaaa cgcaagcaaa aaacgtcgct gtgtgcacgg gcctttagtc tattttgcag     69780
     gtcatgtaat cagaactgaa tatttgaatt aactttcttt ttccctacag gagaaacttc     69840
     aatcacaaaa aagagtacac atattccaca aagcactggc atcacgatgc cgtcaaccat     69900
     ttgtgcttca ctccagaagg tgggttttgc tgcatcattg gtgtttttca cactttctaa     69960
     cctctccggc tgttaaatgt gtgtttgagc actgttgttg tgtctgcagg ctctaattta     70020
     ctgagtggag gcatcgagtc tgtgctcgtc cagtggcagt atggagatat gagcaaaaaa     70080
     gagttcctgc ctagactcgg aggatccatt tcgcatgtgt ctgcatcagc tgacggacag     70140
     ttgttttgca ccgcacattc agacaacagt aagatgtcaa gttttaaccc ttgtgcacta     70200
     ttcaaatgta tttgtttttg ttatgttcga gaagaaaacg atctctcaat taaactggtt     70260
     taaaactgca tcagattaat atttttgcaa taatttttca aaactactaa atgtttttaa     70320
     aaatgacatg gttttaactg attttgatgt cgcacaaaat attttcaata taaaaagtag     70380
     ttgtggactg gattttcttt ttactttata tcagtcttgg acatgtgaaa gattagtagc     70440
     agcattgcct ttgatgcatt gttagttttt gtgcagcata aagcctggtt tatacttcag     70500
     tgtcaagtga ccagcataac ccacggcata caacgcgcgt agttgtgcat ttatactttt     70560
     gcttgctgtc tctgttggtc tgcattaaca cttccgaaac gctagttggc agtgaggtgt     70620
     aaatgttcct ctgtgtcgag tttcttcgct agtgttttgc ttttcctgaa cacttcctga     70680
     atgtacaagt ggctcaaact tgctcatttc gaggcaggaa ccggcggacg tgcaacaact     70740
     ttaactatga ggtaaacaca aaacaaaact ttccatccgg agctccttca caggactcca     70800
     caattgtaaa caatcgctcc atcggggtca cgccattcgc gtggctctcg gtcccgccca     70860
     gactcgtcag cgctgccaag ctgaccaatc acagagcttg cgctacgctt cgttgcaacg     70920
     tgtagttaca ttttttgaga ggtgcacgtc agcgtagggc catgcaacgt cgtagcatac     70980
     gcatacgttt gacgcagaag tataaatcag ccttaagatt ttataaatag attgatggat     71040
     ggatggacgg atggataaac agttaaggtc agaattatta gccccccttt gaattttttt     71100
     ttcttctttt ttaaatattt cttaaatgat gtttagcaga gcaagggaat tttcaaagta     71160
     tgtctgataa tattttttct tttggagaga tttttttttt ttaataatca ttttaacgac     71220
     aaaattatta gcttctttaa gctatatttt gtttcgataa tctacagaac aaaccacaat     71280
     aaacttttaa atgtgacttc aagctgtatt taagtgtctt gaaaaatatc tagtcaaatg     71340
     tcagggggct aataatgcag ggggcctaat ccatataaat ggcccaccct gcggatggat     71400
     ggatagatga atagacagac agacagaaat ccacttcaga tgttgactag tgtatatgta     71460
     tgtgtatgta tatatatata tatacatgca tacagtggaa gtcaaaataa ttacccctcc     71520
     tttaaaactg taattattaa aaaataaaaa attgtgttgt ttaactgagg gaagatttgt     71580
     tctcaacaca ttttagcaca aatggtttat tgtgaaatta ttttgtaaat tatacttatc     71640
     tatctatatt tatgtgtgtg tgtgtaaaac ctattttact tgagctacaa aatgactaaa     71700
     cttactaagt ttggtttggc tacatataaa tatattttga tttcaataaa agcgaagctg     71760
     gatttaagta atgtatctaa cataacagca gtatgatgtg tataaaaggg gtgaagcatt     71820
     attttaaatt acgttaaaaa attgctgtaa aaaatccgca caatttatta atgtctactt     71880
     agcacaaatc agtcaagttg aattgttttt tgacaaattt aagtggattg aacacaaaac     71940
     aattaggttg tctaaaaaaa tctgaagaat tgtgtttcag ctcattctaa ataagtgctc     72000
     tgcataatca ttttttgagt gtacactgta aaaagttgct tgaaaaaaag tgagtaaatc     72060
     cattgcctta agtcgtaact tgattttaac taaaatattt gagttgtagc ttagaactct     72120
     taagttcact taacttatta ttttttttat ttaggcatat atttcattta cataatatta     72180
     aagcaatgag tctactcact tttttaaatt agtcagctaa ttgcttttta cagtgtataa     72240
