EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591589; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 42701 BP.
AC   AL591589;
DT   18-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 18)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-198M22 in linkage group 2 Contains
DE   the ck2a1 gene for casein kinase 2 alpha 1, the 5' end of a novel gene, six
DE   novel genes and six CpG islands.
KW   ck2a1; HTG; kelch-like; kinase; KLHL6; PAK2.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-42701
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; e6166bd0e01ac0d193204066d5a34d58.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-198M22. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-40G1 is at 1999 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-198M22 is at 42701 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-198M22 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..42701
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-198M22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2000..42701
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(4678..4911,8145..8248,8491..8635,11228..11346,
FT                   11598..11730,11849..11912,12028..12076,13432..13544,
FT                   15197..15314,15402..15501,15580..15776,15890..16027,
FT                   20461..21597)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ198M22.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human p21
FT                   (CDKN1A)-activated kinase 2 (PAK2)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF000239.1 Em:AF068864.1
FT                   Em:AF071884.1 Em:AF082077.1 Em:AF082297.1 Em:AF092132.1
FT                   Em:AF155651.1 Em:AF169794.1 Em:AJ242726.1 Em:AK055228.1
FT                   Em:S80221.1 Em:U19967.1 Em:U51120.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI545254 Em:AW174135 Em:BG614129"
FT   CDS             join(4725..4911,8145..8248,8491..8635,11228..11346,
FT                   11598..11730,11849..11912,12028..12076,13432..13544,
FT                   15197..15314,15402..15501,15580..15776,15890..16027,
FT                   20461..20547)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ198M22.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001554"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human p21
FT                   (CDKN1A)-activated kinase 2 (PAK2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q61036 Sw:Q64303 Tr:Q24213"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8AW67"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000095"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002290"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008271"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW67"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-021011-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59176.1"
FT                   "
FT   misc_feature    20832..20913
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(30475..30746,30890..31055,34265..34714,36306..36543,
FT                   40191..40393,41491..41727)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ198M22.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human kelch-like protein
FT                   6 (KLHL6)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF441792.1"
FT   CDS             join(30475..30746,30890..31055,34265..34714,36306..36543,
FT                   40191..40393,41491..41727)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ198M22.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001555"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human kelch-like protein
FT                   6 (KLHL6)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q53G59 Sw:Q8WZ60 Sw:Q9C0H6
FT                   Sw:Q9JI74 Tr:Q9CZ49 Tr:Q9NGX7 Tr:Q9VUU5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000210"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006652"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011705"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013069"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015915"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017096"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q8AW66"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-325"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD59177.1"
FT                   LYIY"
FT   misc_feature    40702
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-198M22"
SQ   Sequence 42701 BP; 13366 A; 7666 C; 7724 G; 13945 T; 0 other;
     atgtaatcat gtagctataa ctttttatct gtttcacagc atactaaatg tgttgtatat        60
     gtatggacat atttagccat acaaatttga attattaaat tggtaaagct gtacacaatc       120
     agcacaattt aaagagatta ttgacagttg agtaagttgt tatttccttc tgtctgtaat       180
     acaggtatga tacctacagt atgtatcata caagttcttt ggtgttgcta tgttttgcac       240
     cacattcatc catacagata gtgctactgc ttcacctgaa attgatgttg atactgaatg       300
     tggtcataat gagaatcaat ttttgattac ttctagataa agttgaaaac ttcttgtata       360
     aaattgcttt cagtttgaac tgccacaaaa taccaccagc aaataatcat aaagagggca       420
     tgttgtgtga aagttcacac tttgctgtgc tgtatcaaaa catggattta cagccaagtt       480
     gtagctgcca tctacatcct tttcgtttgc ttttccactt atccgtgaac cacatactat       540
     gggttcattg atccagtagt attaatgtcc cacaccaagc actctcatgt agtaatgtag       600
     agtctggcaa aatataaggg cagcatctag agacaaaaat acaaacacag cattaaacat       660
     tgccattttc tttctttagc cttaacatca cattaaccaa ctacgagtac tagagaaaga       720
     gagaataatg ttttcaaact gtcaattctg aattcatctc tttataaaat gataccctaa       780
     tttggctgat ggattcataa gtgtttcttt ttttactctt gcagtcctaa atcacgttct       840
     gcttggcttg acagcagtag ttgtggaatc agtacctcga ggctgtgaga ttcatgaaag       900
     cagtagacta actatttctg atgcagaaac ccgaaactca ggctctcaag aaaaaaaaaa       960
     tcttctgaaa tggaccatgt agaagtgcgt ttaagcctat aaaacactgt gtgcttgaag      1020
     agagccactc ccatctcaaa tcactgtcat tacggggaaa acaagttgag acttgattat      1080
     tccaaataac attccttaag gaaaaatgga aaacctttga ctgaaatcag taaatatctg      1140
     gcagtcagtg tagcgttatt cagtacagaa agaagatata aaaattagtt atacctacaa      1200
     ttcttgagaa attgtgatgt taaaaggctc taatcaagct cttaaaacac ctcctataat      1260
     cctgctacat tcctagtagt gtgattgtta tgtgatggtg gtgattggtt atttttgagc      1320
     aagaggcagt ggtgtgtaaa ggtattttca gtcctgtgtc tccgctgtag ggccttacat      1380
     caagcccgag gggtggtaca tctatagcaa ttcgcagcgc aaaggcatga ctgcactcgc      1440
     agcagttcat cctactgtgg aatgaagcat gcctgcatca acatgcctct atctcggtgc      1500
     agttcagtgg aagcacagga agaaagagac tgtggacaca cgatagtgaa gaccctcaat      1560
     gtttcagtag tgtgccagac cagagccagg gctgtgagct ggagctttcc atcagggttc      1620
     ctcagggtga gatggttaaa gtgatgtcgt tgggcgctga ttgcatcatt ttcctttact      1680
     ttttggagtt tcgatgttga ttgtgactgt ttcttacatg ctcaaatgta tggtggctat      1740
     tatacagcta aacaagttta gcatagtcat agttttcgtt ttacatcagt ttgcttcgct      1800
     gaattgtatg cataagacat gtacagtata taaatgttat ttctcagact agcttctagg      1860
     aattcgcttg cagtaactgc tctgatcttt attctgcccg tgtattttgc tctataggga      1920
     agtagaaact ggctcaaggg tgttagtcta agatcatgta agacttgtgc aatagttaga      1980
     cagaatggtt ttactgatca tttgtcaact cttccgaaat gtttttaaga aagttttaaa      2040
     aagattttgt ttaagctttt atgatgaaag ttctctttta gagttgttaa acaatgtatt      2100
     aaaactcact attcaactaa agttttaata ttgcatcacc gtttgtaatt ttcatatgat      2160
     tttgctcagt tcgatcgctc atactgaaag taattaagag gaaactagaa agtgtgtaat      2220
     ccactgctgc atgaagcagt agttaattag atcatcaaat gaatcttctt taggttcatt      2280
     aaccctagaa gctgttggtt atcacactct tttagtgtct gcagttgcaa tcagtcaggt      2340
     atatgagtgc tttgttgttt gaatacaatg cagagtcaaa caggaagaca ttgtggtcac      2400
