EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL596027; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 72221 BP.
AC   AL596027;
DT   13-JUL-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 21)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone IZAB-51F19 in linkage group 9 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate mitochondrial ribosomal
DE   protein L36 (MRPL36), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Fe-S protein 6, 13kDa (NADH-coenzyme Q
DE   reductase) (NDUFS6), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   vesicular membrane protein p24 (VMP), the gene for a novel protein simialar
DE   to vertebrate iroquois homeobox protein 4 (IRX4) and a novel gene.
KW   CpG island; HTG; signal transduction; STAT1; STAT4;
KW   transcription activator.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-72221
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; c1ff2c0bc0a4b6230ce2ecb11864559b.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone IZAB-51F19. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone IZAB-51F19 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-199M19 is at 20262 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone IZAB-51F19 is at 72221 in this sequence.
CC   IZAB-51F19 is from a Incyte Zebrafish AB BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..72221
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Incyte-BAC"
FT                   /clone="IZAB-51F19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1011..72221
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             join(complement(25222..25349),complement(21359..21503),
FT                   complement(21177..21272),complement(21006..21095),
FT                   complement(20834..20912),complement(20591..20694),
FT                   complement(19150..19301),complement(8919..9077),
FT                   complement(8665..8757),complement(8468..8527),
FT                   complement(7763..7853),complement(3546..3644),
FT                   complement(3316..3451),complement(2080..2135),
FT                   AL592562.18:25414..>25508)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY51F19.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001633"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal
FT                   transduction and activator of transcription 1 (STAT1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P40763 Sw:P42224 Sw:P42225
FT                   Sw:P42227 Tr:O13131 Tr:Q6GU23 Tr:Q90Y17"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFU8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001217"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008967"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012345"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013799"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013800"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013801"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015988"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFU8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-23"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43459.1"
FT                   KRHLLNIWNDG"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(26262..26329),complement(25222..25349),
FT                   complement(21359..21503),complement(21177..21272),
FT                   complement(21006..21095),complement(20834..20912),
FT                   complement(20591..20694),complement(19150..19301),
FT                   complement(8919..9077),complement(8665..8757),
FT                   complement(8468..8527),complement(7763..7853),
FT                   complement(3546..3644),complement(3316..3451),
FT                   complement(2080..2135),AL592562.18:25414..>25508)
FT                   /locus_tag="bY51F19.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal
FT                   transduction and activator of transcription 1 (STAT1)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF205604.1 Em:AK018544.1
FT                   Em:BC004808.1 Em:U06924.1 Em:U60331.1 Em:U60332.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW422900"
FT   misc_feature    7332
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 960bp by restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    19252
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-199M19"
FT   misc_feature    38079..38156
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    41763..41826
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone ZFPAC-199M19
FT                   (AL596024). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<44876..45067,47153..47289,48218..48312,
FT                   48424..48476,49628..49763,49907..50005,51957..52040,
FT                   52229..52273,54494..54584,59581..59640,59763..59855,
FT                   62118..62276,65253..65404,65632..65723,68660..68738,
FT                   68837..>68930))
FT                   /locus_tag="bY51F19.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal
FT                   transduction and activator of transcription 4 (STAT4)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF307107.1 Em:L78440.1 Em:U06923.1
FT                   Em:U09351.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW076798 Em:BG934698"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<44876..45067,47153..47289,48218..48312,
FT                   48424..48476,49628..49763,49907..50005,51957..52040,
FT                   52229..52273,54494..54584,59581..59640,59763..59855,
FT                   62118..62276,65253..65404,65632..65723,68660..68738,
FT                   68837..>68930))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="bY51F19.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001632"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human signal
FT                   transduction and activator of transcription 4 (STAT4)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P42228 Sw:Q14765 Sw:Q14765
FT                   Tr:Q90Y15"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFU7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000980"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001217"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008967"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012345"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013800"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013801"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015988"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029839"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8JFU7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-264"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD43460.1"
FT   misc_feature    71211
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: IZAB-51F19"
SQ   Sequence 72221 BP; 23039 A; 12839 C; 13248 G; 23095 T; 0 other;
     aagctttgaa aggatgtttg catcaggcat cctgttgact ataagaaact taaggtacat        60
     gtcagctttt tcttttaaaa gaaactcatc ataatctgga agctacactc aatggagagg       120
     aaacagtaca gtgactttga tattgtggga agtggccgct ttggtatttc tgatgaataa       180
     caaaacaatg tctaaaactg tgatatttaa tatgaaaaat gtgatattat aatgttgaaa       240
     atcagtagct tgtaaggtaa tttcagtttt ctaacattcc tataaataaa gggtgattca       300
     aaaagaatat cacaactttg aaaatttgta tttgataaaa gaaacatgat aaaaccttgg       360
     gtaatttatc aatgtgaaga gtacttaaag ttttttcaaa cttcagagct tccttaaatc       420
     gacaaaagaa agagcttagc tctccttttc ttctttgcag agttctcgat tttcaaagtt       480
     gtggtattct ttttgaatca ccctgtatgc tctttctcca agtgatgaaa acttaaatgg       540
     aataaaggcg agtaaatggt gaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacattttg gagtgaataa       600
     accccaacag tttaataatc taagcgaatg tgtaaagtag cagacagatt gctccagctc       660
     ttgttagtgc agtatttcct cctgtgtttg taacgttgac gctcttaccc atcattccag       720
     atgttgagca ggtgtctttt aataaggtcc agaattccat ctatccacaa ccaaaacggt       780
     atacctctct cattaggaga cgtctaggca aaaacacact ttgattagct aaaaccagtg       840
     gttatggcat tgccctgtca aaggctatct cagtttaata aaagtattat taagggctgg       900
     attaataaaa caaagcaaat tagtatgaga gtacacttct gtaaaagcca atgggagttt       960
     aaagtttaga ctagagtgat cttattgcat gaattggata tcaaaaataa taatattttt      1020
     tccaaaacgc tagctagcag caggttttta tgttcctctg tgttgagttt cttcacgagg      1080
     gttttgtttt tcctgaactc tatcttagtg tacaagtagc taaaactcgc ttatttagag      1140
     acgagaactg gtggacgtga aacaacttta atcataaggt aaacacaaaa caaaaggttc      1200
     cacacagagc tacttcacag tcatccacac ttgtcaacgc tactaaatcg aacaatcaca      1260
     gatattgtgc tatgtgtcgt cccaatgtgt agtcacattt ttgagaggtg cgtgggtatg      1320
     tgaccgtgta aaggctgcgc tgaactgccc ttctcgacgc agaagtataa atcagcttta      1380
     acagagtggg gtcacatgac tccacaaacg gcatgggaaa attagattga ttataggctc      1440
     tgaatgttga tttcgattat ttttcgatta atcgcccagc cctaacttta gatgagatca      1500
     ggaggcggtg taatcaacct tagtgtagac agctcctcca cttctgctac ttgaatgggc      1560
     ggatgagtgc atgggttttt caacattaca cttttttaaa aatcagttga ataagtgcat      1620
     catcccgatc ttttaaagtg cacttttttc tttttaaaag tgttaatgca ctacttttag      1680
     acttttgtaa atggtgtaga tagtgcttaa gtgtgcaatt tggggcacac ccagtgtata      1740
     aaccagtgca aatgatgttg caaacaagcc agtgatgata atgtgcatat aatctactgt      1800
     caacatgtgg acaaaatgct ttttagggca ttaaacaatg gaacaagtgt gtgtaaactg      1860
     actaaagcaa aaagttaaaa aaaaactagt ttagtttagt ttagaagtca tttattcaca      1920
     gatgtcttct gatgttcttt gggcccctct gcagtctcgc taagttttgt tttatcagta      1980
     aatcatgtga tgacagtgac agcagaggca caaacaaaag tgtggttggt caaagaaagc      2040
     gaaagcaaca ttctcgtctc tgtttcaata taatcccacc ttacaaaatg cactccactg      2100
     gatgagtccc tcagggtcac cttgggcttt gtgacctgaa aacagataaa actgataaaa      2160
     gctgcaatgc atgaagatat ggagctgcgc accggtggag ttacactgat ctgaatgaac      2220
     tgaattagct aaacctaaag gggtggtcca gagtgtattt taagggctta gttgtgttta      2280
     tgtggtgcaa agcaatgagt gcctatgctt catttttttt ttaaatcaca atattttttc      2340
     atttatttta ctttaattat ttactgctac tcagcttaca tgaaaatgtc aaatttctta      2400
     gttctgattg gccagctaac atattgtgct gtgattcacg aatcggattc acatcactgt      2460
     tccttcttta aggagttttt agccaaatcc agcactgaac tggaagagat tctggaagct      2520
     ctcctttgtc aaatgctaac catatatatt tttagtggaa atagcaccgt ttggactgta      2580
     ttttagcttt ctctgctata atattacatt gcctctggcc acgcctcttt gctgcatggg      2640
     gtgtatgcgt gtaacctgaa gggtttatga catcattaac ctggatgtaa tttttgtagt      2700
     ccccaaactt tgttcactgt aggcttgcta agctaactct gtaaaagcca atgtctccct      2760
     ttgcattgaa ctttgagcgt attacattca gagatgttgt tcatgttcac acatctacat      2820
     taaaactaaa tgctaaagtt taaaatatta tattgtagtg gaacacccct ttaaactaaa      2880
     ctgaaacaaa acaattttaa tttaaataga actacaccag cattcaacac cactcccatg      2940
     catgcctgac tttattcttt aatcttcttg tacattaatt caattcaatt caattcacct      3000
     ttatttgtat agcgctttta caatgtagat tgtgtcaaag catcatagta aatcggaaca      3060
     ggtagttcag tatttagtgt ttaagttcag ttcagttcag tgtggtttaa taatcactac      3120
     tgagggccca aatactgaag agcaaatcca tcgatgcgta actctaccga tcccaaacca      3180
     tgtatgctag tgaagaaaaa accttgagag aaaccagatt ctcattaagc tgcattgaca      3240
     caatccacat ggtaaaaagc gctacagaat taaagatgac ttgaattgag tgaataaatc      3300
     attgaatcat ctcacctaga agtttgtcgg ccattgttct cagctgatct gaggtcagcg      3360
     ctcgtttgct gactgaagaa aactgccagc ttatgacctt tgaaagctga tcccatttaa      3420
     ccggtggcgg attcaaaaag aacgtcagat tctgagacag agagcgatat caaaagcgtg      3480
     agtcagaata gagacgttag cggaggagga aaatgttgat gatggtactg taaatgggcc      3540
     cgtacatgtg gttcaccgct gagcatgttg taccataaga ttgagcccca ggcactgggt      3600
     aactggttga catgtgagat caccacaata ggaagtgata tgatctgttt aaattgaagc      3660
     aaacaggtct ggttagaatt actggtctga tcaagtgttt acactggagt agcaactttt      3720
     caaagcactt taccgataaa tcaacactca gctctggctg aataagttga gtttcaaagc      3780
     taagtaggtg catctcctct gtaacgatga gaggcgtctg aaatatatat aaaaaaacat      3840
     ttgttaatgc ttttatcact taatttgaca tcattgcaca cagttaaaag ctgttaatta      3900
     acagtttttt taaaatattt tgttattcac tagtgtttgc cattttttta cggttgtgaa      3960
     ttccattatg ggatgttgat gtctgctctg tcgacttttg atgttgaaaa ttcaactctg      4020
     cagtttaata aagcgacttt tattaacatt gtttgaaata atataatgta taagaaataa      4080
     tataattctg agaaataagt ctgtaaaata gcagaaaatg tactggcaga ttataacaag      4140
     gtttttgtca tcgtctgatt ggtgaatcat aaattgaata atgcgggacc agccgctagc      4200
     aatcataaga acgtgatcct cttaaaatta ttttataaat aaacttcact tcaaaagagt      4260
     ttaaagcatg cgggcgcgca aactgacatt agtaactttt aactgaatga ttaatataat      4320
     gaagtttatg cagtgctatt ttacaattga tattacattc tattattcaa tttctgtacc      4380
     taaatactgt ttgactctct ggaaaaccat aaagttctat gtttttcatt gctcttttgc      4440
     atttattttt tgcttgcaat ttgtttatta gttttcatcc atgattcaca tccttacaaa      4500
     atcaccacaa tcagtctaaa ttcaagattt ctttccaaaa taacgttaat aaaccatttg      4560
