ID   AL671917; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 172826 BP.
AC   AL671917;
DT   02-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-217I18 on chromosome 3
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-172826
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 35e5ae3c3ec5d407f7ae799c50886355.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027882; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027883; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027884; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000049565; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027783; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027784; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027785; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027786; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027743; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027744; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027745; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027746; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027708; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027709; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027710; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027711; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027755; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027756; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027757; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027758; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027485; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027486; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027487; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027488; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028199; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028200; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028201; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028202; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026941; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026942; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026943; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026944; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027460; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027461; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027462; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027463; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027602; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027603; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027604; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027605; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027570; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027571; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027572; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027573; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027709; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027710; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027711; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027712; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027600; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027601; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027602; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027603; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028254; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028255; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028256; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028257; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026667; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026668; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026669; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026670; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027021; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027022; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027023; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027024; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL671917.8:1-172826; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029483; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102621; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106596; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106609; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106613; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123556; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124384; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133931; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000138552; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000145558; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063247; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063255; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063259; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0063263; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063273; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063281; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063285; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0063289; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063208; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063216; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063220; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0063224; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063200; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063208; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063212; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0063216; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062884; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062892; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062896; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062900; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063689; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063697; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063701; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063705; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063183; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063191; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063195; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0063199; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062848; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062856; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062860; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062864; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062960; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062968; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062972; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062976; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062925; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062933; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062937; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062941; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063099; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063107; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063111; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0063115; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062922; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062930; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062934; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062938; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063900; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063908; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063912; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063916; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062726; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062734; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062738; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062742; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062154; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062162; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062166; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0062170; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q8N6.
DR   GOA; Q8BI23.
DR   InterPro; IPR001619; Sec1-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR011990; TPR-like_helical_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013026; TPR-contain_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR019734; TPR_repeat.
DR   InterPro; IPR022150; TF_AT-hook.
DR   InterPro; IPR027482; Sec-1-like_dom2.
DR   InterPro; IPR036045; Sec1-like_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1923373; Gpsm2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2385186; Clcc1.
DR   MGI; MGI:3584453; Aknad1.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q8N6; E9Q8N6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8BI23; Q8BI23_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-217I18 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..172826
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-217I18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    16231..16244
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    107763..107763
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 300bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    118373..118409
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    138079..138122
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    149217..149361
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    157618..157645
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 172826 BP; 50408 A; 38153 C; 37054 G; 47211 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactc tgtagaccag accaacctca cactcacaga gatcacctgt ctcatctctg        60
     ccttctcgag tgctggcatc aaaggtgtgt gccaccacgc ccggcccaat agtagatatt       120
     taatagagta gtttctctta attcttgaac acgctcatcc acaggtgaaa ttattaaatt       180
     cttacagtgg gatcctcatc actgctaagt tctccctctc cctcccctcc ccccttccac       240
     catattcatc cttggctcac agtcacagaa gagtctactc tgctcttccg tatcatgaag       300
     tactagaagg ttccctgtac ttgaggtttc actaacgttg cgattcctca gtgaagtctt       360
     cctggatttt cataatcaga taagcttcct tcatttctga acttctgaaa cccttgggct       420
     ccttgctaag gcttgtgcca tctgcatttg cttcctaaca cttactgagc tccattctag       480
     ctccaaggct gggtgctcgg cttgcgatgt ggatgtgtga gggaggcgag tatagatgtg       540
     ggtgagacac cccctttcag tgacgtacgt gttcacacag cacgaggttt tctacccggg       600
     ctgcacagtg aactctccca ctggctgggc ttcagttctg gagaggctga tttaactggg       660
     gagtggccag agctgtgggt gttagagctc tttggatggt cagtatatag ccatagctga       720
     gagaccctgt gctgatggga gactgacaag tatagggctc agtcgtgtgt tttgctataa       780
     taataaagta ttgtggaagc acagagaaga gtttaagtta gattttttaa gattatgtgg       840
     cagttaaaat attcaacctt tcacattagg tatgtttcca gtgctcggta tcctcataac       900
     gactaagttg gattctcaag caggatattc tctgaatgat atggcgttca ctctcctcat       960
     ttgagtcttt aaaaaaattt tttttcacat ctgtgtctat gtgggtgcat gtgcatgtga      1020
     gtgccgacag aatcgaaaag agaagcttgg atcccctgaa gttgaagtta tgggcacttc      1080
     cgagccaccc tgtgtggatg ctgagaactg gactcaggta gcaagtgctc ttagccaacg      1140
     agacactgct ttagatactt cttttagcat tcatttcata tcttttaaaa ttatttgttt      1200
     caaaaattaa ggaagggttg acaagatggc tcaactggta agtgctcttg tcggtaagct      1260
     taagagagct gatttcagat ctcagagccc acatggtgaa ggagaaagcc aactgctata      1320
     ggttgtcctg ggacctccac gtgtgtgtgg ttgttaatat gtgtccccct ctggccggcc      1380
     cataaatgtt tctttttaat tggtgaggta ggtctgatta aagtacctgg gaaggtggtt      1440
     cagttggtaa agtacttgct gctcagacat gaggatctga gtctagctag atattgcaga      1500
     attcatttaa aaagccgggc tcaatggcac atgcctgaat ctcacactcc atcagagggt      1560
     tggaggcaga ggattcctga gctcagtggc tagagactga actgatgtgc gctggggtca      1620
     gtgagtgatc ctgtctcaat aatgaaatgg gaaagcggta gaggatacct gataatgacc      1680
     tttgacctca acacataccc tacaaacacg catatactat acacatatac aataaattta      1740
     aaaagaaata cttgtttttt ggcaaattgt attgtgctct aaggcacata ctacacacac      1800
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgtatgtgt gtatataaat ctatttcatt      1860
     gactttttat tattattttg tatgggtgtg tgtgatgtgc atgggggcac taaggacagc      1920
     tttgttccct gttgaggtaa cctaccccca ctcccccaca cattgtatca gatggctatg      1980
     tagatatgcc cctgtatttt cttttgctaa ttgctgtgct ggcagagcca agtgctggcc      2040
     gacatttggt tttgtcattt ctatggtcca tcacctgcct tctatatgta aatgcttgtt      2100
     tctcactgcc caagagatgc ttctcagaga ttatcatgtt agaaagcaag cagccacagt      2160
     aaagatcctg tagccctcaa tgccaaaagg taaggaagag agagggacag ggcattgctc      2220
     tgctggtgat tggttcattc tggacgaata aggaatgcag cgttttgtaa ataaagagct      2280
     agggcctggg gcagaacagc caggcagact ggggaggggg agagaagctg ggtgggacag      2340
     aagccaggca ggacagacac atgaagggga acagaaaagg gagctagctg ggcagtgaga      2400
     gccacctgga gagacacaat ggcagagaat tcccttagct aggaggctag ctgatggctg      2460
     ccccagcaaa caggccagta gctttatact atacagatgt ttctacgtct ttattgaacc      2520
     ccaggtggga ctcctgaaag ccccacagta gttctctcct tccgtcttta catggattct      2580
     tggaggggct ggaattgaac ccagggcttt gtacttgctg gccaagttct cttttaactg      2640
     tgctatacct gcagccattt actgggtggt tttgtttgac ttttatgtgc attcttcttt      2700
     ttcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt      2760
     ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcctaagag ttacttatgt atacagtatt ctgccattct      2820
     gcctgcatgt atgcctgcag accagaagag ggcatcagat cgcatgtgct tgctgggaac      2880
     tgaactcaag acctctggaa gagcagctgg tgctcttaac ctctgagcta tctttccagc      2940
     cctaacttac attttttttt tgtcttttat tcagaaagtg ttagctctag aaggaagtag      3000
     tttttactac aattgattac aattacaata ataaaaataa ttatttaaaa attgtatttc      3060
     attgcttttt atgtttaggc cttattcagg atgctgtgtc ggctgctcct ttgtgaatgt      3120
     ctgttgctga taacgggtta tgctcatgat gacgactgga ttgacccaac agatatgctt      3180
     aactatgacg ctgcttcagg aacgatgagg aaatctcagg tatttgggtc tggggtcttt      3240
     ttttttgttg ttgttacttt tttttttttt tttggcactg ataaatcctt atctgttgtg      3300
     atgggaatag tgcagttttg ctgttttatg cagagctgtg agagtcacaa acgatggatt      3360
     agctgtcatg cagagtactt ttttcttttt cctccatgct gggtgttgag atgctagaca      3420
     aaccctcaca tccatctggc tatttcagtt tgaatttgac tctcaggccc atcgaggaga      3480
     aagccggttt agttttggtt cttagactgt gtcgttgaga ctttactctt tggtggttta      3540
     atgcaagtga agaatttagg aagccaagtc ataagagata gagtttgagt ctttcttccc      3600
     tggagcccgt ctttacaact gaagcgtaaa gaataaagtc tctgctttga tctaggtgag      3660
     gtctggaaca tcagagaaga aggaagtgag ccctgactcg tcagaagccg aggaactgtc      3720
     agactgtttg cacagactgg attctttaac tcacaaggtg tgattttttt tttcccattc      3780
     acaaattaga tattatttat gttaagttac tgtgctggct agtttaatgt caacttgaga      3840
     taaactgaag tagtttgaga gaagggaacc tcaattgaga aaatgtctcc ataagatcag      3900
     gctacaggca agcctatagg gttccattta gtgccgtccc tcagtgatga gcagccatgt      3960
     ggagtcacct ccccacggtg ctctggccat ggtctgtcat cacaccatgg aatcctgact      4020
     gagacggtta cttgtttatg tgtctttgct aatttttata tttgtaatgt ttctatgtac      4080
     tctacaagta tatgttttat tagtataatt tttagttgca tcttgttttt tcaaatagta      4140
     cttagtattt ttgtaataat atagttttga gattataaac ttgttggtac aaggaataga      4200
     attttttggt tttgtttttc tgttttttca agacagggtt tatctgtata gctctgacta      4260
     tcctggaact cactctgtac accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc      4320
     ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcgagcac caccactgct gggccaagga atagatttta      4380
     tcttgattgt tatcacctgt catactgttg cgctgttgat aacataaggg atgagcagct      4440
     gagtaaattg gcttattaaa ggttgtagtc gttcttccaa atgtgaaggg tggttataaa      4500
     tataaatatg tgcgtacatg catgcatact tacatatata tacccatgag tgacattgta      4560
     ctacggaaag gccctggaat ggggagggat gttaccctgt ggtcactgag aaggtgcagc      4620
     agtgctgaca tcatagtgac agcagtgaag agaagagaga gatgtggata agggacgata      4680
     ggcagacaga gtggacaagt gctgcgtcta tcttgggagg cagggagagg gttaagtgag      4740
     gcccacacgt gtcctggcca agctttctgt agtcatactt acagtaaatc ctaaccttgt      4800
     cgtcttaggg tttccattgc tgtgaagaga caccataacc aaggcaactt gtataaagga      4860
     taacatttaa ttgggggctg gcttacaggt tcagaggctc agtccattat catcaacgca      4920
     ggaaacatgg cagcatccag gcaggcatgg catgggagga gctgagttct atatcttgtt      4980
     ccaaaagaaa ccagaagact acttccaggc agctaggtgg gtctgaaaac ccacgcccac      5040
     agtgacacac ttccctcaac aaggctacac ctactctacc aaggccacac ctcccagtag      5100
     tgccactccc tgggccaagc atattcaaac caccacactt gtcaaacaaa aaataacagc      5160
     caactcctta ttctaagggc attatcaatc tagaacttga ctttcttggt agcctttgat      5220
     gctgttgact ttattgtatg attacaggtt gatagttgtg aaaagaagaa aatgaaagat      5280
     tatgaaagtc aaagtaatcc tgttttcagg agatatctaa ataagatttt aattgaagct      5340
     ggcaagcttg gactcgtaag tatttgatga caagatccta atcattgtag tagatacttt      5400
     cattatttgt ggtatttgtt tctcccagtg taagaagttg tgtgccatgc ctgatgatac      5460
     acacctgttg tcctagttag tacttaggat gctgaggcag gaggatctcc agttccagcc      5520
     cagcctgtat ccctaccaaa aaagtgaagt aatggaacct cacgtgcttt aacagaaaat      5580
     actgcttgac actttcccaa aaggctgttg acacagattt taggaccccc tgacattaca      5640
     gtgttgcttg gtggaaggta agcagtacag agcactgtgg tttttcctag gcctctgagg      5700
     atttgctcag tcaactgcac ggttgcccca ctgatggaac tgaggtgatg gggaaataat      5760
     cctgccctaa cctttcttgt catttccctg ttcccttact ttcagagcca taaaatgtaa      5820
     gtcatcattt gaggacagaa aagtgtgttt tagtagtctg tctctttatt gtggtaggtt      5880
     ctcttttgtg ggattgcgtg tcttcctcat gtgttactta tactggttag agtaccttat      5940
     actattttgt agtgatgcag agcaaatcca gggccttaca catgctaggc aatagtgtta      6000
     ccactgggca ctaaccctag ctcttatgtt atttatttat ttattcattc cataattttt      6060
     aagattattt atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac tctagaagag      6120
     ggagtcagat cttgttatgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc      6180
     aggacctttg gaagagcagt cgggtgctct tacccactga gccatctcgc cagccccccc      6240
     cccccataat ttttttaaga attactgttt cagtttagga aatcaagaca tgataaaaat      6300
     ttataatttt gcatcttaca tcatactcac aaagctcact tttacagtta gtcagaaggc      6360
     tgagaagtgg tgtctaaagc tcatttgtaa gtgtagaagg cctttttcct tattatttat      6420
     gtcaccagac ttggtctagg ggttggaggc agaggcagac ttttatttgg tctgggccag      6480
     ccaccagaag taggtctgtc cgtctttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc      6540
     cttccttcct tccttccttc ccccttcctc ccttcctccc ttcctccctt cctcccttcc      6600
     tcccttcctc tctctttctc tcttcctttc ttccttccat acttatttat ttatttaatg      6660
     tatgtgagta cactgttgct gtcagacaca ccagaagagg gcatccaatc ccattacaga      6720
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgcaggga attgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagtc      6780
     agtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca gcccaatttt tgcttttgag acagtgtccc      6840
     atgtagccaa ggaaagtatg gaatttgcat gtcatcctct tgccagggtc atactaatct      6900
     ctatcattcc attcccactg tagtatatgg gcagccaaag caagcacagg aaatgtccta      6960
     tttgtaatac taggcagttt ttctcacaat taaaaaaata ccagtaagaa aacagctgga      7020
     gagttggctc agaggttaag agcactgaat gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaatcccc      7080
     agcaatcaca tggtggccca cagccatctg ttatggggac agatgccctc ttctggtgtg      7140
     cctgaagacg gttacagtgt actcatataa ataaaatatt aaaaaaagaa aagacctgga      7200
     gatgtagctt agttggtagt ctttgccttg ggtttgatcc ttagcgctcc ataagtcagg      7260
     cgtaggtgtg catccctgca atcccagcat tcaatgggag gtaggaggat cagaatttca      7320
     aagtcatctt tggctacata gcaagttcaa ggccagtcaa ggatatatga gaccttgtct      7380
     cagaaacaga aaacaaataa aaatccaaaa caaaaacaac agtcagaaag agagagagag      7440
     agagagagaa ggaaattgtt tcggcattgc agtcttagat gatctggtct ctagtaggta      7500
     tagcagatag atgttcatgg ctggaagcaa gtgatgaaac acacgtgttc acatcatggc      7560
     taggaagcca aagagaagga taaaggcaca ctgctcccat gattcccttc aaggacatac      7620
     ccctaagtca gctaacttct tgcactaact cctacttcct aaaagttgaa ctacattcct      7680
     atagtgttac catgggcacc aagctcttag cacatggccc tttgggggat cctgagcacc      7740
     cagactggaa aacccgggtg tgctggcaca tgccgataat ccttgtgctc aggagcgtga      7800
     agccttcttg ggctttgtac tggctggttt tgtgtcaact tgacacaagc tggagttatc      7860
     acagagaaag gagcctccct tgaggaaatg cctccatgag atccagctgt aaggcatttt      7920
     ctcaattagt gatcaaggag ggagggccca gcccattgtg ggtggtgtta tccctgggtt      7980
     ggtggtcctg ggttctataa gaaagcaaac tgagcaaggc agggggaagc aagccagtaa      8040
     gtaacatccc tccaagttcc tgccctgtat gagttcctgt cctgacttcc tttggtaatg      8100
     agcagcaatg tggaagtgta agctgaaaac cctttcctcc cccacttgct tcttggtcat      8160
     gattttgtgc aggaatagaa accctaagac aagtttcata gcacgactct gtctcagaaa      8220
     aaaaaaatca aatcaaatct aaattgtgta tcaatttgtc agtgaatgtc aggttttttt      8280
     tttcaatgat ttctctgagt tgaacttgca ctaataaaga ggtaaatgtt ttatatttca      8340
     aggaaactat ctgtgttttc agtaatttaa aacatgtttt ttatttgacc tactgtaaat      8400
     tttaggctat ctgaaaattg tgtcagcaaa tggaaactca gattgaatta taaagattca      8460
     atctgtcctt attctttgca gtttccttac aacctgttca ttaaagtttg tcccatcaag      8520
     atcaatacat ggtgattttt aaaaaattac tcatttctta aagttttcct ttttctttgg      8580
     ttgtgtgtgt gcatgcacat gtacatgcat gtatgttcac acatggggag gccagagctc      8640
     agtttggagt gtgttcctca atcatttcga gactaagtgg ccaggagaag caagcccggg      8700
     ggtcctcccg acctcgtgtt cttgggtaag attgtgggct tgcccctcca cgactggctg      8760
     taatgtgctg ctggggatct aacctcaggt cctgatcctc gtagagcaag caccttgcca      8820
     gctgagcatc cctgaggtgc ttctgtggtc actgttgtac atgtgcaagt tggagttgct      8880
     tgatactgtg ggtctcatat aaggtggaac aaggcaaccc aactgctgcc ttgtttccgc      8940
     tctcatactg aagccattgt ctttatccct gcagtttatt gtggctgtta agtgctaagg      9000
     ttgccacact tcagggtagg gagggattcc attgtttaaa gtcatttcat catttgggac      9060
     atctcaaatg tgaagtgcca cctactatcc ctaaatgcac gaagcctatg atgtacccta      9120
     caggaaaaaa aacccaaacc ccacatttat ataaatatcc aggcattcat tataggatgg      9180
     ttggcagtgt gttccgtctt atttatgaca taggtgtcaa cagaaacaaa gatatattga      9240
     tcagttgaca agtgttatgg ccaggggtgc acagagagct aaccctatgc tttgtgtagg      9300
     accgtgggac agacttccag tggctttgta gaccctgtgt acctcacaca gggaggccag      9360
     ctgtgcctcg gtgaagtgtc tgcaccattt ctcatgcttc ttatgtgtat ctgccttcca      9420
     tgccagcctc tgagaaggat ggtttttgtg gctctggcac ctataactat ttacaccttg      9480
     ttacatcaag ttccaaggtg gttttacctt ttgagataag gtcaaggcta accttgaact      9540
     taaagttctt ttcatcctcc tgagagctgg gaatgcagat gtgccccacc atgttggacc      9600
     caaaccagtt ttaaacttga tgtttcattg aatggtgtaa taatacagtt ctttctctgt      9660
     tgttggtctc ttggtaactg acgtagcctg atgagaacaa agtagagatg cgttacgatg      9720
     ctgagattct cctgagcaga cagacactgt tggagattca gaagttcctc agcggagagg      9780
     agtggaagcc cggagccctg gacgacgcac taagtgacat tttaatcaat tttaagtgcc      9840
     atgattcaga agcatggaag tggcagtttg aagattattt tggagtagat ccatataatg      9900
     tgtttatggt aagatggcat gagggtgaca ggacacttcc tttgaaaaag tacttccaaa      9960
     attaatgaac ataattaaga agctatgctt attagtccct tactataggg atgatatagc     10020
     tgtaaatgta caggtcattt catctgaagc tgggtctctt agggctgttt cactgctgta     10080
     ttcatttatt ctgtgtgtgt agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg     10140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagct     10200
     cctcaagagg tcaagaacag cttgctggat ttggtttctc tctctcctgt gtgggtcctg     10260
     ggactgaact cagttcgtta ggactgatga caagttcatt aacctcgcga gctgtcatct     10320
     ccctggccga gtctagcctt tttttgtttt caaactgatt tttgctgggg tttggtgggg     10380
     aaaaccactt agcgatgact gattcccatt tctgtttata aggttctctt gtgtctgctc     10440
     tgccttgtgg tgctggtggc tacagagctg tggacttatg ttcgctggta cacacagatg     10500
     aaacggattt tcatcatcag ctttctcttg agtttagcat ggaattggat atatctgtat     10560
     aaggtattaa atacattttt ttttaattaa atataaattc agagtaactg gagacgttta     10620
     tccactcagc agtctcagca gcttcggatt tgctgaagac tctggttggg ttctcagcag     10680
     tggaagtcag tgagcactgt cagtcagcac ggatgattta gagatcctag caaaaagaca     10740
     cagctcgact tctgtctctg gcttactgtt gcctagcaca cagcaaaatg gacacatttt     10800
     agagactcat aattcgggaa atgagctttt attctctgtt tagaagtgat accacagtca     10860
     tgattaaaaa ggttatccct aaaagattgg ctttttgaat ataaaagttg ggtatattca     10920
     ccatagagaa attgaaaaac taagatatag ataaactcac tttcaaattt ttaataatca     10980
     cattactgat gaataattag tgttgaattt taaattattt tttttttttt tttttgcgac     11040
     tctcccaatg tagaccagtc tagcctggaa ctcaaagctc tgcctgcctc ccaggttctc     11100
     ggattaaagg cgtcagccac cacaccgagc ctgttgattt ttgagggcta ttttttttcc     11160
     agattttttt tcttatcttt caaaatgaga atagactgta ggaatgtaag aagattactg     11220
     cttgtagcag aatagtataa tcacagaagg gaaaatttaa tttcagtctt cctgacaagg     11280
     gtgggtgagg attggcagtg attccgggga cgatggcggc gttacacttc tttccccttt     11340
     gctctgggtt cgcttgctca ttaagccttg cctggtggag tgctacttac ttcagggagt     11400
     tctctgggag tgtggtttgc tggacgctgt acacctgcct tagagggaac gaggcttggg     11460
     tctggcctcc acctcacaga taaaaggggt cgtgtggcat ttgcatataa gctatgtgta     11520
     tcctctcggt acttcacctt acctgtgggt catgtatact acctaataca gtgtaaggag     11580
     ctatacatgt ttaatacttg tgcaggtttt tcagcctatt tgatagcagc catctatatt     11640
     aaacccaccc tgagaaaact accattttat catgaactat aaaagatcct gaattgttgt     11700
     taatattttc agtcatgaca tgaaccatat gtgaattcct tttcaaaaat agtcatgctg     11760
     ggtggaagtg gtacaaggct ttaatatacc agcccttggg aggcaaagca gccagatttc     11820
     tgagttcaag gccagcctgc tttacagagt gagttccagg atagccaagg caatacataa     11880
     accctgtctt gaaccccccc ccccaaaatt accaaaaaaa ttagtttttc tgcatcatac     11940
     ttatatacaa agatggtatg aagtgttata gttcgttttt taaccatttt attgcattaa     12000
     gactgcattt gtagccaggc atggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagccct tggaaggcag     12060
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc     12120
     caaggttatg tagagaaatc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa agggctggag agatggctca     12180
     gcggttagga gcactgactg ttcttctgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat     12240
     ggtggctcac aaccacctgt aatgagatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag     12300
     ttacagtgta cttagatata ataataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaccaa     12360
     aaaaagttta ggcctgacaa tagtggttca agtctttaat ctcagcattt gtgaggcagg     12420
     gtgtctttgt gggtttgtgt ttgaggacac agggtctgca tagtaagttt caggccagcc     12480
     agtgagacag tttcaaaaaa cttacaaaaa agacattaaa gtctttttgg ctaaatgata     12540
     tagaaagtgc taaagtaagt tttgttggat ttgcgttccc agctcggttg ccctcagttt     12600
     catttatgtt ccctttgctc cacagatggc ttttgctcag catcaggcta acattgctgg     12660
     gatggagcct ttcgacaatt tatgtgctaa gaagatggat tggactggaa gtctctgggg     12720
     taaggtgaaa accaacaaca aaatgaccag taataacaaa atgaaatgcc ccaggaagct     12780
     gcctgtgact gagtctttaa tatgagatgt gaacagggtg cctgcgtatg gcaggtgggg     12840
     agagggattg cagtgaccca gcaactcaga ggctcacagg ctccagccac gctcagctgc     12900
     ctcaaagtta aaagggacgg atgggtgcag ctcatgttag catgcttgcc cacctcctga     12960
     aataccctag ctttgatccc tccccaagga ataaacagaa caactgtaga taaagcctac     13020
     ttctttaaat gtaaaaagta gtgacttact gagctcatcc acagtcacag gaaagacagc     13080
     agccacgtga acgtgatgtg gtggtgtggt gtggtggcat ggtgttttca gtctactgca     13140
     ttagactgaa gggtcctagg ctcccttttc atcacctagg ccacggtatt ttctaggtct     13200
     tcagcagaaa tttactaaaa gtgaatgtat atgtaaaata atagctattt tagctttaat     13260
     ctccttagat ttgacataaa gctttcttat agttttttgt tgttgttgtt cctaagtgaa     13320
     aagttgtttt ttatccttta agactttata aaaactctaa tattaaccac taactctcaa     13380
     aatctagact ggaacagcat agtagtcaga catatataaa caccagtctg tgatgactga     13440
     cacagaatag attctcagta gtctacaagt aggtcccaaa attaactcaa aatttttttc     13500
     ttaatttgta aaaaatgtgt ttgaatattt tgcttgcatg tatgtttttg caccacatgt     13560
     gtgcctagtg gccaaggggg tcaggaaaag gcatcgattg gatcccctgg aactggagga     13620
     atggctgtga gtgcccatgt gggtgctggg aactgaatct ggttattttg caagagcatc     13680
     aacactctta acccctgagc catctccaga cctccttccc cttctttaag ttgtgagatt     13740
     aacccagttc agcgtgggtt cttggcttca ggagacagga tgcttcctct agtgcaggcc     13800
     agattccaaa catgcataaa gctgctctag aaaaattaag agaatattct acttaaaaat     13860
     tatgttaggg aaggagaaga gggagttggg ctgtgattgg gatataaagt gaataaataa     13920
     attaatgaag aaaatgtgtc agagctcact ttttttaaaa atttatttat ttattttaag     13980
     taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacaccc cagaagaggg tatcagatct cattatggat     14040
     ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctctgaa agagcagtca     14100
     gtgctcttaa cctctgagcc atctctccag cccctagagc tcacttttta aagagaattt     14160
     tgctgaaacg attggagatt tataggtctc ttccctgtta cattttacac agctacaaca     14220
     ctgctatcta gccaggatat taatgactgg tctcattccc acttctcagt tttatatatt     14280
     tatttttgtg tgtaaaaaac taattaccct ttgaaaatct ataaagcaga cattttgtca     14340
     tgtccataaa atttgttgag tttgaatgga ttttgaaaat atgattttga gatgaaataa     14400
     ttaacattat agagagtcta tttaaaatat aaaacaactc acaatttact agtgggtggg     14460
     cacagtcaaa accaaactga tcttgtgaaa gaaatacaac tctgttcttt ttcccttgat     14520
     ggtttgtctg tttctccata cagaatggtt tacaagttca tggacctata aggatgaccc     14580
     atgccaaaag tactatgagc tcctaatagt caaccctatt tggttggttc caccaacaaa     14640
     ggtatagaat atgttttgta ataattacag tgtatcacaa attctttgcc tttataatgg     14700
     atagggctaa taataaacct ttgtcctaga aaaaaaatag ttccattaaa cattagcttt     14760
     caaatttagg tgggcctgga ggtgtgcctc taatactagc acatgggagg gaggcgggag     14820
     gacatcgttc aaggcctggt tgggttatag tttgagcttg agctctatga gagattcact     14880
     ctcaggacag acagacataa aaacatgtat gttaatttgt gtaatttgag cgtcagtgca     14940
     cagtgaagtt ttgcatgtgg atgtctcagt cttgaagtta aattgctctg gtctttggtt     15000
     ttaggctctg gcgattacat tcactaactt tgtaacggaa ccattaaagc acattggaaa     15060
     aggagcaggt gaattcatta aagcgctcat gaaggagatt ccagtgttac ttcagattcc     15120
