EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL606751; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 104334 BP.
AC   AL606751;
DT   15-SEP-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 23)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-173A8 in linkage group 1 Contains a
DE   novel gene similar to human and mouse ITSN1 (intersectin, SH3 domain
DE   protein).
KW   HTG; intersectin; ITSN1; SH3.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-104334
RA   Pandian R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; f2362bda6cd34e9ff3ec01a1f8d88e1a.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-173A8. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-173A8 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-173A8 is at 104334 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-173A8 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..104334
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-173A8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..101542
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-173A8"
FT   mRNA            join(24328..24386,28995..29090,35718..35781,36540..36700,
FT                   38713..38829,38924..39002,39388..39497,40157..40220,
FT                   40505..40642,43793..43902,46292..46554,48204..48353,
FT                   50406..50546,51524..51611,53191..53330,63895..64004,
FT                   64452..64548,64664..64897,66933..67252,67447..67618,
FT                   68511..68716,68853..68974,70569..70735,70866..70911,
FT                   71094..71215,71362..71485,73161..73352,73986..74915)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ173A8.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human intersectin (SH3
FT                   domain protein, ITSN1)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF064243.1 Em:AF114488.1
FT                   Em:AF127798.1 Em:AF132478.1 Em:AF132672.1 Em:U61166.1"
FT   mRNA            join(24328..24386,28995..29090,35718..35781,36540..36700,
FT                   38713..38829,38924..39002,39388..39497,40157..40220,
FT                   40505..40642,43793..43902,46292..46554,48204..48353,
FT                   50406..50546,51524..51611,53191..53330,63895..64004,
FT                   64452..64548,64664..64897,66933..67252,67447..67618,
FT                   68511..68716,68853..68974,70569..70735,70866..70911,
FT                   71094..71215,71362..71485,73161..73352,80049..80170,
FT                   82505..82611,83095..83278,84953..85051,86029..86196,
FT                   87787..87999,88245..88366,90657..90739,90822..90905,
FT                   92955..93128,93357..93505)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ173A8.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human intersectin (SH3
FT                   domain protein, ITSN1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI853008 Em:BE952536"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF032118.1 Em:AF064244.1
FT                   Em:AF114487.1 Em:AF132481.1 Em:AF182198.1 Em:BC013578.1"
FT   CDS             join(24359..24386,28995..29090,35718..35781,36540..36700,
FT                   38713..38829,38924..39002,39388..39497,40157..40220,
FT                   40505..40642,43793..43902,46292..46554,48204..48353,
FT                   50406..50546,51524..51611,53191..53330,63895..64004,
FT                   64452..64548,64664..64897,66933..67252,67447..67618,
FT                   68511..68716,68853..68974,70569..70735,70866..70911,
FT                   71094..71215,71362..71485,73161..73352,73986..73987)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ173A8.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003617"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human intersectin (SH3
FT                   domain protein, ITSN1)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFT5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000261"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018247"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFT5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43427.1"
FT   CDS             join(24359..24386,28995..29090,35718..35781,36540..36700,
FT                   38713..38829,38924..39002,39388..39497,40157..40220,
FT                   40505..40642,43793..43902,46292..46554,48204..48353,
FT                   50406..50546,51524..51611,53191..53330,63895..64004,
FT                   64452..64548,64664..64897,66933..67252,67447..67618,
FT                   68511..68716,68853..68974,70569..70735,70866..70911,
FT                   71094..71215,71362..71485,73161..73352,80049..80170,
FT                   82505..82611,83095..83278,84953..85051,86029..86196,
FT                   87787..87999,88245..88366,90657..90739,90822..90905,
FT                   92955..93128,93357..93505)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ173A8.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003616"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human intersectin (SH3
FT                   domain protein, ITSN1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q15811 Sw:Q15811 Sw:Q15811
FT                   Sw:Q15811 Sw:Q9WVE9 Sw:Q9WVE9 Sw:Q9Z0R4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFT4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000008"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000219"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000261"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001331"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018247"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFT4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43428.1"
FT   misc_feature    45234..45307
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    49391..49470
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   polyA_site      74915
SQ   Sequence 104334 BP; 32086 A; 18885 C; 19510 G; 33853 T; 0 other;
     gatccattcg gatcagggtg ccaacttcga gagccaactc atacgtgaac tactggaagt        60
     cgctggtgtg aaaaagtcta gaacaactgc ttatcacccc atgggcaatg gccatgttga       120
     acgttttaat aggaccctgg gtagcatgat taggtcatta cctccaagga acaagcaaaa       180
     gtggccgcaa atgttgcaaa ctctgacctt tgcctataac tgcacagccc acgagtcaac       240
     tggctatgcg cctttttatc taatgtatgg cagaattcct aagcttccag tggatgtgat       300
     gttcagtagc atagaaagag actgtgccat tgctgattat gatacttatg tgaaacgtct       360
     aagggatgac ttgaaagaag ctttgtctct tgctcaaatg aattctgaag ccagtcaaaa       420
     acggcaagcg gacttgtaca acaagaagac aaaaggatgc aggattgaag ttggtgacca       480
     ggttttgttg gcgaacaaag gtgaacgggg acggagaaaa ctagctgaca agtgggactc       540
     cacaccttat gtcgttgttg atcttaaccc tcagtgtcac acataccgca tccgtaacac       600
     ccataatggg ttagagaaga cagttcatag aaacctgctt cttcaagcta acttcttgcc       660
     aattgagact gaaggagttg aaccctcatt cagtgatgac tgtgaactag atgattgtag       720
     cagtgcattg agtggcgctc taacaccatc gtctgcttgt agtcatgcag atcgtactgc       780
     tagttgggtt gcagagacat tagtcccaga tgatgtccca gacagtgtac ctattgacac       840
     agagagtgtt ctgtcattgg tagtgaaccc cgaagcttct aggacttgtc tttctatagt       900
     gcagtctgac accttaagtt gtgaagatgt catggttcat tctgaagtga caaaaactca       960
     ttcagagaca gactcactgg tatcaaacag agctttgact aggggtgcaa atacctctga      1020
     atctgttgtt ttgtcttcca gtagagttac acttccagtt aggactaggg tcggaagact      1080
     tgtgaagcct gtaaataggt taattcaaaa catgactcag aatgtgagaa tgacaagttc      1140
     agtcagtgag tttgcgaaat ctttattgtc ataagtcctg ataatcatag gataaaatcc      1200
     tttttcttgt agaatcttat cttttgagtc aatttctcac agtgtgtgga attctgagtt      1260
     ttcaagtcac tgtcttgttg aggtcaatat gatggtgttt tgggcaccat tatagcaagt      1320
     gcgtcttagt aggcctgatc aacctgtttg gaccacttac cctgttaggt gggaagcata      1380
     tatgctgctg tgacttgcgt attaaatgac agttgagttt ctcagataaa tactagttaa      1440
     attaattttt ttttcctaat tgaatgctta ctttgaggtg caagttttgt gaagttcaga      1500
     ggggagtatg tagctgagct aataagtata aaatatacca atgcaaatta ttagtgaact      1560
     tcatcaaaac tttactttta attacttttg ttttatattt tcttttctta atcataatgt      1620
     tttgtatata gttttgatag agatgttttt tatgcggaac catgttggca aatgtttatg      1680
     gagagcacat attagtggcg cacacagcaa ctcatgcggt gtgtgggcag gcagcgccat      1740
     cttcagtgtt gaattcgccg ctggctgaga tggttgcatg ttctctcgct ctgctaacgc      1800
     gagcctggta aggattttca agcgagttca ctgagttatt ttatgtgaca gtgaatgtat      1860
     aaacgtgata aaactatgat gtatcgaaga tgaatgtaaa taatcacatt ttgagtgctt      1920
     aaagtgactt tcctttctaa ttggcagagt ggaaaaagag agagacattt cagcatataa      1980
     ttgtgctctc tgtgttttta caggtatgtt tattgtgttt tgttaagtga tgtttgaaat      2040
     ctaattatac aagttgtgta aaatgaggtc tgtttgcaaa gcaatataat tttgcatata      2100
     ttcatgtatt ttatagtgtt aaatgtttat ttgtgtatct tttctgatat ttgacactat      2160
     ttttcgttct attgctcact aatgtagtga ccagtgaaac attatattcc ttttacaact      2220
     tatctgatgt atactataat gtttattctt tactgctagt ttttgtggtc tatttatttg      2280
     tatttatttt cttttaccta ttgtttttgt caatttgttg gctattatta atgcaaagag      2340
     tgttgaattc gccgctggct gagatggttg catgttctct cgctctgcta acgcgagcct      2400
     gagtggaaaa agagagagac atttcagcat attattgtgc tctctgtgtt tttacagaat      2460
     aaaccaaact tgagacctcc aacgccgctg ttgtcttatt gggaaaaaac acacacaacc      2520
     agagtaaaac tgctacacaa agacatgcgg tacaggttaa ttgggtagac taaattgtcc      2580
     gtagtgtatg agtgtgcgtg aatgagtgtt tgtggatgtt tcccagagat gggttgcggc      2640
     tggaagggca tccgctgctt aaaaacgtgc tggataaatt ggcggttcat tctgctgtgg      2700
     cgaccccaga ataataaagg gactaagccg acaagaaaat gaatgaatga ataatgtata      2760
     ttttttctct ttgacccata cacagatttt aaaaatgaca taaaaataaa tccaacagat      2820
     actgtgaaag ctctcaccgt ctcctgtaag acaaacttga catcttcttg gtctcctggt      2880
     ttgcagtaaa gtcccttcat ggcaattcta gctgtattta aatagactta tgcccactta      2940
     acaggtaata caagtaatag caacaacctg aattccgtaa tactttatat tgaaataata      3000
     cttgaatgtc atttaatgca tgctttaaat cttttctgct aactcaaaaa ctcaaggtcc      3060
     aaatcaaccg gaatacgtca tccttgtaaa gcctctaagc tattgttttc ccttctataa      3120
     ctggcgtgtc tctgttaaaa acgccaagat cggggataaa atatctgcat ctgttatgat      3180
     gtataatata tatttgcctg tagctgactg actgcggtag tgttttgttc atttcctgca      3240
     cgtgactcga aatgagtgac gtagggtgag tcgaaatgga aacgggtaga gaggacaacg      3300
     acaaacgcca cgatgtgtgg gagattatgt tagataatcg cttggatatt catccattca      3360
     ttatttggct tagtcccttt attaatctgt tgtcgcgaca gcggaatgag ccgccaacct      3420
     atccagcata tgttttatgc agcaagaaaa tcactgagaa acacttggat atttacacca      3480
     aataatgtca agtcaataaa ccctaataac atatcaataa attgcgacgt ttcatacgtg      3540
     acacttaata aaaaaatgac aatgacgtca tgggaaattc acaaggcaca atattaactt      3600
     aaaaaaaaaa tgtaaatata aattatttat ttaaaataat taacacgcac acctggggga      3660
     aacatttgta ataattattt ttgtagtata atttctatgc aaaaaaaaat tcacagaata      3720
     acttatgtaa taatcattta ttaattttcc ttaggcttag ctagtccctt attaatcagg      3780
     ggtcgccata gcggaatgaa ccgacagcta ttctggcata tgagttttat gcagcagatg      3840
     cccttccagc cgcaacccat tactgggatt agttggtggt tcattctgct gtggcgacct      3900
     ctgaataata aaggaactaa gccaaaaaga aaattaatga attataggac tttgtgacct      3960
     ggacgccctt caaaatagtt ttacaattta cacattagat tgttgaaatt aataataaaa      4020
     aaaacttaac atcattagaa atttagaagc tccagtaatt tttatattcc tgtgttttgc      4080
     ttttacttca gtttttaaat aaatgacaaa ttaaaataaa ataaaactta aatcttaatt      4140
     taagccattt tatcttatag tgaacctgat tttttcttac tttagaaaat catctggaaa      4200
     tttactgagg cctttagtgg gccccaaaca caaaagaaga tattctgaag aaagctggaa      4260
     actggtaacc gttgacttcc atagtatttg tttgtttttt tttctactat ggaactcaat      4320
     ggttaccgaa tttcagcatt cttcaaaata tcttgtttta agttcagcaa aaaataaaat      4380
     aaaataataa taataaaata aataaaaagg gtttagaacc aagtgaaggc aagaaaataa      4440
     tgagtaaatg tttatttttg gccaaactat ccctttaaga ttctacttaa tgcagtaaac      4500
     agaagcgcta tcgggttatt atgcattttg acaacctttc taaggatatc ttttaaattc      4560
     gtttttgttc tttttttctc tttttgttta ttgctaatgt cacatgtatt tatttattta      4620
     tttatttatt tatttattta tcttgttttc acgttttaga tattattatt ttttgtatta      4680
     catttttatt aattattatt attatcttgt aaaagatata aaagtgctat tattagcatt      4740
     attttttatt aattattata tttttatgaa ttattattat tattttattg taagagatat      4800
     ataagtgcta tgggttaatt tgggccgcat agcgccctct atgtgcagta aacaggcaga      4860
     ctcggacgcc ccaatgacgt ccgcacgttt cattttcccc cttttacttc actactagcg      4920
     aagctgcaca gaggaaacga ggagccacac aagcagcagc caaataacgc ctggaattta      4980
     cctcgagcgt caaaaaagga cagaagagcc tccgcctgtc acctcatgcc cctttaagtt      5040
     agttgattcc ctcgcagagt gctggagtca taatggaaac tgaatgatga ggtaagaaga      5100
     ctgtttttga gctcgggccg attgtccttt ttatgacagt gactgcggga ggaggaggag      5160
     gaggaatctg taggatttca gggcgcgctt cgtctccata cactagcata tgctctgcaa      5220
     cggtcactcc aacggtcatt tccattcaga aaccgcatca ataagtacaa tagtcattta      5280
     ttcataaaaa caggcctctg taagctcccc ttctcctcgc cgagattgca gctaacgtta      5340
     aacctctgct ctgatttact ggtttagtta gcacacttgc taacggctgc tgctgctggt      5400
     atgtttttat cagtgacagc agctcaaaaa ctgcacctct gtggtaaaac acagggatat      5460
     agtggattat ttggacctcg agagggctga ggacatgtgt gttacatgta ggatgtagaa      5520
     agagtgagtt tggtcagtga agaccaccag ctcatcttct cacatggctg caggtctcat      5580
     ctgtagcact tgcatatgga gatgctcaag tgtgcatgat gatgacgact ccatcttttc      5640
     tccagtgcac atgtgtgttt gtgtgtatgc atactagcca ggagaaacat gggttattat      5700
     cctgtgatta tgtctggtga ttaaggctca gatcctgtag tgcagtctgg cagtggattt      5760
     gggtgctttg tctttaagcc acagtcctgt atagtatgta aacactgtca gattggaggg      5820
     tggtttacga gatcttatga gctgtgcagc tggagacttt ccctcaggtc aggctggtct      5880
     taaacctgtt cagctcctgg tttatacacg cgttccttga tcacaggact taagcggtag      5940
     acttgaaatg tgacctcaca aactgatcta aggttagatt tttggttgct aggatgtacc      6000
     cgggtattca aatatgacag gcccaagtgc tgtagaagtg caaccaacgt tgatcaaaat      6060
     tttaagcact attgaagaat gttttgtgtt tgtaattgtg tttaaagtct ttataatatt      6120
     caaatgtaaa tctaacattg ttaatattaa aatgaaatat gtctaaacat tacccagact      6180
     gtcatagtca ctctaatgta aatgagaaag catatctgca tattattatc aggcttttat      6240
     tgaggcatgc caatttatat ttgtagatgt atgaattcat ttacaaatat caattgacag      6300
     gcctccaaaa aggaaactta tttattagag tcttcaaaca accaatgaaa taaataacat      6360
     ttggcagaat aatggaattt tattagaggg cctgaaattt tttctatgca accgcaaaat      6420
     atatttggga gcatttgtgc gagtgcataa aattgttatc gtgctaccag ttttcacagc      6480
     aaaaaaacac caaacgcagc gctcgggaat ggtttaaaat agttgacatg tcaacttgct      6540
     gcaggaaaca aagcccccat tgcttgtccc accttcaagc tcttcttatt ggcccactgc      6600
     gttagaacat aaggcgatta gattggttaa catcagctct taattactca gtttcgatga      6660
     catcgagatc cagccgcgaa aatgtaaagg tctggatacg agagaatgaa aacaacactg      6720
     acagatgtgg ttttagaaac cacctaaagt tacaaataat ggcacatctg attagtgatc      6780
     atgtaatgaa tgtcaatcca gcatttacac ttttcgacga gtggataaaa gacttccagt      6840
     ggttaaagtc cgctatgaaa atgactaaag cattcaccgt agagccggtg ggactgagtt      6900
     ttcagggaac agtcataatt tgactcataa tttttggtgg gtgcaactaa attttgtctg      6960
     atgggcctaa atttttgaag ttaggagtac cggtgctacc aaggaaaaag gttaattttg      7020
     agccctgtat tggttgattt gctttttgaa gttatttaag taggggttta aaaggcagaa      7080
     aggaactatg tctctgtaat gtggaaatgt cagtttgagg attttggaaa tataaaccgc      7140
     atttttatga aatctatttt cacttaatca aatctagaat atgattaaga atggaataag      7200
     atcaaaatag gaccttggga atcagaattg aatcaaattg ggacatttaa attgatacca      7260
     agctctactt taaatataaa acacacaact actccacttt cctgcaaaca gtgcaaatta      7320
     caaaaacttc tgatgatgat gatgatgatc aagcattgat ttgaccatac acaaacatca      7380
     cacatttcag ggtaagacat gtcagatgaa aggtagcgta gaagagtaaa taagatacat      7440
     tagggaaaag gatattatac attatattgc acgcacaggc ataataattg ccaaaatctt      7500
     aataatttta acaaaacaag aggaattctt ataaaaattg catgttttat ttgatactgt      7560
     gctgaataaa ccattttatg taacgaatgt taacatcttt gatactcttt taggtgaaac      7620
     tgcatattca ggatggttct aaataaaaac aggcatgtag tttatataag acctcttatt      7680
     tatgtttaac ttaaattctg catatgatat ggaaagttat atgcagaact acaccttcac      7740
     ttttagtttg tgtccttttt tattccacct gccagtcaca ccatcacata atgatcttct      7800
     gttggccaga gattttcatg tgaaatgtat ttaaagctca gacatcacca aacgcttgca      7860
     atgtagaaaa aacatcttca tttgagcttt tgtttcaggt ctttcggatg cagatgcatt      7920
     aaagccattg gaatgaaaaa tgcagcatta gctctctatt tatacaggga atattccaat      7980
     agctgtgtag cacgacaacg ttttttacag aataaaatac aaatttaaat caaaaaaggt      8040
     caagtaatct tcatgtgtat gtgtctatgc taggtaagag ccagtctaag attctgatgg      8100
     tatgataacc ttggataaaa atatcacggt attgtgctaa ctactccact ttaagttatt      8160
     ttttaaatat ctggataaaa aaacaaaaag ttttccccca ttgaacacaa tgtaatattt      8220
     taaatatttc tgacaatttg atgtagagca gaggtgtcca aactcggtcc tagagggcca      8280
     gtgtcctgca gattttagct tcaacttgcc tcaacacacc tgcaaggatg tttatagtaa      8340
     gcctagtaag agcttgatta gctagtcctg gtctgtctga ttggtgttgg aactaatttt      8400
     tgcaggacac gggcccttca ggaccgagtt attgtcccat gcctagtcta cgcaatgttt      8460
     agctgagaca atgcagcatt cacactaggt ctggatggta aaatgaaatt atatttgtaa      8520
     atttcccttg tttaaataac actttcaatt agggctataa tatatcgttt cagcatcaat      8580
     atcgctaagt gatcattcgc aatggtcacg tggtaggata tgcaacattg agtttgaatt      8640
     ctagttaata atttgcttgt gtttttgagg cctgtgactg tataatgact gaataaacgt      8700
     ttaggcataa gaaaccgtat tgtttattac tttaatgatt gttttataac tttaattatt      8760
     aatgatttta ttgaattatt tttattattc aatcactgaa tactgttaga ctgttagaaa      8820
     atgataaaaa gcagtttatt tcaattttgt ctttttcttt tattgaattc atagatcgtt      8880
     aattagattt catgcagatg cactctgcag aatgatctct gtctaaaatg ataaattctt      8940
     cccaaatata gatatttaag ccatatctga tgaacttgta ttcatatcgc tatatatata      9000
     tcgcagaata tattaaatat aatgttacat ttattcaata tcatgcagcc ttactttcaa      9060
     taaatgttta aaatgatacc aatgtttcga aatgaaactg aactacactg cctttgcatt      9120
     tgtgaatatg catttagtca gtggaaccaa aaacatgctg tgtttatttg ctcccattac      9180
     atttgcacag ggaatattcc aatagctgtg gagcatgtaa acgtttttga aagcatcaaa      9240
