EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL662870; SV 16; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 61698 BP.
AC   AL662870;
DT   19-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   24-JAN-2013 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 30)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH501-70P20 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-61698
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Brown J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-JAN-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   ( and BACPAC Resources
RL   (
DR   MD5; bf9e63923c99a1c524aa22475ae1e0e9.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000052.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000137332; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204580; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000213780; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000215522; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000221974; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000223680; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000226384; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000229767; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000234078; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000234370; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000236895; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL662870.16:1-61698; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000259875; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000376575; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000509639; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000512336; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000512694; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000512725; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550384; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550395; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552068; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552721; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000553015; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; D6R9C4.
DR   GOA; D6RB35.
DR   GOA; D6RB82.
DR   GOA; E7EN94.
DR   GOA; E7EQ23.
DR   GOA; E7EQ30.
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DR   GOA; E7EX99.
DR   GOA; H0Y717.
DR   GOA; H0Y9F4.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:2730; DDR1.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:4658; GTF2H4.
DR   InterPro; IPR000421; Coagulation_fac_5/8-C_type_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR004598; TFIIH_p52/Tfb2.
DR   InterPro; IPR008979; Galactose-bd-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom.
DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6R9C4; D6R9C4_HUMAN.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y717; H0Y717_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y9F4; H0Y9F4_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH501-70P20 is from a CHORI-501 human bac - PGF cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..61698
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-501"
FT                   /clone="CH501-70P20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 61698 BP; 14600 A; 15409 C; 14846 G; 16843 T; 0 other;
     tgtggtggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggt caaggcagga ggatcacctg        60
     agatcaggag ttcgagacaa gcctgcccaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctcc actaaaaata       120
     caaaaaatta gccgggcatg gtagcacgtg cctgtaatcc cagatactcg ggaggctgag       180
     gcaggagaat cacttgaacc caggaggcgg aggttgcagt gagttgagat cctgccactg       240
     cactctagcc tgggtgacag agggagactc catctccaaa ggaaaaaaaa aaagagaaag       300
     taaaatttgt acttcaattc agagattata aacaatgtat acttgacttt gtggcagtga       360
     tcactattgt acaatagtta cttaaactca ggaggcagag gctgcagtga gccaagatag       420
     ctccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag cgagactctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa       480
     aaaaagttac tcactcattt gttctgcaga atctatttat tgctgtgttc acagaaaagg       540
     aagcatcaag acggcaaagc tctttgatga aaagccaggc gtactcacac acacaactga       600
     gaaagttctg gaagtaggag aaaacgtctt taaggcatat aggctaaact tatataaata       660
     ttgttagtgt ttgccaaaac agggataatc tagtaaaatc agagatacaa agccagaaca       720
     gagaattggt aagtaaaaaa ttgttaagaa tgtatattgg ctgggcgcga tggctcatgc       780
     ctgtaatact agcactttgg ggaggctgag gggggcagat tgcttgagct caggagtttg       840
     agaccagcct gggcaaccct ttcactactg aaaatacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca       900
     aaaacaaaac tgggcgtgct ggtgcgcacg tgtggtccca attaccctgg aggctaatgt       960
     ggaaggatcg cttgagccca gagtgtgggg gtgggggttg ggaggcaagg ttgcagtgag      1020
     cctggattgc accactgcac ttcagcctgg gtaacagagc gagaccttgt ctcaaaaaaa      1080
     aaaaaagtat caaaaggcct aggaatttgt tctccaggta aatctgccct ccctcatctc      1140
     taacctttat gaaatcaccc aaatggagac atcacagcaa ggccccgaca aggaaatgag      1200
     gaatgtaggt ggataaggga ctggaatagt gcagcacaac actaactaca ggtttcagcc      1260
     ccaatgagat tgccctcact tccgccgcca gccacaagtg tggaggtccc caggctactc      1320
     gctcctctga ccaactggct actaatctgg ggggtaccca caaccccctc gggtttgata      1380
     atttgctaga acaactcacc aaactcagga gaatgttata cttacgatta caggcttgtt      1440
     acaaaggata caaatcagga ggaccagact aatgaagaca cacgtagggc ggggtctggg      1500
     cgggtcttcc atgcagagct tctgtgtctt ctctctgtga atcaggttgt gtcaccctcc      1560
     tggcacatgg atgtgttcac caaccaggaa gctccaccaa attttggcgt ccagagtttt      1620
     cattacatag gcacaattgg ttgactcatt tgccaccgaa ttgaacgcaa tctctagtcc      1680
     tcccaccctc cgtcgaggtt gggctggctc taaggcccaa tccttttatt atgtgatctt      1740
     tctgatgacc aacctcccat cgtgagttct ctcttagcat aagcccaggt gtgatccaag      1800
     gggctcatga ataacaaaga tactcatatt actcaggaga ttccaaggat ttagtttccc      1860
     tcctaggaac cagggacaaa gggcagtcaa attctttatt gttatcacag agacacagta      1920
     atataatatg atacagcaga agagaggtga ggaatgttgc catgccttga gaagcctatc      1980
     acaagagctt taaggaattc acacttaaat attaataggt acattatgaa agaaatcagc      2040
     caagtacagt cttttcttat tatggaatct agttattgca ggaattgaaa aattgatgta      2100
     ataaagccta gaatgcaata aaggaatcgg cattcaagta gatgagagag gttggggaat      2160
     atgtcaagat gcaaaagtga gagagctgtc acagtttact tactctgcaa tctctgagga      2220
     tggaacagga tcaaagatga agccaggaag cacagagtag ttttcttcct ccctaatctc      2280
     atcccttgtt ttcatttggc actttaaaaa atttccacat ttatattcat atggaattga      2340
     ttttgagtat agagagataa ttctaattat tattgttttt caaatgttag ccagttgaac      2400
     catttatcat aatcaaggtg ataatatggc ttattttctt tggcctacag agatgataaa      2460
     tttgaatata ttttaaaata taaaactatc tttaaaattt gaatatattt gaatatgata      2520
     catttgaata tattttaaaa catagagcta tctttgtact cctggttagt catggtgcat      2580
     ttttttttaa tacttcatat taaattttta ccttctggat tgagacacta gagttcttaa      2640
     aggttctttc agaaattctt cctatattca gtatgctacc agaaaacctc ttacaactaa      2700
     ccttacagaa gatactgttt tctttgtact ttgtccaata tcaaaggaaa cctccaagtt      2760
     ccaaggaggt caggctacta atacccacaa atgaattctg atgagatcat tacacaataa      2820
     acaataactg ttgcttatta catgcttact ttgtactagg caggactaag ataagtatta      2880
     tttaagtttt aagatcattc ttaatttctt gtcaaaagta tactggtttg caaagtaatg      2940
     aataaaataa atctttaaca atatccctat agtaaagaca atggtgaact tcttatgcct      3000
     cttttaaaaa actctgctta tgatgacaat ttcaaacata cacagaagcc gtgagtatat      3060
     aatgagtctt gctgtatcca tcacaaagtt ttaaaaactg tcaaaagttg accatactca      3120
     cttaatctac tcctaccact ttttcagctg gagatctttt aaagcaaatt ctacacattg      3180
     tgccatatca tccataaatt attttgcatt acatcccatt cttattgagt ccctgcaagc      3240
     tgagagccga ctgccaaagc acaattcact gtaagagatt ctgtgaaggg ttaaaacaaa      3300
     cagtccaaat tcacagtgct gcaaatgtct gtaattgcat aatctgcaaa atatattctt      3360
     caagaaatcc tctgtgcact tggtttccct taactgagtt tttttttctt cttcagacca      3420
     gattaattga tgagaactga caagcagggg agagaggtga tgtttaaggt tatatatttt      3480
     ggcaaaaaat tatgagtgta aattgtgctt gtttctgatt aagagaggtc cattaatcag      3540
     aaagtaaact tggcatcctc gtagaaaaat cacatagctt aacaagaatt catgactctg      3600
     aattgctgca cagacaggta gcatgagttc ttggcaggat tctttcagct gagctgtttt      3660
     ccattagaat ggtgtctgat atggtttagc tgggtctcca cccaaatctc atcttgaatt      3720
     gtagttccct taatccccac gtgtcatgag agggacctgg tgggaggtaa ctgaatcatg      3780
     aggggcaggt ttttcccatg ctattcttct tgtgatagtg aataagtctc atgagatctc      3840
     atggttttat aaaggtagtt ctgcacacgc tcttgcctgc tgccatgtaa gacatgcctt      3900
     tgctcctcct tcatcttcca ccatgatttt gagggcctcc tcagccatgt ggaactgtga      3960
     atgcattaaa cctctttttc tttataaatt acccagtgtc aggtatttat tcatagcagt      4020
     atgaaaacgg actaatacgg ctgggtgcag tggctcatgc ctgtaatcct agcactttga      4080
     gaggccgagg caggtgaatc atttgaggcc aggagttcaa gatcagcctg gtggtcaata      4140
     tggtgaaacc ccatctctac taaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa attagccatg catggcggtt      4200
     ggcgcctata atcccagcta cttagaaggc tgaggaagga gaattgcttg aacctgggag      4260
     gtggagggtg cagtgaaccg agattgtgcc accgtactcc agcctgggtg acagagcaag      4320
     actgtctcaa aaataaaaat aaaaaaagaa aatggattaa tacagtaaat tggtaccagt      4380
     aaagtggggt actgctataa agatacctga aaatgtggaa atgggtaaca ggcagaggtt      4440
     agaagtttag agggctcaga agaagacaca aaaatgtggg aaagtttgga acttcctcaa      4500
     gacttggagg gctcagaaga caggaaaatg tgggaaactt tggaacttcc tagagacttg      4560
     ttgaatggct ttgaccaaaa tgctgacagt gatatggaca atatttgtcc aggctaaggt      4620
     ggtctcagat ggagataagg aacttgttgg gacctggagt aaaggtcact cttcctatgc      4680
     aaagagactg gcggtatttt gcccctgccc tagagatctg tggaactttg aactgaaaga      4740
     aatgacttag ggtatctggc agaagaaatt tctaagtggt aaagctgttc aagtggaagt      4800
     agagcataaa agtttggaaa atttgcagtc tgatgatgcg atagaaaaga aaaacccatt      4860
     ttctagggag aaattcaagt ttgctgcaga aatttgcata agtaaagagg agtggaatgt      4920
     taatcactaa gacaatgggg aaaatgtctc cagggaatat tagagaactt catagcagcc      4980
     cctcccatca caggcctgga ggcctaggag ggaaaaaggg tttgtgggct gggctaaggg      5040
     acccctgctc tatgcagcct ggggacatgg tgccctacat cccagctact ttagctccag      5100
     ctgtggctaa aaagggccaa cctacagctc aggccattgc ttcagaggtt ccaagcccca      5160
     agccttgata gcttacaaat gtgctgggcc tgtgggtgca cagaagtcaa gaattgaggt      5220
     ttgagaacct ctgcctaggt ttcagagcat gtatgtaaat gcctagatgt ctaggcagaa      5280
     gtttgctgca ggggtggagc ccttatggag aacctctgct agggcagtgc agaagggaaa      5340
     tgtggggtca gagcccctac acagagttcc ccaccggggc attgcctggt ggagctgtga      5400
     gaagagggcc accatcctcc aaaccccaga atggtagatc caccaacagc ttacaccatg      5460
     cacctggaaa agctggagac actcaacact agcccatgaa agcagctgga aggggggctg      5520
     taccctgcaa agccacagag gcagaactac ccaatgctgt gggagcccat ctctcacatc      5580
     agcatgacct ggatgtgaga catggagtca aagggggagc attttggaac gttaaggttt      5640
