EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL627094; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 49116 BP.
AC   AL627094;
DT   13-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone RP71-PACKTRZ in linkage group 13 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate peroxisomal membrane
DE   protein 2, 22kDa (PXMP2), three genes for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate D-amino-acid oxidase (DAO), the gene for a novel protein similar
DE   to rat SV2 related protein, the gene for a novel protein similar to mouse
DE   ubiquitin specific protease 30 (Usp30) and three CpG islands.
KW   atoh7; atonal homolog; HTG; PKD2L1; polycystic kidney disease.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-49116
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 49b05abc6e4cf34f16b8700242ce4e70.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000039483; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000069552; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000101328; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000128562; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP71-PACKTRZ. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone RP71-PACKTRZ is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone RP71-PACKTRZ is at 49116 in this sequence.
CC   RP71-PACKTRZ is from a Zebrafish mixed sex BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..49116
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-71"
FT                   /clone="RP71-PACKTRZ"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..37850
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: RP71-PACKTRZ"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<4735..4860,6462..6583,6997..7095,
FT                   7179..7299,9163..9344,9439..9609,9730..9958,10743..10967,
FT                   13203..13456,15449..15576,16209..16322,17584..17794))
FT                   /locus_tag="PACKTRZ.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human polycystic kidney
FT                   disease 2-like 1 (PKD2L1)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC025665 Em:U50928 Em:U56813"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<4735..4860,6462..6583,6997..7095,
FT                   7179..7299,9163..9344,9439..9609,9730..9958,10743..10967,
FT                   13203..13456,15449..15576,16209..16322,17584..17794))
FT                   /locus_tag="PACKTRZ.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001577"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human polycystic kidney
FT                   disease 2-like 1 (PKD2L1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9P0L9 Sw:Q9P0L9 Sw:Q9P0L9
FT                   Sw:Q9P0L9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW53"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003915"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013122"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW53"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-558"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD52124.1"
FT   misc_feature    10483..10558
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(22378..23401)
FT                   /gene="atoh7"
FT                   /locus_tag="atoh7-001"
FT                   /product="atonal homolog 7"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB049457"
FT   CDS             complement(22940..23344)
FT                   /gene="atoh7"
FT                   /locus_tag="atoh7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001580"
FT                   /product="atonal homolog 7"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9DGA9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW52"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011598"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q8AW52"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-000926-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD52125.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<28712..28802,29039..29080))
FT                   /locus_tag="PACKTRZ.3-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI868029 Em:BM572815"
FT   misc_feature    29515..29620
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(35105..35824,36207..36289,36849..>36891))
FT                   /locus_tag="PACKTRZ.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT   CDS             complement(join(35704..35824,36207..36289,36849..>36891))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="PACKTRZ.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001578"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9H9V4 Sw:Q9Y225"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW51"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW51"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-560"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD52126.2"
SQ   Sequence 49116 BP; 16434 A; 8388 C; 8216 G; 16078 T; 0 other;
     gatcccaagc aggaaacgct ttattgtaaa gatgcaaatt tagagtaaag aagccaacaa        60
     gatgtgcgcc ttcactggaa atctcaattc attcacaaga ttcgatcctg ctttagttga       120
     attggagatg aaatgtgtct cttcccccac cctttttgtt ttttactgca tatctcaaag       180
     aaaactgctg atttttccca ttgaatccca acttcaggaa ctccacaggt acattacatg       240
     aaaatcccac aacgtaaaca gttttctcac tatgtatttt cttttttttc cactcttcct       300
     taataactga tcatgcattt gcttgttcat tacagtacgg actttgaatt ttgtacaaaa       360
     acaaaacaaa ctgcgacaaa aaaatgccat taattcttca ttctgacttg gcaaaggcac       420
     tttttggggg ttcactggac ccgtgtcttg taaatgttga cgtgtaaatg aatttctatg       480
     tgcagtggtg tatatttaat ccacattagc tccccgttct cctcggattc tagagctctt       540
     tgatactgtg tgtataatgt atctttttac tcccaattta cagacagtga aatctcccgt       600
     tcactacgga ggaagggtca cgacggccaa acctgtaaat atcttttgat atctcggcct       660
     ggaaaaaggg tttcagaagc atgcgctcta cttgacaaga cctttttttt tttttgtaga       720
     actaaagcag cgtatgttag acaaacgtta catgtgtgac tgatatttac aagccttaat       780
     ttttgctcgg ttacacacag attttcagct gaacacttcg agaccctcat agagagctgt       840
     acgatttatt ttagatccta ctgtacattt gtccctttgc tgtttttaaa aatatgcgtg       900
     ccattttttt ttttttcgag tagccagaga aaaggtttgg atttttggtt tggatttttg       960
     ttttcttccc tttgggaatg ttgagaaatt gcatgtttca aaccataata ttgaggttgc      1020
     tcaaagcatt gaatgtaaaa ggcagaaatg tttgaataca acttagcatt ttgagttttc      1080
     tttttaggtc taaatgagtc aataaatgaa ccattggaca agaactgttc tcttctcgtt      1140
     ttgtttcagc atattaaaat aatgaatccg tttcttttgc aattatttat tgcctattat      1200
     caagaatgaa tagagagaat attcataaat ataaatgtct ttgtatacat gcaagtgata      1260
     ttgtttcaag attaatataa actatagcca tttggttata tgctgatatg cttcacacac      1320
     tataatatac aagttcatat caaagatgaa ataagtttag aaaaatgtat acaacaactt      1380
     tccaaaggct aataatacac aatgactctt cagaacatgt taaatgtagc agtctaatat      1440
     cagctttcag ttaagtttcc atattatgtg attagaaaga aaattcccag caaacaattt      1500
     tgtgtttagt agacgtctaa tagacatcta aatgttgaca gcttggctta aacaaaccta      1560
     aacttgggct gtcagtgaaa atctaataga catctgagaa tagcccaaaa ctagactggt      1620
     cgtcaaatag acagacttta tatgtgtagt cattcatttc tgtttatttg atgactagtc      1680
     aggttttggc ctattcttag acatctgtta gatttttact gacagacagc ccaaatttag      1740
     ccttgtttta gccaggatgt ttaaacatct ttcaaaacaa aaaatgctta ggttgagatt      1800
     tattagaact aatagtgaaa attcttcaat gtgaaagaag atttccagcc tgatacagtt      1860
     gaaattccca gaaatgaggg aattaatttt acgcaccaca atacatcaat acaccgagct      1920
     gaaacgttac tcaagcggaa tataatcaga ctgtcaatca tagcttgtaa ttgcaggtta      1980
     aaccgtcagt atagagaaca ggtataagag cactacttca tctattgtac agcaatacct      2040
     tcctctttag accaggctta ttattagtca gtttctgcat ttgaggattc agtgacgtgc      2100
     tgaagtgttg ttttcagtga cgactggcca tcctacatct ggatacagac gattccttgc      2160
     gctccccatt ggaccagtta atgaccagga tgggccctga gccaagactc tttccagatt      2220
     tacatgaatg ttccctcctg aagccggtct tgattcctgt aataatgcaa ttatagcaca      2280
     taatttatat atttcatatt tgttatttaa aaaaaataat cattatatat ctgactcaca      2340
     tcatctctat tcgtctgctt atccatgtct ctgctttctg tgttgaatgt ctgaagtctc      2400
     attttctcca tgacaaaatc cagtttagac attatagcgg atacagaatt ttcaagctgt      2460
     gaaactttgt gaaccagcct gtaatggaaa agtaaaaatg actgttagac attaagtcaa      2520
     gaaatgcacc accaccctgt ttttttgttt tttttaaaga tatatttaaa gtcccataaa      2580
     catcagcatt attgttaagt aacacaaaaa aatatctaga ataaaaatgt taaaaacatt      2640
     acatagactt atactaatgt aaaaagtaca ttagaaataa taaatactag catacaaata      2700
     cttttaaaag acaactgaac atgccagata cgacatgtga aaatataact tgtgtaaatc      2760
     taattttatt ctgtttatta aacttttaaa gaaacaaaaa aatgtaaaca aattatattc      2820
     ccaaccttcc cccataaaca aaaataaaca acaattacac gcaaaaaaaa caaataacaa      2880
     atttaaatat aaaaatatat ttaaatactt caaatacaaa aactaattta aaaataaaaa      2940
