EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL645798; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 80318 BP.
AC   AL645798;
DT   20-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-227H09 in linkage group 12 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate synaptotagmin-like 1
DE   (SYTL1), the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein (zgc:85621), the gene
DE   for a novel protein (zgc:100902), two novel genes and a CpG island.
KW   homeo box; hoxb1b; hoxb5b; hoxb6b; hoxb8b; HTG; SKAP55;
KW   SRC-associated adaptor.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-80318
RA   Skuce C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 1573bafa7a47d3d20dd53d07317cf22f.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000054025; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000076154; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00104; mir-10.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-227H09. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-227H09 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-227H09 is at 80318 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-227H09 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..80318
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-227H09"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..80318
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-227H09"
FT   CDS             join(6310..6733,8219..8538)
FT                   /gene="hoxb8b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb8b-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001583"
FT                   /product="homeo box protein B8b"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8JH55"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JH55"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001356"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001827"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009057"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017970"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020479"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q8JH55"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-291"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD44456.1"
FT   mRNA            join(6310..6733,8219..8676)
FT                   /gene="hoxb8b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb8b-001"
FT                   /product="homeo box protein B8b"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:Y14534"
FT   misc_feature    11079..11137
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(15661..16247,16684..17103)
FT                   /gene="hoxb6b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb6b-001"
FT                   /product="homeo box protein B6b"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ270993 Em:X56459 Em:Y14532"
FT   CDS             join(15827..16247,16684..16937)
FT                   /gene="hoxb6b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb6b-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001586"
FT                   /product="homeo box protein B6b"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9YGT4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9YGT4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001356"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001827"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009057"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017970"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017995"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020479"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9YGT4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-000823-7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD44457.1"
FT                   AG"
FT   mRNA            join(18095..18935,19387..19901)
FT                   /gene="hoxb5b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb5b-001"
FT                   /product="homeo box protein B5b"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:M26283 Em:M92299 Em:Y14526"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG985723"
FT   CDS             join(18353..18935,19387..19634)
FT                   /gene="hoxb5b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb5b-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001585"
FT                   /product="homeo box protein B5b"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P09013"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P09013"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001356"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001827"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009057"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017970"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017995"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020479"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P09013"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-000823-6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD44458.1"
FT   CDS             join(26989..27094,28239..29087)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ227H09.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel hox pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            join(30085..30754,30844..31483)
FT                   /gene="hoxb1b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb1b-001"
FT                   /product="homeo box B1b protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ306433"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AU126166 Em:BG985541 Em:BI708332
FT                   Em:BI709719 Em:BI892355 Em:BQ169343"
FT   CDS             join(30166..30754,30844..31178)
FT                   /gene="hoxb1b"
FT                   /locus_tag="hoxb1b-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001584"
FT                   /product="homeo box B1b protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q90423"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q90423"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001356"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009057"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017970"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020479"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q90423"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-290"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD44460.1"
FT   misc_feature    34120..34195
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(<67173..67244,67320..67403,67827..67951,68070..68133,
FT                   75101..75145,77476..>77582)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ227H09.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human SRC kinase
FT                   associated adaptor protein (SKAP55 homologue)"
FT   CDS             join(<67173..67244,67320..67403,67827..67951,68070..68133,
FT                   75101..75145,77476..>77582)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ227H09.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001587"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human SRC kinase
FT                   associated adaptor protein (SKAP55 homologue)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O15268 Tr:O75563 Tr:Q920G0
FT                   Tr:Q9UBZ3 Tr:Q9UED8 Tr:Q9Z2K4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFT0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFT0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-438"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD44461.1"
FT                   SK"
FT   misc_feature    76983..76994
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    80318
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-227H09"
SQ   Sequence 80318 BP; 26117 A; 13683 C; 14092 G; 26426 T; 0 other;
     gatctgtgtg atttactggt ggatgtgagg ctcatgaaga caaaattagt ctgcaaactg        60
     actatcgggg atcagctatt ttcagtagtt tgtttaataa atatattcat gcttcagtga       120
     accaaattca tatatttaac tcaattacat ctcattggtt aatcaatttt atttacgctt       180
     ttggtgtttt gagggataaa gggatgattc agacctgtac tgttacctct gatgggttat       240
     ttcagcagat agagggctct tacaccttta agtctcattt aaggcctttt caagctcttt       300
     ccaggtgcat ttttcaacta ttccagcatt ttacagctgt ggttaagaaa atatttgcat       360
     gcacacactt cttcttcaaa ttatataaga tgcatcacaa tattctatag taaagcatag       420
     caaatagtac agtattttaa ggaaaatttt tatatgttgg cccaaagccc attatcaaca       480
     ctgaaatgcc tcttttaaat accatctatt cacatctaag atgtcatatt taaccttaca       540
     ttaatattta tttgaatgct ctgaggtgat gcaatggcgt agtaggtagt gctgtcgcct       600
     cacaacaaga aggtcgctgg gttgctggtt cgaacctcgg ctcagttggc gtttctgtgt       660
     ggagtttgca tgttctccct gagtttgcgt gggtttcctc cgggtgctcc ggtttccccc       720
     aaagtccaaa ttgtccgtag tgtatgagtg tgtgtgtgtg gatgttttcc agagatggat       780
     tgcagatgga agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa atcctgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc       840
     gctgtggcaa ccccagatca ataaagggac taagccgaca agaaaatgaa taaataatag       900
     atttttccat atattttaaa acattacatt atttttggct aaaatacatt gaaaccaaaa       960
     tgtccaatgg gcgacgctaa atttgtgtct ttgtcactga attgttcttt cagattagtt      1020
     tgaatcagct catttataaa tgaagtgact aaatctgaat gactcactca gagatttctt      1080
     tttaacctca tgtgttaagt gcttaaactt agtttcaaat aacataagac atgttaaaaa      1140
     gtctatattt ttgtgaacaa tgtacaggga aagccacttg acttttcaac atgtttggtt      1200
     tatgtgaccc tatacttcaa gctgaaatac atatgagttt aattttacat taggatatat      1260
     gtagatacaa gacgtctact cttccctgtt cagatctcaa tttcacgatc tgaatttccg      1320
     gttttgaatt tgatttttct gaatttctta agcttgaaaa cttgaaactg tatttttaca      1380
     aacccaatat ctgcagagta ggatttcaga actcaaaaat ctgaagtttg aagatgcgtc      1440
     tataaaacat tcagccttga acaattcagt tgtcttaaat ttcagatgtt caatattcaa      1500
     gttataaaaa ttcaaattaa gaaattcaaa acaactattt aacaataaaa ttcaaattca      1560
     aatttttttg gcatattagg tccatactaa tttagcttac ccaattcacc tgtaccacat      1620
     gtctttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac acagaggaaa cccacaccaa cacggggaga      1680
     acatgcaaac tccacaccga aattattata atattatttt ttttatttta taatatattt      1740
     atattatgat atattataaa atatatatca gttttcagac aaataataac tgatatataa      1800
     tatcattgtt tagtaatttg ctagttatag gcttttttgt cttttttttt atatttgtat      1860
     ttagctttgt atttatttct gtttttaata gtttgagtgc tactgcttaa acatttatta      1920
     tatttagttg aaaaggcaat acataacttt attttgcttt ttatttcatt ttagtgtagg      1980
     ttttgcaaat attcagctaa gttaagcaga acaattttat ccagtgctca agaatgtcaa      2040
     ggcgcaacgt caaggtgcct agtacaggga cagcttacca taaaataaga cacagttaca      2100
     aaaacagaat atttggtgag tgactacatg gatatttatt tcaacttatt tataattttt      2160
     ataagttttt tatttagaac tttattttca aatatttata tttagcttta taatattttt      2220
     cttttagttt tagcacttga ccttgtatca gtttcttatt ttaattaagt tttccatata      2280
     tatatttgtt tatttcaatt attttcattt gagtaattct ttgtgctggc ggcatgaagt      2340
     attagtgaac tgaataagct aaattgggca aagtgtatga gggtgagagt gtatgggtgt      2400
     ttcgcagtac tgggttgcgg ctggaagggc atatgctgcg taaaaaaaac atatgctgga      2460
     taaccaaagg aaaatgaatg aatgaataat tctttgtgct ttcctccaca ttttatttca      2520
     atgttttttg gtcaagaatt tctgttttgc ttaaactcaa caatatactt aaaataaaat      2580
     actattagaa ttaaatcatt tcatactaat gttgaagatt ttatctgtaa attctactca      2640
     atacactctc tttccagttg gacacgcttg cagagatatc gtggaggcag aagaacatct      2700
     actctacaat gcaacatcaa attcttgcca gaaacaggcc cagtttgccg aatgttcatt      2760
     cccaaacact gcaaaaccga aaaccctggc cctctctaga acacggtctc ctccagcccg      2820
     tccagactca agcagcagct ctcaaacact atggactgga agagatggta gcgttaaatg      2880
     cagaggagca ggctaatcta attaaggcca ctagtgcaca acagatacct ttaacaagtg      2940
     attatcattg acttttcttt tacttatact attgtaaaat atttagagta aactcacact      3000
     ttactcgcaa tctctctgct ttacagtcaa tgggtctttc atttggcgtc agggcagtct      3060
     gagctcctct ctggccgagt cgagagcaag agccacaatg ttagccatgc ctcctcttgg      3120
     tccaggacga ctacatcgtc ccaccatttt tcatgacccc aactctctct ttatcatctc      3180
     taccccggct cctcttgtcc cgagaccaca cctctcgcac gacctccgaa aagctcctcg      3240
     cagagtcctt ccacatgagc acagcctctg accagggatg acacaagtca ctcagtaagc      3300
     gaataaagac tcaaggaagg tgttttgtaa tgagtgaaga gttgaaggtg agaaggtgcg      3360
     cattcactac ctgtcttcca gactgaaaat gtcaaatttt tgtcttcact aattttaatt      3420
     tgaatgccat ttttcctttt ttccctgtaa tttgttacaa ttgcagtcag tcttttagcc      3480
     tattttgaag agtgcagagg gctggtgcct gctgcaacct taaattgtag gtattatcgg      3540
     attaaaacaa gccataagtt catgatttta aattaaatga atgtgaatat cctttgttta      3600
     acacagtctt gtaagctatt tcatgtcatt ctaagccaat tagtataaat aaacatttta      3660
     atgaatgttt tttgtttatt agaatgctga tctaaaggaa taggtcaaat atttcaattc      3720
     atgatgggtc ttgtcctgac agtatgactt cttagaacat atatgaaaat aaacagggta      3780
     caatattgcc catttattct cagaaacaga aatttctatg caatttgtgc tgtaaaacag      3840
     agtttgtaca ttgtttaaat gctgggttgt ttcaataaaa atatggtaaa atatggacac      3900
     agttgtgtgt taatttcttt ttaaatgtac cccaatggtt tgatttgtct gtctttatgt      3960
     cagatatgga caacccagcc cagaatttcg actgtacaaa ctaaataatt acaaattaaa      4020
     ttagctgatg aggagtttca gcagcatgta aattttactt aatccaccgc tgcatgtatt      4080
     tctaaaatat tttatcaaac attttatggc atattgaatt taaagaaaca ttaaattaga      4140
     aaatgatgcc ataagttatg ttgaatttat ttagtcataa atgataaaaa atgagcaaat      4200
     taaataaata ttttttttta ctgataagga cgggtcaaag gtggtaaggt gttttatcgg      4260
     ctgtagtaaa ataagcgtta caacacccat tcaagtggtc taatgaaccc ttttttcaac      4320
     gtttttcgtt agttattatc tgaaaaaaat caacaataat atcagtataa taaatataaa      4380
     tacattttcg cacgcaagag gacactggta gttacgaatt gctgtaagat tgtgttgaat      4440
     gccgaaactc acaagaatgt cgcatccatg gcttgcgtcg ccccgctact cattatgtcc      4500
     gtctttattc ttaatcttat tcttgaacta tttctggaaa tcattatcat tataaaatta      4560
     tataattttt tgttcatcct gtttggggta agtgtggtca tagaattatt tcacatatga      4620
     aaaatgtatt tattcatttt taaatgcatg tggcttcact tgaaagttcc acagattaag      4680
     gagtgttttc ggatactgcc aaaagaggac cttagatgta aatgactaat aattcaatta      4740
     aattcatgtt tatttatagc gctttataca atgtagattt cgtcaaagca gcttcacata      4800
     gttctagtaa agtccagatt tcagattcgt tacatttatt ttattattag gctaaataat      4860
     attttttttt aacaataata aaaccactta aaaataaaac gtcttcattt aaaagagaaa      4920
