EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL596026; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 127993 BP.
AC   AL596026;
DT   13-JUL-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   16-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 25)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-234G15 in linkage group 17 Contains
DE   the sly1 gene for suppressor of ypt1, a novel gene similar to AP4
DE   (adaptor-related protein complex 4, sigma subunit), the 3' part of the
DE   strn3 gene for striatin, calmodulin binding protein 3, a novel gene similar
DE   to COCH (coagulation factor C homolog, cochlin), a gene for a novel 7
DE   transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin family) and a novel gene similar to
DE   KIAA1333.
KW   HTG; sly1; strn3.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-127993
RA   Babbage A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; dbccb5b4ab8a54722e139428d1b371b8.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000001313; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000001729; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000001444; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000126967; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   BUSM1-234G15 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..127993
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-234G15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   polyA_signal    20302..20307
FT   polyA_site      20325
FT   mRNA            join(20920..21200,21321..21418,22701..22802,22886..23010,
FT                   24542..24704,24784..24890,25038..25154,25605..25729,
FT                   25861..25969,28327..28631,28707..28888,28968..29140,
FT                   32131..32342,32425..33539)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to KIAA1333"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: AL715385 AL715441 AL715514 AL716341
FT                   AL716589 AL719825 AL722571 AL726282 AL726339 AW134021
FT                   AW174671 BI888591 BI890017 BI891464 BM316104 BQ074697
FT                   BQ074927 BQ420219"
FT   CDS             join(21146..21200,21321..21418,22701..22802,22886..23010,
FT                   24542..24704,24784..24890,25038..25154,25605..25729,
FT                   25861..25969,28327..28631,28707..28888,28968..29140,
FT                   32131..32342,32425..32672)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003899"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to KIAA1333"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Q9BVR2 Q9NXC0 Q9P2L3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW58"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000569"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001965"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011011"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019786"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW58"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-400"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58745.1"
FT                   YTVCQFSVMQDI"
FT   mRNA            join(34883..34943,38289..38359,38443..38531,38613..38703,
FT                   38785..38907,39051..39138,39224..39313,41042..41097,
FT                   41560..41645,43277..43376,45458..45597,47251..47341,
FT                   47421..47494,48005..48086,48207..48303,51169..51239,
FT                   54250..54329,54453..54515,54608..54683,56151..56204,
FT                   59688..59740,60066..60099,60421..60486,60559..60627,
FT                   61199..61408)
FT                   /gene="sly1"
FT                   /locus_tag="sly1-001"
FT                   /product="suppressor of ypt1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY167023.1 Em:BC050950.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI331634.1 Em:AI331676.1
FT                   Em:AI641174.1 Em:AI658227.1 Em:AW342825.1 Em:AW421973.1
FT                   Em:BG305538.1 Em:BG884136.1 Em:BI878266.1 Em:BI882555.1
FT                   Em:BI883132.1 Em:BI883141.1 Em:BM890130.1 Em:BM890463.1
FT                   Em:BQ074744.1 Em:BQ074976.1 Em:BQ262428.1 Em:BQ284204.1
FT                   Em:BQ616715.1 Em:CB356664.1"
FT   CDS             join(34913..34943,38289..38359,38443..38531,38613..38703,
FT                   38785..38907,39051..39138,39224..39313,41042..41097,
FT                   41560..41645,43277..43376,45458..45597,47251..47341,
FT                   47421..47494,48005..48086,48207..48303,51169..51239,
FT                   54250..54329,54453..54515,54608..54683,56151..56204,
FT                   59688..59740,60066..60099,60421..60486,60559..60627,
FT                   61199..61222)
FT                   /gene="sly1"
FT                   /locus_tag="sly1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003898"
FT                   /product="suppressor of ypt1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8AUT3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AUT3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001619"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027482"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AUT3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030116-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58746.1"
FT   misc_feature    45466..45488
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP71-238G3
FT                   (AL592542). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   polyA_signal    48169..48174
FT   polyA_site      48194
FT   CDS             join(<61806..61850,61961..62166,62678..62777,64854..64960,
FT                   69863..70309)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001490"
FT                   /product="novel 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin
FT                   family)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: O14718 O35214 P06002 P28678 Q9H1R0
FT                   Q9TX55"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW57"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000276"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027430"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW57"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-402"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58747.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<61806..61850,61961..62166,62678..62777,64854..64960,
FT                   69863..71222)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin
FT                   family)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: BG813526 BI705892"
FT   polyA_site      complement(76095)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(76115..76120)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(76122..76127)
FT   mRNA            join(82674..82738,83158..83206,83310..83354,83886..84042,
FT                   84121..84254,84875..84943,85019..85075,85168..85315,
FT                   85398..85501,86131..86357,86464..86977,88081..88311)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human coagulation factor
FT                   C homolog (cochlin, COCH)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: AF006741"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: BG727747"
FT   CDS             join(83173..83206,83310..83354,83886..84042,84121..84254,
FT                   84875..84943,85019..85075,85168..85315,85398..85501,
FT                   86131..86357,86464..86977,88081..88253)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001491"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human coagulation factor
FT                   C homolog (cochlin, COCH)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Q8VHI5 Q95LI2 Q9UDN0 Q96DT1 Q62507
FT                   Q9CYZ1 Q96DM8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002035"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004043"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW56"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-403"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58748.1"
FT   mRNA            join(AL672087.6:4816..5070,complement(109147..109250),
FT                   complement(108909..108982),complement(106839..106920),
FT                   complement(106494..106670),complement(106261..106399),
FT                   complement(106024..106165),complement(101183..101319),
FT                   complement(100655..100830),complement(100464..100511),
FT                   complement(94940..95061),complement(93162..93329),
FT                   complement(92940..93080),complement(92717..92824),
FT                   complement(91579..91665),complement(89309..91184))
FT                   /gene="strn3"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.7-001"
FT                   /product="striatin, calmodulin binding protein 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: AF243424 U17989"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: AA358216 AI588476 AI601649 AI722447
FT                   AI722925 AL719857 AW058738 AW078249 BG985504 BI883237
FT                   BI891214 BJ005545 BJ039532"
FT   misc_feature    90946..91023
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   CDS             join(AL672087.6:4909..5070,complement(109147..109250),
FT                   complement(108909..108982),complement(106839..106920),
FT                   complement(106494..106670),complement(106261..106399),
FT                   complement(106024..106165),complement(101183..101319),
FT                   complement(100655..100830),complement(100464..100511),
FT                   complement(94940..95061),complement(93162..93329),
FT                   complement(92940..93080),complement(92717..92824),
FT                   complement(91579..91665),complement(91015..91184))
FT                   /gene="strn3"
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ234G15.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001493"
FT                   /product="striatin, calmodulin binding protein 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: O43815 O55106 P58404 P70483 Q13033
FT                   Q17406 Q95NF2 Q9NRL3 Q9VLT9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013258"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019775"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020472"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW55"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-405"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD58749.2"
SQ   Sequence 127993 BP; 41241 A; 22543 C; 23222 G; 40987 T; 0 other;
     gatccttttc taagttttaa attatggctg atagagttaa cgggaacatt acatttggaa        60
     aaaatcaggt attccctaat agacaaggtt ttgtcatttg aaaaaaaatg tggtcccttt       120
     tatttctttt ctacaaactt attaccttct tttaccattg gagagcactg gtgggtggtt       180
     ggttggggaa tgcatgtttt tttttttttt ttttttgctt aattattatt tttatgattt       240
     ggtagttgtt gatttttttt ctttctttgt ttcttttttt catgtaaaat acctaattgt       300
     taaaatgtaa gttttaaatt gtatatacaa actaatgtct gcaaaaaatt ctaataataa       360
     aaatatttaa accagaattt tttttattta tttatttgtt tttcacgtta tacagagcaa       420
     acaaaaaatc taaaacaaaa caccccttta ccggaacacc agatctagga acaatatata       480
     atctatcgtc cggagaaaat aaaagatgaa aacatgacaa taatataaca atataacact       540
     tcttttattc tcattttgtc tggttgtgtc catttccatc acaagagtta aaaaaaggtt       600
     gccagacttt ataaattgtc tcaacagaca ctaaaacggg catttttaaa aacaaatttg       660
     caacattttg tttgtaaatg tgagaaaaag aaacaaattg tattttctgg acaatcttat       720
     gttttgtttt ttcacactgc aacaaagcta ctctacaaaa cagaatgttg tcactagatt       780
     gaatgggctc tatcagtggt tatcagctga tagatatggg ccagaagggg ccctctgcgc       840
     aaactggtag gctcagaagg ttgttaccat tcatccacat tgttaatcag ctatactaat       900
     agagaagact ccagatccag atctgtttct acatcactat gacgtatggg tttagggcag       960
     gggtagggga agacattata aaatacaatg aatgggaaat ttaataataa tataaataat      1020
     tatcatggtt aatcagctat actaatagag aagactccag atcctgatct gtttttacat      1080
     tactgtgacg gttgggttta gggttggggt agaaataaaa tatgaggaat gggaaatttt      1140
     atatataata taaataattc ttgtaaactt ccagctgcag ccgtatgtga tctaaagctg      1200
     attaaccatg tggatggatg ataacagtct tctgacctta ccagtaggcg cagaaggccc      1260
     ttactgggcc atatctatca gctgattacc actgataatg cccattcaat caagtgataa      1320
     cattcgaatc agctgacaaa gcagtctttt agatctgctt aacgcagaat ctattatctc      1380
     aaactttgag gtttttttta gcactataga agtaaaggta atgactcgac atttgaaata      1440
     aaaaaaaaaa tctatttcat gccaatattc agctacttgg gatgctcatt ggctctccat      1500
     atctagtgcc aatctaagaa ccataaaaat ggtcctagtt gggaaaaaaa atgctttaga      1560
     cttgcaaata atagagagta ttcgtaaaat gctagtgaaa gtgatgtttc acatttatgc      1620
     ttttaaatct ttctaaaatt gcacccattg cactgcacaa gcctcacaaa gacaccattt      1680
     tcactcaaaa tcaataatat gccatagagc tgtcaattgg gtcttacttg taaatattac      1740
     tttaagagtc tgtaccagtc tgtactgtat ttttcataat cccataacaa gctgtaacac      1800
     taaatacatg taaacagacc agcaaataat tattataatg ttgtgttatt taaccaacaa      1860
     catcaaacgg caatataata cactataaaa gacaatctaa ggttgcgatg tgtccaatga      1920
     cggtggcggc acaaattcaa atgttactac tgtaagcaca tggcacctta tttctaaaag      1980
     ccagattatc ctgagcagag cttgcatgca gactagtgga gcaaacttaa catgacctcc      2040
     acctccccca gcagcagcag tctgcgcccc catcactccc cagccaggca tgtgcaaagg      2100
     gaatgggctt aagacgaggc cacatatata atgcataacc gtgttgggcc atatttatgg      2160
     agcatttacg agtatgcaag cacagagcag aaatgttgct cccctcagac acgcgacaac      2220
     tgtgtttgac tcagttgtac aaacacggtt tgcaaaacat atgcagagtg gaaggggaac      2280
     aattatgagc atagattaac gtcgtgatga atatagtcta aaaaaagata gcattcggtc      2340
     cttgcagact gctaggtttc agaaatacgt gcgcaataaa taaatagaca aatgaataag      2400
     caagggcttg aagataaaat taaacccgcc ttgcgtattc caaaaacatt tgtgcattgc      2460
     atattttcat gcatgaaatg acagtgaaat acttgttaaa aagataaaca tgagtagggt      2520
     aacatgaaag atgagagatt ttgctgttgc caatggttac ctatactagg acaaacacat      2580
     acatattggg ttattcactc tattagtttc taggcaacat gtttctggac tgcatttcaa      2640
     cctgtcacac caatgttctc gaagcagaca acaaacaaat acacatactg ctgctctgtc      2700
     aagggttaat aaaaacacca tcagctcaat ataatattta aacagtcgtt taattctata      2760
     tttacacagt aatatatctg tgcatgagtg gatgtttgtt ttctgctttg tgttaatagg      2820
     aacggtagta tatttagcct gttgagctta aactgaagaa tgtttgagaa tataaagaat      2880
     ttaataaaac agcgttgttt atgcttacgc aagtcgcctt cacaaacatg cagaactagg      2940
     tttatatctg tgtgcatcat tttcagtcat ttcaatgtgc tttaacctaa acttaccgga      3000
     taataatgtt aaaatcaatc gaattaccaa tgccaacatg gaaggttcta gcaaggttat      3060
     ttcaaagcta taagtattgt tcaaaatgta caaagcagaa tattcattaa tttttcttcg      3120
     gcttagtccc tttactcatc aggggtcgcc acagtggaat gaacagacaa cttatacagc      3180
     atatgtttta catagcggat gcccttccag ctgcaaccca gtattgggaa acaatcatac      3240
     actgccaaca gtcaacttta tcaaatgaaa tgagtgtagt taactcaaaa ttgactaaag      3300
     gttaattcta ctcatttgaa aagagttttg aactcagtgt tgaaggtaat gaattaatta      3360
     aatacctcat tacttaaaca gagtaagttc aaaggactca tacagattaa ttttttaact      3420
     caaatggttt gttgcaatca gtttcctcaa tagggttttg agctgcctta acttattggg      3480
     ttttacagta ctcagctggt ttgagttctt ttcatttatc gggttttact ttgctcaaat      3540
     tgcttcattt actcaaatgt attaagttca cagaactcat taggattagt ttttggactt      3600
     aaatggtttg ctgcaatctg tttcctcaaa cggtttgagt ttttgggttt tacagtgtaa      3660
     acacttattt acacaaatac actacagcca atttagttta tttaattcac ctatagcaca      3720
     aatttcgtgc ttacgtgaac ttgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactga cccaaccggg      3780
     gctcgaacca gcgaccttat tgctgtgagg agactgtgct aaccactgag ccactgtgtc      3840
     gcccctatag aataataatt caaagttatc tggactaaaa tgttctctca ttattagcac      3900
     aataggatta cttgaattat ttgaacattt ttttaaaaaa atgtataacg aatcaaaaat      3960
     gtttctgaac accaaacatt ctgatcattt gaacaatatc tttactcagg aagagtttgc      4020
     ccaaaaatga aaatgatgtc tcataataac ttgactgttc tttgctttct aatggcagtg      4080
     aatggtgctc gagtttccaa agttccaaaa acggcatcta acatctaact attataaagg      4140
     tgagccaaag tgtcacagac tgggagcgag gatggcagaa cattttccca atcccaataa      4200
     ccaactaatt cactttgtca tagaacctac tggatctcac tcaaaaaata tcatatcaac      4260
     gcctccttta gtccactctg tcataaatgt cctgaccagt aacttggatc tttttttcat      4320
     atgatgtggg aatgtgggga aaagtacaaa cattttggaa ttaggtgtgt gttatcttat      4380
     cttccatact attactgagt gatgattcta cgttggatct agctacaaaa agctgtttgg      4440
     ctggctgact taacttctgc aataaaactg cttgcccaac attggcttcc tccacataat      4500
     ttggacacgt acaagtaatt ggcacgtaca agtggttggt aacttcagga cataatgttg      4560
     gaattatcca cagctcgagt gaacttggta caaatgtgta cattactgat ctggacttca      4620
     gctgctgaca aaatcttcat gtttattgca caaaacagta atcaggatcc aggaaaattg      4680
     ccttattttg tataattgat acttgatgct gtgatttgtt tttgtctttc tgttaatttg      4740
     tattggatac ctcagtttga agagaccgta ggggagatgg gagggggata gttgatatat      4800
     tacattatat tgtttttctg cctgtatgct ttgctaataa taattaaata aataacaata      4860
     aaggtaagcc aaacgacttt attatctata tttaaaacct tacataccat aatgactaca      4920
     aacattatga ctatttcaac gcaatctcaa tgcaattcgt aactttttaa ttttgtggct      4980
     aatttgtttg aattcatacg acctaatttg tacaatttag tacgatttgc ttatcaccca      5040
     atgacggttg aggttaggga tggggtttaa tgtgggggct cccctgcacg gattattgac      5100
     aggaaatact tgcgttttct cgtgaaataa ggctgacctt ttttgtaaac ttacataaaa      5160
     cacacaaaaa ttttttttaa aaagatggat ttactaaatt tatttgaagt aagtggttgt      5220
     aaacaattta ttttgggtta aatttaaaca aacaaattaa gtttaatgtt actaaattta      5280
     atttgattgt ttaaatttag cccatataaa ttgttagtaa caattttgta gaaatatata      5340
     ttttttgatc attttctttt tggagcttca aaactcaagg atcattcact gccattataa      5400
     agctgtgaga agccatcaat atacactcat taatttcttt tgatgtttgt tcaaactact      5460
     tatttaaaaa tgagttcaaa caacacaatt cttatgttgt tttgggacaa cttaattgtt      5520
     ttatgttcaa tccacttaaa tttgtaaaaa ccattaagtt aatcaatttc tgttgtgcca      5580
     acatgaagga aatgtgtgga accattgcat tgtttacagt gtctgtaaat cactagaaaa      5640
     tattcatttt aggtgaactg ttcttacagt aggagcatgg gcaaaatgtt aatagaacat      5700
     tctggtagct gagacaagtc aataatacca cagcagtggg tgtatgtgtc atatcacaga      5760
     ctatagacag tcatctgcac tctctccagc atacacttgc accctatcat cttcaattaa      5820
     acacctagca agataaatct gggttgaagg ggtcaagcaa catacactga ttaaggcaaa      5880
     tcttccaccg taaagcacaa agcatctaaa cagattcagt ctccatctgg tgagagaaag      5940
     actagagtgt aaacaagcag tatagtatgc aatttaattg tgttgaatcc acttacattt      6000
     gtaaaagcta aaatgtaaat ttaattccaa tatgttgtcc catcacaaat tgtttgtgtg      6060
     gtacccagca ttttttagag gttttgtgaa atgtgccaac acaatctcac agcaattcgt      6120
     aactttttga tttagtggct tattcatatg aaatgtgcaa ttgtacgatc tcatttatac      6180
     aatttagtac aatttgctca tcccccgatg acagttgggt ttaggattgg gattgggtgc      6240
     agagcattct tttaaaaatc ataagaatta gccactaaat tgacaaaaca taaaaatact      6300
     tgcattttct tgtgagatca agctagatgt gcactgattc catatagaca tggagacttt      6360
     aagccactct ttaaaacaat tgccgttcat aagcatgaca taaatggaac ttgttttaaa      6420
     gataaaccaa acggcgaact tcaaggacaa gttggagtta aaatcatatg atatactgtt      6480
     gatattaact ctttgtgact gataagaaaa aaatatataa taaatgaata aataaatgca      6540
     caaaacttac aggaaagtga gatcattaaa aaagttagaa aataccaatt gtttttatat      6600
     tctgtaaatg atgcaaagaa aatacatttt ggtctgatgc aattgtgtcc aaatactttc      6660
     aggatgacac ctgtttgacc catatcccgg acgtttgtga ggtgaaggat ggctggttcg      6720
     ctgcatctaa aaaatcttca tgtgacttcc tcatggtacg gctaatccag atcttgacat      6780
     cctcaaaatc ccagcttccc tgctggagag agacatcaca cttaattcaa agggactctt      6840
     aaaaatattg actaacattg tctaatccct ttaataatgc ttaacccttg tcctgcagct      6900
     gcttggtctg aactgttctt tattcattcg gagggtcata ttctcagagg ctaaatgcag      6960
     acaagggatt tgtcatactg aagaatcaaa cgtaaacaca acagaacatg aatattttca      7020
     tttgtatcaa taatatggct cagcagtaag gaagttcgcc tgcactctta aaaatacatt      7080
     ttcattgttg gcattgatgg ttccaacata taggctgtat agtggaaaag gttattttat      7140
     tttattaatg taaaagaaat ctaaaaatgc ttctgctatg ccattactac agataactcc      7200
     agtggatacc tttctttttt aaaagtgtga actgttattt atttatccat atggtcatac      7260
     tcttaaggac tcagtgaata agtcatattg aagtcatgtt aaaattcgat cagtccctga      7320
     gcttgaactt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctctc      7380
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctatata tatatatata tatatatata      7440
     tatatataaa tatatatata cagttgaagt cagaattatt agcccccttt tgattttttt      7500
     tttctttttt caaatttatt tgttattttt caaaataaca gagcaagttt cacagtatgt      7560
     ctgataatat ttattcttct ggagtaagtc ttattttttc tatttcggct agactaaaag      7620
     cagtttttaa ttttttaaaa cccattttta ggacaaaatt tttagcccct ttaagcaaat      7680
     tttttttttt ttcgataatc ttcagaaaaa aacattgtta tacattaact tgcctaatta      7740
     ccctaacctg cctagttcac cttattaacc tagtgaagcc tttaaatgtc actttaagct      7800
     gtatagaagt gtcttgaaaa atatcaagta aaatattatt tactgtcatc atggcaaaag      7860
     taaaataaat cagttaatag aaataagttt ttaaaactat tatgcttaga aatgtgctga      7920
     aacaatcttc cctccgttaa acagaaattg tggaaaaatg aacagaggcg ctaataattc      7980
     aggggggcta ataattctga cttaaactgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      8040
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgagcaaca tcacacgagt      8100
     agcagtgcga tatggctgaa tatcggcact ggtgggaggc gtgtgttggc acgaggccgc      8160
     agtacgacga gtgtgatatt gtgtttattc aacagtttga cggcataatt gtgtatataa      8220
     aaacaaaatc aaacatggag agtctcaaaa acccttttgt atgaggagct acttttttcc      8280
     ggattcaaat cataagctga cagttaaaca gttgagcgtg catcttttaa actttacatc      8340
     tgtagtgtct gctttttgct ggctgtatgt gggcggagta atacacaaag ggtaaagagg      8400
     ctgtaggagt tctgatattg atatatatat aagacctcaa ataaactgca atataagcct      8460
     ctgcctattt caatgcttta atctattcaa ggtactacta aagagatgtt gtttttcata      8520
     ataataactt ttaatcatca aatttgctga ccaaatttga atgcctacaa aataatataa      8580
     tatgactgat attaagaaat ttggttatat atattttttt aatcacctca agtaaactgc      8640
     aatacaaacc tctgcttata ctcaagcaaa acaatatgta ttttcatata gaaaaacaac      8700
     aacatgttgg gttggggggc tttatattga gaaagtttaa gaaataaatt taaatgccta      8760
     caaaataata taatatgact ctgatattaa gaaatttggc tatatgttct tcttgattga      8820
     cctcacgtaa actgcaatat aagcccctgc ttattcagta cgtaagcaaa atatctgcat      8880
     ttttatatag taaaaatcta ttttatgaat gtgccaagaa aacaattata tatattttta      8940
     ataattttat attattggat cattacacca gatgacagct ttactatttt ggagcattat      9000
     ttaatctatt catatattta taatctattc taaacacttt ataagagcaa tgtgagacag      9060
     ggtaactgtt ttcatatatt gttacagtaa tgatactcat tagactaaac aaacaaaaat      9120
