EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591511; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 74508 BP.
AC   AL591511;
DT   16-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-1C23 in linkage group 2 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate calcium
DE   channel, voltage-dependent and gamma subunit 7 (CACNG7).
KW   CpG island; HTG; T-cell receptor; TCR-alpha; V segment; variable region.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-74508
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; b9c2dec0352a1df1fb6e3a11ad964293.
DR   IMGT/LIGM; AL591511.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-1C23. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-1C23 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-18F12 is at 16446 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-1C23 is at 74508 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-1C23 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..74508
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-1C23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..74508
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-1C23"
FT   mRNA            <1..>55
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.36-001-2"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-48"
FT   CDS             <1..>55
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ18F12.36-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003551"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-48"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24441.2"
FT                   /translation="IKDLRVSDSAVYYCALRP"
FT   mRNA            join(3382..3430,3508..>3812)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.2-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-49"
FT   CDS             join(3382..3430,3508..>3812)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001390"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-49"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24442.2"
FT                   VSDSAVYYCALQPT"
FT   mRNA            join(6019..6073,6163..>6467)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.3-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-50"
FT   CDS             join(6019..6073,6163..>6467)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001391"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-50"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24443.2"
FT                   ASVEHSAVYYCAVRPT"
FT   mRNA            join(7635..7692,7782..>8088)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.4-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-51"
FT   CDS             join(7635..7692,7782..>8088)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001392"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-51"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24444.2"
FT                   TIQHPHASDSAVYFCALL"
FT   mRNA            join(10424..10463,10584..>10890)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.5-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-52"
FT   CDS             join(10424..10463,10584..>10890)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001393"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-52"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24445.2"
FT                   VTDSAVYYCAL"
FT   CDS             join(13681..13726,13802..14093)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.6-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-53 pseudogene"
FT   mRNA            join(16239..16278,16353..>16647)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.7-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-54"
FT   CDS             join(16239..16278,16353..>16647)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003935"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-54"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24447.2"
FT                   AVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(17791..17827,17910..>18213)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.8-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-55"
FT   CDS             join(17791..17827,17910..>18213)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003928"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-55"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24448.2"
FT                   DSAIYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(18981..19020,19096..>19391)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.9-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-56"
FT   CDS             join(18981..19020,19096..>19391)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003930"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-56"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24449.2"
FT                   ALYYCALE"
FT   mRNA            join(20074..20119,20229..>20527)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.10-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-57"
FT   CDS             join(20074..20119,20229..>20527)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003940"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-57"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24450.2"
FT                   DSALYYCALEV"
FT   misc_feature    21055..21068
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(24623..24659,24754..>25057)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.11-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-58"
FT   CDS             join(24623..24659,24754..>25057)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.11-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003937"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-58"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24451.2"
FT                   DSAIYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(28375..28411,28574..>28868)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.12-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-59"
FT   CDS             join(28375..28411,28574..>28868)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.12-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003926"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-59"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24452.2"
FT                   VYYCAL"
FT   misc_feature    29093..29103
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(29321..29354,29504..>29811)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.13-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-60"
FT   CDS             join(29321..29354,29504..>29811)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.13-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003927"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-60"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24453.2"
FT                   LYYCALKKGP"
FT   misc_feature    39749..39753
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(42489..42528,42648..>42954)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.14-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-61"
FT   CDS             join(42489..42528,42648..>42954)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.14-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003939"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-61"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24454.2"
FT                   VTDSAMYFCAM"
FT   mRNA            join(44559..44598,44674..>44968)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.15-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-62"
FT   CDS             join(44559..44598,44674..>44968)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.15-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003943"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-62"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24455.2"
FT                   AVYYCAL"
FT   misc_feature    46478..46565
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    46963
FT                   /note="Base pair variation between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    47504..47609
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    47572
FT                   /note="Base pair variation between subclones"
FT   mRNA            join(48408..48447,48580..>48884)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.16-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-63"
FT   CDS             join(48408..48447,48580..>48884)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.16-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003933"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-63"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24456.2"
FT                   SALYYCAIRVG"
FT   mRNA            join(51771..51810,51881..>52175)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.17-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-65"
FT   CDS             join(51771..51810,51881..>52175)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.17-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003934"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-65"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24457.2"
FT                   AVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(55155..55194,55360..>55667)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.18-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-66"
FT   CDS             join(55155..55194,55360..>55667)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.18-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003929"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-66"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24458.2"
FT                   DSALYYCALRVE"
FT   mRNA            join(57195..57234,57427..>57728)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.19-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-67"
FT   CDS             join(57195..57234,57427..>57728)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.19-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003936"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-67"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD29784.1"
FT                   ALYYCALLVE"
FT   misc_feature    58063
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-18F12"
FT   mRNA            join(58957..59017,59124..>59428)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.20-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-68"
FT   CDS             join(58957..59017,59124..>59428)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.20-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003941"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-68"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24459.2"
FT                   KSVTVSDSALYYCALRVG"
FT   mRNA            join(61004..61040,61153..>61451)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.21-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-69"
FT   CDS             join(61004..61040,61153..>61451)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.21-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003924"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-69"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD29785.1"
FT                   SYYCVLEE"
FT   misc_feature    61381..61446
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone XX-18F12 (AL592550).
FT                   Assembly confirmed by restriction digest"
FT   mRNA            join(61787..61826,62582..>62873)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.22-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-70"
FT   CDS             join(61787..61826,62582..>62873)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.22-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003932"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-70"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24460.3"
FT                   LYFCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(63019..63058,63416..>63713)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.23-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-71"
FT   CDS             join(63019..63058,63416..>63713)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.23-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003938"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-71"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD29786.1"
FT                   SALYYCAM"
FT   mRNA            join(65929..65989,66076..>66385)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.24-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-72"
FT   CDS             join(65929..65989,66076..>66385)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.24-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003931"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-72"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD24461.2"
FT   mRNA            join(67761..67800,68112..>68415)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.25-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-73"
FT   CDS             join(67761..67800,68112..>68415)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.25-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003942"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-73"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD29787.1"
FT                   KDSAVYYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(68644..68680,68766..>69061)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.26-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-74"
FT   CDS             join(68644..68680,68766..>69061)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.26-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003923"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-74"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD29788.1"
FT                   LYYCAME"
FT   mRNA            join(71719..71758,71947..>72235)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.27-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-75"
FT   CDS             join(71719..71758,71947..>72235)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.27-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003925"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-75"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD29789.1"
FT                   YYCAL"
