EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL672158; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 82188 BP.
AC   AL672158;
DT   17-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-266F07 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein containing multiple zinc finger, C2H2 type,
DE   domains and four novel genes.
KW   alpha chain; beta chain; CpG island; HTG; major histocompatibility; MHCII.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-82188
RA   Kimberley A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; a8ca51afa0eabc6cdffe86f4f1156783.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000068286; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000098701; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-266F07. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-266F07 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-266F07 is at 82188 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-266F07 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..82188
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-266F07"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..55914
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(9158..9832,9989..10102,10272..10553,
FT                   10895..11170,11445..11532))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ266F07.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel MHC class II beta chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW184436.1 Em:AW232810.1
FT                   Em:AW233318.1 Em:BE201635.1 Em:BE201938.1 Em:BE557092.1
FT                   Em:BE557426.1 Em:BI671694.1 Em:BM186408.1 Em:BQ259777.1
FT                   Em:BQ261450.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X95431.1 Em:X95434.1 Em:Z49064.1
FT                   Em:Z49065.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(9810..9832,9989..10102,10272..10553,
FT                   10895..11170,11445..11502))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ266F07.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001666"
FT                   /product="novel MHC class II beta chain protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q860Y0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q860Y0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-435"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87794.1"
FT   misc_feature    13582..13659
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(14378..15853,16671..16955,17152..17397,
FT                   17675..17778))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ266F07.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII alpha chain protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI331451.1 Em:AI332062.1
FT                   Em:AI384401.1 Em:AW077978.1 Em:AW184652.1 Em:AW184697.1
FT                   Em:AW233054.1 Em:BE606001.1 Em:BE606136.1 Em:BF717925.1
FT                   Em:BI845880.1 Em:BI846099.1 Em:BM182303.1 Em:BM182619.1
FT                   Em:BM494839.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:L19445.1 Em:L19446.1 Em:L19450.1
FT                   Em:X95432.1 Em:X95433.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(15732..15853,16671..16955,17152..17397,
FT                   17675..17732))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ266F07.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001667"
FT                   /product="novel MHCII alpha chain protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q801W0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q801W0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-436"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87795.1"
FT                   AAGTFFLIKGNNCN"
FT   misc_feature    26148..26162
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    28582..28648
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            <52974..>53955
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ266F07.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC016100.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL657787.1 Em:AW762686.1"
FT   CDS             52974..>53955
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ266F07.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018929"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O43246 Tr:Q28536 Tr:Q91WD3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q801V9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002293"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q801V9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030919-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD87796.2"
FT   misc_feature    55914
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-266F07"
SQ   Sequence 82188 BP; 26736 A; 14383 C; 13912 G; 27157 T; 0 other;
     gatcacaagc ttttcgtaag cgctcccgcg tacgagaaac aaagtcgatc acgttagtct        60
     tacgagaact gataccaagg aattcctcct ttagcatctt cattggccct cgaatttcaa       120
     aaccgaacac caactcagat gggctaaatc ctagggaatc ttgtcgcgct tcacgcattg       180
     cgaataaaac aaaaggaaca gcttcgtccc attcgtttca acgcagaatt tacggagagc       240
     agattttaac gtttgatgcc aacgctctaa agctccttgc gattctgggt gatacgcact       300
     ggacacaaca tgagaaactc ctaatgcttt tagtgagttt ttaaacacgc gagaaagaaa       360
     gtttgaaccc tggtctgttt gaacaatttt tggcaatcca aaagttgtga agaattgtta       420
     acgctttagt gacagattta gcagttatat tccttaaagg aatcgcttct gggaatcgag       480
     tagcggcgca cataacagtt actagatatt ggcaaccaga ttttgcacga ggaagaggac       540
     cgacacagtc caccaaaaca cgttcaaatg gctcacctac agcaggtata ggacagagag       600
     gagcaagtgg cacagactga ttcggctttc cactcacttg acagacgtga caggacttac       660
     agtagttggc aacgtccgat tttaatcccg gccaaaagaa atgcctaagc actcgatggt       720
     aggtcttatt aattccgaga tgaccggacc aaagatggtc atgagccaaa ctcaacacag       780
     actgtctaaa tttagatgga accacaattt gatataccca atcgtcctca ttctctggct       840
     cactcaaagt actaacccac tttcgcatca gcacggagtc tttccaaaca taatgacagt       900
     ttcgccggta cggcgaacta acctcagcat ttgtgcgaca tttttgtaat gttggatcac       960
     ccttctgcgc atcaatcaaa gcttctcgag aaacaggcaa atccatacca agatcaaaac      1020
     gaacagacga cgtcgccgtt tgatctttaa ccacagattc tggaagcaca tcatctccca      1080
     gaatctggga aaaaatagag tcgttaaggc acttattttc taaacaatca cattttaatt      1140
     gtgctcgagt agtaacgacg ctaggaaaaa cttcgggaaa agtttcagcg cataaatcaa      1200
     gttgcttttc ataagaagga agattagtca cctgcacaac cggcataact ttaccaccag      1260
     caatatcatt gcccataata aagtcaattc cctttactgg taacgatgca cgcactgcca      1320
     cttcaaaaca tccagatgcc aactccgatg ttacccacac acgatgcaat ggtacggtta      1380
     cataccccat ttcaatgcct tgaataatcg tgctggtctc acacgcagtg gagtcgcaaa      1440
     aatctaaagc gtctgctaaa atgaaagatt gagatcctcc agtatcacga agaattcgta      1500
     cggatttcct accaccgtcc ccctcattca gtgatacaaa accgtcgaag acaaaaggtt      1560
     tgaaacatgg atctggttcg ggaatggaag aaaaaggcag agttttgact aaaaccgaac      1620
     ctcggggctg cattgattcc tgtcgctcct gttttcgttg taaagtacgg cattcagaca      1680
     ttatgtgtcc caaattatgg caatacctgc attcttttcg agattttaag ctagaagaag      1740
     cccacacttt attttcagga attttctcat tctcgtgtcc gaacaacaca ttctcacctg      1800
     tacgcttaaa cacagttttg tgcattaacg catattcatc cgctaataca gctgcttgtt      1860
     gtacagtgct gaccttctgt tcgtttaagt ataaagcagt acgttcagga acgcaatttt      1920
     taaactcctc tattaacata agctctcgga aagaatttaa gtctgtaact ttacatgctt      1980
     ttacccagcg atcaaacagt attcctttct cacgcgaaaa ctcaacataa gtttgagatg      2040
     cagatttttt cgtagtacgg aaacgctgtc tataatgctc aggaactaac tcatatgccc      2100
     gcaaaatcgc agctttcata gcctcatact gaatgctatc ctccacagaa agtgatgcac      2160
     agacctcctg cgccttacct gttaatttgc attgaagcat caaagcccat acctcgtttg      2220
     gccacttcaa agcagtcgca attcgttcaa aagcttgaaa atacgcttca acttcttttt      2280
     cacggaaaca tggaactagt gcaatattct ttgctacatc gaaatacctt gacggaatta      2340
     acgcctcagg tttctcatca gatggaacag aattcacaat gatactggca tcagctgggg      2400
     cagtagccac gtctacgcca ccatttacgt taatagatct cacaggtgtt ttagataaag      2460
     tctgagcagc ctgtaattct aactctcgca tacgcacttt catatctgca tcaattcgat      2520
     acatttcaat ctgatgtttt aaatcatctt gtctcgcttg agctcgatct tgtgtttcaa      2580
     gttgtaatcg cgctaaacga agttttaaac gccaatctga acgaaattca ggtgatgcct      2640
     cagaaagaga agctggttca aacttaggca gggaaaaagg tggacatacc tccccattaa      2700
     ccacatcccc tggtgtagtc aaatcaccaa cccgcacttg tgaagaacct tctgcatcca      2760
     ctaatgattc agccgcttgg gtaaccactg tctctgttac aggaaagata catttgtcaa      2820
     tcagaaaatc acttatacac gcctttatct ctgctttacg ctgagtttta acaacaggaa      2880
     tttcaaaatg ttgagcgatc aaaaataaat cgtttttaca gcacacttcc aattcctcaa      2940
     cactaggttg atctatgaaa ttatttaaat caaaagttgc catccttcaa aacatatgtt      3000
     gtgagcaaaa aaaataaaaa ataccaaaca cacagcccag tcctacacct acctaaccag      3060
     aaaactaact aaactcagct agtcttcaga gggtaccgat taagagtttt ttctctcccc      3120
     cggaatacct ccaaaaataa taaactaaaa taataaagca aaacaataaa cagtcagccg      3180
     tagccagact ggcgcaaagc acagcctgtt ggcttactct aactcaccca ggcaggagtc      3240
     ggtaaatgat ttactcacca cataagctag tcactgaaaa acacaaattt taagaatttt      3300
     acttaatcca ggacaagctc ccatttatgt tacgaacccc agttttttaa ggctcgtcta      3360
     gggaaggggt tagcaacata aaaggacaca gaaaccagaa ttacaattct ctatttattt      3420
     agagaccaga aaatacgcat cctatttaat taaggtggca acagaaatat aaatcattaa      3480
     tcaaacaata accaagtcaa agcaattgct ttgactaaca aacaaaacat atattataaa      3540
     gaaaatattg ataaaaaaca agaaaatcat agatcaaaga aacggcacaa caccagcatg      3600
     gctcctcagc agcggctgca caagacgcgc acagaagttc ggaccttctt catcagggca      3660
     agatacggag agattctcag caagtacggg tcataccctc caaagagaga caagatcgcg      3720
     aggatcggtc agacgcgctg gaaatcaaga gccaccccga cacacactca gcttccgctt      3780
     ataaaggcga caagttgaat tagcggcagg tgcaaggcgg agccagcctc aaagaaaaga      3840
     aattgcaatt aataaaacaa tcttcaccac aacacaatca cgaagagaat aatgataata      3900
     ataataataa taatgaagaa aggctaaata aagaataaac cgtgacagta tgtataacat      3960
     tgtttccaac cgactgaatg tgttctctta ctatcgtcaa atagcattaa tgttaatgtt      4020
     aaaacaactc tttatttggt actttatatg caggtttgtt tgtaatgtga gggtgagaaa      4080
     ataacaaaat tataatttta aggtgaatta cccaattaat tagttaaaat aatttaaata      4140
     atcattccat ccaatctgac aattctatat cttttttaaa tgaagtctat tcttaaatac      4200
     aggtgtgtac acatatctgt tattgtttta ttcacacttc gttacaaacc tgtatttctt      4260
     tatttcacta gataagtaat attttagctc aagaaaaatg taaaaattac tgtataaaaa      4320
     tatatttaaa cagtttattt ttgctgcctt ttgtgtaatc ttgaccacct aatgagcttt      4380
     agttgcatag tgattgcttt ttatgttgtg taaaatataa taatttataa taatttagct      4440
     tatttctaat ttgttcctga tttctctggc tgattctgat gttactgtcc caaaatgtat      4500
     aaaaggggaa aaagtcataa gtttctcttt ttgccttagc aactccggca agatgcacat      4560
     tcacagagac atatgccatt gaatcctcaa aggacaagtt agaccctcac aggcaaggtc      4620
     aacaagctca tatattctgt acatcatcac cttttaaatt aatttagtta aattattctt      4680
     ttttttttcc tttatctacc tacatgttag ggagtactga ataaaaaata acattattgc      4740
     taaaaataat acagttaagc tgttctacat tattacacgg taattgtggt ctttaatttg      4800
     gctttttctt taataaaaaa agataatttt tgtcttataa tgctattata atgctataaa      4860
     tgtgacatat gctatcatca ctgacatact gtatgctgtc aatgtctaat atatccagag      4920
     cagatgctgt ggtgatcatg gatgaggcaa gagcatgaca gtgacagacg agtttctgca      4980
     ttgattccat gggctattct gaacacctgc tgttgaccga ctcaaaccag caccttctcc      5040
     atgacggaca ctcatcgttc ttaagccttc cagagtcttt tagaccacag ctctaccttt      5100
     atgtttggcc agaagaaaat gggtccctga gcgtggtttc tttaaagttc tttatttcca      5160
     tcaaccagtg gagttttgtt tctgtccact gtccccctgg cttgcttagt cagagctggg      5220
     agagttgctc ttcaatagac cttcctttaa cagtgacagt tgtattaaac tgaactgaat      5280
     ccgttttaat tcaactttta attataacta cactaccatt ttaccactac tctcatcctc      5340
     gcctgacatg ctggaatgtt acacagtttt aaatattatg gcttttttct tcatttatgt      5400
     aaactatttt tggaaaatta tttccaaata ccacagaaat ccaaaattga tgaggttcag      5460
     gcccaattgc aattctattt tataccactt tgccttctat ttggcctttg agtgttaagg      5520
     ggtatagggg tggaaatatc cccttaagaa ttgctcacat tgttgtgtca tcaatagcgt      5580
     atgttgcaag ctccatggag tgagcatatt ttaattaaat tataaatcat atagaagttg      5640
     agtgtaaagc actgtgtgat tgatgacgct aatcttctgt atgaatgaac taaaaatcaa      5700
     cagtaatatt ataccagatg tgctgtaaaa agccatttca ctcccagcag acatttctga      5760
     cagacccaat cattgggtta tcagaataaa aaaaatgctg agttatattt tgcagtggtt      5820
     attaagggac tatccttagt gaaattttag aagatgtttt ttctttttga aggtaacgca      5880
     ttagcatcat tataaatgta ataaagcagc tgctttgcag taaaaattct tattaatgca      5940
     catttatatt acttttgtgg gttgctttgc tcggttttta catccatgtt tctggtgtag      6000
     tcagagaaac tctaatacct cttcatttgt attgtggtct tgaaaaatct tcatttgaag      6060
     ggctatgtgg cccttccctt tacccctaca ccaccaagct aataaagaga actgggatac      6120
     tggacctcta tgtgaatgca caaaccttag cctttctaag gtgtagaatt gggattgggc      6180
     cttaatcaaa ggctccatta taaggatatg gtgagattta atgtttgtta tgcatgcact      6240
     tgtttgttga agcacagtac attttgtaca gtacatgtgc agactttgca cattcatgga      6300
     ctttctgcaa tatcatggca ttttaaaata tctgttctta aattgtcatg ttttgtacta      6360
     aaggacattt tctgcaatat tttgtacatt ttgtactatt tttaatagac taaaattaat      6420
     tttttattga ttctgtaaaa cgtttaaacc cttctgaggt tttaataaaa acagattgaa      6480
     tcgttcattg tgtgtatttg acttttattg aagttgcatt taacatatat ttagtataag      6540
     aaaactaata tattaatggt atattgtgtg tgtgttttaa atgcactcat aattaatttc      6600
     taatgtactt gtaatacata aaaaatacac tttaatatca ctaagcaagc atgaaattag      6660
     catacatgtt atgcttattt aaagtgtact aaatatactt aaagttgttc caatttagca      6720
     cacaaaagta cactaaatac acttaaaatt gtactttagt gcaattttat tacaactaaa      6780
     ataaacttag cacaaaatta atgtccaaaa tgtcacactt taagttaact tatcattaat      6840
     acacttaaaa tatactgaca attagtccgg atccaagtat actaagtata tttatttttc      6900
     actagggttt acagcataga aaaactttgt gttaaaacaa atcaacacaa aatcaaactt      6960
     atctcaaaat tatcatgtgt tgttgatgtg tttttttttt tttgtgtgtt tttttttttg      7020
     tatcaacata caatgacaac aattaaggtg aatttaagaa cggcattgaa gagtcaaaaa      7080
     gcccaagtaa aggaaatact gttctccaca atggtaacat ctaacaaaag tattgtcaat      7140
     acaaatatat tgattcaatt aattgcaaat agattagact gaaatattaa aatcatgttt      7200