     gtgaacattt taatcataca cagcaaattc attagtgtta aatttcaagt gttgtggtaa      4620
     ttcagagtaa agtgttaaaa ttctagagtt agatgaaggt aaaataaccc tctcggcgtt      4680
     agaagttgat ttgcctcctt gtcacacaga gtaacatgta tctacctttt gtagaaaatc      4740
     cttgtattcg agaaactaat cagagtgtct gaaatctcac cacaccctca ttcacctggc      4800
     ccttaaatta gtcaattggt ttagtccaat agacagaggg aatgaccaca aataagtgaa      4860
     ttcagacagc tgctgttgaa cacctgctgt taacaagcac aatcactgaa ggaataagaa      4920
     atttaaggaa gaaataaaac tacagacaca gcctcacacc aaaccaacta aatgaaaaca      4980
     gaggattaaa caactccatt aaataatagt ataagcagct tcactgatta cagtttgact      5040
     tcatttctgt aagaatattt gacaatgaac agaggtttat atttttttta ttaaaaatat      5100
     ttcatttgac ctcaccatca tggagatcag aggctgctta tttgagctct tgaagcttta      5160
     ttcttatatc ctaatgtttc tttgactgtt atagctgtgt ttctaaaact catcagttat      5220
     agcaagaaag atcaagagaa actatattgt ttatgcttaa gtgttctaga tataatttca      5280
     ggtgttcaat aagttgattc agaaaaatat gcaaataaag ttgtattaaa actgcatggg      5340
     acaatactac tggcagtctg ctgctcttca tagaagattc aacaaacaat taggatgcaa      5400
     ttaataattt tcatttttca aattttcaat tttcagtttc atgcactaaa cattcaagct      5460
     ccagcttgct cattatgaca cacagacatc aagaatcagg atatgaacct caaccatggt      5520
     tgctaaaaaa aaaaagctgc atagttcatg ccgcaatgca tgctgggtgc cagcatagta      5580
     caaagctccc agcatgcatt gcagcatgaa taaaatatgc agctttatgt tcttacaatc      5640
     tctttctttt cctttatttt gtgttgtttc tgggaggtga tatttcagta gagtgttttt      5700
     tttacttgat ttttattttt gtgtttgtca ccattattga gattcaaaga ctaattattg      5760
     atgtctgtgt gtttttgagt tctgccgtag atcaaacatt ctcattgtaa atattgtttt      5820
     tattttattt tatattattg gagcttcagt ggtttcattt atgtatatta gttttttctc      5880
     acacataact aatatgatac tgaattaaaa aacaagcagg aaaggaaggc tatgatatca      5940
     taaataatct tttcagactg acacaataat tgtctttccg ctttccatgc tatatgtata      6000
     agtagtgtaa ttaacactaa ctatagcagt caaaataaaa cacaattata gcaagaagtt      6060
     atagagcctg actaaagcag actctgtcct ccatcatggt gacttcaaat gaacaacaga      6120
     aatttcatta agagcttttg ttcacatgac agaaataaag tcaaaggtca gtaataggtg      6180
     aagctccatg ataagttgtt taatgtgatg agtttttttt ttttaaagat gttgaaaaat      6240
     aacattttta ttgtgtaatt tgttttattt ttattgatta ttattttatt tagagttttt      6300
     tttctcagtt gaattcatct ttggttttgg ctgtagtttg tgtttttctg tccttcagtg      6360
     attctgcttg ttaacagttg ttcatcaaca attctcaatc cccctttaat tagacactta      6420
     attttctcat taacttcatc actgtctgag tgttcagccc tctgtagtga ggacactagt      6480
     taggattttg ctctggaatt taggcttacg tgtgttcgaa tgaaaaatac agactatggg      6540
     atgtattttt aacagaaata ttctggaaac tgaatttacg aatgtaaaat gttgaaaaca      6600
     gcagattact ggcaaccact gctgccagta ttttgacata catttaacag atattttaca      6660
     caataagagt tttctaatta acactctgag tgttaaaaat tttaacactt tcaaaagtgt      6720
     tattttaaca cttatagtgg ttcccatata aacactgagg gagtgttaat tttaactcta      6780
     aggtagttaa atctaccaaa tctaaaattt gcagtttgag ttcgataaaa aatacagact      6840
     gttgaatgtg cttttaacag aaatattctg taaactgaat ttatgaatgt taaaaacagc      6900
     agattactgg caaccacagc tgctggtatt tttccgtaaa atctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      6960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacagc taaacagttt ttgtgtcacc attgtggagg ataatagcgt      7020
     ctttgttcaa gtccaagatg aactgagagt atttgatgtt atgctgtata ttcttttctt      7080
     taaaggtaac tgtgtagtta ctaatgcagt caaaatctgt ttgctagttg caatcacaca      7140
     tgaacacatt attgcatcta aacatttttg tgcactaagc tatgattttg taaaatgaac      7200
     attgtattag ttcatgaaat atggttaatt tttgtaaatt tatacagttc tataaaactt      7260
     tcatgttttt cacagaaaga ttcaggcaac cacagctgct ggtatttttc ggaaatgtaa      7320
     cagatatttt acacaataag agtttgctaa ttaacactct ctaggtgttg acattgttaa      7380
     cactttcaaa agtgttattt ttaacactta tagtggttcc catataaact ctgagggatt      7440
     gttaatttta actctaaggt agttaaatct actatctaaa atttgctgtg tattgcaata      7500
     tatacacaga aaaactaaat gttgcaatgt caattttttt caatagcgtg cagccccaca      7560
     atatacagaa aactgctcat ttacagatat tttttaaagt gcatgttttt ttaacctacc      7620
     tcattggttc tgctagtttt catttctttt aattgctgaa gtaaacagtg aaaaagaaag      7680
     aggaacaatt aagttttgga tttgacatga tcatgtgtat gaatcagctg tgtcttattc      7740
     tgtagttttt ttaacatcat accaaatgac gaaattcagc tgctagacat ccactggatt      7800
     cttctaagtt cataacttta gtattcgtcc ctaatatgtt gaattttcta cctctagaac      7860
     attagaatat aagacaatgt tataatttca gctggtgtca tgctgtacgt aaaattataa      7920
     ttgtgctata caaatgataa attatttaaa catatattca aacaaaacaa tctgaataat      7980
     ttatcagttg taattgtgcg gttgtcttat cacattgata aatggtgtgt atagttaagt      8040
     aatatagcag tcttgttcaa ttgtgggttg cagaggtttt tgtggatgtt gtctgggcca      8100
     caagatatta cattggactc cttgctatat atctaaatgc tctgtctcag tcaaaatata      8160
     atttcatagt attaataaac catatttgtt ctctgaaatt ctgtgtaata tgttacttac      8220
     ccttttattg tgtccctctc tgttaaattt ctacaggagg aaaacaataa aaaccattag      8280
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag      8340
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag      8400
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatat      8460
     agcttacttg tcaataaaaa ctttcacttt cagttgacaa ttcagttcag ggagtttgac      8520
     tagtgaccta cgaaataatg taatataaaa tagcacatca gactgaagat tgactttgaa      8580
     taagcatcac tggaattaaa agctcttctt cagaaccatc aattaaaatg agttaaagca      8640
     acattaataa tgaaagaaac ccacctgatc ttgacggtga actgaactcc tgtttttatt      8700
     accaagggtc tctgaggatg tgttggcata cagggctgcc tctccaccac aagagaactg      8760
     aaatacacac aaagaaagat caaaacactg tcggcctgtt caacactgaa atctgacaca      8820
     cgccataata tataatcaaa tttctgttgg tttcctcttt tactaaagcg tgtgttctac      8880
     atatgaagtc attttcatga tgagctgtgg tgtctcactt taatatgagg cttttgaaga      8940
     gtgaaatggc ctgttcatcc agctggcccc ttcctagatt tagcgggtcg ttgctgtagg      9000
     tgaatttctg gaccagttcc tgaactttct tcagctgctg acggatctgc tggagacact      9060
     ctgccaccac cgtgaacctg gagaacaagt cacgctttaa ctatttataa aacgtatata      9120
     ctgtatataa atatactata ctgtaaaaat aagagcaata caaccaaaag gagctccatc      9180
     ctaagcccac atacaatttg tgaattcatt ataaatgcct ttctgtaata attgtctgat      9240
     aaataatgct aattttgtaa ttaattacaa gttacaaacc ttaactttag aaaaaatcaa      9300
     acataggaac aagagtgaca aggtcttgac acacttcgat taaagggata gttcacacaa      9360
     aaaataaaat ttcctcacta tttacacacc ctcaagtatt acaaagtctt tataagtttc      9420
     tagattctgt caaacactaa gcaaggtatt ttgaagaaag ctgtaaccac tgacttccat      9480
     aataggaaaa acatagtata tggaagtcaa tggttgcaga tttccagcat tgcttaagta      9540
     tcttctttag cattcaacag aaggaaaaaa gtcaaacagg tttggtactg gtcaagtgtg      9600
     agtagatgat aacaacattt tcattttttg gtgatctatt catttaaaaa caaagaagaa      9660
     aaacttgttg gttgtatatt ttgaaacaac ggagacacgt tcaagctcaa actggttgca      9720
     acttgttgaa cgacttttgt cctgtaaatg gtgtttgaga tacattttct cttgtttggt      9780
     gggtgtactc taaatgtaaa aacccaatca gcagctacac gtatatagac cacagcttgc      9840
     aaggacagtg actgtaacat tgagcatatg ttgcagcatt aaacatgcat ttaggccaat      9900
     ttccacacca ccatttccat aaaaaaacta ttagcaatgt tttgttggag aacataaccc      9960
     agatattaat ttactacttt gaaagtgatt catgtaatct gcggcgcatt gttagagtgg     10020
     gtggagaaag tattgttttt acattaaagg cactatgtta ttatcatcac tagagggagc     10080
     atattcacta caaagaaaga cataagctgt gcccaaattg catacttatg cactattctt     10140
     caccattttg tagtataaat agtgtaagtt gtgcgttgac actgaaaact ctaaaaatat     10200
     gaagtgcact ttaaataccc ggatgatgca cttattcagc cggtaaaatg aagtgtggaa     10260
     ttatggacac ttcacgcact caacgaccgc aggtttgctc acgtagcgga aggggtggag     10320
     ctatcgggcg cacatgttgg actactttat ttattttggt ttgtgaaagc aaaattatct     10380
     tacaagagtg attattgcgc cttctgacgg tgaatgtggt tatactcacg gcaggtatta     10440
     tttgatagtt tggtcattca tttcattgat ttagaaaccg tcaaacgtca tcagggaaat     10500
     gggttaaaac aacattaaca aacattagtg ctgttgagtg tgtaagtgca taagtgcata     10560
     gtgtagagtg tgccatttgg gacgcagctg catacttcta tactatatag cattggttct     10620
     caactggttt ggccatggga cccacacatg cctcaaccca aatatttagg aactataata     10680
     tataatattg tcatgtttac cagccaacaa ccaccagatg tcgctggtaa acacacacac     10740
     acctagaact acacttttcc tggactacaa cttcatacat gctcttcgcc cacacacctg     10800
     ctttctcatt tagcttgatt cacattcaca cctgaggact ttcagagact gattacacac     10860
     agtatttaag cagcacacac actcattcac attgccgagt cttgtttatc tgtaaggtga     10920
     cattacaacg cgttatcctg gtcttgtttc tctgtgtttt gaaccttgcc ttgtttattt     10980
     agttttcctt gtctgccgcc tgcctttcga cctcttgctt gttaaattga ctatgattct     11040
     ggattgtcct cacacacctg tttgctcccg tattgaccac tgcttgcctg acaaagatta     11100
     aacctgcata ttggatcctg ccttctgttg ttggtgtcac tccccgtcgt tacagaagac     11160
     tcggccacac aatggatcca gcgggtatca agatcatgtg tcttcgtcag gaagcccgaa     11220
     caatagaaga gtatgtagag gattttattt atttggctca tttaacatct atggacgatt     11280
     catgtttaat gatctttttc cggggtggtt tatctgaacc attgtattcc acaatgccaa     11340
     ttcatgaggc ccactggaca atagaacatt atatcgatct ggcgctgcaa cttagtgggt     11400
     cccccttcac cgtaggcgag gtggaggaca cccctaaata ttttttgggg gggggcatag     11460
     gacagcaaga cccgatggca acggggcttg ctgctcattc caccaccaca cacccagctc     11520
     acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc     11580
     acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc     11640
     acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc     11700
     acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc acaagatggc cgactcaagt cctccagctc     11760
     acaagatggc cgactccagt cctccagctc acaagagggc cacctccagt cctccagctt     11820
     gcaagatggc tgctccagct cacaagatgg ccgactccag tcctccagct cacaagatgg     11880
     ccgactccag tcctccagct cacaagatgg ccgactccag tcctccagct cacaagatgg     11940
     ccgactccag tcctccagct cacaagatgg ccgactccag tcctccagct cacaagatgg     12000
     ccgactccag tcctccagct cacaagatgg ccgactccag tcctccagct cacaagatgg     12060
     ccgactccag tcctccagct cccaatgtgg tcacaaccag ccctccagct cacaatgtgg     12120
     taagcgccaa tctgccacct gctcacaaga tggtttcctg ttccttgtcc gttcctgcca     12180
     tagttcctgt tctagttcct gaaataccat cacctgagcc accagaatgg ccaccaccac     12240
     ctgagttaca agagctgatg ccaccaccag agctgttact gccagagctg ccaccgccac     12300
     ctccagtgct gccagaccct ccagtgctgc caaaccctcc agtgctatca gaccctccgg     12360
     agctgccacc gccacctcca gtgctgccag accctccagt gctgccagac cctccagtgc     12420
     tgccaaagct gccagatcct ccagagctgc cgccacctga acctcctgaa tggccgccgc     12480
     ctcctgagct cgctgaatgg ccgccgcctc ctgagcttcc tgaatggccg ccgcctcctg     12540
     agcttcctga atggccgccg cctcctgagc ttcctgaatg gccgccgcct cctgagcttc     12600
     ctgaatggct gccgcctcct gagcttcctg aatggccgcc gcctcctgag cttcctgaat     12660
     ggccgccgcc tcctgagctt cctgaatggc cgccgcctcc tgagcttcct gaatggccgc     12720
     cgccgcctga gcttcctgaa tggccgccgc ctcctgagct tcctgaatgg ccgccgcctc     12780
     ctgagcttcc tgaatggccg ccgcctcctg agcttcctga atggccgccg cctcctgagc     12840
     ttcctgaatg gccgccgcct gagcttcctg aatggccgcc gccgcctgag cttcctgaat     12900
     ggccgccgcc gcctgagctt cctgaatggc cgccgccgcc tgagcttcct gaatggccgc     12960
     cgccgcctga gcttcctgaa tggccgccgc cgcctgagct ccctgaatgg ccgccgccgc     13020
     ctgagctccc tgaatggccg ccgccgcctg agctccctga atggccgccg ccgcctgagc     13080
     tccctgaatg gccgccgccg cctgagctcc ctgaatggcc gccgccgcct gagctccctg     13140
     aatggccgcc gccgcatgag cttcctgaat ggcctccgcc gcctgctgaa cttcctgaat     13200
     ggccgccacc tgagcttcct gaatggccgc cgcctgagct tcctgaatgg ccgccgccta     13260
     agcttcctca atggtcgcag cctcatgatc cagggccact gcagctccac gctccaggcc     13320
     ctccgcagct ccacgctcca ggccctccgc agctccacgc tccaggccct ccgcagctcc     13380
     acgctccagg ccctccgcag ctccacgctc caggccctcc gcagctccac gctccaggcc     13440
     ctccgcagct ccacgctcca ggccctccgc tgctccacgc tccaggccct ccgctgctcc     13500
     acgctccagg ccctccgctg ctccacgctc caggccctcc gctgctccac gctccaggcc     13560
     ctccgctgct ccacgctcca ggccctccgc tgctccacgc tccaggtacg cccccgctgc     13620
     atggtcctgg ccctccatcc ctccccctgt tccgcctccg ctccacctcc tgcctgaaca     13680
     gtattaggag tgtctggaag ccactcctta gagggggggc tctgtcatgt ttaccagcca     13740
     acaaccacca gatgtcgctg gtaaacacac acacacctag aactacactt ttcctggact     13800
     acaacttcat acatgctctt cgcccacaca cctgctttct catttagctt gattcacatt     13860
     cacacctgag gactttcaga gactgattac acacagtatt taagcagcac acacactcat     13920
     tcacattgcg gaatcttgtt tatctgtaag gtgacattac aacgcgttat cctggtcttg     13980
     tttctctgtg ttttgaacct tgccttgttt atttagtttt ccttgtctgc cgcctgcctt     14040
     tcgacctctt gcttgttaaa ttgactatga ttctggattg tcctcacaca cctgtttgct     14100
     cccgtattga ccactgcttg cctgactgtg aataaacctg catattggat cctaccttct     14160
     gttgtggtgt cactccccgg cgttacaaat atatgatgaa ttataattta tttgtattta     14220