FT   mRNA            join(73754..73793,74272..>74508)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.28-001"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-76"
FT   CDS             join(73754..73793,74272..>74508)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ1C23.28-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003922"
FT                   /product="TCR-alpha V segment II-76"
FT                   /protein_id="CAD29790.1"
FT   misc_feature    73825..73834
FT                   /note="Inconsistency in the number of bases in
FT                   mononucleotide run between subclones"
FT   misc_feature    74508
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-1C23"
SQ   Sequence 74508 BP; 24711 A; 13544 C; 12850 G; 23403 T; 0 other;
     gatcaaggat ctgcgtgtgt ctgattctgc tgtgtattac tgtgctctga ggcccacagt        60
     gacaaaacac actcaacact cacacaaaaa ccctcatggt gacgagctgc actatatttt       120
     gatggtagat gagatttgct atgcaataac tagtaactag ctttagcagt agtaaatagt       180
     tttaactagt ttctaggctt tggacgataa ccgtatgttg ttttttaccc agacatttaa       240
     aataatatat tttaaagcag taatcacaac accatgaaac tgtcatatat tcaaggttat       300
     cataccatca gaatcttaca ccggcccatg cctagtttct agtaactagt ttagtaacta       360
     gttttaaata tgcaaagttg tccatgtttt atacattaaa atatgtaatg ttctaaggta       420
     ttattattaa atactaattt aagaaaatat aaatgtacac atgtataaat gtcaaatctg       480
     taaattaagt atttatattt atgtaagttt gtaaatataa aatatttcat aatgctgtaa       540
     atgataattt accaactgga atttgaatat gttattagta gtaaaataaa atgcaaaaca       600
     acattttatt caaaacatct attaatcgca aatccagaaa actgaaattg tctcaatttt       660
     tgccagaagc agataaaaaa aaaactaatt taacatttaa atcagttgta aggtcctcct       720
     tgtattaact cttgcaatcc agaagagggc gacaagaagt tactttagta attattgtaa       780
     agtagtgttg agcttctctt tgataaacag tcactctcta tttagatgag tgagtagggc       840
     tgcacaatat atcgtttcag catcaatttc gcaatgtgcg catctacaac agtcaaatag       900
     caagataagc aatgttaagt ctgaataaca gttggccaag agctacagaa ttgtatttaa       960
     tggctgtttt atacagaact tacacaattt actcaaaaaa taaacaaaat tctcactttg      1020
     aatttttgtc ttgtttctaa tccaaaaatc tacattttaa agagaaaaac ataaaaaatg      1080
     atgaaaaaat gattatttta ctcgccctac agatagtttt gcttgctttg aggaaaaact      1140
     cttaattttg acttatttct tctgaagttg aaaacaaaaa atatttttac ttgatataac      1200
     aatttgcaga tatttaaact agaaataaca caaagtaaag tacaaaatgt aggctttgca      1260
     ttgtgattaa tccactccct agaaaacctt caaaaagagc tattcaaact atcttataaa      1320
     actgtattca tatcgcaata tttattgcag aaaaattcaa tattaaatta taaatttttt      1380
     cccaacagcc ttacaagtga ctattgtcat cctctgaata tcgatagaga ccaaacacag      1440
     agcacacttg catttgcaat tatcctcagt ttaatcatta agagtcacat tgaaccatca      1500
     tgtgctcact ggggtctaca tgtgtatatg ctagaactag agcagtcaat cagtcagtaa      1560
     gaaagaaaaa caaaacttta agaaagattt ttaaaaacac atctgagtta taaaattaag      1620
     aagtgaccaa aacacaagca atcctcactt gacatgcaaa aagattggaa aaataaccgg      1680
     cttcaaagct tactgtggtt tggaaaagtc acagttttaa aactgcaata aaaatgtata      1740
     cctttcttgc agtatatgta cattttttca aaaatttttt gtgtagtcga agactttttc      1800
     aatgatttat tttaattagc ctgacatgtg tcacagaagg accgtgacac agagggtggg      1860
     tagatctaaa tagtttattt caggatggca gtaacaaaac agagataaat gtgaatgatg      1920
     aattcggtga tcagatgtag atgccacaga aatggcaggg agaaacggga accagacacg      1980
     aagaccacaa gatgacgaga cagggaacca gggaaaatta aaaattaaaa aattcacact      2040
     aggagaaagg ttgcaaggtg tccttcaggt gtaacgagat cggacacaca aattgtatac      2100
     ttctgcacta ttctacacca ttttctagta taaatagtgt aagtagtgcg ttcacattga      2160
     aaactaagtg cactttacat acgcggatga tgcacttatt cactagtaaa atgaagtgtg      2220
     gaatgatgga cacttcacac aacagccacg gctttgctca tgtagaggaa ggggggagct      2280
     atcgggcgca catgttggat aactttattt attttggatt gtgaaagcga aattctcata      2340
     caagagtgat tattcacctt attcttcaca tttgagcggg cgctgccatt tgaatctttt      2400
     tgctcaagac ttccggtctc attcgcttcc attccttttt tagatgtaaa aacttgatat      2460
     gctgcttgat gttgctaact tatattttgt tattatgtta ttctacttgg tctgtaaagt      2520
     catgcaaata cttgtttgta gagcgaatag tttgactgtt ttctgacgtt tattattcct      2580
     tgacatttct cccataggcg actgaatcga aagttctaaa acaatcacaa aaatgaacgt      2640
     acttccctat tgaagaataa ggtcaatagc gcctcccgat ggtgaatgcg gttatacaca      2700
     tggcaggtat tatttggtac tttggtaatt tatttctcta atttggcaac tgacaaacgt      2760
     catcagggaa tcggtttaaa gttcctctta gtaaagaaac attagtgttc catttgagac      2820
     gacactacat tcatatacta tgctgttgag tgtgtaagtg cataagtaca aagtgcatag      2880
     tgtatagtgt gccatttagg acgcagctta taaagtggca agctaatggg catgatgacg      2940
     agtgcggggc taatcagaag gcaggtgacc gtgatcatgc tgaatggggt gatagtggaa      3000
     ggggagaact ggcatggctg taacattatg attattgttc cacaatattt aaaatgtttc      3060
     ttaaataaaa tgtattgtgt tcattggggg aaaagttgtt gttttttacc aggcattaaa      3120
     aaatgtatta tatatgtatt atatgtaaaa tatacagtat tttggtgcag tattcacaat      3180
     acagtgaaac tgtgatgttt ttatccaagg ttatcataca ttcagaatct tataccagcc      3240
     catgtctaca cagttaattt gacagcatga tgagatgcac cttctcagtg ggtggagttc      3300
     aagtttgcac atacagtcag cgtacaatac aaaactttgt tgagagcatt ttaaaaatga      3360
     catctcagta agagttacag gatgtctaac tggatcagat tttcacttat tctgttttca      3420
     ttttctttag gtaggtgacc tgctcttttg catcacaacc tcagttttgt ctacctatct      3480
     aataagtatg tttgtgttgt ttttcagaat gcagagcaca agatagtgtt actcagacag      3540
     ctacagttca aactgctact gaaggtcaag cagtcactat cgaatgcaca tacaaaacca      3600
     acgcattccc aacgctttac tggtaccagt ataaagcaaa tcagctccca aagtatatgc      3660
     tgaagagata tgctggatcg agcgacgaag atgacaattt taaggacaga tttaatgcaa      3720
     atctcaacag ctcttctaca tcagttcctc tgacaataac agatgtgcga gtgtcagact      3780
     ctgctgtgta ttactgtgct ctgcagccca cagtgactca aacactcgca cacaatgcac      3840
     aacaacttga cacactgtta catatccttt tatatggcac gaaaaacagc taaataacta      3900
     tcaatctctg ttttaaaaat aacacagtac atcccacagt catgaatgta acatcagcaa      3960
     gatttaaatg atcttttgtg tttaacagaa caaataaaat ctcaagctag tttgaaacaa      4020
     gtaaatagtg agtaaatgat ggcagaattt tcatttatgg gtgcactatc cccttatctt      4080
     gacaataagc tgcagtgttg gagagatgct ttcacaaaca attttggtct acatggaagc      4140
     tcaaatgctg taaagaacta aaattttggc taaaaatgaa aaccagcaac aaaaaaaacc      4200
     aaaaaaaaaa acaacatcag tcatgagttg tcatcatatt ctatataaaa ttaccactga      4260
     cattagacat tcactccgtc ctatggcaca ctatgcacaa tgtacttatg cacttacaca      4320
     cttaacagca taatatatta atttagtgtc atcccaaatg gaacgcttgc gattttttac      4380
     cccaaacctt tcccagatga cgattgagtt atataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa      4440
     ataatattta aataagtgac taccaaacta ccaaatagta cctgccatgt gtataacaat      4500
     caccatcagg agacggcatg atcacacgag taagactgaa atttacttta acaatccaaa      4560
     ataaatattc caacaatagt gcccaatagc tccgcccctt atgctgcacg agcaaagctg      4620
     cgacctttga gtgtatgaac attccagtat ttatccagtt caacagttaa ataagtgcat      4680
     cgctcgacgc tcgggtatcc gggtcacttg atctttttag aagaaaaaca atatttcagt      4740
     gtgaatgcac tacttttaat actacaaaac tgcgtagact gtagggatga aacaacgttg      4800
     cgtcatgcaa cgcaaggacg tctgattatt aaaaaaaatc aaattactga gcgcagagca      4860
     gagtgaagac atttgcatgt agtttgggag taaccaatgg atttacacgt tgaatcctgc      4920
     gtgttccgct tttatgaatg aggtatacgt aagtaaacat ggcaacactt atctcacgtt      4980
     ataggtcacg atcaagatca ttgatgcagt cttttaaaaa agcttttctt aataaataat      5040
     ttagtcttgt ttccaatcca aatactttta aaaaaagatt ctaaaatcaa gattactaga      5100
     caaaaaaatt ggttgagaaa attaagtgat gcttaaaata agcaaaaata tttgccagtg      5160
     gggtaagaaa aataatctta aagttaagca aacaatcact taaatttaag gtgttttttt      5220
     ttagaaaaca agacatcatt tcttatgcta tttcatgtgt atcttgctta aaaaaagctg      5280
     ataattttgt tattattatt attattatta ttataacaac agctcaggga tggccaagga      5340
     gcaacatgct tgcactaggc atggcacgat aactggtttt aaggtttacc actgtcaagg      5400
     tcttaaaacc gctaaaaatt tctgtcacac tgttcctaag gtatattttt taaatgcttt      5460
     ttttagtgtt gtaaataatt ctgtttttga aactaatgaa gacagcagaa gtcaatgatt      5520
     tattttaatt atttaaccca acatgtttac tgttccaaac tattataaat gtttactaaa      5580
     ataaaatgta ttgtgttcaa taggaatttt ttgttgtttt ttcacttctg tttttgacat      5640
     ttaaaaagaa tatattttag agcagtaaca ataccatggt atttttatct aaggttatac      5700
     agtcagaatc ttataccggt ttgtatactg tatactagtt tgcattttct aaagattgca      5760
     gttctgcttt tgaataaagt gttggaaatg aatgcttttc ttgttttttt ttttttttat      5820
     ccgattcatt caaatatccc attttaatat ctttacactc tctttgactg tgaaatgaga      5880
     gacaattcag ggtaatggat ttcatgtaag actcacatgc tcaagaagag gaggagtaaa      5940
     gagcagatct acaacaccga gttaaacaac tccttcattc agtaaacatg cactttttgc      6000
     cctgactgat aaagcatcat gttgaccttc gctgtagtcc tgttagcaga atttctctca      6060
     atagcatttc atggtaagtt gaactaatta ttgcttttaa taggttttca tgtagcaaat      6120
     cagaagtctg attataagat gtgtaaattt ctctcctata aggtgtttct tcagctgaag      6180
     aaatcatatc ccctaacaat aaaacggtaa ttgccaaagc agatgaaaaa gttctcctat      6240
     cctgcagcta cactggcacg gtttatgatt tatattggta ccgtcaatcc cctggatcag      6300
     cacctcagtt cctcataatg gaatcgtctg gagttataat acatgctact cctcaggttc      6360
     cagggataaa aatgatcaat aaaaaaaaca ccaagcatgt ggagctggag atcttcagtg      6420
     catcagtgga acattcagct gtgtattact gcgctgtgcg gcccacagtg aaaggaaaca      6480
     ctctgacact atacaaaaac ctctgcaatc ctcagtcaga tagagacaaa aggcagatat      6540
     acattactgt gtgtaaacac tctcccctac tataagacat actaataaaa ataagatgat      6600
     acaaaatttt attgttaaga catattcatt atattcacca acacatagta ttagagttat      6660
     agactggatt attcaatcag tataacttat attcttatct atacaaatct ataaataaat      6720
     gcaattttgc aacgcttctt ttacttcaaa atactgttcc tgaaatacat cagtattcta      6780
     ttttatgcat tttattttaa gctcactata acttactatt aatcaactta ttccctaatt      6840
     ctgtgtgaaa gtaaaaagta tagcagagat cataagagaa atataaaatc tcatatttgg      6900
     tgtcaggttg cctttttata taaaacaaat agattaatac atatatatgt acataaaatt      6960
     taaggcaaat atataagccc tactgtaaaa ttgtaaaaaa aataaaaatt aataaattcc      7020
     aatatttccc aagtgcttta atggagacaa accaacttgc ttttgtcttt gtcataatga      7080
     gagtatacaa cattttacta ggtattcaag atactagtat tcagcttgaa gtgccattta      7140
     aagatttaac taggttattt aggtcaacta ggcaagttag tttagttagg caagtcattg      7200
     gacaacagtg gtttgttctg tagccaacag aagactaata ttgacacaaa acatatataa      7260
     aaatatatga aatgaataaa aacatgtttt tttacagcca aaaaaatcca agactttttc      7320
     ttgaagaaaa attaaaatta gaaaatactg tgaaagttcc tttgctctgt taaaattcaa      7380
     tagaaacatt tgaaaaataa ttaaaatgtc acagtagggc tagttctttc aactcttatg      7440
     tattaagctt atgagaatgc atacatgttt tataccactt gggggagatg ttttaacaaa      7500
     aaacagtaca tccaacatca ctcttacagt cagatgccag acataaaact tctcaaacaa      7560
     ggagttgaag cctctcaaca ggatccaggt tgatttaaga gaacattgtt ttacttctgt      7620
     gtgccttatt cattatgatt acagcaagaa gatgtctgga aactctttta atcctgtttg      7680
     cgactagcat gggtaatgta ctttaccttc tgttatgcat atattttccc tcatgatttt      7740
     tttcctacaa caaatttact aaataatgta ctgtcctaca gaatccagag cacaagactc      7800
     agtttatcag ccaaaaaccc tccaatcagc aaatgaagag gatgcagcag taaccttgga      7860
     ttgtaaatac agtacatcaa gctcaaaccc tactctactc tggtacagac aagatgatta      7920
     tggctctccg aaatacattc tactaagata taaatttgga gatggagatg aagctactga      7980
     gttcaaggga cgatttgggt ccagactcga ttctgcttca aaatcagttc ctctgacgat      8040
     tcaacatccg catgcgtctg attctgctgt ttacttctgt gctctgctgc ccacagtgac      8100
     aacaggatat tcagtgcttc aacaaaaaca cacttgagct cacagacatg aacttatact      8160
     gtattatagt attgtgttat attagcaatt ttgatacttg atagtagaaa tattgtgcta      8220
     ttgttgatac cgtttcacaa tgccatgcac ggtgacctga taagattgtc aaaaataaca      8280
     ttaatatgca ctgaagttag tctagtattt agagcctttt taactgatta acatttatga      8340
     aaagtataga gatgaatgca catgtataaa ttaattgtat ggaaccctgc attttttacg      8400
     gtctatattt gcatcattca aagagattga atgattgaat ttatggagga ctcaaggaga      8460
     taaattaatt tcagtttact taaaatgtta caatgtttaa cacatagacc attttgaggg      8520
     atgtaaacaa aaacaatggt cctaacgcat ttcctgtttt acatttgttt ttatttctat      8580
     aggttctgag catccaaaaa gagccacata ttaactgata atgttatgat agtcatttaa      8640
     acattgagtt atgattgaat tacctcttgt tacagttatg aaatagtttg ataacaagca      8700
     ggaaatgttc atgggccaat gacatgacac tgaaatggtc tatacagtag tggtctctgt      8760
     ctatcatcaa cttgtaccaa atacttttct gcatttttgt cctcatgcaa aggagcgttt      8820
     ataatacaaa tataaaaaaa acagtttgcc gatgcttaat catttagtca tatgggtaaa      8880
     atataatgca tttgcaacaa tgaaatctgg tacatattag tacaacttac agttaaaagg      8940
     tgacaaaaca ccaaaacaca ttttttgaga tgttgactag gaggatgttg tcccacactg      9000
     ctaaaaacac taggagaaca catatttagc taaaatgtgt acatttctgc ctattcaata      9060
     tgtaacaaaa aaataaataa catgaagata attatgactc tcaaatcctt aaaaaaagag      9120
     gagtgtattg tcaccaactc attactacct gacaggaata tgccacatat cccagacata      9180
     aaacccaaat aaaactcaag ttactgcaac tttgttttat ggatagtacc aacaatcatt      9240
     cttatagatt taggcaagca agtatttaga attgactttg aataaatgta tgatttactg      9300
     agtagacata tcagactgat gtaggttatg tttttgttag cagaaagttg ctaggcaaca      9360
     gaggcatgca tattcaaagg cacaaaaata agcagcggac gcagaattaa atgcggtcag      9420
     tttgactatt atggctattt aaggtatact tttctgtgtt tcgttatttt aataaagtag      9480
     caatgttaga atgcaataca cgcatgaatt ttttatttat ttattaaagt tacaaaattt      9540
     aaaaacgctc tgatgactga aaacaggaca aaaacaaatg tttggaagaa aaggattgaa      9600
     taaaattttg taattaaaat tgtattttta agggaactat cattaattta ggtcacaatt      9660
     catggtatta ataaaccata acaactagat taataaacta attagctgtt tattgataat      9720
     tagtaagtta gaagttggat ttcggttttg ggtaggattt aggattcaga ataagatcat      9780
     atctgttcat actaatgaac agtcaatatc ttaaaaatag gcaggtaata agccaatagt      9840
     caaagcgtta cagaactatc ctttcaataa atatttaaca cactgttagc actgtcgcct      9900
     cacactggtt caagcaccag ctgggtctgt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct      9960
     cccagtgttc gcatgggttt ccccccacag tccaagacat gcgctacagc ggagttaaat     10020
     aaaattaaat tagtgtataa gtgtatgaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgg gcgtttccca     10080
     gaactgaagt gcagctggaa gagcatctgt tgtgtaaaac atatgctgga atagttggcg     10140
