EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591851; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 53867 BP.
AC   AL591851;
DT   31-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 28)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-43M4 on chromosome 13 Contains a novel
DE   gene, an X-linked lymphocyte-regulated 5 (Xlr5) pseudogene and the 5' end
DE   of the gene for novel protein similar to human C6orf32 ( KIAA0386, DIFF48
KW   HTG; Xlr5.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-53867
RA   Phillimore B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL Clone requests: Geneservice ( and
RL   BACPAC Resources (
DR   MD5; 192b060f01607102124d11895e67d083.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456164.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000036006; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL591851.12:1-53867; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000038477; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000058009; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000091694; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110383; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000110384; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132689; mus_musculus.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC524412; 15364904.
DR   GOA; A6PW28.
DR   GOA; F2Z3V4.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   MGI; MGI:2444879; Fam65b.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A6PW28; A6PW28_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z3V4; F2Z3V4_MOUSE.
CC   Genome Center
CC   Center: UK Medical Research Council
CC   Center code: UK-MRC
CC   Web site:
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP23-43M4. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap
CC   The true right end of clone RP23-80C18 is at 2000 in this sequence
CC   The true left end of clone RP23-461O24 is at 51868 in this sequence
CC   RP23-43M4 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong
CC   For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..53867
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-43M4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    2001..53867
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    6772..6944
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP and primer reads
FT                   only"
FT   mRNA            join(7157..7313,AL513014.9:43061..43187,
FT                   AL513014.9:44856..45011,AL513014.9:46133..46211,
FT                   AL513014.9:47748..47771,AL513014.9:48876..48929,
FT                   AL513014.9:50825..50974,AL513014.9:53729..53792,
FT                   AL513014.9:62567..62610,AL513014.9:66867..66992,
FT                   AL513014.9:67218..67366,AL513014.9:68674..68803,
FT                   AL513014.9:69572..69697,AL513014.9:74163..74831,
FT                   AL513014.9:79192..79376,AL589699.4:4764..4932,
FT                   AL589699.4:8263..8398,AL589699.4:9931..10092,
FT                   AL589699.4:12188..12346,AL589699.4:16272..16474,
FT                   AL589699.4:18350..18433,AL589699.4:19587..19677,
FT                   AL589699.4:26226..28457)
FT                   /gene="RP23-461O24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-461O24.1-006"
FT                   /product="likely orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 6 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C6orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059179.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BU703401.1"
FT   CDS             complement(23317..24020)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-43M4.1-001"
FT                   /product="X-linked lymphocyte-regulated 5 (Xlr5)
FT                   pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P70281 Tr:Q9JJR2"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(23684..24069,28551..28796))
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-43M4.2-003"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB620141.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(23761..24069,29598..29723))
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-43M4.2-002"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA125112"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(23858..24069,28551..28688,29356..29430,
FT                   29598..29664))
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-43M4.2-001"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA509872"
FT   mRNA            join(39578..39715,AL513014.9:43061..43187,
FT                   AL513014.9:44856..45011,AL513014.9:46133..46211,
FT                   AL513014.9:47748..47771,AL513014.9:48876..48929,
FT                   AL513014.9:50825..50974,AL513014.9:53729..53792,
FT                   AL513014.9:62567..62610,AL513014.9:66867..66992,
FT                   AL513014.9:67218..67366,AL513014.9:68674..68803,
FT                   AL513014.9:74163..75263)
FT                   /gene="RP23-461O24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-461O24.1-005"
FT                   /product="likely orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 6 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C6orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK041665.1"
FT   mRNA            join(39578..39715,AL513014.9:43061..43187,
FT                   AL513014.9:44856..45011,AL513014.9:46133..46211,
FT                   AL513014.9:47748..47771,AL513014.9:48876..48929,
FT                   AL513014.9:50825..50974,AL513014.9:53729..53792,
FT                   AL513014.9:62567..62610,AL513014.9:66867..66992,
FT                   AL513014.9:67218..67366,AL513014.9:68674..68803,
FT                   AL513014.9:74163..74831,AL513014.9:77871..79102)
FT                   /gene="RP23-461O24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-461O24.1-002"
FT                   /product="likely orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 6 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C6orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK040887.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB638362.1 Em:BY724758.1
FT                   Em:CB519428.1"
FT   mRNA            join(39595..39715,AL513014.9:38510..38749,
FT                   AL513014.9:43061..43187,AL513014.9:44856..45011,
FT                   AL513014.9:46133..46211,AL513014.9:47748..47771,
FT                   AL513014.9:48876..48929,AL513014.9:50825..50974,
FT                   AL513014.9:53729..53792,AL513014.9:62567..62610,
FT                   AL513014.9:66867..66992,AL513014.9:67218..67366,
FT                   AL513014.9:68674..68803,AL513014.9:74163..74831,
FT                   AL513014.9:77871..78998)
FT                   /gene="RP23-461O24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-461O24.1-001"
FT                   /product="likely orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 6 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C6orf32)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK036452.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB629355.1"
FT   CDS             join(39658..39715,AL513014.9:43061..43187,
FT                   AL513014.9:44856..45011,AL513014.9:46133..46211,
FT                   AL513014.9:47748..47771,AL513014.9:48876..48929,
FT                   AL513014.9:50825..50974,AL513014.9:53729..53792,
FT                   AL513014.9:62567..62610,AL513014.9:66867..66992,
FT                   AL513014.9:67218..67366,AL513014.9:68674..68803,
FT                   AL513014.9:74163..74831,AL513014.9:77871..77942)
FT                   /gene="RP23-461O24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP23-461O24.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000000565"
FT                   /product="likely orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 6 open
FT                   reading frame 32 (C6orf32)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q80U16"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011989"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR026136"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:2444879"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q80U16"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI25708.2"
FT   misc_feature    44707..45213
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from reads from a
FT                   short insert library derived from a clone PCR. Restriction
FT                   digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   misc_feature    49868
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: RP23-461O24"
SQ   Sequence 53867 BP; 14831 A; 11711 C; 12478 G; 14847 T; 0 other;
     acaaagagtc cacttgaagc caaacatgca gactttaatt cttacttggg ctgttctcat        60
     agccaaggtc tacaggctca catgaacttc ccaaacctca aaagccctcc tgtcatttta       120
     tgctctcagc acaggtgttg tcttagcact tacatgatag cattcccaca gaacaaccaa       180
     gcaaagcacc actaagagaa ctcattgtgc ccgtaaaatg ggaagtccaa agaggcaaag       240
     tcccagccct cagcctccag ccctggagct ggctgccctt gggtgtggca gaaggaaacc       300
     tgatctgagg gcgagatgac cttgaccatc atcagcagaa ggacagcaag aacatcttgc       360
     aagtggaggt tttagtttac tgctttgttg cctgtactta aaattatagg ttgtgtgtgg       420
     ccgggaaagg ccttccagaa gagataagta acaagctatt ttaggatgac tcttcccatg       480
     acataaatta tggtttggag aggagagagt ttggaggtac cagaggctaa ttagaaagag       540
     acagcccagt ctgcatggag gccagggaga gagggaacaa gaagccacag accggagaga       600
     ccaactcctt tcaaacatat aatatcaccg tctagcctgg cattcagggc cgtggaccga       660
     agagttttca tggttaaagg taatattcac aatttgggag aagtgggaga aaagaagtgt       720
     ttcaactgtt tgctaggata ggttctgagc aggtaaggag ctgagggccc agcccaggga       780
     aacacacttc ctttgtgtgt aggaagccct cagttccacc caacttctgc aaaacagggg       840
     tttgaggggg cttgctaaaa tgggttctat aactgcagct ctggagtaaa aaccttggct       900
     ccagctctct caccaggtaa ggcttgtcca gccatcccaa cagccaatta aagagacaag       960
     gaatggagac aagtggagat caggtgacat tgggaagaac agaaaggggc agtcactcaa      1020
     gtccatctct gggtacagaa caggggagag tggggagtag aggtctagtc aatcacccag      1080
     ccccgctcga ggtctcctcg ttgtctcagt tctgcgtctg aagagtggtc caaagaagtt      1140