     gatccacaat gtactacata ctgtgcttat aaaacacatt gcaagcattc caagattatt      7260
     tgattttaat aaatgtgttt tgaagtgctg ttcagtcaac aacaacaaaa agtgatttgt      7320
     gattcttctt caaattcctt attaaaaatt tgcttttctt gctggaaaaa gtcaataaac      7380
     taaaataaat aaaaaaatta tttgttttgt tgactaacaa taattgagct taactaacat      7440
     aatacattaa gactaaacca agaatattac actgattcaa ttaatcaaca ttgcatagat      7500
     tttatgtaat taacttgttc actgaaataa acattattaa ttaaaatcta cctaagttac      7560
     gtggaacctg tagacataag aaagttaagt aatgccaaca tttaatgttg taaactcttt      7620
     taattttaat acgcaaagga ggagaggagg ggttacttta ttttattctg gtttacaagt      7680
     tattaaaata aatgattatt acaatgcatt gaactggaaa aagtaataag tatgtgtttt      7740
     atggttctcc cagcattcac tgtggcaaga aatttgttcc aatcattgag actcataccc      7800
     tgaatcttga tgtctgtgtg ttttgtatgt ttcaggggtt taatgtgttt tcaaaacctg      7860
     atcaataata tgcagaataa catgagtagc tcaatgaaat cgttgtaacc ttatcatcac      7920
     aataaaaaat taaacccctt atacaatcag tgaattaaaa ctacaaaata tgatgaacca      7980
     atcagtttgc ttttagtctg aggtgccgta atgctgcaga gcttcaaaga gaccaagtaa      8040
     agcaccctct cttcaccata atggtgaatt ctgaaaatgt atttttaatc aattataacc      8100
     ttttggtctc aacaaatgta aatgtagact tgggtagacg tctgaaataa agtcaaacaa      8160
     ggtcaaaatt tgtcaagttg ctgatgatgt taataaagtt gtttaatgat cctctgctga      8220
     gattttagag atttgctgtg ttttatttta gttgattcaa tcataattca atgacgttct      8280
     gctattcgtg taaggaactg agaatccttg taacacattt atttgcttaa atgtgtgttt      8340
     tttcaagaaa gcagccattc atatgtgttg tgttttattt tcatttgtta ttattttttt      8400
     tttttcattt aattatgatc attagaaatt aattcattca ttttcttttc ggcttagtcc      8460
     ttttattaat ctggggtcgc aacagtggaa tgaaccacca acttatccag catatgtttt      8520
     acgcagcgga tgcccttcca gcttcaaccc atacacactc atttacatac actacggaca      8580
     atttagctta accaatttac ctgtaccaca agtttttgga cttgtgaggg aaaccggagc      8640
     actcggagga aacccggggt acatggggag gacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaatatcaac      8700
     tgacccagct tgggcttgaa tcagcgacca tcttgctgtg aggcgattgt gctactcagt      8760
     gtgccactgt gttgccgcat tagtcattta aataattatc attatataat tatattgatt      8820
     attagttaat tatttgatta ttattattat tgattattgc cattttatta tgtttttaca      8880
     ttgtaatatt attatttttt ataattattg ctttattatt gtttccattt ttcaatattg      8940
     ttataatctt atgactggga attcaagtga cacgatttca tgagtaagag atactggaag      9000
     agaatgtctc cattttaatg tctgttttgt ctctaatgag acccgtgaga tttatatgta      9060
     tcgatagatt tatgtagaaa gtaagaaaaa tgtaacccat acaagaaaat gttgggaaat      9120
     gagagaaaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaacccttt taagtttgta aagaaatgtt      9180
     tattaataac taaaatgtac aaattttaaa aaaaatgtct caatatgttg catgctttgt      9240
     ggatgttttt cctgtaagta acagtggtat tagtaaaatc attaaattaa gcaatcacac      9300
     tggaaactgc gcacgattaa gaaaactgcc agtagggggc agcaaagagc catgaataaa      9360
     tgcttgcact tcataaggat tctcttctac gcaaaggaca catttttaac catttatgca      9420
     gaataagctc agactttaat caaaacttta aatagtttta gaatagtata taaactggca      9480
     tgaaagcatt tagtgaaaac ctttttacat tatcattccc ttttcatagc cacatttgag      9540
     ctcaagctaa aatatatact acaaataatc tctgtaaagc acgttatttt atcacaatca      9600
     atattacata gagattctca aataaaagtc atgtagtatg tttgatgttg tttttcgttt      9660
     ttcattataa attaattttt taaaagtaaa aaaataatca aaaatcattt taaggtgaat      9720
     gtataaaaaa aaaaatctgt tatgaagaat gcagcagttg tcaaatcagg tcttctttca      9780
     gtagtcatca ggtaacagac tcactgctgt cagtttggta ccaggattct ccctgatcaa      9840
     gtaaaaaaaa taattattat tgacaagtta aatgaacata gttcagttag atttttcctg      9900
     tgtgtttgag tatgatgaca gccaaactgt aatcctggtt atataaatct atcagttaat      9960
     ttgatttaaa ctgactgtct agactgacct gttgatttct tcttgtagta aatgagtcca     10020
     gcaatcgcta tgatgatccc cagcaccaga ccagatgctc cgatggcaaa tttattcctg     10080
     tcagactcag agatatgggg atctgtggaa aaaggaaata ataatgtgtt agtaaattca     10140
     acaattttat ttacatttaa aagtgtttca gccatgcaag tgtgacaaca aaatatgtac     10200
     tgtgttttct atttaaacaa aaaagtcaag aaggaaagac aaaatggaaa tgaagtaatg     10260
     ttccctctta ctccaatctt tagtaagagg ttgagttaag ctggcgtgct ccaccaaaca     10320
     ttggatcttc tctccagatt taggggtgta ttccaggtga gaatgaatct gatagtacca     10380
     gtctccatca gccatctcca tggtggaggt cacatctgag gtcacctctt taccatctct     10440
     cagccaggac atttttattt ttttagggta gaattcatat gcactgcaca gcaacacagc     10500
     tggatgtttg ccttcagcct gcctcactga cttgattgtt acctctggta gtactaaaca     10560
     agaaagaaaa atactgcata gcttacagta ttcttatgtt acacacatat ttataaatgc     10620
     atgagtagta catgtacaat aaagggaatt aattaaactg aatgagcgtg tgagaaatct     10680
     tccataatta tacagagcac aattccctaa gcatttattt taatatatga tgccattgta     10740
     tttttgtatt aaaaaccatg ataggtcact gatgacagcc tcattgttca gacacaagat     10800
     gaccacaacc gcagatcttc aatctgagca catggatatg cagggtaaaa catctttatt     10860
     aaagagtaaa gatgagatga gtctgtgagc tcacctgctt tatcacggac agctgagtca     10920
     gagatctgag cattatgtct gcagaatgtg tccactccag ctttcaattg ctgcaagtag     10980
     gcctggtttt tgttgaagtt ctctgcactt ttcactccct gctcagtgta ccccacaaac     11040
     ttccccacag agctgttgaa ctgagtatcc acaactttat tgaaggaata tgaaataaga     11100
     agcaccatat cactgtaatc actgctgctg tagaagcatt cctgcttccc atagttgtaa     11160
     tatccatcag ctaaaaaaga aaataaagtt agcacttcag attttgtaaa atttcatgtc     11220
     ataaaaaata tatctttatt cgtcttcatt tctactttta ttttgctaat agcttctctt     11280
     tagtcctgtg ctactgttat ctcatcctcc tcacattact tactagaata tccatatttt     11340
     gtcaaagcaa atcagctttt atattaacag cagtatacat ataaaacata aaggctaaat     11400
     caataataaa ggtttatgtt ttgttcagta tttgctttac ttgcctgttt cagtaaatgt     11460
     cgacagcatc agtatgacaa gaaaaagttt taacagatac attttgagtc tttgaatgtg     11520
     tcaaatgaag aactttccct cagtgtcttg ttcttgtggt ggatttctaa acaatctgac     11580
     caatcagctt actcccacat aagtgttgct aggtcaaaaa ctgctttcat ttttctgttt     11640
     tttacaaggc aattactgtg agtgcattaa cacatgtata accatagcgg ttgtgtacac     11700
     tacacaaaaa atgataaaat gtaaaaatat ttattagttg tgtctgtttt ctaaattaaa     11760
     aaaatgtgtt tatattagat tagtttagtt atatttttat agaaacagat gaaaccgttt     11820
     atagttgtga cagtttgcta tatatttatt tggtaacatt tttgtaaatt acactttttt     11880
     attttattca actaaagtct tgaaatgtaa tttaattttt taatatcaat gtattgaaat     11940
     aatgtcaata tatttatttg caaaaaaaaa aagattttaa aatttatttt attatttcat     12000
     tttagttaag cttaatttat aattttattg tattttatat tttattttat caacgtttag     12060
     tgtttatttt atttaacttt aatttagtat tttactttat tgttttgttt tatttgattt     12120
     gattttactt tattttgctt tggtttttgt tttaatttat tatttttatt ttattcagtc     12180
     aatatatttt attcagtatt gtttgagtat tctgttagtt ttattctatt atttcaattt     12240
     attttagttt actttagttt attattttat tacatacatt ttattttatt aattgtatta     12300
     aagtttggta tattatttta gtttagttta ttattttact ttattttaat gactgatttt     12360
     attttacttt attttgcttt gattttagtt tgattttatt ttacttattg ttttatttta     12420
     tttagtcaat atattgttgc tcaatatata tttaattatt gtatatattt tattattgta     12480
     ttttatgtta gtttatttta aattaattta ttgttttact ttattttgat gtcttatttt     12540
     atttttcttt attgttttat tcatattatt agttattttt attttattaa tttaatattt     12600
     tattcagtca atatatttat tatatataat ttattcattt attaataata taatgtcttt     12660
     ttgtatttta gtttagttaa ggctattatt ttatttaatt attttaattg ttggctttgc     12720
     tttgttttat gttatttatt ttaatttctt attatttatt tgtttataac ttattattta     12780
     tgtctgtata atattttcgt taattcttca aatgttttgt tttattttag ttataaaaat     12840
     gtataaaaag tttgtttttt aataaatatt ttgtcagtca atatatgttt attcgttttt     12900
     ttattatttt attttatgat atggttttct tttagcttat tttcttttat ttttttattt     12960
     tagattattt tataatatta attttattaa agcttatttt attttaatta ttgtttattt     13020
     taatttaata tttttatcat tttactttag tttactgtta ttattattat tttttattat     13080
     ttatatattt tttgtttgtt ttattattta tgtctgtgtg gtatttttgt aaattttcta     13140
     aatgtattgt tttgtttagt tttattttag tttatcttaa acatttataa aaaacgattt     13200
     ttaataaata ttttgtcaat ctttgtttat ttaatatttt tttattattt agttttatta     13260
     tttaatttga aattttttat ttctttattt tattacgttt agtttattgt ttattttatt     13320
     ttaatttaat tatatatttt attttagtgc atcattttag tttattattt tatttttatt     13380
     ttattttatt tttttaattt tttttatttt attttgtttg ttttatttta gtttagttta     13440
     aaatttaatt taaaaaaata tatttttgtc aagcaatata tccattcatt aattttcctt     13500
     cggcttagtc cctatatttc agaacctcca actattccag catatgtttt atgcggtgga     13560
     tgcccttcca gccgtaaccc tgttctggga aacatctata cactcgtaca tacactaagt     13620
     ttgatttagc tcattcaatt cacttttagc acatgtttga actgtggggg aaaccagagc     13680
     acccagagga aatccatgca aacatgagga gaacatgcaa ctccacgcag aaatgccaac     13740
     aggctcagcc aggtgagcga cagtgctaac cactgagcca tttttttttc tattagttta     13800
     ttattttatt tgagattatt tcatttattt tatttgtgtt cattattttc tttttatgta     13860
     attaatttat tttatttcac agtaaatata agtgaccaat gtaaaaaata aaatgtcagt     13920
     atatatgtgg aataatcttt aactaaatat ttaactatat ttaggtttat tttatagaaa     13980
     cagatgaaac tgttaattgt aacactgttt gcaaaatatt taggtcatat ttttgtcagt     14040
     tctcctaact aaaaatactg tttaatttaa ttctatttat tttagtttaa ttaagtttac     14100
     caaagccttg aaatatatct tttttttttt attgaataca aatgatttaa tacaaatcat     14160
     atttgtttgt aacacactca atttaaatta tgctaaacag atgtcgttaa taataataaa     14220
     tatattcatt tttcaaataa tcatgtctac tcattgctta aagatttgtt tgtaacaatt     14280
     ttcactgccc acacaactga cattgggatt gtgatatgta aaaagttttt aatgactaaa     14340
     aagcagacac aatagtttca atttaattat ttatttttaa aggtttgatt attcagtatc     14400
     aaacaactgt gcaaaaaaaa gactaaataa aagatcttaa agtaccacta tttaaagttg     14460
     cattataaaa ccacactcac attacctgat ttaaaattca atgaaaatgc ataaatgatc     14520
     aaagcatgaa caaattacaa ttaaattaag ctttgcaatt aagtttaaat ttagcataaa     14580
     tttcaagacc cttttgtctt tgcttatcat aagataaaac cagaacacaa aataacgtgt     14640
     agaattgtca caagtcacaa aaataagacg tatccgaaaa caaaaatgat ttaatggaac     14700
     aattaaatag tgcatatatg tgtgtttatg tgactgttta cttcagagga caagtggatt     14760
     tactggcaaa aaatatcaac aaaagttttg tgaatatatt ttatgtgtct tttagttaag     14820
     gcaaataact gaaatttttt ttttttacag gatcaagttt atggagaaga aaatataatt     14880
     catctaacct aaaagctatg gaatctaaat gtcctgagaa ggatatagtc ccataactgt     14940
     atgaatgcct aataatttgt atggtaactt tgattatcat tgtcacacac acacacacac     15000
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     15060
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     15120
     acacacacac acacacactg tctttttcct tataccacca tattgtattg tttaaaaatt     15180
     atatccttta tatttaaatg aagggcgaag cagtggtaca gtaggtagtg ctgtcgcctc     15240
     acagcaagaa ggtcgctggg tcgctggttc gagccttggc tcagttggcg tttctgtgaa     15300
     gagtttgcat gttcttcctg cgttcgtgtg ggtttcctcc aggtactccg gatttcccca     15360
     cagtccaaag acatgcggta caggtgaatt gggtaggcta aattgtccgt agtgtatgaa     15420
     tgtgtgtgtg gatgtttccc atgggttgtg gctggaaggg catccgctgc gtaaaaactt     15480
     gctggatgag ttgtgggttc atttcgctgt ggtgaccctt gataaataaa gggactaagc     15540
     cgacaagaaa atgaatgaat gaatatttaa atgaaaaaga acttgtatcc caccaaatat     15600
     ggtgtgacac acattttgtt tttagagaca aaacacaatt ttacagacat taaggaaaga     15660
     tgctgttaaa tagcagtaaa cagaatcaga attacagaat aaagattgtg ttcatttgta     15720
     aatcagagct gtcagttgca gttgtttcct ttaatgagga agaaagttcc agcagcgact     15780
     cctaacagcc ccagaaccag acccactcca cagaacactg ctggaccaac actgggcagc     15840
     tcaacgtcca cctctatagg aaacatacaa gaacatgata aaggaaatgt tacagatgtt     15900
     aaaacagtct ctataggaga cagaagagga agagcatgag acagaatatt aactgcaaag     15960
     aaagtgcaga gtttattgaa taatttgagt tgcttatgtt tcaatgttta ttcttcatct     16020
     gaccaacaaa aatctaacaa taaaaaaaac taaattactg ctttacaaca ttgagacatt     16080
     gttaaaaact agacaaaaca agaatcccct tttctgtgag tctaaaataa taaaacacaa     16140
     acacatcctt tacaaaagga caaatgctta aaaacaatac actaataaat tattacattg     16200
     tttaaaaata tactatatga ctaataatta ttaatgatta tatcatttaa tgaaataatt     16260
     gaatgaatag atgaaataat aattaagaat ataaaagaaa aaaatacacc acaaattaat     16320
     ggatggacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat acacatacac acacagattt     16380
     tgtgtgtgag gatcctcaaa tcctttgtta gattctatat gctttatttt attttgcctg     16440
     taaaattaca tgaaaatatt actgattaac aacacaatgg aaatattatc agtttttatg     16500
     tctttcatct ttttttccag atttttccaa gatataacaa tttattcatg tctaatgaat     16560
     cttgccaaac aatttctctt gataccttat atggtaaact aaacacttta aagatgtctt     16620
     ctttgttctt aagtgattca caatattatt aaaataaagg tttgtctcac cccatgtttt     16680
     ggtgttgggt tggccttgaa tggatctgtg tttcactgtg cagctgtaaa tgtctccttc     16740
     agcaggtgtg aacttcagag cagagaacat gttgaaggtg ccatcactgt tttcgcggta     16800
     ttggctaaaa ctaatttcct ctgacacaat atcattgttt ttcgtccagg agacattgac     16860
     aggtggaggg aagaatccag tcacatgaca gatgagtgtg ttctttttat ccagcaccac     16920
     ctcatctttt gaataaatgg atgtcacagg agggtctgta acacagaaat aaactatgct     16980
     ttacattcag gacttatgtg tttgtcttgg actacaagat atatcctgcc gcttagatta     17040
     aaatcttgat taaattaagt taaatgtatt ttcaatttat caggtgagat tattttttat     17100
     ctaatatatt caaagtgtga atagacagta taaccaatgt gtatatgtta cctagttgct     17160
     cttgtgggga gttgtatgcc ttaatgcctg tggctaaatt ttgtttgcag acctccattt     17220
     gaccaacact attctcataa cctccagaaa agctgagagg atctgcaaag tcaggtgctg     17280
     ttgctactcc ttcttttcta atgaagtctg aatggaacag ctcctctcca tcaaatccaa     17340
     acaaatactc tttctccata tcagaacatc caacaaacag aaaatccttg tgctcagctg     17400
     aaacagatca aaggtcaatg ttttaattaa aatggattaa atgaagaacc acaattaaca     17460
     cgtaatcagt atagttatga tatttacaaa catcttcaaa ttacataatg agagtcaacc     17520
     ttagagttct ctttatgtgt aaagtcagaa atacacatct aaaataaaat atacatgtac     17580
     aagaataaaa gtcatttaat aaaaagtcat tttaatagct tacttagact ttataaagca     17640
     gatgtaattt tactcagcaa atgttcagtc ttaccttgag ccccattact cacaattaca     17700
     gtgaatatca gcagaaaacc aaacagatcc atagtttact cagaggtgac tgaagcaaac     17760
     accatatcaa ataaactgta caggagtgaa aaatagaatc tctgatcttt ggtcatgtag     17820
     aatcacagca tccaatcaga aactgagctc caatgtggca tcactgtatc taggtaaaat     17880