     gttcattccg ttgtggcaac ccttgataaa taattgacaa agccgaagga aaataaattt     10200
     atgacattca atgttaaatg tctttttgtc ttttattcca gtttaggaac ggtcactgtg     10260
     aaaacaagat tgcttactgt aaagattcat tatcttctaa agaaggtgct gttttaaggg     10320
     gaggtgctta gagaagacaa tctctgacag actgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttaacagtct     10380
     ttaccatttg ttcagcagat caacaaatcc ttcaaactgc aaaatggagc tcaggttttt     10440
     agttctgttc tgtaccattc catgtaagta ttctttttac attcttattt agttctttgg     10500
     atttaatgta atcttatgat aaattctctt cgacttcatg gtcataaaaa ttgtgtagta     10560
     aaataatgca atttgatcta caggtgttac ttttgggaaa gacattacac cagtccagac     10620
     cgaggtgttt ggggcagaga tggacaatat aacagtgtcc tgcaaatact cttcagcatt     10680
     tagtctgcag tggtatcgcc agtatcctgg ttcagctcct gactttcttt tgacaatagt     10740
     acatgggact ggaagtgttt cccaaagttc tacaattgtg aatatagatc ctcggtacta     10800
     tggaaaactg aataaagaga aaacccatgt gtttctggag atctccactg ctaaagtgac     10860
     tgactctgct gtgtattact gtgctctgca gcccacagtg acaggaaaca cataaacact     10920
     gtacaaaaac ctcacttagt gcaggggttc ccaaactttt tagctttcta cccccaaaat     10980
     aacaattcca gtgactcgca accccccact accctcagag acggtaataa acatacaaat     11040
     atttcacaca acagtgcaca caccagtagg aactatataa acgagcttat tcatttgttt     11100
     aatttaaaat taacctcact taatgagaag ggtgggcatg atatttacac cacaagacta     11160
     tttttggttt aattttggag atgttcagtc gtggccttta ttttaaatat gcaagtgcca     11220
     taaaggtgtc aaaagtgtaa cattgtgcca taaaatcaaa ttgctgcaac taaaactatt     11280
     gctgtattgt aatttagcat aataacccca gaggtcgaat tttttgggaa aaagaattga     11340
     aagcctaatg gcttcttatt tccatgttgc tttttatgta agaattaaac actattttta     11400
     tcttctgcaa gatatggata aaatatggta atttcaatag tttattaaca tatgatattt     11460
     ctggaaatca ccaaacaacc tccctcccct cattagctat gctttcatcc acctattttt     11520
     atgtgcagtt tggttatggt gcataaaaaa aaagttgatg taaacaccaa gatgcgcatc     11580
     aattttgaaa atgtgcatat taaactcatg cgcaaaactg agaaggataa atgttttatt     11640
     cgataagaaa aatgtgcata aactatgata aaaatacttt taccccacaa attccagtat     11700
     gcgcattaaa aagatcatgt cattttgtta taggagtcat ttgtcatttg atgataaaaa     11760
     tgtgtgcaaa tggataaacg agcaggctga gcacatcgca aaatatctca aatgttgttt     11820
     tggtcattct aaaacgcctt aaccgtttca atataagtgt tataatatta ataatgacct     11880
     ccagaagtag aagcgatatt acagttttgt tcatgaagtt aattcgcggt tttggatgga     11940
     aacatctcgt gacccccatt tgagaaccac tgactttctt aatgattaat tattcagcat     12000
     atatagtaag acgctaagga aaactcattt gctgtaattt ttcattttca catagtggag     12060
     tatacttaaa gctatattta tataaaatac atgttgtttg caatcctatg cagttaacag     12120
     ttagatcaag aaaaatatac tcttcaaaaa tataaagatt attgtcattg atggttttca     12180
     caacaaaacc cttaaaaaca catacacaga ctttcccaca gcacaaaagc gctttcatgg     12240
     tgtattaaaa taataaaaaa gattcactgg attgactaaa ttcttttaag tggttgcaaa     12300
     caatttatat gggctgaatt taaacaagca aattaagtta aacattacta catttcattt     12360
     gtttgtttaa attcagccaa tagaaattat ttgcaaccac ttactttaaa aaatatagta     12420
     aatccactga atcttttttc agtgtagatc attacaatgt aaactgaaag tgctaaagag     12480
     aatggtttat gttttggtct tcaatgctat caataagaaa acccacatag ggaaacctaa     12540
     atttttaaga atttattaaa ataagtgact taaacacatt tatcattcta taaagaacat     12600
     tgctgaagta aatagagaaa atgtgttgtt ctgtgctcca acagatgagg gcagcaaaat     12660
     cacatgagtt ctgtctcatt catacataca ctgtaaaaaa tgctaagttc cacacaattg     12720
     atgtgttgag acaagatgaa gaaattaagg taacttcttc gtttttacaa atataaatga     12780
     atttaaccta aaacaattaa gttgtcccca aaaaacctca agaatagtgt tgattcagct     12840
     cattttaaat atgtaatttg aacaatgagt gaacgtcaat ttttgagtgc gagtattttt     12900
     ttgatgtttc ctcatgacaa ctaagatata tcaacatttg tcttttttca cttgctccat     12960
     gacatttgct ccacaactat atgcactaga tcaggggtgt ccaaacttag tcctggagga     13020
     ccggtgtcct gcatagttta gctctaactt ccttcaacac acctgccagg atgtttttta     13080
     gtaaacagct tgattagctg gttcagatgt gcttaattag ggttagaact aaaatatgca     13140
     ggacaccagc cctccagggc cgagtttgga cacccctgca ctagatatac actgtaaaaa     13200
     atgcagggtt tcacacaatt tattcatgtt gactcaacac ttttaacaaa tgtatgtgga     13260
     ttgaacataa aaaatcaagt tgtcccaatg aaatctcaag aattatgttg tttcagctta     13320
     ttttaaataa gaagcttgaa cgagcaaaaa aatatatttt tttaagtgta gatcagttcc     13380
     taatgcagtt ccaggttaaa gataatagac tcgcaatagt atttaaaaca ctgcctgaca     13440
     tttttaagca cacagagcat attccatgat tagttgatta ccgtaaccac acccacatta     13500
     acaaagagca gagcttacat aagtctcagg ccaatcattc aaccatgaaa ctgctctgac     13560
     ctttgtattt attttataat gctacattca gcataatcta ttagttatca cgttctaata     13620
     actcaatcac aatataatca atcatctcta aaataaaact ttaaagcaca cttagaagag     13680
     atggatgaaa gacaattgat actcatgata cttttcacag tttcaggtaa tgcatttaat     13740
     tcacaactaa ttcacattag atcataatat atatatattt ataatttttc ttacattaca     13800
     ggcgctgata gaattgaacc agaaggagaa actaatatac tccaagaaga aggacagtct     13860
     gtgacactga gctgcacata tgaaacaaac agcaacacca tttatcttta ctggtacaga     13920
     cagtatccaa agaacaaaac ctgaatatac tgtataaagg tgctcgatca tggagcagtg     13980
     aggatattcc agatagttat gaatcagcta catcacatac atccacaaaa ctcattatta     14040
     agagtgtatc tctgtcagat tcagctctct attattgtgc cctattagtt agagcccagt     14100
     gatacaaaat gcctgagacg ctttacaaaa attcacacaa aatgaatgct ttgaagagtc     14160
     tttaattaga cagtatcaaa acacatcaag cttttataaa ccacaaacac agaatgtggc     14220
     aacagctgtg aatttaagaa agaaaaaggt tacatgaagg tgcgtgctgc atttatgcat     14280
     ctcttttatg cttctcatgt tatctgtaaa actgattttt ttttataatt atgttttttt     14340
     ttatatttat ttgtattaat tccaaatgaa agcagtaagg tctctttaaa tactacatag     14400
     tcatgagaga aatgttaata taatattgga acaaaattaa aaacaaattt attaaaagct     14460
     gacttttaaa aacaattttg aaatcccaat tctgttttta acccctaccc cttgtaacag     14520
     agtgtaaagg gctttaaatt tacccctaag aaatgggaca gcactgcaac acacacacac     14580
     acacacacac acacacacac acaattacat gtcatcgtga gcttagagat tgacgattaa     14640
     cggtttaaca aacatggtaa aaggtaattc ccaggtattt gagtgtcaga tgtggaagta     14700
     tgttgtggga ctactaaaca ggagttgtta ttattattca ttatagatag caaaatttag     14760
     caggtttttt ttttttaaag catgccatgt tgtcgttgca gctggtgtat tcggggaaat     14820
     tcgtgatcct aaaaaaaaat ctcaatttca agggatatct actgtagccc tttcccttag     14880
     ccctatgcct taaagggcac ctaggctacc catttttttt tcaaatttaa tttaagtctt     14940
     ttgcgtctct agaatgtgta agtttcagct caaaacatct atcagattta tcattatacc     15000
     tttaactaga tcctgtttta tacatctttc caccaggggt ttgtttagtt gtactgcgcc     15060
     tttaaggcaa gtcctcactg cctactgttt ctacgtgcct taaatctcct ccctcgactg     15120
     catcagacaa cagacagact taaaggaaga aggtctccca cagcgtttgt gagaaatact     15180
     acagtaagta ctttacccat gagtatttgt tgtgcagttg cattgatgaa tgacacgcaa     15240
     tatcgttaca aagttcacgc gcacacacac accgcagggg agacggagac ggagacacgg     15300
     agacacagac acacacacag acgcacacag acacaccgcg cttagcttag cattgttttt     15360
     gcacgcaaat gtgtcaggat acaggctaat ctccactgct gtatggatat ctgttatgtt     15420
     agtgtacaaa ataaacctga attatcgtcc acaagccagg attaaagcgt cttctttcat     15480
     aattgttctg acacgcggct gtgctgatga agtaaagctg aagtagctcg ctgtacttca     15540
     ttacacacgt gcactgtttt aaaacatttt aaacatgtga aacttactct tgatcacatt     15600
     tgatgactat tgatgatcct agccaactga acagaccttt tattcccgct tgctttgcgc     15660
     acatctggtc ttgttgacaa atatacacgt gactaccggg acatgctacg ctaagctatc     15720
     catcaattcg gtgggcaggg ggaccgcagt cctacataaa gttgcggtcg gtctgaaaac     15780
     cgcaccaaat tggtccaccg tttttatgtt gttaaattga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     15840
     gactgggtgt gtttatatca ccccaatatg atggtctata cactatatat acacacatgt     15900
     ctgtccaaac agcttgaaaa gtagactttt gaccatacag taggtgccct ttaaagctaa     15960
     agagaattag gacaccccct gaatgtgtac atgcaaaaca aagggtaggg gtaagagaaa     16020
     ggctaaggtg tgaaattggg attgggacaa agttttctta ttgtaggtgc cttgtaattc     16080
     agaatcatgt catgatgaca ggaggaggag cttaacgtta tacaatacag ccgagtaaat     16140
     atgaacacca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catgcaacaa agagtaaagc     16200
     agctgctttg tttttaactt gcaaaaaatt aagtgaacat gttgatctgc atcatcatac     16260
     ttctgtcatc aattgaaggt atataactgt aaagtttaaa aaaatttaaa acaattaaag     16320
     tgtttaaaaa ctgtcacttt ttatttttgc aggttccaga gctttagaag ccatcgatcc     16380
     aaaaactgac agagagtttg ctgttgaagg tgacaatgtg actctctctt gtaactacag     16440
     tggatctgtt cgtggcgttc actggtatcg acagtacgca gcttcgccac cacaattcct     16500
     catactagaa gattcaggag taacaactct agcaaatcca ccagttcctg gaatctccat     16560
     caatcacaga aaagcagaaa aacatgtgga tctgctgctc tcctctgctg cagtatcaga     16620
     ctctgctgtg tattactgtg ctctgaggcc cacagtgaca ggaaacactg agacactgta     16680
     caaaaacatc tcataaacag tacaataagc cttaaaaagt atacaaacca aagctaaaac     16740
     tcaacataaa tttgcaaaaa tacatacact gaaaaaaaga tttcggcaaa attgttgcta     16800
     tgggttggaa tttaaacaaa ttaaatgtag taattcatta actcatttat tttctttttg     16860
     gcttaaaacc ctttatcaat tcggggtaac cacagcggaa tgaaccgtca acttatttag     16920
     cacggttttt acacagcgga tgcccttcca gccgcaatct atctctggga aacatccaca     16980
     cacactcatt cactacagac aatttagctt atctaattca cctctaccgc atgtctttgg     17040
     actgttgggg aaattgaagc acccggagga aacccacgtg aacgcaggga gaacatgcaa     17100
     actccacaca gaaacgccaa ctgacccagc cgaggctcga acctaaatgt agtaatgtgc     17160
     aacttatatt gtttaaattc agcccaaata aatagtctac aaccacttaa aaagatgtag     17220
     taaatcaaat gaatcgtctt tgaatgattt tttcaatatt tgatttgttc aatagtaaac     17280
     ttgtcaacaa ataaggcggc ttgtacaggc aatattgctg aagtgatctg aattaccagt     17340
     acacagctac aattattaaa atataccgaa acagtcagat ttcaaccatc actactgtac     17400
     tgaaatatag ctcatttaca atacaattta aaaacaactg taagaaaaaa tattttagat     17460
     tttatgtgca aagtttaaca catttattgt gttaaagtag catgctatgg ggaaaaaaca     17520
     ctcaaaagta ttgtactgta tatcagttac tgattataca gattaacaaa ttactggtta     17580
     tgcacattta tagtacatta tgtaatgtac agtagtaata aagtagatag aaattgatcc     17640
     ccataaacac ggaactgagg actgtatctt taagaggagg tgcttcaaac aaggtatcct     17700
     ctgatgtaca ctgaatgaat gtttacatca gttacgattt ttctgtgatt cagatgaaat     17760
     tgaacagagt actgaactga aaaaaaaaat atgctacttg ttttgacttt gttcagctgt     17820
     tttgtgtgta agtccccttt taaatagctt aatttttctt atcggaatct ctttgttagc     17880
     tgaactatat gtcaaatgtt gatctgcagg tgtcagtttt gggaatgtca tcacatcggt     17940
     tgaaacccgt ctgattcata gtgaaggaga cgttataagt gtctcctgca gctactcctc     18000
     agcaagaact ttattctggt attgccaaaa tcctggatcg gttcctcaat ttcttttcat     18060
     cattctccat tccaatggag aagttttaca aaaatctgaa gctgtgaaag atcctcgatt     18120
     ctctgcaaaa gtgaatgaaa agaaaaccca tgtgtttctg gagatctcct ctgctaaagt     18180
     cacagattca gcaatttact actgtgcctt ggagcccaca gtgacaggaa aacaaacagc     18240
     actgtacaga aaccctcact cactgtattt tgaaaaagag gcaaagcata cacaaaactt     18300
     tcaacaatat ttcagcatac aataaagaaa aacaccatca cagctgacca aaagagatta     18360
     aagattaaag taaaatataa tcaaattaat ttcacacttt ttaatcaatg aaattgtgtt     18420
     caagccaaga taattctcaa ttctgtcagc catgtaaaat ctaaatgacc ttaaaataat     18480
     aataataaat atcttaataa taataataat aataattaca ataactacat taattttaaa     18540
     ttatcctaac agaataaaac agaatcgaac attagaatac aacagaacag aataaaagag     18600
     ttaaagtttt agtaatgtaa ggattgtaaa aaaaaaaaag tattatataa agtaatgtgt     18660
     gtatttttaa tcatgcaact gtctgtctac agtatatact gcatatattg tctatattta     18720
     ggaccacttg aatatttaga acacactttg aaaagtcttg tcatcatttg cacgagatga     18780
     gggctgaatg ctgtaaatct gagtgggagg agtttaacac tggcatcatg agattcaaga     18840
     agactgtcaa catttcacaa gtgtgtttag atcatctgag tgtctcctgt tcaaacctgc     18900
     catcatgttg atctctttca ttattatact cctatcatca gctcaaggta ggctatagct     18960
     ccagatgcat tctttaaaag atggatgtaa accttggaac aaatgtgctt tttataaaat     19020
     gtgtaattag gtacagtgca cttgaaataa ctacaaattt catttacatt tacatttttc     19080
     atgatgtaaa tctagattcc agtgctacag aagccatcac accatacagg gcttatgaat     19140
     ttgcttttaa ggatgacaga gtgatcctct cctgtaacta cactggttct gctcgaggtc     19200
     tgcactggta tcgacagtat cctggtttac caccgcagtt cctcatactg gattactatg     19260
     gggcagttac tcatgcaaaa cctcagattg ctggaatctc cataaaacac agaaaagacg     19320
     acagcagtgt ggatctggag atctcctctg ctgcagtatc agactctgct ctttactact     19380
     gcgcactgga gaccacagtg acaggaaaag catctacact gtacaaaaac gagcttaaat     19440
     atgactgtgc aagacaaacg ctttatatac agtgaacatc acacagtgga catatatatg     19500
     agcttcttac attactactg taaatctgta atctgttata ctgtaaaaat ataaatgtca     19560
     aacaatagac aaaaggcatt aaacagatta tcacttagat aagggcataa aacaagtgtc     19620
     atatgcacct aaacattgat atgtacttaa atattgttac actgactgta cactgtataa     19680
     caaacatatt cataatttat gatgacacat tttttaaagc acacttttaa aataaatgga     19740
     caaacccatc tgcagttatg agctccacca caagggggca acaatcactt atgttgtttt     19800
     tttcaccaga cctcaatcct ctgtgctcac atgaaaacac tattcactaa tttatttgaa     19860
     agcatagact gcatatttta ttttactaag ccacgcccac atcatttgaa taaaacagaa     19920
     tttgattcag tctgaaattt tttttcattc cctcatcagc tgctcacgtt ttatacaaga     19980
     cattctactt aattatatta aatcaaagaa gaaaaccgaa taaatcaata caataaatct     20040
     caatctgatg ctttaaatta aactttggta aagatgaaaa cacggcagat gctactcatg     20100
     atgctcatca cagtttcagg taaatatata ctgatattca atattgatta cttctataaa     20160
     ttacctcatt actctgacag caataattga acaagataac catattgcac tgttgaattc     20220
     caaaataggt ggatatacta ataggattgg accaggggaa ggagacacaa atataatcag     20280
     tatggaagga gagtctgtga cgctgagctg cacatatgaa acaaacagta atgacatctg     20340
     gctttcctgg tacagacagt ttcctaacag agaaccagaa tatatactgt ataaaggtgc     20400
     tcgatcaagg agcgaggagg atatacctga cggttttcag tcaaggacat cagactcaac     20460
     cactgaaatc attattaaca gtgtgggtct gtcagattca gctctctatt actgcgctct     20520
     tgaagtagcc cagtgataca aaatccctga ggcgctttac aaaaactcac aagaaaataa     20580
     tgctttgaag agactttaat gcaatcgcta tcaaaccaca tcatatctct ataaaccaca     20640
     aacatgatat gtggtaacag ctgtgaaatt gcaaagttaa aaggagttac atacagtaag     20700
     ggaaggtgaa tctaagagtt atgatacagt attattgtta ttaaaaatga tattaatata     20760
     ttacattgtg ctatcctgat ggatgaaatt agttacaaag taattagttt attaatcagt     20820
