EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL603785; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 89874 BP.
AC   AL603785;
DT   14-AUG-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-46M7 Contains a novel gene similar
DE   to EDG2 (lysophosphatidic acid receptor), the 3' part of a gene for a novel
DE   kinase, a novel transposase pseudogene and a CpG island.
KW   CpG island; EDG2; HTG; kinase; lysophosphatidic acid; receptor.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-89874
RA   Hammond S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JAN-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; c53108c595da28e25d24a46b3b0061c5.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992616.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones.
CC   Where differences are found these are annotated as variations
CC   together with a note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the
CC   variation annotation may not be found in the sequence submission
CC   corresponding to the overlapping clone, as we submit sequences with
CC   only a small overlap as described above.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one
CC   M13 subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest, except
CC   on the rare occasion of the clone being a YAC.
CC   Repeat names beginning "Dr" were identified by the Recon repeat discovery
CC   system (Zhirong Bao and Sean Eddy, submitted), and those beginning "drr"
CC   were identified by Rick Waterman (Stephen Johnson lab, WashU).  For
CC   further information see http://www/Projects/D_rerio/fishmask.shtml
CC   This clone was isolated from PAC library 706 (RZPD) created by C. Amemiya
CC   and provided by M. Granato (University of Pennsylvania, USA).
CC   BUSM1-46M7 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of clone BUSM1-46M7
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..89874
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-46M7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   repeat_region   259..306
FT                   /note="24.0 copies 2 mer GA 96% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(534..656)
FT                   /note="Dr000037 repeat: matches 162..284 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   658..857
FT                   /note="Dr000080 repeat: matches 1..196 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   910..986
FT                   /note="Dr000080 repeat: matches 382..462 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1097..1261)
FT                   /note="Dr000205 repeat: matches 4..168 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   1272..1284
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer TAATG 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   1303..1315
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer ATGGC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1445..1866)
FT                   /note="TDR7 repeat: matches 4..498 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   1848..2030
FT                   /note="Dr000322 repeat: matches 2..219 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(2025..2138)
FT                   /note="HE1_DR1 repeat: matches 270..385 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   2138..2514
FT                   /note="HARBINGERN1_DR repeat: matches 268..650 of
FT                   consensus"
FT   repeat_region   2516..2688
FT                   /note="Dr000322 repeat: matches 348..519 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   2732..2754
FT                   /note="5.8 copies 4 mer CAAA 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   2805..2826
FT                   /note="3.1 copies 7 mer TATACAG 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   2912..2930
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 10 mer AAACCCATAT 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   2932..2951
FT                   /note="20.0 copies 1 mer T 40% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   3394..3410
FT                   /note="17.0 copies 1 mer T 34% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   3472..3948
FT                   /note="Dr000108 repeat: matches 98..538 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   3951..4004
FT                   /note="CR1-3_DR repeat: matches 4123..4176 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4003..4120)
FT                   /note="Dr000065 repeat: matches 667..784 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4121..4641)
FT                   /note="DNA25TWA1_DR repeat: matches 35..555 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    4151..4634
FT                   /note="CpG island"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4641..4887)
FT                   /note="CR1-1_DR repeat: matches 4736..4981 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4884..4917)
FT                   /note="Dr000121 repeat: matches 296..329 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4914..5515)
FT                   /note="Dr000065 repeat: matches 3..669 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   5531..5545
FT                   /note="15.0 copies 1 mer T 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   6389..6399
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer TAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   6429..6802
FT                   /note="Dr000354 repeat: matches 9..380 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(6809..7063)
FT                   /note="TDR4 repeat: matches 1..301 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   7066..7162
FT                   /note="Dr000354 repeat: matches 378..465 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   7166..7178
FT                   /note="13.0 copies 1 mer T 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   7198..7222
FT                   /note="25.0 copies 1 mer T 50% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   7229..7343
FT                   /note="Dr000354 repeat: matches 497..611 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   7337..7550
FT                   /note="Dr000253 repeat: matches 348..567 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   7640..7784
FT                   /note="Dr000184 repeat: matches 2..147 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(7800..8024)
FT                   /note="Dr000196 repeat: matches 170..402 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(8028..9234)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 1..1227 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9271..9674)
FT                   /note="drr471 repeat: matches 3..407 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9954..10193)
FT                   /note="drr754 repeat: matches 1..240 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   10225..10394
FT                   /note="drr815 repeat: matches 1..170 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10569..10826)
FT                   /note="drr753 repeat: matches 1..258 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10850..11009)
FT                   /note="drr548 repeat: matches 207..365 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11007..11165)
FT                   /note="drr514 repeat: matches 11..167 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   11166..11232
FT                   /note="Dr000179 repeat: matches 59..125 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   11335..11349
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 5 mer TTTTC 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11414..11426
FT                   /note="6.5 copies 2 mer AT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11508..11517
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer AGC 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11568..11579
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer TTTCC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11740..11760
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 10 mer ACACAATGAC 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   11995..12020
FT                   /note="26.0 copies 1 mer A 34% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12027..12203)
FT                   /note="drr596 repeat: matches 40..255 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   12218..12387
FT                   /note="Dr000059 repeat: matches 43..209 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   12466..12507
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 14 mer TATGTAAGCAAAGC 57% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12532..12546
FT                   /note="3.8 copies 4 mer TTAA 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12534..12544
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer AATTA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12615..12653
FT                   /note="5.6 copies 7 mer TGTATAT 39% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12623..12653
FT                   /note="5.2 copies 6 mer TGTATA 44% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12720..12731
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AAATTA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12826..12836
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer ATA 22% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    12839..12851
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones."
FT   repeat_region   12839..12851
FT                   /note="13.0 copies 1 mer A 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   12926..12936
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer TTTG 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   13630..13640
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer AAATT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   13637..13648
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 3 mer ATT 24% conserved"
FT   CDS             join(13722..14460,36810..37111)
FT                   /gene="SI:dZ46M7.1"
FT                   /product="SI:dZ46M7.1 (novel protein similar to human and
FT                   mouse lysophosphatidic acid receptor (EDG2))"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q92633 Tr:Q92A67 Tr:AAG24469
FT                   Sw:Q61130 Tr:AAD23408 Tr:Q9IAX9 Sw:Q28031"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZZ93"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000276"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002277"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004065"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017452"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZZ93"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-499"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD61082.1"
FT                   NDHSVV"
FT   mRNA            join(13722..14460,36810..37624)
FT                   /gene="SI:dZ46M7.1"
FT                   /product="SI:dZ46M7.1 (novel protein similar to human and
FT                   mouse lysophosphatidic acid receptor (EDG2))"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW153482"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   14587..14814
FT                   /note="TDR20 repeat: matches 4..242 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   14852..14863
FT                   /note="12.0 copies 1 mer A 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15009..15116)
FT                   /note="Dr000181 repeat: matches 174..283 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   15117..15139
FT                   /note="2.9 copies 8 mer ATATTTTA 39% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   15216..15247
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 15 mer ATACCATGATTAATT 46% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   15263..15394
FT                   /note="SINE_DR2 repeat: matches 196..327 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15277..15615)
FT                   /note="Dr000407 repeat: matches 3..359 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15552..15623)
FT                   /note="TDR9 repeat: matches 137..208 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15644..15727)
FT                   /note="drr1222 repeat: matches 10..97 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15843..15962)
FT                   /note="drr1221 repeat: matches 48..175 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15940..16750)
FT                   /note="Dr000193 repeat: matches 1..825 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   16793..17222
FT                   /note="drr816 repeat: matches 1..430 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17265..17412)
FT                   /note="drr733 repeat: matches 79..241 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   17448..17611
FT                   /note="drr698 repeat: matches 1..162 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   17640..18058
FT                   /note="drr699 repeat: matches 123..569 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   18073..18082
FT                   /note="5.0 copies 2 mer CA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   18685..18703
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 6 mer ATACAA 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   18713..18981
FT                   /note="TDR16 repeat: matches 35..313 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19012..19216)
FT                   /note="DNA11TA1_DR repeat: matches 1..204 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   19286..19300
FT                   /note="15.0 copies 1 mer T 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   19462..19472
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer AACA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   19863..19979
FT                   /note="23.4 copies 5 mer ATATT 202% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   20042..20054
FT                   /note="4.3 copies 3 mer AAC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   20113..20125
FT                   /note="13.0 copies 1 mer T 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   20161..20178
FT                   /note="18.0 copies 1 mer A 36% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20284..20342)
FT                   /note="Dr000093 repeat: matches 526..588 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   20355..20364
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer A 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20421..21085)
FT                   /note="DNA25TWA2_DR repeat: matches 1..712 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21086..21236)
FT                   /note="Dr000377 repeat: matches 65..262 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   21150..21398
FT                   /note="HE1_DR1 repeat: matches 123..394 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21408..21762)
FT                   /note="Dr000032 repeat: matches 50..409 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   21780..21801
FT                   /note="22.0 copies 1 mer A 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   21804..21819
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 4 mer TAAA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   21903..21926
FT                   /note="6.0 copies 4 mer ATTA 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   21941..21951
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer ATTT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   22005..22016
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer ATTT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   22020..22029
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer ATT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   22408..22417
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer TGT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(22693..22774)
FT                   /note="drr595 repeat: matches 222..303 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22766..22855
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 775..865 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   22858..22868
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer T 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   22911..23019
FT                   /note="drr622 repeat: matches 1..91 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   23030..23193
FT                   /note="drr419 repeat: matches 93..260 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   23194..23283
FT                   /note="HATN14_DR repeat: matches 161..255 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   23564..23573
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer ATG 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   24326..24409
FT                   /note="Dr000262 repeat: matches 1..105 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24366..24512)
FT                   /note="Dr000262 repeat: matches 5..181 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   24624..24641
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 9 mer TTAATAAAA 36% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   24782..24793
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer ATTT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   24840..24854
FT                   /note="3.8 copies 4 mer ATTT 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   24954..24965
FT                   /note="12.0 copies 1 mer T 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25042..25146)
FT                   /note="Dr000004 repeat: matches 456..561 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   25053..25585
FT                   /note="Dr000393 repeat: matches 1..549 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   25602..25624
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 12 mer ATTCATTCATTG 46% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   25727..26110
FT                   /note="Dr000350 repeat: matches 4..386 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25942..26234)
FT                   /note="Dr000403 repeat: matches 16..361 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   26249..26397
FT                   /note="Dr000028 repeat: matches 4..160 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   26398..26411
FT                   /note="3.5 copies 4 mer AATA 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   26493..26502
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer A 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   26559..26575
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 6 mer TTTTAA 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   26624..26639
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 8 mer TTATACAT 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   26634..26651
FT                   /note="4.5 copies 4 mer ATAC 27% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26677..26806)
FT                   /note="Dr000403 repeat: matches 1..130 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   27271..27588
FT                   /note="TDR16 repeat: matches 1..313 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   27750..27762
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer ATGCTA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   27857..27870
FT                   /note="2.3 copies 6 mer TTTCAT 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   27878..27888
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TATAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   27894..27909
FT                   /note="2.7 copies 6 mer AATTGA 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   27930..27939
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer TTG 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28065..28075
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TTTAT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28197..28209
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer TTAGAC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28380..28391
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AGTTTC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28637..28649
FT                   /note="13.0 copies 1 mer A 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28654..28681
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 11 mer AAAAAAGTTTT 38% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   28695..28706
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TTTTAA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28933..29447)
FT                   /note="Dr000121 repeat: matches 313..846 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   29797..29834
FT                   /note="19.0 copies 2 mer AT 76% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   30112..30123
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AAATCC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   30430..30448
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 10 mer TTGTGTTCCA 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31019..31124)
FT                   /note="Dr000342 repeat: matches 585..690 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   31125..31414
FT                   /note="drr817 repeat: matches 1..290 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(31425..31831)
FT                   /note="Dr000077 repeat: matches 254..648 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   31748..31859
FT                   /note="Dr000185 repeat: matches 306..919 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   31941..32520
FT                   /note="Dr000152 repeat: matches 227..811 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(32541..32617)
FT                   /note="Dr000213 repeat: matches 2..78 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   32664..32761
FT                   /note="Dr000098 repeat: matches 4..101 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   32764..33015
FT                   /note="Dr000098 repeat: matches 1..255 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   33271..33281
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer GTAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   33644..33654
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer CTATG 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   33803..33963
FT                   /note="Dr000407 repeat: matches 163..332 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   33964..33992
FT                   /note="4.8 copies 6 mer TATTTT 44% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   33966..33993
FT                   /note="28.0 copies 1 mer T 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34142..34154
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer CAAAC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34275..34296
FT                   /note="22.0 copies 1 mer T 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   34459..34471
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer GTGAAT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(35209..35462)
FT                   /note="CR1-1_DR repeat: matches 4701..4975 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   35465..35498
FT                   /note="34.0 copies 1 mer T 41% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   35633..35646
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer ACTAGTA 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   35824..35839
FT                   /note="16.0 copies 1 mer A 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(35949..36018)
FT                   /note="Dr000067 repeat: matches 124..196 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   36019..36037
FT                   /note="4.8 copies 4 mer GTTT 38% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   36046..36061
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 8 mer TTACAGTA 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36116..36624)
FT                   /note="TC1DR2 repeat: matches 1..505 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36645..36758)
FT                   /note="DNA11TA1_DR repeat: matches 2..116 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   37222..37241
FT                   /note="1.8 copies 11 mer TTGACACTATA 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37323..37334
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TCTCAC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37360..37380
FT                   /note="1.9 copies 11 mer GTCAAAAACAG 42% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37447..37471
FT                   /note="6.2 copies 4 mer AAAT 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37473..37569
FT                   /note="DRSATII repeat: matches 13..112 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   37735..37745
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer AAT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37738..37772
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 14 mer AATAATAAACTTTA 52% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37757..37778
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 11 mer AATAAACTTTA 44% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37943..37955
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer AAATGC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   37954..37967
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer CATATAA 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   38266..38308
FT                   /note="8.6 copies 5 mer ATTTT 41% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   38274..38306
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 3 mer TTA 34% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   38718..38732
FT                   /note="15.0 copies 1 mer T 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   38798..38817
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 2 mer TA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   38839..38853
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 7 mer ATTGTTT 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   38911..39483
FT                   /note="drr596 repeat: matches 1..592 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   39885..39903
FT                   /note="2.7 copies 7 mer ATTAGAC 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39910..40139)
FT                   /note="Dr000248 repeat: matches 13..247 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   40298..40309
FT                   /note="12.0 copies 1 mer A 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40314..40323
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer AATA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40493..40505
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer ATTTAA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40503..40521
FT                   /note="19.0 copies 1 mer A 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40596..40610
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 7 mer TTGATGT 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   40672..40682
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer AAT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41317..41367)
FT                   /note="Dr000039 repeat: matches 331..381 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41358..41598)
FT                   /note="Dr000396 repeat: matches 7..254 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41611..41730)
FT                   /note="DNA11TA1_DR repeat: matches 1..114 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41750..42396)
FT                   /note="TDR13 repeat: matches 45..772 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   42516..42525
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TAAA 20% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    42582..42604
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones."
FT   repeat_region   42582..42604
FT                   /note="23.0 copies 1 mer A 46% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   42763..42830
FT                   /note="TDR16 repeat: matches 245..311 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   42835..42846
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer AAAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   42854..42946
FT                   /note="ANGEL repeat: matches 170..272 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   42883..42962
FT                   /note="Dr000197 repeat: matches 1..91 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   43013..43026
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer TTTACAC 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43027..43239)
FT                   /note="Dr000027 repeat: matches 46..258 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   43183..43555
FT                   /note="Dr000319 repeat: matches 66..443 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   43733..43756
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 12 mer AATTATCCCCAT 48% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   43918..43931
FT                   /note="14.0 copies 1 mer A 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   44288..44309
FT                   /note="5.5 copies 4 mer AAAT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   44354..44439
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 764..850 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   44440..44453
FT                   /note="14.0 copies 1 mer T 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44472..44689)
FT                   /note="Dr000237 repeat: matches 279..534 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   44497..44714
FT                   /note="TDR5 repeat: matches 145..382 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   44840..44893
FT                   /note="Dr000066 repeat: matches 152..205 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45072..45383)
FT                   /note="Dr000396 repeat: matches 1..348 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45315..45412)
FT                   /note="TDR9 repeat: matches 110..208 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   45670..45683
FT                   /note="4.7 copies 3 mer TTA 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45815..45825
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer AGCAA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   45916..45927
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer ACGAA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   46028..46049
FT                   /note="22.0 copies 1 mer T 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(46052..46235)
FT                   /note="Dr000361 repeat: matches 3..199 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(46253..46324)
FT                   /note="Dr000340 repeat: matches 142..215 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   46265..46343
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 793..869 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   46379..46392
FT                   /note="2.3 copies 6 mer AAATGC 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   46488..46544
FT                   /note="14.2 copies 4 mer TGAA 96% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   46550..46615
FT                   /note="33.0 copies 2 mer TC 105% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   46872..46883
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer AAAC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   47115..47136
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 10 mer TGGAGTCTCC 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   47176..47195
FT                   /note="20.0 copies 1 mer T 40% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   47369..47386
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 9 mer TATGATGTT 36% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47474..47925)
FT                   /note="drr603 repeat: matches 1..451 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   47926..48190
FT                   /note="drr818 repeat: matches 1..265 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48191..48585)
FT                   /note="drr602 repeat: matches 1..418 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48683..49112)
FT                   /note="drr601 repeat: matches 1..402 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49222..49424)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 1067..1289 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   49452..49462
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer GTCTT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49473..49493
FT                   /note="21.0 copies 1 mer T 42% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   49520..49671
FT                   /note="drr692 repeat: matches 238..388 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49672..49734)
FT                   /note="Dr000180 repeat: matches 226..289 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49789..50104)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 859..1223 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   50144..50155
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer AACTGG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50387..50413
FT                   /note="27.0 copies 1 mer A 54% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50498..50686)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 1066..1264 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   50755..50791
FT                   /note="37.0 copies 1 mer A 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50758..50788
FT                   /note="6.2 copies 5 mer AAAAT 44% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50809..50835
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 11 mer CTACTACTCTA 45% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50812..50832
FT                   /note="4.2 copies 5 mer CTACT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50820..50835
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 8 mer CTACTACT 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50842..50896)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 859..916 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   50903..50913
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer TCTA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   50927..50998
FT                   /note="drr690 repeat: matches 17..94 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   51052..51075
FT                   /note="4.8 copies 5 mer TAAAA 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   51079..51102
FT                   /note="12.0 copies 2 mer TA 48% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51179..51397)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 1..1264 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51200..51570)
FT                   /note="TZF28 repeat: matches 879..1285 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   51596..51615
FT                   /note="2.9 copies 7 mer TATTTAT 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   51631..51780
FT                   /note="drr690 repeat: matches 21..175 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   51801..51811
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer A 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   51858..51879
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 6 mer TGTCAT 35% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   51861..51880
FT                   /note="2.9 copies 7 mer CATTGTA 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   52067..52132
FT                   /note="drr692 repeat: matches 320..390 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52133..52764)
FT                   /note="Dr000400 repeat: matches 134..817 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   52699..52779
FT                   /note="Dr000196 repeat: matches 168..255 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    52780..52814
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones."
FT   repeat_region   52780..52814
FT                   /note="35.0 copies 1 mer T 70% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52818..53021)
FT                   /note="LOOPERN1_DR repeat: matches 1044..1233 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   52936..53032
FT                   /note="Dr000271 repeat: matches 2..102 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(53033..53138)
FT                   /note="LOOPERN1_DR repeat: matches 724..822 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   53049..53868
FT                   /note="Dr000271 repeat: matches 343..1168 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(53297..53986)
FT                   /note="LOOPERN1_DR repeat: matches 1..671 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   54205..54218
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer TCTAAAA 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   54248..54266
FT                   /note="4.8 copies 4 mer TTTA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   54250..54268
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 9 mer TATTAATTA 29% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54299..54390)
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 779..870 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   54311..54399
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 775..863 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   54454..54468
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 5 mer AATTT 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   54466..54475
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer T 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   54544..54553
FT                   /note="10.0 copies 1 mer T 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55017..55138)
FT                   /note="Dr000126 repeat: matches 315..435 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55200..55279)
FT                   /note="TDR9 repeat: matches 1..80 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   55214..55454
FT                   /note="Dr000407 repeat: matches 1..220 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55489..55628)
FT                   /note="Dr000100 repeat: matches 1..143 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   55731..55741
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer TATT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   55978..55998
FT                   /note="4.2 copies 5 mer TGAAG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56340..56356
FT                   /note="3.4 copies 5 mer AAAAC 27% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56341..56356
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 4 mer AAAC 23% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56358..56367
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 5 mer ATCTT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56450..56461
FT                   /note="12.0 copies 1 mer T 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56513..56522
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer TGAA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56610..56622
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer ATACT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   56760..56774
FT                   /note="15.0 copies 1 mer A 21% conserved"
FT   CDS             complement(join(57013..57698,58011..58159,59102..59255,
FT                   62143..62302,68439..68527,71067..71227,73674..>73937))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="SI:dZ46M7.2"
FT                   /product="SI:dZ46M7.2 (novel kinase)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X86444 Em:U37708"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q07153 Tr:Q61987 Tr:Q61988
FT                   Tr:Q61006 Tr:Q62838 Tr:O15146 Tr:Q61005"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZZ92"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000001"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001245"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008266"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013806"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018056"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020067"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020635"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZZ92"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6458"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD61084.1"
FT   repeat_region   57744..57754
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer ACCAA 22% conserved"
FT   misc_feature    58133..58744
FT                   /note="match: GSS: Em:AL739046"
FT   repeat_region   58462..58481
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 10 mer AACAAATTGT 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   59558..59569
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer TAAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   59660..59699
FT                   /note="Dr000089 repeat: matches 57..96 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59709..60002)
FT                   /note="Dr000092 repeat: matches 7..326 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60008..60522)
FT                   /note="Dr000211 repeat: matches 9..515 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   60563..61165
FT                   /note="HARBINGERN1_DR repeat: matches 1..649 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61227..61328)
FT                   /note="Dr000201 repeat: matches 26..126 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   61383..61462
FT                   /note="TDR3 repeat: matches 2..81 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(61397..61473)
FT                   /note="Dr000376 repeat: matches 112..188 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   62012..62023
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer CTGATA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   62646..62657
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer AAGAA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   62950..63332
FT                   /note="Dr000232 repeat: matches 1..375 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63331..63747)
FT                   /note="Dr000396 repeat: matches 2..434 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63683..63805)
FT                   /note="TDR9 repeat: matches 75..208 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   63782..63842
FT                   /note="drr824 repeat: matches 1..61 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63838..64227)
FT                   /note="drr990 repeat: matches 1..427 of consensus"
FT   CDS             complement(63966..67648)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="SI:dZ46M7.3"
FT                   /note="SI:dZ46M7.3 (novel reverse transcriptase pseudogene
FT                   similar to CR1-like retrotransposons)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9YGS2"
FT                   /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
FT                   details recorded"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64164..64859)
FT                   /note="CR1-4_DR repeat: matches 755..1453 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   64738..64900
FT                   /note="Dr000065 repeat: matches 1036..1198 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64911..65406)
FT                   /note="Dr000385 repeat: matches 969..1460 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   65411..65908
FT                   /note="TDR8 repeat: matches 614..1155 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   65877..65913
FT                   /note="Dr000346 repeat: matches 183..219 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   65926..66046
FT                   /note="Dr000065 repeat: matches 1220..1340 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66078..66378)
FT                   /note="CR1-4_DR repeat: matches 230..2780 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   66574..66586
FT                   /note="3.2 copies 4 mer GGGA 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   67446..67455
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 3 mer CCA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   67549..67559
FT                   /note="5.5 copies 2 mer AG 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   68147..68242
FT                   /note="Dr000232 repeat: matches 378..560 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   68683..68695
FT                   /note="13.0 copies 1 mer T 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   69375..69386
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 5 mer TTTTC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   69598..69746
FT                   /note="Dr000317 repeat: matches 1057..1226 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   69993..70407
FT                   /note="Dr000027 repeat: matches 1..438 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   71470..71490
FT                   /note="21.0 copies 1 mer T 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   71473..71491
FT                   /note="3.8 copies 5 mer TTTTA 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   71515..71524
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer ATGT 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(71538..71852)
FT                   /note="Dr000267 repeat: matches 17..332 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(72066..72475)
FT                   /note="Dr000012 repeat: matches 1..430 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   72684..72702
FT                   /note="19.0 copies 1 mer T 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   72685..72704
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 5 mer TTTTA 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   72759..72883
FT                   /note="Dr000008 repeat: matches 32..164 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   72879..73162
FT                   /note="Dr000178 repeat: matches 222..545 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   73165..73405
FT                   /note="TDR12 repeat: matches 3..241 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   73410..73485
FT                   /note="Dr000008 repeat: matches 541..611 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   73531..73551
FT                   /note="2.1 copies 10 mer TAAAACAATT 33% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   73578..73588
FT                   /note="11.0 copies 1 mer A 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   73642..73656
FT                   /note="15.0 copies 1 mer A 21% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   74069..74088
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 10 mer TTATTACTGA 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   74198..74208
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 5 mer TGTTT 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   74297..74308
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer TTTA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   74315..74326
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer TGTC 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   74486..74502
FT                   /note="2.4 copies 7 mer TTTTAAG 25% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   74540..74551
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer ATTTTA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(74570..74699)
FT                   /note="Dr000396 repeat: matches 2..131 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   74635..74707
FT                   /note="TDR9 repeat: matches 1..73 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   74794..75107
FT                   /note="HE1_DR1 repeat: matches 1..398 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   75117..75128
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 3 mer AGG 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   75175..75827
FT                   /note="Dr000210 repeat: matches 337..1028 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76104..76283)
FT                   /note="Dr000210 repeat: matches 6..184 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   76483..76518
FT                   /note="9.0 copies 4 mer AAAT 42% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   76495..76514
FT                   /note="3.3 copies 6 mer AAATTA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   76498..76511
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 7 mer TAAAAAT 28% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   76568..76603
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 12 mer TAATTTGAACCG 58% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   76572..76607
FT                   /note="3.6 copies 10 mer TTGAACCGTA 54% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76783..77271)
FT                   /note="drr489 repeat: matches 34..611 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(77271..77537)
FT                   /note="Dr000112 repeat: matches 1898..2147 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   77533..77895
FT                   /note="DIRSDR1 repeat: matches 217..579 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   77863..81216
FT                   /note="DIRSDR1 repeat: matches 1280..4712 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   80719..81603
FT                   /note="Dr000062 repeat: matches 328..1237 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   81599..81701
FT                   /note="drr730 repeat: matches 1..99 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   81705..81885
FT                   /note="Dr000062 repeat: matches 1261..1451 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   81885..81949
FT                   /note="drr731 repeat: matches 1..65 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   81970..82130
FT                   /note="Dr000112 repeat: matches 2037..2193 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   82199..82442
FT                   /note="Dr000032 repeat: matches 1..245 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   82437..82510
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 777..850 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(82438..82527)
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 775..865 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   82523..82679
FT                   /note="Dr000032 repeat: matches 246..409 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(82715..82766)
FT                   /note="drr811 repeat: matches 1..52 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   82778..83341
FT                   /note="Dr000393 repeat: matches 1..548 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   83345..83487
FT                   /note="drr629 repeat: matches 22..160 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83486..83547)
FT                   /note="TDR9 repeat: matches 1..60 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   83521..83579
FT                   /note="Dr000039 repeat: matches 235..298 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   83555..83687
FT                   /note="Dr000407 repeat: matches 196..333 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83737..83913)
FT                   /note="Dr000067 repeat: matches 7..180 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   84012..84021
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 4 mer GACA 20% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   84345..84355
FT                   /note="2.8 copies 4 mer TTTG 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   84380..84395
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 8 mer TTGTAGTT 32% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84438..84498)
FT                   /note="Dr000108 repeat: matches 624..681 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84500..84881)
FT                   /note="HE1_DR1 repeat: matches 2..402 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   84900..84912
FT                   /note="2.2 copies 6 mer ACATAT 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   84940..84954
FT                   /note="3.8 copies 4 mer AAAT 30% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(84969..85032)
FT                   /note="ACROBAT1 repeat: matches 817..881 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   85036..85234
FT                   /note="Dr000077 repeat: matches 2..195 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   85242..85651
FT                   /note="Dr000401 repeat: matches 140..547 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85649..86311)
FT                   /note="Dr000147 repeat: matches 1..638 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    complement(86307..86372)
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of copies of the repeat
FT                   element  between subclones."