     cgtattgctt gagggggaca agcagggtct caggaggtgg tcacttcttg cggttgtgga      1200
     taaccgctct cacctggggc agggggaagg ctgagggctg tgttctgtcc tgactttgtt      1260
     cttccttgaa tccaaggtga ttttaagcga tttaatctca ataacttcat ccttgaagcg      1320
     gcactgagct agctttggca gacatacacg tgttagtgat tctcatgcct atgtgtgtgt      1380
     gcgcgtgggg cgcgggggga ggggtgtcaa tcaaaagcct gaaccaaggt taagggatgg      1440
     acacagaatg aaggcatagg tgacaggctt ttagtgacac tgtgggtgag caaaaccagc      1500
     tgctgagtgc ctgttactgc accatatggt caagacagga gattatgagc aggcagatgt      1560
     aaaagggtga tgtcactctt cctggccatg tgagtgttgt gagaacctag tgctgtggag      1620
     aggggtgcca aaggtttagg gagcctgaag ttgcacttgg ctagacgttt tcacttggag      1680
     tctgaagaat gaaagaggaa agacctccat cagtcttgct ctggtggagg cagactggga      1740
     gacctggagc tcccaagccc cactgggcag gcttctcctc gactcctgcc ttgcagccat      1800
     cctttggttg ccatggtgac cacagcagac agtgtgcaga ttctctccag ttctcaaacc      1860
     cctcccacag actaccatgt gtagccaata tgcctcatgt agcaattaaa aggaaagatg      1920
     atacccacgc cttctctaaa acggtggtag tctcaactct ccagataaca accaagtggg      1980
     ctgagataaa cacagaattc tctgcatccc tttatggaac tgacacccga gtgcataagt      2040
     gcagatgtgg gtttacacac tgatatgagc atgctaactc agaagatatg tttctgagaa      2100
     gacaaaaata aaaaacaaac gacctgtata gaactgtcac cattacgaga aagaagcaag      2160
     ttgaagaaag gacatagact acaatcctat ccatacgtgt taattcgtcc aaggattcct      2220
     gtgcccttgg gtaacatgtg tccttcatct gtagtacaaa ttctctaacc ttctgttgtt      2280
     ctttctggct ttgtttaaga tgatgtttta ggtagggtta ctattgatgt gataccctta      2340
     ccaaaagcaa cttggggagg gaagggtgta tttggcttac gtatccccaa gtcacagttc      2400
     actgagggaa gccagggcag gaactcaaac agggcaggat cctggaggca ggagctgatg      2460
     cagaggccat gaaggggcac tgcttactgg cttgctcctc atggtttgtt cagcccaatt      2520
     tcctctagaa cccaggacca cctgcccaga gatttcaatg agtacaatgg acaaagtact      2580
     cccaataaat cattaattaa ttgtaacaat tagaaggaaa atacacaatt gcttgcctac      2640
     agccatatcc tacttacaaa ggcttttttt ttttcagttg agattccctc ttctcagatg      2700
     actttagctt aggtcaagtt gacattaacc tatccaggat aaacaagagt ctcctgtagc      2760
     tcaggccagt ctccaactca acacatggct gaggatgact gaatttctga tccttctgcc      2820
     tctacttccc aagtgcaaag ccatgcacag ttcccttatg cttgcttgct ttttttttaa      2880
     agatttgttt gtttgtttat ttatttattt aatgtatatg agtacactgt agctgtacag      2940
     atggttgtga gccttcatgt ggttgttgcg aattgaattt ttaggacctc tgctcactct      3000
     ggtcaaccct gcttgctccg gtcagccccg ctcactcaga cccaaaggtt tatttatcat      3060
     tatacataag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcttc agatctcatt      3120
     atgggtggtt gtcaagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctctgaaaga      3180
     gcaatcgctc ttaaccattg agccatcttg ccagcctgcc ccttatgctt tctttttcta      3240
     acttttattt tgtaaaattt atacattcac agaaagttgc acaaacagtg cagagatctc      3300
     atgacccttt tatcacatgg tcatatttca tatatctatg ataaaaccta aaaaccaaca      3360
     ctgatccaaa gtgtagaagt ggaagaaagg ctaggtgggt gtatgggtat aggggtgtgt      3420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtatgcagat atggatatct      3480
     ctgtgcattt atgtctgtgg gggtataggt gtgggtgtgt ctatgttggt gtgtgtatgt      3540
     gtctgtgtgt atagatataa gtatagatat aagtatagat atataagcag gatactgttt      3600
     catagatgtg cagatgtcag cctgtaccca ccaccacaaa taaaatacag agtattccca      3660
     agaaatcctt cctgggacac cttcagagtt acccaccact tcccctagcc tcattcattg      3720
     tcctcatctc tgatcagttt aagattgtct tgtatgtgag actacggtat aagtctatgg      3780
     tactgcagat gtccttttga acatggcttt tttcactcag tgtgtggctc tcaggatctg      3840
     cctgctttat ttggtgtcca gattccctcc ttccacatcc actgtctggt tggatatatc      3900
     ttgtttagca attcacctac cataggacat tgctgtatcc tcagtgttca cgtatgggtg      3960
     gtgagtgaat gtttagtttg aggggaaatg tcaacctggt ccctggagca gccacgtatg      4020
     ctgccattcc caccagcagt gcctttgtgc ttttatcaac acttaatact gatggtagtt      4080
     tttatttctg ttgtattgca ttttatctca actctgtttc caaataataa cagtgataaa      4140
     ttcatttgtg tgtctgtacg gtatatgtac atgtttgtat gtgctcttgt atgtgcatgt      4200
     gtgcacatat gtgtacacat atgtggaggc caaagatcag tgtccctgtc ttttttgatt      4260
     actctctacc tattcctttg aggaaaagtt cttagtgaac ccagagctca ccactgaact      4320
     gcccagtgag ttcctattgc cacctcccag aactggaaat gtagacacat gctatcacag      4380
     tcagcttttt aagaccctgt gagcccaaga tatattctga actctgtttt gccctgttcc      4440
     ccaactgttt tgccctgttc cccaactcca gcctgttctc agaattttac caagctggtt      4500
     tgaatcgatc atgctcctac ctcagtcatc atacccagct cttttcatgg taactttcat      4560
     gtctttaagc ttttcctttt atcttttctt cctttgtctc cctttgctaa ggtggacatt      4620
     gcgctcagtt tactttgact tcactagttt attttctcct cagtgtttaa tttgtcagta      4680
     atcaaatatt catatgactt tcacttttgc tattttctta ttcagaagtg ctcctttcca      4740
     aacttgctta gttattttat ggatattggt tctaattttc tgcacatatt ttcaaacttg      4800
     ctttctctca gtttattagc tctgatcatt ttcaagtttg tgtctcatga ttttatttta      4860
     tgaagagtgg ggtctttctc tacttttcta aaatattgtt ggtgggccat tgatgttctt      4920
     atttttaaga atgttataaa ataaaacgta gctaaagaac tgtaaactaa taaaagaatg      4980
     gctactgaat tattggaagg caaacactgt tgtcactgcc atctgaatgt agaatttgga      5040
     cttggtagga aacccctgca ttggcagtaa gtaccacaga aacccctcca tttggcctgt      5100
     acttatcctg tggatgaaat aatgtttttg agaattcagg attttttggt ttctttaaaa      5160
     aaacacagaa ctataatata tttttgtttt aatcccaggt gtggggatgt gcggtggctt      5220
     cgcggccgtt gatttatcat ttgcctcata ttctagcaga ggcaaagact tgctgggtgc      5280
     agatggcttc tgcgattgta tggcttttgg cattctgaga attttttaga gggtttataa      5340
     atgctaagac cccagtagat ggtgagtggg tacttgtttg tcattgaagg gagtgggctt      5400
     agtagtagtc atgctcaaag aagaaacaag gggaaagatt ctcttccatc cttctttctg      5460
     tcctatccag tgataagggg tgaaaccagg gggataaagg gtgggaaaaa agaagaaccc      5520
     acaaagtagc aaagaccagc tacaagtaaa gaagaaacaa gaagaaaaat taggtccaga      5580
     gatctctatc tctccccccc ccccccttat tcttctttct ctcctatcta ctggcagggg      5640
     atgaaaccag ggggataaat gttggtaaaa ataaataaat aacccacaaa atagtaaaag      5700
     aatagctaca cacggacaca ctaattttcc tgtgtcttgt gagaatttcc aactctagaa      5760
     atttccagaa tttcagatga tcacaactga agatgagcac tctgaaacac gtactaagtc      5820
     agccgcaact gaaactagaa gactgtctcc cataggcatg gtgtacaact gactcacaca      5880
     gatacagttg cccccccccc cggccacccc gccaccagag atacagctgc ctcccacagg      5940
     cgtggcctgc aactgggcca aagtatgaga aggacagtat cacccgtcgc cctgtttgac      6000
     tccagtgcaa cttctcaact aaacagaagt agaggctctg agaccaagct tcatgtgtca      6060
     agtcacgatt cttactacca agataaaatg cctgacaaag gcatcataag acatgtagaa      6120
     tgtgttctgg ctcactgtct gagggtacac tccatcatca tgggggaagc atggtgtcag      6180
     aacagtgagg cagctgtcat attgcacctg cagtcaggag gagagagagt ggggaaggtg      6240
     aatgttgatg ctcagtttat ttccttagtc taggacccaa tgtcacggat ggtgctgccc      6300
     acgttcaggg tggatcctcc tcctacagtc agttcaaccc ttctggaaac accctcaggg      6360
     acacacacac agcagccgtg tgtgtcgtgg tgattctaag tccagtcaag ttgacagtga      6420
     aggctgtcat atttcctacc aaaagctccc ctctctctat gcccatcagg tgccaagatc      6480
     tgacctggga gccctgtagc atcagtcaac tagattcaca tacagctctc tgcagcctca      6540
     ctgtggagac atctcgaaaa ccccttcttt aactgcagtt gtacatcatc tgtgttatta      6600
     cctcagagcc ttcagagaac accgtctaac agtgactttc tcagctggca aaaatcatcc      6660
     ctgatacaat gacaataaaa cagctattgg acagaataga gtgagtacgt ttttcatggg      6720
     tgaactacta aagtcagtca ccaggaatta taaatgagtt attccactat cattaaacta      6780
     aattttcacg gagccttatt gagcctcctt attcttatta acatggaagt acatttttga      6840
     aaacctttaa ccctccccca caaatgtttt gtttaatgct gtttttgatt cttgtatgag      6900
     acagctgggt tggcacatgt cacgtcgggg gctcccgtgg agtcgagaac gctccattgg      6960
     atgattatga aattggattt gattgattta atcactgtaa tcactagcat tgttcagcta      7020
     cgagaccagg aggctttcct tccagcaatt atgcaggatg gagtcacgtt atgtgaggag      7080
     ctcaccctgt gtttattttc ccttaaatgg gagatggaga cctagccacg agcactgcca      7140
     ggtgaacctg tgtgatccag ccagaagaag agggccaagt gctgagcccg gtgaacgctt      7200
     tgctgtacct ggctcccagt aggtagagtt ggctatggaa tgaatttatg tctaagtcat      7260
     tatatccctg tatcgtcctt cagagagggc aaagaggcag aataccgctc caggtaagag      7320
     ctctctatat gtattgcttg ttcttcacga tgaagctttg agcagctctc agaactcatc      7380
     actctcccca tgacggtcat ccaccatcct caatatgtgc cttctgtgct tgtggcttca      7440
     gtactcattt aaattactga ccgcccaaag gcatagctcc ctaatgggaa gagaaacctc      7500
     aacaggatgg ctctgcagtc tttgaagaac cccagcagag tctggactgc tgttcttcta      7560
     ttggtgctga tgttagtgtt ggtgttggtg ttggtgcttt ggtttggttt ggtttacttg      7620
     ggtatattta tttatttatt tatttatttt tgagacagaa ccttgcactt aaccacaggc      7680
     taggctggaa cttctggcaa tcttcctgtc ttagtgttgg gttaattctg tgtgtagagt      7740
     gcaccagact ggagcagctg ggtttcaggt gtcagcgcca cggctgtgga ggcgctcctc      7800
     tggcttgaga aacttaggca aacccatttt ccagtgccat gaggtgcaca ctggaaggag      7860
     gctgcgtact gtgaggaagt agagaacaag gattctgaga agtttgcgca tcctgtcaga      7920
     atgcagcatg gcgagctctc tgcagccatg tgctgtctgg tggatggaaa caggaccctg      7980
     gagaccacct gccccaaacc ctcatttgct gatgaggaac tgagactgac acagagtgtc      8040
     aggatcacta gtggtcctgc agactcaggc ctgctgagag actgcaggga taattgcagc      8100
     caagaaatct gtttacagcc gttaattggt ccctgttctc accgatataa aagtgtttat      8160
     gggcagcagt tacaaaactc attaaaaaat atattagttg ctgctaagat aaaaatgtga      8220
     cctaacttta ttctcaaaat agtcatagag gaggctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt      8280
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgtgcgt gcacgcatat atgcactcct gctctcctgg      8340
     tgtctagaac cctgctgcac atagtaggtg tttaataaaa ataagacaat ttggtttggg      8400
     gatgattgga ggggagaaca cagttcaact gttctccatt ggcaaggtaa gaagcttgtg      8460
     atgctgaggg gatgtctgag gatggcaaga aaggactgat cactgtggag gagaaacaag      8520
     atctgttccc catgcgggcc agtacaaggc tgaaggggct cggtttagaa agcaagggtg      8580
     ggttctgcaa tccgaggaag gcccgcccat acattgtcac ttctcacata caaatgtctg      8640