     agagaggttg tgttgcatat catttgctga tttgacctca ccaaggtgag acaggatttt      2460
     acctttttta gacatgttga tgacagaggt ggagaggatg cagacagcag catggtagca      2520
     ctgatttctt aaccagactt gacaaacagt tgacaaaaac tgctttgtgc catgtgaggc      2580
     accatataaa atcaggtcgg gaaaaaagct gttcatcttt ctcaatccac aatgatttgc      2640
     tctgatctag ctagattgtt aagacttcag aattgtgctt ccaacaagca gacggtttgg      2700
     gtatttttat ttagccgtag ggctgggcga ttaatcaaaa agtcattgaa gaaatctata      2760
     atcattcaga acccgataat caatctaatt ttcacaggac aattttttca attactttcc      2820
     ctacgtgtcg catgaccctg ctctgtttaa agctgtggct ggtttccact tctgctgcca      2880
     ctttgcagcc acatctgatc tctggtcatg tatggactca tttttgagct ttgcactaca      2940
     ttgaaggtga ttggaagctg ctccagagat gcctttagat ggcatataaa acttgttagt      3000
     gaactattag ggcaaaaagt taaatgaata aaataatcat tcattaatca taatcgagtt      3060
     aaaatgttca attaatcgag atttttattt ttggccaaat tgcccagccc tacttagcca      3120
     aatttgtgac tgagcttggt aaggtaattc ttaggtgata atccaactac tggtacatta      3180
     gcttaatttt tggtcactgt gaatgttgca tgtgtgctca aaatagataa cagtaaaagc      3240
     attcgttttg cctattgata aaaaaaagtt gcaaagtaaa atgtattttt atatacactg      3300
     cttcaaaaaa taaagataat gctaaatgta tatattaaca gccaccatac tatagtagca      3360
     tacatactag cctctatttt taattaagga cctgttttcc cagcattaat ggaaagtccc      3420
     ttgtggcctt gtatgaattg tttccgggag gttatagtac acaattttaa caaaagaact      3480
     gtggattcag gattcctgga tgtgcagtag ggctgtgcga tttggggaaa atatctaatt      3540
     gcaattttta cacagccgta atgtgcagat tttttgtgtt aatacatata aatgcatcgc      3600
     cacattttta aagaatgatc atctgacata acacactcca gctgacttat aaatgtgaaa      3660
     aaaatatctt gcagttttgc aaactattcc tattttttaa tcgcggtata taggagtttt      3720
     tgaaaaattt actagtttcc attacatata ttttaaattc tatactttag tttgtatgat      3780
     tttaagagta agacaaaaaa aactaaagaa gacagtctcg taatttgttg tcacaacctt      3840
     aaaattactg atccaagatg tagcatgaag caaaaaaaaa agtattgtat ctgttttgtc      3900
     tatcactagt atgtgaataa gtcagctttc tcatactaca tacattaaac agtttgtgtc      3960
     attgccccta tatatagtgt caatcagatc agttgcttat gagtttcttt gtctgtaaaa      4020
     atgctatgct aaatggtagg caagcttact taattgtgga agaaagctta cgtcacacag      4080
     ccatcagttt cagttgaatt gatgacaacc tgctagccta gcactgttgc tctcagagga      4140
     taggagtagt aagctaatct cagcagctaa cagtgaacac tctaaagtat aagtggcttc      4200
     acacagggac agactctgtt gtgcatatct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaggc      4260
     agctagcaga acatgagaca gtctccctct gtccattcta acttgctgac tggatgtttt      4320
     gtagcaaagg agcagctgtt ggttagcagt tagtctgctt tagcagactc ttggtgtggc      4380
     tattctggtg gttggaaagc ttttataaaa ggtctgtaca ataacattgt gaaattgttc      4440
     cactgagatt ttactgaaat agttacattg tttttatgtg catgtcaagc agcacattat      4500
     ttaatgacga ccttggctgg tttgtttatt tggcttgtat tctgttagtg agcatcttgt      4560
     aagcaatgtg tcctcataaa gcatcttgct aaaatgacct tgaaaatgtc ccactctctc      4620
     tttactgtat ctttattgtc tttttatcag atgtatgttt ttctgctgcc ccctgcaggt      4680
     tgatctctga aaccctacaa cccttctgag tgtgtttccc tgtcatgtct gacaacggag      4740
     agctggagga caaaccccct gcccccccag tcagaatgag cagcaccttc agcaccggta      4800
     ttaaagacag tatgtcaaca aaccccagct ctaaacccct gccctccgtc cccgaggaga      4860
     agagggacaa accgcgcaac aagatcatat caatattctc agctgagaaa ggtaagactt      4920
     gaggacccaa ggttcactca aagcactatt tttagtcaat acaaaacagc ttttgtgttg      4980
     aataccacaa aaaatatctg agcctaaaaa tctgtgaagc atgaaaaaat tgctttcgaa      5040
     tacagttgat tacggtcatc aagaccaagt tgtgaattac ttcaaaagac aaagcattat      5100
     ccataggatt ataatgtgta gaaaggccat caatgaggtt tgttgtcgtg atctcatcct      5160
     tttaaagtgc gcattcgcat tagcttgagc agcttggata tacgattttg tttgatttag      5220
     acgtttagaa acaaaactta tgagacagtt gtttcatttt attggtaatt ccaaatatgc      5280
     aatatcatag taatcttagc taacagtttt ggagaatttg atgtttcccc attctgacag      5340
     aatgcccaag catactgcga gagaggtgtt tcaaatatgg ccgctgagtg aaatgacttg      5400
     ccttaaaggg actttgataa gattctaagt agatggattt tcggaatagg ttaatagtgt      5460
     caggcatttt aattttattt ctggaaaagg ttctaatttc tttatgcatg tcggcatttt      5520
     ttttaatata tattatatac attattgctt ttgtagggga ttttgtcatc attaaaaagc      5580
     actctgtaca ttgtcttgcc tatcaaaaca aaattcacaa actttcactc cagagtgggg      5640
     cgtagcagtg gcgcagtagg tagtgctgtt gcctcacagc aagaaggtca ctgggtcact      5700
     ggttcgagcc tcggctcagt tggcgtttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccctgtgttc      5760
     gtgtgggttt cctctgggtg ctccggtttc ccccacagtc caaagacatg cggtacaggg      5820
     gatttgggta ggctaaattg ctggataaat tggccgttca ttccgctgtg gcaacctcag      5880
     attaataaag ggactaagcc gacaagaaaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgac tccagagtag      5940
     agttgtcaaa agtatcaacc aattggtatt gaacattttt aatgtcagtt acccgctaac      6000
     atttaagttc tgttgaccat gttcttaaat atgacgtggc tttgaaatga tccagtgtca      6060
     gtgtaactgt gtttgcactt ggtgaatagc agtgattggt accaaataaa tctacagtaa      6120
     atgtaaaaaa tctacaattg ataccaaagt agggctggcc aataaaatct ggttcgattg      6180
     tatattgact gaacacaatt gtcaataacg atttaaaaaa attataattt ggtatgaagt      6240
     tcagtatgaa ggctatagtt ttattgaaat gtgtctgctg agtgtgcacc ttagaaggaa      6300
     tgacaataag cttagggtgt aagtttgtaa tttccaatgg aggcgtgcga cttgtacgac      6360
     gcgcacatga tgtgcaagca tcacacatgt gacgtgcaag cattttacag ttaaacctag      6420
     ttaaaaaaac atctgaactt tttcgaataa gtagaactaa ccaataggct ttacacttta      6480
     tatggagtat acacatttca gtaataacga cagactaata acctcagaca aacacagctc      6540
     acccaaacac tgcagtgctt tttaattctc tccataaact tgcatcgcag ctgcagcaat      6600
     ggtttgtcca tttgtcatcc tctgagaaaa tggttaatag tcacctagtt acgaaagata      6660
     ccatagacaa ttgctatgtt tccatccaaa aatgcgaatg aattttatgc gcaaaactgg      6720
     attatcaaat aaaagatttg caaataaagc agcatttcca tcgagttaaa gagaataaaa      6780
     tggtcacttc ctgattaact ggcggcaaat attaactgta aaaatgtaat ttgctgcagt      6840
     aggagaaact gcgtcaatct tttcttcatc taataaatga cttgcgccag aaggcaatcc      6900
     tgacacacag tgaaagcgct gtggcgtttg aaggtgtctg atgcggagca cagacgctct      6960
     tgattctggc agtcattaat aatataataa cactagtatt taaacggtaa ggcgttttag      7020
     aatgaccaaa acaacatttt agatgtttta cagtgtgctc agcctgctgg ttcatccatt      7080
     cacacacatt tttataatcg catgatctct tataacaaaa tcacatgacc ttttaattgt      7140
     gcatactgga ctttgttcgg taaaagtgtt tccatcttag tttaagcaca tcttttcgta      7200
     tcctactcag ttacgttact cagcatacaa ttttttgtgc gcattgtatg cacatcatag      7260
     cgtttccatc catttttttt atggcttatg caaaatgcac ataaaaatag gtggatggaa      7320
     acatagctat tggggaagga aaccacacgc tcacgcttga gtggcttttt ggtttctttt      7380
     cttgtgcatc ccaccccatc ttaaagattt tttagcacag ggggtaatat agtaatttaa      7440
     cttcacaatt tttaatgttg caatatatat ttgcataacg atggcgggtt gtttttactt      7500
     gaaagctcaa atttgatgat cataatttgt tttgtttaca gaatttaagg tttactgtat      7560
     cattattcac accttgcaga tgttgatcta cttttaacat tgcacacact ttgtaacatc      7620
     ttatttatca agttaaagag tctctttaac acttatattt attttattat gaatatatat      7680
     tatctcatga gataagatgc tttgtttaaa tatttttgtt tttgactatt aaaactatct      7740
     gcctttgtaa tgttggtaaa taaaaacaaa gtggttaaaa tatcataata ttcctaaatg      7800
     gattgttaaa atattcaata attattaata ttgaattata taaatcagat attgtgaatt      7860
     tttttttttt aataattttt tttgcaatat tgtccagccc tataccaagg tcgatacttt      7920
     tgccaacctt actccagaca gagaaccctt taatattata taatgagagc agacccttct      7980
     cagctgctcc agcaacatca tcttgtgttg aacttgacat atttcttttt ttctttgttt      8040
     gcatttttca tatttgggat cattaattgt caagttgtcc gctggaatct gttattttgc      8100
     cagtggccta aatcctctaa ccacagctat tctttctgtt aaaggaagaa aaaaagacaa      8160