     aatgactgcc ctactgtatt tcagacttgt atggggcttg tggcaccttt attttggcca      5700
     atgtatccca ttggaatggg tgtatttacc caatgcctgt acccccattg tatctaggaa      5760
     gtaactaact tgcttttgat ttacaggctc ataggaagag ggacttgcct tgtctcagat      5820
     gatactttgg agttggactt ttgagttaat gctgaaatga gttaagactt tggtggactg      5880
     ttgaaaggca tgattgtgtg ttgaattgtg aagacatgaa atttgggagg ggccagggga      5940
     ggaatgatat ggtttggctg tgtctccacc caaatatcat cttgaattgt agttcccata      6000
     atccccatgt gtcatgggag ggacttggtg gcaggtaact gaatcatggg tggcgggttt      6060
     ttcccatgct attgtcatga tagtgaataa gtcttatgag atctgatggt tttataaagg      6120
     gctgttcccc tgagcatgct cttgcctgct gccatgtaca acatgctttt gctcctcctt      6180
     cactttccac catgattatg aggcctccac agccatgtgg aactgtgaat ccattaaatc      6240
     tctcttcctt ccttcccttc cttccttcct ttccttcttt cttttctttt cttttctttt      6300
     cttttctttt ctttcgagtc tcactctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc      6360
     ggctcactgc aacctccatc tcctgggttc aagtgattct cctgccttag cctcctgagt      6420
     agctgggatt acaggtatgt gtcatcacag ctggctaatt tttgtatttt tagtggagac      6480
     gaggtttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct tgaaattctg acctcaggtg atccgcctgc      6540
     ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagccac gcgcccagct cagaattata      6600
     aattacccag tcttgggtat ttcttcatag cagtatgaaa atggactaat acattatctc      6660
     ttggaagtga atggccagag tgaaagaaac cagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaataca      6720
     tactatatga tttcatttat ataaaactct aggagaagca aataatctac agtgacagaa      6780
     agcagatcag tgagtgtttg agaatgggca tggcaggagg gaaggaagta taacgggcat      6840
     gagaaaactt ttgagaggta tggatgtgtt cactatcttg attgtggtga cagtttcata      6900
     gtatacaaat acgacaaaac tgatcaaagt gcacacttta aatctgtgca attatgtctc      6960
     aataattttt ttttttaaag aatagccaag gccgggtgcg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc      7020
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg      7080
     ctaacatggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagccggg caaggtggca      7140
     ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aaccccaggg      7200
     ggcggagcct gcagtgagct gagattgcgc cactgcactc cagcctgagt gacagagcaa      7260
     gactccctct caaaaaaaat aaaaataaaa aaataaagaa tagccaagtg gtagaaagcc      7320
     tgcagatgct gttccagagc tgtgcccaca gctctgggcc caggtcacag gtataacctg      7380
     caataagaag agacaagagt ctgagggctg accatctgtg ggcccacaag ttaaggaaac      7440
     caaagtttgg gtgcacaaat cattactgga aagggatcct gatccagtca cttctcaaga      7500
     gagggttctt agacattgtg caagaaagaa tttggggcga gtccacagag taaagtgaaa      7560
     gcaagtttat taagaaataa aggaataaaa gagtggttac ctcataggtg gagtggctct      7620
     gagggctgct agttggctat ttttatgatt ctttctttct tttccttttt tttttttttt      7680
     gagacacagt tttgctcttg gagtgcaatg gcgcgatctc agcttattgc aacctctgcc      7740
     tcctgggttt aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggttt acaggcatgc      7800
     accactccca gctaattttg tatttttagt agagatgggg cttcaccatg ttggtcaggc      7860
     tggtctccaa ctcctgacct gaagtgatct gcctgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggac      7920
     tacaggcatg agccacagcg cctagccaat tatttcttaa tcatatgcta aacaaggggt      7980
     ggggtatcca tgaattttct gggaaaggga tggagatttc ctggaactgt gggttcttct      8040
     tccttttaga tcatataggg taactctggg acattgccat gacatttata aaccatcttg      8100
     gtgctggtgg ggggtgactt ttggcatgct aatgcattat aattagcatg taatgggcag      8160
     tgaggatgac caaaagtcac ttttgtcacc atcttggttt gggccggctt ctttactgca      8220
     tcctatttta tcagcgaggt ctttgtggcc tgtatcttgt gctgacctcc tatatcatcc      8280
     tgtgactaag aattcccaac ctcctgggaa tgcagcccag caggtctcag cctcatttta      8340
     cccagcccct atttaagatg gagttgctct gattcaaaca tctccgacaa aaccactgat      8400
     tgggtataga gtcccaacca gccagttatt gaaattttgt ttttttgtta tcacagccta      8460
     gcctaatcta actaaagaaa gggggatcag gaagcaactt tattttcact tcaccgtgtc      8520
     cctttacatc cattttgtgg gatttcttct ccttttgccc caagatgaaa tttggagcaa      8580
     gccccatgaa ctttctagtc atttgtaggt aatctaaggt cattgggtta ctccaattcc      8640
     ccaaggagtt taataagtaa ttaaatggtc caatctcatg taatagtaga aactttaaac      8700
     tttatttaaa tttgagattt cttcccgtac tttatgctat ttacagacca gccacgctca      8760
     atgggaattg aggtgtgtgg tgacctctga tttcccactt tgcgctttgt ggcagaaatt      8820
     gcagttatca ccaaatattc attctcctct tcttcctgat tagtaagact cccaaatttt      8880
     tgctggactt atggccagcc tgaaacaaga ctacattttc cagtatccct tgcagccagg      8940
     tgtggctgtg agactaactt ttggccaacg gatctgaatc agaacaacat aagcaacctt      9000
     ttgttctgcc ctcaaacagc atgggtggca ttagtttccc ctttccttct ttccctggct      9060
     ggaatgctga cccagcagat gtggggagcc atttcaacct ttcaagagag agcagccctc      9120
     gatgcaatgg cagagcagca agacagaagg agctggggtc tccaacaccg cggagtcact      9180
     ctatccagcc taagactcct gatgttggaa ctgttaatga gaaacacact ttgtcttttg      9240
     acatacagtt tttctctcag ctgctgaacc tggattctac ctacacaggt tcattgtgta      9300
     tgcatgcttc tatccctcct ccctcatctt gctaacttgg accctggacc tctccagggt      9360
     tccagtggtg agagggaggg gccaggaggt ttcattgcac tagaattact gtgagatggc      9420
     agaagcactg cctgggtcat taggcatagc tgattcttcc tttcatcagg cacttccgtt      9480
     gatttttctg agctaacacc ttccctttgc tacgatttct catcacctaa ttccctgagg      9540
     tggacaaatg cccttcctta ggctggtcaa ctatatttct ttctgcagct tctaagagtc      9600
     tgacgattca tccctctatt aggatcacca aaccccttca gatgaccctt ttagacagag      9660
     tctaatgcca tcccctgcca tctctctctt atggtggccc cacctgtggt ccacaggaaa      9720
     catgaatcca gtgcccccgg caattgcgga aggctggcag ccctgaaacc cagctacctc      9780
     ccttgttcca ccatcagggc aggtagccag actcctggtg ttcttttttg ttgtgtgtgt      9840
     gtctttgtgt gtatatgtgt ttttccattt ccagaaatga accagctagc tgctcaccct      9900
     gtcctccaaa ttgcaggaac atatattcag ctccctgacg ggtaccacca aaggcccttt      9960
     cctggggctc gaagaaatac cctcactgaa ttcaatttcc tcaagtaatt gaagatcttc     10020
     ccctttcccc tttcctgttc cactcgatgg cccccacttt atggggacac tcccaggccg     10080
     gggactgcag agttgctctg ctacttttgg actctggtcc atctcatttt ttcccccctc     10140
     tcttccattt aagaggagat tcaacctttt tagaagctca ctgttttgag taagagccac     10200
     tgtttgccag atcccagccc cctctgcctc taccatctgc ctcatctctt ctatagctgc     10260
     agaggaatta acatcctcgg aagatctagt gaagctgcct tcactttctc tttctgcctt     10320
     cacatttctc tttcagccca cctcaacctg aggccacagg cagctgggct ccaccagtgc     10380
     cactgccacc atcccaaaag gccaggggct ctcatcccag tagtagtaat taatctgtca     10440
     tgcacaattc atagtatttc aacattaggt tccaaataag taacctgagc atccctgggt     10500
     cttgctaacc tatgggaatg tgcaaatggg gccaccttaa gatagtaaca acatttcagt     10560
     gtctccttct ctgcccaagt atttctgggg gtctgaggga aatctcactc gtgctcctaa     10620
     atccaggcac ccaggccaac agcaactctc catcgcctgc tgagcattcc cccagggaac     10680
     cggagccctt caggcatcaa ttctgcattg ggcagagcag tgtctatgtc cagtggggaa     10740
     atgcctttcc cctcttttgt gttcctgttc acgaaggggc cacccaagca atgctggtgg     10800
     gctccagcat tgtgcagagc ttgtagaacc acagcttcta tgttgacctt cagctttctt     10860
     tttgcttcgg atggaggcag gactggacta aatgtggtga caaacaacat tcatttactc     10920
     ttttattcaa cacatatttc ctaaattcct tatccatgct agccacatga tgaacatgat     10980
     aaacaagata aacgtggtct ctgtgcccat ggagtttatg gtttggtaca agatcaaaaa     11040
     gcggtataca catacacaaa cacgaacaaa aaagcagtta tgatttaatg tccaagactt     11100
     tgttattggt tcaagtttat catgcatgga tgcttcttct gcttggatga gttttgtgcg     11160
     tgcagcttgt caactctcag gcaaacaaac agaccctgtc aacccactgc gacctcactg     11220
     ctcccgggct gcctgctggg gcccagtgag ggaggttaac tcttactgtg ctaaagtgtc     11280
     tgatttgttt caacactcta acaaccaaag aaaacactga ttgtatctct taaagagctt     11340
     ttcttccttc cccattccac actatgaatt tatgaattcc aaacttcaca ctttatgtaa     11400
     atttgaagct tctggccaag cgtggtggct catacctgta atcctagcac tgtgggaagc     11460
     caaagcggat gattgcttga gctcaggagt tcgagaccag cttggacaat gtggtaaaac     11520
     cccgtctcta ccaaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcatagt ggcacacgcc tgtaatcgta     11580
     gctactggga ggctgaggaa ggaggatcac tggagcccaa gaagtcaagg ctgcagtgag     11640
     ccatgatcat accactgcac tccagccttg gagacgcagc aagaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa     11700
     taaaataaaa ataaaataaa taacatttga ggcttcttca cttactttgt gccatttaca     11760
     ggccagctgc tcctggtgag aatggaggtg tgtagtgatc tctcacttcc cactgtgtgc     11820
     tttgtggcag aaactgctgt tgtccccaag tatccattct cctcttcttc cttactaatg     11880
     agactcccaa atttttgctg gacttgtggc catcctgaat caagactaca tttcccagta     11940
     tcacatgctg tgggactagc ttttggccaa catgatctga atcaaatgat gtgagcaacc     12000
     ttttgttctg ccctcaaatg gcaggggtga tggcaaaaat tctggcagca aaaatggatg     12060
     atgtggccag gcatgctggc tcacacctat aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgagatggg     12120
     tggatcatct gaggtcagga gtttgagacc accctggcca acatggtgaa accccatatc     12180
     tactaaaaat acaaaaatga gccagatgtg gtggcaccca cctgtagtac cagctactca     12240
     ggaggctgag gcaagagaat cacttgaact caggaggcgg aggtggcagt gagaagagat     12300
     tatgccactg cactctagcc tgggcaacaa agcgagactc tgtctcgaaa aaaaaaaaaa     12360
     aaaacgatgg tgaaggccta tatattagtc tgttttcatg ctgctgataa agacatgcct     12420
     gagactgggt catttataaa gaaaaagggg tttaatggac tcacagttcc atgtggcagg     12480
     ggaggcctca caagcatggc agaaggcaaa aggcacatct tacatggtgg cagacaagaa     12540
     gagaatgaga gaccaagtga aagggatttc cccttataaa actatccgat cttgtgggac     12600
     ttactaccac aaaaacagta tgggggaaac cactccctgt gattcaatta tctcccatca     12660
     ggtccctccc acaacacatg ggaattatgg gaactacaac tcaagatgag atttgggtgg     12720
     ggacacagcc caaccatatc attctgcccc agcccctccc aaatctcatg tcctcacatt     12780
     tcaaaaccaa tcatgccttc ccaacagtct taactcattt cagcataaac ttaaaagtcc     12840
     acagtccaaa gtctcatctg agacaaggca agtcccttcc aactatgagg ctgcaaaatc     12900
     aaaagcaagt tagttacttc ctagatatag tgggggtata ggcattgggt aaatacagct     12960
     attccaaatg ggagaaattg gccaaaacaa aggggctaca gtccccatgc aagtccaaaa     13020
     tccagtgggg cagtcaaatc ttaaagctcc aaaattatct ccattgactc catgtctcac     13080
     atccaggtaa cactgataca agagatgggt tcccatggcc ttgggcagct ctgcccctgt     13140
     ggctttacat ggtacagccc ctcttctggc tgctttcatg ggctggtgtt gagtgtctgt     13200
     tgtttttcca ggcacacagt gcaagctgtg ggcggatcta ccattctggg gtctggagga     13260
     tggtggccct cttctcacag ctccactagg cagtgcccca gtggagaccc tgcatggggg     13320
     cttcaacctc ccattttcct cccgcagtgc cctagcagag gtcctccgtg agagctccac     13380
     cgctgcagca aacttctgcc tggacatcca ggtgaaatct agttggaggt tcccaaacct     13440
     caattcttga cttcagtgca cccacaggct caacaccatg tggaagctgc caaggcttgg     13500
     ggcttgcacc ctctgaagcc atgacccaag ctgtaccttg gcccctttta gccatggctg     13560
     ggatgcaggc accaagtctc caggctgcac acagcagggg ggccctaggc ctggcccaca     13620
     aaaccatttt ttctccctag tctccaggtc tgtgatggga ggggctgctg caaaggtctc     13680