     ccaattatta ttgatttctg ataagggtat aattaatttt atatcatttg agcatcatca      9180
     ttccctgttt attccataaa gaagaaaaaa actccacagt actgacactc catgctgtta      9240
     aaattagcct ggtcttctaa tttaaacatt ttgacaaaat attaaagctt aaattctaac      9300
     aaattaaagg cgaaatgagt tatcttccat tgcctttggg aaataattct ctcctttgtc      9360
     gtcagggaat gtgcaggtgc taacgtgcat gcctaattga ctagatgaag caattaatta      9420
     tggaggagat gaatgatctc gctttcactg gtctgctgct taaacctctc tatggcagtg      9480
     ctatttgaat tcatccgccg ctcttaaatt gttgaaattt gcatattttg cagtaaaatg      9540
     tctatagatt ataagctgat caccggtcta actccgatac tacagtgtaa ccttcataac      9600
     gcacaactac cagtaacaac aacaacaaca aaaatccaca ccaactcgac cttccttcca      9660
     gagacagttg ctatgaaaca cattttccct gtataattca tttacacgct gcatacaaat      9720
     atgtggacaa ttaacccctt ttgtttgcat aataaatttg tatatttaat gggagctcat      9780
     ccgcatgtgc tccacaagct tgaagaacac aaagcggccg cattgtgcgc cgcgcaacgc      9840
     cccatccact gcaatcatgc cctgctgtac ctgatttcag cacagagcca gagaaggagg      9900
     ataaattacc cctagcacag cacagagctt taattatagc cttgcagaca agagaaaagc      9960
     tcattgatgt gtagatgagg atggactatg catgttgcac tgaaagaacc catgttttgg     10020
     tgattctcta tcaaaagaac agctgggttg ccattttctc tcaaattaga tttcaccaaa     10080
     gcaatgcgat gtgaaaccaa gagacgcaat ttcaaaagtt atttttcttg tttgttgagt     10140
     cataagagca acaggaaaag tcgatctgga atgatgttag ttggcagaaa cgggaaagga     10200
     agcaaacatc ccaatcatct gcgcttgggt tcaaaggttg cattgaaacg ctcttaaatg     10260
     agaccatttt tcagctcaag cctttcagag tgttcacaga aagatccagc tctggcatgc     10320
     gactatacgt gaattaatca ttccgcgcat tcagatgaca tgagttgcat ttaagaaaag     10380
     aaacaaaaga agtcaatcat gcgctggagg cgagttgatg cagtccataa agcgagggaa     10440
     tgctgggtaa aaggtgttac ctgtgtccag agctgtggtg taggtcctaa agctggcggt     10500
     ccggcctctg tgtttgtttt cagagcgctt ttaaaaaaga ctgtgtggtg aaacattgag     10560
     gttattgata ccccagcatg cctcaaggct ccacccagca gtgaaccctg tgacctaagg     10620
     gtgacgaaaa aagagagacc ccccctccat tcaatccctc tttctctcac acacacactc     10680
     acactcaccg acttgtttgt tttcactcca ttccattgtg tcttattcgt acaatagtgt     10740
     tttacctttg ccgagtgtga aattatacca caaataatga ttaataattt gtttggatga     10800
     acagcagtga tcatattgta aacaaacaga aaacttgcaa gcaagcagtc attaaataac     10860
     tcgagcggct caagtcacgc taacgagact aatgagcatc cacttcccca agaatgtttt     10920
     cagaagtgat tatatatgtt agcgaaactt tagacaatct gacagacggg aagaaagaca     10980
     tctgcaattc tctcatgcct cagtgccact ctcgccccgg atcttttcac atttctgatt     11040
     agcagacaca ttttatcact ctgcagacaa ctcaattttc attttgggag gggagacgga     11100
     aagggtgaca gcccagggcc tttaaggcgt ctcggggacc ctggcgagcc cagcgctgaa     11160
     gctgataatt agacttccct gaaccacagg tcaaagagac agaattattt ggcctgtgta     11220
     gacagcaatt tcctcaagcc acacgagatg agatatcaca agctgttata catgtgcacc     11280
     gggaagcctc gagagtgggg tcggagtcaa tcctattccc tacagaaatt cgtatattga     11340
     aagggcagct aactagggac catgatcatt taatttgact cctttcaagg gaccgtgttc     11400
     ctcagccatc aatttcaagg gctggtttgc agctcttaca tagcctgata ataatatctt     11460
     tcctttcttt ttgtctggag aagagagctc ttcatcgggg ttggtggtca tgtcgattaa     11520
     acgtatcaaa agtgacagaa tataatgaaa aggttgctgt ccctggtgta agctccatcg     11580
     ctggcacaaa aaaagagaga gtctggggtg ttttcagagg tgtgtaggag tgtgggatca     11640
     gaaatgcatt acacctcctc ggtaagtctt atgaacattt gtatgctcgg gttaaaattt     11700
     ctattaaaca ttgttttaga aatggatgcc ataccaccct cctctctaac tgtgaatcta     11760
     gaagacacgc taaactattt acacatattc ctgtgcctac acttttaaaa ataaagatgg     11820
     caaacttgtt ttttgttgca atgaagtcat agatgaaaca tgttggcttc cctgaggaac     11880
     cttttcccaa acatttcctt agagaaacaa ttgtcttaaa ggaagaacag tttttataat     11940
     ctaactgtag ggttagtaca caacacacta aatggaaaag ttttcctgtg tttttgaagt     12000
     tgatttttga agtttgattt tttgtctttg tttttttcta ttttcagttg aaaatggtgt     12060
     caactaatgt gtttttcttc tttcactata cttaatcttg ttcaacagca aagttcttgt     12120
     ataagcaaat gttttttatg caacagatgc caacaaatga cttatttatt ttattattat     12180
     tgtaattatt cttagcaaat gctaagattc tgattataga ttggtaaaac attgaataaa     12240
     ctaagtaaaa cgtatgtaag taaataatat aaaggataca tttacaacac tatttttgaa     12300
     tgaaaactga agacttatgc tatttatttt ctaaaacaat ggcatttggg aggcttgaaa     12360
     atgctgtttc aaagtgcatg ttttgaaaac tgcactattg ttgtctctgt ttaaactaac     12420
     aaagatgata tccttttgca taaacattca tgagtctatg ggctctattt tgacggtcca     12480
     tgcgcagagc gcaaaacgca gggcgcaaac gcttttaggg cgtgtcagaa cgcatttttg     12540
     ctaatttacg gacgggaaaa tgctctttgc gccatggcgc atgggctata aaggttgagt     12600
     ttattttctt aatgagttat tggtgtgttt tgagaataaa ccaattagag tctcatctcc     12660
     cattcccttt aagagtcagc tgcgtcacgc caagagcgca ttcgctattt acaggacgca     12720
     aagtaagtct aagtggaaaa aatgagcatt tcacaagcaa acagttaaca gttgacagtt     12780
     ttttaacaga aaatgttaaa cagagcatct actgcgtgag aatgagagat aatggatcac     12840
     tttcactttc gctcttggat agggaaacct gtaagcacag acatcaatta gtctgtaaat     12900
     aattaatttg gcttgttaag cgcaaaaatt tgtttcaaaa ctatttctaa attcagttct     12960
     aatttctagc aaacgaataa atgaacaata atgaccaagt gtggtcaaaa tactgagtta     13020
     tttccaaata cacctgccat gccccttatg gtctaaaacc tgacaggtgg gcaaatctaa     13080
     gcttgtttta aataaaaaat acataaatat ggatttatta aataatactg ctaataataa     13140
     taacattata caaaagcaaa ttgtaatgaa tgaactgaaa aagcctccca agatgaagaa     13200
     gacataaaag cagtgtttct agtatattta gcaagagctt gattagctgg ttcagttgta     13260
     tttgattaag gttggagcta aactctccag gacagagagt ctaggccttc atgcaaccca     13320
     ggctaattct gaaaacgtat cgctagataa attcctaaag aaacccgccc acccacttct     13380
     ctaaaaaagc aatctagaaa aaaaaattcc ttgccagatt tttaccacgt tttcagattt     13440
     tttcaatatt ttcaccctgc tatttacttg tttttgtctt acttgttttc tggaatcgtt     13500
     cttctagtcc gccatttttt tcctcgccgc tgtcgccact agcttgcatg gttcaggatc     13560
     atgatgaatt tgcagttttt gcagtgtttg gactctcagt agtgaatatt aaaccacact     13620
     gaactgagca aaactgaact gaacttattc attcatttat tttcttttcg gcttagtctt     13680
     tttattaatc cggggtcgcc acagcgtaat gaaccaccaa cttatcaagc acgttttttc     13740
     gcagcggatg cccttccagc cacagcccat ctctgggaaa catccacaca cactcattca     13800
     cacacacaca cactcataca ctatggataa tttagcctcc ccaattcacc tgtaccgcat     13860
     gtctttggac tgtgggggaa aacagagcac ccggaggaaa cccacgcaaa cgcagggaga     13920
     acatgcaaac tccatgcaga aacgccaact gacccagccg aggctcgaac cagtgacctt     13980
     cttgctgtga ggcgacagca ctacctactg caccactgcg tcgccctgaa ctgaacttaa     14040
     actcagaaaa ttgaactgac actgtttcac tttactatga tcttttatgt gaagctgctt     14100
     tgacacaagc tacattgtaa aagtgctata caaataaagg tgaactgaat tgattgaatt     14160
     gaacatggcg agctaccgga caaacagtgg gaaagccgtc catatggagg taagtggtca     14220
     gctagtaagc gcgaaaatta atggcgtcat tacgccctgt attgtttgtt ttaaagatga     14280
     aatgcagcca tgcgtatttc tggctacata tttcgcaatc ttcagaaata tatatagggc     14340
     tacgttttca gaatgagtcc gtgttgcatg catgtggact tgacaaccaa aacaactatg     14400
     gcagactaaa gaactcgaca accaaaacaa caatggcaga ctacagaacc gtatgtttgc     14460
     aggaacaaag tgttacttta caaggaaacc ttgccaacta ctgacctggc atgcatattc     14520
     cagcattttt agttgttttc ttgatccata aatgtttatt gttttgacaa tgtttttgtc     14580
     tatacaaaaa aactttccaa taatgcaaac ttttccattt ctaacactgt tgtcatgtaa     14640
     acgcacccta agagtgtgca taacaacaaa gccatgctcc atttacacat tttgagctga     14700
     attccagaga taattggcaa agaaacgttc ttttctcatt gacaagtgga gcgatttgaa     14760
     cgtaggctcc aagatagtct gcgcaacaat atccagtgtt gcatttcata tggcaatgag     14820
     atatagtctc acacctgctt cacaaagtac aacaatgcac agctgagttg aaaggagaga     14880
     aagtcgtggc agattcttca agatagcctt tactgaaatg ctgttttttg tgagacagag     14940
     gctgttgcgg tggctgggaa ggaaaacacg gggacagctg tataattata ctatttttac     15000
     tgtcgggagc tcggtatgtg agaggagaat tagcatcaca cctgtgcata attggctaaa     15060
     ttagcttgca taatgcaaac tcagagaagc tttggacact gggggaggaa gtgcggcttc     15120
     gaaaattgag ggagttgttt ggactccctc tggaatttag tcaagggagg aaaaccatgg     15180
     cctgtaatct cgtatctcga gtcaaaagag cattcaagga ccccctcgca aatgttgtca     15240
     aacaatagaa gagtcaagac cttggtcggg gtctcctgga aatgctcagg atgtgcagcc     15300
     cagcacttat ttgttttaat ccactccagt gaatccatga ataagttgcg actgccagac     15360
     agggggtagt ttacaggtgc agccagtgag tgaatggccg tttcatggaa aagaaaatac     15420
     ttgtgcttac tggagtggtg gacaaatttc ataaaaacac tattcccttg agggcaccag     15480
     atgtattaat cagttcttat tacagaggcc agtgagctat agcagactca ctctacagaa     15540
     caaatgcaat gtttccagca gtatacacaa gacaacatcc tgacataatg gttgcattta     15600
     atcaaactag atttccatat agcgtatctt tgcaaaacaa gaactaataa gtaaacaata     15660
     ataacttgct tttacatagc acttttctgg gcactcaaag cgctttacac aatgggggga     15720
     atctcctcgt acaccaccag tgtgcagcat ccacctggat gacgcaacgg cagccatatt     15780
     gcaccagacc acacaccaca ccccagctga ttggtggagt ggagacagag tgatgaagcc     15840
     aattaggata tgggcatggt tatgaggcca tgttggacag aggccagtgg gcaaatttga     15900
     ccaggaagtc ggcgttaagg tccgactatt tttcgaagga catcctggga ttttttgaga     15960
     caggatctca cagagagtca ggatctcggc ttaacatctt atccaaaaga caacactcac     16020
     tgagcagtat agagtcccct tcactactga ggcgttaaga cccacacaga cagcaggtta     16080
     agtgtccctg ttgaccgcac tatcaccact tcagtgagca acctagcttt cccatgtggt     16140
     ctaccatcca ggtactgacc aggcgcagcc ctacttagct tcagtgtgtg aacatgtgag     16200
     agttgcagag agctattgaa attaaaagta aataaaagaa aagaagcatg taattataat     16260
     tgatgaatgc caagagaagt tcattgcaat taaaagaata aatattgcaa gtgagcattt     16320
     acacacttta ctgtacagga ttagtaataa taaaatttaa ataaaatacg tttgttattt     16380
     gaaataaaca taataaaaga caattgattt tattcctatt tttacacagt ttattttaaa     16440
     tggttgccaa tgaaatattt ctcatttgca tttagcttaa acttactgta aaaagtgttt     16500
     agttgacttt agttttaaaa agtgagtaaa cccattgcct taacattatt aagtaaatga     16560
     actgtgcgct attctaaaca attaagtgtt gtgaatataa caattccaag ttcccagaat     16620
     tactcaattt ttaaaattaa aatcaacttg ccacttttaa ggcaatgaat ttactcactt     16680
     gttttaagaa atcgcttttt ttcattaaaa aaagaaaaaa acaaacaaaa aaagctatgt     16740
     ggcattaaag acaaatatat gaaattattt tgcaggggtg cccaaatttg ttctgaaggg     16800
     ccaaaaagat aacttgattg aggctagtgt gccgaagcta aatatagttg tcatggataa     16860
     tttcctgatt tatttaataa tatttaaaaa gaaagaaaac tattattttt attgtcagca     16920
     ctaatggtga attgcagaaa catataactc catggtgctc atgatgacct gagttcgatt     16980
     cccagcttga ggtcctttgc tgacccttcc tctctctctg ctcccaatac tttcctgtct     17040
     gtaacctcta ctatcctatc caaaataaaa ggtgaaaaac caagtaattt taaagaaaaa     17100
     aactatgctt tttattaact aatacagcat ttatttttta cattttataa agaacttgta     17160
     tacagaatac agtaaaaact aaaactattt aatttataac agaatagagt tacactagac     17220
     atagtcctct attcgtcaag tgacagtatt tacattttta aaaatcagat tcatttacaa     17280
     catttaattg aaacatttca tttttgtttt cttttttgta gctcaacaat aaaacaaaca     17340
     agttacatca aataagaaat gatgatctct attaatggca tttgacccaa ccctctccat     17400
     actcactctc ttctcagatg gaatggtggg ctaaatcaaa ggttatgggc caactttgtc     17460
     cctcgggccc tactttgggc atctctgtta tgttgcaata tattatattc acaaaaaaga     17520
     caaaacaaac agttctttac attttaaaat tagtatttaa aataccagtt taaagcatta     17580
     ataaaaatgt attatctcat tgatacaaaa aaatggcatt gctatgtgaa tgcaatgttt     17640
     tacaattaaa atgctcaaaa agactcaaca ttgtacatca aatttaatca aattctccca     17700
     tacagtaatc taaaatattt cacgatactt tatatactgg taacactttc caatgaggtt     17760
     gtaatgataa ttaatgcatt tactaacatt aacaaacaat gaatttacag tgtattacag     17820
     tatttgttca tgttagttaa tggtaggtaa tgaaattaca gttgttcttt gttagttcat     17880
     gtttactcac gatgcattaa ctaatgttaa caagcatgac tttgaatgtt aataatgcat     17940
     tggtaaatgt taatgctgta catgtgttgt tcaattagta aatacattca ctgatgaaac     18000
     cttaatgtga agtgtaactt atatactgaa tagtcaaatg aaatatatgc tgtagaagat     18060
     attgttaatc accatttatg gctcactgct accactttgt tctggtttgg atttatcaaa     18120
     ttagtggcca aaaatcataa gctgatttcc tggaaaagca tgtgagatgt ggcagagtga     18180
     gccagttctc cagtagacag cactttgaac tgttttgatc taccaccacc tactggttag     18240
     tgatactgat gaacaatcaa cttcattggt ttaacccctc aatgaaaacc aggcaggcac     18300
     tgtgtgaaac cgcctgttct tttctcacct ctcagtgaca ttagggtttg tagtaaggat     18360
     ttctccatct tgtgaaggct agattgttgt ttagtgcagc aggggaagca agtgcagagg     18420
     aggtgatatt gtaactgtta gtttctcttc agaagttgtt aggaagcaga aggagaaaga     18480
     aagttaaaat cgaatgcaga caaattagct gattttttcc acacaccata ggaagcactg     18540
     cattaattgt tggtcaaacc cagtggttac ttaataacat cacgccacat gacaaaaaag     18600
     tcataaggct tccacacctg aagttggagg aaataccaat actgataagc ctgatatgca     18660
     gcatggtggc gcagtgggta gcactcttgc ctcacagcaa aaaagtcact ggtttgagct     18720
     tcggctgcgt cagttaataa ttctgtgtgg agtatgcatg ttctccctgt tcgcgtgggt     18780
     ttcctctggg tgcaagtcca aagacatgtg ggacaggtga attgggtaag ctaaattgta     18840
     atgcgtgata agttggcggt ttattccact gtggcgaccc taggttaata aagcagggaa     18900
     taaaccaaaa agaaaataaa tgaatgataa gcctgataaa cgttctaata gattcatgtt     18960
     gatttaatta agcttatgat ttttcaaacc atttttgtcc cttaatgtac gtaatatggc     19020
     aatcttagtc ccctcaaaaa ctaaaatgaa ccacctgaac aaaaatggtg aactggccaa     19080
     cgcaccaatg tttaataact acatttacag tgcactgctg gatataaaga ttaaaacata     19140
     tagaaataca gttcatgaaa atataaattt ataaataaat gaaactttat ttggtgaaat     19200
     taggccaaaa ataaattatt aaaagataaa ataaaaagat attttagaaa attacagaat     19260
     gacaattatt acagaattaa tcaaattatt catcagtaac atcatacatt tcacaattat     19320
     tttttattag ttttgaaaat aagatattga gatattaaat aataataatt aatgactatt     19380
     aaataattag tattgtaaaa tatgtataca ttaattatta taatataatt atgataaaaa     19440
     atatacaaaa taataacaag tattaaataa ataataaaag aaatagtttt tcctaaacat     19500
     tctatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     19560
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca ctaccagtca aaagtttggg ttcagttttt     19620
     ttcatgtttt tttttttaag aaaattattc tggtggcatt ttttaaatgt aaaaaaaaat     19680
     gtaattgtca aatatttata acaattgtat gtagtttcaa agtaaattat ttctccagtt     19740
     attgctttta ttactattac aataataaaa atcatattaa taataaaata aataatatta     19800
     aagtaatttc tgaaggacta tgagactgaa gacttgagta atgaagctga aaattcattt     19860
     ttaaaattat tggaataaat tattaaatga caaactactg ttgaacagtt attttatagt     19920
     gaaataacat ttcacaattt tgcattttgt actgaatttt tgattaaata aatgtagcct     19980
     tggtgagcag gggaatatga ttttaaaaca taaaaaatcc tactgacccc aaacttttga     20040
     gaggtagtgt ataaaataaa aaagttttta taaatattac aaacaaaggt gcagactgtg     20100
     tgtgaaataa gctttttaaa atgtatatta aataaataga acgtacaaag cataacaaca     20160
     aaacacttac tatcaatgca tggctgcttt tgttaaacaa agttatacta ataaatatat     20220
     tagaaatatt ataacagggg atacagttat aaataaaatt aaaatggacc aatttattca     20280
     aaaatataaa ttggaaaaag cttggcaatc ttatgaaata tactgtataa ataacaaagt     20340
     aaaagaagtt acaattaaaa tgttacatat aacatatcta gctaaaaagg ttttagagag     20400
     atttaatttg gatattgatt attcctgtaa tttttgttgc ttaaaaaaag gaatctattg     20460
     tccacatgtt ttgtgattgt atatacacaa ggattttctg ggtggatgtg gaacattttc     20520
     taggaaggaa aacaaatatt gtattcaagt aaaaaaaaga tatttgcatt tattatgtta     20580
     atccatgtaa aaaaattacc tttctagtac aacgttttat tattttggga aatttcatat     20640
     acataaaaaa tggtctggat caaaccacac atggtactgt ataattctgt aaaggactga     20700
     ttttgttggc acgccctctc acttttattt tgtaaaataa acggaagtca cgtagcgcat     20760
     gaaatttgca acgtttccgc agctcaaatg ttttggccag agctcctccc accggaaaat     20820
     ctgtgtttgg gtttgaattg aaccaatcaa atgcgcgcgg aggcggattt tcacgagcag     20880
     agcgaagttt gaatttgtgt aatgcgattt acacttttac gcgcacgaat gtctctaaag     20940
     taatattaaa aactcgactt ttcctggaga atatgtatat ttctatcgga tggaataaga     21000
     agactgactt taagataaag ctcgcgaaaa agtgagtctg aagccgtgta ggttaacgtt     21060
     agccatgtac tgctagcctt taacttgggg ctctttaaat cgccatttta aaatttaact     21120
     ttacatttga cttccccacc taaaaatgaa agcgttaaat gaaaagtccg ctgaaataaa     21180
     gctgcaggac agagatctca gtaagtttgt ttttgtgcat ttttaaatgg caacagaatt     21240
     aatcctcacg ataacagaat gtgctaaggt atattctcgt tgacgttgac tgattttaat     21300
     attttgcgtt tgttctgcag tttgctgtct atgtaagaga tctgagaata ataaagagaa     21360
     gtatggagag aaggttcacc ttgagcagca caacctggct gtccactttt tttgtctggt     21420
     gagaaattaa caactttagt ttagtcttgc tttttaatgt ttatgttgag tgaagcattt     21480
     cctgttgtct tttatctgtt accgatctgt taccttaatg taacgttttc ctgaattatg     21540
     tgtcctgaat aaattgagta cacaagacat ggaccattta tatgtaaatt atatatatat     21600
     aacaaaacta tgcattggtg gtcaaaagtt tggaagagtc ttttttgaga caagtcatgt     21660
     acaattcaaa tgtatagtaa aattgtgata ttatgaaata ttacacaata aaagatctat     21720
     tttctctttt aaagggatgg tttaggcaaa gctgaaaatt ctgtcatcag ttttttcacc     21780
     cttgacttgt tacaaacctg tttgattttt ccccctgttg aacacaaagg aattatttgg     21840
     aaaaatgttg gaaatctgta tccattgact tccatagtgt ctgtagtgtt tttgctactg     21900
     tggaagccaa tggttacagg tttctaacat tctttaaaat gtattctttt gtgcaacaga     21960
     accaaagaaa atactcataa agatttgaaa ccacttgtaa attggagttt ttgggtgaac     22020
     aatgttaaaa tgtaaaatca aacaaaaagt gttcaggggt agcttaaata atgtgtcagt     22080
     gctctttagg ttagagattc atcggaataa acaacaaaag taagtccaag gctctcaaaa     22140
     aatgtaaaaa aaatatatat attaaaaagc ctttactaac atggcagttt taagaaatag     22200
     tcatgtcaat aaagacttct taatattttt tccacatttt tcgaatgcct tgagcagact     22260
     tttgctatgt taaaatgtaa tttatacctg tgaaagcacg gttgaattgg cttcagtgtc     22320
     acctgatgtt tcagaaataa ttccaatata ctaatttata aaaaaaataa taatattcat     22380
     agttgtaact gccaagtctt tatttcttgt tgtcttcgag gaaaaagagc gttttcccct     22440
     tcatctaccc ctacacagat atagttggct aatactacat atgggtcaaa gacattaaaa     22500
     aaatgtgttt aactgcattc tggctttaat ttttatatta gattaatgta atttttaacc     22560
     atatattaga atgtgtctaa tgtattgttt tcaatcaaga aatcttggac tgttacgtac     22620
     atgttgaagc ccatcaccaa aacctatacg cattcatccc taaagtttct aaaggataag     22680
     tttttaatct aatgttacag ctgatgtcta gtggaatatg ccagagagga gaggaagatg     22740
     aagacgtgta tggttttctt gtgggtgaca ttaaaaagga gatccgcaga tcatcgaggc     22800
     tggtaagtaa atattttacc cttgccatgt tctgtttaac acctcagaaa catttttgaa     22860
     acttgtgtca ctttattact tgcagagatg ctttcattgc aaaaaggctg gtgcttcagt     22920
     gggctgctcc atcaaaagct gtcggcaaat ggtccacatg ccctgtggat tagagcagga     22980
     gtttgttttc cagttcacag gcttgtttcc gtaagtgcgt tgttccttgt gaatagcaag     23040
     atgatggtgt agaaagtatt gatgtgaagc cttttaaaat attatttaaa atgtgtatat     23100
     ttaaaaggaa agttcagact acaagatgaa aattctccat tgttgcttta tatcaggggt     23160
     caacaaactt gtttctgaag gtccggtgtc ctgcagattt tagctccaac cctaatcaaa     23220
     cacacctgaa caagctaatc aaggtctcac taggtaaact tgaaacattc aggcaggtgt     23280
     gttgaggcaa attggagcta aaccctgcat ggacaccggc cctccaggac cgagattggt     23340
     gacccctgct ttaaataagc agcaaattta attttggctt tcatttacag gcttgaatta     23400
     agctgcttct ggatttattt ttacatctgt tcatgactga acaaatgagg atcctaacaa     23460
     taataacaga atctaatgca ttaacccagt acatgtttgt aaggccagtt cacaccacac     23520
     agaacgaggc aaatgacact ttgttggatc agtctgttac ccttatcagt gtgtgtggag     23580
     tcacttgtgt catataatgt ctgtgaagta gcatgctata atctaatgat tgtatacact     23640
     acctgacaaa agtcttgttg tcgatccaag ttgtaagagc aacaaacaat aacttgactt     23700
     ttagttgatc atttgtaaat gtggcagaag gtaaatctgt tgaactgcat cctaatcatt     23760
     acagatactg cagagtagat atattggaac ccaacatcat tcaagtttaa tgaaaaaaaa     23820
     aatcatggtt tgggtttaca ttcaatatgg gccatgagaa agatcggttg agtggatggc     23880
     aacatcaaca tcaagacatt tgtgctgccc attacattac aaaccacagg aaagggcaaa     23940
     tcttcagcag gatagcgctc atacacaata ctcattgttt ttccactgca ccatgacttc     24000
     attttctata ctgtacatga tttctgttaa aagatgagac ttttgtctaa gcaaagtcag     24060
     accttattgt cctaattaaa taattaaaaa tcaaggcatg attatatttg attttggtaa     24120
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcataatct agaggccttt gcctttcata taagctactt     24180
     ctgactctaa acgatcaact aaaagtcaag ttattatttg ctgttcctaa aacgtggata     24240
     ggcagcaaga ttttgtcttg tcaggtagtg tatgtttgcc tgcatctgtc agtgctatta     24300
     attggccttt aaaataagta tcttaggttt agcagcagcc attactccag tcttcagtat     24360
     ccttcagatc aggggtgtcc aaatcttgga tcatgcgaca gctgtcaaaa actgtcttgt     24420
     cgaataacat ttcttgttga ataacaaaaa aacaagcgac cccaacctat ttaaaagcag     24480
     catcattgtt gtcaaattta cgaatgctcc tcttggtact gatcatgaca atcttttgca     24540
     ggtctttctg taaaaagcat gcgcctactc agtcctgtga ctccagccac agtctgcccc     24600
     actcctgctc catctgtctg gatcccattg aacccatcct ctcctatcat gtcctcaaat     24660
     gccctgcatg tcatggaagc tggtttcaca ggaaatgtgt acaggtaatc tttttaacca     24720
     ctattttaaa catgttaatc taagttagaa ctttgagcca gatcctcctc tcttgtgttt     24780
     cagaattatg cacacagtgc cgcaatgttt ttctttaaat gcacactctg caataacaag     24840
     gagcagtttc agcaggaaat gctcagaatg ggaatatata taccagagcg gtaaataatc     24900
     cttctgctat tgattctagt cattcgaatt tctattacct tgtttatcct aatgttttat     24960
     ttgtaacact gttattcact gcttgctgga gtaatgttca aataatgttt ttagttacat     25020
     tgttttctat tttccagtga tgcatcttgg gaactggagg agaatgcatt tgtagagtta     25080
     ttgcaggtct accaccgctg tgatgcagtg aagtgtctgt gtcacaaagg tcgtgaacac     25140
     agctcacagt cagggtaatc agtgcttttc attcagtcat cccaaattaa tcaaatgaaa     25200
     tcagaaacat atacttgtgg aatgctccat tttttatgtt ggagagactt taaatgaaat     25260
     atttatttat ttagatagga aatttgatca gaaataaaaa tttaaaccgt ttaagatttt     25320
     tatcttgtat gttattatta gtataattat tagttgtgta ttttattata tgaagtattt     25380
     attatttatg cattattaat tgctgttgat gactttttat tgttaaatat ttaaaaaatt     25440
     atagaaaagt gatatttaaa aaatatagta aacttgatct gtttcgaaac ttgactttgg     25500
     gctcatttag gtctcgtttt tgtggaatgt tgattaatgt acactgacct tggttgaaaa     25560
     acattgtaac tatcaatcaa ttaagaaacg gcttttctta acaggtattt tgaaatagtt     25620
     ctctgcaagt tgtgtggatc caggggaact catcgaaagt gctctaatat tcgagtttat     25680
     gaagctgact ggatgtgtgc tgactgtaaa actgcagctg agggcaaaag tgagttctct     25740
     aaactgttgt atttttgtgg tgaataatag agcagcctca tgtgcttgga tgtgtctctc     25800
     actctaggtt ttaaatttac ctcagttttt tttttttttt ttttttcatt atttttacag     25860
     catcattgcc attgccaaat catgttgaat cgccactggc tataagacaa gagaggaaga     25920
     ggctgtttaa atcgatctct gacattcact cttcaatcgt cgctaaaagg tatttttaaa     25980
     ttgataggat ctgttctaag tccaaaatat tcttgatctt ttacaaccct ttttttattt     26040
     accattttgc tgtatggtaa gtttaactgt cactaagttt gttgttctta ttacatagta     26100
     attgtgtaaa gcgcatattg tgcaaataaa actactgttt aaatattact ataaaaaggt     26160