     gtaaattaaa ttttcattgg caaaaattta agaaattgct tttaattttt attaggtcat     20880
     ttaattatag ttactaaaaa catacttgag gcgacgcagt ggcgcagtag gtagtgctgt     20940
     cgcctcacag caagaaggtc gctggttcga gcctcggctc agttggcgtt tgtggagttt     21000
     gcatgttctc cctgcgatcg catgggtttc ctccgggtac tccggttagt gtgtgtgtga     21060
     atgtgagtgt ggatgtttcc caccgatggg ttgcagctgg aagggcatgc actgcgtaaa     21120
     aaacgtactg gataagttgg cggttcattc ctctgtggtg acctcggatt attaaaggga     21180
     ctaagctgac aagaaaatga atgaatgaat gaataaaaca aacttgccaa aaatactgtg     21240
     catacatttg acagttctat ataaatcatt tcagagaagc aaattaattg taaatatatg     21300
     tagtttttgt catacaaata tatttgcaga ataatagatt tgtcaaacaa atgcgcatgc     21360
     ttaagaaaca atgaattaag tagcaaatta atgtcaattt attgtttgtt tgaaagatgg     21420
     tgttactatt acttttgaaa tgttttgtgt ttagatatac aggacatttc ttaagtgtta     21480
     attattttaa ataaatctaa aagaccatca aaatagtttc attttcattc tgtaggtttt     21540
     gagagttgta cacatttatt atttggagtc aagaagtcaa ttacttatta aacaatgaag     21600
     aatctaacta aggatctgtt aatccttgta gcaaacatat gtgcgcgttg tttaaataaa     21660
     acaaccattc atttgtgttg tattttattt tcatttgttt aatttattta atttattctt     21720
     tattttactt aatcatatga tcattagtca tttatataat cattattata acattttatt     21780
     gatcattagt taataatttg attatttatc atttattatg ttttataatt attgctttaa     21840
     aattacttaa tttttctata ttgttataat cttatgacta tggattcaag caacacttgt     21900
     tttcaagcat aagaaatgag agaatgtctt catttcaagg ttgtctctgg aaacaacgac     21960
     agtgactgtt tcacagttgt cttgtgaaac agccattttc cactgtcgct tatggcagtg     22020
     gtccccaacc tttttatcac cgcggactgt tcaacggttg tcaattttac aacaaaccag     22080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctt catgtgaaca cagctgctgt     22140
     gctcgtgcat ccaggttaat catgaacaac tcagtgcaca tgcgctagtc gcactaccgc     22200
     ggtctgatga tgtttcaatc aaggtttata tgcatcaaat acataacatc tgtgccaaac     22260
     atttcaacta acgaacatat taacaataat aaaaccgttt agccgaatta aatgtatgca     22320
     ttgtcatgtt acagccctaa tgagtaggat catgtgaaac tccatataga tacatattgc     22380
     aatgatttcg ggtacttact tagcgatgca cacacacaca tatatgcaca gtccttaaat     22440
     gctctgctga tttggactct ataatacctg ttttataact ttgaactatc aaccaccacg     22500
     actgagctat attctagcaa tcgctctttt ggattttggc atagtccatt tcacatgaga     22560
     tggcgggggt gagtggaaag tcgcgagggg aatattttct acagaaataa tttatgattt     22620
     cttatgtggc ccggtaccaa ttgttccacg gatctggtgg ttggcgacca ctggcttatg     22680
     gtataataac acttgttgga tttatcctgg tcagacaaac tcttatcatt ggatcataca     22740
     caactaagat tattcaataa actctgctct ctttatcatc attactttgt cccctgcttt     22800
     tgctcctcta gttttctcag tcaactccta ctgtatattg ataagagact gttaattcag     22860
     ttgaatactg gttaacaggt ttgggtactg ggtggctctg ctggcttgtt ttctggacac     22920
     ccagacaaac agacattttc tgacagaacc tggtatccgg ggccagatct tatttatctg     22980
     gcatgaagag tgagtgtgat aacaacaagt taagttactt tttagacaaa gtaattagaa     23040
     agtagttaaa tactgttaat aatgtaaata ctatatgata atcagtaata gattacaatt     23100
     aaaatttttt acaggtactg taacttaccc aacactgcct gtagctttaa tacaagagta     23160
     tagtactagg aaggttgtgg gtttgattct catagaaagc atgaagaact gatcaaatat     23220
     gtatcttcag tgcagtgtaa gtttatttaa ataaattaat ctgccaaatg caaaacgcaa     23280
     atctataaat atatgtcatt caaaattctg atctgaaata aactaaggtc ttgcaaatac     23340
     tcataaaaac agagtacact cactggccac tttttattag gtacacccta ctagtatcgg     23400
     gttggattct cttttacttt cagaactgcc tcagatttaa caatgtactg gaaatgtccc     23460
     tctgagattt tggtccatat tgaaatgata gcattatgca gttgttgcag atttgtcagc     23520
     tgcacatcca tgatgagaat ctcccattcc accacatccg aaagatgctc tattggattg     23580
     agtgatctgg tgactgtgga ggccatttga gtacagtgaa ctcattgtca agttcaagaa     23640
     accagtctga aatgatttgt gctttatgac atgccgcatt atcctgctgg aagtagccat     23700
     cagaagatgg gcactctgtg gtcataaagg gatgaacatg gtcagcaaca atactcagac     23760
     aggctgtggc attgacacaa tgctcaattg gtactaatgg gcccagagtg tgccaaggaa     23820
     atatcccctc accactacac cacaaccgtt gatacaaggc aggatggatc catgctttta     23880
     tgttgttgat gccaaattct gaccctacca tctgaatgtt gcagcagaaa tcaagactca     23940
     tcagaccagg ccatatttct ccaatctact actgtccaat tttggtgagc ctgtgtgact     24000
     tgtagcctta gtttcctgtt cttatctgac aggagtggca cccggtgtgg tcttctgctc     24060
     ctgtagccca tccgcctcaa gattggatgt gttgtgcgtt cagagatgct tttctgtata     24120
     cctcagttgt aacaagtggt tatttgagtt attgatgact ttctatcacc tcgaaacagt     24180
     ttggccattc tcctctgacc tctggcatca acaaggcatt tgagcccaca gaaatgccgc     24240
     tcactggata ttttctcttt tttggaccat tctctgtaaa cctggttatg cttgaaaatc     24300
     ccagtagaac agcagattct gaaatactca gaccagccta tttggcacca acatttatgc     24360
     catgtttaaa gtcatctaaa tcccttttcc ttcccattct gattctcgat ttgaactgaa     24420
     gctgatcgta tttaccatgt ctacatgtaa aaatgcattg agttataatc aatgtaggat     24480
     gaaagagaga tgatctgctg cataaattga gtactgtact actgagggga ggagcttgag     24540
     acaaaacaac ctctggcaga caatgaatca atgtttattt gagttccttt agtctgatga     24600
     taaaacatca tcctcctgaa aaatgatgct ttgttttatt cttttgtttt cttttgcacg     24660
     taagtatttt attacaactt ttacatgatg tgtcttactg tggtagtcca taagtgtttt     24720
     caatagatta aaaggtgttt atttcatctg caggtgtcag tttagggaat gtcatcacat     24780
     cggttgaaac ccgtctgctt catagcgaag gagacgttat aagtgtctcc tgcagctact     24840
     cctctgcaag aactttattc tggtatcgcc aaaatcctgg atcggttcct caatatcttt     24900
     ttgtcattct agaatccaat ggagatgttt tacaaaaatc tgaagctgtg aaagatcctc     24960
     gattctctgc aaaagtgaat gaaaagaaaa cccatgtgtt tttggagatc tcctctgcta     25020
     aagtcacaga ttcagcgatt tactactgtg ccttggagcc cacagtgaca ggaaaacaaa     25080
     cagcactgtg caaaaacctc ccactgtaaa agtactgtat aatgcattca ctatgtacaa     25140
     tttaacatac tatttagcag ggtttaccat tgaatttata taaatatctt taaaatctac     25200
     atgctcatgt ttacatttgg tcactttctt tatatcatta catactccct attacaaaca     25260
     tacagtgtaa cacactctat tattaaatat attccagtgc atccaaaacc gttaaaaagc     25320
     aaatcctgtc aattatttgg agataagttg aatttgttta gcttaagaag tgtgataaga     25380
     tacaatagaa ccatcacatt ttaaaaccgt taccaaagat atcacactgc agaggaaaag     25440
     ggaacaaaat accttgttct agcaaagttt tagcagaggg gggcagcata atatcatggg     25500
     tgactcttat tggttaaaga agacttgcct ttcttattag tttaagaaga ttacttacag     25560
     taaaagcctt taaaggtgcc aatttttgac ataaaaaaag tactttattt ttgcacaaac     25620
     ttattaagat cattgaaaac tcaacacttt agtctcattt attcatttag cagacccttt     25680
     tatatctaaa tcgactaaca aaggaggata aaagaagcac ttcaaatcac tggaaaacag     25740
     caatacatag atgccatcaa aagttagttt agcaatttat ttttatctgt attcttttat     25800
     aacattcaaa ctacaagaac aaagcttatt ctaagaactg ttcaatcaag gataatatga     25860
     caacattcac aaaatgacgt ttgctgtttt tgttagaact actggtttaa aatgagctga     25920
     aacaacataa agctttattt gggacaactt aattgtttta tgttcaatcc agtaacactt     25980
     gttaaaatgg tcacacttta caataaggtt gtatttgcta atgttactta tgcattttct     26040
     aacatgaaca atcaatgagc aatacattaa ttatagtttt tgttcatatt agtttacatt     26100
     agttaataaa aaaaacgttg tttattatta gttcatatta actcatggtg cattaactaa     26160
     tgttaacaag caggaatatg tcaatgttga taatgcacta gtaaatgtta aactatgatt     26220
     aataaatgct gtacaagcat tgttcataat ttgtccatgt taacaaatac agtacattaa     26280
     ctaaagaaac cttattgtaa actgaccgta aaaaactaat aagttaactt aattccttca     26340
     tgtttcccaa cacaaattga ttgtgtggaa ctcagcatat ttttgaaagg agtaaaacat     26400
     attctcctaa atgaaatgag gaagagtcat tagttacaaa caaaattgtc atttttgact     26460
     gaacttttta ctattattct ttttttaatc aaacatttta ggttttgaac tatatacaac     26520
     aaagcctgtg atcctcccaa cagaaaggtc aaatataaca aaaacattaa taatattaat     26580
     aacatcaata atagttacaa aatcaggatt attaatctct cccataactg actaaaactg     26640
     cactgttttc ttgctggcgc tatttatttt gactgtggta tattccaaac taatgttcag     26700
     caggtagaga ctccaaaaaa atataaaagg tagaagaagg atcaaagcat agtttcaaga     26760
     tagcacattt ttggctgaac ctaagcactg gtcgcataaa gaatacgaac tttacactgc     26820
     aaactagggc tgcacgttat tggaaaaaat tgacattgcg aaaaaaaatt tccctgcgat     26880
     atagattgcg atatattttt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     26940
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     27000
     atatacatac ttaagattac acatattaca tacagtatca ctgttttatc tgctgcacca     27060
     ctgactgtaa aattcttcca caaagaagtg acgggaagct atgctaaggt taactagctt     27120
     agcatatatc ttgctgtcta cagatgacag taatttaaac gtaccataaa actcctataa     27180
     gtgcatacaa ttcgacacaa ctacacaagc atcgttttaa cctttataac caaacgttaa     27240
     cgttactctg tcaacagtct attgtcttaa ttaccgcgtt aacagagcta acttaagtaa     27300
     acatagagca acagattgca gacgtcaata atgcagcata atggaataat ataccgatca     27360
     aactccgctt taagtgcgct acaagttttt aaactgcctc tgcaacccag ttcagataca     27420
     aaaatctatt taattaaaat agtaatgcag taaagtattt ttttggtctg ctcagccttc     27480
     tcttttgctg tgaggagcag cagcctgcgt cagtcacctt ttaccccggg cccccaactc     27540
     ctgtcctgaa tgactcactc acttacgtgg gcatgcacta cggtctcatg aggacatgca     27600
     gctttttgat ataatgtttt tcttgttcca gaataaaata atttatttaa caaaaatagt     27660
     aatgcagtaa agtatttttc tctctgccaa gcctgcagca gcctgcgtca gtcacctttt     27720
     accccagcac caccccgccc cccgactcct gaacgtctgt ctcactcact cactcaatca     27780
     cgctggcatg cactgcggtc tcatgaggaa acgcagcttt ttgatataat gttttttttg     27840
     ttcatgaata caaataattt tagtatttgt tcgaattaag tattggtaaa aacacgctat     27900
     tcgtgcttat ccgaataccg tattcgtgtt cggctccacc aattatatat atatatatat     27960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     28020
     atatatatat aaatatatat atatatatac tatatatcgt gattttgatg ctaaaacaat     28080
     gtatcgtgct gccctactgc aaacctgctt atactgcaag ttgaaagaag tcaattctgg     28140
     taaaggatcc agagcccgtg gttgttttta gtgaaacagt gcctaaaaac tgactaatat     28200
     ctgtacttgc atacataagg agttctccaa ctacttcaga ttaactagac ctacatggat     28260
     gtcatatgca gcaatgtcaa gaggaggagt ttaacacgaa cactatagtg cacggataga     28320
     tgacaatcat tcccggtgta aagcagctgc tgtttgttca gcttgatact gaagatgttc     28380
     atctacattg taatactgat gtataatgca ggtataatgc tgcattattt aaaaaaaaaa     28440
     aactatgtag gaaatatgct gaatttaatt gcactctttc ttttaaacaa ctgtttactc     28500
     agaactaaca tatactacta aattcatatt gcaatatgat gtttaaaaaa tgtaatgtca     28560
     ctttaatttg caggttccag agccttggaa gtcatcactc ctaaaactga cagagagttt     28620
     gctgttgaag gtgacaatgt gactctctct tgtaactaca gtggatctgt tcgtagtgtt     28680
     cactggtatc gcaaacattc aggttcacct ccacagttcc tcatactgga gtattcagga     28740
     gttattactc cagcggatca accagttcca ggaatctcca tcaatcacag aaaaaagcaa     28800
     agccatgtgg atctgctgct ctcctctgcc gcagtatcag actctgctgt gtattactgt     28860
     gctctgcagc ccacagtgac aggaaattca agaacgtcaa acaataaaag ctttcatcac     28920
     aatctcagat aatcaacagc accaatttag ccaggaggca agagtttact tcagaaatat     28980
     gtttaaacat ttggttctca cattatttct ggaacactga aaactctcat accaatcatc     29040
     tcgatctaaa aactcctatg gatgattatg aaaatgctac tggcttagaa taaaatcaac     29100
     acaaatcgat gaaggagaga caactttttg tcttcattgt gttgtgttta gcaagtgatg     29160
     tcaatagtca cgcccacttt ttaaactgca gtgtcggtga aagaagactt ctttattaac     29220
     aacatcattg acattcagtc cagtccttca ttctgcagtg tttccaattc ctgcaaaaaa     29280
     ttatttgatg aagaggaaaa gggaacactt ggatattaac atgaacagat atatactgct     29340
     gattcttttg acaggtactt tttaagagtt atttacatta aaaggatcaa cagagatctt     29400
     tttacaactg ttattactgt atttttgata gaaaaaatgt attgagtcta aaagtatttt     29460
     tatgtcttta aataactcta aaaaacaatt cattttcttt taggtgtgtt tgctgacagc     29520
     attgcaccaa aaaaggaggg tagaaataaa accagaaaag aaggagagtc tgtgacactg     29580
     agctgcacat ttaaccgcag cgatactgca atttcacttt actggtacat gcagtatcca     29640
     aacagagaac ttcagtattt actgtataaa ggtcatcgat cgtctgagga ggggattgta     29700
     acagacagtc gttataaatc aactgtctca cctacgtcca cttccctcac cattaactct     29760
     gtgaatctgt cagattcagc cctgtattac tgtgctctta aaaaaggacc acggtgacac     29820
     aaagtccaca ggcgctttac aaaaacataa acacgattag agtggcagtt atctaccaca     29880
     aatatgtgtc taaaaccaca agacaacagg atgcggtcac acctgctgag gagggaaaaa     29940
     cacagtaaaa tacaccccct tcaccttggt ccatatcttt aggttttatc aactttgctg     30000
     tagcaaaaga agcccaaaca aaagtgctat ttttctatac aagcaaaaat agtgagaatt     30060
     taaataggag aaagaaaaga agaattatca gaatcagttt tattgacaag tgggcgtcac     30120
     acacaatgaa tttgttttgg ctacacaagc ttctagtgta cattaggctt gccacgatag     30180
     acagttatga cggtgatacc ggtgttaaga cgcaacgccg gtgacatcac tcttccactg     30240
     tgacaccgtc cccacattag tattttttaa gtattcgttt tatttttatt taacaattat     30300
     ttgaaataaa tggaaaatat aattattaat aattgactta agataagagc ctgctctata     30360
     attaaaatct aaacatagct acagtgcgtc ttacttcatt tatcacgtga ggagaaaaaa     30420
     ggagtcgaat tcactgaaag aggatggcgg acaatttatt gtcaaaacgc aatgcaaaag     30480
     cgcctatttg gctatatttt tgggttcaaa ccaaatgcaa aagagaacct gaagacgtta     30540
     aggaggcaat ctgtaaactt tgcctgacaa agggggcagt atctggaaac ataactaatt     30600
     tatacacaca ccttcatgtt taactgtggg tgggtcgcag atagatcaat ggccataaat     30660
     acgcaacgca tactctcatt taaaaaaaat cacgcgacca tcatctcaca atgtttaata     30720
     ataaatatct ttttttttca gaaattctgc tgttcttttt ttcacttgat tatgtgttta     30780
     atgttaaaaa aatctatagt gaataggttg acaagagtgc atcctgtgtg tgcgcgcatc     30840
     ttttataact gaggccgctc tcttcaaaaa acgaaagttg cttcgtctgt ctggaaatat     30900
     ttcggctttt aatcgaatga aaagttcatt tagatgagcc aatattaaaa attgcaataa     30960
     cgtaactgag acgtgcggcc acacatcgaa tctgaggtct gatctctctc tctctctctc     31020
     attcagacat caagccgcaa cacaagtcaa gtcgcaaaac ttaggcaggt gcagctgaca     31080
     ggtagaatag ctgaagcctt tgcgaaatct gtcaaaatac agcactgaaa ttaacaggca     31140
     taaatgtctt tgagccaaaa aagtctattg gtaggatatc tgtaaaaacg caactggagc     31200
     caaagatatg taggagttgt gtagcctgtt aattataggc ctattaattc taataaaata     31260
     aaaaccaaaa taaacaattc attacatttt tcgttcgata aaaatatccg taaatgaaaa     31320
     aaaattaaag ggtggctagt ttgtattaat gtgttttaat attaataaaa atatgcttag     31380
     cctatttaat tgatggctat atacgccgtc aatagacaaa ccattcaaaa catattattt     31440
     tactgtgtac tgggttataa tctatatttt acaataaaaa ctaaacgtag catgtctcgc     31500
     tgtcatttaa aacattcaat tcataccaca ccagagctat ggacctgtac agtctatgca     31560