     gatcttcttt ataagacttg tgtgcactca aaacccaaac tgttgacttt actagaaacc     17940
     tgtgtggaag cccatggcat aatattaaat agtttgtaca caaggtgaaa ctaaaactct     18000
     agttgaataa acagcttcat ttataactaa ttcatttgac tttatttctg tcagacatct     18060
     acccaagtcc ttgttcacat ttattgagaa ctaaatgttt acatttttat tttagacgtc     18120
     gccactgtga tgaagagtag ttgatttact taaaaattaa aaaagtggta ttgcttagtg     18180
     ttggcattgc tttattcttt tgtcaacagg ttcctcaaag cagagtaaaa ttgcatttaa     18240
     gtaacaatgt ttatttaaat aaatttaagt tcattacatg aaattaatgc aatgttgagt     18300
     tgttaagtca atataaaaaa acatgtttta atgtattaag ttactgtaat tagactgaat     18360
     tacttctaaa tgtatgcaca aaagttggtg tagtttatgt ctttcatgtt tgattttctt     18420
     ttgaaccact aagatcaaat cactttcttg tttccaataa agtcaccaac attgtaagca     18480
     taagctgctc ttctgcacac tggtaacctc aaaatataaa taaataaaaa aaaatttaat     18540
     tttctaaatc tccaaactga cccttaaact ctaacaagtc tttcttttaa aacagcttaa     18600
     atgacctagc atacttataa aataataagc aaagcaccct ggaaactaca tatcttcaaa     18660
     aaaattaaac atggttattg atccaaagaa ttttgctgtt tcattttaaa taactcatta     18720
     aataactaca ttaaataact acattttttt attcagcttt ttagttatac agttatacaa     18780
     cccagagaag catcattaaa taaaacacat agcatataaa tgtttttaat aaataaatga     18840
     ggagatacaa aataaaccaa tgaaaaacta ttttattaaa ttaagagttg tgttaatatt     18900
     aaatgttaaa tattaaatat atttttccac tgttaacatt acagaacagc atcaaaaaat     18960
     aaaacacata gcatatatat tttaaaaata aattaattat agcatgtacg ttttttaaat     19020
     aaattaataa atacataaat acaaacaagt aaataaatac ataaaaaagg gaagacacaa     19080
     aaaacaactt ttaacaaatg tgttgagttg tgttaatatc aaacattgac attactttta     19140
     ttaatattta ttaatatttt attgattttt ttatgtaact acacacaaca acatcataaa     19200
     ttaaaatcac acatagcata tactttatat aaacaaataa aacacaaatc atagcaccta     19260
     aaaataaaac aaacaataca aaaacaaaat aaaaaattgc atgtaataac taacattata     19320
     actaaaaaca cacagacgtc aacaattagt ctttgaatct caacaatggt gacaatcaaa     19380
     aaattttaat aaaataaaca tcaacccaga acaatacaaa acaatactga aatattacac     19440
     cccaaaaaca acataaaata aaagtaaaga aagaaattgt gtgtgtggtt gtgtgtggtt     19500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19620
     gtatgtgtgc gtgcatgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgttgca atgtaagctg     19680
     ggagttttcc actatgttgg cacccaacat gcattgcggt ttgaatgaat tatacagttt     19740
     ttattttatt ttgtttaatt cttttgcaaa catggttgag aatcatatcc tgatccttga     19800
     tgcctgtgtg tctcaaatgt taagcatgtt tatggtgatc tcaaggtttt gggcatgaaa     19860
     ctctaattat taattataaa ttatcattaa tcccttaatg atcatttatt gactgtccat     19920
     ggaaaacagt cgtatagccc agacaaccca caacaaataa gtacttcttt ttttttttta     19980
     tcactaacct taataccaga agttcttgtc ataactgatg agcttcagaa acacagttat     20040
     aacaacaggt aaggtaaagg atcgagccca actaaagcaa cctctgatct ccacgatggt     20100
     aaggtcaatg ttcaataaaa aaatatgaac ctctgttaat tatcaaatat tcttgactgt     20160
     taaaatcaaa gacatttttg tagtatataa tactgtatat aaatactcaa tacaattaat     20220
     attttcttgc aaatcttttc agatttatga agaaaatatt cacagtattt tcccacaaaa     20280
     ctggagtcgt ttattcatac agattttgat acatataaat gtaggccact ttaggcagtt     20340
     atgcggcact ggtggtcttc cttcggccca gacaaaatga atgtgagcct gaagtggccc     20400
     acctgtacaa tggcaaaggg gggctaaaga atcaaattca tatatgggcc atttaaggca     20460
     atgatttggc acttatggca aaatgtaatc tgaatgtgag cctaatgtga cccatgtgaa     20520
     aaatggtaaa ttttgcccaa atgatggagg acaaatgagg gctacagttg gcaaaaatgt     20580
     ggaatagtca tttaagggta atctagctct taacttaaag tggcttacac gtgtaagtgc     20640
     aaatgtggcc cagttatctt aaaacatatg tgtgccactt gtggcaaata tttggtacag     20700
     taaatctggc tattgcagat gtaagcctta tgtggccaag aaaaaaatat agaaaatgtt     20760
     gctcagttat cttaaaacaa atgtgggcca ctttggcaaa tatttgacac agtaaactct     20820
     ggttaatgca gccgttagcc tatagtgtcc cagtgaagat atagaaaatg tggccgagtt     20880
     atctcaaaac atatgtgggc cacttttgaa taaacattcg gcacagtaaa ctctgactag     20940
     tgtggatttg agcctatggt ggcccctaaa agatatagca aatgtgaccc agatatccta     21000
     aaacaaatgt gggccacttt tggcaaatat ttggcacagt tagctctggc taatgtggct     21060
     gtgagcctaa agcggcccag agaagcaatg gcaaatttgg cccagttatg ttaaaacatg     21120
     tggaccacat acagactaaa gtcaccatca tggagaaagt gtttgcttaa gttaggctca     21180
     tagctctgaa cccctcacta taaatcttat tttgggctgt tgtaattctc aagaactttg     21240
     cttgaaaagt ttattcatta cgatggacaa gcctaaaaca aacaaacaca aaaaaattat     21300
     gaaatcgagt gaggcacaac ctgagatgaa ataatataat tcactgatgt taaccaatgt     21360
     ttaattcatt attagaagta atgtaataac acgcttgcac atgccacaga attatgaaag     21420
     tatataagct gaaaaaaata tatatggttc aacttctgct cacggagaca tcaataatca     21480
     gcgtatgaac ctcaacaacg atgacattta acaaaatgaa caatcacaaa caggagacta     21540
     aaagtgacaa aatcaacaac gtcaacataa aaagcagaat caatagcaat aatgaaaact     21600
     ggagcatcaa taagctatag aatttattca tacagcaatc catgctggga tttttgtact     21660
     ttgccacacc cagcaagttg taaggtgtag gcccgatctg ggccagaata aaagcaaact     21720
     gtgacccaga atagggttag ttctggttca ttcggttgaa ttctggctga tatgtgatgt     21780
     tgctatggct taattgtggc ccagatctgg caaacaggag cagaccgccc aaatgccatc     21840
     attccagatg tggtccagat ataagtgttt ggcgtaggat tttgacaaat ttgtgatttg     21900
     agccacatga attttgctag ctgggcttaa acatggattc attttccatc cacaacccgt     21960
     ctctgggaaa catccacaca catacactca tacactatgg acaatttagc ctacccaatt     22020
     cacctgtacc acatgtcttt ggactctggg ggaaaccaga gcacccggag gaaacccaca     22080
     tgaatgcagg aagaacatgc aaattgagct gaggatcaaa ccagtgaccc agcacccttc     22140
     ttgctgcgtc gcccacataa tatactcata gcaggggctg ggatagaacc cgggtctctg     22200
     gcgtgaaagg ggaatcatgt taccactgag ctactggaag ctgatgggct taaacacaaa     22260
     tatatctatg aactaagcta agcgtgcttt gctgtctgcc tgcctccctg cctgtgtgtg     22320
     tgtgtgtgtg tcatctgcgg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggg     22380
     cgcgcgttaa ctttgtaacg atattgtgtg tgactcatca atgcaacttc gcaatactaa     22440
     ttagtaaagg ttagttctta ctgtagtatc tcacaaacgc tacgtgagac cttcttcctt     22500
     taagtctgtc tgttgtctga cgcagctgag ggaggaggca tgtagaaata gtgggcggga     22560
     aagactcgtc ttaaaggcac agtacgacaa aaccaccccc tgctggaaat cagtataaaa     22620
     cagcatcttg taaaaggtat aatgaaaaat ctgatgggta ttttaatcag aaactttata     22680
     tacacattct agagacgcaa aagacttata ttaaatctga aaaaaggggt aacctaggtg     22740
     ccctttaatc caaattggga aaactggcac atgaggcaca tttcattgca ttcttacctt     22800
     tactgtttat ttctgaaaga aatgattgca tttgataagg gaaaccatga ttaatttctg     22860
     caggattgca ggtttctgtt cctttcattt cagtggtcaa accaagactt tcagtgcttt     22920
     cacagaaaat tcatgataat gttgtttaga gtaaattgtg ggtttctctg cttggtagat     22980
     gttcagttta ttatactata tttttaatta gttattcctt atacacattc tttgttttgt     23040
     ggattatgat atagtttttt aagtactatt ttttttagtc tcttaaattg ctgtaaaaga     23100
     aaaacaacta acaatttgat tatcttggtt tgtcacataa aagtctaatt cactgatcta     23160
     ctgtagttat ggagctttgt tgttgtatag taacaatagt gatgttgatt aaactgaact     23220
     gagaatagaa tgagggccag cagtacattg atcaatttaa aaaaacacat tgaacatcag     23280
     aatcactcag aacacacaga caacaagaat aagcatataa atctcaatga ttgttgaaat     23340
     aatttcttgt tgcagtgcat ttattcattc actttttctt tagcttagtc ccttatccct     23400
     taaccgccaa cttatccagc atatgtctta cgcagcgaat gcaacttcca gccgcaaccc     23460
     agtactgttc gttcattcat tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     23520
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactc aaaaactttg gccaatttag     23580
     ttcatccaat ttagctatac actctcagaa ataaaggcac acgaactgac actagggtgg     23640
     taccttttca aatgaatatg aaccttttaa gaacacattt gtacattttg aaaagttacc     23700
     accccagtga cagcttgcat acctttattt cttctttttt tttttttttt tttttacatt     23760
     ctctttattg tattttttac atcagcacaa atgaactttt acatatcgtc atcttggact     23820
     taaaaggttc tatctgcgtt ctgaatgatt ttgagatatt gagcttcaaa gtttttgcat     23880
     tccatagcaa agcaaacagt gtgtgtgtaa catatgtttt tttttaaata gtcttaaaat     23940
     gtaaacaact taaaaaaaat cataatttaa ataagttgtc atttaataag aaaatgtcaa     24000
     taactcaatt ttgacaaaaa tgtcagatag aaccttataa ttctaaagtg acgatatgtg     24060
     tccttttttt cttttaaaca caaagttgta acatcatgtt actattatag gtataaggag     24120
     ctaaaaaaac agagaaaact gggggaaagg agcaataaac aaaacaagaa aaaaaggttt     24180
     taaaaaatta aataaaataa taaataaagg gggatattta aggtgttttt tagggttcaa     24240
     tcactgctct cttgttaaag tactcaataa atggattcca taaatggatt ccaaggaaac     24300
     tcttcgtttt attttttaga gaaagcctta gcttctcaag tagcagacag gacatggcat     24360
     attttattaa tgtggagcaa catggaggat cttttcgttt ccaatttagt aaaattaatc     24420
     tatgtgccaa aatctaatcc ctgtacgttt attattacac aattctgcat catcactaac     24480
     accaaacata gctaaaatag accaagggta tacttgtatt cccactactt ctgatattaa     24540
     tttaaaaact gaaatccaat aataaacaat tttagagcaa ctccaaaaca tgtgaccaag     24600
     cgatgcctgg cctgggtttg attgcatctt tcacacagtg ggtctacggc agggaacatc     24660
     ttagagagct ttaattttga caattggagt ctgtgcagaa tcttagatct tagaatctta     24720
     gaatcttctt gtgtttgaat cctctcattg ccaattttca atttctggcc gagatcctct     24780
     tctcttgcca ttttgagatg gttctgagag tttattatat ataattgaaa ttcctctttt     24840
     cataaatggg ttctgtagaa acaaagcttc cactagggag gtcggtggtt caataggaaa     24900
     tatataaaat tatttttgtc aaaactgtga gcttgtaaat atttaaaaaa catgggtact     24960
     tggcagatcc aatgtctgct gtaatttttt aaatgttgaa aaacaattat caatgaaaaa     25020
     atctttaaag cactgcatcc ctttatttga ccaggtctga aagaaagagt cagtttgaaa     25080
     aggggtaaat gaatgattct cagtcatggg cttaagacag aacatgtttg ccactcaaag     25140
     tgttttctaa cctgtttcta aattttaaat gaattagaaa ccactggatt gttttatcaa     25200
     tatgtggggg gacataactt attttccatg tcccccaatc tgttaacccc tcttttatcc     25260
     caaaataaag tgctcataaa tctcacatgc ccagtaatac aactgaaaat gtggtaaact     25320
     catcccttca ttttaattct ctgtaaatat atcctcttgt ttttagtttt tttttttatt     25380
     ccaaatgtat tgggtaatca tcctgtctat ttaaaaaaaa aatgatttgt taatatatac     25440
     tgggatacat tggaagagaa aaagatattt gggcaaaata gtaattttta cagtgttaat     25500
     agaaaaaaga aagtggtcca ttttttaaaa gagtttaaca agggtgcttt catatagttt     25560
     caagacattt tctctaaaga gtgaagaaaa atgtttagta atgataatcc ttagatattt     25620
     aaatgaattt actactttag aaggaaaagt tgaaaatgat tctaattgat cttaagggtt     25680
     tattggatat atgacgctct aggaaaagtt tatcttatat cctgagattt taccaaattg     25740
     atcaaaaatt gacatgatgg ctggtattga ttgtagggga ttggaaatcc gcgtaccttt     25800
     atttcagaga gtgtagagca ggggtgtcaa actcaattcc tggagggccg aagccctgca     25860
     cagtttagtt acaaccctgc tccaacacac ttacctgtag gtttcaaaca agcctgaatg     25920
     actcaattag tttgatcagc tgtgtttaat tagggttgga actaaactgt gcagagctgc     25980
     ggcccttttg gaacggagtt tgacacctgt ggtgtatagc atgtctttag actgtggggg     26040
     aaactggagc acctagagaa aaaccacacg aacactgaga gaacatgcaa acctcacaca     26100
     gaaatgcgaa ctgacccagc caggactgga accagcggct tacttgctgt gaggtgacag     26160
     cactaaccac tgagccacca tgccaccctt tgtcgtagtg cttgctggga gtaaatgatg     26220
     acttttgtgt ggttctccga gcatgtactg cagcatgaag cacactgtaa tcccgaataa     26280
     gttgacaaaa ctcaaaaaat ttgaggtaat cagttacgtc aaatttttta agttatgaaa     26340
     ttatctattt taagtaaaca gaaacattaa gttttgagtt tgttgtactc atgcaagaca     26400
     cttcactcaa cttaaaatac ccaagttact cagcttatac gttttaattg caattaactt     26460
     aattgtttta atttttccaa actttaaata cttagtcacc cagctcatac attttaatac     26520
     caattaactt aattgcttta atttctttta actttaaata cttagtcacc cagctcatac     26580
     attttaatac caattaactt aattgcttta atttctttca actttaaata cttaaatcac     26640
     ccagctcata cattttaata gcaattaact tatttttaat tatttatctc acctttacat     26700
     acttagtcac ccagctcata cattttgata gcatttttta aaattaactt ctccatcgtc     26760
     agtttcacaa ttaaaattag ccattatttt aatctttaaa ccccataaat ctgtcaaaat     26820
     aaatctgtaa tttaaaacac acagacaata ccattttaga catttattgt taaagaaaaa     26880
     atgtccaaca gtactttcaa atttgtctcc tatgcaatta caaatgtctt aaaacgataa     26940
     aaactattag acataaagag attgaaaatg aacactaatc tgaaattaat aaaaattacc     27000
     cacaatgtaa atatatcaga cataagagcc tcaagaaaaa actataagtt tgataaaatt     27060
     taataataca ttaataagtg taaaacttac tcttaaggca ttcgttaaaa aaaataataa     27120
     gtgcacattc tgtgaagtga ctcgtttagt gtaaactaca cagaaactat atatatatat     27180
     atatatatat atatatatat atcgttgaag tcagaattat tcgcccccat ttatttttcc     27240
     cccaatttct gtttaacgga gagcagatta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     27300
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgtatata tatatatata tatatatata     27360
     tatatatgta tatatatatt gtagcgaggc agagggaaaa cagcgacaca gttggataag     27420
     tttacagaca agtccccgga gggtgcttta tttacaacgt gaatggggtg taaacggtgc     27480
     tcttcttcaa ggtgaggtgc tctggtgctc cgggaagtaa gtgaaggaca gtgagtagtc     27540
     ggatgtggga tcgtcacgag ctggagtctg ctgtggagag acagagagac aagcgttagc     27600
     gcatggagtc attgggtgaa tgaagctcat cttctccttg cgtgggcttg gtttatatgc     27660
     ctctccactt gatgacgtcc agctgtgaac gatcctgtgt tgatgatggt ccagctgggt     27720
     tgaattagcg accagggcga cgtggcatgt gtgcgctagt tacaatatat atatatatat     27780
     attcagtctt ggttgaacta tgattctgtc atttacttat tccaaacctg tttgagtttc     27840
     tttcttctgt tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct gagacctgta accaccgatt tccacagtat     27900
     ttgttttcct attagaaagt cagtggttac aggttgtcag ctttacttaa cttttgtgtt     27960
     caacagaagc aagaaattca agcaggtttg ggacaagtga agagttagta aatgacagaa     28020
     ttttacattt ggacaaacta tccctatata taataaaatg catacttacc aattaaaggt     28080
     aaataaatgt tttgaagtta ctaccccaga gacagtcttt attaagttaa aaaaaaaaaa     28140
     gctctacatc aactcattct ttaaggtttc catgctacga gactttttat tttccatcat     28200
     ccatgccaag caaaactttt tgcacaagtt caaagtcctt tactatatat tatgtgaaga     28260
     gcatacatta atccatacaa gacaagaaag gtctggaagt gtgctgtggg tggtgtccaa     28320
     ttcattcttc aggacaacag agaccctcag tgaatgcagg gccaataaag catcttcagt     28380
     cagcaggatt atcaatctaa aaatataatt caagcatatt aatgtaagga cagtatcaaa     28440
     atgactgagc caatattata tgattcatca actattcttg attacaaata tgttattaag     28500
     taaaagtttt caaaactttc atcttttcat taaacatgcc taattgtgaa aagaatgaat     28560
     gaagtcttac catggtgttc ctaaagaatc ttaagtcacg ctcacgcagc aagaccaaaa     28620