     aaaaatttta atcagaaaaa tggcctttaa tctggaagta atcttcatgt aaacgtagcc      9300
     agtgtctata gagcgacgtt tagatgagga taacgcagca tttgaaagcc tctgctttaa      9360
     gtgcagactc aagaggagct tattgttagg ctgtgcagtt catgaatcat taggggctat      9420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtttttattt tgcaacctca agtttatccg gccacttgcc tctcctccat      9480
     ccatagattt tccgttctct attccccatc ccccacaggt gtacggcaga gatttagtct      9540
     ggggtgcgag ataaaagaga tccgcaatcc actgtgcact gctcggtctc agcaggatga      9600
     atgataggcc aactatgtgt gtgtgtggct ggtctctctc tctctctctc tttttttttt      9660
     gttcactgct gatattctct ctgccctttt gctgctctct ttgaaatctg tttctctttg      9720
     tacgatcgtt ttctcagaag cagctttttt gtctacataa ttaggttaac aggaagagag      9780
     agggaccctc agtctctcac cccagtggtc tgcccgagta gacctgaatt atttcactta      9840
     ttcccatctg ctttttgctg aacatgttga tcttttaggc tacgtttaca cgacaatgat      9900
     gtagcaaaaa ctggaaaatc ttttctcttg ctttttgaat agtttaacgt ctactcaaca      9960
     acgtttccaa aatggtctgc gttcagttca cacatatctg cgaaaaccac catcaatggt     10020
     gtattacata tgccaggcca gtatttgaca tggttacttt gttattaaac agtacctgta     10080
     gggaagtgac aaccactggg catgtttaat ttgtttttgt gtatatgatg agtcttcgat     10140
     tttggtttat aacgttatgt tgggctaaac gataagtcac agttttaatt tgattgtcgt     10200
     gtgcattata ccacagtcac actagagttt aagcttgcgg aattctgtca tacggcgcta     10260
     tgaaaagtag cggaattaaa cgaaataata atattagata tataatataa tatatataat     10320
     atatatataa tataataatt agacgtaaaa aagcgagcaa atgctcccta ttttaaattc     10380
     ttttctagag aggtcatgtt tggatcccca attggtctca cgcagtcaag tgatgcgatt     10440
     tcgctggtca gagttcacca agcttgaact ttccaacgca gcgatctgca aaacttgacg     10500
     cacaaccttg tgtttctggt ctgacgcatt cgcttgtgta tgaatggaag tctatgggga     10560
     gaaaagtcca gtgtgaccgc agctggagca gcatttacac agggtttata cgatcatcga     10620
     aaacctagaa aagtcataga aatttgccat ggcattttcc atatagttgt ctttactttt     10680
     tttcctgtgc ttggccaatt acatactctc acaatattag tgcagtgtaa gcattactta     10740
     aatcaagtta attagatata aattaaattt aaatagattg ctgtgtgttt tacgatatgc     10800
     tgtaatagat ttgaacatgc attgtttttc tttaaccacg cacattgcat gaaacattag     10860
     gccctgaaaa ttagcttgaa agtcttggaa aaatcatgga aaagtcatga aattttagga     10920
     gcacaaaggt gtatgaacac tgttactaca caaagccata gttcactggc aaactacaca     10980
     aaatcacatg cgatatcaac atgccatagt caaatcgcaa ataatcattc tgcaatatta     11040
     acagctgttt gcgtagcttc tcggtgaact acacccctct gaagtaaata ttgctcatgt     11100
     taaacctgaa agcacatgta aataccacat ttaatgatgt ttttgctcaa tatacttcat     11160
     agtttcactc gagtgtttga attaggtcct gctgtgaaat gatgcatcat cttactcaga     11220
     aaaaagcacg caacatattt aatcatagca ttctatgcag agacaaatgc actgcatcat     11280
     tactttataa tcagatcaat tatattaaga agaactccat aaaataaacc aaatgttgtc     11340
     gtggtcatgt gtttattaat ttcatttaat caaatgaaag cagctgtctt atttattctc     11400
     tgtttttcct ggttttccta ggggcatatt tgttttagta tttgcggtgc ggctgatcac     11460
     atcaccacac ttacctcaga tgatgtgcaa ggcaatcaca gcttttgcta aatcgcaaat     11520
     gcaatttcat gtcaatatat cgttaagctt taatgtgaag tgaattaaca ttttgctggt     11580
     gaacgcttag gaaatatttg agcaacaaca ctactaccat attttgtcat tgttttgcat     11640
     gtttgtttgc cttcgccttt aatctacact cccctaatca tgtgctttgc atgcatgatg     11700
     tcatcatttt taaagtcttt tgtccgtttc aggtgtttac acagacatga caacagtaga     11760
     gaatccactt tgaaagcttt tctagtccta aaaacaatgt tttcatgtaa atgaacaggc     11820
     aaattgcata aaatgtttaa atttttttgg cagaaaatat catgttgatg gcccttaaga     11880
     gtgttcggtt ctttaggggg gttcagttag agttcacgct aggcctgggt gataaagtga     11940
     taattaaatt aagctaaaca gcactgctat aactatataa taattgctat atcattttta     12000
     gtatgcatta atacttaatg tatagactga tttcactcgg ccccgtttta aacagcgaaa     12060
     tcaaagctcc agtgggaaga tacctggaag tatcgcttga gtcacacagg aatgttgcgt     12120
     acgtgactgt atatattatc agcgaagaga aagcaacaca aatttatgat ttcactgcct     12180
     tccgagtgac tcgaaggtcc gttctgaata gaaagtgaaa gtaaaaagca atattttaga     12240
     ttttctgcta atttaaggga aatggcgaga gagaagggtc tggatgcagc cctggtgcag     12300
     tgcaatctaa gctgcatcca atgctttaat aggctcatct aaccccaccc ctaaccctac     12360
     ccatcacagt gacatcactc actccatttg agtgcattgt gtctgacatt gcatcgctaa     12420
     gtgatgcaat ctcagcttgc atcataaagg ctgcatccag atactatcgg aaatggcact     12480
     agttagctaa cattttcttt cccaaacaca cattttaaga tgccatttat caaacccaag     12540
     ttaatgaact gattatttta ctatattaga tacagaagtt tggaaataag tccatttcct     12600
     tttaacataa ggcactgttg atttgccatt gtgttcacgt gctcaacaga aatgactgtg     12660
     attggccgtg aaggtcatca gcgtattgag gctagtgttt ctcattcagt tcaatacatg     12720
     tttttgcaga tgatgttgtt tttctcaatg taaatataca tctgctttgt gtcttcaaaa     12780
     atctgtttca tgatttacaa aatcatttta ctgctactta ttttaaataa acaaaaaaaa     12840
     tactttaaac ttaaaagaaa tgtagatttg acatttttcg tgctaattat caatcaatat     12900
     tgactgcaac aattttactg tgttttatat attttattta tttcatattt atttagtcat     12960
     tttaatattt aacatgaata ttcaagacaa aaaaggcctt taaaacttta tattctgtga     13020
     cagaacgtac caaacatcca aaacaatgtt gcgtggtggc tgaacatgct tgtattttta     13080
     tccgctgatg attatatcag catttgtatc agttgagaac tctaaaagaa gtcaagaaaa     13140
     gtgtcaggaa tttatctggt cgcacacaca aaggaagatc tgatgccagt gattgtatcc     13200
     ctgtgcttat agcttgtgct tatgcaagtg cagaggttta cgattttttt aaacgcataa     13260
     ttcattataa aagagcatgt ataaactttg attactgtct gattaatgtg tgcacatcct     13320
     tagagaagcc tgactacagc cacatgatct agtcttccct cgaatgtatg tcatgtctat     13380
     tatttgtatt ttgctttaag gtatggtagt aactatttgg tggtctgtta gtcacatgta     13440
     aattcacttg ttatttcctt taaatagttc ttgacacttc tcattttttg ttgtcataat     13500
     gcatattttg ctctgaatac cacctattat taaccttaat gctgcattgg ttgttaacag     13560
     taatatttaa catgttatta gccataaatc gtgtgtgttt tgtgtgtgta gcactgtaac     13620
     cttgtcttat cattggagag cagcacaact gtacaggtcc tcttccggaa gctgttttag     13680
     tctcatgggt gaatttctca gtatcgcctg agccaggctc gggttctgct cagacagaag     13740
     cggtgatatc cattgaagat gtgctctctg ttctctgtgt tacggctgag ctgttctgcc     13800
     tacatcagca gcagagaaag cacttctgct tctgtgttta cggccttctc taaatgcttc     13860
     aagatggaac tgaacaaatg atccgaggtc agatttttgg ttcagaccct gaatcatgag     13920
     caatgcgaaa gtgcttaagg atgttatgaa atattggtta gggtgatttg ctgtcagtga     13980
     tggtaaaagc tggattcctt cacgagtctg gactgcatta aaggggtcat gaacaggctt     14040
     tttaaaaata ttttattttg ttgtctgagg tccacttatg aagtttgagt ggtttttact     14100
     tactaaaact tcaataataa taaatgatac actgaaaaaa gtgttgcatg cagaactgtt     14160
     gcaaacaatt tatttgtgtt gaatttaaac aaacaaatta agtttaataa tgttcaactt     14220
     aatttgtttg tttaaattca ggccaaataa attgtttaca accacttaac gtaaaaaaaa     14280
     ttgactaaat ccaagggatc atctttgaat aattttttta gtgtatgctt ttattcgaac     14340
     cgggttttga gaccagctct ggagacgtgc agattttctg ggtggtgcaa actgatgagc     14400
     atcaaggaaa gagttagaga taattcaata ttgtaaactt tttctttatt atttgtgttt     14460
     aatcacaata agaaaacctc aaacataatg aaaatagagc ttattccttg tatcattgaa     14520
     tagcagtatt tgttagggct gtgtgacacg ggcaaaataa acctattaga attttcttaa     14580
     acaatattgg gatttagatt ttaatcgtga ttttgacaca cacagacggt ttacaatgtg     14640
     aatccagaac atatttacaa aaatataatt agatttttat ccagtgcttt ttaattttat     14700
     ccaatggttt gttagtttgt tatcccctga aaaaacggtt gatggtcacc tagcaatgac     14760
     aaacgacaaa ggagtgcgag cacaaagtga gttgaaaatg ctgaaggaag caacgtgctc     14820
     ctgctttcca cacgctttta gatgcgatat gtgactgaca ggtcttacaa attagattta     14880
     agattagatg tgcaaattgt gcatgttcaa attgtaattt caatacaatt tcaattaatc     14940
     gcacagccct agtatttgtt attcgtttaa ttttgttaat gtgttatttc agtgaaacat     15000
     ttatgtcgac cttttcattg tatttatttc gcaaaataat tgtattgttc ttcctactga     15060
     agtgcggcag gtaacaatag tatgcgttta gcctattttt tgcacatata aaatgaaccc     15120
     ctaaaaagat aatattttaa atgggtcaga taggtattga ttgtgattta atgtattcca     15180
     aatgctaata aacaggaaaa actgtctaat tttttcaaca attaatctat agcctaattg     15240
     atctgtgaac tctttattga caatttttgt aaatttgtga ataaaacatg ttatatctta     15300
     ttctaaaata ataaataaat aaaatgatta atagcttaat agattaattt agcaaacttc     15360
     acaatcctct acatcatttt gactgtgttt gtgtgtctat tttctgcaaa aagacttatg     15420
     caacgagcgc ttatccatga ccaaaattaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaattatta tataattttc     15480
     tcctcatcca ctgcttgttt tttgctcctt tatggcttgc tctaaccgtt ccctgtacaa     15540
     atctgtcttt tcccctcctg tgatgtcata gatgggcatt tcaggacctg ctgttttcca     15600
     agcctgctgt caatgatgaa ttttatttca gaaatgagga cgttttcagc tctgatactt     15660
     gcaggatatt gctttagttg gatgacattc attatattta aagctcaaga gaaaatttaa     15720
     actcacttca tgaccccttt aaatatggat tgggtgcaga ttttgattca ttgattgttg     15780
     aataagagta tttggagtgt aagtggaacc ataagcatct aaactgactc ttctcttatg     15840
     ctctaaaagg aaaccagtga ctctgcaatg gtcctttcta gttcggtatc tggtattgat     15900
     gttgacaagt agaaatggca ttcattctgc caatcttttg attcaagcgt ctgcttttgc     15960
     actgaatgtg agctgtgtgt agaagtttac atctgctgta tttccatcta ctcctatttt     16020
     ggagccaaag ccaggaaaga ctgttgtgct tctgcgagga atgtgaacgt gtgggtttgt     16080
     ttggcttgag ttgttcacac aggaccccaa gccttcttgg aaggaatgca gacaggagtg     16140
     tgagtgtgat gttgacacta ttattaatat tcacactccc tttgacccca gggtctcaca     16200
     tcacctgact aatgaatcca cagctgaatg tgtgcgtggg ggcatgcgtg cgggtatgtg     16260
     tgcgtgcgtc cttgcgtgag ggcgggtgtg cgtttttaca tcatatgttc aggctaaagt     16320
     tgtaatatca ctttgtagac tgatggcgac tagaggctga tttatacttc ttcgtcaagt     16380
     gtacgtgtat ggtccggtgc agccttcgtg cggttgcaca cccctcgccg tgactgaagc     16440
     cgatgtgcac ctttaaaaaa atgtaaccac acgttgtaag ctctgtgatt ggtctgcttg     16500
     gtaggagtga caagtgtgaa cggtgctaag agctgcgagc ttgatggagt aagtgcttgc     16560
     aggagcttca gatggaaact tttgttttgt gtttacctta tgatttaaag ttgttgctcg     16620
     tccgctggtt cctgcatctg aatgagcaag ttttagctat atgtacatta aggtaacatt     16680
     cagaataaaa caaaacacct ctgtaaatca acagtctcaa actcaattcc tggagggcca     16740
     cagctctgcg cagtttaact ccaaccacct ctaactcaca cctgcataaa ggtttctagt     16800
     agtcctgaac accttgatta gtttgatcag gtgtgtttaa ttagggttgg agcaaaactg     16860
     cagagctgcg gctctccagg aatggagttt aagaccaatg ctgtaaatcc tatattttgc     16920
     tttacccagt gacacaattg tagcacatga catcatcacc ctttgcccct ccctctctca     16980
     gctctggatc agcggcaggg gggagagact gctcatgaat aagagaaaat ctaaattcat     17040
     ctgagacgtg caggtcttct aaaacactgc tttgcttgtg tttaaatgtg tttccttttc     17100
     ctgggctttc attccgaaac gccagtgttt gagagcattg tcctgaggta aagcttcatt     17160
     agaatcagaa aaagggtgac agggaaaagt aggtcagatg ctcaaagaca acacgcacac     17220
     atacggtcat tagcagggct gtgacaaggg ccggttctac tgtgtgacag tgtcactagc     17280
     actgcagtgt tttacagcgc actctgccag tgagagagat ggtttgactc accagtgtcc     17340
     tgtttaatca ggggaactgg atgttttcag tattgagtca agctctctgt ggagggctta     17400
     gtcctccatc ttgagaaata cccccattgc ttcagattaa acctcagaca gtacaaacac     17460
     accctgcagc cagtggtatt cagacataat ggatttctga aaatagtgcg ttctctgtaa     17520
     aataagaatt gtacactgct taaaaacaac ccgcgctcga attattacca aagactagtg     17580
     ttgttcagca tgaaacaact tcacatttaa atgtcaaatg catggagggg aaataaagca     17640
     ttgagatcag cgttttttgc agagtctgta ggcagggcga tgtgatgcaa cgtgaatgtg     17700
     aaacatcaag atttccacac agcttcaggt tctgcactgc tctctgccag ctcttcagaa     17760
     gaacagtcat taaaagctgt cagcagttga gtaaccacat cagcgcatat ctgtttttca     17820
     tcacattcct tttctgtgtg ttgtaaaaag cttttttttt ttcaagtaat aaaaaaaatt     17880
     acttgcatta tcatctcact cctttagcaa tatggttctt tgttctgact tacttaaagg     17940
     ggcaactatt atgcaaaagt cactttatca aggggtttat tcaccattat gtggcaagag     18000
     tctgtgaata taaccagctt ccaatggtac aaatgtattt attgtatttt ttataatcac     18060
     acttgataaa aacagtctgc agaaacactt tgattgacat tcttcttttg tacgtgtcat     18120
     atgaggggga aagccctgtt tattaatgac aaactcttcc tcattagcat aggacagtct     18180
     tgtttttgaa tctgccacta tgctgacaca caggcatgtc atgtttatta aaagcaacag     18240
     tcaccaaaac ggaataattt ggattaaagc cttaaagagg cagtttgaaa gagttataga     18300
     ccaatgtttg tgggggtttt ttgaactgaa acttatatac atacagatca gaggcttatt     18360
     tttcatcttg taataaacaa aacaaaacat tttctcttaa tttacttttg tattttttat     18420
     tttttgtttt ccttattgat acctttgaaa atgctgggac tttgagaatc aacaaacaaa     18480
     acctataaag gcaaaacaaa tgttaaactt cactttaata atcctatcgc atagtggaat     18540
     atatataata tataataaaa aaaattactt gcattatcat ctcactcctt gcattatcat     18600
     ctcaagaata aactggagca aaagcttcct gttgcatatt gacgaatgtg tgctaattag     18660
     gataagtatt gttaaggttt aaacagtatt actactttta tcgataccac ttaacggttc     18720
     ggtactttaa cagttttctt atctgtactt tttgtaaaag aaaaactaat tgaacagaaa     18780
     ttaacaacac tttaaagtaa aaaaaaacta taattgtaaa acaaataaat aaataaaaat     18840
     tctgtaaaat aatgtacaat ggtttgaagg aaaattacta attactatta ctattcttct     18900
     ggagaaaaat caacatgttt gccttttctg gcagaagtat cattgttgat ttttaaatga     18960
     acgcaaactg ttgtagttta ttaccccttc actgcacctt cagcaaacct cctaattcct     19020
     gcagcacaag gacttttatg attatttatg agcatcaaaa gtggtggatc tgttcgggaa     19080
     agtgtttgac tgcgtgtcac tttatcccaa acgactaaaa ataatacaac gcgatataac     19140
     taaagcaatc tccactgtgc tgagcgagag tgactctctt cctgttaaac tgaacagtcg     19200
     caggtaaaat gcaatgtgag ggcaggccga gggggagagg ggatggggac aatcgcaacc     19260
     gtacctaatg taaatactcc ctaacattct cacatgcatg tccttatgca tcaagatgcc     19320
     actgttcctg agtgtatagg caggaccttt ggccaagact gcattcttat ttcataaaaa     19380
     aataagaatt gtgagttttg atttaatatg actttaaatg ccctgataat aaactgtaca     19440
     ctttccagat gtactacaac atgttttccc agtgcttgga taagcatgtt tgtttgtgtt     19500
     tctgcacaga gcaaaaaatt ccattattca gcaccagaaa ttaagagtta gggtggagga     19560
     agagtttgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa agggggaggg     19620
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag cacagtctgg cactgattaa aatactttgg     19680
     ccaaggtgcc cctgggtgtc tctgctggag acttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gaaaaagata gagagagaat     19800
     tctcgcagtg cgtttacaca gctgggagat aactagttcc agactgaacc tacatccaca     19860
     gaaacccaga gctccaattt ctttttttat ctcttctcaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaaattc     19920
     tgcatactac agtatttact acattactgt actgaaactg gcttaaacaa tggtgtttat     19980
     attccaaacc tgtatgtgga caaaaaacag agaagacttg gggcataaat cttgtgctct     20040
     ttcaagacaa cataagacaa actttatgaa tgcttttcag taaatttaat ttaattcacc     20100
     tttatttgta tagcgcttta acaatgtaga ttgtcaaagc agcttcacat aaattgtcat     20160
     agtaaattca gttaatttaa gctcagttca gtgtggttta tcgatcccaa accatgcaag     20220
     ctagaggcga cagcggagag ggaaaaaaac ttcaccgatt ggcgaaagta aagagaaaaa     20280
     aaccttgaga gaaaccagac tcagttgggc acgaccattt taatttcttc gctggccaaa     20340
     cgtcttgtgc agagatgcag tctcagcggc ggaggctgga agctggcctc agcgaagact     20400
     cgtctatccc tggaacgtca ctggtctcat gctctccact cctctatgac caccacagca     20460
     gctgctcagg atacggcctg gtccagcata tggaaacctt gggatcatct tgtcgctggt     20520
     cttggatcga atcagtgact gcatagtcta agggcctcgt gaagagtatt cccaggtgga     20580
     aatagagaat agagagaata attagcgtag ctgctgttaa tagtgtatat aaacaagatg     20640
     cagaaacctg tgtggaaacc tactaagtga tggactgagt gtatgcttta ctaaacagat     20700
     aggtctttaa tctagttttg atttgggaga gtgtgtctga gcctcggaca ttatcaggaa     20760
     ggctattcta gactttagga gccataaatg agaaggctcg acctccttta ctccacttta     20820
     aagtaaagct attgatctca gtaacttcta catgatcata agcatgtaat ctgccattgt     20880
     tgttgttaat ttttgcataa tatagctctg tctgactatg gacgtgacat gggtaaaaca     20940
     tcgtttcaca aaatatacag tctagcaccc agtttcaaaa taacagcaga atccctctcc     21000
     taaaacactg aatccatctg gatgaaatgc aatatgatac aaaattttgt gcatattcag     21060
     cttaacgcat gtccatttta attgaaaatg agaactaagc aaaggtatgt gcttatgcat     21120
     gaacaactgc aacactagaa ttttctctaa gaagtaactc gtgtctactt cctcttgaat     21180
     ctgcactgaa atgatggtag tggctgtcta ttttccatgt tgggatttaa atgcagtgtt     21240
     ttgttctgta cttggttaaa aaaataaaca caaaagttac tggaataaaa gatttataca     21300
     cacaaaacac aaaatatgtg ttgatttttt ttttttcttt tcttcatttt atgtcaactt     21360
     gaaagatacc atagacattt ttagcttctt ttttttaaat gaaaatgtta ttttgctctt     21420
     ttataaactg atttacttat aaacttcccc cttgccataa caacatgtga tgcgacaaga     21480
     ttcgcgcaac aagcaatttg gctgtctgca ctaaactcaa cgcgacatga catttaaata     21540
     tcagacactg caattccaac gaaatgggag gcatatataa tcattacata ttaaacatta     21600
     atagtctact aatgttgttg gtttgcaccg agtcacagtt ctgactttca ttttcaaaca     21660
     gtttggtagt tattttattt tcaagatccg aagtcaactt tctgctttca gtagtatggc     21720
     aataagtgta gtttatttat tcactaattt cgagagtatc acgtgcttat gattgcttgg     21780
     accagcatta tctaattcac aatgcaccaa tcagacgatt cctaagctac tataaatatc     21840
     ctaggttacg tatcacagct attttcgttt tgaagaatcc ccccttccac ccccactact     21900
     cctccttcct agatgggtgg cacggtggcc cagtccttag aactgttgcc tcacagcaag     21960
     aacatctccg gttccagtct ttaccaaagc agctgacatt tctgtgcaga gtttgcacgt     22020
     tctccccgtg ctcatgtggg tttcctccgg gtccctcggt ttcctcccac tgtccaaaaa     22080
     catgcaacct aagattattg actaatccaa atcaacacta tagacatgca cctaccaagt     22140
     acttatctct ttaaagagca actactacct gctcttcagc caccatgata ggggagttct     22200
     cgacatctac ctgagctcaa actcctctct ctcatcttcc tacgaggggg agtctcgggc     22260
     ttgaggatat tatgagctca aggctttctc ctgggacagc atgccaaacg agccaaatca     22320
     atcatcagct aagtgtgaac tcttgaaatg tcatgcaaat gctgttcaag cttacattag     22380
     tagcatttaa cacttttatc gcatgtcata gcatcgtgtc gcatgttgta aggacactgt     22440
     gttactcttg aaggctggtt tatacttctg cgatgagtat tgcttgctgc ttgcagggtg     22500
     ttttgtattt tctgaatgct accttaatgt acagatagct aaagttcgct tgtttagagc     22560
     atagactaaa atatatggac gtagtatccg tgacgtcacc cataggtttc tgaagagcgc     22620
     aaaagaagcc acaagtaggc gcggccaacc gtcgccattt tggtcacgcg tcatcacacc     22680
     cacggcggga taccaaacaa gggcaaagag gcggagagtg agcggagcta cagacacctg     22740
     ctagcattta gcttggacct ggttcagaca cactttactt tgggagaaat gcttaatact     22800