     tatttataga aaaaatacat acatttgaag tcagaataat ttccccctct gaattattag      3000
     cccccctgtt tattttttcc ccaatttttg ctttatggag agattttttc aacatatttc      3060
     tgaacataat agttttaata actaattatt taattatatt atctttgccg tgataagagt      3120
     aaataatatt tgactagaca tttgtaagac acttctatac agcttaaagt gacatttaaa      3180
     aaggcttaat taggttgact aggcaggtag actatcggaa aaaaaagata tatatatata      3240
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatttttttt ttttaaaggg tctaataatt      3300
     ttgaccttaa aatggctttt aaaaaattga aaacaaataa gattttgaag aaaaaatatt      3360
     atcagacatc ctgtgaaaat ttccttgctc tgttaaacat catttggaaa atatttttaa      3420
     aaataagcca tgtacagagt acacatgtac atcaacaaac taaaattata gacctcctaa      3480
     tcctcaggta aaaaatactt aattaagtga agttatacaa agttatttcg agaggagcat      3540
     gtgatatgat tgatcgcggc tggtctgtca tctgtattca gcaataattc aatcagattg      3600
     attcaagctt acaataaata gaccaatttc gtcctactgt cttaagctgc ggtcacactg      3660
     cacttttctc cccatagtct ttcattcata cgcacacgaa tgcagcagac tggaaacaca      3720
     agcttgtgca acaagtttca cagttggctg cgttagaaag ttcaaacttg gtgatctctg      3780
     acctgcgaaa tcacatcaca tgatagcatg agaacaatcg aagatcaaaa catgacctct      3840
     ctggacagga atttaaaaca tggaccaaac gcttgctttt ttaaatgtct aatcatcttg      3900
     tttaatcccg ccgctttttg cagcaccata caacagaatt tcaacagatt ttggagggat      3960
     ccccccttcc accccatctc ctcctttttt ctacttttaa cagggggagc tctcgagacc      4020
     taccggatcc cagagtcctt gtatgcttat ttactaggca ggagctctgg gttctctccc      4080
     tggaccgcat gccaaacctg ctaatagcat caagcaataa gtgtggactc ttaaagttca      4140
     ttctacaatt aaaaaactct aaggcttaga ttgacagtct gtagaataac tcacatgctt      4200
     aacaacccta atttttatac agtaattaac ttggctagag ctaaaagtga ctaaaggttg      4260
     aatttaaaaa ggatcattta aaaaaatata tttgttgacc tttttcttta aatttcccac      4320
     caaaaaaagc atgttagtag tttaaacata caatggataa aaaatgatca aaatctttca      4380
     attttcaggc ctctaaaatc tattgaacag aaaaaacaaa aaagtattct ggttttagtt      4440
     aaaaacatac caagattaaa actaaaaata tgaaaataga ctaaaaataa ttctgaatac      4500
     tataataata cagaaataaa caatagcaga ataacactga acatgttgag gaattacact      4560
     ctgaacacaa acctctgata gtcctctgga ggaacagtgt ttctgtgttc ctctgctggt      4620
     tccacactgt tctcgaggtc acgcagctct gcactgagag catcctgagc gtaaaaatgc      4680
     acaataaaaa tctaaatcag tgtcatccat caacactaac tagctaaatt aaacaaacat      4740
     acccttttct cctccagctc ctgcttcatg ttctcctgct cctgcttgtc taaagtctgg      4800
     tttccatcct ggtcgaattt ggagaaagcg gctgagatct ctcggtcact gtgacccatc      4860
     ctgacacgca ggacacacaa ccagaaaaca ggacttctgc attatacttg aatgttttaa      4920
     tttgacctga ataataacta gaacatcaat tactacctgt ttttatgtcc ataaacaata      4980
     ctgtaatgtg tttagagttt agggagaaat agtcaataat gcacatcaat tatctagatg      5040
     tatattaaat tttattgttt acaatatttc ccacttattg aaatgttcct ggtgtcaact      5100
     taactcaaaa aatgaataaa actacttcaa gagttcacac ttagctaata attagcatgt      5160
     ttgggatgct gtcccgggag agagctctga gctcataaga tccttgagcc ctgggctctc      5220
     tcccattagc agggcaagag gggagtttga gctcaggtag atcttgatga actccaccaa      5280
     cttatttctg gctattggca gatataagat ggcttaggag ataaacgact tgctaagagc      5340
     ttgactatga tgccaatttg gtatgttcaa ttacttaggc tgcatgtttt ttggactgtg      5400
     agaggaaacc ggagaacgca gtgaaaaccc acgcgagcaa gaggagaacg acaaaaatgt      5460
     tgactggttt agtaggaact ttaaccaaaa acattcttgc cgtgaggcaa caatgctaaa      5520
     gcactgcgcc accgtgtcgc ccatctagaa aagatgggga gtaggggtgg gtgggcaatg      5580
     gtcacactgc gcttttcatc ccagagactt ccattcatat gcaagcaaag gcaaaaaaat      5640
     ggaaatgcaa gctcgtgcga caagttttgc agttggctgc gttggaaagt tcaagcttgg      5700
     taaactctga cctgcgaaat cgcatcacat gactgcataa gaccaatcga agagcaaaac      5760
     atgacctctc tggacagaaa tgtaaaatat gaaccaaccg ctcattttta aatgtctaat      5820
     catcttgttt attcctgctc cttttcacag cactgtacaa cagaattttg catactcaaa      5880
     gtctatagcg tgactgcagg ctttctagaa acatctgtgc aggtgtgttg aggcaagttg      5940
     gagctaaaat tagcaagaca caagacctcc aggaccaagt ttggacattc ctgctgtaca      6000
     taaatagttt gtgaacttgt tttttatttg taaatgtatt gcttttattt tcacattgag      6060
     aagataaagg ttcttttaaa tattcaaata tatatgaaat ttactttaaa atttaatata      6120
     cttcttatat ctatttattt aaatagccta cttttttccc gtgtgacaac aaaattctta      6180
     cattaattgt tctttttaca aatataaagg cattgaacat aaaacaacta agttaactta      6240
     attgatttgt gctgggaaaa catgaaggaa tcatgtggaa tccagcattt ttatcgtggt      6300
     gtgtgtatat ttatgtaaat tccttttgtg tttgcacata atcagcaaaa aaaagctcat      6360
     tcggcttctg attctgtaat gacactactt tacaattgta taagctgatt tacagttgtc      6420
     attgtattat tagtactgtg tctgtttcat ctgaaactta ctctttcaac gcgttcctga      6480
     aatctttaaa ctccagctca cttgcgcctg aatccagagc tttctgaaca tcagagatct      6540
     tttccttttt aagcttcagc ttcatgaaag tcttagcata actctgaaat tgaagcagtt      6600
     gtccacatga atttaaagaa acagaacata aaattggctt atacggttac atagttttct      6660
     atgtatacac tgcataaaga tgcttttctt acttagattt ttggcttgtt tctacaaata      6720
     tctttaaaac atcttaaata aagcattttc taaacaagca aacatattgt cttgttttaa      6780
     gaaagcaaaa taaacaaaag tgtaaattta attcatgtgt agttcagtat caaatgataa      6840
     ttgcattcct caattttcag ggacaaaatg atggcagttt tgatgaccta aacaaggcaa      6900
     agacaccatc aaaatggaca aaaatgtatt gtcaataaca catggcctga gtatacctat      6960
     attaatatcc ttgagcagat gcattgtatt actaacctgc ttgatgcgat ctgcaatctg      7020
     gaactcgtct ttctgagatg cgagctctga cttcacttca gagtatgtgt cattgatgat      7080
     ggccagaaac atgttctgtt caatccaggt catcacgtta gattataaag agacacttaa      7140
     acaaacattt ataaatgata tgggtctgaa aaacttacca gtaacacaaa gaagacaaag      7200
     aatacatagg agaagaagta aatgggtcca agcactcggt ttgctctgtc aatggcatca      7260
     taatcgaaat ctccaaggat gattcgaaac tgtgtgaaac tgcagagaag tggaatattt      7320
     ttaaaaaatt acattttata tacataaata tttatgagta ggagtagata taaatatata      7380
     tataactttt tatttttaca acatatttaa taaaagagtt ttaaatagtt atattatagt      7440
     tattgtaagt aattatatca agttttctct tgaaataatg tttatatcct atgtgtgtgt      7500
     atttagtgac attttgtctt gaaaatgata aggacttcct ctagatttac ttttgacttc      7560
     ctctgcatct tgaatcttac atttagcttt aattatcatg aaaaatctta ttttagtctt      7620
     atttaatttt ttgtgtgttt actacaaaaa aatgtgcatg aaatatctat tttctgtatt      7680
     atttgtaatt ccagtaataa taaaatgcac tttctgtctg tcctcatgcg ctcatcaact      7740
     ctgttacaat gattataaaa aggcatagct atttgtaaaa cactgaataa gcatgtgact      7800
     ttcttcaatt gatatccgtt gctctggtgg aaaaattgtg aagaaattga ggcctgtcat      7860
     tattcttctc tcattaattt gtaaaaaatg attatggtac aatagtagac tcattatttg      7920
     tcaacgttat ttcagtgaat tccttatgca ccatttgtaa aattttatat tctaaaaaat      7980
     tcatatattt atattataga caggctatgt ggtgtataat ttaaagttat ttttctagtt      8040
     cttaaaactt aatttttata gttacccaac ttaatttttc tagattttat aacttaattt      8100
     ttctagttac ccaacttttt tctagttcat ataacttact tttttatggt caccaactta      8160
     atttttctag tttttataac ttaatttttc tagttatgat agcttgacat tttagttacc      8220
     ccacttattt tttctagctc ttatttattt ttattgttac gcaactaaat atttctagtt      8280
     acctgactta atttttcgag ttcttgtaac ttaatttttc tagttaacca acttaatttt      8340
     actagttctt ataacttaat tgtttatagt tcttataaca taatttttct acttacccac      8400
     tttatttttt tagttcttat aacctaattt ttcttgttac caagaaagtt tttctagttt      8460
     ttaaaactta ttttttctag ttgtcccatc ttgaggtaac tctcaaaatg gtggaaaatc      8520
     tcaactctgt tagtggttaa aaatgtttaa caaggtaaac aattagtaac agaatcaaat      8580
     gtttcctttc ttatttaagc atttagcttt tttttttaca tcaatggttg attcagttta      8640
     ctgtaaattc tatttattca ttcattcatt ttcttttcgg cttagtccct ttttaatcct      8700
     ggattaacac aggaatgaac caccaactta tccagcacat gttttacgca gcggatgccc      8760
     ttccagctgc aacccatctc tggggaacat ccatacacac tcattcacac tcatatactg      8820
     cacaaaattt agccaaccca attcacttga aatgcatata tttggactgt gggggaaacc      8880
     agagcacccg gacaaaaccc acacgaaagc ggggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaagc      8940
     taaattctat ttatatgtct aaaaaacatt ttaccataat aaggatgtcc tgagccgatc      9000
     tcaaaaattg ttataaggca gatcatctat tgactacacg gtacattaaa gtgcaccaag      9060
     caatagaaga aaacaattat tggattgtcc ctcagtatac taaatgttaa atgacttgga      9120
     ctagatcttg atccaacacg acacaaataa aaacatcctt acatgcattt gttaaacgtg      9180
     ctgaaagttt ccacctctgt cccaaagagc aggtacccaa gctgagcata cgcaaaaaac      9240
     acaatgaaga acatgatggc aaatccaaaa atgtccagag cacagcgagc cagtgtggac      9300
     gtcagctgag tcatcgtctt attgaagctg atgtacttga agatctgcaa agatcgatga      9360
     cattgctgaa tcagaatggg tcacttcaat gaaagactga atatccacaa attctagaat      9420
     gtgatttgaa aacattacct taatccaagc aaaaaacaaa ttgactgcat tcatgttgtt      9480
     gtactgggtt tgccaaaatg ccaaaaattc aaaatcagca tagatgtctg gttgtttcag      9540
