ID   AL669872; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 199673 BP.
AC   AL669872;
DT   10-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-357D5 on chromosome 3
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-199673
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 9a95dee7462b18b1ffec10d12797896c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456099.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027864; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000033222; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000033233; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000086564; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027670; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027671; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027672; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027673; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027629; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027630; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027631; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027632; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027595; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027596; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027597; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027598; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027642; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027643; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027644; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027645; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027371; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027372; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027373; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0027374; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028085; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028086; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028087; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0028088; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026827; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026828; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026829; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026830; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027346; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027347; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027348; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0027349; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027489; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027490; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027491; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0027492; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027457; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027458; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027459; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0027460; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027596; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027597; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027598; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027599; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027487; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027488; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027489; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0027490; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028140; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028141; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028142; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0028143; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026554; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026555; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026556; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026557; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026907; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026908; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026909; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026910; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL669872.8:1-199673; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000037409; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000076941; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094048; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102694; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106980; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000134993; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000167086; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062755; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062759; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062764; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0062766; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062783; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062787; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062792; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0062794; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062714; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062718; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062723; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0062725; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062706; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062710; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062715; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0062717; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062390; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062394; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062399; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0062401; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063200; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063204; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063209; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0063211; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062698; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062702; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062707; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0062709; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062355; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062359; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062364; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0062366; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062469; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062473; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062478; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0062480; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062437; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062441; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062446; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0062448; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062604; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062608; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062613; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0062615; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062436; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062440; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062445; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0062447; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063400; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063404; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063409; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0063411; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062235; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062239; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062244; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0062246; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061662; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061666; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061671; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0061673; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0B4J1L8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000315; Znf_B-box.
DR   InterPro; IPR001298; Filamin/ABP280_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001841; Znf_RING.
DR   InterPro; IPR003598; Ig_sub2.
DR   InterPro; IPR003599; Ig_sub.
DR   InterPro; IPR003649; Bbox_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR013106; Ig_V-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR014756; Ig_E-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR017868; Filamin/ABP280_repeat-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR017907; Znf_RING_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR027370; Znf-RING_LisH.
DR   MGI; MGI:1918187; Trim45.
DR   MGI; MGI:1921294; Ttf2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2685862; Cd101.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q6PFY8; TRI45_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0B4J1L8; A0A0B4J1L8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6RQ10; F6RQ10_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-357D5 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..199673
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-357D5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    68428..68428
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 50bp by restriction digest data and spanning
FT                   pUC clone."
SQ   Sequence 199673 BP; 55068 A; 45422 C; 44682 G; 54501 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaca caaggaacgc caccttgacc ccggtgtgaa attccctaac tcgactagat        60
     ttcgattttg atggaagtct gagaaaacgt ctgccaggag tctatgactt gcatgagcta       120
     cttggagggt tgcctggata ggaaaaggct cagcagcccc agtcatcctg gcctcttttc       180
     ttctgaagcc ctgggctgtc tgctacagac actgaacgtt cctgagaggc tcaggcccag       240
     ggtctgccag aactgatgta ttttattaaa agatgagagt atctttttgt ccttgtttca       300
     aataagatat acctaaagag tggatgagac taagaaatgt aaaactacag agctgattaa       360
     ttgctattct atctctgggt tggtgagagg caaagcttat aggtttctag actaagggaa       420
     gtttggagaa gccatgtttt cagtcctatt tagttctcag gccccggtgg aatctgcttc       480
     ttagtatctc tggataactc ttccttcctc ccccttcccc tccccctccc cctcccctcc       540
     ccctcccctc ccctccctgc tctgcctctt aagccttgaa gtgtgtgctc tgcacatcca       600
     cagacctagc tcttgtctct tgtcagatgt acagtgtctt agtcagggtt actatggctg       660
     agaggaaaca ccaagaccca agcaacctgg ggaggaaagg atttattctg cttacatttc       720
     cacatcacca aaatcaggac aggaactcta acagagcaga aatctgatat taggagctga       780
     tatagaaacc atggaaggtc actgcttgct ggcttgctcc ccatggcttg ctctgcctgc       840
     tttcctatag aacgctggac aacctgccca ggagtggcac catctacaat gggctgggcc       900
     ctccccatca accactaatt aagaatgcca tacagctgga tcttatgggg gcatttttct       960
     caattgaggt tccccctttc agatgtctca agttgaccgg aacctaacta gtacatgaag      1020
     ggaactaaca tttttactgt gtctacaaca tgcacaatgc tgtgatatat caggaaaaag      1080
     atgccaagcc aagagagttt cttaatggac ctcaaattcc ccttgctctc ttaaactcaa      1140
     aagcaatgcc taagccttta aaaagatggc aatggtaaaa ataaacgatt atttttaaaa      1200
     ggtgataacg gtggccacca atgccaatca ctaggcaatc caaagtctaa agatgaaact      1260
     atgggtgggt gaggaaggta ggtgggtggg tgggtgaagg gagcaccctc tcagagacaa      1320
     gggaaggggg gatgggggga ataactcttg gagggggaac caggaagagg ggcagcattt      1380
     ggaatgtaaa taaataacaa aatttaaaac aattaaaaaa aataaaaaca attttaaaaa      1440
     atcaaactaa aaacattata tatatataat gtcatataat agatgaatat attatatatg      1500
     tatacattac atagcaatat gtatatatgt caatatgtat atatatttta tactcatcta      1560
     ttatatatgt agttagttta ttttaacttc tagttttcat gatcttaatt ttctaaataa      1620
     gtccattaaa ttttcccttt tgccttcagt cccttgctat gtgttgtttg gggacattgc      1680
     cctgattttc tgaggctagg agagcatgct cagttggctt ctgcttacgt tttactgaga      1740
     gatgcttcct tcagtgcgtt cctcaaagtg ttggtacctc gggtccccag acagccacac      1800
     ttcatctgtg gtttgctcct cacacccatc cattatgtct gaggaagact ctgggtggcc      1860
     atggaggctg tttctacctt ggctagagga ataaatggta cttctaacct cttatggctg      1920
     cctataggag tctctccgac gggcacaagg cttcgctggt gggtactaat tctttatctc      1980
     gtaacagtgt ccagaatact catgcatgtt gcaggcacac ttcatatcat atacaaccct      2040
     ttctctcagc actttaatgg cattccatca tcttcctggt ttcctttgtt actttggaaa      2100
     gtaagctata ggtccagtag acattcgttt ctaggcgacc tgtcaatcct cttactgtgc      2160
     ataatctttt gggtcttcct gttgtttttt gttttttttt ttttttccag ttttcactgt      2220
     ggaagtctcc tgctacagtt ttctttttcc cactggagag ttatcgagct tcttgcgcgc      2280
     gaagacttgt gatctcccat aaacacggaa tgagatcaat gttgcctcat ctctcctttt      2340
     gccttctgcc ctgcactaga catagaattc cccattctgg tctttacata tcttagcatc      2400
     tcttcctaac ttaactttgc tctcttgggt tctctgtatc atattgtgtg agatttcttc      2460
     agctctgagc cctgcttaac taattctctt ttctagatgt gtctattcta ttcctcagcc      2520
     tgacggaagc tttgattatt tgttttgtgt ttttctgggt ttgttttggt tctgtgtttg      2580
     tttgtttgtt tgtttttgtg acaaggtttc tctgtgtagc tgtgtagctc tggctatcct      2640
     gaaactagct ctgtagaccc agctagcctc gaactcagag atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc      2700
     caactgctgg attaaaggcg tgggccatta tcacagagct tactgcttgt ttgttgttgt      2760
     tttttcgttt gtttttgttt gtttgtttgg tggtttgact tgtcttttaa atatctgtta      2820
     agattttttc cccttaatct atctggtcag ttggtgtttg tttgtttact tattttaaca      2880
     tattacatag gcttatttta tatttttcat ctaataattt ctggacccaa agtcttgatt      2940
     taaaatcaag tctttgtttc tatcaattcc tatgcatagt agtgttttcc ttgtgcattt      3000
     tctgacttaa cattattata aacttctact gtgagaattt tatcagctga aattcttcga      3060
     agatctgggc taaaaagttt gtttcttctg agaacatttg cttttgctac tgttaggcac      3120
     tagagcactg gcaacctggc cctttagagc tggttgttgg tttaggattc tttgagactg      3180
     gaggcttcat agatgcatgc ctcaaataag acagctgcat ctggtgacca gttctcactt      3240
     atgtgagtct ccagacaagt tcctggactt ctttggccct cgtttttgtc tgatgtttct      3300
     aacattcggg gacacaggga cagctgcggc agttagcacc ctcttattga tccgaattca      3360
     tgattttgct tcattcttag cctccgtgtc ttctctttcc agcaaagcca catactcaca      3420
     tttatgcatg tgtggtttag tttggttttt catttattta tttactgtgc attggtgttt      3480
     ttacctgcat gcatgtgtga gaatatcaag gtctcttgga agtggagtta cagacagttc      3540
     tgggctgcca tgtgggttct ggatttgaac tcaggacctc tggaagggca gacagtgcta      3600
     ttaaccactg agccatttct ccagtcccta gtttgtttcg ttcaagtcag catttggaat      3660
     acgttttatt tagttagatg gttgattttt cttaaaggat atttagtttt ccttataatt      3720
     gtaaatttag cttacatttc ctgcaatgtt tcttttctct tagagggaga acttcagttt      3780
     gtgcctcatt tctggaagaa agtgttcaag aagactcagt tttaacaagt aatcacccgc      3840
     cactattact ggctccattc ttgatcagag ccaactgggt ttctcttatt ccaatgttcc      3900
     agaacatttt gttatgattc atagcatcgg caagatttca cttcacagtc ttaaaaacta      3960
     ccgtgttcct ttatagagaa agacgagtga tagtttctac cataaatggc tcaaaaagtt      4020
     cagaatggtt tcgtttccca tagtagcaca gtatgaatat ttattaatcc aatgtgctta      4080
     ggaaaccatg tgttagacac tgaaggaaac tgtctgcaag gcagaacctt tatttaacaa      4140
     gcattataaa atcaccctta aattattaaa tgctgtgctc cacggacctg aatatcaata      4200
     tgaacacggg tatagcagca agaaacagct atgtatattg aagggcccaa agtaattcgt      4260
     aagggttgga gcatagagat ggggagcgca aatccatgta aactcttgaa tttacatatg      4320
     tgtgaatctt ttaaacactt aggagtggca tacattccct actttctatg gtctaatcaa      4380
     tatttttata tttaaatcaa attctttttc aaggtaaaat caaggtattt gaaggcgcag      4440
     acatttttaa ctgataaaag gaaaagtttt aatttcatga tagccctgtt tctgggtcta      4500
     tgccaggaag tcggctgcag tagaccaagg tggccccaaa attaagaagt agaatttgag      4560
     gctatatgtg ggacacaggc tatatatagg tagacacagg gccttctggc atacagtttc      4620
     aggcttggag ttcctaccag gagggatctg taggcgaaag ctaaatccca gaagttagcc      4680
     tggggaaatg gaaagtggca aaatgagaaa acctaacttc atgagtctag gttagcctgg      4740
     ccccagaaaa gagggagaga caagatccca tgctggcagc tcagggaaat ttctgtatgt      4800
     ttcttacagg tggtcaggcc caccaaaggg gtcaacctac ggtcagctgt taatccttgt      4860
     gtgatcaagc aagggtcatt agggaagtcc cagagtacaa agggagcaat ccaaggacac      4920
     agggtactcc caggggctgt ctgcctatgg tgactgtggc tccaggaggc taggccctca      4980
     tggggatggg cctggcagcc tgatcttaca cctggattct cacaagcttt ataaggccgt      5040
     atctgcagga ctgtgcccaa ctctcaaata tgagaatgta ggtctcagca actacgggtg      5100
     ggcactgaaa agacttcctc ttgggaggct gaataatata ttccctgttt gggctgaaga      5160
     gatggctcag tggttgagag cactggctac tattcctagg ttcgattccc agcacccaca      5220
     tggcagctca caactatctg taactccagt tccagaggat ctggcaccct taaacagaca      5280
     ttcatgaggg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcaatgca cataaaagat aattaaatct      5340
     taaattttga cttcctgttg gcttctagca tgtgtctgtt ctcatggaag acattctgtc      5400
     tggtatgcct gacatagtga atgataggag cctcagcatg gacagaacct gacactagtg      5460
     agtcctgttt catagcttag aggaaccaga ccgctaagac aggggtgaga gtttggggga      5520
     tatgttacat ggcagagaaa agctccagcg agacagatga gctttgtccc cagctttatt      5580
     aatgagcaaa tgatgagcaa atgatgaact gactcctggg gcaaggttct ctgagaggcg      5640
     acctgcccac atacttctgt gtctttggca gtgacaggcc tgggttccca ggaggtaaga      5700
     agagggatgg gaagtcaaaa gagccagtgt ggctttagga tgttgccaag gtaacctcga      5760
     ttatagatca ctggccatac gtctgcctga gacccagacc acagggactt acacctcgat      5820
     ggcgtgggct aaatggaact ctgctctctt tagaagggca gccctctcct tcctctctcc      5880
     tgactccacc cctgggcact taagggtgcc ctagtgcctg ccctgcctgt ctgctctctc      5940
     acaggtccag gcttctgagg tccaccccta ccccaacctg aattcatgag ggcagctatg      6000
     ggctggctac ccaggcaggc gcctgaggct gagacagact ttggatggct tttgaaaatc      6060
     cacacggagg ttgatggctc ttctaagcag aaaaagagca aaaggaggca gtgaacaaac      6120
     cggtctggtg ggttccagga gagaaaggag aggaaaagag cttggggcat ttaaaaatgg      6180
     atttaaactc tagcttcagt ttaaacttgg agatagtgga agggataaaa cataaactaa      6240
     ttttacagtt tagtgataca gctaatattt aaacattagc aggcttaagt tgtttatctg      6300
     gctcttttga caaccctgtg gaggaaattt tagatgtggc atgggtattg gaggaccaca      6360
     tggctcaact ctacatcttg ggctcttggg agcctcagtt aggaagaaag ctagctctct      6420
     tgaagggttg acagaggaga ggcatagcag taccctcccc cccccccccc cccgtttctt      6480
     cagttccagc catgatagcc cagccaaacc atgctcctgc ctacactagt ggctgagcca      6540
     aggaataaat aagataaaaa gggcaaggtg acctgtggag ggactgtgag caaacagaag      6600
     accttccagg atgaccgctc gctcggtcag gagaagcttg ggagtatggt gtgtgcacct      6660
     ctctcctaac cctgttggga gaacttacag ttaggaggct gtttggttct gacggcatac      6720
     tttgcttatg ggctagctgg ccttcccaac agtactggtc cttcttcaag ggagggtcat      6780
     aaaatatctg aactgtttgt ttttaagcac aatggagtca gttatactgc tgaagggatc      6840
     ttctggaatg ccccacccct tcccctgcat tgagaacagg aaattcagga aggactagag      6900
     cttgcgttgc ctttcgtctg tctctggtta tgtggtagaa actaccagga caatgacatg      6960
     tgtgcttcat gacaatcagg gggcagttgc aaatagaact ggcctaccaa agaaaaggac      7020
     aggtctactg ccaactcaaa tattgtctag ggataggtat ctgcttatta ctattctgga      7080
     attttccatc tgctactccc ttctcagcat tcctttcaca gtcccagaca aaagacacct      7140
     gccaagcaag atgaaggttg ttctcaacct gtacataact gtgtatcctt tcaaatggtt      7200
     ataactgtgc agagcacacg gctggcaagt gtttacagaa cactaggctt acagacagta      7260
     gctaaggcta aaggtgatgg tgtcttctac caacgtctaa tcttgctctc atttcccaag      7320
     gaagagtgct cagggactta ttccacatta gacctctgct tgcttcctgc atcacacagt      7380
     tgtggggcct gaatgaggta tcagttgtca ctgttataat aggaacagga gtgtgaagta      7440
     tgtacagaat acagaacggt ggcaaagaca aggtcagaac aaattccggg gactatcaaa      7500
     tcacagaatc acataacgat ataaatggac attcagaatt ttggtttttt atctgatgtt      7560
     acaaagccac ctttgcaagt gcatctagtg atgaggcgct gccatctcag gccaggccag      7620
     ggagctctgt atgggtctta atctgtcccc cagagctgtc accctggggc tttgtttctt      7680
     ccagggtcac agagaaccct gtgaagcccg caaagcatct ttcaaagact aaaatgatca      7740
     caacttggat ttactctcct ttaaattaat tcagttctct tccttcttca aaaaaatgtg      7800
     tcttctaatg ggaccatgta tgtgaaagat ttctagctgc caggaggata aaggttaaag      7860
     actaaaagag agaagccagg gaagctggct acaaataccc cacaatgccc aggattgtag      7920
     ctccccccag cccccagcaa caaaaactta cccagcccaa gttatccata gtgccaagga      7980
     tgggaaatgc cattctaact acatgtgcca atcagagttc ttaagtatgt gccaaaaatg      8040
     tgcccagagt gtcagcaagc attgctacat ttattttaaa ctagcctaag attctggcag      8100
     tttttagttg cagctagtta gagcgctgtt tatcttgttg ctgacccaca gctgacaccc      8160
     atagggcctg catgctcact ttttatcatg gctggcaacc ttccccagga gcctggaggc      8220
     taccttgaaa tcttttccag cacaatattc tgggccagca gtacccatca ttcagatagt      8280
     tgttggcatg caaagtgaaa tccgttttct ggccatgtct ccctccctag atttgtgatg      8340
     ttgggagcca agtcatgatg aaatcacggg gcctgtgcat ccgcgcatcc caccatgctg      8400
     tgctgtgatt cttgaggaaa gcaagaggga acagagaacc cataaatgag cagcagtcaa      8460
     gtctcatgca tgctattgcc taaaactgcc ttgctaaaca caaaacctgg ccagccacca      8520
     ccattaaagc aatgtggaca ggctacatgg gatgtctttc attttccacg cagactcccc      8580
     aagtcccatg ttacagagcc ttctcttcca agttcactca ctgttctcag tcccattttc      8640
     tgtgttctga atcaaagctt gatctagtct tcaccattag gaagccaaca ctgtacaccc      8700
     tggattcctc agcgctgggg aggaaacgta ggtaacccat catcagggct cagaagcttc      8760
     gagttggtac gcatcaatac ctagaatatg gttgggttcc cccttcccac ttggagatca      8820
     atgctttgtt ctgcatggtg cttttaaaaa gcattgtctt ttgggattct ggaaggactg      8880
     gttctagaat aactgctccc tgtgcagata cagaaagttg tatctcagaa tgtatgtcac      8940
     attcctcata gaaaatggcg cagggtttgt gtattgtata cccatctttt cagacatttg      9000
     agacaaattt gtagactatg tgtgctgcct aatacaatgt gactgactga ctgccttgta      9060
     agtaggtgtt attctgcttt tcagcacgga cacacgttcc tgagtgtgtt gacgctcaag      9120
     tagttcagtg cagagcttca ggagtcacgg gtacggaagg accatagtta ttccttcctc      9180
     atgctaatga gaaagtcaaa gcaatgtcct caacttgact tactctgtct ccttcatcta      9240
     ttgttttaaa gtggagttgt tcagattgat tacatttgcc aacctaacct agcttcagag      9300
     ttctgaacac ttggagttat gcaagtggag ttaagttgct gacctgtgag gaatgtagta      9360
     tctgtaggct tggggaggaa acaggaacca ttcatactgg aataaaacaa agaacacatc      9420
     aaggtctcta catgagatat agcagcttca aaaagccctt ctttccacaa aagcagctta      9480
     tgaagctgtg caggggtggc aaccagggag acgtccaagc tgtggccacc ttccacatgg      9540
     gtcattcttt caaatagcca aaggcatagg cttgttagtc aaaatcccca ggcctgaaac      9600
     ctaacatact catagctgtg aatgtgcaat ctgttcctta acttgagact cagttccccc      9660
     acacgaaaag aaagggtggt gtgggtgatg cctgccatat aaggttattg ttaggattga      9720
     acaacaacct gtgcatagaa cattgagcac agaacacaac aaagagctaa ggccttttga      9780
     cagcaaaggc agggatgagg gcaaagggga tccctgattt actgctggtg gcaacaaaaa      9840
     ctaatgcatt ccctatggga acccagcatg gaggctgctc acaaaactgg aaacagaact      9900
     tcatatggcc cagctgtacc accactgggg atacacccaa atgactttca ggtctacagc      9960
     agagatgcac acacgtcccc gtgtgttaaa actgttcaaa atagctgaga tctgaaacca     10020
     gcttagatgt ctatcgacaa gagtttgagg gaaatatcgt ttatattcac aataaatttt     10080
     gtttagccat aaagggaagt ggatgggaat gattatgtta agcacggcat cccagaatcg     10140
     gagagacaat cacgacatgt ttctctatat gttaagcttt gtgtgtgtgg gtgtgtgtgt     10200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaaatgt acgggtatgg atggaggtat aggtcataaa actagaaaga     10260
     ggtccaggtg gggaaggaac tataaaggtt tggggagggg tgatactaga atatacatga     10320
     caggaaaaca gaaaggcatg tgggaaggga gaacactagc caaagggaag caaagggctg     10380
     gggaagggca aaaataactt gaaagagaac gggcttgttt cagctcgtgt tcagggctgc     10440
     acatcacaca gagaaggaaa aagagactga gactgaatca gcttcacgta tcactttgag     10500
     catcaggaaa cattgatgaa tgcaccctgc tactcagctc actttctcct tttaaattca     10560
     ggctagtatt ccagcctagg gaatggagct gcccagtgtg ggcaggcctt cccactccag     10620
     ttatcctaat caggagaatc cttcactagc atgcagaggc cacctcccag gcaactctag     10680
     atctcatcaa acagacaatg gagattaact agaatagttc gacaatgttg taatgaagcc     10740
     catttatttg tgtgctaatt tagaaactaa tcttaagacc aagagctctg atgtaatgaa     10800
     atttttatcc ttcagaaata gggggtctct ctcctagttt atatcttaat atttgcagca     10860
     ttatggtctg ccgtaaaatg ttcatgtttc tagaacatga gtaagctctt ttgtaattag     10920
     aaagcagggg gttggtgacg gtattatgtg gaagccgtat tgcttcacgc agatttattc     10980
     ccaatgcaag aaaagctgaa atagaaaaat aaccaccgct gtgggaaagg ctctgcatgg     11040
     ctttccattt cattttctct ttaattttga atgaatgcct gcgattgaaa ccgcctccct     11100
     ggagacgtgc acccgctgac gaccccagtc tcacaagatg atggctcact tcttctgtgt     11160
     actttactcc tgagggcctc cactggctcc cggtgccgag cctgccgagc tgaaagcctg     11220
     ggtacctgct ccattatgct gtgcatattt aatcctgttg gaagcaccgt ccagtcctaa     11280
     tgggctgcct atttcggctt ccagctcact gactccgatt tgggttactg tttctgatga     11340
     tggaccaatt acaaagtcgc ctgagttttg agtgctgcgt cccttgccct acattccctc     11400
     cgtaagcctc attaccttta ttgcagaatg tgagattttt caggaatcca tgcaagatat     11460
     ttgaacaaat gcccaatttc ttttaagtcc cgaggaaggc agcaaccata ggatcaaaga     11520
     cacgggaagc aactaaacag ggggtctggg gcagggcagg tgctgcaaag ctggcccctc     11580
     cctggaggac ttcagttctg tagttctgaa agcaccgccc agccaggcac tgaagtgagg     11640
     agccaaggtc ctaaccccat cttcctgacc aaaatggcac cttttctatg tgtttccacc     11700
     tcggacagac tctgcatagt aacatgggtt atttaaatat atttctgagt gaattttttc     11760
     tcttcagttt ctggaaatgt atgcttataa attctttttg attttctgtg tttcctactt     11820
     ctctggaatt cctgtggaaa tttgattttt ttttttaagc caaagccttc atcgcattct     11880
     gaatcttatt aaaattgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ccatgcacac     11940
     gcgagtgttt ctgtgggagt gtgtgtgtgt tagaattcag tgtcaggcag aaggcataag     12000
     aaagaggtaa aagaatttac ccagcacatg aaaagacaga gggagaatat atggaaatac     12060
     actgcaaaga ggcagcaggc aggcttctag ggagagggga cggccaggca gaaagggggt     12120
     gaagctactt ggtcttcatc ttatgtgtca gtcctcctgg gtagctagcc aggctggctt     12180
     cgcgctattt tgtgaagtgg taagttttat agggtcatta ggagttaggc cctggtgtct     12240
     gaacaagacc cagaaaccat tagggtcagg ctggaagaac ctgccctggt tgataaagtg     12300
     acactttagt tttttccttt gggcctttgt cttcacattt tctttaacct cgaactctcc     12360
     gtgagggcag gagctctgtt tacctcagct ctgtctttta tccattgttc ttcatgctac     12420
     agctttaata tagtgaatat atgtaataaa tatttaatac attgagctgg gtggtggcag     12480
     cacatacctt tattcccagc aaccaggagg cagaagcaga tgaacctctg tgagttcaag     12540
     gccagcccag tctacagagc aagttccaag gacagtcagg gctgccttga aaacccacaa     12600
     ggaaaaaaca aagattaata aatcatcaag tctccccaaa atattgattt tcatgtgggc     12660
     ccctttttaa agagtgtcta acaaaatgta ctgttaattc tagcatacag gttagaagac     12720
     agatttgtaa ggtctttttt attattatta ttatttcttc ttattttacg ggcttaagtg     12780
     ttttgcctgc atgtatggct gtgcaccatg tgcacgcaga agccagaaga gggcatcaga     12840
     tccttgggaa ctggaattat gggtgattgg gagcagccat gtgggtgctg gaaacagaat     12900
     gagggtcttc tgggtgcttg taaccactga gccatcagtc cagcctctag aacatggagt     12960
     tttacactaa cattttccca gtgttgtttc tggaaactat tccggcagag taaaaaccag     13020
     aaaataaggt aagaacatct ccaataaaac ttttttgtcc gtgccttccc cccacaccgc     13080
     cacggtgctc aaacacaaca gctttaggcc cacttgcttc ttactccaca cgctaagaac     13140
     actctgcccc cagaaagggt ccccaagaca gtttaggtaa ggccactaat aaaatcctac     13200
     tgaactagaa caccagtgaa gattggaggt tagcatggga tttgatatgc gccacaggta     13260
     tacaccaaat gctccattca tgggaggcaa gggaagataa gggaagtggc tgtctgtggc     13320
     agatagaaac ccatttccca gattccccag aaacagtgca tgcaagcctc tctctctgcc     13380
     agaaatccta tgtttggcct gaactgaacc cacactgcat ttagggacat tagtgggggc     13440
     tggagcttcc ctttggcccc aaacaccttt ctccaccagt agcatacttg tgagacttga     13500
     caccagtctt ccacttttac cactggttta attaagcaga ggaagtgtga tgtgtgtgcg     13560
     cagctctttt aaaaagctta tgtgcaacat caatatgtat tgtaggatac acagaattac     13620
     ctggaggata actgagatta aaggatcata agacagtaga cttcattcat tacaaaatgg     13680
     gtggctgtct tagggtttct attgttgcga tgaagcacca ggaccaagaa gcaggttgga     13740
     aagggaaggt ctgtttgttt ccacattgct gttcatcacc aaaggaagtc aggacaggaa     13800
     ctgaagcagg gcaggaatct agaggcagga gctgatgcag aggccgtggg aggtactgct     13860
     tgctggctca tttcccatgg cttgttcagc ctgctttctt acagaaccca taatgggctg     13920
     ggctctcacc cccatagatc actaattgag taaatacctt acaagtggat ctcatggagg     13980
     catttcctca gctaaaggct tttttctttc tgatgacaca cagaaatgtt gtatcaagtt     14040
     gacacacaaa acaagccagt acagtggact aaggagaaat gttttttttt tttaattaac     14100
     aagcaacaga tttagctggg ctgtgctgac agttcctgct tctctttcca agactctgga     14160
     ggctgaccga tttccaaaga gactacaagt ttagaaaaag aaaacagaaa caaaattgca     14220
     ggtgactcct cagacagagc acttgctgac agacagacag acagacagac agacaaaaag     14280
     caaggtcctg tggtgatgtt cagggacaaa tgtaggtctg gggtgacagg gatggggtca     14340
     gctcctttaa ctgaagtata caacctccat ccccacctgt actgactggt tttgtgtcaa     14400
     cttgacacag gctggagtta tcacggagaa aggaacttca gttgaggaaa tgcctccatg     14460
     agatccatct gcaaggcatt ttctcaatta gtgatcaaga ggggagggcc cattgtgggt     14520
     ggtaccatcc ctgggctggt agtcttgggt tctataagaa agcaagctga gcaagccagg     14580
     ggaagtaagc cagtaagtaa catctctcca tggcctctgc ctcagtttct gcttcctgac     14640
     ttgcttgagt tccaatcctg acatcctttg gtgatcaaca gcaatgtgga aagtgtaagc     14700
     tgaataaacc ctttcctccc caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgtttgtgc aggactagaa     14760
     accctgacta agacaccacc cctacccctc agtgagtatt ccagcttcat tctgttgctg     14820
     taataaagca cactgatcaa cagcaactta ggggagaaaa gggtttgttt cagtttcctg     14880
     gttatagtcc atcattgagg aatggcaggg tcgaaactca agcaagaact tgaagtagaa     14940
     accatgagaa aatgctgctt actatacggc tcactcaggt tcatatttag ctagcttatt     15000
     tctatagcct agggaatggt actgcccaca gagggctaga ccctcctaca tcaattaatc     15060
     aatgtagacc ctcacaaatg tgtgtacagg ccagtctgat ctgaattcct cagctgggac     15120
     gcccttctca gaagactcca ggctgtgtga agctaatagc gagagctaat tagacagtga     15180
     gtgtgcagga ctcaactcac tggctgctgt ccagctgctt ctgaactttt cagaatggat     15240
     aaaatacaat cttaaacatg aagtgatagg actggagaga gagctcagaa gataagtgtg     15300
     tgtactgctc ttgcggcagg cccaagttta gttcccatca cccacagctg cctatagctc     15360
     cagttctagg aggatctaaa acagtcctct cagcaactca agcacgggtt gtactcacat     15420
     atacatacac atatgtatgt gttcacacgt ataactcaat actaataaat actaaataat     15480
     aacaaaattt aaaagaatgg acttatagca aatagctata gtaaattact atagcaataa     15540
     gtaatgtgtg gatagttctt tgggtattgt gaactatcaa cagtttgctc ccaaaacaat     15600
     gcttttgtta gttagttagg gaagacatag gaaagtgaca caaaacgggt ggtttacaca     15660
     acaggaagtg tgctgcctca cagtccagat tgctagttta gttacctctg agagtgagga     15720
     gcggggatgg attccttctg tctgccctgg accctggaga ctgccagctt gatttcctca     15780
     attcatacat ctctgccttc accttcatct gccgttctcc ctacgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt     15840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgcaa ttttgctatt tttaacttaa     15900
     tttacttttt gaaactgtcc catcatgttg cctacactga ttttgagtcc ctgggccaaa     15960
     aggggttcct cttgcttcag cctctggacc agtcgggata acaggtatac acaatgctgt     16020
     cagcttaatt tctccttttt gtaaggacag ctactccagt tttatctcat ttgaattcat     16080
     cacatctgca aagaccccat ttgtaaggga gtcacattct gtggtactag cctaaggact     16140
     tggggatggg taaatatatt caaactacga catgtttcta gtaagcagag cgaatggaag     16200
     attgctcatg tcccatctta taaagaaacg agtctcagaa ggtgatcaga tagtcaaagg     16260
     aagggaaaag ccttcacaaa ggcaagtggc aagccacaag gtcctcctca ctttcagtgt     16320
     gacgagttat tctcaggcct ggtgagtaag ggacagagag gggaagcagt cactgagatc     16380
     ttatggaaac aggttagcag gtgccctgtt ttaagagtac ctcttactgc ccatggctga     16440
     acctcagcag ggcttgtgct ccaaggcaac tgtggactca taggtttcct tgccagtcag     16500
     ctctctgtga tgggcccatc ctgagccaaa gggaggcagg tacaatgagc ccattcagga     16560
     cggaaagtat caagctgtgt gcatcctttc tctggctgta acattctttg ctttcctagg     16620
     ctcttttgtc ctgcctgttg aataaccgca gtgtaggtgt gaggcatgtg tgagtcactg     16680
     gcggctgtgt gcccactcct gatgctgtcc atggcagggc acgcagcaga ggacgagcct     16740
     ctcagaaatg gcttttccaa tgcacccctg acctgtgcct tttgttctgc cctggtcaaa     16800
     cccaatgctc tcctgaagca tgggttaccc taagtcagta gttttcaacc ttcccaatgt     16860
     tgagaccctt taatacagtt cctcatgttg tggtgacccc caaccataga attatttatg     16920
     ttgctactcc ataactgtaa ttttgagact gttatgaatt ataatgtaaa tagttgtgtt     16980
     ttctaatggt cttagggaac ccccatgaaa gggttggtga accccacccc gaaaggggtc     17040
     tcaacccaca ggttgacaat tgtggggctg tgggggagag aagagagtgg gagagaaccc     17100
     acgtcctgcc agagttccag tgctctgggc aggcagatgc gggaggactg ccacacgctt     17160
     tccacgtggc cccgagtggt gtctggctgt gttaagccac tgaccccaca tggtgggtgg     17220
     tggacaaggg gcagccccag gtactaggtt ctcagcgtcc ggtatcccac gctagatatg     17280
     gcggaggagc tgagaacaga atagggagga aagggaaggg ggagaggggg tgctggatgg     17340
     ttcccacatg ggcgagagtg cttggtcctg gctgcaggtc attaagagaa agcctatccc     17400
     atcgttcaag cacggtgggc cttgatgagc agacagtcta tggtttagag ctttattgta     17460
     gaaaggcagg aagaaagaga gaaggtagaa agagagaggg accagccata gccacatgga     17520
     gagagggggg aagggaaaga gagaaggagg gctagaaagt aagaaaggtg agggcttaaa     17580
     gagagcgagg aggggccaag cagcccctct tatagtgggc tgggctatct tgctgttgcc     17640
     aggtaactgt ggggaggaac atacctggct atagtcaggt aactgtgggg gtggagtcta     17700
     gccagaatgc cagaagcttg ggacattgcc tgattgagtc acagaattat ggatgggcac     17760
     ctgattctga gaacatggct cgcctttccg ttccttgtag atttctctat tgggtcatca     17820
     gagcgtgccc cattcaacca aaataggctg cctatcacag tcccactgac aaccactgct     17880
     taagtatata agaaggacat ttttccccac acctactgcc tacctccact ctgatgagca     17940
     ctagacaacg taactgagtg cagatctgag agacagagtc taaccttggc tctgccactt     18000
     gataagtgac tttggggaag atgcataatc gccatgtcac tcatgaagtg gaggcaatgc     18060
     acatgaagtc attggctggg gggatgatat aagctgtaac tggtatgtgg gacaacatgt     18120
     ctatcacaca attcaagcag acagtgagtg gaaacaacac cctctcatct aacattttct     18180
     ttctcaagtg tcatttgtta atctgttaat taacagttgt cagaattcat gtcaaaaatc     18240
     ggacagtgtt tgtgtctgga tgatggaatt gtggataatt ttattttcta tttttagttg     18300
     attatttaag attctaaact tcgtttagta aatatatata atatgtatat tatacacaca     18360
     cacacatata tatgtgtata tatgcatata tatatgtgta tatatatata tatatatata     18420
     tatatatata tattaattgt agtgttggag gtggagccta aggccttgag cacactaaat     18480
     atgtgggttt ttaaactgaa aaacattatt ttataaatat attttgatca tgatttctcc     18540
     ccctccaatc cctcccagat cctccctacc cacccaactt tatgttttcc ctctcttaaa     18600