     tattcttatt aacaacaaaa ttaacattta taaataaatt ccatgaaaat aaatgcactg     26220
     ggagtgtatt tgctgcacaa aacatatgcc agagtcataa ttaacggttc attctgctgt     26280
     gacgatcccc tgataaatca gggaataagc cgaaggatag tgagtaagtg agtaaatact     26340
     ttaatttctt gctgggttcc caagcttttt ggaagtactt acatttcaga catataaatt     26400
     caaggtccat gaagtactta aaatcaaaca taggtacttg aaagtgcttg aattaaattt     26460
     gcaataaaac ttgtttacag tgttatttca acaattacac agtgctgctg tcaaaaacag     26520
     aatggaaaaa ctgaaaaagt cttaaataaa aaaaatcttt accaaatctt taccaaagcc     26580
     tttacatctt gtacaacaac actgacaaat aatgcacatt ttaacaaatt ttactaaagt     26640
     tatttaaaca tgactattta aaaacggtca attttagaca ttttaatgta aatattaagt     26700
     gtaagtaaaa tgttaaagtt aaaatgtgag tgaaaaacaa agtagagtaa ggacattcat     26760
     ggtacagagg tgcttcattt aaaatgaatg ctgctttaaa aagtttttaa atctgatgtc     26820
     catgaaagtg tggaaaccct gtatttggca aatcgttgtt ttggggttct agttaggctt     26880
     gggagtgggt caggggaaga taaatctata ggtataaaat gtatacattt ataaacataa     26940
     tagctagaga agctgtgaat ccatgcatgt gtacaataaa gtagtaaatg ttcatgcata     27000
     gtaagggtgt tttcacacta tgtacagttg ctttgaacca tgccgaagca cgcttttccc     27060
     ctctccccca acagcctgca ctcacattgc atccaagccg aagcatgctc acatcatcga     27120
     tgatgcactg gtcagtttaa cagaagagaa gttctctttc tcagcaccat ggagatttct     27180
     ttagttttat cgtattagtt tgatatgcag agacaatcaa ataattcaca gacgagatca     27240
     gtcgcttttg aagctcatat aaaatcataa agtcctcgtg ctgcaggcat taaaaggttt     27300
     gctaaaggtg cagctgaagc gcagtaaggg atttgcgtct ttaataaaca agtcctttaa     27360
     acagtccttt aaaaggcatg tctcgtcttc agttttagcc ttaagcaggt cgcaaaccag     27420
     aagcgccgct cggcggcacg ccatgcattt tagaattcta aacataggtt tctatcagga     27480
     tacacacacc gacgccgcaa gtcggcagcg cccggccacg gctctggacg cagttcattt     27540
     ttcagccgcg ccacagagcg ccatctgatt agtttcatgt taaatatcat tcgaatgtgc     27600
     gcgtctggtg tgtgatactt taaactgtca tgtgcgtgcc gtgttgcggc gccgagcgac     27660
     gcttctggtg tgcgacctgc tttaggcaca ctttgcactc acactacaag cgtaccgcgg     27720
     caaagcccaa ctgaactgcg ctatggcaca cctcttccaa ccgggccagg gccggccaac     27780
     tgaactgcgc atgagcccga ttcagagcac tcccacttct caaacaaacc aggaaacgcg     27840
     cttgggcaca gttctgatta ttgtatacag tttaaaataa aattattgct caagtaatta     27900
     tgcttttatt actattacca ttaataccaa tcatgataat taatattaga gtgatttcca     27960
     aaagatcacg tgactctaaa aaaactggtg taatgaagct gaaaattcat ctttaaaatc     28020
     actggaataa atgattaaat taaatgataa actgcttttg aacagttatt ttaaagtgcg     28080
     ataacatttc atcattttac attttgttct gtattcttga tgaaataaat gcagccttgg     28140
     tgagcaaaag aagttgattt taaaacattt aaaactcctt ttgaccccaa accttaataa     28200
     agcattatct aattaaatgc acaattaaga tcatttatta gatgattttg gctgtgtttt     28260
     gatcactaag tgcacatatg aactattatg aggcaaagta gtaacagctt tgtcattgtt     28320
     ttgtaggcag tgtgtgccag ccacttctcc ggaggtctta atggatctgg cctgtcagat     28380
     ctcacagcag cagttcacag aggtgctggt gggagatgat gatggtggcg tgatggaagc     28440
     agctctgcag gtgctgcgcc aaagtgactt taatccctgc tgcacacttt ctgtcaaatt     28500
     ctccaaggac aaactgaaca acaacattag aaaccagcgt cgcttcctca ggcgtctcgt     28560
     ttcaaaactg caggtctcag acatttttga gggatccgat ggagctaaaa acctggctct     28620
     gaactcaaaa ggtacattca aacccatttt tttaaattag aaatgacctt tactaacaaa     28680
     gctaacaact gttgtgtgtg caacagctct gagggacgat ctctactttg atgtcggcag     28740
     tctattggcc ctctctttgg ttcacggagg tcctcctctg ggcttcttct ctcctgcact     28800
     gtatcatagt ctgttcaact atcccaaaaa ctacaggcct actttagaag acctcggaga     28860
     cactgctttt gggcacaaaa tcagacaagt gagtttattt gtgtaactta ttgagaacct     28920
     aatggttgtt gtacacatgt taaactatag tgtctctgtg tttttagatc gcagaagcaa     28980
     agtcaatgaa ggagctgaga catgcgatga agtcagcatc acaatatttg gaagctgcag     29040
     gctgttggcg gaagatcagc aaactctctg agaaagacat gttggtggag gatgtactga     29100
     atttctacct gatcatcaga ctgcagcttc ctctgcaaag gtttgtattc taaactgtta     29160
     agacgtatat cttagcatgt ataaagcata attatagggt caaatgtgtc aaatctagtg     29220
     attgatttat aataaagaca gtatgaaatt attaagatta gttaggattt tggggctgtg     29280
     atccttaaag ggcacctatg ttacagttca gtttttgtag actgtttgga cagaacccaa     29340
     caagtctctt ttttttaaat ttccttatgt taaaatagga ccctgtaggg attatttaca     29400
     gttttaactc aaagaatgac cagtctgtca gatgaagtag agccggagtc agaagtttta     29460
     ctgaagatag tttgcagttt catcaacaga agccagcttc aacactcgca ataagttcct     29520
     tggccgctct gcttacaatc ataaatcaac atcaattata ctctctacac aagaccagaa     29580
     agagtgtgat tcaggtaaca ggttccgatt ggttaaaaca aagatagaca gttaaaatat     29640
     tatgtacaga tggcaacagg aggtttgggt caggtcagcc gcctgtagac aattatgaac     29700
     tggtcttaga actgcagaac tgacccatcg gatgaatata tacacgcaag tgacaatctg     29760
     ttataaaaac ccaaggttgt ttcttcatac tctcagctgt cttatcgaac tagttcaaaa     29820
     ctggtataaa cagcattcag actgctatat ttttacaaca caaagtctat aaaaatcact     29880
     ttaaactgaa tatacacata acaataatat caaattcact ttagacagta acacatagca     29940
     atacaaatag gaaaacagtt gtttttaatc atcaagccct tcagttccac ttgaggtttc     30000
     cgtgacctct gatctagttt ggtggctcct gaaagtagag ttaaaataga aagacaaaaa     30060
     gacaggcaaa tacactgaaa atttttatat tatattaagc aatgtgttaa ctttatttat     30120
     tagtctaaat catttaatga ttaaatactg aattaaataa tcatgttaat aaagttatga     30180
     gaaaaaggat aaatgttgat ccatgctggg atgggttgaa aggcagaaat tcgagtccat     30240
     caacccaaat cccagtaatt ttgaggccca cagcaaggag atgtaggagt gcggtttatc     30300
     gcgcccactg aattgattga caggtgcctt gtctcgataa aaacatgtat aaacatgtcc     30360
     acagaacatt ttttgcaaag atacatgtta caactctctg tgatcagctg cacctcaatt     30420
     aattttataa gtttaaaatg tttttaaaac agagcccgtt tgtaataaag gcagtaaaag     30480
     tagtgggcgt ggagaagcag ctcatttgga tttaaagcca caggctacaa aaatagctac     30540
     actaacctca gacagcaaaa tcggcagatt ctggacgata taataaatta tctgattatt     30600
     ttgaactgaa actttacaga cacattctga agacaccaaa ggtgtatatt acattttgta     30660
     aaaggggtaa aataggtgcc ttttaaaata aagtatttga atatgttatc aagcatcact     30720
     tattcgaaat atttatgaac taaaattttg tgtttataac attgttgcat tgataattta     30780
     gtgtttgtct tctgtaaggt gtgtctgtgt gtctgtctgt ctgtgtgtct gtctgtgtgt     30840
     gtgtgtctgt gtctgtagaa ttttaatttt ttaatttatt ttttattatt atatgtcatt     30900
     ttttttatag accgcatttc atttttacat ctttatgacc cataattata acattaattg     30960
     aacatacttt actgttcaac aatttggttg gttagatctc tctttattat tttgtgagaa     31020
     attaattatt ttatttagta cgtttccatt aagctgatca aaagtgactt taaatatgaa     31080
     tgacaaaaat gaagaatgtt ttatttaaat taaaattgaa atgattacag tttttttcca     31140
     tccatcatag aatgttaata agtcatttac gtttttgcat ttagaatatg taatttgtca     31200
     cagaaccaat agcatttgca ttatactgtc agttattaga aagctggatt agtatagaat     31260
     cttaacattt ttgtatcgtg gtaaactaag caccaaagta aaatgtttaa aaattcgata     31320
     gtaatttcta aagtatgatc acattaactg tcccaccaaa aaaatgtgga ttgcatttct     31380
     taattcctaa tggcggtagt taaaacactc aaagcattcg ttttttcagc acatcccata     31440
     atttctaaaa tatcaaccat ttggtagagg tagaaatgat gcatatgcta tgaaaatctg     31500
     aaaaatatga agtgtaattt caatttataa aaaataataa taataaaaca tttttgaata     31560
     ctaaatcaac tttatttttt agagtgtgcc ataaaatatt gcagattctc gtttaacttg     31620
     ttttctattt gtttctgttt gttacaataa aaccaaaaac aagtgtagta gtgcaacata     31680
     ataatgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttttttt tgttttagtt ttcttttttt ttttttggta     31740
     aaccaacgat gctgtttgtg taaagcatta tttaaaacag tcacttttta aaggactgtt     31800
     ttatttaaaa cagacaaaat atgatcatct attattagag caggcagtgg aacagttaag     31860
     tggagcaata actgctagaa agtttgcatt agaatcatac aaaaatgtga aataacttca     31920
     aatagaacac agttattttg aattgttgca tttatttcaa ataaaatgca ttcatgaact     31980
     tgtattatta gttattataa aattattagc tctttaattt tacctacccc aatctgttta     32040
     attctagtgt atccacataa tgttttaaag caccttcatt tctcttcatt gtgagcaaat     32100
     gttcattcaa gctcaaattt ctttcctcag attccgtgaa ggtttgagga cactaggaat     32160
     gttcgagcag gtccagatgt gctcagagac gttctttcca gtcttctgtg gacctgtgga     32220
     aaggctgaca gctgaatctg tcatggagct cttcacaacc cggttatcag aagaaaaaga     32280
     aaaacaagtt ctagaaaaga ccacgataag cttttggaaa cagtatctgc atgaatgtga     32340
     aggtctgtgt gttacatttt ggatgaatat gaagagaata atcaatgcat tttgaataat     32400
     tttaaccctt ctcttgtgtt tcagagggtc aatgtgcagc atcgctggag gacctcctaa     32460
     catttgccac tggtacagat ttggttccag ccatcggatt caagcccact ccgtccatct     32520
     cattcctcag ctcaccagac aacttgtgtg cttttcctca gagcaactgt gatgccaatc     32580
     atctcattct gcctactcta ccctcttacc agctcttcaa gaaacatttg gattacacag     32640
     tgtgtcagtt ctcagttatg caggacattt aaagccgagc tggatgtttc agtagagtca     32700
     tggtgtagat tcacataatg atttacaatg gtgctaaaag tctttttgtt tgcagttagc     32760
     gagtattata tcaacacagt cttaaatcgc attaatgtaa atgattcact ctatttatca     32820
     gtagttaaac gcaggtttta gaacttgatg aactctgtgt tgtttaaatg gtctcagtta     32880
     ttgatccaat ttaattctca aaacaatttg agccactcaa ctattgagga aaaactctga     32940
     ggtaatattt tctacagaag cttagactca tggaaaattt gtttttaaaa aaaagattat     33000
     atgtgtgctt ttcttatcaa tttagacttg acgagattgg taaagctggt catgagcatg     33060
     taaatgtaaa tagcttaatg taaatgttgc tttgaatggc gtagatgttg attttattag     33120
     cttagaagtg cagaggtttt taaaccaaag ctcaaagtag ttgagtagta atgagttgtt     33180
     atgttctttg tttaatttcg attcttcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact gcaaagctta     33240
     aattgacacg cttataattt tctggtagcc acaagatgga gcaattgcaa gatttttgcc     33300
     acactgctaa tggcaaaatg ccgtcactac aaatgaagta gttactgaat gaattggtct     33360
     gctttgcttg tcatttacat tagaatcaca tttaagcagg tatgtctttg ttcttgtaca     33420
     gttttatttc tcctgatgtc tttgtttgat atcttgacaa ctcgataact gctataactt     33480
     atttgtttta actttctttt actgtgttta ctttcattaa ataatgaatg gatttataat     33540
     gtacttacct aaatgtcttt ttttcaatca gtcttaacat cacctatcaa ataatatgca     33600
     cacgtccatc acatcaacaa aacactgata tacattttta gtcagagcaa ttagatagac     33660
     tatctatgca tccatctgtt tgactgaagt ctgtctagat tgccattcat ccataaacga     33720
     ctttatggat cgaggactgg acaatataaa cagactctag ccaaagacaa acaaatagat     33780
     gcattgatca atgtaagaca gataaaggga tagataactg gatagacaaa ctgatgaata     33840
     cagtgtagtc aacatttgaa gtggaggaag gtttgttaga attgttttaa ttgattaagt     33900
     tgttcactag cttaaggaga actttgataa gaggttttgg tccacttaaa atgtggacta     33960
     ctgtatattg tcagatgggc aaactgacag atttttagtg atttttctag aattgtctaa     34020
     aaaaatcatc tttttaactt ttattctact aataacttaa ttttgctttg gtacaaatta     34080
     gctatatcat ttttttcata ttttttaatc atttgtactt tttcttagat gtaagatgat     34140
     ggatagacag accaaaggat gaatatgcag atagacaaac tgatggatga attgatagac     34200
     ttgattgaca ttgatggatg gatgaacaga tatgtaaata gacaaactgg atagattggt     34260
     agacaaaagg atgaatagat aaccagatat atagacaagt tgatacatgg ataaacaggg     34320
     atagacacaa aatgaatata taggcagata taaagacaaa ttcatacatg gagggatgga     34380
     taaacggatg aatagattga caaattaggg ctaatcatat tgaaaaaaaa tatgatcatg     34440
     caatatttga attgtatccc aatttgggtc atcacagttt aaatgttata atacttttac     34500
     tttttatttt catagactca aataaggata aaacaataca attctataaa gcccttaggt     34560
     cttgaaatcc ataaaacaag gcaaatgata acactgaaat gtgcctgtca ataacttaaa     34620
     agaaagtgat tgttttcttc tgataaataa ttgaacaaaa gagaaaaatg ttaatttaac     34680
     ttgaatattt ttagcctggt aaaaaaatga ttttcataat tttataatgc atatattctg     34740
     tctagagaaa ctaaattaaa aatcaaaata taaatgattt aaaatcatct gataagccct     34800
     ccttgatctg tttactgagg atctccagtg gtgtgagttc ttgtacgctg acagacagcg     34860
     gctcgccggt tgccacgtca ccctcgcagt cgtcactgca taaacagtaa agatggcggc     34920
     gtccatccgg gaaaaacaga caggtctgtt ctaaagtttt tatttataca caaatactca     34980
     atgctggcaa tattattcat actagtcatt ttcacacgat tttaaaatct gtcaattaaa     35040
     aatacagaca ataatgctga atgcaaaaca acagaagtag tacagtcctg tcagtgtagc     35100
     tgaggatgct aaccgtgatg ttcataaagc agctacttaa tatgagatga atgaaagatt     35160
     aacctacatg agcgcataaa gaaacacttg tactttaaaa atatacgaaa tgtatacgac     35220
     tattattacc tgtgagtcct gtcatgaaaa taaattgatc tgatttagca agctagctaa     35280
     aatcacgaac attattcaga tcaatactta acgttaggta caatatattt atgataatta     35340
     ttgggtaacg ttacagtgtt gaagggaagg ttacgtacga tattttaatt tatttatact     35400
     taatttattt taactaattc tatatgcggt gcaatatcac attaatataa cgttacgtgt     35460
     attgtggata atttatcgtt agtggataat atatttaata tagttatttg tccttacaaa     35520
     tctttattgg gatggacaaa aatacctttg ttattatttg gtcatttaaa tattgattct     35580
     ctatttttcc ggttttcttt tttctttttt taagtcagag atacacaaat gacatgatat     35640
     aaccataacc tataatttga tgttgttgta tgcatttaag tatgggatag agataacgtt     35700
     ggttttcgga ctttcccctt aataatataa tttcataaaa gtattatttg caaactctaa     35760
     atagcgaaat cctattagca gccaatgact atcaaagtac aacattgttc acagtcaaat     35820
     aaacagtgtt aatgttgttt agaagtcata cttgcatgct aatttcaata gaatattcaa     35880
     agtaacatgg taaacaatat agagtcttct aaatgaacga atgtgcagat ataaaaccaa     35940
     ctttacctct atgagtatgg gttctgattt aatgttcaag ctcttaattt ctttttgtca     36000
     attgaacatt taagaactga tttttgcttt tcatttcaca aatgtcaatt gcattttatt     36060
     aaatctacat ttattaaatc aaatcgagaa ttagataaag ggtcagttgg gttctaacag     36120
     aaatgagcgc ttacaaatca gaactaatga acattggata aaatgcatca tttcaaatta     36180
     ggggagaatc tatgctttgg ttgttaaaca tttcagatgc aagaaggatt ttgtgatttg     36240
     gtttgtttat ctaatccagg ggtcaccaaa cttgttcctg gaagtccggt gtcctgcaga     36300
     ttttagctcc aaccctaatc aaacacacct gaacaagcta atcaaggttt gacaaggtat     36360
     acttgaaaca cccaggcagg tgtgttgaag caagatggag ctaaaccctg cagggacacc     36420
     ggccctccag gaccgagatt ggtgacccct tatctaatcg tttatttgtt cattctttat     36480
     ttatttatta gttaaaatat atgtgtgcac tgcacacaca aatctttgaa gcaaaatcaa     36540
     gtaaatgtaa ggttctattt gttaacataa gttaactaca gggggcgagg tagtggcgca     36600
     gtaggtattg ctgtcgcctc acagcaagaa ggtcgttgtt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt     36660
     tctccctgcc ttcgcgtggg ttttctccgg gtgctctggt ttcccccaca gtccaaacac     36720
     atgcggtaca ggcgaattgg gtaggcttaa tttgtccgta gtgtatgagt gtgtggatgt     36780
     ttcccagaga tgggttgcgg ctggaagggc atccgctgcg taaaaacttg ctggataagt     36840
     tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccccgg attaataaag ggactaagcc gacaagaaga     36900
     tgaatgaata aaaagttaac tacattggtt tacagccttt tgtatgagtt actttcaaca     36960
     ttaacacact ttatttcaac gtacaagtct agcttttact gaaccattga cttttacctc     37020
     agtaaacacc ttatttgctc cttgttaata gttattaagg tagtagttag ttttatgtat     37080
     tgggtaggat taggtatata ctgtataata tcattatgca gaattaggca tgggctggta     37140
     taagattttg acagtatgat aaccttagat aaaattatca aggttacaca atttctcagt     37200
     attatgttca ctgctctaaa atatgctctt ttttaatgtc tgggtaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     37260
     ttttgccttt taaaattgaa cacaatatat tttattttga gaaacattta aaatattgtg     37320
     gagcagtaaa tatgtcaggc taaataatga aaatgaatct ttaacttctg ctgccttcat     37380
     tagcttacac tgatttcttt acatttaaaa agtgcatctt ggatatcttt tccgccggag     37440
     atactgttgt ccttaaaaac aaacaaaaaa taaaaatgta caaaagaaaa tcttacaaat     37500
     accgtgggaa cggtttaact gaaaatgttg acgtttttaa aacctgactt ttccaaaccg     37560
     tggtaaacct tgaaaacgat tatcgtgcca tctctatgca gattatatac tttataagta     37620
     cagattaaca gccagcatct taataatagg cagctaaaaa ggcactagtt aatagtgaga     37680
     attggtccta aaactatttt ttatttttta tatcttttta tgttaataat atatcattaa     37740
     taaatacaac tgaaaactgg ggcgacgcag tggcacagta ggtaatgctg ttgcctcgca     37800
     ccaagaaggt tgctggttca agcctcggct gggtcagttg gcgtttctgt gtggagtttg     37860
     catgttctcc ctgcgtttgc atgggtttcc tccgggtgct cctgtttccc ctcagagtcc     37920
     aaagacatgc agtacaggtg aattgggtgg gctgaattgt ccatagtgta tgagtgtgaa     37980
     tcagtgtata cggatgtttc ccagagatgg gttacagctg gaagagcaat cgttgcataa     38040
     aacaaatgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt ccgctgtggc gaccccagat taataaaggg     38100
     attaagccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgaa taaacaactg aaaactgagt taacatgaac     38160
     taaatatgaa gagtttgctg tggttgttgt tttttttcca agatttataa acattgacac     38220
     tgtcaaatct tgcatgttaa ctgttgttaa gaattgctaa tatatgtcgt tgctatttct     38280
     cttctcagct gctctcaaac gaatgctcaa ctttaatgcc ccacccctta aaaacacaac     38340
     agctgagcca gtatggaagg taagagacaa acctagaagt ttcccctttt taaatgtgct     38400
     tcagtgatgc ttttttggct cacacattgc tattcttgtt aggttcttat ttatgatcgc     38460
     tttggccaag acattatatc tccgcttctg tctgtgaaag agctacgaga catgggcatc     38520
     actctgcacc tgtgagcacc tctaaaacat ccagtcagca gtttcataat actaatcgaa     38580
     atgatcgttc acaattgttt gtttctctct agcttgttgc actcagatcg cgaccccatt     38640
     ccagacgttc ctgccattta ctttataatg cccacagagg agaacatcga caggatatgt     38700
     caagtaaata tgcttgtttt ggtcagtccc attcaaagat aatttgtttg aataatttca     38760
     gaacatttat atgctccatc acaggacctc cgaaaccaac tatatgagtc ctactatttg     38820
     aacttcatct ccgcaatttc cagaagcaaa ttggaggata tagcaagtgc tgcgcttgcg     38880
     gctaatgcag taaaccaggt gaccaaagta agtccgacat gtttgttcac agtgagtgtc     38940
     tgttgtgctt ttgctagagc tcgagctcaa ttaagtcctg cagaaagcca aataacatgc     39000
     tgctcatatt tatttcagct taaatgttag actgttctgt tcctcctcag gtatttgatc     39060
     agtatttgaa cttcatcaca cttgaggatg atatgttcat tctctgtaat caaaacaaag     39120
     agcacatctc ctaccatggt aagctgttaa acccacttga aatattaatt atttttaaat     39180
     ataatccaga gttattaata gttgtcttgt tctgtttcct cagcaatcaa taagccagat     39240
     atcatggaca cagacatgga gggtataatg gacacaatag tggatagtct cttctgcttc     39300
     tttgttactc ttggtaaatg aggatattaa tttgttgtat cctatcatgc atatgcactc     39360
     ccattcagaa gtttgggggt ttgttaaggg gttttatgca tgtttaaaat gtctcctaag     39420
     ctcaccattt aattatttaa gtttaattca tattgtgggt ttcataacag tttaaaacag     39480
     ctgtctaatt taaaggcata gttcacccaa aaatcaagat ttacgtacca tttatactgg     39540
     cttatgttgt tccaaccatt tttgagtttc tttttttcac tgaacacaaa gaagatgttt     39600
     tgaatgttgt tcaacggtga taagctttga catccatagt aagaagaaaa tagtatgcaa     39660
     gtcagaattt tttttttttc aaaatatctt cttttctctt tataagaaga aagaaactca     39720
     gatttgtttg gaccaagtgg aggggttagt aaatgatgac agaataaaaa attctgggtg     39780
     aactatgctt ttaatgcatt ttaaaatgta tttattccta taatggcatt tttaacatca     39840
     ttacttcaga ttatcacatg gcatgatcca gaattctttc tagtatgctg atttgatgtt     39900
     aaggaaacac ttcttattca atcattcatt ttcttttcgg cttagttcct ttattaacct     39960
     gggccacagc ggaattaacc gccaacttat ccagcatatt tttcacgcaa tggatgccct     40020
     tccacatgca acccatcact gggaaacacc catatacacc catccataca cgtacactac     40080
     ggacaaattt agcttgctca atttacctgt atcgcatgtc ttttggactt ggcacccaga     40140
     ggaaacccac gcaaacgtga gaagaacatg caaactctac acagaaactc caactaaggc     40200
     acgaaccagc aacgttcttg ttgtgagaca accacactta ttattattat tattgttatt     40260
     attattatta tttttattat gttgaaagct gtttacaggg cacctataat gaaaatgtat     40320
     aataaataat ctgatggctg ttttgagctg aaactttaca gacacattct agagacagac     40380
     ttatcttaaa tgttgaaaaa ggggttaaat aggtgccttt taaagaacag cattatttta     40440
     aatacaacat ttgcatgctc tgaatatttt ttactatcac ttttgatcaa tttaagtcat     40500
     cctttttttt tcaaatagaa tattttcatt aaacttactt acacttttaa aatgtatttt     40560
     gcactttaaa taaccaatat caatgtgcct gtattatgaa atcatgaaag aataataatt     40620
     gatgattgca aacaggactc ccagttgctg tctctgtctg tctaattttg actaatgtga     40680
     atttaaaaag acttcatatt ttatcaaaat aaaaaaagca gtcatatttt tagcatcaag     40740
     ctcacattac agccattagt ttaactgtca gaaagttcca ctgggtggca gaacctttct     40800
     aaatattgtt ctgtacattg ctcagaagac caaaaaaatg tagatgcatt gaactgatcc     40860
     actctttaat tattacattc tacaattata tatgacagta acgtaaccat tcaaatttag     40920
     tgcagcgatc aagcccgtat tgttgttttt gaaatgtgat tttgtgtgtc ttgggagcct     40980
     gtgagcagat attcagttca ccctcctgtt ggcagtacaa tgagctttcc tgttatcgta     41040
     ggtgctgtcc caataattcg atgtccaaga gggaatgctg ccgaaatggt agcagtggta     41100
     agagagccct tactctattt ttgtttcagt tttttgtttt ttttaatgaa cagtctgaga     41160
     cacccttgtt tttctttgtt aaataagagt ttatgaatta agaaacagag ttttttactg     41220
     gtcatgaatg gtcttgtgac gatcacctaa ataatctttg tgttacaatg gattttgttc     41280
     tctgtgtgta tgtgcaaact gatatcatgg cgtaattcat tttcactgat ggtacagaat     41340
     tcctctttgt tccatatgtg agatttagtc cagcctcatc tcgcttacac tggagctttt     41400
     agatgattcc tttcagcaaa agaatgtctc gctgtaattt gagacaaaat taacacccgt     41460
     tgctccgttt attagattat tttatacata tcgaacaact aatttctgct gcaaatatta     41520
     gtaatgttga tttgacactt tgacactttt taccctcaga aacttgacaa gaaactgaga     41580
     gagaatttga gagacgctcg taacagcctg ttcaccggag acaccatggg cactggccag     41640
     ttcaggtgga gtaacagggt gtccgcaggg ttttaaaaag tattaaaagt tgataaatca     41700
     atgtagagaa atttaaggca tttaaaaagt atttaaaaaa gtcttaaatg ctattttgca     41760
     agatattaaa tttgatatca tttttgattg tgatttgtga tgtatagtct tatgctaagg     41820
     tttgcctgaa ttaaatctgt gaatatcaga atggtgtgta tttattaaag ctaggaaatc     41880
     ctatagattt gacatcatgc tgctttgttt actgcagtaa ccaaatctta accaatattt     41940
     ctgctgctgt ataggcgcca atctgcttaa ttagctagat ttgaaagatt tttattcagt     42000
     atataaataa tgttttagtt tttgattaat ttctcatatt aatgtttagt aaatatgctt     42060
     taagttaaaa tcttgccagt atttccggtt gaaaagtggt tataaggtct taaaatgtat     42120
     ggaaagagtc ttaaaattaa aagagtcata aattaggtct taaaaggtat taaatttcac     42180
     tctctgattc ctttatatac catgagttaa aactcctaca atctttattg cacagcccat     42240
     tagatctggt ttgattaaaa tatgtttatt attttaaatt tgcaatattt tataagttaa     42300
     tatttgttta attattatac caatctatat tgtaaaagac tagtttacca cacacaattt     42360
     ctgactgggt aaagataggc agacagacgg atggatgaat ggaaagatag acaaaggatg     42420
     gattgatggt tggaagtata gagaaaagtt tgctttattt atacagttga agtcaaaatt     42480
     attagccccc catgtgaatt tctttttcaa gtatttccca aataatgttt aacagagcaa     42540
     ggaatttttc acagtatttc ctctcatatt ttttcttctg gagaaagtct tattttttca     42600
     tattcggaaa attttcttaa ccattttaag gttgataata ttagcccctt taagaaatgt     42660
     ttttttttcc tgatagtcta aagaccaaac catcattata caatgatttt aattaaccta     42720
     acttgcccta ataacccagt taagtcttta aatgtcactt taagctgaat actagcaact     42780
     tgaaaaatat ttaataaaat attatgaact gtcatcatgg catcacggtg gcacagtggg     42840
     tggcacgatc gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctggttctag cctcggctgg gtcagttggc     42900
     ccatgtttgt gtgggttttc ctctggtttc ccccacagac caaagacatg cgctataggt     42960
     gaattgggta agctaaattg gccatagtgt atgagtgtga ataagagtgt atgggtgttt     43020