     gtgtgtaaac ttacagggcg gtgttggtca atagtcttat tgcacaccaa actccaatcc     31620
     gagggagatt gttactcgat ggacaacatt aacttgagag atttaaaaaa taaaaggtat     31680
     ttttaaaaag gagcaacacg aaaatctgca acaaataaaa ataaaacgtc ttgccagtgc     31740
     tgtgtgtatt ccgccactga cagtgtgaga cgcccttatg cagcgcctgt aactgccgct     31800
     tgtaagagag ctcaaagctg tatcgatata accaaaaagc aagatcatat agttataaat     31860
     attccataac aatacttata catttacatg ttgtttattg agattgtgtg atctgtatag     31920
     gttgtctgat ctttacagaa gctgtaaact gacacaagtg cggtgatgtt tagctctgac     31980
     gaggcgcttt tatttagctt ggtagcaccg gtgctcctaa ctttaaaaat ttaggcgcat     32040
     cagccaaaat tttgttgcac caaccaatta tgagcatcgt tactacaagt tttatacaaa     32100
     catatttatt agggatgctc atttcggtta attttgctaa ccgacaaccg ccgctcatta     32160
     atcggttatt aacggttaac tggtcagatt actattaatt ttattttaaa caaattgacg     32220
     tgtctatttt gtgtctgaca cattaaatat tgcattttaa aatactgatt tatttttaaa     32280
     tgctagcata ttaataacag aacaacagag catcttcacg cacctgcagt ttttggcaca     32340
     gaacagcaga ataatctaaa taaaatgaat aaaataaata ggactgccct aaattatttt     32400
     catttaaata attaatttat attacaaaac gaaaacactg actgattctt tttaataacc     32460
     ggaataggct gtttttttcc aatcatatgt tttttcttcc atcaaataaa aatcactttt     32520
     cttcctcaaa ttgcccgctc catggaaaaa atgcatttat ttaatgcccc gcttttatta     32580
     ttataatcac aaaacctttt acatttttaa tagaaatcat tattttaaag attatgtcct     32640
     gatatggttt cctctctctc cctcgcggtt caaaagcgcg cgctgcgtga tgaaaagaca     32700
     acaacaacgc gcacatatgt tgacttttta taaacagttt tgttgtttaa atatgatatt     32760
     gcattaatgt gcatacatgc tttaaaagct gtcaaataaa aagaaaagcc tatttgttgc     32820
     gtttattacg cagatccagg tcaacatcag agctggttag catcaacacg tctgtatcaa     32880
     acagcaatat tcttcttcca ttttgcttca ttggcaaatg tgtttgtaag cacgggttat     32940
     acgttatcgt cccgcaagtt atgccttgca gttgaccaag gggccgaaaa caaggcacac     33000
     ctcactgcct ttatgttgac aagcagggcc gctgctggcc aaaagggtgc cctatgcgaa     33060
     attttactgt ggtgccccca cagaggaaca aaatcacacc aagatttaaa catgtaatta     33120
     tttatttatg tacataaata tgcatataaa gactcaaatt atacttaaac attcacatat     33180
     ttacattaca aaaataatag tttacatcaa aataaatact gacatgtctt ctgcagaagc     33240
     attcccaatt tcaaacattt acaatagata aggaatgaac cctgtctgta cctgtagaga     33300
     tggatggtcc tcagtgctgc atcctatact tgtacctgtg cagctgctgg tgtctttgga     33360
     gcagtgctgg tcaggccacc tcatcttctt ttatggcaaa cttcagcatt gacctccatg     33420
     tacaatacag aagaaattag tcatttaaag aaaaactcat gacataccgt taaaacaatg     33480
     ggctagtcaa gcactcttca taatgtttac aaactacaac caaaatgtgg atttaattta     33540
     cactataatc tatggtgaca aaagctgacc cttgctttcg gtataaatca aagacattta     33600
     tgtttttcaa gaattaattg ctgtaatttt aaacaaaaaa actttataac attcagaaaa     33660
     aataatcaat gaattcatgc aataaaaatg gtttctggcc tgtgatttac agtaatttga     33720
     ctcattttat attattgatc attcagaaat tacagaatat tactcagttt tgttatttca     33780
     tactgtaatg tacaaaaaag actaaagaga ctttatcatt gcaatgatac aagcaataac     33840
     aacagcagca aaaagaaatg ttaagaaata gataaaacaa taaacaatga taattgcagt     33900
     ctgcaaataa tgaaataata tataattata taacataata ataactataa taataaataa     33960
     tacatagagg gaagtaattg tgcagtgcat gtgtatttac agttgttggt gtgcaagcag     34020
     aattgtagag tattgcacaa gttaataaca ataattgatt ttgtgtaatt atcagcaaca     34080
     tggggaagag gggcaaacgc gaaaagtcat agaacatgtc ctgtctaaag gacaatgcat     34140
     agcagttgcg gcgaagttta aacgttagcc tcactagtat acttgaataa ccaaaaataa     34200
     gtttttcaga ttcacggaag ttacctgaaa gtgatgcacg cgattcatct tgtactctct     34260
     tcctcttctc ggctccagac ggctgttgtc ttttcccggg catgaacctg caatttgcat     34320
     ctattataat tatatgcagc tggcagccgc aaggataagt ggaccgggcc tcgccacgcg     34380
     gacgcggcta tgcacgtgca ggaaaaaatt acgtcacatg tttgtttatg cgtccgtcat     34440
     aaaattattt tttaaacgtt ttttaacaac ttattatcaa tatatattta atgtaaactc     34500
     aggttatgtt gataatagta aataaatata tatatatata aaaaaatgtg agcagccgag     34560
     atggtgcccc cctccggagt tgaggcccta cgcagcctgc gtactctgcg tgtagggagc     34620
     ggcagtactg ttgacaagga aaaaagaaga gaagaagcgc ggtcctctta tgaaacgact     34680
     gaatcagctg ggtatcgatt gtgcaaaagt gttgctgtct gtgttgatac aattctaata     34740
     tttaatacta ttgtgatata caagatttgt acattcatcc agctctggat aacttaaaac     34800
     agcgattaga ccttcagagc ggcattaatg cgtcctgaag taaagcgaaa cggctataaa     34860
     ctccagcaag atagagtgat tatatacaga gccatatacc tttatctcta aataaagtat     34920
     aactatagaa actgtgttca tcttaactga aagcttcgtc ctgtttcctg gcctcacgca     34980
     tcgcgcacca gtcagtcagc acgttacgtt aactcccaaa gggttaaaca gaaagcgcac     35040
     agcaaggtta cagaaaagtt tcctctgcag aggagtcggg gcatctggtg aacgcccatc     35100
     cctctctgcg cagccatatt aacatcaatg ctttgacagc attggcaata tttctgccgt     35160
     tgtctgttgt caagtggggt tacgttggtt ttgtttttga tattcctgac acattcagac     35220
     gatcccttac taagagctcg gtgcaagctc tcccggtcaa acgcatattg cgagggctta     35280
     aacggagcag tgctcgtaat gttgagcgaa aaaaaaaagt gtttcctcac gtttttcttc     35340
     aactagctca tcttttgcag gcacgcgtga agtaattgga aaggtagtca cggggtgtgt     35400
     cgcgattctc ccttatcaca ccgcgacaca ggatcgtaga tctgagtgtc acgatttcga     35460
     tttcatatcg tgtatcgtaa cagccctact aggaacagaa agataacaca ttttaattca     35520
     attgagttct caaaaataaa aactgcagac ttcattttaa ccaaatgttt ttttagattt     35580
     ttttctgttt attaaaattt tatttaatgt tttccccaaa cttgggtgta aacatttttg     35640
     caccgttatc tttcttagat taataatttt attctttggt gctgactaat ctaatattta     35700
     tacacaacaa tattattgta aagcatcata aaaatattaa tttaaaagag agatcagtga     35760
     ggggtgtact tatgctaaca aacagaccaa tttatgtgta aaaacaaatt aaaacaccca     35820
     catgtaatgt gtctctcagg tggacgttat cattttgact cctttaatga atatacacac     35880
     atgacaattc atcacacaaa gagaaaagag ttaaatctgc atttttggcc aaaaattagg     35940
     cttgtggtgt ttcacagaat aaactcaatg tggataaaga tgcactcagc tcgtaagctt     36000
     gcgctataga acagaatgag tgcagatgtg atacagactg tgtacaacag ttcagtgaag     36060
     aagttaataa tctgacatat tatagaagta gtattgttag cttttgctca gtttttcaat     36120
     attagtgctg atttacacat ctgcgtggag tgattgtcgt atacttctac gtcctgtttg     36180
     tgtagctctg cagtaacact tctgaaatgc tagctgtcag taggttctta tgttccctgt     36240
     gtcgagtttc ttcgcaggtg tttttaaatt ttttttaaat gctacaagta gagctgggcg     36300
     ataatttgat atcgataatt atcacaatat aaaatttttc gataaaacga tgatgacaat     36360
     tcgataattg ctcgataaca tttacgcact atgcgtaaca ttgcacaagc attttgcagc     36420
     ctgccctttt cgatggcgca tgccgtacaa gtttacagcc atagttgtac ttaaaggagt     36480
     aagaaaataa gataaaaaag gttagagtca cagacattgt tgacaagaaa catcactaga     36540
     cctcagtctt gagctacttt tttgctatcc gacacaaaac agcaacgtgc actgcaaact     36600
     gcgcaagatg actcgtgtca tcaaaagcag gcaacaccac aagcctgttt catcacctaa     36660
     aacatcacca cccttatgaa gatgctaaga aattacagac ctaaacaagt gctggtaaac     36720
     caggacaact acccagcaca gtcttatgtc atcattttcg aaagcttcac cttacgagaa     36780
     aaacccccga aaagacagac gtaagatatg acagacaaca caatctcaaa tacatcccaa     36840
     tgaacacttg acgcttgctc tacaggctgt atttagaata tttaaactac aacatttaca     36900
     ctaataaaga aaataataaa agtagcaaat tcaaagtatc aaacaaaaat tagttaaact     36960
     cgtaagtgcg ccgcattttt ccctgtaaaa taaaaataaa gatgaccttc acctcttacc     37020
     tgatgtcttt aacaatacat tttctacgtg tttgcaaaat ggaagtcgta cggcatattc     37080
     cctatctacc ttactctgag aaaagtgtga acttgaggag atagctcaat attgtcggga     37140
     aagagccgag ccaaaaaaaa taacatacaa atcaatctaa ataaatatga acaaaactca     37200
     ctaaatgtct caaagtgggc aaaagtaatg caaaataatt ttacacaaac gaaagttaag     37260
     caaaaacaac gaaaatcata attatgtcag aaaaatacac gaaaaacgag atcaaaggta     37320
     aaaagcgcga tctccgcttt tcatattccc acgcggccgt gccatctccg ccacaccttg     37380
     aacgcaggct gcagtgaatg agcgtgcact tgcactgcgt gatgtaggaa tgattctgct     37440
     cgcaaggcgc tgcagtcgtg gaaataagcg atcttgtttc tcccaggacg atggcagatt     37500
     tttctctgaa tcctctaaat gaaactttga acaggctact cttgccttac tcttcattat     37560
     gggcgtctca tttcttccca ttctgcaaag cccactctct gctttttcgc tgatccactg     37620
     ccatgtcccg ctatacgccc gcaacccacc tgcaattagc taattataat gtttgttttt     37680
     ttttcacccg acccgtggtt tattttggct acaaccataa cattagtttc agacacaact     37740
     gcaatgtatt ttacaggtga atatgtcaat taaaagcact ttacaaacac attatatgta     37800
     tattttttca ttaatttaaa cggaaaccta tctatctaaa tgaaagctta atcaaaaatg     37860
     agcatcacta tgcctgtgtc tgcacagaga tcaagcttct cacctgcgaa tgtgaacatt     37920
     acggtgtttt tgaagaagaa cttaaaactt aattaaatat tccaaatgtc cttagagagg     37980
     acaagcctgt ttatctttta ctagtctaca cttcagttat tcatttaatt ttagtttact     38040
     tagtaaagac ggctgcacta aagataacag ttttttctga ctagtctata ttggaagtat     38100
     ttatttaatt gttgttgttt gctcgagtat cctgactgta ctaaaatgtg aaaactgaaa     38160
     attctgtgac cattaactca cctttacttt ttccaaaccg ggtttttttt tctgatgttg     38220
     aacaataata tcctaactta taatgttttt ggttgtttaa actagaacag taaatgctga     38280
     attaagattg ttctttagat tattatttta ttatttatat tgtcagacag ctaaaacatt     38340
     tcactaaatg tgttaaatca gctgcacaaa gccattagca tactgaaaat cttgtaaaat     38400
     taatagatat aaagatttta tgtttatcgt gatgaatatc aatatcgact gatatgaaaa     38460
     aaaatattgt gataattttt tttgccatat cgcccagctc tagctacaag tagctcaaac     38520
     ttgctcattc agtggcagga acaggcgtac gtgcaaaaac ttttaaccat aaggtaaacc     38580
     acaaaacaaa agtttccatc tgaagcttct tcacttaact cgactcttgt aaacacttgc     38640
     ttcatcgggc tcgcagctct cagcaccacc cacgctcatc accgctacca agccaaccca     38700
     tcacagagct tgtgctacac attgttgtga cgtgtagtta gattttttga gaggtgcaca     38760
     tcagtctcac cgagggttat gcggatgtgc gaaggctacg ccggaccata tacttgtgct     38820
     tgatgcagaa gtataaatca gccgttaggc agttaccgcc atcagtgtgg cagttaaatt     38880
     atttttaaag aatcattttc ataaaaaaaa ctaatacttt catattaata caaaaatgat     38940
     taaaccaaat aattattaaa tagagtgatc acccaactct gaaaagtgtc attatttaca     39000
     aacttgtgta tagaaataac atattgagat attgatacta cagcaacata attactactg     39060
     tataacacca ttttcattaa tttggcctgc agagctcaaa agcagaaaac aggagcaaaa     39120
     ataagtattt gctcagcagg ccaattttaa taaaacattg ccatttcatt gagttttaat     39180
     gagcattttt tccccttaaa ttgaagattg ttttgtactt tttttggaaa ttgtgatgaa     39240
     aaaaatgagt gagaagtcaa taaatagtca aataatttaa aatatatata ttattaaatg     39300
     atttttctta acgaaggaca aagggttagg accacatatt tcagaatgtt taaatgttca     39360
     caagaggttt ttgtcttccc ttgttcttgt taatggttat tgatgaactg tgtattttta     39420
     acagtgaaat atataggggc agaaggagtg tttgtaaact tatttcatta gcatcactgc     39480
     tgtgagtgtg agcattttct gcttgtcata gttcagaagt gtcactcaga ggagctcagc     39540
     agaatgtgtg atgtcataaa cagaattctg ttctggaatt cagaaactgc agttcacatt     39600
     ctaaactgtt gttggtgttt gagtggtcga gtgattgaga gctacttctg tgacttactg     39660
     accaactcat tttcagcctt cagtgttcag gatggctctg ttcagcagtg catttaaaaa     39720
     gctatttgac tgttttatcc ctttctggca tcgaagggag acacagcaat gtgcagctca     39780
     agaactggcg gcagtaaata aatgttcaga gagcgaggcg tgcaacttca ctgctaatcc     39840
     caacaagtgc aggaagaaac gccgcaaggg ggctaaaaga gaggtcaaag ccctgcagac     39900
     tcctgccaga ccttctgtct taaagcccat aaagggaaaa ctaccaaagc ttcccagtga     39960
     ctctggagac ttcatccttc cggccgctcg cttcaagccc ctgccgccag tgaaaatacc     40020
     acagatgtgt gctgtggaag gatctgagca agagtttgtc ctgcctgggt gtccttttaa     40080
     tgtggaccct cccaaactgc tggctgttcc tccacgtcct gttcttgaac cagataagct     40140
     gttcctcaca gtgtgtccta ttcctcgccc tcatgctcct ctgagatcag tgtgttctct     40200
     cagctcactg cagtctcagt cttcaggttc tgcctggtct gtatctgctt cagagctcat     40260
     gttttctgat actgaggatg aggaaagtga gtttggggag accatccaga tcttcctgga     40320
     gcctgaaaga tgccaaagac agatgattgc cagggaagag gaggaggagg aggaggagga     40380
     ggtgctggat gatgaatcat ggacgagtga agtgtttgag tttgaggacc tcagtgaagc     40440
     tggacactct gaggctgaac atgatatggc ctctctgttc tgcgtgtctc ctgctgatgg     40500
     tgctgagagc aagctcagtg agaacgtccc ggagcagcca aagaccaaaa gaaaagtgca     40560
     gatgaatctg ttcacctggg cagagaggaa ggtgaaggga atgtggagag gaatctccag     40620
     aaggagaggg agaggagaga aagagagctg ctgcaccagc gttacagaaa tgatcctaaa     40680
     ctgaagcacc tgtggatcaa caaacacaac cacaacaaca gatggtgctg atgctgatca     40740
     tcgtccctcc ccataatatc ccactcaccc tttacccact gcacaatcct gcctgtaaat     40800
     aaacatgtgc aatggctgaa agatctgtgc ctcttcttgt gttttatata atataagata     40860
     aaaacataat ataaagaaca tgttcagcat acacaggatt attttaatct ttactaaatc     40920
     actgtattta ctctgtgaaa gacgctaaaa ccatgtaact gctaacgtta actcagatac     40980
     cccacaaaca gcggctagta ccataacgca agtcagcgtt tcgcgagggt gacgtcaatt     41040
     gtcaaaggca gatagaatga cgatggtgaa gcaaaccaaa cagtctattt aatcatatat     41100
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt tttttttttt     41160
     tttttttatt tatttatttt tttttcctgt tgtaacttgt tgtttagggt aatttacatt     41220
     gtatgaatat ataagtttgc actgagcagt gagatgcact taatttcatc ccacatatat     41280
     ataaatgtac attgtatatg tgacaatata aggcactatt ctattcttta tttattaatt     41340
     ttcttttcgg ctttgtccct ttattaacca ggagtcgcca caggggaatg aaccaccaac     41400
     ttatacagca tatgttttac acagcggatg tatgtgcctg tgtcttttgc ttgtgctctc     41460
     tctctctttc tctctctctc tctctgtgtt aaaattctta ggacctccaa atgcagtttt     41520
     tcatttgtcc ctgaagacgt ctatcttcaa tactccttgt gacgtattca cctttgctgc     41580
     caatcaaaaa ggaagcccaa agtttaaagg gacgtgagca gggaatctca atttcttgct     41640
     tttcccttgc ttgtcctttt gctctgtgtg tgtgctgtgt gctattatgt tgatgtgact     41700
     ttagagtttg aattttgttc tcatttaagt tttggtatgc tgttaccgtt ttgtatgtac     41760
     ttattttaca atccctgatc attggttcca aattctcctg ggatttgaag aggtaagaca     41820
     tcacctcgct aggtacacct cgcaacacac agaaaactcc aaacatccca gtttagaagt     41880
     gagcaccact cactgtaaat tttctacgta tatttttgtc agaagtgtag tttagatatg     41940
     gcgtgtaaat gctgaagttg ttttgtaggt ttattttcta ttaggtagtt tagacggtaa     42000
     ttttcagcta gtttgaggtt tttattatat tgcttccttt tatttgccgc cacttaaaag     42060
     tctttttttc cctttagtaa catagattaa ttaatttatt ttcatttgtg agattccaac     42120
     ttgtacaata ttttttgctg tttgatttcc ttttactttt gtaaataaat tcacttattt     42180
     ttccattatt tggttgttgt tttgctattt tgccaccaac acactacaaa ctgagtcaca     42240
     tcaaaatgtt acctctttaa cccctggagc ttaaagggga actttaaagc tgtaacagag     42300
     tgaataaaca ttcctgatat taaagttttc ttgttaagta ttaaaaaaaa atgggtttcc     42360