     tgacacgccc tggagacatt taccccattg tcttggtgat taacatttga ctcttcatta     13740
     cttatgcaaa cttcttcagc tggctcgaat ttctcctcag aaaatgattt ttttggctgg     13800
     gcgtggcggc tcaggcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggcagg tggatcactt     13860
     gagttcagga gttcgagacg agcctgggca aaaccccatc tctacaaaaa atacaaaaat     13920
     tagctgggca cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccaacactt tgggaggcca cggcaggcag     13980
     atcacttgag gtcagtagtt caagaccagc ctggtcagcc aacatgatga aaccctgtct     14040
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gctggacgtg gtggcatgtg cctgtaattc cagttacttg     14100
     ggaggctgag gcaaaagaat tgcttgaacc tgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccaagat     14160
     catgccactg cactacagcc tgggtgacag agctagactc catctcaaaa acaaacaaac     14220
     aaaaaagaaa tgggttttta ttttctatca catcgtcagg ctgcaagttt tctgaacttt     14280
     tatgctgtgt ttcagtttta aaactgaatg cttttaacag cacctacatc acctcttgaa     14340
     tgctttgctg cttagaaatt tcttctgcca gataccctaa atcatctccc tcaagttcaa     14400
     tgttccacaa atctctaggt caggggcaaa atgccaccag tctttgtggt aaaacatagc     14460
     aagagtcacc tttactccag ttcccaacaa gttcctcatc tccatttgag accacctcag     14520
     cctgtatttc attgtccata tcattatcag gattttggtc aaagccattc aacaagtctc     14580
     taggaagttc catactttcc cacactttcc tgtcttctga gccctccaaa ctgttccagt     14640
     cgctacctgt tacccagttc caaagttgct tccacatttt tgggttactt tacagcagca     14700
     tctcactccc attaccaatg tactgtatta gtcccttttc atgctactga taaaaacata     14760
     cccaagactg ggtaatttat aaagaaaaag aagagattta atggactcac agttccacat     14820
     ggctggggag gcctcacaat cacaattgaa ggcaaaagcc atgtcttaca tggtggcaga     14880
     caagaacaga atgagagact aagtgaaagg ggtttcccct tataaaacca tcagatctca     14940
     tgagacttat tcactaccat gaaaacagta taggggaaac cacccctgtg attcagttat     15000
     ctcccaccag gtccctcctg caacacatgg gaattatagg agctacaatt caagatgaga     15060
     tttggctggg gacacagcca aaccatatca gtttataatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa     15120
     gacaggatta tcacttgagg ccagaagttg gagacttact tgggcaacat agggagactt     15180
     cctctctaaa agcaaacaaa aaaccaagtt atccaggcat ggtggcatgt tcctgtagtc     15240
     ctagctgttc cagaggctga gttggaaaga tcacttgagc ccaggagttc aaggctgcag     15300
     tgaaccgtga ttgtgccact gtactccagc ctaggcaaca gagcgaggcc ctctttctct     15360
     ctctctcttt ttttaaacaa ggaagaaaaa agaaaagaaa atagggtggt gaggaggctg     15420
     gccaaagtgg tgataacctc gtgcactagg tcctagcagc tggtagcagg ggagccagga     15480
     ggtgtagcac tctgcctggt aaagcagtct gtcagggtct gtttgcctga gagttgacag     15540
     gctgcaagca caaaaatata aaagggggcc agggacttgc taatcttgcc ggagagtcgg     15600
     cgcagctcag tgcaaggact tgggaaggca gggaactttg agagaaggta aaaaggaggt     15660
     ggattcatgg agagggaagg ggaaagttga gggttgggga ggtgtggtga ggagctgaga     15720
     tcttggagag acattcttcg ttggcctagg gacaccacat aaacacctct gtgcatggtg     15780
     ggagggacca gctcctcccc aaacactgtt tagattttgg ccttgaaaac catgactact     15840
     aacgttcctt gggttttctg tgagtgtgac cagtctcctc agctcccagc tggcacataa     15900
     aggagatgtg ttcttttctt gccgatgtga ggctacagga tctcatgagg aacatcccat     15960
     gaacaaacag tacggctgag ccctcacctg cgtctcatcc taatcttggt cctcccccag     16020
     cacactccca gctctatcgc ctggagttac agacaaaccc gcagaccaat gtgaaaagcc     16080
     aattgcccag agaaacccag cagagtcttc agctacgcct gacagtcatc cggggttaaa     16140
     caccagcctg gaattttagc ttcctgtcca ggaaaaacca aatacataaa tcacttctct     16200
     ctctctctct tttttttaat ggagtcttgc tctgtcaccc aggctagagt gcagtggtgt     16260
     gagctcagct tactgcaacc tctgcctccc aggttcaagc gattctcctg cctcagcttc     16320
     ctgagtagct gggattacag gcgcgcacca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg catttttagt     16380
     agagacaggg tttcaccacg ttggtcaggc tggtctggaa ctactggcct cgtgatccac     16440
     ctgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggtgtgaa ccaccacgcc cggcctaata     16500
     attcatctta ctactagaat ttcaggcttc ctttttaatt tgcttgcttt cttgttggtc     16560
     tgtgtcttgg aacataggaa ctttcaatcc ctccaatatg ggctccatcc aaatctcaag     16620
     ttgaactgta attcccagtg ttggagtgtt ggaggagagg cctggtggga ggtgattgga     16680
     tcattggggc agatttcccc cttgctgttc tcgtgatagt gagtgagttc ccacgagatc     16740
     tggttgtttg aaagtgtgta gtagagccgg gcgtggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca     16800
     tgttgggagg ctgaggtagg cggatcacct gaggtcggga gttcgagacc agcctgacca     16860
     atatggagaa accccgtctc tactaaatac aaatttagcc ggcatggtgg cacatgccta     16920
     taatcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatcact tgaacctgag agatggaggt     16980
     tgctgtgagc cgagatcacg ccattgcact ccagcctggg caacaagagc aaaactctga     17040
     ctcaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaaaac aaagtgtgta gtacctcccc     17100
     cttcactttc cctctctccc actccaccgt gtgaagaagg tgtttgcttc cccttgccct     17160
     tctgcccaga ttgtaagttt cctgaggcct ccccaagcat gattcttgta cagcctgtgg     17220
     aactgtgagc caattaaact tcctttcttc ataaattacc cagtctcagg tagttcttta     17280
     tagcagtgct aatacaccct gttacaggac taatacacct tccctctgct aagtgtctat     17340
     tgatctgaaa acacatgcta tgaaacatta aaacgctacc tgagaccatg tgtttctttt     17400
     atcaagtgag agattccttt ataatttgga taatttcact ccgtttgcaa gtaggatgct     17460
     ctagaactga tgttataaag tcagtttaat gatttaaatc ccattgtgga gaaaatagat     17520
     ctctgcagaa aagtacatcc ctgccctttc ccagctcccc agtcaagggg gggcttcctg     17580
     ctgagcctgg agaatgcctc taagaaggtg actaatgtac catatctggc ccctagtgtg     17640
     ggcagcaggc aagtagtcag gtgccttctc aagtggagaa agttgaacgc tattttccag     17700
     agacattgga tgtgagggtg atctggctat gacatctgtc accccagtga ttgccactgt     17760
     tgattctgct gatctagctg gctaggtggt gtccccttct tccctcacca ctccatgtgc     17820
     atccctcctg aagctgtgtg ctcagttgaa gaggaggacc atccccaata gaggaggacc     17880
     agtcttcggc taagggtata cgagtagctg cgctcccctg ctagaatctc caaacaagct     17940
     ctcaaggtcc agagacaaga tgtgaacttc atgtctcaat tgatgatcac gtggttgtgt     18000
     ggtggtgcag attgtgtttt tgatgtgcag caggatttgg gcagtacaga ggatgatgtc     18060
     agcatatcac catcatcctc aggtggggca gatcattatg aagtccttgc ctctggtttc     18120
     cctggagtct aggtgagagg tgcatgagat atcccttggg tacctccctc ctcccctcaa     18180
     ggtgaatgtt tcatcaacaa aatcaagcta atagaagtct caggttgtca cttttggtgt     18240
     cttgaatagg atatttgtgt gagagcccct ttgattaacc cattgccagc cccctcccac     18300
     cctgacctct gaaccttcac aatatccatc ccttaccctc cccgctgacc aagtggctct     18360
     ggatcccagt caggcgctaa aaatctgcta tttgtgctta ggttagcttt acccatagct     18420
     gaatggctct gaggttcacg gtggaagatc tctaaggggg acagttttgc tgctcctggg     18480
     atggaatagg tatgatggtg atccatccac ctgcaagttc tggtttccca gtacgtatat     18540
     gatttagaat tagaagcaca taatacatag ccttgttact ggcacccctt cccctaatct     18600
     tgctttccct ttgtattagg ccattcttgc actgctataa agaaatactt gagactgggt     18660
     aatttgtaag aaaagaggtt taattggctc acggttctgt aggctgtaca ggaagcatag     18720
     cagcatctct ttctggggag gccccaggaa gctttcaatc acggtggaag gtgaaggggg     18780
     agcagggatc tcacatggcg ggagcaggag tgagagagag tgatggtaaa ggtgctacac     18840
     ctttttaaat gaccatatat cacaggaact cactcactat ggtgagtaca gtgctaaagg     18900
     ggatggtact agaccattta tgagaaatct gcccccacga tccaatcacc tcccacaaga     18960
     acccacctcc aacattgggg attacatttc aatataagat ttgggcaggg acacggattc     19020
     aaactgtatc acccttcata tcatccttta taatactatg ccaatctgat catggccagg     19080
     ttcaacttct tttttaaagg cttcccagag actactgaat cttatgaccc aaatctcttt     19140
     gcatggcaga caacttgctg aagaaagcct gtctggctgg gttcagtggc tcacacctgt     19200
     aatcacagca ctttgggagg cctattcagt ttgcgcctag gagttcaaga ccagccaggg     19260
     caacaaagag agaccactgt ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaattag ccaggcattg gggtacatgc     19320
     ctatagtccc agctactgag gaggctgagg tgaggggatc acttgagccc aggaggttga     19380
     ggctgcagtg agctgagatc acatcactgt actccagcct tagtgtcaga gtgataccct     19440
     gtcttggaaa aaaaaataaa aaagaaagaa agcctgtctg atttcacgaa aggtttttgc     19500
     aggacacgct tttagtttcc acaaaacagc caccctctac ttccttactg gcaaagcttt     19560
     catgaatatt atttatttgc catttcagtg ctgctttctc agatataggc ataccttgga     19620
     gatattgcgg gcccagttcc agttcatcac aataaaggga atatctcggt aaagtaagtc     19680
     actaagtttt tgttttccta gtgcacataa aagttatgct tacactatat tatggtctat     19740
     tacgtgtgca atagcattat gtcttaaaga agtacatacc ttaattttaa aatactttat     19800
     tgctaaaaaa tgataatgat tatctgagcc ttcggagagt tataatcctt ttgtgggtgg     19860
     aaggtgtgtt gctgtctgat cagagtgggg gctgctgaag cttaagtggc tatggcaatt     19920
     tcttaaatta agacaacaac gaagtttgcc acatcgattc actcttcctt ttgtgagaga     19980
     tttctctgta gcatgtgatg ctgtttgata catgttaccc acagtaaaac ttcttttgaa     20040
     attggagtca attctctcag accctgctgc ttctttatta actaagttta tgtaatattc     20100
     taagtccttt gttgtcattt caacaatgtt catagcatct tcaacaggag tagattccgt     20160
     ctcaagaaac cactttcttt gctcatccac aagaagcact tcctcatcta ttcaaatttt     20220
     atcatgagat tgcagcaatt cagtcacatc ttcaggctcc acttctagtt ctctggcttt     20280
     ttctaccaca tctgcagtta ccgaagtcag gaacccctca aaagtcattc atgaaggttt     20340
     gcaccaaact tcttccaaac ttttgtaaat gttgatattt tgacctcctc ccgtgaatca     20400
     caagtgttct ttttttttct ttctctctct ctcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg     20460
     agacagagtc ttactcttgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgcgatat cagctcactg     20520
     caacctctgc ctcccagatt caagcaattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggat     20580
     tacaggcctc tgccaccagg cctagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaaa tggggtttca     20640
     ccatgttggc caggctggtt tcaaactcct gacctcaggt gatccacctg cctcggcctc     20700
     ccaaagtgct aggattatag gagtgtgtca ccatgcctgg ctaattttat atttttagta     20760
     gagatggggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct ggtctggaac tcctaacctc aggtgatcca     20820
     cccacatcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gctaccgtgc tcagctcaca     20880
     agtgttctta atggcatcta gaatgatgaa tgctttccaa aagattttca atgtattttg     20940
     cccagatatg tcagaaaaat cactatccat tgcagctata accttacaaa atttattctt     21000
     aaataataag acttgaaagt tgaaatcact ccttgatcca taggctgcag aatggacact     21060
     gtgttaccaa gcatgaaaac aacatttatc tccttgtatc tctgcatcag agctcttggg     21120
     tggccaacta cattgtcaat gagcagtaat attttgaaag aaatcttttt tttcctgagc     21180
     agtaggtctc tcaacagtgg gcttaaaata ttcaacaaac catgctgtaa acagatatgc     21240
     tgtcatccaa gctttgttgt tccatttata aaacacaggc agagtagatt tagcataatt     21300
     cttaagagcc agagggtttt cagagtggta aatgaggatt agcttcaact taaagccatc     21360
     agctatatta gcctctaaca agagagtcag actgtccttt gaagctttga agccaggcag     21420
     gcattgactt ttcctctgta gctatgaatg tcctagatgg cctcttcttc caatataaag     21480
     ctattttatc tacatggaaa atctgttgtt tagtgtagtc accttcacca attatcttgg     21540
     ctagatcttc tggataactt gatgcagctt cttcatcatc acttgctgct tcacctcgca     21600