     ggtgctggcg atcctggcgc tggctgtcct ggttagtacc ttagcactgc tcacagtgaa     15180
     tacggcttat aaaaaagaaa gcaactctca aggcattcga tttctctgct gtagaccaaa     15240
     ctggagtaat aatgctgtgc ttacacgtat aaggtgattt tttaatgagt tgagatttca     15300
     tatattcctc taatcagaag ttctcgagtt tgtatgcatc atagcaatgg tttagaataa     15360
     tttattttta aatttaatgt gaatacacag gaaattgttt gactgcttcc tctgtgaaga     15420
     aatggggctt ttattctagt ctgagcagga gagcagagag ggtgcaagag tgtgtatgca     15480
     ccctgaaaag cagttgggac tccaagagca aatattacaa atactgttct tagttccccc     15540
     atggctctgt gtttgtgcct caggtaaatc aaatgcccag agcacttcag ggcccttgtt     15600
     gccagagtga aatctaaggt caatgtgtct ctgtctcaaa acgtctctct tacatgcacg     15660
     caccttgtca tgtgttatcc ccccagttca gcatcttgtt gtttgtagcc atgacctctc     15720
     cagaatacat gctgttaact ggagggatgg ctcctccaga ggtcctgaat tcaatctcca     15780
     gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct gatgccctct tctggtgtga     15840
     gtgaagacag agcactcata taaaataaat ctttaaaaaa agagagtgcc ccaggatttg     15900
     tgactatagt gctatgcaca ctgactgaac tgtctccttt tcagttttgt cctggtgaat     15960
     gatttattat gagatgcagt taatcatttt catcatttgc ccatatgagt atgaacagaa     16020
     acacaagcaa tgaccatgct tttaaattta aatttctaga actctgtaat ttaagttttt     16080
     aggtctcagt gattgttaca tattcaaagt gtgtcaagct gattgaaaat tgtatttaat     16140
     attagttatt atgtacattt tattggctac tttggcttct aataaagagg tttttaatta     16200
     gagtgaaatt aacatgtgtg tatatgtgtg tgtatacaca cacacacaca cacacataca     16260
     tacatacagt tagacatttt tgttaactat gaataacata gttcctactt tatcatctgt     16320
     cagttactga gtccttggag cctatttctt ttcttcacag agcttctgct atggtgctgg     16380
     aaggtcagtt cctatgctga gacacttcgg tggtcctgac agagaacctc cccgagcact     16440
     tgagccagat gacagaagac gacagaaggg acttgactat agactccatg gtggagcagg     16500
     tgatgcagat ttctcttaca ggggcccagc tggctccatc gagcaaggcc cttatgacaa     16560
     aatgcatgcg agtaagagag atgctttgag acagagattt cactctggca acaagagccc     16620
     tgaagtgctc cgggcatttg acttacctga cacagaggca caagaacatc cagaagtggt     16680
     ccccagcgta agtcagaaat tgtctatttt ttactctagg cccaagtgct ttttacagag     16740
     ctttgattgc ttttattctg taccctctgt cttagtcagg gtttctattc ctgcacaaac     16800
     attatgacca agaagcaagt tggggaggaa agggtttatt cagcttacac tttccacatt     16860
     gctgttcatc actaaaggaa gtggggactg gaactcaagc aggtcaggaa gcaggagctg     16920
     atgcagaggc catggaggga tgcttcttac tggcttgctt cccctggctt gctcagcctg     16980
     ctctcttata gaaccaagac taccagccca gggatggtcc cacccacaaa cctcctccct     17040
     tgatcactaa ctgagaaaat gccttataga tggatctcgt ggaggcattt cctcaactga     17100
     agctccattc tccgtggtaa ctccagctgt gtcaagttga cacaaaacta gccagtacac     17160
     cctctgtcag tcaagtcatt aatgacatga ttagtcatca tctcttctca ctgtcaccag     17220
     tccagcttcc tcagaaaatg gagattttct ttgtatgtca aataccattt gactgtattc     17280
     tttataacag atggtatttg gaaacttaca agaacaagat cagaggcctc acttagggcc     17340
     taagagtgcg aggagactag ctgtagagct ctggtggccc agcctggatg gaagagaagc     17400
     cccataaatt ctatagtata gaagaaagta atagcacagt tggctggact gggcttttta     17460
     tctgcaaggt gataagttct tcattattga taattgtata ctagcagtcc cggggattga     17520
     atctagggtc tcacgatgtt aggccactga actacatttt gtagcaccac tattgttttt     17580
     taaagggaca tttccatttc tgccttagaa aggaatgatg tgtaatgtca tagttgtaac     17640
     tagaaacctc tagaaagctg taagtccatg agactcgaga aatgagggat ctagccatgg     17700
     atgctgatgt atctagataa cctgagactc ttcttcctgt tgatcacctg tcactcattc     17760
     caaacctctc tagtgtcatt tccaaaagcc atctaccagt ggcccaggga ctccctgttt     17820
     caccatgtct cacgtccacc accatactga tctgttgtct tgtgtgcttg ttctgccatt     17880
     gtgactggat gtctgttttt gtgcttcact gtatgtttat acacacacac acacacacac     17940
     acacacacac acacacagtc ttcagccttt actcacatca tcttaaactg cagtctgaac     18000
     ataatttacc taccacccac cttatttttt cctatgtacc ctgcctgatt catccccaca     18060
     actaactgtg gagcagggtt tgtgttttgc tccttcaata ttcctagcac ctagaactta     18120
     aaacagggtc aacaagcatt tgtgaaataa ttattctcac caggccggaa gagacacatt     18180
     actggtagcc aatcttcttg acctttcctg agcagggtca gcagaccgtc taacacctca     18240
     aagtgtctcc attccttcat gtagttttgt gacacttagt gctttaatta tgcagatgaa     18300
     aaaccaggaa tttaaaatac ttagagtaag ctacaataga tttggataag aattggcaat     18360
     gaaactttac attttactaa atagttaata taattctata ttttaaagca taaatcaccc     18420
     attatgaaca caaaccttga gactggtgaa ctcccaggag aaagcacccc gacagaatac     18480
     agccagtctg ccaaggatgt ctctggccaa gttcccagcg ctggcaaaag ctcacccaca     18540
     gtggacaagg cccagctgaa gacagactcc gagtgcagcc caccaggagg ctgcccaccc     18600
     agcaaggaag ctgcagtggc agcacacggg actgaacctg tcagcagccc atgtggctaa     18660
     agaacaatgc acagagcaac cacagctcca gccatctttg aagtctgtat tgactcttca     18720
     tccttcctta caaatttact acaaagctgc caactttaaa ttagtaattt tacagaccat     18780
     cagagtacct cttagctgtt aggatatagc tcatatttta gaacaaggtt ttataaaatt     18840
     tacattttta agttactgct ttagcagata gacaccatta agtgagctga tactatcagg     18900
     cgtttaacta acattaaatg tttctttggc tacactgcta catgacagct agcaaagcag     18960
     gagccaactg atcaaagtgt gttggctgac agaagtcctc tgaaacctag tttactaaca     19020
     gggtatttaa tgcaggctgg gtctgctgct gccacagagt caggcacctg tgtttttatg     19080
     taggctacct gcagaacgac gtgactttct ggttatgggg cctgtctcct tgtcatccat     19140
     tctacattag gtcttactaa gacaagcctg gatggtctgg ttctagcgat acttgagttt     19200
     cacactttgt cagtgactgt gggaatggct ttattctcta ccatgtagta ccagatttag     19260
     aaagccccat tttcatgttt ggaatcgtgc agttgctttg atgctattca gtttactata     19320
     ctgtcttggc taaatgtaat tctggttttc agagaggtgt agatagagaa caagatgtat     19380
     taacattttt gagtcaacat tatgttggtg attttaaagt gcattctcca ttttatacct     19440
     ttaaaaaagc aatttatgta ttttgtacac gtcctagcta gcactctttc tgtgcacgca     19500
     ggtgtccttt gttgttgcaa ccatatctac actgcacatt ttattcagat gagaccgctc     19560
     aagaattaag tcttgaaatt aattaccagg caggctgctt caacaaggac attttgtctg     19620
     aacagttgat ttttgatttc tttctacaaa tgtgtgatcc tccttttttt tcctacctca     19680
     gtatctgaaa aaccaacttt atatgccaat ataactttct tgtttatcat tgtaaatgcc     19740
     tttttctttt tttcagatta gatcatatta aaggcaggtt tattggaaat tgaggccaga     19800
     gacattgcca ttgagagggg tgggggcaga gagaaaggga gggagggaga gagagagaga     19860
     gagagagggc atggacagag ggaagagagg agaagagtaa atgccttagt attttatcag     19920
     gaaggtaaaa acttccccca aacaaaagga ttttgcatta agacagtatc gtagcagaca     19980
     tgtaacgaat gcatgagagg acagcagcag tttattcagg ctctgaccat ctgtgtacaa     20040
     agcagttctc tctgtggacg ggagggaccc actcacccta acggtaaatg cacgcccaag     20100
     gtggggaggg agtgtccttt gagcactggt ataattctga agagaagtaa ctgccgcctt     20160
     taacagagag gaaagaagta ctgtgggcac tgctgatggc tttcatccaa agtgaccccc     20220
     tttcaaagca ctcacaatct catctttgta tttctcatta cagatgccca tttggggatg     20280
     gaatctacct tgacagctag caaagcaacc tgctgttctt gagtgactac agcaattcag     20340
     ggaagacttg attaacacag gtgacgatat caaggccagt ttattgcaga aaagagaagc     20400
     ggcttgtctc aagtgattag tgtgactatc tgaggttaaa gcacattgta actggctttt     20460
     aagaaaagaa cagggtaggt agttgttaaa gcacttttta aaacagaata attgttgaat     20520
     gcttaaccat tgtaaacaca aaataaacac ttatttttac attattttgg tctggtgtgc     20580
     agtctttgct ttcttagtga attttcttct aagtgtctgc accaaatgcg ggccagaaga     20640
     tcactgtctc gtaaactcgt tagatgaagg ctcatggtct aacattaact aagccttgcg     20700
     tactttctgt gagttttctg cctatgtagt tttcctaaca gtacatctcc taaaagtagg     20760
     ccttgtgcta ctttataact gtgttatgta ataaaggaga cagataaccc agagcatgct     20820
     aaaagcagtt tatttctcat ttccctcact ggctttgcct aaaaatatat tgaatatagt     20880
     tttcttaaac tagaatttta tgactatttt catctttttt acataggaca tttacattat     20940
     ttccaataaa caatgcaatc tgctatattc atgggcaggt acaaaaagtc cctgtcaact     21000
     agctccttaa agatggcctc tgtaagaaaa gactgagttc taatgtagga gtcatttaaa     21060
     tccctattac acaaacccta gccaaggaat ctagtcacgc acacagaatc tcaaggtcag     21120
     ttaagctgac ggagcacctt acaggacgtt ctgccctgag acagaagaat gtcagtccct     21180
     cagtactcaa cattcacacc ctaaaaatgt ggtgactgct acagtggcga gctccctgca     21240
     gtgtcctgag gggaccagtc cttttcttca gtaggttacc acaccatcct gtggtttgct     21300
     agttattttc ccgaatgctt aaattccaac aaagcgttat tttgcaaaag ttcctttagt     21360
     ccaaactcac tgtctctgtt tggatctctt tgcagcagaa ctctctgctc atccattctt     21420
     ttagcttgag agcgtaagat gaggctaaag aagtcctcat ccgggacagt cggcccctta     21480
     gtggcagcag atggaggagc acatctttga tcatctaatc ttgaccccta aagatggaga     21540
     caaattgaaa cataacagtc agaaaggaga atgccaagct gtatcatctg ttcgaagtta     21600
     gatccataag catttctttt agcttttttc agaaagttgt cttcagaccc gaaacttgat     21660
     agaatgggac taaagcaagt agtatggaga aatgggcttc gtaagtatat tatactacta     21720
     cagctggtca caaatgattt gacactaaaa tgtcaggtat gacagtttca aaattaaaat     21780
     cttctcttta taatgtgttt ctagaatggc ctaggccagg gggccaacaa attataatct     21840
     actgcctatg tttgaagctg tttgcacaaa tgattcaaat ggcaacccag aagggttttt     21900
     tggtttttgt tttttgtatt tttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc     21960
     tggctgtcct caaactcaga aatctgcctg cctcagcttc tcaagggctg ggatcaaagg     22020
     cgagtgccac cacggcccag cagagggttt tttttcctaa aaaaacagca gttgtataca     22080
     aaacagatgt tccccaagtc actacctatt ctgaccaccc actagccctt caacctttac     22140
     tttttcttca tagtaccact gccacactgt ctcttgcttg cctgtggaga gccttttggg     22200
     gtgccgcttg gcaggagtct gacactggcc aaggacaagg aaatgggctt caggcaggaa     22260
     tctgacattg cccatgacag ggacataagc tcaggcagga actggcatta ggatatgcta     22320
     aggaagtaag tttctgcaag aatctaactt taggctataa tggggaagta gggtaaggca     22380
     ggaattttaa tcttcgggtg caacaaaaga agtaggcttc aggcaagatt ttgggcttgg     22440
     acaaggaagt gggcccaagt atttcggtca ttctgacaag ctcttttaaa caactgtcac     22500
     gggagtatca cgggactttg cccactgcct tgctagttcc ttattgtact gctcaccctt     22560
     aatacttgca tgtaactaaa atggtataaa aaatggactg ggaaaattaa atttgccttc     22620
     agtctcagaa ttgactgggg tcatgctaca aaactgtctt tttttctttt taatcctcac     22680
     tcccgcgctg gagaacctgt tgactgagcg ggcttggtcg cttgctcttt gtacacactt     22740
     ttgactttcc acttagatgc atgatgcaag agcatcctgg tgccccaaat cgtccctgta     22800
     acaaaggcat ttagtggcct tctgaatgac aggcaagtaa ataatgcctg atccacaaag     22860
     agccctgtgg gacagtagac catgccagga aacgtgggat ggttgagcgg gttcagagtc     22920
     cccaacaccc aggcacctac ctgagactgt aggggtgtcc ctcctcccta ttggattcct     22980
     ggcctagaac atgtgccaca cctctcacac gtgaaccaaa acagttctcc atgctaatga     23040
     ggtacctaga gaccctgagg gtttacccaa taggcttccc tccctagaca ctcctccttg     23100
     caaaaggtat ttaatttctg gcccaccctg aggagttggt ttggtacggt atgtacccat     23160
     tttccacact gaacagtcaa taaacatgga taaacgtgga ctgtctatct gctgtgggga     23220
     gcatggagaa agcctttgat accaagccac atcctgcaga aggcctctgt gctcccagac     23280
     aaccactgct aagctaagga ctttcaccag tgaactaagc tggagctccc accctcagca     23340
     tcctcagcct gcaggcctcc aattctgttt ctaacccttg agatccagca gcgcctggat     23400
     gtccaagagt ttgggagcat ccagtcctgg ccagcctctt cgtggcctga ggacttcatt     23460
     cccagctttt ctgcagtttc ccagcagtga ctggataccc aggagtcaag gaaccccaag     23520
     ctttggcctc ccatatccta ggctgcgttt tcccacccct tgagtggtgt cttggcacct     23580
     ccctaaaggc cagcacccaa cagcagcaca ggccaccaac agcagcacag gccaccaaca     23640
     gcagcacagg ccaccaacag cagcacaggc caccaacagc agcacaggcc accaacagca     23700
     gcccaggcca ctccacagaa tgcacttacc tggcacttta caaggatgtc gaagaagtct     23760
     tcatcaggct ctttcttgtc atttgtcatc aggcgctcaa gtacagatgg actgttgcct     23820
     tttgtcaggc ggagccctgg caaattactg aaactggccc tctggtcatc cagacggcgg     23880
     ctctgtgagc tagcaagaag atctaagaac tcatctgtgt tgggggacac cacagagaca     23940
     gacggtgcta cggacaggaa agaataacac cgaaatgtta caaacgtgtt gagatttcta     24000
     tctgcacata actcgcatgc acctagcttt cctctcctgc agggcactgc tgctgtgtgg     24060
     ccttccccag cagagtgggg aggaacgcga ctaaacagtt gtcttttcct ttataagttc     24120
     ctttgttcct tccatgttca ggatgggaat catttagtga agtcaaaaga ctggccgatc     24180
     ttaatctatg ggagaaatca tcttatagta gagaaatgta acaatataag taatatagtt     24240
     tagattttta aatttcagat atgaaatgtc tcatgatctg actttgtgtg tgttgcagat     24300
     gaagggccta ctgcttgcta cctaatgggc tagcctgggc tatgcctcag atacataaga     24360
     tgaaccgaaa ctgaaggaga gcaaagaagg cttacctttc atcaacttgg gggtagcaga     24420
     agcagctgct gtggatgttg tgcgacagtt tccttgtaag tggcacctct ggtcatccat     24480
     cctgttgctc tgaaatcgcc ttagcaagtc aaagaatcct tcatctccaa tcgtgtctga     24540
     actgattttc taaaacaaag aaaatctagt atgtttaatt atccctcttt ggccttaggt     24600
     catcaatgaa caccatgatg tagttaaaca gaaaaggcaa aggatacaga ttttaaaaac     24660
     tggcctttta tttaaaaaaa gagcttaagt ggcaattggt aataaaatgc tcccgtatac     24720
     accccataaa aagccatttt tatttattta acttttaatt cctgtatttc ttaggccaat     24780
     aaaacatatc tgaggcctgg actggacact catactataa tctctgcttc tagaaccaaa     24840
     aatgaagaat cccaggggct ggttaagaac agtggctgtc tttccagaga tcttgagttc     24900
     aaatctcagc acccacatgg ctcacagcca tctctaacta tactcatggg atctaattac     24960
     ctcttctggt gtgcagatat acaagcaggc aaaacacccc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc     25020
     aatcaatcgt tcttaaaagc ctagcagtgg tggtgtattt ctaaatccca gcactaggga     25080
     ggcgcagagc caggtatatc tctgggtttg aggccaacct ggtcaacaga gagttctaga     25140
     acagccaagg ctacacagag aaactctgtc tcaaaaacaa ctaacccaat aaaaccaaaa     25200
     ctaaaaacaa caacaacaac aaaaagagaa aaaaaaaaaa aagccaagac aagaaagcat     25260
     cagtcttctc aggcaaaacc gctgtgagct ttgtgacctt cggtggctgt acagctagtt     25320
     ctaacactcc tgcccagacg ctggcccctc cagtggatcc gagcagcaga aacaaacgtt     25380
     caagtgtctg gtctacaagt ctacgtgagg ggttaagtgt tagaaaaaga cttggtacag     25440
     agaatgtttt agaagtgaga aattcaaatc taaagaacaa aacgatcaag tgtggttaat     25500
     gcaggaaaga gaactgagta acacctagct tcctaggaga cacagcatgg catcctaaaa     25560
     tgagtcaggg gatgtactgg ctggttttgt gtgtcaactt gacacaggct ggagttatca     25620
     cagagaaagg agcttcagtt ggggaaatgc ctccatgaga tacaactgta aggcattttc     25680
     tcaattagtg atcaagggga aaaggcccct tgtgggtggt gccatccctg gactggtatt     25740
     cttgggttct ataagaaagc aagctgagca agccagtgga aacaagccag taagtaacat     25800
     cccaccgtgg cctctgcatc agcccctgct tcctgacctg cttgagttcc agtcctgact     25860
     tcctttggtg atgaacagca gtgtggaagt gtaagctgaa taaacccttt cctaccccac     25920
     ttgcttcttg gtcatgatgt ctgtgcagga atagaaaccc tgactaagac aggggaggag     25980
     tagttgactc cagacttacg ctgaatctga tgtttgcgaa tggagtgctt aagctatagc     26040
     caatacgtca tcaccaagac cttgctctag gtacaaaaag cctgtaatgt acaattttga     26100
     acatcaaaaa catagtacaa tgctgggcat ggtgacaata tctgtaatac taaccagcct     26160
     ggtccacagg gagtaaatcc ttgtctcaaa acagccccca aatgaaaaaa aaacacagta     26220
     gctttcaaaa gatcagagct tttagctctg ttcagagtgc ctgctgaaga cagcctagag     26280
     ccctagttct gcatccctgg acagtcactc tatacccagc cctatagttt ttccgtttat     26340
     tagccaaaaa gcattgaaaa aacacttcaa ggggtatata gccattagtg aaattttgtc     26400
     tttttttttt tttttttttc agagctgagc actgaaccca gggtcttgca cttgctaggc     26460
     aagcactcta ccactgagct aaatccccaa cccccgaaat tctgattgaa acccctgaaa     26520
     ttctgttttt tgaaaagacc ttccttgact aaaaatggta cttggtgaag aatgttttgt     26580
     tttttttttt taattataac ttagtttacc tatttatcta tccatctatc tacttattta     26640
     tttatttatt tatttatact ttttattaga tattttcttt atttacattt caaatgttat     26700
     ctcctagttt cccctccgaa agccccctaa cccccttccc cctccccctg ctcaccaacc     26760
     cacctaactc ctgcttcctg gccctggcat tcccctatac tggggcatag aaccttcaca     26820
     ggacctccca ttaatgacca actaggccac tctctgctgc ataggcagct gggccatgag     26880
     tccctctgtg tgttttcctt ggttggtggt ttagtcccag ggagctctgg gggtactggt     26940
     tagttcatat tgttgttcct cctataataa tgttcttttt gacttagttt gatcctgttt     27000
     atcagaatag aggatagcta ggtaagctta aagagttctt taataatgac cattaagtca     27060
     atggtgcctt tatttctgag tatgttaaat tcaataaact ggtgtacttt tgtgataacc     27120
     tgaataaaaa tagccccgta ggcccacaga gagcggcact attaggaggt gtggccttgc     27180
     tggagaaagt ctctcggtta gggttgttgc gggtaggctt tgaggtctca gacactcaag     27240
     caaggcccag tctgtctctc tcttcctgat gactgcccac tcagatgtag aactctcagc     27300
     tccttctcca gcaccatgtc tgcctgcatg ctgccatgct tcccgccatg atgataatga     27360
     acctgtaagt cagccccaat taaatgtttt cctctttaag agttgccagg gtcacagcac     27420
     ctattcacag caatagaaac cctaagataa atgtctaaat atggaagtgg tcatggccag     27480
     gcagtagtgg cgcacccctt taatcccagc cctcgggcgg cagaggcagg tgaagctttg     27540
     agtccccggc caacctggtc tagagcgagt tccgggacag tcaaggctac acagagaaac     27600
     cctgacttgg ggagtggaaa tggggtgtgt gtgtgtgaag gttccaataa taagatgaaa     27660
     taaaagctga tgctcatggc tgtcctctga gaggcccaac aagcagctga aagagttaga     27720
     tgcagatatg tacaagtcgg ggacccctgt ggttgaatta gggaaaagct ggaagaagct     27780
     gaggaagagg gcaaccccat agaaagacag aagtctcaac taacctggac ccctgagatc     27840
     tctctgacaa tgagccacca accaggcagc atacagcagc tggtccaagg cccctgacac     27900
     atatacagca gaggactgcc gggtctgccc tcagtgaaag aagatgcacc aaacccttga     27960
     gagacttgag tagggaagcc tggtgggtgg agcagacatc ctcttggaga cagggggtag     28020
     gaggagtggg atgaggaact gtgggagggt agaccaggag ggggtaacga ctagactgta     28080
     aagaaataaa ataaaaaagc tgatgctacc aaaatttttt tctctgagat agtgtttgct     28140
     taaaaatcca tgaagattaa aaaaaatccc ctggtgtctg tttccactag gtgagacagt     28200
     gctgtaacac ggtctgattc attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat ccctgaatct     28260
     gcagtcagtg tttttctggc ttcaaacatg agttagtctt actagagaac aacagtaaga     28320
     gaaacagtac ttttgcagac agtgacttaa atcagtaata actactgtcc aaaacaagag     28380
     aacaacttct ctatgaacag aacgggccct agctgaggag caggaaagcc tgagagagac     28440
     acactctttc actaggacat gttatgtgct taccaacaac tgaatgaata caaggaaaca     28500
     agtacgacac gtgggcctta cagcgctccg gacggaagcg taccttctgg gagcgtggcg     28560
     cgcggtggtc cacggagttg ctggcgtctt ggagaacctt agtgcaggcg ctgccgcttt     28620
     tgtacttttt gcccttcagt ctgttgacaa acaggagctt tgcagatggt ttggcaatga     28680
     gaggtttctg tttagcgaga atttcactgt tccaattcgg cacctacaga tggacagtgg     28740
     aaagacgtga ggaaagccac cttcacactt ctattaggat gcgacagtca cagatccgtg     28800
     agaggctttg ttgttgttgc tcttactgct gtgtttagat gtagggtggg tctcgtaagg     28860
     tagccttacc aggctcatct ggccctgtga acctttggcc tcagctccct tttttgttgt     28920
     tgtttttcca agacaaggtt tctctgtata acttccctgg ctgtccgggt tcatagacca     28980
     agctggcctc gaactcacag agatctgcct aactctacct tcctactgtc aggattaaag     29040
     acacgcacca ccatgtccag atagcctcac aatctttttt tttttaatat acttttaaaa     29100
     tatttattta taagtacatt gtagctgtct tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcagatca     29160
     gatcccatta cagatagttg tgagccacca agtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct     29220
     ctggaagagc agcaagtgag tgctcttaac caccgagcca tctctccagc cccctagcct     29280
     cacaatctta atgaatccat tcaacatatt caacattgtg tatcaaatgc atattgtgaa     29340
     tgtttttatg agtttaaaaa aaaaaacaaa tgaagtttac caaattcttt aaaaatatat     29400
     tttgaatggt cagagaagat aaagtattat tctggatgtg aatcaaataa aaatctgtta     29460
     cagctagaaa cttgtacatt ttcagtacac aaatgggcag ataggtttaa gtcaggtgca     29520
     atgactgcta ctcaggattg gaggcaggag aattggacat tcaacatcag cctaggctat     29580
     acagccatac agtcttagca aacacagaag cctgactgag ggaagggaag tctgcagttc     29640
     atgtgtacac ttgagcttga gctcatcaca gagggttcac ggcaagtatt gtgtgtacca     29700
     ctgggaaccg tgtaactcac tctaatcaag acacagaaca gctccaccaa cctaggagag     29760
     tcccttgtga ggtacacggt agtccctgct ccacggctga caggagtgag gcacacagcc     29820
     agcaagtcag gctcagttgt aagggggaat tacatgctag tgggaacttt gtggtctctt     29880
     tgtttgagac aagatctctc tgcgtagctt catggtctta taagtggaaa aaaatggcct     29940
     ggatttaaga acataaaact atacctcaaa atccatttta ataaaatttt aaaaactcaa     30000
     gtggaactgt gccttaaaaa ttatgagggc atgttatttc taaccaagaa ttctttcttt     30060
     taaagagata gaggaggaga ctttcttgga aagaaagaac tcagcagaaa gggaagagaa     30120
     tggaggtgaa aatgacccag atacatgata cgcatacatg gaattatcaa ggaataacaa     30180
     ttattcttgt tcggtgtttt ggttggtgtt ggggtgcatg tgtggtctgt gtgtatgtat     30240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt actctcagcg tctcaagcat gctctaccta     30300
     cacacctaaa ccaagactct aatagttagc aaaatctgat cagtgaaatg agagccggag     30360
     aaggcacctt cacacttctc ttctctcata ctgcacccat ttccccagga agcacctgat     30420
     tccagccttc tgcttcctta tttatacctt aagaataatg aaataattaa ctgttaactt     30480
     tattatggag gaaacccccc acatgagtaa ttcttccagg tccagcaaga tggttcagca     30540
     gacaagtgcg cctgcttgct ctgcaagcct gaagacctga gtcctgagtc taatccagca     30600
     ttaggagaga accgactcct gaaagctgtc ctctgacatc caccaaagct tgctgctttg     30660
     agtctcagaa acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacac gccagtagca gtgcatatct     30720
     gtaatcccag attgggatgg ggtatgggat ggggtggaca catgagaatc agtgaggagc     30780
     ttgtgagcca gctagcttgg gatactctgt gcagaggagg gagggaagga gagaggagta     30840
     gggaagagac actgtcccaa aaagcaaggc gggggctgaa tatggctcag tgggtaaact     30900
     gtttgctgcc aaggctaatg accctggaac acacagaatg gagagccaac tcccacaagg     30960
     ggccctccaa cctcctggca cgcataaatg ctttctttat taaagctgga agaatagact     31020
     tgactccttg aagctgctct ctgacctcca cacgtgtggc ctggggacgc gcacacacac     31080
     atgttcacac acacagctct gtactgatgt ggctatgtag ctgaacgaga agtactgctc     31140
     ttgcttttgt gctacctggt atgcattcaa ttaagacctg ttttttaaca agggaaaatg     31200
     ttcagacagt tcaaaatagc ctataaaata tttctagcct atcccaaata ctctgctgaa     31260
     gcagtaactg taacttttct tacgtactct cccagaaatg ctacatgaat ctacagagta     31320
     tacatgtgtt tatgtttatt aagcacacga cagcatgctg ttcgtccccc tggcactgga     31380
     cttgtcctgg ctcttgttaa aagcaaactc ttaagcgata cccacaaagg acaaggctta     31440
     aacgctttta cttaacagtc cctggaatgt gaaagctgag accgccaacc ttttctggtg     31500
     ttaacttcat aagttccaag ttctccatac tgtgtctccg tcccagcttg gcgcctgcac     31560
     ctttgtttaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag     31620
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     31680
     aaagaaagaa agaaagacag aaacacaaat taactcaaat aaaccaggaa cccttcagga     31740
     cgcacagctg gcaccaccac atgactctat tctaccatat gattcacaaa tccacatgga     31800
     aggaacactc attttttgaa gagtaattat tatttcccac agttcatgaa aacagtccct     31860
     ctaaaatgct ttgatgtcag aagacgcgtt ttggttgcca agtaaccact ggttactcat     31920
     atttcccttg atttagaaaa ggcattttat aatcactgct ctctagtctc catgcagcct     31980
     caaagaaacc caaacgtact gtggtcaaag taagcaaacc catgggaaag ctgcaggcct     32040
     tcaattctga gggaactgaa aataactccc cacttctaca cagggttttc taagttctcc     32100
     atttccagac aggctctagt gtgtagtgag tcaggacaca agtcaaaaaa ataaagcaaa     32160
     gtttctcaaa aatggctttc cagtaagatt gttaaatatt aattacagac tttctatgac     32220
     tgtaatcctt taaaaagtaa gtgtcttgtc tgtatgactg tctgtagcac atgtatgtct     32280
     ggtgcccctg gaactagtta cagatggttg tgagccacca tttgggtatt ggaaactgag     32340
     cccaggtcct ctagtagagc agtcagtgct cttaatcact gagcaatttc tccagcccct     32400
     aagcagtatt ttttttaaag gcataatata gctggacaca gtggtgcatg actgagagac     32460
     aaccactcag atggctgagt ctggaggatc aaaatttaaa gccagtctga gtgtatagtg     32520
     agttcaagga cagattgggc tacagagcaa gaccttgttc aaaataacaa agcaccaatt     32580
     atacctccaa caaaaggtct aatataaagg atacctgatg cctaccaccc agttttaaaa     32640
     tatggccagt gtatcagtct ccttgtgcaa gtcccactat gtataaatcc cacctttgtc     32700
     gttgtatcag ttctccctca gtgtgagatc ctacacctgg cacgcactag gtaagcgacc     32760
     acagagacac agcacagcac agcccttgga tcttaaggac attggatcca gtataacaca     32820
     gttatctcct tttggttggg cctggtatga caaccctttc tcatccttct attttccatc     32880
     ttacaattag atgaaacctt gcacatttgc tggcagtggg aaagtgttgg gagccgccct     32940
     cacattcgcc attataagat ggcgctgaca gctgtgttct aagtggtaaa cataatctgc     33000
     acacgtgcag gggcagtttt cccgccatgt gttctgcctt tctcgtgatg acaactgggc     33060
     cgatgggctg cagccaatca gggagtaata cgtcctaggc ggaggataat tctccttaaa     33120
     agggacaggg ttttgccatt ctttttctct ctcttgttct tgctttttct ctctcttgtt     33180
     cttgcttttt ctctctcttg ttcttgcttt ttctctctct tgttcttgct ttttctctct     33240
     cttgttcttg ctttttctct ctcttgttct tgctttttct ctctcttgtt cttgcttttt     33300
     ctctctcttg ttcttgcttt ttctctctct tgctctcttg ttcttgcttt ttctctctct     33360
     tgttcttgct ttttctctct tttgttcttg ctttttctct ctcttgttct tgctttttct     33420
     ctctcttgtt cttgcgtttt ctctctcttg ttcttgcttt ttctctctct tgctctctct     33480
     tgctctcttg ctctctggct cctgaagatg taagcaataa agctttgtcg cagaagattc     33540
     cggtttgctg cgttcttcct ggccggtcgt gagaacgcgt gtaagagttg gtaaaaggga     33600
     cgggacgaga agacctggga cgagaaaacc cgggacggga cgagaagacc tgggacaaga     33660
     aaacctggga cggttaccat cactggcgca aagaagatcc ctcattccgg aaccagaact     33720
     gcgggtcatg gtaatgaagt gttcccataa aacagactgt tgagaaggat ccagtgtgga     33780
     ttcagaactc ttcagctggg gaacggtggt aatgaagtgt tcccgtaaaa cagactgttg     33840
     agaaggattc aactgcgtga attcagaact cttcagctgg ggaacagggt acgcgtaagt     33900
     atagctttac aaggtaagtc tggtcttgaa ctttctaacg aaattcaaga cagtctatca     33960
     gaagtaaagt gggaaatagc tttacaaggt aagtctggtc ttgaactttc taatgaaatt     34020
     caagacagtc tatcagaagt aaagtgggaa atagctttac aaggtatgtt tggccttgaa     34080
     ctttctctag tgttaggagc ctttttgttc cttttcacat gttatcaagt ggttaaggca     34140
     gggctgaaaa ttctggatga aattcagggc aatctatcag aagtaaagcg gggagagaga     34200
     gtaggagcaa agaggaaata tgatgcacaa aataagtata caggcctttc cacgggtctt     34260
     gaacccgagg aaaagtttag gtcaggtaag aatacctggg gagagattgg aaggaaggag     34320
     aaggaaaaag aaaagaaaaa agatcaatca gcggaggtct ctaggagaag gagcctatac     34380
     tcatcactag gtgagctcaa ggagccagtt cttagtagtt ctgaatcaga tgaaaaggct     34440
     attagggcct ggaaggcgct ctccggagca ggtgaagcca ctggacaact aacaaagatc     34500
     gtccagagac ctcaggagtc attctcagat tttgtggcca gaatgacaga ggcagcagag     34560
     cgtatttttg cagatttgga gcaagccgca cctctggtag aatagcttat ttatgagcaa     34620
     gccacacagg aatgcagagc ggccatagcc ccaagaaaga acaaaggttt acaagactgg     34680
     ctcagggttt gtcgggagct tgggggacct ctcactaatg caggcttagc ggctgccatc     34740
     ctccgatccc aaaaacgctc catgggcaga aattaatcaa ctcatagatc ttgtccagga     34800
     acaactagat gtattatggc aaatagccca gctggaatgt gaacaaaagt ttccgggatt     34860
     gtgcgttact tccattcagt atgagaaatt tactagggca gctaatttgt taaaaagtct     34920
     ttctcagtat atgttacaga attggacggc tgaatttgaa cagacccttc gggaattgag     34980
     acttgccatc attcaggtca actccacgcg cttggacctg tccctgacca aaggattacc     35040
     caattggatc tcctcagcat tttccttctt taaagaatgg gtgggattga tattatttgg     35100
     agatacactt tgctgtggat tagtgttgct tctctggttg gtctgtaagc ttaaggccca     35160
     aactaggaga gacaaggtgg ttattgccca ggcacttgca gctctagaac atggtgcttc     35220
     ccctgatata tctatgctta agcaataggt cgctggccat tcagctcttg caccccacga     35280
     ggctagtctc attgcacggg atagagtgag tgtgcttcag cagcccgaga gagttgcacg     35340
     gctaagcact gcagtagaag ggctctgcgg catatatgag cctattctag ggagacatgt     35400
     catctttcat gaaggttcag tgtcctagtt cccttccccc aggaaaaatg acacgggagc     35460
     aggtcagggt tgctctgggt aaaagcctgt gagcctaaga gctaatcctg tacatggctc     35520
     ctttacctgc acactgggga tttgacctct atctccactc tcattaatat gggtggccta     35580
     ttgctcttat taaaagaaaa gggggaggaa agtgcaataa cagagcacgc tgtgcatcat     35640
     caggagcgat gactccaggg tctgcagtca ctcaaacaaa attgcagagg catccagcac     35700
     gctccattaa aacctgtctg ctttaaaata actttcctgg atctgttgtt tgttttgttt     35760
     ttaggaattt tgaatctaca ttcaatgttt ttgtttttgt tttccgagac agggtttctc     35820
     tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggttggcctc gaactcagaa     35880
     atctgcctgc cccccccccc cccccccccc gcacctggcc tgaatctaca ttcatgagtg     35940
     aagctggtct ctcagttagc cgtcttgtac tgtttatatg tttctaaggg tgatgaagtt     36000
     tctcagtgat ctgtaagatg ttgtaaacag ttatacagat ggtccctggc ttatgaacat     36060
     ttttcacttt aaatgatata aaaatgactc attcagcagg aactgtttac tgactttgga     36120
     tcttaacaca ggtaaacgca gcaggatatt ctcatggtct gggcagccgc gagtaggagg     36180
     cagcttccgg atcaccagag aatccaccta cactccacag tcagtggcac tgcttagctt     36240
     tgatgtttgg tattccaggc atgctaagtg cattctgccc acctgcgaat aggctcgtgc     36300
     gtagcctcag cactcaggct ttccaggggg aggcttttag aggaaggatg ggtaggtatt     36360
     taagacaggc tttctcgggc tggagagatg gctcagcagt taagcacacc aactgctctt     36420
     tcagaggtcc cgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcaccgcta tctgtaacag     36480
     gatccgatgc actcttctga tgtgtctgaa gacagtgata gtgtactttc ataaaacaaa     36540
     tatataaatc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcag gctttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg     36600
     aactctgtag attaggctag ccttgaactt agaggtctgc ctggctctgc ctcccagtgc     36660
     tatgtatgat taaaggcatg taccaccacc acccagcaag ggaagacttt taattactga     36720
     cctattgtta tgattctaga aattgatatt tcccccaggt tttgaaatgg attgtcctaa     36780
     gattactctg agctctcacc ccttcagtct gtacatccac tgctatgccc cttctctctc     36840
     tctctctttc accctctctc tttttaaaaa gaatcttgtt gtagatttgc tcacattctt     36900
     tttttgggtt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ttccttgtat agctctggtt     36960
     gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaattcg cctgtctctg     37020
     cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccaccac ctggctgatt tgctcacctc     37080
     ttaaagaacc aaattttaac tgtgaatgca ggtgttggat gtcatgttgt tcctgggaat     37140
     ggaacctggg ttttctggag aagcagccgg tattcttaac tgctgagcat cttcctgccc     37200
     tgagaacttc tctaccattc taaaatgtcc tactgaaggc actgaactag agcctggaga     37260
     ggaggaagaa gcataagatc tgtttctatg atagatggta aacttcgagg gagggaagga     37320
     ggagggaggg catcccgggt accgcagatg tgtcggatgg agcatgaaga ggagcacaaa     37380
     gagctgtgag tggagagcta gctgtgtgca gcttgcgtgt ggaggaggca ggtgagagtg     37440
     gccagctaca ggaaacactg cacatctaga caaggacaca tgcgctaacc atgaggcctc     37500
     agtgcctggg aaggaggagg agacactaac atgggtctga accgagaggg ggtcatgagg     37560
     agacaagctt tacgatgaga attcttacaa cgtaccgact cgcaagtcaa acacagaaaa     37620
     cttcagttta tccaattact aagcacaacg gctatgtatt ccacatccct cactttagaa     37680
     tctcttatgg aatgttctgt gaatatctta ggattatcag tatggatttc tcattattac     37740