     tttgttaaca tacacaagta gtgaccgata aatcaaagtg tattaaagta taatattaca     14280
     gagtaaaaac gtcaaatact gtatacagtg gttagggtaa ggaaaagtta atttaccagg     14340
     aactaaactg aactgttaat aaaacattaa cacatgaact tgttgaacag aacaatccag     14400
     caaaattaaa gtaaaatgat taaaatactc aaaaccattt ttataataat cactaattat     14460
     ttgctcatct gctatcgtgt gggctttctt ggcctttgct taacggtgag ctacacagta     14520
     cgatgcgtgg agtgcctgta cttgttttaa acatgaagat gttagggact tttgtgatgc     14580
     cctcagcttt tggagtcgtc tttgaaaata gtccacaggt ttgtccttgc aactgggatg     14640
     tttggtttct aaatgtcatt tcaatttaga gggagcacct cactacatat gacactgagg     14700
     ttttaagcct tttttgtcat caatatatgt aaatccatac tttacatatt cgaggtcgta     14760
     cttgtgcttt gacttatttg ttgctataat taaatgaaat ttcatacgtc aaacgggatg     14820
     gttgtcgcat gtgcatttaa aaaaaaagtc caatataagc aaaatgagtt aaaaatttga     14880
     cttttgttgt tgtttttttt gatcacacat cgcgacccac tgaaagtgtt cccacaagtt     14940
     gagaaacagt gctatatagt acactaaaaa ctgtatgcga gaaaaacaat acgtgagaag     15000
     tagttggatg acctactact tccgactaga ttctgaagta tgcatctgat aaatgctaca     15060
     ctatcccact gcgagaaaat tcatgaattt catgaataaa atgacgcaac tgtcgcgggt     15120
     agatcacatg atgatgtcaa aatggcggat gtagtacatc cgagttccat tcaaaactac     15180
     tgacattcat actgtataga atggactgtt ctaacagtca agtagtaatt caacttcaag     15240
     tccagtactt actgatgagt agatgatttt agatgcagcc atagtctgga cattaagact     15300
     aagtgtgtta tcatgggagt tgcgattttc attacattct atgggactcc tgaagaatgt     15360
     aatgtttata gttgagctta agtattcaaa acatttatgg tagtatgaag cagagtaagg     15420
     ccctgttcag aatacataat ttttattgtt gttatggcag tcaatatatc agattaagtg     15480
     attttgacta gatcaaattt ttgtgtgtta tggataccaa acacattgcg tgatatttga     15540
     tatctatgac gtgcgtcagg tcattaagaa tgtgtgtaca taacaaatgt ctctgtaatt     15600
     attgagtgtt tcccacagac agtaatttac cccatatata tatatatata tatatatata     15660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatagttgat gtcggaatta ttagccccct     15720
     tctaattttt ttaatgtttt ttaaatattt tcatttatta taaataaatg atgtttaaca     15780
     gaacaatgaa attttcactg tatgtctgat aatatttttt cttctggaga aagtcttatt     15840
     tgttttattt cggctagaat aaaagcagtt tttaattttt taaacaccat tttagggaca     15900
     aaattattag cccctttaag ctatattttt tatccataat ctacagagca aactatcatt     15960
     atacaataac ttcccaaatt accctaacct gcctagttaa cctaattaac ctagttaaac     16020
     ttttaaatgt cactttaagc tgtatcgaag tgtcttgaaa aatatctagt aaaatattat     16080
     ttactgtcat catgacaaag ataaaataaa tcagttatta gaaatgagtt aataaaactg     16140
     ttatgtttag aaatgtgttc aaaaaatctc tctccgtcaa acagaaattg gagaaaaaaa     16200
     taaacaagcc gtctaataat tctggggggc taataattct gacttcaact gtgtatatat     16260
     atataatata atataaatat aaatataaat atatatatat atatatatat gcctgtgtgt     16320
     gtttccaggt tacaaattat agaatcattc tgtgctagca aaaggctctt ttggagcttg     16380
     atggagaatt aaatatacta gactttctgc aattacgcca tgaagccttg cagacatgat     16440
     attggctgtc atgtactatg acactgcatg agaagaaatt atttcaattt tcatcccatg     16500
     cgagagcact gaagaaaatg ctgatgagag atgagcgtga cgtgtcatgg aaacagtaga     16560
     gcttgtatta tgccacggcc cacctcttgt ggtatgttca caccagatta agatgaagca     16620
     ttaagcgtga gtgatttaca tgttaagtca atgcaaagat ctgattagac attttgcgga     16680
     gccatacgtg ccagtgacgg gatgcgaatg atgcgattca cgtgattcac gcaaattggt     16740
     taaaaaatct ggccgatatt cgtgtgcatt aaccagtcag gagcttgctt tagtaggggc     16800
     gtgattatga tgtagcgcct gttgttggtg tcctgagggg aaatcctcct ggcaacacag     16860
     gacaccagct cattaaactg ataccggctc agttggaagt actgctgaaa gtgtcatcca     16920
     ttctggggaa gttgataaac tcagagctca ctgcgcctct gaaggatctg atggtctcag     16980
     acatggtgct gaatgaatct acacagtttt ttagccttcc taaagcacag ctactctctc     17040
     aataaaatcc atgttagcca ttgtagggcc tcacacacgt tatacacaat tatgtagtgc     17100
     attaacttta gctcaaaggg aatataacag aatttaaagc ggcttcaaaa gtatcaactc     17160
     tcttgagaat caactgaaca aacgaaccgt ccagcgctgt ttgaacagac aggactgttg     17220
     actcacaaac gaatatttct atttgaaatg aagtaaaaac actttaatat ttaagcaggg     17280
     taacaagatc taggtataag acaatagatt cacaaggaca cacaggccac tttcctttca     17340
     atacaaaaga gacttttatt gactgcaaac aaaactaaca aaaacacaca cacacacaca     17400
     cacacacatc catagtggtt gcagacaagg aatagaagga aaagaagagt ttaggtgaga     17460
     tgttgtgtaa aacctcaaga tgtaaaacct aaccaagtga accaaacaac caattcaacc     17520
     tttactgtgt cttagacagg gtaatatatc atttaacatg actagcagat catacaccag     17580
     ttcagcaatg gatctggaga tgtacttgcg ttccgtagtg atgtggggaa gtccctctgt     17640
     ggagctggat tcccacgtga gttcgctggt ggttggttgg ttgttgtaat gacgtctctg     17700
     aggctgctga taaagcgaag tccagtagtt caagttggag aaggcaaaac tgttgtcatg     17760
     ctgactgatt tcccggcgca acttaactta actagactct cgacggaaag aaaagaaaga     17820
     agagtgaatg gaagaggggg attttgaggt tcgtctcatt ctaacgtaat gtccaagtcc     17880
     gcctggactg gacctagaga agagttgtcc tggaagtgga gcatctccac ttctcaacag     17940
     ctgctgctgg tgcaactctg ttggactgga cgattcgttt gttcagttca aaagagttga     18000
     ttcttttgaa gccactttaa attctgttat attccctttg agctaattta aagttaaccc     18060
     actacatatc catgtatttt gtgtgagagg ccctacacca tttagcaaca aaattagacc     18120
     caccctggca gacagatgac cctcccatga tacaaatctg catctattgt gaagtgaatt     18180
     tgatgtgcga ataaagagag caaactcaag ccgtgtctag tgtaaaagct ccattactgt     18240
     tcttccagtt gtgattgtgt gaagaagcac cactgtttat ttagggttta atcaaaaagc     18300
     tcctctgtgc acaacaagta tcatctttag tgcttagatt tttctagatc tagtgaccaa     18360
     accgaaaacc aagtgtgtgt gatgctatta tcatggcgac aagggacacg gtcaatagtg     18420
     tcactagtta aaattgctta tttctctgga ttttaacatt gttctaaaca tttggtataa     18480
     tgtatataca gttgaagtca gaattattag ccccccagaa ttattagccc ccctgtttat     18540
     tttttcccca atttctgttt aaccgaaaga agattttttc aacacatttc taaacataat     18600
     agttttaata actcatttct aataactgat ttattttatc tttgccatga tgaaagtaaa     18660
     taatatttga ctagatattt ttcaagacac ttctatacag cttaaagtga catttaaagg     18720
     cttaactagg ttaattaggt taactaggca ggttagggta attaggcaag ttattgtata     18780
     acaatggttt gttttgtgga ctatcgaaaa ataaatatta gcttaaaggg gctaatactt     18840
     taatgcttaa aatggtgttt aaaaaaaatc aaaactgctt taattctagc cgaaataaaa     18900
     caaataagac tttctctaga agaaaaaaat attatcagac atactgtgaa aatgtccttg     18960
     ttctattaaa catcatttgg taaatattta ataaagaaaa aaaatcaaag aggggctctg     19020
     ataattctga ctcaactgta cataaatcag caatcatata acacggttct agtagttttt     19080
     ggaaaaagtg tgcatattgt gccgttaatg aatgatcgtt ataggcaaca gcttcctcta     19140
     tgttctcacc agttctgcag ttgatccaga cacgcattag gtggtcctcc gatacaagcc     19200
     atctgctgtc tcttcttcca ctcgggtaac tcttctgtta tcagagtgaa ctggatctgc     19260
     tctgctaacg tcagtacatt agagatttct ttcatcacca cctgcacaca cacattcaca     19320
     tatagtacag tgctcagcat atataagtat acccttcaca aatctttcat ttaaattaat     19380
     attttctata ggaagtttta caatattata tatgtgcata tacattagat tattccgtac     19440
     cgtagtcaaa tctggagcta atctgacaaa ataacttatg ataaaggtcc aaaatgagta     19500
     cacacaaatt tatttgttag gcgaaaatat taaatataaa aaacaatata tatatatttt     19560
     tttttgaaat tttgtagttt gtaatttatt tatccaatat tttacatgat ttttaatgta     19620
     ttgtctttct atttctaaaa atgtttggca aggaaaatat tatttttata aatgtatctg     19680
     tttaataaat cagttttttt tttttttcaa accaaaatat atgacatggt ttccgctaca     19740
     ttcattcttc catggcgggg cgccacccca aaattcatcc cgccacggct acattaccgc     19800
     ttctcattca aaacatgtta tttttttaat gccgcgtaat aatcgcacta aaacgtatta     19860
     aaagctgagt gaattataac agtgcgaact tctctgtaac cgtagtagtg ctgtgcatta     19920
     tttgtttacc ccgttaaggt tacgtgctga cagactgact gtctgactga caggtgcatg     19980
     atgcgtgagg ccagcaaaca cgacgtatag ccgtttcact ttacttcagg acgcattaat     20040
     atcgctctgt aggtctatta gagacattca taaatattcc taggaaatct tataaatgct     20100
     ggagacatac tcgttacata aacgcactaa atcgcacttc agcagcgttt attttagagc     20160
     gcacaagaag atctgtgcac gaaaagaagt tttgtgcacg agcagaagaa attggggcgc     20220
     aagcaaagag atccacatgc tgtaggctat tacataaatg cgatctcgac ttctaaaact     20280
     gcactcacaa catttgacat tgaaataaca ccaaaggtgg ttggtagatc tgtgtaaaaa     20340
     aggcctgctg ccacagctgg aaaaaatcct agaggaaaca ttgtatgacc tatattcact     20400
     gagaaatgga tacaaatatt cgttttcaaa atggagtgta ctcatttaag gagagcactg     20460
     tgtaaaatta atacagtcat atgtttataa attcatgcac ttaaaatcaa gaaaatgata     20520
     ctgatggaat cctcaatatt cccatgtcat agtataattg ataatattgt aatataatct     20580
     tgacctctac ctctcttttt atgccttgca cagtaaacat tcgcttaatt gccatctcct     20640
     cttgctggat ctcttttggc atcgggtcat tcatttgcac accttcagct tcaactgaaa     20700
     atataaaata gatgcaccac acatcatttg tgctcattca aaagctgtca aatgtaaatt     20760
     tggtctcaca cagatttaag gaaaaaaatg atgtaatgcc acaatgaaat gcttaaaatg     20820
     tagcggatgt tacttcgact ctgtaggctc ttcatattga agtcgtaatc atcttgcata     20880
     tcctccagag cttgaacgtg cttttccatt tcctagaagc aaataaatat agccggatta     20940
     aaataaatta aagttatatc tatgaaaatg ctccaaagcc tttttattat tggcagatga     21000
     ttcacctgca cactcatctt caaattgttg actttattga ccagctcatt ttgatgttcc     21060
     atcatgatgt tcccctgcaa tgagtcacct ttaccctaaa aataaatgac caagatcaat     21120
     gattacacaa gcacagcttc gaaacgctgc ctttgatgca agactaaaag ccttacttga     21180
     gaactaagcg caacttgcag tatctttctc tcctcgttca gagtgctgga tatgatcata     21240
     gccatgtaaa caggattttc ttggaagtgc tcctattgga gatatgtcca ttatctgtca     21300
     gatatctttt taggacagtg aatgcaatct tatttataat caatataata atttttacct     21360
     gtagattgcg cttaattttg cgtatattat gctgtaagag gaagttgttt cccagattga     21420
     gacggctgta gtgctcatcc agttggttca ggagctcatg gaagcgaacg atggctagag     21480
     attcattact tgcaatggat tccctgcaaa caacactgac tacgtttaca tggacatcag     21540
     tgattgaatt atttgccttc atctgaacaa gacagtaata ggatgaggat gtttacatga     21600
     gttgcttttc gaatgttcct ttcatgatcc cgttttacat gttatataat tcgattaacg     21660
     tcattgcgcc accacgctag ccacatttcc tctagtctag agtttcatgt aatttccggt     21720
     gtttcgtttt taatttgtcc actttaagtg aagtttcata aactaatttc gagaggagca     21780
     cgtgatatga ttgtgcaccg ctggccactc atacgtaatc agtaataatc caatcagaat     21840
     gatcctagct taatataaat ggatcacttt ctgcttattg ctctatcttc tttttggaag     21900
     aatcccccct tccaccccat ctccttcttt ttctccccct ctaaaggggg agcgatcgag     21960
     acctacctga tctcggatct cctgatacgc ttctagaccg ggcgggagcc ctgggctcaa     22020
     atatctccga gctcagggtt ctcttccggg acagcatgcc aaacctgcta taaatgccaa     22080
     gcatatctaa ttgggaactc ttgaactgca gtttggcact ttctctttta ttctggaaca     22140
     tttcatgtat gcccccgtga caaatgagat attgtatgcg agtatgaact gctggaagtc     22200
     tggatgtttt gatatggcac aatatttcac gaggcaggtg tctgtggtca ttcactgact     22260
     cggtaggtac agagaatagt ttcaaacatt cgtttttgta tagactatcc tgtcacaaaa     22320
     tgtggcaaaa tcctacacaa cgataatatt ttgattacgg ttgtggtggg gagagcatga     22380
     tcgaacatcc aagaaggggg gagaccaggt tgagacacca atggctggtc agtggtccaa     22440
     tcataaataa taaatttatg atttattaaa tataatatta aatataataa acaaaaacac     22500
     ctgtattttc tagtgattgg gccagacaga caccttctta aggggaagag agcgaagcaa     22560
     cagagagaag agagccactg cacagatgga aaaactgagc gtttcacttg tgataaaaca     22620
     gtttaacaga gcatctacag catgagaatg agagatgagc ctcttcattc tttactttcg     22680
     ctctcgtgga tagggaaacg tgttgtacaa gcagacattc attagcctac ataaataatt     22740
     tagtttatgc gcaaagattt ttttcaaaac tatttctaaa tacagttcta attaccagca     22800
     aacgaataaa tgaacaataa taacgaagag tgctcaaaaa cctgagttat atccaaatgc     22860
     acatgctgtg ccccatatgg tctaaaacct gacaggtgga caaatataag cttgttttta     22920
     ataaaaacaa atataaattt gcaggggcga ttggaggatt ttcattttag gggggctgag     22980
     ctccttataa ggtaaaaaaa aattgatata tacataaagc ctaatattac atttataagt     23040
     agtaatttag tagtaatagt agtaatagta attagttaat agttaatagt aagtagtaat     23100
     agtaatacac tcaaaaatgt ttgtttaata agggttgtat actattattc cattgtatta     23160
     catagacagg catagccaca ttgagttctg agtaagccaa gtaggctcaa cccacctgtt     23220
     tactgtagta aaaaacactt tctatattcg agtgcatttg ttgtgcattt caggtattta     23280
     ataaataaac tgccactttt ctaattaaat gacaagcata taaatacata tttttaaact     23340
     tacaggctaa ttcacatatt tcaggatctg aatgataata aataagaagt attcatttag     23400
     tactagacaa cacttgatgt ttctatttct ttcagtgact cagtcacagt taaaactttg     23460
     agtccattct caaagtgctt atgtcactgt ttaatgcttt ttgtgcaaga ctgtatggta     23520
     tagttaatgc cacacaaact gtaaagtgtt tttattggta gttcattttg aaataaaaat     23580
     tgtgaaatgt tcgttaagag ttactttttt cgctggagga aacagttgtg ctaatgaggt     23640
     gaacgcagag aaaacccgac tgctcctcca tgacactggg atacagatga tacaaggttc     23700
     tctatatcaa agaactgcta ataagcagac attataacac cttgttctct cgacgtccac     23760
     ggctgtggtg tgctgatcaa atgaaaaaag aaaagacggg gaagagcgga attctgccgc     23820
     tgttttcata tcaaatttaa aggtgactga ggcaataatt gagtgtacag ttcatgagct     23880