     aaggtttccg agtaatccat ccactttgat ggtccgaaat gcactgaaaa caattgccac      9600
     cacagcaagc tgtacaaaag agcccacagt tactgttaaa atagccaggt caaagtatag      9660
     agatcgtttc tatgaatttg actagaaaat ggcttgatgc aacttaatat ttgatgtttt      9720
     tttttttacc agtatcacca ctatgtccag gatattccag atactggtga aatgggaaag      9780
     tttgtggata cgaaattcca gaatctcctc cacgatgtaa tataagatga aaacacaaaa      9840
     gacgatctca cagccgatga tgaagtagtc ccaggtggtg acataacgaa tcagcttcac      9900
     agtgcggatc tgataggatg gaatcgctcc accggtagct ggaaactcaa ccactaatct      9960
     aaagaaacaa gataagattc ttaattttat aatttgaaaa gtaataataa taataataat     10020
     aatatactgt aaaaatgctg ggttgtaatg acctaacgct tgctcatata tggacaaacc     10080
     caacagttgg gttaaaatgt aatttaaatt gaatataaaa acaaatctaa cattgggttt     10140
     gtccatattt gacccaacac tgggttatta ttttattatt actattatta atattattat     10200
     taaaatcaca atttcacatt tatttttata tttatattta tatatttata tttcattttt     10260
     atatttatta ttaaaaaata aaaaaagaaa taagcttact aaacaaatga ataaaaatgt     10320
     aacaatataa tattaaacaa aacaatttta tattatgaac tataactttt aaatataaat     10380
     tgtgttaatt tagttcaata aattttatgt agtaatttaa tttaatacat tttttccaaa     10440
     agatgtttat tgggttttgt ttgaacaaca gaacaaaata cataaaaata aataaataaa     10500
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaatatt     10560
     aaaaataagt aaaaaataaa aacttttaat gaaatattaa aacatcagga atacgacaaa     10620
     tggttaaaaa ggtgaaaata aatatataaa taaacaactt aaactcaaat aataacaatg     10680
     cataatttaa tgttatttat tatttattcg caaatttgtg tcattagaat ttctataagt     10740
     accttataac acagaagaga ttaatgttgg cgttgtatgc agtgaagtcg atgaaaagga     10800
     cccgcgttcc tcgatcgagc cacaggtttt ctctcaggtc ctccagcaga gcggcgctct     10860
     catctctagt cgttgtcaag tcttgataaa accctgctcc gctgtatgtt gtcagcaaac     10920
     cccaatgact ggagcctttt atctccttct ctgagtgata ctgccagcta aagaagaaca     10980
     agccaaaaca ctgcaggtaa atagggtcac aaaaataact aactacttta aaaatacttc     11040
     cccagttgac tgattatatt aagcattgca aacttttttt tttgcatcac aagctttctg     11100
     aaatgttata tttcagtatg caaatgaggc acagtaacat taagtatgcg ctagtttgca     11160
     tacattttta gtacaacatt ttgaactttc aaggaggcct ggttcaaaaa actttctact     11220
     ttctaagtta gtaacacttt agttaaggtc tcaattcatg cttataacta gtcttattac     11280
     ctgcctatta ttaagatatt aactgcccat taatagttat aaagtatgat ctgcatccct     11340
     aatcctaaac aaagcctaaa ttactaaatt actaaatatt attaaagagc taattagtag     11400
     tttattaggc tagtagtatt agttaatagt atgttaacca ccagcctatg accaaacttt     11460
     attcttgtat aaatgtccat atatgtttgc aatattttga gagtttgagc ttgtaagggt     11520
     ggcctgcttc tttattttga ttacttttga ctttgtttat gtttagggag gaagataagc     11580
     ttcctatata tatttttaaa gacttacaga ttatttagtg tatttacttt gcagattatt     11640
     gaggcaagag gtgaggcaac agcattcata cagtactagg ggttgggatt ttaatatttg     11700
     tttatttaaa tttagaagtc caatggggga aaatatgttt ttttaaatac aagtgcaaag     11760
     gttcaaaaaa gctatcaaaa gatggttgtt tgatgaggat aattaatttg gatgatggat     11820
     gatgatgttt tattttttta tgttattgga ttgtgaatag ggttgcagct gaaggggcat     11880
     ccgctgcgtg ggacatatgc tggataaatt ggcggttcat tccgctgtgg cgacccttga     11940
     ttaataaagg gactaagccg aaaagaaaat gaatgaataa aggtataatt gtatttgtga     12000
     ataattttgt tcctgtttta ctatgtggag gtactgtttg tttgatgtac agtatcatct     12060
     gtattttgaa gccatacttt gtttttttta acagctagca ccacaatgga aacaagccca     12120
     gggctttatt gtgtttttat cctcgacagt ttttatttta aaatgtacgg gataattgta     12180
     ttttttacag tttgtctgaa atctttcaat tcaattcaat tcaattcaat tcgattcaat     12240
     tcaattcttt tgtttgttat tgtggcctgt ggccaccctg aagagtttct catttaaatt     12300
     gctacttttt ctataataaa tctattcaat gactctcaac tgattgtctg tgtttggttg     12360
     ttgactgaag ttgatccttc gcattagttt ttttgtttgt ttgtttccct tagaaattcc     12420
     accacccaca accttatttt gtttattatg cccatgttgt tttcctctag acttggtgca     12480
     taataattga aaagtatata atcaggcaaa ctatgtatga acatatcctt ctgtaaaacc     12540
     atttagagta tgtttagtaa gtgtagttga agtacagatt aatggcttag tgcaggataa     12600
     aaatatagaa atattttttg ttattgaaat ctagacataa aatgaaaaag tgtgataaaa     12660
     gaaatgcgta aacatgtatt ctgctttatt gaccagtcca ccaaaccgca agacatttca     12720
     tagtggcttg tgaatattag gcatgtttcg ctgttagatt ttttgaaata agaattagat     12780
     aagatgctct cagtatgcct ttatgcagaa accttttaat atattttcac tcacttctaa     12840
     acttcaataa aattcttttg aatctttgac acattacctc ttcctccaac ctttttacaa     12900
     ttaatattag gtaatttatc attctcttac tatttattta tctaatatta tttttcttcc     12960
     cactgttgca aaagtttaaa aacaaaaggt ggaaagtccc tcacgatatc tgtcatttga     13020
     ggagtgtata tctttttcac taaatgcatt ttataataaa agagataatg tttctggatg     13080
     tgttctttat gttaactcaa aaaaacctaa caaaagccaa aaaacatctc aacgtaacaa     13140
     atgaacacat ttcaacttct gaagattgac ataagactgc agctatctta aacgtgactc     13200
     acgccgtgcc gttgatcagt ccaaacgcac cgtcatcctc cttcttgatg ttgtacacat     13260
     cgaaacagtc actgatctcc ttcttgaagt ctgtgggcac cttgcaggag ttctgcttca     13320
     ctttgagctg ccggacacga ggcactccta acagtaagtt ctcatagtaa atgaaggatt     13380
     ggtttccatt ctccagaggc tcatcattgt accacttcgt ccagtagagg ttgtcgagta     13440
     acgggccctc catatactga ttcaagacat aaacagacag tcagaatggg atgctagaat     13500
     aaattttgtc ccacaattgt ggaaatagca tatttaaaag tttaatacag tcgtgtgaaa     13560
     gatttaggac accttactga atttcatgtt ttttgtatta ggacataatt gaacaatatt     13620
     tattattaat tgattgttca ttctgctgtg gtgacccctg gtaaatcaag gactaagctg     13680
     agtgaactta gtgagtaaac ttagtgggtg agtaattaat tggttcttgg cagataataa     13740
     aatttgtaag ataacacctc ggatgtataa cattatgaca tcttgatcac acatctcatg     13800
     ctatgtgatt gttcatttaa cagaaatgtg aaggatataa aggatggaaa agccatgggt     13860
     gataaacata ggacacccta tgatttagat gactgtagat ctactgttag cagtaaatca     13920
     acatttctgt ataatcctat cagttcccaa gatcattctg gagaagtttt tgcttttttt     13980
     attattactt atttttgcac agctctcaca ataacatttc agtcaagatg aggtctagac     14040
     tattgtaaca tcttgatttt ccacctttta actgttgtgg atttgctggt gtgcttggga     14100
     ttttgttgca tgacccaatt ttgtctaagc tttagctgtg ggactgttgt ttgttttcac     14160
     acacatctga agactccaga ccattgtctg acttatttta atttctgctt tcactcactc     14220
     actcactcac tcactccctc actatattta tatactacca gcatatatgt ttagataccc     14280
     ttccagctgg aacttaaaac tgagattaca aacctctgtg tttctccata cactctcaca     14340
     ttcacaccct acagaaaatt tagtttattc agttcactta taccacgtct ttggactgtg     14400
     gaggaaacta ggacaaattc tacacaaaaa agcctcctgg tcaagccaag actcgagcaa     14460
     gcaacctttt tgctgtgagg gacggtgcta atcaatggta tattttggtt ttattttcca     14520
     aagcttaaaa cctgctaaag attagattgt gtcctaatat atatgtaaaa aaaataattt     14580
     aatggggtgt cctaactttt tcacatacat ttattttact gctgtctgtt aacttcaaat     14640
     aatattccat atatatagtt gaagtcagaa ttactagttc ctctgtattt ttcccccaat     14700
     ttttgtttaa cagagagatt ttttacaaca cacagctaaa cagttttaat aactcatttc     14760
     taataactga tttattttat ctttgccatg atgacagtaa ataatatttt accttataat     14820
     tttcaagaca cttctataca gcttaaagtg acatttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg     14880
     ttaactaggc aggttagggt aattaggcaa gttattgttt accgatagtt tgttcatctg     14940
     tagactatcg aagaaaaaaa tagcttaaat gggctaataa ttttgacctt aaaatgtttt     15000
     taaaaaaatt aaaaatggct tttattttag ccaaataaaa acaaataaga ctttctccag     15060
     aagaaaaaaa tattatcagc catacttaga aaatttcctt gctctgttaa acataatttg     15120
     ggaaattttt aaaaaataaa aaactattaa aatgggggct aataattctg acttcaataa     15180
     aaattacata aaataaaacc agtattattt agaataaatt tttctattgt atttgtaaca     15240
     ttttaaaata taatattttt aggaaaataa attaaacaaa aactataata tttgaaaaaa     15300
     gttaacattt ttgtgattga gtataatata ctctatttat taaaaaaaga aagatttcca     15360
     acaatttttc aatatttaaa tatctttaca catatttccc tttgcctttt ctttttacca     15420
     gggaacaaga aaagcagctc aagctcaccg tccagacatc attcatgcag ccaatggagg     15480
     agaagctcat gccgttgctg cccggcagat tcacaaacag atccgtcatg gctttagtgt     15540
     agtagtaggt ggcgctgctg gtcatgccgt aggtcactgc atgttaaagc aatcacatca     15600
     cgtactgaac cacaccatcc atcaatccat ctatccacac tcacgcagat aaataaagca     15660
     aatcgattca ttcagcgctc atccattagc agcgttaacg tcatgaaagt ggccaagagt     15720
     gtttgtttga acacacaaaa acagccccat tcaacaatgc tgctccagca caaacaaaac     15780
     ctcaattgcc tgacctgagc tcttatcagt aaaagacagc aggattctgg ttgtgctcct     15840
     ttcaggcctg attttgccat ggacaatggt gtgttttaac acaggggact tttataacca     15900
     gcactttatc tttgatcata atagagggca agagaatggc aagacgtggg attagtttgg     15960
     attacggcca gaacaatcaa agagacaaaa gagcaaacga atgtcatttg aactatttta     16020
     catttatatg tgctaatgga tttgtctgtc tgtctgtctg ggatcttaat atgcacatct     16080
     gatctttatg tatccgttgg tagttaggtt tttgcctcca gcagtagttt tcctaccgca     16140