FT   repeat_region   complement(86310..86451)
FT                   /note="Dr000340 repeat: matches 65..207 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86414..86471)
FT                   /note="CATCH2LTR_DR repeat: matches 662..716 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   86533..86544
FT                   /note="2.0 copies 6 mer TCATAT 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86542..86561
FT                   /note="2.5 copies 8 mer TATATAAT 31% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86579..86591
FT                   /note="2.6 copies 5 mer ATGAC 26% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   86815..87255
FT                   /note="Dr000133 repeat: matches 1..458 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   87334..87759
FT                   /note="Dr000210 repeat: matches 569..990 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   87769..87779
FT                   /note="3.7 copies 3 mer ATA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   87970..88027
FT                   /note="Dr000309 repeat: matches 4..65 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   88028..88098
FT                   /note="Dr000309 repeat: matches 2..69 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   88099..88110
FT                   /note="3.0 copies 4 mer TAGA 24% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   88111..88186
FT                   /note="Dr000309 repeat: matches 2..73 of consensus"
FT   misc_feature    complement(88262..88687)
FT                   /note="match: STS: Em:G47689"
FT   repeat_region   88301..88320
FT                   /note="4.0 copies 5 mer AGAGA 22% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   88386..88459
FT                   /note="DNA9TA1_DR repeat: matches 1189..1261 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   88460..88524
FT                   /note="32.5 copies 2 mer GT 112% conserved"
FT   repeat_region   complement(88703..89135)
FT                   /note="TDR24 repeat: matches 32..444 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89138..89472)
FT                   /note="Dr000032 repeat: matches 62..409 of consensus"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89693..89832)
FT                   /note="Dr000053 repeat: matches 31..260 of consensus"
SQ   Sequence 89874 BP; 28442 A; 15859 C; 16259 G; 29314 T; 0 other;
     gatcattttt aaacatttta gtaatatttg agttactgtt gaattcaaga ggcgtgtctg        60
     gttgaacacg gtagtctgtc gaacagtgag tgggtgctgt atgatgtgtc atacatgact       120
     gggtctttag agatagcagt ttaccataga ctaggcatta tactttgtaa acatggggtg       180
     accagtgttt cataatgctg gaaaataacc agtatgtcta gcagttatct atggcttata       240
     tcattattaa gctcttatga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga       300
     gagagacgga ggctctgaaa gcattgaacg caatgtcttc ctctgtttat tttttttgtc       360
     acataattta atgtgtccgc ttttaaattt acaaggtcat taaaattgtg tgatgtatca       420
     atgtgcctga atgattttta cataaactga aatattttct ggtatattaa tgtcttttgg       480
     tggaactaaa ttatatccaa tatctgtagg gaaacacagc acaaagggaa cattgaggtg       540
     aagttgtttt taaatttgca cattcgttta gtgacaactt gtgacatgct ctctgtattg       600
     tttagcatgg tactttgaat gttctgtctg aaatcacatg caagtatgac ttcaaactag       660
     ggatgatatt atcaggtgtt ttttgctctc gagtctgagt catttgattt tgagtatcta       720
     acgataccga aacccaatcc gatacttcta tataacatta aaaaaaaaga aaaaagagta       780
     aagaaacaga tccaggatga atcttttttt ttttttttta attcacctta ttttaacatt       840
     caacaactgt tatcaaatgt atgtttaatg aatctaacat ctctaccttg taaggtttaa       900
     gcctgtttct gttctcatca actttagaat atctccagac cgcagactcg cacttttctc       960
     ttcaagctgc tttcttgttg tactttttta ctttgagtcc ggattgagag gtaacatccg      1020
     tttccttaca agtctgaaac cgtgtgatcg gggccgattt ccgatcatgt gatcggatct      1080
     gtacatccct acttctaaca acattagcac tatttaattg aacctaaaca atattacact      1140
     ttgaaagcca ttggctgcta atatggtttc actatttaaa atttgcaaag aatccttttc      1200
     tgaacttata taattaagaa gaaagtctga atgtgtgaaa ataaaatcaa ctttacctca      1260
     acaaaaggaa ctaatgtaat gtaagtgaat acctagtgag caatggcatg gcatgtgcaa      1320
     tatcagatat aaacacacag aaaactaatg tttatggcat ttatttgttt catttgtcta      1380
     tggcattgtt tgctcttctc agaattgatt atataatgta tagtgctaag ttacaagttc      1440
     accccttaca aatcaatctt ttaaaagaag ctatacaata ttatattcac agattagcca      1500
     ttctaaagcc aaacctggag attatctaac aaaatatctt atgatagcgt tccaaaacta      1560
     gtatacccaa atatatatgt tatagaaata tattaaatac aatttttgaa aaagaggaaa      1620
     aatcaagaga cctaaaaaaa aaaaagttgt tacttatttc taggttgtaa ttttttttgc      1680
     aatattttgc taaaatttaa ttttatgatc ttttaatttc aaaataagct gagtgattaa      1740
     aatattattg taatcaatat atctgtttag gaaatctgtt ttgtttaaat acatggccta      1800
     tattcactga gaaatagata aaaatattta ttttcaaaat gaggtgtacc ctttaactgc      1860
     cacactaaga agatgcaatt gcattgctta actcctaatg gcactattta acacactcaa      1920
     tgcatttttt tcaacacatc ccataatttg gtaaaaatgg taaaagtacc agtattaata      1980
     cttatactac gtaaaatcct aaaatatgaa gtgtaagacc agtttattca ttcattcata      2040
     tatttccaat tggcctagtc cctttattca tatggcgtcg ccacagcaga atgaaccaca      2100
     aatttatcca gcatatgttt tactcaacgg atgaccttaa acagtcatac agtcattgtg      2160
     ctgcaggaat taggggggtt tgctaaaggt gcagctgtcg tgcagtaagg ggttagcgtt      2220
     ttaataatct acgacagttt gctttcattg tacaataaaa atgattaata aatccatatg      2280
     aagcaatccc ttaaaaatca cgtctcgttt tcagtttcgg gctcaggcgt ggtttgcact      2340
     cacactacaa gtgtaccgcg ccaaagccca agtgaaccgt gctctggcac accttttcca      2400
     accaggatag gccaagtgta ccatgttttt gcctaaatca gagcactcac acttctcaaa      2460
     cgattcggga aatgggcctg ggcgcgattc ggatagaata gtgtgagtac accctaagtg      2520
     tagtagtgta acaggatcat ctttgtttga tcgatttttg taacccaaca atgctgtgta      2580
     gtgtaaataa atatttaaaa cagtcattct ttaaatgact ttaacagtca ttatttaaaa      2640
     cagtcaaata tggacaacca tttgttagag taggcaatta aagggttaaa gtaaaagcat      2700
     cttatttttg ttgtccgctt ttaatatcta tcaaacaaca aaagacaaac aaaccactct      2760
     ccatatagag aaaatggtta atcattaatt tgtacagtaa caattataca gtatatagta      2820
     tgcagtgtta tatttgatta tatcattgtt ttcttatcat tgttacacca ctagtaggaa      2880
     ccatataaaa gagagaacat actttgctgt gaaacccata taaactcata cttttttttt      2940
     tttttttttt tcataacttg ggggcaaaac gacattcaaa ttcctgagct gtcatgtact      3000
     ggtaacaaat acctgacaat atgaacggca tttatgtaag cttggttatg ttttcccatt      3060
     tcctcatttt aaaggaaatc cacctagcat gccaaactaa catctcaggc tctggaaaaa      3120
     aagatgagac agagaaactg gcaatacaaa gtaaatatac tttttttgca gaattttgtg      3180
     gtagagtttg tgttttaagg cctaacattc tgtatgtcac ggttaaggat acttccaaag      3240
     aagtggagca gatggtggct cgtgttgaca gaacactctt gttaagcagt gactaaccaa      3300
     gttcacactg cttttgtgta aattatgtag tccatctgca attttgtata ctctgcctca      3360
     ggctttgtgc aatagtttag atattttggt atgttttttt tttttttttt caaatcaatg      3420
     tatttatgtt ctttaaattt gctacagtat gtttctgttg tgaatttgca caatcacaga      3480
     gaacaaaatc acaaaagtta cttcacgata aactgccacc aagtatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa      3540
     aaaaaaatgc aatttgctgt ggaaagagaa gccacagtag gcctttttgt gttataataa      3600
     attacttaag ccttagaaga caaagtgcaa taaatgtgct ggcgatttaa gaggatttta      3660
     gaacagcttt ttgggagtgc agccactcaa cacaattgga ggagataaag acaccaaact      3720
     gcttcaatga cagactttag ctaagggatt tttgaatgac caaaacaaca tttcagaaat      3780
     tttacaatgg gatcagtcca gtggtttgtc tattaatgcc atcttatcgc actcattttt      3840
     gttatcacgt gatctgttaa aataaaatca cataatttct cgaagaacat gctttaattt      3900
     gttcaggaaa tgtgtttcca tcgtagttta tacacattgt tttcgtatgc agtgagaact      3960
     taagtcattg catttgggag cagggatgag gttttcaagg tgaagcagta agtaaatcaa      4020
     catactatct tttccaaaat attgcaagaa ttagatgctt tgttttcagt gaggacttag      4080
     aaaaacttgt tcatgctctt atcagcagca tggtggatta agcctggttt atacttctgc      4140
     atcaagtgac cggcgtaacc cacgacgcat gcaacgcgtg tagctgtgca tttatacttc      4200
     tgcgcgctgt ctatgttggt ctgcattaac acttccgaaa cgctagttgg cagtgaggtg      4260
     ttaatgctcc tctgtgtcga gttttttcac tactgttttg ctttacctga acacttcctg      4320
     gatgtacaat tggctcaaac tcgctcattt tgaggcagga accggcggac gtgcaacaac      4380
     tttaactata aggttaacac aaaacaaaac tttccatccg gagctgcttc acgggactcc      4440
     acaattgtaa acaatcgcta cattgggctc gcgccattcg tgcggctctc ggtcccgcac      4500
     agacatgtca acgctaccaa gccgaccaat cacagagctt gcgctatgcg tttttgctac      4560
     gtgtagttac attttttgag aggtgcacgt cagtgacgcc gacggccacg gcgaagggct      4620
     atgagttagc gccgtagcat attcaattca attcagcttt atttgtatag cgcttttaca      4680
     atgtagattg tgtcaaagca gcttcacata aatggtcata gtaactggaa cagtgtagtt      4740
     cagtttttag tgtttaagtt cagttcagtt cagtttagct cagttcagtg tggtttaaat      4800
     cattactaag agttcaaaca ctgaagagca aattcatcga tgcgtagctc taccaatact      4860
     taaccatgca agccagtggc gactgcgttt gacgcagaag tataaatcag cctttactgt      4920
     aatggactcc tcactggcct tcccaaaaag acagtcagac agttgcagct catccaaaac      4980
     gatgcttcca ggattctgac cagaaccaga aaatcagagc aaatcacacc tgtcctcagg      5040
     tctctactct ggctcccagt tacattcaga attgatttta acatattatg tctataaatg      5100
     actaaatgtc ctatgacctc aatacattac aatatgctca ctgaatgaat acaaacctaa      5160
     aaaatcactt agatctttga ggttagtcat agcaagatga atctgcctta agctattatg      5220
     ccagcggctg gaatcagctt ccagatataa gatgtgctcc aacattaggc acattcaaat      5280
     caagactgaa aaaaacatct gtttagctgt gcctttactg aatgagcact gtgctgtgtc      5340
     cggcagatcc cactattatg tctttctttt ctttttcatt tttttttata tccgtttaac      5400
     aaattttaat ctgattttat tgtttaattc tgttttattc atgttttttt ttttgtgtaa      5460
     agcattttga attatcattg tgtatgaaat gtgctatata aacttggctt accttatcag      5520
     acaaaaactg tttttttttt tttttcatta accatttttc atgcagtatt acgaattgtg      5580
     cataaaaaca accagatacc aacataggta ttggtaactt taatttagtt tctgtgaagg      5640
     tataatttct tttactgaaa agatgacaat gctgatttaa aacatttact ttcctttagt      5700
     ctccaaaaga atcaggtatg actgctacga tatgcccttt aagtgcactc cgaacctaat      5760
     atttagactt gtaagagcct aagggtatta agaaggaatg taaaaaaata tagctagcac      5820
     accaggtcca aatttaaatg aaggtccgag ttttggcagg agaacgtgct aaaacaagtt      5880
     ctatgacact tgcttgacag aagcacacaa cttccttcaa acccaaaagt gactcatggc      5940
     ataaatattc aatagtagtt ataccatgaa aagctgaatg caccactggt ttacctgagt      6000
     tcttcattct tccatgattg ttaacagttt atgggtatac attagcatca tttgggcctg      6060
     aatcacatta aagtattgcc tcacagagcc tatgccccaa tgtgaacaat ttattcattg      6120
     tagcaatcca gtttcattgc cttttgacag gatgggtgta gaacaatggc tgcattgtat      6180
     ttctagaaag gcaggggact agttgtgaaa tggatcaagg ctggtgtttt tgcttgttcc      6240
     ccaaattcat tctcagaaag attgcatgca cagtatattt tgttgtaatg tttgctttta      6300
     atgaacttta tatgcgattt ctggctagtt actagaatat ataatcatat catttaaact      6360
     taagtgggaa cttgttattt tcatggacta ataataatag tagtagaatt atatttcaat      6420
     acaacagctt tgtctggttc tcgaatctga ttagctgata actgtgtgat agtctgcaat      6480
     attagaactc gtacagcctc cttacccttg tgtatcattc cgcccacata cagtgacagc      6540
     aaattaataa actcactcga ccttgacaaa tattgcagct gttggacaac ataatgtact      6600
     tttcaggctt ttacttttta ggcaagaatg tagttattta gattgtatct atgcagttta      6660
     tgtataagga tagtgactat tttaaatatt tataattttg cagatacaca gcgtcagcat      6720
     ccatcagcct gtcattgagc agagcaaaga tggttgacat tgtccatcca caagctggtg      6780
     acagaggtga caaatgagac ctaaagcagg tcgcacacca gaagcgccgc tcggcggcac      6840
     gccacgcagc gccttgcatt ttagaattct aaacatagtc gcaagtcggc gcctgtcggc      6900
     agcgcccagt cctgactcag gacgcagttc aaatttcagc tgcgccacag agcgccatct      6960
     gattagtttc atgttaaata tcattcgaat gtgcgcgtct ggtgtgcagt actttaaact      7020
     gtcatgtacg cgccgtgttg agcggcgctt ctggtgtgcg acctgcttta gaggagaaaa      7080
     gatcggtgta ttttcaaact tacagctgat taaatcatta caaaattgtt gagtgacatt      7140
     ctaagtcgat ttttaattct ttaacttttt ttttttttaa acgttgcggt tttaatgttt      7200
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttacgtggta attgcagtat attgagtgtg agatgggact      7260
     cacatatgag gaatatctgt attttttgtt ggccacttat tgtgtaactc tgatttactt      7320
     tttggttggc catctgtttg ttttataaac aattcaataa aaccaattgt tgttaatttg      7380
     tcaaatttac aaacagtata attgcttatc cctgaatgct ttaaaaaccc ttaaaacaaa      7440
     tgcaaaatga tctgttataa tctccactca acattgcaat tacttgcaat gtgactatcg      7500
     caaatgttca cattgcgata tcgaagttaa atgtatattg tgcaggccta atatagtcta      7560
     catctcacaa tttagatgtt tttcttggag atctgagatt gatctagcaa tttgtttttt      7620
     tttctccttc tcttggattg gcatgggctg gtatgtgatt ctgacagtat gataaccttg      7680
     gataaaaata tcatggtttc actgtgttgt gattactgct gtaaaatata ctcttttttt      7740
     taatgtctgg gtaaaacaag aacttttttc caatttgaac acaacgactg cgtccaaaat      7800
     catgtactta catttctaca gtgcatctgg aaagtattca tagcgcttca ctttttctac      7860
     ttttttgtta cagccttatt agaaaatgga ttaaattaat ttatttcttc aaaattctac      7920
     acacaatacc ccataatgac aatgtgaaaa atatttattt taattgttgc acatttatta      7980
     aaaataaaag acctgaaaaa gcacatgtac gttttcacag ccttagtggt gtacagccat      8040
     ttacagatct ctcaatgtta aataggattc atttttgggc tctggctggg ccactcaaag      8100
     acattcacta agttgttgtg aagccactct attgatattt ctgcagtgag ctttgggtta      8160
     ttgtcctgat ggaaagagaa ccgtcaccaa agtctgaagt caagagcact atgcagcagg      8220
     ttttctttca agatgtctct gtgcattgct gcattcatct ttccctctat tctgactagt      8280
     cttccagttc ctgctgctga aaaacatccc tacagcatga tgctgcctcc accatggatg      8340
     gtattagcct ggtgatgagc agtgtctggt tttctccaaa tgtaacgcct ggcatccact      8400
     ctaaagaatt caattttagt ttcatcagtg cagataattt tgtttcttat ggtttaagag      8460
     tccttcagat gccccttggc aaattccagg cgggaagtga cttccgtctg gccactctac      8520
     catacaggcc tgattggtgg attgctgcac agatggttgt cctactgtaa ggttctcctc      8580
     tcttcccaga agaatgctgg agctcagaca gagtgaccat cgggttattg atcagctccc      8640
     tgactaagcc ccttctcccc tgattaccta acctacatgg ccgaccagct ctaggaagag      8700
     tcctgggggt tccaaacatc ttccacttat ggatgatgga ggccagtgtg ctcattggaa      8760
     ctttcagagc agtagatttt tttctgtaac catcttcagc cttgtgccga gaggcaatcc      8820
     tatttcagag gtctacagac aattcctttg ccttcatgct tggtttgtac tttgacatgc      8880
     actcttactg ggaccttatg tagacaggtg tatgcctttt caaatccttc cagttaactg      8940
     aatttaccac aggagaactc caattaagct gttaaaacag ctcaggaatg atcagtggaa      9000
     acaatgtacc cgcgctcaat gtaaagcttc atgttattta catgtgattt ttcaggtttt      9060
     ttcttttcat tatatttgca acaattaaat gctttttttt attcacattg tcaatatggg      9120
     gtattgtgta gaaattttga ggaaataaat taatttaatc cattttggaa caaggctgta      9180
     acattaaata aatgtggaaa gtgaagggat atgaaaactt tccggatgta ctgtatataa      9240
     tatgctaaaa acagcatgtg agctgagtag tagggatgtc ccgatccgat attgatatca      9300
     gaaattggtc cgatatcagt ccaaaaaact atatcgaact gcgttcaaaa tctccgatat      9360
     aaacagtctg attcgctcta aactccgtta aagctattct atccagcagc gtccagagtc      9420
     agtgtgcaaa gcccacgtga tcacaacact gcttgctagc aaagtctctt agatttaaca      9480
     tgctcttcac actaagttat ggtgtattac gataaaaacc tattgtaatg gtagcacgcg      9540
     ctgacaacaa cggcacatct ctaacgttac tggtttaatt acttcacgtc cagcggtctt      9600
     tacattgttt tgtgtacgct gctaagtaac gcaaggcacc gaataacgac gtaccgcaca      9660
     tcgtttgagc ctcatttaaa acgtttacgt tacaattcgg tcatggcatt tcgtggttca      9720
     tccagtgtga tacccaattc aacaccagcg cttcacacac ataagacttt accccagtgg      9780
     cccggttctg tgtgcctgag aaacactaca gactcggatg ctctgctgcc cacaaagatg      9840
     cgctgggcac aaaactatct gttctgactt tggtaatagc tttgggagga gcgtgaggac      9900
     acgcggaaag aaaagcgttt tactaaatag actggtgcag ctcataattt agggtgacaa      9960
     tacatccttt ttttcccgga catgtcctct atttgggtct taaaaaattc attcagccag     10020
     ggtttctaag tcgcctaaca tgtcccgaat actgctttcg ttttctatag ctgtcatgta     10080
     aaaggtgtta aaagctaaaa acttttgttg ttttaattgt ctgttaaata agaaaaagaa     10140
     atcattatat tgctgagggc catgacagtt taaaagaaaa aatggtatta attggaaaat     10200
     acttttaaca ttatttgaaa aatttaagta gaggcattcc catatttaac tcttctttaa     10260
     aaagcccaga aagattaagt gctctgataa acagtgtcag ctttgcacat gagtctgcag     10320
     ttctgttttt atttacattg ttgtattttt cccatgtggg cagtatagag tggaagctgt     10380
     gcaatatatt atgcaagtaa aattaatttt gataaataaa attattctta aaagtcacat     10440
     tattttatgt actgtggaga aaaggtgtgt ttcaattcag ctactgcaag tatatttatg     10500
     ttaaagataa tatgtgcaat atatattttt ataaaattaa taatgttttg tttgggagca     10560
     ttgatacagc cataatcttc ttacgataca aacacagatt aaatagatct gatcatgtaa     10620
     atgcttgtac taaccatact gcacattttt attaacttat aataactcat aacaataact     10680
     ccttatttct gctgcccatt gtgacagata ttttacagct caaaactgga tcaaaaattc     10740
     atcaagtagc tgagtgaaaa attgaaactt tgggcactca acctttagca attgctcaat     10800
     taacaataca tgttttttct tatgttcctg ctctcagctg ttactaccat ttgctgatgg     10860
     tataacataa ataactaaag tgacctttaa ttagtatttt gcactttaaa aaatatattt     10920
     ttgtttattc aattataata ttttttaggg tcttgatatt tattctttaa ttctttttta     10980
     tatattctaa tgtaaaaggt tcatatttag tttgaactag ccatacattc cactcaaaaa     11040
     aataggtaaa agtaaagtat tcatgatttg tgctgatatt ggatttgcat tggtatcggt     11100
     tcctactgaa ggctgcaata tcgatatcgt atcggaagtt aaaatgttgt atcggtacat     11160
     ccctactgag tagtgtgtcc gaattcataa aatttagaaa acagtatgca agaagtagcc     11220
     ggctgaccta cttggaaatc tggattacta taaaagcctc cttttttctc taaattttgg     11280
     tttggaattc agttatttgc atggaattgt gagattgtca catgtttgac ttaattttct     11340