     aatcgcaaaa gttttagggg ggctgagtag aaatataggt gggctacagc ccccctaaaa     23940
     taggcctagc aacacccatg taaatatgta tataataaat aatactgcta ataataataa     24000
     cattacacaa aagcaaattg taatgaataa actaaaaaag cccccagaga tgaagaaggc     24060
     atgaaagtat ggtttttata tttatgtagg ctagaaaaga atattttttg ttatatttta     24120
     atccttaaat tcttttttat ttgtaatgat atttgtgtat tgctgtacac cttgtacata     24180
     ttaagcaatg tgtcagcgag gcgcacaact aacctgctct gcgctggact ttggacctgc     24240
     tttgatctgg tctattgaac agacaatttt aattctgtca cggttgcagg tttgtgcgcc     24300
     tttcggagtg tctgtttggt cacgtgggtt tgttttgttt tgattgtgca cgtgtatttg     24360
     ttatggtcac gtgctatgac gatactctct gttttgatta gctcaccagc tgaggcttac     24420
     tatcgtgcct atatctgggc gacgcttcta tgtttctttg tcagttcgtt gtgtttgctc     24480
     gtgtgtctgt ctgtgcttag gactgtgagg agagaccact ggaccccgtt cgtctgtctg     24540
     tttcctgccc tgttttcctt gttgtccttg cacatgcata ctgccctgtt ggtttgtttt     24600
     gactgcatca aataaacacg ttacttgcat ttggatcctt ctctaaatct tgtttgattg     24660
     tgacaaattc cttaaaatag caacgtgcct taatacactt ggttttttag accagaatgc     24720
     ctatgagcgc taatgcattt gttatttaaa taacgtggtt caaaacgtca aaatgactct     24780
     tgcaccatgc tgaaattagc aaacaacctt tgagtcgcga cttgcgcctc attgcaccgg     24840
     gtgtatgata gggcccaaag tgttgacctg ctttactgtg aaaaaaaaaa acattaattt     24900
     acactatatc gccgaccctg tctacttctt cccacaacaa gaccgatttg tcacagcggt     24960
     gtttaaatgt ctgtactgca cttcaacaat gcgactaaaa tcagcatact ccacatgtct     25020
     taattccatt tctgtttagt tcgattatga ctttaatcgg attaaattaa tcaaaaatcg     25080
     ctgtttactc ttaatcaaag aattgtccta attgtccgga ttattggtgt ccatgtaaac     25140
     atgctctttg tctcaaaatg atgataattg gtagcaattt attatgcaaa aaaaaattta     25200
     atcattattt taaaatctca ccagtcatga ctctcaatcc agtgacatag atattgtcgg     25260
     atctccattg ggaaagcctc atcgtaaagc tggtccactt gctccaaata cattgagtcc     25320
     agcagctgca gctggttcca gagcgtcatc tgcaaacata aaattgcaac ccgttatgca     25380
     accctctctg cgttgacata tctcaccaag caccttgttt tatgaaatta ttactttagt     25440
     tatcattgct tttattatta tttccattaa taataataat aataataata acagtaataa     25500
     taataattat aaaataatat tagagagatt tttaaaggat catggaactc taaagactgg     25560
     agtaatgaag ctggaaattc atcaataaaa tcactggaat aaacgattaa attaaatgac     25620
     aaactacttt tgaacagtta ttttatagtg caataacatt tcacaatttt actatttgta     25680
     ctgtattttt gatgaaataa atacagcctt ggtgagcagg agaagcttat tttaaaacat     25740
     ttaaaaatcc tgctgacccc aaacttttga ccagttgtga atataaatac atatatacat     25800
     ttttcacaat aaatgggact tttataaaat atttgttatt ttaattaata atttaattaa     25860
     aagtagttat aactttacaa tttaaaatgt ttgatttatt tttaactcat tgtaaattgt     25920
     aaaaaagttt aatagccatc aagcccatgc atataaaatc ttttgcataa aagtcatgca     25980
     gatatgatca aaagatatga gaaaatgaaa tagccgtcta cagcagaaaa ttattttaag     26040
     agatccctaa agcttctaat ctatgcaatt aatttactta tttaaaacgt tttcattttc     26100
     taaaatgtat gaaatgaaat tacaaattac atgatatgac attcactaat atttcattac     26160
     attataaaca aaaagctgct ttacgtggca tttcattatc tccagctttc ccatagcatt     26220
     ttgcatgaac aaactcatat aaaacgcgta acatgtatta cctttcaacg tggacgttta     26280
     gtcaagtcac taaaggagtg tatctcagga taagcagaca aaatacgcgt agactaaact     26340
     gtctgcttca gccttttatt ctcctcagtg acttcgtaat tatagaatac tcacagaggt     26400
     gcatgtcaca ttaacttctc aggccaatgg taacgcttta actgccatat ttaaatacac     26460
     cagcgatgac aaccaatcac gttctgatgc gtacagtaaa agcacgcccc ctagccaatg     26520
     gctgttccag ggaagcgcag ccctcccttt actctcacac tcaatacaga ataggaactg     26580
     ataagagaac agaaactcag caaaacacaa ggatgttgtt atgccttttg atggacggat     26640
     actaatactt cataataaga tgataacatt tcattattta tttctaaaga tacataagaa     26700
     tagctatatg atcaataaaa cgcgtacgga acagaaagtt catgctgaga tgcttgttgt     26760
     cagggggagg ttacgaaact catagcacag ccactagcca tcgggtaagc acacgttttc     26820
     cgagaaaacg agagttaaaa tcaaatgctg gaaagaaaca gaaacgaaac ttggatttgt     26880
     caattccatg ttatgttttt gcacaccact gggtgaagga gtcctaataa ataccaaact     26940
     gtataaattt aatagcacta tttcacttaa atgctcattt tatactcaat ataacaaaac     27000
     actatatctt ttatttcggg agtgtactta ctgtaaagtg ttttggtttg acttttccaa     27060
     tttcattaaa ttcttactcc aaacttgtgt atatccccca aaaattatat tctttggtta     27120
     ctttgtactt agatcattct ctttgtaaag gtattattag ttcattgctt tttctagcta     27180
     aattttatat ctataaatgt aatttttttt tattattagg aaggattctg atgtatacgt     27240
     gaaatactta aacttgaata attatattgc atttcttggt gtaaaacatg taaactttta     27300
     gactcttgtt ttctctcttt gttcatattg tatctttgta aatgttaaat gttcttaaat     27360
     gtaatctagc acagacgatt attctggtaa gattttactt ttagcttgaa acaaagtacc     27420
     aagatagaac tgcaactcaa agttaagtat attgtgaaga ctcaatctca atattttgta     27480
     tattgtcttt atttataatt cattattcat aagtgtaaat gggaaataaa taacctagtt     27540
     ttacttatta attactacct ttgtacataa aaaaacaaga aataaaaaaa tgaaaaaagt     27600
     ttcaaacgta ttatcttaaa tgatttgtta ctatttacac caaaatttga gaatggatgt     27660
     cttgttgtta attatatttt tattacttac tactttttct atgttttcct tccattgaat     27720
     tattgtaggc tactcttttt gtgctattgc ccttgtacaa tacctgacaa atttttgtca     27780
     tcaattccat ttgtaagagc aacaaataat aacttgattt ttctgataaa tcgtctgtcg     27840
     aactgcatcc caatcatcac aaatactgca gaaaacctat tggaacttgc atggacccaa     27900
     gattctcaca caaatcagtt ggaaggaaaa tcatagttca gggttacatt cagtattaag     27960
     gcgtgcgaga gatctgcaga gtggatggca acatcaacag cctgaggtat caagacattt     28020
     gtgctgccca ttacattaca aaccacagga gagggcaaat tcttcagcag gatagcgctc     28080
     cttctcatac ttcagccttc acatcaaagt tcctgaaagc aaaaaagatc aacgtgctcc     28140
     aggattggcc agcccagtca ccagaaatga acattattga gcatgcttgg tgtaagatgg     28200
     aggagacatt gaagatgaat ccaaagaatt ttgatgaact ctaggagtcc tgcaagaatg     28260
     cattctttgc cattccagat gactttatta acacgttatt tgagtcattg cagagatgta     28320
     tggatgcagt cctccaagct catggtagtc atacacaata ttcagtcttt ttccactgca     28380
     tcatgattat atattctata ctgtacatta tttctgttaa gtgacaagac ttttgtctaa     28440
     gcaatgtcag accttactgt cctaattaaa taattaaaaa tcaagacatg atcacgtttt     28500
     attttggtaa aataatcata atctagaggc cgttgccttt catataagcc acttctgata     28560
     ccaaatgatc aactagaggt caaataattg tttgtcgttt ctaaaacttg gataaacaac     28620
     aagacttttg tcaggtagtg tattttcttt gttatgcaaa ttgcaataaa aaatgtaaga     28680
     agcacaaaga aacagagcca cacgatgctt gtttcactta aagggatagt tcacccaaaa     28740
     atggaaatat ttactctgcc tttaggttat tttaaacctt tatgggtttc ttgcttctgt     28800
     taaacataaa agaaggtatt ttgaagaaag ctggaattct gtaaccattg actgagagtg     28860
     aatagtgagt aagttttcat atttgggtga actgttcctt tcatgagaga tgatggtctg     28920
     tcatgtggtt atctattcaa acttttaatt aatgaacgtt tgtgctgtag tctaagaaaa     28980
     tagatttatg tgttgcacat ttcttataac ttttataaaa cagcttttcc aagtaaacga     29040
     aaccaaccaa tatcacaaaa tcctttgcta atatttactg atggtttcag tgttgtttac     29100
     ccagtattat ttacgtcctg gaggttgatg atatctgaag gaactggaac aggtcaaaaa     29160
     aagaactgag aaagaatttc ttttgtaatt tgaatgatga aacatacttt ttagtcatta     29220
     aatgttggac taaatttgga ttaatggttt aggattaatt attacatttt agagctggca     29280
     taactttttt aaacagatat ttgggggata aaatgaagag gtcgagtttt gctgactagt     29340
     gtgaaacaaa ctgtcttaaa tgaaatacta ataagaccaa agaaattgta gttgatttta     29400
     gcagacatcc acatcaagcg gtgccagtgc catcatacat gagtcagtaa ttaagattgt     29460
     ttcattataa aagtacttgg gtgtatatct gaataggttg ctcgtatggt ctgaaaatac     29520
     aattcatgtg tacaagaaag gacagagtcg cattcattta caattcatgt gtacaagaaa     29580
     ggacagagtc gcattcattt acaattcatg tgtacaagaa aggacagagt tgcattcatt     29640
     tataaagaca actagggtcc tttgttatgt gtcagacact gttaaagact ttctgtgttg     29700
     tcttctttga ttctgtaacc tgctggggag gtgaactgtt gaaaagagga gaaaaagtaa     29760
     ttgaataagc ttttaaaaag ggcaggttct gttgtggggt gtgtactacc cactatagaa     29820
     gagattgcac atgtgcaagc tcgtttagct caagatgaat tctgccccgg tgttacaggg     29880
     aacaacacag gaagtcattt ttaccgacag tgatcagatt gtataaccaa aatcatacta     29940
     gatgaatgat gtggaattgc aatagcataa tactgtatac atggactagt gtctactctt     30000
     cccgtaaact aagacgtgca gtatgaatgt cattttatta atattgttgt ttcatacaca     30060
     gttgaagtca gaattatttg ctcccttgaa ttattagccc ccctgtttct ttttccccct     30120
     aatttctgcc gatttttttc aacacatttc taagcataat agttttaata actcatttct     30180
     tataactgat ttattttatc tttgccatga tgacagtaac taatatttta ctagatattt     30240
     ttcaagacac ctctataaag cttaaagtga catttaaagg tttaaatagg tcaactaggt     30300
     taactaacaa tggtttgttc tgtagactat cgaaaaaaat atagcttaaa tgggctgata     30360
     attttgttct taaaatggct ttaaaaatgt ttaaaatatt gtttacaata ttatcagaca     30420
     tactacgaca atttccttgc ccagttaagc aacatttggg aaatatttaa aaaataaaat     30480
     caaagggcgg ctaataattc ggattcgtct ttcaactgta tgtaatttat tttatttatc     30540
     tgattgtatc gagagatctg ctgtgatttg atttctcttt ggtattaata aagtctaaac     30600
     aaacaacgta caaacaagaa aagaaagaaa gttttgtact ttattagtca ttttacacag     30660
     atatcacact cataaataat atcagcaatg acatattttt gcaaagcttt gggcctttat     30720
     tgatgtaaag acactgtgta actttatgtt atctgttttg ttgactttac attaacccaa     30780
     atgttttaat caatgttcaa atccagagaa agaagtaatt ttaatgagta gcatggactg     30840
     tgtttttgtg gccatgctta taacatcaca caccctcaat ttctggttta gtttaaagaa     30900
     aaaggaaaca ccaaagaagc ttcaatgtgt tgtgcaattt tttaaattgc actataacag     30960
     aactctaaaa tgtatttagt gtaataaaac tcttccccac ataatcttgt caggaagaaa     31020
     tggaaacggt gagttgtggc atgataaaag ctatgctgct ttcaagagtt cttagacatg     31080
     cttagcgttt atagcaggtt tggcaagctg accttggaga gaaccctgag ctcggagata     31140
     catgagccca aggcttctgc ccagtcaata agcatatatg gagatccgag atcagctagg     31200
     tctcgaaagc tcccccttag aaaaggaagg aaaaggagga gatggggatg gaagggggga     31260
     ttctaccaaa acgaagacat agcagtaggt agaaaacgat ccatttatag taagcttgga     31320
     tcactcagat tggattatta ctgattgctg atgagaagcc atattaggtg ctcctcttga     31380
     agttagttcg atgttggttg aaaatgaaac tttgtaccat gtcacactcg tctctcatca     31440
     acaatttttt cattgctctt gtttcatttt gacagctttc agccttactc agcttcacat     31500
     tacaatgata ataagctact ttatgaacat gatttctgca ggagtcccga tgcaagaatg     31560
     catcgatgca gacttgagcg taaaactcac tcgagaagtc cccgaagtca ttgtggctga     31620
     ttaaaggagg tgtgaagcgc agcattcaat tcctgtttat tattaaagtt tagggataca     31680
     acttatttca gttattatcc ctaaatgaga cggtgaaagt aaacattcac aataaaaatc     31740
     ttaattaatg gtgtttattt gctgaaattc atgttagaat ctgtttcatt tgtattgtgc     31800
     aatgtatatt tgtaaggttt ttgtgcatct catacattga aaagggggaa aacaataaat     31860
     cgttgtatga atgctgtaat gtttaaatag tattccttta aaaaatgcgt gaaggtcatg     31920
     tgaccatcag taagaagcag catctcattt ctcagagcag cgtgttctgt tcttgcagcc     31980
     ttctcaagta gactggcagg accagtcttc acagaaacgc aattctgttc tcagcattct     32040
     gggaattgag aaacagcctt agtcttgtca tcgtcaaact atgcctttgt ttgttgtgaa     32100
     tatgtgccct ctagtggtgc aaattacata aggatcttat aaggatttat gtgtttcaga     32160
     attaattaag tttaaattgc actgcctcac tctctagcca tttgattaga tacacctgtt     32220
     catctgctct tcaatgcatc agatttctcc aacccaatgc aacaaataaa caagcatcag     32280
     aatgggggga aattatgatt taatgggtca tgttcaccca aaaatgaaaa ttttctcatg     32340
     atttactcat gcgccactca aactgattga gtttatttct tccgataaac acaaaagaag     32400
     atattaggat gttggaaagc accattgact tccatagtat tttattttcc tactaaagaa     32460
     gtcagttgtt tttggtttcc aacattttca aaatgcccag tggagtattt cagaaactgc     32520
     tgaccaactg ggattttact tcaaccttct ctataaggtt tccatataat ggcctgaaaa     32580
     agagaaaata tgcagtgagt agcagttatg tgagtgtgca tttattttga aataacacaa     32640
     ataaacactg aatgcacaac cagtcaaacc ttgagtcaga tgagctacag tagtagaaga     32700
     ccaaatggtg tcactcatgt cagctaaaaa caggaaactg aggctttgat ttgcaaatat     32760
     acacaaaacc tggactgatg agtcgcagtg tctttcgatt tctgttgcaa cttatgaata     32820
     aaagcctcag catttgccct agaaagaaag aaagcatggg tctgataatg atgctgatgg     32880
     agtaatttag gagattacat tggaacagtc tggacccctt ctacaccaac cactcattat     32940
     ttcattggca tgggtttttt acagaacaca tccatttttt tatgaccaca gtataatatc     33000
     atgtgatggc tttctccaga agaatagtgt atcatgttac aaagctcaaa acaagttttc     33060
     taaacttaaa tgatcatcac agtcttaaga tccaacatag gctcattctg aaaacgtagc     33120
     cttatataca tttatggagt gcgcaaataa tgtagccaga agtacgtatg actgcatttt     33180
     gtctttaaaa tgaacaatac ggggtgctat gacaccattc attttttcac ttaccagctg     33240
     actgcttgcc tccatatgga ctgcttttcc cgttaccagt ttgtccggta gctccacatt     33300
     tacattggcg gacttaagat gcagagcaga gttgaccgca acgactgggt ttaagtacgg     33360
     tgaagaaagt tttaagaaag tgggtaagac aaaaacaaaa gcctaaaaat aaaataaaca     33420
     agtaaataac agggtgagaa tgtagtaaaa tctgaaaaca tggtaaaaat caggcgaggg     33480
     cttttccttt tctggattgc tttttaaaac acttcggttg ggtttaggga agggggtggg     33540
     tgggtcaatc agtgcttttg aaaacactat tggttgggtt tagtttgagc tacttctaca     33600