     gacctctgat aacagtagtc cgtcatgaac tgacatcatt cagttcctga aaatcaagaa     28680
     tcaatttttt aaaaattaaa aaaataataa taattcaaat tatattttaa tgtatacttt     28740
     aacacgtgac cccaaacata cctgctcatc ataaaccttt aaaagattag ccagggtatc     28800
     tgctgtcttg ccagttttgg atgctgtttg ccttaaaatt gtcatcaaat gaaataggtg     28860
     gtggtccagt tttgcaaaga atttgtgggg aaaattctca tttgtaacat gttggtactc     28920
     tgcaaacagc aaaaagaaac aagagagaat ttcataaaac aaacccacac cacaaaatat     28980
     acaattctag aaaaaatgta ttaatattat tattatgttt catttactta tctatttttt     29040
     acctcagatg aaaatcaggt gttgatcaga tgttgaaagc aggatcttca tgttgtaaac     29100
     tgaactcaag gtctagctga agtttcactt tccttgctgc aaaagtatca ttgataaata     29160
     cactgtaata tttattttat ctggatatgc caggcatagt agtacaaaat aaatatttta     29220
     cccacctttc acatgcctcc atttaagaac ctatctgtag tcagcaacac ctgaccttca     29280
     attctgtatg tacacaaagt cacagtgtca tttagctgag agtggaagta gtacaattgc     29340
     ctgatgtcta acgttaacct ccaaaacggt tagcaataga gctgattatc atgttagttg     29400
     ctttaattcg atgaacacag atttaaacag tattgaaatt tctaaaactg aataggacga     29460
     aaaagaaatt taaggcctga ttttaaaagc tagaaataac aaaacttacc ttattgtcta     29520
     atgatgtaaa aatatataga ctaaaatatt tatattttta agatataaat atattttaag     29580
     ctacaaaatt tggacatcag aaaactgtct tctttaccac gtcttgaata ttttgttttg     29640
     ttattatttt atttaataac ataattttgt attaatgtgt tatagatatg catactttgt     29700
     tttttaggct gtttatattc tctccagagt agacatttta aaaaatagat tgaaaaaaaa     29760
     aaaaaaactt ttatcatact ttcaaaatac atttgaccta aatgacattt aaattcactt     29820
     aactgatcgc attaatcagg taatcattga tatgcagaga tgtcgtctta agcgcgagga     29880
     aatattaagt gttgatcagt gctggtgatt gaggtaaagt tagttttata tttacacatt     29940
     cagactttct ccttaataat ataatttcag aaaggtaatt tttgcatatt cttaatggtg     30000
     aaatcatatt atcagccaat gactttcaaa gtacaacatt gttcagtcaa aaaaaatagt     30060
     gcatttagtg taatgttgtt ttttatgtca tacttgcatg tgatttcaga acgaatagac     30120
     aaagaaccat ggtaaacaat ttatggagcg agtcacaagt tgttactaaa tgaatgtatg     30180
     aatataaaac caactttacc tcaatgtggt agtgtaaaat gaagctctgc tctgtacctg     30240
     ctcaggtgag gagcgcagct taaatgttct ccgtcaggct atcctcatac atggatcagc     30300
     aagcaacaaa ctgcgtgtga cagagttaag ttttgagact acgtttttgc gcgtcatcag     30360
     aaaataccgt taagtgttta ggcggagatc atttgagtta tgattaacgt tacgtttctt     30420
     gtgcctttcg tttccgaagt gcctacagat cgcgaagata ataccacatt cacagactgg     30480
     atggagttca gcgcagcgcc atgacatgcg gttgtgagag cgcacgtctc catgacaact     30540
     tcagcacagg ctgagaaaag gcatactcgc gccaagattt aaattttttt gaaaaatgta     30600
     gtctgccgat tttaaatatt tttgtcttta tcacactctg ttaaaattca gagttaacac     30660
     attacaacta acgctaacat tgcactgatt ctaacttttt aaacagtaat gttaacgtta     30720
     gttagcaaca agtgaggcta aacatgtttt ctgtaatgta cgacatgtaa acgcaccctg     30780
     attaactcta cattacattg aactgttact gtgattatat taattaaaac atacatttaa     30840
     tatttcttgg atttgtaaat attttactta ctgtagtgtg aagcgaggcc gatccgccat     30900
     cttgaaaaaa aaaacgaatg aagcatgagc acgtacgtga acctggatga cgtcagacgc     30960
     aaaatcacta ggctgacaga atttgagtta atgaaacttt aaagagacat tttgtataga     31020
     ttaaacccag cagaattgtt caccttactt gaaagattaa atttttacaa actcaaaaat     31080
     aagaaaaagt tctaaatact catcaaggtt aattaagata aacgaatttt aatgatttaa     31140
     gttaatagaa ctcaactcaa ttaattagtt acagcattag ggtttacagt gcatgttaac     31200
     attgttgaga ttcataagct gatttaaatg ttcaatgtgt tttaaaatct aaccagagca     31260
     ctgctgttct ctcaatatgc ttaactcaaa gacttcaatt atcatttctg taaattcaac     31320
     accatactaa tatgaagaaa aagacttgaa tcattgacaa aatttgtaaa tctgtactgt     31380
     ttaagaattt aactacaatc atttgtttta atctgtcttt ttataacaca gaacttgagc     31440
     atacaaaaag aaatacatta aggaatagag aattaaagag accaaataaa ggaaccacac     31500
     ttctccacag tggtgatttc taaaaacgtg tattttcaga catcagtgat gttcttataa     31560
     tgcttttcta ctgctgttga gagaatgttc ttcttttgtt attgtgttac tgtctgccaa     31620
     tgttttataa ggaacacatg tataacctgt taccttaaaa acattcctta aacatgtatg     31680
     aaatgttaca atgaaaatgt gacactttag ttttaattta ataacacagg atgatgtatg     31740
     tactaaacga acatccttaa atcattttta aaacactttt ttctttaaaa cattaatcaa     31800
     agtcgtacag aatataatga acacagtaag aaggtcgctg gttcgagccc tggctgggtc     31860
     agttggcatt tctgtgtgga gttttcatgt tcttcccgtg ttcatgtggg tttcctccgg     31920
     gtgttccagt tccaaagaca tgcgctaggt ctatcgaaaa aactaaattg gccgtagtgt     31980
     gaatgagagt gtattggtgt ttcccagtac tgggttgcgg ctggaagggc atcctgtgta     32040
     aaacatgctg gaatagttgg cagttcattc cactgtggca attaataaat agactaaggg     32100
     acttagccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgat tattatatta atatatcaag aagtgacagt     32160
     tcattgcact gtggtgacaa aatgaatgaa ttcataaata acaagaagtt atagcagaaa     32220
     aaaataacac acgatttatg gtgttaaata tctcaataaa gcaaaccgtt ctcaactatg     32280
     aacgctgaaa tattttcagt gaatctaact tgggcctttg caggcatctg acagacaaag     32340
     tcaaacagac gcttcttatg ctggttgtgg atttgtttaa tgttggtcac actttacaat     32400
     aaggttcatt agttaatgtt aattaatgca tttactaaga taaacaaaca atgaacaata     32460
     catctactac tgtatttgtt catgttagtt aacgttagtt aatgaaaata cagttgttca     32520
     ttgttagttc atgttaactc attgtgcatt aactaatgtc aacaagcatg cacttgaatg     32580
     ttaataatgc attagtaaat gttcaattat gatcaataaa tgctgtacaa gtgttgttca     32640
     tgattagttc atgttagtaa atgcattaac taatgaacct ttttgtaaaa tgttacctta     32700
     atgttcctct gctgagattt tcagagattc aatgtgtttt atttcagtta ataaagatta     32760
     aagataaaat cagagggcag catggtggtg cagtgggtag cacaattgcc tcacagtaag     32820
     aaggttgctg gttcaagccc tgccagggtc agttggcctt tctctggagt ttgcatgttt     32880
     tcccatgttt acgtgggttt ccttcgggtg ctccggtttc ccccacagtc caagtgaatt     32940
     gaataagcta aattggccat agtgtaggac tgagaatgag agtgtatggg tgtttcccag     33000
     tgctaggttg cggctggagg ggcatctgct gcgtaaaaca taagctggat aagttggcgg     33060
     ttcattcttc tgtgtcaact cctcaataat aaaggtacta agctgaaaag aaaatgaatg     33120
     aatgataaaa tgagaatttt aataagctaa tgatgttgtt tgtgaatttt aaagtgctta     33180
     gaatgaatgt attttatttc agttgtttct atctaatttt gtaactgaaa tcagttgtat     33240
     agttttgaga tcttagaaat ttctgttgaa caattgagtt ataaaaagta gagtaattta     33300
     taaaattacc agtaaagtga aaaaaagtat tccaaacact tttaaatgta tattggttgt     33360
     agcaccctgg aataaattat gtattgctga tagaaacaat acaaacataa caataggatg     33420
     tctaaagctg ttaaagctct gtgattttag tttttttttt aattgtgaaa atctattttt     33480
     cttttgattt ggtttaacat actgtatttc aaaatcagtc cctctttaaa tttattttaa     33540
     ggaacaatgc taatccatca gactcatcat tttatataat tgttcctctt tggtaagaaa     33600
     acaggatatg tcaccaagac ctaaagggat ctgaaagagt ggcacataaa tagaccacac     33660
     actggttgct tcatgagaac acagacttaa atgtaaaagc aatctattga ggaattgtag     33720
     aataatatag tactgtaatg caagtacttt ctttttatgt ttcataatgc aagcacttta     33780
     gttgtttatg cctataggca tgtatagtcg tagacagaac aagcctaaaa aatcccccaa     33840
     atatccccag gaaaacaacc aataatttct ttaagctttc cctgtatcat ctgttgctag     33900
     ggtaagaagt ctttagaaaa gtctttactg gacctaaaag tctgctcact gctgcccccc     33960
     tctgtctgcg ggtgctgcta catttctaca tgcttcaaaa actactccaa agcgccacct     34020
     agagcatttt cactaggttt tcagtatgtt cattgcttct gttgtcaaag aaagcttata     34080
     tatttagtgt gcagggacaa tacattattt ttacatacat tttaatgtaa acttagttac     34140
     tcaaaacgta aaattttttg tataaaattt gtaaaattat gattcttatt tggtgtaatg     34200
     cagtttatgt gtcaaaattt aatcaaagtc tcttcatatt ttcatttatt aattttcctt     34260
     tggcttagtc ccttatttat tagaggtcac cgtagcagaa tgaaccacca tttattctgg     34320
     catgttttac attgctcttt tagctgcaac caatcacttc aatttcagac tccgaacctc     34380
     ttatttatgt gtctcttcat cttttcctca gctcttctag cctgtttata cttgctgttt     34440
     tttccccata ttctctctct tgctgtcttt catctattgt gttacctaca tttctcttcc     34500
     tgtctcactt ttgccttgca gtatagcatt gctcatatat acactgattt tcattgctgc     34560
     tttttattgt accgagtggt tctgaaaaga tttgttgtag attattttga tttcccaatc     34620
     ttgtgatttt ataatgaagc ccaaaaaatt aagatgaatg ccactctggt ctcccttctt     34680
     tcttaatgta gtcacaaaag cagatgccat gaaacgttgc ataacacttt aaaaaaaata     34740
     aaaaaacatt gctatgaagt ttacataaaa aacagaaata gaaaataaca atgaaactgc     34800
     taaataaaca caatgtcagg ggccaagatg attatatata tttgttacag gataaggaaa     34860
     ataatatgag aacacaacaa aacagttttg agggctttga attaaagtaa atatttactg     34920
     ttgaaatagg atttaacatg tttatagagc acaggaagac ttagcatctt aaaatttgca     34980
     gaaagaagtt ttcaacaaaa aaaaaatcag tttattatat aatctttgtc cttgacctgt     35040
     ttagcaaagt tgtgacaacc aaataagaca tcattatgta ataaaagttg aaaatccatg     35100
     tattaaaagt ctttacagaa tatgtttagt aggctactgt gcaaaagtcc ttggtcacta     35160
     gtatttccaa aaaaaataaa aagttatttt aaaaggtttt ttctatattt tctgtagcag     35220
     tttgaaatac caatttcaat tttcaaacat tatttttgtc tttaattgta atcatacagt     35280
     gatattattg tctgcacaag gagtctgaca acagccagtg ctccacacag agatcttatc     35340
     tgataatcat ccagtctgga atgacaagaa gaaacagaag actcaatcca gaactttggc     35400
     aacataagat tcttcaaaaa acctacctgc aaaatacaca actgttcaaa gttttaggga     35460
     cttgtgtaaa atgctatgaa atgaggatga tttctaaaaa acaatgcata aatacatttt     35520
     attaaccaat taacttgtaa gattccagaa tatcagaccc tgagaactgt tatggaattc     35580
     catgagacat gaccataaga attgatatac aatacaacaa tagcctttct aatttgagaa     35640
     gaagatcatg aaagcagttg ttcaactgtt caattcaaat cactattgac aatgtaaaca     35700
     caggctggaa atatagaata caccacacca gggagtaatc cgagaaagtt cacccttctc     35760
     ctttcacctc aaacccccct tcttgaacct ttagttacct tctgatcaaa gcaaatcatc     35820
     cacatttttt acataaaatg ttcaaggttt taatatggta tatcttgcag cactatattc     35880
     atgtttggta tcattttaag tgtctctgtg taagaggtaa aatggtctta atttctctgt     35940
     aatatttcac tggtatatgt taatttggtt tttggctttg ataagatcgt tgccaaatgc     36000
     tccctttcct tagagatggt taactcctca aattcaccag gcaagggtct tggtgacact     36060
     tctaatatct tgaatatatg gctgtttgtt caaggttgag catttaagat gaatgggcac     36120
     acatatcagg ggggatcttg tagaaagaca ccccgttgca gcatctctaa gacttatgct     36180
     gcaacatact tctctggtca ggtatgcatc tataattctt tgatttatct ttgagtaatg     36240
     gattttgtat tgttacagtc tcatctatga atatgctttc tgatggtttt attatataat     36300
     tggcatagta caatgttacc tgacaattca aatgttaagt tttgatttat tctgaattct     36360
     cctgaaatct tttatatcca gtagattaag cggagcagca agaaggttac tgggtcgctg     36420
     gttcgagcct ccctcagttg gcgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgttcacc ctgcgttcgc     36480
     gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ccggttaccc ccacagtcta aatcgtgtgg ttcaggtgaa     36540
     ttggggtaaa ttgtccgtag tgtatgaatg tgtgtgtgga tgtttcccag aaatggcttg     36600
     tggctggaag ggcatccgct tggtaaaaac ttgccggata agttggcggt tcactccgct     36660
     gtggcgaccc cggattaata aagggactaa gccgacaaga aaatgaatga atgaatgaga     36720
     ttaagttgag tctgcgctac ctttatgatt cgacatgatt agattttgat tttaaggcac     36780
     atttgactgt acagaggcgt ttggtgcatg acagcatgaa gatctttaat caactaattg     36840
     ctgattctag caaaatgcat tgggcttggc tctctattct tttagggatg agtgagcagt     36900
     ttgcaaccag aatatttgaa tattagttaa tcctgcaccc tctgacaata actttagagt     36960
     gtcgacactg tccgtgagaa gataggcaaa cccagggcat gaaactctga gtggcgtttg     37020
     gtccctaatg aatgtataac tgaagagtaa gggaacagat ataaatcaaa actttaaatt     37080
     aagtcacaaa tgatgaatgt gatctgttct tacaattaga aatatagtct aaattttagg     37140
     attgccgaaa ttgaagtcag attaaattcg gagctaaaaa acaaattaac aaataaataa     37200
     attctaataa ataactaaac tcttttcaga agcactagaa aagccttaca tgcatttaac     37260
     ctttgacaat gctgttagtt tcgtcattgg gataatagat ggacttctac aagtttaaaa     37320
     catatgctgg ataagtggat ggttcattcc actgtggcaa cccctgacta atactctaat     37380
     tttagtctgt cttgccataa caaagcttca acaaagacaa aattaatatg atgaatcaaa     37440
     gagaccaagt aaagcaacca ctcttcacca taatggtgag ttctaaaaat gaaaacatat     37500
     ttgtaatcaa ttataacttt tagttctcag taaatgtaaa tgaagacttg gataagtctt     37560
     ccattgtaag tcttatttat tgcagttgat ttaatctaca gctgtgattg aagtccaaaa     37620
     tagaatataa taaatatttt tcatcatcat ttagacactt tatttaatgg aacgttattt     37680
     caactatggc tgtttagtta caccgtgtaa cattttaccg ctggatactt tgtgccctgt     37740
     gctcccctat agagccaacc actgcacagc aatcatgatc cacacaaaga agctaaatta     37800
     gctagcttga gcaactgttc atttgaatat attaatttaa aaatataaat aattggatag     37860
     taaaaaaact ttggcttgat tttgtaaaat tatgctacat aaaaaaaaaa acacctgcag     37920
     aaaacattga ataaagatgc tacttcattt cctgccaata gatggcgctt ttagaccagt     37980
     aataatccta cactgtaaga cccaataagt taatgtagct caaaccattt gaggaaaccg     38040
     attgctacaa accatttaag ttcaaaagct gatcctaatg aatactgtga acttactcca     38100
     tttgagtaca cgaagcaata tgagcagagt aaaacccaat acatgaagag aactcatacc     38160
     aactgagtac tgtaaaaccc taaaaggcag gggtctcaaa ctcaatttac ctgggggccg     38220
     caggaggcaa agtctgggtg aggctgggcc gcataaggga tttcacaaaa aaaaattcct     38280
     caaatgtcat tattaagagt tttaattatt tcttctgaac atgaagtatc ctgaacatta     38340
     atagaacatt gagtgaagat tatgaacagt tcttctgaac atggcatctt ttgcctactc     38400
     cttactgcca gagacttgac agcgcttctt ctctcaaatc tgaaccacat ttggcttaga     38460
     gcggaagcag ttgagaccct cagtatggct tgaagatgat catcattaag tctagacctg     38520
     tactttgact tattgaagtt caaggtggag aataacttct cacacaaata tgtgctccca     38580
     aaaaggccaa gtcctaggga aaaaagtggg ggaactcact caaaacttcc attccctcac     38640
     ctaaaaaaag gcgtatatat gtataaataa aatacccaca ccagtcacat cagtctgtac     38700
     cagtctgtat ctacctataa tatatataag aaagggctag aaattaactt ttttacttgg     38760
     tagcaccggt gctctcaact tcaaatattt aggagcacca aaataaattt aggagcacca     38820
     gaaaaaattt aggagcaccc gccaaaactg aatgagcacc gctgcaaatt gctttttaat     38880
     ggatttattg tattttaaaa caacatcaat aggactgaca aaaaacagaa acaactatct     38940
     aactaatgct gcgaagacat tgatatttgt gtgcaataat tccaaaatga atgtctaata     39000
     attaggccat agaaaataat aatgatgaaa atgacaataa taataacaat gaattacatt     39060
     tctcattatg atactgcctt gaatgtgcat taatgtaggt tatctgctat aaaaagtctg     39120
     ttactttatg aaaaataatt gtatagtttg catcaaacaa aaatgaagca ttgcagtaag     39180
     aaatatttat tttgtactgc tgtttttata tgcatgtcaa tttaataaat aatatttctg     39240
     ctacaaaaca aacaaaagat tataataaat cattcaattc aatgatgaaa gctgcaaagc     39300
