EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL627383; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 166395 BP.
AC   AL627383;
DT   27-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   16-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone RP71-1O18 in linkage group 14 Contains a
DE   novel gene similar to GRIA3 (ionotrophic glutamate receptor AMPA 3), a
DE   novel gene similar to THOC2 (THO complex 2) and two CpG islands.
KW   AMPA; CpG island; glutamate receptor; GRIA3; HTG; THO; THOC2.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-166395
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 8349b1f8a0da985dbd2eeaec8e3cbd0a.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000037498; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000043180; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF02095; mir-2985-2.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   RP71-1O18 is from a Zebrafish mixed sex BAC library
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..166395
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="14"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-71"
FT                   /clone="RP71-1O18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   mRNA            join(<3146..3391,4187..4301,20166..20411)
FT                   /locus_tag="bZ1O18.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human ionotrophic
FT                   glutamate receptor AMPA 3 (GRIA3)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: AF015253.1 U59709.1 X54656.1 M38062.1
FT                   M85036.2 M36420.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: BU708976.1 AW894126.1 BB041146.2"
FT   CDS             join(<3146..3391,4187..4301,20166..20411)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="bZ1O18.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001863"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human ionotrophic
FT                   glutamate receptor AMPA 3 (GRIA3)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Q9P0H1 Q9P0H2 P19492 Q9Z2W9 Q90857
FT                   O93462 Q90731 P42262 O57421 Q90725 P79776 P42263 O57423
FT                   Q90378 Q90728"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZZ89"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-53"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD60809.1"
FT   misc_feature    12007..12082
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    12416..12428
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    13822..13883
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    13885..13918
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    21249..21314
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    21714..21779
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    62722..62736
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    62851..62853
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones."
FT   mRNA            complement(join(69566..70350,70931..71185,73829..73884,
FT                   74066..74132,74473..74601,83108..83166,83888..84264,
FT                   85231..85333,90605..90792,92904..93088,94322..94453,
FT                   94986..95114,96765..96922,97014..97155,99188..99463,
FT                   103099..103263,103504..103683,111007..111124,
FT                   117758..117854,118074..118154,120393..120486,
FT                   120867..120951,125213..125314,126018..126148,
FT                   127858..128053,129835..130007,134237..134329,
FT                   140863..141023,145855..145988,150444..150565,
FT                   152054..152124,154701..154752,156101..156192,
FT                   161608..>161663))
FT                   /locus_tag="bZ1O18.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human THO complex 2
FT                   (THOC2)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: AK001758.1 AK023659.1 AF441770.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: AW018826.1 AL723549.1 AL720429.1
FT                   BI891846.1 AL724753.1 AU279295.1 BF802584.1 AL717198.1
FT                   AW128736.1 AW343870.1 AI558550.1 AL717137.1 AW423157.1
FT                   AW422284.1 AL724660.1 BI704311.1 AL723369.1 AL718318.1
FT                   AL720373.1 BG034579.1 BF157812.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(71096..71185,73829..73884,74066..74132,
FT                   74473..74601,83108..83166,83888..84264,85231..85333,
FT                   90605..90792,92904..93088,94322..94453,94986..95114,
FT                   96765..96922,97014..97155,99188..99463,103099..103263,
FT                   103504..103683,111007..111124,117758..117854,
FT                   118074..118154,120393..120486,120867..120951,
FT                   125213..125314,126018..126148,127858..128053,
FT                   129835..130007,134237..134329,140863..141023,
FT                   145855..145988,150444..150565,152054..152124,
FT                   154701..154752,156101..156192,161608..>161663))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="bZ1O18.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001864"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human THO complex 2
FT                   (THOC2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Q8NI27 O75984 Q18033 Q9H8I6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021418"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021726"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZZ88"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-54"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD60810.1"
FT   misc_feature    122338..122367
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
SQ   Sequence 166395 BP; 53166 A; 30604 C; 30842 G; 51783 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctta aacagtggac taaggtctga acaatttgtt tctgctaaag acattgcaaa        60
     ttcagtgtgt tgtcaatact gattcagtgt gttggtgagt acattgggct catctacaaa       120
     tggactgctg cagagcttaa tcaccccaga ggtgctgggt gcaaaagtat ataatgccat       180
     tgtgactatt ctgggggaaa acacttttca ccaaaactga tcatgattgc agagagattt       240
     aaccgtttca ttatcacagt cagcacaaca cagaaacagc agcacagttt gttgttacag       300
     tcctaaaaaa aagcagagtg aacacagaat ttagaataca ttttcaaggt gcattgcatg       360
     atcgttttgt gtgtgggcta aaaactgtcc atacagaaat ggctgctctg atgttccaaa       420
     cggcagtgga gattgctgta tccatggaaa cagctgtgag agaatcacat cagttaagtg       480
     gctctgtgaa agtgaatgca caatccctac aagagaaagg gaaaaggaag tgctaccatt       540
     gtagtacaaa ccacaataaa aagactgatt ttaaaaagca acagtgccac aactgtgaag       600
     aatagtgcca ttttccagag tacacagcat ttaagggaaa cataagactg aacacagaaa       660
     agtatattgt tagaaatctg ttctacttta aaagaaactg caccagatga aagtgcttag       720
     caggggtcaa cattttacta aattagacct ttcaaactga taccaagttg agttgctaag       780
     gtctaattta aaattttagg ggctctattt taacaatcta agcctaaagt ctaaagcaca       840
     tggtgcaaaa gcagtgtctg aatccacttt tgctatttta gggatggaag aatacgtttt       900
     gtaacctgcc gcatggtcta taagggttgt gcttattctc ttaattagtt atgggtgtgt       960
     taagcataac atgcattaaa ccatttagaa gctcattcat cttccattcc ttttaaaaat      1020
     cagttgcacc acgccatggc acatttgcta tttgcatgac agaatttgta agtgggaaaa      1080
     ctgaagaaaa gtgttaaaca gactatctgc aaaaggataa agaatgagct attcagcctc      1140
     tttatttctc tttactctac taatactctt tttcttgtga agtaagaaca aaacggtgtt      1200
     gtgcatactc tactgaaaaa attcattaac ctacatattt agtttcataa tattgtttgt      1260
     taagcacaaa gatttttttc aaaattattt ctaaattcag ttctaatttc cagcaaatta      1320
     taagtgatca ataaaaacaa tgtgtggtca aaattatatt caaaacacct tctattctga      1380
     tatggtgacg caagcgtttc ctgacaggtg gacaaattta aactttttaa aaacttttta      1440
     acaaatataa atgtgcatat aataaatact acaactgaaa ataataaatt atacaatttg      1500
     ctaataaaat ttcacaatgt ttaaaaaagt gtcataaata aaatgactac aacggaagca      1560
     tattccatac ggtggccggg tgtatgatat ggccctaggt ccacaggtca cctcaaaatt      1620
     ggatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      1680
     atatatatat atatatatat ataatttgtt tccccgtttt ctgtttaaca gagagcaaat      1740
     ttttaacaca tttaacacat ttctaacaca tttccaaaca tattagtttt aataactctt      1800
     ttctaataac tgatttattt tattttagcc aagatgaaag taaataatat tttactagat      1860
     gtttttcaag acacttctat acagcttaaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac taggataatt      1920
     aggctaacta ggtaggttat ggtaactatc aaaaaacatt tacctaaagg ggctaataat      1980
     tttgtcctta aaatggtgtt tgaaaaatta aaactacttt tattctagtt aaaataaaac      2040
     aaataagact ttctcaagaa gaaaaaatat tatcagacat actgtgagaa tttccttgct      2100
     ctgttaaaca tcatttggaa agtattttaa gaaagagaaa acaatttaaa gggggggggg      2160
     gggggggggg gggggctaat aattctgact tcaactgttt gtgtgtgtgt atagctgtag      2220
     ctgcctatat ttaaagatat atgaagccta tatttttaat tccataggtt aaaaaaataa      2280
     gtgacatgac cgtcatttat gtcatttgta tagcctctat tgctatattc cgaatgtcaa      2340
     tataggatgt aactataatt agttttatat gttttctgca tactcttttt aaataaatgt      2400
     ataactgaaa taacaaaaat gggcatgcat gaaagaaact aacaaatata gaaaatacac      2460
     ataaattaaa ttactgaaca aaaaaatgat aatggaattt aaataaaatg ttatatgttt      2520
     gaaggaatgt ttcagatatg tttgataggg atcaaataac acaaacatgc ataaaaatca      2580
     ttcatgtaat gggcaattca aattgatcgc catatacttt aaccttaagt tttttctatc      2640
     tattatatgt cccagtctgc atgtaggtgc ttaatacatt ctggtaacac tttgtaataa      2700
     ttatatacta taaatcatta attaagcatt ggcaaatagt taatttatca tttgttaaac      2760
     attaacttta tgttataaga cattagtaag tcgtttataa acatagcttt attcttaaaa      2820
     gcacatttat aatgtgtttt atgattgtac ttttatactt tgttactgat gaatttagta      2880
     ttgcattaca aaccatttgt gtttaatagt agttggtggt ttataagatt attcagaacg      2940
     agttgattaa taaactattc aaatcagtta ttatttaggc atatagtaat ggttactatg      3000
     tgtaatacat actttattaa cacgtttatg cagttttgtg acctagtctt taggtctcat      3060
     gtaaaattgt gttatttttc actttctcta caatgtaata taaggctgct tgtctttttt      3120
     ctctccttgt ctttctttta cagagatcaa aaatagcagt gtatgaaaaa atgtggtcat      3180
     acatgaaatc ggctgagcca tctgtctttg ccaagaccac accggacggc gtggcacggg      3240
     tacgaaagtc gaagggaaag ttcgcatttc ttcttgaatc caccatgaat gaatacattg      3300
     agcagaggaa gccctgcgac acgatgaaag tgggcggcaa tctggactct aagggctatg      3360
     gtgtggcgac ccccaaaggc tcagcattaa ggtgggtgga ataatataac aatattgtcc      3420
     atgttgttat agtattccac ctaccctgat gtcctgtgtt gtcatttcct cccctcctcc      3480
     ccttcccaaa ccccctttat taagaaaaga ggtaaaggta ttatgcattt tgaatgatat      3540
     ttgatgcttt cacaatgatg cttttgatca gttttttctt ctttaaatgt ttgtcttctt      3600
     ttccattttc tcaaacagat ttttatcatt tcgagactta gtcagtggtt aatttaagca      3660
     gtcatttcac atttgtgtgt gcgagtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gcgcgtgcgt gtatgtgtgt      3720
     cccttctcgt cttttttgtc cttcgatctt tctcttgctg tctcatgtgg ctgtccttcc      3780
     tgacagttgt gttgtcactt ttaatttaac agttcaacgg tttttcaatt tagcttgtaa      3840
     aagctgtgct gtcacttgtg acgaatgtta attgcatggt gtttgttgtt gttacttttc      3900
     ttctcaatga caatgtcccc atcccgcaca cttcagttta aaacaatgta accctccatg      3960
     ccaccttgaa tatttaacac tttctttgct ctgatcttct tttactttca tattcgtgaa      4020
     attcttaacc aaattgtttc agccattata aatgctgcta taattgactc ctagtagtag      4080
     tagctgacca tattcaataa tgttaccatt actactacta tgctaatgca gtagattgct      4140
     cacagacctg tgcattttct tacaagttat gttttattgt ttcaagaaat gctgttaacc      4200
     tggcagtttt aaaactgaat gagcaaggcc tgttggacaa attgaaaaac aaatggtggt      4260
     acgacaaggg agagtgcggc agcgggggag gtgactccaa ggtcagcctc aatgtcaccg      4320
     aaatcgggta ccatagtaca gagtaatcgg caagcctgtt attcctgaac tgagccaaac      4380
     caaacccaaa gaaaaatgca tcctctcagt gaccctttat tactgtgcca tctgagagtg      4440
     aaatgagaac cctgacttgg ctaatggagg agagaatatg accagtaaga ttttgtccta      4500
     ctgaggagga gtcacttttc acaaaaggtt gcttcagtga agctttcacc acagatgtaa      4560
     gcaatgctgt cagtgttgtt ttattatcgt ccagagctgc gttggcgata ttagtgctga      4620
     gataggtgaa tacatctacc tagcagagag taaagagaga ttagaaaagt tgccttctcg      4680
     gtttgcttct gctaggcaga tgtacacaaa cagcaataga cttaatattt tagaacatca      4740
     gctataatgt ttgacggaac taacagacag cattagtttg aatagaatta tgactggtaa      4800
     gaaaaaacac tgacataatg tgatctgaag aatacatact gtacacggga aatcccattt      4860
     ctacatctct tcagaattca atatctttgt ttaatcctgc ctgagtatga gatcaggtgg      4920
     agccattctt ctagttgttt gttttgagaa taacagttga aattgggaca cacaatgaga      4980
     tcttttttaa aaagtatgca agtaaaagta tattgttaca agtctatctt aaagatttca      5040
     aagaatgaac atcttaaata tctaggcaca gctgattaat aggacttaat ggaaatgaca      5100
     tactgtgagc ctcacactcc attatttcca tgttctcatg taaatcctgt gagtgcaaaa      5160
     catggtaaaa aaacagggca atcagaacaa aaacaaggac gatccacatt aatatacaca      5220
     ctcaaagcag tcattgtgag ataacgataa ttataatttt ttcattaatt tttaagttta      5280
     tctaaatgtg tttcatactt actatggatg aaggactgaa aacaggagca gctttttgaa      5340
     acaggcagca atgcatgatc ttatctcttc aacgctattc ggaaggcaaa atgtgggatt      5400
     atggattata actttttcag tggcacccca aagaggcctt ttgttagttt agcatgtaca      5460
     ttttgaatgt atgtaatgtg gcatcagaca agtataccat acctaatata agtgtttaat      5520
     gtacattaat ggatatgttt ttgcaggggt agatattaat tcctgcctca gttttgaaat      5580
     atgttatatt gtatgtaaaa actgctccat ttgtttagta taattataat ttagcctata      5640
     tttcatctaa aacacttctc agagggaaac taggttattc tggtgacaca aatatcactt      5700
     acaccttcta gcttaacttc tttaccaatt cagttgaaaa aatggtcatt tatttaggta      5760
     tctactcaat ttgttaaaat attttttgac aactgaaatt cgattattct gcatgtgtgt      5820
     aattcggagt acatcacatt gtgtttgtgt atgtcaaagt gtcagacact gatataagct      5880
     actagagagt aaaagtatag ctcattaata ttcacaaccc ttccaaacat ttaattataa      5940
     tgttcaattc ttctttattt ctatagcact ttttacaatg tagattgtgt catagcagct      6000
     taacataggt gaagttctag taagttgctt cagtccatgt ttcacggttg aaattcagtt      6060
     tagttcaatt caatgtaata gtgtaaatgt cactgctgaa agctgaaaca tggtcaaaac      6120
     ctatcacatc atattaggtc aaatgactaa agttgtaatt gaacatgtaa aaccctttct      6180
     gaacattttt gcacttacct acgccatatg ccttctttgt agatatcaga aaacagtata      6240
     ctacattgta tcaatgcatt ctagagcacg tttaaaggag aacaaggaat gtagttcatg      6300
     tagtaaatgc aatgtaatgc caaaatttat tcaacaaaaa taattaatag tagtaagatt      6360
     ttattttgag aaatatcttg cactctaatt taatatatca gtgtacattt gcataacatt      6420
     tatatttgcc attagaaatg tacctgtttt taaaagctag aaaggttgtt taatatttgc      6480
     gtttttttca attgatttaa agtcaacgta aaaagccatt caaatccatt tcctaatgtg      6540
     aaatctctgg ttatagttgt accagcctga tctcacaagg aaacgtaagt attttacgtt      6600
     ttgtcagttt agtggctaat tcgtacgaat ccgtatgagt tcatacgaaa atgtacgatt      6660
     ttaaaaagga ggtgtggcac ccagcctcac ctctaacccc aatcatcatt gggtaatgag      6720
     caaatcataa taaattgtat gaatttgatt atacgaattc ataccattta gccactaaat      6780
     caaaaagtta caaattgctg tgagattgtg ttggttatac atattaaaaa atgtatcgat      6840
     gtcccaaatg ggcccaatcg caattctagc ccttagccct tccctttacc cctagccctc      6900
     attttgctag tttgctagtt gcgtgaaggg gtgtcccaat tctctttagc ttgaaggcgt      6960
     agggctaagg ggtgggggta gaccaaaggc aatgaccttt ttacagtgtc tgctataatg      7020
     ttaatgttgt ttttcatgtg tttacataga tgaatatggc cacggtgtaa atgcacaaga      7080
     caattataat cctattgcca cattagatca ttatgatagc ataatatatg ccttcaggga      7140
     ttttctgaag ataaatacca aaaaaacaat gcaactggaa tcactacagc agtcatggtc      7200
     atctgacctc atataaagca tgatatcgcg atgacatatg acgacctgtg caggtgctgt      7260
     agtggtattc caattcttag gggtaaattt tgaagccctt ccacttcaca ttctatttca      7320
     agggccaaga ggaagggata caaaattaga atcgggattg ggccttggta ttgataaaca      7380
     ctactttcca ttattaattg aataaaaatg attgatttat gtcaatacat ggccattatt      7440
     aactcataca agaatgaaca atatatgaga cacatatatt taaatacctg tttgaaatac      7500
     aaaatactgt agcctaacta catctgtttt ttttattttc tttaaaaaga ataataaatt      7560
     gtgtcagcca atcacttaat taggcttttt cagtatcaag tattgtaatt cagttccaca      7620
     aaacttaact tgcacaagct gaaggagaaa acagctcttt ctatatctgg ggccaagcca      7680
     gttctcttaa tgtgcaaagc attcacactt tgtaggcccc aaaccatcag tggtcctcct      7740
     tgctatcaaa gaaaatataa tgacaagaac tgtgcaagat aattaatttt ttttcttcta      7800
     gcatttgaga aaacactata aaaaggttat gacaactgcc acattccatt cctttccttt      7860
     aaagatatgc accctcaccc gttttatgta gctaacctcg aaatttatca aatcgtgtat      7920
     cgattacatg actaccgttc cccaagcagc ctcagactct aataagattt gataggagtg      7980
     tgaatgaaaa tttggggatt taggtactga aagggatgaa tacataactt tttaaaaaat      8040
     atgcatgttg gcgtgtttct tttttttaaa acagtttatc aattttgtct tgaacgagct      8100
     taaacagtta caaaagtact ctttctttga ttctttaggg tctcactagc tatgtttcca      8160
     tccaaaactg tgaattcatg tgcagaactt gattaatgca taaaatacat gcaattaaag      8220
     cagcatatcc atccaacagg tcaaagtgaa cacaatcgtc acttcctgat tatctggcac      8280
     caaatatcaa cagattatca atcaggttgt gcttaatcgt cttccacgta tataatctac      8340
     acgtataatt aatctaatca tttaaattac cttaaaagag aatataaaat taatttaaag      8400
     gtgacctcaa cagaatcatg tctttagaac cgaacaagtg attccttcga ggcttgtttg      8460
     aacaacagta acagttgaca aaaatttata ttgctataca aaatatagtt aaaaatcaaa      8520
     ataatttaag cagggcaaca catttaaggc agtagattca taaatatgta tgaatgtcaa      8580
     aaataattga ctgctttaaa ataaacgaac acaaacacat tcatacaggc tgtagagttt      8640
     gagagagtga aatgatgtaa acattttttt tgaaaaacct aatcaagcaa acaacaataa      8700
     ttaattcaag gttacatatc atttacacca gttcagtatt aatttagagg tgttacttgc      8760
     attccttctg tagtgtggag aactcagcac tgttgatctg gctccctatg tgggctcatt      8820
     ggtggttagt tcgtcattgt tgggaattct catgagactt ggagaggagt ctttaggttc      8880
     acaattgagg cagcaaaaga ctgcctctaa cttctggttt catagcacag taatcttcac      8940
     tagactattg actgagagaa aacaaagaaa agtaaagcag atgtgatgtt taatgctgtc      9000
     ctgttatccc atcttagtct gcatctgctt gctttccctt gtcctcctgt gtccatggaa      9060
     ctgctgggct ggacctaaag agctgaatct gtcttgagct gaaacgaact gactgacaga      9120
     ctgaactctt gctactgggc cacctgggtg attttttggc catttggtgc tccagctccc      9180
     ttaatagaaa tggaccaaag aggtattgtc cttggattgt gggggtgtga ctttttacaa      9240
     tatggcactt aacagtatac ggagcctgaa atatctgcca gaaggcagaa caggaagcag      9300
     tctgtgagca aagtaagaag tccttaagaa aactgcattt taagcgcaga cagtgtttct      9360
     tctggatgtc ctcaatggct ggaagtggag tccctgtgat gtgttggtca gttttcacca      9420
     ctcgcagtgc cttacgctca gcaacagaac agcttccata ccagactgtg acgcagttgg      9480
     ccaagatgct ctctattgta cagtgacaga agctcaccaa gacatctgag cacagctggt      9540
     ctttcttaag ttgctttaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggcgctggt gagccttcat      9600
     gaccagactg gaggttttgg aggtccagga cagatccttt gagatgtggg tccccaggaa      9660
     ctcaatggcc ataacattga tgtgaattgg atcatgtgag tctactcgtc ccttcctgaa      9720
     gttcacaatg agctccttgg tcttaatagt gttgaggagc agattattgc ctgtgcacta      9780
     agtgggcaga tactgtatct ccttcctgga gacagtttca ttatacagtc cgatcactgt      9840
     agtgtcatct gcaaatttga tgcttgtgtg ggatccattt aggggcctgc agtcatgggt      9900
     aaagggagtt gaggaaggag cttagcacac agccctgtgg tacaccagtg ttgagtgtga      9960
     cggtggtgga gcagatgcgg cctgatctaa cattctgagg actgttggtc aaagtccaga     10020
     acccagttgc agagagtggt attaatattc tcttagtttg gtctctaaat ttaaaaattt     10080
     acttagaggg taaaacagtg ttgaatgctg agcagaagtc aacaaacagc aatcgtgcat     10140
     aaatgttttt attgtccaag tgtgtgagta cagagtccag tgctatggag actgcatctt     10200
     atgtgctcca gttgccacgg taggcaaact ggtgtggatc cagtgtagat gggagagagt     10260
     ctttcagatg tgccaggacc aatcgcttga agcacttttt aatgatgggt gtgagtgcta     10320
     gagggcgatt gtcatttatg ttaggcctga gtgtttaggc actggcacat ttaggatggt     10380
     tttaaagcat gttggcacca ctgctaggtt aagggacagg ttgaaaatgt ttgtgaatgc     10440
     cccagcgagc tgttctgcac atgctttgag gatgtgccca gggatactgt ctggtccagc     10500
     agcctagcac acaatgatct gtctgaggag gtgagtgtga taagtgagtg gacagttgag     10560
     ggagtgatcc tggtgttggt ttctttatta tcactttcaa agtggacata aaagtaattt     10620
     agctctttca ggaaggagac atttgtggct gggtttgtag ttgctaatgg cctggatgcc     10680
     ctgccacatg cagcgaggat cagagttgga aaagtactcc tctaacttta gcttgtaaca     10740
     gtgcttgatg ccccttttca gattagccct ggaagtgcag taggcctgtg catcccctga     10800
     tctgaaggta gtgttgcatg ccttcagcag gaggcacacc tccttgttta tcaatggctt     10860
     ttgatttgga tatgtgttgg tcagcttcag ggttgtaata ctttctatgg cggtggtgat     10920
     gtattccaga actgaggaag tgtaactaat tatgtctatg taagggccat agttggcctg     10980
     ggaagcgaat atactccagt ctgtatgttg gaacctgtcc tgcagtgtgg agtctaccct     11040
     tcgctgtcca tacttagatg gttctcactg atggcttcac acggttgatg aggagtgagt     11100
     acttgaaggt gagaaacaaa gaaaggtgat ctgattgacc caagtgggag agggggatca     11160
     cagcataggc ttcagccatg tttgcttata tatggtccaa agttttgttt ctacttttgt     11220
     gacagaaatc tttttgatga attttgggaa gcactgtctt ttagtttgag tgatggttgt     11280
     gtggtatcct gctgtttaac catgtttctg tgaaggtcat gacattacag ttccatggtc     11340
     ttttgttggg gtttatgcac agccgaatct catccatttt gttcaccagc gaccatacat     11400
     tggcgagaaa gatgctgggt aaagagagct ggtgtggttt tagcttagct cttaagccag     11460
     gtttatactt ctgcgtcaag tgaccagcgt aattaaccgc gcatgcaacg cacgtagctg     11520
     tgcattcata cttctgcgcg ctgtctctgt tggtgtgcat taacacttcc aaaacgctag     11580
     tgggcagtga ggtgttaatg tgtctgtgtc gagtttcttc gcctgtgttt tgttctttct     11640
     gaacgcttcc gggatgtaca agtagctcaa actcgctctt tttgaggcag gaactggcgg     11700
     acctgcaaca actttaacta tgaggtaaac acaaaacaaa actttccatc cggagctcct     11760
     ttgcgggact ccacacttgt aaacatcgct ccattgggct cgcgccgctt gtgtggctct     11820
     cggtcctgcc cagacttgtc agtgatacca agtcgaccaa tcacagagct tgcgctatgt     11880
     gtcgttgcga cgtgtagtta aattttttga gaggtgcaca tcagcgacgc cgatggcccg     11940
     gcgtagggct atgcatcagc gccgtagcat tcacgtgtgc ttgacgcaga agtataaatc     12000
     agccttttgc ctgccgtgca ttgctcatct ttgtttatgg tcttgacgcc acctttgaga     12060
     acttccgcct ggccgggtag ggtgcttagc cttaggtgtt ttggtgatct cagggatagg     12120
     tctaatattg ttgataaaac tgtcagggat gcacaaacca atatttaaaa tctcctgttg     12180
     gttgtacgat gttaaagcac tgctgttctg catcaatgca ttgttcaaaa tatagtttca     12240
     ggagctgtgt agtaaaacta aaaccaagtc cactattatt gtttttatga tgatctgttc     12300
     atttttaata catgtatttc agggaaaatt ttgttctgtc tatcatcaac gcttgtgttg     12360
     catatctgca gtgttttaca gataacaatt tgttctggtg ttaacttgga tgttgagtgg     12420
     gttgttgtgt tccttaaata gaattagaat ctttattgtc aatgtacaaa aaagagcttc     12480
     ctacttgtct aaaatgacaa taggaaaaaa tagaagacaa caacaatggt aataataata     12540
     aaaattgtgc ataaaaagtg ccaagtgcat ttttgtagct ttccaataaa taaataaatg     12600
     ttggccaaaa cagcatacca tttaatgtta attatttttt attattgaaa aagccctatg     12660
     atatgtacta tttctcagtc tgtttgttat ggcatttatt gtcctgtacc acctccctga     12720
     aggtaacagt tgaaacaaga attgttgaat gggatgagtc cttcaggatg ctgcgggctt     12780
     tgctgtggca cttggtcttg agcagctcct ctatggtgat aattttctgt gctgtgttaa     12840
     tgactctttg gaaagcagct ttttcctgct cagtgcagct ggcatactac actgggatgc     12900
     agtacatccg tacacttcaa tggtgcatct gtaaaaaggt actagcagtt ctttgactaa     12960
     gatgttgttt tttagtaccc tctggaaatg aagttgatgc tgtgcctttt tgaccagtgc     13020
     tttggtgtta gttttccatg aagtattgtg ttccagatgc aggcccacat acttgaattc     13080
     agtgacattc tccactcagt ccccattgat ataaatggac agagtgtctg gtctgttcct     13140
     cctgaagtct atagaatata atcaagacga gccgacgtgc taggtcgagg caggcaataa     13200
     aaatggccaa tcagagatta atacattttt tttaactgga tcttctaagt aaaccagtca     13260
     aaccagttta tcaaatgaaa ctgaatcatt ttaagcgcat tacgtctcca gtaagatctt     13320
     atccaaaaaa aattgaacat gcctgataac ctctttaact caaaataaac aaatttcctg     13380
     aattattaag ttactggaac agtacactga gatcatattt gagaagcagt aaactgataa     13440
     tactgtgcat tcatgattta gcaagtagtg aaacgaatac aagcagtaga ctacatgaca     13500
     gcacattacc atttgaagta accatgtaaa acagtatttg ggtgatgatg acctctgctg     13560
     gtggttgagg gtaattgctg ggaccaagct aatgacagtg agtcctgtgg ccagtggcca     13620
     gcagagggga ttttggctgt attttgtcca tatcagaaaa caactccagt cattctgatt     13680
     gctgccacag tctgtgtgaa ggaaactagt tatttcttgg ttgaggcttg gctgtaggtg     13740
     gtaacctaaa gtgagactga tgtttatgtt gagatttttt aagaatgttg tctatgctct     13800
     agaagtcaat taaagtcttg tagtaaattg tatattaaaa aaaaaatgca atcagggaat     13860
     ccatagaagc aaaacacatt gttacataag tgaacttcaa ctgtttccag tgctgaatgg     13920
     agtttgtggg atgggtatta ctctatatat tactctatct atatatcact ctataaagta     13980
     atactggtat tactctatat tatactatat atactcagat tctttggaga atctgtcagt     14040
     catggtgagg atgttggtgt ttccctggga tgatgggaat tctgtgataa agtcatagct     14100
     atatgggata aaaggacagt ctggggaaat ggttgtaatg tggttgtaat aagagtgcat     14160
     ctcctttggt gttttttgac ctggggcgat aggtgacaga ggacttgaag aagtgaggtt     14220
     aagtgtctta gctgtacaaa tatattgtag gcgcttgtga ttggtggtga ctgtgagttc     14280
     atgtttcgct ccctctagcc aatgcctcca ttgctccaaa gctgccttca tggcaatttt     14340
     ttttcatcct taatgacccc taaggcactg attatgtaga aaaagtataa tccaggaaag     14400
     agattgatgt ctgatgaaac acacttttca aacttggcac atagcttgtg gtcaattagt     14460
     ttagcaatac tgcttggata tgattatgcg ttcatctagg aagttggaga atatcaggat     14520
     ttaatagatg tagatgataa cccaggggca ccgctagggg tgtgaaagga ttattctaag     14580
     agctcacacc gtcttggggc ccctagagat accattaggg gccaaacaaa atcccccaac     14640
     ccacacactc ctggtcttta aattagaatg cgaaaaccat aaccccaccc tctccccacg     14700
     ctctacactt acaactgcgg caaccaccat accatctgtt gtcatagagc cagtgccatc     14760
     cagcattgcc cctatgatta tccattgtaa catgtctctg aaaactctga taatttataa     14820
     aagcttggaa tacagataga ctgttttcta gtcagaaggg tatcacatag tgctcggtgc     14880
     actttgaaaa ggctgtcttc cattcatctc cttctcagat tttgacaagg ttatgggctc     14940
     tttgaagatc tagcgtgtag aagaactttt cgattttaat ttgttccaga gctactggat     15000
     cacaaggcag agaatagtgc tatttattag ttatttcatt cagacttctg tagtcaagac     15060
     atgagcatga gccttatcct ttttgtccac aaagaaaaag ccagtggaag cagaccatgt     15120
     ggattggcat aaaaatcctt tttctaactg atccttaatg aagtctttca tggctacaga     15180
     ttcaggttgg aacaatggaa aaatcagtaa tttctcatcg cctaggcgaa tgaataattc     15240
     catgaactgg cccaatgaca ttgctttatc ttaaaatgtg agctcagctt gtatagagct     15300
     gttcaaacta tggctgtaga ttacctttga tttattatcc agccattatg tttgagcagc     15360
     cagagtgcgg aagtggatag catattcaac tgcagtgagg aatcctttct gtcttcaggg     15420
     tgatcaacat ggcgcaaaag cattttagga agacatcaaa taagtgaaaa gaggaagtat     15480
     tggtttgcca gatagctgtg gctcagttca gagccttttc attaagtagg gaacatacaa     15540
     atgccatctt gctatcttct gtgggatgca tgtggggctg ttttgcaaca aacagagaac     15600
     attgcagaag gaatccttta gatttagcag gtttttcatc aaactaatct tggagggcca     15660
     ggtgaggatt agtgattgag gactgaaggg ggagtattgg aaatatgata gcattaagag     15720
     gtgggagaga agtgattttg aggccttgta gtgttttctg gtgagtgata tgagtcatta     15780
     aagttgtagc tgttgcgtta tcagaacacg tgcttgagct gaaagttcca ttgagagctg     15840
     catgatggct ggcaccaagc cgagaccaag ccttcactct gggcatgcag cagtctagac     15900
     tgtaaaattc tttgagactt ctccacactg taactctgat gtttgaaaga caatgaagtg     15960
     gactcatcag agaacaatac atgtttcaca ttgtgcacag cccaatattt tttgctgctg     16020
     gcaccattga aactgacatt tggcatagca actagtgatc aaaggtttga ctgtagcagc     16080
     ctgttctttg ggatgtgatg tgttcttctc tgtggtatgc tgatattact ttgatactgt     16140
     tgctcttgat gcattacaaa aacttgctgt cttggtcaca aatgtgccag cgaggcgtgc     16200
     accaactctt ttaaactgtg ttatgtaaca gtaatatgaa ctgtggcatg taattgattg     16260
     ttattgtttt cttttctttt tttttcttac agacatgaaa tcatttagtt gtgtttggga     16320
     ggaatttgtt aaacataaca catttgtaaa ctattaagta attcccatta aaatactaag     16380
     ttagcttctc cttgccaatc atgttattag aacagtgctt taaaaaataa ccaaggtcct     16440
     tcaacaaaaa gcccttattt tgtggaaaac acaggcatag aagtaaagaa caatgattct     16500
     tgcatgaata attactacaa ctcaaaataa ttttgaaagt aatatctgtc aaaattagaa     16560
     tgacttcttc acatttgcac tcaaattaca ttaatatact ctcacatttt gtctgatctt     16620
     ggcccacact ttttccaaac atttacaaag tttgctgaca tgggtttcat agccactaag     16680
     ctacaaggaa ctgctgggtg ttatcctgca tgaaaagtgc tgtctgaatg gataaccaac     16740
     acaggaaagg aatggtatgt tgcagatgga tctttccttc agaaggatgt tacccccaaa     16800
     ccatgacact taattgtcta cctttctgac ttctttatgc actttaggtt cagtctaaac     16860
     aaaatgtttc acattgaact caaaaataaa cccataataa tattcctttc atactaaaat     16920
     taatggtgga tcagtaataa aaggttatta tagctttttg actctttcaa ctgaagagaa     16980
     ttttggtcat tgcagagcaa tctttaatta caaattctcc taaatgttga ggttttggct     17040