     ataaggtagc gttcagaaaa aacaaaacac cagcgaagaa actcgataca aaggaacatc     33660
     aaaacctact gccagctagt gtttcggaag tgttattgca gagcaacaca aacagcagaa     33720
     ccaggcttta aaacaacact aacattttac aaatcagtta aatcagataa acagttacca     33780
     ttttttaatt cacttagcta attttgggtt ctggcaagag cacttttacc ttagcataaa     33840
     ttattgaatc agattagacc aggggtcacc aaacttgttc ctggaaggct ggtgtcctac     33900
     agattttagc ttcaatccta atcaaacaca cctgaacaag ctaatcaagg tcttactagg     33960
     tgtacttgaa acatccaggc aggtgtgtag aagcaaattg gaggtaaacc ctgcagggac     34020
     accggccctc cagggccgag attggtgatc cctggattag accattagca tctcgaggta     34080
     aaactctaaa ataaaatttg aataattttc ccatttaaag cttgactctt ctgtagttac     34140
     atggtgtatt tacacaaatg gaaaatgaaa attgccataa atgaactgtt taactctagg     34200
     agactttaat tttcctttag ttgatcacct ttggcattta ttggaatctc ccagatttgc     34260
     attactaatg tgcagtcata aaatctgcaa aactgtacat aaatatataa atgtcaatat     34320
     agaataaatc tgaggaacat ttcaaacatt tcatctttta aattgtgagt tcaatgtatc     34380
     ttccattata tcatggcagt ttgacaagga tatgaaagct actgtttagt agcatctgta     34440
     ttattcgaga aacgaaactc ataattccaa cttattgttc attgactcat tttgtttgtg     34500
     gatggcattt cacttctgat aaacatctgt agatctccag cacatcaagg ccacgagact     34560
     gaagcaaatg tcatatgtgg ttgcacaaat acaaagcata aatgttttat ttgcatcaaa     34620
     tcaaatgaca gcaaagcatt tgaaaccaat tgtctgaaca aaatggatgt tcagcattta     34680
     gatgtccttg ttgtataaaa tgaaattgtt ttgtttatga ggataaaggc aaacgtgatt     34740
     agactacttc taaatgtctg gattgtactg tgtgaacact tgacatatgc tgacaggaag     34800
     aatgtgggtg aatatttttc ccatgtttct tggaacacac acacagtcct gcccactcaa     34860
     caacattttc aacctcatga tgtcaacaac cacgattccc caatgcgcca ggaaaagtgc     34920
     attgtatttt aaggccttgt taacatatga tattactaca cccatcacca gccactgtat     34980
     taggtacacc tgtccaactg cttgttaact caaatttata accagccaat caaatggcag     35040
     caactcaatg catttaggca tgtagacatg cgtccgaaat cgcatacttc catactataa     35100
     agtacgctaa agtcagcatg cgagccgagt tgtatgtccg aattcatatc gaaaatcagt     35160
     atgcgggaag tacccggatg gcttactact ttcggcgaga ttctgaagtg cgtatcccat     35220
     gcacgctgcg ctatcccatg atgccttgcg agagaattca tgaatgggag tgaagcgacg     35280
     aaactgacgc aagaaggtca cgtgaccatg acaattgtaa taattaataa taataattcc     35340
     ttacatttat atagcacttt tctgggcact caaagcgctt tacacaatgg ggggggatct     35400
     cctcatccac caccagtgtg cagcatccac ctggatgacg cgatggcagc caatttggac     35460
     cagaccgcac accacacacc agctgattgg tggagaggag acagagtgat gaagccaatt     35520
     gaagatgggg atggttagaa catgatggac agaggccagt gggcagattt ggccaagatg     35580
     ccagggttaa agccctactc tttttcgaaa gacatcctgg gatttttaac gaccacagag     35640
     agtcgagacc tcggtttaac gtttcatccg aaagacggcg ctcactgagc agtatagcgt     35700
     ccccgtcact atactggggc attaggaccc acacagaccg caggttgggc gccccctgct     35760
     ggtctcacta acaccacttc cggcagcaac ctagctttcc catgtggtct cccatccagg     35820
     tactgaccgg gcgcagccct gcttagcttc agtgggcgac catgtgagag ttgcagagag     35880
     ctagctgccg gcaatggcgg atgtagtatg tccgaattcc atccatactt ttcgcattta     35940
     tattgtattg aacgtacttt tcttatggcc gagtagtatg tttaaattca aacgcagtgc     36000
     ctactgagta gtaggcggtt tcggacgcaa ccatggtcaa gatgacctgc tgcagttcaa     36060
     accgagcatc agaatagaga aaaaaggtga tttaagtgac aagatagtgg catggttgtt     36120
     ggtgccagac ggactggtct gagtatttca gaaactgctg atctactgga attttcacgt     36180
     acaaccatct ttagggttta caaaagaata gtttgaaaaa gagaaaatat ccagtgagca     36240
     tcagttctgt tggtgcaaat gccttgttga tgttgtttgt tgaggtcaga ggagaatggc     36300
     cagactgatt cgagctgata gaaaggcaac agcaggcccg gattggctaa tcgggaggac     36360
     cgggagaatt cccggtgggc cggtccgttt tttggccgcg agggccggtg tccctagctc     36420
     cagaatctgt agctctcagc agtcacactt tttaaattaa tttatttatt tacttgacca     36480
     cagtctactt attcattatt ttaccgcagc tctgctcttt ttatctattt tatcgcagcc     36540
     gcgtgagcaa gaggcagcct gcagtttaat ggtggttagc atgttaagtt acgacgcctc     36600
     cgacccaggt ttgatcctcg tctgagtaat tttttttttt catttttatt gttaagacat     36660
     ataatactgt tagggttgtt ggacatttga agttctaaag cagctgtttt ctcaaaaaaa     36720
     agacgtgata gtgtaattag aaactgaatt ggaaattacc ttattttaat atagtcagtc     36780
     gtgaactgag gtgggccggt ctgaggcttg aaactccagg gctgaaaagg agtcccactc     36840
     cggccctggg caacagtaac tcaaataacc actcagtaca attagggtat gcagaagagc     36900
     acctcttaac acaccaggtc gaaccttgag gcggatgggc tgctgcagca gaagaccata     36960
     tcaggtgcca ctcctggaag ctaagaacag gaaactgagg ctacaattcg cacaggctcg     37020
     gacaattgcc aaattggaca ataaaagttt ggaaaaagca ttgtcgtctg ctgcgacatt     37080
     cggatgggag ggtcagaatt tgtcatcaac atcataagcg tggctccatc ctgccttgta     37140
     tcaacggttt aagctggtgg tggtggtggt gtaatgatgt ggggattttg tcttggcaca     37200
     ctttgggccc attagtacca attgagcatg gtgtcaatgc cacagcctac ctgagtattg     37260
     ttgttgacca tgtccatccc tttatgacca cagtgtaccc atcttctgat agcttcttcc     37320
     agcaggataa cgcgccatgt cataaagcgt aaatcatctc agactggttt cttgaacatg     37380
     tcaatgagtt cgctgcactc aaatggcatc cacagtcacc agatagtaat ccaattgagc     37440
     acctttggta tgtggtggaa cgggaaattt gcatcatgga tgggcagccg acaaatctgc     37500
     agcaactgta tgatgctatc atgtcaatat ggaccaaaat ctctgtggaa tatctccagt     37560
     accttgttga ttctatgcca caaggaattg tgaggacttt gtcaactttt gaggacttta     37620
     agaagtatcc tgtattcaaa aacatgtttg atcatgttga ttttgtactg taaatgttga     37680
     ctgatgtatt taaccagatc aaacgctgac ctactaacct gatttttagt gacgtgttgt     37740
     tgaaccgcac tagccagatg aaattaatta agttttgttt taagtccaaa ataagcaaaa     37800
     tgtttaattt cttaggcctg attctcacat aaccccatag cgtttgttgc catttagcaa     37860
     taagagaact tcccatcgtt catttgtacc attttatatt tcacactatc agaaaagatc     37920
     aaatacactc aaagaaagca agaatgggga tgaaacagac tgattaaaac acaggaaagt     37980
     gtctgtctca tctaattgta attccagtgt attccagaaa atgggtttaa cttatctttc     38040
     acattaatac tgagctaaga tcaaccctaa atctgctaat aaggtatgtc agttccaaaa     38100
     gcttttagtt tggctataaa tgccactcaa gattgtgatt aattataatt ggctcagtgg     38160
     ttagcactgt tgcctcacag caagaaggtc gctggttcga gtaccagctg ggccagttgg     38220
     catttctgtg tgaagtaaac atgttttccc cgtgatggtg tgggtttctt ggaggttgtt     38280
     catttcactg tggtgacccc tgataaagaa gggactaagc tgaaggaaaa tgaatatcag     38340
     tactttttga tgtggtcgat cacataacat gaaaactgct ggtttgaagt aaaatatttt     38400
     gagaaaaact aatgctttaa ttcttttgaa gagtgttggt ttttacttta aggcaggtta     38460
     accaaatttt tttttactta cttcaatgta aaaatgtact ttaaatgtac atttttttaa     38520
     tggattttgt cctgctttga atgtgtaaat ttaacttttt tcagtgtata acgcttagtg     38580
     gagaactaaa catgaaacat aacctgtcct gcaccagttt tggcaatgtt cagagcatta     38640
     gtaaccttac tgaagttacc tcagtttttg gaactgaaag ctgaggttat gcactttcat     38700
     atcctgactt atctgaatac gtcacataac ctgctttctg gaatagcccc acagtgtaat     38760
     accaacatat ttgatactca ctaaactcca tttctattac agtttctttc aactaacaac     38820
     accagagaga aaccttaaaa ttatttattt aaaaatacaa cagaaacaac aagcttgtca     38880
     taatatatac ataaacagtc aaatttagta taatcttaaa ccagattaat gtttgaataa     38940
     atctaaattt acagaaatcc acagccttta cagacaatgg tttattacca accaatattg     39000
     tgatcaggat ttgatctaga atgagaatga cagaacatat ataacacaca cacacacaca     39060
     cacacataca tacatacata tatatattta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     39120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatacagt gaaagtaaaa     39180
     agtatttgat cccttgctta ttttgttggt ttgcccacta ataaagacat gatcattctg     39240
     tacttttaat ggtagatgtg ttctaacatg gagagacaga atatcaaaaa gaaaatccag     39300
     aaaataactt taaagaaaat attttaattc atttgtattt cattgaggga aataagtatt     39360
     tgatccctct agccaaaagc acctaatact tggtggcaca gcctttgttt gcaagcacag     39420
     cagacagacg tttgtggtac ttaaccacaa ggttagcaca catatcaggg ggaattttgg     39480
     cccactcttc tttgcagatc ctctctaaat cattaaggtt ggtgggctgt cgcttggcaa     39540
     ctcggacctt cagctcccta catagatttt cgattggatt gaggtctgga gactggctgg     39600
     gccactccat gaccttaatg tggtgcttct tgagccactc ctttgttgcc tttgctgtat     39660
     gcttcgggtc gttgtcatgt tggaagaccc aaccacggcc cattttcaac ttcctggcag     39720
     aggggaggag gttttccccc aggactgcac agtacatggc tccatccatc ttcccactga     39780
     tgcggtgaag tagccctgtg cccttggcag agaaacaacc ccaaaacata atgcttccac     39840
     ctccatgctt gacggtgggt acagtgttcc tggggtcata ggcagcattt ttccttctcc     39900
     acacatgacg agtagagttt aggccaaata gttcaatttt ggtctcatct gaccacagaa     39960
     ccttctccca atcactttgt acatctttga ggtgatcatt ggcatacttt aggcgggcct     40020
     tcacatgtgc cttcttaagc aggggtacct ttcgggcact gcaggatttt aatccatcgc     40080
     catcttttgt ggagcaccag accgaggtct attgatggtc aggttatact tcttaaattt     40140
     tctcacaatt gcaccaatgg ttgttacttt aatacccagc atcttgctga tgtttttgta     40200
     gcccgttcca gatttgtgca ggtcaacaat cctgtctctg aggtcctgag agagttcttt     40260
     ggtcttaacc atgttggaga gttaggaatc tgtctgattg tctgattctg tgaacacgtg     40320
     tctttcacac aggtgtttag ttagaacagg tgtcttcaat tcaggtaaca agttgtttgg     40380
     gagtgtctaa ctggtctgtg aaagccagaa ctcctaatgc atactagggg atcaaatact     40440
     tatttccctc aatgaaatac aaatcaatta atatatattc tttaaagtta ttttctggat     40500
     tttctttttg atattctgtc tctccatgtt agaatacatc taccattaaa agtacagaat     40560
     gatcatgtct ttattagtgg gcaaaccaac aaaagcagca aaggatcaaa tactttttac     40620
     tctcactgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     40680
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataacaata attgtgttga atatacagcc     40740
     tctttcagaa aaaatatgca gtacagtgat gtataaaaaa gtaaagaatg gtaaagagaa     40800
     ccataataaa aagacggata gaattaaacc catcaaaatt cttggatcca tctgaattgc     40860
     tgtcgtcacc ttttctaggg tgaactcatc tgcaatgtaa acaagaaaac actgtcatgt     40920
     catgttctct atctgcctaa ttaactcaac ttaatcaaag gaacagttcc taaaaatgaa     40980
     aatttcctca acttgttcaa aatcagtttg agtttctgtc gtctgtcaga atcacaagag     41040
     atattttgaa gaatgttgaa tagcctttga cttctttagt aatatttgtt cttactatag     41100
     atgtcaatgg attctgcatt cttcagtata tctttgtgtt caactgagtg tgaatgaatg     41160
     ctgaggaaat gttcagtttt gagtgaaccg tcactttgtc tacaattgct atttgtcaaa     41220
     gatgaagctt ttctgagcca attataaata aatgacttgt gttttcacta tgatttgcag     41280
     aagacacaca ctaaaatgtc attcagtcta acatttttat atgtactaat acaaaggggg     41340
     aaataagtat taaacacgtc atgttttctt tcctgggaat attatttgta attgagttgt     41400
     tgacatggaa ttgaaccaga ttttggtaaa aacccaaaca atacaagcaa aatgagttgt     41460
     gtgtaataac aatgaaatgg cacaaggaga aagtgctgaa ctactgaaat gtatttaata     41520
     ctttatataa aaggcttttt ggtgatggca gcttaagacg cctctcatat ggagaatgaa     41580
     tccacatgca ttgctcaggt gtgttttttt cacagagcgt aaaaatcttg atggttttgt     41640
     gggtctcgtc tatcaaatct gatcattatt ttgtattatc tattagattc aggtcaggag     41700
     aactggctag gccattctac agcttgatat tctttctttg aaagcatctg agagtttcct     41760
     tggctgtgtt ttggaccatt gtgttgctga tatgtccacc gtggtttcat cttcatcatc     41820
     ctgctaatgt agatgttgaa ctgaagcagt taatattgat ttacactgag gaagggcaga     41880
     gggttgctaa agaactgctg agagatttca gctgctgtct gggccttcac tgcctttcta     41940
     cccctgcctt tcatcatgtg ttcaatactt tctcctggtg tcatctcagt ttattacaca     42000
     ttgtcagcta attagttttg ttttctttgt ttatatggat ttcttgggtt gttaccaaca     42060
     tccagtgaaa atgtcaagtc aatggcacat ttagaaataa gttttctgag aaaaatggtg     42120
     atgtgttcag tacttatttc ctctgctgta tattttgttt aagggacatt tagaaaaata     42180
     gttaatcatc tgaagaatca tctgttacaa taaatggtgc aggaagatta tttcactcac     42240
     attttgacat ttaattttct ctctgaagtt atttagacat taaagtccac tttactacat     42300
     ataaaattag ttttatagat ttgattaaac tggatatttt gactcataaa tcatcatcat     42360
     catcatttca gcaagctttg aaatatgttt aaaaaattat ttacagcgct ctcaaactcg     42420
     aagggactga ggtgctgggt gatgatttca tacattccag gagacattgg aggctcagga     42480
     gaggaacatg aatgttgtgc tggaacgctg agattgagaa aatcccccca aaaatcaaga     42540
     gaatcagttc atgcaaacat gcaacacttg aatctacaaa tcataacact gcatattaat     42600
     ttgaaaggaa tgaagatgtt cgtaccgatg ggaaattgga actaaatgtg tcggaatgta     42660
     gggacaaact gtaaaagaaa gcaacaaatc agagaaatgg tttaaggtca accttagaat     42720
     ggtgaatcaa atataaaatg agattaaaat gaatgatttt tcagcttttc cgtgtaaata     42780
     cagtgaaaat acgtgactgt attttactca ctaaatagag tatgttatag tggccaaaag     42840
     aggttaacgt gctgcattta agaaaacact agcaaattaa gaaaatatct tcatcggctt     42900
     gagagcaaac gtgatgcaaa ttctcacaat gcaaacaaac tacacctgca gcttctccac     42960
     gatggacgtc cagtattctc atgcctccag aacctagact gcagctctgc acaaaaagct     43020
     tggcctgagg agaaatggtc gtgtccaact gagccaagtt tctctcaagg tttccacttt     43080
     cgtcaattgg tgaagtttgt tcctcaccac tgtcaccact ggcttgcttg gtttgggact     43140
     tgtggagcta cgcatcgatg gatttggact ttgtgttttg aaaattaaac cacaattaac     43200
     tgaactaaac tgaacatcaa ctccgaaaac tggcgcaaga cccgaccaga tttcttgtga     43260