     cccagtgatg ggttgcagct ggaatggcat ccgctgcata aaaaatatga tggacaagtt     43080
     ggtggttcat tccactgtgg cgacccttga ttgataaagg gactaagccg aaaagaaaat     43140
     gaatgaacaa cagaagatgg ttgaaaatag aggggcctaa taattcagga gtgctaatat     43200
     ttctgacttc aactgtatgt cctgagaaat acagtttctg gatcttagag acatgttttc     43260
     ctccactctc ttacagtttc cagaggccgt tgtttgttct tgcggatcgt aacctggatc     43320
     ttgcgactcc tctccaccac acatggacgt atcaggctct aattcatgat gtgctggtga     43380
     gcagaaccta aaataaactt gcatgaccca caattaattc attactcctt ttttcccgct     43440
     gttgataaag taatgttccc taaaacggaa aatgaaaata gttgcgccat atggaaagat     43500
     gaagttattg cagttatatg gatgacaaag gggtttcatg aaatgtggaa tgtacgtgct     43560
     gggctccttt ccgtgccagt gatcattaat ccttcgggta ttattctacc gtctcagaaa     43620
     tgctgctgct gccttagtaa ggtctcaatt ccctggatgg cagcagttct gaattctgcc     43680
     tttttacagt ttctgcattt aatgcattca aaagaaaggt tgcgtatagt tattatggtt     43740
     atacatattt tagttcctgc tgggcatggc acgttaacag gtttcaaggt ttaccgtgtt     43800
     ttggaaaagt caaggtctta atactgccta aatttactat tatattgttc ctaccatata     43860
     tttaaagaac ccctattatg gattttttaa aatgaccttc caaaatgcgt ttctgtgtga     43920
     agtttgcatg ttctccctgt gttcacgtgg atttcctccg ggtgttccag tttcccccac     43980
     agtccaaaga catgcggtac aggtgaattg ggttggataa attgtcctta gtgtatgagt     44040
     gtgaatgtat gtgtggctgt ttcccagaga tgggtcgcgg ctggaagggg tatccgctgt     44100
     gtaaaacgtg ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccctgg attgataaag     44160
     ggaccaagcc gaaaagaaaa tgaaagaatt aatgaccttc caagtgtgta acacagcact     44220
     aagtcaatga aaacatccag ctgaggttta aatctgaaag tgcacagtgt ttaaaactat     44280
     tgattcttta atgaaatagt cgacttagag aagaataaat taatcgtatt tggttcggat     44340
     cttttgcttg aacgcgttga cgtcgatacg gtacataact aataatgtag tgccagatcc     44400
     ggtgaatgcg tttctgaact agtgatcttc tgccgtttgc ctttgttatg gccagcatca     44460
     gctgttcctc acacgcacaa ctcttacatt ttcaaaatag ttaaactttt gccactgtgg     44520
     ggattaatac tgaatgtgtg tcaatgttat tactccatgt taggtttaag agtaggttaa     44580
     tatgctggtg ttttaactgc attgctttac tgcattcctg cattgggcat atactcatat     44640
     gctctgtcct acttcataac cgtggtggga gtttcactcg ttctgaaccc agtcgaccaa     44700
     tcacaacaga ctgggtcatc ggaccaatca cagcagatta gccttgtgca aaggtggggt     44760
     ttgggaacaa atgaatcgct gaacaaatca tatgggagtt gatgaaaata aataaatgca     44820
     tattataaga caataaaagc gttttttgac ctttcatatg tatcagcctg ttcttagaga     44880
     ccctcaaaac cgaaatatga ccttttataa tgcataataa gggctctata cattttttta     44940
     atttttttat gactataata ataataataa taatataact tgtaatatta gttttttagg     45000
     gcaacagtat ctccacatca aaagctattg gtcaggccac gattcagcaa aaatttgata     45060
     aacaaatcgc ctagagcagt ggttttactt tatatccaaa gaaaagaaag atatccaaag     45120
     atgaaaaaaa aaattgtttt ttaatctaat gaagacagcg gaagtcagtg atttatttga     45180
     attatttagc ctgacatgtt tgctgttcca aaaatatttc acatttttat tcaattaaaa     45240
     tatactgtgt ttaatagggg ggaaaagttg ttgtttttta ccctgacatt taaaaataga     45300
     tcatagttta cagcagtaat cacaatgccg ttatagagtg aaactgtgat attttcatcc     45360
     aaggttatca taccatcaga atgtgacacc ggcccatgcc tagttcctgc attgtgcttt     45420
     ggttcatttc tattaaccaa ccaatccccc atattaggac ttccacctga accgagtgag     45480
     tgtggacgag tctcatgggt cagaggccag tccagccgga gcacgaccca aaaagaaaaa     45540
     caagaagagc tatgatctca ctgctgctga caagttttgg caaaaacaca aaggaaggta     45600
     aacatctagt gctgataaat ctaatgtata caaattaaag gtttagttca cccaaaattg     45660
     aaagttctgt caataattac tcaacagtca tcccaaactc ttgagaagtt tgtttgtctt     45720
     tggaataagg agatatttta gattaaatct gagagctccc ttatactgtc ccgactcatt     45780
     taaaatccag agtggtgcca aaaaaaaagg ccatatgact tcagtggtct gagtattatg     45840
     aagttatgag gatacatttg tgtgcacata gggtgcatag ggtaactgtt agacatttta     45900
     tgttatatta attttatata acataaaatc tttaacagtt accctatgca cactatactg     45960
     acacagagaa gaaactgtta aataaagtct ttattttaga tttatatgtg cacaaaagtg     46020
     ttttcatagc tctataatat tctgtttgaa ctacagaagg ggtatggtct gttttaagga     46080
     tgtattttgg tatttttcta tctcttattg acaaatgtaa aaaaatttgg gtgaactagc     46140
     cctttttaaa tccgtttaac aatttttaaa atgaatgact gaatgaaggg aaggaaataa     46200
     ccatttgaca catttatgtt ttgctaatat ttttctagag acctctttgt gttctagttt     46260
     tgatgaaagg gttagttcac actaaaataa aaaatgtgtc ttattttctc atgtcattcc     46320
     aaacatatat gactttagct ctttattgac atacattgtc agtgatctca atacaagcgg     46380
     tcaaccgaga caatttcctt ttctgttttc ctcttatttc gtcgagctct gaatcactct     46440
     tacaggagag taaagtactg ttaaatgaag gaatatatta cacatcttgc gagccaacaa     46500
     gcagtaaatg aataagatat agaatccaaa tactatttta gtcttcatct aagtgtttta     46560
     gtacagcaca gtgaagcatg aacacttggt tttggtgcac tttctcacaa tgcgtcccat     46620
     aacgatcaca tgttaggtca tttggtggag aagtaggtgg tcttttgctg ggccatttga     46680
     acacatgata atctactcta cgaaaacaat ctgattaaat gtgttttgac tatttctgta     46740
     agtggttgaa agtggacaag cttcaaacgt tttagacctg gttttgtacc catattaagt     46800
     tttgtccact tgtgtttaaa ttggccgaaa atgcatggta aggccaggta taaatagacc     46860
     cttttttatc agagaaactt ttgtttttct ttcatacagt gacatcacgg aaaaccagaa     46920
     aagctgaaaa caaatatgca gcaaaataat gtatgtgtgt tctatcgaca gaataaacaa     46980
     gtcatacagg tttggatgac atgaaggtaa atgatgacaa caagtcttgt tagacacatt     47040
     tagtaatcca actgtactag caaacacata tttgatagga aaacatccct ggttgtctta     47100
     aatcaatcaa atcgtttgtc agacatgatc acagtgtttg ctaatattta aggacattca     47160
     ttcattttag caaaaatagc ctcagttcag tgtgtttctg aaaaataatg acacctaagc     47220
     catttaatat agttctgttc tgtaattcag cccattccca gaggttgcag aagctgtgca     47280
     ggaggaactg gacacatatc gagcccaaga ggatgaggtt aaacgactca agagcatcat     47340
     ggtaagttca taaggctcat gtttaaacgt atataaaaga tttgttgcat gctggttaat     47400
     aaatgcggtt ttgttcaaag ggcttagaag gggaggacga cggagccatt agtatgttgt     47460
     cagataacac tgccaaactt acctcagccg tcaggtatga agttctgtgt actgtgacgt     47520
     acttgtgtga aggatcagca tgatgtgtta aagattactt attactgtcc atataaggtt     47580
     ggattttatt ttttatgaaa aataacatgt cagaaatgta atataaaatg tgttttattt     47640
     attaattatt attacattat taatagtaat actaagtaaa aagcaagata catatactat     47700
     taatataaat tataatatac atattcttaa agacattttc ttggccaaca gtggcaaagg     47760
     aaaaggtttt tcatttgttg atcctcccac tgaaaaaagt taacctctca tctgttattt     47820
     attcaattgt gtatctgaaa tatatcctaa tataatctaa taatattcag cacttgtctc     47880
     atattgcatg agtgtcgtta tacatatgta ttagtcactg tgttgagaaa tggccttcgg     47940
     ctgtacctct gcctgaccct gcatgtatag aataagataa cagcatgctc ctctctccaa     48000
     acagttctct tcctgagctc ctggaaaaga agagactgat tgacctccac accaacgttg     48060
     ccacagcagt tctggaccac atcaaggtca gtgctccatg agaaaaatgt ttttcatctc     48120
     ttgggttaca ttttcacagc acattatatt attgctgtga agcggagctg catatttttc     48180
     ttctaaattt gcctgtctgt ctttagagcc gtaagcttga cgtgtacttc gagtatgagg     48240
     agaagctcat gagcaaatcc acactcgata aatccctgct ggacattatc agtgaccctg     48300
     atggtgagta ttttatgtgt tacgggattt ctgcagttct tccttagtat ttttgttttc     48360
     cagtgcaaat atcaagctgt taaatcccaa tacattagag caggggtggg aaattaattt     48420
     ttccaagtgg ccacattaga aattggggtg gttgtagagg gcaggagcat tacagctaac     48480
     acagttctgc ccaaaatata atacattata ttacgtgtta aaaaaagcag taggtcaaac     48540
     attataatga gacaataaaa tgcagagcac acaaatatat cactttttat taaacatttt     48600
     caaaaaagat tacatttaca caaaaagtgc atgtatttta aagatcagca tcacaatatc     48660
     aatataaaaa gcaataaatg gcaaagggtt tttatgttca gtgaaagaaa tctagccagg     48720
     ttgagccagg ctgatattgt cacatagctg gcggcactct gaaaggtgag atgttataaa     48780
     ttgctttggc ttgaaaatgt gagtgtgttg tactgtggcg catcgccttc tattcgcgca     48840
     tgcaagccac acatctccat ttgatttaac gaacttgagt gctaaataca caatatgatt     48900
     tttcacaagc caatcaaaga tgtccagtgt gccttaaaag cccaggtctg aatcagagat     48960
     acaaaatgaa gaaatttggt ctggtttcgt tgggaaaaac acaaaagaaa taacaaaaca     49020
     ccaaatgtta cgttgcacat tggattatat gcgcgcccca agctgtgtct gatttccaca     49080
     tttcctagtg acattacaac aattatgtat tattttctct tttttaagtt gatctaagct     49140
     tattttaaac atgccatatt tgtaagactc ttgtgataac gggagaggca ggatgagtaa     49200
     ataagctatc tgtgaaacag acagccatgc gtttaaaccg tttacagctt gtcagaacac     49260
     aaatgcagga tatacagatt agaaatgtat ttaatgccac ctagaaagag cataaggtct     49320
     gtttaaatgt atcttttgtt agttgactta gcttactggg caggtatgtt tgtaatgaga     49380
     caacaaacaa atgtaaactg ctgagtataa gtaaaaatct gcactgaaag tgacatagaa     49440
     actgaggaac aacagtacat tatttagtgt tttcagtagg tactataaat gttgtttctg     49500
     tttaaactct gtttaaagtg ttgattgttc aacccatggt gtgctcctca tagattgaca     49560
     aaacatcaaa ttattaatta aattttcttt ctttggactt caaataaatt cttacatttt     49620
     ccttcaaaaa cctgcagaaa ccctgcatta caaatccaag tctaatagtg tcatcagttc     49680
     cattccagat ttgtgataat aaaacttaag ccctatttag acaggattat ttttataggg     49740
     gaaagtgggg tcatatagta ataaccaaat cctccctgtg atttttaatc ctgtccaaat     49800
     gtactatgcc agtagttatt cagacctgct ctgcatagtc tgctgctggt aaagattaca     49860
     atagggttgt acaattaatc aaaatgacac caaaaagaca attagtgaat tgcaaatgct     49920
     gcagtgtaat taaattaata tgtatatgca gtgtgcttag ttttgcactc aaaacatggt     49980
     actgtactcc attacactca aacagtttac agtctaccca ccataagaga atttttaagg     50040
     gcgtctggct aaaataaaag ttatttaaat aaaataaaac agacataaat gttaaacata     50100
     acttaaagac tttcaaataa taaacattag cattatttaa taaacgttag cattatttta     50160
     ttatttttcc aaagtttttt tatattgcaa cagtattatt gcaataagcc ctatttaggc     50220
     cttaatagaa atctttttta ttaccttata actttttgta gttgtgttga tatataacac     50280
     ttacgttttt gccaaattgt gaagtctcac aaacaaaaag aaatccttta tttatttatc     50340
     aaattctaaa gcacagacca ataattgtct tgctacaaac caataataat aatgctaggc     50400
     tatagtaata atcttgatga tgacaataat aagagctttg attaatttgt ggcttggcaa     50460
     cccggaaaaa ttacacattc tgcctcacaa caccccataa ttgtggtcaa atctttgtaa     50520
     cgcttggcct cgaatggctt atagctttaa taagccttga cttgtcagct gctctttgag     50580
     cttgaccgta atccaaacac cacgatatcc ctcaaagcat ggcgtcctgc cttactgtca     50640
     taaaattttg ttttaccaag agcagcccca tcctgagaga tcaaacgaaa ctaattgaat     50700
     gagtaactca tacccccttc ccctaatgag agcgtatccc acccctcgtc ctcatccagt     50760
     catttttcca gcttagtgga ctgaaatgca tcacatctca aggggaagcg gccgctttaa     50820
     aggctctctg tgatgctacc acaggaccaa attcgttttc tctcctgcca gcattgtgag     50880
     gtttcaagag gacaccgttt cttgatctcc acagggtcct ctgtaggtct gtgggtttct     50940
     tatgagtaca caggaatggt cactagctat aatgataatg atcatttatt tttcagggtc     51000
     tacacagggc tttattgttc ctagcgcaat gtttgattta ccgatcaggt ttcagagcat     51060
     cagagggaac aaagttgcaa aaacagcaac aaactgtaga tgctcttgaa tttaaagtaa     51120
     ctgtatgcat ttttatgatg actatataaa tgttgttctt gtcggtagct ggaacggcag     51180
     aggataagat gaggctgttt ctgatctact acatcacttc ccagcagccc ccatcggagg     51240
     taaggcccca caccatgctc atgatctgtc atagtcaact ataaataaga aaacctacag     51300
     atcatagcag cctttcagta caagttaaac ttactgacag cagttgtctg tttttatttc     51360
     aatcttttgt atgacattgc taatttaata ttgagagtta aacagtaata tattgtccat     51420
     tgttaatccc atcccctaac ctattattca ctaactcaat taacaaaaca ataataaata     51480
     aataaatata ttacaaacat acagttcaat aaatacatga gtacatgaca tcagggaata     51540
     tttatctgtt tatttggggg gttttcacaa caaacaataa aacactcttt attttatctt     51600
     gtataaaatc aatttactgt caggcacatg agtgaatgtg aaaaatgtat ttcatggaag     51660
     caccccacct attaaagcac ttatttacac gtattggtaa agtctagaag tgatacagct     51720
     gaagataact gtgcatacat cagtatagca taatatttct gacatctaca acaattacta     51780
     tttttacatt actgtgagga gtaggtttaa gattgcagta ggcgttaaca aaaaataatg     51840
     ggtaatttaa atatatagca gcaacttgta tattcattta gctgtgggtc aggttaggaa     51900
     gcaatttgtt aaaataaaat catataattg tgtctgaagc tcctcgctat cgactgtatt     51960
     ggcaaatata tatcatactc tgccattttg tagtggtgtc cgagttctga gtgaatgact     52020
     ttattttgta catccgttta ctacttttat ataataataa taatttatta catttatata     52080
     gcgcttttct agacactcaa agctctttac acatttttgg ggttgaaatc tcttcatcca     52140
     ccactagtgt gtagcatcca cctggatgac gtgacggcag ccatattatg ccagaccaca     52200
     caccacaaac tagctgattg gtggagagac agagtgataa agccaattat gatatgggat     52260
     ggttaggagg ccatgatgga cagaggccag taggcaaatt tggccaggat gctggggtta     52320
     aacccctacc tttttcagaa agacatcctg ggatttttaa tgaccacaga aagtcacgac     52380
     ctcggtttaa agtctcatcc gaaagatgat gctcactgag cagtatagag tccccttcaa     52440
     tatactgaga cgttatgacc cacgcagacc acaggttgag cgccccctgt tggcatcact     52500
     aacatcactt ccagcagcaa gctggctttc acatgtggtc ttacatccag gtacacaggc     52560
     gcagccctgc ttagcttcag agggtcgacc atgtgagagt tgcagagagc tagctgccgg     52620
     ctatatcaac aatcctcttt tctttctatt tccaaaaatc aaatgcaaga tctttcattt     52680
     tgcagagcat gtaaaagaaa aagaatttta tgccaggttt acctcagcaa tcagctcaag     52740
     gacactgaca gagaggaaag agaggaaatt atgtttaagt tttgtatttg ttttggttgt     52800
     agttgatgct tttttttttg ttatatatac ttactgttgt ttttatgtga tgacatgaaa     52860
     aaatcatggc cgaagttgct ttttttcttt ttaattttaa atataattaa accaattaaa     52920
     tatatttaat taaacttagg taatgagaaa taaatgtttt ttttattatt aaataataca     52980
     ataaacagaa caacgaaata gtgacacaat taatgaatcc aaacaggaag tatagaaagt     53040
     gttaagtttt caagtgtaat gctcatgatg agatcatcct tgctcatgat gagatcatcc     53100
     ttgctcatga aaggatctga atgtgttcag ttttcctgaa aaggtgcact cttagctggc     53160
     atacgctaaa taaggattat tgaacgagtg aaattatgaa ctattgttta catgttgtga     53220
     ctgcactatt gacactggca taattttttc tcataacagt gagaaatgag tttttgtgga     53280
     aaacaaaatt atgccacaaa atctgtcaac taagccagtg tcttcttttt aactgtccta     53340
     gataaataat cctaaaaacg tcgatttgag gttgactgtg gtgggctacc ctgacgtgca     53400
     ctttcggtaa caccacattt tatcataatc agtggcgaat gcatggattt cattgtttgg     53460
     ggagacatgg agccaaaaac attctgtcca ttccctatga agctcggctc tgcttcttaa     53520
     actgctttca gactgagtct tcaaaagcct tgttgttctt caggacacat gcagtgcaga     53580
     tttgaggaac actgacaccc tttcatgcca cggccaagtg ttattactct tgtaccttga     53640
     taaagcagga ttgttcagtt catggcaaga tctcttctgc tggatgttac ttaaacgcca     53700
     aacaaatgac agttttgagt tcctgtgtac acttccgcca ctgaagagga tggacctgtg     53760
     gtaccacgct gggttggagg atctccaagt ggccatagtt caaccctgga gaaagagcac     53820
     tggcttgagc ttgactgtca ttgtctattt tgtttatcaa tacaggctgt aaaagctttg     53880
     agtttctaaa aaagaacggc gtgctcagag tttgaactat ttttccgtgc cgtttggtta     53940
     tcctttcttt catctgtgtc ctcctgaacc agtgtaggtt attgttggct gagcgtttgc     54000
     ttaaactcca aaagcagcca ttttgttgtt tgttttctga ggctgtaatg aggttggtga     54060
     catgaaaacg gccctctcag tcatgtggta tagacgactg acaggaacca gagtttctcc     54120
     tcaccctgat ggatgcatat ggcttgtgag ctgtgtgtca tccctcactc tataaaaaca     54180
     gctcctcttg aactatttag ttttttatct tcgagtgttg aaataataaa gacattttgt     54240
     tctttttagg ctgatctaga acagtacaag aaagccatgg ttgatgcagg ctgcgaccta     54300
     tccccactta actacattaa acagtggaag taagttctcg ccatagtcaa caaacacacc     54360
     ataacacgct gtcacatttg cctagttact acattaaatt caacagaaag atgagaacag     54420
     tagtgttgca actaatataa cctattttcc agagctttca ccaagatggc tgcgacgcca     54480
     gccaattacg ggagcagtgg agtgaaacct atggggtatg aggctacacc acatttaatt     54540
     ctcaaaatgt gaatcctttt gttagtggca taagtgattt gaatgcaatg gactgtcact     54600
     tttccagact gttctcaagg gtgatgaaca ccggctccca gtttgtgatg gagggagtga     54660
     aaaatctggt cttgaaacag catgtgagta tttaatagca cttaaggaaa taaaaatcat     54720
     aaagaagtgt acaaacctat tcaattcaat ccaatctgct accatttgac caaataatgc     54780
     atcttattat ggatatgtga gtaactgtat tttgatggtc catttgagta gactgtctgc     54840
     ttaatatctg tcgatactgc tccttcaaca ggcatttatc tgactctaaa aacttgtcaa     54900
     cttacactaa ccctaatccc aaccccatcc taacaatcta cttatagtct aatgagaatt     54960
     agttgacatg tagatgcaat gtaacaaatg gaccatcaaa ataaagtgtg accgatatgt     55020
     gcattatagc ttattctaat taaagaacaa acataaagtg tatctaggga ccagaagatt     55080
     gtactaaaat atgtttgttg ctccaataac aagtgtagac cgggtcaact tcggaccact     55140
     tcacaataac gcatttgccc agattgtttt ttgttgtcta agtgcttgag tggtcaaatg     55200
     cattcaaaac acatttaaga ccactccatt tctaagtgct gacttcattt cgtaaatcac     55260
     ttccattttt actttaaaaa taattagtgg aatagtttgt gcaaactaaa agataaaaaa     55320
     ttacaaaaaa aaaatgcaga tgtgattgtg gctggtacac actcctgttg taaacataaa     55380
     aactagtgga ttctttatgt taaagtactg ccaacaatat gtagtaaaac aatttgtatg     55440
     tacagttgaa gtcagaatta ttagcccccc tgtttatttt ttccccaatt tctgtttaac     55500
     gaagagaata tttttttcag cacatttata aacataatag ttataacaac ttatttctaa     55560
     taactgattt attttatctg tgccatgatg acagtaaata atatttgact agatattttt     55620
     caagacattt ctatacagct taaagtgaca tttaaaggct taactaggtc aattaggtta     55680
     actaggcagg ttagggtaat tagggaagtt attgtataac gatggtttgt tctgtagaca     55740
     atcgggaaaa aaatttgctt aaaggggcta ataataactg cataaatgtg tattaaaaaa     55800
     atctacagaa tcctgtcaac cacaattata accaagcgtc ataacagcaa cttttgaaat     55860
     ataaggctgg gttccctacc aaaggaaaaa caagtgaaga attcattttg ggcaagtgac     55920
     ggtgataaat ttacattcag tcagcgagct gcatttacca gttactttat tttctgtttt     55980
     tacttatgtt atagcttcct ttctcctgaa atttgagatt gcagtacttg tggttcttga     56040
     atgatttatt tgcttgtgat gctctttagt tttatatttg tttggacaaa gctgtgctaa     56100
     gtttgttggc ttattggctt tatggatatt ctcaattgtt tctcatatag aacctaccgg     56160
     ttactcgcat cttggacaac ttgatggaaa tgaagtcaaa cccagtgagt gcttatttct     56220
     acctttcctc acatcttttt atctttatat gtgtcataag cacttacaaa tacccactta     56280
     tgatttccat gataattttc tttcctgttt aaaaccacag gatggagagt aaatgatgag     56340
     gtaatttaaa ttgtttggtg aactatgcct ttaaggcctg tcatgaataa ataccactaa     56400
     aacttcctga aagtagcagc agacagagtt aatgtgggat taattaagtt gttcatttat     56460
     tcagaatggt tacttaattt agatatttta caagttactc cttgcaattc aatatgcctg     56520
     cttctatact aaattgttgg tgggaaacat tacatgcatc ttaaaataaa ttcaaaaaat     56580
     tgtaagtgaa atgtaccttg atatcttgtt atttcaaaag agagtctgga gaacagattt     56640
     ttaaaggtac tgtatgtaag gttttgactc tcctaaagca caaaaatctc ataataagtt     56700
     tgcagatatt taagaaacat gctaaatgaa cattcttgtt tatctgaaaa acaatgctaa     56760
     actcagatat tctgctttga aaatgtgtgt tacgtgccgg aacatctgtc tttgttttgg     56820
     tcaattaacc tgcccaatgc cagtttagcc aattatattt cagcaaccca ggttgccttg     56880
     ctgggaaacg gtgtatttca ttcattcaat cagaaaggct cttaaagtat gtgtccgtga     56940
     ccaaaatgca acctccagtg gacagtagct tcaggagttt cacatgaggt ggttattaat     57000
     tattaaataa tataaatatt acaaacaaaa acatttggtg aacaggttac attgtaaccc     57060
     tgttccctaa caaaatgcta cgttaaaaga tacgcaatga ttagcaattt gattgtttgc     57120
     accagaaaaa acgggacaga aatttaaatg aagtcattca aaagcacaga atagtgcact     57180
     cactgcactc caacgaaatg ataattttat tatctaatta atacctatta aatatcttta     57240
     acattattaa atgtaaatgc taaatcactg gtatgtgttg gctttcactg attcacagtt     57300
     ctgaagttca aatggtttat tttattttca acatctgagg taaactgcct gctgctgctt     57360
     tcagtagtat ggcaataaat gtcatgaaaa atggcatttt aacttacatt attagcattt     57420
     agcagtgaat aaagcacatg aggtgtacct gagctgatca ttgtcatagt tttctgtagt     57480
     ttagctgcaa gaaatagaag ccgtttctaa aatataaatt tcagattttg gttaggacaa     57540
     aaactcctaa tatggaaaat attccttctg tcaagtgccg ttgattttat ttagaacaca     57600
     acctaaatca gtcatagact cgatagtcag gctcactctt gttgatgttg gcaagctggc     57660
     aacctgtgct tgcatgtgtt ttgaaccagg agtgcaatac ctagttaaac cactgggtgt     57720
     caaacttaca tactgcacct ttaatgacat tttactatcc cacgaggcca tgtgagagca     57780
     tttatgaata gcagtgaagt tacttaagtg attttgtagt catatttaag agtacaagat     57840
     tttaagtgca gtaattattt aggtattgct tagactttga aattatatta tctgccaaac     57900
     aaaaacagac aataataata aaaatctaag ctataacaaa atgtctttca atctgttatc     57960
     taaaagtcta aattccaaaa tgtttaaaga tcatagggtg gttgtgtcca gtgtgcttat     58020
     ggtattgcgt atcgccaagg ctcactgctc tacctcccac tgcggactaa tgcgtatgac     58080
     actgcagcgc tatgggacac tgactttgct ctgaacgggg cactgaagag gctctttgag     58140
     tgtgccgaga cctcaatcca ggcaatctga gctgcacagt taatgcgact gtctcagcca     58200
     ggggaacacc tgtggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagtttct agtgagagaa     58260
     cccaaagcat gatgtattaa gtttctaggg ctgagggatt ttggaagcgg tccatttggg     58320
     cttttcacct tttgtgaggc agaacaaagg ttcaaacccc taacgtgcac agtgctacag     58380
     gacatctaca cagaagccga agccatttga gtgataaaag gattgtgttc tgctacactc     58440
     gaggatctca ttgtctgcaa aatgtctgta tatgaagcat caggtatttg aacacactga     58500
     ctgttttcga gttattattg gatcgccttg aaggaaaaat tggcttttga aatttctccc     58560
     aatgctttga aatcatctaa ctgctgggac ggcgtggggg gaatgattga tgctgatttt     58620
     ttttatgaat gtggaattac cacaaaggat atgatgtggc aaatctttga cagcaccctc     58680
     gtaatatgac ttataggact cctctatctt gaattctccc aaagcacaat tccaggaact     58740
     atctcaacgt gttttcaata taaaatgctg taattgagac agctagctga catattagct     58800
     cctgcactca ttagcttatg taacagcggc cttttagctt ccccttctcg tactgtgaca     58860
     taaagacctt atttccttct gaaacaccct cagggtccct ctgatcttct cgctcttaaa     58920
     agctggggtg gacagattgc tatatcctgt taccgactgg aaatgcttcc ccttcttgcc     58980
     cataaacttg aattgaacat aaccgtatta tcattttctc agctactgga atttcagtgc     59040
     cctgcacaat acgtctgttg ttgggggaga tggggcagct gagctctcca gaatctcctg     59100
     cctccaccat ccctcagata gtccttgcag atgggcctgt gcgacaaggt ctcaatagtg     59160
     tgttcggcat ttgctattaa tattgagctt tgtaacccgg caagagtaaa ccgatagcag     59220
     aaaaatctga agcatttcag catttggaag tgcagcgggg ctcttctatc agtaagttga     59280
     tggcgaagta tttcttccag gaattaagta ggtgccaggt atgccagtct gacttgggtc     59340
     ccatggggaa agagacagcc ttggcccatc caatgcggag gatgaggaag taggaggcca     59400
     ctggccccta cctcagagac agtgctcctt agtttgtgtc aagagtcttc aaagcagaga     59460
     gatgataatc tcgttctttg agtcagacat tttactgttt aagacttctg gtttccagac     59520
     gaatggttgc tgggaagcat tagatcttga taagcgttta atgtagatgg atgaggtggt     59580
     ttttaggaga tggtgatgtg gggagggtgc gagggtgact gttatttcat ctttaattta     59640
     cttacgcact ctgtaatccc taatgttatg tgttgtgatt tttgtaggag actgatgact     59700
     acagatactt tgatcccaag atgcttcgtg gaagcgagag gtaggacact gaagatgaag     59760
     actagtctcc ttctattttc aaatgataca tctctgtgtt tgacttggtc ccactgtatt     59820
     caaatattat gttaaaggca tttgatccat ggaggaattc aaattcgctt gtgtctttat     59880
     tacatacaca taaggcagga ttgaagttag gcaaataacg gatctgtaca tccttgccag     59940
     agctgtaact ttccactaaa aatattttga atataagaag atctgtcttt tttcctcaca     60000
