ID   AL645808; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 190673 BP.
AC   AL645808;
DT   22-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 28)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-427P14 on chromosome 13
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-190673
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Pelan S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; de44c16aee8aa6cb65f599b4e0ff0de3.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456164.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021400; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000042874; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000044734; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000044951; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020425; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020426; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020427; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020428; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020380; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020381; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020382; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020383; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020357; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020358; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020359; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020360; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020375; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020376; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020377; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020378; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020178; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020179; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020180; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0020181; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020811; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020812; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020813; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020814; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019696; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019697; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019698; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020134; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020135; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020136; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0020137; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020256; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020257; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020258; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020259; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020241; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020242; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020243; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020244; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020333; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020334; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020335; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020336; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020267; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020268; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020269; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020270; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020852; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020853; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020854; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020855; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019450; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019451; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019452; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019453; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019757; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019758; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019759; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019760; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL645808.13:1-190673; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000021832; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000057428; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000057911; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000076352; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036683; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036687; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036688; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036689; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0036612; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0036616; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0036617; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0036618; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036582; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036586; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036587; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036588; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036627; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036631; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036632; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036633; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036385; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036389; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036390; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0036391; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037091; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037095; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037096; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0037097; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036315; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036316; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0036317; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036292; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036296; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036297; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0036298; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036434; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036438; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036439; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036440; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036420; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036424; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036425; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036426; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0036574; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0036578; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0036579; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0036580; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036411; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036415; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036416; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036417; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037141; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037145; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037146; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0037147; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035965; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035969; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035970; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035971; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035813; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035817; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035818; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035819; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q9D2K6.
DR   GOA; Z4YK03.
DR   InterPro; IPR000215; Serpin_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR036186; Serpin_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:3686989; D930007J09Rik.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D2K6; Q9D2K6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Z4YK03; Z4YK03_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: UK Medical Research Council
CC   Center code: UK-MRC
CC   Web site: http://mrcseq.har.mrc.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-427P14 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..190673
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-427P14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    53433..53434
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    186011..186037
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 190673 BP; 56105 A; 39896 C; 39690 G; 54982 T; 0 other;
     gaattcccca tgaggccctg aggttacaaa gactcaaaga agaaaaaact catgtaaata        60
     ttcaattgtt ttagaatgtg tttcctttcc tttattttat tacgttttta tgtctagttt       120
     tcacattgtg tactccatct ataaactcat aatttaggct ctccaggaac cagaaaccgg       180
     gcttcactac tctcccctgt gagaaccgtc agtggtgagc aaatgtgtaa gtgtgatgaa       240
     gcctcttttc ccaggctggc cctttaaagt tccaatggct cggtgtaaac tcctccagtt       300
     tagggtggga aaaaacctgc tgtgtgcttg ggagttgggt ggaggactgg agtccagagc       360
     agcatattcc ttttgttatt ttttcactcc aggcagtata atcctagata cttaactctc       420
     tgtctccata aacgaacaga ttactgattc tcattctacc agcttttcat ggaaaagaag       480
     ggcagtgttt tgttttattt tattttttaa gtgcttgtag tttcttccaa aggaacagct       540
     ttgtgagaac caacttctgc aaattagaaa aaaaatactg tatatcagtg acaaagcacc       600
     agagctaagg ccattggcga aggcttgccc caccagcaat ctggacatgg aaatctgagg       660
     acccagagct acacagagag ttcaaggcca gtctggacaa catgaggtct atctcaaaac       720
     aaaacccaaa aagccagcaa ggcctcattg tggttgggca ttttcttgcg tgggatatat       780
     ttgcccgatc agtaaaagag ttgctcttga aaacaagtga tgcttcattt ttggttaatt       840
     tttaaagatt tattatttgt gttttatagg cataaggatt ttgtttacac gtataactac       900
     gtaccacatg tgtgcctgtt actcagggaa accaggagtt acaaacagct gggagccacc       960
     acatggatgc tggggactga gcaagcatcc tctgcaagag cagcaagtgc tctcaaccac      1020
     tgagtcatct ctccagaccc agacaagtga tggtttggaa tgaaataacg aataatgcaa      1080
     cccagaaaaa gaaagaaatt ctaaatgaac acaacaagga atgtgtgtga atgccacact      1140
     atgctctgca atctcagcct ctccccactg tggacctggc aagtgatggc ccagagtgaa      1200
     atggaggggg gcgagtgtgg ctcctctacc atggaaacga gtgtccactg ctttaacggg      1260
     catcttgttt ttgtaatggt agcaaaatgt acctaatata aaattgccca cccagtttta      1320
     gagccagtca ccatccagat gagcattctt tttttttctt ttttattgga tattttcttt      1380
     atttacattt caaatgttat cccctttccc agttccccct actcctggaa accccctatc      1440
     ccatcctccc tctccctgct tctctgagga tgctcctcca cccacccacc cactcccgcc      1500
     tcccctgccc tcgattcccc tatactggga catcaatcaa gccttcatag gaccaaggac      1560
     ctttcttccc attgatacat gcatgacaag gccatcctcc gctacatatg cagctggaac      1620
     catgtcagat aaacattcct actgatgtgc aaccactgct gctatctagc tcctggaaac      1680
     ctcacgtgtt catctagcgt tctgcattct gtccttgtgg atctgaccac tctgaagtgg      1740
     ggtgacagca cttgccccct catgactggt gtattttgtg tagcactaag tcatcaactt      1800
     cttcgagata gcaagcacca caatttcttt cctacttgag actgaatcat accccactga      1860
     tgcccgtcca tttacctgtc agtagacact gatcgctctc ctgcttaatc tagtgtaaat      1920
     aacactgtga tggggataag tagagatgtc tgttcaagac cctacatcca attctgtatc      1980
     tgtttagtag aactgccagg ctgtttctca catcaaaatt tgacaaagca gagaactctg      2040
     tattctcctg cccttgatca aacttgggat tttctgtttc ttgatcacat ccaccttgag      2100
     gtggcttggc tgcctgcttc tgactgatgt gacactcttc ctaggagctt tacaaaatgg      2160
     cagtgtctcg tctcggtgcc tcggaacaga acgcaatgcg tcgtagtggg cgcagttagt      2220
     catgatctcc tgaaagccag ctcacggtga aacacagcct tccccagaac tacccattct      2280
     ttctgcttcc ctctactgct gcaccctagg cctcgccacc tagaagtagg ctgggagcag      2340
     accactcaga ctttggggaa cctcggagtc cttgtgacct agtgtctggg tggcatctgg      2400
     atggtgagca gcagccaagc tggaccatac aaccccaaca ttgtaaagtc accctccttg      2460
     tggctagagc tgcccatggt ctggtagccg tcctgattgg gtggggcacc aggccgatgg      2520
     atgtctaacc acacagtggt ttccatggag cctgggaaaa gtgagaaacc ctggattatg      2580
     agggaacaag acccaaagga caaaaatgac tgagtgggaa gccactgtag ccctggccag      2640
     gtctgggatg ggaagtcatc taaatatagc ctgtttacgg ccagtgatgg gctctcacag      2700
     acactgtctg tgtgtgagtg ggtgactgcc actccagcaa atgactaaac cagcatttta      2760
     tcaccagatt ttacttgcat ctaaagtact tttattgtac gtagtagagg acgaaaaccc      2820
     tagacttgct gtgggtggaa ggtaggcaga ctttcccatg ggagcttgcc atctatgctt      2880
     actggttgtt tggatattta aaacaaagta ggtctgaagt aaccacttgc ctttcacatc      2940
     ctaatatgcc tcctacttcc ggtttctgac tgaaaggttc cacatccact cttcctagag      3000
     tcaccaccag gtcacaactt tgtaacaagt tgtgtcagtg agcatttcag atgctgaggg      3060
     gacttgggga gggtggtcac acttaccatg ttacttggga cagtgtagct attcgggatg      3120
     cctgatctct tggcagaaac caactttgtt ggcagtgagt gtgggtccct gggtgaaaca      3180
     agtcattttt ttcatttttt ttttttacag ttcggtataa tgtttaatgt atctcttcag      3240
     tgaattacag tccaagaacc ccttttctca ttatttctag ccacaagaat aaccgtaaca      3300
     acttttcttc tgagtgcaat tctgctatca gtggttcaag tatgtctatc agtatcttct      3360
     tggcttgttt taaaaatatt tttattaggt attttcctca tttacatttc caatagtatc      3420
     ccaaaagtcc cctataccct cccccccact cccctaccca cccactccca ctttttggcc      3480
     ctagcattcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcatgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca      3540
     gtgatggcca actaggccat cttttgatac atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccggggt      3600
     actggttagt ccataatgtt gttctaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggg      3660
     tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggggccc tgttccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact      3720
     tctgtgtttg ctaggccccg gcatagtctc acaagagaga gctatatctg ggtcctttca      3780
     acaaaatttt gctagtgtgt gcaatggtgt cagcgtttgg aagctgatta tgggatggat      3840
     cccctgatat ggcaggctct agatggtcca tccttttgtc acagctccaa acttgagaca      3900
     agtcatttta catagctcta aagagaagca caaaacccat tgacacagat atgaaggccc      3960
     aaacagcaga gtcctgtgca cccatcctca cccaaaggct tattccctaa acatgcagcc      4020
     atctctttaa gacaggtaac ttcctcaaag aggaaaggac caagaagaac caaagagatg      4080
     cctcttctgg aatcttctca ctgacacctc ctcctcagag tcaacacatg ggagtttgga      4140
     tattgttggc ttagggagtg gcgctattag gaggtgtggc cttattggag gaggtatagc      4200
     cttgttagag aaaaatgcat cactgtgggg gtgggccttt gtgggggtgg gtctttgagg      4260
     tcatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgc ttaagtccag ccagcatgag      4320
     ccagagtctt ctccatggaa gatggagaac tctcaaatct tccttcacca tgcctgcctg      4380
     gatgctgcca tgctcccaca tgataatgga ctgaacctct gaacctgtaa gccaaccccc      4440
     cagttaaatg ttgtctttat aagagttgcc ttggtcatgg tgtctgttca cagcaatgga      4500
     aacctaagac aacacaaata tcatttatat atcaccccta cacacacaca tacacacata      4560
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactatgttc tatgtgctaa ggcacacaaa      4620
     tacatacaca tgcatgcaca tatggagata ctcattgtgt gtgttcacac atgagtgtgc      4680
     tcattcatac acatgcatac acagacacat agctagggta gaggcccttc tcttctatca      4740
     gaccattgct aaacccagaa agtgaggttc ccctttgcca tttgaaaacc ttttccccta      4800
     aaacttgtca gtcttccagt cctctcttct atacttccct agatatatgt ctaccagtct      4860
     tttttccccc tctctaactt ttgagagtgt ctttgaaaaa agacgtggaa ataggcaaaa      4920
     ttacaaaatt gacaaactta gttgataata attcagaaag atggaatcat tgttcttttc      4980
     cccaaccagg aattgtactg gcctgtcccc ctgttcgttt cctggagagc ccaaaagatt      5040
     ctgtattgga tttcactcta cgtcatggac ctgccacgag tgcattccag ccctatgccc      5100
     acctccttcg ggattctggt cccctaagcc tctcttattt ctctgcttac aggtctggat      5160
     agacagacat ttacacccat gcgagtctaa gaccatcctg gctgggcaga aagcatctgg      5220
     ggcctcaaca gattggcaag ggagagccaa gcaacatggg gccttttcat gtggtcctgg      5280
     gttcaggtca aatcccaacg gaccacatca gtgaagggga acttttcaca gcaaagtaac      5340
     tgtcagcctt gcttattaag catgtgacaa tgccatctgt tgattctggt agaaacagca      5400
     gaaggcttag cggactagag gggcaatgtc acatagttga ctattaacat caaatgagga      5460
     caaaataaac aagtcagaat ctgccaccaa cctgtctcaa tttgaggtca ctgatagtgt      5520
     ctatctttga ggccttttaa gaacttggga acaatgtatt gtcttaatcc cagttctgcg      5580
     aaaagcaatg tggttctgtc atttacccat aataaagagc tcagatcttt atctgctagc      5640
     tagagggttg ttagatccac cctatagggg tgcatgcctc ccataagggg attttaggat      5700
     attgtttagc agcaatttta gatgaactca atgaattaga gaaaagtata tgtgaagctc      5760
     gtaagctcat ggagacagca ctgcctgcca ccacagggct gactttgatg gggactccta      5820
     cagactactg acagaaaagt gccttggtac aaatactttg gaagtactta tggcgatata      5880
     gccagagcac tgacataaga ccccgcagtc cacctacatc taggtgattt cccagaagaa      5940
     acagattgca tgtccacaca ggctcaaatg ccactctttg tggccctatg agacagacaa      6000
     tgagtcaagt gagcagttga ctgaaaaccg agtaggcagt gtaatgagca gggtaagtgt      6060
     tgagcactgc cgagcaataa gaaggcacaa ggacgtgcag agcccattct gacagggtga      6120
     agaaaatccg gtgaagtgac acccattgct tgatagaagt ctagggaagg caaagtttca      6180
     tggttcaagc tcgtcactgg tttccagaga ctggtgtcag gtgatcagga gagaggatct      6240
     cgttcaaagg gactctagga aattttagtc acagaaacat cccatatctt ggatgtgtag      6300
     atgcttgtat gaaattatca acctccatca cgcagtgcct atggtatgtg atacacatag      6360
     agtgtgtgcg cttcaaatct ctgaactttg atacatgaaa ataatgactt aataaagcta      6420
     gaacgaacac ttctccccat ccaacctgag acttttttcc cctggggcag caagtcacag      6480
     tctctctttc cagaagaacc aactgagcag cagtgaagcc actctttagg acctagctca      6540
     gagagcagaa actgggtaca aggatgctta caaacactgt tctcaaggag ccctgttcac      6600
     caacttggtt gactgcagct ttgaataaac gagtgaatcc tgaatggtga gattcccaag      6660
     gtcttggatc ctgagactcc ctgacaagga aaacataaga tcatccatcc catgaaccca      6720
     ttaaaaaaaa taactatgtg ggttggtatc caaagaactg tgaatttttt cttctctatg      6780
     tgtgtggtag aggatgagcc aaagcagttc caccagctgg tcattggtac ggcagttaca      6840
     gcttcatcaa gttggtatct gtccgagttt gagctgttct ggaagcagag tctagagtat      6900
     acatctgatt aggttccaga aagtaaggta gagacctgag acaggagact gactgataag      6960
     aaaagtcagc agagactgtg gctgggttac agtagcaact aggctggccc tcaagtgacc      7020
     ttctgaggaa tgatgaagaa catacctcag aaactgggtc tattcatgga atggatgcct      7080
     aaaatgatca ccttgtgagg aaaacggggc tcgcagtttt tgaaatgcca gtctatggcc      7140
     agttttccag ctgctctcag gctgtgcaga atcagcacat ctcagaggga aaacaggcaa      7200
     gaacaaccat ctcacctcat tgcaaaagga gaaaaatgaa atgaaaaatg aaaggggttg      7260
     ggtctcatta aaccctttca gggaacactt gcaatgatca gaaggctctg gaatctgagt      7320
     tcaattccca gcagcaccta catggcagct cacagctgtc cgtaattcca aaatctgaca      7380
     cactcaccca gacatacatg agggcaaaac accaatgcac tatttttttt gaaaatgata      7440
     acgttctatc ccctcacaat gacaccacac tgggagccca gcctctaaga caggcctttg      7500
     agagtcattt cagatccaaa ctgcagcaat gcttccaccc ccaaaagtca aggagtttgg      7560
     catttcctac cggctcctaa ttccctataa tgaagggcct ctactactgg gctgtgtgct      7620
     cctggaaaaa ggtactatct gggatttaga aaaagtcccg aggctgaagg gagacagtgc      7680
     agggcatcta cctgaacatg ttcagagctt cttacttcaa ccatgccgaa gccaggtggg      7740
     tggaaatgtg ggtcatgtct cagcatcagg gtccgaagga aggcagccat cagtggcatt      7800
     cttaataaag atacacaaat atgggacttg agagatggct cagtggttaa gaacactagc      7860
     tgttctttca gaggatccaa gttcaattcc cagcacccac atagtggatc gcaaccatct      7920
     ataactccag ttcgtgggaa ctggatgctc tcttctggcc tctggtggca cttgaactca      7980
     cacatacaca taaataaata gtaaaataaa tctttataaa aatacactga tatatgagcc      8040
     ctagagaagc tacagggcaa ggcagttcat ccttagctgc tttggaaggc ccttggcttc      8100
     tactactaag aggcagtagg atgaacataa gcactttcat gggtcgccag tggcctgtgt      8160
     gggctttgtg atgttgatcc agtatctagg ctcctcaact ctagaataaa tggaggcatt      8220
     ataaaaggag gtattaccat atgcctctca gcccaagagg ctcagaccaa gtcttgtccc      8280
     aaacaagcaa gtgtagacag ttcagtgaca taactccaac cttgtctagg tcctccagag      8340
     cacgcttcct gcccccgtgc tggcacctgc aaggaaagtc ccagatctag gtggaagagg      8400
     agctgcatta gggacaatct actactgtag tcttctcctg gagtcgttca caatccactg      8460
     gcatgtaacc agagctccga gggtgacaag acagttgcca aaaggcctga ggaggagtcc      8520
     gtactcttta cattttgaac agggagggct cagcctattt ctgctatgtc tcaaaatacc      8580
     agttgaatgt gccccaatgc tcaggagact caaaacccag gcacattcta gaggggcagt      8640
     cacagggtga aagggagata gttcagtagg ttcctatagc aaaacctttt tctcaatagt      8700
     gatgcttgtc tgtctcaaaa caggacctga ctgagcacct tgggtaagtg tctggccagg      8760
     gtcagtaaaa agcctgcact aatttgaata gctccagaat ggctgacaaa cagggcaaaa      8820
     ctttggacaa ggagtcaaag tatagaagca atgggacaaa ttgactttaa accagacaac      8880
     agacacaaag catctatcac agaaagctca caagtgtgtt cacaaccagt agacatgggg      8940
     tagacacggc cttacctgga aatgagagag ccccgacttg gaacttccaa ccaggcctta      9000
     gggaaagccc ctgagtcccc atcccttgcc cagccaatta atgtaaaggt caccaggacc      9060
     tccaatcatt aagtgactag ttgctgttgc tataatctgc cctaaaaaaa atgtataaaa      9120
     agcttatgaa aggaagagaa ggggttgcct ctcctctgga tgcaggacaa ccccagtgcg      9180
     ctggaacaat aaacctcttg cttttgcatc taattccatt cttgagtttc atttgagggt      9240
     ctccaggaag ctaaggctca ctttgaatct tactggaaag gggctgagtt actttcccaa      9300
     atgtgagtct ttgtctttct acttagactc atggcattct ataacaaagg caaagctaca      9360
     gtaggcagga tgccctttct ttctgtctct ctatgtttct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct      9420
     ctgtgtgtgt gcacgtttgt ttctgtgtga gagagacaca gagagacaca gagagacaga      9480
     gacagagaca gagacagaga cagagacaga gacagagaca gaggtggggg ttcctgaagc      9540
     cagcattact ggactgtgat gtttcatgag gctggtgtgt gtgagtttat ggagaaaaac      9600
     agaaacatgc taccagttaa caggagtgct ggctgccttt atgatcatag catctgctgt      9660
     tgctgttgct attgctgctg ccactatggc agataaacaa gttctcagaa gctcctgaga      9720
     agattttttc acaatgggaa gttgttcgaa cttgatcaaa tggattcttt cctgagtctc      9780
     tcctctctaa tagtgtttcg atgccatgct tgccaggtca gctcccatgt gatactgctt      9840
     attatgtgcc tgtggatact ttctggtggc agtgtagtag aatttagttg gaaaagccaa      9900
     gagagtgaat ttcaatttgt taatttgatc accttcctaa ccaaatgacc ttcatgtcac      9960
     cttgctatat aagacttagt ttccctagcc aaaagccaaa gatggtttat agtaagacct     10020
     gacactgtat ggataattgt gaacactgaa tcagatcacg atctcagcac agtgccaggc     10080
     acaaagtata tgcttagttg tgataactgt gactgttgga tgagtagact tcatgtaact     10140
     aaacagacct ccatgcttcc tggcttgatc ctcacctgct tctctaagta gatacactga     10200
     gatttcactt cagcttggga cagaagaata taagctcaat gacactgatc tgctaccaac     10260
     tatagccaaa gaaccataga tatgaaggag ttaacaaagc catagttttg cctgcaaaga     10320
     tcctgcatgg taatgcattg tatgtgtgct gccgtgagaa ctctgcaggc ctttctcatc     10380
     ctgaggcctt ggttgtttca gatctgcatg gagctccctg ttaaagcaat acttacagaa     10440
     ttcattaaca cttaaaagtc atataagaaa agaagagcta tttcagaagt atggcccaaa     10500
     cttcctgaag aaattagaaa aggatgcaca aactcagcct ttgagaagga ataaagaaaa     10560
     atgatgatga agatcagaag tcccctacat ataaaacaaa aattaaccaa taaaacaatt     10620
     aaatgtaagc tagctcttta aggagagtat gagaagccct gagtttgatt ccccaggaac     10680
     aatgtcaaaa atgaaaaaaa aagtcactgt ttccagaatt ctagaaatta ataaatgctt     10740
     atgacgaccc atctgtgaca tttttactta gcctcctgaa ctcctcttta gctctcggtg     10800
     gcggtaatgg ttaatattga ttctatatga cagggtcaag aacaccaaag agacaagcct     10860
     ccagggatgc cggaaattat ccaaatttgg tgaagtggga agatgcacct taactgtggg     10920
     tggcaccatt ctatggactg ggaacctgag ctaaattcag tggaaagggt ggccgagcac     10980
     aggcttcatg ctctctgctt cctgattgca ggtacagtat gtgcagtggc cttgagctcc     11040
     tgatactgtg acatccaccc cctcccccat ggtaaacagc gcctctagtg tgagctaaga     11100
     ataacccctc cctctccagg ttttcttcat gtccagagcc tataacagca atgaaagaag     11160
     gaagtaatat agtgctcttt gaatccagaa gcctagcagg ctccaggcag ggtgcatggg     11220
     tgtgatagtc cttcaacttt catcctgagg gcactgtcac catcatatct aacaggtagt     11280
     ttcttgggga aattccccaa gagtttttgt ggtgtgagcc aacctgagag ctcactggag     11340
     gaagaggcag tgagcagagt cttgtgcctc agtcctttac ccataacaac cagtggtaat     11400
     cgtttgcctg aggtggagtt gccaattgga gctgaataag aggccatcca aaaaccatga     11460
     agaaaaattt acaagactag atgtttataa gggattttta aaagtactga catatactat     11520
     gcccatgtgc aggctggaac tccttagaaa ttgcctaaga aagacaatac cttacctctg     11580
     gctttgagct ttatgaaaat gtgtactaag actaagcagg attctgaatt actgttgtat     11640
     tcaagttgta gcccaaccca gagtaaactc ttaacaagga gtagacttgc ctaaaaaatt     11700
     aattctctat ctacagatca ctatttttaa aatattttaa attattcttt taaaaagtcc     11760
     tcatgttttt aaattgacca ccaattagct gagcagagac ttaaaatggt acatgtgatg     11820
     ggagatttga gcttatcaca cacagggcac atctgatttc aaagcacttg acaatgtgag     11880
     actaaggaca atatctgaaa agtcatttca agcatcattc aagcaaagaa aaagagttga     11940
     aaaaaccctg gatacagagg atgatggctg agcatcacag tcactcagat gtgtaagctt     12000
     caggcatgtt tcaaagggac tgtcccttca gaaactccct ttatgtggcc catggtttcc     12060
     agaggttatt attctgtttg ttccacagta aatggaagtt aaaatggtga atagttgaga     12120
     attggtttaa gggtttggtt ctttgtttca ggtttatatt gatcagatat agttaaattt     12180
     tgtgttaatt ttattgttct ccttcagtct attagaatgg accatctgct tacaactctg     12240
     aggatgtgtg tgcttgtgtg taggtgaatg tgtgaaatta agtgattatt tttaaagtga     12300
     gaaagtctgt atgtcatata catctgtttg acttgtatcc tcctagttgg ctctgtacta     12360
     ctgtatagaa taactaccaa taacaaacga gaaaatctgg tcattatgtt ttacaaattg     12420
     ctacatagag gataaacact gtttgctgtg agcagatgaa aacctccatc cgccaatatg     12480
     aacacggaac cctcctagcc tgtcctgtaa ggagcattgt tttgagactg gcaagtctga     12540
     acagatcagt ccaacaagga acaaaacctg ggaagggagg aatctgatca ctatctaatc     12600
     ttttcttcct tatggcatga ccaaggcttc aatggtgtca agcgcttcaa ccaagccatg     12660
     tgtaatgctc tgagatacat gtgggtgtta gtcaagtatg cacaacaaca cactctgcag     12720
     tgagagacca ctaactgggc aggcagaagg aaactgaaag ctgtcacaag aaaacagtga     12780
     cccacattgg aacctggctg gcataaactt ggcagagata ggcttggcat gagtatgtgt     12840
     ttcactatag aaatttgcgc actgttgccc aagaggccag gtgctgaggt aatgattgaa     12900
     tgataagatt ttggacaaat acgaaggttt ggagtgaaag gattttttta aacaaggttt     12960
     tgaaatgcat tcataaacgc agaaccatgt gctatctttt gaaactttag agaaacattt     13020
     tttgaaatat aaagttcaat tttattaaac atatgggtaa tctcaaaatt atccagaata     13080
     gtaaaagtaa tttgaaaata attaaaattc agaaaaactt caggtgtgta tccaagttct     13140
     gagcatctct aatatgatgt aaaatggctg aggaaattta caatgaacag gtgtgtaaag     13200
     taattgaagg ggaaaagttc agacattaat tagcaagaat tatgaagatc tttgttggat     13260
     tgtttttctc ttaaattgac atatttaagc atatgtatta aagaaatatt gaaattatga     13320
     atacagaccc taattcttac tcatggaaag tagactttgt aatggtttat acttttgcca     13380
     tcaatcactg aatgaaatgt agaagggaaa caaaatggga gcgtaaagca aaaggaaata     13440
     cggttttaag taattttgaa aacttaacca gtaagtctta gagtagtgcc aaattttcct     13500
     tcatcaaaat ccagccaaat aaggacacat atgctcagag attatctctg cttagaactg     13560
     gagaaaatgg ttaataatgc caaaagtcag acactgattc ctgtatgcaa aggttttaga     13620
     tattgtggag aactaaaaag aaggaaaaaa atcaatacag ttagaaaaca atattaatga     13680
     ctatacagac gatgtcatgt gacaccagga ctgtgccagg agttgggaca ggatggtgaa     13740
     tttacatgtt taccaggtag acaagagtag ttttgttttc tttttaaaag ttcataaaaa     13800
     ttatttaaag aaagaaaaga tgtagaaaac ttcagaattg caaagaaacc cactgtacta     13860
     gtgttgagta tgttcactca aggtgttgtg ctcagtagac caaggtgctc agagaagtga     13920
     gtactatgca cagctgaata ctgtgcatgt taagtactcc atgacaaacc ccaaaggggt     13980
     gaaagaggcg ttggtaccat agccatgtaa aaaagctgaa aagactttgg gaagagtatt     14040
     tagagttgga agaacctaaa agaacatctc atgaaatcct caaaatgtaa agctgtaagt     14100
     tgagtatgtt aaggacagtg aagaaaactc cctttgaaac tggagacaga agatctcttc     14160
     tataatctgg tagaaagtcc atcaaggaga ggctgtctct acagtaatgt gggcagggga     14220
     ctaatgaact atatgatcta gctgagattc ccagataaca cagagatttc cctgatttct     14280
     tctggggggg ggggtattta agaattccaa cttctgcaga catcaaatga tcctaacact     14340
     caggaaaagg cacttctcta aaatttaaaa tactgacaca gaggtctact gcgtaagatg     14400
     gcagaccaga aacttcacca ctgaagctca gtaaaagaga atagtaaaga taatatgaac     14460
     tcatggtcct atgcaagaga caaggtctgt aaaacaattt attaagctgg agggagatct     14520
     ctgcaggaag cttgagattg aagcccgagt agaccacctc tccacacctt cctgtggctt     14580
     gcagaataaa gtcgcccagg taacagtggt agaaactacg aggaaaggaa gaagaagaag     14640
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag     14700
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggattcaaga agaacaagaa cataattcct ccaaaaatta     14760
     ttaatcctac aacaatgaca actagtgaga atgagttaga tgaaatccaa gataattcaa     14820
     attagtgatt ataagtatgt tcaatgatac aaacagctga atgaaataag aattatgatg     14880
     gataatatga actgggcatt caacaaagac agaaatgcta aaggcaaacc attctaaatg     14940
     tagaaagtaa aaggcccagt cagatgtacg ctctacagag tctaagtgat agagtgggtc     15000
     aagaaggggg cactgtatct gaccttgaag gcaagataga ggaacatgaa caatccaaca     15060
     aggacagaag taaactaata agaaggtacc agtagaaatt gtgacaagac cagatttaca     15120
     cattatgtgg atagaagaag aaagtatagg aaaagaatca tcactgaaaa ttttccagag     15180
     ttaggataca agatgtcaat tcagtaggag atatttggta cactcaaaac cagaagaagg     15240
     aaaaaacctc tgtcatattc caattaaaac actacattta caaaacagaa gaagtatatt     15300
     ggaagtggta aaagagaaat actatgtctt agtaaaggtg ggcccatcac aacaataatc     15360
     agattattca actgaatact aaagtccaat gagcttggaa tggcatatat caagttttca     15420
     aagataacaa ctgttaaccc agaatattat acccagcaaa tgtatctgtc atagttgaag     15480
     gaatttaaaa aatcttttaa tgataaaaat atgctaaagg aatttgtgag tactcagcca     15540
     gctttgcaga agtttcttgt aggaactttt ctaactgaag agaagaataa atccaaccat     15600
     gagatcacag aaaagaataa cccatgttag aatgatacta agcaagagaa agagagaaga     15660
     aggaaggaaa gaagaaagaa aggagggaag gaagaaagga agaaagaaag ggattttgag     15720
     caaagatcaa atccaagcat tctgctgaaa agatgaatta aacaggaaac caggaactta     15780
     aaactctttc ctaagacttc agaaatgcca aggacaatga atcagagacc cattctgtta     15840
     agaggctgac caaaaatcaa gatagagcag ggcttatctg gaaggacttt tggtcacaat     15900
     cctcatctga tggagtcagt ctcaacgttc ataggaaatc tatacaattt ttaggaaatc     15960
     catattgtca taagcatcat cagcttagac tgaagtagct gaatataaca caaaagcgac     16020
     aaggcctacc ccccggagct cgtgtctcta gctgcatatg tatcagaaga tggcctagtc     16080
     agccatcatt ggagaggccc attggtcttg caaactttat atgcctcagt acaggggaac     16140
     gccagggcca agaagtggga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg ggggggggca tgagggactt     16200
     ttgggatagc attggaaatg taaatgaaga aaatacctaa ttaaaaagaa agaaccctgg     16260
     ggggggggaa gaaaaaggaa agctattata aatgtttatg tgctgagaaa caggactggg     16320
     ctgaaagaca tgcatgactg cacatgcgca cttgctttcc ttggagtgga tgagaatgat     16380
     tcagaaaatg aatctaaagc ctagaaggcg gggccaagat ctacagcact caaacgagga     16440
     ctgagtgacc tcaaagccaa aacaactgca cagctttttg gaccagtgaa tcacctgatt     16500
     ccttttctct tctggctgtc ttaacctgtt cactgtctga caggtgtctg tgctgggcag     16560
     gcttaacttt cctctgaact cagagaaact acactctagg aactagcttt agtgaacgtt     16620
     caaggaaaaa aggagaggag cccaggagaa cagctatgaa acatgagacc tctacagcgt     16680
     gctatgagac ctttacacct ctatgacaaa attgaggtgt aaaggtgaga gatgtggatg     16740
     tggcagaggg aggcagataa tgacttacaa aggtaacttt gtcattgcta gttcaacttg     16800
     tcacagaaat tgtaggattt actataaaag aaaatgagaa tcagaaaggc cattctgctg     16860
     ggagagtaaa ggcctcagtg tccttggaag cagtcttctt ttccacactg tgtccactct     16920
     ggggcattcc tcattggacc taagaggaca aaattctggt ttaacagtcc agtccctaga     16980
     aaggatcctg ggatgatatg ctgggctatt ggatgggcac ttcctgatgt gtgcatttta     17040
     gagcagagac tgccttcagg ggaacacaaa gagaatgtga gtcaactcct aggaacttgt     17100
     gtgttcctca gccaacacaa tgagaaacta aaggaagaag ctaaaatcat gtttgtttgt     17160
     ttgtttgttt tttcaggaag gattatgtgg gattttgtgg ccaaaaggag tgatttttat     17220
     atgtgatcca tatgaggtaa gatgcagaaa atactgactt aatcagttct ataccccaga     17280
     agctgggagg gcacacctaa aacttagaat ccctgtcttc tttccctatt tgttcaagac     17340
     cagaagcttt ttaattagca taatagatac tacagttatt tctacttggt aaaatgagta     17400
     gtgtctaaat tatgtggact ggctagaaaa gcagcacata tgtttgaacc tttacatgaa     17460
     gaatgagtat aatacagtag gaatataatt cacgggcttc cagctcaact cctaggttca     17520
     tgcgcttgat catcttgcct caacctctta agcagctggg attccaggca tgtgtcatgc     17580
     tactccataa caatctactg ctatgtataa agaactcaaa ggcctaggag cataggccct     17640
     ttagagtggc tctcagacct tcttattcca ttacctattg tccagccatt ctttgaggat     17700
     gctgtcacct gatccagcta gacaggtgaa ccaaggttca atcatctttg caagttcact     17760
     tgaggcagat actgtcgtat ccatgttggg tgaaccctcc atacaggatc atctgcatgt     17820
     gcctcataat tcagcctatg ccttgttctt gtatcaaatt ccacccagaa ggcaagttgt     17880