     tgcaggggtt gtcttcgtaa gacagattat gcatacgctt aatttcgcgt ggcttgatgt      4980
     aatagtgcat aaaatgaagg cagtaaaatc gaattagttg tttctccgct cataaagtta      5040
     cagcggaaaa tgaaagcaac tgtgctttga aaatatctcg cagctgttca gcaccgtgtt      5100
     tgctttattt tctacagaca atcacgcttg aatttcgttc ccctttcatg gtgcaaaccg      5160
     aaaaaaccta actcaaaatg ttttttcgat ttttaataag caaacaaaaa acgttttttt      5220
     tgttattgtt tttttatcga atgctcttct tcacgctcat taatattatt gcattatcac      5280
     acagtagatg agctgaattt tggccgtcct ttaaatgctt aaatgtgtcc aaacgaacat      5340
     acaatgtcca ccacatgatg gcggtgttac tctaaaagca ggcaggacaa cgcgcctgtt      5400
     ccagccttga catttacact tacttactaa aaaaaactaa tacaattaaa aaagcaaaaa      5460
     aaaaaaaaaa actaataata aacactcacc ctctgactgg aattcgtgtg aattgaaaca      5520
     taaatagtca aatattaaaa cggacctctt ctctgatgtg agatagttgt gttgcaatat      5580
     tctactgtaa acagacgtta cgggtggtct caggtttctc tgagttgact gatttaaacc      5640
     ttttcaccgt caatccactc gctcgtactg tagcctactt aattacatgt catacacgat      5700
     gtagctacac taatcgcagc agtctatatt acagtagata tattgacata caaatatcca      5760
     aatcataaag tcataaatat gaacgtgatg acagatgtaa ggtataatct tcataatgtg      5820
     attgatctga atttttgtta tcccactaga agcatttggt tttgtgcatg tgctcttgga      5880
     ttggcactga aatggtttac caataagact cgtactccgc ctccccctct acctccgaga      5940
     actccctctc tccccttttt catctctttt cagtctcttc tgctcttcct atcacaagat      6000
     cgcgttttgt ctgtttggag attgtgcgcg catccaatga tacaaggaat caataactga      6060
     cgcccatatg aaatgagtaa aaaaggaaaa ctatttattg ctcggggacc gtcactaagg      6120
     agtcatgtgg gtgcagctac ggatacattt gtttgcatga atatttacga cattttacgc      6180
     atataatttc caactggatg aattcgtttt tattgccata gcaggcctca agcaacataa      6240
     tttatctaga gatttcttta tctcaacact gattgccaaa gtttcaccgg ggagttgatc      6300
     tttcaagcaa tgagttccta cttcgtcaat tccctcttca ctaaatttaa aggaggcgat      6360
     tctctgcgct ccaactacta tgactgccca agctacacgc cggatcttgg aggcagacca      6420
     tctgtgctgt acggtcacaa cacaggatct gcgtttcagc acgcggctca gttcccggat      6480
     ttctaccacc acggcacatc atcattcccc cacgcgtctt accagcagac cccgtgcgca      6540
     gttgcgtacc ctggagatgc cacgggaaac atcttgggcc aggacggttt acagaaacag      6600
     tcgttctttg gcgcgccaga ttcggatttt acgcagtttg gggattgtaa tttaaaggtc      6660
     agcggtatca gggatgatct ggagagtgca gaaccgtgca cagcgcaact cttcccatgg      6720
     atgagaccac aaggtgagat gagtgaagag aaacacctag tctgttatag tcccatataa      6780
     aacactgcag acaatgctag gcctcttatt acccccaatt aaacgcttta tggcacctat      6840
     agattactaa ggaattaaca ccttttaaga atatccggat tacgtgtgta cacattgtgt      6900
     tatgacagtt aatagaagct gtgagggttt ttgacacttc gttacattat taacagatag      6960
     cctagatata tatgcctatc caccttattt cacaacatgt attttttatt taaatacgca      7020
     gacttcgtta taaccactct taatttgttt gacattaata gtattaatgg ttctaaaaac      7080
     aatcatgcac tcaaaaatta tatttgctgt ttgttcaagc tacttattta aaatgaacta      7140
     aaacaacaca gttcttattc ttacgttttt ttttttgggg gggggggggg gggggggcaa      7200
     tttatttgct ttatgttcaa tcaacttaaa aactaataca ttgacttaat tccttcatat      7260
     tgtcccaaca caaaccgatt gtgtggaacc cagcatttta cagcgtaaac aagcacgaaa      7320
     tacttgcatt taaaaacata gttattactc ttaataatag ttgagtgcca ttgattgttc      7380
     caactagcac cttaaacatt tttattgctc aaaataatct ttagattatt aaagtgttcc      7440
     ccaaactatg aaaacataat atttttgtga acccaatctt taataatagt ttctcattgg      7500
     catcgatagt ttcaaaattt actcactaat taaatatttc tgtttgcaca aaattgtatt      7560
     tcaaatgtca atgttattca cacaccgtaa aaaatgcagg gttccataca atttattcat      7620
     gttgtcccaa cacaaatcga ttaagttcac ttaacatttt taacaaattt atgtagattg      7680
     aacttaaaaa attaagttgt ctcaatgaaa tctcaagaat tatgttgttt cagctcattt      7740
     taaataagta gactgaacaa gtaaaaaata ttttttgagt gcactaaaaa gtttgttaag      7800
     gagagctctt aaaaattaag ataattatta gtgtaaataa ctaataattt taataactaa      7860
     taaataacta ttaaatatgt aataatctta aaaaatattt aaagaaccat aagtgcaaat      7920
     aaggtatctt tatttttaag aaaatagctt tattgttctt tatgtttgct gatcactgga      7980
     aaatactcca aggaacacat aaaaggttct tctatgccat ccatactaaa cccccgtttt      8040
     aaacttttat tttaggacat ggtacagcat aacgcactat ttacgtgcag gtgaaatatc      8100
     tggtgaatga cacaggatta aagttactta taaccgctct cacgttaaaa ctatacgata      8160
     agtatcttaa tcaaaaagtc tttcaccagt attaatgacg cttctatttc ccccttagct      8220
     accggacgga gaaggggcag gcagacctac agccgctacc agacgttgga gctggagaag      8280
     gagttcctat tcaatcctta cctgacccgt aagcggcgca tcgaagtgtc tcacgcactg      8340
     gccctcactg agaggcaggt aaagatctgg ttccagaaca ggcgtatgaa gtggaaaaaa      8400
     gaacacaaca aagacaagtt tcccagcagc aaagcagaac aagaagaaat tgagagagag      8460
     aggcaagagg ggagccaggt gtcagaaaaa cacacatctg gagaagagga ctcggaggct      8520
     tctagcaatt ctaaatagtc ttttgactat aaaaacatca caatcgatca acttcaatta      8580
     aataaaagtc tgaagttcaa aaacgttcgt cgacatgcaa aggctgttgc atcatgtatt      8640
     caatttattg caaacttatg aggcatttat gtttacagac agcgattatt tccgctaact      8700
     atgttttaat gagtgtcagt tttgtaagat ttcactggtg tgcttatcct catgaggttc      8760
     ctgatgcagt gagggcatgt gaggcgaagg ctgtgtatgg tctgcatggc gtctgtttcc      8820
     ttcgaattag tggagatcac aatccaagaa ggtcttctat aaccgtttta gcctataaaa      8880
     atgggacaag gagtctacat tagtgagtgt atatcttact gcaagacaat gcacttttgt      8940
     tatttgttac tgttcgaaaa aatattattc aggtttacat ttcttcaacc gaactaccta      9000
     acatgtgggt cattgcgtca atcattttgt cagtgtatcc atgcgttatg ctttcctgaa      9060
     agtggatggt ttaaacgcac aatgttattc ttaaaatgct gtgtaaatat ttgatattgc      9120
     agttccgtgg aagcactggt ctattgtatt ttctattgtc ttcaactgga agtggttcct      9180
     gaaagaagcc acaataaaat tcaagaaaac acttcctttg tcgcatttgt tcttttcccc      9240
     cctttccctt tgattatccc atgaaagttt gttgtgtttt tgtaagagtt tacagcaatt      9300
     aaaagaaagc aaaattgctt taacttattt aactttaaat tatttaactt aacacctctt      9360
     caaataaaat gactaaagtt gtaaaatgaa ccttgaaaca tattacatta ataatttata      9420
     aataaataaa ttttaaaata atcttttaga aatagatatc atttttaagc atatataaat      9480
     atatataaaa tatatttaaa aaggtgacat ctatttattt tctatttgag atgctttaag      9540
     gcaagcatgg gtggtctgtg tccttgtctg gttaaaaaaa acttcaaagg tgttttaagg      9600
     acctgaagat cttataattt atagttatcc ttgaatacgt tacaacctta atgaacggaa      9660
     cattattaat aataatatta acaattattg ttaaattaat ataattttaa cgttagtagt      9720
     cacgtatatt gaccacaatg tgttaagcaa aaccatttga cctcaagcca aaagttcaat      9780
     atgagcactt cgtttcatgc aggcaattta caggctttta tgactcttac tggattcccg      9840
     agcagtctgg tctcaatctc agtctcgtca tttatgaaca ccaagtgcca gatgcctctt      9900
     aattgtggta cctttctttc agagatttcg gcttggtgga gcctatagga aactcatggc      9960
     ccgagattaa acatttgaaa ataccaaagt cctcagagct ctccttaatg ttaattctag     10020
     ccaataaatg tcgtgctgtt ttattctatt tgtatgatta catttattcg ttgtagcaat     10080
     aaaaagatca acaaggcaat tatttcactt gactttatgg attatctaaa tttcatattt     10140
     attatttcaa agcaaaaata gcaaactaca agatataaat ataaaaactg gttataaaga     10200
     acgtataggc taagtatggc tttgcaaaag tcctcgtatt taaaatcata gagactatag     10260
     gcttcattca cctccatatt ttaaaaaatg tttaatttga gtttaataat ttttttctta     10320
     attcagcaaa tgaaatttat agatgaaaga aaagtaagcc aatttattac gtcgtaggcc     10380
     tgttgtctta attttgaata atcggtttgt ataaggggat atttaatatt atcattcgat     10440
     gacaaattcc gttattttta aggttcgatt cgattcgaag tcctatacca acgaaaatca     10500
     tataggatat ttttagtatt gccttgtctg tgttattaag ccaaagatag aaacaaaata     10560
     tgttaaatat aatgatttta tttaaaaaga ttaacgcgtt taaataaaaa ttaattccca     10620
     tgtcatgaaa attggctttg ttttaattat acgaaaacat cagtatatca taccaactca     10680
     agatccccac aataaatatt tattgtgtcg ccacaaaatg aaacctggtc ctaatgtgga     10740
     ctgttcgaaa caaatatata tataacatag agagatgtgt ggtgttgaga tagatatttt     10800
     acatgcattt ccttccattg tttctttatc ctagttgtat tacgcgtttc tattcttgtt     10860
     tctcctcctg tgatcaaggg gtagggacat tcttcaaaat tattaaaacg ttaaacttta     10920
     ttttgtttac ttattttaaa taaaaaatga acgaatattg aagcgtggcc tgtgcagaag     10980
     aaaatgtttg cacggacgtg tggttaggca ggccttgcta taggatagaa tgtgctgttc     11040
     taaaaaataa ataaataaat aaataaaaat aattatacat atatatatat atatatatat     11100
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa acaaataatc aattcatctc     11160
     aaacgttgtt tattgaattt taaaaactgt actattccaa ctatttggct atagcctaat     11220
     tatatcacat attttgtttt tgtttattat gaacaacttt tcaagattct gatgatttca     11280
     ggagcataac aatctaacaa aaacaaacaa acaatcttaa gacaacaatt acaatgtttt     11340
     tttcagttgt gaaataatac ttaatgaata gaaaacttgc ataaaaatcc aacactatac     11400
     gccacatttc gtgaggcttt aatttaatct catggacaat taccgtatat ttgattttat     11460
     ttaccccagc aaaatccaac atttaaatta atacagacct atttataata agtttatcat     11520
     tacctaaacc agtattaacg atgacataaa atcccggtct attgttattt tatatattct     11580
     aaaagaagca tgcaaaaata ataataaaaa ataataatcc ttgatattta aataaaacta     11640
     ttaatttaag ctaataaaaa taaacgaatg gtagtatttg tttaccgttt attaaaagaa     11700
     atacacaatt aaaaatatat ttaattacaa gtaacatata ggcctagcat gtaatatgct     11760
     atccaatttc tatttttcct ttttaaatgt aagctaaaaa ctgggtgcaa attttttaat     11820
     ttcaaaatgt aacggagaat cttgtgttaa aaggtgaggt taagttttaa aatcaattgc     11880
     gaaaaacgta aattcgtgta gttttgtttt gctaaatgca aaattaagaa tagaaaaata     11940
     gcctactgat aaatattata ataaaaggaa attttaaata gtctgttaaa cagaatacag     12000
     ccttctttac agatgataat tttaaaaaca tgcttgctga gtatctcaat aaatgtaaag     12060
     aaatacaatg catataaatt gtcactaaat gtgttaaaat tttataaaaa gttaattaat     12120
     tcagaatatt acctcttgtg atgcttttgg agtctttttg gacagcatgc actgctgagc     12180
     ttcaagagca ttgccttgtc gagggtataa cccacagacc atgctcggtc acttttgggt     12240
     tatactgttt tattgcccca ataaatgtcg gaaataagtg tttgttcgta tatacaggaa     12300
     gcaattcttt cctccacgca tgtttagtgc tgtaaaaagc tttcacgttc catttgtcta     12360
     tttttctctt aaagtcacat gacaaaagaa cgcaaactat tgagaaacac gcaattgtgc     12420
     ggttttattt tagggtaatt ggtctatttc tggttaaata taaactggtc aaaagtatag     12480
     tatctctgta tataagcaag ttatcatttt agataaaggc ctacacattt taattgttta     12540
     gaaagaacca gtgcaaaaca tttgtagtga ttgactatgg actatctcta aatctgatat     12600
     caaaaattat aaccttggtt ttacattttt aaaaataaat aatgctatca caagctatag     12660
     ctgtctgtgg atgttaacga agtgatgtgc ttttcctcct cttttaacga ataaagatgg     12720
     cggcgaccga gttactggtg aagcaaagca ataaactcac agctgtttat gaaaatttac     12780
     aactttgtga tagaacttta tgtgtggttc tgccagtgga ttggctgacg gaggtcacgt     12840
     gagcagctct ctgtgaacat gaacttttta tgatttccca agtggctata atgcagcatt     12900
     cttttggtca gggcgcagtc agtagcacct ctgtccttta tgttttttta cgttttgtta     12960
     aagcagagga aaaggaaaat ctcttgagct tgccgaatag tgtgcgttaa tatggatgga     13020
     aagctcgacg tcacgctagg acgaaacgtc ttcagatttt cacatcagtt aggagtgcaa     13080
     gggtcaaaaa tcactgagga ccttagtcca ttcttctcta atttatcaag ttttagctct     13140
     tcctgcatct cacgtgcatc taataatacg acacgagatc ctggttaatc ggcgaacctg     13200
     cttgattgtt ttggatcatt ccagtgaagc aatgatgacg gggaaaaaaa ggtaggacta     13260
     gacctatagt cttctgtatt gcactgcacc gatgtcatga tgcaacccaa tgtgggcata     13320
     tttcatttac aacactacca ctaacatgta ttttgcataa caacagaagc tgattaaagt     13380
     tagatcattt ggattattta aattgataat aactcttata aacatttaac aaaccttcaa     13440
     gagtcgtata aagatcaaca cagcgaaacg caatcaggcc tttttgtgtc agtgttttta     13500
     aatgctgacg gcttatttgg cgggagatat tagaaataag ctttatttac agagttacaa     13560
     gatggccgct gtgtactgat atttacatta acactgagtt tacaaatctc tatattgagt     13620
     ttctgaatag caatgcgatg ccacagctct gtcattttgc gataatgttt ttgttgtaga     13680
     ctgtttaaag tggatgctgt ttctgctgtt ggtttaaaag tgtttctcgg aatttgttaa     13740
     aaattacaaa attttccttc aaagggatgg gtttttgctt ttaaaaggac atttgtaagg     13800
     acaaatatgc cttaaaagca taatcaacta tctaatggtt actgaatttg tttttgagaa     13860
     caaaatgcag tagtttgaaa cggatttttt ggcaaaaaaa aatattctta atctgaataa     13920
     ccaatattag gctatgtttt ttattactat cacatgggaa attattcttg cgcgctttcc     13980
     cgctcctgaa gaaagcacac cttttctcaa atcttgctct gtgatgtcat ctagtgacga     14040
     gatttggtaa ctgtggtaaa attctgggag tctgtgtttg ggttttctct gcgagtgatc     14100
     tgactcatag acctctctag catccctaga tgtgatcggt caaagtgtct acaatgaaca     14160
     agtaatagac acatgcagtt tgaaaatggt tcatgcctaa gatgttttta ttttgataat     14220
     tttgaacatg tatgtcttca tttctttcct tctttctttc tttcagtcgt gggtttccaa     14280
     tgttttatta cagtagcata aggatgacag aatgattcgt tttgtttcca gcctgagggc     14340
     ataaggggaa aaaaatagga tttgactaat taatcagata attaacattt ttcaaattat     14400
     atagacaaaa tcgttgcagt ctaaagaata caaggatgct ccaacctttt aagggacata     14460
     cttaaaacaa tagtatcacc gcgtagcctg cttacgtagt tacaccttat cgatattcaa     14520
     taatacccct aaagatcaat ttttattaat ttaaatcaca gttaattgat taatgttttt     14580
     ttctgagatg tttgctttcg tcttaacaaa aggctcaact aatttattta aatgtaaata     14640
     aaaaacaggg aatattgctt tttaattgta ccaaacatta atatttttaa ataagatgtc     14700
     tacctgtact tgtgttaaat aactttagca accctttaaa ataaagtgac aacaaaaaac     14760
     agcatgggct gaactgacgt ggcgtttaat ttttattttt tttttagaac ttatgctctg     14820
     gctatttgat gttaatgttg tgttttaact gatataagaa aattggtaaa gtacagggtg     14880
     gttactcaat gtaggctaca tattgctgaa gctggttttt atgttgattt cactaaatat     14940
     tccgagcaag ttggacgtct ggaaagaaat taaacagtat tttgatatca gtgacaacat     15000
     gagggggaaa caaaaaatga tggataggtc tatgcataga taggtaaaaa aatatatata     15060
     tataataatt tgaaagccct atttaaaccc tgccaaagtc atatttgtct ccttaaaaaa     15120
     cagaaaggat ctgacaaatt gtcgtatagc agtcaagttg tgtctttgac ttttttgtgc     15180
     tggatttttt tttttgtctc agcatgagaa tgtgctgttt gcataaacag cgatgttgta     15240
     ctataatatt ttatatttaa aaagggtaaa ggtcagtaca agttcgtgct ggaaagtgtc     15300
     cgtctgtgct tatctaaatt gattttatga attgagccaa taagatgtct gtatacggat     15360
     tttaattatt taatgcatgg cgattttgga attaagacaa aaaatgacgt gcgccaatat     15420
     aagctttgcg agaatttttc gtttgagaaa atttagagag tgcattcata atcacccaca     15480
     tactcttatg acgtagttga ttatttaggc tatattattg cattttaata tttcttattt     15540
     ttacgggtta aacggagaaa tacacttgcg tacagtgttt tgaaataccc tggggattcg     15600
     attctgtgca acaagagggc ccccaccgta cacgttatcc tgttggtaga aatgctcagg     15660
     attggtcagg cactgatcag ctggtccgtt tccccgcggt ctcagattgg aacctcgcca     15720