     ggataaggag cgtccggaga tttctaaccc ttcagatttc gagcacacta tacatgtggg      8220
     ctttgattct gtcacagggg agttcacggt gagtgaggga accttttcta tttcctcagg      8280
     cgcagtttac ctacactgcc cctgatctgt gttaatccat caatggctgg agagaatcgc      8340
     caattcaatt gcctggatgg gatcatttgt gtcctgtcat agtccaatga tttgatttgc      8400
     ttgctcaagt ttaattaatg gcagtattgg atgggaccac gctcagtttc ttttattcaa      8460
     ttccgttcct cttatctttc tgtgtcttag ggcatgccag agcagtgggc tcggctactg      8520
     cagacctcca acatcacgaa atctgagcag aagaaaaacc ctcaggctgt gttggacgtg      8580
     ctcaaattct acgactccac aggcaacagc aggcagaaat acctcagctt cacaggtgaa      8640
     taactgcatg taaattatcc tcacagtgca ctttcttttg ttctttattt agggataaaa      8700
     tgatgtttca ataaagtaag ccatgatatg cagttatcaa acatcccagg accatccgtg      8760
     ctgctgagtg tcttatccaa atggatttgc aaatatgtga tgcatacttt gctctcaata      8820
     acaaatgata agaaaactgc agttaacgaa gcctttacaa tgctattatt catacacgca      8880
     tgcatttctc tgtatataca tacaaaataa actcacacat aattatgaga acaaacttga      8940
     actttaaatg ctactaattt tactatacta taaaatgtga agacgtccca accaaacaga      9000
     agcctgttga tgaagaatat atgtgttttt gctttaatgt cactgcgatt taatattgca      9060
     gatttcaatg gccttcagtg agcacatttt tgtcctgaag gtctttggtg taactatttt      9120
     tatgaatata tttagaaaat gagggcgaaa tattagaatt tctaataaaa atgcaataat      9180
     taaaaaattg atggtgcttg aataacagtg aaattatgag aaaaatgtaa aaagatttcc      9240
     ataaggatga tcaaaaaatc gttgtcagtg ctgctttcaa ttaagtgctt tactcgtata      9300
     agtcagttct gtgctataaa tctgctctat aaagcagtct ttaatcacaa acaactgacc      9360
     tcaaacagtt aacgggaaat tttccatctt aaagcaggca gagcttcaga ctttaactta      9420
     cctataatca tgttttaata gctgaagcaa gatgtctgaa gacatttgaa aagttaaagc      9480
     aaaatgtctg aaaacatttg aaaggttgtt ttgactttca aatgggtttg attttgttca      9540
     aaacaaccag tttattattt aatgttgctt taaatatatc agggtcttaa tgttgacgat      9600
     tctctgatgg catttaactg ttgatcattg tatcttgcta aaatgtttaa atcatgaggt      9660
     tggaatccat gattctgcat taggcttgtt tgagtcctac ttatcagata cgactatgtt      9720
     agtagaattg aagaactttc atcatccttc agtgccagtt acctgtggag taccacaggg      9780
     ctctattttg ggccccatct tattttccct ttatctgcta ccactgcatt tgctttttga      9840
     gcgccataag atctcttatc aaattcagtt gaactcagaa ttattacaca cctcttttaa      9900
     gtgattttta tttcttttta aaatatttac caaattatgt ttaacagagt aaagacattt      9960
     tcacagtata tctgataata ttttttcttc tgattaaagt cttctttgtt ttattttgtc     10020
     tagaatcaaa gcagttttta atttcttaat aaccatttta aggtcaaaat tattagcccc     10080
     tttaagctat atattttttc gagtctacag aacaaaccat cgttctacaa taacttgcct     10140
     aattacccta acctgcctag ttaatctaat taacccagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttc     10200
     aagctgtata gaagcatgtt aaaaaacatc tagtaaaata ttttttactg tcattatagc     10260
     aacaataaaa gaaatcagtt attaaaaatg agttattaaa actagtatgt ttagaaatgt     10320
     gttgaagaaa atttctcttc gttaaacaga aattggggga aaaaaattaa taaggtagct     10380
     aataattcag gagggctaat aattctgact tccaactgta tatgctgatg acacccagct     10440
     ctattcacca ttatattctg gaagtgattc gatctctgct ctgttggcat gtaaaaggga     10500
     cattaaacta aaacttattc taagtttata ttctccccaa agatccctca ggtcctctgc     10560
     tcagctcctg ctaattgttc ctaaattctg cttgaaaaca aaaggagaca gagctttctc     10620
     agtccatgcc ccaaaacttt ggaacatgtt accttaagaa cttacagctt catctacatt     10680
     gtgttttaaa aaaactcttc tctttggcct attgatgtaa attcgttttt tagtctcatt     10740
     gactatgcag aatttaaaaa tttaatttta gtttattgta gcatatattg ccctcctgtc     10800
     tctcgaattg tttattattg ttcctatgtt cgacacagtg gtgcagttgg tagtgctgtc     10860
     gcctcactgc aagaaggtca ctggttcgag cctcggctgg atcagttggc atttctatgt     10920
     ggagtttgca tgttctcctc gggtttcctc ctattgtcca tagtgtatgt gtgtgaataa     10980
     gagtgtatgc tgtttcccag tgatgggttg cagctggaag agtatccgct gcgtaaaaca     11040
     tatgctggat aagttggcgg tttgttccgc tgtagcgacc ccaaattaat aaagggacta     11100
     agccaaaaaa aaaatagatg aatgaattaa tgttaccaag tttgtgaagc actttggtca     11160
     acattcatgt tgttttaagc tgctatataa ataaagttga ccttgacctt ctctttttaa     11220
     aaatcagata aagatgcacc acaagcaaaa aaaggctcag accaatctcc tgtaaaagac     11280
     cctgatgatg atgacgagga tgctccaccc cctgttgtag caccacgccc acagcacacc     11340
     atatctgtca gtttttatca gtcaattttg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtttgtt     11400
     tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtttgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg     11460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgctat     11520
     aattcattct tctctagttt gtacttaatg attcttgagt gaacaacata ttgttggcat     11580
     ctctgctttt tggataggta tacactcgtt ctgtcatcga tcctattcca gcacctgctg     11640
     ccattgcaga cacagatggc tctaaagctg cagacaaaca gaagaagggc aagggaaaga     11700
     tgaccgatga ggagattatg gagaaactta gtatgtcttt gaacatttag agatgctcaa     11760
     cacagcatga gtatttctat attcacagtc aaagtgttac cgcatgattg tttattacag     11820
     aatgataact gtgttgtcgt tgttacagga accattgtca gtattggaga ccccaagaag     11880
     aaatacacaa gatacgaaaa aattggacaa gggtatatat gttcaatgat tcatcacatt     11940
     ttgaaagttt ttacagtttt acctttgagg ttggaccaaa gctacattta tattattgct     12000
     attttttttt atgttgtgtc tttacagtgc gtctggtaca gtgtacacag ccattgatgt     12060
     tgctactggc caagaggtat gttgtactct attccatttt cattaaaggt gtaaatgaag     12120
     caaacaacat gatatgcagt gtgtaataag ccagaattaa tgcacacatc tgtatttgct     12180
     aagagaatta tatgggtaat ttacaaatag gttgagtgca gctcttaatt tagttaattt     12240
     aatcacaccg tgctgaaatg ttttggatta gtggtattat tctgaaagta attcactgtt     12300
     ctattcagca aggatggatt aaacaaataa gagctgtctc taaaaacatg tattactaaa     12360
     tgctgttcat aaaactttat ttaaaaacct tgtgagaatg tatcactttt tttcacaaga     12420
     agcaaaaaca actgtgtcct ttttttataa cagttgatgc gtcccaattc acatacttaa     12480
     actacaccct aaaagtatgt acttttttgt aatggaaaag tatatacttt tgagtgtgta     12540
     acagaagagt atagaagctt tgggaaatac tacttcctca ttaacagatc attatgttgc     12600
     ttagttatga gccctgtcaa taatctcgac acatcatcca catttctttc atattcaatt     12660
     acctacctta ttggagaagc agctgcagga taatctgcca tccacaagtc tttcatgcag     12720
     agaaatcttc ttaggtcttt ggttaattat gcattcagag gttaatgtcc aaacatatct     12780
     tgatataagt tcacattgtt atttcagatg aactatatca tggaaaacgc ggtttaaata     12840
     agtttcagtt gactacatat tgattaacag tcattcaaac aactttaccg aagcctctct     12900
     aaataactgt tggtctcgat tgtccgccat gtttgtagtt tgtacacttt ttatttgagt     12960
     ttgtagttct aatcaaattc acgtccaacg tgcaatgtat tgttggcaat attagcagtt     13020
     agtgtatgga cgcttctaca cttcatattt ttaccggaaa tagtaaacca tgcgggaacc     13080
     tttggcacat tcttttcaat gtactatagt ttcagtcata ctaattctat ttttgtacac     13140
     catttaagat ggatagtatg caaattgtga cgcagcaaat gtttcttgtt aactaatagc     13200
     atattagaat gatttctgac ataaaaaaac tgcaataatg actactaaaa atcagctgtt     13260
     atataaaaaa ttgtattggc ccctaacatt taaatagaag tgcatttaat ccaattaatc     13320
     gcaccgttct aagcatttgc atgtttccac tgtaaattta cattctgaat catagttttg     13380
     gcctttgtgt taaaataggc aaagtgaact ggtagtgatg tgtttccaca ggttgctatt     13440
     aagcagatta acctacagaa gcagcccaaa aaagagctga tcatcaatga gatcctggtg     13500
     atgaaggagc tgaagaatcc aaacattgtc aacttcttag acaggtagtt acacccctta     13560
     aaaagtcttt ttacacaaat tgcatgcaca atttgtaata ataacagtaa ataatgtata     13620
     attacaagca acttacccta atccagacca aaccccaatc ctaaccctaa agtagtaacg     13680
     tgtacttatt attactcatt tacaaaggtt atttttttgt atcagggtgt cacaatcacc     13740
     agctattcag gctagtagct cactgggaat cattcacttt cactcaggac tatctgtcaa     13800
     catatggact atacatcctg tcatgcacca cacactcaca cctgttccag ttttccgctg     13860