     cgtaggaata aatttctgaa taaaatgctg tagcggtcaa taactggtgt aatttactgg     43320
     gagcgggcgg tctaacaatt tattgctcat gatatgatat gacatatata tataattggg     43380
     agtgctcttt ctctctctat atacatctct ttagatgata tgaataatat gatatattaa     43440
     ataataatgt gatattgaat aatatgatat attatttata atttaattat tgtatgtata     43500
     gatctttttt ttttacctct actactactg tttactgtgt ttttttattt tatatgtatg     43560
     ttcttttatt tttatgtaaa ctttataact gcttaggcaa tacatttgtc atgccaataa     43620
     agcaattatt gaatttaatt taatttaatt gagtgagagc atgcacatcc gccgaggtgc     43680
     tgtgtcgctt gttataggct gtcaggattc agctgggtgt tttttgagag gcatatttgt     43740
     tcgctctaca ttttacttta ttccttggcc caatatgtat ctgctatgtg tacagaaaaa     43800
     atgctgatac aatctatgaa acacaatcag ttgttggcaa atacactgag tggatatgtt     43860
     tataaatgtg agattttgga aaccagatct aaatttagct ggaacagtcg ggtcgggtag     43920
     aaaactaggc gggtgaacta ggcagtgggt gaacgaagac tgaatatgcg gtgggagcgg     43980
     tcgtgtgcga ataaaacctg gtgggagcgg gattaataat ccagtcctgc gcagatctct     44040
     aaactagact gacacagttt taatttactt gaacttctat gttaagctgc tttgacacaa     44100
     tctacattgt aaaagtacta tagaaataaa catcaattga attcaattga aattaagaaa     44160
     gcgtgctgca atttctcaca acacatacaa atagcacaga acacaacgaa aatgtttcaa     44220
     ggggactcaa aaacatgata gactggctgg gatttgctta ttgtgctgtg atctttgacg     44280
     cccaattcac acaaggcttc agcgtcaaca cttgatggag ggtgatacta aagttgggag     44340
     tgacgcaatc atcatagcag tgtcagccaa tgaaattagt ccgcaatcgg ctactgtctg     44400
     atctggggta tttgcataaa gtgatcagat tggctgacgc ttccgttgga acttatagtt     44460
     gaaaaattcc caactttttc agcaaggaca gctccacaat tcagcaagac ttgacgtcac     44520
     ccatgtaaag tgaatggaaa gcgttgatgc taaagcccag tgagaatggg gcatgaaagg     44580
     tgaggttttt tgtttatttt aacatcctaa ttacacaact cccttgtctt ttatatatta     44640
     taagcctaaa aaccctagcc taaatagccg ggtccgtcac gttttttgcc gtcaaagtga     44700
     tgaaggtctg aatttgctgg tgttttttaa ttgcttgtat tttcttaaat tgcatcacgt     44760
     taagctctct tggccactgt agtaagacat tgaatgagat ttcatgattg ttaacttagg     44820
     ttgtacacaa tatatgggac tattatattc cagagagagt ttacagatgt ctaacctttg     44880
     ttctgctggc tattataatg tttcccaaaa gcctcgtcct tcgggatgtc tggataaagg     44940
     aagtttaggg gattttctgg aacaacaccg tctgcaatga ccttatagtc gcggattatg     45000
     tcagcaatgg gcaaagcgtt gaggcggttt ttcgtgtacg gctcgacaga gatgaacttt     45060
     ggatctcctg taggcatgaa acaggtttat ttaacaacat acagagctca gcataaatga     45120
     ttatgagtat tttgaaaatg aatatttgta tccatttatc agtgaatata gtctatatat     45180
     ttaggtgcat ttaaataata caactttata aagtagtcac ctaacatctt taggaataaa     45240
     aacatacagt aatgcattca gggtttctgc aggcttgagt ttctgcagta gagacggaag     45300
     ggatttttct actgttatgg ttgggctaga aaagattttt acttgcccca tcaaaagaaa     45360
     ataatgaata atttttttgt tgcatattta aaacaatgtg ccaagacaag caaagcataa     45420
     ttgtatgtat gtttttttaa gcttttaaac taataaacta aatgtataca caactgtcca     45480
     ggtcagtgtg ctcaccgtat atggacaatg ttccatgtat cgagaacatt taaacaaaag     45540
     ttattgcaaa gaagatattt acacaatatt ggtaaataga gttataaata aagatttgtt     45600
     aagttttatt gagatggatg tcagcccgat tggttagctt tacatgaata ttatttaaag     45660
     gagcagtatg tacgtttgac acccagtggt tgaactgggt atcgcactcc tggttaaaaa     45720
     acacacgcaa gcacaggttg ccagattgac gacaccaaca gaagtgtgcc tgactatcta     45780
     ggctaaacgc tgatttaagg ctgatttagt atggttctga ataaaagcaa tggcatgcaa     45840
     aagaaggaat attttccatt tagtttttgt cctaaccaac acctatttta gatatggctt     45900
     ctgaaagttt gaatgccatt ttacttgaca tttattgcca tactactgaa agcagcagca     45960
     gacagctcac cttagatctt aaaaataaaa tttaaaattt gaaattgaac tttagaactg     46020
     tgcaaaccaa cacatatcag taattcacca tgtacattta ataatgttaa agaggtttaa     46080
     taattattgt tagattatac accttaccat tttgttggag tgcagtaagt gcactattct     46140
     gtgcttctga atggctgtaa ttaaatttct gttgtgtttc atctggtgca aacagccaaa     46200
     ttgcttatca atgcaaatct tgagttaggg ttagggttag aagtgctgaa atagaatggg     46260
     ctacactggc agggggggtt aaagagacca aaacaaagat gccattccag catggatcgc     46320
     acattttcaa agcagaatat ctaacttaag ctttgtttta cagataaaca agaatgttca     46380
     cttagcatgt ttattaaata tctgcaaaca tatgggtatc tttatgcttt agaagtgtca     46440
     aaaactgaca tacagcacct ttaagacgta caataaaata gttcagcgaa tttaaccttt     46500
     taaggcccta aattttgttt ttgaaatgtc aaacttttta agaccctgcg gacaccctgc     46560
     tattaagaac ccaaaaataa atgttatatg aatttttcct cttaattcaa attttattaa     46620
     atattttgtt attttatttt tattttatta aaattttacc ctaatcttat ttattttaat     46680
     acttattttt gcactgtgat cttaaatgat tttctttcag ttgtggacta atctgactaa     46740
     tctaatgtac tatactgtat acataaatat ctataacatg taatgctata aatcgcataa     46800
     catatttagt attttataag agagatctgt aaggcatgtt ctcatttatg cttggcactg     46860
     tatttaatac aataaaggca taaagataag catgctcaga tctgagctgt aagcgtatta     46920
     aaggcatctc taaagcatgg aacaaatcca ggctggaatt tccctctgca aatccaagac     46980
     agcgtttcat cgagggaaat caaaacaatc tcaagttcct taaactttaa gacctctaac     47040
     ctgcgtgggc aggcaagcac agcaacttac atacttgtat gttgttttct ttcttaaaca     47100
     atagggaata ctattgtaat gtctatttcg tgaccctctt aaaagcacaa accattttca     47160
     tcctgttcaa cccaggtgaa ggtgattcct ccaagatggc tttcactaaa gcgtagcagg     47220
     aacgttccag gctccttctc tttcagtaaa gcacgctcca tctctttact cacaaatccc     47280
     attatgcaac tgaaaaacaa acaaagatca gagtaagaag ttgctgatgt acctcttata     47340
     tgccccagaa tgcattgcat taatattggc agaaaaaaag cattcagcat tgaagaaaag     47400
     tcaatagaaa gctcaaagaa ttatatccca gctaagagag atttgggaag gtcatgatga     47460
     acaaaggttt gggtacagtt tatttaatgg tgtcctttta atagtgtaac gatggattga     47520
     actacttagt aatgttatta actacattta catactgtat ggtttgagta gggattaggg     47580
     ttaggtttag gattagttgc aatgattatg caatgtttta tgagtattat tactattgtt     47640
     ttaacatttt aagatatatt taaaggaata gttcacccca aaatgaaaat tgtgtcatca     47700
     aataatcagc atctatttct ttctttcatt cttctgaatc atagagtaaa aacacacatt     47760
     gacttccata ttattatttt ttgttcctac tatagatatc aattgctatt ttttccagca     47820
     tttttcataa tagtttgttt tgcattcaac acaaaaaaca cattcagtta gagccaacaa     47880
     aatgtgagga aatgatgaga acattttaat ttaaataaac tgattatgcc tcaatgtttg     47940
     cataatgata aaatgaaatt taaaaaaata aataaatact gaacgttttg aactttcagt     48000
     gaaaattcag aatttaacat aacttgatgg gaacattaac agttttagaa tatttttgtt     48060
     agcttaccag tcaaatctaa ctgtaaatag acctatttta cccagtatgt catgttataa     48120
     tatgttatgt tatgttttgt gtgcttattt gagtaccaca atgttaacca gctaatactt     48180
     gtttagagtt gagcttaaac ttcatgcgag cactgaccca tcaatccaaa caggaagtaa     48240
     atgcttctta attaggtcca agatagagtc cagccacatc caaaaactaa atgattttcc     48300
     cggtatgacc tcctaaaaga gcaataagaa aaaacaacaa ccattagatt tatattattg     48360
     tactttttgt gatgcttaca gtaagtgcaa gataatagta ggattatatt cattcattat     48420
     taccttgcag aacttggacc aagaaacctg gcagtcatta taagaaccat gttgaccttt     48480
     tgaaacaatt ttaaagcaca gtttagatat gaagtttatt aataaaatgt aagggaaaat     48540
     gaaagagtgt attcaaactg acaatgacat aaaaaatgac aaacacatta tagattcata     48600
     aaaccctaaa cgctgagcaa tcaacactag ggcagtgtct tacaaataaa atccttaaca     48660
     accccttgat gtacagtact gtgcaaaagt tgttggcaat tggatttgtc ataattattt     48720
     ataattatag tataattatt catatagtat aattatatgg tataataata tcttgctctt     48780
     caattagaag atgaagttgg ggaagcctgg tatagggact caatactgtt tttttgtgaa     48840
     tatttctttt ttatctgttt atatcttaat gcagagacca gtcttataaa tttaaggtca     48900
     ttaaaacttt gccaaacacc gtgtgcgcat gcgagtgtgt actatcctgt cgcaaatcac     48960
     tgtgaaaagt cctacagtac atgacggtaa tagtttgatt aaggtgttta catgtctgta     49020
     atgcacttca ataatgcgtc taaaatcggc atactccaca tgtcttaatt cgatttctct     49080
     ttaggtcgat tatgacctta atctaatcaa attcatcaaa aatcgctgtt tacatggtta     49140
     acgcttaatc agagtattgt cttaattgca ttaattttga attattgatg tccatgtaaa     49200
     cgtagtcagt gatgaccgcc attaagagat ttcactatga tcaaaacaac atttaagatg     49260
     ttttacattg tggtcagtct gctggattgt caactaatgc tgtcccatca tgctcgtttt     49320
     tgttatcaca tcgtgatctg ttaaaacaaa accacttttg atgtacatgc tggaatttat     49380
     tcattaactg tgtttccatt gcagtttatg ctcatttttg tcataccaaa taaaaccttt     49440
     atcctactca tagtttgttt ctattcacat tcttttagtt tatgcacatc ttggcgtttc     49500
     cattaagcag gttttatgta atactaataa gagtgaaatt taataatctg aattgaccac     49560
     gcccactttt gcagcacttt ttccaaactc tgcttttaac tcttttgtgt cagaatagaa     49620
     aacataccca gaagtttatc tcccagcatg tttagctgct ccttgttgag ccctcggcct     49680
     gcgaaactcg agaactgcca gctgagcacc tcagagagct gactccagct cgcccgcagc     49740
     gggttactga agaaggccag gttctacaca agacagacaa ggtcacatat aactaactgc     49800
     ctgtcgaatt cagtaaaatg tagatcttaa gcatcatttc tagatactag atattatgct     49860
     agacatgcat tctctgatat ctgtatcaga ggtgtgagaa tctgaccttt gggtcatccg     49920
     tgagcaggtt gtaccacatg actgaagccc agcctcctgg gagctgactg acattagaga     49980
     tgaccaccag cggcagagag caagtctaga caggagaaaa tataaacact gtaagctgta     50040
     ttaggtttaa tttctaacat aataaatata tttatacaac agttctgtct ggttcttgaa     50100
     tctgattggc tgatagccgt gcaatatttt gccagtaaca tcacacaaag gcctcttcac     50160
     ccttcacctc tgtgtattac tccgcccaca tgcagccagc aacaagcaaa gagacactac     50220
     agtttgacaa atattaccgc tgttagaaaa caaaatgtac ttttgaggct ttttagtcga     50280
     gaatgtagtt gtttagattg caactatgca gtttatttgt aagaatagtg cctattttaa     50340
     aatatttaca atatctgaga gagtttgtgt actgttgtag accaaagacg gtcgatgttg     50400
     tctatccaca agatggcgcc tggaccgcat aataagccct tgcttagatt aaaactattt     50460
     tgtgtttact tgagcgcgag gctgaaaaac ggacgagtca cggtttttaa ggtggaccgg     50520
     atatagtcaa taaaaagctg tgaataagaa gctggattca gcctcgtccc tccttattgc     50580
     aaacacaaca gcagtctggt atttattgcg ctgctttttt caaggttaat tattgtgata     50640
     ttgtaacggt agcttaatgt tagataagca ttgtgtataa atgtcatgtc ccctttaaga     50700
     ggacttcttc tgtggttttt ttacctttaa gatgtaagca cgcatgtatg gaagctcagt     50760
     tcagttctgg cgagctctga caagtgtgtg acggtcgctc taatgctgta tcatactttt     50820
     ttcaataatg taactttttt ttttgcgatg gatgtttgag tgtatttttc ttttcctttt     50880
     gcctactcat tgttgttgac tggcatgttt gtagcgaatt gaaagtgtcc aatatatatt     50940
     ttaactacct actggttctg taccttgtaa taaaactgct tgtacaagta acagagttct     51000
     gattacgttt tgtggctagt tatttactca tcattattcg atgggtcgaa ttagcatcga     51060
     tttagcaatg tgtgcattgg caatagtcac attgcagaat ctgctatgtt aaatttggga     51120
     ttacaggtga gcaggtacca cagtttagaa catgggatat atggagtcat tgaagatttt     51180
     tactataatg gagcaaaaga ttatcgcttg catgtgtttt taagtgttgt gactatgaac     51240
     gtattaaact gagtttaagg tattcaggca caagaaactg taccattttt aagtttaata     51300
     aaaacatttt agggggaacg tggtggtgca gtggcttgag gtgcagaggc ttcacctcac     51360
     agcaagaagg ttgctggttc gagtctcggc tgggtcagtt ggcatttctg tgtggagttt     51420
     gcatgttctc cccgtgttgg cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc tccgctttcc cccacaagtc     51480
     caaagacttg cgctatactg taggtgaatt gggtaggcta aattgtcagt ggtgtatgtg     51540
     tgtgaatgag tgtgtatgag tgtgtatgga tgtttcctgg tgatgggttg cggctggaag     51600
     ggcatccgct gcttaaaaca tgggctgaat aggttggtgg ttcattccac tgtggcgacc     51660
     caagcttaat aaagggacta agccgaaaat aaaataaatg aatgaataaa aaaatattta     51720
     attgaattat tcctaaaatg aagactatgc agtgctattt tacatttgat tattcaattg     51780
     ctgtacctaa attcttacca aatagcggtt taagccatct ggtgagttaa attgtattca     51840
     tattcatatc acagaaatac aaaacatcac aatgtcagat ttttccaata tcatgaagcc     51900
     caaatacagt acatactgca acatgatgca tttaataaat atatgtaaaa acatacctca     51960
     agatcaatat ccagaccctg taacatcagc atggcctcaa aattgagaga gtgtaactct     52020
     tctgttactg acagcggacc ctgcaggaga cacacaatat atgaatgtca gctatacagt     52080
     gtgaagctgc cctctactgg caggatgatg ctctccacac tcaattacaa acacactaca     52140
     actcaatcaa gtaacaggac tcaagacatt gcattgggca gaaaatggga ttcaaagatg     52200
     gggaaaacat gcacctataa agtcttacct catttccttt tcctccggta ggacactttc     52260
     gttcttttag ctgctgcaga acacaaagca ttaataaaat accttccctc ttttaaaggc     52320
     atagttcacc aaaaaataag aaaaaaagta ttttccacag acaaaattaa acagtgtatg     52380
     ggtttggaac aatacaagaa tcagagctgg atgatgtgac aaaactctca tatcgcaatg     52440
     taagtcatca tttcatatgc tgataacgat atacagttga aaccagaagt ttaaggacaa     52500
     cagagcgaat gttttggaga ggccatcaca aagccctgaa ctcaatccaa tagaaaattt     52560
     ttgggcagag atgaaaaagc atgtgcgagc aaggcagtct acagatctga ctccgttaca     52620
     ccagttattt taggaggaat aggccaaaat tccagcaaac ttttgtgaga agcttgtgga     52680
     agaataccca aaacgtttga cccaaattac gcatattaaa ggcaacgcta caaaatacta     52740
     aggaaatgtt tgtaaacttt tgactgtcta gaaaataata aaacattctc aataaaagaa     52800
     ttctctcatt attctggcat ttagcgaata taaattattt tggtaatcct aactgaccga     52860
     agagaaaacg tttagtttca gacatttaaa taaatgatta tgtgcctctt ttacagagtg     52920