     aggaatcaag ggggagatct gtttattacc ttcagtggct tctaactact ggaagctttt     17940
     agttgctcca gagaaaaatt gcaatggtcg caatgtcccc atttccctta gttttattga     18000
     gcacaggaaa tgaggctagt gctgcatggt gactgttctc agctcttctg cccaactgtg     18060
     ctcatcacat tagtgctctg ggactcctgg aaggtttcag cactgcctcc ttggcagctc     18120
     tcttctgcag gagggatgct tggtggcagc atcattggct gatgtgactg gggggttgaa     18180
     aggtgcagaa gagcttcagg gaggtgattt gctgtgctgt cccaccacag gagtccactc     18240
     tcctaaactt gtgtgagaac attttggaag tttccagaaa taatggtgag tattgaaaga     18300
     cctatgagcc agctaaatac caaggacact cttgtatgag actgtattta tacctagcaa     18360
     ggttcaggaa aaaattgaaa ataagttatt gaagaaacct gaattagaag gtatggaaag     18420
     aagctacttg ggggcagagg accccaagga accatcttct tcagactagg atcattagcc     18480
     agaatggtga tgcactttcc tggtagggac tagaaaggga agtcggaagg gtctgatagc     18540
     ctccttctgt agcatattga gggagacaac cctgcctatt ccagttcact ctgggagagg     18600
     gacaaaaaag acaggagagg acttgaatgg ctttcaaccc caagtgtcag gtccttgaga     18660
     tttcgcacta agaacttgtt cctgatgaag aatgggtcca tgaacactga tgtggttggt     18720
     gaatgcagct tcttccttgt gtgaaacaag tcagttgact cacctaaagg gctaggcctg     18780
     agagactggg ttcaagaggg acatgatatt actctagtga aaaaacataa gcctctactt     18840
     ccacctgata aagggaccag aaaatgcatg cccctgggta tggacttcac agcttaaggg     18900
     cacaatgcta caggtctcaa ccagttctga gttactccaa ccatgcatac acatttggga     18960
     gctgaacacg ctctttagaa tagacactca aggctagaag gcatcaccgc agcctatggc     19020
     agggtagcta ctcggttcca cgctggggag ttgtcactgg cagatgctag ggtcatgcag     19080
     ctgtgttaga gagagtggaa agctctaccc cattctctgg ccctagataa tttgcatata     19140
     catctatgtg ttgttcaata tttttggatc agtgggaaat agagctgaac tcctacactg     19200
     gaccaaccat gccttcaagt gggacagctg cttttcccct gtggaattct ctgctagtca     19260
     catagatggt tctggaaccc tcagaaacat gaagctcctt taaggtacct tggagatctt     19320
     agtgtcatgt gccatcagat ggtcaaaaag gaggggatct gtgttgtgtt agccaaggct     19380
     tctttattga ataatttaag tcactaacaa acataaataa caacaaagaa aataatatag     19440
     ttctttaata taatacacat atatgactta cagtgcacgt tcataaggca aagaagtaaa     19500
     gccaaatgtt cctactacgt tcagaaataa aaatatacat gacagtcact acacaatcca     19560
     cttttaattc tgatctgcat gagtgaacct cttcagaagg acacactgac atctgtcagc     19620
     tagggtgaaa gcaaaatgca cacatgtcca acttctccac acacgggtta ggtatctgtt     19680
     gttcttttga atgtgcttaa gccttcaata tataaagatc atttatagaa acacacttca     19740
     ccagaatgga gcaaaaagat atgtagggca cttctaattt gataaactgc agacttcaag     19800
     ttgcacaagg acatggtgtg aatcttaaac ccagtatcac ccatccactg aaggcacttt     19860
     gccatttgga aaagaaattc tcatctcaaa aaggtcacag tggtataaca tgtgcttagt     19920
     gtgtacacgt tcctggggtc cattcccagc atgaaaagaa agaaggaagg aaggaaagaa     19980
     gaaaggaagg attgaaggaa ggaagcaagg aagcaaggaa ggaaaaaagg aagcaaggta     20040
     gggagggagg gaggagagag ggggtagagg aagggaagga gggaggaagg aaggaaaaag     20100
     gaagacaggc tgactggctc ttagaggaat atcataatga ggaagatgaa ctaagttcta     20160
     acttaaaaag aaataagtga agaaaaaatt aaaaacaaac acattgtctg agctctggag     20220
     catggcccac agggatggca gagctgagcc tacccaccac agcccacagg ccctgccttt     20280
     ccttatttat actttacaaa taaattttcc aagcaagctg gcctagagcc caaactaaac     20340
     aagaaaatgt atgcacactg caccccttgc tcagggaggg cgtgacaggg agcactcaga     20400
     gaagaaggaa tgaattaaga gcataaccct catttcctta gtataaaatc catattttga     20460
     ttccaaaaca agaaaattga ctatgctaat ttccataact attcacatgt tcttcaaaac     20520
     actaaagtac acatgcctat ttacatttta aagaaagaaa ataaattaat atcagttggg     20580
     caaaaagcca ccaaaaaata aactcatggg tctcgccaca tatgtgttac ctaatttaac     20640
     ctgtaaagct ttgccctaag ctatcttaga gcagaaatta ttccaatttt ttttatggag     20700
     caaatgggag catgagctct ctcctccatg ttctctaaca tcaactgttt ctgggtaagt     20760
     gttagcatct tccaaagaca aggacaagga cacccttctc agctatcttc aggctctttc     20820
     tttctaaaca gcacatgtgc tgcggctcca agcagctttg gtagaactaa gaagcctctt     20880
     gtgcccaaag agcgtggaga agaagacagc accccaaatc ccgatgacct cttggaaaag     20940
     tagatgactg gggccacaga gctggcatct gcattgattg gccagctttg caaagcccct     21000
     ttcccatcag agccgacatc ataggctttc actgagcagc ctcccgtggg tgtggatcga     21060
     ggggacagac aaagccagac taaccatctc ctgcagcact gtaactcagc ctgtaatcct     21120
     caacttggcg actgaactcg cctcagcttg tgcataaaac gatcttgctg gagcggggta     21180
     cccaccttcc tatccaaatg tgcaagctta actgcccatg cgacgatcca ctctcaaagc     21240
     agtctcctct ctaaacctcc aaaaacacaa actaaagcaa tcacacccac taattgtggg     21300
     gtattgtgga aattcaggtg gccaagaact cttgcctgta tgtgacctaa gctgtccttt     21360
     ccacttgtgg caggtccaga tgtatagcaa tgtgagttag aataaaaggt gcatgtcttg     21420
     ctgaagatct cttccccagg ctcagggaga atccatgccc gcaactgaaa atgcctttct     21480
     atgcagcgtt ttcaaccaga cctttgtgtc ccatttagca tttgagtgag taccagcctg     21540
     ctgtggtcaa ggaggattaa tgtgtgtact ggcttgtgtt ttttccgagt gctcagtgaa     21600
     gagcatcggc taagcttagc acagtaatag aacattgaag tcagagcttc tccacctgtc     21660
     ccagcttgtg agtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgta tcttttttta ttaagaaaat aagaggagga     21720
     ggaagagaag gatgaagaag aggaatagga agaaggggtg gaggaggagg aggaggagga     21780
     ggaggaggag gaggaagagg aggaggagga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     21840
     agaagaagaa gaagaggagg aggaggagaa ggaggaggag gaggaggaag aggaagaaga     21900
     ggaagaagag gaagaagagg aagaagagga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     21960
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aattttaagc     22020
     ttaaaggggg gtattaaaaa ccaaccttgg atgacacatg agccaaaaga aaggagcagg     22080
     tgtctgtcgc agcctgggaa cgctggttgg aacaagcaga gttttacaca tagcacaaca     22140
     gtgaaatgat actggccttc actaaatggt acctacttac cctttacttt ggggcagggc     22200
     atgaaagggc aatgaggagg tgttagctat tggtgggcat gcttatggac atgagggttt     22260
     ggcagttagt caagggtctc aagtcagccc cgggtgacag ggccacttgg ctattcttac     22320
     cattacaatt gtgacatcaa tttatggcta aaactggggg cattgtttgg ctgaactaaa     22380
     ctcaaaggcc attgggaaat aagagcctga atgtcagtgg aatttcaggg agttttgcaa     22440
     agtcttgccc caagccatcc tgttccctaa aggctaccta cagtggtgct catatatccc     22500
     atatctgaca gcaaatagcc catgagcttg gaaataatac tttgcaacca attccaggca     22560
     tagtagtggt gtgtcttcaa tcccagcatt ctagagtaga tatgaatggg tttctatgag     22620
     tttgaggcca gcttgatcta catagcaaat ttcaggcccg ccaaggcttt ataattagga     22680
     cctcgtctca aaaaaataaa atgtttgtaa tcagaaatag gttttgcctt acccttagag     22740
     ccattgactc ctatgggagt ttgcatagtt ttgaatttgt gtagctatga ttaatgatct     22800
     ttgaagtgtt tccatttacc cagaggctgg agtcactttc tagacactgc ccctgaacac     22860
     tgcacattgt aattccctgg atgcacagac gcagctcctt ctggtgacac ctaggtcttg     22920
     agggaagctc ttatggctat cttttgaagg ttgtcatttt aaagactaag cacaaatatg     22980
     tacctcctca aaccaccagg tttagtgggg atgaacttgc acattagatc agagcaaggg     23040
     gaaccctgta aaatggtggg gaatgaatct gaacatggaa tcagctactg ggtagaaact     23100
     gttgcacttg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agataaagag agagagagag     23160
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagtt cagaatgcat ggaaggtacc     23220
     acatgtgatg gctgatcttg ccttagaaag aagccttatg ttccagcaag ctaataatcc     23280
     attgaattca cttcatttca aaccacaaaa aaaaatgggt ccaaatctta gaattttgtt     23340
     gtcaatacaa ttgcccactt gagaaacata gtgcaaggac tagaagtcgt tctctctcct     23400
     ccaatgcatc ctccagattt tgtgtctcca gcaccactct ggtagtccaa gaaacagcct     23460
     aacatatccg ctgccccact aacatcccaa actaaaaaca aacattgaaa cacaagaagc     23520
     caaaaaggca gagaaacatc ttcccctctg aacactaagt gggatgtggg catctgcctg     23580
     ggcccctagg gagcagccct gggtcaccca ctgagcacag caaagccttt ccaagttcaa     23640
     gttcaaggct gcccatgcta tggctgccag tcatcccagg ggtcaaggca ccagaactgc     23700
     tgatttttcc aaaagccttc tcaaagcagc agcaaccgca gcagttttcc tgcaaagcaa     23760
     acaaaatacc agtcttgtta attcagcagg actttaaaat tgtaattagc tggttgtgcc     23820
     ccttaggaaa ccacagagga cttttcataa tgtatgtgtg tatgtgtgtg agacagaaag     23880
     agagcgtttg acaaattcca ttgcacacca gggctggctt tttttttttt aagtccctgt     23940
     gagtatttta acattatttg caatgctgaa ggacaaggcc ctctttgttt catctgaagc     24000
     acagccactc ctgtgctctt gtcatcagtc cacagtcaac tccatttcag catcaaagtg     24060
     agcatttgtg ctaggcaggg aatttggtca cctatcatat agggatgggg gtgagtgttc     24120
     cactgaccct cccacagatg ccagaagcca caaaagccaa attccacata taaagtggcc     24180
     caaaataatt gtgtaaaacc tacatacaag tccctacatg tttaaaatca tctctaggtg     24240
     gctaatggtg ctagcaatat catggcacat gaataatcat accccattat ttatggaaca     24300
     gtgataagga aagagtgggt atattcagca cagacacagt gtttttctgc aaatattttc     24360
     tatctatact tgaatggctc cacagataga agccacacaa aaggatctga ctatatctct     24420
     gattgaggct tatacactgt tcctgcctgg cctaaccact gagcaacaac tcaattttta     24480
     tgccacgtaa atgagaaaag acacaaggtt gggtgtgttt aatagaaagc cactaggctt     24540
     gttttcaagg tgttttattg gtgcatcaag aaactgctaa tggatcaaaa gagactcgtg     24600
     tgtctccatt tacattataa actgtgcctg ttcataggac ttgcatctct ttcttttcca     24660
     taagaataat ctttaactac taggttttaa aaaacaagta tttaatttaa atattagttt     24720
     cacatataag atctttgcag aaacctcatt catcttctca agtgggtttg ctcagtggca     24780
     atatctatac acacacacac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     24840
     acacacacct tctgtttctt tttgtatggt gcagagaatt gaactttggg ctttgcacat     24900
     tctaggtaag cagcatgcca atgagctgta gccttggctc tcttttatag ttttacattt     24960
     taagacaggt tttaataaga cgcctggcct gaccttgaac tcattctaca gacaaagctg     25020
     gtctggagtt tgccctctga gttaatactc taaatttatt tattaattta aaataggggt     25080
     tccataatag actccatgct catcaagccc aggcttctac cccgggagct gagaataaag     25140
     agaacgtaac tcaataaaga agcacatgga ttgtgtagat tggcaaatct gaagccattc     25200
     cgcctggtct gcaagggaga ctcacacagg ccaagggaga ctgaaggaac ccagggaagg     25260
     gaggcaggca gcccacaaga ccatcaggag gcaaacctgc ccggtctcag taattccagc     25320
     acagtgtacc cagctgtacg gtgtgaccag ctcagtgctt ccgctgctgt ctccgcatgg     25380
     gctgcgctgt cttccatcac actgggttca aagtgacagc tttggcacgg aagggtttta     25440
     cctcctccca ccaccatttc ctcttcattc tttccccaca gaccctggcg acaggcctgc     25500
     cttggaatgc aacctcctgt cacccagtat gttcattccc accaggcctc aaaagtgact     25560
     ccaggactct ctgtgggaag gtggtttgtg gcaaacccag ggggtttgtg gtggctgggg     25620
     acaaagctgc ttctaaagga aaggctggga gagaacagag atcgggacta gcactgacta     25680
     gcactgcttg gttgctctgt ggccctgact gttcacagct cctagtacag gccaaggctg     25740
     aggctatcac ttaggcctgg ggcccctatg gacctaaagt gataccttcc tctgctcctc     25800
     cgcttccaag cactttattg cacaacagtt tttgacaaac aagaatgtct tgtacacaca     25860
     aatcccaaac cttcttaact cttcatagag tcttacataa atgacagaca cttaagtaac     25920
     tctgacacag aagactatgt gttttccaaa tcctggtttg agtcgttgac tatgatgccg     25980
     ggatttactc cctccccatc gtattctcca aaagattcaa ggccacttaa cagaatatat     26040
     cctggcagac agacaggcag aaactctgag cccagaaaaa tgcagatcag aatgaaagat     26100
     taaaatgagt tagagctgga gttactgctc agatggttct ggatttgtcc cggcaccaca     26160
     agatgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     26220
     gagagagaga gagaagcagt ttgttgcaaa aatatagcca tgtgttagaa ttaagctgca     26280
     aaaatgatga tagactttct aagattaggg caatatctcc tctcaaacac taaattgtgg     26340
     gagttttaag tctctcttgg ttggtgttct cttgttttaa gtcttttcta gaatttgcct     26400
     tgaattcact attagtatca aagaaggcat acataaagac atcccttaat aattcaactc     26460
     aactgtgtca gtgtgtatgg tgatgatgtg tgcagtgatg tgtgtggtga tgtgtgtgca     26520
     gtgatgatgt gtgcagtgat gtgtgtggtg atgtgtgtgc agtgatgacg tgtgcagtga     26580
     tgtgtgtgtg gtgatgatgt gtgtgtggtg atgatgtgtg cagtgatgtg tgccgtgatg     26640
     atgtgtgcag tgatgatatg tgcagtgttg tgtgtgcagt gttgtgtgta cagtgatgtg     26700
     tgtgcagtga tgtgtgtaca gtaatgtatg ttcagtgatg atgtgtgcag tgatatatgt     26760
     tcactaatga tgtgtgcagt gatgtgtgtg cagtgatgat gtgtgcagtg atgatgtgtg     26820
     tagtttcttg gggtcagaga gcaaagccat aatgagaggc agctgctatg tgggggaatg     26880
     cagcctttag cttctgaaaa agcagggtat ctcatgcttt tcaagtgaag ggtgcacatc     26940
     ttcaggtgag ctactttgtt ttcccaagca tcactcactg cccctgacat tacacaactg     27000
     taagggtgac ctgagatcat ttctgtgcaa agtctggatc ccactctgct gggaactctc     27060
     agggctctac ctgtgttatc tcagaggggc cacaagctgt ggcgttgagc tatctacaat     27120
     ccacacaatg gggagctgca cttcctccac tggcacatgg taaagctgaa gtgaagaaaa     27180
     cacaataacc tgattggagc ccgccagctc aaacactccc tgtttccctc aatgtccaca     27240
     caagaaatcc ccaactactc cattcacata agcaatctgt agacatcact cagcaaacag     27300
     tttcaagacc ttaaaatcac atgggagaca gattttcctg gggtgcaatc ccagttatcc     27360
     tcaaacaaat gtgattttat ttgttcccac aggaggagag acttaaaacc aaccttttga     27420
     ataggctcct ttcatggatt atttggtcgt gaggttcaga acaccagagt tgcagttctt     27480
     ctaaggaaac aagagacatt gggggaaaag ggttagaaca gtttccaact tacagtagga     27540
     gggcatggga agaacggaaa aatacccact gggttcgtgg tgctctccca gcaacatcca     27600
     agagaataaa actcctagca gccttctgct aggaacacct gccctcatct actggaacat     27660
     cccaacatca cttcccttcc ttctattgaa gccagcatcc acccacttac tccctcttta     27720
     catttaattt gaaaatgtat gtttgctcaa agtccacttt ggcaaaacaa aggagccagt     27780
     attcatgtca cgggggcatg acaactaaag agtacagcta ctttcaggta agatcagggt     27840
     agtagatgaa gggatgttaa gtggcatcag aagatttaag aggacagaca aagcctcagt     27900
     tggagactct acagccattg taaaggaggt ggcattgaac cttagcctta gtcaacagga     27960
     tgcaaggtgt taaggagtga tggagacacg tttggtgtgt agggtatagt agtacagctg     28020
     tggctgctgg tgtattgtct tggtgtggat agtgggagat gtgtgaaaac tttctgattg     28080
     tagattgtca tgatacagtt tggatcttaa ctgcccctcc cccaggcccc tgtgctaaat     28140
     aaaggcttat tttccagcct gcagtgtgtt actgggaggt ggtggagcct ctaaaaggca     28200
     ctggggagaa tgactttgag gggatgatag cttgttcttt ctgtctttct cttcctggtc     28260
     actaagtgaa ctctcttgct ctctatctcc acaggtccaa tagtaatgaa attataggtg     28320
     tgatgcaaaa ttaaaaaaaa aaaaccttat cacaagaact tcatcatctc ctacatttgt     28380
     tagagcactg gaaaggtgac taatacagaa gttggaatga ggagatcctt tggtggagta     28440
     tcggtggcct acggcatttt acattcacta ggagaagaac gggatctgtt agtagatccg     28500
     agaacaggaa gaagggagaa ggaggattcg ttgtaggaga aaagaagtca cattactctt     28560
     aggtacattt ctttcttctg gctccagcgt gccaaggagt tttgtaggag gtgcctggtg     28620
     agttcggaga gttgagaaca ttgcttctga tggggatgtg tgctgtgttc ttggggacat     28680
     aagacagagc agagtgtgtt gtcagagccc gagccagaag gcagagagct tccagccctc     28740
     aatttctaag agagaaaaac atgcttctta aaagaagacg gcatgtccag ctgatcaaag     28800
     gctaactgag agcttttgaa catacagcaa ttaaaaggga tagcaagaaa acacaaacta     28860
     ctttaaaata aatggttaaa atggtagttt tgaaaagaat taaaattgta ttttaataca     28920
     aatgtaaact cgtatatttt ttgagaacat ataagaacca ggttatttca aaagtaaatc     28980
     tgtaaaagtt tagtctcaac acaggtttag tattcctaat ctaaaactct gagatttgaa     29040
     atgcttcaaa atctaaaact tcttgagtgt caacaacatg actcataagt agaaaagccc     29100
     acatctgacc tcgtatgcca cgtaatgatc aaaatgcagg tgttctgaaa actgcacact     29160
     ctttcctgaa gatgtatgca taagatgtga atgagacaag aggattccat gccaagatgg     29220
     ggtcccttcc tttagatatc ttattatgta tatgcaaata ttccaaaatc tgaagagatc     29280
     caagatctga aactcttcat gccttcaagc attgtagata agggatgttc aacctgtatt     29340
     tctttgaaaa ttaaatgtac tggttggata ttgggaccca ggaacactac atttatatag     29400
     tattagagtg agtctggaaa catgattcag gctgtcaccc acccatcaca acacttccct     29460
     gcccctcctc agtgtatgta acaacacaac agggacagta ataatgtcag ggctatcagg     29520
     tcagcatgag ggttacacgt tttcatcttc ataaagcagt tagattcagt gccatgtaag     29580
     tataacttta aaaactagat gtatgcacag acatttgaaa aattattttc ttgtaatatc     29640
     tatctgcctc gggtatcacc agctgggggg cataactcaa aggtgatttt gtagctgtag     29700
     tcccacgatt taaaatattt ctaagcattt ttcagcctgt atagtgtcat taattcctca     29760
     ctgtggtttc tatattgtcc tgacatgtca atgtgtattt agactcctgg ttaaaaatac     29820
     attggtggaa aatgggctca aaatagattg gttgccctaa taagcagttt atgcagtctg     29880
     ggtgaggtgc tggctaggta atgagtctat ttttatttgg catcagtacc aattatcaag     29940
     gaaaggtata ttcagacaca aataaaactc agtactgatg ctgaatttag atgtagattt     30000
     aatttcaata aaatgtggct gtggaaaaag tgagaacctg acacacagtc attccaaggt     30060
     ttgctggtct gagagaagat cctttccaaa ccccagggtg tgtggacaat gaggaggaga     30120
     gcagaaggaa atggaagtgt agagagtatg tactacccta ggcatgacac cagccatctc     30180
     acggacgcac acattagaga catcctcaca agcctgaggt tggaaggtgg aacttgcatg     30240
     ctgcctccat gttcatctat cccagttcgg cagcctacat ggtgagcaaa gttactcagt     30300
     gcagtgaatc tgctgttgga ttatctctgt aatctatggc tatttagaag agacaagcat     30360
     aagaggcaga gaagcccagt taggagttga cggaagcaat gcagggagca ggtgtctcag     30420
     gctagggaaa caaggcatac agagagctgg agagattcct aatgcaatta gaacatacac     30480
     ggtgcagaac tttcaggtta atcaaatatg aaatggagga ctgagagagg aaggaaaccg     30540
     gaaatgctca tgagctgact gtgcctcata atggacgttc tttgctggaa gaatggttga     30600
     aagtgagaag atggagaaga gtgtggcttt ggactgagaa gacccaagtg gaaacattta     30660
     ggatacaagc agacatataa ttctgaagtt tagattctgt cccaaaagga cagacgaggg     30720
     agtcagaaca caaagattaa ggtgatgggg acagatttcc ctataagaga ttagcacagt     30780
     gtgctcaatt acgctcaaaa atacttcagt ctttagtctc caataaaaat ctctttcatg     30840
     tatgttcaaa tatatgttca ttccaagctt agtattgtaa ctaacatctg gtgcccagag     30900
     gaggagaaag tatgtgaggt aaatagagaa tttagaattg taaatttttt atggagaaag     30960
     ttctcctaaa tgtacttcag gatatcttct ctaaactgtg cttatatcgc ccaaaccata     31020
     tatctgatat ctgtatacaa gtgtgagttt gtggtatgat atatttcata acagatacag     31080
     tgatttcata atgctaaagg taatatatga aacatatgta aaatataaca ttaatatctc     31140
     aataaaaata ctccaagcaa tatatttcta gcacaagatt tgaggctgta aacaaagaca     31200
     ttaagagaaa tctcatttaa ggctgaggtg actgtcacat ctgatgagac aggcaaatgg     31260
     caagcaaaga ggaaacagga aacatggtca cctgtgcact cagcctggag tggagcttgt     31320
     ggtctgacaa ccatgggtgc ttgagagctt cgctggcact tattctccaa ctaaagggaa     31380
     attgagaagc atgttaaagg aacacaccga aggccgcctg catcagcagt ctatctctgg     31440
     ctctagtcac aggttttggt acagtagcta acccacattc aagcttgttt tctagaattg     31500
     tgtggtatga aaacatccag aggtgaccat cagttctaac cacaataaca acactggtaa     31560
     tacaggcagg acaatagtca agttcttatt aaaaatggag tgttttatca aatataaata     31620
     attattcttt gatatgacat ctgagcttca taaaatggat tcttaacaga ctattgaaaa     31680
     ataaaggcac atttcttata agaataaaat gctacagtaa ttctctctct tttttaaaag     31740
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttattata tgtaagtaca     31800
     ctatagctgt cttcagacgc accagaagag ggcatcagat ctcattatgg gtggttgtga     31860
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactt cagacctttg gaagagcagt tgggtgctct     31920
     tacccactga gccatctcac cagccccact acagtaattc tcaatgaata caaaagcaat     31980
     ttaggtaaga agtcacttga atatgtctgt taacttttga atgaaggagt tttgaagagt     32040
     ttagaacagg aggaattact ataattataa tagaacatat tagattactt tataaagaaa     32100
     ttgtgttctt ttggagatga aaaaaggttt acaaaattta aaagaaaaat aacatgaaga     32160
     gtgataaaaa tgtattatat cataactcta aaacttataa acttacttgg ttgctgataa     32220
     ataccacatt aaaataacct ttcaaattaa aaactgattg caacaatatg aaatatgctt     32280
     ctgcaaagac atcaaataat tccaagcagt cacaaagctt cgatatggag gattgcttta     32340
     atacaatttc tttattaaat gacaaatatt gaagtgtaag tcttcacttg caatgaagtt     32400
     attgagaaaa atcacgatta taggatcctg aacatgcaga aaatattaaa aactccttag     32460
     cccagcaact ccacatggtt ctagttagta tcctaaggtt ttactgttgg gtcccttgac     32520
     cactccatgg gatagtgttg aaagatgatc attcctacac gctaatgaaa aatgtttaag     32580
     atctattaaa aggttattaa gattgtacct gtaactggct tctaataata tttcaggttc     32640
     atttttgtac cccagatatt tatttgatga cagtgatatt tggcctaaac gtcaaccaag     32700
     tgttgacttg agagctaagt cagtcattca tctgttatct gatatttctt ggatacttaa     32760
     gagaccccag actgtgggag tgggcaggac tcagatgccc aagtccagtc acttctagac     32820
     ctgttctgca ctcgccattt gacttcacgg ctctcagcct ctctttcttt acatcaaatt     32880
     gtgacgatta tccccacaca caacaggagt gaccagaagt ttaaaataca cacatcacac     32940
     acacagttca cagtaaatgc ggagttcttc atcttccaaa gttcaaagaa attggcattt     33000
     ttatatctct atattgtcta ggttccatca atgtaaaaca gtaacaacct tagctattat     33060
     tttgcctaga gttcaaggac aaaaaagtta agtctgtaaa ttgttcctcc cctcagactg     33120
     acatttttat taggctaagt ctcctcattc tttagagcag tggttcttaa cctgtgggtc     33180
     attacccctt tggtaaactt ctatctccaa aaacattgac attatgattc aaaacagtag     33240
     caaaattaca gttataaagt agcaatgaaa agaattttat gattgtggtc accacaacat     33300
     gagaaactgt attagagggt tggggtcaca gcaagatgag caactgtatc acagggttac     33360
     acagccttag gaagggtaag acccaccact gtagaggctc agactggccc cattgtgctg     33420
     tgaactgctt tgtatcactt ctttctaaaa gatatcactt gccagactgg tgttgtgtgc     33480
     ctttaatctc agcacctgtg agatagaggc aggcagatct ctatgagttt gaggccagct     33540
     tggtctacag actgagttcc atgccagcct tgacatattc cccagggaca gacgtccagt     33600
     taagtgctta catgaaataa tgcccctctt ggcataatac cccattatcc atgctcctac     33660
     tctcccttac atcctcctcc ctcttccttc acaaccttgt ttattaatgg ggtccaaaga     33720
     ctgcagagag aatcaagcaa ctgttactga ctctgaagac cttaaatgtg acctactgtc     33780
     atataattta gatataaagc catctaaagt ggcttgtcaa tgtccatcct actctgtgag     33840
     actaaaatta agcccctata tttcaatatc atacttgttc atctgctaaa atttgaatta     33900
     atgtgtttag aaaaacataa ggcagaatgg catcctagaa cgtgagcttg aaggaagatg     33960
     aacaagttta gtgtccttcc tctcggatcc tagctacata ctgtctcatc ataaagtagt     34020
     cacaacagac actcctcctc tgggagttaa ggtctatgat taaaagaaat aatgtccaaa     34080
     aggcagattt ctagcccata aatgtttata gacatggaca gattgagggc aggtcacctg     34140
     aggccgacca gaagggcttg gttgcaagaa cttcattgaa aaaaatcaga gacaagcttt     34200
     agagccccat ccagcctcat gactgaaaca gtcctgggct tgagtagact gggtcaagga     34260
     gtccagcctc actgcgttca gagcctgcac atgcactgta gatgttacag agggaacgga     34320
     ttccactaac tccacaatgc accctgcacc aaatcacctc ttctcccaca acatgagatg     34380
     gacttgcttt acctcttctc cttaatcagg agcttggaga tgaactcctt tgcctcctcc     34440
     gagatatcct gaaattcctc atcttctaaa tcccaccggc acgccaggat gttggtcagt     34500
     gtctcggcat cattgtctcc caaaaagggg gacaagccac tgagtctaca aggcacaggg     34560
     ttcagggtga gtattttttt taaaacagtc atgattcctt tatagatagg atgctttctg     34620
     gttttgctat tcaaaaataa aagcagaaaa atagcaataa actgcaagta tatagtccat     34680
     cactgtagcc aggaccctgc ctatgtgtct catccccacc cccaatccag caactgcagc     34740
     aaagaaggct gccattatac ttgaataaat ctccaacaat aaagtaaaat ttcttttcaa     34800
     gtattttacg gctggcaaga caaagtactg tcgcataccg agaaagcaaa ctccagtacg     34860
     tcattgctga gatgcactga gcagatcagt gtatactgat ccaaacagat cagcacctag     34920
     ggtttttaaa aatcatgttt agagctctta gtcgtatcct gggacttaag gtgacccatg     34980
     gagaagacat acatatcttt ttctccccct agatacaatg gggaaaggaa ttcactcctt     35040
     tcaattgtaa gactcaacag aacctaagca acaggagatg acatggtgat attctagaag     35100
     acataggtca aagctgtcat tctagtgtaa gcctcctaga ccattcactg attaagggtg     35160
     agtatgtgag agactgggaa gttgcttaca gcatgtatgt gatgacgccc acactccaca     35220
     tatctgtaga aaaggaaacg aaatcatagt tcacaacttc aggggcaaga aattctgggg     35280
     ttccaaagtt caccttcagc ttctctctgg gcttgtatct gaaattgaga ggaccaaggt     35340
     gagagttgag catgtcagtc aaaaaatcaa aactaatgaa cattgaaaac aggcaccatt     35400
     tataagataa aattaacttc agtaatacag caaactaaaa aaataaactt ttaccagaaa     35460
     atgcataatg tcaaaaacca acaaaccatt ctgggggtgt ttaaaagtaa aagtgaatcc     35520
     tataacacct taatattcta aaacagctgt gagacgtcta ctctgaataa ttggaacatc     35580
     taaatgcaga ctgtgatgga taaactgatt cagtccctca catgcatttg gacagagtaa     35640
     ccctttccaa actggcatga ctcacagcat ctgctttctg ctcattaaca cgctgagctg     35700
     ttaacacacc catgtaattt ctttgttcca ctaagaaacc agacccctct atagtcttgt     35760
     ttaaactatt aacattttaa agtcttctct ttataaatgg agcaaataca aacacttaaa     35820
     caaaaattct gaatgaataa acttctaact taataaactt cacaggacta ggttttcatt     35880
     tctcatcttt ttattagatg tgttgtagat attcctcagt gcttgaacct ttgatctaac     35940
     agggttaggg taaatgcgat tttcactaag ttaattctaa atggaggcat gggatctgag     36000
     gcacatcagc aatgtctttg caaagatgaa cacgcctcgc atcccctgct tctatccatg     36060
     cacttacatc caaacagaca taccttctgg ccaatccaaa atcaataatt tttatttgct     36120
     tagcatcccg attcacacac aggatgttct caggctgcca ggagaaagag acacattagc     36180
     aatgaaaaca accatctttt actcaaattg tccttgaacc acaactaaaa atacaagatg     36240
     ctcaggaaaa acatatcagg cctttcactc gggggctggc ttgtctgtgt gggtattttc     36300
     tcctttaatt atgtggtgga tgaggttgtg ggtagcctgc caactttgca ttaccctgcc     36360
     tgtccctctt catggtttta gagattgcca taatgcatga gttcaggcag gggccttctt     36420
     gaggagagaa agggaaggag cctgctctag cactttccaa acagcctagt gtaggccagt     36480
     tcagaactga cagaccactc ctcctgttga agtattaagt atatttcctt cttgaagcta     36540
     tatttccctc aagatttacg agttccaaga gaaatggcct gattcagtta aaccaccaca     36600
     ctgaacgcgc aatataatgc gaccagcttt gacctctgga tgtttccctg gtgctttgtc     36660
     tatgggaatg tcccatgcta aaggaaggat tttgtctcct gctcattctt catcctccaa     36720
     aatccccagg ttctgctgag ctctgtctca gtgcttaaag tccttgacta aacgttccct     36780
     tggagttaga cgctagtaca agttggccct gctaacctga caggcgtggg ggaggggaag     36840
     agaatcaagc actactactc agtgtccctg gaatgtcctg cagatgtagc tatatttatt     36900
     gggatagaaa acatttaagt ctgggaaaaa taagtaattt catttaaagc caaggtcatc     36960
     cataaaatga gaaatagcat tttcaaagaa gagccaagaa gccttaaatc ctaatttcag     37020
     ctccactaag agctgggcat tagcaaagtt gccaggtgcc caggattcca tccccatccc     37080
     tgacgtgggc cacgccctct tccacatcct gtctggtgga aaggaggtcc aagcaaggca     37140
     gaaacccaga cacacttcgt gaaatgatgt agtgtcgcca taccaatatc taatcaccca     37200
     cttggctgtg tgtaatatct ttggaagccc tttcctaaaa agcctctaaa acagatgcct     37260
     gagagtaaaa gccactttaa cactgcagtg ggtgctgtcc tagagcagtt gaagatgtgt     37320
     ttaaataatg ggctgagcaa gtcaaaactg tcccattttc aaagataata ccatggtatc     37380
     ctgaaaatgc ttttgtagca tgtgaaaaat catcttcgag ggcacgtcaa aaggataatt     37440
     cctatgatac ttaaactaaa gaaggtctat tatccatgtt cagataatat ttacagaaaa     37500
     tattattaca aaggaaatta cttttaagtc acttctcaac tccctgtggt gatggcatgc     37560
     tctttccttc caaagagcag gtccttcgcg acccatccag ctgtcacctt tactattatc     37620
     tttatatata aaccataact aaaactgccc attgaaagtc ttcaatcaat gttacaaagc     37680
     cacaggtgga gtcatttgac ttatgatagg tcagctcctg gctccagttg ccaatcaaat     37740
     ccctttagga atatctggag aatatccaca gagaacaaaa gtgctccttg aaaatgcaca     37800
     ttagaatatt catcctggcc aaggactttg ctaatgattt ttaacctctg actttgtcat     37860
     tttatgtacc acttccccca cttcctcctc ctgtgtaaca gtgaatggga aaggcaaggc     37920
     acataaatca agacagtgag agaagccaag ttctcggaag agaggcccat ggaaacctat     37980
     ttaagggggc cagatttact cagctgtacc atccctggag acttacaata cacggtatgt     38040
     tgcatggaat aaaaatttat ctcactgtca tgctgtgcaa acaggaaaat gagaaaatga     38100
     tcaagccaca caagaagatg cactttatga tagtaattct aacagacggg atcagggtta     38160
     ttagggctta gtctcttgtt ggcttatcta gagctgttta caatccagtt ctggagactt     38220
     cataatgaga aagagataaa gagtgggaag gaagtggact ggcttccctc atgctttctg     38280
     acttgtgaac actaccctct ctgcttttgg cattgaagcc ccaccttcta caggcctgca     38340
     tttcattctc catggcttct actcagagga aagtaagtcc caagccagag tttcctggaa     38400
     gaatccaaga ggctactggg gatttttaag atctggaaag ggcagatgca acttgggaat     38460
     tgaagactaa aattctccca ccatggactc tgatagtaag gagtaaggaa tattgtgcga     38520
     atagagctgg ttttaattct atacttttag ggaaatggcc tcctgtgttg atttaatgta     38580
     ggtaattata agaatctcaa cgaaaatctc caaggacaga catgcaaata acagcccctg     38640
     aaggtggtga cagaagttga gaatgagata aaaacccaaa tgagtggtgt gacatgagtc     38700
     tgtcccagca tctggggaag ctgaattgag aagatagctt gagcccagaa ggtcatgatg     38760
     aggctaggtg aagaagcaag acagctcaga gggaaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     38820
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaccca ggttgttcct gatttctgaa aacatgacca     38880
     gaaacaatac aacttttcaa agctggtaca tcatatttca caggtccccc ccaacagtgt     38940
     gacagaggag ctaacaaggc tttgcatttc acagggtgaa aaccatgttc taccttgaga     39000
     tccaagtgga ggatgtacat ctggtgcatg taccgtatcc cctcacagat ctgcttcatg     39060
     aacaggatgg tgtccagctc tgtcaagttg cagttttcat caatgatgcg gtcaaagagc     39120
     tccccaccct ccacactgca gagggaagag gtgaaactca ggtttgactt tgtaaactcc     39180
     acatgctttt cttgtgctca attgctgccc aagttcctat tgccctttca taggtgtgtg     39240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     39300
     tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgcc catgcacacg     39360
     tgcacagtta tttccttcct ttctttgcca tatgggttac atgagtcttg tgttggatac     39420
     tttgagtaca ccttctgcac atatgatctt caatgtcaca taactaaagt ctcaaagtcc     39480
     ctgtcactgg tggctgcagc tctaggggaa tccaagtcta tcacatagca gatactgggg     39540
     atgaagagga ctcaaggact ctgaggcggg attccagctt taacagaagg tgagacacag     39600
     ccttcgccgt ttgagttctt agattaagtg taatggcaaa atgcttttat gtagcagacg     39660
     ctggatgctt acatgttcca aatgccttct ataccatggc caataaacct aaaacctgaa     39720
     ataaaaatga actgagtttt catgtctgtt cagaattaga actgcttgca tcttggggtg     39780
     ggtgtgctgg tggtcaccgg taggacttgg atggaaacca gggcatcaca tacactaggc     39840
     aggcagtcta cctcccacct gagctgattg aatctttaca aaagtggttc tgaaatgaag     39900
     ccgcttagcc taggatcagg ggctgggcat gcgctttacg ctcatgaatg attaaccacc     39960
     tcatgcagag cgtccttttg ctggggttta gctactcatt gttacctggg atcagtgtag     40020
     cacaagatat tctgaaacag agactgcatt cacacaacgt atagtgtcat agttgattca     40080
     ttttacgatg agctgctagc ttataagcta ctatttacca tggttattta agtacttata     40140
     ggctcaggaa cactcccaat ctcaggcatc cactaaaggc tttagaacat gctcttgaga     40200
     ataagggaaa taactgttga gggacacaaa gctcacaaac cactttcctc tagaccgccc     40260
     aggatgaagt ccagccttgg tttgtgacac agtttagata taggccacat ctattttgtc     40320
     ctgctgtgtc tcatcagtga gtcacaatgg aagactgcac ttaacagcaa tttcctttct     40380
     gaccctggca agatcccatg tctctggcaa ctcagatccc atggttctgg ctgagtcatc     40440
     agtgctgtgc agaagctgtg tgaaggtgga tgggtaggag aggacaccta ctactccatg     40500
     acaaggatga tgtcatgctt ggactcaaag gcatcataga gctgaatgag gttcacgtgg     40560
     tccagctggt tcatgacgct gatctcgttc ttcacatcct cctgaggaaa agggaacagt     40620
     caattagtgt ggtgaagact ggtccaaatt agagactcaa ctcccactgc ccttaccttg     40680
     tcctttgcac ctctagtctt aatgatttta gcagccagct tcaggcctgt tgctttctct     40740
     tcacacttat gtacctgacc aaaacgcccc ctgccaaaga agagacagtt tagttggaca     40800
     cagtagtctg cagggccctg tatcagcccc tgccaggtgg gacagtatga gttgcctagg     40860
     catttgtctc gtgagtgagc aaacctacaa gtacatctag tgtatctaga atagcattgg     40920
     ccaaggtgag ttctatgggt tgcctacgtc cccctcataa atggaacatt aagaatactg     40980
     ttccagggcc ctgcatttgt cctattcatg catgaaggca tagccccaga gttcattcag     41040
     ctgattccta ggcatactaa aatttgaaaa ctactagtac agataattaa aaactttctg     41100
     aatacatata aatgtagaaa atggaatttg taagcatatg aacaatacaa cttatgggtc     41160
     agggataaaa ttcagggatt aaaatcattc tagaaactgc atttaaataa aataacaatt     41220
     tgcacataga atcataaaaa tcaaaagtac atattgtagc caatgagtcc ccagtgaaga     41280
     cttttatgtt agcttagata tcaacttaat actttataag atagctgctt ctatggacat     41340
     ggtttaactg tgttcccagc ggttcaagtg gtagaaactg agtcctcaga gcagaggtgc     41400
     tgatagttgc attgagtctt taagagctag gacctattgg taagtaattg tgtcactaga     41460
     gctttgggga gtgaactgat atagttctta ttgtgcccta gttagttgtc aagaaagagt     41520
     aattacaaag caaactccaa ttgttctatg gcttcctgtt ctatatgatt cgttctctct     41580
     ctctctcttc tctctcttct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     41640
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctttctctca tctactatga tgtgatgcag caaaagggct     41700
     cttcaccata gccaagtgat gctggtaaca cactactaat tcttcagaat tgtagactga     41760
     ctaacttatc tttgtgtcat cacaaagtac ccagcatttc attataatag aaaacagatt     41820
     actatagcat ctcacttatg taactgtatt cagaagtaca tacacaaggg aaacttggct     41880
     tgcttccctt aatgcttatt taataaagca aggtaggaca taggtctctg ctctgcgcac     41940
     agtggctttc atggcagaaa gggaaaggga atctttcata acaacataga gaaccagaaa     42000
     aaaaagcata tttctgtcac ctgccgagat gagtgtgatc atgcttgaca tgtacaggaa     42060
     tagtagcacc caaaattact ctgtactact atgagtgcac ataagtgact gcttagattc     42120
     caacactcac tatagtggcc ctctgtgctg gcacatgtga atacaggcac atgtacttcc     42180
     catgtaatca taaataagag aatgtctttt tttttcatta gcactaatcc tagaagtgcc     42240
     tggtcagcag tgatgttcct tcactgtctg actccagtta tctctccatg ctaaggctct     42300
     cacatgactt attctagaag gaccttgata ctgagaccac cacataaggt ccatgctgga     42360
     acaccagact catgctagct gaacacagac ttgaggtata cacaagttag cctaagggaa     42420
     ggaaggtttc ctaagggaag gaaggtttgt tttgactcct gggttcagag ggttcagcct     42480
     atgcccaccc agccctggtg ctttgggcct gcagtagcat ggcacatcat agcagcagaa     42540
     gagctgcaca cttcatggca gcaaggaagc aaagggtaga aaaggatgag agtcgtttcc     42600