     ttagaatata tgtacatcat aaaatatgct aaaagtttca agatattgca gcagttgcgt     17100
     gttatttttt atagaaagca aataaaagaa atattaaaca aaatagtata gtatgtttaa     17160
     atcaaaatag tatgttaaaa tagtatgtta atacaaaata gtatgcatag ttttatcttc     17220
     acactgaaat acttaaagat atttttacac ttcagttaaa atgactaaac tgaatattta     17280
     cttccatagc cattgttttt gcactattgt gcatctatat tatatatatg caaccaactt     17340
     ctggcatcca gaatccagta tatcaactca taatatatta catcacacag tacataagca     17400
     atgctcaatt agaccaaaaa ttctgactta aattgtcttg tgtaaaatag acaatactgg     17460
     gactttctga cgtttcatac ttcctgaaag tggggcctgt tctaattgtt actgagcagt     17520
     ttttcagtac agtctacagc attgtacccc ctgtctgtgg atgttttcat aaccactttt     17580
     ccagttttct gtttttgcag attgcagtga tttgaaattc ccatttgtca tgtctggacc     17640
     cagctgtaca aataaaaaca gaacaaaaag agagaaaacc aagagaatac ccacgttata     17700
     ccacccgcaa cagtcttctt gagccacaca acactttccc tttttggccc cagcaacctg     17760
     gttgtggatg cttttccagc tccgttgctt gaacactctg aggacaatta cactgttact     17820
     caatgtctct ctaccaggct aaaatgaatt ttaggggcac tgcgatagta aaaatgactt     17880
     tatctagaga agtgatggcg cagctttttc tcgtggtaaa aaaaaactta attaaattga     17940
     atagttgttt aaaagaataa cgtagacaga ttagcaaaag ttttaaagtt aaaaataaca     18000
     gacttttcag aatttctaat tcaaatgtga tgttcaaaaa tatgactatt agatgaaatt     18060
     agggttactg atgatctcaa tacttaatca tggagtaagc tcttgcattt aaaaaaagat     18120
     tgcaaaggtc atttttgctg tataattatc cacaacaagg cttatgaaaa aatgtctact     18180
     ttgatttcat gttgacgtca ggttgtcaaa agaaacatca ggtagcatta ttctaagtac     18240
     tactaaaatg gctgccaggt caagtagatc atttacagta gttacggctt ttttagcaac     18300
     tattccgaat gtccgaagta ctctaggtac tctggtttga ttaactccag cacactagta     18360
     cacacaacgt ctgattcagt aaatacattc attgttttgt gtacagtctt gtttaccacc     18420
     tttgtatgtg tgtttgcttg tttggttact ttgtattatt tgcttataat cagtccacag     18480
     agtcttaacg tcaactctcc tcagcctgtt caaaatacta ctggtaattt ttcaatggtc     18540
     tgtcagtcag tcgagggttc cagtggagat ccatttctca gatgataaaa ttaaggaaga     18600
     agcttccctg cttttatagc cttgcagaca atctcttcag aaacctgccc gttctttcct     18660
     taacagtgta tgccgattac tcaaagcgat acgggtaggt cctggcacac tagattagcc     18720
     ctggtgaatg gaaggtacta gtcagaatgc ctgccacatg tgtgttgaca atggccagga     18780
     gccctgcttt atcgctttgt aaagtatgaa gtagttaaga cttgaataac ataaaataac     18840
     ataatataat gttatttatg ttatttccca cgtgaagaac tcctgtaaac cttgcagtat     18900
     tgaaactcag tgaacaaggc atcttagcca agctgaaaaa caaatggtgg tacgataagg     18960
     gtgaatgtgg aaccaaggac tcgggaagta aggtcagtcg ctgcaggtct tttgtactga     19020
     ttcagaaaat tgcattttga catattgttc atttacaaag gacaaaatgt tcttgattta     19080
     acactgtgta gatgtaatga tttatggcca cagataagga aacaatggcg tgtggtctac     19140
     agttttcttc catcatatca aatcatcagg gtacttttaa gactctctct ctctctctct     19200
     ctctctcttt ctctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     19260
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatat acacacacat agaaacaaat gtaaaactga     19320
     tattgaggaa ctgaaaagga aaattgataa aatggttttg tttattttgt atatcaatag     19380
     tctttattgc atcttttatc agtatccatt atgctgcagt ttttattcac caaacgttta     19440
     atttaatgat gtatatttgt tgttacttat ttgttctctt aaaggtctgt ttaattactg     19500
     aaccttgttg aacatttctt ttgtgatgaa tagttccacc ataacattct ttagagtggt     19560
     aaagtttgac ctgtgttgtt tgtaactggg agctttgtta taacagacaa aactaaatgt     19620
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacaataat taaaagagta gcttatgtaa aataaataaa taaatagcaa     19680
     acaatgtaat gcttacgaac acattttaat tgacaagtct ggggcagggg taaactgcag     19740
     cagaatgatt caaacagatg ttaaattcag tactctgtta tagaaaatat gtcaaaatat     19800
     gaagttaaaa gttttaaagg cagttgttta aagaaaggtt attaagtcag aggtctgacc     19860
     tgtatgtaac tgaccagctt cctcagatac atgaagaagc caatgagaag atgaggttag     19920
     aggaagcatc tacattcacc agttatggtc ctaattaatt ctatctcttt aacttacatt     19980
     tatctagagc tttagggcta gatacaaatt tggcttaatt ccttcgtcac atgaatctag     20040
     attcatctgg aagcagtaga aatttatttt ttatccttgt tagatcatgt taattgctgt     20100
     attgtgtgtt ttgtcaaatt gttaccactg caagaaacgc taactatgtc ccttgcttct     20160
     cttaggacaa gacaagtgca ctgagcctga gcaatgttgc tggtgtcttc tatattctgg     20220
     ttggtggact agggcttgct atgatggtgg cattgataga gttctgttac aagtcacgtg     20280
     cagaagctaa acggctgaaa cttgaaaaaa atgcccaaaa ctataagcca gcaccaccag     20340
     ccaacaccca aaactttgcc acatacagag aaggctacaa cgtttatgga acagagagtg     20400
     ttaaaatcta atggtaatgt attcatgatg gctctgcgtg tgtgttcgtg tgtgaaggct     20460
     ggaattgtga attgtgcttt tctatgcaat ataattaatt tcagattatt gagtcagtag     20520
     agtagtgcaa cagtgttatg tttgaacact cgctttcatc aaactgcact tcaccaagca     20580
     gtggaataat attggtcata tttgtactag aagtgacaga aagaagtgtt tttaaaatat     20640
     aacagttggc ctagacataa aaaaatttat aaacaaaacc aaaacagtga aagtggtaag     20700
     atttgtttct agcgttcatt ttatgtgtgt cttttccaga tgggcagcat ggtgttctga     20760
     aaaagacaaa gatacccttc cagagacagc tggatcttca tgaggggtca cttacgccct     20820
     acactctctc catgcacatc attctccagc atgctaatct gagactgcga ctgtcgcaag     20880
     atttgggaat aaattggaat tcttcagtgc cttacagaat attcagagta tcacactgat     20940
     gcaaacttat cacagaaaat ttgcatcact cctgtcacac aaaccaactg aatgacatca     21000
     tcatatatat aaatacaaac acacattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     21060
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     21120
     tataatccct cctgtgattt ttttttgttc aaatgtttcc aaaatgttgt ttaacagagc     21180
     aacaaagtat tacctaacat attttatttt ttctctagag tattatttat tttattttgg     21240
     ctagaataaa aaaagtttta ttttttaggg tcaatagtat tagccctctt aagcaatatc     21300
     tttttttccc acttaactac aaaaccactg taatacaatg acttgcctaa ttgccataac     21360
     tagtcttgtt aacctaatta acatagttca gcctttaaat tgcattttaa gctgaatact     21420
     attattttga aaaatatcta gtaaaatatt atgtactctc attatggcaa agataaaagt     21480
     aatcagttat tagaaatgag ttattaaaac tattgtttag aaatatgttg aaaaaaatct     21540
     ctgttaaaca gaagttgaga aaacataaat aaattaaaat gtaaaaggag ggctaataaa     21600
     tcatcaactg tgtgtatata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     21660
     cacacacaca cacacaaaca tacacaaaac agacactctt tcataaaaat gagaaataaa     21720
     gccattactt gcaatcttag cactccaata gagctgatcg atttcataaa agtttctgag     21780
     cctggtgaaa tgcttgtaat aatgtaaatt tgcgttatca ttccttcaat acgtgtatta     21840
     attagcagat tatggttatt tcatttccag aaaaattgga tatgttgcag tttatggtgt     21900
     gcatttcttt tgtctgatat atatatttct cagaacttaa gctggaagct tagaagctat     21960
     aagaccccta acaattgtct tttcacatgt tagcttgaaa aaacaatcac acgcacacag     22020
     acacaatttt attaaatcac attagacttg tatttatgga tgtgaacttc caagtttttg     22080
     taattatcac agcatactat acatggaact taagctgtaa agctataagg tcacactaat     22140
     gtagataaac cgcagtccac aaaaggacat ggctttttat gatgtaggct agtatttgat     22200
     tacctcacag ttatatataa gtcacacatg aaatcaagca ttgacattta gttttatttg     22260
     ataagtatta gtgtttggtg aattacttag acaaaaagac taggattaac atttactaga     22320
     gatttataaa aggagctaac gggaagctca gcacattttg cttgagagaa agtaaacaaa     22380
     ctgtgactcc atgggaccga ggatatcact gatcttgtga ctgtggacag atagttttat     22440
     agtgaaatgc ttttaaatgt agaaaatcta aatgaaccct ctagacaggg ttttttaaaa     22500
     aaagactgga ttctcaaatt ttctatctgc atgcgaaacc ttgtgattgc caagtaaagc     22560
     tctgcaactt ctattagatt tagagggtga gtagaaagtg ggtttcaact ttcatatttt     22620
     gacttgttcc taaactgtaa aactcacagc cctgagacat gaaccaatga cagactgatg     22680
     tatgacatgc atgcgtgggt gttgttttct gagccctgat agtgagtcgt tgtacaaaga     22740
     attttaatac attttgtaaa taaaaaatta tttaaaaaaa aggtttggat tgtttatttt     22800
     tatttttatc aactcttcag agattggata acagaactta aaacatacag taatagacat     22860
     agaaaatagt ttagacaatt tagagtagac tataagattt acaacaaata aaatgagata     22920
     catttaggcc caatcccaat tttacccctt acccttacca ctaccactca ttttgcgcgt     22980
     tcctgtgaag gggtaggggt agaagtgtcc aaattctctt tagcttgaag gcataggact     23040
     aaggggaagg ggaagatagt ttctttaaaa tggaaatttt tcaggaccac actcgaaacc     23100
     aaaggttaag aaaatttccc agaatacacc agccccaaca gtattatagc tgcacccgga     23160
     agtaaggaga tccacaaatt aacatttttt gtcattatta tgaattttta caacaaacaa     23220
     gcacgtttta atatattcat aaccacgttc gtgttttacc gtcatgctat aaaaaactgc     23280
     taaaataaaa aaccgctaaa ttcggctata tataatccat aatcataact cttgtgtagc     23340
     agtcccacaa aattctaact ttcaagtcct ctgtccgaaa tgtctagttg ctttgaatag     23400
     gctttttaaa gtgtctgcta taatgttgtt agttgtgtgt ttacatggat gaatatggcc     23460
     actgtttaaa tgtgcagtat agttacgagc ttattgccac attagattgt tatgataaca     23520
     tatgccttca gtgatttctt caagataaat accaaaaaat aaagcaactg gaatctcata     23580
     tgaagcatta aaaagcatat aatgacgtgt gtgcaggagc tttagtgctg tcccatttcc     23640
     ttggggataa atttttaagc ctttcccctt tacactcagt tttaaagggc catgaaaccc     23700
     cctcggttca gcagggtgtt ttcacacctc tactttgaaa aaagtcagaa aagtgggcgt     23760
     gtccagctct gtttaggggg gagtgtcgga ggaactaaag tgggatggtg tgggagtgtc     23820
     tatttgtgca cgcgcgagtt tcagagtcaa aatacacacc cacacagaca ggagaaagtg     23880
     atggtgttta acctacatgg acatctgtag tcgaattatt tgccgaatta ttaaatgttg     23940
     gactttaact gcagtttggc tctttcattc agggaattca ttcatgcctc tcgcgacaaa     24000
     cgagatattt gattcgagga actgctgcaa gcgtgtattt ttcatgcaat gtttgatacc     24060
     gcacggcgaa tgagagaaaa aaaaaactcc gcatttcccg gaaacttaga tgcacacggc     24120
     aggtagcgtc agaaagccgc gtgtgttatt ccggtcacta aatgtggtgc taacatttct     24180
     gcactcagtg caatagttaa cttaattcga tacgaacaaa ctgaataaac aaagagcact     24240
     ggtcgctcac ttaccaaatc tgtagagaca ggacaatcac cagcaactag agccgcgtct     24300
     ttatggagag aatactacaa gcaaatccag atttcagcgt ttgcagatga gaacagctct     24360
     caggtaaaca ataaacctcc ttagacacgt aagttattgt tgtcgagcgt cacgtacact     24420
     gttaatccac acgtgatcca gataagctct cacagagaga aaatgaaaac gaaacttaac     24480
     ggcagcaaac tataaaagca acacttcacg cttgttttgc caacacaacg tggcgtcttt     24540
     gtggtgtaaa cacggtgaca caaatgaata ttaatgaagt tgcacaatag agcgcgctga     24600
     ttggtttgaa ccaagcctta ctcatgcatt aatgtatcac actgtaagac gtaataagac     24660
     tcactcaggc acagacaccc agtctgcacg ctggaataca cgctattatg tcatgaccgt     24720
     gacgcagctt caaaaattct tttcaaacag gaagtacgaa tttgcttgaa ataacgcaaa     24780
     aacaaccaat ttacactttt tagtgaaata taggtgtcct aatagtgttt ttagcagtgt     24840
     gggacacata tacgactgtc aacagctcaa aaaatgtgtt ttggtgtttc gtgacccttt     24900
     aagggccaag gggaagaggt aggggtacaa aaatagaatt gggattgggc cctagacatt     24960
     ccatacttaa aaatgtcagg ttacattaaa taagtaaata ctactgatag tattgtgttt     25020
     atttaattaa aaagaaaaag ttggttgtga ttaatgtaaa gatgcctgag tgagaattga     25080
     tatcatatta ttacatacta aaataaacca aaacgctatc taattgaaat tacagactat     25140
     ggggaattgt aatacattaa tgtgattcat tcctgtgatg gcaccgttga cttttcacca     25200
     gccaatacaa tccagctatc tatcaatcat gtgcctaata attaataatg gcattttatt     25260
     atcagtgctg aaaaccattt ttgctcaata tttttttgtt taaggattgt ttgataaata     25320
     gaaagttaaa tagaagagtg tttatttaaa acagaatttt acttcttgat attgcataaa     25380
     caaatgtatt tatacataaa tataggtaag cactgtaact gttttaaata atattaatac     25440
     attttattta ccaaacagca caaatcaatt gttttcaatt caaaagtcaa aaagtttttg     25500
     atcaaatcaa aagttttatg aagatataat ggatttgaaa aatactaaaa agaaaacatt     25560
     ctgtagtttt tatcattata aaataacctg taaagttgtt tgaaatgttt tagcagagat     25620
     tcttctaata tacatttaaa gaactaagct ttattgcatt ttttttcacc ttcattttgc     25680
     ttcattaata accatacaat ccccaaatta aaggaacaat ctgcttaaaa ctaggcttaa     25740
     aattggctct ggagaaaagc agttgagttt tatcatttta aatttcttca gccgaactgt     25800
     ggagctgttg ggagccctgt tatggagcta tggagcttag aagtgtcccc ctccacagtg     25860
     aaagggaact ctagttcgga gtgaaccagg agaggggcaa ggtgaggtga tgtgaagaag     25920
     gtgaggtgac gaaaaagagt tctttgatca tattgagttg tggccaagaa gtaatggctt     25980
     ctacctttcc ctcgtccatc ttaactctat actcatttat gatgtaaccc atttgatgaa     26040
     aaacacacag ccttcagaaa caggttgtgg tcgcaaagcc atcataagtc ctacacaacg     26100
     aattggtgat gtttggcctg attttgggaa tagattcggc gtcaagaagt gtgaccactg     26160
     gaagagagat gcgcagttag tgtcataaca gtagtgactg aaattatggg ccctatcata     26220
     cacccggcgc agtgtggcgc aaggcgtggc gcagtagtct tttagtagtt tcagcttggc     26280
     gcaagagtcg ttttgaggcg ttgcgctacg ctgtttaaat agcaaatgca ttagcgctca     26340
     tttttgcgcc caaaaggaaa gcgttctgag gtggactgct ggcgcgttgc tattttgaga     26400
     atctataata gatttttcat tagaccaaaa caaacccggt ctaaactccg gcgcagagtt     26460
     gcgcctcgct tacgtactgc ttaatacgca caagagagca ataggcaaat atctttacat     26520
     atgaaaaaat gtaaatatta aggatatata tataggatat aataagaata gatatagaat     26580
     ataaatataa aggattaaaa tatttcaaaa catattattt tttagcctac ataaatatga     26640
     aaaaccactg cttttatgtc ttcttcatct cgggaggctt tttcagttca ttcataacaa     26700
     tttgctcttg tgtaatgtta ttattattag caatattatt tattatatcc atatttatat     26760
     ttgttttatt aaaaacaagc ttatttgtcc acctgtcagg ttttagatca tatggggcac     26820
     agcatgtgtt ttaggatata actcaggttt ttgagcacat tttgctatta ttattcattt     26880
     attcgtttgc tggaaattag aagtgaattt agaaatagtt ttgaaatgaa tatttgggct     26940
     taacaaacaa aagtatttat ttatagacta attaatgttt gtgcgtaaag gttttcctat     27000
     ccaagagcga aagtgaaagg gatccattat ctctcattct tacccagtag atgctctgtt     27060
     taacagtttt ctgttaaaaa aagttaactg tttgcttgtg aaatgctaat tttttccact     27120
     tagacttact ttgcgtcctg taaatagcga atgtgctctt ggcgcgacgc atctgactca     27180
     taaagggaat gggagatgag attctaattg gtttattctc aaaacacacc tataactcat     27240
     taagataata aactcaaccc ttttagaaca tgcgccgtgg tgcaaggcag atttcccgtc     27300
     cttaaattag caaaaacgcg tcctgacagg ccctgaaagc gtttgcgccc tgcgttttgc     27360
     gctctgcgca tggaccgtca aaatagagcc ctatgttttc ttgcatagca tgaagggcat     27420
     agaggacgtg tggggcatga tgcacagaaa tgccctgtct ttccacaata taagcaaaga     27480
     cccaggttcg gctgatggag ctgctctttt tctgttaatt ttccttggtc aaggatcatt     27540
     ggttatggaa gggttaaaga aataggctga tagagaagtg acctggatgt tctctgctaa     27600
     gtttccatat gtgaggaaca ttgaattgat aactgaacaa atttttctag gccataagtt     27660
     tcatcgtaag tgattaattg cattcaggtg tagttcgaga ctttgacggt aggtcgtcat     27720
     cagggcattt tcatcccaca gactggcagc tgctagggtg tgaaatttta atgaatacgc     27780
     ttgaattgac atcatacctt gtttcaaatt aattcatttt tttgcatttt tatacaaact     27840
     ccaaacagag atgacaactg acccagccga ggctcaaacc agcgaccttc ttggtgtgag     27900
     gcaatcgtgc tacccactgc accactgtga caccataaat acatataaag agttgaaatc     27960
     agaattatta gccccctgaa ttattggccc ccatgtttat ttttccccaa tttctgttta     28020
     acggagagaa gattttttca acacatttct aaacataata taataactca tttctaataa     28080
     ctgatttatt ttatctttgc catgctgaca ataaataata ttttactata tatttttcaa     28140
     gacactatac agcttaaagt aagatttaaa tgagtaatta ggttaattag gttaactagg     28200
     caggttaggg taattatgca agttattgta taacaatggt ttgttctgta gactatcgaa     28260
     aaaatatata acttaatata taaaaggctt ataattttac cctaaaatgg tttttaaatg     28320
     aaataaaaca aataagactt cctccagaag aaaagaataa tcagacatac tgtaaaaatt     28380
     tccttgctca gttaaacatc atttgggaaa tataaaaaaa aaatcaaaga aggctaataa     28440
     ttctgacatc acctatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     28500
     atatatatat atatatatat tgtggcgaga cgagggataa aacatgagca gtcaaacagg     28560
     tatggtttaa caacccggag ggtgattttt ttacagtgca aggtagggaa ggatagctgt     28620
     gcaggtataa gtcctttggc tggatattgt ggaaaatcct ctgggctgat gaaggtttgg     28680
     aattggtgaa aggaatctga ggtgccggtc tagccactgc tatctgctgg ggaaaacaga     28740
     gaaagaagca gtagcaagtc ttccttggag agatcaagct cagtctgtgt cttctctttc     28800
     tctgttaata tgatccagtc ctaatgagct gcaggtggcg atcagtgctg aggtgatgag     28860
     gtgacaggtg ttggtagttt gtacttgggg cgacgctgca ttggaacact cgccacaata     28920
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     28980
     tatacataac cacatagggg cttttccagg aagccagaaa cttgaaagtt gctgtgggaa     29040
     ctagcaccat gacctggtct ccgggttgaa aatctcgggc ttgggcaggc ctgtagtaga     29100
     gaagtcgttg ggcgtgctgg gcttcagtga gatgctgtca taccaggggc attacctcat     29160
     atctcgtacg tgttcgatga gtgagcgctg gggtgcgggc tccttttccc aggcctgtct     29220
     tgccacatcc aggaggcccc ggagttgtcg cccgaccagc agctcaaaag gagtgtaccc     29280
     agtagaggct tggggcacct cacgaatgcc gaatagcacg tatgggatca tgaggtccca     29340
     gttacgccca tcctctgcat caaacctgcg aagcatccgt tttagggttt ggttaaactg     29400
     ctcaacaagc ccatccgtct gagggtggta aatggatgtt cgcagttgtt tcaccttcag     29460
     aaggtggcag aggtctgcca tcagccggga cataaggagt accctggtca gtcaggatct     29520
     ttgaggggat gcccactcgg ctacaaagca ggaagagttc tttggcaatg gcgttggagg     29580
     gggccttgcg taggggtatg acctcggggt atcgggtggc gtagtccagg atgaccagga     29640
     tgtgttcgtg gcctcgggcg gattttggca gaggccctat caggtccaga ccagtgcggt     29700
     cgaagggtac ctcaatgatg ggtaacggga tcagcagact ggggggagga ccctggggag     29760
     cagttttctg gcacgtcggg catgcctggc agtgtctctt gaactcacta tttagcccag     29820
     gccagtggaa ctggcgtgtc tgggagggtg gtgctgctgg caaagacaac aactcctcaa     29880
     accctggcca atcccggcca agcaaaaggg gaatggggag atcagctaca atgcccactt     29940
     ccaggggtca tgcaccattg ccggctgcaa tcgttaccca ctgtgcgggg acgtagtgtg     30000
     ttgccatgca cacaggttat agggattgtg gctttagatc ccactctagg cttgatcaaa     30060
     cctggctgta ccagcgtcac ggagctcccg gtatccaata cagccgtgat attcttcccc     30120
     tcaagcttca ctctgcgaga aggggcacct gatgacaggg tccggtaaac gatgcagcca     30180
     gccaaccacg tacctgcagt ggagttcact ggttcagtgg gcatgggctc atccgctgga     30240
     ctcgggaccg ccggtctgct gactggcagt gaggtaccct ccaccggccg ccacggtgaa     30300
     ttcaccctct gggagagaac tgctgctctc tcgataacgt cccgggtcag tgtggcctct     30360
     gccaactcca ccgcctccac taaagctgtc agacttgcag ggtttttcat gcttacaggc     30420
     ccccggagtc gtctagggag agcgtgcagc aacctctcaa tgacgacttt ctcagatttt     30480
     gaaggggatt ccaactaaca gtatggccgc tgtgactctc cagtttagaa gggggccagg     30540
     atttgagcct attcggattt ggaccactct tctctctttg cgatgacttc aaaggtatgc     30600
     agatacgcat cgatatcatc caggtcacca agctttgtca aatggcggtg agcggaggcg     30660
     cgtggctccg ggagtgggag gtgttcagcc atctggaaca ggcactcttc cattttctgc     30720
     tgtttgacag agagctgttc ggtgaacagc tgttgtcatg aggttatctc ggagaggcgg     30780
     cgcacgatat cctccatttt gtatcacaaa ggggtgtatt cctccacacc gtttaggatc     30840
     ctgagtgatg agagagaaag cagccgctcg cctaaaaaaa tacaaataat caatgttacc     30900
     agttgtgggg ttttatccac tcaatctgcc tgcattctcc accagttgtg gcgagacgag     30960
     ggataaaaca tgagcagtca aacaggtatg ctttaacaac ccggagggtg atttatttac     31020
     agtgcaaggt aaggaggtga gggaaggata gctgtgcagg tatgagtcct ttggctggat     31080
     attgtggaaa atcctctggg ctgatgaagg tttggaattg gtgaaaggaa tctgaggtgc     31140
     cggtctagcc actgctatct gctggggaaa acagaaaaaa aagcattagc gtgtcttcct     31200
     tggagagatc aacctcagtc tgtgtcttct ctttccctgt ttatatgctc cagtcctaat     31260
     gagctgcagg tggagatcgg tgctgatgag gtgacaggtg ttggtagttt gtacttgtgg     31320
     caatgctgca ttggaacact cgccacaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     31380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata aatatgcata ttgtggcggg     31440
     ataaagaggg aaaatataca cacacgaatg tatcaagccc cggagggatg tttatttaca     31500
     agtgcagtcc ggtgtgtatg tgagaaagtg cggtctctgt tgtgcttcct tcattcccag     31560
     aaagtgccgt gtttaggtgg tgatgatgtt cttgggtccg tgaaggggta gcagtgaggg     31620
     tgagctccga tcagccactc gattctgcga gatagaacag agaattgttt gtatggaggt     31680
     ttcttgtcag aagtcactga cttgcttgtc ctcttgtgcg gttaaaatct ctctctcttc     31740
     atgagcgacc ggtgtggctg attgggcttg aggatggtgc agctggtgta cattacgaac     31800
     catagcgacg gggtattgga tgactagcca caatatttat atactcacac tcacacaagc     31860
     tcccttatag aaaagaaaaa agaaaaagtt gggacagttt ggataacgca tatgtttact     31920
     ttaacatgta tttcattgcc aacaatacaa aaaacattat tattgtgttc tttatgattt     31980
     ttcttgtttc ttgttttttt tttttttgta aataaataca tattccattt ttggttcttg     32040
     caacacattt taataaagtt gaaacagtga aacatttacc actttggttg ctattccttt     32100
     tcacaaaaga cgtttaggga ctgaaaaccc tcaaagtgat gaagtgtttc aggtgtaatt     32160
     ttgtccgatt cttcctgcaa aattttggtg tcttcatgtc acattttgca ttttgaaatg     32220
     tgctgcacat tctctattgg agacagatag ggatggcagg caggccagtc aaatagctgt     32280
     ttcctcttcc tccgcagcca ggactttgtg atatatacat aaaatggttt tgtattgcct     32340
     tgttgtaata tgcatggacg tccctggaaa agaaggcagc aaattgtgct cccaaatctc     32400
     tatgtacatt acagcaatat tggtggcatc atagaagtgc aagttacctt tgccaagggc     32460
     actgacacaa ccccatacca tgacagaccc tggcttttga acttgttgct ggtccggagc     32520
     acacagcatc catttcttcc aaaaagcacc tggaatactg atttatctga ccactgtaca     32580
     cgtttccact atgtgatggt ctatcacaga tgcttctgga caatgttaac gtaaggcttc     32640
     tttttggcac agtacagttt taactggcat ttgtgtatat aaccatgtat tgtgttctga     32700
     caaataattg aatgggatta tattgttgat aaggcattgc ttaaaataca tatcgagagt     32760
     gataacacag tcattaacct ttatatatgc atcattaatg tcttgaagtc agtggttctc     32820
     aaactgtccc gccctcttta aagctattat aaaatccccc ccccccttcc tttaaataat     32880
     aataatttaa atatttcata gtttataaaa agcaagaaca cctcaatatt aaaagaaatg     32940
     tatttcttca acttcatcaa ttgaaaaatc aattaagaaa gaataatata aaatgtataa     33000
     cgtattttag atttaaatac ttaaaaaaac taattcttac ctcaactggc aagtcattct     33060
     cgtctcatca caggaacaca ggatcacttc tggagtgtga aattaaaaga aggtggttgc     33120
     aaaaatgtag acttctcaag ggagaatatt gatgcagaaa ttcaaataaa caggtgttta     33180
     aaaattaatt tgccctgatt cagtagtgcg aacacatttg atgtacacgg cctgtgaccc     33240
     tgtccactta aacagttttt tttttttaaa tctcattttt tcttggtgct gtcgctgttt     33300
     gtcctcatga aaactgagta ttgagtaact gaaaataacg caggttgaag attttttttt     33360
     tcctcaaaat tctggctaca gtgtggttgt tttcaggggc aaactgggac aataattcag     33420
     gccaggaaat gtatttaatc tcaggccacc tctgttgcta ctggtctgag acaataacta     33480
     ttgtcaccac taccctattc atgtaattcc atgacgtaga ctaactcttt tatttattgc     33540
     aacatgtaga ctaccaatca aaccattaat gagtccttaa aaacacaata gagaaacgcc     33600
     atctttacca atcaatacgc atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaacctaagc acctggagaa     33660
     catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgccaactg aaccagccga gattcgaacc agcgagtcca     33720
     gtaagtcatt ttagatgaac acccacctaa caactgatta tgtaaatgtc ctgtttgtaa     33780
     ttctgacaaa cctgctccct tttgcagcat ttttctgtgt ttatgatcag gacttttttc     33840
     cattcatgtg cttgctcgct gctgttggac tttctgttaa gttgcaggtt gttgcaccac     33900
     tgattcaaag ttatagcagg tattataaag gtcctatgca gatagccaat agactcactt     33960
     ttgtgtttgc tctcagcctg catggttact tccagtgcag cacggcaata actgtacaag     34020
     gatggtgcag gagaggatca tatatcacac ttcctcacct tggaattata aggttctatc     34080
     tgacattttt gtcaaaattg agttattgac aaattcttag ataatgacaa catatttgca     34140
     ttataggatg ttgttcttat aagtttttca caatataaga ctttttattt ataaaacaaa     34200
     tgttacacac ctattgtttg ctatggaatg caaaaacttt aaagctcaat atctcaaaat     34260
     cattcagaac gtagataaaa ccctataatt ccaaagtgac gacttgctgt taacagtttt     34320
     ctcagattac cgtgccttta atggaatcat gagacagaga tgtcacacca aacagcaaag     34380
     aagagtagag gttcaaattc tacattttga gttgtatcaa tcatttggag ggtgagtatc     34440
     atggtgatat atatactaat agcaattaaa tcctagtcgt atctgttttt gacagttaat     34500
     aacggggttt ttaatgttat aatttaataa gctgcatcat ttctatccat ccatctattt     34560
     atctatttgc attttttgta cattgtgtcc ttaatatcaa ttgtatctat gaactaccta     34620
     tacctatagt ttatttctca gtttcctgta aggattgaat aacagaagag atgaacatga     34680
     gggcaacatg tttcggatca atggactcag agaagctgca tagtttgaga gtaggagcct     34740
     atttacactc aagatgacat gatgatacag ctcatctaca aagacatcaa aatgtttcag     34800
     acattttgag aggaagataa ccattactct ctgttttttt ttttactttt acctgccata     34860
     atgcctacag atttgaacaa aacacacaca acttttacct tgataatagt ttaatattga     34920
     atatttacat cactgctagg gaaatgttta acattaatgt gttaaagtta tttgtatttg     34980
     cataactgtt tttgtttcaa ggcggaggtg gtacaagact tgaaggtgac cacttcataa     35040
     ttctcattga acacaaaaac gctgcatatt tacattagtg cagtgcaagt atctaaagat     35100
     tttggtaaca ctttacaata aggttcatta gttaatgcat ttactaacat gaactaatca     35160
     tgaacatcac atgtacagca tttattaatc ataattaaac atttactaat gcattattaa     35220
     catccgagtc catgcttgtt aacattagtt aatgcaccat gagttaatat gaactaacaa     35280
     tgaattactg tattttcatt aactaatgtt ggctaacatg aacaaataca gtagtaaatg     35340
     tattgttcat tgtttgttca tgttagtaaa tacattaatt aagattaact actgaacctt     35400
     attgtaaagt gtgaccaaga ttttttatat tgacatcagt gaagtgtgct ttatgtcttt     35460
     gttttactgc atttaaaaat tcatgttcat ttatattaat ttatattatt tttttacaag     35520
     aataaatcca agttcatcat tccccatcaa atgttatttc ttgaagtttt tacataagta     35580
     ttgttttttg atattattat tgacatttta gcctcatgct gagcaccaaa taatctaatg     35640
     atgatttctt tggtttgtct tgaatattaa aattaatatt agtattaata ttgagattgt     35700
     ggccactcct tacttaaggt gcgtgtaagt atcagataaa taactgaaat gaaactaaaa     35760
     tggggcacaa gtcacaagtt ttcattgtgg caataattga caatcaaaga ttgttgaaat     35820
     caattatact aattttgaag ctcattatct ggccaaatcg taaggatagt gagattgtct     35880
     caccttagaa ggaagacaca attataataa ataagtatta attaacaaac aaatattaaa     35940
     gtgggttgag gattgtgata aattactgtt cattttacaa aggcaaacta gagtctcata     36000
     aggtaaccct tattttaaaa taacaaacaa atgaggaagt ttttgttata aatgaatgtc     36060
     agtttgaata tcagtaaaca aatatcttac tgaaacacta tgctaaagtc tcagatagag     36120
     gtttggaaag taacatattt atgcttctaa gagaagctgg aagaggatta caactacctt     36180
     tttcatctac acttcaagca aataaagcat ccttttacaa cccatcaatt attctctccc     36240
     tggagggttg gattgaaaag atggtgcctt tcaaacccag cattataatt agatgaccag     36300
     cattgtaatt ggatctggtg gtcactggag ggtgtcaccc atggtgtgac cggcatttgc     36360
     attagcatag tctacagtta aaatggtttc ataatttaaa agtctttaat atttttcaat     36420
     gcatatttcg ctttacaaac cacttctagt ttacccaagg cattgtagtg ttattttgaa     36480
     tgtatcacaa atattaacat caatattttg ttagattttt gactatattc gtttaatcta     36540
     taatctaaca aaatgagttt aatccagcct gatctcacga gaaaacgtaa gtattttacg     36600
     ttttgccagt taagtggcta aatcgtatca attcgtacga gttcagtcgt acgaaatggt     36660
     acgattttaa aaaggaggcg tggcacctga ccccaccctt aaccccaacc atcattgggg     36720
     gataagcaaa tcatactaaa ttgtacgaat tagatcgtac aaattcatac aaattagcca     36780
     ctaaatgaaa aagttacgaa ttgccgtgag attgtgttgg tttaatctat aatcaatatt     36840
     agtctaatca ataatttgtt agattagtct aatttaactt gcaaaataag attatttgtt     36900
     agattagatt attttatact aaagcacccc ataccaaggt ctctgataga ggtttggaaa     36960
     gtaatatatt tacacttcag ctcttgatgc agaagttgga tcttattgca ggtgttgatg     37020
     catggaacaa gcagacatag gtctcttgag cattaagaag aaaaatctgt agatttcagg     37080
     tggtggtatt cctgatgtcg aggacacacc aattacttta acatttcttc ttgtagagtt     37140
     ctttgagcaa tttggacagc ctgccgcgat gacggtgtga ggagggtgtc atccatagtg     37200
     tggctgacat ttgcataggt atagtctaca attaaacttt ttataagtct caaatattct     37260
     cctattcata attcactttt caaaacactt ctacttcatc caagttattg tgctgaaaat     37320
     ataaagtcat aacatcacta tgcaatattg acctaaacat tgatctataa ataataataa     37380
     gcaaagtttc atacagtgga gtatttatca tttggatcta aaggtatatg aagtaaaata     37440
     ttccattttg tgagatggag attttgtaat ccatgtgtct ctctgtatct gagatgatgt     37500
     agattagaag aaaaatgtta attaggtcaa gaagcagctt tgcaagttct ggcctctcaa     37560
     cacctttgtc cagaagaaca acgaacagat ggtttttcac attcttcatt gccactctta     37620
     actgattagc ttaaacaata agggcagagt tcgtgtttct ttaactagct gcagcatttg     37680
     ttcatcaact gaatttccac aagtttctga tattttattt tcccttgatt acaacaacat     37740
     tgttacattg catcacattg caatgttgat ctttacctaa tcatatatat atatatatat     37800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattcat     37860
     actggggagt atttcaaaca gtgcattttt aatacatgaa tctctgaatg taaaggtata     37920
     tggagtgaaa tactccattt gtgtccactc catgagatgg aatattttgt aatccatgcg     37980
     tgtctctctg tgtctgaaac aatgttgatt agatgcaaaa aaccattctg caagctgtgg     38040
     ctctcttaac tgctttttcc ttcagaagta caaaagacag atgtttattc accatctcca     38100
     ttgtggctgt taactgatta gcttaaacaa aaggggcaga gttaaagtaa cactttaact     38160
     ggctgcaaca tttgttcata ctaaaaattg atttccacaa ttgatttttc acaagttcct     38220
     gattttatat gaaggtaatt cagttgcgaa actcgagagc ttgcaaatgt aaatgtgagc     38280
     acttgtgata ataatatttg tatgtgtagg ttgaaatgta cacttacagc tctgatgtga     38340
     acagctgaaa tcctcgattt gcacacacac acaacaatcc acacacttgt gttttgaatt     38400