     cagacaaatc tacatccaag tataattcat caactctttt gataaatgta ataatcatat     16200
     aaacttacat aagcataaat ccacaaggaa aacaatgtag atgagcagct ctttgagatt     16260
     tgctttgacg ttgagctcag gattctcctt tgtatccttt ctcaaagctg ttccccacag     16320
     tcctagcaca caaaaataaa caattgttta taaatataca tgtgattatt gtcttctatt     16380
     ttacatttat ttaatgattt taaatatttt tactgaccaa atttcaattc taaaagcagc     16440
     attgaattga atcaacaaat tgaataaaat actgaataat aataataata ataataataa     16500
     taataataat aataataatg atgataatga taataaagct aaaaacttgc atttctatac     16560
     tatttaggta attaattgtt taactaaaat tcctaaaact atttttatta tttaaattat     16620
     taaatagcaa agcaacattt aaacaaacta aataataatt gtattaaaaa tacaaagaaa     16680
     aataatacac atgaaacgct aaaagaaata ataataataa taatatcaat aataataata     16740
     ataataaagt taaaagctgg cttctgttta tttactaaat taaaaaataa taagatattt     16800
     aaaagtaaca ttttaataac ataatatatt aatagaaata gcatttattt aattataatt     16860
     tacaatatac ttatataata caattatact tatttttaaa ttctgcaact gaattatatt     16920
     cattattttt tctgcttatt ccgtttatta atcaggggct gccacagcgt aatgaaccgc     16980
     cacaactgaa tatataaaat aataagcatt atttaattaa aattattaca aaatatgctc     17040
     aaacttatta aataataata tataatagaa gaaaacaata gaagaaagta aaaacaaaaa     17100
     tgcttaacct attcatttat tgcaactgtg aataatattt aaaatggggc tattttttaa     17160
     tcattacaaa ttgtacaaat catttaaaaa tattataaag aaatatttaa aaacattccc     17220
     aaacattagc aacacttagc agtcaaataa acaataattt aacacaaaat aatctgtaaa     17280
     catcgaagaa aaatagggac aaagttaaaa gcttacttgt atttttatga tgtttccaaa     17340
     ttgattacaa attgtaaagg atattttaaa cataactggt tatatttttt ataatagttc     17400
     attttaaaaa tatgtaaaca atactagcaa cacaacaaat aaaaaatgat tatataataa     17460
     tatatacaaa atgtaatgga cagtaataaa aacaagttta ttattattat aaatagttta     17520
     ttattattaa tattattatt attatctttc acattacaaa aacatccatg ttttctcgct     17580
     tacctttgat ggctctaaag aagaaggagc aacatccaga cttcttgtcc tcattgggca     17640
     tagttcgcgc tttgtcctgg ttcagatagg ggttctcgag agggctgtga aacccgggct     17700
     gagggctgta aatggtgctc acgggtcgcc gcacggccgc aggagagccg ctgaaggcct     17760
     gattcaccca gcctccatga ccgaagctct ccatctcgca gctcaggtga ttctccggcc     17820
     ggttactaaa gtgctgcatt gtggtgaaca gctctctttt taagagtaga tggatttacc     17880
     ttatgtgttc gagacaggct tttgactagg gagagactct acctgtattt atacctttta     17940
     gcttgaatca cctcagtgag aacagggcag tggttctggg aaaggagggg ctcgtctttt     18000
     gtctacagat gcatttaaaa caaaatccat taatgttctg gaacagtgat cgacaataca     18060
     gagctaaaat taacgccaaa ctacgtcaca aattgtacac aggataatga gagatcaata     18120
     ctttatagct aacgttagcc tagtcctttt gaaaattaac catgaactca gcaaaagcgt     18180
     aatgtttacc tcattgatta gcctagccaa agaattggta attttcgtaa gtaaaagatg     18240
     caatgacatg ttaaagtatt agaagatttt aatgttgcta atgaatgtta aattagcgac     18300
     acggtggcgc agtgggtagc gctgtcgcct cacagcaggt tcgagcctcg gctgggtcag     18360
     ttggcatttc tgtgtagagt ttgtagtgct ccggtttccc caacagtcca aagacacaca     18420
     taggtaaatt gagtaggtat ctgtagtgtt tgtaatgaga atgtatgggt gttttccagt     18480
     gatgggttgc agctggaagg gcaatcgctg cgtaaaacat gctggataag ttagcggttc     18540
     attctgctgt ggcgaccttg ataataatcg actaagctga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgtt     18600
     agcttttagt caaagttatg tctttagtca tagactgttt tagtctaaca ttagacttat     18660
     ttgtcgttag tgttagccta agtctaaaac caataatgaa aatgctattt gataaaaaaa     18720
     ctttgtaaga gaacaatagg attgtttact cttgataagg gtcagggcaa tcttgcttta     18780
     cgtttaattt agctcataat tcaagtggtc ttaacattca ttcattcgat ttcttgtcgg     18840
     cttagtccct ttattaatcc ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg aaccgctaac ttatccagca     18900
     agtttttatg cagcagatgc ccttccagcc acaacctatc tctgggaaaa ctggtcttaa     18960
     caattaatat caaaataata aaagaagacc tttgacaaaa ctatatttgt taaatacaaa     19020
     aaagaaatct ctcgagttat ccagagatat ccttttagat aatctctttg tggccctctg     19080
     gaagtgtgaa aacctgtgta ataaataata agaaatcatg agtgcacatt gaatgctagt     19140
     aagtccactt ctgctctaaa gaaagcatag taagtatatg accaggactt tgatttatag     19200
     gtaataatgt taatatatat ttaaatttaa aatgtttaca tgctctttag cagaatctgt     19260
     taaaatgtaa agaattttat gaaaacatat ctaagatcat aaaataaaac ttttacaggg     19320
     gtttatttaa aagtttttca gctttgtctt gtgaactgta tgtaaacata ttttatctaa     19380
     aatatcttat ttaggaccgt actaaataca aaaaacaaca tgcattttgt atgatctttc     19440
     ttattttgtt aaaattgtca cattttaaca gattctgaaa gagtatgcaa actttcaagc     19500
     acaacaatat atagtttttg actgcaggct ttttccaaaa gataataaga tggaagtttt     19560
     aacaattaca taattagact tacattttaa caattacaca taaaaaatag agaaaaaaac     19620
     aacaaccaac agtcaaacaa aaactaaaca tgcattcccc caaccaacta tccaatggta     19680
     aaagtaccct gcaggcacag gaggtcaaca tgacgtcata ttgacgttgt accccaacat     19740
     tgtggggaca ttgaattttg tttggaaatg aaaatcaagt tgacgtcaga acccaacatc     19800
     aggctgatgc caatgtccaa cctaaaatca accaaatatc aacttttaat catgttgcac     19860
     cttgacgttg tgtaaacgtt agcactatga catctatcag atgttggatt ttggtcactt     19920
     tccaacacaa cctaaaatta acaaatatca acataatttg acattagtgt taaacgtcaa     19980
     acgataacgt tgtccctaga tgctggctag acattgaatt ttggtcaact gacgtcatga     20040
     cctaaatcga acctaatatt aacatcttat gatgttgtgt gcctgctggg taggtactaa     20100
     aggcataata aacattttaa tcacaagttt gtagaaagga aataaaaggg gaccaaattt     20160
     tttcaaataa caaaacattg tctgttaggg tataccgaat tttttccaga tgtaatgtac     20220
     ccgttaactc tgccagctat acttcaagag ttggaactta ttttttcttc caaaacaaaa     20280
     taatacgttg tcagagatca acccatatga aacagaagag gcatcattgt ggggaaaaat     20340
     atttctcagc ttttatttac atctgaacaa aaacgttaag tcagaattgg ccgaaggggt     20400
     ataaatcatt ttggtcttga ctttgtactt ttttatgcat ttatttattg cacagatgga     20460
     atattccgct tcggatgatc catgtatcac caggagacac aggtattaat ttatttttga     20520
     attgtaatgt tttgtttgat ttctttttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggtg acccctggtt     20580
     attaaaggga gtaagccgaa aagaaaataa atgactgtat gaatgaatga ataatttctt     20640
     tattgtgtta tgatgttttg acactcattg tgctggtggc tgttgacttc tgcattttag     20700
     aaataaggac cacagtttca gcttaaaatc ttatttgttg ttacactgaa gaaaggggca     20760
     cttggaccta catcttgcat ggggtgggtg agtaaattac tattaaactt tcatttttgg     20820
     ataaatatgc ctttaatgtg atattatgat aagggattat aatataagaa ttgaaccatg     20880
     accttaagct gtctaattca gaaacgtttt taaaaagcat tgtagacaag atacaagcaa     20940
     gtgtctttag cgtagattga tgcatactga tcataacatg atgattggtc ataatgacag     21000
     gcgaagctaa acggattaag acgggtttat ctagcttcac gtacacgctt tcggccgagc     21060
     actggccatt catgcctcat taacactgaa aagacacgtt atacacagtc agtagacagc     21120
     aaagagttta atctcctctc taaattaaga gtggttatga ggacagccgt agtcaagttt     21180
     gtgccactcg ctctgaaaat atgttttctt ttcactactg atattgttgg tttactatag     21240
     agtacactgt aaagaaattc ttgccgactt cactttttta gttgaaacaa attaactttt     21300
     ctagtcttaa ataaatcaaa ctgactaaaa tattctgtta gttttgtaat tagttgaaac     21360
     ctaattaacc tattaaaata agttaaagca tcatagacat gttgttgtcc tgactatttg     21420
     tgatttgttg ttttagttta tatgagatat ttgaaaggtg gtcaaataaa ttaagcaaaa     21480
     cattaaaatt tgaatatatt tagtatgtta ttttctctct tctaaaagtg tttctgtgta     21540
     aacagcacag cggtcactca atgtacctgc gacgtcattc aggcatttaa acagtattta     21600
     tagcatcatt gcactgacat tagagacatt tgtttggtgt cgtcttatct tgggatacag     21660
     agggcttcgg tgaaatgact ttatctgtct agtgagcaca ccagacctag tgtttgcaat     21720
     gcgtttagat ctttttattc aaaaaagtaa tgctgtagta aaattttatt tcatatatct     21780
     aacctagttc aaaatggaga aaaatgttac gtgactaaaa taataaatat gtttatcttc     21840
     tgtgtttcta cactttaaaa aattatatga tcaatatgtc ctgccagcat ttgtttttag     21900
     gtcattgtaa cttattaaac taagttaatc ttgttctaac ttaattttag aagttacgcg     21960
     agctgtttta agtcagttta acataatata agttcaatag actagtaagg ttaatttgat     22020
     tcagcttaaa aatttagggc agccaggata ttttacagtg tatagataag atttttttgt     22080
     agatgatagt acagaatatg tatgaaacaa ataaatgttt aattgtaaca ttaatgtttt     22140
     ggtttatgta tgggacagtg cagtaatgtt tgccgctcaa aggctggggc taaacgatga     22200
     ttttaaatta ctaaatgaag attatttact ttaatttaaa taatttaaat ctttaaaacc     22260
     ttttaaaaat caaaacaatt aaattaaaaa atatttgtag tataatatat aatttttgta     22320
     ttaaaattaa tatgatctaa aacaattgaa taaatcaaat gtttaaagta aacaaatgag     22380
     tggtttagtc agtgtttatt ctaacacaga ttaattgcac cataaacaaa atataacatt     22440
     ttaaatccag ctcaatcaaa aaataaacta cagcttaaac tactctggct acggtaaaaa     22500
     acattataca taaaaataca attttaaaat gtattattat aaacattatc acactctctt     22560
     cccctcttat tgagtttatc aacaaaacac agcaagaaaa ttcaatggca gaataacatc     22620
     acagtgtatg atattcagct ctcgactttg agctgagcac acaccaatca caaagatttg     22680
     atacaaagca atccaaataa aatatgaaca tctgattcat aaacaaatgc gcttttaagt     22740
