EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL672164; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 68035 BP.
AC   AL672164;
DT   17-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 28)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-262K18 in linkage group 19 Contains
DE   part of the mhc1uea gene for major histocompatibility complex class I UEA
DE   gene, the psmb8, psmb10, psmb11 and psmb9a genes for proteasome (prosome,
DE   macropain) subunits, beta type 8, 10, 11 and 9a, the abcb3l1 gene for
DE   ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP) member 3 like 1, a novel
DE   transposase pseudogene, a putative novel gene and a CpG island.
KW   abcb3l1; CpG island; HTG; macropain; major histocompatibility complex;
KW   mhc1uea; MHCI; prosome; proteasome; psmb10; psmb11; psmb8; psmb9a;
KW   STP-binding cassette; TAP; transposase; UEA gene.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-68035
RA   Pandian R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 5d7c2d0153af7905d704cb1f87990303.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000000656; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000001303; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000031885; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000000698; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000001359; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000104838; danio_rerio.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC1309616; 16271140.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-262K18. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-262K18 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-12F11 is at 5073 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-262K18 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..68035
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-262K18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..65925
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    3073
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-12F11"
FT   mRNA            join(8089..8188,8271..8415,8853..9095)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ262K18.1-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG739178"
FT   misc_feature    8636..8666
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    18751..18818
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mobile_element  join(<18837..19340,20259..20726)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ262K18.2-001"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF024598"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW305767 Em:BG307264 Em:BI672841
FT                   Em:BI875951"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(24664..24906,25074..25210,26821..26980,
FT                   27189..27362,28979..29167,29293..29421,29514..29711,
FT                   29835..30040,30149..30279,30356..30470,30546..31041))
FT                   /gene="abcb3l1"
FT                   /locus_tag="abcb3l1-001"
FT                   /product="ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR\/TAP),
FT                   member 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF032394 Em:AF115538 Em:Z83328
FT                   Em:Z83329"
FT   CDS             complement(join(24664..24906,25074..25210,26821..26980,
FT                   27189..27362,28979..29167,29293..29421,29514..29711,
FT                   29835..30040,30149..30279,30356..30470,30546..31041))
FT                   /gene="abcb3l1"
FT                   /locus_tag="abcb3l1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001670"
FT                   /product="ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR\/TAP),
FT                   member 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O42443 Tr:P79906 Tr:P79908
FT                   Tr:P79909 Tr:Q8UUM0 Tr:Q8UW63 Tr:Q9DER8 Tr:Q9PT29 Tr:Q9PT30
FT                   Tr:Q9YGV4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q801W2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001140"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017871"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q801W2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-245"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87788.1"
FT   misc_feature    28380..28383
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(33081..33381,33517..33658,33766..33895,
FT                   34021..34152,34418..34485,34694..34803))
FT                   /gene="psmb9a"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb9a-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9a"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF155579"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA658739 Em:AW076691 Em:AW076913
FT                   Em:AW184737 Em:AW202798 Em:AW232638 Em:BM317068"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(33082..33087)
FT   CDS             complement(join(33254..33381,33517..33658,33766..33895,
FT                   34021..34152,34418..34485,34694..34750))
FT                   /gene="psmb9a"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb9a-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001674"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9a"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9PUS3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9PUS3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-140"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87789.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(35996..36251,36352..36496,37627..37756,
FT                   37849..37980,38069..38139,40088..40207))
FT                   /gene="psmb11"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb11-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 11"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF155576"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW594970 Em:BG933967 Em:BQ092020
FT                   Em:BQ132953"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(36015..36020)
FT   CDS             complement(join(36124..36251,36352..36496,37627..37756,
FT                   37849..37980,38069..38139,40088..40135))
FT                   /gene="psmb11"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb11-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001671"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 11"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9PUS6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9PUS6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001208-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87790.1"
FT   CDS             join(40295..40359,40616..40709,40832..40929,41039..41179,
FT                   42521..42636,42779..42837,43079..43230,43387..43507)
FT                   /gene="psmb10"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001672"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 10"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q801W1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024689"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q801W1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001208-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87791.1"
FT                   "
FT   mRNA            join(40295..40359,40616..40709,40832..40929,41039..41179,
FT                   42521..42636,42779..42837,43079..43230,43387..43667)
FT                   /gene="psmb10"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb10-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 10"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF155577"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW076622 Em:AW077959 Em:BE201750
FT                   Em:BQ092062 Em:BQ092293 Em:BQ133014 Em:BQ133302"
FT   polyA_signal    43644..43649
FT   polyA_site      43667
FT   mRNA            join(44876..45286,45642..45783,45930..46041,48391..48520,
FT                   49742..49946,50180..50353)
FT                   /gene="psmb8"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb8-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF032390"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW019013 Em:AW232369 Em:AW232845
FT                   Em:AW233429 Em:BF160868 Em:BI156486 Em:BI673607 Em:BI843012
FT                   Em:BI905531"
FT   CDS             join(45149..45286,45642..45783,45930..46041,48391..48520,
FT                   49742..49946,50180..50268)
FT                   /gene="psmb8"
FT                   /locus_tag="psmb8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000002167"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O57330"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:O57330"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-141"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87792.1"
FT   polyA_signal    50333..50338
FT   polyA_site      50353
FT   misc_feature    55998..56074
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    60263..60265
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   polyA_site      complement(60308)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(60308..61182,61267..61320,61560..61577,
FT                   62586..62684,63049..63333,65186..>65465))
FT                   /gene="mhc1uea"
FT                   /locus_tag="mhc1uea-001"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex class I UEA
FT                   gene"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF182156"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI497287 Em:AI522809 Em:AI544887
FT                   Em:AI544936 Em:AW018639 Em:AW202768 Em:AW202920 Em:AW232669
FT                   Em:BE201072 Em:BF717891 Em:BI533962 Em:BI673903 Em:BI875871
FT                   Em:BQ449206"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(60323..60328)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(60331..60336)
FT   CDS             complement(join(61271..61320,61560..61577,62586..62684,
FT                   63049..63333,65186..>65465))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="mhc1uea"
FT                   /locus_tag="mhc1uea-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001673"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex class I UEA
FT                   gene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9TP08"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q860Y1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q860Y1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-010116-9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87793.1"
SQ   Sequence 68035 BP; 21945 A; 12250 C; 11992 G; 21848 T; 0 other;
     gatcaatacg ccacagttca gctggaaact gggggcgtga ccttcaatag acctaattac        60
     ccagatcggc ttgtgtttgt atgtttatct gaggcattat ccaatgactg tgggctttta       120
     aaacaaacag tatgaatgac aaatcaattc cctgaagcct tagtttcact aacaattccc       180
     ccaaaacaag agttttattt tatgatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat       240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa atataacaca ttactttgtt cctttaaaga       300
     cagtaaatac ccgtcttaca tctacccaaa cttttgattt tgcattaaac atctcgtata       360
     agcatataga tttaaaaata aaatgatgac ctttagtttt aaaaccagag gaaaatagct       420
     attgcaatta aattagttca catattcagt aatgcatcaa aaaggaagtt taaaatgccc       480
     tttctacatt ttactgttaa tgtaaaatga caataccttt tagtaacaaa agcatagtgt       540
     attggctttt ttcccaacat cccagcgttc agaatcttct ttcctctgta aacttacctt       600
     ctgaagccta actgtttaac ttcatatcac atcacaatct ttcatgtgca tccttttggg       660
     attcagtgtt cactgggact gctctgatag caatactgat gcaataattg taaatgtatt       720
     gcaaacataa cgtttaaaaa tgtaaaaata aactacaaca cttgaggtag atgttcactc       780
     tttctgcata tattactgct ctcatgcctt ccagacagtt gcatacctgc cccagtgagg       840
     actgatgaac acagaacaaa ctgaagaata ctgaatgcag acaggctgtt gcacttttgt       900
     agttgcacat atccatcaca catttaaacg ttatacattt ttaataaaag ttaaaacatg       960
     caatttcttt taaattaaaa aagttactaa atgatacaaa atcacaatca gttcacatag      1020
     aaaacgtttt attttcagtc aagaaaaatg ttggtttaca aacaatcttt gaataaatga      1080
     aacattgaac acgtctaatt tactctgtct ctagtttatg atggttggga gggggcagat      1140
     ggcaggcttc atgcggctcg tttaacgact cgcgttgcta agcaaccaaa agcgaaacaa      1200
     ttacacgaat tattattcag cgttgtgcca ttagatttca caaatcattg acagtcgaaa      1260
     acaaaagcag tcgagatgcg atctacaggc tcgagcacga agctgcggcc ttccgcgcgt      1320
     taaatgttga caaaagtcca cgtggtatga ggcggaagct caactcaaca tgggtttcag      1380
     aatgactaac gttaaaggta acggtaacct attttacatt ctaagttaga aaaaatccct      1440
     tcgcataggc attaacataa tgccaaaaat tacttgcagt gttaaatact ttaacgtgta      1500
     tattaatttt gtagccaata atcgaccatg tggcctaacg ttaaatttaa acatatgaca      1560
     gacatataac acgtcctgtt aagacatcga aatacaacat ctttcaattt ctcgagatag      1620
