EBI Dbfetch

ID   AL591510; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 99579 BP.
AC   AL591510;
DT   16-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   04-MAY-2006 (Rel. 87, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-228E24 in linkage group 6
KW   ABC transporter; claudin; CpG island; HTG; MRP; multidrug-resistance;
KW   zinc finger.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-99579
RA   Kimberley A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2006) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; a3643b9bb88d305b948effcbb564c46a.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000058906; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000058953; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000065500; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000081866; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   BUSM1-228E24 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..99579
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-228E24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: BUSM1-228E24"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<2738..2848,9215..9288))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003613"
FT                   /product="novel ABC transporter similar to human
FT                   multidrug-resistance proteins (MRP)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: CAD24440 Sw:O15439"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T022"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-511"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE30367.1"
FT                   NVLPEDRSKKLGEELQ"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<2738..2848,9215..9288))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel ABC transporter similar to human
FT                   multidrug-resistance proteins (MRP)"
FT   CDS             join(22044..22254,26795..26956,27040..27121,28667..28740,
FT                   28940..29121)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003612"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human claudin"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P78369 Sw:Q9Z0S5 Sw:Q9Z0S6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T021"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004031"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006187"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017974"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T021"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-510"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE30368.1"
FT                   SDFNFLCKAGNDNK"
FT   mRNA            join(22044..22254,26795..26956,27040..27121,28667..28740,
FT                   28940..29121)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human claudin"
FT   misc_feature    25879..25880
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   CDS             join(35107..35338,38029..38213,38272..38353,39939..>39993)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000003611"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human claudin"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P78369 Sw:Q9Z0S5 Sw:Q9Z0S6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T020"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004031"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006187"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T020"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-509"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE30369.1"
FT   mRNA            join(35107..35338,38029..38213,38272..38353,39939..>39993)
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human claudin"
FT   misc_feature    37567..37634
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    37885
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 430bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    39126..39260
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from reads from a
FT                   short insert library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(48344..48520,50831..50973,51285..51613,
FT                   54105..54258,54615..54801,55902..56050,57194..>57253))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to zinc finger proteins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW128808 Em:BI889934 Em:BI892370"
FT   CDS             complement(join(48344..48520,50831..50973,51285..51613,
FT                   54105..54258,54615..54801,55902..56050,57194..>57253))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ52I16.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018930"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to zinc finger proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: CAD24437 Q8WY45 Q8WY46 Q9Y2K0
FT                   Tr:Q9CSR1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T019"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015880"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q7T019"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040526-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE30370.2"
FT   misc_feature    50122..50249
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<82189..82296,84028..84109,84189..84350,
FT                   86381..>86613))
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228E24.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human claudin"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<82189..82296,84028..84109,84189..84350,
FT                   86381..>86613))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="dZ228E24.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000001485"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human claudin"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: CAD24439 Sw:P78369 Sw:Q9Z0S6
FT                   Tr:Q96N78 Tr:Q9CX57"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T018"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004031"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006187"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017974"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T018"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-120215-133"
FT                   /protein_id="CAE30371.1"
FT   misc_feature    82408..82451
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Inconsistency in the number of copies
FT                   of the repeat element between subclones."