     acttctccct tccaggactg gttgcctaat ttcattcaga tacacctcac ttcctaaagg     42660
     tgctgccatc atctaataat gccatggagt agcctatagt ctcttataca cattggttga     42720
     gattcttttt taacccaaat gacaacattg acatataagt atcctaacac ccaagaaaag     42780
     aagatgaacc aaagaaaact gttgagaatc cggtggtatt tggcctgttt caatgtctcc     42840
     tctaagtaaa agataagcta ctgcataatg aacactttac taccaacatg tctactacta     42900
     actagtatcc tgtacttggt gctaaaacaa aagctaaaac aacaggaatg aaaaaccagc     42960
     agaaatatga actccatggc actgcaaagg catggatctg atgcatttca cctcctaggt     43020
     gctaaccctg gctttagaca gttcctggac cttttggcga gtcacactgg gtttttccta     43080
     ctctcagact ttatgacatg gcaaataaag ccaatgttaa accagaagta tatgccaacc     43140
     ttatgggact ggtgatattt ttcaaaaatg gttaaaacct cttgaaatgt ttgttcttag     43200
     tgttttcagt tctcaagtca agaccagcaa acatttcttc atcttgggct cggcctcggg     43260
     aaggctccct gattttactg aggggtggct gttcaagcag agcttcactc accctcctag     43320
     gatctcagat ttgctcacgg tgtacagatt gtccactgaa gcatgtttgg ccattaccat     43380
     ccgatgatca aatggagcgg caggagcagg gatgtcatct gtaagatgac aagagagggg     43440
     ctgtccatca agaagtctac ccctcctttc tgcaccaagt aacatgtcta agagtaaaaa     43500
     tctgctcatg taaaactgaa atacaaatca gtcacctgtc ttattcctaa tgacactaga     43560
     tataaatttc cacttctggt atgaatggac tttaactcaa gaatatgtta tctggtgtct     43620
     ttgaaaagaa atgtcattca caaactcttt ggggtcacat ttagacaatg caaaacagcg     43680
     agaaatctga agttccaagg cagtcatatt tctggggctg gagctgatgt tcaatgaaat     43740
     actctcttag catggacgag attcttggtc tgatctccag caactcaact ttttttttct     43800
     tgtatgcttc caagcccggg accatttttc atttgaccat gagaaattaa ttgagccatc     43860
     tttttggaaa atgaccctgt ataattcata ttttaattaa agcatagagg aaaggggaga     43920
     aacatgaatt atttccttat gtcactgaaa tatttgatat tgtatatgac tcttgtaaaa     43980
     tgttttagtc tttatttcag tggcatttta agtgcagagt tgaatttttg ctggctgaat     44040
     ggaaataaaa cacccaataa aactatgcaa gttatattct accactatcc aatttctccc     44100
     actttccacc ttctaccatg tatatttaag tgatagtcca cattgacatg aatcctaaca     44160
     taaatagctg ctcaataata tttctcctaa tggtcttcat attttcccat gaccattgct     44220
     gttcatgaat ttgatcatcc ctatttaatt attaaaacag ctactacata cattcagcaa     44280
     gggtataaag agaggggagt ggaaacagct atgttcttta ttttattaac taattcattc     44340
     attcattcaa ttttattttt gtttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttcttaag acaggatttc     44400
     tctgtgtagc cttggatgtc ctggaactca gagatccacc tctgcctcgt gaatgctgga     44460
     attaaaggtt tgagttacta ttgtctggct ccaaaacaac taagttattt aaacttggca     44520
     tttatccaat acatatttcc tgagcactta tcttgttcta agtatatact aaatagtaaa     44580
     ttaagtatta cttaataatt aagtttaatt aattcagcat ttttatattc agataacaca     44640
     aatctcttgg aatttaattt tatgtaaaca tttacctctc atgccacaaa tatacctgga     44700
     aaaaattatg agagaattct tcaggaaaca ttcatttctt cagattttat tcaggctggg     44760
     aagatatctc agcaggtaag agagtcttgt gcgcaagcct aaagacctga gtttggatcc     44820
     ctaggatcca agtaaaagcc tagcaatgta acccaatgtt atggacacaa gcttcagtct     44880
     caaagggcta tggtgggaaa taaggacata tgatgccctt ctctggcctc cacactatac     44940
     aggtacacac tctgagcaca tatatttata ggctatatat atatatacat atacatatat     45000
     attatcatat atgaatatat atatgaatat cataatattc atgcatactt aaaatagata     45060
     atagatgata gattgtaaat agataataaa tagatcatag acagataaca gatcaattat     45120
     aaatagatga tagatagata gataggtaaa tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     45180
     gatagatagg caggaaggta ggcagacaga cagacagaac tgtttctctt gcctatgcaa     45240
     agatcaagtt aaacataata atgatattaa tatggcatat atctccataa agctgttaag     45300
     ataagagaag ttaagttggg atccttcatg gaatagttag gaagctttaa aagtccagaa     45360
     aaaaggcatt tcctacccag tgggacctcc aggtcttgct ctctagaggt ggtcattcca     45420
     tcctggagtc tatcacccag gcttctggct tgcctggttt cctctgtcct agctgtgggc     45480
     tcttcccctc ttctcactac atctattctg ctctttttgt tgtcctcact gaggaagcac     45540
     tcctctgcca ccctgcgctt actgctgcca gtagactctg tctgttcagc attctggaaa     45600
     gtggatcctg atgctgaatt tccaaggatt cctggtgtag aagtggtctt tatattactg     45660
     atgcacctgg aaaatagaat acatttgcag ttttcaaaga ttcaagggaa aatgttcaga     45720
     ttgtcaaaat gctttgggaa ccaatacttt ctcatgacag tgtctgggga agacaatgtg     45780
     ctctgtgatg tgaagacaag cagtctagca gttgaggaca tcaaatctag gaagatccag     45840
     acacagagag tcttccagag acccaactat gagccctaaa gtggtcattt aggaaactta     45900
     ataaaagaaa ataaattata gaaaagaagc aataacctct caagattgac agccacagaa     45960
     gaaccattat ttgtggaaga attatcttaa ctagcatgtt tggcaggtac aggtctttct     46020
     aaacacatct tctagtgatg aacttcaata acaatccaca ttaatatatt gacaattata     46080
     tttcttcaag tttaatttca aatgctaaac ctaagtaata gtcatgtctt aaagacttca     46140
     gaggtgcttg aatactcttt attccaaaca cacagtcatc atatctagag cagataagtt     46200
     taattgaata cataaattcc tgaatttgta ctttaccctt cataatttta gttttaagga     46260
     agaaacttag tcagttatct acttcctaca gcacaaggga agaaaccacc attgcatgga     46320
     ttaggccaat gttttcaggt tgggttgtta attttcagct caacataatc attatttaat     46380
     tcttagtttt agagaggata tttttttctt tatttttaaa tggcagaaca tttttccatt     46440
     tgacctctaa gtagtactga ttgctggaga tattaaaaat ggtgatcttg gtattggtgt     46500
     taagacttgg aaacaatcag actgagttca gggagcccct gagcaaggcc ctgagctcca     46560
     tcctcaatgg agaaaagcaa ggaaagaagg aagaaagggg ctgagggatg gagagaggga     46620
     gggaagaatg gaggggagaa aggaagggag gtgaggaaga agagaaataa ttgaaaatat     46680
     tggcaagaat aaagagaaat agcagaataa tagcaaaatg tagccatgaa aaatcaatgc     46740
     aatagagagc aggttctaaa cattgccgtt aaaactgtct ccatttctct ttcagagtgg     46800
     cctcaaatgt cacagcacac agagctgtaa gacataccaa ctgcagatgt gcaatactgc     46860
     agcactacct ttcatgggac gggtcaccat tcatgtcctc agtgtgctgg ctttcagtcg     46920
     agtgtttgtc tagcactgct ccacttgcag ctgctgaagc tctgttctca gcttctactc     46980
     ctctggaatc gtccttagaa gaaatcccat tttctcctcc attgttatct tcagtgtctt     47040
     gtttatctct caggttgttg ctttcttgtt tctccagact ttctatgcat ggagcatctt     47100
     ttgcacctgc attctctctt agctctgtgg aattcctctg aacaaattct atcttgtctt     47160
     gtctttccac gtgacatatg acacaactcc tctgcacttc taatgcactg gtcttctctg     47220
     aatttttctt gttaagtttg gtaatctttt ctttctcgga agagaattgg tcattctggt     47280
     cagttttctc tagaagtcac agaacacaaa aaattttaat gaagaatgca catggtcact     47340
     aattttggct ttatttaatg gcacctcttt tctggcccct ttttaacatt agatttaagc     47400
     tttcagaagc aaagcagaat aaaatatacc cagctgactg ataactgcat atcaaaatat     47460
     tttatttgtc atggttatgg ccaaacccag tcagataaag atattaataa aacagtactc     47520
     ctttctacag gattcaggaa tgtgtgattt cctctgaatt agagtacaac agactttctc     47580
     cataactagt aaatctccta ggatgttacc tgtgagggct gatgtccttc ctcctttgac     47640
     aattatcctt tcatctagtg cacggttgga ccatacattt tcctcagcct gtgggtgcac     47700
     aatcaagcaa ttgaggttaa caacaatgta cacactgctt agcttcagca ctatcaacaa     47760
     gggctatcta attcttcatg tgacaagcat catagtacaa tgatatttaa cattatacct     47820
     gccctctccc acctagcacc aggatatatc tgcctttcag aagtgagagc caaaagaact     47880
     gacttctgac aattaaaatt taatttctca attagtttta cagtatagta aatatattat     47940
     tactgactat atttacctgt tgtgtgaaaa tatctcaacc ttattcttat ctatcttaaa     48000
     tgttgttaat taaatataat attaacaaat caaaatgtct ccaaagatta ctaaacttcc     48060
     tcaggagtaa agggaatttc ttccaagttg aaattaatat actatataat tcaatcatgg     48120
     atggcaaagg cacagaaact gatagtcata taaagtataa aataatctga attaatggaa     48180
     tcctgtataa acagcaatat caatgaaaat gagatcattg ttttcaaaga aactacaact     48240
     atgtcatggt gtgtaaaaga tagcccaact tcattacttc attaaagggt atggataatg     48300
     tgttggccac tcttgacctc cactttagtg atcttgattt ggctcacata taaattgaat     48360
     aaaaatcaga atatatgtga gtgagttttc taaactatga agacatgaag tcagtgagat     48420
     tcacaacaat gggcatctcc atcccctaga agatgtcttc ttcacgagct gttaaatgtt     48480
     ctcacaatcc tagcttccct gggttagctt agcaaaccct ttcacatacc atgtgatggg     48540
     tgaacattag cctaatgtac acaaatttca agctatacat tataaattga taaagtctta     48600
     tgaagccata ggaaatcagt ccctcctcat atgatttgcc ccagagttct gcaaatatga     48660
     agtatcacaa aagtgcagaa agtagaaatt aagacaaatt gcaaatactc ttataattca     48720
     gaaagcttcc tttttccaga tgggcagctc acaacacaga ggcacattta gtacatttat     48780
     agaaagccaa ggttggagat caaagctata gaaagcctct ctcactttta agtgcaaata     48840
     cagagatggc agggaaaaaa aggtcatttc cttgggtgaa gccagttgct atttttgtat     48900
     atgggcacag aagttggtac ttacataata ccagcgtccc ttttaacatt tcaccaaact     48960
     gtctttgata atctaattcc tactagatgg tgggtttatt atggccatag tgcttggaac     49020
     agagacatta caaggtgata atggtgatgg tgatgatggt tacagcagca gcagaggtgg     49080
     tggtgtaatg gtggtaatat aaatgaagat gactatgatg atagtgtggt catgatgatg     49140
     gggataatga tgatgaagat ggtaatgata gctaacatgt attgggaaca gtctgtgaga     49200
     aattccttga tgcactttgc atgcacttgg gattctcaga aactctgaga gagagagact     49260
     atcagccaca tttttataat gaagtcagga ttctaattta tttctctgtt tggtctgtgc     49320
     tctaatgaca gtatattctg tatgattttt tctgctatag aaagggattt tagtcaacct     49380
     atataattag tattgtttgg gatctaccag agagcaggca ccatagaata aaaagagtaa     49440
     cagttggggc cataaaataa aagcattagc acagcaagga agatgtgtat gttcattagt     49500
     taaaagatta gaattaacat ggaagagggg agaaagagat aatttaattt taattctaaa     49560
     atgtcaaata gggcagttta agaaattgtg ttggtggcat tttatatttg tctcttggta     49620
     atttctcttt tgaaatgatt tctcttctga aatatgtctg gagtattggt aggcaccatg     49680
     ctttgggctt taacctgtgt ggcataagtg ttacagtaag agcaaaaatt agcttaataa     49740
     tgatgaaaac ctggtgtgtt tattccaacc catcaacata tgtaaaagta agagtttggc     49800
     tatgtaactg cagaaccagt cagaccacat gtatctgctg gcaaatgtga gcatgttgtg     49860
     tccaaactgt tcagagtctg taagacactg tcagtgctga aggcacagaa gccagtcacc     49920
     aagcaaggtg tattgtaatt atgtatcaca gatgctttac cctttaaata atgcaaagcc     49980
     tccattcatt gccacaggct gattatagtt tcatttccct atgtaatact gacatctaga     50040
     ggaactttga actgaagcat ctctaataag ctgaagtgtc tttccctctc tgcacctagc     50100
     aacctagagg gcctgccttc attccaaaaa cttgtcattt tgcatctcca ttcctccata     50160
     ggaggacaca ggtctaaaat aggacacagg tctacagata cactttattt gtcatccaaa     50220
     aatggcattt gtttcctgtg aatgtagtag tcgggatcag tggtgttaag ccagacattc     50280
     ctaaaaccat tgcagtcatc ccgcaagagg aagcctcttc aggacagcgc ttctttcctg     50340
     aattctcaag aggaacacga aagctcattt cactccaatt catgtattca tcattaaaaa     50400
     aaaacatata tgaattttca tatggacacc tttgccagtt cctaccaatt ccttttacag     50460
     ctctctttaa atttagattt tacatgtctt aaaatgtata ttaataaaat tgggcaaaca     50520
     taatttatga gtttctataa taaatgtctc taagaataag catgcccaca ttcattatca     50580
     atgcttatca cacatgccac accatgtcac ctctacagtg acatgatgtc actcgacata     50640
     gtagccaacc acgcactctg atgggcaccc agtccctggg catgagttcc ttttgtcctg     50700
     tacctcaaat ctgccttcag gaccacattc aaatcctctc agaagtgagg gatgacgaaa     50760
     ggaaaattaa cccccaaggg caacctgtgc ccactccttc tttcattcca gtcaataaaa     50820
     actacccttt ttcttatgtt aacttattta ttcactttgc atccgatcat caccccctcc     50880
     tcccatttcc cctcacacag tccctctcct gaacccccat acccttctcc tctgagagag     50940
     tgtgtacatg cccaaatcaa ttctaaaatg gatttaacct taaccattac tgtaaaagtg     51000
     gaactccact agacctccat tgtgttgttg ggccactgtc ctccaactgg gatataaagt     51060
     gttctatttt ggtttctcta gcacttgaat gagagaattt agggctctaa aaactcccag     51120
     gaaagcaagg tgcagtgaag ggaagaagcg catgcagaaa tgggtctatc agtgtgggag     51180
     tgttctgcta ttaggctgtg tcacgggaaa gcgaggcttc cctggggacc atcttggagc     51240
     atccctgaca ctcatatcca ttgctttact tcagaacaaa atgttatatg acaattatat     51300
     ccctgcattt ggggattagt tacttcagaa aagaaatctg tcctgggcat atatccagaa     51360
     gatgttccaa ccagtaagaa ggacacatgt tccactatgt tcatagcagc cttatttata     51420
     atagccagaa gctggaaaga acccagatgc ctctcaacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg     51480
     tggtacattt acacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa agaatgaatt tatgaaattc     51540
     ctaggcaaat ggatggacct ggagggcatc atcctgagtg aggtaaccca atcacaaagg     51600
     aactcacaca atatgtactc actgataagt ggatattagc ccagaaactt aggatatcca     51660
     agatataaga tacaatttgc taaacgcatg aaactcaaga agaacgaaga ccaaagtgtg     51720
     gacactttgc cccttcttag aattgggaac aaaacaccca tggaaggagt tacagagaca     51780
     aagtttggag ctgtgttgaa aggatggacc atctagagac tgccatatcc agggttccat     51840
     cccataatca gcttccaaaa gctgatacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag     51900
     gacccagata tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga     51960
     tactcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca gagcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta     52020
     cccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtagaac aacattatga actaaccagt     52080
     atcccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctact cagccatcac     52140
     tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acttgtaaac tttatatgcc ccagtacagg ggaacaccag     52200
     ggccaaaaag tgggagtggg tgggtagggg agtgggtggg agggtatggg ggacttttgg     52260
     gataacattg aaaatgtaaa tgaggaaaat acctaataaa aagtattaaa aaaaaagaaa     52320
     aagaaatttg taacatcaca catggagcat gaccaagact gtgccttgaa tagtggttgt     52380
     gtatcttgtt gctatggcaa tgccatggtg agcaacttct ggtcatttta atgtaatgtg     52440
     tagtaatata aaaataaagt tataatgttc taaaatgact ttgttaaatt ttaattaagt     52500
     tcttagtggg agaattgaga ataaataatt cctcaatata aagaggataa tttttagaaa     52560
     aataataaaa gaacctacac tttcctattt aagtataaaa gattaatttt aacattttat     52620
     gtctattgtt tgtttgcagt atgtgttcca cagcagagcg tggaggtcag aagacagctt     52680
     gctgcagttg attctctcct tccaccatgt gggggctgga aactgagtac agtccaccat     52740
     gctcagtaga gagtaccttt atctgctgag ccatctcatc agcctgatga aagatcactt     52800
     ctagagatca tttgtaaata agtctatttc tcttgatctg aagatgctct caatttcctg     52860
     gtacacaaaa gagagaaaac gccctgtgtc tctggtagac aggaggaatt ctctctccca     52920
     cagcacagtc tgccatcggg taagctagga cagggtctca ctaggaatat aggaagggaa     52980
     atgttggtct tgacctcata gcagacagac ggacggagtg gctcctccct gagctgagaa     53040
     tgacatcaag cagaatcagt cacctgagta aataacccgg aaaatgaaag ccagtgggtg     53100
     tgtccactgt cagggaacag tgcttcattc agaatcatga acactggact ggacgggtct     53160
     ggcgttaaag ctgccagttc agcaacgttt aattagacca tttgtcaaat gaagatacat     53220
     gaaaacgtaa tatggaattt aagttccaat ttttgaaaag aaacggcatt cttcagtctt     53280
     ctccagcaga aaaaaaagcc agcatagcat aatgttgatc taaacaccat ctttggctgt     53340
     tccttggtga caaaagcctt ttctttcctt cctccctccc tccttttctc ttcctccctc     53400
     cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccttttctc     53460
     tctctctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctc     53520
     tttttctttc ttttattgaa ggttaaacct aggacttcat gcatgctaaa caagtccaaa     53580
     gcccagagcc tgcctggata gtatgtctgc aggagttttg aaagaccagt gactaggtat     53640
     ggccacggag aacaaagtgt ggaccccccc cccagtgtct attccacctt tattggggta     53700
     caggctacag atcacagcta tgaatgctcc cctccattct gttatccagc ctatctctgg     53760
     aaattttaga aaaactcagt ttaaaacaaa taaactataa gtttttacct aatgtttagt     53820
     cccattgggt acttagtcat acatctctta taccaaattg atgggctgac tcacactaag     53880
     atatattaca aaaaagatct acatttcttt ctaaagattt acttattttt gctttatatg     53940
     tatgggtgtt ttacctgggc atatgtgtgt agtacatgtg tgcctagaat ctgagaaggc     54000
     cagaagtggg tattagatcc tttggaactg gagttacatt gtaagtctca ggcgggtgct     54060
     gggacttgaa cccggggcct ttggaagagt agccagttct ctcactcacc cacccatccc     54120
     ccatcgcctc atatttcttt ctacttccct cctcccaaat gagaattaaa gtggaaactt     54180
     aagggttctt tggagagtcc attgtgttgg atggagttga aggagtgttt tcctgaagtg     54240
     gtcgctcaca ggcagatttg tgaaggaaca tttcactgaa ggagacacag gagagaggat     54300
     attctgctaa agcaagcatg tgcaaggaca tgtgatgaag tattcttttc taatggcacg     54360
     catgcattgg tctgccttac attatgtagt tgagctccat ttgttgggac tctgtggagt     54420
     tgggctgact ggatgcatgt gctgaggcaa gatccatgct gaggcaagac acgtggaaga     54480
     cacgtgatgt ttggagggta tgaataggac tcaaaggagt gacagagaca gagcttggct     54540
     tgcttgtata gctagctgtg tggcacttgt tggtctctcg ccttcactga tctttgcttc     54600
     cctgagagag gcacagccaa gaacttctcc tgatgtccct cctggtcctt cgcctgttcc     54660
     ctcctgatga ctggagccaa ggctgaaacc tggctgtctt tgttaggtca tgttaccact     54720
     gttgctatcc caactcaact gaactggact gctggtgtat caataaagta tttgccagtg     54780
     gatagagctg ctactgcctg ttagcctgtg aactgaactg tcaacagaca acacagacag     54840
     gaattgctcc aaagaacctt tctaaacagt tccacttctc ctgtatcctt tcttttccac     54900
     tacctctggt gggtagtggg ctacaagaga accaacatta aaaataggat ttgaaaaatt     54960
     aaagttacag agaatgcaga atccttatgt gtttccctca gacgataact tctgcatgcc     55020
     accccacctc cacatctgcc ttcttttgct ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcttggct     55080
     ctgaatgcca ggtccctgct cctaactgct ctaataaaag tggtagtaga ggaggttggt     55140
     ctcagacccc gaagtcctct taaccttact cacagttgtg tgaatgtatg tactacagcc     55200
     ctgtgagcca ccagtttgtc ctttacatcc cccaagccca ttttacttaa cagatgctca     55260
     gtccttactc ccataaaagc tatgagcatc ttcaattatc cgggcagagt acctaaaaat     55320
     cctgcctctt tctcaccctt gacccaggta atatgtaggg atcccaaatt ccctttccag     55380
     agtgacctat ggggtaccta aggagaactg taaaataaaa aagccaatat ccctaactgt     55440
     gcctctggtc ctttgtctga agacctcctg gtttgcttca tagccacagt gtgataagta     55500
     gccagggaag ggctgaagct gatgggggga aacgtcatca gacagggcac agatttatag     55560
     atctttatat aaaagtatgt ctgaaaagca taagccatag tatcctttgg tctccttggg     55620
     attctgtgtc aggagaacac ttgagcatgt caaacccagc actgccactt ttatgaaatt     55680
     gtgaacgtga gtcagtgtat gagaaacaaa attcaaaggg aatcctcatt gctttacatg     55740
     catttggtta gaccgagtct tacatgtaaa attctttttg gactacacaa gactaaatct     55800
     tggaagattt gcacatgaag tttacagtgg tttttcatca cccaataaag cttttgattt     55860
     cttcccctgc agacagtttt aagagcattc atttcacttg gtgttctcag tgtgcatttt     55920
     attttagact caagtttatc cttccacctc ctgtctccta tcccaagcat ttgtcctata     55980
     aacccccttt ctcccagacc agctctctgt ggtggcatat gctggcaaag cctggatagg     56040
     aacacagtgt cttctagtgg tgggaacgtg tcctgtggat gttaggggcc tcagagatct     56100
     aaacttagac caaatgggca aaatacttaa cctcttaatg gcttgcttct gcatgctccc     56160
     cagaagtaga aaatgctatg atatactaca aagcagaatg gcttttggaa ggctaccatt     56220
     ttaaagcaat gagaagttac aaatctcttt aaaatgttac taaacttggt atatgtaata     56280
     tgaagcctag ataaaaacta atggcctgag gtggatgtga ggtagctgtt aagtggctct     56340
     gctgataaag cctagagact tgaactgaat ccctggaatc cacacagtag gaagaagaga     56400
     acagaatcat gggccataca cagttcatag cctgcacata aataaataaa taaataaata     56460
     aataaataaa taaataaata cataaataaa tacataaata aatacataaa taaatacata     56520
     aataaatagt ttaaaatcct aattggttct aaatacactg attctttagt tgtctgcaac     56580
     cttctactca atgtgtgtct gtggactggc agagatagca ttacctgaaa ccctcctaga     56640
     aacacaaaca agggctagaa gagcagctaa gaggtacgtt gggtgattgg catgcgtgcc     56700
     tctgggtcct atcaccagca caaggaagga agggaaggag ggagggaggg aaaacagaga     56760
     aacaaaacaa gcagaatcct agcccccact acctagaacc tgcatttcaa caagttctca     56820
     gataattgct gtgcacatta aaatttgaga acatggaact agtaaatcca tataataaac     56880
     tagtgtgaat aaattacaca aatatttgta acagccttat gaatcgtttt taatgctgct     56940
     gtcatcttta aagatctcac cagctaatct cttacataca cgaactcaca ggaatggcag     57000
     caggaatggg aaaatggctg aaaacactgt gctggtctgt ctgtctgctg gccttggagg     57060
     aagtcatatc cgagaaccaa acactgggaa taacatcaat aaggttctct gagtgtccag     57120
     accctgacaa tggccaggac tcccagcagg agctgagaaa ggacaatgtg tggtgggtat     57180
     atcatgctta gaactttcca ataatttggg gtatacagac tgtcagactt ggttctcaga     57240
     ggaaaacaac attaagattg gtgcagccat gcaagagtga attccagaga actgagaata     57300
     tagtcatcag ggtatctgaa ggagactggt cttgggatct ctgctgacat taaaatccac     57360
     agatgttcaa gtttcttgca tcaaatggtg tagcccttat atggaaacta cacatgtgcc     57420
     acatgcttcc aattatctat agcttcctga tgctgtttag tgccatgtaa tgatgtgtga     57480
     atgagtggtt gttatacttc accacttggg aaataatgac aatgtctgta catgttcaaa     57540
     gctgatgaaa aatttcccca aaattttcag ttggttgaag ctacaggtgc aggaatactt     57600
     gaatgtagaa agtaagtctg tacatactca ttggctccac cagagcaaag aatacagtta     57660
     taatgaaaca agctttttaa acttggattc tccttataaa tgtgccccaa agtactttca     57720
     tgtagagaaa attgccaatc tgtacctcca tagaaaacaa tagtcttctt agactacaaa     57780
     tatttgtatc accactaaca tctggaactc tacttctact gtggttttta aaaataattt     57840
     accatttggc caccttctca acaaatgtct tacttctaat gaaaatcaga acatgaactg     57900
     caaatgttca tttgttattc acatttctgc actgaacaca acttcttcaa catgtaactc     57960
     ctttagcaca ttagtgcaga gagacatttc atgagtgctt ttggcgagaa agaagaggtt     58020
     tcaattagtc atggtcactg ccactgttca gtttactata attatcgaat attctttcca     58080
     gaaggcaaga gcaaacagta gctatttcct ttataacagc tgatgaaact tgtgtataca     58140
     ttacctagtc taacactaaa taggtgtgaa ataagtgtct ttatatactg aagtccttcc     58200
     cagccaggta tggacgtgct atgcccactg tcccagttat ctatgagaat gaggaaggat     58260
     cacttttgcc caacaggtca ggactagcct agcctagaca acatacaaag acctgctttg     58320
     gggaaaatac catgtgtgta attaattcta ctgtcccctc tgttttataa aatcacagaa     58380
     tggctgagaa attagatgag atcttgatgc tatcaatgag cacatgctga aacttctgat     58440
     agagtaaagt tccccttggg tgctttacca cagaccttcc aagggcttcc caatggatgg     58500
     gctcctaatt aagaatgttt ctgtaactta tgagggaagg agtctatact tattttctta     58560
     gcatctgtag tttgtgtccg cttctcaaga ggcaagagct ccacttgggc tcaagactag     58620
     gctctcgctg catcagtatc ctgctgcaga ctcagtcaac gaagtttcac aagtacccta     58680
     tctctaaatg tggctggagt acatgacctc aacattccat ttgttataaa tcctaggttt     58740
     tatgttcaga agtagacact ctgtgtcagg tgttagtgtg cacgtgagcc ttaatttatg     58800
     ctctgcctta gaatcctctg tggagaagca cgttattagt taactctgat gtaacagtct     58860
     ttatttgaag agaaataaca tgaaaataaa gacaaggaaa tttggggagt tgataggtaa     58920
     gtttaggacc ttgtccaagg tgatagcatc cagggtgttg cccttttcta aactcaacaa     58980
     aatgtacttt ttatgcatgt tatttatagc tcagaataaa gtttttaaat gggcatgata     59040
     gctgacaaga ttaggccaga ttgtggtggt gttgcacact gttagtccca gcacttggga     59100
     ggaagaggca agcatatctc tacctctgtg aggtggagac caatctgatc tacagagtga     59160
     gttccaggac agccagggtt acacagagag actttgtctt gaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaca     59220
     aaagattaag aaaactagat tagtgactgt gttactaggt tttacattgg tataaccaat     59280
     tcctgagata attagcttac aatgagaaaa ggattatctg tgcttatagt tttggaggtt     59340
     tcagtccatg ctaaggtgga cccattactc tgagctacct ggtgacacac tcataaacaa     59400
     aatgctatat ggaagaagga agaaagaaga aaggaaaggg ccagtattcc aaaatgcctc     59460
     aatgttgttc tctcagtgat ctagaatttc taactggagg tcacaccacc tcccaactgt     59520
     gccaccttgg ggaccaagct cttcacacat gtgcctggag tgggggtact agagatctaa     59580
     tttagcaatg cctatggtat ctaaagggaa ttcttggact cagtctttgc ctgtgcagta     59640
     cttgaaaact atgagtgcta ccttccttct ttggcagtgg aagtgtccaa atggaactct     59700
     ccagaggaga agaaaagacg gatgaagaca gattcactct tcttccactc tgccgagaac     59760
     agcagtaaat tactgtttac aatgacgtga cagctggccc ctgtagcaca ccacgctctc     59820
     agatggaaag ttcaactgtg ggcatcccaa gaataaaatt caattctgtt tccaggctca     59880
     tataaaacca tgctccatct gtgtttacca catgcagctg tgcctcccca gctgcttaac     59940
     gatctttctc tcctttgtga acactctcct gcagaagtgc acaaacacaa ccacctgaag     60000
     cacatggagt gagcaaacac cacacaagac aacaccgagc catatacatg tgctctttcc     60060
     aagtgaccga agccttgcct gcttcacatt cacagcctga gacaatcacc agctcacaga     60120
     atggaaatcc aaactgtgaa gtgagaagct gcttcaaaac acatgaggag ttcttttcag     60180
     ctatcctgct tccatctcat tatttttgtg tataaaactt ggggtggtag tctaaatata     60240
     ctttaagttc acatgtaatg agaatgagat tggttcggtt tgtcaattaa caatcactaa     60300
     taaaactgct cattgtgatg tgattcagtt ctatactgat atgcctctca aatcgatctc     60360
     atttttggtg gagcagacgt atgcaaatat ttgactcgct gtggcaacat ccatcaaaac     60420
     ggagcatgga aagtgctttc tatgtaatta ctttgctgtt gttcattctt tatttactcc     60480
     cacaaaatta atgctcttgg catgaagttg ttcttcctaa cactcctgta gtgtgatata     60540
     aaagggagca tgtctgggct ccaggtagat ggatgccata aacatgacaa gaattttatc     60600
     attttatgaa acttagtttg tatcacctga aatttttctc tactaacaat attataacaa     60660
     tcaatgtcaa agtcaaattt ggtttccctt ttgagttaaa aaacaaaaaa taaatgaaga     60720
     ctatattctt gttaaaatta acattatata aacgagggtt tcagctgccc aaaaaaatgc     60780
     cctctactct aaattctaaa atctatattt ttcaaatgac taaataatca aggttggttt     60840
     acaatataga atggataatt agttttaatg aaattgcatt ccatttaaat gcattatgtt     60900
     tttattaaaa tattgttcct atcactactg gttcaaccaa agtcactttc atagagtaca     60960
     tataaccttt ttccttctaa aaatctaatt tattgatatt tagaaataag aattttgata     61020
     gcaataatct caaatttata ttgagagata ttctctctaa atcacatttc acccgaataa     61080
     taagcaatgt taaagaaaat gttcctgcta aatcacaaaa aataatcaaa gaacactagc     61140
     tgaaaaaata atgaaaaagc tgggaaagct agtaatgaat ctgtaaacat atttatactt     61200
     aaaacatatt gtaagcattg ccggatcaga aagatggctc aatgggtgag atcacttgcc     61260
     atgaaagtct gagaacatga gttcagtccc ctgaactcat catgggagga cagaatgaac     61320
     tcctaagagt tgtcctctga cctacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagagaga     61380
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga acacatacag acacacacac acaggcatac     61440
     agagagacac actcattcac atacatacac taatacactc acacacatac acactcacac     61500
     atgctcacac acataaactc tcatacacac aagcacacgg actcacacac atacacaaat     61560
     acatataatg aagaaaattt atgtgtgctc atgagtagta tttcttaatg aaaatcccac     61620
     ttttaaaact tggcctttga gagttacatg tggtttcact ctttttgcaa tgggtttgtg     61680
     agttaatttt agaatataca agaggtggtg tttacatatc agggcttaac tttgcagatt     61740
     tgccccacag tgaactctcc ttcatcatct tgactgtgtg agagggaaga aatgacttac     61800
     ctgttaccaa aatagaagga attatccaac aacagaaact acatttactt tgacacaagc     61860
     cctccatgtt tgctctgaca gccatgataa tcacccagtg cttagggctc ctggaagctc     61920
     acagctactg acaagggctg ctgccctggg ttagtcagga ctctgtccaa gcccagttct     61980
     tctcttagct tgtcactttg cattccatgt tatcactaca agttctagtt cccatagagg     62040
     aagtgggtac ttccatacag aatccttata ttatagaaag agttcatctt ctgagatata     62100
     taaattatcc tgtatggctc atatcatggg gtttctttct aaataagtaa ctctgatatg     62160
     agacctttta caacaaaatc tataaagttt atcctccatt tacaagccat ctggctgtta     62220
     aagcagtgta gtcgttcttg tagaagatgc tttgaccatg gctgctgtgg cccgcctcct     62280
     gcttgtgata cccattgtgt ctccacactg atcatagtaa caccatgaca gtcctcttct     62340
     tgactagtct tcttggcatc tctgaacgct gagcacattt attctcactc ctcctggtaa     62400
     actcatccag tcattaactc tacaccaatc atttcaaaat gtatctctat tcctctaaaa     62460
     caataattac taaatcctaa catttggtta tactataaat ggtgtgtgtg ttatgcatgt     62520
     gggtgtacac acctgcatgt acatggaggt caggtgatgt cagctgtcct gttatttcca     62580
     cctgattcct ttgacacagg gtctttcact gatcttggag ctaggctggt ggccagcaac     62640
     cccagcaatg ttcctttctc cacctcatgc aacacttctg ttcggccaca cttagccttt     62700
     atatgagtgc tgggaatttg aacttagctg ctcagacgtg cccagaaagt actttcacct     62760
     cctgagtcat ccccaaaccc aaggattttg aactttatgt accaaaaaca aaaagtcatc     62820
     ttacatcaac atcttattct ctaaattggc ttgttgctat agtttagatg tagaatgttc     62880
     ctctggtgct tctgagaggc agtggaaatt ttaagagcca aagcttagtg atgggtctta     62940
     ggtcagaggg agtatatcct caaagggatt gagggatgtc agccctttcc tctgcataag     63000
     ataaatttca ttccactaca ggctccttgc catgataggt cagcctcact cacatgatcc     63060
     ccaaagcaat ggagttgccc gaccataaat tataatgagc taaattaact cctccttcat     63120
     ttgtagaact atggaatttg gagcagtctg atctgtgaag aattttcacc tctaagaatc     63180
     caaggtcaaa gctgtagaga tgtctcagta aaatgtctgt catgcaaacc tgaggacttg     63240
     agttcagaat tccagcaacc atgtaaaggc cagacataga gaatagagac aggagatcct     63300
     tggggtacac tggctaactg aatcagcgag attcaggtta gtgagaggtc cttcataaaa     63360
     aatactgttg aaggtaatcc aggaaatcct gatgtcacta gcctctggcc ttcacaagat     63420
     atctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc     63480
     taatcttttg gatgtgttat taaccataat ttcatgatca ggtgtttcta ttccatgcta     63540
     ccatttcctg ttacaatgtc ttattcagct ctgtttcttt tggtgcagta aagatgaaat     63600
     caaatgtgaa caagattgga tcttaatttt ccaactttgt gtaactttga tacagaggga     63660
     cagctgtttg ggtgccttac atgagcttct ctgtagagag ccaagctcgt gaaatctaga     63720
     taactgcaga tgaacaaatt ttaacgggca gtaatagttg agaatctagg aggtgtaaga     63780
     atgctttgaa agcaacattc gaaacacaca tttaatatgt aacagtatat attaactgga     63840
     aagaaccttt aagaatggtg aagctgaatt ttaaaggcat gtaattttaa agtaggttct     63900
     gagactctca ttccaaacag cagcatatag taataaatgt ttccagaata tctaaagctc     63960
     tttgttccag ccatagtatc tattcatggc actgtagcac ttaggttaaa atttaaaatg     64020
     tgaagcacaa gtcatatgta attcaagtag atgcatatca gaagatagac cagagtgggt     64080
     catttgaagt agctttatct ttatcttgtt ctaaatgtag aagaaagaga ctattattag     64140
     ctgatttatt taaagaaacg atcaccgatc accgtatctc taccagtgtt ctgtaagcca     64200
     acaccctcaa gcactgctct ttggggctca tgttcatcag aagccaccag agttcatgga     64260
     tggtctctgt ggagaatagg taggaatcta agctggtcct gtttagtatt tcaccagctt     64320
     caccagctgt gttcacaggc atctgtgtac tttctatgat aagcagggat agttagcaaa     64380
     ttctagaatg tggaatgcct gtgagaaagc ctgcccaggc ctgtgtgcca atctcacacc     64440
     acttaaatcc aagttaaaag gcaacaataa atcaaaggac attgccagtg aaacaatcaa     64500
     agtgtggtca gtgtggtctc tgactatagc agtaatagtg aattcattaa tctatgtcat     64560
     tgtgtctcaa gagttgattt ttaaatcact ccagtaatgt gcaatggttt ctaaacttat     64620
     gatgggaacc tcagagatag tacatttaat aaaatgcttg ttagacactg agaccctaag     64680
     ttccctcttt agaacagatc attaaaagat gggggtagta gccagaagta gtgacccatg     64740
     tctttaatcc ctggtctgca taattgagtt ccacagctgc cagatctaca tagtaaaaca     64800
     ctgtctcaag gaaaaaaagg gatttgggtg gggtggatgg gggtgctggt gacaagcttg     64860
     ctcagcaggt aaaaatgttt gttgaagaac ctgagtctga tgtctgaaac ccatatggta     64920
     aaagaagaga acaaacttct acaacctgcc ctctatcctc tctatatata ctgtagacat     64980
     gtaatgtgct cctccttaaa ataagtaaat aaataaaaaa tatttttcag aaagtcgagt     65040
     atagtagtgt gcacctgtaa tcccagtgtt ggaaaagcag agaaagagac cctgaagatt     65100
     gacctccaac ctcttcatgc acatttatac acatgtatac ataaaaattc acatacacat     65160
     gcatatacac atagcacaca cacacaccca caccaaaata aactaattta atcagccaaa     65220
     ttacacatta gtgggttgct ctggaatttg gtgcttaaga agacccctta aaccctgata     65280
     tagctggctc ttgtgagact aggccaagac ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt     65340
     cagctattgg atggatcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta tccaaggagc     65400
     taaagagatc tgcaaccctg taggtgcaac attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct     65460
     tcactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc     65520
     ccattggtca ggcaaacgtt atatgcccca gtacagggga ataccagggc caaaaaatgg     65580
     gaatgggtgg gtagggaagt gggggggagg gtatggggga ctgttgggat agcattgaaa     65640
     atgtaattga ggaaaatacg taataaaaaa tattaaaaaa aaaaaaagac cccttaagct     65700
     atgcctgtct tcaccaaact gaactcctgc actggagttt taaacacaaa ggcataggtg     65760
     agcactctct gtaacactta tcagtgtaac tgctcaagcc tagcaaagtc ctgaagaagg     65820
     caagctattc atctccatca ggtgttcact ccaagggatc gtctctatca aaaccaaaga     65880
     atggcttgga gcttgatacc agatgttgtg ttctgaataa acattgttca aatacccatg     65940
     tgtaaaaagt atggacatta gccaatgaca ctgggagatg gtggaacctt taggagggaa     66000
     agcctagtag gaagaagtta ggtcattgtg actgtgccct tttttgttgt tgttgttcat     66060
     tattagatat tttctttatt tacatttcaa atgttattcc ctttcctggt ttcccctctg     66120
     aaaaccacct atctcctccc cctcccactg ctcaccaacc cacccactcc tgcttcctgg     66180
     ccctgatctt cccctacact ggggcataga gccttcacag gaccaagggt atcttccccc     66240
     attgatgact gactaggcca tcctctgcta catatgcggc tggagccatg agtcccacca     66300
     tgtgtactct ttggttgacg gtttagcccc tgggagcgct ggggatacta gttcatattg     66360
     ttgttcctcc tatggggctg caaacccctt cagctccttg ggtactttct ctagctccta     66420
     cattggggac cctgtgctca ggccaatgaa tggctgtgag catccacttc tgtgctctta     66480
     aaggaggtat taggaccata gcatcctttc tctctttatt cctagtcact attagatgaa     66540
     cagctttttt aacacatacc ttccacctgg gtactctgcc ttgtcacagg ctcagaggca     66600
     atggagccaa ccatggactt aaatctctga agtcatgaat caaaataagc ttttcctctt     66660
     aataagctaa tagccccagt actttgtcat agtactggaa agctgaataa cacaggctct     66720
     gatcctattt ctgctgacca accatagacc cttgaggaag tcatggtcac catctgcttc     66780
     tgtctgttgt gtattttcca tagaactgtg agattaatgc acagcaacat atatgaaagt     66840
     gtttgtaaaa taaaaaataa taataataac gaggtgctaa ttcagtttag acttcccttg     66900
     accaggcatt ttcaaggtct acacaaacat agcagcacac tgatactctc tactgctaaa     66960
     atagaaggtt ctccatgtat gaatctcagg gttgggtctt tgtcacctct gctgaaattg     67020
     gaggagtgtc catgcttgac ccttacacgt ggaaaaacac tgtccatttt acataacagc     67080
     cacagaaagc tacccctggt aatatgttag gcagcacatt ccccacccac ggagtcagga     67140
     caggatttca cagaccagac tctcctgggg aggtcaccaa ggaacagcaa gggctggtgg     67200