     aaacaagtaa aaacccacaa aaccaaaaat gagaacaatc aaagactagt taacaaaaac     18660
     tgccaaaaca aagcaaaatg aaacagaaag tccatagaaa tactgagttt gtcttctgct     18720
     gggcatgcac cctgcccttc tgtgtggttt gtccacccag tgagactcta ttagagaaag     18780
     ctgatctttt ctttccggtc agagatcaat tgcagatagc ttcttggtca gagtactgag     18840
     gggcgggggt tgggtgggag gtggttatgt ccactttccc cattcagtgc tgccactcca     18900
     tctggcttaa acctgttcag gttttgtgtg tttgttgtaa tgtccctctt ttgtctctaa     18960
     tttttattca tttgaatctt ctctctgtgt agtttggtta atttggctaa gggtttctca     19020
     aagaactagc acttagtttc tttgattctc tgtgctgttt tttgctgtat gcttccatgt     19080
     gtcccatggg tttgctgtgg gcttccttct gctgtgtcct atgggtttgg gtaggttgtg     19140
     tttttgttca gtcctaagaa gcttttaagt tccttcattt ctgcatggac ccattttata     19200
     ttcattagtg agttgttcag ttgtcatgag tttatatatt ttctactgtt tctattgttg     19260
     atatcaagtt ttaatccatg gtggtcagat agggtgcagg gagtcgtttc tattttctta     19320
     tatctcttga gacatacttt gtatcctagt gtgtggtcag ttttggagag agtcctatga     19380
     gctgccaaga aagaagtaaa tccactagac tagtgtttgt ggagttttct gcagatgtct     19440
     gctagattta tttaatactg tagtgatata cgtgaaggct ctagaacaac agaataaata     19500
     acacctcaaa ggctagaggg caagaaataa acccagggct gaaacaagca aacacaaaca     19560
     acacaaagaa tcgaagaaac taagagttag ttctttgaga aaaccaagaa gattgagaaa     19620
     cccttagcta aatcaaccaa aggacacaga gagaagctcc aaatgaataa acattagaga     19680
     cgaaaggggg caacccaaca aacacagaga ctgtggcatc acacatagga gtggggtgct     19740
     ggagtcacgc actctcactg ggtgaggtca gtgtgtgagg ttggctgcaa tggtgtttct     19800
     ttatgaactt tcctgcctta agcttttcct ttaattcctt ttcacagatt ggaagcttat     19860
     ctgagagggg tcttgccctg aggtcaccac tccctctatt ccgtttaata tcgagctttc     19920
     catctcctta agcactgggc ttagcttcct tacacttcct ggtgccgttt tctcctcaca     19980
     ctgtacattc tgtatttttc tttgctcagt ttaatccttt taattataga tctggataag     20040
     tgtgaccact aataaccata tgatatagtt aatattaggc tgttttgaaa tttcccctgc     20100
     aaacatcatt aatccaaacc tcttcaattt agcctcaagc aatttttttt gaataagggc     20160
     agaacgcagc cacactcttc tccaaaatat cataagaata atttattacc attcttccct     20220
     tctgaaacct ctttagctgg gcctccacca ttcaagtcac ccttagaccc actgtcttct     20280
     acactccttc tagtgtggcc cagtaagact ctacataaag cattcaactg ctttcctaat     20340
     caaagtccca aagtccatat tctgacaaca agcaatacag tcaggcctgc cacgacaata     20400
     cctgttcctt ggaaccaact tctttcttag tctgtgttct gttgctgtga agagacacca     20460
     tgaccaaggc aactatgaaa aagagaaaac agaaagagag agacaatgga cctggcttgg     20520
     acttttgaaa cctcaaagcc caccccctct gacatacttt ctccatcaag gacacgcctt     20580
     ctcttctttc ttaagtaact ccactccctg atgactaagt attcaaatat aggatcccat     20640
     gggggccatt gtcattcaaa acaccacagt gcccttctat ttggtacata aatgtttaga     20700
     attgcaatat actcttgggt ttttttcttt aatgcatatg tagtatccct tcctatctct     20760
     tctgattgtt tttggtttga aatctatttt gtcagctatt aaataccttc ttctgcttac     20820
     ttcttgggtc catttccttg gaatggcttt tcccatcatt ttaccctgag atgatatcta     20880
     tcctttatga taaactatat ttcttggata cagcagaaaa gtgaatcctg ttttctaatt     20940
     caatctgtta ctctttgtct ttttactaat attgtgaact atcaatttac taatattgag     21000
     aggtatcaat gaagtgtgtt tattgatttc tattattttg ttgtggtggt gcgccccttc     21060
     ccccagtctt tgatgcactg ttctgagagt atttattcct tgtattttct tggatgtagt     21120
     aaacctcttc taacataagt tttcattcta acgctaatgt cttctgtaga gctggactat     21180
     agttagatac tgcttaaatg tggtttcatc aagaaatgct tttcagccgg gcgtggtggt     21240
     acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcaaggcc     21300
     agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagaatac acagaaaaac tctgtctcga     21360
     aaaagaacca aaaaaaaata tatatatata actatatata tatataacta tatataaata     21420
     tataatatat ataaatatat ataatatata aatatatata aatatatata tagctatata     21480
     tatatatata aaataaaaaa taaaaggaaa tgcctttctt tttccattta atgtaactga     21540
     tagttttgct ggatatagta gtctagactc tcatctcaga atttgtagaa catctctcca     21600
     ggtctttctg gctttcagtg aaaagttcag tgttattcta atgggtctgc ctttagatgt     21660
     tatttgtttt gtttttcact tacagttttt aaaatccttt cttttgtcct gtacattcag     21720
     ggttttgatt gtttcatggg gaatttcttt tctggtcttc tcatttggta ttctgtgtgt     21780
     atctaggact ttgatagtca tctctttatt taaattggga aaatgttctt ttagaatttt     21840
     attaaaaaca ttttttgtga ctttaatctg ggttttttct ccttcctcta tttctactgt     21900
     tcatcagttt ggtcttctta ttatgtagca gatttcctgg atgatttgtg cctagacttt     21960
     tttagattta acattttctt tgactaaggt atccattttt ctaccttgtc ttcaatacct     22020
     gaaatcctct ctcccatgtc tggtaatctg tcagagaagc ttatctctgt gacttttgtt     22080
     tgactgctaa agtttttcat tttcatttcc agttttattt tagcatggat tttctttggt     22140
     gattctattt ctattttcaa gtcttaaaat gttttcagta tttcatttaa ctgtttgtgt     22200
     ttcttccagt cttcattagg gaattgattc atatcttctt taatgtcttc aaacatattc     22260
     ataattgcta tttcaaagtc cttgccttat gcttcagcta aactgcattt ctcagggttt     22320
     attgaaatag ctttactagc ttttagagaa ggcatattgt cttgagtatt catgtttgtt     22380
     tttgcatggg gatccaggca tctgtagtta taatgtttgg ggtatttctt ggcatagata     22440
     gctggtcttt tttgagtgga tagttctgtt ctgtgtttgt tcttgcccag tttggatcct     22500
     agaaaagtat ggtggctaag gggtctcaga taaagattgc ttctgtcagg tggcaggtaa     22560
     cacaaagaaa tagatatgag ctaagaggaa aggtagggat ggcagaagga agacagggtc     22620
     ccaggaagaa atcctgttct tctctgtcaa taggcagagt acccaggaag tagatttttt     22680
     gtttgttttg ttgtttgttt gtttgtttca agacagggtt ctctgtgcag ccctggctgt     22740
     cctagaactc actctgtagg acaggctggc cttgaactca gaaattcccc tgcttctgcc     22800
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcacc accactgcct ggcagaagtg gattttgggg     22860
     ggagaggtcc tgcaggtagg ttaagagcaa gtctagagtg gctggaatgg tggacaagaa     22920
     ggatggtgag tccctactgt tgtgatttct ctggtcgaaa gtgtttctac agatcagcag     22980
     ttgacacaaa ggaatggaga tggcctagat gggagaaatg aaagggtcag tgggaaagag     23040
     ctaaggggat cctgggtttg caccatgagg tggagtcctc aaagaatgga ggtagggtgg     23100
     aaggtgggac tcctgtaggc agcctgtgga gtaggtaagt cagatgtgcg gttctaagca     23160
     catgctctat tgctgtatca cacatcacca gcccactcat ttaaaataaa gggcagaaga     23220
     cagtcactga ggacttacaa gcatggtaga tcatctatga atggatacaa agtcagaaag     23280
     gcaagcccag gagaggtgaa agtctccaga aagaatcaag aaaagaaaac aataatataa     23340
     ggaggtgggc agagttgcta agggtaatgc tgagctgaac gtaagttttc ttcatgtgcc     23400
     attgggcaat atgaaaagat tgttaccatc agtctgactc caacagtggc cttctctgat     23460
     ctggaaatag agaagtaaga tgacactatc agatgaaagg ggagtttctt caactgtgcc     23520
     cggactccag tgggatggac atggcatcac tgagacctct ttctttcttt cttccttcct     23580
     ttcttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     23640
     ttctttcttt ctttcttcct ttctttttgt tttttatttt attaaatatt ttctttattt     23700
     acatttcaaa tgctttccca aaagttccct ataccctccc ccaccctgct cccctaccca     23760
     ctcactccca cttcttggcc ctggctttcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcaata     23820
     ccaaagggcc tctcttccta gtgatggcca actaggccat cttctgctac atatgcagct     23880
     agagacatga gctctggggg tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc     23940
     agaacccttc agctccttgg gtactttatc aagctcctcc attggtggcc ctgtgttcca     24000
     tcttatagat gactgtgagc atccacttct gtatttgcca ggcactggca tagcctcaca     24060
     agagacagct atatcagggt ccaagacctc tttctaagat acctatttgt aggaggagct     24120
     catgtgagag aaaagcttga gaatgcctta gatggcatat attatatggg gcacttgtga     24180
     ggcactgtgt cagctacaac agagaagtga cttggtgttt ctccatttct gtccacagta     24240
     ttattaacat catcatcatc ctggctgggg ccatcgcact catcattggc tttggcattt     24300
     caggtatgtg ccatctaacc aaagtccaca ctgcgtccat ctcccgtaaa cctcttctca     24360
     ctcactggga catgtgaagg aaaggatttc tccccagagg acttcaaagc agacacttgc     24420
     tctccgtact gggtcctctt tgcgttacac atttaactcc ataggcatta ctccctccta     24480
     aacaggagcc tcaggtaaag ggagagctga ccatgacttc cacaccaagt aggaaatacg     24540
     tgccacaata accgctcttc aaaggcagtt agctcatgtc agccacagga agcccgcaca     24600
     cccctcttct gataggccat gtctctatag agcatctatt atggatgctg ttaattacga     24660
     tgtagttagg ccagcagctg tcttctctaa ggctagttgt ttgctgtttt tcataaactg     24720
     cctgactagg gccaatgtac ttattttaac ttggtctgtg accaagctgt cactttatga     24780
     ttttagtctt tatagtttca gctgtcactt tcctacatca ctatcctcta atatctggtt     24840
     attaaacagt gacaaaaagg cctgaacgaa acaagacttg ctatatgtgt ttgttatgac     24900
     aaggcataag tattctttcc cactttcctt atcatcaaaa tatattctac ttactttaaa     24960
     attgagtttc tctggtgttt caaaagattt tagttgtact tttaattatg tggctatatg     25020
     tctgaggata ggtttgtgct cttgagtaca gtgcccaagg aagccagaag agggtgttag     25080
     accctggaga actgggttaa ggtggttgtg cactgctcag tatagttgat gagccaaact     25140
     tgggacctgt gaaagagcac taggcacttt ttttttctga gtattttaac tttctttttt     25200
     attattagat attttcttta tatacatttc aaatgctatc ctgaaagttc cctataccct     25260
     cctccccccc ccccccccgc cctgctcccc tacccaccca ctcccacttc ttggccctgg     25320
     agttccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caataccaag gggcctctct tcctagtgat     25380
     ggccgactag gccatcctct gctacatatg cagctagaga catgagctct gggggtactg     25440
     gctagttcat attgttgttc caccaatagg gttgcagaac acttcagctc cttgggtact     25500
     ttctctagct tctccattgg ggaccctgtg ttccatctta tagatgacta tgagcatcca     25560
     cttctgtatt tgctaggcac tggcatagcc tcatacgaga cagctatacc agggtccctt     25620
     catcaaaatc ttgctggcat atgcaatagt gtctgggttt ggtggctggt tgtgggatgg     25680
     atccccgggt ggggtagtct ctggatagtc catcctttcg tcttagctcc aaactttgtc     25740
     tctgtaactc ctttcatggg cattttgttc cctattctaa ggaggaatga agtatccacc     25800
     cattggtctt ccctcttctt gattttcttg tgttttgcaa attgtatctt gggtgttcta     25860
     tgtttctggg ataatatcca cttatcagtg agtgcatatc taatgacttc ttttgtgatt     25920
     gggttacctc actaaggatg atattctcca gatacatcca tttgtccaag aatttcataa     25980
     attcattgtt tttaaaagct gagtagtact ccattgtata aatgtaccac attttctgta     26040
     accattcttc tgttgaggga catctgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg     26100
     ctgctatgaa catggcagta ggcactttta atcagggaaa cacgtttcca gtcacttgtt     26160
     tttctttctg acttgtagtt cgggctggga actggctatg agtattatca gatcgctcct     26220
     ggtctatggc ttgcttgcct tttcactcta atagatttct atgaacaaat ggtcttcatt     26280
     ttaacatagc caaattcatc aatttttttc cttcatatgc agaacttaat ctaatctatt     26340
     tatttattta tttattttta ccttccttga ggtcatgaaa atctccaaat ttctagaagc     26400
     ttcattgctt tattggtgga cagtatgctc acaaaccatc tagagtggct tttaccgtat     26460
     accggtcaag attaaatatt tccatgtggt tatccagtag acccaatgcc attaattgaa     26520
     aacattcttc cctctagtgc atccatcatc ataaaacagc gatccatgtg tgtgctaata     26580
     catttctgaa cttgctggtc tgtttcattc taatacagat ggttcttgat ttataatggt     26640
     gatacattcc agtcccaatt atatgttgga aacattgcaa gttctgtcca tttaatacac     26700
     ccaacctgtc acacagcata cttggcacac aacacactgc ggagtgtgcc cattggctct     26760
     gtgaacacgt agcctagtag gagctactgg tgccagcatc accagcacag aagcacataa     26820
     aaggtcaaaa tttggagtat actttttact gaatgcatat cgtttttgct ccatcatgaa     26880
     gtctaataat cacaaactaa accatcatat tgggacccta cccatcttcc cttttaatta     26940
     ccttcatttg atttgcgtta ttttatcaat tttcctgcct ctaaattttg ggtcttctcc     27000
     tcttaacccc tagttaaagg gtgttcagga ggaaaggaga tgtggcagta ggaaggtccc     27060
     tgggcacggt aaacacctcc agctctgcaa taccagtcac tggctggcct ctccaatggt     27120
     tccacactgc aggggggggg gggagaatca gagatagatg gctctcaatt ttgacaatgg     27180
     catgcccttt gggaggtaac ttaactttgc agaatcagtt ttcttgctgt taaaatattc     27240
     aagatcaatg tgcgagaacc tagagacgac tcattaactt cccaacatgt tcatgtgaca     27300
     aatggctgcc acaatttgat accacaaatg ctattaatac acattttcta ttatcaacac     27360
     actcatttag tgcctcttgg aatctgcaca atttcctgac caccctaagg tagacctctt     27420
     ttgaagctag ggtgctcaag acaaacagct atcatctaat aatgctccaa ctttggacaa     27480
     ttggatatgc ctctattcac ttatcagaaa gattattcaa tttgtttaga aaatatttga     27540
     tatttccaaa cactgcagtc gccaggcatg gtggagcatg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg     27600
     gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca     27660
     agaatagaca gggcgataca gagaaacccc gtctcgaaaa aacaaaaaaa caaaaaacaa     27720
     aaaaacacta cagtcatttg taaacatagc tcttctcatt tcttatattt ataatcatta     27780
     gctgtcttat tttaaatttt ttatatttat gtactgtgat gttggggctc aagcctaggg     27840
     tcttaaacat accagacaag tactctgtca ctgaattaca ccctcagccc tatcttttta     27900
     ttcttaaagt ggtgatatct ttaaaatggg ttgactcttg acatatttca gtctgaactt     27960
     agttgtcagc aaaacatgct agaaggagct gggctaagtg ccatatgaga ctggtttgat     28020
     cctgactccc ctgcttgcta gacacagggc actaagcaag tcactagcct cagagtttct     28080
     ttatgctcat tcataaaatg ggtctgatgt tcatttttac ctctgtggct taaaatgagc     28140
     cactaagagc aaagcattca gtgagacatt cctttcttac ctcccaaggc ctcgatctgc     28200
     tgtctaaaat agttggagtc aatgttttcc atatccatgg tttaaagttt agcatggcaa     28260
     gttggggaca gcgttaggcc cttgcttgga ttgtttcatt taaaagttaa aagttaaaga     28320
     cctcaggagg gtacactctc attttatatg taaaagcatg aattaaggtc ttgtccagtg     28380
     tcacataccc agaaagtgac agaactagga cccagagtga tatagtcacc atgttcccag     28440
     atgcccacac tctgccatat ccctacatct tccctttctt tctcctgacc tagcatcttt     28500
     cctagtttcc tcgtataagc aactgctaca cgcccatttt cctctttggc tagcatggta     28560
     cctacccata ggtatcatcc cagcctggaa caggatgtgt gtttctgtca ctaagtcatg     28620
     aagtatggtg cattctgcac agctgcacta cagtcattgc tacaaggacc ctcagataac     28680
     ggcttctagt atgttttaca ccactgaaat gtataaaaac ctatactgca ttgtgtcaaa     28740
     ggacagttca tttcctaact tttatccagt gctcccccat cacaatttct atgaaatgtt     28800
     tacctcatgt ttcttatacc cacccccaaa tatccctgct tctacagggg agaagcaatt     28860
     aaacatttct cacctgtgtg gctatgttga gactactact tgcttaccta tgatgtctcc     28920
     catccctttc ctcatgtgcc cagagctatg gatggtagga attgctccat tgtcatagca     28980
     gtgctagctg tcaacttgac tcaagcccag agtcaccaac aaagagggaa attcaactga     29040
     agaattgtcc aggtcagagg ccatgtctgt taggcatttc cttaattgct atttgatgta     29100
     agagctcact atgagtggta ccatccaggg gcaggtggac tatataacaa agatagctaa     29160
     ggggctggag atatgacgct gcagttgaga gcactggctg cttttgcaga gaacccagct     29220
     ttggttgcta gaccccacac agtacataca tcgtcacaac cacccgtagc tccagctcta     29280
     gcagatctca tattttcttc tggcctccta gagcatcaga tatgtatata gcatacacag     29340
     gcaaacactc atatacaata aaaataaatg catatatgtt ttagttataa aaggaaaaga     29400
     agtagccgag caaacagaac aagtgagcca ggaagcagtg gttctcaact tgtgggtcgt     29460
     agccctaact ggatcaaatg accctttcaa gagactcacc taagaccata ggaaaacaca     29520
     gataattata ttatgattca taacagtagc aaaattacag ttatgaagaa acagtgaaaa     29580
     taattttatg accaggggtc accaccacat gaggaactgt attaaagagt cgtagcatta     29640
     agaagtttga gagcggggct ggagagatgg ctcagcggtt aagagcactg actgctcttc     29700
     cagaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccatagtgaa     29760
     atctgatgcc ctcttctggg aggtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaca tataataaat     29820
     aaataaatct ttaaaaaaat aaagaagaag aagaagtttg agagccactc atctatggtc     29880
     tctgcttcag ttcctgcctc caggttcctg ccttgagctc ttgctctggc ctccctcaac     29940
     agtggaaagt gacgtgaaag caaagcccag taacccctcc ctcctccagg ccacttctgg     30000
     acactgtttt cagaaaccaa gctagggtag cctctttagc aaactatgta ttttcagcaa     30060
     attcccctgt cttccaattt ctgaggagtt tggggacaac cttggaggcc aatgagactg     30120
     tttaaatctg tgtcagtcac agaattctcg atcaacagac agtggcttct aacctatcta     30180
     aaagggactc ttgtcccttt tctacctgtc acctaggagc ctctggtggt cagaatgcct     30240
     ggagaattgc atcgcaccag gctacgtaat gttccttgca ccaggatgtg tttgtacatt     30300
     tgagtacatt aagttctgtt cagtcactta actccttatt tattcatgta acaagcattt     30360
     gttgactctg gctggatgca aagcaagcct tcctcttcgt gatggctgag gttctcactg     30420
     gttttattct cctcatattt cctatggatg gggattcatt cagtgaattc ataccacatc     30480
     atgagtgtga cctcaaatga cctgaagctg cagcaggtcc ccaaggcatg ccagaactgc     30540
     ctatttttaa ttaccaagtt ctctaggaga tgtgtcagtg gattccctac ctgtgggctc     30600
     aaggctgatg atacattaaa atgaattccg taacacaatt accaaccgag gtatgtcatt     30660
     atcatttcat ttcctccgta attgtgctaa taatgtgggt tcttttctga aaagtaattt     30720
     tccagattaa cttcgatgac actttataaa gtacggtcac cttctctcta gctctgactg     30780
     agtcccattt gttctgtggt ttcattgaga aaccgtatat atttttattg tccttttttt     30840
     taaaggctaa tgtttctccc aaatttaact gcagtgacct tggcacgtgc tcttcaccct     30900
     ggcaatggat agattattta agcagtgctt tgatttgtgc ttagccccat ttattcataa     30960
     actcataaaa tattatttct ctgtagaaca ggacagtaaa cgtgatcagg cctgtagtta     31020
     ctactgaaac agtttccccc ttgaacaaag cttgcagatg agtgcaaggt ccagacgtga     31080
     gtcaaggagg aggaaggcgg ttgccatggt aaagggaaaa gaagagctat gggggcaggt     31140
     gtatctgcct attcttcctt agcaggctgg aaagggcctc ccagaaggac tggcatccca     31200
     gctggttcca ataagagtag atggtgggaa agcggggaca tcgagccaga actcctgaca     31260
     ggagaaagga gcagggtggt gacagtgcag agtgtgacca cacagcccat gcacgcgtgg     31320
     gtattttaat aaacaaagat aaatggaagg aagcctgaat tttcaaagca gagttcaaga     31380
     aaaagcctgg caggagacgg gcgccgtgtt cttatcatag tcttcttttg ccatctttcc     31440
     tagttagttt tccaaatctc tgtcacaaaa ggccacacat ggcagctgct ccccaaatcc     31500
     cttttcttcc acattgccaa acctccaaag cgtcttccag cccagcctag gcacgcctgt     31560
     ttcctccatc tcctttttcc agctatactt cctcttcgat ccctagccct ctgttctttt     31620
     tttgtgcaga tctgtttagc ttgatgtctt tgggtctatt ttccatgtac tacactcatc     31680
     tcttttacaa aggtcttgga gtcaagtaga ctatcccgag cctgaatgag ctagaagtgc     31740
     caaggacacc cttctgtcta gaatgtttgc ttctgtattt gaacatgaac atggactaat     31800
     tgtttatgac tctttaagtt gaagaaagaa aatcaacaaa ctattggaca cagacaatga     31860
     aagaggacag tgggagagga aactgccagg cagaaacaaa aggcattcac tgtgtgccag     31920
     gcagtgcctg gcactgaagg ccaggcaggg aaatctgcga ctcattctag agcccatagt     31980
     aaccatggga aattagtgcc taggtggcag atgtatttgg cttgtactct taagaaagcc     32040
     acctgcaaga gcaatgcctt taaaatgtgc tggatggagg aagatatgca cggtaggaaa     32100
     accagtaaag aagctggcac tgtccaagac ccttcacagt gatgtctgtg ggcgtcagaa     32160
     aggcctgtat ggaccatctt aaatgcttaa atcaggtgtc tatgtgaaga atatgcggag     32220
     gttgggacag catctcctgc cactgtcctc agcatgactc aggatgagac tctccatagt     32280
     tctcttcctc accattcctt gtaactggtc ggtaatcctc ttgggattga cagacatttt     32340
     cttagcttca catctgtgtc atgggagcca ctaaagatat ttaattaatt gagttacctt     32400
     aaggtgccat cagtcagaac aactggcaca aagaaccctt gactgggtgg gctgtaggct     32460
     ggacaaccaa aggagaggcc gtagaatgga gatactccca tagtcaatgt ttctcctgct     32520
     gataggatca aacgggtgag gagagtagtt tctatcttgg accaaaacat cactaagtac     32580
     cactcttcat tatgatgtag ataacactat aacttcagcc acagcacttc ccttctccat     32640
     gcctgagttc cttcatcatt ccaagaaaga caaagtccca gcatgttaga attgaacttt     32700
     ctttggaatt actagcctta ttagttaaca tgaagtatcg ctttgtgtca cttctgatta     32760
     gctaagtata ataccttatc tgtgtaactg ccgttcagca agtcaagttt atacctactt     32820
     gatttgttcc tcacaataac ctctcaacgt tgacaagatg gtagtgttcc ctccattccc     32880
     ctgagagcca gaatagtcac atgacttgtt taagattaaa tggctgttca ggaacaaagc     32940
     cgggatgtga atattcacac tccagagttc ctcaactctg gtgtgttttc ctcttgctgc     33000
     ctctgagggt ttgggtacat tgttcttaca aaagctattg tgcacagatc tgctgtaggt     33060
     accaacattt cttcctgctc tttctagtct ttccagtcat gtctttttgt gtccttctct     33120
     acttctaact gatctggaca tctctgtccg gcatgtacta atgaagaaca tggctgccca     33180
     agtaccaggg cctcactggc atgggtcctt cctgaaccgc aggcaagcac ttcatcacgg     33240
     tcacgacctt cacctcagct ggaaacattg gagaggacgg gaccctgagc tgcacttttg     33300
     aacctgacat caaactcaac ggcatcgtca tccagtggct gaaagaaggc atcaaaggtt     33360
     tggtccacga gttcaaagaa ggcaaagacg acctctcaca gcagcatgag atgttcagag     33420
     gccgcacagc agtgtttgct gatcaggtgg tagttggcaa tgcttccctg agactgaaaa     33480
     acgtgcagct cacggatgct ggcacctaca catgttacat ccgcacctca aaaggcaaag     33540
     ggaatgcaaa ccttgagtat aagaccggag gtgagtcact tctgaaagtg gggggggggc     33600
     accctcaaag atgtctgaga atagctgagg gcattagttg ttgataaaaa tatcatggtg     33660
     tgctcataaa tgaccaatac cagaccaaaa ctctctcagt tctgttagtg tgtattctca     33720
     aagacacatt ctccccctcc ccctccccct ccccctcctg tttctttccc tctccctctc     33780
     ctttcttccc tctatcactt cccactccaa ggtgtagagg gtctctctat gtagccccag     33840
     ctggcctgca actcactatg tagaccaagt tagctgtcaa acctgtccac ctcagcctcc     33900
     caaccactag gatgaaaggt ggacagcacc acccctagct aatgaacgtg gtctttctaa     33960
     agtagaccct ggcgttgcta ataggaaaag cccacaatct gtcccagaat atttctatgc     34020
     taattagaca tgagcccaca tctgaaatga gtccctccag agactcctga caatgagagc     34080
     cagtttagga gagatccaaa aagaaccaac caaactaatg ctgttgatac aaactcagta     34140
     atgtggcccc agtgaaactc aaccctctgt gccaacacta tctactagat gttttctgaa     34200
     tgtatatatg agggattcgg atagatgcaa cgaagcatat gaagatggtt aataaacaaa     34260
     agtgttcacc cctcctttca cgatgcttct agtatagtgc ttacagaact ggaggtacca     34320
     attactaaag cataacaaag aacacctaag gaaaattgaa atcgaacagt tgaggggttc     34380
     acaggaaaag aaagaccaca cccaatgcac ataagagaag ggataagaag ccctcatggc     34440
     aaaggtgaaa ggggctttga aggaagcaga aactagccta tactccccta gtctaaacta     34500
     gtctttatag ggtttccttg aacacctcct gagtatatgt aattctacaa agcatagccc     34560
     tagagtcaga acactctttg agcctcgact tctttatttt aagatgggga ttagtggagc     34620
     aatgtaagat ggtcagacca aagaagcgaa cttcagtgaa aaacttcaaa tagtggaaga     34680
     agagaacaca gtacgaaatc atggctcagg gtttaaaaca cgcactcaca tgcatacaag     34740
     gagggagaag aaatagattc taatcagaca gaaatcccaa acaacttact tctctctccc     34800
     cttctccagg aggcagaggt gacacttagc actcccattc tgccctgtca gggtatgctg     34860
     gagaagtgaa gtcaccgttc aaagacacct aacaaatgtc ccctctcctc atcagcaagt     34920
     gggtgtggag agcactcatc tcttagcctg ccatgttgat ggggggactt ttccctacca     34980
     ctgtcttcct ctccaactct aactgtgaga agaacatcat gttagtccca gcagaaaggc     35040
     gccctacatg atacctgacc aggttctcaa aactgcaaga gccataaaga gtatagaaag     35100
     agtatgtcac agtctataag gctctgaggc aacacaatta ctgaaaacaa aaagattaca     35160
     tgctggaaca tcaacaggaa aaacaatgtt aatgggtaaa atacagatca agcctggagt     35220
     ctagttaaca gaagtgctgg tttctcactt ttgagataca atgaccattt aacatgctac     35280
     attagaggaa acagactgga aagtctagag gaaattctct cttgcagaaa agtctttggg     35340
     acttttatgc aaatctaaag ttgttcacat aatgcaatct atgttaattt tctttaaaaa     35400
     aaataaataa agagtaaaat aagagagcct ggaaaggtgg ctcagtggtt aagagcaccg     35460
     gctcgtcttc cagaggactg gggtttggct cccagcatgc acatgcaact cacagccatc     35520
     tgtaattcca gcctctaaag gcacagcacg cacgtggtac acatacacac atgcaggtaa     35580
     acactcaaat acataaaata aaaataaata caccttttta gagaaattag tcaaaataaa     35640
     atattccaaa atttttaaag atatcaccac agataaccac aggattattg ggagcaccaa     35700
     atggactgat acctgggcta tacttctagc acaaggtata tgctcaaaac tcgtctccca     35760
     tatcatctcc taaaaacccg ctccctccgg gctcaaagca catgcatctc cgcttctttg     35820
     ctatgtaaca ggcttgctgg gtgtgaggta aagagcaggt taaaggcatg tgtctgtacc     35880
     ctcaacatgg ggcactgaag gcaaagggat caggcgctcc tgtcatcctt ggctcagtgg     35940
     gaagttcaag gccagcgtgg cctacatgag actgtatcag aaacaagaca aacaacaatg     36000
     aggtaaaaat ctcttttaat cccctctctg caccagtcta accctgagca aagaagcagc     36060
     taaagggctt aataagttgc tgactgcctg ggcggggacc tggcaagatg gatcagcagg     36120
     taaagctgct tgatattcaa agccatgcat cagcctgagt ttgattccta gaacccatgt     36180
     gtcttggtta tctttcaatt gctcctgaaa gacaccgtga ccaaggcaac tatagaaaaa     36240
     agggtttatt ttggccctac ggtttcaaaa gatgaatcca tatcaccctg gcaggaaaca     36300
     agacagcaga caggcaggca tggagctaga gcagtagctg agagcttaca tctaattcac     36360
     aggcaagagg ccgagagagg gagagagaca gagagacaga gagagagaga cagagacaga     36420
     gacagagaga cagagagaca gagagacaga gagagggggg agagagaaga gagagagagt     36480
     gagagcttgg aatggtgtga gcatttgaaa cctcaagccc cacccccagt ggcacatctc     36540
     tttcaacaaa gccacacctt ctagtccttc ccaaacagtt ccaccaagca ttcaaacata     36600
     tgagcttctg gagatcattc ttattcaaac aaccacatca tgcaaaagag gaaggggaga     36660
     accagctctc caaaactact ctccacgctt cacaggtatg ctgtgtgtgg cacatattcc     36720
     tacacaatca ccactgtcac tgtcgtcgtc agcagcagca tcactatcac catcatcatc     36780
     ataaccatat cttatcattt taattgtgga ctgccttcct gccataacaa taagcccaga     36840
     gccctaacac tctatcctaa gagaacggat accttaattt ccaagtgtta ctttaataag     36900
     tagcatttct tagaatacaa aaaataccta ccattctact tgtagatatc agagctaaaa     36960
     atctctaccc aagcaaactc caaatcccca cagtgccaag gcttgtgaat aggccttctg     37020
     tggtgaaaga tgaatgtttg ttctttcttc ttacccttct ctctttacct caaaacatat     37080
     gattcagtag gcccttccaa ggccctattg tcctaaggaa agagacatcc tcctcctcct     37140
     cctcttcctc ctcctcccct tcctcctcct cttcctcctt cttccataat cactgagttc     37200
     ctcttacatg gagaagatta tcaaaatgct aaaatacatg aaactcgggt cccttgagtt     37260
     tgtggtactg gccaagggtt ataatgcaca gtgatgctct gaacaaataa tttatgccca     37320
     cgacataatg ggccttacac aaacattact gtgggggtgt gctgagtcac ttcagtgaga     37380
     gaagtgattg tcccatgttt ttaagaccta gcactttagc tgggtggtag tggtgcatgt     37440
     ctttgatcca gtactccaga gtcagaggca ggcagaactc tgtgtagtct acagagtggg     37500
     ttccaggaca accagagcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaaccaaa ccaaacaaac     37560
     aaaaaagacc cagtacttat ggtgtttttg tctaatctgt ctccccgtga catttgtccc     37620
     ttttgacctt tgaccctaca gccttcagta tgccagagat aaatgtggac tataatgcca     37680
     gttcagagag tttacgctgc gaggctcctc ggtggttccc ccagcccaca gtggcctggg     37740
     catctcaagt cgaccaagga gccaatttct cagaagtctc caacaccagc tttgagttga     37800
     actctgagaa tgtgaccatg aaggtcgtat ctgtgctcta caatgtcaca atcaacaaca     37860
     catactcctg tatgattgaa aacgacattg ccaaagccac cggggacatc aaagtgacag     37920
     gtgggtctcc tggggtttcc cgtgctgctg gagatgaaac ccagggtctg gggggtacaa     37980
     gtcaagctct ctattcccaa acatctgcgc gcctctccgt gttctcacat gtatctctag     38040
     aaagaaaata gtatgtcaat caaaattgaa tttatttaat acataccagg gtacaaaaaa     38100
     tctctacgct tccagagcct ctagagtagt ggttctcaac caatgggtca caaccccttt     38160
     gcagtagtca aacaattctt tccaggggtt acatatcaga taccctgtat atcagatctt     38220
     atactatgat tcaaaacagg aaaagttata attacaaagt agaacaaaat aattgtatgg     38280
     ttgggagtca ccacaacatg aggaattgta ttttagggct gcagcattag gagtgttaac     38340
     gaaccactgt gccagagatt ttgatcataa ttctagttgg cactgatttt tgtaatcgaa     38400
     gcctaacact gcataatatt tatagcatat tgactaaaaa gtggtgactg agcctggcat     38460
     tgtgatgcac atctttaatc ccagccctcg gaaggcaggt agatctctgt aaatttaagg     38520
     ctagcctgat ctacagagtg agttccaggc tagccagagc tacccagtga gaccctatct     38580
     aacttcctcc ctcccaaaag gcattgactg acttaatctg acattacttg ggggtttttt     38640
     gggttttttg gggggggctt taggattcag aggctttttc ttcctaactc gggggactac     38700
     tttagtgtag agtagagatg taatgattat ttgacaactg tgacatattt aactgataca     38760
     ctacatccta aattcttcca aaatcactag atcccaactt gcccttgaga aggttttgag     38820
     tctgaagatc aaagatctac cctctgactc agtcttactc agcatcatgg gactggaggc     38880
     tgatctcacc agtgttgact aagactgacc actggtcagg aaaatctgaa aaccttagac     38940
     tgaagtggcc tcttagcagc ctgttttagt ccctgtcacc tgcctgcagt gctttagtgc     39000
     atgccaaacc taggaggaag gcagttctaa gatgaaccag actcagctat gacttccggg     39060
     gcatggcctc ttatgcttca ttgaaccctc tcttcagagt gaagtttgct aagaaagagt     39120
     tgctgtctgt atcaagtgta gaacaatgca aatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtacata     39180
     cacatacaca tatacatact gtacattttt aattcctgac agaggatggc tgagcttaac     39240
     tgaataaatg atactcataa catcttatgt ttttattaaa attatattta tgaaagttaa     39300
     tctgtggaat ggcagaaaat acttgcaaat tacctatcta ataaggtgtt agtactcatg     39360
     atatataaag aaatcttata acttaacaaa aaaattaaat ggctgaattt taaggatttt     39420
     ggttttcggg gcttgatagt cagacccagg gccctgtgca tgctgggcaa gcagtctgcc     39480
     acagataggg tcatgtatcc agccataaca gttggattcc tgctgccttt ctccattttc     39540
     catatgtgta ctttttcatt ttggtgtgta tacagcggac atgtgcatgt ttttcatgtg     39600
     tttgtacaca tgcacgtgtg tatgcactca tatgaacatc agaaatcatt ctccattgct     39660
     cttccctttg ttcactgcag caggcctctc aatcaaaccc agagctggtc tcaccagccg     39720
     gcctgctctg gggatccatc tccagtttcc actccttgag gctggagtga taggtgtgct     39780
     gtcatgccca caccacattg atgcaggtat ctggggatct gaatgccact cctcacgctt     39840
     gcacggcaat cagctgtaac catggatcca tttctccaac actgaatttg gaaatgagca     39900
     tatgagaagg ggcgattttc taattatgat atttaaatga ccaaaaggtc cgtcaaaatg     39960
     tgcttcacag catgaatcat gagtataaag ctaagtaaaa acaacaagaa gctgtcacct     40020
     cagactccag gcccattgag atgctcacca accagaactc acacacgcag aaatgagcaa     40080
     gggttggtga ggaggtagag aaactggagc actcatgcac tgtaagtagg acagactctg     40140
     aagtaatcaa cagaaaatag catgctctaa caccagacta gccacatgat ctgatgacta     40200
     tacttttagg tatatccaaa aaataaaagt cttagataaa tatttgaatg cttatggtgg     40260
     tagtaatact atttataata gtcaagaaaa tagaagcctg aagtgtccat tgatgacata     40320
     gatgacaaat ggacaccacg ggttagatat agtaaatgca cactgtagag agaatatctt     40380
     atgtctgtgt ggatgtggca cctgtcaata ataaatctga tggcctatgg cttaggcagg     40440
     aaataggagg tgggacatcc gggaggagag agaattctgg gatagaatga gtgaggcagg     40500
     agagccaccc aggaagatgt gaggagacag acacatggta cctgagcaca gataaacagc     40560
     catgtggcaa aatgtagatt aaaataatag attctcttaa gttataattc taggtagaga     40620
     agagcctagc tatatagcca aggtatttgt aaatatatat tgagtcagtg tcttattttt     40680
     gggaaattgg gactggtggg tagagccaga cccaactttt acagcacaca gcagggtact     40740
     aatcatccta gattcttgtt caacaggcac agattttgtg ccaagtatgg tcatagtact     40800
     ttaaaaaccc acgagatact tagataaacg gtacagctat cattaaaaag ttaatcccag     40860
     tattaaaatg ggacctctaa gatagagtta attgtgacta gagtggacca agagggacag     40920
     agagttcggg ttaggttata aagatggaga aaatgaaaga ctaagaagcc ttgaaatcag     40980
     gagcctgtgg cagtggtccc agagaggaat tgtgagcata tgaaaaggga aaaagaaaaa     41040
     taaattaagt tgcttgaata aaaacaagca aaccaagcca cccatggatc ttgatatagc     41100
     aaatgtgacc atcaagaaaa ataacagtca gaatgggttt gatgttcgta cccagcatgt     41160
     cgaggaacct ggtacctata ccaacaaagc agggacacag aagcaacatg agggtgaaga     41220
     tgatgatgct ttagagacgt tgctcttcaa aggcccacag aggatgcagg cagagatgcc     41280
     taccgcttga cacattaccc atcacgtgga ggcctgggag gctgcagccc tactccatac     41340
     atttcattct atgagacagg atccctgggc atctaacctt tcagtgttca ttttcctact     41400
     gggcttgggt aggtctgctg tgtgtgttgt ttgcagctaa cacttattga gtgacagtat     41460
     gccaggcact gttctatgtc actcatgagc tctcattctt attatttttt tctggtagag     41520
     gaaaaaaaag gagcaaatat gtattgagtt atttactgaa gtcacaggcc taaagtgtga     41580
     cagagctgaa atagtgacat gaaattggat tgtctaaggg agaaaagagt agaaggtgaa     41640
     atcgataatt ctgtatcatt ttatagaggt ctagtgaaat ctgatagcac aaacctgtag     41700
     acgccactgc ctagggaaca ggtacatcca aaaccaagga accgtcttga gtcagttgct     41760
     tagctttgtt ttcatatagt aaccctaggt atggcttcat tggtataact ttcatattgg     41820
     ctgtgtcctc actaagatga tcatagaatt atctttgctc cacagacctc tgagtcgatt     41880
     gtattctaaa agggtggagg gagcagagga acaaatctgc ccttgttggg aaccaatcac     41940
     tccgtttttc tgatgcttta ccttcatcac tgatgcgaac atccagcttc tctctgactc     42000
     tcaactcttt tctgtttttt ttacagattc agaggtcaaa aggcgaagtc agctgcagtt     42060
     gctgaactct gggccttccc cgtgtgtttt ttcttctgcc tttgtggctg gctgggcact     42120
     cctatctctc tcctgttgcc tgatgctaag atgaggggcc ctggctacac aaaagcatgc     42180
     aacgttgctg gtccaacagg tgaggtcaag cacaaagagc gtgctggatg ggtcatagcc     42240
     cagcaagcgt acctagccag ttctcctgcc ctagactgtt atgaaacaga atcacacagc     42300
     cttcagcacc agccacaggg aggaatatac actgatctca ggtcagggac tttgtcctag     42360
     aggtgtgaaa ggtaaaattt tagtgtccag cactaaccaa gggcagatac aaaaaccaac     42420
     cccacacaat ccaatcattt atgtaacttc aaacacctat tcatttgctg agtcattagc     42480
     ggattccaaa ttgccttttc aaaaagtaag aactgtttgg tcctgactaa ttaccctggg     42540
     cttcactgtt attcacactg agagccttgt aatccctggg taaacgacct tttccccacc     42600
     cccatcctag tttgtccacc ttgggccctg gtgactcacc agctagccct cctgctgaga     42660
     tctgttctct ggctccaatg actgattgga catttccacc taaatattct tctgcaagta     42720
     gaatttgcac agaactgagc tgtggagttc tggtcagctc ccacataagg aaggcttcct     42780
     aaggctcaca ggtccagtgt tttttctgac cgtcctctgt ccttcatgtc agctgttgcc     42840
     atgaacccta cagtgttctc tcagactgat ccatttgtat caccttatat ccaagctaat     42900
     tctaatttaa aattttgtgt tttattattt ttgtatgtac atgggtgttt tgtcatatgt     42960
     atgtctatgc cccaaatatg tgctcagtgc ccatataaac cagaagagta tatcagattc     43020
     cctggaacag gagctataga cagttgtgag ccaccatgtg agttctggga atcgagcctg     43080
     gatcctttgg aagagcaacc agggctctta atcactaagt gatctcttta acccaaagtc     43140
     tagttctaaa acattgtgtt tgcacctccc cccatctctc tgtctgtctc tgtctctctg     43200
     tctctgtctc tgtctctgtc tctgtctctg tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt     43260
     ataggtgata ggaaactagg tatcaggaaa aaaaatacac tattacactc tagtgtctcc     43320
     ttgctctgga acccagaatg agtctagaca caagtgtctc agagctactg tcttcagctg     43380
     agcaatcaca gtcctctatc ttcttccagg catgtgcacg tgtacacaca cacacacaca     43440
     ctcactccca gccccattct gggaaatgta gtctacagaa gtttctgtcc atgtgttcct     43500
     ttatccttta cagggaaatg ctcttcagcc taagacccct ttcctgaggg cccctgaacc     43560
     ccacattcag ctggcctggg tataggcaca ccctaccctc tctgaggctt gtgtgtgcct     43620
     tgcccagata ggtaagatct ggaggccggc aagacctgtg catttgtttc ttatccctcc     43680
     ttctctcgtt ttctgagctc ttaagacagt gcagtgtaag aagtggattc tatgtaaggg     43740
     agcctgccag ctgccctcat ttctgacccc atggctttct gcagagggag atgtccccca     43800
     aggagccact ccttagggat ttcacaggta gccagaggag ctcgaccttc ctcccttgat     43860
     tcctgcttac actataaatg agttctttaa ataagcagca attaggcact gtggcctgta     43920
     gaatatagat tacttatcct tttttcttat tcccttggag caataacttt cagctttgta     43980
     aaaagtcatg tcaagggctg gagagatggc tccatggtta aaagcaccaa tggctcttcc     44040
     aaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatgaga     44100
     tctgacaccc tcttctgatg catcagaaga cagctacagt gtacttagat ataataataa     44160
     ataaatcttt tttaaaagcc atgtcataca tgtaaaaagt gatggtcaca catagcacac     44220
     acagaattgg acacatactc agctgccact ttgttgtctg tagaaagtaa ctttctctat     44280
     aggagaataa ctttaaacca aatagatttt tctttgaaga ggtttttggt ttggtttggt     44340
     tcaggttttt tgttgttgtt tttgttcttc actaagattt ctaaagtaaa gggacagatc     44400
     attatttcag atacacacta ttgttggcca agacacacta ggtcccatac catccagcta     44460
     ggaaaagagg cagatggtgt cttccaacct cattccagaa ccctgcctat gtctattgct     44520