     ggaagttgca gattaatagt tgtgtatttg taaaatgtca ttcacaaata caaagtgaca     38460
     gacacacgtg tgcacggcaa atttgattgc atctccattc tacaaccaca ggtcggcact     38520
     cacaacctct cagattcgtc agtacaacta caaatctccc gcgctctgac ttttgcaaca     38580
     catctcccgc gatctctgta gcagaactca tctgtgcact cgcagatgca gaggcgtgag     38640
     cagcgcgggg cgggggaggg gcggggctgg tgtaaagctg tttcattggc tgaagcctga     38700
     ccaatgaaca atgccagcag ccaacaggac tgaggtgcaa aataataatt tcccacgatt     38760
     attttattgt ttagggttta tttaaactct ttttctgaag agatttttgt taaaaatcat     38820
     aaattctgtg gaaatgtaca taccagtaaa agagcagcaa agccagttta ttggctacag     38880
     ccagccaatg agatggggcg tttctgtttg tcagcacaca gggcagctca cgttgttgga     38940
     ggcctcgagc aatcagaggg taagttatga ttttttaata attatctata tgttcaatac     39000
     ttttagctaa gctaaggact gtgctgggtg cttctcttgt ttgttttttt atataagaaa     39060
     cagttttgag ttatctagga gctgctttca atcatgttat atggttctaa agatacgatt     39120
     caacccacat gaaataagtt gtaatagcat ttatagtaaa caatattacg tttttgaacc     39180
     atactaacta taataaactg tattatactg tatatattgc agtatctaca actttgttaa     39240
     tgaatgcaac agcacactgt agtattaact agcatgaact ttaataaatt gaagtatatt     39300
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacattaata gcaattaaaa ataacactag gcgtttcagt     39360
     ttcttacaga tcataccggt tttggttatt ataacctgca tcatgtctat ctatccatct     39420
     atctatttac atgtttgtgt acagtgtgtc ctttatatca cttttttaat tatgaacgtt     39480
     actaactata ggttatttct cagtttcctg taaggatgga gtgacaggag agatcagcgt     39540
     gtttcaagtc tgctgacaaa cagaaacgcc ccatctcatt ggctggctgt agccaataaa     39600
     ctggctttgc tgctctttta ctggtatgta catttccaca gaatttatga tttttaacaa     39660
     aaatctcttc agaaaagagt ttaaataaac cctaaacaat aaaataatcg tgggaaatta     39720
     ttattttgca cctcagtcct gttggctgct ggcattgttc attggtcagg cttcagccaa     39780
     tgaaacagct ttacaccagc cccgcccctc ccccgccccg cgctgctcac gcctctgcat     39840
     ctgcgagtgc acagatgagt tctgctacag agatcgcggg agatgtgttg caaaagtcag     39900
     ggcgcgggag atttgtagtt gtactgacga atctgagagg ttgtgagtgc cgacctgtgg     39960
     ttgtagaatg gagatgcaat caaatttgcc gtgcacacgt gtgtctgtca ctttgtattt     40020
     gtgaatgaca ttttacaaat acacaactat taatctgcaa cttccaattc aaaacacaag     40080
     tgtgtggatt gttgtgtgtg tgtgcaaatc gaggatttca gctgttcaca tcagagctgt     40140
     aagtgtacat ttcaacctac acatacaaat attattatca caagtgctca catttacatt     40200
     tgcaagctct cgagtttcgc aactgaatta ccttcataat tttaccactg atcactatgt     40260
     atatatagct caagacatgt gaaagttgta aatactacaa caaatccagt acaatttata     40320
     gttctaaaac aatattattt aatataaaat acaactgctt acgtctttta agtgggttaa     40380
     atcgtattaa ttttcttttc agcttagtcc cttcattaat ctggggttgc cacagcggaa     40440
     tgaactgcca acctatccag catatgtttt tttgcagtag atgcccttcc agctgcaacc     40500
     catcaccaga aaacatctgt acacacaaac actacagaca gtttacctta cccaattcaa     40560
     ctatagcacg tcttcggact ataggggaaa ccagtgcacc cggaggaaac ccacatgaac     40620
     atggggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgcctattg acccagctga ggcttaaacc     40680
     agtgacattc ttgctgtgag gtgattgtgc tacccactgc gccactgtac tgcccggggt     40740
     taaattgcat ttagtacata aatgttttaa attgtacctt tagaacctta caacattcta     40800
     aaaacagcat cgaaagcagt ctcctttaag tcgctccacc tgtttataat gtttatcagc     40860
     ctgatccggt gcattatcaa ctaccgtagg ttctggaact gaacaataat catgttccag     40920
     atgctgggta tatactggca ctgaatcctt atctgcttga gtgtaaactt tcttagccat     40980
     gccccaactc accgaggggt ttggatgcag acctggtgca gtgcaatcag taatgcctca     41040
     aatgctttta atgggctcat ctaatacccc cctaacccta cccctcactg tgacatcact     41100
     agctctattt gagtgcctaa cattgcatcg ctgagtgatg caatctcagt ttgcatcata     41160
     atggctgcat ccagataata ttgaacgcaa cttagttttg ctgctagtac acttcgctgt     41220
     agaacccgtt atgcaaaagt aaacacacag gctgagactc taccgaaaac acatcagcag     41280
     catttgttca ttattcgtct actatgcagt ctattaagca atacatggct gacattgtgc     41340
     aatattatgg tgatgtcagt cttgctttgc gatcacctga ttcatagttt gaggtgttca     41400
     tcaagctgta agcagcctgt tgcatgtcaa ggttgcatgc tgacaatgtg tccactgttt     41460
     tcttctttct gactggccaa cacagctgaa ttcacctcaa acgtggaaga tgccaatgca     41520
     gcaaattctg catgttcgca tcacaaatca tgtatttgcg tcgttccacc atgggatggt     41580
     aatctgcctt tgttttcaca cttgtatttg gcaatttaac ggctgtgtaa cttgttttct     41640
     cttttcggtc aactggtcca gcgggttctg tcttcagaac atgatgagat caggcctgaa     41700
     aaggcagttt accctgccga caacaacact ttatttgcat gctttgttca gccatctccc     41760
     ctcctcctaa gaacacaata tagacatgaa atcttcgtct taaatcagac ttgtgataaa     41820
     acttgtagat tgcagacctc cagtaggttc tgcagacaca tggacttcta gaagaagctg     41880
     tatgactgca gattaaccaa catgtctcaa taaaggaatt ctgcttgttt cgagtctcct     41940
     ggactgggtt cttttcttct ttttcatcgt ttattttttt acaacagtgt gaacccagca     42000
     taaaaaaaat tctattaagt agaatgttct cttaccagac ccaatatcct taattcctct     42060
     cattaaatac ataaacaata taaatatgta ttaaaaaaat attttactgc aaatgagaat     42120
     tatgaaatag taggtatggc tgattacatt ctctttaaac tgaactgaag ctcttgtaga     42180
     ttctgttaac tgtttttcaa aagataagaa aattaatatt tttagtcaca tgacctatgc     42240
     ggagggtggt gggcaaaata aaaaattggc agccacactg ggatctctat agaaatggag     42300
     cacaatctgg tcagtttttc atctgtttca agctttgaat atttggatca catatcaaca     42360
     aaaaaactga gatataattt cattaaaatt atcaaagtaa tgtaagtaga actggattga     42420
     ttacatcaga cttaaaaaca gcctcatcac tgttaaatac agacttattg gtagcataaa     42480
     actcaaccgc tgcttgccaa ctaggactac attctcagtt gtatagagta aactatcatg     42540
     caaatgtaaa gatgattaga gtccaaataa taaccagctt acagatgcct caggtccgtg     42600
     actcgtattc ccatcctatg attcacaaac tgtgtgaagt caaagtctct ctctgtgtat     42660
     ttttgagtaa acactttaat atatccacat agttgtccaa aataaccctt gtgtactgtt     42720
     caaatttatt aaccttttat aatgttcgta gctgtttttg ccccattgac ttccatttta     42780
     attacatttt ttgatagaaa actatggcag catataataa aggattcttg atagttggtg     42840
     gtttttcctg ttgggagaag gtaaaatgtg tcatttttac tgatcatcag ttggcagcat     42900
     taacccttta gaaagttttt agcttttata cagagttcta tggagtgaaa cagcagaatg     42960
     tagtgtgtgc ataaacacac tatgctttct atgttctgag agctgagctg gatatttgga     43020
     tttttttcag acattatcaa gtctctcttt tttacataac actctgctcc atatagaaag     43080
     cataaactaa gcttttttgc taagcaactt atgatcaaca gtaaaaaaaa caaaaactag     43140
     tttttttcaa gggaaaaaaa acaacaacta tctatgattg ttgaaagcat gaattttatg     43200
     gtggcatggc tttgcaatca ataaatgtca ttatactgaa agtaaatggg gcaaaagcag     43260
     ccatggacat aacgaaaggg tagtaaattt gccaagagtg tattgttgaa tttttttatt     43320
     tatttacttt ctcaatcatt ccaaagtgga tgaaaacatc cctaacagca cacaagggtt     43380
     aatgtccaga gagtgcttca taacaaacca taaaggaggc tctagcaaga ctcagtgttg     43440
     tttctgcata tgagcatcag atgttttaat cgagctgtta aatgttgctg gcagcaattt     43500
     cccaataagt atctagctgc aaacccagat cgatgtgttt gtacagtact ttacctttct     43560
     ttgtttattt ttaatgggta tgaatagtaa atattcagtc aacccagaag cagcagctgt     43620
     acaaaaacga tttaggcctc aagtaaatta ttcataaatc aacagtttat tttattaata     43680
     ttattattat tattttgctt aaaccaattt aatttagttt ttttatttta ttaaatgtgt     43740
     tttaattgtt ttgaaacaat tgccaaaaat tatgtttgtt ttgtgcacat acacgttaat     43800
     gatccattga cattgacata atagcatcac acagttgctg cacatccata atgcaaatct     43860
     tccattccac cacatcccaa aggtgctcta tgggatagag ctctggtgac tgtggaggcc     43920
     atttgagtac agtgaactaa ttgtcatgtt aaaacagttt gagaggattt atgcttcatg     43980
     acaatgtgtt atcatgtagg aagtagccat cagataataa ataaactgtg gtcataaagg     44040
     gtggtcatat ccccattaca ccaccaccag cagcctgaac tgttgatact aggcaggatg     44100
     aatccatgct tcttatgttg tcgcggcaga aaaagactca tcagactaga caacattttt     44160
     ccaatcttct attgtcaaat tttggtgagc ctgtttaaaa tgtagcctca gtttcctgtt     44220
     cttagcttac aggaatggca cctggtgtgg tcttctgctg ctgtagccca tccgcctcaa     44280
     ggttggacat gttgtgcatt cagagatgtt ctgcatacct tgattgtaac aagtgattat     44340
     ttgagttacg gttgcctttc tatcagcttg aaccactgga accaacaagg tatttgtgtt     44400
     cacagaactg ctgcttactg gatatttttt tattttattt ttttagaatt atcctctgat     44460
     tttttttatc tttgtaaact ctagatagtt gtacatgaaa attccagtag atcagcagtt     44520
     tctaaaatac taaaaccagc ttgtctggcg ccaaaaacca tgccacattc agagtgatta     44580
     aaatcacatt tttttttccc attctgatgc tcggtttaaa ctgcagcaga tcgtcttgac     44640
     tatctacatg cttaaatgca ttgagatgct gccatttgat tggctgataa gaaatttgcg     44700
     ttaacaagca gttggatagc tgtacctatt aaagtgtgag tggatatcat tctgatcatt     44760
     caggtattgc agactctctt gcactgtaaa aaaattgtct gtattttttt ccccagagtt     44820
     ttacagtttc ttcattatac tgtgaaatac ctgttgtttt acggatattt tcagtaataa     44880
     aaaaattata aaactaaatt tacagttatt gcttgtattt tagtataatg ttatttttct     44940
     gtttttttaa taaaatgttt gtattttcag agagcaacat gcaaatttac gtcacttttt     45000
     acagattatt tctgtaaaaa taggaaaaca aaaacacagt caaatagttt tttttttgct     45060
     gttgagaggt tttatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatggggg     45120
     tgggcgttaa cacgagactc ttaccttgca acaaaatata tcaccattta tacacaagct     45180
     atggtgattt caccttgata ttttagcgtg aatgtatgct tgaacggtga gctgtctgac     45240
     aaaaaagtgc ccttctgaat caaatcagca ggatgcctga ctttaactgt agttcagcag     45300
     tttcactttt aactcataaa catttcattc atgccgccgt gacaaactgg ggtattagaa     45360
     gcaaataagg agtaaaaact agagagagtg atatggaatt taataacgca cgccaaatgg     45420
     aaagaaaaaa acttgcacat ttcgcaatgt gtatgtgtgt ttgtttgtgt gcatgcgtgg     45480
     tctttcacgg acagccgcgt gtgtatatct tgttggaaaa tatgatgaaa agtcctacat     45540
     actatcctac atgatagtaa tagtttgact gcgggtttac tttaataatg ccactaatat     45600
     atgcatactc catatgtctt aattcccttt ctgtttagtt atgacattag actatagact     45660
     gtaaaaaata tggatgtagt gtccgtgacg tcacccttag gtttctgaag agctcaaata     45720
     aagcttactg tatgcgtggt cagccatcgc catcttgaga gtgcgtcatt tccggatact     45780
     cgaaaatggg cagaggcgga cctcaggcgg agttgagatg actgtttgct gaaaccatag     45840
     agaccatccc cccacccgcg acatttgaat catttgaaca tctcagcgta ccaaggtaaa     45900
     ttaaccggaa actacacaac aaaacttgaa ataataaatg ttgttgatat tattatggct     45960
     ctctggggca agccgttttg aattttactc attatcagga tatgcattgt tgatatcaac     46020
     aattaaattc ttaatatcaa cattcggcat tcatgatatt tctttcgttt gaaataattg     46080
     aattgttgat atctaatatt tatttgttaa cataaaaaaa aattctttat atgaaatgat     46140
     taaattaaat aatttttata tcaacaattc acatttgtat gttcaataaa gcaaaaatgt     46200
     aattgttgac agttgatatc gtttactggt tgaaatatga ttagtaatgc tagtaaaatg     46260
     tgacttttgg gtttatttac taacacaaga atgtatttat taatcatagt tcaacattta     46320
     gtaatgcatt tttaacattt gagcttgtta acattatcta aagtattgtg agttaaacat     46380
     ttatattgga acaaaagtat tagttaatat tgatgttatt tattgggatg atatttggtt     46440
     gaaaaacaac tatttgaaaa tctggaattt taaggagtca aatatttcca taagaaatcc     46500
     ccttaaaagt tgtccaaagt tcttaggaat gctatattta cagtagaaaa tattcgaaac     46560
     ttctccatgg aaaatttatt ttacagagaa atatcagtaa ttttgaccca tacaatgcat     46620
     tttgactact cctgtttgtg gtccaggatc acattttatt aattacattt actaatattt     46680
     tataatggaa cattatttta aagtgttacc aatgtttatt tctttcagtg atcgattgct     46740
     gattacatca tggccacctc taaatcatcc tcatccatgt ctgttaggtc accaaaatta     46800
     aactttaagt tgtagtcctg gtttaaaaag atatattttg agtcgttgct ccattattct     46860
     agtttttctc acttgttaca ttattgtcaa caacaacaaa aaaaggacag cattgattaa     46920
     aatcactgat tttctttcca tagacacagt gtggatcatt ggtgacagtt atgtccgaca     46980
     aggtgcccag agagcgaggg agactgttgg caacaacctt gggctgcctg gggcccatat     47040
     ctcttggttt ggctggggtg gactaaagtg gaatggactt ccaaattact tccaggactt     47100
     gatcaaagga agagttgtac cggattcatt gtggaggaaa tgatattggt gaggtcacca     47160
     gacgacttgc tccagattaa gctccagcac cacgatatga aaactttatt ttcatctata     47220
     acacagaggt gccagtggaa ggctggtgct aagccagtta aacttgacaa ggcccggaaa     47280
     tttgttaaca gtgttatggc tacatttttt gatagcctaa atggtgccat gattatgcac     47340
     cctcacatta gacatgacag tcctgggcta ttcctaaaag atggagtatt gctaactgcc     47400
     ttaaagacca cattcaaatg cagtgaacag ccaatagtat cactgctttt gaatttgggc     47460
     tttagggccc atttgattta aataggcttg accattatgg ctaatgtaaa atcttttttt     47520
     tttttttaat gtttactctt aagtgccatt tgtagctata acactgttaa cctctgcttt     47580
     tcaaattgtt tatttttcct tttttattta ttaaaaattt ttacaaatta ttggaatatt     47640
     gttagagttt tataaataaa ttcatttgat tgtttaatga caatgagttc ttcaattgag     47700
     tttctgggaa cgctgctttc agaaaagaaa ttaaatttac tttacatttg ggccatttat     47760
     tctaagaata gttttcacat agaggtttat agataacagc attaaagagc ccatattatg     47820
     ggtttttgaa aattcccctc catgtagtgt gtaacacagc tctaagtgaa gtgaagtatc     47880
     cagctaaggc ttaaatctgt tagtgtacag tgtttaaaac tgttgattca tctataaaag     47940
     agtcgactca tagtgcttca aacgagtcgc cttgataccg attcattagg tgtttcgcca     48000
     tgacgtacga acgaaaccaa gttattcacg tgcacgcgca aacccgggag atttcaaacc     48060
     tgaggccccg ccctctgacg cagaaaccca gacacacaca cacacacacc cacaaacaca     48120
     cacaaacatg ccggtcgatt gaagtcacac tgcagatgga tatattgagt ctctacccaa     48180
     aaatgaaacc tcagcattat agccaagcag ttggaaacta ctgtaaactt ctggaaacta     48240
     catgctacaa agaatacttc atcagcgttt gttaaaggaa ggatcagtaa agagtaactt     48300
     actgatggac gtcaagatgg atttttcttc ctccatttct caagtgtaag tacgtgcgat     48360
     taaagttgcc tcgttgactc tagcttgcaa atgtatttag ttgtgatttg ttacttgtaa     48420
     cagagtgtac tgtatcaggt taactggcta tattctctta tcgcgtgcaa agtcacgtta     48480
     aaaacgcgac gcgtgctgct ttgttaatgg agctccgtgg acgaggagta gtgtgtgtgt     48540
     ctgtgtgtgc gtgcgtgtgc gcgcgcgcgt tgtcgtctgg agcagggtta agtgcgtgcg     48600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcaatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgaaa     48660
     agagcagagt gagaagctag gagatctcct caactgtttt tggagttttt gctcaataaa     48720
     atagtcgtct gaattttcaa gtctatagtc tgtatttaca ttgacccact ggcagctaaa     48780
     gtccacgcct acactatcga gcgtgtatga actgtgatta cttttatatt gctgattagc     48840
     tgtttggcat ttcactctct gactgaaggc agtcgaccaa tcgcaacaga ctgtcattgg     48900
     tccaatcagc gcagattagc ttcgcgctaa ggaggggttt gggaacaaat gaatcactgg     48960
     acgattcata caggagttgc tgggataatt aggtaaaaat aaatgcagat tataagacca     49020
     cgaaagtgtt ttttaacctt gcatgcatat taaactgttg ttggagaccc ttacaaccaa     49080
     aatatgacct tatttcatgt ataatatggg ctctttaagg ggattacaag ttaaacaaaa     49140
     gcctacgcag agcaatattc acctaggtac agaagttaga gactcactat ggaacctgtt     49200
     atctgagcac tccacatctg ggggatggat actatgatca gctatagaat atcaacacac     49260
     aagcatggga tgtcacatga aatacctgag agaaagatga caaggttaaa agactggtag     49320
     aatttatgca caatggcctg tcttggttag aagcccactc accatgacaa ggtgcaggcc     49380
     tggagtggga acacataaca tgggacaaac atataagacg ctacaaaacc acaggacaag     49440
     acatgtagga aaaggagaac attcaaccaa acaacactgg tgaaacaata tacaatggta     49500
     aaaaatgagg gtggtgatgg gagcaaccta acacataaga ctttatacca gccctaacaa     49560
     aacagtagta agatcaccta aaaacccata agaataaatt ctgaataaag aactttattt     49620
     aaagctatgt ttataacaat acctaaaatg aacataactg aattattaca acacttcaat     49680
     aactcaatat caataatata aagtcaaact aaccatggac gtaaacttca aacttaacat     49740
     gagcgaatga gaaattaatt tttattgttg cattttttgt aaatatgtga ttaaatgatt     49800
     cttgacttgg acactacatt acagaaactc tatagaaaca gaactctatc tatagaaaca     49860
     gggaccaggg catatgtata tgccctgcat atgtatttca catatgtatt gcattcacat     49920
     aaaagatcaa tatcacttag gtcacattca tgtagactat aagttttatt gaaaattcct     49980
     atatgttaca gggcaaaaat atctaattaa tcagcatgtc tgtgtgggtt aaggaaagca     50040
     ccatgtataa aggatcactc tggcttcaca gcatcctaag atttgtttga gttgtgtccc     50100
     actcatgcag actccaactt aaaatcatcc tggttatcgg tgggtttttt aattttcctt     50160
     tttatttact ttttgccatc caatatttaa attgcaaaca cctgtacgtc cttactttaa     50220
     aggcttctta atagtagaca ctgaatgtta cttggtcccc atttatgcag gatccaagta     50280
     acatttacaa agttactcaa aaagaggtag tttcagaacc aatcaccacg tgcaaagtcc     50340
     aaaaactaca acaacaaaaa gccaattggc cacattctga cacacataga aaataatgct     50400
     gcacacacac atacacagaa atatatacat acatgcatgc aactacaaac aaccatacat     50460
     acatctatac acatagacat aaacatacaa acaagtatat atacatacat acacacaaac     50520
     atatatatac acatacttta catacacaca aacataaaaa tatatacaca tacataaaca     50580
     acacaaaaat atatacatcc atacactaaa acatacctac aaacatccat atctgcataa     50640
     atccaaacac acatgattac aaacatagat agaaatgacc aaccaccttt tcattaatca     50700
     ccataaaaat gtattaattt tgtaagtttt ttgcagactt acactttcac ttgcactttg     50760
     ccctctttaa ttttatctgt ctcacgtctt gctatatggt ttagtctaac tttgcagtac     50820
     catgcagcag ccatcttcac cagcacaagg acatggttag attcaacaca catatcaaac     50880
     atgtgactgt gcagctgagg gaagagattc ttctcagaac aatctgaaag gacctgtgtg     50940
     acaatagctg ctgttgttcc tcttccagcc cgaggccttc ccccattggc ttttagaagc     51000
     agctgaaagc atttttctgt tgcttggcaa actatagtga tgtctggaga tggtttctgt     51060
     aagccacccc tgtccttcaa agtaaggaat ggatgcacca cgttctccga agtcagtcct     51120
     tgtgagcaag gcatgcaagt aaccttctct ttcatctttt tcacactata gcctgtgatg     51180
     taagagattg ctgcttcctt gtactcagac agaaagtcaa catgtggaag gtcagagagg     51240
     gagtcctcct caggcacaag cacttccaca ggttccacat ccacccggca agcgatgttt     51300
     acagttgcag tagttgagtc aaggatggtt gtgttgtcgc gaaggagaca gttgcctgtg     51360
     ccccttttca cctgatgcct tacaaggaga cgtttgtatg ctcctcggaa ctgacttaca     51420
     ttggggttgt tgttatatcc tcttcttgct ctgacagcag aaaaaaacaa ttccaaatgg     51480
     tcctgactga gtttgtaggt cagtaggtat ctgcatgagg cagctggctg ctcaaccagg     51540
     tcttcataga tgcccatcac acttctgcta caagcaataa aaccatagat gggtgtcttt     51600
     tttgcatgga atacacatgt acaagtgtgt tgtctttacc ttttattctg agcccacgga     51660
     gaagtgattc tgtttcttct aaaacaactg ttgctcaatg tttagtagtt ggcttgattg     51720
     gagctgtgtg ccctttgcca agttaaggac atcaaaggct gcatcaattg tgcgcaggaa     51780
     atgaactgtg gctgcacaac cagagaactg ggaatacttc agctcttgct cacagtactc     51840
     aagggcatca gcaacactgc tgctgaagac caagagctgg gctgcaagat tgaccttcat     51900
     tttctgatta caccactgaa tatgcgccat tcttagtttg tttccaagac gcaagccttc     51960
     cttctcctga agtttgttga gctcctcaat gtaacaccac cttatctgct ggccatctgc     52020
     tctaaacaga acctgtactg ttgagaacac attccgaagc agcttaagca tgtggcatgg     52080
     atccaaaagc acatggactt tttgtgtgtt ttcttcagga agatgaaagt aaggtctcat     52140
     attcatgatg tccaagctag caccaagctc cctgatcatt gctaaatttt gggagggtcc     52200
     atcacatgtc aaggtgacaa tcctaactga tgagaaagta agcaatggga atcttccaaa     52260
     agtcattgat tgcaacaacc ataaggacca gtgaatgtgt tgccactaca ttttctatct     52320
     caccaccacc gatagcaaca tagccatgat ttggtcccca tcaaactcag tttgcttata     52380
     atgtacattt cgtccatcat caatgagcaa actatccttt ccaaatattt tctgcttcgc     52440
     aacatgaata tttaaacctg cgaatgaagt aacagtaaac ccaggatctg cagagatgct     52500
     actatactat tttcgtatgg tctgagaatg aggcaaagcc aagagaaact tctctctcac     52560
     aaagtcaaag gcctttggag agtaaaagtg cagtgtagtg gcaaattgct tcatgctttc     52620
     acaaaacaca gacattttct tcttttggat tctctgaaaa atctcctgtg gaacatcagc     52680
     cagagtttca agaagagagg catattcagt tgaaattaaa agtttcttct gaaccttgct     52740
     aattacaaat ttcaaggaag taactcttgc ctttagcctc cttgtttgtt gacatctcaa     52800
     cctaagcttt ttacgagtta caaatagctt gtcctttaac acatgagctt cccttttcag     52860
     tgttttcgga gaatctaaaa tatagtagca tatttagtga tcactcagat ttttattttg     52920
     aactctgcta cccaaaacaa cacagacatc ctcacagaca tttgctgtaa gagcattgtc     52980
     attgtggctg acatcttggg caagtaaagc gtgttcagat gcatccttga gtaacatgac     53040
     attgctttgt ttgtcactac tgccactgtc aatatatgca accttatcat aactttgtac     53100
     agcagaagta gggatgccac tgactgtatc tttaatactt gaatgttacc atttttagta     53160
     tgaatgtaca aattacacat taaaataaat attgtaactg ttcttatata ttcaggctgt     53220
     ctcatttttt acagtacagt atgaagcaag gtttctgtac cctggagtca gtggtgaagt     53280
     tgtgactctc aaagtgttca ctgcacatgc gagaagtctt gttaggagtc gtttgatgtt     53340
     gagcatccac tggtccagtc tggcaaaatc acctagagga aaactttaca cagacaaata     53400
     gttacttctt tcacagacta ctttacatgc aaataataca acttaaagga caataaaaaa     53460
     atatatatat ataaatgtgt tttgcatctg tttttcatgt agttggtacc aattttaatt     53520
     ttgtggatat acatatttta ttttacatac acaatgtaac aaatagcttt ttaatctgtc     53580
     aaattaattt tcaattgcac attctaaact tgaagtctgt tttttatata tatatatatc     53640
     attagatgaa gtcaatttgt gtataaatat tgatgaagga aaagccacaa attcttaggt     53700
     tactctttaa aaacaccatt gtgttgattc aactgtcaca ataagcaata ttattgtgat     53760
     attagtgata tcattattat tacgatcatt ttatgctact gattatataa tgattatata     53820
     actgcaaaat aatgcaaaga gataaacact ttaatatact ttgcttagat attaagtaaa     53880
     ttattaacaa ttataaactg acaacattga ggtaaaatgt aaatgtcact gtaaaatggc     53940
     tttaatggta tttgtgaatt tgtaaatata tattgcaatg acaaaaatga ttgagatcat     54000
     ctccaagtat taaggtgata tattaattat tttgacaggc ctattcaaat atttattgcg     54060
     ttttcttata tcagttttgt gtaatactta accctttttt aaaaacgcgg ggcgttggta     54120
     ttctatacac atcaataatt aaaacaatta cttccaatat aacatattat gtcgtagtaa     54180
     tcattaagct atttatgaaa tgcaggcgca tattacatag tttcaaatgt cttctgcttt     54240
     aagcctgcag ctaacattac tcacaatctg aaggagttag tccagtaaat ttggaaataa     54300
     atttcaaaat tattaattat ttgatttaag acatcattgc atgcatttat gtataacatt     54360
     gtactagaat atcactcacc gggaaaaatg gagccccgtc ttggacggtc tgttagtaca     54420
     attaactgca caacaagcca tattatttaa taaatggaag aaataaaccc ctacaaattg     54480
     aacagactgc ataaaactat atacaactaa agcacaaaca ctgcagaagc catgttcatt     54540
     agacggaatt agcagacgtg atgcgaccat gcgggctagc tgcagctgac aaactgtcaa     54600
     tcatggctgt cattaaagtg accactctct taattatgta aaagaaaaaa tgattaatat     54660
     aaaccaaacg gatacgtata aaaaaaccct cagagttgtc ataaaggtta atactagcta     54720
     tatgcacaaa aaccatcaat tgtaccaggc tttaaacatg tttttatccg ctgtaaatat     54780
     ggccaattta ccaatgcagt cagaacaccc ctggagttta tggagccagc ccccgaaggc     54840
     gagtcgatga attgcagttt cactctaaaa actgttattg taagttattg ttaaaaaatg     54900
     aatccattgc ttacaacgtt gcttagctaa ctgttacgat caccagcgat ctagcggttg     54960
     cagattgctg gagaacacac ccactgtttt aacgaactac aacgcccagt atgcacctcg     55020
     cacacaccag ttcctgattc tcactaattt cacacacaga cagaagatga ctgtgaactg     55080
     atttcaagga ctaaaaactc agcacataca gacacataga tgcagagtct tgttaaactc     55140
     tttattgagc attactatgt gtttctcttg ccttggcatg taggtttgac taccttattc     55200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cgtctggctc acacatgcaa caggacatta gcgaggctgt     55260
     gactactcaa ggaatgaaca gttccgccaa tactgcaggc cgaaaggtct gaaaatgcag     55320
     atggcacaga agcattgggg gaaactaaga accagagatg acattcacct agactgcaca     55380
     ggtacgttcc tccagcctat ctggagatta tttggataac agcaacacgg tcacattttg     55440
     gtactaaaca gggtttctga tgtggaggat ccaagtttaa atgattcatt acctttcttg     55500
     cctctaaatg ctgcattttg aaaacaaaga acaaggagct cagttggcaa ccgtggtcat     55560
     gtcctcccag aaatcactca caagatggaa gacttgaggg aggccaatga taaagtacac     55620
     cttgggcaaa tcggcacaat tttggtcaaa agcactggga aagtgtgggt catacaattg     55680
     cctttggatg gacaaagcaa aagcaccgac cttcctgtga aaatagctcc agaaatccta     55740
     aagcaggccg cttttgaaaa agtaaatagt agggatgtaa cggtatcaga atttcacggt     55800
     acggtaatac ctcggtatga atgtcacggt acggtattta ttgaatcatt tacaggaaaa     55860
     aacaaaactt atgaaaatac tccaaaaaag tgccaaaagt gtcaatacat acaaattagc     55920
     catctatctg taagctttga aacaggaact tcaattttaa taacaaaaaa atattaaacc     55980
     atgtaaaaaa aataaagttt caatttagta ttgttgaaaa ctcatctcat tcaacattta     56040
     atcactcact cacttagata gagatgggtt taaaggaaaa ttatcatata aatataatct     56100
     ggtaaaagct ggtatctctg ggcatttaca atgtcccctg caacagaaaa aaaaacccct     56160
     ctcatttggg actgaggttt ctaggacaga gatatgactt ggcccaggtt gacagcagtg     56220
     ggtaactttg tgcattgtct ttcccccact tgagaggaca aaccatgagt aagatagaag     56280
     tctcatgtct gcatcaatct gaacagtgtg ctgacaacac cgctattcag tacgcgcgcg     56340
     acaacacagc tgataagaac tcgcgcgaca acacagctga taagaactcg cgcgacaaca     56400
     cagctattca gtacgcgcgc ggcgacaaca cccgctttag agttttccag ctcttttaca     56460
     tcccctcttc tagcagcaca ctccatttcc gcattactgg atctgtagcg acaacagacc     56520
     gcaagggatg atggtcaagc atgggctgat gggaattgta gttttcgcta cctcccgttc     56580
     gcttcattcg cctgagcaaa ttttctcaga agacctatag ttttaccgag tcatgcaact     56640
     tcggtaatat cgaaaaaaat taatattgcg gtatgacggt atttacaata ccgttacatc     56700
     cctagtaaat agcaatgtca ctgaaaatgt ccttcaattt attccagaac gggaaagagc     56760
     aggttgtgaa gcatggcaat acgactttga cactcttgac aaacaagaga tatgtgaagt     56820
     attagatagc cacagcagtt ggaaaagcac aacagagaac attcattaat tttcttgtcg     56880
     gcttaatccc ttaattaatc tggggtcgcc acagcgaaat gaaccaccaa ctcatccagc     56940
     acgtttttat gcagcggatg cccttccagc tgcaatccat ccctgggaaa catccacaaa     57000
     cactcattca cacacacgac acactacaga caatttagcc tacccaattc acctgtacca     57060
     catgtctttg cactgtgggg gaaaccggag catccggagg aaacccagac gaaatgcagg     57120
     gagaacatgc aaactccaca taaaaacacc aactgagcca aggatcgaac cagcgaccca     57180
     acgaccttgt tgctgtgagg caacagcact accttctgtg ccactgcttc gcccacaaca     57240
     gagaacaatg ctaatgaagt tctgctagaa attgcccaca agaaacggat ccaggagcct     57300
     gcttatgtca ttaagcagtg ggcaaatgtg cctggcaatt ctttcagcca tcttcaggaa     57360
     atctcaaact tggatgatag cttgaagccc tactgtaaga aaagttatca ggtcatttgc     57420
     tttcccagaa aacatgaata tccatctgaa agattttcaa atacatgtaa ctgctcacat     57480
     tcaagaatct agagaatcta tttgagggag gggggtgatg gtcattatca tttaaattgc     57540
     acagacatcc taggcttcca aaaatgcccg caactgcaca cacctgtggt tgagtcttga     57600
     agctgtcagt gtttttatga cagcttttct gatttcaggt cagagatgaa caaaatctag     57660
     gattttaaaa aatccatttg tttctctcga attgtgaaag aattattaac taatgcattt     57720
     tctaatatta aatattacaa ccttggtaac actttttaca ataaggttca ttagttaatg     57780
     catttactaa catgaactaa ccatgaacaa cacttgtaca gcatttatta atcagaattg     57840
     aaaatttact aatgcatcct taacatccaa actcatgctt gttaacatta gttaatgcac     57900
     tgtgagttaa catgaactaa caatgaacaa ctgtattttc aataactaat gttaactaac     57960
     atgaacaaat actgtagtaa atgtattgtt cattgttcgt tcatgttagt aaatgcatta     58020
     agtaacatta actaatgaac cttatggtaa agtgtgacca caaccttatt gtaaagcatt     58080
     accattttgt ttagcttttt gggagatatg tttacccttc ctaaactccg aactggccta     58140
     agcataaact agcaaactaa tcggctgctt agggccagtg gccaccagtg gcccgccaac     58200
     taatttttgt tttcgtttta gtttgttgga gtgttattat agattattgg tgggacaaaa     58260
     tatcaatatg ctctggcgcc aagaatctat atcttaatgt acaaaagatc tgaattaact     58320
     gcagcacttt acagtttctt gtaatggcag atcaacaata cattagagac acacaggcat     58380
     ttttaaccac tgacagacga gctattgcaa tggtgaaatt ttcagcattt agacaccttc     58440
     ttctgtccaa gctggaccaa ggtatttgtg tgtttcagtc atcagagttc tttcaaataa     58500
     taataataaa aatgctattg aatgcttcta gccttttatt tttttatttt ttgtcaacat     58560
     taattacagc tcagaataat gttttgtgtc taattgttta gttttgtgtc aagtagtcat     58620
     ataaaggtgg gattaatagg cagttgtttc tgcagaataa tatctagaat tctcttaaag     58680
     atccagtaaa attaaaataa cattatttag atattagtag cagtatgtta gacttcaagg     58740
     atataagcta gtgtggtaca aaacaataca aagttcacat ttagaagata taaacatgta     58800
     aaacttgcag tttgtcactt ctgcctaaat gaatcaatgt tttttttttt tttttcacat     58860
     caccttcggt ttctcatcaa atcttctgac caatcaaatg ctctctagtg tctgacatgc     58920
     cctgccccct tcagaacact tctcattggc tgttcatgtg atgtgcttga gctcaaccac     58980
     tctcactggc agagtggtgt ggaaagaaaa tgctattgac agtttttaaa ggggaggagc     59040
     tactctatgc ccctccctct ctatgtttca gttgagctta cgtcaaacat ctaataaaaa     59100
     tgcacatttc aaagcacttc ttgggaccat caaaaacata ttttatgatg taagcaacac     59160
     agctacagca aataaaattg acattgcgtg ttttaaattt aaagtgtgcg aataatcaag     59220
     gattgacgat aatgtcatat tgtttttata aaataaaaat ttaattctgc ttagggcccc     59280
     cctcaagaaa cgaggtctac tgcatctaac atgaacaaat tattgaaaaa taacaattta     59340
     ttttgagtat tgttatttct cttgtgagtt gtgtaactgc agttggtcaa attgatgaaa     59400
     gttttaaaac agttaaacag tgtctacatt tacatggaca tttggtaaac tgattatttg     59460
     ccttaatctg aataaggttg ctttcacgcc tgtgaattaa tttgttccga attagcgatt     59520
     aaaattgtta ttgttgttct ttgtacggtt cgctttcaca cagcaaagtt tctaaatgaa     59580
     ccaaaagagc taaaacaagt cacctgtgag ttaactctct ttacattggt ccttacagag     59640
     tttcatggtt tattttgcag agtcccgctc agctgtcatg cgtccttatt ttaatttatg     59700