     tttcttttca cttatttctt tatttcacat tatacattta cgtacaaact actttttttc     11400
     tataaaaaaa acaatatata tatataatgt gcaccttcta agaaaatgtt ttaagtcaca     11460
     catggtttct ttaagcagca tttgtgcact gcggttttag caggagaagc agcagcacag     11520
     tgaagataca atgttatcaa atgtgctcag ccaaggcctt tctggcattt cctttccttc     11580
     gtctttatcc attgaggatg actgctagca aagtgctgaa accgtggctt cgagcgcagc     11640
     ttccaatgac agaggaagtt catagacatt tgtgcacaga cagctcttgt tcattgcctt     11700
     tagtttagca agatcagagg cctgaggcga gatgataaaa cacactgaca cacaatgaca     11760
     ggatctgtct gtgtttctcg cagcactatg gaccaatgtg tgctgatgat aggttttgga     11820
     gcacacaata actatggaaa ggtcatccac tctcgcttgg tatttgaatt ctaaacaatt     11880
     gatagcacgc aaagttgcag ataagtgcat gcgagcggaa aaaaatgaac gttttgtagg     11940
     tttataatgc tgagtgtata gttatcttat tatatggatg atgaccaggt cttgaaaaaa     12000
     aaacaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa cattatatat attcacttct ttgtgagaaa atgcagcgtg     12060
     ttttattaat ttggttgcag tgtttaaaaa tgcagcaact tttgtcatgt gtatgcgttg     12120
     tgaggagttg caacgtgtgc tgtcaaacag acaaagattt ttttcttatt ttgctggtgt     12180
     ttttttacga gttgcatgtg tttctctcgg ccaccttact atacactgtg cactcactgt     12240
     acactcaacc gtttagtgta agaatttagt ctaaatagaa aactaaaatt ttgtatgtaa     12300
     taactggaag tcaaagggca aaagatgttt aatggtcatc acacaaagtc aaactagtga     12360
     aataaattcc caaactgcca aatagtaaaa aaaatatata attttgatta aaatattaat     12420
     aaatttaaca gtctagtcag tgtctgatag ctgctttcct tttaatatgt aagcaaagct     12480
     acataaacaa agctatgtaa gcaaagcatc aattattgta tatataagtc tttaattaaa     12540
     ttaattccat gcttttttta tcggtcgaat gagttcatgt ttaaaagaac actttttttt     12600
     agacaatttt tgtgtgtata tctgtatatg tatatgtata tatgtatatg tatgtcttgt     12660
     gtggttgcca ctttattacc ggcctagtta tgaaattaat attaaattga agagggatca     12720
     aattaaaatt actgatcatc aaaattaaca aatgttattg ttaaatattt tttaactact     12780
     tgtacatgcc tattaacaca gttttcactg ataatggtac ttgttataat aataatgcaa     12840
     aaaaaaaaaa atagctgctc ttttaatcat tttaggtctt ctgattacag ttatcatgca     12900
     aataacccac caaaacacaa atgtttttgt ttgttttggt tgtaatgcca gtgtattttg     12960
     tgcatttgta tccactggaa aattagtgac cagtataaaa ttctaaatat cagctaataa     13020
     tgacacaatt ttaaaatgta agtcattaga aagaagaatt cttgttgtca caatgattct     13080
     cgagaaatat ttttaaaata acaaaacctt gctgacctta aaatgtttac tctggtacat     13140
     ataacaaggg ttaatttatt tagcagtccc caaatgaggc ctgtttcctg tgctgggtgt     13200
     ttggggagga agaactggcc aattcacaga tgtgtttaat agcttatttc agagttagaa     13260
     gcccaagcta cagtctgcca ttgtccttgt ttgtgtttat gcaggctcct gtttacttgg     13320
     cctttcctgg tgtacattat gaggtaacat gctaataaaa cagggccaga tggaaattgc     13380
     atgacactac tttaagcctg tgaaacatat cactagattc tgaatttctg ttgaattaaa     13440
     cgattgttgc gtctataata cgcttttatt aggcatttcc atggaggtat catgcatttt     13500
     aaatgatctc atgcactgtg acagaagata tgtcaacagt ttatttcaaa ataatgattc     13560
     aattattttt cctgtggcta taaatcaatt gacttcaatg catgtgggtg gctactttgt     13620
     gtggcagtaa aattaaatta ttattattcc attaattatg caaaacatgt tatgacaaac     13680
     cgctttttgt atctttactt ttcagaaaca gacctttcag gatggatgat agacaatgct     13740
     actacaacga aaccatagcc tttttttaca atcgtagtca gaagtatctg gccacagaat     13800
     ggaacgctgt aagcaagcta gtcatgggac ttgggattac agtatgcatt ttcataatgc     13860
     tagcaaacct gctggtgatg gtggccatct acatcaaccg ccgctttcac tttccaatct     13920
     actatctaat ggctaaccta gcagccgcgg acttctttgc aggacttgcc tatttctact     13980
     tgatgtttaa cacagggcct aatacgagaa ggctaacggt tagcacgtgg ttgcttcgac     14040
     aaggcctcat cgatacaagc cttacagcct cggttgctaa cttgctagct atagccattg     14100
     agcgccacat aactgtgttc cgcatgcagc tccatacccg catgagcaat cgaagggtag     14160
     ttgtggttat agtcatcatc tggaccatgt ctatcatcat gggggctatt cctagcgtgg     14220
     gctggaactg catctgcgcc atagacactt gttccaatat ggccccactc tacagcaact     14280
     cgtacctggg cttctgggca atctttaacc tggtgacctt cgtggtgatg gtcgtacttt     14340
     atgcccacat atttatgtat gtgcgtcagc ggaccatgag gatgtcccgg cacagctcgg     14400
     gtcaacggcg taacagggat actatgatga gcttgctgaa aactgtcgtg attgtattgg     14460
     gtaagtgttc caatcatttt tgtattttta tcattaatcc ttcaggctct gcatgcttca     14520
     agactattgt ctggaagttt gtagtaaact tgaacaaatg ctgatgtaag tttcagaata     14580
     agctggggtc atactttatt ttgatggtcc gtttgttgca ttgcatctac atgtcaacta     14640
     atttttatta gattataagt aaactgttag gttagggtta gggtttagtg aacgttgaca     14700
     tgtacttgca aagtttctta tagtcagtta atgtctgttg aaggagcagt atcaacagat     14760
     attaagctga cagtccacta atactcaaat ggatcatcaa aataaagtgt caccttagct     14820
     ggttcaaatg tgtttgataa ccattagaga gaaaaaaaaa aaacagactt gtaggatagt     14880
     ggacctttga gtgcagaatt cagtttaagt taaacatgtg ttccaacaga attaacacaa     14940
     catttctagt aatactataa ttctgtaaac gaactttata gcaaatgttt gcattttttt     15000
     aaatcccctt gagtattaca gtaatatttt ttaatccatt catctgatct ttgggactgg     15060
     cgggaacact ttgagcttag cttaatataa atgattagat ttgaccattg acacctatat     15120
     tttaatattt aatattttat taatatattt tctattatta atatgatagc tttaatgtgt     15180
     tacaaatgta tggagaaaga atagctgaac accaaatacc attattaatt ataccatgat     15240
     tatttattgg ccatactacc agtgaagggt ggtacagtgg cacagtgggt tgcactgtcg     15300
     cctcacagca agaaggttgc tggttcaagt ctctgctggg tgatttgaca tttctgtgtg     15360
     aagtttacat gttctccctg tgttcttgtg ggttcacagt cacagtccaa agacatgcac     15420
     tgtagctgaa ttgggtaagc taaaattgtc cgtagtgtat gtgtgtgaat gactgtgtat     15480
     ggatgtttcc cagtaatggg ttgcagctgg aagagcatct gctgcgtaaa acaaatgctg     15540
     gataagttgg tggttcattc cactgtggcg aatcctgatt aataaaggaa ctacgccaaa     15600
     aagaaaataa atgaactacc aatgacaaac aagtgaaaat atttgtacag tgaaagaata     15660
     catttacaat gtaaaaataa tgaacctgaa ggagaagaga aagttaaagg tgcttaaata     15720
     aaagaaagca atgtaacaaa acttttattg aacttaatac acacaaaaca tcacactctc     15780
     ctgaaactaa tgaaatagta agaaagttaa cctaggggtg gtaaatgtat atcctacacc     15840
     ttacttctat aacctctttg aggtattact caacagtatc agttaactgg gagagtttac     15900
     aaacaaacac atttcaatct caaatagatt ttagacaaga cttttgatca caaaaaataa     15960
     ataaataaat aaataaataa aataaaacca gaattttgtt tagcctaaaa aaattgatag     16020
     ccattataaa gaatctgaat caagtgatca gatctcatta accttttctt tactgtataa     16080
     cttaaacatt ttgattaaaa agcagcaaat gaatctcatt tagatttttt tgtttgatta     16140
     cattacataa cagaggtgtc ccttaaaaaa tgcacagatc tatgtcaaaa gcattagaat     16200
     gttttcctaa ctgtttatgc tcccttataa caaaatttgt tgtgtttaaa atagcaccca     16260
     ccaagattga catgtttgga tgttattttg tgtaaatgcc ttttcaaact tgcacccaaa     16320
     acccagagtg tccactttcg ctccagttca aatcacatgt acagaatcta tttggggagc     16380
     agcatctatt tattgtaatg tagttcatct gatagtcact acatgaactg actgtttcga     16440
     ttattgcata ggagcagcaa caccacttgt aatggaaagg aagggtatat caccatttta     16500
     catttagttt caaggtgttt tcatgactaa ataaaatgaa agcacagaac agattcagag     16560
     ataagagcaa ggggcattcc ctggtggttc agtggtatag gttgcgtaga gagaggatcg     16620
     gctttataat gtttattgtc acccttcata aaaagattaa agatacagga aaataccttt     16680
     acgggatgat agtgggacag aattgttaaa tacaggagaa tcccgggaaa atcaggaggg     16740
     ttgacaggta tggacttgtc tagaaatgca cctataccat ttttttggaa cagatccgat     16800
     cctaaatctt tttttttttc tcaatcttaa aacagtttct atagttctgg tgctcaaata     16860
     atatatcttt tttagtaaaa ataaaagacc tgtaagccga ctctatatga tagatggcac     16920
     aatctaacta aaagcatgat gcttgctata aactataggc tacattattt gagcagtcat     16980
     tatgacatca atatgatctg ttgtggtcca gcttatgttt tattttttta atattaggat     17040
     ttttctttga catctgtact aggctaccac tattgacact aatcgttggt aaaataatct     17100
     gccttttagc aaagcgtgat attttcctgc aagtttgaag caaactaaac ttaaccgtct     17160
     gaggccagtt ttacttaata aaaattccct cgccttaact tgatgtgagt gcgatggaga     17220
     aacaaagcat gtctgactct gaacaattat ttttgtttga aaaattatct ttttgaaact     17280
     aatttcgttt ggtataattt gttggttttt aaagtgtttt tttgttggtc atctatccac     17340
     aaaataaaca agaatatatg atgtaaagtt ctgttcaaaa caaggtcggc ttttatgctt     17400
     cagtgcacaa actgacaaaa agatctgtta aataaaatgt taatataaat aaaattatag     17460
     tttcagagta gcctatatta ggctaaataa tattctgtta ttgacaatgc ttatgcgctg     17520
     agccgtcagc ttcactttta ttaatttaat caactacttt tgactacaag gagccaggct     17580
     ttacaaacta ttagcagcac acaacgtatt cacctcgaaa gaataaactc agtcacaaca     17640
     gcagcacaag ggaagaaatc agtgcattga ggatctgtcc aatgcattat tgagcctttt     17700
     ctaattaaaa ctttcaggta ggcctacttt gtgtgtgaaa agcaggtaat aaccctctct     17760
     actccagtat tgcgaatgcg atctgctggt caaaacagac acagcacaac atgatgtaga     17820
     accagcaata aattccatgt tacgggtcaa aattaaaatt gcatttctcc actgattatt     17880
     aaaattaaca ggcacaaata gtcttgggga gtttttcgtg ttgtcatgaa cgcaacctgc     17940
     agtttgaatt gtgaatgaat gatgaatgat tgacagggaa gcgctgaact gaacatgaat     18000
     ttaaccacgt gaatattcat ctgtacttca cattaaacta tagaacggct tcagaacata     18060
     caaacagaag cgcacacaca caacccctaa gtacgttctg catgggtatg tgtaaaggca     18120
     gacaggaaat aaaaattagc catttcttgg ccaatacggc taaatgtgaa aattcattca     18180
     gggtgcaaac tctcacagtg cattatgggt attttgtaca tggtttgtgc attcataatt     18240
     ctggtgcatt gtgggtttga aaccattcgc tatgccacca ctaaaaatgg ctgcttcctc     18300
     aaatattact ctctttaagg gtatatttat gaacacatca caaattctta tatgccccac     18360
     acaaaattga atgtgacatc acaacagtga cttgcattta tagtgtaaag tagtttccaa     18420
     gtgctaaagg gcttagggtg tttgatttaa acccatttca gataggcagt agtgaacact     18480
     tgtgtggcgt aatcagtgac gtacatttga gttatcaaga cggaggaaga atagcatggg     18540
     aagagcatat aaatgtgcac tggaatgcag ctcatgtgca gaatttacag gcctgtttat     18600
     tttaaaatga catatacatt cattttagcg tttatgcctt agtcttccgc cccatttaca     18660
     gttctgtatc tcatttcatg atgtatacaa atacaaataa aatgatggtc cattagttaa     18720
     tatatgtact aacatgcacg aacaattagt actacattaa ttatggtatt tattcatcaa     18780
     tgttaacatt agttattatt aagtcaagta ttgttcattt tagttcatgt taacttacag     18840
     tgcatttact actgttaaca agcacaacta tggattttaa acatgcattt agttaatgtt     18900
     gaagtataat taataaatgc tttacaagat tgttcataca taactaacat taactaatgg     18960
     attattgtct aaagggttac ccaaatatat aaacattctt aaattaacat acactgtgaa     19020
     aaatacaggc ttcgacatat ttccttcatg ttaactcaac acaaatctat taggttaact     19080
     taattgtctt tagaaattta agttgattga acataaacaa attaagttat ccattaaaac     19140
     cctcaagaat ttttttttga tttagctcat tataaataat tagtttgaag tagcaaaaat     19200
     actttctttt ttagtgtaag aaacactatt aaaaacagta agattgcaca tttttgttta     19260
     atggttaaat tattttctct tttccttttc tttttttttt cagaaaacgg gagacaattt     19320
     aatagcttct caagtaaatg tctcttaatt taagaatgtt tagattgttg cagtgggaaa     19380
     agatccactt atagataata tctgcattta aataactatc acaatcataa gcagatggcc     19440
     taaaaccaca gtgacttgct caacaaacaa actgtccatg ctcatattta attttatatt     19500
     caaatggtgg gaaacctcat aaaggtcaat tctcttgact actaatagtt tgcaaaaaaa     19560
     tacacatgaa aagattatta atccattttg gtgtaccgca aggtttctgc attgtgaatt     19620
     tgagcatcgt ggagccaaac tgcatatatt ctctgagaat atgtccttta actatgacgt     19680
     agaaattggc tctggggatc aatttattct ctccaattgc tcgtcacact ggccagtttc     19740
     catgtgtccg cttcctgttg acggagatcc ttttattgat agtgcaaaat tacacaccac     19800
     acacttctct gtggtctgaa acagtagctt tacctaaatg gaacactaac agtctccttt     19860
     ccatattata ttatattata ttatgttata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata     19920
     ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattatt atattaaatt atattatatc     19980
     ttcaggtttt atacaataat actctatatt atatattttt ttatatataa acagcaataa     20040
     aaacaacaac aacaccactt taaaatactg tctctgtgta tttattagtt ataattatgt     20100
     ttttaggttt aatttttttt tttttctgta aactatttat ggcatttctt cacaaaatcc     20160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacg tcatttagtg tccttttttt tacttgaaat ataaaatagg     20220
     cctgctttta tgtactttta gacaaacaat accatttttg ggaataacag gaatatcaca     20280
     aaaatttact ttctatgatt atttattgaa catcaaagtt gaacacctga aattaaaaca     20340
     cagggtaagt aattaaaaaa aaaatcgacc tggaaaaaat aaagagatca ttggttcaga     20400
     attttgatta tttttggatt aatcgctcca gtccaagtaa caatcacaca gtgtgaacca     20460
     tcaaaaatgc aatctaagag aatcgccaat gagtcaccaa cactcatgat aaatatctgg     20520
     agctgtcccc aattgaaatc atgctgtgtg aaatgtgttc tggttgaaaa taacattggc     20580
     gatcatatac agccaatgag aaagcagtat tcacttcttc agtactcagc gcttattttc     20640
     agtatttttg gacccaggaa atgaaggagt aagtaatgta aatttacagc aacacctgtg     20700
     tctgtttgac atgtcatttg agcaatacca caagcgggtc gaaaaagaaa aatgtttgag     20760
     agaaaatgct aatttctatt aaaagtcaaa ataagtacat tttctaccct actaagaatg     20820
     tctttctcat tatgaagcta atagcaaaag gtatactacg tgaccttgtg ctgtttccat     20880
     gtcacttcac tcttttgttt ggttgtgaga tgtagtttgt tgaccgagac aacattgtca     20940
     gcgattttac tattgtaaag ttatgcagtg tgaaaccccc tttccctgat ccattttgca     21000
     atgtaaatac agaacagacg gaatgctacc tcacataagt cacgcagagt ggaaactttg     21060
     aaaattatac cgtctgaact ctgcattagt ggtgagcact gttgcctcac aacaagaagg     21120
     ttgctagttt gagtcccgat tgggtcagtt ggggtttcta tggatgctcc ggtttccccc     21180
     acagtccaaa gacatgcaat ataggtgaac tgaataagct aaattagcca tatgagtgca     21240
     agagtgtata ggtgtttccc agagctgggt tatggctgga agggcatctg ctgaacataa     21300
     gctggataag ttggaagttc attctgcttt ggtgacccct gattaataag tggactaagc     21360
     caaaggaaaa tggatgaatg aatgaaaact aatgttttac gtgttcactg caaaaacagt     21420
     gtagttgttt agcttagttt gggtttttgt cttgttttta gtccggatat ctaaaaattg     21480
     taaaatgaag aagcattttt tttgtaaaat aagtataaca aaacatgttt tgttttataa     21540
     aaaacgaaaa attatgtgtt tttctcctta aaacaaacaa aaaaacctac aaatggccaa     21600
     agtaaaacat tttcagtttg atataagatg attttcaatt ggcagattat tttaccaata     21660
     tttttagttt gttttagacg aaatctacta ttgacttata ttttctgtac aacaaaacta     21720
     tgtatattga acttgactta aaaaaaataa tttttaaata ttgaaattgt catttttcga     21780
     aaaaaagaaa aaaaaagaaa agctaaataa ataaaaaatt aggaaaataa tagacaacat     21840
     actcaaaccg catactgtta aataaagaca aacttagaat tgtctactgg actctttctt     21900
     ttattaattt attattttaa ttaattttat tcaattttta atttatttat tcctcctttg     21960
     tgtttacagt accctaaatt gcattgataa aatggaaaat tgccatttat ttattttaaa     22020
     ttattattaa tttaaatttt ctcatgttaa agttatatat ggtaaaagca tcagatggca     22080
     gacaattaaa tataaatgtc acagaaatat ctcatttaaa ggatgtacag tgctaatata     22140
     actgtgaaac tattgcaggt tggtttgtga tgtaagatgt tacccttcac gctattgtgc     22200
     caaattgatg tcagcgaaca atgtggccct tgactagtct acagctgaga gcctgtcata     22260
     gtggttttgc tcccagttcc actgtttgcc ttgcactgca tcagtgtcaa gcctcaccgg     22320
     ctcccccagt gaagcctggc ccggaaaaaa agagacccag tcatggcgct ccattccgct     22380
     gctcaagcac agtgtaggaa acagtgctgt tgttgtttgg agcgggcaga gcttatcttc     22440
     aacctctggg gagaatggag agcaagtgct ctgaatgaaa gcgcagtctg tagaccctga     22500
     agataataca ttattacatg gcaattacag tgtgtaattg gtgcttaaat attataatac     22560
     ttcacatgat tttactttta taattgttga tcttagcttc gatgtaccgt ggtctctcgt     22620
     tatttgtggg agtaatgttc taaaaataat ctgcaatata ggcaaaatcc gaaaagttgt     22680
     caactttatg ttttacattt attatagatg ttttaaggct gtaaaaccct taactacaca     22740
     ctttatacac ttttctcaaa gaggcataaa cattatatat atatatatat atatatatat     22800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataattcttt     22860
     ttttttttaa ctttttttta aataaaaatt tttggattta aatgatctga ggctgcggtc     22920
     acactgcagg gcttagtgtt caaatctaat atttttctca gatctgattt atttatttat     22980
     tttttttgca tagctattaa cattgttaac atttataaag ccataaggcc acattcataa     23040
     aaatagcctt aaaaatatat tactggtgtg catctggaga caaaaaaaaa tgacagtgac     23100
     atattttaag acatctcacc gcaaattgtt ttgagttgag ggagctgaaa catgcaattt     23160
     aaccagccct aaatgttgtt tgtaaaactg gggttatacg tgctaataaa cagttaatat     23220
     tctaataata ggtaggtaag aagcttgtag ttaaaagtgt taattgctac ctaaagtatt     23280
     accaaaatat tgtttttctg agaccagttg cttgttttct agtgagattt tagctgtgat     23340
     gtcaactctc acatgtataa agcactgata taaattcagg ttttactatc cacccaaaac     23400
     aactttccag gaaacaatga gacacactgt gtctcctcac acttacaaat acacttcctc     23460
     ggcctgaagt gaaatcagtt ttgcagctcc tcaaaggcat gactcactca ttgttgagag     23520
     ttactcaagg gcgtatggag catatttcaa taacagagtt acaatgatga tgaaatcatt     23580
     ggatcagttc ccactcctca agaaaacgag acatcgggac tcatgtggcg taaaacagct     23640
     gggcgtttca ttctcaatgc gtgacttttt attatcctgg ccattgactc ttgtcttatc     23700
     agcattatca aatcacatga caatatcaga tgtgcttaca tggcatggag gtaaaattgg     23760
     aaataaatga atgtgcaagt tctgtttttc cattatggtg gttacataga ggcagtgagc     23820
     agctcagaaa taaaagaaaa aaacacagat tataaaaagc tgattgttgc gtttttaatc     23880
     tgtgtaaaga ttttgttgat tttattggct tcttgcccat tgcgaaaccc agaatcgcac     23940
     ataataacat tttataagaa atatagacat cacagtccaa gaacaagcaa tgatttcatg     24000
     gttgagcaca ttttattatt aaacatcact tcaaaatgac attggattag atggttttat     24060
     attacgaatt tgtttaatta cttgacataa acctttaaac aaaatgattt gcaaatgagg     24120
     acgatagaag tatataaagt gtcattttct attaagacag gacaatattt tgcaaagata     24180
     caactaaaaa tctgaaaaca tggtttatga ttgttccatt aaaaaaaatc taaatactga     24240
     gaaaattgca tttaaggttg tccaatgaag ataatggcaa tgcacattac taatcaaata     24300
     tttagtttct ttttttatat gtacactgta aaaaaatcta ttattttacg ttggcagaaa     24360
     aaaaagttaa ataacaaaca ttaaattaca gaaatgtacc ataaattaaa atttaaggac     24420