     ctgaggaccc acttctctcc tgagactaga actgcaaggt cttctcttaa tataaaattt     44580
     aagccatcac cttcccagag tagacccaga tcatggacca tgggccacag gccacagtag     44640
     aacagcagaa tacagaaaaa taagcccatt tcaaaacagg aggtacactc acacaaaggc     44700
     tagggaatga cgactctggg ttctcagtaa acatcagcca aatgcctatc atgatatctt     44760
     attgtgttct ttcagaatcc cggagaacta cagaaatatt ttcctcaaga catgacctag     44820
     ttttatattt ctagaagaag atgaaatcat gtctagaagt ctggagagag cagacaggaa     44880
     caagatgtgg aaggaaaaca aaagtaaccc acagacaccc ccgatcggaa caagatggac     44940
     ctagaaaata attcaaccaa actagagtat actaagtgtg ctgttacaat gtgtgtaggg     45000
     taggtgtcct cccacatctc aggggcctcc cctggtccac cagctcctga gttaggatgg     45060
     gctgttatga tgtcactctg aaggttcctg gatggttcct actgccatat actcatttta     45120
     tattcagcac attaaaccat agtgaatgct atgaaaagct gctaatcagc tgccactccg     45180
     agattcggag gtggcaacgt ctgagtgaca ggtccagtga ttcgcttctc cttaggatgc     45240
     ttttacaagc tctttggcgt ctcctcccac ctggcaaatg ccaaatgcat aggggagggt     45300
     gatcatcatt ctagggcaaa caaaatagtt gagggatgct gatttcccaa atcatccgaa     45360
     tcacttctcc cttgagcaaa caagcgccct gttatttctc aaatgctgct ttgtgaatca     45420
     gtccagggca aggcgctctc ctcatcccgc tatgtggcct taagtcatcg taaggtttga     45480
     agtttctact ttcgatcctg catggagagc tataatctca gctcccccgc cccccccaca     45540
     cacacctctg cacacacacc cccccccaac actgggagta aaccaggatg atgtccgtct     45600
     tctcattccc catgtgaccg ttggcagtgt agagagactg attgtcacag ctaaaggaag     45660
     agggacaaca gggtcactgg tgtctacaga gattatattc tacgtgtctc actgaattta     45720
     cacaactcca agtgccaacc acatcaaggt caggaaatcc tgaactggaa taagaaagac     45780
     ccagaagatg aatgtgaaca gatccatttg cttcccgaca gtgggcacag acttcagtct     45840
     ctggctactg ttccaagacc cagggctctg caattgtgtg acatccttca gtgaacccac     45900
     atgggaaatt ctccatggaa ttatcttcag cccactgtac ttctgaatcc ctcttccttc     45960
     cttctgtgcc acacagcaag tctggcttaa atgctgcctg atctccattt caagttttct     46020
     gcctctggat ttttagatct caagaccatg gacgaaacat cagttacagc aacaaaagtg     46080
     aattttccgt gcagagactt ctaggggttc tgtttgtttt cagggtgcta gagatcacac     46140
     tcagatgctc atatatgtta ggtaaatgtt ctcccactga gttacagccc agctcacaca     46200
     gagacttcta aaagaaaata cggccatgct ctttgaaatg gagcattgag ggatgaagtt     46260
     tggatggcga agaaaacttc tcaccagctc tctccccaca ttcgtgccaa gcactgcctc     46320
     cctagacttc gggtcaccat atctgtacta cgttttgata cagaaggctc gagaccattc     46380
     aagagaatta tttagtacac attccctatg ctgctgtccg cctggtctgt caccaaaggt     46440
     gaaaacgaag agatggatga aaggatagag gaagtgtaat aaagaggaat gcctcccaca     46500
     gaaaataggc cttccacgag ggttagttgc ataagtggga atgagtggga gtctgtatgg     46560
     gctgaatgcc taagtctagg tacgcaagaa aattcctcca ggtttatact agccttgcct     46620
     gttcctatca gggaaaacag ttattgctct taatttgtga tagatatttc aggggaacat     46680
     atacaattgt atgcactagt attataagag acaattcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     46740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtagatg gggtctctat atagcccttg     46800
     ctggtcggaa actctctctg tagaccaggc tggcgtcgaa ctcacagaga tccaactacc     46860
     tctgcttccc aagtgctggg attaaagaca tcaccatcaa gaaaactctt actactgagg     46920
     aattaacaag ttttagatct ggaagaacct caaaattatc tttaagtctt tttatcattc     46980
     atataaagat ccaggggcca atggtgaagt tcaggtcacc agtcagtctc agattacata     47040
     ctttctatta gtagctggtg ggaaaatgat atcgacagag gaagaatttc caaggaacct     47100
     tagaccctct cccttcctgc attcccatct gggccccaat atatcttaca cagaaaggac     47160
     tgtaggcttt ctgtcacatg acataacagc taaaatgaga caaaggagga aggatgaatc     47220
     ttgttcaatc ttaggggtct tgggacatgg ttggttggga catggctggt tggtgccttt     47280
     gctttggtcc tgcagtgatg tgagtttgtt gcagggagca ttcagcaaag caaagccact     47340
     cacatcataa tgacagaagc agaaggagac atgagcagtg acccttcaag gtcatacttc     47400
     taagggctta aattcctctc ccttggagct atctccaaag ccttctctac tggctccaaa     47460
     ggctggagag taagttttta ttgaatgcat ggatctctgc ttatatttca gaatcagaga     47520
     ccaaaggtga ctcaagctgt aacatataaa tattcctgtc ttgttcatgt gtacacactg     47580
     cacatgcagt agacagcaga tatgtatgtt acaaaccaga atatggtgtg gaccacaaac     47640
     acctataact gttcaaatct aaatgctaaa gctagagcta aagtacattt aagggaataa     47700
     accatccgac cttcaaagtg gaacatttag ggttatgggt tggaaaccaa atggcctcaa     47760
     agcctggagt gtggaaggtg tggtcccaga tcatggcact catgatggtc agaccatgga     47820
     gaggctaaca acatcagtat ccatctattg tgatttagca ttggatggga cattaagagc     47880
     tgggagtggg atccctggga gcttgcctta tccttagtcc cttcctgcct tgcccttcct     47940
     acattctgct gcggggtcaa ctgtaatgtg aggccagtct tcagctcaaa gcaataaggc     48000
     ctggtgctgg agagatggct caacagttac aagcgctgat agctcttctg gagaacctgg     48060
     acttaatccc cagcacccac atggcagctt acaatcaccg gtgactcagc cctagagggt     48120
     ctcatggcgt cttctagtct ccatgtgcac caggtacaca tgcagaacac agacaaacat     48180
     gcaagcaaaa tgcccacaat gatgattttt attattatta tttttttttt ttaatcttgg     48240
     gtcagccaag ctcagtggta aaaggacttt gtagcaagcc caagactctg agttcagctc     48300
     ctggtaccaa tatggtaaag gaagaagttg caagttgtcc tttgacctcc atacacatgc     48360
     ctaggaacat gtgcaggtaa cccacacaca tctaatcaaa ttaatcatta gttacatttt     48420
     aaaacaacag gactaagtga ccattgcaag actaaattct tggaaactat gagccaaaat     48480
     aaatcctttt ccttctcctc ctccttcttt ccctccttct tctccctctt ttcctccttc     48540
     ttctccttct tcttcttctc cttctcttcc ttcttctctt tctcctcctc ttcttcctcc     48600
     tccttctctc tctccttctc cctcttttcc tccttctcct tctcctcttc ctcttcctcc     48660
     ttctttttat gtcaagtatt ttgttacagt atcaaaaggc tgaccaacaa catgaactac     48720
     tgaccattct taggttgcaa gacttatttt aagtgaataa ggccttaaat ccatgcacaa     48780
     gcaggagcaa aaaatgtgtg taggttgtaa ttgcataata tggcctttgc ttgggattta     48840
     ctgatgatac ctgtaattcc tacactttac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     48900
     acacacacac acatcagcac actagctgtg ctaattcaag ccctcttact ttgtgcctgg     48960
     actgcttttg ctgaatcatc cccagaagtt tcgatctgga agtcatcagt aataatacat     49020
     aggctatttt tttcttccat ctttaaatct catctactct caaggaccag caaaaatgct     49080
     tccctcctga ttcggagcag tgtaacacac tgtcatctta ctccatcttt agtcagtctg     49140
     tgtcatttat cataaaaata gcatctattc ctttcatcct cctgcactta aagtcccttg     49200
     actctgatga ttaaatcaac atagggaccc agacagcctt tgaagaggct ggagcataaa     49260
     caagggacag gcaagcactc tctgggacgg cttgcaactt ttagacacag aaacacagca     49320
     gttgggtccc agcctggaaa gagaggtctg tagctattac tccaagagtc ctacctggta     49380
     gaagacatca ctgctccaca tgatgtgagt gcctgatggt ttctttaaaa acaaacaaac     49440
     aaaacccttt ccattgattc agttgggggg ggggggcagc acacatggag gtcagaggat     49500
     aacccgtggg gatgagcttt ctccttccat tatatgggtt ccagggacca gacttagtca     49560
     tcaggcttgg aggtgtgtac ttttacccac tgagccatct catcagcccc tactttgtct     49620
     gttttaaaat cgtaattttg ggggcctgga gagatagccc tgaggttcag agcatttgtt     49680
     gctcttgcag aggaccagag tttgattcca gctgcctgta actccagctc caagggtccg     49740
     acaccctagt tgagactttg caggcatgag cacaatggtg agtgtgtgta tgtgtgctcg     49800
     aacacacaca cgtgcacaca catattcaca tacatattat atacacacat tcactcatac     49860
     acacacatag acatacatgc actcatacat acacatacat gcatgcaaat acacatatac     49920
     acacacatac atgcatgcaa atacacatat acacacacat acacacaaaa atattaataa     49980
     aataaaaata taacactcta acttaagtct tggttttgac tttcagctag ttttttctct     50040
     tccattcaaa tctgattgcc tagtctaagc attgctctta gtatttgcag ttacaatgtc     50100
     tgttacatag aactctacac atgaccattt catgaaaact ttggtgccct atgatttcct     50160
     ccaaatgaga caaaagtgct tctcggtgaa tgtagtctgt agctcttcat ggcacgccaa     50220
     gacctcggcc tttctccctg gtctacttta gagcgatcat ccaacttcct ttataaccgt     50280
     ccacatatca gtgtagggag aaaactagtt tattattgac agagacattt ctagaacttt     50340
     atggtgctta atatgaccaa tgagatagtt catatggcca tatatgactc cagtgggggt     50400
     acccaaggta gatgaggctg actgtgtatc aggcttggag catagaaaca gcagtttcta     50460
     gtgagaggca acacgtgttc ccagggatct acttacatcc tgctgaagga ggctctctga     50520
     gaaacaattg tgttcagtgt ctcccacatt cccttccaaa gttttcccaa ccctctgtcc     50580
     tctgggtcct gcctctgaat ttccaatgtt ttctccatca tccccttacc cagaccccca     50640
     aaggatactt cctgataccc agctacacat ggcaagtcag gtgaacgctg ttttcagtag     50700
     cttagtgcac tatactctga taacggtttc tcttcattga aattgagcaa tgaaaatgag     50760
     ggatgaacat cacaaagctt tcaactcgtc agagatgctc gggacattat gatgattctc     50820
     agcaaggagg catggcatgc ttccaccatg cttctgtgca acatggagtt aagaattact     50880
     gggcaacatg ggacacactc caagatgcta tgtctcctgc ataaacacgg agttgttatg     50940
     gaaaccagac acaaataacc atcttaacag aaaggaagtg actacctgct atatatcgac     51000
     atcataatag atatttcttc cattccatct ttaccatttg gtcctcatac cacaaccacc     51060
     accaccacca ccaccaccat caccaccatc atttcactga ggataaaaag ttctgagctt     51120
     aaataacacc ataatctcat agtcaatagg attgccatac ttgaaacccc agcctgtcat     51180
     cacaagctcc ttctgagaaa ttgcaagtat gcccagaggg ctgggtaaag ctcaaaatgt     51240
     tatataaaca ctggcttcca ttctcttatt tgacgttaag tgtggggatt catgggaagt     51300
     tctcagtttt gctctcaaga tctatagctg tctatgaaag gcttgtcaaa ggactccaca     51360
     tcttaccaca gggattccat cacatcaggt tagagttgtg ctacgtaaga aaatcacaat     51420
     gtaagaaaat caagccagcg tagccaatag atggataatg aaaagcagcg aagaaaaatg     51480
     aagtgcactg tgaaactgat gggtctaaaa agcgaattaa gtgacgtgac ccagactcag     51540
     aaaaacaaat gtctctttta ctcatatgtg gacgccaagc tttaatgttt gtatatgtgt     51600
     aggtaagtgg tgtgagcaga gctataagac tggattagag accatgagaa gaactgtaga     51660
     gaacaaaagc tcacaggtaa cattaaagaa gaagaaaggt cacgggggag ggggaggtgt     51720
     aatcgtatgg ggcgggggga catgaagaag aacaaaatca gaggctgggt cattattttt     51780
     atttacttaa aagtatgtct gtgtgtgtat gactgagtac ttgcaagagt cagtggagga     51840
     cagaaaaggg tgtcagattc cctggagtta caggcagttg taagcctgat gtggtgggta     51900
     ccaaaaacca aagcctagtc ttctacaagg gcagactgtg ctcttaacta cagagccatc     51960
     tccccagagc ccaaaacagg ttctatttgg aaaacatcac aatgaaagct aaaactctat     52020
     atgttaaatt ctgttcattt gtttgtttgt tttttgagac acgcattatg ctgtagcctt     52080
     gctgcaccag ctctcactct gtagaccagg ctggcttcaa actcatagag ataaacctgc     52140
     ctctgtctcc caagttctgg gattaaagac aggtgacacc atcacttact tgaccattgg     52200
     gtctttttgt ttgtttgttt tcatttagaa aaagaaaaga gagctcctct ccctgcagga     52260
     ggctgcactg cctcctgaat catgcatgcc cagtgcactc ttgggtcata aaagggttct     52320
     cagtgaacct gcaaggctct cctgactctc tgtgaggtcc accacatccc cctcactgta     52380
     attatcagga aggtgtctct tgctcttggt gtcatcagat ggcatttttt tgtctaggtg     52440
     aaccactgat gcctctctac tcacccacct ttaagactat atctcacaat gtagcccagg     52500
     ttggctttga actcaagact cttctacatc agcttcccca ttgtggaaat tataggcatg     52560
     tgctacccta cctggctccc actgttctta taagaatgtc agacgccctg gattagggcc     52620
     tacacacatg acaccattta acccaacagt tcttaaccat cctaatgcta tgacccttta     52680
     agacagttcc tcatgttgtg ttggccccca gtcataaaat tatttgtatg taattttgca     52740
     tcattatttc ataactgtcc ttcataacag ttacttcata actgtaattt tgagtcataa     52800
     tgcacatatc tgatatgcaa ccccaaaaga ggtcacaacc cacaggttga gaactactga     52860
     agctgtttaa aggcctaagt caacacaatc acatactgaa gtatacatgg agctgagaat     52920
     tcattacata aattttgggg gaaagtctgt aacatacgtg tgtgtattaa taaaatcaga     52980
     gattataaat tgtacatact gagctagaca aatgagcatt gggaattata ccagcaagca     53040
     tatgaacagt cttgctatat ttcttctgtt tgaccaagaa tggatggtta gtgtttgaac     53100
     agtgggggaa caacagaaca cctggtctac ctgagacacc tgaggaacag cacagtgact     53160
     cagcacatag atgctgcaga gggagctaca ctgactaatg gcctcccaaa accaccattt     53220
     actattttca gttttacaaa agactgtgaa aaaggtctcg aaaggtcatg agaagatgaa     53280
     aatacaacct atgtgccttc aatttcaaag aaaaagagct gtgtcagagg gtcagttgga     53340
     cttcatgtaa gcaaaccaaa ttgcagtact agggctgtct ttggatcaca gtgtcccttc     53400
     cttgggctct cagaaaggaa actagatttt gctgttgctg atatttggtt tgtggttgtt     53460
     ggttggtttg cctttatacc tttcttttct cactaagtcc tggaaaagga agagcataca     53520
     aggcaaagtc atacaaatgg gccacaaaca cacttacctc tagcttgaca taatgaaatc     53580
     ataaaagagc ttgtgggccc tttgcacctc agaacctgtg gtggcacaca cctttaatcc     53640
     cagcactcgg gaggcagagt caggtggatt tctgtgttca aggatagcct ggtctacaga     53700
     gtgagttccc aagacagcaa aaaaccaaaa cagtcaaatg cagtagtctg tacctatgat     53760
     ctctgcagac ccagggtgag atggacaaca cagacaggag aatccgccca aagctcacct     53820
     agaagataat ccttggtctg tcaaacaaga ccaacaagaa agaccctgtc tcaccaaagc     53880
     agaaagtgag agcttactct tgaaatgtgg tctctgacct ctacacacag gcactcacac     53940
     acatatacac acatatggac acacaattca taaatgtcat ctttaaataa aagagaagtt     54000
     actaggagaa aaacttacca atagatttga aggcacacac agggcaacct tgtggtgccg     54060
     tgttcatgca ccggcagagg acacctgcat gacccagtgc atgaccacat tggcagcaat     54120
     gaggctctaa agagacacag gctgcactgt tgaaacaacg aaccccaaga aagtgggatt     54180
     tccttcagga atctcatgcc gggagaagga aaaggctgaa gccagagggc aaacttgtct     54240
     cccaggaaaa gagttctcac cgctatggcg acttgcccaa caaaccggag cagagacagc     54300
     tatgggcgga ctttgcccgg attttcctta tgcttgcttc tgcccgctat tgaaacctaa     54360
     aacatatcag aaccccaaag atggacttgg aagggtccct gggcctcttt attacaccca     54420
     atatgaacac aataaaatct tttggttttc aatgttattt tacttcttgt cagcaaatgt     54480
     cttctggttt gtggctgtgc atggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     54540
     tgttcacata tgcatacagc tgagcatgtg tgtggctaga atccaagacc acatacttgg     54600
     ggtatgatgg aaaggtaagt agcttgtttt aagaagagag aagcaagcat tcacttggca     54660
     tagccatatt gaatgggaac acaaatgtca taaagccagc acagctgccg gacaaacacc     54720
     tggcagaacc gaacccagtg atgcaatcgc catcacgtgc tcttccattt tctgtcttga     54780
     tctccatgtg tttcatgctt gggagacttt taatatttgt acaacttggg gatattgaat     54840
     ggatgggaaa attcttatga atcatttata ccttcttcta ggagttctgc ttcttaaaaa     54900
     gaaaatccca aacatactcc tcccccagct tttagggagg tatccttatt ggccctactt     54960
     taaagtctcc ttatgccctg gatgttgtaa cttaaataaa gatgccagag atctccttat     55020
     gtgactctga ctccaagatg gcttggacca tctgcccctg tacttactca gggacaagct     55080
     aatcagaaca aagtaaaatt agaaaggtaa acaagatttg gtaggctaga ggagttggca     55140
     gcagatctga ttaaaagcct cttcctagtg tgtgctcata attatgtggc atgtaagagt     55200
     aggagccaca tatggtttgc ccctggagga aaagatacag caacaaaatt agactggctg     55260
     gagttatctc tgtcccacac aggggtcgag gtatcgggac ctccatttct tagaaaagtt     55320
     agctcgtaca gggccattgt ggtgtcatat ggccaaggaa ttccaacatt agacatataa     55380
     ataaattcta caaagatata aacattatat tatgtcagca attgaatcag aattgcatca     55440
     actttggcct gaagattttt cttgggccta atgacaatta gcactcagac cactaaaggt     55500
     tgataataca ctgttcggga catggcaatc tactcaggct ggcttggaga ttttctttct     55560
     gtctagggct cttgaaactg taagagctac caacctgaaa atgggcttca tgctttggca     55620
     aaatatgcct ctagattctt aaaagctggg ctgtgggttg gtgaggggaa atgattgtaa     55680
     aagccaactg ttctgttacg gtttatcagt gatgactaaa cttatgacca agaggaagtt     55740
     aaaacctgtg tcaagggaca acgtgatagg atctatgtct tggaacaaca tgaatctatc     55800
     cctgcctgct gagctctgta taaataagga aacacctgga ctgccagtcg gtcaggctgc     55860
     aagagtcccc cgaccccgtg cctgactcac ccctccctca cagacccctt atctcttctg     55920
     cagggcctgg tcatcaccag ggctggccat caccggggct ggcctccagc attcactaga     55980
     tttagctcaa aatatagaaa tgaagaagtg gagactgaga ataacaagtc tttctcagca     56040
     tgtgtagtaa ttagcttgat ggagtaattc tgcaaggtcc tctgcatata taatctatat     56100
     tatactgtat atactaatat gtatatagta ttacattaag tatactagat aagcctctgg     56160
     cttaacctca tctcactcat ttcatctgag gaatgatcag tctggaatcc tgctggtgga     56220
     aaatgaaacc acagcccaag ttctacctac accattttat acggggtgct attttatatg     56280
     gggtgccact ttatacgggg tgtggaatct gggaaggagc tgtagacaaa acgcttgtgg     56340
     gccccagata ggatgatgtg tctccaactc tagagaacac aacagagtga ctctagcaat     56400
     gcattcctgt ttgtctttac attgttttga caacaggatg ctgtgatttg gattgtaaat     56460
     acccccgaag gcccacacag gccttgttgc cagtcatgtg caccctgctg gaaggtgatg     56520
     gagcctctgt gggctgaggg tggctggagg ctgaatggtt accagctctt tcactgctcc     56580
     ctgttctgca gcctgcttcc cagttgtcac caggtaaaaa gacacagatc agcgccacca     56640
     ccaggccatt gacggcagac tgaaacctct gaatggagaa tcaaaagaat ctttccttct     56700
     tgattatctg gaacctattg ttacaagagt ggaaacctag tgtgtgagac taataagacc     56760
     taccttacag tgcctgtgga catacatata tatggcatag atagatagat gatagataga     56820
     tagatgatag atagatagat agatagatga tagataggta gagagagaga gagagagaga     56880
     gagagagaga gatagataga tagatataga gagatagaaa gataaatata tcttcatagt     56940
     tctttgtctt cattggtttc acgtaagtgt ctctctcagt gacctcccga gtccctaatg     57000
     ctctgtcctt gcaccctcac acagtgccct ggttcccacc catccccatg actgctgctt     57060
     cccttgcggc ttctgcagaa cactacagta cagagaccta aacagagctc tgctggggct     57120
     gaaatgccca ggttttcacg gcattgtcag ggatatttca cagagacttt tacaaggata     57180
     ataatggcga tctgggagct gattttaata ttttataaaa gtctaatctg aaatactgtt     57240
     atcagcagta aagctttaca aagcaaataa aacatagatt tttttccttt gtcctttgga     57300
     atggaattat ataaaacaac tgtgcatttc atgagaaaaa aattaaaaat aaatattgtt     57360
     atgaagcccc gtaagctgca agagaattaa tatatatatt aatatatata atttttgcct     57420
     ttaaaacact cacggtgcag caaagataaa cttaataggt gtgatgatgt gtgaagataa     57480
     ttacaggcat tcaaatatat ttgggagctt aatctagaca tgagtagggt tgggtggtca     57540
     tggaagactt cctggaggaa atgggactaa aaggcttctg ggaaatatcc aggcaaaggc     57600
     tgtgtgaagg ctacagaaag aggccaggtg agaggttcca tataaacggg ttagaaagtg     57660
     catggaacta gacatgaaag aagctgtgtc ccacggggca ccagaagaga ccagagcaga     57720
     ggtgggtaga ggtatgcggg tgacgtcatg ttacctcact tctgtttcag aagctatctg     57780
     aaagtgagta tggcagtggt gcacacccag cactcgggag gctgaggcag gaggatgatg     57840
     aatctctagc cagcctgtgt cacacagtgt agccctgttt caaagtaaac aaataaaaca     57900
     tctgggaaag tggtgcaata aagacctatg tatccttcac caagctactg cagtagagac     57960
     agagagaaaa gagagaaaga ggcagagaga acacaaatga cttggggaag tggtaacaat     58020
     atttgctaag atgtgtaaca aacaccggta gctgctggat cttccccatg gtgtctccaa     58080
     cagggaccca gagcagaact acagtgcaga gaggggagca gtagggtgcc atacggctgt     58140
     aaatatttca atatattttc tctgttttat acttcttact ctcctaggga aacttggggt     58200
     attaactggt ctaaattacg gagtgcagct gctctgtgca caccgtagga atgtctgtct     58260
     agagcacagg aagcagagct tgtcagcatg tcatgatcaa acctcggagg aacacttacc     58320
     tcaccacagg aaattttatc caagatagat tgtatctgca tctgcactgc gtacagaaca     58380
     tacagaaata tatatgcttt atacattcag agaataagac tgtcttcctg ccatctgcaa     58440
     cggagcagct tttgctcatc tggggacaat gttgttcctg ctgagaacat aggaaataaa     58500
     cagattggag ccaaaagaag aaggacccag agtataaggg aatgaactcc tattgcaggt     58560
     cattcttaga aacaatacta atataaatta catgaaataa attctatctc ccaacagttt     58620
     catctcttct aaccgtgttc tgctgaaatt aagccacacg ggcacatttc tgtgtgtcca     58680
     cagagaccca gcgcaaagga agagatggga tcattctgag acctcctgct cccaaggaag     58740
     cagctgtgga gctgggatgg agaagcacac cagtcagcta agaggcacag agaaaacaaa     58800
     gcaagccagg taagcctttg gagacaacag agtccaggtg ggtgttactc agaaggctgg     58860
     tttgaagcta actctcctga ttacatggtt ttgccaaggc ctattgcaca gctgccccaa     58920
     aaggaattta ttataattta ttgtaattct gttttagtag ccatcttaag agtatagcag     58980
     aacaaataaa aatgatttaa ataattattt tatttagaat tttattaaaa tattactact     59040
     ttagggtaaa taaactgtga tgcaccaacg caatgaaata ttctttggaa taagaaaaaa     59100
     gtgagggcca ggtatggtgg cggacgtctt tcatcccagc acttgagagt caaaggcagg     59160
     tagatgtctt ccaggctagc ctggtctaca taatgagttc aaggtcagcc tggtctacaa     59220
     agtaaaatca tgtcttaaaa gatataagaa aagacagacg gatggaaaga aagagacaag     59280
     ggaagggaaa gaaggggaag gaaagggaag gaagaaacaa gggctgggga gagaaaggga     59340
     gaaggaagag aaggaggagg tagccatcga gccatgaaat taccaagctg tgaggtgaca     59400
     tgaaggacac tcggatcgga gggacagcag agacaatcag tgtagatgct gactttttga     59460
     gtccatctgc ataacactct gggaaaaggg gcatgagtgg aggtaggtaa agatgccagt     59520
     ggttgccagg agactggaaa gaggaccagc ggaggagatg ctgcacaggg gactttggag     59580
     actgactctg tggtggctga atcatgttgt gcatttgtca aaacctatag aacataagcc     59640
     gccagtgtga accctgatgc aaaccgtgac attcaagtga ctacaccatg acttcagttc     59700
     acacactgac acgtcactgt ggtgcaggat gttgggggtg ggagggtgtc ttacattggg     59760
     agaaacatta tccactcaat tttgctgtga agctaaaact gttcttttaa atgtttattt     59820
     atgctacaac caggagatag ttcgggggca aacggcaagc tgtgtcaacg tgaggcccag     59880
     agtccagatc cccagtgccc acatagatgt taggtggata tggctgcctt cttagctggc     59940
     tcgattaggt gagctctggg ttcaagtgag agacgttgcc tctgacggca agatggagag     60000
     agagagcagg ggtgtaccta acacttgtcc agacacggaa ccatgcagac aagtttatac     60060
     tttaaaatca tgaaaataga tgtaaaagtg tgccatccca atgaacaacc aatgacctat     60120
     ttcacatcct tttccccact ataaatcttt gaaagtcagc acatacttta tacagcatat     60180
     ctgaatttgg actaaccatt tttcaagtga gtaacagctg cacgaggcag ctgattccca     60240
     catagcaaag caggggactg ggaagtggct gtgtgggatg ctctgccagg accgtcctct     60300
     actcttccta actccccaac tccggagggc agcattgctc caagccttgt acaaaatgag     60360
     gacaaactgc tgtttgttca ataaaagcag cttccaagcc agtctccaag cccacggtgg     60420
     ctctcagcct tcctaatgca gttcctcgtg ctgtggtgat cccagccatc aaattacttt     60480
     tgttgctgct tcataactat aaacttgcca ctgttatgga tcataatgga aatatctgtt     60540
     ttcagatggt cttaggcgac cctcgtaaaa gggccattca acacccgcaa gaaccgctgt     60600
     tctaagcctt tccaccaaga ttgctgtctc tcagcccctc atatacaaat atttggcagc     60660
     ctcatcctgt acccccacct cagttcagac ctaccacaga tccacagcaa ccattttctt     60720
     agcagagcaa cacggaacgt tgagggcaga agggcttggc tacatcagaa attctggaaa     60780
     acgacatgtg ttgctcatta aataagagaa ggaaatagga aatgttgcct cagtgcaaaa     60840
     gatagaaagt tcttccaggt tctacatacc gcgcaaataa atgaacattt tattaaaatg     60900
     agtgctgatt taaatgcttc ttaggaaata ggtacttaag gaaaaatagc tgctgtcaat     60960
     ctagaatgca tagctaggct ctgcctgagt aggtgaggga gatttatatt ttcttgcagc     61020
     tgggaacatt atttatattt cctcccacat ctctggaact aatgtattaa cgtctctata     61080
     tactatgatg tattataatc tactcatgct ggaaatgctg ttactaagct gtgggcgacc     61140
     tgtgctcgga aaagttggct gtcgtcatct gaattagaag agatgctgca ttcaaccaca     61200
     gcctgtcctt ttatggtcat tctcaaggtc taccactcag tggagtgagg ggagagaccg     61260
     tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttaata gctctgccaa aggaagggaa     61320
     agaaaagtca gaagggggtt caagtataaa aacaaaagcc atgcagcccc caaaatcctg     61380
     cagacaaagc agaatagtgt gaacggcaca tgtggcacgt ggggggagta tgcacttgtg     61440
     tgtacatggg catacactgt gtgtgtggtc atgcacttgt gtgtatgtat gggcatacac     61500
     ttctgagtgt gtatgggcat gaacttgtgt gtgtgggagg catgcacttg tgtgtatgtg     61560
     tacatggcta tgcacttgtg tgtgtgtggt catgcacttc tgtgtggggg catgcatttg     61620
     tgtgtgtata agggcatgca cttgtggggg acatgtactt gtgtgtgatt gtgtgtatgg     61680
     gcatgcagtt gggggggaca tgtacttgtg tgtgtgtgag catgaacttc tttgtgtggg     61740
     gggcttgtgt gtgcatggac ttgtgtgtgt acatgggcgt gcacttgtgt atgtgttcat     61800
     gcacttgtgt gtgtggtcat gtacttgtgt gtatgtatgg gcttgcagtt gtgtgtgtgt     61860
     gtgtgtgtat aggcatggac ttgtgtgtgg gtgtgcactt gtttgtatat gtatgggcat     61920
     gcagttgtat aggggccatg cagttgtggg ggcatgcact tgtgtatgtg aatggctcat     61980
     gtggtatttg tgtgtgtatg ggcatgcatt tgtgtgtcag gggggcatta cataaattgt     62040
     acttacagtc aaaaaaatca tcattagatg cctaaccctc acctgagtct tccttcaaat     62100
     gagggacact gaaaaaaact aacaaaatgt tagatatatg gtatgtttaa gttaagaagt     62160
     cttcatggaa attttaagat attctccatc taacctttac aaataggtgt cttaatataa     62220
     tattaatata actgaataaa atgacatatc ttgagtttgt tttaagaatt tttagcaaag     62280
     aagaacaata aaacttgggg gtgtatacta agcaagactg gcagacttcc tgttaccagt     62340
     gagtctgtgc tgggctcata acgtacaagt tccttatgcc tttccctatg aaagtttaga     62400
     aatcatgcat ggtaagtttt aggacatatg aattttattt tgttttttta aagataggct     62460
     ttctctgtgt agctctggct gttctgaaac ccactctgta gatcaggctg gcctcaaact     62520
     caaatatctt cttgcctctg cctccctcat gctgttatta aaggtgtgca ccaccatagc     62580
     ctggctaata catgaatatt ttaacaaaca atatgtgaat attttaaaca aaaatgttaa     62640
     caaaaatgtc agatttcaga cttgagccta cataatgagt tatatatatt cttctaaatt     62700
     gttggcttgt ttaacaaaca cattttctca ataaaaatgt atattataca tatgcataca     62760
     cacatacagt catgtacatc caccctttca catatgcaca caggcatata tacacataca     62820
     cataatacac atacatacat acatatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     62880
     acacacacac actcactcac tcatcccttg gtgaagaatt gtttccaagg tgctctgtaa     62940
     ataccaagag ctacacataa ccaaaacccc ttgtctagag tgtacagagt ttgcatttca     63000
     ttctcctgtg tagttttagt tgtttctaaa ttatttataa tataatataa taatatcaca     63060
     tataccatgc aactgctaag tggttgctgt actgtattgt ctggagagta agaaacatat     63120
     aatgttagca cagattaata tatttttaaa ttttattttt atttatattg atgttttgcc     63180
     tacatatatg tatgctcact atgtgtgtgc ctggtgctct tggaagcaag agaatgccag     63240
     gtctcctgga actgtttttt acagatggct gtgagctgcc atgtgggtgc tgggaaccaa     63300
     atccacgttc tctggaagag cagcaagggc tcttcaccat cagaccgtct ctccagccca     63360
     agtgattata ttgattgcag agcgtaggtt tccagtagga cacctccatg catacataat     63420
     ttgatcctcg tcgcctcttc tagtcactct ttatcctgcc tcccgctctt ccctcatttc     63480
     tttctcacat ctctagtgct ttcatctgtt tttttttcct atcttctaca tacaagggaa     63540
     agcatacaat atttgttttt atttgtttgt cttctttatt tttgagacat attcccagaa     63600
     gtagtatggt tggattatat gaaacttttg tattaaatat ctcaaggagc ctctatactg     63660
     atttccacag tgactgaact aatttaattt acatttccac tagcagtgaa caaggttttt     63720
     tttttttttt cttttctttc attttttttt gttttggttt gttattgatt tgttttgctt     63780
     gtttgttcag aacagagttt ctctgtgtag accttgctgt ccaggaactc tctctgtaga     63840
     ccaggttggc ctcgaactca cagagatctg cctgcctctc tggagttctg ggattaatag     63900
     tgtgcaccac tactgcctgg cttgtttgtc tttttgatga ctgaggtgag atagaacctc     63960
     gatgtagttg gtctgcattt ccctgatagc taagggtgtt gactattgtt catgtgtttg     64020
     catgtagctt gtacacaggt gcgtgttcac gtgtatatct tcacttaaaa gtgtgctcat     64080
     ttccactgct catttattga ttgaatgaat tggtctcttg tcctcctttt caggtctgta     64140
     tgtatgatag ccgtgactcc cattaggtta atactcggcg aggattttcc tcttattctg     64200
     tgggctgcct ctttacgcca ttgtcctctg ctgtagagaa gccttttagt ccagtgcatc     64260
     tttatcagtt cttactctta cttccaggac tcctggagcc cgatgcagaa agccattgct     64320
     taacacctac aaccggaaga agttccagag ttccaggtct tacatccagg ccctatgtca     64380
     atttgagttg gtttctgaac agggtgagag ataaggacct agtgttgctc tctaacttcc     64440
     ttaatatcac tgttgcagaa cgctgccctt tttttccaat gaatgttttg gttcctttgt     64500
     caagagccag acgggtgcag ccacatgggc ttatatctac gctgtatggg tctgcagtgg     64560
     taccatgctg ctttcgttac ttggctgtag cagacttgtg cagcctccgg aattgcacct     64620
     tttaatcagg actgctttag ctgcttagat ctcttgtact tccacaagtt ttaggattaa     64680
     atgttttctt tatgtgaaga atgtcattgg agtttttatg agtgttacat tgactatatt     64740
     gcttttggta aggcagccat cttaacacta tcgattctgc caacctgtga gtatgggagg     64800
     tctctcaatt agtctttgcc catattgaca tgccatcctg acaaggagca agccatgaaa     64860
     ctaaccaggg caaaagtgga ccacaccaaa ggtccaattt aaaacaacat tttcaccggg     64920
     catggtggca cacgtcttta atcccagcac ttgggaggaa gaggcagatg gatttctgag     64980
     ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccaaggatac acagagaaac     65040
     cctgtctcga aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aaaacaaaca aaaaaaccaa     65100
     ccaaacaaac aaacaacccc aacattttcc aaattaacct cagaaagtgt cgagtttact     65160
     aaagtcaagt actaaaggaa tcctgacagg gaaaacagct tgttaggtta aaaagcagtg     65220
     tttactggga gcacaaagta tgctttgtga ccaattcttt ttttttgttt tgtttttgtt     65280
     tttttaagat ttatttattt attatatgta agtacattgt agctgttttc agacactcca     65340
     gaagagggca tcagatttca ctagggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt     65400
     gaactcggga cctttggaag agcagtcggc actcttaacc actgagccat ctcgccagcc     65460
     ttgtgaccaa ttctttacca catcagcttg agcactccag aactgtggct tcaattttaa     65520
     tgacaagcat tgacaccaca cataatatga aatctgactt ctaaatgcat ttgttatttt     65580
     ccttatatta ttcattttag tcaattatat attttttaat gtggaagata tgtgcaacta     65640
     atataatcaa aacacattta tccatgttgt taaaagaaaa tatataatct tccagatacc     65700
     ttttaaaaat atttattctc gagaaagatg aatagtgagc tcctgtgtga tgaccacata     65760
     aagggagttc acagaaggac atgagcgagt gtaaatgaag cgtccacagt gtgagactga     65820
     cactttctga ctgcgtcaac cggagtctat gtggggacca tgacagacac ttgccagtca     65880
     acagaagtca aatccaaagg gtgaaacgtc aaaaataaga ccatgaagac tttttctaca     65940
     agagcaggta ggtaagttac agtggggccg atgccttgtg tagtttgagt ccagccttcg     66000
     cctctatgga gagcttgaaa actgacatca ttctaactgt ctaactgtca ccttctcaag     66060
     gttggaagct gcccatttat caccaagagt cagtatcggg gaactattta atgcctgttg     66120
     tctctcataa ttacatcacc tcataatcta ttcctgcctt cgttgcttcc ctctttcctt     66180
     cctttcttta atgaccttga acctgctatt cctgcctcca cttcccaagg gctgggatta     66240
     ttggcaagtg ccatgcctgg ctcagcagtg aatttttaaa taagccaaac tatctagaac     66300
     ttgctgagtc ctggagcctg ttcaacccct tccttccctg tctcagccca attttaattt     66360
     ttttattata aagagctaaa caaagttatt ggtgcttcta ttttcataca agctaatccc     66420
     actagatggc actaaagagt cgcatgttag gaatcgggcc gtgctaacct cagaaacaaa     66480
     aataagctat ctgaactagc aatgcatttc cccgatgatt tgtactgata ttatgatttt     66540
     ctagatatga accacaagtc tcaacctctt attcgttata ggatacggtg tgtttcagac     66600
     cctgtggccc atgttagcaa tgcagcagtg agacaggagc ccacgtggtt agaggtttga     66660
     tgaacagcat tgtccagagg atctgagttc agttcccagc acctactggg tggcttacaa     66720
     gcacttgtaa ctccagctcc ataggatctg atgcccctgc ccttgtaggg catctgtact     66780
     cgtgtgcaca tacccacata atttttaaaa aaaaaaaaat ttttttttaa gtgaaggggc     66840
     attgtaatgg cagaaggcag catcagggga gaagcagttg gtagttggtt atgcacactt     66900
     ttaatcccag cagtgaggca ggcagatacc tgtgaggtca aggtcagcct acatatcaag     66960
     ttgcaggcca gccagggcta catagtaaaa gaaagaggaa gaaaattgag atgcatagtg     67020
     ttctagtttg gctttctgtt gctttgataa aacactaata aaagccaaca cagggggctg     67080
     gagagatggc tcagtggtta aaaagcaatg gctgctcttc taggggaccc aagttcaatt     67140
     cccagcacct acatggcagc tcacaacggt ctgtgacttg ttctagagga tctggcaccg     67200
     tcacggtggc aagcgcaggg gaggaggctt ttgctcacag gtctcacagt ttgagaccca     67260
     gtccatcgca gtgggttagg tatggcagcc tagtggctct cagcactggc aggggtagga     67320
     ggcagcttgc tcacaggtct cacagtttga gacccagtcc atcgcagtgg gttaagtatg     67380
     gcagcctagt ggctctcagc actggcaggg gtaggaggca gcttgctcac atctgggcaa     67440
     gtcaagaagc agagagcaca gtggaattcg ggcagctaga aaaatctcaa agcaccccac     67500
     ccagccacag agggcctttt cctccagcga gtctctacca acgaaaagtt gacaatcctc     67560
     cccacacaac accaccaact aggactgagt ggtcagacaa tgaagctatg ggagacactc     67620
     cattcaagcc acactggtct tctccagaac cttagctaaa aagaagagga aagggcggct     67680
     gaggagcaca gacagaaggt gaaactgaag tgtgagtgtg agaaagattc atagttagga     67740
     ggggatgagg cacaagttgg gatgggattg gacatttaga ctagaggtgt caggagcaat     67800
     caaggcggaa agggatagtg actgatgggg acagatatga cggtggtgaa agggtaagtc     67860
     caccagagcc tttctatctg ctggacggat cacacagcat cagagccagc cttcctgacc     67920
     tcccgataga gcatcctccc ttcctggctc tcctgccctc agtactgttc ctgccttggg     67980
     cattaggagt gggctgaaat ctttagctac tgtatggacc tggccacttc cagaagttct     68040
     gctcttctgc ccctgtggct tttgtacttc cctgtgacta tttgatgtct ggagtcccca     68100
     gtaggagaag cgatgcgtaa tcatggagca agaaatgaat cagctctgac aaaggaatac     68160
     agttagtaca tcttagccat atggtctcaa cccatatcgt gtatccacaa aattcgtggt     68220
     tgaacatggt cttgttaagt tttctcatta tttgagataa ccagtttctg cctccctatt     68280
     aacatgtctt tatcaaatgc ctactatgca ggcactgggt tggttgccaa tggtttactt     68340
     tttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     68400
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttgttttcga gacagggttt     68460
     ctctgtgtag ccctgtaggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcaaac     68520
     tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt acaggcgtgc gccaccacgc     68580
     ccagctggtt tcctttatct taacagagag acagaaaaca tatatttgta tgccatatct     68640
     acacacaata tacacaatct atacataagt ctatataaat atgtacacaa acataataaa     68700
     acaatactat aaggtagaca aatatcgcaa cataaataat ataggcagaa gattgatttc     68760
     ctttagtgtt tttttttttt ttgaggggtg ctcagtatca aatcatatca ctgtgctaaa     68820
     tctccaaact cacaaggaag ccattagaat acaagctgga gcttagaaac aacagcaaga     68880
     ttctggggag gtaacagaaa ggtctcctgc cacagaaaga aggagaagtt ttaaaaataa     68940
     aggcaggaca aactgacaaa gagcaagaaa ggtgcttgtc aaacttcagg gattacctaa     69000
     aagtccgggt ttatatgtct gtaagggaaa cgttttagaa tgaaggctta atgtggtttt     69060
     acaattaacc tggaagatca aattagctat ttcacaaaag gaagtcaacc ataatccaga     69120
     gactattgtg gtacttgaga gagtgataag gtcttgtacc atcttaaaat ttctatgcac     69180
     taaggtgttg gcaatgcgga tggaaagaaa ctgatgcctg cctggatgtg gaaaacaaga     69240
     aaggaagcca agaagatgat aagatctcag gttgggagag tgagcttccc cttgggagag     69300
     tgaaaccaga agactaagag cacagaatgc aatgaagaga gaagcctcga gtcactgaag     69360
     atggggttag gcgaaggcaa cgtcctggag cagagctata acagacattt atgacaaaag     69420
     ctctggggag gggttagtca gaactggaaa tataaattgg ggactcagct ctttaagagg     69480
     aaatacagtg ggggccaaca aaggagccac gaaaccaccc tgggacacag caagggcaaa     69540
     cactaacgtg gctgagtact gagaaaagtc caggaatgtt gtcactcatt ctctacacac     69600
     caaagagaaa gaacaaaaca tcggtgatga gactagcaca aagtttaaga accacagtgg     69660
     tgagagccac cagcgctaat taagttgagg ggaactggat caagggaggg tgagttttct     69720
     ttcaggactt catcacagtc ctcgggagaa agaatgtgta aaggactcac tgaaaagtgt     69780
     tagcaaaata aggagaggca gaagaggttg ggagaaaacc agcaatcaat ggcgtgagaa     69840
     aggagagaag atgcatagac ttttaagtag aacggaaaga tgttctccag atagccccat     69900
     cttctctctc catggaaggc aggtagggat ttgatgtgca agaagctgag aaagggaagg     69960
     acagagggga ctgggcagaa tcttaggcat gacatcttaa gactgttgtt cccatcccag     70020
     atgctagctt gggttgacca ctcgacccct cccaggcagc tctattataa gctgttggga     70080
     gattaaatga gataatgcat ataaattata cagcactcct ccaacagaga agtcagaata     70140
     caccctatgg gaaatataat atatggcatg aataagagat aagacaaagc atggctaagc     70200
     acagaggagg gcaggttcag agcaacacta tatagcaaag ccaagtccac accgcttttg     70260
     gaatttgctt cagcatactg cggtgaagcg aggggactcg gccagggcag cgcaggagag     70320
     aaaggctgga gaagtctggg taaggaccac tttcactttt aagacctttg ccgactcctt     70380
     acactgggag gtcatgtgac tgttatgtaa aaatggcttt tgagccattc attagcagat     70440
     aacgttttta cttatgctaa agttagaacc agctctcgag accctcacaa taaagaccaa     70500
     atcagacctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgt     70560
     ctgtgttcac acgtgtacca cagacagaac ccagagtctc aacatactaa gcaaatactg     70620
     gatcagtgag ctacatctct actttaacat attttacgaa gagtcagata attctttttt     70680
     tttcttttaa tttcatcttt tcatagtttg gggctctttc caccgaaggc ccatacttcg     70740
     taaaagcata ggcttcgaca gctatgccta tactatgaca tctctaataa agaggtccct     70800
     gaaacagtga tgcatgggtt gaaatcatat atggaagact gtaaaggaaa acagtgagat     70860
     agacagaggc ttacgcatct gaagaatggg aacagatagc aactacggag ccatgctatt     70920
     acaatttttg gattcagaga tcagtcagtg ccttagaccc catgtgtagg aaacagtctc     70980
     caaatgaatg aatctgagac tcttggcaaa ttctttaagg cgtcaaagaa ataattatgc     71040
     tcagggacca ggtgtgccca actttttaac tagtcggacc tacaagggac ttgtcccagt     71100
     gacatcctcc actgccccat tgtgaccaac caggagctcc ccttgattgt aaaaacaaat     71160
     gccaaacttg ctctgtaggc caccccccgc aaccctgaca acttctgtta ctgtagaatt     71220
     ctggtgaggt gtgtctctcc ggtcttggtc ttgaatgatt caaagcagct tccacccggg     71280
     aaactcagtg gagctccgcg gagcagcagt tctaaacttt tcagttaagt ttagttctgg     71340
     aaccagacac ggaggtaccc ttgccctgga aaatgccaga agctagccag ctgagagggt     71400
     tctggttccg agcacgctgt acgtaagaga ttccagggca gaaaaaatac ttggaaaacc     71460
     cagaaaggaa actgacccgg tggccgctga ttcgctatag cctctgcaac cgagagcctg     71520
     cctacaactt ccagaatgct tcgggctaca cctcggccga ctgacagtac cacgcaccaa     71580
     tgggagaacc ctatctgagt ttggggtgga gcctcagcgc aggcttttca acgatccaga     71640
     ggcctctccg gcggcaggag ctcacattcg tgacgccaac cacattacgc cgctcactcc     71700
     cagactcctc ctcccggttc tgcacgaggc cctcccttgc tccctctcct ttcgccgcgc     71760
     gagtggccgg cgaggatgtg gaccttgctg aacttattgg atgacagtga tgtcactctg     71820
     gaggacgaca tggctccgaa ctgcgaggcc cgcccctttc ggacggtgat tggattcttc     71880
     ggagaatcct ggtctgggat tggtgtgagg cggggcgacg gctctagggc ctcctaggca     71940
     aaccagagag gcggctgccc ctggcccctc actctgggag agcccgagga cccactacct     72000
     catcgcccgg agggcgcgct tgtggcgtgg tgggggcggg agggagggtg accttggagg     72060
     acaagaaatg ctggggtcag ggtggtggtg gcagaattag ctggggacta gctctagaag     72120
     cgcttgcgag gaggacgatg tgggtgatcc aggagggtgt ggctgtgact ggtgtgggat     72180
     gcagtggaaa ggaagggcca aaccacaaat ccggagatct gtggatggtt cctcagaggc     72240
     gttctctttc tggttgtcct tttacttggc aacacgagag tcctcatggt cagtgttcaa     72300
     gatcttggaa ctctgtcttt gagtaaatct aacctgcatt agaggactgc gcagggcctt     72360
     ttgtgatact gggtacatac gtggggaaga tgtcagaaat caggaagccg cttctgggtt     72420
     tcgtgcacaa actccaagat gcgaacgcgt ctggaagctc aggcaagact cattgtccta     72480
     catgtctgag gcttttcaaa gtccccaggc tcttgccttg cttgcacaca gtgtgcacca     72540
     cgtgtctgga aaagctggat ccattctcag tagtggacat ccgtgggggt gactcagata     72600
     caagctctga ggggtcagta ttccaggacc ccgagttatg tagcctgcag ccacagatcg     72660
     gcatcctctg tccggtatgt gatgctcaag tggacctgcc cttgggtgga gtgaaggctt     72720
     taacggtaga ccacctggcc atgaatgatg tgctgctgga gaacctgcgt ggggaaggcc     72780
     agggcctggt gtgtgacctg tgcagcgaca gagaagtaga gaagaggtgt cagacctgca     72840
     aagccaatct ctgccacttc tgctgccagg ctcataggta aagagggagt accccgttta     72900
     ttgtggcgta agagtagagt gcaaagaaag caagacacag atccctttgg tgagcaggtc     72960
     aaaaagaagg ctttcgcaga cactgtcaaa gtgcaaagaa cactgtgcaa acagatcgca     73020
     agctctagaa cggaggttag caccgctgac ctgatagctg tagtaacaaa agcagggcag     73080
     gtttcggttt atagagcacc ttgagttttc ttctatcacc aattgtttaa tctattgaaa     73140
     acggaccgtg tgctggagag aggattactg tgctagcata caccctgcgc ttgatctcat     73200
     ctgatcattg taactcttac cgaaaggtgg gtgctacttc acccctcttt agtaaatgag     73260
     gagatggaag cccagcagtg gtttgtgttt cgcccaagtc ccacagctgg taatcatgta     73320
     actgaaccga atcctcagtt cagacctagt tccttcttct ttgctctttt tactaaacag     73380
     gtcacctcag tgtaggtgtc cattgactgt gccttaactc agacctctga cctggacagc     73440
     aggctggtaa ttggggtgtt ttgcctttta tcacagtcac ggaatagctt gttagatgct     73500
     agtctttgtc ccattttctc ttccatccca ctctagtgca tcagaataca aaactaaaca     73560
     aggttttggg ttaatctaga actggctttt ttttctctct ctctctctct gagttctggc     73620
     ctccccttgt tttctggcct taccaacaga acagttgtct tagctctcta tttgtaactt     73680
     tgtgattatc cctatgactg tcttgttgcc agctcaacag ctgaccgttt tctctgcatc     73740
     tgcactagta gcagaacagg catacacact tcaggttgat gggatgttgc cagggaactc     73800
     tgtgagcagt ccctgccttt ccctagagat ttccctgagt cccttagaaa tctataggaa     73860
     ggagggatcc aagagaactt agtacctatt gatttcgctt tctactaatg cggatgactc     73920
     ttaaggagaa ttctggcctg ccagtggatg cgatgtagtc actggccaag ggaactgctt     73980
     tacaaaaatg ttaattaaac atgagagttt gcaggagcca gctggctgct ttcgttgcta     74040
     tatagatcca tctggcttgg tttaccactt ggtgttagcc ttccaccctg ctttaggaag     74100
     tgggctgtga ctcttgtcta aacttaccag attacctcga gtgaaaagtc tctcagaata     74160
     tagtctcagc actgcacctt tgaagatgta tcccatgcca aattcaagta tttatgtatt     74220
     gtgtcctaaa taacaacact cagataggca tgtgcttcac cgtgtagaga aataatgaag     74280
     caaaaaggat cctgtagttt ttttttttta atacattctg aggagtgtga ctcaaatcta     74340
     acccctagaa cctctttgcc aaactgtccc cctctagagt tgtttcctca cttcctgtcc     74400
     ccaactgctt ctttccaggc gacagaagaa gacgacatat cacaccatgg tggacctaaa     74460
     agacctgaaa ggctacagcc aggttggaaa gcccatccta tgtccttctc accctgcaga     74520
     ggagctgagg ctgttctgtg aactctgtga ccggccggtg tgtcgggact gtgtagttgg     74580
     ggagcaccga gagcacccct atgacttcac cagcaatgtc atccacaagc atggagattc     74640
     tgtgcgggag ctgcttcgag acacccagcc ccatgtggaa gccctggaag atgccctggc     74700
     acagattaaa agtgtgaaca acgccctcca agagcgagtg gaggcagtgg cagctgacgt     74760
     ccggacattc tctgagggct acatcaaagc catcgaggaa caccgggaca agctgctgca     74820
     gcagctggat gacatacgga tccagaggga aaccgcttta cagctgcaga aagcgcagct     74880
     ggaacagctg ctggcagata tgcggactgg agtggagttc accgagcatc tgctgaccag     74940
     cggctcggac ttagagattc tcatcaccaa gggagtggtt gtagagcggc tcaggaagct     75000
     gaataaagtt gaatacagtg cccgcccagg agtgaaccat aagatctgct tctcccccca     75060
     ggagaaggca ggccagtgcc aaggctatga agtgtatggg gccattaaca cgcaggaagt     75120
     tgatccagct cagtgtgtcc ttcagggaga aggtagggaa gcatttctca atggtattga     75180
     gagagcagtg cccagggacc tgacatttaa agagttgtgt cgtgctgtcc tgggggtata     75240
     gtgccattgg cagaatgctt gcctagcttg cacagagtct gggtctggtt gctggcacca     75300
     cataaaactg agcctggcca catatgcttt taatcctagt actcacaggt gggtcagaag     75360
     ttggaggacc tcttcggatg catagcaagt ttgatggcag gctgggctat atgagaccgt     75420
     gtgtcaaaaa gagaaactaa atgaggcttg ttcggcaagg tatactggtt taaaaggcag     75480
     tggctccctg ccttgcccct ttctttctca tggtctgggc aggctgcagt tattaatact     75540
     gggggtaggc ttgaaccttt tgtacttcag aaaatagaag ctcccaagaa ccttcaggat     75600
     caggctttgc tttggggaag ttagaacctg gctgtgccca caggagataa cggcactgac     75660
     tagagcaagg cagaatctac ctgctcagag gctcacaccg cagctcctgg tgcttggctg     75720
     ctgtgtggtg ggttacagag gagtgggaag gcagtcacac cttcctttcc tccttaccat     75780
     tttggttcac acaaactcta tgccattggt agttgaaagg atttggtagg ttgatggggt     75840
     ttgttcgggt ttgtctcctt tgcttttgtt aagacagggt ctcactgctt aacacagctc     75900
     tggctgacct ggaactatgt ggaacagatt ggccttaaac ttagagagat gcacttgcct     75960
     ctgccgggtt taaagatgtg catcaccagg tccacctaga aatggctcct ttagaccagt     76020
     gttcggttcc tttgggaagt ttccttctgt tcctgatggg gacatttgta tttgatttgc     76080
     cttcaccttt gggaggaatt cctaattctt tgggagtcac agatcactct gagactcttc     76140
     tttcccagaa gtagccacta agttgggcac agtgtttcgg gagtttccta acaccctccc     76200
     cccaccctca tcccccagtg tacctctgta caacacctgg tagttcacaa actaggcttg     76260
     agaaacccag ctttgtcttc atgctggccc ataggctatg gcaccctggc gttagcttct     76320
     gagtggcaga ggttctcaca acagggaagt tgcaagctgg acttcagtat ctttcacctc     76380
     ttctaggagg acccagggct tatagaagat agttttgagg gtccagtctc atacaagcct     76440
     aaaggctgtc tttgggtttt gcagttgcct tgaggctgaa gttaagatgc agagttctat     76500
     gtgatcccag agcagctgtt gctgagccac ttagcccagg cctgggggag gggaggggga     76560
     aggtgggtac ctatacagca tgggaaggag aacaggaagg gaacagggtg gtccttataa     76620
     ccagaaacca cagctttctt tggtctgact gggggagatg gcctctcctg ggaggtgagt     76680
     acttactgtg tgtcttttgc agatctccac agagctcgag agaaacagac agcctctttt     76740
     accttgttct gtaaggatgc ctcgggacag agcatgggca ggggaggaga taatgtccat     76800
     gtggaagttg tccccaaaga taagaaggac aggtgtgtgt tcaatggatc ctgtgtagta     76860
     ggcagtgagg aaactagggc ctttgcgtta tgggagatat agatggactc tttcattgtg     76920
     aggttccatg acaccaggag aaaatgattc cacaccacta accaaatgtg taggttttat     76980
     ggctagcttc agtcctctct caatatagtc tcccctaccc cccccccccc gactgtcctt     77040
     attccaaact ctggaatgga tggttttgtt gttgttgttt ttaatgagtt acagaattat     77100
     atcctttctt aaacctagcc tgttttccta atacattgtt ccaggatttt atacatatac     77160
     acatacacat acacatacac tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata cacacacaca     77220
     cacaaacaca tacactacac acacacacac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac     77280
     acacacacac atatatatcc ctctgcaatt ggaataagaa gggacttcag agctgggagt     77340
     gtaacagaga ccagcagaga agagcacagg ctcgttttcc tggttctcag gatgttggac     77400
     taaagtagta actgacagtt acccttcagt ctaaggggcg ttcatgattc acgttagatg     77460
     taatgagtgt aatgctgcct ctggagcagg cttgtgagag ggactggcct tctgaaccct     77520
     ttctgtcttc agtccgatca gaacagtggt ccaggacaac aaggatgggt cgtaccgcgt     77580
     ttcctacacc cccaaggagc ctggcatcta caccgtgtgg gtctgcatca gagagcagca     77640
     cgtgcaggtg aggcaggccc cgcgctcgct ggcagctcgg ggctctcagg tctcatcgga     77700
     ccggaccagc tgcttaagag ctgaaatcag ctgtgctctc ctcgtcctcg tgggcacagc     77760
     ccaggattct gcaacctgtg ttattactag agggtgctcg tggccctaag aacgctggca     77820
     tttacatata ttttatgctc ctggttagtt tgttgagatt cttagtctgg ggaagctgtc     77880
     ttgaccacag gggagtccgt taacagacaa gcccacacat ttaacagttt ccaacctttc     77940
     cacaccatgg gccacagttg tctgggttac gctcctccta tcgtgtgagc agtcatttat     78000
     cagcctagcc cgtaggatat ggatttctaa tcacagcgtg tcaggaatag gttggatggc     78060
     cttgtatacc tcacttacat tttcttcaaa gcctactcag gcagatctga cagtagctct     78120
     gtaaccacca accttgggac ctgaacctgt tactttatct ttgcatggtt ttgtttcatt     78180
     tattgtatga ggcaggggac agagtattgt cataatctgt gggttggctt acaattcact     78240
     ccgtagccaa gctggccttg aactcttgat cctcttactc tgacctccta agtgcagggg     78300
     ttacagcatg tgccagtcat ggttccatcc gggttacttt tttagaaaac agtgcttgcc     78360
     agccctctgt tactgtgata aaacgcctga gctatggact tgaaagcaag aaaggtttgt     78420
     attggctcat ccttctaagg agcagtttct gggtcttcct ttcaaaagag ggagccttaa     78480
     accctgggaa gtctcctcag taccaggctt ccaccttggc ttttctcaga ccacgtggtt     78540
     cttacgtaag gacaggaaaa tgacaatact taataaacat ttgtgtttaa cataggagag     78600
     aaattagaat acataagtta cccttgaaga aaaagtggag agttactaac ttgagactca     78660
     ttagccacac atattaaggc tttctctctt ctgtgtatct tcatggtcta tcactaagag     78720
     gctggcgaat ggatatgcgt ccaggggtag agggaaaggt gctagctgtg tgtggagaca     78780
     cgcgtggctg aggagctgta gaaagtgcca cacgtgtcct ttctggtggt tgtggcagcc     78840
     tagtgactac ccctgagctc ctcaagaatt gagactgagg ctcccaaagg ctgcagtcag     78900
     ccagagatgc cggagtcagt gactaacgtg ggttccactc ccactccatg taaggctgga     78960
     gggaggcaga atccatgaag agagccagtt cacatgtcac tgaaaatggg gctgacctct     79020
     ggaactgtct tcagtgccca gaagctcagt agccccatgc atagtcacca acctggtgga     79080
     atgtgactct ggcacttagc aggagggctg cacacatcca ggtccagttt aactgcactg     79140
     gtatttgccc ccatctaaca gaagtcccta cccagatata ttcctgtcct gaatccttgt     79200
     ccgtccttgt gactttgagc ctgcctacca tgcactgatg gctcagcgtg ccccattgat     79260
     gtctgattct ttgctcttgg cctgaacccc tcagggctca ccattcaacg tgaccgtgag     79320
     gaggaagcat cggccacatc cgggtgtgtt tcactgctgc accttctgct ccagtggagg     79380
     acagaaagct gcccgctgtg cctgcggagg caccatgccg ggtaagcatg gtcggtggcc     79440
     tcaagtcaac tgaagctagc atctgggtcg gaaacagcag tcttatgatg tcatgtcctc     79500
     aagcccgcag gcccaagcag cagcaagcaa gggtccgtcc ctttgctgcc tcacaggtac     79560
     taggtcaggg tgtttggact gaggcttttc tcaaagaatt ctagcctctt gaaggggttt     79620
     gcaaccccat aggaagaaca atatccatca acagaccccc cagaactccc agggactaaa     79680
     ccaccaacca aagagtacac atggagggag ggacccatgg ctccagccgc atatgtagca     79740
     gaggttggcc ttgtcgggca tcaatgggag gagaggccct tggtcctgtg aaggctccat     79800
     gcctcaatgt agggaactgc cagggtgggg aggcaggagt gggtaggtgg gtgggtgggt     79860
     gaaacaccct catagaagaa gggaagaggg gatgggatag ggggtttccc agggaggagg     79920
     taactaggaa aggggataac atttgaaatg tagctaaaga aaatatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     79980
     agaaaagaaa aaaggattat taaaaaaaaa aaagaattct agcctcttgt gtagaggcag     80040
     gacagatagt ctatacagca agtctcatgt tctgaattga aatgacaggc ttcaaggttc     80100
     tgagttcttt tgatacagtt taccagtcca tgggcctttt gaccagaatc tgagatttgt     80160
     agattcagtc tatacctgtt ctagcagtct gagcactgtg aaatatagat tcacccaaaa     80220
     atcatgagga aattcaaatg gggaggatca gggggtagat gattgagcaa cgtctcactc     80280
     tttatttaga catctgggca agagatcctt cattgttgtt gctgctgttg ttgttgttct     80340
     atcatgggcc tgggggagat tcaatcatgt gagcagtggc tgctgttcca gaagacccaa     80400
     gttcacttcc caccacccag gggtctcgca actgtatatt actccagcta aagagatttg     80460
     atgccttctt tctgatacca gccacacaca tggttcatag acatacatgc aggccaaaca     80520
     ctcacacgct aaataaaaaa atcttttcat catgtcttta ttctaatggt ggcccacaaa     80580
     ataagctttt gtacccctcc gtgtaaccaa tttagcacgt ctccttttcc attaatctac     80640
     ccttttattt tcgtgtcact cactgcatat agttaagatc caaaccagta tttaacagtt     80700
     gaagggcaaa ctagttcatc tcctggttgc attttggaca gttctgagag cctggcctgg     80760
     ccatggctac cagatagttc tgattacagt ggactgaact cggtagtttc tttggggaga     80820
     tcttgactgc ttaggtctga atgttgccag gattagcttt gtacagctgg actctacttt     80880
     atgttgttcc cccctttgta ttatgcaggt ggataccttg gctgtggcca cggacacaaa     80940
     ggccacccgg gccgtccaca ctggtcttgc tgtgggaagt tcattgagaa gtccgagtgc     81000
     tcgttcacga gtgggcaggg cgccccgagg agtctgctta ggaccgtggc gctctgatgc     81060
     ttcctgggga caagtcgggc caggtaaccc tgaagctagc ataacttcag ctatgcagag     81120
     aacccagagc ttgagtagtt ccaaagagac tgacagaatt aaagacgaag tgctttctct     81180
     aacatcagac ttcaagtgct ttctgtgtgg gcatctctcg tgtaccatgg cggagtgcag     81240
     gcctccccta caccgctcct caaggcaggc tgctgatcta ctccacggaa agctctcctg     81300
     ttttatacgg gcattgaggt gtctgtgcca tgggaccatg agctcctgga gcagggagga     81360
     ctttatgcct tcctttccac tgtgttgcag cctctccggt ttaccccgag ctagagtttc     81420
     agggcttctc ctggaggatg aaacccctct ggcccatcat ttgtttgttg tatactttca     81480
     gtggtttcct agtacacagt ttatgatgat tatcacggtt ttgccgtcta gatgagcgcc     81540
     cgagtgatgc tcatgtgtag gcacacaagt agacagtaag gaggtacggt gtggcaagag     81600
     cgcagccatc tgctgcagtt ctttacatca gatgacggcg ggtcctccat ccacacagct     81660
     ctgacttaat ggagggcttt cgctgccctc tctaccctgc aacagctgaa agcactgact     81720
     ctgcagggca ccccctagcg gctacaggat tctgggagga agacttagta ctccctcagc     81780
     ccagccaagg tcttcccagt agagattttg tgttttctgg gattcttggt ttcttacaca     81840
     gcagtaaact cacaacatat gaaactgaat tactgaagtt tgcattatag gatctcatag     81900
     ggagtggtga ctcattggag gggcaattgg gtaaaggaaa ggaagcgagg cacttagatg     81960
     accactgtca ggtttcactt ccttctctta gcctttaaga taagatacat taagataatt     82020
     aagacattaa gatactttct tcattttctt cgaacattcc ccttgagccc ctttctggaa     82080
     gcaaaatctg atgttcccag aagacaacac tgcccctctc cccctcagct ggttgttgtt     82140
     tgctcctcac tctgtctgtt cccacccact cccagccaca ccctgagcca ggtcaggtgt     82200
     ctactgagct tgccatggct gctttgagat cactggttct cagccaggca accccacctc     82260
     ccgggggcgt gtcttacaga atcttgggga tatgggttct agcagcattg agtagggcca     82320
     caggtcagtt tattcaactg caggatagct ttctgcagca aatggagcat gctttgcctc     82380
     cctgcagtgc cattttcatg tctgatgagg cgtacatcct gcattctgct caatggttcc     82440
     ctcccaggct cctaagctcg accttgcact gtgttgttgt cagtatgctc agtagagtca     82500
     aagagcagtc cttccatttc tcgcccctgt ttcctcccgt gacctccttc tgacttaaat     82560
     accacttaga ctcggtgact cccaagtcct cttcaggtca ctctctagat gattatgagg     82620
     tccagtgact tacgtcatca catctcctct tatgtgtaca gtaagcccct cattcaaatt     82680
     taaatggctc ccagtgtcca gttctcactt gctcctgcct gtcatcacca aacagcttct     82740
     cctggagtcc tctccacact ttaaaagaga agcgtctgtc cttaggtggg gcagcctgga     82800
     aactccttgt gtgtcacacc atatccaaac cactggtaac tcctgtcaac ctcactttca     82860
     ctgactcctg ctctctgcgt ccattgctac catcctggtc tgacaagccg agactcccac     82920
     cagaaagctt tgcctatctt ctcgccagcc tgcttccaca tcaggtcatt ctgctcggtg     82980
     cctccagtga ccgctcgctc atctcagaac agaggcagct cacctgcttc acattaccat     83040
     gtgccagcgt ggtctgatcc atggccttct cttcctaccc agctccacct tctgtccagg     83100
     cacagtggcc ctgccggccg ctgctcaggc tcagcagcct cttcttggag cctttatagt     83160
     aatgggcctt ctatctgaca gtccttctca aagatgcatc ataccctttg acttcaagtt     83220
     tctgctctag tgtcaactat tgtcctatta gtgaggtttc taaccatcct gagtaaaaca     83280
     gaagaatcat acccaggagg aggcatcccc tgcccggctt catcaccagc tgacgggtga     83340
     tgtattgtct tacatctgct gtactggact ctgagctccg cgagggcagg gagctggcat     83400
     tcagtaactg tattatcccc atgcaggtca gactttggct cacagtagag acaaatagta     83460
     tgttgaatga ataaaaattc aagttggtag agttttgttt ggctttactt agtatgtttt     83520
     catgacttcc atttccctaa acccaagtat atcccattga accaaagacc acttgggaaa     83580
     aggtcttaac cgcctatcag acttgttgga tacaagtaag cacccaaggg accagccttg     83640
     aattttccag ttacctcaga catccaggga gtcttgtgcc ctgaagtctc tggaattaca     83700
     tcatctttcc ccaggggtct tgagtcagtg cagcagagcc aagcacagct cgagagtcta     83760
     ccttggagag cttgcgacaa ccgggcagtt ttttgtagat gaagctgcat ctctagagga     83820
     aaactttgat ctcagtgggg catccagggt ctagctacta ccattaaaca gggaggaaga     83880
     actcaaggtc ggaagcacat actttggctg gtaacaactc tgttaatgtt taaagtcccc     83940
     gtgggcggtg gtaggggtgc ctgggctctt acttagtttg aacaataatg gggtcttagc     84000
     ccaatttagt ccagatgctc tggcagctga aaaaaaacta tgaaaaggtc agagtgatct     84060
     gagaaccccc aaactctacg gcaaggagaa gagaagtgga gtttttaggg aggatacaaa     84120
     tgtgtcctca tgtgcacgct gaagatacag cttcatgatg taagcgatgt ggctggtatt     84180
     acggctgaga aaaaaagcga caaattcgag tcttggtcct gtgggatata aacaccttgg     84240
     ctgtcttggc cagcccaccc ctcctgctcc ctctctgcaa tcattgctca cccttactcc     84300
     agaggatgca cacctgtggc aggcatggct gtcacccgag gatgctcacc tgtgtcaggt     84360
     gtggctgtca accgaggatg ctcacctgtg tcaggtgtgg ctggataaag ataaagcagc     84420
     tagaagcaga tcagaggaag cggcatgcca ccgggttgtg tcagtcccta catgtcgata     84480
     aggcattccc ttcatcactt gcccaaagct ctcacaggtc aatttctgtg atgaaccatt     84540
     aactacgcag gtcctcgacc acagctctcg ccagtcacag tacagctagt cttacgctcg     84600
     atgctaagcc ttggaaaggt aggcttgact ttgcttcccc ttaaaattga agtaccctgc     84660
     agagccttgc acacagtagg tgcttgatat atatttcagt gactgtacag gtactgggca     84720
     gcagaaatac tcctcacctc tcctttctta gacatctgcc cacactcaga cttagctatg     84780
     gaagctgtgt agaaagcact gaagatcgtg agcacagccc atggctgctc cctgttccct     84840
     ccctagtact ttatctctat cctgtaggac agcgtgccta attagccctg atctcatgtt     84900
     tattgacgaa aacattctaa tatagattat atgaccaaga attccaagtt tctagtattt     84960
     ctctttgtgc ttgcgtatac ttttttttct tcctatatat tttgagggct tgatgctatg     85020
     tgctggttag atggtcaact tgacaggaac tggggtcatc tgggaaaatg cctccatcag     85080
     attggcccat ggggcatttt cttgatgaat gatttatgcg ggcagtgcca cctgggctgg     85140
     tccaggtcct gggttgtata agaaagcagg ctcaacagcc atggagatca agccaggaaa     85200
     gcagcacccc tccatggcct gattcagctc ttgtcctgcc ctcccccagc gatagagtgg     85260
     gacctgggag ctgtaaaccg caagagttct ctcggagttc gttttgtcca tgtgttatct     85320
     gaaaaccaga aacctcacta agaaaagctg tacgagagca gtaatagcat cccatgccat     85380
     aaacttaatg actaaacaag acttcagaga acaggccgca tggtactggt gttcccacaa     85440
     ttatcctctt ggtgtaagac aatctaactt cacctgggag tcctgcagag aaccatgtca     85500
     ctgatgtcat gagcaagcga taccttcgag gaaacatcac tgtgtacaag gggccacgat     85560
     gaagcactgg aggaaaatca tggtggagta tgcctataat ccctgcactc aggaagtaga     85620
     ggcagcccag gctgcggggt gtatagcaag accctggatt aaaataaaac accatcaaaa     85680
     aacccctaac ctacatgatt gacgaagaaa ggggtcacat cccctaacgg catctttcta     85740
     cctactgctg ttcccagtgg catgtcaagg agtcttggat ggagtttgaa agggcctaga     85800
     acacccccag gttgtgggct gttggacgct cttatttgat ccacattcat gagaagagtt     85860
     ggataagtct ccatgaagga aagcccttgt aaacctggtg tttgagaatg tgtgccttgg     85920
     tgacaactat tcgtgtggct ctgccagcca tacgcatgct ctgtatgccg cctccagcac     85980
     tgtcccacag cactgtcact agtaactaca tggcatgtaa ggatttagaa tggttcatta     86040
     cctcagattc ttcagggcca cctcaaatga agtaggcagg cgactgtgaa aagaaacctg     86100
     cagtgaaggt ttctgtgagg gctcagtgac atcagcagga ctcagcacag caccccaata     86160
     gggtcactac attgtgaggt ccagcccatt gatttggagc acaaactcac catttacaaa     86220
     gaaattgatt agtgagccat gcagggtggc aaatgccttt aaacctagca ctcagatggt     86280
     tgaggctgta gggctactac aagttcaaga tcagcctggg ctaaagggat cctatctctt     86340
     tatatgcctt ctaaatgtat gaaacaacaa taatttgact cataaataaa atgaacataa     86400
     agactggggt atatagctca gtgggagagt gcctgcctag tatgcaagaa gcctgggacc     86460
     tgtcaatgcc aaacaaaatt aagtaagtaa gtaagtaaat aaataaataa ataaataatg     86520
     ggggctgggg aagcagccta gtaatggagt gcttggtagc atgccaactt ccgtgattca     86580
     acccccaggt ccacaggaca aaatgagtgg acccaaacct gtgatgcata ccagaaggcc     86640
     acacacagta ctgattcatg tattttgtct tgggactgag atttaagaac acatttgata     86700
     aagtccgtcc caacagacat tactagcacc tcactttggt aggaacactt gtccacctca     86760
     gatacaataa agaagctttg ctagctcgcc ctcagaatag gaaaaatgaa gggaagtctt     86820
     ttaaggtatc aggaggggtc taccttacag gcatttctca atgggccttg aaagtaggtt     86880
     agattctcta ttctccaaat aaagacttaa atttgaaagt taggactctg tcaaaccgtg     86940
     gacattcgca gatggatacc acggacctgc caggtaaagt aagttaagcc atgtatattt     87000
     gttattaagg tctcagcata gtaggtagta tatattaatt actacaccat acagatgaaa     87060
     ggctgcgatg tccacgggac ctgtgactaa cccgcggcag gcagctaatg gccaagccag     87120
     acttggacat gcttgctaag agccattcca tctcaagcct ctctatcaat cctttgatct     87180
     tctaacttca aaagggtagc ctactgcctt catttccttt tatcagagat cttactgtag     87240
     ctgttaagtt ctgaaaacaa ggtctacctt acaactgagg agaccaatat gtgaatttaa     87300
     ggtaggacta gaattagaat ttagagtcct agagttgagt cttcccacct gtgcacctga     87360
     tctttacctt tgtcagcctt gggggtccca ctcgtacaag gagcctttcc tcacatagac     87420
     cacagcgtct caggcatact gactggtgaa cataggcccc gtgcctgtag ccaactcaaa     87480
     ggggagtagt gcttcccagg aaagtgcttt gttctcctcg cagaagttag cagagtcctg     87540
     gaagctgctg tagctggttt cctaatgagg aagtctcaca cagcatacca ggcagcgtcc     87600
     tgacacccca agtccacacg acttaaagga tgatctctcc accacagttc aggtgccgtg     87660
     ggtgaaggcg atatacccaa gaccaactct gataaaatgg ttgatggtcc aaattaggtt     87720
     cagtatccct gttctttctg cctcctctcc atgatccttc tggagacagt gggagaccac     87780
     tgcacagtgt tgtccggaca tgaaaggcac acatgaatga acacatgact tccacatgag     87840
     gtcaaggcag ccaagtccca gcatggatgg agagggcctt atgatttccc acgccatatg     87900
     gtaaaagatg gtcacttcct cagggatgcg acctctgaca ggctgccagt gttccagtgc     87960
     atggccctgt gtacagtcag cattgtgtag acactgggtt taaaaagagt tcattaaatt     88020
     gggatggaaa agcaatggtg gaggatatga tatgaaattc tcaatcattt ttaaaagaaa     88080
     gacgagaatc cctgatctag tggtatttac ccttcctaag gccacaacat cttttcagtt     88140
     tgtacctcca gcaggttcac agaaatagca agaagaagca ttgggagagc tgctcagggc     88200
     attctgtctc cgtacgtcac tcctctgcgt ggcccagcag ctagaactca gtaatgcaga     88260
     ccttacccac agcaggtgct ctctggtgct ctgagggaaa ggaggtgggg tttggtgaac     88320
     acacagcatc acctctgtgc acggccgaag gcgtttatta agaccatacc aatgataaca     88380
     caatgtggta caatggcaga aactaagtga cacaacagat taaatgccac tggcaactga     88440
     aatggacata aacattaaat aagacaaata ctatatgaaa tactgtgata tcaaatgata     88500
     cagtgatgaa actgagtgac acagtcacac tgatgttgat atatccctaa atgaaaccat     88560
     gatgcacagg ctaaatgaga gatgctagat gataccatga ttaatactca actcaagata     88620
     tatgaaatat cttgacccta aacctgccta gattcagcca gcctcatagg gatggttggt     88680
     tacaaagagg cttacaagac gcagcctgcc agcagggaaa caggacagag cctacatagg     88740
     caaggtaata agaccaggtc cgccatcagt cccaaacatg gcagcacagg gctttgaggc     88800
     tgtttgacag acagggtctt cccatgtaat taaggctgct aaagaactca ctgttaccca     88860
     ggctaacctt agactcgaga tcctcttgcc tttgcctaca aagtgccagc attctaagca     88920
     tgtgtcacta tgcttgtaat ggctccctga gcatcacacc cagcacttac acagttcttc     88980
     cagactcagc ttccaggcca tccaacgcca aagcttcact ggttttactt tgtttttcta     89040
     agacacggtc tcattctgta gcccaggctg gcctgaaatg tactctgtgg cataaactgg     89100
     cctctaactc acaatcccca ctcagccttt caggtgctgg gaagtatgga ctacatggct     89160
     gccttccaga gcactttgtg gtttgttttg agaaagagtc tacaacaggc caaagtggac     89220
     ctctccatct tcttgctgga ttacaggcat gcactaacat gccaggctta attctgaaat     89280
     aaccaatggg tttctatggc ccacattaca caagctgact gactaactgg tttgttaacc     89340
     tggtaaccca tcctcaattc ctagcatagg aacaagcctc acttcgagta ggatgaaatc     89400
     taagactcca ggatcatgga aagagcatca ctccagcaga cgaagctaga tgccaaagag     89460
     gatcttgagg tcagccagtg tgagcttggt gacaggtcct tcggatccag aaaggacctg     89520
     ttttgccaaa tctttctttt tttcttggag ctgtaagatc ttctcttcca ctgtcccctc     89580
     acagacaaac ctaagagcaa ataataacga acatcagagc ccgcacggct cacgaaagcg     89640
     agccttccaa ctccactcca cttcgctttc acagaagact gtctgtttcc ctgagatagt     89700
     ggagagtagg gaatccacac aactttcact gaatatgtcc atttaaactg cagaaggtat     89760
     ttctatctaa aacaaataca gaggcccaac ctttacccag acacttatcc tgacaaggtc     89820
     agaaggcctt ctgacagtgt ctgtgtgtat tttaagtgga gcatttaact tcttagctaa     89880
     tccatagcac agccaggctt ttcaaattga agaagtcacc ctgctgtcac tcaagtaccg     89940
     actaagtctg tatctctctc tctgtctctc tctctctgtc tctctgtctc tctctctctc     90000
     tatatatata tatatatata ctatatacta tatatatatg catatactat acatatacat     90060
     acactatgcc ctatgggaag tgactgagca agagtgtgtc cagggtccaa aaggcagtct     90120
     gtgtagagca gtcaaggaag gctccatcag agttaatcct taatgtgagg catgtaggat     90180
     gaccagggct tgctagacag gatacaacag gcacaccccc caggaatgag aacacgaaca     90240
     aactggccga gcttcagaac gtggtatgtt taattaaaga gcctgctgtc cagtcaagtc     90300
     tgctggtggc aaagttccgg agctgtgagc cagatcctta gtggttgtcc tgacatgcca     90360
     aaaccctgag agtaagtcta caggagtgag ctgctgaaga cactgagagt aagtctacag     90420
     gagtgagctg ctgaaggtgt gacatgtccc agcagacaga tgactcagga gagccttcta     90480
     cttgcaatgc agaggacagg aatcagcaga gctggaaagg gagctggcag cagggatgga     90540
     aggaaaggat agttacaagt ttagaaagca cagctaaggc tttggcctgg gcagagggag     90600
     aagaaggagt ccagttcctg tctgtatgct agataagcgg atgctatttc cccagatagt     90660
     gtacatgcac atactgaggc agaggaagca aagacttcag cttggctttt ttatcctgga     90720
     gggtgtaatt acacttggca tattcaggtg ctcagtaaac gttcacttag gtatctgagc     90780
     gcacaaacta atgaagatgg atgatgacct gcacagttag gcttagatgt ttagcagaga     90840
     tctggatacc caggttgaca cttaggagac agtggaacta aaaatagaga tttgggacct     90900
     ctgagcagaa aagagagcta aagacgggaa aaccagttat caccgaactt gattacctcc     90960
     aacatgccca acattcacac ccacccaccc ccacacagga actttctggt aatttctttg     91020
     taacttttct ttatgactga gattacacaa ggaaagggtg ggcaggaagg acgccttcca     91080
     cagctgcctc cttggtgagc tgtggctcat ccccgcacac aattgatctc tggccatggc     91140
     cagcgaggtt acatcagaca gtttgattcc tgactagagt tccttaggta tgcctgcata     91200
     tcattagtgc tgatcaccaa gcccttcaca gtcgatggaa atactctcca ggaaagtctt     91260
     tcacaaaggg agatgctgag aaggggcctg gtgcctttgc tcacctgtgt atgacaacat     91320
     ccttcttctg tcctactcgg taaatccggt cacaagcttg gtcttcaagt gagggattcc     91380
     tgtttgagga gatatataac tcagaaacac caacagccta ctgccaggtc caaatgacag     91440
     tccttttttg tatgcttctt tagctaaaag tcgtcattac attctcaagg ggcttaagaa     91500
     aacaatgtaa ggctgggcgt ggtggctcac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag     91560
     gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagctcc aggacagcca     91620
     gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaag     91680
     aaaagaaaag aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa tgacgtaaga caaaggatac     91740
     gcaacagaaa cctaggtgcc ctgcagagcc tgagaccttc ctgaagtgtc agctccatct     91800
     aggaggcact gactgtggag ggtgccgagc cgcaaccagc agctacacag tacttataac     91860
     accaggcttc ggaacctact tggaagcgta agagctggtt aagagtctca aatatttctt     91920
     tcaactttag tgttcagtga agtcagttaa agaggtataa tttgttctct tccttataaa     91980
     gtctcattat caactctaaa ttaagctcat cttacctctt tagaattgga gtaatatttc     92040
     tccatctcaa gactggtgtg attactagca tgcttttctc acttctgtgt atataaggat     92100
     cctaagtaaa cccacacgtt ctccacaaag gtagcaagtt ggcctctttg caccatttga     92160
     ggctgcgtgg agcattaggc acatcaccct agaaagaggg cctgggacaa agtatcgtgg     92220
     tgcaggcctg acatcccagt tatctatagc gctgcggcag gaggatggaa agaccaggct     92280
     tgcctgcaca actagtgaaa ccctatctca aggtaaacag taaggaggaa agctaggtgt     92340
     gcaatgccct gggctcagcc ccagaactgc agagcaagca aaacaaaggc tgtctgcaac     92400
     agcaacccca gtttgcatag gcagaacatt agagcctggc actgtgagcc tccacctagc     92460
     catatgtgac ttcacctgtc cagtaccagg aggtgcacat accaaggcac tgactggcag     92520
     gtagcacaca catcgtgaag ccaaaggcta gatataacaa gcatttctat cacaactaga     92580
     aaaatcctct tcttccttct ggaggaaggt ttctaatcta aggctgtgac ttccctgagt     92640
     cctcaaaaac tatgtctgga aaatggtact ccagagacat caaacttagt aatgtagctt     92700
     agtcatgaga aaaaaaatca aacaaaacta ctccttggta ttttgtttgc ttgttttgtt     92760
     ttgttttgct ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtaaccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc     92820
     tgtacaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg     92880
     attagagata atcaccaccg ccatctggct gcttgttttt aaggagaaat aatgttaatt     92940
     tttttttaag ttagtgaaca ataaaatcat gaagtagcca tgaaacggtc cctcagcagt     93000
     actggacgtc agccagcttc acatgacact cagatggggc catacagaat gtcaccatga     93060
     ctttctaaaa gtcagactgc tgccctctga ccactgccct ccctgacgtt gggacaggag     93120
     catcctcaag ttaccagtgc atgtccagaa ggaaaaggtg gtttcctcca gtcaggttaa     93180
     gtccaacacc gccagccaag agggagatca gcatgacctt ggaatggaaa cacgtcatta     93240
     aacttccacc cactgccctt atagtgcagc tactacagtc tgggtcttca gttcccccaa     93300
     aagccaagca gcaaagactt ggccccatcc tggcactaga tcaaaggtgg tggagccttt     93360
     atggggtcag tatcattgat cttcacttcc tttggccttg actctgtctt tacctcctta     93420
     ctgagacgtg tggctgtttc cctccacaca ctctggccat gatacccgcc cagaacagaa     93480
     gcctaaatgg gagactactg aaacctccaa aacaagccca aagcagccct gtctctttat     93540
     ggggggtgtt tggggggagg gggtatttgt agaaacagaa agagagctaa ccagcatctt     93600
     tccagctcta gttcaaaatg gtcaaaacac acaaggaaca cattcctttc aaatttcccc     93660
     atggtataat gttttgaacc actaacctgc catttttcat acctcacctt tgaaaaaatt     93720
     ctcccgtctc acatgagagt cagctgccaa agtatgtgaa cactgtaatt aagatccttg     93780
     gggggggggg gggtgacctt gcattaaatt ataactagtc ttgagaccat gtccccacag     93840
     ctacattatc cttccttcca ttcagctagt acttctgaaa tccctactat gctagggccc     93900
     tgttctccta catctcccat caaagccaca gacactgcaa ggcttcctgc tctgcaaaga     93960
     ttctcccaca ccagcctgcc ctgcggactc atcagcttat ttacttagta acagttaagt     94020
     tattctcttt agatcattgg tgcactttgg cacagatctg caataagtgt ctaaaaactt     94080
     acaaacactg gagggatcaa ggccgaatac tttttaagtt aagctgctac accttgctgc     94140
     tttgtaacta agaagagttc gttccttggt tgcacacttg ctgcgcccat acctgaggtc     94200
     cctgggagtg gttaaatgcc tccaccaggt ccattctctg tttggggttg acagagccat     94260
     cgatggtggc gtaagtcagt cggttcttct tgaggtgcag tgctactacc tgcagcatgc     94320
     tggtccactg agagacaatg acactagaga ggagagaaca caactaaaag gactcagcag     94380
     tctcccccgt gggctgtaac ccactagcct caagattagt tacaaatgta cattaagaag     94440
     actttgtcac ctgaccagca aggccatgct gtgctttgga gagtgtcccc ctgggacctg     94500
     tgtgtaaagg gtgtcatggg gtggcagtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgg ggggtggggg     94560
     tgaatggtat gaggagagcc tggaggaggc agagctctca ggaggctgca gcactcacct     94620
     cttcttccct ctgcctgcct tgttcggata tgtacccctg cgaatgcgga tacccctcag     94680
     cctaagccaa tgggagcatc gagtcataac tgaagcatct ggagccatgg gctaaaagtc     94740
     tgttgccttt ttaagagcct cctttcccag tattggcatg aagctaatac aggcacatga     94800
     tttaaggtcc tggtgtaagt ttatagtcca tttgtttcta agcgtcactc tcatttggtg     94860
     ctacttagaa aaaaaagact ggctaggcta agtaatgatg tctgctgtct tttgcttggg     94920
     gtcctagtgt tcatccagaa acctgtggtc ctgcagaaag gggcagtagc tactcatctt     94980
     gtgaccaccc gacgtgtgtc ttaaccagaa cttcaacaat tttataagga actatttcat     95040
     gtctataaac gtgtctgtgt aatacagtca tatcggtgtg catgtgttaa cactatacat     95100
     gtgacacaca gcaaaggaca actcaagcct gactctaagc cccaggcaag cagctcagca     95160
     gcagacctgc cctgccctgc tcccctctca cccttctgtt cttccgctat tcagataaca     95220
     ccttatttag atcctcaggg ccagggtaag ccagggatct cactcaatac acatcacagt     95280
     attttaatta gaagttaggg aatttatgct ataagctgtg tgtgttctgt ggggtatgac     95340
     ccttgcagaa gtggtgagat gctgctcacc tcttttggga ccctgggcct ttttggatcg     95400
     cctccagttc tgccagcaga gaagacacct gggaaaggcc acataacatt gcagtttagg     95460
     tcatttgctt tttctcttct ctccctgagt gacagaagca ctttccagga cagcctctat     95520
     gctctggcct ggcttgacta ctccctctcc tgcagctgga aagctgtttt ttaaatgtaa     95580
     gcaggccgcc ctcctcctct tatgacatcc taatgaggat aaagcctacg cgtccaatct     95640
     tacctgctgt gtccatgctg ctctggcctc tgcgctggtc attcctcact atgcgctcct     95700
     caaaggacat gtcaatcacg ctgaaatctt gacccgatag gccacatctg gtccctctac     95760
     tttagtatca ttttccatgc cagcttaatg tcatggtttt gttttgtttt tttttttttt     95820
     taattttgct gtagattttt attttctttt taatacttct cctttgccat tcttaccttt     95880
     agcctctccc atgcaccctc gactctttct tacactaatg gcctctatta ttgttatact     95940
     tatataaata tataagtgtg gcctacttat atacttttag tatggcttgt atatatatga     96000
     ttctagagct aagcacttgg aagtgggaga ggctgctctg tctctcagaa gcagtcttgg     96060
     gcagccagta cttctttgct agggctagga ccccaggaga ctctcttcca ccttagcatg     96120
     tctctgtggt actgtcattg ttccggtctc atttagccat gttgctgggg tatgatgggt     96180
     gttacttttg aaagcctccc caacttcgtg tgggctacac cagtgccatg gttctgatca     96240
     cacgccacaa ccattgctta gtagccttcc tttgctttcg ggacaccaga tcctctgagg     96300
     agctgaacac atgcatgtct ggatccctcc tgtgcttctg gctgccagac cactgctgga     96360
     agaggcaagg ttctagcctg acagtcacag aagaaagcaa aagagctttg ctggctttaa     96420