     agtcatcagt atataaaaat aataataata tacaacttaa aaaaagaata gacaaaagaa     39360
     agaaagtaaa gtctcacttc tatcactctt taaaagtttt ggtttcagtt tgtgtcaatt     39420
     taacggttca gtcttttgtc tattcatgtt tgtggaaaag ctggcgagtc agccgaccca     39480
     atttatgagc aggcagcgca agattcttgc gaataccacc ggcgtaatac cgctgtttgt     39540
     tatgagacgc agtttcagtg taaacttagt aaatgcgagc tgctttggcg atatgtacag     39600
     tagtagattt gacctttagc ggacatttgc gctgaacacg cagtgaatgc gacgcatgga     39660
     gattcgggcg ccttctccaa gaagcgcgta ctcgattgat ctcagctggt ggatcattat     39720
     tcaccacgtg acgtgtcatg attgctctca tctgcacctc aattttaggt ggggtttgca     39780
     aacctgtgtg ctttaagttt ttactcttca gccgtttgca tttcccgtgg tcataaaagc     39840
     tccttccctg tcatctgaca gcggaatagc ttgagtgatt gacagctatt aatatgaacc     39900
     aatatagcgg cagggaagag cgattcagca cgtttttaca aaaaatcaaa acaggtcgca     39960
     ctacaaccat tatcagcagt cgcactaatg cgcccaaata tattatgagg tcgcatagat     40020
     taattttcgg gcgcatatgc gaccaaaatg ttcgcaattt cgagccctgt aagatgcagg     40080
     ctgtagctag gtagctaagg tggcaggcag gggcgggaac agcttacctt ggttctggcc     40140
     agcgcgagtt cccgtcacag cgtctaacaa aggggcgggg tacgtggtga cgccaccggc     40200
     atccccgccc ctttgtttaa acggcgggcg gggaatgcca gtgaccgctg tgtacagata     40260
     gaatcagcgg agccgctccg ctgattctgt cagtgtacag cggtcggcgc gggccacaaa     40320
     atattgcact gagggccgca aatggcccac gggccgcgag tttgagaccc ctgctataag     40380
     gcaaatcaaa ccccttgagg aaactgattg ccacaaacca tttgagttaa aaaaaaaact     40440
     aatctatctg agtactgtga acttacttca ttttagttga agtaatgagt taattaagtg     40500
     attaagcaag tgttgattga gcattaataa tgaacacctg ctgttaacat atagaattac     40560
     tgaagagaaa cactaaacta cagctgcttc agtcacagcc ttaaagggct atgacacccc     40620
     ccactttcgg ttgaggtcta cctcagaatt ttttcaaaag atgcatcata atgggcatgg     40680
     agctccacga ttagaggcag gagtgggggc atggctagca gagccagaga gaaggagggg     40740
     agcgaacaac tgttgtcagt tagctcacaa aatgagacac aaactgtgag gagacccatg     40800
     attttatagt ttacaaagtt aaaatgcaaa gaaataaaca gtaatttaat gccttgcttc     40860
     atttgttatt tgtaatttca tacacataac cacaatttat acaattttaa agataatcgt     40920
     gtttatatag gagcgaagca gtggcgcagt agatagtgct gtcgcctcac agtaagaagg     40980
     tcgctggttc gaacctcggc tcagttggcg tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccctg     41040
     cgttcatgtg ggtttcctcc aggtgctcag atttccccca cagtccaaag gcatgcggta     41100
     caggtgaatt gggtaagcta aattgtccgt agtgtatgag taggtgtgtg gatgtttccc     41160
     agagatgggt tgcggctgga agggcatctg ctgcgtaaaa acttgctgga taagttccac     41220
     tgtggataaa ttcattccac tgtggtgacc ctggattaat aaagggacta agctgacaag     41280
     aaatatatta atcgtgttta tataaacagt aaattaggac tttccctcaa tccctgggtc     41340
     taaatgcaga ctcagtgcag caggtctctt gccctgtcta ttttaaccat tagccctgct     41400
     ggtaatctaa aggatctggg caaacacagc atgtgtctac atgtaaacga actcgtactg     41460
     cttttttgat ctcgtactgc tctcccgaca aaaatgcttg ctgcaaacaa tgaactttgc     41520
     tgtatcggcc ctggcagcat cgcagggaaa aacatgcatc aaaccccgtg gatcatggaa     41580
     acaaatacat atgacccttc atggacagct aaatactgta tgctgttgat ccgtggatgc     41640
     ggtttcaccc agtcatcaac gaagggtctc gcagccggaa agcatgcgca gtcatgaaaa     41700
     atttaggaac aggctctact catagtataa gaaaactcag ctatgattaa tgagaaacca     41760
     cagttgcagt tttgcgatac gtcgccgatt ttgatcccgc cccaaaaatc attttaaacc     41820
     cggaagataa attagcttac ataaagctaa aaattatcca gtttttccta caattaaagc     41880
     taacaggtgc taacattatc ttaactgatg ctcaacacac acaaatctgt taaaatctcc     41940
     aaaaaagtac tccagggttt cgtgaacctt taaaagaaat aaaacacatt caatctctta     42000
     acatttatcc agagaatcat taaacaactc cacaaacagt atcaacagca tccttattac     42060
     taacttggtt gagtttgtct ttgtcaaatg aaattctctg aaaataataa ttttcttaga     42120
     catcaccgct ggtgctgatg taaacagtgt ttgctttata gggatcttta ctttattccc     42180
     catattagtt attctttggc ttcttagtta ttctaactat gtgttattgc aagcgtaata     42240
     agaagagaaa attaaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     42300
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgacatat ttcttgtggc agtgcatgtt     42360
     gggagccatg aatgagtttt gaatgattct cccagcatgc actgcaagat gatgtctcta     42420
     tcttttaatt ggttttgaaa ttaagaaaat attcatgtat gtttgtaatg aagcccttaa     42480
     taaagtatag ttaaattaag catctacttt attctctact tcacatccaa taccatacca     42540
     tcaacttaat tatatatcta ttaaataaca atgattctgc aatttaacct tatatctctt     42600
     gtaggctgag aaaatattat atgctattcc ttctatgcta atgaaggact actgagacat     42660
     tccaagcatg ggataggtcc tcctggtgtg gcagagttcc tctatatgct tacaataacc     42720
     atgtgctttt caccatacat aattcatttg ctcgtgatct tccttcatat aactttgtca     42780
     tgtttggtgt catttgacag tttatgactt atgtgttgta gtggtgaaat caaccgagac     42840
     actgattgat tatattttaa tatacaatat atttactatt gttgagtcat ggcctgagga     42900
     gagtatgtta atgttctact cccccacttt atctcctcaa cttggctctc atgttcatct     42960
     ggttttggga gttggttttc acccatgttt gacaatgctt tgctcagggt ataataagga     43020
     aagataacgg ttgatcgggg agaatggctt ttactctcca tttccggcac accggtgcgt     43080
     agcctcatat gttaataaag gcagtttcac tgtctttgtt cctcagcagt gcatatgtta     43140
     cagctaattt ctttatacag tgtgctagtt tgtttcattc taatgtctgt atttaaacat     43200
     gtaacttaat aaacaacttt aactgcttta agcttcgaga ttctttctct gtatcaatga     43260
     tgataacaac tttaatggag tcagattaag ttaaaaggga gtgagataaa taatgaattt     43320
     aaacacgcca tcccttcaac tgctttctgt tttcgactat tggttcagat tggttcttgc     43380
     aaagggctgt tgtagacgtc tgacagaaac aaaaccagca ggttagtata agtgaagctg     43440
     ttgataatgt ttaatgatct tctgctttta agagattaaa tgtgttttga gttcctcttc     43500
     agggattctg caagttaaca gcagctgctc gtcattgaca ttgagttcaa aactttttaa     43560
     atgagtaaaa ttaactttca gtaaactttg agttaactac actcattttt tatttgataa     43620
     atcagactgt tgggttttac aatgtatcat gtagctgtgt cattaagctg tgctgcagaa     43680
     ttacctatag tataaaaagt ttagatgttt aataactgca aataagatca actaaatgat     43740
     caccataatt acactacaat aaaaacctga tcccaaacct gcccatttac acttggtcac     43800
     ccaatttttt tttttttgtt ttttttgatc ggatagatat aagtttataa ttgagataat     43860
     ttttaattca ttcattcatt tactttttgg ctcagtcccg ttatttatct ggggtcgcca     43920
     cagtgcaatg aaccaccaac ttatccagca tatgttttac gcagcagaag cccttctagt     43980
     cgtaacccgt cactgggaaa catccataca ttctcattca cactcataca ctacaaacaa     44040
     tacagtttac ccaattcacc tatagcgcat gtctttggac ttgtggggct aactggagca     44100
     ccaaaagaaa acccaagcga acatggggag aacatgtaaa ctctaatcag aaatgccaac     44160
     tgtcccagct ggggcttgaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgattgt gctacccact     44220
     gagaccatcg tgctgcccca cccagattat gttatataca aattaattga aaccctttat     44280
     agtttgcaat gatgttttac acatctgtat gacaaaaata ggtgtttcat ttagactata     44340
     atacttataa agtaatcact gagcctgccc tgtgcgcttg tgatgatctt ttacagccta     44400
     catataaaat aatttgcatg ccgaatatgg tagcttacaa tttcgtaaat aataaataaa     44460
     atgcaatgta ctttgtgatt tggtctatgt aacctaggta aatttgcata tagcacagga     44520
     tctgaagatt gtattgaaag aattgtatcc atttagcagt ctcattcata tggtctacag     44580
     taaaaactca tcattgttga gattcatata ctgattcttg atgtttgtgt gtttaaaggg     44640
     attcagatgt tcaatgtgtt attataaatt tatagaagca ctactgattc tccttctgcc     44700
     taaacactgg actattatta ttaccagtca agtcaaacaa gaaccatttt aacatcacag     44760
     ttccaaatta aacaaacttg aaaaaagcaa tcaaatcatt gcaatatttg ttcatctgat     44820
     tacaaccttt taaactaaca tggaaaacaa tcctaaccac tggtctgttt tccacaatga     44880
     tgatagaaaa acatgttttc tattaataat taaaatagtt atttcttgaa aaatctcact     44940
     ataaagtttt tatgatgtta ggcaggaata aagtcaaact gttgttttta gttgatttaa     45000
     tgcaatgctg tgtcactgta tgaccaatat ggtccttatg aatgtttcct attgggctcc     45060
     acattagacc cagttagatt atttattcat tcatttttac tttggcttag tccctttatt     45120
     cataaaatgt ccaggtgata gagctttttc agtagcagct ccaagactct ggaatgatct     45180
     ttcactcttc ttatgaacag ctcaaacttt tgagtctttt cagaggtcac tgattacaca     45240
     ctcatttcct ttagctttta accatgtgat gtgagtttat atcttggttt tgtgcaggcc     45300
     cggattggct aatcgggagg accgggagaa ttcccggtgg gctgatccgt ttttttggcc     45360
     gcgagggctg gtgtccctag ctccagaatc tgttgctctc agcagtcaca ctttttaaat     45420
     taatttattt atttacttga ccacagcctt cttattcatt attttaccac agctgtgctc     45480
     tttttatcta ttttctcgca gcctcgtgag caggatgcac cctgcaggtt aatgatgata     45540
     taactcagat gagtcacatt tcattgcaca ttagattacg acggctccga cctgggtttg     45600
     atcctcatct gagtaaacta tttatttatt ttttattttt ttttattgtt aagacataca     45660
     atactgttag ggttgttgaa catttgaagt tctaaagcag ctgttttctc aaaaaaaaaa     45720
     aaagatgtga tagtttaatt agaaactgaa ttggaaatga ccttatttta atatagtcag     45780
     tcgtgaactg aggtgggctg gtctgaggct tgaaactcca gggctgaaaa ggagtcccat     45840
     tccagccctg gttttgtgta tatttgcatg tgttttatgt gttttatgta cagcactttg     45900
     gtacccattg tggtttgtta gaaataaatt gagttaagtt gagttcatca ggggtcgcca     45960
     caacggaatg taccaccaac ttatccaaca tacgttttaa acagcggatg ctcttccagc     46020
     tgcaacccaa ttctaggaaa caaccataca cactcattta caaacaaata cagccagctt     46080
     acccagttct cctgtactgc actgcaggag aaactggagc acccaaagga aacccacgcc     46140
     aacacaagga gaacatgcaa actccaaaca gaaatgccaa ctgactcagc tgggactcga     46200
     accagcaacc ttcttgctgt gaggggagag tgctaaccac tgagccatca tgtcgccccc     46260
     cagtcagatt atatgtgaga ttatgagata attaagatat ggctcataga gaattcatgg     46320
     acaaacccat atggttccac atatcaatgt tggctgaaat tataaataaa ataaaaaaga     46380
     aaacgtacca caaatcaaac ataattttgc aacattgagt gcatttacgt agaccatttt     46440
     aatgctaata taatttgatt ttgacaaaag tgtgacaact ttacgtcaca ctcatggaat     46500
     acttcaatct aagcaatagt aggtataacc ttaacaggtg gtgcatgcca cttttgaagt     46560
     atgcaggcat ataagcacct taattgcatt tttgcctttc tgaccaaagt gtgcatgtgc     46620
     acaatggtgg cagtaaagtg cgatatgtgg aattcacttt caaaattata ggctgtgtgt     46680
     ctcgcttggt tctcatttgg gactttcacc taatcaaatg ccatgggcat cataattgat     46740
     ttaccgaata aatgtacaaa actttaacca tgcttatttt gactgtgact ggcaatgatt     46800
     ttaccacaca gcagcacagc ttgtatatca gtcctgttaa attcagtccc tggagggcca     46860
     taaccctgca gaatttagtt ccaacattta cctgtaggtt ttaaacaagc ctgaagggtc     46920
     agatatgttt agttagtgtt aaagctaaac tctgcagggc tgcgggtagc caccaacctg     46980
     atttcaccaa gtagcacata gaacaacatt ccaatcagcc aatcagaatt aagggacacc     47040
     tttacagttt atgttaaccc tctaccacac ataatttaat ggtacatgac aaaatgattc     47100
     cacatgattt tttggttctt ttgggaacat tttactgtta aaagttgttt ttggattgag     47160
     cccccacccc aaccccaaaa ttagtttttg ttgctttaag gcaactttat gcaacaatgg     47220
     tacagaatca catgggaaat tcttcacata ttgtatatca aatatcatga gtcagtgatc     47280
     agagagcaat aataatttac aaatcttaat caaattgtaa cagaatcgtt aaggatatag     47340
     ggaacaacac atacaacata tacagtgctc agcataactg actacacccc attttaaaaa     47400
     ttattatttt atccatttat ctgagaatat aggtcatata ttttagtgca tttgtacaaa     47460
     acagatttat taaactgata tatttattaa aataatattt tattcaccga acatctttag     47520
     aaatagaaga taatacaatt aaataaatgt gaaatattgg gaaaaaatta caaactacaa     47580
     aatgacaaca aaatttgata tatatatttg tttttgttga attttgctct tttacatttt     47640
     ttgttcaata tttttctcta acatatcaat ttaggggtac aaattttggc ccattatcat     47700
     aaattatttt gttagattag ccatagatct aatattaatt taaatgagag atttgtgagg     47760
     ggtgtactca tatatgctga gcactttata tagtggttta tcactggtct atatatttga     47820
     cccctatttt tgtgtgctgc cagctgtgta aactgatcac ttataaatga tagtcagtgc     47880
     tactttttga atttctgtat atatttttta aacttctgct caaaccttgt tctcctcact     47940
     gtcactatat cttattgtac tcagatggga tttgtctaac tctggaatcc tactctttac     48000
     ttctataaaa caagcttaca tacgtttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt tatttttttt     48060
     tgccaaatat gtaaaaaaaa aaaagtaaaa ttaaatgaaa tataatacaa tatgtaataa     48120
     tgataatatg tgaaaatgcc cactcgtaat gtcagtaaat acatcttgaa aagtaccact     48180
     tatcgcacaa cgctgcccta aggcaacaaa tagaaaaaat taatttctta acatgtaaaa     48240
     taaaataaaa acttcataaa acctgacaaa aggcttttcg ctacttcaca aatggacaca     48300
     ttttttgtat agtttatgtt aatttaatta aggttaatta agcaagtaat cttaacttct     48360
     catatgtgct cctgtcacca tgagtaagaa aatgaagctc caccttcaaa cggtgctaga     48420
     aagtgacttt cacaccttat tggacatttt attaatactt tttcttacat tttaattgtt     48480
     tgcaatcttt ttaagaaatc tgtgcttagc acgagcttta agaaaacgtt ctgttgcctg     48540
     agggcaatgc tgtgctgtgg tttatgactt tgtttgttac ccaataatta ttcccctctg     48600
     attttaagaa taatttacag ttatgattgg atttaggggt agggaacagg tattgattac     48660
     attttcaaac aaatattatg tccaggataa acgttaaaga tgataaagat gttgtcaatc     48720
     caggatcaca tcgttcttgg taaaaaaaat gacatgtgca ggtggccctt taggtttgac     48780
     actgttgcac atcctcagct ccaggggtgc atgaacagaa atcgcttgta taactttact     48840
     catctggaga caaacaagtt cacatatatc tatgaacgaa atcagtgaca ttttgaagcg     48900
     ttgcctccac tctgaattgc taaactctgt tgaacacaac tcactgcctc atactcatca     48960
     acaaaaaagc atgtaggccc agctgaagtg gcatcgacat cacatttcta tcaacattat     49020
     ttttaaatgc acagaataca gccataaata gacaaattaa ttaaaacagc agtcagtaac     49080
     acctactctt ttgttccatc atttgtgttg tgtgtgtcat gtaaataact ttaatacgac     49140
     cgatgaataa tggtaattgc atgtaagcaa gattggaaag cttgctcttg tgtaaacatt     49200
     gtgattaagt ccttaggcta ctctgattat tggaaatact tccattattt gcacataaat     49260
     gtagtctttg tttaaccatg gtggtatttg tagtaaaact gtggttatat aaatgataat     49320
     gacacatgaa tgattgataa aattgtgata ggatgatgca aaacagctaa aacattaatg     49380
     aggtactata taatgatgcg ctgtaccttt aagagcggaa gcagctcctg ttctctcctc     49440
     caccctccgc tctgctcaat gacgctctac aacatcgaac acacgaatga acggatgagt     49500
     taaaaacagg taaaatacat actatccttt atttaagtat gttcatgtaa atgcttttga     49560
     tgcatcgttt tgtcgcttaa actaagagga caacaggggc agtttctcac ctatcgtcgt     49620
     gacgatgctg aaacacctag tgccttttgc atggaaggag aaggaaagcg gacagctggc     49680
     tcagtgtcgt gtaattagac gacagacaag cattcctgat aaagggaaaa tttcgttgtc     49740
     tcgatcttat atataagcta gtttaacgtt tgctgtttga cagtctcaaa tacgtgagct     49800
     tatgtttcat gtcctgtttc gtggataaaa gtagtccaat atctgtattt ctcatttctt     49860
     caaatgtaag tatttaaatt tgtttgatca tataatagtg atgttcagtc aatgatgaca     49920
     tatgacgtca tgcagggctc cagcagtggg tctggagagg cagcggatat gatgttaacg     49980