     cccccccttc ggctaaaacc aaatctcaga taaagtaatg gcaaatacca cttggactat     15780
     aaaacacaac aaatcataac acacggacaa taacactggc caccccatga gttcctattt     15840
     cgtcaactca acttttcccg tgtctctacc cggaggacag gagtctttct tgggtcagat     15900
     accgctatat tcctctggat atacagattc tttaagacat tatccaagcg ctacgttcgg     15960
     agctaccaat gtccaagaca aggtttacac ctcctcgtat tatcagcaag ctgggggtgt     16020
     ttttgggaga agcggatcca ccagtgcttg tgactactca acacccaata tttaccgaac     16080
     cgctgaccgc tcgtgcgcta ttggaagtct ggaagactcg ctggtcctaa cccaggacca     16140
     gtgcaagacg gactgcacag aacagggcac agagagatat tttagcactg aagataaacc     16200
     atgtaccccg gtttacccgt ggatgcagag gatgaactca tgtaatggta agacacattc     16260
     gtgatttcct tgcatgtctt agaaaaagat aagcaatttt ctttagccta cttagcacta     16320
     cgagactgtc aacgaataaa aacatagcct acataataaa gagacatggt ctgcagtgct     16380
     tagaaaaagt tttttattaa gtaatttatt ttatttacta aataaagaat agcggtttag     16440
     gtaacacgat gcgtaaatat gtgtacaata cacctaacta tgtcataatc gttatataaa     16500
     aatgcacgtc ttatctgtag atgcagagtg cagatgtgaa atctgatgtc actgtattaa     16560
     ttataatcaa cgtgataatg ataataggga caattagttg ccaagtggtg tatttacgtt     16620
     gtactgtttg tatgtctagg ctattggatg ttgacctaga atgtctttca cttttcctga     16680
     caggaatgcc tggcagcact ggccgcaggg gtcgtcaaac ctacactcgg tttcagactc     16740
     ttgaactgga aaaggagttc cactttaaca gatatttgac aagaaggcga agaattgaaa     16800
     tatcgcacgc tctgtgtttg acggaacgac agatcaagat atggttccaa aaccgcagaa     16860
     tgaaatggaa aaaggagaat aaagcagtga actcggcaaa ggtcagcgat gaggaagatg     16920
     gtggaaaggc tggataaatg caaaaaagca gcttatgacg aagccctaga aacactgtac     16980
     ataacatgta gaatgtagtt ttaattaata catacatgtt ctttccaaca agaaaaaaaa     17040
     actacctaat aagtgttatg tcgactccaa aatgcttcaa gagagatttc tttcttataa     17100
     aaacaggcat cgaactcacc tctgtaatga aggtaaaagt tctggaaggt gctttaacta     17160
     ctgttaagta ttttatttgg actttcaaat gtaataagat gaacgttttc aaacgcttaa     17220
     gcgttgtaat gcctaatttg aaagaaaagt tcatacttaa aactttgggt ttaatggtcc     17280
     tgtattcagt ccacgtgtgt tagaaaaaag aaaatgtgac atttttattc ttaatttatt     17340
     gggtcgtcac ttttgtgtat atgtgaatgc actatgaata atacgctacc atactttgtt     17400
     agcaatgtca ttttgtcaat aaaatgattg tttaacaatt actgtggttt acccttcttt     17460
     attaatacat gctcgtcttc tctggtacaa tgagccagaa atgtttcatt actaacttta     17520
     tgctttaata atgcactttt catgaaaaaa aatattaaat ctgaaagact cgcatatata     17580
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     17640
     tataaaaaca atagttgtat tgtatttcaa ttataaacct cttcattgtt ccgtgaatct     17700
     gtccatttcc gcaatgttat ttatttatta atttttcaat aaatttttgt ataactcgtt     17760
     atgacagaaa taaggctaac caaagttaag aagctacaaa taccctatct atagcttacg     17820
     gcttgataaa gagtctgatg gaagtataaa gcagacaaaa ttgcttacta agtctagtgt     17880
     aaatattttt cttacaaaca aagcggatta tttactcttt gctttacttt agcatacatt     17940
     tgtgtatgaa taaaaaaaat tgtttcctgc agtgaaatca gtgttttgta gtaaaaaggc     18000
     ttcccgaaat gtgcaggtgt ttggtcattt tgcagttctc ccagtaggtg acgccctccg     18060
     ctaacgtggg atgtggcgcg cgatggggag gcaccattga gttgaaccaa acgatcatca     18120
     tttcgtcatc atttgtaacc atagagcatg aattacctct tgaagtcatc agagagaatt     18180
     tacgactggt caacaaaggc acgtgatgcc ctaacgctct cccatatttg gccgcataca     18240
     tggcaaaaac gaagtacagt gcattgctat aattcattat tacatcataa attgtgcggc     18300
     gctggatttt aacgaccaag atctacaaat caagacattt taaaacatcc aaatgagctc     18360
     ttattttcta aactcgttct cagggcgcta tccgaatggg tctgactatc agttactaaa     18420
     ttatggtact aacggcgcta tgaacgcttc ttacagggac tccaccagca tgcattccgg     18480
     gtctttcggt tacaactaca atggaataga cctcagtgta aaccgtccca acaatggcca     18540
     tttcggggca gttggagata attctcgcgc tttccaaaat ccgagtcagg agacccggta     18600
     cagacagtcg agctgctctc tctcgtctcc agatcctctg tcttgtgcca ccagcgatac     18660
     tctggaattg aagggttcct ctcctccatc tgatcagagc acaccaaccg gcaacagcag     18720
     acttaccaac agcaacaatc ttaccagcag caatagcaca cattttgcgg acacagatga     18780
     aaccaatgtc tcgtccgaga ccgaggaagg agcacagacc accaccacca gtcatacgca     18840
     gaagcaagaa tctgtggcga cctcgactac aacacctaac gacggtcaaa ctccacagat     18900
     attcccctgg atgaggaagc tgcacattag ccatggtata aacatctctg tatttttttt     18960
     atttggacat gatcaaatga aaatacaaca gtcctatctt aatgattagt ctttttttta     19020
     ttttaattta tttacagctt acacgtggat taaatgcatg tttttctatt cagattttat     19080
     tttaaatagt agtattcaat tagcaacctt ctaatgtttg tcttaaaaat taaagcttaa     19140
     acggaccatt gagttagcat aagtataggt taaatagaga ataactattc tctgagaggc     19200
     aactgcatgg taaattattg tgcatcagta aagccataaa atgcaatggt tataaaccac     19260
     acatcttttt gaatatacat atgaaccagt agtccaacat ccaaaatgta atggacgctt     19320
     aagtccattt gcgtttaatg gctttgtgat atttacttgt tatctttttg cccttgctta     19380
     tgccagatat gactggacct gatggaaaac gggctcgaac agcttacact cgctaccaga     19440
     cgctcgagct ggagaaagag ttccatttca atagatatct gacgcgcagg aggagaatag     19500
     agatagctca cgctctctgc ctctcagaga ggcaaatcaa aatctggttc caaaatcgca     19560
     ggatgaaatg gaagaaggac aataaactga aaagtatgag tctcgctaca gcggggagcg     19620
     cgtttcaaaa ttgatcaaat cacatcacat caattggaaa attcgactac tgttacagcg     19680
     ctgcaccttc agcttgttct cacctgacga cgtgtgattc tcccgtgcaa ctcaaaattg     19740
     tcagctgttg aatgttatca tatgctaaac tagttacaat tgccataaaa tgagtgtgaa     19800
     tgtcaagtgt gtcaagttta cacattcgtg gaggaaagca tgttccatgt gagctattcg     19860
     tgcaacgtat tagatctaca aaaattatgt acagtacaac tcgcactacc taactatctt     19920
     aagtgatagt gtaaaaagag aatcttttgt tgtatccttg aacttgtatt gaaacgtcat     19980
     gtattattca agcaacatgc tatattcttg ttatgtgctg ggcttttttg atttctcgtc     20040
     tgatacctgc atcgcgagga aatgaatctt ttcgcactta catttgtgta cttaggctgc     20100
     agcacaaaat tactttgggc tcgtaagatg tcctatgaag aatgtcttta tacagtagtg     20160
     accaatatgt tatttgtagt gcacaacgtg agttatggac gttctgtgtt aaaagttgga     20220
     taaaaaatgt tttgtcatcg acacgttatt ggtatctctg ccattttttt gtatttgtgt     20280
     ctaaaatgaa aacgcgttca tccaaaaaga ataataaagt tttctttctg ccatacataa     20340
     ctgattgtct ctgtttgtct gtaggcctgt ttgattagtg ataccaactt tgatccacgc     20400
     aaaacatatg caactagttt cctttttatc gagcagttaa tcgcctgata ttttgtaaat     20460
     tgtttccctc atattgtgca tattcatctg gaattctctt ggctataagt tttaacgtgc     20520
     tcatattaaa tacttatgaa caaatcaggt ttatgcgaga acattttgga tctcagtata     20580
     gatataatag gcaatattaa aactaagctc tagtgtatca caacacaaca attacccaac     20640
     ctttcaattt acacggttaa tgcttaaatc ggatcaccag aacgatttta catgttattt     20700
     taacattctg ccctatttgt atgaaacaca acagataaat catcttcccc gattattttc     20760
     ttctgaagtt cagtccataa caccaacatg tagcacttgg tagctctaaa aaagtcacgt     20820
     gaggtccata aagttagttt tatggtttta ggggggttga aaatgcgcta cataattcac     20880
     attcttgaat gtaactgact gtttaactgc ttcagcggga ttctaaaggt tgtgggcagc     20940
     atgcggagtc ttctcaaact ggacagtcgt aatatcccat gctgactttg ctgtcaacaa     21000
     tgattttcat aataattctg ctggatgtga aaaggcaaca cgtcttctct gtaagtctca     21060
     aatttcttct ttaaatgctc gttcctttaa ttaattaatt tatagttttt ttttaaatga     21120
     cagataggtt tacatgatat cccaaggctg gatatccagt gatcaaaata cagttgtaaa     21180
     taatggcgga tttgaactcg ggcgaaaaga gaaagagaga aaaaaatgaa gaataattgt     21240
     gttgctacaa aaaaaattat tacgtgcaaa gtgaaatttg gataaagttt ttttttattg     21300
     tgcgtgtata attgaataag ttctatttcc ttttaaatga acacatgcag aaatacattt     21360
     taaattattt cattcaaaac ccaaaaccta tttcttaaaa agatgtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     21420
     gataatagcg gcattgaagg taacgtggta aaatacgttg gaattccatg ttcagttgtg     21480
     tacttgtatc ataagatagg aaaattatag agaatgtctt ttcagtttgt acatgcttgt     21540
     atgtttggac atttgaaata ggaacaatat tttgagcata agaaaactat ggttgtgttt     21600
     ttgttgagga aaaaaagata cttgaatgta actacaattt acttgtgata gaaacggtac     21660
     ttcgattcat aactattaaa gtcccatttt gcctctataa tgcgttttgc atattgatag     21720
     ggtaatctgg gcgctgttct catcaattat tcattgggaa gggatcactc ggaggtcagt     21780
     agacgaaagt ggcaaacatg ccttcccaaa gaagcacaag gtccatgcca aattagctgg     21840
     atggtgattt tgagatatat tttgactcaa aagtcaggac tgtaattctc ctaaagatgg     21900
     ttttgtaaac tattgacaca acattgagaa acagtgccta gtgcctgcaa gtaaaccaaa     21960
     cagtcgacgc gatgcttaac atattagatt acctttacca ttctgctgat aataattttg     22020
     ttttcattga atcataaatg tctgaaattt agttttgttg ccagttagat tgatgcaatg     22080
     ctgcttcatc accagcaggg cccgcctcac accgagctcc tgatctgtta ttttctcatt     22140
     ctgcatacac actttatgtt ttctttgaaa aagatataga ttacatctta ggtagaattt     22200
     tccaaaacac gtagaaaaat gtaaaaaaaa aaatgtttgt ttaatgtgac agtttagaaa     22260
     caaaatctct ttcgtgtctt tttttctttt gttgtctaaa cgaggtcaaa gcaatattgg     22320
     taaaatatga caattactac aagaaataat cataatagct attggactta ctgagaaaaa     22380
     acgattaact atataattat taatggtgaa aattcaaata tcagcgcttt tgaatattga     22440
     aaaagaaaga aaaccgtgac agtgctttgg ttggtgaagg atttgagttc acgctgaggt     22500
     cacagagtta tgtgattgct ggcaccattc acagcttttg agctaggggc aaatattaac     22560
     aaaacaattg acagcagtaa atatcatgaa attattcaat atttacttga aggtgtgctg     22620
     ttttgtatca aaaatgcaaa tgagtttaca aagaacaata tctttgtcca gtaatttaag     22680
     cacgtttaag caaacatgta gtttatgcac agctataaaa aaataattga attaaaataa     22740
     gaattattgg gtatttaatt agtggtctgt tttactggtc tgtttgcact cgatttaggg     22800
     cgataacacg ttctggaaag ctcactaatc gaagcgtgca gcagcaggat gcctaatgaa     22860
     gttgataaac gatatttcgc ttaaggttat cttgaatttt tcatctttaa tcgatcgtta     22920
     ttcgcccaaa aaggttgtgt gatgtctcat gtgaagctgt tggaagctag tcctgcagag     22980
     acacacaaat gaaagtccga aagaaaaaag tcatgctaaa tacttatata tatatatata     23040
     taacacgttg atttgttaat gaaagtatgc ttactggagg caaaggaaat atagagacaa     23100
     caagaaggga accatcgttt gtgcagatca gtgaggcaca tagtaagttt acctatctct     23160
     tacgtgatct caggatttgt tccaactaaa agtaatcaga tatgcgtgat tataatattt     23220
     ggttttgttt taacaactgc tgtattaatt ttgttaagat atcttaaata taaaagtcta     23280
     aatcgaggtc ttattggtag ggtttggttt gataatgcag aaatgaagct gaaatgagaa     23340
     gaacgacata gtgtaaacga aagaaagcag cagttccgag ggaagtatga aagttaactt     23400
     tgttgctcta tttgagcagt ttcaacaaat tcacaatgaa agaaacccat gttttttttt     23460
     tctgcaaggc tggcctgata caataactta acaaatacca atgatgtctg tcatctatat     23520
     ataccctgta gatccgaatt tgtgtgaata tacagtcgca aattcgtgtc ttggggaata     23580
     tgtagttgac ataaacacaa cgcaatacag tggaattgtg gacatattga ttatttttgt     23640
     tgctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     23700
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctaaaa tgatgtgaag gtcttgaaat     23760
     ttagacacct gatggcgcta catcatttat cacattgtga caaatggcga caacgtgaga     23820
     attttaaaaa taaaaacaag ctacatgatc atccttataa aacattattt atgttaactg     23880
     ttatttttac atgcaaaaag aaagagcaaa agattgggta tggtcttggt tattgttagt     23940
     taatgtattt actacaacga gcaaataatt cacttattat tattcatctt aaataacgtt     24000
     atttaatgtt attaaagtta aataacgtta gttcaagtaa actcactgtt cattaactaa     24060
     tattaacaaa caactttaaa gtgtattaat gcattagttt atgttgaact atgattatat     24120
     atgatattta aaaaagcctt aaaaaatatc attaaaccat ttataaatta gtctacattc     24180
     atcattcatt cattcctttt attaatcagg gctcgccaca gcagaatgaa ccgccaactg     24240
     cagttcagca tttgttatac gcagcggata ccctttcagc cacaacccag cactggaaag     24300
     tacccataca ctactgctac agccagttta gctttttcaa ttcacactat ggggtgaaac     24360
     cgtagcacct ggaggaaacc cacgcgaaca cggggagaat acgcaaacta cacacaaaaa     24420
     tgtcccagct ggggctcgta ccagcgacat tcttgctgtg aggtgatcgt gctactcact     24480
     gcgccaccat gacgccaggg caacaaaata atacaataat cgacgatata aaatagcgta     24540
     cttgagggtg taatgttatg atacgtgaca gtattgatgt ttggtgttac tcaaaaatgt     24600
     tttgttatgc ttattaaaac tgattttact ttatatttct agcaacaagt gcaccacagt     24660
     gacgctgtgt tcatcaaatg gataaacaac tgagaagaag gaatgtgaca aaataaagag     24720
     gtatatattt aggctttggt ttcactatgc tgtcagatgt cagctgaatt ttcattactt     24780
     ataatgagaa actagaacct acagtaattg ttactatttt gctaatatgt atttgaatta     24840
     ataaaataag cttctttaat ttcccgttta tacaaaagtg gctaattcat tgggaatgaa     24900
     gaggtgaatg aagtaggcta gaagtgaaaa gatactgatt ccgtatccct tatttccatg     24960
     tcacgtggtt cattaaataa ttaatgaaga ggctccagag cagaaaggca acgcagccta     25020
     ttcgtcaaga atggcttctc gccgagctta acttgtgtga gtttgggaga aatttcttgg     25080
     ggcttttccc tcgcaagaag ctgtcctcgt tgctgtggac aatcaatcgg gagaatgtag     25140
     gaccaagcgc acaccataag caccattcat tgtgagtaag cctatatatt tcagaagctt     25200
     agatatgcta tagttgcaac gatcttatat acaaaaacat gctaagggca atactgagat     25260
     gcatattttt tccatcgcac tgggttaaat tcattattct ttcattgtaa tatcactata     25320
     attgtatgta tacactacac tattcagtga cagctaaaat gacaacaaaa cgtccctcaa     25380
     acatttgttc accggacgaa aatacggatt taacggtttt gtcacttcat taagtatatt     25440
     tattgttata agaatatatc tattttatat ccattaagta atttcttaaa gtagttttta     25500
     gctaaatgtt tcatatggct gtacaattgc aacggatacg cccctcacat atacagtgct     25560
     cagcatacat gaaggagtga gtatagataa taacttttgg tgcatttcaa caaaactgtt     25620
     ttaataaagt tttattcatt aaaactagag tttggttaac atctttagga atagaaagac     25680
     aatgcattta aatgtaaaat aattattgca aagaaaaaat acgaactaca taatatttgt     25740
     atatttttcc ctcaacatat aaatttgggt ggacaaattt agaatttggt actgactaaa     25800
     ttatatgcaa ttatattatt gtaaagaatc ctgtaaaata ttcatttata agggggtagt     25860
     ttatgttaat cactgtatat ataaatatag ttgatctaat tgatttaata tattggttaa     25920
     gtaagatact gttgtaggct gggttaagca atggtaatat caataaaacg tttaggatta     25980
     gattaaggca caagattggt tagaccgtct atgacgaatc cactgttaca atgacatgag     26040
     caaagtaatg gaacactgag atcaacttga gagatcaaag gcccctggac ctttggggaa     26100
     ttgatcgcag aaccatccca agacagcggt actctctcat cttcaacatc actaattaca     26160
     atatcatgca cgaataattc gaaacagatg tctcctttac aaacctatac atacacttaa     26220
     ttgtaaaagt gcgatttatt attggagtac agaaaattgt attggtccat ttcataaaat     26280
     gttgtttaca gtgtataatt tactttacag ttaataaaga ctttccttat tatttaaaat     26340
     gttcttcaca atagtaaata aattatttat ttatttaata gattatttta aattcatcgc     26400
     tgagaaatcg ctcataaatt ggaaccttta ttttaaagtt aatcatatac gattttcaaa     26460