     gctgttccct gtgtacacga agcctaacac ggtttgagtc tactcgtggc cttgtgttaa     96480
     gaacattacc agagtattag gcaaggccac agcagctaac tctaacgatg ctagagtata     96540
     tataatctgc tcgcatacag ggctctgatt ttccagttat ttatggtaaa tacccaggct     96600
     taagttctaa aattttaacc aagagccagc aaggtgcctc agcaggaaac tgtgcttgct     96660
     gaatgcctgc tgactggagt tcaatccctg gaccccacat ggcgcgaaaa gagaatgaag     96720
     gctttgggct tctcctgacc aagtgaggct ttaagactaa gggggatcta agatctgacc     96780
     ttctaactct cctctcataa gctcttccca cgtgcataat gttcaacaca gggagaaagg     96840
     taatatctgt catcaagcac aggtgacaaa agtaccttgg tgctccttcg tgtgtcatca     96900
     aaaagctccg ccttgaaaca tgtgccatta aggctaaccg tgggtgatgg ctctgagaca     96960
     tcgaccttgg acaaggtcag agcactgagc tgttcttcca gggacaggac aaggccttcg     97020
     ctctccagtt ctgtggggtc cagagccttg gaagaaagag aggagatggg aacacaggac     97080
     aatggaggtg gcaagccttc gtacctgctg atttccaaca gtcgagagta aaatgactta     97140
     tctcaggcac tacagaaaag accctgtgta aagcttgacg caagttaaaa acctgctgac     97200
     ggcctacatg gtcattctgt tttcagagtc taagcttctg aagtgagcac acagttaatt     97260
     agaatcctag acacacctgc acccagtaca aaagcacctc ccagtgtgtg cttgggtttt     97320
     catacacccc agagtactga acaccagtaa ctcccaaagc tttatgacat tctgagataa     97380
     caaaacactc acaaatgttt cccttaacaa aatgtcagtt gtgatctaaa ataaacaaac     97440
     aaaaaaaaag tgtatcttgt catggaactc atgagcatta ataaacatta atataaagta     97500
     aagcagaaga aatgcgtttc ctctccatcc cataaaagag agctgcagac cagccttttc     97560
     cctgacgcag gatcccggct acagccgact gtggagatga ctacagacgg ggcgtctctc     97620
     accgacttca gcagagaaag atggcagcag cactggcgaa gccgcagaag ctgggacagg     97680
     acatggacgg tgctgggtct ttgggagtct gccgcagggc agccctggga cacactggat     97740
     ccaaactcct gagccactgg aggagagaag acaagagagg agacagtaca agatttaaaa     97800
     caggagctct ggggaagaag cggacctgag tccagctact taaacagttt gacctgacac     97860
     tcaataacct tgaaacaaac aagccaacca acctttgtgg tgtgatgtgt gccaaggcgt     97920
     gcatgtgaag gttagaagac aacctgtaaa aagttgtcct acactctggg gcctggggat     97980
     tgaacccggg gcatcaggct tggcaccaag cccccttatc agctgagcct tcctgatagc     98040
     cctaaaacat acttttatga agtcaaatga aatgtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc     98100
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtac     98160
     taagttccag gacagctaga gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     98220
     aaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg     98280
     agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agagggagaa gaaagaaaga aatactgggt     98340
     ttctctgtag gcatgcctgt gttttaaata atgtagattt agaaaacaaa aaaaagtctt     98400
     tacatttttc agatcagtgt gtatttctct ggcttaacaa gctttgataa aatgtggtct     98460
     ctctgatacc cagggcccat aatctgtttg ttattttaag ggctagaaat cccactttcc     98520
     tttctcagct attcatagtt gaatatcccc tggcttacct ctactgaatg gattatcagg     98580
     gcttcttcca tggtggctgc ctctaccttc ttgtctcttt agataggact ggagagctga     98640
     cctgtcagaa tgcacacatt acagccacta acgccaggct cttaccttgg agcggggcct     98700
     gggcaggata gagaatgtac tggctaaatg ctgctcagct cacagccaac atgggccata     98760
     agcaaaataa taataattat tattattatt cacaaaacaa aacccctaaa aaacgcatag     98820
     tacgtctaaa gtataaaaag acaaaaggca caatcctcct ggaaacagat atcggcccat     98880
     gggaaggagt aagagaagaa tgacaagagt tctagacaag gtgctgacag caaacagtgt     98940
     gatcccaaag ctgggattta aactccagtg agacgctgcg tggtaggtca aaggccaaag     99000
     agagtcatca tccaatatat tatccaatcc ccaaaggggc agacagatcc tatactctct     99060
     gattgctagg taaagaagac aattaaaagt ggggtcaaaa ttctgccttc agtgtgtagg     99120
     agagacagag ataggacaag aggaagggaa aaagaaatta aaaagaacta taaaatttgg     99180
     gggttttcgg gaaaatgaag atgtaacaca ttagtattct atgtgaaact taaggaaata     99240
     taagcctgga ttcttcccca gccaagaaag aaaaaacaaa gcatagagaa ggtgcttcct     99300
     cctggtactc accttgacct tgcaagaaag atgtcataaa cggcccgctc gtcctcagaa     99360
     agctttaacc ggtgcagctg gcatctacgt gcaggcagtg ctacctgggg aatgggaaag     99420
     gagatgctgt gaagctctgt aaagcactga gtacttcaga gctaacacgc tggctcgctg     99480
     caccagtctc tgcactgcgg tcccctcttc cctgcaaatg actgagctag cacagcacca     99540
     gggactgctc tcaggagtct ccccagaagg aaatgaaggc tcctgacact gagtggtcta     99600
     cctgaggtcc agatcacatt ccctcccagg cctccctggg gataggcaga aatctggtta     99660
     ccagaggttt accagtggaa tccagctggt cttttgttct cctcagcaaa aggctcttgg     99720
     ttaaaatgct taaccgttcc cctcctttca ttgaaccatt gtcaacctgg ctcttccaaa     99780
     gactgaactc atcaaatggg gagcaacgga gaaacctttt ggagggccag gaaagacaaa     99840
     gcaggagagg agattggaga ggatggtatt agggtccaaa ggaagacacc agatgaaaac     99900
     aaatcagatc tgctgcccca tgctcccatc ccatctgaaa gtgaaagcca cgccaatgtc     99960
     tgcttgacag gccaaaagcc caagtcagta aggaaaatca cactgtaaag ttgtgcattt    100020
     tacaggaaca atggaaacag ccccaacagg atgtataatg aacagctaga atttattact    100080
     aaagcatcga tgttagcgaa gaaattccaa agacttttat gggctcactt ttaaaaagtt    100140
     agcatttaaa agttagcatt cttttctgtt tgcctcaaat acattgcagt cctgctctgg    100200
     cccatgtatt ttaaagcaag cagcctaaaa cagccacagg gctgaagaac agtgaccttg    100260
     gtttccttta attcaagctg ctccatatgt ctgcataaaa tactgtatca aaccattaat    100320
     actttatcat gaatattcat tctttgcctc taaagctggc cacctgccac acaagataat    100380
     ctggacacat cagagctcca tcccaaggca tgaaataatg atgaagggtt acaaacaggg    100440
     acaaggtcac attaatgtga ccccaaagag gtcactcact tcatcagtga atacatatcc    100500
     aacaggttgt tctgaatggg ggttccagtg acagcccacc gggcctgggc ttggagctta    100560
     cacacagcaa tggatgtctg tactcgaggg tttttcacgt tatgagcttc atccaaaatg    100620
     atccgagccc agactacctg aagcaaaggt gctgaggtac cctggaagga acaaaggatc    100680
     atttaatacc agtcagtgtg ggaacatgca cgtgtcctca agaggaggga acataacctg    100740
     agggcccact cagaccctct aatttactta gactcttcca ctgaactgtg gttagaaacc    100800
     aagcacagaa cttctcaaaa agttcaaata aatggtcact ccaaacagaa tatacccgag    100860
     tttccattta ttctctccac ccacattcag cagcaccatt aataatattt agtcaggaat    100920
     aaactaggta taaggttgaa aattcgctta gtcagtaaag tatttattca atttattaaa    100980
     acttcctata tgccaatttt taggtgtaag atgctaagtc aaaaacagaa aggccatctc    101040
     agaccctcca gaagcccaaa ctctggcaag agagaagaat gtcatgagag cataaggtct    101100
     atgcagaagt cactcaatac aggacagtgg aggcttcccc caacccagca gagcctccac    101160
     accagctgac tgaacagagc tacaaccatg tgagcacaag gtgccaggag gcacgcatcc    101220
     aaacgcctag gagaaagcag ttcagaaagg cttcctgaaa ctggttagga aacactcctg    101280
     agaaaaggga ggtagctaag cacactactc agagaagccc agagggtggc aggtatgacg    101340
     gcacacaaga tgcagtgcct cagggagggc gcagatgggg agagaggaga gagaggccag    101400
     caccacacgg cacctgagac attacatagg aatttgggtt tttctcttag agccatagaa    101460
     aagcacttag cttggtttga gctggaatga tactctataa atcacccaga atacagaaat    101520
     cccttcaaaa ttgtacaaga aagcctgtga aacagctgac aagattcctg actctgccta    101580
     caaatgaaga aggtcatggt ttagcttctg acccatttgt agccctatta tttgcaaagc    101640
     tcttttctgg gaggtagaag aaaggcaggc agtaacaggt tgatacataa agacataaag    101700
     aacagagcat tagcatatac tccatatagt ctaacataaa gaacagcata ttagtgtata    101760
     ctccatatag tctaagatga aaatagcatg tgaggctctt cggcactcaa gtgtgattat    101820
     tattaccaca gttataatgt atgtttcttt acttgtaaaa gtagctgagc tctgtgccaa    101880
     gtacgaattt accactgggt gcttgtccag aatagaaagg agcagaggga ctcagtccca    101940
     caggtgggct gcctggagca ctcttctccg ggcaggaaga ctatgtgtgg cccttcctct    102000
     acctccctgg cacccctaag tctcacctcc acactgaggt ttgctcctgg gacctctccc    102060
     tcttgcttcg ttgtaggaat ctccttggcc agaaggctgt aagtagtaat cacgatgtca    102120
     tacgtagaga gtctgcgtgg atacaaaaag cgaacagtaa acaattcctc ctgggacctg    102180
     ccaggggcag tggcagaggc agcttcttta taaaagggcc tagggagctg gggagaaaaa    102240
     atagctcagg ggtagggtgt ttgccaggat gctcaaggct ctcagtttat ttcccaggac    102300
     tgcaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacttagag acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tagcagaatt    102360
     gacatcaact aattatgtac ttggtacaca catgagctcc gtctctctct ctctctctgt    102420
     gtgtatgtgt gaaatatgag gtggactttt ctatcagact tccttatctc ttactaatgt    102480
     gatcattctt cctatataga ctgttcattc cagcaaccat ccagtgagcc agaaaggaaa    102540
     atgtctagct gtagtcataa taagtttgct atgacctgat cagaatagaa agtaggtcag    102600
     ggctggaaac tgatatttaa tgatttgaag taggtgatgc tcaggtgtcc aagaaaaaag    102660
     aactcttcaa agcactgtca accccatgcc aatggtacct tcttgctatc actttacaat    102720
     agatttataa aaacccatta acttagtttt gggcagaaaa atgtagtacg ctttcagttc    102780
     atcttttcta cattgtttac acacaaaggt tcttattaag gaatgatttt ttaaaaatta    102840
     tttattcatt tattttacat gcattagtgt tttatttgca tgtgtctgtg taaggatgtc    102900
     agatctcctg gaactggagt tacagtcagt tgtgagctgc catgtgggtg ctgagaattg    102960
     aacctgggtc ctctggaagg tccttcaagt taacaggctg taactcagtg ttaaggtgtt    103020
     tacccagaat gcttaaggta tttgagtcct agcactagaa ataaaaacaa aaaacacccc    103080
     aaaatccaaa acctaaagat tgccatctgg ggtgatctcg tctccctccc aagcatcccc    103140
     ttccaagaat gtttactaag tctaacaatt ctgcatctaa aactcttgcg tttaacctta    103200
     ctgaacagtc tatatgtgaa aaaacagtca taagcatact tacatccaca cagcccacag    103260
     cgggtaattg acagagcgct accaagatat cgcataagac taagtgcttc cttttacact    103320
     cagggaaatg gaagatgagt tctagcctca ggtcttcagt gcccaagaga gaccctgaca    103380
     tttcctcgtt ccccagggct taccagggaa tgtggctgcc accttaggca gcccaggcac    103440
     tgcaagcccc tcctactgca gctttcgcta ggaagagtga ctggcaatgg caaagtgaaa    103500
     ccactaaact ctgaggtgtg tttgagcgca acctgcctga cacttaagac tgaaaactgt    103560
     cctcagtctc cacccatatg actagcccca aagaatcggg caagcagaaa gacaaacggg    103620
     ctccctgtgt gagttgcaga cacgtccagg cacttcccac ttacttacac ttttgcgtgc    103680
     cgactccggt ttggcccatg gtagagatag attctgagtc tgttgctggt tacacgtttc    103740
     tctacttcgt tcttccagtg atggatcagg gaagcggggc agacgatcag tgttccactg    103800
     gaagtaaaga cagaggagtc tagaggaaga aatcaatacc tagttacagt cgctgaacag    103860
     ccttgaacat gatgacttta ccccttcaat cagtactttt aactactggt ttagttctac    103920
     acaaagcaaa cagaatagaa aacggaagag acagtctttt aaaccaaaca attatttatt    103980
     ttagaatgac agggagggaa gtgggcagtg tgtgacccag tctaaaaagg aatgctcttt    104040
     cacgtggcta gaggtggaag caggcccttt cctaaggact cctgagatga ttcgctacca    104100
     ggaattattg ttttgtgttt ttctatataa aaatgtaaca aattacatta aaatataaat    104160
     acaaattgct atgcattaaa tgagtagaaa gaacttctcc taagagaagc aaatgtgatt    104220
     attttaaaag atttttttta attatgtata caatgttctg cctgcatgta tgcctgtaca    104280
     ccagaagagg gcaccagatc tcattacaga tggctgtgag ccatcttgta gttcttggga    104340
     attgaactca ggacctctgg atgagcagtc catgctctta acctctgagc tgtctctcca    104400
     gccctgcaaa tgtgatttgt aaccatctat tggcacacag tatttaccaa tgtttctcat    104460
     cttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttactccatg cagggtgagg ggcccagctg caacagtgtg    104520
     taccacaggc cctgagagag agcgctacat gcttctggcc atataaacaa agcaggactg    104580
     tgttcatgtt catggtaatt tacacggtat ttactgataa catgtatcaa cataaaatat    104640
     gcataaagct atatttttaa aacaagttaa gaaacaaata gaatatgcac ctttaaaaag    104700
     gtaccttaag ttggatatac ctgggagttt atccccagca ccaacagaaa acactaatta    104760
     ctatgcttgg actatctgtt ctaggacctc acctatctcc aaaaaacttt tttgaatccc    104820
     agatcaagct aaatttaaat aaaacggaga agtcatttat aactgcacac ccagcatcag    104880
     aaataacaca ggagggatgg tggcgaatga ggacagaccg ccatgaaggt gtcaggcaca    104940
     cttcggggta ccaggcaggg cgctgcttgc ccaccctgaa gtgccgcaca gagccactgt    105000
     actgaatgag catctttgca tccaaccacg cggtggccag gcctcatttc cagtacctcg    105060
     tgtcacgggt gaagaagtca gtcttccagg gagacagtgt actgcaggca gtgtctgaga    105120
     agtagcactg cacgtgaaga cctttggcat ctggccgtgc taggaccccc actctggcac    105180
     acacaacatg cactgggagc aagggaacct aacaatcact ggcggggtca caccatgttc    105240
     acacatatgt gaaaccatgt tccgtgccca cgagcactcc ttccagatca tgaaggtaaa    105300
     agagggtgta gccagctggg catcaagcag tttcatggct tcaagttacc atagccccac    105360
     caagtgcttc catgacagca aaagccttgc tgcactacca agaggcccaa caacttctaa    105420
     atccagagac ccactgaata aaactccaga gtcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    105480
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gaaggaagaa agaaagaaca aacacaggaa    105540
     agtaaccaat actggtttta taacagatta attagatgtg accaaagcta tcatttgtta    105600
     gcttgaaaac ctccctctgc tggctcaaat aaggttggga atggcagaag ggcttatacc    105660
     taccattctt ggaaagccac gtcacaggct cgcttctctc cttttccttg cttttctgct    105720
     gattcttctt ggttaggatg agtgcaatca ttgtcagagt ctttcctaag cccatatcat    105780
     ccgctaaaaa taagaagaaa caaaggctca acatgacttt aagagaagac tcctggcaga    105840
     aattggccta ctccctatcc tatgggtctc tgtgtaaaaa gtggcctcct gccatttgta    105900
     tggagatcga ggtcagatac catacaataa atagctagat cttactctta cctcagtttc    105960
     cctgctacag tggatttatc taacagtgga ttgactttca gtttcatgac ggtgcctgct    106020
     ttttttgtta ttccccaaaa caaaaatgtc tagctaacat atcctatcac ctactctact    106080
     ctgccacagt tcagcagtct atcatgcact tcctttacct atcaaaggcc ataactgaac    106140
     acttcatttt atatatacat atacatatat atatatatta cgcacacaca catttgtgtg    106200
     tgcgtgcata tgtgtgcaca tgcacaaaag tatcacatgc taaggcacat gtgtggagtc    106260
     agttctctcc ttctactttt tacatgaatt ccaaagatca aacttgggtc accaggcttt    106320
     tacaagtgtt tgcttactga gccatgtcac tagctgtggc agacacttct tgcattacac    106380
     tgtccctgtg ccagccactg agatgaccta acgtactctt cataccaaat gcgacacttg    106440
     gattatctca ccagcctcta tagtctttca gcatcctcac tgtgacccgg cagtagagcg    106500
     gttcactctg cctctgacac agtgtgtgca tcaacatgga cagcctgtgt gtgagtcaac    106560
     gtctgagcgc cctgcccaac atcaggccat ggctacccat ggaactaaca tgtaaggcga    106620
     gctctcacat ttccaaactg cctacaccat ttgtataaat gacgtagttc tgtgccaaca    106680
     cagccttccc ttctggagga tggaatcttg ctgtctacca ggatgaaact gcctatgtta    106740
     catgctccta gaaaactccc tgggcactaa gtttccaaaa tgcttctgtg gctggaaaca    106800
     tcctccaact tactgctagg atggtttaag tgtgacccat gagacttcat taggagaagg    106860
     ctccagaaga ctgctcccag gattctgtcc tgtgagcctt ctgctgattt tgatctgtgt    106920
     acatcatggc tgtgggatgg actaaatatt gtgggtccta ttacaagtct ctgaactctg    106980
     ggcagacgga agccttagct tcctcgaacg ctcagagcaa agtcatgatc agtttgcaat    107040
     tgtggccatg gcctgtgctt ctggaaaggc tggtccccag gttcatattc cacagctaga    107100
     agctgtgggg agaccgtggg gaccagcatg gaacaaactc tttccttagt cagaggcagc    107160
     tactaatgtt ggttgccaac acctcctttg gtacactatg tgtttttaac caagctctta    107220
     acatttctac actttagttt tccatctgaa aaatgcatat atcttcctct tagcactggg    107280
     acaacatcaa gtcccacact acagcacagt taacatagtg gctaagcatt accaaactta    107340
     cccaggatcc ctccttgtgg cttctgactt tccctccaca gtaaccaggc taatgcctgc    107400
     ttctggtgca gtagcaaggg gacctgacaa aataagtcaa atgccagaat gaatcctaac    107460
     gagaggctat gctggacccc agcttcattc tcctcttttg tacaggtgag ccctttatgt    107520
     tctagctgtg gccatgagct gctggtttca cctgtccact ctggtgaaga cttccctatg    107580
     gctaacactc agcatctcta ttaggatgct cctgtccatg tctccactaa aaggtcactt    107640
     ttgtcttcac attttactgc ctgcaaccaa gcttgagaag gtcacttgac ttttactagc    107700
     cgtcctgttc cttttcatga tccttatatt tgactctcct tcctactcaa cagcccagtc    107760
     tggactgata gtcacaagct gcaacagctc ttcaactact gacttcctcc cagttctttt    107820
     gtgccctagt ttatgctgtg ctctgggaga gaacaaacct tcacaacatt cataaacctt    107880
     tatagagtta tcactagtgc acaggaaata ttgaaccatt caaatctaag ttcatttgcc    107940
     aatgtcaggg tccactgcaa gggactctcc ctattctcag tagcactacc tactcctccc    108000
     agtgagggag tggtgacact cacccatcca tcactcatta ctaccaacct gacccctcac    108060
     tcctgcttct cattgtcctg tgttgttatt atcttctctg ccctctaaat atttgcattt    108120
     tttaaggtat aaaactactt actggccatt attttgagtt tgtactttat atacatggcc    108180
     tgcaaagccc tcttattttt ttgtttgtta gttttttggt tttttttgtt tgtttttgag    108240
     acagggtttc tctgtgcagc cctcgctgtc ctgaaactca ctctgagacc aggctggcct    108300
     caaacgcata gattcaccta ctggctgttg agtgctaaga ttaaagatgt gtgccaccac    108360
     tgcttggcaa gaccgtgctt tttatctttg tcttatgatg acatttgttt tacttatttc    108420
     caccgcagta gctcattaca cataagaact ggtttggatc ctatagcata tagcaactga    108480
     aaacacagat ccttggctgt tatagaactg tatagcctat gacttgaaaa agaaaggttc    108540
     attactattt ttactgttca acaaaaaaga aggaaccact cagaagccac tgaggcatct    108600
     ctctgcagga ggtgtcacag tgctctccgg ggtgctggat tctcattgta gctcctggct    108660
     caccttcaag ccagctgggt cttctgctac tgctgtttca cccggacaag acttcagtga    108720
     ccgatgcagc tcatctatgg cttcactcgt gattttccac acattataaa gatgatgttg    108780
     gttcatatgg cctgaggaca gataagtgtt ccccaaagat gtcacaagtg ctgtgtcctg    108840
     agggctgggg atgcagtgct gtcactgtag tacctgactc acataaatgg gtctgatccc    108900
     caatgccata caaattagaa tacaggaggc cctgtctctc aaataaaaac agcaagacaa    108960
     gtactgtatt ctggatagag cctcaaaaac gtaattatct gctaaatgat gaatctgtac    109020
     tgagtgaaaa ctcctacctc aaggctctcc tggtctcaca agcttttcta ctcccattct    109080
     gattccttaa ccacacaaac aactgttatt tagaacaaaa caacctataa tatttttcta    109140
     gagctggaga ccatatgtga ggccttgaat acgtcgggca agcaccgcca ccgagtccac    109200
     ctccagccag gccctcggtg ggttgatcac ttatttttca gttctgaaaa gcagtggcca    109260
     caaaggtcat cccgggcagt gatcctggaa gcaaaggcct ccgaatccaa aagagaagag    109320
     ccaggcacga ggtcatctgt gagggcagga agctgatccc tgagatgcag gtcacagtgg    109380
     actatgtcat actgtactgc tggccctctc atcccacaca ggcaagacac acaagcggtt    109440
     cccaagtcta gggagaaagc atttctagga caaggtttct aggcaatggg caacttgaag    109500
     ttctgaaacc cttaacactg tcttaggaga actctttcca agacctgtca catgttcttt    109560
     tttggttggt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggtcatc ctagaactca    109620
     ctttgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctacct ctcgagtgct    109680
     gggattaaag gagtgtgcca cgacgcccgg cctgtcacat gttctttcac atcaataagc    109740
     tgctgtagtt taatgtctcc ctaggtgact tcatcactat taagtaatga aataatgttg    109800
     taacataagc tttggtccca aaaagcttcc tgagcagcca agatggctac ctatatgacc    109860
     aaatgttttc tcaatgactt ttagagaggc ctaaattcaa ataccaccca ccccatctat    109920
     tagacactcc ctgtcaaggc tgcctttcaa ttttttacac ctgtagcagt tatcactggg    109980
     agaaaactgc cactgctttc cttgttgctg ccagccccct ttcacctcca atctcctgcc    110040
     tgcaaaccca gtcatcagac agcacccccg aggctctatc tcggcgctgg gcgtgggggg    110100
     tcactccttt acctaatgct tggaggccaa cctggtccat acagcaagtt cccggccagc    110160
     cttctgaaac aggtgagacc ctctttcaaa aaacaaataa aaccaagaaa accttaaaac    110220
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaacca agactctcct agggacctgc aaagttgtct    110280
     ggaagttagc aacagaaatc tagctaacta gggagttact actttttatg tgtctgaagg    110340
     cacgggtcac cacttaggtc attcttctct gcctctaggc atgcctgacc catcccccca    110400
     tctttcatac agggaaataa aaatgttacc tgctagctac ctgcctcata gtaataagtt    110460
     ggttttcata cgcaatactg tctgtgtatc ctatgtatcg acttctgggt tggtgggtgg    110520
     gcttatggtg gcataaggca gtaaccagcc cctagcttca tagtctgaaa acaactattc    110580
     aaagctctac agagaatcag atatctaaca cacgtgcaac tttcaatcca agaataaacg    110640
     gcttcccctt cgagtggctg caaatatctg ctgggcagca cataacttat cagcttgcca    110700
     cagcagggct aagtcctttg aaccttacct cctgagcact ggctggctcc ctcaggagtt    110760
     tcctggcggc ctgcctttag tcctagagag cttgcaggct ggatgagggg cctgggaagg    110820
     ggctggggag gtaccaagtg gagaggggca gcagcagctt tggtgatgtt gctctgctct    110880
     ggttcctgag cgctgcactt ctctttagtt cctgttcaac acacaaggga aaacagactg    110940
     aagggagaca agcaagtgaa gaccctaagc aaatgcagcc cgtggaggct cccagagaag    111000
     cctgagcttc agctgttctc agagcacagc gtgcaggagc gctgtgacaa acaccagcac    111060
     atatcactag gagaacgcct ggaagccaac aataaggcag aaaaaatgaa ctcaaccttt    111120
     ctcggaatgt gtctgacacg ttcacaaaca ctgagttcta gggcaaaccc catcatacct    111180
     tgttctgggg agagagccag agcactgagt gcgtcctcca aagcctggat ttgcttaagc    111240
     aacttctcac ccttatcagg gagagcctgg atgttcactg cagccagggt accctaaaaa    111300
     acagatcctg tcaaacacaa ctggcctctc aagttattaa aggacagctt caaactttta    111360
     aatttggctt actatgacaa aactcaaaat gatcttctaa ttatgaatgt aaaaaccagg    111420
     attaaaaagc aaaataagat ccgagctagc acactaagcc tacgtctaca caggaaaggc    111480
     aggtattaag cagtccccta gaaagccctc tcaggaatgt actcaactct gcgagcagct    111540
     cccagctgcc cacaggaaca ccctgaccct agggcagtgg ttctcatcct tcctaatgct    111600
     tcaacccttt agcacagttc ttcataatgt ggtgactccc aaccataaca ttatttcact    111660
     gctactttat aactataatt ttactactgc tatgaatcat aatacaaatg tctgttttct    111720
     gacagtcata ggcaatccct gtgaaagggt caattgactc ccaacaaggt tccaactcac    111780
     aggctgaaaa ccactgcctt agagacaaag cacaagtcaa gactggcctg ctgttttggt    111840
     ttgttttcat tatgtgtatc tgtatgcaca gaaactgtgg ataagtatgt aaatgtgagt    111900
     gaaggtgccg aggcgaagag aggctgtcag aaccctggag ctgaggttac agggggtttg    111960
     aagccagctg gcatgggtgt tggacccgaa ctggggtctt ctgccagggc agtatacact    112020
     gcagactcac cttcttttgt ttcagctgtg ttgttaggtt tgcacgctgg gctgctgggt    112080
     cagaggaatc tcccttcttg gaaacacctg aagcagcagg catctgtctc tgcacactct    112140
     ggtcagaatg ctgaaggctc cccttcttct gtgagtccac agtcgagtca aagagaagtg    112200
     gggaccccgg cctactggaa acaccatcat cttcgctgtc ctcactgctg gaggtggcat    112260
     ggtgggccat tcccgagcaa agctcaggtg ctgctggtgc ttcaggaaca ggcctccaag    112320
     tcttggatgg tccctggaga ggcccctgag cgagccccct ctgggtgacc tgtgcactag    112380
     gggcctcccc gttcttgagg ggctccctgc tgacgtgtcc ctctttctgg accttgcttt    112440
     ctgggttctg accaggaaca cttggcacca aaagctgggt ttccttttct ctcagagtct    112500
     ctggcttgtt cgggacccct cgactctcac tctctgacat gtgaggaccc ttgggtattc    112560
     cttgaagcac ctctccatgg ccttgcttgg aagccattcc ttcagctttc ttagttttgg    112620
     gctggaactt tgatttctct tgttcttccc tgtcacctcc agactgtcta gttgccacca    112680
     ggtcagatga ggggtccttc tccatcctgc tgttagattt gggcttctgt tctttccttt    112740
     gatccaagag ctgctcattg ttttctctca gcttcttatc agctgtcttt ctctcacctt    112800
     cttcgacaaa ctgttttcgt tcgagtgttt tttgattctt gttaagcacc ctaaatgggt    112860
     ttctcggctg gctgggagag tgaagctgtg actcagatgg ctgctgaggc ttactggtta    112920
     cagagagttc tttagggtta ggatcctata gataatgaaa atagacatta taatataaaa    112980
     tagggctgcc ttgtatctaa aatgtccttt tggaggaaag ggaaacacag taagtacagt    113040
     ccgtgcctag tatggcttct gcatttaaaa aggaaaaatg ccaaattcac aaggaatcca    113100
     cagccacaat gtggatttct ctatttacga gtgttgcctg ttccccagat caagtcccca    113160
     tgtactacac aagaataggg cctcttttat agtctatata tatatatata tatatatata    113220
     tatatagtct tttatagtct aggaaccgag gcattacatt tagcttatat caaaatcaag    113280
     tcaatactga tctaaaaaaa gatgaggctg ttagtctttc ttccctaagt aggaggatac    113340
     tggctgcttt tatgacactg gaagacattt gtgtaaaaca gaaggtaagt aatcaaactt    113400
     tgaccacagc agtggctctt tgaatgagca gccacaaaac ccttcagggc gcttagcggc    113460
     agtgtgacgg acagcagcaa tcttacagac tggggtgctt tctgtgggcg gaagacacat    113520
     gggcaatgcc tacctgccgc catgggacgt ttccacacca ctgcttcccc tccgccttgg    113580
     ttctagcaca tcggaagaac agcctaatgg agtatgaaac aggtaattaa ggtacaaatg    113640
     ttaaagagct tcatctttta cgggttttta ttgattttgt gtacgcatga gcatcttgcc    113700
     tgcatttata catgtagtgc ctgaaggggc cagaagatgg cactggattc cctggaattc    113760
     gattcaggcc tgcaattttg ttgtgcactg catgatatta tgggtaatgg gaacagaatc    113820
     ccaaggctta ttcaagagca ccaagtgctc ttaaccacta agcatcaatc taaactcgta    113880
     atgagagaaa gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaggagg gggcaggcct caccacagcc    113940
     ctagctggtc acccctggtt tttacgtggt gctgaagatc tgaattcagg tcttcatgct    114000
     tgcacagcta gcagcgtatc taagccatca ctccagcccc tgcagaggac atttttaggg    114060
     ctggaagtca agaatcaaaa tgatatgata cccgaaagga tgccctggtt tactcttttt    114120
     ttttccctgt atgaaggaca aaggagagag accagcaatg gctgccaaac agaaaaagga    114180
     taaccagata ttgtgtgcgc cagaagaggg gccacaatac tgtctgaaaa aggaagtagc    114240
     taaacataca agaaatacta gcaaactcca aatggtatca cacagctaac tgttcacaac    114300
     ctagggtctt tctggagccc caccatcgct gtcgcagatg agagatggag caaggtacac    114360
     cctggacgta ccgccaggcg atggcatgcc gtcccagctc tctcagccta actgcactca    114420
     gcctcaccac ctcaattcaa gctgtcactc agagaaagca gctgtgttca gtggctggag    114480
     ctgggtttga atcccagcaa ccactggaac tcagattccc ttcccaacct ctcgaagagc    114540
     agacttacac ccacctgtaa accagctact gagaccaact actgcagtcg ggcatggaag    114600
     gcacaggata acaaggtgcc atgcggctca gttctttggc agctattatc tcaaagcact    114660
     tttcctcagt ctccactttt gaacctccat ggttctttta atgcaaatta gaaagccact    114720
     ggttgctatc taccacctat agaggttggt gtttctgtat caagagacaa gtgatcttaa    114780
     gtgtcagggg aacaggactg aacctaataa agatttgcca gcctgactct actaacagaa    114840
     aacaatcact ctcccaatca atcaatcaat caatcaattt ctctcccccc cccccatcta    114900
     tctattttaa tcacatttat aggctaggga gctgtcttaa tgaataaagt gcttccttgc    114960
     aagtgtgaaa accaaagaac ccacttaaaa tacaggtggg tttggtagcc gacctgtcat    115020
     cctagcactc aggaggcaca ggcaaagtgt ccctaagaca agctgtcacc tatcgaggct    115080
     tgcaaacagg tgagttccaa ggtcagtaag tgaagtggag ggtgaccaag agactcactc    115140
     aacaccaacc tctggcctca cacagcaccc gcacacatcc aaacatatac aaatatacag    115200
     aggcacacac ccccttccta catacagaac gacaaacatt ccatttacaa cagcagcaga    115260
     aacataacca gaggaataca ctttggaaaa ggagtgtaag agctgcataa tggaaattat    115320
     tcagaaacac tgagagaaaa atttaaagtt gtactatgca ccgtgctcac agcctggaaa    115380
     agccaatatt gatgtctgtt ctctcaaagc tgcctgtgta agttatgcaa cctcaacaga    115440
     gttttctgta gaaatttaag aggttgaatc tatatttgat atgcaaacac aacgatccca    115500
     catttccagc acaatcttga agaagctgga agacagacta tttcatataa caaccacaca    115560
     gaacatgtaa atgaagcaac ggacaaaaac taaccacctc aggcacggac acaaacttag    115620
     ggtcagtttt tttttttttt ttttttaaca aggatgccaa gtatttcgat agcctttgat    115680
     tggggacaga gacttagaac acataaattc taaaacatag actattacat aaaaaccatc    115740
     atgtgtgtat aacccctgcc ttcttggcca aaccaccaag ccaattcttg aagtggtcat    115800
     gttatgtcac gccttggtat cccaatgcaa tgtgttcctt taaaagacta tctaatgact    115860
     ggtaactttc tatttaccct ttaatattca tgacgaataa cttctcccat ctatatggac    115920
     ttccctgctc ttcccaagga aaactgcact ttactgagtc ttacttagca tgttagacct    115980
     tttccctttt tctattacca gaatagaaag ttgacaaggt tgatgttatt agcaactgaa    116040
     cagcaggggg ggaactggct gctcagggta gctcagtcag tatttggggc actggttgtc    116100
     aaccttaaca ccgtgaccct ttaatacagt tcctcatgtt gagataacct caatcataaa    116160
     attatttttg ttgatacttc ataactgtaa ttgtgctact gttatgaatc ataatgtaaa    116220
     tatctgatat gtgacccctg tgaaagggtc aagacccgag acccacaggt ttggaattgc    116280
     caacaaggta gctagatgat gatcagcatg tacaacaaag ggtttcagta atgaccttta    116340
     aagaacaaaa tcccttattt ttaaaaaatt aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa aactatgact    116400
     gtaactcttt caagattggg ggtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg gatatgtgtg tgtgtgtggg    116460
     ggggggttcc tctggacact cacctccatt ctttcttgtc ctgtggtaga aacaaaccct    116520
     gaagctcgac cacaaactcc tcatgcaata aacagtgaga aacaggaata ctagaagaga    116580
     agaatacaat aaaataactt tattagaaga caagaaatag agagaggtca acagtctgaa    116640
     gtcaaatcca agcttgaatt tttattttta tttacatatt tggagacaga gtctcactga    116700
     gtagccctgg ctggcctggg agtcactacc tagaccagtg tggcctcaga cttgcagcaa    116760
     tccttcttct gcctcttgag tcctaggatc acaggtgtgt gccaccacac ccagcccagc    116820
     cacagatgtt acaccaaggt gtcctgggtt tgtaagtccc acagatggtt ggttacctgt    116880
     gtggcttcct gaggaaagga tccatagtct ttccctcttc tcactttcta aaccaaagca    116940
     tggccataat tattattatt gttattattt tggttgtttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta    117000
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtat ttttttcttc ctgactgtcc tatgatgccc    117060
     acattgcaac cctcccaggg atggcttata gtctaaggca ggctataggg caggcctgct    117120
     gtgacttctc ctcaggttct cccattaccc tttatccatt aataccctat taggtgccac    117180
     gtgctgttac tcacgtgtct ccctcttaca ataacttact catgtgctgc ttgcctggca    117240
     taaaatctta aatgtccctc cttattactt atagaagaaa aatatgtgaa caggtttgag    117300
     tgaaggtcta aagcattctc ccgtgacttg taaaactgtc tgcagtctgc tcctcagaca    117360
     cactgcaagc ctcgagtgaa agtactgtac tagtctgtat tgcagtgtag ccatgtaagt    117420
     gacacactgt ttaagaatct tcactctctt tttcaagatt gatttatttc tattttatgt    117480
     ttagggatat tttgcctgca tgtgtgtcta tacaccaagt acatgctggg ccttcagagg    117540
     ccagaagtgg gcacccgatc ccctggaact gaagttatag acatttgaca gcccctaagt    117600
     gggtgctgga aattgaagct agggcctctg gaagaacagc cagtgctctt aaaggttggc    117660
     ccatctctcc agtccacaag aacatttctt ttaatgttga aacaaaccta agaccaacat    117720
     tgatgcacaa ttcctataaa catgagcaca catgtgtctt aaaacatttg agcagggtac    117780
     caaatctcag tatatttaga aacattatct atataatatt tctagaaata aatagtaaat    117840
     tctggtacaa agtggagaca caaatcatac aagttattcc agtactacta ttcattagta    117900
     tattactaat attcattagt atattagtat agctatgata ctgaaaaaaa aataaccatg    117960
     ctctacaaag tccagctgaa tagagagcag ggagaaatgt taaatgacac cacagtgtaa    118020
     tttcacttcg agaatgtcaa cacccggtat gttaagattg tcacacttgc cgggcggtgg    118080
     tggcgcacga ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctgagttcga    118140
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt    118200
     ctgggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagatt gtcacacttg actttcctca ctttagacaa    118260
     gatgcttgag gtttctaggt ctcagctttc acatctgcag aacctgcgat ccacatcaac    118320
     ctctgatgtt tctttcagca ctaactccct acagcagcgg ttctcaacct tcctaatacc    118380
     cgttacaaca gttatggtga ccccaatcat aaaatcattc ccattgctac tttataactg    118440
     taatttttgc cgttttgaat cgcaatgtaa aaatatctga tttgcaggat aactgaaatg    118500
     caacccctgt gaaagcgtcc ttagatcctg aaggtcgtga cccgcaggtt gagaaacact    118560
     gccctaaaga ctctggctct ctctgggttg ttaacgtcat gccactagat gaaggagaaa    118620
     agcttgtgtc taattaacat gttttaacct taaacgtaaa atttaaatgg cgacctaaaa    118680
     ttggtacaag actagcaaat taattcccat gtccactgtt tgtttacact ttttagaggg    118740
     agcagaaagg atgccggggc aaaggggagt ggctaagtaa ggccagacag gtgcctagaa    118800
     acttgaagca gactctagaa ggatcggagt gtgggtgagt ccgcgtccca aggcagctga    118860
     agtgaccagg ctgggtcact ccgtgtaacc gggccgggct ggagactcac tcggtggcct    118920
     gcacgaagcc gcatgtgttc gtccggcaca cgtagaagct ctttccctta ttcgggccat    118980
     cgcggacgcc ggtctttaag aagcaggcgt cccctgagga aacaagaagg tcagcatcgg    119040
     ccactccaag ccagtcccac agtccccggg agggaaatcc cgagactgag gccttaccgt    119100
     gctccggaca cttaaccagg tccataccgc agccaggaag ccctggcccg ccgggtttcc    119160
     gtctttgact ccgccccgtc ccgcccacca caacactcca ccaatcaagc gggagagtct    119220
     ctcactttca accaattaca gtctccctca ggcttggcgc gctctgaaat caaacttgga    119280
     gtgaggaggc gtggctgagc tccagtgagg acgccggcat gctccctggc ttggggaaag    119340
     caggacttgg agagaagtgg acgaggctga gcttgggaga ctccagagga accactagac    119400
     ccagagggag ccagagccgc ttgcctgctc gggaagcagc cactgtgggc gggaacactt    119460
     caacttgagg cggccaaaag gcgggagcat cccttaaaac tttgggaatc tactgcatag    119520
     tctgtaataa gcacaaagac tcccttagga ccccgggcaa cctttaaatg agtgcagggc    119580
     gtccacgggg tcaccaaaga ttgaacatct gcacagatct cagttccagg ttccgcgctc    119640
     tttgagtctt aggctgcctt cccctggtga ggttctaagg accgcctggt gtggacgccc    119700
     tgggtctgag agaagaacct gagggcaata caagaccttg cgtgcttact aattttacat    119760
     tgtgtgtttt gcattgtcaa accttttgaa cttattttgc atttgtactt ttaaaaaacc    119820
     gagagtgacg catggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttggaaggca gaggcaggca    119880
     gatttctgag ttcaatgcca gtctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac    119940
     acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaaccaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aaggaaagga    120000
     aagaacttgt aatggattct ttcagtgagc agaaggtgag gaatgactat cggagcttgg    120060
     ctgcaatagc catgacttca tatttcagca gttgaagatc atgtgtcttg gagtggcaca    120120
     cacaactgct atgaggacag aaaagctgca atgtctaaga agtctgggct atatggaggc    120180
     tgtaaatgtt ttaggagttc agagtccaga cagtcccgag gtatcattta tgaattaagc    120240
     agttcttact aaatagcttt tttggtgtcc caagaggagt aggtgtttga gaaatataaa    120300
     gttcatttaa tgcatacatt taaagcaact gttctaacca caaggggctt actgagtgga    120360
     agaagctgaa ctagcctcta cctaatgctt aaataaatat aaaatagtat ataaatgtca    120420
     agatgaatgg agtcagcagc aaaccccgga gagcttgaga gagagatgaa tttccaagtg    120480
     cacgcagtgt ggcacgcccc accccagttc tccagtgaaa gtttatacaa acagattttc    120540
     tttattccta gattgcaatt ccaagatctg tattatatgc atgtgaagtg gataccatct    120600
     gaggaggtgg agaccacaaa cactaaggtt tggggaaaga ggaccacggt gattcttgta    120660
     gtgagaattt tggtttcttt aaaaaaacac agaaatataa agaatgtttt gtttgtttgt    120720
     ttgtttgttt taaccccagg tggggctgct tcagattgtc cacagcagct gactgtaatt    120780
     tgcctcatgc tctaacaggg gtgtggtttt gccagctgca gatggtttct gagagtgtgt    120840
     ggaattctgg ggactcttca gagggtatat aaatactagg gcctgatact aggaactgat    120900
     tggctgctca gcggttggat gctgttgact gtgatttgtt aagcagttgt gtgcaaagag    120960
     atgaaaagaa gaaattagat atgatggtga agaagctcaa acttgcccca agaaactcga    121020
     cgcccctaat cagcaggaag ttgtctaaca ataatgtcac ccctttcccc ctctgccctt    121080
     ttgtcttttc tacctagtgt tagggggtgg aaaggagagg ggtggaaaag agtggaattt    121140
     taaaaaattc acaaagtacc caaaagtctg gtgatatctc tctatataga tatagatata    121200
     gatagatata tatctccctc ttttccatgt atgcctacag gccagaagag ggcaccagat    121260
     ctcattatag gtggttatga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc atacagcaag    121320
     agctcttaat ctcggaggca tttctccagc cccaggttac aggttctttc ctgcacaaga    121380
     tgactttgag actagacaaa gtccaggtct caaatgcgtc attccagaca ccatttcctc    121440
     tgaagctgct cagccgcctt gcacacatcc agtaagtaaa aatggacaca gataacatac    121500
     agcaaggaaa aatgttcctt ctagaaatct aggatgtgct aaataaaaac gtttagaccc    121560
     cggatcatat taacaggggt ggttttggac cagtgggaca gccaagcaag tacaggtttt    121620
     gtgcatatat agttcatata tgttcttagc ctgaaaacat ctggagagac ctctgagaat    121680
     gaactgtata taaatttcta tttggaatga agcagaggat gtaagttttg ggtttcttaa    121740
     tagccttgtc atactcagaa caaatgtttg agtaaatcct aaatctagat gttttaaatg    121800
     tacaagttaa caatagaaat tattgactta tgggctggcc taaacacagt ttatgttgga    121860
     atttgtagct ggattgtgac agtgactgca cttgaactaa aaaaaagcta tgtttgtttg    121920
     tttagagata gagtcttagg attaactcaa cctggtcttg aactgggtat gtttcccagg    121980
     ctgactttca aaatacaatt ctcctgcctc agcttcctat atgatgagtt tataggcatg    122040
     catctccatg cttgatttag aataggtgac ttttatgaga actaaattgg gtctcaagag    122100