     atttgtgtca tttaacatgt tattttatgg tacttttttt tttttttttt tgccacccca     24480
     gctgctggaa agtaaaataa tagatttttt tttagcagtg tatgaaagga aatgttacaa     24540
     aatctttata gaagatggtc cttacataat attctgtttg tttttcattt tgccccatac     24600
     aacatttatc aaaatgtatt tttttaataa aattaataaa aaaaatatta ataattaaat     24660
     aaaaatttat caaattgtat attttttatt catacaattg gccatacagt tttacaaaaa     24720
     ataaactagc ataacacatg acttgtagtt ttaaggcttt ttttactcat gcaagggggg     24780
     catttattta tttgttttat ttttaaaaaa ttaggctttt ttactcgcac aaggggaaca     24840
     tttatttatt tattataata aaatagcaat ttccaaatct taattttgcg gaatgctata     24900
     cacaaaggtt tatatacagt tacaatttaa aagtttatct cagtttgtat ggattttttt     24960
     tttttatgta tgggtaaaag taatatgtaa aatttgtttt agggaacatc tcttgcaaat     25020
     tatacataaa actaataaac atgtatgtgt gtacagttga agtcagaatc attagcccct     25080
     ctcatttttt tttttctttt tttaaatatc taccattgaa tgtttaacag agcaaggaca     25140
     ttttcacagt atgtctgata tatatatttt ttcttctgga gaaagtctta tttgttttaa     25200
     tttggcaaga ataaaagcaa taaaaaaaaa cattttaagg ttaaacttaa ttgccatttt     25260
     aagctatata ttttttgata gtctactgac aaaccaatgg tatacaatga ctcgcataat     25320
     tatcctaacc tgcctgggta acctaattaa cctagttaag cctttaaatg tcactttagg     25380
     ctgtatagaa gtgtcttgaa aaaatattta gtaaaatatt atgtactgtc atcatggcaa     25440
     agataaaatt aaataagtta ttggaaattt gttcctaaaa ctattatgtt tagaaatgtg     25500
     ttgaaaaaaa aatccctctg ttaaacagaa attgggggga aaaacagggt gcaaataatt     25560
     cacgtgggct agtactttag ctgtatgtac agtatgtatt tattcattca ttgattcatt     25620
     catttaacat gttttatatg aatatcaggg gtaatccacc aaatatggat ttcctatctc     25680
     ttctggagtg aaaactagta catggttact tgtactgtgt tgaaataagt ttattgataa     25740
     actaatttcg agaggaccac atggttgtga ttggccatga ctggtcccac ataatctatt     25800
     tcatgtttta acaatgagcc gaatccaaac gcacataaat aaccagattt tcttaccttg     25860
     gttatttttg ccttgaagaa atcccccatc cacactgact cgttcctttc tttcctagct     25920
     taatccagga tagggtggca tggcggcaca gtgattagca ctgttgcctc acagcaagaa     25980
     ggtcactggt tcgagccccg gctgggccag ttggcgtttc tgtgtggagt ttacatgttc     26040
     tccccttgct catgtcctcc ggctatactt cgggttcctc ctgtagtcta aagacatgta     26100
     gtaaattggc atagtacatg agtgttttac tactgggtta agactgtagg ggcttccact     26160
     gtgtaaatac atactggtat agttggtggt tcattacacc atggcaaccc ttgaaaatta     26220
     ggaaataagc cgaattaatg aatttatagg agctctcgag acctacttga gctcagactc     26280
     tcctctctcc tgatgaaaca aaagggagcc ttgggttcga ggatctaccg atgtactctt     26340
     gggacagcat gccaaacacg atttatttat caatcatcag ctaagtgaac tcttaaaaat     26400
     aaataaataa aaaaaatatt aaagtacttt taagttaata taaacatttt ttttacttta     26460
     cgcttaaaat aaatatcatt agcagtttac ataaaaaaaa aagtacattt gactagaaac     26520
     tgtaatgtgg agaaacagag atatatattt aaatgtgttt tttattttaa ttttatgtgt     26580
     atgtatataa agtagtatac actgtatata cagtacattc aaattataca tttatacata     26640
     cagtacatac aatttaaatt atagtaaaca ttacaggttt tccagtaatg ggtttcagct     26700
     gaaagggcat ccgcagcata aaacatatgc tgtgttagtt ggaggttcct ttcactgttg     26760
     ggacacttgg taattaagag actaagctaa aggaaaatga atgaataaaa gaaacatcac     26820
     ttgttaatgc actatattag aaaatctgtt ttggactaaa tgtgttgaat ctttaaacat     26880
     tctgaggaaa aagcagtcca tctgggaggg cagaacaaat aagcgtacat ctgccagacg     26940
     ctgcagtctt aaatctgccg ttgactatgt gaagcattcg ctgagttctt ccacaggtgc     27000
     tgccgccgca ctaagttccc atcagcctcc tgctagtagt gcatatttct gaccacaaac     27060
     atttggccat gtgttgtcaa gtttgcaaga gaagaagata gcgcttgttt tgaagagata     27120
     actatcactg ttgctgatag acactgatta tttcaaattg tagatgctga agatgaatca     27180
     tttgtgttta gaggacatat gtgagttaaa ggttgtcatg tgactgtgta tcatgcagta     27240
     tttgctaaat gataatggat atacgattag ggtaatactt tacaatatga ttgtagaggt     27300
     tggtgttagt tataaattta ttagcttgaa caaacaacaa tacttttatt acagtatttg     27360
     tttatgttac ttagcgttag ttaatgaaaa taattgttca ttgttagttc atgttaattc     27420
     acagtgcatt aactgatgtt aatgagcatg aatttggatt taagtaatcc attagtaaat     27480
     gttgaattgt caatattaaa tgctgtacaa gcattcttca tttttagttt atgttagtaa     27540
     atacattaac gagcattaac taatgaaacc ttattgtaaa gtgtgaccac aattagtgaa     27600
     cagattaatt taaatgaccc tttaaaactt cactttaaaa acacactgta ggcctttatt     27660
     catgtacagc aatttaactt ccaattttgt gatgctgcaa atgattgttt gaactaaggt     27720
     ttcgagaaag accatgttgt gaaaatctga tgctaatgct aacaatgaca ttttgctacc     27780
     atactgtagc tagatgacag ggattttagg aaacaggata tttattaact gactgatgtg     27840
     ctgtaaagat ttctgatttc attttctttt tactctgtat aatataattt tacaattgta     27900
     attgaaattt agaattgtac aatttaattt tgttgttgtc aactcttttg ttaagcttgt     27960
     taaattgtag agagaaggac gccattttct tttgacaagt gttttttcct gattttagct     28020
     agttagggag tgtggtaaac ttactgtatg ttgtgttaat agactttatt ttattaaatt     28080
     ataaatatag aaatataatt ataaaaaact attttttctc caaacctcta gaaatacatc     28140
     aaattgtaac actagtaaaa tatattattt atatacaata tacttttata gtgatattag     28200
     acttagactg tatttataag cgcaaaaagc aacaacagtt gttgaccatt gtgctgtgca     28260
     agaattgtgt taaagtgatc gcaggaaaag gaataaaaca acacacaata cagacaacat     28320
     ggaacagaaa atagcaagct cacaaaactc cgttatctga agtcttttct aaaaggtgaa     28380
     gtttcagttt ccccttaaaa actgatttag tagcacttat tctaatagag agaggtagac     28440
     tgtttcacaa tttagggtcc acagtggaaa aagtctggtg tctctttttc tttaactttg     28500
     atctgggaac ttttaacaat ttctgatttg atgactacac atctaggaca tatgttaaca     28560
     gtaacaagtt cagatagaaa aaaaggtgcc aaaccattta aaaccttaaa aacaaagtgt     28620
     aaaattttaa acatttaaaa aaaaaaaaat gtaaaaaaag ttttacaaaa tttttaaaaa     28680
     aattattatt gtttttttaa ttttaaacat ttttataaca taccggcaac cagagggtaa     28740
     aatgggtaat actatctcaa attcagcaga gattaaacag cctttgactt gtctttgact     28800
     aatcttaact agttcattaa cctgcttatc aaaaatcagg gcaaagtcaa agatgataac     28860
     taaatttttt taaatcttta catgatcaga taaactggct atcgtttaat tcaagcggtc     28920
     agacacagcg cctaatttat acttctgcgt tgagtgatcg gcgtaaccca cggtgcatgc     28980
     aatacacgta gccgtgcatt tatacttctg tgcgctgttt gtgttgctat gcaatgacac     29040
     ttcagatacg ctagctggca gtaggtgttt atgttcctcc ttttcgagtt tcttcgctgg     29100
     tgtttggttt tgttctgaat gctaccttat tgtacaagtc gctcattttg aggcagaaaa     29160
     cggtggacgt gcaacaactt taactataaa gtaaacaaaa caacacttta tctagaactc     29220
     ctgcacaggg ctccacactt gtaaacactt gctccatcta gctcgcgcgg ctctcacctc     29280
     tgcctacact cgtcagtgat atcaagccga ccaatcacat ggcttgcttt acgtatcttt     29340
     gcgatgtgta ctgtagttac attttttgag agggatgtgt cagcgccacc gacggccacg     29400
     gcgagggcta tgcgaccacg tgtatacacg tgtgcttaac gcagaagcct ttaatggtcc     29460
     aaagacaatc gccttccatc caaaccttaa tatctgacaa ggcaatttag tcacataacc     29520
     cagcactatc attttgcttg atgggcacat aaatttgagt gtcataaaaa taagaaagta     29580
     ccccatgttt cctaaaaaaa atagtccaaa ggaagcatat gcatgctcaa tgtttttatt     29640
     gaatttattt tagttcttgt cctttaactc aaagctcagt gatttcatta ttttaaaatg     29700
     agcttttata aaatattgca tatacatacc attttatata tcataccaag acaattgtct     29760
     tatctacctc gtattagaaa tcccaaacac caatcaatat atatatatat atatatatat     29820
     atatatatat atatttccaa aagccttata cattccaaac agttggcaat taaacagttg     29880
     aacaataaat cgcttgactt ctcatttcca atgcaatcag ggcatgaaac ttgttttcca     29940
     tcagatgtgg ccaattcctt tcctgtgtca aggaaagcga taaaatacaa acccaacatt     30000
     cacacaactt ggcaaaacga tttcacctcc aagcctgaat cttgtgcagt gttcgtctga     30060
     acaccccagt cattgtgcct gatggtgtta ataagccttt gaggaagtaa taaatccaaa     30120
     tcctgttcta tgacggagca aagctttgag cagctgccag tttaactgct tattcagctt     30180
     gaaagtggaa gcaagcttta atgaaggatg agggggtctt tactggggta ttcgtaccta     30240
     accaatatcc tcatttagat ttgacatttc gaaagtaggt taaaactgta cagaatatct     30300
     aaactgtcaa tataccttaa caaaatgcct tttttttaaa taaaatatgt acatttaata     30360
     taaagtttgg tgctgtttaa aagtaccaat caaagtagct tgatttcacc tcatacatac     30420
     ccatgatatt tgttttccat tgtgttcctg ttgatcacgt gaagcaaaac tcaacccaaa     30480
     cattccagtt atccatcaga ctaattactt ttacaaaagt caccgattag agatattgta     30540
     gatcaaatta tttcatccag tagtgaaagg aaatgtgtgt agaggtatca tatcacaata     30600
     ataccactca cagaatcact cagaagggca aaattaaatc aaaaatgtgt tttggtcgat     30660
     tgtaatccaa cttaagcaat gtcaaatttc atacttaatt tgatgacgta aatattagct     30720
     aagaaaattg agtaaaatgt ttccgagagc agagatgggt ttctgatgag atcagagttt     30780
     gctatatgaa catcagactg atttaatatc acagttgatg gcagtattgt atttaagacc     30840
     atcatccaag tggtcatggc tgataacaaa agcttgtcgg ccataaacaa gggggacaga     30900
     gggaaaaaat aacatccatg atagcttgta gcggtacata tgaaggctca aaaaaatatc     30960
     acagcagctt attacaaatg ttttgtaatg acaacaaatg atctggtagt catccatagc     31020
     catccatatt ttcaagttca ggagagaagc aaaggcggct gaacgagtct tttcattgtt     31080
     tcacatacat tgctcagtga catcgacacg tccaattagg gttgggtatc gaaacctggt     31140
     gccattttag cacctgtacc tttgtaaccg atatataccg gatcaaatca gcatatcagt     31200
     ttcgatgcct aatttcggtg ccactggtgc tgcgacaaag atgtaagaag cattaagggg     31260
     tgcatcaaag gcacacatat gtacgccttg tcacaccatc tttaaatctt tatttctaaa     31320
     caactttgag gaatacggac aagcgatgtt aggtgtttgt tcctaatgct aaggggacgg     31380
     atggatgcac gcaatgcacg cagtacagag cattcggtga gcgagagaga ctcttcagat     31440
     tagcatgcat gatcgcgttc atcaaatttg cttaaattaa gcgttctaaa gcatattttt     31500
     tacaagcaag aattctgaca cagcgacgtg aagcagatgc tttacaaaac ttgcgtgtaa     31560
     gggggaaaca catctaactc aatgacacat ttgaaggctc aaaggcagag gaatgcactg     31620
     tctttgacat aatctggcac tttcaatata cgtgcatgga cacaaatgct ccgattttat     31680
     tatgattaag acaatactct gatttagagt ttagattacc atgtaaacag tgatttctga     31740
     taacatttaa aggaccacag acacctgcgt cgcgaaatgt ggaggttttt tttctttcca     31800
     tttaacgtgc ggtatcaaat tccattaaaa gagcactctt ctactagtcc ctgcatcaac     31860
     aagcttggcc cccctaaatt tggacgcgca tttttgtgtc aaaatgccac gaagaagcga     31920
     gattagccat ctgctatcct cctgcatagg ctgtgaataa caggtaataa agttgtaaac     31980
     aatatttagt ttgtagcaca gagtgatcat ttaagagccg cgtgcaaagt atgaacagca     32040
     cttagcagtg aaaattaaac cgaaagcatg cacatcattt aaataatcat atcgcatttt     32100
     agagttatga ttgtgacaag catttgatat gttttttttt cttttatagc gaacacacag     32160
     ctgtgcatga aaataaatgt ttacagtgtc agtaaccact ctagcctata caatgttgat     32220
     tttaccagtg aattaaatgg tctaataatg ttgtcaatga cagattgcaa gcataggcct     32280
     atatctcaaa cataattcaa catcagaatt ataataagta gaatagaatt atttatagaa     32340
     gccagtagac ctacacataa tattattatt gttgttttac catatgtttg agaaaaacaa     32400
     taattgttgc caactcttat taagctttat tttacatcca cagaatcgta agaaaatcgt     32460
     gatctttatt ggaaacaaaa gaatcgcaat tatcatttta gccagaatcg tgcagctcta     32520
     atctatagta atagagatgg agtcaggtgt gttgagggaa gttggagcaa aaataatcag     32580
     gatactggcc ttcgaggacc gggtttgggc atccctgctc taatcccttc cgagggaccc     32640
     tccgaaagga ttagggcgta gagtcttaga aataaaggta cgcaagctgt cacaggaatg     32700
     acaccttttt caaaggtaca aatttgtacc taaaaggtcc gtattaatac cccaagggta     32760
     ctacactctc agaaataaag ctacatgagt tatcactggg gtggtaactt tttttaaaag     32820
     atacatattt gtacctaaaa ggtccatatt aataccctaa gggtatatat tagtacctaa     32880
     aaagtacaga agtgtttctc ttaaaatttg taggtactaa tatatatttt tgagttacca     32940
     taccctttaa gtacaaatgt gtaccatttg aaaaggtact acttcagtga cagcacgcgt     33000
     acatttattt cttagtgctc aaaactggtc ccttcaaaag acccttcgga atgaaggatt     33060
     ttgaagggta caaatgatag acacttgatc ctttatgaaa tagtttggtg tcacaaaatg     33120
     gcaactgaat gctcgaagtt tgacatttcc tgtacatata ttgcattttt ctgtaagcaa     33180
     gtactgtaat atttgtaaat aaagttataa gtaaaatgaa gagttataaa tgaagttatt     33240
     ctaaaacaaa ggaaaattga acatacaaat gtaagtaagt aggtagggtg cagccttcac     33300
     aatctactct tcgtttcaag cgtgttttct aagtggcaaa cgcacacctc cttgatcgtc     33360
     tcattaagat gactcagaag tgtgttggct cctaccccct tcattcttct gaagctgtca     33420
     ctctggatgt taaacctttc gatgggatta gggcataggt atgtgtcctt ctgaatggaa     33480
     cgcagggatg gtgtgagtat tctggtcact gctgaacaat cggacagtaa aagtgtccac     33540
     atgaatggag agctttggaa ttacatcaca tgtgatcttg ctgtacagtt ggaaatcgca     33600
     aagtgtatgc caagactaag ccaggcttta tgacaatgaa gcactatgct atgcataaga     33660
     aattaaaaat acttactcct agagccattt atgtcaaagt cgatatttag ccacaccata     33720
     ttgatgtttc gtaacatcta attttaacaa agtgggtcgt tagcccaatg ctcaaccccc     33780
     acctagagga ccagtatgta atctatggac aattttgctt acccaattca cctataacaa     33840
     gtgaatttgg actgtgagga aaaccggagc acccagaaga aacccacgca aacacaggga     33900
     gaaaatgtaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa ctggcctagc ctgggctcga cctttttgct     33960
     gtgtattttt atttttattt atttttattt tttaacaatg aattgtaggt taaaatctag     34020
     tgacaacatt atgtaatttt acaaacatat tagaaggcct gatgctctca aattaatgag     34080
     gtcaaagcta gcttcttgca tgtgacaaag tttgattcct ttagaatgtt tccctttaaa     34140
     gcaaaccaaa ccaacatgaa actgcattgt tgtataagct ttaatccctg ttttggaaca     34200
     aagcaaacaa tatgcatgtg taaaaactgc ccaagacata ttttcaatat gtgtagccac     34260
     atttctggaa tgtgtttttt ttttcttttt ttttttaacc tttaaaacaa gctcatgcac     34320
     actaaccttt caaattagct ttcaaagctg ttcatataaa agaaactcta aacaccttca     34380
     agtctcagtg aagatggaaa tcatctttat ttcaagtatg ttttttttat ctgtatattc     34440
     attattctca aggcaacagt gaatgtgaat gcgcatcagg tttttgattg aaataaacag     34500
     gaagtttggg tgcaatgatc catatgtcct tggcatgcga atgtatcgtg atcgcttact     34560
     tcaactcagt cttcatgatt cccccttgtt catttctctg atgagagcaa aacatgtggc     34620
     aaagttgtgc tggaaacagc tcagagttta tctaactgct gagagtctcc gcataacttt     34680
     ctagtgatgt aaaccattca agagcagctg cgtttgtcta caagatgagc agtggtcgtg     34740
     taaatgtgtt tctgtcatgc acaataacca caaaattgcc aaagcattgt gtttggtagg     34800
     aaaaagagga atttggtgac tagaaaaggt tctgtgagga ataattaagc actaaaatac     34860
     ctaccttaat ttctgttagt aatggaaaat ccagatatcc actgccatat actatgaggt     34920
     gatggctttg tttcaaaacg gaaacttttt aatgtgtttt ggacattcct ttacaggaca     34980
     agagcgtttt gggagtctta aaacacaaac attgatggtt ttaaaatgct aatgcattat     35040
     aatcatcatt taagtgtcga ctgtccaaaa cccaatgaaa atagccaaaa tggagacata     35100
     ttgtaaatgt gtattaagtg tttattcata aataagtatt tgaaaacaca gtaataatac     35160
     cagctactgg cctggcatgg cttaattcaa ttagatttaa gtttattttt taattcatct     35220
     ttttttttag cacttttaca atgtagattt tgtcaaagca acttaacaga agttgtagta     35280
     aactcaaact atcagtccag tatatagagt ttacgtttag tttagttcag tttagtgtgg     35340
     cttaattttc acagctgaaa gtctaaaaac tgaagagcaa atccatcgaa gttcaactcc     35400
     acaagtccca aaccaagcaa gccagtggca aggaataaac ttcacctatt gacgaaattg     35460
     aatgtttttt tgttttgttt tttttttgtt ttttttttgt acagcgcttt tcacaataat     35520
     tatagtttca aagcagcttt acaaaaggtg cacattattg cattacaatt aaattttaaa     35580
     aaattagggt tattatcaga actttagtag ttactaaaaa tttaactaat ttactagtaa     35640
     ctagtagctt ttaacagtta aagatatttc atgtatacat agttaacctg caattatata     35700
     gtatctaggt gatgactatg tgtatatgtt taatgaagta tatttgtgta ttaagtgaat     35760
     gggcatcttt tggaaaatgt aacagcaagc cattgccatg taaactaacc cataacaaac     35820
     aagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ctaaagacat aagggtttta gatggtaacc tagaactaca     35880
     gagccagtac aacaccgctg tgctaattgt aatcctgttt acaaagtaca ccaaactcca     35940
     tacactgtaa aaatacttgg ttccacacaa ttccttcatg ttgttctgat gttgattaac     36000
     ctaacctaat gtgtttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttgtt atattttaca gtattacagt     36060
     agaagaaata agtattgaac tttttctgga attatttcta taatgtgtga ttatatcttt     36120
     caaatctgtt ctttattttg tattttccat tggatttgag tcaggtgatt ggctgggcca     36180
     ttctacagct tgattttctt tctctgaaag catttgagat tttcctcgtc tgtgttgtaa     36240
     atcattgtct tgctgacatg tccaccctgg ttttatcttc atcatcctaa taatgaagat     36300
     gttggactga agcagctaat attaatctac aatgacgaag ggcagaggct tgctaaatac     36360
     ctactgacat ttcagctgct gtctggcatt tcactgcctt tctacacctc cctgccttca     36420
     tgtgttctat actttttttt ccctgtgtta tttaatttca ttacacatac attgattaat     36480
     ttgtgaacta atatattttc ttttctttgc atatatggat ttctttggtt ggtatcaaca     36540
     actggtaaaa atttcaagtc aatggcacct ttagaaatat tttttctgag aaaaatggtg     36600
     acgtgttcaa tacttttttc ccccactgta tattttaaaa taaaaattgc attgaacata     36660
     aaataattaa gttgtccctc aaaaaaatca agaattgtgt tgtttcaact tgttttaaat     36720
     aatttgatta aaaaagcagc aaaatatttt ttttgagtat aaaaatggca tcatatacta     36780
     agttacactg attttctctt tctttttagg tgctttcatc gtgtgctgga cgcccggttt     36840
     ggtgattctt ctgctggacg tggtctgcgc caactgcaac gtcctgacct acgaaaaatt     36900
     ctttcttctt ttagcggaat tcaactccgc catgaaccca atcatttact cgtaccggga     36960
     caaggagatg agcatcacat tcaaacagat cctgtgctgt cagcgacagg agaacgtgaa     37020
     cggtactgcc gaggggtccg accggtctgc atcctccatc aaccacacgg ttctgagcgg     37080
     cgctcaccat aatgaccatt cagtggtctg aggttcaaca ggggccagat cgactcacta     37140
     tacgcaagaa gagactgtga aaaaggcatt ttcatcagca aaagacttgt ggttatgaag     37200
     tttgattcgc tttgtcagtc tttgacacta tattgaacta tttaaaggct aatccaggtg     37260
     gatttaagaa gccagttata attgttcccg tattatggaa aacattggtg ttttcagcaa     37320
     gttctcactc tcacgtaata aaccagcagg cgggttgatg tcaaaaacag gtcaaaaaca     37380
     ctagtcgatt tgatgtcaaa atacagatgt ttattagaca tccacacact gcccttttga     37440
     ctaccaaaat aaacaaacta aaataaataa aacaaattac aaatttgcac tggatttttg     37500