     attgctaaca cacagctgaa gctgttcaga actgattaca tggactttaa aagcagcaca     13920
     gacacacaca cacaccagtt tctgatactt gttatattgt tattttgaac attacaacgg     13980
     atttcccttg ccttgttttg ccatgttttg actctcgcct tgtttgttta tttatgttgc     14040
     ttgctgcttg tactgaccat tcacctgttt aatgactaca actctggatt gcctaaatac     14100
     atttgtttga ccctgttgac cgttgcctgc ctggacaccc tgttaataca cctgcatttg     14160
     gatccacact tccttgtcag tgtcccttca cattacactg gcacacacaa aggcccaatc     14220
     ctaattttcc cccttagcct ttccatttcc ctcttcccct ccatttcact cattcatgtt     14280
     cattctctgt tggatagaga tgcagagaga ggggggagtg tcagatagct catcaaatta     14340
     agatttttca ggaccacttt gcaaataagg gggtatgaga aattccctga gtataccagc     14400
     tacagctgca acatggctgt tcaagcaaga acagagaccc acaaatgtaa aacaaaaaat     14460
     gacattatta aggatttgta atagatacaa gtaactattt tatagcattc ttaaatgtgt     14520
     ttacgatcat gatgttcaaa gaaacatttt ttttttaaaa ttgctcattt cactaatgac     14580
     tgtcactttt aataaccact gcataataat cctacaaaat attttcaatt ctgatacccg     14640
     acgacttgac agtcagaata ccctgtaaga aaagtgacat ggaatttgct ttttgtagca     14700
     cttctggtag aatgttaatg atgttttctt gaggttacat ttatgaattt gagcattgtg     14760
     taaatacaaa tttcaatttc atgctcaatt caatgtgatc tactagtcgt atgttctgta     14820
     tgaaactaga gtttgcctga gcaaatccag aggctcattt tgtacagttg aagtacattg     14880
     caaaacaact tttggagtga gtaatctgtc aaaagttact gtgtttgtgc catctggaat     14940
     gacacaacag atcttgtttg aaaaatgagt ttgtgacaac tttttcttag aggaactttc     15000
     ttcatctcta ctcattcaca ctctgtttca agggtcaaag gttataacat taaattggga     15060
     tagggccata gtgtaaccaa ctattcaaac atctgaaaat tcaacatcat tagcaacata     15120
     aatactgttg tcttgtacat cttgtcaagc attttcaatt cagtcatcta ttttgttttc     15180
     ttgtgtatct gtccagcttc ttggttggag atgagctctt tgtggtgatg gagtatcttg     15240
     ctggaggctc tctgacagat gtagtaacag aaacctgcat ggatgaggct caaattgctg     15300
     ctgtctgcag agaggtacag tatttctgct gtagctgtga gatctaaatc gtttgttttt     15360
     ctcaccactg cttgaacacc ctgatctcac aatctccaca gtgtttacaa gcactggagt     15420
     ttctgcatgc aaaccaggtc atccatcgag acatcaaaag tgacaacgtt cttttaggaa     15480
     tggacggatc agtcaaacta agtgagtttg tcacactctc aagccttgcg ctcatcgtgt     15540
     cagcacagtt tgcatcaatt tttccttttt ctttttcagc cgattttggg ttctgtgctc     15600
     aaatcactcc tgagcaaagc aagaggagca ccatggtggg aacaccctac tggatggccc     15660
     ctgaggtggt cacacgtaaa gcctacgggc ccaaagtgga catttggtct ttgggtatca     15720
     tggccattga aatggttgag ggcgaacctc catatctcaa tgagaatcct ctgagggtaa     15780
     gtctttcaga acgtttatta ctcatgggta attaatgcta atggtttggg ctatctgtca     15840
     gattttaaag taaagattta tggcattaat tgataatgta catctccagg cgttgtacct     15900
     catcgctact aatggcaccc cggagctcca gaacccagaa aagctgtctc ccatttttag     15960
     agacttccta aaccgctgcc tggagatgga tgtggagaag agaggaggag gaaaagagct     16020
     tctgcaagta agtagaactg aaaacccaaa atgcacgaac aaatggcttt tgtttttgtt     16080
     tgaataaact tgggtttccc aaactggagt tcatgtggaa cttcattggg tttgtggatt     16140
     gattaaaagg ctaaccatta gttaaattta tggttaaatt gagtgtaata attattgctg     16200
     cataattcat caaacattgt aaacgtgatt tattgcaatt ttctattcaa aggctacaat     16260
     aataaaataa taaaaaacac attctaaata aaaaaaaaat ctaaattttt gtaaatcaag     16320
     agttttgagg ataaatattg tcttaatagg taacttatta gttttttgtg attaaaatgg     16380
     tagtggttgt aggggattca ccgataccaa tttttttgta tcgactgata cagattcgat     16440
     tccgatcctg tgctgttttt ttgtttgttt gtttttttat gcataataca gtttctatag     16500
     ttttaatgat taactcaaat aatacatttt ctttagtaaa aaagcctact gtatatgaca     16560
     gacattattt gagcattctt taaggcaatt atctgttgtg gtccagctta tgtttccttt     16620
     ttttcattat tacgattttt aaaaatttgt aatagacgac cactattgat cctaatcaaa     16680
     acacaaactg gtctgtaaat aaaataataa tatgaataaa attacagtaa aatattcaca     16740
     gcttcagaat agcttaaatt aggctaaatc attttctgtt aatgacaatc catattgcgc     16800
     ctgtcagttt catttttttc agttaattaa ctactctgac cacaatgagt caggctttac     16860
     aaactattca cagcaaaaaa agtattcctc tctgaagaat aaacttagtc agaaagatga     16920
     gagaacagaa actcctaata ttaggtctgc agaatcattt tattaagtgg cgcacatccc     16980
     atctgcgcag ccggtacgtg aatgaagcac ctgatgcatt actgagacac agcgcacagc     17040
     cctccggtac ctgcagacaa tttttaaaac tgagtagcac aaagggaaga aatcagtgcg     17100
     ttgaggatct gtccaatgta ttattgagtc ttttctaatt taaaggttca ggtaggccta     17160
     ctttgtgcat taagagcagg taattatcct ctcaactcca gtgttgaaaa tgcaatatgc     17220
     tgatctaaca gatacagtgc aacataattt agaaacatca atgacgtcct tgttgcaggt     17280
     ggaaactaac ccatttaatg caaagctaaa tgcatttctc cactatatac ttatattaac     17340
     aggaacaaat agtcttggag aaagtttgtg ttgtcatgac cacgacacac agcttgaatt     17400
     gtgaatgaag ggagaatgat tgacaggcgc agcggcggga agcgctgaag tgaacataaa     17460
     tttaagcact taaatattca tcagtatttc acattaaact ataaaatggc atcagaacag     17520
     aacaacccta catgacaact ttcaaatagg ctatcttcat agcttttttt ggactataaa     17580
     ttacacagaa tatagcgcat gtgcaagatc ggctttggat tggtttgagc tggccgatac     17640
     acgatccagc aaaaatatgc gaagtcgatg ccaatggctt aatggaaagt gcactgacac     17700
     atgcactctg ttgttcacgg caacccgagt tcgattcctg ccttgaggtc ctatgtcgat     17760
     ccttcccctc tctctggtca atgcacgttc ctgtcatttc tctctactgt actgtcaaat     17820
     aaaggtaaaa acccctaaaa aataataaca ataaaatgtg gtgaaaatta atacactaat     17880
     tatttttgta cttagagctt caattgcaat ttgcaaaagt catatataat taatataaat     17940
     ttactaacag ttctataagc tatcaataat aatttaaaaa aatcttttat tttatgttta     18000
     ttgttaacac tcaattgagt acaatcttac aatatttcaa ggtacatttg aatctcagta     18060
     tgtgtacctt aagtgacaca atttacatac attactgtaa ggtgtactac tatacgtagt     18120
     acttaaattt ggtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagcataaa aaactaaaga attaaataaa     18180
     aattaagaca ttttatttga attcagggtg agaatgcatg tcataataaa attccttcca     18240
     gaataatcta aaatgaccac cttcattata cacatgggga taacacacaa tacaatatga     18300
     aaataaaatt aaagtcagtt attaacccct tttgaatttt ttttttcccc caaatgatgt     18360
     ttaacagagc aaggaaattt tcacagtatg tctgataaaa ttttttcttc tggtaaaagt     18420
     gttatttctt ttatttcggc tagaataaaa gcattttaaa aacatttttg aaacccattt     18480
     tacggtcaaa atattagccc ctttaagcta tatatattct ttcgatagtc tacagaacaa     18540
     accatcatta tacaataact tgcctaatta cccttacctg cctagttaac ctaattaacc     18600
     tagttacgcc tttaaatgtt actttaagct gtatagaagt gtcttgaaaa atatctagtg     18660
     aaatattatt tattgtcatc atggcaaaga taaaataaac tagttattag aaatgagtta     18720
     ttaaaactag aaatgtgttg agcaaatctc tccattaaac agaaacaggg gaaaaaataa     18780
     acgggggtta ataattctta cttcagctca ttcagctata cactcattag catgtattta     18840
     tctcagttga gcatcttcta tttgtttata gcatcaaaat caggtcttat attcaaccca     18900
     tttcctctat tttgtctgca atatatcctt ctttaaattg actacaggat tttttttcca     18960
     ctgtatagat ctcaatccat ctatccattt atttaaggtt ggttgctctt gttcttgcca     19020
     tttgtgtgtg attgcttttt ttactggcac ccatgagagc atgctgatta tttacacagc     19080
     taaaatataa caattcactc tctagaggta tatctctttc aaatatatgt tcaagaacct     19140
     cctgtattta tttccagtat tcttgaatat acagtattgt tcaaaataat agcagtgcaa     19200
     catgaatagc tagaatattt caggttttta gtatattttt catttgatgc agggcaaaca     19260
     acttaccagt aggtgcagta gattatcaca tcctcacata gacgtcttct aaatgtacag     19320
     tacttacagg taactccaga ctgtctttga gcatcctgga ggtgatcatt agctgagcct     19380
     ttgtcattct ggttatactt cattccatgt tgatggttgt ctttcgtttt cttccacgtc     19440
     tctctggttt tgccctccat tgtaaagcat tagagattat tttagctgaa cagcctatca     19500
     tttttcacct ctttataggt tttcccctct ccaatcaact ttttatcaaa gcaatgcctt     19560
     gaatgaccca tttggctttt taatgcatgt tcaataagtg caggtttcat cctgattcgc     19620