     agctggggtt ttttgtttgc ttgttttctt ttaagattta tttatttatt atatgtaagt    122160
     atactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacttctctc actccagcct ggctggctct ggcccaaaga    122220
     tgtatttata tgagtacact gttgctgtct tcagacaccc cagaagaggg catcagatct    122280
     cattacggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctctaga    122340
     agagcattta gtgctcttaa ccgctgagcc atctctgtaa gtggtgctgg aagcttccgt    122400
     gtggaaagta aatggtaggc ataccaacat gctgagtaaa tagcctagtg gctgaagaac    122460
     ttggtagtag acacacttta ctcacaatcg gtggtgaccc tgaagcagat gggtttccta    122520
     atctgtgaat ccaggacaat acactcatgt tagttattga ggaattgaaa gcaagtatac    122580
     tcagcaccat gctggctgac acacgtcagc ctcattgggc actccttaga ggtgagaggg    122640
     tgcgctccga cactaacccc ttaacacccc tgtcagcatc atttttaaaa gtatccagca    122700
     atttaaaatt caagccagtt gtcagattct agtagctctg caagtctcat ttattgtata    122760
     tgagggtttc tagccagctg tcagttctaa gtatcctatt ctgtggggta ggggtgagga    122820
     gacagtgcca ggatgccttg agcatgctaa gttagtactg aatcactgag taccacccca    122880
     tccagcaccc gattttctga aactctcggg cattttgatt gttgcaaacg gagagcctca    122940
     ttctaactgg catgtgacag atctttgccc tgcagcacat tctgagaagg gaagttgtca    123000
     aatctcagct ttctctgagg tgtgttgtaa gatgagggct gttatttagt gctcacaact    123060
     accctagcaa cacgcgttct ttattcctag gtttaaagat ttaacatagt caggtctggt    123120
     ggctcacacc tgtaacccca gcatgaagga ggattgcctt gagttaaagg caaactacat    123180
     agagagacca agctagcctg agttacacag ctagatgtgt aggatatcgt ctcaaaaaat    123240
     agtgtgctaa aattattata attataatta ttattattaa ttttggtttt tttgaggcag    123300
     gggttcattt tgtagccctg attgccctag aactaaccct gtagaccagg ctgtccttga    123360
     actcagatca accagcttct gcctcctaag tgctaggatg gaaaccatat gccaccactg    123420
     ccaggcaaaa attttaaatt ttaaaatata ttcagtgact cagatagttc acttgcattt    123480
     catcaaacat ctaggtgttt gcagtggcat gcttaacaaa ttataagact aaataaaaca    123540
     aatgtaaaag ccattttaca agaaaccact aggtggcagc ctattaacat gaaaaccaag    123600
     cagaaggcct gcccacttct gtttcattcc ttttgctaac aaatccttac tgctcactcg    123660
     atttcatttt gtttggtgcc ttccagatat atgagagttt taaacctgtc ctttgattaa    123720
     ggaacaatca agatgttact gtgggcaaaa atctgtttat agctgaactg tcattcagtc    123780
     tgacaaatga ttttgttgta ccaaaatttt gcagtgttag attccaaatt tcactgttct    123840
     taaaatatga tgccaagagt tgttcagagc agtttttcct acttgtatat aattcatcgt    123900
     cgtgcatttt ttttaacgtg tagagttgca ttgccaactg gatttagaac attttttttg    123960
     tatatggtat gatgtgtata atgtatatgt gcacacatac atctgtgtgc ctgtgtgtgt    124020
     gcacgtgcgc atatggagag cagagcttga cataagatat catccactgt cgttctccat    124080
     cttggttttt gaggcgtgat ctcttggtga acctgagtct tatcccttgg ttagagtggc    124140
     tggccagcaa gctccaggga tccatgtgtc tgcatgcaca gccacacctg gtttctccgg    124200
     gcgctgggga tcctaactca ggtccttgtg cttatgtgac aagaatttca ctagctgtgc    124260
     cctctccaag cccctcccca cagtttaaga ccatttttat ggtcctgaaa atgagatcaa    124320
     cctaatgatc tccatcttca aaacgttgcc ttctgagcat ctataaatgg agtcacagag    124380
     catgtctatt gcttccctac gtgatgcctt tgagattcag ccatactgtc tagtgtatca    124440
     gtggtccacc ccaaggacat cagagaaact agaatggaac agtggaacac atcaatattg    124500
     tttgtgtact ccgactgtag tcatgccaat attttgagac atcaaaccat aaacttttaa    124560
     agctctgtat tacacggctc tatttctatc cctctgggaa ggctagctgg cagatctctg    124620
     ctgttctact ctgtacaact agcatgtatc gctcttatga tttaaaaact ccaaaaatgc    124680
     cattaaaagc aagtgcacag ggagatgcga caaagagagt gcaccagaat cataatgatt    124740
     atgcttatat gagatggtag gatttggggt gccctccccc atttttattc ccatgtaatc    124800
     tcattacact gccatagagt ggccttagga taacatgtct gtctctttca taatcttcta    124860
     tatgtgcgtg cttctcagcc tggctgttta accccgtcct gtaattaatc ctttcttctt    124920
     tggatctttc tatttcctcc caccctctgt tttctatcta atttcatact taagctaagt    124980
     cctttctcct ttttgctctc tccatattag gtattttact taattctagc ttgattcttg    125040
     accctaattt ctaatgtttt tagtatgcag gagtactcct cgctgcttcc ctaaggctat    125100
     aatcatcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc aggatgagaa ggctgatgtg    125160
     gctgtataca cagttgcccc aagttgcctt ttctctgggt ggtaacacat ggcacttggg    125220
     cacaggctaa gttctcctgt tgagaaggaa tgtgttaccc caagttctga agattaacca    125280
     cctctgagcc cctccagatg ctgggttctt agtggctgag acaacctgca cagatctggt    125340
     gatagcaccc cacagctcct tcctggcttc acctaggagc tggaatagag cagtctgcat    125400
     tgcactattt tatttcagag caaatgctca cccatagctg agcgctccat tgtttatact    125460
     cagcacttag gttagttatg agtctgtgtt aaccattacc cactgcacaa aagaagcctc    125520
     tctgaccaaa gctgcgagca gcacatgtct gtgactataa acaaatgttt acagtgcagt    125580
     acggcaagat ggccattctg caaaacaaca gtagtgggtt ctcctctaga gtatatgatt    125640
     ctcccaccat ggcttttgac taggtttgcc acaccagtca tgaactcttt cctgtgaatc    125700
     gggccttaga tctgatcaga aagcagttgg tcatgccaca cttttcccca gtatgcacat    125760
     ctttccgggc aggttggcac tgtagccgct gggaccagtg ctggtgttag ggctagggct    125820
     agggctgggg ctggggctgg ggctggggct ggggctgggg ctggggctgg ggctggggct    125880
     ggggctgggg ctggggctgg ggctggggct ggggctgggg ctggggctgg ggctagttag    125940
     caccactggt gcttttcttc tgcagcagcc tacgtaccgc ctgattgtgt tgtacttcag    126000
     caatgaggga aaacgtttcc tgctcagtcc gagattgatt tctctatgcc ctgcctctga    126060
     agtgagtatc accttcagca atatggacag acatgggtat gatgagcaac caggagcaat    126120
     ggaaaggttg tcttgggtta gatgatcata gtagctttgc atgcactgtc cccaccccca    126180
     cctcccctat gctgaacctt tcccctcctc tgccttcatt tcacccatat ttcactatcc    126240
     atcttccttt aaggcgctca cccctcagtg gcccgtttct agtgtcctgg cttccacatg    126300
     cactccacgt taaacaccca gaatccacac gtgggagata gcatgcaaca tgtctttcta    126360
     gacctgggta gcctcactca ctgtagcttt tccagttcca tagatttacc tgtaaattta    126420
     gtgatttcat tcttttcaac tgagtaatac tccatcgtgc gtgtgtgatg catttttctt    126480
     atccatgtgt catgaaaggc gtcttgagtg actcaatcgc ccagctatgg tgacctgagc    126540
     ctcaaggaac acgaatctgt agttatctct ggagtaggag agaagtcctt tgggtatgtg    126600
     cacaggtcta gggaacttga aggaataggc aatgaatcag gagatctgtg agatgctgag    126660
     gttggtcatg tcatggctgt tatatgtatt aattcatagc agctgattac ctatgcagga    126720
     cctttacatg actgagacag tcaaaggtct aacatagctt gggactagga agctgaggac    126780
     ctgctctcat cagagaggct attgacagtt ggtagctact gtagagggaa gtcactgtcc    126840
     tatgaggaca ttggaaggtt gctcatactc caggggctag tcccatgctc atgtgcagat    126900
     aggcagtgca agttggcctc ctaagtatta ataattaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaccacaa    126960
     cgtgaagttg ggagggaggt gaggtggggg taggaggagt tggagggagg tggtagtgga    127020
     tggatatggt caatatacat tatataagtg tataaaatct tcaaagaata aacagtattt    127080
     caaaaacaaa agatatattc aagaaatacc aaccatcgaa agcatgattg actcttgttt    127140
     ccccaagcaa aactccccgg tggctctcta gtaattgaag acagatataa acccccctgg    127200
     gtccatagga tctggcgcag tccagttctc cttcctccct gctaccctcc tgtctcttgc    127260
     gttccacgtg cctaccccat ccgccctcaa ctctccaaat gccaagcctt ccttcaccct    127320
     aaggctctgg tcactcttta ccatccatcc ccactgcttc tcccaattct tccaaagggt    127380
     ccagcctctc acccatgagg cctcagccca agcatacgtc agccacactg tgcatcgcca    127440
     cagagcacct tccttgctgt tctttcaggg agagtcccat tcctttccca cccagcactg    127500
     agcacgaagt cctttgtgtg tctgatcatc ctctgtctct tccatggact gactatgcgt    127560
     aagtgccaag atcagagact tgtgctcagc actcgtgcta agcacagggt gtgaaaactc    127620
     aatatatacc tgccgcatgg gtggataaaa cgagagtgga agaaccttag catcacttat    127680
     cttgcctgcc agccccttcc acagcatccc taatggatat ggcacaaaga gacctggtca    127740
     ccaccggttc tttattatta tcacatatca gtgaattctc ctgcctgctg aggagaaacc    127800
     gtgctgtcgg cagtgactgc cttcttgtca tgtgaggcta cccagggcac agcaagtctt    127860
     ttctagcatc actttaaaat ttctaataag ccagtccatc ctcttcgcat attgcacgcg    127920
     tgtcctttcc tccagagaag ctgtcccagc tgctgcgatt ctctcccccg tggtcccctt    127980
     agtgatggtt ttcaagggag atttgcttca tcccaggcat cttcaatgag agcacagtgg    128040
     gatcgttagc tcctttttct tttggttctg accagcttat tatgtgactc ctccttctcc    128100
     tctctctctt tatagcaaat atgtcatgct agtaattttt atcgagtatg caatcaacca    128160
     acaccacagc tttcattttt cacacatgga ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    128220
     aaaccaaccc agtgcatgta atttgcttga acttaaccat ggattccgaa tttcatcttg    128280
     tttgtttgat ccgtctactt atagccggtc cagatctctt tgaatcttat ttctcagggc    128340
     tgccttatta atactgtctc cccattgaac acttgacaag cctaccctcc gtcccttcgg    128400
     gggtgctgcc tacaaaactg ctgagccagg cagagcactc ctccaggtaa acatgatgcc    128460
     acagtcattc agtcaagaat ggagtcacag tgttgaatct agtgctgtca ttcatggctg    128520
     ctgtcccttt gttgatcagc attcaaaacc ttacagtcaa agaaatgagg ctagtctgtc    128580
     ttggcttttt cttggtgact ggctccggaa acagccacag aggaaaatgg ctcttcagga    128640
     caaagctctt gccatatact agggctggtg gttcattcaa ccacatcacc tcctgtctca    128700
     tcaatttggt cacaacgtct atccctcctg ctcctggctc tgtctgcctc cccctccggg    128760
     ccctttttgg tattctctga ggtttgtatg cgtttggatg tggggtggga agattctaag    128820
     taagggattt gctgcatgca ctcagtgaga agagctcgat attttgatga gatctgaggc    128880
     cacctcctta cgaacctcag tgcaggagcc cacctgaacc actcggtcca gcccgcctct    128940
     cgtcgcttcc tctttaatac ttcctcaccc tgtttcctgg gctgacctta cacctcatta    129000
     taactggaag cctaacagtt gtgcttccat gcacagcaga ccctgtctac tgtgcccggg    129060
     aggcagtcag gccactaagc tctgtgacac ttgctgcctc tacagttcag gatatctaaa    129120
     ggtcttcttc ctaaaagctt gctgtcttct tacccctggg cccatccaga gctacccatt    129180
     ctagtgggaa tcagagagcc gggggcaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    129240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtagtg tgtctgtgta tatgtatgta tgtatgtgtg    129300
     tgtgtgtaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtggcccct ctgtgggctg tctcctgtta ttcctccttt    129360
     ctcaccctat gagctcacta cccctgtgtc ttctcttcca ttcctctttg actcctgctt    129420
     gttcactccc cgcccctcac tcaggacact tcttcagagc agggcagatg aaagcagtgt    129480
     ccctggatgc ctgggaggtg gtggtgggca gggtcacagc ctggctctct gtccctaccc    129540
     agagctctgc acgcatcctt aagcaatgcc tctgcattct taaacttttt catgatgaca    129600
     ctatgcctgc cacttcaggc attgcttgtt tctcatggaa gagctggagc agggctaagt    129660
     gacaggtgga gaaattgagc tcacttcatt caactgatgc tgctttaaga ttacacagtg    129720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttgtgc gcgtgtgtgc ttatacaata aaacatacca ggcctatagc    129780
     acttaaataa cttttcttca ttgaaaaatg ttctgagtct tgaagaacat tcatgtatgg    129840
     taaatacggg aaaaacgttc gttgattatc tcaagaattc tgctatggca ttatgttccc    129900
     cacagttcat gcactggtgc caaaacatta atatttagga tggcgcttta gggggtaatt    129960
     agatttagat gaggttctga aggtgacaat tattaatgct cttgagatga ttattaatgt    130020
     ccttaccaga agacacaata ggggagatgg ctcagtgggt aaagctttta ccacgcaagt    130080
     gtgaagacct gagtttgaat ccccagaacc taagtaaatg ccagatgcag tagcacacat    130140
     ctgtaatact aatactccta ctgtgagata ggaaactggg gttggagagt ccctggaagc    130200
     ttggggacca gctcctctgg cttgtgcagc tgcacacaag acaccttgta ttcaacatga    130260
     tgggaggcag agtccaaagt ccaaggctgt tctcagaagt ctacaagtgt gcctcgacat    130320
     gcaaatgcct acgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    130380
     gagagagagg gagagagaga gacagacaga gagagacaga cagagagaga cagacgacag    130440
     acagacagac acagacagac agacacagag acaaggagac agtcagacag agacaaagag    130500
     aacatgagca gaaaggatcg ctctccctgt cagaaagcac actgaggagg aagatgtctt    130560
     attcataggc caggaagcac cctcagctga caacggatca gcactttgat ccgggattca    130620
     gccttgagaa ctgtgagaaa ataaatttct gtgatgtcca tcacccgcct ctggtgtttt    130680
     accctcggcc agagcatacc aacacaaatt cccaagctaa ttgtttacca actaccacag    130740
     catatgtttc cacatacaat gttttctgaa tgtgccattt gcactaaaat ctacatataa    130800
     attgaattag ctaattaata caagtataga actctccagt gactccattc ctcattattc    130860
     tccacatatt tatatatctt tgctttgaac ccctggacta aaccacactg gcttctcatt    130920
     taactgaaaa gtgcccagac cacattatcc aaaagttcct ttattcccct tgccctggta    130980
     gccctccaca gctgagaaca gggcagcact cctattttgt gactgcatct gggcttgtgt    131040
     tcagatccca cgccttgctc tccaggatat gttaggagtt agaacacagg tagctggtgt    131100
     ttcccttcca ggtgcagaaa gcgtcacaca aggagctggt ggggacgact actccctaaa    131160
     ggaaggaacg ctaactccct cacgtctttc tcattgaagc ctcacctgag ccctgtcagg    131220
     tcagagacat tacctatatt ttgtggatct aaaaagggca aaaagtcaaa gtggttggtg    131280
     agtagaagta cttagtagct tcactctgtc ttattgaaat gagctccttg gtgagggctt    131340
     ctgtgtttac tatgcctttg gaggggaggg acaaactgct gaacagggca ggtgactaca    131400
     tgggagcagg atagtgactg gtgcttcctt atttcatgcc ttgtgaatgc ctttcctcac    131460
     tcaagcacca cgggtacact tagacgcgcc tgcgtgctag gagctgacgc tgggcagagt    131520
     ggacagccct tcctcacatt ggaagctgag ccccactgct tcccttcaga tgctgcagct    131580
     cctctcaagc tgttccctca gtcgacctgt tcgccaggca cagaactgct atttgtcggc    131640
     tgtagggctt ggcgggcatc tgaacaatgc ttaaggaaac gcaggtcatt ctgctatgag    131700
     cagcctttta ttgagcaggt cgtatcttga gcaatggcca ctagagaacc ttccattatt    131760
     cgtgaccagc agggtggtac aaatagttgc tgccagacag gccaggaaac aatgcaaagg    131820
     ctccctaaag acaatgcaaa gactccctaa agacagattt gagaatttgt agcgtctgcc    131880
     ttcagtgaca ggagaccatc acaaaataca tcttcctgtg tctgtataaa ctccctcata    131940
     aggtcacact gagtgaccac actctcgaca agtgttgggc tgaaagagac tctgtggaag    132000
     ttagtgctga gtgcaaaggg ctccccagct tccctgagcc aatgtcacct cttaagagcg    132060
     agaagacctc tcacttaggt cctatcattg ctgttgcccc agtggggctc ctgttactct    132120
     tgtgttactg atgtgtttct gttcatgagt gggcagagtc tctgcacact gcagaagagg    132180
     gagcactgct ttgggtgtca tgatcctcag tgatcataag acagaactgt ctccctgttt    132240
     tacagttgtg atggataatt ctatgcagca acttgattgg gctaaagaat gcccaagata    132300
     actaataaaa tactgttcct ggctatgtct ggaaggatgc tgcagggaga aaatgagcaa    132360
     gcaagccaca taaagattat cagccctgtg agctagagag tttgctcagt ggttagagca    132420
     cccattgctc ttgcaaagga cccaggttca attcccagta ctcccaaggt ggctcacaaa    132480
     catctataat ttcagttcca ggtgttctga cacccctttt tggatctcca tgatcaccat    132540
     gcacacctga ggtacacata aatacatgca gggaaaacat tcaatacaca tgaaataaaa    132600
     taatctaaaa aaaaaaaaac caattaaata aaaagatcag tctccaggtt ggtagttaca    132660
     ggttgtgtta gcagcacaaa tagacaaaag cccgagaaaa ggcaaatcct ctcttcttga    132720
     ggtgatgtcc atcttctgcc cttgaataca agacttttga tgcctgaggc tgcaaggcct    132780
     ttgtgccttt gcccttcagt tctcaggcct tacaccccag tgcaggaatc acctcactgg    132840
     ctcccctagt ttctcaggcc cctgggtgct gattaaatca caccatttgc ttccagggtc    132900
     tctggtccac aaacattgtt ctagagatct cactgcctcc gtaactgtgt gaaacaattt    132960
     ccaaaacaaa attcctctga cgtctcggtt cagatcccgt cacttctgtt tctctggaga    133020
     actctgactg atgccatttt ctccaccatg ttgtcacaga gattcaatcc ttctaaaccc    133080
     atggtatctg ctcaacgaag taagtgtaca cttcgcttcc ctctttgctg agagaaggga    133140
     ctttgtcagc aacttccaca cgcttggctc ttaatataaa cctcatcaca cagtcagaac    133200
     catgggacgc tcattaaaaa tatgtacctc accattcctc tttaatatta aaattatgca    133260
     atgtcagtca cctatttgat cctcaatttt taattttaat gatctttatc attttatcat    133320
     gtacagtgtg aggtagtgtt tacgtattat ttttaattac tcaagcataa ttcactgaaa    133380
     gaagtattct ctcctcagta aagtcgcagc gagagtagaa atcgggtaaa tacatttgtg    133440
     tagatttact tcaggtctcc aattcttctc tattggttct ttatttatat gtagacacat    133500
     ttcaggtctt aattattgta ttttacagaa tttcctgtaa cctgatcatg taattccttc    133560
     aaccttttat ttttacacat ggtcttcttg gtcccaaata ctatgtattt ttatacgtat    133620
     tttacatata cattatacat attttagcat taggatgagc atattgatac ctaaaagtat    133680
     ctgggatttg agtcaggatt ccgttaagtg tgacactaat gaagtttggg gcttgaaaag    133740
     tatatccttt gggggttgcc gttttacgca tttcagagtg ttcagagaat actggtctct    133800
     cattcactag catttccctg agatgcgaca ccaaaaatgt ctccctgcac tgttaacagc    133860
     tgcttcacat cagtagatcg actcaaagat aattgacgtg ttaatgatgc tgagtctttt    133920
     aactgtgaaa atagactcac taataggtct ttttcagccc agcaatatct tacttatagt    133980
     gttaaatata ggattcttaa aaatttattt caaggcattt gatgttttat tctattatag    134040
     gtatgatttc caagtcattt gatattagac tacagtttat tttctgtact gatctagtat    134100
     ctgatttggg attcccaaaa aaatgtaatc aagtcacccg aaaataaaga cagtttaact    134160
     tctgtttcaa tgttttctgc ctttaacttc tttgtcctat tgaatcactg tacgataagt    134220
     ccaccagaga ccaccatact cttaaagaca aaaggaaagt ctttattgcc agccagctgc    134280
     tgcacagggt acttgaccaa accctgcagc cccaagccca ggcctttcag cgctttatct    134340
     tttacacaca aagactctat cctggtcagc acacttcagt tagcacaaag tggaactaca    134400
     gaagccaaaa agcacggcta gtgcattaag gaacattttc ctcagagctt tcttggggct    134460
     atgggctaag tctttgtttc tgttttccca ggctttgggg cctgtgaaga gtttggaggt    134520
     cagcaaggcg cctcccacat ggcatcagta gtgctagggt ctgttacgta ttacattaca    134580
     agaactttca gtcaagtgtt caagagatag agtgcttgct agttggcatc ccatcaaact    134640
     cctaataaaa ggcaagaagt gctcggtgtt gtacagctgg atttgacagc ctttgtcaac    134700
     ttgcagaagt tcctctctat tgtctgtttg ctgagaaatg tattgaatac gaactctaaa    134760
     aactattaaa ttctttccct gcatctatag agctgatgaa gaattttctc tccattctgt    134820
     taacaaaatg attttgcact tagccccgga aaactctatt ctgctttatg tgtctataaa    134880
     tccgattact ccaggcttct tatgagagac tcttacacca cttacccatt tgtgattgat    134940
     atggttttct tacagtgtct cccaggatca tccatgttgt tatacatttc ataatgttct    135000
     gcccctttaa aaggatgact cacactctat tatgtgtagt atcgtattct gttaatttat    135060
     ccatggctcc atggaccttg ggttgccttt agagatttgg ctattgtgca tgctgttgtt    135120
     atgaacatgg gtgtacaaaa tctctttgtg gccttgcttt cactagtttg tctataaact    135180
     cagaagcaaa gttatatgga ttatatggta attccatttc catgttttac agtaagataa    135240
     tgcaaatcag ataaggaaaa ggaatgaaag gaattgacct attgcttgct cgcgacagct    135300
     aggcggtttt acattcccaa cgatgacact ctagcgagta tgagacacag aattcatttg    135360
     cagtgtgtga taggcttacc tttgaaaggt aaaatagcaa actagctgca ttacatagcc    135420
     ttgtgatctg tggctctact tagaaccttg agatgctgtt tgaatggtgg agtttttggt    135480
     atctgatggc ttcaggaagt gaggcgggat tcaaaggatt gaacccttcc tcgaaacctt    135540
     ctaattcctt gcacaattat ctcatatatt accttggatc taagtgcctt taaatagaaa    135600
     tgcatgctcc aaatacctct gtctgcatca ctccctaagg actctcctca gacaaattgt    135660
     tttcctttta atttacctgc ttaagtctaa gctggtgatc cttgctctat agagtaatcg    135720
     taccaagagc tattaatggt atatatttca attagggact caatgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt    135780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgc gcacacacac gcacaccccc aaaggacacc    135840
     cactgctatc gccatagtat atatctattc tgtgtgcccc aaactctcag tgattatttt    135900
     atgttttgta gttgtttgtt cgcttgtttg tttgtagaat ttcatgaagt acgaagtgac    135960
     cttggcttca tcttgcagct gaggaattcc tggtcctcct gcctcctcct cccatgtgct    136020
     ggtcctacag tgtgagcccc aatgctcggt gctctcactg attagtgttg taactaataa    136080
     ctacaatgtt gaaaatccct catgttgaag aatggcttgt gcaccatggt cagctgcaca    136140
     cgtgcaccag tgacaagggg caggttccat attatcgagt ctctccatac agtgctgagt    136200
     gtgacatcaa actgtataga agtgcttcct ggcagcatgt aaggagatga cccaggagaa    136260
     gagcaggggc actcatgatc tcagttacca aagagtcttg ggggaggggc gtagggagtg    136320
     cgctgagatc ctgttgtatc acagctctat ctgaatttca tccagtctag aacatgcaaa    136380
     caaaagaatc agcagtacag ctctctccta agactttgtg taggcctcag aaatattgag    136440
     gtcaactcaa gggattaatc aagatcacag gcaggaaaaa aaaaggtttc cacagtaaaa    136500
     gacacacaac aagaaataca gttgggactt gacaagtcat ttgttgtctc atcgagtcat    136560
     tggttataac tggaacactg ggtaccaaaa agggatcagg agagatgtgt tctcaaggat    136620
     cctattattg gatgcaccgc tcaaagtagg caccttctgc ctcacagaaa gaataacttt    136680
     gcactttcat acacaggtgc tgatggctgg gacacttagg aatcactgtc cttacctaat    136740
     gtggtctttt gtctcagcaa atggtttcaa caatacattt ctagttggta gttggtccag    136800
     aagaggtgat gtggtaaacg cttccagttt ctaacaatca cattaaatgt agacatgagt    136860
     aaaagaagat agatggagac cggcatgatg gtacacacct ataatgccag tattcaggag    136920
     cccaagacaa gaggattaca gttctgggct agcctggcct acatggcaag atcctatctc    136980
     ataaaagcca aaagaaaaaa caattgagat agcaaatgta actgcctgct atttctatac    137040
     atatcctgat gtcctgatgt gtcactgtat ttaccaaata aatattagta ctttgtgacc    137100
     aaatatctat ttttctacct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttcctcc ctccctccct    137160
     ccctccctcc ctccctccct cccccctttc tcgttttcat atctgagtaa gagtcttgct    137220
     atgtagccca ggtttgccta aaacttgaat tttctggtaa ttttgttcta cactcaaggc    137280
     attcacaaaa ccaatgtcat ctgcattctt cacattagga aaatgattgt tttgcagcca    137340
     gctgccctgc ttcactttgg taccactgcc tcctcaaccc aatttcagcc aaactcttca    137400
     ctggtcattt tcattgcctg aacactcaag ctctcctttc ctggaaagca acgtttcttg    137460
     gctaaccaat ggtgaccata aaacccaagt ctctatgcat attccagatc cctttgttca    137520
     gccctctctg gggacatgac acttaaacca acttggagct actctatgcg tggcattttt    137580
     cttgagagtc tcctctgcct agactgttta cctcaactca agttttcttt taaagatacg    137640
     ccattacttt taatcctcag tccaacagca ttgcctttat ggtatttctc tcatttttca    137700
     gtggttttag tgcttagttc acttggggta aaatgaatag ccagtgtgac agaagtgcca    137760
     tttgagggaa tacagatacc ttggagcctg tctggtctgg tgtccccctc aagcaggttt    137820
     gtatgacctc cctgcaggaa gcaaaggcag agaggagatg aaatacacag catttgaggc    137880
     cataggacag aaggcagaag gaagaacaca atgatcccag actggccagg gtttagatgt    137940
     tacaagggag attttgggca aaagaccata gagctatttt cacaaaagag taactagaca    138000
     tcagaaagtc atagagacct tagatctgtc cccttagggc tgagtatgat gcagacagac    138060
     agagagtcac catggagggc agtgctgcct gctcatcgct catgccccag catcctatgc    138120
     tccatggagt ccctggtacc caacaaaatc acagggtgtt acgggagaga cttcactagc    138180
     atgtgaatcc tcacaatcct gcagaatcct taggtatatt tgaaggacat tattgatgtt    138240
     gaaaaccctg ttgtaagcaa gccatgacaa aagcctataa aatctgaatt actactattg    138300
     atttcatttc atatgagcac aggtagggcc agaaaaaaat ggagatacag tgacattcac    138360
     ttctgatttg aagtggtttg aaacctattt ataagttggc tgctgagatg cgagcaagct    138420
     gctttctgtg gctcaactat tgtaaatggg agctgcggct accacggaga accccgccat    138480
     ggaaaatgaa ataaacaagc tcttatgtct acataagccc ctgagttgaa tcatgtgatg    138540
     tgagtattca caacttcccc ccatagcaat aaatttaagc acagtgtttg tggtaagaga    138600
     gtcgaggaca gaagctctca acctgtgagt ctcgacccct tcgggatcaa atgacccttt    138660
     cacagaagta gcatatcaga tatttatatt atgatgcata acagcaacac aattccagtt    138720
     atgaagtagt gacaaaaggt ggggagggga ctgtattaaa gggccagagc attaggaagg    138780
     tttaggattg cttggtaaat aaacctaaat tttggttctt tcagttctgc acagcgctag    138840
     ctgatcctgg ataaatccta acctctctga gcaccagctc ctcatttgta ggacagaaac    138900
     aatcccttct gtgtaggacg ccaggaaact ctacgatggt gaatacattc tgagcagttg    138960
     tgaggaatca gcgtggcttg catcttttca acactgcatt gatcctcagc cataaatcag    139020
     tcagggttac acacgtctca gaagactaaa aacaatgaga ggagcggccc tgccttattc    139080
     atctctgtgt cagcctgcct catttagaca gggttctcag aacagtgccg tggagttcct    139140
     aggggcggcg agcttcccac ccttaacggc cagcctgcta aggaacatcc gaagtgcaga    139200
     atcggcttgg accacacacc agtccagaga gcctaagact gtctattaag tcagccaaat    139260
     acacaacaac gggagacaaa ataggtcaaa tcaagtgttt caggaacatc atacgtggct    139320
     acaatgggca aaatgttaac cagaagagac agaagctaga aaaatggtct gagtacaggg    139380
     ttagaaagaa atcattttag actttgtagg tcacgtggtg ttccagcttt ctttatgttg    139440
     ctgtgataaa aaacaaacaa accaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaacattct gaccaaaagc    139500
     aacctgggga gaaagggttt gtctgcctga tacatccagg tcatgatcca ttactgagga    139560
     aagccaggga gaggcttgaa gcagaaacca tggaggaaca gcacttacta gttcggtctc    139620
     tggctcactt ccttacccag cccaggcccg cctgcctagg gatgagtggt actgtccaca    139680
     ctggactagg ttggcctata tcaactagca atcaataaaa tctctcttag acatgcctct    139740
     agctcagtct gacctaggca actccttgat tgaggttgac tcttcccagg tgactctaag    139800
     ttatgtaaag ttgacaataa gaacgagcca gcacacacac agtctcctta gcaacccctt    139860
     tgtggtcatt tcctcacaaa ggcagccatg catacaatgt aagagaatga gaatgactgt    139920
     attccagtaa attgtattta aaacactggt gtaaggctgt tccagaccct tgggatgtgg    139980
     ttagccaatt cctgagataa aggtttgtct cattgccaag gaggacttat tacaaagctg    140040
     caaatgaagc caggtggggg cacagaatag gaaagttgca accactgagc ccaagagaat    140100
     ccctccacag gatgcaaaca ccaaaacaaa caagggtaca accggagaga agtctcctgg    140160
     aaaatatatt ttatggtagg tcaaggttaa taggtaaagt gtgggctgga taggtttgag    140220
     gtcctgagtt caaatcccca ctattcacat aagagcagtg tatggttgta catgtctgta    140280
     ccccagctct gggttagcat gagtgctggg agggtgggga acacaagaca tcctggtgat    140340
     gcactggccg gtctgtctag cccaaaacag gtgagctctg ggttctgtaa gagatccttc    140400
     ctcagaaaaa ggcagggtag tgattgagaa agacatccca gtatcccagt gtctacttct    140460
     ggcctctaca cataccacac aggtgcatat atctgcacac tcaggtcagt acacacacac    140520
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgg aagccaaaag ttacagagtt    140580
     tggggggggg gtcagttgcc tacaaactga ttgttggacc agtagtgaga tatagctgca    140640
     aaggcaatca gatgtgcttg ctgctcatgc catttatgca agagagcatc cagaatgggc    140700
     caggcaatac tgctgtgggg gtagacatat tgagtcacca cccttttgtc tactacaatg    140760
     cctgacaaac aaagaatgtt tcagagacat actttcccaa accctgtctc cttgaagaag    140820
     gtctgtcctg ggtttgatgg aaaagaaata acagttgagg taaagaagag aaggggaagg    140880
     ttgggagagt acttcaagaa caagatggga agtaccacag tgtgatgttc atgattctcc    140940
     agccaggtgt ccattgaaat acaagtttct tctaggcata ccactacaga ggcaggcaga    141000
     tctctatgag tactaggtta gccctggttt accgtgtgaa ttccaggcca gtcatggcta    141060
     cagaataaaa ttagaaggtc ggggatgaat gctggagaga tggctcatca gttaaaagca    141120
     ttggctgctc ttccagagga cgcaggttcc ttccccagca accacacggc aggcagctca    141180
     caaccatcta taacttcagt tccaagatat catgccattg tctgacctta gtggactctg    141240
     catgcatgtg gtacacaggc atacatgcag acaaattatc aatacacaaa ataaaaattt    141300
     tttaaaaata gaaaggcctc taaaaatgtg gggtaggggc atcatattta tgtctgaagg    141360
     actatctaat ttcattcttc ttctcatcat tacctgggag agaagaagtt aatgtgttgg    141420
     ttgtttgaga aaacatttgg aatgtttcaa acgaggcttt agagggagtt ggattaagga    141480
     agcagcaggt ctgtggtggc agttctcaca gccacggata atctgcttgc aaaggagcaa    141540
     aggaactaat tatctttgga gaggactgtg tgcctgataa aataattaaa aataaatggc    141600
     tctccttaga aatgcaaatt accaagtact gaagaaaccc tggtggtcac atagacaata    141660
     aatagatgtg ttatctgagg tcctttattt gattgatttt caattctggc tacagccagg    141720
     cctgctcagt ggaaacagct cttgaaagcc ttaaaccatc acacctcgcc cttgggattt    141780
     ctagggtgag attaggaaac tcaggagtca gacttgaccc tcttcttccc ttgaacccac    141840
     actccagtac catgagacag gggcattact gcagagccgt ctcccaagtt ctaccgaggc    141900
     tctttcctcc gactcagtgc tttcaacaaa ggcactggcc aaggcctagc actatggtgg    141960
     taggctggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaaggag    142020
     ataggaggcc ttgggggctg agtagaacac tgttgtatgg gaagaaggat gctcttcaac    142080
     gatgacttac tatctcttaa accaagcatg ccaatgcccc tgctctcctc accctccctt    142140
     tcctcttcct cctcctcctc cttttcttct tcctccttct ttttccaaga gagggtttct    142200
     cggtgtagcc ctgcctgggt ttcctggaac tcagtctgta gaccaggctg gccttgagtg    142260
     tagagattca tacacttcta tctcctgagt gctgggatta aagacatgca cagcaccgac    142320
     cagtgccaat gcatgctttg aatcccagcc cttggaggct ggccttggtg gggggaagag    142380
     ggctgtaagg tggaggacgg tccagactgt acagtgtagg gctagacagt gagatcaagt    142440
     tcaaggctgg cctagggctg tatcccaagg cctttccttg acatcataaa aacagaaaca    142500
     aaaagcatcc ccaattataa aagcaggaag ccaaatgaaa acttccaaaa ggctgtaaca    142560
     cattaccctt ttgtcaaagc gccgatattg attagacaac gactcttaca cttttcagcg    142620
     ggcatttgta aaggggggtt ggagaaaaaa catcggattt ctgcctagaa aaaattacat    142680
     aatgattggg ggagtccgat ttcaggcaag ccagtccatg ctctcaatcc ctccggcttt    142740
     gccgacaccc ggtttttcct acatttctta tctagagaaa aatgatttcc cttgtgactg    142800
     ggccaagctg atgttgccaa gggaatagat gagtgggaga ggaatgagag aggaaggaag    142860
     gctcgacagc tggtgttcct ctctttccag atgaggctgg acctccagga ggtgaggtct    142920
     gtgtgagtgg ggacaatgac actatctgct tctgaaggat gcaaagaaaa aaaaatggtt    142980
     gctacacaaa gaaacactcg acaagatatg gttaacaatc tatgtccatg gcacatccct    143040
     tctggtccct tggtaacttg gccaaggtct aaaacagaat tcattcatcc tccacgctcc    143100
     aacccaatcc ctccacgctc ctttctccag cccaggtgct cctcagtagt gtccactctc    143160
     ctctccagct tccttctgaa gtgatgtctt tctcatgccc acccagagag ccttttcttt    143220
     ctttgcactg agactcagct gtgacaactt cctggccttc cggtacaagc agaggaagga    143280
     cgtggccaga aggagcagca tgacgaaggg gcagacgatg aggaagtgga gcaagggccc    143340
     cgaggagcag atcagggagg agaccgtggg ctctgcaacc agagaaacac agaagacaat    143400
     caatcagtgt cccaacgatc ggggccgagc aggcgagtac gtctccctac acatcattat    143460
     cggcaagtcc gtgtagatga caaggtggaa tggcacaggc ctctcgccct gcaagtgcac    143520
     tggaagaaca ggcccaggac attcccaaca cacacctctt ccccctgccc ggccattgca    143580
     gctgtacagc tgccaatgac ctacttacaa ccaccagcca aaaaagaaaa gcaaaacaaa    143640
     aaaaaaaaga agagagagaa agaaaacctt tcctttaatc ttcttccctc agaaaagata    143700
     tgtataattc agttctcgtt ctcaactgtg tggctggctc tgaattttta actgagatat    143760
     tcccactgct gtttctgaaa ctcacagtgc actaagctgt cctcagtaac agctgtgcct    143820
     atgaaggagg gcacttttgc ccctgaccca tgacatatag gttatcccgg gtcctgactc    143880
     cttgccccac tatgctcaat tctcacttcc tgtatctaag ccactgggca cagtccctgt    143940
     ctggttggat ctcacttctc ccagacttct tgcatggtcc cgtgctcacc cctccttgtc    144000
     acacagccct ttgtttcggc tcctttcttc cctggactga gaatggctaa gtgtcctggg    144060
     ttcctgcctt tggtgatctt aaaccaaact gaatgccgcc acagagtcaa agccaccata    144120
     cagagaggca cgccaaagca tgcgatcctc cgatcctccg cagctgcagg ccgatgggag    144180
     gcaccatcaa cagactgaca tgtggggcat tggggctcct ggtcatttcc cagagaggca    144240
     aagcagagag gactgcggcc accacaggtc ctcggaaatg gtaccctggg ctaatggcta    144300
     aaggcctggg ttacaggcat tcagcagaaa gccacatgtg taaagtggta ccaaccactc    144360
     actgcactct tccaactaca tttctgaact atttgaaatc agggctattc tgaacaatcc    144420
     gatgctaaca gcagctgtgc tttgcttggg aaactaacga caggagacct ctcttcttca    144480
     aaggttaagc tatacaattt ccgagactat ggattcccag tgataaaaca gttttgatag    144540
     gtcgttctga ccaacctcca agtgcaaaag aaaagacccc ttggggcctc tctgaagcac    144600
     tttacacgtc aaagactgcc tcttcactgg aaatcaagag agagcccaga catttgctcg    144660
     tgataggtac tgtgagctcc tggaggcttg ggcctgtgtc ttacatgtct ctgtaccttg    144720
     taacgcacct cccccgaaag tcctccagga tcctggagaa ggaaccagct accgagtgta    144780
     ttccccatgc aagagccaag gtggccgcca tcatgcagtg tcggtccctg gcattaggct    144840
     gtcagttctg aatgggtttg gcacagagct gcagagttgg tggcctagat attttttttc    144900
     tgttctcaat tgtagttttc atcttgcatc tgattttcct tcttgaaaat gtaatcaatg    144960
     gcagagagag agagagagat tttgaatttt tttttcctat tgtttgtttt gatctgaggc    145020
     tgagtctcac tatgtagcct gaactaacct caaacacaag atcttcctgc ctcaacttcc    145080
     caaaggctgg gattatggga gtgtgtcacc atgcctggtt taatttttaa tttttttcta    145140
     acctctttct gcattcttct ttcaaatgat ccaggcgaat gataattagt cccctgggtc    145200
     gcatgtgata tgacgctggc aagcatggtc aaatgaagca ggctgcgatg ttgtgttaga    145260
     ataggccagg ccactcaacc atggctaccc aaagaagctt ctttttatag cagtggtcac    145320
     tgtcaggaaa tgacgggccc cctacagaaa gcccatctag gagagtgtca acagtttcct    145380
     caggtgtcca gactcccaga gaatgacaga cagccacagt ttttcacttc cccaagcaaa    145440
     tttacaaacc tcagggctgg accccctgga atatcaaaag ggcaccagcg ttgacacatg    145500
     cctccaccat atactggata gacgtcaact agccaggccc ttcttcctca cttccccaga    145560
     tcctcagagc tgcacatctc tttcctggaa ttcccttctg ctctccactc tgcagccgct    145620
     gaaacagaga gagcctggct gcacgctcac catgtgaccc catccccttc ctgagacctc    145680
     taagaggtgc cctcctaact ctgcccgtgg gcttgaacac tcattagggc tcctgccatg    145740
     ctgctgtctg tccttggcat taataaccct tgtaataaac ttcttaccca aacatggcaa    145800
     tctgctttag tgtctctctt gaccccagac ccaaaacctt tcacagggag gggatggagc    145860
     catggagtcc ctaagaaaac actggccatg agcggtccct acaccggagt gaatgagtaa    145920
     ccgcctgtac ttcagagaga acttggttca gctcttcttc actcctcaac tcactcttat    145980
     gaacattgga gaagttattc atctccccca gcctctattt ccttatcaac taaacaggga    146040
     taataactta tggagctgcg atgagataat atgaaatata acatttaata caatacctgg    146100
     accatttgtt gagtgagtaa gcaatagaca tgagctagaa atgttcctgg gacaagtgag    146160
     aaacgcccag gcaaccttct ccctaggtta ctgattcccc acagagacct cagctctgta    146220
     gtttggatct ggaatgtcct gcaaaagagc caggtagtaa agatgtggcc ttggcttggc    146280
     actactggaa agttgatggg acctttaaga ggtggagctc aacgggaggt cataggtcac    146340
     tgggagcaca gccttaaagg ggacagtaga gttctggtat tcattcattc ttattcttcc    146400
     tccctccctc cctccccttt ttctctttgc ttccaggatg ccaagaggtg agaaggttct    146460
     tgaagtgcca caccctcccc tcttatccat cttgctgcca gacggaagcc atagaccaac    146520
     caaccatgcc ctgaaaactc caaaacaatg agacaaaaat attcctttct tccttagaag    146580
     ttatctcagg tcttctgtcc cagagatggg aagccaacaa ccacaatgga cttctcatgt    146640
     tcttccatgg ctaaatctca ccctccacag ggaaagtcaa gtgctttgga gaccctggct    146700
     acggtgattt gagtaagata accccatcta tctcaggcgt ttgaacactt ggtcctcagt    146760
     tgttggtgct gcctggggag gagtaggaag tatggccgtg ctgggggaaa tatgtcactg    146820
     tggcaggctt tgagagttta aggagccata ctgcccttct agttcacttt ctctgcttcg    146880
     tgcttgtagt tcaggatgtg agccctcatt gtctgtgcca gctgccatac ccactacctg    146940
     ctgcctctgc tctgccatca tggcgtctaa ccctctggaa ttataggccc aaacaaatta    147000
     attcttctat aagttaccct ggtcacggtg ttttatcata gcaacagcaa gggaactaat    147060
     ctgctggctt tctttctagt cgggtgggag ggaatcagga ggtgagtctg tggtgagtct    147120
     cacagatgct gggatggcat atgatgatgg tgacagggac gggcacacag gatgcaggaa    147180
     gaaatgtggc actgggttat tctgccccca agacgctagc cttcagcatg aaggaactgc    147240
     cttcctggga ggagacaact ccatttagtg cagtctgcca ccaaagggca gcacagggcc    147300
     ctctgcacag tgctgagttg gccaagtgtg agccactgtc agctctggtg cttctaaatg    147360
     acctctcagg ggagggcact ggttgctccg gatcctgcgg tgcccatttc ccaccatctg    147420
     cctctcaccc agatttggaa gagagctggt gacacacgaa accattacag tttggcattt    147480
     tgaatcaatc cgactaagtg ccccagactc aaagaacaag gcctgcagaa tggagccaaa    147540
     gacgtaatga actcacttcg tcttgagcaa tcgtttagaa gttgcttcct tctgcccatg    147600
     tccaggcaca ccaggaagag ctttgctttt ggacatttct gaggaaatgc tgacttgaga    147660
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaggtgtt ttcagcctct    147720
     ctctacctcc attcagaact tgggccatat gaggtcactt gagagatctg gctcctgcca    147780
     agaactaaaa gtggggtttg gatctctgca gcaagtgtag gcggcccctg acagcttcct    147840
     gttttaacct aattgaagga gtgcttgttc attctctcaa gtgttagctc agtgcctcgt    147900