     taatgaaacg ttcccaactt cacaacaata cggtcactga aacagtcgcg gaagaaatgt      1680
     tggaggcatt gtatcataat ctgcactcgg ataatgaaaa ttgtacagat attaaatcaa      1740
     ctcgtattta ataaagacac agcaacttct aagactgaat aagagactgg tcgctgattg      1800
     ctttagcaat gcatgctaat ttctctttcg cacactatcc cggcgtgttt tgcgacagac      1860
     aagacgttac tacagttcga accatctgag agatataact ggctttgtat ttgtcaaact      1920
     tgtcagtttg aacatcaaca aaatagccgt cattttatcc actagccgtg tcagtgagcg      1980
     aaaacgcgcc tgcgcagtaa acaccggcag gcggcagctg ctcgttaaaa atcacacttt      2040
     aaaacttcaa gactatccca aaccgacgct gtttacattt agtcccctca agaacacaga      2100
     cacctgaaaa taaaagtcaa tggaggtgta atattccggc atttcagctg atgctattgc      2160
     gacaggtcac aagtgattaa tttaaaacaa ttccaaaaga tgccgaatta ggacaatact      2220
     ccaacaacat ttttccttca cagaacaagt gtaatgtcat ttagtccaac tggtacctgt      2280
     caaagggcgg gctaagagcc gtttccatcg ggatggatcc ggattctgtt tataaaccgg      2340
     tttcgctcga atatccgagt ttcgcggcct tgtttttctg acttcctcta tcctccagct      2400
     cagagctaca atgaaatggc gacgctgagg ctccgcccga ctttttataa acccatcgac      2460
     ggctccattg gctgctgtaa cgccatacgt acacgcctac gcgtattcta caggccaatc      2520
     tagctgtcag tcaaacaggc cacgcccacg cacttccctg agcatgattt ttcggattta      2580
     agctagatta tcaagcaaaa accgcttgtc tatgcaacaa aactgcttca gttatgaacc      2640
     caatatttaa gaaaacaatt tcgtgaaaag ttttgaacac ccaaggatgc gataacactg      2700
     caagaaatgc agcgtttctc aagagttctg tgttacgtca gaaggcttcg ctgattggtt      2760
     ccctaaaact aaggcgcgat catccagtgc aggttggaaa cacgccattg gctcacccga      2820
     ttagtcacgc gcaacagaca aatgcggcac acacacgtac agatcagctc gctctgcatg      2880
     tccctcatgg actgtctgaa aaatcacttt aaaaaacaga caaaaactct taacgactaa      2940
     aggcaacgtc gtgatataag tacatacaac atttctcccg aacaaaaaaa cagcccgata      3000
     cctaaaaaaa cgtagttttt tttttaaaat cacatataaa ctgactacac tgacaacata      3060
     cagaaaacca acaacacgaa gtgaaaagga caaagcgaaa aggcgatgtc cttctgtgtc      3120
     gattcaacat ggcctacaag gagtgtccgc catgaaatga cgcagcaact ttggttaatc      3180
     gaacgacgac tcacattggt aaaaacacga taaaaacgac aaatgtgtac aaaaaacact      3240
     aaagtgacca gaaatcattt aagttatcga attaggttat taatatacag acttcaacgc      3300
     gaaataggga agattgtatt aaggccaacg tggaacttta aaccactccc aaaataaatg      3360
     tacaaaaatt taaatatgct tgattttgcc atatttctag ctaaacgaag aaaacaactt      3420
     aaacttaacg tgtttttaaa gccgtgtttt tagagagcca tgtgctgcgc atatcaaatt      3480
     aatttattta gatatattaa cgatgttaga cgcttaaatg taaaagatga agttaaataa      3540
     cgtataaatt aaacgagctt taactttaaa cggtgtaaaa cagcagattt tcagaagaat      3600
     atacagccgc ccatccccca cttccaaggt tacagatttg aaacaatgtc atacaatgta      3660
     gaagaaaaat acattaccaa atcgtctgta attaataaat taattcaaat taaacgctta      3720
     acattaaata ctactatttt atcaaaaaac gaattttgct taataaaata aatctgtatc      3780
     acttaacata tacctctatc cagattaagt gaaatgaaaa gaaaaaagaa aaacaaaaca      3840
     tgtcgaactc ctcattgttg ggaaaaaatc ctgaatttct tcttgtcttc agccacgttt      3900
     ctttattcaa cacatttccc tcaaacatgt ccgacttctt cttctccagt cattggatcg      3960
     aagtgggggg agggagagtc atgtgattaa cccacacaac tactcgcgtg gcttaaaacc      4020
     ggttttaagg cgggaattcc agaaaacacg tcttcttttt caaatacgtt gtatagcaag      4080
     agcatcccca tagcgattaa agactcgatt cagtgaaatc cataacattt aaaagcgtaa      4140
     ttagtcagca atgttcataa atccagaaca aagaaaacat ggctatcgct gccgcgccat      4200
     gattggacag tgccgatcac gtgtctcgca aaccatcgcg ccatcgcaaa aaataaacct      4260
     gattatttct tcgcctagat tatcttcgtg gacagtgtaa tccgattcca tacgacttcc      4320
     ttccaaatgc tctgaatatt aaaattcagt tcagcaaaaa gcgcgacgta aagtttatta      4380
     ggagcaccag aaatccatgt aatcaatagc tttcatctgc ccagaatgta atcctttgcg      4440
     catgtgcagt ttcttcagct cccttccccc tcgaaacttc acacaattga caaatgtgag      4500
     ctaaaaggag aaacttgttt ttgggaataa ttatttttac ttattgcaaa atatagctac      4560
     actaatagcc tagtataagt ctgggaacat atttagtaca tcattataat gttcagtgtt      4620
     gggtaaaaaa gtaatatatt aagataaaga atatatcaat cttaaaaaaa aatgaaactc      4680
     aaaatttaaa ttacacattt acttaataaa aaattattta ggattgtaat aaattactta      4740
     aaaagaagtg ttacccaact atgatgttgt ttgatagtca aatattatta ggtattctta      4800
     aaatagcaaa ttggtaatgt atgttaccta ttatttatta ttgctgccat tgttttgcaa      4860
     taaaaacaaa taatattttt acattgttct atttaaacag ctacatcaca ctttttaaat      4920
     tttcatcagt atttttaggg ttagagtgag ataaattaag gttgagatcc ataatatgaa      4980
     gatttttttt tgacaaaata atgtttacat atgtagacaa agggagtatc tacacattta      5040
     aacatttttt ccaaagaaat cttcatatta tggatctcaa cctcaacatc ctagggctta      5100
     gtggccacaa atgtgtacaa gacattttca cacttatgtc ttatggttta tattttgttg      5160
     catacataca gtgtcatcct gcaactgttt agcagcatat ggaatgtccc aaacacgttt      5220
     agctgtccga aatggacaaa aatgttgttt ttactgatag tcaaacactt tcaaaatata      5280
     tgtaggtgtt attaatgcat taaaaacagt caggaaaaaa actgctgtgt tcaaggcaga      5340
     aataaagagt tttttattct attactcaaa ggactatatt gtgttttatg gaaaattctg      5400
     accacaagtc cacatatatg gacataaagt ttctctaaaa gcacatcata tcaaaagctg      5460
     atatttaggt tttattctca ttaggttcca ataagcccac atagcaaaga gaaataaaaa      5520
     acagcttagg ccttaagagg ttagtttata gtttaaaaat gcaaaataga taatatacct      5580
     aaaaaaatat aaggtagtgg tcaggtagta acttgactat ggtgtactaa aacaacatca      5640
     gcagcacaac agaaagcaaa atacaagcct gtgctgtcat tcatgacccg cacaaccaaa      5700
     caggcaacgt taacccagtc tgactcagcg tcacaaggca acttggccag caggggaaac      5760
     cgttgctatg gaggctttgc tcacactctc tttctttttc ctaaaagcta gcttttcttg      5820
     gcattagacg ctgtgctgaa ggggacattt tttttacaaa gctgcatgat ggttgatcta      5880
     cttttttgtt gctatttggg tagttttatt tttggtgttt tatcatcttt actttagatg      5940
     gcaatgcttg aacatgtttg tgtataattt gaaggcttta gcatttaaaa taatactcat      6000
     taacactttg aaatctaaca ttattgtaac ataaaatata aaagaacttg ttaaaaaact      6060
     ttgttactgc atttgtgttt tgtatgcctt taaagaccac ataatagtac aaaggactag      6120
     ttgtatttga ggcctaaact gagtcactta atttcattat aatttgctat aatttaacaa      6180
     actattaaat gcataaaata attatagata cctggtgtaa ccttatatct ctcaaaaaac      6240
     attaaatata ttgtgtatga tatttacatg cttggtgttt taaagtaatt tcaagttact      6300
     agtccagcaa atattcatct cagaatgcta ataaaaatat aaatgtactc ttaccttgac      6360
     tactgggtta ctgtttcatg ttgataatct atatttaaag agatagttca cccagaagta      6420
     aaatatactc atttatgttt atgctaaaat ttgttgtttc tgtcaaacac aaatctaaat      6480
     attttgaaga atgatggaaa ctggtagcaa ttgacatcca taggagaata aatattatgg      6540
     tagtcagctg gtttccaaca atctccttta aatcttcttt tgtgttcgat atagcagcag      6600
     ctccacagtg atagtgaagc tgaatcagag gaagaataag ggtttctgat ggttcggatt      6660
     tctggcctgt tgagaaatga ttgatccttt atgtcttctt ttttcattca atataacctc      6720
     aaaatggttt tggaattata ttatttatgt gaactattac taattaaaat acccctttaa      6780
     aatatttagt agggtttgtt tttggctttt tctatatctt caatgtctgt aattaaacac      6840
     aggttttcct gttgatcaat tgaagcatca tattcaataa attaaattgt taattcaaaa      6900
     aataatcttt tctgcagatt cagtttcagt cttttaaaga aggtgtgtct taacgccatt      6960
     ctgctgcaac tgctgcagct cctctatagg cgtatctgtg aagatcatgc tataattgta      7020
     gagctattaa cagtgattct cacagctatt tgcacttcta ttctgaaccc agacacaatg      7080
     aaccctgcga cttcgcttag cacaggtgtg aagtgttggt atgcagattg cagagccatt      7140
     gttgcattat cacagcattt cacttgtagg ctacaataaa aaatccagct acacatttta      7200
     aataaagtct aaaaaaatga ataaaaacca agaagcaaat caaattggta tctgtgactc      7260
     aaatcatttt ctgattggaa cataaaagcc tcttttttaa tttttgcttt ttaaacagat      7320
     tatttaactg aaatactgtt catttacata aataatttga taaaccatca gacaacatca      7380
     gaaaaggaac catctttcac caaaacaatc tatcaggcat taaaaaatct ttcttttgtt      7440
     ataaaatctt gcataaaacg gaggaaatga aaagcagagg taatccaacc ctgttttacc      7500
     aagttattat tattactagg ttatactctt tgctttgaat agttcttaat tgtacctgtc      7560
     ttttatcagg attaacaaat aaataaataa aatctaactg agctagaaaa aaaatacctc      7620
     tcatgacttt ctatttgtac agcagcgaca tctagtgtac attatagaga aaaggtaaag      7680
     aaatagtttc tttttctccg tttctttcta gtatgccatt tctccagact gcagctaccc      7740
     taactccttt ctttcaggag tttaaaatgt ttacaatggg ctataaaatt gtatttgtca      7800
     ccatgttgtt agcacagact atttttttta ctgtaacagt ataataatat attttaagaa      7860
     ttaatgaagt gcactttata tgacttatat taaaaataat ttatacctgc aagactcggc      7920
     ttggtcagtt ggcatttctg tgtggatttt gcatgttctc taatgtggcc catgtggaaa      7980
     atcataaatt tgcccaaatt ttggaggaca aatgtgggcc acagttggca aaaatgtagc      8040
     atggtcattt aagggtaatc tgggtctaaa actaaagttg ccacacgtgt aagtgcaaat      8100
     gtggcccaat tatcttaaga catatgtgtg ccacttttgg caaatatttg gcacagtaag      8160
     ctctggctat tgtggctgtg agcctaatgt agcccagtta ttttaaaaca tacgtgagcc      8220
     acgtttggca aatactcggc acagtaaact ctggctaatg cagtcgttag tggcccagag      8280
     aagatatggc aaatgtggcc cagttatcct aaaacaaatg tgggccactt ttggcaacta      8340
     catggcacag ttatctctgg gtaatgtgac tgtgagcctt aagcggccca aagaaattat      8400
     gccaaatgtg gcccagttat cttaaaacat atgtagacca tttttgccaa acattcggca      8460
     cagtaaactc tggcttacat aactgttagc ttacagtggc ccagagaaga tgagtatgga      8520
     gtatgaccat caacaacggt gacaattaac aaaattaact cattaccacc acaaaaagga      8580
     tactaaaagt gacaaaatca ataacctcca cacacacagc agaatcaaca gcaaataatg      8640
     aaaactgtag catcaatagg ctgtagaatg tagtcatact gcaatgcatg ctgagatttt      8700
     tagatattgt cacacccaag gtaaggtgtc aggtgtaagc cagatctggg ccagaataaa      8760
     agcaaattat ggcccaaaat aaggtcagtt ctggttcaat tggttgaatt gtggctaata      8820
     tgtggtattg ctttggctca tttgtggccc agatctgaca aacaggagtg gaccatccta      8880
     gagccatcat tccatttagt atgtggtcca gatgtaagtg tcttgtgtgg gccggatctg      8940
     ggccagaata aaagcaagct gtggcacaga atagtgtcag ttttggttca tttggttgaa      9000
     ttctggctga tatgtgatat tgctatggct taatcgtggc ccaggtctgg caaacaggag      9060
     cggaccggcc aaatgccatc attccatgca gtatgtgggc cggatttggg ccacatgaat      9120
     tttgatagct ggcacatgct taacaggata taaagatgtt gtctttttaa acaatgtcaa      9180
     gtttgtggag gaaccccaga acaacttgtt catggaagat gaagggtgag ttggccagcc      9240
     catacagtat cacctaggat ttgtaatggc tcacagggct gataaatgcc atcctccatt      9300
     aaccaattct acatattgga gaaaggctgc acacatttca cagatccaac atgacgaaaa      9360
     agtgagctac acaaacttcc ttgagtgtca cagggatcat tggaagagag taaaggaact      9420
     tgagagtttg gaaatttgga gcccatgcag taatcaatac aaggtctcag accacaatcc      9480
     ttttccacac aaagagaaag tttcaagctg caggtgatgt tggtggctgg aggaaatctt      9540
     ggtggacagc gtcaggcata tacttatcca cagtcttttg ttcaggatgg acaaggggta      9600
     gatctttcct ttaggtaagt tggtaacaga cagtatatgg cacatttcca gtttgcagaa      9660
     ggagagtgct cattagggct acacaatatt ggaaaaagct gtcattgcga tatttaaatt      9720
     ttttacgata tatatattac cattttgagt ataatatcac ctgatgaaat gaatagatct      9780
     gtttgaaaag gattcatttt tttaagggaa aataaatttg taagggagtg catctacata      9840
     aaatattata aaccaatcac aaacatacat aaataaagga aagcagcaat actgtttaaa      9900
     taaaatgcaa tgtgattagt gattttctgg aagtctagca atattcagat acacaaattt      9960
     aataatcaaa tgtaaaataa cactgtatag ttttcaacat atatacacac atacaaataa     10020
     tctttcctaa agttagagat gtgttatgtc taaatacttt aaattgactt gaaatgctca     10080
     cagggtcaca agccgcaaaa cacacaatga ctccacaaat catgagtgtt ttcaaatgtg     10140
     acttttggtt atttaccaaa ctggttaaac attgaagatc ctgcaatgtg atttttttcg     10200
     atgcgcatac tgcgatgtcg atgctgaaat gatatattat gctgcctcag cacccttcca     10260
     ctatagagct tttcaagaca agagaagcag ctgatctgga tatgtaaatt cattggcatg     10320
     tctcttggtg atgtttgttt tacagtgttt tgtattattg ataatggata ttcattggtt     10380
     tgttagattt ttttaaatta caaaatactg agttaaatgt ttgtcatgtg ttcattgttt     10440
     aacagaattg taatgtatag ttgtaatgaa aatacaaaac ctgatcctaa ttgaacaaag     10500
     ttttttttta aggtaaaaac aaaatctatc tcaaggctgt ttacatagag agctatacac     10560
     gtacactgaa aagtaattga ataaacttaa tttaattgag tacaggattt ccatccaacc     10620
     aatttgcgta gcaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattac acaattaaat     10680
     gcaattggtc caacatgatt ttttgaaata aaagtttaag tattttagtt taacttaaat     10740
     ttaaaggtct ggtaatatca tatgtgccaa ttgtgtgtcg tacatttctt cgttttattt     10800
     gaagttgtcc taaatgaact aaaagagcca ttttaagcat atttcatgag ttacatatac     10860
     agttgactga gactgatccc agaactaatt taggacagct attgctcaat gagcaaagca     10920
     acaaactgca gttttgctaa ttaagctgcc aacacccaga gcatgggtgc ttctgcgagg     10980
     tggtaacttt aaaactcaaa gcattacacg aaactctgtt aatcttcaaa ataaagtgaa     11040
     gattaaacta taacaagtat ttctattaac tttaaacacc taagattatc tttattgtca     11100