     ttatcacttg tgactcgttt gtattctgac cactagtgct tggttgtaca ctatatcaat     22860
     aaagtgttta gacttttaaa aacactgctg taatacattg agccactaaa cattgttctt     22920
     atgacgtttt taaacaggag gaaaactcga attacttaca aacacttcag atatagtctg     22980
     tattagttac tgtaagacta ttgataaaat ccagcataac actgtatgac aacgcttcag     23040
     atgactgttc tagagcctac agctaatcaa tctgacagat tctggagtgc attacagctc     23100
     taaatataaa tataaacgat aaatgatctt aaataaaaca aatacatgta tagagatggt     23160
     atatatgtat ataactttac tcacatggga aacggaggct acgtgaatgg tttgtgagca     23220
     caattaagtg ccctcagcat gccatgccat ctaataattg tgggaaacaa gtccaaaagg     23280
     cagttgactt tgtaaagcca cataaaacaa cacagaaata cgataaatat gccgaaatca     23340
     gtggctaatc tgcagaggtg acgtgacggc gaccagcgag acctaactgt cactcaagtg     23400
     gccacgccct taattatgca aacttaatat aactttatat aaaggaaacg gatgagttat     23460
     aaaaaaattc acccccctca cagttgtcat gaagggtaat attacctgta ttaaccaaaa     23520
     tctttttttg taccaggctg taaacacctt tttttctgct gtaaagttgg ccattctaac     23580
     agtgggctca attgaaattt gctctgtttt ggagccagga gcggccagga ctagcggaat     23640
     ttcagatgaa ttgcagtttt agttacttcc gaattgactt ccagagggag agcgggaggt     23700
     tgccgcttgg tttagaggca gggactggca gacgtgcaac aactttaatc gtaaagtaca     23760
     caaaacaaaa tctttatctg gagcgtcttc acgggacttg acactcagcg gcgagggcta     23820
     tgcgactgcg tgaaggttgt gcctgaacat acttgtgcga ttgacggaga agtgtaaatc     23880
     agtctttgtt ttcatggaaa taagggcaac ttgttactct cattagcaaa taacagtgat     23940
     ccatccatca aattgattct ttatttataa tatcaagttt tgatgcaaat ttttttttct     24000
     aattcaggaa tttgttgcat tacaataaat attttgtgct aaactgtcaa cattttaaaa     24060
     caattacgct aaaactaaaa agacaaccac aaaaagtagc tgacctttac ttgggggtga     24120
     aattcatttg gtggatgttc tgtgttttct cgcaggaggt tttctgcagg tcagttgaag     24180
     ctcactcaaa tcgtctcttc ctctttgtcc ccaattgagt gattttgttt caggatgatg     24240
     aacaagtggt gtttctttat gttgtctctc agaggatgtt tgagtgaaag agctcaaggt     24300
     ttctttgtgt tgtgttctgc aggtgtttgc ggctggacgg cagctgacgg actgaaccat     24360
     ggctcagttt cccacaccct tcggaggtga gttgaagctt tgacagacag actgatgcgc     24420
     gtgactttgt gtgaagtcgg gtgggtggat gtgcatggag tgctgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt     24480
     ttgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtttgtgttt aagagagaat gaatcaaagt gagtcagtga     24540
     atgtctgaaa caatcagtga atggaagaga aacgccctca cagagctgtc gtctccttgc     24600
     ctgtcagtca tgtacaggat ttcatgtgtg cttttttact ttttgtttct ctttttggat     24660
     tttagagtag cgtacagtgg gactacaaaa gacttacaaa ttttttttag tttagatgta     24720
     ttatttagat tatccagagc tgcagcaatc agtcgatcaa tttataataa tcaataatta     24780
     attataggag agtaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     24840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatattgta attattgtat tgtaaaaaag ggattttaat     24900
     atactgattt tagcatttac cttgaaaatg tgaagcaagt cttttttccc ttttgttaat     24960
     taaattcaat aaactctaat caaataggct cttatggctt ttttgtacga tattctgtaa     25020
     tcatagtata taaaaatgta aaatatttat ctttttgtta tgtgtcagat accctttgac     25080
     tggctttgca tgcttaacag tagtggttta gttttcttga taaaaataaa gcatcttccg     25140
     ttttattaac tgttctaatt attatgaact aagccacttt gtattttttt cagtaattta     25200
     tcacattcac agagttttgt gcacctttgg atggtgttgt gaactcaaaa ggcaaaaaaa     25260
     gggtaccaaa aggcagagca aaacgcagct gaacgctatt ggtttacaga gaaacatcac     25320
     cagcgcatac acaatagggg tgtcaaaatt aatcgtttct tcagtgcacc gcgatgcaga     25380
     cgcacgcgga caattcggta tcggtacagt aataatcata accggttatt actgacgtca     25440
     tttatctcat atgcgctctg ttgggaggga ggcgagcgcg agtatttaca acgctctaac     25500
     tacttaaaac tcataaactg tgcacaattt cactgtgtgt gtttgctgga tcagtctttc     25560
     actgacataa acagcaaaag cccctatttc actgagatcg agagaatgaa agtacgggtg     25620
     gatacagtaa cgagtgcgtg tttgcagagt tttttccacc gtgtttatca tgcatcagct     25680
     gtgatcgccg ctgccacctg ccgcttatca gtatcattca tctgtgaaga gcgcagcgcg     25740
     caagagccaa tcgcaactgt ttttgttgag tgtgtgacca atcaaagaag tgtaagagaa     25800
     ctagacaagg atcagaaagt gagctggata tttgtatttg tttatattat ttgctaaatg     25860
     ctcatgttgt ttaaaggtac agtttaaatt ttgactgttt gtattaaatg acaaaattgt     25920
     attacaaata gtatataaat ataaatatag tcatacattt aatacaagaa ctgctgctgt     25980
     gaagaaaata taaaactgtg tatggaaagc atcgtcgatg caccgagata tcgaattgaa     26040
     ccaaatcgat ggcatggtaa tcgtaaccga accgtgagac tagtgtaggt tcacagctct     26100
     aatacacaag caggagagtg aaaacatagg aaccgccatt ttcaaataca cagctgagac     26160
     attaatccgt aataataatt acatgtagta atgagccatg gtcgactcga gctcaaacaa     26220
     accttgtcga cgtcttgatg aacagctaca aagccaagaa gaactaaatc tgctgtgtcc     26280
     tgttgtcgtt ttgcgagccc gtctaaaagt gcgagcggtt tcactttttt cagagagctc     26340
     gccgcacgtc tatatttaaa attacaaact tcttgagctc attaataacg tgcgcttaat     26400
     tattgaagcg ctctgacatc tgatcctttt agaaatggac aaacacaaga gtaaagcacg     26460
     aaaaacaaag gagaagccgg caaaaacagc agtaaatgat gcgtctgcaa cctaaaacaa     26520
     aaacaaactg ccatgtttaa ctattatcat caccttttgg actgtaatga actcggaatg     26580
     atggaattat tttctaacaa gaggttacct gtgctgctga ggattaaaga tgcagatgag     26640
     aggtttgcac tgtctgtatg ttgtatgttg tttttgaagc caaataagga ctgaatgtat     26700
     gctgtctgta attgataaca tatcggagaa tgtaagggtc tgtatgtgtt caagcattta     26760
     tgtatttgtt tcatacaatt gcagacatta cagtgggcta ttatgcgctg taatttatct     26820
     gcagttataa tgaaatcatg ttcatagaaa ggttagtaaa gaacttttat acacaagtat     26880
     ttatgtgtat aaagcctctg ttttgagaga aatgcttttc atatgacatg tgaacgaccc     26940
     atacagcttt actgtagact tttcccccag taaaaatgac gttgtctgaa actttgtcag     27000
     acaccacgcc caacaaaata gtaccctttt gccagtggaa acccaaggaa aagcaaggtg     27060
     acccgtaccg acctgtactg tactgtacct ctcagtggaa gcgggccatt taacaacagg     27120
     tacaaagtag caaacgagaa ctcaaaaata gacttttcct tcttattcaa agtgcttatt     27180
     taaaatgaat taaagcgcaa ttcttaagtt tttgttggga cagcttaaaa ttccacttaa     27240
     atttgccaaa atgattaagt tgaatttatt ttgggacaac atgcaggaat tgtgtggaac     27300
     tcagcatttt tactgtgtag ttttaaccat gtctagactt ataggatgta cagataaaaa     27360
     catttgtgcg tattaatgga aaaatatctc gcaggttatt tagtgcaaat gagccaatga     27420
     ctatctttac atggacatca gtaatcgtat tattagcctt agtctgaata agacaataat     27480
     atgataatgg tgtttacatg agttgctatt ccgttttaca tgttatagca catagtttga     27540
     ttaacgtcat tgcgtcagca ggctatccac atttcctttc atggtttttc agtgttttat     27600
     ttttagtttg tcgactttaa ctgcagttcg gcaatttcac tttcattcag gaacatttca     27660
     tttatgctga cactgaggta tttaatgcaa gtatgaacta ctagaagagt gttgttttaa     27720
     tgaaatctga tcccgctcac agaggggaaa aaaaactctg catttcacga tgtgtgtgtc     27780
     tgtggtcttt tctgactagg tagaagtagt ttcagagaat agtgtcaaac agccatttgt     27840
     ttatggaata tcctgtcgcc aaatgctgcg aaaaatccta catgacggta atagtgtgtt     27900
     taagctgttt acatgtctgt actgcacttt aataatgtga tgaaaatcgg catgctccaa     27960
     atgtattaat tcgattttta ttttggccaa ttatgactgt agtctgatta aggtaatcaa     28020
     aaatctctgt ttacatggta aactcttaat cagagtctta atcgtaatag aagtctgatt     28080
     attggttttc tcttggattt tttccagctg tgatggcagg cctttcttta cacagatcta     28140
     ccactacctg tggcggtact tcaatgacaa atgtcgtaag cacagtatta caagtcgaga     28200
     tcgcatttat gtaatagcct acagcatgca gatctctttg cttgcgcgcc gatttcctct     28260
     gcccgtgcac aaaacttctt gaacgccccc ctcaaatatg agcagcttca agagcgcgca     28320
     gatcttcttg tgtgctctta aataaacgct gctgaagtgc aatttagtac gtttgttacg     28380
     agtacgtctc cagcatttat tagatttgct gtgaatattt atgaatgtct ctaatagacc     28440
     tacagaggca tattaatgcg tcctgaagta aagcgaaacg actatacgtc gtgtttgctg     28500
     gcctcacaca tcacgcacct gtcagtcagc cagtcagtct gtcagcatgt aaccaaagca     28560
     gggttaaaca aatgacgcac agcactacta cggttacaga aaagtttgcg ctgttataat     28620
     tcacttacct tttaatacgt tttggtgcga ttattaccag ctattaaaaa aattaaatgt     28680
     tttgaatgag aagctctaat gcagccctgg cgggatcaat tttggcgtgg cgccccgtca     28740
     tggaagaatg aatgtagcag aaaccatggg atgttctatt tgcaattggt gtgaacttgg     28800
     cataaaactg taggtgtatg atttttacta acagattttt atgcataaaa cattgttact     28860
     tcatgtcttt cgctaattag acacaataaa acataagagt ttgcttgttt ttagctgtgt     28920
     tctgtccatt taatgaaaat aatggctgat ttaatccatt aaagcttcat gctgatgttt     28980
     gtctgtcttc acaggggggt cggatacatg ggtaatatct gtggacgaga gagccaaaca     29040
     tgaccagcag tttcacagtc tcaccccaac acccgctggc ttcatcacag gtaatcaccg     29100
     ctgcttttct cgctgtgaga cagaatgagc tttcatcaga gctgatggtt gctgaaaccc     29160
     tttggagtta agtcagaaat gtgggaacaa attattctga gttctgtgca atcgcaaatg     29220
     accaccagca gtgcagactg tcatatgttg ttggttggtt ttggatatta tttctatgtt     29280
     ggacacacaa acacagagat gtggagcaaa tgaggcaaac actgaataac agaagtaacc     29340
     tttttcccat cttcctttat tttctttaaa tgcatacccc atgctaataa aaattccaca     29400
     gagattcttc atgactgttt actgaaacta taccacttcc tgttttctgc gtggatgtct     29460
     acttgcatgg tttatattag gggtacaata atacagactt ctcatggttt ggtttggttt     29520
     tgggtcacag tttctaccaa gtaaatatta attaagtaaa agaaactgac accaaatata     29580
     aaagcagata cttacgtgct ataacgctgt cactaatgat taaatcactg gggaatgtcc     29640
     aaaagagaac gttagaagaa agaattggag ctctgacata tagttgccca tcctttacat     29700
     tttgtgatta tatctcggtt ctgttctgtt gatgtgatcc aaaaaatatg actggtttgt     29760
     gctacgattt tatggagatc ccagtgtagc gtattacaac ccattgtttt ttgctttcca     29820
     ggtctccgca caggtcacat gactgaaaac taggggtgta acgatttatc gttgtacaat     29880
     ttattgcgat gcaaaaatgt cacaatatgc atcgtggcgt tatgccgatt tgattacgat     29940
     atgacgtctg ttttctctta ttagttgagc tgtttgcacg tgagctacgt tccacctgct     30000
     gtcgcacgtg agttcagatt gcagcagcag taatgttagc agaccaagat gagtggagct     30060
     gaaatggagg atggcccatc ctctcaaaat cagacgtctg gcaacatttc ggttgtacag     30120
     tcattgcttt agactcatcc gctttttgac atactgggtc aaacatccta agttttaaag     30180
     tcttcacagt gatttacata cttgaaagag tcacatactg tatttataag gtacaattta     30240
     gcctaaaata tcattctgtc ttcatataat gttcccaccg caaaatcaca catgatgtga     30300
     gctcaccgtg agctgttact acagtgggcg gactggtaga cgcgcgcgta tggcaagccg     30360
     ttttagcatt taaacctttg ttctggctat ccataaatat atttcgagat atctctaatt     30420
     atattttgac tagtcataat tataatttga ctagtcagaa tgacaattag agatatctgc     30480
     aattacaatt gtactagtac gaaatcagat tggagatatc tgcaaatata ttatgactag     30540
     tcatattcct ccattgactt ccattgaaaa atatttgcag atatctctaa atgagttttg     30600
     actagtcaca attgtaatta gagatatctc taaattaatt taattaaata tgaattaaat     30660
     acctggaaat gtggattttt ttgcacacac aaaaaacgca agtgatcaaa caaagcctta     30720
     agctcttact gttaaattca attgaataga cagctttttt tttttttttg cacctttact     30780
     taaattgtta cttaattttg tctctgtcat ttcaattata tttttaaaaa gttttttaat     30840
     tgttttattt tccagagaca ggcctgatta atttattttc ttaaagaagg ttcagtttaa     30900
     caagttgaaa caaaagaaat acataaaaaa tagtttactt ggtaaaattt gcatttcagt     30960
     ttaattttca atttttattc caaatatcgt gatacatatc gaatcgtgaa cattatatcg     31020
     tgatacacat cgtatcgtga gctgagtgta tcgttacacc cctactgaaa actgtcaatg     31080
     ctactgttta gttgtaccga acggttcaat gttataataa atattgttgt atctttagta     31140
     atatgcagac tctcatcagt cttaatgaaa cgcagtctga gtaatgttta gaggaaacag     31200
     gcttcactgc tggcctacag taaaaccttt gctcgtttac attagtcaga aaagcaaaca     31260
     tctaacgctt gtgcaaacat ttgcacaatg caactgtgtt agagtttaaa tttagatcca     31320
     caggcagtaa acatgtaatg aaagttttag gaactgcttc aaccttgtaa taaatgcatt     31380
     tacttaattc tgtagtgacc acttctattt tacttttgca agcgaaacag gtactattga     31440
     atgaacaaag ccatactatg agactatgaa atactatgag atagtgagca ggaaaataag     31500
     tggactttct tccaacatgt gtacatttaa cattagaaaa gaaggccaaa attttggggt     31560
     cttttacgct tttgtagttt acaaaagcaa tatgactaaa tgtagctttg ggtactaaaa     31620
     ctctgaagcc aatatgggat aaaatgtcta ttgttttata ttatgtttta tcttttcata     31680
     ttacatgtat tacattagtt taagttatgg tttgcggtaa tactttcgcc atcgtttgaa     31740
     tgaccataca cttacacatt accgtggaga agatgcaggc agaaccagcg aataaacatt     31800
     gccagcttga aagtactgta tttgcatttt aggaagcaaa atattatgtt tagggatgga     31860
     caagaatgaa aattctcggc tgtaactgaa aaaaggaaat aaggccgaaa accgaaacac     31920
     tgaaataaat gacgccaatt attagcatca ttccatttat ggcgatgact gtgtactaac     31980
     cttactgtaa tcaaggcatt gcaattgtat aaatgaatat taaataaaat taaatgttca     32040
     tttagttcat tttgtggtta ctatggttta ctacaaaaac atagtttaaa tgtagttcgc     32100
     tttgtggtta ctatagttta ccataaatcc atagtataac aatagttatt ttgtggttac     32160
     tatggtttca caacaaaaaa cgtagttcat tttactacaa aaactagtag tttaacttta     32220
     gttcgttttg tggttattat ggttttctac aaaaaccata gtcatttcat tcagcgtcaa     32280
     tctttgaaac ccctttcagg cagtatgctt gagcattctg tttgaaaggg gaacattttc     32340
     tccaaaattg ttgccaagct tacgattaaa tttcatatta ggaatcacca ataaaattaa     32400
     acaactttca cttctaaact tccgaatcaa acaaaatctg cagatactta agtctgagcc     32460
     cctcccccag agaatcatca gtctataggc ggggcttcat tcaccatatc cgcttgttaa     32520
     gtatgacgcc atgcgaagcg gtttccgggt ccaagcgctc tgtcaaactg tatagggaga     32580
     ctcatcaaat gttactaata aacgtttaca aagcgctgta atactttcga aactcatgat     32640
     ctatatatat ccgatggcca gaaagtgatt cattttttat agattgttat aattttagta     32700
     tttgtgttgc agcaagttca gagacagtaa tgtgtacact atgattttat ataaaattca     32760
     cttttatgta tgataggact ataaaggggc cataaatgaa tattttctca attcaaatga     32820
     ctagcggctt ggacccggca acagtatatc atatgtcttg aatttgacat ttacacctta     32880
     ttcacacagg gcatcagtgt caacttccca ttcactttga atggatgaca tcaagcaatg     32940
     ctgaactgaa ttgtggagtg aattgtgaac ttttcatgtg cccactgaag cgtcagccaa     33000
     tcagatcatt ttatgcaaat accccagctc agacagtaac caattgtgga ttaaattaat     33060
     tggctgacgc tgctatggca gtcacgtcaa ccccaacttc agacaagcct tccgtcaagc     33120
     gttgacactg aagacagaaa gtaaagtatc gggtcaggca ttggtactgt tttaaaaaca     33180
     ctgatttggc actgctattg taaagcactt tggtcagtct tgtaaataaa atacatttaa     33240
     aaccattgtg aaaaacccaa acaataccaa atcctaatga aatacatgct gtattttttg     33300
     ccatcctaat ttgccatcgg attgaggtaa acaaatctta ataaaaggag taaatgaggg     33360
     cttagtttgt tagctttgtc agtgtgatgt taaccaaatt actaaggaag aacatgaagg     33420
     aatcagatca gggtgtgccg tttctcaagt gtcatttcac agcctttgct gatgccgttt     33480
     ctaatctcca gctgaagctt tgacatgttt gttcctgtat taaaaaaaca acaacatatt     33540
     tctccctcgt gtctttttgg ggacatttgg cagagactag aacaatacat tgacagaatt     33600
     gttgacagca atcaaaattc cccttgtgat ctcactgtac aatgcagaca aatgggcaaa     33660
     ttaaattcta aagggccaat caaaatcaca agacccaaac cgtaaaaaaa ctgcttgtcc     33720
     cagctggact ttggacgtct gctgaagaga tgccacttgt gggtttcctg ttgaccagcg     33780
     gatctgaaag agcctctttg tgtcgactga aggacagctt gaaagagtga gtgtttttgg     33840
     ctctgagggc ataaaggagg tctgtgtgtg agcgccggga agacacctgt tatcaagtgt     33900
     ttaaaggaag gcgaaaaggt catcaggtct gcagaggcac aaactcacag aaacacacac     33960
     atcttcagtt gctaaaggga agatatgagt tgtccgggct gcagaggcgt cattagttga     34020
     cacaggttta agatcgtgtt ataatattct agtctgtgaa agaagaacaa aactacagtt     34080
     gactctttta catgtttgtg tttgtgtgtt ttctatattc aggtgtcgac ctaaacaatg     34140
     ctattcataa cttgttttag tagctaattc atatgaattt gtatgatctt gtttgtatgt     34200
     ttagtctgat ctgctcgtcc ccaaattatg gctgggttta cgggcggaat ttgatgccat     34260
     gccttcttta aaaaaaatat atatatacat ttgtacaact gaacaaagta gctactaaac     34320
     tgacaaaatg tataagagtt tttttttctt gagatcaggc agacttaaat gtgaatacac     34380
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     34440
     acatatatat atatatatat ataactgtag actagagcta tacaaacttg tggtatgcga     34500
     tagtgtggtt gagtgttttg ataagtatat ttcttatgat attacactaa cttggaaaac     34560
     caattttatc tgcaatttaa aaaaaaacca tgtatttatg ttatgttaaa actgtcaagg     34620
     tgcaaatatt tagaccagaa atttggatct ttattaacaa tttcctcact tgtctgccac     34680
     attcggtttt tattttcagc tctaggttca cctcacagca cctactgtag gggtggggat     34740
     gaagatagta aagaccccgt ctgattgggt cacatttaga taatcaacat atccatgcag     34800
     caaactaatt cttggcacat acaattttta taatgtatta ctcttcacga tagtaaacca     34860
     tttttgatat attttgtgcg gctctaatgt aaaatctttt attttctatt aaattagtcg     34920
     caatttaaca gccctagttg ggctaacggg acaaaatata cagtataaaa atcatatcca     34980
     agtcccaaca aggatagtaa actagactat gtgtgtgcat gtgcgcgtgc gcgtgtgcgt     35040
     gtgtgtgtac gcgtgcgtgc gtgtgcgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgc     35100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgtgt gtgtgcgcgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt     35160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttgtg cagtataggc agtcatgagg     35220
     gcaggaagtc agtgtgataa gttagataac atatgagcac actgactcag ctttcctatc     35280
     ttactcgagc tgtaaccggc agatccctca acccagaggc cagtgtcact caagtgcgct     35340
     cgataaatcc tgcgcatgtt tgctgaaaac gtggtttcaa tggaattatg taatcttatg     35400
     taatcttggg tttaccaaaa taataaaaac aatttcatca ttttaatgtc agagaactgt     35460
     tttgagatgt tccacggtct gtaggtttgg ataatatgga cacaatatgg tttgttttta     35520
     cttaaacata attagtaagt tgtagtaagt aatacatgtt cagaattgat gcatgaaata     35580
     tgaaggtaga tactatacaa actcatcgat tgacagaagt tgcagcatct ttacatgaaa     35640
     aggccctaat gttgttaatt tctgcattct aactttagtg tgctcccatt tcttcttctt     35700
     tttttctctc tatataggtg accaggcaag gaatttcttc ctgcagtcag gtttacctgc     35760
     ccccatcttg gcccagatat ggtacataat ttctataaat ataaatgaat tgtaccacct     35820
     tcataaatcc actatgttct gctgttttat aattagtgca cactgtaaat aaatcatatt     35880
     acacaaaaag aaatgaccac aatgccataa aacatcctct gacaatgttt attcaattgc     35940
     aggatgcatg tactgtatat tttataactt gtaatttatt gcctgaaatt aaatagtgtt     36000
     gaatttacct atcaatatat caagatttga ccttagaaat gtactgataa ccgccataaa     36060
     cggtttgttg gcaaaggata aagtttgagt gagtgtgctg tctatatact caagtataat     36120
     acatacaaaa acaacacaca attaataaaa tgatgcaatg agctgttatg aaatgaattt     36180
     aatacgaaac accctagttt accaatgctc ttcctttttt taactgtaaa ttgtatggta     36240
     atttgttgtt gcttccaaac aacacgacaa taacttgatc tgtatatgca gtggcaacac     36300
     actgttaacc aagaaacagt catgttttta caatattata taaatttaaa acgattggtg     36360