FT   misc_feature    87023
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 180bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    99579
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-228E24"
SQ   Sequence 99579 BP; 31832 A; 18330 C; 18373 G; 31044 T; 0 other;
     gatcactctg tacccgaaac gcaataaata gtaataactt tataataact gcaaaagcta        60
     taacgaagct ttcataaatg ctgatttaaa agtaatacta aataacaatt ctgaaatagt       120
     atttgaattt tatgcaaaac acaaaatgtt acattcctca gaagccaaaa gcaaaacatt       180
     tgcaaaccaa cagtaaaaag aaagatataa taaaattgta attaaatgca ggtttacaaa       240
     gactgatgac ctacttccat gtaataaaat aaaataccat aaagtataac attttacata       300
     tcaaaaaata attgtcaggg atatttatat ttttaaaaaa tcatctaagg gtacattaaa       360
     aggctattca attaccatag tttagcccta aaatattgta ttatttgtat tactaatatt       420
     agttttaatt actgttatta actgcataaa tttaactgta ttctaacttt ttacaaagca       480
     ctttaaaaga ttcaataatt ttatttaaaa aaatacactt tttactcaca caaagtggat       540
     atatttgaga tggtaaatgg atggatggat ggatggatag atagacggac ggacggacgg       600
     acagacagac agatagatag atggatggac agacgaatag atagacggac ggatggatgg       660
     atagatagat ggacggatag atagatggat agatggacgg acggacagac ggatggatgg       720
     atagatagac agacggatag atggacagac agacagacag acagacagat atagatagat       780
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat       840
     agatagatag atatgtttat tataattaca ttaatatatc attaatacat gtataaacag       900
     atgtactgta cttaactatt ctttaaagta gttttacttc agtttactac ttctcaaaat       960
     gagtagcctg taggctcgtt tttagtgtag ttcaaaatga aagtgagcag gaaaagcaga      1020
     gggagcacta agttaacctc acacaccctc catcctgctc tctgtagcct ctgccaagag      1080
     ctctgctccg tatatataac agtataacca tttaaatcac gtgcccttgt ggcctggttc      1140
     cacaaagtac cagcatacaa aaaaacgttt taaatattga aataacatca tgaaattgtg      1200
     tagtttgtga agatttgttt cactgcatct ctaaagggaa cattatactt tttctttctt      1260
     tttaaaaaat attattatta tttgggtaaa aagacatttg caataccttt cctggtttag      1320
     gaaacatccc aatgccaccc tctctcctga ggtttagatc tagataaata tgtaaatatg      1380
     agctgtgtga ctatctcaat aacaaaacca aaacaaaaat gaggaagccg tttgaaaagc      1440
     gtctcatctt tctatatgaa gtattgaaca gaaaacattt tgcacgtttt acgcgcttat      1500
     cccggaattc caggagacag aacaatacga gagatgggtc tgaaaaacgg gagactcccg      1560
     ggtaaaatgg gagtgttggc aggtatggtc gacaccgacg acagttcatc aaactgggct      1620
     cagctgagtc agaagcaccg ctgaaatcct ccattatcca ggttaagttt ctgcaggagt      1680
     ttaggagctc acagagacgg atgcacctca gaaaggatct agtggactca gacacggccc      1740
     taaacgtatc gattaaagcg gggtttgacg cgcaaatgaa gcgagcaaac ttaaatgttc      1800
     acgtggctat ttaagcgcaa ataggaagat tccaaagact tgcataagtc tttgttatta      1860
     attatatatt aattaattat atagtatttt tttaagtgtt ttgaaaatta agctttaatg      1920
     gtgctactgt atatacaaat acatttatta ttgttatttc ttcagtggtt gttatctggg      1980
     aataacatac cttggaatat catgacggac caatcagaat taagtatttc agaaaaatgt      2040
     aataacgtta gttaactcac tgtgcattaa taaggactaa caatgaatgg ctgaaatatc      2100