     acatttccct ttcttaattc aatcccatgc aaagcatgct gaaaatgaca aatcctctaa     11160
     taaggtagtt ggaccaacac aattccttca tgttgtccca acacaaaatg cttaatggtt     11220
     tacaaattta agttgactaa acataaaaca aatgaactag gcaaagaaat aacaagaaat     11280
     gtgttgtttc agctcatttt aaacaggcag tttgaaaaag cagcagtaat ttttttatag     11340
     tgtagctaca tgacagtgta cacatttgta atgcctgcag atggcactat gatgacattt     11400
     tctttaaaaa ttactgctat atgggtcata aatgttgcag ttaagggttc aagccttcac     11460
     gtagtgctga aaccctattt tattagtcta aaatatcatt gaacaaaaat atattacagt     11520
     atggagattt ttttacttca ggaaaacaaa aatagcctta ttttgatttc gtttgactac     11580
     aaatgagtca ggtgtcacct caaaattatt tgtgaaatat atagtaaaag taaaaaaata     11640
     aattaaaaaa aggatattat catttagtgt aattttttgg aaccccctcc ctgtggtatt     11700
     tgcctacata tttataagct tgtaatgtat aatatggttt gttaagagtg caagttagta     11760
     tgaggtgccg tataggattt aaatcaaact ttgcttatca acacatacat aaaacacgtg     11820
     tatatacacc tataaattac tagcatatac acctactgta tactactgga tgttcaaaac     11880
     aacatagatg aaacttgtgt atatacatat aaacttgacg tatgcataca cccacataca     11940
     cacgcacata catataaact cgatcctcac ataaacaccc acattaacac acgcacatac     12000
     atttaaactt gctgcatgca aacaaaccta tacacacttg catatacata taaactcgat     12060
     tctcgcataa atactagttt atatgcatat acacaagttt catctatgtt gttttgaaca     12120
     tccagtagta taggtgtata tgcgagtaat ttataggtgt atatacatgt gttttatgta     12180
     tgtgttgata agcaaagttt gatttaaatc ctacacggca cctcataagt tagataaaga     12240
     atccccccag attaaattct tgaaaaacaa acataaagcc acgcatgttg tgacctccaa     12300
     ccaagagtta caccaggtaa gttcaacaaa accacaactg aggtatttgt tccttttttt     12360
     cacacaaccc acaaatcaaa cacctcaaac catatgtgca gcaagattca cagacaaacc     12420
     tttaaaaaag acatttagag tacaataaaa tattaacaat aataataata catctgttta     12480
     tttacaagat acatataact gttaatataa cttacataaa ctgacctttc attgggcttt     12540
     gatatctcgt gccttttgta gagacattgc tcataagtgt tcacaagatg gcgctactgt     12600
     ctgtgcagta ttagctttca ggtgacatgg caaatttggc gccttaaatt tgttaaatta     12660
     tttttgattg ggcgcgtcat tcgtaagacg ttgccatgag aacgaggaag gatcatgttt     12720
     ggaaaagtct taatgtataa cgacaacaca aaaacaatac aggtaggcaa ctgtataaag     12780
     gacatttttg aatgactgtc ttctagcaca gtataacgac tgtacataat tatgtgaaat     12840
     gaataaaaga aaggtgaatc taaaccattt atgttattat atataatctg tctcgttgtc     12900
     aaaagtaaac tctgttagta ggtcaggagt aatctaacgt tagtcttatg ggggagctct     12960
     ttatcagcca aagactgaag agctgttact gaagaaggga cttcccatgg caaatgccga     13020
     tgtttaccat atttatgtta atgtaaccat gaagctacac accccttaat ttcccctttg     13080
     gaaactttgg gggattatct gtctattaac ccaaccaatt tggcacaaga ccttatgtga     13140
     cctgctcaag cataggcaac tcactgctta acattttttt gcatttagtg ctatttatta     13200
     tgaggaattt tagcactttc agtcaatatt attgccttgt ttataatttg ctattgtata     13260
     taattgtttt gtttattgag cataacagat tttgatgtac agttgaagtc agaattattt     13320
     gccccttttg aattatttgt tcttttttaa ttatttacca aatgatgttt aacagagcaa     13380
     ggaaattgtc acagtttgtc tgataataat ttttattctg gagaaaatct tatttgtttt     13440
     atttcggcta gaataaattt cggctagttt ttaatttttt aggaatcatt ttaaggacaa     13500
     aattatttgc ccctttacgc tatatttttt tgatagtcta cagaacaaac catcgtaata     13560
     caataacttg cctaaatacc ctaaccagtc taattaacgt agttaagcct tttaaatgtc     13620
     actttacacc acgggtcacc aatctcggtc ctggagggcc ggtgtccctg cagggtttag     13680
     ctccaacttg cctcaacaca cctgcctgaa tgtttcaagt ataccttgta agaccttgat     13740
     cagcttgttc aggtgtgttt gattagtgtt ggagctaaaa tctgcaggac accggccctc     13800
     caggaacaag tttggtgacc cctgctttat gctgtataga agtcttgaaa aatatctagt     13860
     aaaatattat ttactgttat catggcaaag ataaaataaa tcagttatta gaaatgagtt     13920
     attaaaacta ttatgtttag aaatgtgtta aaaaaaatct tctctccgtt aaacagaaat     13980
     taggggggaa aataaacagc gggtctaata attcaagggg gctaataatt ctgtatgtcg     14040
     aggtaaatca cactgagggt tctgtagaaa accacaaaaa aataaacact agtaatttat     14100
     tctaaatact acaatgttta gttgtagctt tgaactacta tagtaaactg tattatactg     14160
     tattcatgca gtacatgtga attgggtagg ctgaattgtc tgtagtgtat gagtgtgtat     14220
     gtttcccaga gatgggttgc agttgcgtaa aacatgtgct ggataagttg gcggctcatt     14280
     ccactgtggc gaccccggat taaaaaatgg actaagctga aaagaaaatg aataaataac     14340
     aagtgatttt catgtagata tatattatta ttataattat ttattagaca ctgtcagaaa     14400
     taaaggtaca aaatctgtca ctggggtggt accttttcca aaggtacact ctttaccttt     14460
     aggctggaat tttgtaccgt actgatggac attagtactt ttagggtaca cttttatacc     14520
     atcctggtgg acaatagtat ttttagggta cacttttata cctttaaggt tcacttttgt     14580
     acatttaggg ttgacttttg tacctttaag ttactgtaag atacacattt gtaattttta     14640
     tgtattaata tgtacctttt aaagaattgt taggaacaaa tatttaccta ttggaaaagg     14700
     taccacccca gtgacagatt ttgtaccttt atttctgaga gtgtattgtt agcatgatag     14760
     gttgattttg ttttgcttgt aatgtaggtt agattatgta aattctctgt tgtgttaaca     14820
     gtctgtactg ttgctaaaac ccagcccact gttttacttg gtttcattat cacatataat     14880
     ttttggaaat gaatcatgtt gttatttata atgactcatt ggagcagctt ttgtatgatg     14940
     aacacacctc ttttgaacag gcatgctaaa aatgaggaga atttccccaa gtttcccggt     15000
     ctgttttaat atcatgttaa aatttcatga tatggactgt ttcagtggca gtaaaagtta     15060
     attatcattg attggattca aaataactct agtgtttaaa gttcataggt tttgcactgg     15120
     agcagttcat ctttttttgg tcagtcagtt ttccctcccc cacagtctct gcactgtaag     15180
     cttggccctg gcgtggcatc gccagaacag aaaagaaagc gaaagggttt tggctcggta     15240
     ctttccagaa tgttgtcatc aggcttggca tgtgatattc aaccagtggt ggcgtggtta     15300
     tacaatcaaa ccaacagaaa acacgagaaa cgagtgcttt gtcaggactc gtggaggcaa     15360
     aaaaaaggat gtcagacaca cttagagtga gcttttgtat catttgtttc ggttgtagta     15420
     ttttcttttt ttttctgtag catgcttgtg gcaaacctaa aaaagcacct aaaaacctgc     15480
     aggtatttta caatatctaa tcactcttcc accatgcatc ttgagtcctg aacgttcagc     15540
     tacaatttaa aatatttaat tgaaagccta ttgaaatata tttttaagaa aataagtttc     15600
     cttttgattt atgaatttat gttttactac actcagaaat gttcaacata atgcattttc     15660
     ttttcaagtg agaaaaaata aataaatata tgaggcaacc aataatgcac ttgagaaata     15720
     tgtgatatgc atttaagtcc aagacagtta ttcactgtga tatttaatca tttatttata     15780
     gcagtaccgt gtaatggtgg ccatgatatc actgtaccat ttcttgccag ctgtatattt     15840
     tccaataggg ggtgataaaa cataacatca aagtcgtggc ttaaccagac agtataaact     15900
     aaacagacct gcactaccaa aacaagaaca atagggactt tccaggaaga caatgtttca     15960
     acccaaagat gatctattaa atacagcagc actcttaaca tttaggggaa attaatttag     16020
     gttgcaacac aaaaatcccc cctttaaagt aaaaatgaat actagtttgt tttataggca     16080
     gcttttaaat aatggcatgg ttttaaaacg gcaagcattg aaaaagtgct gaacatccgg     16140
     atgtgtatgt ccacactctc tccttgcaga gaagttattt tcacggtgat cgtctcaccg     16200
     tcacctgaac tggcacacta ttatatccca tcacaaaatg gccggcagtc acaaaatggt     16260
     gctgccaatg agggctctgg taacctgggt attttatgta agtcacatgg atttaaaaaa     16320
     acaattctgc accttcactg gcatacaaaa ttcctttaac tcttaactcc ttcatatcca     16380
     gtcatgctct ttttttcgta ctgtgggttt ttgtatacgg ccttcattta ttttacagta     16440
     ttcctttgct aggtggaaaa aagacagact ttctgccttt agttatagta aattgttttg     16500
     tgaagtgtta acatcttcac atttgcttgc aaaatatgat acaggtttta tttcaagtgt     16560
     aactattacc aataaatgaa aaaatataca taattcacaa taaatctaaa atctattcga     16620
     agagcaaatc aaacatgcta actctgtgta attttatgtt gttttataat atttgatagc     16680
     ttagctaatc accaaactgc ctaaaataaa attcaaatgt aggtcagaaa gaaaaggaaa     16740
     atcttttacc ttattttttc atgaagagtg tattaatatt tttaaaaagc ttattagaac     16800
     ttttctgatg ttttaaaact gtaccctttg aaactttttg agagtaaagt tgcctgtcca     16860
     aaaataatat attttttttt aagtactgct ggaagggcat cccctgtgta aaacatatgc     16920
     tggaatagtt ggtggttcat tccactgtga tgaccccctg ataaatacgg aactaagccg     16980
     aaggaaaatg aatgaatgaa agtaattaat ttattaaaca ttctcatata tacatactgt     17040
     ctgatagcaa tttgaatcta tttacaatct gtttctgttt tgaatctcta tacaagagtc     17100
     ataaaacaat gaaactttca ttttattgag cagtgttggc tttgattaag tgatatgaaa     17160
     caaggccagt ttaaaagagg tcagagaaat ctgtttattt ttcagataaa acaagaaagt     17220
     tagctaaaac caatccttaa aacattttta gggacatcat ttatatcggg gacgtcacgg     17280
     aggcgcagtg ggtagcacga tcgcgtcata gcaaaaaagg ttgctggttt aagtcccggc     17340
     tgggtcagtt ggcatttctg agtggagttt gcatgttctc tttgtgttca cgtgagctcc     17400
     aggtgttcca gtttccccac agttcaaaga cattttgtat tagttttgta ttagaattgt     17460
     attagttaaa ttggccgtag tatgtgtgga tgggtgtttc ctagtattgg attgtggctg     17520
     gaagggcatc tgctgcgtaa aacatgtgct ggataagttg gcagttcatt ctgctgtggc     17580
     gacccctgat taataaaggg actaagccaa aaagaaaatg aattatttat atctttacat     17640
     acagaaatct gatgtttggc aatgcagtta catgtgacac ataatatatt tgaatttcac     17700
     atatgtataa aatatatgtc atatatgcaa tgttgcaact gatttatttg gtggtatttt     17760
     tttgcatgtt ttttacactt taatgtttct gatcatcaaa ttattaaaac attagtcaaa     17820
     aataacacca tgcaattttg aaatcacgtt ttttattaat aggagaaaac aaaacacaaa     17880
     acttcatagc tctgtgtgaa aaagtgtttt acccctaaat ctaataactc aggggttccc     17940
     taacttttca gccctcgacc cccaaaataa caatgccagt gactcgcgac ctccaatatc     18000
     ctctgaggtg gttataaata cagaaacctt gcatgtaatg gtgcacacac accaatagac     18060
     ccaagttcaa aagtctttgt tcacattttt ttttatgtat gtcagtgctg taaatgtgcc     18120
     agaaagttta acctggtatt acaaaatcaa tctgctgcat cagatgctat tgctgtgtct     18180
     ttaatataat gtaattacct taggggtcac agtccaatat aactagtaac tataagctac     18240
     tatggtaatt atatagtaca tagtaactat aaacgactat tttgtctttt cagtaggtta     18300
     tggataaatt atggtaattc ttaaggttta ataaaaatta atagattttt gaaaatcacc     18360
     aggcgacccc ccttcattgt cccttgaccc ctcggggggt cccgaccccc actttaagaa     18420
     ccactgtatt aactgattgt gccaccctta gtagcaacaa ctgcaatcaa acattttcga     18480
     taacttgtaa tgagtctgtt actgccctgt ggaggagttt tacagactca tctttgcaga     18540
     attgttgtat ttcagccaca ttagagggtt ttcgagcatg agccgcattt tgaggtcatc     18600
     ccttagcatc tcaattggat tcagatctgg attttgacta agccaatcca aagtcttcat     18660
     tttgtttttc ttcagccatt cagatgtgga cttgcagctg tttgcttccc cagtttgcag     18720
     tcattaacag atggccaggc attctccttc aggatatttt ggtacacatc ataggacaca     18780
     aagatgtttc aaacaccttt ttacacaggg tgcatctgct gcagttcaaa ccgagcatca     18840
     gaatggggaa gaaaggtgat ttaagtgact ttgaacgtgg catggttgtt ggtgccagac     18900
     gggctggtct gagtatttca gaaaaagaaa aaatatgcag tgagcggcag ttctgttggc     18960
     acaaatgcct tgttgatgcc agagatcaga tgagaatgac cagactggtt ccagcttata     19020
     gaaaggcagg agtaactcaa ataacaactc gctacaaccg aggtatgcag aagagcatct     19080
     ctaaatgcac aacacattga accttgaggc agatgggcta cagcagcaga agaccacacc     19140
     gggtgccaca cctgtcacct aagaacagga aactgaggct acagttcaca caggctcact     19200
     aaaattggac aattgaatat tggaaaaaca ttgcctggtc tgatgatcct ctatttctgc     19260
     tgtgacattc ggatggtagg gtcagaattt ggcaacaaca acatgaaagc atggatccat     19320
     cctgttttgt atcaatagtt gtatttccac tgtcgggcca gtgcgagcca gggcttttat     19380
     caggctgggc cgggccaatc actcaggagg ttaagtagtg aagctgaaat catgtcacgt     19440
     ttccactgtc gggctagtag ctcgcagcgc gtcacgcaaa ccccgccccc agaacgtccc     19500
     tcgaatcaaa catcacacaa cctgccaaac ttcagcagga accaggcaga taaagcacac     19560
     cacatcatca tgaaacgatt gaaatgaaga caacagaaac aaacaaatga cacattactg     19620
     tacagcagta caatatgtct atatgcacag gcctatgtgt ttccattcat tatatttgtt     19680
     cactcactga ccaactgtta gcatcgtgca tcgagtggtc tcgccaataa cagagggatg     19740
     acccagcgca gtaagtgcac ccatccataa tataaaatcg cagaaattct ccagtaatac     19800
     cttgctatga attgtatttt ataacatcct cgtattgata gacgtcgtca aacattcagc     19860
     ccaaatgctg aatgaaaaaa aacatattaa ttttttccta taggctatat gacacttaat     19920
     aggcaattcc tctttatttg agtattgttg catattattc ggtgatctta agtaaaggaa     19980
     agttttaagt gtttcagtac ataagatcaa gtaaaaatat agcctgccat ctttaccaga     20040
     ctcgggcaaa gtccgcctct ccttttactc tgaagcccca tctggccctc tttggcacaa     20100
     ggtatttggc gggccgaaaa aggcaggccg ctggccccga gaaagccccg ctttggcccg     20160
     atcaggtcat gaaagtgaca gtggaaacgc gactggcctt ggcccgccca ggcttgctcg     20220
     ctttaggcga gatagtggaa atgcgacaaa tggttcaggc tggtggttgt ggtgtaatgg     20280
     tgtgggggat attttcttgt cacacttggg gcccattagt accaattgag catcgtgtta     20340
     atgccatagc ctacctaagc attattcctg accatgtcca tccctttatg accacagtgt     20400
     acccatcttc tgatggctac ttccagcaac ataacgctcc atgtcataaa gcacaaatca     20460
     tctcagactg gtttcttgaa catgacaatg agttcactgt gctcaaatgg cttccacagt     20520
     caccagaact caatgtaata gagcaccttt gggatgtggt ggaacaggag atttgcatca     20580
     tagatgttca gctgacaaat ttgcagcaac tgcgtgatgc tatcatgtca aaatggagca     20640