     cactgctcac tgctctgggt cctcagagct ggaaccccct gggatacagc ccaagaaaac      8700
     ccctgactca aagctgggga agggggaggg caaaacgaag gaagagggag ggaggaaggg      8760
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag gaggaatatt      8820
     agtagagaaa gagaagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga      8880
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa      8940
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa atggaaagag agcacagatg      9000
     ggaaaaagag aagagagata ggaagagaag aaagaaaagt ggttgggagg ggaacagaga      9060
     ggaggggagg ggcagggaga gaagagagga aaggaaaaga gagaggaggg gaggagagga      9120
     gaagagagag aagaggggat gagaagggag ggaaggagag gagaaactga ttccagtgcc      9180
     attcctcagc cctgtggcct ggggtgatct ttggggaaaa aaaatcccag agcgtctcta      9240
     agcccatttc ctgacctgga aacagggaaa tgacagtacc agttttccaa atgagctact      9300
     ccatgttgaa cacctacaac agcaccagag ctcagtcaag ctggctctgg aagtgttgtt      9360
     gttattgtgg tgattaaaca aaatgctgca acagactgct actgggactg ttcagaaggc      9420
     catggaagag gatgacaaga ccttcagcag gggcaacgtt cccatgatta gcaaccgctt      9480
     tgtacagact ggtcaccaga gtgaacactg gacttagtca cagtctgagt tcatgactgc      9540
     cgagctatcc accatccttg gttatatctg ggaggtgaga ctgacagtca ctggatgaaa      9600
     gccagctgtt gtcaaatacc tttaagctct ccccatggac aagagaagaa ttcatgttgg      9660
     atacaggacc aaattgcact ggaaagtact agctgaatac ctgcccacga ggcgctcacc      9720
     tgcagacagg ctctgaaata gatgtgtagt ttaggatggg tgtttttgca aagttacttg      9780
     gggcttcgat attttttctt cccatgcagt aataaagtag cccagggtag aacacaaata      9840
     aggcagagtg cgaagagaca ctgaagcagc catggaggct tcaggacacc gcgactggaa      9900
     accttccatg ctatagccaa ccacaaaggc cacactcacc agaacagcag actggaagcc      9960
     aaagccagtg tcccaggggc cgtgcacacc cagctccaga ctcaaaggag cacgccactt     10020
     ggcaggtagc ctatgccttt aaagttagca aatatgggtg taactctgag caacgtaatg     10080
     aaccttgcca ggtctcaact cttcagctat aaaataagag aagtaattgt ctctgtgtct     10140
     cagggtgttt gtgaagttca aagggggatg ctaaggaacc acagctttgg acatcttact     10200
     attaatatta ttaacaataa ttacattact tgctggaact aaattcagtg cgatgacatg     10260
     tggaagggtg aagcaaagtc ctacgttgta agactgtagc gatacgcaga gacagagact     10320
     gggtttactc ggagttcctg gggagggatg gtagatatgg tgtgtctgca acaaccgtga     10380
     ccagggccag tgtagcctga agctctcata acgtgtccat cttagctgct tctgccttaa     10440
     gcgtcacctc ttagggagag gagagggaga ggaaggggga gaattggaat tgcttttcaa     10500
     gacagccctc agagaaggct ggccctggtg gtcgtatgta ggaactgtcc tgtctgagga     10560
     acggttagat gcactgcgcg atttaccttt aaagagtggt aatctcagag gttggtaata     10620
     ggatggaggt gttcaggtat acctggaggc ttcctgtgta ttataacgtc tcaaaggtgt     10680
     gtgagaattc tcggtggggt actgctaaga tgtggaactt cagagagaca cttagcaaag     10740
     aactctccat ggaaaaagca gttagtcctg aaagcacagc acactgccac agatggtcag     10800
     ccccgccccc atacacacac acactcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     10860
     acacacacac acacacacgg aacgtgtata gtattgtgct tttgctcttt ttgcagcact     10920
     gagcattatg ccagcccaga gcctcacata caaggcaagt gcttgaccca tgagctagat     10980
     ctctgaccct ctttgatggt ggtggtggtg tctgtttgct tttcaagaca gggtttcttt     11040
     gtgtatccct ggctgtccct ggaagtcatt ctgtagacca ggctggcctt caactcacag     11100
     agatctgcct ttctctgtct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gggtgagcca ccactgcctg     11160
     gctgaccctt ttatttttat tttatctttc atttttagac aaagtcacac tagttaattg     11220
     ttaaggaggt ccttgatctt gctatatagc ccagacaggt ctgtaacatg ccatcctcct     11280
     gcctcagtct tttgagtacc tggaattaca ggccagaccc tgacttaact gtttgttgca     11340
     gaaagactta gatgggaggt tagtccttgg tcatccctag aagctctgtc aacttcagga     11400
     aaaactgtgt ttcctgcagt ttatggataa aggtgggaga atttcttcct ggaaaactct     11460
     attcatataa attctctgcc tgaactcata ttacaaatgc actcccctca ctattcagga     11520
     ataaaggttt aaggagtaca gcttaaggag agagaggagg ggagacaaag aagacaaact     11580
     acgtcagtat ttattcattt gatctatatt gacaacttct ccagaaggaa attgttaaat     11640
     agcccattag cacatgaaaa gatgttctga gtcattagtc atcaggaaaa gtggaaatca     11700
     gaatcataag acatacttca cacccaccag gatggccgcg tccaacagac aggcactatc     11760
     aggactgagg gagctgccga ggcccctgca cactgctggt gggagtgtag gctagggcag     11820
     caaactattg ggagttcctc aaaggtcaca ggggcctggc tatttcattt caggatctgt     11880
     gccccaagga gaagaaaacg tcatttcact tcctgttacc atggcccttt gagatgtctg     11940
     cacagaaatt tgtatgcaag ggttcatagt gacattattc atgattgctc aaaatggaag     12000
     ccatgtctgt gtctaccatc taatgaatgg ttgcataaaa cgaacactgc aagattattt     12060
     gagaggaagg tagaaggcag tgcttaccca tccaacaatg gggctaagcc ttccaaatag     12120
     cagcaaagca aaggaagccc cacgcaaaag gctacatttt tctagggtct cctgatacaa     12180
     acagtgaaaa attgggcaaa tctataaaga catattccac tatcaatgat caaagaagaa     12240
     aggcagtgaa atgcatgaac atcaaataga cacatggcag cacccaacat catcagtcat     12300
     tagaaactgt catttgaaag cacagtgaga gagcatgtca cacctgctcg aacagctgtc     12360
     gagtggtaag gagaaaccat tggtgagcat tgctggtagg aatacgaagc cgcgcgacac     12420
     ttttcaaacc atgaacccat gaaaaagtct acacaaatct tcatggagcg ttgttaatga     12480
     agacaaaggg agaaacaacc caaaggtccg tcaactgacc aacgtgtaaa tgaaactcat     12540
     cacagccata cagtggagat cattcagcta ctaaaaggca tgaagtactg tcagatgctg     12600
     agcctcggaa gcatgccaat gaaagaatca aatccccaaa tgcacacaag acaggatgtt     12660
     attcatgaaa ggcccccaga tgaaaagaca aagtagattt acatcaacct ggtactgaag     12720
     tgagtcgggg gaagaaggtt atgcagtgac cgaatagcac agagtttatt tgtggggcac     12780
     taaaagagtc ctaaaattat attagggtca cagtcataca aagctatgca tatgtgagtt     12840
     acttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     12900
     gtaagtcaca ggtcaagttt ggggaaatct gttctctccc tccatcatga agggccaggg     12960
     attaaactca acatcattag gattgatcat aagcacctta acatgctgga ccctctccct     13020
     ggctcacgag atgtattaag gggtaatttc actgtcagag ataacattgc aaacatccga     13080
     cctgtgtata aactttgtag acccacctta atgacagatc agcaactggg gaaggtatag     13140
     ttagaggaat tgaagggact cggatcggct taagacacct caggaccagg ttctcagcac     13200
     aaagaagatg tattcactcc agagagacaa aaggtagaga ataagaaaca aagacagtag     13260
     atagaggaag agggaggagg agaagggatc tttctttgga gggagtggtg gggaagacag     13320
     gctctggatg gacaggagga aaacatggca aatgtcaact tattgtagaa ggggaaacgc     13380
     ccatattggg atgaggtctt taattttgat ttggcatgtt aattagggta gccaaagtgg     13440
     ggttttgctt gctttaagag agtaatgtaa tggttttaag caaggcagag ggaatggggg     13500
     agaagggcaa ggcctgccag agccaccttc aatgtattca agctggttag catcccttca     13560
     agaatgctat agtcaaacca taagtgaggt atgttttctt ctctgcaccc tttatgcata     13620
     ttgtcttagt tagggtttct attgcagtaa tacaagacta tgaccataag caacttggag     13680
     aagaaagggt ttattttgct tacacttccg cattgcaggc ccatcatcaa agggagtcaa     13740
     ggcaggaagt caaggcaggt acctgggggc aggagctgac acagaggcca tggaagagtt     13800
     ctgtttactg gcttgttttt catggcttgt tcagtcttct ttcttatagc atccaagaac     13860
     atgagcccag gggtgacgcc tcccccagta gttggcaccc caaatcattc atcagttaag     13920
     aatatgcacc acagccaggc agtagtggtg cacgccttta atcccagctc ttgggaggca     13980
     gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag     14040
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaactaaaa caaacaaaca atatgaacta     14100
     accagtaccc ccagagctcg tgtctctagc tgcatatgta tcagaagatg gcctagtcgg     14160
     ccatcattgg aaagagaggc ccatcagtct tgcaaacttt atttgcctca gtacagggga     14220
     atgccagggc caagagtggg gggtgggggg gggtgagggt atggagggac ttttgggata     14280
     gcattggaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatacct aatttttaaa aatgtaataa aaagatatgc     14340
     accacaggct tggtcacagg cctatctagt ggcggcatct tcttaattaa gctttcctct     14400
     tccaaaatga ctccagtttg tgtcaggttg ctataaaact gacctcttgt caacgtgaca     14460
     cacgcacaca tcactgttaa accataacct ttcctttctt gttgttcgca agattaatat     14520
     caatatcaca atataaaaca tatttcaaat tttaaaattc ccacagactt taaaaaaaaa     14580
     aaaaccagca aaccctttaa aagctcagcc ttttcaaaac acacagtctc tttaaaatat     14640
     ccaaagtcta acaactctgg gttcctgtaa aatcaaaaat aaatcagata cattgttcag     14700
     gaatgaagag ccaagacaca atcacagtct gaacaaagca aactaaaccc cagcagggta     14760
     aataacacag tgtacaacgt ctgcagtaca tttaggatct tctggactcc caagggcttg     14820
     gcaagttgta cttctctgtt ctgacattca cagaacaaaa accttgtctc ctcggctcag     14880
     gctaactcca cccacagctg ctgccaccct tggtcgtcca tcccacagca ctggcatctc     14940
     tgaaatgctg ggtttccctg ctgcaattgg cctgcgcttt caccaatagc ttctcttgag     15000
     ctctccacaa agatcctgac cctgacatat gataccagac ctcagtttct ctccacaacc     15060
     ccttcaaggc tggaccctca aaaccagttc catttgggag actaaggaca ttaccaagtt     15120
     tggctaacag tacaaggaca accttggcca cttttagacc acggtcagct tctgtgtgct     15180
     gaccatgagg aaacacttcc cagatgattt tgcctctctg acactggtct cttcttaatc     15240
     gcaactgatt cttcatcctc agctgatcgt tcccactaag caaaaatatc actttaatgg     15300
     ttctgctttc ttgttgacca tagtcaattc ttcaaccctg catagcctaa gctcaaattt     15360
     tcaaacggcc tccatagagt aaggaactct taagcatccc tctgaaaccg cacaagccca     15420
     acttcatcat ctgcttgccc ttagcatcac tgtctaagtt cccacaacag ctcattaagc     15480
     tctggctctg aatggctttt ctagcccaat gctccagagt ccttccacag tcctccccaa     15540
     aacacagggt cgggtctgtc acaggaatac cccatacctg ataccagttt ctgtcatagt     15600
     tggggttttt tattgctgtg ataaagtacc ctaaacacag caagttaggg agaaaagggg     15660
     ttgtatttga ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttgggctt gttttgtttt     15720
     gttttgtttt gttttattgc ttatatttct atatcagcaa tttcttcttg aaggaagtca     15780
     gggcatcagg gcaggaactc aagcaggaca agaacctaga gacaggagtg gatgcagagg     15840
     ctagggaaga ctgctgctta ctggctttct cctcttggat tgctcaacct gctttgtctt     15900
     agcagccaag accaccagtc caaggtggca ccacccacag tgagctgggc cctcctacaa     15960
     taaccatcat taagaaaatg taccataggc ttgcccactt gccaatctaa tgggggcatc     16020
     ttctctaggt tctctcttcc aaaatgattc tggtttgggt caagttgtcc taaaactatg     16080
     cagcacacat gctaagccta agccactgac catcaaagcc ttgggtgttg atacagtctt     16140
     accaactact gatcaagggc gtctagcaca cccaactcca tgcctactgc tctagtgaaa     16200