     tatcccgata atgaatgcaa actactttga tgtcaaaatg acatcaaatt gacatctaat     37560
     attgatgtca aaaagtgatt acaggactgt aaataggtaa ttgcgtcaat ttgagattgg     37620
     tgtcagtaga tgtcaatttg atgttgtatt gacatcaaat tgattagtat ttttatgtgt     37680
     tactttgcct gggtaataca accacctagt aaaatgttta gttttcacag ccacaataat     37740
     aataaacctt ataaataata aactttaaat aaactttatt tcattaattc acatcaaaac     37800
     agtatttttg caggctttaa gttatgttgt aacattcaac aagctaagag tgttacatat     37860
     gtgtaatatg tcacaattcc aagtgttcat ttttgttgag aagtggttag gttggaataa     37920
     ggtgcttata aatatctaaa gaaaatgcaa atgcatataa catataattt ctactaaata     37980
     tatctggatc tgacaaaact gaaaatattg gagtactgtt aaaaagtgat accaaacgtg     38040
     ttaaaaagtg gctcaaacgg accatatgaa aaattgggag taagaatgag ttgatatttt     38100
     agctagttgt aatttttgga ctgatcgttg taagagtttt ttatattgta cagcaggtga     38160
     ataagtgaag gatatggtga agtttccagt gaatctgcaa tggaaagaaa aaagtgtgta     38220
     agggaccact gggaaatatt tctggtgatt tatgcaaagt acttgatttt tttttattaa     38280
     tattattatt ttattttatt tttatttttt tgcactgcag gttcatccct acaatcccaa     38340
     atataaaacc ctcaaaacat gtctctcggc caaatatatg atttaggagt ctaaagggtt     38400
     tagaatgtag taaaatgctt gaattcaaat ttcacacagc aagtatccta aaatagatat     38460
     gtgaagctgg gtaaacgtat acaccagtga cttgaaacag taaatttttc aattcaacgt     38520
     ttttgtgaca cgaacaaaaa gaatttctat cattcccaat atagctgtgc cttaacatgt     38580
     ttgtcaaagt aaatttctaa caacttaatg aaatattttg tttaaacata ttctgtacat     38640
     tcttatgaac ttagattaat agtacagaaa tctgactgat ttataccttg agtcaaaatg     38700
     aaatgttgcc atgttgattt tttttttttt ttcgaatttc ttatggctaa acataaatta     38760
     tagaagcgtc tttacttcat atacctatgt atgtttgtat ataatatatg tatatattca     38820
     tcttttagtc aaaaagggat tgtttattgt ttaaagttat accatttgaa ctatggtata     38880
     gctattgttt ttgtgtgttt taaacaattt tatggtggct gaaaaagctt aacgtgcaac     38940
     aaagaaaaac acttccaatt acaaaatcgc tagcaaatta caaaaagatc tttatccgtt     39000
     tgacagcaca catgctgcaa atagtgataa tgcaaaaaca tttttaaaaa acgcactgca     39060
     ttttttttac agtgcaaaca aataaataaa atataaaatg cgctgcattt tctaacaaca     39120
     aaagcaattt acaaaaacac ctgcaatttt tcacaacact ttcaaatagc ttagaaaaac     39180
     aatggaaatc tttcaaaggt gaccctaaaa cgtgacaggt ctagctattt agacataatt     39240
     atttaagcta ataaagacaa aggaatcagt atattaaaat aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa     39300
     actcaccttt taaagatcac gtgcaagttc actaagcaat agtcacggca cagcggcatc     39360
     tgcaatgttt ttgttctttt tgcaagtgtg agaaaatgca gaacaattta ttaatttgtt     39420
     tgcattgtgg gacaatgttc atgttgtgag gatttgcagc ccttatgctg tcaaatggat     39480
     gaagcaaatt gcagcatgtt tatctctttc ggccactgta caactttttt ttaaaacctt     39540
     attcagtcac tcatcatttt tgaataaaca cataaggacc aatgttttag taaatgaagt     39600
     gctacataaa tctgatgcca tgcttccaca attggatata aacaaaagag gagaaaaggg     39660
     taattgcaac ttatttttct atctaatacc tttggaattt taagattcta aaaaaagaga     39720
     atttggagat gcaaacaatc aattttagac tatatttctt tacatttctg agttaaaata     39780
     acttacattt ttaaataact atagatatga taggattgca caacattcag ttacctgaaa     39840
     taaatacatg aaaatatgtg gacgtttaaa ctgcattttt gataattaga ccattagaca     39900
     ttatatatgt aaagttattg aagatttcag atgcaaaaac ctctaggtgc catctaaaat     39960
     ttccattgaa aatttttctc agcctccttt gtttatgctg agatatttta ctttaaagac     40020
     caggaaaatg acttattatt tgccattaaa gtgatattac tgaacataca cacaggagcc     40080
     tgataaaaat gcaaatttta gaggaaagtt tcagacggca tttagaggtt tttgcatcta     40140
     ctgtaaactc atcaattata tattagactt tacatccctg tgacttgtgt ccaaaaacat     40200
     gttggtgcca ctgtaatgct aacatctgtg aaatgaacag ttttatatgg tgtattgttc     40260
     aaaagaggaa aggcttctca ggaaataacc tccgcttaaa aaaaaaaaag aataataaat     40320
     aaaaatgatg taaaataagt attatgacaa aaggatttcc cttttggacc ctaaagaaat     40380
     gttgagccta atgacagtat tgccttgtgt gttatggggt tgaaccttct atgctaataa     40440
     ggctgaaatt ggaagaattg cactcttttg gaggattttt ggctgagatg ctatttaaat     40500
     ttaaaaaaag agaaaaaaaa acatatcagt attaccagtt ttcataccaa atgtactaac     40560
     attctcataa gttttacata tgcattgatc cattgttgat gtttgagttt cttgagtgtt     40620
     tttcatgtta tttgtcttag caggaaagcc tataaatcct ttgaaaaatc aaataataat     40680
     aaaaaaagtg ttaatcaagc tgcaaatgtt ccaggattat tgcaagactt actctgttgc     40740
     gaaagcacat tcgaagcagt tcagtgctcc aaatatggtc catccagaaa agacagctgt     40800
     gcttcatggg tcgtgggcca taggttcact ccaggctgag aaacgacagt gtgtttcctg     40860
     ttcatttcag caaatgtgac catattcagc ttcccttaat gaatcatgta tggtaacact     40920
     taacagtgtc gtttaattag tgaaaatctt aaaataaatc tgtatatgga tcaaatcttc     40980
     ttggcttgtg tcattcatat agacaaaagt gtatttaatt tccgatgaca ttttttgtat     41040
     cttttatgtt gaattatttc tttaaattta ttacttcaat aaatttgaat actaaacttt     41100
     ttataacatt ttatcaataa actgtaaaat tgtctacact gaatatgctt acaaatggtt     41160
     gattcctgat aatgaagtaa tgattttatg taatgattct atttaataga ctagacataa     41220
     taaatattag aatatttgag ggaaattgca ggtttataca ctgtaaagaa gggttccaat     41280
     tcattattgt tgtcccaagt taatgtaaca aatttaagtg gcacagtagg tagtgctgtc     41340
     gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctggttcctt cgggtgctcc ggtttccccg acagtcaaaa     41400
     gacatgcagt acaggtggat tgtgtaggct aaattgtcag tagtgtatga gtgtaaataa     41460
     gtgtgtatgg atgtttccca gagatgggtt gcggctgtaa gggcatccgc tgcataaaaa     41520
     catgctggat aaattggtgg ttcattccgc tttggcaacc ccagattaat aaagggatta     41580
     agccaaaaag aatatgaaca taaacacatt gtgtattaaa cataaaacaa ttaagttgtc     41640
     tctaaatatc tcaagaacta tgtttttttt ttctactcat tttcatcatt ctgttcataa     41700
     gtagtttcaa caagtagctt attttgagtg tgattactag tgatgaatac aatccaggct     41760
     cattctgaaa acgtagccct acagtatata catttctgga gtgcgccaaa tacatcccag     41820
     gaggtacttt tttttttttt tttttttttc gctgtttttg ttttagctta tccaccagag     41880
     gccactgtgt tcgctttttg agatctcaat ctttttctca caagtgcaat tcactgctct     41940
     tctcacgtaa atctaccaga ggccactgtc aactgactga atgactgacc gattgactga     42000
     cccacccctc tccttcccaa aacccaacca atagagtttt caaaagcact gactgaccca     42060
     aacacctact tccctaaacc caaccgaccg tgctttcaaa agcagtccat aaaaaaaatg     42120
     ctctcgcagc agcctgattt ttatcatttt cagattttac cacattctca ccgttattta     42180
     cttgtttttt tttatttatt ttttattttt tgccttttgt tttgatgtat gtgaagagcc     42240
     actgtacaaa atggtaacag tggaaaagca atccacatag gggtaagcgg tcagttggaa     42300
     agcacacaaa cgtaactcgt tacattgccc catagcattc ggttaaaaaa acgaaaggca     42360
     gccatataca cttttggcta cataatttgc agtctcattt ttgtgacacg tcccaaatac     42420
     atttccaatg atgtatgaat gtaattctta aacattatat agcatcaatt aacacgttga     42480
     catatgctta gtttacataa cagatttagc actgctaaat aaatatgttt ttcactgttt     42540
     ggtcatatta tcaaatccat gaaaaaataa tgtcttaatg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     42600
     aaaacattaa ctaataggct gttattgtaa atgatacaag tttaatataa ttaaacagat     42660
     tatgtaatgc tgaataaaag tcattttttt aaattggttc atgatatact aatgtactat     42720
     atgtttagtt aacattaact aagattatgt taggcttaac agatgtgtag ttcactgtta     42780
     attcaagtta actaatgcat taataattac aaccttatta aaaagtgtca acacaaataa     42840
     ataaattcat tcaatggaag tctatggtta ggtttgcccc ttttttccaa atatcttaat     42900
     ttttttgaca gtagaaaact caaggttttg aacaagtgaa gggtgacaca atgtacgttt     42960
     ttcactatcc cttggaggta ttccattttt aagcaaagtc atcaaatcac tttttacact     43020
     ttacacacta taaaacccaa aaggttgaag caacgaaaat catttgagga aacaactgca     43080
     aaaaatattt ttaagtttaa aaactaatcc aaataagtac tgtgaaccta ctttatttaa     43140
     gttatttaat aaaatattta atgaacgtat tacctttaac actgagttca aaactctttt     43200
     caaatgagta gaattaactt tcagtcaatt ttgagttaag aacgcaattt aagcacagta     43260
     aaacctaata tatgaagaga actcaaacca atggattact gtaaaaccca attatttaaa     43320
     gcaactcaaa ctgtttgagg aaactgattg taaaaaacca tttgagttaa aaaaaatcta     43380
     tttgagttct gtatacttac tctttttaag ttatttaatg aggtatttaa tgaactcatt     43440
     acctttaaca ctgagttcaa aactcttttc aaattagtag acttaacttt cagtctattt     43500
     ttgagttaac tacactcatt ccatttgata aagttgactg ttgggtttta cagtgcagta     43560
     gactgaacat tttattttga cagtgcagaa aagtcaccac atgcacatat tttccatgcg     43620
     cgtgtactga atttatattg ttcactactt tgcatttaaa tgaagaactt gcttgagcat     43680
     acagctgaca ttttattgtt gattttggtc ttttgcaaag gaaaaatgtg tcaattatcc     43740
     ccataattat ccccatgtca gggttcatag ttgagagata ttttccacaa ttacaacaaa     43800
     atggagcttt ccacgtttcc tgcaaactgg taggaaatcc ttgagttcag agcaggctgg     43860
     tgagagattg ggatattact tcgtcaatgc tgatgtcact aatctacaag aactaataaa     43920
     aaaaaaaaaa actgcttcac aagcctcatt ttttggaaaa tgttaggaag gtgtcttata     43980
     tctgtaagac aatcagaaat atgcctggta tgtgaaatat acggccggag agattccacg     44040
     ggacaatcag actacagttt gtgcttttag tttgccaagt ctataaacca gagcagctgg     44100
     ggtcgaaatt cctctctatt tgcgttaatc tttagtcatg tgtgatacta gacatgcagt     44160
     gtttcaaaca gctatgaaga aactgtgaag aaaaactgcg ttcctgaaca gcagatgcag     44220
     tgcaggagat ttgaagtatg tcagaagtga agaatattgg gatccaaaag acttaaaatt     44280
     agtttaaaaa taaatgaata gataaataat tgattgtagc agattttgtg tttatgtcaa     44340
     tttaagctgt gcattttcat tgaattatta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     44400
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tttatttatt tttttttttt tttgtggcag     44460
     tagtatcata tcagacacaa aacatcatac aacatattgg ttgattttag gttatcttgg     44520
     aaagtgacca aaatccaacg ttaagccaac gtcttaaacc agcatcatat tgtggtaaaa     44580
     tactgatttg tcaggtattg caaccaaaat ctaaactctg atgaacgtca aattggtaac     44640
     atccacataa tgtcaagctg taacatcaat agacatttat attttgttgt tgaaagtaac     44700
     caaaatgaaa actcaaagga agccaacggg ttcgggatta ttttctagta ttttagatgg     44760
     ggtcgggccg agcttaggtt tgtgctcagg ttgaaacatt ttggttagcg tgagaattta     44820
     atcaaatcgt ttgttacaac atcaaaaccc atccctgcaa aggtgaaaca tttgatgacg     44880
     aagatgtcaa aaataacaaa ttatgcagaa tggaaaaatg acgaagtcac tcgctatatt     44940
     gaaaccgttt gactattgtt tgactaatag gtgtatattt gaccttccct caattgggga     45000
     cattttgtta ttaatatatt acatattaat aatgtagtct tggcgacccc agattaataa     45060
     atttactaag ctagctagtg ctgtcgcctc acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt tcgagcctcg     45120
     gctaggtcag ttggcattta tatgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccctgcaat cgcatgggag     45180
     tgcatgcagt gcaggtgaat tgggtaggct aaattgtccg tagtgcatga gtgtgagtgt     45240
     gtgtggatgt tttccagaga tgggttgcgg ctggaaggac ttccgctgca taaaaacatg     45300
     ctgggtaagt tggtggttca ttccgctgtg tcgaccccag atcagtaaag ggactaagaa     45360
     aattaaaaga aaatgaaaga atgaatgaac taattaaata aaaatatata aaacaggcaa     45420
     accactttaa ccacaaatta accatagggt tgctacatta agcatggttt aaccatgcta     45480
     tttatagtat taatcagggc ttctcaaaat ccatctctgg tccagatttg gagcacaggg     45540
     gtattcaatc cagaccagat tccattatat tgcaagacca cacttaaacg attcaaatcg     45600
     tgaatttcct tcattgatat gcataaaccc tataaatcaa ctgtttaatt agttttattt     45660
     tttatgtatt tattattatt atttttttac aaaaaataca aggcaacata ttcagttttc     45720
     ctgcttgact gttgtcatga aatccagtga tcatactaag gttcacgtga ttgagcgggc     45780
     taatcgtgca cgttcacctg cattaacact ccgcagcaaa gcaaacatat catcggcctc     45840
     acaaaaaaga aaacttgatg aagagaatag actaattaaa gttgaatgaa ataaagagta     45900
     gaaatttgaa actccacgaa acgaaacaca gacattttaa gcagcagtat ccacaaaata     45960
     cagatataag ggatacaaaa ctacaccacc tcaagttttc attacacacc ttttgtattt     46020
     ttcacagttt tttttttttt tgtttttttg gagagaagtc tggatgcaaa cttagtgcag     46080
     tagcagtctg agctgcatgc aatgcttttt atgctctcac ctaacccacc cctaacagca     46140
     acgtcacttg ctccattgag tgcgttgtgt ctgacattgc atctctgagt ctctgtagtc     46200
     tcagcttgca tcatcatggc tgcattcaac tactaatggg cctatgtttt attgtgtttt     46260
     gtaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     46320
     atatcatatc acttatatta gtggttttgc cacatttgca ttgtatataa tctggtttaa     46380
     atgcaaatgc aattttattt aaagaaaaat aaatagtgtt gacttgtgat acatgttttg     46440
     gatcttttca tgtaaacatt gagaatccat agtataaata gtgtaattga atgaatgaat     46500
     gaatgaatga atgaatgaat aaataaatga atgaatgaat gaatacactt ctctctctct     46560
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttccctccct ctctcacaca     46620
     catttgtatt tatgtatata tttatgtatt cattgtatat acatgtttta caattttatt     46680
     tacattttaa attggttttc ctgtgtcaat ccataattat tttccagaga ttattataca     46740
     atagtgcatg tatacctaat tttaactcca tccctagtta ttcaataatc ttttactcct     46800
     agaaatctaa gaactactat tccaacattt ataggagacc tcgactatat taagatgtga     46860
     gctcaagtcc aaaacaaaca aaccaatatg gtaacagtca acctactgtc cactttacag     46920
     gtttataatc ctccactctc tttctcaaag accctgtgtc agacccaggg aaacaccaaa     46980
     tctggcattc gatggtttag acagaatcca caggataagg aacacagctt tagtgataga     47040
     aaagaaacat ctcatcggta tcttcgttat tatttcaaga cagcagtgag attagatgga     47100
     gacttgtagg tcagtggagt ttcctggagt ctcctgagaa aatgacctct gtaatctcat     47160
     gtgtctccac tagaattttt tttttttttt tttttgtgag catttaaaat aataacagaa     47220
     tatgaactca aagacagctg gaatttctac ctggtattca tttctgttca tctgtcttga     47280
     tcacttttgt ttggacttca ctttggccat tttttcttac cacaagagtg atgcataaat     47340
     cctattaagc ccttaactgc cacagaggta tgatgtttat gatgttaaat gaaaacgtat     47400
     tacaagtgag ctttaatgga aattatgtgg atgagatttg cagcaaatgc actttccaca     47460
     attacagaag ttgttacagt ttttttggat tgcttaagca cgattttcaa aacagggccc     47520
     gtgttttcaa aacagtacac acaattagca caaccacaca cccaatgagc aaaacactac     47580
     agatcctttg cataattaaa cactcttgta aaaactatag acttatgttt aaaaaccaca     47640
     ctattttacc ataagaaata cacattttca catttactat acactgtttg cacgagttac     47700
     acactgctgt gataaaccta aaacactttt agcacttctg cttccctatg attagagtag     47760
     gctaccatca acaaagtaca aatataaagt aaattcacca aacactactc aagaacaatg     47820
     ttgcaccttg aagaaactca tttattcctc aacatgtcca acatgttggg atgaagattc     47880
     aaagttctgt aacatgtcac tttaggtatt gaactgtaac ttagatctgg catgagaatt     47940
     atcaattgca atgttgtcct tagcaagaca ccttggaaag aagtgtcttg aatgtagaat     48000
     cttgtattgc tgctacctcc atctggtcac aggcctcctc catggcttgg atgaggggta     48060
     cctcagcttg gagacgaaga tcatatacca tccaccacta tgcagagaaa aactcttcaa     48120
     tagggttgag gaatggaaat atgctggaag atataggacg gtgaaatgtg gatgttgcta     48180
     aaaccagttc tgaaccagag tagaacggtg gaaagacaca ttgtcccaga caacaatgta     48240
     ttgcgtatga tcgatttcat ttgctgctgt tatgttgtgc aattggtcca agaatgtaag     48300
     tatatgtgct gtgttagggc ccatatgggc atggcagtgg aggagcccat tctttataat     48360
     ggctgcacag agtgttactg tatatttccc ccacgttgcc ctgggacatt gactatagcc     48420
     ctgtggccaa tgatgtttct tctactccgt gttcacgtca ggttgaacac accatcatct     48480
     acgtaagcaa acttccattc gtaaaactac ctgaagaaca gtgtcaggca aaattgtgtc     48540
     gttcagtgta gatatagtat tacagtacag taaaagatta tgagacagta tgcaagatca     48600
     cactgctaaa gtgaatacat acctctgcat aatcatgcct caatcttttc acccttttga     48660
     aattgtgctc gaaaggcact ccataaattt gcttcatttg aatatatata tatatatata     48720
     tttttttttt tatggtgtgt gccagtgttg atattgagac ctgatggttt tcgttgaaac     48780
     tggcatttta tagtgcttaa acacctgatt gatgtgtcta caaataatca aacaagtgtt     48840
     tgcacacctg acgactgtgt tgaaccaatt ggttggacgg tgcagtaatt tgactcagtg     48900
     ctttggtatt gcaaggaagt gacttcacga tagattttag tgtgtaatgt atgttaagtg     48960
     tgtttagtgt tttgcaaatc actgtgtgta gagatttgca acaagtgtga agctgacaat     49020
     gtgcttatag ttgtgcaaat atgggctgat gttttgatac ttttgtgtaa ggttttgcta     49080
     gtagtgtact acttttaatt tttgtgtaag caatccaaaa aaactgtaaa agtggtcaat     49140
     atcagaatat ttaagaccct attgaagttt agcatcatct aaaattccga aaacacctga     49200
     tcttcgcata cacatgtatc tttctttcac attcttcttt gcagtacctc ttaagctcca     49260
     tctggttgga ttgatgcgca gccattttca gatatctcaa gagatgttga attgggttca     49320
     ggtctgggct ctggctggac cacccactga catacagaaa attgactcat agctactcct     49380
     ttgttgtgtg cttacagttg tttttatgtt gaaagatgag cagtgtgtta gagcttgtgt     49440
     tagagataga ggtcttgtct tgcggtctcg tctttttttt tttttttttt tttgtctttg     49500
     aacaattata tttagacaag acaattgtgt tgtaattcac acatattact catggattag     49560
     tcatgcacac atatgactct gttatcagtg actccttacc ctactgcatt acagcaaaaa     49620
     gtatttagct actgtaatgc attacttttc taatgtgttt ctcccaacac tttatcagac     49680
     cagggagttt tatttcttgt ggtttcagag tccatcaggt gccctttaga aatttacgaa     49740
     aacacctgat cttttcatac acatgtaact ttttttcgca atcttctttg cagccatttt     49800
     cagatctctc aaaacatgct caattaggtt cagatcaggg ctctggctgg gccactcaat     49860
     gacatacaga gagttgtctc atagtcactt ctttgttgtg tgcttacagt tgtttttctg     49920
     ttgaacgatg aacggtccag taaatttctc tatgcactgc tgcactcatc ttccaattat     49980
     cttgactagt attagtataa aaattaaata aataaaaaaa tacctacagc taatgcaatt     50040
     ctactatgct ttactgtagt gatggtgttg agctggtgat aagtggtgcc tggtttactc     50100
     caaacagagt tttatctatc tgtgttacat attcttactt tcaaactgga actggtattt     50160
     aaacatatct tttacctaca atgctgctgt ttcaaaagtg taatgctttt actatctaca     50220
     aaagcagaac ttaaagatta gtttgtccaa ttacaaaaaa aaagacttca atgactacaa     50280
     ctcccataaa tataacttta cagggacatt gaactacacc tttgttttta acacgcgacc     50340
     ttgagcagta acataatatt ctgccttcaa tagcttgaag ctttacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     50400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacttgcat gactgcaact cctataattc tatattgtca ttgattgtca     50460
     tctttgcata catatataac tttctttcac aatcttctac gtcttaagat ccatcaggtt     50520