     cttttttaaa ataataattt cagtaattca tcgtacattg gctacattaa tacagagaac     26520
     attcaccttt agtagcatct gcatcatttt aaaacttaaa aagccacgtt ctacagagcc     26580
     acttttaatt cattgcagat aaaataaatg ctttgctttt attttgctta tgtcactgac     26640
     cagcctgatc actgacctac aagtaccatt atcagcagct tgtttaatta aaatggcatg     26700
     catctcgtca ttctcggtct gtgttgtgtg tggtaaacgt tcttgatcgt ttggtatgta     26760
     caccacgtca atacttcttc acagctacat cctgatcttg cttaattttt gtttgtttcg     26820
     cagttcaatt tatatcgatt gctaactccg agagacatcc ttctttgcct ccatcagctt     26880
     ttacattcaa gacatgtaat cttctcagaa gaggaagatt tcctttcagc agtgcgatac     26940
     acgtttttag aaagaatttg ctcaaagtag cgtgtttggt ttggttatga catgctcttt     27000
     tctaaaatgt gtctggttag acttgggtga cattatgctt taaatgcatc gcggggtttg     27060
     acaggcttca tcctttgagc tttatcgctt aaaggtaagc atttattgca tttttgtcgt     27120
     tatacattta gagaggacag tatcttattt atattctatg taatattaat ttagaactca     27180
     tatttaatga ctagaagtaa ctagaagttt ggtgcagagc tgaaaacaaa gagaatacgg     27240
     ttaaaacgga tatgctatat ttgtttttta ttattatata tttttattat tactaattaa     27300
     agtgatttag actgtggata aacgtaaaat gtttattagc aaatgcctca gcgaattgtg     27360
     acctaattca agctctctat gaaatcaaga tggtgaagaa taagctcaca gtttgtgaat     27420
     ggcggaggat ctgtctatgt gattaatcgc cctagtactt tggctaaggt tcaagacgag     27480
     ttcatagggc tttgtgcgtc cttctgtacc actgcacact ccccttgcca ttgttttttc     27540
     cagcgagcct ttcttcatta tttgattatg gttttatagc cagtcatgaa taaaacaaat     27600
     acagtataaa gattgacaaa tttattaaat aggttttttt ctttcaaaat agctacatat     27660
     tcttatttta aatgttttat ttagaatttt cataatgaat gcaatagtaa tcgttcatat     27720
     atttttttaa agtggttgta aatagagatt ttgctgtata cattcagaat aattaatgca     27780
     ttagcacgaa ctcttgtttt cttatagcaa aacacttagt gaatgaaaaa tcggaacctg     27840
     ctaaaagctg tagttatagt aggctattta tagtaaagct agatagtgtt gactatgtaa     27900
     catttaatgt gtactaataa taaacaaaaa agcgatgaaa agaaaaatat tttctaaggt     27960
     atctttaaag acaattttct cggataattt aatataactt ctcacttata tatttgagtt     28020
     tgtgagaaac tcacattgca tggcaaggcg cctttaaaat aatttacaat tatatctaaa     28080
     taatagaaag tgaaagaaaa aatgttagag tattcatttt tgtcagctgc agtgatgtat     28140
     tgtggtattt gataaaaaga cattaatata ttttcccttt tagctgcgat gatagattcc     28200
     tgttccctga ctcacaccgt gtttctctga ccctgcaggt catcttccag cgggcctccg     28260
     gaaccacact gtcacatgac acaagaggcc agagttttgc taaacctcca gaaaagacta     28320
     acatgatatt gaaagccgtg cagaaaatgc agataaggaa cactatcgtc tgtctcactg     28380
     cgtcgcggaa ttattcggag aaggtagttc tacatttgaa ctcaaagaaa aaaatcctcc     28440
     ccaaaaatat tgagtcagcg accgccaagg accaaaatgc aaagtgatat ttaatgcagg     28500
     acgacaaata gaaaaaagaa gaaaaatggc cacaagatct gaatcaagac ttgcattaac     28560
     ttctgcaaac tataccagag ataatatcag atcaacaggt ttgcaatagt ttgtagtaca     28620
     aactgtatac tggatatatt attgaatgac ataattcaag caaatgctac aaataggagc     28680
     gtggcgtcgt tttgtggtga gtaaatataa gccaattcag aaatcctaaa tttagtaagt     28740
     tagaatgcat acctatttga tgaaatatta caattttgtc atagtgttag atgggcctaa     28800
     ctatatacta ttgtattcgc tttttattaa aatgttgatg caaagtttat ttaaatgtag     28860
     agtaaataat aacctcataa cagcgcagga gctacaagaa ccctccggct gggattgatt     28920
     gactcaaaaa agcacatact gctggaaaca acttaccaag catttgatgc tgtaaactta     28980
     aaatctgttt tcgtaagtat aaaaagagtc tctcttggtc ggattatctc tgcagcaaac     29040
     caaaacttgc gcgaaacttc aacaaaaatg gcatctacaa tgcctaaggt gaaagtcctt     29100
     ccgcacacat ggctgggcat gattatctag tctaatgggt cgcgtttctg tctcttctga     29160
     acaacctcgt ttccacaaaa ctgcaaattc cctagagcgt aacccataac aaagctaccc     29220
     ttcaaatgac aaaaagccaa tttcacgtat tatttgcgaa attaatttca atcatagaat     29280
     attaggcttt attaatgcac ttactttatt aaataatgta acctattttg ggttaataaa     29340
     tcagtcaaat cactgtgtaa aaaaattaaa ttgccattat aatgaggttt tagtgtactt     29400
     tatattgcgt ttattttaga aaggttttta gctgccctaa tagaatttag cgtttacttt     29460
     aggataaaat tacacgctaa accactatct gtcaaagata aagagagaaa aaaattgaag     29520
     attattagga acaaaacttc ctagctccat aaatatctta ctttaacgaa agattataga     29580
     ccatagatta tgttttctat gcttaaaata gatatgccca tatcttactt taaaagttaa     29640
     agacaaactt tatttgtggg ggtctactaa gtctaagtag gacttcagat ttcgaaacac     29700
     tacaagaaga tcaatattag gtaaaaaata caaaggcaaa ctaattcacg tcagatgtta     29760
     ttgcgcatca tgtatttcag cggcctatta aatttatagc tcgctaaaca aatacagttg     29820
     tcctcaccgt cacaggtaca caatagctat aaattatctc ttgctgtact cgctttaatt     29880
     cacattagac ctacatagcg actttatcag attgacgggt ggattcgatt gatgtgtttg     29940
     tcatgtaaat acgaatcgtt tgatggacac ctgcaacgcc cagagtgcta ccgcaggtcg     30000
     cacactattg gcgcaaaatt agtcacatga tctgtcactt aactgatatg agctcagata     30060
     caactttgcg tggtttgaca tactgcttag aggttgtagg ggcactggga ccacacatca     30120
     gctcatattg accctgctta atcaattttg cttggtcagt caacaatgaa ttcttactta     30180
     gattatacga tttataaccg tggttctaac acttatagtt cgaaagttgg gtgttttcct     30240
     gtagagcaag aatacttgcc aagtgcttgt gcaagtacaa atagttacat tcccgaggga     30300
     cggccagtcg gaggaaacac tttcacatcg gcaccgcacg aaactcatgg cacatcttac     30360
     gcacaaattc aatcgcagcc cttccacctc aacgtggaca tgggtaaaac aggacacagc     30420
     aatttctgca agcaaaccag acctcctcat tcggactatg gacatcaaca cgttctcact     30480
     caagcagatg accacatgcg ccttcagtcc cctggctttt ccgtcgtgaa tatgggagcc     30540
     aatattggaa cttacagtga atcaaattgc aggcctggct cggtctctgc aagccactat     30600
     caatcatatg catatggaga acccgaacca cacggctatg gttcgttcag caagtatcag     30660
     gtctcccctg acagtgacag cgactccaag acgaacatta aacaagcgcc aacctttgac     30720
     tggatgaaag tcaagaggaa accccctaaa acaggtgagt tatgactagt tacaatggct     30780
     atagataatg tgatattaaa atacagtttc taagtcgtgt ttttattcaa tgctaatttt     30840
     cagttaaagt cgccgaatac ggaatccatg gccagcagaa cataatacgc accaatttca     30900
     ccaccaagca gctcacggaa cttgagaagg agtttcactt caacaaatac ttgaccagag     30960
     cgcgcagagt ggaggtggcc gccacactcg agctgaacga aacgcaggtt aaaatctggt     31020
     ttcagaatcg cagaatgaag cagaagaagc gcgagaagga aggcacggcc ccggtgatta     31080
     aaagagtaac cctttgctct tctggtcaaa acgcagacca ctcaactagc tcatcgcctg     31140
     gtgcttcgcc tacctcggac tcttccactg caatttgatg agtgccagac tttcgtttcg     31200
     ttgctggagg actatttaac ttattctgtc gtagaaaaaa atattgttta cgtgctattt     31260
     gtgtttttgt gctgcattag aactactaaa tagatgcatt aacagggtat atgcttaacg     31320
     ttcaaatgtt ctttttcttg ttgttgtcgt ccggtcaatt attttgcact acagattcat     31380
     tcctctgttg aaagagtaat aaaatgtgaa aaagactgac atgtttatgt atttcgaata     31440
     tattaggacc tgtgacctga taaataaata ttttattttt ctgaaatttg tttgtggatt     31500
     taatcctgtt tattgatctt tttttaatta aaaggcatct catgatgttt gtaaggttgt     31560
     gtcctttgtc agaggatgtt gcaatacaat gaagctaatt taaatcagtg ttgctctagt     31620
     ctgtatagtt tgacaagagg aatgttgcat tacacaccgg gtggcttcct atgacctctt     31680
     cacctttttg tgccttcagg ctctctaaac atgtaaacac tcattggtgt tcagtgtaac     31740
     actcactgat ttaaggattc aatctggcac agcataaaca tcaagttaag acattatgag     31800
     acattaagac attatgatat ttcttaaggc cactttcgtc taaactgtac atttacacac     31860
     aaataacaat gtgctgttaa tatacttgga ttttctattg attttgaatt gtgcattgca     31920
     ttcactgtaa aaaaagttga ctcaactcaa aattttatag caacaaactt caggaaattt     31980
     ttgagcaact tttaacccaa ttactacact tgactcgatt taagttgagt aaactcaaat     32040
     gtcctgaggc ttgttgcctt aaaatttaaa gttgagtaaa ctttttttta cagtgaatgc     32100
     aatccaatgc gcaattcaaa atcaacattt tttagtttac tcaacttata ttgagtgtag     32160
     taattaggtt gaaagctgaa aaagctgaaa aatgtcctga aatttgtttc aataaaatct     32220
     gaagttgtca acttagttta ttttatttta tttttttaca atgtttatag ttaaactatc     32280
     aatagttaat ttttcaccca cagatttgtt taacacagaa atatttagtg caatggacaa     32340
     caaaaatata catgcatata tttaatttga cgtccttttt tcttttttta gaaaatctga     32400
     ttaaaaatgt aggcaatcag ttgagcaatt agaagggaaa aactgtatcc ccagatgcta     32460
     tctctattag gctcaattcc catagaaagt ttgcaaagac ttggacaact ctgtttcaat     32520
     ctcctgatca tctgatggac tgctccaata tttactcagg gtgttgggtt tgcacagtat     32580
     ttgccccagc agccatgcac tgtcagcacc ctctccactg accaggttca cttggagttc     32640
     aggcctaaat taatccacaa aagccatggg cctgtccagc aggggatgag aagggtgtct     32700
     tcccaaaggt caatcagagt gtattctatt taaaaaatta attatccaca tgaactaaaa     32760
     aaatcaaaca gtatatatac atataaagta aaatcaagtt ttatataaat aaaatgattt     32820
     tttaaggtaa ctggcaatgg gagttggata gatggtaaac tgagaatctg tcatttaaaa     32880
     aagacgtcaa aggaaataag aaaagatgaa ggatttatct agaaactatt tcatttacat     32940
     atagtgtgta cattttacaa aaaaatctaa aaatatgtat ttttagatta ttttctttgt     33000
     aatacatact ccatttaaga aaaatattta taattaataa gtttatgagc ttaatttttt     33060
     tgtgaaacat gttgtacaac taacttatag acaaaaactg gtggtaaaga tataatgctg     33120
     ataaaaatat cttggcttgt aattggctag taaatttccc aatttattac cgaaaacaaa     33180
     ctaacaaaca aacaaacaac taaagcccaa cagaccaaag aaaagatgta atggccccca     33240
     ccaaaaaaca atgctaaaac tatcataaaa gaaaagcatc caaatccaaa aggaaacaaa     33300
     tctagattct aacatgttta cttctacagt ttttaagcat ataatgtttg ttgcttgccc     33360
     ttttggttcg tttggctatg ggctcctact gtgagtccca tctgtgggca tcagtggagg     33420
     agctccagtg ctgcagagac agatgttcag caggaggacg agaaggagga ggctgttttt     33480
     caccagcttg tcagcattca gaaacgactc acactgcaga atgtggggca aaataagcag     33540
     tgcacagata cagagaatta gaggaagata aaaatagcag cctcaaacaa taatatacat     33600
     aggaacaggc tatgtgtgaa aagatgagag aaaaatagat gtgcgtgtga gaaagatgca     33660
     gtcagcagca atgcagtcat taaaaaacta atggttttaa taactcatct ctattaactg     33720
     atttattttt tctttaccct gaggacagta aataatattt gactagatat ttttcaagac     33780
     acttctatac agcttaaagc gacattttaa ggcttaacta ggttaatacg gttaactagg     33840
     gttggcaggt tagggtaatt aggcaaatta ttatataacg atggattgtt cagtagacta     33900
     ccggaaaaaa atagcttaat ggggctgata attttgatct taaatagctt tttaaaagat     33960
     taaaaactgc ttttattcta gctgaaatat aacaaataag actttctccg gaagaaaaaa     34020
     gacatactgt aaaaatttcc ttgcactgtt aaacatcatt tgaaaaatat tttaaaaaga     34080
     aaaaaaatta aaagggggac taataatttt gacttcaact atatatatat atatatatat     34140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattggt     34200
     ctcatcattt tatggaagaa tatttggaca tttaaaatac actgtataaa tcttgaggct     34260
     tgtgattttc attaaaaaaa tgatgtggtc attaaaaata atgtgcatat tttctaaatt     34320
     ctaaataatt aaaaaattga tattatggat ttaatataaa atattgataa gatttcgcaa     34380
     aatacctaag atttaaatat aactttttta agcaaactag tgcaattatt aagcttaatt     34440
     tcataaagca attaagccaa aaatattgag gaaaaatgcc ttcacgttta ttttaaggaa     34500
     atttacgcaa ttatatggat ttgattgaga tgtttgcatt tgaatctcct tctgccagca     34560
     aaaaataata aaaaaaaatt caatcttgat aataatagga aatgcttctt gagcgtcaat     34620
     tcaacatatt agaattattt ctaatggaat ttattgccat cacataaata aaaaaacact     34680
     gtataaaaac taagcaaaaa tcatattgac aagtacaccg ccctttgctg tcagttcact     34740
     ttttaaaggt gatgttttgg gtagatctga ggcttgcgat gtataaactc tccctgctgg     34800
     gtgtgcttgt cacagggtct tttacaaatc aaatgcctag cttgacttcc tgagtcttgt     34860
     tcaagtccct ctgaagcatg tcagagataa aaagagttcc gtatacacta ttcatggggt     34920
     cagggggtca ttttatatgt cttcttgtct ttcacagaca tacagtcaac agctgagaca     34980
     gtggccacat gcagatgggc cgcctcctct agctgaaaac aggaagagca gagccgttta     35040
     accatccccc tcacactcag tcatatctat gtatggcaag caatcatcaa cttaaatcta     35100
     ttaaatatat ttcatgcaac aattatattt ttatatatat tgttcattaa ggtttagata     35160
     ttacaaagta gaacatatta gtcatgtttc cattctaaca tgagggtaaa gcttaagaga     35220
     acttttttca ttttcaaatg tgaattagga tgcatttcca tcatgtttga gtggctgaag     35280
     gtgatactgg taaccaagta atgaacagta aatataaaac aagggaacta taatggagac     35340
     aggattgcaa ttaataatga ttgggcaaga tataaatatc agcagaacag ctagcaattg     35400
     cagaagacta aattcagatt ttatgatgaa cacccttgca actcaatcat ttcagaatgt     35460
     caaagggcat atttaaaaag aaaaaaaata gtatcccaac cgaaatttaa aacagcatct     35520
     ttggagatct ttttctgctt gtgattctgt tatccaaaaa aacaaataaa aaatgtaaat     35580
     aaaaaatctt acacatacct tgggaacggt attacagaac attttggcgg ttttaaaacc     35640
     ttgactttta caaaccgcgg tatttcttga aaacgattat cgtcccatgc ctaataaaaa     35700
     aatgtagcta ttcatttgat tgtactaatt tattagatat tagatactat actttaatgg     35760
     ctgttaaata tcctattgtt attggcaaca attttaacat ttttgccaat aaatattatg     35820
     gagatctgtc actgacatca actattcagt atcgactaac acgcatttta attgtgactg     35880
     gaaaataatt aaagagcccc tattatgttt tttttttttt aatgaccttt catgcactgt     35940
     gtaacagcac taagtgaatg aaaacatcca gctgaggttt aaatctgaaa gtgcaccgtg     36000
     ttttaaacta ttgattcttt aacaaaacag tcgacttaga gtcgaataaa tgaattgtgt     36060
     tgggttcgga tctttaattc gtcaaagttg atacagtaca tcaccatatt tgtaaaatat     36120
     taaaatgtga acgcaccttt tcctttagac attagcggag tgtggggtat catggaactg     36180
     atcatggcct gaagatgacg ataactgaca gatggaggtt cggctgcagg gaataaaagg     36240
     ttaaagttca aattcacaac aacaccacag tatagccaac tttgtgctgt gtttgttcct     36300
     gtcaattttc agttttttaa taacctgtac tgcaatgcgg gattcgtcag tcgtttgcta     36360
     ttaaaggaaa gagcaggaga gactatttat gtataggact ttgttagact ttgacaggga     36420
     cgttttcagt aactgttaca tttcatatgg accagtttct tcttcctccg gatcataaca     36480
     tgcaagtgta attaaaattg ttgcctcgtt ttgtgtagtt tgcaaaatat gtattaaatt     36540
     gtgtgttata acttgtaatc gctccatatg gcttgtaatc acttatctat tatcagtact     36600
     tcttcctgta ctgatttaaa tgcatttctg aactcgcgat actctgaagt ttgtctttgt     36660
     tctggccaac atcagctgtt cctacacaca cgcggcgcgg tcaattttca aaatagtaaa     36720
     taaaatgaaa taacttttgc cactgtgtgg attaaccgat cacaacagac tgggtcatcg     36780
     gaccattcac agcagattag tctcacgcaa aggaggggtt tgggaacaaa tgaatcgctg     36840
     aacaacttat atgggagttg ttgggataat taggtaaaaa taaatgtata ttataagaca     36900
     atgaaagtac tttttgacct tgcatgcata tcagcctgtt gtttcagact cccaaaacca     36960
     aaatatgatg tttaataatt cataataggg actttttaat tattgttttg gatatcatta     37020
     ttaattacaa actagtaatt attgcaaaag tgactaatat catattaaat attgctagta     37080
     acatactaaa gattaagcat taatgaggca ctagtaatgg aaataggtac tttttcaaaa     37140
     ttggcactga tataaaaata gatactagca gtttataaat taaatgctaa aatggcttgc     37200
     cacaatccac atccccatga gccgatttaa tcagttcact gccttattag ctgagtaact     37260