     tttaactaat gttaacaagg agtaataaat actctagtaa atatgtacat agcttgttat      2160
     atgaaaaatt ctctaatggt taggactcca aaaacctgta tgagcttgtg ttatttgttt      2220
     tatctctgta ttttaaaagc ttaaagtatt ttgaaaatta agctttaatg tcgatatatg      2280
     caaataaatt tattattttt attattatta ttattaattc agttgttatc tgggaggaac      2340
     ataccttata aatgttgtaa ttgactaatc agaatcaagt atttcagaaa aacgtattaa      2400
     ctttggttaa ctcactgagt taatataaac caagtaacat tatcaaagaa taataaatac      2460
     tttagtaaat atgtacagtt tgttcgcatt actaatctca atggaagctt agtgaccctt      2520
     tcaccgtgca tgcataataa atgtgtgaat gatttcagaa attttcacaa gagctcaaca      2580
     ttgcataatg cacagcttgc acaaaccagt ggagaccatc acgagcttga tacctaatgg      2640
     gaactgcagc gttctcacat ttcacgggtg gactctctga gggtttattt gagaacaacc      2700
     tgttcttgcg tcgctttatt cccagcggtt cactcacctc tgcagctcct ccccgagttt      2760
     ctttgaccga tcctccggaa gcacattaaa catgtcatcc tcctcaagtc tcctcttaga      2820
     tccgatactg aaaagaggat tcagccagct gatgataaag gggaagagaa tcaacataaa      2880
     gctttaaatg tgcatgctga attattgatg agtgatgaca gtggcctaaa gcatttaaac      2940
     cacatgttca agtgatagtg aaaaagcaca aacatgcatg caggtaagta gggctgcaca      3000
     atactagaaa aattacacat tgcaatattt tagaattttg cgatatatat tgcaatacga      3060
     atacatttca caagatgagt tgaataaatg tttgtaaaga atctgtgatt tgagtttgat      3120
     tgggtagatc cggtagggat gtgcttaaaa tataattcaa gtttatttgt atagcacctg      3180
     agcacattaa gtctagtata ataagtgtca tatttatttt accgagcaca gtatttgtat      3240
     aagaaacaac ctacaaacag atcaattcaa taaagaaaaa tatgcaaatt gaatatatag      3300
     cgttttatta tcgaaaatgt atcgtcaaaa tgtattcagg tatacgataa ttgaataatc      3360
     aaacttaaaa taataggttg ttttcacatg acgtcagcag ctatgtttcc atccatctat      3420
     ttttatgcgc attttgcata tgtgcataaa aaaacggctg atggcaacgg catgatgtgc      3480
     ataaattttg aaaatgcgca taaaaaactt atgcgcataa ctgagtagga taaacttttt      3540
     actcaatagg taaagatgtg catagactga gatgaaaaac acttttaatc gtacaaattt      3600
     cagcatgcgc attaaaaaag gtcatgtgat tttgttatca gagatcatgt gatgatgaaa      3660
     atgtgtgtga atggacaaac cagcaggctg agcacactga aaaccatctg aactgttgtt      3720
     tcggacattc taaaacacct taccgtttca gtattagtgt tattatatta ttaatgacct      3780
     ccagaatcaa gagcatctgt gctccgtgcc tgacaccttc aaacgccact gcgcgctcac      3840
     agcgtgtcag gattgctttc tgaggcacaa gtcatttatt agatgaagaa aaagattgac      3900
     gcagcttctc ctactgcagc aaattccatt tttattgtta atatttggcg ctagttaatc      3960
     aggaactgcc gattttgttc gctttgactc gttggatgga aacgctgctt tattcgcatg      4020
     tcttttatgc aataatccag tttttttgga tggaaacata gctaataatg acacgcaaga      4080
     ctcagatgga gggcagaaag tggttcttct aaatagaaat cgctataaga acatcaaaat      4140
     gtttctgttt tatattgttt ataattgttt aaattggcca aaatgataaa taccaaatag      4200
     cttttatgga ctttccaaag tgtttgctca taaaaggggg aaagttcaag aaactggctt      4260
     gaaaacgtag gaaaaggcgg catgtaataa acatttattt aatacatcca tgtgtacaag      4320
     ctttttattt tgaacgcgat aattagtttg acagcactag ggttgtaaca atataccggt      4380