     tatgtaaacc tctggtttca actgtatatt acaatatact gtggaacctt ttctgtaaat     52980
     tcagtcaatt aatggtctat atacatattg accacaatat tttgtttaag tatattttaa     53040
     agtatatgct cagatgtact tttactttac ttaaaatttc cgggtaaatg tttgattaca     53100
     aatattgaag atatataaac gaaatgtaac aaacttttca aaaactaata attaaaagcc     53160
     cattatgaag ttatttacaa acttaaaaaa gtgaaatgta aaacaatttt gcaagctgtt     53220
     attcacatgt cttctggatc ctcatgtttg ccaaataatc taaatgatga aaaataatta     53280
     ctgtaaactg aaacgtatat ttgtgacatc gcaaaataaa agagcaaaat atgaaacgat     53340
     agacttttta ttttatccat actatatata cagttgaagt gagaattatt agcccttgtg     53400
     ttttatttga attcttttat agttgattat cgggaagatt ttttttaaac acatttctaa     53460
     tcataatagt tttaatcact catttctaat aacttattca ttttatcttt gccatgacga     53520
     cactacatac tgtaatattt gacgagatgt ttttcaagat actggtattc agcttaaaat     53580
     gacatttaaa ggcttaacta ggttaattag gcaagttggg gtaattaggc aaatcattat     53640
     ataaccttaa aatgcttcaa aaaataataa aaactgcttt tattttagac ccgagataac     53700
     tcatggtaac ctttgatttg gcccgccatc ctatgtgaga agagatttcg aatgaaggtt     53760
     gtggcaaatg cctgcaacag agaccgtcat ttttaattta atttgtttgt ttaattgttg     53820
     agctacaaag aagtcaactg aaatgaagag tttcaattaa ttgttgtgca tgaatcagat     53880
     ttttttaaaa tgtaaatagt gtcactcaaa gatagacgac aatccaatga gcaaattaaa     53940
     ggcaggttta gcttggctcc atatatttag tatttaacac cattgtgtca taaatgtgtt     54000
     tatgttttta ttgtaagaag ttgataataa aatgtaaaga aaaggtgtaa ctattaatat     54060
     gattgaagta tttttttttc tatttttttt atattattaa taaattagga aattaccatg     54120
     gcagctttaa tgtaatagtt tgtttttatt aactttatta actttatgta attaagtttg     54180
     gttttaagaa aaagtttggg ctcccctgtt ctagacggaa taaagcaaat aagactttct     54240
     caagaaaaaa aatactatcg gaattactgt gaaaatttct ttgctccatt aagtatcact     54300
     tgagaaacat ttgaaaaaga atatctattt cacaggaggg tttataaatt tgacttcatc     54360
     tgtatatgga catattgcac agccctaaca aaaatgagtc attaatgact gattaatttt     54420
     ccttcagtgg gtgtaaacta tactttcagt catttccata acagcaatat gtgttagact     54480
     tggactgcag taccagatgc ctgaactcta cagacagaca gccagtggac tcctccacat     54540
     ccatcacttt agtgttgttg gtcaggatga agaactgtct gtttctataa gcaaacagta     54600
     agaaacagtg taagattaac gcagagttga ggttgtaaac acagccgccc cctccccctc     54660
     tcacacacac acacaactca tttaaatttg gcccaaataa acaacaggaa gttctttctt     54720
     gtgtttgagg ttgagtgcac tcacactttg cccggtggaa ggtctctgcg tacacaaata     54780
     gagagagaga gagagagaaa aaaagagcgt aaaaatatag tcacgttggg tttaacacac     54840
     ttgtgataca caaacactgc tcacatggct tgtgaacatt aaaaggtgac acacttgtat     54900
     gtaataatca tatattggtc ataaatgcag tacattctca agttatgatt catatcccta     54960
     tcatttgtgc tgtgatatac atttagaatt ttaaatattc atgacagagt cataatttga     55020
     tttaatacaa tttattaata gagctcaaat acatgtacag ttcacatatg ttgatgtttg     55080
     ctgatttcac ccccactcct ttgtttgtga tggtttgctc cagatttatt ggactgtttt     55140
     aacttatctt tcaacaagtt tgttgttata ctgcatgaga atttagtaaa cacctttaat     55200
     ttgaacaaaa cctcagccaa tttatagcac gaggatttcc cgaaaattct gatactacaa     55260
     ttcatattat tattattatt attatcatca tcattattat tattattatt attattatta     55320
     ttattattat tatcattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatc atcatcatca     55380
     tcatcatcat catcatcatc atcatcatca ttattattat tattattatt atcattatca     55440
     tcatcatcat tattattatt attattatta tcattatcat cattattatt attattatta     55500
     ttatcattat tattattatt atccttatta ttaccagaaa tgggccgtat ttatgataca     55560
     agtattttaa ttacgtattt cagatattaa atagtatttc ataatttgta tttgatagaa     55620
     tttatgaaaa tggcttaata ttttgtatct aaatacttta gatatttgcc aaggcttgag     55680
     atcagactag aaaactgatt tattttgaag aagttgatca gtgcttggat ggaaggagca     55740
     cgtcaaaata agaccagaaa ataagacaaa caacattcag ggccctatca tacacccggc     55800
     gcaatgtggc gcaagatgca acgcaattga tatttgctac ttccaccttg gcgcaagggt     55860
     cattttgagg cgttgcgcaa cactgttcaa atagcaaatg catttgcgat catatgtgca     55920
     cccataggcg ttctggtcta aaaaagcagg cgtgttttgg cgtgttgcta atttgagaaa     55980
     ccgtaaatag tctgatcttt agaccagaac aaagtcggtc tattgtctgg cccaaagtgc     56040
     gcctggctta cacactacac acaagatgta gagcaatatg caaatatctt tacatatgaa     56100
     aaatatataa tatcttaagg atatatataa taaggttata tatgggatat aaatataaat     56160
     gattaaaaca ttacaaaaca tattaatttc tagcctacat gaatttaaaa accactgcct     56220
     tcatactttc ttcatcttgg gaggcttttt cagttcattc aatttgcttt tgtataatgt     56280
     tattattatt agcagtatta tttattatat ccatatttat atttgtttta ttaaaaacaa     56340
     gcttagattt ttccacctgt caggttttag accatatggg gcatagcagg tgtatttgga     56400
     aataactcag tattttgacc acacttaaat ttgcaaatat gaattctgac acgccctgaa     56460
     agcgtttgcg ccctgcgatt tgagctttgc gttttgtgca tggaccgtca aaatagagcc     56520
     caaaaagtcc tgcagtggta atattctatt cgattaatct ttatttgtaa tgtagattgt     56580
     gtcaaagtag cttcacatag aagataatag tgaattgaaa cagtgtcagt tcagttttca     56640
     gagttgaagt tcagttcagt tcagtagtta tatttattta tctacaaaac tttattggct     56700
     gtttcaaatg ctagtagctg atctgcaagt gttcttaata gttaattacc aactttgaca     56760
     tagttaatca gtatgagaca ataacattta ataatatcca agtctacaga ctggtcaaaa     56820
     ccccccaact caggttttat ggcagtaaga acagatagca atttgtttta gatgttgtgt     56880
     tttaaattgt gtaacaatta atggaaacaa ctaatgggaa ttttagtctt tttcagaaat     56940
     catgatttac attgagtatt aaaaatttta attgcaaaaa aaaaactaat ttaaacaaaa     57000
     cttttaagag atggtggcaa tttttacaat caagagatat tgtgctatat tttaacttgt     57060
     tatctgcatt acatggtttt tatagggatt aaagagatca tcttcaagac aggctttctc     57120
     tatgaaattt gtacgaaacc tatactaaaa tctaagagaa acacaagtta catttttatg     57180
     aatacctcct catgtaaaga agtaggtgaa tgaggtggca gagaagctga attaaacttg     57240
     ctcagctgtt gctgttaaac attgtttact aagtcagttt aatggtgaag ggactgatcc     57300
     aatatgccca ttgatggttt gcgaagaaat tttatactta tttattacta aagtattttg     57360
     tagtattttc aaaatacaag gactgtattt tattttgata ttttttgtgg ctgctgaatt     57420
     tgtagtttat tttgatacag tacaagtaaa gctgaggtat ttggtatttt attttaaaat     57480
     acatttcaat gtatttttgt ccatccctga ttatgactat tatacattta gagaaatatt     57540
     tcttactcct agtactacat aagtttgagt ggccatgtcc tggtaatttt tatcatatga     57600
     tcaatgaata tctcagaaat atttaatatg tcttctcttg ttgttgttta attactacac     57660
     ataattgaaa aaaaacatgc aatattttat tggtaatatg gttttaatgc caatgcatct     57720
     caatttgtac taatatttcc tgccaacagt gtcaataaca tggatttaac aaacctaaac     57780
     tcaaaatgaa agctttgaga gcattgaagt attatgaggt aaattactcg taaataatgg     57840
     acgtttgaga tttcactcaa aaacaaaagt gggtttactg acatccacct ccaggatgtg     57900
     acatcatatg tggtaggaaa atgcagacgc atatatcagt atatattttg atgaattatt     57960
     tagagttttg tggcattagt tgcttgattg tcattcgaat actcattcag atttgtttta     58020
     aaaatagcaa tcatgataat ttccatactg cttttttttt tttttttttt gtattgtgta     58080
     tgtaatcaag ttataatgag aggcagagaa tttagaaaag tttccagcta ttttttggat     58140
     gaaattgtat gttttaaaaa catatgtcat atgtatctaa ccaaaaacac aaatacatgc     58200
     attatttatt gttattatta ttcattaaat aattttcttt tcacctttat tcttaatttt     58260
     ttttaaagtc cctttattaa tctggggtcg acacagcgga atgaaccgct aacttttcca     58320
     acacgttttt acgcagcgga tgctctttta gccacaaccc atctctggga aacatccaca     58380
     catactaatg tcgccagatt aaaatgaacc accaacttat ccagcatatg ttttatgcag     58440
     cagataccat tttagctgca acccaacact gggaaccacc gtgatccccc tattattatt     58500
     attactatta ttattattta ttagaaaaaa tgcaacaaat tattattgat ttatcactat     58560
     aacatttata atactactta actgtaaagt attttgtata aatttagata tgctttattt     58620
     gtctatttat aatattatta tattcattat ttacatagtt tttcctttgc ttttaatagt     58680
     taaaccacat agcttttatt tatattttta ttagtggata atcaacaggg aaactattct     58740
     ttttgttctc taattcatga atcattctct ttattggcag acatgggaag atattgtatg     58800
     ttgattaaat ggctttgaac caagacagta ataaaactac tttcatattc tctcttattt     58860
     aacactgctc attttagacc ctggtaatga atataatgaa aataagtgtc gaatcttaac     58920
     catatcacat tttggttaca gtctacttta ccattttata gaaatacatc ctcatattac     58980
     aacacatact gtatatacag ttgaagtcaa ttaataggcc ttatgtatat tttcccccaa     59040
     tttctgttta acggagagaa gatttttcca acacatttct aaacataata gttttaataa     59100
     ctcatattat agaaatatat tattttacta gatattttcc tatttaaatg cttataggca     59160
     ggttagagta attaggaatg tcattaaata acagtggttt gttctgtaga caatcaaaat     59220
     atatatattg cttaaggggg ctattaattt tgaccttaaa atggtttttg aaaaatgtaa     59280
     aactcctttt tttctagcca aaataaaaca aataagactt tctccagaag aaaaaaaata     59340
     ttaaaggaaa tactttgaac aattccttgc tttgttaaac atcatttggg aaatatttaa     59400
     aaaggaaaaa aaaaatcaca ggagggctaa tcattttgcc cacaactgta tttattgcat     59460
     tttaataagt taatgagctg aaaatgtttt gcgtaatatg aatgacccag gttataaaaa     59520
     taaagaatag agggtaaaga aaaaaatatt aataatgtaa accatattta ggaaacatac     59580
     ttatcaaatg ttgtcttgac tttgagttga taatccacct caggtaactt aaccagcaac     59640
     ctggaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa caagtgaaat gaaaagtttg cgttggactt caggcagtca     59700
     gttcaataag gcttcagact tgtttactta gagttacagg aagattcagc ggtggttcat     59760
     acctgacctt ggtggtgaac tgcacctgtg ttttgatgat gaggggtttc tggaggtgtg     59820
     ttggcataca gggctgcttc tccaccacaa aggagctgca aacattgacc aaagagagac     59880
     tttatttgtt gtgcaccgtt tctgggtttt gtgttacagt taaagtctga attattagcc     59940
     ctcttctata ttttttcccc aatttctgtt taacggtgag aagatttttt tcaacacatt     60000
     tctaaataat agtttcaata gtataaactg atttctttgc tatttgccat aatgacagta     60060
     aataatattg tactagatat ttttcaagat actaatattc agcctaaagt gacatttaaa     60120
     ggcttcctta ggttaattag gcaagttagg ataattaggc ataccagtgg tttgttctgt     60180
     agtcaattga aaaaaaaata ttgcttaggg ggctaataat attgtatttt tattaaaagc     60240
     tcctttcatt ctagttgaaa tgaaacaaat aagactttct ccagatgaaa aaatattata     60300
     ggaaatactg tgaaaatttc cttgctctgc taaacatcac ttgtactgca ctgtacgaca     60360
     aatgtaaatg tttcatttag cctgtaataa aaataattgc tgagctttgt gcgcttgtgt     60420
     tgatgtttta ctgaaacata agtaaaaaac aaagcctgta gtataaatat gaaatcattt     60480
     gtttgccaaa aagtatatat agcttacatt tctgtaacaa ataataattc aataaaatgc     60540
     attgtatcta atgctttatt agacgtacca ggcgtaacct ggttaaattg catatagatt     60600
     tgaagaatgg atttatatct aaactgggta tcttccgtcc attccatatc cgttttcaaa     60660
     caaaaaaatg aaaagtaaga aaaccgtaat ttttcgcaca aaaaaatgag aaacaaacaa     60720
     gattttggct cgatttttgt tttataggaa aacaaataaa tgactttaaa attctttgtc     60780
     cacatgtagg cggtgctgaa acgccgtttt ttctctgatt ggtcaaccaa ttgtgagctt     60840
     gcccttaaaa taatagtccg cccaggcttt taatagtttt tatttaatta tatttataaa     60900
     ctaagtttac acattctatt atttgatcag ttagcaggct tacattgtat taattaaata     60960
     aaaacataag ttagcagttt tattagacat ttgtcattaa aataaggtca tagtttgcgg     61020
     ccaaacgtcc tgatgctgag caaagatagc cagttccgag cagcacctgg tttgcataat     61080
     tgcttccgag caagggctat aaaataataa tatataataa taatataata atgataataa     61140
     taataataat aataataata ataatataaa ggtacaaatc tgaaaataaa gttaatgaat     61200
     gaataataat aataatatat gcctatagtt cgccgccaaa cttcttgctg ctgtgcgcct     61260
     gatgctgagc aaaaacattt atgaacaggt tcgcatgatt atttctgagc tactgtaggc     61320
     ctaaacaata ataaaaattg attttgtttt atttagtgtc tagaggcttt actgtttttt     61380
     ttatatatat agttgtttgc aggaccagaa tatgaacaca ttgggccctg gggctttaaa     61440
     aaaagggtac catatgtttt tatattattt cctcatattt taattataaa cacacacaca     61500
     tttctaagca taatagttta ataactcatt tctaatgact gatttatttt atctttgcca     61560
     tgatgacagt acataatatt tgactagata tttttcaaga cacttctata cagcttaaag     61620
     tgacatttaa aggcttaact aggttaatta cgttaactag acaggttagg gtaattgggc     61680
     aagttattgt ataatgatgg tttgttcttt agacaattga aaaaaattag cttaaatggg     61740
     ctgataattt tgacctaaaa atgtttttaa aaactttaaa aactgctttt attctagctg     61800
     aaataaaaca aataaaactt tctccagaag aaaaaatatc agacatactg tgaaaatgtc     61860
     tttgctctgt taaacatcat ttgggaaata tttaaaaaag aaaaagagtt caaatgaggg     61920
     gcacggaaga tatcctgatt atatctgttt agtcaaaact cttttatgtg gtcagttgta     61980
     aatgaaaccc tttttgcaaa tcagctatgt gatctaaaaa aggcatgaag taaccgtgta     62040
     taagcaggcc ataaaaggca gaagtgaatt tttgtgtctc attttttcat atatcacata     62100
     taatccctat tggttacctt ttaatgaggt ggtagatgag gtatttgacc tgctcctcca     62160
     tctgaggtct ctggagagga atgggatcgc tctcatatgt gactttcagg atcagctcac     62220
     caagcttgtc tagctgtctt ttaatctgga acagactttg ggctgtcagg gtgaacctgc     62280
     aagaggaaaa tcacatttaa acttaggttt gatttaaact tgatcacatg tagtgttttt     62340
     tatgactcct gtaaacaatt tcaatctgtt ggccaccaca aaaatgcaat agtagtatct     62400
     tagcgtctag gctaattact ccagtaaatg cttagcaatc aatcaaaaaa ccttggttac     62460
     tttcgttttg tttttgaaag tgatctctta tttttaccaa aactgcattt gttttaaaaa     62520
     ttcagtacaa gtagtcattt catgtacaat gctatttcaa gttttatatg ctaatatatt     62580