     cagtccgtga ttgtgctgac tagtgtgtgt gtgttctgta tttatgtgta aaccttgcat     36420
     agcaggttgc agatccagta tggcactggc atatgttatt ggagtctgct gtgaaagtta     36480
     gtcagtgtga gagtagcatc attaaagttt gtggatgttt tatttattta ttttcgcagg     36540
     gctctggccg acatgaacaa tgacgggaag atggacatgc atgagttttc catcgcaatg     36600
     aagctgatta aattaaagct gcagggtcac cctcttcctc catctctgcc cccctccatg     36660
     aagcaacagc ccatctccat acccccgccg accccttttg gtaagaacac gcttcttcag     36720
     aggacttcat gtttcaggac acagactaat catttcgact taaggttcta acctctgccc     36780
     ttcatttgat tcaatatttt ttaaaccaac cgtgtgcatc cttatggacg attttatctt     36840
     tttaggttag ggttttgtga ttgcttttgc tgttttaatg cacaccttta gcatcaattt     36900
     agacaaaagg tttttattaa aaattttaag acttttaatg ctttttataa attagtttta     36960
     cactcgaagc taaaaaatat ttcctattag gacaaaatat ccttgttaaa actcattaaa     37020
     atgttaacat ttgttcctat tggaatttaa catgacaaat tttatgtttt tattcccaag     37080
     agttttacat ttttatgggt tttagttgat ttcagtagga gttttttttg ttctgaatgt     37140
     tctgagaggt acaaatctgg gtaacttgtg aagaatagat ttagtaaggg agtaatgagt     37200
     aaaatagttt ctgatctttg acttgcgtat aaaaatgtga ttgctttacc tttagtcaat     37260
     gaaaaatgat tggtttagtt tttaataaag gtgtgacgag acgcttactt ggagacgaga     37320
     cacgacattg ggttaacgag acgagatttt tgtacttttt ttggaatcct caatgatgaa     37380
     atgtatgaat gggaagtagt cttttattca actgaaaaaa atcacttaat gcaacaattt     37440
     aggtgctaat taaactttta ttgaatgtta ttttacttct gttttaatga aaggacatgc     37500
     aaacactgca aatattttgc tataaactct actgactaga caaactctga gctgcttaat     37560
     gtgagtatga agtatggagt aataggagaa agctgtttta aggaatttga taccgcacac     37620
     agatgaaaag aaaacatctg ttttttccgg acaacataaa tgatgataat gataatgatg     37680
     tgtctgtgtg cgcacacaca gaggagatgt gtgttggttt actggcttag taggtgcaga     37740
     gaatagtgtc gaacagccgt atgtgtatgg cttattttct cttataggct acataataat     37800
     gcaacaaaaa tagaaatgtt ttacgtttta atttgatctg tgtttacaac gattaagtct     37860
     ttaagcacta aagcacttga tttgtggatt aaatccaatc ctgcatctaa tcttcagtgc     37920
     taaaatcacc ttcacgctcc atcacaacat cacaactttt caccttgaca agaaatatca     37980
     tcacgattta gtctcccgag atcttcaaga ccgagatctc gtcacacccc tagtttttaa     38040
     aattaatttt taaaatggtc agtgatgtta cttagaagaa aattcttgaa aataattttt     38100
     gaagagtctt tttagtcatc agggttggtg ctggtaaaaa aaaaagatct agtaaaaata     38160
     aaatataata aaatgtaata atttaaataa taaatgatga tatttttgta tctttttaat     38220
     tgatgcagaa ttattattat aatatatatg tacatctcat ttgagagagt atttcattgg     38280
     tcccgatttg atgtgaaact gaagtatgag gtgacctgaa taaaaccgtt gatacattta     38340
     tctggaagtg accaaataca agctttacgt ctattttata tctcctaaat gcaagttttg     38400
     tcactgtttt gatgtgcact agattataga tatcgtaaaa actaaaaata ctgataataa     38460
     cttttaagtt aaaatgttaa tttcatggga ctaaaaataa aaatagatga gctgtacatc     38520
     attattatta gaaatagtat tacccatcac tgttattact cattataatt attaataata     38580
     tgattaccaa atgtaattta atattataag attaattatt tgtttgattg ccctctgcag     38640
     ggataccctc tatgggtgca atgccaggcc tgccagcagt gccgcccatg cctctgcccc     38700
     ctctgcctcc aggagtgcca gggatgggtg tttctcctcc actgggcgca tcggtaaccc     38760
     cacccgtacc atccctcgcc aacggagcac ccgcaatgat acaacccctg agtggatttt     38820
     cacatccagg taaagtaaac acacactcgc accacccaga ccagcttatg cagtctggtg     38880
     actttggcag gatcattcat gggtgtttgt gtctgtctct caggtgccgt gctcaacaaa     38940
     accccctcat tcaatcgctc cagtatcaag ctacagaagg gccagtctgt agaggcgccc     39000
     aggtacattc acagatatgc agacacacat acgaatgcac acacacaggt ttgtttttgt     39060
     gtattctggg gacattaaat tcatttctat tgtttttata cagtacaaac tgtatatatt     39120
     ttacccctaa acccaactct caaagggaac tgtactgttt tactttctga aaaatatatt     39180
     tagtatgatt tataagcctt ttgagaaatg aggacataag caatatcctc gaaattcacc     39240
     accttcttgt aatacctgtc atatccatgt catttgtgtc ctgatatgtc acataaacac     39300
     acacacacac acacacacac acacactcgc ccattgtatt cacagtcatt tggcagatgt     39360
     taacatgcat gttgtctctt cctgtagtgc tccagctgct cctccacccg ctgactgggc     39420
     cgtgtctcag tcctccagac ttaagtatcg ccagctcttt aacagccatg ataaaatgat     39480
     gagcggttat ctcacaggta tgctgatctt cactcacata atcacacttg acaagcatca     39540
     gactatgaaa tgctgtttga tttgattttt cattcaggtt tccaccctca tctcaattaa     39600
     ttatatagtt tttaatacct gcaatcaaat atttgagcaa ttttttattt ttgtaatttt     39660
     tgcaagttag ataaataacg gttttcatca gtgtaaataa tagtaaacgt gtattcagag     39720
     tagtaatgag taataatgat gctgaaattt cagcattgcc atcacagaaa tcaattacat     39780
     tttaaaataa atgaaaattg aacagtcatg ttaaaactgt gtcagaaata atttacaaat     39840
     attacagtgt ttactatata tttgtcatta aataaatgca gccttgataa ggtttagact     39900
     tcagttaatt tcatcagtct gttgattcaa catatttcaa tttaatttca gttttgcacc     39960
     atccatattt tctcatgaaa atggagctat atgatttgca ggtttgcaaa aatgactatg     40020
     gtttgcggaa ttcagagttc ttgtcatgag tgaaagtggt tagtcagagc agcttagagg     40080
     aaagagagct ttgctgattc aacacaacca gctttgtttc cccctttcat tctctttttc     40140
     tccctttctg cctcaggtcc acaagccaga actattctga tgcagtccag tctaccacaa     40200
     gcccagctgg ccaccatctg gtgcggatcc aacctgtttt ttcttgctct gtctctgtct     40260
     cgcattaaaa actcaaacaa atctctgagt tcggagattc gtatcagtgt aaacacacgg     40320
     attggtatct ggttattgtt ttgagtatat ccaactgttg ttttgatttc ttttaacatg     40380
     ctgttctcag atctgtgtat ggcctaaggc tttgtttact cttgatgtta acacagctga     40440
     actgctcaca cgtggaccag cataataaat cgctgttttg ccgtctacct gtttctccct     40500
     gtaggaatct gtcagatata gatcaggacg ggaagttgac tgctgaagag tttattttgg     40560
     ccatgcactt gatcgacatg gccatgtctg gtctccctct tccccctttg ctgccgcctg     40620
     accttatacc tccaacattc aggtgagaga cttcgaccaa acaaaactaa agttactctg     40680
     ttaggccttg atcacaccaa acacactttt tgcattgaga ggcttctctt cttgaatgat     40740
     ttctaatggc gcgagcattt taatggcctt gcaattgaaa aaaagtcaac tgtaatagga     40800
     aaaagcttcc accgtcagtc acgtcttttt taatctccga taaaatgaaa gcaaaggcag     40860
     ggtttccgtt gaggagacag cagtgttttt ttaaacaggt gctcactgtt ttgagatatc     40920
     tggagctgta tgatcatgaa tatcacaata taattaaata ttacaattat aacaatatca     40980
     acagcaacgc tcgtgcacaa tacacagctg attcaatcat tgcctagcca cataaaaagc     41040
     tgttttaaaa gtttctaatt ttgttttaaa gggccatgaa acccccttgt ttcagcaggg     41100
     tgttttcata cctctacttt ggaaaaagcc agaaaaatgg gcgtgtccag ctctttttag     41160
     ggagaagtgt cggaggagca aaagaggtgt ggtgtgggag tgtctatttg accaagcgct     41220
     gagtttcaga gtcaaaacac acacagggga gaaagtgact gtgtttacat ggacatctgt     41280
     aatcgaatta tttgccaaat tattaaatgg tggactttaa ctgcagtttg gctctttcat     41340
     tcagggaatt cattcgtgcc cctcgtgata aatgagatat ttgattcgag gaactgctgt     41400
     tagcgtatat tttttatgca atgtttgata ccgcacggca aatgagagaa aaaaataaac     41460
     tctgcatttc tctgtaactt agatgaatct ccatttccag aagacaaaag ctctcggtta     41520
     aacagtgttc cttagacagt tattcacaag ttattcactt agacagttat agacatgtta     41580
     ttgttgtcgc gcgtcgcgtc gcgtcgcata cactgtaatc cacatgtgat tccagctgca     41640
     ctctcacaga gagaaaatga aaacaaaact tcacttcagc aaattaggaa agcaacactt     41700
     cacgcttgtt ttgccaacac aatgtggtgt ctctgccgtg acgccgtcta cactgtaaca     41760
     ttaatgaata ttaatgaagt tgcacaatag agcgcgctga ttggtttgaa ccaagtctta     41820
     ctcatgcatt aatgcagcac actcagagac gtaatacggt acttccaggt acagtcgccc     41880
     agtctacacg ctggaataca cgctatgatc tcagggccgt gacgcagctt caaaaattcg     41940
     tttcaaaccg gaagtacgaa tttgctcgaa ataatgctaa aagtaccaaa tttcactttt     42000
     tagtgagata taggtgtcct aatagtgttt ttaggagttt gggacacata tacgactgtc     42060
     aacagctcaa aaaatgtgtt ttggtgttcc gtgacccttt aaaggttttt aacaatagat     42120
     ttacatccat cacacttaaa aactcattga tttgatcata atatacttag cagccacaga     42180
     tcttttctta taatgtctga aacggttagt tcaaggatcc cctcatattg caaagtgtag     42240
     acttttctag ttggttagat ggtgtcatct tatgtgattg attcaccact tatgagatat     42300
     atcagaaacc aaatgccagt tactatatct gaatttcagc ttcagagggt ttctttttgt     42360
     cacatgaaaa cacagcgatg tgaaccataa caatagcata aaaattttaa gtcctctcac     42420
     tagggctggg cgataaatcg atttatcgat taacttaagt gtgtaagtta cactgatttg     42480
     tttgaatgaa aattggtttt cgctctacat gcaacactct cctctgggtt cccgtagttc     42540
     ccgctgcatt tgccataaaa aacactcaca agcaagatct tgcgaaaact ctgaggaaag     42600
     ttgcactcta tgaaatggaa aagtacaccg acgcacaaac acacccgcca aaaaaggcat     42660
     aattaagggc tctcagcttg tgtctcattc gtcatgagac acaaggattt taacctgcgc     42720
     tccacacccg atgtttctca cgataagaag taatagataa gacaattaat agacaagaca     42780
     cgaatatgaa aggaactgtt aacgatctaa tgttggagtt caacattgct gtttctgaat     42840
     aaattacatg acccaaagaa aaaaactcgc tcaatgcagc gaataatcca gatgcagccg     42900
     cctgacgcaa ataaatgcaa tacaatgtaa gccactagcc tagcatgagt aattaatata     42960
     aaatgaataa acctctacat gtatgtacat gttgaaataa accgtataaa aataatgggg     43020
     aaataaatca ccttgaaaaa ggtccccttt taacaatcat tatgagttta ctttcactgt     43080
     aattttataa atggtttaat tgatattatt attattgtta ttattattat tataaaagta     43140
     ttgaatacaa tcttgttaaa tttgatcttt taatgacagc tagcaaggtt cttgaggtaa     43200
     aggttttttt tctcttgcat ttttctatat tatataattg tgatatgctt aagctaatta     43260
     tataggttaa taaccttaaa cctttttttt gtaaccctta aaaaattgtg tgtgaataat     43320
     aaaaaaaaag ctatacatca tatattatac atgcatttct gcacatatgc aatgataaaa     43380
     ttaacatttt gactctggat ggatataaac ctggtgttgg agacctttaa aactaaatta     43440
     gcaaacatgt aggtcacatt aaagcttcct tttgcaatta atttaccatt agcaacaaca     43500
     agcagatgtg taatttattt gtgcaactat attgagctta aaagtttgac atctgttgtg     43560
     ctttttgcct cttctctaga ataagaagtc accgccctac cttgcacttt acttttgcaa     43620
     tttgacctta tcatgttaac aacaaattta aaaccgctac aatacatgcc acatgaaaga     43680
     caaagtcatg gtctgcaaat gtttgatacg ttttatttcc acatgactct tttgcaatta     43740
     gagacacttg atgtttccat tcacttaatg ttttttttgt gtgtgtgcgt aggagaatgc     43800
     gctctggtag tggagtgtct gtgaccagca tgcactcgac agacttgcgg tctcaggaag     43860
     agccagagga ggaggagaaa gaggccgaga aaaaacttcc aggtcaggaa acattggtta     43920
     aagttcatgt ggtctcaggt gacaagtata ccccagaatt caatttgcac atttttttat     43980
     atggatagtc ttgattattt ttgcattaat acctttcagt gcaatatgtt gtgagatctg     44040
     ataccagtta cctatataaa tggagaacat ccactgccaa cagaggctgt gttaactgta     44100
     cattttccac cattaactta cttttaaaaa tgttttccgt cattttggct gataaaatat     44160
     caggttcctg gtttacattt gcctgcagta cttaaacaac attatcaaag tacacaatac     44220
     acttacacaa ttacaaactt acacacacaa aaagatctta aaataatagt tttaataact     44280
     catttctaac aatggattta ttttatcttt gctatgatga cagtacatac tattttacta     44340
     gatgtttttc aagatactag tattcagctt aaagcacaat ttaaaggctt aaaggtgcag     44400
     taggtgatct tccacaatgc taacagctta gcataaatct ctgaatcaca gtccctcccc     44460
     tgtcaatcag agccacgcct tctgaaacac gagcacgcgc accttaaaga tgacagcaga     44520
     agaaccctct ctcatgtgtt aaaagcgaca agtgcttgac tggtggcatg caggaattac     44580
     actcattact aaaccaaact gacatgctat ttcagagcgg atattcagag tagcatggta     44640
     aacaatataa ggacagcacc acaggttgtc attgtttaaa aatgaaccac tgggatgtga     44700
     atataaaacc atcttcacct cagtaaagct ggctaggcgg aatagcgcta tttacttgtg     44760
     ttttgttgtt aaactaaata aaatctacat tatagatgat gtaaaaagac cttatgaaac     44820
     tgaaaatagt cacagcaatc tttcatctga agattttagt ggctgaacaa gacttctgtg     44880
     cggatataac ccatttgtaa caacaacatc aaacgttaca tcagctttgc gtgaagctaa     44940
     aatagttttt aaacagaaca ttacctgtct tagagaaata cttcagccat ggtgtcatcc     45000
     tttctccagt gtgaaacgct aactccaata ttgattcagg tttttataaa gttttgattc     45060
     agcatgtttt tacagtctct ctctccctct ctctctctcc ctctctctct ctctctctct     45120
     ctctctctct ctctctcaat tcaattcaat tcaatttaat aattgcttta ttggcatgac     45180
     aaatgttaca aatgtattgc caaagcagtt ataaagttta cataaaaagt aacatatata     45240
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     45300
     tatatatagt acacacagta aatagtagta aaaaaatata tttatatata attaaataaa     45360
     atatcaacaa tacatcatat tattcaatat atcacattaa tattcaatat attatattat     45420
     tattcaacat atcatattat acaaatcaat acaaaaatag atcagaataa actgtacatt     45480
     taacaatcaa cattttagga taaaacagta ataaaaacaa taataatcag tatatttaca     45540
     atgattcatt taaaatcacc taggtgtgtg tgtgtctgtc tctctttctc tctctctctc     45600
     tctctcactc atgaacgcgg aatgcacaaa cagcggagct gcgtacaaac ggcggagcag     45660
     ttgttcaaat ctgcatttgc tgacagacag tttgggctac ttatcggaat tatgggagat     45720
     gccagcccga ctctatttaa ttggataaac attttttagt tttatatctt attcagagta     45780
     taaaaatatg tataaataca tttagatcat ttactttaat caatactatt ggaatgtgta     45840
     gagactttca accagcacag caaaaagtgt ttctagagac aatcacctgc tgcaccttta     45900
     actatttatt aggcaagtta gagtaattgg gcaagtcatt tgtataacga tgatttgttc     45960
     tgtagacaat tgaaaaaata taaattgctt aacggggcta ataatattaa aaacggcttt     46020
     tattccaccc aaaacataag actttttcca gaagaaaaaa atatagaaaa tactgtgaaa     46080
     atgtcaaaaa tttatatatt aaaaaaagaa aaaaaattca caggtgggcg aataattctg     46140
     acttgcactg tacatgcaca ctgatacctg ttattgtttt cacaaatatg catgcaaaat     46200
     ttaaaggggc taaatgctaa ttaaatggtc ttttgcagca tgaaatgttg tacatcaatc     46260
     tcctaaaatt gtttccataa tttcccttca gtcacatttg aggataagaa acgagagaac     46320
     tttgagcgcg gaaacctgga gttggagaaa cgtcgacagg cacttctgga gcagcagagg     46380
     aaagagcagg agcgactggc ggcgctggag aaagaagagc aggagcggaa ggagagggaa     46440
     cgactggagc aggagagacg cagacagcag gagctggaca aacagctgga gagacagagg     46500
     gagctggagc gacagcggga ggaggagaga cgcaaggaga tcgagagaag agaggtgcgt     46560
     tctcaagttc tcggaaatcc atgagtgaaa agtagggcct gacagaatct gctgacattt     46620
     gttgctattt ctgctgagaa ttttgttaaa aatctgtgga tttatgcgga aatgttgtgg     46680
     gagtatcgta actaaaaact taatatatga aataaaaatt aataactttt atttaatgtt     46740
     tttacaatgc aaatcgaatt agatccactc aaacaaagca aatctttcat ataatatatc     46800
     gactaaacga cagaaaatat tactttacaa actgtattgt aaataaatca aatgaacgtt     46860
     ttcatatcag tcaataatat tactgaaaat agtttaaaaa ctgaataaat ataaatttac     46920
     acaagtaaat aaatagactc agtgatgggc caaaaatccg tggatttctg cgctcacaga     46980
     ttccgtgtgg gcctagtgat aagtagtgct gaacaatata ttgtgataag tatggttatc     47040
     gcgataatag catatgcaat gattgtatcg ctgttgtgtg taattgaatt acattttatt     47100
     taatacattg gttgatttta gctacagtta aagtcagaat tattattcct ttaaaatact     47160
     tttacatttt tacccaattt atgttcaaca gagttttttt caacacactt ctgagcaaaa     47220
     tagttttaat aactcatttc taataaccga tttcttttat ctttgccatg atgacaatat     47280
     gtgctatttt actagatatt tttaagatac tattgtctat tgttcagctc aaagtgcaat     47340
     ttgaagactt aattaggtta attaggcaag ttattgtata atgatggttt gttctgtaaa     47400
     aatctaaaaa tatatctgct taagaggact aataatattg accttaaaat gttttttttt     47460
     aatgttaaac tgcttttatt ctagtcaaaa ttaaatgaat aagactttct ctagaggaaa     47520
     aaaaatattg taggaaatac tgtgaaaaaa tccttgctct gttaaacaat atttggcaat     47580
     catttgaaaa agaaaaaaag gaatgtgaaa aattctgact tcaactgtga atttgaccat     47640
     tcagatggcg tctttctatc tttctcccca cctccctagt agctgctgtt ctgctattgg     47700
     ctagagtggc ccaaatgtga atctagagct gaaaataaac actaatagcg ggagtcgaaa     47760
     aattacaaca gccaatcaga gtagaaatat ctgcttttca ctcattcata gtgttttaaa     47820
     gatagatctt tgcacctcag cacaggtttt tagtctgaat tggaattaat tagatctgta     47880
     taaatatatt ttacccattt aatttaatat agctaaacac tttaacaaaa acactttaat     47940
     gtatgttttt aaaaggaatc actaggataa atttgaagtt atttatcaaa cattatattg     48000
     agaaaaatca tgtttaactt tgtatttaac ggaattttat tgatttattt gtaatatttt     48060
     atatatttgt ttgtgtgcca tctcttaatg aattatgaag ttgttctatc atgtagtgtt     48120
     tttatgcaaa ttgatcttgc catgaaatag ccataagttg ctcatgtggc aataaataaa     48180
     taaacgattt tgtgtgtttg aaggctgcta aacgggagct ggagcgacag aggcagctgg     48240
     agtgggagag gacgcgcaga caggagctgc tcacccaaag gaacagagaa caggagaaca     48300
     tcgtcctgct taaagcacgg aagaaaactc tcgagtttga gctggaggct ctggtatgtg     48360
     cactttcatc actcagaaaa ataattgtct taactactta cttggaatga gccgaaacaa     48420
     cacaattctt gagatatttt ttggagacaa cttacttttt tttgttctat ccacttaaac     48480
     ttgtcaaaac caatgaactt aatttatttg tgttgggaca tcgtgaatga cttgtttttg     48540
     accctgcatt tttacagtgg tggttaacac ttttaaatac gtagggtata aacaattaat     48600
     tttgcttgat caaataacat ccttaaaatc atctgaaata acacaattct caagtttttt     48660
     ggggagcaac ttaattgttt tctgttcagt tcacttaaag taaaaaaaaa aactaacaaa     48720
     ttttaggttg ttttaacacc aatcgattgc atttttacag tatgtagaac aaatttaaag     48780
     tgccatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     48840
     atatatatat atatacacac agttgaagtc agaattatta gtccccctaa attattagcc     48900
     ccctgtttat tttcaacaca tctctaatca taatagtttt attaagtaaa taatatttga     48960
     cttgatattt ttcaagacac gtctttacag gttaaagtgg aatttaaagg cttaactagg     49020
     ttaattaggt taactaggca ggttaggtta attagacaag ttattgtgta acgatggttt     49080
     gttctgtaga ctatcgaaaa aaatatatgg cttaaagggg ctaataattt tgaccttcaa     49140
     atgttttttt tttattaaaa acggctttta ttctagccaa aataaaacaa aataacacaa     49200
     ataagacttt caccagaaga aaaaatatta ttagttatac tgtgaaaatt tccttgcgtt     49260
     gttaaacatc atttggtaaa tatttaaaaa aatccaaaaa aataaataaa taaataaatt     49320
     aaagggggct taataattct gtgtaattct gacttcaagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     49380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt     49440
     ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtgtgtgtgc gtgcgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt     49500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacat tttttttgat gtagtgtgta atatacaagg     49560
     ttttcatggg ccttaaatag cttttacctt ctgatctttc ccatagtgaa gtagtccaca     49620
     tttaaagtaa atttacagaa aagttatttc tataatcaaa tggttgaatc tgaagtattc     49680
     aagagttaaa atgattatta ataataatta caattattag cacattaatt taaaatgaag     49740
     atcagtgtgt tttctttgaa attatttagc tataaacaca actcttcatg tgctgcctag     49800
     acattattca aagttctcaa gatattgctt tattgttttc tctttgttcc cattgtttta     49860
     agttctctgt agttggtgat aaacgggtct ttaaaaagtc taaaatttac tttcttaaaa     49920