     ggaatcacca tctgccatcc gcagcatcat agccttaagt gtcagcggat ccgctgtaac     50040
     ctaaaccagg ctttatctca acataaccaa cataatcgtt aattatatca aataaaaact     50100
     ggtttattta gcatatattt aataatattt taggtatgtc tatttttcac aattaaaaag     50160
     tcacactgtc tcactcacac acaaagttta atatttatgt gattgttctg tctacagtaa     50220
     ttcattaaag agggtaaatg aagtgagggt ccttactgaa tcgtataatg gaagtcagca     50280
     gctgttggca tgttgagagt aaaaagatgt ataaagacaa agcaaaagaa ataaatgtgt     50340
     attatgcatg tgcccttaca acagtcaaac ttctttctca aaataatgta tgcacagact     50400
     cagacgtgtc tgaccctgtt aacgtctttt aaaagaaaag tgtgtgatgt gtagaataaa     50460
     gttgcagtgt ctaggagaag cacaagtacc gttttgatga acaaaacgtt gcctactttc     50520
     acattttttg ttgcaaaaaa aaaaaaatat tctcacatgt caacttgtgt ttggcactgt     50580
     catgcagaga tgtgtgatgt cattgcgaga actatgatat taatacatat tgttgataat     50640
     cagcatcatc ataaaaacaa tcagggtcta ttgtgtttaa gaagttccaa atactttgcg     50700
     ttaagaagag tcaaaacccc acttttaata aaatattttt ttatttaaaa ttcattttgt     50760
     taatgaacat ttgtaaagta caattctgtc aaataacttt tgtgttcact gaataaaagc     50820
     aaacaattta attaaggggt aaataaggaa tatcacaagt taattaagca aataattcaa     50880
     cacattccac acacacaaca catcataaca caccaaatgc attttaaaaa ctgactagta     50940
     ttatacagcc ttctgttaga tttgtttagt agcgtttcag acaatgttca cattttagag     51000
     cttttagtcg agctcggcga tatgacaaaa acttcatgtc atggtatctc atatcctgct     51060
     agtgatatct atcacaatac agtaatattt ctgtggattc aatcaattca tagtttatat     51120
     tgaccatgtg cgaaagacat tttataaact cagaactgta ctcaattatt tgtgattgta     51180
     tttctctatt tagtacttaa gggtaaatgt ttaattaaaa gtgtagaaat ataaaaatta     51240
     tgaaacactt taaaaaaact aatgattaca ttaattatca taacaataca aatattgcta     51300
     aataagattg aaaatgtaaa cattgtactt tgaagattgc aatttttaca agatgctgtt     51360
     attcatgttt tgtcttttga attgttcatg ccacataaac tatcacattg cacagctata     51420
     tttatgagct ctttactgta tatccaatgt attcggagcg ttaagtcacc gaaaagagaa     51480
     gtgatcacta gatttaaata ggcctagtat gaaggctgca caatatatca tttgagcatc     51540
     gatatcgcag tgtgtgtatt cacaaagtag ggctaagcaa tttggcaaaa aatcatatta     51600
     atcgaacatt aatgctcgat taatcgaaca tttaaactcg attacgatta atgaacgatt     51660
     attttggtta tttattttat tttttggcca ttatagttca ctgacaggtt ttgtactgta     51720
     aatatgctca catattacaa gtgagagatt tttgaataaa gggtgcatta cttgatttca     51780
     aaataactta tggaaacaca cactatctac tatctataat tatttatgga acattaacat     51840
     tgaacaactg aaattaaaac acatttttca agcaaacctt taaagcaaac aaacaacgca     51900
     attcatatat ctattcatat atatattcat atcgatatac attgcagaaa aacaatatat     51960
     cgcaatgtca gattttttta atatcaagca gccctacctg gaatacaata acatgaaaaa     52020
     agttaatatg atagcattta gtgctgcgca atatatcttt tcagcatcga tattgcaatg     52080
     tatgcattca caatagtgac attgcataga tatgctgtgc tgagttagga ttaaatttga     52140
     gcaagacaca gttcagaaac cgagatttgt ggattcactg cagtgtttaa ccacaatgaa     52200
     gtgaaaaggc ctgagagaga tttaaagtat tcaggcaacg ttcaataaaa aatacattta     52260
     ttgcattatt tatacaataa agacttttta gtgtactttt tacatttata tttacaaaac     52320
     cacaattgta gtttgcattt cattttatgc attattcact tccctacaga attatcccaa     52380
     tgtaaatgaa tacatatggt aacatattta gtaaccagtg ctcactatat taattaattg     52440
     cttaatagca tgtatattac tgaaatgttg actgcttatt agtgctaata atcgaaatat     52500
     tctgcatgat tttattctac atcccgaatc caatacgtaa actaccttat tataaaatca     52560
     gaagttgatt aaagcaaagt cataattaat ggtttgatca tagcaagaag tgaaaaatga     52620
     tgcgtgacta taacttattt cctagtgcta ttcaatcatt tggtgaaatt gtagatgcag     52680
     tatatcacaa taaatattgc aaaaaaataa aatatcacaa tgtcatattt tttccaatat     52740
     cgtgcagccc caattacatt tttgcacaca caaaaatatt ttcaaacatt ttttgtctct     52800
     tcttggcaaa cccaacttaa tttctgatgg ttttcagtgc atttatttgg cttaactttc     52860
     tgtttatttt tgttttaggt ttgtgaggcc tgtttgattc tgaacactat ggagcaggtt     52920
     tgagcgtgct gtatttcaca ttgtctctta ccaactattc gttctccatc aagatggcat     52980
     catgtgtttc cggctgttct ccagtgatga ggttctgtca gaagctgaac aggctaaaaa     53040
     ccctggacga cgatgtaatg gcaacttcac tgaaacgctg tctgaacaca gtggaccttg     53100
     ctctgcttgg tgtaggtgga atggtgggtt caggcctgta tgttctcaca ggaactgttg     53160
     caaaagacac ggcaggaccc gctgtagtga tatctttcct tatagctgga gtagcatcac     53220
     tgatggcagc gctgtgctat gctgaatttg gcgctcgtgt accaaagaca ggctctgctt     53280
     acatgttcac atatgtttct gttggcgaaa tctgggcatt cctgattggc tggaatgtca     53340
     ttttggagta tatgattggc ggagcggcgg tagctcgtgc atggagtggc tatttggact     53400
     ctatctttaa tcaccgcatc cagaacttca cagaaagtca tgtgatgcgc tgggaagtgc     53460
     cctttcttgc tcattaccca gacctcctag cggctgcaat ccttctagtg gcttcctttt     53520
     tcatttcatt tggagttcgt gtctcgtctt ggcttaacca catattttcg gccatcagta     53580
     tggtggtcat tgtgtttatt ttggtgtttg gcttcatatt ggccgatcct gtcaattgga     53640
     gcgctcggga gggaggcttt gccccgtttg ggctttcggg tatcatggcg ggaactgcaa     53700
     catgcttcta tgcttttgtt ggctttgacg tgatcgcagc ttccagcgag gaggccagta     53760
     atcctcagag ggccattcct gcagcaactg ccatctcatt gggtcttgcg gccacagctt     53820
     atgtccttgt gtccacagtg cttacattga tggttccatg gcacacgctt gacccaaact     53880
     cagctctctc ggatgcgttc ttcagacgag gttatagctg ggctgggttt attgtggctg     53940
     tgggatccat atgtggtgag tatgacttaa ttattgacat ataatctttt aaaggacagt     54000
     tgcagatctt tatttataaa ggtggttgtt tgatatatta ctacttctat atacatttaa     54060
     atcacagcac atgatgtaaa ctaatatact tttaatagtc acttatttta tgcaatattt     54120
     acaacaaatt cataagtgaa tagtggtata gtagcgacac aaataatata agcaaattaa     54180
     ttttcacgag gcaacagcat cacatcattt taggaatgtg tgcatcatga tatgtttggt     54240
     aatttcacta tcctgataaa aaaataataa taatgataat tccaaaataa aataacattt     54300
     ttaaaaatct tataggaata actgcatttt agtcttgata aggttgcgtg ttacttttat     54360
     taaaagtacc agtaaagact aggcatgggc cggcataaga ttgtgatggt atgatatcct     54420
     tggataaaga tatcactgta acacggtatt gttattttct ctaaaataac ttctttttaa     54480
     atgtttgggt acaaaaacaa caactttttt cacccattga acacaatata ttttatttta     54540
     agaaactttt aagatatttt ggaccagtag tttttgattt ggagggtcct tttctgctaa     54600
     aactattgtt gtcctaaaaa aaattgttac aaaaaacatg taaaaaagta gtaaaaaaac     54660
     aacaactgtt catataccat tggaacgata taacagaaaa ttctggtagt tttaaaactt     54720
     tgacttttcc aaaccactgt acatcttgaa atctgttatc gttccatact tagtaaagac     54780
     ctatataata tttttaaata tttatattta ttttatttat ttattttaaa tagttaagtt     54840
     aatcctattt ttttatgatg aattcttata tgcctttagc attgataata ggaaatgttg     54900
     cttgagttct tagtcagcat tttagaatga ttgaatgatg atgatgatga tgatgatgat     54960
     gatgatagac agtagatgac agtaatggtt gttgaaaatt caggtttgtt gtcacaggaa     55020
     taaacaaacg aatgaaggaa tgaacaaacg aatgaacaaa caaacaaata catctcgctt     55080
     taacattatt aattcttcaa atatttctca ttgcaagaaa actgtattag ctatgtatat     55140
     gctaaatgag tgtaacttgt tttttgttga ggagaaaatg aatactatct aactactccc     55200
     ttatgaagtg aaaactattt ctgtaaataa accataaagg gcctgtaaag aatagtttag     55260
     ctagttaata gtttttttgt ttgtatattt tgttaaaatt gtcaaattaa ttctatttgg     55320
     tgcattaaat gtttacttag aaaatatttc aatagtaaat gatacttcca taatacttaa     55380
     tatttcagat tccttcctct tcaacttttg ctttatttaa attgctgtaa ttagaaaaaa     55440
     taaaattctg attttgttag ttgggaactc ctgtttaagt tgacccaaaa ttatagtagt     55500
     ctctaatatt gttatcttga aattaggcat ggggtgactt tctgacagta tgataaccta     55560
     ggattaaaat atcatggtat cattgtattg tgattactgc tctaaaatta gttcttttta     55620
     aatgtctggg aaaaaaacaa caacttttcc ccgtattgaa aacaatatat tttactttaa     55680
     gaaacattta gaatattttg gagcagtaaa catgtcaggc taaataattg aaaaagataa     55740
     ttgactttta cttgtttcat tagtctctgg aaaacttgaa aaggcatctt tggatatttt     55800
     tctttctttg ggtttaaata agccagtgca ctgttcaaat ctagaccact gttcagattt     55860
     atagcaattt ttaaatgttt tctgaatcat gtgttgaaga aaatgttgcc ctaatatata     55920
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     55980
     tatatatata ttagtacaaa gccccattta cactgccagt taaatgtgat tttctgtgtc     56040
     atatgtgaca cagatcggat ctgttctatg aaaaaaatgc atgcattcgg atattcagaa     56100
     attggtttca ggcctccttc atatgtggaa ataaatcaga tataaattgg atatgtggca     56160
     atgtgactat catgtaaact ggcagatcgg atttaaggca ttcctttttg tacgtcatta     56220
     aatttggaca atatggtact tctctgaggt ttaatggcgt agaaggaaga gcgtgtggag     56280
     acgccgacta gagatgcgcg gatgggctat tatttcatcc gcaaccgcat gacaaaattc     56340
     atcatccgtc cgccatccat ccgcagtaac atttttgacc aatttttaaa accgcacccg     56400
     cccgccatct gctgattggg ctctttattt gaatggctta ttccttttta ttattaaatg     56460
     aatgtttctt tattgatcag tatagaatag agaatgactt taatgcagac atgcagttaa     56520
     tccaaacgtg caagtcatta attgacgacg atttgaagtg acgctaaaga tacgaggacg     56580
     tgtcttttca cttgattcga ttcctcggtc cttgagtctt ttccttgcgt ccttccctcg     56640
     tatcccggtg gggtggaaac acgaggaaag aaagcaagga aaggaaacga ggatgcacaa     56700
     ataagaaatg agaagcaccc gagctctcag aatatcagca gtgaactccg tctccaatcg     56760
     gcgcacaggg acaaaagtaa ataaatagcc taaattaaac ggactgtact atacaacttt     56820
     ttttattgta gcctaataga aaacgcattg acacatcatt tcaacatgct gctatttagc     56880
     ctactactaa atgcatattt cactttattt tttagtaaat agatagaata ataagtcatt     56940
     tacattatag cctaataatg tttacatttg tagttgtcca tagcaacccc aaaaacgtaa     57000
     ctgcttgcct tgcacatcta attaatgggc acagtttttc gactattttt ttatttattt     57060
     attttttatt ttttgctgtg gatgtaattg agcttgtaga aatcggaaac aacaccagtt     57120
     ctgcgacaag atgaaccttt atttatatct ctatcagaca atacctattt tatatgccaa     57180
     aagaaacaac aggcagtaaa aaaatattaa cataaatatc ttaatgtagg cataggctat     57240
     agtcgcatgc tttggcaaac agttgaaaat ttttttaatg aaaacgtcat atcgtgccta     57300
     agccttgtag gctcagtcac ccccacaatt agaaattaaa ttacaaaaat agatttgcca     57360
     tccctctttg agcgaacata aagtctgagc aggctaagtg catgtatgac aagtgcccca     57420
     ataacccatg gatttaggat tatccccatt cccctcaaac ttgaagcata acaaaatact     57480
     acgccagttg cgacaaagaa attctggcaa cataacctcg gaacgtaaaa gcgaggccaa     57540
     catgtctaga atagaatagg ctaaaccaat atgaacgtaa aattatcagc tgctgctgac     57600
     cgaactcaaa agtttatatt gaacatatgt gtagcctaaa taacataggc taattggttt     57660
     aatatgcctg accttaggtc tagtttgatt tttttcttgg cacaatgcag gaataaaata     57720
     gcatctactg tgtcaggatt cagacaggag cgcctgcata gccactataa tgcgccctgc     57780
     tgcactgaag gagcgctcgc tcgcagcact tgttgctgaa atgcatagaa ttctcttgga     57840
     aaggtgctgt agtcgtggga atgactggcc ttatttctcc caaagggaag tagattttcc     57900
     tctgctgatc cgtctatacg gaagtttgta gaggaatact tctgtacttc atccagaatt     57960
     agtgtatccg attcctcctc ccattctgtg aagtcagtcc taggcttttt cgttggtgcg     58020
     ccagctatgc ctataaaaac agtacaaccg tattttttcg taacatcatc cgcccgatcc     58080
     gcggtttatc cgcggagtct gcggctataa ccgccaaccg cgcatctcta atgccgacgc     58140
     gttaaacaac aacaacacag gaaacatgga ggaggaaaat ggtcagtccc cacaatttgc     58200
     ttccaccaga cctgagatct ctctcgtacc ctcaaattcc tctgaatggt gaaggacacc     58260
     atagataaac tatagctgca agctgcgatg accgcccttt ccctcctcct tctccacctc     58320
     aaaatcattt taaagttggg cgaacttcgc atatttcaca gagctaaaag caagagaatt     58380
     tcttccatcg tagctagtgt cgtgcagatg ctagaacctg cctttatgca tgcacaacat     58440
     cgtaaattgt atggcaagtg taaacacatg aattggattt gggtcacaat taaaagaaca     58500
     tgtaaacgga caggcaaaaa agtcagatat aggcaacaaa tcggaatagg gaatcaagac     58560
     cggacagtgt aaacagggcc ttacatatac cttcaaacgg tgtaacagat aatgtttgtg     58620
     gttttaaagc actaactttt ccaaaccaag gtaaaccttg aaaccagtta ttgtgccatg     58680
     cctacttgtt acatacaaat taagactttg ttcatctgtt gactaaatat aacaaatctc     58740
     cttcatctag ccatgaacac tgtgttgctc agcaaccttt tctctctccc gcggatcgtg     58800
     tacgccatgg cggaggatgg cctcttcttc tctgtgtttt cccgtgtcaa ccctgtaacc     58860
     aaagtcccag tgatcgccat tctcgttttt ggcagcctta tggcgatcct tgccctcatc     58920
     tttgatctag aagctctggt ccagttcctc tctataggca ctctgcttgc ttacactttt     58980
     gtagcagcca gtgtcatagt gctccgcttc caaccggata aaagcaacgg gagttcagga     59040
     gcaggtgggg tcaagaccga tgcttcatcc acaccttcag gaaaccagtc agggcagcag     59100
     atggatctat ctgtggcagc aaatgaagcc cagacatttg cgcaggatgg tggagagctg     59160
     aaggagtatg agtctttctc tgataaactt caattggtgg agaggcaaaa ggcagggaag     59220
     gagaaacggg ctcctgggat gctgaaggct cgctgggagc catatttagg tcgattgctg     59280
     ggcgactgtg agcctggtga agtggtggcg ttctctgtgc tcgctctgat ggtcagtgga     59340
     gtctctctta gtgctgtgtt ggtgtttggg attaaccagc tgcatctgcc tgtgtggagc     59400
     ttcaccctgc ttctggtcat cttcagtgtc gtcttcctgc tcagtctggc tctcatctcg     59460
     gtccatgaac agcggcccaa ccttaagact tttcaggtga gtttaaaata tcacaggatc     59520
     agtccaattc tcaaatgttt aaataatcgt aatgttggtt gcttaggagt tggttgttac     59580
     cttttattgc ttaaagtcag cattaaatca aaatccaagt agtctatttt actagcgcac     59640
     attgtaactc ttaaagagac caattatgcc tctttacaaa atataaaata agcctctaat     59700
     gtctatagaa tgtttatata aagttttagc ttaaaatact gcacaagtaa tgttttataa     59760
     cccttttagg ctttgatctt aattgtgcca tgttggtgac tgtgctttta gccttctttt     59820
     caaaactggg cggagttata agtgcctatg tgtcagaata gtgacagatt caaaaacaag     59880
     actaacgttc aatgctaatt agagagagag tgggtggggc tttcccctct gataacatgt     59940
     acaaagggag agtgtcaatt atctgcagac tgtttttatc aagtgtgata aacattcaca     60000
     ttcattgctt tggttatctt gaatcaaaat ccatttgttt ctcctatgga ataccagtca     60060
     ttcccttatg atgtcacttt gacagcttga cagcattcta caaccaaggc tatgtccata     60120
     ctaatacatt ttcagaaaaa aaaattataa taattttttc tccatttggt tttctgtcca     60180
     tccacagtga aacaacattt ttaggaaacg gaagcacaat tcaagtggat acatttgaag     60240
     acaccaaatt catgtcatag tgtggacttt aaaaataaag gctgtcgaaa acagtgactc     60300
     atttttagta atgtcaccaa gtcagctaaa atggtggagg acatagtaga accagaacgt     60360
     aattaaatgc tatgcagaaa tgaagactta tgtcttatgc tgtgttcaca ccagacgtgg     60420
     aacgcgcaga taaatcacgc tattcgcgcg taaatagccg cgtgaacatt tgagtttact     60480
     cgttcatacg cgcgtcaaac cccgcttcat tcgcgtgtca aattcacatc acaacagatg     60540
     cggattcgca gggcttctgt ctgcctggtg actctagctt catagctaaa tggctaacat     60600
     gaattttatg aagaaaataa cagtgtttat gtgctttatg aagactgaaa aacagcgtca     60660
     atatgtttag ggtcgtgtct gagtccacta cattctttca gaggtgcatc cagctctgtg     60720