     tgcagccagt acctgttaaa ggtcacatcc tacttttagc cctaagcaga ggctgtcaaa     67260
     tgtatcctga agtgccattc agtgggggat ctggctttga agtttttcct cttcaacaaa     67320
     taagttgtag ccacccccat ccaagtcaag gtgaagaatg actttctggt tgtgtgaaaa     67380
     atgcatattc aaccaagatg agatgcagtc tacaacagtg gctactgtca aaattgggac     67440
     attactaagg aagtagcaaa actgggcctt tttgtgtcct gttgatagga atgtagaatg     67500
     gaactgtgct gtgataagac atgtggaaat ccctcaaaag agggaaccta acacctccat     67560
     gtgatccagc catggcactt ctgcgacttc tgggtctata cacagaagaa tggaaaagag     67620
     gctgttttcg agttctatcg ctgtgataaa acaccatgac taaaagcaaa ttagaaagga     67680
     aagggtttgt tttgcttact cttccacatc acagtccatc atctaagaaa aaacaggcca     67740
     ggaacctgga ggcaagagct gaagccatgg aggaatgatg cttactggct ttttccttat     67800
     ggcttctcag cctgccttct tatagccacc aggaccatta gcccaggagt ggtactgccc     67860
     atagtgagtt gacccctccc tcatcaatca acatatgcac catgggcttg cccagaagaa     67920
     attctggtgg aagcattttc tcaactaagg ttccctcttc caaaatgact ctagattgaa     67980
     tcaatgacat aaaactggcc atcacatggg gctaggttca ctttgctata atgtggcagc     68040
     actactcaca gcagccgaaa ggagggatcc aaacatctag ggacaggaaa atgagttaga     68100
     gttaacaaca tgtggtgagc acttaaatta gaatacttgg cagcattaaa aaggaaggac     68160
     atactgacac acttctatac agacaaacct ggagaacatt attctagtga aatccatcaa     68220
     tcaaaaaatg ataaacagta tatgattgca ctaatgggag aacttgaaat aaatatatcc     68280
     ataagatgaa gaatatagca aggtttgcca agagctagga gggtaatggg tgttcagtgg     68340
     ttgtactttc agtctctgag gataaagttc tggggatgct aatgtcaact tgtctggaaa     68400
     gggctgagat caaagagtcc aaccatatga atgcacttaa aggttgaact gtgccctgaa     68460
     gtatgctgaa aatgggaggg catggtgagt cacacctgta atcccagcat ttgaggaact     68520
     gaggtagcag taacatcatg agttcaaggc cagcccgggt tacacagtga gaccttttgg     68580
     aagccaaacc agacacattt attaaaatgg ttggcatgtg tgctctataa ttggttaaga     68640
     acctaggttc aaatcctgac caggtcattt cttagtcaca caatcttggg taagcaatta     68700
     agtctttctt gcctcaactt tctatgcctg gtggtttcca taaattgctt agtgagtgac     68760
     tacagaggaa gtactcagaa ctgggttagc acatgataag cgctgtacac atctctgatg     68820
     ttacctacag taagagacag gcatcacacc ataatagaag ggatctcttc tgaggttcaa     68880
     aactcctgag tattggaact aaaataaggg tcagatggat ggtaaggacc actgggtgat     68940
     tgcaaggtga agaaggaaag atgggagcag aggtagctct atgatgtgtg gtcactgtga     69000
     acttctgaac cttgcttcca agagcagcat aaggaaatga aaaagaaagc aactttgttc     69060
     atattttaaa agtccagctc taattcttgt aaagtcttac cctccataag gcatttcagg     69120
     ctcatgtgtt aaaattctct ttttatagtc ttcatggtag acattcacac ctgatcaaac     69180
     atctgtaaat gagctagtat aaaaattgaa acccctgaac tgtaaggcca atccccaagc     69240
     agacctccag ggcacagact gcctcacacc tctgaaatct aattgacacc tgctgtgggt     69300
     gcttgtggcc aagagagggc ctatgacttt gtatctcccc cagtacctac taagtgagcg     69360
     gtgagaatct tgcatgtcat atgttgtctc cactcctaaa ttggaagtta gactacaatc     69420
     ttgggctatt caacttggag gtcttattga ttgaagacag atgtgttaga aactctgaat     69480
     taagacacct cgttcaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaccatagg cagaccttat tatgagtctg     69540
     catctgaaaa tccaaagtga tgcaaaactt gaaatttctg aaatgccata gagtactaca     69600
     aatagaaaac aacacactca gcctcatatg acatactaaa accattgtat aagctgacaa     69660
     tcaatgtata tgtgcaagtt gcatatataa catacatgga tttcattaga tctcagtccc     69720
     atctaagata tgacactatt aaatgcaaat atttcaaaat atgaaacact tccagctcag     69780
     gctttttaga ttaggagcac tgggcttgca tttctcttcg ggtgggggca ggagcaggca     69840
     ggggggcgga gctgctaagg agcggagcag cttgcctgat gagtagctgg gactcagacc     69900
     cacatcttct gactttacat ttagtgttct tcactgctac cttctgctgc ctgttctgag     69960
     aagtaccgtg aacccaatac cctaagacgt ctcccagagc catggagtgt tgcagatgtg     70020
     aggagctttg gtatctccaa cccatgcacc aagactctgc tacgcacacc agcttaactg     70080
     catctcagca ttgtctgaca gccagacaag tcaaaggctg ctaggaattt tcaatatcct     70140
     ctcccatctt ccaaccatac agatgtctgt gaagctatgt cctgcagatt ccattgcaga     70200
     tagggtagcc aataaaataa tcataaaaga ataaaaatct tccatagaga actgtctgtt     70260
     ctgttatcac ctagagtagc aacaggagcc tggccttgga cccaaggggg ggaaaaatca     70320
     aagctttggg ctctaaatta acattctaac cagtcctaga attctttgtt atagggctta     70380
     aatttttaca tatttaatct gacatagtta aggctctgct agaagatgct tacaatctcc     70440
     agctgataca tggatgtgtg attgctgggt tattccattg cttttatacc tgtgtggtta     70500
     gtaagagtca catttacttg aaagaataat gaataaaaaa aatacacatt tgtcatattt     70560
     taattttatt tcaaaattaa aaagcagaag cacagatgtc actatgaggg agtctttgga     70620
     tgtttcttct tacattaaga agtgctggag atgggggagg ggtggtcatt ttatggttgg     70680
     tcattttaac ttttaacagg gtgggaagtc agtcccttat ggtctctggg tgactttgta     70740
     aggccagtct ctggactcac aatagggggc tctttcattc ttccgacacc ctctcactgc     70800
     tgtggtagac caaatgaaaa aaaatatggg ctggctttga gcacaagact cctggcttcc     70860
     caggaaaagc cagcagcatt ctttgcaaaa agactcttca aagggcagga tgtgcagcta     70920
     aatcttgagc tacattcttg agttacatcc acccacacat ggggaaaaac attcccgtca     70980
     gcttcacacg tacagaaagc acaatgaatg tttatccagg acagagaaga acgcaggaag     71040
     agaagggaag tggaaaggag aggagggatc cagcactagg aagaccagta tgtgggaaaa     71100
     acaaacacta accctgagac ctggaaggca gagatgaagt ttgcttccat gtgccctggc     71160
     agtccaaaag gaattaaaag agagtgacaa tgccccagga aaactatcag tttaaaagta     71220
     atacaatata caataacagt atgtccaact tcagaatgga tggacagtgt taataagtca     71280
     gtattagctg gctaagagaa catgcagcat cttctagcct tgtgctactt gcctgtgctt     71340
     actagtttat tagctataac tgacacctga cctttcacaa tttgtcttgc cacagttttc     71400
     ataaggataa gccaaaacaa ttccaaggtc atatagatga gaagtctatt agacatttat     71460
     caaactgtgg gtggtgtgtg cagcatcagc ttcacatcat caggcatcgt ttgtacttgg     71520
     aggaattagc tcattttcta cccacaattt aataactact tgtgtaataa ccactagtat     71580
     tttctcttac ctgtgttggc aacctatttg caagcgtctc cattactttt gttttcaatg     71640
     ttggggatag aatccaatac ctttcatgtc ttaggcaaca catcttacca ctgacccccc     71700
     ccccacaccc acccatcctc atccacacct acacccacat cctcacccat tcctacatct     71760
     acaaggttct tttaaaactg aattctcttc ttgtcgatta agacaaagat aaactttaac     71820
     caagctcaga atctttacct gtaaatgagc agtgtctatg tgaagttgtc ctgggtgata     71880
     tccgaggtct cacactagag acttgggttg ttgaaaagcc attcactctc tcttgaacaa     71940
     atattaaggt ctcagtgctg ctaacacggc acatgcatgt caggaggact cctacttgaa     72000
     actcagctct ataccttttc tatccagcac tcttgagtta tgtctactca ctcttgagtg     72060
     tctacatgga gaagccactc cagccagctt cacaccctag gctactacac tgagtccata     72120
     ccagggagca gggagagaaa aggaagggag agaagacaga agggagggcg gtgtggaagg     72180
     aaggagaaga ctctgctctg ctgcttcctt ggatgtaact gaaagagcaa caaagagatt     72240
     tgagaacgac aaacacatgc acacagtcaa aagagatgag acaggaggtg acactagtag     72300
     aattttggaa ctaaacatta ccaagaaagc taaatcttaa agagagcaga ggaaaaattg     72360
     ggaagaaact tgagttccat ttcaaacctc tgtaagtctg cttcccaaac aaatagcaaa     72420
     aaagacatcc agaaacataa ggccttaaat aattcttact ctccatcatg ttgaaggaag     72480
     catatggagg ttacagtcca cttaaatgag aagattaaac aatcaaacaa acaaaaacct     72540
     aaaaaacaaa agagaggcaa tccaacatag agaacagttt actccacacc agctgtgctt     72600
     tgggtgcagt gggatgaagt caagaccgac cagaaccgat ttagagaatt ttctccaaga     72660
     acataaagtc tgtagactat ctagtacatc tgaatgtgtg tagaaatgat ttagataatt     72720
     agtatatagt tcagatattt ttactaacaa aaaagaaaaa tctagatcaa ggcaaccaat     72780
     aactctgggg gcagaggaca gtttagcaag aaataaaagt tatgataatg ttccaccttg     72840
     caatcactca tgagtagtat tttccagaag cacgtaattc ttatttaaca aaacttagta     72900
     ataattccat gtttagagaa caggaccaag aaggacaacc taataagttt gtgtgagtgt     72960
     gtgagtgtgt gagtgtgtga gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     73020
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgc agtgagttgg aagtagaagg tgggagagat ctaattctta     73080
     tcttctttta taaacaagtc atttttaaaa aacataagta tgaacagcaa aagaaacaaa     73140
     tatataatat ttggatgcac agaggcaagt actaaacaaa ttagtcaatt aaatggaagt     73200
     gttcacctct gacgaagagg aaatgggaga aggaatatgg attgctgttc tcacaaaaac     73260
     tttgtggaat tttgagtctt cagaacacat aaatgtatat aataaatata tcaaaaatat     73320
     atatcatata agaatattaa agatttaata ttatagttat aagtggattg tcctaattga     73380
     agcctgggat tcattgctat atcatctcaa tgattagcag ctttcaataa aatggaagct     73440
     ttttgtcttt gtacttcttc aacctcattt tattttagat tcattttctt gtctgtgtat     73500
     atgtatgtat acttgcttgt atgtctggta cccatggagg ttagaagaaa gtgctggact     73560
     ccctagaatt gaagttacaa atgtttctgg gccaccatgt gggttctggg aactaatcct     73620
     gggtcctctg caagaacaac aaatcatcta aaccaatgac ccatctctcc agaccctttc     73680
     cttagtttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaactttg tgaatgctga caattgttaa aatggttgag     73740
     taggatttga aatctatttc ttctatttcc tatcttccca gaccatggag aaaagttggc     73800
     tttacagctc tgatttgaaa caaatctgct caagaaatcc agcaatcaaa tatttagaca     73860
     tacagaatac gtgaagattt ttcaaaatag ttaggtagct tcctctgcct gagtcaccac     73920
     aaggttctcc tacccttaat ggcagtgctg agtctgtatt tgtctttctg tatttctcct     73980
     cattcatggt cccgtcagag tttctcagaa actcacgatt tggccttttg atatgcactg     74040
     aaagctcggg gcagaggtag gggtgggagg agggcaggga ggagatgact aggttgtgca     74100
     tcattctggc tccagtcatc tctggctaga cagataccct tcattaggtt tctttctttc     74160
     ttttcttttt ttcttcatta ggtttctcat tagagactca tggaggtctc acctacgatc     74220
     agttgctgcc actggctcta ttgacagagc actttgaaga tggcattgtc ttcttcctgt     74280
     aatccaaagt gacatttctc tttgttcagc atctacctca gatgaactat ccacacacag     74340
     gacagacatt ctagtgactg cttagtcatc cctaatctaa ggtgccatag gaacttggtc     74400
     tagacaggga caggaatcct agagagctca atgtatagga actataaaac tgtacctcgg     74460
     attttgaccc cattgaagag aaatcatgat gtaactcata taaagagtag ttataaatct     74520
     tttgtcagcc tatgctttaa atatgatcta tgaaatgaaa ggcatgggaa ggctgtttag     74580
     aaaagaacat gttctagcgt tgggatgtga agtactatgt tttagtttca gtgaggcatc     74640
     tctgggaggc agtagagtct ttaagagagg agagcctagt aggaagacac tgagggatat     74700
     ggcccctcag taagtatcaa ccccccttca ctctctttta gttattgccc atggggtgag     74760
     tggtttggtt tgcagtacac tcctatcatg atgtgttgcc agtctatcag gggcctataa     74820
     gcactgagtc agcccagtca caggctggaa tctcaaaaat atagactcag gcaacccttt     74880
     tttcctgcag gctgatgatc tatgtgctaa ttctagagac atctgtctaa catatcaaga     74940
     aatgtatcct tctttcttgc ttgctttctt tttaatctgt tgctaaaaag gccaagacat     75000
     ttgaacctat aattgcaaag cttatcattt attgggtatc ttgaggaatc tgttctgtga     75060
     tgataaggtt aacagtggaa gcctactagc ctaatgttca aggcagggta tgaatctcat     75120
     accacttgaa gagagaatta tcaaatacct tagtgataat aaaaatatgg gctgtggata     75180
     gccttatacg ctgaaaacat aagaaacata aaactcaagc atactgaaac tctgttgaaa     75240
     gtaagttgta gttaagatgt taaacttctc ttttaagtta aatcttgata ggcagagaat     75300
     ttttaaataa ccttatgtgt ttggcggagc atgtcatcag aattcaaagt ttatcaaatt     75360
     ttgatatttc aaatcattct atcattcaga aactttatgt gtatatcgag cgtttgacct     75420
     tttatgatat gcctagcagg tacttccttt tctagccaca aatgtcttac ttcatcagcc     75480
     tcttctgttc tatcactatc tcagtatttg gaaggcctgt ttctatatac caaagcaaac     75540
     attcctgatc tcttatctta aacacattga tttgaaggat atcctaagaa gcaggctata     75600
     ccagggtacc atctctttcc cttggcttat ttaccgctgt atcagatgca tataatgcca     75660
     aatgcctctt atgagcagga gcatcagaat acttgtaata aaaagtcttg tctacacata     75720
     cgatgtgttt aggaaatata cactgtatat gaaaaatcca aacatagtat tgagactctc     75780
     tgctgacaga atttctacaa gtaaaacgtt tcaggttagg cagatgtaat aaaaagcaga     75840
     gaagatggag taggtgtgaa gagagtgagg gatctgggca cacaaagcca tatccatttc     75900
     tcccaagaaa tcgtttttaa aagtttttag taggccggta agcagttagc atgaaaccag     75960
     atcttcagtt ttaggtgttt gcttaagtag attccaattc tggcatgctc tcctttccgc     76020
     ccctgagaaa attacttaaa tgcagaggag acaaaggcca tgcccagagt tgctgggttc     76080
     ttaccagaga tgaggaaaca gaaaaagttg aaatggctca agggaaccac aaaccaaagt     76140
     agcctctaat tgtcagctct gcctacaact acctgaagac aactctggct taataaatta     76200
     ccaagtaagt acctccacat ggtatcatta cctcacagca ggaaagctcc attttgtggt     76260
     cgataatgca tttaaacatc tcagagtgtg atctcaaagg tggcccttgc aaaggcctct     76320
     gtgcaaagag cagaggtaga gacagccagg gcagaatcca aaaggcatct aggactagct     76380
     ctctgttctc tttgtcagtc ttcctgaggc aatgggctcc atgaggcaaa actcaaaagt     76440
     tgttctctcc acagctaaac cccaccactg cctggcttca agcacaggaa atgcccacta     76500
     ctttaaggtt ctgtctttga gaaaagcaca agactctgga aggcttcaca aacgtttaga     76560
     attaaatgga agttgagaag agtagagaga atggtggaca gtagggctga tgccaactgc     76620
     aggacaggag accctggaca gcctatctct tcacacccgg taccctcagg tgagacaatg     76680
     gaggctgcca ccccaggaga gcattctctc cttgaaaaga gacatcagtg gctctgtgct     76740
     cccttctgcc acacatgcat taaaactgac atgacagaga agtttactaa gcacaacccg     76800
     tgtgcaggga tgatgcccaa attcatgcag agtgccatat tttatagaaa gagaatctga     76860
     agttcagagg gtagagaggt gggaaaaaaa tctaggagga attagggaag gaagtgaata     76920
     tgatttaaag acactttatg aaattcccaa agaataaata aaaacattct tttatttttc     76980
     aatatcggta atttaaactt tcaaagcatt taggaactca gagttgttac atccaaacat     77040
     gaagatcata gacttttatt tcataggtca ggaatgcttg gtgtattttt aaaagcacac     77100
     agttcttatc atcttattac aatcactatt agtatataac atttataatg accttcctct     77160
     ggtcctgaca gtctttattt aatgtctccc tctacctcat ataaacacac agacacacac     77220
     acctgccatt atatacttga aaggttaagt catgtctccg aggccataca gcactagata     77280
     gcagactggg tgaatatggt tcggtggtaa agcacttgcc taacacttaa aagccctagg     77340
     tttctctagc agtacaaaaa ccaccaacaa aaaaagtgac catttgaaca gaaaatccta     77400
     ctgtagtaca ctttgctttt gagtattttt catggcaaac agcagggtca agaaacctgg     77460
     ctattttctg cagaatggga gacccgttag gtgccccctg gagggttcac tttacatttt     77520
     tttatttaac ttatccttta tttattatcc aaagaaagtg ctttgaaaca aacaaaacaa     77580
     aacacgttga taatgcctgg cctttgcaag ttgaaagttc tttaattggc tccctgtggc     77640
     ctccccatgc ctgccttctg caaggtcctg ttttaggcct tctgcatgtg ggctctgcat     77700
     tctttcctat ctgagaccgc tctcttcctg cttgctccac tagtttccta ggtgtgagca     77760
     ctccagagaa ggctgaggct gagagccggc tgggggtcca cagaatggag ttctgttctg     77820
     gttgccacag caaccaaaac atttctggca cccggcaggc ttctccctga tgtggaaatc     77880
     atgcaagttt acatgtgctt tcccttggtt ttcaaagcac ttgtcaagtc tacatccagt     77940
     cagtagactc cctgagacct cagtcttcct tggattgaac ctacctctag tgcttccaac     78000
     ccagagaaac attagaaaga agctggagag cagtaactgt ttccagcagc actggtttgg     78060
     gtcctttttt atcttacatt gctgcctcct cactttgcaa cccagtgccc catataataa     78120
     tgaagtctct gctggctgcc attcctactt gcaaggcaat ggtcctcagg atgtcctcac     78180
     ttcctgtgaa tgtctaccat ctgtgctcac atagaacaca attcttaaaa tgtgcttctg     78240
     caagcctgac cttcattttg gaggagataa aggttatatt ttatttcttt ctaggagact     78300
     ccttttcagg ggctttgttt agcatttaca aattgacatc attggtaggg gagttcttac     78360
     caaacacaaa gaattctgtt agaagcaatg acttctgtgt tttgttttgt tttcatttac     78420
     ataaccatga agggtcactt aatctgtttt ttccccaaca gaaccactga gctcaagaga     78480
     tccttcttgc ctccacccag aaacacagct tctgatcttt aaatactggg ttttctccct     78540
     aaagcactgc cttgcccaag ctccactacc catcctgctg acccaacagt gtaagcagct     78600
     cagaagcaat caatgggcag ctggctaaga gcaaagcact tggggttgtg tccagagatg     78660
     gccacccata gctcatggat cacacactca acacagctgc tctttggaga gctgtgttga     78720
     gtgaatttga atttgctgca agccagcttg tgctccctgg gctaagccca agaagagaac     78780
     atcagctggc caagaagtgt gtctacagtg cacgtagaag gatgtccttg tcactctaag     78840
     gccccagagg gagtgtcttt ttaaatttta caaaaatgca cttggctggc ctagagtggc     78900
     tccctattcc aagagtttcc tggtattgaa gaagaaggat gtataaagca caaggcaggt     78960
     gctgtctcaa aaacccagtt tttgttcatt accacattga ttaagggcaa caaatagcca     79020
     tggagtagag caggtccctg tgtggttaaa ggctcaaagt tcacttaaga gagtagtttt     79080
     caggtaacat tctcttacct ggcatttgta atcaaaaagt tccgtgtctg aagaggaata     79140
     ctgaatgaaa agggccatgt aggaatcccg tgttgctgat gaagaactta aaaaccagga     79200
     cagcaatggt ttatgctgtt ccatgcagag aagaccctta ctgtgggctc ccataccttg     79260
     ttttttcctt tatttgaaag gagaaaaagt agaatttatg catcttaaga aaatataaag     79320
     tgaaaaatta tccatcagga cagcaaagac ctgtttccag gaaatggatc ttgaaaggaa     79380
     agccttggtg tcctaaggtt gaaaccagga ggcctcctga ctttgaacgt gaaggatgaa     79440
     agaaccctat gtccaggtgc aggtcaggcg ggccctcatt tcagctgcta caggaggctg     79500
     cttaaagccc tggttgtggt ccaagaatat cctggcagtt agtatcctgc attaaaattt     79560
     ataaaccaca aaagaccttt tctcacagag aagttaattc aggctgcata gcctttgaaa     79620
     aaaacccttt aaaagaaagt agtcatcaga agaggttgta tggaaaacta gaagtaagtg     79680
     atgcttttta ctccccccaa aatgtactaa aaatacagca ataggaattt cagaaggaag     79740
     ggaaatggca ccacgtataa ttttatttca aagaggtccc aggaatgagc tatgggattg     79800
     ccagaattaa cttttaacgg taacgaaaat atgggaagag tattacaggc tacaggccct     79860
     gcctgaagaa tggaaactgt ctcaccttag tgtctcactc tctggagact caaggtctga     79920
     aaaggtcccc cagccagtgg caccagctgt gactgtcccc aaacaccctg ttgtctgtcc     79980
     tgcccctctg ttactgctca ctgagcttca tgggcacctc ctctagaatc tcctgggtta     80040
     acctggccat cctttggtgg cagatgcagt ccaagaagcc attctgaccc tacaggttag     80100
     gataattctc cctgctgtat gctcctcctg agtctgctct taccttaacc cttggcaacc     80160
     tccatcgcct gggcagggtg gggtgcgatt aggttggggc ttttattcag cactatatcc     80220
     aactttcact catctaccca acatctccag taagttctca tgaagtaaat gaaggcccct     80280
     ccctaggact gcagcttttt tgttctgtta tagctcctca ttaccacaca tgctcaagac     80340
     aatcaactcg taaagagaaa tgtttgagtt gggttatgca tagttgttaa ggtcctaaga     80400
     catgacagat tgatcctgtt attttggagt ctgtagtgag atagtacatc acagtggaat     80460
     tgtgttgcag gccatagaaa tgaaaactag aaataagaag aaattagggt cactctttcc     80520
     ctttaaaata catgttttca atgattaaat gctttctaat aggctccatt cctaaagatc     80580
     catcacctcc catagtgcca aggtggcccc caccttctac acttctatag gtataccacc     80640
     tatcagagcc cccccccaag cttccctgtt tgtgtatgtg tgtgcgcgtg cgcgtgacag     80700
     aaatccacct gcttctgcct tctgagtgct gggattaaaa acatacatca ccatacctgg     80760
     gcaacacatc aacttttggg gaggggacat tccaaccaaa atatatgttt catttatctt     80820
     ttcttccaaa aggacctggg gaattggctc tgaagttggc attctaagga tattggtaaa     80880
     gaaaaggaag tagcagcaag aacaggcaat cacagtgctg ttaaatggtc aagccaaagg     80940
     caatcgggct ggtgggcagt gaaagcattt cactttatag gaacaaaagt gaacacaaaa     81000
     actatgctcc tagctgtctc agaagacaac ctgctccagc ctatactgca cctgtgggac     81060
     acacctggaa gattaaagga aacatctgga ggggtacaga gcagacgtgg aggattacag     81120
     gacacaccta ctcagagggt ttccgatcca aaacccaatc tcaaatgtac tcaatcttgt     81180
     tttccttctg atttatgtaa tccgtcattt caactgcaac aaaataactt tctagagtaa     81240
     cattaacaac aacattagga gttattttat ctattttcta ggtgccaact ttatacagga     81300
     ctccgggcta accattctgt gcccagattc tgtttatctt ccacagaagt ctatttagct     81360
     tgtattgtgg tatctacaag gaaagctgga gaagtgtatg taggttccac cactagtcat     81420
     ggtaggcatg cacaggcaac tcttattttg gcctcctctg cagattgttg tggagagctg     81480
     ggtgcagagg aagcatttta agaagccttt gaaccagctt gagcagagca cagcaagtct     81540
     ttttgtttca gcttacagga gctgcaagct gggccccaca tacagacatg gggtctgcct     81600
     tagaagaccc tgatcttcac agaatccatc agtctactct gaaacgacgc tatgctatgt     81660
     gtgctaagtg agacttgagg cctgcaaagc tgatgggccc aggaaagtat tggatcaaca     81720
     tcttaggaga ctgcagtctt ctactaatgc gaaaactgaa aatctagaat gccttgcaag     81780
     aaaggccaaa gggactgggc tggtgcctca gatctcctgg gagtgaccca tgttgcataa     81840
     agtttgggct gccctccatc cgtgcttggc tcttcctgcc agacatgaag ccttccacaa     81900
     cctctgtccc tgtctgccct ctcaatctat tttcagatgt gacttaagct aatgctgtgg     81960
     agtttgattt tggtcagttc tcaagtagat gtcagaaaga cacgctgctt tataattact     82020
     caggacaatg gcttctatct gcttccacat agagcaaagg gattctctag tcttcattca     82080
     agcctactgt aacctatatt cttctttaga attattttta acctattggt ctgcacatat     82140
     cacttttcta cttcagctat ctgtttgata tatcctttat atcaagcctt aaaagaagca     82200
     agccttgtat ttaaaaaaga aaaaaatagc ttttccactc agtgggtaag gagataacta     82260
     aagttttaat cccatgtaca tctttttgtc cagcgttgat gtaagtcaca caaaggtagc     82320
     agacacgggc tgcaatgtgc tgaagtacaa gtggggtcct gaatccatgc ccagcaccaa     82380
     atcagaaaaa ggagatgtta cactggcaat gaaaagctgt gcacaacaac tacagtcccc     82440
     acaagtttcc tgtgtcacag tccccataaa ccataagcac agaaaacaag caagcaacag     82500
     gagggaaaag aaactcagta attagtcagg ccataggctt atagcattta ctccaaacaa     82560
     agctatctaa gagctgtgct tgtcctctgt gtcactctgc aaagatccta aggagccaca     82620
     aggttaactt aactataaga ggtaagatta atgggtaata tttttacagc ctagaaaaat     82680
     ccccagaggt aacatgacat ctttttagac ccaagcaaaa agggaaagag agagagagat     82740
     ctggatggtg atccagtggc tgatcaggca aagtgctaac catgcttctc attggaacct     82800
     tggcgttatt aaagacatgg tctcctcact atagcacttt ctgctaaaga tgtctggtag     82860
     ggtctagaag tctttatctt tatcccaaag gatgcttatt tccagtggct ctcatcccat     82920
     aacaaataat cagagtatct caaaatacac tgaagtcaac gttgcttatc taacacaagt     82980
     cgcagggctc agatggtgtt gtaagctccg gacactactg acctttccat gtgaccctgg     83040
     gaactgtgaa cccaacatta gcacggacag agtgcaggaa gatcccgtgg ctccctgcca     83100
     tgggcactta cgtttgcagg ccctaccagt gagcacctgg caggaggaac ttggtgacaa     83160
     cagagaatct cacagcctgt tcctctactc agcatacaag tggctttcag ttaaaccacc     83220
     tgctgccttg ctgacaaggg cagaccaaag aatttccatg atgcgcattc tgttggtgtc     83280
     ctgtcacaca gcggcctcct ttcaaatggg taaagaactc gatgtccaga ccacctccct     83340
     ggggatgaat gtgacccttc cagggaaggc agggtgtgct gccattcaca tgtcccctca     83400
     ccccagctta tctgactggc tgagagacaa attctgtgtt ttgtctgcct gggaaatcta     83460
     atggaaacaa ctattaatag acatatttat tttatcaagg aaaatatgct cttaaaatgt     83520
     tcaagaaagg atattgccta gttctcaagg actagcctga gagagccttg agaacacaca     83580
     cacttataaa catattatat atatatatat atatatgctt gcatctatta caaaactaat     83640
     catatatgca caactgtact agtatcacat ttcagcaaca ttcatggtaa aaataactac     83700
     tccttaattt ttcaattgca ggaagtaatt aatattctgg tgcttttcaa ccattagcat     83760
     tcacgcaggt aaccacacat gctgttatat agagtgtata tctggaacaa gtcccttggt     83820
     cacacccatg ctgcttggca ggcctgggct gctgtttggg ggaaaagatt ccactttatg     83880
     gtgaatggcc atttctgtat caccataaaa taataactga caaagtagaa cctataaagc     83940
     aagctattca aattggtgtt ttctttctag gttgagtctc aaagggacac cagaacctag     84000
     gcaatgcctt attggtgttg ttaaaaacaa ttttcagtgt tctagtgcca ctggagagta     84060
     gaagttcaca atttttgacg aagaaggatc aaattgcctt ctttttcctg agaggacaga     84120
     tagcatctgg tacaatgaat gcctttcttt atgctgatac tgaatgaaga cactcagggt     84180
     gtgtcagacc accctgacct tgcaaaactg atcctatctg cagagaaagg attaaaattc     84240
     actccagtgt attctctttg aaaatcttgt aaaaaaaaaa aataggtaaa cccgagttat     84300
     ccaaatatcc tgactagcca tactcatgag tttatctaaa tatttgaata agtatattaa     84360
     ttctaaaact taagaaatta tacctaacag ctaaagataa acagtacacc aaagtaagag     84420
     ggcttatcac atcgaaagat atggtacaaa aataaataaa cagagaataa tccctctgga     84480
     gagaaaggtc tagctttctg gacatagaag agtttgcttg caaaacagta atgatcataa     84540
     aagacatata aagtagccac agccagcatg gagtccttaa acagtgttta tagaagagca     84600
     gattagacct atctgtggtt atatttgaat ctggtcttga aagaaaatgg tcaaaggtgt     84660
     ggagtataac caagaagcag gaccaggagt cagtgtggag gttgtatgtc tgtgccagtt     84720
     accaagacaa ctgcttatag gtatatcatc ttatgtaatc tttcccccaa ataatttgac     84780
     attattatag caatgtgatg atataagaac tgagacaaag aaaaatggaa tgagtaatgt     84840
     cacacagcta ttgcgtggac cccaaggata tgaatttaag tagaaaggat actggaatca     84900
     agatatgaac cccaacatct atcttagagt tccccaggct gttaattatg tgttgggaaa     84960
     caatattgaa gtagaatagt taaaaataaa ttttaatggg gctcagctat aaccctatat     85020
     tttatagact gtaatatgac tcatcatgaa taagatgtta aacaacttaa taattcaata     85080
     atgagaaatc aaaagctgta tggtggaatc ctatcatttg acttgtgaga cccagatagc     85140
     acgggcttca tagaacgtga ggaaaggcag agatctgata ttctattgac cagatgaaga     85200
     gctgtgcctc ttgactttgc aaccttcctt ttattcccaa caaatctcat tagagtacaa     85260
     tgccatgcca gtaactagcc cccctgagtt tgggactcat gacagttctc tggggaaaaa     85320
     gatagagagc agaaagtgaa gaatagagct ttctctgtgc aagttgggga taggtatagt     85380
     ccactaatta agacatggct ctagacacca aaagaatctc ttctgttcct tttgttaggc     85440
     taataatagt agttgtcata atttcagagc tgatgatttt tagaaacaat ctgtgccagg     85500
     tttacctaga tgtgcactcc ctggctccta agggtattta gcagtatgta cccagtaaac     85560
     caacgggcct tgtctcaggt ctgtgaaccc catgttgctt gattcttatg catatcagag     85620
     agcaggatcc catcacacaa tatttgtata ttcacatgca tgcatatgat cttggctctg     85680
     cggctcattc atgctggaac tcctttctcc ctctccatgg tatctgatgc caactcttct     85740
     gcactcctca gcatccttat atgatggtga ggcaaaccag ctcattttgc catcattcca     85800
     gtacgaatga aaagaaatgt cagacacatt tcaagaaatc acagactgta acaatgtctg     85860
     agagggtgta atggtgggga tgggaaggag accagcacgg cagtgcagta ttgagatgtc     85920
     taaggagcag cctgggtacc tcagaaatgt ggactctccc acccacggaa aacaatggga     85980
     cacaagaaaa caggaaagga gtaatgtttt ccaggaatgc aaatacgggg ttctgggaaa     86040
     gaaagagatt gggacccaga gaaagtgaag gtgcacatgg taagggagtg gctcggggct     86100
     cctgacagtg aaagctgtgc tgagagcaga gctaagtgcc aaagaggtcc tatgtccagt     86160
     ttccttactg agcttagtgt catctctggg ccaagctctg tgcaaactgt agcaggcaac     86220
     aattctgtga ggtcaatatt atgaacctca catgatgaag gacacagaaa gggtctatgg     86280
     cacatgctca ctgccataga ggcagcaaga ggccaagtga atttcaaatc tgtggtcata     86340
     catatgtcta tgtgtattgc aaggtaaaat gttttacacc acaaccacgg tgaagcgaaa     86400
     cgtaatagtc aggttgtgct ataaaagaga agcagtatat ttgggggcta tctgccttca     86460
     gaaagctagc tttggtgaaa cgtcagttgc atttgctagt tataacttct attggattga     86520
     caaagtactt aattcatagg agctgttgac gaaacagtgg agtatttaag agcacacagt     86580
     ttatctaacc ttactttgta tgctcacacc aagcagatcc aggataccgt gtcttttcta     86640
     atgcaggact gagaaagtgc tgacgttagt ttgaacaact acaaagagga tgctgagctg     86700
     gggtgcaact tggtgggaga gcaatggcca agcacacaaa aggccttggg ttccattctc     86760
     agcaccagga aaaaacaaaa agcctgaaag ctcacctgct gcccacaata gttttttcaa     86820
     cttctttcca ctggaggtcg ctgttacttt gcgtttgctg acaagaacct tagtttacag     86880
     gttggcaaag tagacattta aaacctaccc agtcttttta tgcgtccttg aaaagcaaac     86940
     aagtaaaaca gccattaaat tgagaaaaat acttcagatc atgtgagata aaacaaattg     87000
     tccttagaaa actctgtatg tatataaata tttaatggtt ttgtggcctt ttaaaatcta     87060
     aattactcta atggtataaa catgaaattt tatatttgtt caaacccaca gactgtacag     87120
     gggtgagccc tgccataaac tatagagaat cagtgtagga ctgttagttg gaacaaaagc     87180
     atgagtcgtc tcggcagtct ggattgtgag agatgcaagt gtatgcagag ttctgtaact     87240
     ttctcttggt tttgctatga acccaaaact tctctaagaa acattttttg aaagaaactg     87300
     gaacaaaaat tcctgcaatt aagcctacat ataagtttta aatgttgagc aaatgaatcc     87360
     attcagaaag aaataccatc ctgggcatgc agctatagca ctttggtcaa acttctagtc     87420
     ccagtaaacc ttagcttact tctctgtaga cagagagctt catagggcca ctgtgtgaaa     87480
     attatcgaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agagagagag agagagagag     87540
     agagagagag agagaaagag acatggtgtg ggaagtactg agtacttagc acagtgcctg     87600
     gaacatgcag cataaataaa tgctaatgct caatcaggac agatctgcct cctgaggttg     87660
     tcacagaaag ttgttgttgc actgctggag actgagccca aggccttaca gtgctagcca     87720
     agaccctgag ttccatcccc atttataaag tacttagaac aagtactgac atgcagtgag     87780
     gactatttct atatctgtcc ttaaaataac tgaatagtaa aggaatacaa ccaggttaaa     87840
     ggcataggtc ctaaataagc aatcagcaaa cacagcccta aggacataaa aattgaagtg     87900
     gggtgcagca catgtgcaca aagtgtgagc tgccaagggc tgcacccctc cctggggacg     87960
     gataataata gtatgataca ctcattctag aaagaatgtg acccaacacc ttcagttctt     88020
     acaattctaa ataactaagg cccgccaggt cgtctgaatg ggtcccctaa ccaaacatct     88080
     ctactaagag gaaaagacac ctcacagact ctaaccctgt ttgatgccta aagaaatagg     88140
     agaaatagtc ttggtttgcc aggttctgcc tctttttgag actaccagtg accataagca     88200
     agtgaaattg ctgttgtcag tgggttttat gtattcctct ttcaaataag agtcattatt     88260
     tgacaacttt tattagcatc taagcagagc caacacagta cctttctagc ttagtaatag     88320
     ttgtttttta aatataaagt ctatatagaa tgatttaaat gaatacttag attctggtta     88380
     tgggtgggtt agatatattt atgaattaaa attttgtgtt aatatttcat ttttttgtct     88440
     gacccttgtc ttaattccat taatataagc attagcctat gtagaaagca taagaatagg     88500
     cctagcttgc tcatctgtgg aaaacaaata ctggaggcta acagttagtt agacatgttg     88560
     gaatgtgagc ttacacagta ctggcttcta gccgagttat ttctcttttt atagaatttc     88620
     ctgatgcctg agccactgac aagatcatta acctcacacc tgtcacagcc tgagtctccg     88680
     gactcacccc ctgctgtgca ggcttctagc tcccatgctg agacatttgg agaatttctg     88740
     gatgcagtgc tgagcccctg gaaataaagc acgggtgata atcagtgtag agctagaaac     88800
     catgagctca ggagaaagag ggcctgcagg actcagtgaa ctgagccaga tcttgatctg     88860
     tagatccaat gtaggaagta gctgtgggga gggtggggtt gaccctaata gagacaagaa     88920
     ctctgaataa aaaacgctct ggcagcacag aagatgagtt ggaagaaaat cctgatgttc     88980
     agagaagata gtccctccct tgtgaggaat cttggataaa tctgcttcac tgctcttggg     89040
     ttttgagttc tcctttcaaa gatttggata agctggcgtc caaggtcctt ccgctgtgtg     89100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttctgtct gtcagaaagt aaatctagag     89160
     tcttgtgcat tgtaggcaca cgttcaacca tagagctgta ccggaagttg agttacaacc     89220
     aacatgccca acaacacaga agatattaac aaagaacacc accataatct aaaagcggca     89280
     aaacctcccg ctgggtgaag ccacgagcca tggactaata ctaaagattt acgaaggtat     89340
     tttaaaaggc atgtatatct taattccata aaatgaactc atactttccc ctccctgaaa     89400
     agcattaggt gaggttgaaa gaattgttaa aatgaacacc aggggacggt acacaggcag     89460
     aggctgtctc catgctcatg atcatctctg tgtgtaaact acatatggcc caaggctcag     89520
     atgcagaaga aagcaatgct ctggaactgg ttacagttac agagccccac atttttacac     89580
     agtctttcca cgaatacatg ctattttatt ttatccagac agtacccagt atgacaaaaa     89640
     aggacaggta cacactgcta ttcaaagaac ataaagaact cccatggggt ggaagagttg     89700
     gggctgaaaa ctctattctt gggacaatgc tcagtgctgg ttttgagaac cagcacagga     89760
     gtcactctca gtcctcttcc tgcatgggga ctgtgaccag gcatccttca tttctgttgt     89820
     ggcaaataca ctaacacagg ggaggaaggg aattactctg tttaaaattc caggtcacct     89880
     ctctcatctg gaggagccaa ggcaagaacc taaagctagc acatcacatc tgttgttaag     89940
     aacaaacaag aaaataagtg tgtgcttgtt tgctgcttac cctctgctag ctttattcaa     90000
     tcctacacag tctaaggtcc aatccctccc atttgcaatt accattcaaa ataatccccc     90060
     aaggacatgc ctaaaggcca atatgatcta gatagcccct ctttaagatt ctctttgatt     90120
     ctaggttgtg gcacactgac aattaaaact aaccagcaca gcagattaac tgatcccagc     90180
     tatctgggga aatactagtg tgtgcctctg agacaaagaa gggaaggcct gggtgcccac     90240
     caaagattcc tactaaacac tggctgcttt cagaaagtgg tttccaccaa tgaccaggtt     90300
     tagaaagctg tctcccccac ataataagta ctccatatag gggcaaggag caatagtaag     90360
     cacctccacc attttttgtg agccccgtgc agaaaaaccc agtgttcgtg agcattatgt     90420
     ctgtgtcacg tgaaaagcca tctgtggaca gaaagaactg acaaaggtgt gcaggcatcc     90480
     tggggacctg tgcaacagtc agcagtatat ctggtaaggc catgcttttt cctctataaa     90540
     ctttttactt tgagacaggg tatcttgcga tgaaccccaa ctcagagatc tgcctgcctc     90600
     tgccccctgt gtaatgtaat taaaggtgtg ccccactagg ctgcatgtat atttaagctt     90660
     tgttcctcat gcctcaagaa gcaatgctga gacccaaagc catacatgca ctgtctccct     90720
     tgcacccaga cacagtcccc aaggaaggct tgttgtgatg ccagtgcttg cctcttcatg     90780
     actttcttct taaagtgtgc agaagttccc tggtataagc cagtgatgcc aagaataggc     90840
     tggtaacact gcaagctgga aagtggtaaa accaaagccg gtcacaacaa taaaaaccaa     90900
     actgagcaaa acaatgctat ctgattggca agacctcaaa ggcaaaactt tgaggtcctc     90960
     tctgtgttct tccacagtct ggcctactct gctccagctg ttgctatagc aactatatgg     91020
     agacttttcc tggacccctc agagctactg catcttccta gagttctctg gagtttctga     91080
     gtgaacacca gctgagacca tgcttacaca gaggctgctg aacatgccac agggcatgtt     91140
     aaacagcatt agagacagag cctggtagac ttcaagtcct acaacagggg tgcaattatg     91200
     agtcttcccg tccacagtgg ccagcttagc cccatcatgc tggggtttcc ttctttcacc     91260
     ctctcacact ccaaggttcc atgtctatct ctaggagcca attcccaaat taaggatcca     91320
     aacacaaggc ctgctttcag gttctgcttt ctggtggaaa ttcaggagtg gcagtttgaa     91380
     gacactaaac acacagtctt ggtaatataa aaatcctaag caaactttcc caatatcaat     91440
     gttgaatagt agatgtctct tactatcaat tttctctttt ctctagaaag aagactctgc     91500
     tgttgcctgc ttatctcagt ttccatggtc tttgtgattg ctgccacgcc cacacgatag     91560
     acagaaaaga gaagaccata tggaaaagga ccagatgcca ctgggctaag acctggaaac     91620
     agttcctggt gagggtgctg gaggctgatc agggaacacc tagttgtggg ggcaggggtt     91680
     aggttctctg aggtcacata ctaacaaatc atttaaaatg catgtcgtat atgcattgct     91740
     gtacttatca aaatcataat cttgttctat ttttgctttg gctaaaatgc tttaaatagg     91800
     ctggcatatt agaatattaa taaaaacaaa agtaacatga aagggcaacc attggcatgt     91860
     attcttggga gatctgttcc tggaagccct gcagtttttt aaaaaatctt ttatataaac     91920
     agtcacaagg tttacatatg attgggtacc tcttctccta tgctttaaat catctctgac     91980