     ggcaacctca ctccttcctg tggcaggagg tccccaacat ttgctttgtc tatactgttg     16260
     ctgcaatgac attcagcctt cacacaccag ctagaggaat gtcgcttctg gttaagctgg     16320
     ctccatgtct cacaaggctg ggtgtgatgt tgaccattcc aaaacaagca tcttcctggc     16380
     ctgctccctc ccacccaacc ctggactcaa aggcttcatt tctcaatgtc tagggtgcag     16440
     tattctcttt gcttctgttt tatgtttgtt ttgctttgtc tttaactttt cttgctgttg     16500
     tgttgctttt ggtttggctc ggtttggttt gattttttgg acacagggtc ttatgtaatc     16560
     catgctggct tctgactttc catcagctga ggctggcctt gtattctggg tcctccagtc     16620
     tctacatccc aagtgctacc atcacagatg tgtactacca tacccatctc tggacctttg     16680
     aactatgtca tctcctgctg aaatctcttc atccaccctc ctctctctcc atgccatcct     16740
     ctctcttgtc tgtgccagcc gaatcactat ttttgccttc accccacatt catctgagca     16800
     agactaatca caatatttta gggatcgtgg ggaaatcact ttctccacaa gtccttcctg     16860
     gttctcatgg tctcatcaaa tgctctttcg aagggcagaa ccctgggctt cccctatgat     16920
     aaatagcatc tgttgcatca acttggaatt gccttataac ttttcccgac tcaccccaaa     16980
     gctgagcggt gtgccatgct tcatggctca catgagcaat ggagataaaa ataggacccg     17040
     cagtgctagg ctgctgggat ggtcaggtaa gacagcattt gtgtaagaaa agcactggag     17100
     catcacagga gtggcaccca tgcctgttta aaacattgtg ttcctttgta gattctaagt     17160
     cctaagggac aacttccatt ttttgtcaca gctatatcgt ctgtaaatgt tactgaggga     17220
     agattttggt cagttaatta atcagtcaag tgtacagatg ccgcaaagct atctcaggct     17280
     tctgagatcc agaataggta gtgggtaata aaatagtttc caaacaagat gagtgaagac     17340
     agaagcagaa gcagaagaca gaagcagaag cagttacaca gggctgttct tggtgaagca     17400
     tgcctgtggc cctaccacac tagaggtgga ggctggaaga ccatgggttc aagaccaatc     17460
     ctgtctacat agtgagttta aggtcaatat ggactataag taactctgtc tccaaaattt     17520
     ttgtttttaa gaagaaaata aaataaatag aggtggcttt ttaagttagt agagaaaagt     17580
     gtggcttgtt ggtttatacc tgtaatccca gtactggaga gtctgaaaca ggaggatcac     17640
     cacaagaaag ccagcctgag ttacttcatg agttccagac cagcctggga aacagtgaga     17700
     aatattatcc ctaaataaat gataaataat aaataaacag caaggcaata acttgtttac     17760
     aatgaaattt ggatcatttc cattagactt ttgaaaaaaa aaactgaagt gagaatccat     17820
     tcacagcata aacaaaagta gttccatggg cagctaggtt cagaaaagaa aacaaaattt     17880
     taaagtcaaa acacaagaaa gcaaaactct gggctgctga gatggctcag tggttaagag     17940
     cactgactgc tcttccgaag gccctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca     18000
     accatccgta atgagatctg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc taaagacagc tacagtgtac     18060
     ttagatataa taataaataa atctttggcc aggagcaagc agggctgaag caagtgggac     18120
     ccaagcgagt ggggcgggag caagcggggc cagaagtgag caaaggtcct gagttctatt     18180
     cccagcaacc acatgctggc tcacaaccat ctgtacagct acagtgtatt catatacata     18240
     aataaataaa tctaggaagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggaggaagg     18300
     aaggaaggaa gaaaggagat ggaaagcaag caaagctccc tgtctgacct ggggcagctg     18360
     tgagagctat gctctttcat cagtgtggga agatgctctc ctggaacagt gagtcaggaa     18420
     acagcctcac agtggcactg cctcttgaag tcccaggctg aacagagcac ctggcttctc     18480
     tggactttat ttccacacca gtaaatacaa attcttactc tggggatgat ggtctagcct     18540
     ataatacctg tactctggag gctgaggcag gagttgaata taaggctaac ctgaactaca     18600
     caaagagagc ttgtctcaaa taaataaact aactaaataa ataacattta aaaggaggta     18660
     tgttatgagg actaaatgat ataatgcttg tatatcacag attttatgga atacctaact     18720
     gcatatgttt ttattattag gtttatatta aaatgatgac agccaattat atctcagagg     18780
     taagggcttt agtgttttcc cttttaactg taggttctaa gaactctgca atggcatgct     18840
     ctgtttttaa aaataaaatg gaaaacaagt tatttttaag tttaaaatac ttaaaaatct     18900
     caccactggg gaatattttt ggtcatacaa aaatatccat gatctactat tcagagtttt     18960
     ctaagcagga taatttagat tatgaaaata tttattattc ctgtatcgat aacctccagg     19020
     gaagaatgaa aaacttgcag tagccacagc ccctgtctca ggtctgtgtt acatgtgatt     19080
     ttgactttat ttcttgtcat cttctgtttc ctaaattctt cacaaagatg tgattcttag     19140
     caattacagg gggaagtatt aaaaaaaaaa ggagaaaaca gtaggatttt taacaagatc     19200
     aaacagagct tttcatccca atcatagggg aagaaaggat tgttccagat gaaaaggtaa     19260
     aaagaataaa gtgagtccca gctaaggtcc tatatttttc ttggcaagag aaggcaaggg     19320
     agagaatggt ttaggctttg aaacagttgt gagaaatgaa aaggtctaat tagagatttt     19380
     ttttctttga agggagcaca gatgaaggcc ttctgagttg aaaacctaac taacctcata     19440
     gtgtgaacaa gaaccgtgtg ctcccagcat gcatcagcac aaggctggga atagggagtt     19500
     tcatctaagg ctgatgagag accacacagg aaacaccaca cacagcacat ctggagggct     19560
     cgccatcaga acacttgact ttcagagagt tggcagatgc cagccacaca cacatggcca     19620
     tacttgtaat cctagtcctc aagaggctgc cgcaggagaa ttaggattat gtctggatta     19680
     tgtaatgaga ccctgagtca aacaaataaa caagcaaata aaacaaagaa acaataaaga     19740
     tgaaagaaca gactagcata gacagatgtt atagttgacc atagcacggt atctccaaag     19800
     ggttatgtat taaatccttg gtcctatcac caatcacact attgagagac ggtagagtat     19860
     ttaatacatg ggggctagcg ggatgtgtgt gagatgccag gtatcaaact cagagtattg     19920
     tgatttgaat gtgcaatgtc cccatctgtt cgtggctcca acacttggtc ctcagctgat     19980
     ggacatgttt taggtcttag aacctttagg gggtgaaagc ttgctgatgg aagtgggtct     20040
     gagtgagtgg gtcagggaaa gtgggtcagg gctttaatat ttgagagcag gtcccacacc     20100
     ctgtccactc tgcttcttaa ctgtagttac aatatgatca tccacctcct gtaaccaagc     20160
     ctttccttcc acgatagact gtatctcttc aaactgtgag ccaaaataaa gaccatcccc     20220
     caccccttaa attgctttgt gtcaggtctt tggtcacagc aataagaaaa gtaactaatg     20280
     cactagacaa gcactgcacc atggagccac accctaggcc tcgtgtaggc ttttagattg     20340
     tggggagtgt gtcgttgaag acactgtgag acccaaactt ctttctttct tcctctcttt     20400
     tgctttccag ctatctgata agcaggcttg ctctgggaac gcactcccac catatgccgt     20460
     gcattatcac aggcccaaat gcaatacaac tcagcatgga cctgggtctg taaaactaaa     20520
     atccaaaata gccctttcct ctttacaagc taattatctc aagtatagtg gcgaaaagat     20580
     aacaaactca gctgggactg gttattgatt aacttttttg gctacaaaat acatggagtt     20640
     tttaagaatg caaccaactc aggcaaatga agtgaactct cctcccagga tttacctgga     20700
     gctacccttg gttgacattt tagcccacac tgtctggtag atatgacatt acctatctta     20760
     ccaaccagac taggcgtgat caaactcaat aatattttac tacttggtta aatatgtctc     20820
     cattaggaag aattcaatgt atccacagcc actcaaaggc atcccaaaga cgttctcagg     20880
     ctttgtcctt gttctcaatg ttgtgatccc tgggcatgtc actactctaa cttattctat     20940
     tcattgcatt gccaaaggaa atcactgaga ggaactgggc ctgcatcgtt cagtatgttg     21000
     catggaacag ctccattctc ccggtccttg cctcctctgg gttgctgact ctgggttcta     21060
     atgtaagact tctttttgcc cactctgcca aggatgcaat tataccagat gttagtagct     21120
     tcagatgcaa aaaagcttga gtagggaggg gctacctgct gaatagggag gggctacctg     21180
     ccgagtgcag agcagccact ctgtgtgtta gctggtattt gatctaactt gccagtcttt     21240
     cctcaagggc atttcattct ggcactctgt gtgtgctaaa gctatcttaa caatataacc     21300
     actgcccagg caacttagac agcaaaggtt tattttttca tggtgcttaa tgttctaatc     21360
     caagatcaag gcttcagatg gacaggaaaa gatccttttc ccccctccca tcttgtttaa     21420
     gttcatagct gagacccctg tatacagaga cagaagaact agagaaaaac actcaaatga     21480
     acttaatata agccctacag gacacaaggg ttttcaggaa tgaaaactct ttgttctaaa     21540
     acagagaaac ctgtgcctac ttatgctatg gactgatgaa gagctgaaca gagaggtgat     21600
     tgggtaagag aagtctgatt tacgctggga gctggggtag ctgagtgttg agtttctctg     21660
     tgtctgtaaa aaataagagc attcagactg gagagatggc tcagtggtta agagcactga     21720
     ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacagctact     21780
     tgtaatggga tctgatgccc tcttctggtt tgtctgaaga cagctacagt atattcctat     21840
     aagtacaata agtagatctt ccttataaat agaagaacat tccttcttgt gcagagaacg     21900
     gacttctcag cgggggtctt atgttggctt tggagaagga caaggggaag gtgaaaccaa     21960
     cccagttcac ctttgttgtt gttggtttta tttttcagta ctaaggggct gtagctagag     22020
     ctttcataca agccgggcag tccctatcac aggctatttt cccagccaga actcatcttc     22080
     ctcagactga gctgtttctt taaatgccac agtgccatat tttggcattg catgaactga     22140
     aacacatcac agtggattct gtgagggctc ccttcttgcc ctcagctgcc ctacttcctg     22200
     gtgtatgctt taaagatgga gctctctggc atatccttgt acaaggacac tagttgcatt     22260
     agatcaggga cccaccccac cccagcctta ggacttcgtt tacctttact ttcatattcc     22320
     agatatagcc ataactaggg gactagagct ttcagtatga catggggaat gggaagatga     22380
     agcaatctag tcaaccaatg aatgtgccca gcacttcctt ctatggtaca cccacatcaa     22440
     ctctatgact actaccgttc acctgggtca tatgtcttct taaagctttc agggagcaga     22500
     cctcatgctc aatttttgtc cactacaatg ctggaatcct gtccagacct acttataagg     22560
     ggcaattgtt tttctttttt aatcaattta cttattttat gtatatgagt atactgcagc     22620
     tatacagatg gttatgagcc ttcatgtggt tgttgggaat tgaattttgg gacctctact     22680
     tgctctggtc agtcctgctt agccccgttc actccagtcg actctgaccg ctcaggccca     22740
     aaaatttatt gattattata tatgagttca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag     22800
     ggtgtcagat ctcattaccg atggttgtga accaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc     22860
     aggatcttcg gatgagcaat cagtgctctt accctttgag ccatcttgcc agccatgttt     22920
     tttgtttgtt tatttggatt ttggttttgg attgttgttg ttgttttggg tttttgggtt     22980
     tttttttttt tttttttaca ggtcctatct ttattcactt cttcctaaaa taagtaaggt     23040
     aacactcact ttagggaaga gacagagaac caaccacaaa atcaaatgac atttgtttcc     23100
     aaaatgtaat tgccacactg cagaatgtat ctctcttgct gtcatggtcc tggatgttcc     23160
     acacttagct gttgcttctc acaggactgc tggggcttca cttaatggtt aacagagtct     23220
     cagtctcaac tgtaacaaac agagtaaaga gaaaggagcc gcactggcga ctactaatgt     23280
     cttctagcat ggctgatgct ctcttccctg tgcaccctat gtgtgagctt cagagtggtc     23340
     aaggatcagg gactgaaggt acctttcaac aacagataca tcttgttctt gagtttccat     23400
     ggtaactctg ccctgtacct tcgagatttc cttctctaca tttgtttgct gactgccaaa     23460
     aaggggtctg cgatgtttac tcaagtcgtt ggctttcttc aaaaatgtgt cagacatatc     23520
     ttcagtattt tcaagcttgg tttcatgatc tgctatacct gtctgtaaaa tcttcatttg     23580
     ctgctgttat aaaaccgagg tgttcttctt ggccccttgt gctgcccacc tcatctagac     23640
     acttctggta tagggaccca tacctttcac agtacacaga ctcaagctcc tgccttgact     23700