     cctaccgaaa ctctgaatac agttgtttgt gaatgtaaaa ggttttaaag tgcacaatga     49980
     agggagttat tgtctcccaa aagttgtctt taattccagt tttattttct ttacatgata     50040
     aacgatgata aaatcaacct tttgacttga agatggatgt aaaccaatta taagagacct     50100
     ttaaaacaaa gctaagagac ttgtaggtca cattaaagct tccttttgca attattgtat     50160
     cattagcttt cccagtgatg ggttgcagct ggaaaggcat cccgtgcgta aaacatatgc     50220
     tggataagtt ggcagttcat tccgctgtgt cgacccggga ctaattaagg gactaagcca     50280
     aaaagaaaat gaatgaatga atgaatcatt agcaacatca accgtgacta atctatttga     50340
     gcaggcccac atgcatattg agcttaatag tttgacattt gttgtgcttt ttgcttcttc     50400
     tctagaatga taagaagtct cagttggagg ggaaactgca ggatattcgg tcccgtctct     50460
     cgattcagag gcatgagatc gagaccacca ataagactcg ggagctccgc attgcagaga     50520
     tcacaagcct gcaacagcag ctgcaggtgt gcactctggc ttacaaactg aagcatcatc     50580
     agcatccttt cagcgtttga attagcctcg cttctctagt tggggtgttt gttttttgag     50640
     tgtgtgtaaa aaaagtggaa gtttaaactt gtcgtgattt gagactagtg cttcaatcta     50700
     tgcatctata atatatgtat gtgtatttat gtattagtgc tgggcaaaat gaatttcatc     50760
     caaaatataa gtttgttttg acaatgtaga ctgattggcc actttattaa gtacacctta     50820
     ctagtaccgc gttggacccc cttttgcctt caatactgcc ttaatccttg atggcgtaga     50880
     ttcaacaagg tacgcagttg ctgcagattt atcggctgca catccatgat gcgaatatcc     50940
     cgttccacca catactagag gtgctctatt ggattaagat ctggtgactg tggaggccat     51000
     ttgagtacag tgaactcatt gtcatgttca agaaagcagt ctgacatgat tcacggttta     51060
     tgatatggcg cgttatcctg ctggaagtag ccatcagaag atgagtacgc tgtggtcata     51120
     aagggatgga catggtcagc aatgatacac aggtaggctg tagcagagac atgatgctta     51180
     attgttaata atgggacaaa agtgtgccaa gaaaatgtat cattacacca ctccaccacc     51240
     agcctgaact gttgatacaa ggcaggatgg atccaaattc tgaccctacc atctgaatgt     51300
     tgcagcagaa atcgagacca agcaaagatt ttccaatctt ctattgtcta atttgtacaa     51360
     acttttattt tggatgtaat taattgttgc cgagcacttg tatgcatgta ggtctgtgtg     51420
     tatatgtgcg aatagataac agaattcaaa ttgttctgtg tataaatgtt tccaagtaat     51480
     cagagaattt tataagtttt ctctctcttt ttttcctcat caggagtctc agcagtggtt     51540
     gagtcgcttg attcctgata aacagtgtct gaatgaccag ctgaagcagg ttcagcagaa     51600
     cagtctgcac agtaagagca ttttcctcag tgcagttttc agttcatgtc tagctcagtg     51660
     taaaaaaagc aacttaaaag ggcttggaaa gctgtaagca ttatggggca aagcagggga     51720
     aaaaaaggaa aactgctatc tgtcagtggc ccatactgac ttgagtatcc aaagtaaatt     51780
     gagtagaaat gcaagatgtt tatatttaag gagtgcttat tttaaattta ggcacacaca     51840
     gatacctaca ctgaaaaagt cctcgggaac tagagcattt gaaattagta tttttatcag     51900
     tgtttgagtg ctgtgtcaat ctgctaacgg atccgctgat agactctgct ttcaaatgct     51960
     tcagtgtcta agcgctcttg taaactggtg atcattaaag ccaatcacag tcatatctgc     52020
     tttgtttgta aacacaatgg ccatttagca gtgtttgcag atcaaataaa aaaaatatat     52080
     aaaattttaa ttttatttgt ctcataaaca gtatgatatg taatcacatg cttacacaac     52140
     tactggtgac cttaccaata aataataaga aaaatttaaa tgtgaagtaa agaaaagcta     52200
     tctatacaaa catagaagca tagagtttcg ctcagtaaca ctcacatttt tttttacatt     52260
     ttgtgtagaa gttggtactt ctgacacaac taccatcaaa taccaacacc tgactactgc     52320
     ttaaccaaat catacagaag caggatcttc tcataattat tctcaagtac tctcagtcct     52380
     acgccaggtc aacaccagtg atgctgcttg atattttaaa cctcaaaatt agccaattgt     52440
     tccttgcaaa taaagctaac agatgctaac atcgtcctaa ttgatgttca acaaataaat     52500
     ctgctctaaa agttagtctg ggttttcaag acatataaag accttgaact cttgttaaaa     52560
     aaatgttttt tggtctaaaa ttctgtcaat tttttttctg tcaaactgtc aaaaaaaaaa     52620
     aaaaaggtaa aaatgtgtca ctttatttga tgtttttgtg caaacgttag tctgttttat     52680
     gctggaattt gctttgaggg caaattaatg atgcattttc cagacttaaa tgcttaatat     52740
     tgttggcaga tttaataaaa aacaaactca tctgtttgtt gctggaatct tggcttctgt     52800
     tttctgccat aataattcaa aactcctgta aaattggtga ggttcaaact gattttcatc     52860
     ccaacacgtc tttgttttgc aaaacatttt aaattctgaa tactcaaatc aatgtgtgta     52920
     gtagttttga cctttacctg acctatgtgg atcattagta acatttaaac ctaattatta     52980
     tctgtccaat gagttatcga cttcttgcgt ttagcacttc atgtacaatg ttatgaatgt     53040
     tgaattgttg ttgtaaatgt agatttagtg aactcactgg ctgttaaaac ttattaaata     53100
     aagcttatct ttttatacag gatggatcat gaggatggta atctctcggg attccctttt     53160
     aacagttgtc tgcttatttc tgctttgtag gagactcttt gaacagtctt cagagggcca     53220
     ttgaaatgaa agaatccacc aaacagcagc tgaaagaaca gctggatgct gtggagaagg     53280
     aaactcgctc caaactattg gagatcgacg ccttcaacac acagctgaag gtaaggaagc     53340
     tctaaacact ctctcaaaca cacacacgca gacagctcta gaagatctcc cacatacttc     53400
     tcttgcgtag atttagtttg tattatgttt atgttttgta ttgtgtgtgt gcagggtgca     53460
     aaattaacat ttgtgccaaa attcaagtaa acgcttgtct aatttatgac caatttattg     53520
     taactatgac ataatatatt agtttaaagg tgctgtatgt aagttcccgg attgaaaatg     53580
     tgttttccgt gccggaacgc agacttcgtt ttggttcttt taccctgccc aatgccagtt     53640
     tagccaatta tatttcagcg ccccgggttg tcttggtgga aaaacgcgta tttcattcat     53700
     ttgttcagaa aggctctgac ggcatgcgcc tgtgaccaaa atgcgacctc cagtggaaag     53760
     tagcaaactc caaaatgaga cgcagattca gagttccaca tgaggttatt aattagcaaa     53820
     taatataaat attacgactg taaacattag gtgagcaggt tacattgtcc taacaacacg     53880
     ctaattgacg agatatgaaa tgataagcaa tttggcacca gccaaaacac gacagaaatt     53940
     taaatacagc catttagaag gacagaatgt gcactcactc acgaaatagt tacgtttata     54000
     atctgtttaa tacatattaa ccctcttcaa cattattaga tgtgcatgct gaatcactca     54060
     catgttttta gttctaaagt tcaatttcaa acagtttatt ttcaaggtct gaggtgaact     54120
     atctactgct gcttttagta taaggcaata aatgtcatgt aaaatggcat tcaagctcat     54180
     attgttagca attatcactg aataaagcac atgaggttta ccagaggtga tcattgtatt     54240
     gtgttgttca gctccaagaa atagtagccg tttctaatat atcaattcaa ggtgttgttt     54300
     acaataaata ctcattgtaa tatggaaaat attctttcta tcgggtgccg ttgcttttat     54360
     atagaacact acttaaatca gcctttaggc tctatcgtca gactcgctcc tgttagtcaa     54420
     tctggcaacc tgtccttgtt tgttttgatc tgcgattata attactgggt gtcaaactta     54480
     catacggcac ctttaataat tagcatttct gatgcaagca aattaaatga ttgatggaca     54540
     tcaatatagt tttttatttg ggccaaaaca tatgacactt tttttaacag tttgtggtta     54600
     agaaaattgc taagaatcta tctcatggtt ctcaaggctg tatttatttt attaaaaaaa     54660
     aaaaacagtg aaatggcagt aacccatgtg tgtcacacga aatcatttta atatatcttt     54720
     atcaatatat atatctttaa ttaatgctga acatagttga gctgcctaac attttaattt     54780
     ttttatgatg cactaatcaa taaaaacagc atttattgga aataaaaatc atctgtacta     54840
     taacttttaa taaatgcaaa ctttcagaat aagttaaaat ttctttataa tcaaaaagtc     54900
     aatttattaa atgcaaactg ctttatcatt gccaatacaa aaataaagta ataatgttac     54960
     ttttgaaccc tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg attaaaagag gaagtaggag aaagcattat     55020
     attgaccttc ttcccatgca cacttcatgt ctgctaagac ctctttgtaa tgccatacgt     55080
     gccttcgatc agacttagag agtgtgataa agcagaaaca tttcactaca tcacaccatc     55140
     tcttgttcct ttctcactgt atctgcctgc tgctcactct ttcaccttcg tcctgcgttc     55200
     atcctggtcg actccctctc cacctcacct actatccgtg tttatacggc ttgcctggcc     55260
     ctctttgttc tggcttgacc gcgcttcgcc gctcccttta cccctcgtgg tgttgcagtc     55320
     cttggggctc ttctatcaga gccatgcaac caggatggag aacctgcagt tggagctgct     55380
     tgttgaagat cagagggggc tacaggtaga ctgcctaaaa atgagcttaa ccccctcaaa     55440
     aactaccagc accaaactgt tcccctctac tcacagcact atgctctctg ttgcccttca     55500
     tgagggaagt tggagtagca cccttccagt tgtgtcttgt cttgactact tccctttact     55560
     aagccatcaa caggactcag caatcaagat atgttttatc tgctcaggtt tttgttgtag     55620
     ccctgtggtt acattatgga taattttatt taataattat aataattgct cagttaaaaa     55680
     atcagctgat ttaaatacac acagttaacg atagtgatgg gatgtttaga tcattttact     55740
     gactcgaatc tttgagtccc gcttgtcaag atgaacatct tatttcaagt catttccttc     55800
     aatttgccaa aatattacta aatgttatga gttgcttcca aacacctcta caacaagccc     55860
     aaaatattgg tcacatgaca aacaagtcat agctagaatg ctataagaaa gagaaaatag     55920
     tattttttta ttgtttacct ggtcttttgt ctatgattag ctcagctcaa ctcttctgac     55980
     gggtcttcaa atttaagatg ttcattcacg tgacactgac agtcctatat atgcttatcc     56040
     aatgcacata atctgatcca tttaacaatt cattaaaaaa aataacacaa aataatataa     56100
     acagatgttc aaaagtttaa gaaatagtga tgcttttaat cttgttcttt gttcaatctg     56160
     tctgccttta tttgagtgaa atacagttta aaatgattat taatttgtta aatattctaa     56220
     atgattattt tctacatgaa tagctttagc agatattatc attctaatat ttctatttgg     56280
     tgtataatgc cgagttcaga cttcatggtt tttgtcccgt ttttgactcg ccaacaggtt     56340
     ttgagaaatc gccagcaaat gcctaaaatc aaaggcaaat cagggctttg tttactcacg     56400
     tgaacaatca cacagtgtga agtgagccat taacacctgt gagatattta gtgtactaaa     56460
     tatctggagc cgtcggcaat acaaaatcat gccgtgtgaa atgaattctg attgaaaata     56520
     accttggcgg ttacctacag ccaatgagag agcagcattc actagtatgg gtatctgcag     56580
     gccaacaggt ggttggggga aaagttaaaa gggcttttta gtctgtttgg acccaagaaa     56640
     tggaggaaaa actagtgtaa aatggcagga gcacccgtgt ctgtttgatg tgtcatctga     56700
     gctataccac aaccaggtca aaaaagaaaa aagtttgaga gaaattgcta attccattca     56760
     aaaccaaatt aagtgcattt tctaccccac taaaggcctc tttctcatta tgtagttaat     56820
     agcaacatat atactacatg acctcgcatt gtttccatgt catttctctc atgtgtttgg     56880
     ttgttagacg tagtttgtgg acagagtcaa agttgtcagc gtttctgcta ttgtaatgtc     56940
     atgtagtgtg aaacccccgt caccgatcca ttctgcagtg taaacagcag caacagaatt     57000
     ctacctcaga tagtcaaaca gtgtgaaaat atctgtgact cgtctacttt gaatatcatg     57060
     cagtctgaaa tcgacatcat aaagagatgt ctcaaaacca ggcactcgtg aaatgaacaa     57120
     atcaaatctt tttccgtctc taaatgcata tgattggctt ctgtctttca cgtgatgaac     57180
     gaataactca aactcgatag aagactagaa aaaggaatta atcttctcct ccacctgcac     57240
     aatgtgtgca tgcgcgactg aacgaatcac tccctgagag ggctcatcgt aatcgcgggt     57300
     agcataaaag attcattcaa aaggagcact ttgttgaaga acgagccatc actagttgat     57360
     tatgcctttc ttatttattc tttataatct ttataataaa ataaatttgg gaaatttatt     57420
     tcccaaatga tatttaacag aacaaggatt tttttttaga gtatttctta ttgtattttt     57480
     cttttatatc ttatttagtt tagctggaat aaaaaaaatg tgaaattggc taaggtcaat     57540
     attattagca tttttacatt tttttttaca ttttctgtca attgtcttaa caaattagcc     57600
     caacctctct agttaaacct ttaaactgca ctttaagctg aatatgagtt tcttgcaaac     57660
     caaaaaacac attatgtact ttaatcatgg catagacaaa agaaaaaatc gtgtgtatat     57720
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaat atatatatat     57780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatat     57840
     atacatataa agttttatag atgaactaat agttttatct tcaactgtag tatttaaggg     57900
     aaacctaaaa tgctattagt ttgcttctct gacatccata atttcatcaa ggcttttaca     57960
     tatttaaaaa acaaaatcat aatttaaaag taatagatta taccctgccc tgtgttgatg     58020
     cacctgatca gaacacacat catagtcgat tgtagacgtg acagaaaatg attggacagt     58080
     tttgcgtatt taataatgtt tgaaagttca aattgactca aattttccac aggtttttac     58140
     ccttttcatt gattacagag ccatctttat tcaatttagt ttctttcata tgcacaaatt     58200
     atacatattg acacattaat gtaagaaaga agtgagagta taatttaaac gactggcgtt     58260
     tttaaaaata tatttagcac ctggaaaatg acttgaattg tcaaatgcac taaaagtagt     58320
     caaaatgctg gtctaagtat ttaagttagt gttgcatttt cttttatact gatttagaga     58380
     tatgattcta tctttattat tgagccctga ttgatatgaa tgataatctg aggggttttc     58440
     aagcctgtag ctcacactaa ttaatagagc aaaggctact ctgctctgct ttggttcaga     58500
     tgtcctgtct ggtccgtttg tttctcgctg gttattaatg acatttaaga agctctgcat     58560
     tgcatagagc agaatacatt gtacaaacat caatgattat gacaatgata atgatgatgt     58620
     tgatgatagt gtgacctttg acccgtcacc atatgggtgg ctctgtgtct cttgcagtca     58680
     gggagctctg tggacgaggt gctgtcggac tgtctcgcag cactgctggc ctgtttgaag     58740
     catatacact tctacttcca ggtcatccct ccctcacccc ccactcaacc tttgattccc     58800
     cccccctaca actcgtgtcc cctgctcgtg tgtctcactg cacctcctcc agctcccttt     58860
     gagaagccca tcaaaggcag cgctgtagct attctaaacc ttcacgtatc gttcaaagct     58920
     ctttctttct gtgcactgat ctgatgcttt tcttaggcca catttacact gcactgttca     58980
     agtgactcaa ttgcgttttt ttttctccca tgtcacacag atcggatatg gcccatgtat     59040
     gaaggaacta atcacatgga ttccgattac ggcactttca tttcagaaca gacttttgaa     59100
     cagagtccca aaccttaaat ctcatacaca aggacttaaa cagcttttat attgtcatat     59160
     aacacaggta tttaagaatg ttaatgagag cgagagagcg cagtgtccgc ctcgtaacca     59220
     atataaacta ataaaaaact agtgcatagc taggctacat cacgtgcata aatcacgcca     59280
     tggactttac attaaaatgc ctaaaggttt taaaaagcct ttatatcaaa agaagattga     59340
     taaatgataa cctttctgtc ataaactata gtaaaacagc ttgtcaaaag ctgcgaatag     59400
     attacataca ggaataaaga aaagagcact ctttaactat tagctgttag tcagcgcccg     59460
     ctcttttttt tcctggtcaa tgcgtctttg ccatgtgctg tgtaaatgca gacaatcgaa     59520
     tacgagtcac ttttaaaaga tgatgcaagc aggtcatcaa aaaaagtgaa tacagtcaca     59580
     aaattagaat tgaccatcaa gatctgcagt gtaaatgcag ccttagatca acgttattaa     59640
     tgcgtaagtt tgatcgtgcc gctttttttc ccctccaagc catgtgcgtc atttaattct     59700
     gaaaaaacct catgcatgaa ccgtgacaat gagttttttg tttgtttttt tggggtgggc     59760
     gtattttggg gatttttata acttgaaatt tgtaactatt caaatgtaag cagaagcctt     59820
     ttagatttga ttttggagta ctgaaatgaa cttgtgccgc aaaacgttat tgaaaggagg     59880
     gtatgacaaa aaaagacttt ttccactata tttgatagat tttatactat actgaggtgt     59940
     cttttttctc ctttaccagt ttgggtcata atgttgattt aattagttgg agggtgaaaa     60000
     tgagagaaat caagtattag gcataatttg aaaagtctcg gtgcttaaag acatttattg     60060
     tgaccgatat tgttaaaaca tttgtattgt tgtctaaaaa tctaaaaatt aatataaaga     60120
     tttgaaacat ggcatctttt gtattatttt gtgcaaaaca attacatttt tagagcaata     60180
     gattacagaa taaaaattaa atttagcttt gtttaaacgc acaactataa aatgtaaatt     60240
     aggagaaatt acaattttca attggtcttt ttagcgtata gttcgcccac aaatgggagt     60300
     catgctatta aatactcatc ctcatatcat ttcaaattcc tgagactttt gttcctcttc     60360
     agaacacaaa ggagggcatt ttaggtaaaa tctgagatct taaaagaccg caacagtccc     60420
     tgagagtgta tttttctaga ctttgaacga gttgtgacag tttttgtctg taataataat     60480
     tccttacatt tacatagctc ttctctgggc actcaaaact ctttacactt ttttacttgt     60540
     aatctcctca ttcaccacca acagtttgca gcattcacct ggataatgca atggcagcca     60600
     tattgcgcca gaccatacac cacacaccag ctaattggtg gagaggagac ttaatgatat     60660
     ggggatgtgc tgaggccagt gggaaaattt ggccaggttg ccggctttaa actcctactc     60720
     tttttcaaag gacatcctca ccacagagag tcaggacctc ggtttaacgt ctgcagagca     60780
     gtagagtccc tatcaatata ctgggggatt tggacccaca cagatcgcag gttgagcgcc     60840
     cctgctggtc acactaaaac cacttccagc agcaacctag gttacccatg ttttatgcca     60900
     tccagggagc aatggaggat gagggagctt tccgaattaa tctacaatat cttaatttat     60960
     gttccgaaga tgagcaatgg tctcaggcaa attgaaaaga cattaataaa tcatgaaact     61020
     ttttttggtg aactaaatca tttttcatag atgtatgcgt gtattgctta agttatctta     61080
     gtcttggtac gatcatgaaa atgtgataga taattggcca gcacaggggt ctcaaactca     61140
     attcctggag ggccacagct ctgcatagtt tatctccaac cacctccaac tcacacctgc     61200
     ttaatagtgt ttagtagtct tgaacacctt gattaatttg aacaggtgtg tttgattagg     61260
     gttagagctg cggccctcca ggaattgagt ttgagacata tgggccagca agtgtgatta     61320
     aacaagcata agtggtattg ccttgcgtca gtaaacatgt ttgcagaagc agagcttaca     61380
     tattcagtgt gtgaatttag aaactgcacg tctggttcat gaaatctaaa cactcgcacc     61440
     ctttgacact tgcttggtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgttttaca cttaaacagc taactctttc     61500
     tgtctttcta gagtttgtct gttactgctt gcagtgatct taccatgatt gatctgatat     61560
     tgtagaaatt gtgctattat tatattgaaa actgactaaa actagcttca gtaagagatc     61620
     tcagagtaga gaaatgtaca aatacttgat aaagcatcac tttccctgaa gctcttgttc     61680
     attggtggaa tggtatggtg ttacataagc agcagtgttc gcagagtcgg cttttcttga     61740
     gatttccatg tttcctctct agtgactgca gtggttcatg tgactttacc cagcaggcat     61800
     tgcagtctgc tatcatgaac acattcgcta tgcagtttac accatgtacc atgcaagtgt     61860
     gctatttttg catacataaa tatattgaag cagtcagttg ttatagtaat aagccatttt     61920
     caggtcatgc atacttttta caacatctac cttcatgtta gttgattctt tcagtcacac     61980
     atacactttg tatatattga tttttagtta gatggtcaca cacagttgaa ggcaaaatat     62040
     tcgcccttct atgaaattaa atataaaata tttcccaagt gatgtttaac agagccagga     62100
     cattttcact gtgtttccta ttatagtttt tctttatgtt tcttctttat tttagtttgg     62160
     ctggaataaa agcagtttgt aaaataatct gtaaggtcag taatattagt cgcaggcccg     62220
     cctcacagtt gcctcacagc aagaaaggcc gctggtttga gtgcctgcat ttgtgtgtgg     62280
     agcttgtatg ttccccctat gttggcgtgg gttttctctg ggtactccgc tttcccccac     62340
     agtccaaaga catgcgctat agatgaattg aataaactaa attggctgta gtgtatgtgt     62400
     gtgaatgagt gtgtatggat gtttcccagt accgggttgc agctggaagg gtattcgctg     62460
     tgtaaaacat atactggata agttggcggt tcgttccgct ttggtgaccc ctggtgaata     62520
     aagagactaa gccgaaagaa aatgcattaa tgaatgaata ttcttagtcc ccttaagatt     62580
     tttatttccc gattgactac agagcaaacc attgttatcc aaagacttgc ctaaatacct     62640
     taacttgcct agttaaccta gttaagcctt taaattgcac tttaagctga atgtaaatat     62700
     cttattgaaa aatgttatga atggtcataa tggcaaagaa aacaaattag ttattagtag     62760
     gggcataatg atacactcaa gtcatgattc aatatatatc tcgaaactga actcgcaata     62820
     tatttaggta acattgaatg ctaaaaaaag tttaatttta gtatttttgt ttttcaaaca     62880
     tatcgtaaaa agacaataac aatgttataa gcaggctcaa tgttggttaa aaattttaca     62940
     tttcttatag acggcaaacc gttctgagca tgaacactga agtatgcttt atgagtgtct     63000
     cgtcgcacaa tgattcgaat gattatgcga ccgtaaacgt agacggaatt aacttttaaa     63060
     tgaattacac cttataaaaa cagaaaacta actcttggat aaaacaagct caatgttttg     63120
     aatcatttca tttacaacag tgataagcat cgtcgcagtt ttatattgcg atgtctcaac     63180
     attacgccat attgttacaa ttctagttat tatagataaa tagactaatc gatggactaa     63240
     aaacctgtgg atttctgtgc gcgctgattc tgtgtgggcc tagttattaa taaggtaggg     63300
     tgtaacgata aacttaagtc acaattcgat acatgtcacg ataaccacgc cccctcaacg     63360
     gtcagtttag acaacaaaca gaaagggtga ggaggaggaa atggtgacta tcccaaaacc     63420
     attttcctga tctttctgaa taaactgtac tacatctaat cagcttgcag tagtaaaaac     63480
     aagccacgcc tgctgttttt tcatttaata ttctgtttct ctatgtgaga aactatatag     63540