     cttttatgtt atggagctgg ccttctttgg tttgggtggc aaggagagaa ggttggggtt     21660
     tgtttttgac atacaaatca ctttttaaaa cttcaacaat aacaaattaa tactgtgttt     21720
     gtgtgtgtat gtatgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt ttaagagaga tagaaaataa atgtttctta     21780
     ttgtttgaag ctacttactt ttggggcaat ttattatgca gcaatagata acaaacacaa     21840
     tggattttca ccaaatttta aggtttgttt ttttttaatt aaaaaatgac ttaaaatata     21900
     tgctatgtgg catacagcgt atctaattta gtggttctgt ggtatcacct caaagaaatt     21960
     agcagtttta caccagagca aattaaagtg atgtataatg tgaggcttgg aaagatagtc     22020
     tatgcctttt aagatattgt gaatatagaa aacaaacaga aattgcaagt aggaacctta     22080
     tataggaagt tataactgtg agcacttcaa attacaataa ctaatttgcc atccggctgc     22140
     ttcttacatg ggcaactcca tagaaccatt cttaaggctc attacaaaca tacttattta     22200
     tgtcagttgg taaccgggaa caacataggg ttcagctagt ctttgacaca aaaatatcat     22260
     taatttgttg tgggaagtca gggaccctga atggagggac cagctggagc caaggcagaa     22320
     gaacataaat tgtgaagatt tcatggacat ttagcagttc cccaaattaa tacttttata     22380
     atttcttaca cctgtcttta ctgcaatctc tgaacataaa ttgtgaagat ttcatggata     22440
     tttatcactt ccctaatact cttataattt cttatgcctg tctttaatct cttaatccta     22500
     ttatcttcat aaactgagaa tgtacgtcac ctcaggacca ctattgtaca aattggttgt     22560
     agaacatgtg tgtttgaaca atatgaaatc tgattgtaaa acatgtgggt ttgaacaata     22620
     tgaaatcagt gcactctgaa aaagaacaaa gtaacagcaa ttttcaggta acaagaaaag     22680
     ataaccataa agtctgactg cttgcagggt tgggcagaat agagccatat ttttcttctt     22740
     gcagaaagcc tataaacaga tgtgcgagga gaaatatcgc tgaattcttt tcccaggaag     22800
     gaataaccct ggggaaggaa tgcattcctc gggggaggtc tgtagatggc tgctctggga     22860
     gtgtctgtct tatgtggttg agataaggac tgaaatatgc cctggtctcc tgcagtaccc     22920
     tcaggcttac taggattggg aaattccagc ctggtaaatt ctagtcagac cggttctttg     22980
     gtctcgaacc ctgtttcctg ttaagatgtt tatcaaaaca atacgtgcac agcgggacat     23040
     agaccctcat cagtaattct aattttgcct tcgctttgtg atctttattg cccttcgaag     23100
     catgtgatcc ttgtggctta ctccctgttc gtacatcccc tcccctttta aaatccctaa     23160
     taaaaacctg ctggttttgc agctcggggt tgtcatcacg gtcctaccag tatgtgatgt     23220
     caccgctgga ggcccagttg taaaatttct ctctttgtac tgtttctctt tatttctcag     23280
     accagccgac actaagggaa aatagaaaag aacctacatt gaaatattgg gggctggctc     23340
     cctctataat ttgtcttcat acttcatggg gttttatgaa ggtcaaagta aataatgtga     23400
     ggttttggca acacaaaaga actatacaga tgtatcactg tgattatata tcaatcaaga     23460
     aaggtcagcc aggcgtggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcacag cgctttggga ggctgaggca     23520
     ggcagatcac gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acacgatgaa accctgtctc     23580
     tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agctggatgt ggtggcacgt gcctgtaatc tcagctactt     23640
     agcaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac ctgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagccgaga     23700
     tcatgccact gcactccagc ctggcaacag agcgagactc tgtcacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     23760
     aaaaaagtca agttttgcca tggttaaaaa aatctttact tttttttttg agacagagtc     23820
     tcactctgtc tctcagactg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctt ggctcactgc aacttctgcc     23880
     tcctgggttc aagcaactct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggatc acaggcacct     23940
     gccaccaccc ccagctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagat gggttttcac tatattggcc     24000
     aggctagtct tgaacccctg acctcaagtg atctacctgc ctcagacttc cagagtactg     24060
     ggattacagg cttcagccac catgcctggc caaaaatctt aagatgttta caacatccaa     24120
     gatttatttt tgctcatgct atatgtattc attgcaggtt ggctatggcc ctgtccatgt     24180
     catctcacac caggacccag atggcagagc tggagcagtg acaggtgtca tgagaggaga     24240
     aagagtcatg gagaaccaca cactggcctt tgaagctatt tcctggaagt gatatatgtt     24300
     gcttctgctc acatttgatt ggccacagaa ggtcacatag ccaaacctga tgccaaggag     24360
     tgaaataatg taatcttccc atatttttgc attttctatt gttctttctt tcttcctgat     24420
     gctccaagat ttcttcttta tcctctcctg tttgtctcaa gagttccttt taggctaggt     24480
     gtggtggctt acacctgcag tcccagcact ttgggaggct gagacaggaa gatcacctga     24540
     ggccaggagt ttgagagtag cctgggcagc atggtgagat cctgcttcta cacgcacaca     24600
     tgcacacaca cacacacata cagaaaagaa agaaagaaag agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     24660
     agaaagaaag aatttctttt agccattctt ttagggtagg tctgctgatg acaaattctt     24720
     ttcattttcc ttctcctaag aatgtcttga tttccccttc attcatgaag ggtatttttg     24780
     atggctacag gatactgggc tgacagttat tttcctttgg cacttgaaaa aaatgtcatt     24840
     tccttttggt tttcatggtt tctgaaaagc aatcttctgt catttggatt gtttttcctc     24900
     tacaaatact gtgtcatttc tgattggttt caagattttt tagtttccag aagtttaatt     24960
     atgatgtgcc tctgcatgga tttctttggg tttattctgt ttgggatttg cttagcatct     25020
     tgaatctgtt atgttttttc cccctaaatt taggaaaatt tttagccatt attcctttca     25080
     attctttttc agctccatcc tgtttctcct ctccttctgg gaccccaata acatgaatgc     25140
     tagatctttt gttacagtca catagttatg ttcattgtgg tctgaggtta cgttcatttt     25200
     tttcctatct attttctccc tgttgttcag attggatgaa ttctgttgtt ctatcttcaa     25260
     gtttactgag tcttttctct gtcctctcca ttctgctgtt gtgcccattc ggtgaatttt     25320
     aaatttttat tatggcattt ttcagttcta aaatttccat ttgattcttc tttatatctt     25380
     ctatttcttt tctgagactt ctcccttttt tatttgtttc aatcatattt acaatgactt     25440
     gttgaaacat tttttatgac ggctgcttcc ttgtcagata attgcaacat ctgtgttatc     25500
     gtgatattga catctgttgt cttttcttat tctggttgag attttcctgg ttcttggtat     25560
     ggcaagtgat tttcaattgc atcctggaca tttggatatt atgttatgag actctggatc     25620
     ctatttatta atttattttg agacaaggta tcactctgtc acccagtctg gaggagtgta     25680
     gtagtgcaat cttggctcac tgaaatctct gcctcctagc tcaggtgatc cttccgcctc     25740
     agccccccaa gtggctggga ctacaggcat gtgccaccac acctggttaa tttttgtatt     25800
     ttttgtagag acagggtttt accatgttgt ccaggctgtt ctcaaactct tgagcccaag     25860
     tgatccaccc aacttggcct cctagagtgt tgggactaca ggtgtgagcc attgcaccca     25920
     gcctctggat cctatttaaa tcttctattt tatcaagcct ccttgatacc acactaacag     25980
     aagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttagggg gtgttgtctg     26040
     gttcctgctg agtgagaggt gaaggcttag gttcctcact tggcttccat tggtgggggt     26100
     aggaaacctc agtcctgctg ggtgcagatg agtttttggg ctactctcta ggcctctgct     26160
     gatatcattc tggctaggag cgggaggggt accactagcc atgtggttgc cactgataac     26220
     ctgggggtaa ggtggaggga cagaggcttt atcaccactg gatgatggta caagttccag     26280
     ctttcctctt ggcttcctct actcagaagg agtgagagga acacctcact accactgagg     26340
     gtgaagagga aatccaggac cccatgttac ctccactgac actgtggggt atgcttttca     26400
     ccgttagtgt gaataaatgt ctgggctttt gagatatctt ttcagatttt tttctatgtc     26460
     tgacgactta tggctccaac tggatcctcc aactgctcct gtggccccac ccagaagtga     26520
     ctcagcatgt atgaggacca tttcccacac ccctatgatt gcaaccaatc agcagcaagc     26580
     acccattgcc tagctactcc ccttcttccc ccaaactatc cttggaaaac cctagtctca     26640
     gaattttttc taagaggctg atttgagcat aataagactc cagtcttctc cttcgccagc     26700
     tctacatgtg aaaaactctt tctctactgc aattcccctg cctttataaa ttggctctat     26760
     ctgggcagca ggcaagaaga acccattgga cacttacagt cccaacagtt ttaagttcca     26820
     cttctcccaa cagtaagtaa tctgctcatt aacacacgct ttattggctc ttctcccttc     26880
     cctgtctcac tcttcccagc ccttcactca gtgcccctcc taaataaact acttatatcc     26940
     aagtacttgt cccaggatgt gcttttggag aaacctaaaa taaaacagta atttttgtgg     27000
     ctattcatac ctattaatgg acatttaact acttaccttt ccttttctta tttatttatt     27060
     tctgtattta tttactcatt tttgagacac agtctcactc tgtggtccag cctggagtac     27120
     agtggtatgg ctcactgcaa cctccatctc tcaggctcaa atgatcctct cacctcagat     27180
     gcctgagtag ctgcgatcac agatgtgcac cactacacct ggctaatttt cgtatttttt     27240
     tgcagagacg gggcttcacc atgttgctca ggctgttctc aaactcctgg cctcaagtga     27300
     tttgcctacc tgggcctccc aaaatgctag gattgtcaga ggcgtgtgaa ccacagcaat     27360
     cccatcttaa ataagagctg ggtaaaataa ggctgaaacc tactgggctg cattcccaca     27420
     tggttaaggt attctaagtc acaggatgag acagcaggcc agcacaaaat ataggtcata     27480
     aagacattgc tgataaagca gttttcaata aaggagccag ccaaaaccca ccaaaaccaa     27540
     aatggcgatg agagtgacct ctggtcatcc tcactgctac actcccacca gcgccatgac     27600
     agtttacaaa tgccatggca atgtcagcaa gttaccctat atggtctaaa aaggggggct     27660
     gggtgccctg gctcacgtct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggta ggcaaatcac     27720
     ttgaggccag gagttcgaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccttgtc tctactaaaa     27780
     aaaaatacaa aaattagcca ggcctggtgg tgcacgcctg taattccagc tactcagggg     27840
     gctgaggcag aagaatcact tgaacctggg aggtggaggt ggcagtaagc tgagatctca     27900
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg cagcaagagt gaaactccat ctcaaaaata aataaataaa     27960
     taaaataaaa aataaaaagg ggaggcatga ataatccagc ccttgtttag catatcatca     28020
     agaaataacc acaaaaacgg gcaaccagcc gccctcaggg ctgctccatg gagcagccgt     28080
     tcttgtaatc ctttactttc ttaataaact tgcttttact ttgcactgag gactcaccca     28140
     gaattctttc ttgtgcgaaa tccaacaacc ctctcttggg gtctggattg agaccccttt     28200
     cctgtaacag gattacagcc gtgcgccacc tcacctggcc tttttttttt ttttttgaga     28260
     tggagtcttg ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg cggtcttggc tcactgcaag     28320
     ctccgcctcc ccggttcacg ccatcctgcc gcttcagcct cctgagtagc tgggactaca     28380
     ggggcccgcc accacgcccg gctcgttttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg aggtttcacc     28440
     gtgttagcca ggatggtctc gatctcctga cctcgtgatc cgcccacctc gccctcccag     28500
     agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagccagggc gcctggcctc acctggccaa ttcttgattc     28560
     tatcctgtaa actgtccttg gagttttccc caggtgactg ccctctgact tcttcacttt     28620
     gtgaatcagt ccttcacatc ttcctctctt agtagcccag aaaccccagg ttctaacttc     28680
     cttgtgacac aggagttaag aagaaattac ttaggtagac agtgaggtta ccgaagttct     28740
     tggtaaggtt tctcttttaa tggaaagcag gcccaaatca tttttccttc taacaaagag     28800
     cagcctgtaa aatcgggctg cagacataga tgacggcagt tgtgccaatc atgttcaaaa     28860
     tggcggcccc atcatccctt ctctgtcagc cacaggtgca gtaaggagcc gacaaaatgg     28920
     caccctccga gagagttcat ttgcataata agcttagggt ggggcggcca gccttcccag     28980
     ctatgtaaac aaacacctga tcaaaccaat ctgtgagtcc taagtaaatc agacgccgcc     29040
     tcctcaagct ggactataaa ttcggctcat ctgcctccag ctgccccttt tctctcggaa     29100
     gtcccctctc tcactagaga gagagctgtt ttcctttctc tttcttttgc ctattaaacc     29160
     ttccctctta aactcctcgc gactcctcgc gtgtgtccgt gtcctacatt ttcctggcat     29220
     gggatggcaa accccgggta tttaccccag acaactggct gcttcacttg cactggatct     29280
     tgagggtcgg ggagattttt gacctttaac agggactcca tcattgcaag ttttccttgg     29340
     agactcttga tggcccaggt ttagtttata cctactgtga gagcaagaac ttgagtaatg     29400
     tatggatgga cctttttgga aggaaaacaa ttttcatgga cttaaattat ttttataatt     29460