     acctgtttat ttacaaaatt gatgacctca ctgattacat tttttttaaa cacaccgctt     19680
     tcaacttatt ggtcaattgc acagccatta gagcttgtat attgtgaatg ctgggtcttg     19740
     tttgttttct gataatctac tgcacctact ggcaacttgt ttgtcatgta tcaataaaaa     19800
     tatatactaa aaccctgaat taatctagtt agtcacattg tactgctatt attttgaacc     19860
     atactgtgct tacattccta gatatgatag tggtttgctt tgttacatcc acagctatgg     19920
     caacattttg gagacttgtt ggaattaata tttttttgga taatttttca catacattac     19980
     ctttcgttag tgaaacacaa aaatgaaaac atgtctttaa attattgtaa tgttgacaaa     20040
     ttttcaaggt gtatataagg gaattatttg aaatctgaag tgacaataga cgttgagcaa     20100
     gaacatttat atgcattgca gtggctgtaa catgagtaaa actctgcagg atataaataa     20160
     tataatagat ctaaaatgta agtaataatt gtcttcactt ggtaccacat accttttata     20220
     agtcccacat ctttgcatga tataaattaa caaagcagag ttcaccaaac ttgaacaaaa     20280
     tcttgagttt ccgttctccc acattcactt gcataggaat tggaagttga aagaactcaa     20340
     gaagttcagc tgtcaaaaaa agtttgggaa cccctgaaat agactgtgga ggtgttagag     20400
     aaataatgat gttgatgaca agctaatctt ccggaaaatg tccttctgtc tctgtttcag     20460
     catcctttcc tcaagctggc aaagcctctt tccagcctca ctcctcttat acttgctgcc     20520
     aaggaggcaa tgaagagtaa ccgttagccg tttgtcactg tgcgccaatg cccaaatccc     20580
     ttctcacgac tgcctcctgt gagagcctct atcactccag cagagcccct tctagtcccg     20640
     cgaaggacct ttgctcttca gccctcagga ccgacctcag tcatctccac ctgggcaact     20700
     aacttgcaca atcaccatgt cttgcctcct cacaccaaac tctccgcaat gtgcctgaag     20760
     gggctacaaa accagaggag ccacagattg tagacctctc tctcgtttct actgatatct     20820
     ctccttttat ttgtctgatg taaacggttt gaaaaccatc gcatcgctct atgcgcatct     20880
     tgtcatgcat ttctgtcaga attctctttt tttaatagtt tgagtatttt tgagctctga     20940
     cctaacagtg tactctcctt ttttgatctt ccagagaagt attgtaatac ttgaaccatc     21000
     ccatcctctc atattgacct gtcacttgtg cctactacct atttgccttc actcgtctca     21060
     acaaaatgga aaaacaactt tgctgtatga aattaaatga accatttcct gtttttaaat     21120
     ttgtatcaca aaacctaaag tttattaaat ctttttgtat attatgtatt gtgattagct     21180
     cgcagaaatg ggggtggggg gagaggggac aggaatcagg acaatttgac tagatgtttt     21240
     gtatttatgt gtatgtatac agtattttat attttaacta acaatctgac agaacaccgg     21300
     aatttaatgt gtcctcagtg gttgtcgtaa aacgatgaat aatttgcttt agtctttgca     21360
     tgttcaatct aacttgtttt tcttttagca taacatttca atgagaaaca ttttcagaca     21420
     ttccaattga gtaaatacac ctgtccttct gtcggtttta tgcttgtttc caatgagata     21480
     caaagttttt tgttaatgat gagaccatct taaaacatat cctttgtaaa ttattattaa     21540
     aatagacttg gagcaaagat gtttgagctt gtaatgttga ctggtaaact tctaaaattc     21600
     tcattctgtt atgactcgct ggtcacttta ttaggtacac cttgctaata ccaggttgaa     21660
     cccctgttat gtcctcaaaa ctgacttact acttcacgac attgattgaa caaggtgctg     21720
     gatacatttg attgtggttc atatccatga tgtgcacatc cagtttcagg tcatgctctt     21780
     gataagagga ttaaaataat gcggagtgca aagtgtccag ggtaaatctc cactattaca     21840
     tctccagcag cctaaaagtc cttgatacaa ggtgggatgc ttcaagctta catgttgttt     21900
     ctgcaaagtt cttaaactac catatgaatg ctgcagcaga aatgaagaca tgaaaaacat     21960
     ttaccgtttt ctgattgtgc agtttgggag gcctcatctg aatcgtagcc ttgttttttt     22020
     gttttttgtt ttttttttag ctttcagaaa tggtcttttg catctttgta aaattacttt     22080
     tagggggggt ttaatcttta atggatagaa caatgtagag tattgacagg aaatcatggg     22140
     gagcagagag aggggaaaga tcaccaaaca accttgagca gggaatcgaa catgggtcac     22200
     cgtgaccagt gttggggaaa gtaatgcttt acaattttga gtaattcccc taaaaagtat     22260
     ttatatattg catttgcatg gagtgtatag tatatgtaaa aaaagtacat atacacatac     22320
     attcttgtca atgtctggga tagaactcag gtctctggca tgggaggtga atcacttaac     22380
     cactcagcta ctggaagttg ataaaccgaa acattgaaag acaactatat acatatacac     22440
     acatactata tacaggcatg atacattcca taggcacaca tgtgcaccat atgcacacat     22500
     gatacacact atacttgaac acatacatat atacacacac acacacacac acgatacatt     22560
     ccttacatat gcacacatca tacactctta acttatacac acaccataca aatgtacaca     22620
     tgatacattc tgtacatata cactctatac atatacagat atggtactct ccatatatat     22680
     gaatacagtg tattgtgtaa ttttttgttt gggttcatta acttccagta gttccagctc     22740
     agtggttaca tgattcacct tgtatgccag agacctgggt tctatcccag accctgacag     22800
     gtgtgtatat gtatggtgta tatgtagagc atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     22860
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtgtgtgt     22920
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtattata tgtttatatg tatggagtgt atcatatatg     22980
     tatagaatgt atcatgtgct tatgcacaac acttcaaaag tacacacaca taatgcattc     23040
     tatacataca catacgatac actccataca tatgcacata tgatacactc aatacatata     23100
     cacgatacaa tccatacata tacatacact acatgataca ctacactaca ctacatgata     23160
     cactccatac actctaggat agatatatta tatgcgcaca tatgaaacac tctatacata     23220
     tacactccat gcatgtgcac acatggtaaa ttctatacat atagacacac ataatacact     23280
     cctgtcaggg tctgagttag aactcgggtc actcgggtga attatttaac ctctgagcta     23340
     ctggaagttg atgaacccaa acaactatat acatatacac cctaaacata cacactccgt     23400
     acatatacac acgatatact ctatacatat acactataca tatattcaat tgaattcata     23460
     tcatgtgtgt atatgtttgt gtttcatgtt agcttaaaca ttgagtgtat atgtacagtg     23520
     tttcaggtgt gtatatgtat ggagtgtatc gtatatgtat agaatgtatc atgtgtgcat     23580
     atatatggat tatatgtata tggaatgtat cgtgtgcata tgtaaggagt gtataatgta     23640
     tgtatggagt gtatcgtgta tgtgtataga tagtatcatg tgtatagaat gtaccgtgtg     23700
     catcatgtgt agaatttatc atgtttatat agtttatacg tatgtttata tattgtcttt     23760
     ctttgtttag gttcaacaat ttccagcagc tgagtggtta agtgattcac ctcccatccc     23820
     agtgacccaa gttctctccc acaccctgac aatagtctgt gtagaacgca tcatgtgtgc     23880
     atatatatgg agtgtgtgta tagaatgtat aatgtatgta tggagtttat tgtgtatatg     23940
     tatagatagt atcatgtgtg tacatatgta gagtttgtca tgtctgtgta tatgaataga     24000
     gtgtatatgt acagtattca tagtgtgtag ggactgtttc atgtttgcat aagaattgag     24060
     tgtatatgta tagtgtttca tgtgtgcata tgtatggagt gtatcatgtt tgtatatgta     24120
     tggtaccatg agtgtatgtg tttatatgta tggattgtat cgtatagaat atatcgtgtg     24180
     tgcatatgct caagatacac tttatatgta cgccaaatga tacattctat catttacaca     24240
     cgagacactc aatacataga catgatacac tctatacatg tacacacaca tgatacactc     24300
     catacatgtg cacacatgat acattctaaa catatacaca cacgatacat gtacacacat     24360
     gatacattct atatacacac acacacgata catgcttaac atatacacgt acactctata     24420
     caaacacaca tgatacattc cataaataca ctttataaat atgtacacat aatacattct     24480
     atacacaaca cattctatat acatacactt tatacatatg tacacatgat acattctata     24540
     cacatatact ccatacatat gcacatgaca cacacttgac ttggtacgca catatgtgca     24600
     ccatacatat acaatatata cttatacaga taaggtacag tatatatgtc tacagtgtat     24660
     tgtgtaattt tttgttcgag ttcatcaact tccagtacct cagtggttaa atgattcacc     24720
     ttgcatgcca gagactcggg ttctatctta gacactgaca agtgtgtatc tcacttttta     24780
     aagaaactgg actagcggat gttgcttttt gtgaaaaaat acattttgta gttgacctaa     24840
     aatgtacatt cttaaatgtt attaatggca gcagttcaca catatattaa gatacatcgg     24900
     aacagtggtt ctcaataata aaatctaaat gttaaaaaat ggtgtttatc gcgtcttgca     24960
     accaaactct ttataggttt agtgtatatg tatatagttg tcttttgtta attgggttca     25020
     tcaacttcca gtagctgagt ggttaagtga ttcacctcac ccgccagtgg cccgagttct     25080
     atcccagacc ctgacaagaa tctatatgta tagatgtgtg tatgtgtata gaatgtacca     25140
     tgtgtagagt ttatcatgtc tgtgcatatg tatagagtgt aaatgtgtag aatttatcat     25200
     atatgtgtgt gtgtgcttat atatatgtat aaagttgttt gggttcaaca atttccagta     25260
     gctgaatggt tcccaatggg tccaattccc atgccagtga cctgagttct atcccagacc     25320
     ctgtcaggag tctgtgtata gaatgtatcg tgtgcatatg tataaaatgg ataatgtatg     25380