     ttacttataa tacctaaagc cgaatgtatg ctgatagctg ttgttctcta ttatttaggg     92040
     aataattaca aggaaaaatg tctgcagatg ctcagtacag acatgttttc tccatggttg     92100
     gctaaatcca cagatgtgca attcagggat atagagggcc aattgtgtag taaaagtcac     92160
     aaagatagtc tgaaaaatgg aagtctgggt aatgctaata gataaatgtg catttttatg     92220
     accataatgg ttttgggaaa tggaagaaca cagtctggta aattatattt agaaatttca     92280
     ttaacacatg tgttagacat tctcttacct agaaacagac ataactaaca acaattatat     92340
     atttaatcat gtcattttag ctttgacaga aataggcaaa aaatatattt tctttatatt     92400
     aagcaactaa cagaaattat ataaattatc ataattttga ttattcagag acactggaac     92460
     aatgcacatt gtaagtttcc tcatctgttc tgtattcaag gccatataga actttacatg     92520
     agacacaatc tacacatagt gcaacacaaa acctttaccc cttgaccgga caacattaca     92580
     aatggatttt cttacacttc tgtaaaaaat aatctataaa ctgtgtaaat ttgcccaagg     92640
     gggcaaattt ctaagataac cagttgtcaa cattataaac aaccattagt gatgaaaagg     92700
     ggtaagagtt atgttgtaaa tctgacataa atgagctttt ctttacaggt aaaaagctac     92760
     aagagacctt taagaaaata tgtgtgggac ttctaaaggc agatatcaga ggcagaaata     92820
     ccagtggctc acatctcaga atttccacac agaagctgca ggccctcatg gtgtttctca     92880
     cagaagaaat gtagccctct tgatatttcc cacaaaatat atattaaaca gccaggtgtg     92940
     attaatgctt gggcaccagt gactgggtct gaagaggtag acaaccgtga aatcaggact     93000
     ggcctaaaga caggtttgta tatgcttcag cgtttttgtc tcttgctgtt tttctcctgc     93060
     agattttacc tggccctcaa cttttatctc aagattcatc tgttcttttg aatgtgaact     93120
     tgataatcat agaagtgaag gctcaggcat tagcaaagca tagagctgtg tcttctaagc     93180
     accaccgaga cacaggactt gtggctcctt gtaggataag atataagtga tgcatgtatg     93240
     cacactgcta gagtttgcga tgaaaccacc ctctcagggc atcttttaaa ctgtacataa     93300
     tatattgcca ttgaagcaat aacactccag tggggcattg gttctttgtg gagaagaggt     93360
     gaagaaaatc ttactcttgg tatgtgtaaa gaatgtgcat atataatgca ttcaggtata     93420
     aatggtattt actgaaaaca gagtatctgt agaaataaag tttaagggaa ggtctgcggt     93480
     gcagttcagc agcacttaac tggcaacttc aaggccctgg gtttgatgcc tagcactata     93540
     ggcacacaag caattttata ttaacatggg taggagtagg gggatggaga ggggttagag     93600
     taagggaagg ggggctagat gtcctcagga acatgtcctc aggaacaccg ggtacctctt     93660
     tctgaaacag gacctcactg aagctcacta attaggctag attggctggc caggaagcac     93720
     ttggattcag cactgaggtt acaagatagg tcactatgcc tgacattttt tacatggatt     93780
     ctgggatcaa actcatgtcc tcatgcttgc aatgggagca cttcaccaac tgagccatct     93840
     cactagtgct tcagaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt tttgttttgt tcttttaaag gaaatgaagt     93900
     acaatgtcat ggaaaagttg attgggggaa ggagtgctgg gagagaatgg aagagaaaga     93960
     aaaggatgct gagaaacact gttgcaagcg tgcctgatac tgagaaacac tgttgcaagt     94020
     gtgcctttcc catagactgc tgatccccca tggtcttctg cagtgattgc taaactgtct     94080
     taaagtgttt caaaatgact tagcagacga taactgataa gataatcaag ggctcgggga     94140
     gaactgtttt tctgggaatg gacacctcct ctcagaaaga actaatctct ttccactgag     94200
     aaccatttct ctgccagaat tatattttgc ccaccaaatt ccatcctagg aatagcttat     94260
     ggaaagccac atcagctgca gcccaaagca cagaagtccc agccctcagc acccctcagt     94320
     gctgtgccta caacagattt cctacaaaca gggtgaatct tacatttttt tctttcataa     94380
     ctaagacata aaaaagacaa gaatgaagtg atgccaacat tatttttaac tctagtaccc     94440
     aaaacagatc accaacttaa agttaattcc agacacagct gcttcaagat tccccgaaag     94500
     ttggtcttat tgctagaaat gatgaaagtt gccacatgtc actattatta tcccagctct     94560
     cctaagacag tagtcctggg caaagatcca gcaaggcata gatcaactgc ctctggcaag     94620
     caccgctcct ggactggaaa tgttcaaaga gaattgcaaa atgaatcttc cctaggtctg     94680
     gaggatttca ctacctgtgc attctcaagt gcaggttcct gcttggggcc tccccatgcc     94740
     gccactgacc gaaacaggcg ccagaagacc gaagacgaca gaaggcacac gctacccaca     94800
     atccagaggt cttttcttcg aagcgtggag tccattctct gggagaggct gtgaagtccc     94860
     tggctttgtg ggcaccttcc ctgccctggt ctagcacagc cacttttgaa gttccctgtg     94920
     ctccctgctc tactctgagg agtgggcatt gtgaacccgc aatgggattc tttgtgcagt     94980
     cctacgctgg gtgtctccgg ttacacgatc atcgactaat actctgcttc tttaaaagga     95040
     aacacatgat ggctttttgt gacagatcag agacaggtgc agggacggag ggaaatcgcc     95100
     ggtcataatt tatactgttc gtcccctggt caaggactag tagctgcatc ataactggca     95160
     tcagctgcct ctgctgagcc aatgccacct aggaaacttt cccttgcctt tgtgaggcaa     95220
     agagcagaaa tcgggggagg gtagaagaat gtaatttcaa aaatgaaaaa cctccatctt     95280
     tatctatgct attttgagat ctaagaatag tcattatgaa cacggctggt ggtacaattt     95340
     catagcagct gtcaggaaat gccacccgct attaaaacag ccaactcaat caaaataggg     95400
     acacccatgc tttacccaac caaccctttc tagtcttttg cccatccggc taagaaatag     95460
     ttttgcttag ttcagtcttt ggatatctgt gagaagcatt taaacatccc agggactatg     95520
     agagcctgac tctatttgga ccatcttagt cttcactcca aatggaactg tagaagaatg     95580
     gaacctgttg ttgatggtgt gttattgtat tttgagggtt ttccccactt ctttttgtcc     95640
     tttgtctttg agacaaggtc tcatgcaacc caggctagcc ttaaactttc tgtgtagctc     95700
     agaatgatct tcaacaactg atcctcctgc ctctcccttc taagtgccag ggttataagc     95760
     acagttatca tgtgcttata aggttatagg gttataagca tgggtcatca tgtccagttt     95820
     atgtgttgct caagctcagg cttcatgcat gccaagcaag catcccacca accgaagtac     95880
     attcccagcc ctgaaacctt cttactgaag aagacctttc tgcacaaatc acaattagca     95940
     taaattcaga agggatccgc cttgaaaagc cctggaggag tggcccacaa gacatatttt     96000
     tataaatgga ccatccaaac tccaatgccg cttagttttt gtgcttggga ccaagctttc     96060
     agggtaaatg gcaggaaatt acggtctcac aggaaggtag aggaaaccaa aagaggggag     96120
     cataaattgt cttgagtata aattgtagaa atatgggttg gggatatagc atatccctga     96180
     taatttggtt tgggtcccca gaaccaaaag tatgaatata atcatttaat taaaactcta     96240
     catttggtag tgtcaaggta gctataattg tagctgtgag aactattttt catttacaag     96300
     gtcatggtat atacatgctg gctaccactc tcatcaccca gatcaactgc ttatcaagtt     96360
     ctacttgatt tcaataacat actttgaaca tgtttagatc tagtgtacat agtggtacat     96420
     ggttatctgt ggaaaatact ttattcaacc atttatttaa cttccatata tgcctgatct     96480
     tctgatcatg ttgagggtgt cctcatggga cagctggggc aagggcatgg cctaggagtg     96540
     agtgtaaaat ctaggctttg tactgagcac ttcagacata atgggggagt acttgatctc     96600
     tgcaaaatct tgtcggtaag acagtcaggc tggtgagaag tcaggttgga gatgacccag     96660
     aagtgaggga tataggctat tgatggtggc acagatttaa tgtcttctag aggtaaagac     96720
     tggcctgcag agttggtctt tcagagctca tatgtgtgat ataaaggaag aagaggaaaa     96780
     atacctgggg gaaaggaagt ggagctgcag gtgactatca cgtcctattt actgacagct     96840
     cctcgcttga ggagaggtct ttgctaccct ccagagtctt tagttttgag atatgggatg     96900
     gaaaagaagg aacacatgga agcaagcctg tgggttcctg ctttaagtca gagccctttt     96960
     taaatccggc agcactgtaa tagaagagca acggggcatt agaggatcaa atggaaaatg     97020
     aagacaaatt aaagaagcaa agttaaaatc ataaagtaaa ttaaatgttt tgagtccaaa     97080
     gaagtagaat atgcagtatt taataattca cgcagaaact ggaggaagag aaaggtagtt     97140
     taaaataaac ccagtgaaag gaaaataaat gaaacagaaa atcctggtta agagcaggaa     97200
     aggtaaaata aaaaagaacc cgagtttcac tgaacaaata caggttgtta aatttatata     97260
     cagcttttct gctcttggga ctgagagcag ataaagttgc ttttggaaat agttctccaa     97320
     gcttccagaa caaagctgtg tccccagaga gtctgaaatc cagtgaaaat tgcctttcag     97380
     ttcagccagc aaatgtttct gccattagca gccttaatct tctcagaaag agattgggag     97440
     gggggagaag agacggtgag aaacttacag gcctttaaat ggtcctggga gagagagtgg     97500
     cacagaaaga tctacagcag ccctacagaa gatggagaca gccatggtag cccagctgtg     97560
     tccacacacc caggctgctg ggttggcttc tctacctgcc agctgctggg cctgctggct     97620
     gtgctgcacc cacaggttgg gctttgacca ccatcgggag agctctgatc ctctgacagc     97680
     tgtacctatc cattctgagc aaggccagag aaggacagag gtactcatgg tgacagctct     97740
     gggcccttct ccatttataa ataaaaaact aaatgggaca tatggcgttc cttgtcatcg     97800
     gtatctacct tcgactgatt caactgtagc atgaaaccag aagggacctg ctacaaaatg     97860
     tttgtttact tctcttaggg tctctgtgga ctcttttccc ccaaatgcca aaatatgtaa     97920
     cttccaaatt aggctctgaa ctttctagaa cagttggtaa tcataaaaat aactcttctg     97980
     aagaaagctt ataacccaac tcaccattac ctcacaattt aaggctgtcc gtttaacatt     98040
     tttatcacat aagcttggca tggtggcaca cagctgcaat ctcagctctt agaaggtaga     98100
     ggcaggaaga tcagaaaccc aaggccatcc taagtacaca tggagttcaa ggtcttcctg     98160
     aactacacaa gaccctgtct caaaagaagc ttagatcata gatctatgag aacaaatgga     98220
     cttgacaaat aattaaatcc atataaactg tttgttggtt tctgtggagc aaagtgacaa     98280
     cggatgagca gttttctgtt tcctacagaa attcatgagg agaaaataaa ttctgtttcc     98340
     ttgtttgtgc tattagtggc ccctatgagg gtgtctttca tactccctta cattttgtct     98400
     atgacaattt cttcttcttc tgtctctagg aagctggatg cttgcatgca ttttaatggc     98460
     tccctctatc tgtggcaggc aaatggctgg gacccaggag tttaggactg tgagttttac     98520
     catattagca tttctcccac cccaaatcta tacaatatgt attacaaaac aaccatacaa     98580
     tgtcatgtac aaaaggaaat tctttaagat aagaaaagta actaaatcat attgtttttt     98640
     attacctgtc tgaggtagag agtgtatcca ctggagtgtt gtgtctatag aggctagagg     98700
     tatctggtcc cctggtacta gagtcacagg ctgttatgag tgaccctctc ttgggggctg     98760
     agaatcaagt gcaaggcctt tttaaagtca gtgtatgctc ttagccatga gacatctctc     98820
     taacccctat aattcttact taattttcaa atttttcttt aatatttaaa gctgttgtaa     98880
     attaatcttt ttgatttttc gtacttatgt gtgtgagaga gatggggtgt ggcacatagg     98940
     ccaccacagg gtggaagggt tagaagacaa tcctgtgggc tcagttcttc caccttcatg     99000
     aggcttctgg attctaactc gggccactac gctagcatgc agcaccttta cctacttact     99060
     catctctcag gcacacatct tttgaacagt gtaacttgga aatccacgga atcagatatg     99120
     agtatatggt gcagtcacct agatacccat gcctcatata tgtatactgt ttttcctatg     99180
     tcacacaccc acgatgcacc aatgcccatg cacagattag cttttctctc tttttaataa     99240
     acttagcaac ttcattttac tctgactcat tgtgaaattc tattctacag tatagtcaag     99300
     gatatgcctt tacttgagtg gaggtccctg gggtagcaga tgcccacagt attgtggtag     99360
     caggctagac tgctttctct tccaccgctg ccactaacac ttccccctca ccttataccc     99420
     actcacccaa aatgctcacc aagcttcaga catagtatta aacctgcttt gatagcacct     99480
     gtcatctcac tgatcagatt aggctactcc atgtttgatt tttggtgcat ctcagagcat     99540
     ttgctctgca tagtggtcac aggactctac catcatgaca tcagcgagga atgctgtccc     99600
     ttctctggac tctactgtca gtagctctac ctctcacagg gctcaggaat tttaggaaat     99660
     tagaagctac acggttgtgc ccctcatggt gcttctctga gtttccagcc caaacctgcg     99720
     ttttacatga tccttctctg aaacacgttt tctatagcat attccattaa tatgtatgta     99780
     tgcactcatg catgtttggt tgacaggggt gatgatatgg aatcgagggc ctccagcagg     99840
     ttatgcacat cctttatcac tgagctacag tccccaggaa ctcatttcaa cactcctcag     99900
     cactgcaggg aaaatgcact ttcagagtct tccaaactat caacccaact caagggtaga     99960
     gtttacccac agtcctcaga caagtggaat ggaaatctgt tttgcaagct tccttcctcc    100020
     tacacacaca tgacaacatt gaacttgaac ataaaaggca ctgtccaaga ggtaaggtag    100080
     aacatggtta cctcattgtc tccagactgc aggtccagat cccccgaatt ctcctccagg    100140
     aagcatttca ccttctccac ctcctccatg cactggaaaa acgccacctt ctccagcggg    100200
     ttgctgctgt ggcacgagct gatttcttcc agcctcttca ccttcaacat actggtggtg    100260
     agcctgatca ggctgctgtc aggagtgggg ctttcatctc cctctgtctc agatttgtaa    100320
     atgaggacac aatcatgact gctcagcact cccttctctt gactataaag aaaggaaaca    100380
     aagaaacaaa accttcaggt cacttattct ccatcaactt cccaaatcag gagcaacctg    100440
     gatattcaca tggaaacttt ttccactgct agaactttta aaaggaaaac aacaattttt    100500
     atttttattt ttatttttat ttttattatt ttttttttta gcattttctc agagattcaa    100560
     atagtaagaa gtaccatgcc aggtggctgt gcgcatcctt cactgcatta aacaagacat    100620
     acactgagaa aaagtaagaa ataggacccc agtgttgttt atgcagtata tttcaaattg    100680
     gttattcaaa taaaccacag gccttttaca cataggaaca tctgggaaaa tccttttgta    100740
     aaaggaaatt tatatcatct aggttaagaa gtaatagatg actatagagg ttcttctgtc    100800
     tggtatatgc ccccttcagg aaagactgat tcactgctgc ttgaagaaga gacagtgggc    100860
     ctcacacctg ccttgaacag agatgaccat gggaggctga catctgaaag gtttcacttg    100920
     cagccgagat gtttgtgcac ttttctttga tcttccttcc tccccgcgcc caaaaagtcc    100980
     aaaattcagt ctcttcaggc tttcaataaa ggaccaggat gctgtccccc cctttgagtt    101040
     tcacactccc atgctgtgag gggcatgttt tgtttttgtt tttgtttttg tctttgtctt    101100
     tgtctttgtt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt ctagatgtct atttattaac agtttttttt    101160
     tcttcacaaa ctaaaattta gccaagctgc aggacataag gggcaaatta aaaactctga    101220
     caccatgtca agtggccggt taaaacacag tatgagaact ggggttttag acttcgatgg    101280
     catggctttc tcctcacagc cctacaagaa agagaggttg gtctcagaag agggaattcc    101340
     tcttcctttg gaaattgtga ctccttcttg ggcagtgtca ccatagggat tttctgcctg    101400
     catcctcttt aaggtattca gtgctaggga ttaaacccaa taacccacac aaattaggca    101460
     aacacctcta cctctgagcc acaccccact cctcttgcct acatcttaag acatttgtat    101520
     tgattttttt tttcctaaaa gaaattcatt tcagaggaag aatacagcca cttttcattg    101580
     catctttact aacagctgca cactgagctc ggctgcccat gctctctcta aaatactctc    101640
     cttacaaatt cagtaatgta cacgcaacaa agtaacactt aattctagac acataaatgc    101700
     gtctgtgtat ttatgtatta cttggctata caaggagaca aagattaaga caagatttga    101760
     atttgggctt tctagtggct agcccctgag gccccctgct ggaaactcgc tgaagtttgt    101820
     aataatcatt tctcaatctc ccagtggaac ttcattttta caattcatag agtaaaataa    101880
     cctcctagag ttataaggta ttttaaatac tctacgaatt tgtatatatt gcctaaagaa    101940
     cttacatttt aaaaaatgca gataacatca actagaactc tacaggttca ttatagacca    102000
     ttattagtat ttttttttaa cattttcttg gcaggaggaa cttcttaaaa taagaagaca    102060
     gatgcatttc tgtttaatgg tgaactgtgg ttaagatata atgttgaatt gcaggtaata    102120
     ccaaaaatag actaggaagc ctcaaaactt gacatattaa gacagaagtt taggtttagc    102180
     acacaatcat tcagtacaga aataccaagc actgagctct gcctgcagtt tggaacgact    102240
     tcttgttaat taaagcagca cagagagaaa aatgcaactg gatcagttct aacaataaac    102300
     agaagtgatt accatctgta ggaggacatc ctggagtctg acccactcac tccgcaagta    102360
     gaggattctt ttcggccgat aacagggatc tgcagaattc agagggactg caggactctg    102420
     cagtaagaga cttcactctc agtgggcaga agtcatctag caaggcaagt gtctaccacc    102480
     agaggaagtg tcttccctct caaatgccac gccgagcccc tgtttaaacc aatgtgctcc    102540
     ttgagctcat gttgctcagc tgttccttcc ttagtcagat ggggaagaat attaatttta    102600
     gatgccaggc ctttcaaagc tgatggctcc atttcaaagg tcaggtaagg agaggatgaa    102660
     ctgagaacac tggatgaaat atcaccttta ccttcccctc tccgcccctt gtaattaccg    102720
     ggctggattt gtgctgggtg gtcgcatact cctctcagac atgattgtag ctgccaggac    102780
     gaaaggaatg ggagctcaaa gtcccaggaa catttgtctt gatgactttg aagtgattcg    102840
     aatgtagtat ggggccttct gaatgcattt agtgaatagt gcttaattta ctccatcata    102900
     atactatttg aaaagtctcc aactctccct agttcagggg gaaaggcaaa ggcatatata    102960
     tccaggaagg tacaaagact agaggcatgt ttctcacaga ttcttgtgag taacactgca    103020
     actctttcca aattatcatg aaaacaagca ccttcccagg tctactattc atagatgtat    103080
     acacttgata tggaacttcc attgctgata agctaaaact gacattataa gcagtctcta    103140
     attgtttaca acccagacaa ttgtcacgtc ttgtttagcc tttatgaagt cctctgtgtc    103200
     ccattgctac acaggtagcc tctggccctt tgcttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    103260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttaga tcaatgtttc tagtcaagac aaaaatgagt gttttccatt    103320
     ttaagtagta tttgaaggat tttagaagaa tcttatttga aaagcagaac tgttgctatt    103380
     tttttaggat tccaaaactt agttcttcag gaagatacat tattccacaa agcattctca    103440
     aaaggctgaa ctgacttcag gctaccaact tctataggca tgtgtatgaa tgctgacaac    103500
     aacaaatctg tctcagaata aggaagatgt atgtggccat gcctccagtc agaccaaaac    103560
     aaataaagtc atgattccta tatccttggc tcttagtcac aagcattaga gattcggggc    103620
     cagcagatgc actattatta acaaaaccca atagttaact ttctccaccc cccccctcga    103680
     tttggttcta gaatcccatg catgctttca cattttgttt ggagccaaca agatttgtga    103740
     tggattaggc acagggtata aaggggagac cataaactgg atgatttaca gattccttct    103800
     gcatacctga aaggacaaag gtgaagtgat atgagatgac tatggaaggc catagaaaca    103860
     ggctcccaac atcatagaaa cggagatcta catatagggt gtaggttgga gatgcagatt    103920
     tgtacagcca tgtacatatg gatattccca tatataatat atactcagca tttgctactt    103980
     agtcatcaga gaaaataatt ttgattgtat ctatgtgtcc tagctgtctg tcttataaac    104040
     tttggcatca gtgacacagt tctgttaagt catactgttc aagcttgatg gtttggaata    104100
     caaactatct ggtacaatag ttgaccacaa catttaattg tctaggtgct atgtgcatgc    104160
     tcatatcctt gctagcctca ggacctaaag tccaccacag actctgaaat gcttaaagat    104220
     gctcattatg cctagaaaaa ctaaaagtaa aggtatgagc agtcccagca ctccagtgtt    104280
     tccttgacat ttttggactt atatgacttc taaaaaatat atacagagga aaacagcctt    104340
     tcacagagct aagaaatcct tgattgtaaa accaaattct gtgttaaact ggatgtcttt    104400
     atccactccg ccacctttcc ctctctccgc ttatcaaggt taaggaaaca tcactgaagc    104460
     agaggcgatg taagagctgg agtgtatgaa ggacggctgt gatgcacttc atacttatgt    104520
     accctgtggt taccttcaaa agacctgcac aagatgaaac tggctgtaag agtgttctcc    104580
     atgattcacc cctctttagc aactgcttct ggggaaggga aaatcattcc ttttagaaag    104640
     aaacaatgtt gggagggtga catgttggag gaatatgggg aagtcgaaag agggaaatgg    104700
     ggtggatgca tttcattgta tacatgcatg acattctcaa gaataaaaag aatagaattc    104760
     cttgacattt tgggcaacat ttccactaaa caaggaaggg actgtcatct aaggagacac    104820
     ataaacaggt atcattgaca gatcaccttc tgttggacat tcagagcagg cctgaaagta    104880
     ctgattattc ctgtttatac acagctttct gaatttcccc agaacaacag gtgtctacat    104940
     acaaaagtgg aacaatggtc atggatatca aaatgcagct gaaaggctgc cacatttcag    105000
     ctgcctccct atcaattaca tgttttacct tccataaagc accagacagt atgaccctaa    105060
     aagcagaaac taataaacta caccccatca aaattcagag tctgcttttc aaaagacagc    105120
     attagaaaaa ttaaaagccc agctccagcc tggagaagat gcttcgacag cccagatgtg    105180
     acaaagggct tgtattcaga acacacaaca gattatgaca gctcactaat gggatgacat    105240
     acaccccaat tttgaaagtg gacaaagtat ctgaataggc aagcaggcag aatatcagct    105300
     atcagggaaa tgcaaactca aaccacaaca tttgcaccct ctaggagagt attaactata    105360
     aagagacaga ggaaaagcaa acatggctag tgcaggaggg aggggtgctc tcatcagaca    105420
     gggcatagga aggaaaacga cagagatact tttgaaagtg gaatgtcttc agtttaagtt    105480
     acttcccata agtctagtac ttcttggtac acagggaaga gaaattaaaa cgcgagaata    105540
     tgcaaccctt gcacataagt tttgggaggt gcagtgccca cagatgccac aattagaagc    105600
     aacccaaatg tccaatagtt ttgtgagggg agagtacaaa gtggtatgtc caagtaaatg    105660
     ggatactatg tcagaaatga aatacgatac tgcctaccta taacatgaat ggattaaaac    105720
     atgatagtaa atttaaaaaa gccagagaca aaggccacat accatgggat cctatataaa    105780
     aaagaccagt ccatagacat tgaaagctgg gcggtgttaa taattagctg taaagagcat    105840
     ctaagtggat catgcatggt cattacataa ctcaccaaat gtcataagat accattgaat    105900
     tgtataccta agatgagtaa attttatgat tggcaaagta cacttcccta agttcactac    105960
     aaaaaaaacc ctcaaattta atatgattca taaaaagtaa tcttgttaaa agaaggggac    106020
     agtgctactg ggcagtttgg agctggttat tccaagtgac caaggctgtg atccagggag    106080
     acataaacta aggccacagt actgtgtcac ctggggctga agaaaggaaa aggatgggtg    106140
     ggagagaaag ttagagactc gtactttgcc tctagcacaa atgctaggta acatgagatt    106200
     ttgtaattta gtaaaaaaaa tctgtgctcc atgaatggaa ttagtttcta tcacttatta    106260
     cctccttgga tatggaatac tctcagccaa gagggtaatg atgttacaaa atgtccagac    106320
     ttgtttacag tccatttgat attagacctt taaattttcc aagtggcagt gagtaagtag    106380
     ctaaatattt tgtaataaaa accaaggagt ctaaaactcc caggcaggct gggcatggtt    106440
     aggtggtaga gttcttgcca gtgtatatga ggccttgggt ttatcttcaa tgtcaccggg    106500
     ttgggggggg acacaaagaa ataaacacac attctcaggc acataattaa tcttctgttt    106560
     cttttactgt ttaaaacatg aaaacaaaag agatgtcata aaactgcatt taaattagtt    106620
     tatcttaaac atgctaaaaa ctatcctagt aaattattcc tatggtagtt gggtgctgta    106680
     cttttaatta tatgccattt tatttattgt tgaatgtaaa tacttatcat tgagttgata    106740
     cattatttag aaaatagcat atgatatttc attcaaaaca aagtacatca tccaatattg    106800
     atcataaata aactggcaag tgagctccca aagtcatata tgacttttac aacattttgt    106860
     tgtatttctt tgcttcctag ccttttaaaa acaaaccaga aggctaagga aagtgtttgt    106920
     cctgactgca taaggtcctg ggtttggtcc ttagaacagt aaaaatagat aaattttaag    106980
     ttcaaactcg cagaggcctt acaagaaaag tacaatcaat agctatatag gttttctttt    107040
     cttttccatt tttattaggt atttagctca tttacatttc caatgctata ccaaaagtcc    107100
     cccataccca cccaccccca ctatataggt tttcttctca tcgccaacat ttgctgttct    107160
     gtcttccttc tagagcttca gttttcctga gacttcatcc cccaatgcat gagcatgtct    107220
     tctcagatga gagacatttc tcatacaagc aggtccagtc aaatatccca cagtgcattt    107280
     gttgtaaagt cttgtttaaa tccccttttc tctactttag aagcaatcat cctattcttt    107340
     tttcctttta ttctacatga aattgttatt tttgaaactt cagacaaata tagctttcct    107400
     aaattatcag agtttgaatt gcctgattgt gtcttcacat gtggaagcaa gttagatttg    107460
     tggcaagaaa accagaaata tagtatactt ttctcagggt atcccaatgt gtggtaccca    107520
     atgccaactt gcgccattgt tagtaaaggt aactttggtg atctcattat ggtggcgacc    107580
     actaaatttc tctaatataa ggttacgttt ttctctttca aagatacata aattatggga    107640
     ctctgtgagt accctgtgct tactgccaag attagtatct attcttggtt ggatggattg    107700
     ctgtggtgat gatgtaacag taagtttctg agcctaccat ttcttccaca tttgctaact    107760
     attgtgattt tctaaatcac aatgcttcct ttccaaatct gcatgttccc ctttgaagtg    107820
     gaggtataaa gtaactccaa aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaacattttc attttgatgc    107880
     tcgattgtca aattgtagca tgtctgttcg aagagaatat ctgtgtttgc tgttgtgtac    107940
     ttttgataca ccaatactat ttttgatatt cctctaatat gatcatgcta tttctggaat    108000
     tttccatttc ttcaaggaac tctggttctt tttgaaagga aggaggacaa ttcaaaatca    108060
     aaaccaggcc acagacatgc cccttaaaaa ccaagaactg ggcagagaaa tgctctctgc    108120
     tactacggtg tcattgcttc ttatcatgac aataaaaata atgtcttatg tgctaattca    108180
     cacatattta taattccacc accacattgt aggattctgc ctctttccac gtcttccata    108240
     tgtatctccc ttgttggttc tttaagccta agtaggaaag aagaaagcac gatgcttgct    108300
     acaaggtaca atttacacta ttgctcggac tatccactcc aaacacgtgg agggcatcta    108360
     ggagcctgct gtccccttat gaaaccccca tcttatggca tgaatcatca ttttctagat    108420
     ttaggaacta gaagaacagt atatttatac tgacatgctt agaaatgctc ttctactttc    108480
     taaattggaa gaggatttga ggagccagga gaagcttatg atagcgacga ggcatgaaat    108540
     tacagaagtg caaacctcaa gccacactct ctcaccaaag ctggtgagcc agagggtaag    108600
     caaggctcag gggagaaatt ttccacaagg aaaaacactg cactaggagg tacaataatg    108660
     gctgatgaaa aggcctggga aaccccaccc actgccagga tgtgttattt actgtgaaag    108720
     ataaaagaat tttaggtaga atgttaactg ggcaacctca gaatagttca gggggagttg    108780
     ctagtgttta ttctatatgt tcaaaagtat tgaagagttt ggctgcaagg tcttcagtgc    108840
     tctgaaaaga ctccttgtag cctacaagag gacgaaaggc actaccaaca cagttcccac    108900
     ctagaacaaa tgttcactgt gaagaaagct gagcgaggta cagaggatgc tgctattctc    108960
     acacgtggca gaaaatgaag gctcagctta tcattatgaa agacaccttg agcacaccct    109020
     tggaccacat caatgcattt ttaaaaagat tcatttatgt tatgtctgtg tatgtatatt    109080
     aatatatctt atgcatatga gtacaatgtc tacatataca tcagaaaatc aatgtctgca    109140
     catacatcat attccatcac agatggttgt ggccaccata gggttgctgg gaattgaaca    109200
     caggacctct ggaagagcag acattgctct taacctttga aattatcctt gaatgtatga    109260
     ttttttgttt aaataatggc attgttttta tgtttaaaac attaattagg ctatgaagat    109320
     gtagctcact ggtaagacta tttacctctg gtattcagtc tctaacattg ccaataataa    109380
     tgataataac acgttgcaaa taaacattaa aacaaaatgt aagtatgagt gtcttaaata    109440
     ggaaagaatc tccataagaa atatcatttc attactccca tttaacaata taagaataaa    109500
     tgtaatgttc aagttgagaa aaaaatgaaa gattccagaa cagtatttgc agtaggttcc    109560
     aaatttgttt gtttgcttaa ttgtttgttt gagacagctc ttattatgta gctctggttg    109620
     tcctggaact cactatgtag aacaggatgg cctcaaactt acagagatcc acctgcctct    109680
     gcttcctaag tgttgaatta aaggtgtgtg ccactatgtc cagttatgtc cccaattttg    109740
     atggtttaaa aacatatgct gtaaataaat attacatata cgataatata tagagaaaaa    109800
     taatagaaaa atgtcagata agattgttgc aacacatatg atttatgctt ttctaaagtc    109860
     atccactggt ctagaagcat ttattttctt tttaacctga atgaaacttc gtttaaataa    109920
     aacaataggt gccacaatat agcagctagc ctagtgggaa ctcgtgggca ctacagagag    109980
     tgatgtgaga cttgaagttg agattccctt actgtgtaag agtgactgtg tggtcgtcct    110040
     aagccttagt tcttctcatc tgttaaatga cagtaataat atttacctta caaagatgag    110100
     ggatgggaaa tgaggtgaaa atgattgatg tgtaacagag acttgacaga tggcaacctt    110160
     tatgttattt ttggtactat tattgctatt aatgttacta aattgccccc ccccccccac    110220
     acacacacca aaagataaca gcttaaaaat ttagaaggaa ggaaggacat gtctgaggat    110280
     tttaatttaa ttattccaca gtgcacctgt aaaatatttt cccctttact gggctgttac    110340
     atatagaaaa ttaaaaataa ctataaatat agcttaagaa gaatgatgat attcttgcat    110400
     aaagccacca ccaggctaca cactagaata ctgatagcgc ccctacacct cactccttta    110460
     ccttctcttc aagttctaat atgaggtttt agatgacagt tgccttgatt ttcatcatag    110520
     ttttaccact ttcacgtgta ctgtaaacat ataactttat gccagtctag ggcttgtgtg    110580
     cagatgtatc catactgctt tcattctttt gtgtcttttt tttttctatc aaatagtcca    110640
     tctctggtag tatatttttg tgtctgctag ttctatttat gcaacattgc aatgcataaa    110700
     tacttgtcca atattccata actatttatc ttctttatta tggtattgat tgatgttgtg    110760
     ggtgtctttg gcttggggtt gttatgaatt ctacagtgca tataagtagc tatcaatata    110820
     tttccactag agcctcagtg gggctccttt gttctgcttt taatgctttt tgctaattta    110880
     gtaaccacat aataatacag catgttaaaa acttaaattg tatgtctcta ataactaaat    110940
     ggctgaagtt atcatatata tgaaaatatg caaaccatga atatatgcat gctttacttc    111000
     cattaaatgc atatgtaaag gttttaatct catgctttga aatttttaaa attattttta    111060
     tcactaggaa ggaattttca aatgtcttaa atattatgtt gcatatatta gatttcattt    111120
     aatattattt ataaatttat attgtgtttg atattttatt ttctaaatat gtccttattt    111180
     gaacttccca tatagaaatt tgttataaac taaagtagat caagtattcc catatgttct    111240
     ctcagcatct cttatagaaa agtctatttt ttttcacaaa tttttaagat agccttcttc    111300
     cttgtatgct tggggagtgt cttttgacaa gctccttcac ccactgagga gatcttcata    111360
     ttcttagcac atttaaaaca tttgtagaat cagattgtta gtttatagat tcacacctgt    111420
     agcctctagg ctgggatgga cctgaatctg tagctgaggc tagctggcag tagattgcat    111480
     cgtacactaa caggtgttgg gaactacaga catggaatat cacctttatt ggtcacattc    111540
     tctctcactt tctctcaggg aggttatgca actttccacc tctgaaggaa gaaaactgtc    111600
     tcttcatatt ttccatcaga tttattctta gataatttag atttgggctt ctggttcctg    111660
     ctttgctctc tagcttcttt ccacctgggc ctacttttag tgttgactat ttaacgcaga    111720
     caactcatta aactttcata gcactggaag taatttttct gtccataatt ctttggtgta    111780
     tacgacctac agagaaagat gtgtcattct tctgtgcagt ctgcagtccc cacccttatc    111840
     ccctactcgc ttccttacgt cctagggctt ctagcgcaac actgagtaga aatggtctga    111900
     catttattat ggattctctt agctgaaagt caacattatc attacttttg tttctgtcat    111960
     tctggtaaga atggagtgac atccactgtg gttttaattt gcatttaatt ttatatattc    112020
     tgttctgtaa cttttactca tttgtaatgg ggttactttg ttttactatt acagtgaggt    112080
     ctctttccac attcataact tcctgtgtag attatagttt cattttccta aaggtgtctc    112140
     attgattgat tgattgattg atttctgtag tccaggctgg ccttacattt gtagagattg    112200
     tttagactct gcccctcaac tgttggaatc acaggtgtga gtcaccatgc ccaatgtcca    112260
     aaaaaaatct tttcaacatg tgcatttaaa ttttgacaaa atcaagttta accttttcat    112320
     gatcaacact acctgtgtca tctccaagaa actatctacc caaagccatg atgcagtgac    112380
     acattacaga actctccatt tcttaagatt gatgacctat ggtgaattca ttgtttttct    112440
     tgtgggatca ggcttgtccc ccgctcctct tctggataac tcagtgttga catcaccgat    112500
     ttctgatctc caaataaatt ccaagtactt taaaaaaagg aatgtctctt taaatttccc    112560
     ctttccatct ccgttcaacc cagcaagccc acggcacaac cgagtgtgtc ccctacatat    112620
     ttctgaaggt cctcagagac tcaactgtgt tcacaaccag tccatcagtg aggccactga    112680
     tgaagacctc acagctggga atgcccacat gcaccctcag tctgtgtggt aggtgctttg    112740
     agcaggtgtt ccctgagcta ccatcatctg acgccagaga gaaactgggg aacatggtgc    112800
     tttgggcctt ccagatcttg gagaaaacat ggctccctga aaattctgct catgtctctc    112860
     ttccagcctt cttgccattg aacttccaac ccaatgcagg gagaagaaaa gaatgtttgg    112920
     tgtgtccatt gcatctcttt cgtcaatccc attgctttca aaaaggacct gtgttttctt    112980
     tcttttagct cttcattctt cccagatggt tgctgtactt ttacctctga aagtgttttt    113040
     ttttttcttt tcttttcttt ttctttttgg aaggcttctc taaatatcta aatcagcaga    113100
     aatcagcaga aagtcttcat ctgactttta ctactttaaa agccccagtc aggtgccccc    113160
     ccccagaaga aacagaatgt tccaaacact agccttgagc aaaatgagtt aagcctacac    113220
     atcagccctg cccaattgct ttcacccact gattctgttc cagcacaccc cacagcatgt    113280
     gaggcccagt acttggcact gagctggcaa ggggaagaac tttaccctct ggtggaggtt    113340
     ggcaggagta gtggaaacag acatagtaac tggcagttgg gatactgcca ggtaactgct    113400
     cggagggaca gtcagggtca aataagcata tggcaaagag tagcaaaacg gcctggagcc    113460
     agggagaggc taacaatagc acctctatgc agcaaggtaa ccagggttcc aatcccactg    113520
     gaaggctaga aaggtactct agggtgaggc agcatgatat gcaaaggtgg ggagctggat    113580
     gtgaacataa aagccacctc gagtgcttct ggtcattaaa catcagaatg gctgctggtt    113640
     acaccaagaa agaaatcatg aagttaagga ggtatcttta gtaaagcttc actgtttgta    113700
     agtcaaggac taatacagat tgctgtcaag tgttcctaag acaaagatgc acgctttctc    113760
     caataatctg acaacattta gtgttagaat ggaaaactca aaaattctta tcctgatatc    113820
     aactgtgttt tctgcagttc agttctgaca ctgcgctgct cagtcagcgc atcctttact    113880
     ggtcaagagc aaagttcacc acacagtggc tcctcccact ttacactgaa ctgatgtccc    113940
     actttcactt cggataaagt gcaaatgtgg tatatagtca agcagaaaat cttcacagaa    114000
     ctggctgaga agaaaaacca tacttaagag attaaagcct cattataaag gagacacaaa    114060
     ggaagagtgt atgcagggag aggggcaggc cccgattatg aaatcatgtg tattgttgac    114120
     aatgggcaca accctgttaa ggacactggc aaaggtggtt cccgatgtgg tccaggctca    114180
     acatgggtgg caaagttctc ctcaggagtc caagtttagt gtttaaaaac cattggtcag    114240
     tgtgtgcaaa gactagcaac ttcagcttct tcttccaggc taacagactc ccccaactcc    114300
     acgccccaag ccacacatag ctgccacatt ctggggtgta cccaacaaac gtgctaagag    114360
     ttcaggttgt aggacgtagc gttcaaagaa acctttacca tatcccggca gccaagtatg    114420
     cgtgtctgtc cttttttttt tttaattagg aattttcctc gtttacattt tcaatgctat    114480
     cccaaaggtc ccccataccc acccccccaa tcctctaccc acccattccc cctttttggc    114540
     cctggcattc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaag tccaatgggc ctctctttcc    114600
     agtgatggcc gactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc taaagacaag agctcccggg    114660
     tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agttcccttt agctccttgg    114720
     gtaatttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc gtgtgaccca tccaatagct gactgtgatc    114780
     atccacttct gtgtttgcta ggccccggca tagtctcaca agagagagct atatctgggt    114840
     cctttcagcg aaatcttgct agtgtatgca atggtgtcag catttggaag ctgattatgg    114900
     gatggatccc tgcatatggc aatcactaga tggtccatcc tttcgtcaca gctccaaatt    114960
     ttgtctctgt aactccttcc atgggtgttt tgttcccatt tctaagaaag ggtaaagtgt    115020
     cctttcttca ttccatccct gcagctactc aggattctgg ggcccaagcc ttgcaggcca    115080
     cggtgtgtta gtcagctttc tgtaactaag tgcttgagac aactttaaag aggcaaaagc    115140
     ttatgtggat cccattgtct tgggcatgag gtgaggcaat caaatagcag ggtaggaaaa    115200
     tgaaggggag aaagcagcct catagaagcc aggaaggaag gaaggaaggc aagaaagaaa    115260
     tgggaagggt ttgctaagat tctaatatcc ttttcaaagg cgcctctcca atgacctact    115320
     tcccactagg attcagctca taaaggttct ttcatctccc gacagtgcca caggctggca    115380
     aacaaggctt tagcagacga gttttggggg aacgctccag agatcccttt gctagcagta    115440
     aggcccaggg ccaaggcata gcgctccata ccctcctttc ctcaaataaa ggcatgccac    115500
     cctctctcgc ttctgtgtgt tcatcaccag gaagttccac tgcgtttttc caagtttcaa    115560
     ccctagggaa cactgggcat tgcatatttg cataacacag acatcttatt actcaggaaa    115620
     accccaggtt tgtaagatct gtgccagcta gaaaaagatc agattttttt tttaactgtg    115680
     ctacaaatta aattggctaa agactatgta taaagcaaat aagcacaaag ctctttgaag    115740
     atgttttgcg gggcctacct acctctagag cctaccagaa ccagcaaaaa aaacatgagc    115800
     tatttctaat tgaacatgtg tggaagaaac ctgctcactc aactgatgcc ccctgctgtt    115860
     acagactcac ataaaaacaa gacacttctc actgaaagga gtttgcaaaa catgaaacct    115920
     gggacaaagc atgactgtct acccctgagc acaagaactc tgagtggtcc cccttcttaa    115980
     ccatctggtt agtaagcagt ttttcctctc ttcctataaa ccgcacctag ctcaacaaat    116040
     ggcctgcaca catttgaaca ggcttcctgt gtcgatcttt aacagaaggc ctttgtgttt    116100
     taccacacaa ccaatctggt gccacaacac tgacttttat gtgcacgaca cagtggactg    116160
     gcattcccag tgtcaaccta aaagtgagag accaaatctt ttaagttcag actccatttt    116220
     agagaacttg aactcaggtg aactaacagg ccggtaccta acattagttt ccaagttacc    116280
     tcccaacaaa acctgagcct agctccagtt tctaggctga cccccaactg acaagcatct    116340
     ccaggttaat ctcccccaac aactcagcgt ttccaggtta actcccaaca agcccacccc    116400
     ctgccaacga ccaccaatgc agagggaaac aaaagttaag tttatggttt gactcccagc    116460
     accagccaat tatgttaaag accatagttg cttcccagtt agatgcttct caggctagaa    116520
     acactcacct cccacttgtt gctttctata aagcctcacc cgggtagata ttcagggctg    116580
     ctctccacca aaaccatcct gtgtgtcagc agtgggctga ggggcctgag ccagctccat    116640