     cctcattgac aacccgccca atggaagatt ttctacaatt gcacaaaaac gtactttttc     22800
     ctcaccctgt ataccactag aatgattcag actccattaa agcatgaaca taaaatatta     22860
     catagtaata caaacatatt tacaccctcc tgtatccaca taaagaaaga tacagtaaat     22920
     gctccatcag tcagtcactt cagaggcttt cgtagtggta ggagaaagaa gaaagcatgc     22980
     agtcactttc cacaggtgaa tcgtagtgca taaaatatcc ctcagtctgt aggccgtcga     23040
     actgtaaatt aagccagtct ttctgaggat ccacgtgtct accagcgtcg ctcaggatcc     23100
     gattgagggc catgatgtag ctcagagcca tctgtagggt ctcgtatttg gacagcttct     23160
     tgtcttgacc ccactgtgga accactttcc gaagccggtc gaatgccgtg ttcaggcctt     23220
     gcattctctt tcgttctctt gcattggccg ccatcctgcg ccgcatagca ctctcaaact     23280
     tctccgggtc tctggaatca gaatcagacc cggagtctgc acagctcggc ctgcggggct     23340
     tcatggctct tcaaaaaagt ctccaaaaat gtcaccgatg ttcttgggat gtaattccgg     23400
     atggttctta atcgcttctg ttctgccata aggatgagcg atgcttatat agagtattaa     23460
     caggtggcag caggtggagc cccaccctta ttactccatc caaacatcca ttattattaa     23520
     tgaaacgcac atctccaaca gcaggactag tgcagtccag ccccaacccc cagtaactca     23580
     aactttaatg acattccaat taactttggc tgctctatca ctgaaaacag gcgttacaaa     23640
     ccagagataa cttaccatct ggccacaacc agcgccgggt ggcaaggacc attacctaat     23700
     taaaaagtgc atgcatcttt aagcaaccgt gacatctttg gatttcttaa atgagaacat     23760
     tgtttgcagg agtaattgcc tgtatagagt cagtttgatt ttgcaatttg ttttacaggg     23820
     ttgtaggtct cattatttac atttattact ggaatctttt aatataaacg ataatttgaa     23880
     gggatagttc atacaaaaat gaacatttac agactattta tgcactattt tatttaagtg     23940
     gttccaaact tttatgagtt tctttcttct gctgatcaca aaagaaaata tttggttgaa     24000
     agctgcaaac ctgtaaccac tggctgccat tggaaaaata aatactgttg aagtcaatgg     24060
     ttaccggttt tcagcatact tcaacatatc tttctttgtg ttcaatgaaa aaagaatagt     24120
     atacgggtgt gcaattagta ataagtgagt aaataatgaa tttttcatat tttttcatag     24180
     atagattcat caattttata ttgatgttaa tattaaattg atatattgtt atatatttat     24240
     gctatactat tataatccac attagtttta ctgaataaag taaatggata ttttacacat     24300
     cgcaacagtt tttttaaaat taacttttac aaatagaaag attgttgttt tgttttggtc     24360
     aaacatactc cagttgtctt tgttattcat aatgttaaat tgtaatatat aaatatttaa     24420
     ggtaatatta atattacatg taatatttga gttacaatat gataatacat tatgtatata     24480
     ggtcatagac gagacatttt agtgtgcatc aaattaaatt tacataagta atttacacgg     24540
     aaagcatatt aaatgcaatt tgagtgtgta atttttctta tgctttttaa aataattttc     24600
     attaaatgta acattcttta aaatattttc aagatttaat attttaaatt ataagcgttg     24660
     gtgctaattt gttcattttt gctgacaaac taatataacc tagtggcttg aagaataatg     24720
     ataaaatata aacatttaaa ataaaaatat ttttgaatta cttgttaatt actgaactgt     24780
     attagtacag ttatattgtt acataattat aaagtaataa ccagcatgct tgtttagaaa     24840
     aaataacatg tgaagtttct acattttaaa catttatacg gtcatttgca atcttttaat     24900
     atagcgtcag tgttcaaatt ttatactttt atatagaata ttttaatata gtgtcagtat     24960
     tcatctactg tatcatcagc acatttctct atattacata ttacattcta tatatttaat     25020
     aatatatagt aaaccaataa caaaaccata taaaacacat ttgtggggca gcactaaata     25080
     attgatttga gtgtctcaga ggaattgaga cagacagaag tcttcgacaa gctgtcgatc     25140
     tcaatctgtt caatgtgaat caaacaaagc agattcagac agtcacagtt tcaccccctc     25200
     caaaaaaagc ctgttggcaa aaaaactcat tcataaacct ttccaaaata ctattattgt     25260
     tatactaagg ttataatata ataacacaca gatataatat atatatatat atatatatat     25320
     gcagtctatc ttatatactg tatatataat tgctatacta tgaaacaaaa tgtttttaaa     25380
     gttatgcatt atgaattatc acctctatag tatagtaatt atctataaca tattttccta     25440
     caggtacttg aaatcgtaaa gtagcgttct atataaaata ctgcactaaa tacatacatt     25500
     attacatctg atttgtgtac aagtgacaaa tcgctatatc tcttctgcat aattcatgtc     25560
     ccggctgact gtggccatca agccatatac gctcatctgc attagatgag taattctgct     25620
     gttcaattgg gcatataaac ccaatccact ggtttagttt gttttcattg attgcagatt     25680
     ggcatccctg accagctgct gcttgtcccg tttaaagggc ttggtccaga catgttaaac     25740
     ggccttgttt tttcactcgt tcacatgata ggcttgtctg gactcctatg caaaaggcca     25800
     tatgttacaa gctactcctg taatttttga gacagtgttg agcagattaa agatttactc     25860
     ggtcttgacg aggggaaagt gagaaggtct attatcagtt taacagctta atccaggatt     25920
     tagtaaatct ggttttcatt taaagcataa agcgccgttc attccgaagg agaaaatggt     25980
     cttaaaaatc gaatgcgtaa tcctctgaac tcgaggaaag tgacgactaa tgatcaaact     26040
     cctacttaag tcaagctgac agtcaaataa tagatgtaaa actgagaatg ggtgctgtct     26100
     aatataaaat aaaatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataac     26160
     ataatataga ttttatatgt tgatataaca ttatgatcac tgatatttga gtataaactg     26220
     ttgtggtcat ttaaaaaaaa aaaaatcaaa tagactagaa tagaactagt catttaaagc     26280
     tctatgatgt aaacataatc taccaaaaat atacagtata ataaccaaag aatatatcta     26340
     aaggtccatc aaaataatat aacattgtca tttacagttc tatgatatga cacttcttta     26400
     tgatccttga gatgagtata aactgttcat ttaaacacta catctatcaa aacgaatata     26460
     gaatataata tattataata taatatgatt taatatataa tataataact tatcattcat     26520
     taaagttcat catcgatatg atctctgaga tatgggtata aactgttgtg ttcatttcaa     26580
     cacataatct acctaaaaaa gtgagaagaa aacttaaaat ctttaatctt taaagctatt     26640
     tttgatcgat tctcacagaa ctggcatatt gaccaatgag gtcattcaga aaagtgaggc     26700
     atattgtgta aacagtgacc tccatagatg aggagacttg aacccccacc gtcagattgg     26760
     ggcatctggt gagatgaggc tcgtcactgt aattaggtca agcaaggtgc ttgtaatttc     26820
     atgcctattt gagccttttt gttcccttct ggttgttatg tttaatctta actggtcaat     26880
     gaagcaatgt cttattaagg gcagtcaatt agacaagaaa tctatattca attattattg     26940
     ttaatgttat gacttatgtg ggacaaagat gaaaaggatt ttcaagtata aaaaaaaaca     27000
     atggaagcag ttttcgttat gtgttacaat gtgccctgct caattgtttt atatttggag     27060
     aaatttttag ttatttttgg tttaaaattt ttacaaaaaa aaaatgttca taatttttgt     27120
     ggcattgttt aaaagaagca attctttata acgcgttaca atttacactt tattttacac     27180
     tgccgtataa atagcatggg ccggtaaaag attgtgactg tatgattacc tttgataaaa     27240
     aaaaatcacg gtatcacgga cggtattgtg attactgctc taaaataaat tcttttttta     27300
     aatgtctggg taaaaaacaa gaactgtttt cacctttgag cacaatatag tttattttaa     27360
     gaacagtttg atgatgaggg tcctttttta ttaaaagtgt taataaaaaa attacatata     27420
     tcgttggaac ggtataacag ataattctgg gggtttttaa accttgacct ttaaactggt     27480
     tatcatccca tgcctaatag catttgtcta tatttattta gaaattctta gttgtgttca     27540
     gtgtatagaa aaatacagaa ataaacatat tttccttata taaaatttaa caaaatttat     27600
     ttacttttta aaacgtgctt ccctgtattt gtattaaatc aaattatttt ttaatattct     27660
     tatttaaaca tttattaaca taacattaca taacatttta atttaaaaaa attaaataat     27720
     aaaaaaaaaa ttgtatataa ttataatgca gggctcaaca ataagaactg cttgatgacc     27780
     cagggccagc gtgagagatg ctttggacag tagacaaaat cattactggc ctgatcgggc     27840
     cagtactgcc ttgtcactaa agtttaattt gcctgcaact atttgttaat tgtgtgcaaa     27900
     aacttactta cttagtctta gaagcgagaa acagtttgtg cttttaagcc tttaaatgtt     27960
     accttctctg tgatgtctta aaacccatat tgcttttcag ttcatttaat ctgattggat     28020
     gttgtgagca tgttatattt ttccgtaacc tggtaacaac cagtacagcg aagagacggt     28080
     aacatcgcaa cagcattaaa ttatgaggct aaaagaaaaa cgtctgtttc taacatcttg     28140
     gaagcagagt tgcacagttt accatcattt tggcaagtca gccacgtttt cttaaataat     28200
     ttagaactgc aatataatac attttccata atactttttt tatttgcata aaacttagaa     28260
     ttttgctcat tatacattta tatatatata catttattat atatatacat ttttaaaata     28320
     tttaaattct agattcacat atattatttt tgatacatta tttaaaatat gtgactaaga     28380
     aataactatt aacttttttt cggtggggtc agtaaaaatt tggcagggca agtaaaaatc     28440
     tcaaacacag gcctgatcgg gcaagtagaa aaagtcctta gtgtttaacc ctgtgatgta     28500
     tcaaaccata tattacctat aatatccaag cagaaacaaa tatcagttta gtttgttttc     28560
     aggccattat aacaattagc aatgtcctac tgacaacatg gcattgcttg caacatttct     28620
     tgtgaagagt gaaactatat caggaataac gttatggatc aacacgtgta gctgtatatt     28680
     aataaacttc aatgcatcaa caaatactca cattccttct tcctgtaatg gtgtatgagt     28740
     taaaatattt ggcaatccct gtaaactggt gttggctccc agcatcgtgg cctcccatgt     28800
     tcctgtttgg agatacatat tcgtgcatgt ttcgtattta atagcgtcca gtaagactat     28860
     gtgttttata aaaattacaa cagcacaact gaaagagctt tcatgtgata tctcacttgg     28920
     ttcaaggtga attaattgtc atatttatta ttcccaatca ttgtgccaca tgttaagata     28980
     cacctaagat gaattttata tcgatttaaa aagtgttcag ataaaaatta gatcttacct     29040
     ggctgaaatg cggtcaggcg atagatggat agtcttattc gtcttatgct gcagtctatg     29100
     tgtttgttta ctttgtaatg aatgtcgcca tctactgtac atgtaaaaca actaccaaag     29160
     ctaccagtta cataaaacat aacattaaga tgtgatcgga tctgcttaaa acggttatac     29220
     tgttttattt gtttttattt gatgagtttt actgcagaat aactttgtgg aatagtaaag     29280
     tcatgtcatg ccatagcctg tcataacata taggctaaca ggccagacaa aatctgcaga     29340