     attacgtcac aattaactat acgagtacgt cacaatacga aaaataaata aataaatggt     63600
     cgcagcttcc agttgatgtt gactttaaat ggcacttggg aaatatttga actaaaattt     63660
     caaatacaga taatgataat gattttaact tctattgttt aaccaattgt ttaaagggat     63720
     tctggtttca aaagacacga ctgagatttt aaacaaaatt attgtccgga ccgcacttgc     63780
     agggcgcagc tgtaaacatg tttttttgag tgtaataaaa aaagcgcaaa cagaacccca     63840
     ttgcccccta tactccccct tacctgtcct ccaatatccc atcatgcatt gcaggagctg     63900
     agagaaatcc acaacaaaca gcagaggcag aaacagaagg agctggaggc tgacatcacc     63960
     cagccgtcac atgacaggaa gtccatagac tcacaagact cgaggtactt gatgctcttc     64020
     tactgcaatg actcctatag atttgaatgg gaaaaagtgt aacggtcaat atcgcgaatg     64080
     aagccacgcc ttctagtaca ggagccaatc attgatcaat atagactggt gattctctgg     64140
     gggaggggct tggatcaggc gtgagtttct gcagatttta tgcgattaga acgtttggaa     64200
     atgaaactaa agaagcagtt gttgtttagt ttcattgcta attcataaaa atgaagtttg     64260
     atattaagca ttggcaagca gttttggaga attgaatgtt tccctatttc ccggtcttcc     64320
     tactgtctgt ttcaaagatg gccgctgaat gaaatgactt gccttaaagg gattttgtct     64380
     acagctattt ttgttgttgt cgtcgtggtt tatgttttaa catacatgtt ttgcatttta     64440
     ttttgctcca ggttgtcggg gactgatgat ggcgtgtctc cagcgtggag ggatgatggg     64500
     ctgggtaaag ctcctactcc tcctgtgtct caggcctgga tgagccgggt gagtgaagaa     64560
     gaaaaccaca gccgagctga aatacaggat aacctctcca agcttttcac ccaacatcca     64620
     caagcaggaa aaatacaggc tcagtctccc tggtccatgg caggtgagag aaaagaagat     64680
     tgtcgatgca gaaagacatg gatttgatca attctgctgc tgctttatga gagtaaatgt     64740
     cagaaatcaa cataagtcat gtgtttgtgt tctagataag atcccagtgt ctggttttaa     64800
     tcaggagaag gtaaaggtgg tctactatag agcaatgtat ccctttgagg cccgcagtca     64860
     tgatgagatc accatccatc ctggagacat agtcatggtg agtcaaagga tctaatgcca     64920
     aaaagtcccg cgcttcattc agaaataatc tgcaagaaat ctggtcgggt cccgcgctta     64980
     cgcggtacag ctgtgggaat gcagacctct acatcatggc ttccctaaat atattaaaca     65040
     gcacaacggt tttcatttta aaaaacttag taatatttgt gtgtagtatt agtaatagta     65100
     gagtattact atttttatta tatttttaat aaataaatgt ttaattaatt attattatta     65160
     tttgtaaata aatttagcct cggtggattc ataaactacc tttgaaaaca tttttaaaga     65220
     attgtaccaa ctgcaaccct ttaaacatac tgtgttttta aggattcagt aatcattaca     65280
     ttatatagtg tctacagtac agagctgtta tacattatac agcaattaat taaaccactg     65340
     aagcctgctt gccagggagt gtgagggatt tgtggcattt ctgcatgtgt gccgatgcgc     65400
     attgaactga cctctgacct gcttctgtcc tccctttgct cactctgcct gaaggtgaag     65460
     ggagagtggg taagttgagg ttttctgctc ctcgtgcact tttacatgtc tctagtttgt     65520
     tttctgcatt gctcatttgt cactgggcta aaagagactc tgttcagaga tcatcatttg     65580
     tgtgtgttgt gatgttggct atttctggca tttgcccatt tggaggtggt cagtggctac     65640
     ttttgcatgg acgtctcatg tttaaattga aatgtagtcc ttgtgtgaac actaaatgag     65700
     cttattgtca aaagtttctt tctgcatttg cacacaatgt tttcctactg tagcttataa     65760
     tttttgtttt aaagaccaga cggaatattt atctatttat ggtcctatat aggatatcaa     65820
     catgctgctg atattacagt aaaaattata tgtagttgaa gtcaaaatca ttagccctcc     65880
     tgtaattttt cttttttttt tttcttttca aatattttcc aaatgatgtt atcagagcaa     65940
     ggaatttttc acagtagtct gataatattt cttcttctgg agaaagtttt attagtttta     66000
     tttcggctag aataaaagca gtttttaatt ttttaaatgc cattttaagg tcaaaattat     66060
     tagccccttt aagctagata ttttttttcg atagactaca gaacaaagca tcattatgca     66120
     ataacttgcc taattaccct aacctgccta gttaaccttt atatacatat aaataagcct     66180
     ttaaatgtca ctttaagcct taagtataga agtgtcttga aaaatttcta ttcaaatatt     66240
     atttactgtc atcgtggcaa agaataaata aatcagttat tagaaattag ttattaaaac     66300
     tataatgttt ggaaatgtgt tgaaaaaaaa tcttcgcttc gttaaaaaga aataaggggg     66360
     gggggataaa caggggggct aataattctg acttacactg tgtgtgtgtg tagaaacaca     66420
     cacagaatta cgttgcccat ttttgtgctc atctactcaa tgaaagaaga attttaaaat     66480
     aatgtcattt atgacactta aatttttttt ttaaacagca tgtttttaat ccaaccaagt     66540
     gtttaaatgt cctgataaaa aagaaaactt ctacttcgct tccttcaatc caattgaaat     66600
     tttattaaaa tcttgcagaa aaatgttgtc aattgactca tttatccatt tactaatcaa     66660
     tcttttggtt gcattaaaac atagccactg atcttcctga gatgcaaaga tcatttactt     66720
     aatttcatgt aatgaatcaa caaattgatc cctttatttt ctcatcatta catgcagtga     66780
     ctgtgcactc tgtattttga ctcatgtgct tgtatttaaa acatagatgt atgtccctgt     66840
     gaagatgtta tgagcctcat tagccgcata agaagttaag atttttttaa ttgataaata     66900
     atttgccatt cttgtcattc tcttgtaata aggtggatga gtctcagaca ggtgagcctg     66960
     gatggttagg aggagagatt aaagggaaga ctggctggtt tcctgccaac tatgcggaga     67020
     agattccaga atccgaagtt cctctgagtt tgagggccag cgccgcttct agctccgccc     67080
     ctaaattggg ttctcacatg tcatctgctt cttcatcgac cacggccacg cccattctgc     67140
     cagtctccac agagcctgca tcgatagccc cgccctcttc agccccaccc cccacaggcc     67200
     ctgcctcctc ctcttcctca gcatccagca attgggcaga tttcagcact acgtcagtat     67260
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct gtctgtctgt     67320
     ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtccgtctgt ctatcgttat atctattcaa     67380
     gtttaatatt atgatttaat tggcctgcat taatttttat tctgttcatt gttgtgacta     67440
     attcagatgg ccctctaatt ctgctgtgga gaagcaggat agtgatggat gggatgcatg     67500
     gccgactcag ccaactcagc cttctctgtc agtgcccagt ggagggcaga tcagacagcg     67560
     ctctgctttc acgcctgcta cactctccgg ctcctcgccc tcacccgtgc ttggacaggt     67620
     acatgtttga cacactatca actatcacac tgccccaaat atttaagaca aaaactacat     67680
     atgtgcattt gaaaaaaaaa ttatttatat ttctaagtgt gtctgaagaa gatttatgaa     67740
     attagaagta acacgaagtc ttaaatattt taaaaggttt aacaaattat aatatatagg     67800
     cttaaagttg catgcattat gaaatacact ttttctggat taaaaatata cagttgaagt     67860
     cagaattatt agcccccctg aattattagc gccccagttt ttttttcccc caatttctgt     67920
     tctgttctgg gaagattttt tcaacacatt tctcagcata atagttttaa tagctcattt     67980
     ctaataactg atttatttta tcttttccat gatgacagta aataatattt gactagatat     68040
     ttttcaagac acttctatac agcttaaagt gactttaaaa ggcttaacta ggttaataag     68100
     gtgaactagg caggttaggg taattagtca agttattgta taacgatggt ttgttctgta     68160
     gattatcgaa aacaaattag cttaaagggg ctaataattt tgtcccaaaa atgttgtttt     68220
     ttaaattaat aactgctttt attctagccg aaataaaaca aataagacaa agggggctat     68280
     taattctgac ttcaacttta tatataatca cacccatgca aagaaaaaca cattatttga     68340
     taacacacac cttagaaaaa acattagcat caggcaataa tataagacct cttttactat     68400
     ttttgctgca tataaaacaa tttatagcat tattgatcat ttaatctttt ttaatgctga     68460
     tttttggttc gtttaatttt tataactttc actctcttta ttatttttag ggtgagaagg     68520
     tggagggtct gcaggctcag gcgctgtacc catggagagc caagaaagac aatcatctaa     68580
     acttcaacaa gaatgacgtg atcactgtac tggagcagca ggacatgtgg tggtttgggg     68640
     aggtgcaagg acagagagga tggttcccta aatcttacgt aaagctcatc tctgggcctg     68700
     tccggaaatc tatgaggtga gtgtgtgtgc atgtggttgt gggataatat agaatacatt     68760
     ttgtaggcct gtatatacat gggctaattt tttgcaagtt gtttcattca gattgtaatg     68820
     ttgagcgtgt gaattctgtt gttctgtttc agtattgatt ctggctcttc agacagccct     68880
     cctagtgtaa agagacccag tccctctcta aacaaaccca cagagctcgg agaaggtcag     68940
     aactccaaca gcaactcaat gtatccgtct aaaggtgagg tcacactcga ttttaagcat     69000
     gcaaattgta ctgtgctgtt ctgtgaaaag gggcaggata aaagtgtgat actgacgaaa     69060
     taaacgattg ctccatatta gtgttgtcaa aagcatccac tttggtattg aatatttaag     69120
     cacatactta aacatcactg attgcccatt gattgattga tttctgcgtg ggactcattt     69180
     tttttgtccc actcctgcaa ggttttattc ctgctcccgc tgtatattaa ggctttgttt     69240
     acatgctgcc cgccctgcct tgttttcaac ccgacccgat cattcccgct gaatttagat     69300
     ctggtttcca aaatgtttaa attggataca accaaaagag agagaaacca gattggctaa     69360
     aaggctaaat gtcgcctaga cgagtgccac attaaactga ggtttcagtc ttgtgactga     69420
     taaagggtaa aactttgagg tattaacaca tcgtgcaaag agtaatattt ttattttcat     69480
     gaaaaagaca tattatacat acattagact tgcctgatgt gggtttctgt aaacggaccg     69540
     tttattaata caagctggag gacagcgcat cttcactttg ctctcccatg ttggtaaagc     69600
     ccgatctatg gaccgttatg cagatgatgt gtgcacagat gtgcgtttgt ccagaaagca     69660
     ctggaccaag cattcaacat gtgtaacagt ggtgagcact gactgtgccg gtgctcaata     69720
     agaatgagga aataacagat atgctgttcc gaaataacgt cgggactcgt aagcgctata     69780
     ctattggacc gccctctcac gttaaaatta caccagagtt actaaccgct accgtgtttt     69840
     attcggaaat ttattcccgc accgcaagaa acctggtcgg gtcctgcggt acatgcaggt     69900
     cccacaggaa tgcagacctc tacaattggg ttcacatgct caacagaaat aactgtgatt     69960
     ggccgtaaaa gtcatcagtt caccactctt cacctggtgc aaacacagat acagggacat     70020
     gaagcgtttc aaagctgctt caatcagtca tcagtgtatc actcatatgt cagctcattg     70080
     acagaccagc gactctgaaa ttctccagtg tctgtgtatc ggtgtttgca cttggtgaac     70140
     agtgaagtgt ggtaaaacga agaccttccc ggccaattgc agtcatttct gttgagcaca     70200
     tgaacacaat ggccaatcag cggtgtttaa gaatgcgctc gacattgatt gaatgttttc     70260
     gggaaaagaa cgtttttaat atttcaggat cgattggtac caaacttgat acttttgaca     70320
     acactactcc atatttaaaa tttctgtcat agtttgttct tttattgatc tcatgcattc     70380
     acttgatgca tttagagtac accaacctta aacattagaa tgcagtgaca tgtgaaattt     70440
     gcatttctgg tctggaatgt gtatgaatgg aagtcagtgg ggtgaattaa ttcttaattt     70500
     tctacgtgaa gctattaatc atattgtatc tgaacatttt tgtgtgctgt tcttttgcct     70560
     tatcacagag tatgtggcca tgtatacata tgaaagcaat gagcagggtg acttgacctt     70620
     ccagcaaggt gatgtcatca cagtcaccaa gaaagaagga gattggtgga ccggcactgt     70680
     gagtgggaag atcggagtct ttccatcgaa ttatgtcaaa cctaaagaat ccgaggtaat     70740
     gacttgcagt tcgaacaact tgaaatgttt gagattgaag tgtttgctga agcgacaaca     70800
     gttaaaaagt caaaataacc atcagaaatt agtaaaacca taactgtatt cctacgcttt     70860
     tccaggggtt gggatctgct gggaaaacag gaagtttagg gaagaaacca ggtgagtgct     70920
     ggtgcccgtt ccataccaaa agtccaccat atgaccttct tatttgctca atcaccgtct     70980
     aaaagagaaa gtttaagtta tagcaacaca aaagccacac ttttatgcct ccaaaaaaac     71040
     tagggctttg tcttctcgct ctctttttac ctacattctt cttgtgtttt cagagattgc     71100
     ccaagtcatc gctccataca cggccactgg tgcagagcag ctcactttag caccaggcca     71160
     gctcattctc attcgcaaga aaaacccggg aggatggtgg gaaggagaac ttcaggtctg     71220
     aaaaaacaca cagcaagaca agctgttaaa tacaccaact gttaaccaca caaactttaa     71280
     acattttata taacctgtag ttatttaatt cttcaatgtt acattaattg taatttggca     71340
     cactgcttct gctcctcaca ggcaagagga aagaagcggc agattggctg gtttcctgct     71400
     aattatgtca aattattgag tcccagtacc agtaagacaa cacccacaga tcccaaccca     71460
     cccaagctgc cgacacccaa tgcaggtatg ggaattatat gataaagaca ggtttctctt     71520
     gacaccaaaa aacatgttgt ctttttgcat ggctcttctt gcaaataaaa caggatttaa     71580
     ggattaaagt tgagtatgtt gtgtttaagc gtgtgtcttg tcatttataa cagggcaagt     71640
     gaaagtgttt tcctgtagct agcagttttt catagtattt gcatactctc atggtggata     71700
     actaaaagta atgaacagct aagcaaatac ctctaaaact caggcataaa aatattattt     71760
     ggatatgtta ttgaggattg tttgatcttt gacatgcaaa ttaatacttt ttaaaacggt     71820
     gaaatggtga attgaatcgt attatattgt ttaaaatgca ccacaaagca aaatcattaa     71880
     tagaacactc cacttttttg ggaatatgct aattttatga ctcccctaca gttttatcga     71940
     atccactcgg ccgatctcca ggcctggtgg gagcactttt agcttagctt agcttagctt     72000
     agcatagatc attaaatcgg attagaccat taggatctcg ctaaaaaatt tcaaaaaaag     72060
     agttttaata aatgttccta ttaaagcttt actcttctgt agttacatcg tgtactaaga     72120
     ccaactgaaa atgaaaagtg gctaggaact agcgttctgg tgtaataatc aacgaatttt     72180
     gctgctgtac caagactaca gaaggtgtaa tgtattatgc agcgtagtta tctagttagt     72240
     tagggactat tttcaggagt atcaactata ctcttatggt taataaccaa aggcaatgag     72300
     ccaaaaagca aaactctttt aaaggattta attaaaaaaa aaatttatca accagtgttg     72360
     ttttggtgga tttaattgta ttgtatagtt aaaaatgttc tacaaagcaa actcattaat     72420
     acaacactcc actttttttg aaaatagcct tattttatga ctcccctaga gataaacagt     72480
     tttaccagtt tttaatccac tcagctgatc tacaggtcca gcggaagcac atttagctta     72540
     gcttagcata agtcattgaa tcggattaga ctattagcat cttgctccat ttttattttt     72600
     attttttaaa taatttattt ttggcctgtt tgcctttatt agataggaca gtattgagac     72660
     aggaagcgaa gttggagaga gaggggggta gggttggaaa tgtccttgag ccgggattca     72720
     aaccctgacg tgctactgca ccatatgtcg gcgcgccaac cactacgcta ttgcgccgac     72780
     caaaaaaaaa aaacactcca cgttattgga aatagcctca ttttatgact tcactatagt     72840
     taaacagttt taccaatttt tttatacact tagatgatct tcacatccag tgggagcaaa     72900
     aataaaaata taaaaataaa caaaaaaagg ttttgataat aatttctata aaagcttggc     72960
     tcttttgtag ttacatcgtg tactaaagtc gatctactca tacagaagtc caattcaaca     73020
     caaacccaca tttgcatggg tttgacctgg ggataaaata ttttagataa aaatagcgtg     73080
     acctactgta tatagcttgg aaaatatgct tgagcattac aaaacattta tacatgtgca     73140
     tttgtgtttc ctctgtgcag tgtgccaggt gattggcatg tacgattaca ctgctcagaa     73200
     tgatgacgag ctgcctttcg ggaagggcca aatcatcaat gtgttgagca gagaggatcc     73260
     cgattggtgg aaaggagagt tgaatggatc cgtcggcctc ttcccctcga actacgtcaa     73320
     gctgaccacc gacacagacc ccagccaaca atgtgagtcc aaaatgctct cctgtatctt     73380
     acacacacac agttacactt agcttcctct atcttgctca aaagagatgt cgatcaattt     73440
     ctctttaaag agacaattgg cttgcgtcac caatagcatc cgattaaatg aaccgtgcca     73500
     ctctgatcca aagctactac tttcaaatct ttgaggacct tcttcgattt agtttagcta     73560
     tgtcctcaca gtgtggtgag gttttaaaac gtccaatgtc caatccttat cctctgccac     73620
     aatgaagccc ctcctcttcc tgtttccaag caacctctca cctcatgtcg tagagcatta     73680
     agtagaacct catctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     73740
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     73800
     tctgcctgca tgctcgtgtc cttgtcattg tggcgtcctg tgaagagtgt cttgcagagt     73860
     tcatttagtt ctcctagctc gtaaagattt ttgcacattg tggtttttcg tttctttcct     73920
     ttttttatta gattttttat ttttcctttt tttttggctt atgtgctgtg ttttcctctt     73980
     tctaggactc ttatgttgcc catatcccac tcagccttga aagtcctcaa agcgacccac     74040
     tatcccttaa actgtgccca gcgggatgat gggagacgga acattgatca tgtgactgcc     74100
     cccccacaca cacagctggc tttgtggcca gaagagacga atactacaga gagcagtcgt     74160
     taacctcaat attctagacg ctcaccaaaa aacaaaatgc cagccagcat cctccgcatt     74220
     atttaaataa acattttttt gaaggatctc tctctttttt tttttttttt cttttttttt     74280
     aattttacaa attaattaaa ttaatgatca ttcacactga atttgtgcaa tgaattgaaa     74340
     cactaatcaa agtgctggat agtgggtcct tttgtggctt tctgtgatct caaccccctc     74400
     cccccctcca aagcctgctg tttttgaagc agccaatgaa atggtttcat tcagtgttaa     74460
     gttccaccgc tcccatccaa ctaatgcacg ctttccgctc ctccaagccc cgcctccctg     74520
     gtttctcatt ggaccatagc accacagaat gacccactat tcatgagtca tgacgtaacg     74580
     gggtgcagta tcaaacagat gtcataactg acttgcttat tagtgtcatt gcaaactcat     74640
     gtaaagaacg ctccactttg ttttgtaagt atactcattc tacgacaact ctagtgttga     74700
     acagatttac catttttgat tccactcagc caatctccag gtctggtggg agcactttta     74760
     gcatagctta gcatagatcg ttaaattgga ttagagcatt agcatcttaa tcaaaattgt     74820
     cagaagagtt tttataatta tttctataaa agcttgactc ttcttttagt tacatcgtgt     74880
     actaagacca acggaatatg aaagttccta ggtactatac tctcgttcta gcgtaataat     74940
     caaggaattt tgctgctgta ccatggcttt agaaggcgta atgatattac tcagcgtagt     75000
     tatctagtta cctagttgtg gaatattttc aggtgctgag taatatgatt acacctgctg     75060
     tagccatgga gcagaagcaa agttcataga ttattgctcc agaatgactg tatagttctt     75120
     acagacatgt taacctagaa attggcgcat ttttattttc cattggtctt ggtacacaat     75180
     gtaaatacag aagaatcaag ctttaaatag gacaacttat gacttataaa cttataaact     75240
     atgaagtttt tgagtgagat gctaatggtc taatctgatt aaatgattta tgctaagcta     75300
     agctaatagt aaggaatttt gctgctgtgc aaaggcataa tgatgtttct cagcacagtt     75360
     atctagttat ctaactgggg actattttca ggtgttgcgt aatataatta cgcctgctgc     75420
     agccatgtta cagcagcaaa gttcctagat tgttactcca gaatgactgt atagttccta     75480
     gacatatcat cctagaaagt ggcacacttt caatatctag tggtcttagt gcagaatgta     75540
     aatacagaac aatcaagctt taaatagaaa catcttctga catttttgag atgctaatgg     75600
     tctaatctga tttaatgatt tatgctaagc taagctaaaa gtactcaagg agttttgctg     75660
     ctttgccatg gctgcacaag gcgtaatgat atttttcagc gcagctacct agttacatag     75720
     caggggacta ttttcaggtg ctgcataata tcattgtgcc tgctgcagcc acggtacagc     75780
     agcaaagttc ctagaatatt actgaagaat gactgtatag ttcctacaca tattgaccta     75840
     gaaaatggca cacttggtct tggtacacaa tgtaaataca cagaggaatc aagatttaaa     75900
     ataggaaaat tttctgaaat ttttgagtga gatgctaatg gtctaatccg attcaatgct     75960
     ttatgctaag ctaatagtaa ggaattttgc ctctgttaaa gacgtaattt tcaggtgctg     76020
     tgtaatgtta ttgcgcctgc tttatagtgt actttccatt ggtctttatg ctaagctaag     76080
     ctaaaagtgc tctggctgaa tggttctgac cgtttaactc cagataactt aaatgagttt     76140
     gtttacaaaa taagtggagt gtctctttaa ggctctaata tgtgaaaata gcgatgtgtg     76200
     cagcatatct gaccaattga aacaccatat ttcgtggatt ccaaaacgtg tgtctaaaaa     76260
     taagtcgagt gacgtcaaaa aactgtatta tcatatcaaa agtccacaaa tggtcggata     76320
     tgtgtgtgga cttcatgtag aatctcattg tgtgtcattt agaacagccc cgtccccctt     76380
     cactccttca gtacacacgc acaggtgctg tcaatcaaat tgacggacag gatggacgtc     76440
     tcagttcatc cggtccagtc acatgcctct ctgtgtcatt gtttgttaca tgttcatacc     76500
     aaaccagtgg atgaattaga tttgtgttcg tgtgcttgct agtctctttt attccgtttg     76560
     atttcgaaca tttgttttgt gtctgtgtga cggggttgag aattggtatt gcaaaccaaa     76620
     aaaaaacaac aacataaact gcacaactgc cacttgaggt ttaatggtac agtgttggac     76680
     aaatgtataa aatgttgctg gacatgacgt acacgcgatt ggatttcatt tcttgtttat     76740
     atgtgtttcc cattcagatg gatgaatgct ttgtgttttg tatcttcagt tgtttactgt     76800
     catcattctg tcatgttgat tgaatctgca attattatta ttctgatttg agaacactag     76860
     atttcaagtc gtatttttat aatgatcaaa agctgttatg catagtgttt aatgacagac     76920
     acaaaagtaa tttcctctgc agtatgtaca ccgtcctttg ggaaactgaa agtaaaaacg     76980
     agtagactcc aaatgttgtc agcattaagg aaaagattaa tgaatataag cttctaatca     77040
     taaatgctta tgaataaata gacgtttaca agtgtgagag actggaattt tcctttacat     77100
     tcgagaacaa gagttttaag gctgttagat catgtccagt gtgttttttc tgcttgtttg     77160