     tatggagttt gtcatatctg tgtatatgta tagtgtttca tgtgtgcata tgtatggagt     25440
     gtattatgtt tgtatatgta tggtaccatg agtgtatgtg tttatatgta tggacatgat     25500
     acactctata catgtgcaca catgatacat tcccaacatg tgcacacatg atacattcta     25560
     aacatataca cacacaaaac agtctataca tacacgatac gctttataca tgtacactcc     25620
     atacattgtc agacatgata cattttaaca tgtgcacaca tgatacattc tacacacaca     25680
     tgcattccat acatgataca ttcttaatac atacacttta cactccatac acatacattt     25740
     tatatataca tacacatgat acattctata cacatatact ttatacatat acacatgata     25800
     cattctatac acatatactc catacatttg cacattataa acacttgtca aggtctggga     25860
     tagaactcag gtctctggca cggaaagtga atcacttaac cgctgagcta ctggaagctg     25920
     atgaatttga acgaaatgaa agacaactat atagatatac acactgaaaa tatacactcc     25980
     atacatattc actgtatact gtacatatgt agacatgata cattccatac acacatatgt     26040
     gcaccataca tatacattct atacatatac agatatggta cactcggtat gtatgtatat     26100
     atatatatac atatatatat acatatattc catatatata tatatatata tagtctattg     26160
     tgtaattttt tgattgggtt catcaacttc cagtagctta gtggttaagt gtcaccttgc     26220
     ataccagaga cccgggttca gacactgaca aatgtctgtc acactttgtt aagaaactgg     26280
     tctggcggac attgctttaa gtgaaaaaat acattttgta gttgacctaa aatgtacatt     26340
     cttaaatgtt attaatggca gcagttcaca catatattaa gatacatcgg aacagtggtt     26400
     ctcaataata aaatctaaat gttaaaaaat ggtgtttatc gcgtcttgca acataactct     26460
     ttataggttt agtgtgtata tgtatatagt tgtcttttgt tgtatgggtt gaacaacttc     26520
     tagtagccga gtggttaaat gattcacctc ccaagccagt gacccgagtt ctatcccaga     26580
     ccctgacaag tatgtatcat gtgcaaatgt atggagtatg tgtgtataga atgtatcatg     26640
     tgtacatatg atacattcca tatacataca gtttatacat gtgttaatgt ataaaatgta     26700
     taaagtgtat gtgtatagaa tgtatcatgt gtacatttat atggattata tgtatggagt     26760
     ttatcgtgta tgtgtataga tagtatcatg tgtgcatatg tataaagtgt acgtgtatag     26820
     aatgtaccat gtgtagagtt tatcatgtct gcatatattt gtagagttca tcatgtctgt     26880
     gcataggtat tatgtgtata tgtcaagtat gtatggagta tatagttgtt tggggtaaac     26940
     aatttccagt agctgagtgg ttaagtgttt caccttccat gccagtgacc tgagttctat     27000
     cccagaccct gacaagagtc tatgtgtata gaatgtataa tgtatttatg gagtttattg     27060
     tgtatgtgta tagatagtat catgtgtaga gtttgtcatc tctgtgcata atgtatatat     27120
     ggagtttatc gtgtataggt agtatcatgt gtgtacattt gtagaaattg tcatttctgt     27180
     gcatatgtat ggaatatata tgtacagcat tcattgtgtg taaatgtatg gactgtttca     27240
     tgtttgcata agtgtttatg tatagtgttt catgtgtgca tatgtatgga gagtatcatg     27300
     tttttatatg tatgctacca agagtgtatg tgttgatatg tatggattgt ctcgtataga     27360
     atgtatcatg tgtgcatatg cacaagatac acttcatatt tatgcacaca tgatacattc     27420
     tatcattcac acacgagaca ctatacaaag acatgataca tgtgcacaca agatacattc     27480
     taaacatata cacaagatac atgtacattc tatacatatg atacatacac acatgataca     27540
     ttctaaacat ataaacacac acatgataca ttccatacat gtacacacaa tacactatac     27600
     atatacatga tacacgtaca ctatataaat acacacatga tacattccat acacatacac     27660
     tttatacaaa tgcacacgat acattcttaa cacatatact ccatacatat gcacgataca     27720
     cacttgtcag ggtctgggat agaactagag tctctggcat ggaaggtgaa tcacttaact     27780
     tctgagctac tggatgttga cctcagacga gttgaaagac aactatatag atatacacac     27840
     taaaaatata cactctatac atatacagac atgatacatt ccatacgcac atatgtgcac     27900
     catacaaata cactctatac atatacagac gtggtacaca cagtatatat gtctacagtg     27960
     tattgtgtaa ttttttgttt gggttcatca acttccagta gctcagtggt tacatgattc     28020
     accttgcatg ccagagaccc gggtttatcc tggacactga caattgtgta tttgtatgga     28080
     gtgtttgtgt atagcatgca tcatgcgtat ataaatagtg tatcatgtgt atatgtatag     28140
     tgtttcatgt ttgcataaat attgagtgta tatgtagttt tacaggtgtg catatgtata     28200
     gagtgaatca tgtttgaaga tgtgtgtgta tcatgtgtgc gtacatatga tgtgtatctt     28260
     gtgcataagc acacatgata cattctatac acatacatga tatagtccat acataggcac     28320
     acacaataca ttatatacat atacacatga tacattcttt acacatacac tccatgcata     28380
     tgcaaacatg aaacattcta tacacataca ctttatacat atacactcat gacacactcc     28440
     atatatatgc acagacatga tacattctat acacatagac tccatacata tgcacatatg     28500
     atgcattcta tccacataca ctccatgcat atgcaaacat gaaacattct atacacatac     28560
     actttataca tatacactca tgacacactc catatatatg cacagacatg atacattata     28620
     tacacataga ctccatacat atgcacatat gatgcattct atccacatac actccatgca     28680
     tatgcaaaca tgatacattc tatacataaa cacacacgat acattccgtg cataaacaca     28740
     gacatgatac aaccactgag ctactggaag ttgatgaacc caaacaacga aagacaacta     28800
     tatacatata cacactaaac ataaacactc catacatatg catacaatac actctataca     28860
     tacacacatg atacactcta tacatgaccg cacatgatac attctataca cagacacgtt     28920
     acacatgata aattttacat tctacatatc cacttaacac tctgtacata tacacaccat     28980
     acatatacat tctatacgta tacacacgat acactctata catatacatt ctatacgtat     29040
     acacacatga tacactctat acatatacat tctatacgta tacacacatg atacactcta     29100
     tacatataca ttctatacgt atacacacga tacactctat acatatacat tctatacata     29160
     tacacacatg atacgctcta tacatacaca caacatacat atgcatacat gaaacactcc     29220
     atacatatgc acacgataca ttctatacac agacacaata cacatgataa atgttacact     29280
     ctacatatcc actccgcact ctgtacatgt acacaccatg catatacatt ctatacatat     29340
     atatgcatga taggcgacgt agtggtgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgcctca cagcaagaag     29400
     gttgctggtt cgatcctcgg ctcagttggc gtttctgtgt ggattttgca tgttctccct     29460
     gcgttcgcgt gggtttcctc cgggtgctct ggtttccccc acagtccaaa gacatgcggt     29520
     acaggtgaat tgggtaggct aaattgtcca tagtgtatga gtgtgtgtgt gaatgtgggt     29580
     gtggatgttt gccagagatg ggttgcgact ggaagggcat ccactgcgta gaaatgtact     29640
     ggataagttg gcggttattc attatatata tgatacaaca aggtagtttt acttaaagaa     29700
     ctgccacttg ctacgttgtt ttctgaccat tcacatttta gttgtgtttg aaaatccttg     29760
     tcgatcacat tcttggagga ccaccagctc tgcacatttt tcatgtctcc ttaaccaaac     29820
     acacctgatt cagatcatca gcagatactg aaagacctgt aatgggtgtt acagacaacg     29880
     gagccatcta aaaccatgca gtgtctggtg agcagaacgt ggttgagaaa cacagctgta     29940
     gatcatcagt ttctacaatc atcagtttga ccttaagctg atcatctcga ccacgtctac     30000
     attcccaaaa tgtgttgctg ttatctgatt gactattaag atatttattt catttcagtg     30060
     agcgattgaa ctgatgtacc taataaagtg gccggttagt gttaaacatt ttgctgaaat     30120
     cttcaagtaa ttcatgttta atattttcag aaatccagat gttcagacag tactgtttta     30180
     taactagaat atgatatctt gtttgtttcc ctgttattgt tgaaacttag ttatttcctc     30240
     ctacaaatgc aaatcatttt cagatgacct acaacagagg aactgccacg atcttgtgta     30300
     gctgcaacac tgaacttgag aggtttctgc acttcctctt tgtaggccgt tataaaaaca     30360
     ggaagcgtac atgttaggaa agaacaattc agctgtagtt tcaccaaggt cctaaaatca     30420
     catggtgttc cactttattc agaggaaaca tctctgcctc tggaactcca gataatggct     30480
     gacgctccac agaatgactc tgaatgttcc tcatctggcc agaccgaagc ttcagctgga     30540
     ggtctgagtt tgctggagag ctcgacgcag gagaaccaag aagatggcca ggttttgttt     30600
     gaggattctg tgtttgctgg ttgtttgcag gatggactgc acagtctgtg tctggaggac     30660
     agcttgacag atgtgattct caatgtacag agtcagagct tcaagtgcca tcgagtggtc     30720
     ctcgctgcag ccagtcatta tttcaggtca gccagtggta catccagatc tttcaatgtg     30780
     atgtactgct cattacatgt aacttttcgt aacttaaagc agtgcttcta tttgagggaa     30840
     gatacttaag tctacatgtt taatgtatgt gtgctttact tgttcacaga gcaatgttct     30900
     gtaatgacct aagagaaaag catgaagaaa atgttaatat taaaggcatt gatgctgaca     30960
     ctatgagaat cctgttagat tacacttaca ccagcaaagt caccatcacc aaagacaatg     31020
     ttcagagaat gcttgaggcc gcctgccttt ttcaggtttg tattgttgta caggttttgc     31080
     acaccttcat gtttaagtaa ttcccatctg aaccatatta tcattttaat ggcattaaca     31140