     ctctcccagt ttagagaaaa aaacagccaa tgacaaagct aattttttct attggctttc     37800
     aagtttgaaa cattcctggc actgaaggag gagggcatca gatcactggg agctggagtt     37860
     acagttctga gctgctaggt caatgctggg acttgaactc aggacctctg gaaaagcagc     37920
     cagtgctcct aaccctgagc cacattccat taagcttagg aatcaaggca tttttaaaac     37980
     tatatttata tattaataat tatatatgtg tgtgtgtatg tatgtgtgta tatatatata     38040
     tatatatata tatattgttg gggtgtactg gttctaggaa ctggttctct ccatctacca     38100
     cacaggttct ggggctttgg acctgggtca cagggcttgt cagcaggtgc tttacccact     38160
     tagccatgcc tgtggttcat agagtcaagc tttaaaaatg tattccagag tcaaggtctg     38220
     agcagctgat agatacaggt agatgatttc ctgactttaa aaaagagaca acaaccccaa     38280
     gctgttttac cagaagtgaa atggatggcg tttactaaaa cccaaatata ttataactat     38340
     ttgaattaaa aaaaggtaga caaaaggttt cagttctagc atcgtcatat ttatacactt     38400
     ctgaattacc ctgtaagtta atttaacagc acttgactat atattcttta accaaagtaa     38460
     ataattatac cttcagtatt cctatgttct cagtaagaac tataaaatgc tatgttctat     38520
     atgctgacag gtttaactga actgaaaaac caagaagggt gggagaagtc acacatgtac     38580
     tctacgtgca atcgacatgc ttcctagcaa cttaaaaaaa tttatttttt aaatttttct     38640
     gaaagaagtg gggttttcag ggtgctacct accatgtaag ctgccatcaa tttcaatgtt     38700
     ctcagacatc atggaattat ttgtgctgta gctcagacca agaaccatct gcaggtctga     38760
     gaggttcagc cgcgcagtca gttcaccact tttgtcccca acctgtaacc acaagcattt     38820
     tccacgtcag agtgacatta gttcaccatg cacatgtgtg tatgcacgaa tgcgtgcatg     38880
     catgcacaca tacatacata cgtacatacc caacttccac aggatctatg gccattccca     38940
     tttcctatac gagggacggg acatgaagct gagaagaggt atctaagctc aaatacccat     39000
     caggtgtaac acgagccagt cagtccttag ttctaaccaa tattttcttt aaaaactatg     39060
     acatgaaaca aagaggatgg agtaatagca tcctatcccc acgtggctca gctcactgtg     39120
     ctgtctccct aggtccagca atacagtcat ctatctgttt acacagctct ctgaacactg     39180
     ggaaaacacc ctaccccgtc actgacttga aaagtctaac aggatgcatg gcgatttctt     39240
     ttgtttcata cctctcttga aatttccaag tgcttttcag caaaatgcat tgcttggtca     39300
     tgatttccca gagctgtgta tgcgtttcct aagctccaac acgctcttcc ttcaccaatc     39360
     ctaaaacaga actcaacgtt aacacggagc tatccaaaaa gaggtcctca cagaggataa     39420
     agcgacccag caatgattaa cggtataaaa tatgccttgg gcttacttaa cctttcagct     39480
     agagcgatgc agattctagg cagagaaatg agaatactga gtatcaaact caaagtcaaa     39540
     tattaaaacg tggaaagatc ctttacaaat acacagtggt atttttaatc agcgttcagg     39600
     gggcagaggc tggcagagct ctgattttga ggctagcctg gcctacatag tgagttccag     39660
     aacagccggg gctaacacag tgagatctgt ctcacaacaa caacaacaaa acacacacac     39720
     aacacacact cattgcatca tgaaacaaca attctcaggg agaggacttg tatcctaacc     39780
     acattatctt cctattacag ccttatcagt aagcattcgg tgtagtccga acccaggatc     39840
     gggggaggga acagttagca aaattcgctc ccctacatct acttcatttt gaataactac     39900
     actgaaaagt tctttctcaa attgaggtaa aaatctatct tctcaaataa atattgcaga     39960
     ctaacattcc atagatgttg ttttccatat agagaaaaac aataaaaata aataaatgca     40020
     aaccaaaaca atcgacttag caccagcact caacaggcag atccatctct gtcacaggac     40080
     ttctaacttc tattgaggac ccgtgttccc cacaggcgac actgctggag ctaagtggca     40140
     ggtatccctt gacctcagca ttttctaagt tctccaaaat gcccactgag cttcacagga     40200
     caacttctgg gaaggcagct aagcttgcga cctagtcact cactcagact caaagtccta     40260
     tgcatcccca ctaatgcttg gccacaggct ggcccttgac acagtaacat gcggggctgg     40320
     agagagagct cagcggttaa gaggcctctt ccagaggacc tgggttcaat tcccagcacc     40380
     cacatggcag ctcactactg tctacaactc ctgttccagt ggatccaaca ccctcaggca     40440
     aacatacatg cagtcaaatc accaatgtac ataaaatgaa aataattaaa aaaaaaaaaa     40500
     agagtaacat gcagtggagt ctcatcaaac aggacactcc ttaggagggt gacagacaga     40560
     aagagccagg gggaagccag agtgcttatc agtgagtgca tctgcgttta ccagaactta     40620
     ggagcagagt gccgaactca ccgatccttg agctcttggg cgattgctaa gtgctttagg     40680
     tggtaatcga tggccttctc gtagtcctga agcaaagtgt atgtattccc aagactgtag     40740
     caagactgag cttccacggc tctgtcttta agctgccgag ccagcagcag tgtcttcctg     40800
     aaaccaattc acataacgct cattttaaat tctggtccta agaatcatat taacattttc     40860
     tacctctgtt gctttttgct gccttttata taagtctgta ttaaggtcca atatattttc     40920
     tattacttta gagaaagtga aaagatgttt taaagtaaaa caacaacaac aacacaggga     40980
     gcggctacca gatatcctgc atatcagata tttactttat gattcataac tagcaaaact     41040
     agttagttat aaagtagcaa caaaatcatt ttctggttgg gggtcaccac aacgtgagga     41100
     actgtattaa aggatcgcag cactgggaag gcagagaatc actcagctaa tcaataatca     41160
     accaacaaat attaaccatg ggcagatatt taaagacaga cggcatcctt taatgtttta     41220
     gatggtctaa aacaacttta gccttttctt ttctctttat gtgagacagg tctcactgtg     41280
     tacctcaaac tggtctgaaa gtcactttgt agatgaggct ggcatcaagt tcagagtgat     41340
     gcacctgccc atactgctta agggtgtgtg ccagattttt cttttttaaa taacaaaaaa     41400
     agagagaaag tttactaaag ataggcactt ctagaaatgg gactagatta ctggtctggg     41460
     aaaggcatac accaaaaagc taggactgtt tttgttgttg ttgtgtgaat tctgtcacct     41520
     gggaatctct aaagcttcaa cacaaatcac cccctgtgct ttaggttcag tctggatgag     41580
     tgttcaaacc ccactaagca gagaaaaccc tgaatagtcc agaaggcaca gggcaacaat     41640
     tggaagcagg ttaaacctgg ctatcctgct gctggtccag agggaccctg acacagaagc     41700
     ctggctggca atgaacagcg ccccttctct ttggtgacag tcaatgcagg cagaagggta     41760
     aacgctggct aagagtctgg gggagtaggg aaaaactcgg tgatcatcag tggacactaa     41820
     gacctatgct ttctgaaaac ttttatcttc agacaagttg gccacaactc ataaccgagt     41880
     gagataaagc atacacacca tacatgctac aacgggctta taaaagactt gagaagttca     41940
     caactttaaa caaaaagttt taaagacaaa aataaacata acagaagtca cacagctgcc     42000
     actaagtatc aggtgaaagc ctacatgtga tggtgtgtgt ctgcaatgac aacactaagg     42060
     agatagagac aggattgcca attcaaggcc gccaggtgag actctcagaa aacaataaaa     42120
     cgggggcaca gtgtttcttg agcactgtgt gtaccaggta agtacttagc acaagttgct     42180
     gagttcttaa cacatcctcc tacccagttc tcacaacaac cccagatcca ggacctgatg     42240
     cctgccacag gtgagacagg tgtgaaggtc ttggccctga tgctgacaca catcatcaaa     42300
     accaggtttc ggctccaaag ccaatgtgat tttatgggat gcatagttat tcatttgaca     42360
     ttcatccaca aaaaatatct gactaacttg tagtattcgg aagcagtttc gaattcaccc     42420
     aggaatatgt atgcatttcc taggttgctg tacgctcttc tctcagccgc cttatctccg     42480
     aactcctttg caattaggag acgctgaaag agaaaacttt tatcagagat acacaaaact     42540
     taagaccatc ccggtcatgg ccctcacccc taatagagga gatgaccaga ctcccaggcc     42600
     ttctgattac ctgctcgtga gctataactg catccctgaa gttgccgagg aggtagtgtg     42660
     tgttgccaag gttcccaaag gctcgcccct gtgctgctcg gtcacctaga gcagttacta     42720
     aggacaggtt ttcccttagt gatgacaaaa ggtggtgaaa atgtaagttt aggaaaagtt     42780
     cttagctcat ttacaggtag tttgttcttc tcatagcggt ggatgtaagg ccagggccta     42840
     tgtgtgctag gcaagactag ccacagagct ataactccag ccctagggtt aactttactc     42900
     atcagaaaga agcaagctta tatataatgt gcaggggctt aaaggtacat tctgaggcag     42960
     ggcagttgtg aaatggttgg attcttaatt cgttaaaaca tttactgtag atctttactg     43020
     agagtcatca agagatgacc ttgaagcctt atagctaagc aagtctatga agctcttctg     43080
     gtcaaacact aaatttaccc caaataaatt taagcactga tatttcttgc ttttaccact     43140
     aaggggcact agtctgcagt ttcagtgaaa ctgtagattt ctggcactaa taacatttaa     43200
     acaactattt ctagtcttca tattagcctt ttattgattg attgattgat tgcagtattt     43260
     ggttttggtt ttgtttgaga taggggtcac aatgttgtcc tggaattcaa aatgtagacc     43320
     aggccacttt caaacaggga ggaaaggcat gtgctacccc agtcaattaa ttatctcaca     43380
     atttttacat ctttcagaaa cttggaaatc tcctgagtaa acacataccc cataggcgcc     43440
     tgggcccaca ggaccacact gtactcactc atagagatcc acagctgcct gtagggcatt     43500
     tctcacgtct tctggaaact ctcctgtatc ctgcggaccc gggcaaccaa agcttttccc     43560
     tttggcgtga tagacatttc caagattgta gagcgctctt gcttctccca cctagatgga     43620
     gacggcaaca aagcttacat tctgaagtca gaggccatgg ggttctcact gcttctgcca     43680
     cgtactgact taatgtgcta tcaccacgtg tgtgtgcacg atgtgtgtgg gtagtgcgtg     43740
     tgccgcagca cacgtggaac tcagagtgcg ccccttccag ccttctgcag gttccgggaa     43800
     tgaagcaagg tcaccaggct tgcacggcaa gtgtccttac ccagtgagcc atcttaccgg     43860
     ccccatgtgt acaacattcc cagtactatt atcaagaaaa ggacgggtcc ctagtgccca     43920
     tccacagaaa gtcaaacacg tgatttcact cacaaagaag gttcttttgc tatttgcttc     43980
     tcctatttta aaaatacttt tgttttctct ttgacttttg tctatgaaca caccttcctt     44040
     tgtaggcaaa ccatggaagt agtgctagaa cacaaaacta cttcagcgaa gtcaccgtca     44100
     cttggcccgc catctttatt accttgtcat taagctctct ggagatatcc aggtgtcgct     44160
     ggcaacacac tatcgcttca tcaaaattcc caagcacctt taaggtgttt ccgagattgc     44220
     cgctggcttt agcttcccca agttggtctc caatagtcct ggaaaataca tttgaaagac     44280
     aaatgatgtt aaaactattt ttaaaacata agagacaaag acgtaaaaga ccagttttcc     44340
     taggggacaa gcgacccaag ataaaatgaa ttcatcttgg aacctatttt aaatacaaat     44400
     tgaaacagcc ttccctagtt aattttcatg catttaatta aactctaggg ttgctccatt     44460
     actagtttgc ctaaaagtta gttttcaaaa gcaatatcat aaattaaaac acttcagata     44520
     tactgttggt gaatagaagg ttttgtttta agagtgaatt tagacagaat ataaaaggct     44580
     gaaattaccg tgcaagagtt aagtcatggt ggtggtattc taacgctttg gcgtagtcat     44640
     gcaagtagaa gtaagcattg cccagttggc tgtaaatagc actgagtgtt ttgaggtctt     44700
     cagttccaac ttgaactgcg gcttcaaaaa atgacacgcc agcgcggcag tcccctgatt     44760
     tacatagacg ttctccttcc aaggccagct caaggcaaga agcttccatt ctgcagaatt     44820
     atatatgaca gacacattac aactggatca gtgattttaa ctcccaatac tataataaat     44880
     gtggactttg tggctacccc caatcaaacc aacacttagt tgaattacaa acaagttact     44940
     gacaaaagag taaacttaac tgtagcaaca gccaatgtgc ctactccgat ttctgagcct     45000
     cagaggtctc ttcaactgag ttgctaaatg tcttatatag tttgttctaa ctggcctgtg     45060
     tagagtaacc cactttacta gtgaggcaat ctaaagcagt gtttcaatcc acccatccat     45120
     tattccatcc acctacatca gtctcatcca ccacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     45180
     acacacagac atacgcctta ctccctttcc attttttacc gcacataagc aattacagtc     45240
     taaaagaata aaggaaccaa atatcttgat tcacagagaa ctaaaggcca agaaacatcc     45300
     caatgtcagt aactgaggtg gagatggagg gctttgctgg cacagtaggg gtagagagct     45360
     tagctgataa cagcacctgc cttacaagca tgaggacccg acccatatat aaatgccaga     45420
     tgtggcagat gcttgtcacc cggcactgga gaaggaatgg tccacagact tgctggccgg     45480
     ccagtctagt caaggtagga cctttagagc aatgagaaac tgacatagga gatgtatgga     45540
     cctcctgaga atggcacacc aggctgtcct tagggtttat aaagtagaaa ataaatctga     45600
     cggagttaga aaaagtaagg actcagatca acagagccag ctgcaagctt caaaaccgac     45660
     tctggattta caacaggaaa cttaccccaa atctctaaca ggtaacattc aactttatac     45720
     tcaggttttt aacaattcta aagacctagc caatgtttag tgcttgttct ataatggtga     45780
     cagtgccttg gacacatgag cttataatgg caatcaagtt aatatactca aggttctgac     45840
     attttgtttc agcattagat gaaatcaatt agacagagga agcaagaact aagtacacag     45900
     gaagataaca tcagtccaat taggatataa ccagctacat ccttagagct aacttatcct     45960
     ctcatcacag tgccacacag tagacgcgca ctcttgccca cagcctctct taccccctcc     46020
     ccgcactgcc cagccattct tcctcccgac aagcaagggt gtggggggtg ttgctgacct     46080
     actgaactta gagctgcttg aaagagcacg aggaggggcc tttacttgag ctgagcacct     46140
     ttaccagtgg ctacaaccaa tgcaactcct gtctcccagc aactgttaac tgcctacagc     46200
     tcttcaggaa gaggtggggt ctcaagagcc cctccgcagt ccatgacgga atgttgatgc     46260
     tgggcccagt ctggcgcagg gatttagtca gctaaccttg tagatttttt ttttcctcat     46320
     tcttttcttt gtcttgagtc agcctcacta tgtagcccat gttggcctta aaaactggag     46380
     attctcctgc ctcagtctcc agagtgctgg attcacaggt aaagacctcc tcaaacagct     46440
     atttacattt ctttatatgc aggcttgaca ttaataaagc tccttcttgt ctttcatgac     46500
     tgaaaacttc cctttacatg gaaggtgcta gatgagtcat ctgaacctgt tgtgtttgtc     46560
     taatattgaa accaatgaaa agctaagaat tatcagagga aaccattcgg aaaagagaaa     46620
     acgtgtatgt atgcatattt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtatgtatat atatactcat     46680
     atatacatat atatataaaa tctttcttct aaaattttaa ccaaatattc taattgtatg     46740
     aaatatatat taagcatttt cccttctagg aacagaactt aagaattaag tttcagaatt     46800
     tcattagatg tctatacaag ggggtttaca gcattaaaat gttgctaata agtatccatc     46860
     aggagagtac tggtcaaagt aactacaagc atggctggac agacgctcag tggttaagag     46920
     cactccatgg tcttctagag gatttgggtt taattcccag cacctccttg gtgactcata     46980
     gctatctgga actccagtcc cagggaatca gacaccctct ttctggcctc ctttggcact     47040
     gggcatatgg tgctcagaaa taccagcata cagaacaccc acacacaata aatgaatgaa     47100
     tgaatgaatg aatgatgtgc caccaaacat ggcagatgat ttcacagagg tagagagagc     47160
     agggaaacag tcacagacaa cagtgccctc aattcagggt gcctggatta cacaggacat     47220
     cagagacaaa cacacttatt cctatggagg gcatttacaa atgagggcta catgtttgtc     47280
     tacatccata gaaaacaaat gccacctgta taaagcaaac atccatataa aatatcatta     47340
     gtacaaatat atgaccttct ggacttgcat gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttggtttt     47400
     ttgagacagg atttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc     47460
     tggcctctaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat caaaggctgc     47520
     atgtttattt atacaacacg ataccatcta tccaaatgac atgatactca acaaaattta     47580
     gctgtagaca aaatgataac gtaagagtta cacactctgg gagttacaca ctctgggaga     47640
     ccacactggc tgtcacgagt ccagattagt gcctagcccc atagttatcc aagaggctct     47700
     gccagcagct gatgggagca gatgcaggga cccacagcca gtcatcatta ggcagagaga     47760
     gcccaaaatg gtgatctcga gcgattgggt ccctctactt ggagcccaga gaaccctgca     47820
     gaagagtggg atgtgtagaa gccagagggc ttgaggacac caggagaatc aactaaaaat     47880
     caactaatcg gggatcctag gggctcacag agactgaaat ggcaatcaca gaacctgtgt     47940
     gggtctgcgc taggtcctct gcttatgtta tggttgttgg actcctaaca gtgggagttc     48000
     gggagcctga ctctttgacc tccccttggg aagcttttcc tcctatggat tgcctcaccc     48060
     agccttgata tgatggtatg tgcctagtcc tatcgtatct tggtacagta agaagtctct     48120
     gtgaggctgg ttttgttctg aaaggacata gaggaggagt ggatcttggg gagaggagaa     48180
     gtggagttgg ggaggactgg gggactagag ggaggacaaa ctgtggtcag gatctattga     48240
     aaacaaaaca aaaaatattt ttaaaaatag acttacactt ttgtttatgc atgcatgtgt     48300
     aggtttgctt gtctgtggta aagttaggca gtcagaggct gaagtcagtg tcttctccat     48360
     cgctctccac cttacttttg agacagtctg cccctaaacc tagagctgcc tactttggcc     48420
     atactgtccg gccagtgagt gactcacctg tgtctgctcc ccagtgctga ggtgacacac     48480
     gtgtgctagc acacccagct gctacatggg tgctggactc aggcctcatg ctgtaaccca     48540
     ctttacccac agactgtagg cccaaattac atgctttaaa agacattttc tgtaactgtc     48600
     gccagaaacc ataacagcca actggaaccc tgctggcctc cctgtcctct gagatcatga     48660
     gaatgatcat aggaaatcct aagttattat agcagctaat gtctggaata aaactcgaaa     48720
     ctctcctggg gaatgttaaa gcagagacat actatggctc tattatatgt tatgaggaaa     48780
     caagttaata ttatgccaaa acccccaatt ccaatcaaat tttgtaacgg caaaacactg     48840
     caagttaagc ttctacactt tcagaagagc actaaataat aatgatgata ataataataa     48900
     taatgacagc aagtagtttc ctatcctgtc tgtcattggg agagaacaga gtagcctcat     48960
     ttgtctaaca gtggggttga aaacaagaac atgctcagat gtagaaacag accagagcaa     49020
     tacctctcct acaaagcttc tttagccttt ctgggtggcc tgtctcgctg tataatgcaa     49080
     gggactactc tgaataactg taagcggacc tatcatctgc gatggtttgg tcaatcagga     49140
     tcacctggag aaagcttctg aacgcatctg tgaaggtttc tgtactgagg caggctcagc     49200
     ctaacccgga gcagtgcctt tcgcaggctg ggatactggt ctgaataaac ggagaagtga     49260
     tcagaatcag agtcactgct ctccgcttcc tgattaagga ctgaaggcag cccctgcctc     49320
     aggctccggc cacgccctcc ccaccactcc cctccctgat ggaccgtact caaactgtga     49380
     gccaaaacag accctcccat tgtcaagttt tggtcaggca ttgtgtgaca gtcttcatgg     49440
     ctacagatgg atcaaacact tagtgtaact cctcactggt gctaatctga cttctcaact     49500
     ttcattttct catctctaca tctagcatct tcattacctc cttcatttta atttcttaca     49560
     ttcatgttag atcagtcaaa gcaaaagagg gtaaaaatgc caatgctgca tttaaaaata     49620
     tctaataata cagattatgt tcagatctga ctccgcaaag ggactccaca gtttccaagg     49680
     atcgatgatg ggagtcagga cttaggaccc attcaggagt actgtccacc gcctcctttg     49740
     acacccccaa ccgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgccgtgtg     49800
     tggatgcggg aagaggccag aagagagcag cggatcccct ggagctggac gggcttatgt     49860
     gtggttgtga acctgacacg agtgctagga tcaaacccgt gtcctctgtg agagcagaaa     49920
     gccttcattg ctgagccatc tctccagctt gtagtttgct ccttttattt gaatgcacta     49980
     gtgttacttt tacaatatga aaatactgaa gtggttatta tttatgtgac aaggacaaac     50040
     aaggacaggt cccaaagaaa tacaaaacta taaaaacaag tgtaatgaat atgacatacc     50100
     catcttccaa cttcagttac caaccaatca acgtttcacc tctactccaa agttgactcc     50160
     aaccccagat tatcttgaag taaattctag gacgtgtgta ctcatacact taatgtgcat     50220
     tactaaaagt attttgaata tcattaagga ctaggaagaa aggtagggct actggagcgc     50280
     tgataaagcc agggatgtgt tcagtatatt tttactacag acagttacaa gtctttcctt     50340
     agtgaagtcc tatagcaaca tgaaaccagg tgggacctgt gatggaaaag aagaaagcta     50400
     agatagtcct caggcagagg tccaatcctt tctgacttat gtgcagtttt tatactgtat     50460
     cagaggtgtg acacaacaat cagacagata aacatccagg gtcatctgat ggttatgtcc     50520
     aaccacattc aacagacagg aggcaaacaa gtgctaagca actgaggggc cctgaggcac     50580
     taacaaccaa agaaataagg gaacggaaag gaggaaggac agccagacag gagaatgcac     50640
     aggtcacaat gggagcaaac taaggagctt agaaaaggtt cctatctgtg gtctctgggc     50700
     ggaatctttt agacacccag tagaactagc tttgccaaga aagcaggaag gggattcatg     50760
     tcaccacgca cagcgtaagc aaaagcactg agacacggag cagcacaacg tgcagggctc     50820
     caagtacaag gtggagaacc acggacagag gcaagcgtcg ggtgtgtatg gcacagtttt     50880
     aggtaaggca ggtgttgggc ttggcttgtg cccaggcatc taggggccac cctgggctgt     50940
     acagatcgtc tgttttcact gagtccccaa gtggcaaatt gaaggtgagt ggagggggga     51000
     atactgggag cgtgaaccag tgcagggtgg gaaggctgtg gatgggcaga gtgtggaaaa     51060
     gaggggagta aacattcagg tgtgggagac ccagcctcag gttaacaaga tggtacttca     51120
     cactaaatgc ttttccaagc tcgaatgccc tccgttctcc tttattttac actgttcttt     51180
     gtcttttgag ataaggtctt acttactcta tagcctagat tacaacttag tatagctcag     51240
     gctggccttg aactcatagc aatgctcctg cttcaatcct gagtgctgac attacaggta     51300
     ggagccacat acctcagact taaaaaaaaa ggtacatcta cttattgtgt ctgtatgcac     51360
     atactcgcgc acacacacgc acacgcacgc acacacgcac gcacttatat acatgtacac     51420
     agcacaccag tacagccaac tcttgagagt cagttctctc aaggcaatgt gcacaccaag     51480
     ggattaaatt caggttatca gcttacgctc cgagtgcatt ttccactgag ccatctcacc     51540
     aaagtgcttg tgtaaggaca tgagttctag gctggtaaga tggcccagtg ggtaatggtc     51600
     ctcatcacca agtcgggtga cctgagtttc atcctcagaa cccacactgt ggatggagag     51660
     aaccaattca cacaaactgt cttctgactt cttaatgtac agcatggcat acacagccct     51720
     gcccccaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagagaga gagagagaga     51780
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagatgca ttcacactaa ataaatgtaa tatgttttta     51840
     aagttacaaa gttagagtcg agaacctcca ttaaaagccc aggtgttaca tacatacacg     51900
     tggactctca gtgctggaag gcagagacag gcggggccct aggcttgcta tctaccaccc     51960
     gcttctggtg agctcaaggc catcaaagac ccatctttaa aaaactgtag ttggcaccag     52020
     agaaatgaca ctgaagtggt ccttagcctc cacatgcaca caacacacat gtgcacacac     52080
     agagagaggg gaaggatgga gagagggagg gagggaagga ggggagaaga gaacctttct     52140
     tggcactgcc ttaacccaaa ccatctattt cacagtgtaa gtctcctaat aaacacatat     52200
     taagacatgg aggatttaat aacaaacacc ttcacccagg agattttgag tgccaagact     52260
     ataactcagt ggcagagcac gtgcctacca tacacaaggc catgggttca attccagcaa     52320
     gagagaaaca gagagagaca gacactgact tcagttctgt ccactatgca cgatggcatg     52380
     cactaatgag cctctggtgt ctgctgcatt aacacatttt gagaatgaat ctactgttat     52440
     atattcatct ttttaaataa tcattttctg gtttgactag aacttctaga ataaatgtca     52500
     gataacaaca gagatatgtt tgctttgttc ctattctatc agaaatgtct ttagtatttt     52560
     attactaaat attaggctgg ctattgattt gccatgttta gaaaatatat actcattccc     52620
     actttattta acttgtctgt cttgaaagct taactaggaa agatcaccac ttagaagccg     52680
     tcacaacagt tcgtccacct agtacccaca aaagtaaaat atagactcca tttttgtatt     52740
     tttaatgtac aagttacaaa atataaagca gctatgcaaa aattctccca gagaacatta     52800
     ataaattaca gtacagtctc tactgccatc ttcccacaaa agatacacaa ctttccacta     52860
     ccacaaaact ctgcttgcag aacagactaa atttaattgg tatattttga gaactttgaa     52920
     attaaaaact gaactggaca agaattaaat gcacatctaa acagatgaac agccatgcac     52980
     taagcgagcg gcagtcttac ctgtagcgga catgaaagga atggtcttcc ctcatgctta     53040
     tcaaatttcc ctccatccag tcatattata agctgagaaa atgggaaatt attgtgtcct     53100
     gggccagtcc agtcctttag agtgcagagg gctttgcaga gcactgtccg gttagtatag     53160
     taatgcgctg gtgttaatac atcctaagcc cctgcttctt ctttattaat aatgaaagga     53220
     ggtcaatgtc agacagctta aaggttcaaa tgtgtcccaa atcctggcat cgctggcccc     53280
     ttcagcagca cttcagcaac atttctgtaa aaggaataga agaggctttg ctggaagtcc     53340
     tgttaagatt aacctaaagt aacttgagct gtacacgatc acgcagctaa tgccatccac     53400
     tacagacagg tcagtcacta cagacaggac ggtcaacatg gaggcacgat gtgactttag     53460
     gaggtctggt tgagaagttc acttcactgg ttgggattgt aatcatctta tgtaattatt     53520
     actattatgg gaatcacggg aaaaagcaat gtatcagatt aataccttaa aataaaatca     53580
     tgattcttta agcttttaaa aactgctatt aacagatcaa gtgaggatcc aacaactgtc     53640
     tgcataagcc aacgaaactg caaatctgct ctttcaaggg tgacagcaca ctggtagtta     53700
     cgttatattt gcattaattt acacgtatag tctacttaag ttctttaaaa tagttgcatt     53760
     aatattaaat agatacaaaa agaatttgga aaatatgtat atatgagaaa gaatgaggca     53820
     acaaaatatt tacttgaccc aatataagac agcatgaatc cccactacct tgagacttct     53880
     ggatattccc acttttctgc tgccttcgct tcctgtcaga ggacctcgga ttggactctg     53940
     cttttcattc tcctgcttat cttaacttta ccacaaggtg tgcacagccc taagcaacac     54000
     attccacttt ctatggttcc attcaacatt ttctttctga gattcactta agtcactgtt     54060
     ccccttagtt ctaatttgcg tattttcatc tccatatcac actgcattat atagcaagtg     54120
     cattatatag caagtgcatt atatagcaag tgtattatat agcaagtgca ttatatagca     54180
     agtgtattat atagcaagtg tattatatag caagtgtatt atatagcaag tgtatttttc     54240
     aatcagctgt tgatgggcat gtggattgta aaaatttcta tttctatttt ttacttttat     54300
     taaattaatc actacaaaga ttattaataa tatgattatt aatttgacag cagagtagat     54360
     gtggttagga agaaaaataa ttagaagaat acaagaataa aaattcctac agagcactgg     54420
     gggcaagtag gaaggagaag agaggctcgg acggatgtaa caggagcacc agaaggaaag     54480
     aggagtagat acgatctcca ggagcaaagg tggagcagcc tccagactta gaggcaccaa     54540
     tcagttgatg gaaacagcac aagccccgac cagccgcaga gatgccccgt gcccagacag     54600
     atactccaca ggaaccagca aaagagggaa accataagag aaataaagat gtaactgtag     54660
     agtcccggac cttcagcatt gtaaacaagc ctttacacga gagactgccc aacaccttac     54720
     tacctttgca aaaggtgaac ggctgttgct tgttttgagt cctactgcaa ggttgtccct     54780
     tatttttagc aggcccttca tttctatcca tctggccagg tttttcttca cgctgccata     54840
     tataacaaaa cccaattcta cttccatata atgtcttatg atctggctag agcacagccg     54900
     gactgtaaat aatgaacaag ccctgctctg cagggaatgt gttccagtgg cagagcagta     54960
     aggagagggg ggctcagcct gggagcctga atgtttcctt gaggaaatga ggctttcaca     55020
     taaacaacca gcttggcatg tcaggcacat aacactattc ttcttcctct tccttctccc     55080
     ctcccgcaaa ggaagcaata acttaaagat gaaaagacta agtcacagct atcaagccaa     55140
     caactctctt cctccccctc ccccaatccc attgtgtatc tttctcccct ttaaaaacct     55200
     gactgaaggg aattagtgta gctgctcaga acaatagctc taaagtgcat ctagattaca     55260
     caagtagctg aaagggcagc cagacagttg tctattattc actgtgaggt tcagccagtc     55320
     atgtataaaa tgaggtgcaa ggaaaggtat ttggatctgt ctaatttaaa ttaaggtgta     55380
     tttaattatc ttgtcatcta tgagataata atgaaattcc aacttttact aataactgaa     55440
     aatgttaagc tgggtgtggt ggcgcacgct tttaatctca gcacccggga ggcagaggca     55500
     ggcgtatttc tgagttcaag ggcagcctgg tctacagaat gagttccagg acagccaggg     55560
     ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgataaaaa aaaaaaaaat gttaacttca cgctgtaaaa     55620
     atgtaagctg tttccatgtt taacaaatta gcaaacgcat acagatgaag ttgtcaaata     55680
     ccttacttga tgaaaaaacg cacataaaac cacatcgcct gagtgactag tgatctgatt     55740
     tgtgtgatat ttttactcta ggatctcata tagcccaggt tggccttaac tccctatcta     55800
     ggcaagaaac tcctcatcct cctgcctcca actctaaagt cctgagatta acatatgccc     55860
     ccacaaacga ctcctaagtc aattgttgtt atggttttag aactctcatg tttatccccc     55920
     aagttcactc tacattactc tttgcaacaa ctgggtagca tgttattctc tctcctcttt     55980
     caacataggt cctcccatgc tacacaagtg ctcttagagc tgacttgtgt tttgttttgt     56040
     tttcatgaca tagtttcttg cgaagccctg gctgtcctag agctcattcg atagtccaga     56100
     ctggccttga actacagaga tctacccgcc tctgcctcct gagtgttggg attcaaggcc     56160
     ctgacatctt aaaaccactc actgagcaga caggcaactc ttgactcctg attcactgct     56220
     ctaagcacag ctgtctatgt gtttgctatg ttccttgcta catagttaac ggctcttatt     56280
     tagcactaca cttgtgtata tgcatactga tataccataa tactaaaaag aaacatccat     56340
     tatatatgaa cacacacaca catataaaac aacactaatt atattcacaa gtttttacac     56400
     tgttcgctag aataagagat tttaaggata gaaactgcac acagaaagaa cagagagaag     56460
     ccgtcatttg caaaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacggtaa     56520
     tgcccgaagc acctcccaac aatgctctga aaaacaaggt cagcagtggc agtttttctg     56580
     cccataaaga aacaaagaga atgcagaatt tcccccatac tccagaaaca ggcagaagca     56640
     cacagaaaga agtggcacgc acctctggct cacatgtaac tctgattaga aactcacaca     56700
     gggaaactcc ccagacaccg ctagtggact tcagccactg tccaaggtac acagccattg     56760
     tagattagag gtcctgccca ggattacccc actgacaaaa gttcacaaac cacaccatgg     56820
     gggtggggag cagacgggac acagctacac tttcagcatc tatgagttta tctaaactat     56880
     gtgttcctat ttcgatgtaa aggacagtaa cttttggtct gcttctttca ttcaaaggca     56940
     cacataaatg caactggaga gatggcccag tggtcaccag cactttttgc tcttacagag     57000
     gtcttgaggt ccattcccag gctccattcc actctcaaga ctcacaacca cccataagtc     57060
     cagttccaag gtatctgatg ccctcttctg acttctgcag gtaccagaca tgcctgcagt     57120
     gtacatacat acatgcaagc aaaactctta cacatataat ataaatattt ttttaaaaat     57180
     ctatatattg gcaacactca ttagataatt tacttttctt acctccgagt caggtcacct     57240
     aaactctgta agcttttaca tcctattaat tgcctctaag gtacattatt caaattcttt     57300
     aagtcccttt agttttaaca tttctatcaa tataagcagg aatatgtatg aatattcaac     57360
     cacaaactca aaacaaggtc ctgctctatt agaattcaga gcacaggcgt tagtaacaca     57420
     tgaacatcat ggtaattatg gaaggggtaa agcggagtgc caaaacagcc gcttctagaa     57480
     taaactccct cctaggtaag ccggtcattt tgcttctaac gatgtgtctg taaacagaca     57540
     tgaatttagt aatctaactc caccccacct tggtgctgag atctgaacct acaacctcgg     57600
     gcatgctaag caagtgctct cccactgagc tacatcctaa gctccctctt caaattctac     57660
     ctctgttcaa actctatttg aaagacaagt ggaaacaagt tgccaagtat aaaaattaat     57720
     atcagcaaaa ttgagagaac agtaagtgtt cttacttaag gaagttgagt gtggacacac     57780
     acacacacac acacacacac acacgctaga gcaatggctc agcacttctg agtctgtatt     57840
     actcttgcag acgatccaag tctgattccc agcctgcagg ttagggggct tacaaccact     57900
     tgtcacactg gctctaggag acctgagacc tgaggcctct acggcccctg cagtcacaca     57960
     cacagacatg tgcatataca catggttaaa aatgaatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat     58020
     ctcaaactct tgatataaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacccacaaa acaagagtag ggtgctgata     58080
     ctggggaacc taagaagcgt gtttgcctgg aaaggcaaag ggcatggtat acaaagccta     58140
     aaggtagcat aggtttgagt ttatggtggt caatcaataa aaaagctcaa gtcaacaaat     58200
     ggcaaacccg acattagaac acaggactaa cgtgagaaac cagtacccaa agagagctgg     58260
     tcaaacctga gaacagctgt gacctggacc ccgtcatcag aggaaaatga agacagggcc     58320
     cacgaggtaa gccaggggcc aaggctgaca gtgaactgag ctgacagaac ttccaagacc     58380
     agggaaagag gaatggcgcc cacagcaacc ggcaaactgg attacaacta cacctcggaa     58440
     gaaaaacatg gactgtcttc acctgttaaa cttgcacgtc acaaagtaca tattcaccaa     58500
     tgatagctaa aacattagca tctcaagcta gacatacaaa aacctgaaaa ccaggtaaag     58560
     gtctgggagg aagaaaggtc ggagtgagag atgctcctgg gttttatctt ttaccattgt     58620
     gattccttcc accatgaggt ccagggagca aactcaacag cctgaatttc cacacatctt     58680
     tagagctaaa agctgtttaa gaactttcaa tcttctttct tctttttgaa atctaaattt     58740
     aataaagtaa ttcaatggca aaattaaaaa gaaattccac caggagtaaa aataaatcaa     58800
     ggtaataata tgtagaattc ctcactcttc atttaacatc tctgtaagcc agtaacataa     58860
     tcaaactaca gacagagtac tatgagctgg tgattaacta actcaagata cattatccag     58920
     cgctatctaa gtcctaagtg tagttttact attaaccggc ataagtgcca agatatagta     58980
     tttgacacaa tccaagcaaa taaaaataaa tacggtcatg cacttcagca ctgacctgag     59040
     tcctggttct ttacagatta ttcacatagt accagcagaa aatccagaga cttttaaaaa     59100
     agacatccta aattttaatt aaacataatg atatatattc tgtactttct aaaggactat     59160
     tcatgacaaa acaaacatta aaaaacaaaa caaagcaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaacca     59220
     aagagaaccc aaaaccaccc aagagatcac aagaaagggt gcaatccaaa aatactaaaa     59280
     gcgaaaaata agcccaattt cttttttttt aaataactat ttatttattt tatgtatatg     59340
     agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacacacca gaagagagca ttggatccca ttacagatgg     59400
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga cctctagaag agcagccagt     59460
     gctcttaaac ctctaaggta tctctccaga cccctaagcc caatttctaa aaagaaaaaa     59520
     aaaatattta tgctgttacc ttttcctatt tgtagtcttt tagttagtaa aaatgtgttt     59580
     gaattttacc tttctagaga ccacacaaat taaacaaaca ttatataaga gttcaaagaa     59640
     atacgtataa aatagtccta tgactactat tattagagga aaaaaggaac aaatattagt     59700
     caacaatggt gtgacggttt gaatatgcct ggcccaggga gtggcactat taggaggtgt     59760
     ggccttggtg aaggatgtgt gtcattgtgg gcatgggctt taaggccctc cctggaagcc     59820
     agtctcctgt ttgccttcag agcaagatgt agaactcagc tcctcctgca ccatgcctgc     59880
     ctggatgctg ccatgctccc tgccttgagg atactggact aaatctctga acctgtaagc     59940
     cagccccaat taaatgttgt cctcataaga gttgccttgg ttggtgcctg ttcacagcag     60000
     taaaactgta actaagacaa atgggaagta tacaactcta agaaaaagca gataccaaac     60060
     cgcttgaaaa ccacagccat tcattatcac agcaattctc tcacctctga cttccctttt     60120
     cagtttcaat tacctacagt caatggtagt ccaaggctat tacatgctca attccagaaa     60180
     gccaatgtac ctttaagact ttacttatga accattctga gaagcaggat gaaatgcccc     60240
     gattctaccc agaccgtgaa tcattctgtg tccagtgtat ccatgctgta tacgttacct     60300