     gagaaagaca tgcttccaag accctgtaac tctcaggctg ggtttctgcc agtgagcaac     37320
     cagcacacat tggcttagac agcgtaacag cgtaaaaaca agcatgtgca agatttaaaa     37380
     atatataaaa ataaattatg agagaaacag aagtaaagtt attgcacctg ctcagaacga     37440
     gggaattggg agattgccag ttagtctcaa aactatagca ctcgagtttt tggcataatt     37500
     gaattgacaa atttcctgca tgtggttttg tttgtaaggg atcttaaagc ttggcaaagt     37560
     gtaaccggtg ctgtcattga tatgatttag agaggcgagt agtgcgcgcc agagggagac     37620
     aaatgaaagc tgacagttca ttttatcagt gacagatcgt tgatctcatg gactgcctcc     37680
     ctgctctctt ttggaaggcg ctgaaggttg attattagtg gatactgata caaccaaccg     37740
     cccacttctg aatcccacag gctttatgtt ccaacaagca gaatataagc tacggcatga     37800
     agaagctgaa gatacaatat cagagtagat taaatacact aatgaaatta acaagatatt     37860
     actttataat gattttttta aaatctacaa ataaatctct cagatatatt tatattttac     37920
     agacaattat gtaattaagt gaaattagct aaatagattc attcattttc ttttcagcct     37980
     attcccttta ttcatcaggg gtcgccacac cagaaacaac caccagtatt tgttcagtaa     38040
     attttttaca ccgcggatgc ccttccagct gcaacccaga actgggaaac atccatagac     38100
     actcactcac acacactaca gacaatttag cttattcaat tcactcatag tgcatctctt     38160
     tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg agcacccaga gaaaatccac gtcaacaagg ggagaacatg     38220
     caaactccac agaaacgcca actggcccgg ccgggtctca aatcagtgac cttgttactg     38280
     tgaggcgccg ccagtgctaa ccacaaagcc accataccgc cactttgatt tagggctggg     38340
     tgattcggca taaattcaaa atctcaatta attgaacatt ttaacttgat taaaataaat     38400
     gaacaattat tttatttatt taaatttttt gccctcatta ttcactgaca ggttttgtac     38460
     agtaaatacg ctcacatatc gaaagatctc tgaatgaggg gtgcattatt tgattttaaa     38520
     ctaattgaaa gaaacactct actatcatct atgattattt attgaacatc aacattgaaa     38580
     aactgaaatt gcaaaagcaa aagacctgga gaaaacccac gccaacacaa ggagaacatg     38640
     caaactccac acagaaatgc caactgatcc agtcagggct caaaccagcg acccagtgct     38700
     acccactgca ccatgtcgcc agctagatga gctaaataat tagatatgag gaattctgtg     38760
     caaatgtcaa ccttgccatg aaaaaaatta agttttcacc aaaatacgga aaccgttttt     38820
     gggttttttg ggtaatcaag tattttacag tagaaatact caaaaatgca tctgtcaatg     38880
     ctttcaaact aatctatttg attttaaaaa gtcacgcaag tggcaatttc acatccgtca     38940
     catccataac ggagacatgt cacacccata atgacaattt ttccttatga atgtgaaaat     39000
     attaaataaa ataaaaccaa taatttttgt tttatagaga gccgactctt atccttttga     39060
     ttatcattgc ttcttttggg ttgtacagtt taattcacag attttctaca aagtatgttg     39120
     tgtactgtaa acctgcagac tttttgtgtc acatccataa cgcaagttta ttttccacat     39180
     ttaaaataca aaacagcttg atatttttct ggtaccttaa ctctgtggtc agttgttctg     39240
     gaaaatataa acaaaagttt caatataatg ttaaagtcta ctgtctatgc aaatttttgt     39300
     tttgagtttt tgcaatgtca aatgcaaatg tcacatccat aatgctggaa ttgctcatat     39360
     atagtttatt tattttattt agtttcaacc cagttccaaa aattatgtgc aacatattgt     39420
     tatagaattg ttgaaccaat tttttcctaa cagttaaaat ctgaggggtc aaaaacatca     39480
     tatatttatt gtatgtacaa aataattctt caaaattatg gaaaagaaaa aaaaatgcat     39540
     taatgtttgg aacatgcaaa tggtcattat atgagctacc gcaaaactga aggtataaat     39600
     ctagctgaaa atctattttc ccttttcctg gttaaatctg ataataagca tttatatttg     39660
     acaagcaatt acatattcaa aaaattataa taaagtatgg cttgatgatg aaccattatt     39720
     agttttgtga ggcagaaaaa agtggaatat tttaaatata tatatgcaat tacaatcaat     39780
     cagatccaaa ccatcactat atcccactga caatcactgt agaaaaaaca acaacatttt     39840
     tgtagtattt ttttgttttg tttgtatttt taagtaattt taatttactt aaattttaat     39900
     ttaagtattt tttaacttaa attaaaatgc atacaggtct ggaaaatcat gagaataata     39960
     aaactgaaaa ttatattttt atttttgtac tttttcagtc ctgtattact ttatttattt     40020
     gtgcaagaaa gaaataaact cattcattgc aacaaaaatt actactactg tattacaatg     40080
     ttccacttaa ataaataaat tccttaaacc gaaggtaagc tgacattgtg gcttttgcat     40140
     ctcttctcgc tatatgcaca taatactgtt gtcttggacc tccacacaac ccccttttat     40200
     ttcattgtgg cttaaaggtt tgctcttctt tttaaaactt gagaaaattg aatacaatat     40260
     caaaggtaaa ggaagcagtt tttaaaaaat gtcaacaatt tattgcgtaa caatttgtct     40320
     ttaatgatta aaaaaacctt agttgtggac tgagtgaagg tatatgtatg tatatagctt     40380
     ggttatattc atttttttct gtatttgtat atattttaat tattattatt attatttatt     40440
     ttattattct aattttttta aatgtcagat gctgattgtt ttatttgggt attgttttgt     40500
     tggggctaga taggattgta tatggtgtgt ggattgttgt aaaatgtaaa atgctttttg     40560
     caagaataaa aattccatga caataaataa attcatgcat gtttgcaacc agataacgat     40620
     aaaatttttt tccaacaatc ctttaaagca ttggcataag tcaataaatt aattctcatt     40680
     tataatacaa catttttcag cttataattc cccaatgcta ttgactacaa cagtagcaat     40740
     ctttatatgg tacatcagtt aactgaattc agagctgaag tgaaaaccgc tcttctaagt     40800
     tcaccatgat tgatatttat ccactgatac cttgcaaatc ctttttgata aactaccata     40860
     ctttccccac atcttcttca gaaatattta ccacacaggt cctaaaccac caacacaaac     40920
     atctcctaag tgcctgaagt gtctcttgca tgtgtgcaga ggttaattag gagcaaagag     40980
     ctccacagag ttcaaagggt caaaccatag acagaattga gcccacgagc caaaatgtta     41040
     tcataccatt taacaagaag tgcattacat aagccgattg atagcaattg actctcataa     41100
     caaaaaaaga tggctgccaa tgccttcata tattgacccc aggtctctga aggggtgtgt     41160
     gtgtgaccag attggagtgt gatttctgtc aggtcggggt ggttgagtat gggatgaggc     41220
     gaaggggggg gggctctcag atgacagagt tctgcccctc ccccaagtga aacgcaaatg     41280
     aaaaggaatg cagagataaa aaagcctgtg tttccagata aggggacaga agaaaggagc     41340
     gggtgaatgc taaaagagct ctcttgggga gatgagaggc gctgaaggca gtgttggtgg     41400
     taggagatca tagcaggttc ctctcatcag cccgggcttg tgtttgatac tgggtctttg     41460
     tcgccctttc agctgtgcat tgttgggagg tgtaatcccg ggcggattac aaaggcaaga     41520
     tcctttcata tggctgtgcc cagcaggcag gaggcagtgc gcatgctgaa gtggagggcc     41580
     acgctcattc ctctatctgc cttcacaagg ggccatatag ctgcagggac agtgacgcag     41640
     gggtcattcg gtcatgtcct ctcagtggaa ttctgctccc ccttttccat tcacatgttt     41700
     ttctttcatg atcgtcctcc accctgtacc tgtgtgcaac accttactct aactggcgaa     41760
     tccacagaac aagatgcctc cattaaagct gtagactcca caaatattat tggagtatgt     41820
     tttacaagaa aatacagcct gatctcacga gaaaacttaa atattttatg ttttgccagt     41880
     ttagtggcta attcgtagga attcgtatga gttcagtcat acgaaatggt acgattttaa     41940
     aaggaggcat ggcacctaac cccaaccgtc attgggatat aagcaaatcg tactaaattg     42000
     tacaaattag attgtatgaa ttcatacgaa ttagccacta aatgaaaaag ttacgaattg     42060
     ccgtgagatt gtgttggaaa acaccttttc agtttatttg accttttcgt gtaattattt     42120
     gtgaaattta ttagcatttt tttctacacc aaatgttgtt tgggtaaatg cttggtctga     42180
     tttttttctt ctgaagttta gtgaggttga aaaaccaaat actattaaat aaaactcaaa     42240
     atattaggcg tataatttaa gccacatttg tgcttgcttg cagttgtagt caaattatat     42300
     ttttctaaag aatttgacta ggtttttaac tggactctga ttaaatgtct tgatatataa     42360
     taaaaacata atgacgatga agagcagcac gatattggaa aaatctgaca ttgtaatatt     42420
     ttgttgtcct gtgatgtaga ttgagatatg aatacaattt gaccagatag cttgaatagc     42480
     tctatttaat gagaaaaaaa ataattcaga ttgattgggt tgattttgaa agggtgtgaa     42540
     tcatgtataa aaataaacaa attgcaagca agaatagtta caatagagca aagaaacaag     42600
     ttaaataaat ttaattaaaa gatcgttccc tggatttact aaatttgttt aaacgcagcc     42660
     ccattaaatt gtttacaacc acttaaaaat aatttgaaca ttcctaaatt taatttgtgt     42720
     aaattcaaca gtttcactct gttatggtta tactttgcgc aaatcttatg tattttcaac     42780
     tgtttatcaa ctataaatac aacttaatat tgcatatcct gcgatgtgaa tattgctgac     42840
     acacacattg tgatatcaat gctgaaatga catattgtgc aaccttatga agatgtattt     42900
     aatactgcat gggaaaaaca aatatgtgta gggtttacat atatatattt agaagtacta     42960
     gattttattt acaatttaaa aagtacattt tataaatatt tacaaaatat tgcattgaat     43020
     tgaacaaaaa cttttgaagg ctcattttta ataaaatata ctccagtgat gaatgtgata     43080
     tatgccataa agaaactact ctggacaaat gatgtcaatc gtatatgatt taatgtacaa     43140
     taaactatcc aactattaaa tttcacaatc aattacaaag aaattgccat taacaaactc     43200
     ttctgtcttt ctctatgaaa tagcaggtaa ttgataatgc caaaaaaaca tattaaattt     43260
     cgaaagacta atataatgca acaatttctt ttaaaagttt ttttttaaag tgagagaatc     43320
     tctattatag agacttggga gggggctttt tttgaaatgg ctggtaaaca aacaccaagc     43380
     aacaccacat gaaacacaaa atcttttggg cttctgcata gacaatcatc atttacagtt     43440
     tgttcagaaa agcagattat aaaatgtgtc agaaaatccc atggacaaaa atggtgcagg     43500
     atttattttg aaacaatttt tgagacagga attactagaa aaaaaatcac acaattttaa     43560
     aacagcaagt aacaaagtaa aataaaaaca cttaaatagg gctgggcaat atggctctca     43620
     accgataatg atataataat aataataata aaaataaaaa taataatata tattttttgt     43680
     aatgcacctt tctctctcac acacacatat atatattgtt aacgcttcca gatttaaaag     43740
     agtaccccaa caatgactga agtctcaaat atcagacggt ccattaaatg gcttaacaaa     43800
     aacttgtctg ataaaatttc agtggtcgaa aattcagttc atctctaatt tcaacacact     43860
     tttagattct cattgttgca catttctgct gtgtgattgg ctcttagatt aatacagagt     43920
     aaaaaatcaa tatattgact atagtcaatt caatataata ttgtttatca gcccagccct     43980
     agactgaaat tttattttct tgtaatacat actcctataa gcattatttt aattacagtt     44040
     atgagaaata gaaaaggtga gaatatatgt atttaaaaag caatgccacc aaaaccacag     44100
     agcaacagtc aggaaacaac ccacaacaca ctaccattgt ggcaatgtcc tcaacacaaa     44160
     aaaacaaacc tcatttcaaa tctagccttc tattacattt gctctgcaag caaagcctta     44220
     ttttagctta tgtaataaag atctcagtgg taaaaggtta atttgaaaat gcaattgtac     44280
     ttttttaaaa cctgttagat atcagcaaaa taatacaggt ggaatttaat ttcatcagaa     44340
     taatacttgc agagttgtta aggcaaaaca ataatgacaa taatgagtat cagtggaacc     44400
     aaaactgcaa ccaaatataa ttttatcaca acccaaaccc tgaaaccaca gggaaacaga     44460
     tgtgcaaagt tgcacgtaag agattaattt gtacatgctt ataatgcaac tcaatcgtgc     44520
     tcattgtact gcaagtatac aatattgtaa acaaaatatt acaaaagtat gtcaaatgct     44580
     aaaatgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat tgtcacaata tattgataag attacaatac     44640
     accggcactt atatattttt tacactgttc tggagtgtct gaacaaccta acttgatcaa     44700
     atatgtatct aatgttactt aatattatgt tgacacatga ttctatacct tccccagggg     44760
     cttttttttg ccccaggttg gaagagtggg gggattttat cccatgtgta gtaaaaataa     44820
     tattaatcat aaaagcccct ctggcgttat tattttttca ctataccttt ttgaaactac     44880
     ttttttttca aattcttaca cacacaagta cactcaccca cacacgtata tgtatatagt     44940
     accttgaaca taatcaaaat aaattgtcct tgctttgatt aaattcagtt attaatgtaa     45000
     taactctgaa accagaagac tgaggttgtg ccgccccaat gtgatgtagt cctcagtctt     45060
     tcacatgcat taagtgctcg ctcagctcaa actgctgaat cagaattttg caaacaattg     45120
     tgaaaggtaa gcaaaagctt ttgtgatatg atgcaaatga atcaaggaga ctataccgca     45180
     ggaacaggag ccattgaact gagtctatag ggcagaccag gagtgttgca tagttaacca     45240
     aaaagaactg cgctaaaggg gtacatcttg ttcattatgt cctatcctat tacataaaga     45300
     aatatgtttg tgatttgaaa taaataaata aataatatca gttcaatcaa aaccagatta     45360
     tttatagttt aaattttaaa acatgtcctc taatttgtag tttattttct tgtgacactg     45420
     tggttatttt cttacaatac agaggcctat aggctataat tatcaaaata aatttaagat     45480
     aatagctatc ataaatatca tataacatta gccgtcagtg tcacacggca tcggtaacgg     45540
     gtaacgttat atttgtgaca acagcatttt cacaccaatt tattgatttc aaggtgagtg     45600
     gtagaaaact taaacacctt tatatacaca taaagacggt atgtatgtct gctacagttg     45660
     cgctaaaatg gcctccatta tataaatagt gtgctttagc acaaaaaggt agcataaaac     45720
     attagcataa tgggtaggct aatagcctaa cgttacctga caagcaacgg aagtttattt     45780
     tacacaaact cgcctaacag ttatacactt tctataaaca tttttaatct ctcaaagtaa     45840
     aggaagcagt acttacacta aagcgctgat ggtgtttcat ggtcgataga catttgatag     45900
     tgtttggcgc aaacaataag attaaaaaca cggtgcagtg agttcggcct gttggtgaac     45960
     ggaaaaaaac ggcccaacag aaaacgctta aagcgttaaa atcgttttga actggttgaa     46020
     aactgggtgg atggtctata aatttgacta aatgttgtgg ctgtggaaaa tccacttgga     46080
     ataatttgaa attcatttga cacacattca agtcagtgga gtggataaca gaatgattta     46140
     cctgcatctc tttagacttg tttcattttc acaacaatgt gctgtgcact tcctcttcat     46200
     cttccctccg cgagccggtt cgtgtgtgtg tggatttctc ttcgatttca ctctacgaac     46260
     tcctgctgta ggatgacaat tgaccaacaa attcattcag caatgatatg accttcagtc     46320
     gttgacatcg taaaattcta caaacattca tttctgttgg actcagggag ttagacatgg     46380
     ggacggctgt tgatgacatc agacaactgt taagaggtat tcttcactgt ttcactgtta     46440
     atttatttta tttgagtttt tattacttca aaataaatac atatttcata gcctatatat     46500
     ttgtagttat aatttgtttt tatttagaac ttttggtatt tgaaaagtgt aacctatttg     46560
     aaaaaagcgt gtgacatagt aattgctata ttgtaaatac ttattttcat agcacttccg     46620
     agcacacgta gttggtacat tctagtgtaa atagttactt tgccaaattg ttgtaaactt     46680
     cagcgttatg ttgttgaacc aagagtaggc ctacagacta ttttatgagt ttattagttt     46740
     tggcctattc ttgtaactgt tttgctttgc agtttaactg cagatgcata cattttatac     46800
     aaaatgatac ttcattaaca atgctattgt gacattgtta tctttgttct gacacagaca     46860
     gggtggctat tgtcatctac acattttgac atttacaaca tttgcattaa tacagggaaa     46920
     tctgggatta tttgcatagc tcaaatcatg tataccctat tgaacactga aataccatgt     46980
     gggataacag tcgcaatttg tctgccacat tttaaagtac aacaaaaagt ttacttgcgt     47040
     tgttttttat tttcattttt attttcagac tgtgagctgt ttgtttttga gatcctccat     47100
     gatgagaatc tcagtattgc agctcgagag tctagggaaa ttctccaaag aaattttgtt     47160
     gtcgtccaga aaaggtaagg gatgtcacag tatgttttat tcatgttcaa gtattaaaac     47220
     attcttgctc ctacttgttt gtaacttcac agtgtggact acaaaaagta cattgataga     47280
     atcaaattgt ttacctcttg gcattctctg ctcccagtcg agttacaaat gatttacaaa     47340
     agttaaacag acaggaagca aattgcacag ttcctctatt gttgtctttt tagaagcacg     47400
     gagtacaatt acattgcttt tacacgctgt agtggttttg tggtttgctg ctctgaaaca     47460
     aggtgtttgc aaggagaaca agcatacttt ttttcttttt agcacgaggt tgcatgatta     47520
     cttagctctc agtgcatcat ttgcaagtgc actgcacagt tttacacatg caacacatgc     47580
     atgtgtttat gcagaaactc atccttcttt ccttcaaaca cctcttcgat tgctttagaa     47640
     tttgtagaat gactttcaat tgcagacctg aaatatttat ccttaccagt ggtgtaaagt     47700
     aacacattac aaatactcaa attactgtaa ctgagtagtt tttcttaggt attgtaattt     47760
     aataagtagt tttaaaaatg tgtactttta actttcccct gattacattt ttagtgcagt     47820
     atttgtactt ttactcctac tttccttcaa cctgtggtca ctactttatt atttcttgtc     47880
     tatgggaatt agaaaattca gtcctgtaat tcctgtcaaa tcaaatcaca cataaaaggt     47940
     aaatcacatc ataatgaact acctcaagac atgggcgatt tataattgca gcaaactgtt     48000
     tggaagcatt aaaagtgtcc aagaagacgt ccaaaatctt tacacgcatt gacccaaagc     48060