     taaaggacct gttgtgattt gcactgaatt ggctcctgtc tgtttattta tttatttatt    116700
     tatttattta tttttaaaga tttatttatt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc    116760
     agacacacca gaagagggag tcagatcttg ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt    116820
     gctgggattt gaactctgga ccttcggaag aacagtcggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca    116880
     tctcaccagc ccattttttt ttttaaattt tatttatatt ttttattttt tggaggggag    116940
     ggggtgttca ctaacacttc cctggcagta caaaagcact taaaactact aggaagtcac    117000
     aagtatgaaa aaattaactc ttaaaaatcc atgcattttt atatcaataa aggtaaggaa    117060
     aagcgttcga aagtcctact tgcagtacca agaaaatatc tacaatatgt tgggatacac    117120
     gtaataagca atgtggcata gactcaagaa aatgcaggaa cgagacactt gagctttggg    117180
     tagggcagga gaatcatgga gcagtagcag cagatgacca taggggtagc tttgatgaag    117240
     gtgactgaag atggctgaga tgcttgccag gtggaattaa ctagacttga aatgagggcg    117300
     taagacaatg cccagaggtt cagcatcccc aggacgctca cagtatccaa gaacagcagc    117360
     atgccactct ggttatactc acttctgaat cagacggtct attccagtct ttaagggccc    117420
     cacattctcc actctgactt ctgaggcagg agaagaagag ggagaaggag gaggaggagg    117480
     aggaggagga ggaggaggag aaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaagaggag gaggaggagg    117540
     aggaggtata cacagctcaa agtaagcact caaagacaga tggaaaccat cagagcctct    117600
     ttaaaggaga aaatcaattc taggcttttg gtttgaaaac attttttttt ttgtaatttt    117660
     atgagcgagt ttacatgtat ttgtatttat gctgatttaa aaataaatta agttcggcta    117720
     ggcaatacaa attaaggagt gatttttttt ttctttttct ttttcttttt ctttttcttt    117780
     ttcttttctt tttctttttt ttttttttaa agtccttgct ggtatggttt aattttttgt    117840
     accatcacca cctagtggag aaaaccttga acttcaaaga gctaaggttt gagaagaaat    117900
     gcagggaggg gtattatact agtcttattt cttctgttct cacaatgaac tttgaggtca    117960
     ttttcttcct taatatttgg aaatggggtc agaagttaag tagctttacc aagggccaca    118020
     gtgtgactca ctcagttcca gataacttga aattaaatgt agttcatttt caccatatag    118080
     ccattcaaag ggctcaactc tattcttgtc tttgtgagta agttatgtat ctcaatatgg    118140
     agaattgcct tatttatacg tgtgaaatga catgtgcaaa aggactaaga tgaagataga    118200
     gtagaacaca tagtatgtac gagaccctgg cttaaatctc tatcacaaga caatggaagc    118260
     aaggagaaaa aggggggcgc ccagagactg gattcccttc ctttatccct gaaaccccac    118320
     ttcttcctct atgagcccac gacttgtttc tctttgaatc tactattctt gcatcttagt    118380
     cattgagggt tggtcatgtg cactgtatgt tcagatctga tttctgtgcc cagagatcca    118440
     gtcactgtat ggatgctagc actgtcttga ttattgaacc atctcctgta tccatgttgt    118500
     gtaacgaata cttcccagag gctggagaaa tggcttagtg gttaagagca ctgactgctc    118560
     ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca accacatggt ggctcccaga catctgtaat    118620
     gggatctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg gagagagcaa ccgtgtactc acataatata    118680
     tatatacata tatatacata tatacatata catatacata tatatatatt tacatatata    118740
     tatatatata tatatttaaa aaaaaacgct ccccaatcat ctctgattgg gtaataacaa    118800
     gctgaccagc ctgtggctga gcagaggaga taggaaggct ggacttctga tctcagccag    118860
     gtagagagag aaggaagaga gggacaagaa gaccaatgtt tgccatgagg ttgatatgaa    118920
     agagcagtca tgaggacaca catggaccag agtgagccag gggaagacca gattggcatg    118980
     ttaacagggc atttgtctgg gtattatcag ccttagaggg ttagaatagc ccagaatggt    119040
     ccagcttagg cttgcttctt gttattaaac ttaatagttc tttgtgtcag ctatttggga    119100
     gccagaacgg gaacagatga gttctacact taggtatgta acagaatttg taactcacgt    119160
     cacattagct attgccagtt tacttcatag cataagataa ctaaaccttc agtgggaaaa    119220
     cagtaaataa aaagtttcta ctgtaacttg ctgtatactg ttgggtggta aagtaaatac    119280
     acactcaaat tttgacaaga ttcataagtc tttgctttcc cttaacacat ttaatttctg    119340
     attatcagca ataatcaatt ataataaaat tttgatgttt ttggtagccc ccaggtacag    119400
     gttgagaatt ccagccttag caacttaaca agtcacactc ctctcaatct acctatatgt    119460
     atttaaatat tttaaaagat gtattacatt tatatttaca tgttttgcct gcatgtatga    119520
     ctgtgcatta cctaggtgta gtgcccccag aggccagaat aaggagccag atcctctgac    119580
     ctggtgctgc aaactgaaag aggaacctac aatagcagca agtgctctta actactgagc    119640
     cacctctcca gctccttttg catctttcca aggagtaact tacagaaaag cataataaaa    119700
     tcataagcag taatacatgg atgtagacta ccacactaac tttttaaatt tgcttttcaa    119760
     aagtaaaaat acaattttgt attatgtagc cctggctgac ttggaactca aaatgtagac    119820
     cacgctggcc tcaaactctg agatccacct gtcagtgcct cctgagtact agtattaaag    119880
     gtacacagca ctacacccag agaatataca tttataaatg cctattgtac tcatttcctg    119940
     ctcctgtctg ctggaaatac ctttaaggac tgcctgccat cattttgtta ttgggataca    120000
     acggtgattt tcagtttacg actattatat cagctagaga taactattaa gcaagtactt    120060
     tgggcgacag gtcctaaagt aaaattaagg ggcacagggg agggaatccc ttttattgca    120120
     tttccttgag cagccttcgg aattgaactt tgtctacctg tgtagctctt gtgtgtttat    120180
     gtcgaagccc tttctccagc ttcctaggca cttctggggt atttccactt cgttttagtt    120240
     ttattacaaa tattctccct gatgacagca tttctagttc cgcacccaga aggccaaaat    120300
     cctggaaagc caggttccca agttccctcc gcttgggttt tactcgaagg cggttgtttc    120360
     cggtactgag caggcatgcg cacgcgcacc acgcctatcc aagcagcgcc acagaaaggc    120420
     tcttcccagg gaccgaagaa gacgagaggg cctgttgtga cggagaacta catttcccaa    120480
     agttcaatgc gagaaattgc cggcggcgat tgggggcatc gggttgcgga gtcttctgcc    120540
     cgctttggac tacacttccc gacacgactc gcgaggcgtt gccagctgcg ggccgagggc    120600
     gagttgacgc gggagctcag gacgtgaggc atgagcggcg ccctccctcg gcccgtgcgt    120660
     gtcctgctcc ctacccgcgc gagggtcgcg cggcaccggg cctagcggcg ggcatcggcg    120720
     ttctcagggg caggtgcagc cgcacgggcg ccagggaggg cagctgccac catggaggtg    120780
     agcgggccgg aagacgaccc cttcctgtcg cagttgcacc aggtgcagtg cccagtgtgc    120840
     cagcagatga tgcccgccgc gcacatcaat tcgcacctgg accgctgcct gctgctgcac    120900
     cctgcggggc acgcggagcc agcggccggc tctcaccgcg ctggggagcg ggccaagggg    120960
     ccctcgccac ccggcgccaa gaggcgtcga ctgtcggaga gctcggcgct gaagcagccc    121020
     gccaccccga cggcggccga aagcagcgaa ggcgagggcg aggagggcga tgacggcggc    121080
     gagaccgaga gccgtgagag ctacgacgca ccgcccacgc ccagcggtgc gcgccttatc    121140
     ccggacttcc cggtggcccg ctccagcagc cccgccagaa agggtatggg gaagagacca    121200
     gcggctgcag ccgccgcagg cagcgcatcc ccgcgcagct gggatgaggc ggaggcgcag    121260
     gaggaggagg aggcgggggt ggacggcgat ggcgacgcgg acgtggacgg tgaggacgat    121320
     cccgggcact gggatgcgga cgccgccgac gcctcgttcg gagtcagcgc gggccgcgcg    121380
     catccccggg cgctggcggc ggaggagatc cgacagatgc tggagggcaa gccgctggct    121440
     gacaagatgc gtccagacac gctgcaggac tacatcgggc agagtagggc cgtagggcag    121500
     gagactctgc tccgctcgct actggaggcc aatgagatcc cttcgctcat cttgtggggc    121560
     ccgccaggtt gcggtaaggt gagtgctgct cttgctgttt ttgccaaggg ccgcggaggt    121620
     attctgagcc gggtgcggtc cttagattcc ggacccctcc tctggagagg gaggcctggg    121680
     ggcgcggtcc tgatgcgtga gcggagtttg taatacgcaa gcaagcatgc catttcccca    121740
     gattccccag accccttgtt gggcgttttt cacaagaaaa tgcccaattt tcttggttta    121800
     tgcagagatg tggacagaga tttgagctat ctttgtggtc atatccatga tttttagtga    121860
     cccaattcca ggcaggggac atgctgcaaa cattggggaa gaaacatttt gtatgctcca    121920
     tttgttgtgg aaaactaatt aaattttttc tattatactt gaccccctct cccactaatt    121980
     ggcttattct aactggtttt tggaactaat agaagtctct cttctgtgat tcgttttcaa    122040
     caggcatttc cataactttc ccataccaac tgctgcttga gaaaagcatc aatgttctgt    122100
     tttagccaca gccagaggag actggttaga ataccgtggg tttagagaac aggtcactgg    122160
     aagaatactt gagaaaatgt ggtgaagtga cagtcctgct cataggatac ccggaccgtc    122220
     ctgtggacag tcaggaaagg gcccaggatt ataaagagct cttctcaatt tacggttcag    122280
     actgcttcat tcacaagcac attcctgatg cttatcctgt tttcctttgc agctcctctc    122340
     agccacacct ctttatttgc tggaatacat cattcctttt gtgtctgctt gtactcatgt    122400
     tctctctggc caagcataaa tcacatgtac ccagataaca tttttttttt aagcccaggc    122460
     ccttgcactc tactccacca ttgagctaca cttccagctc tcaaaataac atgctgattg    122520
     cttagggtgc tgactgttag catcttgccc actcctccaa gatttaatgg tagttactcc    122580
     atttaggggt tcggtcagta gcattggtag caattctgac atctgtgtta cgacatggaa    122640
     atagtcagct attgatgctt gtaagctttg aaaaggtctg cagggaaatg actggtgagt    122700
     catggagaat tgagtacaag agatttacta ggccaaggct tctcagtgag gcatgtggtg    122760
     atagttacaa gcctatatga tgggggagcc taattccaaa aggcacaggt aagctgggat    122820
     ttattaccag gccgccagtg tctagtaaca ctcaactgta caatttccag aaaataaagt    122880
     actacctttc tattcaggga taatttgtca ttcggcaagc aaccttctct ctctctctta    122940
     tttttttctt cccattttaa atattgaatt gctaacagta gtattagtag tgtcaaatac    123000
     acatttattg agcggtgcca gatattgaat taagagtttt cttgagggcc tgaaaggtag    123060
     ctcagtagtt aagagcacag actactctgc cagaggaccc aggttcaatt cctagcaccc    123120
     acatggtgct aagcacctgt aactgcagtt ccaggggatc cagtgccgcc ttccaggaga    123180
     gctgacagcc tctcttctga ccttccaggg caagagacac acacatagtg tagacattca    123240
     tgctggcaaa acactcttat tgcataaaac aaattattat tattttttaa aaaggttttc    123300
     ttgagtcttt cctttgtttt ctaagtacta ataagatcaa attgctcctt ttaatttcct    123360
     tgtagagtgg atgtgcacaa gtggcatgta gctgtctcat atgctagctg cttatttccc    123420
     tcagaagctg ttcattttgc ttttctcagc taatctgctg gcttcccatt tgagcttggt    123480
     tctgggatca gctcttatcc tggggccttt agcattatac tcttggccaa aggagaaaga    123540
     attttctctt tggtgagagg tcacagctgt caccctggct ttgctaaatc aagacttcta    123600
     ttctttattg ggattcataa gagcttaaag agtccaccaa taaagaatca aaaggagtta    123660
     aggatggagg atggtcagaa ttggcctaag atttaactat ctcctgattt tcattgtaat    123720
     gcttatgtat cgtccttcta tgcttcagca ctcttccagg ttcagtgtac ttggctaagt    123780
     agatatgata cttatggtac ttatactttt tggtacctat gcatactgcc cagtctgact    123840
     aggtttttaa actttgcata tctttttcta gaccaccttg gctcacatca tagccaacaa    123900
     cagcaagaag cacagcataa ggtttgtgac attatctgca acaaatgcca agacaaatga    123960
     tgtgcgagat gtcataaagc aggctcagaa tgagaagagc tttttcaaaa ggaaaaccat    124020
     cctttttatt gatgagattc atcgcttcaa taaatctcag caggtatatt aactttttgc    124080
     tatttttaga tattatgtat gtaagataag atacatagaa tgtaagatca ggttgtaaag    124140
     tataaaacaa tataaacctg caacaaatgt taactttcct caagacacat aggcttgcca    124200
     tccatcctca accccccctt actctctctt ctttctttct ttaaagtatt tttagatgac    124260
     aagagaatgc tttctctctc tgataaatga aataattgcc atatctctga gctgtctgta    124320
     gaagaaaagg ttcttttgat ccattttcca acttttagag ccttttaatc taaaaagaca    124380
     ttgtgactag ttgaactcaa tataaagatc attatttaag gctagggtat aaagtactta    124440
     tctagtttat gaaaaccctg gattctagtt ctgccctgcc ctccaaagtt catggtttta    124500
     tctttcccca ctatttttat gttcaaaatt attttctgtt ttctgtgcca aggtaaaaat    124560
     tgtaagataa tgctctgttt attttcaacc ctttagaaag aaaatgatag tttgttttta    124620
     tatgtaaaac ttcttttttg agttacctaa atagaaaaaa tattttcagg catactcttt    124680
     tctttgattt acattgttac agctttttac gtataggtag aaatatttcc ccaaactaat    124740
     aaaccgtttt tctccagatc tgaatctctt tgcgtatacc aacaccttag cgttctgcct    124800
     gatttgggct taaatatgcg accagtgagt tgacatttcc cctttagaca atgtctgctg    124860
     gctgcatctt caccagttcc ttaagaacag ttaggtgatg attgaagtat gtaggagaaa    124920
     aacattttag aaatactaac aatgatcttc tgtagaaagc tggtgttgca tatgttcaca    124980
     ctgtgtacta gctcatcagt gggtagaagg tacttgtcta accaagaact agtttatgtt    125040
     ggagctgtta gaattgtacc tgagaagtac cgtgttcttc cagcaagaga ccagagttag    125100
     acactggcac ccagaagttg cactttacat atgctaacta agacagagac tcttgaaatg    125160
     gatgtgtcta aactgatgaa tatcctgaaa aggtaaaatt agacaatgaa ggaatagata    125220
     ggcaacttac gtaggatgct gcacgtggct cttgagtgga atcactttct tctcttttcc    125280
     tcccatggtt aggacacttt ccttcctcac gtggagtgcg ggacaatcac gctgattggt    125340
     gcgaccactg agaacccttc cttccaagtc aacgccgccc ttctgagccg ctgtcgggta    125400
     attgttcttg agaagcttcc agtagaggca atggtgacga ttttaatgag agcaatcaac    125460
     tcactgggaa tccatgtcct agactccagc cgtcctactg accctctgag ccacagcagc    125520
     aactgcagct ctgagtgagt agattgtgtg cagcccctgg gtgcccacac ctccctggga    125580
     atctcttggc ggagggccag agagggctgg gccttaggca ggggaagggt gaggccaagt    125640
     ggagccattg gtctgcctgt aaggaagcta aaggaggagg agagtgtttg cttctgcctt    125700
     gcaggacctg cctaaggctc cctttcctta aggtgcatct tgtgtctact gagaggtgtg    125760
     tctgcatctc tgagcgttag cattgctttg ttattattgt ggtgaccagg gcatttgctt    125820
     ttatgcttca tgctttttcc tctctcactt actttaaagg tttagaaaga ctataggaag    125880
     ccttatttaa aggcttaaag ccactcatta aatagaagaa atagatatat actgtagaat    125940
     taatttacac atgtttgaag atttgtgtta gattcagatt tctttttgcc acacagtgta    126000
     attttcaaag tattgaggaa aagctaatgt aattctaccc atacaattac ttaaaacatt    126060
     ttgtatattc caaagctcat ttccataaaa gtaaagaagt gttactgaaa gtgacatggt    126120
     ctgaaagtga caggctgaag agactgtctc attccttttg ttgactaact ctgcatcgtg    126180
     accacccgta gcctttcttg tggttaatcc gtttgatttc atgggtcaga ggtttttctt    126240
     tattgttaga aatgttgttc agaagtcatt tgttcatgtg ctgactgaaa taatacagta    126300
     gaacatcatg tggtctgagg agaaaccatt gcccacctcc acatgctgta gaccagacag    126360
     ctgcttgtgc ttgctccaag gccaagttct ggggccactt ttcagtgagg attaaagtac    126420
     aaggcatagt tgtaccctca ggttttaggt ttcaacagtt tctccctgtg tgtctgcatt    126480
     ctctcatttg cttctgtctt atatttggga agaacactac caccatgcct cattaaaaaa    126540
     aaaaactttg aagtatttgg atctttgggc agaatgaagt tgcttcattg tagagtacag    126600
     ttatggaatg gccattagaa gttggccaga aaaaaagttt gggacctgct gttatctgac    126660
     cattgttgtc gtatcagggg cccttgtggg ctgggtctca ggtcattgta tctactatag    126720
     tcttttctct gtcttagagg gttagttcaa ggacccctca cgagtaaatg tgtaggtact    126780
     tatgtactct ctataaaaag atgcagtgct tgcattacat ctatacacat tctccccgta    126840
     tacttcaaat tctgattaga ttgtttttta gtttttaact tttttttttg ctgtcaactc    126900
     aataccttgt tcacgacaaa tgttttatta ctgaactgtg cttccaccct ccctaaagta    126960
     caatgcctaa tatgatacaa atgctataca gataactgtt actctctgtt gtttagggaa    127020
     taggggcaag gagaaaagat ctgcacatgt ttagtaaaac acattttaaa aagctttttt    127080
     tttttttttt gtttctgtca aagactgata gaattttagg ctgtagagaa tccatgggtc    127140
     aggtgtagac tcatgtcagc atgtggtaaa ggcaaattga aaagagaaaa gcaagccagg    127200
     cagtggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga    127260
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacaggtttt    127320
     tggtcttaaa aaaccaaaaa ccaataggaa actactttta tcctatatgt tagttgtaat    127380
     gtgtctataa gtttatgtcc cgcatattta gggtcatttt tatttcctgg gtctgagtta    127440
     tccatgtgct tccaggcttc ttgttcactg ctctgtcatg attgaactga ggtcagtaga    127500
     actgtggggc tcatcttcat gcacagggtt tccgtgcttt aagagatccc cagatgatct    127560
     gcaggcacat aaagtctgag gagattcagt agaagaatta agacctcata tagatacaga    127620
     cctgctaaaa tggcgttgcc gtcagtgcaa acctcccata tccaacatgg cttactgttg    127680
     tcagttgttt agagctgatc ctagttatgg cttcttttca ttcttgcttg cttcttctgt    127740
     cctcctcctt cctgggtatg ctaagaaaat gggaagttgt ccttgtttat atacccatca    127800
     cccatcagtc ttatcttacc tgcttggtga ttggttagag cctgaataaa tcgtagcttt    127860
     caatgtgaaa accatggttt aattcttcag gactatcctt cagaggaggt aatcgcccag    127920
     gtatgagaac cttttttctt tggtaaagta tccctttttc acagtaaagt aagtattaac    127980
     cttagcacaa ttgatgactg aatggctagc attactgaca agaagttagg agatgttgta    128040
     gatcacagaa aaacaaacac tttctaggtg acttcctgaa agaagtagct gccacctcaa    128100
     ttgccaagaa taatttttga ctttcagttt ttgtggataa agtattactt tcaagtcact    128160
     atttactagt gtcaactcta tgttcattct tacacacatt aatcaggttg gttacactga    128220
     tctaggtaga agaaaagact cagctcccag tcattgactc ctctctggga atactgtgca    128280
     tccatttgat gtgatatatt ttgatgctct aggtagaaac tagaacatgc acagagaatt    128340
     ctagactgtt gaaggacgtg tgtgaggtgg caggtgtggc atctaagagt aatccaggtg    128400
     atgcttacgc cactagattg tatttgcaaa tccgagttct ctctctctct ctctctctct    128460
     ctctctctct ctcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacagt gtctccattg cagcagcaca    128520
     gaaatattca gtttcttgct tgttttggtg ctggggttca tatccaggtc ttttcagttg    128580
     ctcagccact aagctccacc tatctccacc ccagcctgcg tgcttttaaa aagaaaattc    128640
     cttaggcctt taatctctgc attcctgagg cattaaaagt cctagatgtg ctaggtattg    128700
     gctgctgggt attgtgcatg ttgaaaagta catttctggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg    128760
     gttagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt ccagagttca aatcccagca accacatggt    128820
     ggctcacaac catccgtaac gagatctgac tccctcttct ggtgtatcta aagacagcta    128880
     cagtgtactt acatataata aataaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag    128940
     aagatctttg tccaggaaaa ctacaatgga gattttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    129000
     aaaaaaaaag aaaagtacat ttctgtgctt gtagagaaca tgtagtgtga taagagccag    129060
     acaagcaaag agctcgtagt attccgctct ggtcgtctgt acaagagagc tccttaaact    129120
     tggtatacta gagagccttt tcttcaagaa ctcgtatgac cccaagtata taagagaggt    129180
     atagaagtca gactttgatg ggtgatgatt cataaagtga tgatgatggt gatgcttatg    129240
     ttttggtttt tcaagacaag gtttctctgt gcagctctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg    129300
     tagaccaggc tggtcttgaa tttcaagatc cacctgcccc tgcctcccaa gtcctgggat    129360
     taaaggtatt cactacccct gcctggctaa aattatttta aaatagttat ttagtgtaca    129420
     tgtaagtttt ttcactaaag atgaaactta tttgcttaat aatgaggtga atgtagttgt    129480
     ttgtttaaaa caatacaaag gatacacact gattagaact tatatactga tgaatgacaa    129540
     tagaaaaata ttaaaagtct ttattgtttt gggactgggg atgtatctca gttggtagag    129600
     tgcttttcta gcatgcctga agtcctgggt ttgattccca gcactgaaaa aactgggcat    129660
     ggtcatatat gcctatattc cagcactcag gagtagagga aagatgatgt aaagtttaag    129720
     gtcattctgg ggtttatagt tcaaaccagg tgtcttgagt ccaggtagac agcataagtg    129780
     acatgtgtca cttaagtgca tctttacaaa gacttcatct cagctcttgc ttctttttat    129840
     tcagtgagcc aggctggctt ctttggttct cccatgaaat tacaaataat tttactttcc    129900
     agtatcatgt gctgaataat acccaaaaac taatgtgtga aagagttcag gcctctagaa    129960
     gagaccatgg agtttcctgt gatctgctta ggtcaaagct ttttctccag ttggagaagc    130020
     taggtcccaa gtcttttacc tctgtatctt gttaaccaga aatacatttt cacatgcatt    130080
     tgctttggcc aatttttcct tattacagaa gcttttatat ctttgttgtt gttacttgtt    130140
     gttgctattt ttgtttgttt tttgtttttt taaagaaaga tctcactgtg ttaccccgct    130200
     gtcctggtaa cttgctttgt aggccaagct ggcctggaac tcaggactac ttgcctcttc    130260
     ctcctgggtt taaattcatg ggctaccaca cctggtcatg ttacttcttt attttgtttt    130320
     tcatttattt tgcatgtgga ttttggtgca tgtatgccat gtaacacatg tggaggtcag    130380
     agtacagctt acgtattaat tggttcactc cttttaccac gtgagttctg ggaatcgaat    130440
     tcaggcttag cagcaagtgc atttacctac taagtcatcc tgccagttcc cgtttgtgac    130500
     ctcatcacag tgtagtttgc tatttgttat tttattgcag gatactatga aattttggtc    130560
     agtctagttc caaagtagat tttactctca attaattttc tttaactttt gaagtttctt    130620
     tctaaattgg agcactcccc cctctgtgca tgtgcatata cgtgcatata cgtgcatgtg    130680
     catatatgtg catgtgcata tacgtatgca tgtgggtagg aatgacaggc ttctgagagt    130740
     cagttctctc cttctctacg ggttctaagg attgaactca gattggttta gcagcaagca    130800
     catgtgctca ctgagccatc tcactggctc ctattttatc atagtatgaa ttatttcctc    130860
     ccctcattca attataagac attttagttt taaattttag tatttttaaa gttttattat    130920
     tattattaat aataataata atagtatcag tgtgtcactt tgtgtgcttg tgcagtgcgt    130980
     gggtatgtga gtgctggaag aggtcagtta gaaccagtta gaactaggag tcaaagatgg    131040
     ttgtgagctg caccacgttg gttctaggaa ctgaacttgg gtcttctgca agagtattac    131100
     atgctcttac tcactgagtc ttctttctaa ccctaatttt ttattagtgt gtgtgtgtgt    131160
     gtgtgtgtgt tatgatgtgt gtgaatgagt acatttgtat catgcagcat atgggaggtc    131220
     agacaacagt tttgtgaagt tagttctttc tttatgtagg ttctcagaat tgatatcagg    131280
     tctccaggct tgcacactgt ccacttttac ctgctgagct atcttcactg ctcccagagt    131340
     attttaatgc acctcatgta attactcgtc acagctttta aaagcaggag ttcgggacgt    131400
     aacagagtgg tgggtagaac cttggaaatt cctgcctggt gttcttaagt ggggattgtc    131460
     atccatgctt tgcttatgcc cactgagtgc catcagcaca gcccctctta ctatttggac    131520
     agagttgctg acagatttat tctgttttta aaatactctg acaagggtaa agttgcaagt    131580
     atgaatcata taaaggaaag aaggagtggt ggctctgtga ctgcaaactg cattagaacc    131640
     tgtaatgaca gctagctgga ttagctctat agccaaactc tgggtgcaat atagacagca    131700
     attgaggaag atactgggca tcaacctcat acctcctcat gtatcagtgt acacacacac    131760
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actacacacc gtggtttaat gtttaaggga    131820
     gcagctaatt ttctcaagag gataacccca tgtctactct tgaggctcta gtcacagtgt    131880
     gctatttata aatctttgaa gcacacactt atggaaggga catatactac agtgctaatt    131940
     ttaaagacca gcattgtgtg cttctatttt ttgatttttt ttttgtaggt tcaatataac    132000
     atgtatttgc tttagaaatg aggtctgagc agctatttat ttgaagagca taaaactata    132060
     cagtatgatc ccagtagtgt tttaaaaatt agctacactc ttcatggttg gttgactcat    132120
     aaaggaaaat taacaaatga caatgtaggt gttatttctg gttgatagaa ataggaattt    132180
     tgttttctaa tgctttattt ttttaagaaa agagtgtctc gccttgagat gataagaaag    132240
     ccaaattagc ccactcatta tacaaatttt gaatgcctgt tgtctaccag gcattggaac    132300
     taccacagaa ggatagacct cccacctctg cctttgtgct atctttgtag gataataaaa    132360
     acaatttcaa aatgacattc tcaagtactg cactcagtgc ttattggggt ctctaagaag    132420
     agaacagtgg ttaacagcac acttcatggt ttagggctca cactttctgt gttgagaaga    132480
     ggctttcctc agagacaaaa gatgtcgttt tcattagttc caaggcaaac tggaattatt    132540
     caggcagttt ccatcgtctt cctccctggc atgcccttct cgctcaggtg accctttggt    132600
     tctggtcctt tctctgcaca ttttgttcag tatgtgtctt ttgattttct tttaattcat    132660
     cttcaagaaa atcccatctc tagttgataa ttgtttccta ggctctacag aatgctaatg    132720
     gtgtagtcta gatgtgtggt gaatcttctg gtgaagtgtc tgctggttgg agctgccatt    132780
     agaaaggaaa aaggccattc accagagctg tgaggctcag gtggtcctca ggagtctgtg    132840
     aagaaagcag tgttagaaag ttacatgatg agaactgtag tgtccttgca tttttgtcaa    132900
     cctacacact ggagtcattt gggaagagag aacttcataa tgcctgcatc cacattgcct    132960
     ctaggcaagt ctgtattttc tcagttattg atagatgtag gagggcccag tccgtgggag    133020
     gcaatggtac acctgggcag ttggtgctca gttgtataag aaagcagact gaggaaacca    133080
     tggagaacaa gccagtaagc agccttcctc catggctgct gtttcagttc ctgccttgag    133140
     ttgctgccct gacttcctgc agtgatggac tgttacttat aactgtaaga tgaaataaac    133200
     cctttcctac tgcttttggt catagtgttt aatcaaagca ataagaaccc taagacacag    133260
     aatgaatgac tagaaatcta ggacaactta agtaaagaaa aaatgtcatg tttaagaatt    133320
     attaccatac aaagtattaa atttcatcat ggcttttttt ttttcaaata aattttggtg    133380
     tgttattgtt gtttctagtt ctcccatctc cctcctccga ggctgctttt gaaacattag    133440
     ccattacttt tgtgggtggg taggtagtaa caaacactat gccaactcca gcagacagct    133500
     ggatcctctc cccttcaaga tgctttctag cccagcctag ttcactgttt cccaggtagc    133560
     tggtttggac atctgtgacc aggactcatt gttaccataa atagttttaa ctgaagactg    133620
     gaaatgacgt gaatgagcta tgaatttaaa aaaatatatt tttcctacaa aaaaatacaa    133680
     ctagtcactc aatcaaaaat atcccaaata acatgtgtta gctggttgac gaggttgggg    133740
     agaaaaattt tatcaaatca ggctttaaag atagttatag tttgaccttc tttataaagg    133800
     tctaaactta gaagtgattg tgtctagata gtataacaga aatccctaag tccactgctg    133860
     ggaatcaggt aggaagattg ctaagttaag ggtgcattca ttggtcttct aagagagact    133920
     atgcctcaaa accaaccaac caaccaaaca aacaaaccaa aaaccagaaa aatatgtaaa    133980
     tgaatagatg ttattgtgaa aatcagtcct aaaacgttag gtgacttact caagttctga    134040
     gagagccctc taatcagttt ctaggatagt gtgaagtacc acatgctctt tattacactg    134100
     ggaagatttt atatgattaa tacccacaga aagtggcatg ctgccaccca agaatgccat    134160
     ggcccaaatt ccaaagacct gttgttcctt ggtctgctgt gccagagtaa ttgagatcct    134220
     tgtttgtttg caagatgagg gatttgggct ttctgattaa agacatgtga tgctgtcttt    134280
     accccatgtg gaaggtgatc cgaatattcc tgtgtcatca gatgtggatt acccttgaca    134340
     tacataggct ttctatacac tatgctgaca tgctagcatg tctagtagtt ttcatgattt    134400
     ataggctaga agcagacagc ccacttatca acagtgactt ttcataacat ttgctgtctt    134460
     gctttgtaca agtctgtata gattaacttg tacagtgagg ttctctgtgg ttcatagata    134520
     gactgtgaca gcctcagctt gtgagataga gtgagatacc ctatagatca tgtctggtaa    134580
     agtgtagtga cataccctta ggacttagga aacttggtca gttcttagtc taaataatgc    134640
     ttaattatct atgttaacaa tatgaattca gaataaatat tagaaccttt gaaccagaat    134700
     gttttactga agttaaatta cgatgtgctg caaatgagaa gttgagcctt gagtgtgttg    134760
     gtaatgaaca ctggtttcta ttgcaggccc tctgtcttca tagaagataa agcagtggac    134820
     actctggctt acctcagtga tggtgatgcc cggacgggct tgaatggact gcaactggca    134880
     gtgctggcca ggttaagctc taggaaggtg ttctgtaaga agagcggtca aacctattct    134940
     cctagtcgag ttctgatcac tgagaatgat gtgaaagaag gcctacagcg gtcccacatt    135000
     ttatatgacc gtgcaggtga ggagttgaac gatgggaaaa gtagaggtgc agggacaaat    135060
     gtgcccacag ctctttccac cctctgacct tcagccaggt ccaaagcgtg ctccagatgc    135120
     tcaatttgat ctgcatatta taatggaagt aagcctccta cacaggactg aagacaggca    135180
     taaaacaagc tgtcttgata agaatcaaga cgagcttggg agtttgaaat aggacgcttc    135240
     cccttcatct tgtacggtgg ttagatgtag atttcccctt gttgtctgat agcacctagg    135300
     agaacacggc agtttgaaag gccatgaatt cagttgacag tgattcttgt gatcacttac    135360
     aaagtcagtg aggcagaaaa gattggttta tttgagagtt gaaaaatcct ccatttttaa    135420
     tattaaagat gagtttacaa ggattttgat agtttggttt tatagtagct ttgaaatttt    135480
     gaattttgca gtatgtgcta ggtgtttgca cagaaacatg tttatagatg gcagatatcc    135540
     cagctcttat taaatctgtg atctggtaat attaaatatc ataagcacag catatttgta    135600
     acttctcatt aaaggtagag atgaagatgg cttattgaag attaagctga actctattct    135660
     agaacatttg tgtgactctg aatagtatca cattgcgaaa ctatggagtg gaatctccat    135720
     gcctttaaaa gtcctgccag gagaagaagc tgataattga atcttcccgg tctcacagtg    135780
     actgtgcctc cattctggta tttcttaatg atgagagttc tccttacagg agagaattgg    135840
     agggtggggc tgtagaatgg ccctggtcct agtcactgct tttcatgagt gaactggctg    135900
     gccatacatc ctgagtgact gaagcatccc tagctgataa tactgtgtgg tgtaactagt    135960
     gctgacacat tggtcacccc tgtcccatct atgttgtgct gagcgtgggc tccagccagc    136020
     ggcctttttg catgctctct cttgaatatc ttgtccttga aaagcctggg aagtaaaata    136080
     tctaggcata gtaccctact ttgctttaag ccaaatacta acacgcgata aaagcaaact    136140
     gcacattttt cagcagtgag caacttctca cccacctgtt tctttttccg gaggcccagt    136200
     agcagtggtc tttacctccc cggtgagcag cccagaagac cctttccttt gactgtttca    136260
     tatttatcag gtcactagtc acaatccata ggacatttat gagtgatctt ttgagttttt    136320
     tttctttaga tttcccaaac aaccatataa ggtagcttat taatattatc cctactttat    136380
     ataaaactca tctcagttca caaagcatgt gctaaaactg attctaaaat tcacctttat    136440
     cggggtctgt taagatggct cagcggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttctg gaagtcatga    136500
     gttcaaatcc cagtgaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagaa acaaataaaa    136560
     aaccttgggc gggattgagc agggcccgga gcaagaggga gaagggaagg gggaaaaagt    136620
     tcacctttgt ctacttcctg agaagatgtg ctgtctcact gcctgcatat accccatgcc    136680
     tacctcctag agtcactaag tcactctacc tagaccatgt tactgagaag agacacttgg    136740
     agatgttcag ccctagggag ctatatgagg ggcaccttct tactagccct ttgctattcc    136800
     aggaggagct gaaggcagtg gaagttcctt ggcttggtag cacagccggg aggacccata    136860
     tgtcataccc ctatgttaat gtgcttgcac tgcccatcca taccagcatg tctgtgccac    136920
     aggggatcat cagacacaca taaatataac tcacattctc aagaaatata cttttacaga    136980
     ctgctccaga aacaagaatt gtagaactgt tgccctataa atgtgttagc ttagactctt    137040
     ggagtttttt tataaccctg atttgacaaa aacaaacaaa aaactaccat tagaggcttt    137100
     gttattatta atctcgttta atttcacaaa ctacacagtt gccccctagt aggatccagt    137160
     aaggtggttc agatgtttat acactagagt gaagatattt ctgaatgaga acaaatggtc    137220
     tgccctgcat tgatctcatg cttttaggtt aataatatga actctccaat tctcaagctg    137280
     catgtaataa aagcaaaagt aaatgcattg tttctgtggg ctagtaatta acattaaagg    137340
     tttagttgtt ctgtactgtt ctctctgtac aaggcccgtg tgtttaaaac aacattttac    137400
     ctagtgggaa tctcaaggca tggagaactt gctaaagtct gcattgctag tgagtttgag    137460
     gttcaggtcc aaactgcctc aggctagagc ctatggtaca gttcactgta agtcagtaaa    137520
     gatgagtgac ctgtgttaga gagtataggg ttaacaggca tgaaggacta gaggtggctg    137580
     cctatccctt cccaaccgta tgctctgctc tgttgagaga tcagggttca gagtgcccaa    137640
     accaaagagg ccaaacaggg gctaacgcca tgtagaaaac tcaggacact tcagccaggg    137700
     accatggctc actttactag agaagcccca gtcagaggac actgcttatt cataaaattt    137760
     agtaattaga ttcatgcctt tgacctggcc tgaaattcct taggaattga agtttaaagg    137820
     gcctgcaaac ttagatactt accctttggt agaccagatt cttgtcactc tatttgaaga    137880
     gcaaatgtca tcttagcagc tgctaggatt tgttcctgga gccagagtgc cctgcccacc    137940
     agaacactgt cacattgttg atgtagctca tgatgtctac agagcaggtg cttctctgga    138000
     aggacttagg accagaggac tttgcctctc agctgtcatg ttcttaaact tccacgagag    138060
     aatggtcaaa agacatggac atgtgtaaag agcgctgctt atttttgata actgttcatc    138120
     tattattccg ttcttaagtg tcttttctaa agtacatttt gctaacctgt ttgcttgtga    138180
     atctaggatt aaagatgaac taaggccaaa tggtgaggat ggggccacag tgctttgagg    138240
     ctaagagcca ttatttcatt tatcaatacc ctaagatcct gcttcacaaa tgtccccaca    138300
     gtctatggtg taatgaccat gggcttcaga taccaagatg tcaactggca atgccactga    138360
     ggaacaaatg agctctatca gctgtccttc ccactttctc tcaaccctga tgaccatgac    138420
     caggccagtc agtttcactc agatagattc tatgtgggca gaagatggaa ccaggacatg    138480
     gtcctctcca tttcctttgc cagcctctaa gtctaagtgt cctcagtgtg tataaccgtc    138540
     aggagtttct cctctgaata ggcctgctgt gaaacaggcc tggagccctg agtgagctct    138600
     gtggcttatc caggttttac cccactgagt gtggctggag ggcagctgtc atgcctgcct    138660
     tccccagcac aactggggcc tgttttagta tgctgctttg tatgtcgtgt aggcatacaa    138720
     ggcagacacg tgactgttgt tctggtgtat aggagaagag cactacaact gcatctctgc    138780
     cctacacaag gctatgcgtg gctctgacca gaatgcttcc ctgtattggc tggcccggat    138840
     gcttgaggga ggagaggacc cactctatgt ggccaggagg ctggtaaggt ttgccagcga    138900
     ggacatcggt gagtggagga gagtttgtgt gggggtgggg gttctgagag ggggtgtgct    138960
     tactctagtg tggagtcatg cagagtaggt aggaaaagaa agacttgttc tgagctcagt    139020
     ggtcggttgc tccatgtgca tgtgtctgac tatttacaga gtcactgttt ctgcttcttt    139080
     ggagatgatc tcaaggtcat tcaaaatgcc gatgtgtagg agagagttta ggtttgcttt    139140
     gtagccaatg ttaaggtttt tattcgttag ttctcaggta gaaatgggag gttctggaca    139200
     ccattcaaga caaagaatag aaaagttttc cttttcttac tatagatact gtgctttcat    139260
     ccatccattc ttatgaatgc cttcatggct ttgaactttg tgtctgtcat gtttatcagt    139320
     ctcttgtttt tcctactgga atatattttt ccacaagagg ccattttgac accaacagta    139380
     actcaataaa cagtaacaac tactataaat gtaatgtgat tggagctcag agataaattg    139440
     atatagttgt gctgggtatt ttatccctaa gtctgcatgc agtagtggtt gctgtttaca    139500
     acagcacact gacaggttgg aacaagagta tcctgtgact taaacttcga tttgtctctt    139560
     gttgtatgat aggcctggca gatccatcag cattagcaca agcagttgct gcctaccaag    139620
     gctgtcactt tataggcatg cccgagtgtg aggtaagata ccagctcagt tctttgcaaa    139680
     tcttctttat tctgtgccct gtcttttgtg ggtttgaata taagtcttgc cttcatcaca    139740
     ggtgtgttag gtccactgaa caagctgctc agctttgaac tttgttatgt agaatcttag    139800
     cctcctaaga gatgagagct tccctgtctc atctggttgt ggtttggttt tggttttata    139860
     atattggggc ttgagcccag agctcatatg tgctagttaa gtcctcctcc acagtactat    139920
     ccacagccct gttttaactt tttaaacagt cttatgggtt gttcaaaata gtccttaacc    139980
     cattctttag cccccaggca ggccttgaag ttagaacttc ctgcctcagc ctcctgagtt    140040
     actgaagtta taggattgtc agatcaagca tgctttcaca ccatccttaa ctttctggga    140100
     acaggaagca gtgggttcac ctccatgccg gacagtcatg gcatctgctt tatgaaccag    140160
     ggctcaagaa atatttgact tagtgagaag ttcatacctt aaatgagaac tactgattta    140220
     gttccgctct caccatgtaa cactttctcc attgttacta attgtccaga ctaagtgaaa    140280
     agtgggctat aaaaattaac ttaaaaaaca agcaagcatg ggaatcatgt aagagttaac    140340
     taggaggaat cataaagtgc tctgccaaac agaaactgtg ccatcttcct ggtgacatgt    140400
     gcccttctgt gtcctaggtg cttctggccc agtgtgtggt ctattttgcc agagccccaa    140460
     agtccattga ggtgtacagt gcctataaca atgtaaaagc ctgtctgcgg agtcaccagg    140520
     ggcccctgcc tcctgtaccc ctgcacctga ggaacgcgcc caccaggctg atgaaggatt    140580
     tgggctatgg caaagggtac aagtacaacc ccatgtacag tgagcctgtg gaccaggact    140640
     acctgcctga ggagctgaga ggagttgact tcttcaagca gaggcggtgt tgactctcgg    140700
     gccatgagta ggatgcttgt atcttgagga aggccaaaag tcactggatc ttggagttgg    140760
     ttgcctgggg aacattaaaa atagaccaac attttgtgcc agaaattaag ggttccatag    140820
     atggaggtgg ttacttcagc taaatgtgta ccattgaaat tgtgttcatt tgcaccctgt    140880
     gcaatgatta tgcttatgaa aatacctggc agctttgtgc aattaagtaa tgttataagg    140940
     aattatctat tttgtcatag tatttaagtc ataatgtcat ttcaaaattc tgttctgtag    141000
     gctttttttc ttttaaaaaa tgtatattct gggtagttac aattggtaca agaaaatgta    141060
     attgtgattt aatactgcat agtgatttgg gtattttttt tatatgcaaa ggtcttatga    141120
     gccaataaaa ctatttcaaa gtactcttca gttcttcagt gttcctcctt tttgggatgg    141180
     tggcaccagt gtctgccacc attacttcac aggaatgaga tacaaagaat gagcaaacac    141240