     actattgact gttttcactc tctgccggtg atgatgaatt aatccgtacc tttttactcc     60060
     ctcagctcca ttccgaggaa caagaacccc tttcaggagg tgagtataaa atcagtgatg     60120
     gtatctaatg gccttgattt acaccgtgag catgttgata cggtatcttc acactttggc     60180
     acctatgctc tgttacctgg cagggttaat ctatggcaca gagagctttc tgttcctagt     60240
     tgagattaag ccttactgca gataaagtga gctggaagcc cattgtctga gctcacatct     60300
     gttggagagc catttgagtc ttctaataaa atattgcagg gtttttattt ttgtgcaggg     60360
     cgtgttgaaa ttcacacaag attaaacttg aacaaataat gacaactttt gattccacag     60420
     gctatcgtct ttgttgttgg aggaggcaat tacatagagt atcaaaatct tgttgactac     60480
     acaaaggtat gacacatttt gaaatgttct ggaactgttt gcttttgaag atgagtgtaa     60540
     cgatttcctt ctctacagac caggcaagga aagcggattc tttatggctg tagtgagctg     60600
     ttcaatgctg cccagttcat taaacaggta tgattaaaca gcataaacca ataggaagtg     60660
     catgttgtat atatacattt taaggtgtaa cttgcctaat ttaccttaag ctgaaagtac     60720
     aaattcatca aaacattatc acatacaaga actgaattct gtgaaaaatc aactgccctg     60780
     caattcattg ctctaaaatc cgacagatta tccttgagtt ggaggaaaca acactgcttt     60840
     gagtgtgttg gaatgctttt tgctgggcga agcaaatctc tgttgcactt tgtcttaaca     60900
     aagttgacac caagtcataa cgtgcctttc cctctctaaa tatttttaaa acattttgcc     60960
     cagttttttc cacatcaaat tctttttaat atacttttaa ctcatttgct ttttggggtg     61020
     aaaacaaggg ggagggtttt atgtctctct tctccctatt tttcctatgg tcatgaactt     61080
     ctatgacact gactgtgtgc agcataattg ttgagttgta atcctgcttt tgttaaagtg     61140
     ttaatgtgat tatgctgtat cagagcggtt aagactaaac ccattcattt ctccctagct     61200
     ctctcagctt ggtcagaaat aggtggagtg atgaagtcct gttatccacc attctcaaat     61260
     ctggaatcga gatctcttca gttgtactcc attaaaaccc ctctaactac agaatcatgc     61320
     atatttcatt actgaagact gtctttctta tactatttaa ttcaattcta aatgttccca     61380
     aaaataaagt ttaacagtct taagcaccga ttttgttttg cttactttct ttgagtctgc     61440
     tttgggtcat ctgcatagat gtacacatcc catgcctcat aatgggcttg ttgacgtcgc     61500
     gtgaattcag gagcaaaggt aaatgcctta agtggtttgg tgtctgtgaa gagctgacct     61560
     agaaatttca atctttaaag tctttaaaaa gataaggaga ttacacctag tctagatgaa     61620
     cactggtgct cttacagtaa aggccatttg gtgtagtctg ctggttgttc ttggcttcca     61680
     ccaaagaaga gagcaatact gttaacccca tcaaacatca tcctgagatg actctaacct     61740
     aaaggttttc attaagatgg acattcacag cattcctccc acaaacatca cagtctaccg     61800
     tgtgtcggat ggaggagaaa cagctatcgg cgtctatttg gtgatactag gtaactgcat     61860
     tgaattattt gtgccttgct aagatttgtt tcttcctgag ctatagcaaa tacttttgag     61920
     atggaagagt aggtgaattt tatcttttca tttttgatag gatggctctc atggattgga     61980
     aatgggactg taatattgct tttaacaaag caaagaaagg cactcgaacc acaggatttc     62040
     ttgactctca accttgccat ttctgatgcc agcatatcta tttttgggta ttctcgaggg     62100
     atccttgaag tttttgatgt gttcagagat gaaggctatc ttataaagac attttggact     62160
     tgcaaggtaa gggtatgaca ttggcactct tatgtcactt aaaacttggt ccagtatttc     62220
     tgaagactaa tggtttccat tgtatgaaaa gaaacatttt aagatttttg cattttaaag     62280
     aggtttagga atgaaatgca agtaaacgat gaatgatgta tttgagattc tcaagatgaa     62340
     tttagtaagt tcaaacgaac gaatgacttt tcgtggtatt cctttcattt caatgaatgt     62400
     tcttaaagga catcaaaata tctggtgttg gaggtccatc actgtgttcc cttcgcagtc     62460
     tggcaggtgg tgttttgaag caggaggggc tgaagagatg aattatttgt agtcgttcca     62520
     agtacacagg catgtgtcct tttatcccct aatcttgctg gcttgttccc cagtgcctgt     62580
     ttagtgggtg atgagacaag tcagagtgat tactccctca ggtttgcaga gaatgccaga     62640
     cctgcttgca atgtataaga ttttgtgtct tggccaggtg gacggattcc taatcctgct     62700
     cttcggactc atcagcatca acacactgac agccatcagt gtcatccgct acatcaaagg     62760
     ctgccaccct catcatggta tgctccgtct tggccaaaca ttttgggtta ttataccttt     62820
     gtatagctta gttttgtgtg tgtttttttt ttactccagg tccattattg aaagctgttc     62880
     tgtaatagtt ttgcaacaat atctccgcat aatcaacttt tttctttttg tgtgcttccc     62940
     caagactatt tgggtacaat agtagcatat gttactgcta gatgggtaaa aaattgccat     63000
     cctataatag taatattttt aaaaaatcat aatataatca tacacaatca taaaaatagc     63060
     tgtctttata tttgagcgaa gaaaccctgg tggatcatcc aatttcaggg ttcttggccc     63120
     tgaaacatta ttagggagta ggatgatagc agtgttattt ttgacagcaa gtttttattt     63180
     agttttagtc ttagtctttt gactaagatt ccattttagt tttagtcata ttttagtctt     63240
     ctgaatcatt ttagttttag tcgactaaat ttcataagat tgtagtcaac taaatgtact     63300
     ctacatttag ttgactaaca tatatttgtt ttttccgttg aagactaaaa gttagacatg     63360
     cattgtttat atatatcata agtaatatgt acaattatgt ggcagcaatc aacccacatg     63420
     taagaacagt agcctactga aaatgcagga ttgtgcttat atttagcaaa ctttttattt     63480
     taatgtggta aactactaat ctttttaacc agtctgttga acagtttcaa gccattaaat     63540
     cttaaaaggg attaaaatag tttaagtcca ctttgcaatg tctgtctata cggtagcaag     63600
     cagaatagag gaaatctaaa gcgaaaatgt aggtaaaaaa taagtgtgct ttacttgaag     63660
     gcagtttcgt tatattgcat gctgtatgca actccctgat aagtggagat tattgcacta     63720
     cagtatcatt acatccttac agatgtaaaa atagttgctg aatgatgtcc tgaataaagc     63780
     aagcagtttt tgttttgtgg tagttacact gtaaatggct gcagtcatga cgattgcagc     63840
     agacagcaca cgtcaaccta gcacgatctg ggttagctaa actgtaactg ttagccacaa     63900
     ataaagtgaa aaacaggaag gttatgatca tctgaattta agatttacca aaaggtcagt     63960
     gagaggctat accgtttcag ttaagcaaaa gcacacactc gggtaaataa aaaagatttt     64020
     acctttgcgt gaattccggg atgattcctt ggcatgctga tgttgcttta gatttgtttt     64080
     tattatagtt taaccagaca gacagacaga cggacacccc aatggatgat tatataatcg     64140
     cctgtgtctt ctggtggatc agttactttt caaatgtgcg tgtttgcatc acacaccaag     64200
     attaattctg attaaatatt tcttttaaaa cttccctgaa ttgctttctc gtcttgtttt     64260
     tattagttaa cagtaatgtc agtatatttt tattgtagtt gtcgtcatca tcaccagaca     64320
     gagttagaaa ttagcaaatt tggttcactt agccttgtct gaaaaatcag tatataaacc     64380
     agatttaact aaacaaaact tgaccaaaac aaaaccataa attcagtctt tgataaattt     64440
     agaacaatgt tattttatca ctttatcctt ggctgcacaa atactagata aatcagcatg     64500
     attatattat gaagactgtg ttgatcagag tctttctgcc atgtccttca gctcatcaca     64560
     tcaacaagcg taatatctgc ttggtcataa ctgcagtctg gctgttctgt ctgttctggg     64620
     cgggagctcc actgctcggc tggggtagtt acagaggtag gatctaagca gggacagaat     64680
     tattttttct taaaaataaa ttgataatga gatttcattc aattgcactt ccgcagcacg     64740
     tgggtacggg acatgtgaaa tcgactggac aagagctctg tattccattc catttaagct     64800
     ctacgtcatt ggcattttct ttttcaactt cttcgtgcca ctgttcatta tagtgtttgc     64860
     atacgtgtcc ataatccgca ccgttaactc cagccacaaa tccagccagg gaggagatgt     64920
     cagcgagaga cagaagaaga tagagcgcag cattacacgg gtaaaaacac tatcatttga     64980
     ccaaagatta gtgctgaatt ccttaaccct aaaagtcaga tatctgtcaa gttgatttga     65040
     aaaccaggat ggacccggcc attgatgaac atctcaactg ataaaaaggc agtaagatct     65100
     gaggcacggg caaacagaaa tgctattttg tttcacttta gttgatgcgc taaatagcca     65160
     tgttgaattc taaagttgtg gttgctgtgg ttcttagcag tttccaaatt agtgttctga     65220
     cctgcaggga ccaaattcca aagttaggat ttccaacatc tgagtacaaa taatacacac     65280
     cataaagcca cagtcctggt agaattcagg catataaagt tatgaacact gctaaggtta     65340
     taatgtgaca tcacactgct gttttgctta atctaacatg ctgagcagct gtattcaatt     65400
     ttaaattcac aagtgttgtg gttccttcaa gagttgaaat tctgatattt caactggttt     65460
     aactggaaag ggctggatta acataagggc taggtggggc tgaagtccta gggcctgcaa     65520
     gaggatgggg cccttgattt gctgaagaat tcatctgcgc catgatgtgg aaattcattt     65580
     cagttcgttg ctgttcaaaa acagctgtta aacaatggtt tggagtggct gtagcccaat     65640
     ctgtatttta agtagcgctg tcttagtccc cagtaagggt gaccagatgt cccaggacag     65700
     tttcttattt cggctctact acaagaacag tccagtttaa tgtattctaa ccaagtgcat     65760
     tgtagaacaa aaaataagat tcaaacagta tttattatta acgtgcagta agagaagcca     65820
     agataggcgg aatcattctg tagatgttaa tggattcata actaggccca aacggaatct     65880
     gtgcacagaa attccacaga tttttttgta caaaattctc cacagaaata gcaaaaaatg     65940
     tccgcagatt ctgtctgacc atactcacaa ctaatcgatg tcttggcact cacacaatcc     66000
     tgccttcaaa taatataacc aagacagttg gcaaccaaat caaatagcct acacaacagc     66060
     tatcaagagg tccatcagta cagagttgcc catatattgc aagaaaatat atgcttaaat     66120
     ctaactgaac cacttagaga gtgaactttt aaataaatga atgtcctagg cgatgtgatg     66180
     gcacagtgta gcacgttctc ggctgggtca gttggcattt ctgtgtttgc ttaggtttcc     66240
     tccgggtgct ccaatttccc tctcaagtcc aaagacgtgg tataggtgaa ttgggtatgc     66300
     tatgaaattg accgttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt     66360
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     66420
     gtgttagggc tgtgcaatca atcaaaaatc cgatttcgat tttggcttat aacgattatg     66480
     aaaaaccttt aattgagata aatgattact gcgtcatata ccgccccctt tcacacattt     66540
     gttactctta aaagcgcgaa agacacagaa gcatgcgatc agcattcagt ctcagtcgca     66600
     cactgagacg agcagagctt agacatctaa ggtcatctta acgtcaatta ggggtcaaaa     66660
     cgccgtgttt attgattatt catattaaca ctcatttgtg taataaaaaa acgagttgag     66720
     aatcaaaaac aagtgaaagc gaaaccatta aagtgacagc gcgcaatatt cctgctgccg     66780
     tctgttttta tcattaatca aacaactaaa ggaaaaaatc cctcactgct cttgactgaa     66840
     atacttttgt agctaaagtg tttttcttac agtgaagatg cttaaagcac agtttgtttc     66900
     atatttttat tttattgtat ttgtttctct ttcctttgca gagtggaaaa taactgtatt     66960
     tatgcagttg aagttagaat tattagccct cctgaatatt agcaaccctt tttttcccca     67020
     atttctgttt aatggaaaga agtttttttt tacttatttc tgaacaatag ttttaatcac     67080
     tcatttataa taactgattt aaccacttaa actctgcggt ccgtgacgtc attgactttc     67140
     gctttcagat ttaaagggct agcattgcac caggcccccg taagtggtgt cgtttgaaag     67200
     tgtagaatct atattttatg cacatatgca tcactttggt ttttattcta ctgtataaaa     67260
     tttatttaca cttatataca gagtattttg gatacccgag ctaggtattt tacattggtt     67320
     cattttcata tttttttaca tgacacatgt acaagttata gctcaaatga aagctcttgc     67380
     tggtgctcat actgttctat cattcttttt actgaattat attcatatgc caaacagttg     67440
     ttaaattaat tgtggtgttt ccatggcgca gaaatgtaaa caatacattc atgatcaata     67500
     agcagctcca gaaagcacag acagctgtca tctcttaccc tatgctgtgc ccttcagggc     67560
     cattctcctc tgtttttgag gtgatgtgca taagtaatcc ttttatatgt ctgatgtggt     67620
     ccaatcacag taagttatgt ttgatcaaac aaaagaatag tgaaatatgt aaacaaggat     67680
     cggtctctgt ggcttgaaca gcacctttca tcatatggaa tgcaataact ttagcataga     67740
     ttatggtaga gacctttttc ttttttccta tgattacaga catgtgcagg aaccaccaaa     67800
     attatttaca tcacgctaga ctacacagaa cctaaaaggt acactttcaa attttagttt     67860
     ataaaaaaaa aatactaaaa gtgcctcttt ttttaggtgt ttattataac acagacaaca     67920
     tatgcagtta ttttaaacac tttcaatagt gttttatgaa aatccaaagg gttttcttta     67980
     aaataatacc aaatttttgc atttacacct ctgcatgtgg atttgggaag cttttaaatt     68040
     tgggtaggca aaatccaggc ggaaatccca aaatagcagc agagtttaag tggttaattt     68100
     aattttgctc tgatgacagt acaaaatatt ttactagata tttttttcaa aatataagca     68160
     ttcaaagtgc aattcaaagg cttaattagg gtaattaggc agttcattgt ataacagtgg     68220
     tttcttctgc aggcaatcaa aaatatattg cttaaggagg ctaataatat tgaccgtaaa     68280
     ataggtttca aaaaatgtaa acctgctttt attccagctg aaataaaaca aataagcctt     68340
     tctccaaaag aaaaaaatat tagaggaaat accgtaagct ccatgttacg ggctgatctg     68400
     ggtaagcaga ttcaccccga acatttttca aatgttccct taagtaatcc aagaatcccc     68460
     tcaaggaaag ggttgtgtaa ataacaaaag gcattttcat ttagtactgc ctgtgtgaaa     68520
     gtcacaccct ttacagtggt tcaaaagatg cctgaagttg tttatttatt gttttgatta     68580
     tgtctattac tgagagaatg agaccattgt accagtcgca ctgagacatt tcaaatgaaa     68640
     ttaaacatga tagataaagt cacttgggtt aatttagaac attcagactt tgaaatgacc     68700
     atatgtgtga gttggggtgg ttgaagtcga gattcagggg attcaaatgc agatgtaggg     68760
     ggagctggct attcccgcat tcccacctgc tgggttgtgg agttaattgt ctctgttttc     68820
     agctcatgtt ttgaattgtc aaagacatca aagtatttgt gatatctcac gccttacaaa     68880
     agacaatcaa atactggcgc tgattttttt tagacaatat atctatatat ctgagaggaa     68940
     aaaacatgtt aagcttcttt aattgattga ctcaggatca aatggggaaa aaagaatcag     69000
     ggatttgaaa gatattttag ggatttctgg atagctaatg tttgaagttt ttttttaaga     69060
     tagctctatt ttattgtaat gcactcattt aggaagtatt gcaaatgtgt ttatttattt     69120
     tttttgctga ttttgattaa ttttgtatgc ttgtagccta cgcctactta tattaaatat     69180
     aaaacattta taataatcaa atataaatca aatagtggaa aattaaataa taatattaat     69240
     tagcaaattt ataataataa taatattatt agtgaagaaa aacctacttt tgtgaggtga     69300
     aaaaataaat ggggcccctg ggcccaatta ggcatgggat gataactgtt ttcaaggttc     69360
     atgtcggttt gaaaaagtca aggttttaaa acattcctac gatatatgta tttatatatt     69420
     ttttttaaat gtatttatgt gtttttacaa ctattttatt tagttttaaa ggcaacagcg     69480
     tctccagctg aaaagacttc actgttgcaa aatatttcaa atagtttctt aatttagttt     69540
     tttaaagtaa aatatattgt gttcagtggg ggaaattgac cttttttaac cagacattta     69600
     aaaacaacat tttttagagt agtaataata ctgtgaaacc atgatatttt taatcagtta     69660
     tcacaccatc agaatcttat accggcccat gcctagccct aatatgttct taatccagcc     69720
     cacggtgaca ttctagtcag catgttcctt ctggggactt ctcaaaagaa gaacctcaac     69780
     tctctgcgaa gccacagtgc cattagactt tgcaacagca aatgtcaaca catctatttg     69840
     ttgtcctgta tttttgctcc aggtctccct cattctgtgt gcggccttcc tgttggcctg     69900
     gtccccatat gcagtcattt ccatgtggtc cgccttgggt taccaaatac ccccactcaa     69960
     cggcatcctg gcaagcttgt ttgccaagtc agcaagtttt tacaatccgt ttatctacat     70020
     tggcatgagc tctaagttcc ggaaggacct gcaggctttg ttttactgcc tcagaccaac     70080
     atcagcacac agacccaccc ctcctgcacc gctggcccag cctgctgatg tgcagctcaa     70140
     tgtggaggat gaaccagtag agatggacca taatctgagt gaacacatct atgaggagaa     70200
     ggctgagacc ccttctgaag tggagtgcca aaatagccca ttaatcgagc cccacaacat     70260
     cagccctcat ggattaatga ggaaaccaag caactctgga agactttagc tgcctttatt     70320
     atattagtta atgtcctctg tttatataaa gccaatggta ataatacaga acatgcactt     70380
     aatttcattt caaatagcaa cacacttgga cagtccgtgc tcccagtaat acttcatgtt     70440
     aatcacaatg ttttatgaga gttcaaataa atcttcataa ggccgtaatc attaatgaga     70500
     ttataataag caccagcagc tggaatggtg gtgaagacct ttaagatggg ttggaaggat     70560
     taacaaaggt ggatttctaa attgagtttg gtgactgcag agttaaaacc ttgtgtctcg     70620
     ccacaagtgt cctcaaacga gtgtttgacc agactgtaat gtcaggacag agtacaaatt     70680
     actcaagcga ggaacgaaca gaacagtcag gtaatggtgc cgtgtttact ttatccagac     70740
     acataattca aaagcagcag gcatgctcgt agtcagagga acagtgaaag tttgagtcca     70800
     aacagagcag caggaacagt caaacaaccc agagccataa ttccatgaag aaacaaggtc     70860
     aatgatttca gaacaaatag attaacacca aacaactcaa ctcgaaaatg aatacacaga     70920
     taagcaaaaa caaaatcact tgaaaagcag cagtttataa gtaaaatgca atactttttt     70980
     gttcaaatgt tttgtacagt acacatggat ttacacggat tatttctgtc agtgtctgca     71040
     attgacaatc tatttagatg tttgaaggtc tcgcacagca tcttatgata acttaaatat     71100
     tgtcaatgaa tttgcatttt aagtcatttt ctatttgtga ttaaaatttg taattgacaa     71160
     agtcagaaaa ctaatttgac gcaacaaacg ttaaattgat ttcatctgtc agatccatat     71220
     taatcagcac tagcgtttgt gctttactca gtgtgtggaa cttctgagtt tcacgcgcag     71280
     atcaaaaact ggcgggagtt tctctggtgg aggacagtga gtgactcaat ataaacttta     71340
     agactgcgcg aagatcaaat ttgcctctct gtaagttcct ggaccacaca ttaacatgct     71400
     agtaaacgcg tgggaatcgt ggtgcagttt tctctcaaaa taaactgtaa acatacatgg     71460
     acaccccgcc caatttgcgt tgctgcagtg cgtcgtcaaa agtgtcttgg caaggcttcg     71520
     attacagtgg tggtgtgaag ccctgacttc agtaacttca aatcttgata gtcagataat     71580
     ggatttaaac tgttttcctt ttggtttatt atttctaatt tgaatgttat ataaatgcaa     71640
     tgtataaatg taatataaat taaataaagt ctttttacaa tgaaaatggc cttttctgtc     71700
     tttcagctgc cccaatattt aagcttttaa attagtttga gtgtgagtct gtgcagttta     71760
     tagcatcatt acagtatcat tgtgttgaaa aatagtaggt gattaggtat agtaactggt     71820
     taagtgtgga caaaaacatt ttattataat tattaaaagt tgtctcacaa aggtaaaaat     71880
     tgctcttgga aatcaattga cttaagggaa aagtacattt ctgtttgtga ggagtataaa     71940
     aaaaagagag aagtttgaat ataatctggg aaaataacca tattgtgctt gtgacaatgt     72000
     caacttatac ttcatttata agaatacata gcagtctata gttatatatt ggaaaactac     72060
     ttactgtagt catagttcag tacatgcacg tgttatatcg tgtacttcct catggaaatc     72120
     ttgtttgagc aaaaaacaaa acaaaaccaa acagtccaat tattggtgtt ggggtaaact     72180
     aaaatccttt taagggtatt ctatagtcgt cttcagtctc ataattcccc atcattttat     72240
     tctcaagaag gagcaattcc tatatactac aatcacaaca tgacaccccg agatataaac     72300
     attttattta cttagccaat tattgaagct atttcccttt aaaatgaact gttttaaata     72360
     aaatgctgtg ataacaataa caacagtttt ccctgtgttg tcgagatcaa atggaacatg     72420
     ttgcttcagt aacattagct aaccaacaaa ctatctagca tagatggcca aaaattatga     72480
     cgacctattt actcagagat acattactgc cagtgatcgg ttgcagctgg aaatgcatct     72540
     gctgtgtaaa caaatgctgg ataagttggt ggttcattcc gctgtggcga cctaagataa     72600
     attaaggaac taagcctaaa ataaaatgaa tgaaacatac tgtagcccac ttccagttaa     72660
     taacctgcta aggagatact ggcagcaagg caacatgtca cacacaagtg gtttgtaaac     72720
     atgcccatcg tttcagacaa ttgtcatttg ataagacatt tactgaattt gttcaaatat     72780
     tttttgtttg ataatgaaga atgatcattt tgcatgcttg tatttcaaag tacatcacaa     72840
     gtctgacgtt tcgattgttt gctgtgtgca ttgttaacat tcaccaccct tccaaataag     72900
     gtaaaaactg attcttttat tctaggggaa atcctagagt tgtataccga gaatgtttgc     72960
     acttacttaa gccacatact tctatccctg atggcacttt gatgttaaaa aaacatacaa     73020
     catacattga attaacataa cattgtcatt aaaacacatg gctgaaattg aatcttgaca     73080
     tgttttttga ctctaatgtt agatgtcaat ttgatgtcga actatgtcag agaacggtat     73140
     aatagtgtat tatgaattct atggcacctt taatatctat gatttcccat aaggtctaag     73200
     cttttactgc taagtaatag cagtgatgag gtctgttata tgtatatctg atgctgtcat     73260
     catcaaatta tatgaataaa aaaattttta aaaacaccac aaaaaaaaaa aaatgttcag     73320
     gcttacgtgt aaagggggaa ttccgaggtc gctaaattat aatgaatcag gtatattttt     73380
     cctatcccaa tttgacatat gtagaaaagt tgccaaaacc aaatggcgcc gacacattga     73440
     catacatggt ttatgtctgc atttattcta tggcagaaat gggccaaagt ggacaaaggg     73500
     gtgtatttat tatgtctatg tttcgcttga catgacagac caaggtgtaa ccatgtcttg     73560
     ttggggaggc caatttgttg gcctaaaaaa tgcagctttg gcaacataaa cctgcagttc     73620
     tgcaaaaaag atcactgtga gctgtaaact caaaactgtg agaaataaag aaaaattgtg     73680
     ggattaaagt tgcaattact taatttctat gtgttttatt attattcagg agaagagagc     73740
     aggcttccat aaaagcctga ccttacatgt gtgggaaatg tccacatctg tccatttgca     73800
     gtactcaaac actctttaaa tactgaaata ataacacaat aattagttgc acgtggtgga     73860
     cacacaagag gatcatggtg tttagtgttg aatggtttct ctttattagc gctttcagag     73920
     gttaaagtag gcccgttacg caagatgttt ttggctcaga caacggttgc ttattttggt     73980
     gcaagacagt ttgaaaaata atgaattgtg gaaaaaatta atcagcttgg tgttgtataa     74040
     ttgtgtaatt tatgtgagaa aagtcttaag gggaagtgga gcatctgctg aaagatgaga     74100
     tgtcttccaa tgtacactat cttgtttggc ggtgggtacg atttgacatg tttttataag     74160
     taattctctc atgcttacaa ggctgtgttt gttttcaaaa ttgttgttaa aaaagtaaca     74220
     atgggaaata ttattgcaat ataaaacatc cctttaatat atttacaatg caattttttt     74280
     cccacaagag attaattgtt tccacatgct catttgatgc tcagaagaaa ttatttacta     74340
     ttatatgcaa aatgttaaca agtgctctga tcaaatttct tgcataaata gaaagttcag     74400
     agtgaaaagc aggcattatt tgcttattat taattccaaa gcatctgtta aaagtaaagt     74460
     tttttattat ttgtttttat tttaaaacag aacagcagct atatgatatt ttttgttgtt     74520
     ttgtttgtta aataagtttt tttttgcaag tctttaatgt cacttttgat taatttaaag     74580
     caatctattt aatttgcttt agagttacag tgttcagcat aactgagtac atcccatttt     74640
     aaaaatgagt atttttctca atttcttagt gaatacaggc aatggatttt ggtgcattta     74700
     aacacaacag atttattaaa cagataaatt tcttcaaata atattttagt caccaaacat     74760
     atttagacat tgaaagataa tacaattaaa ttcaatcaaa aattgcaaaa aataaataaa     74820
     taaattacaa cctacaaagt ttcaacaaaa ttaaaaaatt tctttgcttc tcttgatttt     74880
     tcctttttta aatttgtatt taatattttt ctgtaacaca tttgggtgta ctggtttttg     74940
     gagcattatc gtaagtgatt ttgttagata agctccagat ttggagctta tagcttccca     75000
     ttaaaaatat gaatttaaaa gatagatttt tgtggagtct acttatataa gctgagcact     75060
     gtaacacacg tctaaaatgt caaaaaggag ttgctgcctc aaattctagg ttaaatcaaa     75120
     ttaactgtac aagtaacttt aacttgcatg atgtaaataa ctttaaaaat caagacaatt     75180
     attgtctaca attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattaatg ttgccaattt     75240
     aaagttaaat taaacttatg ttcacatgac aaaaacttat tttatgacac taatcatatc     75300
     tttaaaaagt atgttttgta caggttaaca atgtaggagc ttaagcgaaa tgtttgcaat     75360
     accatactga aagggttttc tttgtaattt attcagccag gacacattac attgaccaaa     75420
     agtgacatta aagacttcat gacaagttat tacaatcttc aaaagtactt taaaaaacgc     75480
     tggtatcaaa aaataaaaaa ataaaataca tctcataaaa ctgcagattt ttatttccca     75540
     tttatagacg cactattgct gtggtgtatt tgcaatggtt gcatttgcat taagagaata     75600
     ttttttagaa accttatata tatatatata tatatacaca catgtcatat atctggtgaa     75660
     tgcttccaac gttgagaata aagtcttttt tttaatacat attattatta ttttttattt     75720
     tgggaaaata aatttctctt ctaagcagac aaatctgggc tcaagtctat ctagctttag     75780
     ccaaggctaa tatttgtgta ggtgaagacg gtcgcctaaa tgagacatcc atcgaagtat     75840
     tagacggata ctactattta taaggagtga aatggtagtc tttgcattct tggacgaaag     75900
     ctctggatct cccatgaagt ttcacatggg gtgaaacgtg acggcgcttt gctggcctag     75960
     aaagaaacat gtgagtcact ttgccttatt tcagcctttt tcgtctgact gcacaaagcc     76020
     attcaagtca agccaacttt tccatatgac tatcagtgag aacaaactgt gtataacgct     76080
     aaatcacaag aaatcatcac ctgcttaacc tgttataaca aacccctttc tattgcataa     76140
     agaaaagctt ggattttccc ataattctta aagaaaaatc aaacaaaatg taacatcaac     76200
     aggtatttgt atttatatag aatacacact aaaactagtt taaacggtgt atatacactt     76260
     aaatacacta cggttcaaga gtttagggtc aatacaaatc atcaaaaaca gaattttatt     76320
     tttattagta aaaaatgcaa tgtatgggcc aagcaaaaga gttaaaaaag tacaacccca     76380
     aatcagaaaa agttggaaca gtatggaaaa cccaactaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagtagtga     76440
     tttctaaatt gacttgtatt tcattgcaga caatacaaca aacattattt aatgtgttcc     76500
     ttatgctttt tattgtttat tgtattttta aaataaacac gtacttcaat tttgtttctt     76560
     gcaacacatt tcaaaggacc gaaaagacca agtgatgagg tgtttcaggt gtaattctgt     76620
     cccattcctc atgcaaacaa gtcttaaggt gggcaacagc acagggactt tattctagca     76680
     ttttgtaatt caaaatgcac caaactttct ttattggaga caggttggga ctgcagacag     76740
     gccagtcaag tacctgtatc ctcctccaca gccaggactt tgtgatgtga gcagaatgtg     76800
     attttggttt gtcttgttga aatatgcatg ggtgtccctg gaaaagaagg ctgaatattg     76860
     tgctccaaaa ttgtactttt cagcattaat ggtgccatca cagaagtgca agctactttt     76920
     tgtgaagggc actgacacag ccccatacca tgtctgaccc tggcttttgg acttgttgca     76980
     ggtgacagtc tggatgatcc ttttcttctt tggtccggag cacacagcgc ccatttctcc     77040