     gccagacctt gttgagtatg ccgaggagaa gaaacaaatg gcctctctag aaactccagt    147960
     gtgggaggaa tgcatgcctc ctttaagaat ccattcctta ataaattctt atctaaataa    148020
     aaacagagat acagtggtct ggcctaccac tgcatcaaga caatttttca gaacacaaca    148080
     tttaggtaag gcgtttgtct ggcatgcatg cacaaaaatc tgggtctgaa ccctcgtgtt    148140
     gtctatgtgt gctgtgtata tatgtgtata tatgtatgct gtgatagggc agatgtgtaa    148200
     tcctagcact gaggaggtag aggcagaaag atcacaagtt cacgattatc ctacatagca    148260
     tgtgttcaaa cagcctggga gcatgaaacc ttaactcaga aaaaaaacaa acaaaaaaaa    148320
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccaggc aacacatttg tacttaggat ctgaggtgag acaaaaaggc    148380
     tcagccttat agcactcacc ttagagagtc actgtaaaga gacagttggg ggtgggggga    148440
     gggaggaact aggtccagga tatgtctgct ctgcctccac tcaagccacg tgatccatgg    148500
     ctctttcgtg gagttctaaa gctaacccca tctggtgtgg ccaaataggg gaggtggtga    148560
     agtgaggagc cgttataagc tgtctttgat ttggagtcta ccaacatgca gagctggcag    148620
     tcagcaggag tcaactgagt caacgccagc aaacatctgt gcctgtcttg ggtgccccct    148680
     agtggtgatc tgtatggtac aggtagctgc agggtgatga cggagaacca caagggctca    148740
     gatgcagacc aggaaggata ttaggaggag atgctgggcc gctgtcagga ctgcatctcc    148800
     atccaaccct gctgcctctt cctctgtgta ctgtaaacat gcccccgagc ctaccgactt    148860
     gaacctcaag caggacaaat aattaaacct catgtatcaa tgttccctgc catttcttct    148920
     ggttttctct cctgaccttt acagctcttg agaaattacc ttacacctag cctgtcagct    148980
     tcctcactct tcagcctcct caggctgact ttcatatagc ttttctgcct ttaccatgtt    149040
     agatccagtg aagatgttcc cattctctct gtcgctgtct ctctgtctgt ctctgtctct    149100
     gtctctgtct ctgtctctgt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    149160
     ttctccctct ctctttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gtgtgtgcct    149220
     ctgccttgtc ctcttgagtc agggtctctc ctgtagctca tgttactttt tgcctaggct    149280
     ggcaaccagc aaaccccaga gagctttcct actttgtcac caatagaatc acacgtgcat    149340
     atgaggtcat gcctggcttg ttgcaggggt cctaggacct gaactctagt taccatggtt    149400
     acacagctgt tttttttttt aagccctgag gcatctccca ttcttatctt aagcagccta    149460
     ttgtactttt ccctctcttg agtttctctc acctcctgat acccactgat acctgatacc    149520
     cactgatgcc tggcacttta cctcgggggt cctcccctga gcatcattac tggccataca    149580
     ttgatatctc ctagtgtaca agttaggtgt gggtcaccct tggaattccc actatttccc    149640
     agataaacgc ttcttagaaa ctctttttga gttgcggtcc agctcaactt gcacatatca    149700
     gaaaaatctc ccgctctaag cctgggtttg gttttgcttg gtaaacggtc tcgtgatcca    149760
     cccaagcccc aatactgatt tgcctcttct gctcactcac tgaccacaga tgtctagcta    149820
     gctagcaacc tccaaacact tgactgttca ctcgtccctc cttctcacta gcaccgcccg    149880
     agctcaggcc tccatctccc ctcatcttgg ctacagtttc atgtagctca ccctgctctg    149940
     tcagcctccc ttcacctcag cttcactgct ccactcaatg ggaaccttct aaatgtgact    150000
     ctgagggtgt cgccgctgca cctgaaccta tgcagtagca cccataactg ccatgataaa    150060
     gcacctctcc ctcactttag acaccaagca catcttagct ctgtgctatt cccacacccg    150120
     ttctcccatc gcttagtctt gtgcattgag atccaggcat tctctaccac tgagggtccc    150180
     ttgctctggc atggagtttt agatcttttt gccatcttgt ataccattcc ttagaatagt    150240
     tttccttctt cccattcatc catattatag gggaccttcc cagatagcat ccatccttga    150300
     cccttcactc cagttcagtt gctctctctg catcccggga ctatttctct gatgatgctc    150360
     agcacagcag gttcgactct tcccactctg tgggaacgac ctctgccata ggtacttttg    150420
     tgtgctcaga tctcatacga ttacttattg agcaaactaa aacagtctgc cacatagatg    150480
     ggtataagca tattacgtag gtatgtgtga tggttagagt ccttagcttg actgaatctg    150540
     gtatcaccta ggaaacaggc aattctgtgg agggttatct tgatcatgtt aactgaggtg    150600
     tgaaggcttg cccactgtgg gtggcatcat tccttagact cagattctaa agaaggagaa    150660
     agtgagccca gcataagcac ccattgctgg ttcctccaaa atgcagacac aatggaactc    150720
     accctcctca agttcctgcc accccgactt tctttccatc cggaactgta tcttttttct    150780
     tttggttttt ccagacagtg ttttactgtg tagccctggc tgtactggaa catttatcga    150840
     aaacttaaaa tatgccagtg tctgtactag gtttttaaaa aatgtatttg tattatgatc    150900
     ctctttttat gagaaagcca aaccccatat gtggaaacac agtctgatga catagctaat    150960
     acatggtagg actgtaagct gagtttaggc ttatggtctc caatccttaa ggactttttg    151020
     ttgctccagc ctgtttccct aaccaccagc caggagcagt gaggtggtcc aggccagtgt    151080
     ctcagtcaca gggctgcctt gggaacacat ggtgttagtt gcagtgaaat ccctgctggt    151140
     cgtggcccag gcttgtgagc attttcagag gagacacaag tgacgtcatt gttttactgt    151200
     ctccctccag agttcctcct ttgcacctgc tccacacgtt ctcacatata tagaccgtgc    151260
     agcatctcac ctgtctcata ggggacatgc ttgctagtca cggagtctgt ccttcctatg    151320
     gttgttacct attctactat aaaaactgct gactccatag ggcccatgaa ttccagagga    151380
     aaacatttgt agggtgtacc cagatgtgtg gaacagcatc tataactgtt gtaatggaaa    151440
     gctgataaga aaaattctac ctggacacat aaaaaaatta ctgaaggatg aaggatgatg    151500
     gagccctgaa gattagacag ggaagaggat ggtagagccc tagggaacac ttcaggtgga    151560
     ccctaactgg atgtagtgag gctctctgcc tgtgagaaat tgacatatgg acccttctcc    151620
     ttccaggaac tgttactaaa gccagctggt ctcctaggaa tgtcaatttt atgataaatc    151680
     catttatctt tcctgtggta gagtactaag actttgcctt aatttctcta gtcttccttt    151740
     tccaacagaa ggtcagcctg taatttgcct ttcacctact tgagtctcac tggaataaga    151800
     aagaagtagc taagataatt atctggcaga tcctatagcc agccccaatt tattggtctt    151860
     gctagaagat gtgtcttatt agcacatgcc tcatagatgc ttatcacatg tctcattcga    151920
     cactaggctg aggcagtggc tgaggatgac ttccctacac aaagaactgt cactctttgg    151980
     tcaaaggcct ttgagtggtg gttctctttg ttggagtcca ggaggcaact aactctctat    152040
     gacattgtcc tctctttgaa gtcttccagg acacaatgat acaatggaaa gaggatacta    152100
     aatgaccatt gctaccattt gggtcttaaa tgaccatctg atgccctaga agtccatgtg    152160
     ttaagggcct gctcttcagt ttggttctat taggaggtgg tggtgcctag tgggagatgg    152220
     ttctagtagg agatctttgt gttattaaag gcgcatcatt gaaggggaca gtgagacacc    152280
     agcccttcct cttcctttct ctctgacttc ctagtcacgg ggtgagtggt tttgctcagc    152340
     tacatactcc tgccatggta tgctgctgca gactcagtca cagggccaaa tgatcatgga    152400
     ccagagtctc taaagctttg aaccacagca attgttctgc ctctgcacgt tgggtagaga    152460
     tcccagcaat ggttctttga ggaagagtgt ttgggttctt ttcttccctt gaccaaggaa    152520
     gtatttgggt gtaactgact ctggttcagt tgagtcaaag tgcagaacta tcaccacaac    152580
     aaccatctta ttctgcctca ttttcttttc cactaaaaaa cagcatccga ggattagagc    152640
     atcagccaag aggtaaggat gctggctgca catgctgttt gggtatcaga ggcatacatg    152700
     atgcggatgg ctctttgctt gggcagggaa ggtcagacag gtcagatgta cctattagtc    152760
     aggtatctgt gcccaaacct cacgcagacc ttgctggtta aaatgagtta gtatggagaa    152820
     ggcagtcaag ttatctttga ggaatttgaa atcttatcat tagccaaaag aaaggaggaa    152880
     agaaggctag caggagttgc agaggggaag agatatgcca cggcccctga gccagtggct    152940
     gagtgacccc caagttacct gagcgcagca ccctgagcac cattcgttgc gactcgcctg    153000
     aggcttggtt gatccacttg cctgggtggc catgttgctg ccactcagtc accctgcacc    153060
     aatatatccc agcatcctcc atttccaccc gatgcagctt caggacgaag tctgtgggag    153120
     aggatcggta gcagtgctgg agcctcctgc tcccctctct gccatactgc agcaagccgt    153180
     catactgcag gtgcaccagc atttgactcc ctgcgggggc agtgatggtg gcagtggcat    153240
     tggcaactgc ggcagcagta gccgtggcag ttcctctgcc ccggtaccat gtcacagagt    153300
     atagggaagc tgtgctgcct gagccatcta ggctgcagct gaagcccgcc tctccatact    153360
     cggtagcgtt tcctgtccaa ttcactttgg agacatggac ctggcttcct aggaggcaaa    153420
     gtggtggaca gttagagaag agcaagactt ttggcccggc cacctctgag ccctatcatt    153480
     tccactggga gatctcatct gggattttcc agacatgaga accttcatca tgaatgtttt    153540
     ccttcaatgc ttctcctttt tgtcacactt gccaggacat tctctgctgc aaaccaagct    153600
     aaccacttcc ctcctttagc ctcttgcctg atggagcctc ctgctaaaat agacttcagc    153660
     caggctcaca gcttttgccc gactttgaac ttcctctttg atttgccaca ggtgctgctc    153720
     agctcccaac tttccatatt ccaccaagct aagtattaca gcagtaccgg tccttatgaa    153780
     atcaccttcc cccaccacgc ccagatgtca tcttcttgtt cagacacact gagagacaga    153840
     acactgatac cagtgtcaga ataccgccca agggatccgt ctcagcaatc aatcagtatg    153900
     ccttaagcag ccttcctcct ccctccctgt cccccactaa ccagcagacg agaacttgaa    153960
     ataaaatccc cagaatttat aacaaagaat aaccgaaagt caaggtggag cattacagtg    154020
     tataatacat ttaccattcc actgcaaatt aatttattaa tctgttttgt tgtttttcaa    154080
     ctccctcccc actatgttta gtctaattag tgtttacatg ctcttcatgg ggaatcatgt    154140
     agaatcttca ttcacataaa cttctctgtg tccttgcctc cagttactcc ctatttggtt    154200
     gcaaattggt ttctaattca tcccaatact caaccaagga ccacttgcaa gctcaagaga    154260
     tctcttcagt catggttttc tcattggcct tagtcactaa ggtttatttt cttcttgaca    154320
     ttctttcttc ttttgacctg gggaaaaagc tcccgccacg gtgatgccca aagtatctcc    154380
     tggcagctta ttccgtaatt cgtttcctaa cccaggtgta cagcagccat caacccacag    154440
     tcacatggcg atcacacgga gtattttaag agactttggt cagttacaag cattctcgag    154500
     ttgagaaatg tcactgtgtt aggttagtca gttttttatc attgcaataa aaataccgga    154560
     gcaagacaac ttaaggaagc aaagttattg tgtgactggg ggtttcgggc tccaggatcg    154620
     aataacccct atgttctgca tgtctacaaa accagagcca tgtgaatggc ttgccttaca    154680
     attaggtgtc attggaccac ggcttcagtg gcctcttagt acctatgcag ctgtgcccag    154740
     taaaatggat tctacagaac aaacttccta cagagctcag tgggagccag gaactctggt    154800
     catgttgcta gcacctcaag agaaagtcat taaaaaaaaa aaaatcacag tagctcaggg    154860
     tagtctcgaa ctcactctgt aagtcagggt gtcttcaaag ttgtcctact gtgcctcagt    154920
     cttcctagct gaatgccacc acacatggct ttcaagcaaa cctctcctca gtgagtttac    154980
     tcttttacat ccttgagtct gtgatggctg acaggtgggc caattcctga gatgcctcca    155040
     tagtgccttt cctgggtgcg ggtatgaagt atgtaacact aatctctagc agccaacatt    155100
     ctttgactcc ccactcctca gctttacgtg agcctcttta ttgggcggat gccaaagttt    155160
     tcacgtctct ctgctctttt ttttgtcgct agttgtcact gtaaacctgg ctaaaaggaa    155220
     ggcacagtaa ccaggccata acccgagttg ccttggaatt ttattttttt ccttttgagt    155280
     tcaacctcac tcaagtctca gggaatgaat aaaatatttg ccagaattca acatgaatga    155340
     cctttaggcc acttcccaat aaagccgcca tttccatgtt aaatttcatg agcaaggtct    155400
     ctctgtccat acagctacca acattttctt tcaccaggac tgtccattaa ggtctgctta    155460
     aaacactcta gaactgttct ggcttgcttt ttcaacttct tccaaactcc tccctcaaac    155520
     cagtttcata tgcttaagaa ttactttatc aggctggatc acagcattga ctcccacctc    155580
     cctggaatca actttctatg ttagtttgtt gttgttgctg cagctgctgc tgctgctgct    155640
     gctgtaacaa atacttaaaa ggaagagttt agaggaagaa atgcttattc tgttgataac    155700
     ttcagagagt tcagtccaag gtcatctcag ctttgagcca gaggtgaggc agaatttcat    155760
     agtgttggaa caggtggcaa aagttgctct gaggatggca aggaggaaga gagagcacag    155820
     ctactcacat ggacttcctt cttccctttt atttggtctg gtgccctact cctaacccca    155880
     ggccacacac attcaggcag gtctccccta gctactctct ctctggaaat gttcttataa    155940
     acacacctga agtggactct actaacctcc ttggtgcctc ccaatccaat tgacctaaca    156000
     gtgcagactg tgagaatttc ttgatacact aaaagatcta atcctgaagc catagaaaca    156060
     ctggcttgag ccaagagatg ttgcttcctt aaaaccgtgc aggcacgcac agtcaagtgt    156120
     ttggttaaga ctactggaag gcagggatat cagtcacaca gatccagaat ataggaagac    156180
     aaagtaatca tgagggtcag aaaagataat aaatgggatc tctggggcca tccaagtaga    156240
     agtgaacagt agagtctaaa agtacaaggc tcagaatatc taaatccaaa gatttggggt    156300
     gattagcttg tagacaatag ttaaagccag ggcagggttt tagaagttct gagaaaagca    156360
     gggactaaga agaagagcct aggatcactc cctggggagc actcaagcta aacagagaat    156420
     gggagggacc tgaagagaaa ggacagaggg agaggttgct ccctaagctg atttctctta    156480
     tttgtctctt gtagcctgta agctcaccat gggcaagagc cctgtctcac ttacctttgc    156540
     agtcccgttt ctagcatatg ggaatgtcca ggtataatct taggggcttt ataaaaaaaa    156600
     atgtcatctt gaaaacagta ctttaagcac cacattagat tgagttattt acaccacact    156660
     gttggatctt gcccaggtcc ttagctgtgg tacccatttg actttaatca acagaggtga    156720
     cccagccagg accgagagac ccagtcaagc ctgtctgcat tcagacagca gcactcgcag    156780
     actagctgga atggatggaa gttccattac acttttaaag atctccagag gtggagaaga    156840
     ctcccccagt aagccattcc aacagttaac tactcttact tgccttatgt ttaggcagcc    156900
     aaatgttgaa aagcaatttc tccacatatc cccatagagt tgtacagttt ctgttcacag    156960
     tgggagaaat atgcttcgta ttactctttc tctgccaaat tacagtaggg cccccactgg    157020
     agtgacacag cttgttatta tagagatctg gagatacgat tccctgggca gctgcatgga    157080
     ccaggctgcc aagctgataa gcaaaccagg caaagggatc ttgttcctgt tcgagcttga    157140
     aaccttatac tgattcaccc taagcaacct cccctcctct ggtaggctac cctgtcctgt    157200
     agtcatttgt aggtgcctat tatttctatg gtccagatca tattttttaa tctcttcata    157260
     gtcacatctt aaacatcact ggagaaaaat gtctgacaat actctcctaa ggtttacctg    157320
     tgggcctgag tttcaattct gtgagtcctg aagtctttct ttcaagcttt tgccaagtgt    157380
     catttgtaga taagagccat tcctctacag cacagtggta gtggccctgg tcactgtcct    157440
     ccacactcag aatgttcagc agaaataagt cttgagaaac tttctcagaa taaaattttt    157500
     gcttgctccg aggggtttga aattcgtccc catattttac aacactgctt tggtccattt    157560
     ctaggatttt cagataggat gcatttgcag aaacggaaga gaagtaccaa atgatggata    157620
     acggaaggtt tccagcagat cgggacaaga tggcacattc tatctgagtg ctggagctga    157680
     tggatagctc ttggacctga ctgcttgagt tcacgctcag tttgctctct gaaggaaata    157740
     atggaaagaa ttactttact ggaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    157800
     acacacacac gccagaattt taagctagct tgttaaccag gacaaatagc cattgttgca    157860
     gcagtggttc tcagccttac tagtgccgag accctttaat acaattcctc atgttgtggt    157920
     ggtgacccta acataaagtt attttgttgc tacttcatgt ctataatttt gctactgttg    157980
     ttagtcacaa tgcaaatatc tgatacacag gttctctctt gacccccaag ttgagaactg    158040
     ctgctctaca accatagtgt ggctgaattc ccccacagca gctgccctaa ctgtccactc    158100
     aactttggta tgacatataa tctgaggacg ctgttccctc catcactgag gtctgcctgt    158160
     ttcacgggca gcatgtagct aagaggaact atgaatggga cccaacacag aattgtaatg    158220
     gacttaaaac actatggttt ttttgttttt gtttttgttt ttgttttttt gcttttggtg    158280
     ttttggttgt gcatgaactc tgtagatgac agtgtagtgt cacaatgtca caatgtcaaa    158340
     aggccagaca tgactgtgag aagtctgtgt gactgtgagt tgatgtttct ctcttcataa    158400
     catccatctg ctggctctcc ttctgccctt actgtgtggg gatgggggac agtcatgaaa    158460
     aaaaaaaaag cccagctttt tccccacatg acaatcctgt catatttaag cagaggaatc    158520
     tcttccatag catatttgca tcatttgaaa gaaaatgaca ttatgagcgc cctgcctctg    158580
     aaccacttct ggatccccaa tttgtcaacg tctagttaga gctgccttca aacaggagta    158640
     cacaagaaga ggttattttc aagctgttaa aatgctatct ttttgcagcc agtccatttg    158700
     aaactaccac atggacttgg gtctgctatc ccttaacacc agtggcctct cctttgtcct    158760
     aagatgaaca ataaatgtca caaacctctt tgccatctct tgttgataac tctacttttc    158820
     ttgatgttac cagtaggtcc ctgaattccc ccttcaacaa acatttatta atcacattgt    158880
     gtatcacata ccagactatt ctaggtattt tgtatatagc tcctgtcagt gaaccacggt    158940
     ttagaggaag ttataggata ggaacaaaga cttcctggaa ttggtcacca atataggaca    159000
     gagatatgca gtaatggaac aaatgttagg atcccccagc agatttatct aacccaaggt    159060
     caggagtgag gggagacgtc tctgaactga gccttgaaga tcaatagcag tcattctgat    159120
     gaatagagag caaaggattt ccacataaaa ggaagtgggg attatcgaat ccaggcagtt    159180
     gagtttggtt ggaagtcaga tctaggatgg aaagtaggag gcgatgaaga gacaagtgag    159240
     tataaaagat cttttatgcc tgtcatggga gtttggacat gcggaggaca aggtttctaa    159300
     tctgtggtgc tgggacgtgg ggaggaccac cacatcatga acaatatgga agggacaatg    159360
     ataacgacct acgctatgac actgaatata ggcatgcctt ggaagcagtt agatgtaaat    159420
     tccaagacca gaagacaaac cattctgggt aatgaacaca gaggttgtca acaagtagat    159480
     tgtatccacg ggaagaattg tttcccctag aaaaacgtgg agactcagag gacatatcta    159540
     agaacagttg ctttaaaaaa caaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaccacctgg gctcaatggg    159600
     acgagtgcat gagtaccaag gaggaggttc agaagttcag ggtcattcct ggtcacctaa    159660
     caagactagt ttagaaagaa aagccaagcc aagcattgga gcatacacct gtaaccagag    159720
     cacttagtgg gttggggcag aaggactgag aacttcaggc tagactgtac accgtcaaaa    159780
     acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaacaaaaga attaatatag cgactcagag gaggaggagg    159840
     aggaggaaga ggaggaggag gaggaggaga aggaattctt ggtgttagga aggaaacctc    159900
     atggcgtgga gccgagagca agcaaggctc gtggaagcaa tctcagacat catgggaaga    159960
     gcgagtaagt caaggcatga attcatgagc aagatcacga ctattaacaa aaacattgct    160020
     cagcagcaca gagcaggtgg tggctgccat gcaagactat ttgctttggg ggcacaatag    160080
     acacacccca gttcaatgtt acgtcagaga tttatcgagg tgttgactac ggtagggata    160140
     gattaagtga cttgcccaaa cctggagctt atcacatctg agccatctca aagtccctca    160200
     cagcaaatca ggaaagagga agcacaaggc gtggcagaac ctcaggctag ggagggtttc    160260
     actttcagcc tctgtgttct gctattgcat taagactgaa ttggacttgg aaccacaaag    160320
     tctctcttac atgttaatat attaaaagag gcagctaagc atatttgttg tggtttgaat    160380
     ggttatgccc cctataaact catgtgtttg aatacttggc catagggagt gtggcactat    160440
     taggaggtgt ggccttgttg gaggaagtgt gtcactgagg ttgggaggtt ttctattgcc    160500
     caagctatcc acagtgtggc acacagtctc ttcctgctgc ctgtggatca agatgtagaa    160560
     ctgttagctc cttctccagc actacatttg cctggatgct gtcatgcttc cagccatgat    160620
     gataatggat tgaacctctg aaactataag acaggcccaa attaaatgtt ttcctttata    160680
     agagttgcca tggtcatggt gtctcttcac agcaataaaa ccctaagaca gtattctaat    160740
     agaatttgca tgattcccca ccacttccaa atacgaaaac cacgctggag taccagcagt    160800
     gactgactta aaatatcatc tgccctgtag gaggttcttg aggctcagct gtgccacaca    160860
     gtatcatgag gctgctggca atgagaactc gtggcaggtg tggaaaggtc aaagagcagt    160920
     ggttattagc tgctaaggaa gtatttcatt gttttagcaa ccaatgtggc cattccacgt    160980
     atactaactt catgttgatg ccattaaatc atgctcactt taccaggaca aacgtggtga    161040
     atggatacat tatgtctgtt tctatagttt acacaaagtg ggaggagctc cgttgttatt    161100
     tgagacaggg gctcactatt tcagcctagg ctgacctcaa attctcaatt ctcctatttt    161160
     ggcctcctga atactgggat tataggtatg cactaaacct ggccaaaaaa aaaaggatat    161220
     tcttttcttt tttaaaaaag gctcaatgtc aagtatcact tacctggaaa ggtgacagta    161280
     atcattaata ggttagaggt ggcagatact ctggctgggc cacttgtgca tatggaatct    161340
     ctgtcataaa cctccactgt acaccgatac acccctgtct cctccatagc tgcatcgtag    161400
     atttggagtt gagaacgaaa gaaagactgt gacaccttcg tcttcctgtg gatctgggag    161460
     aggacgtccc cccattcaac ggtgccattg tgggcaattc gaataagccg atgaaaggct    161520
     ccagagcccg ctggctggaa ctgccacgtt accgagaacg gcagcttgag atccgagtag    161580
     ttggccctca ctacacagga caggtggaag gtatgggcta gcatcacttg tggctgacgg    161640
     ctcatcagat taactcgtaa acttgactct gtgggggaga atgtgagaca cacttcctgt    161700
     ttaccaggtc caagctcggg gacttccaag ttttctcaat gcccccttta cacagggcca    161760
     cacacttgtg ttcctggagt gacatgaatt tgggggtaga ggttggtcca cagtacagtc    161820
     tgtcctgaat ttcaacctcg gctctccaag tctcccccct cgcctacgac tgttctcagc    161880
     agccacaaca aacaggcagt gtttctccag tgcgccactt agacagctgc acagagcagg    161940
     gacaccacgc gcagccaggg tctggcctct ttcctctccc cactcagcaa gtagaacact    162000
     cacagcacgg tctggcctcc ttcctccctc tggcccaccc cctgtccccc gggctcaatg    162060
     tcactctctt gcccatgcta gagaaaactc catgatacct gggctgctgc tgggacgggg    162120
     caagcttggc tccactcatc tgctagtcaa ccaggaatca caggggtttg ttttcaactt    162180
     tgaacaatgt acaagctgca ctctagaatg atctttataa agatgaataa actcgagagg    162240
     ttgctgtcag gcctgatttg catattctgc tctgcatgtc tcacggtaca catgccgctg    162300
     gctggcactt ggggtgcaca taccgctggc actcacagca cacgtaccca gggcactcgg    162360
     ggtacgtgca cctctggcag gagttctgaa tgataccatc caaacttcag tacagaataa    162420
     ggtgactgtc atacactcag aaaaggactt ttcccagtga cttactcaga gattttacag    162480
     tgactgaaat cttctgggtt gactgcaaac ctttggcctg gttctggagt ctctctgaca    162540
     ccctgcattc ataggtaccg ctgtctgtga ccatggcaga ggcaatctcc agccgaaagg    162600
     tggcccagtc cactttctcc agcctcctgt taccacggtg cgcagggccc ggagaagaga    162660
     ctcccagctg cacagtacca tcttgcccca tgccagccac aaacacgggt gtggactggt    162720
     cctgtggggt gagccaccaa ctcacagata gagcactcac atccccagct gccttgcaga    162780
     gaagggtaag cgtctctcct tcccacacag tacgctgctc ggcagacacg gtcacacttc    162840
     ttgctgcaga tgacaggtta tggaagaaaa atgttttaag taaataaaaa aatttctaaa    162900
     atatgatgat gaattttaac tataaagtac tttacttgtt tgatcagagt tggttgattc    162960
     ttccatacca tgcccagaac aaagatcttc caaaccatca tggatggata gatggataga    163020
     tggatagatg gatggttgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggaaaga    163080
     taaatggata gcgggatagg tagatagtgt gcaagggtat atgtgggtgt ctctgtgtgc    163140
     ataaataaaa taaaacttct ctaaggtaat tattacatag tggaaacaag acagcagaca    163200
     ggagaccagg agagcccaca aacacgtaca tgattcataa tatatacttc cttttcttgt    163260
     ggttttgttc agccgaccca tactgaagaa ggtctagttg ggcaaatacc tgataggttt    163320
     tttttttttt tttattcatt agggagagta aatgaacctg aaagtaatga agctatgata    163380
     atttacattt tagggtgttt gtttttagaa taaaggctgt cactcttttt aagtatgttc    163440
     tctgtctgct tgcatgtgcc tgccagtcct aattagctta gtgtgtgttt tgaagaggga    163500
     aagaaaatta ttaattagat ttctgtttgc aataccacca taaaaaccac taatctggga    163560
     aaatttaata tttatataca tatgtattat atatacaggt gcatatcaat cttctatcat    163620
     tggcaagtga ccgtcttctc atgtttaaat gctgtataat ataactatat gctaaataac    163680
     tataaatgca aggccagctc ccagatggga aattcaagac gtggagaaat gaaaaaaaat    163740
     tcattcaaca aatgcttatt gtacaaggtc ctgtcctggc taccctgtgg gccatgtaga    163800
     tacctcagga gctcctgtgt cctgggcatc ccagtactca gtgtaaggat agcacccacc    163860
     atgacctgga ggcagaatca ctctgggcag cacacttgac ctctccgagc ctttgtgttt    163920
     ctttccagga aaaatgaggg taataatagc aaccacgttt tttttttgct tcatggagaa    163980
     gactgaacaa aggccacagt aagggcgtag gccttgggct acagagagta ctgaaaaggg    164040
     ttagcaatta ccattagtgt ttaataagag gcactggcaa cagcagaggt agctcaacac    164100
     aaaagagaga aataaaacag cctggcatta gaaacctaaa ggggatctaa acgaatctgc    164160
     aaattgctct tccctacaga ggagagagat cccatccact gcttcaggct tgcacacacc    164220
     agctacaaag gcagaatgaa gactaatctt cataaacggg ttgagcaaat tatcaagctt    164280
     gcttctgcat tttgggtgag agaggcactg gtcgtggtat atgttttttg tttgtttgtc    164340
     tgtctgtctg tttgtttttg atataaaaat gactcatgac tgaagtttaa aaattagaag    164400
     ggaaataagg agccacaatc tcggctcttt aacgtaatca tcaagatcag tttcaacgag    164460
     catcagttca gaaatgcctt gtggccatta gcctcatagt aagaagtaca gcaaggcacg    164520
     gcagcagtgg gtgttccctt ctgtttaaaa tattcatgga gtgataaagt ctgctcatgt    164580
     ttcaaatgtt tggactttca aaacagagtg ttagacaagg cccccaataa gtatgctaat    164640
     aagctttcca attgctacat gttagcccca gtttggactc tagtttaaga gaaaataatt    164700
     ctctttagca ctaaaggata actctctctg caggacagga gccggacgcc acaaagcacc    164760
     ctttggggct cctgggaaca aattctcaca caccaggttt aaagaagttt gtagatattt    164820
     tccccctggg agttcagaga tttagcgagc tctgtgcaaa tatgtaaacc gcccacattg    164880
     tttttcctga atcctagaaa cttagaccaa atgtttagct tggaaactga cagcaacaca    164940
     cttcctggcc tgccacttgt ccttagctct gctttcttcc tccctagcca atggggagag    165000
     ggaggcagag ctctgaaggg gcatttatct atctttggag atacccctaa tgagcaagtg    165060
     tagcaagaat agctttcatt ttagctcagt ttatttttaa ttaaaatttc ttcccctatt    165120
     tttttttttt tttgcttttg ggcaattttt ctttctagag tttgacttta ccactcagcc    165180
     cagaggattc taatattagt tgtgggtgca tctgttttta tgctatacac aaagcactga    165240
     ggattcaaac atatttaaag tcactcaacc ttcacaaagt gatgattaac ctagtggcca    165300
     tcctggggct gttttgtgtt gtaagaacag gatatgtgaa gctgggtaat gtataaaggg    165360
     gttcacagga ttaaggatcc aaatattgtg gtactggcat ggtggggacc ctctaactac    165420
     agcaggacat tgtgaagaag agagggaaca ggagggacaa gcatacgggg tggtctcatt    165480
     cacacagtcc tgtctcccaa ggtggcatta atacattcac gagggtggag cacccatggt    165540
     ctaatttcat cctcatcacc acactgagga ccaaactctg agcctttgaa ggacaattat    165600
     acacaagcca cagcagtggc ttgcactgta agggatgctc agaaccagtt gagtagacag    165660
     ctcaccgcat cccagcaagc gcagagaata gagtctgtcc actttcattt gtctcttcat    165720
     tcctcactat gagtcagaat tatgacccac tgcaagttaa cataacaaga ttagccgaag    165780
     gcaattgaaa aatggctgcc cagcttcaac tcaaggtcag cttactcggc tgcgtgttcc    165840
     ccaggaaaag gaactctacc tctccctgcc ctcatgcaca cacgtgcatt catacatgtg    165900
     ggcacacaag cacgcagcat attcatgcac ttataagcgt atgcttatgt acatacaagt    165960
     gtgcaaacat acaaagtcag aagacttcat tatacagaaa acagcatatg aaaattacaa    166020
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaatagact caaacaatgt aagatggcaa gatgggattt aggggccacc    166080
     tacttgtcat tttataaaca agagaattga aatagaaaga aatgaagaaa aatgtccatg    166140
     ccccatggct caggagttac actccaaaca tcttggctag tgtgggtact catggtcctt    166200
     catgatttac ttcccctcca gtagggtctg acaggctcca gactctaaag gaagacccac    166260
     ccccccaccc cccccacccc cgcctcacat gtgcttctgc aatgcccacc ccccaggggc    166320
     gtctgaagac agcaccatct atgcatgccc ctatgtcatg ttgtcacgta cctgctggct    166380
     ccctcagctg cacccggtag cctggtgact gctttctctg aagtacctgc caggagccca    166440
     tctgagtcct cgccacctct gccacttcac aactgtaggt gcctacatcc tctggaccca    166500
     cggagaagat cttgagagag aacgtctggg cacttaactt tgacacctgc agctggcctt    166560
     ggctcgctct gtctctgtag tctctcttca ggtccaggac cccaccagca tcagtctggg    166620
     caatttcctt cccattgaga aaccacacac cctgaagctg cgggttacca tctctgccaa    166680
     cagccaggca aaccagttcc aagggttttc cttcatcagg tgagctactg gctgtgatgc    166740
     tcactgtaaa atctcttgct aggcaacaaa agcaaagcag atgtttagaa agccctctac    166800
     ttgccccttt tagcacaaga cgaatgggac agtgataagg atccaatgca tgcattgcat    166860
     gtcacctttc agttctatgg cgccagagtt ccctactcca gagtagccct gcagtaaaag    166920
     aaaattacaa agtcctcgac ttgtctaagt cacccagaaa ggacagtgtc tatggttttc    166980
     tgaaagcagt ccccagtaag gaaaaatttc acacacacac agatatgtca agatctactt    167040
     aggcctgcct gccaaatgaa aaagtgaact atttcatgct gtgttgaatt gctataaatt    167100
     aggacttctg gttttctctt ttctttttgt actggggatt aaacctgggc ctcaccgtgt    167160
     gcagggtatt tgcttcttcc tctgaacccc caacttttat ttcttacctt gtttgtttgt    167220
     ctgataaaca gccagtagaa cttcctaact tccaagcaca tgtgataggg cctttgtagg    167280
     acccactgag cacacgttgg acttttgaat gccacgggat tcagtgaagc tgagtatcat    167340
     gtaaagtcag tgacccaccc ctggagaatc gctttctaca gtggatactc acggtcttag    167400
     ctcttattaa accaatgtac ataaaaagac caaaaatgac caggccttct gtctactttt    167460
     gacaaaaatg tcaagggatc atgcaaggtg gcatcacttc aatatagaga tggggcctgg    167520
     tggaagggca tcctgccacc agcaggggcg aggcttcata ttggacactg gagctgcttt    167580
     gagacccagc tgcctgtggt aggtaggctt tggagagagg cagctttggc tttagaagcg    167640
     agcaccttct gtccccgtag gtattgggat gcactcatgg tccctggttt ttaaaacaga    167700
     cagctggcta cattgtaggt gattacttgg actacaatta tataatggag acaacgtgct    167760
     tacaatgtgc ctggcaaccg tggttatgaa gcaagttcca tggctgcctt gtagcatcaa    167820
     tctatctgtt tcacatttct ggtcccatat aaactctccc aggaacagag ccctaatgga    167880
     acattctaga acgtcttctt agttatgctt tccagataac aaaaaaatta acttgaactt    167940
     tctgtctacc ttttagaaaa agtcaacagg aggtcttaaa aaaataaaaa aaagagatcc    168000
     ctacatactc actgagaatg aattcacagg ttccctgaga agataattac ctgccggctg    168060
     gatcctcaga gctgtttgat ctgtctgctt tcttgtgatc aaagtccacg tttcatctgg    168120
     atcctgaatc cattctgtgg cctcacagaa cacctggccc tgatctgagg gctggagctt    168180
     gcctacagac agcctgaagg aagtggctcc aagcttgtcc agccgtacat caccggccac    168240
     aaacctgtct gcataggagg acccaggggt caatacaaag tccttggaga gagaaacgat    168300
     ctcagtggct tggctccctc ctccttcctg catcaggtac caggtgagag agagatgggt    168360
     gtgttgcacg gtggctttgg ttgtctcaca ggtgagttcc aagggctcac cttccttctt    168420
     actgagcgtc tgggagggca tggtggcaga cagggtgtcg ggaaccactg gaaacaaggc    168480
     aacactgatt atcttactgg ttcatgtttg tctcattaga ccttcctctc gggaagatgg    168540
     tgcctaaacc tcatctgcaa ggctcatccc tcgagtgccc ccgccatatg ctctcctaac    168600
     tctggctttc ctttttgctg agagagcata ggaactttgc agagtgagtg gctcagggag    168660
     gcaggacccc gactttgctt catcagcaca agctggagcc aggttagcta ctcagccacg    168720
     agtaggagga acactggagt ttctggactc aggttctggc tctcggacac tctgtttggc    168780
     tatatggact tgagtggatt gcttcttttc cctccctaaa ccctaatctg ctttttctat    168840
     tatggagacc taaagtaatg taatttgtta gtcagagacc aaatgcaagc tttcccaaag    168900
     ttttcatagc tgtctaagga cccttctatt ctctttttcc ttgaatgtaa accacacagt    168960
     tgaagctcat atagaaggag cactgaggct gagccaatga ctagtacaga cattgtacaa    169020
     gagctgagag ttcccaggac actcagaggt ggtgggagac gggcatatga gtagctgatt    169080
     atgagataac tgggtgaatg ctggtaatta tagtatgaac agggcgatgg ctcagtgggt    169140
     aagagcaccc gactgctctt ccgaaggtca ggagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    169200
     atcacaacca tccgtaacga gatctgactc cctcttctgg agtgtctgag gacagctaca    169260
     gtgtacttac atataataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa    169320
     agaagaacca agttggggaa tatggcctga ggtggtgtgt taaatctgta tcctggagtt    169380
     catgtaggag tttgctaagc tacaaaagga aactaaatat tccaagtgag ccacagttgc    169440
     aagaatttga tcctctccct ccagataaat gtgctaggaa atggtgattg gaaaagagtc    169500
     attctgcatg cagttgatgg catcactcat gctactggtg ctggctctct tactgatgct    169560
     gcaagatgat atgggggatg gggctttgct attaccagct tgtgtggtgg ggtggggggc    169620
     ttgggaaggc cccccactga ctcctcaagc tgtgtggcat atgtcactgg gaacacatga    169680
     gacacctact tgtgacacat ctccagaata ctcggagtgg taggtaggct ctttacccag    169740
     agcaaacaga ctagtggaaa gtctctccct tggcaaggca ctgtgacagt ggatacaggc    169800
     ttgccagggt ctgggtaaca ggaactcacc agtaagattt gtctttgcac tgtaacttcc    169860
     aaagtacttc ccatccgtgt tgggtgtgtg gcactcgtac tcgccagcat ctttcatctg    169920
     gagttttgag atatgcagca ggaccgagtc accctgcagc ctctctatgt agatctcctt    169980
     gctttgcacc ctctgggcat acactgcgta agagaagccg gcatccttgg tactgatgat    170040
     ctggacttcc ttggtcgggg cgcttggcag gtaaatagac caccggaaat cctgcgtgga    170100
     aggaccctga tgaccactta cggtgcacct gatgctgaca gggtaacctt cggctctgta    170160
     cagagggcct tcttgaattt ttacttccct ctggccgatg ctgaacttag cttgtaagta    170220
     ggaggaagaa aggggataaa aataggtgag tgctctaatt cccagggtac cgcatcgtgt    170280
     agtctctata ttaccatcct ggtaaatgag accgaaggtt attcactgta accaccttga    170340
     atcttcacta ccttgctcag gctggatggc aatggaatga atggctcagt gaggtcatcg    170400
     ttacctaagc atacacagcc ctagtttcct tttgaaaatg tttagcctca atcatgtatc    170460
     aaggccacgt ctacaaagca gcagcttgtc taaatggaca aaaggtaata tcatatctga    170520
     tatttttatc ttttgcagta ttttatggca aaacagcata aaccttctca aaccccaaac    170580
     tccaagacgc agcctctccc acagaagggc attcaagaga ggctaagtcc accactctgc    170640
     tcctgctacc ttacccttct tgctggttgg ttacagatct ttgcagctcc cagccatgtc    170700
     tggtgcaaga ctagataaaa ttagcaccag aaatggcagt gacacttcct gcctctactg    170760
     taaaggtttt tcttttctcg ttgcttttgc ttcgttttgc tgtttttact gttcgaattt    170820
     cttagagagg ctctttcact ttgcttgaaa ctctcaaacg gatgtttatg aagtccaggt    170880
     tctgggctca gagtttaatt tttttttttc ttacccaggg tttttagcta ggatgttttc    170940
     taattgaaac tgcagaaaat taggtctaaa ggagaaacgt gatgaaaagg taactttttt    171000
     tatagagatg ttttagattc agcattccct ccccccccga aactataaga gtgttcatta    171060
     cgattagtac tgaaagtggg ctcgctttgt ggttccaaaa gagcagaagc cagaggtaat    171120
     gatgtcacag agatgaacaa gatcttctct gagggtccag gaaccctgga agggcaagac    171180
     ggggttaaag gacaccagaa gatccattga gagctgtggg cagcatgaag cagttgacag    171240
     atagaatcct tcagaagagg ctccagagag ccagagcaag ggcaacgggt tcaggagact    171300
     cctgtgggga gcaagggaaa agacatgcag agctcatgag aggaaataga aagaggcagg    171360
     aaggaggctt ccctccccca caagagggta aagtgattaa ttgataaaaa caactaaaaa    171420
     cttaaaaacc gcatctgaat acactcaacc aaaactggcc aagaaactaa tcaataccca    171480
     gccacgcaca tttccagtaa taatttaaaa atacatttaa gtattcataa atctcaatgt    171540
     tatatattta tatcacattt tttgtgctga atatctataa atagaaatta gactacatta    171600
     gaaaaaatta aattattact taccagaaac tgatgacaga gaagttttaa acattttcag    171660
     caaggtaacc ttgtgtaatg tgcaatgtgg gcactgtgca tcaggtgaca catgaaggaa    171720
     cagcagtgcc attcactgtt gccccaaaac aagggacagc ccgcatgtcc atcaacagtg    171780
     gaatatagca gcagaattgc catatacaca agatggaact ttataaagaa attaaaaatt    171840
     ataactattt gtagtaacat gtagaattat gcctgatcat tcatggagta actttgaatc    171900
     tctttggcta tctgtagaaa tagtccgttt aaaacttaaa atatttaaag ttaaaatata    171960
     tggagctgga gagatggctc agcagttaag agtactgatt gctcttccag aggacctggg    172020
     ttcagttctc agtacccaca gctcaaaact atccatacct ctagtcctag gaatcccagt    172080
     gccctcacac agatatatgt aaaggcaaaa acaccaatgc atataaaata aaaaatatta    172140
     aaataggcaa gagtacattg tatcatttag ctgatgcata agggttaaaa tcatctttaa    172200
     aaataagtca gggagtggtt atcatgggag tcaggagggt gatctgtggg gagggattat    172260
     gtcccgatga tgctcaggca ggatgggtgg gcacgtctag ggacctgatc gtgttgtttc    172320
     ttgaacgttg tagtgatgac acaggtttta gcttctgctt actcatcaaa ctgcatactt    172380
     atgttttact agccttttct tacatactat atttcaccat gagatttttt ttttttttta    172440
     gaactgagat gttacagtca gcaaagtgcc cgttgagcaa gcataaggac ctgagcttga    172500
     tccccagtat tcgaataaaa gctgagcata gtggtgtacc cggtatccaa gtgctgagga    172560
     ggcctagcag gaggaatcct ggggcgtgca ggcaggctca cctatctgaa acagtgaggt    172620
     gagtccaagg tacaagtgat agatcctatt tctaaatata aggtggcaca cccagctatg    172680
     accaatgtgg caaagtatta ctggccctca tatcttggca gtaaccaaca gctatctaat    172740
     tagacttaag gtccacccaa caggaaagaa atcatgctta gtactagaaa cctagccaac    172800
     tgcccagggc tagcgaggtc atggctcttc gagaagattc tactactaac actttactca    172860
     gccagcataa tccctaacga catactaaat atttatcctt atacccacag gtaagtgtaa    172920
     ctcctacgac tcatccagta aactttcctt tgcaacaaag gagagcatta cagaaaggac    172980
     acagtcagtc agcatgccaa gaacaagcca ccgcaggaag cccagctcct actgatacat    173040
     tcacaactcc tgcagctaag cgcagggaac ctcacagaag aggggcagaa agactgtcag    173100
     tgcaagggga ccaggaaacc gctgtgggaa tgtgtcttct agaaatgaca aggaagcttc    173160
     acccataccc caacaacatg agtgcagaaa aaaaaaatac ctggggaagt accacatttg    173220
     tagacatact cacacggaag aaggaactct cactgggctc ctctcactga tcaagaacgg    173280
     gcaatgaagc attgttgaga gcaggagaaa tattcatccc catggttgat accctaattg    173340
     tttacccaac accaagtggt cagccataaa aatcatatac atgcaagtaa caccaaatgg    173400
     actgagcagg ttgcacttat atatttatgc agatgtacat acatgtatac atacatgtta    173460
     acgataacaa agaaaagatg ccatgagttt gggaagaggt cagggataga ggttggaagg    173520
     atgaaagaaa gggaggaaat aacataatag atagatatat ttcaacttat aacccactgt    173580
     tcatatatgt atatatattg gttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtatagcac    173640
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc caactcagaa atccgcctgc    173700
     ttctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc atgcccggca cataattata    173760
     ttttaatttc caaaaaaatt acaagaaaag agaaaggaag aaaggaagag agagggagag    173820