     gcgatgagga ataagacatt ataagctgaa atctgcactt tcattttgaa tggtgatgcc     59760
     aacaaacaat gccaccagat ataaatcaga ggtaagactc tctcatacag agctcttggc     59820
     tagactgcag ttcggccaat tttcctaatg gataaacagc tctcattaaa agtttacttt     59880
     cactttcgta tttaacacga aatgcaaatt tactggtagg aatgacatcc tgcccttctc     59940
     ataattctct tttcatatag ccgtatgcct attacatatc cataatacac tgtgatatag     60000
     ccgggctcgg atcgttttgc tttctcacta caatcgatcc actccagagt ttgttttaat     60060
     tgagccgaga cacctaatac aggcgatctt ggacctattg atttggcgcg gatccgaggg     60120
     tgattgctgg tttcacatat gccaaacgaa ccgcgctaac tgggcaaaca agacaggatc     60180
     cgaaacgaaa gtctaggtgt aaaagcaccc taagactata atattactaa gatttttaca     60240
     tgacttgctt tttgaatgtt cctttcatgt acctgtttta catgtaacag taaatataca     60300
     accccaaatc agaaaaaaag ttcgtacaat acagaaaaga aaagaagatg atttttaaat     60360
     ttactttgac ttgtatttca ttgcagacaa tatgaattta atgatttctt gttttgtctg     60420
     gccaacttca tttcacttgt aaatatacat cctttccttt cattcagacc tgcaaaaaat     60480
     tccaaaaaag ttgagacagc agcaatttag ggctagttac caggtaaact ggttaatagt     60540
     gatgtgattt gaaacaggtg atgtcagaag gtgaatgtaa ttatgatttg gtacaaaagc     60600
     aggatccaag aaaggtctag tcctttaaaa gacgggccaa ggattgtcag tttgccaaca     60660
     aatatgtggg aaaattattc aaatgtttaa aattaatgtt ccttaaagac acataggaag     60720
     acatttggct atttcacctt caatagtgca taacaattaa aagtttaaag taatcttgag     60780
     aaatttcagt gcattcatgc ctaagctgaa gtaccatgat ttccgatctc tcaggagaca     60840
     ctgcatcaag aatcatcatt catctataag cgatatcacc acatgggctc aggattactt     60900
     tggcaaagct ttgtcaagtt ccacaatacg tagttacata cacaaatgcc agttaaaact     60960
     gtactgtgca aatcagtatt tcaagtttgt cacaagcaac aagtccaaaa aacaggatct     61020
     gtcaagttat ggggttttgt cagtgacctt acttctatga tgccaccatt aatgctgaaa     61080
     agtacacaga gattttggag cacaaagtgc tgccttcttt ttcaggcata cccatgcaaa     61140
     accacattgt acatgcaata cagagtactg gcagcggagg aagaggatac aagtccttgg     61200
     ctggcctgtc tgcagtccca gcctgtgttt aacagaaaat gtgtggtgca ttttgaaacc     61260
     caaaatatga caaggaagac cccatactgg tgtccaccct aaaacttatt tgcaggaaga     61320
     atagcacaaa attacacctg aaacacttca tcacttggtg tcttcagtcc ttaaacgtca     61380
     aaagaaatgg caatattgta aagtggtaaa tgcattaccg ttccaaattt ttaaaaatgg     61440
     tgttgtaaga actaaaatgg gcgatgcaga agtgcaattg gtagtgttgt cgcctgacac     61500
     acggcaataa gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctctacgtgt acatgtgggt     61560
     tttctccggc tgctccggtt tcccccacac gtccaaagac atgcgataca ggtgaattgg     61620
     gtaagctaaa ttgtccgtag tgtatgtgtg tgaatgagta tgaataaatg tttcccagtg     61680
     atgggttgcg gctggaagag catacactgc gtaaaaaaaa gtgctggata agttggcggt     61740
     tctccacata cagcaacaag cagaggacat tctaaaatga caaatatttc tgctgttgag     61800
     caacaatgag cttttgagtt tttttaggtc aagaatgtag ttgtttagat tgcaactatg     61860
     cagtgtattt ttaaggatag tgcttatttt tttttaaata tttttaattt ctaagagagt     61920
     gccatgctga gtagaccaag tacggttgac gttgtcttta caaaagatgg caatagaatc     61980
     gcataataaa cccttagaag aataaaacaa catgattttt taactactgc tgatcaaatc     62040
     atttttcaac tgataagtga tattctaagt cagcggtttc caaactgggg tgcacagtct     62100
     gaccaccagg ggtgcatgag aaaattttat attggcggaa aatagtaact tttattattt     62160
     tatgaaaaaa aaaaatcaca ttacaaattt taattgacaa cctatgcata ctcatctcgc     62220
     gctttcacgt ctgcgtcaca aaagccaact ctttcacatt aggcgataaa tgaccataca     62280
     ttcgtaattt ttttcactaa aaaaaaccat agttgaagaa tacctccttc taaccctact     62340
     cctgctcctt tcccttagta ggtcggcatg gcggcccagt cctgtctccc catgtttctt     62400
     gcgggttgtc ctgttttctt aggccccgtt tacactagtg cgttttagtt ttaaaacggc     62460
     gttgtagaat gaaaacgatc cgcgtccaca ctcgcgtttt acccagcgtt tctgaactgc     62520
     tctccgtcca caccaaaacg ctgaaaacgc acatcacgtg accacacaca cactctcggg     62580
     caagcgctcc agcatttcta cccagatgag agctctgctt gtcggactgc tcatcacgca     62640
     tctcccgctg gatctaatct cactatattt gctaaacgtg atatttcatt catgttgttg     62700
     tctttatcta acgacatagg ccaattccct gactttgatc attggaatct attaagttac     62760
     ttgttcacgg gtaacatgtt ttggttaagc gcaaagataa gttaatgatt aatccaggta     62820
     cattgactga tcgctcgtct gtatttccta caatgtataa acttattgta tgttatactt     62880
     ttataattat cgattattaa aactgatatt cagcaaaaga gaggggatgt ttcgtatttt     62940
     cactgaaact gaaaggaggc agttgttatt ggctccgttt tgttataaat atccaaacag     63000
     tgaagatgac gctcatatat gcagcacaac gcctcaacat ttctgctgtc tgttaagttg     63060
     ctaaaattaa aaagaaaata ggcagtttct taaatcatgt ttacatttta ttgttgagaa     63120
     agtgaaacaa cgtagccaag gtgatgtgaa tgaagttata aagtacactg ttccctttga     63180
     agatttaccc gtgtcctcgg tatgttttcc atatcaaact gagaaggggg agactgcagc     63240
     cttgataaac ttgcgaagtc ttaacttaca agaagaggat gcgagactga actgtgtgtg     63300
     ggctacttaa tattgaggga aaagccccaa tcagataggc gaacgtttgc agccccgcct     63360
     ccgttttcag atgtgtccgt ctttccccat ccacactgag acggagcagc agcgttttag     63420
     aatgaaaacg gcctctccag cgttttcaaa acgctccgtt ttcggcgctc gagaactccg     63480
     gcgtagtgtg gacggatggg gtaaccgtag caaaacttat gcgtttttaa actaaaacgc     63540
     actagtgtaa acggggcctc agacagtcca aaagacatgc atcataggtt aatctaacaa     63600
     tctaaattga cacttccagc agtatatctg tacatggcaa tccctaattt atcataaggg     63660
     ctgaaaaaaa taaataaaaa aacgggggct gtggtgaaat ctgatccaac agttcatttt     63720
     acagatcgcc ctcctcacac acattcccgc cccgcccttc acttccttcc atgactcccc     63780
     accttttttc actttcttcc acaactcccc aactcttttc acttttgtct gcgacaaact     63840
     cctcaccaat ccacgaaatc aggtaaatga caaattaaaa gtgcagtagg tgatctacct     63900
     acatgccaac tggttagcat aatgtgtttg aaacacaatc cctcccctgc cgcccaaagc     63960
     cacatcttat atcatgaacg cgcatcttaa agatgacaga gacccactgg atcatgtcat     64020
     tcaccagtta gaaaacttta tagtacttta tactacaatt ccaagtgaaa aactgtatta     64080
     catatagaac attttcagtt gtgtaattag caagcaaaac ttgtcataat gtgcaatatt     64140
     tcatgcaagc aaggatcgct ggtctttctc tcccacactt tttactaaag agactactgt     64200
     atacttagtg gttggccagt ggcgtgcagg aattacactt attactaagc aatacttgca     64260
     tggtatttcg gaccaaatat tctgagtagc atgctaaaca gtatagggag cgcattacaa     64320
     gttgtcattg ttcaaaaata aaccaatgtg aatataaaac caacttcacc tcagcaaaag     64380
     gtcccttttt aaactgaaaa taggcacatc actcttttgc tggaagattt tagtggctga     64440
     acaacacttc tgcgcatcca gcccattcat aacacaaact acataagctt tgcatgacta     64500
     aaaaaattta aaaacataac attacttgtc taaaagaaat actttagcca tggtgtcatc     64560
     cttcctccag catgcaaaag tacctttaat attggttcag aatttgagga agttataatt     64620
     cagcatttgt ttttaccgct gttactcgtg tccacgacat gcatgtgaca gatccgcgtg     64680
     aacagagatg cgtagttgta caattctaca tttgttgacc gacagtttgg ctacttatca     64740
     taattttggg aattataggc ctatcaattt ttagttggat gtacatttta gtcttatgcc     64800
     ttacccaaaa tataaaaata tatacaaata tatttagata atttactata atcattacta     64860
     ttggaatgtg aagagacttt taaccagcac aacaaaaaat gtttctaaag acaatcacct     64920
     actgcacctt taatcattag tgcgaaaagc aattgttcta ccatattcat cgatagttgt     64980
     tttcgtagtt tcattaatgc acagtataca agagattaaa tcatgatatg aaatgtcatc     65040
     actgctgcac aacttcaaca ttataaatat cactctttac gaggtcatac tttacatttt     65100
     cattaattca agtcagttat tgtatttact aacatgaaat aattatgaaa aatactagta     65160
     cagcataatt aaacagttca atattcacca atgagcgatt ccagtgttat ggatgtaaca     65220
     tttgcagtaa aaaacacaaa atttaagttc acagagaaaa tatgttatct ttatttggaa     65280
     attttcaaaa atatttgaaa ttattaaaat aaacatatgt atagatagtt cctaaaatgt     65340
     ttgcatgttt acagtacatc gccttggaat tataaggttt tatcggtgtt ctgaatgatt     65400
     ttgagatatt gagcttcaaa gtttttttat ttcatagtgt atttcatgtg taacatttaa     65460
     aaaaaataaa taaaaagtct taaagttaaa catcttaaaa acatcctata atgtaaataa     65520
     ggtgttattt aataagatca tcaataactc aatagtgaaa aaaaatgtca gatagaacct     65580
     cataattcta gggtaacgag tatgcaacat gctttgtaga aattctgtga agctgtatga     65640
     tccaaaagaa actatgcttt ttaaaaggat aagaattgtc ttatgacata tttaatcatt     65700
     ttaattatta acatctttgc attacatgat tatacggtct ttattacaaa catgcactga     65760
     tttaaaaatg ttttaagcta gttaaactca tgaggtgcag ctgatcacag agagttggaa     65820
     cagatctttt aatcccagtt tatttacaaa tgtggttgtg tggacattta tacactttac     65880
     tatgcataat actcttcttt caaacaattc actgtgctgg taaaaatcac actcctgtca     65940
     cattgcagtg ggcctcaaaa ccactggcat ctggatacta ttttcagtga gaaaaatctg     66000
     aaagagactt ctgtttacat cactctaata tgacacactg tggacacata tatttacaca     66060
     cagctctgtc taaacaggtt ccaaaagttg attttgcata atatgtgccc tgaggatctt     66120
     caacaccaac ttcaggacca tttcggtaag ttccagtttt cacgactcaa atgattcagg     66180
     agatctccat cccactagaa cttttggctt tttgaaagga ttttcaaagg tttttgaaac     66240
     ggattacagc tcctttcccc actgttctgt aaccagcaca atgattgaac aaattatcac     66300
     tttgccaaaa atcacttcaa tatcttggca ttgttgattt atcaccaata tacagtatat     66360
     acgaatttaa ataacatgtt aaatatttga tgtcaaatag aaataattgc tggcttattt     66420
     gttaatgcat aacatggttc agataaaaat ccaactgtga catagaaact cccaaaactg     66480
     gcagctgtaa tatttgttta tcggtttgtt aatactatcc tgataaatac aaaaatgtgt     66540
     tctaaatttt atcttatata cttcgagata aatgagctga tcaacctggt ttggtttaca     66600
     gcagttccaa agtataaata tagctacaaa cagcaattat cggggccaag cagcccagct     66660
     gccacataat aaacaagcac ggcaacaggc tacagagcaa ctgaaaaatt atacaacttt     66720
     tgacagcatg gtctgagcca aattttatgg aaattgggct aactatctac agagagtttt     66780
     aaaccacaga ttttcaaact aattcaagat ggtggaaagg aggttgtgtc aataagggaa     66840
     taaattaaaa atcaatgttc tttgtttgat ccaaaaaatt ggcaagacca gcctcatggc     66900
     aatagacata tctattcaca tgtcatttaa cacattttgt atgatttcta ttgattacat     66960
     ttaattgttt gtcaatttta ccaagaaggt gccacaaact gacaaagttt ggtcaatgtc     67020
     aggcctagat tatacactaa gtttggtttc aatacttcaa accattgcag tgattcagcc     67080
     cgtaatgtca tatgacagca taaattcaca tttgcgcata tgctaaatga caacagtttt     67140
     gtctattgac ataacttcca caccttttgg tctacatgat ctgatttagt gaaaattgga     67200
     ccaacggtct aaaaaagatg gtttgaacaa aatttaaatg gcaaataaga catttggcag     67260
     attatggcat tggtatgcgt gttgtcggca tgacctaata aataattttt gatacagcct     67320
     cagatgtagt ctgtcatcat gccattacat ctgtcagtgc agtaaacaaa tactgataca     67380
     catattgata caaattccat aactttttgt cagcttggtc tgaagatgat gcgagtcaca     67440
     ttttgtgcaa ttcaaccaaa caatttagaa agagttagaa aaagtaggtt tttgacttaa     67500
     ggctagatgg cgaacaggaa gttcagttaa ttaaggccta attggtatta atattctcaa     67560
     gacaacccaa aaaaacatat catggcaagt ataataacaa taagcgagac tattaaaagg     67620
     ttattagcat tttgagaaat atcgttataa tgtttgacca aaaggttgtg ctgtgatgag     67680
     actttttgaa cacattggca cagtgccaaa aacacatagc aacttttata acagcaccaa     67740
     gttcataaaa tatagcaatt tttttacata attcaacaca gccaacagcc aaaatggctg     67800
     acctggaaaa atcagacact atttgacttg tcatgttcag ccagatgtaa agaacaattt     67860
     tatacatttt agacaaaggg ttgagaagtt ataagcaaaa aaagcccttt ttgtatctct     67920
     ggaccactag ggggcggtgc gccaaaactc tgcagctcac ttcagaacat ggatcacaca     67980
     caccatttag tgtgaataca tcattgcaac acggagataa cagcttaagt caatttccac     68040
     aagctctacg ttgaatttgt tcacaaatta atcgaaaacg gttcatctaa tcaagttgaa     68100
     ttccaaaact tgtagtcagt atggtctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     68160
     aaaaaaagca ggaaaaataa taaccaaaac agttacaata ggtgcctaag caccttaatt     68220
     gatgggcccc taataaacgg ccgcctgtgg tctcatgtac taagactagt tgaaatcata     68280
     ctaaaacatt gagtatgcac aaaaattcag atgcgtacgc cgaatgacac gcataatttc     68340
     tttgttcatt cgaatgaaca tgaaactaag cgcacgtgct cgagctgaaa acccctccct     68400
     gcctcctccc ccttatgaat atgctaatga ctatactttg gcaaaaccca acgaaaaagc     68460
     aatagcaaaa ccaagaaaaa agagaaactt tgaacagaat gtgatttgga ggtgctgctt     68520
     tcggaggcag accggagaaa aattatttgc aagtttgtcc tctggaatta ataacaaaag     68580
     aaaaaaataa agtgggagag tcaagctaat gcgtttaaca cagttgggtc taaacatcac     68640
     actaaatgga ttaaaaaaga aatagtgcga tgtaaagctg taaaattttg tggtgcctat     68700
     aacagcgtga gtgctgtaga ttgtagaacg catggcaaca tgttttgaca cgttcgagca     68760
     tgaactcggt tcaaatccag cgtctgatga agacgttctt ttttatcccc gctacttatc     68820
     agattttgcc tactcttcat cacgaggaag acaagtagga atcattaata agtgtgtgca     68880
     tcatatttta tttgcacatt tattgaatta aaatttttct gattcaccta tacaaatttg     68940
     tcttcaggtg gcacctttaa agcaatgtgc gtgcagtcga tagctccgat tacattgagc     69000
     aaaccggcga tcgctgcaaa tagcgcttca atgtttggct ggtcaactgc atggtatgga     69060
     aaccttatat acctgctaga catgcggatg aacctgtccc atacaactgc cattacacgt     69120
     ctcaaagata ctttgtagtg tgcaatttaa cacaactgcc tctaggagtc gccaatggaa     69180
     atataacaaa cacacaagaa ataaacgtgc gccaggcatg aagttggcat gtaccaacgc     69240
     gtattctcac gttcatctca tcgtcagtaa acgtgagacc aaacatgagc gtgaaacctg     69300
     atgcatcgtt gatacatgag gcccctggag ttttaggagt ggtggaagta gtggtgtacc     69360
     cgtaaatgac cgtgatgtga gtaccagtac ttacattaat tgcaatccat gagtgggtga     69420
     aggtattcaa cacattaaat gacatgtaat tcaaatctca atattcattt tcagacataa     69480
     aaggtaaaaa ataccattag ggagctactg caaagttgtg tttttatgca aaatgccaaa     69540
     taaataaaaa acaacagact catgatacac taagaaaact agtttattta gaaaaagcat     69600
     acactgcaga ttttgacaga taaaaactcc attaagtaat ttgagaagtt atgaattgtt     69660
     tccgttttat ttatgaagaa aatccagctt gctgttctct atacaaatgt tttaaaaatg     69720
     tgattgaaca caaaaaaaaa aaatcaagag ccttacaatt ggggaaaaaa ttaacaggaa     69780
     atgtcttatt acatggaacc attttatttc tgtatacata atatacaaat agagcatctg     69840
     tacggcttca aataactagt ctaaatatca catgtgaatt aaaaaggaaa aaaaaaaaaa     69900
     gagtattcaa ggaaaacaaa aaacttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaagata     69960
     atagattgag gtcataaaaa tgcaagcatt tgggagaaac accaattaaa cctgaatctg     70020
     tttgtgatgc aagaagcaca ttgtgctaaa tatttaaagg aaacaaactt tcagtcaagt     70080
     actgaaaata tcacaataaa aattgcagat taaaagacga gctacaacat gtctaggcaa     70140
     aacaacagaa aaagtttaaa tgcaggcaaa actccaaagc atgtgagaga atccattttc     70200
     cagaaagtga aaggagaaga aaattacaat gttgagaaag cttgggatga tcaatcttgc     70260
     atcctgtatc agcccatggc agggaatatt ggtaaagagg aacaactgca gccaatgtga     70320
     ttcaggaatg cgtgaggtcc gcaaaacctt ctgcattatt aaaaaaacaa acaaacataa     70380
     taaatcaatt aacctgaata gaacagaatc ctcagacaat ctttaaggca caatatgtaa     70440
     tattattcca ttaaaaacac tagaacagtg ttatattgac ttatagactt gcattattcc     70500
     ggctgtttca aagaatgttc aattcaagag aaataaggaa ttttaactag tggcaatgac     70560
     acgtgttttg tgtcaccatg ctactgaaac gcatccctga ttttctagtt gagttttata     70620
     aaaaacaaga aaacaccaaa gatagcttaa catttcatgc attattataa actgcatcaa     70680
     gcagcataat ccatccctga aatgtattta gtgtgataaa atattggcgc atcatgcttg     70740
     aatttgtttc gacaacattc agtcttactc tgctctacta tgacaataag tattctcatc     70800
     ctagaacttg atttgagcaa gagttccata caatgcaatg acgacaacat ctttgtttat     70860
     tgtgaatatg tgccatctag tagcaaaata tgcatactac acaatctctg ctttaaaact     70920
     gaattctcac cttgagagtc tgcatacatt atctgtgctt ttctgatgat ttatgggtga     70980
     aaaatgtcaa ggaaacagag tatgcttact catgcatgta tgcaaaggtg taatagtgat     71040
     ttctaaacaa ttataagtaa acggtaactc ttcatttctg tactgctgtt ggaatctaaa     71100
     gcttcaaagg atattgtttt ttctcctctt tagttccagt gctgtctctc tttttttctg     71160
     atttctcttt gtcatgcctg gattcctgta ccaaaacaaa aacaaaagta tttgaaaaaa     71220
     tgttgagaaa attatttcat acaataatga ggaatctata attactgcta aaattgtatt     71280
     taaagtgctg tgttgaggaa tactagcata ggtacatttt tcagtagctt cacagtagct     71340
     taactactct taatgcaatg tagcttttct agtggccagg aagtagcagg gtagcttgac     71400
     aacaactaca ttgcatttag tgaagctgca atggtcggaa gcagcacatc attgtctttc     71460
     aagtttacat actacaacag agcattacag caatctatta gcaaatcaca catcaagctt     71520
     ttgcatttac ttaaaataat taccactgtt attttgtaaa tactattttt caagttacag     71580
     ctgttaaaat tctgtccatc aagttttcga acagttgaca attaacctga agaaaaaagc     71640
     ttaaataaaa tgtcttattt tggggtggcc atagcctaaa gattagagag ttggacttgc     71700
     gatctaaagg tctaaccctg accatttcat tattttgttt tgcaccaata gttaagtacc     71760
     aattaattga cttcaaacga ccatttattc ctgtttttga ttcgtgcgaa caagcagctt     71820
     gaatgtaact agctacttgt cctgatgagt agcccatcaa gctacagttt cagagtagct     71880
     tccacagcag cgcttaagtg tctgtatagt gtgctatttc ttaaaatgtt ttttctctgt     71940
     ggttgaacat cttgattgaa aaattttctt gtagtcaatt ttgcatgcaa tattcaagtc     72000
     tttttttgtt gttgttgatt gtttctttag taatatacaa aaatacaatc tcaaacggca     72060
     ctatgtcaac tactattatc aatgactata aatatgaatt tgtttgtttt ttaaaaaaaa     72120
     aactaagaac tgcctatgaa ttcaactact catgagctct gttagtaaat ataatgttac     72180
     aggcattaag gttgacaata aagcacatgt atagcatata acatatatag cactacatac     72240
     actatattgc caaatggttt agggcagccc ttctaatact tgaattcagt tgtttctatt     72300
     attttcatgc ccacaggtgt ataaaagtgc agagtgcttc ttaaacatct tttgaaagaa     72360
     taggtcactc tcaggagctc attgaatgta agtatggtac agtgatagta gggctgcaca     72420
     attgtgatag aaaagcatta ttgtctattc cactaaaatt gtaattgcaa ttaataatgc     72480
     aaatttatta atgttttaaa tagcttagtg tacatgtaaa gctatttata aataaaatct     72540
     atcaaaatat tatcaaaatg ataataaaaa gtttagtcaa atgtaatatt gaatattaca     72600
     gtatataata gtatataaac ttcactgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg tcaaacattt     72660
     ttacgacgtt aagttacatc agctattcag ccaagagcag gagtgattgt attgcctttt     72720
     tgttgtttga ttgataataa aaatgcagct agctggagta ggatgtattc actttaagac     72780
     aattcacaga tccagtcctg agaaagctac agataacata atttcttaaa tgtttacatt     72840
     ctatggcgta actaattaaa tactcttcaa gtcaagcaca ttggcataat atttggacat     72900
     agataagttc tattattcag aagccagact tcatttgcat gttgtaaatg agaacatttt     72960
     agtttaaaca tggataaatg tgtgcaatgc atgcttcttg ttccatgtgt gcttgctatg     73020
     tcaaaaccca gataataatg atgcgtcaat ggctggacat acggcctcag attgagttta     73080
     caaaaagaga ctcctctttt ggtttgtgtt cagctctcac tgctctgttt gtgcatttga     73140
     atgaatagaa tgcagagcag aaatactact tgtttacaca gtacttccac tttcatgtga     73200
     aagcacccct aattttagtg ctgaaggcta catttaaaca cgctcagata cacaggggtt     73260
     agacaatgac attgattgtc aatcagagtt gcttcctaag tgagcaattt gatttcagag     73320
     aagtgtgatc gaaatggagt tacattgtgt tgttaaagtt ttcccttttt ttttggagca     73380
     gaaaatatac ttctaaagtc cccataaaaa cacagctgca aagggtaggc caactttata     73440
     ttaaacccta cataagattg ggatgccatt agattttatg tgaaagtaaa gatagatgtc     73500
     ttaaaactga aagggggtgt tatataaaaa gatgtgctct gttggtgtgg acaataaaca     73560
     aaaagttcaa gtcagcatca gtagggttgg aaaaaataat tacattttgg aattaaagca     73620
     aacagaaaca ttgtttcaaa aataattggt gacacttata aattggtgac acttataaaa     73680
     taataaacaa caacaattac ttatatgttt catttttaaa cgttaaaacc attaaatttt     73740
     ttcaaagagg tgcacaagac ctttttgcct ccagaggtct tctccaattt ggccagatca     73800
     ctcttgtcct tgctggtgga cttggagcgt ttactattgt ccttgtcatt ggagtgtggt     73860
     gattcagagg ggctggcact cttgctgtgt ttggatgagc ctgtgtaaaa agtgagagtg     73920
     cagccaagtg aggcagataa caaaaaagcc aggacgccac aggaagggct ttctgattgc     73980
     ctctgctgct gagaaaaaca ctttctggtt cgctagctct cgtgctcttg gcagcaggca     74040
     aaacaaattt aaaagatagg cttactcatt ccattttcat ctttgcggcg tttggcttcc     74100
     tggctcatct cgcgatcgct gttcaagtag tcctataagc gtgaagggag aaagacagca     74160
     caacttaaaa tagtgctttt taggcatact aataactgct gtaaaactct taaaaatgag     74220
     ggaatgatat ggcatctgga ccaatgaaag aaatatgctg gtgcatgagc atgaaggtca     74280
     agtaatttaa ataatgtatt taagtgtgaa ttaagctttc acaagtggga tttgcaatgt     74340
     tttgcttcaa tcacaaagca tgattcagca aaaggcttta ttgagaattt gttggtttaa     74400
     gccttgtaaa atgtcctgct caataacatt tgtgatgctt aaaaactgct tcctccaata     74460
     cagaggactt actcgttttc ggtccttccg gtcttctttc ttttccctct ctttggagcg     74520
     gtccctggat ttatcagact ctttcttctc atcatccttc tctttgatct tggacaggac     74580
     tgtggtgtgg ttaggatggt gctaaaggac ggatgcaaaa atgatagaag gttaatgtct     74640
     tacagatgga gcacactagc cctcacagtg gcctgctgcc tttcattagc atgccccatt     74700
     agagttgcac ctgacaatct gacacaccga caggaagtcc aagcactcta ttaaaagctc     74760
     aaggcccctg ctgaacttac atatgcaatt atttcatatg actcacatca gagctacaat     74820
     gcgccaaaaa actgcatgtg aaaagtgttc aagaattgtg ctagctagca taaaatcaaa     74880
     atcaaaaaac aatctgtcaa ccatttggtt ttacacaaca acgctgctac taccatttat     74940
     gaatgcatca agttattatt ctgtagtaat cagtgacttt caataaaaag tggtatttaa     75000
     taaacatgta taaaaggctg cagcttgata aattagcttc atccaaatgg cctttagggt     75060
     tatgggcaca aaaaaaaaaa cacctgatct cttctaacat gattaactga gcagtatctt     75120
     aatgtaacat ttcagtgctc cacaagaata aaacgtatat cttcagaaaa tctgcaaact     75180
     agaaaaacaa taacaacata ttctgtagga actgtacaac agaacataat aaaggtttta     75240
     aaaccttgac ctttccaaac cattatccca tgcctaatta caacaccaca actatgtgaa     75300
     catcacagac caagtgctat catggccaca ggacaatcac acacttttag aaccgtaggc     75360
     ataattcacc aaaaaaaaga aaagaaactt actatttacc ctcaagtggt tttaaacctt     75420
     aattagtttt attattctga tgaacattaa agctattgtg aagaaagctg aaaacctgta     75480
     accagtgatc tccctagaaa cagaaaaaaa atgaaagcca aaggttacag gtttccagct     75540
     ttctggaaat atctttattg cagtataaca gaataacatc caatatttat cagcggcagt     75600
     tgtggcttaa tggttagaga gttggacttg ggattcaaag gtacattttg gctacttttt     75660
     ttttttttca ataatattaa gtatgaacat actactccgc tcacgctcac agacatacat     75720
     acatatacat atatttattc aacagttctg attcttgaat ctcattggct aaaagccatg     75780
     tcatgtcggc atccatcagt ctgtcattga gagagcaaaa atggttgaca ttgtccatcc     75840
     ataagatggc aacagagacc acataataac tccttagagg aggaaagatc agcatatttt     75900
     caaactacag ctgatcaaaa ctttctaaac ttagtgagtg acattctaag tcaatctctc     75960
     tcttttttta tgttgcggtg ctctatttat accatagtaa ttgcagtaga ttgagtgtga     76020
     tgggactcac atatcagaaa tgtatgcaat tttgtgttgg ccactcttcg tataacccca     76080
     agttactttt tggttggcaa tctgtttgtt tttaatgagt ctcctgtttt tgttactgca     76140
     gactagttac aagaaagaaa ttgctgcatt tgttagcttt tctccttatc gcaaacacaa     76200
     caataatctg gtagtgattg cgttgctttg gcttttgcaa ggttaattat tgtgatctcc     76260
     cttttgcaac ctaaaaaaaa ctggcaaatg tctctaaaac tagaccgatg gcattttatg     76320
     cttttcatcc ttataatctt aaaatgtgag ctaaatcatg ttttgtcatc cccttagaca     76380
     ttacgctaga gaatcattca aaaactagct ctaaagtgac gttggtgaat tagtaaacgg     76440
     ctgttctgat gtcagctgct gatgtgaagg aatggcggaa gaaagtagtt ccccttacaa     76500
     aaggatattt agacttgatt tgctgtttta tatacacgat tatgctgtcg agctgttgta     76560
     actcatagta gtgcgatgtg gctgtacatc gtcactggtg ggagagtaag acacatgcct     76620
     cccaccagtg cctatgtaca gccttatcgt actgctactc gtgtgatatt gctcatatat     76680
     atatatatat aaaagattca ataatgtagg caagtatgtg gtttcagacg aactgtaata     76740
     ttttgcacat tttgtatgtc tgtcatcaaa cacacctgat tcagacaaac tctaactaaa     76800
     agttagatgc cattcaaaat atttacaaat gtagtggagt aaaaaaatac aaaatgttca     76860
     atacaaaata tttaaaaatg ttgtgatgta cacattaact ttaatactca gtacaaagta     76920
     acccaaaata tacttaagta aaataaccta ttacatgtac tctaatactt tacattaagg     76980
     gttccaaacc ttttaggcca tatgccacac caaaattgtg taatttcact tgcatctaca     77040
     tgtaaacccg aactgtaaat catcctccac tgtcacttat tttgccagtg tacactctga     77100
     attctctcag gttgaaaagc catactttac aacactatat ctattaatgc cttgacctcc     77160
     aaattcacct gactggaacc caaccgatac attttttgtt gggttctcac taccaaactg     77220
     taatgtacag taactggaga ccttttctgt tctgttctaa ctgatatcgg ataagtcata     77280
     ttgttaccac ctcaaattaa tgcctcactg caaaggtgtt cacaatgcat cgcagccctt     77340
     actcaaaaat cagcatattg tagttatcgt gtgctaccag tagcacacga ttactataat     77400
     atgctgattt gctgctcaag aaacatttct tactattaac aatgactttc ttctgtattt     77460
     gtgtgtatat aattaagtag tagcattttt caagtttatt aaaatcactt aatactctgt     77520
     catttaaata attggtaatc tggtcaaggg cataagttct tgatatggta cagaaaccta     77580
     ttataaaaag ctctataatt cagtcagagg tgttggcaac aagcctaaat aacctcaaca     77640
     aggagaagac cctttctttt catttaataa acactgttat atactttggc ttcacaatag     77700
     tatagaaaag gaatatgttg cttttcaaca agttagataa ctgcgaccgt gacaaaagaa     77760
     ttaatcacag taaaaaaaaa aattttaacc aagaactgta ttacaaaaca tttacattta     77820
     aacaacggac tcctgctaaa taaaacttga aaaaaactta tttttatcag ttgctaaaca     77880
     caatttatca tgaaaataca ttccttaatt tacattcctt aatttacagc aattaatgtg     77940
     gaagaatatg tggtcagtag ctattcagag agatagagaa agtaagaaaa gaattgcatt     78000
     ttcagatgtt gacatgagca tattttttca actgagcaaa ctgcaaaaac acttatcttc     78060
     ctgccagatg acaggagctg agcaaaagta acttgaactg tggaacagaa gagtccaatc     78120
     ggaaaggagc ccagaagagc atagtcaggg gaagaataga ggacattgtt ggattgaaat     78180
     tacattcgca gaatataaaa tgttgccgca gaggaggata tgctatgttg tttatggact     78240
     ttgccatctt ctgagagaaa aagttacttt ttttactaac caattaaagt actttaaata     78300
     ttcaaacacc tcacatatgt caatctaaag aatcattcat gacacgtgtg gaaaacaatg     78360
     ttttggaatg acaggatgaa tacaggaatt atctcaaatg ctaccaagct gcccatttat     78420
     ccaaaatttc tgggcatcct ttaaaatgct taaagtaatg ctgcatacat atacagtatt     78480
     cttgtatttc aagggcaggt ttggtaacta ctgtatagct aaacagtgtt tcttgaaaat     78540
     taaggacatg agctgcctat aattgcaata ttaatgctag gagatgcaat ttttttttgg     78600
     tttttggcat tattaaaatt taacaacaaa caaggatgaa ttttaataca tccataatgg     78660
     tgtttgtgtt ttaaggtcat gctttaaaaa aaaaccaata aaaaaaaaac tgccaaatat     78720
     tttgttaatt tttcatggat atgaatagta gatatttagt tagtacagtt caaagcaggc     78780
     aggtctagct ggttttctgc catcaccctg tggttctgta aggtttttat ttaagaatag     78840
     gcccaagtac tctgcagttg taaagaagga ataattcagg agctttaaaa ctgtgtttgc     78900
     tataaaacaa tagaaattca attctgattg gctaatagcc atgcattatc ctgcaattac     78960
     agcacttgta cagcctcttc acccttgtgc attactccgc ccatgtaaga gtaccatgca     79020
     gaggagtaac ctcactagat tctgacaaat attgcagcag ttttacaaca atgcactttt     79080
     gaggctttta aggcaagaat aaggttgttt agattaaaac tttgaaggtt atttataagg     79140
     acagtgccta ctttaaaaca tgttggcata atttcagaga tttagcacat cggcagccat     79200
     cagcctgtca tattgagcag agcaaagaga ctgacagttg accgctcgca ttttctataa     79260
     atgtaaatat ctttagctga acaaatcatt ataaaacagg taagtgacat ttttagttga     79320
     tctttctttt gtattgctgt atttatacca tagtaatcta gtagtgtttg ctttgcttgg     79380
     ctttttgggg gttatttctt gtaaaaatcc cgattgcaat agaaattttg taaaatctct     79440
     gtagactaat ggcatttcag acccttcggc cttacaatct tataatgtta gcaaaatcac     79500
     ctgttgtgtc atcaccttag acattatgca agagaattat tcaaatttta gttttaaagt     79560
     taagtttgtg aattaaaaat gaaatgaaag tttctgctgt tctgaccagc tgcagatgtt     79620
     aatggcagat gtatagcaat agcacacttt aagcagtgca aaatggctgt ataccggcac     79680
     tgctggggca ctaaggcaat cggcctgcag ccttaagcca atgcactaag ctatattttt     79740
     actatactat ataactacat atttttgttt ttaataaaat agtccagaaa aataagagaa     79800
     aaataatata aggcaaaaac aaatgttgtt tagctaaccc tgagtgtgtt ttgaaggcct     79860
     ggagaagtcc tgctgatatg ccctgacatg tttttttttc ccgatgctta taaacataag     79920
     tggctagagt ctaataacac tgtaaacagt acaaactggg ctacaataat atgtgagcaa     79980
     catttatatt aatgtttaac aaaaagttta tgcgtggtta gtgaaaaaac aaaaattttg     80040
     aagtcactaa attaactcca tgaaaaacac atagaatatt tgatcacaag acttttaaaa     80100
     actggtactt gtagcctaga gtttctgctt taaaattacg tgaagatcat cttacttagg     80160
     gaaaaatata tgttaattaa aaatttctaa gtcacttaaa agctttatgg ctcatatgcg     80220
     agaagaaaca gatgatggga gacagagggg agaggaggat gacaaattaa gtttcaaact     80280
     ttaagttttt agtttattga aaatatattt agcttccaca caaaataatt taagattaac     80340
     ttgtaagtac agttaaacaa ttatacttta gaaatatttc ttatagaaaa tatagttatt     80400
     ttccaaattt aaaaaagcct atatagctaa acaacactaa atcaggtaag taagtaagac     80460
     ttagaaagac ttatttaaac caaatataaa taaacaaaat tgtcattatt ttgattatta     80520
     tacaattaaa ttagaattga tgtaatgttt ctttttttta taaaattgta tttttgaaat     80580
     agtataaaat gtgtttgcaa cactgtttga ataaaaactg tgtcttgtgc actgatccag     80640
     catttctata atgcaataat ttctaaatga cccttagccc gaagtagcca aatgatattg     80700
     atcatgagaa taactaacat gattacttta aataaaaata aaaaaatgtc caatctttta     80760
     tttatatttt tggctaaaca attgcagcct tagttagctc ttttcaaact tttaacttgt     80820
     tcaattacgg taaaattgaa cggtcattat gggtcataat tcatagttgt tccttagaac     80880
     aaaaattaaa caaactttct gcccagcact gctgtttttg tttgtgggtg tttgccagtt     80940
     caggaggctg tcatcatgat ttgtgctggt ggcaggaact gactagcgga ctaacgagca     81000
     ctgccggaag tattctgcat tgggctcttt ccatacaaaa aactaagcaa gaaaacattt     81060