     aaatctctga ggaatatttc cagtaccttg ttgaatctat gccatgaatg attagggcag     20700
     ttctaaaggc aaaagaaggc tcatcctggt gcgtatatac cacaacctga tatatatata     20760
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt     20820
     atgttaacat aattatatct aatgtattta tagaaaaata tgtaaacatc aatgtttgta     20880
     atatttagtt atatgtgttg cataaatgac attaaaatat gaacctttac atcatattag     20940
     tcatttgaaa gcatttccat atgacagatt tctatatgga acgtattatt tttctgagag     21000
     tagcaatgtt tatttcctgt tttgggcata cattattaaa atctttgcca aagcaatgca     21060
     tttcctgtta gtcaaaggct tacactctat caaaaggcac tggaacaaaa ctctttgatc     21120
     aactctcttg taaaaactaa actaaacttg aaactaaata atttatttct ttacatggct     21180
     tgatccaaaa gtatataatg tttttttcat gtaggatgtt tgtggtcaaa ctaagaaagt     21240
     acctaaaatc tgccaggaat tttataagat tttataactc tcctatcgtc cattttatat     21300
     tttgaaattt cggttacagt tcacttaagt cagctttcat ttataaagtc aatccagatg     21360
     ttaggttact ttacaacaat ttcaaaactg ttcaaagtaa aaaaaaatgc tttccgagga     21420
     agagaaataa agatgaatag ctgctgcatt agagagatat gtaatatgca tgtatatctg     21480
     aaacagttat tcactgtgta atccaatggc agtttcgttt aggcattatc atgtaatggt     21540
     ggctataatg tcactgtacc atctttttcc ggctgtatat tttccgatag ggggtgataa     21600
     aactttgcag taatggcaca acctgacgtt aagatgaact gatcactagc agcaaacaag     21660
     aacaataggg actttccagc aagacaatgt ctcaacccaa agatgatcta taaatatcac     21720
     agcacactga atatttagag caaaataaga tcaaggcaac aaacaagggg ctaaaggaaa     21780
     aaaatcctcc tatattttaa ttgtaaataa tttcttaaaa gtactataga tttagattta     21840
     gaatttggtt ttagaatcac tagcagcaaa cattgaaaaa ccatcaaatc tcagcccaag     21900
     aaaggaacga ataagtgcat attatccaca ctatcactct ccgaactaat cttttttcac     21960
     tatcgttttg cactgggatc ctttcataat cgcctcaatt catcattcct gatcacaaaa     22020
     tggccgtcaa tcacaaaatg gcgctgccaa taagcgctcg gctagataaa ccctgctgac     22080
     aacctgggca tttcctgaaa gtcacatggt taccaattgt gcaccttcgc tggcatctat     22140
     gattctgcaa acatttaact cattcatagc caatctcttt ccaatgacct ttcacaataa     22200
     agctggtgaa aactggacat gctaactcaa agctaattta aagtaaatct cttttcatta     22260
     cagcaaggag catgttttca taagtgtata aaaaccgata cagaagagac cgtgatggta     22320
     tgaataatca gaaagagaaa accgctggta gtgttattac atggatgtca gattctcgct     22380
     tatcttgttg ggggggacaa acagcatgat aaaggaacag ccactcacca agccaaacat     22440
     aatgttgtat aagtaaaacc acaacagaaa cttttacggt gaaactgggt caacttgttt     22500
     ggtggctcca cagaccaaaa taaaatgtgt caaagctaaa aagcagcttg tataaaaaca     22560
     gtttgtcctc atcgaaatct aacattttgt ttgcatctag attttagcac ttagatttat     22620
     accaatgtgc atatatttgt gatttttgag taaaggtcat gatagtttta tgggcatagt     22680
     taggtttagt gatggcatta aatatttttt aagaagtctt tctaggaact ttagagttac     22740
     tttaagttaa aatgatgcac aaaacattca tatatcatgt tatttaaaat tattttaaca     22800
     ttataaagat gttttttgac aaacatgttt taataacgaa catttaccta tatttttgtg     22860
     tgtatgtgtg gtttgtgatt tgcatcaaca gaatgtattc aaaacagatt agtaaaaaaa     22920
     gaaaagaaag catttgctgc caggcagaga gccagcaaac cagactggca gctttggcgt     22980
     ttcaaagaaa tcacgtgatt tcataaacca actgtgcacc accacatttg ttctgcaagc     23040
     atttcatttt tactgcctct gaatagtatt ccctttttaa ctgattcaaa acagttctat     23100
     acaggcctgt agcctgtgta gtagtagttt ttgaacatga tgggtttttt ttctcaaaaa     23160
     gtggagcttt ttgcagttgt tctcctcaat ttctattaaa ttataaggtt caaatcctgc     23220
     atttcagtga cattttaagc actaatcttt gctgcattag cttgtcggat ggtgaccata     23280
     aaagaacttt ttgatgcaac aagaaagtta ctatactttt ttccccgaag tatttgttta     23340
     gaaatgtgga tttaaattat aggtttttag ttttataaac aatgttatga gatcaaaagt     23400
     tttgaattag gaaaaatgaa aaaatacttc tttttaaaat gcaaattgat tatcatggat     23460
     cattgaagaa aaccaagtag gaatctgtta aaacttatta aagaccaact aaaaacatgt     23520
     ttgtagcctg taggtcacat ttgaaaagta aaaaattaaa attgtcttaa tgtcttcttc     23580
     aatcaggtat tttcacaatt tatgagggca tgctatcaag aatttgacaa attagctcac     23640
     ataagggcca aattctgaca gaacagacat ttatgacaaa gtaatgatga aactgcaatc     23700
     taaaacatga taatagttaa ttattaaaat cagtcacaaa cagatttgta gcaatccaat     23760
     atttattaat gtttcacaat attctcaaat tacaacctca aacgggttta aagtggtact     23820
     tttttgatgt tttgttgtta aaaaaacaat acagagaact gaaaagtgaa aaataattaa     23880
     atattaagag tatcacaatc cccatttgca gtagtggaca gtaatgaagt acttttattt     23940
     cactaatgta actaaaacat tcatccattc attttcttgt ctgcttagtc cctttattaa     24000
     tccggggtcg ccacagcgga atgaaccacc aacttatcca gcacattttt atgcagcgta     24060
     tgcctttcca gctgcaaccc atctctggga aatgtaacta gtacattctt caagtgaaaa     24120
     tactttatct gagtttttta tcttggggaa acatttacct acactgaatg tacaactgca     24180
     tacatttccc atacttataa tttttttttt aaaatatcca ttgccttctc caactactgt     24240
     atgtatgcca aaagggtgtc aagttagcta tatgatatag gacagagttg atatctggat     24300
     aatgaaataa tttatttcat aaaataattt atttctaatt cagttgcatt taaacttcct     24360
     cgtccctgaa gcacacaaca tataacatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     24420
     atatatatat atatataaaa catgttttgc tctctgaaaa ctgttttata ttgtataaaa     24480
     cattttcttg taaaataaac attgcttact cctaaataca acaattataa acaagtactt     24540
     ttgtcctttc actcaattca aacagaaaat aactacttta caattttact gaagtggcat     24600
     tttgttaaac ttcatccacc actgctctct tgtatgttcc tatttacagc atttcagctt     24660
     ggcctactgc gtttttacgg tatcagattt ctctttctct tgttttgttg ttttatcatc     24720
     actaaagagc ctctctctca gcttatagta gcttcccttc ttttccatca gttcctcatg     24780
     tgtgcccttc tccaccagct ccccactgtc aatcacaaca atctgatccg ccctctcaat     24840
     ggttttcagc ctatgagcaa tcactagcag tgtctgggtg gggcagcagg acaaggcctg     24900
     ttgaacctgt aaaataataa ataaataaca atatcagtcg gtgccaatag cctagtcgtt     24960
     agtgtgttgt aacatggcac tgaggtgctt acagtgacct gagtttgatt cccagctcaa     25020
     ggtctatgta aagccatatg tatatgtgat tatactgaaa agctgtagtt taccatttgt     25080
     tcactttcag tgtccaaaga gctggtcact tcatccagta tgagcacctg aggttctctg     25140
     atcagagctc tcgcgattgc gatgcgctgc ttctcacctc ctgagagtag attaccacgt     25200
     tctccaacgt ctgacaaaac aaaaccagat tttattactg tagaggaaaa atcaaaaatt     25260
     tctttgacaa ataataaatg agtgactaca aaaacagagt agaaaaccat ccagaaacca     25320
     tatcaggaat tctagaatca gggttcccat gcttcttaaa agtacttaaa ttcaatgcct     25380
     gggaagtact taaaaacaaa cataggtcct tgaaagtcct tgaatttaat gtttatggtc     25440
     ttttcaagag ttcagactta gctgatgatt gataataaag cttgtttgat atgctgtccc     25500
     tgagcttatg agatccttga gccttgggct tcctctcgtt tgcagggcga gaggggagtt     25560
     ctttaagaca aagatattga gataagaaaa ctctgtttat ttatagtgtg ttaggaattt     25620
     tctgattgga gaatcatgag cggatgtggg agcagctaag aacaatcatg aggatgtaaa     25680
     cctctagaaa ttagttaata aataaacttt ccatttcaaa aattgtactg tgctgcttcc     25740
     taaaactaag caaaaaaaca gaaattccta atttaaaaat cttacattta aatcttgtac     25800
     atgaactatg acagataatg gattttatca atatttttga atcttcataa catttttcaa     25860
     aatgacacat gcaaaacatc atccttaata tgacatttta atgtaaatat taagtgtaag     25920
     tgaaatgtta agtacaggga ggacttttat ggcgctatat atgtgctggg ggtgtgaatt     25980
     aaggtgcttg atttaaaatg atttaaaagt gatttaaaaa gtctttaaaa gtccttgaat     26040
     ttggtgtcca tgaaagagtg ggaaccctgt aaaatgactt taagttgcgt tcacaccttc     26100
     cccatttaat tagcttattt tgcactatag agttttcttt tagtttgttt gggcaggtat     26160
     actgatgtat gcagcaaaag tagatcaaac tagcacacct gtttgaagag gtggtctcat     26220
     tacttttttt aaacaaacac tggagtggtt agtttgtcgt gaaaaaaaga tctgaaccta     26280
     aacagaccca actgcaaaag gaactgcgca ttttaggact aaacctgatg ctgtaataaa     26340
     ctgcattgtg taggatatga tgaggggatt tatttgggga aattttcttt ccatttcctt     26400
     agtcccttat ttatcggggg tcaccacagt ggaatgaact acctactatt ccatatgttt     26460
     ttacccaatg gatgcccttc cagctgcaac ccagtacagg gaaaccccca tacactctcc     26520
     ctttcacaca cacactcatc cactacagcc aatttttgtt ttacccattt cacctatacg     26580
     gtgcgcccgg aggaaactca tgcgaacaca gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaatg     26640
     ccaactgacc cagccggggc tcgaaccagt gaccttcttg ttgtgtgatg acagtgctaa     26700
     cactgacact gaaccactgc gccactctta tgagaaactt tactctggat tttttaaaaa     26760
     caagattctt gatgagtgaa gacaaaattt tttaatgaat aatgcattaa tttcatttac     26820
     ctgtgtcata tcccttttcc agtttggaga tgaaggaatg ggcgttggct ttgcttgcag     26880
     cctccttcac tctttccatt gagcagcctt ggagaccata ggcgatgttg tctcgtactg     26940
     taccagagaa aaggacaggc tcctgaccca ccatcgctac ctgagagaga tttatttgca     27000
     gatccattaa ttggtggtat atatatatgt atttttaaag tagacttata gatagtgaat     27060
     gatttacagc gcggtagtct tttgggtgta gttttgggtg tatggccata cacaataaaa     27120
     gcgctatata aatacacaca ttacatttac attacattac agtagtggca tattttcata     27180
     ttagtcacct tgctgtgcag atatttgtgt tggtagtcct gcagtggttt tccatctaac     27240
     agaatggttc cctgctgcgg ctggtagaat ctctccagca gactcacaca ggtgctcttc     27300
     cctccaccgg acattcccac cagagccgtt atctgacccg gcttcaactc cagagagaag     27360
     tcctgataat gtgaatggtt atggtaagtt attcaaaatt attatcttaa aacgttatat     27420
     attaaacaga ttatgtatag ttcattatat atatattcat atatatacag gggttggaca     27480
     atgaaactga aatgcctggt tttagaccac aataattgat cagtgaggtg tggattgtcc     27540
     tatggccaat acagcatcat tgtcttggca atgacagatc caagtcctgc actgtgggca     27600
     gagggatttt caactgtttt tcatgcagaa tagtggccag gtcacgatgt gacgttggtg     27660
     gaggaaaact ttttttgact cactcctata aagcacctca aagtggctca attttatttg     27720
     gatctggtaa ctgtgcaggc catgggagat tttcagcttc acttttatgt tcatttgacc     27780
     actctgtcat cagtcttgtt gtgtgtattg gtgcatgatt atcctgatac acagcacaat     27840
     atttaggata caatgtttga accattgggt ttacatggtc ctccagaatg gttcgttagt     27900
     ccttggctgt gacgcgccca tctagcacaa ttattaggcc aagggaatgc aatgatattg     27960
     cagccctaac catcactgat ccacctcctt ccctttgggc atgtaacatt ctgggtcata     28020
     tgctttttgg ggcttctcga cactgtaact ctcccagatg tgggaaagac attgaaggtg     28080
     ggctcagaga acactacatg ttttatactg tccatagccc aatattttca ctgctggcac     28140
     ctttgaaacc tatgtttggc attagcatga gtaaacaaag gtttgactat agcagctcag     28200
     ccatgaatat tgacccaaca ttttggtggt aacaagagag ttgcggtgca catttaattc     28260
     tgcaacgagt tgggcagctg tagttttgtt ttttggatac aatcctcttg catccagagt     28320
     tactcctgtt agatgtggtt cgtccttctt ggtagtttgc taatattagt gtggataccg     28380
     tatatcttga tacatcacaa agacgtgctg tcttggtcaa tgatgagcca gcaagacaag     28440
     caccaacaat ttgttgtgtg aatttcaaaa ttaagcaaaa ctgtgccgtc actctgctaa     28500
     ttaaaccgtt acattctcct cttactaatg gaatgcgcaa tcaaaaagcc actgggctgg     28560
     tctaatgtag tcatgaaacc tccaacacta aattagccag tgatttagtt ttattgtcca     28620
     acccctgata tacatacata tagtgccata atcttaaaaa aataatatat attttaaaca     28680
     taattaccat tcactcgccc tcatacagtt ttaaacattt aggagtttct ttcttctgtt     28740
     aaacacaaaa aaagctaatt tgcagatttc ttatggaaaa ttcccagcaa ccagaatttt     28800
     gcatacataa tatttttttg tgttcaacag aagaaataaa ctcaaacagg tttgaaacaa     28860
     gtgaaggctg agaaattgat gacagtattt tcatttttgg gtgaactgcc cctttaatgt     28920
     gaattgcatt ttaatattta acatgcatca agtaatgtga ttcgtcagta aacactacct     28980
     ttaacacatt gtggtcgggt cttctgggat acgagaaggt gagtttctga aacttgacgt     29040
     gtcctttcag atcttttggc atcagatttc catcaatact gacttcagac tttcggtcct     29100
     ggtactcaaa caccttacca gcagccccta ctgaattcag catgtctcca aagatgtaga     29160
     tcaaagtctg gaaatagaga tggacacatt tttatcatgc tgaaaatggt tttgttaatg     29220
     ctgtgaatag ggtcattcaa ctttacttga cccttttatt aagcaacctt tttttaaagt     29280
     aaccagactt actctaatgt tgtctccaag gtcttgctga tataaaatga aagaaaccag     29340
     attcccagtg ctcatctgtc catactggat gaacagtctc ccatagtaaa gcatggccac     29400
     cttcattccc aattctgtca tctgtaaaca tcccaaatat caagaagata taatcaatgt     29460
     caaagcaata taatatcaaa agtttccttc agagaaaata aacaaatact gaccctccta     29520
     attagcaggt aaatcgccct gactgtgtcc cgtcgggtct ttagattgtg agtttccatc     29580
     aaacggccat catagcgatg ggcttcacca agttctgtct tgaaactctt tactgtcctg     29640
     atccctgaaa ctgcctcccc agcagcatca ttagcttgtg ccatggagtc ctgaacttct     29700
     tttgagagct tctaaagaat gcatgaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaac     29760
     aaacaaatat agggtatact catatgtgca taaataattt tccatcatcc ttcatgtttt     29820
     tatctgcacg ttacctgata gtgtgtgtca tatatgttct gcagtaagcc tgtcagtggc     29880
     gtctccatca gcatcagtag tgtaagcttc caggagaggc tcaccatcag atacagcatt     29940
     cctaatgtct ttacaagtgt ccgcagaaga acgttgacat tcagggctac agcccggccc     30000
     atcagagtag tgtctgttga cagtctagat gtgatatcac ctgaaagaca gattaagtag     30060
     aaataaaatg aaaattacaa tgcttcttat tgaagtgtgc aacaagagaa ctggtgtata     30120