     tctgctgagc tttcagaata ccctggaggc tttcattcag gtttctgaaa gaggcattta     23760
     catccttttc aaactgcttc ctcttttcca taagaaacta agtagcatca ccttagaaat     23820
     cctgcatcct cttctgaaca ggctcggggc ctcttgcaca tctgaatctg agcaatgact     23880
     gcccatctca ctggtaccaa ctactggatt gtccgcaggg ttgactgcat ctcggttctt     23940
     ggagtcttct gatggagggt cttatctacc ctcgggcact tggcacttta cttcatggcc     24000
     ttctgttcct tgcttgacat ggctggaacc ttcctgggtc agacagaact ccattcaggg     24060
     tgggcacggc tatttggggc aattgtaaaa attaaagaaa tagtgtgagc tcttttgtta     24120
     aaataaccat gattgaaaat taaattctac aaatgtagaa atgaataaat aagatttaaa     24180
     acgatgctac ataatgtctg atacccatca gtctccactt actacactgg aacctaaaaa     24240
     ccaagagatg gatattcctg tttctcacac aaaagtgcgc cttcattagc attaatattg     24300
     tattgtaaag tgcaatggta gagacaccat caagtggtga gctactgtac acccagtaca     24360
     gtaaccctac ccagatttgt gttcagcaag gctaggtttc tttgaaatta atagagaaag     24420
     tatgcatgct atagacatta gtacacactg caaatcaggg cccctggtca gaactcctct     24480
     ttagtctcca tcagcatgtc actctgagta ctgtcatcag aatccagggc tgggtgccca     24540
     gtgaatgttg aaaggatggt ggggagaaaa gaataatgca gggttgaaga ggctgagagc     24600
     gacaacagga ggatgctgga agggtggggc atcactcctg cccgcacctt tccgaccaca     24660
     cagcctgcag cctcagctgt gctgtttcct ctgcggtagc tttctcatgt tggctcctgc     24720
     acattgtgca aaagagcaca atgtggtcca gcgactgtgt gcttcctatt tctgaactct     24780
     gttgcttcat cgcatttcaa aagaggtgta aattttacaa tccggttcat tccattagag     24840
     atagcgatgt ggcaatgctc actgcagaat ctgtatttac catacacaac tatttactac     24900
     tagatccaga ggaaggtagg cagggcgggg tcgctctgtg gcaaggtggc cttcaccaca     24960
     agttccgttc ccatgtgccc tctttccagt gctgtgcaga aaagagaact agattgtgcc     25020
     ctccaaaatg gctactgtgc atagaagacc agtggaaatt atgctcagaa attgccaaag     25080
     ccaatgctgg aaatagctac caccaaaata ttgtatgagt gcttatgggc agtatttcct     25140
     cagagcattt gtaatgtata tatatgtttg tctattaagc attttacagt tttcagggct     25200
     aggaatgtgg ctcggtggta gaatactcac ctacaatgca taaagctcta gtttttatcc     25260
     ccatcattga aaaaaatgta tgtatgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata tatatatata     25320
     tacacatata tatacatata tacacatata tatatataca tatatacaca cacatatata     25380
     tacatatata tatacataca tatatataca tacatatatg tacatgtagg catatgtgta     25440
     tattaaacag tttttgttct tgttgttttc tttttatttt taaggagatt ttgttatgta     25500
     gcccaggcta gcctaaaaac tcactgtgta gcccaggctg tccttgaaca catgacaatc     25560
     ctcctgcttc agccttctga gtgttgggat tatagacatg agccactata agcagccaaa     25620
     atagattttg aaacagggtc tcactgtgta gcccaggaca gcctcaaatt caagattcac     25680
     ttaccacagt ctgccagctg gtggaattgc aggtttgtgc tatcacactt ggctagttcc     25740
     cttttgttac atcaaaatgg gggaataact aggaaaatca aaaatgaggc tgaatcccca     25800
     aacaacagca aagggtggaa agaaaatggt agagaaaagt gtattatcac tacaaacatg     25860
     tttagaattc tttagtaagc tgctttcagt ggcacccttt cctgggagaa atatctttgt     25920
     caataaaatt ggaggttcct agtcccatgt ttggcagaca aaatcatgtc aactcatgcg     25980
     ctggatgact gattagaaga gaacatgtct gttcagccct cttgcaccag gacttggggt     26040
     ggcacaatgt atgtcctctg tatcctatat gcatgctttg attcttagat agatagatag     26100
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat aaaatacttg tgagactgga gaactgttcc     26160
     catggttaaa cacttgccag caaattctgt gtgtgagaat gggagttcag atccccagaa     26220
     acccatgtaa atgccatgtg ggtgtggtgg cctgactgtg atttcagcct cagaaggtag     26280
     agacgggaga gtcccagagg aacctggctc ccaacagtag acgtatccac aagctctggg     26340
     tttccctgcg agcctgggtt tgactgaaag acctttcccc agtgagtaaa gtggaggagc     26400
     caacaaggat gattccctac accactctct gctctccaca tgcacacaca catacatccg     26460
     tacacatggt acctccccca tgctaacaca catatacaca tgtgcatgca tcacaaacat     26520
     acacacacaa acacacactg gagaaagaaa tatacttgaa atgcaaactg catctgcact     26580
     gaacatgggc agtcgtttct tgttactttt ccccaaagca acatggcatc cacatagcat     26640
     tttcgttact cagtgttata agtgacttag ggatggttac acggtagaga agttggtgct     26700
     ggttatatgt gattaatata tagaagccat gagcactcat gggttttggt ttcccagaga     26760
     tccaggatcc agttactatg gacactgagg atgactaatc agaagtacat ctttccactg     26820
     ggactctctg ggtcaagccc tgtagtgatg gacctttcac acaaggttgg acagtgtaat     26880
     caagtttcct acatgtaaag aatgttacca accatcctga cctatgcttt ggtagccact     26940
     gctctcttag atgtcatccc tccttgacgt gaccctccta cgtatctggt gatcctcaga     27000
     gaatgtctgg gaactgatgg cttgttcatc tggaaaacgt ccaaaatatc tgtgaagact     27060
     gactggcatc aggcctccag ggagcgtctc aaatagtctt tgtcttatag gcctcacact     27120
     agagtgggta gactgcctta tgaactgaga gaccagacct ggacttttgg gtccagtgtc     27180
     aaggctaggc tatgagactt agttccaaga ctgaaggatc agcaaagaaa gtaggaaatt     27240
     tgagacccca gaaccaagca tgaagccctg tgccccgagc tgtgacatgt gccctgagct     27300
     ctgacatgga atgcctgtcc ttctggcttt gcacctgaat ttattttcct ttcatgtaga     27360
     tggaatggtt cagtcatgtc tgtaggaagc ctctacagtt gtagtcacta gccctggaaa     27420
     atgtaccggc tcatttcaat gacactgcca caggacacgt gccctgtcac ccagtttcct     27480
     tgtcctgaat gtcctatcaa taaaacgagt ttccttcctt acctcaaaag aatcaaggac     27540
     tttgcatccc tgagtcctta ggaaagcatg ctccattatc ctctttaata ttatcatcat     27600
     acagcaccct aggacccagg agtgcaccac caaatgcaag acccacattt tcccaagagg     27660
     gtttcaggac ctagagacag acattagcag gagggtgttt gccttgtatg caggcatgag     27720
     gccctgggtc aaccccgaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaaaccaaa     27780
     caaatgattt gggctagcac agtggtgcaa tcctgtactc tcagcactta aggaggctga     27840
     ggcaggaaga ttgctataaa ttcaaggcta gcctggtcta cacagacaat actaattcag     27900
     ccagaagtac aaggtaggac cctgtattta aagccaaaac gaaatcaagc agtaagtatt     27960
     tctcttctaa ggcaggcctt gtcaacacac ccccttcaca gtcatccagc cagaacaaga     28020
     actgcccagg actgttttca gattagatct gcagtctaca caagttactt tagcacaaag     28080
     tctttatcag acaccaccca gtgagagaca agcttccagt gccattccaa gaacagctgg     28140
     cactcagcac cctggttcta acatcaggga agttgtacca gcctataaat aacaaccctc     28200
     agccacagag tgctgccgga agcaggctgt ttggcattga catggggtca tatctcaatt     28260
     gtgcagcatc gagtacaaag actggctgca catcggccca gccgctgcct ccttctcttc     28320
     atccatgagg tttgaagcct ttccctcttt ttgcagtgct ctgtaagaat ctctgggtaa     28380
     ccccagagga tgcagccact cttccaggct gtgggtgcca cctcctgagc acgccccccc     28440
     cccccccccc gggagcatga gagcttagga acagtggcta agtggtgtgg gtctctgccg     28500
     ggcccctctc cttcacctcg gatgctttgt gacaccccaa ccctcctcac ctcctggggc     28560
     gatcctgcaa caagtctcta ggatgttaga aagtgcacag ctggtgtccg acaagtcccc     28620
     gctggaggca caccacctcc tctccgtgcg tgcgtgccag ctccttcttc tcctgcttcc     28680
     cttgtttact tcttggcaga acatagtcct caggaagctg gcccaatcta ctccaacaaa     28740
     ccttactcta aggtttcctg aaaagcactg aggccctccg gagcagacac gtggaggagt     28800
     gtctcgcacc ttccagggac aacaacctcc gccccttgca ctgccaaaag tgaggcttat     28860
     agccaggctt aaaaccctca ggtgttgtgt tttataaaaa gataagaaga ggagggatat     28920
     gtttggtgga ggtgcagtca gatgtggggg gaggggggct ctgcgggccc atgctaaggc     28980
     atcccttccc cctgagggac caacaacaag gtatggggag gggagatgag agagtagagg     29040
     agtagaggcc ggccaggagc acgtggagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     29100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagggggggg gggattggaa tgcggagaaa ccgggagcag     29160
     gatcaaggag acagagcaaa gagcaagtaa gcaagagagg agggggcaag cagcccctgt     29220
     ttagtgagtc aggcacacct gactgttgcc aggtaactgt ggggcggagc ctaaacaagt     29280
     agctaccttc aggtacctcg aggatttggg gagaattcta aactctagtc aatccatatg     29340
     gctatgatgg cttacatttg tgatccctgt acttggaaga ctgaggcagg aggattccat     29400
     cctagtctat ttagtgagtt tcaggccatc ctaggaatga gagcatgtct aaaaaaaaag     29460
     aaaaagaaag aaagaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga     29520
     agggaaggga agggaaggga agggaaggga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaaa gaaatctaca     29580
     atagcaacac ctcccacctt gtgatggtgt tgttagagtt ttgatttttg cagtcttggt     29640
     ttctacggcc ttctgccctc tcccacttta caacgcagta gcgtttcctt cttgtttttt     29700
     gttttaaaat ccctcctgcc tcagcgcccc cggctgttct caggtttaca cccttgttta     29760
     tgaacctggg ttcagtgcgc tcagctgttt gtggcctcct ggaggatggg tggtactcct     29820
     cagtctacac acggtgcgcg cttctcggaa acggaggttt gtttcgcaga gctgaaacca     29880
     cctttgttgt gttgattcct gtcagctgtc agaaatcaga gaccacccct ggaaggagcc     29940
     tggggcgggg ccagggcggc agccacgcgg caaaggcttc ggcagaataa agtttttcca     30000
     tagcaacctg agctcatatt taaaaggaga attgtcttct aaatggtaga agtgaaaata     30060
     gactccctcc tgcgcctaac ctgaggacag ggagagcaag ggaggaagca accaggcctg     30120
     gcagggatct aaccagctgg cactgtgtcc acactccccc tccccttccc tctccatccc     30180
     ttctcccacc cctccccttc ctccctccct tccccctttt cctctccctc ctctctcccc     30240
     ctcccttccc tctcccttct ctctccccct tcctctgttg gtttgttcgt tcgttctttt     30300
     gttagttttc attcgaagca gcttctttct ttgctaaagt tgctggctgg cacaggtaga     30360
     gtgggagaac agagcaactg tccaccccac cagcctggtg gattggcgct gactctgttt     30420
     tctgagagga gaccggcttt tgtgctctgc ttcttagaag ctgcaaactt gctgcctacc     30480
     taaggcaagg caggggatat taagaggtca gagtcagggg tcaccgggcc tctttcctca     30540
     gggcaaggcc tccataatgc tgggacacag tctctttagt ttgatgttta gcctttaatt     30600
     gctgctttct ttttattttg ttctgttttt tcaaaccagt ctcatgtatc ccaggttgac     30660
     ctagaacact gttgtgtagt tgagctaacc tgatactttt gagtgctggg atgacagggg     30720
     tgcagctacc ccaaggcgcc tggcttctgt gtgctgggga ttgtccaggg cttctccagc     30780
     tgagccacat ctgaagcctt caccactgtc cccttcagcc tgacaatgca caaggtcagg     30840
     gagaatgggg gtttctcggt ctgcaatgct ccattttctc caaagcaacc cagccttctc     30900
     agctgtctgc acggtgctgg atgtagcagg tttagggctc atccaataag cagggagccc     30960
     aagagtgaca gcttgagtgt ggcaagaggg gtgggccttg tctacagcat cctcctctgt     31020
     ccacagcaat gacaggcgtg gagaactggg gattctgaag tggtggctct ttcaaataaa     31080
     ggagtgtttc gagacctcct ccaacagaat ctttgaaata accagatgca ataagtgttc     31140
     ccctttcaaa agaggaatat tattttcttc catggaatct gggtgtgggg tgtgggtgtt     31200