     tcaaaacacc tgaaatattg attcatctga gcccagtaga catttctaca gtgtgatggt     77100
     ccatttcaga tgcctccaag cacagataag tcgacaacac ttctagacac ggttaacata     77160
     gggctttctt ttggcacagt tttaaggggc atttgaaaat ttaactacct attggggcac     77220
     tttacaaagg ttttccaaag tagccctgag cccatgatat cactagatga attacgattc     77280
     ttgttgctgt gctgcctgag gaatcgaaga tcactagttc agctaaggtt tgcgcctaaa     77340
     ttcctccaga ttccttgaac cttttttgta ctttatttat aaggaatttt tttttataca     77400
     tttgaaaaaa actgaaaaaa caaagtcaac aaaaaataca aacaaacatc tccaacacta     77460
     atttcccttt tgtggcttta acagaacata tacatagcta acagtctgca aacattaaag     77520
     tcctcaagcg tcacacaaat acacaacaag tgtacgtata gggtgcatac gtaacttcaa     77580
     tacagtaatg acagtttacc agattaatag ccctaaactg ctcctctccc acctttgttt     77640
     ggaatgtgtt gcaggtctga aggacaggaa acgatgttta tttacaaatg aaatgttgac     77700
     cagacaaaac atgaaatatt ttgggttcat attgtctgca atgaaataca tcaatacttt     77760
     agtttattat ttgtgttttc ccatactgtc ccaacctttt ctgatttgta gttgtaggtt     77820
     ttcaaagaga atctaattgt gaccaaggac aacaaaaaca gacttaaaac cttagaagtt     77880
     ttaatgtgca caggtaactt attggcaata gccaaaaatc cattgtgtgt tgttttagtg     77940
     ttttgttttg ttttttatta aaaaaaccat tgtaatatta agtaaagatc atgttccata     78000
     aagatatttt ctaaatttcc tattgtaaat atatcaatat atcaaaactc aattattgaa     78060
     tacttacaag aggaatgggc aaaaattccc aaagacaggt gtaccaagct tgtggcatca     78120
     tattcataaa gacttgaggc tgtaattgct gccaaaggtg catcaacaaa gtattgagca     78180
     aaggctgtga aaacgtatgt acatgtgatc tttcaggttt ttcatttgaa taaatttgaa     78240
     acaattaaaa aataaattta cattatgggg tattgtgtgt agaattttga ggaaataaac     78300
     gcatttaatt tcaataaaaa tgtggaaaaa gtgaagcact atgaatactt tccggatgca     78360
     ctgtatatgc attgctaaaa actttatttt ttcatttttt tattgattcc agattttgaa     78420
     acaaatcaac caaatattgc acatcctaac aaaccatgca tcaatgaaaa gcttatttat     78480
     tcagaaattt tgaaaaaatt gcactgtaaa aatatggtaa actactaaca actagtagta     78540
     cctatatatg gtcgtaatgt tacagcatag ctagtgtaat ctgctgcagc ttctgtaaca     78600
     gaaaatatta cagcactgtg ttgttgaaaa agttctgcac tgcatattac tatcaagcgt     78660
     ttgattgcaa tttacttttg ttgttttatc tcacctgttg taatcgacat aaacttaaat     78720
     agtcacatgt tttaaagcac tcttgagcgt tgtaacgttg ctagaagttg attaaaaaaa     78780
     acaatgttcc aatgcacaga cgattgctgc gaacaaattg taaaaacaaa agattacctt     78840
     gataacatgc tcttatgaaa acactgcttc accaggtttt gtggtccgga gtcacacata     78900
     gccctctaaa tagcgaatct atccactggt gacgttttca attccattat aatttttgac     78960
     caaaataagt agagaataaa cattttaaac cagtgtgttt gtaaaagata ttgcattggg     79020
     ggtcaacttt ctttttttct tatcagcttt tatgcaggcc acagttgggt tttaggttac     79080
     agctaatgtg tattgcatta tttacagtgt catgtgttac catgatggtg ttcagtgatt     79140
     gcgtgaatga cttatgcttt caaatcagta tgtacttttt cagcttgtgg aaattctttt     79200
     tgacgaatca gttcatttgt ttatgagact ttttcatggt tgtcagtgta ctgcaagagt     79260
     agatattggc acttcagttg ataacccaag taacaaagaa ttctgaccca gatttggcaa     79320
     aaagctggaa cagcagacat tcatctggct ctgggataca gcatgtgggc caaacatggg     79380
     ccgggtgtgg cagagatggc accatcttta aggtgacaca caagacttgg gccagacact     79440
     gagttaagta tttggcccag atgttcaaat cggtatgtga gccacatgaa attggcctat     79500
     tttgacccac atttgaaaaa gatttaaatt atttttgagt aaaaaaaaaa ttctaccaat     79560
     cagaaaaagt gggttcatgg gtttattaat ttcattgcaa catatctggc ccagttcagt     79620
     cccggttatg ggttattatc ttggctgaga cttggcctag acatagttca tgtttggctc     79680
     ttgtctggaa gccagacttg gtccagtcat ttaccataac tcactgtggc atgtgggccg     79740
     acaaaagcag attgtgtggg ccagagctag gctttgctat gtggtaagct actacccctt     79800
     gttgtcaaaa tgaagttaga ttgataatac caaaaagctg tataaataat gcatatttta     79860
     ttatgtatta tgtaatgtat tattttactt gttttttttt tgtttttttt tgcagcacag     79920
     tatataaata cttcttaata gaacctgatt gtgtctttgt tttccactag tccagcctat     79980
     catgttttag tttggcacaa taattaagct tctgaaaccg ctggaattga ctcattaatg     80040
     gttttcatct aagcaagctt tacttgatat ggaagttcac actctggctg ggaaactcgg     80100
     ttaccttcgt gaccttcaca aatatttcct tgtgaaagag cgctttagcc tgacatggac     80160
     tttgtgtgct gtgaaatatt cattaattga gacactggga cagttcccgg ttgttacaat     80220
     gagcagttgt tcaaagaggc tcataacaga tggattgagt atcgttcctt cagctttttt     80280
     ttttttatct gtcgcacctc tacaaacctc cactccactt aatcactaca tgccattgaa     80340
     tcgtgagatg cagcagtaaa catatcatat tcctgtttgc tgccaggatt aaagctggaa     80400
     atggtccaca gtacagctga tgaaggacga ttacgtaaaa gtgaccagga gaggacagag     80460
     acctctttga aaactggaca gcctcatgct gaccaaccca actgttctgt tttacataag     80520
     aacgcacagt gtgctggaga taaaaactaa ttaaggatgt tttgccagca taagcttcag     80580
     ctaaaggaat agaaaataca agctatcata atttactcac cctgcacttg tttaaaacct     80640
     acttgggcat tcttcaaaat attcttttgt gttcaacaga ataaactcaa gttttaaaac     80700
     caaaagggag agtaaataga ggtaagagtt ttgaaagtgt taaaaatgct ggccttctgc     80760
     tgttgagtaa caaattgtgc ataaaaaatg caagcgcagt ttaaaataat gtttcaaaat     80820
     tgaacccagt gaataggttt gtccatattt ttttattttt aaatttgccc tgaaataagc     80880
     cagtctacag gtgtcacagt ggcacagggg gtagcaagat tacctcacag taagaaggtc     80940
     cctggttcaa gccctggctg ggtcatctcg catttctgtg tgcatttctg agtttgcatg     81000
     ctctcccctg ttcacatggg ttttctctgg gtgctccggt ttccccaaca acccaaaaac     81060
     ttgcgttata agggaattga ataagctaaa ttatccgtag tgtatgtgtg tgaatgcaag     81120
     agtgtatggg tgtttcccag tgttgggttg tggctggaag ggtatctgct ttgtaaaaca     81180
     cgtgctggat aagttggcag ttcatagtga caaccccaaa ttaataaatg gactaagctg     81240
     aaaagataat gaatgaatga acaaactcta ttttagatac aaacaatggg tgacgcaaag     81300
     ggtattgctg ccgcctcaca acaaggttgc tggttcaagt ctcatatagc atttctgtgt     81360
     ggagtttgca tgttctccct gtgtttgcat ggatttcctc cctgtgctcc ggtttcctcc     81420
     acagtctaat gaagcgctgt aggtgaacta gataagctaa attgtcagta gtgtatgtgt     81480
     gtgaatgaga gtgtgtgggt gtttcccagt gatgggttgc agctgcaggg caattcgctg     81540
     cataaaagta tgctggataa gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggcaaccca gattaataag     81600
     ccgaaaagaa aatcaataaa tgaatgaaaa tggtcatttt tctgccgttg atggttctac     81660
     aaaaaccttt gacagccatg gaaccttttt gtccacaaaa ggttatttta agtgtaaatg     81720
     gttatttaaa taatcaatat tttaatcaaa atggttaata tatttatatt ttattaatga     81780
     aaatgtagac attcttccac aggaaatcat attgtaaatt aaatatatga agagttcaga     81840
     tccaaaaact aaataaaaaa atgatttgat atttccctct gacatgagca tttttctcta     81900
     cacaacttct gtgtgtaggc tgagcaattt tacttttata gtgacgaata acttcttttc     81960
     gtgcctttaa agtgaaataa ctgaacaaaa acccagaaga cttagaaaaa tgtttattat     82020
     aagagaaaat ttcagacggc ttttagaggt ttttgcatct gaactcttca tatactggat     82080
     aattgcagta tactagctca ttgatgttgt ggctctattg atttgtatag gttttctcaa     82140
     tggactgtgg gttttatttc catcagttga atcattctgg gtaagatttg tgtttatatc     82200
     atattttaca gttctgaatc aagcttacat ggacttgact aaccttaaga taaagttttg     82260
     aaatgcctgt cattgtatta tatgactctg atgttgaaaa tgtcactcag cagtttaaaa     82320
     agtgactttt attgacattt tcagaggtgt tctctgggtt aatcatgtaa aacatataaa     82380
     taaataaata caagctgaat gaatggatgg gtggtttaat tatcttagat gatttattgc     82440
     tctactcacc aacactaact aatcagttat tatatcggta agggatgtag aacattgcat     82500
     atcttaaggt ctgaaaagca ggagaattta aaacaatgtc cttttcaggt ggtttggctc     82560
     taagggccgc ctcttgtgac gtcagcaggg aatcattggg cttttcggcg acattattta     82620
     aaggacaagc tctttcctca atatccagac acctctggaa tatcatccat aagggaatta     82680
     ctttattttt tgtgtataag cttttaaggc tgaggaaacg tcatcctaca caaaatctgt     82740
     aagttggatt aaatcttcat aggttgatga tttttggctg attagtgcct tttaatagtg     82800
     atcattttat atatccagat agtttttttt tctcttcttc tctcttttcg tccctctgtc     82860
     tccttttccc tcactctgtg agtggattaa ctgaagtatg catttccaga ggagctgttt     82920
     atgatggatg tgtctgggga gattacattt ttcctgtatc atatctgatt tcacttgtgc     82980
     gagccaaata cattttacac acctagataa aaggaagaat aaagatagat ttaaaagcct     83040
     cagaaagttt agggtttttt tgttaaaaaa aaaagaaaag agtataaagt gcttttaatg     83100
     cagaatgggg tgcttttgtt cactggtgcc tggtaaaatg ctcttttgtc tctacagaaa     83160
     tcttcattaa ccatgtcgtt gtggtttgct gtccttcatg ttttaggtag gtgatttgtt     83220
     taattgaagc aactgatact taacacttct aatactgaat tatcatcaaa tttaattatc     83280
     atatgaatgc gtttctttct ttttcacagg tattctctct ttgagctggt gcacttctgg     83340
     atctgaatta aatggtcagt ttttacaatc acttcagtgt atatcttgtc atattaaata     83400
     ttgctataaa gttgcagcac atttttgtaa actctgactt tcttgttttt aattgggctg     83460
     atcaatagct aggagacatt ttttatataa caatttaatt tatagtttta ttcatccatt     83520
     ttttataatt cataagtagc tgaaagatct tttaaaatac aattatgtat gtaaaatgta     83580
     aaatacatta agttcaaaat gtttattaga tttgcttcat tttttaaaac cttttaaaat     83640
     ctatttaagt gaaaaaagta ttttatttat gttttcagta gcacagacat attttaaata     83700
     tataatttac tttatttatt attaaggatt tattttacta attaattaat aaatttttta     83760
     tcagaaaaag aacacacttt atgacaaatt ttccagtcaa atgaattttt atctgtattt     83820
     aagagacttt ttaaaaatct atttattgtt taaatgtttg ctttaagttt gatattctgt     83880
     tttagttgca acgccgatta gctgtgggac tcgtgcggtg gatctgtcag acacacatct     83940
     gctggtgctc tgtccagcaa actgctctct gtggagcctc tcagtgtttg gttctggagt     84000
     ttatgcctct atttccagca tatgcggagc agccattcac aggtacagtt ttcactttaa     84060
     acgatacagt tgcagacttg ctagactcca ataacaagga aacgtttgtc tttcatccag     84120
     aggaatcata ggtctgtctg gtggaccagt ggaggttcac ggactgcaag ggaggacaaa     84180
     ctacctcagc tcttacgctc atggtgttca gtcgcagtca ctgtcgcaat ggagcgcatc     84240
     gttcactgtg gcccgtgagt ggagacaatt actaatgcca attggatgtg tagatttatt     84300
     tacagattca aagatttgct gaaccaaaat gttttcatta cacttgcgca caatctctaa     84360
     tctaatctaa tctaatctaa tctaatctaa tctaatctaa tctaatctaa tctaatatat     84420
     atataataac ccaatataat ataaaatcac acaatataat ataataattt gtctaatcat     84480
     tatatatgtt gttcacaatg atcttatact tctaaaatta taacatgtac aaaagaaagg     84540
     aaagactgca gcaaacaata acttcaggaa aagtgatatt atatatatca tcagctatat     84600
     ctgtattagc cgataaatgt taatttgcag ttttattgat ttgtgttatg tttgcataat     84660
     caggatgaga aaaagtaatt tcaagatgta gatttatcag cctacatttc agttattgac     84720
     ttccaaattt aaagtatgat ctgttttcaa ttcagccaaa ccgttcatat aaataatatg     84780
     atgtatacaa ttgtttagat tatcatagta aataaatgta gctttagacc tctatataaa     84840
     gatttgtcac gttaactttg ttcttttgtc tcaggaacaa ttagcttgcc tttggaagtt     84900
     tccagccaaa ccagcagttc tgccatcgtc gcatctggag caggtactaa atgttcatat     84960
     aactgaagat atttgacatg tgtgggctaa actaagcatt cctatttctg tcttgcagcc     85020
     aagaagccag tgaaaaaaat agtgaagaag cctcctccag caacagcaca caaaggtgtg     85080
     tactggctga ttttcttttt taaaaaaagt tattgcaagt agcgtgacgt ggcatgtgtg     85140
     ttattatata atattaccct gtttcagatt gtccagtcga tatggctttg ttgctggata     85200
     gcagctacaa catcggacag cggcggttca acttgcagaa gaactttgtc agtaaacttg     85260
     caaccatgct gaaggttggg acacaaggtc ctcatgtagg agtggtgcaa accaggtgat     85320
     ctgtgcataa acacaagtca tttatcatag tgagcactta tcaagaagtc acctataatc     85380
     catgtctttc ttcccagtga aacacctcga actgaattct acctgacaaa ctatacgaca     85440
     gccaaagatg tgacctttgc catcaaagaa atcccgtaca ttgggggcaa taccaataca     85500
     ggtttaataa cttctcctga actgcgtatt tcatatgaac gaatgggttg aacacatgaa     85560
     atatttttgt aagtaaatca tgccaccctt tagaagatgt aaactgaaca aatgtaattt     85620
     atagtgatgc acttaaatta aaatccaaat aaatgaagta tatacataca tatatattct     85680
     taattaattt acatttataa acaaattggt tgagcaaata agtcgcttgc tccaaaaaaa     85740
     tagtctagga atcaagtgca ataataaata actcactcat aaaaatagtt catttttggc     85800
     acattttggc atgttaatgt atcacgcaaa actttaaaca tttgtgcatt gagacccata     85860
     atattgaacc ctttcagaca gacttgtaat gtaagtacat tactggaaat agtttttaca     85920
     tcctcaatcc atttcccaac tgcttatcta tcgcaggaga tgtggacttg ctttgcaggt     85980
     cagtatgatt ttgatcaaca ctatgccaca gataatgctg acatagatta aacttatctc     86040
     tgacacttac cttatgcttt agttcaactc aatgattatt gatgcttatg agcagatctt     86100
     ggcaggcttg agttattggt ttttgcacag gtaaggccat actgcacacc gtgaggaact     86160
     tcttcagtcc ggattttggg gtgcggagag gttacccacg ggtgattgtg gtgtttgttg     86220
     atgggtggcc ttctgataat gtggaggagg cagcaatttt agccagagag tctggcatta     86280
     acatcttctt tgtgtctgtg gccaagcctt cccctgagga ggcaagtctg gtgagcgatc     86340
     aagacttcat gagaaaggtg agatgtttca catatgaact cattaaaaaa aaaaacacca     86400
     caaatcatta gtgtgaatct ctgactctcc cgaaatcctt ttatgctgtc atgtacctta     86460
     caggcagtgt gcaaggacaa tgagttcttc accttcacca tgcccagttg gttcagcacc     86520
     aacaagtttg taaagccact agctcaaaag ctttgctcca tcgatcagat gctttgcagc     86580
     aagacgtgct acaactcagt ggatctgggc ttcctgatcg atggctccag cagtgtaggt     86640
     gacgggaact tccggctggt gctggacctc cttgtctcca tcgcacgtag ctttgatatc     86700
     tccgacattg gatctcgcat tggtgccatc cagtttacct atgaccaaag gatggagttc     86760
     aacttcaatg accacgtctt gaaagataat gctctaaggg ccctgcagaa gatcccgtat     86820
     atgagcgggg gaacagccac tggagatgcc atcaactttg ctgtgcggag tctctttaaa     86880
     ccccgctcaa gctccaacag gaagtttctc atcatcatca ctgatggaca atcttacgat     86940
     gatgtgagag ttccagctat ggctgcccaa agagagggta tgtattttac tcacacaagg     87000
     gcatctaaac tatctccagg agagcctctg ttctagcaga ctttagctcc tacacttgaa     87060
     aagggaatac atgtttagga tcactagaaa tttacaggca agtatgttgg agctgacatc     87120
     tgtaggacga tgactctttc aagagcacga ttgggcatct ttgaattggc atttcctcta     87180
     gaatcgggta gtcaaagtgg actgccacag ccctgaaggg ttctgatcaa actcggatta     87240
     aatctgacct gtctgccatt taggaggttg gttaaggttg gagtggaact cttcaggact     87300
     gtacctcatt ataaccgaac ttgaccatcc ctggtcttga aggggaactg tcctgcaata     87360
     aatgaaataa aaatctgcag actgctggac ctccacaagc aagattgagc aaatcagtac     87420
     tgaccgcagg agtgtctaaa gcaggggtca ccaatcacag tcgtggaggg ccagtgtccc     87480
     tgcagggttt agctccaact tgtctcaaca cacctgcctg ggtgtttcaa gtatacctag     87540
     taagacctta attagcttgt tcaggtgttt ttgattaggg ttggagctaa aatctgcaga     87600
     acaccggccc tccagaaaca agtttggtga cccctagtct aaacgttctt caaggaccat     87660
     gggtctgcac agttaactct aaccttaata aaacacatct gaaatagtta atcaatgtgc     87720
     ttaggctcac tagaaacctc ctcgcaagtg tgctaaagct ggttaaagag cttgttcttc     87780
     ctggagaagt attggacaac cctgatctaa aactagggat ccgtggggct ctgaaggtcc     87840
     agggggacca acgagataaa aaatgttaaa gtataagaaa gagttgcaaa caaattctag     87900
     cgtatttttt attttatttt tttactgtga agggccctga ggtggtgcag gtactagtgg     87960
     gggacctcat ggtcagcaag gattgacaat gagtgatctt gaacattcag gagaaaaaaa     88020
     caaaggtgat aatatgtcta atgtcatcct gaccgtgata ttttcttctt tcttcaacag     88080
     gaatcactgt ttacgcagtg ggtgttgctt gggctcctat ggaagatctg aaggcgatgg     88140
     cgtctgagcc caaggagagc catgtgtttt tcactcgcga gttcaccggg ttgggacagt     88200
     tccagcagcc catcgtccgg ggcatttgca gggacttcac agagttcaat tagacaattt     88260
     tgagattttc ttgagtgcaa gaatatgaag aaattgaaca acaacaacaa aaaaaaaaag     88320
     gtgtcggagt aaataagaaa accacgtttg tctttagatt tgtagaaaaa gggatttgaa     88380
     cggttttgat ataaaggaat tgatatgttt gatccaaagg tttttacagc ttttttgaga     88440
     atgtatcaca cagtattgta tgtcaacttc tctatatgtg gagaatgtaa ttatttgtga     88500
     tttgtagtct ttctctttat gtttctgttg aaaaaaacca acaacacatt ctttcgctgc     88560
     ttctggcaag ccttttttcc tgtggagggg tcactgtaac aaaaggctct tttagaataa     88620
     tttcagaact tgaagattca attccagttt tgcaacaaga tggtgagcaa gagcagccac     88680
     gaagattatc agtgaagcag cgccctctaa cgcattctga tggcagtaca caaaacaaag     88740
     ctttcgttca catagatctg ggttatatat ggtccttccc aggggtacca ccaatataca     88800
     tgcactgtaa taatacattc atcgcatttt cgcaaagaat caagtgtgtc tgtgtgtgag     88860
     aagaggataa tggttaaaag ttaatgtgtt tactataaat atatctatat tttccttttc     88920
     ttaaattata ctaatctatt tatcgagcct attttctgtg tactttttag atatgcatgc     88980
     tttactgcct cacagaatga caatagatgc gaggaggggc atcaaactgc ttgtacattt     89040
     gtttataatt tattactttc ttctcaataa aggacaaggt gtttgtacaa cttgacctgc     89100
     ttaacatcct cttctgccca gcctcatcag aaacctcagc atattcaaga aacacatgta     89160
     tgacttcatg tagcaggtgg tttgttcaat ttgcatctct ctgattagaa acacaatctt     89220
     tattaaaact ggcatccttc attcgtcatc atcaatgacc tggcagttca aattaaatgc     89280
     agacttaatt atggagacag ggggcatgtt gcatatacag atacaccatt taatatttat     89340
     tatagacatt ttatatacat tacttttcaa cagttgtttt gctatgtggt acaatcttta     89400
     aaatctgttg attcgtagta aatcaaaaac cttacaaaac tcatcaaaac tcttcaaact     89460
     gatcagaact tttggaagac tagaaaaaat actttatttt ttagtattaa tcatgcatta     89520
     cacaaacaaa aaggtctttt gttacaccat aaactgcatt gtttccttta aaaattgatt     89580
     ggggggcaga aggaccacaa agcaaatgtt attcaaattc caaatgtgac gtcgtcattt     89640
     aatcaccccc gtgtcgtttt aaaccaacat gaaggtcttt tccacgggaa cagacacaca     89700
     caaaagaagg tatgtttgcg tcctaagttt caggacattt ttcaaaatag cttcttttat     89760
     gtcgcacaga tgaaaatcag tcatattgct ttatagagac atgaaggcga gtaaacgaca     89820
     acagcatttt catttagagg tgaaccatcc ctttaacttt aaaaacagtt ctcacctgat     89880
     ctccggcatc gtgaggtgat ttaaacgcca tttttagcca actaagaaac cgtgttttaa     89940
     aaagagcttt cacattaatc tcacttttcg aatgacctgt tccgttggtt agcaacagcc     90000
     cgacattgta gtcaccgtcg agctatgcgc tctcaacaaa ggatgagact atccacagac     90060
     tgaaaataaa tagcgttcgg atttctaact tgtgatactt caactcattt tacagtaagg     90120
     tgtacagaaa catcacatag tgacaggatg ctgcagttta tttgtagatt cctataagct     90180
     ctcatgtcac cacgcgctgt gcttctactg gcgtacagtc tctccgttac gtgatgataa     90240
     aacaacatta aagcaatgta gtaagtgtaa aggagagcat tcatccaggc tttccggata     90300
     cacaagacct tcgtgaagga gaaccgcggg aaatggaggg ctcgagtggg attatagtcc     90360
     ctttaaaaaa tgtgattttc agcgctttta tgacagtctt tatttatata aaattgatta     90420
     taaaaactat acttttttac acaaaaaaag aaacaaacgc taaaggtatg aaggttgact     90480
     gagtttaact gtattggttt gcacgctaca ttaggatgag atcggaatct ggttttatgg     90540
     ctcggcaggg tgggactggg ttcctcaggt gccccttatg acggttgatg aaaacctact     90600
     gatggatgaa cataaacagc cactccatgg tcactgaaac aaacctacag gacacattat     90660
     cagctcagtt cagaaccagt caaaaggcta caagcactgg tttcactcca gcttacagta     90720
     aattacaggt attttttctg tttttttttc ttgctttttt tcaggaaaca aaaataaaga     90780
     ttaaaactga ctgagcactc cacactggct tcgcgaaaaa agaaacggca cgtccccttc     90840
     ttggcacctg gtattcgttg tgtgtgtggt gtgagtttga caccgaaggt ggaagccact     90900
     tcaatgtagt gtgagaaatg ctactcttgt tacacaaggc agtgaagcag tcctttcttt     90960
     ctctctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctttgt ggatgtggta atatgggcgt gcctttatac     91020
     aaacactttg gccagggcat cggctccggc acttcctatg tatgccttcg atgggtggaa     91080
     ggcaacgtca tatatggcct cgtccgactt tttcctgtga gcggtgactt cctgtacaca     91140
     agtcttactg tccaggttcc ataagcggat tgaactatcg tgacctgttt tagatggaga     91200
     agagaaaata ttttttaaaa cgctaaattt acattatgtc tataacaaaa catgacattt     91260
     atcagaatgt ccaagctgct ctcttctata tgctggcctg agctatgtta atccatacat     91320
     ttttatccat gatcgtgaaa aacaaaagta gatgtttagc agaatgtcca agctgctctc     91380
     ttcccacaca atgaaaatgg tgcaatttca tagtgtggaa gagagcagct tggacattct     91440
     gcaaaacatc tacttttgtt tttcatcaaa gataaccatg gatgaaatgt atggaaaaac     91500
     tgtctaattg ctactaacgt aaagtggcaa agcggaagaa aaagtacagc actgatactc     91560
     tgagcggaaa acacttactt cctgacatca agtagatgcc atttggatca attgccagac     91620
     tagtaacagc atccaagtga gccaccatcg catggatggc tttacctgca gagagatgaa     91680
     ggactttatt taaaaaatat aaaatctaaa gggtaatata acaaaatgta cacaacaggg     91740
     tatatactca gctagtgttt cttcccatac tgataaactt ccggtgaatg gttaatgtgt     91800
     ggtaaatgtt ttttaaattt tatactgttc ctttcctttt acagcatcga tgttgtaatg     91860
     taattaaaat ataagttaaa tcaggatttc tgcaggtttc ttcaagtcaa atgtaagact     91920
     ttttaagaac cttttaagac ccgtatgaat gaaattttga gagttgagat ggattattgg     91980
     tgattgggtg tcaagccgat tggatagttt tacttggaca gggaaataaa gacctgttta     92040
     aaactatttg agacctacaa cacaatattt cagtgaattt aagactttaa ggcctaacat     92100
     tttctttatg taattatgta atttatgtaa tacattatta ttattattat tattattcag     92160
     aaagaaatgt tttcctaaat acttttggta tgtttgggga aaaaggagtt tctgcattta     92220
     ttaggatagg acaggattta gacatgaacg aattctgaga gacagaagag gaatggtctc     92280
     ggaaatggtc cccgagccag gatgcccaaa gagcaatggt acactgccct tgagtttgtt     92340
     gtttgtttta tttcaaatgc ttttaaaatt atatatttat tcattcaaaa actaaaaaca     92400
     aataaactag gttttcaaca aaaaacacag cataaaacaa taaaataaat aataataata     92460
     cattattatt gggaacaaac agaagcacaa attttctctc aattaatata gaacaaacaa     92520
     acaaaaagaa aaacacttaa ggttttttat attgaaaata taattacata tatgtgaaaa     92580
     taaaatgttt tcttatttta gtaatgtatt acaacatttt tttactgtac tcagtaccgt     92640
     ggtgagcatc aatctgtcaa aaacataaaa aaaagtttga agcagtattt tacaataatc     92700
     ccacaaaaac actgacctga tttattgtca aagaatttga tgtgtctatc ctcatgagca     92760
     gtgactgtga ttggcagggt ggggtgagtg actactttat tgatgtgatt cccaaaagga     92820
     atagctgaaa ccaaacaaaa acacaaataa aaaaataaat aaacacagaa gtatatataa     92880
     acatgacacc atatccacac gagcactcag tctataaaga acaaatgtga agtatgtacc     92940
     gctctctccc tgtgcagaga acacaactac aggctgagat gtctccagat cataaacaac     93000
     agcatctcca gtgttgtaag acgccaccat atgagctgga tcgcacccat taaaatcaac     93060
     tgatgtggga acaccatgat ctgaaagacg gaaaatgaag acatcagttg acaaaataaa     93120
     aaccattatt tagcataata cacaagacgc acagtgctta cctttatcgg agttaaaagt     93180
     gctgagacac gggatcttct cttgagggtc ccacagcttg attgtcccat cagctgaaca     93240
     ggagagcaga cggttcttga tcccactgta agccaaaccc caaacggcat cgctgtgacc     93300
     caacaacgta ccagccaaca cactgggatc tgtgaaaaac agtttagttt acattcctgt     93360
     tcacatcact tttaatgggt ctgttttgtt cagttttgat cccttttctg aatttttaga     93420
     gtggggcatc catatgtttg agtgtttttc tgatcttatg acagagaaca gaagcttttc     93480
     ttctctattt aggatttctg ctccggggtg gcacagtggc tcaattgtta gcactgttga     93540
     gtgccggctg ggccagttgg cctttctgtg tggactttac atgttcccgt gttcgcatgg     93600
     gtttcctccg tgtgttccgg tttcccccac agtaaaaaga catgtggtat aggtgtattg     93660
     ggtaaatcaa attacgattt agatcagcaa agtttcaatc tcatctagct tgtgtgtctc     93720
     gcaaccacat cctataatgt tcagttatta agccagtagt catacgtcga gtgatctgca     93780
     tgacgcacgg cacttgccat gcacgtaatc gtgcatttat acttctgtgt ggtgtttgtg     93840
     tttttatgtc ctttgtaaac acaaaacaaa agtttccatc tagagcttct tcatgggact     93900
     cgacatttgt aaacattcgc tcaaacaacg gatttgtgca gctcttggtc ccgcccacag     93960
     tggtcacagg taccaaggca accaattaca gaacttgcgt tctgtagcag cgctgtgacg     94020