     atgacggtct accacgattt gaacgtgcac gattatcata ccatgaacaa ttgcatatca      4440
     acggttttaa cccttaaaga ccgagacagc cgcccgcggc taaaaataag tattgctctt      4500
     aaatgtttaa taacttttga tccgctgatc cgattcatac aattcaaaga ttggcataaa      4560
     gaagagaatc tcagctttcc agtgctgtat cacataacgc ggactttcag aggctccgga      4620
     atcagtgcgg ttacgtcatc aaaatttgac aacgctgatt tgacaaagaa aggctcgtca      4680
     ctgtgtctcc ggacaaacca gacatgatac attgatgcat tgtccctcct ccatacccag      4740
     attggttcaa actcgctata tcacaaccaa taagcatagg tttcactttt gtttgtggac      4800
     caacactgag ctttttgaac aacacggaat gagagatata catttatgcg cggctaaata      4860
     aaacgcaaaa aaaaaaaagt tttgcatgaa ataattctca tactaagtac ttttgcatcc      4920
     acagcagcac agaaacatga caaaacagtg acacagcaaa gacgaactgc tgctcttgct      4980
     gttttcaaaa gacgcaaatg aaggtgcagc tgtttgtctg cattgcagac aaccatatcc      5040
     aaatccatat ccacagacta ccatatccat gctggcacat aaaacctaag gatgttccat      5100
     attaaatcta gtttcgttat gtaactattt atagtatagt aaatatttat atctattttt      5160
     tactgaggat ttgcaccatg tttatttgga ctttgacaca ttatttctta ttttcttatt      5220
     tttttatttg ttcattgtaa gtggtgttgt ttatagtaac tgaaaatata ttatttggaa      5280
     aaagtcaaat ttgcttcact gttctattat tttgtaacac tttttttctg ttttgttcat      5340
     tcccagacct tttgggcaga tacattgtca gtaaataaat gcattttttt cccccataga      5400
     aaaacctttg ttcagtcaga aaacgtgttc ttgttgtttt cagggtcttt gctatgagaa      5460
     ttactattta ataccgtata ccgcgaaacc gtcaaaccgt ggtattgttt tttacgatta      5520
     tcataccgta aaaaattcat accgttacaa ccctagacag caccaataat tatataaaac      5580
     aggcctagct atgtgtatta tatgttaatg tgatagataa aaatccgata caaacaccag      5640
     cacacttata caaaatccag gagaatataa ataacgtata ccctccaata aaatatcaat      5700
     cttgttttac aataatccaa gtctttactg gcgtttgggc acaataaaca ccgtaacata      5760
     aacatcgaca gaacaaacaa aaaaaaatgc agcccttgcg acaaaattaa atgattatta      5820
     ttgcgaagga cttttcccag ttacaaaaat aaacgaataa taatgtagac gatgtgtcca      5880
     ggcttttgta tgctttcatc tgttatttcg agatgtctgg aagatatcca catggtgaaa      5940
     gactatagta atttataata aacatgtttt tgcaccacat agtgacgtga ttaatgtgta      6000
     caacattttg ttaatgaatg ctacagaaca ctctagcata gtaaactgat aaactgagat      6060
     aaatgctgta acgttagtgt aaactgtggt gcattgtgat ggtgtataat taaataacgt      6120
     agaaaactga aacctataga aaaattagtt tattactaca gttgtgtcgt acgacagcaa      6180
     ctatataatt actatgatag tttaagtcaa gtaattatct aaagtaaact tcaaaacact      6240
     atagtattta ctatagtatt ttttatgtaa cgtaatagct tatgaagtac aagcaaatat      6300
     atttgagtag agtagaaaac tcggaccatg atataaggat catgcccaac atatgtggct      6360
     attttctatt catatcatct cctttagaac atggtataaa tcgccatcct tcctctatgt      6420
     ctcccattta gttttttacg cgcatcacca gaaccacgtg attgaaaaca acctatactg      6480
     tatagtccag ggttactgcg gatttcatgg actcaaattt aagacttttt aagacccttt      6540
     taagatcata aagaattaaa ttttagactt atacagggtt aaaaaaattc taatggccca      6600
     gtattatcat gaggaatcct gtaattgttc tttagttttt tcctctgatt agagaattta      6660