     gttttcagga gttggctctt ttaaaagtac atatttcaaa ttttacgcag gtatgactct     81120
     atcaggtctg tgaagcaaat atttttgtca agcatgttga caatagactc agaaagagaa     81180
     agcgctcctt gtctgcttta ctaaatttga taaaaaaaaa ctaaacattg ctttactgta     81240
     tttatgaata tatacaaata aaattagata atttacagtt ttcaaatctg tgtttgtctc     81300
     atcaatacaa taaaaaaaga cagtatttta taaactggtg tgctaaaatg catatccgcg     81360
     tgagccaacc ccaagggtta atgaaaagaa ggtttaagat atgaattttc tctagacaaa     81420
     cagaaaatgt cagacaaatg ggcctttaaa aattgatcag agaaggagat gggccccgaa     81480
     gtgaaaaagg ttgagaaccc ctgctctgtt tgaatgttta aagtcctatt ttaatgttgc     81540
     taaaaatatt atgcattaaa ctgcaaaatt acacatcaag actgtattcc atatcaaatt     81600
     ccatgtactc catatcttaa tcacagggcc ttattaggac agcttaggaa gtgttcaaat     81660
     aaatgcaact catttcaaac acatgatcat tatacaacag ttctagccat ttttaaaaag     81720
     cttatattgc tgcgctagat aagaaaattg agcataatac gcatttgcaa tgattgtttg     81780
     ttctgggtgc gcagttcaca atcttcaaaa acacacaaaa aagatccaaa cctttaatgt     81840
     ggagtccttg aagtcgttga gattgtcctg taggaatgaa cggagattac agatgagctg     81900
     gagtgggtgt cacacagcag gtgaaaggat ggggaggctg gccgtcactc aacacatccc     81960
     cataaagacc ttcaaagact agaactttca catagttaga gatgaaaaga ctatactatg     82020
     ggagcctgga ctatataaac ctatgggagc actggactct atgaacctgc atactcggag     82080
     aacgtttctg agcatcattg gaaaatgtct taacttgtat ctttagtcta aattagaaca     82140
     tacattcttt aaagtaacta agaaagttca taaagatgta aaacaagcta cactgagcta     82200
     ggattcatac ataaagggaa ttgaaggggg ttgtgaacac tttggtaaga ttttggctca     82260
     taaaatgaaa aagtgaaaaa gattcctggt tacgggcaga tagattcctt tgggtaggcc     82320
     atgtatacac tatttgccca ggttgccttt cgctttatgt agtgcttggt aacactccaa     82380
     tgtctgaata ctgaagttga cttctgctga ttgcatggat gtctggggaa ctcttccgaa     82440
     aacccttcca aggcagagaa caaaccagtt gtagtgaggg ggaaaaataa gcaagcagtg     82500
     gtggtgaaga agcacaatgt tgtcggtgat cccagatctc ttacgaagca aaacaaggga     82560
     aacactttag aagctcctcc aggtgacgcg gccagagaag gtggtctaac ttgctcggga     82620
     tttcttcctg ggtgaatatt ctggtcttcg tgtttagttt gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     82680
     agattttttt tcatactttg ttttcattag gaagtaatag gatacgattc aatttttttt     82740
     tttttacaaa aataagatta tatttacaat cttaaaaagt gtaaaatatg caaaaagcaa     82800
     aacttgaggc acttgcgttg attattttac catgtaaaac agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat     82860
     gtattatgtg ataaaacaag tccttggaac tttatcataa aaaaatccaa aaaagggaaa     82920
     aattctaaag agtccaaaag atgcagaaat cctgccccac actgctctct tacaactgct     82980
     gtgctccagg ggcctctctc aaactccaaa gggtgatgct gagagacgag gaaggtttgg     83040
     aaatcatgtg atctccaaca gtggacaaga ggaaagaggt gcacagctct cctcaggcca     83100
     tactaacctt aactgcagag gagtgtgatg gcgacgagtg agtgtcgagc tttcgtcttt     83160
     tttgctctgc cgagagaata attcttgtga agctcttcaa atcaagaata tatatgtata     83220
     tatacacatg tatataaagt aactaaaatc tatatattaa ggttgctgca atacttggta     83280
     aattattgca ccaattggta caaccctttt tgattcaata tgcaaaagtc tcgcttttta     83340
     gcgataaaaa aaagtcaatt atgaccaatc attatgtcca tctgtccgac ttcaagagca     83400
     ttcaatcggt tatgccttgg aatgtaaaca tttgggaaat tgtgttgtca gtaactttct     83460
     catgtgccgc atcttaaatt aaaaacattc attcctgttc gcagtgtttc gaaaaaaatc     83520
     cctaaaataa aaataaaaaa taaaaaagaa tgaaatcact ctgctcttga ctgaatagct     83580
     agctcaataa tggttaacat ttaatataca gggattacac gcagtatgca gtgttttatt     83640
     tgcttaaatt ttttactaaa aagtactgct aagtacataa aaaacctgag aagcaatgtt     83700
     aatttagaaa atatctgctg tattgtattc attttatata gtattttgcc tgtagagttc     83760
     tttttccttt tttactgagc atttcaaaca ctgaacgaag tcacggtgaa gtattgctgc     83820
     atccctaata ttgagactaa ttttagaaca caggtagata cttttcattc aattaaagca     83880
     gtcttacccc gttcagactc aactccttca gatctgggaa caagggactt caggcttcca     83940
     gccccagcat tcttctccaa cttgctgctt tcctttgtct tgctgtcact ggacacatca     84000
     cgttctttgg accaatcttt ttcaatggat ttcccgtcga ttttgctctt ctcttccttc     84060
     ttgtcatcct tcctcttgtc cttgtctgcc ttgggtgtct tctccttgct gtcgatgggc     84120
     ttctcttcct tagacctttc ttccttttgc ttgtctttcg ctcctgtctt ggcctctgga     84180
     gtgctccctg ggttcttttc ttttttctcc tttttctctt ttgtggtctt ttctttgtcc     84240
     tccttctctt tgctcccttt catgctgtgg aaagatcaag gattcaatta aacagaatac     84300
     tgtttttcaa ctttattgtt tcttgcttgt aaatcattta gcagatgcct taatccatcc     84360
     atttattatt gtatatatta tatactaaca aagaaaacta cttatacaag atattcaaaa     84420
     aaagtcttga tatattaaaa tcaattaatt ctgaattttg acatgctaaa atgctaaatg     84480
     cacaattcaa tcaaaataca caagtgattt ttttatatag aactttaact acaacccaat     84540
     atatggcttc aatttttttt caattaatga ttttatttcc aaaaattaaa taaaaagtta     84600
     aagttttaaa ttgtacaatg cctggatttg aaacattcag ttgtcttgtc atgcattggg     84660
     aacaaataca tacatatgta tatatacata cacaaacatt tattaattta tatataccca     84720
     cacacacgta taccttgtag tgacctggcc actattcggc aagaacaatg gttcaaaaac     84780
     catctcaatt tacaatctca ttttattcac acaaatccta aatgaaaatt aattgggacc     84840
     tttctttcct ggatatccca gcgcccagta tttctttcaa aaaaatgttt tacacagcca     84900
     gattgacagg ccattgtgca attgtgctgt aacagctacg cctttcagag attgttcctt     84960
     tcaagacatt ttctctcaac aattgctcag tttaatataa ttgtaagtgg gttcttgcct     85020
     ggaacactgt tcaatttgat tacacagttc ataagaaagg tagattctga taaagaattg     85080
     cttcatttgg agagtagttt gaattaagcc cctgctaaac tttctctccc cggggcttca     85140
     acttttaatg acattatata agagatgaga acagtacatc attctggctg ccacagctga     85200
     gtgtgtggag tcgggccttg ggtgcagtac ctgtttggcg tgctgcttcc attgctgctg     85260
     ctcactttat tggctgttgt gctgttttta ctggcagttt tttgggctgc ctgtgatttg     85320
     tccttggatt tctctgaaat agaccaaagc caacatgaac ataaaacaag gacagacctc     85380
     aattaagtat agcatgacag aaatgattaa aaatcaataa agccaaagca aaacagttaa     85440
     agagttatgg aattggttat tgattcaagg aataatcctg tgatcacaaa aggaagtttt     85500
     aaaaatcctt tgtgtgcctg tgagaccaca tcggcggact ccacatacgg tatgcagtat     85560
     ttagccattc gtgaagggtt gtatgtgttt gttttcatga tccacggagt ttgttacatg     85620
     atttttaccg caatgctgat agggccgata cagcaaagct gttggtttgc atcaaacatt     85680
     tttgtcggga gagtatttaa gaattggaaa atggcagact ttgggctcta ttttgacagt     85740
     ccatgcacag agtgcaaaag cagggcgcaa acgctttcag ggcgtgtcag aatgcatttt     85800
     tgctaatatt cggacaggaa aatgcgcttt gcgccaaggc gcatgggcta aaagggttga     85860
     gtttattttc ttaatgagtt ataggtgtgt tttgagaata aaccaattaa agtctcattt     85920
     gcctttccct ttgagaacca gctgcatcgc gccaagagcg cattcgctat ttacaggacg     85980
     caaagtaagt ctaagtggaa aaaattagca tttcacaagc aaacagttaa cagttgacag     86040
     ttgacagttt ttttaacaga aaactgttaa acagagcatc tactgcgtga gaatgagaga     86100
     taatggaact actttcacat tcgctcttgg atatggaaac ctttacgcac agacatcaat     86160
     tagcctataa ataattaatt tcgtttgtta aacgcaaaga tttgttacaa aactatttct     86220
     aaattcagtt ttaatttcta gcaaacgaat aaatgaacaa taatgaccaa gtgtggtcaa     86280
     aattatttcc aaatacacct gccatgtccc atatggtcta aaacctgaca ggtgggcaaa     86340
     tctaagcttg tttttaataa aacaaatata aatatggata tattaaacaa tactgctaat     86400
     aataataaca ttatacaaaa gcaaattgtt atgaatgaac tgaaaaagcc tcccgagatg     86460
     aagacataaa agcagtaatt tttcatattt atgtaggcta gaaaataata tgctttgtaa     86520
     tattttaatc ctttatattt atatcctata tctatgctta ttatatccta tatatatcct     86580
     taatatttaa attttttcat atgtaaagat atttgcctat ttctctcttg tgcgtattaa     86640
     gcagtgcgta agcgaggcgc aactctgcgc cggagtttag accgggttac ttttggtcta     86700
     atgaaaaatc tattttagtt tctcaaaata gcaacgtgcc agccgtacgc ctcagaacgc     86760
     cttccttttt agacccgaac gcctatgggc acacaaatga gcgctaatgc atttgctatt     86820
     taaacagcgt agcgcaacgc ctcaaaacga ctcttgcggc aagctgaaac taccaaaaga     86880
     cttttgcgcc acactgcgcc gggtgtatga tagggccctt cgtcttttat cagttaagtt     86940
     cattcccatt tagacacgtt gcctatatct gtgctactgt gtttgcctat gtttaaaacc     87000
     ctctagatta ctggcagggt taatggttgg aatagacaag aggaaagaga cctgctgcat     87060
     ggctatccac tgtgtctgca ttcagacctg ggtttgagga ggagagaagt cctcctcgtt     87120
     tatagtgtta tataaacatg attatcttta taacgatatc aattgaggtt atgtgtatat     87180
     gaaataatga agagcatata tagcaggaca ttaaattact tttgtttgtt tattaatttt     87240
     tttgcatttt aactttgcaa actaaaaaaa tttgtgtctc ctcacagttt ctcattttgt     87300
     gagccaactg atgtatgaaa gtatggaagg ctagcaatat actgtgactg tacatatgtt     87360
     ctaaaatcat tcagagccta tacacttcct aaaatatttt tctgctgaac cttcagacat     87420
     ttcttttgca atttttttaa tgatttgatt attgcagttc tctaattcta acaacaaaaa     87480
     gcatgtgcaa cgttgccatg agctgtaaac agaattatag caagcatcac tttactacat     87540
     tagcaataaa tcatttcagt tatgatttgt gcatgtaaaa actacagaat actgtagctt     87600
     caaaggatct tcatactgcc actagatgga gctactaact tatgtaaaca caggatatgg     87660
     agtatttttt tatttgataa aattatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaat     87720
     aaaaggattc agtaaataca cagcatgaga aaaaggttca ttgaggttaa gaattgtcaa     87780
     acacaaaaaa tatttttaat agtttaccct ttcttttacc aagttatcaa gtgcaattag     87840
     cctcaaatgc aaattcatta tgctcacttt gctgactgac acacaactta agcacaaaca     87900
     gaccctctca aacccatttc agatctcttt tgtgacattg agcattcaaa atcacttcag     87960
     aatagccaat ctgtatttac atactgtcaa cagtctcaag ttaatttaaa cacttaggag     88020
     gaggttggct gttcctactt gctatctgtg agatttgatt attttacttc tgctttaatc     88080
     aacttagaat tttatgtaaa ttaattgaga atcaacacac atttttgaag tgcaggcata     88140
     ataagcagct attttattat gcttcattta catattagct gattctttaa ggttctcaac     88200
     tttataaaat taaacatgaa atacactgtc aaaaaaagtt tacatcccta aaacaaatct     88260
     tttaatctta aaatatacat aaaatatcta acaagataaa agttaattag ttgtagtgta     88320
     taaatgaaca atttaatagt actcaataac aacaacaaca caaaggtgtt acatatttat     88380
     ataaaacctt tccatttctc aaggatgccc tacaattaaa tgccattgat aatattatct     88440
     gaggttgttt caccaaacta cgacaactag tatgtctctc actactataa gagaatgtga     88500
     atggagccat ctctgcaaac cagatctttc tttgtcgttc tgtaaatcct aagctacaat     88560
     catcatttat aatggcttat gagtatacta tagcatgttc atatatagct tcaatatgtg     88620
     agcttcaata gtcatgtcaa agcagtaaca aaatttgtat actaccaact caaaaacact     88680
     gcaagcaata gatgctgtcc ccagtgagga tttagagaaa cgtgttcatg cttttatgac     88740
     caggagggtg gatgactata atagactcct cacgggcctt tccaaaaaga cagttgaagc     88800
     tcatccagaa cgctgctgcc aagactctga ccagaactag aaaatcagac cacatatcac     88860
     ctgtcctcag gtctttacac tggcttttat ttacactcag gatagacttt aaagaattat     88920
     tccttgtcta tttatcatta aatggcctag gaccgcaata cattacagat atgctgactg     88980
     aatacaaacc taacagatca cttagagctt taagatcata taaactagaa ttttcaagag     89040
     ttcattcaaa gcagggtgaa tcagccttca gctactactc tcccgctgct ggaatcagct     89100
     tccagaaagg atcagatgtg ctccaacatt aggcactttc aaatcaaaac ttacaacaca     89160
     tccgtttagc tgtgcctatg ctgagtgagc actgtgctac gttccacaga tcgcactaat     89220
     atgctttcct ctttttcagt cttttataac agatttaaac acattttatt ctgtttttat     89280
     actatttgtc aatattttat ttccttttta cttgtctatt ttattccttt ttatgtaaag     89340
     cactttgaat tgccactgtg tatgaaaaat atgttatata aataaacttg ccttgcctat     89400
     aaggagcaca gcctgctgct ctggtaaaca ttttccagcc atttcagagt gcaattttct     89460
     cccaaaactc atgacacatt gttggtttac taataaataa taataataat aataaaaaca     89520
     aaaacaaata acactcatga aagagggcac ccttgcctcc aataccaagt gcatactgat     89580
     ttaagagtaa ctgctatgtt aaccactgat tgaatggaaa caaatgctat tttcttatct     89640
     tgaataccta ccaaaagcta gtacaaaaat agcttaacct acctgactta tcattgctac     89700
     atttttcaat aacataaggg aggttacatt taagaagtat gagagccttt agtttttttt     89760
     ttttgtgcca tcactggaag caataactat aaaaattgat taaaaaacga gcaatatcac     89820
     ttctttttaa atacaatttt agtgctgtaa atgctacttc tacagaatgc ttctgctaaa     89880
     acgttctcta gaaaaatctg atgttaacag atatgactga aatattaact attttcaagt     89940
     agactgtatc cttggactat attaaatgac aaattatgaa tagtgaatga gttcaaaaca     90000
     gcgtctttga ttgcacatct aatttctgat ataaaagaaa aaagatttgg caagacaaag     90060
     ctctccattc acaaacctct ggttattccc catcttgttt ataggacatg tgacagcgtt     90120
     ttcattgaaa ctatgtagtg ttaaaacctg ttgttgctta aattaggaag catgccagga     90180
     gctctaacga tctgcagcca tctcataaaa catgtcgcat gatctctcaa cattaacact     90240
     ttaataagtc taataagtct tttgattcaa gtagaaagca gctgctctac ctgaatcagt     90300
     ttctggagag cctgaagcca tacggcttgc tttgctgttg tgactgattc ccatttttcg     90360
     ttgtttctgt gttaatgaaa gtgtgtgaga tatttctgcc taatatccct gctagtttta     90420
     ccttaattaa cactgtaatt gcaattactt ccttgggacg gcaattccca cagcaaatgt     90480
     tgtacatcac agccatagtt ttgattttaa ttaagtgtca agatgttctc aaacggacaa     90540
     acaagttgag atgccaaata aatcccacaa gattcttaga caatttcaaa atggttaaag     90600
     tcacctgagt cctcgacgac accatcctca gtttttccag cactggcagc ggtagttgtt     90660
     gaagtcttgc ctatattccc aggtccattt tgcagagtgc cggtcgtggt gctgcgtact     90720
     ggttgctcct tgtggtggaa ctcattttca ggcaccatat gcacttttct gcctttcaat     90780
     tggcctgagt aactgcaagt cacacacatg gttaaaatca aggcatacag taacatgaag     90840
     tgtattgctt aaaatccaca aaaggcagtg ttccatatct tatgccaagt tcacacggcg     90900
     tgaagttgtc gaatcaccgt tgtttttaca ttgcatgact atctggagaa gcattcagtt     90960
     gttactgtat acacactgct ccagaaacaa tcactatcaa ttctgtacga ctcaaagacg     91020
     cacaaaaagt tatatgaaaa taacttaaaa tcacacatga gatcagagtt gaggtcaaaa     91080
     attttgcgat gtgctgcagc tgcaaatttt tcggttttac ttctgtttaa tttaatttta     91140
     agaattatta cttctgattt tgtggtctat aaacgacact ttatacttct gcattaaatg     91200
     gcaaatggtc cctttgcaat agtccttcct gaactcccct cggctctgta ttatgctcaa     91260
     tcactagctg tatgcaatta ctgatgtttt ttttttcagt caggacttat tttagtgcat     91320
     gattttgaat aatcaaaagg tcaagatatt tagcatgtca aatatttcct gggcatctgt     91380
     aacaagtcag tgattctttc agatcgtgtc tttgactatt cacactgcgt gactatctgt     91440
     tgcatgaaca agcacctatt tgcctccagt taataaaaat tatttgcctc ctgttggtta     91500
     atgaaaaagc agagctaaag catgcagtgt ggactacgca taaattgctg tattttaaaa     91560
     agtttttgga ttttcacaca aggattttcc tcttttagat tgggtctata aagaaaaaca     91620
     aagaatatgg ccaataagtt caataagata aggtgcaatg ataaatccta gtggggtagg     91680
     aacaaaacac atacaggaac atagaggatt gttaaaaaat aaaataaata aacaacaaat     91740
     aaggtaaaca ttttagttta ggtacccatt cttactatta acttctggct tataagataa     91800
     tagcttttta gtacttaatg caatccctaa tcctacaaat tcctaaaact caactaatac     91860
     tttactatta ccgagcaaca aattagtact ttaactgaat tacatgcctt aatggtttgt     91920
     taatagcagg aattgtacct taaaataaag tgaccaaaac aagatcttca tttagaaggt     91980
     acatctaatc atcttaggtc tacaacttca actttaagcc acaagaactg ttcaaaccaa     92040
     gtgataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aaataaaaac tgatgtgact cctaagaaat     92100
     attagctttg tgaacttgca ttctggattc ggacagaaat aacaacagct ttaaaatcac     92160
     caactacccc tgtaaatggt gaaaaccccc tatgtcaccg ctgagaaatg attagcatct     92220
     gaatattatt tcagtctaac tgtggtccta tgtggtccta atggaatgac tgcattttgc     92280
     ccacaaaact ttcagcacat taaaatgaaa atgtttggga aaacgaaaat aagccaatat     92340
     caactttagc aaatttgggg ataatctaac aaaaaggact gaacattcaa aatagctgag     92400
     aaactttgaa acaccaattt aattgtataa aactattatt agagctgaaa attacgatta     92460
     taatttttgc gaatcaatgg cattgttatt ttcggtgttg caggctgaaa tatttgggaa     92520
     cccctgaact agatgacttc aaatttttag aaaaaagcca cccttaaaac ttccaaaata     92580
     ataaatacaa ttaaaacatg aaaaactacc accatctcta gatcagggat gggcaaagcc     92640
     agtcctggat ggccgagctc ctgcaaggtt tagctccaat cctaatcaaa cacacctgcc     92700
     tatgatttcc tagccatctt gaatacattg atcagcttgt tcaggtgttt gattagtgtt     92760
     ggacatcatt ctgcaggaca caaccctcca ggcctaactt cacacatccc tgatctaaca     92820
     tcctaaatcc cagtgaacac tctaaaccag tttggtgaaa acacttctaa gtgctgaggc     92880
     cagatggcgc tcggctcagt taccccatgg ctaatgcata gagatcaggc ctcttctcct     92940
     tctcttcctg gcagatcttg tgaacgcgac actccaaagc ctggcctagg ttcagcacct     93000
     tggggtacca gggtaggatc ttggtaagca cgatcagaat gttgcgaatg tgggtgtact     93060
     cacccgtttc tagacagtga acagatgcct gagggaaaaa tcagaagttt aagggtaaac     93120
     aaatcaattc aaattatttt ataggcaggc tgtaaaacat cattacaaga gcacaaggca     93180
     tgctctgtga ttactttata ggctaaataa atctattttt gtcatactga tacatgcaag     93240
     acatcattca aaactgtaaa gggtttaaat ttatttctgt atgatatact ctgccaaaaa     93300
     cagaacaatg tgcctttgta aatgaatgca gtactatatt tttatgttat tattaaactt     93360
     ttttcacaaa gataggctac acgtgcatgc tactgttgtt aatactgtca tttgatgcta     93420
     aacaatttaa tttcaacttt tgagtcaaaa ataaaacata acaaaaaata taaatgtaaa     93480
     atgtaatgta aaacaaagtt ctcaaactgt aacctgtggc cttcagttgc tcatgcattt     93540
     gtgtgtgtat atctgatggc catatagcca aaaagtgctc agatcatata tttttttttt     93600
     tttgatggag agaaaaaaaa aatttggttt caataaccag atgcatttag acctgtccag     93660
     tatcgtctga aatgcatccc agagcacctt ttgaagtggt ctgagcaatt ggattaatat     93720
     ccatctccaa tgcatttcag agggcattta cgcctgccca tatattgact gaatagctat     93780
     ccgattagaa aaaaatatac atgaagtgaa tgggtgtcaa cagcctcttt gttcaggaaa     93840
     aaacattttt gattggagag atccacctgg ccatgattta agcatattca aatatgctgt     93900
     ctagagtctc atctggtttt tgctaaaaaa tgatttatgg ggaactggaa tcttatctta     93960
     cttcctaaac gatacagttt ttaaaaaatg agatcttgtt tgtcttgcca agagttgtct     94020
     gtagacactg tgagtacaat ttatacataa gcatcatgag tagatgctac agtaagaggt     94080
     cttagtaaat gcctcactta gctttaatta ggtgcatagg aaaaaaccta gcacacaagc     94140
     taaagctagg ctgaataaat ttagttcctt ttaatttagt taaaatgttc ctttaactaa     94200
     aattcctatt atgtgaagct aagaaaagtg ggttcttgca caatacaaca agcctctggt     94260
     gtgaaagtaa caaaacaatt ttgttatatg aataataaaa atcgtatagt aaaatactca     94320
     ctttagtcaa cttgtaatgc catttgtgga caacatgtcg aaaattctca tagtccaatt     94380
     gatctgcttt gttccctccg tcgaaaccac tggctcggaa aatagtcagg aaccctgggt     94440
     aattaccaca ttcctagcaa aagaaccaaa aacaaattaa aactagacaa acataataca     94500
     gtttatataa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     94560
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa acattaacgt atgtatgtat     94620
     gtatatattt tttatatgaa tttatatata tttttattta taacaaattt accagtaagg     94680
     acctatttac acatacagac ctttccggaa aattgctggt aattttccag aaaggtctgc     94740
     atgtgtgaaa ggggctcatt tctacacgtt tcttaaaatc agaataattt attgttacca     94800
     agttacattt taaaaagaca aaatcatttt gttctttaat aagtaaatac cgcaaattat     94860
     ttttgatttc gtcatttttt tgtttgcaaa catctaaaaa ttcacagttc acagctacta     94920
     ctaggacagt gtagagacag cattaacagt ttaaacgaat catcaatcat aaaggcacac     94980
     cataccttct cataaatggc tctgtcactg tgccatcgag tgacagtctc taacatgcaa     95040
     cacaaaaaac gaccatatcg gcgggactca ttctctgtgc aactcgctac cgtatagatg     95100
     atatcagaga agacctagat gaataaagaa acagatttag agggttagta ggttgacaat     95160
     gcacacaggg tcatggattt ttaatgaata taaaatgatt ataaatactt tgaacattta     95220
     gataaaaact aaatgacagc atcaaacttg aatgctagat aatactgtat tctctttgac     95280
     tgcagtcact ggcacagaaa cacatggcaa gcaagctgtt gtttagcaga attaagggtg     95340
     ctttcacacc tttgaatcaa ttcagttgtc ctgaaacagg gattaaaatt gtaacattgt     95400
     tgctctttgc tcttggtctg gttcactttc acactgcaaa gtttctaaac ggaccaaaag     95460
     aactaaaaca agtcatgtgt gagtaaactt tcctcacata gagtcctgct cagctgtcag     95520
     gtgtggtagt gatttggtat tgtttgacag ggtgcgcgcg acgtgtctga agagcgagga     95580
     aggatgaggt gggaaggggt gagaagggtg tgcaacgtat ttgaggaacg ggagggagat     95640
     gcgtgatttc caggacatta tcgctcgttt acgggcatcc tggagtctct gtgcatttgc     95700
     agcagacctc cgaaacttct gggagacttg ggatgtctgt tgaatgacct cccgccctac     95760
     taataatttt cttcatatag ccatatgcct attataatat ccataaaaca ctgtgatatg     95820
     actgggcacg gatcgtatcg ctttctcgct acaatcgatc cactccagag ttcgtttcaa     95880
     tcgagccaag accatctcgg agctattgtt ttggcgcaga tcagagcgcg attggtggtt     95940
     tcacatatgc caaacgaacc gcgctaactc tgcaaaacga gacgggttcc aaaacaaaag     96000
     tctaggtgtg aaagcaccct aagatggcat tttcatgaag agattacaca actgagcata     96060
     gctgtgatcg tcatgcacat cttgtcaggg aatcacagtt gtgtgatcaa tagtaaatct     96120
     accaaggtca gagggcactt cagcatgaac aataattaca taattacaga ataatctaaa     96180
     agaagcattt attttagata ctcctcattt gtagtaattt cacatgcaaa atttactaca     96240
     cagccctaat tcattgagaa acaatacaga cacctctcat tatctcggtg tccttactgt     96300
     ccaactaaat cagttttgac tttgtagctt gtccatttgg tttatttatt gccacatcag     96360
     caacttattg ccattggatg gcataatcaa tagacattaa acataataca taacttcata     96420
     attcaaaaac agattaaaca acaaaataaa taaactacta aaagatttca ttaaacgcag     96480
     acaagatttt catgtcaata tatgataaat aactaaaaat tctccctggg tatatatttt     96540
     aaatttgttg gtttatgaag tatgattttg agaagtaaat gctgttctga aagcatgtgc     96600
     tggaggttta ctacaagcag ctttataaac aaaatgcaca tgaaaatcca ctccaattaa     96660
     ttgcccagaa aagcccagaa aaacacacat acaaacaaat atatatttta tagcctgttt     96720
     tttgaaagtg cctttaatgg tctgtcatac tacagtagac tcactctgtc atagcaaagt     96780
     agggtgcaga agttgggcgt tttctgctgg tgaaccagct ccacaaagcg agcgcagtaa     96840
     acagcatcaa tggctgagaa gacacaacgg gggaagatgc agagctgaag gaacttagtg     96900
     atggtttcat tcttagtgga ttctgaggag ggaaaaaaag ggatgagtcc aaaaaaaaaa     96960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat cctgagcaca aaagagatta ttcaaacact cactggcgag     97020
     taaccaattg tctttctcca gtttgagacg atgcagaact ctctgcacat gctccaactg     97080
     tttcttctcc tcttcttgta gcttgtcctg cagagctgta cagcgttcct tctccttttt     97140
     ctttttattt ggaggctaca atgtagagaa cagttttatg agaaatatct gatggaagaa     97200
     agacccaaag attcagcagt gtatctagct attttatggt gttagaaata tacaagaaat     97260
     tggaaatatc taaaaaaaaa aaaaacaatg agctgaaaaa tcaatctgga gagtttgatc     97320
     ggcagtttcc acaactgcca atacagaaga gctgatcaga tgacacaaac ggcatgagac     97380
     atttttttta cataatgcaa acatggcagt tctacaaggt ctgtgaaata tgtcttatgt     97440
     gcttatgcag cagactgtgg ctgcgtccga aaccacctac tactcagtag gtactgcatt     97500
     tgaatttaaa cgtactactc ggtcgttaga aaagtacgtt ctatacagta tgaatgtgaa     97560
     agtatgaatg gaattcatgg gatgctcact ccagaatttc gccgaaagta gtgagtcatc     97620
     caggtacttc tcgcatactt actttcgaat tctaggaatt cggacatact actcagctcg     97680
     catactgatt ttggcgtaat atatagtatg gaagtatgcg gtttcggacg cagcctatga     97740
     cttgccccaa atgctcactt gtagccacta gggctgaaca attctgactt ttttttcccc     97800
     tcaaattcaa gatcaggatt ttttactgat tctttaaatg taaaataaag gtttatacga     97860
     gtaggctatt attattgtta attctcaaac atgggttgca aatggcagtt tgagacccct     97920
     gattaatatg tgcgctttcg ttttcacttt cactgccgag tgtgctcatg tcatggctgc     97980
     tgtcaatttg agaataaaaa catacatgca aatcatactt cccgcgcagc tctcaaacaa     98040
     tcgctgtgtg taacaaaccg aatgttattt acaacttcat aaccataacc cataaactgc     98100
     ttgcaggctg tatttataga ctttctgctg ctgcctgttc cccttctctg ccttcttcat     98160
     ttcataatac ttggactgat ggaattacaa agacagcagg cttgcattat aaccagttat     98220
     tcacagccta tgcaggatct gttgactaaa gtagacatca ttggcaggga tgcgcatgtc     98280
     cgtcctctct gtaatgtaat gtgtatttat atagcacatt tattgtgtat ggccatacac     98340
     gcaaagcgct tcaagattat ggggggaggg gggctctctc cacaccatca ccagtgggaa     98400
     gcattcatca tgatgcgaca acagccacag gccaatggca ccagtgcgct caccacacac     98460
     cagctattcg gtggatgggg aagattggga ggccatgatc ttaaaggctg attgaggggg     98520
     ttatatacgc tgctaagcaa ggtatataaa acaatgtgaa aacttgtccg acctcattta     98580
     cgcttctcta aaacctgaaa atatgattgg ctgaatcata gaaaagcaga attagaatcg     98640
     tgtgtagggt tgaatcgaga tcgcaatctt ttttgatgaa tcatgcagcc ctactagcca     98700
     gtggaaaata gagtaaatgc aacagatcag cttggtcata aatcttttgt acacattaat     98760
     tactttgtta aataatgtaa atatctagtg aaatattacg tactgtcatt atgagagaaa     98820
     aacaatctgt tattagaaac gagatataaa actaatgttt attctccatt aaagaaataa     98880
     gcacaaatgt cagagcattt gcaaacatcc caaggaccac aaaatccctt tagatcccaa     98940
     aggtttaaat cgaactataa gagtcttaaa ctcaaaagaa atctctcctc attcaatggg     99000
     tgatgtcttt atgattgagt tgttgaagtc actttttgat tagcgtctta aatagctgta     99060
     aagtgtataa agaatagaaa cctgaaaatt gctgtgtggg tagcacaccg tttacataat     99120
     cttttcatgc tattcaagag gactcttcac atgtcgttag ttctatgata tatgaaagaa     99180
     atctcaccat ctcagtgtta tcatcaatgg atttgatctg catcttaagc ttgttgactt     99240
     ctcggtcgta ggcattgtgt ggtactgcca ggtcatacat ggtgagggac cagaatgtgg     99300
     cgtagaattg tggtcgaaga tcatcccaca cctttggcaa atgaagagac acgacagcct     99360
     catgaacagg agccataacc tgctcgcagg ctgtgatgta cttatggact ttctgctgct     99420
     gcctgttccc cttctctgcc tttttcaatt catcatactt ggactggtgg aaacacaaag     99480
     acagcaggct tgcattacaa ttcactcaag cacaacaatg tcctgatgag tgtacaaatg     99540
     cacaaaaaaa cagttcttaa caaaaaaggg gtaacgtcac agtgagagca acgatatatt     99600
     agaattgtaa gatcattttg tactataatt tttagtacaa acttctttaa tattatgacc     99660
     taagtgtctg aaaattaagt tcatcaccga tttaaatcat taaaaaaatc aaaaagacaa     99720
     gtcatattaa tgattgagtt actttaaaaa aaaaaaagaa ttaatagttt aaaacaatag     99780
     tttaaaagct ggaggttttc attcattgag agctgtgtta catgcggcat tgaacaaatt     99840
     tttcagaaaa ccataatagg ggcttttatg aataaaactg aaacctagtg gatacagaac     99900
     tgtattatgc tatgcagaca ggtgattgtt aaaaactgga aatcctccag tagacctccg     99960
     atcttcaagt ggatctcagt tttaggataa attgcagcct atgaaaaact ctcctatagt    100020
     ttacaagaat tgaaatttat tttaataaat ggggaaaatt tctaaattgc tgcgatccac    100080
     catgttagta aacatgcaac gagacaaaat aataactaag gttaagatat tagcaatccc    100140
     caccctcctt tttttcgttt tcttttcctt ttattttatt tctctccttt tttttcttgt    100200
     acgtgttctg gtttggttta cttttgcaac tgatatgatg ttatttattt attgtattta    100260
     tttatgttgt attgttctgc tttaatgcta atgctctgta tttgatattc atctgtatta    100320
     tttgaaaaag aaaaaattaa taaaatgttc aaatcgtaaa aaaaaaacag ggctttttta    100380
     attcgtttgc ataaatatgg gctccataat tcttcattga gagacattaa attcacagct    100440
     gcatacattc ggccagccct caacccaggg tgctgaaata aaactggaga ttaaagatag    100500
     ctaccttgtc taaaataaac cactccatca cttcagttga aaagatataa caagggatct    100560
     acggaatgtt ttaaaatatt tgacaaatta acttattttg catgtgctta tttcagagta    100620
     catcatgctt tgagagagag atcgatcagg cactgagctg gagagcatca aaggtgagct    100680
     cattaatata cataactagg gatgtaacaa ttcaccatga gccagttcaa atatgtgaaa    100740
     ataaaaaaat gggtaaaatt gttgacggaa tctctacact gtttacacat tagcaaactt    100800
     gctttacctg cgcatggttt aagttgtagc aaacaattac aagcatgatg acacaaccat    100860
     gctgaacaga gaattcgaga tcacactgtg tgttaatgtt tcgatggtaa aagaggttgt    100920
     tttttttaag tttaaaatgc tgcctaacga tgcgtttcca ctagcacatt gggattgcag    100980
     cattacaagt gttttcagtt cattcatatg gaagttgagc gtaaaggccc aagcagtgca    101040
     ttaagattga gcggcatgga gaaagctttg agagcagcca acataagaat atttgacatg    101100
     cccaagagca gcagcattga agtgttgcct gcagcactga gcacaaattt aatgttatag    101160
     tgggttaaca gcattagacc ccagattctg ggctctgtca gagaaacacc agtataaaaa    101220
     gtttttcaca gactgaaaga aaaagctgtg ctattaccct gtccttttct aataaggtta    101280
     tacgtaaatg taaaaccaga atgcaagatc aaaagaattt tatttctgta gcaggtattc    101340
     aagaaaatat tacccaatac aaacttttgt attccttaca tattaaaggt caagacaata    101400
     tttgcttttt ttatttgatt tgttattaat ttgtctgtaa atgtaaatac taaaatactg    101460
     ttacttaaac ttcagagtac aataatttat tcccacattt ttaggtctat tttgaattag    101520
     agggtgaatg acatggacaa ttcttgaact gtccatacag taaaaataaa taaataaaaa    101580
     taaataaata aaaaaaaaaa acaatttcac aaaaaaagca tttatatttg gactatccta    101640
     caattgtttt accttatagc actgacatct gactgcccct ccatctttca ctaattaatt    101700
     aaaactgaca gcaaatttac attttacaaa taaggaattc attaaatgca tcattgatta    101760
     aaactaacag caaaattaaa ttttacaaac aaggaattca ttaaatgcat catcaaggta    101820
     cgcatgaagt aaatggagac ataacaactt tcaggggagc tcagataaag cctcaaaatt    101880
     atttaaatta agctccagta atgcatgaat gtgtgtgtac aaaatgcagc agccagagtt    101940
     ctgaccaggt ctagaaaata tgatcatatt accccaattt tatcctcctt acactggctg    102000
     cctgttaagt ttcatattga atttaaaata ttacttctca cctataaagc tctaaataat    102060
     ctagctcctg tttatctaac caaccttctg tctcgctaca aaccaactcg ctctttaaga    102120
     tctcaaaatt cagggcttct ggtagtacct agaatagcaa aatcaagtaa agaaggtcga    102180
     gccttctctt tcatggctcc tacactctgg aatagccttc ctgataacgt ccgaggctca    102240
     gacacactct cccagttcaa aactagatta aagacctatc tgtttagtaa agcatacact    102300
     caatgcatca cctagcgggt tcaacacagg cttctgcatc ttgcttatat acacgaacag    102360
     cagctacgct aattattctc tttattctct attttcacct ggggatactc atcccgaggt    102420