     tgtagttaca tgtgactcca cgatgactgt gccacagcat atgcgtgtgc ttgacgaaga     94080
     agtataaatc agccttcagg ctacattcac acgataacaa agtagccaaa aatagaaaag     94140
     tgttcccctt gtgagttgaa aacactaacg aaaaacattt cagttttgca tacattattg     94200
     tttttaaaaa cagtaacttt tttcaaaaca atcgatgtga aattaataaa aacagccaaa     94260
     ttaaatatgc tagggcagta tttggtcaca ttgttagtaa acagcatctg tggggaaaag     94320
     gcaatgcaac attagcagct tcgtgctggt gtttatatag attttgcggt gtgtaaataa     94380
     accaccactt tgctgatgaa gccttaataa acacttgggc cacaacaaca ctaccatata     94440
     ctctgccatt gttggatgtt tgtttttgct tggctttaat ctacatgtcc ctaaacacat     94500
     actatgcatg tgcatgattt tcgtttttgg gtgtttacat gacacgacaa gcgacgcatt     94560
     ttcaaaaacg tccaagttaa tcagttaaaa aaaaaagttg tgtaaatgaa catgcaaaac     94620
     gtataaaaag ctccctctat ttgcctacaa atctttaaca gtaaacagct catatgtagc     94680
     aagtgctttg tggctctttg aagcatttac actttaattc actgaagttt aatgatattt     94740
     caactacagc tggaagtggt aaagagtgga caaacacaaa aaggtttcag gcccagttac     94800
     gctttgcccg tttaagatta aattgataaa atgcatttta atacaagacg taaacagtgc     94860
     caaagacaag acactaagaa tcagtcagac ttcttgcttt caaattctct caaaatgaaa     94920
     aaagatttga tcttctcacc atatgtgtcg taagggtcta cgttagagct ggggatgttc     94980
     caccattgta ttgtcgaatc gattccacca ctaaaacact gctcaccgct cgaggtcaca     95040
     gccaatgaga gcacaggccc actgcagaca cacaataaac aacttaagac aaaattcaaa     95100
     agactggtgg attcagttga ttagatcatg gttgatacca ggaccctaaa aatagtttgg     95160
     tccaacaaat taaacgtccg gtttttaatc tactcaacga ttatgaataa gatccagaca     95220
     ataccagccc ttttatataa tttatattct atgtagtagg ccattatata ttcgtcatgc     95280
     aatcattgcc acctttgatc agtaagaaac tattgataga attatatata tatataattt     95340
     atataaaaat gggaacaaac aactaaatgc ttatttacaa agttacattt tgacccttct     95400
     ttggatttgg ttacccttat tggtcacttt gtattaatgc actaggtagg caaaaaaaaa     95460
     cacacactcc aaatgcatca tggagataat ttcatattat tatcataact attataatat     95520
     tatcattatt acattatata ttatttttta ttcacaactg ctgtttagaa tgtcgatacc     95580
     aaaactcatt tttaggaaaa tcttttacaa taaaatttac tgttgcatgc gttaattatt     95640
     aatggaacat gttaattatt aatgtgatga actaaaccaa gacagcagaa actgactcct     95700
     tacataaact taaaaaaaca ataacaacag caaggcatca atatattttg tgactacttc     95760
     accttcagtt agatcactat gccgcttttt acacacttgt gtttaaattc tttccctgaa     95820
     tggctagaag tgttgataaa ttcttgaaaa tatccaagag caaccgcaga gaaactgtag     95880
     acaagcatac ttgcagtaca agagagatat cttcgttaac atcatttcat catttacact     95940
     caattaaaca cactatcctc ctgttcaaaa ccaaaacaac acccaaagaa aaaaagaagc     96000
     ttcagaatat gagtttatac gtgcactcag ttttatcaga aaaaaaaaaa aataaataaa     96060
     atgctgatcc tcatagaaat gtatgctgaa catatgaaca caaaaaaaca acagttttgt     96120
     gttcaacaga agaacgatgt gaataaatat ttgaaagcac atggatgtga gtaaatgatg     96180
     aggaaatttg aagttttggg tgagctattt caataatggt atttttcagt agtggttctt     96240
     ataaactact ggtccaaatt aattgaactg aaaatgtttt acgcaattct tttttaatat     96300
     attttatttt cagctgttat tttctaacag tgacaaatgt ggacatttta tgaaagacta     96360
     gctaagaaaa cctaaaactg agtaaaatct tggccaatgt attttctttt ataataaata     96420
     caagtaaaat aatttaagta gaaaatgtgg gtaaagtatg tttaaattct tatccagtaa     96480
     attacaaact gaaaacgtct caaggttgaa ctctgttata gaatcaaaaa gtgttctaca     96540
     atgagcacgt cgccctctca tggagaacac catgttaaca tcacatgagc aacccatcat     96600
     gaagctgact aaccacatcc attacaaacc atcatgatga tgacaaatta tgtgacttac     96660
     aaaacagcta tattgatcag tgcaatgcaa attccaataa caacaaatag aaaaattact     96720
     aggactgaac cttaacttca catgtagatt ttttacaata caaaatgttg taataatgat     96780
     aataattgtt atcaaaagta cttcaaaata ctatgaataa tcaggtatta ttttagagtg     96840
     cattaagaat attcagattg ttgtattgca gtgatgccac agctcaacat gcttatagac     96900
     ttaaagggct atttatttta aacatgaata ttctttatat ttaaatctgg ctagtagtct     96960
     ggtgtattgg gtattaacat tgtacaataa ggctgcattt gttaattaaa tgaaaaaaaa     97020
     caagcattga tttttcttag gtggtgcttg tttcataatt cataataact cctcaaaatt     97080
     ttaagtcata actgttttat taaacagtgc cataaacaac tttttaaact aaaatgatca     97140
     tagtacgtac aataaatgtg tttatttctc attgtcagct gtactgcatt aactaatgtt     97200
     taataatgag atgttattat aaagctttac taatcgtact ttattctctc tttgcaaata     97260
     ggcttgttta ctctgaatat ttttttcaac ctgctattat agtcacaata tcgcagattg     97320
     tgaaataaaa tttaagaaat gattgcaaca tgtaaattag atatagtcac aagcctaatt     97380
     caagtaaata ctttttgcac atgggtttaa agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaactttt     97440
     ctagaaatgt ggaaaaaggt aatgaaagca tcttggcatc agtataaaca taacagcact     97500
     ggtatgaata agggcaagca aaaggtaagc aaaaaaactc cagaatgtgc ctttaaatag     97560
     ctcacactgc tattttcata tctggctgga gtgttatgga acagtcggaa caaattctct     97620
     ggactgatga atcacacgtc tccatctcat agatgcgtta agctgaggtc atgaacatac     97680
     tacctgaaca ctaacaggga gagttcatcc aatataaaaa ttatgtcaaa atttactctc     97740
     tccactagtt tcaaccaatt gcgagtctgt ttctcctgct caacataaaa atgaaatatc     97800
     ttggttgttg gatggttgtt tttgaatgga aactgtacag accattttga ggcatgtaaa     97860
     caaaaacaat ggtcctaatg catttcctct gttgcatttt taatttccat agcttccaag     97920
     aattcaaaaa ggccaacata ttgataaatg atgttaatga cagctgtttt aacgttaagt     97980
     tatgaattgt ctcctgttac agttatgaaa tagtttgaca agcaggaaat gttcatgagc     98040
     caatgacaac accacattaa aatggtctat atagcctcat ttacactacg agcggctcgc     98100
     agcagcaaag caacaagcaa ccattcattt caacggagag tgtgcaactt tcttcaacct     98160
     ccgtctatgt gagcaacagc gaccgttgat gagtgacacg acaaagttga gaatccaact     98220
     ttgttcaaat ttgagagcca ataggaacaa cagtagagct catgtgatgc tctctcagct     98280
     tgctcagagg ctgattgttc tctgtgctgt agacctacac cagagctatt caattagttt     98340
     gtcatgggga ccagttctta aaaagcatct caaatgaggg gccagagaga tatgacttgc     98400
     aatacacagt aagtgatggc acaacagcag tagcccatat gttgtatttt tgctccttaa     98460
     gacgcccatg ttggcttttt ctaaattaaa ctgttaatat gtagtaatct gaaactacat     98520
     aacatcagtt cattgtacaa tgtggctttt ttacaagcat attcaaatgt tgtcattcga     98580
     agcacagcaa tatcagtgta ttgcttaagt aggctttttc cacattcaaa cacattcata     98640
     tgttatgttt ggaactgcgt aacaattagg gatgcaatga ctatagattt tggttgtctg     98700
     attatagtct gaagaataat catggtttca cggttatcac aattattatg catttattaa     98760
     attcaaaaca ctactagttt gaaaatcaca tgaaaactga ttatatttta tagtgttttg     98820
     tttattgcag ctcagtaacc aaacacagca caaaatatga ataaaaaaca aacaatagtc     98880
     catttctctc tttggactta aaaatacatg aaaaagtttt taaatttaaa cacgagccat     98940
     aattttacaa tgaaaataaa tgacagaaca atgaataaat aaataaaaat aagaaataaa     99000
     aaatagcatt tgtctaatgt taatttaagc tatatatcag ctaatagttt aaatgaactg     99060
     ttgtttatct gcgtccatac acacataatc actttaagaa tttgctaacg tatcttttgt     99120
     ttacattgca ctgaaagcca caactctcac cactacagca ggagatcatt tctacagtct     99180
     actggaggtc cgcttgcgag ccttgcgcac accgctccaa tatgcacagg tctctattga     99240
     aaataatgat cttgtgtgcg gaaaagacgc aatatgtgaa tggcctgctg ttatagttaa     99300
     tccagtgtgc gtgcgaatta acctcggtat aagctcggaa ctttaaacta gcacacagtt     99360
     ggcataactt atagtttagt tgcagcaatt ttgttcagtg caaaacaaac gtggcattga     99420
     gaagccttca caataaattg accataatga attaaagtgc ggttaatagt gaaatcggca     99480
     aatcattgca tccctgttaa caatatcagt gcattgtaca aaagaccttt tctacaaaaa     99540
     tatccaaata ttttcagctg cctgcagcaa ttgcttatgt taggtgactc acgctctgcg     99600
     cagttttcaa ctgcagctcg tgctgtattg aacagacgca tgtcacttca taactatggt     99660
     aaccgtttta tgactaaact aaatttattt ttgatgtctt ggtcacactt ttcctgcggg     99720
     ctgccaattg aatagccctg acctacacag acctgtgttt gcagcaggtc gccacccaga     99780
     gcgacaggca gctaaaaaat cactgttagt ttgaatgagg cataagtctt cataaaattt     99840
     tggcacttca aaaacaacaa aaacaaaata gctacattta tatctttaat catttaatca     99900
     tgatgtttgc ggtttcacac attatgaaag accgactgaa tttttttata atggtgaacc     99960
     agccctggaa aattactcat attcttccaa tacatgtcat tacaatacaa aagttatcaa    100020
     agtgtgacga agcctgttag aatgtcgtta taataagcca ttaatttcag gaataactga    100080
     caaattatgg gtgtgagttg aaagtatgag tggatttgaa atttgatgct gattttacat    100140
     caaactttca gcacacaaga atcctgagtg agataccttt cagacacaat gttttttgct    100200
     acatcaatga aattttttcc aaaaaacgtt ggaggagaac attttgcagg gttttgtccc    100260
     tgaatgaaca actcaagtga gctaataact caataatctc ttcattaaga cagtcctttg    100320
     cttcaggtca aaatgaatct gatattttga actaatcgct tgaattaata accctcgcct    100380
     aaaaatcaag atgttacttt atggtcaaaa tcacacacca aaaaccaata agtgaaacaa    100440
     agaaggtaat aacaaatact tacatatgcc ctctaaacgt gtatataggc tccacatcaa    100500
     aagaggcact tctgcaaagc aagttaaaac tgtgtttagt ggtttattta gagctgttac    100560
     agataaaaaa cattttgaaa tcaatgcggc tatgtaaaac attaattcaa actcaggaca    100620
     ttgctttcct tggaaggcca ctgcgagcac ttactttttg gcaggaacgg tcttgtggag    100680
     gttccacagt ttgagcgtgt gatcttctga gactgtgacc agcaccggct ctacaggatg    100740
     gaaagccagg gctcgcactc catcaaagtg gctacgcagg gtatatttgg gattccatgt    100800
     cttcctgaat gcatccttat tggctggcag ctaaaaatag gggggcattt taaaggcatt    100860
     ggaataactg tgaaatgatt gattcattca ggattgacag taagagaata ggatagctgt    100920
     cctatctgag tacacagcaa agcacaccag gcatgaacaa ctgatgttct ctgtaacctt    100980
     tatacagaat gaaactaata tagtacaaga catttgagta aacatgatgg gctttgtttt    101040
     gtgtaacaat taactgatag ttaaacaata ctgcatttaa aaattaagca ggggatcaga    101100
     cagtgttttt caagtcgatg ctattattta ttaatgccag tgtaaagtat tattaaagca    101160
     gaggagcagt ctgggtactt acatcatagc tgtattcagc ctcgtcattg gaaacagtca    101220
     gatcggcgag gtctcccagg cccagcacac tttccaacat gtcatcagaa cccatgataa    101280
     aggacttgcc cccaccaggc gtgaatggca gaggctcagc taagaataga aaatagaaga    101340
     gaagggccca gtaaacaagg cgccacacct tggagtggaa aacggggctt aagcaataca    101400
     gtaatatgtt ttatagcagt taacagctta ataaatctgt aagccactgg taagaggcaa    101460
     ttaggggtcg attagagata gatgagatcc atttcttgtt acccagtgtt ttaacctaac    101520
     acttttgtcc acttccctat ttttttgtgg tgaaggtaat gggtggatat atctatggtc    101580
     tttttataat ctttgggagt atgatctacc atcctctaac agtgtaaaat aagcaagcca    101640
     agggtacaat ggataacaat agagaaagtt gaagcttcca tttttctgcc acttttgaaa    101700
     tggttaaaag taaaaaataa aaaaaaaata aaaaaagcta gctttgagca tgcaattgta    101760
     atgagctcaa caaaaaacag agcctaacac aaaaatggat tctaaagtgt catttacaca    101820
     aatacaattc tttttaaaac caagttgtta cagttacatt gatggcagat caatgataag    101880
     gcgaaataac ctactgtaac atctgcaatt atataaaata aataaatgca acatgcatga    101940
     aaacatacaa accaagtctc cgatatgtta ctcattaaaa aataacggca cacagcatac    102000
     atttccttat ttggggttca aaaacaacac acaatatagc ccaaagtcag tgcagacctc    102060
     tcaactgcat attcaatctt cactagcaca tgtagcctct gttagaaagt aattccatca    102120
     tttagagttc ttaatagttg agaaggcaat gataataggt aaacatggca gtttaaaaaa    102180
     aaaaaaaaaa agcttccttt gttttcattc acctggcttg cacatgagct agtgatgctt    102240
     ctctgtaaac caatagcgtt cagctgtgcg tcttgctcca ccttttgtaa cccatttgtt    102300
     gtgataggta accttccaaa agggtaccta aaaagtggta cgctacggtt tgctcgttgg    102360
     tactttttga cagtggaaat ggccataaaa gcataccgaa tcataccgaa tcataccata    102420
     ccggaccgta acaatcagtg gaaatgagct gctagtatcc acactactta atcatttttg    102480
     accaataaaa acttgcccgg ctatccacaa tcacttattt ttactgtgaa cgtaaatata    102540
     aaaataaaaa acatatttac aaactctatt caagtaacat tcatatgtgg tttgaaatgc    102600
     tacttaaata acatttcttc tggaaatctg ttttagtttg accgttcttt cccttttact    102660
     catttaactt ccttatgtca gacactgttt gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaacatc cttttttctg    102720
     aaggacaatc ttgcttgtac aaacctgctt gtacaatctg tagccaaata ttccttacaa    102780
     attctttctg aacaactgct ttagagaggt ttatgtttcc ggcttaattt actttagagg    102840
     tgttaggtgc atgcatgtct tattaatgaa gccgcaatgg gtgtgacgaa ttgaaaaaaa    102900
     gaattatgat acacctggac ctggagttaa aatgctcact ttgaaaaggt aactttgatt    102960
     gcaaactttt ggaatgaaga aacgttcaga aacaaaagtc tgggttaatc aacagagttt    103020
     atgtttcagg aatacaccac gtattgatca aatgtttaaa tgtaataaac atcccaattt    103080
     aggggtgaca cttcacacat aattatgcta ctttatcaaa aatgcatact ctatagtaag    103140
     atttacataa tccttagctt agaaataggt caaagagaag tgagtaagat aaaaagagtg    103200
     agagatacaa aaagaaaaag cacggctgcg ggatggatgt aatgagctga tgtgtttgac    103260
     ccagctggct ctggtcggag cagtaagaga atctcctggc aggaatgctg atgcagcaac    103320
     tggcctcgtt aagattctac tgcagggccg gtgtgtgcca caatcacatg caaggaacac    103380
     acatgcccat acagacacag attcatatag ttcattatgt tttcacattt atgcagtctc    103440
     ttttctttaa ttaaaagact agcaaacttg cataatgtca aaacagctca tttccataca    103500
     ctaaacatta atgctaatgt ttactaatgg actatcatca tcacctgtat gttccaagct    103560
     ttgtaagacc acaaaaagtc aaaatcaaca atgtcatatt tggggcaata aaaaaattat    103620
     attctttatt aacacatcaa tatgttttat ttacttctaa aggatcatgt gacaagtaat    103680
     ggctgctgaa aatctgttgt cataaaaaaa aaaacaatta tagcatcact atggtgctat    103740
     gatgtcctgt ttagaagtct tcaatataaa ccacttttga tttgaccaat cacaaataaa    103800
     tgaacattct aaaatctaat ataaaaaaac agagctggat caacactagg ctgggttgat    103860
     aataaatagt tcttgtttgg atgaaccttt aaatttcagt ccatatttca atactacaca    103920
     ctaataagga tgtcctgctt aataatcaaa cactcaaatc ctgtaagaat attaagagat    103980
     gtgccctgtt tcatcacttg acaattatta tgtatttcaa aatataagac attttttcat    104040
     ttaaaaagga tgcaacctaa actccaaagt gacttaatgg aattagtatg aggtgagcaa    104100
     aacaaatgca ttggtggatt ggtgatgaat gagacaaaca actatttaga ttatagcaca    104160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    104220
     tatatatata tatatataaa taatgctaat catttcagtt ttgctttgaa taaacaagtt    104280
     tagacttgac atttatattg aattatgctt tcagccactg acataacaac tgctttttat    104340
     tcttgatagt tttttcatac ctattgttcc ttttctgtac tgagcactat taaaaagatt    104400
     tgttgtagag tgacatagta gaatatacgt ttataatgtc tgtaggcatt tcagtttatt    104460
     tagggctact ggcagccaat ttcatactac tttggaatga attatagact tgcacaccaa    104520
     tgtgacctgt gtttttcact caataacaca aattatactc agtcacactt agtggctctt    104580
     tatgcgacaa caatttcagc caatatctca aaacgtttga agtattttgc ttgttcgttt    104640
     agcatttctg tgacattacc tgcataaata tgaaaatgga tttcaaagtt aaagttatta    104700
     agaacattgt cgcctttttt tcaataacta tttttttggg gcttacacaa tgacgtcatg    104760
     tgtgtgcaca tttagggaga tgcagattaa aggcaagccc aaataaacac acaacagtgg    104820
     cacagtacat gctagtgttg ttgatgctca actgttggct aatgcttcag gagcaaggtg    104880
     tggatttact ttgcattaca agcaacagca tagacgcatc ttacacactt tgaattctac    104940
     ataaacatca gcgcagagcc gccaactgaa catcattcct tccttggggt actgttttct    105000
     aacaagtagg gctgaacaat ataccgcttg cgcattgatt tcgcaatgtg tttttccaca    105060
     atagtcacat cgcagtattc aatttattaa atatcaaaat ataaagataa tgctgaatat    105120
     aatttttata ttattgcata caaggtttaa acaatgattt gtacaatatt tttgtatggt    105180
     tttgtatttg aatactgtta gactccacaa aaaagcactg tttattaaac ttttattttt    105240
     actctgtcat atttagacac actgcataga aatagatttg atcacctcag tcaatctcaa    105300
     agaatgacat ctttccaaat aggttggagc tattcagtga atctagtgat tatattcata    105360
     acgcaatatt atatcgcagc aaaactaaat attgccatat cagtttttac aatattgtgc    105420
     agccctacaa acaatgtgga aacatcaaat actgctctgc caaatataaa tcagtgtttt    105480
     aggacatttt cataaatgta ttttgaaaaa gatatgtaaa tgtgaaactt tttttaaggc    105540
     aagtaaaaaa agttttcagt ttttggctac attgttgaca agtaaatgta gccttaagtc    105600
     actttttcac tgtgtggtaa aaaaaaagca aagtggatga gattatacgt ttttgcactc    105660
     catctactaa aatgtaacct aattcctggt tgccacatcc agatcacact ggatctgctt    105720
     cttgaataac aagatgagga acgtctgcac cttctctact gactatgata cagccattag    105780
     aagatgcgtg tcagtcattg aaaataatcc cacagcggct gatgctgact atttatttac    105840
     atcttgcagg tttgttgtgt cgtgttacaa tgacgcaggt agtgacgatt ctctctttta    105900
     gtttctgcac agctcacttc aaaactcaac agaggtatac caggtactgt gcacagtgca    105960
     aatctcccaa aagtgtgatg taccatagta aagcagcatt aaagtaaaaa gcaaactatt    106020
     taccccactc tgtgccgtct ccagaactcc gagcttcccc agcaccttct ccatcctccg    106080
     cattcaccaa aaagtcaaac tctttgagtg cgtcctctgt gtcagggtca tccggcaagt    106140
     ctgaagccaa tccttcattt ccgacctgga aaagtagtca agactacaac acatgaactt    106200
     ccatatcctg agaatgacta ctttgagatc attgacatgt aaaatatcct ggttacacac    106260
     cttaatctta tgttttttta ttctgcgttt atcgctcctg tcaggcacat cctccattat    106320
     atcaccctca tcatcatctt cttcatcact atcatcagcg ttttctaaaa aattaaatgt    106380
     ctccagaact tctggattcc tgttaaacaa aaggcatcac agacaacgtt aagaaatctc    106440
     atttaattgt ttatatgaat ttaccagttg catcaaatca aatcaatcag caccttttca    106500
     tgtcttgtcc ctttcttttg gctggagatt cgcctccatt tagaatttgt tctaggttct    106560
     tggtttccac ggaaccattc tgctctgagc cagacagtcc tagtaatgac cgcactcgct    106620
     gcgtccggac gtccagtatt gtgtccgtat aacctacttc ctgaagatat cttgaaaaga    106680
     cagatgcata aagtcggtca gaacagagca ggtgatataa atagtgataa cgtgacaaca    106740
     cagatgccta tgaactttct tagcagaact gaaatgcacg cacacacaga atgcacaagc    106800
     gtcattagga aaagtataat gactcaaggc taacttactg tctgagaagt tgcctgccct    106860
     gtttccacgt taactggcta ttctgtggta tagctgagac ctctgtatct ttggtatctt    106920
     ctttatgaaa cagaaaaata caaaagttta ataaaacaca tggcaaaact ttattttgat    106980
     ggtccctatt gcacatttta ttgactaaaa gtttcatttc aactacatgt caattacatc    107040
     tcatttgagt attagtagac tttcagctta atatctgctg attctgctcc atcaacacat    107100
     ttaactgact atttgaaact ttacaagtac atgtcaaatt acactaaccg taaccctaac    107160
     cccaacctaa cactacttat aacctattga gaattagttg gcatatagat gcaatgcaac    107220
     ttaaattcaa caaaatgcat taaagggacc atcaaaataa agtgataaca aacacatttg    107280
     agattccaga acaaaaaaat acatgcatac aaccattaaa atgtttctgg atattccgtt    107340
     agaaaaaatt attttcagat tgaggatgaa atggttttga aggactgaag tggttgatta    107400
     aaacaaagtc acatttattt ggagattctc tgattggtca atttgattgc tcagcttgac    107460
     ataacaaggt caaactacaa cagttaaatg tgtggacttt atgggtaggt ctaatgtcta    107520
     ttgcttttat atgaaacaac tagaaagtct ccaccttcaa attttgttga ttttaatcag    107580
     aaaatttaaa atttataaaa atgtaaaaca gtgataaaca ttaacataaa acgtctttag    107640
     gtttccaacc aagtgcatcc ctaatattaa tcactaatat tactgttagt aaaagtactg    107700
     ttagttttca aaagctgtta gctatcaaac ataaatagat tacaaatgta tcatacttta    107760
     tatctggtta aactagtaat agtaacattt ttaataataa taataatgat aataataata    107820
     acatgactga agaatgtatg ctgaaaaatt aaactttaac agaaatacat tatatataca    107880
     tttaatattt caaatagatc catttcacat tttttggttt ctaagtagca gaagtcatca    107940
     tagttaggta aacttagtgc acagtgaatg gagagtacaa caattttaac tttttttaca    108000
     atcctatttg ctgaaatctc aaaagaaaaa caccacaatg gtgttatgaa gactttcaga    108060
     aaaagaaaaa aaaaaagtgt gatactaata acagccagaa gaaagaacaa cattaaattt    108120
     actgtcctgt ccatagatgc tgcattacaa acaccttgca ctatcagcat ttcgtttttt    108180
     gtaatttcat gcaaagaaga tatattaaag atgtaaaaat ataaatatac atacgtttca    108240
     aaaaaataaa aatattgaaa aactttcaag aatttaagat tatgatgact gttaaaagcg    108300
     tcataacact cttgtgaaaa ggtccattgt aaaaaaatat atataataga tatcagactg    108360
     tattgtatat taaagggttc ccatgctttc gtgaacagca aattcaagga ctcttaagga    108420
     ctttttaaag caccattaat tttaaatcaa gcactttgta attcacactc catcatatga    108480
     aaggccttcc tgtgcttaac atttcattta cacctaatat ttacattaaa accatttttg    108540
     accgattaaa aaatcctgtt taaagaactt taacaaaatt tgttgaattc aatattggtg    108600
     acattcaaat gcggtttctg aaatgttggt aaaacgtgca ttatttgtca gtgctattgt    108660
     acaagaataa atgtacattt ttaaaataat ttctgttttt atcattcttt tttgacaatt    108720
     gagtacaatt gttaaaataa aaccataaac taatgtcatt tcaaatttaa tttaaacact    108780
     ttcaaggacc ttcatttttt taaagtactt tacagacctt gaaactataa gtctgaaatt    108840
     caagtccttt caagaagggt gtgaaccctg atattataca ctttaaaaaa taggttgggt    108900
     cctcttacct gattcaaagc taggcatttt cacttcacct tgattaagtt ctgtcccata    108960
     ttttaattta tggtattttg ctctagaaat gaaagacaga atctttgtta aaaatacagg    109020
     catacataaa ctaacacaca cacacacata tatatgcata agctttttaa tataaatatg    109080
     aaaatagctt tactttgatc aacattttct tttacaataa ctaatgttac aaaaagaatc    109140
     acaaaccttt cttgctttaa tgcatattct aacattttta ttcttctaac aaggtcattc    109200
     tttaaatttt cctgcccctt cctttctcct tggaggaatg ctattcgggc ctgcaacaca    109260
     gaaacagacg tcatgatgag aacacgtgat atataggtta aaccagagca tataaatttc    109320
     agctgagatg tcaacttgtg aaatgttcga aatgagagaa caaatttgga acatacatac    109380
     tcttgctgac atcacacata cacacacaca caaaaacacg cgtttgtgaa cgaatcattt    109440
     gcttggtgaa ctcggcgaat caatttgatt taaatcaata accatgattt gactggattg    109500
     aaatcatttc atctcatttt cttaagagga accaacacaa gccactggaa ggcagtggcc    109560
     cagaggaact gagctctaaa gagcaggtta acattagcag ctgtgcaact tgacccctct    109620
     taaaggccag gaagtgaatg agaggaggca aggggagggg tatttataga caaccaaacc    109680
     ctcagccttc ctggaggaac aagagctcct gcagactctc atgacaacct tacttgtttg    109740
     gcaggtaatc tagcagagga aatcctgtgt gcttttggta aaaaccgtga aggtaaagtg    109800
     agttgtccac aacaattcaa tggtgtaata ttattgttaa atgaaaatat acagtacata    109860
     gtacatagac ctcctaaaat gtactaatta gaacccaagt tttaattccc ataaaaaaac    109920
     agcatagcaa gcaggacagc gagacgccag tccattgatc gagtcaacac taccttcacc    109980
     ttatgttcta aagtatttaa tggtcaagct caaatatctg atcagcaaaa gcccaatgag    110040
     cattgtgtaa tactgttcaa acataaaaac acatcccctc agatgatcaa tataggaact    110100
     ggcagaataa catgggctgt tgaccaataa aacatgtaac gtcacttgat tgatacatca    110160
     ttaacaatag ttgcataatg caaacatttg gggaaagagc aattgtgcag agcactgatt    110220
     tgggggaaaa gataaacatg caacatattg gctactttcg atttttcaat ttagtgcaag    110280
     tggttgatat taaatattta aatcatgtag cgatggacag aactggcaat ggacttctta    110340
     actgtgagaa atgtccaact gaaactgcta tatttgtgca aaacacttaa ataataatgt    110400
     ttttaccatg acttaaatac ttatacaatt gtgccatcat cactactgta tcattaaatg    110460
     tgaatttcgg tgccaaaatt ctttttaaac cactttattg ttcattgact actttaatta    110520
     tgttattctt ggatttatct catccaagtg taaacactga gcaaacaggg aattatcaaa    110580
     aatttgagta tagtttgctc aaatccgtca gtcactttcc agctcaacca atagcaagta    110640
     tttgaggcgt ggctactgta gtagacaaaa gaaactcaat ttacaaacag aaatgcaagt    110700
     gaaaattcaa agaattgcca aaagattcag agactgtgag gcaaaacaaa gttaaacact    110760
     aggtctgcac gatattggaa aaatctgaca ttgcaatgtt ttctttttct acattatata    110820
     tattgcgata tgaatacaat atcagcagat gatttgaaaa gctctatttg aaataaaatc    110880
     attcgtttag attaactgga ataatcttga ataaaaaaaa aaaatttcaa gcataaagag    110940
     atggagcaaa aataaaagtg aaattagtcg tcagatattc aggtacagta atacgacaca    111000
     atacaatatt atcatggtat tttgccctcg gtaatgataa attaagatac ctgcaatata    111060