     gttatgctat tacttttatt ttttattcgt gtatgcatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga     31260
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagtgc tataggtgag cagtgctttg ggaagccaag     31320
     acagagtgtt ggatctcctg gagctggaac tacaaggtga accactcagt gtgggtgctg     31380
     gggaccaaac ctgggtcctc ccgcgtgttc gagcaggatg accttaactg ccgcaccacc     31440
     tttcaaggcc cttctttgga atctttgaaa aaaagtttcc ttcaagttat tgttctgtcc     31500
     tcagcatgtc acttagtgac tgagaggtca gtaagatgca aatattgaag aaaggccaca     31560
     caagtcacac aaggaagatg tttccttgcg ctggtgaagt ggcttaagag ataacagtgc     31620
     ttgctgccta cagtgagggc ctgggcatca tccccaggcc ccacgtggtg gaaggagaga     31680
     accaactctg acagttgccc tttgaccttc atgcaaacac tgtgatcccc tcccaccacc     31740
     cataccttac ctgcccctgc acaagcaaat acatacatgg aaacaaaaat tagagttttc     31800
     aaagtattat tatgttcaag tccttaattc tgaattcttg tgtctttgct tctcagtgga     31860
     ggaagtttgg ggtttgggga gatttcagat ctgtgatttt tcaattatgg atgttcaatc     31920
     tgtgggcaga aatgaagtta ctaagcccaa atctgcagac cctcatgtct tcagggctcc     31980
     tgatgttgct ttctggcctg cagagcgcac tgggcatctt cctgcccagt gtaagggctg     32040
     cagtaatatc tgtaactgtc ttgtttttgt tattattgtt gttggtttgt ttggttttgt     32100
     tgttgttgtt gtgtttgttt gttttttggt ttggtttggt tttggttttt cgagacaggg     32160
     tttctctgta gtcctggctg tcctggagct cactctgtag accaggctgg cacggggaaa     32220
     caatgtatca aaacaaaata aaacaacttc ccctgcaccc ccccccccaa aaaacccaca     32280
     aacaaaaagt cgctaaccac tcactccaag caatcaaacc ctgagcccac agctctgagg     32340
     tcacagacca tacccaatgt cagtctttcc tgaggggctt tatgggttgt tctcctttct     32400
     agggaacaaa tagatttgtt caatgagcaa tcgccttgta atcttactga agaaaatcca     32460
     ttgttgacca aaaaagaaaa aggaaggaag aaagtatatt caggagaaaa tatgggtgat     32520
     catggcctgg caacagagac ttgggttccc ccaaactgca tatacaatgt gaaagcaata     32580
     tcatgaagtt tttatagtag cagaataaag gatatacatc aagatgcttt gaagtctttg     32640
     gtgggatcaa tcgtcatgga gacaggttga caaccaagtg gagaagcctc agccccagcc     32700
     tcacatacta tgtgatgact cagcttttgg actgggagaa gccaaagatc tgctcagtta     32760
     atactttcct aaggaaaaca agtgcttcgt ataccttcca atgattctcc tagtgctcac     32820
     aaagtctcta ggtcaggaag agagacgggc aacaaatggc tattaagagg actgaagatg     32880
     gcccaagata atttgactct ggacctgcta cattccaaac tcttcacaat tattgatgct     32940
     ctaatctgct gaaagtccag ataccctgaa gttggaacaa tatgcaagaa gcctgaaagg     33000
     cctggagagg gctgttatca tctctttgaa tcactgggac agccgtactg ttggtggcca     33060
     tgatcttgtg gtcacagcac tttgcaatta gacacatctt atgtgtattt ttgctggcaa     33120
     agtcgcccaa cgaaaaggtt atttctagct ttgcaatctt ttcagtattc ccccgtgatt     33180
     ccagctactc cacagtttca gttcctctct cctaccttgt tcttctttct acttctttta     33240
     catctattta gttcatcttc tctcccctgt tcttaagttg gtaaatctga aaaaaaaaat     33300
     tgttgaaaaa attgctgaag agatggctca gcagttaaga gcactggctg ctcttgtaga     33360
     ggacctgggt ttgactccct gcagccacat ggaaatttac aaccatcctt aagtccagtt     33420
     ccagggaatc tgatgccctc ttctgatctc cataggtacc aggcatgcaa atggtattta     33480
     tacataatgc aggcaaaaca catgtacaca catatacaca cacatgcaca aaatatacac     33540
     aaattacaga ctgagattat tgcaacctaa ttcttcatac caaaagataa taaccttttg     33600
     ttaatattcc ttgtcatgca tagatacact aagcacaaat acttttacct cagagcttcc     33660
     cactgcacct aagctctggt agatagatca ttattatttt tcaaatgaat gaatgaatga     33720
     atgagtgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgagt gaatgcaaga aggaagcagt ttctcagggc     33780
     aagaagcagg ccttgcacaa ttgccatcag acttacataa caggaagaat atagagtacc     33840
     caaatgttgc ccatccctga gcttatgtga aggtctacag tgagacttag cccacgtgtg     33900
     accaatcagc ctttggtcca agtgactgag gtgcatcctc acattgattg gaagcaaatt     33960
     atgttattct cctcttaaac tgcttttact gctgtctgcc tcactgagaa acttgggctt     34020
     cactttccct ttcagatgta ccccttcctt cttagtcaca gctccctctg cacaaagaag     34080
     tgacgaatgt ctgagacgat aaagggcaat tacttcaatc tgatcactgc acgttggata     34140
     catgtattta aatgtcactg tgcactccat aaaatacata attgcaatat gtcaagtatg     34200
     ataaaaagtg tattgcaaaa taagagtgat tagcactgtg ggttggggat atggttctga     34260
     gcagctaaaa tgcttaccac gcaagcatgg gggccagcgt acagctccct aaaccctcgc     34320
     aactgggttt ccgacctgaa aaggcaaaca cgtgggatcc ccagggaaag gtggctagag     34380
     agactaacca tgtaactgag agatgctagc ttacaagaaa aagtggaaga tttctaacat     34440
     caaatttagg tttccaaaca tgtacacaca cactcaccac aggaaaaaaa tgaaaaacat     34500
     aaaataaata aataatgtca gtttgggtcc tcaacctgtc acagtctaga atcacctggg     34560
     aagagagccc caatgcagcg ctgtctagat cgggttggcc catggtcatg cctgtgacgt     34620
     ttcttcctga ttgtgttaag ttaggtggga aggcccaccg ctataggagg agctgttcct     34680
     ttggtttgag tcttggactg tgtacaggtg gagaggaaga agcctgaaca aaagcaagca     34740
     tacatgccct cattctctct ttgctcttcg cagtggctgt gaagtccagc cttgacttcc     34800
     tggagatgat ggcctgcatg cataatgatc cttcctccct tagggctact tttgtcgagt     34860
     gttcaacaga aacaagcaca ctcctgaatc tctctccttc ccctctccct gtcccttcct     34920
     ctctgcttcc tgggccactg agatgtgaac aagcagctgc ctcatactca tgctgccttg     34980
     cagccagtga tccccatacc ctccctgttg tgatgaacta tagctcacaa accatgaacc     35040
     atgcctcccc tctctgactt tgccttttat ctggtatttg gtcacagcaa tgaaaaaaaa     35100
     tgtaactaat tcgggggttc atgaaagaga tagctcttga actaagctcc gaagataagt     35160
     agacattttc caagttggga gaccagatag gaggggcctt ctgggtaagg aagccatgta     35220
     agcaaagact tgcaatgggg agctgaaaac aaagcccatt acccttattc cttacagata     35280
     ttctggtcag catggtgtag tattgaagga tgtggactct gaggcctggg tcaaatgtca     35340
     gcctctctgc cacttaccag actcaagatt tgggcaagcc actttactct ttgaacctta     35400
     aattgcagat actaattata cctgtgtata ggcttggtgt aaaaattcag taagccaata     35460
     agtttagagc tatatgcagc attgtatata tgttagcttt tacttacaca tgttcttttt     35520
     ccattctgcc cacttgggga tttttatata aattcaatca tactatttgt gttgtataag     35580
     atttcttagt ttgtgtaata ttcaggaaat tcttacatat aaatgcatta tctaattcca     35640
     ttaacttttc tcctcaccta accatcaaac atgcacagct tctttctcag gtgattgtaa     35700
     aatctggaga caaaggctgt gttttctgta tctctgcgtt caagagagtc ttcgcagctt     35760
     ctgccctgat tttgttagtt atttttaaga catctcaatt ggagcgaagg agactagagg     35820
     agagatgatt tggatataaa atatctccca tgggctcatg tgtttgagta gttggtctcc     35880
     atctggtaac accatttggg gggattgtga gacctttagg aagtgtgtct tcagaggaag     35940
     acgtggatca gtgagtccgg ttatgagata tacaccagct gttccctctg cttcctcaca     36000
     gctgatacta ttactctctc actgctgata catcattctc agctgccaca aatataagcc     36060
     attcccaacc acagcttccg tcctcctctg ggatgaactg tatcctcttg aactgtgaga     36120
     gccaaaaatg gaaatttcct ccttcaccgt gtttctgtcc ttgtctctgt ctgatatcac     36180
     attctattat ggcagcaaaa aaagtaactg atccgagtac tgagggttac tgagacttta     36240
     tatagggcat gtgtcttagt cactgttcta ctgctgtgaa gagacaccat gcccacggca     36300
     actcttataa aagaaagcat ttcctcgagg ctggcttaca gtttcagaga tttactccat     36360
     tattatcatg gcaggaagca tgggggctgg agaggtagct gagagttctg tatcaagatc     36420
     tacaagcagc aggaagagag agacactggg cctggcctag gcttttgaaa cttcaaagcc     36480
     tgctctctaa tcctttcaaa taatgctgtg ccctgagcat tcaaatagat gagcttatgg     36540
     gagccttctt accaaaacca tcacagcgta gggaaggtgc attctccatc cccataggga     36600
     ctttgaaatg tgctctaaga tgccccatgg ggcttttaga tgggatgatt agaacagaaa     36660
     cttactgtgc actgttgtct tcgagtttta tttctgtgaa gagacaccat gatcacagca     36720
     acacttctaa aagaaaactt aactggggct ggcttacagt tcagaaattc ctcagcccat     36780
     tatcctcatg gcgtaaagca tggtggcata caggcagatg tggagctgtg tagttaagag     36840
     ttctacatct ggattggtag gcagtaggaa gagacagaca cactaggcct gccttggacc     36900
     tttgagacct aaaaacccac cccagtgaca cacttcatcc cacaaattca tacctactcc     36960
     atcaaggcca cacttcccgt gggactattg gggtcatttg tattcaaact actacaactt     37020
     gtgtggtcct gatttaaatt attctattta atcctcaaaa ctagccaaac ccgtgagcac     37080
     agttgtttgc tgggcctgtc atgacagtat accatgaact aggtggtttt caacagtgat     37140
     actcactgct gcatagttct agagcctgga aaccagaggt caagtgtcgt tagagatgat     37200
     tccttctaag ggatgagaga gaaagcccac tcatgtctct tctcgtgctt tattggccgt     37260
     ctatggtatt gttcatagat ctctgccttt gtcctcaagt ggtgcactct tcttcccatg     37320
     tctctcttta aatgtcctca ttttataaga gacctgttca tattggatta aggatccctg     37380
     ttccattatg ataatgagct caggatcccc ctactgcatt gtgatgatgt gtgctcatgt     37440
     tcaccactta tagtcatcac aagccctatt cccaaataag gtcacatgac gactccagcg     37500
     cctggttctg cagggacaca gtttcactta ttcagaggta gggaaacaga cctgaaaagg     37560
     ttacattgac acagatggtt gtgaccgaac acctggcaaa aagcaattga aggaaggaag     37620
     gaaggacgga aggttggcta tttggctaaa gggttttagg gtctagtcca ccgtggctgg     37680
     gaagcacagc aatggaaacg cgaggcagct ggtcacattg tgtctgtagt caggaagctg     37740
     ggagatgaat gctggtgtgc actctctctc tccttttcat tcagcccact ggatggtggt     37800
     cggtgggaca cacttgacga ggctacgaac acagggcgat ggctgagaac gactcggctc     37860
     ccatcctctc ttttgtctca actgcgcaag ataaaactct ataccacagc caggttctga     37920
     catctggacc taattcactc agcttatgct attaattcac cagaaatagc attttcatag     37980
     gaactggggt aaggaggtgg gtggccagaa gcaacggaga tctagggcaa gctgtctgcc     38040
     tcttgctatt tttcgagtga acactactgg cttttgggac aagacagttc ctcctaccct     38100
     aatgggcagt tcctgtccat ttgcaggaag cgtcctgccc taaggggcaa gacccatgta     38160
     ccataaatga tccccagcca ttgctcaatc ccagcacaca gcatttctag gctttccctg     38220
     aagggcagtc tctgccctgg ttgagatggc cggtgatccc agcaggactc agcatgtccc     38280
     tacttttggg ggaacctccc cataggaact ggttcataga tagaccctcg atagtgctgc     38340
     tggtccatcc tcaacgactc ttgacccctg ggttaactgc ttgacttgct tagccctacc     38400
     atcaagattc cccttgggaa acaattggca taattccaag gcagttacag aaggaaggaa     38460
     cgggctctca gcgcaaaggt aacactggga gtcttcaaaa acacacagta aacaagacta     38520
     aaaataaaca cttggggtga accacagctc ctcaactgac accttccttc atttgcatct     38580
     tctgcctcta gaaaagcccc agatggggtt gtagtatcta tctgtcacac actggtggaa     38640
     tctgttgggt agttctgggt ggtggtgcaa accactggtg gtcacgtgaa agctgggctt     38700
     taactcctcc cttttggagg gactgctgct gggttgggtt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg     38760