     gtatgtggag aactgatgca cagccatttt cagatatctt taaagatgtt aaattgggtt     50580
     ctgttctggg ctgtgtctgg gccacactca attacttaca aagaagactc atagccactt     50640
     ctttgttgtg tgcttatgtt tgttttttgt tgaaagatga cctgtccatt ctatttctct     50700
     atacactgct gcactcatct tccaatgatc ttgactagta ttagcataaa aactaaaaaa     50760
     ataaaataaa aaataaaata aaataaaaaa actacaacta atgctattct actactttac     50820
     tactactcta ctactttctt ctactttact gagatgatgt tgatctggtg atgagtggtg     50880
     cctggtttac ttcaaacaaa gttctatcta tctgtattac atatttttac tttcaaactg     50940
     taatgcttaa tagattactc ggaactggta cataattact taccttacaa tataactgag     51000
     ttttgagtta ctttcactag ctacaaaagc agaacttaaa gacaaagttt gtaaaaaaaa     51060
     taaaataaat taaaaaatta tatatatata tatatatata taacttgcat gactgcaact     51120
     cccataattc tatacccaat cacagtgtca ttgattgtca tctttgcata tacgtaactt     51180
     ctttcacaat tttcatggaa gtacctctca agctccatcc ggttggatgt ggagcattgt     51240
     tgcataagca ttttcacatc tctcaaaaga ttctcaattg ggttgttttc tgggctctgg     51300
     ctgggccact caatgacata cacagagttg tcttgtagcc actcttttgt tgtgtgctta     51360
     cggttgttgt tctgttgaaa gatgagcagt ccagtctatt tctctatgca ctgttgcact     51420
     caatttccaa tgaccttgac tagtattagt gtaaaaaata aaataaaata agtaataata     51480
     aaaacaaagc tacagcagat gcaattctac tatgctttac tgtagggata gtgttgacca     51540
     ggtgatgaga gatgcctggt ttaccccaaa caaagagttc taactatctg ttacgtattt     51600
     atttatttat tatttttttt acttccaaag ttccaaagtg taatacataa cagattactc     51660
     ttaactgtta tttaaatgta atttcttacc ttacaatatt actgtctcag aagagtaatt     51720
     cgttacatta ctttgtatta caatttaagt tatttttact atctaaaaaa gcagaactta     51780
     tagacaaagt aaatccaatg aaaaaaaaaa atgcttgcat gactacaact cttataattc     51840
     tatacccaat caccatgtgt cattgtcatt gtacattgta taatatcatt aaactatgcc     51900
     tttgctttta acatgcgccc tttagcagca gaaacaatat actctgcctt taataggttg     51960
     ctgtcttgtc gtgtattttt ctttgaacaa ttacatttag acaaaaaaat gtgttataat     52020
     gcacatgtta ctcaagatgt aaagagtaaa tattactcaa aatgtaactg cattacagta     52080
     taattagtta ctataatgca ttacttttct aatgtgttac tcccaacaca gttcatgaga     52140
     ccagatagtt ttaatttctt gttgtcatta agtctttaag gtgacttttg gaaaacatta     52200
     agcagactgt ttggccactc taccatacag gcttgtttgg cggagcactg cagagatggt     52260
     tgcacttctg gaaagttctt ctctccttgt tctgggcggc tgaccctaga aaaagtactg     52320
     attgtttcaa actgcttttt atttcagatt atagaggcca ctgtgttttt ttgggacttt     52380
     caacaatgca tatatttttc tgtatatatt tacccttcac catatctcat atctatttaa     52440
     tcctgtctct gaggtctaaa gaaaatacat tcgaacttca tggcttggta tgtgtccgag     52500
     gtctacagat aattcactaa acttcatggt ttggtttgtg ctccaacatg cactattaac     52560
     tgtgggacct tatatagaca gggttgtgtc atgcccagtc aactgaattt accacaagtg     52620
     cacgctagtc aagttgtaga aacatttcaa ggaagacaag gaaacagtat catttcagcc     52680
     caattttcag tgtcagtaca aagtctttga ctacttatgg acatgtgatt ttttttttct     52740
     tttataaatt tataaatatt tcaaacaaac ttatttaact tttttttttt tttttttttt     52800
     tttttttttt ttttaagggg caatgaaatc ccctgtgtct cagcaaggtg ttttcacacc     52860
     tcaaatttaa aaaagtcagg aaagtgaaaa gtccagtttt gtttaggtga gagtgttgag     52920
     tgacgaaaga gagaggaatt tgcaaggaaa ggggagtttt agttagagca tgcactgata     52980
     ttcagaggca aaacagcaca cagacgcagt gtagaaggag agttactatg ttgatgcact     53040
     tgcatcttgt gtcagaaacc cgtgtgtgtg tatagactat cctgtcacaa aaatcctaca     53100
     tgacggtaat agattgatta aagtgttaat gtttacattc agagagcagt atttacagcg     53160
     gatctttcag cccataatat tgtagtgata ttaacatact ttaaactgta aacaaattat     53220
     tttgactaag ataagtcttt aaaacctgaa agggtactgc tgacattact aaaaaacttt     53280
     gcctctgaat aatcacaaac aaagaacact gatcactcac ttaccacatc tgtagagaca     53340
     ggacaatcaa caccaactgc aaccacgtct tttttaaaag gagactttta aaaaaacatt     53400
     ttaccatttt cactaaaagc tctcgggtaa aaaaatgttc cttatgaaca tatttttgtc     53460
     acgcattaac agactactgt aatctacact aagtacagct gcactctcat agccggatat     53520
     taaaaaccaa accttccttt atttaccttc cttccattaa cgcaacactg atgacaacaa     53580
     tgtctctaaa caattcttct tccacttgtt ttaattacag ttggcaacac aacgtagcgt     53640
     cttcctgatg atgaacattg taacaggtaa aaacagtctt caaagctatc atgcataata     53700
     atgaagttat acctcattaa caatagagca cactgattcg ttcgaaccaa gtctatctct     53760
     tgaaataatg atgaaagctc gaaaaacaca agtacagata gacattcaga ctggaataca     53820
     cacaaggatc taatcgctgt gacatagctt ctaaattcct tttcaaaccg gatgaataaa     53880
     taaagaaaag aaaaaaaaaa tcactaattg tgtttttagc agcgtgggac acatatatga     53940
     ctgtcaacat ctcaaataaa aaagtgtttt ggtgtttcat gaccctttaa atgtagaaaa     54000
     aattaatcat tttggaaaaa gtaataactt tccagatgta ctgtacattc ataaataacc     54060
     aggaattacc aaaaatacta caaatctgga catactactt aaaatacaaa ggggaaatta     54120
     tctgacctat gttatcaact catacatttt gtataatatt aattctttat gctggccttt     54180
     atgtattcat gggaattaac catttctaaa atctaaaaca ttctttaatt gtaatcccag     54240
     agaagttttt attaattata tttattatca atataggttc tgtttaacct tataatgttc     54300
     aatattatat atgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     54360
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ggtactaaag tgtaaacagg     54420
     gatgattttt aagtttctat tggagttatc gggaatttta tttaattttt tttttactga     54480
     gttacatcac aagggtcaga gagagtgtac agtttgaaca gaaatcactg aggcccaaat     54540
     gcattttttt tttctccgtc ttccaaacgt gctggcagga gccatggctc gtgaatccgt     54600
     tcgtcacttg tttttcctgg cctgctactt ggacgtctgt ggttttgcct ttctttactt     54660
     cttgaggttt ctataacagt gaaaactcat ggcaaagacg atgtatttct aggattatca     54720
     gataggatcg gacattctta gatgataaat gaaaagccgg aataaaaaag aaccgtccca     54780
     cacacgttga aagtaaatcc ttcatctttg ttcttcatta aatgccagcg tgatttaata     54840
     ttgtctcagt aagttcctgt tttgaatgct ttgagcaaga aactggccct aacgcagaga     54900
     aaaggtattg ctataaatca cgaggtcgtt ttagtacttg tgatgtaaca ctgccccctg     54960
     tctgttacat gatataaaac tcaatattta tttggaaaca caaaagtccc atagaccagg     55020
     ggttcccaaa cctttcagcc cgcaacccca aaaataacag tgtcagtgac tcaccccctt     55080
     ttttttttct agaaggtggt tataaatctc caaaagttgc acacaacaat aggcatactt     55140
     ataaacatga gcatattaac aacacaaaac tgcaacaatc taataaccat tttttttcat     55200
     tcattcattc attcatttaa tcattttctg tccatcttag tccctttatt tatctggggt     55260
     caccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcgtaagt tttgcgcagt ggatgccctt     55320
     ccagctgcaa cccattactg ggaaacatct atacatcttt attcacacac acacacacac     55380
     acacacacac acacacactg gtcaatttta gcatacctaa atcacctata ccacacatct     55440
     ttggactttt ggagtacatg caaactccac aaagaaatgt aatttaactt tcttcagtgg     55500
     gttataaata aaatatggta attctaatag tttaataaaa gttatttgag ttatggaaat     55560
     gaccaagcga ccccttgtca ttgttccgcg acccttccag ggggtcctga ccacgtggga     55620
     acaactgctg tagactattg attgctttta aatctcaata atattattgc agttaactca     55680
     gttactgtga ctatatagca cagtgttgct ttttaaatgg tagagctgtg tatttattta     55740
     tgaatatgta ttcaagacaa aataaattgt tttatttcaa acaaaattca tatccaacat     55800
     ctattcatac atctaatgta accacagtat taaaatagat tgctaacatt atgaaataat     55860
     ataatgataa cattattata actataaaag tcatgctatg catgtgcaat agcacatgtt     55920
     ctaagtattt ttgtttctga tatagtgtca aaatatctgc ctaaagtttg gactggctga     55980
     actgaagtga agtcaagttg ttgtggagtt tgttataatg tgtactgtta tatacccact     56040
     ttaatgtata gaacttttgg ttagtacttg agatcttact tccattcgag ttatctcaga     56100
     gacattgacc ttattttgta aataacctga aaactagtaa taaactatat aaattccaca     56160
     aatctttata taggattttg tcaaaataaa actgattgaa ccattatagt aagtcagtct     56220
     gtttgttttc atttctttga caatatcgta atacattttg gttaactcat gaaatcattt     56280
     tacaaataaa gtatactaca tatttacata ctacactgtt ttacttacta ctaacaaata     56340
     aaacaaaaca aacaaagatc ttatcttgga atatcaatgt gaaacaaaaa acaaagcata     56400
     aaataaagtg atgatgtgcc actttggaat acactattct acttaaatgt tttttttttt     56460
     tgtaatgaaa tgctgagaac agtctatatg ttaaagcact gaaacatgtt cttgaatgaa     56520
     tgtcttttta agaattttac aaaactatat ctagatgcat agtactttca ctacttaaaa     56580
     tatatccaaa gggaagacaa aagcaaaaaa tactatacta tatgtctctg cttgcagaga     56640
     tttcattcta ggctgaagtg gtatattatt acccggtgat tacagaaatt ctcaagattt     56700
     gaacctcaag ccttcactac tgtagctctc atttgagctc caccatacat ctgtgccata     56760
     aaaaaagaaa aaaactattg agcttcaaag agtttgaggg atcaaggtat gtgagccttt     56820
     tcaatcgttt taggcttttt tcccattccc caatgttctt ttgggtcctt gggtatttgt     56880
     gggaccctaa aaggtcctcc ggcttgccct cttgagcata caataaagtg ttctatgctt     56940
     cttcatgacc tctctgggct actttggatt gtaatgagtt ccttaatgat tggagctgca     57000
     ttttagagat cctcaagaaa gaccagattt gagcatctgg tcatgcattc tttccaggat     57060
     gcggtgaatg ctggcaaaac taggccggtc agtggggtga ccgctccaac acaaacgcat     57120
     gaggttatac agctcctgtg gacagttttc tgggcaggaa agaacatttc catcccttac     57180
     gtagtagatg acttcttcat gggccatgcc gtagtaaggc tgcatgccat atgagaagat     57240
     ttcccataat accacaccat aagcccaaac atctgactcg ctggtgtaac gattgtaaaa     57300
     gatagattct ggtggcatcc agcgaatcgg gatggcatca ttttcactgg ctttgtagta     57360
     atcagctgca tagatattgc gtgagagacc aaaatctgca attttcacaa ccaagttttc     57420
     tgctaccaaa cagtttctag tagcaaggtc acggtggaca aatttgcgct ccgataagta     57480
     cgccattcct gctgccacct gtttggaaat ggagagctgc tcctggcagc tgaggggtgg     57540
     gtaacgctca ggttctgaca cgagactgct ggaagtcaag gtatcccgac ttagactggg     57600
     ctgctgggtt gcacagcgcc gtcgcaggaa ttcattcaag tccccatacg ccatgtattc     57660
     aaacatgaga cacatgggct tccccactgc acagacacct gcatgacaga tacacaaaca     57720
     actggcttag tcacactgtc gataccaaac caaaaataca cttctgttat tctaacactt     57780
     aatgaggcat tgagtctggt tccggaatac cagagagggg actgatgcgg ggttacacat     57840
     tgggtcaaca ctgaaatgga tgagtcaagc tattttaagg cttttctttt tgattgcggt     57900
     acccttgagg aaaggacata catgtaatat gaagcagatg tggttcattt taggaaagtc     57960
     ctcaagcaga tttttgcttt ctttgaaagc aagcagttgt gatacattac ccaggagacg     58020
     gacaatgttg gggtgatcaa actcagacat gagtgcagct tctcgttgaa agtcattctg     58080
     catatcagtt gaagcttcct ctttcaacat ctttactgcc accatggtga agggctccgt     58140
     tggcaaaaga cctggggctc taaaggaaag caagcatatt aggaactagt agcaacagct     58200
     tacttgaatt agagtaaaac agttttagtt catatttgct gatcttcctt aaaatatatg     58260
     tacaatgcaa acttgtaact ccaataattt gagaaacgtc tataataatg tagtaggcag     58320
     aatagtctga gccaaagtac tcaagaacac acaagcctgc aaaactgggt tgtcagtata     58380
     tacaatattc actgtaatgg taaacacttt gcttcgtgca gtagtaggcc acctttagtg     58440
     atctcaaacc agacatccct aaacacattg taacaaattg tcttaaagcc ttttaaaata     58500
     ttttaaatag tgatgccaag ctgtggaaac agaaccacaa tggcagaaat tcaagaacca     58560
     acttagaatt ccattaagat tgcacttcct gtgctaaagg ctcctgtgtg ttcctggaga     58620
     agtaaacact tttctaatgg gcgtctataa ataacctctg ctgcagtgct ttgctcacac     58680
     gatagagtct acagggaagt ttcatattga aacacatcac atgtttacta gacctatcca     58740
     agatcctatt tcaggataca gccatatgga gtatagcttt tacccactga tgaatttccc     58800
     tggggtcact atgtacctga tatcataatt acagtatgtt gccgtctggt ctatatatgt     58860
     cagccctttg catcaggttg ggatcaggtt gtctcaaatc tagttggtga gttagtaaaa     58920
     agtttctaaa agtttaatca ttactcacaa aactggacag aattcaataa ttatttgtaa     58980
     aaattcactt tgatgaatcc atgctaaaaa agacatgcaa tgaagtgtct gtataaatat     59040
     tgacagtgcc aaatcaggac agaaattagc accatttgct tgtaatattt gtagctctca     59100
     cctcgcctga aacaccctcc caaaggcccc ctctccaata tcacggacat attcaatgtt     59160
     gttgcgtgga tattcgagac tgaggagctt ggagttaagc agtagaggca gtcgctggta     59220
     catggggttg ggatgaagtc tgtccaacaa gagctctgag gggagggtgg tcaatgtagg     59280
     tgtctccagc accctactga atatggaaga acaactgttt agttttgagg tatttagtta     59340
     aaactgtaat gtaactttca aagtaaccac aagtacaatt tttgtcctca tggagggtgt     59400
     tctactcttg ggggagcatc tagagacctc ctttcttgca gaaagaagac aactaagatc     59460
     tccagaatta cttgggcttt acaagcatgg gtttgggagc aaaattaaag atctcctata     59520
     gaccattgcc aaccctgctc ctgtagggct atattcctaa ttaattaatg tccagtcctc     59580
     cttaaacacg ttatcctcta aggtgattct gaacacccca attagctggt tcatgaatgt     59640
     ttacataagg ttgcaactga agtaaatgca aaagtgtgaa taaacatcct gtggcgcaaa     59700
     ttcagctctg aactcaaaga gctgggtata cctctgaaag gatctagtgg actgagacac     59760
     aaccgcgaac caatatacac agttttttag gcttccaaaa gcacattaac acagctattc     59820
     tctcaataaa atccacatta gccatttagc aatgaagcag aagccctgcc catgatgtga     59880
     atccttgtct gttgtgaagt gaatttgatg cacgaatgaa gcaaaatttg atgtgtgtaa     59940
     gaagcaagaa aactcaaaat gttcatgtat ctatttatgc acgtgcacat ctggtgtgag     60000
     cagacttaag actcctgttt tcctaagcta aactctatag tctttgatcg taggttggag     60060
     atgttcacta aaaatatttg aatggccgtt gtgatcaaat gttccctcca ataaagttct     60120
     ctcactgtca gacaatgtca gacatattcc tgcagtgtaa cttcagcttt aacaagcgtc     60180
     aaaacaagaa ccaataagag tgttgaatct gatgacatgg cattagaagc atggcaacct     60240
     caaattactt cagtgagctt tttttttttt tctggtttta tttttaaggc atgtgtgagc     60300
     ataattacac tacctattgt ttacaatttc tgtaaggtat tattccagaa cctgggttat     60360
     taaatgtgtc acgaatcgat tttgtcaaac tctggatggg ttttcttgca cttgtctgtg     60420
     tttcgcacat cttcattgtc attctgtctg acactctgac aactgcgatc ttacagtgtg     60480
     acatgagaat aatgtttgtg cattctgaca agctgcagtc atatggtatt attgacaatt     60540
     gcacagtttg agcggggttt aagggtgtac tctcactagg gatgttacct taaaccatgc     60600
     cgaagcatgc ttgtgccccc tcccatctac tctgacggcc tgaactcaca ttgcatccga     60660
     gtgggagcat acttatgtca tagatgatgc tactattcag tttaacaaga agaaaaggct     60720
     ctggctctta acaatggaga ttgctttagt tatattgttt tgtattattt ttttgtcatt     60780
     tgggatggat tgacacacag tcaaatattt tgctgaacag atccacaact tttgatgctt     60840
     ataaattacc ataaaagtcc tcatgctgcg catattagga ggtttgctga agttgcagct     60900
     gtcgtgcagc aaagagtttg tttttaatac actatgacag tttgcgttcc ttgaaaagta     60960
     agaatgttta ataaatccat atgaaacagt cccctaaaag tgatgtcgca tcttcagttt     61020
     cgaacagcgc tctggcacac ttctttcaac caggccaggg ctggccaatt caaccatgcc     61080
     taagcctgat tcagatcact cacacttgtc aaagaaccca gaaacgtgtt tgggcacagt     61140
     tcggatacga tagtgtaagt gagccaaaga tggtagctat ccaacacagt ggtttccaga     61200
     cctggtccca gagaactcag aacacaactc attttagatg tctttcttat gcctactatc     61260
     aagctgaaga gtttaattgg gtgtgtttgg ttatgaaaac acaacatatc cacagctggc     61320
     agttcttcag cacttgtatt gcaaactcta tgctttagga gacttgttgg ctgcccctgg     61380
     agagatcagt aatcttcaaa cctacttata gagagctaca tacttgcaga tttcagttcc     61440
     aatgctactc cagcacacct gattgtaagt atctgaatca tctctgaaca acatgactag     61500
     ctgattttaa tttaggtttt tgttaaaact ttgaaaatga aatacaatgg tagcccagaa     61560
     tgatagctcc ccagaagcag agttggaaat caattttcta gactacagta atcttatatg     61620
     gtctggttgg atttagggtt aggactttgg ttgagaatgt tggtttagtg ttaatattat     61680
     ttcaacacca actaaaacca gcaaaattaa catactgtac gtagcacaac atatctctta     61740
     cagcgaccct catgaatctc ccctcttgga atttgagtct taaaactttt accatttcaa     61800
     gtaattttag taagtgacta tacagtctat tatagacctt ttcctctttt tccacatttt     61860
     ctttcgtctg tgacacataa ggatgagtac ggtgaagaag gctgctccag caaagccagc     61920
     aataacaaag atgataacac tcattgagta ggccgtagac acagaaggag gagggtagaa     61980
     gtgggcaggt tttgtaatcg agggtgcagt cctgatactg ataactaaag aatggaacaa     62040
     taatattaac tcagattatt tggaacaagt tttgtcatga catttatctg aataaaggat     62100
     tagcactcag tatggataat atatgagaca taaatgacat accttctcca catttaggca     62160
     ccagacaata ttcccagcgt acattagggt ttgtagtgta gcaccagggt ctgtcacttt     62220
     ctccgcctgg gttacgacag tagttttctg catttcgcaa ctcaggaatc acatctacag     62280
     agagtctgtg ttgatgggga tcctgaatgg gataaaaaca agagcagtca accaagaaaa     62340
     ctaaaccagt ggtcaagcca catatcctct gtggcttaat tcagtattcc cttcatccct     62400
     gatatttcca gcattttcaa gttgaaacca attgcattaa aacattcctt gttgttttta     62460
     aagaatacca aataatctct tttcaaaact ttctttgaaa ggaaacctct ggatttatgt     62520
     attttgatcc tctattgttt ttgctgcaaa aacatttgta ttctgtgtac atatcgtttg     62580
     aaggtcacta agcatatgcc aatctgtagc atttgaattg tttggggttg agttattgtt     62640
     tgaggaagaa aagaaaaata aacaagctga tatatttgat tacagctgca gggggaaatg     62700
     ataacatgtt gaaatgtatg aaaagagaaa aaaggtcaaa ttctccccga gagcatctca     62760
     acaaatgcca atatcatttc ttagtcaagt ctattgtcat ttgctattat tgttgtttta     62820
     acctttattt catgactgat ttaaataaaa tgttaacaaa gcattgttaa agggtaaaaa     62880
     gcctgcatgt ttaaataact atttggctag cagatagcta caattatttt ctctactgat     62940
     agagcatacc cacatagcaa aatttctctg gcccagctct ggcccacaca atcaggtttt     63000
     gcttggtcca catgctgaag tgaattacgc tacatgcctg gatcaagtct gtccttcaga     63060
     gaggggtcaa acatggacca tttctagtga agtctggtca agtcacagcc aagttgataa     63120
     ctcataactg ggcctgaact aggccagata ggttggtgtg tcatgattgc aatgaaattg     63180
     ataaacccat gaagtattgc actttaggca cactatgggc gttttttact tgaagctacc     63240
     acattggtat tttttttttt ctttactgaa acattatttt aatgtatttt aaatgtgggt     63300
     caagacaggc taaatgtaca tggcccacat ataataataa taataataat aataataata     63360
     ataataataa taatgggcga ggcagtggcg cagtaggtag tgctgttgcc tcacagcaag     63420
     aaggtcgctg ggttgctggt tggaaccttg ctcagttggt gtttctgtgt ggagtttgca     63480
     tgttctccct gccttcgcgt gggtttcctc caggtgctcc ggtttcctcc acagtccaaa     63540
     ggcatgtggt acaggtgaat tgggtaggct aaattgtccg tagtgtatga gtgcgtgtgt     63600
     gaatgtgtat gtggatgtct cccagagatg ggtcgcggct ggaagggcat ccgctgtgta     63660
     aaaacttgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt ccgctttggc gaccccggat taataaaggg     63720
     actaagccga caagaaagtg aatgaataaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgataataat     63780
     aataataata ataatacatt ttatttgtaa tgcgcttttc ttatactcaa agcgctaaag     63840
     gcaaaatact aaaacacaag gcaagcaaaa cagcacaaca ataaaagatt aataaaaaat     63900
     aattaataga ttaataaaaa ataattataa aattaattaa ttacaaatta attaataaaa     63960
     gtttttttta aataatccag agaggcagca ttcctaatga tggggagttc attccaaagc     64020
     ttaggcgcac tgagtgaaaa agccccaccc atggtcttga gtttacaccg tggttgatgc     64080
     taagtaagtc ccgatgcaga acgaagactg ggggctgggg tggcgagggt taccaggtcg     64140
     cagatgtagc tgggtgctaa cccatgcact gctttaaaag ttaaaatcaa ggtcttaaaa     64200
     tcaatccatg atttaacacg aagccagtgt aattgttgta gcacaggaga aatatggtgg     64260
     cgtgatgatg tgtgtgttac aacccatgca gcagaatttt tatatatatt gtagtcttct     64320
     gagagaactt gcaggtcaac ccccaaaaag tgaattacag aaatccagac gtgatgtgat     64380
     gaaggcatgg ataagcctct ctgcatcagg tcatgagaga aatggtctga tccgtgcaat     64440
     attgcggaga tgaaagaagg cagtttttgt aaagtgtttg aagtgggagt taaaactgag     64500
     ctgtgaaaca aagagcaccc caagattacg cacctgggta gaaggagaca gttgaacatt     64560
     atcaaccaaa agtgtaaaat ccttgtgctg gctaacctta gtaggggtgc caattaataa     64620
     gacctcagtc ttggaactgt ttaatttaag taagtttaga ctcatccaag atttaatttc     64680
     taaaagacag gcagataaaa ctgcaaagca gtgttaagat cggggtgagc actaacatag     64740
     atttgagtgt catcagcgta gcaatggtac cccaagccat atttactcat aatctagcca     64800
     agaggcaaca tataaatact aaacagcagt ggaccaagga cagacccctg aggaacaccc     64860
     tgatgcaatg ggaacgtccg agatttatga gcacccaaac agtcaaactg aggccccgtt     64920
     tacactaatg cgtttccgtt ttaaaacgca tacgtttttc tatggttacg ccattcgtcc     64980
     acactacgcc ggagttttcg agcgccgaaa gagcgttttg aaaacgctgg agaggccgtt     65040
     ttcattctaa aacgctgctg ctccgtctaa gtgtggatgg gggaaaactg agacatctga     65100
     aaagggaggc aggggtgcag acattcgcct gattggggct tttcctcaat attaattagc     65160
     ctacacacac agttcagtct cgcatcctct ccctgtaagt tcagacttcg caagtttgat     65220
     atagaaaaca gacccttgag gacatgtctg ataaatcttc acagggaaca gagtacttta     65280
     taaccttatt tacatcatcc tggctacgtt gtctcacttt ctcagcaata aaatgaaaca     65340
     tgatttaaga aactaactat gttttttttt ttatattgac aacttaacag acaacagaaa     65400
     tgctgaattc gaaaatacga aacgtatcct ctgctttgct gaatgtcagt tttaataaac     65460
     aataatagcc attatgaaag tataacacac aataagttta tacattattg gaaataaagg     65520
     caagcgatca gtcaatatac agaatgtacg aggttacatt atttattaac ttatctttgc     65580
     gctcagccga aacacgttac ctatgaacta gtaatcgatt caaaagacca aagtcaggga     65640
     atatgtggtt agatatagac aacaagatta attaaatatc acgtttagca aatatagtga     65700
     gattagatcc agcgggagat gcttgatgag cagtcctacc agcacagcgc ttgcctgaga     65760
     gtgtgtgtgt ggtcacatga tttgagtttt cagtgttttg gtgtggacag agagctgttc     65820
     agtaacgctg ggtaaaacgc tagtgtggac gcggatcatt ttcattctaa aacgctgttt     65880
     taaaactaaa acgcactagt gtaaacgggg cctgagagcg gtcagcgaga taagagacaa     65940
     accagctaaa aactgtacca gacaaaccaa tccacttcct gagcctgccc agcagtatta     66000
     tgtgacatat ggtgtcaaaa gcagccgtga gatctaataa gacgagaatg gcacaagccc     66060
     cactgtgacc agctctgaaa ccagactgaa atttctcaaa tagagtgttt acatgaagat     66120
     agttatggag ttggcttacc accacacgtt ccaggacttt agccacaaat ggtaaatttg     66180
     agatgggtca atagtttgac aacagtgtag tgtcgctgcc aggcttttta agaaccggtg     66240
     ttatagcagc catcttcaat gctactggaa caatcccatc actgagggat gcattaacaa     66300
     tggcagtgat gtggggctaa aagacagata cagactgctt caaaatagtg gtggggaatg     66360
     gatcaagtgt acaggtggaa aaattctgtg acagtacaat acgtgcaata gaatcagagt     66420
     ccacagcgtt aaaagttgat gactcagatg taagaaacac agaaggaaga agctcaacac     66480
     tgacgagagc atgatcgcag gcaatagagt taaatatgtc atcaattttt tttcagtgaa     66540
     aaaattgaga aactcattac atcgctctat agtgggaggg agggagttat gagagggtct     66600
     gatcaaaatg ttaactgtac ggaataaaac tctggaatta gaactattac tactaatagc     66660
     tcttaagtag aattccctct tagctgctgt aagagcattg tgataatcag tttgatgctg     66720
     atcaaacaga gatttatgaa acgtgagccc agttttaaca tatttctgct ccaattgcct     66780
     gacaacatct ttcattttcc gtagatcatt tatataccat ggagctgatc ttttaaacgt     66840
     tacaacgcga cttctcaggg gggccaagtc acctaacaca tgtttaaaaa caagattgta     66900
     ccagtcaaca gatgtcaaag gagataattc accagcagac tcccgaagat gatcatagtt     66960
     cattttttcc aagttatcca aatgaaataa tcacaatctg tgtggagggt gtgatcagat     67020
     tgaaagtgaa aagcgtatgg tcactgatca atacttccat accaacaagt gagtcaatag     67080
     tcactcccgt ggaacaaacc aagtccaatg tgtgaccatg tttgtgtgtc agaaaatgaa     67140
     tgtgctgtgt cagattaaaa cagtccaaga tgtccattaa gcatgcagca tgaacacagt     67200
     cagcattgtc aacatgaaag ttcatatcac ccattaaaag gagagcaggg cagtgagcac     67260
     tggcgagtgt caacaattca gaaaattcag agtaaaaatc tgaattgggt ttaggagggc     67320
     gatatatatt taaaatcagc acttgggatg aaccagacac tttaaacatc aagcattcaa     67380
     aagttggaaa gggagggaag gctatttcag taactgacac attggatcgg taaacaactg     67440
     ccaggccacc accacggcca gttgaacgtg gccgctcaaa atatgtgtag ccaggtagag     67500
     cgcacatatt tagattaagg tagtcatttg gctgatgcca ggtttcacag agagagagaa     67560
     agtctagctt attgtccaca attagatcac aaatcgaggc tgctttatta tttatagagc     67620
     aagcactcaa tggtgcaaac ctgattgtat tgaggtgggc tccactgata gcagaagacc     67680
     tccgaagatg agccagaact gtaggacaac tccgagatgg taagcgacaa cgatccatat     67740
     gcctttgaga ccagaccgta ctaattgtac cagctgtgca gttctgaaga ttttggcgag     67800
     agctcctgtg cgtatatctt gggcgccgaa gaagtttcag cgaacgtagt gtgcacaaca     67860
     catcattggc aggcagcaaa gtgcttttaa gttggtaaag ttcaatagca gagtaggtgt     67920
     acatgttaaa aaccaggtga ccgatatagg ccttgacgtg tactccaata aaaaccagga     67980
     taaaggaggt aaaaacgtag catagctgca tgctagccac aaacacagac atgccagtgg     68040
     gcaaaaacag gtagacgaat tggcgtttaa ggaaataatg ttccaattcc gatcaaagcc     68100
     aggttgcgcc agcatcctct ccctccagca acccaggact gttttgaatt tttaatatat     68160
     gggccaaatg ctatatttta catctgggcc atgtttggcc cacatgcttt atgccaaatc     68220
     tgggccagaa ttctttgcta cttgggtagg tgacattagt ttaagcaaac agaaggcaga     68280
     acacaatgat ttacaataga acacttttaa gcacaccatt ctttaaaatt acatatacta     68340
     aatacacatt cacaacagaa taatggataa ttatttgcaa cataaactgt gacataactt     68400
     tgtgatttta tgctgacttt tgcagtacaa acatttacct gcttgttcca tcgctgacat     68460
     ggaatggacg atgctgtgac attatgtgtt ccttggtaaa accttccttt gtcattgtag     68520
     caggttgctg taaatatatc aattgtaaat gatcaaatgt gttgggatgc ttgtatgttg     68580
     aatattatag tctgacctag aagaaaattg agttatttaa taaacattaa atgtattttt     68640
     gttaatgttt aatatgtttt gcattttctt cagttttaac tgtttttttt tttttgccaa     68700
     ataatgtcaa tatgtgaaag caccaaaaca aacataaccg taacacaaga cttcacttct     68760
     tttttatacg taaattataa tgatcagaca catccctttc tgctaattag ctgctactgt     68820
     gtttttcaaa tgttgcttag catgtgtaac aggtagtaca aaagaaagct ggagagttta     68880
     tgagagtata tatactatgc cagcatgaat ttgcatattt ttagcatggt ttacacctgg     68940
     ctaatgtatg gttatcacgt ttaagattgg aaaacatagg gttagaaaca acaattgcat     69000
     tgatgtgtct acatgaaagt gggaaatgtt atgtacatga aatgtggtgt aactgaaaat     69060
     gtggattatg tactttttat aggctatgta gcaaatataa taaaaatcgc gatatgttat     69120
     ttagtcattg tgtggaagac aaaatgatgt ataaaactat tttaggataa ggtataatgg     69180
     attggtaagt atgtataaat gtttaatagg tatgtagaag attcaggttt aggttctaga     69240
     ttataggcta atatttatgt atgagagtat tctcaatcat cgacataaag accctatatg     69300
     ttagaagagc tgaacatgca gcactgacat gaaaatgggg tctgaatgat tggagaatgt     69360
     gaaacatcca aagtttttct tttcttctgt ggcctttttc ctaccccgtt ctaattttca     69420
     gtaggtggcg gtaatgcttt taatgagtta gtcgccataa aacaagaaga aggctaatgt     69480
     attttggcat tctgataaca tattttcagt attgtttgta cacttctgct aacagaaact     69540
     agtatgtttc atgttataca actggttaac attttaagca tgcttctaac atatttctag     69600
     catgtttaac acattgctag cacaaaattg aatgttgcta gtatgtttaa cactatgtat     69660
     gtttttaatt tgatattacc atgttgctag catggttgta gcagtaacac aattaacatg     69720
     ttaactagtt gatagcatta attatacttt tccaacgtgt cttgggataa catgttttac     69780
     tatgttgatg gtacttgatt tttaatgttt ttgcacaggc taacatattt gttgcttatt     69840
     taacattttc taacgtttat cactatgcta atatctgcat gttgataaca tctcagcatg     69900
     ttcttaacca gtcatctgca tgtttactgt gctgctaaca taaattagca tgttttgtca     69960
     tgtttctacc atgttggtca caaaataagt acactgtgaa acacaacagt cccttttatt     70020
     aaatgaaatg agtgtagtta actcaaaatt aatttacagt taattctact catttgaaaa     70080
     gagttttgaa ctcagtgttg aaggtaatga gttaattaaa tatctcatta cttcaactta     70140
     aatggagtat tttattttaa ctcaaatggt ttgtagcaat tggtttcctc aagcgctttg     70200
     agttgcctta attattgggt tttacagtac tcagttgatt tgagttctat ttatttattg     70260
     ggttttactt tgctcaaatt gcttcattta ctcaaataga ttaagtttac agtacttatt     70320
     aggattattt tttaacttaa atgatttgtt gcaatcagtt tcctcaaatt gtttgagttg     70380
     cattaacttg ttgggtttta cagtgtatat aaaaaatact gcagcttata gtagatcagt     70440
     ttctgtagac aataataaat ctcatattgc acatccagta ttttagttgg tcagtaggcg     70500
     gttagttatg caatctcaga cgtttagacc ccactatact gtatgcaaag ctaaaatata     70560
     gtaatactta catgtaactt ggtctttttt gatatctgaa acacacacaa acatatattt     70620
     taatcgattt tgttaacttt aacaatatct cacaagtttc caaaaatgca cacaacacag     70680
     ttaaatactt tatgactgta tttaacttct gttttgtaca gatttttaca gctcaccagt     70740
     atagcagcct gcaaacacgc catggaaact tttggttggt aacatttact cagctgtcct     70800
     actgatcctt cctcacacgc atggccataa accaccctaa tctagtccat ctacaggtcc     70860
     gctgtcatca cattcctcac agagcatttc acataaacaa aaaaacccta cagcattgtc     70920
     ttggcaaaaa acatgcgtgg cgtttttccg ctaacaccca ttgttttcag gggacggatg     70980
     ctttatgaac atcagcccca aaatatcaca actaaacaaa gatgtagcca aacagcagcc     71040
     cacaggaaaa tgcgtgtcac tcttaccaac ataaggaacc gctgtacagg aggatggatc     71100
     tgcttgttgg ctgggtagag aagtgcattc tgggagagtg atgtgttgaa agccacgctg     71160
     agatctttct tcagcggaac gccactcttt ataacagtat agctctttga ctgtgagaca     71220
     gtgctctctg tgacacaaca gcacaatgga gatataaata catatgtaaa aataacatgg     71280
     tagtggttac tggttaggtt taaggcaaag gcttaaaaag ctgtcggttt ctgggttgac     71340
     cactattgtt tttgtaagca tgatatttga tctacattat attaagttgc cttggataaa     71400
     tgacagcatc ttcagaatga ttacttacga tgtatatatt tgggtctttt ctgtatgttg     71460
     ttggaattgt ttttttattt tatttttttt aattaaggca tgagtttgac tttgatgtat     71520
     gtatacaacc tttgtttccc agcaaacact ttttttattt aatggatgtc taaaaaacat     71580
     ctaaacgtcg acagcttggc taaaacaagg ctaaatttgg gctgtcattg aacatttgat     71640
     agacatctaa gaatagccta aaactaaaat agtcgtcaaa tagacaaatt agacaggcta     71700
     tatgtgtagt cattaagttc tgtttatgtg atgactagtc tagttttggc ctattctttg     71760
     atgtctatta gatttttatc gtcagcccaa atttagcctt gttttagcca agacgatcat     71820
     gtttaaatgt ctattagaca tctttttaaa accccagatt ctttgtaaca caaattaagg     71880
     tttgttaatt catgatctga agatgaactg aggttttaca ggtttggcac agcattgggt     71940
     gagtattcaa tgacaaaata tttatttttg gttgaactgt tgtttaggga gcaacataac     72000
     aggggtaaaa gagcattttt aagcatattt caggtgctgt ataccgaagc acagtattaa     72060
     agtgtacact actggtcaaa agtctggggt cagtacaatt ttctaatgct gtaaaataag     72120
     ctgctcagca acgctctatt tgtttcctcc aaaatacaga acaaattgta aagttgttta     72180
     taatttaatt aaataattta ttcaagtgat tttaaagatg agttttcagc ttctttactc     72240
     cagtcttcag tcacattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattacaa     72300
     ctactaataa taataataat gatgataaaa gtaataaaag caataatgac tgcataataa     72360
     ctgcatttga aactacaaac aataagaaag cagttattta aatttttaac aatgatttaa     72420
     caatttaact tttttattac aatttcttga taaacagtat aattttctaa aaaaataaaa     72480
     taaaacataa aaaactgacc caagctgaaa cttttgatca gtacatatat atttgaaaaa     72540
     ggtcactgat taaaatgaga acttttattt tttttaggtg tcgtatctct tatccacata     72600
     catttcagag tgaatccaga tgtttatttt ttgaagctcc agcaggcccg acctcttaac     72660
     attttcactg ataagtttca ttgtttttat tttatttttt ttatacagct ttttaactga     72720
     tgcaattacc aatacatatt ttgaatgctg atataattcc atgaaaaaaa gttttcccta     72780
     aattagtgaa accctttctg agttgtttgt gtaagcttgt attttacaat aatgtaaaaa     72840
     tacttcaaca tatatgtcaa cgtcaatttt tatattattc acctcaataa tgaagctttt     72900
     ttttcctcag aaatgcgaaa atgtaaaatc aaacactgta aaataaataa attgattagt     72960
     atttttttta ggttgtgcag tttgattcac aaactttcaa aataatgttg tatactgtta     73020
     tctcacataa ttttttgggt caaatccata acacatttag ttccttcatt aaaaataaaa     73080
     aaaaagtttc cagattgctt tttttactct gtggttagtt gttttgggaa agaaaaataa     73140
     gcagatgttt cattatactg tttttagacc attttgaggg atataaacaa aaactatggt     73200
     cccaatgtat ttcctgtttt acagtttttt atgtctaaag cttctgagaa tccaaaaata     73260
     gtcacatatt gataaataat gttttgatag ctgttttaac aataagttat gatcgaattg     73320
     catcttgtta cagttatgaa atactgtagt ttgacaacag gaaatgttaa tgggcgaatg     73380
     acatgaccac aatgaaatgg tctatgtaaa tatacttaga ccatttcttt gaatttatgt     73440
     ttcaagtgtt tactgccatt ttacatccat attgctggaa ttgctaaatt agtgtaaaag     73500
     attgtgccac tcgcgtaatt taacctaaac taaaacgatt taaaacaatt tgaatgatga     73560
     atatcacaaa attactgaaa aaaaaaaatc agttttcttc actgtacatt ctgcatagag     73620
     tacagtatat aaatgcactc caaaaacaaa aaaaaagaga agatgtcgat tacctgcaga     73680
     caggtttagg cgctggtccg agtcctgaag gattgcagtc ctggaaggtg ctgtgacaga     73740
     gcagggatct ggcagcaggt ctgcagaatg aactgacccc gtccagctca ggccatgcac     73800
     tctgagccag atactcctgc gcatcctcag ggttcggtag agagtagttg aagaacacca     73860
     gagcatctcg ccgaagcaca ttacgacaca catcacctct gtatgtgctg cagtagccgg     73920
     catggccttt gtacagtctg aatagcacac cacaatacag aaatcatgaa attaaatact     73980
     actgtgaaag tttacacaga aagttttatt tgctgttaat ttattcatac ttgagccttt     74040
     tctttttaca ttaaagatca aataaaggtt attgctgatt attactgaat aatgcatgtc     74100
     aatagcactt tgagagtcaa tatattgatg tcttatgaat atacttaagt ataatatact     74160
     tatttttaga agctgtggat taaaggtgat gttgtaatgt tttgttttct tgcacagaca     74220
     aagcatttca atttatcgtt agacctgagt gtacagtatc atcagcagcc tctggaattc     74280
     atattgtttt gttattttta tttatttact tttttgtctg tctgtcaaag tgccaactgc     74340
     cttttaatga atcatcagag aacagttcca actaaaaatc tgctttaatg ttatattaaa     74400
     aaaaggtcta catcagatca ttgcaagttt gggtgaacta tccccttaat tgtttctgaa     74460
     cacactttaa aaaacgtgca ctttatttta ggttttaagt ttcttgtgtg cattataaac     74520
     atacactcat tgtacattta ttttaatttt attgtgaatg tttactacct ttcccagaga     74580
     tgggttgctg ttggaagggc atccgctgtg taaaaacttg ccgaataagt tggcggtaca     74640
     ttccgctgtg gcgaccccag attaataaaa agactaagcc gacaagaaaa tgaatgaatt     74700
     aatgaatgtt tactaccata acaaagctca taaaaataat tttaataaaa aatatcaaac     74760
     tatagttcat tttagttgta atgttttatt caaggacaac atggtggctt agtggttagc     74820
     actgtcacct cagagcaaga aggttgttgg ttcaagtctt agctgggtca gttggcattt     74880
     ctgtgtggag tttgcatatt cttctcgtgt ttgtgtgggt ttcctccagg tgctctggtt     74940
     ttccccacaa tcttaagaca tgcggtacag gtgaattaaa taaacagttg gaaggtcatc     75000
     cactgtgtaa aacatatgct ggacaagttg gcagttcatt ccgctgaggt gacccatgtt     75060
     gaataaaggg actaagccaa aaatgaatga attaatgttt tgttcaacat tatcaaagga     75120
     ggaggaggtg ggcatgctat tttttatatt ttgttcaaaa cagcacttaa ttttgcaaat     75180
     tttataaaac atttaaaaat attgctttcc tgaacatgtc ttctaaattg aacaatttca     75240
     tgaattattt acagacttat gtatgttgta ggttcagttt caatatgttc tgcaacattg     75300
     tttacagttg tgcacagctc tacacaaagg agttttatgt ttgttgtgaa taagggtgta     75360
     tttttttttt tttttttttg gaattgtaaa attgtgaaac atacatattc agtgtcttgt     75420
     actcagatac ctcattaaat gcagcaatgt ctaactttac tgtagttttc aaatggctgt     75480
     gcaaatagta tatagtgctg tcttgagcat tttcaggaag tgtcaccata atctgacttt     75540
     ttgcagagta atgtacagag taaagtcata ataaaaactg gtcaaagcca tttgactatt     75600
     ttgttcacaa acaatggtgt caggactttt gatcttgatg acactgacac tttctctgac     75660
     aacaatactt gcttttaagg aatgagatgc acattttaaa caagtgacac gcttttgcag     75720
     gttatccact gttttgcagt ttgcacaaat tttgagaaat gtattaactg ttgtgcaaat     75780
     gtaaatagtg ttgtcagaaa tgcaccaaag tgactgtgaa aaactgtgag taaagcagtt     75840
     gcttttaaag aattgaaatt attaatgaac tatgggtgta actatataaa aaatatgttt     75900
     actcgacgta acagatccat cttacaactg ctttactcac ttattatgca aattaattac     75960
     agtttctctt agtcacattg gtacattaca acttgttctg ccatgtagtt tgcatgtaaa     76020
     gggttttgtt atgaacaaat taataaatgt aaggggtgag actattccaa caaagagcat     76080
     tatattacat tttgatcaac atgacatcag aaaattgcac attatcattt aaatggatgt     76140
     acaaaagcat ttgcagcttg ttcaatggaa tgagaaactg cttttttgat gtgcacaagt     76200
     gacacaacga gctgcagatt aaacatgtag ctttgagaat ttcaattctg atctgagaaa     76260
     tggaccaaag cgactgagaa aaacagttat aattgataac tgttatactg agtgaaaatg     76320
     ttaggtctga atgctttaaa acaaaatctc attatatttg ctgtcaaaat ttcgcaggaa     76380
     taaactatta ctcaagaaat aaccatgtta actcattaaa aatgaatata aaggtaagat     76440
     tagcagtaga ttttggaaat gtttcccctc cattattcac aaaaataaat aaataaataa     76500
     aaattaaaaa taaataaaat tgcattatat ttaactaatt ttaaacaact aaagtcatga     76560
     acaaaattaa tttgaaccgt attgaaccgt aatttgaacc gtattgatgt gtaataaatg     76620
     caaacacagc ttaccctagt gaagcatatt aatttaaatt gctttatttg ggcaaccaca     76680
     ttgttcccct tcagatggga aacttcaagg ctaacagtag atttaatcca cgtatgggga     76740