     taaatgtgtg gaaacacaac taactatgaa ttccttatgc ttcagtagtt aagcagttat     29520
     aaaaccaaag caaagtagcc ataggtacaa acaaaagtat aaagacaagt ttaacattaa     29580
     tgtaataaat agtgtttttc tgaaatgaag ttgctgctgg caacagacca tgtactgcct     29640
     gatgaaggtt cttccgcact tggcacaata ttccactgtg tgcctggcga tgactcaatt     29700
     cttccccttc tcatgtctgt tcaaattact aagaaatctt tgttagaact tgtctcctgg     29760
     ccttcacttg gtacaaatgc gaccaagaca attaaagcta taaataggta aatgcaaatg     29820
     caggtactca caagcagggc caggatcagt tacaaatgac ccaaaacatg cttataacac     29880
     ttttcaaatg ctactaagga aagttagaca tggaacttaa tagttttcac aggtattcac     29940
     gagtcctcag gagtccagag acctcagttt gagaacacta tcctagcact gaccttgact     30000
     tccagggtga ccttgaggta agcatttacc atttttggat ctctgtacat tttttgtaca     30060
     caagaataat ttgggccacc agtgttcttg ggagataaaa gaagttagag gagttaatga     30120
     caatgttcca agatgttcaa ggactagaga gaaaggataa gaatgtatta tagacctcta     30180
     gagttggaaa aagaatggtg gctgagatcc tccagcctag ctttggctct gtaatcaaaa     30240
     agactcagat ttgggccaag cattgtggca cacgcctgta atctcattac actgggaggc     30300
     tgtggcagaa ggatcgcttg aggccaggag tttgagacta gcctacgtaa catggtgaga     30360
     ccctatctct accaatctct acatacaaac aaaaaatggc tgggcgtggt ggctcatgcc     30420
     tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggcggaggc gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agttcaagat     30480
     cagcctggcc aacatggtga aatcctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtgt     30540
     ggtggcgggc acgtataatc ccagctactc tcaaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgtttgaac     30600
     ccgggaggca gaggttgcag tgagccgaga gcgtgccatt gcactccagc ctaggcaaca     30660
     gggcgagact ctgtctcaaa aaaataaaaa taaaaaataa caggacatga tggtgcctga     30720
     gccccagcta tttgggaggc tgaggtggga ggatggcttg agaggttgca ttgagttata     30780
     attgtacccc tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagagcttg tctctataaa acaaataaac     30840
     aaacaactga gatctgaatt ccagatctgc catttactgt gtgtgtatgg gggatgggga     30900
     tggagagcaa cttttctaac tctcagtttc taccctaagt gggcatgttt caaaatgcca     30960
     catcacagaa ctgctgtgtg ggccaaatga gatggctctg gaaagcgctg agagcagagc     31020
     ctggctcaca gcaaggctca gggatcctaa gacgctgctg agaattccac aggcttttta     31080
     gcaaaggaca atagaaaaga gaaagtgaag attctaacat tctgcctata aatgacaaca     31140
     tctcctatat gtgcaaatta ggtcattgta ccctaaatag ccccgcagct gccctgggct     31200
     tccagtcagc ctttctgacc tctctcttgg gtctgctgct ttggggtgct tcctgccatt     31260
     ccctgcccaa gcctgaatct ctttcctggc cgctttcact ttccttccat tttccagtaa     31320
     ttggagttgg tcacctgtgc agcaagcgcc cccaagtggc cttcctgttc actgtccgga     31380
     ccataaggcc taaagaatac tccgataagt ttatcaaggc cgggcttccg cagaggcagg     31440
     actcaccagg cttagcggtc ggtccagggt cggtccagtc tggaggccca gggagccatt     31500
     ctacatcccc ctttccattt tggaagactg agatggagga atccagggga agttctgggt     31560
     aggaagcagc cacttgccat taagtggcaa ttaaattgct attgcaattt aaggtaaatc     31620
     gcagcccctc tgggcctagt tttctttttt ctcactcttt ttttggcgat agagtcttgc     31680
     tccgtcaccc aggctggagt gtagtggtgt gatcatagtt actgttacct cgaactctgg     31740
     ggctcaagcc atcctcctgc ctcagctttt gggtagctgg gattacaagg ttttcttttt     31800
     atgagagccc tgccccactc atgtcagagg gccctgagga ggcaaacaca ggatggttga     31860
     aaatgctagt aaaacaccta ggatgtgcac tgctgtcctg gctggaggct tagggggagc     31920
     accatgggac gtacacagga taaagtggga ttaactcctc cctcccctca gccattactc     31980
     tgaactctgc atcccacatg ctgctgccaa aaaccacttt taaaagaaca caaatctaaa     32040
     catgtcattt cccagctcaa aaccccaagg ttctttctcc tcaccttcag aataagccaa     32100
     actactcaat gataggttcc aaatctgcct ttctggtttc actcatggga tggacccttc     32160
     ttccaggtga ggctgcattt ggacatagcc atattcacgc ctccctgcct tggctcctcc     32220
     gcttctctgg ccaggaatgg ccttgcctca tctctgcaaa tcttagcatg acttaaggcc     32280
     cagttcaagc tccagctcct ccctgaggtc ttcctgagtc ttgtctcctg tcccactcag     32340
     gaggacctgg cctcctcctt ccctgggttc ccatgaccct ttccagctct gcctgtagca     32400
     cggtgttctg tcttctgtga ctacatatat acgcctaaca ctctctagat tgtaaaggcc     32460
     tggaaggtgg ggagtgggtt ccattactga atgcatcttt catagctctc gctgtcagag     32520
     ccctgcccta tgcaaactct tttattttta tttatttatt tatttattta tttattttga     32580
     gagggacttt cactcttgta tcccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcgcattctc agctcactgc     32640
     aacctccacc tctcgggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggatt     32700
     acaggtaacc gccaccatgc ctggctgatt tttttgcatt tttagtagag acagggtttc     32760
     accacgttgg tcgggctggt ctcgaactcc tgacttcagg tgatctgcct gactcgggcc     32820
     tcccaaagtg ctgggatgat aggcatgagc cactgcacct ggtgccctat gcaaactctt     32880
     attttattat tattattttt tgagacagag tctccctctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag     32940
     tggtgtgatc ttggctcact gcaacctcca cctctcaggt gcaaacaatt ctcctgcttc     33000
     agcctcccaa gtagctgggg ttacagacgc gcaccaccac acccagctaa tttttttcta     33060
     tttttagtag agatggggtt tcaccatgtt ggctaggctg atctcaaact cctgacctca     33120
     ggtgatccac ccacctcggc ctctcaaagc aaactcttaa taacaactgt tgtggaatga     33180
     cttgggaggt ggcactcaga gatcccaagt gacacatgag aagtccacag agagagatca     33240
     tgtttagtgg agtttggatg gttgctttta tcagtgggcc tgtaccttac agatgctatc     33300
     tcattatctt ctaaacagac tctgggccag tgaccattat ctccctctta ctgatgtaga     33360
     ctcagccaag agaagccaga tgttgagtcg gaaccttaac tctccctctc agacgcagag     33420
     ccctgctttc tcccctccca tttgatactc tgcttcctct tgcatgctgt gagaggcggc     33480
     ctcattactc ctcttccctc ctccagtccc tccaagccta attcatcacc tttggctttg     33540
     ggatcatagt ttccaaacca aggattgtct gaacattgtc tgacaatgcc cttttttttt     33600
     ttttttaggc agggtcttgc tctgttgccc aggctggagt gcagtggtgc aatcatggca     33660
     cactgcagcc ttgacctccc gggctcaggt gatcctccca cccagcctcc tggtgcgcat     33720
     caccacatcc agctaatttt ggtatttttt gtagagatgg ggttgtgcca tgttgcccaa     33780
     gctggtctcg aacttctggg ctcaagcgat cagccctcct tggcctccca aagtgctggg     33840
     attataggca tgagccaccg caactggcac cattgccatt ggtatttaag aggtgatggt     33900
     ttaggctttg aaattggggt tgtttgtgaa aactgagagc accttttgtt ttcagatatt     33960
     tcctatggcc attggtgtaa ttggagggaa gctctcgcca tatataatat ttttgagaca     34020
     gccaactaag aaactgggat tctggttctc tccagggtgc aaaatcctgg gagaaggaag     34080
     tgaattctca ggggcccaga aggagtctct aaaggacctc tgccagtcaa ttctaatctc     34140
     tcttctcccc tgcaaatcag cccctgcttc tgcctctttc tccgcctctc ctagattctc     34200
     cccctctgga gggcctgagc tcccggccac cacccccaat gccgctttct gtttcctctg     34260
     cctcccttca tctccttttg tctggggttt ctttgtctgg ggtctccctt tggttctgtt     34320
     tcacagttct cagcctcccc tccctttctc cacagccagg ctgctcagtc cctctctgcg     34380
     ggggcctaga ggctcggtga ggggagcggg acttggttgc catggtcaca ttgaagccag     34440
     ccgcagctgg cccgggcagc tgctcctcct gggcccgggg ccccggacgc tcggacaaag     34500
     ccaggcagcg ttggcagccc cagacccgac cccaaaggcc tgagactggg gtgactggga     34560
     cctaagagaa tcctgagctg gaggtgagag gggggaagcc agagatgaac tgggagggca     34620
     ggagtgggca ctggagctgg gccctcccct tgtgggcagg gaccaggcgg tccccggctg     34680
     gaggctggag gtgtgttggg aggaggggag cggcccagag cctggcaggg aggaggggaa     34740
     agagagggaa tagagttggg tgccatggtg tggtgaatgg gctgagggac tagggtgtcc     34800
     ccaaaggggg accgttgtcc agaaacaggt tagattctct ctttggtcct catgtcccca     34860
     tctgtcccgc aggtgcctct tcctttctca gccttttata cttctcatct ccccgtgtcc     34920
     cttagcttca cactctgcgc cccagtctcc ctcctctttc cctccactct ctgtttcact     34980
     ccagcccctt cttcccttgt ccttgcttct tgtccccttg atctgtctgc ccagctctca     35040
     agcctcctca gttccctgcc ttcctctctt aggagtttgt ttccaacact gtttccttcc     35100
     cgagtccact tcagttcctt catccagttc agcccttttc ttcccaaact tcagtctcct     35160
     cctctgagcc cctggggctt cccacctttt gctgtgtgtg ccctgtcttc atcctccttt     35220
     tcctctctca gacctgtctc cttggccttg acctcagtcc atctccgtct ctctgggaat     35280
     tctctcacca ttgtccccat ctgaccatca gcctcctctc cctcttctgg tcccttgccc     35340
     ttttcttccc caaccacagc tgagctgttt catctctctc ccagagctac gtcatctcaa     35400
     tctcctcctt cgctccctgg cctcagtttc cagtttattc agtggcatca ggtctgactc     35460
     acacccaaag ccttgtacac tccttcaccc tgccccccac ccgtcgcttc ttactctccc     35520
     cagctgctga cccagcctgc tcctccagag gcagctgcag ctcccggaag gggactgcag     35580
     ctagtgtatg tgtgggggcc catctggtcc gtcctctcgc tcgctggtcg tgctgggctt     35640
     ccctcctgtg gccaggtggt ctgcaggcct gaagctgcct tctcccctct cctacgtgcc     35700
     tctcctcaca ttttttcagc tgtttcccat cctctccttc ctgggcagca ggctgccact     35760
     ggcttgaagg ggagggaagc ccaggatggg aggggatggt agagggtcat ttgggggttc     35820
     tcagggacac agggggcctc tggggttcgg agtgatgcag gagatgtgga atgggctctg     35880
     gggaccacgg atgggtaatc aggccctctt ggtctttggt gctgctctct gggccccagg     35940
     atggctggga tttccctctc aggcccctgg gaatctcggc tccgagtccc gcattccagc     36000
     tggctccagc tccctttccg ttgtcacttg actccactgg gccccagcct tgcatccctc     36060
     ccactcctcc agcctagagc tggggcgagg tgggcatcac cactaggaat ttctcctgag     36120
     gcagtgagaa gaggggacaa aggtttcagg actctctagc tccttctgct ctccccagtg     36180
     gacccctctg tctggcactg ccatgccact tagctggggt cagcgtgggc ctggggtgtg     36240
     gaatgtccca ccagggtatg acgggctgta gcttgcctgg caggcctgtt ggggctttcc     36300
     cagagcacag ctcctggaag gaggggctgt gggctgccag gtgaggtgac ttgggaagcc     36360
     ttggccccac ccccaggctg gccccacccc cagtccagcg tctcctgggc ctagattccc     36420
     cagctgctgt tctctggagg ggtaggtgtt ctgggggaat gaatccctgg gggcttggtg     36480
     ggacaggaag gcgggaagaa gctgctcttc gagtgaccct ggggctgtct gttagcaggt     36540
     ccctcagccg ttggaacgtc cttgggcttc tgaactagtg cccatgtgtg cctcggcctt     36600
     tcccaagggc cagcttcttc ctggtagtgc ttttgtgtac ttgtctggtt gggacttcgt     36660
     gtttctttct tgggattgtt gtctgggact gcaagcaggg tatgttttta tctactgtga     36720
     ggttcctggg gcggagatgt gcagtggagc gagaacttcc tgtgaccgtg acattgtcta     36780
     ggtggtgagc aggtgtgggg gtgtggagag aggtgagggg ctgaggtagt gctgagtggg     36840
     gaaaaagcac ctcccaccac aagctgttct gtcccgctcc atcctctgcc cagtagctct     36900
     ctcagttgct ttgcctactc agtctcactg tttcatcttc cctgggtctc ttggtcccct     36960
     tccttttgac tgtgtgtgat tttcagtgtg cctccatcct tctcctgctc ctcttcttcc     37020
     tcctcccgac cactcaactt tgtcctggcc tcatttttgg cctcttctgg ccagtgatca     37080
     gaccctctgg cccactacgg ccagagctgg ctgggcctga gggaggcttg ccctgaggac     37140
     tcctgagtcc ccctcccact ccactccgtt gggagcccag gggaatcagg gcctgggcgt     37200
     ctggaccccc gggtccctta gaacgccctt cagagagagg aactgagagg agaaggagaa     37260
     gagagtgggc ccgccttcag ggtctggggc cttccaggtt gggtcgtagg ggcgggagcg     37320
     cacaggctgc gagagaggag caaaggttgg tggagggaga agagcagtct ggggcctggc     37380
     tggacaggtg agccctgaga cctgagctct gctcccttct ctgggctaac tcccgcagct     37440
     gggctgggcc gagcctgtgg gaacctgctt cttcctctgt gccctggggc tgctcccctt     37500
     tgcctctccc accaggaacc gatcccagaa gtaggagggg cgtcttcccc tcgtgggccc     37560