     ttttttaagc tacattttct ttgttctcct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     38820
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttctccttc ttcttcttct     38880
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcctcctct ttactgatga aagtcctaag tatcagaatg     38940
     agtaaatgtt atgcaatgga cattgtcaga cacagaccta ttatctgctc actgatgtgg     39000
     gttggttaga actaggaaaa gcccgggtga atgctacagt tgctttaagt gttactctaa     39060
     agttgccctc aaatgaaaga ggtttacaaa ggaggaaaac gcaactgttg ctaagggaaa     39120
     caaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagctcatg tcttccaaat gcaggctttg gtgtagcaca     39180
     aggcttgctt tactttcaaa taaactgtca ttgaagcaaa agcaagatat gagaaatgtg     39240
     agcctttctc tttcaacact acccattgtg ttgagattca taagcaggaa agctaagagc     39300
     ccaccgtcct ctcaaagaaa tatgaaagtt ggtgctttga aatagaactt atcaaactct     39360
     gcctgagtga tatctatgct ggaatccgac tggatctgca tccccttccg aaacaagtct     39420
     ttcttctcag tggtgagaat tacctcacct ggagttcaca ctgcaaaaag tttcagaagg     39480
     cttttcatat gaatgaagct gctttcttca gggcagatgc ggaagctgcc ctccccaggg     39540
     cttgggcaat ccgctgtggg gaaggaaatc gcctcccagg cagtgtggct gctcagagct     39600
     aaagtggctc ccgtgtgtcc taggttgtga gtgccttcag ctcctggtct tcccacaatg     39660
     caattccttg accctgagga tcttctggat gaagaggatg acatttttgg cgaaggtaaa     39720
     cccatctctc tggcaggagc caggctgcgc tgctctactg tgggaacctt tcaagtgctt     39780
     tgtatgaagg aagatagttg ttcggagcaa ggcgatcata atggggcaca aggcaaggca     39840
     aggacattgc agttgagcga ttgttccgaa ggttatgttt ttaaaggatt acagctaagt     39900
     aaagatctgc tttaggccag aaaaatagaa cggagatttt atactttgtc cctcatatgt     39960
     gtgctctttg atgacatcca aagggaaggc tgtcacagta ctttgtgtgt gccaggccct     40020
     ggggtaggaa ctgaatgaat ggggccagag ggcttctttc tcctggtgac cagccagccc     40080
     tcctctcctc ccacctccca cccccttctc ttcctagatc cttctcctcc ctccatccct     40140
     ccttctactt ggctgtcccc ctccctttgt tctgtcacat tcatttgtta ccaggctctt     40200
     catttttctt ttccttgtgt gtgtaggggg tcggggttga atcctgggca cacccgacac     40260
     cctctggcat tgcttagctt tccatctcga ttcacagatc ttcagttaat cgtgcagttg     40320
     ggcttagtgt tttaaaaagg caggcagtaa cctccagatg tcttattcta atgctgcaac     40380
     cagatgggtc ataggcaaaa acctttctag aatttggaat tgcctaaatg gatgggaatt     40440
     gggactgggg gaacctcaga tttttcataa aataccttgt ttgggttttt ttttttttta     40500
     agtctgttaa gtagtataaa agggatactg ggagtgaggg ggtgtaccct gtctcctaaa     40560
     tcttacaagt tcaaccaggt aagaatcaag tgtgtgcact gagaagccct gtgctccagg     40620
     ctattcctgc tatctacgct tactttgttt tagccataga aatatttaaa attagagttt     40680
     atgagtgtgg cccggggaca catccttgta attccagcac tggtgtgtgg agacaggagg     40740
     atcggtagtc aagggcatcc tcggctacat agtacattga gtccagcctg agctatgaga     40800
     gacattgtgt caaaagaaaa tgtaaatgac atcatacgat aataatgcag gccaggcatg     40860
     gtggcacacg cctctaatct caagacttag gaggcaaagg tgaggagttc aaggccagct     40920
     tgggctacac agtgtgatct tgttagaaaa aaaataagca aaaacaaaag taagataaga     40980
     tcatgattgg ggtttttatc agtgtctatt ggtgagaggg atccctgttg agctttgctg     41040
     ctggtgactc aggcttccat ctgatgcttt gcttgactga tgggcactga gaacggcggg     41100
     tgtcttgaag tcttaggctt gggctctctg ttctttgact tcccctcctg gagttggtgg     41160
     ttacttagaa accaggttaa caattacaac tagaaagatt cgcctacttt ggataatcgc     41220
     ctactttgca gccacttttc cctccaggtg tgacactcta aaatgtccag tccacatttt     41280
     cctatccaga gggatttttc tttgtatctg ggtccggtgc cgaagagcgc catctacagg     41340
     tcagagcaca agcctggatc aggcatgggc ccatcctgaa aggaaggatc acaaagcagg     41400
     gctccgccaa tctgcagacc tcctgctgag cacccatagc tatcaaggtc attgttttaa     41460
     attattgttt tatatgtacg ggttgcttgc ctgcatctat gtctatgtgc cacatgcctg     41520
     acatctgtgg agaccagagg agagtgtctg gtgtcctggg ataggcttaa cagacagttg     41580
     tgagatgtca gtcggtgcgg ggaatcaaac ccaggtcctc tagaagatca gcccatgctc     41640
     ttaaccactt atccccctca acgccattat tttatcctca gtgaccggtg tcatttcaga     41700
     gcagctttag acttgaattc tagttctgtc ttgcacaggt tttgcaatgt aacttccgtt     41760
     tcctcaatgg caatgtgaga ttgcagcatc catttggctg tatagcttag ctttcatcga     41820
     agggtcctaa ctatttgtct tgctcttccg tggagcatat tggttaactt actccttaga     41880
     gaccagagcg aatccttcga gaacaccaat cagtacgctt tcattggttt tcacagtcat     41940
     ggctcactgc tagttcatgt gggacctggg ttttaagtag tatctcactt taagaaggaa     42000
     tgtgtaggct ctgcctgggt tttgcccgtt aatctgcttt gtgacctcaa acagattgtc     42060
     taaccccttg tcctccagtt tactcacttg agaaatggag cacaaacctc ctgggactgt     42120
     gtgcagatta cagcctattc cagggaagta cttagactag tactccgtga acagtaatgt     42180
     acttactgcc gtgcttgcaa acatacactc atgtcataga atggggattc tgttttccct     42240
     gccatgtaga attgccggaa catgggcagg tcattgatcc tctctgagcc tcatcctgta     42300
     ttgaaagcac aagacttatc cattgtctga ggcctctgtt ttgttttgtt tccattttcc     42360
     tgttaaatta tttcagctag catacaaaat gatgggtttt attttcacac acttgggtgt     42420
     actgtacttt gctcatacga atccctccac tcccactcat cccccacttt gactctcttt     42480
     gctgagacat catttctaaa aacctcggct ctctgcctga cctcaccatc aggacatttg     42540
     cacccggagt gcatgaccac ccaggtttcc ctgggctttc tgttctctga cctgctggag     42600
     aaagcagtgc agtccccaca cagtgagtct cttcccacac acagaaggga accactcagg     42660
     aagcttgttg ttagggcaac cctgttactt tacagctgac acatattttt tttaaaagga     42720
     accatcttcc ccctctcaca ggttttgtac agatgcagaa agagctggaa aggaaaagaa     42780
     agccagtagt gcttacaagg tgttcgctca ccgcctctct gagatcctgt ttgttctctg     42840
     tggttagaga aaatgttaag gttcacagag ctaagaagca tggggtgcca ctcttgttat     42900
     ttccagagaa agggggaggg agagagagag agagagagag agagaggatg tttacttaca     42960
     cataacactc taattcttct tcctccctct cccttcctct cccctccctc cctctcttcc     43020
     ctccctcttc ccctctccac cccccactca cacccacagc cttaagcatg ctttctagac     43080
     atccacaacc tcactgtgtc attggaaaac agttactatc gagtagccat gaacttttca     43140
     tagaaaagtg ggtgattcga ttatcaaggc attgaaaaat tgaaaatcca actgctggca     43200
     ctatgcgctg tttctttttg tggtttcaca cttatcaaat taaagggaat tcatccatgt     43260
     cattgctagg caaccttgac agtggtggac acaccactgt atggattgtc tttcagagaa     43320
     gagaccacca atcctgcggg aagactcagt tctaaggccg tcagtcagcc tgttagcgtg     43380
     gaaattgcac cttagcagcc tcctggtttg gaagccccag cctggctgct tctgttttga     43440
     gaactgctca gtggctgcgg tccagtgcaa tgattgggac agtaaaaccc cacgagttca     43500
     caatgtgtgt gcaaagtatc gcttggactc ttgtgttccc atagctctta agatctcact     43560
     tcaagacctc atccaactgc aaacgttttg cccgctctct ctgttcccag agctggtagg     43620
     ccacatggta gcagaggcac acacattcat atcctggagg agcttcttcg gtctcctcaa     43680
     agaaggcttc taggtatgcc agggtagggt ggtacccaag gggtaccttc cccttctcaa     43740
     aggaagaaag gggagagggc ctgtgtgagg agggataggg gctttgatca gaatgtaaag     43800
     tgaatacaca aattaaggag gggaatggct tctatatgga gaggaactag atgcctctag     43860
     tgcctaagac tgaagagact agcaggtgtt tggaacaaat tcactcattt tttaaaaaat     43920
     aagtatcatc tttccccagg gcagtcagtc ttggcacgtg ctgttcttgc agaggaccca     43980
     ggttcaattc ccagcaccca tatgatggct cacaaccatc tgtagctcca gtaccggggg     44040
     ttttgacacc ctcttctggc aggcacacat gtggtgtgta gacaaaatac ccatatcatt     44100
     aaattaaacg ttaaaaagaa aaaagaaaga aagttggtct gtgtgctttc ctttccaaag     44160
     gaaactttac ctcagagcaa aaggctctca aaatgtatca agaaattgtt aattaggatg     44220
     caagctaagc tctgcctctc tatgtagact gtttataaaa ctacatgttt ccccacatca     44280
     ggtaaaggag cctagcccta acactacgtg gcactccaag actcagagac tggatagccc     44340
     agagacctaa gatagaacca aagatgccca gaaaaaaaaa aaagttactg aagtgattcc     44400
     tagtgctatt ctgcaatatt catagattgg tgcctacccc attagccatc agagaggctt     44460
     catccagcaa ctgatagaaa cagatgcaga gacccacagc cacatattag acggagctca     44520
     gagaatcctg cagaagatgg agagaaagga ttgtaggagc tagaagactc atggacacta     44580
     caagaaaacc cacagaatca gccaaccttg gctcacaggg gctcacagag agtgaatcac     44640
     caaccaggaa gcttgcatag gactgaccta ggcccctctg cacataggac tgacctaggc     44700
     cctctgcaca catgttacaa ttgtgtagct tgaccttctt gtgggactcc taacagtggg     44760
     agaaggggct gtctttgatt cctttcttgg cttttgggac ccttttccct catgctggat     44820
     gatcttatcc agccttactc caaggggagg tgcctagttt tactgctaca tgatatgcta     44880
     tgcttggttg cccaagaggg gcaggagaaa tggaggagtg gggagtggtg gcaaagggga     44940
     ggtgggagca gggactgaga ggagaggagg gagggaaaac tgaggttgag atagaaaatt     45000
     aatgatgatg acgatgatga gccaagatgg cttgtgaatt acatttgccc cttgcaaaat     45060
     taaaacatga caggagggag gaagagggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     45120
     aaggaaggaa ggaagggaag gaaaactaaa ttaagattat atataaaagc aataaatcca     45180
     ggaagctcag actggttgaa acttcacaga aaaagtaaag gaaacaaaac acaagccttg     45240
     gaagagtgtt ggggcggggt ggggtggggt gctctatgat tattctacat ttcctttcat     45300
     ataaaagcat acgataattg ttacttaact gtatttgatc tttctcaaaa atatctgggg     45360
     ttctcaagtg gacccacacg ggattggaaa gcaggcagga agaggctgtc ctagtttgac     45420
     agagtaagaa gaattggtaa ctctctgctt tcaccgtttg ccaagactgt ttggatccgt     45480
     tcgtttccag cctgggttcc tggataaaca gtttggatgg aaatcatttc cctgctctct     45540
     cacagggtcc ggagcagaca cagacctccc cacagttatt catgcctgtg tgacctcggc     45600
     cttggatcac tgaacattcc cttcccatgg atgtctagga agctttcttt ggctggtgcc     45660
     agcaagatgg tgtcacttca gggacacaga ccaaaatagc acactgaact aaagctatgc     45720
     aggccagagc agccaccagt ctaccctctg atttatggcc tccagtgacc tcacagtgac     45780
     ctatttagat ctgccgatgc taaaaggggg ttgatagtac aaaatgggca ggccagatgt     45840
     ttattttaat atttttgaac agtcagaaaa gtctgaatat gttaggaaga ctggaagata     45900
     tatttgagca tttatttaca gaacttgtct tgaaaactaa acttctgttt gtacccacta     45960
     cagacaagag aggacaaagg agtgaggaag gagggaggga aggagggagg gaggagggaa     46020
     aggaaaagag aaagtagtag ttattagtta agtagttatt atgactaaga tgttgaaata     46080
     aattgagtct aacctttcct tcctcttaga taaaagctat ttactcaagt ccatgtatct     46140
     attgagtggt atgatttcta gagctaacta tgcctagttt gtttaattat aaagcacaaa     46200
     atgtttcttt aaaaaaaaaa cactgctgtt ctgagagtgt gtgacatcat gcgcccttca     46260