     tatgcacgtg cagttggtgt atatttacct gtcttgatgg tctcaaagaa gccaatgtcc     30180
     tgcctgatca gagatccaaa cagttgcacc ttgactctgc aagtgaagct attgattgca     30240
     cacatgaaca ggcctccgcg acaacctgca ctgaaagagc tgagagtaac aaaaaacagc     30300
     attactttag atattatata gggtttttgt aatacatata ttttttaata ccaaccttcc     30360
     taatgagaat aatcccatga aaatgatagc tgatctaaag ttatcccact ggtaatggga     30420
     acccaagatg tcaatcacct ctcctgtgta aagtgggatg aacatttcac ctggaaaaca     30480
     taacaagagc tttaaaagca ggtttatatg atagttttag tgttgaacat aaagctaata     30540
     ctcacatagc acagctaggg ccagaaacac aaaagctcca aataataata tataatctgg     30600
     cctgtataaa cggatgaccc ggatgaagag gactcgagcc ttctgtttgc gctctttacc     30660
     gttactctct tcatttgtgt caggcagtgt tatctcccaa aagagacacg ctaaagccgc     30720
     agcaactgta ccgacaagcc acacagtgaa tttatcaaga cggtagttgt taaacatcgc     30780
     taagcgtccg gtttcgtata ccgaaccgat aaaacagtgg acagtaatcc atcttcttat     30840
     caaaggatct gccgcatctt tagataaagt agaccccgcg tacagcagcg tgcatcgcaa     30900
     tccagattca gcccattggc gaaacagatt atagtccaaa ctgcttgttg gagacttgag     30960
     caaagtttct gcgaggtcca gtatcaaaac tattaagatg tcaaaacata acatacacgc     31020
     gaacaccaaa accttccgca tggtgcgtgc gtaaactggt tgccgtggta acaccgaaac     31080
     gctattggaa aaaatatatc tccaaataaa cgaccttctt cggttattat tttcttcgtt     31140
     ttgccccgtc ctacagattg ctggtgtgtg ttttcgttac gcagcgccag ggcaattcag     31200
     gacaccgaaa ttaccttact ttcactttca gtttctcagg gtaagggatt ttcctgcttt     31260
     ataggctaca gcacacacag cagcgctttg cgtttggatt tcgatggaga gctttgttat     31320
     gttgaccaat tttctaaatc aaattaatgc catagcattt tatacatgtg aaattacgtt     31380
     caaactgagc aaattgatat aaataaggaa gactgggaaa gtatcgtttt tccaaaaaaa     31440
     aaaacatttt aaaagataat gctttaaatg ttgttgctgt cgttactaac tcgtgagagt     31500
     ggtttattaa tactaggtgg tgtgttgtag tctacaaatt gcactttaaa cacaaatggt     31560
     aggctaccct gtcagcaggg acaaaaataa ctgttacgtt gtcccagcag gagctcttgc     31620
     catttatacc cgatttactt ttaaacggag ttaaaactca agtaatgcaa acttagggac     31680
     atgttataac accaaataac ctgtagattg atcattactt tgacacacaa aaagaggaac     31740
     atcgacttct gttggaaata tttcttcgtt tctataacat catttttatt tataggaatg     31800
     agattgactt tctgcactga aaaacaatga ttatttaagt gactgtatgt tattgtaagt     31860
     gtacaggcat cgaatgtttc ccttttcaga gcacccataa caagaaacat gccttgttaa     31920
     tttctgccta gcaactgatg agtaatgtac actcactggc cacttcatta ggtacacctt     31980
     actagtacca ggttggaccc tatttttctt cagaactgcc tcaatacttc atggcataga     32040
     ttcaacatag tagagatttt ggtccatatt gatatgatag catcatacag ttgctacaaa     32100
     tttgtcggtt gcacatccat gatgcgagtc acagcagaaa tcaagactca ccaggcaatg     32160
     tttttccaat cttctattgt caaattttgg tgagcctgtg caaatagcag cctttttcct     32220
     gttcctagct gacaggagag gcgcccggtg tagtcttctg ctattgtagc ctatccacat     32280
     caaggttgga tgttttgtgc attcagagat gctcttctgc atatctaagt tgtaccgagt     32340
     ggttatttga attactgttg cctttctatc acctggaacc agtctggcta ttcttctctg     32400
     acctcaggca tcaagacatt tgcgcccaaa gaactgccac tcactggatg ttttctcttt     32460
     ttcagaccct tctctgtaaa tcctatagat ggttgtgcgt gaaaacccca gtagatcagc     32520
     agtttctgaa atagtcagac cagcctgtct ggcgccaacc atgatacgtt caaagtcact     32580
     taattcatct ttcctcccca ttctgatgct cagtttgaac tgcagcagat cgtccagacc     32640
     aagtctacat gcctaagtaa attgagttgc tgccatgtga ttggctgatt agaaatttgc     32700
     attaacgagc agttggataa gtgtacctaa taaagtgacc actagacgta tatagatatc     32760
     acctttttga aaaagtactt tttacaagtg tgtagattga ttgcatatat gctacagcta     32820
     cagtccaccc ttttcacatc ttaacttttc ctgattttga ttgtaatata ataagatttt     32880
     gtaaagctgc ttttggaaca attattgtga gaagcgctat acagttaaac ttgaatttaa     32940
     taaaatacaa tgaatagcta cacagaggtc ttctatattt tgacaggtcc atgagtataa     33000
     tgcattattg ctacagtata atgtttgtca agaatatttt tcacaatgaa acaacttaaa     33060
     gcatgtaatt ttctataata gtttattatc aaactttaag acaaagtgaa cacagctctt     33120
     cacataagaa tgtgtgtctt tatgttgtaa tagcagaaaa actactttaa ctgcaatgtc     33180
     atgcagtaca atatcctgat agaaatgttg gtatttgtac attgttcttc attttaaatc     33240
     aaattcactt ttttcattca tcaaaaaatt tgggcaattc atttcctaaa acgcacttct     33300
     cttctgttcc atctttgtca atagtaacaa catatgcaac acctccactg gagccatccc     33360
     ggcccatcgc cagagtgaga gctggtgaaa gaagagatta cagttcacat gtaaaagcat     33420
     cacaattttc acactagaca ccttggattg ttctgaatac atacatctct tttctaaata     33480
     acaaatcact ggtttgtatt atatagacaa acttaccatt cactacaaac tcctggcatt     33540
     ccctctttgt catgttcttt ttatactctg catcaacaaa cccattaatg taaaaactcc     33600
     cagagccacc aatagcaaaa ggctgcttgg tcagcaaacc actcaatgtt gcatagacct     33660
     gtttgaaatg aagacgcaat taccacatat tcaaatatat tatttataat ataattcagt     33720
     acatatgatc tgatatctcg gaccaaaaaa caagactgat ctaacctgtc cacctccttt     33780
     cttgtcccac cctgcaacaa tgagatgtgc tgacagctcc tctttatatt tgtatgaaat     33840
     attcttcacc agagtagcag cagagcatac gagggggtca tcttccacct caatactgtc     33900
     aagacacatt atttggcaca tttataagat gtctatgaca atattgctgt tgtcattgtg     33960
     tcgattattg agtacaaggc ctaattttac tgacagaaag aaattactgg tgataaatac     34020
     ctgtgcacat ccagttggta gttaactatc tcagcaatag tttgagcgtc cgctgctgat     34080
     ccagagagag cacagtagat cttgtcatgg aggggggaga gcttgttcat cacacgattc     34140
     accactgact ccctaagaac aatatccaga gaaacagtat tttaatataa ttggtaaatc     34200
     ctatttcaaa catttactga attaatgact atatgactga aaataaagtg aataaagtaa     34260
     tgtaatatca atgcaatttt aaatttaaaa aaccctaaag cctctgttat tctggcgttt     34320
     tagacttgca ttggaaggat ttgcatggcc tgattattta agaataaaat gtaatgtgct     34380
     aaaccttcac attaactata gcataaggtt ctcttacccc gcggacacac gtgaatccga     34440
     gccgataaca acaccaccgt caaaggttac agcgatgatg gtcgtctaaa atgaagatga     34500
     aaatcacaga atcgcattca cgtcaaaaac aaaccttact tggcgcttaa tgttattaga     34560
     ttatagcttt caggtgcatc ttacaatcat ttctcaaaca acgttaactt acttatattt     34620
     ggcactcagt cggcttaaat tagagtttat gtttatatag ctggaaataa acgagcacga     34680
     ggctgaaact cacccctgtt ttgacttctt cagacagcca tcccggttct ggaaataatt     34740
     cttccgacat tttgagcaga tggaaagcag ctacctgtct gtgcaaacct gcctgctctt     34800
     gagtcctgac accagaagag acgcgacact caatagctct gcacacctca aacgaagctc     34860
     ctaacagcga atgaaaatga atcaaactgc caaacgagat tttgttttga tctccttaag     34920
     cttttgccta cattattcct ccattttatg tcaataacag aaagtgaaag aagttacttc     34980
     ctatcagtct cagctaacac actgaattct gcctatgtta aattagccta gcggctagcc     35040
     aacgtcagaa cacttggaaa acttcaatgc cagtttaatt tatgtatttt tatatgcgtt     35100
     cactgttggt ctatataata taatttagcc tataattgat ttttataatt cccctggacc     35160
     ctatgtactt tttttcacat ttcttgttca tatagtgtat tggctgcaca gtaatttaat     35220
     aaacatattt aaaaaaagta aatcaatgga aaatgtatca atacaaatgc acacttttgt     35280
     acaattgaaa aaatagttag tggaaaaaaa cacttatgat gaagtatgca atattattca     35340
     tgctgggaag aggtttgtca aaatataaag ttttgtttta ttttacacct ttaaaattta     35400
     tttagacatt atttgttttc agaactggaa tcactgtaaa tatcacatac aatttaggag     35460
     tttaataact acacaaattg aatataaata tagaaaagac cacatgtaac gcacagtatg     35520
     attggaaaaa aatctgttaa gctgtataca caatcagttt ttagattcat agttgatgta     35580
     agactgaaag acatgatgta gttcagttta taaaattctt tctgtaacta cattaaatat     35640
     tctaagatgt cacggtggtg cagtggtgac acgatcgcat tacagcaaga aggtcgctgg     35700
     ttcgagcccc ggctgggtca gttggaattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccacatgt     35760
     tcacgtgggt tccctcctgg tgctccagtt tcccccatgc tataggtgaa ttggccatag     35820
     tgtatgtgtg tgaatgcaag agtttatgag tgttttccac aaaacatatg ctggataggt     35880
     tggcggttca ttctgctgtg gcgatcccag attaataaag ggactaagcc gaaaagaaaa     35940
     ttaatgaaga taaacatcct atgcatttaa tgtaagaagg gacatcacac tgaacaacat     36000
     acgacttaaa tgtatttatt atgaatgaca aagtgtgagg aaaataaacc caggcaaaaa     36060
     tctgcacaca gctaatcaca aagtagtgat atttgaaaaa agtgtccaat ttgttctgct     36120
     ctattattca tcatggaact ttggcagttc atcccctgga acaactatat gcttgactcc     36180
     agcttcagtg atcacaacca gatgaacaac accaccactg acattgtccc gacccatagc     36240
     cagagccaaa gctgcgaaga tacaagcata aaccattagc aatttcatat ttagtaaacg     36300
     catatttaga aaacatataa atgtcaacca ttttatagca attcgatgta ccatttgtgg     36360
     aaaactgtgt agcctcttct aaagtcatgt caggtttgaa tttggcatcc acataaccat     36420
     agatgtacgt gctgccagat ccaccgatgg tgaagggctg actgagaagc attcctccca     36480
     aagacactac gtatatctgt gcaaaatatt aacaaaagag aatgttactc atctgcataa     36540
     aaatagtaca atttagttct gatgaacaac aataggcctt gttttggttt atgttctcat     36600
     tgtattatgc gccacagttt ttccattcca gccaacacat tttaaagcta aaatgctgtg     36660
     tctgtaatta tattctttat tagaagtcaa gatgattcta gggtcctaca ttaaaattgg     36720
     tttcattagt tagtaacagt gttagtagta atgctatata aagtgtaaat gagttataac     36780
     aaagagttat aaataaaact aaatttctgt caaaattatc cctatctatt cacttcatgg     36840
     ttgcgtcctg tcctgcgtag agtcattagg tgtgttggac ctggaagtgc tattgatcaa     36900
     tcagtgaaat ttgctgctta cagtcaggga aaagtagaaa gcagagtatt aacgtgtttg     36960
     tgttatcaca gattaagtag attacataaa atattagatt gcaaaataga ctcgaaaccg     37020
     catacttcca tactatatag tacgctaaaa ttagtatgtg agccgagtag tatgtccgaa     37080
     ttcatagaat caaaaaacag tatgcgagaa gttcccggat gacttactac ttccggcgag     37140
     attctggagt gcgcatccca tgcatgctgc gctatcccat gatgccccgc gagcgaatta     37200
     atgaatgtga gtaaagtgac gcaaattccg caggtacgtc acttggctat gtcataatgg     37260
     cggatgtagt acttcatact tttcacattc atactgtata gaacgtactt ttctaacggc     37320
     caagtagtac gtttaaattc aaatgcagta cctactgagt agtaggcagt ttcggacgca     37380
     gccaaagtga ttactgtact gtatttttca ggctcactac agcctctgac taaatactaa     37440
     agtggtcaaa tgtaaaagta acaggtcatt gttaataaac ctcagtcaaa gattttgaat     37500
     ggctcggttg gcttgtacag tatgttggat gtagaatggt ggtgggccta ccctcatatt     37560
     ctttcaaagg atctaaaatt gctaacaaca cctttatcgt gattgtgtat ttttgtaaag     37620
     catcacctgt ggtccttttt ttctgtccca gcctgctgtg atgaagcctg cccgcagctc     37680
     ttccttattg ctatagcaaa gttccctcat aatggatgct gcagctttaa ccaaaggagg     37740
     agattccatc tgaatactaa agacagagag aatttacaat tgcagatggc tcctattttt     37800
     acttgttatt aaaatacctt aggatataag gtaaaaggat aaaattacct gtgaaaagac     37860
     agctggaatt tggccatttt ggtcacagct tgtgcatcag ccagtgatcc agctatgcag     37920
     cagaatattc gatcgtgcac ctgaatgagc ttgttgatgg ttttggatga cacataagac     37980
     ctgtagataa aggttatgtt tggatttttt tattctaatt gtgtgggtta ttatgatggt     38040
     gataaacttg tttttaaata atactcactc tcccatggaa gctctggagt cagacccaat     38100
     gatgactcct ccattgaact tgactgcaag aatggtggtc taacaaataa atagttaatt     38160
     taaaaaaagt taattaacag atacacttag tacttttata attgtataca gaatattgat     38220
     tatactgtgg tttaaatact atagtaataa aaaaataatt attaaaaaaa tgaacagatt     38280
     tattattcat tatgaacaca tctaaatgaa taattgttca cacaaatccc tagctcttac     38340
     tgtacttcat gctataaaaa cttagcattg caattacact cactggccac ttcattaggt     38400
     acaccttact agtaccgggt tggacccact attgccttta gaactgcctt aatcctccat     38460
     ggcatagata cagcaagttt ctggaaatat tcctctgaga ttttggtcaa tattgacatg     38520
     atagcatcac acagttgctg cagatatgcc ggctgaacat ccatgatgca aatctcccat     38580
     ttcaccacat accgaaggtg ctctattgga ttgagatctg gtgactgtga aggccatttg     38640
     agcacagcga acttattgtc attttcaaga aaccacgctt attcacgctt tatgacatgg     38700
     tgcgttatct agctggaagt agccatcaga agatgggtac actgtggtca taaagggatg     38760
     gacatggtca gcaacaatac tcaggaaggc tgtggcgttg acacaatgct caattggtac     38820
     taatgggccc aaagtgtgcc aagaaaatat tcctcacagc attacaccac caccagcctg     38880
     aaccattaat acaaggctgg ataaatccat gctttcatgt tgttgaccct atctgaccct     38940
     accatccgaa tgtttcagca gaaattgaga cttatcagac ctggcaaggt ttttccaatc     39000
     ttctgttgtc cagttttggt gagcctgtgt gaattgtagc ctcagtttcc tgttcttagc     39060
     tgacaggagc ggcacccaat gtggtcttct gctgctgtag cccatccgcc tcaaggttgg     39120
     acgtgttgtg tgttcaaaga tgctcttctg cgtacctcag ttgtaacgag tggttatttg     39180
     agttactcct gcctttctat ctgctggaac cagtctggcc attctcctct gacctctggc     39240
     atcaacaagg catttgcgcc tacagaactg ccactcactg gagattttct ctatttctga     39300
     ctattctctg taaaccctag agatggttgt gtgtaaaaaa aaactgtaga tcagcagttt     39360
     atgaaatact cagaccagcc caattggcac aaacaactat gccaccttca aagtcactta     39420
     aatcatcttt ctacctcttt ctgatgcttg gtttgaactg cagaagttcg tcttgaccaa     39480
     gtctatatgc ctaaattcat tgagttgctg ccatgttatt ggctcataag aagtttacgt     39540
     ttaatgagaa gttggacaag tgtatctaat aaagtggcca gtaagtgtat acaatgacta     39600