     atttggggaa tttgctgtaa acatgtctaa cagctgttgt gaactcactc tttgcaatta      6720
     aaaacttaaa aataaaaaaa ggttttgaga tgtgttattg gttattagat ggatattggc      6780
     ccaaaatgag tagctttact tagggaaaaa aataagacct gttaaaaaca tattaagact      6840
     tacaacacaa tggcccagtt tcacaaacag ggcttagatt aagccaagac taggccttag      6900
     ttaaattagg ctatttaaga aacatttata aaaaatggcc ttagaaaaat atgactgatg      6960
     tgcacctgga gacaaaaaaa tgacactgac atattttaag acatctcacc gcaagttatt      7020
     ttgagttgag acagctcaaa caagcaattt aatcttgact agccttaaac cttgtttgtg      7080
     aaaccggggg aatatgtctg taaatttagg actttttaag gccttcattt taggttttga      7140
     aatgtaggtc attttaagac cctgcggaaa acacaatagt ctttctttta taaacaattt      7200
     caaattaatc gttattaatt tcttaaaagt tacaaatgat acttttttta ggcctgaatg      7260
     cttttaaaag cctcacagtc acaggcatca aagaacactt gcgacataat aaactataat      7320
     caagagtcaa caactgagtg ttcctgaaag tcaaacaaaa cctaaaaacc actgatattg      7380
     cagccaaatg aatggatttc aatgtccatg tggaacaaac tgtccatgaa gatactcttt      7440
     tttttttcat atctacgaat ttaaagtaat gcacaagtgc aaaagcttat ataattaaga      7500
     tatgcagtgg atagttttat tttaaaatcc agaaaaatat gttatttgaa ctagggctgc      7560
     acaatatatc atttcagcat cgatatcaat gtgatcattc gcaatagtca catcgctagt      7620
     atatgcaacg ttgtgtctgg attataattt cgcaagtgtt ttttgaggcc tgtgactgtg      7680
     tgagggtttt ataagcattc gtttgtacct ttgacaaaat agcaatgatt aattttattg      7740
     aattgtttat taaaataaga ctgtgcagta ttattttaca tttgattatt cgcttactgt      7800
     atacctgaac acgggtcaac ttcatggaaa acaataaaac tatgtttatt ttatttgtat      7860
     ctttttcttt attgaattaa tctacacttg tggattgttt attgtatttt atatttcatt      7920
     ttatcatccc ccaatcaatc taaaaatgat aaatttaact catctaagtg agattgtatt      7980
     catatcgcag aataaaaaaa aattgcaatg ttagattttt accaatatcg tgcagcccct      8040
     aatttggaca tctttcagtc attaattcaa agtgtcaagc atagatctaa aacttaattc      8100
     ctcgagggct gcagctctgc atagttttgc tccaacccta atcaaacaca gctgatccaa      8160
     ctaatcaagg tgttcaagac tactagagat tacgcaggtg tgagttggag gtggttggag      8220
     caaagctgtg cagagctgtg gccctccagg aattgagttt gagacctatg gtttcgagca      8280
     ggggtcacca actctggaga gataccttcc tgcaaaattc agccccaact ctgatcaaaa      8340
     cacacctcac cagttaacca aattaatagg acctaaagca ggacttgata atcacagaca      8400
     ggtgtgtttg gccagggttg caactataat ctgcacaaag gtagctcccc aggaacaggg      8460
     ttgctgaccc ctggacccct gagtcgtgtt ttgtcctgtc acttgtaggc attgtcactg      8520
     cattttcaaa gctaatatct tgtaataaag aggtttttag tgcagttgta tattatttta      8580
     atattacaat ttctacagaa tgttgagaca atctgctttt tattcacatg aatacattat      8640
     aattaaatta tgatatattt taaattatgt tcacatagaa aacggtacgt ttgatgtgga      8700
     aaaaatcata ataaaaccca aaactttcat tcattcattt tctgttcagc ttagtccctt      8760
     tattaatcag ggatggtcac agaggaatga accgccaact tatccagcat atgtcacaac      8820
     ccagcactag gaaatgttta aaaacttaaa aagtacaaaa gaaatgttct ttgccttcaa      8880
     atgaacatac ataagcaaga aaaagtagca ttttcactgc aatatatata tatatatata      8940