     ctgtttagat gcatgtcact gatgagaaga tgacggatgt ttactgtatg atgaccaaaa     48120
     tggccttaaa cactcagcag acacaagatg tcaacatgac atcaaattga agttgtaccc     48180
     caacatcatg gggacgttgc atttggttgc aaatgaaaat cggtttgacg tcagaactca     48240
     atatcaggcc aaagtcaatg tccaacgccc aacctaaaat caacgatgta aatataataa     48300
     ttttacagct tgaagttgtg tggacgttac cactgtgaca gatatcagat tttggatttt     48360
     ggttgccata cctgatgaat aaatctcagt atttgacctg aatatgacgt ggtttaagat     48420
     gtttgctcga cattggattt tggtcacttt ctaacacaat ctaaaatcaa ccaaatatca     48480
     atgtcatttg acgttgttat tagacatata aataacattg tcattagacg ctgttgtgtg     48540
     cctgcctgct gggcaataac taaatgcact acagaatgtt gcgtttacac acatccacaa     48600
     gttacatgta aatgcatcag cttttcacag tgtaatgctc actactcttg agtacttttg     48660
     aaaggtctac tttttacgca tactttgagt aactttttac aacagatacc tctacttgca     48720
     ctacattttt aggcaagtat actgatactt ttgcttgagt ataattttag tactattcca     48780
     ccactgatcc ttactaaaaa atatagtaca atgcaaagtt aaccattatt ttattaaaag     48840
     gtttatttgt ttataaagtc gttttataaa ctttcatttc taaacacact tcgctatcct     48900
     cttttgcaga cacccacaag aatttcccca cagacgtaag tgaacagctg tttcataatt     48960
     ctaattaatt actctgcgag atttccgttc agtctttccc tgaacaatgg ttctttagaa     49020
     aacttgttgg tttcacaaaa atgattttcc tcccacagtc tcttgaatcc actcaacaaa     49080
     gttttgcact tttgtaaatt ttattgtatt tatttatttt ttttccccta gttgagtcca     49140
     atcctgaaga tagttcagat gacaaccgca gctccagtct gggacgctct gccccctcag     49200
     atgatatgtc agtggcctct gactaccaag atgaaggagg ctctgagcgt gagttgtagc     49260
     tactctgtct gcatatgagt gtttactcat atttctaatg catgtaagct gtgataagcc     49320
     aagacaggaa acttgtctaa agcatcttta gcacattact tgttgtgggg gtttcactgg     49380
     taatgatgaa atgccccagt ggaggtgttt ggtaacagat caccctctag tggattccca     49440
     caactctgct gcttgcattg aggagtgttt gaagtgggaa ttggagggtg gtcttttacc     49500
     tccatacaaa ggggatgaag agctctctct agtggcaggc aagcatgatg tttcagcatg     49560
     ggttcttggg gttaagctgt ggcatgtttg cctgtgttta acaatggcat ggaaatgtta     49620
     gcttacttcc cctttagacg caaagtaaat ttacacttgt gtagacccta aaacgagcta     49680
     gaataaaatt caaagtgtga agagagtttg aaaacaagat gctacagatt aaaaacagca     49740
     tgtcagaatc tgtgttttgt gttagctgat tgtttttttt actgacgtgg gcagtttgca     49800
     gtttgcttca ggccagaact gtgactgatc atccccgact cctctctaac cagctggtct     49860
     tgaaactcaa ccctgtacct aaggggcatt ttatccattt tctcttcttt atcactcatc     49920
     atacaactga caattttctc agaggaatca aaaccctgca gctttgcaga aaataatttt     49980
     aagaaaagga ctgattcaat agcattgatt gctagtaggc acaatttatc gtttgagcat     50040
     cgatatcaga acttgtgttt ccgcaatagt cacatcgcaa gatatgcagt gttgagttgg     50100
     gattataatt aactagaaag cacaggtcaa aacatgtaag atttgtggaa gcactgcaga     50160
     atttaaccat aatagagtca aagtttatca tctgcttctt attttaaggc ctaggacatt     50220
     gaagagactt taaatagtgc attattatta ttattattca attttagtac ctgaatggta     50280
     ctcttaccgg aaaaccatga agcactattt atgtcacttt aacatttact cgaatgtgtt     50340
     tatttatgac tgtagtttgt ttaaatttat attttactca cgtacaaaat catcccaatc     50400
     aatctaaatt aatcactttg catatagagc tattaaagtc atctggtgaa tttgtacttc     50460
     tgtgaataat atactgttaa ggtcagaatt cttagaattt tttttctttt ttttaaaaat     50520
     tctcaaatga tgtttaacag agcaaggtaa ttttcacagc atgtctgata atattttttc     50580
     ttttggagaa agtcttattt gttttagttc ggctagaata aaagcagatt gtaattttaa     50640
     acatacattt ttaggtcaaa attattagcc cctttaagat atatttttgt tctgttatct     50700
     acagaacaaa ctatagttag gccttcaaat gtcactttaa gctgtataga agtatcttga     50760
     aaaacatcta gtaaaatatt atgtacggtc atcatgacaa agataaaata aaatggttat     50820
     taggaatggg ttgttaaact tattatgttt agaaattagt tgaaaaaatc ttcactccgt     50880
     taaacagaaa ttggggaaaa aataaacagt gggctaataa ttcaggggcg ctaataattc     50940
     tgacttcaac tgtatatcgc agagagacaa ctatgacaat gtcaaatttt tccaatatct     51000
     tgcagcccta atttttagca accagctcta agatgttata atctgataaa aaaagaggat     51060
     atagtcagaa tttgtctata tctatttaaa tattaaaata ttcttaagaa aacatattaa     51120
     ccaagaaata aatgtcaggc tactcacaca aaagcataag tcattgtttt tgtcatgcat     51180
     acatcttgtt cactgactcg aaacttcacc accctggtga aaatgaattc tccatcatcc     51240
     catttatttt atatgttgtt tgcaatttag caaaaaaggg gtcaatcctg gatgtgctcc     51300
     ttttattcac ttctttgcta gaaacggcat ataagtcaaa gaggagtaac ttgcagaaga     51360
     ttcgcatcat gtcgctctta caataaagat aatgaccagc aagggcaagt gcagttcagg     51420
     gttcatgttt agttcaccag ttggaaatct cacttcaagc cctacaggag gacatttgag     51480
     catctcacag catataaaat tagagacagg aatataatca tgaagattaa ggtttgaatg     51540
     tgcacctttt tcagcaactt cagatttggt ctgttttctc atttgccttt attcaataat     51600
     ggcgcttcac gctgagagct tttttttgtt gcttggctca aatgtatatg taatgtgaat     51660
     gagctggtat ccttgcatgc tgatattttc aaatttaccc tattgtagtg gagggtaaat     51720
     atagttcaag cattcaattg ctgcaccgtt actcgcttcg tgatgtcaca tgcctgcctg     51780
     tgtgaggaag gggaaattga ctgtgtcttg cttgtgctct aacctgactg gaggacgagg     51840
     cagcagttga cttgtcgatg ggtggagtca gtgttatttc atttagccag cgctgcctcc     51900
     ctgtctccag agggaggttt gacactagat ttgttatagc tgacaggaac agatgggcgc     51960
     tctattgtca gggcccctgt ctgtatggta atgtgaactg agtttcaccc gcagaccgca     52020
     cggttgaccc ctccgtgcct gcagcctcgt ctggatgaca gcagccctgc agccgaggat     52080
     gggaagccca gggcaggagg agcttcacag tggggtggaa atgttgccag gtcaagttta     52140
     ggaaatgcaa aagtaagaga agaaatgctc ttatcacttg gaatggcctg gttgaaaata     52200
     tctgataact aaaaaaacaa aataaaaaag gataatttta taacgcatac acaacgtcag     52260
     ttacacttat tgtttcagca ataaaaatat tccagagaag gtgtatggtt tgttagtgtg     52320
     actggagctt gtgtgtttaa gaggctaata tcaatgcatg tcctatcaaa ggctgcacat     52380
     gctctgggct ctttgtgtgc actgacttga tttatgtcca gaaacaaaag cccctctcgt     52440
     ttctgttatc ttaccccacc acagctctac aggcaaagct ggaaaagcca atcaggaagg     52500
     ggaaaaggat tcagagttaa gttgtttctt tatcgcaaat tagatcatcg agatgtaaat     52560
     ttgatttttt ttcttcaaga tcttagagcc tctaaattaa tggatgtgtt ggctagaaaa     52620
     ttgattgtag taatgaatct ctggagagtc caaaaagagc atgcatcaat gaaaaagaca     52680
     ttttagcctg gcaattaagc gaccccttgc aaagtaaagt ggccaacatg caaatcctgt     52740
     ttttgtcatc atcacattta ctgtcaataa ttttagttct gcagcctgat ctgtcttaat     52800
     gcagtggcat gtggagtcat gcaatcaaaa gcacctcacg tgacctcact tttgagtcat     52860
     cgtcagctgg tattcgtcca cataacctct taactctata caatttgcag tgagtgctca     52920
     cactttgagt gtttcttcct ccctacagta aacttttgac ccctgggtct tgttctggtc     52980
     attccgtgac ctgtctgaac tctgtctagg gcaactgagt ctacattatt gaccccagtt     53040
     gctatagaaa cagtgtaaat aaaacaaagt ttccctggct tgaagagaag tatcattttt     53100
     gttttttttt aaagccatct ttttctaaac atgattaatg tttggatgca cttagaaata     53160
     gtcaaatacg atgcattggc aggcttcaca gggcacggta aatgacttca gcaaagatga     53220
     caccatcttt cctacacgct gtcattttcc caccctctgt ttccctttgc attaattaat     53280
     tgaaatagac tcatattaga ccagagcatc cttagtgcat cgctgcttct gcctttcggg     53340
     ttcaaaagtt cagatctatc tgaaggctcc gatgctgcag aaaatgctga tattcactca     53400
     cgctctgtct ctcactcatt tgtaatttca cccaaacaca ctctcacttt tcctcctgct     53460
     cagtaaactg atcattcgga ggagattttc aaccgttaat gtcatatcat tgtcagtggc     53520
     tctattcatt gtgcggtgat gagtcaacag agcatgcatc actacattca tcatgcgttt     53580
     tctttcatta gttaagaaaa tattgcctct gtgttcacta taatatgtct agctctagta     53640
     aaagttattg tgggtgagga gagaaaggct ttcaggattt gcaaggtatg aaatgaggag     53700
     aataggaagt cacaaccttg agtgtctaat cttctttgca gcctgtcagt atggcagaca     53760
     aatggcaaaa cgattcaatg ctgcgggttc agctagaggt tagccttccc aggtacctcc     53820
     agctctctct ctctctttct ctctctctct ctctccttac ccatcttgca aatgagaatt     53880
     tgatttttct ctccactgga ttccatttct tgagattgat gaagtttcga tgcaaggccc     53940
     aggtggcctg atgctttcat tgggaaacaa atgaaagcgt gtgtaggtgt gttcgcctgt     54000
     acacccacag ggaaagagtg ctgttcaaat gtcttctgtg tgtctttttt ctaaatgtag     54060
     atttggcagc caaagtgtgc atgttgcact cttaatgctt gcacaatttt catgtttttt     54120
     gaataaagat ctttatagtc atagacataa tacatttgac aattctcgct ctctgtggtt     54180
     ctgttcgact gcaatacttg gaatgttttc acatctttaa actgaccaga agaactgttt     54240
     ttccattaaa tgtctttcta ccctctgatt tgtcagcatg tgtaggtatc atttatctgt     54300
     ccaaaatgga aaatattatg ctaattgcct aatttaccat atgctttcta ttgagtgttg     54360
     aaacatgtaa taatcataaa agagtatttt ccccacatgg ttctgaactt gagtaaggag     54420
     cttcatgagt gaaaggctat atttaagttt gggaggttta ggctggcctg gtaatgcagt     54480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     54540
     tatataaaac acagccatca gtaaccactc aaccaaataa tttccataat gactggcagg     54600
     tccatgatat gacagatttc agtgtttaaa agaaaaaaaa actttctgtg aagtgatttt     54660
     tgttacaaca atgactggct gcagtccacc agcgtcttga gccaatacaa acacttcaag     54720
     ttaacttatc ctgctctcct aaattttata gagtagcata agatggaaaa ttgtctccag     54780
     atttttgttt tgtgtataat aaattgttta aaatatagca caagttgtat ttttacaaga     54840
     agaacattgc tcatgtatgg ctggattaag attgcagatg tgtaactgtt ggctctgcta     54900
     gttataccat ttaacagttc agcgtttgat cgttgtattt atttacttaa ggacacgcgc     54960
     ggtttttcac gattcacact gtcggtctgg cctgcacgtg ctgctccata aagcatttac     55020
     aggggaatta gaaaggtgtt tatagagacc atgtgaaatg tgatgttttt ttctttcttt     55080
     ttgatttgta catattattc tgatgtttgt gtatacgggc ctacatcgag ttagaaacca     55140
     aaataataat tataaaaata aaaataacca aaaataaaaa aatattttag ttaggctaat     55200
     tttattaata tttggcaaaa aaaaatgaga aaagaaatgg gaaaatacaa ttatagttgg     55260
     attattttaa aggatgcatt aacgccatta tttaatgtac ttttaatctt aaagtattat     55320
     ctgatataga cccgaatttt caattccatg tcgcttaatt aataaatatt gtatcaatca     55380
     attaatcatt tgctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     55440
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     55500
     ctatctatct atctatctat tcgatttaca aaaaggttat ataggcctaa gtgttttgca     55560
     aagcgcttga taaaaaacgt ttttattacg tatattgaag aataaataat tcaatcttgc     55620
     ctatgaaagt ttttgtgtaa caaaaatgag aaaaataata aattacatcc ttaaaaaaat     55680
     cctaatttac gcgtatttgc ctaatagtct ttttaagcac gtgtttctgt ttttaagttg     55740
     atattattga agtcattgat attatttatt attttttaac gtttatggca tctatacatt     55800
     tgcaagaaat ccaaaccggg gggaaattgg tatagcctgt aaggaccaga caatctaaat     55860
     gtctatattt atgagaaata aattgagacc atttgtatta aatataatat tttattacta     55920
     gaattacatt ttttttattc gttttcgtga tattttaggt tgtttttacg cttgccatct     55980
     ttaatatttc tcccagttac tcgcagtcaa agttcagtct taagaattca ctgttcactt     56040
     tgcttcaacc cgcgccctct ggtgggcttt attagctttt agcagttgtg taactgaagc     56100
     atttctggat gtatttacac cttttaaata aactaaggac gcttttagtc tatgatgtca     56160
     tgctatcgaa tttcatgttt tgctaaaatg cgaaatctga ttatttctca ctcactcatt     56220
     ctaagtgaaa taaagcagag ccacaaactc atttctggag tttatcagcc ggtcataaat     56280
     acctgtgtgg catacatgta tgcgagcgtt aacaaacacg tcaaagttta cgaccgtagt     56340
     gcattcctcg tttgaccgat gctcgatata atgaatcttg atttgccgtc cgcagacagt     56400
     cgacacgtgt ccgctggcgt atttcatcgt tcctgcatca aagttgctca aagaaaagac     56460
     aacaaacaag cagacaagaa atgtaaataa cgagttttcc aacagtaggc tatttagaga     56520
     aatgcttatg atgttaggtt atttaaatgt gtcttctcac tgatcgtata tattttaaat     56580
     caattgctaa aataggaaag ccagaattat tttattttat tgtattttaa aaaaagcatt     56640
     taatatgtac tgaaattagc ctacatgcta ataataaaac aggtcgtatg tgtgtgtgtg     56700
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgatgc gctaatctca caaggaactt tttgacactc acactctttt     56760
     ttgacactca tgcgagtagt aaattattaa aaaacacaaa attaggtttt atccgtaaaa     56820
     cgtaaaaata caaaataatt tttgtgaggg ttaagtaagg tttacagaca ggtttagtgt     56880
     acagaaaata ttactaggtc agtataaaac atatagtctg actacaaata tatgcatgtc     56940
     tgtctggcaa tgtaatacgg tcttttttgg ttcaaaagtg tttggttatt ttaatattta     57000
     aaagattata aaatgcacct tttaattgta agataatgtg tgagtaattt gaaataaaac     57060
     taaaattgca caggcctatc aaagctatta tttagcattt ataaaatgat caaatgcaat     57120
     tagatctgat attgttctat aaaattcaat acatttaaaa aaataatcta aatcaattaa     57180
     tcagttaatt aaatatcaca aaacatttaa atttaaatta ataaactgaa aataccttaa     57240
     aatactaata ttataaaaaa tacaaatact gatataataa aaattctaac atttttacaa     57300
     gctaaattgt acttgcacct cagaaaacag ttcatcccaa aatacaagac tccccgttcc     57360
     ccatttttct tcttatagca acgtcttaat ttctgattgt aaatagatcc aaaattatac     57420
     tgaatggttt ataggaacag cagtaaaact ccagtagtat atttaaaaca aattaaataa     57480
     ttaacaattg tttcaacatg ttgattatca tataagaagt ccatttgaaa ctatttatgt     57540
     tcaacaccaa attgttagat aaagatctgt acatccagat ccttttagtt tttcatgtaa     57600
     aatttttttt taacttttcc cccttctttg tagcattcat tttaaacagg aacctgctca     57660
     taattcttgc tgaagtaaac acactctcgt ttttatcgta cattcatgct tagttatttc     57720
     atttttcttt gtgaattggc tataaccgac aacaccggat tccaagcttt ctcatgcctc     57780
     agctccacca gtttaagtat atttccacat ctcgccaagc tcatttttct ccgcagccgt     57840
     gtgtgatgat gacactgctt ttgagtcata tctcctccgg ctgtcgcacc tcagtccacc     57900
     tctctgccat ctcaggatta tagtattcgc agttaaactt ttgaatggat gtcataatat     57960
     atgggggtaa aatttataga gctccggtct ctgaacggag gacccccttt gctttccctg     58020
     ctcatcgcca gactataaat tctcctcttg tacggtgcgc ctcgtcagta aaggaacaat     58080
     gttgtggcac taaagcatgc taaatggttt cccacatcat gtgtgaagcc cacaattgcg     58140
     cctttaaaca ggggccggct aaaggtccat cctggaaatc ttgcaaataa taagtaatac     58200
     tgcaaaaatg ttcaggggcg gcatgatttc ctgtctcatg ttgtgaataa cagatccttt     58260
     tcattcaaat caaatcagtt cttgttaagg acaatttaga gaggtgatgt tcagtcgagc     58320
     cgttcaccaa gggatctttc tgtctcagtc tttcgctccc tccttcctaa tgcctttctt     58380
     tctactttct caccctccta atgtttgcca tgcgcaggca tcgcacagag gccactgcct     58440
     ttgcctttaa tgaggaaaaa tgtgtcaatt tgctgttctg tgtgtgcagt ttgcgtattg     58500
     gcaagtggta cgggggggtt aaggatgctg ggagtgctgc ttttttctaa tcaagtgctg     58560
     tacaggagag cgcagtaatt cggctctctc catctctccc tgatcagcat tcctcccctg     58620
     cctctccctg cggcccccca gggacccttg tgccttctgt ttcacctcat ctctgaggtt     58680
     catgccgagg tcaggctgtg tgtcctgtac acacaagcac ttctgggaga catggatatg     58740
     acatcgatct gatgtagatt tcttgcagtg tatactatac tttaatatac taaatatgta     58800
     ttatatttac aaaagggatt ttacatacat agaaagtatc caatgtccaa tatttgttca     58860