     tttcattcag aaatccaatc gtctgaaaga gtatgtaaac gggtgtcacc gactcggtcc     76800
     cagtcattcc cctcactgcc cagcagaggc caccatctcc ggacttttag cattacatca     76860
     tccacttaaa ctgattgcgc acacacctgt tatcaatccc gctattgacc cactctccct     76920
     gttataagca acgctcaaac accagttcag tgcgaagtct tgttccgcca cggctaacat     76980
     ctctgagcgt ttttcccttg cctgatctcc tgtgtattac cccggactgt ttctgactct     77040
     gagttgcctt ctgcctgccc cgaaccttgc ttgtatctgg actctgaacc acgccgcctg     77100
     ccaatgatcc atgcctgtta tatcactctt tgtctgtcag ctgccagccc ttcaaccctt     77160
     attgcatact gttgatgtga gttcgcactt tagtgtgtat tgtatgattg taattgaact     77220
     gtcaattaaa tactgcaaat ggatcccccc cgtgtcaggc ttgtcgttac aacgggccaa     77280
     tgaaatgcca aatgaattgg cagtgtcagc ttgcgtacct aaagcttgtt gcaatcaatt     77340
     tagcctaaaa gcacagtgaa agcaagatga ggcaaccttt ttttacttca gagatttcta     77400
     cagccttctg agagagtcga tgagggttcc tcctgctgtt atccagcgat ttcaaatgaa     77460
     caagagtggt ctcctggtcc agagtgcata cacgtggcga cagacaatca agctgggctt     77520
     ttccctcttc ctgcagtggg cacttgggca gatctgaggg ttccagtgaa agattatcca     77580
     tcgcctccgg gcctgtggac ctcccgctcc tccaaatgct ccatccaagc ttcaagtgga     77640
     ggaagcgatc cgtctaaaga gatggtagcc catacgttcg atgacaccag ggaccagatg     77700
     tccactgctg catcggaagg tgggccttta ttgtccgatg aggatccaga ctcgctcgcc     77760
     ccctccgggc aggtgagcac tgacaataca gatcctaaaa tggacatgtt agctgtgctt     77820
     tcccgggctg attcggctgt ggggttggag atggtttatc ccccacctcc gcggtcggac     77880
     caactagatg ggcgcccatc taagatagct gccctgcccc cgcctgcacc tccggcaaag     77940
     caggctcgtc gagcacctcg gaagcagaca gccccccctg cccagggtgc cgttaagtcc     78000
     ggtaacggac cacaaagcat acctgagaca ggtaatgcgg agaagaggga atttgctctt     78060
     ttcctgctgg agggccggac cccattttca atggcacttt tcactgccat gcaaacatca     78120
     atgaaagagc acgtttttac ttccctggac atgacagccc gaactctgcc agtctaggaa     78180
     gctatgcctt ccaggtcgca ggtcctgtgc atttcgccag tggctcacag gcgctgggag     78240
     gacaatctcc tttctcccac cccttgagta ccctctccgg agcttgggtg cgaggcgaga     78300
     gtgaatctct cgcctccagc tcttcctcgg gacccacacg cttcccgcat aagcacatcc     78360
     actctgcgtt gccccactgc tggtacgtca gcaattgtag cgatgagtcc attagtgaga     78420
     gctcttcctg cctggttagc atgggccagc ccttcgcggt ggctcatacg gacaatcaga     78480
     ctagacgatg cgattcagtt tgcaaaacga ccccccaagt tcacaggtgt gtatttcacc     78540
     agggtcagcc ccctgtccgc ccctgtcttg tgagaggaga ttactgtcct cctggcgaag     78600
     catgcctttg agccggtccc tccagccaag atggagagcg ggtttttcag ctcgtacttc     78660
     atcaaaaaga gcggtgagtt acggccaatc ctagatctgt gcactttgaa acgctgtctg     78720
     cacaagctgc cattcagaat gctcacgcag aagttcgacc tcaggattgg tttgcagcaa     78780
     tagacctgaa ggacgcgtac ttccatgtct ccattcttcc acatcacctt agttttctgc     78840
     ggttcgcatt ctaaggttga gcttagcaat acaaattcct cccctccagg ctctctctgt     78900
     ctccgcaggt cttcaccaag ctcgcggagg gtgccttagc gccctttcga ctcgcaggca     78960
     tccgcatact caattatctt gacaactggc tgattttagc ccgctctcgg gagcaattga     79020
     ttatgcagag acaaggtgct ccagcacctc cacctgttgg ggcttcaggt ccaccgagaa     79080
     aagagcaaac tcgcccccat gcagaggatc tcttttctct ggctggagct ggacttggtc     79140
     gccatgacgg cgcgcctctc cggagatgct ccggtgttga attatctgag agagtttgac     79200
     agcaaaatag tggttgcact gaagttattt cagaggctcc tggggcatat ggcatccgca     79260
     gccgctgtca cgccgctcgg attactccat atgagaccac ttcagcactg gctttacgat     79320
     cgagtcctca gacatcactg ttactgtggt ttgtccccgc accctcagcc tgtggaatga     79380
     cccctcgatt ctacaggccg gagtgcctct agaacaggca tccagtcatg ttgttgtttc     79440
     agcatatgct tccagcttgg gctggggggt tgtgtgttgc gggcatgcaa ctgcgggcct     79500
     gtgtaacaga acccagttgc attggcatat caattgccta gagttgttgg cagtgttttt     79560
     cgctctccac agtttttttt tttttttttc tggtgctgga gcagcagcac gtgctggtca     79620
     ggacggacag cacgacggcg gtggtgtata taaactgcat gggggatatt tgctctcgcc     79680
     acatgtctca gcttgcccgc cgtctgctcc tctggagtca tactgggctg aaatcgtgca     79740
     ccattcacat tccaggcaag ctcaaccgtg cagccgactc gctctaaagg cagcctttaa     79800
     ctcccagaga atggagaatc cactctgagt ctgttcagct gatatggtcg caatttgggg     79860
     aagcccagat cgatctgttt gcttcccctg agaacgctca tttccagttg ttgttttttt     79920
     cccctgacgg agggctctct cggcacgatg cactgaccca cagctggcct cggggcatgc     79980
     gcaaatatgc cactctccca gtgagcctgc tggtgcagtt actgtgcaaa gtcaggaagg     80040
     acaaggagaa gttttgctag ttgcactcct ctggtttaac cggacctgga tgtcaaagct     80100
     tttcctccat gcggcggccc ttccctggca gatccctatg agagaggacc tactctctca     80160
     gggacagggc accatctggc accctcggcc caatctttgg aacctccacg tgtggtcctt     80220
     agacgcgagg aagactttag taacctaccg actgtggtgg ttaataccat cagtcaggct     80280
     agagccccct cctcgagcgt gcctacgccc tgaagtggtt cactgaaagg tgcatctctc     80340
     gtagagaaga tcctcgaaat tgccagatca gtgttgtgct ttcttttgtc caagagaagc     80400
     tggagagcag gctgtcaccc tccacactca aggttacgtg gctgccatct ccgctcatca     80460
     tgacacggtg gctggcagca tcgtgggaag gcataacctc ctcatccggt ttctcagagg     80520
     cactaggtga aataatccac cccgcccccc tctcatgccc tcttgggatc ttgccctcgt     80580
     tctcacaagc ctgcattcag atccctttga accactccac tcagtatctt taggatttct     80640
     gtccctggag acagctccgc tggtcgcatt ggcatggatt aagagggtcg gggacctaga     80700
     gtcactttca gtcagtgact cgtgcctgga attcgggcca gcttactctc aggttgtcct     80760
     gagaccccgc tctggatgtg tgcccaaggt tcttaccaca ccatttaaag accaggtagt     80820
     gagcctgcaa gccagccatt tcattacttt gtccagttca cgctttgcaa atttatctgg     80880
     actgcagtca gagctttaga tcatctgagc agctcttcgt ctgttatggt ggtcggcagc     80940
     agggaagtgc cgtatagaaa cagaggttgg cccactagat attggatgcc atctcccttg     81000
     cttaccagag ccagggcgag ccatgtcccc caggagtggg gagcttcgca tccttttggg     81060
     cgcgtgcaca cagcgcctct ctaacagaca tctgtagagc tgcgggctgg gtgacaccta     81120
     ataaattctg caaggttttg caatctgcaa tctgcgagtg gagccagttc atcaaaggta     81180
     ttaggtaacc cttggtgatt gaggaaacaa ctcgattaag gtgttgaaac acgcttgctg     81240
     caccattctc cctaacacgg cgatatgtgt gcttatttat gctgtcagta aagttcccca     81300
     cttaggtgag ccctgcagat tcctccatgg cccccagctc tgactcagcg gaggagtcac     81360
     tcgctggccc attacgttgt atgtctgccc tcattttggg taaaggtgcc cgctatgctt     81420
     gatccccatt agacaatccc atatgcttat tcagccacgg tgtagtctcc tctcatggat     81480
     ggacctgtgt cttccctcct cgctaaccat ttttgttata tgcttacttc cccttctcag     81540
     ggctagtccg tatagtctgc catcatatct cccttttggg tagcagatgg cctctgtact     81600
     gtcgcattta aattcctaga aattatctag acccttgtgg ctcctgaaag atatttctaa     81660
     atccataaat cttttttgaa gttggataag taagggccag gatcacgttg gaagaccgcg     81720
     cctctctatg atgcaggtgc gctcatgctc tgcctggcta tcctctcatt ggaggcgatg     81780
     gtaaggtgca gtcattatgg cgttttccag acatttctca ataggtggat taaatctact     81840
     tatagcattg aattccccat ttgaaggggt tactaaggtt accctcgttc cccgaggagg     81900
     ggaatagaaa tgctaaattg catcgccata atgattgttc cttagctgta ggtataaatc     81960
     tcttcagctg aaaaagtttg ccttatcttg ctttcgctgt gcttttatgc tatattgatt     82020
     gcaacaagca tcaggtgcgc aaatctgaag ctgccaattc atttggcatt tcattggccc     82080
     gtttacatac tatttcagac gattggcttt ctgaacgaaa tccccataca atccacgata     82140
     gcatttgatc ccccctcggg gaatgagggt taccttagta accagagcgt tccataaact     82200
     gcaaaaaatg attttcttag atttctaatc tgttgtttgt ttctagtcca aatttctaaa     82260
     aagtcttaaa tcaagaagat caagttttct agacaaacaa aacattttga atttaagaaa     82320
     taatatgcca aaagaagtga ttttttcctt taaacaagca aaatattctg ccaatgagat     82380
     aagaaaaata gttttatgtc aaaggcaaaa atatgattat tttacttaca ttggcagaat     82440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     82500
     atatatatat tttatttatt tatttatttt tttaaggcag aacccacttc atgttggaaa     82560
     taatgaaagc aagatatttt caaggcttcc gtagaaaatg cttcttgata taagattttt     82620
     tacatatttg aactagaaac aagacaaaaa aaaatctaag tgagaaaata tttttgcagt     82680
     gtatagcaca ttgtggttgt ccaaattaag ctatttctgt accttttatg atacatttaa     82740
     aatgaaggta cagaattgtt cacataaaaa ggtgcataca gttgaagtca gaattattag     82800
     caccctttga ttttatttat ttatttattt tttttttaaa tgtttcccaa atgatgtttt     82860
     acagaaaaag gaaattttca ctgtaggtca gataatattt ttttcttcta taaaatgtct     82920
     tattgttttt tttcagctag aataaaagca gttaattttt aaacaaaatt ttaggaacaa     82980
     aattattagg ccctttaagc tgtatatttt tctatagtct acagaacaaa acatcgttat     83040
     acaataactt aactaataat cctaacctgc ctagttaacc taattaacct agttcaacct     83100
     ttaaatgtca ctgtaagctg gatagaagtg tcttaataaa tatctagtaa aatattattt     83160
     actgtcatca tagtaaagat aaaataaatc agttattagg aattagttat ttaaacttat     83220
     gtttagaaat gtgttaaaaa aatctacttt actttaaaca gaaagtattg aaaaaaaagg     83280
     gggggggcta atattatggg gggggtgggg gttgggggct aataattctg acttcaactg     83340
     ttagtgttgg acaactcctt tattacaata tctatgaaaa taaatattac tgggaaggca     83400
     aagttatttt atgaataatt tccatattaa aacatgaatc atgttatata tgtatatgtt     83460
     ttaaggaact catgaacatg aattgttcat catttctttt cggcttagtc cctttactaa     83520
     tctggggtcg ccacagcaga atgaaccaac aaccagcaca tgttcctgtg ggggaaacca     83580
     aagcacccga aggaaaccca cgcaaacgaa gggaaaacat agaacacgcc acacagaaac     83640
     gccaactgat ccaattgggg ctcgaaccag cgaccttctt gctgtgaaca tgtccctgtc     83700
     ttaacgcatt ctgggaacta tctattagat cagccaacac aatttcttca tgttttccca     83760
     acacaaaact aagttaactt aatgtttagt aacttaaaat ttaggtgtga ttgaacataa     83820
     aacaaatcaa ttgtcaaaag aaattacaac aattgcttat ctcagctcat tttaaacaag     83880
     tagtttgaac aagcaacaat atatatttta ttgtcgactt ctactaaaca aaatggttgt     83940
     tctcggttca agtcatctaa agatgtccct tcaagttttc caagcatttc ctgactcatg     84000
     tacacctcca cgacagacag aaataaagca catttctcac aattagttca ttttgcttca     84060
     ctcagctgta actacatcca gatgctgaat ctgaagcgaa ggataatggc ccggtttatt     84120
     taagttcatg tgtaactatg accatatggt acgtctggcg tcagcggcag gactgtagtg     84180
     tgttattcag cgcatgtgtg gatgtttaca tttatcattt caatcagcag aaacatgcgg     84240
     attcaatctg agcacctctt tccagtgaga gatttttgaa aaacttccga ctgattccgt     84300
     gagtagctga cttgagtcgt gcgatgcact gtcaggatct ggcttttgtt tgttttattg     84360
     cacacaggtt tcttatcagt tgtagttttg tagttctcag tccaaatttg atgtcttttt     84420
     agatgtcagc actacactag ctatgtttcc atccacctat tttgatgtgc atttgaatgc     84480
     acataaaaaa gataattgtt taactgaaaa aaataatctt gattcatttt tttcatttgg     84540
     cttagtcccc tatttatcaa ggctcgctat agtggaatga accgccggct tttccggcat     84600
     atgttttatg cagcggatga cctttcagct gcaacccagt actgtgaaac actctttcat     84660
     ttaaaaaaac actcatacac tatggccagt ttagttcatc cagttcaaat atagggcatg     84720
     tctttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc cagagaaaac ccacgcaaac aaagggagag     84780
     catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgctaactg atccagcctg aactcgaacc agcgatcttg     84840
     ccacgaggtg acagtgctaa ccactgaggc accatgccac caagaaagaa tctgctatga     84900
     catatacata taacaagcta taatggaaac acatttatca aataaataaa taaaaaaaag     84960
     gtcctgtgat tttgttttac cactatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     85020
     atatatatat atttgtaagt gctgtcaaaa ttagtgcgtt aatgatgcga ttaatttgaa     85080
     ataattaacg cgttaaaaaa attgacgcaa ttaacgcagt tgcagggttt ttatttactt     85140
     cctgtggtgg tcgacatgtt caacatgcaa agaaacatgg ataatgccaa agaagcactt     85200
     tttaaagaca agttccagga taaaagaatt aattaatgtg aattaatttg aactttgtca     85260
     tgatgacagt aaataatatt agaatagata tttttaagac acttctacag cttaaagtga     85320
     catttaaagg cttaactagg tgaataaggt taactaggca ggttaaggta attaggaaag     85380
     ttattgtata ataatggtat gttctgtaga ctatagggaa aaaaaaaata tatagcttaa     85440
     aggggctaat aagtttgtcc ttaaaatggc cttaaaaaaa attataactg cttttattct     85500
     agatgaaatc aaacaaataa gactttctcc agaagaaaaa aatattatca gacaaactgt     85560
     aaaaatgtaa ttgctctgtt aaacaacatt tgagagatat ttaaaaaaga aaaaaatcaa     85620
     atgggggcta ataattctga cttcgactgt atataatcat ttagcagatt tccggaagat     85680
     tatcattcat ttgcgggcat ccgggagtct ctgtgcatta acgaatactt ccgcaacttc     85740
     caggagactt ggaatgtttg gactggactg tcttagcaac tggatgaatg taaagcacaa     85800
     ttaagcaaaa ttgtttctac tttataataa cgttctcaac tgacagcaat acaattttac     85860
     aatgagtgta atttttttgt atttaataat ttattgttat tataattttc caatttccat     85920
     atctgctatg cctattttgg cattttttgc agtccactta gaatccagct tggaaatcat     85980
     tttttcttta ttggcatttc ttgttttaaa attcaaatgg cattaacatg cctgtgtttt     86040
     tatttctata ataataatgg ctgtcaagcc aggatcttaa tggtttattg tggaaatgtt     86100
     gtttacaata agaaatctgt gttacaagtt aaacaaatat ttgaataaac aattatattt     86160
     tgaatttaaa tggtttttat cttgcgttta cattaatttt acatttgaat agccgaaatt     86220
     aaacttttca gtattttaag tgcaattaat cgcgataaaa aaaaaaaaag tgtgattagt     86280
     taatttttaa tcaattgaca gcactaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     86340
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtgtgtat atgtgtatat gtgtgtgtgt     86400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgagtgt     86460
     atagacaaaa gtgcacatag ctttttcggt ctgcttctca aagaacctgg agaagttgct     86520
     tggtccttac tgtcatattc atatataatt atatatttat agatcaatat aggggtaaat     86580
     gacatgacat gcatttttag ctgtccatga tgttatctac taataaaaca ggtatccgtt     86640
     aaaaagatat acatttatgt tgttcctctg acaatatttt ttataggcta attacaaatt     86700
     tcactttgtg aatcagctct gtccacaagc tgtgggggtt cactgcgttg ttttgtcact     86760
     atggagagag tgtgtgagag gacaaccctc agttcaacag cctaacacac accatagata     86820
     taaacactag atatcacatt gggaccctga gcgtgcgtca ataggacaaa tgtcattcca     86880
     ccacactggt caagacagtg tgccaatgtg aagatggtgg actttatcgc tgtgtacggg     86940
     tacagtaatg aacaaacaaa gaaaacaaat cacaaaggca gaacatttca taggtatgat     87000
     ttagtttttt acgtttctat gttatgaact tttgtgctta acaagtaacg ttattgatga     87060
     taatatagac actatataga cactcactgc actcactgca ctgattataa ggcaaagtag     87120
     caccaacttg cactaaattc tagactaatg ctagctttgc tgaataaaat aagcaaacaa     87180
     tgttatgaaa tatgacaaca atatgctgct gtgctagaca cttgtactaa tgtcagctaa     87240
     gtgaatgagt cattcattgc agggatgtcg aggatcgcac aaagtgaaga gcttgggggg     87300
     gttgtcagct ttgtgctgaa gagcggagtg ttggcaggtg tggtaaaaat gtgaaacatg     87360
     catattcagt gtcttgtact cagatactgt acctcactaa acgcagtgat gtctaacttt     87420
     actgtagttt tcaaatggct gcgcaaatag taaatagtgc tctatggaga attttcagga     87480
     agtgtcacca aaatttgact ttttttgcac tggaaaaaat gtacagagta aactgtaaaa     87540
     atgaaaacac agcaaagcca tttgatcttg tttataaacg aaggtgtcag gacttttcat     87600
     cttgatgtca ctgacacttt aattgatatc aatacttgct tttgaggaat gagcaatcca     87660
     ttttgagcaa gtgacacgct tttgcagatt atcaactagg ttttgctgtt tgtactaatt     87720
     gttttgagaa atgcattaat tgttgtgcaa atgtaaaaaa aaaaaactat aataataatt     87780
     atagtataca atcatagaat aatatttttt ttgctgtatt acatcaataa ttactgaaat     87840
     tattgcaata taaattaact gtgtttttat tggatgcagt taaaaaaatc caattctgtg     87900
     atttatcacc taatttttag catgcttact ccagtcttaa gcgtcactaa aaaaaaatct     87960
     gtttaaaatg atagatagat agatagatag atagacagat agacagatag atagatagat     88020
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatga tagatagata     88080
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     88140
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gattacacct tagctaagct     88200
     ataataagaa tttaagagag caaaaaaaat attgtcttac ctccattcta cgggaaatgt     88260
     acaggatcca gaaacggcca ccaggagcag aaccaagaac agagaagagt agagagaaga     88320
     tctgcttaat gtcagagagt ctgcaggcct gatcatggtt gtgagaagta aagatcggtg     88380
     tttctcagtg tttctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     88440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     88500
     tgtgtctgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgcatgtg acaggcacag tatttggggg gtctgtctgg     88560
     agatccagca ggtgtgacgt ttaacaggcc tcctgatgct tgaagaatct acttcacaga     88620
     ataaaccagt tcaatggagt gttccaaaag ttcagataca cccataatac actatttcag     88680
     tataagtaca aagtcctaat tttaatggac ccttttcaca agcctgttat gatgtgttta     88740
     acagtcatca gcatcttaaa tccttgaaag cttttaatat taagattttt gtaaatgtat     88800
     gtatatttta ttgtatcaat acaatatatc atctttgctt caaatgataa aaaacgaatt     88860
     tccactcatg caaggcatgt ctaatgctgc atctatatga caggacagta attttataat     88920
     tttaattatt ctctcctctg gctgccgtta tcagtctcac acaaatgttt ttctttcttt     88980
     ttttttaagg tctttataac atcatcgtgg agtttttttt ttaaattatt attattttat     89040
     tattatttga gcaaataaga ttgtaaaaaa aattattata tactctccca ttcatagcgt     89100
     catagttttt aaaactatga tggctttcac tactgcactg caaaaaatgt ttttcttact     89160
     taggtttatt gtcttctttc tagtcaaaat atctaaaaat tcttaaatca agaataaatt     89220
     tttttaggca agcaaaacat attgtcttgc tttagaagta atacttcaat attaagtttt     89280
     tcatcaaaac aagcaaaata atctgccatc ggggtaagca aattagtctt gttttggcat     89340
     aagattattg tgcttacccc attggcagat tatttagctt gttttgagga aaaactcact     89400
     taatcttggc atattatttc tgaaaacaag acaatatgtt ttgcttgtct agaaatgttt     89460
     ttttttgaag aaaacccgga aacgtgaaaa ggggctatct tacttgaggc aaagtctaaa     89520
     aactacttta gttttgtttt acttaagtaa taaatgtaaa agtactcact gatgattctt     89580
     ttttgcaagg taattgaatt gcctaacttg tcatactttg atatctatac tgataattta     89640
     tgacaatcca agtaaaaaca tgtaaaacca cattcacaag ccaaaccaca ttcagatcag     89700
     tttataaaat gtgtaaatta tttactggag actcactctg aacagatctt ttgctgtgat     89760
     aaatgattta ctggagactc actctgaatg gactactgga atcattgacc ttggtcactt     89820
     gtgaacagtc atcagtccaa ttaacaaatg aacagttccc tgcaatttgt gatc           89874