     ataaaaatga tcaggattaa taaatgctta ttttaagtca ggattaagaa actatttcaa     39660
     tgaatgtgct tagatgagat ttagtgacat ctattgtcaa atggaaaacg aattaaagtg     39720
     aagaggctga cttttttttt tacatacagc tctactatta ctttatttgt gcataataat     39780
     ctcagaattt atgcaagagt aaataactat tgatccctcc gttaagttat ttcaaaccct     39840
     aatgaatggt accatattta gcctgtaact atgaaagtga aagtaaattt tagctacgtt     39900
     aaacacctaa accaatcccc aaaaacacac tgtaaaatat tttaaacagg aatctaatca     39960
     taatgtctcg tgtgataaga caaacatcac ctgtctgatc accgacgcgt atttttcttt     40020
     ttcttttttg cgtgaggttc ccaaacaaca cgctgcagag gattttagtc ataaatagca     40080
     tacttacacc agtgctgacc ccattaactt gagagtatgg atgatgtctg tccattatta     40140
     ttgcaaattc gacatacaaa attgtggata aacgcttccc gtacgcgtcg ctcgactgga     40200
     aagccacgct cttcagtctg aaacagcaaa ccgtgtggtc gcaaggcgca ttacatttca     40260
     acaacattta acatttcccg atcagattct ggacatggca cttacgtctc acgtcctcga     40320
     gccctcttta tgtggcttta acttcgagaa cgccacaagg taagatataa gtaggcttta     40380
     tgctgttatg tcatgataat tttgtgaata aaatgtagta aacgcaccca gtattgttgg     40440
     tgatttaatg ttggtagccg gaacaaaagc gaaagcattt tctgactttc aaatcttttt     40500
     cctcacaaaa cgtactgcgt gttttatgca gtattcgtct ttatggctac gttatgttat     40560
     ttaaaagttt ttacattatc tcctgctttc aacctcttat atctcctcct cttagaaata     40620
     ttgtactgga aaatggtgca gaagagggga aaatcaagcc accaaaagcc ttgaaaacag     40680
     gcacaaccat tgctggagtg gtatttaagg taactaaaaa ccaaaacaca taataagttg     40740
     tattaataaa caaatattac aaacagtaac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     40800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttta ggatggtgtc gttctgggag cagacacaag     40860
     agccacctct gatgaagtag ttgctgataa aatgtgtgcc aagattcact acattgcacc     40920
     taacatatag taaggattaa agatcaatta cagtagttat aaaagagtat aacaagttga     40980
     attttaaatg tttgtaggta acttattgaa taaataataa tacatttttt gttcttagtt     41040
     gttgtggagc gggaacagct gcggacacgg agaagacaac agatatgctg tcatcaaacc     41100
     tcaccatttt ctcgatgaac agcggcagga acccaagagt cgttatggca gtaaacataa     41160
     tacaagacat gctcttcagg tgtgtgttca cctgtaacca cgtgcacaga cttattcaca     41220
     ctgtgcttaa tctcaagata tagtccttaa caccacttat agaagcaggg ttagcactgt     41280
     tttcttacct aaggttatga gacagtgctc tggaacctgt taatcgcaca ttacagtgac     41340
     ttgacttcag ttttgcaaca tatgcatttt aaactatata ttgaatagat aagtttatta     41400
     tttatctttg ctgtcaaatt gacaccgtca gggaagtaaa agccattcca gagtggaagc     41460
     acactttcag agtttgatta aagacaaaca cattttttta ttaggtttgc taaaaaataa     41520
     ataatttcag tttagatttc atgtgaattg tgaagactgt ggcttgtgat tttgattaaa     41580
     ataaacatgg atatccttat ctttttgaat taaaatatat attttagtgg aaaacactga     41640
     atcacgattg agaacatgtc tgctgaatcg aagaagaaac cgctctattt aaaaaaataa     41700
     attacatgta aaatgttagc aggttgagta ctgctttcat ccaatccatc acactgacat     41760
     attaattata caaaaaggct gttcttatag cattgttgaa cacacaatgt gaaaaccagt     41820
     gtaaaatcca agataaactg ctccgttgat gtcgtgagta ggcccacaag gaatctgtac     41880
     agacggaaat ctgcagattt ccacaggttc tgagcacatc atttaatcca tgtttagttt     41940
     tattttttta catatgtagg tgtttaaata aatatttatt aagttttata ttaatttcag     42000
     taataatatt gaataatatg caaatgttta tatgatttat gtgcaataca gtttgtaaag     42060
     taagtttctg tcttttagcg gatattttaa attaaactta ctttgtttac caaacaagtg     42120
     gttctaatta gatttgcatt gtaagcctta aaaattaaaa agttatatat tttttatgtc     42180
     atgttgtaag attttagtta ctatactctc aacatcattc cacataaatt tgcagattgt     42240
     gtacaaaagt atgggcagaa atatcaaaaa aatgtcagca gattctgtct ggcactagtc     42300
     atgagcaatg tgaaatgtga agggaggtag ccaaagtttc atttatctgg agtttaggat     42360
     ggccagaggt taactagtcc aaatgaaaag agccatgttg tgtatataag tgtgtttttt     42420
     tatttctgta ctataaaata catctaagtt tgtcattggt gacatcacta atcattaatc     42480
     atattaaaca gtactgtaca tttttgtact cctttttcag gtatcgtggt atgattggag     42540
     ctaatctaat tttaggaggc gttgactgca ctggcagtca cttgtacaca gttggtcctt     42600
     atgggagcat ggacaaggtg ccatatctgg ccatgggtac gcaagatgca actgttgtct     42660
     gataaaccta attaaacact cagcactagc taaatcttga atatgaaaac ttgtttagat     42720
     tgattttaca aacaactgct caagggaact catgcatctg tgtttctgtt gtttttagga     42780
     tctggtaatc tggctgctat gggcatactg gaggacagat tcaaagttaa catggatgta     42840
     agttggattt atctacttgt aaggtttcta atgtaatccc atgaggctct gggccatgac     42900
     aaatgagtga ggttgcattt gtatcttccc tggtgttatt ggcaattcaa atttgccaat     42960
     caaattatgc ttgcattact cttcctactt taattttata tcatttttta cttaagaacc     43020
     ttgaaatatt actcttttta tttcatgtat gtgtactaaa tgtcattttt gtctttagct     43080
     ggagcaggca aaggctctgg taagtgatgc gatccaagct ggcatcatgt gtgacctggg     43140
     atctggaaac aacattgacc tgtgtgtcat tacaaaagag ggggtggact atatcagacc     43200
     tcacaaagag tccccttata actacaagag gtagaaaacc ttgtcatctt tttatttact     43260
     tttcaggtca cacattttac tatacaactc acatgcatta actgcatata tttaaaagtt     43320
     gatgatattt agtttgatgt tttgacgttg gtaatttatt gatttctttc tatctttgtg     43380
     ttacagacaa gcgaagtata aatataaatc aggtacgaca ccaattttaa ctaaaaccgt     43440
     gaataagctc gagctggact tggtgcatga gactgttcag atgatggaaa cagctgcatc     43500
     aagttgatcc gagtcataca ccatgatgtc tggaatgagg aagagggatc ctttaactca     43560
     actgctgaca aacagatgat gccattatgt ttgttgtttg tgttcttaat tccatcactg     43620
     gtagacctgt gcagataatt atcaataaac cattacattt tacagtatat acactgcgta     43680
     gcctttttat tgcttaaaaa aacactccag ggacatggtc tgcactgttg atgctaatgg     43740
     ttatttgaca ttcctaaata attgaataaa gcctaatatt atttcagaac agtaatgaaa     43800
     aagtaaaaat acatctgtaa aatgtattat gcaaaagtga gttgtgtaaa tatgtgtagg     43860
     tattttataa tgcagttttc ataaatttaa caacacaaga tcatggccaa atatctccac     43920
     tgtggtctca tctgtaaaaa tattgttcta taatcttatg gtttgttcaa atgacacttt     43980
     gcaaactgaa actgctgcca tgtttttatt ttttatagaa aataaatttc ttttcacaac     44040
     ctttttaaac ataccatagt tgtcccatct tttctaaatg tactgatctt gagcatgata     44100
     atttaaatgt taactgaggt ctttagagtt tgtggggaag ttttgtctgg cagttcagtg     44160
     tgctttacac cgtttggtct tggggttaac ttgctgttaa aaataaatgt gtttactctt     44220
     taaaaaaata ttttattaca caagtaataa cacattaata tatgattact cattcttttt     44280
     ttaaagttta gtccctttat taatctgggg tctcatcagc agaatgaacc gccaacttat     44340
     ccagcacatg ttttacacgg cggatgccct tccagttgca acccaacact gggaaaatat     44400
     ttgattatgt tataataaaa taataatatt tctttttcac tcgtttattt atttcctcat     44460
     attgaaatcc atgaacttta atggattgac ctaaattttc acatgactgc ttacatagtt     44520
     tcagacttat agaatagatt aattcctaaa tggtatacat taggtcagtg atttcctaaa     44580
     tatgggcctt tgtgaaagta catttttgta cttttatcta gcaaagaaaa aggccagtca     44640
     gtgcctttaa gacatctagt aataacaaag tctgatagcc agtattttaa gttaatttag     44700
     gcttgtttac acgcatatct tgtgtaaaat gttatgcttc cgcatctttt tcacctggtt     44760
     taacctacat cagttaaatc tacatagaga ctgaagacga cgagagagac tccctcactc     44820
     ccattggtca acccatctgc agagttttcc ctcaatcact aagttatcat gttttttcta     44880
     gatactctta aacaacattt aataccctaa aggacaacat ttatgtacac ctgttattta     44940
     aagataaaga ttatgctttt agtttctttt taaagatact ttctggtcgt tatcgaaacc     45000
     aaattaagct tctctgaatc tttcggtttc gaaatcgttg tcttccgtgc atagatcgta     45060
     tttccttcat gtaaaatagc ctaatacact ttgcttactt cgcttttagt gttttaatta     45120
     ctgccattag ctgtgcgtaa catacaggat ggctcttttg gacgtaagtg gatataaata     45180
     taattccgcc tcacagtttg gctttaaaca aacgcttctc gaccgctcga atcactacag     45240
     ttttgggacc aaatgtcagg aattcgcggt acctgttgga gttgacgtaa gtgtttttat     45300
     gattaaaaaa agctaatact taatcctatg aaatattagc aagactgaag tgataaagat     45360
     gaaatatgtc gtgtttgaag aaacaagatt aaacaacaat tacccataaa aatcaatatt     45420
     tgatacacaa actcaatttt agtattgttt aagaaggtgt aaaacaggta agtgttaatc     45480
     aaaatgcatt tttaaaagtc atggtttgct atgtatctcc cagacaattc tacttattga     45540
     aatatagggg gcagagtctc aacagtagcc taaatataat ttaagcttaa aaataaacaa     45600
     gttttcctta attaaacatt attattctgt gttcccatca gccctccaag tttctgaaat     45660
     cgtgtagttg tgaagatggc gtttgcatag atctgaatca tggcaccaca acactggcat     45720
     tcaaattccg tcatggagtc attgtggctg tagactccag agcttctgct ggaaaataca     45780
     ttggtaagca tccagttatc aaaactacaa acaaattcat atgttacaaa caaggttgtt     45840
     ttactgctca accatggcat ttcatattaa agcagtattg gtgaacttca tcaaatcatg     45900
     tgtctatgct ttatcatgat gtgtttcagc atcaaaggag gccaataaag tgattgagat     45960
     caacccttac ctgctgggca ccatgtcggg cagcgctgca gactgtcagt actgggagag     46020
     actcctggct aaagagtgca ggtctgtctc agcatgcttc agaaggggat gagcatctgc     46080
     tcacaggatg aaattaccag tttgtgtttg tgttcaatag tgctagaaaa tgtattcagt     46140
     ctaatgtggc tgaagcttaa caaaacttta aagagttaaa gaaatttcta ctaatcactt     46200
     tgatccagat ctggtaatgc aaacatcttt aggtataaaa catttttatt tatatgatat     46260
     atactatgga tgcatgatgg cgcagtgttg catgcctcac agcaaggttg ctggttcgag     46320
     ccccggctgg gtcagttgac atttctgtgt ggagtttgca tgttctcccc gtgttggcgt     46380
     gggtttcctc ttggtggtcc ggtttccccc acaaggccaa agacttgcag tataggtaaa     46440
     ttgggtaaga taaaattgtc catggtgtat gtgtgaatga gtgtgtatgg atgtttccca     46500
     gtattgggtt gcagctgaat aagcatccgc tgtgtaaaaa atgtgctgga aaagttgtcg     46560
     gttcattcca ctgtggcgac cccagattaa taaagtgact tatctgaaaa gaaaattaat     46620
     taataatata tactatataa gtggtatggt ggctcagtgg tcagcactta cagcaaaaag     46680
     gttgctggtt cgaatcccgg ctgggtctgt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct     46740
     ccccgtgttc acttggattt cctcccggtg ctttggtttc ccccacagtc caaagacatg     46800
     ctctataggt gaattgggta agctaaattg gctgtggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     46860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaat gtggaagtct atgggtggcg tgaatatatt     46920
     ttatttcatt ttcttgtcgg cttagtccca ttatctctgg ggaacatcca cacagacaca     46980
     cacactcata cactacagac aatttagcct acccaattca cctgtaccgt atgtctttgg     47040
     actgtagggg aaatcggagc acccagagaa atctaacgcg aatgcagaga gaacatgcaa     47100
     actccacaca gaaatgccaa ctgagccgtg gttcaaacca tcaaccttct tgctgtgagg     47160
     cgacagcact acctactgcg ccactgcatc gtcatatata tatatatatt ttttttttct     47220
     tgtcttagtc cctttattaa ttaggggtca ccacggcgga atgaaccacc aacttatcaa     47280
     cttgacccag ctaaggctca aaccagcgac cttctataat gtaatcttaa tataaattat     47340
     ttataattgt ctgattctgt gtctgctgcc ctgtcagttt ttcaattatt tggtcaaagt     47400
     actggttgat agtgtatctg gatctaatag tctactattt ctcatgaatt attttccaac     47460
     cctttgaaac atattcttat aattttctct atcttaaaat aaatgaacag tgtgcataag     47520
     tatacagatc tctttttttt ttatttggta ttggtttgtc tttcagctgt tttatttctc     47580
     acttagtcct gattaggaca gtaggatggg cgccaaaccc accctggctt tcctggtcaa     47640
     ggcttaatgg gaaattttaa atacattttt gtcaattgtt tttattgatt aataatgaaa     47700
     gtccatcggt ttacaaataa cattggaata taaaaataac atttatagtg tcccactttc     47760
     agaaactggt gctctgcatt aaatcatcca agtgcgctca cagacacaca tttacacaca     47820
     cctggagcaa tgggctgcca tatttctttg atgcctggta atcaattgtg ggatgaaggg     47880
     tctcacttca gtagtgtctt tgagggtggt gaaagcactg gttgttcatt atgatgatca     47940
     aattaaagtg tatgcttgtt tatgtaagga taaatctata cattgatcag catgtgtaca     48000
     ctgactacag catacatggc aacgtaaacc acaaatgtca gctgacatca aatcctcatt     48060
     ggtttctgca tataatgtga ccagacacaa tgtttgagga tcatgtcatt ctatctgtat     48120
     agtagtctgt caatgtgttg accagtgttt tgatatgaac tattaattta acaaacactt     48180
     acatttcact ttgttcatta taaaaagtaa tcattttgtt tgagtttgaa tgagatgatg     48240
     ggaactttga tggcaagctc tgtcacttcc aattgtagat actctgggac aaagtaatta     48300
     ttgatcacag tgccccagca attatgcatt tacacatggg cattatgttg attcctatta     48360
     tttttaaata tttatgtgtt ttaaaaacag actttacaag ctacgtaaca agcagaggat     48420
     ctcagtgtct gcagcctcca aactgctgtc caacatgatg ctgggataca gaggcatggg     48480
     cctgtctatg gggagcatga tctgcggatg ggacaaacag gtaataggtg ttttttttgt     48540
     tttatgcttc atgatcatga catgccatat accaagttca gactgcacga ttttcatagt     48600
     aatcgtgtca cagatgtttt cacactgcat gaatatctgg gctagcgttt tattgctgct     48660
     ttgtttacac tgcaaaatgg atcggcgaca ggggctttca cattgcatga ctttacaata     48720
     ggaagaatcg cagacaactt tgtccaaact acgtctcaca gccaaaaaca cgtagtttat     48780
     cttttgttat taactacata acgagaaaga agcctttaat ggggtagaaa atgtacatat     48840
     ttacttacct gtgtttgaag gggattagca atttctctca aacttttttc tttttcaagc     48900
     cggttgtgat attgctgaga tgacacgtca aacagacaca gttctcctgc caaatttaca     48960
     ctagtttttc ctccatttct tgggtccaaa taaactaaaa attagcaaat ttaacttctc     49020
     ccccaacctc ccactggctt gcaggtaccc atactagtgg atgctgctct ctcattggct     49080