     agctcataaa ctcctccaga aacttaacct ggctgacgga ggctttcagc cgtgcttctg     60780
     actgagccca gcccagtttg atgaactgtt gtcggtgaag gctggaggat ttccctcgga     60840
     acaccaacaa caggttctac gtcacaatca cgcccccaca agagcaagct tctgattggt     60900
     taacgcgtag cgaatttacg ctgaagttca gattttcgaa atcgagagat tcgcgcgaaa     60960
     cgctcattaa gtgatacaaa cgcgcaaaac gctcaattcg ccccgctcca ttcacgcaat     61020
     ttgcgtcatt cgcgccccgc cattcgcgcg tattgcgccg caggacgtct attcgcgcgt     61080
     ttgcattgac ttaacatgta aatcactagc gattgacgcg cgtgccgcgt ccggtgtgaa     61140
     cgcagcatta gtgtggatga ccaatttttc ataaatgttt ggaaatggag cattattttt     61200
     ttctataccc caagttgtaa ttacagaatt acaaaattgg tttcgtcaac cagttcttag     61260
     gctgtgagaa cataaaccca gccctcatgg taatgaactt tgttgagtca tataaattag     61320
     tcatatttta catcagtggt ttgtattttc tccttcaggt tcctctggtg ccatttattc     61380
     ctggcttcag catccttctg aatgtattcc tcatgttgaa gttaagtcct ctcacctgga     61440
     ttcggttcac cgtctgggtc gctgcaggta aaagttattc acttttcatt tatttttcgt     61500
     tttaaccagt cttattgaat tacataaaat atcactaaag tatagctgca aaggagctga     61560
     ccaacaaaac agagaagcat aatctaatta aagaaatcta caaaaaaaaa caatgaaaat     61620
     ggttacattt aaagtgattg tttaattgca aataaacaat tacttttaac aggtgctttt     61680
     attttgttac ttacaaatga gaacaattaa agtaatcaat cagtaatggc acattttctt     61740
     cttattgatt agcctaaatg aatagttcac ccaaaactga atattccatc atcatttact     61800
     aaccatcaaa cctgtttgag tttctttctg ttgaacacaa taagatatct tgaataaagc     61860
     tggaaacctg taaccattga cttccattag taattgtttt ttctacattg gatgtcaatg     61920
     gttgcatgtt ttcacctttc tttaaatatc tttatgttca acagagaaaa taaactaata     61980
     aaaggtttgg aaccactggg gggtgggtaa ataatgagta agttttcatt tatgggtgaa     62040
     ctatcctttt taaatgtaca cgctattacc ctgacaggta gaggtgtaac gatttatcgt     62100
     tgtacgattt attgcgaatc aaaaatgtca caatatgcat cgtggcgtta tgatgattta     62160
     attacgatat gatgtccgtt ttctcttatt tgttgagctg tttgcacgtg agctacgttc     62220
     cacctgctgt cgcacgtgag ttcagattgc agcagcagta atgttagcag accaagatga     62280
     gtggagctga aatagaggat ggctcatcct ctcaaaatca gacgtctggc aacatttccg     62340
     ttgtaaagtc attgctttag actcgtccgc tttttgacac gcatactggg tcaaacatag     62400
     ccgaagtttt aaagtattca cagtgattta catactttgc acagcgacat ggatacctcc     62460
     taatggtgtt gaaagagtca catactgtat ttataaggtg caattcaccc taaaatatca     62520
     ttctgtcttc atataatgat gtattggcag ccgcaaaatc acacatgaca tgagctgatc     62580
     gtgagctgtt actacagagg gcggactatg attgacgcgc gcgtatggca agccgtttta     62640
     gcatttaaac ctttgttctg actatccata aatatattaa gagatatctc taattatatt     62700
     ttgactagtc ataattataa tttgactagt cagaatgaca attagagata tctgcaatta     62760
     caattgtatt agtacgaaat cagattggag atatctgcaa atatattatg actagtcata     62820
     ttcctccatt gacttccatt gaaaaatatt tgcagatatc tctaaatgag ttttgactag     62880
     tcacaatggt aattaaagat atctctaaat gaatttaatt aaatatgaat taaatatatt     62940
     tatggatagt cagaacaaag gtttaaatgc taaaacggct tgccatacgc gcgcgtctgc     63000
     ttcagtgaat agaacctgca ggttgtgacg aacaggtaat aaagtagtaa acaacattca     63060
     gttttttagt aaacaacgca tgggaagtat gaatagcagt ggaaatgaaa ccgaaaacgt     63120
     acacattatt taaacaatca tatcgcattt tagagttatg attacgacga gcatcaactc     63180
     ttttgagtac agaggtacac aaaaatgcac gtcaacatga tacacttgat agcgccgaca     63240
     tcagcgacgc cgaagaaata gtaaacctgc ctaaactgct gtaaagagcc acgactgtcc     63300
     tgtgtaataa aaagaaggcc accctgtcac tcattatgcc caacatgaat acagccatcc     63360
     ataaaaacct ctcagacaga cacacataag ttcaggatta tcttatagaa ctgctgatta     63420
     cctggaaatg tgattttttt tttttttttt ttgcacacac aaaaaacgga agtgaccaag     63480
     caaagcctta agctcttact gttacattca attgaataga aggcttatat tttttgcacc     63540
     tttacttaaa ttgttcctta attttgtctc tgtcatttca ataatatttt ttaagaagtt     63600
     tttgaaattg ttttattttc cagagacagg cctgtttaat ttattttctt aaagaaggtt     63660
     cagtttaaca agttgaaaca aaagaaatac ataaaaaata gtttacttgg taaaatttgc     63720
     atttcagtta aattttcaat ttttattcca aatatcgtga tacatatcga atcgtgaaca     63780
     ttatatcgtg atacacatcg tatcgtgagc tgagtgtatc gttacacccc tactgacagg     63840
     taaataaaaa gttaaacatg atcttatttt aatgaagaaa caagttatac attaaaaatg     63900
     cttgtagatt gaaggtttag acattttttg tttattttat attcatatcg ctaaacgaaa     63960
     gctgcttctt tattaaaaag cacttaaagt gacggatcag ctcctgtcag cattaattgg     64020
     aaaagaagat cagtccaaac taaattatct tcagttcctg tcagcactgc aacaaaccat     64080
     taaaccagcc tggtcgaata atctaatttg tcctctttgc tctgtcgcag gcctcctggt     64140
     atatttcggg tacggcatct ggcacagtaa ggagggttta cgggaacagc aggggcagga     64200
     cgtggcagcg cgttacgtgg ttcttcccag cggcagcctg gtggagacag tccagaacgt     64260
     ccagcctgaa ggacacactc acagcacaca cacttcaacc gttgacaatt cacctgccag     64320
     cagatgatct gatcacgctg aggtgtgttt acagtacacc tgcatgcctg cctggtctct     64380
     tgtatttgct tttctttcta gtcagttttt gctgacagca tttcaagtta agctgttcat     64440
     caacaagatg gattgaagga acgttctggg ttcaagttaa gctcagttga gaacttttgt     64500
     ggcataatgt tgtccataca gttgccttta aaatggcaaa taaataaata actaaataaa     64560
     actgtgtgat ttacttataa tagaagtgaa tggagcaatt tttgatggat cacaattgca     64620
     gtattttttg tttgtcacaa tcgttaactt ttgtcttggt ttcatacttt taaaaacatt     64680
     cagtatttta cagaatttat tgaatggcca caatcacgtt gcaaaaatgc ttttcttgct     64740
     tagatttttt gtctcatttc tagtccaaat atcaaaaaat ttgttttacc ttaaaacaag     64800
     aaaaataaca aataaacaag taaaatataa tcttgttttt attttgaatt caattatttt     64860
     ggcttcctca ctggcagatt atttgcttgc tctaaggaaa aacttgctta attttagcat     64920
     attaggtgtt aaccctttca cgcatatgat cacaccggtg ttattagcct tggctgcact     64980
     gcaaaaaatg cttttcttgc ttagattttt ttgtgttgtt tctagtctaa atatctaaaa     65040
     tttcttatat caagaagcat tttctagcca agcaaagcat attgtcttgt tttgaaaaat     65100
     actatgccaa tattaagtga gtttttcctt aaaacaagct aaataatctg ccaatggggt     65160
     aagcaaatta atcttgtttt ttatttgaca taagattatt ttacttaccc cattggcaga     65220
     ttatttagct tgttttaagg aaaaactcaa tattgagata ttatttctca aaacaagacg     65280
     aaatattttg cttgtctaga aaattcttct tgatttagga atttttagat atttgtacta     65340
     gaaacaaggc acaaaaaaac taagtaagaa aagcattttt tgcagtgcgg tccctgaatt     65400
     gtctgatcac accggtgtga ttagaaaggt caagagcaca cgtcatcaac tgctaaaatt     65460
     caaatttgat ggtgcccatt gcttgtcata aatcaaaatt tatctgtgtt tttaaacaaa     65520
     taacatttat tatagatatt taaatacaca taactacatg agacaccaaa aaaacatact     65580
     tactgttact agaaacatgt tactagaatt ttttctctat tcctctccca aataaacagt     65640
     tgcttagcta ccttaagaaa attgtaagta aacatgatgg aaatccagat tgatgatgca     65700
     gctcctgcgg ttgttgctcg aagggataca gctgcctccg gaagttaatt agaagtattt     65760
     atattattta ttaaattacg cattaattgt atattattag tatcttcccc taccttgatc     65820
     ctaaaccaag ccctcatggt aatgaaaaaa tattatttgt tgaacagtgg cacaaaaatt     65880
     gtaagtatgt atacaaaaag atatgagtat tctcagctgt atcccatctt gctgcgagag     65940
     ggtgaagttt agatgagata cagctgagta tactcgtgtc aatatagtaa aatttttgtg     66000
     acaaataata ttaccgcagc tgtatttctt ctagcaacaa cggtggcgtc cattactcat     66060
     catataacaa aaataatgat catttttgag ctgttaaaaa gacaaaatat gttctatcac     66120
     ttatctgaaa atcaaagtat cagacatttt tacaatataa taggaacatt tgtcaatatt     66180
     tacagaaaag ggcaaaagaa acaatatata tatagatcaa tgggctggga actttagaac     66240
     tcaatggatt ttaagtaacc gccacaaaaa caaaaaaacg caggagggtg agctggagta     66300
     tttaaaactc acatgtgaaa gagataaaca aaactaaaca agaaagtttt agacatttga     66360
     actcaaaacg acaaaataat taagaaaggc atttttttgc agtgcactta ttaatgtaca     66420
     tgcttagttt tataaatagt cattatatta gtaattttca aaagaaaatt ttaatttttt     66480
     tttccataaa atattttcag atatgataat atttaatttt agacagcaca ataaattttt     66540
     attacttctg aacagctaaa atgttagcat ttagtggaat aatccttctt ttcaataaca     66600
     acaaattaaa tcatttgtta ctctgactaa tttgaaataa aaactaagga aatctgcaca     66660
     tctgagctcc aaacttacaa acagtgtcat gaaaaactca tcatgaaata ttctgaccaa     66720
     ctctcatata aaacaaatgc cctaaatgac aatattttta ataattcaaa tctggaagta     66780
     attttattat acctttatga aatgaaacaa atattaacat tttgcacaaa cccatcacta     66840
     attaaattaa aaaaatttta tgtgataaat ttagcttcat aaacactgca atcaacatta     66900
     tgccacaagt gttgttgatt gatcctaact tgaattgcag cttagatata catttaaaga     66960
     cactaagtca ttgttttgta tgtacagcaa gcagctttct tttcaccatc cttaacacag     67020
     gccatttgct ttctctttta tatacaacat ccaccatgtt tagctacatt tagcaacacc     67080
     gctgttttgt acgtaaatta tatatgagaa taagtgaagt gcaccataat tcggtggcag     67140
     gattcagaat gtccctcatg ttttatgatg tttgcttaga gccgggtgga tccacgtttg     67200
     ctgctctgtg aaagctgaaa cctttaagag aatctgctgt ttatgtttca aacactgatg     67260
     taagtttgtc acttccgcat atttcgagga aactcatatt tatgtcttta gtccaaacac     67320
     tgaaatacac agaaacgatg gtatattatt ctaaaatgca agtgtctgtt gctgtaaaca     67380
     gataatgtag attataatta ctgccaaaaa cacaatactt gcatggtttc tactgatttt     67440
     tttgtaatcc tgacaatcac tggttgttag acagaaaata ttgggtctgt tttaaagtta     67500
     attatgttaa gtgatcatgt ggaggcactc acatctccct ttctcatgta ccacacacaa     67560
     acacacacat acactcgacg gctgtaattt gactttaaca gatcacatga atatcctcaa     67620
     acgttattat ttttacacac gcacattcat tttgcagtct gggtcacaaa cacactctct     67680
     aaaccgacgc taacctcatt ctaccattat tttacatctc tgcgcctcat ttgttttata     67740
     atacagctgt atattcattt gtttcagtat atactcggtc caaaatcatg ttataataat     67800
     gttaactatt tataatatta ttatgaataa agtatttctg tttttatata tgattacgta     67860
     acattatata acttagaaaa tgcatctatt tttctgtttt gtttgccgtc gcacctcacc     67920
     ttgcctaatg actttgcaaa catacttgtc ccaagttcac taatccttgt tcccacagtc     67980
     cattctgtgt gtctcatgtg acattcacac acactaaact gaccttattt gcacacacac     68040
     tcacacagtg tggcctgaca gtgttgggac atttatttca atagctaaat aggtacttaa     68100
     ttaatttact tttttcagaa tttagaaaaa aacaaacaaa gctgaggaag gtttgactaa     68160
     aatgtatgtg atataaaaac agaaaaaaaa cattctgaat gatcttttga cctttggctt     68220
     aataacttaa taacacaaga gtctttacat tagcagcatt tccactgtcg ggccagtgcg     68280
     agccagggct tttatcgggc cgggccatgc caatagcccg ggagcttgag cagtgaggcc     68340
     gaaatcatgt tgcatttcca ctgtctggcc aataattcag gcagataaag cacaccatca     68400
     cataatcaca aaactattaa aaatggagat aaatgaaaca aacaaatgac acattactgt     68460
     acagcactac attatatgtc tagacgcata taggcccatg tatttttatt catgtattca     68520
     tttacttgct gaccgactgt gggccaagtg tcactgcagg tctgcaggta ggctaaaaaa     68580
     tttaataaaa tactgcttta atatcaaaat gaatcaaaac taacactgaa ttctctttct     68640
     caaattttaa aaatgaagtg gctttgttaa tgtatactat aactaaaact caagtaactt     68700
     tgctaatata ctgtaaacta ttattaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagagtaca tttctaagca     68760
     catgtattta aactaaaata ttatgttttt ttcttgaaca ttcttacttg tcattgaccc     68820
     agcttcaatt gtgcaatagg aattattaaa aaaaacattg ctgactatta gggtcaactc     68880
     gtttttatct tgaaggaatg ttgtcataat tatattgtca agttcacact gttaacagtg     68940
     tcctgtagaa tctacagtaa cttattgtaa acaggaaatc aattacagca agaaaactgt     69000
     atttagattt acagcaccat ttatctttct gtattaacag tattgtataa cattatactt     69060
     tctcaatttt cacattgaca cttaaaaagt tacagtagca tactgcataa ctgtcctaca     69120
     gaaaaataca attcatatta tagttaaata ctgtgtaatt tacaaataaa acatcgttaa     69180
     cagtgtacat acagtacacc cctcacaaat ctatctttaa attcatattt gtaataggat     69240
     gttttttgca acattttgct tgagtttaac tgtattatct tacaatttct aaatttgttt     69300
     ggtgactaaa atactatttt aataaatata tctgtttaat aaatatgttt tgttgaaatg     69360
     caccaaaatg cattgcctat attcactgag aaatagataa aactatttat tttcaaaatg     69420
     gggtgtactt aattatgctg agcactgtac aaacatttct gcatactggt tggacagcag     69480
     atactcataa atatggcata cagaagcaag tattagataa tgcatttcat aagcccctgt     69540
     aatctccctc accccctaga tatacagtgt ccctccctca cagactgacc cagattatcc     69600
     ctccagagag agtcagtgca gctggagatt attactgtca ctctgatgac ttcagctctg     69660
     ccactacaca cacattcaca aaaccatgtg tcattcttct tcctgctgct tctgctttat     69720
     tatccaatat caacacatta acaaccaaga aaccattaat atactgcaaa aaacacaaaa     69780
     attaaatgtt ggttttttaa tatagcaaaa cattataata ttttcctgtt cataagcctg     69840
     ttctcatttc agtcaatcac atccattcag catgtggaag tgcaacaagc tttaaatatg     69900
     tcttagtggg aaaacttggc acaaagttat atacaataca taaagcaggc acattataat     69960
     cagatcacaa acataatgtt tcatatgctt catgcagttt tacgagaata tcaataaaaa     70020
     ctacacttta aaaactgctg taaaaggtca ctgtaaatca acaataaact acagcgcaat     70080
     tgtaattatt aatttacagt acccttgtaa aattaacagt aatactggca aaattacaag     70140
     cgcactgtaa attaacaatt ataactcagt tttaaagtac aattgtaatt ttttatttag     70200
     tgaacagtaa tactgtaatt ttcattgcca gtaatactgt aaattttaca gcaattcttt     70260
     ttacagtgaa tgccattgta cacttattgt tttaaatgga aacagtatag ggaagtgcac     70320
     aatatagtgt gaatgcacaa tatagtggag ataacatagc caccaatagg ccgtatccaa     70380
     aactaagcct agtattagct tgggttttgt ccatctaatc acaagttaac accactaaat     70440
     atcagtgtaa aaatggagtc taaaatagtt tgagagcttg tccactttta accatttcca     70500
     gatgtttttg aacattctat tgcttttgtg gtgtagatgc tcatttggtc aaaattggat     70560
     taaaacaaca aaaaacacta gttctttctg gttactgact ctttattttt aggatatgct     70620
     gttgaattgc gctgaccaga tataaaattt gccatcgaca atcataagtt tgttttgaaa     70680
     gtgaactgta aaaagcaaag gtcatcttac cagtcctgac actaacaaca ttcaactttt     70740
     gtggctatca gagcaaaacc aaaagctgca gcttcttata ttatatacta ttgttacctt     70800
     actggttttg gttatgcggt tttataaatg ccataataac tactaatcac cctaaataaa     70860
     agtgggaaaa ccaaaatgaa ttgaaatgta gacaatgtaa atgttaaatt actttcacta     70920
     ctcagttata cattgtaaaa aggctaggct ctcaatgatt tactcactgt ggggaactaa     70980
     ttttcaccaa aaatttgtat ttcatagtta aactgtacag tatgtcagta tggaagatgt     71040
     gttagcttac atcattaaat tagatcaaaa aagcctttat acctacttaa gacctactga     71100
     tttggaaagt gattggaagt gaagaaaaga gaatgtcgtg tgtgaaaggg catgtgccac     71160
     ctgtgtttac ttgtgattat atcgacctaa atgcatctta aaaccaggtg ttaacagggt     71220
     cttagtttaa ccaactaaca ggttgtcaaa tgcaaacaag tttgttcatg cctgtatttg     71280
     gagatcacct gagatggatg ttgtatcaag tgtaaactga gtctgaaggt gtaaatattt     71340
     ttttttggta aacagatgcc agaacatacg tgttcttctt ttaggtcaaa taaagacagt     71400
     taaactcatg aatttgatat tataaagtac tgtgtttgac atccctacaa tttaaatttg     71460