     tgagcgggac tgcagccagc cccctggggc gccagctttg gaggttctcg tttggggaag     37620
     cgggggtggg ctgcgagtgg gtggaggggg ctgggcgcgg agccggccgg aggcagcggc     37680
     gcgggcggct gggcggcctg ggagcgccca ggcgggcttg gcgggcgggt tacctggggg     37740
     aggccgggcc gggcgctagc gcgcggggtg ggcgtggcgg gcgcggggcc tggagctcgg     37800
     cgccgggcgt gggagccact gggactactg ggtccgggag ggggaaggga gggctgcgag     37860
     cccgaacgcg cggcgagaag gccgagggga gggaggggag cgaggagcgg gaggaggaag     37920
     ggagggagcc gaggcgaggg ggaggcggcg cctgggcccg agccgcccca gccctggctc     37980
     ctctccccgg aacaggcccc cgacagctgc tctcgggagc cgcctcccga cacccgagcc     38040
     ccgccggcgc ctcccgctcc cggctcccgg ctcctggctc cctccgcctc ccccgcccct     38100
     cgccccgccg ccgaagaggc cccgctcccg ggtcggacgc ctgggtctgc cgggaagagc     38160
     gatgagaggt agggagagcg gcggcggaac ccgcgggcgg aggcctgggg ctcttggggt     38220
     gggggcgcgc ggcggcgcct gcagggcgag gggcggggga ggcaggacgt cccgagccat     38280
     gcttggtcgt ccagctcttc taagcctccc tgcccgcctc cccgatgctc tggcataccg     38340
     tctgaaaacc gggggcgggg actgggtgga ggtgaagccc gtgacctccc agaaagagtt     38400
     ttgagcctcc agccttgagg caagtcccct ctcactcagt gcggaggaac tgagccccgg     38460
     gaggaggtgc tcctgtgcag ccccactgag tcagctcatc tatcgcctgc cctccacctg     38520
     gccagtccct gcgggcatct aactgctaag cctccgctca gccaacaccc agttggtcag     38580
     tctggtcaca gtccagcaaa aagagggact gccactctaa cccaccagtg acaccactct     38640
     tcccggctgg atggtcaatt agctctggca tgagagaatg tcactgccgg tgagcgccag     38700
     cttcagggtc ccaccccccc atgcctggct cttggctgaa catttcttcc cagcgcttcc     38760
     agcagccaga ggcaggcgcc caagctcgct ggctgttgct gagggcctgt aggtgtgtcc     38820
     aggactgagt ggtgtggtgg agacaggtga aaggggagtg agtggaaagg cagggaaagg     38880
     ctgttgtcct tattgccact cttcccaccc agcgcccacc tgttccctgc cccctcgacg     38940
     tccctctggc ttggtcaccc atgtgtgtta gaggctgggc cccagttctc tggggatcct     39000
     gtgcccaagg gcccgggtgt gtgtgtctca tgctgtcttt tggtcacagg agcatgtggt     39060
     gtctgtcatt tcatgttcac aggtgtctga aggtggctat tcactgagcg atggggttgg     39120
     acttgaagga atgccaaggt gtggacgggt tgatgtatgc atgagcttct gtgtttgctc     39180
     tgtctcagaa actctgtgag ggttgtcagg gacactgaga ggtgggtgtg tgcatgccac     39240
     atttagcctc gctgtttaca gccagttcag taagtttgtg tgtttcaccg tgtgtgtgtg     39300
     tacagagctg tgtgggtgtt gtctgagtgg gacttggggg ttgggagagg agcgtgaagg     39360
     gcttgaggca gggtggcctg gcccctggtt tgtctttggt tgtaatggag tggaaggggg     39420
     tgggattggg gaaggtcttc tgggcttgtc ctctcttgcc ctctgggtct ctgactgtgg     39480
     actgaagacc cagtggagag agatgaggtg actgggggtg ttggagaaca gacagcccag     39540
     acgtctctgt gcttctccgt gttcctctgc ttggctctgt gccccgtgtt tctgagcctg     39600
     ctctatttac ctcttgcatt gtggctctcg ctctgtctcc gcctgcctcg tatcctctgc     39660
     ctgcctttgt atctctgccc cgggctcctc tcggctctgt gtggctctga tgactcatct     39720
     gggataggca tgaaggttac ttaggggaac aagagccccg ctgttcccga gagaggtggg     39780
     gttggagagc ggcacccagg aattccaagc cagtctcctg ggactctggc agcctgctcc     39840
     ccggcgctgg accctaaggg accaggcgtg atgccttctg gttctagcct ctgagtgccc     39900
     cccacaactc agtcgtcccc ctcagctgct gcttcagagc tctggggtct cagctgcctc     39960
     ttacattcct gccctagtgc attgtgggag cagctggagg aggacaaagg gatgggggag     40020
     tatcccccac tcctcctacc tcctggggtg acctgccttc cttgtcttta gacccgccct     40080
     cgtctccaag gcaactcagc ctttcctcag tccctcagag gcagccacct tctggaagtg     40140
     ggaactgggg ggactggatg tctgggtctc aggaaggcag agcagggata actgggccca     40200
     agatgccctg aacctgataa gaggtggcag tcgagtccct caggactcca gggcctggag     40260
     acttcagtac agggctctga gaccagtaca ggttaggata gcttttcctg cagcagggga     40320
     ggggagagta gttacttggg tttgtaagga gatgccattt agaatagttt tatgtggggt     40380
     aagcttcctg ggcctgagga acagagtagg gattttcaaa ctttaatggg cacaggtcac     40440
     ctgggaattg tgttaaaagg cagattttga ttgagcaggt caagggtgag cctgagattc     40500
     tgatttcttc catgcttcca ggtattgctg atggtccagg gaccaccctg ggcctagagg     40560
     gctatagggg acagtaagac tagaaggtgc tggggtcccc tctgcccttc tcttagaatt     40620
     ctggactcct atgtgggagg gcagcagggt gagctggtcc aggcttatct gatgtttaat     40680
     tctatcatat cctcaacaag gaattgccca acctttcctg ggacatattt attttttaaa     40740
     agtcaaaatg attttcatat tcttttacat atcttatgat tttacataaa tgcatttatg     40800
     ttacaagatt tagaaaaata gtacaatcaa cctgtctttt taaatttgct tttcttttgc     40860
     cccgttcatg ttaactcttg ttatattgta ttctattgtt atattctatt atatattctc     40920
     tccttctaga cgtacacaca ggtatatata caaacatggg tgcttgttta ttctattttc     40980
     aaaaggtggg atatttttta tacttctgtt gcttgctttt catattcaac agatatacat     41040
     ggaaatcaca caaagttagg aatatattgc ctctttgtta cttttcatag ctgcatagta     41100
     gtcaataaac cttatttttt ttaattccag cctgtcccct gtgggcattc acatatctta     41160
     cagatttatg tcttacaaaa ggtaccataa taaacatctt tgaaatcttc ttttttattt     41220
     ttatttttca ctttttttaa agagatgggg tctcactatg ttcaccaggc tggtctctaa     41280
     ctcctggcct caagtgatcc tcccatctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctggggt tacaggcatg     41340
     agccaccaga cccagacctg cacatatgtt cttacttcct ggtgcttctc tctcgaggga     41400
     atgctgggtc gaagaggatg tgcattttta attataatag acattgctag attgctttcc     41460
     aaatagaaga taacactcat ttctgccatt gagcatggtg cctccctttt catcactttc     41520
     taccactttt atatgttaca gccttaaaaa aatatcttgt cagtctgctt ggtatttccc     41580
     tgaggctggt gaatttgacc attaaaaaaa atgtttgttg gcaatttggc tttgcttttc     41640
     tgtgaaatga ctattcacat tctttggctg tttctttatt gggttactta tatatttttt     41700
     cttgtcagtt cctaaggggc cttagtttat tgtagttatt aaaccttttc ctgttgtatg     41760
     tgttataaac attttttgca cacttgttgt ttgttctaag ccgttgttta tggggatatt     41820
     ttgcccattc ctgattggag aaatggggct ttaggaagtt atttaactga tctctgccct     41880
     agtttcttca tgtgttaaat atggatagta atagtatcta ccttatgaag tgactgtgaa     41940
     gataaaatta tggattctgt ttaagggttt aggccagtgt ctggcacagg ggaagcattc     42000
     taaaaatata gctgatgctg ttaaacaatg actgttgttg ttgttttact gttattatcc     42060
     ccaaagcggc ccattctgtc tgttgctgtc agctatgact cagtcccctg attaacttac     42120
     gcaccaccca ttttatcccc tgcagagatg ctgcccccac ccccttaggc ccgagggatc     42180
     aggagctatg ggaccagagg ccctgtcatc tttactgctg ctgctcttgg tggcaagtgg     42240
     agatgctgac atgaagggac attttgatcc tggtgaggag actgaatcat gggtccctga     42300
     gggccagggc ttgggaggta gagagttggg ggccttgacc tgttacatgc ctgcttttta     42360
     ctcagccaag tgccgctatg ccctgggcat gcaggaccgg accatcccag acagtgacat     42420
     ctctgcttcc agctcctggt cagattccac tgccgcccgc cacagcaggt acttggcaca     42480
     cctggcacac ttgtagctgc cccgagagga gctcctggga cctctacttc ccctccaacc     42540
     cctctgccca tgccagtgaa acccctgcag gctgaggggg caaatgaagt ggggtttaaa     42600
     tactggagat ggaggcagac ctggggccag atgttctctg tgcccctctt caccctcagg     42660
     ttggagagca gtgacgggga tggggcctgg tgccccgcag ggtcggtgtt tcccaaggag     42720
     gaggagtact tgcaggtgga tctacaacga ctgcacctgg tggctctggt gggcacccag     42780
     ggacggcatg ccgggggcct gggcaaggag ttctcccgga gctaccggct gcgttactcc     42840
     cgggatggtc gccgctggat gggctggaag gaccgctggg gtcaggaggt gagactggca     42900
     ggggcagcac ccagaggagg ttggctctcc tcacttccag ctgtacttta aacaccacct     42960
     atacgctgac gactctccag tttatatcat ctccagacta agcctctcag ctgagctcca     43020
     aacaatattg taaacctggc caccttttgg atttctccac ttagatgtct tttttttttt     43080
     ttctaataga tggggtcttg ctgtgttgcc caggctggtc ttgaactcct gggctcagtg     43140
     atcctcccac cttagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacaag cactgtagcc agccacctag     43200
     atgtctaata ggcatctcaa acgtacgttt aacttcccaa gctgaatttg attcccattc     43260
     ccagcctaaa cctgctcctc ccctggcatt ctccagctca ggaagtggta tcaccattgc     43320
     ctggttgcct aggctataag ttaagatgat atccttgatt cctttttttc tctcacctcc     43380
     ttccaaagca tcagcagccc cgtctgttct acctccatag tgttcctgag tccagtcact     43440
     cctcaccact ccacctctac tgccctaggc cacctgcccg ccatctccag cttagatgag     43500
     tgcagtagat gccaaacgcg tctccctgct tctgcccttt tctgcctgga gtcaaatctc     43560
     cacctggggg ggcggcatcc agtggacctt agagcatgta aatcagatac gtcacaccta     43620
     gctgacaccc ccatgctggc tttccactct gccagaacaa aagctgagtc cctagctggt     43680
     gcaggatgct cagcctgacc tggctcctgc ctgcatcact tgtttcttgg cgcctccttg     43740
     gccacgctgc ctttcttctt gttgctggaa caagccaggg ctcgttccca cagcttctgg     43800
     acattttctc tgtgcctgca aagctcctcc cctaaataac cacaggctct ccctcactcc     43860
     attcagttct ctgccaggtg tcacctcctt agagagcctt ttctggccac ccacctcact     43920
     gctctgtcca tacttcctgc ctcttgttct tcgcagctgt tttccctgct gggatctcag     43980
     tcctacaagg gtggggagtg acgttcacca ctgagaacgc gcctggcaca gagcgggcac     44040
     tcagccaact tctgctgaat gaacagaggg aatgggctga aatgaagggg aagctgaggc     44100
     aggggtgcag ggctgtgagg attggggaga atctgggcac aatgggatga taggcttgga     44160
     gacaaatgga tggagccagg caaggagaag agggcagctg agcctgaagt ctgaggatgg     44220
     aacatcagag ctgcgacaga gccagaggtc tcagctgcag atcttcattt cacccatgcc     44280
     tggctgcgcc ccacagtgct gtgtgctcgg tgccacccct catgggtctc taagtggcca     44340
     ctgtgggctg ggccagggag cagctggtgg gtgggaagta agatctgacc tggactccat     44400
     cccacccacc ccctgtttcc tggcccacag gtgatctcag gcaatgagga ccctgaggga     44460
     gtggtgctga aggaccttgg gccccccatg gttgcccgac tggttcgctt ctacccccgg     44520
     gctgaccggg tcatgagcgt ctgtctgcgg gtagagctct atggctgcct ctggaggggt     44580
     gagtggctca gcttcctggg aatctgtttc ctgagcaggg gactggaggg tggggagtgt     44640
     ggagaatggg catccaggat cccttctcct gctgggaagc tgtcactctg aggagggggc     44700
     tagccagcat tgtctcctcc atgccaatga gccagtggag agatacaaga agggacctga     44760
     aacctgccca ggcctgatgc agggatgggg gatggagcct tagtgcctct gacccccatc     44820
     ctctcaccct gccccagatg gactcctgtc ttacaccgcc cctgtggggc agacaatgta     44880
     tttatctgag gccgtgtacc tcaacgactc cacctatgac ggacataccg tgggcgggta     44940
     agaaaggccc ctgcaggata tggagtttgg ggtgggaggg aggactgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     45000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagagt gtgtgtgtgt aggggggctg gtaagtaggg tggggagtga     45060
     gatggaagag ctgagaagag ggatgggtta ggtggggcct caaagggtag cactagggtg     45120
     accactagcc cgtatgacac tgtatgaaaa aggcacccct ttgctaacac acattgttgg     45180
     aaattgctgc aataaatata cacatcatag attgaaatgg tgccccttag aggtggtgcc     45240
     tttgtgctgg atgtgacctg caaggtacct gtagtgctgg ggtggggtgg agagaggaga     45300
     agggccagct gcatgagtgt gaggtgggat gggaatggga ctagtggatg ggagccaggc     45360
     tggccatgcc actgtgccgg agggtggcgg agcagaatgc ctggatgtca agaccctctt     45420
     cccttccaac ctcctcttcc ttggtcccct cttctccaga ctgcagtatg ggggtctggg     45480
     ccagctggca gatggtgtgg tggggctgga tgactttagg aagagtcagg agctgcgggt     45540
     ctggccaggc tatgactatg tgggatggag caaccacagc ttctccagtg gctatgtgga     45600
     gatggagttt gagtttgacc ggctgagggc cttccaggct atgcaggtga gtgagtccgg     45660
     ctctcgagga gggctctgaa gccatgcagg gtgccgttgg ggtgccccca ccactcctag     45720