     catttttttg ctttctgcac agaattttgt acaaaatctg caggtatttg cagaatgatt     29400
     ttgagagtac agtaaataaa tactttacac tttaaaaaaa aaaacttgaa aatgttttta     29460
     actaaggttt acgatgcaaa tgcaataagt ttggaagata aaacctgcaa aaccatatat     29520
     atatatatgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     29580
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tctcagtgaa tataggctat     29640
     atattgtggt gcatttaaac taaacaaatt tattatacag atatatttat taaaataata     29700
     ttttagccac caaaaatatt tggaaattca aagataatac aattaatttc aagcaagata     29760
     ttgcaaaaaa aatacaaaaa aatgcaactt acaaaatttt aacaaaattt ttctattgct     29820
     ttgcttcgct tgatattttc tatttttgaa gttcagattt aatattttta tgtaccatat     29880
     aaatttgggt gtactagtat atttttattt gttgttttat ttatgcagga atatattgat     29940
     ttattaactc atttatttat ttgtttgcat atttatttat ttatttattg tttttgcagc     30000
     ttttgttctc cataagttag atccacttgt ttgataagca aagtaaactt aattctctaa     30060
     taaaacagaa gacattaggc ctactactaa ataaaaagaa aaaaactgta ttgtacataa     30120
     accataatag gttatttgat atgctaaaat tgatataaaa cctaaataaa aatatattta     30180
     aacacattta cagaagtagc ctttaggcta taaaaaaatc taaaatatat agggtaaatt     30240
     gtctgtttta tcctcattgt tttgtggaga acattttttt tcaaagatat tttattattt     30300
     ttaagaaata gtttcttcca aaaataaact gtctctgtat tttatttctt ttattcagct     30360
     ctatttaaca aaagtaggct agcctacatt ttcagttgat gatgttatat gcctattgtt     30420
     ttagcagata agatatagcc tgtactcacc ttcagaccat tcaggatgtg tgtcccgaac     30480
     tatcataaat tatcaagata tcgaaaattc tgattcttga tatcaagaat tacattttca     30540
     aatgaaatca aaacaacttg ccacagttgc attcatatag tcactgaagg ccacaatttc     30600
     agctaaaatc ttaaatcttc aacttaagaa aaattagctc ttggatgacc gaaatcatct     30660
     cttggatgac tggatggaaa gtaaattagg ggaaatttat aaacaaatac caggaaatta     30720
     aatttagagt gaagtacaaa tatagctaag acacgatttt ggcctgcagg tggcactcga     30780
     cttgcccatt tcacgatttg actgtatttt ccctgcttta ttgaaacatc aagcaatcag     30840
     acgacaacaa acttaaactc agccaagaag atgaaggtat ggctgtgatt aggtgaagat     30900
     aaaggtatag ctgtacaagt aatttgtcat catttgattt aagttcattc atttctcaac     30960
     acaaacaaga ttgcttgtgt aattgaatca tttagttaag cctcctccct cctccatttc     31020
     ctctttgatg agataaaaat tccctcataa gtatctatac agagatgaaa ggtttctatt     31080
     ttgaatttcc acactcagtc agagcaaagt gctcatttga gctccagaaa gtgaagcctc     31140
     agtgtttctg tgtgagtcac tgcataacat gtggttatag ctactgaaca tcatggcatt     31200
     ggaagtgcac gctaatttgt ggtgacagtc catgaagcaa agccaatgat tatgcatata     31260
     aaatgctaat gtcttgactc ttgtcttgtg tatatagtca cttagcttct ttcagaggcg     31320
     atattttagc ctgacaaagt gtcagacgtc ctaaagtaac acattgcagc agatcaccat     31380
     atgacaacaa gtctgtacag atcacaaatg ttactcctca cttttactca gaacaataat     31440
     atgcctgtcc aacactcagg gaaaatttcc ctgtgtttct cagctgcctt cagcaagttc     31500
     acactcggcc agcaagagta tatgagctca agtataagct tttagaataa caggacttgc     31560
     atcaatgtgt tttgtagact cctgaaatag aaacattcac ttttaagcac gacaaacagc     31620
     agaagcagag ccattcaaac aagataattc actttccaca taagtcacga gatccttatt     31680
     gtaacatcac actgggtcat tgagtttgtt ctaaaggtac aatcatacct ttattgtgtt     31740
     ttatggcttc ctaatttagt tttggctatc tcaaacaata agcagcatta cttttttaac     31800
     aaaatataca ctgcaaaaat agcagtgtta tttcaactct aacagagtca aaatcggaat     31860
     gagtgaacat attgtcccaa tatcagagtt taactaacac tctaaagaga gttacttgta     31920
     caacactata catgagttat atttacactg tattgagtta aaaataactc tgatccctga     31980
     ctgttgttta aagaatgaaa attgaattta cctcagaatt cttttaactg tagtctacct     32040
     agcaaaaatt acaatactca tgattgatag ttaaaataac gtacacaata atagaaataa     32100
     tgatagaaaa aatatacaat caaaattatg tcgttaatca tttttatcaa caaaaaatta     32160
     ctagaacact agaaaatgta cactttttac aaattaacac ttttaaagac tttaaaagat     32220
     cttgaaaatg gtatgacttt tatgttccat ttagattttt ggtcaaatta attcctgaac     32280
     gttggaaata acaccaacaa gtgttggtta gctgtaactc cttgattttg cactggatca     32340
     aatcagcttt gaactttgat tgtgttaatt tatcaaaatg tagttcttta atgtcaacac     32400
     tttactctga aatgctttaa ctccgaagaa tttaacactg atgatgaatt tgctgtgtat     32460
     ttgtttgtag atgtgttctt tctaaaccct gccctattta gagcctactt ttctctgaat     32520
     ggtcagtaag gttacaattc atgtcagaat tgatatgcta taacctggat ttcagctctg     32580
     gagcttcctc gatcttcagc aatactgtaa gacagttgaa tgaagccaat gaagatgata     32640
     ggctggcatc atgctgtgtt tttgttttaa attcaattac aaaacatatt agttaagtaa     32700
     agtttgaagt gctgatgact cattttggca attatgcatg aaaacaataa gtttgtgatg     32760
     cactttgatc attatcctaa aacaacttag gtcattttta aaggttgggt aaaattgctg     32820
     ttgtttgtgt tggattggct gtttgtgtaa agtttggagt cagagagatt ttttatgttt     32880
     tgaaatacgt ctcttatgct tttaatggaa aaaaaatgga aaaaaatgag tcattttgaa     32940
     aaatattatt agtctcacaa atatctattt tttccctaat aatatacagt gctcagcatg     33000
     tataattaca cccctctcaa atctatcttt taaattcata tttttaatag gaagctgtac     33060
     aatattatat gtgtgcatat acattagatt agtcagcact aaagccaaaa ctagcttatc     33120
     taagaaaaat agtaacgata acggttcaaa aactaataca cccaaatgta tatgttatag     33180
     aaaaacaata aataccagtt taaaaaatag gaaaaatcta gagaagcaaa aaatagaaaa     33240
     atttagttga aattttgtag gttgtaattt ttttgcaata ttttgcttga atttaattgt     33300
     attgtatttc tatttctaaa tatgtttgat gactaaaatt ttattttaat aaatatatct     33360
     gtttaataaa tctgttttgt ttaaatgcac caaaataaat tgcctatatt cactgagaaa     33420
     tggataaaaa aaaaatgggg gggggggggg gggtactcaa ttatgctgag tatttaatat     33480
     gtaatgtatt tttgtgatgg caaaactgac tttttgtaat aatttggcca ttcaaaacat     33540
     ttcatgctat tataaaattt caaaaaagga tgtgctgcat aatatttttt tgtggagaac     33600
     gtaataaaaa aaattcaaga ttctttgagg aatagaaagt tcaaaacagc cgcactttat     33660
     tttttttaaa tattaaactt ttgtaacgct atttttgtct ttacagcagc tgtttattca     33720
     atttgaagtt tgcttcctaa aacatttttt agattaaaat tcatttatat cttaaaacat     33780
     ttatacagga gacctggtgg tgcagaaggt agtgctgtcg cctcacagca agaagtttgc     33840
     tggttcaagc cttggctggg ttagtgggca ttactgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccccg     33900
     cgttcgtgtg ggtttcctcc gggtgctccg gtttccccca cagtccaaag acatgcggta     33960
     cagttgagtt ttaggctaaa ttgtccgtag catatgagtg tgaatgagtg tgtatggatg     34020
     ctagatgggt tgcagctaga agggcatctg ctgcgtaaaa catatcctgg ataagttggc     34080
     agttcattcc gctgtgacga ccccggatta ataaagggtt taacttagcc gaaaagaaaa     34140
     tgagtgaata aatgaacttt tgtactatgt atataaaata tctaaatatg tgggtgacac     34200
     agtggctcag cactgtcgct ttacagcaag aattttgctg gttcgagtcc tggctgggtc     34260
     agttggcatt tctgtgtgga ggttttaaga ccagaatcct ctgatgggtg tcgcttcggt     34320
     gtgacttcag ctaatcagtt ttgaccagtg cacacaatta cagtattttt tatacttcca     34380
     acatccagct gtgtgagaaa acatacaatc tgatgaagta acctttcgct gctgttgttt     34440
     ttaaatagag aaaatatttt acaagtaact tttattctaa atcttggaac aaaaaaattg     34500
     agcaattctc aattctgaag taaaggacca aaagcaactg acattaaaat taatttgaaa     34560
     actagtttac tattgttgtt aaccaagaat ttttaaatgt actttttttt tggttatgat     34620
     gaccatccaa caatctattt tagctaaaat agtgcttaaa atgtcatgaa aatgcagttc     34680
     atctcataat taaatagtag cctaaatgag gcctataacc tcaaaaaaaa ggtccacttt     34740
     ttgagaaaaa tagaaccccc ccttttcact aagctggcta cgggtctgat gtttatggat     34800
     gtttcccagt attgggtcgc agctggaagg gcatctgttg tgtaaaacat atgctgaaca     34860
     cgttagtggt tcatttccct gtggcaacca ctgatgaata aaaggactaa gctgaaggaa     34920
     aatgaatgaa tgaataaatg aatgaatatt atgtttaaga tgccctgact aaaacagtga     34980
     aggaatatga tgactatctt taaatgagtc attttttagt ttactggaaa cacgtgtcga     35040
     tgagattaat ccaccgtgat ctaaaatgaa gacattattt aaaataaaat aaacaaaaca     35100
     aagaagttcc atcacagaaa ctatacattt tattgagagc catatagtac aaaacatcca     35160
     ccttaaatag cttaaattag gccaaatctc attttaattt gattcttctg gagtatgtag     35220
     gtactcatga ctatgagttc cctttaccac ccagaacact ttcgggactc ttaaacaatg     35280
     agtgtcaaac ggcaaaaaat tggcaagagt aaacacagat gaccacacag aacctcaagc     35340
     tccagacctg ggtatctgag ctgttcctga ctttggattc tgaccacagt gcatctcaga     35400
     tggagactat actgcccaga ttggtcaact cagaaccccc tttttgtgcc tgatctgaat     35460
     ttcttcatct gagtccacaa ggcatcgatc tattttgctg aaagctacat tatgaccaag     35520
     aacacagcac gagttcatga gttcagcttc accgcaaaaa tcccacctcc cctccctccc     35580
     cccatcagca ggagaaatgt atttgggact cttcttccac cgcctgcttc agtagtgtag     35640
     tgttttaaca ctgtatttta ggtgtgtgag agcctgtcta tctcagaaga tgtccctctt     35700
     ctgtcacacc tccagggggt tctggggccc ctcggccccc tgcggcgggt ctggctggag     35760
     cctgcagatg ggtttgttgc acatgggaca gacgctgcgg atttccagcc acttcaccag     35820
     acacctgtgc aaaagacaag gtgaaaagtg aagagataga aggctctatt atgctttagt     35880
     tatctataga ctccagcgct gttatgcatt atggccacgt cacaaaatga caggctgaaa     35940