     attcactgcg gtttaagact tgctttttaa ggggaggagc tagttatagt aaggggaaaa     42420
     atgcaaaact tgcttcagaa acagtaaaca ctgatgcaga ttaggttaca cagtacatca     42480
     tcctgaaaat gacacccttt gtttttattt tgagtttttc acttgcaggt atgtattgga     42540
     ttctagacag tttcaccagt aatattataa tatagtcata ttattattgg ttacatttta     42600
     ttatatcttt ttgtttaaag agattttgta ttatctgttt cctccaggtg atgttttagg     42660
     aaatgtcatc ataccggtcc actctgaagt atataaaaca gaaaaggaaa ctatatctct     42720
     gtcctgcaac tactcttcag catcgagtct ctactggtat cgtcaatatc ctaaatcaac     42780
     acctgaattt ctttttgtca ttctacatgc tacagggaaa gttttacaga aatctgatat     42840
     tgtggatcaa gatcctcgat tctctggaaa attgaatgag gagaaaaccc acacgagcct     42900
     taatatctcc tctgctaaag tgacagactc tgcgatgtat ttctgtgcca tggagcccac     42960
     agtgacagga aacacaaaaa cacagcacaa aaatgaaggc tgcacaacag attgttgtag     43020
     tgtcaatatt acaaaagtgc aaatctgcaa tagtcgcatc actggatctt caatttcaaa     43080
     ttgggattat aataaccaga aaacacagtt caacaaacga tttgtggagt ggttgcaaag     43140
     tttaccttta attttataat atgaaagact tttaattgga tttgtttttt aaggccttat     43200
     gaccgtaata tgtcaagtca atttaaacaa tttgggcaca agaaatatta aagttagcca     43260
     ctttaacaaa gattaattgt gtttgtttac ttaatataac agaataaagc ccatgtagtg     43320
     ttatttaaca tttgatgata gaatttctaa actttaatac tggccaaaaa ccaaagcatt     43380
     aaagatttca ttttatcttt gttatgttgt ttcatctgtg ctttaaataa ttttattttg     43440
     catagtttat gcagatgcac acagatacaa atcattcaaa tcaataaaaa aataggaatt     43500
     ctttacaaat tgagtcatct tgctaaatta ttttcatatc gcaatatata ttaaaaatat     43560
     gtgcctatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     43620
     atatatatat atatatagca gaaaagctaa atatcgcaat gtcatttttt tcaatattgt     43680
     gcagccctaa caatgtctgt agaggcacat attcagctgc atcgcagtca agacacatgt     43740
     ttaacacaga attgttcaaa atagtatgag caatagttac attggagcag acctgcttcc     43800
     cctttcaatg aaaaacaaat gtctttatcc agttaattta atctcatgaa cgtaccacca     43860
     caaaacacct tttattatta ttaatacatt actcttccct ctcatcagca tcggtcaaac     43920
     cctggtaaaa atgtaattca gccaaataat tcagatttac agattgtgat ttccagtttt     43980
     gtttaattac agtatatgtt gaagcagagg ataagattta aagcttagac tacttatgct     44040
     gaaaaaaaca tccacttgac attaaaacaa tcaacacata ctgggctttg gtgatgtttc     44100
     aaaagaaaaa agtttttatt ttgcctaaaa tcccaattta acccaattaa gaaaaaaatt     44160
     aaaattaatg taacaaaagt ggatgtgtag attcccttaa gtgagattgt gttgccattt     44220
     gctgggctag taagacagaa accattacct gtcatgtcaa gttatgtcca gaaaccgtgc     44280
     atgctgaaag gtcagctaat ctgcttctac atccttaact acattgtgca caagattgga     44340
     tgcaaataat attaagctat caataacctt tggccgtcta agaaacaaca tcagaggttc     44400
     taatgtctgt aaatttcttt attcctcaag cctctgtggt tttggtcaca cacagtatag     44460
     caagatgtta agaggaggag cttaacacag cctgtaaaca tcaccaggtt cagtcagtaa     44520
     tcttcaaaca tcactgagga aagcagcttc tcttcatcat gttcgcttgt gtccttattt     44580
     tgctgatttt aattgaaggt aattttattt gtatatcctt gcgccaaaat atcctaattt     44640
     taaatatgct taacctcaca cttctttatg taggtaaccg tgctaaagat gcgatcactc     44700
     catataggga tgcagttttt gccagtgaga gtgagagagt gaaactctcc tgtaactaca     44760
     ctggttctgt tgatagtctt cactggtatc gacagtatcc cggttcacca ccacacttcc     44820
     tcatactgga ttactctgga tttgttactc atgctaatcc tccgtttgat ggaatctcca     44880
     ttaaacacag aaaagacaac agcagtgtgg atctggagat ttcctctgct gcagtatcag     44940
     actctgctgt gtattactgt gctctgaggc ccacagtgac aggaaaacac ttcacatcat     45000
     acaaaaatct aaaagatact cacatttcta gtattgtgaa ggaatatatg tattagagta     45060
     tattatgttg ttctcaaatt attattcaat aatgagcttt gtattaaaat acatcaatgt     45120
     tgctcatcaa cattctaatg ttgcagtctt gggagtttaa atttaaattg ttggatattt     45180
     taaaaagaat acatagtaat ggaagatctg aaacaaatta gcatgctttt cattcacaaa     45240
     acaatatagt gaacatattt ctaaaatgca caacaagttg tgataaaaaa gttaccccat     45300
     tatcacataa tcctgtccac tttttagttg caggttttat tttgtataaa tacagtccct     45360
     cctgaaagtt ttatgctttt tacaaatatt tctcaagtgc tgtttaaaaa aaaaaactct     45420
     ttaaaagtat ttttttcctt tgccataatg atagaagata atttaattag ttattttgaa     45480
     agatacagta ttaagtttta agtgtattta taggcttaat taggctaatg gtcaagttag     45540
     gttatcaaag aactatttct taacagagtc aataatatcg accttaaaat tatatattaa     45600
     aaaaaaactt aaaaataata agaattaaga aataagactt tctcttgttg aagaaaatga     45660
     tagaaggaaa tgctatgtga aaaatgttgt actttaagca tcactaaaga aatatttgga     45720
     aaagaaggaa taataattta gccttctgta catgtatcaa tttagtgatg catgtttgtc     45780
     atcttccact agagggcgag gttacaacag aataaatgca tactgtttga aatgggtgaa     45840
     tgactttcaa aatgctgtta atttccctgc acagagcaaa cagagggcag aataatcaaa     45900
     gttatccaac atgcaatgaa aaaacagtaa ctatgagcta taacaggtaa agaggaaatc     45960
     atatatatac acttatattc acaataagtt aaattaagtg aacgatgttg ctctttgctc     46020
     ttggtgcggt tccctttcac actgcaaagt tttataatcg gaccaaaaga gctacaacaa     46080
     gtcatgtgtg agtaaacttt cctcacatag gtcagagtgt cagggtttat ttactgagag     46140
     tcccgctcag ctgtcaggag aggtggtggt ttggtggtgt ttgacaaggt gcgcgcgacg     46200
     tgtctgaaga gagaggagag atgtggtggg gaggggtgcg gaagggcgcg tgacgtagct     46260
     tatttgagga ccgggaggga gacgcaagat taccgggaga ttatcactcg tttgtgggca     46320
     tccagagact cgcaaaactt tctgccctac tcataattct ctcttcatat agctgtaagc     46380
     ctattacata tccattaaac actgtgatat aactgcgctc ggatcagatc gctttctcac     46440
     tgcaatcgat tcgctccaga gttcgtttca atcgagccga gaccacctca ttcaagcgat     46500
     cggagcaatt gatttggcgc gaatccgaga gcgattggtg gtttcacata cgccaaacga     46560
     tccgccctaa ctgggcaaac gagacaggct ccgaaacaaa agtgtaggtg tgaaagcacc     46620
     ctcagttaag gatatagcta ccgggtggaa tttcaggatg cacctaaaat gctccataat     46680
     ctaaaatgat cataatcttg atccacaatt ccgatttgtt gcctatatct gatttgtttg     46740
     cctgtctgtt tacacgttgt tttaaatgtg acccatatcc aattcatgcg tttacacttg     46800
     ccataaaatt tacgatgttg cgcatgcata aaggcaagtt ttagcatctg tgccatgatg     46860
     atatatataa tccattaata aataatattg ttttgtttgt gctaaacatt gcgaccatcc     46920
     acataaaata ttcttattgt tttgttgctg tcgtaccatg gatattttct caaattgtca     46980
     ttaaatgtgg agctaacaaa ttactaggta aaataagaat ttaatcggtt gtcatcagtt     47040
     aaacaagctg agtccttgcc agaagcggcc cagactctac acacagactc gggccagata     47100
     tggttaacag gaatcatcac aaatgcttgt gcgcgagcga gctgcgggcc atactcggcc     47160
     gagtcggagc cagaggtgcc gaagggcagc cgagctcagg cctattacta cctgctatct     47220
     gggactagcc acgatggaag aaattgtctt gtttttagct gtgtgaaata tgcgaagtgt     47280
     tatataagca gtgaatggtt cagtccagat ttacccctac acagtttatg taatagtatg     47340
     gccctgatgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     47400
     gtgtagttga agatgtagct tgagaataaa gttgttctat gtgtagcctc agtgcgtgta     47460
     ttaatagcga caaaaagcaa aagctacaat acaaagttcg cccaacttta aaatgatttt     47520
     gaggaggagg tgggaaaggg ccgtcattgc agcttgtgct tatggtttat atgctgtatg     47580
     aagtcctcca ccattcagag gaatttgtgg gtacgagaga ggtctcaggt ctggtgggat     47640
     caaattgtgg cgactgacca ctttcctcct ctgtttcctc tgatattgct taccgattca     47700
     gcatccccac acacgctctt ctttctgtca ttaaaccgtg aagcgccaca ttgtcgcaag     47760
     tttaatgatg tacagaacaa aatgccttaa taaatctctg atctgcctat ttacatgaca     47820
     gtcgcattgt tacatatcag atctatatct gatttatttt catatgaagg aggcctgaaa     47880
     ctgttctctg aatatccaaa tgcaagtttt tttttttttt ttcgagttta aacagccata     47940
     gaacagatct gatctgtctc acacatgagc aaaaaatcag aattgggtca caattaactg     48000
     gcagtggaaa tggtgccttc agtatgtcaa cttgtgaaca gcacaatatt ttgtcgtcaa     48060
     gctgtaattg atggtcaagg gcatatggca acttattaac ttttgttgtt gatgaggaaa     48120
     tcaccattcc atgcttctgc ttaaatgctc aatcatgatt tattatcact gtagcatgac     48180
     atttttacat gttcaaggca tcttagccaa agccaaatat ccctaacttt ttgtgagtag     48240
     tgtatatgtg aaaaaacaga aggtggtcta aacatcagga accacaccca cattaacaag     48300
     cattagaagt gcacagatga ttctccactg cattcagatg tttacagttc aacctagaac     48360
     cataagatat atatagacag gcttagttta ttcatgaatt tcacatcatg gagagatgct     48420
     ttttactgat tctgataaca atacaaggta aattttcact atgttaacat acaatacatt     48480
     tataattaac agatattaat cttcagaaca tagattattt tataatactg ttgtcacaaa     48540
     aaaggattta agtcaagttt acaagatatt ttcttccagg tgtgtttgct gacagcatta     48600
     aaccaaaagg caaagataaa ataatcagaa gcgaaggaga gtctgtgaca ctgagctgcg     48660
     aatatgaaac aagcagcaat aatgtaatgc tatactggta cagacaatat actaacagag     48720
     aacctcagtt tttgctgcgt aaaggagctc gatcaaggaa tggacttgat gacataccag     48780
     accgtcagtt tgattcgact tcatcccaaa cctccactga actcactaat actggtgtaa     48840
     gcctgtcgga ttcagctctc tattattgtg caataagagt tggagcccag tgatacaaag     48900
     tgcctgtgaa gctttacaaa aactcacaca caccattatt gctttgaaca gtatttaatc     48960
     aactaaaaaa tcaacccaca gctgtacttt atgtgagcca caaaacctct gaataacagg     49020
     atagaggaac acctgctaaa atgtaaatta atgaaaagac tcatgaaatt aaagcaaaaa     49080
     agctgaaaat gtgacttaaa atgttcatgt tattgattta tttcttggaa atctgacctt     49140
     cagaagtaat tacttgtcaa tgaaagtcaa atatactgta tatgcacgtt ctttctactg     49200
     tagtaccaca gttgaattta aacttaaagg gtcacgaaac accaaaacac attttttgag     49260
     ctgttgacag tcgtatatgt gtcccacact gcaaaaaaca ctattaggac acctatattt     49320
     cactaaaaag tgtaaattgg ttgtttttgc gttatttcaa gcaaattcgt acttcctgtt     49380
     tgaaatgaat ttttgaagct gcgtcacggt catgacaaaa tagcgttgta ttccagcgtg     49440
     cagactggac gtctgtgcca gtgtgtgtct tattacgtct tacagtgtga tgcattaatg     49500
     tatgagtaag gcttggttca aaccaatcag cgcgctctat tgtgcaactt cattactcat     49560
     tcattactgt caacagtgtt tagacagcag agatgccacg ttgtgttggc aaaacaagca     49620
     tgaagtgttg cttttatagt ttgctgcagt taagtttcgt tttcattttc tctctgtaag     49680
     agctcagact cacgcaatgg attaacagtg tacgcgacgc tcgacaacaa taacttgcgt     49740
     gtctaaggag gaacattgtt tacctgagag ctgttttcat ctgcaaacgc tgagatccgg     49800
     attcgcttta gtctcctctt aataaagatg cggctcttgt tgctggtgat tgtcctgtct     49860
     ctacagattt ggtaagtgag cgagcagtgc tctttattta ttcagtttgt tcgtatcgaa     49920
     caaactattg caccgagtgt aaacatgtta gcaccaaaac caaactttaa cctcgtgtag     49980
     ggtttttacc gcatttagtg accggaataa caaacgcggc tttctgatgc tacctgccgt     50040
     gtgctactaa gtttccggga aatgcggagg gtttttttct ctcattcgcc gtgcggtatc     50100
     aaacattgca tgaaaaatac acgcttagag cagttcctcg aatcaaatat cttgtttgtc     50160
     gcaagggaga tgactgaatt ccctgaatga aagagccaaa ctgcagttaa agtccaccat     50220
     ttaataattt ggcaaataat tcgactacag atgtccatgt aggttaaaca ctatcatttt     50280
     tctcctgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtattttgat tatgaaactc gcgcgtgccc aaatagatac     50340
     tcccacacca tcccactttt cttcctccga cactcccccc taaacagagc tggacatgcc     50400
     cacttttctg actttttcca aagtagaggt gtgaaaacac cctgctgaaa cgagggggtt     50460
     tcatggccct ttaagtacta aatgaagtgg ctgctagata ttggaaaaat ctaacattga     50520
     aatattttgt atttctgcga tatatattgt gatatactgc atctgtacaa ttccagcaaa     50580
     agattgaatg gcactattta caaattttat tttaaggttc gattcttgct cttagcaaac     50640
     tattatgact tttgcttcag taaactccta atttgctcct tatttataga tattaaaggt     50700
     gctgtatgca agtttttgac tcttctaaag cataaaaata tcatatgttt gcagatattt     50760
     aagaaacatg ccaagtgaac attcttgttt atctgaaaaa caatgctgaa acaagcggca     50820
     acctcccgct ctccctcagg aagccaagcc tctttgtgtt ccttcttgac ttgaagtgtt     50880
     tacttgctga gtcacttcac tatagctacg tttctatcca aaaatgcgaa tgaacttgtg     50940
     tgaataaagc agcgtttcca tccaacgaac aaaatggtca cttcctgatt aactggcacc     51000
     aaatattaac agtaaaaact gaatttgctg cagtaggaga agctgcgtca atcttctctt     51060
     cattcaactg cacgaaaata tcagaattcg taacatactt tcaatattac ctttgcttaa     51120
     aaagacccga tctaatcctg tttgatgtat atggaataag cctgctctag agcaggtttg     51180
     agctaccaga actgttgcta tgacaacaac tctcggatga gttttaaaga acgaaacaat     51240
     cctggatcga gacaaatcgt ctataaccaa atccagctaa ttgagtaaat ctacgtacaa     51300
     agaacggacc cctgatctta acccgatgga taacgaagtg cagaacacag caaaccaact     51360
     ggtcgggccg ctgctgacag acgaaccaag gaagcccaac agccagccat tggcttggtg     51420
     tgtcccggcc tttaagcttc tttgacaatc tacagtgtaa aggctataga actaaagatg     51480
     acttgaaatg tactgtaaaa gactggtcca gtgaaacata ttttctcctt tgtcttataa     51540
     aatgagctaa tggtctgtga ggtgtgcttt tttaaaaagt agtcctgttt tgcttgcaaa     51600
     atgccattta ggtgtattta ttatccatgt taggcattaa ttaatcaaaa cgtgtatcag     51660
     tggttgaaaa gagggtggtg ccaaaaggtg gagcttaaga ttcctgtgaa aaactagttc     51720
     actgatcagc ctcacagatc actgaaacta gaagcagcta cagtaccatc atgttccctt     51780
     gtatcgtcat actgctgact ttaactgaag gtaaactttt acatgcatta tgatatctct     51840
     ttatctgctt ttaaacatgc taaataagct tttgttatag gtaaccttgc taaagatgtg     51900
     atcacaccat acaatgatga aatttttgcc agcgagactg agagtgtgaa attctcctgt     51960
     aactacactg gttctgttga cggtcttcac tggtatcggc agtatccaga ttcaccacca     52020
     cactttctca tactggatta ttatgggtca attactcatg cgaatccacc tattgctgga     52080
     atctccatta aacacagaaa agacaacagc agtgtggatc tggagatctc ctctgctgca     52140
     gtgtcagact ctgctgtgta ttactgtgct ctgcagccca cagtgacagg aaaacatttc     52200
     acatcataca aaaacctgac tgacaagaca cagaaagtat cagtgtgatt ctgatgttac     52260
     attcaaatca ttctgataaa agtgtgtgta tgtacagtat catttctttt caatgaatga     52320
     ttgtgattat ttaaataaat ttaaacagaa tgttaaagtg tattctcgga tacatcatac     52380
     tgtttgaaat aaaatctaga caagtcaaca attaacttca tcttttttca gattcacaaa     52440
     tgttgaaatt ttcttaagtt tatgcattgg attatggata gttgtctaaa aaaaaaaagt     52500
     cactagaggg cgctgtacac aaaacattta agagaggaat tccaactgcc tgtgtgaaat     52560
     tcacatctgc aatgaaaaac atcaatgcaa tatactctgg gtgaaataaa accatccaga     52620
     tctgttttcc ataatgtgaa atttgctgaa atcatataat ttgtggcaga tgtttaagag     52680
     cctaaactga tttttactct gaaatgaact tgatcaatta gctataaaaa aagaatcagc     52740
     aaccaatgtg actctagatt ctacaaagct acagttaaaa actttctata cttccacatc     52800
     cgcttgttaa gtgtgatgtc acacaaagcg acttccaggt ccaagcacta tacataccaa     52860
     actgtatggg aagactcatc aaatgtgata acaaacattt acaaagagat gcattacttt     52920
     cgaaaatcac aattgcaaca tatatatcca tacccaatat ctgatggaaa gtgatacatt     52980
     attttacaaa ttgtaaaaat attggtgtct gtgatgcagc aagcccagaa acttgagatg     53040