     gtatgtatag catgatggaa tagtcaacac atataatctg actaaaattt ctgtttgttt     31200
     ggcagccgtt atttaaattt gtattttatg ttttgtacat taaaaccact aggaaagtac     31260
     caagcacaac agggaagtga aaattagcat tgtttacaaa aagatataca catttttcca     31320
     attgactctc attagtcaca tctgggtaac tgactggggt gaaatgttta cttaaaaaaa     31380
     gttgaggtga cttaggttta tatttttatg aacataagtg caatgaaatg tctgtcaaat     31440
     catgttcaaa tatgaattta gtaagttttt attttaaaac aaagcccttt aaaaagtaaa     31500
     aaaattttta atgcagttat agatagtaag tctcaccaga gctgattcat ttaatcaaaa     31560
     aacagtaaaa acataaagaa aaaaattatt gattgaattg tttttaggaa aatttaaaaa     31620
     tgtaacttgt ttttgtctga aatttaagca ttaatccagt gtttagtgtc acacaatctt     31680
     tcagaaatca tttcattaga tctggtgctc aagaaacatt tcttattatt atctgaatga     31740
     aaaactgttg tgctgcttac catttttgta ggagccagga ttctttaaag attaaacatt     31800
     taaagagaaa acaatttaaa atcatcaaaa tatgttacat aatttgtgtc attactgtca     31860
     cgttcgatca gtgtagtaca ttgtgtgaca aaattatttc tttataaaaa taaatatatg     31920
     acaagaaaat taatctaggt atttgaattt gatccaaaac tgaaagttct gtcattattt     31980
     actcaacctt cacttgttca aaacctgcat gattttcttt cttctgttga aataagatat     32040
     taggaaggac actaaaaacc tgtaaccatt gacttccata gttttttttt tcttctatca     32100
     atgccaatga ttatcggttt tcaacattct tcaaaatatc ttctttagtg ttaatcagaa     32160
     taaagaaaca caaatgtttg gaaccaactg agggtaagta aagagttttt atttttggtt     32220
     gaactatccc tttaaaccca tctcacaatc tttatgtttg atttatgagt atgcacactg     32280
     ttaaaaacta cttgctgact ttttttttta atgttcagtc aaattaacat aagtcttttc     32340
     caccttacct tactctgcct tccagccatg agctggcggg ggtccggttc ggcaactaca     32400
     ggatttcttc tctgttattc gcagacgatg ttgttctgtt ggcttcattg aaaatggacc     32460
     tttagcatgc actggggcgg tttgctgccg ggtgtgattt ggctgggttg agaatcagca     32520
     cctccaagtc cgaggccctg gtgctccacc ggaaaaaagg tggtttgcca tctccagatc     32580
     agaggaaaat ccttacccca ggtggagaag tttaagtgtc ttggggtttt gttcacgaat     32640
     aagggaaggc tgaaacgtga gattgacagg cggattggtg cagcggcagc aataatgcgg     32700
     ttgatatatc catccattgt ggtaaagaag tagctgagcc gaaaggcaaa gatctcgatt     32760
     tacccatcta gctacgttac tttcacctat ggtcatgagc tttgggtcat gaccgaaagg     32820
     acaaggtctc ggattcaagc ggctgaaatt agtttccttt gaagagtggc agggcgcact     32880
     cttagggtga ggagctctgt cacccgggag gtcatagtaa agctgctgaa cctccacatc     32940
     gagagaagtc agctgaagtg gctcgggtat ctgtttcaga tacctcctgg atgcctacct     33000
     agggaggtat tccaggcatt ttccaccggg aggaggcctc acggaacact ttgtctctca     33060
     gctggcctgg taatgccttg ggatccccct gaaggagctg gaggaagtgt ctggggagag     33120
     aaatagtatc tggatgcagc ctttatgatg aaagctgaga ttgcaagact cagcgatgca     33180
     atgtcagaca caatgcagtc aatggagtga gtgacgtcac tgtgacgggt agggttaggg     33240
     gtggggttag gtgagcgcat taaaaagcat tggatgcagc tcagattgca ctgcatcagg     33300
     tctgcatcca gacccccctt ggggagaggg aagtcagagg ttctttccta agactgctgt     33360
     cctcgtgact cggacctgga aaaacagatg aaaatgaaat gaaatgaaaa taataatact     33420
     gataaaaaca ttactacatt acatacatta tgtttatgta tttcctaatt tattatatta     33480
     tttattaaac agtccacttt aaatgttgac tactgtatac caggatctgt tgcactgaat     33540
     catttccatt aaattctctt ctgtggcctc atgggattat aaagtgtcca tcagatgcac     33600
     acttcagaat ctctgcgaca gtaataggtc atcctggtac tcacctactg cttttcaaat     33660
     tttattctaa agtgtgtctc atacatacag tgtatcgcat acagttgcaa tattactata     33720
     gttcagttca atattacttt gtcagaatta cccccccccc ccccccatgt attttttccc     33780
     caatttctgt ttttaactcc gaacataata gttttaataa ctcatttcta ataactgatt     33840
     tttaaatatt aaattaaaaa ggttaactat tttaattatg caagtcaggg taattaggca     33900
     agtcattgta taacaaaatt aagttcaaaa ttgcttttag gggctaataa taatggtaaa     33960
     tggtaaataa taataaaata ataataaaat ggttttaaaa aattaaaaaa tgcttttatt     34020
     cttgccgaaa tgaaacaaat gagattttct ctaaaagaaa aaatattatc agacatactg     34080
     tgaacatttc cttgctctgt taaacatcat ttgtgaaata ttggaaaaag aaaaaacaat     34140
     cacaggaggg ctaataattt tgacttcaac tctatctcta atataagggc aaattcagta     34200
     agtttataca acataaaaca cttttaagct ctataatgac tttaaaccca atccattttt     34260
     gcagtttcct cgtattgtgg acgcttgtgc aagttatctc gcggaagccc ttcatccaga     34320
     gaactgtgtg gggatcctgc atctggccga cgttcactca ctagagtctc taaagacaca     34380
     ggttcactcc tacattgtcc agaacttctc ccaggtggtg gatcatgaag agatcctgga     34440
     gcttcccgca gacgtgttgg tcagtctgat ccagcatgat gatttggggg ttacagagga     34500
     agagcaggtg tttgatacgg ttatccgctg ggtgaaggcc cgagaggatg acaggacagc     34560
     tctgctgcct cgcgtactca cacatgtgcg gctgcccttg ctggacccgt ggttcttcgt     34620
     ggagcgggtg gagggagacc cattgatccg ccattgtgca gaggttttcc cactgctgca     34680
     ggaggccaga gtttatcacc tctcaggaaa agaggtcagt tcttctcagg tgacctttgc     34740
     ttttaatgct ggatgtcatg ccgaagtgat cacaagatca ttcaaagatg ggaagtgaaa     34800
     ttcaagctcg ggaatgatgc cccatgtgtc agaatgacat tgcaaagaaa attatgtctg     34860
     ggtatctata caaatttcac ggtttgattt ggggtgcatt tagttgtgta gttccctttg     34920
     ttctctgttg gtccagacca aaaaagaaaa ttctttaagt gctcgctagg gcagcacaat     34980
     atatcaaaaa attattgtta tcgcaataat agtatatgca atatccaaac tgcaaaaaaa     35040
     ttcaataaat tgagttaaat taaattccct agcatttgtg tgctgcatgc acaggttgtt     35100
     tatctaaatc tgaccaatca gatggggcac tttcacctag agctaaaaac atactaatgc     35160
     tgggagacaa gataagaaaa tgactgcaac caataacaat cagaatttac catcagtttt     35220
     ccgtcatttt aaagtctaga tgtttgcaca tgtacaaagt tttaaaaatt ttttttaaat     35280
     ttaattagct cagaaattgt tttagtttag ttttgtataa acattacaca aataaatata     35340
     tatttaaatt gctgataaaa tagcattttg caggtcagtt atattttaag gaatattgtt     35400
     atcggaacac tcaacaacaa tatatatcac atatcacatt tatagtattt atagtattta     35460
     tagcatttat agtatttaca acttgttaaa tcatgctaca atataatgca gtattaacta     35520
     aagtgaacag acaaagcaaa aaatcctcta gtatacttta gcacttacta taacaaactg     35580
     tggtgtagtg cccattagtt ttagaaaacc atggtattga gccatgttta tatttctatg     35640
     attgttgtat taccactata actacagaat taccacaaga gattaaatca aataatttac     35700
     tacactataa aatacaaatc aataaaatac agttttcttt attaatttat gcatttgaat     35760
     tgcattatgg gaccatgatc tctcctccaa caacttttgt tgaaaagttt gcaaaaggga     35820
     cttattcaca tttttaatag ttcgaagtga tagatcgtct gggctgttgt tgtaaattat     35880
     ggtccaaaaa cctggtaata aactgccagt agtttatctg ttgtttcacg gagttgatta     35940
     tctatatatt atttcttaca caatatattt tttagctact aagatttaaa taaaagtcac     36000
     tttgttaaat tgcacagttg aattttcaaa attaaaatta gacagataca tatcagttca     36060
     tttggacatg caaaactaca taatgcagta attttttcac aagtggatgt gacaaaacta     36120
     cttttccaac tacttaaccg ataatgttta ttgtgatata gtatatggtt ctaataacaa     36180
     tgattttcct gtaaaatgtg ctaaaatgac caagacaaga ctcaaaaata cgttacatgc     36240
     ttgtcattca ttgtgcatct tctgcaatta ttgacatatc atgtgttaaa tccttttggt     36300
     tttaggtgat ctctgagcgc accaaaccga gagtgcagga gtttcagtcg gaggtcttta     36360
     tgatcatcgg aggatgtaca aaggaagaga agtttgtatc agaggtcacc tgtctggacc     36420
     cgctacgcag gagccgctta gaggttgcaa aactgccaaa cactgagatg gagactgaga     36480
     gtgaaaacaa gaagtgggtg gagtttgcat gtgtcacatt cagaaacgaa gtgtacatct     36540
     caggtgagcc tcccactaac acacagagaa agtgataaag tcataataac tatgtaactg     36600
     caattttttt tacatggatg caatggtgta aaaaaattca acgcaatctc acgacaattc     36660
     gtaacttgat gactggtgtc taattcgtat gaatttgtac gatctaattc atacaattta     36720
     gtatggtttg ttcatctccc aatgacggtt gggtttaggg gcggggttag gtgccacgcc     36780
     ttctttttaa aaattataca ttttcatccg actaaactca tacgaatttg tacgaattag     36840
     ccactaaact gacaaaacgt aaaatacttc cgttttcttg tgagagcagg ctgaaaaaaa     36900