     caaacagtct gacgcgagga taatactcat atttaagtcg caatgccttg acagcttcat     36000
     ttgtttttcc tcagtgattt tcatttttgt tttagtgcct ctgacaatat tttgtgtctc     36060
     aggaatctgc aatgtgattt tgaagcaaag tcttcttttg tgtcaatcag tgtcaatgtt     36120
     aaaaaaatgg catcatattt acagaattac aaaataataa ttagaaagat tggatagtgt     36180
     gggaagaaga cagtaaaaaa ccttacttct tgtgaaaggc atgagaacac gggcaaactc     36240
     ctagttcatc tcggcttcga aattcctcca ggcaaaccgc acaggtctgc tacagagtga     36300
     aagagaaaga atgaaaaaaa gagagacagc cggagggctt tgttctcatt tatatccgtt     36360
     tacatatcag caacagctca aagtattgtt actccaactt tggtggttga ctgaaaatat     36420
     aatgaaggtt ggagagggaa aagaatcctc atgttacaga atggtcaaat ttgcttttta     36480
     taaaattaag ggtaatgctg atgaagtaaa agactgcctg gactttctat tttgtttagt     36540
     gtttcataaa aaaaagatta taccagatta gaatgacaaa acttaagttt tattgtattt     36600
     tagatttgtc tttggttact tactccgaga agactcaact ttttccctgg gccttttaga     36660
     acaacctgta agagaaagag gcatttaata aaaaaaaata aaaatgtaaa aactgataaa     36720
     aatagatatg ttgttttaat tttacaccag tgttatgcta aatgacatca attttaaata     36780
     aaaaataagt ttgaaacttt tgtaacatca aattaaaaag tattgacatt gacaaggtaa     36840
     taaattacct cattatatcc atattgttct tgtgttccct gtcgtctgag tctgtgaaac     36900
     aaaaacatga cattgttccg ttacacatag caatgcttct ctttctattt tgtcagtact     36960
     tcagttttct gcactgcagt ttttttatct gactacttgc acactgtaaa attgatagta     37020
     aaaacagcag actttgaata ttatagaata ttatgactat aatatatata atattataat     37080
     attatataat atagcagact ttgccaaaaa tttacagcta aattgtttta cggtggacta     37140
     ctgtatttta ttaatttagt gttgtatacc aaatatttta aagcactgtt gcacaagtaa     37200
     atctgaaaca atgataatga gaaagccata taatgaacca catttcatta caaacaactt     37260
     atctgcaagc agataaaaac actaatacag tatatagaat ataccaggtt acggatattt     37320
     tctgtagcaa ttttacagtt tttttaacca ttgaaatctc agccattact gtttttattg     37380
     ttgtattatt aaaccatttg aatttttaat atcttggcat tttgtttacc tataacagac     37440
     agacaaacat atagacagac atacagatag actgactgat tgattgattg atttaccgtt     37500
     gaaatctcag ccattttcta ttacggtttt attaccgtat tattaaacca tatgtatttt     37560
     ttctatcttg gcatatttgt ttacctataa acagacagac acacacacag acagacagag     37620
     agtgacagac agacagacac acaggtagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     37680
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagacagac agacagacag     37740
     acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag     37800
     acagacagac agacagacag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agaaagacag     37860
     acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag aaagacagtc atgtagatag     37920
     acagccagac agacagacaa acagaacgac agacagactc agctagccag ccagacagac     37980
     agacagatag aaagacaaac agacagacag acagatagtt acctgaacag gtagcaacag     38040
     aagatcatgc tcaacatgaa gatgaagagg ccgatcccaa gaatgatgag atagacgttg     38100
     agtggaagac gaccggtgat gtctgcggtc attttgcaga gtgtgtctat agtctgtgtc     38160
     acaaaagcat gctgcaagag aacaaacgac accatgcatt tgtcaaacat accccctaaa     38220
     gtttataatg agagtcatgg cattcatttt ggaatagcat ccgcttttac atcatctttt     38280
     attatcataa aaaagaatgc acgattcaaa tgtactaaaa gcacaaccac tgacttcgtc     38340
     acttatacgt catgaatcag ttatgtgagt aggtggcata tttctctctc tgtcagaccc     38400
     ttgaaagaca acacacatca ctgtgattct catgtgtacg cttctcagtg gcccctgcat     38460
     gcatattgca tactgtgagc ctgcggactg tcctcgtgtt tctcaactcc atgtaacact     38520
     gctctcattg ttggacctcg ccgagcagca tgaacttttc actgtaatac atcttttaaa     38580
     agcgaaaaac aagagatgtc acactggtgt tggatcatgt ctcgattgtc tttgacagct     38640
     aaccacaaca ggtttttgtt tgaaagttca gtatttacag tatagattgt acttgagatc     38700
     tttccgtcat gaaaatgatg agggtaggat ccaatttaac agggttcatg taaaaaaatt     38760
     ccttgtagtt tgtaaaaatc acaccaaagc aatacagctg ctcagtttaa tacatgatct     38820
     ttaaatgtaa cacacactta tgctcacttt aaaaagaaat gtacagtaaa aaacatatcc     38880
     aagtgttcta gaaatcctct aaaagtcctt gtgggtacca agttgacttt cggcttaagc     38940
     tacttcatcg catgtgggag tttttccaga acagtgaata ttattcagac aacaggggct     39000
     taacttatat cctgaggcaa tgtgttaata gcaacacaaa ctcaacatga tgttgcaatg     39060
     gctttaacag tcatctttga acctaaattg atttagctcc ctatgaaatg acagaatgaa     39120
     tactgccctg ggctttcttg caaagtgtta atgtctgtcg tacagtatga tgggtaatat     39180
     tttctgacca aacactaaaa acaaacatgt gcactttatt gtgcaattca attgcttatt     39240
     attagtattg ttgagtaaca attgtcttca taaataaagt atttttttta tttaacattg     39300
     taattaattt gtgatttcta tataaattaa tagattttta aaggttattt tagtatttta     39360
     gttagaaaaa aatatttttc atgttaaatg ttttatttat caatatattt ttgtaataac     39420
     cctggaatta aattttcagt catcaaaaca ataaaaaata cagtataaaa catttaattg     39480
     ttttgctcct gtgtattagt gtgcttttta acttgtattt ataaacaatc gctgtgcagc     39540
     ctactaatta attgtgattt ttaaaccttt atacattttt taagctttga attaaatatt     39600
     tatatataca ctgtttatat atacactgtt tttcaagtga tgggttgcag ctggaagggc     39660
     atccgctgcg taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcagttc attctgctgt ggtgtccctg     39720
     gattaataaa gggactaagc tgaaaagaaa atgaatgaat ggatatatac actgtaaaaa     39780
     aatcctgctt gccttaaatt tttaagctga atcaaattaa cctcatgagt ccattgaact     39840
     cttattatgt taaactgact taaaacagct tgcatacctt gtaaaaagtg agaagataat     39900
     taacttagtt taataagtta caatgaacta aaagtatatg ctgttatgac taattgatca     39960
     tatatttttt acagtgtaga atcatttatg ttttttacat atattcctta ctctgtcatt     40020
     ttaagaaaca aaagtagaca tatgctaata tgcttcccat gtatgtatca catttgcaaa     40080
     tttaatttga agtgacagca aaatgtgaag tcttgtcttt aataattata taaaatgtat     40140
     gtaaaagctc atgcagtttg atgcaattag ttataaagat ttcagtattg aaactagggc     40200
     tgaactatat atcgtttgag tagggctggg ccgataaaca atatggaatc acaataaaat     40260
     gtatgtcaat aacaatgata agatctggac gtttttagtg tacaatgatc tacaagccag     40320
     taacatgtgc aacaatggga atttaaaagt gtgctgatat tggagatgta tcaaattttt     40380
     ggccaccgaa agttaaattt ttgtggcttc agtcattgtt gggaactctt aaatctggaa     40440
     gcattaccaa ctgatatcaa aatgtatacc gttatcattc aatatggaaa ataattatcg     40500
     agattgcatt tttgccatat cgcccagccc tacgcttgag catcaatatc gcaatgtgtc     40560
     tatctgcaat aggttggatt atttattaaa gattaaaaga taaagatatt gttattttaa     40620
     gtcatttata cagcaatgac catgtaattt acatttgatt gtttattttc tgtacttgaa     40680
     tactgttagt ctcttggaaa accataatgc tctgtttgtt tatttatttt tgcttgtaat     40740
     ttattgtatt ttatgcagat gcactgcata gaaaatgagt tcattgtctc agtcaatata     40800
     aatgattgaa atcctcccaa atagagctat taaaattgaa attatattca tatcacaata     40860
     aatatcgcag caaaacaaaa tattcccatc tcagatattt tcaatattgt gcagccttac     40920
     ttaaaaccta tactttaact ctagttagac tacaactttt aaatgtttaa aaaacaaagc     40980
     aaaatcaatg ctgttttagg gccagcagtt cctaatggag tgacaagtac ttaaacagtt     41040
     taacaatgat ttaaagacta ttcaggacta tttaaactgt gttacagcat ttcactccct     41100
     ttagatgcaa gtaaagaatt caatatccta ttatctgacc attctttttt cagcaaatta     41160
     taagagagcg agagggagca tttggcagcg agattgaagc ctggccaatt gtctgtgcat     41220
     aaagacagac acgagtggtg caccctttct gccataaagc caccatctgg tccatccatg     41280
     agggtttgag ggggaggcag gagatgggaa ggcctcacca acccaggcag gaagcaccat     41340
     ttggggtgaa aacaataaca accaacctcg ggggttgaat cctgccatac aaccacacaa     41400
     tagacacaga cacaaagtgt gtcttttcaa cttcaggtca aggcagaaag cgagtgccaa     41460
     tagggagaaa ggtaaaaagg cttgggtttt caggtgctag taatataagg aggatttcgg     41520
     ttaaacatta ataggaagcc agtgggaggg tcgagggctc tgtgaataac acatggttag     41580
     gcagccgttc ggattatgta gcaactagaa atgaagagag gaagaagagg aggagggggt     41640
     tatgaatcat actcaccgtt acaccattgg ataggtgcaa gattgctcca ctatactaga     41700
     tgatcctgca agttgtgtcc aaagaggcag tgttgaaacc aggtcaaagg agtgggatga     41760
     tcccctcact caataataca agtttatact cccaaaactc ctaccataag agcatgagtt     41820
     tgaatcttca acgcctctgg ttaacacatt accatcaccc accagcgcct cactgggaaa     41880
     tggaagaagg cagagtgatt ttgttttctt tgtgttgaaa cattcacaaa gccaagtcag     41940
     tcattgtcga gacctgtgta aacacgggca gatatcaaca cctacttctt gatatctcaa     42000
     atgctttgtg cagccacagg cgaggttaaa aaccaagcgc tctgtttttc cagcatcgtg     42060
     atccaaactg cagcagagaa tacgaaagat tggcagtgtg gtttcatgtc aacaacggat     42120
     cacgcttgac gtgaagttgc tgtcattggc gtttttcatt ttgcacctct ctgtagagtc     42180
     acgataacaa aacagtgaga gagaaaatgc acattgtcta caaggctcac cccttcctct     42240
     attgtcgtca gtcactttcc tctatagtct tcttgctcaa gattctcacc ctcacgttag     42300
     agttaaccgt tttccccggt aacaaaggag gaggaagagc agtggcagta cagccgtggt     42360
     gaaagcagcc cattcaaaac tgtgtcttcc tcaaaccatc tgctctgctg agacacaaag     42420
     gaaaaaaacg cattttccag acaaagtgat gagattccag tgcgtttcct gtcgtctttt     42480
     ccagcagctc tgtctccacg taatggtgcc gatgacttct ctcctgctca gtttgtaaac     42540