     cctcaaatta tgcggagtca ctaattggat ccaagaccag cgacgtgatg atcccaagga    102480
     ttccatatcc gggacaggcc atatcctgag ctgctgctgc gctgatggtc gtggggagtt    102540
     gagaacatga gtctgattcc agcgacgctc cagggattgg tagagctacg catcgatgaa    102600
     ttggctcttc agtgtttgaa ctctcagtaa tgattaaatc acactgaatt gagctaaact    102660
     gaactgaact gaacttaaac actaaaacct gaaccacact gttccagtta ctatgaccat    102720
     ttatgtgaag ctgctttgac acaatctaca ttgtaaaagc gctatacaaa taaagctgaa    102780
     ttgaattgaa ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gaatggaaga gtgtatgagt gtttccccag    102840
     cactaggggt gcactctcag tggtgggttg tggctggtaa acgtatgcca gataaaatca    102900
     cagtcctctg tggcgacccc taataatgca gactaagcaa aatgaaagcg agtgagaagt    102960
     tacaatacac aagtcactaa aaataataat aataaataat agtagtaact actacaacaa    103020
     agcgtaaata tatgtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca gcaaagcact aggtcttgaa    103080
     acagttcaac taactcacca ggatctgatg ggcatacatc gggcgagaca ggaaaaatgc    103140
     agcatcatgt ggtgtgtgta actggttgca gaggacatca actgagggta cccttttaat    103200
     gtagtcttct gtactgaggt tagatgccaa aaagccacca aactgcacaa gagtgtcatg    103260
     acactttggg gagaaaaata aaaggagaag cattcattat taaacatctt ttcccatcca    103320
     tccatacgca tgtatgcaca catacatgta catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    103380
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatattta    103440
     tacatacaca cacactgtat atttgaatca taaaaaatgg tttcacatat tatttaacta    103500
     tacctgatca taaagctttc ccacaagttt tagatgcttt tctcccccct cagagaacac    103560
     cactccattc ctctgctggg ccatcagtag acacagaggt aatgccagct catgatccaa    103620
     aagagcatcc ttcagacgct gagaagattt cttagtgttt ctaatctgtc caaagtaacc    103680
     accctagatg aataagaaat agatgatgtc atggtcaggc ctacagtaca tctgagaaaa    103740
     catagagaaa ggctgtgaag aaaactacat taattgaatt ataaaaaaag tactatagat    103800
     actagataga aggtaacaga ctgtcttgga aaactgcaca aaagcacgta catcacttta    103860
     aatgggtgct cagctaaaca gcaaaaagtg gaaaaatata tattcaaaaa ggcagcaaga    103920
     acaaagcttc aaaaatgcca ctttaataaa ttaaaaagtc tgataaaagt tatgtacatg    103980
     catttttgaa tttatatttt tgcacaacag actgtcttgg gaaataaata cagtaatttt    104040
     tttcgttaca ttcatatttg acctaatatt gaaatgtttt gtgtacagct gttatggaaa    104100
     aaaaacagcc attacataag cacaatctaa tgtcagaaaa taatttcgaa ttcaatttaa    104160
     agtacttttt tttttttttt tttcagacca ctacaaatgt tagtttatga acttgcagct    104220
     ctgcacaaga catttggcca gagaaaaaaa tggctgagcc cagctaagcc tagtttctgt    104280
     caaggatttt ttttaacttg ccctatacgt tcacgttcat tcccccaaat cgcagagaaa    104340
     taggggcttc tgctggaagt atcagtgaaa gactgtttag aaatctcaca cacacacgca    104400
     gtgaaattgt gcacagtttc tgcatttata agtagttggc gcctggagtg ttgtaaaaaa    104460
     gcatatgcat atgaggtaaa tgacgtcagt acatattaac cggttatgat tattactgaa    104520
     ccgataccga attgtgcata actgcatccc ggtgcaccga agaaacaatt aatttgacac    104580
     ccctagaagt gaaataccca gctaaggctt aaatctgaaa gtgcgctgtg tttaaaacta    104640
     ttgattcatc tatgaaagag tcaactcttt tgaaatgaat cttcttgata acgagtcttt    104700
     agccatgcca gcgtgatgtg gatacagaac tttagcccct cccatttgtt gcgtgtgcaa    104760
     acctgggaaa attgaaaccc acccggccac gcccacaaac acagtagtga agaggaagaa    104820
     cactgtagca gatgacggtt gaataatgaa agtgtgacgg aagtgttatt tttcctaccc    104880
     aaagatgaaa ctgtgaagag tcagatgttg aggtttattt ttgcaaatac tggagactcc    104940
     cgggaaaaat gggatcttta aattaactaa taacaattta aaaaactttt aatttacagc    105000
     gttctaccca tcaaggatgg cccctgtccc cactgttgtt cgtgctggca catgagcaat    105060
     gtcagtaaga acaaatccag aaatatcagg tattacaata gagaggaaag atcaatgcat    105120
     ttctttatta gccaatgaca ttatattatc catggcaaat tttttaaata ctattcctat    105180
     tagaattaaa ttaattgaaa actttggaca tgtttttgaa tacaaaagta atgtctcaaa    105240
     gtcagtatta ttatttctaa atgaagaaca aagacgcaag cccataatga aaactactga    105300
     tgactactga tgaaaaacta ttgatgacta attactgatg gttttaccta atttaggtgt    105360
     aataaatgtt ggttttcttc aagctagaag gattattgca ttatgctgga aaaacatgaa    105420
     tgctccaacc ctagagcagt ggaaaaaaaa aagagatatt ggactggata gactaactta    105480
     tgtcagaggc aagcagaaga agcatttgac aatctttggg aaccatttat gaatgttatg    105540
     taaattgtga gtttgtaaac atgcattttt ttttttcgct gcatcattat tggatgccta    105600
     gttgatattg cattgagggt gccttcctgt aggatgcgta gaacttccaa ttacagcgtt    105660
     tatccattgt caacaaataa atcttgattt gaaaatggct gtcaaaacca ttttaagtgg    105720
     cttacagagt gtttttttga tccacaactt taattctgaa aggtgtgtgt taaagctgtt    105780
     atacttctgt tcaagcgtga gagcaaaaca ttctcctaat tcaatgtctg ccatcagata    105840
     agatgctcaa atacagcgtc actgttccca acctgtcagc tgttatactg tggtcagcag    105900
     catgcacaca cacacaatag atcactgcat tatagagcaa accatattac cggcatgaaa    105960
     cttaacagat atataacaaa cccatgtatt ttccaaaaaa aaataaaaaa tacattagtg    106020
     atactctgct ggttgatttg catgttgatt ctaatcggga ggcgtttgtt taatttagtt    106080
     tgtattgtgt agtatttact agggatgtaa cggtattgta aataccgtca taccgcaata    106140
     ttaatttttt tcgatattac cgaagtcgca tgactcggta aaactatagg tcttctgaga    106200
     aaatttgctc aggcgaatga agcgaaccgg aggtagcgaa aactacaatc cccatcatcc    106260
     cttgcggtct gttgtcgcta cagatccagt aatgcggaaa tggagtgtgc tgctagaagc    106320
     ggggatcaaa aagagctgta aaactctaag gcccctttta caagagtgcg ttttagtttt    106380
     aaaacggcgt tgtagaatga aaatgatccg cgtccacact cgcgttttac ccagtgtttc    106440
     tgaacagctc tccgtccaca ccaaaacgct gaaaacgcac atcacgtgac cacagacact    106500
     ctcgggcaag cgctccagca tttctaccca gatgagagct ctgcttgtcg gactgctcat    106560
     caagcatctt ccgctggatc taatctcact atatttgcta aacgtgatat ttcattcatg    106620
     ttgttgtctt tatctaacga cataggccaa ttccctgact ttggtcattg gaatctatta    106680
     agttacttca cgagtaacat gttttggtta agcgcaaaga taagttaatg attaatccag    106740
     gtacattgac tgatcgcttg cctttaattc ctacaatgta taaacttatt gtatgtgata    106800
     cttttataat tgtcgattat taaaactgat attcaacaaa agtgagggtg cgtttcgtat    106860
     tttcactgaa attgaaagga ggtagttgtt ataggctccg ttttgttata aatatcctca    106920
     cagtgaagat gacgctcata tatgcagcac gacgcctcaa catttctgct gtctgttttc    106980
     taatattaaa aaggaaatag gcagttcctt aaatcatgtt tacattttat tgttgagaaa    107040
     gtgaaacaac gtagccaagg tgatgtgaat gaagttataa agtacactgt tccctttgaa    107100
     gatttacgcg tgtcctcggt atgttttcca tatcaaactg agaaggggga gactgcagcc    107160
     ttgatcaaac ttgcgaagtc ttaacttaca agaagaggat gcgagactga actgtgtgtg    107220
     ggctacttaa tattgaggaa aagccccaat cagatatgcg aacgtttgca gccccgcctc    107280
     cgttttcaga tgtctccgtc tttccccatc cacactgaga cggagcagca ggtttcagaa    107340
     tgaaaacggc ctctccagcg ttttcaaaaa gctccgtttt cggcgctcga gaaataagtc    107400
     atataagtca tatctctctt gtcccagaaa cctcagtacc aaatgagagg ttttttttct    107460
     gttgcagggg acattgtaaa tgcccagaga taccagcttt taccagatta tatttatatg    107520
     ataattttcc tttaaaccca tctctatcta agtgagtgag tgattaaatg ttgaatgtga    107580
     tgagttttca acaatactaa attaaaaact taattttttt tttacatggt ttaatatttt    107640
     ttttgttatt aaaattgaag ttcctgtttc aaagcttaca gatagatggc taatttgtat    107700
     gtcattgaca cttttggctc ttttttggag tattttcata agttttgttt tttcctgtaa    107760
     atgattcaat aaacaccgta ccgtgacatt gataccgagg tattaccgta ccgtgaaatt    107820
     ctgataccgt tacatcccta gtatttacca tgtgtttttc tgtcgtttct gtaaaaaagc    107880
     tgtccgaatg tgaccattaa tacgcatcaa gttgccaacc ggaaattttt agcattctcc    107940
     ttacacatac acgcaaagca taatgggtat tttgtttata tgtgtttatg tattatattt    108000
     tgtctattgt aatattttaa agacatggta gaaaacaatg ggatttaatg ctgtgtttgt    108060
     tgtccagtgt gagaaccact ttatattgtg tcttagttag aaagcgaaga tcacaaattc    108120
     tgaacaaaca agattttaga ttttattttc ttttaaaaca tctttgccat gatgacaaca    108180
     tttcaaatga gaaataagaa ttgttgttaa aatttgatgc ccattttcca cctctctgaa    108240
     tccttgctga agatgcaaat agcaacatca ctgtccacag tgatgatgaa gcactttcac    108300
     ttcacaggtg aagtaatgag tcacgcaggc acagcgaccc agttttaaag gaggtggcac    108360
     tggaaaagtg aatgaatctc ggatacatca agctgactaa ttgattcacc agcaagcatt    108420
     attaatcaga tattgttatc acattttatt tatgagagtg ataaaaatta cttcatatga    108480
     ctttacccat gtatgccccc ataatttagc tgtccgatgt atattgtgca tccctaatta    108540
     taaggagtac tattactatt attattatta ttactaatag taatagtact atatagggat    108600
     gctcatttcg gttaattttg ctaaccgaca accacagctc attaatcgct tattaacggt    108660
     taactggtca gattactatt aattttacat taaacaaatt gacgtgtcta tttattttat    108720
     taaataccgc attttaaaat actgattttt atatgctagc atattaataa tagaacataa    108780
     cagagcattt tcatgcacct gcagtgttta gcacagagga gcagaataat ctaaataaaa    108840
     ttaataaaat aaataggact gccctaaatt attttcactt caataattaa tttatattac    108900
     aaaacgaaaa tactgactga ttctttttaa taaccggcat aggctgtatt tttcccaatc    108960
     atatgttttt tttcttccgt caaataaaaa tagctgactt cctcaaatcg ctagctccac    109020
     ggaacgtatg catttattta atgccctgct gttcttatta taaataacaa aactttttta    109080
     catttttaat agaaatcatt attttaaaga ttatgtcttg atcagtggtt tcctctatct    109140
     ctctctccct cgcggttcag tgcgcgctgc gtgatgaaaa gacaacaaca cgcgcatatg    109200
     ttgaattttt gtaaacagtt ttgttgttta aatatgatat tgcattaatg tgcatacatg    109260
     ctttataagc tgtataataa aaggtaaagc ctatttgttg cgtttacgac acagatccag    109320
     atcaacatca gcgctggttt ggtatcaact tgctgtatca gacagtaaca ttcttcttcc    109380
     attttgcttc tttggcatat gtgtctgtag gcacgggtta tacgttatcg tcccacaagt    109440
     taaatatgtc ttgcagttga acaaggggcc gaaaacaagg cgcatctcac tgttgacaag    109500
     aaaaaaagaa gagaagcacg gtcctcttca gctgggtatc gattgtgcaa aagtgttgct    109560
     gtctgtgttg ttacaattgt aatatttaat aatattgtga tattcaggat ttgtacattc    109620
     atacagctct ggataactta aaacagcgat tagaccttca gagcggcatt aatgcgtcct    109680
     gaagtaaagc gaaacggcta taaactccag caagatagag tgattatgtg cagagccata    109740
     tacctttatc tctaaataaa gtataactat agaaactgtg ttcatcttaa ctgaaagctt    109800
     cgttgagttt gctagcctca cgcatcgcgc acctgtcagt cagtcagtca gcacgtaacg    109860
     ccaaagtgtt aaacagcact atacggttac agaaaagttt gcgctgttat aattcactta    109920
     ccttttaata cgttttggtg cgattataat ccgctattaa aaacaacaac aatgactgaa    109980
     tgttttgaaa gggtaatgta gccgtggatg gatgcatttt ggtccccgcc atggaagaat    110040
     gaatgtagtg gaaaccaagc tcttcaaaac ttctctgtag ttgttttgac aacacaaact    110100
     gctgctctgg gatgagtcgc gtgcaaaaga tgcccctctt atcgcaaagg cgcattcaat    110160
     cggcccctta tgcagtcaaa ctaaaaatat ataaaataat gattttaatc gtttaactga    110220
     tagcattaat cagttacaaa cgcacccttt tgcttaacgg ttaatcgatt attttgagca    110280
     tccctagtac tatagcaatg atattactaa tactagtaat acattaactt ttaatttgtc    110340
     attcttacca ctcaacacga ttgaattcta cacaacgtaa ggggttcact gtaaatatca    110400
     gccaactttc ataattgaaa tgggagtgca aactcagtga actcgatagc gtgatgacag    110460
     ctccattcat ttttggacca ccttttgcct aacaagttta atgtttgatt tttaatgctg    110520
     ctaaatggac cacctgccaa ttacccaatg caacgttgca taatgccaga tcttcaaaat    110580
     gttatatata gttttctgag tgtagcttag atgtacagtg ccaagcatag ctgatgattg    110640
     cttagcaatg acaagacgct ataagagtga agctaacgtt tgcattaaaa ttgttagagg    110700
     aagtgtggag ctgcaattct tgtctaatgt gcaataagct ttaagagtat caactgcatt    110760
     taaataatgt aaacgtaaat cttaatattt ctgtttactt ttaaatgcaa attataataa    110820
     aaatacatta attttcagca taacacaggg gataaatgta atcaagatgg gccagatttg    110880
     gcccacatgc cgcctgttga gtactgcctg atttactgca acattcacac attagcaggt    110940
     ctggcttgag tgtgcaaagg cacactgttt gctaaactag gaatccatct caaagacatg    111000
     gcatacctct gctttgagtt gttctccacc tgtcatggcc tccaactgct ccacagtcat    111060
     ttcatctgtt atctcaattc ctgccatctt ctgcaccacc tccttcagga tcagcaggtc    111120
     aaaactggta aaacagaaca tgcatgaata aatgagaatg ctgattaaaa aaacaatgct    111180
     ggttttgttg tacataagtg tattataaat atagatattt agaatctagt aatgtcaaaa    111240
     cttaccaatt ggtcaaactc ggtaagtatt atgatatatc ataatataat ttattaagaa    111300
     ttattgctat tactaataac ctgtcgggca actgaaaaaa aataaataaa tcacattttc    111360
     tgtgtttaat ctttttaaac acatattata catgagagct gacttttgaa ctgctattcc    111420
     tgcacaatgg aaaacaagac tggttctctc tcatcctctg tttgcatgtg gtagtaaaac    111480
     acaaaagtcc tagttcgtct gcggagaatc acacattttt aaactctgtt tagtcaatgc    111540
     atctgcgaga gcatatccac aaagtagttt acgcagcatc agatttgtag agtatccact    111600
     gtatctgcac tgttaaaggg tcacaaaccc taaaacatat ttcttgagat gacgtgtact    111660
     atgacacatg ctatgtgttt gtgagtgaca tgctaaaaac actattagga cacctacatt    111720
     tcactattga gtaaaaaaaa aaaaattttc attgtttaga gcaaattaac tcttctttaa    111780
     gaaattttga agcaacgtca cgaccataag gcaattgcag aaaaagtggt gaatggctgc    111840
     cagtacacag tgtcatcatt gggttttcag tgtttgtgca ttaattcatg aaaaagggct    111900
     ggttcaatcc aatcaacaca cactattatt taactttatt attcattatg catgaaaaag    111960
     tttagctgac tccggtcttg ttacagtgtc attattcaga gacacaggtt attcgtgctc    112020
     tgtttcttag tgtgccaaca acttatgaaa atgatgtctc ctgtgggagc cgttggcacg    112080
     tcgcggccta ataacacacg gggaaaattt gtttgctgtg ttttttttaa tctggagatg    112140
     gtaaaatccg gatttggcag atgagataaa attttaaaaa tgtggttcca gttcaagctt    112200
     tactttctct acaaatttga taatataaat ttgctataat attactacaa taatgtgata    112260
     aacaatataa cattttagca actaaaaatg taataataac atgtaaaact ggaccaaagt    112320
     gtaacaagta atactgtaca tctaaatgta aatgtaatcc ttttttttgc ataatgtaat    112380
     tattgtatga gaaatgtatt acattaaaaa aaaaacctgt ggaaacttat gtaatgacag    112440
     atcatatgtt aataccagca cataattaaa aaaaataagt ttacaatgta ataattcatt    112500
     ttccatataa taaataaagc actagtggat tgtcattgcg ccagctagac aggtcgggaa    112560
     aaaagctgtg acagcgcgct tctaaggagt tttttcccca gtttggattg tatttcaatc    112620
     tgtgagtttt tttgcctgtt gtatatcctc acatgctatc gacagcactt aagcttctca    112680
     gtgctatccg tggctagtgg tttacagagc tgtcttttat attagttgtt caccgctgat    112740
     acaggttcac ctgcttgcac tgtagccttt tgcctatgtc caaaagacag ctttgtctcg    112800
     atgaattgga tcataagtcc acagtgcaac ttggggatgc agatttgaag caagttactc    112860
     gatcacagaa gcgcggtaca ccagcggccg cgggtggccc ccttccaaag aaaccgacta    112920
     cacgtaaaga tcagtctgag gaaacttcac tttctaaaac tgtggctgtt ctctcttttg    112980
     agatgttgga gattaagcgc caccatcagt cacttcagcc tgtgccttcc tcattagcag    113040
     acgattctcg gcacgatgag gagaacgtaa acaagggaat ggagaaagaa cctttttatt    113100
     ctttatcttc atcctatcat tcagagtttg atgtactttc cactagtgct tctgactcct    113160
     taccggagca tgcaaaagca cagtttcccc ccaggaagtt cagatcggtt tgtcaaaaac    113220
     caagagctct agtaatgatt cagttcactc cggctaaacc ccatcctcag gggatgacac    113280
     tttagctgtg ctacagatgg cagttgctca cttggggttg gacagctcac ccagctaagt    113340
     caaacgtctt tttcaagtag gcactggctg ggtctttttc tatgccaccg tgtaaggact    113400
     ttgtggcaga attttcgaat gccctgacga gcacaagagt acctaaacga cggtctaaga    113460
     ctgcctgcac tgttgtgtca atggctgatg ctgatagtat tgttgctggc cgtgctcagg    113520
     aaatagaaga gctcgttggt gccctggttg ttttacctga tgaggccata tgatgtaatg    113580
     cctgttgccc caggacccaa tgcaattgca cagactcgtt gaagaaagcc tatgagttta    113640
     ctgtatatgt aacccaggca gagaacacat tgtcaattgc ttctcgccac caccaggact    113700
     ctgcaatcgg cgtacgttga cccctcagtc tctccaaacc acttttttaa gaaccacttt    113760
     tcatgtcaca cgtgaactgg gtacgctaac tgccacactt ctgtcagcac ggcgccaggt    113820
     gtggctggcc caagccaagt tgccataaga gtgtaagagg tctttaagag accttccaat    113880
     cgtccctgga catacctttg ggctaatgtc tctgagcttc tagataaaag ggtgaagttt    113940
     atcagaaact actcgccaac ttacccaaac tcgctggaat atcaatggcg catactcatg    114000
     ttcgccatgg tctcgtggta ccagagcagc gtacacatca gtgttccacc ccagagtctc    114060
     ttggttcaca taggctatgt attgctgaag acacacaagc ttttcgacca catcagcaac    114120
     aaatacctgg gggcccatgt aagcgtcccc acgctgtctc taaaagtcat acacacaagg    114180
     catgaaaagg tggagccggt ggtcggacat ttttcaagcc cacaattact gtattggagg    114240
     cagactacag tggatccttg ggtttggact acattgagca ggggatatac cctgcagttt    114300
     cggcaccagc cacctaagtt ctcaaaaatt gttcccatag taatagaaga tgcagtttgt    114360
     tcagcagctc tctctcagga aatctgttgt ctgttagaga aggtagcaat agaaaaagtt    114420
     caccacctag ctaaaaggga gtccagtttt tgatctgaga tgtctcaaca tgttcctgaa    114480
     gatgcttcct ttctgaatgt tgcatgcagc cgatgttctc cgttctgtca tgaagggaga    114540
     ctggtttaca agcatcaatt taaaggatac ttattttcac attccgattg tttatcatca    114600
     acgaaaattt cttcgcttct gcttcaaaga caaggcctac cagttcaaag ttcttccgtt    114660
     tgccctgtct ctggcccctc gcgtgttcat gaggtgcatg attgcggctc tataccccca    114720
     atggttctag gggtacaaat actaccctac ttggacaact ggttgttgtg tgccccttca    114780
     aatcaacaag ctgtcagaca ccagtttgct ttatgaccat gtgcaaaggc tgggtctctc    114840
     tgtaaacagg gtaaagaatt gcctggttcc agtgcaacaa atcacttaca tcggaatgtt    114900
     tctggactgc cgtgcgatgt cagccaccct gtcacaaacc agagtggaca acattcttca    114960
     gctcatcact cacttccggc tgggtgtggg tcttcaatac agtgttgctt caactcttgg    115020
     gtatgctgac tgctgctaca tcagtgatac cactaggctt gctccacctc aggcctcttc    115080
     agtgggggaa caacagtctg ggcttaaatc ctgccagaca tcgacattgt gtgattgttg    115140
     tctcacaaca ttgtgttcaa gcgttgagac catggaatcg ccaggacttt ctaaagtcag    115200
     ttgtgcctct aggggttgtt ccctctcgcc gggaagtagt cacaacagat gcttctctca    115260
     gcgacagtgg ggcaacatgg aatcacaaag atgtgattcc gatggtctcc agtacggtcc    115320
     aaggatcaca tcaatctcct agagctgcgt gcggttttcc tgcccctaca atatttttta    115380
     ccagttcttc gaccaaatcc atcttttctt cccaaagatt tgctcccaca ggttataaat    115440
     caatcaatca gtctagctgc tttccagtct gaatcttcag ttcagctgtc tttcaggaac    115500
     aggcatgagt ggttggcagg tgagtggcat tcctcatgac tataatggta caagtcatcc    115560
     actagtgctt tgcacagtct ctggcagtca aggaggaatg aaacagaaaa ctagttacgt    115620
     aggtcccagt ggtcctgtga atttcagatg acctgcagag ttattttttc attcagaatg    115680
     tgcgagaaaa gttcattgag gaagagaatt gagctggaga ggctcatatc ctcgaggctc    115740
     cgcctgaagc accatgtgac cattttggta tattatctcg acctgtctag ctggcgcaat    115800
     gacaatccac tagtgctttg caccagctct ggcggtcaga aagaattcac agaaccacag    115860
     ttacataagt aactagcgct ttgtgttcca tattgtcggg tcacaaattt tccacatact    115920
     aaatttttat aatttctttt accaaatctt ctgtcttacc ctttcatttt gcaggttaaa    115980
     ttccttgtca ttcatttcac atgtcttaca gtgttatttg gaaaggaaat aaaagatttc    116040
     attatttaag aattctttcc aataaacatt cttcttaaag caccccagca gaatattggc    116100
     tgcacgatgc ttactagata agcatgttgc taaaatagtg catgtagcaa atatgatgct    116160
     aacacaatta tcatgtagtt agcataatga caaaatgact agcttattgc tataatatat    116220
     aatgtagcag gtacattata agtacattat gaatagttat cattgtcatt gctaccatga    116280
     gaaagcatca atcccacaac gttcttaagc agataatgat gttgcgccac tcacattaaa    116340
     aagtgcattt ctagttataa ttattgcatg tataattaaa tgtggcactt ttcatagaaa    116400
     gtttatgtga tgtgacaata ttttggtgag tttataatgt aatatgtttc tcataatgaa    116460
     ataactggta ttacaataaa aatcaatgtt aatacattaa gaaaattaat acattataaa    116520
     catttcatta caataataat ttaatcatta ttacattgtg tcgtttttac attacatgca    116580
     gttattacat tatgagctga tgcaaacgtt aatacaatcc acattttata agtgcaacgc    116640
     aacagtggcc aaatggtctt tgtatcatct aattctttat tttttcttct ttcttctgca    116700
     tgcatgtttg tgtacaaagg ttcacattta taaggtggtg tacctgcact atataattaa    116760
     taaagctgtg tgatttaaag tccagaccaa gagcaacaaa tgatacattg aagcatttct    116820
     ctgtcatttt tgggtccttt aaacaactct tgattgtttt ggtctaaaac aattgaaaaa    116880
     aactaaatgc agtcatgtga taaaatccat cttacttatt ggccagatgt taatgaacgt    116940
     tttttcctaa actgcatttt gattgatcag aataaatgtg cgggaaaatg ccaatggagc    117000
     tcccacaagt aaacaaacca gcagaaacaa aatgttactt tttactttag agggactgcg    117060
     ttgtctgatt aaatccctgg tcatagtata ctacacagtt tgtaaacatt acttcagaca    117120
     aactataaat ttcaagaatg agtgcattaa tgttttaata cattgcaaaa ggcaaaggcc    117180
     caagtcactt caggataagg ggtgaactct tttagctcaa ctacgacagt caccacaaac    117240
     gaaccactcc agggtctgtt taaaagcgta ccgagaccac ctcttcaaag ttatctcagt    117300
     acgctttttt tgatccacat ttgatgcgca ctcgagtgca attgctatat tcacacttaa    117360
     acgaaccgca ctaagaggaa aaacgaactt agtgtgattc aaacaaacta aataaggcag    117420
     gtgtgaaaac atccttaatg tgtctgcacc aaatctattc taaactaaag tccctatagt    117480
     ctctgtttaa agtattcagg caaaaaaaaa atctaagatt ctcttcgact cccccatgct    117540
     atcttctgcc ccactcgcag cccatgctct tagcttgttt aaagtgggca tgacctgtgg    117600
     ctgttttgaa cactgctaat gtgaagctgt gcttactcta cagtttgtac gtatgtcatc    117660
     taaagagaac tgtcatccat ttgctctcgg acagacatgt gttcaaatat gtagaccccc    117720
     ctccaccact ttttacagat tcacatgaca tacatacctc ttccctgctt taagctggtt    117780
     ggttacgtac tggagaagac ctgctaactc aataggatat ttcctgaaaa ctgctccaca    117840
     aagacttgca agacctaagt aaaggcaaaa gcaaagtata tttataagaa ccactcatca    117900
     gaatccgtaa gtgagtacat caaaagaggc atgcatttat gctttaaatt ggtttctgga    117960
     cacactcttc aagaaatgac atttaacatc agttatgaat gccagacaga ggttcaattt    118020
     attcagaatc ttggcaaata gaagagacgt tttagatgaa gaaaggcact cactctgcaa    118080
     ccatgatgaa atggttgtgt catcatgttt catcttctct ttctctgggt tggctaaagc    118140
     ttcaataatg caatctgtcc acatggtcaa gggcttaagc agtctacatc ttgctttttg    118200
     aaggtgacac gtttgctttt aacagcagaa actgttcaga ctattacttt agtcagtcat    118260
     tgtttcattg tgcgtgtaaa aatgtggttt gaaaaagtgg tagccccttt actgatttct    118320
     tattgttttg agtctgttac agttttaatg tatctgatca acaaactaat ttaattatta    118380
     gtcagagata acacatataa agacattatg cagttttaaa atgaagcctt ttattaagtg    118440
     aaataaaaag aaaactacat tgctctgttg cgccagttac aacataactt tagtttatca    118500
     cacctgagtt cacacccgag tttctttagc ctgattactg ccacacctgt tcgcaattaa    118560
     gaaatcactt aaataggaac tgcctgagaa tgtgaaatag actaaaagat cttcaaaggc    118620
     tagatatcat gctgaggtcc aaagaaatcc aaaacaaatt agaaaagaac agaatcattt    118680
     taggtttggg actgcagcaa aatacagtga gagccattat ctacaattag caaaaaacat    118740
     ggaacattgg agaactttcc cagaagtgac ctggtgacca aaaattacca caagaatgca    118800
     gtgaaaacta atccaagagg tcacaaaaga ccccacaaca acatttaaag atctcacttt    118860
     cctcagtaaa ggtgagggtt ccttactgca tcaaaagaaa gagactgggc aaaagtagca    118920
     taatggctca actcagtttt gccagaaaac atcttgatga cttttggaca aatactatgt    118980
     ggactgataa gacaaaagta gattttttaa agatgtgtgt accagtatgt aatattgcca    119040
     taaattaata ccttaattca gaacaacatc ataccaacat taaatcaact cagttgggat    119100
     aaactagtag gggtgtcaaa atcaattgta tcttcggtgc accaccatgc atataattca    119160
     gtaataggat attgcgtagt gatgtcattt atctcatatg cactatgttg cggtagctta    119220
     caatggcgag ggaggtgagc gcgagtaatt aaaacacagt aactacttaa aaatccagaa    119280
     actgtgaaaa attcactctg tgtgtgtatg ttggacattc ttgttatttt acaaaataaa    119340
     ttattttaca aaataccatt ttgttaaata ccagtacatc tgctttaatt cacagcaaac    119400
     attaaggaag ccctattttg ttgcctgtat tagcctgttt actatttaag cataggtaag    119460
     caccataagg ttttaattta actcattaag ctaaagcatg cttttacttc gaatttttaa    119520
     attaaataat ctagtttaaa ggttcacgaa acactaaaac acattttttg agctgttgac    119580
     agtcatatgc gtgccccatg ctgctaaaaa cactattagg acacatatat ttccctaaaa    119640
     agtgagaatt ggttgttttt gcgttatttc gagcacattc attcttcctg tttgaaacta    119700
     ggttttgaag ctgcgtcacg acaattaaat acttccagcg tgtagacagg cggtctgtac    119760
     ctgggagcac atcgtgatga catcgtgcag cattaattta tgagtaagac ttggttcaaa    119820
     caaatcagcg cgatctattg tgtacgcgat gcaacttaat tgatatgcat gatagcttcg    119880
     aaaactgttt ttaactgata cagtgatcag acagcagaga gacgccacgt tgtgttgcca    119940
     agacaagtta aagagctttt tgcatctgga aatggtgaaa tccggatttg ctgctcatct    120000
     ctttttaaaa atgacactgc tccagttgct gttgattgtc ctgtctctac agatttggta    120060
     agtgtgtgtg atcagtgtcc ttcatttgat tattcagagg gcaaagttag ttcgtatcgt    120120
     cagcagtatt ctttcagttt ttaaagacct acccaagtca aaatgattca gttactaagt    120180
     ttacagtacg gcaatatcac taaaatacta tgggctgaaa gatccactaa aaatgctact    120240
     ctccaagtgt aaacatgtaa acactgctat taaactattc tcgtcgtgtt gaattttcgc    120300
     cgcattttgt gacaggatag tctatacaga cacggctttc tggcgctacc tactacctat    120360
     atttatatat aaaagccttt taaaaaggat acaggccagt acatcatagt tgagagatgt    120420
     taggtatttg agagagtcca ccactggagt tatgaggttg tcgtaccact ggatctgaga    120480
     cagaatctta aagaaagaga gaataaaagg acattcagta actggttatt attcatgcac    120540
     cattaaacat tgataacagg agtgctgtat ttttttttta ttaaatacac acattttata    120600
     tatatatata attttttttt tctctctctc tgctgtgatg tgtactgtgc agcacattgg    120660
     tcaacctctg gttgtgttaa atagtgctat ataaatacaa ttgacattaa cattcattta    120720
     gtacatttat gtttattttt gtaatccact actaatttta aaaaccatca attaatttat    120780
     cagttattgt caagtatggt ccaacctagc tatgattatt ggccaaatct aatttaggtt    120840
     catttcttaa tcaactaaat actcacataa tcgaagagaa tggtggggtt gctgtggctt    120900
     aactttccta tctgtcttcc agagggctta acattctcct tggtgagccg cctgtgaaaa    120960
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa taaagaaagg tgtcaagtct tcatatctga aatggtagaa    121020
     tcaaaggggc tttctgtaaa caattagctt atagctcata tctcaaaaac agcattgtag    121080
     attacgccat ataaaattta agcccctcac atttcagtgc ccagattgta agagctcagt    121140
     cacctcatta aagatgacaa taatcaacct aaagaaacta ataaaaaaca attcccttat    121200
     ataaactcaa aagatcgtat agatggatcc gtagcactgc tgaaacatat atgaaagtat    121260
     taaagtctaa tcaaataata aattaaatat tttttttttt atcaattcaa cataacatat    121320
     aacaactgga tgggaattca tttagcaatt aaacattaat acaatttttg aaaatatagc    121380
     aaagacagct aatttaaaag aaactagtac atacagtaca aatgtaaaaa gtggtttgac    121440
     caagactgta aatcaaatag acatgagctt tgattatttt aaaaccaaaa aacacattgg    121500
     gataaaagaa attgcatgtt tatggcaaaa cacctaaaga gattgagaac aaagcagacc    121560
     aggaccagtt ctggagcatg cggaagaatc taaacaatac aaaaccacaa gatatagcca    121620
     taaatgatgc tcaaatttga aaagattatt ttgagaacct ctatacacat cagactgacc    121680
     ctttgataaa ttccggctaa ttaaataccc ttaaaaacta aatgctcttg aattatgcgt    121740
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaatcttct aaattaccca ataatcctac aagaacttag tggaaagctg    121800
     aaaactctta aatgcaagaa aagcttgtgg cccagacaac atacttaatg agatgttgaa    121860
     aaacagttct cctgggtagg cttgcaccag ctgttcgcca agttcttcct taaacttgaa    121920
     cctaaagtcc acactagggg cttagtaact actagctagt ttgcaactaa atttgttctt    121980
     acttcggttg catcacattt acataaggca aaccatggtt agtaggttgt aagctctcca    122040
     taaagtcacg ggtagtcaca ctgaatgaca taatattaaa taagaagcat ttaaattgat    122100
     taactgcctt aaaattcctc aactaatgtg cctatataca aaactgtcct atgaaattta    122160
     aatgacaaat tacattttta tagttaatga ttacattaca atcagtcaat ataacagaca    122220
     acagcacata gcagcatggc agccggtgaa tgcatgtaaa atacacacat gaagttatca    122280
     aaacaattaa acttgatttt ttttttatat attatgaaac aaatagggat gtcccgatac    122340
     aacattttaa cttccgatac gataccgatg ttgcagccat cagtccgata ccgatataaa    122400
     tccgatatca gcacaaatta tgaatacttt acttttacct attttgttga gtcgaatgta    122460
     tgaacgccta gatcaaactg agaacaagtc acaacagtaa gtatggaaaa aacaaccagc    122520
     ttattaacta ttggttgcat aaatgtgaac ttttacataa gaatatataa aaagaattaa    122580
     agaataaata ttaagaccct gaaaaatatt ttaatagaat aaactaaaat acatttttaa    122640
     agtgcaaaat gctaattaaa ggtcacttca gttgttcatt tttaccatca gcaaagagta    122700
     gaaactgctg agagcaggaa cataagaaaa aaaatattgt taattgaaca actgctaaag    122760
     gttcagtgtc caaaatttca atttcacaca cagctttttg ataatttttt gatccagttg    122820
     agctgaaaaa tagctttcac actgggcagc agaaataatt tattgttagg ttaataaaaa    122880
     tgtgcagtac ggtaagtaca aacatttaca tgatcagagc tatttcctct gtgtttgtat    122940
     cataagaaga ttatggctgt atcaaatgtt cccaaacgtt attttttatt atgataaata    123000
     tatattgcac atattatatt taacataaaa atacttgcag aggctagatt gaaacacacc    123060
     ttttctccac agcacttgaa ataatgtgac tttaagaata attaaatttc taaaaattca    123120
     ttatatttgc atatttgcac agattccacc atactgccca catgggaaaa ttagacaatg    123180
     taaataactg caaactgatg tgcaaagctg acactgtttg tcagagcact ttatctttct    123240
     gggcttttta aagaagagtt aaaaatggga atgtctctaa taaaattttc cttctgcccc    123300
     aaaagtaata ccattctttc tttaaactgt aacggccctc agcaacagaa tgatttctta    123360
     ttcttattta acagacaatt aaaacaacaa aaatgtttag cattttacat gacactgttc    123420
     ctttcagagt gttcaagtaa aaaaatgaaa aagaataata aatccacttt tgcactccta    123480
     ctatcaatgt gcaccactga caggtcaaat ctgctccctc tctaatcttg gtgctgctaa    123540
     gagattgata ttgaaagttt gcgtataaaa tactgaagaa acgcagctaa agaaagcaga    123600
     atccgggaca tgttcggtga tttagaaatc ttggctgaat gcatttttaa agtcccaaat    123660
     aaaggacatg tcgaggaaaa agataatgta ttgtaggttt tttttcccgc gtgtcctcgc    123720