     gcaaatgact tcaagaggaa gcacttttgc agacatagtg ctgcagaaag tactgtgcac     46320
     acagagagtc tgatgccagg gctgttccta gactgtggac tttttagcac tcagccttaa     46380
     aactcaggta aggcagcagt aagctgctcc ctgtgtgaat gatgacaata ctgacgtcag     46440
     tggtaatgat gatgacttta aggaaggtgg tgatggtgac atcatcactt ggtgatgatg     46500
     aggacagcgg tgatgacaat ggtagtcctg gtggggatag tggtactgtt ggcactgatg     46560
     atggtaatca tgatggtaat ggagtcacga tgttggtgct ggtgatagtg gtggcaatga     46620
     tgttagtggg gtttatgatg atagtgaaaa ggaaggtggt agtggttcta gtgatgatgg     46680
     tggtgatgat atttaatggt tgtagtcatt ctggtgatca tggtggtaat ggtggtggtg     46740
     gtggtggtgg tactgttgat aatggtagtc atgataatga agtgatagac tgtatgttgg     46800
     taataatgat tactgtgagg gtgatgatgg ttgttttcat aatggtcatg atggtatggt     46860
     aatgatgatg atcatggtgg tggtggtaat gatgatagtg gtgatagtca taatgatagt     46920
     ggtagtcagg atgatgacag cggttagcca tgatggtagt ggtagtgatg gtggtggtgg     46980
     tggtagtggt ggtggtggta atggtagtag taatgattat gggtggtagt attagaaata     47040
     ataatgatag tgatgatggt agtggttacg atgatgtttg tctatcaaaa aattttgtct     47100
     aggttaaaag aaagaatatg taggataact caaatcctta agggcttcct acctagaagt     47160
     tgctcattat ctctctgata gtctcagctg ttccagcata ctaggtctgt tcagttcccc     47220
     tcctccactc ttggcctttg tcacaaatca ctaaggtctg gcttagtgag ggccatagtc     47280
     tgatgagagc agagccattg agactgctgc cctcagaagc ttcctgggac tacagggttc     47340
     cctcaggctc aaaagctgaa gcctggctac tatccgggtt tcaccatgtg gctgaagtag     47400
     ggctcagaat aacccagtgc tcagcacaga aaaagtttat gattgcttct ctatttttct     47460
     ctttcattca ttcatctggc ctccctttga aaatgctttc cttgtccaaa gcaatgtata     47520
     cagtgttgac agcactgtaa acagattatt aatatcctac atattaatta atgttaacaa     47580
     ttaatataac agtgattact ccttatccag atagttcctc aaatagccac acagaaaact     47640
     tttaagattt caaagcttag gccttagctg ggtagactct caactagcta atctaaggta     47700
     acccaactac ctagctccat ccagtcttcg ctagctatac attccaggcc cataagcaca     47760
     tcatctcttc ttatgtctcc tctcgaaagg ccatcttctt tcttcttccc agagttcttt     47820
     ctccctccca ggaagtccca ccttccattt cctacccatc agatttttat taaagctaat     47880
     cagagaatac cttaggtata tgaagaaaga cagagacaca acttcacaca gtgtacccca     47940
     acattccact actgtggaga ggccctaatt tccttcagaa atgccaacag cgaggaatcc     48000
     catcttcaac agtattctta acagtgtttg gacctatttc cttggtaaat atttccttgg     48060
     ttgacatcac aatgactgcc tttcctgtca ccactcaact aagtgctttt ataaaagtaa     48120
     cttgagaaag gctaaacttt acatatttat tcaaaacacc tcttatacaa agctggtgca     48180
     catttaaaac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt     48240
     atacatattt ttcctctagg tgggaactaa ccagcagagg tctacaaagc atcacccagg     48300
     agtctgacca gaacagcagg ctatgagatt gatcttcttc gtgtagaaag acagtgtgaa     48360
     ttgaactgta tgggacagga aagggcccat gaggggtggg gaagaaggct ctagtgctca     48420
     ccatgcaagc accacaacct gagttttgat ccctagaaca catatacaaa gcccaggcac     48480
     aatgcttcat gcttagaatc ccaataggga ggcatagaca gaggcatccc tagggtttat     48540
     tgcccaccca gccttgacaa attggtaatg gcaaggttga gtgatagatt atctaaaaat     48600
     taaggtagag gaaaacgttc aatactgaca tctgttctct gcacatacac acacatacac     48660
     atacacacac acacacacac aagtacttgt acgtgcattt atacacgcac tcaaaaaaat     48720
     aaaaacaaaa aaacaatgag tcatcagaac tactcacagt gattcagtgg atttctgcag     48780
     tgctcttggt ctagccaggg gttgataagc catagccttc aggccagagg tagcctattg     48840
     cctgcttctg cttctgtaag atgagaatgg ctttcacaga ttaacatcta tagctgatgt     48900
     gatgacaaga gtcacccatc ttgaactcaa ataagcaaaa cattatccca aagaattctt     48960
     ttcttgtctt aggagaacgc tattactaga aaatgttact accatatttt caatttgtca     49020
     gtaagaacta tgtgaactgc tgttttcttt atcagtgtgt ggtttctgga tcattttctc     49080
     atttttaacc tctccaaccc acaacgccta aaatatttac taacttcttc tgtagagaaa     49140
     aagcctgctg gtctctggtt tatgtaggcc attaatttca aagtcatttt atacttatct     49200
     tttatgtatg tgcatttgtc tggaagacga tatgtacaca gtgcgtgcag gtgccctcgg     49260
     aggtcagggg gtgctggatt tcctggaact ggagttaaag gtggttgtga gcgcccaaaa     49320
     tggatgatga gaactactct ggtcttctgc aagagcagca agtcctctaa acagctgagc     49380
     tgacccccca gccccagccc cagcccattt caagtcattc tgcctctctt tgggccactg     49440
     cgtttcttaa ggactttttt ttttttttcc tgtagcactg gtattacatc tgtgccttct     49500
     ctctaggagg tccccatgtg aggaggattt atccactggg cttaattata ttttctctta     49560
     gagggaacat gtgtcatcat atggtgttgc tttttagtac cacttggaaa ggcgatttta     49620
     aaaagttagt acttcgatac agactgttct ggataggcga ggaaagagaa gtcaatattg     49680
     tgaaagagaa ggaacacagg aggaccagtg ctctcttctc ccacaacagc gataaagtag     49740
     ctggaaggag atatcacata tgaggggctc ggggtttttc ctgattgcgc cccttagatt     49800
     tctctctccc cttgactccg gattcatcgg tccctgggac ctcctcgtgg tgaagggctg     49860
     atgtgcagga atagctccaa gctctcttcc tctgtgcctt cccacactga gatgccccag     49920
     cttatcaatg agcagtgtgc tggatctcaa acaacatctt ccaaagaaat aagactgaac     49980
     ccacagtatc tttctgttaa aggattacac ggaggtggcc ctgtctttat catcgccaca     50040
     gagtaccagt tctcttccac tacccccatt ctgtgaggca gagccgtgca tgtctgctca     50100
     cgtgcatgtt aatttgagaa tgaagaagcc tttgcaaaat agacatgaca agagaaagct     50160
     aacgtaagca cacacacgca tatagagaga attacaggct ccctgttgct aagtgctgga     50220
     agaatcagga atgtctagtt ctattaagca tctttgggca gttctcacag gctacagggg     50280
     aagaaaacgc tgctactaaa aagacaggaa actctcttgt gcactgttgg tgggaatcca     50340
     agtgatccaa gtggcaccac agctgtgggc aacagagtaa cagctcttca aagcattagg     50400
     aatggagtga ccatatgatc tgggtactcc acttctgcgt atacaggaat tgaaagtggg     50460
     gtcttgagat gtttgtgcat ttgcactcat gaataaccac gttattcacg atgctcaaag     50520
     gatactaagg agctcaagca cccactgagg gaaaatggag atataaggcg tagtgtgcgc     50580
     agacaatgga atattagctg ctcttcaaaa agaatggatg cccagtgtgc ataactctta     50640
     aggacattat attatggaaa gtaaatcaac ctcaataaat gtaaatgtcg catgattcca     50700
     cttatatgat gaatttacag tcatcaagtc tattgaaaac aataagtcga tagttcctag     50760
     ggctggaata aaaagtgaat tattaaaaga tataagatat atattaaaag atgtaaaaag     50820
     ataaaaagtg aataatattg cttaaaaggc ttacagtttt ggttttacaa aagcaaatga     50880
     gctctggaga ttggatgcag gacactggaa acaaacatat gcattgaaaa ttgataatta     50940
     tgtgtgtaca tgcctcaaga ggctagaaga gggtgtcagg tcccctaaag ttggagttac     51000
     aagcagttgt aagctgccta gcatatctac tggagcccca actctggtct tctgaaagac     51060
     catcaagtgt tcttcacttc tggactgaga tgctaaatgt tatgcaagtt ttaccacaac     51120
     tatttatgtg tacatatata gacatatatg tatatacata tcagtatttg aaaagttagt     51180
     tcaaattttt gtgcagcctt tctcttgaac cctatagctc taagagaccc aaattctcac     51240
     aaaagacaaa tttgattcta gggagttagc cctaatcaag gtggactcta tccaacacaa     51300
     ttttagaaca atatcattct tcctggtgtt actggagttt taggatcaaa gtgtcttggg     51360
     tctggcagcc tacaccacca aggtagtcat ggctatcaat cctcaatact tacaaagaca     51420
     agcaagagca aaaagcagag aaacaatatt gattcaatat agtcacattg ggagcaggaa     51480
     caaagaggtc caacggccct caagtctgtc ttcaggggca cagacatggg gtttctgatt     51540
     aaacaggagt ataagctgtt aatcagtcct ggtcaatgac tgatccagcc tatcactgac     51600
     ccatcttgtc tctaatgctg tctgttgtgc aaagtagttt agtaaattgt cgaaaccgtg     51660
     tagaatgtct tcctgggagg caagtgcatc ctgtagctga ggtcaagcct tcagcccttc     51720
     ccttccctca gcatgggatt cctgagacca atcttttcaa ccacccaatg gctgaagggt     51780
     gggacacaag tgtttctctt tagaataact ttgctcttgc cagaactttg gcatgtgcaa     51840
     gctttagaga atgggaattc tttctatgaa ttcctaacta attgggacca ggtctgagga     51900
     tcactgcata aatgttttgt gattagccct catggaggct cctgagagaa atgccaccca     51960
     cggcagatgc ggtctcccga agaacttatg gactattttc caccaatgaa agactgtcat     52020
     tggaagcctg ccacatgcta ggctcagttc tattctggct cccaggatcc agcagtgact     52080
     acaaagtccc taaagtccca ggtctggtga agtcacacag cattagagag gggggacaca     52140
     gacaggaaaa gatgcagaaa tgcccagagt tgggggagag atgtgttgtt gacaaatgag     52200
     gtgcaggatg ggaaggatca gacatggccg cccaggaggg attggctgac aaatgcctga     52260
     agcctaaagg aagtcaaagt ctggccctgt ggatgtctaa agggagagtg ttccaggaat     52320
     agcaaagagg ccgctgtgtc tgtagcacag caggaatggc agagagtggt agatgagatc     52380
     caagaacttg gggcgcctca ccacttctaa agtcccatag agtgtgtgca gactcgggtt     52440
     ttgactgtgt atgagacagg gctcattggt cagtgctccg ttgaatgatg ctatattacc     52500
     taccttctag cattctggct gttcccttga cagtaaagta aagggttcag catgtacctc     52560
     agttggtgga gtgcctgctt agcatgctgg aagccctgag tttggtaaat gtcgcatgat     52620
     aatacatgtc tgtaattcta gcaatcaggt gatagaaacc agagaataga agttcaaggt     52680
     catccttggc tacataatga gttctgggtc agcctgggac ctggaacaca cagggtctga     52740
     ccccaaaaaa gtagaataca aaggcaagca accaatggga gcaccattag aggaatccag     52800
     atgacagctg gtagaaactc gatgagaccc tactgtgctt gagccaggga tatgtggcgt     52860
     gggatgagta ggcaagaatg agaccaagtt gggcttgaat atcttgaaag gtatcattgt     52920
     tctttgtttc ttgagatgat ggtggctgtt gagagagctg gtgggggcta ggggagccag     52980
     cgtgggctga ggagaccaga atcagatatg gacagtcaag cttatagaaa ttgggatggc     53040
     tttgggaagt cctctatata ctcaaaatag tggagactca agaaatgtct gttgaaatgt     53100
     tgactgtaaa gcagcataaa tatgcataaa gattatccat agatgtagcc ctagtttgtg     53160
     ggaattcaag ctatagaaat ctctatagac tgttccagaa gaccaggagt tcagcaatgc     53220
     aatgttaact gttggaaact ctccagggag ggtcagggaa agtcgaggga gaaagggcta     53280
     gaataccttg tgcaggtata ggagttttca cctgcagacg tgagagtgtc gtatcactgg     53340
     aagctgtgtg tcataccctt gctaattata gaagtgtgta tgcaaactgc ctctgaccac     53400
     tctcagtctt tgatgctcta catacccagt tctagtgctt gctcttcggc cttttgggtc     53460
     caaggctgta cctcacaggc tctctgctgg aggagaccta caggggttat tgatttattc     53520
     tacctcaaag aaggaagcag gggtgtctcc cagttcttga actccccaca tgctgttttc     53580
     aatttctctt tattgtaatc tttctgtaag acggtccttt gcagcagggc tttgtattgg     53640
     agcatgttac ttcttcagtg ctagggctca aactgaggac cttaaggaga actctaggca     53700
     ggtactttac tgctgagcta tagccccctt cctctttgta gcctagaaaa aaaattaaaa     53760
     gaacctatta ccataccagg aactctccca aattctgaaa tagacagtcc agtatttttc     53820
     catcaccaag cacttgagtt gaataatgta tctactgcgg gacaaaa                   53867