     atgtatcatg atatgaaatt agaaaggcag acatccgaaa gtggcacttt tatggtccta     71520
     caattgactt ctggtatgtt caccccaaaa tcaataatga cattagctat gtttccattc     71580
     aaaaatgcga atgaacttta tgcggaacac tggaatattg cataaaagac gtgcgaataa     71640
     agcagcgttt ccatccaatg agtcgaagaa aacaaaatta gcaacagtaa gaacaaaatt     71700
     tgctgctgta ggagaagctg cgtgaatctt ttcttcatct aataaatgac ttgtgccaca     71760
     gaaggcaatc ctgacttgca gtgaacgcat ggtggcatgc tcttgattct ggaggtcatt     71820
     aataataata taataacact aatacttaaa tggtaaggca acatttcaga tgttttacag     71880
     tgtacataac ctgctggttt atccattcac acacattttc atcatcgcat gatctcttat     71940
     cacaaaatca catgaccttt tttaaatgtg catactgaaa tttgtgcaat aaaagtgttt     72000
     tcatcatagt ttataatcat cttttcttat tgaataaagc gtttatccta ctccgctttg     72060
     cacataagct ttttatgcgc attttctaaa tttatgcgca tcatggaatt tccatcaacc     72120
     gttttttatg ggcatatgca aaattcgcat aaaaataggt ggatggaaac atagctaatg     72180
     ctaactttaa ataaacgaca tggttattac atgtgaaaat ctgatatatg gccttatata     72240
     aacacaaata tgaactttta gctaatatat ttaaacatat acagtgctca gcataattga     72300
     gtacagccca ttttgaaagt gaaaatattt atccatttct cagtgaatat aggcaatgta     72360
     ttttcgtgct tttgaacaaa acggatttat taaacagata tatttattaa aatattttta     72420
     gtctccaaac agatttagaa agtaaaagat aacacagtta aattcaagct aaatattgca     72480
     aaaaaaattg caccctacaa aatttctact aaatatttac atttctttgc ttttcttgct     72540
     ttttcctctt tttttaaatt tggatttatt atttttctat aacacataaa tttaggtgta     72600
     ctagttttta aaccgttagc gcaagttatt ttgttagata aactacagat ttggcttcag     72660
     tactgactaa tctaatgtat atgcacaaat ataatattgt atagcttcct attaaacatg     72720
     tgaatttaaa agatttgtga ggggtgtact tgtatatgct gagcactgta tgtataattc     72780
     taatggttga aaaaaatatg taaatggata aatcactatt tttttcgcct tgtttctagc     72840
     ccaaatatct aaaatttctt aaatcaagaa gcttgtttat ctagttttca gatatgtcag     72900
     aaataattga gtttttctct aaaataagca aaataatcta attttcactt tgaaacaaga     72960
     tcattttgct ttctccattg gcagattatt gtgcttgttt taaagaaaaa ctcacttact     73020
     ttgacattat tcctgaaaac aagactatat tttttgcttg tctagaaaat gcttcttgat     73080
     tcaagaactt ttagatattt gggcaagaaa caaaaacctc caagtgagaa attatgagtg     73140
     atattgacat attagatttg tattaataca tgtaataaat gattttaatc aaatagttca     73200
     cagctatata taatgaaaac agcacagagc atcattattg aaaacaaatc cagaacattt     73260
     tggttttcca tctcagaaac caaataatca ttaccagcca tcagaatcat tcctgcgtta     73320
     aaaagcttga aacattttaa attagcagat gacagaactg cagtcttcat ttacaatcaa     73380
     cagagcttca ttgtgtttaa tatggacact aatatagtgt ttttatagta atcatttttg     73440
     gtattaacga accgtaacac tccaaatcac actttttaat ctaggtataa tcagtaaatg     73500
     tagagctaaa tgtccctcac acactgtact acactaataa tgactctcca gtatttacct     73560
     gatatgctca taaggcacat cacatgtcca tccgctgcct cacatacaat gtcaatacac     73620
     ttattcactg tttgcaatgg tgtcaaactc tttcaatgga agtttcctgc tttttgttta     73680
     aacagctgtc ttgaattttt atttaagtgt gtctgccagt ccggtctgct gtataattca     73740
     ctttatgtct ttctggcagg cagacttcta ttgcgtaatg cagatctaaa gattagtaga     73800
     tgaaggcaca agacccagtt gagatgtaaa tatgatgtct gtgtttgtac atatagcaca     73860
     tgtaaccaat ggccttaata attgagatac tgaagcattc ccaaagtttt acatacagct     73920
     cctgtagtct gtagtgttat ttataatatt tgtggaattt taaatcatcg aatcaaagat     73980
     taaatgaatt ataaagctgc gatttttgaa gaaatttagc acctctcgtt tcttttgact     74040
     tctttctaca cgtgttcctg tttagcagtt tgtttgcttc tgccttgctc gcttgcactc     74100
     tcgtctcttt cgaaagcacc tcttttattt tgaaatttcc tctttgttgt gtcactgatt     74160
     atatacctct gtttttgtgt cttagtatct ttctgttatg agagattgta ttatgttgtg     74220
     atgaataaat gttttgaagc atcatattgg tcaatcagtt gatgagtctt taatgtgtta     74280
     taatagaata caatgtgtgt ttgtttaata tcctgagtat tctgctgata ctttttttct     74340
     cgactcactg tacattttgc aaaccacata agtattaatt ataatcacta ttaatttcac     74400
     gtctaatcat taataggtta tgtaaacatt ttaagttctc atgttcatat aattaagcag     74460
     gttttctttc acaggtaaac ttgctcaaaa taatgcaatt cacaatgaaa agtcaaaaat     74520
     gattaaatgc ccacatcaga tacagtagtg aattgtgaag tggcactgac aaaatgagtg     74580
     tggatccaaa cactggttta ttaaacaaaa tggtcagaca agcaatagat aacacagggg     74640
     caaacagatg tacacgagca atccagagtc attgttgaaa aataggcaga cagcatacta     74700
     tataaacaaa cgaaacaaag tttaaaccca gaaggcaagg aaaccgcgtc ataatgttaa     74760
     cagcctaaca agactcagca atgtatgtgg gtttgagagg tgtagtctgt gtgattagtg     74820
     ctgaacagct tcagctgtgt ctgtttgcaa tcattgggat ctatgacaga tgtgtgagtg     74880
     gtgcatgact ggatatgtag ttcttttgct ggcagatttg tagttctcca gtgatctgca     74940
     agggctacac tgacaaatat tacatagtta tatttatttt ggtggattta tatttaatta     75000
     cagtttaaac agacttttac ttaagtatat ttctgaagac gaaactcatt tttactcatt     75060
     acgttttcat tgaaatgtaa ataaacttgc acttttctat ttcattttcg ttcatcttat     75120
     gcacattgaa ggaatagttc acctaaaata aaagtctagt gcctatattt cctcaccctc     75180
     aagtggtttc acaccttcat gagtttgttc tgttcaacac aaaataaaat aattatattg     75240
     tactatattt atttcaattt gtcttttcat ttttaccaga actgtttatc cattagctgt     75300
     ttctttagta tattgcaaaa gattaagtgc aaataaaatc ccgtgatgag aatctgatta     75360
     acaattaata tattttcgat atacaattgt tttcactata taatatacac atacttaatt     75420
     taatatgttt gctgattttt ttatgcaata ggcctattca gaaatatggt gatcaagact     75480
     ggaataggga agcattgggg aagcaacgcc aatcattata atagactgaa cggttaaaga     75540
     ctgtgaacgg tttagtttcc tatcagtcat tatttagctg acagtgacaa tatatagcac     75600
     atactgcccg tttgctgaaa tatttttttg agatatatga aacaagctaa aatggacagt     75660
     ttttatttat ataatgaatt catcataatg gggaaatata gtgaacgtat acaatacatt     75720
     tttttgtatg ttagtaataa attttttttt taccagtcac aacgaaacac aacacatcaa     75780
     tcacaacaga ctctgtataa tccctgccaa tttgcatcat gcaaatgaag gttcgagaac     75840
     aaaacaatcg ctcaacaaat catatgggag tagctgggac aattagataa aatgcacatt     75900
     ataagacaat gaaagtgttt tttgaccttg cgtgcatatc agcctgttgt tggagactcc     75960
     caaaaccaaa tgaatgcgat ataggggctc taattatttt aaatagtatt taaaatatga     76020
     taataaaaat aaaacaatcc tgtttctacc ctctcattta tgttgcattc agctttgtaa     76080
     cattgcatta ttcataacaa cacttaatat tattaataat tttagttttc ttaatggaaa     76140
     tttgcttttt aattcttaaa ttgtatactt tatctatttt gaagatagat ttgaagactc     76200
     caagcaggct gcagttctgg aaaaaaagta ttaaacccaa gactaaatgg ccattagtgg     76260
     tttagttcat ggtttaacac ctattttttc aactcatgaa aataatttct tcataacttt     76320
     ttttttgttg tatttaatgc caagcatcac cttattttgg caatttctgt aatattgcaa     76380
     cctttttttg aggcatttaa tttttaattg ttccatcttg tcttgggcca tttcagaagt     76440
     aaaggggaaa ccagtttata aaaatgtata gataattata aagcatttaa tcttccagtt     76500
     cttacgtgtt atacatcact gtttaatggt tcattttacc ccagtatttt caatgaaatt     76560
     tctgtgctaa gctgttgcta ctgacattgc cagcggtaac aatgtttttt tttaactatc     76620
     gttttacgct tgaacaacta aataaatgct taagtctatt gaactgaatg cattgtaatt     76680
     acactacaac attgatgctg taaaaacaac catgtgaaat tgaaaatact cacattaagc     76740
     tttcatcaga agtttatcgt cagctgtgca tagagcctgt tatatagttt ggaattagct     76800
     aaatgtgttt gagaaaaaaa tatatgcata gtaattatat ataatttaaa taaataatac     76860
     ttaagcaggg gtgcccaaac ttttttttat agatggcaaa aaaaccaaac ttgattgagg     76920
     caagtaggct gaaagtaaat ctagttgcca tggctcattt cctaatttat ttaataatag     76980
     ttaaaaatag aaaaaaaatg ctttatatta actaatacac tactattttt ttttttacat     77040
     tttataataa acttattaca gttaaaacac tagtgttaag tattacacct cttttgcctt     77100
     tattttctcg ctgatgtctt ctgcatagtc ctctgtgtat gacagtattt acatttttta     77160
     caaactcaga tttatttaca acattgaaac atttagttaa tgttaagaaa attattagtt     77220
     aattatgtta agaaaacacc ccaaccctct ccgtcatttt ctctctcttc ttagattgtc     77280
     ggccaaatag gttacaatgg gtcaacttgg cccgcgggca ccacttcggg catctctgct     77340
     tgaaaggcaa cacaaaatac catttattga accaatgaag aaaagacact gaagggatta     77400
     ttagattaag aacttgtgag gagtcacatg ggaatttttc ccagttagca gtttgacctt     77460
     gatgacctct gcttacgggt ctagagatat tttgagcatt tactctcact atgtgtctaa     77520
     ttctacatga atgattcagc taaaaccagg atgtccccag aagctataac atgacaccca     77580
     tcatgctttg ctgcacacag ggatcccatt ggtgcagctg aacaatacac agagattaca     77640
     tttctcttcc acatgatggg gttgttagtc ctattgtgta atactgttaa attttaatgt     77700
     ataatagtgt ttatgactaa tatgttataa aaataaatga caggaaccct gaaagcacag     77760
     ttggcagtta ttcgataaac caactgatag actgatgaat ctctgtagtg agaccataac     77820
     aggctttcac ttgaccctaa gggttgccat ggtaatatgc taacagactg aatgcctttg     77880
     tctataatat attcacattc attcagctat caaggttaaa tgtataatta aaaatgcttg     77940
     gaaaaaatag aagtccaaga agatgtccac tacgtacagt gcagaaagta ttcgcttcac     78000
     tttttccaca ttttttaatg ttgcagcctt attccaaaat ggattaaatt aatttttttc     78060
     cacaaaattc tacacacaat accccataat gacaatgtga aaaaatatta ttttaattgt     78120
     tacaaattta ttaaaaacaa aacacctgaa aaatcacatt gctcaatatt ttgttgattc     78180
     acctttggca gcaattacag cctcaaatat ttttgaatat gatgctacaa gcttggcaca     78240
     cctgtctttg ggaagttttg gccattcttc tttgcagtat ctcttaaggt cttacgggtt     78300
     gtatgagaaa caacgatgta cagccatttt cagatctctc cagagatgtt caattggatt     78360
     caggtctgtt ctctggctgg gccactcaag gacattcact gagttgttgt aaagccactg     78420
     atattttaac agtgtgcttt gggtcattgt cctgcttgaa gatgaactgt caccccagtc     78480
     taaggtcaag agcactctaa agcaggtttt cattcaggat gtttctgtac attgctgcgt     78540
     tcatctttca ctctatcctg actagtcttc cggttcctgc tgctgaaaaa catccccatg     78600
     gcataatgct gccaccacca tgctccactg tagggatggt attagcctgg tgatgagtgg     78660
     tgccgggttt tctccaaacg taacgcctgg cattcactcc aaaaagttca agagtctcac     78720
     cagaaaaatt tgtttttagg tctaagggct ctattttgac agtccatgcg caaaacgcag     78780
     ggcgcaaacg ctttcagggc atgtcagaac gcgtttttgc taatttaagg acgggaaatc     78840
     taccttgcgc tgtggcgcat ggtctaaaag ggttgagttt attttcttaa tgagttatag     78900
     gtgtgtttta agaataaacc aattagagtc tcatctccca ttccctttaa gagccagctg     78960
     agtcacgcct acaggactca aagtaagtct aagtggaaaa aatttcacaa gcaaacagtt     79020
     aacagtcttt ttaacagaaa actgttaaac agagcttcta ctgcgtgaga atgagagata     79080
     atggatcact ttcactttcg ctcatggata gggaaacctt tacgcacaga catcaattag     79140
     tctataaaaa aataattttg tttgttaagc gcaaatattc gtttcaaaac tatttctaaa     79200
     ttcagttcta atttccagca aacgaataaa tgaacaataa tagcaaaatg atctcaaaaa     79260
     cctgagttat atcctaaaac acatgctttg ccccatatgg tctaaacctg acagttgggc     79320
     aaatctaagc ttgtttttaa taaaacaaat ataaatatgg atataataaa taatactgct     79380
     aataataata ataaattata cgaaagcaaa ttgttataaa tgaactgaaa aagtctcccg     79440
     agatgaagaa gacataaaag cagtgatttt tcatatttat gtaggctaga aaataatata     79500
     tttttttaat attttaatcc tttatattta tattctatat ctattcttat tatatcctat     79560
     atatatatcc ttaatattta cattttttta tatgtaaagt tatttgccta ttgctctctt     79620
     gtgcgtatta agcagtgcgt acgcgaggcg ccggagttta gaccgggtta gttttggtct     79680
     aatgaaaaat ctattatagt ttctcaaaat agcgacgcgc cagcagtcca cctcagaacg     79740
     cctccttttt agaacaaaac gcctatgggc gcacaaatta gtgctaatgc atttgctatt     79800
     taaacagcat agcgcaacgc ctcaaaacga ctcttgcgcc aagctgaaac taccaaaaga     79860
     ctattgcgct gcgccttgcg ccacactgcg ccgggtgtat gatagggccc taagagtcct     79920
     tcagatgcct tctgtaaggt tctcctctct ccacagaaga acgctggagc tcagacagag     79980
     tgaccatcgg gttattgttt acatccctgg ctaaggccct ccccgatcac tcagcttaga     80040
     tggccggcca gttataggaa gagtcctggt gattccaaac atctgccatt tacagatgat     80100
     ggaggccact gtgctcattg gaactttcag agcagcagaa atttgtctgt gccttgagac     80160
     aatgctgtca gaaaattatt ttgtcttcat gcttggtttg tgctttgaca tgcactgtca     80220
     accctgggac tttatataga caggtgtatg cctttttaaa tcatgcccaa taagctgaat     80280
     tgaccacagg cgaactccat tgaagctgct gaaacatctc aagaatgatc agtggaaaca     80340
     gaatgaactg agcttaattt acagcttcac ggcaaaggct gtaaatactt agtacatgtg     80400
     atttttcagc ttttttattt aaaaaaaatt tgcaacaatt tcaaaaaatc tttttttcac     80460
     aatgtcatta tggggtattg tgtgtcgaat tttgaggaaa taaataaatt gtatctattt     80520
     tggaataatg ctgtaacaaa atatttggga aaagtgaagt gctatgaata ctttccggat     80580
     gttctgtatt gaacctggtc cagtacacca tcatgataca gactgcagga aggacatatt     80640
     gctaattatg ccatacactg gtttacaaag acagtggtga gtaaataatg acacaattta     80700
     gttttgggct aaacaaggct tcacacaaca caacatcttc ccaaagagaa aaagtacttt     80760
     gccacgtgct tggattttcc cagttcttct atttgaacac tctgaggctc atcatttaca     80820
     cagaccacag tcaatctctc agctttcagc agacgctcct ctaactgctg actatcacag     80880
     tatccctcat tcttgaagct gacaatggag tgcagcagcg catcgtgtaa caccactctc     80940
     tcatctcttc catccggctg tttgatggtt atgttggccg tggctttgtt ttgaatgttt     81000
     acacatcggc agcttttgct gcactccttg catttaatcc tgaacaactt ggtatcagag     81060
     agcgagagag tagcaccaca tgaacagatg tatttaaagg tcagcagtgc ctcagtgacc     81120
     acccctgaga tgaccgtctc tttaggatcc cggccttcta aaggagaaat ttcctccagt     81180
     ttggtgaatt catttgagca aagcacattc cccattccaa agtcacaaat ggaaagactt     81240
     ttaaatacat accactgact gatggttata ttaaattcat gtgctaaact cagatgaaca     81300
     tttgcagtgg tatcagaaag aatataatga gaataacgca ctccttcttc gttgggtaga     81360
     atgatgattg caggctgccg gtctaagatc tttccagcaa cagtaaccta aaataaaata     81420
     aaataaaata atacaataca ttcacaaact cagggctctg actgtctcta tcaaactttt     81480
     gttttgcatc tattatcatt cactttaata tatacattag tctgtagagt aaatacttgt     81540
     ttgcttgagt atggaaatga cccacataga aatatgatac atgaaaatat attcaaatat     81600
     acaagttcat atttgcattt cacatatata gaatgtcata catgcaacat acagtgtcat     81660
     gtggaaatgt ctaagtcaag tttgctgttt actgtgcatg tgcgcagaag aggggagttc     81720
     tgggaattgc tgtgaaacat caagctatcg gctcgtgtgt ttgtgctggt gttcaataaa     81780
     agagctgagc gctgaatata acgacttgcg tagttaatcg gtgactaacg ctcaaacagt     81840
     acactcactg gccactttat taggtacacc tttatagtac cgggttggat ccacttttgc     81900
     cttcagaact actttaatca ttctttgtgg catagtttca gcaaggtacg ggaaatattc     81960
     ctctgagatt tttgtccata ttgacatgac agtgtagggg gtgttatgca ttaaacattt     82020
     gtgtacgccc attaccaatt acggcttttt tgggctttat cgttcagctg actcctctat     82080
     gtaatgggtg tgctgctgtc gtgtgtctgg tatgtagccg tctcgtctgt gcccttggta     82140
     tatttggtgt agatcacctg agctctgtgt ttggacacta gcttgatc                  82188