     ccttgaccct gtgccctctt cccttccccc caggtccact gtaacaacat gcacacgctg     45780
     ggagcccgtc tgcctggcgg ggtggaatgt cgcttccggc gtggccctgc catggcctgg     45840
     gagggggagc ccatgcgcca caacctaggg ggcaacctgg gggaccccag agcccgggct     45900
     gtctcagtgc cccttggcgg ccgtgtggct cgctttctgc agtgccgctt cctctttgcg     45960
     gggccctggt tactcttcag cgaaatctcc ttcatctctg gtaagccctg gagtagccca     46020
     gtctccagtc cctgaaattg acaactgatt tcattcctaa ccctgcagtg tccctaaaat     46080
     actcattcct tgcattatat ctacccatca cccaccgaaa cttctcaatt aggggtgccc     46140
     caaataactt gagccccttt ctgcctcttg ttctctgcgt atccatcttt cctttgtaag     46200
     ccccttgccc gtgactatta ttgagccagt atgacagtac tggttgttaa aatattgaaa     46260
     tacttctgta ttagttgaga aatagcctct tctctaagcc tccagatacc tgtcctccac     46320
     ctccccacaa tccagcaact atagggttaa cacccaccac agctgggtgt tccaggaccc     46380
     tgctccccca gcccccactg gtcagtggtt gcctattgag aatcacccat gcttctgctc     46440
     ctttgcacaa cagtccactg cctctgcctc ccttgggtct cctcctcatt tacctccctc     46500
     ctttcttttt gttccttctc cccagatgtg gtgaacaatt cctctccggc actgggaggc     46560
     accttcccgc cagccccctg gtggccgcct ggcccacctc ccaccaactt cagcagcttg     46620
     ggtgagcaat cttgggtggg cgtgtggacc ctctgcaccc ttctccctgg gcctccccct     46680
     cggctagggt gggaccctcc tgtggtgctg accctgctgc ctccaccaga gctggagccc     46740
     agaggccagc agcccgtggc caaggccgag gggagcccga ccgccatcct catcggctgc     46800
     ctggtggcca tcatcctgct cctgctgctc atcattgccc tcatgctctg gcggctgcac     46860
     tggcgcaggc tcctcagcaa ggtgggcaca gccgtggcat gtggagtggc ggggggaggc     46920
     caggccccag cacgagccag cgtccagtgg gacctgcagg gcacagccca ctagcatccc     46980
     aagaggaggg cttagtaaag agaccactta caccatgtca aagagggtat ggggctcaca     47040
     gggagggctg ctccccagct ctgggtctgc tcagcggaga ggagcaaata ccacgaccca     47100
     gaggagagag cctgtggaga gggcaccttg acaggggcag tagactttgg tcctgggatg     47160
     cagctggccc gtatctaccc ctcagggagg gcctgggaga atagatgccc tgacctcact     47220
     ttctgcccca aactcctgct gggctcctct ctggctaacc caaaccaggc ctgttggtgc     47280
     agtgtacact ggtcagcctt ggggcagaag cagggtagag acaggcagag agtggggttg     47340
     gaggggcaaa gggaagacgt ctggcacacc ccaagccacg tcttccggct ggagtccagt     47400
     ggcagtaatg tacattaagg ttgatgactg gacacggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcctagc     47460
     actttgggag gccgaggcgg gaggatcacc tgaggtcaag agttcgagac cagcctgacc     47520
     aacatggtga aatcccatct ctactaagaa tacaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggctgatg     47580
     cctgtaatcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcatgaatct cttgaacctg ggaggcgaag     47640
     gttgcagtga gctgagatca tgccatttca cttcagcctg ggcgacaaga gcaaaattcc     47700
     atctcaaaaa aacaaacaaa caaaaaaaaa acggttgata gttatggact gggcagatga     47760
     gggttagaat ctcattgtgg gacagggaag ttacctccat gctcttgagc ttcactttct     47820
     ctgcctgtaa gatggtgctg atagtatcca cagctgtagg gctcttgtga gggctgaggg     47880
     agggaacgca gggatggaca cagcagaggg ccaggccgtg tgtgctgagc aacacgggtg     47940
     atgcctccca tccctatgac aaggctgaac ggagggtgtt ggaagaggag ctgacggttc     48000
     acctctctgt ccctggggac actatcctca tcaacaaccg cccaggtcct agagagccac     48060
     ccccgtacca ggagccccgg cctcgtggga atccgcccca ctccgctccc tgtgtcccca     48120
     atggctctgg taagacctgc cttgttccag tcgcacctct gtcctctctg ctgttttctt     48180
     attgtatccc tttcccattc tctttttttc ctgtcttccc cagtttccac ttgttttctt     48240
     ctttctgtgc ccctggttac tgtctatatc actctttgtc cctaccatgt agtctctctc     48300
     aagagttccc catgtattac ccatagtccc ccgtggtgct atcttgtctg tgtcccacag     48360
     acatctctct atctttgttg taccctctca ttgtgtctcc ctggcccctt tgctttgtat     48420
     tagactcacc atgtttgttc cttcatctat cctccatcac ccatccttcc atccatagtc     48480
     atacatcctt gcatccatcc atcaatcttc catcatctgt ctttctatct atattcataa     48540
     atctattcat ccatccatcc acccacccat atccatcatc catctatcca tctatattca     48600
     cacatccatc tttccatctg ttatccatcc atccaacaaa acatctgttt accatccatc     48660
     catctattca tacgtcccat ctgtccatgc attcattatc cagccagccg tccgtcactc     48720
     tgcagatcct tgttttatcc tgtctgtctc ttaatgcaat catcccatca gccctggtct     48780
     tgccctattc aaggtctccc tgtctgtcta gccttgagtc tcatcccttc cccgtgtttc     48840
     ccctcctcct tctcccgaca gcgttgctgc tctccaatcc agcctaccgc ctccttctgg     48900
     ccacttacgc ccgtccccct cgaggcccgg gcccccccac acccgcctgg gccaaaccca     48960
     ccaacaccca gggtaagccc ctctgcccct gggctccgcc aggctcccca tacctctact     49020
     ggggcaggga aaagccctca caccttgcac ttcctcctct ccccactgtg gcctattctg     49080
     ctctcctgag ctcccaagga ggaagctctt gtgcccttag ctcatctctg ctgctgcttg     49140
     ctctttttta aggtcccccc cttgagctga ggagtagaaa gcttactggt ccccagctct     49200
     tctccctcct cctcttccac gccatctctt cagctctcca gagctagaca ggaggttgct     49260
     gtggtggccc cagactatag taactcctcc tttattctcc actctctcta gagctgcgag     49320
     gaggagggct ctcaccccgg gcgcttgccc tttccctcac atgtgtcctc tctctgcagt     49380
     cccagaggtg aaggctcatg ccccaaccct ttccatctgc ccctcttctc ctcagtgttg     49440
     ccttctcatt gtggcccctt ccccagggct aagaggggac agctctgctt cctctcctgt     49500
     ctgtagacaa cttgtgttgg ggctgtgagc agctgttacc ctccctcctc tctgtgtgcc     49560
     tctgtctctg cttgttgttg agcttggtgt gttgggttga aagggttggg agggcttggc     49620
     cccaggggga gccaggctga aagccacggg agagcagcta agtgaagggg agggagctgt     49680
     ggtgaacggg acaagggttt ggaaggtgga gggtgcctgg atgctgggac catcctgagg     49740
     cgggagaatt cctggggagg aattcttctt ccagccaaga tttatctcac agtctcttga     49800
     gagaccctag ggaggcccta aaagagtaag actttatgac agttttgctc aaccatattc     49860
     attgccttga aaagctctgg aatagctaac tctcgtccca tgccagtgtc ttcctggttt     49920
     gaggttggcg catggaatac tgggaagata cagcatagac ccagtctctc actcaaccgg     49980
     gagacacagg gccctccggg aggctgaggt gtggggaact atagctcttg ggctgttcct     50040
     gatgcctcgt cctgtcttct ttcccctcac ccctgcagcc tacagtgggg actatatgga     50100
     gcctgagaag ccaggcgccc cgcttctgcc cccacctccc cagaacagcg tcccccatta     50160
     tgccgaggct gacattgtta ccctgcaggg cgtcaccggg ggcaacacct atgctgtgcc     50220
     tgcactgccc ccaggggcag tcggggatgg gccccccaga gtggatttcc ctcgatctcg     50280
     actccgcttc aaggagaagc ttggcgaggg ccagtttggg gaggtaagga gggtgcctac     50340
     ccagtgtctg gccctattgt gtgctctgat gccatgcctg cgcatccccc tagccaggaa     50400
     ccttagtcat ttgtaaccgt gttaatccgt ttgaccctgt gaccgcctag caaacgaact     50460
     tctttctcca ggtgcacctg tgtgaggtcg acagccctca agatctggtt agtcttgatt     50520
     tcccccttaa tgtgcgtaag ggacaccctt tgctggtagc tgtcaagatc ttacggccag     50580
     atgccaccaa gaatgccagg tgaggaccag ggatggcatc tggaagaagg gaggggaggc     50640
     cgtgaagagt ggggagccat ctagagagaa caatggcaga gcccaacaga ggggtggcat     50700
     ctctgggagg ggatttacat gtacgctggg ggtggggacg cctggtctgc ctgaggtggg     50760
     gcaggggggt gggggcgcgg gggaaggtgc aggccgccca ctcggcattc ctcttcagct     50820
     tctccttgtt ctccaggaat gatttcctga aagaggtgaa gatcatgtcg aggctcaagg     50880
     acccaaacat cattcggctg ctgggcgtgt gtgtgcagga cgaccccctc tgcatgatta     50940
     ctgactacat ggagaacggc gacctcaacc agttcctcag tgcccaccag ctggaggaca     51000
     aggcagccga gggggcccct ggggacgggc aggctgcgca ggggcccacc atcaggtacc     51060
     tgcttaccca ggctgggcct tgctcagaat tcccccaggg gatctcctcc tctcccctcg     51120
     cttcagcctg gaggaaaaga ggggagcgtg ggggtgggaa gggagagagg ttccaggagg     51180
     gcctgggata aggaatgtgt gacaagttaa cccaggaaca tggacagaaa ggctggaggt     51240
     gactatgcaa gagtggtgaa gggacttggg ccctgccatg acgtcccttc tgctttctct     51300
     caccctcact cccctctgag tccagattgg ggagcacaat aaaagaagag ccccctagtg     51360
     ttggccaggc ctgggagatt gagagggaag tgacccttgg cctcacgtgg gcattccacc     51420
     tccacatggg gagccagagt gaccgggccc ggggagtggg ctctctctcc tctcctggat     51480
     gggaatctgc gaagctgccc ccagtgacct tctgtcggtt cccttctcag ctacccaatg     51540
     ctgctgcatg tggcagccca gatcgcctcc ggcatgcgct atctggccac actcaacttt     51600
     gtacatcggg acctggccac gcggaactgc ctagttgggg aaaatttcac catcaaaatc     51660
     gcagactttg gcatgagccg gaacctctat gctggggact attaccgtgt gcagggccgg     51720
     gcagtgctgc ccatccgctg gatggcctgg gagtgcatcc tcatggtgag cagcccgagg     51780
     acagccaggt tggagcaggg caggtgggag aacactggcc gccactcaca gccctggtct     51840
     ccatcagtca cacactttct ctgggttgca ttttacagaa tctcatctat aatatgaggt     51900
     tctcctagcc caagggactg gggaaagcag gagctgcagt gtgatgggca agaatccagg     51960
     agccaagagt gggtactggg gatggagaca gggtggcaga gagctcaaga gatgaggttg     52020
     ggcgaggaag ctggagatag aaggggttgg gtagggagac cgaaggtcag gaccagaaag     52080
     tgggggtgga tggagaggaa ggaggagcag aaggaagagg tgggccaggg ccctggagag     52140
     aggaccagag catggagagg aaaggcagag cccaagggag aggagttgga aaaggtggcc     52200
     agcggaggag agtggagagc ctggcgtcag gagggatcag gcctgagtgg agcccagagt     52260
     ggatctgggg cttccaatag gaagggagga gggtctacgt tgcctgatgt ccctgtctgt     52320
     ttttgctgcc ttctctgcat cccaggggaa gttcacgact gcgagtgacg tgtgggcctt     52380
     tggtgtgacc ctgtgggagg tgctgatgct ctgtagggcc cagccctttg ggcagctcac     52440
     cgacgagcag gtcatcgaga acgcggggga gttcttccgg gaccagggcc ggcaggtcag     52500
     agtggaggag agggaagatg ggtccgaggc gggggacaga aggggcagag ttgtcatctt     52560
     ggagactaaa gaatatttgt tccctgactc tcatccacac tgccacaatg caggtgtacc     52620
     tgtcccggcc gcctgcctgc ccgcagggcc tatatgagct gatgcttcgg tgctggagcc     52680
     gggagtctga gcagcgacca cccttttccc agctgcatcg gttcctggca gaggatgcac     52740
     tcaacacggt gtgaatcaca catccagctg cccctccctc agggagcgat ccaggggaag     52800
     ccagtgacac taaaacaaga ggacacaatg gcacctctgc ccttcccctc ccgacagccc     52860
     atcacctcta atagaggcag tgagactgca ggtgggctgg gcccacccag ggagctgatg     52920
     ccccttctcc ccttcctgga cacactctca tgtccccttc ctgttcttcc ttcctagaag     52980
     cccctgtcgc ccacccagct ggtcctgtgg atgggatcct ctccaccctc ctctagccat     53040
     cccttgggga agggtgggga gaaatatagg atagacactg gacatggccc attggagcac     53100
     ctgggcccca ctggacaaca ctgattcctg gagaggtggc tgcgccccca gcttctctct     53160
     ccctgtcaca cactggaccc cactggctga gaatctgggg gtgaggagga caagaaggag     53220
     aggaaaatgt ttccttgtgc ctgctcctgt acttgtcctc agcttgggct tcttcctcct     53280
     ccatcacctg aaacactgga cctgggggta gccccgcccc agccctcagt cacccccact     53340
     tcccacttgc agtcttgtag ctagaacttc tctaagccta tacgtttctg tggagtaaat     53400
     attgggattg gggggaaaga gggagcaacg gcccatagcc ttggggttgg acatctctag     53460
     tgtagctgcc acattgattt ttctataatc acttggggtt tgtacatttt tggggggaga     53520
     gacacagatt tttacactaa tatatggacc tagcttgagg caattttaat cccctgcact     53580
     aggcaggtaa taataaaggt tgagttttcc acaactgtgt gagtgggttc cttgggaatt     53640
     tggtaactct gcctcctgca cctccctctg aacccacttc ccaacccact tcccatcttc     53700
     cttttttcct gcctcctcat tccatttccc atcacctgtt ttgcccagca ttgtgttctg     53760
     tttctggata atccaggcct ttgcctgtgg gacctcagga gatgcatgaa tgtctgagtg     53820
     catgaacctt ctcaactcag aggggtgctc tggtggaggc ctggaaggaa tgcagtcagg     53880
     ccaggggtgc tgaacctttt ttgtgccata aacgcctttg gcagtctgta gaggtctact     53940