     tgtacactat gatttatatt aaattcactt taatgtgtga taagactaaa atgtggtcat     53100
     aaataaatat tttctcaatt taaaccagta gtggctggga cccggaaaca gtattccata     53160
     catcacgact taacaaatgg atagtagcat taaagttaca acaaaagtca cacttgctgg     53220
     aatgcttgat ttgtagtgga agatgcttat tcaacagcaa ataataaata ttgttaaatt     53280
     ggaaatccct tctgccaacc ggtctctgtt gaaagatgta atgttttttt tttttacatt     53340
     tagaaaaaat taaatactca attagagact ctgttgactc ttttctctat attaaagagc     53400
     catgaaaccc cctctttcag ttcaagtcta ctccagaact aaaaaaaaaa aaaacttcat     53460
     aatggccgtg gagcgttgtg agcagaggga gaagtggccg ggaaaaaaga gagaagcgaa     53520
     caactgttgt cagttggctc acaaaatagg aaccgtgaga cccatgactt tatagcttac     53580
     aaaagtttaa atgcaaagaa atagatagta agtaatttag tgtcctgcta catttgttat     53640
     tcgtaatttc acatacaaat gactacaatt tgttatatca tttaaaagat aatcgtgttt     53700
     atgcaaacat tataaatgag gaggacttct cccctcctaa ttccctgggc ctgaatgcag     53760
     acacagtgga tagcagtgga acaggtctct tgccctgtct actcaaccat taaccctgcc     53820
     ggtaatccag agaatttaag aacacggctg cactgcaatg tgtctgaatg gtaatgaact     53880
     caactgataa aagacaaagt ccgcccttct ccaattcttg tacagctctc ctgacaaaaa     53940
     aaatgcttgc tgcaaactaa cagctttgct gtatctgtcc tgactgcata gtgaggaaaa     54000
     acatgcaact aactctgtgc atcatggaaa caaacacata caacccatag agcgtcgaca     54060
     cggtatcacc cagtcattgg gcttcacagc ttggcaggtc tgtcttgcct ttggaaagca     54120
     catgctctca tgaatataaa gcggaggata agacaactct gctatgaata ataatgagaa     54180
     actgacacgt catcactcca ctagtgaatg cgcgctgtca ctgattttaa tcatacccca     54240
     aaaattcttt taaacccgga agatgaaatt agctgacaaa agctcaaaat tatctagttt     54300
     accctataat ccgcttgtta agtggtgaag tgtttgtgac gtatgtagta ctgtttccag     54360
     gtccaagcca ccagtcattt gagtgaagaa ataatttgtt tatgattacg ttttattcct     54420
     atcacacaat aaagttaatt ttatataaag tcatggtgta cacaacaatc tctgggcttg     54480
     ctgcataaca aataaccaga atattaacaa tttataaaaa aattaatcac tttctggcca     54540
     ttggatatta agcatggaca aatatattgc gatcgtgact ttcgaaagta ttaaattgct     54600
     ttgtaaacgt ttatcattac catttcttga gtctcccatt acagttgaat ggagcgcttg     54660
     gacccggaag ccgctccgcg tgacatcaca cttaacaagc ggattaaagc taacaggtgc     54720
     caacgttgtc ttaattgatg ctctacacaa acaaaactga taattttttt tttaagtacc     54780
     ccagggtgtc ttgaaccttt aagactttgc cttccatgta gatcccgcct ctttcttttt     54840
     tttctatgtg gggtaataag ggtgatgtct tgattattta tttaattata gtaaattatc     54900
     actttgattg tttaaaaaca cagattgtac tatttttcac gccatgtact gctatctaca     54960
     aatctgctta ataatgaaaa ataaatgtta aaaataagca aaaataaagt tgatatttat     55020
     acacccaagg aacaattgtc agatttgaat aagtagatgt tcagtaaaga tgatctaaat     55080
     aaaccacacc cacattacag catcacaacg gttttaactt cagtttataa agccggttag     55140
     taaactgttt caagatggag ggatgctttc tattgattct catatcagca tcaggtatat     55200
     catatttatt ctacatagac tcatcattta atttgcatta aaatgtttcg accatgctca     55260
     tattttctaa tattatgata tttaatattg taagtaacat tcattaagtt tcagtaaatg     55320
     ttattgtcag cttgtgaaac ttgtccaatc ctcttgcagg tgttttgtct gacagcattc     55380
     aaccaacaga caagaaaact aatactgaca caaaagaaga agagcatgta acactgagct     55440
     gctcatatga tacaaggagc gagtatgtct atctctactg gtacagacaa tatcctaata     55500
     gagaaccaga atatttactg cgtaaaggtg cccgttcgtg gagcagttac aataatatgc     55560
     cagatcctca gtttcaggcg acttcatccc aaacctccac tgaactcact attactgctg     55620
     taactctgtc agattcagct ctctattatt gtgctctaag agttgaagcc cagtgataca     55680
     aaatgcatga aaggctttac aaaaactcat tcagaaaaaa tgctttgaac aacaaatatc     55740
     aaaccacagt gtcttcataa accacacagc atcaaattgc aagatatggt aacacctgct     55800
     ggatatatac agttgcattt tacctcaaac tagaggtaaa attaggtaat tttagtggta     55860
     agaagcttta tactgtatat tagtagcaca actctgatta ttaacagtat aaatattgag     55920
     tggcatattg tacgctttaa aaacaatgaa cagctgttat ttgctctccc aatgcaaata     55980
     gtactatatg ccacagtctg tgtttctata caaatcaact aagtgaatgt tttagtactt     56040
     cacttgaaca attattcctg actaaataag ctatatataa ttaaaaaaaa tccacatgat     56100
     tatttttatt tttatgcata gcataatgat tcacttcaag acatatcagc caataatcac     56160
     gacccaccaa ttatttacta ttgcagtttt tactgcatta ccacagtatt gtgatgaagt     56220
     aaaatggtga gataaatact caggttaggg ctgtagtcaa caaaagtcca aaaagttgag     56280
     tccaagaaaa gtccaaatag gtctcatttc aagtcttagt ggatagtaca attcattgat     56340
     tattattatt tgtaacaata aaaaatgatg agcagagtaa caatatgcag gataaaatgg     56400
     ggcaatttat ttatggtata tcaattttac tatttgcata aacttttaca aagaaagaaa     56460
     gatagaaata ttataaaagt gtgtcacctt ttggttgatc atcataactt tatgagtttt     56520
     aatcttctgt taaacaaaat attatgctga aaacctgtaa caactgactt ttacagtatt     56580
     tgtttttcta tggaagtcaa tgcttacagg ttttcagctt tctttaaaat atattcttta     56640
     gtgttcaaca gaagaaagaa actcaaaggc ttggaaccat ttgaagttga ataaatggtg     56700
     agtgaaattc caatattgat ctctttacct tatgattaca gtatgacagt acagtagcag     56760
     tgttgctaac atctcaccag tccagaccaa ggtttgtgag aaacagaaaa aaaatttaac     56820
     tctgtcctgt aaatactttt cagccaatat cctggttatt ggcaaaacca atatttgatt     56880
     ttcagataaa gtgaatgtag agaacaccta tgtgtatctg gagatctccc cctgttaaag     56940
     tgacagactc tgctctttac aactgtgcca tggagcccgc actgactaga aacagaacaa     57000
     caccgtatta aaatacattt aaaatatgct gtctgcaagt caaaggaagt caacagtgtg     57060
     gaaataagtg ctctatatac cacacccaca tttacacaca ttcaaattgc acaaaggact     57120
     ctccactgca ctcatacatg tatgctttaa cttcatttca taaactacag gataacaata     57180
     atacatttgt tatcatggaa agaagcattt tactgatttt tctaacaata ccaggtaaaa     57240
     caaacttcaa aattcctgca ctaaactaaa atatattgag gattcaaagt gttcattact     57300
     gtaagttcaa atttagtcaa taaaattcaa gttagaatcc tggcatcgta tattattcac     57360
     agcactgaat ttacatgggc agcagtttaa ttctccttat attgaatata atttattctt     57420
     ttgcaggtgt gtttgctgac agccttcaac caaaggacaa ggacaaaata atcagcgaag     57480
     gacagtctgt gacactgagc tgcacatatg atacaagcag cagttatgtt tatctctatt     57540
     ggtacaaaca taacataaag ggagaaccta aattcgtact gtgtaaaggt gcccgatccc     57600
     gaagtgatag acagtatata ccaaaccgtc agtttgattc aattacatcc caaacctcca     57660
     ctgacctcat tattaaaagt gtaacactgt cagattcagc tctctattat tgtgctctat     57720
     tagttgaagc ccagtgatac aaaatgcctg agaggattta caaaaactca cacaaaataa     57780
     gtgctttgat gccattttta atcagctaaa aatcaaacca cagttgtaat ttgcaagcca     57840
     caaaacctct gaataacagg atacaataac acctgctaca aaagaactgt aattaatgaa     57900
     attaggcata attcaaaatt aatatttatt aacatgaaaa aacaactatt ggtattggta     57960
     attcataaag ttcaaatgtc actccatctt ttggatgagg tcctgactcc ctgtggtcag     58020
     taaaaatccc atggcacatc ttgtaaagag taggggtgta atcccggagt cctggccaaa     58080
     tttcctccat aggcctttag atatcatgac cttccaaacc atccccattc accaaattgg     58140
     ctgtatcaca gtctctccac tccctaaata gctggtgtgt ggtgagcgca ctagtgccgt     58200
     tgtgctgcgg ctgccgtcgc atcatccaag tgattgtaaa gcactttgtg cgtatggcca     58260
     tacacagtaa atgtgctata taaatacaaa ttacattaca taatcctaca acacagtact     58320
     ggaaaacacc catacacgct tattcacaca catccattat ggccaattta ctttatacaa     58380
     atcatctata ccacctgagg aggaaactca cgtgaacatg cggagaacat aaaaactcca     58440
     caaaaaaacg ccaactgaca cagccaggcc tgggactcga tgcagcgatc ttcttgccct     58500
     gaggcaacag tgctaatcac tgagctaccg tgtcgcccta aaagtgtaat tttcatttta     58560
     aatgttttaa tttcaagaga tggcgattaa ctgtaccctt atactttgaa atacatatta     58620
     aaaataaatt aaattaaaat cattataata ataaagttta ttgatgaata aaaacaacta     58680
     aacatttaag gatcttttaa taaatgtctt gaaagaacat cacatatggg cttttcatac     58740
     agtacaacag tagaacatta taaatgtatg ctttaaaaaa acatcctact tccatgacgt     58800
     ctgacgccac ctgcatgaaa tcatattaag agtctgctca cggatgtaat gctgctgaca     58860
     aagagacaac atcacttgta ccagcattta aactcagttt atgacattca aagatcacca     58920
     tctgaagaaa ccctgaacat tcacactcat ctgatcatgg aaagagtctg tcaacaaatc     58980
     gagatatatc tactgctgat tattctcatt gcatcaggta caatcaacaa ttccaataca     59040
     ttagcataat tgttttgttc tttcaatata aatatccaca acttaacaat tgaaaacata     59100
     tcttattaat cattttcatc caggtgcaat gtgtcaagat cagattggac caagcagaac     59160
     cggtgtcacg agtacagaag gagattcggt caatctggag tgttcatacg actcaagcat     59220
     caacaatgtt tttctatatt ggtacagaaa atactctaat gcacagccac aatttatact     59280
     tctgaaaggc ggccgatcac agacatatga gaacatacca gaccgggcta aatttggatc     59340
     agctacgtcc cagaaatcta ctacactgac cattaaaagt gtgactgtgt cagattcagc     59400
     tctctattat tgtgctctaa gagtaggagc ccagtgatac aaagtatatg agaggcttta     59460
     caaaaactta caggggtaaa tctttatttg aagaggatgt tatcaaataa taagaagccg     59520
     catctgtgtt tttataaacc accatagtgt taaactgcag aaaacgacaa cacctgcagg     59580
     aagcaaataa acagttgcat gtacactaca gcaaatgaaa tctggaatac aataatgatg     59640
     atcaactgag aagctccaaa gtaatgtaaa aaagggaaaa acattatttg gatttaaagc     59700
     acattattaa accatctttt gccaaatgca tttgactgtt ccagtatcca tatctgtggg     59760
     tttccttttt tttttttttt acaatatttt ttattttaaa tacataaaaa aatgaagcta     59820
     tattagttca ttaagttaaa tctgttctaa ccatttgatc tttttagctt gtgtactaca     59880
     ctgtaaaaaa ttctgggttc cacacaattc ccttatgtcg tccctaacac aaacatttat     59940
     aaaattaagt tgattgttca taaaactaaa taattatgct gcttcagttc atttgaaata     60000
     agcagtttaa acaaacagca aaaatatttt ttgagtgtat agggctgcac aaattttgaa     60060
     aaaattaaca ttgcaatatt ttgttattct gtgattatag ataaatacag tttcaccaga     60120
     tgacttgaat atctctattt ggaaagagtt ttacagtttt aaattgattg agatgattct     60180
     gtagggcaat acatccccat aaaataaaaa gatttttatg gttttccgat gagtctcaac     60240
     agtaagtagg tacaataact gaataatcaa aggcaaacta ttgcgtagtc ttccttttat     60300
     aaaagaaata caacaaaatt aattcctatt aaagttacaa acggcacaat ttcttaggcc     60360
     tgaatgagtt taaaaccctc acacagtcac aggcctcaaa acacatgcaa atgataaatt     60420
     ataatccaga ctctacagac agcagatcct gagatgtgac tatgagcaat gatcacacgt     60480
     tgatattgat gctgcaaaga tatattgtgc agcccgatgg tgtacttact aaaccatttt     60540
     ccccaaatgt ttagaagaat ctttaaaaag aggtcatttc aggggtcatt ttattagtaa     60600
     agtttatata ttaccagtgc agttcagatt agctaaatgc aaatataatt tcctaacaaa     60660
     tccaatgtat agtttttttt cagtgtgtgt ttttaaataa atcaattcag tgaatgattg     60720
     attctgtgac tctttcataa aaacagttgg ttgcttgatt cctgaatgaa tgtgtttttt     60780
     gaatgattcg aaaaaacatt taggacaaat cagttgaatt acactattca ctttaacgtc     60840
     atactactgg ttctgtgttt ggactgatta tcatgtggca acagaccatt cttcatgaca     60900
     agccaatcag aaactatcag tgatgcattt ataagaagct gactgaacga tctaaatatg     60960
     aactacacaa tttcttggta tgactactgt actcaagttg gagatgacat cacttctcat     61020
     cgctctcaca tttctggcag gtacaaatga ctgcttgctc agcatcaaac aaaacattta     61080
     gcattttcct gtattatttc cttgatttat ttcttcttgt tatcattatt attattaatt     61140
     ttttttttgt agaaatcact ttctgtgctc atattgcacc aaacacaaaa ttcgtcattg     61200
     gtagagaggg ggaatctgca actctctcat gcctgtatga atccagcagc tcccatgtgt     61260
     tgctcttctg gggcaggata ctcccaaaac aggcacctga gtttttactg ctcaagggtg     61320
     cacgatccga gacacaattt caaagcgtag atcctcgata cgattctgcc acttcaaaga     61380
     ccgccacttt tctgatcatt aacaatctaa cactggagga caaggcttcc tactactgtg     61440
     tgctagaaga acacagtgat gaaaattatt cataaggctg tacaaaaact cagtgttgaa     61500
     acctgtggtc ttatgaaccg caaaatactg tagtttcctt cctttcagta aataatattg     61560
     gtagtggtaa gagatgtggt tacacctggc aaatgaagat aataaaatga cagtgtgagg     61620
     caatatcact aactggctac ttcattgata ttcaaacatc ttcaaacaac gtcagactgt     61680
     tcaaactgct caaattgcat acaggctata agggggcgga gcttccacaa aggattatag     61740
     acctgtaact ttttttttat gttattgtgc tccgagtcaa atcacaatgt tgctgttttt     61800
     tgttatttgg atcctaatac atgcaggtgg gtgcattttc tttcagtaac tcctttccaa     61860
     tacagttaaa ttagctaaga ttagtaaaca ataagtaaca ataaaacatg cacctaaaga     61920
     aattataaaa cttttactca tgttaaaatc atagttttgt ccattaattt cttatagaac     61980
     taaaactaac tacttttaat agtaaaaact actacaacaa atacactgag aacgttgtta     62040
     actaaagaga cctggttaat attggttatt ttatgaacta atttaattat acactgtaaa     62100
     tcatttttaa attgagtaaa cctattgcct taaaagtgac aagttgtcat tacttaaagc     62160
     gagttaaccc attgtaacgt aaagcattta agttgaccta aataaatgtt tataattatg     62220
     cacaatttca tttaatttat tttatggcaa gttaatttca ttttcttttt aaagtcccct     62280
     aataacttta aaagcaacaa gtaagtttta ctcactaagt caactaattg ctttttacag     62340
     tttaaggaca ttgttgtaaa atattatggt taaatctact atatgtaatg agtccgctaa     62400
     acatttttag tgttaaatat tagttcatgg atcaactgaa gtctaaaact caaatgattt     62460
     tgctgtaaaa gtgcgttaaa ttctttaatc acaaactgtg catgatttta ctaaaaaatg     62520
     tgcttcacaa tgccacatga gtgctcaatg taatgaattt ctcttgcttt tcatttttaa     62580
     gatgtcactc atgcagatgc aattacccca gaccgcccta aagtgaatgt taatgagacc     62640
     gaaagcataa cgttatcctg tcaatattcc tcagcataca gtctccactg gtatcgacag     62700
     catgatgcat ccgctcctca gttcctcatg ctcatccaac aaagcactgg acaaatgata     62760
     cagcgttcag acgagaggat gtcaggaaaa ctcaacaaag agaaaaaccg tgtagatctg     62820
     caaatcttct cttccactat aaaagactct gcgctgtatt tctgtgctct gcagcccaca     62880
     gtgacaggaa atcaaatatt actgtacaaa aacctgccgg cttgagttta ttgtgctcat     62940
     gtgttgctct caaaatgtgg gaggagcttc aaacccctga aagatcaagt gctatcacag     63000
     actagtcatt atagcataat gctgctcacc acaactatcc tgctctgtgt tatcagcagt     63060
     gagtatatct caatattgct tttaaatcaa acataattat gccatttgtt tataaaaata     63120
     cacagagact tcctaaatga tgtactaaat tattttttat aatttataat ttataatttt     63180
     ttttattatt ttttattttt ttatattata ttaataaaaa taattatcat tattatcact     63240
     attttagaat tttaaatatt tttcatactt ttattgtatt tttattatat taaatattta     63300
     atattattac agatattatt attattatat tttattttta ttatatatta tattaaagtt     63360
     aaattagttg ttgtatgtca gagtctgtgt catctatcac cattttgttt ttcaggtgga     63420
     aagtctgata gtcccatcac atcagatcag actgaggtct ttcctaggga gaatgccaat     63480
     gtcactttgt cctgcagtta ctcatcagca atcagtctgc attggtaccg ccatttaccc     63540
     agatcagcac ctgaatttct tctattagtt ctgcaaacca ctggacgggt ccagcctgca     63600
     cagaatctgg atcctcggtt tgaggcaatg ctgaatgaaa agaaaaacaa agttcatctg     63660
     atcatctcct ctgtcaaagt gacagattca gcactgtatt actgtgctat ggagcccaca     63720
     gtgacaggaa acacaacaac actgtacaaa aacttgcttg tgcagaagaa aagggaaaaa     63780
     acacatcaca aatagttcct tttcacatat aaatgtttta aaaaatgtaa ggcaatgcat     63840