     agagagagag agggagggag agagagagag agagagaaag agagagagag agagaggaag    173880
     aaaggaagaa aggaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg    173940
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    174000
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa gagagagaga gagagagagt    174060
     gagagagaga aacaaagaaa gaaggggtag tgtgaggttg agaaaggtac ctgatactgg    174120
     tcttcacaca cacggacatg aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatata caaataaact    174180
     tttttttaaa gtatagtttg gaggcaccat tcatcttttc cttccagggc aggctatatt    174240
     gttatttgta gtgtggacag cttggccatg catcctcaac acttctcatc acttcccagt    174300
     gaaataagtg ctcattagaa agtttctatt gtggaaacga gcacttcatt cttccctgct    174360
     ttatttgcca agtcaataaa tatttattca ggcacttaca gtctttctgg tacttgagag    174420
     attaagacat aaagatgagt ttagaatcat ctctgtcctt gagccttatt aagctcgaca    174480
     gttagaatgg caatcatctc tatgagaaag atacaaacga aagcccctga aggaatctgg    174540
     agagatcaga gagctcatag cttgtgggta caaacaggtg aggcttgtaa aagggatgct    174600
     atctcagttt tcttacgttt ccatgacaaa cccatgtcca acatcaactt ggggagaaag    174660
     ggacatgctt aattcaactt acaacccact gtccatcatt gagggaagcc agggtgggct    174720
     ctaaaggtag gaatcagaaa agaggagctg aagcagagac tgtggagaaa tgcagcttaa    174780
     tggctttgtc ccaggctcat cttctgctgc cttcttacgt aggtctacct gtgtagggat    174840
     ggtattgccc atagtgggct ggccttttac atcaattagc aatgatgtcc caacagatat    174900
     ccctacagga caatctgatg gaagcatctc ccgagttgtg agtccctctt cccaggtatg    174960
     tccaggtttg tgtcaaggtg acaaaaacca actagcacaa atggcaccag gattggactt    175020
     tggggcatca ggaagattac aggccaagtg gagacagagc cttttagatg aaagaaactt    175080
     tatgacaaga tgatcagtga aaatgaaaag agctgtgcag aaacaggaag cagttacctg    175140
     gtgggaaaga ggttcaagat ggatgggtgc ctgagactgg ctaggagcat caaggacgtg    175200
     actctcacgg ctgtcagctc ggagttaatt gggcactagg gaatccactc agagtgccgg    175260
     aaagatctta ggaaaagcaa ctgatggtta tttgaagaat ggtggaagtt ggaaagagac    175320
     atcaggtaac ttctagctca ggacagagtt gatgaaaggg caggggtaga aagaaaaggg    175380
     ctgtaactca ggagctgttg tggagatggt gtctgcagag attagtgctc tgtacgcttc    175440
     agtgcaccag ggacgatcca ggacaggagg tcggaggaaa gcggataccc acgtgtgata    175500
     gaccaacagg aagaataacc gtacttagca agaaagggcg tgtcagtgag agttgttacc    175560
     actgtatatt caagggtggg caagaagata acgcatttaa ctttagagat ggaatttgag    175620
     tgctgtggaa taaacaggaa agacatccaa aagcaaaaca aacaaactca aaaaacaaaa    175680
     caacaaaaaa catttgggag atatttaaat atgcatgaat caccttaaaa acccttaaag    175740
     acttcaaaaa catttgcaac ttaacccttt caaaaattct gttatttctg tgtttggtaa    175800
     tgtacacact agaccctgaa tttatcccca gaattgcaaa aataaatagg taaataaata    175860
     tcctgcaaaa cagcaatact tttcctttca cttctgaaaa ggtgggatgg tatgtcttag    175920
     caattgatag caataaagac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt aaatggtgtc atgtcataga    175980
     aacacaggcc tggagacgag gcattgcaag attaaggcac gagtagattt ggtgtccagc    176040
     tgtgtcctca cacatggaag agactagctg ggtctttcca atctcttgta agagcactaa    176100
     cccattcagc caactagctt tcaaaggctc tatatcctaa tgccagtacc cgcaggttta    176160
     agatctaaca ggtaaaatcc aaaaggacac aaacactcag gctacaacat agcaaaagaa    176220
     tttgaagtaa ttccaccttc tgcaaaacgt acctagggaa cagtcaacac accaaactat    176280
     tgctcttgct gtacacatta gaagcaatgt gggctctctc tctctctctg tgtatgtgtg    176340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt gggggcaggg ctgggtgggg gtggaggttg agacatcatc    176400
     catccagggt gaagtggaat acttttctgt ttttccatgg atacaatctc agtaacacaa    176460
     aaatagcccc tctccaaaga cctcttgtgt taatggcccc ttaattattt ggcagttggt    176520
     cagggtgaga ggtgatatta tcaggctaag tccacaagag catttaccta tggcattggc    176580
     ttctaagagt cacattctaa ttggttactt agtgttcctg tttaataggg aaaataaaaa    176640
     taaaatgggc ctggtaagat ggtaatcagg taaagacatg tattaagcaa gtcctgatga    176700
     tctgtgttca attgtgagag cccacaaaaa ggtaggaaaa aaaaaagaat cgaatccaaa    176760
     gggccgtcct ctgacaccac gaacaacaca caacacacac aatagtaagt aatctaaaga    176820
     aataatagat tgaggcattg agtgtggctc agtggtagag tgtttggtga gggagcagga    176880
     gctgggtccc ggagacttag tccctgtatt ccaaaacaac actatcaagt tgggacaaag    176940
     aatagatttg ccaaacgatg cgattgatcg ctttatcatc actaatttcc tgcatttcct    177000
     ctctataatt aaaatgaaat gcagcaggct tcaagttact tcctgattta tgcatgtctc    177060
     atgtaagacc tgagattcca tgcaaaactg gaacttaatg tgggtcaaag actagaaaga    177120
     acaaatacag aatccaagtc aggcaaccat ggaagtgggt ggggaaaagc gaccatcttc    177180
     tcctttttga atttttgact gttatgatgc ttcctctaga cctttgaacc tgcttatcaa    177240
     aaacaaatgg acaactgaaa actagtaatg taataataat aataattgga acaagaatgt    177300
     acaattttct atatccttgt gcaatataaa tgcagttcac tcccatacaa agcaaatgca    177360
     cagtgcccac atatgatgca tgcacactca gtcagatgac tcagcaggat cacagactca    177420
     gcaatccatg agggctccac caaggtgctg tccatcaatg cttcacctgg cagggtgctg    177480
     gcaggtgcca gtcactggca tgtggtccta atacatcccc ttgcaggctt cctgtcttct    177540
     tctcaggccc caggtctgat cctcacccat aagctcactg agatgtgatc ctggttcaac    177600
     tccaccagag cttgctggtc taccttagtg ccggatggta cgtgcccttc atctttctta    177660
     taaagctaca gccttagcca caccgattgt agctcagccc agttcctccc tcatcccggc    177720
     taccacagtc tcttcacaaa ctccacccag tttctgggaa ccaagacttt taaacttgaa    177780
     ccaacctaca gttaggattc aagggtcctt aaaacagggt gaaaaagccc tttaatcttt    177840
     attctcatta atctccaatg gaaatgtcct atttcccttc agtgatggat gcagacgtgt    177900
     aaccatagct acttgcatat tatatggcaa tttttgtaga catattagaa tattctcttc    177960
     atacccacca cttctctgag cttggtgatt aaaaaatggt cctccagacc ttgttgtata    178020
     gcacataaat aagaatggaa atgaacacat tatgatttat ttttaaatat tgtttattca    178080
     ctataaaatt caggtaggcc tactttaggc ttctactagt gctgtgatta caggtgccat    178140
     cacattggca ctgaaaatat tttgataact ttatttcaat aaggccagtt tatactatag    178200
     tcctatgcat tttataatat gcatttataa gttacactga gatgatcttt gtatgtggca    178260
     cacagcctgc ctgttaactg ctctacatgg taaggaacta ttttgttccc tgctaaattc    178320
     acctgtttct tccctttatc tccaagtttt tcttcttcca tcctcttcaa atatgcaaaa    178380
     gtatccctgg gccagataaa ggccctatat gggctttagt agagccaagt aattgttctg    178440
     atccttctct gtctctctct ttagctctca gaaaaagtct agaaccttct tttagcttga    178500
     cctaaactac acggtactct taatgctttt tcttctacct aagtcacatc cacaaggcac    178560
     acacatctag ttacacccta acatcaggca acccttgagg cctcttcgtg tgtcagtgaa    178620
     acctcttcat ctcccacggg atgctcagcc caggaaggta aagtaaagcc agggccatgc    178680
     aaagctcaaa gacaagcttg aaataaaata caataggtac ccaggatata acaaagtctt    178740
     ccattgcccc cagtcacaag gatgcataag gaagccttaa aaccgtcatc aataagtaaa    178800
     agattggcac aaagtcagaa atctataacc tagtctttcc tgtgaagacc aacttggcct    178860
     gctccctcac ccagcagcct ctggatgaca agcccctgta tggtagaaac atcaaagtta    178920
     taagacttac ttagagagag aaagagagat gccacacaca ggatgcatgc catctggacc    178980
     ggcacagctt tttcgggcag cgtcactgaa cttgctcaga ggctgagtga caaaattcag    179040
     tgctgccaca gcaaaggtaa agaggaagct atggtgtggt tttcagccca ctgagagacc    179100
     tttgcagaaa gcaaaggtgg ctgcatttac agtcacttag acttgggtat gaagtaagga    179160
     gttatcttca cggtgaagga aacccataca gatgaaggag accctggggc tcctcctgcc    179220
     taaagaggaa ggaatttcag aaatctgagt gaatgaaaaa atcgagaaat gttctgctcc    179280
     cttcttgagg gaggaagcat gagaggagcc cctggaatcc atgaactcgg ggggccccat    179340
     gaggtataaa aatgggaggt cccagaggca ggctgtctga agtgtggggt gtagtctgtt    179400
     atcagctgtg tgataccacc acccccagga ttgcaaaaaa aaaaatgtca ttggtttaag    179460
     cacttagaac agtatttggt ccacagtagt gttcaatggc tatcacctcc catcatcacc    179520
     accagcagac tctgagttga tgtttatctt cccagggtgg gtctggagat caaggatagc    179580
     agaagtgtgc ctccatgcag ctactggcac tgaacccggg gtaactgagt ggtcgagacc    179640
     tagaagacaa aatcacatcc ctgaggacac tgcctcagac tctgcgatct ggtacagcac    179700
     agacctaggc agattaggaa taatttagtc tgtttcaggg cacagtaaca ggcagattct    179760
     tgcttgttct gtccatccat ctatccatct accattcatc catttatcca tgcattcatc    179820
     cattcaccat ccatccattc acccacccac tccatccacc caaatatcca tccatccatt    179880
     cacccaccca ccccagccat ctatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atcccattca    179940
     tacatacata catacataca tacatacata catacataca tacagtcttt ttttttttgt    180000
     cgtcccatgt ctggtgttgt ggtacaactt gcacatatac aaagatattc ataacctttc    180060
     ctttatcctc aggaaatgcc tttttaatca gatgaccacc aatacaatgt gtttacatac    180120
     tatgggacat ataaaggcag agaaagaagt tggtgcacag gaggggaggt caggatggat    180180
     tgtactgggc caaagagaca actagaggga aaaaaaaaag aagcgcatca ggcacagttg    180240
     ggaaatactc tagcctagta gataggggtt gctgactgtc tcttcctgtt gatgacactt    180300
     ggggctggta tgaagaaaga gagtctagag cttgtctgga acagatctta gtgggctgta    180360
     aaagccagcc tggctttaat tttgaagaac agaggaacta tcaggggagt tttagcagaa    180420
     acacagcatg cccccccccc ctggaaacaa agtttcatat gattaactgg attcatatta    180480
     ttattggaaa gtgggggagg tagtcaaggc tgtaaagaaa aggtcacagg cttttgcagc    180540
     tgtttgtttc accaatgatg agttcctgaa ttaggccatc taaaagaatg gcaggacgga    180600
     gagatgaaac atcaggtcct tgcaggcacc tctgcaagac aagataccaa atgtcagaga    180660
     gcctcatggt aaagtgcagt ctctcctctc tgttcaagac agtgggacct gatggaagtg    180720
     aacaggagag aacatgacac actgtcatgc tgggaaagta ggggaggtcc cctaggagat    180780
     ggccacagtt gcaggaggta gaggacatgt cttgtttggg agagtgagtg gttaaagaaa    180840
     accttcagga caaaggtatt ttaaggtaaa ctttatttcc ttagtgggat gatcacagat    180900
     tgggggcaca tctgcaaagg aggaaatggt atttaatcca accatctatt ctttatctat    180960
     ttacacacct actcgcctga accattctcc cctctggtta aattcactag ctgttgtctc    181020
     ttaaaaaaat tagctctctg aagccagtta actgcaagtg cttttgcaaa agcttctgga    181080
     cttccctctt caaagttctg tgtgagatct ggagggcaaa ggaagggcaa ggaagctcca    181140
     cccctcggga gcctggaatc cacgttagca aacaactgaa gccacaggag gaagcaggtc    181200
     tggggggggg ggggtccatt gcttggcagg gcaagaaaaa ccctaggaat gaatggacag    181260
     agaggcaggg atggccacca acatcatgga gaaaacactt gctttggagt agatccttgc    181320
     agatccagtg tgactccagt aggtaagaca gcatcggaag ggagattcca gtaagtagta    181380
     aaatcccaaa gacaggcagg ggcatgctgg ctgtgtggga gagcacgaat gggcaggcca    181440
     cttacggctt agatttcaaa ctcatcctcc aagtctgtaa ttatagtatt agcacaagtt    181500
     aaaatgcaga aatctgttcg ctattttggc tagagctgtc ataaggccac cttctggtat    181560
     taatatttta gacaagtaca ctgtatcatc tagttgctac tgtgtaacaa acagccataa    181620
     gacttggtgg cttcagtggc aaaatatttg ttttaccgat gggttatctg ggtggctcca    181680
     ctaatgtgtc aggtgatggg aagactaatg gcctaggatg accttgggtt ggacaactca    181740
     atgctttgct acatgtctta gtattttcac ataaagggtt ccatagacct agtagaaata    181800
     ttccatccta gagggaggct ccttaagact ccggaagtaa accactccca agtctcagaa    181860
     agtccctaat acttaccaca ttcacaagtc ctctcctctt ccccaagatt atataagcag    181920
     caaggatgct aaggaaagga gaatctctga tctgttaagc ttcctgtagg tttttcagag    181980
     aactccaggt ttctagtgtt catgggctgt caccacgttg gggtgcgttt tcagtgaaag    182040
     ctgcctttga gtcatctctg cacctgcacc cttacccaag aagcctcagt aaactcactg    182100
     gttcactgca tggaatttgg tggttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttttcaa    182160
     gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc    182220
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggatgaaa ggcgtgtgcc    182280
     accacgcctg gcgactttgg tggtattgtt tgctttggtc tgtcaatggt tccctatctg    182340
     gggcgaatgg atcattgctc caggaattgg gtaaatccaa acgtaagcga tgagttaact    182400
     aacaggtgct aactctttgt tgaagggagc agcaaaatga cgcagaaaag ggggaagatt    182460
     taaaattcag agtgtcagtg cctctgtcag gtgcagtaaa gagagaacgg tcttagaaat    182520
     aagaagcatg gaccatgctg ccaatagcac agggtttctg cagccctgca atgtatctga    182580
     cccagtaaat gctgcacaac ttcaaattcc tggctcttgc caaaatattt ttttttctct    182640
     atctatttta gttgcctcca tttctgccag aattgagcac tgatggggtg aagttgcttc    182700
     ttttctggag ggaggggggg aaaagctttc tgttgtcaaa gaaaagaaaa aaaaagagag    182760
     agagagagag aaggagacaa aaagacagct attctgttgc tttgggaatc attgtatggc    182820
     agctgttgaa agaatgtaag atgtagtttc tcccaaagca tggaagggag aggacaggga    182880
     tgcttagaat gcactagaag aaagacctgt ctcagttcct gcaaggcaga taaaagagat    182940
     cgatatttcc tcaggctgac acacctcact attagttcca cagaggcaca gaaagagagc    183000
     attatggtct cggatcatac acaactaggg cccagaaaca agcagggacc tttccttaac    183060
     ttaaagcaag gcagcttcac agactaaagt ggcagttaag caggcattgc tggtcccact    183120
     ttacagccaa gcgaattgag gctcccagtc cttggctgat ctatagaaag aaacccacaa    183180
     ggttagaaag tggctggtgt gttagaaagt tatatcaact tgacacaagc tagagtcatt    183240
     ctggaagcag gagccttgat tgggaaaacg cttgtctaga caggcctgtg gtgcattttc    183300
     ctaactgatg attgatgtgg gaaggcccca ccctttgtgg ggaagaagca gatcagtcaa    183360
     cggcactcct ctgtggcctc tgcatcagtt ccggcctctg ggttcctgtc ctgatttctc    183420
     tcagtaatgg agtgtgacct gagagttgta agctgataga aattctttcc tacccaaatt    183480
     gtttctgatc atggtgtttt atcacagcaa aagaaaccct tagacaagtg tcttctcggt    183540
     tccacacacc tacctttgtt gctacagaag gccaagtgta gaacggtgag tggcttttag    183600
     aatctaaaaa acaaccagcc caacaggcta ggagtaagct gataaccact gtggcccctt    183660
     ctccactgga aggggtctgc ccctaggtcc agactcactg atgtcaggta aactgaggct    183720
     acctgttcag aacagcagtc accccacaag aatggactac agtgacctca gtgaactctt    183780
     ccctgactcc aaggaagaga gcaaggctcg agtgacccca tcgcatcctg ggcctgtcgt    183840
     aggggatgcc atccggtctt gctcccagcc actttgccct gcctgactgc ttgctgccct    183900
     gaccccatcc gtaagtttac taaggctgaa gaagttctca acgtgaggaa aagtatgaat    183960
     tgaatttcta tgggcaaagc acagggcttg gcacagaaga atggggacag ggatgcaaga    184020
     agaaaggaag gagccacagc agggattcct gggtcctttc ttgctaagtg aacattcgcc    184080
     aggaaagggc gactccataa acttcctggt tgaccagcaa ctttgatgca cagtttagag    184140
     aagactcaga ataggcccta aatagggagg aagggatggg gccaggaagc tccggtaccc    184200
     accctgagag ataaacaccc atctgttgtg acgtagtctg caaagttaaa gcgtcctttg    184260
     tactgcatag gcagctttag agattatttg aatataattg tgtgtatgtg ggtgggatgc    184320
     acacgcgctg cagcacacgt gtagccgttt gctgcttgca ctgtgggttc tgtggactga    184380
     atttggtagt ccggcttggc agcaagtgct tttaacctcc taagccacct tgtcaaccct    184440
     aagcaccctg cttttccccc tagtttcaag ctacactggg ggtggcagag cacaggccag    184500
     ccttaaactc actatgtagc ccaggcttga ccttgaacta actcatagca acacttctgc    184560
     ctcagcctcc caagttccat gattacaagg gtatgtcccc caaaccaact tgtctagaat    184620
     ctactgtctt gtataatgaa ggccagtaat gccttttctt taaaatggaa gaccctgata    184680
     acatctgtgg tgccatggga acgctgagcc cttccatgct tttacatccg cctaactctt    184740
     ccacagtcgt cctgcctgtc actaaattct agtggcatgc actgtgctta cgcagcctgt    184800
     acagtgtaag atatacaact tcggttttgg tttcgcagta gtcaatcagc agagcttgaa    184860
     cctttttacc ctgtgactct ggaattcttc ggtttctctc tcctggctct tagccatcac    184920
     ctttctacct ttcgggaccc tgctttctga ctgctttaga ggctctgtat gcagaatcca    184980
     gtaaaatggt tcctgtgact agcttatacc actaggtatg acatcactaa gtttcattca    185040
     tgttacagca tgctcaaggg tatttatcta tctatctatg ctcaagaata cctatcacct    185100
     attaatcatc tatcatgtct accatcaatc acctaatcga tctatcattt atcatctatg    185160
     tctatcatct attgatctat tacctatcta tctgtctgcc tatgtatcta tcatcttcct    185220
     atctttgcat tttggtatat gtgtggggga ggagtcttca tgtacctgtc tttgaataaa    185280
     catgaacatg gaagcaagag gcaggcatta gggtcttctt tgtttacttt ctgccttgtt    185340
     tttgtgaggc aaagtctctc acttacatgg ggtcggttgc ttcagcccca gtgctgggat    185400
     tacaacacaa gggcgttggg gatcaggact tcatgcttgc atggtatata cttcccccga    185460
     ctaagccatc tccccagcct agaattttct ttgtaaaggt taaacaatat tccactgtgt    185520
     gtacatacat tttgtttaca catccatctg ctgatggaaa tttaacttgc tattggctat    185580
     tgtgaatata ttgagcatat gtgtctcttg gaggcactgc tttaaggaca gattttcttt    185640
     aggacatatt cccagaagtg ggattgctaa ctcatctggc aggtctattt ttaacctctt    185700
     gaagaacctc catactattt tgcataatgg ctctacatta tatctacagc agcatggctc    185760
     attccaattt ttcttgcatt ttaaaaattt tcatgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gcacatgtgc    185820
     catacatgcg tgctcttgga ggtcagaaaa gggcgttgga tcccttgagc tgtagattca    185880
     ggcggttgtg agccatctaa tgtgggtgtt ggaaactggg tcctctgcaa gaacagcaag    185940
     tacccttaac ccctgaccca ctccgttagc ctcttgcctg cattcttgca catggatagc    186000
     accgggcaca gccttctcga gtggacatcc taatgcatat cagatgacat ctcctggtgg    186060
     ctctgacttg tatttctctt atgggcagtg ataccaagta tcttcttatt tgtatgtatc    186120
     ctttatgttt ttctatgcaa gtcctttccc tttttttttt taatcaagtt tcttacggtt    186180
     tggatattag cctgtattac gtatatgatt tgtaaatatt ttctcccttt cactgtcact    186240
     ttgtttgaca caggaacatt ttaatgtttg atatggctct atttgcctat tctcgatctt    186300
     gctacttatg cttttggtgt cacactcaat aaataattat caaatcctaa gttctgaaca    186360
     tttccccacc acacacacac acatttttct ccttcctttc tttttaaaaa tagctttcat    186420
     cttacctttt ttgggttttt acctgtttgg tacaatgttt gtatatgatg tgaggtccaa    186480
     ctttattctc ttgcatatgg atatccagtt ttatcaacat gctttgaaaa cactcaagac    186540
     ttccacattc cattgcttca ccaaccatca aaggactcta ggtagccata gtaacccatg    186600
     cttttggtcc agtaggttgg agaatgcaca ggacaggggg attcagataa gcaggtggag    186660
     cagggcctcc tctggcccca cactccatgc agtgagtgtg ttcaccatgc tgttttcctt    186720
     tcagatgatg ttttaacatt tgaagtcttg ctaatttctc tgagttgacc agagaagcaa    186780
     agaacacagt attgaagcat gtcaccagct cagggctatc ccatttctag tattgtacac    186840
     tcaggaccac cctcctcctg ccctacacca cagttagagc cagacatttt gcacactttc    186900
     tcctcactga tgtgggtgtc gtccacatgg cctctaaggc gatgcaagtg tgtgttgtct    186960
     ggatgccatc tgtgagtact atcatcttcc cagggccagc cactgctctg tggtggccct    187020
     gccacaccga gatcattgca cagcttttac ttcagagtca gatgaacgct ggcctgtagt    187080
     tacaggaagc agagtgtctg ccattcagga ccctggctgg agctccttgg ggtaactcaa    187140
     aagtctcatt gagagcacac tgttccagtg tagggactat ccctacaatt caaaagcgag    187200
     actgcgtctg gggccacggc agtgaatgcc ccaatcctta tggctctatt agactatcag    187260
     aacatttgtc aggaaacctc ttagacccaa tcaatggtcg atccctggaa cccggagaaa    187320
     tccaagtcaa ctggttagca agacttctgc agctgccagg gtgaggaaaa gcccaggagc    187380
     aggcctgtgg caggtagcca gcctcagcag tgcctgagca caccgtaggt gtgtgagaac    187440
     attcgttttg ctttgacatc gagaaaggaa tcatttcagt aacagtagag gatctcccaa    187500
     gccaggcgct gcctgcatca gtgtttggac tgaagggaag ggaatggcag gccattttga    187560
     cagccaagca ttaaaccata gggtgtaagt ggctgggata cacactccat ctggataact    187620
     cacatgaggc ggttgtaaaa tgagacacag aaatacaggg agaaagcaag gctaggagga    187680
     gtgtcagcca gtcttggggg ggtgggtggg ctacaggagt ctgctgagct ggaacaatgt    187740
     gggaggagtt gttggcactt gctcccaccc aggtctgcag tgtggttttt atgtcgcagg    187800
     ggctggtgga tttcagagtt ggacttctga actgtcagaa aaaccacctg ttccggtccc    187860
     agtctggtca ctgagcttcg gtgtgtgttt cctcctctac agaaagggat ggtgtctaac    187920
     ttctctttcc tgaaaggaga cctctaaagg tcatgggaat tcaacagggg accaagagga    187980
     ccctgagcaa caggatgcca gcccctacct ttctgcttgc tgggaaactc atcacggata    188040
     tgctggttgc tcttagaggt tgtcaacctg actgcatctg gaactaagga aaactaagca    188100
     gctgggtgca tccatgaggg ctgggtgcac ccatgagggc tggctgtcat aattaaatca    188160
     tttgagatgg gaatacccac ttttaacatg ggtcttctga gttgggctac aacttctggt    188220
     ggcagcttat acaaaggaca aggaggaaag aagtctggtg ttgctgctaa tttcattcct    188280
     tccctggcat tagagcctac ttctttggga ttccatcata tactgtagta acaactgaga    188340
     catccagcct tgtgcactga acaactacca gatccttaga tctactgttt gtagacagct    188400
     gttgttggaa tagctgaacc acaacctgta agccactcta ataagttcca tatgtgtgta    188460
     tgtatgtatt atgtatgtat gtttcattct gtaagttctg ttcctctaga gaaccccaat    188520
     ggactttaca aaatgcagct gtttaattgt aggtcaaaat ctacaatgtt tgcgtgtgta    188580
     tgcgtgcgtg tatgtgcgtg tgtatgtgtg taggcaagaa ccaactctac tgttgtccac    188640
     cttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagttt ctctcaatag actggatgga aaccacctgt    188700
     ttgttcccac tacttcctta gtactggaat tgtgtgtgcc actatgcccc acccaatctc    188760
     tatctctatc tacacacaca catatataca catatatatg tatatacata cacatatgtg    188820
     tatatataca tacatatatg tgtatatata catgcataca catatacatg tatatacata    188880
     tatgtatgta tacacacatg tatactgtct tagtcagggt ttctattcct gcacaaacat    188940
     catgtccaag aagcagttgc ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttacacttc catactgctg    189000
     ttcatcacca aaggaagtca ggactggaac tcaagcaggt caggaagcag gagctgatgc    189060
     agaggccatg gaggaatgtt acttactggc ttgcttcccc tgacttgctc agcctgctct    189120
     accagcccag agatggtccc acccacaaga ggcctttccc ccttgatcac taattgagaa    189180
     aatgccccac agctggatct catggaggca cttccccaac tgaagctcct ttctctgtga    189240
     taactccagc tgtgtcaagt tgacacccaa aaccagccag tacatatact gaatgtttgc    189300
     ctgcatgtct gtatgtgtgc cacatgcata cctcatgtcc aaacaggtct gaagaaggca    189360
     tcagctccct gagaactgga gttacagatg gttataaacc accatggaga aaggaggact    189420
     tgaactaggg tcctctgcaa gaccagccag agcttttgcc caccgagttg tttctccagc    189480
     tcccctacct tcccctcata aacaccccat ggttcggacg attgtgttca ggttcctgga    189540
     cttgcaaggc agggacttta ctgactggat cactctgtag cctgagagtg tttttacagg    189600
     atttgaagag attgaaggta ctgacattgc aactggaatc agccacactc cctcctcctg    189660
     gtgagaggag gcccacagaa gccgctatca acttcctcac acaagtctga tttaaattaa    189720
     acttccttta ataaaataaa gacaaaaaca aatggtgcat tgcataatat ttgtgggcac    189780
     agtataaaac aacacaatta gtttgtataa ccttggatag ggacaaaaat acacaagacc    189840
     ttctctttgt ctatgggaaa ttctgcagat cctcgtgtta cacactagaa aagaaaccca    189900
     acctccttct cctagtgatc tgcacaattg tgtgtcaccg agaatctggt cacacagtgg    189960
     aagagaactt acctaaacct caattccttt cttcctctgt tgtcatgagt gaagttaaaa    190020
     aaaaaattcc ccccaaaagt agcaagttgt gtagtattgc ttacagttcc tgctccgaag    190080
     cgcagtcttt ggctcatgga tgccgtaaca aaatcatggc tgcaggcggt ctgcaaagca    190140
     ggaggcaaaa gccaccagag aaacagacag aggtctgggc atgtggctgg gagggggaag    190200
     acacacatat ccacatctcg ggacatttct aaatgaggat taatccagct ggtgagtcag    190260
     gggccagcat atcccatgca tgaaaaaatc tgaaaagttg ttaaaaagcc agagtttgca    190320
     gttttcttat ttttctaaaa aagtgagccg tgtgtgtaaa catcgtaaag taaacaattt    190380
     aaagtaattt tcgaggcttc aatctgaatg tagcttaggt tctttcagcg ggagattttt    190440
     gtgattagga aaaataccca accttctata aagttttctc tttaagaagt gcaatttcat    190500
     gtgccaaggc ctggctcggc ctctccctcc cccagagcag tgttgcaggg tgggggcctc    190560
     aggaagagcg cttcatgggg agcactattt ggtacatcaa gagtgtttga ccacacttaa    190620
     caagacacac accccagcat ggtaagattc ccaaaaggaa ctaggtcctg aggtttctgg    190680
     cccctctccc aaccctaagc aacatggggg tttgggcatg gcctccacaa ctcaggttca    190740
     aatctcaaca tcagacgaaa gggaaaggta ggtccgatca ctcatctcat catccagtac    190800
     ccacgtggac cactgtggct ttatgtacat ctagggctca tctcacccca ggctaagtct    190860
     ctctcatcct cctaaggagg gctgtactgc caagaccctg aatcttcttc agtaatggca    190920
     caggctcgaa ggctgctcct aacacctggt tctctcccct aattcctgtt tgtacagtca    190980
     cctgtgcctc acgtctgagc tagcaacaag aaagcgacat gtagaccaac cgtgtctgcc    191040
     aagcctcccc tttctctggc ctctcttgct tgtgtggggt gcatctgcta ctgactctaa    191100
     acctggaccc cacctgggct agagctacct tctcaaaatc tcattacacg agcagccccc    191160
     aaggtgggct caaaacaagc agaggaaatt gggtggaaaa tacaaaagcc accgtgggcc    191220
     acatggagag aaggcggggg tgggggtggg ggctcagcgc atcctggtcc gtgttgacta    191280
     gagctgcacg tgatggccat gttttcggat tactttattg cttaagagaa aggactcttc    191340
     tccccgtccc cccttggaag acaacaatgt taaatccttc agaggcagaa ggcagggcga    191400
     gggtaccagc tgggtggtga gcctcagtac tcaggggagg ctcaggaagg ctatgctgag    191460
     gtgagagaat ctgtgtggct gaggccctga tggagcaggc actggtgacc tggaagatgt    191520
     gcctgcccgc tgtcccgttc ctgctgggcc cagccaggca gaggcagctg ctctcaaccc    191580
     tattttacag gccattcaca taacactaaa tagctgggtt cccttcatgt ttctaatagg    191640
     aaagcaaacg ttcacaaagt atacccctct tcactacccc ctgcggggag cttagaaaga    191700
     cttcaaggac tgaaaaggtc atggagaaca cacgcttgct ctaggcaatt tctgattcct    191760
     tgaagtccgt cagtcttgca ggcagcaacc tgccttcctg tgaagaagct caatgtggca    191820
     cttttgtggc tcccatggcg gtcctgtggc accagggaca gtgcctctca tgaagggaca    191880
     gggcacctgg ctcggcggca cggctgccct ctgctcccac tcaccctggg gttcctggag    191940
     cacagtggcc taagaactac cagagcgagc acgtgggtgg gcgagcatca gttcctcccc    192000
     cccccccgcc cccctcctcc cccccccccc cccccccgtg tcctcctcct cctcctcctc    192060
     ccagaccttc tgccctggac agaggtggtg ctggattttt ttcatactca ttcttaaggc    192120
     taaggtggcg agataaggtg cttggtggaa agccgaattc tagactccag ggctgccgta    192180
     tcctcactca cagaaacaaa cccggaaaac ggaagagggt agagaaggag gggaaacaaa    192240
     aggcttacgg gccaagaagt tatagagttt taaacccctg acaatggggg atgggcaggg    192300
     cagtcaaagc cacagcttgc cttggcacag gtctatatca gctctgagcc agggtggagg    192360
     gcagcaggta gcagctctcc cgatgctggc tgctcgtgga tgctggcttt cgggtgggcc    192420
     ggtaccctct tacccacaat gaccaactct gaatgccttc gccctacctc accgagatcc    192480
     ctaaatcaaa agtgagcaac acacacaaat cagaggatcg ataagccgct aggagaaaac    192540
     taattagacg ggggtggggg gtggggtggg gggttaacca ttaaaaagct gcagctgggg    192600
     gaaacacaca ctcgattgtt acatatcaga aagtgccgtg ggaagaagag ctgtgtgctg    192660
     gtaaacatgt cctcgctcag aacttgacat gcagaaaaga gagagcgccg agtcccacct    192720
     gagattagag aggactggtt ttagtgtaac acactcggtt gtaaaaatat cagagtcctc    192780
     ttctcacccc caccgctcct acaatgttcc tctgtccctc catctccaac tgcttaatcc    192840
     atctccatgg acatgagcct gcggcgctcc cgacgcgtct cccgaacctc cttcttacag    192900
     caccaatggg aactgcagta tccgatgagg caggacagga gcccgatgac tgtggacagg    192960
     cccacgccga tcagcagcgg gtacttgaag gcgttcagca ctgggcagaa gacagaaagt    193020
     gggagcatta gtgcggtgcg gggctggagg gtagagagca ctggctcact ccttagtccc    193080
     cccccccttc cccaccccca actcctgcag cggatctctg cagagatccc agctcataaa    193140
     ccccataccc tgcacctggc atgtgattca gacaggagca gctcagcttt gttgaagaaa    193200
     cgaacaaatg tcccccactc agttctgcgg agttgggtaa gtggcgggta ggggggtggc    193260
     acgcaataaa gagattttac ttgatgcctt tgaatgtcaa cttcttttta gggttttggc    193320
     aggagattga tttttaaaag tcagtataag ggcaccgcac attgaacggc agatgcatcc    193380
     tttagaaaaa aaaaagactg aataaatcaa tttctatgca tcaaataact gaagtgtact    193440
     aaaggcgcta ttttaagaaa cactatagta aattatcgag caaagtgaat aatcactccc    193500
     ctacttgttt ggtgaatctg ggttttcata tggagttact tcaagcagag tttaagatgc    193560
     aaatggggca gagatgacag aactttagat ctcaccccca ggagggccac cttccctccc    193620
     ccagtgctct gggtaggtgc ctgcctctgc caggtcctta atgtttggaa agatctaagt    193680
     ttcctaacag caggatggga gactactgtc acggttgttt tttttttttc aggaggtgga    193740
     ccagaaagta tgtggagctc tgtcctccaa gcagggcatg gctgtcacca tctctggcca    193800
     gactggctgt acttccgtgc atgagaccct tttcaagagc agatgtacta atgtttccat    193860
     ttggggaggg tagagaagtg gctcacgggg cctctgccct ccactgggat ctatatgtgg    193920
     ttagtgatta ctggtgagta tggcggagtg gggtgggggc tggggagtct tctcgctgcc    193980
     tggattctac ccatccgccc gtcatgctat acactcacgg gctcaccaaa ctggacttgg    194040
     gtggaattgt ttttctggtc agtcacagac ctcctcatct gggacaacta taagtagacg    194100
     cctcagaaaa agtcacccga caggaaaacg aagcaaggag gagctggagt tcaaaggtcc    194160
     ctctcctcag actgcatggc cgctagggaa accccctcgg acaaagcttc tcacccttaa    194220
     gcatgtggac ttcattctct ccacacagtt gttctgagca gccgagcact cggaagcttt    194280
     catggggcag actcatttct tagggaccag ctcagggagg cgtgggggtg gtgctggggg    194340
     taggggacag aggtctgact agttaggctg gtctgggtgg ggcaggtttg gtatgtgtca    194400
     gtagagacac tctactacac tactgtaggg ttccaagagg tctccactct gctagaggct    194460
     acgggaagcc ttccttttcc aagaaataaa acaataggtg atgggaggta gaggtgagaa    194520
     tatcaggagt ttaaggtcag ccttgggcta gacagtggat ctgaggcaac cctgggactt    194580
     atgagaccac atctcagaaa cagcaggtaa gcaagaactg tcagtcttta atccacagcc    194640
     tcacctggag acctctctgc ccccacatct cagaagccat gtccacctta ggatatgggg    194700
     aagtgggctt ccactgaatc acagaggagc caaggctcct aaaagtcctt ccccagtggt    194760
     gttaccaggc caggactgca aaggcagcaa cttgcaaaac cgctttggcc tgagccaggc    194820
     cctagaggaa acacaaggtg gaccaaactc tagaagcctg aatgtatgtg ctgcagtaca    194880
     actcgggaag atacttagat acccagagcg ggagagctca ccgtccatct tcacagttat    194940
     aaagatgggc ctggagtgga tctcggcttc cctctgccag gaacctgtcg gtgacctcac    195000
     ccagggagtc acagaacagt agtagttgcc aaagtcctgg tcctcagagc catgcacttg    195060
     cagcaagaat tccagcacgc tcactcgctc caggctgaca gtactcttcc agtccctctg    195120
     gcctgtcgtc acgactccct tccggtccaa ggaggagagg aggacgggag ccttgtccaa    195180
     gccaaaagag tgtaccgcaa accaggatac atcgaaggcc atgtcatctg tggattacgg    195240
     agccaaatgc tgaggtcaga gtgtgagcag aaacgatgta cacgctcctg tgtgtgcaac    195300
     ccttacacgc tcctggccag gtctgttctg tacgaacctc caagcagcct gtgatgatat    195360
     cacagcctcc cctgtgccaa ggtcacacag ctacagatag tagtgtgtct agcctgacca    195420
     ctcccaccct aaagaaccac agaaagaaga tctggggcca cagacagccc tgtgtgtgaa    195480
     ggctgggcat ggcgtgcagg gtccccgagc acttcacgca gaagaaccaa agaccgcaca    195540
     taaaataaat tgtaccagat ttgaagttgt agacagcttg gattttattg ttcactgtgg    195600
     tttgtgctgt tttatttttt tcttccccct tgtagaagta tttaagttca aaataagagg    195660
     ggtaaaaaaa aagaaaatca agctgagaaa actgaacaca gttaatagtc ccagagagta    195720
     aagctagtgg atcatgaagt tctctgtgaa actgaggttc taacagcctc aaataaacga    195780
     caacgggcag aagagaaaga ggatggtaca ggattaattt acacaatgtg gaaactgagg    195840
     ccacatgcta aacccagacc ctcatcccca ccctgactgg accaacccaa gccagctact    195900
     gagcttcagg tttcatccag aaggcatgtg gggactgtgg accagaaaca cagtcacatc    195960
     ttaaacctgc ttggcaaaat tcctttttca aaaaaaacac cgaggactga acccagtgcc    196020
     gtgctgggca agtgttctat tggagctaca accctggccc gggacctttt atatgtcagc    196080
     ttttgctgga caacaaaaaa acaatagtta ttcattcagg caaagtacat taataacttc    196140
     aaaaacacat tctaaggcaa acagatgtca tccagaccca tgtaagacag aagggagctc    196200
     aactcaaagt gggcatttcc aaacaggtcc caatgataac tccactacta aagcagatcc    196260
     cctctctcct ccacctgccc caggggcccc tcagcataaa caattctcag caggtaagtc    196320
     tctgagacca gcttggtggg aatgcagaag gtgctgtgga ctgcctattc cccctcagtg    196380
     ccagggcgga gtgggctctg ctacccaggg aaactcaggg agtctagagt ggctaccaat    196440
     gataaagcat agaggtgctg ccattacgtc attctcttgt gcatcatagg atgctaaggt    196500
     ggctagcctg ggccagaatc ccagtaccta ctggccacat gacctgaaca agccatgtta    196560
     gtttattgca caatgcaaat taacagggct ctggagagat agctcagtgg ttaagagcat    196620
     tcactgctct tcacagaacc tgggttcagt tctcagcact catgtcaggt agctcacaac    196680
     tgcttatagc tccaattcca agggatctct tatcctcttc tggcctccac agtcagacag    196740
     acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag tgtacagaca cacatagaca    196800
     aacacacata cactttaaaa acttaaaaaa aaaaaatcca actaacagcg tgggcgaaca    196860
     ctgactgcca agaaccactc ccagcccacg tgtttctgta tgtggctcct ggaagcccgg    196920
     cccgggggac aggcaggaag gttttgtcct gtgtgaaggg gcagtgctaa taaccagaga    196980
     ccctgcaggc ctccccagca tctgggtgca aagtactggg tagccattac attggggtgg    197040
     gtgcctggct cctttaggac ttctgttcaa aggttcatgt ggctacaagc tcagcatgga    197100
     catgtttccc cgagaaggac ccagtgggaa ctagtgataa taaaagcgat agtgataaag    197160
     ctacacacca ccatctccac acgtggctga caggtagatg ccgctagaag gaagtgtggg    197220
     aggtacttgt caaggatatg ggcccctcct gtgggcatct gctgtactga gtcacccatc    197280
     tcaccacata ccctggttag gtactagacg ctgatgtgtt ccgactggac catttccaga    197340
     acacggaagt cacctcacct gggtgaaatg cctcacagag gctacggaac acccttaacg    197400
     ctcagccact ccgcctctga gcaatggctg agcagcaagg acaggaaagt ccagctcctt    197460
     agctgccctc ggcaccaagt actccgagca tagtgactgg gccccattct cttgcacccc    197520
     cacagcacac tctggagacc cccctccccc ccatgactca cactgcctct gctctgcttc    197580
     agaccatggt gccacccacg cttggccgct cccaccctgc tgtgacacaa cagtgccttg    197640
     gctctcagcc cacttatgca actttcccac tgagaattcc ctctcagagc catgggatga    197700
     atgaaaagag aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aaaagaaaaa gaaagaaatt acgatttgtg    197760
     tttaattatt cagaatcttc cacccacaca gagcaagagt gcaaagttct ggaaaattgt    197820
     gatttgcaag ataccagcta cctatagctt ttgcaattac atcagagaaa agaggtttac    197880
     atgaaaggca caactggcga cctattaatt tgctgagaaa gagcatttgg agggtttaat    197940
     atctgtatat cacaaatgag ctttcaaaca gcactgcact atgcaaactt ttaaggagtt    198000
     tttgcttgcc tttccctggc agtctttcct gccttttcct tcatttctac gttcaaaggt    198060
     acctttgtgc ctctgcgcct cgcagctttg gtacagcagc agttgctctc ttcagagccc    198120
     gactttacat gacgtctcat gcctcacatg ctgtacagaa gccctaaagg aaccagggag    198180
     ccactcccat cataatggct accccgtagt ttacccccag atgccggtga ggtctgcagg    198240
     gtcccccatc tttggttatt agcactgtcc cttcatacag aacaacctgc tgcctgcttc    198300
     tggggccatg cttccagagg tctacacaca gaaacacatg agaactcaca gaatttggct    198360
     agctttgtgt atgactttgc taggaatggg gtggggttgg gcagtgtcag ggtcacagtg    198420
     ggtggtggaa gggagaaggg caggcctcag caagctaggc tcttcacaga atcgttgggg    198480
     aaaggcaaag gtgggtaaag tcctgctcag caacagggac aacaccctaa ggcctttaag    198540
     accagaggag ccaataagag agggatgtca tcttgcttaa ggcaccaagc agagaatgca    198600
     tgagggatgg gcccaggatt ctgaggcatc tgttggcaag gctaatcttt tcggtaaaga    198660
     gaagattcac agaactgggg acatggcttg ggacaggccg ggtgtgcaca aggttccctc    198720
     ttcagtagaa tgggaaaggc tttacaaaga tatcctaaaa gttataaatg acatcacttc    198780
     tgtattccgc ctcgggtgca agctctcggg ggtagatctt gagcacgtcc gtagctctat    198840
     ccccaacatc tttaactgct ctgtctgtgt accgaaggga tgaatgacac ggagcaggaa    198900
     gagggatctg tgagtgggtt tctaaccagg ccacaacaag ccaggaagag atctactgac    198960
     cgaccgtcct gaaaagtgtt tcaaatctcc cagcagatac acagcctcac agagccaagc    199020
     cagcaatgag tcagggaaag tgatgggctg gctagtcttt tgtcagcggg acacaagcta    199080
     cagttatctg aaaggagggc acctcagttg agaacatgcc tccagaagat caggctgtaa    199140
     ggcatgtcct taaattagtg actgatggga gagggcccag cccattgcgg ctgttgccat    199200
     tcctgtttat agaacccagg atggcttcta caagaaagca ggctgagcaa gccataggga    199260
     acaagccagt aagcagggat actccatgac ctttgtctca gctctgcatc caggttcctg    199320
     ccctgttttg agttcctgtc ctgacttcct tcaatgatga gctacaatgt agatgtgaag    199380
     ccaaataaac cctttcctag ccaatttgct tttgggtcac agtactccat tgaagtaaca    199440
     gaaaccttga ctaagacaag tgaagatcaa cagacagttc aaactccaag tggcagtgac    199500
     agacgacagg aggaacgttt acagaaggca acgggggtgg ggaaggagga aggatggagg    199560
     gaggtacctg ggtccagcac agctccttcc acagtgacga tacagaacaa tttgatgaga    199620
     tctccccggg tgacggatgg tgtgtctgaa tgcacagagg cgttaaatgt ggg           199673