     gccctgttag tcatttacca gtaactaccc tgatctgcag atgtcacaag tcctccttca     60360
     agtcatctta ttttagttaa taatggcttc aaatcacaag agtacagatg atgacaattt     60420
     cattacatta tatttccaca gttgctttaa ttattgtatg tattcatcct tatgtgcatt     60480
     ggtgttttgc ctgcatgtat gtctatgaga gagtgtcaga tcttggagtt atagacagtt     60540
     gtgagctacc atgtagatgc tgggatttga accccgttct ctcagtgccg ttaaacgctg     60600
     agacatctct ccagccccta atggctttat tttattatta gttattgtta acttcttact     60660
     ttgtctaatt tataagttaa ttatcatagg tatgtttata taggaaaaga ctgcttagga     60720
     gctactcaag gtctcaagac tggaggcctt caaagtgtct cccctgagga taacaggcta     60780
     ctgtaccaat ggtgctcaac catcaacttt aatcagtcaa tacatgtgca tgacagttta     60840
     caagctgaac agtgaaaccc aaaagaactg gcctttcctc ggtaaacagc actagatcag     60900
     ttctcttaaa aaggcagtac caacttcaaa cattttaaag caaaaatgaa tcttaattgc     60960
     aaaactttat atccaaccaa agaagggctc tagaaagtga gtacagaatt ccttgtagga     61020
     aaagaaaaaa acccatataa aacacaatct tatatataaa acatattact aagcaccttc     61080
     tatggaagga aatgtttcta ctcagtttaa ttttatgagg ttatagcaga actctaattt     61140
     aaaaggacaa aaaaacccca aaccctctgt ggaaataagg aaatgtgtac tgcaggcgct     61200
     cctatggtag aacttattag gcaaacagag taaggcgttc tatttaaggg aagcaactga     61260
     agcaaagagg tggggtgtgt agacactcct gggaagcaca ttggtcagaa gtggaagaga     61320
     acatgaccaa actgtgaggc ttgcactgtc tggctgaagc acctattagg ctctgtgtgt     61380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttttcca atgggaaact tgtagggtta ttattattct     61440
     ttttttccaa caaagaaata gcaaaattac atgttaggac aagaaacagg cagcatcaca     61500
     cagggccaga tgaggagaca aggtgaaaag tactgcaaaa actcaaaact gactaaggag     61560
     cctctctgcc cactcaggac atcagtaaat attctgtgca ccacagatgt ccaaccatct     61620
     aggtctgaga atgaggctgg ggtgtagctc agcagagcag gaagcaggtg agggcaagaa     61680
     ctggggttca accatcagga taaaagggaa ttctgtaacc gtgcaaaaac agagtttata     61740
     acacatttct aacagtggag aagactatat ttatattctt gcagattcaa gtaaactttg     61800
     ctctgtgtct ttggaaaggt taaaagctat gggaagtgtt atttgcttta gaacacacac     61860
     acaaagcgag accatcgtta caagggtaga tagatccctc cacacttcat aacaaaccac     61920
     cgactgtatt gtggttttaa gtagaattat gtgccacaag tgggattcag aaacacatgg     61980
     ccatttaagt gcagtagctg gtgctttgag attagggagt agtctcaatc ccaccagtag     62040
     cctattaatt acacagtttt aaaaacaaat gcccacaggt gtgtggggtg agggtggggg     62100
     tatgtatgtt tgtttgtttg tttttaggta agtcttggag tactttatgg gtaagaaagg     62160
     tgaaggctga ggatgtggtt tggttttgct cggcatacac ctgccctgga tttgacccta     62220
     agcatgtatg gtgcacacct gtaatcacag cactgggagg atggagaaag agaatcaaag     62280
     agtgcaaggc caaattcagc tatctgagac cctgtctcaa aactacactg aatgaatgga     62340
     gggaaggaag gaagaagaaa gtcagccagc catttcatac caggtggaat ttgtgcacat     62400
     attacagccc agtagctgta atcccagcta ctgggctgag acaggaggat tccaagttcc     62460
     aggccagccc taaacattta gcaacaatag gtctcaaata aatgaatgaa tgaattaatt     62520
     aattaataaa tgaataatct ggaattacct cagtgataga actcttgctt agtgttcaca     62580
     tggtttagag ttcaaaccca agtacagagg aggtgaggtg tggggagcca cactatatat     62640
     agtgcattac ctttgtaact agcctactat taaatctcag gtttacatca aaacatactt     62700
     gtaatagtgt atgtctgacc tactgaaaat tcagctaaac tatttttccg tgggacacgc     62760
     ttccacaata ctccacagtc tctgaattca taaccagtcc aatcctcgaa ttgtaagtta     62820
     gaaatagttt gcaagagggg cctatgaatg cctagaaccg gccgggcatc cctgaactcc     62880
     cccactgccc tcaagtcaaa ggacaggaac cttcgctttt gaacttaggc ggaacgaatc     62940
     tctgctctta gcacgtcgaa accccaggca aaagtgctct ttaccagaag caatcacgat     63000
     ggttactaac aagccggaaa atcttcagtt tagccttcca aagaggcagt ctgaaaattc     63060
     tgcttcgctg gtgacaaaaa cttacaacac aaaccacaca gcagtccaat caacacaaag     63120
     caccgagagg agagtcaaga acttacctat tctaagtcta cccggcgttt aaataatgca     63180
     ttaaggcaaa taaacattgc catcattact cgtttcaaca gagttcaaat gatacttgtt     63240
     aaagccacct aattgtttac cattaaaata caaggaaatt acgttttcca cttttcatct     63300
     gaagatacta agtttacagc tttccggcta agatctcaaa catgttacgc ttgctataaa     63360
     gctggttaca acgatctatc agtttcgctt gccagtaagt ctgggatccg aaaagttcag     63420
     gagtttaaat gtgacttgac aaaggtgtct ggtgtggaga cccggggccg gcgacgtgcc     63480
     tgggattcga atccactggg attcggcttt gtatccaccg tctgttacgc tcggaaaacg     63540
     cgtgaagtcg ctgcatccca gcaagtattt tcaaggtctg cagaagcccg atccccagtc     63600
     tcccctcact taggggacaa cagcctaaat ggtgcgggtg cgaagccccc cacggagctc     63660
     ccgggtccca gcgtcacccg agcccgtcga gcctcggtgg tccagagacc cccgccccac     63720
     gcccccacac accccactgg gtcaccccct caggctccgc tcacctccct ccggcccgcg     63780
     gctcctgaga acaaggaacc gctgcaggga tgagcgcctc tggccgtaga ctaggaaccg     63840
     cggcgcttcc ccaagtcggg tcccggcggc gacgccgagc caagcagggg caccgcggga     63900
     ggctggcgag cgccccgggc gcccgccccc ggcaggtcac gtgggccaga gcttcggcct     63960
     ccccctggcc tctcagaggg tctcaccgcc agcaaggctc cctcagcgcc tgtactcctc     64020
     tgcgcctgcg cctagctcca ggctcgccca ttcaaactga caacgccccg cgttttttgg     64080
     accggccaat ggcaccggtg gggcggggct aggcgggtgg agggcggggc tagacgagcc     64140
     agggctccct ccttctaaag atctgtgtgt ggggtttgcc tctcggactg tagcgcttga     64200
     ttctcctctg ctgcggatag atcctccgcc aactagaagc ttattgtcct cgaatttctc     64260
     cttcagatgg cgaaaagtgg gacaataaac atcagagttc aagctgggtc tagttcagac     64320
     tttgaaccca ggagccccag tccactgcct ctttccctgc aggctcagtc ccgccctggg     64380
     aaagtcttcc aagaggcaga tgtgagaaag aaagaggcct gtgtgaaagg aacagagggt     64440
     cccgtgtgaa agtctgaaca aggagcctca gttcttgagg cagtgtcaca cacagttctg     64500
     gcgtttccag atgttgggaa agcaaacttc ttctgactgc aggatcgctg gttcccagga     64560
     aaagcagaga tggcgaattt aatccgctcc ggcggcttgc attcccattc tattcatgcc     64620
     ttcatatcaa gttcaccaaa aaatagatct tagcttgttc atcaaatgtt taaactagag     64680
     tctctgctgt gaagctgatg acgttggtta cattacatta tctatagcca ctgcctattt     64740
     ctccactggg atgaaatttt aatgttttac aggattgggc acctgttaaa gaaattctag     64800
     tttcagcatc tctgtggtga tggccgtgac cactatatgt gtgtcatgga aaactgtata     64860
     gagatagtgt tagcaccagc cagacctggg tttgaatttc agctcgggcc tcttcctact     64920
     gactgatttt gaaccagtta ggcgtctgtc ctctgtagcc ttagcttcct cagctgtaaa     64980
     acacagataa tgagacctcc tctaataagg tctgtcatga tgcttcagga ggtaaagttt     65040
     atgaaatggt taacacagct gctgacacat cgaagctgtt caataagtgg ttctcttatt     65100
     attatcagcg agcaccctta ataccaagtt cttataaaaa gctgaattag ctggttgtac     65160
     tatttcagag gtagatatta taattcttcc atactcataa attctttgtg ggaattggta     65220
     cagtaaacca caataaaaag tattttaaat tctgcatagc caaagcgaat cgtttctttc     65280
     ctgtgccccc ttctctcata gattggactt tttatctcag ctatcagcaa tgtctatctt     65340
     cctaatcagt tgaactgttt tgtaaatctt ctttccaaac gcatgcatcc atgagattgt     65400
     gccattcttc tacttgaaga catttaatgg tcaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaacaaaca     65460
     aacaaacaaa caaaaaataa caagagtcag gtattgtctc acataccttt aatgccagat     65520
     cttgggaggc acaagcaagt gggtctctgt gtgtttgagg ccatcttgat ctatgcagtg     65580
     agatccagga caaccagggc tacatagtga gaccctgtct tttaaaaaat agaatatata     65640
     tttatataca cctacttttt aataagtgta gttgagagta ttatatatgt aatataaaat     65700
     ccacacagac tttgaaactg aaatatgaca tagaatattt aatatattta aagaaagaaa     65760
     agcatgagaa taaatgaatc aaggactaca aaaacccaaa actctctata taaaccatat     65820
     ataactatat atgtatatat ttatgatagc ttatacaaat atcctcagag gacagaaggg     65880
     cagcagaacc tagcccacac agactttgaa gtgcaaaacg acataggtaa taaaataagg     65940
     aaggttaatg tatttaaaga gacaaaagca tgaatcaaga actggaaaaa aaagagacaa     66000
     gaacaggaag gttttcaaaa gaaaaggaga attccaatga aacttttagt ataataggga     66060
     agcaactgac attttaagtt cagtgcacag gtttgacaaa ttaagagatg aaaagtgagc     66120
     catgcatgag gtgcaactca ggaaaccatt ctcaaacaaa agagaaacga ggaaagagac     66180
     tgagatgccc caacacgttt ccagttaaaa cctaagatga tggggctgga gaggtagctc     66240
     agcaccacgt ggtgggtttc tacccctcca gaactccagt tccaggggat ctgacgcctt     66300
     cttctgactt tcttgggcac caggcgggtg gtacaccagg tcaaacgctc atataatgtt     66360
     ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt taattcaaaa ataaggctgg gaacacagct cagtggcaca     66420
     tgttaactcc caacaccaga aaataaaata aaataatata atataaaata aaataaaata     66480
     aaataaaata aatggcaggg tatagtggtg catgctttta gtgccagtac atttcctttc     66540
     tttattaagt tgattatctc aggaattttg tcatagtaac agaaagctag tgaacagtga     66600
     agtgtatcta cttggctagt taatgacaga gctaatctgt ctcaaggcta tgcttttgac     66660
     atctctcttt actgtccctt actaattcaa gaagaagtaa taagtacagg catatgtgaa     66720
     tggctaaatt aacactacat acttagtatt tcaattaata ctaaatactt agtttttaaa     66780
     gaactgttag ggaaataagt gatctaatat caacaaaggc aacaacccaa gagaaggacc     66840
     agccctttgc aatggaaatc ccagtggcta cagtgggtct ccacaggcac ttcagcttct     66900
     ccagctttta aataatgcaa acacaatggc tgggacgatg tggaggcttc cagtcagcag     66960
     atgagaccaa gtgcttttgg ctcccgtggt gccatgtaca aatgaactac cttattgctc     67020
     aaaggaccac ttagcagggt aagttgcata gaagagacgc aggagtctcc tatgactgtc     67080
     ctgagtccaa ctttaaagag ttggctcgct gttcttactc agatgttctc ctctgaagat     67140
     aattcctctg ttttatgatg ctattatcag tcttaattat gggattgcaa atgtgcccag     67200
     aggtcccatt ggacacagta tcctagcaac ctaaattatc atcataagga attctttcta     67260
     ttctcagtgg ttacactcca cctcaaatat ttgtcacgga tgcttaccag acattggcct     67320
     ttgaaccagc atgacctctg tagggcctgt atctcactga tggaaagacc taagtacgtt     67380
     ttttttgttt tttttgtttt ttttttgcta tgtgttactc tggcggtgct ggtgtgtgct     67440
     atatagcaca tactgacttt aaaattacca aaatcctcac atctcagccc tggtggaagc     67500
     cactatcaag ataaatctca cttctcaaga agccaggtct agtcacccta cagatagata     67560
     ctcttggctt ccaaattgat gagtcctata tcttgtaggt tcaaccactt gtgtattgag     67620
     ttaccattca tatctagact tgtaattatt tcacagaaaa catagtgcag caactgctcg     67680
     tgggccatgt ggtggtttga atgagaatgg cccccatagg ctcatagatt tgaatacttg     67740
     gtccccagtt agtggaagtg tttgggaagg atttaggagg tgtggccttg ttagaggagg     67800
     tgtgtcactg agggtggttt ttgatgttcc agaatcctat gccattccca gttactgttc     67860
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc catccccctc cccctctctc cccctccccc     67920
     tcgccctccc tcttctcttt tccctgtaga gactgggaag cctgtctcat ggttgttgtc     67980
     gaaacgtgta agctctcagc tactgcttta gcaccatgcc tgcctgctgc catgctcccc     68040
     caccataggt aaactcatcc tctgaaactg tgagctccct ttaatgcttt cgtctataag     68100
     ctgccttggt cctggtgtct ttcacagcaa ttttctactt agtcacttct ctagcaacca     68160
     agtcaggccg tctgtgatgt ggttttgaat ttgttggtgc tttagtttca tttctgtggc     68220
     tgtgataaaa cactcggaca aaaagcaact taggggagaa agggtttaac tcacaattcc     68280
     aggtcacagc tctgtcattt tgaggaagtc agtgcacgaa tctgaaggaa ctagtcatat     68340
     cacgcccact gccaagagca gagagaaatg gacacatagc tgtgcattgc tcagcagcag     68400
     agagacatgg acacataacc gtataacgtt cagctagctt tgcctgctct tacacagcac     68460
     aggacccaaa ccaaggggat tctaccaccc actttcaggc tggttcttcc cggtcagtta     68520
     aggcagtcaa gacaatttcc caccgatgtg ctcacagacc aagcagttct aaaccatcac     68580
     tgattgagac tctctccaca aacagttctg ttatgtcaag ctgacaatta aaactgatta     68640
     tcacagttaa gcactgtctt aggtagggtt tgctgtgaag tgacacaatg accacagcaa     68700
     ctcttttatt ttttaatggc tcaagctttt atttatttat ttttattaga tattttcttt     68760
     atttacattt taaatgttat cccctttcct tgtttcccct ccgaaaattc cctatcctct     68820
     ccctcctccc cctgctcccc aatccaccca ctcctgcttc ctggtccagg cattccccta     68880
     tactggggca tagaaccttc acaggactaa gagcctctcc tcccattgat gaccaactag     68940
     accatcctct gctacatatg cagctagggc cactagtccc tccttgtgtt ttctttgatt     69000
     ggtggtttag tcccagggag ctttggggtt actgtttagt tcatactgtt gttcctccta     69060
     gggggaccac agcaactctt ataaatgaaa acatttaatt ggggtgggct tacagtttca     69120
     gaggtttagt ccattacaat catgatggga aacatggtgt tggagaagga tcagagagtt     69180
     ctacatctta atttgcaggc agcaaaagga aactgtgaac cacactgggc ttgagcctag     69240
     gagacctcaa agcccacatc cacagtgaca cacttcctcc aacaaggcca catattctaa     69300
     tagtgccact ccctatgggc caagcattca aacacatgag tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggg     69360
     ggtcatacct attcaaacac cacaagtata gtaacctaga aatgattcaa aatatacagg     69420
     aagagtgtga gggttacatg taaatattac atcattttat ataaggaact taaggtagat     69480
     tttggcatcc ctggaggtcc taaaatcaat ccccatagac actgatagac aactatacca     69540
     atgtgctagc tggaattatg aagacaatat ggctctctta aaaatacttg gacaataata     69600
     acacacaagt atctggaatt ctgttcattg ttttcactca aaacttgctc atttgccacc     69660
     gcctgaccac aggctttgct taagtaggtt ttgtcaagtc atctagaagt cttacagact     69720
     tcctctctct cccacactag cttcgaagct ctttttcagt ccagatttct tatttaatgt     69780
     ccactattac atgcctgcaa ttgggcaaga agaggaaaga aaggccgagg ggggggtaac     69840
     ccctatttat ggagcaccca tacttgttag gcattgaaga agttactttg tctacttatc     69900
     tcattaattc ccatacaagc ctgtctccca attctgtgca tgatgaaaaa ccaggacaga     69960
     tcccctagac agcttaccaa ggtcctcagt aagacagagc taagaatcca attctagttt     70020
     ttattgttgc cgtgttttca aaaaaaagta taacatgtat ttatccactg ggatacagtg     70080
     tgtacctgga gatcagagga caatctgcag gagacacttc tcccctctac cttgtgtgtc     70140
     ttagggctca aactcagatc tgaaagcttg gcagcgagat tctctaccca ctgagctacc     70200
     tctcaagacc tgttttgttt agtttgaggc agagttttgt gtatctcttg aactcaccat     70260
     gtaactggtg atgatccctc ttctacctcc cgagtgctcc caagtgcaca ttaccatgta     70320
     ctgaggatac aacccagggc tgacgtggac accgacggaa tctttggaaa gtcagctgtg     70380
     tcagatcacg tgaagctgtg ctttcctgaa gtggacacag gtgaaaggat gttcacaggt     70440
     gaatgcaagc acatggaagg acacgtgatg acggattctt cactaatgac acacctgaat     70500
     tgttctgcct tacattgtat agttgagctt ctttggttgg gactccatag agggaaatgc     70560
     accaaaaacc tttgggtggt atgctggtgg cttcttgccg cttctgcaga ctcaggctga     70620
     ttggcaaagt gatgtcacct gatacagact catggagagt tttgctaaga catactcatg     70680
     tgctgaggca agacctgtgg aggatatgtg atgtttggag ggagtataaa taggactcaa     70740
     caggctgtga gagggacttg cttttagagc tagctttgca gtacttctca gtctcacatc     70800
     tttgctaatc ttcacttcac tgggagaggc acagccaaga acttctgata tccctggggt     70860
     cctggctttt cctgctgacc tctgctgatg cagctgaggc ctggctgttc ctgctagatc     70920
     gtgccaccac ttgttgactc taccaaactg ttggtatatt catgaatatt tgctagtgga     70980
     tcgagctgct gatgctgacc tgtgaactga acggccaatt tcctgacaat gcaaataaga     71040
     tttgctccaa agaaccattt ctaaacaggt ccacttcctt gtatcctttc tttcccacta     71100
     cctctgttgg gtggtgggct agaaaggaag ttaaagcatt taaaaacatt attaaaagta     71160
     gggctgagaa aaattaaaac tatacagggc ttcatgcatg ctaaacaacc attcaactaa     71220
     tggagctatg ccctcattgc ccaaagtatt tcttgaatta atgcttttcc agtctcctca     71280
     agcacctgag tgaatcttct tcacacatcc cttcctccca cctctctcct cttggccctc     71340
     actctccttg ctccttttct ttatatatat atatatatat cagtatggag atagcaaggg     71400
     ttttgaagac ttgcagcaga ggaccctgcc ttagtgtggg gatgctcaca gagagaatgg     71460
     cgtgaagaaa tggcccacag tgggcagggg acagtgtatt tgaggaaggg caggccaggg     71520
     gtctaagaaa atccgctcct ttggggagaa gattctggcc atcaccactc acggttccca     71580
     cacctacctc aactacccag gaagagatta atcctgatct gtccatagaa aacatgttct     71640
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atgtatctaa tgataacctt     71700
     actggcattt tggatgagct gttcattgta caggaccatt ctatgtcttg cttctaactg     71760
     ggtatgcggg tattaaaggc cagcctttac tctccatttc ctgacacctt ggatttggcc     71820
     tgcctttctt ctgagtacca gttgttctag ttgctgcagg aggatgactg cccttaactt     71880
     tataagcagt tttgtccctt cacccagtga cctttgaact tctccttacc agatctcttt     71940
     cgagtacaga cacattgatg gttccagcat ttaatattct ataaaataaa tggtgactct     72000
     ccgagacatg cccaggttgg cagcacaatc gtgacagaga tgtaatgaac agcttagtta     72060
     tatgatggtg aggaaattat aagctcagac gggaggtgga ggtgacaagt ggagaaaggg     72120
     ccactcctct agttaaaagg gccggggaag aagggcttcc cggacagcat attcaaagac     72180
     aggaaggcag aaagcaccag gtaagacccg gaactgctga agcgtgactg tcggtgggtg     72240
     tggtcagacg gatggtgggc ggagtcggcg cctcaggtca cagagaggct ccaactggaa     72300
     gctagggagc tttgactgtg taggagatag tctcaactct tcattcctct agaaacacca     72360
     acatctgaat gaagtatttg agctttatag atcaggttac tctggtgcgc tgcgtgtttc     72420
     tccctggttt tcatttatga agttcctgtg tgcattggag ggtagggatt tgtttgttta     72480
     gtaatgatgg ggattaaatt taggccatca tgcttgcaaa gcaaatactc taccactgag     72540
     gcacaacaac agcttcctcc acactttttt gggttttttt tgagagacag tatctcatga     72600
     agcccagact ggcaataaac aagctatgta gctcaggata accttaaact cccgatcttc     72660
     ttgtctctac cttccaagtg cctggattac aggcatgccc agtttatgtg ttaatgagga     72720
     ttgaatccag gactttgtgg gggtggtggc ttattttaat catgtgtata tgtcaggggg     72780
     ctgggagtat gttctcatga atgaagtttc tcttagaggc cagaggcatc ggatctccct     72840
     ggatgggctg ttgagagcag cctggtattg gtacgaagac ctgcacagcc tctgcaagag     72900
     caatacaacc tcttaaaagt catctatctc cagccctgaa tccagggctt tgtgtgtcct     72960
     gaatccaggg ctttgtgtgt attggacaag catactatat ggaactggta tagccagcat     73020
     acaataagca gtgcacagat aaagacacaa catggcagat cacagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     73080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatactgtg     73140
     agggaagttc ttatagcgaa aaattaatga aaaccatctc caaaaccaat ttatctggta     73200
     tcaccgctaa aatttcctcc tgccttttgg aaatccctcc aaccaacctc cactcctatc     73260
     ctaggcaact gtgcacctac ttccagtagt tactaatttg ttttctctgg aattttatat     73320
     aaatagaatg tgatatatag tctttttttt caaacattaa aaattcaagt agcataacta     73380
     agattcatca tgtatttgcg tatatcaata gctttaatta aaaactgatt ctaaacttcc     73440
     gctttcgagg tatgcctttc tacttaacaa accctagtgg tttcatgagt gacaaagccc     73500
     agtatcagga agggctctgg aggtagaagt gccctctgga gacacaaagg atgctgtttg     73560
     gagactataa gagaagacca gttcttttct agatcacaaa agggcacggc agtgagtgaa     73620
     atggtcctcc tagctatcct cgtgctaacc ccccaatctg caaatctgtt accccacatc     73680
     aatggggatt atgcagacac gattagggtc tccaggagga gatattttgg gggttatctg     73740
     gataggttca agaaaatccc agggatcctg ataagtgata gagggaccca ggaatatcaa     73800
     aggcagggga attgaagatg ctgtgatgtc attaaagatg gagaatgggg tcagggtcac     73860
     agactgcata gtctctagag gctgaaaagg acaagggaat gacagataga cttctctgca     73920
     gaccccagaa ggagtgtagc gatgcccgtg ctctcccttc ctggtccgtg attctaatgt     73980
     cagacttcca gcttcaagta ctgaaagata aacaaatttg ttctgtactg ttctgtactg     74040
     ttgtcactaa atttgtaata attttattta agatgtgtgg aaggttattg tcttatatta     74100
     agttcttgtc ttaggcctta agtattcata ctaggtgcca ggtattcaaa atgagctcag     74160
     aagccagcag agagactcca aggcaccaat cgaaaggggt ccagtcaacc caagtgggca     74220
     tgggaaggaa accctctctg ctttaaccat aagtgggagt gtgcagcctt gaacccagtg     74280
     gactcttttc cctttatgtt tctgctctcc agccgttcct gtctggaaag cctgctgttc     74340
     caacctagag gaggaacttg ctattctgaa gttcaaggca ccaagaagag ctaattagat     74400
     tgcttgttct gttgctgtga caaaatgcct gctaaaaaca gagttagaaa taagaaaggt     74460
     ggggttttag ctcacactta cagggtacag ttcatcaagg tgagaccacg gggcaacagg     74520
     tcacactgca tccacagtca gaaagcagag aaagatgaac gtggtcctca cctttttaat     74580
     ctagtccggg acactgcatc atggaatggt accacctaca ttcaggataa gtctttctac     74640
     ccccatgaaa cctttcttga aatgtccttc ttcttagaca gacccagggg tttgtctcat     74700
     aggccattct aagtctagtc aggttgataa ctgagagtac taacacaaac cttccagata     74760
     cattgtagca gaggatggtc ttgcccgaca gcaagggagg gaggcccttg gtcccaccga     74820
     ggttgaatgc ctcagtgtag gggggtgctg gagcagtggg gtggaagagt gtgggtgggt     74880
     ggggtagcac tctcatacag acaaaagaga ggggggaggg tagatatgag atgggggggg     74940
     gttggtggag gggtaaccgg gaagtgggat atcatttgag atgtaaacta atggaatgat     75000
     taataaaata aataaataca aaatttaaaa aatacatttt tgtttagcaa tttgttacag     75060
     taacaatagg aaactaataa ataaccaatt tgggggaagg aacagcaaaa tgcataactg     75120
     tgattttttt ttttgtttgt ttgtttcttc tttgagacac atggtaaaag gagaggaagc     75180
     caggaggctt gttgagagct gtgagatgtt aagacggtac ctacaaaaca gtactagggc     75240
     tccaacagag tttcctcccc ggcaaacatt tgatttcagg gcaccgaagg ctcttgacca     75300
     tgacatgatt ttacctaaat gttttcctct ctcttgaaca gtccacgaat ataaaaggta     75360
     acgccattaa ctccctcctg gtgtctaatt aggtttgtag tgtggccgga tgtagctgag     75420
     agtgtgtttt aggtacagag cgctgttatg ctctgagcag ataattgttt cctctacaaa     75480
     attgtccagc atcatactgc ttccacctct taagtgatga cattgcttga gagaggaaag     75540
     aaatacctcc cctaggagtt aactacttaa tgcctattaa gcccacacaa gcctattttc     75600
     acagcgcgaa atgaggcttg tttaccttaa gtacaagcat catttccact tctggtatat     75660
     aatacagacg ccaaagttgt ccaataaagg ttggcatttt agcaccagct gggctaatac     75720
     ttcattaatc gtggggggtt tctaatgtat ttgaaatgaa ctatgtagtt ttgtttattt     75780
     acaagggcta ggggagtact gataactgac attattctac tttacaactt tgtaatattt     75840
     tatatacttt ataacaggtt ttaatttcaa atccttagct cttaaaagtg atagactgag     75900
     ctgggcagtg gtgatacacg cctttaatcc cagtacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt     75960
     actgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     76020
     agaaaccctg tcttgaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caacaacaaa aattaaacat     76080
     ttgaaatact aagatttcta tataatagct atacttcttt tgacaatggt aggggttaaa     76140
     tttggggtca ttgggatgct agacaagtgc tccactagtg agctatcccc agctctttta     76200
     ataatgtttt ttttttacag tttaattaat tttattctct gtgcatacat ggtatgggtg     76260
     tgccctatgc tgtagcatct gtaggaaggt cagaaaacag cttttggggg aggaggggtc     76320
     tgttctcttc ttccgccatc tggatcctgg gagtcaaact caggttgcca gacttggtgg     76380
     cctcagcctt tacctgggct gtcctactgg cttcagccaa tgttgtttta aagctagtat     76440
     ttatgagaca ttatatggca agcactgctc taaattgtat gcatgtgtta aacctaaaat     76500
     agacacagcc caaccctaac gtgctgcatt tacttgttta taatgttccc aatatgtagc     76560
     tgggttagga tggctcatgc tggggtaagg gtggagaagt atttctaagg cccaggactt     76620
     tggctctgta ggaatggctt ccattcctca gtatgaccca tagtacgtga agtaaacaca     76680
     ttttcttctc ttattctcgg aggaattgtg aggagcagag gaaatcccaa gtaaatatta     76740
     taattgacaa atattccaat gttttatcag gctcagggaa ttgataaagc cttctcccat     76800
     caggctcagg caattggtaa agcctgaccc aggtcatgct cggggaattg gtaaattctt     76860
     ccctggggtc tgtgtgcgaa agttgacaaa gtgtccagaa agcatggact gcagcttcct     76920
     ccttcagatg tcacagcctg agactgctcc actgcagaga ttgccaaggc tagttaaccc     76980
     tcctccttgg gctctgtgtc catgatggtg ctcctggttg ctatgcatga agtgccactc     77040
     catcagagca ggcacagcct acctgagccc agttttcctg tacatgtgtc tgtccttaat     77100
     tcctgtgtca cccagtctgg ttgccaggat caagttgtgc aggactcagc cagctatctc     77160
     cacgatttta caaagcatga aagtaagaat cagagaagtt attaactttc gccaaattgt     77220
     aaaactagaa agtcctaatg cctgttagtg gtggcacatg cttttaatcc ctgaacttgg     77280
     gaagcagagg caggaggagg caggaagatc tctgagtttg aggccaactt gttctacaga     77340
     gtgagttcta ggatagccag ggctgcactg aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     77400
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggga gagagagaga gagagagaga     77460
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagaaa aggtaaagaa aggagaagag aaaagaagag     77520
     gagagatgaa aatgaagaga tgtaggggtg gtgctgacgc taaggtcctg ctcctcagtt     77580
     ggttgttgat ctgtcagtaa agaaaaccat ggaccaaatg ctgggcagaa ggtacaggca     77640
     ggacttccag gtccctggag tagaaaagag cccacaaggg aggagaggag agttttgcca     77700
     tgcttcttct ggagaaaggt tgaagagcca tgtaagatct aaaaaaccga agtgaccaca     77760
     catgctgctc ctacaggcag gtggtcaggg gcatttagca ggtcctagtt ggactagcca     77820
     ctaaagttta gggcagatgg gaggtgcaga actacgagta gtaataaagg cacacttttc     77880
     caggcaggag atagtaacgc ccagcaattg tgccaagaag gcaagttgaa agggaacaat     77940
     tgtgtgtgtg tcttttatcc ttagattcca gggaagctgg gttggggctg gtagcatggc     78000
     cacttcccgg agctaaggca gggtagcaaa gagctacaca caatagtagc agaattcaga     78060
     tctttgtcta gaagtcctca gaacttgtct tccttgaaca atgttcttgg caattgtgat     78120
     gtcttgaata agggagagtc gatcttactt aagctgatat atacactaac tgaagtcaag     78180
     acattaccag acttatttca ttcctgcgag caaggcaggt ctcctcttcc aggtatagga     78240
     gtagaagctg tgaataaaga gccaagatac ccttctatgg ctcctcggga aaaacaggtg     78300
     tgcatgtgca tgcataaaaa gagaaacctg atcagatcaa gctaagtcag gcaaggatga     78360
     agacaatgtg tattgtacac ccatttcaag acttcagagt ggctgtccat ttcctatcct     78420
     agtacctagt atcctagtac atgcaaaaga ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     78480
     ctctcctctt cctcctcctc tgcctccttc cttctttttc ttttttttta gatggcctca     78540
     atctttccag aaaagcatat tcacttttca ctttcactca gacttcatgt gcatgaagat     78600
     acagctttag ggctggagct ctggctcagg ggttaagagc atttgctgtt cttccagtga     78660
     gccaggttca attcccaaca ctcagatcag gtgggtcaca actacctgta actccagttc     78720
     cagggaacct gatgccttct tctggcttca agggcacttc atggaagcac acattcaggg     78780
     atacacactc aggtaaacac acacagagat gccaccacca ccaataaaca cttttaagat     78840
     ataggggcta aaaagatggc ttagtggtta atagcactgt tgctcttcca gaggacggga     78900
     gtttaatttc cagtatccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaacttcag ttccaaggga     78960
     tccctgttct aatctccata ggtaccagac atgcttacag ggcacagaca caaatggaga     79020
     aaaaaaatgc cccatacaca ttaaataaag caataatgaa gattaaaaaa aataaggtac     79080
     agtttcaggc taggcatagt gggacacacc tttattccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca     79140
     ggcagatctc tgttagaggt cagcccagcc tacataggaa gttccaggac agccagggtt     79200
     acatagtgag accctgtttt gaaaacaaaa caaagataca gctttgttag gtcactgaga     79260
     cttctctttc atctgggagg tgtgctgtgt ctgaaaagtc ctctcattcc tttttatatt     79320
     tttgtgctag ggtagggctg gagatgtggc tcagttggta gtgtgctggc ctattgcgca     79380
     cagagtccta ggtttgattc ctagcgcctg ctatcccagc acactgagga tcatcctctg     79440
     ttacataggg agtttaaaga ccacctagga cacaaaaacc ttgtctcaaa aacaatttat     79500
     aattgtaatt ttgaaaacta aagcttagtt gaggacaaat gcattcagcg cctaaggtag     79560
     aaaattttat caaaggtgtg agcatacaga taatcttttc ctatggttgt ggtttctctt     79620
     tctgttactc tacatctttt gcccattgag ataatttgca tactgatttg catgatctta     79680
     gtacaatact agaaacagtg ggaggtgtgg ccaaggaggt tggtcaagga ggcaggttca     79740
     tttccctttt tctcccaggc gctcccaagc acattgcctc tgcctgttga ctttctctcc     79800
     aaattatttc atatgtattg gacacagaca cttgtataga ttttccctaa aatattccat     79860
     atgtactgga cggacacttg tttagtttct gcccaaatca tttcgtatgt attagacaca     79920
     catgtttgat ttctcccctc attatttcat gtatattaaa cagctctgct tctttaagcc     79980
     tcaccatcat gctctcaacc ttccaccaac atccctagca catttgtgct gattgagtga     80040
     atgattgagt gagtgaactt gctatgtaga gcaggctagt ttcctacttg tgatcccctc     80100
     caccccacct ttgcttcctg agtgctggca ctgtagtcct ttgtccatct ctttcaggct     80160
     actcagccag taaaggtgca tcaagcctgc aatatatctc agagtccaaa ctcaagtctc     80220
     caggttcagg caggaagtcc ctttatctgc tgaaccatct tactggctca ggagttatta     80280
     gcataatact tccttaaaat ttgagggtgg ttaaaatctt attatgaagg ccagggagat     80340
     ggaccactca ataaaagcac ttgctttgca aatgagaaga cttaaattca gatccccaga     80400
     atacacataa aaagccaagt acagtatccc acagctctga tcccagtggt ggtgatatgt     80460
     tccgagccag tgacagactg tctcaaacaa atggcaggtg cctggggacc tacattggag     80520
     gttgccctaa aattttcagc acacgcacct gtaccccaca caatcccctc acatggatgt     80580
     acacttcata cacacacagc aaatttatca tgacaattat tttcagaaaa tcaattgctt     80640
     tccaaatgtt ctctgagcat tgccaatgtc tgtgggatca tggtacagat aaaactgtct     80700
     atggtgacaa cagggctatg tgggcagaaa gttagattaa aaaaaaaaaa aggcaatgaa     80760
     ggaaaggtgt ttttccaaat tctggtttgc tcagtttcaa aaatagtctc tagacaaata     80820
     acctgtaaca gctggtcact acactcatgc ccactcctgg aagactggtg gccctcccgc     80880
     ctgactataa ataatacatc acctggctcc cgagggagga ttgggttgct ctgttgctcc     80940
     actgcagctt ccctgtcact ccaaaatgac aagacgaggc tgggccacta cacagaatga     81000
     gctacggtta cagttataga cactgcattt gtgggcagcc cacagggctg aggtccagtt     81060
     aactgatacg attaccagcc tggaatccaa tgcagcaggc acagaggagg tgtgcatcgc     81120
     attaccactg caaatatttt aatctagaaa caatatagac tggataaaaa aaaaatgcct     81180
     ggatatctga cccttgggtg tggcttagga cttattttga gccagctgct aggtattttt     81240
     ttttcctcct cgtggataaa tagaaatcaa cagctagata tagaggcaga gaacataaag     81300
     attaggagtg aaaccaactg ttttcttact gctcttaaaa caaagagctt agattgcatc     81360
     agaagttccc tgtgagtttt cagtgtgacc tcttccttag agggatgcag gaggagacgc     81420
     acaccacaac tttaaagggt tatttctgtt ctgccattca attgcaacca acttcccagt     81480
     gattgaaaga aataaaatga ttttcagtta acggctggct catttgcggt gcaagactct     81540
     ttcttcactg tgtgatgtcg ggaccctaag atgcaggtga gtttcttttg tacctgccct     81600
     tgttttacct cttggtggtg actgtcacat tgctttggcg aggacagagc agcatgtgac     81660
     tttgtgcaga acaaaactgt tatgggacag gtcctcaagg ctcctgactc cttgccaatc     81720
     atactttaaa ggccagagta gggaggagca gggagggacg actctgtcac cgcctcagac     81780
     acttaggtct ctctcagtgt tgtttcagtc agcacagttg atctcagaag catggattta     81840
     gaatcatgag ggggaagaga tgcggctgaa ctaacgggta cctgataggg tgtggagtgg     81900
     agagatgagg ctgagtagaa gttatcctgg ctctcacttt cacagctggc tcacaggcat     81960
     ctttccatct atctggctca cagaacatga aatgaacagt tctgaggtca aaagatggcc     82020
     atgaaattgg acctggtggt gcaggaccat atttctagtc ataaaggaga ctgaacaaga     82080
     tgatcacaag ctcagggttg ttgtggcctg caaaacgagt cacaggccag ctgggcagtt     82140
     tacagagacc ctgtcccaaa tgataagatg agggctttat tagtaaagtg ctggctacgc     82200
     atacaggaag ccccagattc atcccagcat aaatttggca ggatgaggca cacctgtaac     82260
     cccacagctc aggaagtgga gacacgatgt actggctagt tttatgtcaa cttgataaaa     82320
     gcaagagtcg ttttggaaga aggaacatca actgagagaa tgcccccact aggttgtcct     82380
     agatgcttta agaaagcaag ctgaacacgc catgaggagc aggccagtaa gcagggttcc     82440
     tctgtggcct tcacatcagc tcctgcttcc aggctcctgt cttgagttcc ctccccaact     82500
     tcccctggtg ttggagtgta gcctgagaat cgtaatataa aatgagcact tccttctcca     82560
     agttgttttg ggtcttggtg ttttatcaca gcaataaaaa ctcaaaggca gaaattggta     82620
     ccaggagtgg agtattgcta acagacctga ctgtgttttg gtgaggatta tagaaggact     82680
     ttggaacttt gggctggaaa aaaaaatcag tggatgatct gagagcttaa tgagctattg     82740
     tgggagttta gaagacaaag ctgaaggcaa cccacttgtc agaggtttga ctttccaagt     82800
     tgcagaggga aataagattc tattagacat gttttagtgg tattttgaac taagactctg     82860
     tagctctcat gggctatggc agaagagttg gctgtaacta taagaccacc aatgcaaaac     82920