     gtaggtgatc accaatgtaa ttttcaatca gaacttattt cacacggcgg catgatttga     49140
     attggcgaca gctccagata tttaccacgg caaaaatctc accggtattg tcgactcatc     49200
     tgcgattcac tcagatcgtg tctttgatag ttcatactgt gtgattgtca ctcacgtgca     49260
     cgagcagcga tttgcctgtg atttcagaca tttgcctgcg atttctcaaa acctatcggc     49320
     gagtcaaaat cggggctaaa atcacgcagt ctgaaatcag cattatacgt gacttagaga     49380
     caaagaacta cctgatgcac aatttgatta tttatgttca attattttag cattaaatac     49440
     ttttttagcc aatcaggaat aagtatttaa acagcccatg gtttaaaaat ggcagttcat     49500
     tcagctgtgg caaccccctg attattcagt ggctaagctg aaggaaagca aattaataaa     49560
     tgttacacct aaacaattag gttatggcaa tgtaattgat taaattgatt cattgctttt     49620
     cagttggaaa tgtaacttac gatttttttg ttaggttcat attacaattt ttaatttttt     49680
     tacatcaata gatagcaata ttctctctct ctggtgtgtt cacatctttt tcctaacaca     49740
     gggtccaggc ctgtactatg tggatgacaa tggcactcgt ctgtctggcc ggatgttttc     49800
     caccggctgt gggaacagtt atgcgtatgg tgtggtggac agcggttatc gtgaggatat     49860
     gactgtagag gaggcatatg aactcggccg tcgtggcatc gctcacgcca cacatagaga     49920
     cgcctattct ggtggtgtcg tcaaccgtaa gtctaataca aactgccaat aaatctgaga     49980
     cagaaatgtt ctgtaataat aaataaatgt tagtgatgtt tagtgatatg tgtttgtttc     50040
     atgtgataat tactgtaagt ttatttcgtt taacctcagt attgttttat cattttactt     50100
     tgtattcatg gacttaattc tcaattattc tcagtctaaa tagctttgtt aatgactcag     50160
     aagtatctac ttcttctagt gtaccacatg caggaggatg gctggatcaa ggtgtgtaag     50220
     gaggacgtgt cagagctcat ccaccgatat aagaagggga tgttctgaac acatgggatc     50280
     tcacgtttat gcaaatctca atgttttatt attgaatctg gcacagtaca aaattaaact     50340
     gttctcaaat caactgttct cctttctggt gcattctttg aaataggttt aaattgtatt     50400
     ttagcgtact aataatttta gcagattaaa atgatgtgct tatttttatc aattcacctt     50460
     ttgtttggat ttttttatgt tgaaattttc caatgtattc aattcagtgt tgcagcataa     50520
     cggtacccta atagatatat cattataaaa acagatgtta ggcatgcaca aataaaatgt     50580
     aattgataaa aaaaatgtaa tagataaaat gtagtttcat gatcattgta tttagttaaa     50640
     aaaattgttt ttactgtgcc tgttaaacag aaagaaaatt ttctttgcca ctgactattt     50700
     aatttgaaaa gtcgtatcat acacccatct caaaaaatta tttattattt tataattata     50760
     ttaacttata attagtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatttatat atatataatg     50820
     atattatttt tattagtagt agtagtagtt tatacagaga tgggcagtat ttatgataca     50880
     tttacttaca atacatattt caaatacaaa acagtatttg taatatgtag tttatagggt     50940
     aaaacaaaat ggcttaataa attgtattaa aatacattat tgacttgtat ttttttgtag     51000
     ttttaaaata atgtaaaata ctttgtaaga cgtctacatt gttatatcat aacaatgtgg     51060
     cctctgattg tgccttttca gtcattttat tagtcctgaa atcagaacag aatttttttt     51120
     ctattaggtg gtcaatgctt ggagtatgga tggaaattat gcatcatttc ttaagaacag     51180
     gatgtggagc ctttataaca tcatcagaca gcccagaaaa ctgccaaaat tttgcgcttc     51240
     tttctgagaa acatgtcgtt caacctgcaa actgtaaaat gttgcgcacc attttgagct     51300
     tgattgtgcc cctgcttact ttttcacaaa agggagtaca aaaaaagttg ctagtgccag     51360
     actagcattg taggcacagc cccccaaaaa atcacaaatt ttgcacttta tatttaggta     51420
     aatgtaaata gcacaccttg ttgcagaagc tatttaccta atttctgctt ttcactgtct     51480
     gattgacaaa caacattact acaggttaac ttgacaacag gcaagtggcg taggttgtaa     51540
     attgcaagtc agtatgttac gctatcgatc ttcaacccag tttgaatcta tcctctgcca     51600
     aacttatttt tctttttccc tttcacacat cagaaataca ttaatttaat atggaaatat     51660
     ttgcagacta taaataactg ttactcctgt caagatgaaa caaaggctca agtcgttctt     51720
     tgattttaac tgacatttat tcagacacga gtctgtagta tgtcctgtac atgattctag     51780
     ctgtggttta aaactctata attggtctat aaatttacta tagtgttttt ccatctacac     51840
     tacctgacaa aagtctcgtc tcctaagttt taagaacaac aaataaaaac ttgacttcta     51900
     gtggattatt tgttaccaga agtggcttat atgaaaggca aaggcctatt ggttacgctt     51960
     attttagcaa aataaaatat gatcatgcct taatttttaa ttttttaatt aggacagtaa     52020
     ggtctgactt tgcttagaca aaagtcttat cacttaacag aaataatgtc cagtatagaa     52080
     tataaagtca tgctgctgtg gagaaagaat taatattgtg tttgactccc atgaacttgg     52140
     aggactgcat gcatagatct ctgcaatgac tcagatcact tattaataaa gtcatctgga     52200
     atgacaaaga aagtgttctt gcaggactcc cagaggaccc tcatcttacc ccagacatgc     52260
     tctataatgt tcatatctag tgtctgcgct ggccaatcca ggaccacctt cacctttttg     52320
     cttttaggaa ctttgatgtg gaggctaaaa taggagcgct atcctgcaca ctaactaatt     52380
     cattcattca ttagttttcc ttcagtttag tcccttattc atcaggggtc gccaaagtgg     52440
     aatgaaccga cataggtaca gttgaagtca gaattattag cccccctgag atattagcgc     52500
     ccttgtttat tttttccccc aaattctgtt taatggaggg aagattgttt cagcacattt     52560
     cttagcgtaa tagttttaaa aacaaatttc taataactga tttaatttat ctttgtcatg     52620
     atgacagtaa ataatatttt actagatgtt tttcaagaca cttctataca gcttaaagag     52680
     acatttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg ttaactaggc aggttagggt aattagccaa     52740
     gttattctat atcaatggtt tgttctgtag actgtctgaa aaaaaattag cttaaagggg     52800
     ctaataattt tgtcccaaaa aatgtttttt aaaatattaa aaactgcttt tattcttgcc     52860
     gaaataaaac aaaaaagact ttccccagag gaaaaaaata ttatcagaca tactgtgaaa     52920
     atttccttgc tctgttaaaa gtcatttggg aaatgtttaa aaaagaaaat aaaaatctaa     52980
     aggaggctaa taattctgac ttcaactgta ataataataa tgcattttat ttatagtgcg     53040
     cttttctcag acccaaagcg ctacaaggca tacaaggcaa atattaatta attaattaat     53100
     tcattttctt ttcagcttag tcccttcatt aatctagggt cgacacagca gaatgaaccg     53160
     ccaacttatc cagcatatgt tttacggaag cagatgccct tccagctgca agccatctct     53220
     gggaaacatc catacacact cattcacact catacactac ggacaattta gcttacagct     53280
     atggccttct gggtaaaaaa ggttttctta tatttgacgt attattattt ttgctttgtt     53340
     taattaaaac gtttaaaaat aataaaaaat acatataata attaaactta ataataatat     53400
     ttttattata ttatattttt tcccgcgcct accctgacat gctctggcgc cccccagggg     53460
     aggcgcgcct cacactttga aaacccctga tctaaatcta tggtacaacc ataccaatct     53520
     gtatggggtt aaatttgtac acaaatcatt ccctgacccc atcaatttct cttagaatag     53580
     gatggatata tatatatata gtgataatga ctttggctta tatctgtgta ctcagaacgt     53640
     acactcacct caggtacacc tgaacaccaa aaattaaatg tacaattaat gacacactat     53700
     acatcaagct cattaacatt attgagaaat agacaattaa tatgtatttt gttaatatta     53760
     actttagctt aaaataattc aactgcatgt aattttcagc tccatttaat aaaacagtta     53820
     agactcattt tattatgagt ttagtttaaa taactaactt acagttgaaa aatattacca     53880
     taatgatagc ttagtcataa tgactatgtg aagaccatat taacaataag ttaaagttat     53940
     gttttttcag gtaacttagc gtatggtcaa aaactcactc aaagatttga atccgcctaa     54000
     aaccgattcc tttttgtata tgagttatta ctatttcgtt atactgcttg gccacacgca     54060
     tttatacact aattatacac taattgcata ttgctgaatg tacttgtgaa cacgtgtgat     54120
     caaataattc ccgagcaaac ggttcgattc agagtcgctc gagtgctgaa ccgaaccagt     54180
     gcaaacgtga tattgattac aatagtaaca ttgtttttta ttcactttac cagcgaaatt     54240
     attacatata tctgaccttg acaataagaa taaagttcgt ttgaagtgtt ttgagaatta     54300
     atattttttt ctcccagaat taatttcaca ttaacaagca aatcgtaaat cggaaccccg     54360
     gaagggacgt agtggaggag aaaaaaaatg ggtgggtaaa aaaaaataat gggtgaaaga     54420
     aaaaaaatgg gtgggaggaa aatatttcta agttttttgc gttctctcgc aaagttttgc     54480
     gttccctcgc aaagatgttt tgcgttccct cgcaaagatg ttttgcgttc tctcgcaaaa     54540
     ctgtttctcc acaaacactt cctgttcact gcactcacgt aaaccctccc gtttttgctg     54600
     aaattctccc gtattttacc attctacccc actttcttta cattactgtg cgctgattgt     54660
     cgcctttcac tttgcaacct ctgaaccagt gaatgcatgt ttaagcgctg actgacagac     54720
     gcgctccata caataaactg atcccagatc agcgtctgta cgcgccattt ggacacttct     54780
     gttatcaaac aagtgagcag caaatgaatc tcatgttttg tttagtttga taacagtgtc     54840
     tctgtaagaa tgcacagatc tataatgaaa gcagtccatt actttagaaa cttcatatta     54900
     ttcagtgtat ttgtctgttt aaacatacac ccgctcctct gtaaatggcg tgtacagacg     54960
     ctgatctggg atcagtttat tgtacgaagc gcgtctgtca gtcagcgctt atacatgcat     55020
     tcactggttc agatgtagca tacgcacagt aatgtaaaga aagtggggta gaatggtaaa     55080
     atacgggaga attttggcaa aaacgggagg gtttacgtga gtgcagtgaa caggaagtgt     55140
     ttgtggagaa acagttttgc gagagaacgc aaaacatctt tgcgagggaa cgcaaaacat     55200
     ctttgcgaga taacgcaaaa catctttgcg agggaacgca aaacatcttt gcgagataac     55260
     gcaaaacatc tttgcgagat aacgcaaaac atctttgcga gataacgcaa aacatctttg     55320
     cgagggaacg caaaacatct ttgcgagata acgcaaaaca tctttgcgag ataacgcaaa     55380
     acatctttgc gagataacgc aaaacatctt tgcgagggaa cgcaaaacat ctttgcgaga     55440
     taacgcaaaa catctttgcg agataacgca aaacatcttt gcgagataac gcaaaacatc     55500
     tttgcgagat aacgcaaaac atctttgcga gggaacgcaa aacatctttg cgagataacg     55560
     caaaacatct ttgcgaggga acgcaaaact ttgcgagaga acgcaaaaaa cttagaaata     55620
     tatattttcc tcccacccat ttttttttct ttcacccatt attttttttt cacccaccca     55680
     ttttttttct cctccactac gtcccttccg gggttccgta gatgagaaag cccagctaat     55740
     attataaata ttgcgtttaa tatgtcacga aatgaaattt taacagtgtt tcatgcgaga     55800
     atgtagttct tttttttctt tttttttgta gttcttacaa actcaaatct gtggtttatt     55860
     tatagatatc gtgtaaattt taagcgtgct ttgccgatag cggagattct gacctccagg     55920
     gtgtccatca tcactcatgt atccggcgaa acgaagttat aatcggctag acatgtgaga     55980
     cttgccccgg tcttagatgg ctctaatatg aatgtgttat gaaatttagt tttaaccgtt     56040
     tttcatgcag gaatgtagtt gttttaaact caagtctgtg gtttatttat agagatggtg     56100
     cgtattttaa aatattgttt tgaaaatgcg gagatgtgac ctccatggtg acgggtgccc     56160
     aatcctcatg aatctgtcta aagcaggctg gtcattctga catttaagct gactttggtt     56220
     tcatgaatca attacttttg ttccagttta cgttttggtt aagcacaaag ttatgttgat     56280
     taaaaatgat ttaatatttt catgttaatc ttataaaatt aaggtgcagt acacccaaaa     56340
     atggaaaacc aggggacagt tttatgcact gaacagtctg aagaaactgg ttagtttatt     56400
     tttcttcaca aaatactttg tcaaaaaata aaataaacat aataataata atataaagtg     56460
     tgtgtagagt atttcatggt catttgcagt actgtattta gatgcacagt aactgatttt     56520
     ttccccaaat tcattgtaaa atctgcagta gcatactgtt aatcatgttc acagtatgga     56580
     aatgttgaga atacattatc atgctgtgaa aacagcaata tatacagtaa cacactgtgc     56640
     acagcttata cagtaaacaa ctgttgagaa atgcagtata ataccgtgaa aacaacagaa     56700
     atcgtttaca gtgcatttga acacatttta cttactcatt gtagattctt atttaaagcc     56760
     tgaaacatat cagactctac atctgaatta atagacagag aatagagcgc actcagcagt     56820
     aaacaaatca aacacctgac tcccttaaag ggccagcatt ttctgaaaac tttttctaaa     56880
     acttttttgt ttagaataag acagacagcc tgtgggagtg tggtgatgcc gaaatcattg     56940
     ttttctgcct ttaaaatgca cgtctctata attagcaaca taaagcatca gagtagatgg     57000
     gacagtaatg aacattaatt tgccatttat tgtcacagtt actacctgta atgtgtacat     57060
     aaagtaaatt actgtaattt atcatctgca ctacacagtt tcatacaaac tctactcatt     57120
     ttacagtaaa atactgtttc ctttcattac agcaaaacac tgactatttt gcagttattt     57180
     actgtataat ctacagggta agagtgcagt taagttttaa ccctaattaa acacacctaa     57240
     tcaaactaaa tttaaaggta gtgtgttgaa gcagggctgg aactaaattc tgcttggctg     57300
     cggccctcca ggagtttgac acccctggtg catagcatat tttcaaagca actgcctaca     57360
     tttatcacaa ttatgcacat attgttaaat aaaaacaata aaaatataca aacttcatcc     57420
     aaagcaaaaa taaataaata aatgaataaa taatctgatt ctcatgtcgt tccaaatctg     57480
     tagtaacaat aaaaaacaca acaaatagcc tgattaatac atttacacta acttcatttg     57540
     aagttttccc gacaaattca ttgagtctct gcaaaaatgt atgtacgtgc tgtttaagat     57600
     atatattttt ttttaaaaac acatttttac tagttattta gcaaaatact aatattcagt     57660
     tgaaagtgca atttaaaatc ttaactatag gtcaaactag gcagttagat taaattagat     57720
     tatttatagg aaaagtaaac aaagttatag gaattattgt gacaatttat ttgctctgtg     57780
     tgaatatttt tgcctttaaa tgcatttcgt ccatatctta cacttacctt ttaataagct     57840
     ctgtggcatt ggttgactcc tgatactcaa tgttaaaaac ataaaaggaa ccaaagaaaa     57900
     cacagagatg gctgcagtga aattcagctt atcatcaatg caatgtccca ctctcccctc     57960
     aatactgacc attcacatac caaaactgaa cagtaaatat atatatatat atatatatat     58020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatgcattt     58080
     atataataaa tataaatagc aacataaagc atcagagtag gtggggcagt aatggttgaa     58140
     cagtaattta ccatttatta tcacagtaca tctgtaatag gtacatagag taaactactg     58200
     taatttattc tttgcactac agaatttcat acaaattctg atccttttac agtaaaatac     58260
     tgtttatttt cattacagct aagcactggc tattttacag ttgtttactg cataatctac     58320
     agtaagggtt aacagtgtat gccaataatt tattaatata gtctcaacac taaatgaatg     58380
     ttaatgaaat aatcacacaa atagtttttt taagtagaat tttaagtgtt ttaagtaaag     58440
     atggaacctt gtttgagttt agtcttcact tagttttaaa atttagtaga tggcccgtgt     58500
     gctgaagttt cttcactcag tgagcaatac tctaactaca gttctgagat tagtctcatt     58560