     cataggtgag aagattggaa aggtaggggc tttttctgaa aatgagtgac cccccccccc    141300
     cccccgccac cattggagga tctcactttg tagcccagac tgcacttgaa cttgtggccc    141360
     tttctattca cctctttggt gttgggatca tacaggagta tgccactact ttcagctcat    141420
     tttatttttt aaaggactac acctgtacag tttatgtggc ctgtgagaga ctctaatatt    141480
     cctagcacat tctaccccaa gcccagtagg ccttacttac ctgtagccct gttttttttt    141540
     gggggggggg gaggttggtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg    141600
     gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggtcttg aactcagaaa tacacctgcc tctgcctccc    141660
     aagtgctggg attaaaggcc tgcaccacca cgcccgactg tagccctgtt tctaagtcca    141720
     gtttcttgct ttactttttt tgtttctgga agttccgccg ctatctcttg gtttgctgcc    141780
     tttggactgg atgctaattc ttctcaaatg catttcaatg gccaggctgt acacatttcc    141840
     acagaagtta atgggtcact tcttactcct ttaatgttat ctctcttagc ggttccttag    141900
     gcagcccaga gttgatgtca gcagttttcc tgggaaacgg cctctgcctt cctgatgcta    141960
     atacttgttc tgctgctggg atatctagtt tcaacagccc agaaaggcag catactatag    142020
     aggcttttca tccttgctca ggcagcatgc ttccttcagt agtgttgtca cagaaggatg    142080
     ctgagaagag ccaccgtgga cccttaagga ctgaacctga tgcttgtggg ctacctttag    142140
     gcttgtctga tagtttggct gggaatccat tgtaggtaag gaattatttg ttcattgtct    142200
     tctactttcc cagcttgcta tttagaagtc tgaggacatt ctgatcaggt gtctgctttg    142260
     taaatactac aagctttaga gccttctgtt tctggtatac aggaagtctt caatcgtttt    142320
     tatgtgcatt tggtagggcc ttcctagatg gagctccctg acttgcaatt ctagaacatc    142380
     tctctcttct ttttttaacc cattaaatat tgcctgtttc acactaagca atcttgttga    142440
     tattggaaac accagtgaac aaaagagaca gttttgcatt tactgagtga aattactgtt    142500
     gtgccctgta gaaaactgaa tcagaaatga gatggggaag atggagaggc gtgattagat    142560
     ttagctggag gaccagtggg gtcttcaaag aagggatgga ctaccaccat cccctctgct    142620
     ccacacccag ccctgtttat ttttccttct tagtgtagtt tctgggaaat ttctttacct    142680
     ttagtttttg ttccttcatt actgccatcc tgtcttaaat ttcccagagc ctgcttttct    142740
     tccctgtctg gtccttctcc cttcctcccc cattctttcc ttctgttctc tagtcctctt    142800
     tcagaagcct gtatttattg tgctgtttga tgactgcttc ctaaggatat taatttttaa    142860
     atcttttcta tttttttcct ttttgtttgg tctcttgtat tgctcaccct cccacccccc    142920
     acctacccca cacacgtcag gcatggaatt ggaaactgaa cacgggataa agggcagtgt    142980
     gctgtattgg ctttgttcct gttcagggta tttgttgaaa accctgaaag tccagtcctt    143040
     agggctttcc atttggaata gtgggagctc cctctgttat ctgcctgtgg gtgaaggttc    143100
     agtgccttga gtgctcagtg tcaagcagga aaacaggtgt gacctctgat ctggtgacca    143160
     agtgggaccc aagctgttgg ctctatttgg agctttacag ttgagatgtt ctgctgtggc    143220
     ctggagtaag atgagattgt ccctggcctt gtgaatgacc ccaagacttt gagacagttt    143280
     cttcagagaa gaagtgggtg cttggctttc ctcattggac tttgtcatct ccgaccctca    143340
     gcatcatctg ccactaactt cctcgtttac ccattttccc tccctccctc cctccctccc    143400
     tccctccctg cctccctccc tttttttatt attgttgttg ctgtttgtat ttcaaggcat    143460
     gggacttact ctgtagaaca gagtcacctt gaactcagac acactccccc aagtgctgga    143520
     attaaaagct atgccacaat gccaggcatt tacccatttt tctagggata gatgcaagat    143580
     tttaaaaatt gcttcaccat tgttttgatg aaacatagga acttatgaaa ttcatgtagg    143640
     actaactgga tttactgatt tttttttttt tttggctagg attcactact caatatttga    143700
     tcgatttgta ctgtctaaat atggagatta ggtaacttgg agctaagaaa tgtgtttttt    143760
     tcatggctcc atttgaaatg agacgtccac tccctctgac ctgtttcctt ggggtctgag    143820
     tgaggagata ccactgaaat ccataaatat tttctgtcaa gctaacaggc tatagaacca    143880
     actaagatca ctttactggg catttagctg aggacatcat ggtatgtgaa acaggcatgg    143940
     tgcctgtcct catttatgaa gtcctatgga agtgcttttt gggtgattcc acaaatctta    144000
     aaatagaaaa gaaaatagaa aagcaagttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgcttg cttttgtttt    144060
     tgtttttttg ttatggtata tcttctctgc ccaaaacaat atataccaca gcacatatga    144120
     atgggagagt acagcccaca cctagtaaaa aacagtacta cgactcagtg taccagcgag    144180
     tcaaggcatt tgccaactgg aggcagctag tctgtgttgc catgcgttag ggtcatgtta    144240
     taattctgaa aagcattggg gaaaaccacc agttcccttg ttctgcacca gggctgttag    144300
     gttttgtttc ccctggtaca gcacggtgaa attcagcgat gttatgcaaa taacttgcag    144360
     agaatctcca gttgctgtaa ggaaaatgat cattcatctt ttcgagatac acgtcttcaa    144420
     acgaagacat cttgtggctt ttaaatgaga acccagcttt tattagtact gtgttagaaa    144480
     gtatagtgtt ctaggtagga ctaaggagaa ggctcagtgg atagaggctt catataagcc    144540
     tggaaacctg agtttagtct tggaacccac atgtattttc agtgttaact tttctgttgt    144600
     gatgacacta tagccaaggc aacttaagaa caaaaagaaa aagagttgaa atagtttcag    144660
     agggatgata gtccatgata gcagagtctc ggggcatggg ttctggagca agaagctaaa    144720
     aactcatgtc ttcagaccac aagcagaaat agagaaagca acgggaaatg gcgtgactcc    144780
     agcagttaaa agtactggcc ccagatgttt cactactgac tgtaactcga gtcccaggga    144840
     gctctgaaac ctggcacaat gcacggatac tcatgtgtgc aaaatgatca tacacataat    144900
     tttgtctaaa aaaattcaaa ctctcaaagc ccacctgcaa ttacatactt cctataacga    144960
     ggccatacct cctaagtcta tcctaaacaa ttccaccaat gggggaccaa atgtacaaat    145020
     ccattctcac tcaaaccccc atgctatgta aaggtggagg gagagaaaca actccacaaa    145080
     gttctctgac atacatggct gcatttcaga cctctagaag ccatgcagga gctatacagg    145140
     gtaggtttaa tgaccaccta taacccaagc acataggaat cagagatggg attccagggg    145200
     caagctggct agcttgacta gaattgccaa gttaggttta gctgagaagc cctgcctcat    145260
     gaaatagtaa ccaaagaata taacgtctgt caactttgtg tctctctgtg caatcgcatg    145320
     catatgtgtg tgcaccccac cacatgcacc caaccataca cagacacgca catgggctgg    145380
     gggaggtaaa gggaaatgtg gagaatgcag ctactctcaa gaggaggcta ttcctgcata    145440
     cctcaggcac tagagaaaat atctgaacag taaaatgacc agatgtaagc aacacactca    145500
     agttggtagc ttcttggcca ctaattacaa gcagcacaca catacccaga gagacacccc    145560
     ccaatggcag ccaaatctga acttgtcagt aaggaagata ggataaaaag catgtagaaa    145620
     cagaaaactt gtatagttct taaatgagcc ttgcctttga tttgtttttg tgtatctctc    145680
     atgcttagca tgtagaatgt gaaagtacat atttgctaaa taataaaacg aatggataac    145740
     gtttccctgg ggtctatgta atgtctggaa atcaggctag tcctcaaagc ttctctccag    145800
     caggggtcag gctgaggctg gagcaaagtt cctagtgacc attgcaggcc aaggttgtct    145860
     tactgtttgt gatcaacagg acagataaag tgacctttca agagttgatt tgtctggttg    145920
     caaaagcagt gtttgaacac tacaaaaatt atgcaaaaag tagtggaaat aaaccatttt    145980
     tcctcagtgg taactactgt gaatggttca atatatgtcc tcttggttac aatacggtaa    146040
     atagagttta atatactctg ttagttattg atacaacctg gacagccccc tagtaaccca    146100
     ggcagagttg tatggattta cttaatcagc tcttgcacaa ttgctaatat atttttctaa    146160
     agccaaactg gctacttcct agctgctctt gccagtggtg cttgctgttt gagtcttacc    146220
     caagttactt ctccagcagt ctattttggg ggtgggatgg gcatgttctc ctggcccatc    146280
     acatctcctg ctctctccat ctccctcctt gactctactt ttctctgtcc cttgtggtcc    146340
     ctatttgcaa tcccccagcc cagtaactga aactccacct acctctgttc tccccagtga    146400
     ttggctgtag ccacttttat ttagccaata gctttaaatt ggggagccaa gtttacatag    146460
     actcacttgg tgtacatgag gatatgtttg tcaagagcag ccaggtcttg ggggccagta    146520
     tttagcattt gaatacatag cagcaccaga ccagccccca acactggaca tttttttaaa    146580
     cgtatgtgtg catatgaaaa ttggaaactt atgccacctg tttagcagct acaatctgaa    146640
     ccaccagggg gcgcacagtt catgtcctgc acctctccat ctgtgccatc cacacaggca    146700
     gtgaaagaat ggacagccta ggaactgtac tttatgagag aaatgaatcc ctttgcacac    146760
     tccgcctgcc aacctttgcc ctctgccccc atcgccaggg ttctatcaat agcccagcca    146820
     tccatgcaca ctgaggaaca tggacccaga gtgagtctgc tggaattcaa accctggctg    146880
     ggctgattcg tggtcaaggt tgtcatcttt gcttttcccc ttcctcatct gtaggaactt    146940
     aattgcaatg gaacctcatc actgagaact gagatgtaca gggtctcatc ttgcagcgct    147000
     gagcgcctca tctcagcctt ttgagtgctg ggattaacca gtgtgtgcca ttgtctctgt    147060
     ctatttccga taatgacttt aaaaacctac cacaatgccg gtatcatact atactctatg    147120
     ctgttacttg gggacagact ttttcaattt gtaagatcct gcctcaaaac aaacatgtcc    147180
     aatcactaag caagtagtgt attttgcacc ccaggcagtg caacatgttt cttggctgta    147240
     gctgtaccac aaacacaagt gaggcacggt gcataatgga gctaggccat aggaacgtgg    147300
     gctctccatt acaatctatg gcagcaccaa catatgtgac aggtaccaac tggcagtggc    147360
     aaaataccag gatacaggga aagtgttttt cacagaactc aaaatcccct gtgcactctc    147420
     cttcctggtt atagtaaaag tgtttttttc tggtcctgag aattatagaa atggctggca    147480
     ttgctttgct gtgctaggac ctgctctgac agctgttctg acacctgcaa agccacatgt    147540
     gttaaacatt gattctgtga tttccttctg gggactgttt tccttgtgtt ttaaaacatg    147600
     aatacgtgga gctgggtgat aatctctgat tcagccatag gacatatcat cgtaggacag    147660
     gaaaggaaca tctgagtcac ttaatctaat tcctgcagtg tgacagcaac ttgaccatgg    147720
     tggtgataaa aagaccggaa ttacagttta tcagatgatg cattcgatca tgactttttc    147780
     cattaaagca ggcaggctta agaacaccca ggcttcactg aattaagtgc tttatactgt    147840
     gtctacaagc acagaaatag cacagtttta aaaagtgaat tgtagataca gacactgtaa    147900
     caagacagga cacttttcat aacatgtgag taacaaagtt gactcgtctg cactatgtac    147960
     ttaatcaaac ttccatgaca ttcagtcagt tgtcttaaca tctttgctgg aaacaggtct    148020
     aaaaaggttt tgtagagcca tcttactgtg cactgatatc gacttacctg catctggtaa    148080
     aatacaacat attcacaggc agtgagtttc aggcaggcag caagagattg gaagtgcagg    148140
     gtgccctggg aactgagcct tcaggctcag gaatgcttaa cagagtagat ggatttccta    148200
     ccatgcacca ccactgatgt agcccagaaa gcatgctatc ctggacttta ttttcccagg    148260
     gataattgac aagctgcact aagagcacag agagccatct ggtttctaga agagggtcct    148320
     cttctcaagc tgttgtattc ctaactttga gaatttttgt ttttgagaag tagctaaggg    148380
     actagattgg tccaaggtcc cctgaagaac tgtcctgcag ttaaccaccc aaatcaggca    148440
     tccttacaac gctagtttgt ttcaagagtc ctgtctcccc agacacttgt gctgtggtct    148500
     cttactatac tggtagattt gacgccttct ttcattttta tcagttttgt ctcagtgtat    148560
     tttgaatctt cccccttgga cgatgaaagt agcatgctga tgaggaagaa ggggaaacca    148620
     aaataagtct gtaattgttc aggatctgtg gactcggggt tagtaaagtc acagtacaac    148680
     aaggctgtcc cagtcagcat cacccagtca ttttctcctg agcccagagc cctcaaaatc    148740
     ctcttctgtc agatattggg cgcatattct tcatccccac caaaataaaa gtgacatatc    148800
     atcactacaa agtaaatggc aactaaagat tattattttc atgacaagta ttatcatctt    148860
     aaagaggctt gcattggtta cttttatgtg gctatgacta aataactgta agggagtaaa    148920
     attttgggag aaccatcatg gcagggaagt tgtgtcgggt cagcttactg cttaggaagt    148980
     aaatgtagtg gcgactgttc atgtcccaga agaacactaa acagagctcc acaggaactg    149040
     ggggctaggc attacttcgc ccaccatgac ttctgccact tgggtctact ctgtaaaggg    149100
     tccacagtct gtaattggac tgtataatat gtatgtatat gcatatgtaa taatggcacc    149160
     attagctggg gacaagtggt ctaaacattt cctcttccaa cacaagtatg tcaaatatga    149220
     aggcaactga tgcagcttgc ctgcagagtt ccagacatta tcagacctct gagcattgaa    149280
     gctctgagat ccaccaggaa tgacttatct aactttcttt ccgggggcct gacgaaatag    149340
     ctcagagggt aaagttcttt accaggcaac tgtgaagaca gatattcaga gcccaagaac    149400
     ccatgtaaaa gctgggtagg catagcagcc gctggtaatc cttgcagatg atccctgaag    149460
     gaaactgact agtgagacca gctgaaatgg catgctgctt gtttagggag aagagtctgc    149520
     tttgatatat aaggtatagt aattaagaac actttggacc accacacaca tgtacctgca    149580
     cacataccac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagga aaacgaaatt    149640
     cctcatggct taaatgaacc taacttctgt cacaatacat ccctcaaatt tcaactgttc    149700
     tacctaagac tctttcagca tgttgaccac tagaaaaagg aaccacgtac cctcctgctt    149760
     tatattgttc aaaggttgga ctccttaccc caccccaccc ctgccctgta ggcagtctag    149820
     ttctgatcag atcctcccaa cacgagaagc taaaccgtga aatttcacat cccagtttct    149880
     tccatcctga ctgcgatagc tgtcacaaga ttttgcgagt gttgctttaa tagtcgatag    149940
     gaatttcaag taatgcctta aagtcaaact gaagttgggg ctgaaataat agcgaagcat    150000
     ccagcttttt atgtcacaat taagtctgat gaagccatca ttttctcctg ctgcctggca    150060
     agcccagaat ataaaggaac tttatttcat gtgggaggga acagaatagg gatagatttg    150120
     cggaagttac agaaacaatg ataagaagag ataataaatc aacaaggaaa ttgttgccag    150180
     gcaacatggt tggttgtcaa agagatagcc ttcagtaata acccttggca atcttcaata    150240
     ttaggctgta aatctctgaa taagaatgac tgagctatga gtggatcagg gtggacactc    150300
     ttccaaagaa ccagtgcacc cagctcaccc attctgtctg taaacataac ttctgcctct    150360
     ctgagaactg tgcatctgtt tcactgactg gaacactttg tctcttgtgt atttaaaatt    150420
     atactgtgat tgtagttttt tttttttttt ctcagtacaa tgaacccagg ttgccatctc    150480
     cctacttact tgggtcccag aactctggcc agaggtagca agggcatgtg actcacagac    150540
     agtgaaactg gggtcctgtg ggagttctcc acaacctgaa accaaattag gtaggtacag    150600
     aaggcggggc tagttggctc tggggtagga gatctgcatg agcagtgtca gtctgtaaac    150660
     actgcggagg aggaagatac agttgctagc ctttgtacac actgggagaa ggaaatacag    150720
     ttactagact ttgtagacac ttatcagtct tcctaaacag tacaccagaa ctcccaagaa    150780
     aagccttgca atttctcttg agcctggctc atatgcgaaa cagctttgcc tatttcccat    150840
     gtgaggcctt gggcatcctt gacacagctg cgcccagcct ggcccatatg gataatagct    150900
     ttgtcaattg gccatgtgtc tggcaggcct ttgctgtcct ccacaaagcc ttggccatga    150960
     taaaaatcca tatctcctca ggatttcact cacgcaagcc ttcctttgct ccctatacca    151020
     gttgatgcca aattccctta tattattctt gttagatcac caacatttga ccagtgagtc    151080
     ccgtacattc ccaggtccat gaagtctgta gaatgttgga tttgaaggaa cattacagaa    151140
     tactgggcca cggtcttcat ttccatggct gtgggatctg ctctatgact gacaatctcc    151200
     tttcttcttg aatctgtgtt ccacagagcc tgccttttat gcttggagcc ctcatcctgt    151260
     cttttccttg ttaaaatagt ctatggcagg aaagtctgct ctgctcaccc ttgtctccag    151320
     ctgctaggca tttccaggat tcagaaacac tgacaaatgg atgtgagcaa tgacttccaa    151380
     gatctacagc aaagcttagt cacctagagg ctgtcctgac atgtttggaa gagtccctcc    151440
     atccttccct cccttccccg tgtgaggctt tgtgcaagac agtgtcagtg catagatgaa    151500
     tgggcgggct ctctgggctg aaagctggct cttgagactg tggacagctt gtgtaacatc    151560
     tctttattgg tttcatcatc catacaatga gaacatgtta catctaactc attagccgga    151620
     tgagaggatt aaagaagctt aaaaatattc tagtatgtag ataagtatga gatatatctc    151680
     ccttttttga atctttgcca ttatttttaa tcaagatgaa gcaaaatctg ccccccagaa    151740
     gactaggaca gtctgttctc ataagtgaag gttaaaatca agggcaggag aggtcgaggt    151800
     ggagaggagc cgggatcttt cctatagagg ggtaactttt cttactgggc tggtgggaat    151860
     tttagcagta ttagctaaac aatcattttg ctgtctttca ttgggacttg tcacatgatg    151920
     gtgagttcac tttactgttt tcagaaagtg agccgacaaa gagggcttct gaagggtttc    151980
     attgccatca caaccgagct gtggttgaac agctcaggaa gacaatggtt tcctgtgtaa    152040
     ctggaaacaa aattgcttgt atctaggaca agcgtttctt aatagccaag agaaaaggga    152100
     aggcaagggg cagaaaagca aaataagatc gaagttcttt ttaaaatcag tttatattga    152160
     ttgcacaaaa tagtaggtcc cattatgaca gatgtaagta aggggtttaa ccatgtctat    152220
     ctctgaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactatt cccacccacc tctcctcgtc    152280
     ttgtacctta atattatgag ccccttgaat ttcaggtctt tttttttttt caaggtggga    152340
     attctttgcg aatgttggca cacaatattg aagatttaac agtaccagcc ctcacattgg    152400
     aattgctgtg agccaaaggg atcggtaaac taaattaagt ttctagagat ctcttttatt    152460
     aactaaccac aaaagaaatt ggtggagcct gggaacacag ctcagttggt aaagtatttt    152520
     tcttgtccca caaggacttg agtttgatgt acagaaccta tataaaaaaa ttccatgcat    152580
     gatggtttcc acttataatc ccatctgtgg gacttgctgg tttagttagc ttcactcact    152640
     tggccagttc cgggctggtg agagatgcta tcttttaaaa acgttgctgg ttcctggaga    152700
     aagataccta agtcctctgg catccaccca tacatgtatt atgtatgtat atacatatat    152760
     gagggagaga gaggcagtta aagaattaga aaaatgcaga aaaatgtgtg aaatcatgca    152820
     actcttacta atatttactg cagttgtctt aatagaaaac atacaggtga ctgagcccag    152880
     tggagtatgt atgaaatatg agcacatgga aggttgagaa ttataaattt gagaattata    152940
     aatttgaggt tagtctgaga tatataacaa gattgtctca aaacgccaag agaagaaaaa    153000
     aagaagcagc agaggcttat taaacatgag gggaagagac ttcctagtgt cttaagtatt    153060
     ttaaggaaca tgatacttta ctcagaaaac tgaaatctgt ggtgcatcta cattcattta    153120
     aagctatctg taaaaatatt atgcaatgtt gtttacattt ttaaaataca gggaaaccat    153180
     tttctctgtg gaattgaagt cccagtagga gctggcgcaa cagtccacca tgaaggaagg    153240
     gctggcgcaa gcgcactttg aaaaccacat tcagtaacat ccgcttgctc ttgcaatgca    153300
     tggcaatcct gaaccctgaa aatcactcaa tttaatgaag tatgtaaaac tgtacaccgt    153360
     aggaccccct tagggccatt ccctgcacta tattccccct ctccatgcac ctctgtgttt    153420
     atttctccca tgttgaagta gggctgccac ctccaacaca acgtgttagg gccagacagt    153480
     tcaggtgtag aaattcttca catgttataa tctccatatg actctgagcc atcagcttct    153540
     ctgagggaga aataaaacca ctccttcctg agtcctgtgt tgtctttatg tcatgtattc    153600
     actcacactc aggctcactc acactcactc actctcacac tcacattcac tctcactcat    153660
     cactcacaca ctcattcata ccctcactga ctttcacact cactctcact cactctcaca    153720
     ctcatgctca ctctcattct cactcacact cacactttta ctcatctcac tcactcttac    153780
     actcacactc actctcccat tcattcattc acacactcac cctcactcaa ctctcactca    153840
     ttctcacaca ctcatactct cactcacttt cacactcact ctcattcata ctcacactct    153900
     cacacatgct cattttcact cacactcaca ctcacactca ttcactaccg ttcactgtta    153960
     ctaactctca ctcatactca ctttcactca cttttggtca ctctcacact cattctcact    154020
     cacactcact ctgactcatt ctcacgcaca ctcactcact aactcacact ctcactcatt    154080
     ttcacttgct aattcattta atgtgttgat ttcagtgcac ggtctgtgca ttcgaagctc    154140
     aggctcagcc tctgagctag atactcagtc ccaggtgagc gggatttggt gctgatgttg    154200
     actgtttata gagattttgg atttcctagg agccactgga aaaaagtagg actactgaag    154260
     gtgtcaggga aaggttacac tcaacaggtg ctactgaaat gctgtttatc cacggtcttc    154320
     tatcagtatc agctaccttg ttgaatgtat atttattgga aattgtaaaa tcattagtgt    154380
     tccttttaat tggcagcaag tgaaagggca ctgatgttga agtataagga cctcctaggg    154440
     taatgaagaa ctctttgtgg gcttaactat ttgtggaagt ttagggatac tagccatgat    154500
     aggtggtcac actggtttct gcacctcaga gcttggagac gcatgctctc attctcctct    154560
     gagctcctcc atggcatgag gaccatagca tccaaggcat gatgtcaggg ttgataatca    154620
     gtagacatac aaatgtcagc ccaagggccc aggcttactc gacgttcctg ttattttgca    154680
     ttctgtgtta gtgatttctc ccaccataac aggaggtgaa gctctctttc agtgagactc    154740
     ccaggttaca ttgtcatgat tttcttttaa gtagaaaatt ggtagtgatt agaacaatta    154800
     ttttaaagaa acagagcagg gcaaaatgtg tcaggcgtct gctgtaattt taatgatttg    154860
     taaagcaccc ttaaaaggta aataaacaaa ggcaactcag ttttctacta ctcagctaga    154920
     tttctctcct gccccctctt agaatcagct atccctttcc ttgtgtcatt aaagacagtg    154980
     tttccagctc agaagccact agaaagccag ttttctgcca ctgcgaattc acaaagctct    155040
     ccctgccacc agctgtggtt tctctttatt tcatttgaga tccaatgaga aaagttctgg    155100
     aactgggctg ttcatacagg tcattctcta ggacctctca tggggctgta gcccatgcaa    155160
     atgatcagga aacctgcgat ttaactcaga gtgtgcattt tgcaaaagtg aagatttact    155220
     gttaagttga ctaaatctaa atttaactaa taaaaaatat taacatgtcc aattcaagct    155280
     gaatgtggct gtgtacgcct ataaacggag ctgcttggga ggtttgagag ggaggatggc    155340
     ttgaatctga aagtttagag aaaaagaaag caaacaagga aagaagaaga aatggaagag    155400
     aggaggaaca tatggggagt ccaaatgctt aggattggag agatgactta gcaattaaga    155460
     gcacttgcac tctctctgtc tgtttttttt tttttgtctc tgtctctgtc tctgtctttc    155520
     tctccctctc tctctgcctc tcgtgtgtac actacatgca tgtatgatgc tttcagaaac    155580
     tggaagagag gaccagagtt gtagatggtt gtgagccacc acatggatgt cggacatcaa    155640
     acacacagat tttgtaaaag ggcaacaatt gctctaaact gctaaataat ctctccagca    155700
     gccatacttg ctgttcttgc agaggacctg gattcagtat gcatgtagca gcttaccaca    155760
     acccttaact ccagtttccc aactgatacc ttcttcccac cctccatggc caataggcat    155820
     gccatgcctg caagagaaac attcatacac ataaatttaa aaacaagcat ataaatacct    155880
     ttcaaaattc ccaagtcaaa taaaacactt acttgtgtat atgtcctgct tagaaatcac    155940
     ttttttcaag aattgattaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaccccat caactcgtat    156000
     ttggtcttct ctcatcttct gaacactttg ttttgttttc acagtgaagt ctacagttgt    156060
     gctgttgtca atttatgtac agggtgtaag gagaaattaa atttcatctc ttctcacata    156120
     gttccctaca tgtttgaaac aatacatggg aaattttctc ctttcacctt ctgccctgga    156180
     gagcttccat gtattgtcaa tatatgatct gggatttcta atacaaatca attgaatgtg    156240
     gagtgtaaag ggtgggcttg ggaatagttg tccccaggta tttttaggcc tatggtctta    156300
     agaccacacc ctgtggccat cctcctgtcc cccatgggta taaagcagag gaccaaaagt    156360
     accttagatc acaacatttg tataattaat tatacctatc ctccctttta agaagttgag    156420
     ttattgttaa atgacttgta atgtttggta cagtgtacaa ataacatgaa tcattatgct    156480
     ttactgattg gggaattata acaagaacta aatatctgta tgcattcaat acagacacaa    156540
     atttaaaaat actttttatt tccagttgat tgactctgtt atgtggaatg aagtgtctgg    156600
     ggcacctgga ttacactggg atcaaaggca tagagaggtt tctctggaaa atggaatgat    156660
     ggtcttcctc accagaaagc agggctcaca aagtgcaggg tgacttctag gctctctatt    156720
     ctatccactt ctaacacccc tacatgtaaa ctgtcctgac tcatttctgc agcattagcc    156780
     tagaaggttt tgcctcagtg tgtcctctta cctaagttgt cttcttgtta gacttggaaa    156840
     ttcttaacct ttttaaagtt acacaactat tagtagcact tgccctcttt cacaagaaag    156900
     gtgtcttagt tactcttctg tagctgagaa gagacatcag gacaaaggca attcataaaa    156960
     ggaagcattt aattggaggc ttacttacag tttcagaaag tgacccatga ccattgtgga    157020
     ggggagcatg acaggaggca ggagcagttg cagagcttac atgtcgaaac aacaatcata    157080
     tgggaagata gagacagaga cagagaaata aaacatgtac aaactgtagt ggctcagact    157140
     tttgaaaccc caacatcccc ctattgacac acgtcctcca acaagaccat acttaatcct    157200
     tcccagttcc accaactgtg gactaaacat tcaattatat gagccttagg ggctatcctc    157260
     atacaaacca ccacatagag tacagcaaaa gggagcagat atggatatat ctgaggtcgt    157320
     atagttccag atatcaaata gtgtttttga aatactggat cacaggcttg ggagatggct    157380
     tagtgagtaa ggtgcttaca tcacacacat gaggatctta gttctgatcc acagcataca    157440
     ggtggacatc tataaaccta acactaggga atgaggacaa atggatccag ggtgatctct    157500
     ggacagcaaa actaatcaaa cagcaagctc cagatgctgt gagacactct tttattggac    157560
     ttattcttgg acaccagaga gttttctgat ttattcttaa ttttaaaact gcaagtatga    157620
     tgattacatg gacataacaa ttggttttgt aaactgaact agctatttta cttaactccc    157680
     ctcgataata gtaagataca gtttctaaca aaataatcga aaacattatg aagttaattt    157740
     tcctttgcaa aatagttcaa tatttttcag ctatagctag actctttatt aagatactag    157800
     attattattt atcaattatt aattatactt attaattatg gagagcatgc atttttttct    157860
     ctaatttctt tctatttttg ttctttcact ttgagggaat gctactgagt gcatgcaaat    157920
     ctaaaatttt tatattttct agtgcactga atctttttct cataaagtgt tcatttctag    157980
     gataggaaaa gttatttttg cctaggatta atatagctac atctatctct gtggttagtg    158040
     tttgcataag ttagccagtg aaccgtttcc tctttggagt ttaagagaca ggaaggcaga    158100
     ttgttctttg tattcaagat tagaggagtt attgaaatca taggtggaca aacagatggc    158160
     agcacagctg gacactgagg acagatgcag ctgtgtaaag gagtaagaaa ccttgtatat    158220
     tcttgagaaa gagtaggggt agattgaagt gtttttcttt ttaacctaag tttgactttg    158280
     gtggggatca agtgagtacc atataattga taaacatatt tcctggttca tgaagacttg    158340
     gggccaatgg gacagggaga caagaaccta gagaaacacg ttcactgtat tctggaaacc    158400
     aattgactat agttagttac tgcagctgac acagttcaac caaaatacaa gatggcatgg    158460
     ccctccctgg ccagcagtca gttttctcac tgtggcagct gagcacctaa gaggcagctt    158520
     aatggtggga agatagattt gtgctgatgg cttcaggggt ttcactcctt ggctctccag    158580
     catggatgcc tgtcactaca tcatgtctgt gggggtgggt ggcacatggt gagacttcac    158640
     ttctgaacag acaacgagta gagagggggg gctagataag ataatagccc ccacaaccac    158700
     accccactta cctgtttact tcagcttggc ccaccttcta aagtttccag aacttcccca    158760
     aatagagcca acagctaagg accaagtgtt taacacactt tgtactcaaa cctattgaat    158820
     gtcttttttt cctttcaaag aatgtttcct taaatattac atgttgaact gaccactatt    158880
     gtctcttaac taaaccactt ggacatttta catttcaagt aattacttaa cacctactgt    158940
     cacttcccat cttgttgttt ctcatgcttc ttgtatcttg atttcttccc ttctcttgcc    159000
     ttctttgggt tgattgtaca ttctttgttt ctctttggtt caatatagaa gctgccaaag    159060
     cattgtactg ttaatcctta gatttcagca cctatccatg gcttatcttc ccagacaatg    159120
     caaggacctt ggaaaatgtt ctgtaagtga aggaagtact agagacttaa ctattcctct    159180
     agcccaatag attattaaac tccattccct gtcatctggc ttctaaacca taatttatat    159240
     ttattttaga attaaagttt gaatatggtg tgatgtggtg ccagctaact ttgaacacat    159300
     gaacttaaat catccttttg catcatcatc ctagctatct aggactataa agctccaaat    159360
     ctggagtatc atttatttta aaatagttcc cataattctg tatacattga aaactactta    159420
     gacactattg ctactatttt atatggtcaa tatttactta aattcaccac aaatgcacgt    159480
     tcttgttctt taatgtcctc tttcctgtgc ataaagaaga tttctcagga tagtctaaag    159540
     gcaaagtcta tataaatcaa tgctctaagt ttttgtctga atatgtcctg aaggatattt    159600
     ttctcaaata tgaactaagt tgaagttggt agggtttgga gtctgcgttt cccagctaac    159660
     tggaagacct gtctgtggcc tggctccaca gctgtgtggc tgtgtgttgt tagcatggct    159720
     gccctgtctg atccctttta ttgggttgtt tttatgatcg ttgtcttaag acttctgcag    159780
     tttttcaagg atatgctttg ttttgttttc tttctaggac agagtttttt tttttttttg    159840
     tttcatcggc tagggtctag agtgttcacc gaagcctttt tatctagttt gaaataacca    159900
     ttttgaatgt tagctttttt tcttttaggt gtgtgtgtgt atgagggtat acgaaagtgt    159960
     tggtgagggt gtgtgtggat gtgtcttcac aggggtgcat atgtgcatat tggtatgcac    160020
     actattgcat gcatgtgcac tgacagtcac gcttcaccat atgctttgaa cactgtctct    160080
     tactgcactg gcttggacct tagtgattgg cagggctagc tgcccaattc tctccaggga    160140
     tccacttgtc tctgtcctct ctcaatccac tgctgaagtt acaatcgcac ccttctacac    160200
     agggagtgtg tgtgtgtgct ggtgatccaa actcaggtct tcatgttttt gcagggaagg    160260
     cacttcagtg actcagccat ctccctggcc aaatgtttgc cctttatata taattctgct    160320
     ctgtatccca tccctgtctc ctatgcattt tcaacaactt cttttggaaa ggtgttttga    160380
     gatagagtgt aaaccttgca gtcctataac tgacttggta gaccaggctg gcctccacat    160440
     tggagatctg cctacctttg cctcctgact gctgggatta gtcctggctg gcttcatcct    160500
     ttttgagttg tttatcattc cttctgtatt ttccatgctt acttttggtt ttggagttta    160560
     ttgactgtgt aactttctag aagaaactaa aatcatttaa ataaccaatt tattggattg    160620
     cttcatcaga cttaaaaatc cacaaattct ttattattta agttttcaat ggaaataatt    160680
     tattgtatgt ttaagctctg gggtttctag ttccttttca tccagacatg aaatgttgtt    160740
     tgtaagtttg caatagcctg ctaaagtatc tgaccttgga tttcgtcaat attatcttca    160800
     cagactgttg ttctctggtt tgtatgggcg gcagcagcat ttagagcctt ccactgttgt    160860
     ccttctcttt tgtttgtgct gctttgtatc tctgttgcca tggctgccca cccaaacagt    160920
     tatctttgat tatactctgg atgttgtact tgaaaagcag attgtaataa tgatttgagg    160980
     cttaagggta tccacgctac cccagatgga tatgacttca gttagcatct gcaggcaccc    161040
     acctacagtc cataaagttt gaggatggag tcgtccagaa ttttcagcct agctatgaac    161100
     ctttgatgta ctctggaggt catgcaaaag ccgaggagga aaacaggagt cctgctttca    161160
     ttgtacaatc aaaatagaca tacccatgcc aaaagtcatg gatataaaga gctaacaggg    161220
     ttgaacatac aaaagaaaga ttggtttctg gttagagttt ttattgtcaa gtacaaatga    161280
     aaataatcac tattaaaatc tcagggaatg aaactctaag ctctgccttg tatctgtaaa    161340
     gtctccttct tctatgggga acaaaccctg ccaaggaaga gcacattaga tgtgggattg    161400
     tgccgaatga agaaaatgaa cggatggtcc actgtgaatt cttcctcagg caacaacata    161460
     cagaatgtag caatgcctcc tgtagcagcg gctgcctctg ttccttcctc attcacttcc    161520
     acaaaggact tgtggacaat ttttgatatg aaaagatctc tggatcctga catgccagag    161580
     agatcagcct tgctactgct aaagagatcc tgcactccca ggcggcccag gttagagttg    161640
     agggtatagc tctcttctat cttgaaccgg ggcagtttga cgtggacatc aatgaattcc    161700
     aagttctcac gtttggtcca ttcaagcagt ttttccaaag ttatttgctt ttcaatctgg    161760
     aattaatata aagcaggtgt gtatttactt agttgattgt tatatggtaa ttactatgtg    161820
     ccaaaccctt tacatacatc aatttgttcg atggtcatag caatgctccc ccatcacagt    161880
     ggttcactga tgtcagaaca tattctgaat atttacattt taggcttctg ggctgggagt    161940
     gtggctcagt aacagaacac ttaactagcc caaggtactt gggtaccgtg aataataaaa    162000
     taataataat gatagatgtt aatttattac cgcaacaatg tactattcca atgaacggac    162060
     tcacagttgc cacaagtcac agggttttct tcatgatttc tgcctaaata gattccactt    162120
     agattttatt ttatctgtaa attgctggaa tatatcggaa ttattttcca ggtctttgag    162180
     ggtagaaatc caaaacaaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaacagtg ggtctttcat    162240
     ccattcatcc acctatcatt ttgtggatga atttttgttt gtctacttct acctatctat    162300
     ttatccatta tccatccacc tatcattcat ccatccatcc ttcatccatt catcaatcca    162360
     tctacttatc tgtccatctg tcacccattc atacatctac tacctattca gtcatccatc    162420
     ttctttcatc catccattca tctattcatt tctctctgcc tcactccttc cacttgttct    162480
     attcttccct tctgttcctc ctttagtcca tccatctgtc cattcttcca cacactcagg    162540
     attcttaaac ccctctcaca ttgaatcact tgactgatgg actatgaggt tttattaccc    162600
     tgactgcttg aaaggtacag ggaaatttta gtagttttct ttattttgaa actttctaga    162660
     gttgtagtga tgtatacact ctactagagc tgaagtaaca ttccataact cctggggtgg    162720
     agaggggggc aaaatatatg ggctttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat    162780
     ttaaaccaag tgtaagtagt taacatgggg ccacacaccc tgcaatccca gcattcagga    162840
     gccactgaaa gaaagctgta agctttggct gcacagcaag accttgtcca tggaatggag    162900
     tcgagtcgag tcgagtcgag tagagtagaa catagaatag aatagaatag aatagaatag    162960
     aatagaatag aatagaatag gcatgctaat gacagtaact ttgtagcatt gatgtgacca    163020
     ttgagtgaat tgatataaag ggtttggcac atagtaagta ccatataaat attaactact    163080
     attgttcctc tattggacta gaccagaaac acttatctta tggatactga caatttcctt    163140
     ctttagatca gagtatcttt ttgtaatgag ataaattacc aggtagaaaa tacaattgac    163200
     aaatgcacca caatcatgtt agtgcacact ctgtacattg gagtgacagc aggctccttc    163260
     ttgaatgcaa gtgtaggctg ggaaggaaca gaagctaagg ctcagggcag tctaagattt    163320
     ctgagggaaa actgtaatct tcacagtttg tctacttcta accttgttag gagacaccca    163380
     atccccaaag acttaaatca attcttaata taattccttt aaagttactt taagtaactt    163440
     tattatgggg gaccactcat cactgttact tttcaaatat ctacatgttc ccccattaca    163500
     acggttcact gaagaccaaa catattctga atagtttaat tttaggcctc tgggctggga    163560
     gtgtggcaca gtgacagaac acttacttag cccaaggtaa ttggacactg tgaataataa    163620
     aataatgata atgatagtaa cagcaataat agcaatagta gtaataataa ctatataaac    163680
     atgagatctc agagcagtaa gtcctgatgg actatattga caaatatggg cctgcagggt    163740
     aaagtctgtg gatggacaag tgtttatggt tcagtaaaca catgggaaat ataagaacaa    163800
     tgcaatataa ggaaacaaac catggcattg agagccagtt accttcttaa gacccgtgga    163860
     ctcgtcctca atgtctttag gcagcagaat gaccatgcta agttctccac cctggtaagg    163920
     catctccagc accttgcact tcaggtccga aatgtaacca aatggaaatt ttttcttttg    163980
     atacatcatc ttcactgttt ttgtgtcttt ctgaatggtt gcaaaataaa aaaatactca    164040
     agttattctc tcttgtgttt taaagcagag gtgaattggg ggtcttgggg tagagggctc    164100
     agtggtaaag gcctggctaa ccatagagga gacaccttgt gctacaactc cagcactcac    164160
     acacatacaa tcaagagcat cccaggatgc tggtgtcacc tgaccttact cagtcggaat    164220
     ggagcatccg ttgtgtcctc tgtcatgaat ttctcctccc acattccctt aaagtagatg    164280
     gcattcacca gcacaagttt ggtcatactg tccaccacac ccacagacaa cagttctggg    164340
     attttccctg aaaagataag gtaagctttt ttaaaggttc atatcaaaag tttaaattta    164400
     atccagtcac tacttagctc tcacatagag gtcacacttc attttgtttg aattcagtgt    164460
     tgtcaggaag gacccacttg tctcattttt attttaaaca aactaacttg taagaccaag    164520
     cgggctgtgc ctagtgcttc ttgagaccct aagttccatc gcttgaacca gaaaacaaaa    164580
     aaatcattaa tgtcagtcaa tgtcttcaaa ggtttaaaac aagaaagttc tcctttctgg    164640
     catgcaagca ataaccatta ttttgtgaat ggctgttctt tagagaaaac aaacaatatt    164700
     ccatagtgaa attttttgct cactggtaaa ttatgtcttc aaatctgcta agtaggagac    164760
     tgttcttttg aaaagggctt taaacaaatg tccaagagat aaaagattta tcctagggta    164820
     agtctattga aacaggagct attttaccta tagtctaaca cacttctggg aactgataga    164880
     gttccagaca ggatccctga gtgctgactc acacagaaac aagactgagg acagatccat    164940
     tacccagctg aattgagccc agagagtgag tcactcccta tccactactt ctgagttact    165000
     ggacaagatg gtggccaaaa atattatgac tataccagtt tctaaatact gacttcatgg    165060
     ttccatgagg tttcacctct catttctttg catatgaaca ctaaacaatt ctgtttaggc    165120
     atgtataata actttattct gcattttaat gttggtttta attttcaatt gtacttcagg    165180
     gggacccata ggtactcaac tggttccact aaaccatgtc tgtatttctc cactaataag    165240
     tttctgacat cttacattgt cccttattct agggaatagc atctacatgt cagtgcacat    165300
     aagtcaggat ttgggaagtt gtggaaggga gacaggagat gcaagtgaga gagtgcaggg    165360
     gaatgagaac ttgtgcataa tggctctgct gtggttcaga ggggtcccca aaggaccctg    165420
     acttgaaggt ttggactctg gtccatcctg cattggaaga cagaggaacc tttaaaatgt    165480
     aggtcctagg tggtggtggt ggggtctacc cacctataca tcattgggaa tgtattttaa    165540
     tttatttgta ttttgagaca gggctcttgc catgtgtgct caaggcaatc ctcctgcctc    165600
     agcttccaaa gtgctgggat tgtaggtctt tatcctcaac gttaccttgg agaaggcttg    165660
     ctgctattga aaatggttgt gagacactgg tctctccttc cttctcttta ttcaccaatg    165720
     aggtaaacag gcctcctctg ctgcactgtc ttaacaagag gtgcagtgtt gccatgggac    165780
     cacagcatca agtccaatca tttataaact aaaacctcca actctgggag tcaaaatcag    165840
     cctttagtcc acaagctgat tgtgtcaggg tgagctccag aaggggaact gagtaacaga    165900
     gccagcactg ctcagcctct caccttctgt ttgacctttg acccactggt ttatctcctt    165960