     tttgctttgc tggtacagtt gatgctggac agttggagct gagaaattag aaaagaacta     82980
     gaccagcctc attaaagatt ataaagctgg gtgtatttta ctcagggtca tcacacaatg     83040
     accagaggag gccaagactg catctcatgc tggcagccaa acttggcaat gtgcaaaagt     83100
     cacttggggg tagtggcttt gaaagtctga aggagtcatg gagtgcaact aagacagggt     83160
     cagagttcct gaagagagcc caggagaggg tactggttaa ggtgcagtca gttttagcaa     83220
     agtcccagcc agaagaccgt gagtggatcc cagacaacac taacctgttt atacccttga     83280
     acattggttt tgctttgact gtgactatgc cctgattatt ttctcttgta taagaaactt     83340
     cttaactagc tgggtagcag tgacacatgc ttttaatcca gcactaggga ggcagatctt     83400
     tgagtttgag gcaagcctgg tctataaagt gagttctaag acagccaggg ctgcacagag     83460
     aaaccctgta gggagggaaa gagaaaagaa ggatggggag gaggaggact agaagaaaac     83520
     tatttaacca ggtttttata ttataggagc tcatagttag gaatttggaa ttcttagaag     83580
     actgtggatt ttttggaacc ttgatatttt agagagattt gaactttgat actttggatg     83640
     ttttaaaata ttgaacttct aaagtgtttg aatgtttaat aaccatggga tatttaaagt     83700
     ttggaacata ttatttttta tttttttatt tgatattttt cttatttaca ttttaaattt     83760
     tacccccttt cctggtttcc tctacgaaaa ccccctattc ccccccccca ggctcaccaa     83820
     cccacccact cctgcttcct ggccctggca ttcccctata ctggggcata gagcctttac     83880
     aggaccaagg gcctctcctc ccattgatga ccgacaaggc catcctctgc taaatatgtg     83940
     gctagagcca tgagtcccac catgtgtttt ctttggttga tggtttagtc ccagggagtt     84000
     ctgggggtac tggttagttc atattgttgt tcctcctatg gggctacaaa ccccttcagc     84060
     tccttgggta ctttctcttg ctccttcatt ggggaccctg tgctccatcc aatggatggc     84120
     tgtgagcatc catttctgta tttgtcaggc actggcaaag cctctcagga gacagctata     84180
     tcaggctcct gtcagcaagc acttgttggc atccacaata gtgtctgggt ttggtgactg     84240
     tatatgggat ggatcccgag gtgggggcag tctctggatg atcattcctt cagtctctgc     84300
     ttcacacttt gtcactgtaa ctccttccat gggtattttg ttcccccttc taagaaggac     84360
     cgaagtatcc acactttggt cttccttctt cttgaattcc tgaacagaac accaatggct     84420
     tgtactataa gatcaaaaat ggacaaatgg gacctcataa aattacaaag cttctgtaag     84480
     gcaaaggaca ctgtccaaaa ggcaaccaac agattgggga aagatcttta ccactcctaa     84540
     atccgataga gggctaatat ccaatatata caaagaactc aagaagttag actccaaaga     84600
     actaaataac cctatttaaa aatggggtac agagctaaac aaagaattct cacctgagga     84660
     ataccgaatg gcggagaagc acctaaaaaa aaaaatgctc agcatcctta atcatcaggg     84720
     aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtccgaatg gctaagatca     84780
     aaaactcagg tgacagcaga tgaggatgtg ctgaggctgt ggagaaagag gaacacttct     84840
     tcattgctgg tgggatttca agctggtacc accactctgg aaatcagctt ggcagttcct     84900
     cagaaaattg gacatagtac tactagagga tccagcaata ctactcctgg gcatataccc     84960
     agaagatgct ccaacatgta ataaggactc atgctccatt atgttcataa cagccttatt     85020
     tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag atgtccctca acagatgaat ggatacagaa     85080
     aatgtggtac atttacagag tggagtactg ttaaaaacaa tgaatttatg aaattcttag     85140
     gccaatggat ggatctggag aatatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacccaatca caaaagaaca     85200
     cacatggtat gcactcactg ataagtggat attagcccag aagctcagaa tacccaagat     85260
     acaattcata atacacatga aaatcaagaa gatggaatgt attttatatt gtgctattgg     85320
     ttgctatgac atcttgggac aaggaaaggt tatgttttaa cactgatgct tttgtgtgtc     85380
     aagctaacaa ggtgtcaatt gagcgctcta attttatgcc cactcaatac aaactggagt     85440
     cattttggaa gagggaatct cagtttaaaa aggcctccac cagcttggcc tgtgggctag     85500
     cctgtggtgt attttcttga tgaatgatgt gagagagttt agatcactac gggcagtgcc     85560
     acccaagacc tggtggtcct gggtgaaaaa aaaaaaaggc gctgaacaag cctgaggaga     85620
     aagtcagtag gcagtgttcc tccatggcct ctgtttcaat tcctgcctcc aggttcctgc     85680
     cttgagttcc tgccctgacc tccctcagtg atcgagtgag acctcagagc tgtaaggtga     85740
     gatgataata aaaactctaa tgaagagaca ggagcatttg cccctacacc aggtgctccc     85800
     tccccccaaa ctgaatagct ctttaattga ttcctcagaa tccagttact cctgcttcat     85860
     ctcttccacc ggcaacgttg tgggcttagg ccagcacgtt agcatcctat tcagatttca     85920
     tgatgttgtc aatgacactg ggaagggctg ttggcatagt gggcatttgt gcccctctgc     85980
     tcagggctgg ctgtgccttg gggtccctct gttctgcaaa gtgactatga gctgcagctg     86040
     agcacacaat gctctgatca tctgcaagga cagctgtgtc accaaaagtt ctgttgggtt     86100
     ctgatcagaa tctctcagaa gacaccttca gattccaaga ctgagctggg tagtatcagg     86160
     aagatgttcc ggtcctttcc caccacctgt aagggctaca gcaaagggtg tggggtgact     86220
     tttttttttt tctagaaaaa ggcctcgcca tgtttggatg tatacatgga tggggaaaca     86280
     gtaatagttt tgaggctaat ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct tcctgtgtgt     86340
     aatgagagaa ttccttgggc ttatttttgt gaggtcttct ctttgtttaa gacaaaagtg     86400
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     86460
     agagagatac tgtggctgtg ttgtaccata tcatgtatgt ggtggtcaga ggacaacttt     86520
     caggagtttt tttttttttt tctctccttc atgtggttct gaaggcgctt agtggcaagc     86580
     acctttattt actgagccat cttatcatcc tttatcttat ttgtcatcta tcatctacct     86640
     gtctcttatc taatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     86700
     atctatgtct atgtatcccc tggctggctt agaattcact atatagacca atctggcctc     86760
     acagagatgt gcctgcctct gtctctctgc ctctccactt ctcctccatc tctctgcctt     86820
     tctgcccctg cccctgcccc tgcccctgcc cctgcccctg cccctgcccc tgcccctgcc     86880
     cctgcccctg cccctgcccc tgccaggatt aaaggtgtgc acccccacac ctggtaatct     86940
     tttattttta aacatgtgct ggctgcactc tcactccgtg ccacatgcct cacatgcctc     87000
     atgtcctgcc atcatctaga agccagtgag ctgggcactc tcgtgcctac ttgttcaaaa     87060
     gagaatcaga ctcataaaag ttagataaaa aacatgcaga gacacatgcc tgtaggctca     87120
     gatactcagg aggctgaagc agaaggacaa cttcagccca agagtttgag gcccgctgga     87180
     tatagtgatt tcttatcata gaacaacaac agaaaaggta gaggaggagg aaggggagga     87240
     ctggctgtag atgccataca gttaatgaac tgaggtatag gaaccaaacc cagtgtggac     87300
     tccagagttc ccactgtgtc tttgtctctc cagggaaatt tttcttccca ccccttcaac     87360
     ttgggtgtga ataacccgga accctgctca cacagacacg ccttccccac tctgtagtaa     87420
     gcctttgtct ctctaaatag cttaaagcaa tcttgtggca attttctctt gctcccctgt     87480
     ccaggacagt ttttattttt taaagtctgg cctctgtaac actggcatgt gactatgaac     87540
     gagggctttg tttgatgttt tccagatgcc ctaagttcgt gttcctcttt tcttgaggga     87600
     gcttttctca tttttttctt tgtcaaacat gttattttag cctttgaggc taactaataa     87660
     atcccaagtt cttagacata aaaatttgga tgaagaagga cctcaaagac ctgttctcct     87720
     aaccccatca ccagatgagc agggccagcc agtggttatg gtcaccctga attagtagag     87780
     cttagatcct ggctgttgtt cttggggacc aataaccctg gtcatcgtac ctaaaatcgg     87840
     ggatgctttt attacttcta aggtgctgtt caccaacaag aagagtgtct tctaaatgaa     87900
     tgctgtggct tctcttaaaa gaatttgagc ccactggcaa tcagctgtgc cctgaccatt     87960
     ttcagaaata tccccaagac acttggctgc cacctccatg tcctctgggc tggggcagct     88020
     actagggact tgctgaggca aagtctcact ggcagacttc cttcctgggt cctaggagaa     88080
     gagggaatgc ttggctgcag cctgatattc aaaagacctc ccctggctat atttctgcca     88140
     atccttctat ggtagtggtt tttaaccttt ctcatgctgc gaccctttaa tacagttttc     88200
     catgttgtgg tgaccctgaa ccataaaatt atttttgttg ctaattcata tctgtaattt     88260
     tgctactgtt attaattgta atgtaaatat ttgatataca atccccagga ggtggccatc     88320
     cacaggttga gaagcactct tctatgctct ttaagaaata taagaggagg ttttagggct     88380
     ccatacccaa ataacgccgg agggagtaag tctcccagga gtgtggacag gcctgtgagt     88440
     gcagggagga cctccactgc tgctcagagg aaccccctgg aaccctcagg acacaggaac     88500
     agaggggctg cctgggagag gagtcttcca gtctctgtct gcgcccagag ttgatcctgt     88560
     gccacagagc tacatacata cctccaggag agagctggtc tcccaggagt gcctacacac     88620
     ctgtgagcac agagctgacc ctgtaccaca gctctccata cccaaatttc tccaagaaag     88680
     aactggtccc ccaggagtac taacacacag gcttgcagga gggataagcc aaagtcagag     88740
     acagcaaaac cagctaacct caaagacaac caggtgaaag gcaagcgcaa gaacataagc     88800
     aacagaaact aagactactt ctcaccacag tgagccctgg ttaccccaac acaccagaaa     88860
     agcaagactc tgatttaaaa tcacatctct tgatggtgat agaggaactt aaggacataa     88920
     ataactttct taaagaaata caagagaaca caggtaaaca ggtagaacac cttaaagagg     88980
     aaacacaaac aatcccttaa agaattacag gaaaacacaa ccaaacaggt aaaggaactg     89040
     aacaaaacca tccaggatct aaaaatagaa atagaagcaa taaagaaatc acaaagggag     89100
     acaacactgg agatagaaaa cctaggaaag agaccaggag tcatagatgc aagcatcaac     89160
     aacagaatac aagagataga agagagaatc acaggtgcag aatataccat agaaaacgtt     89220
     gacacaacag tcaaagaaaa tgcaaaaagc aaaaagctcc taacccaaaa catccaggaa     89280
     atccaggaca caatgagaag accaaaccta aggataatag gtatagaaga gagtaatgat     89340
     tcccaactta aaagggtcag taaatatctt caacaaaatt atagaagaaa acttccctaa     89400
     cctaaagaaa gagatgccca caaacataca agaagcctac agaactccaa atagattgga     89460
     ccagaaaaga aattcttcct gtcacataat aatcaaaaca ccaaatgcac taaacaaaga     89520
     aagaatatta aaagcagtaa gggaaaaatg tcaagtaaca tataaaggca gacctatcag     89580
     aattatgcca gagaagaaag ctagaagatc ctgggtagat ctcatacaga cactaagaga     89640
     acacaaatgc caacctagac tctcatacca gcaaacctct caattaccat agacagagaa     89700
     accaagatat tccatgacaa aaccaaattt acacaatatc tttccacaaa tccagccctg     89760
     caaaggataa cagatggaaa acgccaacac aaggagggaa acttcaccct agaaaaagta     89820
     agaaagtaat aaccttccaa caaacccaaa agatagccac ataaacataa gaataacatc     89880
     aataataaca ggaagcaaca atcactattc cttaatatct cttaacatca atggactcaa     89940
     ttccccaata aaaagacaca tactaacaga ctggatacat aaacaggacc cagcattttg     90000
     ctgcatacag aaaatgcacc tcagtgtcaa agacaaaaac tactgcagag taaaggggta     90060
     aatattggaa aataacaatt ttccaagcaa atggtcccaa gaaacaagca ggagtagcca     90120
     ttctaatatc agaaaaaatt gactttcaac caaaagtcat caaaaaagat aaggaaggac     90180
     gcttcatact catcaaagga aaaaatctac caagaagaac tctcaattgt aaaaatcttt     90240
     gctccaattg caagggcatc tacattcata aaagaaactt tactaaaact aaaagcaaat     90300
     attgcacctc acacaataat tgcagtggac ttcaacacct catcctcatc aatggacaga     90360
     tcagggaaac ggaaactaaa cagagacaca gtgaaactaa cacaagtttt ggaccaaatg     90420
     gatttaaaag atatctatgg tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattcta     90480
     cctcacacca atcagaatgg ctaagatcaa aaactcaggt gacagcagat gctggtgagg     90540
     atgtggagaa aggaacactc ctcctttgct ggtgagattg caagctggta caaccactct     90600
     ggaaatcagc ttggcagttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actacctgag aacccagaaa     90660
     tactactcct gggcgtatac ccagaagatg ctccaacttg taataaggac acatgctcca     90720
     ttatgttcat agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgcccct     90780
     caacagagga atggatacag aaaatggggt aaattacaca atggagtact atgcatctat     90840
     taaaaaacaa tgaatttaca aaattcttag gcaaatggat ggaactataa aatatcattc     90900
     tgagtgaggt aaccagttac aaaagaacac acatggtatg tactcactgg taagtggata     90960
     ttagcccaga agctcagaat atccaagaca caattcacag accacatgaa gcttaagaag     91020
     aaggaagtcc aaagtgtgga tactttggtc cttcttaagg gggaacaaaa tacccatggg     91080
     aggagttata gagacaaagt gtggagcaga gactgatgaa aaggccatcc agagactgcc     91140
     ccacctgggg atccatccca tatacagtca ccaaacccag acactattat ggatgccagc     91200
     aagtgtttgc tgacagaaac ctgatatagt tgtctcctca gaggctctac cagtgcctga     91260
     caaatacaga ggtggatgct ctcagccaac cattggacta agcataggat ccctattgga     91320
     agaactagag aaaggaccca gggagcatac agacccatag gaggaacaat atgaaccaac     91380
     agtaccctca gagctcccag ggactaaacc accaaccaaa gagtacacat gaagggatcc     91440
     atggctccag ccgcatatat agcagaggat ggcctagtca gtcatcaatg ggaagagagg     91500
     cctttggtct tggtgaaggc tctatgcccc agtgtagagg aatgtcaggg ccaggaagca     91560
     ggagtgggtg ggttggtgag caggagatgg gagagggggg gaggggggag gggttaggag     91620
     gttttcagag gggaaaccag gaaaggggat aacatttgaa gtgtaagtta agaaaatatc     91680
     taataaaaaa gggaggggaa taataaaata atggaagctt ccataagaaa gaaagaaaga     91740
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aagaaagaag     91800
     aaagaaagag aaagaaagga agaaagggag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     91860
     agaaagaaag aagaaaccac taggagatag cataggggaa ggaacactga gataggagag     91920
     gtgaaataag ccaggcactg aaagacaggt acttgatctc attcatatgt acaacccaga     91980
     aaggctaatc tgaaaccggg agatggctca gtctcttgat gcatggtatt gagaacttga     92040
     cttcaatccc caacacacat gtaaaaggac agatgtgttc tagtgtacct gtagtaccac     92100
     tgctaaggag acagacacag gaggctcctt ggggcttact ggccagcctg tctagtcaaa     92160
     ttgtaagtac caggttcagt gagcgaccct gtctcagaaa gcaagattga gtgtaaggaa     92220
     gacacccaat gtttaccttt ggcctttatg tgcatatgta catgaatatg ggtacaagca     92280
     tacccacaca cagacatact catgcaatca gtagtctcat acacacacac acacacacac     92340
     acacacacac aagctgatcc tattgaagca aagagcaaaa cacaaaactg tagttagcag     92400
     aattgttaca gggacaggga ggacccggtc aatggctaga aagttaggct aggaagaata     92460
     catcctgata ttactgatat tctgttacag aattaggtac ttaacaatga taaatatttc     92520
     aaaatagcta agaagatttt taatatttta ctacaaaaaa atccatgttt gaggtgataa     92580
     ataagctact cttaggccca gtgtgggggc aaaacacctt taatcatgcc attctggagg     92640
     cagaagcagg cagatctcta agttcgagac caacctactt aacatagtga gttccacgtc     92700
     agtcagaatt acacagtgag aacttattta ttttaattcc attattttat atacatatat     92760
     caaaacacca tattgtgtgc cacaaatatc tacaattatg atgtgtcaat tagaaaataa     92820
     aataccaatt tacaaaaggc aacagaatgg ggatgtctgg ctctgatgca tggccgtgtc     92880
     tgagctgagc tttcctccag catcacgtga ctcagggacg ccagggagat gtgtaagaaa     92940
     aaactccaca tttgatcttc actaaagcag ccgagaagtg atgagaacaa ccgccaaact     93000
     gtatggctct ctcttgtggg agatcaagat atggccatta agtacagacc acacctcctc     93060
     agaacttaat ggataaaaac tataacgttt ccatcattct ttttctcagt aatatttagg     93120
     atgagttatt ctttggctga ggtttctgtg ttcaggcttg caattgaatc taaatgaaaa     93180
     acatctgttt ctgttccccc gaagaagcca gatcctagct tcctccatga ttctggtata     93240
     tttactaaat gaagctgttt tcttttctta cagcatagaa cacacagtgc agacatttaa     93300
     tgaatgaaat gcaatgaaaa ccagacaaca cattttgagc attaagaaca ccaagaccag     93360
     gcagcagagg accacggaca tcagcccaca ccatcatgga cgaaaccgac ttttcagaag     93420
     atatgactta taaacaacag gaggacctgc cttatgatgg ggacttctcc cagatgaaga     93480
     tgtgcacttc ttacaacttt accataacaa atgacacctc tcctgtctca gcagaagttg     93540
     ttctggcagg agaagaccct caggaagtgg cttctaactg tgaggtgcgc caggacacag     93600
     ctctgctggc aacttgggat aagatgactg aacttgtcgg caataggcat gataaagata     93660
     agcaatgcgc cctggcttct cctgttccag ctgataaaga agatacctca aagtcccacg     93720
     tctcagatat tttactccat catctctccg gagagcaatt cttcaggggt ccaggtgctg     93780
     gctatgaaac tctcccagag acctcgaatg ctgacagtct tgaaggctca gatactctta     93840
     taaatatcat ttcatgttat gcaaaaaagt attaccccaa agaacaaatc ccagaattca     93900
     ctggccagcc cagtccccaa aatggttcaa taaatagcag caagccctgt tgctcccctg     93960
     gcacagaaga agaaaacgcc tctcccttag aagaagcagt ggctgctggg aagagcaccc     94020
     atcaggaaga tccaagcttt ctaaccagga ctaaaggtcc aggtgataaa tataaaagct     94080
     gcctgaggca gacaccccag agacagctgc cagacaaagc aaattcaggc gactggctca     94140
     gatacagcca ggctcaagtg cactaccagt ttccagattt tcctaaggtt tctcccaaag     94200
     ggaaactctc tagcaaacca cttaccacag ctaacgaagg cggccattct ccgaggttga     94260
     cgaataaatc aacagttgtg caagataatt taggaaccac gtctgggtca aatcgtgttg     94320
     aaaaacaacc ggagcagaaa tggaaatttc ctgaaccttc gcaacaaata caggtaagca     94380
     agaatggtcc ctgtcaatgc taacccaggg tagtcatccc agggtgggct cgtagctaga     94440
     gcttcggtgt agctctgagg tttaggccgc tgggttatcc tgcgcaagtg aaccaacctc     94500
     tcggaagctc acgaagaatc agaggctaga ttcaggaaaa cagaggaaga tacaacccca     94560
     aagccctcaa aattctccca ttatcctttc ttattggttt tttattattc taagttgttg     94620
     ttggttttgg tttctggtgg tggtggtttg gttttttttt ttttaaagat ttatttattt     94680
     attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agaaactcca gaagagggag tcagatcttg     94740
     ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactctgga ccttcggaag     94800
     agcagtcggg tgctcttaca cactgagcca tctcaccagc cccggtggtt tggtttttgt     94860
     ttttgttttt tgagacagag ttcctttatg tagtccaggc tgacctggaa ctcaaaatgt     94920
     acaaccaggc tggccttgaa cccagagtga ttctcctgcc tctgcctctg cctcttaagt     94980
     gctaggatta aagggatttg ccaccatgtc cagtctccaa tatagttctt aacttcatct     95040
     agagttttta aaaaatttat ttatttttat tgagagttcc atacacacat agaataaaat     95100
     tcaccccatt ttctttttta gttcctcccc catttcctcc actattttct ctaccacttc     95160
     catctgctct ctctcttttt tttttaaaga tttatgtatt gattatatgt aagtacacta     95220
     tagctgtctt cagacactca ggaagaggga gtcagatctc attacggatg gttgtgagcc     95280
     accaaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact ctggaccttc ggaagagcag tcaggtgctc     95340
     ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccccat ctgctctctt ttaatgctag tttttattat     95400
     tttactctat gtggagaggt gtttgcttcc cgtatgcatg tgtaccacat gcatatctag     95460
     tgcctgcaga aagcattagg tcccctggga ctagagttac agatgattgt gagccatgat     95520
     gtgggtgctg agacccgaac ccaggtcctc tggaagagca gctggtgctc ttgaccattg     95580
     agccatctct ccagccctca tctagacttc taaactcagt ccctccccga gagtcttctt     95640
     caagtgcatg gctcttctca accccaagtt ctccagattc ctccttacag ggaacacccg     95700
     tgctttgatt gcttttttaa atctcgtgta gcccaggttg gctttgaacc tctgatcttc     95760
     ccaacttatc ttcccaaaat tgggattaca ggcatgcacc cgcctaacct gacctaccaa     95820
     agaatcttca ttcacacagc ttccttcaac tctccctaag gccacaaaaa tcctcaaatc     95880
     ctccagctca cagcttccac ttacctgctg ctacttcatc accatcatca ccattatcat     95940
     ctttgcccac ccccacatat accctataac ttctttctcc ccattttccc tttccattag     96000
     ttcctctttt ccctagatca ccccacttcc actttctgac cttacatatt tgtataaaat     96060
     ctggactcca ccaatgagag aaaacatgtg atatttgtct ttctgaggct gagtttgctt     96120
     catgtgatta tctctagtta tatccatcct gccagtgaca taactcaatc ctccttcatg     96180
     accaaaaagt ccattatgca tttaatccat gttttcttta ttcatttgtg ttgttggaca     96240
     ctgtcttagg gtttccattg ctgtgaagag acatcatgac cacagaaact cttataaagg     96300
     acaactttta attggtgctg gcttacagtt cagaggttca gtccattatc atcatggtgg     96360
     gaagcatggc agcaggcaag cagtcatggc tatggaggag gagagtccta catcttgatt     96420
     tgcaggcagc aggaagaaaa tgaggcacac ttcctccaac aaggccacac ctccaacaag     96480
     gctgcacctc ccaatagtgc cactccctgt gtacccaccg ggccattcaa accatcacaa     96540
     acacctaggc aagttccata acttagctat tgtgaacaac actgcactaa acaatgatgt     96600
     gccactcagc tggagatttg ggggtgaata tccaagtttg tataggagct ctattttcag     96660
     ttcatctcca cctgatttga gtcataatag cctagggata cccgtgtctt ctgccagatc     96720
     tgtaaattct gacgaacctt atcttcactc tttccattgc tgtctcccag agcctggcct     96780
     tgtgacccac atcaatcatt ccctcagtta tccatgccaa atgaattaaa gctaatctct     96840
     ttataccaca attcaaacag tatgttagtg cccatttagg atgacacctt ttcatggcta     96900
     atctatgcta cttctccctt ctgtgtccct gtcttctcat ctccacctaa cttctcttcc     96960
     tgttagggtt caggatctca ttgattattt aaggttcaat agttccataa attcatcttt     97020
     aaaaaaaatc acaggaaaaa gtttaattct ttgttactga atggtctttc tcttaagcct     97080
     tgtgtgacag tcatactggg tggaatagca ctattttgag tgtttctatt tctatcttca     97140
     tctacaacat ccttccagtt caactgaaca cactgaagat ttgagcagat acccaatgct     97200
     acccagcaca ccgcgcacca gcagtccact tggcctgact gggctgtttt ctgtcttaga     97260
     gaaatctaca ttcctatggt actggaaagc cttgggggtt ctctttcttc ttataagaga     97320
     acattcatgc agaatgttct actagttctt ggtagcccat ggttttgtgg gagcaaagca     97380
     ggtgtccact catgtctccc cagcaatgct tgaacttatc aagaagcttt aggtcaggct     97440
     tctggtcccc accccacccc gccccatccc acccccagtc ctatcagctt aaattggaga     97500
     actggatcca ataggtttct tatcatcctg tactggaggt gttcatcctg gttagagtcg     97560
     attttgagca cagtcagttg tctctctggt gggtatatgt ttttcagctc cataagttgg     97620
     gagtagcaag actcaggagt ttaaccttgt gcagttagcc tgcagcagta ggaaccacca     97680
     ctgcgtcaac gcatttagca tttaatgcag agtgtattat tcagtaagtc tggctgccac     97740
     gtctgcatta actagtctgc attaactagt ctgcattaat catcaacaga gctctgttga     97800
     gctgtactaa ggttgacaat ggctcttgct ctcatgaagc ctatgtctaa gagatgtgtt     97860
     ggagtattat acatctaacc tcaagggcaa tcataatatc agctgaatat ctactccaat     97920
     agccctgata gcagctctat aaggtacatt ctctatcatc cccccccccc acatacaccc     97980
     ttaccactaa gaaatttgag gctcatagtg atgatcaatt tcctgtgtta gccactcaca     98040
     gtgtcacagt gacattcatc ttcagcatgg caatcacagt ctggaccaaa gcactgtgct     98100
     gcctcctcag tgaccaggac agaaggcttt ctgaatgata ctgtcgctga ctaggcttcc     98160
     ttactcttta attttgcagg tgcagcctgc cacacacacc tgccaagaac ctctcacagg     98220
     tagtatctta aaactatttt tattcagaga agaattttga aaaaacttta agaaaaaaaa     98280
     gcaaaacaaa tggtgctgat tggcacagac tcttatttgt aacatttagt aaaacagtgg     98340
     taagaagaaa tgaatgttag ctaaacttgg ccttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc     98400
     ttttcttctt cttttctttc ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgc     98460
     ataggacttg aacctgagaa atgttgcttg aatttgacac caacacctca aaaagatcct     98520
     ttctcaaatt cttacatatt tcaaaagatc tcccatggaa aacagatgtg ccagaaactg     98580
     aaagaacaga ctgaccaact gaagaataag gtaatcatta ttaagaatgt atgagagaca     98640
     tgggggagaa agggagggag ggagggaggg agagagacag agacagaaag aggggcagag     98700
     agagggacag agagagggac agagagagag agacagacag agagagtcag aggacaactt     98760
     gaaggacctg gtcctcttcc cattctgtgg gcatctgggg aatcaagctc tggttgccaa     98820
     gctaactgaa agcgtctttg ctcactgagc catctcacca gctccacaca catttcaagt     98880
     ttatcagtag cattagagac aactaacacc acacaggaga ggccatgctg tgaatgaaat     98940
     gttgcatttt tttttaaact gcaggtacaa gaattttcca aaagaataaa acaggactct     99000
     ttctgccatt tgcaagacat aagactggta atgaacttaa tctggttttt taatctttat     99060
     ttggaaattc cagtgggtaa atgcagagag gctttccata gccatgaata gtctgcacag     99120
     tggtaggcga ggaaatggag aaggggaatt aaaaccatct cagtttctgg agttatatgg     99180
     tttagaattc tgcttctaga tgtatttatc cttctttttt ccccaaggaa gctatttctt     99240
     acctcaccag ttactgtata ataaacccca gaccatggac tgttccagag aagaacataa     99300
     aatcctcgta agtggtgaat ctgtccacat cggatgggcc ctggtagatt tcaactgtaa     99360
     aagtccctgg tatctgacaa ctcgggacac gagactccag agatgcttaa cgaggaagct     99420
     cagtgcatgg cttcgtggct cagtacattc acctttgcca cacgttcaca ccctggcttg     99480
     ttatcacagt cgattgaatg actaattcat gttgtcacca gaacagcttt gctgtcataa     99540
     gaaatggaga tggagcaagg gggaaaaggt tgaaactgag cagaacaaat gagctgaaga     99600
     tggagaagat ggagtttagg ccacggggtc agcactggcc acagccagaa gacctgatga     99660
     aggcttgagc aagattcagg gcaaactgtg ctgcagaaac cccacactat gggccaaacc     99720
     caggacagaa cccagtgatt agttattcac tcatcatatt aattaaccaa tccatccttc     99780
     atttgctcac cacattgatt agctagctgc tctattcatt cagaaaacac ttagcaagca     99840
     cttttgaatg cctgtccagg gcaccagaga ttccaagaaa cacctccttc ccaagtgtct     99900
     tttattctac taggaacaga ttggcaagca gatgcacagc ctagcaggag ttcatccttt     99960
     gccactgagg ggagactttg ggtggtcctg agaatgcctg ctcacttggg tactacagct    100020
     tgagaaacag tgagctcggc aggataggga acaagaatct tccagaaaaa ggaccagcgt    100080
     gggcaacagc acaaaggcta tgtacgacaa gtgtgagaac ccagcaggca catggagacc    100140
     agagcaccag gcacagggct cagagtgcac atggagacca gagcaccagg caaggaccat    100200
     gtcatggaag gagcttggat ttcatcctga gtgtgatggt ggagcaacag gaattgaagc    100260
     caagggatag caagcgccat gggggtgaga ctgtaggcta ggaataatag gaagccaaca    100320
     ctgggcaagt tatgagggtc tgaaggatgg agaggggggt tgccacatcc actccagtag    100380
     tgacccgcat ccgtggcagc gggtgataga tttaaaggaa tgaagtcaag aaaaggagga    100440
     ggtgtggata gttacagagt cctggtttgg ataactgaaa tcagaaacca aagtgaagga    100500
     tccaattcag aaagggtagg gaaagcagga agaggctggg cctcaaggct ggcctaggac    100560
     attgagtttg aggtcccctt gaggacaggc aaatgagaag atctagcggt aggaagtcat    100620
     agtgatatcc tgatcttggg cagtgtttgg gtccgaaatg acattttggc agagttgtag    100680
     gctgaagttc tggtgtgggt gagatacccc cagccaaacg gtctcagggt aataagtgga    100740
     aagggtcaaa gactgtcccc aactcctctc tcctgctgct atcttctatt gatgagaaag    100800
     aactgaagcc agagtagaag gctcctgatc atgcagtgga gtcagggcca gcctcctgca    100860
     gagaaaaaca gagggtggct atagagagaa aatggaaaac attcaccagg gcagccaaag    100920
     acaagggctg actttgaact cacagagatc cctctgcctc ggcctccaaa gtgctgggat    100980
     aaaaggtgta tggcacaatg actagtcatt tctatatgaa caggaatttg cagtaacagc    101040
     agctacaatg tattgagtgt gcacagatag tattgactta aggtagtttc acctaccagg    101100
     ttttcaactc tacatgatgt aaatgtgata gccattcagt agatggctta gattcctgtt    101160
     gacggaccca tagatcctga caactacaaa tgcttcaagt taaacaatgg cctccgttgt    101220
     cgcggcagat acttgaatta accctcacag tgaactttcc attttaacgg gttcattctc    101280
     tcctctcttc actccaaatc attttaaaat ccatcccaga cctccagacc aggcttattt    101340
     tcattaattt cccggtatgg agtaaaagaa tccattgagt aggcttaata tgtgtcaagt    101400
     ccagcttttt ccactcacag cattttaaca ggaaattttg gtgccaaaat attttaatga    101460
     ctcatgtttg gaaacagcat cctgaggtat ttttccctga ggcctcattt cagtttttag    101520
     aaaaataaat gaaagctgtc tacctgaggt caatattgcg caattagcca acagcaatta    101580
     gtttaatgtt ggttttccct ccggaggcct tttttctcta tatataagag agtaagtgta    101640
     tttgttttcc aaggaatcat tcattttggc agccaatttc aagacaggcc tccgtccaca    101700
     ttgagaccaa agttatacaa tgtttattta tatcctagct acaaccacac tgtgtctggt    101760
     atgaatataa atcaaaagcg tttaaactgc aattatatcc catatacggg agaagctctc    101820
     tctctgggct aagggaggga ctgagtcttt ccccaccctt atttgaagcc acatcaggac    101880
     aaacaagggc tgagagctca agacgagctc ccagtctcac gtgagctaac agggcaagga    101940
     gtgtcatcct gtgacacttc agggtcttgc agagcacaga atcttcatga ggatccaccc    102000
     aatggctaac ttgcagggac agaaattggc aaatttgttt tgtaatcact tgcttcttca    102060
     gcagatgcgc cttcattgaa accgtattac ctttgaagcc agatgcggta ttgcacacct    102120
     gcaacctcag cactcaagag agggagacaa ggggatctgg agttcaaagc cagctttagc    102180
     tacatagtga gttcaaggtc aggctgggct acataagatc ctatctcaaa atcaaaatca    102240
     gatacagttg cacacaccta tcatcctgca tttggggaga cggagacaaa aggtcatcct    102300
     ctgctattct gtgaattcca ggccagcctg ggctacatga ggctccattt caggtaagga    102360
     aatgaaaacc agcatgtatc tcagcaacag tgtgcctagt aacctagcat tcacaaagct    102420
     ctagcaacac acataacaca catacataca cacaaattaa tatgcaaaaa gtaatttttg    102480
     gatctgatgt gtcttgctca tcagaataaa tatgatgtgt ttgcattttt tacatattaa    102540
     cagaagaatc tggagtcaag acatgcgtct acctgcataa atccctttcc ctggtattta    102600
     cagaatacaa tcttgtcttc cgttgcgtag aaacataaac ttccccctga atgtatttcc    102660
     tatatctcca tgtccttttc cccttcagtt acgatctatt gtccaggcac atccttgagc    102720
     ccccgacttt acattacctg ggggctgctc tctgctcaat attgttcctg ctggggcttg    102780
     catccagggc cgtctgtagg ctaagcgtgg tggctggaag gagactgtct tccacaggtt    102840
     catgtattgg agcacttggt ccccagatcg tgcctccgtt tctctgtttg gggagattta    102900
     ggaggtgtgg ccttgctgga ggaagggtgt cacggggggg gggggcaggc tttgagaatt    102960
     ttaagacttg tgttatccca ggttcccttt ttgttgttgt tgatgctctg gctgcaacgt    103020
     ttgctgcttg cagccatgac agactctatc cccaagaaac tgtaagccca agaaaaccat    103080
     tccttctgta agtttccttg gtcagggtat gttatcccag ccccagaaaa gtgactaatt    103140
     acgtaggcaa gcactctacc cctgaactgt ctctagctct caagttcaac tgtctttgaa    103200
     gttatggtct cttttctctg ttttcctttt ttttttcttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta    103260
     gccctggctg tcctggaact taccctgtag accaggctgc cctcgaactc agaaatctaa    103320
     tcctaaatgc taggattaaa ggcatgtgct atcactgccc agctccattt ttaaaaaatt    103380
     atttatgtgc gcgcgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtggccctgt gactatgtgt    103440
     gaatgtgcat acatgagtgt catggcatgc acgtggaggg cagaggacaa cttttgggtg    103500
     ttggctagct cctcctcctt gggtgaggct gtgtctgtgc caggctactt ggtctgaagg    103560
     ttgtggatga tgctcccatc ttgatgcagg tgttttggga ttacagctgt gcaccccaca    103620
     tgcatctagc ttttcacgtg gtgactcaag tcgttaggct tgcatggcaa gtacttttac    103680
     ctgttggtac ttttaccatc ttgtcagctc tgactcccat tgtctatttc ctatttaatc    103740
     caaagttatt tagatgagtg ttggataaca tataaactta tataaatatg tacagatgtt    103800
     aataaaaaga ctcattaact agattatttg tagatttttt tatttaccct cctataaagt    103860
     ttacataaca attatttcct cagaatccca gcttttagaa tggtaagagt tggggctggg    103920
     gatgtggctc actgaggttt gatcttcaat gcaaaactgg ggtccctttc aacaactcag    103980
     cagaaagact tagtgttgga ctcaggagga acgaatatct tccttagcag ctagccagat    104040
     ggctcaacta gcctaatgac ctaagtttat atcctggaac ctgcagatag aaggaatcag    104100
     cccccacaag ttgtcttttg acctctgcac aagtgcagtg gcacacttgc acacagtcac    104160
     agaaacacac acatagagga tggtgatggt gatgatgatg gtgatggtga agcaaacatg    104220
     agggaccttg acatcatcag ctagagaagc actaggttta tcatgccagg gtagagcaag    104280
     gatgctggaa gcagcaactg aggattagcg tctggagcac tgggatgcaa ctctaaacag    104340
     gctgctactc agggcagatg tgctgtttcc ttcctgccat caacagcatg gcccgggtcc    104400
     tatcgatgag ctgtttgttg tccctgcttg gaaggctgac tatacaggcc agaagacaac    104460
     tgcttgttta tgtctactcc gagaggtgga aggtgacatt ttcaagttgc tgcttcaaga    104520
     cattaaaggg aaagcagatg catgcagtgc actagacacc ccctcttccc agaggctcgg    104580
     cagtcatcct gaaagttgga gcatgcccat cctcttcagc ctcagatgag gtaatatagc    104640
     agcccgcagc ctaacatggc actgggagaa aggctgtttg cgcacatgta gactctcaag    104700
     tcatggacat gcccgattct gttttaatcc ttcttggctt gccaaagcct catgagtcat    104760
     attgtttaaa atggagccag cttttcatga ttggaagcta tttcaagtgt taagttttgg    104820
     aacactttat tagcttagga tccaatgctg cagttcaaaa tgacaaacca ccgaagagct    104880
     ggcttcgcag gataagtgac aaaactctcg tggatccctt gtgggaaagc tgctctctct    104940
     ctctctctaa ccttattctc cctctttaaa aagttagttt taattatgtg gatatgtgaa    105000
     gtacacatgc atacctgggt gcaggtaccc tgggaggcca gaggtgttag catctccttg    105060
     gagctggagt taagatgagc catgttatgt ggatgctggg aatcaaacca aactcagttc    105120
     ctctgtgaga gcagctcgtt agtgctctta gcactgagcc atttctccaa ctcctatact    105180
     ccctctttta aatacaaaac ggcaagctca gtaaacggat gctttcctga gtccagttct    105240
     gtactctgcc tcccagttct ttgcattttc tgtacatgca agcttgagaa tcaaccacca    105300
     gtagatttct atgctttttg gtttttagat tttataccgc atgcccttta taagctgagc    105360
     atcctccctt gtgtttattt atttatttta atgacagggt cttactgtgt agtccaggct    105420
     atcctagaac ttaccacaaa ggcaaggcta tcctcacact tgcagagtgc agggattgca    105480