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataaatgct gtagaagctc ttgggaaagt      9000
     ttaggaccaa ctttcccagt ttaacaaagc catagattag acacgactgg cagaaaaaac      9060
     acttcacatc atctaattat ggttgtcttt agtttcagaa gatgtacatt attataaaca      9120
     agagcaaaca ttctttcttt ctttgttttt acttcagtgg aaacacaaaa tactcttccc      9180
     ccctgcctta ggggcattat aaaacttgac ttaccagaaa aatatctgcg agaagagatt      9240
     agccgaggct gaggggttgc ttttggcatc tttctttatc ggctccatat cgcttgtcat      9300
     cctccccgcg gttcagccgg actctggtac ccctcgcata acctgtaacc agcgcaagac      9360
     atttaccttg taaactgttg tataactttc taacacgcac atgtcggtaa ctacaggctg      9420
     aggtaaaacc gttcatttcc tactgtgagc gtgagaccaa accccgcccc atccgagcag      9480
     cgattggctc attgtcaatc ctgtcaaacc tgattgggcg ctaataagca agacgtacac      9540
     acatttatat atacacctaa ggtcatgtta acagatgtga taagattatg aatatgttat      9600
     taatattaat tagagcatag ctacgttgct tagaaaccct ccttgactgt ggcgtcaaaa      9660
     gcaatgactg gtcaagagac ttaagtaata ttgagtagct cgacgtcacc cgcccgatta      9720
     tttataatct tcttgatatc agccaatcgg tatggtgtac gtcacgtcat ttgattaata      9780
     ttcatgagaa gcagcttcgc tatagtaggt tttacttagt ggatgcagca attaggatgg      9840
     aactacagca tttttacgga aaacaggtgg agttgctggt aaaaatgatt gtttattgtt      9900
     gttttataca cacattgttg ttgttttttg acacaagaga gcaagggaga cgtacatatg      9960
     aagctttgat tgtgtaattg tacttctggg tgaggaggct ttttgtctac catctgttct     10020
     ttattagctc tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcaca     10080
     ccactcatgt agtgtgctgg aagcaatcat ctttaattaa agtgtccaaa cagaggaaag     10140
     caaagagcaa cacaaagcac atatttcttt tttaatatat ggaatgcttt aaaatgaaaa     10200
     ccatttacca tcgttaaaac ccagatgact gtgaaacaca aatggatgta tttttaatgt     10260
     tagactactt gttttttttg tccatgcatc tagatgaaat tgtgaattat taatcacatt     10320
     caaaaacagt tttatattat gttagctttt catatacagt gtgtgctgta tttattatgt     10380
     acaacactca cacacatgca ttacgaaaga cacaaaatta aaatatgaat atataagtat     10440
     taattatata tatatttaaa agtatatata agtattaatt atatatatat ttaaagactg     10500
     aaacttgtaa ttttggctat tcaaatgtaa aattattgta aacgcaagat aaaaactatt     10560
     taaattcaag atataattgt ttattagaat ttttgtttga cttttaacac agatttcttc     10620
     atgtaaacaa catacccaca ataaaccatc aagatcctgg cttgacagct atatttatta     10680
     cagaaattaa aacacaggca tgttaatgac atttgaattt taaaacaatc attgccaata     10740
     aaaaaaaaaa tatttccaag ttggattcta agtggactgc aaaaaaaatg ccaaaataca     10800
     ggcattgcag atatggaaaa tgataataat aaagtattga atacaaacag ttgcacttac     10860
     tgtaaagttg tattgctgtg agttgagaac attaattata atgtagaaac aatttacatt     10920
     cagctagttg ctaaaacagt ccagtctgtt gacattatcg ggggacaatg tggacctttt     10980
     cttttgaatg ttgtgagctg agagtgcaac gcaatctcac agcaattcgt aacttttcga     11040
     tgtagtgact atggacaacg acgttttggc aggtttgcgc acacacagac acaacacaca     11100
     aacagttttg gttgaaataa atttgtttca tttcagctag aataaaagca gatttaaaaa     11160