     gctcttctca aagctaaagt cagagcaggt gtccagccga accacgatat gccatgaccg    123780
     aattgaggct cgcacgatgt gcgctacgtc accattatgt gccttatgtt gcttagcatc    123840
     cctatgctaa acaatgtaaa gatcgcttga cgtgaagtaa ataaaccagt aacgttagag    123900
     aagtgccgtt gttgatagtg tcagcgtgtg gtaccgtcaa aatagatttc tatcgtaata    123960
     caccataact taatgtgaag agcacgctaa atcttagaga ctttgctagc aagcagtgtt    124020
     gtgatcatgt gggctttgca cgctgactct ggacgctgct ggatagaata gctgtaacgg    124080
     agtttagaca gtatcggtct gcttatatcg gagattttta acgcagtctg atatagtttt    124140
     ttggactgat atcggacgaa tttccgatat caatatcgga tcgggacatc cctagaaaca    124200
     aacatgtgaa agagaaaaga gcagggagaa gaactcagtc aagaggaaat tctcatttta    124260
     attgatggat acaattaaca gataaaaaga aaacaattaa cagaataaaa gaaactgaaa    124320
     ctttaacaac tgaaaacaat gcaagatttg ggagaagaaa aaaaaagctg tgagtagagg    124380
     gaagtcattc ttcaatatta cggtgagctc ttcaatgtaa acgaatggca ctgtcatctc    124440
     ttttatacag ttatacatgg gatagggggg agtcttccca tctttaaaag tggagaccaa    124500
     acagatccta ataactacta agggacctga ataaccaata atctgtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    124560
     aaaaaatagc agatctactg gagcagtcag acagtcctga actacagcgg atggacacag    124620
     aggtccatca atatttattg tatagtatgc agacgatttg cttaatctcc aaataaatct    124680
     ggatattttg actgtaagca acaccaaact tcagcatgtt taacaatata ataatctagc    124740
     tcccactgaa aatttcacag taactattta aacattactt gtgaaaaccc agagagcact    124800
     gcatgtcatg aaaaatgaaa ctgttcaaaa taaacttctc tatttcatca ctgtttgctt    124860
     aaactagaca gtcttgcatt tctttgtctt gatatttata gttaaatcta ttatacattc    124920
     acagcgatct aaagttatcc ggttagacat gtcatcaaaa agtcatcacc cacatgaaaa    124980
     atcttttcag ccattgtaat gtaagtgacc aagcaaaaaa actccactca tcttttagag    125040
     agcttatgag tttatctttg ctgctgtcaa atacagtctt gtgtagtaat gccatcttgt    125100
     tcagtaatcg catgaacaga caattacagt atgaaagtga cggtttttcc atgtgtgaga    125160
     cagcatctat ttatagacag aacagagaga actcgaatat aagtaaacat acttcatgat    125220
     gtatttggat ctatccactg tctgagcctt gatcttcacc aggagtggat gattgctgta    125280
     tgtctcattt ttccattgcc catagagacg atacctatta acacaaaaca gagattaaaa    125340
     caaacattta aacagtgttt gcaaaagaaa ccatcataag gcaatgtaga tgtaattagg    125400
     tctgggcgat attgcaaaaa aaaaaaataa taataataaa taaataaaaa taataataaa    125460
     aaatcaccac actgtcatgt ttcatatcat tctgtatcaa tgattattga atatttttaa    125520
     caatacattt aggaatatta ggatttttta aatttaaccc atttatttaa atttaccaac    125580
     attactaagg caaatcgttt taacgttgaa aaacaaagat atttaaacaa aatacctcat    125640
     ctctttatat taaaataaac acaagtgtta aagagacaca ttaacttaat aaataatgtt    125700
     acaaagtgag tgcaatggta aaggtagatc aacatctgta tggcgtgaat aataatgata    125760
     cagtaaaacc tcaaactttg taaaacaaat tatgataaat agtgacattg agtttgtttg    125820
     atataatttc attaaaatgg gatccaacgt acaaaataat ttaaacttga atgagtgctt    125880
     catttccttt aaacattcag ctggagggac agttatcttt agagtcctca ttatagttat    125940
     ctttaatgtg aatatgcctt tattctttat agaacatgat attgcaccat tagcagtaat    126000
     gagctgataa accttacctg tgctggtaag ggaagaattt aaaaaagccc cagagttcct    126060
     cagacatgca ggcattgcac tccataagcg agagtgatgg taacagcacc tgatcagcaa    126120
     tactgagaaa actgcccagt agagagtcct gaaacagaga cagaagcatt catcacatct    126180
     acataaactg tacaatcaaa taacacactg caaagctgga gcccaatata agaccattgt    126240
     taactctgca aaatgtcttt ctgatgtggg atgtctcaac tctttgtgta agagtcacgg    126300
     gtcaattaaa attccaatta tttgataagt gcgatctagc aacttgtgca ggttgaatgt    126360
     ctctttatgt tccaataatt atttaaatta aaattattaa agtttagttt aaattaagta    126420
     aattaagtaa atgcatgcaa gtaaatgcat gcaaaagtat tatgtacaat catattttaa    126480
     aacattaaat cgttaagtat taaaacaatc attataatta ttttgtatat atttgacttt    126540
     gtttaaacag ttctatctaa ttattttaca tacttcttac aattataaaa ttataaacta    126600
     aattaagcta tatttaatta aatcattata tgacactgta gaaaaaaaaa atgccgtaaa    126660
     cagaatgaaa gtgagcacat acacttggaa agcttgaagg cagctggctg aaagtgcagt    126720
     tttaaagttt ctggtggaat aattcatagt gataaaagaa tgtgttatct tgcagagggt    126780
     gaaaaaaagt aaaaacccag atttagatta aacctctact catgtatgtg atcagcttga    126840
     aaggctgtgt gtataagagg atggaagatt aaaacaattc aggtagtcat ggcagcaaac    126900
     cttgaacata gtgctgcttc cacagcgaag acattttatc atctggctgt aagtgcgatc    126960
     cacagtgagg aacatggacc tttgaccatg gccctctttg tgcaatattt ctgcacacag    127020
     tgagaaatcc tacactatgc gcaatgacta gtgaacacag ctgggcagtg tgatgaatca    127080
     aagttttttt tccccattcg gtccaaaacc cccaaaaaat tcggcccata attatctaca    127140
     gaggaatatc tggctctaga aaacttttat taattgcaat tgtatacaat ggaaaagtag    127200
     acagttatgt acacaccttt taataaaaca tttactgccg agtagaaatg tgctgaaatt    127260
     ggcatacaat aaagtttcat gtgaagcatg aagcatatat atatatatat atatatatat    127320
     atatatataa atataacttt tctttttcta aaattgagaa agtggtgaaa tcggagccca    127380
     aaattgctaa atacaccaca tgtatgttta ataaacttta aactccaatt ccacaattta    127440
     cttttcataa ctcaccattt tgtccctgct gtcttgcctg ctttcacttt ggtactaagg    127500
     gaggaaaaaa catacactga gatcaaatgg aggttaaaag ataaaataat acagccatga    127560
     ttgaatgtac gtacttaatt tacgggtggg aagaaaaaaa gaaaacatag catcacatcg    127620
     tatcggttca gtagtagatt catttaatgt tgaacaggtt accattttta ctaattaatc    127680
     aaatgaatga tgaattaatg atgaataatt aaattgatta gatagtctga acaatgcaaa    127740
     atgtgtttca atcaagattt gatcacccac atcccttttt gagagagaaa accatgtaca    127800
     tcatttccaa aattgaatat tgaattgcaa ctacatagtt tgagggtcat gctttacctc    127860
     tttcatgaaa ctctttccca gccgcaccat ctttgcaaaa aggatgggat catgagacag    127920
     gtgaggtccc aggtagcata acatggtgaa gacatccctg gatagatcat caaagttttc    127980
     ggcaggatgg ggtgcatgtt tgttctgcag aggtgttatc aaactgcctt tggcaccttt    128040
     tggtactcca gccctaaaaa tgaatttaag aaataaattt tgatatatat atattatata    128100
     tatatatata tatatatata tatataaaga ccacaaaatc ctaaaacacg ttttacatgt    128160
     taagagcaag tacaataggt attaaggctg ggaattatga ttaaaatatt atgtctctat    128220
     acatgaagag ttcaggtgat atatatatat aaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    128280
     atatatatat atatatatat gtatatagaa attgtgacca ttttggttgc atatgcgccc    128340
     gaaattttat ctatgcgaca ttaaaatata tttgggagaa tttctgtgag tgcttaaaat    128400
     tgttgtgtgt gaccagtttt tactgcaaaa tgttcaccac atgcgcggat tcgggagaca    128460
     ttcacgcaga atgcatctct aagctctttg tttgcacttg gaacgcgaaa cgcagcgctc    128520
     aggaatggtt taaaacagtt gtcatgtcaa cttgctgcag taaacaaatc caagtccgta    128580
     atgcttgccc cggcttcgcg ctcttcttat tggcccactg ctctagcact gaacgcgaat    128640
     gattggttaa tatcagctgt caatcactca gtcagcgcct tctggcttcg gatgacagag    128700
     agctactaca gcggaaaact aaagcgctaa agatgagatt gaagataacg cggacagatt    128760
     ttgttttaga aaccatctag ttacaaataa tgacacatct tactagtgat catgtgctga    128820
     atgttaatcc accatcgaca cttttccaag agtagaagac ttctgttggc ttcaagtctg    128880
     ctataaaaag tctgtgggat ggagttttca ggtaactatg tgccacatct agcacgagag    128940
     cttctgttta atccttcaca taatcgccag atgctgtccg ccgtgcaagg ggcagctata    129000
     tgtcaaattt aacatcacgt acaccatcgc aaacgggctt acactgagta aattaatatc    129060
     gctactcatg ataagaccgg tatggctatt aacatgtatg catataataa gttacagtat    129120
     gtgtcaaaag catcagtgca atatcagaca gcacttgtga gaacagcaca gttatatcat    129180
     taaccgattc attcaagcag tgcttgcagg gccggtgagc gctccgtgta tgttttggtc    129240
     actcagttct gttataaaaa tctattttct tgtgatcatg ggatttcgtt gagacatatt    129300
     ttcctcacgc acgcatattt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt    129360
     tttttttttt ttttttttgc ttgttagttt gattagtgtt gatttcaaat acaataaatc    129420
     tgtttgtata aaagttgttg taacggtgct cataattggt gggtgcgact acatttttgc    129480
     ttatgcgcca aaatgttagg agcaccggtg ctaccaagca aaaaggttaa ttttgaaccc    129540
     tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacatacata catacataca tacacacatc    129600
     tctctctctc tctctaaata tatatcacct gaactcttca tatatagaga cataatattt    129660
     taatcataat tcccagcccg aatacctatt gtacttgctc ttaaccggag taagaaatta    129720
     aatgtgctta taattatgca cttggcaatg tctttatcca ttgcagtaag gacacaattt    129780
     tgctctactg tttaagttac aggaaagttt aagtgaaatg tctgaatgct gtacctgcgg    129840
     tagagtggat ctatgatcag gtgaagcagc tggcacagtg caacagcgat ggccttgtgg    129900
     gaggtggcat agaaagctgg caattgatcc atgatgctct gagagtgctg ccagtcactg    129960
     atcctcagca gtgcctcaag cagtcccaac ttctggttat caggaggctg acatgggaat    130020
     aaacagatta aaacaaagat aacatgtcca catatggcac aattacatgc tattttgctt    130080
     gttttctctt gaggtgagaa gtcaagagtc atctaaagag atagatgaca tgcacacaat    130140
     atgtgttgct tacatgattg tatttgtatg tacagttgag gtcagaatta caggcccctc    130200
     gctttgattt tttttcctag atgatgttta acagagcaag gaaattttca cagcatgtct    130260
     gatgacaatt tttttcctct ggaaaaaaaa gtcttattta tttgatttta gctagaataa    130320
     aagcagtttt taattttttc taaatcattt tagggtcaaa ctttttagct cctttcagct    130380
     atttttttcg atagtctaca gaacaaacca tcatgataca ataacttgcc taattaccct    130440
     aacctgccta gttaacataa ttaacctagt taagccttta aatgtcactt taggctatat    130500
     agaagtgtct tgaaaaatat ctagtaaaat attatttact gtcattatgg caaagataaa    130560
     ataaatcagt tattagaaat tagttagaac tattgtgttt agaaatgtgt tgatcaaatg    130620
     ttctctcaga aaaacagaaa ttggggaaaa ataaacaggt cgactaataa ttcaaggggg    130680
     ctaataattc tgacttcaac tgtatgtctt tatatagatc tatttatcta ttttttttaa    130740
     ggtgtgatgg attttcatgg ttaaactgac ttgtatgtgc ttattcaaga ccctccattt    130800
     tgacttaatg tattttctac atttcctctt ttgatgcttg attgtgtgca tttgtttgtt    130860
     cagtcattgg ttgtcactgt agcttaactt tggcaaagtt tcttacttct cagttaaatc    130920
     ttttgaagga gcagtatcaa cagatattaa acagacagtc tactaatact caaatggaat    130980
     atgaaaataa agtgttaccc aattgttata tcaagttatt aaatataaac gaccaaatag    131040
     gcacaattta tagtaagtca taattagtta tttatatttc cttatgagca aatttatggt    131100
     gcaactaaat taaagtcaag tgtcacaacc ttcatttggt aatgccaatt acattatgat    131160
     aaaacaatgt tcaaatcaca tcataatatc tttaaaagat ggccaaaagt ttgcttggca    131220
     tgtctaaata aaatctaaaa aggaggtttt agttttttgc tgactgatat gatagacatt    131280
     tatctttgtc tttggttccc cagattagct tgctggaatt accaaaagtg tcaagatatt    131340
     ctcaaaacta gggctaacca attgatcaaa ttttcatcta gacaaaatga tttgtgaccc    131400
     acatccaata aataaacatt ttgttatgat tttacagtaa agtgcaacaa caaacagttc    131460
     agatatcgca ttaccttctc gtttttttct tcttccttgt ccttttcttt ctccttgtcc    131520
     tctgtctttt cagagggtag gacaaccatc gtgagtttac gggcaatctg cttggcctct    131580
     aggatatctc tcttgtgctc ttccacaatg ctggaatcca gtgggagaag ctgcaaagtt    131640
     aaacattact ttgtatcagt gttgatgagt cagcatgata tttataaaag ctgtgttccc    131700
     aaaaaggata aatctgagtt tgaaacaccg atgcatcttt gttggcatga acaaaggggc    131760
     gggtgggagt tggctatttt aaatgatcaa aactttttta acaaaatgct aatggtctaa    131820
     tccgattcaa taaattatct aagctaaaca agaaattggc taaatgaata gtttatttca    131880
     actgttatac tctaggggac tggatataaa atgagccttt aaccccttgg ggtgccccca    131940
     agcagacatg agttccagca cattacttca taaaacactc tgtaattttt gatcatgttg    132000
     atgatacaaa cacagatttg aaaattgtta cgggtcgttt taatttctgt atatacataa    132060
     ttacaacaaa acattatttg ttttcgtaaa attagtaaaa cagactaatt gctatctcgt    132120
     tctgacatgt caacatgact ggtagacgtg tctggggaaa aagaaaatct gaatctgcaa    132180
     gaataattgc cccaaataga tgagagacat aaatgcacaa ctcctgggat gtgcactttt    132240
     aaatgagtat aatataagta tattttactt ttagatgagt atattttaaa gggcaactag    132300
     ggtacccctt ttttcaaatt taatataagt cttttgcgtc tctaaaatgt gcatgtaaag    132360
     ctcaaaacac ccatcaaatt ttgcattata ccttttacta gatcttgttt tatacatctt    132420
     tccaccaggg gactgtttgt cgtactgcgc ctttaaggcg agtctttccc acctactgtt    132480
     tctgtgtgcc tgtcggcatg ccttaaatgt cctccctcag ctgggtcaga caactgacag    132540
     ccttagggtg ctttcacacc tgtgaatcga ttcagttgtt ccgaaacaga gattacaatt    132600
     gttacattgt tgctctttgc tcttggagcg gttcgctttc acactggaaa gtttctaatc    132660
     ggaccaaaag agcttaaaca agtcacgtgc gagtaaactc tcctcacatt ggtcagagtg    132720
     tcagggttta ttttgcagcg tcccgctaag ctgtcaggag aagtggtggt ttggtggtga    132780
     ttgacagggt gcgcgcgcgc gatgtgtctg aggagagatg cggaggggag gggtgagaag    132840
     ggtgcgcgac gatgcctatt tgaggacctg tagggagacg cgagattacc gggagatcat    132900
     cactcgtttg cgggcatccg gagactcgcg aaactttcca ccccaatcat aattctctct    132960
     tcatatagcc gtatatgcct attacatatc cataaaacac agtgatacaa ccgcgctcgg    133020
     atcggatcgc tttctcacta caatcgaacc gctccagggt tcgtttcaat cgagccgaga    133080
     ccacctcatt cgagcgatct cggagcgatt actttggcgc ggaacagagc gcgattgccc    133140
     tgttcacata tgccaatcga accgcgctaa ctgggcaaac gagatacgtt ccgaaacaaa    133200
     agtgtaggtg tgaaagcacc cttagaggaa ggtctcaagc agcatttgtg agaaatacta    133260
     cagtaagaac tttaccaatc agtatttgtc agtatttgtg tagttgcatt gatgagtgac    133320
     atgcaatata gttacaaagt ttgtacgcac acacacacac acagagagag agagagagag    133380
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    133440
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    133500
     agagagcgct tagtttagca ctgtctttgc acacaaatgt gtcaggatac aggctaatct    133560
     ccacggcttt atggatatct gttatgttta tgtacaaaat aaacccgatt taacatccac    133620
     aaaccgggat tgaagcgttt tctttcataa tgtttctgac acgcggctgt gctgatgaag    133680
     taaagctgaa gtaaatcact gtacttcatt acacacacgc tctgttttaa aacattttaa    133740
     acatgtgaaa cttactctta aatcacattt gatgatgatt aatgatacta gcgaactgaa    133800
     cagacctttt atttccggtt gctttgcgca cgtcttgttg acatgattat tcacatgact    133860
     accgggacat gctacctaaa gctgtcaatc aattcattgg gcggggggac cgcactccta    133920
     cgtaaaagtt gcggttggtc tgaaaaccgc actaattggc ccaccgtttt ttatattgtt    133980
     aaataaaaaa aaagaactgg gtgtgtttat atcaccccaa tatgacagtc tgtacaatat    134040
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatacgt ctgtccaaac agcttgaaaa gtagatttgg    134100
     acataggtgt cctttaaatc tatataaatt aacaagcaga gaattttttt ttttttttac    134160
     aacagcttcg aacggtcttt tacctcccag gttcagtcat aaaactattc gaactaaaaa    134220
     ttaatctttc gctcacatga acatagaggt cttcaagagc gatgaggtca tgctgaagaa    134280
     gagctgcagc gatgtgatac agagatgatg gtgtttctcc attaggctcc tgtgtagaaa    134340
     aatgcacacc agatcaaaat aacatttaca aacacacaca caacacacac acacacacac    134400
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat acatacatat atacatacat    134460
     atacatattc tgagatagtg caagggcata agtaatattt atgaatcgca cgggtgtgat    134520
     tttagtagcc taatatgccc ttggtgttaa atttggacag catacaatac acttaaaatg    134580
     gcttgtgcta tagactaaac attgccacaa caagctcttt cacttttgat ttggcaatta    134640
     tgtactagga gcctttcaga atctcgttct tgctatgatt tagtctactc ctcatcattg    134700
     tggatgatgt caggtgcatt agtgtgaagc tggcacaatt ttgatttccc tcccatactc    134760
     catttgctgg tacaaataat agcatagcag tacatctatg cattcttttt taaactgact    134820
     gcagcataaa catttgccag ggcgtttttt agctcagtat tgcttaaaat gctgctaata    134880
     aagttagtgc agactcattg ttcggacttc aaacaatgtt aaaaaacaaa aaaaaacaaa    134940
     caagatgata gatgacatca gactttcatt ccatacgttt agactaaaaa ccattaaatt    135000
     tgcagagaaa gctatagata atgtcatgtt tgaaattaca ctgaaactga aaaatagcca    135060
     ttgtaaaagt ttggacaccc cttgtgtgtg gattttaaaa cctgtagtca cctaatgctg    135120
     attaattaca acacaaaatt gatttgagtg actcaatgaa ccttaacaat cccacacacg    135180
     tgcaaccaat catgaaaaat aatatttaag atggctgatt cctagttatg cttctcctta    135240
     ttgtgaacca gaaagtagca acaatggaac ctcaaaagag cttcctaatg acttaaatta    135300
     taattgaatt agatagcatt aatatagaac attcataaac atgaaggatg caaaaagcta    135360
     tcacaaagtt ttaaagtcta tcaccacaat cagaattata gtaagaaaat tgaaggccac    135420
     aggaacaatg tggcctttgc aagaccaagc aacaggatcc ttcacaagac caagaaaaac    135480
     acatgaaaga gcatgagtat gattcctgtg acgctccagg gacagacgag tcttcgctga    135540
     ggcccagctt ccagtctccg ccgctgagac tgctgatctg cacaagacat ttggccagca    135600
     aagaaattga aatggtcgtg cccaactgag tctggtttct ctcaaggttt tttttttctt    135660
     cactttctct aattggtgaa aatttttccc ctctccgctg tcaccactag cttgcatagt    135720
     ttaggatcgg tagagcttcg catcgatgaa ttggctcctc agtgtttagg ccctcagcag    135780
     tgattattaa accacaatga actgagctga actgaactta ggccccgttt acactaatgc    135840
     gttttcgttt taaaatgcat aaaatttgct acggttacgc catccgtcca cactacgctg    135900
     gagttttcga gcgcaaaaaa cagagcgttt tggattcgct gaagaggccg tttacaaaaa    135960
     cggaaacatc tgaaaacgga ggcggggctg cagacattag cctctctgct tgggggtttt    136020
     cttcaatatt aagtagccta cccacacagt tcagtctcgc atcctctcct tgttagttta    136080
     gactaggcaa gtttgatata gaaaacaaac tcacgaggac atgtctggta aatcttcaaa    136140
     gagatcagtg tacttatgac ctcattctca tcatcctggc agctctcacc tgggtagata    136200
     tgctgcagcg catgccagag tgtgtgtgtg gtcaagtgat gtgcgtttca gttgttttgg    136260
     tgtagacaga gagctgttca gaaacgctag gtgaaagcga atcgttttca ttctaaaacg    136320
     ccattttaaa actaatgccg agttcaggct gcatgatttt caaagtagtc atatcacaga    136380
     tgttttcaca ctgcatgact atgtgggcta gcgtttcgtc gctgctttgt ttagactgca    136440
     agatggatct gcaacaggga cattcacatt gcatgacttt gctataggaa gaatcgccga    136500
     caacttcgtc caaactacga ggtcctgtca aacctccact agtttttcct ccattttgtg    136560
     ggtccaaata aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagcgcttt taacttctct cccagcctcc    136620
     cgctggccag cagcaagtat acacacacgc acacacaagt gaaagctgct ctctcattgg    136680
     ctgcaggcga tggctgatgt tattttcagt caaaactcaa ttcacacagc atgatttgaa    136740
     tcactgacag ctccagatat ttagcatgcc aaatatctca caggcatcgg cgactcagtg    136800
     attctctcag atcgttttat gctatgattc aaattgcatt gcatcttttg attaaataaa    136860
     tattatgtca gtactgaaat gttgcttttt ccctagggta taaaatatat tcaaattaaa    136920
     tttgaaatat attctaatta aattgctcca tgaaccgcaa ccttatcgta atggaggggt    136980
     ttgagtgctg ggtagggtct cccaaggaag aaaggtctta ggcgacaggt caaacgaagt    137040
     gcagttcaaa aaccctttgt gagtataagt acatcaagga ccgtcgccca ttatggcgca    137100
     gccggggccc cacccttgag ccagacctgc ggttggggct cgtatgagag cgcctagtgg    137160
     ctgggttttt tagcccgaag gagtgatgtg ggaccatcct cccataggcc caccacctgc    137220
     aggggaagcc gtaaggggcc ggtgcattgt ggaaagggtg gttgtcaaag gttaggacca    137280
     caacaaccca atcatcaggc acagaaactg gctcttggga cagggaatgt cacctcactg    137340
     ggagggaagg agccggagct tgtgcgggag gtggaaaggt actgactaga gatagctggg    137400
     ctcacctcca cacacagctg gggttcagga actcaacttc ttgagaaggc ggtgggctgg    137460
     tgagggcttg cttatagctt cccaacattg ccatcatatg ctggagtttt cctcagtgaa    137520
     cgagagggtt gcttccctgc gtctttgggt cggggatagg tcgcttaccg tggtttgtgt    137580
     ctacgggcca aacatcagtg cagaatattc agccttcttg gggtccttgg gaagggtgat    137640
     ggaaggttct cagactgagg actccattgt tctactgggg gacttcaatg cccacgtggg    137700
     tgatgacagt gaaacctcta gaggcgggat tgaccttcct gatttgaatc tgagtggtgt    137760
     tttgttactg gacttctgtg ctaaccataa tttgtccata acatacacca tgttcaagca    137820
     tgagggtgtc cataagtgca cccaagggcg gaggtcaatg atcgactttg tggttatatc    137880
     atctaatctc caaccatata tcttggacac aagggtaaag agaggggcag agccgtcaac    137940
     tgatcaccac ctggtggtaa gttggatccg ctggcaaggg ggaaagctgg acagccctgg    138000
     ccggcccaag cgtattgtga gggtcctctg ggaacgtcta gctgaacctc aagtcagagg    138060
     gattttcaac tctcacctct ggaagagctt tgaccagatc ctgagggagg ctggagactg    138120
     agtggtccat gttctccgac tctattgtta acgcggctgt gaggagctgt ggccgtaagg    138180
     tctgtggtgc ctgtcggagt ggcaatccat gagcccggtg gtggacatca gaagcaaggg    138240
     atgctgtcaa gctgaagaag gagtcctaca gggcttggtt ggcttgcagc actcccgagg    138300
     caactgatgg gtatcagtgg gccaagcgtg cggcagcccg ggcggttgtg gaagcacaaa    138360
     gacaaattta aaaaaagatt aaaaaatgtc aaaaaaaaaa attttttaat tcggacctgg    138420
     gaagagttca aggagaccat ggaagaagac tatcagtcgg ccccaaagag attctggcaa    138480
     accgtccggc gccttaggag gggaagctgt tgacctcaac tggggtatgt ggtcggacgg    138540
     tggaaagaat acttgaggat ctccttaacc ccaccgacat gtctttcatt gaagaagcag    138600
     agactgggga tgcaggggtg gactcagcca tcacccaagc tgaggccact gaggtagtct    138660
     gcaagctctg ctgtggcaaa gcagtggggg tggatgagat tcaccctgta tatcttaggt    138720
     ctctggatgt tgtggggctg tcttggctga cacatctcaa caacatctca tggaattcgg    138780
     ggacagtatc ctggactggg caactggggt ggtggttccc attgttaaga aggggggccg    138840
     aagggtttgc tccaacaata gggggaaatc acactcctta gcctcccggg gaaagtctat    138900
     gccaaggtac tgaagtggag gatccggcca atttcgtctg gaccgtggta cactggacca    138960
     gctctatacc ctcaccaggg tgcttaaggg ttcatgggag tatggacttg gaaaaggcat    139020
     tcgaccgagt cccttgtggc attctgtgaa tggtgcttgg gaagtatggg gtcagaggcg    139080
     ctctgttaag agcagtctcg tccctgtttg aacagaggag tctgttttgc attgatggca    139140
     ataaatgtta ttctgttggc tttatcgaac atggtgaggc tgggataaga atcagcacct    139200
     ccaaaatcga ggccatggtg ctccaccgga aaaggtggtt tgccatctcc aggttggagg    139260
     aaagtcctta ccccaggtgg aggagtttaa gtatcttgag gttttgttta cgagtgaggg    139320
     aaggatggaa cgtaagattg acaggcggac cagtgcagcg gtagcagtaa tgcggtcaat    139380
     gtagctatca gttgtggtaa agaaggagct gagccaaaag aaaaaagctt tcaatttacc    139440
     ggtcagtcta tgttcctact ctcacctatg gtcatgagct ttgggtcatg actgaaagga    139500
     caagatctcg gatacaagcc gctgaaataa gtttccttca aagggtggca gggcgcagtc    139560
     ttatggatag ggtgaggagc tctgacaccc gggaggagtt cggagtagag cagctgctcc    139620
     tccacatcga gggaagtcag cagaggtggc ttgggcatct gtttcggatg cctcctggac    139680
     acctacctaa ggaggtgttc caggcatgtc gcacagggag aaggctttgg ggaaaaccca    139740
     agacacgctg gagggactat gtttctcgcc tggcctggga acgccttggg atcccccagg    139800
     aggagctgga ggaattgtct agggaccggg aagtctgggg ttatctccta agacagctgc    139860
     ctccacgacc aggccccgga aaatcggcag aaaatgaatg aatgaaattg gtgatttgaa    139920
     aggacagcag gctatgactt gcaattatga aaattatctg gggtggccaa actttggcat    139980
     aggactgtat acatatacat acatacaaat acatacatat acacacacac gcacatatat    140040
     acatgtgaaa taaaaagtgt gttgtcacaa aactgtgaga agcaagaagc aaaaattcaa    140100
     gcaatgagaa cattttacaa aataatatca caataaacac ccttaattta tgttgagtga    140160
     tcagcaaaaa agctaaaata gttccaacag tttggaacaa aagcaatgtc acatttttct    140220
     ttttatttgt atggagatga aacagatcag atatccatgt cattacatat caaaagacta    140280
     tgcgctattg agactagaag cttaacggtg cagtaggtga ttgtcttcag aaacatttat    140340
     tgatgtgctg gttgaaagtc tcttcacagc caaagagtaa tgattacagt aaatgatcta    140400
     aatgtgttta tatgcatttt tgtatgtata tgtattttta tatgtattat gggtaaggca    140460
     taaaactaaa aaaaatgttc atccaagaaa gattgatgtg actattttca gtttcatacg    140520
     gtcctttagt atcgaaattg tagatttata tttagtttaa caacaaaact aaatagcgct    140580
     attctaattg aatattctct ctgaaatagc atgtaagtgt ggcttagtaa taagtaaaat    140640
     tccagcacgc caccgggcca accactacat acccttctaa ctggtggttg acatgactag    140700
     tgtgttgtct gctgttgtgt catggtgagc gcgttcgcga ttggagaaag cgtggctttg    140760
     aaacacagtc ctctcctgcc gtccaaagct aatatgctaa ccgattagta ttttgacaga    140820
     tcacctactg cacctttaag tcaatatggt gttgaatcat acctggtgga atttgaactt    140880
     gaaaccgagc atgtgacaca gggtctggtg ctcgcacatg taggacttga ttagaggaat    140940
     aaaaaactca tcctggtcag agcgacattc atacacctcc aaaatgatgt ccagcacacg    141000
     gtttgggtcc aaattgaaac atcctgaaac agaacacatt caagagacct caaagagcaa    141060
     aaaaatttaa agtctatacc atctgagaca actaagaaaa ttcaatattt caaaatgtct    141120
     atcccaggca catattgacc ataattggat cagttgtaga tatttgatga gctcttctgt    141180
     gatgtgtagt tctaatagac aaacacacac agcatgatat atggtgaaca caagacaata    141240
     taataatact tcaattgtca aaaaactaga tgccagggta aatatttgta acttaattgg    141300
     tgtaagttta gtaagctctc taatatatag gtaacctatt ttaagtttca catacagagc    141360
     aatttaacat aagcttaaaa aaagaaaatt tcacctttgt ctcactagga cacgtggcgt    141420
     atcaaacagt ctgaggcgtg catattaatg atccctgagc aataatccag tctgcattct    141480
     ggcaaggtat cttaagataa cgcgacagct tgtcaggtcc ggataatgtt aaaatgtgac    141540
     ctaaagtaca tgcaaataat gaggccatgc ccagtgagtc atgcaacagt ctctttttgt    141600
     gttctgattg gccttttgtc aagcggggtt ttacatcaga acgaggaaac gatggtgtct    141660
     gaggctcaca atatgtccat ttccatatac tgacctctta ttattcccag actttttata    141720
     gggtaccttt aaaactccta ccaatgaatg aagtctggtt tatacttctg ggtcaagtga    141780
     ccggcgtaac tcacggcgca tgcaacgcgc agagctgtgc atttatactt ctgcgcactg    141840
     tctctgttgg tctgcattaa cacttccgaa acgctagttg gcagtgaggt gttaatgctc    141900
     ctctgagtcg agtttcttcg ctgatgtttt gcttttccta tacacttcct gaatgtacaa    141960
     gtggctcaaa ctcgctcatt ttaaggcagg aaccggcgga cgatcaacaa ctttaactat    142020
     gaggtaaaca caaaacaaaa ctttccatcc agagatcctt tacgggactc cacacttgta    142080
     aacaatcgct gcatcgggct tggcccattc gcgcggctct ctgtcccgcc cagacttgtc    142140
     agcgatacca agccaaaaaa aaaatcacag agcttgcgtt acgcgtcgtt gcgacgtgta    142200
     gttaaatttt ttttgagagg tgcacgttag caacgctgac ggccacggca tagggctatg    142260
     cgtcaacgtc gttgcatacg cctgcatttg acgcagaagt ataaatcagt ctttactctg    142320
     ttcagttgtc tatattcagg cagatgcttt cacaagcacc acccgaaaaa ttataatcaa    142380
     attgcttatg gtataaaagg tataacagct tcaacactca tacttttgct atgggatatg    142440
     agctgttgat gcgatgtcat aatttcactg tgacataata aaaaataaaa aaaaagattt    142500
     aaattgcagt aatagaaaaa aaaacattta tttttctttc atagaccgct tgtaataaaa    142560
     cctgatgtta ctattttatt ttattttttt acattgagcc taatctcaaa aatgtcaaag    142620
     ggttaggtac cgaaacttgg tacttcatct gtatcagtgc tacattataa aaaacagaag    142680
     tatcaataag ctctgacgtt aacggtcctg ctatcagtgc tggagaatta ctgctaaata    142740
     aacattactt acagtagcat aatttaactg accaaccctt tctattttgc gatatttgat    142800
     attcatctgc atagttgtag gcttgccacg atagacgatg ttgacggtga taacggtttt    142860
     aagacgcaac accggagaca taacttttcc accgtgacac tgtccccaca tttgtttagt    142920
     ttaagtatta ggggtttttt ttgtttgttt tttttaatta aatggcaaat ataattataa    142980
     ataattgact taagacgaga gcatgctcta taattaaaat ctgaacatag ctacaatgcg    143040
     tcatatttca tttatcacgt gaggagtcga atttaaagaa agaggattgc ggacgattaa    143100
     gtgtcaaaac gcaaagcgcc tgtttggcaa tattttgggt tcaaaccaaa tgcaaaaaga    143160
     gaacctgaag acgttagagg caatcagcaa actttgcctg acaaaggtgg cagcatctag    143220
     aggaaacata acaaatttat acacgcacca ttaacgcaca tttatgttta actataagtg    143280
     ggtcgcggat agatcaatgg ccataaatat gcaacgcata ctctcatttt aaaaaatcac    143340
     gggacaatca tctcacaatg tttaataata aatatcttat ttttttatta aaacgagtga    143400
     tttaacaatg ccgcgccatt gacaatccaa ctgcagagaa acaacattgc ggcaaccgca    143460
     atgagcactt ttttctaaag ttcagctgtt cttttttgca cttgattgtg tttaatgtta    143520
     aaataaatca ataatgaata ggccgacaag agcgcatcct gtgtgtgcac gcatatttta    143580
     taactgaggc cgctctcttc aaaaaccgaa agttgcttcg tctgtctggc aatatttcgg    143640
     cttttaatcg aatgaaaggt tcatttagat gacccaatat taaacattgc aataaagtaa    143700
     ctgagacgtg cggccacaca tcgaatctga ggtctgatct catctctctc tctctgtcat    143760
     tcagacatcg agacgccaga caagtcaagt cgcaaaactt aggctggtgc agctgacagg    143820
     tggaatagct gaagcctttg cgaaatctgt caaactacag cactgaaatt aacaggccta    143880
     aatgtctttg agccaaaaaa gtctatttgt aggatatctg taaacaccca attggagcca    143940
     attttatgga ggagttgtgt agcctattac ttatattaat tctaataaaa agaaaaccaa    144000
     aataaacaat tcattgcatt tttcatttta taaaaatata tgtaaacgaa aaaaaaataa    144060
     aaaaatcaaa gggtggctag tttttattaa tgtgttttaa tgttaatgaa aatatgctta    144120
     gcctatttaa atttaacggc tatatacgcc gccaatagac aagccgttca aaacataata    144180
     ttctactgtg tactgggtta taatgtatat tttacaataa aaactaaacg tagcatgtct    144240
     cgttgtcatt taaaacatgt aattcatacc acaccagagc tgtggaccta cagtctatgc    144300
     agtgtgtaaa cttacagggc agtgttggtc attactgcgc accgaactcc aatgtcgtct    144360
     attatgttac tcaatagaca acattaactt gggagatttt agaaataaaa ggtattttta    144420
     aaaaggaaca acaaacaaat ctgcaacaaa gaaaaataaa aataaaacgt cttgccagtg    144480
     ctgtgtgtat tccgcgactg cagaataaga cgcccttatg cagcgcctgt aaactgccgc    144540
     ttgtaagaga gatcaaagct ggtatcgata taaccaaaaa gcaagatcat atagttataa    144600
     atattttata acaacactta atcgaaatat ttatacattt acatgttgtt tattgagatt    144660
     gtgtgatctg taggctgtct gatctttaca ggagctgtaa actgacacgt gagcggtgat    144720
     gtttagctct gacaaggcgc ttttatttag cctgtagtct ttacattttt tacataatgt    144780
     tctatttctt aacatttgtt ttttattttt tatttatagt ttgtatataa aatgagtgct    144840
     agtttgttta gttgcgatca ttatgcaagg atcatatttc atattcgatt tattcttcaa    144900
     tagcctatag attcattaat aatgtatttt ataaacggat tgttcataag gactaagctg    144960
     ttaatatata atataggcgt ttatggttgt tatttgtatg gttccaactt ccaaagtttt    145020
     ttcagcctgt agcattgttg tgttttattc gttatgttaa taaaagttat gtgttgttta    145080