     ccactttttt gactgattta cgatttcgat ttttttaatt gtgtaactag tcaacttaaa    111120
     acattacatt aacatgactg aagtaacact ctttataagt aacttgaaaa accatctcgt    111180
     caaggagcat tgtattttct ttgtatatat tgtatttgca tacataaatt ggtcaacaag    111240
     gtgtaaataa atgtaaaaaa aaaattagag ttaaataccg ttgcagaaga ttaaaaaaaa    111300
     atgtatgtgt aaatattgca gtttcagacg acagaagtta ttgcagtttc aagcgccgat    111360
     gaaagtatca gccaattaga ttgctgtatg caaatacacc aactcagatt ggcctattgc    111420
     tgactaattt ccttggcttt gcttatcctc ataaattgaa ataaggacgc atgacagccg    111480
     actctaaaaa aaaaaataaa ctgtggaagt tgaactctga acaaagtgag gagagtttac    111540
     atgcacctga gttgttttaa ttattttggt ccatttagaa actcttgccg cactaagaac    111600
     aaagtgcaac attgtcacaa ttttactccc tgtttcggaa caaaattatt tatctacagg    111660
     tgtgaaagca gcctaattgt aaaaatattg acatttattt gtagtttaca gtgttattct    111720
     taatttacac aacagtatat ttcagtaata acataacaat tttctctaat gacatgagta    111780
     tccctcttta gggagtttac aggttggggg ttacaaataa atagaacgaa taaatcaata    111840
     taaatacatt tgcaaaactc tagacattac tcaaccaatg aaagcatcca aagaaagatg    111900
     tttgaccaag agaagacaga acacaggcta gcctgtttgg ctcaaagcaa taacgttctt    111960
     ggatgaagtt ttcacacaag acagctgtct gtacttgtct tcagacattt tggaacgaga    112020
     ctgacacaca gaggcctgcc tggctcaaaa gcacaccatg tgtatgacag cattcacgat    112080
     tggaaccaaa ggctaatggg ctgactgaaa tacattgttt acatctgtaa ataatgcagt    112140
     agctatggta atacagattg tccctttaaa gtacaagaga tgataaagtt gttaagaaga    112200
     ctgtgttagg cagaagagag ctttcacaat ccatgttcac agcgctggaa tcaaagtgtg    112260
     aggtcactcc actgagacgc ctcacaggca gcctggggga aacatagtga gatcactggc    112320
     caaaactaga accttacaaa ggagcaagct gcagcacaca gggcaagaat agccctcacc    112380
     gacgcataac acattccagc gtacagttgt cagattatag agctaacggc agaaggtcta    112440
     acaagctaat gatgagacta ggctaacctg tcatgttcaa taaaaagaca tgataaagac    112500
     agacactcaa acgaaagctt ttccactaca ggacttttga tcttaactca cccattagga    112560
     aaaatgccac ttaaaaggcc tctaccttga aaggtaactg tcaaaactgt aggttgatat    112620
     acttgaaagc atgactacga gaacataatt tcgtctgaga ataccaaaac tcactaattg    112680
     gtttgtcaaa aaccatgaca gacatggtag tcttacctac atgaaaacaa tgaacctgaa    112740
     ctttttgtgc agcctgactt gaggctgaac tacattaatg ttagggatgt ttatgttttt    112800
     ctaaacacta aataagcatt tgtaagttta aggtaaataa gtaaaagagt cattgacttg    112860
     atttggcaaa gacaatttaa aatcattcta tgatactgat ttagtgctta catagggctg    112920
     agcgataaaa tctgtattta ttaactgaac attaatgtca acatagattt aaaaaaaaaa    112980
     gtttggtatg aagtttcagt atgaagtgct atagttttat taaaatgtgg ctgttgagcg    113040
     cgtgccttgg aaggaaagcc aataagcttg tgtcagtttg acatttccaa tagagtgcga    113100
     cttgcaggat gtgcatatgg gagcgacgca atgtgatgcg tgtgcatttt ccctacccct    113160
     agttgaaaat attgtaaata aaaaaggatg caaggatgtc gtcagagtgg cttcttggtt    113220
     tcttttcttg tgcatcacag tcactagcac cccacctgaa agagtttttt acatagagag    113280
     taatatagtc attcaacttc acacttttgt aatgtagcaa tatgtatttg aataatgatg    113340
     gccggttctt ttacttgaaa gctcagattt gattatcata atttgttttg tggcaatgta    113400
     gtggcgcagt aggtagtgca gttgccacac agcaagaagg tcgctggttc gagtctaggc    113460
     agggtcagtt ggcatttctg tgtagagttt gtatgttctt cctgcgttcg cgtgggtttc    113520
     ctccgggtgc tccagtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc agtacaggtg aattgggtaa    113580
     gctaaattgt ccgtagtgta tgagtgtaag tgagtgtgta tggatgtttc ccagagatgg    113640
     gttgcagctg gaagggtatc tgctgcataa aatgtgtgct gaataagttg gcggttcatt    113700
     gcgctgtggc gaccctggat aaaataaagg gactaagccg aaaatgaatt aatgaataaa    113760
     tttgttttgt ttagagaatt tgagggttaa tatatcatta atattcacac cttaatgttt    113820
     gctttgattg ttctgcattt acactttacc attgcacaca ctttgtaaca ttttatttat    113880
     caaatttaag atgagatttt tgttgaaata tttttgcttt tgactattaa aactatctgt    113940
     cttagtaatg ttggtaaatt aaaataaaag ggtaaaacaa aatcctaata tacccaaatg    114000
     taaaaaaaaa aaaatcaata attatcaata ccgatattaa acacgatatt gtgatttatt    114060
     ttgcaatatc acccagccct atgctaacgc attaaacaaa gtgttgaaaa ctgttgtact    114120
     acattatttt tggtaaaaat aaatttagta ctctaaaaaa taaaaggcaa aataacttaa    114180
     atgtatcaat ttaatatttt tttagtaaag ttatactaac tgcagacagc tgaacggcag    114240
     tgtagtgaac cttaaatatt taccttcatt ttaaatgatt agacattctg tcgagcctat    114300
     aactgtgcct aagtgtaatt ttatagaaac actgtcacaa ataatactgc ttctcaatac    114360
     atactgctat tccttatatt atatgcttta ttgctcaatt caaaatcctc tgatgagact    114420
     attccacgtg taagcaagtt aaagtataat caatctgcag cggccaacaa aaaatctgcg    114480
     gtattacctc gtcatactga tctagcttgc aaatcaggga ctaaactggt cggacttcct    114540
     cctttttttt tgttaatgta tgaagacttt taaaccatta aaacaattag ccagaaaatg    114600
     acactgtcac agcattttac aatagtcaac aaagagtaag aggaaagtct taatgctgat    114660
     aagacagtag agaaacctga aatactgcag tataaataaa tcactgttca tgatggacaa    114720
     aatgaagagt tgattacaag aaaagaaaaa gggcaaaagc tttttaaatt cctttcacat    114780
     aacagcgctg gtaaatgtgt agatgagtgc ttcccaagct tttctttcag gcctccccca    114840
     tgtgtgtcta tttgtttttc tgtctatatg tctgtctata tctgcttcag ttataaatgt    114900
     gcactcaaat cagccctcat gtattactac tcacgtcttg catttacttt ttgtgagaga    114960
     gaataaaagg cacagcactg gttaaacatc attgtcaggg agttcttctc cccaaaagtt    115020
     gcagatttta gtagactaca tcacttgtct tcaagtgact gtcaccagtg aatacaaatc    115080
     aatgagaaat cgattttgct gcactgagtg tatgaaggag ctcaggtaaa atgagtacat    115140
     agagtctaaa tacacttgtc agatgcattt attaaggact gatatcatga gctacattat    115200
     ttaccatctt atatattaca gaacataaaa tgtaaagcaa aaatggcaat gatcaacaca    115260
     aggcctaaac aaagatcttg ctttgcaaga cacaacatct ttcccactca gcactgagcc    115320
     tgagtatggg gtgctgttta ctagttatac tgctagctaa ctattcagcc aagccaaaca    115380
     aaaattccaa gtcaaaagga aacacaaaga agccggttgt cacttagcta caatcctcaa    115440
     atatttgcaa gcaatatgga ctactagact aacactgatc tgataacagg tggacaaaga    115500
     agtcaaatta tcgttcacac ctagcataag gtttgacaca atgtctctgt ccgctttcaa    115560
     ccacttcact gatgatggag ggtctatggg tgtatataga gtggaggaat gccttctgaa    115620
     gtttgcatgc actgcgggtc acgccgatca cttgaggcag aattataaac caggctttac    115680
     aggcatttga tagagttgtt catcatgcct catttctgtc gtctatgaaa aggaatacaa    115740
     gatttgaaat tgacagtcag gttttactct tcagagaatg caagtggggc tgatgcgcat    115800
     ataatacact tagtcaaata tgtcttataa taatctgtgc gcacatttta aaaaaatatg    115860
     ttttaaactt acagcaactg taaagcaaaa caacaagtgt atttaccaca ggaaaactat    115920
     acatgaagcg tgttggtcta cattcaaaat gttttttttt catttttgta ttttttaaat    115980
     aatatagcat tgattaataa ataaataacg actggacaag atttctaaaa ctaagcttaa    116040
     gacgttgtca aaggcaaggt tgtagtgatg ttgcagacga gcactgaagt cactgtagtt    116100
     cctttatagc ctatagatga attaccaacc tacgtcacat gggttcctgg ttgcaaaaag    116160
     acaccgttgg aatagtgaac atgttgtgtt gtgcagtagg atgccaaatt cgaatgtcca    116220
     aaaatagaaa acttaacttt taccgtacac cacactgctt ttaatgccaa ccgcaggcta    116280
     aaagggagct gaatgaagtg acaacctaat taaaaatgct gcagttctta tttcatatca    116340
     ggtaatgaac ttgtgacaca ctccctatat tgtttaccat ggcactttat atattcgggc    116400
     tgaaataacc tgcaagtgcg acttgaaaac aacattaaca ctgtttattt gactgtgaac    116460
     aatgttgtac tttaacggtc attggctgct aatatgatgt cgctatttag agtttggaaa    116520
     taatactttt atgagattat attaaggaga aagtcagaag gtgtaaactt aaaactaact    116580
     ttacctctat gtgtaagttc acataccctg ccgtacaggt gtatcatgga acattatttc    116640
     ttgcacatga ccacacagaa caaaattgtt ggcatccaaa gacttgtagg cctttaacac    116700
     ttggagcttc aatgagattg tatatttgga gctggatgct tggccatttt gtcttatcaa    116760
     atatcctttg ggagagtgct atcacaaatg gacctgtcag acgaacgcct ctcactttaa    116820
     cgttaatttt gctgaatcac tgtgcttatc actgggtgac aagttgttat attacgccga    116880
     aagcattatg taaataatat atataatatg taatcaatat aacttatttc taagaaaaca    116940
     actaactttg taccgcattg gatgtcattc catcgctgtt aatgctagcg ctcctgtttt    117000
     ttttctgcca cctcgctgca cacacatcat gaatgtttac aaacatggtt atttgtctac    117060
     tgttaggttt tcagttctta caattgcatt taggacaaaa cctgtatatt gaacagtgtt    117120
     taaacgcaga ttatttgaaa aaaatctcaa agtttatggg aaagaactat ggggatttta    117180
     tcaaggaaac caatgtaatg ctagcagctg attttggcct acaagatgac gtcagagttc    117240
     ctccacaatt agctttctct gatctttcaa tataacactg tgaaagctag tgcaagtttt    117300
     atcaactgga gtccccaata gactgaacat ttgcgcatct cctttgtctc acacaaacat    117360
     ttcaagtcct agagtctatg ttaatgagct gatgagttga atcaggtgtg tttgtgtaag    117420
     gagacatgca aatcaagcag tgtttggtgg gctccatgac tgtggttgag aaccattgct    117480
     gtaaaaaaaa atactttaaa agcactagat caataatata cactcagtag gtggaaatga    117540
     ggtctttaac atcctttaga atgcatttga tcacatgtac atccacactg tgtggtcaac    117600
     ctctgaatgt ggctgaaagt ggacaagctc aaaacgattc acaccccatt tactcctgtt    117660
     gtccacttgt gattggatca accaaaatgt atcttattaa taccaggtga aaatagggcc    117720
     ttagagattt acaaccatgc aaatctttta cactatattg aacactacaa tcaaactacc    117780
     atcagaaaaa gcatgaaagg gggcattatt aaacattcta taacactacc atgtctagtg    117840
     aagcatagtc ttctcttaag gcacacattc aacagtcaag agttatccaa gaaacataca    117900
     tgcaacttaa actgatcgga ttaccaactt ggttcatcac ggtaatgaga cacgtgcatt    117960
     aagatctaaa tattaatgag ccaagtgtgt attagagcag gacatgagta ggtcaaattt    118020
     ctacatattt acttataata gcagaaacgt attactggaa taacttgatt agaccgacat    118080
     tttttttgta aatcagtttc actcacttct taagcagtgt aaagtgttgg caggtaatac    118140
     taaggaactg ttgttttaaa agagcattgc taatgtcagc agagtgtgag gatggctagt    118200
     acacatatgg tcactaacag ctggctgctc acagctccaa gcgactcact gatgcttgct    118260
     ggaaatctct gtcacctagc tgatttaaag atcggcagaa cagcatttca gctgtgcaaa    118320
     ctgaacacag acactaaaaa taatcttgac tgctgttggg gaaaaacagc tgaatgaggg    118380
     gaccctacag ggttaataat agtacaatgg aaatatactg gaaatgtgat agtataatgt    118440
     ttatgtaagt aaaaacagag tatatacgcc aaagtgaaca gcatatcaaa agtgaaactt    118500
     aagtattatt tcatgctata aatgaaatct aaagcaagat aatagttaga aaaattggac    118560
     atcattataa tatgcagata ttaaaagaat taatcttttt ctctatagtg tgactattta    118620
     ttgtttgcat ttaaaattag ttagatttgg tgttcaaaag tgatctgaca taagagttta    118680
     ttagtaaact tgtttgatca ttttcatttt gttctactat ttctttttta aaaattatca    118740
     atggcatctg cattaaattc atatttattc aatcaagtca agaatcatta attgaagaac    118800
     tgaatcgaaa ccaatcctaa tgacaaaccc taacacttag gagaacttta taaaaaaaga    118860
     aaagaaattt aaaatggggc tgtcaactga tcaaaacatt ttagagcatt aatctcaagc    118920
     atgctctttc aataatagag agtaatcagt cacaatatag agttttactg taaatgtgct    118980
     gtggtgaaat aaagaaatgc atgacaatct agtttaagga aacagatcca ctagtgttat    119040
     tatcttactg tttatgtatt atttttaact tgattaaagt gaatgagtac agatcgagaa    119100
     ggtttgctgt tacagcaagg tagttttgct tatgtactga tgtctagtga tctggacaac    119160
     tttcacattg ttttgctttt ttgaatttta ttccagttca tgtattttta atcacactag    119220
     tccccctaga ccaggggttc ccaatctttt tcgtatttaa aaggccaaaa gccaaatatt    119280
     attgagagcc atgggctgaa ggtaaatata ccaaactact gtataatgca atagagttgc    119340
     cataggtaat ttcctgattt atttcataag acttaaaagt aaatagaaag cattaattta    119400
     aatcatatta actaatgctg tataacattt aaaattataa tttattgcaa taaaaacaaa    119460
     tcacattttt tattacagta gagttcaatg ataaatcaac tagtcaagca gagtctgcct    119520
     ttgccttgat ttgtccttga tgcatcgggt gacggtacgc acatttaaac taaatttaca    119580
     ccatttaatt gaaacatttc atttcagtta gctgttaaca ataaaacaaa caaacatcag    119640
     tcttcctctc ttctcagatg ggatggtagg ccaaatcaag ggttactgtg ggccaacttt    119700
     ggcccactgg ccctagtttg ggcatcccta tcctagaaga taactggtat ggtcctaaac    119760
     attgttgatt ggtctgcagt cagtgaatat tagtctagtt aatgttaatg aacctgtgct    119820
     gctgtactca tctactgtgt ctcagcaatg agatctttac taatatctgc aaaaatatat    119880
     ttggcctgaa gatgatatgt tgtttcaggg tgctttcaca ttagcccttc tggtcaacac    119940
     tcgggtttat ttcacgtcag aattatgtac atttagcaag tgtaaacaat ttcttctgaa    120000
     ttcgggtgcg caactgtcac tgaatcattc ccgagtccgc ctaaaagaag tggtccgggg    120060
     tacggttagt gcgaactctg gtacagttca actgtacaac aaactttagt tttcataacg    120120
     ttcattcatg tgtatgtctg tgtatcccct actgtacctt ggtgaaaagc aggactgagc    120180
     caggacaaac acagtgaaaa cgtctgcttg tctccaccaa aaacgacttc tgttgacatt    120240
     gcattatgtt ttgaacttat ttaatatgtt tgcgtcagat agacacaagt cactctctgt    120300
     atgttaccaa acccaaaaga ttgagttaaa gcagaacgat cgcaatgtgt gtacatcttt    120360
     ccattttggc gccttagctt ttgttgcctg ggttcagaag gaaaaacgac aatgtgaaca    120420
     aaaaccagcc gagaaggtgg caaggggggg acaatcaaac ttgggttcgg actaggcaat    120480
     cgacccaagt atgaaagcac cctccgtgga aggacagttc atcagtacag taagtgcaca    120540
     caactttggt tttatccaag cttccaaccg gaagcttttt attacaaaac ttgccattca    120600
     gcacactagg tgttgtgtcc tgagccatca aattactggc gttcactgta ctcttatcac    120660
     acaatgatat ggctgtgatg acggccaaaa aagttcaggt caaaccttat taaacaattc    120720
     atttgcatta aaaaagaatg tatatcttaa aatgttttgc ttaatcacat gcgttaaggc    120780
     tggtacacac cagaacgctt ttcttttgtg tttatagtca tcattttaga cgtttttccg    120840
     gattcaaacc caagcaattt tcactggcgt ggagcacaag cgtatgcaaa atcactcctt    120900
     gacgttagat ggagcaaaaa atctttaagc ttctgacaca cgcttgtaac acagaagaag    120960
     acagaaagtt gacacgcttg ttgttaaagt tactggcgat ttgaacacgc atggatggtt    121020
     caagcagcag ctccagctct agcgatgaag taatgattat tgttcaccag tgcaataagc    121080
     agctccacgt tcatatcacc tctgggtgtc ttcttacctt atttgttgac aaatttacaa    121140
     cattttaaaa tacttttcaa attggcagcc tgtgagcata ggacggtata agactgatgg    121200
     tacgataacc ttggataaaa atatcacggc ttcacgatat tgtgattacg gctctaaaat    121260
     aaaatatttt taaatgtctg ggtaaaaaaa aataaaatgt ttatcccttc ttaacacaat    121320
     ctactttatt ttagaaaacg tttaaaatat ttcaaagcaa taaacatgta aggctaaatg    121380
     attcaaatga atcactggta tttgcaatct tcatttgttt tttaaacaca gatttcttta    121440
     caatttaata cgccatcttt ggataccaaa aaaaaaacct aaataaaaaa atcttacaca    121500
     taccttagga atggtataac aggaaatgtt aggggtttta caaccttcac ttttccaaac    121560
     ctctgtatac cttgaaaacg gtaatcgtca catgactagc ggcctgcaca agttgtggaa    121620
     tttagtgcat catgacaaca gacgttattt tcattgccta acaaattgaa ccttacagta    121680
     gaaaacagct cttttcggca ttatcatgaa gagaacaatg acgtttggga ctcttgggac    121740
     tgtatgaaaa cgtagcatcg ttttgatttt ccaacataaa agtccctcaa ataatacttc    121800
     tatctatata ctttcacaga tgacctagga agtcattcat acgtagaatt cagtagtatg    121860
     acctgtaaat tgggtatctc accatttgaa agagaagagg atttacagac attcaaaaaa    121920
     gtttcaaatg taggattggt tagagatgtg caatgagcca ttatgactat gaagatggtg    121980
     ctagcatgac ctacaaaccc tgagctaacc cagataacag caatcaggcc cgttcctgat    122040
     gtgactgctc aggacatctc tgctaagagc tatgcctact agccaagcaa gctgacagga    122100
     agagtttcac atcaattaga tccagacact atcagagtag cacagaacca ctatccatta    122160
     taacattagc aacgtctcca gcactgaaaa gcagcacctg gtaatggact taagcatctg    122220
     catgcaaagc tggagaatca aagcgctcat atttggcagc atgatttgat ttggttcaac    122280
     ttgcagcatt tcgtttgtgg tatgtacggt atgcgtctaa tggttagatg gcaagtgaac    122340
     ctcggaaata tggaatgcaa agcaaataaa caagaccaac cctcttttta ggacctgcat    122400
     cggtatgagt gtgggagggc tgacttcctc taatgaaaag tgcacattag ttttgaggtg    122460
     ggagtcattc tgaaagtatg tcacaaaaca agtctgtaca ggggtagtga agagactcct    122520
     cagcctctga aatgaagact gactgtgttt acataatgcc aagtcctgcc agctcctttc    122580
     ctcattcaca aaagctacac tgccatgcac atctctagta ggctgaaaat atgacagcta    122640
     cacccattaa tacggggaga atggagattt ggctgtcata acacactctt tcacccaaaa    122700
     ataaatctgt caaagtgaga ggcgagcaaa aaatacaaaa gtcatggggg aaaaaaagga    122760
     cagacaatgt ttgttggtaa atcagtcatc actcattcgg tttccattat taaaaacaaa    122820
     acaaaaacat ttatcaaaat agcttgcgcc tccacataaa gaaactctta atatgtttaa    122880
     aaaaaggaga tgaacaaagg atgacagaac tttaaataaa atactctaag aacaagcgga    122940
     cacttctttt tttttactaa caaaactgaa aaccatggaa actgtggtta agccatagtt    123000
     taaccatagt ctttgaagta aaactttagt tatgcaaatg taatcaatgc aacaaaaacg    123060
     tggtgatgac acttttacaa caataaaacc atggttataa tttactcaag taaacgttac    123120
     tgaatgttac ctgttaatta tttgactgcc aaaaacaaca atattgtcta aatgttgtgt    123180
     gctgcacctc catgaaacaa actatttaac tgataaaggt attttctaaa tacaaatgca    123240
     ggtcaactgt taaaaggttt gttattctgt caaacgtgtt gtgtttttgt gttatacaaa    123300
     gtctgtcata caggtggaga ttaacatagg ggtgagtaaa taatgacaaa aaaagatagt    123360
     gacaagagac ttatccaaat accaatgatt catccaaaat actgatctga ccaggagcta    123420
     aactagtaag tctatctgct catagcgatc ttaaaggata gtgaacctaa aatgaacagt    123480
     gtcatcattt acacaccctc gtgttgttcc aaaccggttt aacacagttt gtttgtcata    123540
     tgtgtaacac aagtacagat atcagtcaga gtgttcgcaa ctcgcctcaa actctattcc    123600
     ctttaaatgc aacgttatgt cccattaacg aacgtaaata gtgaccgtcg ctgtcatcca    123660
     gcatttttat gataactagt ttttgctgat cagaaagccc ttaatgttct tttgaatctt    123720
     ataaaagatg cagtgtgtaa aacatactaa aattgaagca gggtgtgaaa gtgagcccca    123780
     gtaggatgga tcaataaaaa agcgacccat acggacgcca tattgaccaa aacaaaatgg    123840
     cagaacaaga gaatagttga caaagtctgc tggctttcat tgacagatgc gtcccgtgac    123900
     acaataaatc cgcaacaaac aactattaga tctgcttctg tgatcgcggg taagataatc    123960
     tgaatccatc gtagcgggtg tcgcgtatta tcgccaatac agcgatgtca tgttagctta    124020
     gcttagcaca tccacactag gaacgagtga gcgactcgac ttactagatt gctgttttac    124080
     aatataggca tgctaaatac atctgtctcg catgtttcaa atgaagaaag gtttgtttat    124140
     tgacacaact gctagtgttg aaattttgtg taaacagggt ggacaggaag cttgcgagat    124200
     gtatggtaaa atgcttagca attcagcctc aagcttttaa ttaaagcaac cgacgagttg    124260
     tcggtcgatg ccccgatttg gggtttccaa tcagtgtgtc agcaaaatcc aaaagtctac    124320
     aacgttacct ggagctcggc cctctccact tcccaatgcg ccctttccat ctcgaaacgg    124380
     gcccattcgt gctggatgta gtgtaaaatc cccgggatgg tgtactgctg gggcctgggc    124440
     atctcgtctt gctgttgctg aaccataggc gctcctccag cgctgttcat ctgaggatta    124500
     atgctgttgt tgccctgctg cggtgcgggc tgctgctgct gcctctgggc ggccattcct    124560
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tccaccacca cctcctcctc ctccgggctg ttcatccatg    124620
     tttaaaaata ggaaagtcct gctagaagtc gccgattgtt acccctctac cctccctttt    124680
     ttaccgttcg cttagcgatg cgacgtcgcc ctgcccccaa ccgaataggc tggcacctga    124740
     gcggctgttg tggatttcgt gtcagcgcac ggatttgccg gccgccatta gtccgatccc    124800
     tggatgtgag tctcctactg cgggggtgag cgagcgagtg agggaggact ggcgcgcgcg    124860
     ctgcatgatg ggacgcgttc acccagccct gcgcgctctc gagtcatccg aatccagact    124920
     gacgacgtac agactctgcg catgcgcttt gtatctatga ttttttttaa cttgatgagg    124980
     cgataaaaat gtgtcgttga caatatctat agacgtatag tacggtttgt gaagggagaa    125040
     gtgcttgaaa taatcaatag catccgtcga gaatgttgtt tattgttata atttaaaggt    125100
     gctattggtt taagtttaaa tgtaaaatac aattacagca aattttaatt gcaatatttt    125160
     tttttaaatt atagcagtta atgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    125220
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atattaatga ttgaaaaaca    125280
     ttaacaacaa atgtcatcaa tcaaacaaca atccaggagt tttcagtcat ttagtccaag    125340
     atgtcaagtc cttgttcgta ttgcttttaa gtttgttgat ccctcaatag actcaaaatt    125400
     cattttcatt tcatttttaa atttacaaaa aaaaaaaaag tttacacttt taaagcttga    125460
     aatttggcca aaaaaaaggt ttaagaaata attaatattt tcctttttac attcatggaa    125520
     accaaagaca acattttcat atgtaaattt aaaatgttcc ttcacgtctt ttatgaaatc    125580
     aagaacatca caccaaaatg tcagtgaatg agggcaattc caaaataaat gaacagaaat    125640
     ttcaggattc actaagcaaa atgaacagtt ggttttgaag tcttttaaga ttacacttgt    125700
     ctggaaagca gaaacttctc tcatcttgtt tgttaaaaag tggggtaatg accaaactct    125760
     cttccatgaa atatcatttt caaaaccatt gcaatatgac attacataag gcacagtaac    125820
     agaatcttct tgaaacaggg cttttatttt cttattgcat tttgtattag ataaagaaag    125880
     ccataaatgt tttccaaagg tttaatgttt accaaaatgt ttactttttt tccacaaaat    125940
     taattacagc aacttataaa tgttaagtac acttaagaca aaaacgaaat gaaatgtttt    126000
     tcagcatgtg tcaggtcacc tcccaaggat gttggaatct cgtaaccaat tttgccaagc    126060
     aatccattat ttattagcgt aatggtctta cagtagtaat tatgtaaaca cacttacagt    126120
     agttgtcact acagtatcat aaattaactg atgtaacttt taatttaccc ctttacatat    126180
     aaattgtggc actagtgtgt tataaattaa tatttcacaa tttaaaataa tttttctatt    126240
     tttaagatat acaatttttg cttctaaata tatcaataac ttattaaaaa attattcaaa    126300
     tgataaaaac atgaaaatta aaacggcggc tttcttgaca gtattatgat aattctttaa    126360
     attacactag tcacattact tctggtgaaa gctattggtg actaaagaat caaataaaat    126420
     ttatttaaaa gaaattatgt tcatttctct tctttcccag tgctgtatca cacctctgag    126480
     tcactatgat caagttcctg ctgatggtga acaaacaggg gcagactcgc ctctctaagt    126540
     attatgaagc agtggatctt gggaagagag cagctctgga ggctgacgtg gtgcgtggat    126600
     gtctggcccg gaggaaggaa gaggtcagtc atgtttccca actaatggtt aaccacacaa    126660
     ctttgtatca gcagccattg tttgcggtgc aagatattat gaataaaatc ccggagtcct    126720
     cagggggaag tttaatgtaa acaacagaaa caatcaaaca tagtgaacat tctgtaatct    126780
     ctacacagat tattttcata catgtagaat ttctgtgatt ttgagtttaa tttacttttg    126840
     tgaagcagcc cttaattctt ctgaataaaa ttagccgttg aacatcttta actggctctt    126900
     gtatttcttc ttcagtgctc atttgtagag tataaggact ataaactggt ctatcgccaa    126960
     tatgcagctc ttttcattgt tgttggcgtc actgaaaatg aggtttgttg ttcatattat    127020
     tggcgaaatg acatgctcat ttgtaatcag tattcatgaa tttatgtgat tgactgtctt    127080
     tggctctttc acacagaatg aactctctat ctatgaactt gtgcacaact ttgtggaggt    127140
     gctagacaaa tatttcagtc gtgtggtaag tgtcatttta ataatagtaa atgtgacatc    127200
     tttcctgaga acagaataat aaactgttca ctttcttctt ttgacagagt gagctggatg    127260
     tatcctttat aagtcaaacg actaaaaata tgtcaattaa gtctttagtt ttacatgtta    127320
     gacgtgtttt attccttaat gaaaaatcag atcatgttta atttagacaa agtacacatt    127380
     attcttgatg aaatgatcct gaacggacac atcgtggaga ccaataagaa cagaatactg    127440
     gcaccactac tggccctgga caagatgact gaaagctgat ctgatgttaa tgaccactca    127500
     tcattgcttt gctacaaata aatgtgtttt tctttgtgtc accattctaa acctcatcct    127560
     gttttttcac aaattggttt tataataata ataattaaag ctgcaggcag caataaaagt    127620
     gaccttgcac ccgggctcac ccctgcccgg tggcctaagg atgacagaga attatataca    127680
     tttaagatag aaaaaaaaat tataacctga gaaaatcaca gatttatgtt aaaccttctt    127740
     ctatcagcag gtggcgctat aactgtaact caatgttggc atggaaatgt cttcaggaga    127800
     ggaatatcat cgaacatgat tttccaggca gattaaacat tgtttaattg agttataagt    127860
     acttcctcct ccatggcgat actctttgtc agtccaccgc agacacatcc tttggcgaaa    127920
     actctagatc tacacaattt cacatcacaa aggcctttgg gttatactga caaaacttgg    127980
     atttaatctg atc                                                       127993