     ctttaaaaca ttattttaag gacaaaattt tttattccct ttaagttaat ttagtttttt     11220
     cgatagtcta cagattaaac catctttata cagtaacttg tctaattacc ctaacctgcc     11280
     tagttaacct aattaaccca gttaagcttt taaatgtcac tataagctgt atagaagtgt     11340
     cttaaaaaat gtctagacaa atattatcat ggcaaagata aaataaatca gttattatta     11400
     atctgctctc cgttttatac aataatagaa tagaatagaa tatatagaaa tagaataaaa     11460
     atgtagtcca ttctttatca gcagcattaa gtgcattaat gagtttaaaa aaaaagagca     11520
     ttggggattt cattcatttc tgaaaagcta atgatttaat tcatatgtta attgaaaata     11580
     tatcaaataa atgtataaaa tgaaataaat gcttttaaac aaaacaataa aaaggtaatt     11640
     catttaaatt attttaatat aaaaaaaaga cttatataag acttaaatat tttaaagaat     11700
     tagggagaac caataaatta ttaattattt gatcactgct cataagtcat atatcatgag     11760
     acattttttt attttttata acggtgcata ttttaaaatg tactacaatc taattacagc     11820
     ttttgaaatc cagttaagca atacaaaatt aaaagcaagt cactacccag cactgtttgt     11880
     gaagtcctaa ctaaaatcat ttaattacat ttatcaatta acattatgtt cactgatttg     11940
     tttacttccg gtgtcttgaa agaaatgcat ttgaacccaa ataatttctt gttaatctca     12000
     aaattattct catggaactg tgagaaccgc attgaactac aacctactgt atatacattc     12060
     gtccagtctc ttccttcctc tctcgttctt ggatttccga tacagataaa gcactgaaag     12120
     aacagaagac gagagaccta ctgtacaaag agacagagca ggtggccgtt acaatgataa     12180
     aggtaatgct gacagacact gagccagagc cacacacaca catgctcaca cagacgggtt     12240
     tgttttagtt taatgtgggg acattctctc cttgtaagac ctatgtcatt atacacatgt     12300
     gtcctgatat gtcacaaaaa catacacaca aacaaacaaa caaacatgct ctctctctat     12360
     ttaatctata tgatgacttc caatagaagt actggctttt ataactgtac agactgtata     12420
     ttctgtcctc ttccctcaac tccacatcta aacaaacctt tcccttacat aaaagattct     12480
     gcacgttttc aatatactta attcttgacg atttatgagt gcttttcctc atggagatgt     12540
     gcgcaaaagg tcaaaaatta ctgatggtac tatacttatt ggtcctcata tcataatgaa     12600
     taccaggcct gtctgtatcc tccgagtcca aggtaaaaga atccaccata ggtaacctat     12660
     aaggaggaat tacatcattg cattatgaat gaatgacttc catgctttgt ctttcaaaga     12720
     aagcctaagt gtcgagtcat tattactttg ctaaaagtct taaatctgaa ctttgttcca     12780
     aaggccgagt tccagcaagg gattgcgttt ttctgctgca agactgactc aggaaaacca     12840
     ataaaacctg gatcaacggc gtttcagtta tggtagattc tgacgattat cttatttctg     12900
     ggaattttgt ggtcggttgg aagccgaatg ttaattccag tgttaaaaca cagcaggatc     12960
     gtggataagc tcttgttctc acaggcagtg agtcatttat attacagaat ggactccagc     13020
     cttttgaatt tagctatata tgaaaacaat atgcgaaaca ataaaatatt ctgtttatat     13080
     ccaaattgac atctggtttc atgctgtaca tttaaatacc cctaaaaaca aacaaacaaa     13140
     aaacacaaaa gttctgttaa acaaaagaag ttatatagaa gaatgctgga aactagtagc     13200
     cattgatttc ctaagtattt tatttcctac ttgatttccg aagtacttta gattttatgg     13260
     ctcctaacag tattcaaaat atgttcattt taatagaaat gaactcaatt aatctgatgg     13320
     ttatccaagt actgggttgc agctagaagg gcatcctctg tgtaaaacat atgctgtatg     13380
     acaaggcggt tcattccgct gtggcgaccc cagatgaata aagggactaa ggaaaatgaa     13440