     ccttgcatcc tcagaggcat gcagaaaatc cacaggggcc aagtcagcac catacatttt    166020
     ctgggttgaa gccaagtatt cctgtttttt ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg ccatgaatta    166080
     tatctattcc ctacagaaat tttctaaaat ccccacaaga aaataacaaa gtcctaaaaa    166140
     ttgaaaatgt tttattaaaa cctaagcttt ggactttttt gttatgttga aaaccacaca    166200
     acagtaaatg tactgtccta aacatttcca ttttccttcc ttcttccctt ctttcccttc    166260
     tccctttttc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc    166320
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ctctcatcct tccttcctta aaccctccac ccacatctct    166380
     tgagatagga tgtctctttg taccagccct ggatgtcctg gaaatcaatt tgtagaccag    166440
     gcttgccttg aactcacaga gctcttccta cctctggctc ccatgtgctg tgtctgagtc    166500
     atctttgaag cttacaatgc tgtagtggca agtatatccc tttatataac atttctggtg    166560
     ttaatacaaa ggctactcat cctttttgaa ttttacacta atgttttcat aattgagtaa    166620
     atgttgatta tacttcaagt ggcttttcag actcattttt cctttgtatg tgtatgtgtg    166680
     tgtatgcaag tggggtttat gtatgtacaa atgtgtatat gggtgtgcat acctgtgcaa    166740
     tcatggaggc cagagaaaat gacaggtgtc atacttttat tcccttaaaa caaggtctcc    166800
     cactgaacct gcctaggctc gtggtccaca aacccaaggg gtcctcatag ctctttttcc    166860
     cacagggctg gggtcacagg agactataga gccatgccag gcatttttct gggttctggg    166920
     atccaaactt agcttctcat acttgcacag gaagcgctct tctccacaga ggcatccctt    166980
     cagtccttgc tttctcaagt catccaggat ggatcctttc cttagaaaga ctatgagatg    167040
     aaagtcccac atgcattctt tgctgttttt atgaatacct gcaacatgtc tgtgcctgga    167100
     aaggtctgtg ttacttcagg aagtttcaga atgtgaagtg ctaggtactt acaggaagga    167160
     agttgtaggt tttctctcca tacagtctgt tagcaagttt cagagtgtga gatgctccac    167220
     gtttgctcac ttcagcattc aggctttgga agcgtgaatg gatgtcctca acagagtcaa    167280
     aatgaaaagt ctaaaggaaa gacatcattc ttcatacaat catctatgaa gtgattccct    167340
     gttgtctaca tccaccaaat tacttttatt tgatacccag taactccagc ccaatatttt    167400
     attaacatat cattggcaaa ggaaataaaa tggaaccaaa aatgtatggc tctgtgagac    167460
     atcattaaac atagcttctg aataattttc aaatgttccc cgaatgtgaa tggttaacaa    167520
     gttaaatatt tatgtcaaaa ttttttccat aaagattcaa atggtatatt caagtttata    167580
     tactgtgcca tatacaagtt tgttaaaaaa ttttttttaa atctcagaaa taactaaaca    167640
     gtgtcaataa gacacattcc tgttgtgaga cccaaaacgt gggagtgact gagaccttct    167700
     ttctcaatgc ttatcttatt acggtccaca actcattctc tagagaaata acttccttaa    167760
     gtttattctg gtgagagttt acttcctctt ctgctagttg taaatcaaca ggccttttat    167820
     ggttgtgtga ggtctggcct cattacttgc ttctaggaca caaaggacaa aagcacacag    167880
     ggtccagagt ccatgctact ctctgagctc cgcttactag attgctacat ggacacacct    167940
     acgagactga aatggggagg gaaaggcctt gagacagtat actgtttcct gatgctgtca    168000
     gctgtaaaaa gccttaatgc tgaagcagac ataacctgcg agaagcacct agcagcaggt    168060
     gcagttagga aacactttac ccactcctgt catgatttcc aaaggtggca gaattcccct    168120
     ctcagaatta aggaacacca agagcagaag tgcccttcat acccattaag gaagactagg    168180
     cagctgtggg gagagatgca aaggtgacct gctgtctccc aggggtggac tgagaggagg    168240
     taggacctgt ccaacaggcc acagggactt tacaatccct cctcctgcag agccacagcc    168300
     agtgaaatca ggctggagag aggcacaggg ctaaccctgg gaacatagac aggtggctgt    168360
     ctttaccttt tgtccccata aaaaaaccac caccaccaag ctctcttcct gtagcatgtt    168420
     cttatatttg tcatgcctga aggtgaccct attactggca tgatttatga gtagtggtta    168480
     tcagtgcaaa aggaaaacag gaaacagcta gctctgggga ggtgcagggc tagcttacct    168540
     gaaagcctgt gattcactct tgtgaatggg agaaccaaac ccacaggtag tgtcattgtc    168600
     tttcttcact ttgtgtcccc aactgaacag agactctgcc ctaatctcac ttaaagttgg    168660
     tagtgaatga agaactgact gttttggggg tgtggctctc tgaaagtctg actgtaccat    168720
     ctaacaagca tggagatggc agggagagct ggccagtttg gcttttgcta accttagaaa    168780
     gctgagctgc agtgctgcct ttggccccca gaatgaccat ggccaaggca gaagaaatgc    168840
     tgaagggaga gaagaagatg tttcctgtgg ggctgctttc attcagggtt tggaacagct    168900
     ccaaggcgaa gagggtgttg gctgaactca gctgctccat ggtgaagtct gcaaaagagg    168960
     ggagatcagc actgccagct acaacaccag caacactacc tacctcagct ctgacatcca    169020
     cccctaggac cctacagttt ggaattccta cctcatcctg tttttcctaa gagggcaagc    169080
     atactacttc agttctccat gcctgagatc aaggctgaag tctcagctgg agtgaaatat    169140
     gcgaatttga gaatgccact caaataagta agatgtgggt gacagggaag aggaacactc    169200
     ctctgtgtcc cttttgcaaa caagctgatt cctgcagtgg gtaagcaagc cctgcttgag    169260
     gctcatctgc taatccagct gggtcccaaa ctcagagctc cagtttgtcc aagtacaggc    169320
     taatcacaaa tgtgtgtccc tggctgttta gctacccggg ccacatggag ttctcattgt    169380
     tgaggatcta ggatctcacc agcttccttc cctcccagcc tccctgcagc caggattgac    169440
     cgtatgaagc tcagggcact gtctcccaga tcaaggttca aaaagaaagc cgagggaaag    169500
     aaaaactagg atcaccttcc tccctcgggc ccgcggcctg gagtagggtg cagttgggga    169560
     tccacagagc attttctggt tacatcttgg gtgagggtga ggtaccagga acgtgctggt    169620
     tcctggaaga ggtgccagct tcctccctcc ttgctatgac ccctgagaat cttacctctt    169680
     gcttagcagg tctggctcca cttacagcta ggatgaagtg ctcagagcca gctgttgcct    169740
     ttatagcatg cagaaggggc gtgtcttcct ggcaagccca agctgggtgg aggcgccttt    169800
     tcttggctga gtgtttaaaa cccgaccttg gagggctgtc aaaataaaag cagaagattg    169860
     tggccactct caaggggact ttactttcct cagttgcagg cctttttatt attattatta    169920
     ttattattat tattattatt attattatta tttctttaag cagagatctg gtaagttatt    169980
     tcttcctcag ctgcaaatgg ccaagagaat aaataaatgt cctttcttcc aggtcaaaag    170040
     ataccttctt gaattccact gaaacgctgt aaaatcaaaa ggaatccttt ctgtgcggta    170100
     tgtaggtagg gatggagaaa tatctttggg gtcctttgga taaggtccca gattgccagt    170160
     tacaagcaat aggtgatcct tgtcttctct gcctttcagg tgccaaggct agctcaggga    170220
     ccacaccagg ctggagaagc cctcaaccca caattcccca ctattagact aaaagtttgg    170280
     acaaatcccc tcactatgca acttaaatta gaattgacta gcccaggcca ttgttaactt    170340
     gatgggctca gctttattct ccttgaagtg tttggaactg taaattcaca gaacttttag    170400
     tgcttcttgt ctttcttcag aggacaaagg aagaatccta ctgtaggtga gggtcacaac    170460
     acatggatta gtgtttgtta gactcgggaa ctaaaagagg agaaaggaag atggggaggt    170520
     gggtcagcac gtctcttgag cactcccgtg ttggatataa tgcctattgt gaggtatcag    170580
     aagatagaaa cttcgtgtgt ggtgtttggg aggtgaggac tttgagaagt gattaagatt    170640
     acacagggtt ctcagggtgg ggacgcctga ctgaattcca gaatatcatc ttcatgacca    170700
     ctaggtggcg agcacgcccc agctcttaag gactatgact ccaagcttta ataagagaag    170760
     gagagatgag aagatcagaa gagatagatc tgcgctcctt ttttcccccc tatgatacct    170820
     tgatgcctta cactttctgg gaccttgtct agatgaaggc tagttcagat gctgagtctt    170880
     gaacatggag aattcataat tatcaagcca caaatgtttt actataacaa cataaatgga    170940
     catagtcctt ttcacataca aaatatattc atccatgtag ctcaacgtta ttctagtatt    171000
     accagaatca gaaatgaaat tcaaaatatc cccagtgagc ccgtggagtc aaataagtta    171060
     gtttcttctg aaataaaatg ggaccagctt agaacagaat ttccttttta aaaaaatcag    171120
     tgacaaggaa aaagtggtag gtcctacaga ctttcaaagt ccagcattac aagcactggg    171180
     acaacttgag gcttgaatac caccattaca cctccctgtt tctacagtca gacagggcag    171240
     ggtcatggat gtccaaggct ctggtggact tcaaccccat aaccaccaga tgtcgatgac    171300
     gcagcagccc tcatgggctg agtccagtgc ttgtggcttt cccaggctgc tgaagtctgt    171360
     aataatgctc tgctgatcag gaatcttgga aaagaacccc tctttaattc ctcgaaacat    171420
     cttcctggtg ggaacttcgc agtgttacaa ccccaggctc caagaagcag cactctctgg    171480
     tgactccatg gctgcctagg acttacctca taaagccatc cctttaaatc caggagaatg    171540
     tgccacactg caccacctca caaccagctg gcccgagaca tcatgacaca acatcaagga    171600
     ctttcagagg gacagcagaa ccaaagagtg ccatattaca acgtgggggc agttgtggta    171660
     tcctgagtcc tgtagtgcac tgggtccctc ccttgaaact cttgtgtctg aggccttctg    171720
     gtgtgtgaca ggcatggcaa ttgggataat ctcttgatga ctttggctca ctctggcttg    171780
     cagtaatgaa tagcctctgg cttcttgcca cattaatctc tttatcaaag cttacttttg    171840
     tcacagcctc catattcttt cctgaacatg gggtttcttt ctttaacatg gtgggggatt    171900
     tccaaaatcc tccagtttta tgctaactag ttgccgccct ctatccctcc acctcccccc    171960
     tctctcctta tggcaaataa atctgctttt gtgctgagaa cttggtcttg gggtgtcttg    172020
     agctgactcc agttgagtgt ccctacaatt tgcctttctg agcctagatt acttcactta    172080
     gcatgatgat ctctagctct gttcagtgtc ctgccaagac ataatttcat tcttctgaat    172140
     agctaaaaaa cgcccaccat tgtgtacaca taccacatgt aaagtggcta ttaaaacatc    172200
     acaggacact ttctccaaaa tcgtccacag acttggacac aaaacaagtc tcagctgata    172260
     caagaaaggt ataataataa catgcatcct atgcgaccac catggacgaa agctggatat    172320
     caacaacaac agagatagca gaaagcttat gaacttagtg aaactgaaca actattcagt    172380
     agtgaatgaa aattgggtca agacagaaat tagggaagaa atcaagaact tttcagaatt    172440
     aatgaaaatg aaaagactca gacccaaact tttgggacac aatgaaggga gttctaagag    172500
     tcaagttcat agcactacat taaaaaataa ttgggcaatt ctccaactaa tagcttaatg    172560
     tcaaacttgg aaactattga agaaaaggaa gagatcacac cattttggaa gtagatgtca    172620
     agaaacaaac tcatggtgga aataagtaaa atggagacaa ataaacaaac aaaaaacaaa    172680
     accaaaaaat ctcaaaaacc aaaaccaccc aaaacataca aacaaacaaa aatgaatgag    172740
     aaaaggagtg gttctttaag gaaatccaca agattgacaa actcttaacc aaattaaaca    172800
     tggagagaga agatccaatt taacagaatt ggaagaaaag agggatctaa gggccaccaa    172860
     ggaaacccag agaatcataa ggatgtattt tgagaacttg aacaccacca atttggaaaa    172920
     tctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atggataatt ttcttgtcat gtactattta cctaagtcaa    172980
     atcaagatca tataagcaat ttcaacagaa atatcccctg ggacatataa acattaacta    173040
     aaatctctca gtcaaaggag cccagggcca gattgtttta atggagaatt ttactataat    173100
     tttgaaatag aattaatgcc aatactcttc aatttccatg ccacaacatc aacctaaata    173160
     ggaagagtct caaaactatc atgtggagtg ttgctactct gctttggctc tctgtgggcc    173220
     atgtgcttct agccatctgc ccaggaactc tttggatctg tgaatgaaaa aacacacaaa    173280
     ttagtttatt ttctaaatgc ctaggccact caagggctgg gcagttctaa tcttcccatg    173340
     gctagcatac ttttccctct ggtacttctg gttcaacacc ttctaaatct acctttaact    173400
     ttcctgccct gttaccttct gtgaggtcca ttggtcttca ctgcacaaga ttcttgtgga    173460
     cagcccttct gggggtccac tttccctttc ctcctacatt ttggatgatt ttccccctac    173520
     agctctaaat tttatctgtc tctctctctt ggtgattctc tgtctcattt tccccagttt    173580
     ctagcctgtg caaatctaaa ggttccaccc catctccctt tgctcagcca ctggccactg    173640
     atgtctttat tgatcaatca aaaaccaact gggaacaagg acctttagca ttcggacaca    173700
     cagattcaca aaacatttca tgaaagaaca tgacaaggtt gtccattctc tctgtacata    173760
     atcaatatag aacttgaagt cttagctaga gcaataagat aactgaggga gactaagtgg    173820
     atacaaatag aaaagaaata atccaaactg tctttatttg caaatgttat catagtattc    173880
     ataaatgacc ttaaaaaaat cacaccagga aattcttata gctgacaaac agttgagctg    173940
     ttgtaaattt gtgcacttgg tgtaagaaaa aaaatcaatt tcatcttttc tcacattggt    174000
     tcctaaatat tcaaaaacaa gatatgggaa atttctacgg ttcaccttct gccttggaga    174060
     gcttccatgt atttatttta aatatgtaac cagtgatttt caatacaaat caattaaatg    174120
     tggagagtaa aatgtggctt tgggaatagt tgtccccagg tatttgtagg gatatggtcc    174180
     taagattact ctctgtggtc atccttctgt cccccacaga tataaagcac aggaccaaaa    174240
     gtaccttaga ttacaacatt tgtatactta tatgtatctc cctataggaa gctgagttat    174300
     taaatgactt gtcatgctag atacaatgca caaacaacat gaatcattat gctttactgg    174360
     ttggggaatt ataacaagaa ctaaatatct gtatgtgctc aatgcagaca caaattaaaa    174420
     atacctttca tctcaagttg attgattcta tgatgtggaa ctatgtatat ggggtaacag    174480
     attgcactgg gattagaggc atagataggt ttctctggga aatggataga tggtcttcct    174540
     catcagaaaa cagggctcat aatgtacagg gtgacttcta ggctttctgt tctatccact    174600
     tctgaccatc cctacacata aactgtcctg actcatttct gcagaattag cctagaaggt    174660
     tttgcctcag tgtgtcctct tacctaattt gtcttcttgt tagttttgga agtacttggt    174720
     cttttctaag ttatacaact attagctgca cttgccctgt ttcctaggaa agatgtctct    174780
     tctgtagcta tgaagagaca ccaggaccaa ggcaattcat aaaaggaagc atttatttgg    174840
     agggtgagtc catgactcgt aaccatcatg gaggggagca tggcaggagc agtagcagta    174900
     gctgagagat tacatgttga gacaataatc atgggagaga gggggggttt gcagtggcct    174960
     ggacttttgg aatcccaaag tctccctact gacacagctc accaacagga ctgtacttaa    175020
     tcattcccca gctatttcac caactatgga gcaaacgttc aattatatga gccttagggg    175080
     ctatcctcaa acaaaccacc acatagagga cagcataaag gagctgatat ggacgtaact    175140
     taggttgtct agttccagat atcaaatagt gtttttgaac tactggatca caggctgggg    175200
     agatggctta gagagtaaag tccttgtatc acgcaggtga ggaccttagt ccagattccc    175260
     agcatacagg tgtatatcta tagcccaaca gtatatgatg aaggcaaatt ggatctaggg    175320
     ggctctctgg aagccaaacc aaacaaaata gggagctcca gaggtgtgag acactgtgtc    175380
     taaaaatata gggtggagat caatagagga aagaggagaa catttgacat ctaccttcag    175440
     cctaaacatg cacacagaca aacagataat acattcatac aaagtacaca cacacacaca    175500
     cacacacaca cacacacaca atactacaga tttcaaatca ctgagtcatg accacagcga    175560
     aactctctat tcatatcttc atattcccct cagtgatatt tgtagttttc tacatagaat    175620
     cttaagcata ttttattgga actcttctta gacactagag tgttttctat ttttctcaac    175680
     ttatatatca ttcagagtct agtctgttat ctgtgactta aaaatatgtt tgaccttcaa    175740
     caacttactt gtagtggtaa cctcatgggt aaaaaggatt taagtagagt tgtttagact    175800
     cttaggcttt agtttgtgca tattgaatag tatttagatc taagactggg ttttactgga    175860
     ggaaatgtga gtcagcttcc cattaccata acaagcttct tagaaaataa tcagcttata    175920
     aataacaaag taggatttgg ccccagtctc agattcttgt ctaggatcac atggtctctg    175980
     atggaaaagc agaaagtaaa cccaaactgc tcacagggag acacatcaga agaaagaagg    176040
     aacttgggcc atctacctcc tccagggaca cacctcagaa tgatctgaag actttccttg    176100
     agttccaccc ctaccccacc tcttaaaaga gtcaccatct cccagtaaca caatattggg    176160
     gaaaaacttt taagacttgg gcttttgggg aacactccat atccgaacta aaggaagcaa    176220
     cccaaaagaa gggctgcaga ggctacatcc actgcttttg tcttttctac cacagctagg    176280
     agaagctgga tacagtaggt gctggtattt gtggggagaa gcagggagaa aaggaagaaa    176340
     accttcctga tgatctgttc cagttctgtt tttaacctgt gaggtcctca ctgccatgca    176400
     gattgttaag gtcagatgcc tctatgaatg tagccttggt ttgcctgagc cagggagcaa    176460
     gaggatgggg accatctgtg ttgcagatcc taacaaattt tagatatgtt acaatccacc    176520
     agtcttgtgc aagaacgaca tgtataaatc aaggcccatt caaagaagtg catctgacaa    176580
     agggtcatac caacccaaga gtccccaatc caacttcctt cccaaagcca tcctatcacc    176640
     atagctacct gagtgatagg ggttaagagg ctttatcaaa aaacacagag aagttgatta    176700
     atgagggtac taaccctaca ggacagaatc atggagacag tatgtcttca caagaagggg    176760
     ccattcagtt gtatttgttc ccatgacata tctgctttta agtctggctt caataaccag    176820
     ggataccttc caccctgtct tccaaaactc tttaaaagaa atagtgttgt ttcatttcac    176880
     aaatcacaaa agagattaga caacaattat tattttagat ccattacttt tattagtgct    176940
     ttattattta taaattattt attattttat ttatctcttg cttttaaaaa aacaggtctt    177000
     tcatccattc atccacatga ctatttatct ctgtccatcc atctctccat caatctagtt    177060
     atctatccat ccatccatcc attatctatc cattcatcca ttatctatcc attcatccat    177120
     ccacccattc atctatctat ccatccatcc acccatcatc catttatcta ttcatttttc    177180
     tctgcctcac ttgctccttc cattctagtc ttccttcaga ccatcaatct atccatcctt    177240
     tcatctactc atgattttta aagccctatc acactgaatc actagactga taggctataa    177300
     gattatttat gatcctgatt gcttgaatgg taaagggggg atttttgaag tttcttctat    177360
     ttattctgaa aacttctaaa attgtattca tctgtaaagt ccactagagc tgaagtaatc    177420
     tctaataatc ttcagataaa aattaaaaca gttcaaaatg tatgagactt agttcattta    177480
     aaacaaggac aaccagctga catgggggca tacaccatgc aatcccagca ttcaggagcc    177540
     actgaaggag gtatgtaagc tggaggccaa cctaggctat atagcacaac cttgcccatg    177600
     gtgtagagta gactcaagta gagtagggaa gagtagagtg aaatagagta gaacctagaa    177660
     tagactaagg atactaatga caccaatttt gtggcattat catgaccatt gaataaactg    177720
     ataaatgtaa aggtttggca catagtacca tataactagc aagcattatt gttcctctat    177780
     tagaccagaa cagaaccact tatcttatgg atactggcaa tttctttctt gagattagag    177840
     cctcatttaa ttaacagcca gaaaacacaa ctggcaaatg gatcacattc atgccagtgg    177900
     atactcagta cattcaaatg acagcaggct ttttcctgat tgtaagtgta gactgagaag    177960
     gaacaagagt taagccacag ggtagtgtag gaattttgag gaaaaattgt aattgttaca    178020
     cttttgtcta cttctgaccc tgtcaggaga tacccaaccc ctaaagatgt aaatcaattg    178080
     ttataatgat tcctttaaag ttaattaaga gactttctgt aagggatcac ttaccactgt    178140
     taccttttat attaaatctt tagatgttct ctatcacaat gcttcactga aggcagcaaa    178200
     tattatgaat acttctggac tgggagtgtg gctcagtgac agaacgtgtc cctagcccaa    178260
     ggtactcagg cagtatgaat tataaataat aataatgata gcaacagcaa caacaacagt    178320
     atagacatga ggtctcagac cagtatcttc tgatgaacaa tatggacaaa aatgggcttg    178380
     tagtggcaac agattttggg taaagtctga ggatgaacaa gtgtttatgg ttcagtgaac    178440
     actgaaagga aacataaacc atgacattga gagccagtta cctcctcaag acctgtggac    178500
     ttgtcctcag tgtcttcaga cagcaggatg gccatgctaa gctttccacc ctggtaaggc    178560
     atctccagca ccttacactt catgtctaga atttagccaa atggaagatt attcttttga    178620
     tacatcatct tcattgtttt tgtgtctttc tgaatgggta caaaaagcat cactgaaatt    178680
     attctctctt gtcttttaga gcagaggtga atttgaggtc ttggggtaga gggctcagtg    178740
     gtaaaggcct tgctgaccgt aggggaggcc ctgtgctaca tccccagcac tcacacacat    178800
     acagccaaga gcatcccagg atgatggtgt cacttgacct tactcagtcg gaatggagca    178860
     tctgttatgt ccagtgtcat gaattttttc tgccacattc ccttgaatta gatggcattt    178920
     actacctcaa gtctggtcat gctgtccacc acatcctcag ccaacaggtc tggaatttcc    178980
     ctgaaaagat aaggtaagct attttaaaga tccacattgg aattccaaat ttaaatcaat    179040
     aacttcttag ctataacata gaagttacac ttcattttgt tttaattagt gttaagttag    179100
     gaaagactca cttgttcatt tttttttttt aaataagcca acttgtaaga tgaaagaggc    179160
     ttgtgcctag tgctcctgag accctaagtt ccatccttga accagaacat tatcattaaa    179220
     gtcagtcaaa tgtctttgaa ggtttaaaca ggaaagctct ccattttcct gtgcaaactc    179280
     taaccattag tttatgaatg gccattctta aaaaaaaaaa aagaaacaat attccttagt    179340
     ggaaatgttt tggtcactgg taaataatgt cttcaaatct gccaagtaga agcccgctct    179400
     tttgaaaagc actttgaaca aatgtccaag agataagaag acttatccaa tagatgagtc    179460
     tatggaaaca gaagccactc tctgcacagc ctgatgcact tctggaaact gatagcgttc    179520
     cagacaggtt ccctgggtgc tgactcacac agaaacaaga cagaggacag atccattagg    179580
     cagctgaatt gactccagag ggtaagtcat tcgatactca ctacttctga gttactggaa    179640
     aagatggtgg ccaaaaatat tatgacagca atagtttcta aatactgact tcatggtccc    179700
     atgaggtttc tcatttcttt ctttccacat gagcaccaaa cacttctgga taggcatttt    179760
     attaatttta ttctgcattt taatgttggt tttaactttc aattgtactt caggaggatc    179820
     cataggtact catctggttc cattaaatca tgtttgtatt tctccactaa taagtttctg    179880
     gcatcttaca ttgtccctta ttctagggaa tagcatctac atgtcagtgc acataagtca    179940
     ggatttggga agctgtggaa aggagacagg agatgcaagt aagagagtgc agggagtgag    180000
     aacctgcgta caatggctct gctgtggttc agaggagtcc cgaaaggacc gtgtcttaaa    180060
     ggtttggact ctggtccatc tttcactgga agacagagga atctttaaaa cctaggaact    180120
     agatgggagt ctatagatcg ttggggattg agttttcttt ttatttattt gtattttgag    180180
     acagggctct tgccatgtgt tcccaaagca atcctccttt gtgtgcctac aaagtacggg    180240
     gattgtaggt cttcaccatc aaacctacct tggagaaagg gtgctgctat ggaaaacggt    180300
     tgtgagacac tggtctctcc ctctttctct ttattcacca gtgaggtgaa caggcctcct    180360
     ctgccatgct gtcttgacac caggtgcagt gtcgccatgg gaccaaaaga atgagtccaa    180420
     tcatttataa acctaagtct ccagcactgt gagtcaaaat cagcctttag tccacaagct    180480
     gattgtgtca gggtgagctc cagaagggga actgagcaac agagccagca ctgctcagcc    180540
     tctcaccttc tgcttgacct ttgacccact ggtttatctc cttccttgca tcctcagaag    180600
     catgctgaaa atccacaagg gccaagtcag cactgtacgt tttctgggtt gaagccaagt    180660
     actcctgatt ttaaaaaagg aagtaccatg aatcatatct attccttaga gaagttttct    180720
     aaaaatcccc aaaagaaaaa gttataaaag tgaaacaaca gttcatttaa aacttaacct    180780
     gtatactctg tattgtgtta taaaataaat aacactaaat ttactgtcct attttttaag    180840
     gttacagtgt agtagtggcg agtgtaatcc tttatttaca gtttctgggg ttaacacaaa    180900
     agttactaat gctctttgac tcgtacatta acattatcat aaatcagcag atgttgaata    180960
     tgctgcaagt ggcttttcac atctattttg ctttgtgtat gtgccatgtg tccaagcagc    181020
     attcagatat tacctgtgag aagcaccgag cagaaggtgc agagtagcca ggcaactcag    181080
     ttaggaaaca ctttgcccac tcctgtctag acttccaaag gtggcagaat tccccctctc    181140
     agaattaggg aacaccagga gcagaaatcc cctccacacc cattaagaaa gatctgaagg    181200
     tgatactgta ttacaggcat ggtttatgag tcatgattgt aaatgcaaaa ggaaaacggg    181260
     aaacagctag ctctggggag gtacggggct tccaggataa agctgtcaga ttcactcctg    181320
     ggaatgggaa tgggagctca aagcctgcag gtattgtcat tgtctttttc actctgtttc    181380
     cccaactaag cagttcccca cactgccctg tgctcagtta aagctgctag tgaaccaaca    181440
     actgattgtt tgggacggag tggttctgaa tgtctgactg caccatgcta gcatggggac    181500
     ggcagggaga gctggtcagt tttgcttctg ctaaccttag agagttgggc tgcagtgctg    181560
     cctttggccc ccagaaagat taatggccaa ggcagaagaa atgctgaagg gagagaagaa    181620
     gacatttccc gtggggctgc tttcattcag ggtgtggaac agctccaagg cgaagagggt    181680
     gttggctgaa ctcagctgct ccatggtgaa gtctgcaaca gaggggagat cagtattgcc    181740
     agctacaaaa cctgcaaggc cacctgcctc aatgttgcta cccatcgcta ggaccctaca    181800
     gtttggaatt cgcactcagc cttgcttttc acaggagggc aagaatacct ctccaggcac    181860
     acaaagctgg ggccagacat gaggaagggc atggcttggg gtgtagcctg gatgcacaga    181920
     ggcttttagg gctgccagct gcatgagtgt gtgtatgtga gccttgggaa gcatgcaggt    181980
     tcccggaggc aatgcagaga ggtctgccca catcctacca cccaagtgcc ttacctccta    182040
     cattgtcagt ctaagtccac ttgctgcaga cctaggaaga agctcccagg gccagctgta    182100
     gcctttatag tatgcagaac agggactgtc ctggcaagca caagctggct agagagtctc    182160
     cttgcctggt tgaaaaccaa gcttgcaaag ctggcaaaag aaaagcagaa gattgcaggc    182220
     attcccaggg gaccagtgct cttcttggtt ccaggccttt ctctgcttct ctaagcagag    182280
     gacattattt ctttttcaga tgaaacaaac tctcttatag gtcaaatgat tcccttttga    182340
     attctatgga atcagtgcaa aaacaaatga acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa accactagag    182400
     atcctttctg tgaggtgtgt aggtaggggt ggtgaaacac tgttgtggcc ccttggataa    182460
     ggttgcagag tgccagttac aagcaacacg cttgactgtt ctgccttttg gatgccaagg    182520
     atagctcagg gacccttcca gccttagaca ggttggagag atcttcaagt cacctttctc    182580
     agttattaga ctaaaacgtt ggacacatcc ctaccccatc aaatgaaaat tggaattgat    182640
     tagattagca caggccatca tgaccttgag ggacttggct ttattacctt gaagtgtctg    182700
     gatctgtaaa gacacagtct tccagtgctt cttgtctttc ttctgaatga caaagtaaga    182760
     gtactattat ttgttaatgt gggaaattat ttctgaggat aagagaaagg aggatggaga    182820
     gatgggtcag ttggtgcctc atttaccatc caaccacggg gacctgagtt tggatctctg    182880
     agcctctgta atcttagtgc tggagtgggg atgggggtgg ggacaagcat tccctaagag    182940
     gatctcgatg accagctagt cttgctcact cagggggctc ctgggtctct gagagaacct    183000
     gtctcaaaaa ataaggtgga gaatgatagc gggagactca caatgttgac ccctgggttc    183060
     tttatgcaca tgtatctgtg cacctgccta catatgtgca cataaactag gtgtgcacac    183120
     tcaccactca ccacacagga aaaggaccat agtcttaaaa caaacaagca aacaaaaaag    183180
     aagcaaagga aatgaaaaca gaaaggaaat acagtttcca gttgacgtag ttagttgtca    183240
     tgatttgata gatttggcaa cttcactgct atttcaacaa gactggggaa ccccctcaat    183300
     gacaggatgt caaaaggatg aaaatacgca tccaaacact gcagttaaag acttgggaca    183360
     agaggtgcac caccttggga atgtagatgc ctgccacacc cgtgaggcct tgggttccat    183420
     ccccagctca agcccaaagc aaggaacaac aatactctga aatgattttt ttctgacact    183480
     ttctgttggt gcttacctaa gatcaaagct attttatatg tattttttct tccaatttca    183540
     tatatataca tacatgtata tatatgtata tatatgaaat tatatagtag tcaggaagct    183600
     gtcctgtcca gctctacagc caagctcagt gttcctcagc actgctgcag ggcacttcct    183660
     tttgctggag gtgcagggtt tgatgtgcat gtgccctagt cagatggtgt catcccacta    183720
     gcaggtcatt tgatgtccca tcttccgttc ccactggagc catgacccac ccttcactaa    183780
     gtccattgat ctgagagtgg caggatgtgc agacttaacc tgtctcctgg gagcgcattt    183840
     attgtcatgt tgcttgggta tggaaggata actcttattc ctagtgaaag aagtcctctc    183900
     ggagatctaa acaaacacag aatagttctt ataagtctgg tcatgaagtc ccaaccttcc    183960
     catagatgac ttgattatgc ccccattgag cagcagctgt ttccatggtc cttgttcccc    184020
     cacagggatc cttagacagt ccattcattc agctgccaca ctgaccaggt gtccagggta    184080
     tcagcaatga caccatagta agtaaaaatg tggctggatg tggtggcaga ggtggccagc    184140
     agaccctaaa gatgcagagc ctattgtata catcatttcc aatctaggtc agaagattgc    184200
     cattgagtgt ccagatggca gcgatgttca gtgcaccttc atgattgcag ttttatagag    184260
     ccatcagtgg ccacacctct gaatcctgga cccttagcca cagtgggctg gagcatccac    184320
     tagaggtcac tctggtgact tgctggtaag ctagccgtta acttgtagag cttgctgatc    184380
     cattgggtat gtcacctggg cccaagtttt aatgtatcat ttcattctgc aactgaattc    184440
     tgttgtgttt gtctatttac actaattgtg ctcaatatca aagtaaccaa gaatgggagg    184500
     attataacaa tgaaaaattg ccttaggtgt gaaagctgaa attgccttgt aggtctgaaa    184560
     gctgagaagt tcaagttgcc agcaggtttg ctgtctgctc tcaaaatggt gtcctgtgaa    184620
     gacagtgaga tggtcctgtg ggtcaaggta ctggtcacta agcctgaaca ccagggtttg    184680
     aagcttggga cccacacagt agactaaatg aactgactcc agaaaactgt cctctgacat    184740
     ctgtgcaggt gccccggccc cggcatgcac agccatgcct gtgcacacac gaatgttaaa    184800
     acaaaaacaa acaaacaaag ataccttgtt gctgtgcctt caaagatgga aagtagactc    184860
     ataaaagagt taaatgcatc ttttataagg tcccaacccc acacataagg actgttttaa    184920
     tacttttaga gaattaactc tcatatgcag tttaggaaca acacatccaa acctcagtat    184980
     cccagccacc atccctgctc tcccagaact catgtctgct atagttagga tatggtttga    185040
     gcttgtcccc tgagcactca agtgttgaat ataatgcccg ctgtgaggta tcagaagata    185100
     gaaacatcgt gtgtggtgct tgggaggttg gcgcttggag aagtgattaa gaactcaaga    185160
     ttctcagggt ggagcacgag aatatcatcc tcatgaccac taggtggcgc gcacgccgca    185220
     gctcttaagg gccaggagga gtctggtgcc tgtggctttc tcaggttgct actgttcctt    185280
     agttgtcagc atcttggatt tgaaatcttg gaggaggccc cgcctttagc actgagaaac    185340
     agtgtcctga agggattcag cagtcttcct ctagtctctg tttttacaag acaggaagat    185400
     atcagaagag acacacctgt tccctttctc acttttctcc ttttttactg tgattccttg    185460
     ataccttcca cttcctggga acctgtccaa acaaaggtta tttcagatgc cgaatcttga    185520
     aaatggagaa ttcatagtta ttaagcctca taacctacct cataaatgca tccctttaaa    185580
     tccaggagaa tgtgccacac tgtaccacct cagaaccagc tggcctgaga catcttgata    185640
     caacatcaag gccttctaga gggacagcag aaccaaagag tgccatatta caacgtggga    185700
     gcagttgtgg tgtccccagt cccatagtgc actgggtcct ttcctggatc cctcccttga    185760
     aactcttgtg tctgaggcct tctggtgtgt gacaggcatg acaattggga taatcccttg    185820
     atgactttga ctcactctgg cttgcagtaa tgaatagcct ctggcttctt gtcacattaa    185880
     tctctttatc aaagcttact tttgtcaccg cctacatatt ctttcctgag catgggtttc    185940
     tttctttggg gatttccaaa atttttaagt tttatcctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc    186000
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctct ctcccccctt cccccccctc    186060
     tctcatggag gattatgccc acacatccca tcactgtttt tatctgttgg aaagcactaa    186120
     attgttcaaa atgacttgta aatggccatc ttcctgtgtc agactcccat gtcactggga    186180
     tgaaagtcta gtatgtgcct ccacacctgg cttctctctt gattataaat tgtctttaac    186240
     ttttgctttt ttttttgtat gtcaagcaat agtgcactgt caacaatttc cacagagatt    186300
     ttttaaaaat tttttcattt tccccaaata ttctagttcc ttgcttttac agtccttcac    186360
     ccagaaagca tcagggtata ggcataactc tgccaagtca ctgtcacttt gtgggacacc    186420
     agtctttctt tgggtttctc acaccttgtt cctcatttca atcttagata cactcagaat    186480
     tggctttacc acccatgttt ccgccaacat gcagatctaa gccaggtaag atctctctca    186540
     gaagagcgta tcagctcccc attatgatct atcaccagta tcatccttaa agccccaaca    186600
     atagaaatct caaatgctgc caatctctgt taccactctc agtagaagcc actgtcacgg    186660
     ctggggtggt tgtgtagtca cagtgaaaac atgatgctga tatcttactt tgtggtgtta    186720
     taactcaata gtgaaactga gaagtttatt tacaagattg tttcactttt tgagactgaa    186780
     agcttgagtt caaggtggga agttctgtgt ttagtgaagg cttctctctg cttccaagat    186840
     ggtgcctgct tgctgaggtt tctgggagat gaggctcgcc ctcatgaagc agaagagatg    186900
     agagcggcag cccatccact ccctctgtct tagtcagggt ttctactgct gtgataaaac    186960
     cacatgccat gacgaaagca acttggagag gaaagagcag gttgatttca gttcctactc    187020
     aggccacagg taaccacttg gggaagtagg ggcaggagct caaggcagga actgaatcag    187080
     aggccatgca ggagtgtcgc ttactggctt gctttccatg gcttatgctg aaaataatat    187140
     ttcagtacaa tatattctaa tttgggtttc ccctccctca aatcccctta gatcctccct    187200
     cacccactta ccatcatacc attctctctc tatagaaaac aaagcatcca ataaactaga    187260
     aatttaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aacccacaag aaacatagtc agagataatc acaaaattgg    187320
     aaaccataag taaaaggcca ataagataag aaaaccaaaa ctaataaagc cacatgagac    187380
     aaacgtttac aaaaatacca ccaagttcgt tttgtgttgg ccatctactg ctgggcacag    187440
     aacctaccct taagtggcat taagtgtggc taatgcaccg agtaagattc catgggagca    187500
     aactgatttc tcctttgcaa gcagttgtca gttggagaca gctccttggt gaaggatggg    187560
     aggagacctt gtctacttcc ctttctcagt gctgggagcc tgtatggctt gggctgggca    187620
     ggacctgtgc attctgccac agtctgtatg agtgtattat ctgtgggatt actgaacatt    187680
     tccatttcta ttttaggagc acggattacc atgagcaact gaagtcacga agagggagac    187740
     tcctgcactc agttattgct gctgccccac ccttgagagc agaagtgatt tacttttagc    187800
     ctgtcctgat cttcacacgt gctgcctatc cagtgctctg gattctcaca gataccatga    187860
     gagcctctgc tttacacttt gaaagcattt tgaattagtt tgttctcctc ccactcagtt    187920
     tagaaactgt cttggggtga cttgtgacac gttaaatcga tacggaatta taaatctcag    187980
     gaaagtgctt tatgatatag tgaaatgtga taacaattta aactctctct ggctgttctg    188040
     gttctccatc tgcagatcag gctagcctcc aacactggtt tgtaaacttt taaacttagc    188100
     ctatataatg caaaatagtg actttattcc atcttcatgc atatatatta tcacactttg    188160
     ctcagattga ctcctgcttt actgtctctt gttctcctaa gtgagaacca tgggtcctcc    188220
     tcttcaatag tcacaatttt atgttttttt tcaatttccc tccagattgc tgccctcctt    188280
     cctggttccc tatcccccca ccctgttaca cagtcccttt ccccacactc catcccttgt    188340
     tccctttctc ctttgagaat gtgaagaact tccccccccc cccctgcagg tccaggagca    188400
     tcctctccca ctgaagccag acaatacatc ctacttaagg gaactctaca gatagggaac    188460
     agcattagca atagccctct ttctcctatt gcggaacaag ctatacatct gctacctgtg    188520
     tgcagggtgc ccatgtatgc tctttggttg gtggttcagt ctctgagggc cccaaggatc    188580
     caggttagtt gactttgttg gtccttctgc ggagttccta tcctatttag ggctctcaat    188640
     cctttcccca gctcttccat aagagtcccc aagcttcatc ttgtgtttgg ctgtgagtct    188700
     cagcatctat ttttggtcag cttctgggta gagcctctca gaggacagtt atgctaggct    188760
     cctgtctgca agcagaacag agtatcatta atagtgtcag atattggtaa ttgaaaatgg    188820
     gattggcctc aagttggacc agttattggt tggccattcc ctcaatcttt gctccacccc    188880
     catctctgca tttcttgtag acaggataaa ttttgggtct aaagttttgt ggttgtattg    188940
     gtgcccttta tactttttat atgtttaaaa taaatctggg ttccacatca aggaaaaatg    189000
     ctatgtgagt gaagggactc tagctgtcct gagaaagaca agcatggctc tggcaggcct    189060
     tgcccttctc cacaattccc tctccttggg taaatcctgt tagattatat tcctaaagct    189120
     ggttgctaag gtctattcct ttatttggcc acttcctcct tctggggcta tcaaagtatt    189180
     gaagttcatc agtcaaaaac ccccttacag ttaatctatt taacatgccc aatcaaaatt    189240
     aaacagctca tccttacacg gagtttcacc tttgattgta taaactacca tctgcctgtg    189300
     ggccatgtct gcctcctctc tatccagagg cagtactttg ttccctttcc ccttgctcct    189360
     ttcctactct tcttagtctt ctagctcccg tctttgtctc ttattctctg gcctgttttc    189420
     cctggcaaat aaatctcctt tgtgtagaga acttggtctt gaggtgtctt cgtctgattc    189480
     caagtgtccc cacaatttgc cttcctgagc ctgatttatt ttacttagca tgatgatctc    189540
     cagttctttt tactgtccta caaaatacat aatttcattc ttctatacag ctaagtaaaa    189600
     cacccaacac tgtatacaat actacatgta aagtgactat taaggcacct catgaaagtt    189660
     tctgcaaaat tgaccataga actggacaca aaacaagtct cacctgatac aaaaaagtgc    189720
     aataacaaca tgtaccctgt ctgaccactg tggattaaag ctgactataa aaaaacaaca    189780
     gaaatagcag aaagtttatg aacttagtga aactaaacag ctatacacta gtgaatgaaa    189840
     attgagtcaa gacagattag gaaagaaatt aagaactttt cagaattgaa tgaaaatgaa    189900
     aagactcaga cccaaacttt tgggacacac caaaggttgt tctaagaggc aagttcatag    189960
     caccaagtgt ctaaattaaa aaataattgg gcagttcacc tactaatagc ttaatgtcaa    190020
     acttggaaga tcttgaacaa aaagaagaaa tcataccctt ttgggagtag atgtcaagaa    190080
     ataaactttt ggtggaaata agagtggttc ttcaagaaaa tcaataaaat tgccaaaccc    190140
     ttaaacatga agagtggaga ttcaaattaa caaaattaaa gaacaaaaga gggatataat    190200
     agccaccaca aaaaccgaga gaatcaaaag gatgtatttt gagaacttat ataccaccaa    190260
     cttagaaaat ctaaaagaaa tcgaacattt tcttgacata taccacgtac ctaagtcaaa    190320
     tcaagatcat ataagcaatt tcaacagaaa tataatccct aggaacatat aagtagtaat    190380
     taaaatctaa cggccaaaag attccaggac cagatggttt ttaaagcaga atttcgaagt    190440
     agaatgaatg ccaatattcc tcaagttatt ctacaaaact ggtacagaaa gaatactgcc    190500
     caattctttt tatcaatcca gaattagcct aatatctaaa ccatatattg gtcataaaaa    190560
     ggaagaaaat tacagaacaa aattcctaat aaaataatca caaaccaaat ccaagaacac    190620
     attaaaaaga tcattcacta tgatcaaatt ggcttcatcc cagggatgaa ttc           190673