     aataaatttc attatcattc agtttagcag acgtttttat gtaaaactga aataacattc     58920
     ttctagtgaa ccgtatttaa taataaaaat gcctttaata ggcatggtta ctaaccagtt     58980
     gaccttttga gcataggtta ttattaaaat gaaaaactca aaatttaaat aaattttaag     59040
     aaatgaaata caaaaatact aaattgttgt tctaaattgt attttatttt aaataataaa     59100
     aatgtcttgt tgacaaatag gaaaatctga tttggaagat agatgtatga aaacctaaca     59160
     aattaatttt atacataagt catttaattt gtcatctgaa gattgttctt aatattggtt     59220
     ttacataact ttttgctata tgaacatgtt gcactgaatg ctgttttggt gggcaaatca     59280
     gatgaacata aaataaaagt acacattatg aacagggagg ataaaatgtg ctatatttat     59340
     ttattcttta ttttcatctt ttatatttgt catcatctta tgctttctta accattaata     59400
     ataagtaaac ctgctaatta taatctccag taataatacc tttaattctc attggtctat     59460
     tacagtgctt tgacgcctaa ttttagtttt agtaattaat ttttaaatgt tttccattta     59520
     ttggatatca gccatagcat gaattcagta tgcagtgttc agtacgcaaa tgagatcttg     59580
     gtgattggat agtaatcatt cagggacaca gtaaatcaat tctgttaata agttagtggc     59640
     cttgaatgtt gtgccgactg aatctacaat aaatcattgc atcatatcga tggtcgcttt     59700
     ggaaatgtca aggtaaacgt gtaatgcact catgctatcc taaatgcaca tatgttaaga     59760
     atatgaaaaa aaaaatacat ttgacacata tgaaaagagg ggtgacgcgg tggcacagta     59820
     ggtagtgttg tcgcctcaca gcaagaagaa cgctggttca agcctcggct gggtcagttg     59880
     gcatttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc ccacgttcgc gtgggtttcc tccatgtgct     59940
     ccagttttcc ccacaagttc aaagacattc actataggtg aattgggtaa gctaaaattg     60000
     tccttagtgt atgtgtgtaa atgagattgt atgggtgttc cccagagatg ggttgcagct     60060
     ggaagggcat ccgtaaaaca tatgctggat aagttggtgg ttcattccac tgtggtgacc     60120
     ctggattaat aagctgaaaa gaaagtgaat aaatgaataa acatatgaaa agaaaaacac     60180
     acttgcagtg ccagcacata taagtacggc cctcacaaat ctctcttttc aagagttcac     60240
     acttagatac tgtttgacaa cttgttagca agttagcagg tttgtcatgc tgtcccagga     60300
     gagaactctg agctcggaga tagttgagcc cagggctccc gccaggtcca tagagcatgt     60360
     gaggggagta cgagatcagg tgttctcgag agctcccctc ggcaaaagag gaaaggagga     60420
     gaaggggtgg aaggggggtt tcttcgggaa aacgaagata atggagtagt tcttagctag     60480
     gttacttata gtgagtttgg atcgatctga ttggctagct aatgagtgta gatgaatggc     60540
     cagctgcagt caatcatatc acatgctcct ctcgaaatta gtttgtgaaa cttcatttaa     60600
     attcatattt ttaataggta gctaaacaat attatatttg agaatataca ttaaattagt     60660
     cagtactgaa gccaaatctt gagcttatct aacaaaatga cttttgataa cggtcccaaa     60720
     actagtaaag ctaaatttat atgttataga aaaatattaa atacaaataa aaaaaaaaga     60780
     aaaacaagaa agcaaaaaat tagaaaaatt tgataggttg taatttattt ttgcagtatt     60840
     ttgagatgcc aaggacaatg tacatatctg caattgtcac aaaacagatc aagtataggg     60900
     ataaacacaa cctgatatag tttgaaatga atgtaatttg aagatttgtt gcaaagctta     60960
     accatcatag aattaaagtt taaaatttgc acagttttgt tttctgttac tgtgttcaaa     61020
     gtgaggttaa agcattcaag caatagaaac agattacttg catttcatgt ttacagtgaa     61080
     gactgtgaag tgttatttta catttgaaaa atttagttta aaaggttgta atttattttt     61140
     gctgaatttt gcttgaattg aattgtatta tctttcaact tctaaatatg tttggtgact     61200
     gaaatattat tttaataatt atgtttaata aatctgttta gtttaaatgc accaaaatac     61260
     attgcctaat ttcactgaga aattccataa aatgagttgt ataagatgat gcttttttat     61320
     tatatatttt tgtaacatga tgaaagtcca cagtaaatta aattgtttgg aagtcttaga     61380
     tttaatatat ccactcagaa gtagatttat tatgcagttt aaaagattac ctaaaagatt     61440
     ataatgcaag ctgtggttaa cgaacttttg tcaggcatct taaaatgaac aaaaaccaac     61500
     ttaaatctgt aaacaaaaca agattttgac agactctgca tccatcagta ctgcctgtgc     61560
     cctgtcattg actcacagcc actcaactgt gatgctattt aatgctgttt tacattaact     61620
     tccttggatc attacggcat caatcagatt tttatagctg gataacctgc tgtgctcata     61680
     acatcacctg tgagcgcaat attacgcatg ttgttgaggg tgttaaatgt gcacagatcc     61740
     cagctttatt ataagatatc cgagcttatg acaaacgcta attaattaaa tagtgtatga     61800
     ggttgtttgt tcaccactca tttgagaccg gctgctctct ctgtcaaatc cgttttccgt     61860
     gtcattgtta cagaagggtt ttctgcgaaa cgagtccgtg tggagtaaac acagcagtgc     61920
     attggcgctg gcaggcagtg tgctgtggac tgatagcagt agcatgacct ggagctctgc     61980
     ctatacctcc atgttgcaga aggagagaga gtgagggaga ataggccgga catctcttgg     62040
     ttctctggta tcccgctgag ctcctctcgt ggcatcagtc ccctctctcc cgctgccgtg     62100
     gcactgatga acgtccctct gtgtggcacg ctcgatgcct cactccacca atctcagcct     62160
     gccacatcgc agaggccgtg ccatgcatca ccacaaagcg tctagcagcc gcggagagtg     62220
     cctggaggaa agtcattagc tttgtgtcgc tccttttttt tctctctgct cgtttttcct     62280
     caaaaataaa ggtttcaaaa tgctttttag tgatgccatt ttgggtttct taacaaattg     62340
     tttttaaaag atcattttaa tgatcgaata cattttataa cataaagaac ctgcatttta     62400
     aaagttctgt agttgttttg tttttggatt ttttttatta gtttttgcag acagaaaaac     62460
     aagcaacaga cagacaaacc catcttaaaa caataatctg tgcaaattgt aaaataaata     62520
     tatatatatg atctacaaaa agacacagca atggatgtaa aaagagagaa aaaaacttac     62580
     aatctacaga aattaaacaa cactattagt ctttatggtg tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     62640
     ctagatccca cattttatca aattttgcag agtttccaga agtggtatat ctaattcttt     62700
     ccaagaagcc agtcagaaaa aaagaggcct aacgtttttc ttccagaaac aaaggataac     62760
     tttttaggtg atcatgccat actggatata actgtacatt tcagttgaga ggctccagaa     62820
     aagttctgtg gttgttaaag gaaccgtcga tacttgagct gcacagtacg tcattttgag     62880
     atcctattgt acacatctgc aattgtcaca taactgatgc gcaatgtcaa gaataaggat     62940
     aataggtgaa caaaatctga aatacagtta gaaattaatg taattagaat gtgcaactaa     63000
     aggttataat ttgcttgagt ttttgtttct cttactgtgt ttgaagtaag gttaaagcat     63060
     tcaggcacaa aaaaactgat tactttcatt tcatgtttgt tattatgtgt tattttatat     63120
     ttgaatattc aatatctgtt tttgactacc attatgactt cacagaaaaa atataaaaaa     63180
     agcttgttta ttaaatttta tagagataga aaaaataacc tcagcctttc taaaaacgtc     63240
     aatctttaca aatattcaag gcatctggta aaatagggtt catatcgcaa aatattgcag     63300
     aaatgcaaaa cattcaaatg catccagtgc agtgcatctt gtttagtctg atacccactt     63360
     tatattgtaa ctaagccagg cagtaatgat tgctgttttt taaagaaatc agatcttaaa     63420
     ctgtgtgatt ttgtatagga tgacaattca caggaagccc tggggctggc tgactaaaat     63480
     aaaaagtctg tgtgcatgca tatacctcat tgaaatgttt actggattca agcgttcttc     63540
     atggaactat aagccaataa aaaacctttt atttcagagt gaatatatat aagcacgatt     63600
     gtctctcagc aagatagtcg ctggtttgag ccttggcttg gtcagttggc cattctgtgt     63660
     ggagtttaga tgtttttccg tgtttgcgtg ggtttcttcc agctgctccg gttccgtatc     63720
     attaagttag cgtatcattc cactgtggtg acccctgatt aagggactat aatgaatgaa     63780
     tatatgagaa gttttggtgc tgcttgttat ttctgaatat agttgaatat gatagaacta     63840
     aataaatgaa gtcagaagcc acagagcctc catgatgtaa cactctgaaa tattcataaa     63900
     catccacagc acatttaaat ggaaatgatt ggtcttatgc taattatgga gggagaatgc     63960
     aaggggtgat agttaagaaa cctcactgct ctgaataatt aaaaatgcaa tttatagtcg     64020
     aaatgaaaat ccttaatgcc atgtgcattt ttatggtgct ttaataagtc cacagaaatg     64080
     aatgactctg tttatgatgg tttcaatcgt gcatgttgat aaaaaaaaaa catgcatggg     64140
     aactgatgga atgtaagaaa cggacagaaa tataatctgg ttcaggctct ggtttttgtt     64200
     ctctgtggct ttaaaaatgt caagctctga ttggtctgaa agaagtgaca gaagttgaat     64260
     gttgtgtctg ttcatccaat cagagtcttg ggtttccttg gagacagttg agaaaagaaa     64320
     aacatgccat ttttttttac taggtgaaat gtttggttac actgcgaccc tgtggaagga     64380
     tcacgaatac agtgaccgtc cagaaatccg cccactgttt ggtttccagg tcttaggttg     64440
     tgaagaatga ctgaacacaa attcgccatt cattttagcc attgcctaaa cctctgagcg     64500
     caccgtgggg tcagacagca aggcccgagg aagaaggttg tcagtaggtg tgtgaagatt     64560
     agagagactg ttaattgtgc gtcattctca catttcttgt gtttattctg aactattacc     64620
     ggggcttgac cttttagata aatgaacaga gggggatgtg gatggatgag gggagtaaaa     64680
     ggtgtctgga cgaaagcata cagggagaaa aatgaaccga gaagtggctg gactgaggcc     64740
     tcgttttttt tcttcttctt tttttgatta tacatcagct tacccttgac aaacagttgt     64800
     atttatgata gctgcgtgtt cagaaaaggc tcacgtatgt tcgtgaatga gagcgagggt     64860
     caaagggctc ctctctgaga tggtcatctg tctgataaac tggacacata acatggcaga     64920
     ctacagactc ggtggtgatg tcacacagac tgggtgcttt tgatgagccg agtcttattt     64980
     atggggcatt agattcacat agcagttata cctcacctct cacacttgtt gtttttcttt     65040
     taactttttt ttcctccaat gacaaattca gttcatgcat aacattgtct gttatacatc     65100
     caaccgcagc cttttagctc aaagacgaga gatgccacag agattagttc aagagaagga     65160
     agcatctgct catgtttaaa tgagttttta aataagcctg gtaatgtgcc cagaggccca     65220
     cctgtcgcct acactgtctt ttagctttgg aggtttgaag ctgatgaaag ctggagcatg     65280
     agggtgagga tttgtgtctc atttccctgt ttgcagcaaa ttgttcctct gtgctgccac     65340
     gctcatgtgc cctagaaaac atgctaaaaa taggtgcgtg ggtgcagatt gaagcgcagc     65400
     acgccctgca ccacattttg atatattcct ataacagttg tcatcatatt agcagtgctt     65460
     tcaagagatg gggacaattt gtttatgggt gaacccccct cttttatacc aaatgagtca     65520
     gttatagcac ttcttacaaa gtcaacgaca aggggaattt tagtagggaa aaagcatctt     65580
     tgtacgtatc ctctttttaa gggtgcttat aaatatccat atttatcata aatatttatt     65640
     ttctatatca catttagctg aagtcagaat tattagccct cctgtatatt attatattat     65700
     aatgcataga ttccgtttta ttctacaaac aactgaattc ttctaaattt aataaacaaa     65760
     tgaaaacctt ttttttgcga aatgtgtcat gtttttatgc atatattcat tatttaaaca     65820
     gtcatatgca ataccaatat tttaacctgg ttgtttcaat cacaaaaaca aacacatttg     65880
     ttatcctaaa ttactaaaag atcatatttt tatttgaaat tcagaagaaa tgtttttatt     65940
     ctttatataa taaaacaatt attattatta tacttaaacc cattcctaat aaacccacca     66000
     acaacatcat taaaaaacta tttattggat acacacacac acacacacac atacagttga     66060
     agtcaaaatt atttatcccc ctttaaattt ttttcttttt ttaatatttc ccaaatgttt     66120
     aacagagcaa ggaaaatttc acagtatgtc tgataatatt ttttttcttt tggagaaagt     66180
     tttatttgtg ttatttctgc tagaatacag gcagttatta ttatttttta tatatataaa     66240
     tagcttgcct agttacccta acctgtctag ttaacctaat taaccttaag cctttaaatg     66300
     tcactttaag ctgtataaaa gtgtcttgaa aatatctaat aaaatattat ttactgtcat     66360
     caggacaaag atgacgaaaa atcagttatt agaaatgagt tattaaaact attatgatta     66420
     gaaaagtgtt gaaaaatctt ctctccatta aacagaaatt ggggggaaaa taaatagtgg     66480
     gacaaataag tcagaagggc taataattct gacttcaact gtatacagtg ctcagcataa     66540
     ttgagtacac cccattttga aaagcaatat tttatccatt tctcagtgaa tatgtgtaat     66600
     atatattagt gtataaataa aaataaatat ttattaaaat aatattttag tcatcgaaca     66660
     gctttaaaaa tggaaagata atacatttga attcatgcaa aatattgcaa aaaaaaataa     66720
     taagaaaata acaacctaca acatttcaac aaaaacattt cacatttgct tctttttaat     66780
     ttgctatttt aaaaatttta tttaatattt tttatctaac ctaaatttgg gtgtactaat     66840
     ttttgaacca ttattgtttt ttcgataagc tcaagatttg gcttcagtac tgactaaact     66900
     aatgtgcaca aatataatat tgtaaagcat agaaaatttt tatttgaatg agagattagt     66960
     gaggggtgta ctcatatatg aggagcactg tatgcataca tacatgtata gtttttgtag     67020
     tttttttatt ttaagtgcat aaacaaatgg caacattgtt cagtttaatt attattatta     67080
     ttattagcta tttattcctt ttatagtttt cactttgcta catttttttc acagcattat     67140
     ttctcttgat ttctgattga cagtttttga agagatccct ctggtggctg cacaagacct     67200
     gagtaacatt ctgaagcaag gttacctgga aaaaaagaga cgaggtaaat atctttaaaa     67260
     aattaatgtg caccttaaca tctgcaaata tttatatatt tttgaatttc tttggtcaga     67320
     tcacagtttc ttcagcatgg aatggcaaaa gcgatggtgt gttctgaaca acaccatatt     67380
     ttattacttc gggagtgata aaggtatgtc ttgttccgtg taaatacagt gctcagcata     67440
     tatagttaca cccttcacaa atctctcttt taaattcatt ttttaaatat ttaaattttc     67500
     atttttaata tttcaataga aaatagaaaa tttagttata atgttgtagg ttgtaatttt     67560
     ttttgcaata ttttgcttga atttcatttt attatctttc aatttctaaa tgtgtttggt     67620
     gactctaata ttatttgaat aaatatgtct gtttaataaa tctgttttgt ttaaatttac     67680
     caaaatacat tttctatttt cactcagaaa tggataaaaa tattcatttt caaaatgagg     67740
     tgtactcaat tatgctgagc actttcagta tcaagaatat taaatacaga gatgctgaga     67800
     aactaaattt ggtgttctga attcagacaa gcagcagaag ggctcgtttt atatcaatgg     67860
     ttacagtgca gagttggttc ccagtttacg caaagactcc aagaagagct cctgctttga     67920
     gatgagtgct cctggaagac gctcttacca ggttcaacac acacaaacac actcacatta     67980
     accctcacgt tcagtcagtc atcctgctgt cattacaatg aagaatgatt atagtctcca     68040
     aatccacaat gatagctttt cctctacagt tcactgccag cagtcctcgt gaagcaagag     68100
     aatgggtgga ccagatcaat tttgttctta agggtaagcc acatatgaaa tgcattttta     68160
     ttgagatgca aaacatattt atatcatttt ataaatgcat ctgactcggg ctgagcacca     68220
     cagtgatcat attgaggtga aaagggcagt tttataaaaa agaggcttaa cgataacttt     68280
     ccctccggca cagccaataa gacaggctct agacctcctc atgcagcacg tcattgagct     68340
     tctgagccca acgtgcctca ggctgcctcc tcttccccgt agcgctgcgc tctttacagg     68400
     aaattgattg ggatttgccc ggtcatcctt taggggcatc gatctggtcc tgcttggcat     68460
     ccaggcagtg aggatacgat agcctgtgtt acagagctca gtcacctgca atcaggctct     68520
     cgctccatct gagacagatc tgaggcatcc tcgccactct aaaatgggct caatgcggcc     68580
     ctctgatttg cgggaagtaa tggacactcc tgagatagtt ttctccttcc ccatccccct     68640
     tcgcacatgt agatacagcc aactggcaca aaaagttcta aattagcact gtaataagtt     68700
     aacaccttta ttttattatg gtggacaaac atccaagtat atactgaaaa tctgttaaag     68760
     gtaaaattaa aataaaaaca taaaaacaaa taaagtttac ctgaaatttt aatttagcaa     68820
     aaaggaaaaa ctacatctag catctcactg ccattatgga aaattgtggc aaaaaagaga     68880
     gaataaaact agactgagaa aataagaaat taatgttatt ttcattgcaa tttcaatgta     68940
     tttcttaaat tgatttatgc ttctatcgta tttggtgaca ctttattttt actgtgcttt     69000
     ttagaaaaat tgttgactaa gctaatttgc tgctacatgt cagctaactc tcattattat     69060
     tgagtaagaa tagattatta atagactatt aggttatgct tattattaat gtaagattaa     69120
     taagttggca agttttgcta tgcaaagtta cttaaagtca gatgaacatc tgtttggaca     69180
     ctgaaaataa agtggtagta gagaagtaga tattaagctg tttactgata tgtcaagtgc     69240
     tacagggtat gttgaaattc agttgcatct gcaagtcaaa acaaataaat aaataaataa     69300
     ggaagcatca ctgtggcgca gaggatagca caattgcctc acagcaagaa ggttgctggt     69360
     tggagccacg gctgggtcag ttggcatttt tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tctccgtgtt     69420
     ctcgtaggtt tcctccgggt gctccggttt cccccacagt ccaaagacat gcagtataga     69480
     tcaattgaat atgctaaatg ggtcttgtag gtgtgtgaat gcaggagtgt atgggtgttt     69540