     gaaagcatgg tgttcatttt tactcctcca atgttgtact tacaagactt tttgtttata     77220
     tgttatttgc ctcataacag tattgtaatt ttaatgctca gagatgagac gtgaaatcag     77280
     tttcatgtct gtgtggatct ttattggttc cactgaggtt gctgctttat tattggctgg     77340
     attgactgtc catcatgtcc gtgatcagtc ttttttttat tttaagtgaa cataaccatc     77400
     ctcggactac agaagcacag ctgcttccta cctatccgac gttgtaataa aatgcatctg     77460
     ttctgaatat ctcaccacta tgtccaaaaa acaaacatta acaattgtac ttgattatta     77520
     aagcatttta tcaaaaaata aaatgaatgt acagttaaaa ccaaccatat acagcaaatc     77580
     ctagctttaa agtgtcatac cacctttata aaaaatgatg tgtaaccatt aaagaactcc     77640
     atggcaactg cagactggct tattgagttt tcaatctgct accagatgga ctggttgtgt     77700
     cactagcaaa caatgtttcc gcattcaccg tcacatgcac tcatttaaag ggatagttca     77760
     cccaaaaatg tatattacct cattaaatct tgctcgtggt tttaaactcg tatatgtttc     77820
     tttctctgct gaacacagaa gaagatattt tgaaaaaggc tggttatgga cagtgcagga     77880
     cctggaattg atttacacga tattctgaaa cgagcaaaaa tgcaattgtc gccagtgttg     77940
     ggggttacgc attaaaagta acacgagtta cgtaataata ttactttttt aagtaacgag     78000
     taaagtagcg aattactttt aaaaattaag taataatact tgagttactt gtagtttaat     78060
     gaattagcat ttaaaaaata catttctgta ataaaattaa catagtcgca atgaatcacg     78120
     cagtcaatgt tatttttttg aacacacaga agaaaaggaa caggagattg tttcattgga     78180
     cagttatttt acctaagaca aatagtgcaa aagtagcaaa cacattgctt taatctttca     78240
     ataatctgta cataaagcat tcacagcttt ggggtcagga agttcttaga tgacattcta     78300
     aaatattatt ttttgatttg tttttaaagg taaattaagg ttatatagtg cgttgttaat     78360
     tgcagagctc ctctattaaa aaaaagatcc tggtttctac ccaggatttt atttttttat     78420
     cttttatttt gttgacttgg tggttggaca gacaacaaaa taaaagataa aagcataaaa     78480
     tcctgtgacc aaaacagttt attgattggc agacaagtaa tccttaggag ctgcaaatca     78540
     gaagatatcc cttcccttca agaatgggta gtagaccctg ctagagtggc cacattttaa     78600
     agaatgtctt gtaagcaaat ggacaagcta aacctatact ataaaagaaa tggtcagagt     78660
     gcttaacctg tttggaaatg gaacagtaat acacgtgtga gaaatatact gattgtgact     78720
     gtaaatgcga aatgatattg actgaactta cctaatcatt tttttaaaat ttgtatttta     78780
     ttttaatttt ctcttcatta tataaagatg gaggctttaa ctgtatttaa tgatagcaag     78840
     ccgggaccat aaagtcatag ttaggggttt agtttgggtt tgggttgtta ataggataaa     78900
     atgttaattc ttcacagagt tgtattctct attccattct gaaatgtgcc tgagaatcaa     78960
     taaaactgtt aatctctaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagagaa aagcaagttc tgggagagat     79020
     cgagtctcag tcaggtaata aaaggtaacg caaaagtaat tcagcacatg acttactata     79080
     aaaaaataac aaagtgatgc aactagttcc ttttttgggg agttgctcaa tattgtaatg     79140
     cattactgta taaagtagct ttccccaact ctgcttgttg cacatgttta tgtgctgcta     79200
     cacatccctg tgtgtgttat aagcaatgca tatgcatgtt ttggagctgc ctatcactaa     79260
     tgcacttttt aaataccccc caaaaaacta caccattaac ttaagaatgg ttttagttgg     79320
     tcatttcaat tgcctcaaaa tagctaagca ccagcaacat gcctcctttt caaacaagca     79380
     tgctcatagg tgcacaaata ggcacaaaag catgggcaca aacgcatttg ctatttaaac     79440
     aatgtggtgc aggacctgta aatgataacc acaccggtct gaaatgagca aatgtgtatg     79500
     atgaagccca gtggaagtcg gctaccagca tttttcaaaa tatcttcttt tgtgttcaac     79560
     agaatagacc atctctttta attcataaac tgcacagttg ggtataagag atgcatgcat     79620
     gcatattcaa cagaaataaa actattagtc gaccagctct ctggaatatt cgattctgat     79680
     tgggcaatat cctacatttt agctgtcaga tattcttttt ggctgcaaat tatgcctcgt     79740
     atcactccac catcttcata aagtaagttc atctcaagtt caaatcagtg ttgcatgtcc     79800
     aatgatttat tttgacaagt gtaataatta attgacagtt tctaatcgag ctttattttg     79860
     ggataatatg tgttgattgt tccttgcttt aaaatgacag aagtaattaa cattaattca     79920
     gatcgtcgta ttttaagttc ttaattttaa tgttctgaat taaaatacta atgatttatg     79980
     tgtcatattt tgaatgtatt aatctgtgca tgagatttga cggcgcatga cctctgtgcg     80040
     tttgacaggg tgtgctgatc tccacctgct cgacatgctg accccagtgg agcggaagag     80100
     gcagggatac atacatgagc ttattgttac agaggagaac tatgtcaatg acctgcagct     80160
     ggtcactgag gtaaaacact gtagactggg aaagatggac agtcaggagt tttgtctgtg     80220
     tcatattcac taaagtcatg ccaggacgca gtggttcata attgaaacat tcaaattcaa     80280
     tttgcatatg cacttaaaat gcttattaaa tggcagcaaa gtgtgtatag gtgaaataac     80340
     gtttcatgct tattcagaac aacacatgct gttatttaat actggcgttt gcatgtttat     80400
     tctgatttgt atttatataa atatgaacga atgactaata atactacatt tgattatgtt     80460
     ttatattatt aaaagcttgt tgctgacaag taagtaagta taaagatttt aaatggcaat     80520
     ttataaactt ggtaatatta tgcagctgcc ctatgatcct taaatatact ttcttaatat     80580
     gtcatcaaat gattcttgtt ttaagtataa ccaaaattat tattttttat taatttttga     80640
     ttatggaaaa aattatcatt actctgtatg gttttgcttg attagaaaag aataatctaa     80700
     ataaatagga caccacaaaa aatgttatgc taaaaaaact atctgtgacc ctttattaat     80760
     aatttattaa ttgttatttc attttaggag tatggggtta aatattcaag tggacataga     80820
     tggatattta atggatttta catgtttaaa tggacataat tttgttaaat tttaacttta     80880
     gatttttaat tttattgtag gttgtttatt tttgttgttt atgtctgttg tttttaaaga     80940
     aaaatttaca attttccatg gcagctggaa ttatccggaa gttcttcata gcgcttgact     81000
     ttttacacat ttttttatgt tacagcctta ttccaaaata gattaaattt atttatttca     81060
     tcaattctac acacaatacc ccataataac aatgtgattt ttttttttta aattgtagcg     81120
     aattaattga aaataaaaaa aaacaactga aaaatcacat gtacataagt attgacagcc     81180
     tttgccgtga agctctaaat tgagctcagg tactttctgt ttccactgat cattcttgag     81240
     atgtttcagc aacttaattg gagttcacct gtggtaaatt cagttaatta gagatggttt     81300
     aaaaaggcat acacttgtct atacaaggtg gcagggttga cagtgcttgt caaagcacaa     81360
     accaagcatg aagacaaagg aattgccttt agaactccga aatagatttg tctaaaagca     81420
     caaggctggg gaatgttaca aaacaatttc tgctgcccta aaagttccaa tgagcacagt     81480
     gcactccatt attcgtaagt ggaagatgtt tggaaccacc aggactcttc ctagagctgg     81540
     ccggccagct gagtgatcgg gggagaaacc ttagtcaggg agtgatcagt aatccgatgg     81600
     tcactctgtc tgagctccag cgttcttcag tggagagagg agaaccttac ataaggacaa     81660
     ccatctgtgt agcagtccac caatcaggcc tgtatggtag agttgccaga cggaagccaa     81720
     aggactctca gaccataaga aacaaaattc tcacaacaac tcagtgaatt tccttaaatg     81780
     gcccagccag agtcctgact taaatcctat tgaacatctc ttgggagatc tgaaaaaggc     81840
     tgtacaccgt cgcttcccat acaacctgat agagcttgag aggtacagca aagaggaatg     81900
     ggcaaaaatt cccaaagaca ggtgtgccaa ccttgtggca tcctattcaa aaagacttga     81960
     ggctgtaatt gctgccaaag atgcatcaac aaagtattga gcaaaggctg tgaatactaa     82020
     tgtacatgtg atttttcagg ttttttattt ttaataaatt tgcaacaatg aattaaattc     82080
     attttggaat aaggctataa cataaacaaa tgtggaaaaa gtaaagcgct ttgaggactt     82140
     tccggatgca ctgaatagta atgttttctt gttttttacg agtcaaaaac aaaggctgag     82200
     gctgtgaata ctaatgtaca tgtgattttt cagttttttt atttttaata aatttgcaac     82260
     aatttcaaga actgtttttc acaatgtcat tatggggtat tgtgtgtaga attagaggaa     82320
     ataaattaat ttaatccatt ttggaataag gctgtaacat aaaacaatgt ggaaaaagtc     82380
     aagcgctatg aagactttcc gtatgccttg tatatgtata tgtacatgtg gttaaataat     82440
     aatgattaac ctaatgacta ttaactataa gggtaactaa acagtattta tgtattcctt     82500
     tcagaccttc cagaagcctc tgctggagtc tgatttgttg acggagaagg aggttgccat     82560
     gatctttgtc aactggaaag agctgaccat gtgcaacatt aaactgctca agtacgccac     82620
     cttctggttc attcacagaa aacccttagc tcaccattaa tcaccatgaa actataccta     82680
     tgatttttgt gttgtttttt ttcgtcatgc caattgcttt acagcaaggg tcttaaaaat     82740
     tcctggaggg ccgcagctct gcatagttta ccaccaactc acacctgctt tatagtcttt     82800
     agtagtcttg aacaccttgt tttgttggat cagctgtgtt tgattaggct tggagaaaaa     82860
     ctgcagagct gcaacctttc aggaacgtag ttctagacct atgctctaca gtcattaaag     82920
     tgaacgcaga tcgtcagcgt ttctgccagt aatgcgacat gtcagcttgt ttaatgaaat     82980
     attcacactt cacagtttga tccaacagat gttcagacaa ctataagaat agatcagatg     83040
     taatttcata taatgaggaa tacccagaat gcttctctct ccgtctgtct gcagggcgct     83100
     gcgggtgagg aagaagatgt caggtgagcg gatgccagtg aagatgattg gtgacatcct     83160
     gacggctcag cttcctcaca tgcagccgta catccgcttc tgcagctgcc agctcaacgg     83220
     cgccaccctc attcagcaga aaaccgacga ggtgcccgaa ttcaaggact ttgtgaaggt     83280
     gagactacag taccaccaaa acagtcagtg ggttgatcca gtgcgatggt taaaatctgc     83340
     atgaaatcaa aatttacaat gttattttgc tagatcttca ggtgaacagt taatacatgc     83400
     aaattaactc actgaaacaa agatatccag aaaaaaagct ccgcctccca ctcagtccat     83460
     ttcagttgtg agtagagacg tgtgcaggat tcatttttct gtcctgccca ctcccgcaag     83520
     aatatctatt attttctccc gctctcgcct gcagtgttca agttttgtcc cactccagcc     83580
     tgctaaatcc cgcaggtaaa catataagta gttttatttt gaatgcttct tcctgctact     83640
     ctgttatttg tttcaactgc ctgtctaata taaataaaga aagggaaaat aatcaaatat     83700
     gtttccttgt gtttatatgt ttaattaatt ggaatgatga acatggacag gaacgaggac     83760
     ctaatcagaa acatatgtca gaacagtcgg aaataggctt ataaattagc aatcaaacta     83820
     ataaacaatt aaagttgctt ttaaagaggt caaaacagaa aagcatttgt cctaatactg     83880
     cttcagaacg tgcgttagcc ttttttgcct tcagcaatat ccaaacattc aacataagtt     83940
     atccttattt ctcaataaat aagttcagta tttagctaaa taaataaaaa taaacttaat     84000
     taattgatat aatgtaggct tacttaatgt gttcaagcag gacacagtag ctgtcattca     84060
     ttcactgatg aaggcttcag attaatgtag ataaatagca gagtgtttgt ttttagttaa     84120
     ttaattttca gatatttcca cagatgcgca tctgttataa aacgttcgca ggactttaat     84180
     ttggataact ttgcggatat tttaaagtgt tcgtagaaaa catgcatagt ttgtgaatca     84240
     agggacgtgc aactctgata cagtacgagt cgcaggcgtg gggcacgagc gggctggttg     84300
     ttattataat cgttgttacc tttgtttttg cttgactgct tgctttatac aactgagttg     84360
     acgcagagtt aggaaattta agccacagtt atgtctgtaa ttaacagtga ggctgttttt     84420
     gcagtccaaa tgagcttgtt caatcacaga aatttattat gacatattta aaaatgaaat     84480
     caaataatta tagtataata tttaagttca ttttaagcta ccacctgcag gatcgccgag     84540
     gcccactagt ggactagttg agaatccctg atctataata atgatagctg aaggtaatgg     84600
     gttctctgct gagaacaaat ctcaagggat ttaatttttg tccactgcat ggactttttt     84660
     tgtctacatc ttcatcaaaa tgctttttga tcacactacg ttttatcaaa atagtcttta     84720
     tacagcaaac acatacatta taaacattca tacaaaattg ttgtaatact agccatgtat     84780
     cattgttttc aaatacttgt tttcacagtg tcatacgaag acagccttat ttaaaataaa     84840
     tgtactccca tggtcttcaa aggcttctgc aggatagatc tcaaatgtct caagttgcta     84900
     ttttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat gaattttcta catgttttac agaggttagc     84960
     gatggaccct cgctgtaagg gaatgcccct gtccagtttc cttctcaaac ccatgcagag     85020
     agtcacccga taccccctca tcatcaaaaa cgtacgtaca gtacatgaac acaatcatgc     85080
     taatcaactg tttcaaaaca tcaaaacaaa agtacttaat cacaatccaa actattatct     85140
     gtccacacag tgtatggcaa ctgacccagt tcataagacc tgtggagatc ttccggttta     85200
     tggaatatct ccattgattt ctatgtcata atggtgcatt gcattggctt gccagcacca     85260
     gtgcagttct acggttgcaa tacacaacag atattgtcct aaaatatgac attatgctct     85320
     ccaggagcct caaaattaaa gtattggctc tataagcaac atattgccag actgaaaccg     85380
     atttcaagca atatggtttg aaaaggattt aaaatttgtg aattattagc ctctctatat     85440
     atttttcccc aatttctgtt taacagggtg atatttttaa ctcataacta atagttttca     85500
     taactcattt ctaataactg atttattttt gccatgatga cagtaaataa tatttgtcta     85560
     gatatttttt tttagcttaa agtgacattt aaaggcttaa ttaggtaaac taggcaagtt     85620
     ggggtaatta ggcacatcct tgtatgacaa tgttttgttt tgtagacaat aaaaaaaatt     85680
     atttagtttg agggggctta taatattgat cttaaaatgg ttttaaaata attaaaaact     85740
     gcttttattc tagccgaact aaaacaaata agactttctc caggagaaaa aatattatag     85800
     gaaatactat gaaaaattcc ttactctgtt aaacatcatt tggaaaatat tttaaaaaga     85860
     aaaaatattc acaggagggc taataattct gacttcaact gtatctatat tttttccatt     85920
     tacacttgat caatatgatt tgattccagt cagatatgca attaaaccgg atttggaagg     85980
     caaataaggg gaccattgtt tcattgtttc ttctctcctc gtgcacagat tttagagaac     86040
     actccagaaa gccacccaga ccacagtcac ctgcgtctgg ctctggagaa agcagaagag     86100
     ctgtgctcgc aggtcaatga aggtgtacga gagaaagaaa actccgaccg gctggaatgg     86160
     atacaggcac atgtgcagtg tgagggactg tcagaggtac tggacacaaa tctgctgcag     86220
     aaacacactc tactgtatat acagacaatc actaaataac agaatttcac tagattgttt     86280
     ttaattgagt tttgttatta aagtaccctt ctgcataaag gtttccactc tgcaagagtt     86340
     ttaaagaaaa taaaagaaat ttaaaatcgc caaagatgca cttatggccc atttccgctg     86400
     actggtacgg tacggtacga gtcggtacgg gtcaccttca tcaggcttac atttccgctg     86460
     cctaaagggt actaagggtt tcagttggcg tcattctcgc tcaaggaaat cttgttcaaa     86520
     atgaagctgt acaggtcgtt cacatatcat atgagaaaca cctctcacaa aacagatgct     86580
     tcatacacat aaatacttgt gtataaatgt ttgttactaa cttttctatg aacatgagtt     86640
     gattatagct gcagatcaat gacgaaatag cctactgtta cgtatgcgat catataaaac     86700
     gaataaacaa atgcaacata tatgaacaca tacagaacct tacagcttcc gatgttacca     86760
     agtacagaaa aacaacacac aacacaggtt caaaaacaat acaaaacata gcccacagtc     86820
     agtgcaaacc tctcatatgt gtctttaacc ttatttctga gatgcaatgc tgaattttca     86880
     gtgtcgcgcg atcatacaga aatcattctg atgctgattt gatgcttaag aaacttttca     86940
     tattattaat gaataatata ttttagttct gctgcttcat ttgttttgag gaattcatca     87000
     tacatccata taaggaactt taatcaaaat aaatgtttta agcctggttt atactcgacg     87060
     tgttcgcttg agtgctcgcg gcgaatgtgc cgtcatcact tttaaaagat tttgtttgaa     87120
     acagtaggac tgtacagaca cttttatgat ccgtgatcat agggataacc aatgttggac     87180
     ataagttttt aacataagaa taaaacagaa actagccaga caaaaatgtg tgaattgtgg     87240
     agggggctaa atcaaacaaa tctgtatttt ttttagtttg tgtaactttt tagtgtagtt     87300
     tttgctttta ttcttgccat gataaaaaat atatatttgt agagcagcaa atgttctgtt     87360
     gtgattatta ttttaataaa cttcaatagg taaaactgtc tgagatatgc acaaaagcaa     87420
     gtgatacatc aaagtttgat taaaaaaaat cttgaatggt tataaaaatc cttataatca     87480
     ttaaaataat atataaaaac aataaaaata atttgtttaa aaatcttgaa tgaaattaat     87540
     gatatgacgt agttccggaa acttcctact tctctgttta tctgtctgac tctacggtca     87600
     ttttcttctg atcgcccctt gtcgatttaa agaatatcac aatgacgaac gcggcaagta     87660
     caaaaggctc atcacagaag gtgcacgata cggcaccagg cgaaagtata aatcaggctt     87720
     tcccttaggc aatccctctc agattttatt acaatgaact tttttttctt ctttctttct     87780
     ttacagcaac ttgtgttcaa ctctgtaaca aactgtctgg gccctcggaa gttcctgcac     87840
     agtggaaaac tctacaaagc caagagcaac aaagagcttt acggcttcct ttttaacgac     87900
     ttcctgctcc tcacacagat aatcaaacct ctgggctcat ccgggacaga caaggtcttc     87960
     agtgcgaaat cccatctgca gtatcgcatg tacaaaacgg tgagatgtac ttaaaaatct     88020
     aaattattca ttttggatgc aagaatgtat attttgattc agagaggaag aaaatgcgaa     88080
     cgaattgtgt ttcctgctga tggattggaa caattcatgt cttgtaatac tgtaactctg     88140
     actaatatgc atcaataaaa cagagttaaa ctaaaaatct gaattatttg caattatctt     88200
     ttgatcttta aagtttcttt tacctgcctc attgatgtct acagcccatc tttctcaatg     88260
     aggtgctagt gaagctgcct actgacccct cgggagatga acccattttt cacatatctc     88320
     acatcgacag agtctacact atacgggctg agagcatcaa cgaaaggtat gtactagtta     88380
     tatgtttaat tatgtttttt aaagtatttt atgcctaata gggctgaatt tgtttataga     88440
     aattgtaatg ttgtgaaata ttgctatgac aagccattat agataaacat tataatctca     88500
     aaaacgtgct tatgaaaaga tcttatgtac tagaaatgat tcattagcta atattgcata     88560
     ctagttcttt atcagatact gttattattc attcaaattt ttgttctcta ctgtggtcat     88620
     tctagctagt taaaccataa gataaataaa gtaaataagt taaaaagcaa aataactgac     88680
     taccacgata agaaatgaaa ctagaataat aacaaaatat aatagttttt ctaatcaata     88740
     agtactagtg cctaatgatt aattactagt gtctcttaaa tagtccctac tagtacgtat     88800
     cttataacaa cctatattat atatttgtta taaattaaga cagcgcttca cacaggtttg     88860
     aaatgtactt gcgatgctta ccttttaccc atggcacata aatagtcaac tacatatgac     88920
     aaacaaaaaa ataatgtaat ttgtaacaat atatttattt attatgacac tgttataaac     88980
     tgtttctttt caatgggtta gttcaatttc aggttgcttt attggcctga gattttgtat     89040
     aggcctgccc tagcatttta gatatgtata aaatatgtaa tatattagca tcatcatatt     89100
     aatcaaatat acagcaaatg agaaacaaac atctctaaca aattataata attacaagaa     89160
     taaaagttta aattattcaa ataaggcaaa tgagttgatt aaccatttct aattgtgtag     89220
     aattgttttg cagacagttt agatgtcatt gcgtcctctt agagtataaa gtgtatccgt     89280
     aaattattca tagcgcttca ctttttccac atttttttat gttacagctt ttattttaca     89340
     cataataccc cataatgaca aagtgaaaaa aaagtttttt gaaattgttg caaatttatt     89400
     acacataaaa ccccgaaaaa tcacatgtac agaagtatcc acagcctttg ccgtgaagct     89460
     ctaaattgag ctcagataca ctctgtttcc actgatcatt tttgagatgt ttaaatttaa     89520
     ttggagttca cctgtggtaa aatcagttga ttggacatga tttgaaaagg catacataca     89580
     cctgtttata taaggtccct gggttgacac aaaccaagca tgaagacaaa ggaattgtct     89640
     gtagacctcc gagacaggat tttttcaagg cacaaggctc gggaagctta cagaataatt     89700
     tctgctgctc tgaatatttc aatgagcaca gtggcctcca tcatccgtaa gtggaagatg     89760
     tttagaacca ccaggactct ttcctgcttc agagcgctct agagctcaga ctggggcgac     89820
     ggttcatctt ccagcaggac aatgacccaa agcacaccgc caaaatatca atggagtggc     89880
     ttcaaaacaa ctcagtgaat gtccttgatt ggcccagcca cagcccagac ctaaatgcta     89940
     ttgaacatct ctgaagagat ctgaaaatgg ctgtacactg tcgcttccca tccaagctga     90000
     taaagcttaa gacgtacagc aaagaggaat gggcaaaatt cctaaaaaca ggtgtgccaa     90060
     gcttgtggca tcattttcaa taagacttca ggctgtaatt gctgccaaag gtgcatcaac     90120
     aaagtattga gcaaaggctg tgaatactaa tgtacatgtg atttttcagt ttttttattt     90180
     ttaataaatt tgcatcaatg aattaaattc attttggaat aaggctataa cataaacaaa     90240
     tgtggaaaaa gtaaagcgct tggaggactt tccggatgca ctgaatagta atgttttctt     90300
     gttttttacg agtcgtttag attaagaaat gaattatttt aatgtttctt tcgctctcac     90360
     agctgtgcat atgcagttgt tacgcataca actaacaaca tctttagaaa tcgaaagctt     90420
     aatcccggac aatttagaag atttagaaac cccggctgga agcattaaat ctcaaaaaga     90480
     cgcatctttc tgggtctctg aaataatttg atcaaaaata aaggcaaatt tgtaatattg     90540
     tgtaataatg taaagtaatc attgtcagca tcattcattc taataagctc ttataaatac     90600
     tgtaaaacac acatatgttg actctgttct tctgtttcat ctcgtgatcc ctgcaggaca     90660
     gcttgggtgc agaaaatcaa agctgcctct gagctcttca tcgaaaccga aaagaggaag     90720
     agagaaaaag cctacttggg tcagtcaact tttccttcca tgcactcata ggcgttaatt     90780