     gacatgagct gccacaccca actgagcctt tgtttttcta gcctcgattg tcagcacgat    105540
     tcagattcaa ttaacattct gagaaactga gtcatgcaaa taattgcctt cagttgactc    105600
     tttagtttcc tacaatattg aagacccagc ctgaagcaga gattcaacat ctgagtgagg    105660
     cttttatggg ctagagccaa gatatcatgt aaacataaat cctgcatcaa agtatgcctg    105720
     cttccttcag ggacctgctt cctggcaaag tctctcttat tcaaagccca gcttcaaagg    105780
     gtggccttct ctgtgctgtg cccccagtac caagcaggag tccttgttcc atcttttgta    105840
     gaatcttagc cggagtctgg cttgtatcct gaataccaga catgaagtgg gttctgcata    105900
     tcagaagctc atatctcagt gctgtctaag atgcccactc tgtgggcatg gtaccctact    105960
     gggcctgaac ttgaacttgg cttcaggttt tcagcatgat gtcccactgg gcctgcgctc    106020
     agttagcttt agggcagtgg gagggagcct gagtaggccc agccattgcc taacaagcct    106080
     ggatttgcct ttgcaacttt ggtagcttct cagcaactgt tatgaagtga tgatacccac    106140
     aagtccaatg tgtagcccta agagcgagtc tacggatgac actatacgtg aagtaattga    106200
     tttatccatt cttatagcaa ttattgataa atgttaggtg cttttcaaca gatgtaggat    106260
     agtacggaaa atcacctgtc atgaagatgt gtatgcctct gtgaggaaga gttatacttg    106320
     gcaaatggga tcagaatgat aaagggcttc aagggtaata ataaatactt ctgcatgact    106380
     ctgaagccaa accacctcag ttcagatatt cgtcccatcg tttatctgct ttgtgatctt    106440
     gggacggtta cgcaaccttt ctaagcctca gtttcttcct ctggaaaatg gggataatca    106500
     tgcctgccca gcaaggttat tagcacattt aaatgagtta atgtaggaaa ggtacttaaa    106560
     acagggcagg gacccgagaa agcacagctc ttgggtgtta gcttgccatg cctatttagt    106620
     aatgggatgt gaccaaaact aagcgtggga ggccagcatc ctaagggaca aatggtggcc    106680
     agggcattta aactaagtcc tgaggtgagt gagaccccag ctaggtgagg cgtctaggca    106740
     agggacaggg agtaaaagca ccttggagtg tttagattga cttcgttgag tcattttccg    106800
     tggcctaatg ggtccttctg tatgtttccg cagatgaaca aggaacatgc tggcagtctt    106860
     ccagggccct ggggctcccg aggaagtgag gtgacagggc tgccgagggg agggccacag    106920
     gaggccacct ccaaggagct cagtgaactg gccctgaaga tgtgagtcct ctcccaatgc    106980
     ctcccaccac ttggtgtcaa gcctaacata ggctggggtc agggtgggga atcgcctcca    107040
     tctggccaca cagcccagag gcagagggca agagtcccac acagcaaaga atgacaaagg    107100
     tcgagtagct gcagggcgct cacacaatgg tgtctcatag gtggctcctt ccacagggtg    107160
     aggagcatgg atttaaattc catgggactt cccccagctg gagaaggaaa ttcagaattg    107220
     ttaacataca ctgtcctttc ttctctttta ttgaaaaaca aacaaacaaa taaacaaaca    107280
     agcccagtta tttaccaaaa taggccaagt gtggctgtag ctgcccaggg ttgaactggt    107340
     caaatggcca tcgggctgct gtggtcctga gagtatcacc tggaaacttc ctgttgccag    107400
     gcctgtggtg catgccggct actccggggg ccgaagcaga tgggtctcaa atccaaggtc    107460
     tgcccagttt gcagtgtgag ttttggagca gccagggcag cttcatgagc acctgattca    107520
     agattgttaa caactggaga agactcggga tgtggtttag gagtggagca gagttagcac    107580
     gcaggggacc caggttcgac cccagtgctc aaccctcaaa tcccaaaacc ctttgaggaa    107640
     tacaacagcg gacattaaaa tggtcaagtt cacccagctc acttgttttc ctttccctct    107700
     tccttccttc acagtcctct ttctcccttt ccatcctctt ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    107760
     ttcttccttc cttccttcct tcctcccttc tgtcatttct ttaggttttg ttttgttttg    107820
     tttttgctag gcattgatct ccaggtctgt ctctgcattc taaattcagt tcaccactga    107880
     gcccttcctc tgccacaggc ctggtgcaca aactggtgtt agaggcagtg ctgctgctat    107940
     agctgtttcc caccctttca gttctggaga ggatttgcag gtcctggaga ggacctagac    108000
     cagggcttcc caagttctct gtacctgatc ttattgaaat gtgggcattg atgcaatagg    108060
     tctgtgtgag cccatgcctc tgcagttaca gcaagctcct aggtggtacc aactgttgct    108120
     ggttcccacc tggggatgac catttgagta gcaaaggtct aggggttatt tccttgtgaa    108180
     tgaattggaa attcctggat ttgtatcatg attgggtgtc tattgctgtg ataaagaccc    108240
     catgatcaga agcaacggga gaaggagagg gtttgtttca cttcacaggc tgcagtccat    108300
     cattgaggga agtcagggca ggaacaaacg cagagacaag ggaggaatgc tgcttactgg    108360
     cttgctcttc atgggctacc cagctttata atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    108420
     atatatatat atcttagaat cacatcttag tgttgtaggg agggtgcaca cagaaccttc    108480
     tcatgaagta agtagctcca gtgtgcagga ctcaccccta cacaggaatg cccgctttcc    108540
     tacctcagtc catccaattg tcttttcctc ccaacctttg ccaagctggg acataaaacc    108600
     tggcatctcc ctgttcattt tttgactgtt tgtgaagttc accagtgtcc atttgtttat    108660
     tggctattca cactttctct tggacaccaa ccctgtacct acattcgtaa caccgaaacc    108720
     tcagctactg atagtgtttt aaaaggcaga tagttaagaa aataggaacc gtgtgtaatg    108780
     ctggtgtgga aatctttatt ctgttcagcg ctctgacaaa gaaagcacaa ctggggtcaa    108840
     gagcacgtgc tcatgagtca cgcactatag ggtcagcagc tttgccctct gtgactgact    108900
     ttgtgacagt ctctgtgtta gttgtattta ccattagagc tggagtccag agtcacagag    108960
     agtcacagag aaggctgtat gagaagcatc gggaacacag tgggaaatca aacactgtag    109020
     ctgtctccac caaagaaaaa atgacaacac tgaagccctt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaattga    109080
     atgagcaaat aggatgtgaa ctaaaaagtt gtaagtagga aagaaaacca aaatatgacc    109140
     ataagcgaag tattcacctc ctttggttct agaaaagatg ctaagcaaca tgactccccc    109200
     gcccacacac acgttaggtg agcgaaaaca tttttgagtg ataattcttg gtgcgagaac    109260
     cgtgtggtct agttgagtca cccacatcgt tggcagctgt gtaagccaat cgagaaacgt    109320
     gcagaaagct gtctggcaaa atgtgtcatc acacaaacac actcaaaacc tttggcccag    109380
     atgtttcctc aggaagtaat tcagaatgtg gaaaaaccta catggccagt aaggcttggg    109440
     ccagcattgt ttatagtggt ggaaaaggga cattgatgtt ctgtttacat gaaaggataa    109500
     ggccacggtc aaactacatg gcagtcaaac tgctgtgccg ttgtatgtgt taacagtgtt    109560
     tccgtgcgtt tccagcattt atgatacaag tagcccccag atcttgtatt aattcatgat    109620
     ggataaattt ctttggaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa tcagctcttg    109680
     atcactggag tagccagtgg tcagattggt ttaaaactta atcttctaga ggctggaaga    109740
     tagctcagta ggtaaacatg ctaattatgt aaacctggcc actcaaattt gacccctgga    109800
     gcccatgtga aacctcagat gtcatggctt tccttcagag agatgggagg tagggacagg    109860
     agagtggcct gggtagggtg gctagcctgg actacacagg gcatccacag aaacaagaga    109920
     gacctgtctc tgcaaggtgg aaagtgggtg ggttgggaca cttgcacctt gtcttcagac    109980
     ctcgacacat gcactgtggc atgtgacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg    110040
     cctgtaaatg ctagggatac agacctctgc agccatgccg tgcatttggt aggagtttgt    110100
     ttggggactc gaactcagac cctcatgctt gtacaagaag tattcttacc atccgagcca    110160
     tctccccagc ccgggaaaga ctgttgctca ccatggatag cagtgcaagt gagatcaagt    110220
     cttcagtgtg agcagaaata cccacgatgg gcaatgttca actgaagagc atgttgcagg    110280
     tgctgagggg tacgcctcct tagggcaatg ctcatcagaa tcacctggga cactttaaag    110340
     catggctcct accgaactag cccctcctag caactctggc atggtaggcg gggtgagtcg    110400
     tgttcgttat tttcaaaact gcaaggatgt tgatgctctc tgcagtaaag aaccagcaat    110460
     ggcagatttt catggtgagg gagcccagtc ccttgatgca ggcctcagta gctaaccaat    110520
     ggcttggcat agctagcatc cactctcact ggaattatga acccaccacg gcctcctacc    110580
     catcctcaag aagccccacc caccaaggag tgggcatcag gaagcacagt ggggatggta    110640
     tgccaccatc tttgtaaagg cctgctttcc tccggcactg ttaagattct cctgggccac    110700
     aaagcacaca cagctcagga tgaggtcaga cctggatgac ctggccacat caggaccaga    110760
     gacaactgcc aggcagctct tccagacagg aagcagagcc cacactgagc tcactttcca    110820
     agtcctccac ccttcacccc aggatgaaca gatttggggt gttgtaggga ttttcttttg    110880
     ttgcaaggat caaacaaatc catgctatgc aagggttctg ccacagagct atagccctac    110940
     cccagaagga ggccggtcag ccttccagtt catcagggaa ccctgtctca aggcaataag    111000
     gtaaacagca gtcgcctctg tcggtcagtg tgtgcattga catactcctt catcacacac    111060
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagtc tttcctactg    111120
     ggtctcatcg aaagcaagct ccattcctct tctctagaca gatctttgaa ttcataagga    111180
     aaaaatcaaa aatcctctgg cattaacaag ctgtaagcta taaaacccta aagagaagtc    111240
     agtaccgctt tgaaacaccc cttgaaacaa cagctggctt ccgaggtggt tgcgggacat    111300
     ttgtttgtag ctcctatcag ttaggagagg caccacttcc tagtgcttta cctcagctgc    111360
     tttacctgga aaggtcaaga gtcagggagg gaggaactgt ttgcaaccac tgtttaagta    111420
     catcctctga taggagtaga tggtgaggtc tggaggactg tagcttcctg ttaagagagc    111480
     cagcctccgt gggagtgacc tgtcccatgg gagtgacctg tcatgagtgc tttattaagt    111540
     ttctgtccct agagaaagag agagcgtggg gttgggctcc aaagccctat gaattgcctg    111600
     gcatggacta gcgagagctt ccagcctttg gtcccactgc agctctgatc gatcccttaa    111660
     acacagggta ccactgagtt tactcacctg ggcagcccag gcttgggatt gttttttttt    111720
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttagt ggattgaatt aactagcaat ccagatttga    111780
     gaatctttaa aaaaagattt ttattaggcc taatgaaata ttttgacatt tataaaagac    111840
     tttgattgct gggcgtggtg acacaccttt aatcctagga gaggcaggga gatctctatg    111900
     agttagaggc cagcttggtc tacatagttc caggatgaga ctctgactca aaaattaaaa    111960
     aaaaaaattg attaagtgta aaatatcaat tgtttctttt ccaaattcct agtttaagtc    112020
     caaaaacaaa aatatatcag cctctgctgg ggctagtgtt ccagagtgag tgtttaaaag    112080
     gggggcaggg gaggggggag ggaggaaagt aaaatcacac ccgagacttc gtgacttcgc    112140
     tgtgggaagt tactgggtac aatatgactt gggaactgga atcataacct ccgtaatagt    112200
     cccgaggcat tattcgctgt gcagtcttca tctaagtccc catttactgt cgtcagcagg    112260
     ttgtagtctt tatgatgtgc cttgcctaaa tgcaaacact ctgatgggat atatcaatgc    112320
     acatcccgag ctctgtctct gatgcaggcc ttgggattgg agagtaaacg ttaccggttt    112380
     tgtctccctg gaaaatggcc gcctcctgta gaattgctct tggctcttct gtttggccag    112440
     atctgagtga ggagagaagt ctaagagtgg cagagaaatg taatcgatgc gttggcctga    112500
     actcacttga accatatcca agctttccac tcagagagca gatgttcaca ggcctcggag    112560
     gcagagggtg gagacagaat gaggtgtgag gaaatatatg actcaggagg aggacatgtt    112620
     tttccaagag tagggaaggg ctggaaaggg ctggaaagag cctggcttcc aaccccaaat    112680
     ggggtcctct ctccatgacc atcagtctca ggcacagctg gagggaggga aatatgtttg    112740
     ctcagcaatg ctgccaagtt cttcaaccag ccatgggcaa acctgtccca tctgtctcag    112800
     gatgtcctag actccatgcc tttcacacaa gaacatgcac tctcctccag ggactgttag    112860
     tgtatcccgg ggctgagcaa gagagttgtt aagagctgta attaattaaa attcttttgg    112920
     aggagttaga atctgtgcgg aggctgaaac tacacaggcc agagaagtct cctgatagta    112980
     gttgtgtctt tctgatgccc cctggtggct atatgctatt aagtgaactc caggctccca    113040
     gccacaaaat ccactttgct ggactctgtt tagcatgtac ttagagcgat gtgtaccagt    113100
     gctaatgtat agtgtgcctt cttccctaaa caagaattgt tctgagatgg cttgacctga    113160
     agtcccagta ccgaaggttg gaggcaggag aattgctgtt acagaccagc ttggattagt    113220
     gtgagatctt gcctgaaaat aataaaagca accaaccaac caaaaatcca caacacacac    113280
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaaattgtga tatggtatta tgaagaaaaa    113340
     aagaatttgt agtacagaat tataacaatt ataattataa ttcttgttat ttttgtgtgt    113400
     gtgtgcatgt accaagccct atatgtggag ggtagaggtc aacttgtaga tgtcagttgt    113460
     ctacctacat gatgtaggct ctgaggatca aacctaagcc atcaggcttg gtggcaagca    113520
     accttatcca ctgaactacc tcaccagcct ggagaatacc agggaaattt aagtcttcat    113580
     ttttcccaca ctagtgctaa atttttgaga cattattttt tttctttttt aaggaaacag    113640
     aaaatggaga aaaggggcca cagaagaact aactgtggga agttttccag tagcatccat    113700
     gaaaaaacac tgccccaaga ctcggctctc ggtaagttgg aggggttggg tgtacatagt    113760
     tgttagtgat ccctcactgt gagtcccggc ttgccatctg ccattgcgat agcatgacat    113820
     ttgactagga tgatgtttgt ttccctttct caaaacatga agaactagta atgggttgtt    113880
     taaggagtgg ttaagcagag taaagtacca gtacatgctt ctagttatgc ccggcaactt    113940
     gcgctctgag ccggactcat aactgcaccg ggtaagttac caggcttgtg gaaggcgcag    114000
     ctgactcatc cccatgcatc gcacagaggc agagggagct gtgggtggga gcaggcaaag    114060
     agggcgtgag tacgtgagac tcatgagaac ctctctctgt agacagttta aagctgagga    114120
     gcgtaccctg gccaaaccgc tgcgggtgat agagaggtga cccagaggcc tgcctgctta    114180
     ggcagctcct gcacttgcca gcatcggttc ctcatagctg agctggaggt gcaagccaga    114240
     gatgacacag catgcttatg cgcatgctcc ctgtgtccag agccttgcgg gcactcagca    114300
     tcttgttaga tcccacttgg ttctgaattg acctctctgg ggatggtata ctttcaaata    114360
     agagctttgg aggactggaa agatgtctca gcagtgagga atgcttattg gccttgcaga    114420
     ggaccagggt tcagttccca gaactcaagt ttgggaggct caaccgaaat cgaaagccct    114480
     gttctggccc tccatgaaca cctgagtgta tacttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg    114540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgatagttac caaagcataa aataacgaca cttctcatta gctttgggtt    114600
     tcatttttgg aacttttttt tctgaaaata taagactgtg ttaagatgaa ctcattactt    114660
     atatttcttt ttcaaagggg atgtcttgcc atgttaccta tgctgtaggc agttaggatg    114720
     acaggcaggt ggcactgtcc acttcttgct gctgtcactg atggtgcaga ggtttgactt    114780
     cggggcttca cacatgctaa gtgggtgctc cgctactgac ccacatcccc agcccttgtt    114840
     atttttaaat gaaacaataa agtatttgta atgtctcaat ttaaacttta aaaatcctca    114900
     gaactgatca tttagcctga ggaagatctg gatcctgatc tgttttacac gttacatact    114960
     aagatacctt tccgagtctg tctatctgta gctgggacta aatattctat ggtgatttca    115020
     tactggggaa ggcttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttaattt tgagacaagg    115080
     cctcatgtgg cccaggctgg cctcaaactt tctgtgcaga tgaggtcagc cttggactcc    115140
     tgagcctcct gcctttgcct cccaagtggt attattatgg gctttagcag ccatgtgtgc    115200
     ctctgggaga atttttttta tggtacataa aatgacttat gttcttatat atagtagata    115260
     aaaaccatat aaaaagataa aaaacacatt ttttaaaaag atgtatttat ttgagctggt    115320
     ctacatagct ctgactatcc tggaattcac tatgtagacc aggttggcct ctaactcaca    115380
     gagatctgtc tacctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgagaataaa agcatgcacc agcatgcctg    115440
     acttactagt ttttaagtgt atgtttgact gtgtgtatat gcacagcaca tgcatatctc    115500
     acagtagtgg aagccaggag agggcatcgg atcccctgga actggagtaa cagactgtgt    115560
     tgagcgccca tttggatctg ggaaccaacg cccttccgtg agaacaacga atgctcttaa    115620
     cttctgaatt agctctccat cccctagagc cctcaatgtt aaggcaagga gcatcgacat    115680
     agtatctttt cattattaca atacctttgt aagatgggaa ttatatttat tttacgggta    115740
     aggaaataca actcagagaa attaactggt tcaaagacct ggtgtcccct cccacttgat    115800
     aacaatgtac cccagaacct aatgactcaa aatagtaacc agcattacct ggcaatttct    115860
     gtggctctgg tatttgggaa caagtgaagg gttcaggtgc agagttccct agaaggatat    115920
     ctgtcagggc tgagattgcc tgaaggtttc actagagacc agaggatctg gctcacatgg    115980
     tctttgatag ggagactcaa tggagcctct aacaggccat tctgcttgtc actgatatct    116040
     gacagacagc ttcctcacaa gcaaggatga gggaggggga agggtattag actatcattg    116100
     tggcttcatt ttgttagaca caaacccata ctcgagggtt cagaccaaca ccttcctttc    116160
     ccctgtagtg gtgagatgga acccagggca ttatgtatgc caggcaaatg ttctactgtc    116220
     aaaccctagc ctaggtgcca tctttcaaag agagtactgg ctgggtgtgg tggtgcacac    116280
     gtttaatccc agcactcaga agacaaaggg atctatgtga gtttgaggct agcctggtct    116340
     acagagtgag ttttggggca tccagagcta tgtagggaga gcctgcttcg ataaataaat    116400
     agaagatagg tagataggta ggtaggtaga tagatagata gataggtaga taagatagtt    116460
     aaaagatatg aaagaatcaa cacagctaat aagtggcaga ggcaggtttc aaccccaggt    116520
     cttacactca ccccatctgt gactcatgct tacacgctcc cctgcctggg cctgcccttc    116580
     tgaataccct ggtcttcctt ggcgtggtca aagccacagt atgcccagca catcggcgct    116640
     ctgctctcca tactttgcat gactgtgctt aacaaaccta cactctgggc acctttttag    116700
     gtactgatcc aggacccgac ttttgtcctg atcctggtac tgggctccag agtaacaaat    116760
     gtgaagccta cggaagcaag actcagaact cccagagagt ctgtgaggaa gacccaccaa    116820
     aaggtgagat ggcttgactc caggaggggt cggtagagag agtcatcttt cccagggaag    116880
     agactgtatc ttcaatcttt tccttttaga attttattat agatataaca ctccaggaca    116940
     agatgactta aatcatggtg gaggatatat ctttgtccag cctcacttct tatatgaaaa    117000
     taaaatctct gcatcttgta agtacatctc ctgtataacc ctgtctgtgt cagtaaccgc    117060
     atttgtcggc cctctctaga aggctgcctg ggtctcctgc acttatgaga cacttccaaa    117120
     ttcaggtctg catgggggtg gcaaagaggc tgagcagggg ctggggactg gtgactgcta    117180
     tcggtgccat ggaggctctg aagttagagc tgctgtacct gtcaagtctg cggcaagcac    117240
     acactccgaa ccaacgaatg gctgactcta tcactctccc cactcattgt ccagagtaca    117300
     ttcctcaggc atgctgttgt taatttctaa tgcaaacatt tgcaatcgtt gggaaaaaat    117360
     ggaaactcca catttgttta taaagatgac cgagacacag cacctccctc ccaagacgtc    117420
     cctaattgaa aaggacttgg acccaagaga cgaaagctca aagcaaatgt gataagtact    117480
     aaaagccagg cctgaggatg ctgggaggag gagagccagg gaggagctac atcccggttc    117540
     attcagcagc cagctacgcc cactcctctg acagagaggt cctttcctcc atccctctag    117600
     aattcttcct ctctgaggtg agcatcaggc agaatgtttc tcacttttca caactaccaa    117660
     tgccagagac caaaggatgc cacttatgtg acttagtcag gctcctctgc cacctcccca    117720
     ggtgacaagt caagtgagcc actatgatcc tgcagaaggc ccacagtggg cttctttact    117780
     atcttcttgg tctttcggcc tctcttcctc ctctacgtcc cctttctcct atccccctga    117840
     taccctcctc ctttcttctc ttccttctac ggtactagga atggagcctg gagcctcaca    117900
     caggtaaggc aaatgaccta ttactgaacc atattccaga cctggacttc taatccacat    117960
     atgagaactg ccacagaatc actggcgtgt gatcctgaac tcccttagga gatctggagt    118020
     gtcttacggg tgtagatacc atgagagagc aactttcctt cagtcttgaa aaagaccctt    118080
     caggaaaggg agctgatgga cccgcctctc ggggctcctc atctgagaga cagtgtagtc    118140
     gtctgatggt gatctgcagt ctggtctaga actgaatcca ttttagatgt gtgtttctgt    118200
     ttccagtaat ctccaagcca catttacaga caactgcccc ttgagatcga cgtcattagc    118260
     acctgtgttc atgaccaaca ttgaggaaca gtctctgctg attgccgttg tctggtggaa    118320
     aggagcagag cctctctctg agataccaga gactgagacc agagtgggaa gggaggaggg    118380
     aggagggagg agggaggagg gaggagggag gagggaggag ggaggaggac cgaggaaggt    118440
     gaggaggggg ttcctcagca cctgaagtgt tacttatcac agtcgtgtta taactgacag    118500
     aaggaacttg agggaggatt tgctgaggct cacgggctga aagggtacag cggagagaac    118560
     atggaggtag gggtgggagg aggctgctta cacctttcgt ggtcagaaaa cagtgctggc    118620
     tggaagcaga gccagcctat aacccgttac acccacctcc agtgctcccc tactccagct    118680
     aagtcctacc tccacccaaa gtgtctgcgg ttcctaaagc atcccatcaa ctggcaacca    118740
     cgtgttcaaa tgggtgaagg gggctagggg cgggaacagt tgtgtatttc agatatgctc    118800
     tgtaacagac agtgcaaccc cccccccccg cccccccaac atctcttcct ttctttggag    118860
     gtttccttgg tccatgtttc tcttcatcat ttagtttctc ttctggaatt agtttctgtc    118920
     tcctaaaatc cttgctccta aagttcatga agagtctagc atgcacttgg gtttcacctt    118980
     tcaggagcag taccttctct atgcttacca gatgaaatag tggtccaagc taaaaaaaat    119040
     atctggtcac ataatgaaca tccagggaat ataaactcct ggtctcttac tggctagtaa    119100
     ataaacaaat aaatatccac aagtaaatta gatgtaaata agtaaatatt tatataatat    119160
     ctattaataa tatataaaat ataatttata tgaatataaa acatataaat atttatttct    119220
     tactttgaga caggatcgat ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    119280
     ctctccctcc agcccaggct ggccttgggt ttatggcaac tctcctgcct ccgtcttcag    119340
     agttctactt gagttgtatg ccagagtttc atgttggtca tcatagttca cacctggaaa    119400
     actaatattc aagagtactg cggtgagtca aggccagcca gggacacaga gtgagactgt    119460
     ctcaacatac cagaaacaga gccactaagg tggctcagtt ggtgaaggtc cctgctgcca    119520
     agcttgctgg tgtgagtcca gtgccaggga ctcgtggtgg aggagagaac ctgccagtgt    119580
     cccctgaccc gcacatgagc acagtggcgt gtgcacactg cacatgataa atcaatagat    119640
     gcaatgcaaa tttaaaaata gagttgagtt tcttttcacg aattccaagt tcttgagaga    119700
     aaattctgtt ttctgtgctc cttgactctg ttgcttacac agttgttacg tttttatgaa    119760
     cgatttcatc catactgcaa agttgaggaa gacatcccca ccatttggag ttctctggct    119820
     ttttggtttt agcaggctgt cattcttgct gccccagaac ttgcagtgtg taccaggctg    119880
     gcccccacct cacagatcgg cgaaggccat tttgatgctc tgaatgtaat catagctaac    119940
     atttttcagc ttggtcaaaa gcaaaatgga tctggtcctg gagagtgaac tcagaacccg    120000
     ttcaagatga gcccgatcct gcggcagggt aagtatttca ttattactaa gaacaaaatc    120060
     agagccaggt atggcagctc ttgcccgtct cctcaaaact tgagaggccc agtcagaagg    120120
     cctactaaaa gtttaggtct agacttggga ctacatggtg agtttgaggc tagtggggta    120180
     cagaataaga ctctgtccta aaaattacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    120240
     acacacacac acacacacga aattgagttt cattacccag gtgcatatac taaaccactt    120300
     aactacctag acagttgctt gtcctggact gggaattcaa gcctagacct atctggtgtg    120360
     acttcagtca ctgacttgtt cattcagcca atgtcgaagt gcccaaagca ggactttgtg    120420
     ttccgtgtgg aggccgagat gacagcagtg tctgcccctg agctgttttc tgatggagga    120480
     gctgggagtg gcagaaggga gtgtgaggag cactgctgac cttattaggg ggtttaggag    120540
     cctgagctca aaggcaaagc ctgaaggagc tatcccagga catcaggagg gatgtgaagg    120600
     actcggggtt aaggctttct gaggagaaaa ggcctttgag caagttcagg aacctgtcag    120660
     tcagtgtgcc aggagcccag aggggagtgg caggggcaag atggagcaag tgaaggcagg    120720
     tcttcagatt cttcagaaca aacgggaagc caagggactt ttaaaatagg gactctgata    120780
     gaactgtagg agatcactgt agtggtcagg cagagtggct ggcatttaca gtcccagcat    120840
     tcagaaggct taggtaggag ttctgtctag cttgggtaac acagtaagtt ctgggccagc    120900
     tagagacagt ctcataaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac    120960
     atcactgcag ccagtgagga acaaaaagtg ggttagagga gcagaaactg gagccagagg    121020
     ccaaacaagg cagccatggg agagtccact ggggtcatgg aaggttggct cagggtgata    121080
     ccgagaagct gtgtgttggg agtttaagac agagttggca ccaagggctt agagtcaata    121140
     gtccaggcta tccactcaga caaattcaag cctgagtagc tacacagaaa agtacagtga    121200
     tttaacatgt aatatttgaa gtcaggcaca gcacaggtca cctgtaatca gagctcggag    121260
     gtggaggtga gaaaatgggc aagtttgagg caagcttggt ttacagagta agacagggca    121320
     acagggcttt ataaaggtga ctctttcaca acacaaaacg aaaacaaaat gccaaaacag    121380
     agcgctgaag tctgactccc agcacccaca ccagggggct cacatgtacc tgaaactcta    121440
     gctctacagt cctcttctgg cttctatgag tgtgtgagtt ctctctctct ctctctctct    121500
     ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaca cacacacccc    121560
     ccacaaataa atagatcatt aaaaaaagaa agccaactca acaaaagaat gtagtttttg    121620
     gagacatctt gggtttatgt catatctctg tccttggaaa ggtgactcac cctccctgag    121680
     cctctacttt cctgtaaaat gagagtgata ggaccagatt caccaagact acacataaga    121740
     caccaagaat ggtacttgga ttaaaatgat actggatctc aaaatacctc cccccaccca    121800
     aagaattgaa gtgggatggg gactcggcag gggagctgat gggaggagac cgagagggca    121860
     gaagggggag tggaatcaga acgcatcata caaatgcgtc atatacactt atgatgatgc    121920
     aacacattta aaagacttac aagtgaagta ctcaaccata ctgtggtcct gtgggaggca    121980
     gtgagcgctc gctccatata ggggagggct ccaaagcccc tacacttcct gctgaaccac    122040
     actgccacac cctgaggcag aatgcctctc acctggaaaa tggctccatc cgatgtgctg    122100
     attgaacttc agaaccaact gacgtgaaca tgataggggg caagagactc tgagatgacg    122160
     tgcatgtgag gtgacagcct gaaggtgctc acacatgtct gtcccaaaat tatgtttagc    122220
     gaagggacca tatgcaggag gctctgccat aggccttcta caggcaagtt tctgtggcag    122280
     cccctcttca tatagattaa gagaacagtt cagcagagct atgcagtggt cagcctgaat    122340
     ccagtgtccc tgtaccacat ccatcacatg acagacatag gacagtaggt agcatagagg    122400
     ggaccattga cttagagtct ctgctttcat ctcctaaccg cctaggcatg catgatcact    122460
     ggtgcttggg tgaactcaag ccaaggcatt atcgctggca tttgtgtgca tttgttttat    122520
     aaatatgcag gataaaaggt tggagtcttg gctttttctg ttaaacaaaa cgaaagaaaa    122580
     caaaagaaca aacaagcagg cagttctaga agagcagacg tcattgacta tagcaaccac    122640
     tttttcttga agctcagctg tggtcccaag ggtctgtgaa tattgtaaaa ggtagggtcc    122700
     ctcaactaca gacagacaga cacacacgag tgcatgcata cacacatgca cacagccttc    122760
     acagagtcta gagcacgcat gtgtgtgtgt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaaacc atacataggt    122820
     taacaatatg cctttgtctt ctagaaaata tcccaagact tatatgatct ctacctcaga    122880
     ccttgcaaca ccctcacccc acctctgctg cctgggaatt cctagaatcc agtccttatg    122940
     tcccagtgat aacatggaag aaatggaatc taaggtgagg accgagaaag tccccgcagc    123000
     tcaggcaccc ggccttaatg agcacagaat ggctagcttt cccgtcagta taggatgggc    123060
     tttcagaaaa cgttctgcta agaacaagtt ctgctcagag ctaaccctca acagccacat    123120
     ggtttgcatt attcctaaac tggagccaaa ggaagcttcc tggagaaagc atttggtggg    123180
     tggtacctcc tctgcaggat tcccctggcc cagacttgaa gaccccagtc tgatccagtg    123240
     actgttgtta ggggtaccac ctatgttcag actggttaca ccaacctcgg gttactttcc    123300
     taagcatgtg tggtatcagt tggtgttcac tctcagtcct cgtcgctggc ccctgagctg    123360
     ttctactctg aggcaggaac agggcatctg gctgcttctc tcaccctctg actcactttc    123420
     ctcagtcacg tgttcacctc tttcctctcc cttcccttga caaatacatt ccatctccaa    123480
     ctggttgcct aggagaccaa ccttcaaaaa cagaaataaa aagcgtgtag aaacagaatg    123540
     cttcaaaaat tccatcttgt aatgtttaat aatgagtgaa tccaattatc agagatgtta    123600
     gtaagtttag gtgactaaag tatgtggact ttctctgtag attttaaact cgcccttgga    123660
     gcatgcctta aggacagcaa ccatattgaa aaaaaacacc gaccaaatga ttagatccat    123720
     tgcagaagac ctcgccaagg cacaaggatg gagacaccag ctaagatact actaactcag    123780
     tcccgggcag ccaagggtta aaatgtttgg tcctctccaa aatattttac ttatgagata    123840
     atgtaggaag atagttttct agagaaaaca ctaaaacttt aagaaatgag ttatacgaag    123900
     tgcttaaatg gagaaaaaaa agcaaaacaa gccctctggc atttatatct ttatgtgaaa    123960
     ataaatctat gttcttccta attcataata aaataaaaac aataaaacaa atactttatt    124020
     attttttcta ttttttattg gatattttat ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt atcccctttc    124080
     ccagtttccc ctccacaaac cccctatccc atcccccttc tccacgcctt tatgagggtg    124140
     ctcccccacc cacccactcc tacctcacca ccctagcatt cccctacact ggggcattga    124200
     gccttcacag tcacaggacc aagggcctct ccttccattg atgccagata aggccatcct    124260
     ctgtggctgg agcaatgcaa acccctttag ctccttcagt cctttcccta actcctcctc    124320
     tggggtccct gtgttcagtc cgaaggttga ctgccaacat ctgcgtctga aaaacaaaca    124380
     ctttttatct attagtctgg aaagtttcat gaatctgggt cagtgagatg ggaaacagat    124440
     ctcgtgtgct gctgcagagg aaggtgacgg agatcctgac aaacccacta acaaagtcaa    124500
     ggggtttttt aaagtaaaac atgcctagaa tatgacaacc tactgaacac aattgcttag    124560
     taacatacat aacgtaaaat actccctgtt tctctttgca agtgagcagc tgcctgggag    124620
     ttaccactgc ccgggatcag aaaagtactt tgctgactta ccgttggcct gaggcaaaga    124680
     taaaatccaa atttcagggc tggggagatg gtttagcggg taaaggtatt tattagctgc    124740
     caaacatttg acaacctgag tttgatccct gggacttgta cggtgaaagg ggagaatcaa    124800
     ctcctgaaag ttgtcctctg acctgtgcat gctatataaa cacacacaca ctaaataaat    124860
     ataacatttt aaaaattcaa atggggggct ggtaagatgg ctcagtgggt aagagcactg    124920
     attgctcatc caaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccaacaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac    124980
     ccataatgag atctggcata ctcttctggt gtgtttgaag acagcaacag tgtacttagt    125040
     aataataaat aaatctttaa aaataattca aatggggggg ggttaccttt aatcctagca    125100
     ctcagggagc agagatgggc aatctctgtg aatttgaggt caacttgacc tacagagtga    125160
     gttccaagac tgccagggct acacagagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaagcaa acaaaccaac    125220
     aaataaaatc caagtagaaa taatttcaac tgaatgcata tgaattttac actgctattt    125280
     agttgacaaa aaaaattgta tgttcaactg tcttagagtt ttactgctgt gatcagacac    125340
     catgactagg gcaactaaat aataaaggac aacatgtaat taggagctgg cttacaggtt    125400
     cagaggtttg atccactgtc ataaaggtgg gagcatggca gcctaaaggc aggcacagta    125460
     taagagtagc tgagagttct acatcttcat ctgaaggctg ttaggagaag actggctagg    125520
     acaagggtct taaagcccat gcccacagtg acagacttcc tccaacaagg ccacacccac    125580
     tccaacaagg ccacacccat tcccacaagg ccacatctat aaatagtgct actccctggg    125640
     ccaagcatat tcaaaccacc acatcaacca ttgctaagtt gaagactgta gctaccaaat    125700
     tctatacact ccaaaaagca cttccttgac ctgtactccc acttgttagg aacttaaaga    125760
     aaactcagac agctcacaga atgttcccaa atgcaagatg gcctcaactt tgctgagggt    125820
     tcttacttca aggagaacta tatgtggcta tatggtgacc aggaggtgtg gggtcttggg    125880
     agaatgacca caccacccaa agcacttggg caatgcagcc acgagtcggg caatcacaca    125940
     tcccttgcca gtcctgcggg gtttctattc ctagtccaaa ggacactgtt gtgtgaccaa    126000
     gagcttggcc ctcagatgct gatgtctaac ttaaaggagg ctcagatgaa aagcaaaatg    126060
     taaggctagc cagaaagagt gtttgccagg caaattgtaa cttttgagaa gaagaagcaa    126120
     ccttgaatgc attaaaaatg gcggggactt gtgccagatg atgtctttat atttccttaa    126180
     agataaaact tcttcacatc atctaccagg aaagacaatg cattttactt acttgttcac    126240
     acagtaggta accagggata ctctgcagac gctggaaaga atgcggtgga gatctacaag    126300
     attcagatgt gccgggtaag cactctgaca ggagtgagaa gcagctgtat gaccaccctg    126360
     ggcaggctta gaaaggcatc ttcaaacagg tttaactgag gaggcctccc agaatggagg    126420
     atgctccccg tgggctggaa tcctgggctg aataatagga ggaagaaatg gatgcacccg    126480
     caaccatctc accgctagtg tgacctactg cctcccactc cagctgtcgg atgctctcct    126540
     ccaccacagg caggtaccct tacatcatga gaatgagacc ttccttgtag aacttgcttt    126600
     agtcagagca aagagaaaag caactaacag agagtaggta gtgagaggcg gggcctgaga    126660
     tgaacctgac tatggggttg aaacgctttt ggaactggtt tgacggagga atgtggagga    126720
     gtctgaagct gttggctaca gaagtgctag catgacacag aagagcttat agcccctcag    126780
     atgggtgagg aagaatcttg aatgctgaga gacatgtgga cagtgggggt tcggaaggga    126840
     gcaaggactg tcttggaaac tggcctagag tcttcatgtc acactctggt caagaatctg    126900
     gctgcattct tcccgtgtcc tgagaacttg gagctgaaat atgcattata ttgataggct    126960
     gtcttgtgct gtttaaatgt gctgattctg ggctctcttg tgccagactc caggatgttt    127020
     attcaagtgt tcttcaaaac tccttgtcct ggggtcatcc cacttggtta aactttctag    127080
     aaacgttctc acagacaagc tcacagttgt ctcctaagcg gtccttcaac tcctgttagg    127140
     ttaataacca agattaactg tcacaaaaac cttcccaccc aaacactctg ttcttaaaat    127200
     cacttatatg aaagcaggct gagctgggcg ttggtggcct atgcctttaa tctcagcact    127260
     caggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgagggcag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    127320
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttggg aaaagaaaaa agaaaaaaga    127380
     aaaaaagaaa agaaagcagg ctgagcaagc catggggagc aagccagtaa gcagcacccc    127440
     ttcattgaat ctgtctcagt tcctgtctcc aggttcctgc cttgacttgc ctccatgaca    127500
     gactgtaacc tgtaagccaa gtaagttctt ctccaagaag aggtaagtct gaggtaagtc    127560
     caccagagag cacacacagc cattcttaaa actaaataga aagtttgtat tgcttgccag    127620
     ctgcttgggg taacttgccc aaatcaggca gccccgatcc ccatagttcc ttgtctttta    127680
     tgcacgaagt ccacattctg gttggcacaa ttccattagc aagaagtaga actacagaag    127740
     tcaaagagca aggttagaac acttagggac tttgctggat cctggaacca tggagcaggt    127800
     cttggattag gcctttgttc ctgtttggga gggtgttggg gcctagatgc tgggttttaa    127860
     ggttagaatg gtgcacttga cacggaatca gttgtgctaa ggtctgggga cctgttacaa    127920