     cccagtgttg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat ccactgtgta aaaacatatg ctggataagt     69600
     tggcagtaca ttcccctgtg gctactgctg atgaataaag ggactgagta actactattt     69660
     aaatgaaata aaataaaatg aaatacaatt aattaaaaat aaataaataa atatttggcg     69720
     cttcagagca agtgaagcag gttcatatgc acctcatttt gtttttgttt gttaatgttt     69780
     acaacacgaa acagttgata atcagctact ttagtttttt tgtagctggt tgacataaac     69840
     ttgaattaac aaaacttaaa atggcatatt gcaataaaga caatataaat aatgttacaa     69900
     catattacgt agataagcaa catcacacaa tttatagtgc tattttagcc aaacatcagt     69960
     acagctgttg agccatactg attttctaca tgtttaataa acgagttaaa atttaaggga     70020
     cagttctcac aaaaattaaa actcatttac tcatttacac actcttccct tgttgcaaac     70080
     atatatgaga ttctttgttt tactaaacac aaaaaaaaga ttattttgaa gaatgtgtgc     70140
     cattgaccag taggaggaca gaatcccatg caggtttgga agaagtagag ggtgaataaa     70200
     caacagattt ttaatttttg ggcgaactgt ccctttaatt gacttacatt tcagaacgca     70260
     ttatcggatt ttgcttaatt tgtattactc tttcataatg gcttcttacc tgaatgagtc     70320
     atttttctta tttcagcatt aatggttatt ttcaggcttc ttttcaagat caggaaagtg     70380
     acttaagact gaagactaaa gtaactgcag cttcaaattc agtttaatca gtacagaagt     70440
     aaattagatt taagatattt aaatttacag atcaaaataa aaatacatta aaatagaacc     70500
     attttcacag gtggtctcaa acaccactat atgtacattg tttgtctgct gttgttttaa     70560
     ttgtttaggc atttatcatt attattatag cttctttcta agatctgagc ttaaccaggg     70620
     aaaaaataag aaaatttgaa aattatgttt ttgtgatgtc aactttttac ataaatggaa     70680
     ttctttaaaa atattaatga ctgcaagtaa attagcatct aaattttagc taaccctcat     70740
     tattattaag agtgatatta gataattaac agactgttaa tttacggttg ttattattag     70800
     tggtagatga ataagttggg aggtattaaa aaagttactt atctttagat tagatttaga     70860
     ttatctgtta gatggtagta gatattaagc tgtttactga cactccagtt gctgtagagt     70920
     gtgaccagtt tcagttgcat ctaaaataaa ttaaaatctg aatatattaa aatagaacca     70980
     tattcaccag tggtttcaaa acccaataca ctggttgttt gtctgctgtc gctttcattg     71040
     ttttttgtgt tagtgattga ttttatggct tctctccaag atttgagctc aaacttcatc     71100
     ccttttgatg atgatgagga agaagaagag gtggaggaag aggaagagac gtatgatgat     71160
     attgaacgag caacaacacc accacctcca agacctggag cagcgtctgc acaggttaca     71220
     accccgagaa aaactcaaaa cagccgtgaa gagtggaaag accaagcact gcctcaggaa     71280
     gacgaagaag atgatgagga agaggacatt tatgaaatac ttcccggtaa aaacaacgca     71340
     tcacactgta aacaaatcaa ggggatgcct ttggtattaa gtttgactgt aaatttccct     71400
     acaggaatga gttcttgatg ggattttagt ggagcacagc tagtaaggtt gttaccatca     71460
     gtgctaaaat gttaaacatc gtcaataaga gcatatacat caagatctgg tcacccaaag     71520
     tgatagcagg gccctcgcag gacctaatga gatctccgag gagaaataga tcactctgga     71580
     gtgctgtcat tttcacctta ctttgccatg tgtgctgggc agctgagctg gccacagatg     71640
     gcggatcgag tgaccacctc tctcactttt ccgcccttca ttcatctccc tctcatcatc     71700
     ttgtgcctct cagattttca gtttggaaaa gtgctgagca aaagtgtttt tatgacattg     71760
     tctaaaaaaa agtgctgaat taagtgttaa tgtactaact aatggcttca aagaaactat     71820
     ttacatacaa ttatatagca catacagttg aatttagaat tattagcccc cataaattat     71880
     tagcccagct gtttattttt tctccaattt ctgtttaaca tcatagtttt aataactcat     71940
     ttctaataac tgatttattt tatctttggc aggatgacag taaatattat ttgactagat     72000
     gttttaaaga cacttctaaa cagcctaaag tgtcatttaa aggctaaact aggttaataa     72060
     ggttaactag acagattatg gtaattaggc aagttattgt ataaaaatgg tttgttctgt     72120
     agacaactga aaaaatatat agctaaaaat ggctaataat tttgtcctta aaatggtgtt     72180
     taaaaaatta aaaactgctt ttattttagc cgaaattaaa caaataagac tttctccaga     72240
     agaaaaaata ttatcagaca tgctgtgaaa atttccttgc tctgttaaac ataatttggg     72300
     aaatatttaa aaaagaacaa aaaaatcaaa ggggggctaa taattctgac ttcaactttt     72360
     gatccaaagt ttgagaaata tttattcagg gaaatttaaa cttttgtcaa gaaagaaatt     72420
     gatcggaagt taaattttat aaaaaaaaaa aaaacattta tttaaacttt gagctatggt     72480
     gcttagcata tataagtaca cccctcacaa atctctcttt tcaattcata ttttaatagg     72540
     aagctataga atataatatt tgtgcatata catatacatt agattagtca gtactgaagc     72600
     caaatctgga gcttatctta caaaaaaact tactataatg gtcaaaaact agtacagcca     72660
     aatttatgtt atagaaaaaa tattaaatac aaattttaaa aaagataaaa aaatcaagag     72720
     aagcaaaaaa aaaaaataaa aataaataca ttaataaatg gaagagttta gttttaattt     72780
     tgttggttgt aatttatttt taattttgaa tttaattgta ttatctttcc atttttaaat     72840
     atgatggtga ctgaaatatt atttcaataa atttatctgt ttaataaatc tgttttgttt     72900
     aaatgcacca aaaaacattt tactgaaaaa cgaatacaaa tattcatttt caaaatgggg     72960
     tgtactcgat tatgctgagc actgtatgtg tttattaaag aattctgaaa aattctaaca     73020
     tctaaattag ctgctgtctt attttaggct taaacaaata aactttataa gcaattaaaa     73080
     tgtcaaataa tataagatta aactgacaaa gtatcaagtt gaatgttata taactgaagt     73140
     taaactggtc atcttcgttt aataaattaa agtaacaaac atttgttggc ataacttaat     73200
     gatcatatgt attttttaca caaatattaa gcagcataac atttcaacat tgatgataat     73260
     aataatacat gtttttgagc attacatcac tacatcagag tacgagacga ggattaggta     73320
     atgataaata tttaaatata aataaataaa acatttgatt tttaatatat atttttttta     73380
     caatattaca gttttgtaaa gaaaaaacct aataaaatgt gtgctgctgt atattaattc     73440
     acaatgtttg ctttaattct attacaaaaa ttaaagcttt ttttctgtaa atgttttaga     73500
     tttagaatgc acaataaatt caataaccaa gtcatgacaa cacatgtttt gtatgttatt     73560
     taacttaaaa taataataat tccttacatt tatatggcac ttttctagac cctcaaagcg     73620
     ctttacacat tgggggaatc tccttattca ccaccagtgt tcagcatccg gatgagtggt     73680
     ggagaggaga cagagtgatg gggatggtta ggaggccatg atggacctca gtttaacgtc     73740
     tcatccaaaa gacggtgctc actgagctgt atagagtacc cttcactata ctggggtgtt     73800
     aggaaccaca caggccacag gttgagcatc ccctcctggc ctcaataata ccacttccgg     73860
     cagtaaccta gctttcctat gtggtccccc atccaggtac tgattgagca cacccccgct     73920
     tagcttcagt gggcgacgat gtgagagaga actagctgct agaataaatc aggattgaaa     73980
     gacataagct cacagctgca agaaaaaggt agaaatgctc atttgaagtt gtgagaatga     74040
     ggaaaaaaag aaggaaaaac tgaattgtgt gatgtaaact catatttgtt ggcaaaaaag     74100
     tcagtaatcc aagataaaca taagaatagc aggaaaaaaa gtcagatttg tgaaagtaac     74160
     ttagatatct aggaaaaaaa ggagaatccc aagatataaa cttataaagt taagtctaat     74220
     gacagaattg tgaaatacaa actcaaactg gattttaaaa gatgtcagaa ttagaatata     74280
     taaactcagc ctttctagaa atagtcagaa atgggaaatg aaaacaagaa ataaaatgaa     74340
     tagaaattgc aagtagcatg tcagaattgc aagaattatg aatgattttt tttctgtaaa     74400
     tgttttagat tcagaattca cagatactgc caaaaagtaa ataaccttta attcatgaca     74460
     acacattttt tgtatgttaa tttaacttaa aataaatgta gttctacatt agttgcaagt     74520
     caatttactt ataaagtcaa tttagtcaaa caaacacatt tttactctgc tcacaattca     74580
     cattttgaca atgctaatta acgtctcttg ttataaaata aagccttcaa caacacattt     74640
     tagacataca ttttgcacat gggcatatgg taaaggacca ctttagcttt acaggttttt     74700
     tttcttcatg ctgttcctgg aagctcaggg caagcgcgtg ctgtgggaag tatagggttg     74760
     ctggacggtg gttttatcgg caggctgaca gcgtgaggat ggatgtggga gacagaaagc     74820
     tgggctatca ctgtcacctc atagacctag aggtgccacg cccagaatca atgcctgtct     74880
     gcctgaaaca cactagccat ctaacccgac ctggcacctc tgccataaat cacactggaa     74940
     caggagatat tgtttgaaac tcttagaaaa gaagaacaca aatttgatcc ggaagttgaa     75000
     agatgtagcg taaattggca gaatttagta tttttatatt ggatagatgg catttgtttt     75060
     gtatttttat aacttatgac cttttgtatt tattttgcag atgatgaaaa ttctgacaac     75120
     gctgaagatt gcagtgagag aactggtgag tactttctat gtgtttatat gtggaattta     75180
     tggaaagaag ctttgtttta aaatcaaggg gctttaagtt atgctaatca ttgacaaact     75240
     gctttttagt ggctcctatg taaatcattg taaaaaagct tttttttgtt ttactttagt     75300
     ggtttttatg ttgaaaactc cttttctttc caaccaaaat atcagaccaa gacaaaggag     75360
     taaatatatg aattaaattt attttagtaa actatttctt taagataaag aaagacttct     75420
     attataattt ttgtcactgt taatatttaa ttatcacaaa gaaatgtaca gacatagcag     75480
     ttaatgaacc tctgagttat attatgaatt atggtatata attcagagat tcattagtta     75540
     ctaagtctgt acatttcatt acctttttta ctacattaat tatttaatat acttaggttt     75600
     gttcagaaaa caataaaata tgaagatttc agatgcaaaa gcctctaaat gccatctgat     75660
     ttttttttct aaaattacac tgcaaaaaat tttaagttta caacaacaac ataaccctta     75720
     tttcctttca cattttcttg ctcactcaac ttttgtaagc atcagctgca ctgacctaaa     75780
     attatttgtc agtaataaaa aaacatttag tggggttaac ataagattat ttgttttctg     75840
     gagagggtga actactctgt aaacttttta agctgtgcca actggacatt ttttgtctgc     75900
     agaactggat tgcctgaagt tgagtaaaca attaaacata atccttgtta cccttaattg     75960
     atagggcagt tgagagtata gacaggaaag catagggaga aaagagaggg aaaggatcgg     76020
     cataggacat cgaggtggga attgatctcc atgagtgaac ctatcatgag taaactccat     76080
     gcccgtgaac accacagtgc catgtgttaa cgcactaaca agtacaccat ttgcaccaaa     76140
     atgtattcaa cttttgaaaa catcagctgc actgatgtga aatgtctgaa gttgagtgaa     76200
     caaaaaaact cttttggaaa ttggtactaa ggaataatac attatcagaa caacaaacat     76260
     agttcatctg aaaaacagaa aggcatgctt cacctgaaat atttttccct gtttgtcctg     76320
     ccatgttttg atccttaact tgtttatcat tgtcctgttt actcctgtgc tgtttctaat     76380
     tctgtgtcta ataaaggttt tgttaacatt tgtctctagc atttgtcttt agctgttttt     76440
     ttttcaattg aactgtttgt ttgctctgat aatgtattgt ttcttagtgc caatttccac     76500
     aagtgttttt tattcaatca actttagaca ttttaggtca gagcaactgg tgttttcaac     76560
     agttcagtgc aagtcagtgc caatggtgta atggttagtg tgtggacaca tggcacttcg     76620
     ctgtaaacgg tgacctgagt ttgattcctg cctcaaggtc ctatgccaat ccttcccttc     76680
     tctcctctcc ccacactttc ctgtctatac tctttactgt cctatcaatt aaaggtgaaa     76740
     aaaataaatg ttgagtacaa gagtaaaaat gaaaggaaat aagtattttt ttgttgactc     76800
     aacttaagtc attccagttc tgtagaccaa acattttcag ttggcacagc ttaaaaagtt     76860
     ttgttacaga gttcacctct ccagaaaact aataaataat cttatgttaa ggatccccat     76920
     taaatgtttt ttttaaaaag ctgagtgaac taaaaaaaaa gtgaaaggaa ataaggatta     76980
     tgtttttttt ttttgtactg ggttaagttt tctacagtgt agcatttttt acccaatttt     77040
     aggttcagta tttttatttt aaagaataag aataagttct tttcattcaa tttaaattta     77100
     aataactgaa cataaacata ggatgttgag aaaactgcaa attttagaag aaaatttcag     77160
     acggcactta gaggtttttg catatgaact ttttatatat aataaatctg atatggttgt     77220
     ttaccaaaac acagaaagga tgtccactgg aaaatgattt ataatttgtt taaacaatga     77280
     gttgaaccat ctcaaatagc cggagcatgg ctgtgatttt gtcatcggac tgtttatatt     77340
     attatatttt gacaagtata tttatcagct cttactttta atctctctac gactgacatg     77400
     taattaaact ggctttaatt gatggcgata ttttcaaaag tgcatcgata aaacctcttt     77460
     ttttctcaaa tcaagggtcc tccgattatg ccaattatta ccaaggcttg tgggattgtg     77520
     aagctgaggg accggacgag ttggccttcc agagaggaga tttgatctac attctcagca     77580
     aggtctgtgt gttactttct cacatctctc acttaaacac acacatacaa ggtcagagtt     77640
     ttagttcagc gctgttggct tcatggcctt ggctgatttg ttagttgaag tgctctgcat     77700
     atatttagat ttttttttct cttatctcgc cctatccatc tcctcactaa tgatgaataa     77760
     tatggagctg gccataagat gagtcatatc ggtcaatact cgctgacttt ctcttagcag     77820
     ctattcattt actgtattct caatgacaaa gctgggatgt actgcgctca gtcagttcat     77880
     tcttattgca atattttgaa aaagcgcctc agataaaata taatgcatga ggatttgcgg     77940
     cactcttttt ctactgcttt gattgttgtg tatcagtcac agaatgcaat gaatagcata     78000
     tcagcaacat gttgtcttta taagaaagca aatgattttt ctccaagaga tttgcgagca     78060
     gcaaattgag cgtgttttgt agcatgccat attgacataa aagaaaactc cttttacatc     78120
     tatggcctgt agacgattgc agtgctgtgg ccacacaggc actttctcaa taataggctg     78180
     ttgattcatc gctgtagttg tgtttcagaa aattgagtgg tcagccaagc aaaccacttt     78240
     atttgatgca ttcactttaa tctatatgtt tttgtgtttt acaaatggga tgtaagcagg     78300
     aacacatagt gtagctgatt cttaaagata caccagtgaa ataatcaatg tgttttaatg     78360
     ttgcctttga cttagctcaa tgttacctta aagggatagt tcatctaaat tttagattca     78420
     ttattgctgt ccaaaaccaa tctagggtac gctttccaaa acaatgacat aactcgcagc     78480
     tgaaatatca tagtacgatg cgtcgaatta tgtagtgacg agtgtttccc aaaaccgcag     78540
     ttgctctgtt gcagatgcat catttgaacc atgttagtta taacgtaaag cacccataat     78600
     gatgctttaa acggggtgca ataactactt ctttagcgaa aaaccccata atgttttgtg     78660
     caaattatat tgttttacat aaacctgcat ttaaaataaa atccaatatt agttttggta     78720
     aaaacaagca ctcgtttccc atattaattc aaatatatgt aaatgacgaa taaagtacca     78780
     atatgtttcc tttacaaata ttattgagaa gaatccataa aaaatcacta agataacact     78840
     tattctaatc tcatatgtaa atcatataaa ttggcttaat ttacagtggg ctattaatta     78900
     agaaataaac aaatcctact taataataat aataataata atttttattt atttattatt     78960
     attattatta ttattattaa gtaggatatt gtttatttgg ttattttatt ttttaaaaaa     79020
     gtctactttt ataatttgac acattctgca gaaatgttct aaccaccagg cctatgtcac     79080
     agatacattt cttaataaat aaccttctat aaattaaaac cattaacgtt gtatttttat     79140
     atttaatgtt atttttttgt tttcataagc tttggagacg taacgtaatt ctgcttttaa     79200
     ctaaaaaatc gcctatagct tttgctatga gccacggctg tgttcaaaat gtcataaatg     79260
     attttaaagt aaactacaaa ggaagtgcaa ctataaacat gaacatcgct aaaactgaac     79320
     tgtaaaaata ccttgaaagc aaattacacc tgtttttttt ttaatcattc aaaatttaaa     79380
     tgttagaatt ttaaaggaat tgggcacaga atattatttt ttcatagatt atcacatatt     79440
     tgcaaccggt aaatccctcc atggtgacta tcaagtgcag tggtgatgct ttgtttatac     79500
     tttgcatgtg ggcattgcat attccggttt ctttttgtca aatgagaaag cagattactg     79560
     ccaactgcag gtgtgggtct cctctcagac cagtgcagac cagatgtgag ttgacaacac     79620
     agtagttttt cggcttggtg tgtcctggtc cacacgcacg cacgcacgca cacacacccg     79680
     cacacacacc cgcacacacg aacctgagta ataaatgtca gtatttgaca tcagtatggc     79740
     tcgacgttgg attttgatcg ctattcaaca caacctaaaa tcaaccaaat attaacatag     79800
     tctgacatcg ttattagacg ccaaaataac atacttagat gctagctaga cattgaattt     79860
     ataatgtttg gaatttatga cttatggcat tgtgtgcctg ctgggtcatt gtgtcaaaga     79920
     agagacaccc attttaaaat gtgaatttta tatacaacga caacagaggt gcagatccag     79980
     atgcacgttt attaacaaga atagtcaggc aagcgatggt caacacagtc aaacaggtac     80040
     atgcagagca atccaaagtc atggtcagag aacaggcaaa tagtcagtat aggcagcaat     80100
     gaatcaaaac aaacagacaa agctaagcat cacaacacgg ctaggctaaa cgtcgtaatg     80160
     ctcacagata aacagataaa gaagattcag caagtagtgt gtttgtcggt gctgcgttta     80220
     aagaccatgt aatcagttct caacagcctc agctgtgttt gtgttagcaa tccgcggaaa     80280
     accagaaaag gtatgagtgt gtggtgcatg acaggatc                             80318