     aaaactttca aattgtatga ttttctaagc caaacaattt ctaatgatgt ggtatatctt     63900
     cataacaaac aaatccctat caccacactt acagtaatac atagcataag aaacaagaga     63960
     tgtcaaattc ctaataatac acagtagaaa aatgccacta taaaaaagct caaaagaaag     64020
     ctttgcttag ccatcataaa agcctagctt ttttgactat accaagatta atctgccctc     64080
     tagtggtcct ttacacacag cacattgacc agtataatga gtcaaaaata tttattttag     64140
     ggctcaatta catacaaagt aggcattgga cgataaccct tttcaaggta ccgtggtttg     64200
     gaaaaatcag gttttaaaac tgccaacatt tcctgctata ctgttcctgc tgtatacagt     64260
     atgaccgatt ttttacttaa caacagtatc tccagtgttt acagctccaa aatattttaa     64320
     atgcttttca aaatgaaata tattttgttt aaggggggga gtttttgctt ctaccctgac     64380
     atttaaaaat aatatatttt agagcagtaa tcacaatacc gtaaaacagt gatattttct     64440
     atccaaggtt atcataccat cagaatctta taccggcccg tgcctaatac aaagtgtata     64500
     tgcaaaatag attgccgtca tctaattaaa agttgattgt gtaaaaatta accagggaaa     64560
     tttctttttt attcttggtt gtgctttcac atacatatat acactagata tcgcataggg     64620
     accctgagca tgcgtcaata gcgccgccat atttgtgcag tgctcccagg acaagagtca     64680
     ttcaactgca ctagtcaaga cagtgttatt atgtgaagat gctggactgt ctacgggtgc     64740
     tctgtctacg ggtgctctgt ctacgagcaa acaaagaaaa caacgcacaa aggcagaaca     64800
     tttcataggt aagatttagt tttttatgtt tttgtatgtt atgaacttgt gctaaacagg     64860
     tcacgttatt gatgataata cagcacttac tgcattttcc ataaggcaaa gtagcaccaa     64920
     ctcgcactaa aacacacgct tatgctagtt ttgttgaata caatcagcaa acaatgcaaa     64980
     agaaacatga caacgagatt ctgtggtgcc agaaactggt tttattgtca gctagtgaac     65040
     gagtcgctca aaacagagat tcattcacaa acaagtcgct ccctcggtca gtatgagaag     65100
     tgaaagcagg agaagaggtg tgtttcagga catgattaga tcaaatttaa cagagttggg     65160
     ggatagtaca tttcaataca aacacaagct ttttgtcagg aacgcttgtg tgatcactta     65220
     tctatcaatg tagaaaagtg atgtaaaatt tttgtaaaaa aaagttttgg aattttaaaa     65280
     aaattgcata ctgacctcca ggaaaactca cgatcataga tatatgcgta tatgtgtaat     65340
     tatctggctc tggatggcca cagtcctcca ctgcagattg gtcccgcatt catttcaaag     65400
     gagcactacc ctgtactaaa atggcggctc taatgatgca ttattctaat agacaacaac     65460
     agtgtagatg acatctaatg tagacatcta tagtgctttc atttctgtgc tctataataa     65520
     gattaagaat cagccttcat acaaacagaa tacattagaa ggattacata tttgttttga     65580
     acctgaacaa gcaaactatt tttttattat tatttaggtt taaattctag ctgttaatag     65640
     tacataaaat gttaaacact aaagactata cttttttctg actctcatta cctacctaat     65700
     acagtatctc tataatacct ctgaatttaa aaaaaactga gttgttaaat gtagttattt     65760
     tgaacaattt caagatcatg aaaattcata cgcatgttgc tgcactttta cattacacca     65820
     gcagggagta cccaacattc aacctacaat ggaagctgaa tttgctgtgc aaaagaaaac     65880
     acaacattga acattcagaa gttgctgttc agttctctgc aatccatcat gagtcctcat     65940
     tccaccatca caagttggct gaaacaaatt cttattttat tttttctagg tgatgtacag     66000
     cacttttctt aacttggtgt ttcatttcaa tgttgtttgt aaatgtttgt ttaactaatg     66060
     ttttgtgttg tacagtagaa tgcagatgtg aagacgctgt acgtcagcca acagcttctg     66120
     tatctgcttt cacagaagaa accataacct tgagctgtga atattataca acagacgcaa     66180
     tgcctgctct gctgtggtac cggcaaacaa agaatttccc accacaatat attttagtaa     66240
     ggcacaattt gggaaatgga agtaattcca aagacttccc caacaacaga tatcagtccc     66300
     ggttggattc tgctgtggga caagttactc tgactgtacg aaaccttctt ctgtctgatt     66360
     cttctgttta cttctgtgct ttgaggccca ctgtgagcac aggatactaa ggattacaac     66420
     aaaaacctga acttcacaac acacatttag cctctctcac agaataaaca aaagacaata     66480
     gcaataattc actgatctaa tttttatgcc tttggaaaat tatcaatggc attttagtat     66540
     gttgaataat aaaggatttg catgcataat aaataaattt ggacattcag gggtcatttg     66600
     gtttggtccc cctgacaaaa atggtgcata aatcccacag aatgaagcat tttgaaaatg     66660
     tgaaaatgca gattgtttcc tgggaggttt ggatttaagg ggagatagac tgcaaagtat     66720
     taaaaaaaat tacatctatt ggaaatttaa aaaaataatg atagcagtat ttgtgaaaag     66780
     ttagatttac tttgaagtaa aaaaagtcta acattaccgt atggcaaaat taaggtaagt     66840
     gtcctgttgt cggaattatt tttgaatgta atatgtcaaa actattgtag tcatgtcatt     66900
     ttccatggat taaatgtaca gtacattctg gcatcttcac tttcattaat aattgcaata     66960
     agtgcagtaa taaaatgttt cagccaatca tgttggatac cacattggtt tgatgacatt     67020
     tcttcaacta aaatggggac aattaataat gtaaatgtgt gtaatttttc cttttacatg     67080
     catgcatccg tttagtgagt ttctgcttag tctgccactg cttattttat ttaaccaacc     67140
     aaaaaaaaag tcaaataaaa tgtatgtaac attaatgaca tgtaaaatta ttataaaaat     67200
     gtatgtactg tacagggggc gaggcagtgg cgcagtaggt agtgctgtca cctcacagca     67260
     agaaggtcgc tggttcgaac ctcggctcag ttggtgtttc tgtgaggagt ttgcatgttc     67320
     tccctgcctt cgcgtgggtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca tgcggtacag gtgaattagg     67380
     taggctaaat tgtctgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgaatgt gtgtgtggat gttttcccag     67440
     agatggtccg ctgtggcgac cccggattaa taaagggact aagctgacaa gaaaatgatg     67500
     aatgaatgta ctgtacattt tatacattac catttgtata cggtatgttt atccagcttc     67560
     ttactctagt aaaggtcagt gagctacaaa taatttacaa aacactcagt tatggcccgt     67620
     taaacaagag ctgaacctgt cagtgacatc actgctccct gattggctgt tgaaaacact     67680
     gactgagagc ttcagttttc tgtaagcagg ctgttatggc agttctgcag agctcagcga     67740
     agaaacaaac actctccaca atgtctttct gtttgctgct agttataatc acattcattg     67800
     gtaagatttc agttctttac attcattttc tttctttcca catgaacgtt gcagtaactt     67860
     tgctttgaaa cacccgtgta atctggctag atcatgtttt ttgtatctga agcagcttta     67920
     tatctgaatc agatttgagg aactttgcaa cattaattaa actaaagagt aactattatc     67980
     tttcgtagtt aatgttataa tcaattttgc atcagttcct gtaaagcttc ttcaaaacac     68040
     tctgcaatgc atagtaatct acatatgcaa ataaatgtga ctttaaacta ctaatcaaac     68100
     attcttttca ggcaccagca gacaagacag cattactcca acatctcctg ctgtccatgc     68160
     aaaagaaaag gaagcagcca gaatttcttg tgaatacaaa tacacagtgt ccatgaataa     68220
     tctgcagtgg tatcgccaat atcccaatgc taagccagaa ttcctggttc taatcatgga     68280
     gtcaggacaa aatcaaactg ccacaccgcc tcacccccga ctgaccacct cagttaataa     68340
     agacaaaaag ctggtgaatc tggaaatctt ccccgcggat gtgaaggatt ctgctgtgta     68400
     ttactgtgca ctgcagccca cagtgacagg aaacacacgc gcaccataca aaaacctact     68460
     catacatata gaaaccatct gatcaacaag tatgcaagcg agcctcaaga gggcagcact     68520
     tttcacttac aggtataaaa aagcatgtgc acatgctgac atgacatggt ttcattaacc     68580
     acttgaaact ttacagaaac acacaacaac atcttaattg atcttaagta cacaactttc     68640
     aggatgagat cagtactact tattgtcata gctacatcag gtatttatta aaattaaaaa     68700
     tgcatgttta tttataagtt aaaaagacaa taatatctta tgacacattt gaacttgttt     68760
     tccagttgtt tttggtgata ccattggacc agatgagcct ataattatca gaagtgaaac     68820
     tgaccgagtg acactgagtt gttcgtacca aacaaatagt gaacatgttg atctttactg     68880
     gtacagacac tatcctaaaa gtgaaccaca gtatttacta tggaagggag ccagagcaag     68940
     ggatggtgag aagcatatgc cagattctta ttttgaatct tctacaagca gaacgtccac     69000
     tgagctgatt attaaagcag cggctctgac agattcagct ctctattact gcgcaatgga     69060
     agtacccagt gataaaaagt tcatgagaag ctgtacaaaa acactcatac tttgaactca     69120
     aaaacatcaa agtattagca aaccaaactg tattatctgc cataaccagt actgtacggg     69180
     aaaacacctg caactgatag cgaaaccaaa accaagtgat taatgaagca caaatcatac     69240
     attctgacat gcagtgtacg cacacacact cattaagaaa aactttcatg taaaatcatt     69300
     ttaaaaatat atttacagct atgcatgtat gcatggctta aggcctgtcc taatttcttc     69360
     ctcatgactg ctttgttttt aatttttatt gtttaaaata taattatgaa atgcactaaa     69420
     cagggctcga aattaacttt cttacttggt agcaccggtg ctcccaacct gaaatattta     69480
     ggagcaccag aaaaaattta ggagcaccag aaaaaaatta ggagcatcca ccaaaaatga     69540
     atgatatatt tgacaagttg tatattaagg gatttattgt atttgaaaac aacatcaatt     69600
     ggtactaaca aaacccagaa acaactatct aactaatgct gtgatgactt aatatttgtg     69660
     caataattcc aaaatgaatg ttgaataatt ataaaatatt attgatgatg atgatgacaa     69720
     taatactaat aatgaattat atttctcatc atcatgatgc cttgaatgtg ctttaatgca     69780
     agttatctgc tatataaagt cctactgtta atttatgaaa aatgaaaaat aaattgatgg     69840
     tttgcatcaa acacaaatga agcattgtag taagaaatat ttatgttgta ctattgtttt     69900
     tatatgcatg ccaatttaat aaataatatt tctgctacaa aacaaacgaa ataatataat     69960
     aaatcattta atccaatgct gaaagctgca aagcagtcat cagtaattaa tagaaaaata     70020
     atatacactt caagaaagaa cggacaaaag aaaggaagaa aagcctcacg tttaaaagtt     70080
     ttggtttcgg ttcgtgtcgt tttaatgctc agcctcttta tgcgctgaat tacatttttc     70140
     tgtgtttgcg ggaaagcatg cgagtcagcc ggcccaataa gaggggggca gagcaggatt     70200
     ctcccgatgc ccaccggcgc aatactgttc tttgttataa cccgcatcag atcaaactta     70260
     gtaaaggcaa gcttctttgg cgatggtgtt ttagcggaca tttgcgctgt tgcagcctgc     70320
     tcacgagtaa acgtatgaaa aagttatgaa ttgccgtgag attgtgttgg ctgaacacgc     70380
     agtgcatgca acgcatggag attcagtgta cttttcagtc ttcagccgtt tgcaatcccc     70440
     acggtcacaa aagctccctc cctgtcatct gacagcggaa agtcttgagt gattgacggc     70500
     taatatgaac caatatagcg gcagggaaga gcgattttac cacgttttta gaaaaaaaca     70560
     aaaacaggtc gcactacaac cataatatgc agtctcacga atgctcccaa tatatattat     70620
     gagtcgcata gcttaaattt cgggcgcata tgcgactaaa atggtcgcaa tttcgagccc     70680
     tgctaaatat gcctttatgc tttattttta ttgcagtgaa aaactgaatt aactaaataa     70740
     tttcaattat gctgtattat caaaattgta attgtaaatt cacagaatta cttcaagttg     70800
     tcccaacaaa atttgattaa gttgacttac aaactcaagt aagttcaact caataattgt     70860
     gttgattcag ctcattttaa attagtcgga acatttatag catgagtcta tggaaatagg     70920
     ccgccaaccg caccaatgtg tacgcgttaa gtgcttgtga ctgttactat tatttaattc     70980
     acatgtgtca catgtcttta gactgtggga ggaaatcgga gtacccaggg ataacccaag     71040
     cgaacacggg gaaaacaaaa actttgcaca gaaagtgccg actggctcag tacttgaacc     71100
     agcaaccttc ttgctgtgag gcagcagtgc tagccactga gctgccatgt cacctgatcc     71160
     tagaatctag aaggagggag aagggattga tggggggttc ttccaaaaca aagataggga     71220
     gtgaattagg ctggatattt atgctaaatt tggaataatc cgatttctag ctaatgatta     71280
     acactaggga ccagctgcag tcaatcatat cataagctcc tcttgaaatt agtttgtaaa     71340
     aacttttttt ttattattga atttttaaaa attaattcat tcaaaaattc attcatttgc     71400
     ttttaatcta taactgccac gtgtctataa tgaaacaatt attaaagcaa tcacagtttt     71460
     ttcttcaaca gtagtttaat tttgacatca ttactgtttt gtggctaaat ttcagctttg     71520
     actgttgtga gtttctaggc cagggtaaaa tgaactaaaa taaaacactc accttacagg     71580
     tcttgttaaa atgtgtgtgt gtttggggtc agtaggaggg gtttggtgtt ttgacagcat     71640
     ctaggccatc ctgaggaagt ggttttaaaa atagattaac tacaagctga gctgtcagtc     71700
     agaacatcgg cctcaacaat gctgctctgt ttgcttggct ttctatccac atttggaggt     71760
     aagcagacac atttctgatt atctttcaaa aattccttct tgtaacgaca gacttcatag     71820
     atttgtcttt atcatttatt tattagacct atacagttaa tcctacagag gtcagacttg     71880
     caaaaaatta ccaaaacacc tcaggtcatc ataaatctaa agaaagtaaa caagaccgtt     71940
     ttttaggtgt cagctgtggc gatgtcatca ctccagccca aactgaggtg tatgggaaaa     72000
     gtgggaataa agtcacgctg tcgtgcaact actccacagc actttcttta tactggtatc     72060
     gtcaatatcc aggatcaaat ccacattgcc ttcttctgat actaacaaaa agcgaaacct     72120
     ctgaaaacat gcagcctgga atgtcagtga gattacataa agagaaagcc tctatggatc     72180
     tggagatctc ctctgccaaa ctaacagact cggcagttta ctactgtgcg ttgaagccca     72240
     cggtgagagg aaacccatca gcgccgtaca aaaacctgaa cctgacttca caagtgcatg     72300
     acatacatta atgatgtcca aacactgcaa cacttggaat acctttattt tacacatata     72360
     gtaatcctaa attgacagtg ggatttttat catctattca ttatttagtg gttttataag     72420
     tgaactgtca aaatttttaa atttaataaa tattcaatca aaataaaaca ttgaacccta     72480
     acaatacatg ctaaatctgt atctgacttt tatctttgtt agatctgctt ggaccagatc     72540
     atattgactc atggtgatta aatggttttt attagtacat tttttattag tacacaaagt     72600
     agaaaaataa attaaaattg tttaaattgt tattcaatta ttgattaatt aatggttgat     72660
     aacttttgtt cctttactaa aaattattta accagttctt ttaaatttgt atgcggatct     72720
     actgggtcaa aatgaactca aatggatcca gatgtttcag aaacgtcaaa atgaaatgtc     72780
     ttaaaattaa tatttcactg tttacatctt tcttgtcaac atgggaggtg attaaaccat     72840
     atatttgata ttttttatcc atcaatacac agaccaacac aaatttgtga atattttatg     72900
     catgaaaata tatatgccct caaaaggaca aaaaaattaa atcaccaata aagtcaagct     72960
     ttcatttgtt atatgcaaca aatatgtaaa acctctctca aaagaggcaa tgctaaaata     73020
     agacaaacaa gacatttgtt cagcaaatga ggtttaaaaa aaaggtcaat taaaacacca     73080
     aatacacaca ctgatgatgt atactacaca agcataacgc aatattaaca ctttctttat     73140
     aactaaaaat aatctctata ggaaacatct tgtatacaat ttagcatctt gcacttatat     73200
     tctaagcaaa gttgtgaagt tatatttatg acagcagaaa gtagtttaaa tcaacaattg     73260
     ttcatttgtc ttttgacatc atcctactac aataggactc aataataaac caggttaaaa     73320
     atgaacggtg gtcaaagcct tgttttgtcc ttcaggtgaa gattccaata agggtgtgat     73380
     cttgcataaa actatgaact tttacatgtg ttctacactg taccagtgag attaatttag     73440
     tacttaatgt aaaacagaac aacaaaaatc tcatatttgt tgagtgcttt tatcattata     73500
     ctgaatattc ttcagtagtg gatgtgattg taatgtaatg tcaaagcctg gcgattgatt     73560
     acttgagcac acaaataaaa actgcactta tgaacttatt tgaggatttt tttttgtctt     73620
     tttgtcttcc agtacagtag gtacagcaat gtttcaagag gtggagctct cagactagtt     73680
     tgacatgact taaggttgtc ttctgttgtg aatacctcat tcactgttag tctttctgac     73740
     agcatcaacc aacatgcatc tttctgtctt tgtcattttg tttcttcata taggtgagtt     73800
     ctgattaatt attttcaaaa ttagtgactt tcattaaaca ataatttaat tgctttgatt     73860
     aatatttttt taataaaaaa ggcaaaagac agtataacta tagcagcacg taaaattctg     73920
     aggttttgga aagacattta ataccctaca cttaaattat gaatggatgc atgattgaga     73980
     atgtgttata tgaaaacaat gttagccaaa atgaagggtg atcataagga aatggatata     74040
     gaggagaatt aaattttcac ttacactatg aacgtgtcta ccctgctggt ctctatagga     74100
     ttatctttat gcatttgtta tcgtttttct aatcattttt tctaaatttg taaacaatct     74160
     ttttatgcat tttgtatgct actgtttgtt atattaagaa gaaaccaata aaaagattgt     74220
     gtgattgtga tctgtaaaaa tcttcttgtt ttattttgct ggctctcata ggtatcatcc     74280
     agacaaacat gataacatcc catgatccac aaaaacaagc atttgaagga gaatatgtaa     74340
     aacttgcatg taactacagt ggagcacctg ataatcttca ctggtaccgt caatatcccg     74400
     gatcgacacc aatgttcctc ctttacatct acgaaagcgg actgaagagt gacaacatac     74460
     cagagcgctt aacgccgaaa atcaacaaaa ctaagaaagt tgtggatc                  74508