     atgacagtga tttttttttg tagtttcctt ttcctccatc cattcaaaca attgacgccg    145140
     aattggcgat tcctgcaaaa ctgaaagtaa aagtattata cgaacgcgtt tataagctat    145200
     ttaaaagcag aaagaaaaaa aaacgcccac tcctacggtg ataccggtat taccagtgtt    145260
     gtcacatgtc gtttaaccgg tggggaaatt tcctcatcgt cacaacccta atagaaactt    145320
     gattcatttt gtcactgaaa accaaggcct caggtcctac aatgtatgct gattttagat    145380
     tccaccgaaa acttttatta gttgaaggat cgtgtgcctg aagctcatta tgtctgtctc    145440
     agtatttttt ttaataattc cctttttttt ttttttaaat catgataaaa ttgttatttt    145500
     tttagtcctt cagtgtgatt taataaaaaa tgtccaacaa ttcatggaga aaaaaaaatc    145560
     ataatttaat ataaaataaa taataaatct actataagca gtaaatggtt gacaacatct    145620
     gtttggttac tgatattatt ccaaatatct tcctttgtgt tcagcaaaac aaaaacaaat    145680
     gtacaagatt gaaacaacct gagggtgagt gaatgatgac aattttattt ttcgagtaaa    145740
     ccaccacgta gtaaatttta ataatattag tttaaccaca tcaggaattg caaggcatca    145800
     tgtaaagaag tggattagca ctccatgaag aaaggtgatg cattcatact gtacctatta    145860
     atgacttgat gttctcaagg acgatgtgac tggtgagatt cccggtcaga tcttggccaa    145920
     gctctgtgat cagtttagca taaccttcat tctcctcacg caacaaattg aacttttgct    145980
     gtttgtaact gcagggagaa ggatggaaag ttacattaga aaataatttt atgcagtcat    146040
     caacaataat tcaagtctaa caaaaataac aagcctatta gtgataagtt ctagtgggca    146100
     gtcagcagtg agacaataat gccagcatga acaattaatt ttatcatgct tatgttaatg    146160
     aaataattag tggcatgtaa aagaagtgtt gattaaatag agagggagaa atgagtgctt    146220
     agtgccatgc aattcattta cagtaaaata cagccagagt cattttatag attcaccaca    146280
     attaagggtg agtggtgtaa acaaaataca atgtaatttt atttcacagt gattttagat    146340
     ttaacaatgc agttatttaa ataagtagtt attccagaaa acaaaaatat tataataaat    146400
     aaacaaaata gttcagaaat aaaaattact ttaatttgta caaactccta tttattttct    146460
     gtttgtatgt atgagaagtt cttatttaca aagacagaaa tgagatttta ttccccataa    146520
     gtgtaagctt tacgcaataa attaaaacaa gacttgcgat tttatgatcc cagctaacca    146580
     gtttgatcta tctagacaaa actaaatttt tcctttcatt tttatcagtg taacagcagc    146640
     ccctgaataa atttctcata aggcaggagc taggaatcat atattgtaaa gaaaaagatt    146700
     aattgaccag attcttaatt taaaaatgta tcactagtgt cagtcaatga ttggtcggat    146760
     tggacgagtt tgagccactt gtaagttgag gtagcattca gaataaacaa aacaccaaca    146820
     aagaaactgg acacagagga acataaacac ctactgccag ctagcgcttc agaagtgttc    146880
     ttgcagagca acacaaacag cgcgcagaag tataaagcag gcttaaggca cacttcttat    146940
     catgtggtct aatcagcatc ttaatatgcc acacccatgt ttacacagtt tttctgtatc    147000
     caaatttgca gtttcaagtc agcgatccaa caacggtttg aattcaacaa taggggcagt    147060
     cagaaaacca gtcagaatct ggtatgcctc actcagtgca acaaatctcc ttcaaagtag    147120
     atcaggttgt tgattctggc ctgtggaagg ttgatccact cttcttcact agcggtgcaa    147180
     agttgctgga tattgccagg aactagaaca tattgttgta aagatctcca gagaatccca    147240
     agcatgctta acaggagttt gtcgattatg cttgtcatgc aggaaatggc atattttacg    147300
     gtaccaggaa ttgtgcacag atccttgatg tttgtgaatt aaatggcacc acaatgggcc    147360
     tctggatctc atcactgtaa cattgaacat tcaaaatgct atcaataacc tgcagcagtg    147420
     ttctttgtcc attatgatac tttcatacca gatgcggatg aagtgtcaat tgcgagtgac    147480
     ttacgtataa aggcaatgta aagacacaac aatcctgcgt cacgaatgag atagagcgaa    147540
     ttgatggttg cgggcatgtg gtgagcttaa tgtgtgattt gagttaatgc tcgagttgaa    147600
     aaaatctgaa cttgagtgga cattcacact gcattagcaa agcaggagct tggtctggta    147660
     ggggtgtgat tatgacgtag tgcatgttgt tggtttcccg agggaaaatc ttcctgccaa    147720
     catgggacaa cagctcatca aactaggatc agctcagtca gaagaacttc taacaggagg    147780
     catcatccag gcacagcttc tggaagagtt tatgaactca tcaagctggg tgtacctctg    147840
     aaggacccag acatggtgcc aaaataatct acacctttta tcaggctacc taaagcacat    147900
     aaagcacagc tactcttgat aaaatccatg taagccatta atctatgcga gccctattac    147960
     acatgcttgc ccataccaaa atacacattc acatcagcaa acatccacac aacacccaaa    148020
     acactgcctg caacatgccc tgtacagaaa taattgagat tcatccttga agacaccttt    148080
     tcaaagtagc agatgccgtt gaatctttcc attttcccct tgtcggttgc tgcaataaac    148140
     tgcagtcggg tagagacttc aatgagaaca aggagcatgc agatcagctt cactgagatg    148200
     gtttctgata atttgcgcag aaacttctta gttttgaaac caatttcagc tgtcagagtt    148260
     gttggtatca gatgattttg gaggtgaaga tgcaggacgt ggaggtcatg ggctagtgtg    148320
     gttacaaatg gtctgtggtg gtattgaatg cactgacaat ttctcagaaa cacctttgga    148380
     attagcttat agtacggaaa ttaactttca attcactggc aacagccttg gtggatattt    148440
     ctgcagtcag catgctaact gcatgctcac tcaaaaatat gtgaatatgt aatctcttgc    148500
     attgtgcttg tgataaaacc acattttagt gttgcctttt aatgtggtca ggctaaggca    148560
     cacataatca tgtggtttaa tcagcatctt gacacagatt ttctgtaccc acatttgcag    148620
     ttttaagtca aagatccaac aatggtttgg atccaactgg ggggtggggg ggcagtcaga    148680
     acaccagtca gaatctggta tgatgattta ttgtggccag cctaaggtac acttataatc    148740
     atgccgtcta atcagcatct tgatattcta cacctgtgga acctggcacg tttgcctcct    148800
     tggctaagtt tatttgggca tatgtgaatc cctctcttat ccaaaacaat agatggtctg    148860
     aatgaggtgg cctcgactcg gctgaaacga acactggggt ggttcagtaa atgtgcattt    148920
     catgtctaac acaaaagtga aagcatactg agctattaaa gagtgctggt aagaaaatta    148980
     actaaaacta ccatctagta ttttttcccc atatttttat cttgtagtat tttgtattaa    149040
     gcttgttttg ttattttttg cattgaaacc tcgaaagaac gatgaacaat tatcttcatc    149100
     atctgactgc agtctcggtt catctgttaa aactatctag ctcatcattc tagctcataa    149160
     taaataataa aaatgtaaat gagttattac atattctaat ttaaaaataa cttttaaaat    149220
     ctttgctgtg tgaaaacgaa ctgcaccaag aacaaaccgc aacattgtaa caattttgct    149280
     tctggaacag aacaattgat gcacagacat gaaaacatcc ttatgttgta tttgaaatcc    149340
     cctccaatac actcattcac tattccctac attagttcac ttgaaaaagc aaatgaaagg    149400
     agtgagggac tttgagcact cagtacacct gaaggaatgc agttttgttt ctactttgct    149460
     gctcgataaa tccctcagga tcagatcaga ttctgtgaga tttatttaac gctttttagt    149520
     ttatgttatg tatacaaacg ttactgtaat taaataatat tttattttga atctctcatg    149580
     atatgattca gcttcagatg ctaccttgtg gtcaaatgtg gaaatcattc tttgtgcatt    149640
     ataggcactg aatgcacaaa aactgtattt cattaaagaa aaatgactga atgtcatgac    149700
     ggcgaggcag tggcgcagta ggtagtgcta tcgcgtcaca gcaagaaggt cgctggttcg    149760
     accctcggct cggttggcgt ttcagtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgc cttcgcgtgg    149820
     gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttcccccac agtcaaaaaa catgtggtac aggtgaaatg    149880
     ggtaggctaa attgtccgta gtgtatgagt gtgtgtgtgt gaatgtgtgt gtggatgttt    149940
     cccagagatg ggttgaggct ggaagggcat ccgctgtgta aaaacttgct ggaaaagttg    150000
     gcggttcatt ccgctgtggc gcccccggat taataaacgg actaagccga caagaaaatg    150060
     aaagattgac atgactttcc agtactgaga gtgatcatat gcatgcatta gcaccacttg    150120
     tttgcttttt gcttgattgc tagagtctga aaacagagac aagtgaaatc aaacttttaa    150180
     aacctattaa gtgtcttatc aagacaacat tttttttctg gaaaatgaag cctagagatt    150240
     ttaaaggctc tacataaagc actacagttt gctgattgtg atgcagccca caatccttgt    150300
     tgcataggca ggctgctcac tagtttaagg caaataatta tatcaagtta ggcaccatgt    150360
     ttagatttta ggctttaaat ccacagggaa aaatacaacc taatattgtt taatgtagct    150420
     gtacagcatg atatgtgact tacaacagtt tggtcttgat tttcacaatc ttctgattga    150480
     actgttgagc ttgtttaatc agccccagag actccagtgt ttcgggatct aatctctcct    150540
     ttagtacacc atcaggaata cagatcttaa aacaacaaaa aataatgcat ttaattagat    150600
     tctcttcacc aagaccactg tagaagttct gcaatgagaa taagagttat attatattca    150660
     aaaaaacata agaataacat cttaacatcc aacattgtaa tatccaacct tagtagcttt    150720
     tttgttacac ttacagtgca tacggaatgt attcatagca cttcacaata ccccataatg    150780
     acaatgtgaa atttttttta aaatggttgc aaatttctaa aaaacagaaa aatcacatgt    150840
     acatgagtat tcacttcctt tgccgttaag ctctaaattg agctcaggaa ttctggttcc    150900
     actgatcatt cttgagatgt ttgagcagct taattggagt tcacctgtgg taaattcagt    150960
     tgattggtca tgatttgaaa agtcatacac ctgtctatat aagctcccag ggtaacaagt    151020
     gcatgtcaaa gcacaaacca agcatgaaga caagggaatt gtctgtagac ctccaagaca    151080
     ggattgtctc aaggcacaag gctggggaag gttacagaaa aatttctgct actgtgaaag    151140
     ttccaatgag cacagtggcc ttcactgtag ggatggaatt agcctggtga tgagcggtgt    151200
     ctggttttct ccagacgtaa tgctatgttt ggagaaaaac aggcaccgct catcaccagg    151260
     ttaacaccat gcctacagtg aagcatggtg gtggcagcat cgagggaacg atgaatgcag    151320
     caatgtacag agacaacctg aatcaaaacc tgcctcagag tgcttttgac ctcagactgg    151380
     ggtgacggtt catcttccag caggacaatg acccaaagca cactgccaaa atattaatga    151440
     agtggcttta caacaactca gtgaatgccc ttgagtggcc cagccacagc ccagacttac    151500
     atcctattga atatctttag agagatctga aaatggctgt acaacgtcgc ttcccctcca    151560
     acctgataag gcttgagagg tactgcaaag aggaatgagc gaaaattcga atgccaagct    151620
     tgtggcatca tattcaaaaa aaattgaggt tgtaattgct gccacagatg tatcaacaaa    151680
     atactgagca aaggctttga atacttatgt acatgtgatt tttcattttt aataaatttg    151740
     caacaaataa aaaaaaatct taatttgtta ctatggggta ttgtgtgtag aaatgattaa    151800
     ataaataaat ttaatccatt ttggactaag gctgtaacag aaaatgtgaa aaaagtgaag    151860
     tgctatgaat agtgaagtgc tatgaatact ttaaggatgc actgtatgta agatactaat    151920
     aacactgcat gagcctgtac caccacccac accaaaagca cttcctgaac tgcagcattt    151980
     gctgcagtga tgtcttaaag tgcattactg ccacacagtg gacatgaaaa caatcgcaca    152040
     ttgttcaact caccaaacag gctccaacca actgggtaaa aagatcccgt ttgtgtttct    152100
     cctccaaaca accagtctca atatctgcaa agtcaacaat caatcatgga ggtcaagaga    152160
     ttactgggtt aattgatcag ctcaaacata agtcaaacat atttaatata gaaaatagta    152220
     taaaacagta aatataaaac agttattaaa gtcttatgca catctacagc cagataattt    152280
     gtacaagtaa tttgaaaata tgttcgttta gacagcccaa caattaaaat gtgtgacaag    152340
     aaaaaccaac agattacaga tatcctgcat caatagttga tattagggat gctcctatta    152400
     actgttttac tatttaccga aataatgtat tttaaaccaa ttaaatgatt aaaaataaat    152460
     attttatgtt gtattttctt aagttttgct gcataatgtt gacttgcttt gttaacttgt    152520
     tgggtgttac atgcaaaaca caaattgatg gtcaaaccag ctctgatgct gattgcctcc    152580
     tcctggatcc acgtcataca catcacacct ttgtttcttt gaataactga tgaaagaaac    152640
     taagctacat tttctgaaat gtgctctatt ttggaaatgg ccacaagtcg gagcgtcaga    152700
     atgaatagtt cttataaagg atctatttag aaaacagccc ttatatttga atcaaacaaa    152760
     tctagataga cctatatgat ttttgtataa taacaacttc acagcaaacc gagacttttt    152820
     tttttttttt ttacaaaaaa tataaattat aaaaaaaaat gcatgtaaaa taatgcaata    152880
     ctatttgtaa aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa aataaagtgt agtagcttag    152940
     tagctacagt agcctatact taaaataaga tgcaccttgt tgttgtctct cactactgtg    153000
     gctagagcat gcacgcgact gttttaaact ttttgacaga tgacacaatt tcgataaaaa    153060
     aaaaaattat gtttgtcatc ggctatgggc tacactattt aaaggcattc tacattacaa    153120
     cattgataga atttgttgtt gataatttta ggctatgtgt cctccttaat attaaattcc    153180
     tttaaaatct ttaatacata ggcctattgt cctttgttgc agtaaccagg ctttcagcta    153240
     aacctattga tttactgata tttctgtgcc agtttgacag tttaactaac tcaaaacact    153300
     ccctcacctg aacgcaaaaa aataaaagaa aataagtgct aaggtaaaat aaataatgac    153360
     ttgtattaaa aatgttaacg gagctttgtg ataaaaaatt atgcaaagca ttaattaaat    153420
     gcttattttc cataaatcaa tcaatttgag gtagcctgca attttttttt gattgaaaaa    153480
     aaaaaccagc ctatgctgtt ttttttttaa aggatttagt cagtatttta gttttgcaat    153540
     ctaaattcgt aatgtgtgtg aaaaatattt ggggcagacc tatttatttt attcttttta    153600
     tttagttcat tcttttcttt ctatgaaaac acagcatgtg tttaaagttt ttttctacag    153660
     aaatgctatt ggactacaca aatgttctgt tgttaattca ttaaaattca ttcgttaact    153720
     cgcacatgga ttcacctgga cattctttat acgtgacagt taatgtgttt tgtatgctgt    153780
     ttgcatacag tcaatcaata ttttaaaaga tgccctataa gaaaaatctg tgtatcttgg    153840
     catagtcgga tgatgaaaga tcatatatgg aaattgacat accatgagca tcagtaccac    153900
     agtatcatca ttcccatgta aatttcaata ttcgtgacat gtttcatata tggacagtta    153960
     tagaccttct ggatctaaga gtattttatg caagtaaaaa atgagcatat aaaaaaaagt    154020
     ttctggatgt tgagaattta ttgaagccat aaacctacta tgtagacatt ggagaacaat    154080
     tgaacttatt aaaccaatgc agtatatggt acggttggaa ggattaactg aaatgagcac    154140
     ccctagttga tatatacttg atttgattgc ccttaatgcg tttttggttg gttacaggag    154200
     atgtaacatt aataatagta atatttgaat ccaatccagg ggaatccaat tctgctcctg    154260
     gaggagaact gtactgaata atttagcact ccttaaccat ttattcaagg tcttactggg    154320
     catgctacaa atgtctagac aggtgtattg aggcaaaatg gagcttaatt ctccatgtca    154380
     gttgccctcc ataaaagagt ttggacatcc ctgatttaaa tcaatgagac tgggtcagag    154440
     acaaacctta gagtatacaa aaaaagtttc attagaataa gctaggaccc ttcatccctt    154500
     tcaaattcag cagctaatat gtaaaaatca atcatttatg cagtccaaaa aaaagcagtt    154560
     taattaacat tttcatccat gactgaaaca tctcatgcat cctgattcta cttcaccaca    154620
     acaaaaatga gatggcattt tttttttatg cttggccaac atcttttaat cagcatgtat    154680
     aaacatatcg caatacttac ctaatataca gagaacatca gctaaaatag aaggcatatc    154740
     atcccgcagt tcctgaaaga caaatattta ttttaaaagc acattccaca aactgctgac    154800
     taacgatcaa ttgtttattt atttatttat ttattttttt ggatttagtc acaaattata    154860
     taagtatttg ccccttactg atgttatatt tgtgcatgtt tgtcacactt tattgtttta    154920
     gatcaaactc acggcagaat taaatgtgca cctcaactct gctgtttcca ccaaaactgt    154980
     ttgtagggag attcataagg tcaatataca tatccaggct gccatagcca aacctttgat    155040
     gacccatgca atgccaaatg tcggattcaa tggtgccagc agcaaaaatc aagtgttgac    155100
     aatgagaaac atgtattgct ctctgatgag tccaccttca ctgtcccaca tccaagggag    155160
     ttacgatatg gagaaacctc aaaaaaagca gcgcaccaaa actgttgcat gttcagattg    155220
     aagcatgggg gtggatcagg gaggttttgg gctgcaatat catgacattc cctaggccca    155280
     atacttgcgc tagatggccg cataactgcc aaggactact gaaccattct ggatgaccat    155340
     gtgcacccaa tggttcaaac attatatcca gaaggcggta tatatttgta tgtgtgtgta    155400
     tatgtgtgca tattcggttg ctgaaaggtt gattaaatat tgttttacgt ataatcatgc    155460
     aattctcttg ttgaagtatc caaattttct cttaacaaat taaatacctg tgatgtcaac    155520
     agttagaatc ttaaatgggg ctagttttgg taaccttata acctctatat atagctccct    155580
     gttaagcata ggattttaaa atcataatgc taaattccaa tgctctgcat gagcttcttc    155640
     ttttatcaca tcccacctat accagaaatt tacaattgtt tcagtggtct tttagctgtt    155700
     cccaagactt atttttgatc cacagttgac agtgctttct gctccattgt gctccaaaac    155760
     ttctctccca gctgaaattc tctcccagct gacataagca atgaaagttc ttaagatatt    155820
     tttaattaca attttcacaa ccttctaagg tttgctttta tttatttagt tagttttcta    155880
     cagtattttc atttttattt taacttttgt atttacaatt tattttctgt gttattgcct    155940
     ttgaagatac atcaaaaata attatagtat tataatgact ttcatttttt ttttttcaac    156000
     ttcatcatgg ttattcaaga tatgaaaccc aaagtcagtg agtcggaaaa gtctgagaaa    156060
     atgtgaaaag gaacttgaat gccatgatat cagcactcac cataacatca gccaggagac    156120
     tagcagccac atccaccttc agactgccct ggatagcatg ccaacaaagc tcgtaaaagg    156180
     ctgtctgcag atctacaagg aaaatcacac acaaagcata ttaagtaaca ggtaacaact    156240
     taatgtcatt ttctacagaa aaaaagggaa aacttaaact atataaaaaa ctgttttgca    156300
     caagaaacaa taagaaaaaa attaatttac aaaaaagaac accacaagac cagtgtgaag    156360
     gagaaaaaaa aagttatgtc ctgtgatata catccttcta catgtcattt aaacctatta    156420
     gttgaaatga attgtaaagt tttagtttct ttgtttgttt ggtttcgtaa aattacattt    156480
     aatgcagaac gcaatcctta atcatcattt ttggcctttt gtcttagttt gcaacaaaat    156540
     ataaattcat caatgcatgt attttcatac atatttattg tttcttcagg tttgagcgag    156600
     ttaaatttaa gaatttaaga ccattttgac aaagtttaaa ctcataaagg actataggct    156660
     aaggaattaa tttttaaact ggaaaagatt aattacccta tcaaaaaata aatattacaa    156720
     tttattacat ttaataatac aattataatt taatatttaa aaaatatttt agatatttct    156780
     tagcaaaata ttttaaatac catataaaaa caaacaagct ctagttgtac acaaacttca    156840
     gtccaaaggc attttttaag ggcgtactcg cactacagtt gctatgaagc tgccgtttag    156900
     gctgaagtgg cacccttttt gttatcttgt tcccctatct gtaaaaccta aaatgtctta    156960
     tttctacttt ctgtttttga aaataaagaa aatgttgtcc aaaagacaaa cttttgattt    157020
     tataaataaa tattcattta aaaacgttta caataatgta ggctattatt ttactatcag    157080
     agatgtgcag attagctcac tgaatctgaa ctatctttgc acacttcccc gggcacgata    157140
     gtctgatgtg tcagcttctg atcatttacc tcattccagg atgggacata aatgggaccc    157200
     atttacgtat ttttatttat tattaagtct tggctaacca ctggagatca aagctctttc    157260
     tctgaactgt tacacccgaa ctgcttgttt taaatctttt cgtaaatcag gttatggtgg    157320
     atgcttgatc tctttgctcg aagacacttt ttcttgccat gaaattacaa caaatgacta    157380
     tcagtgtttt gagttgcagt tgtttacttt ggagttgaac attacactct tggttgcctt    157440
     gatataccgc cctccaaagc ataacacaaa ctttctaaag cgagtttgca gactttcagg    157500
     gggatgtctc attgaaatat gacaaactct tgattcttgg ggattttaat gtccatgtat    157560
     gttgtacagg tgatacatta gcaaaagaat ctattactct gctcaatgca gctgggacat    157620
     acacttgatt ttgtgctatc atatcggttt gcactaaagg atcttgaggt tcttgacaat    157680
     ggaatctctg atcataaagc tgttgttttc tgttccatct gcttttaatg tgcctaaaat    157740
     tacaaagcct ttgcgtaaat ctcgctttat cacttccacc actaccgaat acttttcttt    157800
     agctttttgt gatgctttta aatcagtgga tgtcagtcaa tgtgacttga gagcagctga    157860
     gctcctgtcc aagtttaatt ccacgtgtgg atgttttaga ttcagttgct ccttagactt    157920
     cttaaaccca aaccaaaatc agtgccctgg attgaagaca atatatgctt cttaagtcag    157980
     atttgcagga gagcggattg tcagtgtaag aaggctccaa atttcctttg aaatactaaa    158040
     agattcactg tttaaatttc aaaaggaaat gagattagca aaatcaaggt attttgtggc    158100
     aattattgac acaaattacc atagaccaaa aactcttttt actattttta ataatgttgt    158160
     aaatctgact gtttgtgtgc tcccagattg gtaaaaacaa ggtgtgatta gtttctcaga    158220
     tttttgatct gcacaaaaac tttgcgtacg gcaggtttca cgctcccgtt tggatttact    158280
     aacgatgaaa tgaacgtggg aatgtgcgca ggtccacacc aatttcatgc ctagcgtacg    158340
     cacatttttt tgtgtgtctg tgttttattt tcattggcga ttcctagagg cagttgtgtt    158400
     aaattgcact ctacaaagtg tctttgagcc ttgcaatggc agctgtatga gacgggttca    158460
     tctgcatgtc tagcaggtat gccataccat ggaaaccacg ctggattcga agtgagttta    158520
     tgcttgaacg cgtctaaaca tgatgccatg cgttttacga gctacgccac tgacacagtt    158580
     aaacactcta caaaatttta cacctataca tcgcactact tcttttttaa tccactcagt    158640
     gtgatgttca gacccaactg tgttaaccgc atgagcaaaa ctctcccact ctattttttt    158700
     cttttgttat taattccgga ggacaaactt gcaaataaca cagtttttct ccactctacc    158760
     tccaaaagca gcatctccaa ttcaaattct gttcaaagtt tctctttttg cttctttttg    158820
     ccattgcttt ttcgttgggt tttgccaaag tacagtaatt agcatattca tacgggggag    158880
     gtggccggat ggggttttgc gctcgtgcac gtgcactcag tttcacgttc attcggatgt    158940
     acaaagagaa tatgcacgtt attcggcgta tgcagtgttt catacatctg aattttttac    159000
     tgcgtatgca tattttcagc tttgtgcgta cgcaatgttt tagtaagatt tcaacgcaag    159060
     tcttcgtaca tgagccccct gaggttttaa aacttgccac tgtaaatcct ctgctgaagc    159120
     aacctaactt ggatctatcc gttttagcca attatagacc caatttaaat ctgtctttaa    159180
     tcacaaagat cttagaaaag tagtattgca gcagctgcaa agatttttag atgatcacaa    159240
     tttttgaggt ctttcaattg tctttcagtc aggtttcaaa aagtatcatt caaccgagac    159300
     cgcacttgtt aaggttttaa atgatgttat gcttactggt gatgctgtgg aatgtgctgt    159360
     acttgcgctg ttagatctga gtgctgcatt tctccttata tatgcttcct ctgggctctg    159420
     tcttttgaaa acatggtctg tcttttcact gttatgctga tgaaatccaa atctacctgc    159480
     ctttaaaacc aagttcaaga gggctagaga cccttatgct atgcttgtcg gatgaacttt    159540
     ctagatttta atgagtaaga gtgaaattat tttgttcggc ccgtcaaact cttccagagc    159600
     cccaatagct catctagata aactaaatgt ttctaaaaaa tatgggtgtt attctgaatg    159660
     atggcttgag ctttgacaaa cagatgaatg cagtggtcaa atcctgcttc tttcagcttc    159720
     gatttttaaa aacagtcaaa tatattttat ccagaaaaag ttttgaaaaa ataatccatg    159780
     gttttattac cactagattg gactattgta acttattata ctttggggtt agtcagaata    159840
     cctttgcccg gttacaatta gttaaaattg ctgctgcatg gtttttaaca ggtaccaaaa    159900
     aacatgacca cattacacca gttttacact ctagtcactc ttaaaatgct tctcttggtt    159960
     tttaaatctt taaatgacct ggcactttct tatctgtcag acatgttaat tgagcatcag    160020
     cctggtatgc tctttggtca tctaaccaga gactgttatg catccctaag tcaaggctga    160080
     aatgcagagg taacagtgct ttcgaaggag ctggtcccaa gttttggaat gctctgcacc    160140
     tctgtatcag atatgtttca tccctgtctg tttttaaatc taggttgaaa acttacctct    160200
     ttgatttggc attttatcag tgaaaactgt ctattttagc tatatttata tatatatata    160260
     tatatatagg gttttttaaa ttctccgttt tgatttgtac tgtgcatgag agcatgtact    160320
     tttcagaggc aaggcggacc tgccagtttt aagcaagctg tgagacacgg acccacgtca    160380
     tgcagtagcc gttcatgaaa gctcgtatgt gtttgtttcc atgatccacg gggtttgttg    160440
     catgtttttt ccctgcaatc ttgtcagggc cgatcataca gcaaagctgt gtgtgtgctg    160500
     caagcatttt tgtcgggaga gcagtatgag aattgaagaa tggcggacgt tgacttttat    160560
     caggagttaa ttcacattta gacacatcgc tgtgctgctg tgtttgccta aatcctccag    160620
     attaccaaca gggctaatgg ttaaaatagg caggtcagga gacctgctgc actgagtctg    160680
     cattcagatc tataatttag acccagggat caagggagaa tcctcatttc tagtgtttat    160740
     atgaacacac ttatctttat aatgatataa attgtggtta tgtgtatttg aaattacgaa    160800
     taacaaatgt agcagggcat taaattactg tttatttctt tgcattttaa ctttgtgaac    160860
     tataaactca tgcgtctcct cgcggtttgg gtctcatttt gtgagctgtc aacaacagtc    160920
     gttcactccc cttctcccct gctggccacg cccactccag ccctatgcat gcggagctcc    160980
     acgcccatta atcatgcatc ttttgaaaga attctaaagt agactttaac cgaaagtggg    161040
     gggtgtcatg gccctttaaa tagtgctata taaataaaaa attaacattg acattgagtg    161100
     tgtcgtttac tgataaaatt taaaaaaaaa aaagttttta gcagttacaa aaatacattt    161160
     ctgaacgcca actcgatgct gcttgcaact atcctgttat aatgttatga tcaaacctct    161220
     gaaatctgag cataacgtct actacatttt ttaacatttc tgttacaaat taggtaacat    161280
     ttttatgtcc tggaagtggc aaatatcttt ggttgtacat ttaatttgat taaaccattt    161340
     aagaattaaa atatttcaac tgctaaaatg ttaaaggaat atgttttttt tttttttttt    161400
     aactgttcat acaaacgctt aatgcacttt ttttaaaatc actatagttt tttataacaa    161460
     tgcaattaat cccagcacat acatacatac atacatacgt acgtgcatgc aaacatacat    161520
     acatagatgc atagacagac ctattcatct tacagacaga cagacagaaa tcatagttaa    161580
     aaaaggccca acgtaatcag aacttacctt taaccaactc atgaccactt gatttccctg    161640
     caaggtcttg aaaaaactgt aaactagaca gaaaaagcat gcaaattaat gatttaaaac    161700
     tgcttaatgt caactgtatg gttaacacaa tatattgttt tttatattta ttttattcaa    161760
     ttactatagc aatttcttac ttgaacttac ttaagtatac ttctttacca ggcaaaatta    161820
     gaactgctga tttcttttat atctttgttt tcttgcattt ctcaaattgt cgctattttt    161880
     aatggcaaca aatttaaaca acaacaacaa aaaaaaaaaa ctatgaggcg ccacatacat    161940
     tgcatccgta aagtattcat agcgcttcac ttttgccacc ttttttatgt tacagtatta    162000
     atccaaaaag gattaaattt atttcttcca aaattcaaca cagaataccc aaaattgaca    162060
     atgtgaaaaa aaaattgtaa aaattgtaaa aaaattttaa ttgttgcaaa tttatataaa    162120
     aaaaaaaaca aatgaaaaaa caaaaaaaat cacatgtaca taagtattca gagcctttgc    162180
     cgtgaagctc taaattgagc tcaggtacat tctgtttcaa ctgattatta tgaagacgtt    162240
     tcagcagctt aattggagtt caaatgtggt aaactcagtt gattggacat gatttaaaaa    162300
     ggctgcattg tgcatgtcaa agcacaaaca ggcatacagg catgaagaca aaggaattgt    162360
     ctgtagacct cagacaggat tgtctcaacg cacaaggctg gggaaggtta cagaaaaatt    162420
     tctgttgctc tgaaagttcc aatgagcaca gtggcctcca tcattcttaa gtggaagatg    162480
     tttggaacca ccaggactct tcctagagct ggccggccat ccaagttgag tgatcaggga    162540
     gaagggcgtt agtcaggaag gtgatcaata acccgatggt cactctgtct gagctccagc    162600
     atttttctgt gaagagagac ccttacggaa ggacaacgat ctgtgcagta atccaccagg    162660
     cctgtatggt aaaagtggcc agacggaagc cactccctgc ctggaatttg ccaaaaggca    162720
     tctaaaggac tcccagacca taagaaacaa aattttctgg gctgaggaga ctaaaattga    162780
     actctgagtg aacgccaggc gttacatttg gagaaaacca ggcaactctc atcgccagga    162840
     taataccatc tcacagtgaa gcatggtggt gggcagcatc gtgctgtggg gatgtttttc    162900
     agcagcaaaa actggaagac tagtcaggat agagggaaag ttgaatgcag caatgtacag    162960
     agacatactt aatgaaaacc tgcttcagag tgcctgcttc agactggggc gacggttcat    163020
     cttccaggag gacaatgacc caaaatatca atggagtggc ttcacaacaa ctcagtgaat    163080
     gtgaatggca ctatgaatat tttctggatg caatgtagaa tttaaaacgc atacacttat    163140
     caatgcatac ataaaacatg tgcacgtaca catatactat taaatgtaag gttaagtttt    163200
     ggtagaatgt tattaattct gggccatgtt cacactggta ttcaggtttg ttttgaatga    163260
     tctaatccag gggtgtcaaa ctcaatccct ggagggccaa agccctgcag agtttagttc    163320
     caaccctgct ccaacacacc tgtaggtttc aaacaagcct gaaggactca attagtttga    163380
     tcaggtgtgt ttaattaggt ttagaactaa actgtgcaga gctgcggccc ttttggaaca    163440
     gagtttgaca tctgtgatct aatcaaaaac gggccaagga gacacataac taatgcagtt    163500
     tataagaaac aaacagttgt caattcaggt gttaaggctg attttatact tctatgtcag    163560
     atgtttgctc cggtgcagcc tacgcgtggt cgcatagctc tcaccgacac tgatacgcaa    163620
     tgaacacgcc acaatgaaga aatgaaccat gggttacgcc tgtcactcga agcagaagta    163680
     taaaccaggc tttatggtag cccaagttgc tttgatatag ccttcagctc atctacattt    163740
     cagggtctgt gttagggctg ctccattatg ggataaatca taatcacgat tattttggtc    163800
     ataattgtaa tcacgattat tcaaaaagat tatcaattga agtcaaaatt atttgccctc    163860
     ctgtgaatct ttttatataa ttccaaaatg atgtttaaca gttttatttt ggctagaatt    163920
     aaaagcaggt tcaaatattt taaaacctat tttaataact caatattatt agctcattta    163980
     agcaaaatat atatatatat atttgattgt ctgcagaaga aactactgtt atacaatgac    164040
     ttgcctaatt acactaatta agcctttgaa tgtcacttta tgatgaatac ttgtatctag    164100
     aaaaatatat tgtaaaatat aatgcactgt catcatacca aacataaaag aaatcagtta    164160
     ttagaattga gttattaaat ctgttatgtt taaactgagc tttaagcatc ttcactataa    164220
     gaaaaaaaac tttagctaca aaagtcctac aatcaagagc agtgagggat tttctccttt    164280
     tgttgtttga ttcataataa aaacagaggg cggcaggaat actgcgcgtt gtcactttaa    164340
     gaatagtgcg gctctgatat agattctttt tcacatgtct tttgattctc tcatttctta    164400
     gttacacaaa tgacggttaa tatgaataat cactaaacat cgcgctctga cacaaatgtg    164460
     caagtatttg accattaaac cactcacatt aagattggca ctagatgtgt gtgctttgct    164520
     cgtctccgag cctgtctgag gctaaagcct ggtttatact tctgcgtcaa gtgaccggcg    164580
     taaccatcgg cgcatgcaac gcccttagct gtgcatttat acttctgctc gctgtctctg    164640
     ttggtctgca ttacactacc gaaacactag ttggcagtga agtgttaatg ttcctctgtg    164700
     ttgagtttct tcgctgctgt tttgcttttc ctgaacactt cctggatgta caagtggctc    164760
     aaactcgctc tttttgaggc aggaaccggc ggacgagcaa caactttaac tatgaggtaa    164820
     acacaaaaca aaactttcca tccggagctc cttcacggga ctccacattt gtaaacaatc    164880
     gctcagttgg gctcatgccc agctcgcgtc actcgcgctg ctctcagtcc cgcccagact    164940
     cgtcagcgct accaagccga ccaatcacag agcttgcgct acgcgtcgtt tcgacgtgta    165000
     gttacatttt ttgagaggtg cacgtcagtg acgccgacgg ccaggacgaa gggctatgcg    165060
     tcaacgctgt agcatacgcg tgcatttgac gcagaagtat aaatcagtct taggcgcggc    165120
     gcacacacac cagcatgtgc tctttcgcgc tttaaaaaat atgaatgatt cgaatgtaca    165180
     tcaatgaata atgagcatcc agtgctgcaa acgttacatt acagtacatg cttttagtca    165240
     ttttcatgtg gaactgagct ttgcaatgca acatatgtgt acaactggaa agggggcagt    165300
     atataatgga ataatagttt atcatgatta atggtttttc ataatcgtta gaagccaaaa    165360
     tcgaaatcga aaccgaattt tcgattaatt gcacagccct agtttgtgtt tcctcatctt    165420
     tttattgaca aaagcccata gactttcaat ggggtttaat tcaggcaaat acagttattt    165480
     catgcctgtt aaaccagtta caggtagttc tggctttgtg ggcaggtgcc aaatcctagt    165540
     ggaaaataaa atcatcatct ccaaaaagct tgttggcagc aggaagtgtt ctaaaatatc    165600
     ctggtagaca gcggtgttga ctgtggactt gataaaatac aatggtccca cactagctcc    165660
     tcaagccatc actgactatg aaaacttccc actggacttt aagcagcttg acttttgtgc    165720
     ctctctggtc ttcttccaga ctgtgggacc ttgatttcca aatgaaatac aaaatttgct    165780
     ttcatttgat gagagaattt gggaccacta ggcagcagac caggggtccg ttcttcatac    165840
     ttcgcttaaa tgatttaaga ttatttggca gataactgat ctctagcaaa tttggttctt    165900
     caaacaagtt tgcgaatcag attaaaatgt ctggatgaac tcatctgaaa tcattgggtg    165960
     tgttgtgaag gacagatcta ttgattctta aaatcatgat gagcaatgca aggactggct    166020
     gatggcacag cagtgtaaag aaaacatctg gttaatattg aatatgccaa gtgtatacaa    166080
     ctactactgc aaaaaaatat cagaatttga tacatactat cagtatttcc tttgcttgaa    166140
     aataaccaat ctaatcccgt ttatatgaaa tcagctgctg ctcccaagca ggtctgagct    166200
     actagaactg ttgctatgac aacatcactc agatgagttt tgaagaacga aacgatcctg    166260
     gattacgtca aatcatcaat aaccaaatcc agctaattga gtaatccaca tgtgaagaat    166320
     ggaacccagt actttttctc cttagcccag catgcagaca tttgttgttc aggagtagct    166380
     tgacacatag aattc                                                     166395