     atcagcaaaa ctttctttac tttatttact tgagtatttt tgttcttcag tatttgctat     36960
     taaaattcaa tttatactga catcttatgt atctgctgta caattctgaa aaaaatcaac     37020
     aaaatgttga agataaactt tttaacttcg gatcaaactt tcatcaagaa acttttctgt     37080
     caaatctgca ctgtaaaaca tacctggtca ttaacatttt ctgtattttg tgattcacaa     37140
     gtgtcttcta tttatttatg gttgtgaatt gcattatgat ctaaaaataa aactctacag     37200
     tttaacaaag tgaggtttat tgagatttta gtagtttgaa ataatataat gtttaataaa     37260
     taatttatag acaaataagt ctgtaaaata acagaaaata tactgccagt ttatcacaaa     37320
     gtttttgtac tgtaaggtac aaaaccaatt cagacaatat atcactttaa tatattaaaa     37380
     atgtgaatag cagtcccttt ttcaattttt tttttaaagt taaaagttgt tggaagaaag     37440
     atcaaggtgc ctgaatgcaa acaaaacaat gaatcacaaa atacggaaaa ctgctaatat     37500
     tttgaggaag tattacattt cgactgtttt gaaagaagta actggtttgt ggtatcggct     37560
     gaatggacag aattaaagtc agaaatctta atttacaatg ttattttgtt tgcacacatt     37620
     cttagtctaa tttttagtga actattagtt cattcgggtt aactataata ctatttaggt     37680
     aatctttaac caaaatcttt gctaaaaaaa aattagcaga ttttagctcc aaccctaatc     37740
     aaacacacct gaacaagata atcaaggtct tactaagcat acttgaaaca tgcaggcagg     37800
     tgtgttgagg taagttggag ctaaaccctg cagggacacc ggccctccag gaccgagatt     37860
     ggtgacccct gccctgcatc atattgaaat aaagtctgca gctatttctg gtttacatag     37920
     ctttgtactt taataaagat aactgattaa attattgatt ttggggaaaa agaaggtagc     37980
     tggttcgagt cccgcctggg ccaggtggcg tttctgtttg gagtttgcat gttttcccca     38040
     atttcgcgct ggtgctccta taagtgcgct ataagtgaat tgggtaaaca aaaaagtgtg     38100
     tgtgaatgta agagtgtatg ggagtttccc agtaatggaa gggaattcgc tgcataaaac     38160
     tattcgctgc tggaatagtt ggtggttcat tccgctgtgg tgacccctta agagattaag     38220
     ccgaaggaaa atgaatgaat gaatatttaa tatattaaaa ggtatatata tatagggagt     38280
     gcagaattat taggcaaatg agtattttga ccacatcatc ctctttatgc atgttgtctt     38340
     actccaagct gtataggctc gaaagcctac taccatttaa gaatattagg tgatgtgcat     38400
     ctctttaatg agaaggggtt tggtctaatg acatcaacac cctatatcag gtgtgcataa     38460
     ttattaggca acttcctttc ctttggcaaa atgggtcaaa agaaggactt gacaggctca     38520
     gaaaagtaaa atatagtgag atatcttgca gagggatgca gtactcttaa aattgcaaag     38580
     cttctgaatc gtgatcatcg aacaatcaag cgtttcattc aaaatagtca acagggtcgc     38640
     aaaaagcgtg tggaaaaacc aaggtgcaaa ataactgccc atgaactgag aaaagtcaag     38700
     cgtgcagcgg ccagatgcca cttgccacca atttggccat atttcagagc tgcaacatca     38760
     ctggagtgcc caaaagcaca aggtgtgcaa tactcagaga catggccaaa gtaagaaagg     38820
     cggaaagacg accactactg aacaagacac acaagctgaa acgtcaagac tgggctgaga     38880
     aatatctcaa gactgatttt tctaaggttt tatggactga tgatatgaga gtgagtcttg     38940
     atgggccaga tggatgggcc cgtggctgga ttggtaaagg gcagagagct ccagtctgac     39000
     tcagacacca gcaaggtgga ggtggagtac tggtttgggc tggtatcatc aaagatgggc     39060
     ttctggggcc ttttcgggtt gaggatggag tcaagctcaa ctcccagtcc tactgccagt     39120
     ttctggaaga caccttcttc aaggagtggt acaggaagaa gtctgcatcc ttcaagaaaa     39180
     acatgatttt catgcaggac aatgcttcat tacacttgtc caagtactcc acagcgtggg     39240
     tgccgagaaa gggtataaaa gaagaaaaaa taatgacatg gcctccttgt tcactggatc     39300
     tgatgctcat tgagaacctg tggtccatca tcaaatgtga gatttacaaa gagggaaaac     39360
     agtacacctc tctgaacagt gtctgggagg ctgtggttgc tgctgcacgc aatgttgatg     39420
     gtgaacagat cagaacactg acagaatcca tggatggaag gcttttgagt gtccttgcaa     39480
     agaaaggtgc tatattggtc actgattagt ttttgttttg tttttgaatg tcagaaatgt     39540
     atatttgtga atgtggagat gttatattgg tttcactggt aaaaataaat aattgaaatg     39600
     ggtatataat tgttttttgt taagttgcct aataattatg cacagtaata gtcacctgca     39660
     cacacagata tccccctaaa attgctaaaa ctaaaaacaa actaaaaact acttccaaaa     39720
     atattcagct ttgatattaa tgagtttttt gggttcattg agaacatggt tgttgttcaa     39780
     taataaaaag attcctcaaa aatacaactt gcctaataat tctgcactcc ctgtatatat     39840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     39900
     atatatacac acacacacac acacagacac acacacacac agacacacac acacacacac     39960
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacctatcc     40020
     agcaaacatg tatcacttgt aaatttgttg ccaacattct ttaatatttt tttttatgtt     40080
     ctgtacttac acttgagtct agtttatgaa ttttttactc ccctgtctgc atggctgttt     40140
     gcactgcaca atcagtgaag tagttgtggt taatttaaaa cttaaaacag gtggcaagga     40200
     aactctgcat gatgtgtgga agtataatgc atcactgaac aaatggatcc agattgagtt     40260
     cctcaacaca ggccgctgga gacacaagat ggcagttgct ggtggaaagg tgtatgtttt     40320
     gggtggcttt gatggaaccc agagattgaa ttgtgttgaa gcctatgatc cttttcacaa     40380
     ctgctggtca gaggtgagtt ctgagattca tgactgttaa catctggctt gagcagttct     40440
     ccaactatag gcactttgca gaccttgcag taaaacataa aaagaaataa atggttttta     40500
     attcaattaa gtgaaattaa taagtatcta tatttaattc gaagaatgtt cattagttac     40560
     aacccaattt aattttaata ttcatagaag ttttgggcca aaatgtttat aaaggggaaa     40620
     tgtatataat caatgtgtat tgtccattaa tttattattg taatgaccaa ggtttctgac     40680
     acctttgatc aatttaaaat ataaaataaa atgaatattt aataatataa ttaaaataga     40740
     atttatggat ttttaaactc tgcttttaaa tggttatgta tcacagtttc cacaaaaata     40800
     tgacccagtt caacattaat aaaaatctga aatgtttcct gatctccaaa acatataatt     40860
     aaaattatat gtgacatcga acattggagt aataactgct gacaattcag ctttgaagca     40920
     caagaacaca taaattatat agtatacact caccggccac tttattaggt acacctgtct     40980
     aactgcttgt taacacaaat gtagggggcg aggtaggggg gtaagtgtga tgtttaagaa     41040
     aagtagcagg ccaaacttcc tatggtcagt ccacccctga caggataaca ccaggaaaac     41100
     atgccatgtc ataaagcacg aatcatctca gactggtttc ttgaacatga caatgagttc     41160
     actgtactca aatggcctcc atagtcacca gagcttaatc ctatagagca cctttgggat     41220
     gtagaggaac atgagattcg catcatggat gtgcagccga caatcatgtc aatatggtcc     41280
     aaaatgtatg acaaatattt cctgtacctt ggtaaaccta tgccacaaag tattaaggca     41340
     gttctgaagg caaaaggggt ccaatccggt actagtaagg tgtcccaaac agggtggccg     41400
     ctgagcgtat tttacaatag aaaatgtata tactggaatc ttcgtaatga ttctcatgag     41460
     taaatatact gttttttgtc ctccttccag gcagcgccgc ttatgttgag tgtgagctct     41520
     ttctctgctg ccagctttga cagatgcatc tacgtgattg gtggaggtcc taatggcaag     41580
     ctggccacaa acaacatgca gtgcttcgac tcacaatcaa ataaatggag ccttaagtgt     41640
     ccgatgccaa ctgaggccaa atgcacaaat gcagtgacct ttaaggatgc catttttgtt     41700
     gttggtttgt acctttacat ttattaatct gtaagagtgt gaattgcatc tgccggtaaa     41760
     acatgtgaca gtaattggag attcattgtg ccgttacgac ccctaattaa gatgggaata     41820
     agccaaagga aagtgagttt caatatatta aactactcaa ctgagattac tatcatgctc     41880
     tgatcactta tacaatggaa attaaaatta gagaacaaat actaaacaac tgattttttt     41940
     ttaaaatgca atcttcatta ttaaaaattt gagggaatgt tagtcataga atgctagcgg     42000
     aacaatgcta actcactgag gcacttcaac aaaagtcatt ttatatttta tatcgtgcag     42060
     ctatttgaaa atcttataaa agcattgtaa gttcaacaaa ttctttatga acaacaaaga     42120
     tgtagtgtga aagattactt gtgcatagta gtcaggttag ttattaatgc gtgtttttat     42180
     tttggggtgt ttaatgagaa tgctttacta ggatgctgta ggctacacac tatatttcat     42240
     ggtgttgttt ttttatttac aaaagaattt gcagtcctga gacattaatt tactgtcctg     42300
     tcccatagac gctgcattag aaacccctcg tacaagcagt aattagtttt tttgtaattt     42360
     gaagcaaaga tgatatacca catacataaa tgcatataaa tgtttatacg ttttaaaaaa     42420
     aaatgaaaat attaaaggtt taaagatgcc gatgaacacg ttaaacgagt cataacaagc     42480
     ttgtgaagag tccattatgg gactttacaa ggcagagatt taaaagcggt cagctatgca     42540
     caatttcaat agtcacatct gaataaagct tacactggtt tttgtgcgca cgttcatttt     42600
     ctctgattca cactttaatt tatgaaatgg tcttagaact attttaaaac atttctgcac     42660
     aacaattttt tgaagtaatt gttgtagcat gaggaatgat c                         42701