     ttaaaatgca attattcctt gtgaattact cttgtcttca gtcagtcaca tgatccttca     62640
     gaaagtattc tataattaat ttggtgctca aaatttattt attttttttc aatattgaaa     62700
     acagttgtgc aaatacattt ttttatatac atgacatttt atcaaggtaa acagaaaatt     62760
     caaaataatt aaacgtattt gaggtaaaaa tcttttgtat tattataaat attttcttag     62820
     atcaatttaa agaattgttg gctaatataa aaatcatatt taatcgcatc caatcgcatc     62880
     atgattaatc gcattcaaga taaaagtttg tatgtacgta aaatatgcat ctgtactgtg     62940
     tatatctatg taaacagata taaatacaca cgcatattgt acataaaata caaacatgta     63000
     taatagaaat acacttaccg gccactttat taggtacacc tgacgaactg ctcgttaacg     63060
     caaatttcta atcagccaat cacatagcag caactcaatg catttaggca tgtagacatg     63120
     ggctgtttct cagtatgtgc ttttcagctg tcttgcgtcc tcgtgttctt gtgtaacgtc     63180
     attatcagtt gccaaagttc ggttccaaaa ctcaagaacg gaggacacgt gaaacttccc     63240
     ggatgtgttc ttgatatcga gaacacatgg atgcagactt gagcaccgaa ctcgctctag     63300
     aagtcaccga agtcattttg actggaggtg ggaagcgcag ccttttatat agatttatta     63360
     ttaaagttca gagacataac ttatctatct caggagtttc cctaaatgaa acggtgaaag     63420
     taaacatcac caataatgga ataaacacat aaaaaaacta taaaacaata aatcattgta     63480
     tgaatgctgt aatgtttaaa taattttcca ttaaaaacgc ctgacggtga agacagttta     63540
     ccccacagtc caaagaatgc agtacaggtg aattgggtag gctattgtcc gtagtgtatg     63600
     agtttgaatg agtttgtgtg gatgtttccc agagataaat tgcggctgga agggcatccg     63660
     ctgcgtaaaa acgtgctgga taagttggcg gttcattccg ctgtggcaac cctggattaa     63720
     taaagggact gagccgaaaa gaaaatgaat aaataaatga acgcctgacg atcatgtgac     63780
     catcaggaag aacgcatcat ctcatttctc agaggatgcg ttctctgttc tcacagtctc     63840
     tcgagttcgt tcttccgagg acctggcaag accttgtctt cttgtcttca caagacacaa     63900
     gtctgttctc tgttttcttg gaattaagaa acagccaggg tcaagaagat ctgctgcagt     63960
     ttaaagcatc aaaattgcaa agaaaggtca tttaagtagc tttgaacgtg gcatggttgt     64020
     tggtgccaga cgggctgatc tgagtattta agaaactgct gatctactgg aatttttttg     64080
     cacaaccatc tctagggttt acagagaata tatccagtga gcggcagttc tggttcaagg     64140
     tgataaaaag acaatggtaa ctcaaataac cactagttac atccaaggta tgcagaagag     64200
     cacctctgaa cacacaaaat gtccaacctt gaggcggatg ggctacagca gcagaaaacc     64260
     acattgggcg ccactcctat tagctaagaa caggaaactg aggctttaac tcacacaggc     64320
     tcaaattgga caatagaaga taggaaagac attgcctggt ctgatgagtc tcgatttctg     64380
     ctgcgatatt cagatcagaa tttggcatca acaacatgaa agcatggatc cattctgcct     64440
     tgtatcaagg ttcaggctgg tgatgatggt agtgtaatga tgtgggggat attttcttgg     64500
     cacactttgg gcccattagt accaattaag cattgtgtca aggccacagc ctacctgagt     64560
     attgttgctg accatgtccc tttatgacaa cagtgtaccc atcttctgat ggctacttcc     64620
     cgcaaaataa cacgccctgc atcataaagc gcaaatcatt agactggttt cttgaacatg     64680
     acaatgagtt cacagtactt aaatggcctc cacagtcacc agagctcaat tcaatacagc     64740
     atatttggga tgtggtggga caggagattc gcatcatgga tgtgcagcag acaaatctgc     64800
     agcaactgcg tgatgctatc atgtcaatat gggtcaaaat ctcagaggaa tatttccagc     64860
     accttgttaa atctatgtca tgaaggatta aggcagttct aaaggtccaa cccggtacta     64920
     gtaacgtgta cctaataaag tggccggtga gtaaatattt acatatatgt ttaaatttat     64980
     atataatttg cagtatttta gatgcgtaga agtgtagtat tttaaaagtt ttattttaaa     65040
     tgcgataaat tgtgattgtt tgatatcagt attaaaaatc taattatttt aaacaaaaaa     65100
     cagtccaaac ttttaccagt agtgttcttt aaactccata tatcttgcat atgttctgct     65160
     agccccatta atctacaata aacactgtaa tactataaat gttacattac gtcttcatct     65220
     attatatatc tttgtagtct aaagcatttt accagttctg gagctggtcc agtcctatca     65280
     gaactggccc tccgatgcag gcgatctgtt gcctccgttt ccattccttg agttcagggt     65340
     tgagctggga ggaaatcaga gcatcaattt ccttgataac atctgctgtc tttgacaaaa     65400
     actcctacaa atgtaaaaaa caaaaagcaa aaaccaatgt cagcaatgac cagccaacaa     65460
     caacacatgg ttgcatcaca tacctaagaa aaatgtggca cagatgtgtg aaaaccactc     65520
     aaacctcttg gctgaagcag gaagttctca gggtagttca atgcaaaacc aaacaacaaa     65580
     ataaacgaga agaagaggaa atgctcgtga actgaaaaaa gccagagaaa cacttgcctt     65640
     tcttttgaaa tccaagcggt tcagtatttc ttgaagagtt gtgacttctt gtttcatgga     65700
     tgaagagttc ctctcaagtg gatctacagg gtttcagagg aagatgtata ttttgtatta     65760
     aaaaaacatc tctcatgtgc ctattagagc tttgcgattt tgacagaaac atatattttg     65820
     gatttttgca ataaaactca aaaataaatt ttgttgcttg ttcaaactac ttatttaaaa     65880
     tgagctgaaa tgacacaaat tttacatttt ggagggaaca gcctaatggt ttttagatta     65940
     atccacttaa atttgaaaaa acaattacgt taacataatt gatttgtcct acccatgttg     66000
     ccgtgggttt cctccggttg cttcggtttc ccccacagtc caaaaacatg gggtatagat     66060
     gaatcgaata aacaaaaata gtccgtagtc tatgagttag tgtgtgaatg agtgtgtatg     66120
     ggtgtttccc agtactgggt tgcaggtgga aggcatccgc tgtgtaaaac atatgctgga     66180
     ataggtggtg gttcattcca cgttggtgac ctctgactaa gcggaaggaa aatgaatgaa     66240
     tgaatgaatg aataattaat ttgtgttgca acaacatgaa cccagcattt tttacagggt     66300
     tccacacaat tcattcatgt tgtcccaaca caaattaggt taagttagat taagttaact     66360
     taagttcaaa gtccccaaga aatcaaaact aaccatatga tttttttagc ttacattgct     66420
     aattttgtga agattaattc atctgtgcat gtcattaaga acaaaaaata gtttgccctt     66480
     tttttattta taaaaaatat ataaacattt attagatgat gtgattttga ggtaatgggg     66540
     gtggataagt ttcgacaaca aacaggaatg gtgagcagga ggagtctgtt aggttgtaat     66600
     aactcttcta aaacccattt cctgatcttt ctgagtgaaa tgcctacttt actatatcca     66660
     ttcagcccat gatagaaaaa acaagccact gtttgctcat tcgcagcttc cggttcacag     66720
     ggactttaag tgaattgaaa ataaacaatt aagtcgtccc caaaaaagtc aacaattgtg     66780
     ttgtttcagc tcattttagg aaagtagttt aaacaagcag gaaaataatt ttttaagtgg     66840
     gatatttaaa gatttcaagt agaaatgtag aactcagaaa cattcatcca atcaaaacgt     66900
     ttggcctaaa cattataata ggctgtcctt cttgccaaat atgtaattgc acaccctgtc     66960
     ctcacagaaa gaattacgtc attgactacg tttacatgga catcactgat agaattattt     67020
     tccttattct gaataagaca ttaatagtat taaggtgttt acatgagttg ctttttgaat     67080
     gcttctttca tgatctcgtt ttacatgtta aagcacataa ttcgattaat gtcattgcat     67140
     ctccacgctg tccacttttc ctccagagtt tcatgtaatt ttgagtgttt cttttttagt     67200
     ttgttgactt taactgcagt ttggcacttt cactttcatt caggaacatt ccatgcatgc     67260
     ccccccgcga caaatgagat attggatgcg agtatgaact gctggaagag tgttgtttta     67320
     ataaaatttg atatcgcaca ccgtatgggg aaaaaaaaac aatgcatttc acaatgtgtg     67380
     tgtctttggt ctgactcggt agatgcagag aatagtgtca aacagctgtg tgtgtgtata     67440
     gactatcctg tcgcaaaatg cagagaaaat atcacacaat ggcaatagtt taaatgcggt     67500
     gtttacatgt atgtactgaa ccgaactaat gccactaaaa tctgcatact ccacatgttt     67560
     taattagatt ttgtttagtc tgattacgac cttaatcgga ttaaattaat caaaaatcgc     67620
     tgtttacatg gaagactcct aatcggagta ttgttttgat catattaaaa acggattatt     67680
     ggtgtcaatg taaacatact tagtgttgat ttcacgtaca cggttcagac agagaatggc     67740
     aggcaaacat cagcaacttt tttggtaact ttagaatatc tatctgttaa ctagttaata     67800
     gatcattagt aaactgttag ttaatgagtt ataaatgact tgttaaataa aagttaatag     67860
     tttgttaatt atttataact gtgccttata gatctagcca aaaggtaact cacaagctgt     67920
     tagttaacaa gttataaatg acttgtaaac tcattttaat gatttatagc tatacctaat     67980
     aaattagtaa tatatcatga acaagctgtt cgtaaattac ttactaaaga cttgttaagt     68040
     attagttgat agtttatata cgtattggga cgttattcta gttgcaatta ttcctaattt     68100
     attaactgtt agtaaatgag gaatagttgc aactagaata acgtcccaat agcatacata     68160
     agctaataac taacacttaa ttaatatatt aactcacact ttaccaatca gttgttcata     68220
     gtttgtttac catctactaa taccagtgaa acttttgtag aactttctaa taaagtaatt     68280
     tatttattta ttttgttttt ttgtttagaa caaaaagtga ccaaacctca tgggttttta     68340
     ttctgttgta tactgctgtt ctgccatgtg atggctcagt atgtgtgttt ctatacatta     68400
     aacacaatgt tcaacatttc atttttgaag tttctttggt aaaacacagc acacagaaaa     68460
     gcctatgagt ggaacaaggt taaggtacaa aaatgttata ttttaaatat cacatcaaat     68520
     ttctgtagct tgaacttgtt ccatccattt gctgttctac aaagtttcaa attgctatac     68580
     aaataagctt gaaatgaatt ggactaaatg taatttgccc aattttgtgc tgaagtaatg     68640
     atgacagtca ccaaatcacc tcgaagctgg agcgttttgt aacgaaagtc aaaatcgtct     68700
     tgcatatctt caagatactt cacagcctga tccagcatct gatcaaatag tgcagaaaac     68760
     aaacacacac atgcatttca tatatgtaaa atcccatggt tgtgataaca acgaacaaat     68820
     cttgggtgta aattacctga acgctgcttc ttatcacagc cactttattg tccagaactt     68880
     tctgcttctc caaagctgct gaattttgca ttgacttttc cagtggtccc tggcattgac     68940
     aaaatagaaa tatgcagatg taaattccac atgaaaatgt aaatttaaca tgatgggtat     69000
     gcaggttttg ccatcattaa ctgacccttt acttgtttca aaacatttat aagtttacaa     69060
     gatagtagac tgtctgctta atatctgttg atatgctcct tcgacagaca tttaactgac     69120
     tataacaaac tttgcaagta cttatcaact tacactaacc ctaaccccaa ccctaaccta     69180
     acctaacagt ctacttataa tctaatgaga attagtttgc atgtagatgc aatgtaactt     69240
     aaattcaaca aacagaccat taaaataaag tgtgtctgat aaagatattt tgaagaacac     69300
     ttaaaacctg taaccatcaa cttagtattt atttttccta ctttggaagt caatggttaa     69360
     cggttttcag ctttcttcaa tatatcttca gtttagtttt gaacactaaa gttagtgtaa     69420
     aattaatgtt caacaaaata aagaaactca taaatatttc agaccactta agggtgaatt     69480
     tagaccacag tttgggtgaa ctatcccttt ggtgacactt tcctttttat ccttcctttt     69540
     gtatgctgtt atgcgcgcat tttatttagc acacatttgc aagatgactc aaattgaaat     69600
     taagcacaaa agatactgga ccattaatag ttacattttt taaaaacata ctattataat     69660
     ttgaaggaga atgttgacat ttaaaaaaga aacataacta aaactaaatt gttaaaaata     69720
     aacttgcagg aggtaatata tgcactgtaa aaagtgctac actcacaaag ttgtttctat     69780
     ctactttaaa taattgcaat ctagttaatt ttatttgttt tataccaaaa aaatttaatt     69840
     tgcttcctct ttacttaaaa tatatcagtt tttatataac tgtatatttt gaataaaact     69900
     aatgcaattt atttgagtag atttttttac gtggttattg tgtagaataa atgttataaa     69960
     agtgagttga cacagacaat ttattagagc agctgtcgat gtgggcaggt gttcataaaa     70020
     cgggatttta atagtttggc gtgactcgaa tggcggcatc aagtggagga ggagcagtgc     70080
     aggcggttgg caacgactgg attgagaatg gtcaggagtg gggagacgga aatgacggat     70140
     caggaaatga agtagaggag atggagggta gcgagagttg cgaaccgtgg acaaactgta     70200
     gaggtaaaaa gcggaaaaaa agaaaaaaca aactagatag tgacgaagaa atgagatcca     70260
     aagtaaagga aggaaatgaa gagtataatg tgtttgttag actagtacag gaaggggcga     70320
     catttgagga ttggagtcct atacaactaa cgaaagctct gtataaggag attggggagg     70380
     taagatgtgc taaaaaatta aggaatggat gcttattggt gtcatgtaaa gatgaggctc     70440
     aacaaaagaa agcaatcaaa gtaaataaaa taaatggtaa aaaagtgaaa tgctctgagg     70500
     tctatgacag aaaacttata agaggagtaa tcacaggcat accggtaagt gagtcattaa     70560
     acaacgtgat tgaaggaata acgaatgcta aaataaaaga agctaaacgc ttaaaaacaa     70620
     gatggaacgg agccatatgt gacagtcttt caataatgct gacatttgat gaaacaaaac     70680
     tacctgacaa agtcttcata ggatacatga gctatgaagt gaaaatgtac ataccaccgc     70740
     ctgttaggtg ttacaaatgc caaaaatatg gtcatattgc agcgatctgt aaagggaaaa     70800
     tgagatgtag caaatgtagt ggagaacatg agtatggaca atgtgataag gaagcaaaac     70860
     tcaaatgttg caactgtggt ggagaacata gttcagcata cagagggtgt gaggtaaata     70920
     aaagaatgca agagatacag agaataaaag tcactcaagg tatatcttat gcagaagcaa     70980
     caaagaaagt taggcctaca agggaacaga tgggtcagat gccgacaatg agagaagaaa     71040
     ggaaagacat gattaagtgt aaaaaatgtg ataaaataaa ggaagaaaca ctgattgtgg     71100
     ataaaaatga atttgttctc tttatggcag aggtgataaa ttgctcagca cagacaacaa     71160
     gtcggacgga aaggattaaa ataatagtta aagccgcgga aaaatacatg ggtattaaag     71220
     gaatcccttg ggaatcagtg agaaacacgt taaatgaaga agttcagcaa caacagtcac     71280
     aagcatgggg tggagttgca taatggtaat atttatactg cagtggaatg cgaggagttt     71340
     aatatctaat ggtcaggaat ttaagaaata tatagatgat ttaaatgaaa aacctgatat     71400
     agtgtgtgta caagaatcat ggttaatatc aagactagaa tttaatatta aaggctataa     71460
     tgcagtaaga atggatagga aaataggtaa aggtggggga attattacat ttataaaaaa     71520
     aggtatccaa tatagagaag taaagagagg gaatgaacta gaatatgtta ttgtggaggt     71580
     atggtcaagt gaaggtaata ttaaaataat aaatttttat aacccatgta gattgttaga     71640
     gagggaacag ttagaagaga tatgggaggg tattaatgga aaaattatct ggtgtggaga     71700
     ttttaatgca cacagtacat tatggggtaa cagaaatgat aataatggga gagtaattga     71760
     agaatttatt gaagaagaag agctagtgtg cattaatgac gggacaggaa ctagattgaa     71820
     tacagcaaga ggcacagaat cagcaataga tattacaata gttacaaaag atattgcaga     71880
     taggtgtgaa tgggaggtat taagaggtaa cacagttgga agtgaccact acccaatcaa     71940
     aactcaagta ggaatagaat gcgcaaaaga aattgaagtg agagaggaga aatggatttt     72000
     agaaagagca gattgggata aatttaggga aatcagtgaa gatttgttgc aaaagattga     72060
     ggataactta gatgttgaaa atatgtgtaa aagaattagt gggggaataa ttgaggcagc     72120
     aaaaatggca atacctaaat caaaacctaa aataattaat aaaattgttc catggtggac     72180
     aaaggagtgt agaaaagcta taaaggagag aaacaaagct t                         72221