     tagaagacta actactaata ctcactacac ccccacccct cccttttgag atgatgttac    127980
     ctctgcacca ctgtatacct aaggtatgga acttgctgat tttatagggg cttataggta    128040
     agagatttct ttgagtctca gcagattctc agagaagccc agtcaacctg agctgacata    128100
     gcaagtcccc tctgcttcac catggatcaa cactaggcct ggacttcaag gatggactaa    128160
     aggcattttg catgagatta acatgagact ttggggtcta ggagtggaat gctatgattt    128220
     aaaacaatgt gttagagcat caaattgaca aggggcaggc ttgtgagagt taatcttgat    128280
     tgtcaacttg acaggacttg cttaggagat gacttctggg ggtgtctgtc tgtgcaggca    128340
     tttctagaga gttcaactga ggtgggaaga tccaggctgc acggcaccct ctgtgggctg    128400
     ggatcctgta ccggataagc aggaggaagt gagtggtgag tcaggatcca tctctctgtt    128460
     cccaactgtg gatgcaagga tgtgtcccac ttctgcttcc ccacttccgg gccacgatag    128520
     actgaaccct cagatgtgag caacacaagc ccttccgtcc ttaaggagct ttcctttgtt    128580
     agccatgttg tcagcaatga aagggaaatg tagccaagac aacagcaaag gcggctaaca    128640
     atgggtgcag tggctccatt tgaacttttt gtttattttc tgatacagga tttctctgtg    128700
     tagccctgac tgtcctagaa cttgctttgt agaccaggct agtctcaaac tcacagagat    128760
     ctaccctccc aagtactgaa attaaaaccc accactacgc ctgacttcag ttgtacattt    128820
     ttttttaaaa cagggcttac atattttctt gaataatgcg cagaaacctt aagtgaaata    128880
     tatgaaatgg agcttagttt ggagaaagaa ggaatttttg tttcccctcc tttactgttc    128940
     tgtttggggt tctagtgcta tttctgtatt agtttgcttt ctgctgctgt gacaaaacat    129000
     gacccaggac agctttcagg tggaatatgt ggatctttta tttgacttac acatacacac    129060
     actgactgac atatacataa atatacatat atatttatat atatgcacac atactgactg    129120
     aaaaaatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagctggtct tcagtatatg ccagaatcct    129180
     gaaggagtag gctctaatgt cagtgaagga ctaggcttgt cagtgagtac aagagcaagc    129240
     aagcaaagag cactagcttt cttcttctat gtccttatta taggcttcca gcagaaggtg    129300
     tggcccagat taaaggtgga tcttcacacc tcaaaagatc cagattaaaa gtgggtcttc    129360
     ccacttcaaa tgatttaatt atgaaaaaaa aatcccaaca gttgtgccta aacacttggg    129420
     ttttagttaa ttccagatgt aggcaagttg acaaccaaga atagctgtca ctgggcttaa    129480
     tgaaaatttg taacattccc cttagaatcc cagcaaagct tttaaatccc agctgccttt    129540
     taaatgtttt attgttattg gcatgtgtgc tggtgtagct gtgcccccga ggaacacacg    129600
     taaaggtcag aggacaacgc tgtggctttg cctttctccc tccaccatta cacgggttct    129660
     gggaactgaa ctcaggccat caggcttgtg aggcaagcgt ctctgccctc ggaaccatct    129720
     tgctggcccc tgagctcctt ccttataatc agagtggcag gttattgacc tctgagacgg    129780
     cacaaatacc tcacttgagg ttttcatgcc aaccaaggca gctgctattt gtctaactcg    129840
     gagcagttat ttctagcttt ggaagttggg aattggttca gggtacctag agataacgca    129900
     gaggctggcc tgaagatgtc tgtttgtggc taagcttcgt tcaggctgag gcactgcaag    129960
     gagagagcaa agacccatgg tggtagcccg agagaggaaa ggaagcataa actgtgtgct    130020
     gtcagaactg acgggaagta agtgggtgtg accagggcac accagtcatc ccagtactca    130080
     ggaggcaggg gcaggcagtg aactgctgca tgtttgaggc cagcctggtg cacatagtaa    130140
     gcttcaggct agcctggact ctatctataa tgagacttgc tgaaaacagc aatgcgaggg    130200
     tgggggtgtc atttattttc ccaagctcct atattgggct tcaacagagc aaaccagaac    130260
     aaagccactc atgccagggg ctaagcactc acctgggtat aaaactgggc cacttagtta    130320
     atttttaaac caggagattc agtcaccact cagacaaggg ctagccaatc tgcggtagca    130380
     tgctaaagaa atctctgctt tgccctacac caggggcagg actgaaagca ccaactggct    130440
     tttttggccc tggctttctt tctgtccgta ggctctcttg atgcactcta tgcttttaat    130500
     gctccccaat tcacgactgc accaaaagcc aatcagatca tccaactcaa tgtactggaa    130560
     gaatattctg atgaaatgtt ttgtgttagt tacgttgtgc ggtgctatga cctgacactg    130620
     ataacgtaga tatacatcta tgttgtggta gaaacaactc aagggaggga aggtgtattt    130680
     tggctcattg gttttggagg ctttcagagc atcccagctg gtgtggcaga tcagctcatg    130740
     atggcagagt gtggcagaga ctgttctcat catggtggcc caggaagcag agagcacggc    130800
     agggacctct caggccatgg ctcaccttcc aaggctcact gctctcagta gcagccttct    130860
     gtcaggttgg ctgtcttctg tcaggttggc tgtacctctt acaggttctt cagtttccca    130920
     aaatggcatc agcaagtagg gaatgaatat caatgaagac atggcctatg ggagcacttc    130980
     atggtgagac tgtaacacag gcaatgccct gtgaaagccc tgggacttac aagggtacct    131040
     ttagactctg taacctgggc tgtctctcag aacataactg cattaactat gacttgacga    131100
     tacctgacaa gtatcattac cccacccccg aatttagaat cgcacactgc tgggctgctg    131160
     aaatggctaa gaaaaggcac cttctgccaa gcttgacaac cccagctgga atccatatgg    131220
     cacagacagc tgattcccac aagcggtact ctgacctttc tcaacaccag ccacccccag    131280
     ccccaataaa aaataattag ctgaaaatgt aaaacagtac actttgtgct gtgctggaaa    131340
     gatggctcag cagttaaaga ctgcttttcc agaggacctg ggttcaattt ccaacacaca    131400
     cacgggagcc cacaactgtc tgtaagtcct gttccagaga agccaactct ctctggcctc    131460
     tgtgggcata aggcatgcgt gtggtaaaca accatacatg cacacaaaaa cctaaatggt    131520
     tataatgaaa tgctttaatc gcacacttct ctggctcggt ttaaactttc ttgtgtaact    131580
     catcagttcc taatctgttt ggggttctgc ctctgagacc ctgataaagt taccaagcct    131640
     ttcttccctt aggtacaaaa aggggataac tgcatttaca caattttgca cattttttga    131700
     aaagcattca cagataaggg ctggaaagat ggctcagcag ttaagagaga tgactgcttc    131760
     tccagacggt tctaggaccc acatggtttg atttctagga cccacatgga ggcacacaga    131820
     agcttgttat tcctgttccg ggggatctga caccctcttc tggtctccac aggcctgcac    131880
     tcacatggta cacaggcacc catataggca aaataactaa aatataaata aataaatcat    131940
     ggattccttg agacaagttc agggaatctc attttctttt tttttttaaa agacttattt    132000
     gtttatttac ttatttattt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacactcca    132060
     gaagagggca tcagatctca ttacgggtgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggactt    132120
     gaactctgga aattcggaag agcagtcagg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc    132180
     cccctcattt tcttcttttg atcattatgc caactcactg aaacgcagct aactcaagaa    132240
     ataaaggaat ggggcaatgc catgaaagac agtcaaggct acagagaaag atcctggtct    132300
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttaaata aagttctggg agaacaccca ccaagttctg    132360
     acttgctcaa tctgtaacct gtgctctcct gtcttctagc tcagggctgt cctttcttgt    132420
     aattctgtcc cattagcaaa ccagaaaaac cagctagtta tgaaaaactg tatcgctgat    132480
     actgaggcca ggggctcatc cctacctgag gtcggggctc ctgtgaacag tcagtttcct    132540
     tacaagaggg aagccacacc atgggattct ttaggaaaca aagttctgca ggtatctttt    132600
     ttctttaaag attttctgat taactttgag tgttctgcac ccttgtatat aagtgtgtca    132660
     tatacacgcg acagccactt acgtggttgc ttcgaattga acccaagtcc tctggaagag    132720
     cagtacatgc tcttaacctc tgagccacct ctccagtccc atcctctatg ttaaaggcat    132780
     ttcagagaaa gtactataca ggctaaacag gttatattta ggatcatgta tttatataca    132840
     tttatatact tataagcatg cagtaacaga aaatagaaac taggtcactg tcaccatcta    132900
     tgagctagag gacagggagt gagcgctgtg tcacaggcag gaggcaggta gcagggcatt    132960
     agcactgggt ggagctgcta taactggctt cactagtgca gctggaaagg tgctccgact    133020
     ccctcctgcc ttccaaacac tgacaaaaga aatgcctatg agtggcagac ccctgcttca    133080
     gagtctataa accttccgtt ccagcttttc ctctcagtgc tatggtggga aggaagcaag    133140
     gcacaacaac gccaactgcc gggagacaac attaaacata cacattccta cagcaacatc    133200
     aattccagat ggttgaaagt aactgcaaaa agtcaaaacc gtatcaaagg aactgtgtga    133260
     atttataatc ttagagtgca attctgaagc caaaaatgga aaagctatgt ttgcataacc    133320
     accgtgatgg ctattcctgg ctgtcaactt gacaacatct ggaattagct aaaacccaga    133380
     aatggctggg catacctgca agggatttgt gcttacttaa gtcatttgaa ctgaaagacc    133440
     cacttctaag ctggacctct gaggtcagaa aacacacttt caatccagac catttgacct    133500
     gggaaggccc acccttgatc tgggcctgac cttctgctgg aggcctatat aaagatcatg    133560
     gaagaaggac acccttgctt tttgcctgct tgcttttgcc cttcctagca agtcaattcc    133620
     ttcactgaca ttagagccta cttcttcagg actctggcac atactgaaga ccaactgaac    133680
     aactactgga ttggtagact tctgttttac agccagtcat tgttgggttt gctggaccac    133740
     agcctataag ccattccaat aaatatctct gatctctctc ttcctctaat acttcactca    133800
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    133860
     atccatctat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcg    133920
     agagctaacc caatctgtaa gttgtgttac gctagagaac cctgactaat acagttgtga    133980
     agcagtgctg ggactcagtt gtgaagcagt gctggggctc agttgtgaag cagtgctggg    134040
     gctcagtggt agagcacttg ctgaacacgg tgagagcctg tgttaaatcc ctagcattgg    134100
     aagaaacaac aacagtgatt ccatccacta acagtgtaag caagcacaca catgctgtgc    134160
     cactggtagc aatttgcatt atggaatatt tatgtaagtt ggcagacatt cacatccaca    134220
     gaatgcagca ttccctgtaa aaataaaagt ctgcaggagc aattcaaagt tagaatgctc    134280
     tgaggtcagg cagagatctg aaataaagac tccctgtggt ggtctgaata ggtatggccc    134340
     tcagagagcc atgtgtttga atgcttggcc cacagggaat ggcactcact attaagaggc    134400
     atggccttgt tggagtaggt gtggccttga tggaggaagt gtgtcactgt aggggtgaac    134460
     tttagggtct cctatgctta agcaccatcc agtgtggaat tacagtctat tgctggctgc    134520
     cttcaggtca agatgtagaa ctctcagctc ctccagcacc atgcctgcct gcatgctgcc    134580
     atgcttcctg ccctgacaat aatggattga acctctgaac tgtaagccag ccccaattaa    134640
     atgtcttttg taagagttgc ctggtcatgg tgtctcttca cagcaataga aaccctaact    134700
     agaacactct cttctgtaat gcagatacct atgggcctat gtatattacc caacctcaca    134760
     gataatacat tgtttttgaa aatcatcagg tattgtattc atgggaatat cgcaggatct    134820
     tcttttgctt ctttctagct ccaattcaga gtaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa    134880
     gaaagaaaaa ctcagaaaat tttgacaata atatatttat tttctcttag aatgttcatg    134940
     attatttttg gcgtctaact taagcagaca tgatctcaaa catataaaat tgtgttcttt    135000
     agaattattt cacaggtaat atacacagtg aaatcatatt aaacactgga attattttac    135060
     acataaaaaa ttatgaatct cagttttaag aaactgcact tataagaaat aattctatca    135120
     tacatacatt tacagttttt acttttataa tctcttcatt caaaatcatt ttgcccccaa    135180
     cactatattt cagcgtaagt atacagtaac tagtatgtat acagcaggct gtaaaaacta    135240
     cccatccctc ctaacagatt ctgtccctag ggtgaagaca tcctgattag aaagccctgt    135300
     agtgtcagat cttgtacaaa gcagcaacag tatttaaatt attagaaatg gcaaatccat    135360
     aacacataag cttctgtaag atgtacactt gaaaaccaca ttactccata cactatttac    135420
     accgcttaaa ttacaacagc aacatttgct gtagccgatc gtattaacaa aacctctaaa    135480
     cgacaaccat aaaaagttac tcatccttaa aggaaacttt atcctttgat ttattcagca    135540
     tttttatatc atccaggagc tttctgggtg ttaaaatatg tgtggaacct ggtggaagaa    135600
     attgtaaatt gtcagaatga aatcattttc tttggcttaa gatcttgtcc ctttcatata    135660
     caaatgtttg gtacatttga acaatacttc taacagcatg tctccaaaat tcacatcaac    135720
     ccttgtcact gagcatgctc agtaactctt cagaaatttt gcccatcaca agtgttttgt    135780
     ctgatttgta ctttattggt gtctagtaaa gagaaaaatg gatttttcta gcctcgttac    135840
     agaactgcag cagttgtcat tttcacacag agactgtaag caggccatac aactcctgca    135900
     gctgtctggg ctaggcggct ttctatctgc agcggcttca ctggaaaaca ttctaattta    135960
     ctttactatg accgtgtgtg cacatgcatg tacacgtgtg tgcacatgca tgtacacgtg    136020
     tgtgcacatg catgtcatgg ctcacgcgtg gaggccagag gatgcctttc aggagtaggc    136080
     tttctcctgc cactgtgagt tctggtagtg aaggttgtca gacttgctca gcaatttttt    136140
     tttttttttt tacccactga gccctcttgc tggtccagac tgatatttta aagctcagtc    136200
     ctacacaggc ctcatcaatg tcagatccat atacacaaaa ccaaatgctt ctgaagtaaa    136260
     aatgtattaa tatgtcataa aagcttttta atgatccaag caaataaaat cagaagacac    136320
     agttttaaag gagcaagctt aagctcctaa aattggaata tttaaaaata agagtattaa    136380
     aataccaacc aggaaaaaaa aaccttcagg caattttaca aatgttttat aattaattct    136440
     ttttctgcat gtaataatag tcttaaattt tcccatgcat aatcttgcct taaacattaa    136500
     caaacaaaaa agatgaaaat cttaccaata ataacctcac aggatttatg tgcctgggaa    136560
     acttcataag cacaccgcat ctcagagtac gtaattcctc caattacaaa aataatcagc    136620
     cttgacccat ttttccggtc cagctctaag tagttagttc tgggtttctg gcgagcacta    136680
     gaaagtaaaa cacaaagcaa acatgctgtc agcactccca aagccacgcg gcgtgcatct    136740
     caaactcacc tttggaagca ataacgaagc aatctaaccg tggtgctttc cctacagtaa    136800
     tttaggcaaa ggctgcacac cccccccccc tttcagattt caatttgaat agatcacata    136860
     gttttatttg tggtgagaca gtaggaaaaa gatcaaggct agatctagga gacatatata    136920
     aaaccttatt tccaaaaagt atagtaaaaa ccacacagtc taggcttagt atttttattt    136980
     ataaagcgaa cattttattt taatatttaa aattttaaaa catttttatt ttgtgtatgg    137040
     gtgttttgcc tacatgtaag gctgtgcacc atgtgcatgc agggcctgtg gaggccagag    137100
     aagggtgctg gatcctgtgg gacaggagtt acggatggtt gtgggtgctg ggatgaacct    137160
     gggtcctctg gaagatcagt gtatccctaa atcctcagtg atcagtggag gatggaaggg    137220
     acatgcctca agtgtctgac aatgtctgcc cagacaattg gctgactgca actacacagg    137280
     cacaaacaac cactaagcca aactgaaaaa ctgaaaaact caaaagactg aagtggccat    137340
     tcacagcaag agagaaagcc aacagtttaa gtctacacaa attgctacca cgatgggcta    137400
     gagagatggc ttagagcgtc agtattgctc ttgcagagga tctggttcac acccgtgact    137460
     ccaaccccag gggacccaga catctctggg ttctgtggac acctgcacac acatgtacat    137520
     acttccccca acctacatat atccagcact aggccgacag aggcaggcag atctctgagt    137580
     tcaaagctag cctgatctac agagtgagtt ctaggacagc cagggttaca cagagaaact    137640
     gtctcaaaaa tcgaaaacga aacagactta agcatgaaaa ctcaccacag aaagcaactc    137700
     agagttgcta aaagggtctg ttttcaatca aaggttgtag atatagaaag aaacagtgtg    137760
     gtagaaactt agttttgtaa aagtagaggt tggattgagc aaagacttta aagcagatta    137820
     tacctacatc atatctatgt atctatatct atctgaatgt aagattgtgg ttcagcagaa    137880
     acgataggaa agttggtgag gaagcagcag tcagtgcttg cctaggtttt gccttcagca    137940
     ccacaaacca caaaacaaaa gcagaaatgg aaactacaag aaccaatctg ccacacaatg    138000
     aaacatggag tcagagatga gctcgagcgg ctgtgccatt tgaaggaact acaataaaca    138060
     ggtaagagaa aggggaggag aggggagggg aggagagggg aggggaggag aggagggagg    138120
     ggaggggagg ggaggaggga ggggagggga ggggagagga gagacagaac cccagtgact    138180
     ccagaaacaa caaaacacct cagaaataca ataccccaaa ccctgtttat ctgatgaaga    138240
     tgcaggcaac acagcaaacc ccaggaagag taaacaggag agacctgtgt gtcaacatag    138300
     cacagtccat gtgatagaag ccaaatctca agaaaaagcc ccacataggt catgagtggc    138360
     tgcacgcctg agttcaatgt tcagggcccg ctcgggggag ggagagaact gttccctgta    138420
     agttgtcttc tgacctccgt acatgctctg tcatgtgtgc atccacacac aggaacaatt    138480
     caatacatta cacagggcag gcagaaaagg tagggacatg cagagaatga ttaaactacg    138540
     acagatctga taaagaggga gagtaacctc agagcttgaa acccagaaag cttggattat    138600
     atttaatttg ttaagctggg ctctgagtgc aggggcatgc acgagaacat agtctctctg    138660
     aagttgaaaa taattaacac aattatcaaa agggttaaat caagttgggt gtggttactc    138720
     agaggattgg ctgtctacac agtgagatcc tgcctccaga aagaaagaga gagagagaga    138780
     gagagaagag gaagaagaaa agaagagaaa agaaaagaaa agaggaaaag aaaaacaaga    138840
     agaaaccaga gggagaagga agcaactatg ctgtaaagaa gctgtgtggg aggtgatgca    138900
     attttataaa agtattctgc attataaagt atgccttcct gaacttattt aactaggtta    138960
     caatagaaga aaaactacct tttatgttac tctatgtttc acacaggaag ggcccttgtt    139020
     caaggagagc gctgagcagc attctaacca ttggtctata gcatcccagc gaaccaccac    139080
     agtggcttcc ccttacaggc ttacctcaca gctccagagc cattccacac tgctgggcac    139140
     cgggaacaat acggccactc tttggaatct aatctattat caatggcatc ctagggaaga    139200
     aaattattaa caccatcaag aaaatttcag ggatttgttt tatacacagc ttgatgaaca    139260
     ttaaaggtgc ataaatatta agattatccc ttctttatac ctatgaatac tgactgcagt    139320
     agaaatcaat acactaggac tagagacggc tcagtggtta agcgaatcac tgttcctctg    139380
     gaggacggaa attcaggtcc cagtacccac acagtgacac tcacaactgc ctcaactcca    139440
     gctccagggc atcaatgcct ctggcttccg tgagcacctg cactcgtgtg cacatgccca    139500
     cacatataca cgcctagtta aaataataaa aacaaattaa aaactaatgt actagtttac    139560
     atactacata ttaaacgtgc acttgagatc tgcctttctt tactggaagg ttctgcaatg    139620
     ctgaggactg tccagctcta gggaagtgag aggtttctca atggcaccac aggccatggt    139680
     ccttcatagc acttcctcaa aacagaatgc acacacctaa cctcgagaca ctgaaggcag    139740
     tccaatgatt atggaatgtt ttcctgtttg ctacgtttaa aaaaaaaaaa aacccttctt    139800
     ttctcagggc tatgttttat gacctttgta tatgtttatg atgaataaac agattatgaa    139860
     tgctttatta atacagtaat atatgtttgg tcaatcaacg ggttatgttc acaatttact    139920
     atagttacac tttttattag tcaatcaact tgctttatag atgatgcaca aaggtagtga    139980
     aaagtggaca caagaaggaa aagcaactca ggagggtttt agtacgattg ccagaggaag    140040
     aagcactgtt ttaagttagg agaaaaccta acagcccagg tcagccacag atccaagtgc    140100
     agtctctggg tttcacatgc aaaccttgtc agagggttta aacaggttgg ttttcattta    140160
     aaaaacaatc ataagaaaaa ctattttggg gggctggaga ggtggctcaa tggttaagaa    140220
     aactgactgc tcttccagag gtcctaagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca    140280
     tctgtaatgg gatctgatgc cctcttctgg tatttctgaa gaaagcaaca gtgtactcac    140340
     atacataaag taaatcttac aaaagaaaag aaataactac ttctgtaatc attgccgggg    140400
     tgggaggtga cttacagtgc agcaaacaaa gtctaagttc tttggacttt tccaatatgc    140460
     tcatgtattt gacgaggaca taaaattttg aaaattggga aactagtaaa actattagca    140520
     cacaaaggaa agtagaaatt agaactataa ttagtcagag gaaagctaga aaaaatgttt    140580
     ttcatttagc gcctaaggca attttaaaat tagttcagtt tataattcct acaaattaat    140640
     attattttct taagatcccg cagcactaaa agcatattca cccagcgact cttttcatga    140700
     agcaggcatg tgctcattca ttcatttatt tattcattca ttcatagaca gtggagaatt    140760
     gttctgaggt ccttaagact ttaagaagcg tctctgccta taaagtccca gcagacccag    140820
     acatcttgtg tgaccttcca gcactgcagg gcctgagagc caggccacag cggcaggtaa    140880
     acagcgaagt ggaaggaatg acccgcagga ggtgctcagg ggtcagcagg caggttggga    140940
     cgtttacctc catgatatct ttgataaaag gtgtccatcg agaaagctga aaagtctctt    141000
     ctgcagaccg atcctttctc agtggtttgg cttgctggga ctgatataat tgaagggaca    141060
     aataatttca ttcaataata taattatatt ttctaacaaa gctttaatta cagcaaaact    141120
     gcctactttt aaaaagaaaa agaaaaaagc accatacaag gttgggacat gctggtcaca    141180
     ggacagcatg ttgtacctca gcagtgtgta gaaaaggctg catgtaaaat gcaaccattg    141240
     gcacacatga atcataaaga gacaagtgta aggagcaaat tacagtagac gccagaaaat    141300
     acaaacccac tagaaaactt tatgcactca ggttacatat gaaaacaaaa ctctgggctg    141360
     ggcacacagc tcctgtaaga gtgctcgccc agtagttccc agcaacacag acactgggca    141420
     tggtagcaca caactgtagc catcactgaa aggtaaagac agagttcaag gttatccttg    141480
     gttcccatag taagtttgag gccagcctag actacatgaa accttgtctc agaaaatgta    141540
     aacaagaaca aaacaaaaaa accataattg cttacttaat aatccaattc tgtaagatga    141600
     agtcaagatt ctcatataca aaagtagttt acagagacct catggaggaa tggcagtgtg    141660
     tctgacttca aaagtagtta atatatgccc acccacacaa agacagacag acagatacac    141720
     atacagacac acagccagag gcagacagac agacacagag acacacacac ttccttactg    141780
     ggggaacaat gggaacacca aggtggctcc agttacgaat catatcacta tcatcttcta    141840
     tctttacatt gtggatcagt ctgtccagat tttcttcagt ggttccttag ggaagtgaga    141900
     caggcatgca gtcagatccc tgctacggaa accaactcta gaactgaagg actcacacag    141960
     ggactaaagc ttaaaggaat gctatccctc caggcttctc tcagctttct aagacagttc    142020
     tgttatctcc accttactaa gcattacttt tgaggtctcc acaactccct tacgttgagt    142080
     agtaacaagc tagttataaa aatgtgactt gtggggcacg gagatggctc agaggctaac    142140
     agtgctttct gccaagaccg acagcctggg tttgatccct gaaacccaca tggtgaagga    142200
     gaaaatggaa actcaaaatg taaccagaac cgcaagatca cagagtagac accacgtggg    142260
     gactggccat gcctgtgggt gctgtaatct ggaaataaaa tcacctccgg tcacaggctg    142320
     tgacacatac cgtaccattc ccaccacaca cacaaaaata atttatacca actgaatgta    142380
     aagtgtgact acgctgagtg atcttagagc taggacttta atgcagtctt gggaccgagt    142440
     aggcgcacac tccattacca ttaatcccga agatgtagag caggactgcc cgtattttgt    142500
     cgcagttgtc atggtttttg ttgagcagca ctgggaggag caccagcatg gagtccttca    142560
     cccgctggcc ttcagcatct gttccaagtg ccaggtccta aggacagtaa aatgcagaca    142620
     gtgctctaca atccatgctt gctttcccga taggagtatc tactattaaa ctgtcagatt    142680
     ttggtgggac agatggtatt tcacaggaga tgggaacgtt agatgcaaag tattcatttc    142740
     acaaaacata aaaggtcata aagcaatcag cgggagagaa agtcatgtgg acctgagcta    142800
     gacactaagg tcaccactaa gaatgagagt ctgcgcactt ctgatgtgct ccatcggagt    142860
     caggatgggc tctgggtgca aaacaatgga cttctgaaga tttgtgaaag aacagaaaat    142920
     acctcatcaa cacctttaat attaagcaca tgttcaaaca atagtgtgaa cacattgggt    142980
     taggttagat ttatcaccgc aatcacttgc gcttcttttt aactttgtag tgtggctatc    143040
     agaatagtta gtactgcatg caacatgcat tctatatctc ttagtgtcat attctgaaca    143100
     ggttaggaat atttaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aaaaaccaag agaatcaaaa    143160
     cagaaacgtt gggtgcagag ttctgtggga cagctcacat gcaccgcagc ccccgagaag    143220
     gccctgcaac gctccactag catagcactc cagagctcaa actgcagatc acaggggagg    143280
     gactcgtgcc agtgttggag ggctccagtg tgatctgagt gaccccgggg ccccatgata    143340
     aggctgactc tggtgtccct gagaggtgaa ggatctaaga gcaggaccta gagggagctc    143400
     ttcaggtctt tttgtgcctt tgaaggggac aactgtcctc gcctctgtct acctcctggt    143460
     gtccttacca tgcggtgagc tcctgtgctc tgtcagacat ccctgctatg atgtgccaca    143520
     tgcctaaaag cagtgaagcc aattgtttat aagaccctac gtctcaagta ttctcaacca    143580
     agtgtgccca gcaccaaacc caaccagcaa acctgtgaga caaaatcagc cttttctcag    143640
     tagactatca tttcagggtt tgctatagta acacagagcc gtcaggcacc acacactgcc    143700
     taggcgagtc ccttctaaga gtctatgatt ctgtggaact caaccgctgt attgagcaaa    143760
     acctttatgt gatagcttac aaagtcactc tgggaatcta ttacagatgt gggtgtttct    143820
     gggtctgtac atacctgctc agttttgcag agcttctcaa tattcagctt aaacttattc    143880
     atgcagtctt cagctaagtt aagatggact acttgctgaa aaccagaaga cactggttat    143940
     ttacaatact cgaattactt ttttgtataa ttgataatat taaacttaaa aaataaatag    144000
     gtgttttctc tgcatgggtg tgagttatgt gtgggcctag tgcccagagg ccagaagagg    144060
     gcatcagatc ctgtggaact ggagttacaa atgactgtga gccattatgt gggtactggg    144120
     aactgaactg ggaccttctg aagagcagcc agtgccctta actgctgagc cttctcatca    144180
     gccccaattt aagataatat gggtttcagt gtaaaaaaga aacattaaaa aaaaaaaaga    144240
     aacagctcaa gaaaggaagt gaggggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa gagcactgac    144300
     tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac agggtggctg acaaccatct    144360
     ttaatgggat ctgatgccct tttctactgt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tccttataat    144420
     aaataaataa atcaatcttt aaaattagaa aaataagaaa gaaaagagag gtggtgagag    144480
     tcaacatgct agacgtaatc aacagaagca aacacagagc acagtgctga gactgcgtgg    144540
     ggtctgaaga ataatgaagg cacagggaag agaaaagaaa agtcaaatcc taaagaggcg    144600
     caacaaaggt ctcttctata ttattggttt ctgactggaa tacaacatta taaaagtgtg    144660
     aaaagatagt gatttctaga aaaggctggg ctaggcatgg tggctcacac ctacagtgcc    144720
     cgaaatctca aggctgaggt gggaggatct accacaagtc tgaccacaac cttggctaga    144780
     gtgagttcca gttcagtcag agctagaatg agacccacct cccccatacc aaagatgaat    144840
     ggacagatgg ataactggac ggatggatgg aaggagagag ggagggagat aggaagggaa    144900
     aagaatggaa aggaagtgag cgaatttatc tggacagcta taccttaagc attttaaacc    144960
     tcatttgtaa ctattcattt aaggaaatat atgggttgac aaaatgccac tagttaatct    145020
     cacgctgaat ttttctatga gtttgagaaa cactaaaatt gttctgttca gctgttcaag    145080
     acaagtctct tttaaaaagc gtttacaaaa tccaaacgat gtagatggaa acgtcagtgg    145140
     ctgcttcggt cactctgggc atttctcaga accacagtaa agggaggaag ctggtatcag    145200
     cgactgttcc agggaccctg ctaagctggc ccacggcgtc acacagacaa ggcagagcag    145260
     cctgcttacc ttcgagatct gctttcggaa gtgcggcatc tttttcatca gctgggtaag    145320
     agcgctaagt gatgtctgga accaaacaaa aggaacagac ccgtgcttca gacagtccac    145380
     attacagctg ttccacccac actcttaagt cttaagaaac ttagcaagtt taataaatat    145440
     gctaggtttt aaaagaactt tgggggcttc tgactgccac ggtaaagcag ctgccattga    145500
     gttcttcttc cctgtggaca gttggacaaa acagaacctt ctgggcagct gacagccccg    145560
     cagctgatcc catgctcagc ctgccggtcc ctagggatgc ttccctcagg gctgcatagg    145620
     caggtttcac aggctcagag ttacagggag aaaggagcca gccagaacat aagagcactg    145680
     cagtggctgt cctaacaccc ctatcctgta caactacggg tgcagcactc caaggcccgg    145740
     tggacaacag ctagggagct aagcactgac agggatttca gaagagtctc agtgctaagg    145800
     acatggcagc attctgagta gacaaaacaa aaagccttaa gcaaacactc cagacattca    145860
     gatcacatct caaataacta acaccagaaa tgaaagaaag agaaagaatg cttttcccgg    145920
     ctctgagact aggcaacagt gaccaggaaa tacctggaat agatgctgag ggagagagtt    145980
     acacatcagt actctgagtg cccaactcag ggagctggaa aaatcaaatc aaacaaggag    146040
     aagggcatta aaactgtgag caagtaaact aaatctaaaa ctagtctaaa tagagctgct    146100
     gatgggatgg gtcaacaggt caaagtgctg gccatgaccc cagaacccac acaaaacaaa    146160
     ctcagtttct atgcaccgat gaaactgatt caatggcctt taacaactac attttaatgg    146220
     gagtaactaa gttatgaaaa tgaggtaatg gttgcatagg actttatttt ctctacttcg    146280
     gtattaaatg tccccagata gacagttaat ggtgatctcc atcttctgca ctgtcaactg    146340
     tgtttatgat tcacctttgt gggaacggca gaatggctga gtggacgaag cacttgcctg    146400
     agagctttac atgagaatac atgtgaggat gagagagaaa ccaactcccc accacacaca    146460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagagacaga cagacagaca    146520
     cagacagaca gaaggataca cacagacaca cagacagaca gacacagaca gacagaagga    146580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgag ataataaagc    146640
     gtcctgtggt actggagaga cggaggcagg agctcctatt cagggtacac agtaaactca    146700
     cctgaggtca gctgtaagag gctttgtctc taaaaataat tttaaaaaat gtagccttgc    146760
     atcgccttga aagactctta ccttcccctc tgtagctttc tttgttgatg aaatttcctt    146820
     cataagcttt ggaatttccc tgtcagattt tcagaaaaag tctaagttag ttctttacaa    146880
     aactgtttta aggctataaa atatacttca gtaatttagt acctaaaaac tatagaacaa    146940
     agttagaaca agctcacgta ctccaacaca accgcgatgt gccggtgtcg aacccgcacc    147000
     cacaggtcgt cgtcttcttc aagaactgcc tccttctctt ttccatctgt tttgtaccta    147060
     tgataaacca aggagagtat ttttggattc tctatctcag aaggcagaag aaacatttac    147120
     aaactggagt acagattcag cctgctacct aagggatcaa accccaaagc agaaaaccca    147180
     aaaacataat atctttctcc tctcaaatgt taggttacag tcttgacaga acatcacctt    147240
     gcaaggcaaa acttcagcac ccgacagtca gctttaagac taagtatagt gcactcggaa    147300
     ggcagaggtt agaaggactg gagtcaaggt caacctgata acagtgttca tccagggcag    147360
     cctgagttac accttggcac ccattccaaa tagcaaagac tgtgaagaca acctaaccac    147420
     caccagcaat actgaatgca caagaggtga cgtctgtgac cgcttaagat gactgatatg    147480
     ctaacaactc agctcaacca tcaagcatct ggtaagcaaa gagctgccac tacagctagg    147540
     ctgctgaaaa gtgtgtggca caaaattcaa acaccacaca ccatctgctg ctttactcta    147600
     cccaacccta gagtcgcacc tcttttaaag aataggaaga aatgagaaaa gctaattcgt    147660
     ttgtaaaaaa tgttatgaca gctttaacaa gttctgctgg agtccacaac aatgcaagag    147720
     gttctcggaa cccatacaat gggccttttg accaatttcc ttagtgtaat tactttcctt    147780
     ttaatgaata ccctccttcc atttagaggt ggggaagact aggctgttct tgggaatgtt    147840
     aatttcttgg gacaatatta ggattacaca gcgtttcctc agttctgaac tatggacaat    147900
     acatgcagtt tttctctgct gtacaaatgc aataatttct ataactccca aactacaagc    147960
     ttcatttaca aaacaacctt cctatgtggt cttagctaag atagctaaag ataaaatggc    148020
     tatgtttaat tacaaggctc acctaaggat ggaagccctt tgtcatgcgg aataccaatg    148080
     tatgcttaca taataccttt gctgtttaag tggcttataa gcaaaccagt agcacagggg    148140
     caatgctctc agaccttggg aggcagagga aggtggacct ctgtgagttc aaggccagcc    148200
     tggtctacat gataaaatcc acaccagcca gggctatatg agaccctggg aggaaatgtg    148260
     tgctagagat gagcaggaac acagggtgaa gggcaggcaa tgggcctgac ctgcagttgg    148320
     ggtgggaggg agcaggggtg agatgagctt aggactactg catccacttt gcctttctct    148380
     ctgaagaaat ggaaagccat ttaaaggttc tgagagaagt gagagcacag agggagatct    148440
     tactaagact ctttctcctc tgagttgggg aaagacgtaa agggtggtgg gagagacaga    148500
     agcagagcac tagaggccag tcagaaacct gcaggaagac cgagttggag gtcagtcggg    148560
     taacgccatg agctcaaggc taaggttgct ctccagttaa aaagttagat cggtctttaa    148620
     aacgtagtca tgaatatttc ctactcagtt gagtgttttt gagcttgact gtccatgact    148680
     gaaatcttgc tttgagtaac taggagacag gagttgcatt tcctgtgggg agcactggct    148740
     gtgcactttg aaggtaccag caactcaggt gtggacacac aagtttaaga tgctcactac    148800
     agacttgagg ctgagggtca gaatatacag aatgtgggag ccaagacaaa ccttggctta    148860
     agtgtgactc tgaaagtata cacggaatcc ccagactaaa taccagaaca ttccagccct    148920
     aagaagcagg gattaaggag gagcatgggg tcagactttt ggattgtgta aaacagaggt    148980
     agaaaaggca tttctgggct ggctcagtgg attaaagctc tcacaacaga aggctgacag    149040
     cctgagtgtt taagtctgac cactggatcc cacggggaag gagagaactc actcctcatg    149100
     caaggagggg cacatgtgta cctacacaca gacacacaca cacacactac acatgcatgg    149160
     aggggcacat gtgtacctac acacagacac acacacactc cacatgcatg gaggggcaca    149220
     tgtgtaccta cacacagaca cacacacaca ctatacatgc atggaggggc acatgtgtac    149280
     aaacacacag acacacacac acacacactc cacatgcatg gaggggcaca tgtgtacctg    149340
     tatacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctccacatgc    149400
     atggaggggc acatgtgtac ctgtacacac acacacacac acacacacac actccacatg    149460
     catggagggg gcacatgcgt acctgcattt acccttcccc gcttctctct gtctctctct    149520
     ctcacacaca cacacacaca ctccacatgc atggaggggg cacatgtgta cctgcattta    149580
     cccttccccg cttctctctg tctctctcac acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacac    149640
     acacacacac acacacacac acaccctcca catgcatgga ggaggcacat gcgtacctgc    149700
     atttaccctt ccccgctttt ctctgtctct cacacacaca cacaaacaca cacacacacc    149760
     ctccacatgc atggaggggg cacatgcgta cctgcattta cccttccccg cttctctctg    149820
     tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactccaca tgcatggagg    149880
     gggcacatgt gtacctgcat ttacccttcc ccgcttctct ctgtctctct ctctctctct    149940
     ctctcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctccacatgc atggaggggc    150000
     acatgcgtac ctgcatttac ccttccccgc ttctctctgt ctctcacaca cacacaaaca    150060
     catgcacagt aaactaccac agtacttcat ttttaataag aaatcatttc ctatgtaaaa    150120
     acggatggag cagagtttat agtcccatat cagtcttctt tcagaacttg ggtgattcag    150180
     tgaaagaagg taaagctgtc tttgaacatt aactcccttc ctaactctta agcaattgtt    150240
     tgccagcaaa cctggaaaga acacacttct ataataggtg agtactgtcc aaaacttcta    150300
     tccagtctaa ttgttgtctg ataccaggtt cttttcaaga cctattgagc gatccatctt    150360
     ggagacctag agggtagcaa gggtgtggaa aatacttctc aaaattccaa atgaactgca    150420
     ggaaacagtt tttataatag aaaaatgcct ctgctgattt cctaatgtag atacaaacag    150480