     tactacagtc catgttacat ataaaacatt aataatgtcc aaattaagtt attaagattg     58620
     gctggtttaa caagagtaaa attcagaaga tgattaaaat aaaattgatt ttatctcatt     58680
     ggttcaaaat taattttgct cttggtttcc atttgactaa gtttagttga acataacaat     58740
     aacaacattc aaatgtatgt aaatgagtgt cataattata ttaatttcca ccaatcatta     58800
     tggaccctat catacacccg gcgcagtgtg gcacaaggcg tggcgcagta gtcttttggt     58860
     agtttcagct tggtgcaaga gtcggtttga ggcgttgcac tacggtgttt aaatagcaaa     58920
     tgcattagct ctcattttgc gcccataggc gttctggtct aaaaagggag gcgttctgag     58980
     gcggaccgcc ggcgtgttgc tattttgaga aactataata gatttttcat tagaccaaaa     59040
     ctaacccggt ctaaactccg gcgcagagtt gcgccttgct tacgcattgc ttaataagca     59100
     caaaagagca ataggcaaat atctttacat atgaaaaaaa ttaaatatta aggatatata     59160
     taggatataa taagaataaa tataggatat aaatataaag gattaaaata ttacaaaaca     59220
     aattattttc tagcctacat aaatatgaaa aaccactgct tttatgtctt catcttggga     59280
     ggctttttcc agttcattca taacaatttg cttttgtata atgttattat tattagcagt     59340
     attatttatt atatccatat ttatatttgt tttattaaaa caagcttaga tttgcccacc     59400
     tgtcaggttt tagaccatat agggcgtggc aggtgtattt ggaaataact cagtattttg     59460
     agcacacttg gccattattg ttaatttatt cgtttgctag aaattagaac tgaatttaga     59520
     aatagttttg aaacaaatct ttgggcttaa caaacgaaat tatttattta tagactaatt     59580
     gatgtctgtg cgtaaaggtt tccctatcca agagcgaaag tgaaagtgat ccattatctc     59640
     tcattctcat gcagtagatg ctctgtttaa cagttttctg tttaaaaact gttaactgtt     59700
     tgctagtgaa atgctaattt tttccactta aacttacttt gcgtcctgta aatagcaaat     59760
     gcgctcttgg cgcgacgcag ctgactcaaa cgtaatggga gatgagactc taattggttt     59820
     attctcaaaa cacacctata actcattaag aaaataaact caaccctttt agaccatgcg     59880
     ccttggcgca aggcagattt cccgtcctta aattagtaaa aacgcgtcct gacacgccct     59940
     gaaagcattt gcgccctgcg ttttgcgctc tgcgcatgga ccgtcaaaat agagctctct     60000
     atgtttgatg cgcttgatgc atatgtatta gtttatggat gactttatgt atttattttg     60060
     ttgaagagga actttagatt tgtttattga agattaaata aatgatgaca gaacttttat     60120
     ctctttaaaa attctttctc atctgaacaa tatcagcttt ataaagaatt attttagttg     60180
     aacatcagtt gtctgtaatt ctttaacatt cagttgaaga ttctaacatg aagtacaagt     60240
     taattaatag attcttatga cataaattct gctgagtatg gaagtgaaag acattcaaga     60300
     cttcatgttc cgttgaatga ggtttattta tttatttcaa aacaatcaat acattacaat     60360
     ttttcgaagt cagctgatac acaactcatt cggcacttaa tttaaatgca taacctcaat     60420
     aaaaggaaat tattgtctac tactcttcag atattgataa aagatattga aaaggtttaa     60480
     tggtactgaa ggaacaatta tttaaaacag aaatcaacta ttactctgta ctacaactaa     60540
     cactaattaa aaagtaaaga aataaaacag aagaaaatat acaaaccgaa gaaacccaaa     60600
     aaacaataaa ggaacacagt atgaaaatca tatgtgggtt gattactttt aattgataga     60660
     catgaccaat tccccaaatg actgcattta ttccatttcc aaaagcttaa ttaaagatgt     60720
     tttaatatag tgatggataa catcccttaa tttatttata tttactgaaa atgacatcta     60780
     caatcaacac acagacagaa attgatttaa taactgcaac tttttgtaat ggtgagtaga     60840
     tcaaaaattc accagccctt ccaattagtg atctgtattc tgttttcctc aatcgttaat     60900
     tttataattt aaggtttgtg tgatcaatgt gatgtgtttt tacatgatga tagagacaat     60960
     aaaatgaaca aaaactgtta aacaattatt ttccttatag acatgattca ctcatctatc     61020
     ccagacacct gtgatcccca caagcatgtg tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgggtggt     61080
     tgggtgtgtg tgtaggtgtg ttcatgcgta tatttgtaag ctagatcaac agtgcgacaa     61140
     acataatttc tttatcttca tttctcccac acatctgatc tcctaaaata caagaagaaa     61200
     cattttacat tgaattaatt tcacaatgct atgatggtta cgctgataga caacagtaac     61260
     acttacatgt ttatgcttgt ggaactgcat gagcggagct gttcgatccg tcatcagacc     61320
     ctgaaacaga aaaacattac aataagagtt cacacagctc ataaacacag cagtcatatc     61380
     tgtatctgca tacaatatta aatttgtatg ctctatacag tgtttgagta caaatattat     61440
     atctctatat tcactgtatt agtttacagt attaaaacat tacattatag atttagatat     61500
     gaagataata ttacaggcac atgatctatt ttcagcaatt atgataataa ggaactcacc     61560
     actgactggt ttaaagcctg aaaaacaagc aaaaagcgaa agtttagcat tttcattcag     61620
     caaaaaattc aacatcaaat ccactgagaa gagaaaagtc catattgcat tttgttaagt     61680
     gtttattcaa tcacaaaact aaatattaaa gctgatatag taaaatttta tttagtctga     61740
     atgtatttta cagccttatt gaacaacatt taacttttta ttcatgcttg ttaaccattc     61800
     ataaaaatga ttcatcatat gcattcgtta atggaattat aaacctaact gtaaagtgca     61860
     cactacttca acattatcta atgtatttct aatattcatt catttatttt cttgtcggct     61920
     tagtcccttt attaatccgg gattgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccatcaag     61980
     tttttacgca gcggatgctc ttccagccgc aacctatatc tgggaaagtg tttctaacat     62040
     ttgttcatta tttgttcaag cattaatatg taattaacta atgtaataat taacacatta     62100
     atatatgtac agtatagttt acatcagatt tagtattgct gaataaattt gttgttcact     62160
     gttaggtcat gctatctaat ctatgaacaa acgcattagt atatgtgtaa ataaacatga     62220
     actaattatt aggctgtcaa tgtaaatata tgcacgttaa catttgcgaa gtttatgtaa     62280
     tgtgcaataa tagtcattgt tcaccaatga ccagtgataa tgatgcatgt ctctctctct     62340
     ctctctcatc atgtgcatgt taactaatgt attatataac aaattaacac atgtttagtt     62400
     aacattaaca gaagacaagc aatgcttgac atatgtcttg ttcactgtta attcatgtta     62460
     actaacgcat taaagtgtta tcacttgctt ttgacatatt aaagactttg catggcctta     62520
     aaaaactgaa tttaaaacat tttcagttac aatctttgga catcttgtcg tgaatttatt     62580
     cacacctttt ttcttctgat acaccatata tccagcaaca gcaatgacaa ccaacagaac     62640
     cagagcagca acaactccga caatcaagcc aatgggaaga gaatctgaaa aagtaaaata     62700
     acaaagtcct cataataatt ataaaagagc ctgatagtgt taaagtcagt acttgtgaaa     62760
     aatctcaagc tctgtaagat atctggatca gtagcatgtg taaatatata cagtaataat     62820
     acaggtatca tcagcttgag cttgtgatca tttaactttc ggaattgtat ccattatgca     62880
     attcctgtca ttttttaaag agaaaagatc aagttgtgtg gtgtgactta taatgactaa     62940
     actgtttgag aaaaaaacat atattgaatt atggagagtc aaacccaatg ctttctcaaa     63000
     actgggtatg acaggaaaga ctaaattcat agtgtatctt tcaactaccc tcattagtta     63060
     agatagggtc atccactgcc cgggtttccc cctgatgctc caccacacat ctgaacttgt     63120
     tgttcttcca ctcttcaggt ttaacattga gagtgctggt cttctggaag gtcccatctg     63180
     cattgggcag aagttctcca agctccacat cctcatcatg atcttgtcca tttttttgcc     63240
     aggagatctt tattccactg gggttaaagc ctgtagcatg acacacaact ggagaagaag     63300
     aagatttctg cagcagagac acctgaggag agactgaaaa agacataaag agacatgcat     63360
     aattatacca cttttttatc ttcccaaact agtcctttct aaactacaaa cacactgaag     63420
     gttgttttaa atccatttca ctggttaatc aaatgtaaat gtttggctaa tcaagaagat     63480
     ccaccagtta gtggccacag gtgttttaaa cactgttttc ctcaaaagct caagctaaga     63540
     cagatacatt gtaattaaac caggggtgtg ttaaaaacaa tgatgcaact tctggcttaa     63600
     gtagtggtga gtgtttcctg aactttgtca gagatctatc gattgaacag ccgattcaaa     63660
     tgttatcact cgattgaatg ggcattatca gtggttatca gctgatagat atggggccct     63720
     actagtaggc tcagaaggct gttaacatcc atccacatga ttaatcagct atagatcaca     63780
     tatggctgca gccggaagta gcaagaatta tttctattat ttattaaatg tcccattaat     63840
     tgtatttcat taatgtctac ccctacccta accctaaacc caaccatcac aataatgtaa     63900
     aaacagatct ggatctggag tcttctctat gagtttagct atatcaccat gttaatgaat     63960
     gattccagcc ttctgagcct accagtaact actaaacttc tgtttagggc acataatgcg     64020
     tatcgatgag ttgtgatttt cacagtgcat tttggggctt ttcagggcat ttttgggatt     64080
     cagggcatta acgtttcagt gcactgaaag aaattttgcg attgagacga cacttaaaat     64140
     ggctgctgac ctgatcaggg cactcactac tgaacaaggg tgctgactga gatgcacatt     64200
     aagaacaact tataataata tgtaacctaa tctctcatac aaattagaaa ttttgtatgg     64260
     ccatacaata acatctagaa aatcttttta aatttatctg ttgtttataa aattacattt     64320
     ggtttcagga actacatttt acaaaagtgt aaggttttat atttaaatta cttttacaaa     64380
     tgttaatgtt tgtttagaca tactcaaagc acagcagaaa tgttacacaa attattatta     64440
     tattatatta tatttatatt atttaaaata tgaattaaaa attaaagttc tattgaaatt     64500
     caaatgtttg ttttccaaag ctttggcaat gtaacagatt ttggctttta aatcacaaaa     64560
     ttccccattc ttcttcagcc atactgcgtt caaaatgaca taaatgtttt tgtagagcac     64620
     taagaaggga gcacaattgt cagtctgatg atcactaaaa aaaaactgta gaaaatgatt     64680
     gtgcaataaa acactaaact actgaactat atttgtaaca ctggactaac aatggttttg     64740
     ggaaacacac cctagcctag taatttatca aaacattgta gtttcaacag acttgaaaca     64800
     agtaacagaa agcaacaaat aatgtggacg tgaatttcac agacaattac tttgcccgtt     64860
     aatttgaatt tgtgctgttt aacctcagga agatcaaact cagggtctga aattgaccac     64920
     ggctaaatga ccaaacttaa tcagttaatg aagctgctcc acaattaatc taaatctatt     64980
     aaagctgtca caattacagt aaaaggctta tgaatgaaat gcaaacaaat aaacaaatag     65040
     cagtttgtgg cattacattt acgggtcatt gagtttgatt tgattaaggt aactggataa     65100
     aaataactat ttaacataaa acaaataaac agatagattt gggtattatg agatgctaaa     65160
     aaagatatac agtaatctga tgtacctgtt ttcttcaggc tgctctttcc atattggata     65220
     tacttctgca gccactcaat gcacacagtg ctgtagtagc ctccataact ttgaagaaac     65280
     cctctgttat tgttccaatt ctgtgtagtg atgagacctt gctgcactgg agagatccat     65340
     ctgatctcct ttaaatccag agacaggaag tcctctccat cataaccaat ctggtcaaac     65400
     ccattttttg cttcagtctg atcatcccac tcacagccgt acatttgctg gaatgtgtgc     65460
     acacctgaac aagagacaga ttaaacatat gacaatctaa ataaacaatc aattttcaaa     65520
     ataagatcaa tcatcaagaa gttccaaaac tagttaaaag atgaagttaa tttgcccaaa     65580
     catattttta ggaattttat gaaaataata tataaacaat atataaatat gatgtgggta     65640
     ttatagttta caaactgaat ttattataat aagagaatag gaccaggtgt tgagtaatta     65700
     aactagagta attaaactag acaataaaca aacatgtctt cactgttggc acaaaacagc     65760
     acaaataatc ctaattaaca tccagtgagt gtaatagaga aggcaataaa tgattattat     65820
     gagctgatga agtaaaatgt tccagtcaaa tagattttat atttaattgc aaaactttca     65880
     gtcagcagag aacatatgac cctgaaaata cttcagacaa aacttatatt tctgtagatc     65940
     atattcagtg ttttattatt tctgtaataa attaatattt ctgaagatca tattcagtgt     66000
     tttattattt ctgtaataaa ttaatatttc tgaagatcat attcagtgtt ttattatttc     66060
     tgtgttaaat agtttgaagc ttgtgatgga catcaaatag aggatgttgg aagatttcaa     66120
     tattttattg atgataaatt gggatttgct gcaaatgtag aatatattca ataaaaacca     66180
     aagcagagat tatttcttat taggatgttt caagtcaatg tattttagag atgatttata     66240
     ggaatttagt taggagtttt gtgtgtttta aaagcaggaa aatcacaaag agaaataaat     66300
     gagatttaat agataataaa taaacagaat caaatcataa ttgaagattt gttcgcatta     66360
     gggctgcacg atattgaaaa aaatctaaca ttgcaatttt tttaattctg tgatgtatat     66420
     tgagatatga atacaagagg agttgaataa ctatttggaa agaatcttat ttttagattg     66480
     gtttggatga ttctgtaggg gagtctataa catgtaataa acaatctaca agcatagata     66540
     aatacaataa acaaaaaggt acaaattaaa taaacagtgt tttattgttt tcctgaggag     66600
     tcgaactgta ttcaggtgta cagtaattga ataatcaagt gcaaattaat actgcatagt     66660
     cttcatttaa taaacaattc aataaaatta atcgttaatt tgttacaaaa ggtaacaagt     66720
     tacaaacggt taaatttctt tgcttttaaa atcctcacac agtcacaggc ctcaagaaac     66780
     acttgctaaa tgatcagtta taatccagac tcaacattgc gtatgctcgc gatgtgacta     66840
     tagcaaatga caacattgcg atatcgatgc tgaaacgata tattgtgcag cccttattcc     66900
     cgtaaataaa acatttcagc ttctgccatt aaaaagacat ttcaggaaac ctggagtcag     66960
     gataaatgtg tgttaaatgt gatttgtgtt gaaatgaaac gctgggattt gagtaaagac     67020
     tgaattgtgt tgtttttaat gtgatttgtg tcattatgaa tgtgtttgtg ttgctgcttg     67080
     tgtttttatg tgacgtgtgt gaggatgttg agtgtgatta attctgtggt gagaataaag     67140
     acagattgac attatttgtg gataataaag agagtcagag tctgtatagt ctgtgctgat     67200
     agtctgttgg tcactgcaga tattattaag ccaacgagat tcaggcgtcc tgagtttgag     67260
     cctctgtttg tgcagctttc ctcatagata tataccgtag atatcgcata caggccctga     67320
     gcatgcatca atatcgccac catactggta cagtactccc aggacaaaag tcattcaacc     67380
     acacttaatc aagaccaaag ccaatctgaa gatgccagat atttgcactg cgtacaggtg     67440
     tagtaacgaa tgaacaaaaa aaaaactaag gataaaggca taacgttcat aggtcaaatg     67500
     tagtattttt tatgaattta tgttacaaaa ttatgtgatc aacaagtaac cttattgatg     67560
     ttattacagt catttactgc tttagcatga ggtaaagtgg caccaacttg cactaaatac     67620
     taagcttaaa tctgcatgaa tcggaaactg cgactgtttt tatttattcg tattgtgatg     67680
     cagctcctag agaaactaaa tattaaatga gaaaacagtg ggcgtggctt tttgtttcta     67740
     ctgcgagctg attggatgta gtaaagcagg tattccatta cgaaagacag agaaaagggt     67800
     ttgggtggag ttattacaac ctaacagacg tttcctcctc attatttctg ttcgctgtca     67860
     aagctgatag ctgaaggggc gtggttaagt aagttagcca tgcccaatac ctcagtgaga     67920
     atttaactga aaacaaacag gaagtgcatt ttcagatttc aattttaaat tacaaccgta     67980
     actatttttc ataatgacat gcacagatga actgtttacc actaaaacta gcaat          68035