     accaaaataa ttcaagccaa aaaaggtttt ctcccagtca attttcaaaa gtgacattaa     72300
     agagatcatt ttacaaaata tttattgcaa cctttaccat aaatacaaat gtaatttttc     72360
     aatatggcat acatttacac ttctgaatta tcatttgctc cttttcctcc gcagagatct     72420
     ccattatcga gagcagcttt aaagtgtccg gcctgattca gggtttagtc agaggtttgt     72480
     aaagtagcct catttgcacg tacaatttga attgcacaac aatggcagta aatatttatt     72540
     ccttccgatt cttccaggag atgctgtttc gactgatcta atgattgacc cgcgcagtaa     72600
     agctttagtg ctcaatggga aaccgggtca tctgcagttt tactctctcc tacgtgacaa     72660
     gcatctgtac aatgtgagtc gatgctacga ttaagcttaa cgtttctcag gaaaaagcaa     72720
     gtatatgggg aagtatgcac tggaaaatgt ttggtcaggt gttagtgtgt tatttccatc     72780
     catgtgtgtg tttttctgct gacacgggtt catatactgt tgaaagaaca tgtctggtga     72840
     aatccagtgc tatgtttttc aaatgtatta cttcaaatat gttgttcttg atattaatga     72900
     ctgaataata gtcgtttttt tttgcattca cagctggaca tcgtgcagca agagtatatt     72960
     tatgaagcag gtctggatca gattgaagtg gtcaaggctg tttttgatgt aaaagggtcc     73020
     tggctcgcta cagtggagga aagaggacat aaaacttcag atcttgagtt tttcctcaaa     73080
     ctatgggctt tcgatgagac cacgcaaagg tattagaagc agaattgaat cacttcatag     73140
     cattgaatat atgacttcta taagctgcta catttgtgct ggttcgcatg ataatggtgt     73200
     taggggagca atcaaaagct catccttcgt tttatataat gaatataatg tcctcacatg     73260
     aaccaaaata acaaccaaag attcacagcg cctttaaaac tatcccaatt ggtacatagt     73320
     tcaaaaaatc ccaaggaatg atgcataaag gctgcacact cttaaaactc taaaatcaaa     73380
     aagactcatg agagattaag tgacagaatt tactgaaaaa aggcaatttt ttcagtgaca     73440
     tcactattgt tgatgccaag ctaacatggg ctgcgttgtc attctcttgg atgtatgtca     73500
     ttaactgcgt ttcattcatt cattttcttg tcggcttagt ccctttatta ttccggggtt     73560
     gccacagcgg aatgaaccgc caactcatcc agcaagtttt tacgcagcag atgcccttcc     73620
     agccgcaacc tatctctggg aaacatccac acacacatac acacacactc atacactacg     73680
     gacaatttag cctacccaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg     73740
     agcacccgga ggaaacccat gcgaaggcag ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaacgc     73800
     caactgagcc gaggtacgac ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc actacctact     73860
     gcgcatctgc ctcaccctta actgcgtttc cacaagccta tttttatgct cattttggaa     73920
     tatcacatta aaaacccttg atggaaacac caagatgcac caataaaaaa ttatgcgcac     73980
     agttgaataa ttaactttat gtccaataag aaaaaaatgt gcataaacta tgttggaaat     74040
     acatttaatg aataaattcg agcatgctca ttaaagtcat gtgactttgc ttcaacagac     74100
     catgtgataa caaaaatggc agaacgtgac gggtatgttt gagttgacga tgaggtctga     74160
     acatttttaa atgttaaata cgagaaagaa aacatcagtg gaaagcgcaa atcttccaag     74220
     acgtgttatg ccgagttcag actgcatgat tttagcccca attttgactt gccgacaggt     74280
     tttgagaagt tgcagacaaa tgcctgaaat caaaagcaaa tcgatgctcg ttcacgtgag     74340
     tgacaatcac agtgtgaact atcaaagaca cgatctgaga gaattgccgt tgagtcacca     74400
     acactcgtga gatatttggc atgctaaata tctggagcag tcagcgattt aaaatcattc     74460
     cgattcccaa cagcctatga gactatgaga gagtagtatg ggtatctgca gaccagcaga     74520
     aggttggggg tgaagttaaa agtgctcatt ttcagtttat gtggaccaaa gatatgttga     74580
     agttctagtg tgaatttggc aggagcactt atgtctgttt gacgtgtcat ctgagcaata     74640
     tcacaaccgg gttgaaaaag aaacacgttg aggagaaatt gctaattccc tt             74692