     tacaaaagaa ctaaaaatga atgaatgaat aaaaaagcag gatttaacta taatgcaagt    150540
     aaaaacacaa tggaaaatac aaaaattaag aaaaactgca aagtataatt atcaaagtac    150600
     ctgtttaata aaactactat taattaacta attaattagg atattttgtg gtacaatgga    150660
     tttactgtag ggccttagac atgtcttctt tttgttcatt tatttaaatc tgatttgttg    150720
     ttgtcgttgt tgggagtctt attaaattgc ccaggctggc acatttgaac acatgatcct    150780
     cctgcctaag cctccaagca gctggaatta caggtctgag ccacaggacc cggctctgca    150840
     gatgaaccca aacaagattt catcaagcta atgttcatct ttactgcacg ttaaagcagt    150900
     caatctgcct gccttgaaag ctgctatgca gcccaggtta gcacaacctc ctgagtcttc    150960
     tgctgaaggc tcctgagtgc cgagttacag atgcgggctg ggctgtacgc ctggcctcaa    151020
     caagcaaagc ttggccagga aaagattatg tggacttaga gatcatgacg tcaaaaagca    151080
     caatgagtgt gtatgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    151140
     gagagagagt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtaaat catgtgacac ctaagcagct tcttaagaaa    151200
     agttgctcac tttggttatt tgcccaagta atattcctat ttaaaagtta catcaataat    151260
     tttggggtat atgatttaga ataaacacag cttaatcatc ttgaatataa catatatgaa    151320
     atataataat gggtctggta tttactctaa atgtaagtaa aatgtctgaa ttcaatttgt    151380
     ttaaatgcac tgctatcata ggatagttaa ggaaaccagt ccacttcaaa gctctgaagc    151440
     aagctgcccg ttagcttctg tcagggttac agttacggga gtgagagaga gggaaggtct    151500
     ctgaataagc aggctccaga tcttccagat tctgccccca ttgtcagtca tttcatagtc    151560
     tgtctacacg ccctctataa gcccttcagt ttatacttgc ttgtatgtat cattctcaat    151620
     tggtagtaga tcatatgcca ttgcctgaaa ggtcagttca tgcaggacag tggacacagg    151680
     gtcaaagcca cggtcaatta ttaagagctg ggactgagtt ttaccctaga ataacaagat    151740
     aaaattatct taagaaattt tagtaccttt atgtgaacac atttttaata tcttagaaag    151800
     ttttatcctt tccctcaaca aaaacacaat aaaacgaaaa cacacaatga aacaaaacaa    151860
     ataataactg ccttaagaag atgaagctat actaaaacaa acaaaaattc gagtggcata    151920
     gtagggaaaa caaggctaca caactaacat tttcataatt aggttaagag gctaagtaaa    151980
     caatatacaa atcccaattt tttctttaca aaagtaatat ttggctctcc ctaaattctt    152040
     tttatttcct ttgtttttct gggatagagt gttcactatg tatgtagacc aggctggctg    152100
     tggactcacc atctggtctt agccatccca catcccgcat gctgggccta cagacaaata    152160
     ctattatgcc ttgtcaaagt tatcttcttg tacactcagc tccacaagta agaaggctga    152220
     tataaattat gaatagtagc tagtacttga gtcctttgta ttaggcattt gctagccaag    152280
     aaagacattt tatttcagag gggcactacc tcacagttct tacagctcct ctttgagaca    152340
     gatattatat ccatgtgaca aaagaggcca ttaaagctta ggattaagtc attctccagg    152400
     tcacacacag ctgcgaactg gccgaattga gtttgtaaat gcatggcttg tactttgaac    152460
     tattatgcta ttttaagagt agagatcata ttatcaaagc tagaattata aacaataata    152520
     aaaccctgtt aacattaatt aaatacaaca tgtaccactc cacagtgagt gagtgacttt    152580
     gctgggcaat tctactgcca atggttgact cattacagtt ctggggtgaa gaggaggtgg    152640
     tggggaccac acagggttcc tgccgggcag atgctggact acgtcccagc cctttccact    152700
     gtgattttga gataggccag ctttgagctc atgctgtacc caggcagtcc ttgagcttgt    152760
     gatcttccct cctcagcctc cacagtaact gggattactc gcaggtctgt gctgccaact    152820
     ctggttcaca cttcactcgg aaaagtacct catgctttag cttcttagtc aaaggagtaa    152880
     ggtgattaca actcagacaa cacttcctac tcatttacac atagcagaca gaggtatgct    152940
     acactagact ttccaaatac atttgaatga attactgact ctgctaataa aggctaaaat    153000
     ggtaaggtac agtgatagat aaggagagta ttttggagtc aaatcagtta agttcagcca    153060
     catttggttt cttgctatat gaccttggcc aagattctca acttctcata cattactatt    153120
     actaaaacga cacaaaatga cataagttct cccttgcacg attgttgtga agttaaatgc    153180
     agtcccatga aatacaacac acgagtgaga gtctgcggaa acgtactatg tgtatgcgat    153240
     aaaagcctca ggacaggaaa gaccatggtg gtagcacttg gcttgaagag tcgggaaggg    153300
     cttcaaagag aggcaagcct ttatctacca agtgcttgaa taaagggaag gtgttgagca    153360
     ttgaaggctg aataatttcc caggagaaag aataaaaagg agaaagagag agagaaaact    153420
     tttgcctttt cccactgaaa ctgtgcatga ctaaagagat attatcattc tttgccttaa    153480
     caaatatttc cattcactgc ccactatgtt tattaagcca ttctattttc taacagaata    153540
     atagctttca ttaggcctct aagccaaaag tcactaactt ttcaagtaac cagcactgca    153600
     tctacattga catcttccat ccacgttgtt taatactgaa ttttaccttt ctatgtctct    153660
     actcagactc ctgctactct tgcaaaaact ccctttatta tgccctcacc attcttgaag    153720
     ctcacgggcc tcgtcctgtg aggctttcca ggtctagttc aggtaaggta atcctagcct    153780
     gtgctgccac tatattcggt atactccttt caagccacct actgcacggc actgccagtc    153840
     gatggttccc tggccacctc ctcttctaga ctaggatagt tctgtccttt actctgtagc    153900
     tatagagatg tgacgtctca gccctgacat tatttgtcca tctccctcct tgggctcttc    153960
     cttctctggc cacacttatg tgctggcatt ccccaggtcc caaccttggt ctctggctac    154020
     attgcattat ttttatagga cagtaacaaa ggtcactatt tattactctt ccatgtacaa    154080
     aatagttgga tgttccctca cctaattctc ataccaccca agcaaggcac acattacccc    154140
     cattcatttc agagatgaga agcaactcaa ggctgcagat agtaggaatc ccagcattta    154200
     ttaaatatta acttagtaga aggcattgtt ctgaagactt cacagacatt agctcattta    154260
     atcctttcat tagcttaaag atgacatttt atttccactt tcaggagaca aaaacttagt    154320
     tcaaagatct gtagtttgcc ataattaaca taattattaa tcaaatagca gagccaagat    154380
     atggactcac tgctgacttc aaagcctcca gcctccccct aggccacaca ctgtcaaacc    154440
     acagtctact aagctctcca cttgaggact ctcaaatcag aacttcagac ccaccttagt    154500
     ggtccccaaa tcaattctag aaaatgaatg aacaggttgc tgttgactta taaaagaaaa    154560
     aacaaacttt atgtagtcat tatttgccat ttagaaatta cctttattag gcctttttca    154620
     tcaattttgt agtagtcttc aagctttttc tcaaccagct gtgcaagctt actggcatta    154680
     tctagaggtt tactaaaaat ggaacaaatg gtttaacaat tatctgtcag gacacacttt    154740
     acaatactat acagttaaat tctaaaataa gacttagcaa ccttaggttt agaaaataaa    154800
     aattataaac atggaaaact tcagctatca aacgtcacgt gattgctgct gcctcagcac    154860
     gcgcttcaga cattttagca cgaggaaata gaatagtgca cacaaagtgc catccccgta    154920
     ttcctccttc catcgataca ttcagtcccc tggaagtcac tgaaggacac tgaaaccatt    154980
     ctcaattcca tacattatca acaacatgga agccaggatg cttgacccat ttctccatgt    155040
     ccactgcaca tgaaggtatg aatcctgggc caaagggtat acgcattttc aacttttcta    155100
     aacacaacca atctgctgtc cacgtgaaga agtgacagtg acagtcccac tggcagtgtg    155160
     gtattccctc ccatactcta cttgactcag tcttccaata tggtcatgct ctgtcttata    155220
     aaatggaggc ccgggtggag atctgctcag tgctttaaag ggctcactgc tcttgctggg    155280
     aacctggcct tcgtttctag agtccacatc aggcagctaa caactgcctg taactccagt    155340
     cctcttctgg cctctggggt aactgcacac ctgtggtgca catgaattca tacaggcaca    155400
     gacacaaact tggataaaag taaacaaata cttaacagta aaaaaataag atggcagcat    155460
     catacttcaa atggtaactt catgatcagt ggtattagta tattttataa agcaacaaga    155520
     aaaatgctgg aaaatgcttt tcgactagaa cactaacacg agaaaaagag gaatgggggg    155580
     gtccccatct gaggcttctt atttttttaa agatttattt attttgtgca ctgtcatagt    155640
     cttcaaacac accagaaaag ggcatcagat cccattacag atggttgtga gccgccatat    155700
     ggttactggg aattgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aacctctgag    155760
     ccatctctcc aggcccaagg ctttttaaaa tgtttaagaa tctttcggct ttatatttta    155820
     aaaatatatg tacacataaa aatatatggc gcatgccttt aatcccagca tctgggaggc    155880
     ccaggcaggc aggcggatct ctgtgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttct    155940
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaatccct gtctcaaaaa aaccaaaaat aaaataagat    156000
     aataaaataa aataaaggta cacttacaaa gagtgattta tatatatttt ttgcagaaaa    156060
     atgtttttaa aaagaaataa ttctatttta tttatttacc ttaaaagtta atacagcata    156120
     ttcttaaaga acaggtagaa tttgtgtatt ggtgtgtgtg tatatatgta tgtgtgtgtg    156180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgagctca ctagtgtgaa tgcttgtgga agccagaggt    156240
     taacactggg cctttcctct gttctttatt ttattttatt ttttatttta agacagggtc    156300
     tctcactgaa atgtggcgct cacccattca gctcgactgg ctggccactc cccgagtgcg    156360
     ggtgttacag gcatgagcac cactaaagcc aggtttatgt gacctctgct gatctgaact    156420
     cttatactca tgctcgccca gcaagtattt tatcaatgga gccatctctc agcaccagaa    156480
     ttttaaaatg tcacttaaat ttaataacca taatcataat aatcagcaat aataaaacac    156540
     gtaacaatga aacattaata gtacaaccat cagtgctatt aataattgat atcaataaaa    156600
     tattaatagt atgaagaatc aataatagaa tacttaaatt catcaaaaat ttcagttttt    156660
     tagtgattca aaatatgtct acaggtaaac tattagcctg taaaatggtt tagggttgct    156720
     ctctcctctt agcgtaaccc accatcaaca gtagaagctt aaaggacact aaactccatc    156780
     aagaggcaaa ccatttaacc cagctccata agtactgatt gtaattagca tattatttac    156840
     aagtgttcta attcccaagg taaaaagtgg tccaggtgta tctgagttaa agagatttat    156900
     tatgttggtt taataattaa cagtagattt tactccttat ttatttattt atctatctat    156960
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatggacac tagcatggag tagtgccaag tatagaggcc    157020
     agaggacagc ttatgacaac tgattttctt tttctaccac acaggtcctg tagcttaaaa    157080
     ccaagagtat ccatcagccc ttggtagtga gccccttcat ctgctgcgcc atcttgctag    157140
     tccccaacag cagattttaa aatgtgtaca ttaagagtga tgaagtttat agtagtagta    157200
     cataaacttg tagttaaatg tgtccccaat caactggaca aatgccaata ttcggaaaaa    157260
     gaacctgctg aaggaaaagt caaagacaca ctcattccat gtagcagtag agtgcagtta    157320
     ctatctttct tagtcattta caggcaaatt cctttcattc taacaacccc atgagaaaac    157380
     tattatcatc attcctattt taaaattata aattctgaga cttataactc taagactaga    157440
     ttaaacacag ccagttgcag agctaggatt aaatccaagt gactgacaaa aactattgca    157500
     cacacggtcc tatgatccca cctacaccag ctcaacatta ggcaatcctg agctgcatgg    157560
     caaaggagag cgagcagcag ctggttctgg ggagggagga tgtaggatgg aagcaggagg    157620
     agggaggagg gaggagggag gagggaggag ggaggaggga ggaggggagc ggctgggaga    157680
     gcaggggcct ctgggaaact gcagatgctg tttgtcacag gaggagcaaa cgctgttcac    157740
     atggaataaa ctaacaaacc ttcataaatt gaatgcactt tactataagt tgatttttat    157800
     aaagaaacaa gtaaataaag gcatgtggta taagaaaact ttctataaat aaatggaacc    157860
     aaatttaagc tctaaaattc agtagcagag gctgttagct actctatgac ctggagccta    157920
     caccttaaat cttctttatg cagggcatgg caactacaca aggaaaatct atgttgcaaa    157980
     ggaaaaagca gagtctcagt gtgtgtgtcg gcctcggcat gagtgaacag gatgcacata    158040
     agccttacct cttgtacctc actccagggt tttcatccag agtggcacac actgtcacaa    158100
     tctgctcagc cattgcctcc atgaccactt ctttcctgct ggcgttacta gggtctggac    158160
     tgtaacagta atagaatgcg tccggtacat caagagtata aacctaagtt gggccaaaaa    158220
     agttatactg tcaatctaga gactcgactc tgaaaatata tttttaaaaa tgcagctgct    158280
     gtttgagaca ttacaggaca aatgttgcag gttgcctcct gaagccattg tctttctctt    158340
     cctcagatct ctcctgactc ccttcatctc tcctctgcct cccctgtctc ccttcatctc    158400
     tcctctgcct cacctgtctc ccttcatctc tcctctgcct cccctgtctc ccttcatctc    158460
     tcctctgcct cccctgtctc ccttcatctc tcctctgcct cccctgtctc ccttcatttc    158520
     tcctctgcct cccctgtctc ccttcatctc tcctctgcct cccctgtctc ccttcatctc    158580
     tcctctgtct cctgtctccc ttcatctctc ctctgtctcc tgtctccctt catctctcct    158640
     ctgtctctcc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgcctcccc tgtctccctt catctctcct    158700
     ctgtctcacc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgtctcccc tgtctccctt catctctcct    158760
     ctgcctcccc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgtctcctg tctcccttca tctctcctct    158820
     gtctcctgtc tcccttcatc tctcctctgc ctcccctgtc tcccttcatc tctcctctgc    158880
     ctcccctgtc tcccttcatc tctcctctgt ctcctgtctc ccttcatctc tcctctgtct    158940
     cctgtctccc ttcatctctc ctctgtctcc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgcctcccc    159000
     tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgcctcccc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgcctcccc    159060
     tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgtctcctg tctcccttca tctctcctct gtctcctgtc    159120
     tcccttcatc tctcctctgc ctcccctgtc tcccttcatc tctcctctgc ctcccctgtc    159180
     tcccttcatc tctcctctgt ctcctgtctc ccttcatctc tcctctgcct cccctgtctc    159240
     ccttcatctc tcctctgtct cctgtctccc ttcatctctc ctctgtctcc tgtctccctt    159300
     catctctcct ctgcctcccc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgcctcccc tgtctccctt    159360
     catctctcct ctgtctcctg tctcccttca tctctcctct gcctcccctg tctcccttca    159420
     tctctcctct gtctcctgtc tcccttcatt tctcctctgc ctcccctgtc tcccttcatc    159480
     tctcctctgt ctcctgtctc ccttcatctc tcctctgtct cctgtctccc ttcatctctc    159540
     ctctgtctcc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgcctcccc tgtctccctt catctctcct    159600
     ctgcctcccc tgtctccctt catctctcct ctgcctcact cccctgtctt ccttcatctt    159660
     cttctcaccc tcctcccttg tttagtctgc ctgactcctt catgttttct ttcatataca    159720
     gatggagctg actgcttttt accacctgtg caacagagaa aagactgaag tagggaggag    159780
     tcaaactaca aatatctaag gcttggcaga aagataaaga agcctaaccc agtgcagaca    159840
     atgcaaactt cccaaggtcc atacatatat gctggagtca caccctaaca tttcttcccc    159900
     aaatcacaag tcaccatgaa agacataaga ccacataaat acaatgaaat ctcacagata    159960
     tagtcactta ctcaactaac aaatgcactc tcttatgtgc aaagaactgg gctagcagtc    160020
     tagtagtact gcgttttctg agagagatag ttcctcagtc aactaagttt ggagttttca    160080
     aacacagtga gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    160140
     tacatggaga aaccctgtct caaaggaaaa aactagtagg agtaatccct tctccattta    160200
     gctaaggcat tgggtgtagg aatggataag taacaaacac tggctatgta acaagaggtg    160260
     aatacacttc cctgcttttc ctttcactca gagtcattta ctcccagaat ataaccatct    160320
     accaatagct gcagcccaaa catagactca agttcagctg tgccagccca gggcctctgc    160380
     tctcaaaggc tcaactgctg tgttaattac cagctggcaa gcactctgta catggactgt    160440
     caccttgtag ttactacccc agtgcaacag gaaatgttat tatcctatac ctaagagttc    160500
     tcggtatggc agcggttctc aacctggagg tcacaacccc tttgagggtc aaatgaccct    160560
     ttcacagggg tcacctaaga ccatcagata tttacaattc ataacagtag caaaattata    160620
     gttatgaagt ggcggagaac agcattatgt ggctggagat caccacaaca tgagaaattg    160680
     tattaaagga gcagagcatt aggaaggttg agaacccctg ccctaaggga acttattccc    160740
     acccactgat accttgacga tggagtcacg gtggaagaga tggagcatgc aagaagccct    160800
     aagaaccact gtgtgtccat gtgtgcacat gtgctcagga gtgtgcgggg cagatggtaa    160860
     gaactcagtg gtggaacgct tgtctgactt attcaaggct ctgagtctaa catttaccaa    160920
     agacaaacaa acaaatcccc aaaacaaaaa tgactgagca aaagagccac aataaacaac    160980
     tgtgtggttc caacatattt tcttctcctg gttacacatc cattaggtcc cagaatatag    161040
     aggatataaa atgaaactgc agccaatcac aatgacttct cctacgtgtt ctgcaccagc    161100
     tcatctgcaa cgattgtcct gtgggaccag gaaccgctgt ggtctacagg ctcagtcagc    161160
     ttaggaaagc cttgcctatt acacagctct ccttgtgacc cacaccccac tgctccgaca    161220
     tcgctctgct tctttgcatt cagattattc ttatctctct taattgctac catgtcaaat    161280
     tgtattcatt tttcaaatgc ttccccagtc tcctagtaaa cactcatttg tggctgactg    161340
     tgacatatat tctcagcaaa taaactctgc ttactttata cagaaatgac tccagctcat    161400
     tagagtatag ctctacagga tgctatatga cactttgggt ttcccaggtg cttagtgtag    161460
     tgtgactaaa ttttagctga tacagtataa atgaagatcc tttcttcatt ctgtctattt    161520
     attctatatc ttccgctgtc ctgctatctc atctaggaat tctatagtca tctagttcac    161580
     agagtgactg cctaaaagaa caggctccga caattctgta cttctactgt gtaaggctta    161640
     tcaagcccat ttcttgactt tcataggaca agaaatacat tttcacactt taggcaactg    161700
     aaagtttaga ttttcctgtt gtactcagtg aacctaattc taatttacac aacttttggc    161760
     tatggctgta tctttttcat agttctgaaa tgagaagact gccttgatct agcagatagt    161820
     ctctagtcac tgtagaccag gctggcttta cacttctgat ggcctgtgcc tccccagtgc    161880
     tggcacttca ggcatgttcc atcatgcctg gctctgaaaa gatgttagga ttacagttca    161940
     gatatgcctc tgttcctagc ttaaagcact tagtaatctt tcacatgatt tcttgttctc    162000
     accataatta ttctgtatca attaaactta ttaggcaaaa ccaggtatgg tattggatat    162060
     tacttacaca gtacttagta agtagaatca gatactagct caaaataatt tttaaaagca    162120
     aattctcata agatgtagat caaggaagtg aactaggagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacttag    162180
     aaaaaataca tggagaggac cttaaataat cctatttcac agagtggcag tgaaactttc    162240
     tcaagggact tctttacata ttttctgcca aaagtcatca actcaagtca tgttgctatg    162300
     aagttccttt cctgcaaaca cagcaactat aggattttaa tgagttttgg gactaaaact    162360
     gtatttgttt gttatgaagt aatgttctag aaatgttcat agaatttact gcacaattgc    162420
     ttatatcaca catgatttta ggaagcctat ttccatctac actaaactta tatatttatt    162480
     gtgctgaagg atgaatttta agaaaatttc aacagattgt taaaatttta tgatttggat    162540
     tatagtctct gtcacagaca gtaaagctta aaagaaaaac cctctctcta agatcttcct    162600
     atccccaaat actgacctgg tagtttgcaa atatctctaa atacttctct ataaaatctt    162660
     atagaggaat aagagagatc agagaataac aaaccgatct attcactggc tgtttcactt    162720
     cggtaagtta tttaacctct tcaatttcca acctttaaaa tgggtacaga agccaggcac    162780
     agagctgtac acctttagtc ccaacactca gaaggcagag gtaagtgact ctctatgagt    162840
     tccaggccat cttggtctgc atagtaagtt ccaggctagc cagggctaca cagtgagacc    162900
     ttgtctcaga acagaacaaa cagaacaaac agaacaaaca gaacagaaca gaacagaaca    162960
     gaacagaaca gaacagaaca agcaaagcag aagaacagaa gaagccacag cactactgaa    163020
     aagatgcaat gactaaattt atgtaaagca accaagaaaa cgatctaaca gagtcaatac    163080
     tctactggcg gttactacga ccatcattaa attactatta agtgtgccaa aggcaaaaca    163140
     aatgaacacc atttatccca cagttatgtt atatgatatc aagtatttat tttaaagttt    163200
     gtctaactat cataaaggat tagaaaagct aaaagtctct gaatttcatc atctaacggt    163260
     gatggaactt aacagacaca acacaggctt tggtgctaat tggaaatgta agtccccctt    163320
     gtcattatta atgttctatt ccaatttttg tccatgtttc tccatttatc atgaaaatgc    163380
     ttgcttgtag aagactaacc acaaaattta ccaactataa cacccttaga ccatgctcta    163440
     gtaacaagct cataaaacta gttctgaaaa ttcattatga acaaaaattt taaagtaaaa    163500
     attaccagta cctgagattc ctgtggaatg aaggaaatgt ttatttcctt acatcttctt    163560
     attgacttgg agcaagatgc tttaatcttg ttaaagagac tgtcaggaca aactgaggga    163620
     ggaaaaagca taagcccatc taagtgttac tcattttaaa cagtcatccc aacatgcaag    163680
     aacactttgt gtacaacagc tgactgggct ctggtaaagc aggctaccct gtggatggag    163740
     atgcccatga caagacatga ggcaggtgag gaaaaaggcg ggcatctttt gttgttgttt    163800
     ttctgggaca gagtttcttt gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagcacag    163860
     gctggcctca aactcagaga tccacctgtc aatgtccctt gagttccagg tttaaaggca    163920
     tgtgccacca caccaggctt catacttatt aaaatataat tacacaacac aacatagaac    163980
     atagatgtct gggggctttg ttcctcactt ttgctatgaa aatgtggacc ataggaaaaa    164040
     cacgacggat tttctcccat aaatatgtga aatgaaaagg ctatttcttt gtacttcccc    164100
     ataggcttct ttctcataac acaataaccc tcaggtggga ttctgattaa gactgcaaag    164160
     tattcaaaca cataaactga aaggcagaca ctctacagtt agcaggctgt cagacaagaa    164220
     cctcagaaag gcacttacag tcagtgaagt atatatacgc tgctttgtat tttttctcag    164280
     atttacttcc aaaatctctc aagaaacaat ctacagactt aaaaagagtg agatgttaac    164340
     acacagttta ttaaataccg atttaaatat gctggcttca aagtaacaaa gattattttg    164400
     tttcaataaa ataagccttt actaagttta acttataacc tgatttttaa ataaccatgt    164460
     ctccagccag tgatagctat taaggcaaca tgacaaggta acaagcggga aggtaatatg    164520
     aatacccaga tgctattatt ggaatgagga ggtctaggac aaagacaaca gatgacaaga    164580
     ttattgaagg aactgagaag ccaacgtact ggcagtatta tatggaaata aaattaccaa    164640
     tatcattgaa gaaatgttaa aaagagtgtt agtaagcaag gagctaaaac tgctaagaca    164700
     ttacaataag aggcttagag tctggtaaca gctgtctcaa ggaagcataa tataggataa    164760
     tatagctagc ggtgtgtgcc ttaatgtgct aagtttacta agaaagataa tgaggggctg    164820
     cagagactgc ttagtggtta agagcggacc tgggttcagc tcctagcata cacatggctg    164880
     cccacaacta tccttagccc taatgccagg gactctgatg ccctcttctg gttgtggaga    164940
     caccatgaac atgtgtggta ttcatgcata catgcaagca aaacacacat gcacagaaaa    165000
     caaaaataaa ttatttttct aagacttgtt tcatctacat tcccatttct aaatttatag    165060
     atcaacaaga gctatgaaaa tcacaaattc tgtaaagaaa ctatcatttt gtagcattaa    165120
     atattataca cttacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctcattcatt tgatgggaaa    165180
     atgaagacag caagttaatt tctctgcctt cactcactca aatttccaga gaacccctcc    165240
     tcccatctcc atccgagcga gcactcacac cctgagctct aggaagcatt tcaggagctg    165300
     cgggagtctc tccatgctct cctatttttt tgttcagggt ggcaaactct tcaagcagct    165360
     ctttccctaa ctggatgttt tcttcctttc accagactgc ctctctctgg cagcctgacc    165420
     ttaagagtgt ggctggatgc tttatcaatc atgtgggact tagatttaac tttgggaaga    165480
     tcctaaatac agccacttct acaagagtag gaaggcaaaa aagtttctct tcccaagggc    165540
     aaaccacaaa gtaaagtaca cacagcacga aggcccttct gacaccagcg gacctccctc    165600
     agctgcctat gtgtcgcact gggagccctg gagctgctct caggctctag ggaagccaat    165660
     ctcacaatat ggttcttcac agtgctccca aagagcaggg cctcacctgc tcacagaagc    165720
     tccgagggcc agcaggcaac taattcaagg tacgagaaaa cctgaggttg gttgtaggca    165780
     gacaaagggt cccagtcggt actgctttct ctaaccttct gctacttagt gagtatggag    165840
     ctgtgcatcc ttttgtcact gaacattagg aatgaattcc cgagtcatga gattcacata    165900
     agccttattg ttaatggcca catggtcttt tataccactt tttatcaatt ctcagaactt    165960
     aattgattga ttcctatcgt cttaattcaa ccatttattc cttactccaa acaacatttt    166020
     aaaaagcttc ttgaaaatgg caaatccatt ttcgcatact gaaagtccca ttatcagtat    166080
     aggagaatat ggcaaatttt gcttcattaa ccatggatag ctaaagtaac tgagagagtt    166140
     agagaaagga tgtgtgtgtg cgcacaaaca cacacacaca cacaaacact cctttcaaca    166200
     atttgcaaga tgaaaagtag tttagtttgg tttggttttc ttttctttct tttctaagac    166260
     agtcttacta tataggcctg gcttgcctat aacttgctac gtagaccagg taggccccag    166320
     actcacagag atccatctcc tcctgcctcc caagagctgg aattgaaggc ttgccggagt    166380
     cacatgctca gcttttaggt tgcaattttt ttccagtcat gaattttttt cttgactgat    166440
     aaattataaa ataccattaa aaaattctgt tcctaggagt ctatatgcag atatattttt    166500
     atgcattgtt ttctgtttgc ttgcttctcc aatatctaat agagttaaca gtgggagtca    166560
     aaaacagcgt caagaatgca ttctcagagc tcaggcctgt aatcctacta ttttggaggc    166620
     ttaaccagga gttggtgagt tcaaggccag cctggactat aaacagtcat ttccaggctg    166680
     gtttaggaca tataatgaaa atatgtctca aaaaacaaac aagaagatat attacacagg    166740
     aaaaaatgaa ttcaatacta tatttgagat ttggctcaag aagcaagtca tactgacagg    166800
     aaaaaactga aaaaaaaaat ctttaacata aaaaacatat atatatatat atatatatat    166860
     acacacacac acacaaatat gtaaatctat atatacacat gtatactata gaaaaatcac    166920
     taaaataagt aaaagactta ttaaggctgg agaaggcggc tcagaggtca agagtgctta    166980
     gtttatccag agggacccag caccacaatg gggatgagag acccttacta aggcctgtgt    167040
     ctctagttcc agaggatatg ttgtcctcat ctggctttca tgggcaccaa gcacgtatac    167100
     aatgcacata cgttacatgt aggcagaaga ctaatacaca taaaatataa ataaataccc    167160
     cctttaaaaa agttttttaa aacatttctg tctcttccaa aattaagggc caacaggagc    167220
     tatgtgaatc tcaaatgctg caaagaaacc atcattttta tatcattaaa ttctgctttc    167280
     acatgctaaa agaaaagaaa tctttcctta tatactctca ctgggagcag tacaaataaa    167340
     atagtagaac acaggaaaac gtttattaat aagcagctaa tagcaagtct tctaataagg    167400
     caacttaatt ctctgcgtaa gaaacgggct cttgtttgtt ttacaacgag ggcgaagggg    167460
     ctggagcagt tacaaccgtg ctgctcgtgc acaggacctg ttcagttccc aggcacccac    167520
     atggcagctc acgctggcct ctaacttcag tggcagggga tccaataccc tcttctgaga    167580
     gcctccatgg gcacctgcac acacgtgtgc acatacggaa aaaaaaaaaa aagagcagga    167640
     aaattacaag cgttcaatga gtcttgcaca tgaaaagcac gcactctacc acagcttaaa    167700
     aactcacgct caagcctggg aatactcact tttggtgttg gagagatgaa ataaagagct    167760
     ttcatttgtc tgacaggttc acgattctta taaatattct ctataactga gaacaacaac    167820
     aaaaagtcat ttgatggaac caaagtttaa aatattttta aataaacttt attgtatttt    167880
     ccatttataa taataataaa aagcacattt atatacattg ggcttatttt tttctcattt    167940
     gctaaattat taagtcctaa aaaaatgtat ctcctgagac tttatgtaga attatgagaa    168000
     aaaaaacaac ggagtcatta cataggtagc tgtgccagaa tacagcataa gcaatggaaa    168060
     tgtgaggaag aaacaaagaa ctatgttaaa aagtacaatc attcttgggt cagcaggtaa    168120
     aggaacctac tactgaggcc gatgccctaa acctgctgct caggaccccc acagtagacg    168180
     aactaactca agcaaataca aacccaggga cacacaggga cacacacaca cacacacaca    168240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaaa gtctaggtga ctacatgaga catcaagaac    168300
     atcgcagagt tgtgtgctct ctaaaatgct tttcaacatc ttatctgctg tcaagtaagc    168360
     ttgaaaaatg attcctcatg gcttaattag tgattcttgg ggccagtgaa atgactcagc    168420
     cagtaaagac tggccacgcc tggtgaccta agttcagtcc cctaggaccc cacagcagac    168480
     agacagatct gacttctgaa ggtcgttctg tgactttcac atgtgcaacg catgcgttct    168540
     ctctctaata aaatgtgata aaacttaaaa ataaaaaaat tgtgttaaaa acatgctatt    168600
     atgatagcaa atacaaattg agtatgcaat aggtaacaaa taaatcactt tattcataaa    168660
     gatcaaagcc tcggtcctac gtgatgagga tttctggaga atgctgggct tacttcccca    168720
     tctcacacct gcagggcagc actactcacc agttatgccc tcctctagaa ggtctgtcat    168780
     tttgcagcat gacgacaaaa gtttggtggt aaactcatct aacagcatta tcttaaaaca    168840
     aaggaaatta ggaaagagca taaaggtgac tgtcaagatt taacaaaaac ccagagtttt    168900
     agaaatccct cttttagctt gatctggtgg gagtcctttc tcaatacaca tacatggaga    168960
     tatttcatac aggtaataaa atagaaatat ttctattctg aagcagagct tgttcattgt    169020
     aagtatatca atgtttaaca tcaaattttc tgaaaatgta atgtccttta cagaatcatc    169080
     gctatagagc tctgtgcaaa cgcttagcat ctgcagctac gatgtgctgc agtcccatcc    169140
     tctagacaag gaagcaaggg actgctatgc gccttgctta aggtgccacg gctcgtggca    169200
     aagctcggtc tgaggagaag ctccaggcct ctgtcctatg gaagcacaat gcactgaagc    169260
     cctccctcca cagaggagca atcacacagc ttctaccttc cattcgcctt ctttccggca    169320
     gtcatcgaac acggctgttt ttatctctgt taagaaaaag aaaaagaaaa aagggtttag    169380
     taatctaaag caacaattga aaatgtaagt ctatgcaaaa gggtcaaaat gagagaaaaa    169440
     ctgcaacttg gaatgtgtta aacgatataa atactatata ttaagctgta ggtaaaaatg    169500
     cagctatatt atctaaccta tacatataaa ctgtaatgga ttctcagaca taagtgtatg    169560
     actacgtcag aaactatttc tgaactatta ttcaatttag cttttccttc tttcttaaat    169620
     cttaagaaac aaacaattct caggaaggtc cttaactggc tcatggctaa attacatctt    169680
     acaatctaat ctgcatacag gtttcatctt catttacttt cttgttaaag aatacatgta    169740
     ggctggggct ggggagatgg cttggtggtt aagaacattc gatgttcttg caaaggacct    169800
     gggttcagtt gtgagcatcc ataccaggca tctccgaatc acctgtaaac ttcaatttca    169860
     aggcatctga catcctttac agatgacctt gaagcaatcc ccctccctcc tctaccttcc    169920
     aaataatagc atgcaccacc gtgcccaact ctaatctgtt tacacatttc tatttttaaa    169980
     tgtatatgtt ttcagcaaat gcttttgggc gattaccatc acattttgac acctgttaaa    170040
     aaagatacaa ttgtaacgat cttatcaata ggtgttattg taacataatg aaaaatatct    170100
     ggggggggag gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttgtgagta agtagggtgg ctcatattca    170160
     tttgcctgca tcttgagccc tcctcctgcc tccacagaca actatggctt tgtatacata    170220
     cccacacaag catatacatg attaaaagta aaaatacatc ttaaaaaaaa atctggtctg    170280
     ggtttctagt tcctggaaaa aatctaaaat ccttgaaatt tcttatgtga cagatctatg    170340
     gtatgctggt gacatgaccc gtgactagct tcagcaagca gttagtcacc agaaccaaac    170400
     tatgacttct aaggaggcat cagggactag agattgtgtt caattaccag tggccaaaga    170460
     tttcatcagg aaagtctaca taatgaaacg cccataaccc atccagtttc tgcgtcattg    170520
     aatacaccca tgagtggcaa tggtgatata cccagcccca caggcaggga agtgccaatg    170580
     tcgaaaaccc ttctagacct cagcctatat ctgtcacctg gctgtttatt tgtgtacttt    170640
     agaaaaacaa caaaaagaaa aaaaaacacc caacaacaag aaccctgaaa acaggaagta    170700
     gtttctagag cttgtaaggt acgaattact gcgctgcaag ggcaggcagg gagtgtggtg    170760
     ctaccagcat ctgaactgag tttcggctct gaatccttaa gcctgccaag gctggcacag    170820
     cagtcagaat tctactgaat tgcagggctg gagaactggc tagtaagaag gaaaaaaaaa    170880
     aaatcaacat ctttgctgtt cgaagtgttc tggggaaagt agttaacacc catcacagaa    170940
     gctgtgctct gggactagag ggatgggctg agtggctaga gtgtttgtcc accaagcctg    171000
     acaaactgag ctcgatcccc aagtcccctg atggaatgag aaaaccgact ccctgaagtt    171060
     gtcctctgac ctccacaggc acattgtggc ctatgtgctc ctgctctaac acacacactc    171120
     aacaaatgga atgttagaac ttcctgagtt caggaagatt atgaagtgtt aagaaataac    171180
     agttaaaact tgagtgtgtg ggggctggag agatggctca gtgattaaga gcactgactg    171240
     ctcttccgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatcccg gcaatcacat ggtggctcac aactatccgt    171300
     aatgagacta cagtgtactt agatataaaa atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat    171360
     ctttgggcag gagcaagcgg gacccaccgg agcgagcagg ggttctgaat tcaattccca    171420
     gcaaccacat gacgggtcac aaccatctgt actcatatac ataaaataaa caaatcttta    171480
     aaaaaaaaaa aagttgagtg cggtggagtg gtacctgaat gaccagtaac tggatgacaa    171540
     ggcagaaaga tcaggagttc aaaattatca tcagagttgg ctagcctggg ctacaagaaa    171600
     tcctatctca atccaaacct aaacaaagca aaacaaaaca gtagagtgtg tgttgaacaa    171660
     gcacaggaaa ctgattctaa ttctgagtct acttcagctg tgggggaagg aagagtctgg    171720
     aggatcccag agctccccca cccgccagcc tagatgggct gcagggccag tgagaaaacc    171780
     tgtctcaaaa actaaggtgg aaggccaggc agtggtggca cacgccttta atcccagcac    171840
     ttgggaggca gaagcaggcg gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga    171900
     ctaccctgtc tcgaaaaaca aaacaaacca accaaccaaa caaattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    171960
     aacctaaggt ggagaactag ggaggaagac acctgatgcc aacctctggc tctacatgcc    172020
     tacaggtgca tacacaccca gtcacctcca gaaaaagaaa gagggaagtc agtaaagaca    172080
     gttatatatt gcttactagg tagttatgtt ataggggaaa taacaagttt tttttttttt    172140
     taaaccctaa agtattttac tgtaattagt ccaggaagca aaggtttctg agatctgacg    172200
     gatgagcatg tccgctattg taaggccgag ctcagaccct gacaggcgac tttcctgcaa    172260
     gccagcctca ctgtatgtgc cacagctgaa aactgaagac actgcataag gaacgaatgc    172320
     tgcaggagca caagtcacag cattagactt tgatacctta cgcctgcact gcctggatga    172380
     caggaactag gcacacgtga cctcggagcc cttgaaatag agctgtagaa ggcaggtgcg    172440
     gcggtcacac tgtgagattc tagcccttgg gaggctgggc agacactttg cattccaggc    172500
     ctgcccgggc cagagtgaaa cttggcttaa aaaaaccaaa tcacttgaaa tgtacaaagt    172560
     tccatgagaa agacaataac acgagagaag gctgtgctgt gactccgagg cagagcgcac    172620
     atgtagctta gcatgtgtgc ggccccattt gatcccgagc ataacaaaat gagaaacaga    172680
     aagactatgg agttttaaaa agggggaaat ataaaatatc ctatgaattc tcttcccttt    172740
     gctttataaa ttctcatatc acattaaata ttttaaatgt caggttaaat aaaatatatt    172800
     agttaatttt gtttacttct atattt                                         172826