     agatctgtgc tcatgtgatt cgctgtctgg atcacagctc tcctttcacc cgccccctcc     42600
     tcgctctccc cctctccctt tctatcctgc actctctctc tttctctcta ttcctcctac     42660
     ttctctctag ctgaaggcta ttaggaggtg acagtggcca ggcgagcaga cagcaggccg     42720
     agtctgagtt tctctgatga ggctctttgg atagacaggg ctgggagggg aatgagggtt     42780
     gattcacttt gcttgacagg cagtcacgaa aacagcaaga gacaacagag gggaaacagt     42840
     cagagagcga agggaataat aggatagagc agaacagaat ccgaggatgt tttgctagca     42900
     atgctgccaa tgagaaaaaa aaaaacccta aatatgtaca tgtgacacaa gcagtgatgt     42960
     cagtgctttc gtcacacagg gaatcaaatg tgaaaaatag ataaaggtaa ttccatagtt     43020
     ttagtcaaca gattgtgtgg gtgtctttgg ggaaatatac aacaagaaat tctcgttaca     43080
     tcagtgttta attaaaaggt gttttgataa atctccctac tgtgagattg agcaatcaat     43140
     gcatgtgtgg cattatgcta aaaccacaaa aatgatttgt cagtttgaaa gtcagggaaa     43200
     gtgaaaggtg acagtaggat ttaaaagata tgtgacctag ttttacaaac ctccatcaat     43260
     aaagtcttaa cataaatcat tcttcttgga aatcatctaa tattttaaag tgaaaatagt     43320
     gtttcctcaa ggattttttc cagctgtgca gtgcagtatt acaagttgac atcgcattca     43380
     tgtaatgcga gcatgcaaat ctctttgctt gcgcgccgac tttctctatt agtgcacaaa     43440
     acttcttgca caccctcaaa tatacgctgc tcaagtgcat tttcttcttt aaaaaaacat     43500
     tgctaaagtg tgatttagtt tttgtaacta gtatgtctcc aacatttatt agattggctt     43560
     ggaatatgtc tccaataaac ctacagagtg gtaataatgt gtcctgaagt taagtgaaac     43620
     gtctctaaaa cccaatcaaa atgaagtcat tgtttgcagc accatagacc tttatctata     43680
     aagtgtaatc atagaaactg tgttcatctt aactgaaagc tacatcgtgt ttgctggcct     43740
     cacgcatcgc gcacctgcca gtcagtcagc acgtaacctt aaagggttga acaaagaacg     43800
     cacagcacta ctacggttac agaaatgttc gcgctgttat aattcactta ccttttaata     43860
     cgctttggtg cgattataac ccgctattaa aaaaacacta ctgaatgttt tgaatgagat     43920
     gctgtaatgt agccgtggcg ggatgaattt tggtgtggca ctgcaccatg gaagaatgaa     43980
     tgtagcggaa accatggtgt aaatattact tgaataccat tgtgctaaaa tgtactatta     44040
     tatccagttg tttttttctt gctccagggc tttagttcgt atggcattgt gccatggctt     44100
     gcatgacttt accaagacca acaataacca ttttatacac taaactcatg ttaaatgtaa     44160
     tataggtgtt attattgaaa atgtgtattt tattacttat aaattgctac aaaaatgctg     44220
     ggttccaaca caattccttc atgatatctc aacacaaatt gattaagtta acttaagagt     44280
     ttttacatct ttaagtgaat tgaacataaa acaattatat tgtcctgcca acttaagaat     44340
     tgtggtgttt gaaaaaaatt aaataagtag caaaagtcat tttttgagtg ccttattata     44400
     cattattatt atacaaatgg tgctcaatta gctttactaa agtagtagta gtagcaggcc     44460
     cggattggct aatcgggagg accgggagca ttcccggtgg gccggtccgt tttttggccg     44520
     cgagggccgg tgtccctagt tccagaatcg gttgctctca gcagtcatca cactttttaa     44580
     aaataattta tttatttact tgaccacagc cttcttattc attattttac cgcagctctg     44640
     ctcttttgat ctattttctc gtagcctagt gagcaggatg caagttaatg atgatataac     44700
     tagataagtc accgttttac atacagctgt tgcggtacag tggttagtat gtttgattat     44760
     gacgcggcca acctgggttc ggtccttgtc tgagtaacaa tttttttttt ttcattttta     44820
     ttgttaagac atatatatac tgtaagggtt gttgaacatt tgaagttcta aaagtgctgt     44880
     tttctcaaaa aaagacgtga tagtgtaatt agaaactgaa ttggaaataa ccttatttta     44940
     atatagtcag tggtgaattg aggtgggctg gtctgaggct tgaaactcca gggctgaaaa     45000
     agagtcccac tccggccctg agtagtagta gtaaacttta ttgtccttga caggaaattt     45060
     gctatgggca tcaccatatt gttgcagacc tttcattgta caataaaaac aatgcaaagt     45120
     tacaataaat ataatgctaa ttaagataaa ctcttgttaa ataaacccac tgaacctggt     45180
     acaaattatt tcttatatgg gttcagacta tactttagga ctctatatct cctaccagag     45240
     ggaagcagtt cataatgtgg taacaaaaaa tctgttagat catttagaat cctttccacc     45300
     tgattaagga cacaattctc atacaaaact tgaggattaa aatattcatc gtgcccaaca     45360
     gttttccaaa ctgtaatatt ccattaatac attaatataa aattgtttat tttcttctca     45420
     ttgagcaaat catgctttca tgtgaacttt tgatacacat ttaagattct aattttacat     45480
     ttgcttcaaa tacagtggat gtaaatcagc tcaccgtaaa ctgcctgttt atgccaaagg     45540
     agaagatcat aatgacaaaa tcgttccaaa atgaaagaaa gaacaccaca gcactgctat     45600
     agacacaaaa gaatagcatt aaaagaatca acccaggctc ttggtgatta cataccttgg     45660
     tatacatttt tagaggtggc aaaatactta gcatgagacc acacagaggt aagcggtcag     45720
     ctaagcacga taagaaatgg catcataccg ccccgtagca ttcgttttaa aaatgaaatg     45780
     cagtcatacg tatttctggc tacataattt gcaatctcca gaaatgtttg tagggctaca     45840
     ttttcagaat gaacctttgt tggaaaaggt agtttagaag ctgattccat cagtcaaaac     45900
     tatcatccat tgataattgc gagcatttaa agaagcagat gacaaaactg tgcatggctt     45960
     aaataaacag aaaggtatat tctactgtac actctaatat agttatcttt atagttatca     46020
     cacgtggtgc aaacaggtct tatctgggca tgtgatcaaa tgtcaatgaa ggatccactt     46080
     tatcttatca atgaccattt agtgtttcac aaggatcagt actctggcca cttttatttt     46140
     tcaccaacta aataatcatt ttatcatgtc tcatggtttc tttctattgt cagttttagg     46200
     cactaatcct ctatttatcc acgctctgac aaccaggtac cctcacaaat cattgcatgc     46260
     ttggcaatca tctctgtctg gatgaacgcc catcatctga agctgaaatg atcaaaaacc     46320
     aagctgttgt tcaatcaagc caaaaagcac ccttgccaag gccttgtcat ctcagtagac     46380
     aagtcggcaa tctcacccac acagaaagca aaatatcttt gtgtcaaact ggacaatgac     46440
     ctgttagccg aaaacctcat actaaccaca aatttctcct ataaaacagt ggcactggtt     46500
     gctcttgtaa ctctttcaac taccttttgg caggcatccc agcatgtgca atcaaacctc     46560
     tgtagctcag ctgatattaa aacttctcaa gtcacatcca tgcctcgtct catgcatgac     46620
     ttcctatcct tgctcaaagc aatgtcctac cattcgcttt catgcaatcc tccacaattt     46680
     tagtgaacag ttcttacaga aaccactttt ctgatgaacg ttttaccatt ccctactaaa     46740
     atagtacttg tttgtgagtg taagctgtgt agaatctgca tttaggttta gtaataaccc     46800
     tatttgtggg cggtgcagtg agtagcgctg ttgcttcaca gcaagaaggt cgctggttcg     46860
     agccctggct gggtcagttg gcttttctgt gtgaagtttg catgttttct ccgtgttcac     46920
     ttggggttga attgggtagt aaattgtccg tagtgtatgt gtgtatgtca tggtccaagt     46980
     ttggggttga gcgttggtct aacaacccac ctcgtaaaaa ttcgatgtta cgaaatacag     47040
     ccatgatgtt gcagccaaaa atcaacttcg atataaatgg ctctggaagt aagagtaata     47100
     gccctatttg tacgcaaagc actttattta tagcatatag cttgacaaat agcatgcctg     47160
     ccatccttta atcacaatgg tctcatattt aatcctaaca cacttttgtt ggtaattata     47220
     cagtacatat aagaatctgt taaatatctt acattacagt cagtgttaat aatgtcattt     47280
     gaacagttct tttacttcca cacttttgat ttgcttggca cacttgtatc aaaaaagttt     47340
     tagtaggcat ttagtcattc gatcgacact aatttgtctt tattgcttag caaaacataa     47400
     caagaggtaa tttcaacctg agagtacatt gtgtatctta aaacagatgc ttaatagttt     47460
     cttgtacagt ataaaaatga ccatttgagc agcaaatggg ctctatgcac agctagagtt     47520
     ttaaagtcaa tgataaacct ccggcaaaag cctaatgtga ctattttcaa tttcacaagg     47580
     ttgtttttac agcctcgaag ttgtaattta attacaaagg attcattcta aatagactta     47640
     agcattcatt tagttgttca agagatgagt cagtagcaac aggctagcac agaaattcca     47700
     ttgaaaatac tggagtaaaa taaacggtca tattttaaag ccatggcggg ggggaatgga     47760
     atttaatgca gtgcttcttg tctaatctga gacccacttc atattgtata tctaacaggc     47820
     agtgaagatc gctgattttt aaagaaatta gaccttaaac gtgccaattt tataatggaa     47880
     agacatttca tcggaagccc ttgggctgcc tggctgaaaa ttaaaagtct gtgtgcatgt     47940
     agcgcattca caacctacaa agaaaagctt ataaaaacaa gaaaaccctt cagtacataa     48000
     tccaagtaga aatgtcaatg tcatacgcaa acatgtttcc cataaagaaa acaaaaaatt     48060
     taggaaaaca aattgtatat aatgaaactg tataaaactg tataatagaa tgaaacaccc     48120
     cattttcccc tacaaacttt cttatttgcc ttaacagtca ccgaaatctt ttgaatacag     48180
     gtcccattta tttaatcgac tgtacaaggg agtgttttcg acctctctgt acaagcaaac     48240
     acctgtgacg cggttccact ccagtctggg aatgacgctc ttgatgccat tacaagttgc     48300
     aagaacctcc ttttcttcat tttccaaagc cacaaagcca aagaagtttt tgacacagtc     48360
     agccgcattg tatttagcat gtatttcagc tgtacgctgg aaaatagctc gctcgtttgc     48420
     acgatattga gtccagtatg cctcctgctg atagccaaga gtagagcagc agctttttag     48480
     acagaggagc agaaagacag aaagcgaaac aattccaacc agcaaccatc ccaacagcta     48540
     gaagagagag agagaaagca aaagttatgc atatcatatt aaaaagacaa ttctacaaag     48600
     tattgattta atcagagaaa gattgtgata tgtacctggg attcatactg tagctggcgt     48660
     tcaatcactt tagtgtaaat agtatacgga tcaggtacat ccttacatgg aaactgggcc     48720
     atgatttcta cagtctttgt agttataggg aaatgatcca gtgtagaggg gtcaacaaac     48780
     tcactgaaag cacacacata cgcctcccct ctcaggagag aaataacaga ccaagtgatg     48840
     ggggcaacaa tggctctgcc catgatggat cccatcagaa cagaagcagc agtcagcgtt     48900
     aatttccggc atcctctggt gcgacattca gacaccaaat cccaggtgct tcgattaagt     48960
     atcaatccaa tgacgaagaa agtcagtgct ggtacaccga tggctgccat accgtacagg     49020
     taattcttct tcggcgaaca tggacagtta aatgcaaaaa tgttgtatgc tgtctgactg     49080
     gccactgtcc ctaaacctat cagcccattg aagatc                               49116