     accttgtaag tgttttctaa gcactggtgt tatgtttgca gtgaggtctc agagggccac     90840
     tggcatcggg cggctaatgg tcaacattgt tgaaggcatc gaactgaagc cctgccgctc     90900
     aaatggtaaa caatgaatac tctataatgc aatttgaagt gctttactag atttcatatt     90960
     aagaggctct tgaaagctcg attctgattg gctgataaac attctagggc agggaagggc     91020
     aaactctgtc ctggagggct gttgttcagc atagttttgt tccaacgcta attaaacaca     91080
     cttaaacatg ctaattggtg tgttcaagat cacaagaaag ctataggcag gtgtgtttga     91140
     ttaaagttgg ccctccagga ctgagtttgc ccatctctgt tctaggttgt gtattttaat     91200
     gattattatt atatatattt tccaaataaa tgcacagcta aagtagttcc aggcaggtgt     91260
     tgacaatttt agggactgtt tacatattgc gtcttctgtg cacctaagtt cgttatttca     91320
     aatggagatg cgcagcaagc tgttcaaata gagagccaat ctgtttcaat atgcatgtga     91380
     tgcaacacgc ttgctttttc caggctacag cgcagcaggt tatacctcaa gcacaccgca     91440
     tgttatgtga caataaacca accaatcaga ttgacatgtt gtatgtaaca cacatttcag     91500
     taataatgat taagctaatt acttcagaca aatgcagagc tccaaaacac tgccatattt     91560
     tttcttttct ttggttataa agcttgtatt agagctacag caagagtttg tcaatgatgg     91620
     tttcttggag agtgcagctt ttcctgagtg cagtgacatt ttgcgttttc cacttggttt     91680
     tagacttgat atctgaacac cccattagag ttccaaacta attcagttat ttcaaagtac     91740
     tttaccgtct aaagccttat acatctgcat gaagtgattg gtgtacctgc atgtagccaa     91800
     ctctattgtg atcatttata cttctatgtt ttatctgtgt tgctctgcaa taacgcttcc     91860
     gaaatgctag tagtcagtga gtttctgtta caatttcgct gttttttttt ttttgttttg     91920
     ttttttgtta tatgctattg tagaagtggc tcaaactcac actccttaaa ggaagaaaga     91980
     ggcaggaatc aacaaatgtt caacaacttt gatcataaaa taaacacaaa acaaaagttt     92040
     acatccagag ctcctccaca ggaatcaaaa aacagtaaac attctcacca ccagcctcat     92100
     tccaccactg cagctctctg ccccgcccac actcctcatc gataccagtt caaccaatca     92160
     cagatcttct attacacatc attgtgacat atagttaaat tttctgagag gtgcacctca     92220
     ggatccatgt caggatatgg taaaatcaat gcaactgtgt aaaggctaca ccagatcacc     92280
     ctcatgaata gggttgggta ccgaacaaat gcactggaac gaatcagcat ataaatttcg     92340
     atgcaataat tttggtgcca ctggtgctgc gacaaggacg taagaagcat caaggggtac     92400
     aacataggta cataataatg caattcaatt caaatatatt aaatatgaat tgatgtattc     92460
     tttatactta tattaaatat ttaattaaaa tgattaaaat attttttgtc aaataaaagg     92520
     ttcatttttt tctgtcattt tgtggctcaa aagtgtcggt tttggcaccg ttttggcacc     92580
     tgtacttttt taaaataatt gttttagcac cagtatcgaa aaaaccctaa aggatatcta     92640
     acccttctca tgaactcaac agagaagtat gatttttcct taaaacagcc aaagatcgaa     92700
     tcggatcaaa taagggtttg gatgagatgt gtaggaaact agttgtctca aaatacaaca     92760
     tctgaacttc tgaacgatgc cgttaggtgt ggtaatcatt gtataagctg aatcgattga     92820
     gttattagaa tataatgcac acttgagatt ataacagctt ctctgcatca ccgtctcagg     92880
     tgtacaatcg ttttctcctt atataagcac gcagatacta tagatcacct gatgtgtgtc     92940
     cggtgtctgt gcaggtaaga gtaacccgta ctgtgaggtg acgatgggct ctcagtgtca     93000
     cgtcaccaag acccttcagg acactctgaa ccccaagtgg aactcaaact gccagttctt     93060
     catcaaagac ctggagcagg acgtgctgtg tgtcactgtg tttgagaggg atcagttctc     93120
     cccggacggt cagtaaactc caacataaat ctaaatgaat taaataaaat aacaaataaa     93180
     aaatgtgcaa tttatttaaa aaggaaaaaa aaagtggtgt tttgcaatat tgcactgttt     93240
     actgtatttc tggattttaa atgaatgcag ctttaaacaa caacaataaa attgaaaatt     93300
     atacttgtat ttttcattct caatatcatt tctcgttatt ttccccttct tgttagattt     93360
     cttgggcagg acggagattc ggctggccga catcaagaag gaccagggct cgaagggtcc     93420
     catcaccaag cgtctgcttt tacacgaagt cccgacggga gagattgtgg tgcgactgga     93480
     cctgcagctc ttcgatgaat cctgagcgca ttatttaacc tgaccttttc gaccccacag     93540
     ataccacatc cctcattcct ccgtggtgaa gcccactagc ctaatgtgac aatcccccag     93600
     cgtcataaat cccagtgcgt gaatgtgtgt gtatccgcac aagcgtctgt gagtccgcta     93660
     aatgctgtaa cagtcttacc gagtgatcct gactggattt tttattgtcc attttaagac     93720
     aagtcgagtg tgtgtgcgca aatgaaaaca ggacgtgctg tagagccatg tgtgatggat     93780
     gctgcaagtc ttaaagagtc gttttaatga gctctaatga acagtagtgc catttgacac     93840
     aatattctta aagctcttga ttttagaata tacagaatta ttctagaaca ggggtgtcca     93900
     agctctgtcc tgcttagttt agcttccttt aacacacctg cctagaagtt tctagtacac     93960
     ctagaaagag cttgattagc tggttcaggt gtgtttaatt ggggttgaaa ctaaaatatg     94020
     caggacaccg gccctccagg accgagtttg gacacccctg ttctagaata atgacacgtt     94080
     ccaaatcatg tgccatttcg gtgaatgggt gaatctcatt gaaatctact actgtcaatc     94140
     caatcgtata cctgtgagat tatttaatta tttatgcttc atggtagtct gctcgcttgt     94200
     aatttatatt gattcatatt ttttaaagat gtaatttatt aaacctacag taatatgaga     94260
     tgattatcct gaaagcaggc ctcgttttta tttaatgcaa atattaaaca ggttttcgtg     94320
     agattcacct ttattatcgc cgttccatca ttttattcca tatcttcagt tcctaacact     94380
     aaaaacccag gttttgctgg caaacctctg ttgtgtcgat caatattcat ctatttttac     94440
     tgaaagacac cgtcgatggg atgtagatgt ttttgagggc ccattaaatg tgagcaagtc     94500
     tcaagaaatg gccgcaaacg ctccatgaaa agacagttta tatatatata tatatatata     94560
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacgcaaaag tgaacgagga     94620
     aaggaacaat gctctgtttg tttatgtctt tgctactttt atttattgta gaaattgaga     94680
     cccatctcag aggccgacag aaataccaca tcaggagcgt ttacctgtag gatgtcaaat     94740
     atacagcggg ggaaataagt attgaacgtc accaattttt tcaagaaaaa attcttaagg     94800
     tgttcattga cttgaagttt tccccagact aaagaaatcc atatatagaa agaaaacaaa     94860
     tttatttagt ttacaaatta aggtatgcgt aatgaaatta gatgacttgg ggggagggaa     94920
     gtattgaaca catgaagaag ggaaggtgta gaatagcagt gaaagcccag acagcagctg     94980
     aaatctcact gtagttcttc agaaacctac tgctctttgt cattgtaaat taatattcgc     95040
     tgcttcagtc caacatctca aatcaaatca ggcctttatt tgtcacatac acttttgtat     95100
     agtgaatttg aacccccatg gttcacaatt gtacacaaac atcacaattt tcaggggaag     95160
     acaggtcaca ggaggtagca tttagaaaaa cggaagtaag atacatttca ggagagggac     95220
     tccctctcac cctgctcttg aattagggca atgtgagacc agggagaaaa aaaagcccag     95280
     taatccgcac ataaacacac agttaagaca taacattgcc acaggggatg ggaacagggg     95340
     gtgtggatat agtccgatga gggcgggcag ccatctggtt ctgcagccat ggggcgctgg     95400
     tcacagaccc acataccccc tccagtgggt gaaagcacac aaaggcgtgg gatgagggga     95460
     taggtaggta gtgattgtct atttatagct gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aagcctgtag     95520
     agtccaacag gtgtccttga cagggagcag gaatttcaga gcgtctcctt atcttgctat     95580
     ccgggagaag ttgtttttct ccagccgagg ccgtctggca ggaaaaacca ggccgaaaga     95640
     ctagaaaaat tacttcaact ttaggtcagt atctgccaat ttcacagata tttaacgtct     95700
     acgtcaccaa tgacttttat gtttgtattg tgtgggttct taccaaaatc caattcaatt     95760
     ccatgtcaac ggctcctata gaaatattct caggaaaaaa catgacctgt tcaatactta     95820
     atttccccgc tgtatctctg aaatgtccca tcataactag ttttagcaat aattcatgcg     95880
     gatgttggtc ttcagttctc ccctgatgta gttttatagt ggtacaccac aaagtcaact     95940
     atttaattaa tatatagtac tatttttaag tttgatgccg cattactaat gagttcacgt     96000
     cttgttttgg actatttatt ctttgatttt tattattctt atcgtgctgt tgttaggcat     96060
     tagtgatcaa cactgtagct ttgtcatatt tgtacaaaat aagagatatt ttgtgttttt     96120
     tatttgcaaa aaaaaatggg atatggtggt gtaaaggttt ggaaagcacg ttaaaacgat     96180
     cttaaatgag caaaagggat caatctttac ccaaatgtgc tgcaaacatc cagatatctt     96240
     ctcaaccacg ttcctgaaag accaccagca atgcatgtct tctttccact cattacagct     96300
     cttttagtct ctgctactaa gctgatgatc tgaatcaggt gtgttgggtt aaggagaaat     96360
     gggctgtgtc tgaaatcgca tacttccgct ctgtatagta ctctaaaaac agtgtatgaa     96420
     tcgagtagtg tgtcaaaatt cgtagaattc gaagaacagt atgcgagaag tacccggatg     96480
     acttactatt tccggcgcga ctctgaagtg cgcatcggat gtttgcaaat tcgtgaatgg     96540
     gagtgaagcg acacaactga tttgggtagg tcacatgatc atcacgaatg gcagatgtac     96600
     tgtagtacgt tcgagttcct ttcgtactac tcacattcat actgtggata acgtactttt     96660
     ctaacggctg agtagtacat ttatattata atgcagtacc tactgagtag taggtgattt     96720
     tcggactcag ccatggaaaa tgcgcagagc tggtggtcct ccaggagcgt ggttgagaaa     96780
     cactgctcta gaaagagccc gctgttttta catacatgat gaaatgtgct gtgttttgtt     96840
     ttattttaaa tgtgttcggc tttgattatc acactactga gccagagaaa ggtggcgttt     96900
     tcatttggac tgtagcgagg gatcagtttt gttacatttt aatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     96960
     tgttttcctg tctagatgca atacacacat taataatcca ctgctgtgct agtgagatgc     97020
     cggagtgatc aaggaaaaac agttcatgtg gggccagcaa gttattccac ttggtttttc     97080
     tatgtgtggg tgcgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     97140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagtg attcttagtg ctttttgctg ggtcattttc     97200
     cccaaacctc atctaaagaa cattttagac aatgcaaagg ggtcatggtc gcacatcttt     97260
     acttttacct gtctcctgac cgccgttccc tcatctctaa tcatgcactc tgtacgtttc     97320
     agaccagagg gtttgccccc atccccccac ccgtctttat tattttttaa tgagcaaaag     97380
     tcccattgat caaacagtaa tatatgtgtc tatgtttaaa attttgaatg gagtataata     97440
     tattacaaat ggagaagtaa atatgttgat gacagcgtat tgttatcaat gtagaagcag     97500
     tgtgttgtct taatgttgcg attaaaactc aattggacca aggggttttg tccatttttt     97560
     tttttattac aactgttggt tgtttcatta atttatttat ttttcttcgc cttagtctct     97620
     tatttatcaa ggggcgccac agcggaatga accgccaact tatccagcat atgttttaca     97680
     caggggatgc ccttccagca tactagtcat gctctggtag ggaaacatta caacacctgt     97740
     tgagcagctg tccaaaggcc ctggtggaag ggcccattgg cggcatgacc aagtactgaa     97800
     ggcggtggca gaaagcgttt gcgatgccat catctctagt aggtaccatc ttgccccaaa     97860
     aaggaggatt gactttgtga aagctgggga agacaaggtt gggtcttctc cactcagccc     97920
     ctgcctggaa cttccaagtc aacctggtga agaagttaaa gttcccacag cacatagtta     97980
     catcactcca accagacata attattattt ctgaagcaac aagacagttg attttgcttg     98040
     aactcgcagc gccctgggaa gagttaaagg aagaggcaag tgaaaggaaa ccctcaaaga     98100
     accaggagct acagtagaga agtgccagga tgggggctgg aagacccact gtgagccaat     98160
     aaaattgggc tgttgagggt ttgcagagtg tgcactctgt aaagttttca accaactaga     98220
     ccaagtaatg gctgttaaga agggggccat taagtctgtt gttgaagctg cagagaaagc     98280
     cacaagatgg ctatgaataa agaggactga tccatgagcg attgctactg ggacgcaagc     98340
     agggatctat caaccgcagt tgggtcaact gggtgagggt gtcggatttt gaaagaactg     98400
     aaacacctac tgaccccagg atacaccact gacgatgtgt cccagtgcat ctagatcagt     98460
     gtttctcaac cacgttctgg aggaccacca acactgcatg tttaggatgt ctagttttgt     98520
     ctgtgaaacc cattacaggt ctttcagtct tcgctaatga gctgatgatc tgaatcaggt     98580
     gtgtttggtc aagaggcatg gaaaatgtgc agagctggtg ggtctccagg aatgtggttg     98640
     agaaacactg ctctagattt gtcttggaca catattttac atatttttac aagtcaacat     98700
     ttcacagttt tgactctttc tcaaggaatt gcaagtttgt atctcaattt tttttacaac     98760
     ttttttccac gttttctcaa tttaaaatga gaattgcaag aaatatgcaa aaaacttcca     98820
     acggaaaaat aattcataat tatggagatg aaataatcag aatcataaga tatacactta     98880
     gactccaagc ttttccaatt ctgagtatac atctcacaat tctgatgttt atcttatgaa     98940
     actgtgactt tagtgtcttt gacaagtctt cgcattgatc tcgtgggcca gcctgatccc     99000
     ccatcggtgt cctgctcaca tctgcagttc ttcacgatgg acgtccagca ttctccagcc     99060
     tctggcactt agagtgcagc tctgcacaag aagtttttcc agaagagaaa tggttgtgcc     99120
     caactaagcc tggtatctct cgaggttttt tctttcactt tcgtaaattg gtggaagttt     99180
     tgtttcttgc cattggcttg cttggttttg ggacttgtgg agatgctcat cgatggattt     99240
     gctcctcagt gtttggactt tcagcagtga aatttaacca caccacactg aactgaacta     99300
     aactgaacat caactctgac aactggactg acacagtttt aatttaacac ctctatgtta     99360
     agctgcgttg acaatctaca ttgtaaaagc gctacagaaa taaagatgaa ttgaatataa     99420
     cttttacact tgcagacttt tctggaaaat tactggtcaa ttgcaataat tttataatta     99480
     taggtcattt aaaaaattac tttaaaacta atttaggcaa ttttctgaaa tgaaaagtcg     99540
     atccattaat ttttcagatt ttagtgtgtg atgggggctg ttttatcaaa agatattaaa     99600
     ccacaatttt aagatctgta atttaggatc acagcttaac tgtgaatgcc acaaatgtat     99660
     gagtcaaagt tcttggggaa agccagaccc tttctcacaa tcccgatgtt attttctcag     99720
     aaatacaact tacatttgac acttttagtt aaaattgtta aatgcaagtt tatatcttgc     99780
     agccctgcag aaaaaatgct acaaaccgtc acttgttacc cattaatacc agtacattct     99840
     aatgggttca gtgttttttt cggatgcact ctcgaagtag gaaatttggt taccttaaaa     99900
     gccagttcac ccaataatat tttattctgt ggtcatttac tcattgttta ctcatcacag     99960
     acttgtgtga ctttattctg atgaaaggaa gatattgtga agaacgttga aaccagtaac    100020
     cattgacttc catagtagta cttctattct tcaaggtatc ttcttttgtg ttgaacggaa    100080
     gaaaaattaa actcataatg gttttggaac cacttgggta agcattacaa tcattaaaac    100140
     cgttacacat tcaaaggttt ttttatttat ttattgtgat ttaggataac ctctcgagtt    100200
     taaattctgt catcatttac tcaagccttt acttgaccag tttgactttt caatctcaga    100260
     cttttttaac ttctgttgaa aagaagatat tgtgaagaat gttgaaaacc ggtaaccatt    100320
     tacttccatg gtaggacttg catttttcaa agtattttct attttgtgtt caacggaaga    100380
     aaaaaaacgc ataaaggttt ggaactactt aagtaattta tgaaaaaaaa aatgtatttg    100440
     tgggtaagca attcctaaca aattaccaat agagagcaat tcctgtgaca atcattaaaa    100500
     tcattacaca tctatgagaa tttctgttgt ttttttagaa ggcaatgctg acctcctttc    100560
     caaaactgat gaagtagtca gaatcgtaag ataaacactt atatagactc tgagctttcc    100620
     caattctgaa ttcacatctc acaattgtgg tattttactt ataaaactgt gactttagcc    100680
     tcttttgcac ttgcagaatt ttctggaaaa tttctggtaa attgcaaaaa ttacataatg    100740
     tgtgaagagg tcattttaaa aattaccaga aaattaattt aggcaatttt ctgaaatgag    100800
     aagagtaatt ttatggcatt ttattggttt tacagtgtca aatagactat tgtattccac    100860
     tgttttgaaa gatataaagc catgattttg agatttgcta aaatgtaaat gtttaacagt    100920
     gactttgcta caaatctgag tcaaaatgtt gggggaaagg atttgcattt aacaatttta    100980
     actaaaattc tcaaatgtga gtttatatct tgcagccctg aaaactatca actgttaacc    101040
     attaaagcca gtacatttta atggtttact gtgatttaac tcacactctg cgagtttaaa    101100
     ttctgtcatc atttactcaa ccctttactt aacatgtttg actttcttct gttgaaaaga    101160
     atatattgtg aagaatgtta aaaaccggta accattgact tccatagtgg tacttccatt    101220
     tctcaaagta tcttcttttg atagttgaag gcactctaaa aatgtgaaaa aaaatattta    101280
     aaagccttca ttgacatggc tgttccttgt tggcataact attcataaaa ccacacacat    101340
     tatttaaact actcctgagc accttttgtt tgatttgggg tttttatctt cttttgtttt    101400
     caatgaaaga aaaaaagaaa cttttaatgg cttaaaacca ctgagtaatt tgtgagtatt    101460
     tttttattcg ccacagcgga atgaactgcc aacttatcca gcatatggac tgtgtcgccc    101520
     cccatttcaa actgtaaaac cattatacgc tctatgagat ttgctgttgt tattgttttt    101580
     ttttttttta gagcaattgc tgacctcccc cagtcagaaa tgtgggggga attgtgctta    101640
     agtaatcgca tacacaattg tgaaacaaaa agcttatgtt tacatgattt ttgtggaaac    101700
     tggcttcttt aacattctct atgtcaaact ttgactattt ttatacgttg tgagcagtga    101760
     tggatgggca cacgacgtat acagtcaagc acgcgcaggg ggcgtgtcac agcgattacg    101820
     caacgtctcc aggcttcacg gaacaacctg agtaattact tcattcctct gtaccgtctg    101880
     tcttttattc cttcatacta cactcctaat tccatcgtct gtactggcgt agtaacgtga    101940
     gaggctttga attccgtttt aatgccaact gaagacatgc cctaatttcc gacggacaag    102000
     taaacaagct gtcagaaaaa caccgtcgaa gactcgaatg agagaaaccc tgaagagctg    102060
     aaagggtaaa caaattctcc ccaagaacaa acatactgtc atttgacctg cattatgttg    102120
     catctcgatt tttgtgaaag atgttactcg atctcctccc ttgtgtaacc ccggctgttt    102180
     ccatatttac tctttcctaa gccatcgagt gtgcacttct tagggatgtt cactattatg    102240
     tccttccaga gagttcggcg tttcaaggtt ttgaaggtac atgttcatcg ctgacactca    102300
     agttatacag gtagttcacc caaaaatgtt atttcagtca ttatatacta acctttcaaa    102360
     tagtaaattt ctatattctg tgggaacaca agttttgaag aaaactgtaa ccattgactt    102420
     ccaaagttgt tgttttttca gaatatattt tgtgttcagg ggaataaaga aacataacgt    102480
     tttcgaaaca cttaagggcg agtaaaaact gagtaattgt tcatttttta gtgaactact    102540
     ttaacgctac acttttctat tcatctcaat ttacatcact aaaactgaat aaaaatgtta    102600
     agataaactt taaatagctt ctacagtaaa cctaatttaa cttattaaaa tatgttaaag    102660
     caacataaac acatttgttg tcctgacttt ttgtcttttt tttttttttt tttacagtgt    102720
     aacaaaataa aaacctttga ctaaactagg gtgaactagt caattaaact attaaacaac    102780
     acctattctt gtctcgggac aattttgaaa attttgatcc actttttgtt tttttgatcc    102840
     tcttcaactt caacaattta ggatgattaa aaggatttaa tataaattat aatataatca    102900
     tttttaatca tttataatcc tccatttact gtaagatttt cacagtcttc ttgcagaaat    102960
     atccattcat ctcatagaaa acatatcgca agttaaaatc ctcagaattt tgagacataa    103020
     acttgtactt gcaagataca gaactacaat taaccttaaa aaaaaaagtc atagatgcga    103080
     gataggaata ttttatatga tgaagcagtt aacatttttt ttacattaat taataatagt    103140
     cttaaatcaa atttgatcaa atatgtcaaa ttcatgaaat gtgctaaaat ctaaaattgc    103200
     ctccatttaa agttcaccct tacagtttca tccagatcta agtaaacacc atgtagaaca    103260
     ggtagccact gtaaaatgcc aatagtattg cagatatcta tgcagcaaat gatatgacgt    103320
     tgtgtttaat tacagttcct atggctggaa ggctgttgga ttcaaagaca agtcctttca    103380
     ttgacaccac tctgcaccaa agcaagtaat gccaagaagc ctgtcagata cacaagtata    103440
     agtaagtttg ggttttcgtc atgtgtgctt tgttatttta gtaatactga ggaactctta    103500
     aaaataaatg ttgctttatg aggtttcata ttgaacccta gaataaaaat catttaaagc    103560
     atcagcagaa tattaaaatg ttcttcccat ttgtgatcct ggaccacaaa attagtcata    103620
     atgccccatt cacacaggga gtcagcgtca acgcttccca ttcactttga atgggtgacg    103680
     acaagcgttg ccgaactgca ttgtggatcc gtcggcgctg cttcagaggc attgctcgct    103740
     gcagaagttg ggactagctc aacttttcaa gcgctgacgg aagcttcagc caatcagttc    103800
     gctgtatgta aatacaccag ctagacagtg gcctattgct gactgaattt cattggctga    103860
     cgcttctatg acgattgctt cagccccaac ttcagacacg ccctctgtca agcgttgacg    103920
     ctgaagcccc gtgtgaatgg ggcgtaaggg tctttttttt agttgagatg tatacattaa    103980
     ccgaaggcag aataaatatg tttttgtcat gataggacaa aatttggcag ggataaaact    104040
     atttaaaatc aggaatctga gtgttcaaga aaatctaaat attgagacac ttgcctttaa    104100
     tgttggtcaa aatttgtttt aaagttttta taaatttgta agattttcat tttacaaaat    104160
     gtcttcatgg aatatgatct ttgcttaata ttctaatgag tttttgcact taaaaactat    104220
     aattttcact catacaatgt acaactgtaa atatattttg taagtataca gttatcagta    104280
     tttttttaat tatttttttt acgtatttat gctttcgagt tgcattatga gatc          104334