     gagtcctcct cagaattagg ttttaaaacc tataaaatgg accaggcata gtggctcacc     54000
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gtgggtagat cacttgaggc caggagttcg     54060
     agaccaacct ggccaacata gcaaaacccc atctctacta aagatacaaa aattagcagg     54120
     gtgtggtggc atgcgcctgt aatctcagct attcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt     54180
     agaacccggg aggtgggggt tgcagtgagc tgagatcaca caactgtgct ccagcctggg     54240
     caacagagtg agactgtctc aaaaacagaa caacaacaac aacaaaaccc ataaaatgta     54300
     taggattata agggaaacca atggaaacag tttaccaaaa tgctaaaaaa ttatgaaact     54360
     aatgtgcttc tttttcatgt atttaataac aagatctaaa aacaggtgta ataaactgac     54420
     attttccaaa tactaatgag cataagccat atttgagatt tctacaacag tcacagtgag     54480
     acataaaagt agctgtggtg tcaattagtg acaagtcaca ggtactgcta atactactgg     54540
     tggttttacc catattcata attggaggaa atgctaaact tctattagag gttagtaaaa     54600
     ggtgtaattt ctttttcttg cccaaattct agaacccatc tggctcccca gggtctggaa     54660
     atcccagggg agaatccctg ggttatgctg atcaagtgtg caaatgcccc actgggggta     54720
     ggggataggt tgttggaatg gaaaccagaa ccagaaacca gaatcaagag cctcagttat     54780
     ctcagaggct tggaaggatg agctgcaacc accaagagaa caattaaagg gttcaaattt     54840
     ggttggaaag aaaaaatcgg ccagtggggt ggctcatgcc ctgtaatctc aacactatgg     54900
     aaagctgagg taggaggatt tcttgagcct aggagtttgg aaccagccta ggcaacatag     54960
     cacactctgg cccccattta tacatatata tataaaacta gctgggctta gtggtgtgca     55020
     ccagcaactc aggaggccaa ggtgggagga taacttgagc ccaggaggtt gaggctgcag     55080
     tgagccatga ttgcatcact tcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagcaagacc ctgtctcaaa     55140
     aagaaaatta aaagtcagtt gcagggatgg gacaaggcag acccatcttg atggccattc     55200
     atgtgaaata aaaaccctgg ggttttggtt gatgatattc acaaaatgag ccaattggat     55260
     aatgaggatc acagtaaaga taaatcaatg tgaagttgaa ttaataggcc cttggggcct     55320
     aggtcccgaa tctaatagtc ctgctaaaac ttacacaggt caaaccactg tgcactatga     55380
     tttaagttgt gtaccgatag gttagagttt agaggccaga tcccagaata atgagcgatg     55440
     gaagccacgg cagtgagcct gataacccaa atctctgagc tgtctttcaa gcagaaacac     55500
     ctggagttaa tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacctgg tctcgctctg tcacccaggc     55560
     tggagtgccg tggcgcaatc tcagctcact gcaacctccg cctcctgggt tcaagcgatt     55620
     cttctgcctc agcctcccac atagctggga ttacaggtgt gcaccaccat gcccagctaa     55680
     tttttttgta tttttagtag agacggggtc tcaccatatt ggccaggctg gtctcaaact     55740
     cctgacctcg tgatccgccc accttggcct cccaaggtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc     55800
     accgtgccca gccccacctg cagttaattt aaaagtcagg ccctgcttgt ccaaacctgc     55860
     ttctcctcca cagtctactg actcagtgaa tggcagcatc atccacttag ctgcacaagc     55920
     cgcacaaggt ggcatccccg agctccttct cccttacctt ccacctctca agtccagtcc     55980
     agcacaaaac gctgttgatt ttgcctccca aatctccctg gaacttgtca tctctgtctc     56040
     catcgccctc ctggcacatg ctgcctccat cttgcctgga ctcctgcagt ggtctcccag     56100
     ctgtcaccca gatctgcctc tgctcctctc tgggttgttt tccaccctgc aaccacagtt     56160
     atctttaaaa cacacaaatc tgaccctaat ccttcatttc aaatccagca gtgacttttc     56220
     attaatctta aaatgaagaa caaaatcctt ctggccaagg ttggccccca catacctctc     56280
     cagcgtcctc ccccacccgc ttgctttcct ctgtgggcca ctggccttct ttcagattca     56340
     cccaatgggc cacagtactt cctgccacgt ggccttcgtg gcatgctgtt ccctcacctg     56400
     gaacaatgtt ccctgcagtc tgtgccttat taactcctgc ttgtccttca gcagtctttc     56460
     ctgacttccc caaccaggtc aaattcccta ctgataatct cagaggacat gaatctcttc     56520
     tttgtggcac ttactacgtg tgtaatttta catatctttt tatacctgcc cctcccacca     56580
     aactataagt tgcacaaggg caaaatcttg gaacacaggg ctcaatattg gttgaaagaa     56640
     agaattgtag caaatatctg atagactaac atagattcta tgtagttaca gaactagaac     56700
     taggattaat aagtgaaagt tacaataatg atgataatat attactgagc acccactata     56760
     taccaggtat tgaaattacg acatattata tcttacttaa tacaacaata tatgaagtag     56820
     ttaaaattac tttgcacaga gaagaaaatt ctgttaggtt aagcagcttg cccaaagtag     56880
     cagtcagtca acagtaaagc ctgtgggaag tgggtctgtg ggctcctggc tctctgttcc     56940
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacaa agtcttgctc tgtcacccag gctggagttc     57000
     agtggcacta tctccgctca ctgcaacctc cgccttctgg gttgaagcga ttctcctgcc     57060
     tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggc acctgccacc atgcccggct aatttttgta     57120
     tttttagtag agactgggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtcttgaact cctgatgtct     57180
     tgatccaccc tcctcggtct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc accacgcctg     57240
     gccctggctc tctgttcttt ctctccagga tgctgcctga gaggaggagg tcatgagctc     57300
     cctatcacag gaattttctt ttttgaacta ccatgcccac taacatgctg gccaacacgg     57360
     tgaaaccctg tctgtactaa aaatacaaaa aaaaattagc caggcatggt ggttcacgcc     57420
     tgtaatccca actactcgga aggctgaggc acaagaatcg cttgaatctg ggagacagag     57480
     attgcagtga gccaagattg tgccactgca tttgacctgg gtgacactgt aagactctgt     57540
     cccctcaccc cctccaaaag aggtgtgcct atttcaattt tttttttttt tttttttttt     57600
     tttttttttt tttaatttga gacagactct cattttgttg cccagtctgg agtgcaatgg     57660
     tgtgatctca gctcactgca acctccacct ccagggctca aacaaccctc ctgcctcagc     57720
     ctctcaagta gctgggccta caggcatgca ccctcatgcc cagctaattt ttttattttt     57780
     tgtagagaca gggtttcacc atgttgccca ggctggtctc aaacttcggg gctcaagtga     57840
     tctgcctggc ttggcctccc ttcaaagtgc tgagattaca ggcatgagct actggacccg     57900
     gcctcaattt tcagcaaaag tgtatgagta tgctcctata ccctggtcaa cattgaggtt     57960
     gtcaatcctt aatttctttt ttgctgaact tttatatttt aattttattt atgtatttat     58020
     tttgagatag agtcttgctc tgttgcccag gctggagtgc agtggtgtga tctcggctta     58080
     ctgcaacctc agcctactgg gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg     58140
     gattacaggc gcccgccacc atgtctggct aatttttgta ttttcagtag agacggggtt     58200
     tcacccgctc aggctagtct cgaacttctg acctcaagtg atccacccgc ctcggcctcc     58260
     caaagtgttg agattatagg tgtgagccac tgcctccggc cgatttattt atttttattt     58320
     ttatttattt atttattttg agatggagtt tcactcttgc ccaggctgga gtgcaatggt     58380
     gtggtctcag ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ccgggttcaa gtgattctcc tgcctcagcc     58440
     tcccaagtag ctgggattac aggcgcccgt caccatgcca gctaattttt gtgtttttag     58500
     tagagacaag gtttctacta aaatgttgac caggctagtc tggaactcct gacctcaggt     58560
     gatccaccca ccttgacctc ccaaagtgct ggcattacag gtgtgagcca tggcgcctgg     58620
     cctatatatt tatttttaag agacagtcta attctgcggc caggctggag tgcagtggtg     58680
     taactgtagc tcactacagc cttgaactgc tggactcaac cgatcttcct acctcagcct     58740
     cctgagtagc taggacttca ggtgtgtgca taccgagcta atttcttttt ctcttttctt     58800
     ttcttttctt ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acagggtctc actgtatagc     58860
     tcaggctgga gtgcagtggc atgatcacag ctcagtgtag ccttgacctc ctgggtccaa     58920
     acaatcctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgggaccac agaaccaggc ctggctaatt     58980
     ttttgaattt tttttttttt tttttgagac aaagtctcgc tcttgtcccc caggctggag     59040
     tgcaatggta cgatctcagc tcactacaaa ctccacctcc cgggttcaag cgattctcct     59100
     gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggcttata ggcgcctgcc accacgcccg gctaattttt     59160
     gtatttttag gagagacggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgatct     59220
     cgggtgatcc acccacctcg gcctcccaaa gtgtcgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgtg     59280
     cccagccaat tttttgattt ttgaaacatt tctgatattc tgtttaactt tctttttgct     59340
     ttggccaatc tttctttctc tttccttctt tccccctccc taaccctccc ttcctctccc     59400
     ctccccaatt ctcccctctc cagttctccc ctgtcctctc ctctcttccc ctctcctttt     59460
     gggacagggt ctcacactgt tgctcaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgctatca ttgctcactg     59520
     cagcctcaat ctcctgggcc caagtgatcc ttctacctca gcctcttgag cagctgggac     59580
     cgcaggagag cacaccacta cacctagcta atttttgttt tgttttgttt ttgtagcgat     59640
     agagtttctg tataatgccc aggctggtct ggaactcctg agctaaaatg atccaccttc     59700
     tttggcctcc caaagtgttg ggattacagg cctgagccac cccgccaggc ctctttcttt     59760
     tctttttctt ttcttcttct tttttttttt ttaagctgct ccttgctgag cagggctaac     59820
     tagtaagcag tggtctgtcc caatctttct attatgtttc tttttcttat tgctttgtaa     59880
     cagctttttg tattttgttt atttcatcaa ccatttcttc ctagattgta aattgtcttt     59940
     caaccttacc taaagtttgc cataaagaag ctctgtcaat ttttagcttt tctttgaaga     60000
     ttttaaaaca ttaattgcta aaaagacagg gacaacagaa aacatgggtg ggctacaaag     60060
     tataaaaagt cttgcatagt cattaccatt ttgatccctg gttgcttgca aatgtgcttc     60120
     aaatcccagc ttgggcactt cctgtctgat tgtagggatt ttttttttaa tttttttttt     60180
     tttagagatg ggcatctcag gttgggctca gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc caacactttg     60240
     ggaagctgag gcaggtgggt cacctgaggt caggagtttg agactagcct ggccaacatg     60300
     ttgaaaccct atctctacta aaaataccag aattagccgg gcgtggtggc acacacctgt     60360
     agtcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggtaag agaatcgctt gaacccggga ggctgaggtt     60420
     gccgtgagct gagatcatgc aactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagtga gagactccgt     60480
     ttcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agagagagaa atgggggtct ccctctgtca cccaggctgg     60540
     tgcgatcata gctcactgta gcctcaaact cctagtctca agcgatcctc ctgcctcagc     60600
     ctcccaagta gctgggggtc acagctctga gccacctcgc caggctgcag gcaaatttct     60660
     taatcttgcc gggctccagt cttccagtct ataaggtggg aataacaaaa tttgcatata     60720
     ggaatttggg gaaacgtgta gttctgggtt tgggtgaaga cctccacttt tgtagtaggt     60780
     tcataaatca aatcagagca aatagttggt gtcttaaaaa ctgtatttat ctgggtcttc     60840
     taagtaaacg gtttgaggag tggtggaggc agaaattaag atttactgag tacttagggt     60900
     caagtaaggt gcactggatc gtgttaatcg ttaactcgtg gaaaccgccc agagtgtgta     60960
     cgctttcttt cttttctttc cttttctttt tttttgagac ggagtttcac tcttgtcgcc     61020
     caggctggcg tgtaatggca tggtcctggc tcactgcaac tccgcctcca gggttcaagc     61080
     gattcacctg cctcagcctc cagagtagct gggattacag gtgcccacca ccacgcccgg     61140
     ctaatttttg tatttttagt aaagacgggg gtttcaccat gttggccagg atggtctcga     61200
     actcctgacc tcgggtgatt cgccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctaggat tacaggcgtg     61260
     agtcaccgcg cccggcctgg agtgtgtatt atcccaattt tatggggagt aattgtgctc     61320
     actcggctca ccaccaagtc gccagagcgc gcctccgcaa ggaagccctc caggcacttc     61380
     tactttcccg gacccgcctc ccgctccagc cggttacacg cgccgttagc agcgtgggcg     61440
     gagttggttc tgccttcgcg gaaccaactg gtccagcttc tggtgtctcc cctcgctcaa     61500
     ttaaaagcca gctcctctcc tttcggcttc cccacggtgc ctttcgggat ttgtagtcag     61560
     acgcgcttca gccggctcta aggagagcaa aggcaagact ccaattccca gcatcccccg     61620
     cgcccggaga gtgcagcgtc tattctcatc ctcttcactt ttccactcct ccccttacct     61680
     cccttctctt ctgaattc                                                   61698