     tgaacgaata acctggggca tcgtgtacga agactttcgt tgaattcata cttaaacatt     13500
     gcgcacgaac aacgctgtaa atgtgcgtac gcagtaaaaa atccagatgt atgaaacact     13560
     ggatacgctg aatcccgcgc atattctctt tgtacatccg agtacgactt aagaacccct     13620
     ccctgcctct tcccccttat aaatatggta gcttaacact taagtctaaa aacacttaca     13680
     aatggatata aaaaatgtaa gtgttcctat cagtgaatat gttttacagt gtatctttgt     13740
     taaacgctga cagtaacttt tacaccaaaa aaatgtttgc tttgacagac tgaacacata     13800
     acattttcag attacctgaa tttaagaaaa aaaggttaat ttacccaaaa aacgaaacat     13860
     tgttatcagt tgcgaacctt tgagttttgt tcttctcttg aattaagtga aaaacattta     13920
     gaaaaatggg tgagttaatt aacatcagtg gtatttctaa tcttttctat gaatttctat     13980
     ggaaatggat tgctcccttt tctatggtaa tcaacgttgt ttaaatggat ggtacagagt     14040
     ttatttttaa ggcttggttg tgtttatatg atgcaaagca atgtgtgttt atgcttcact     14100
     tgtagaaaat catgttattt tttcatatat tttactttga ttatatacag ctacttggct     14160
     agcatgagaa ctcctgtcaa atttcctagt tcctcagaaa ggcccgccct aaaaaaggct     14220
     ctgattggtc agctaacata atgtgctgtg attcgcggct tcacgtcatg cccctactgc     14280
     tctgtgtaaa ctgtccagtc agtgcagctt tcagcagcgt tagctaaatc aaactgaaaa     14340
     aaaaaaacac acacagctga agcttgcgcc ttctctttta aaaaaaatct cacaagtgtc     14400
     tttcacttat attcggaata agcatgagta agaaagacaa aatgttctct tatcttttgt     14460
     gagttcgtta tttgatatgt ataatgcagg aaaagtggct gcatagagag acactgtaag     14520
     cgctgctgaa gatcgtgggt gtttacagta gttggactga taaatatgta gctaaattgt     14580
     tagcagtgcc gaacagcatt tccccttgtt tacatctttg ttttcgtcct cgctacaaca     14640
     caccattaac gcaaagaaac tgtgcatgta attgataaat tttaacaaat aaaattactt     14700
     acaggttgtg gctcacaatc cacagcttca tcggttggag aagtttttag ttgaacccag     14760
     cattgaactg ggagagattc tggaagctgt cctttgtcaa atgctagcta tatctttttt     14820
     tataattctc tggaacagtt aaaacaaagt aaactgcaag cacttctctc tttgtgctgt     14880
     gtcctttgga agcccaaata cagacacaga acaagctctg tggaaatagc agcgtttgga     14940
     cgccatttta gctttctctg ctataacatt acctctggtc acgccccatt gctgcgcgtg     15000
     aatgtgcatg ataaatgcgc ataacctgaa gcgtttgtga tctcactagc ccggacagat     15060
     ttgttttgta gtccccaaac tttatttgcc gcatgcttag ctaagctaac tctgtaatag     15120
     ccaatatctc cccttgcatt gaactttgag catattacat tcagagatgt ttttcatgtt     15180
     cacacagcta cattacacat cacttaaagt ttaaaatatg agatcgtagt ggaccacccc     15240
     ttttaaacat cttgttttgt gtttagcaga agaaattaac ttccacacat ttgaaacaac     15300
     tcgagcattt ttggctgaat tagaactgtt cactgtaaca ttcactgaga aaccacaaaa     15360
     ccatttcatt tcttttttca taaacactgt actgtgatta tgaatgcaaa ggatagaaag     15420
     atgccaaact attaagctaa actctctttg tgcattgtaa ataatatttc tctggggatg     15480
     tagctcaaac ttttcccgtg taaatacagt aggtggtgca ttgcacatgt acagacttgt     15540
     tcatatatac agtcaacttt tctgaagaat gctattgctg agtcattctg atcaaccttt     15600
     ttaaccttat ttaaactccc tgtgagggtt taatctgtaa catctgctaa gcaaaaataa     15660
     acttattttg cctgactcat atccgttctt cacctgtttt aaggagtcat agcataacgt     15720
     catgctgatg caaggcctgt gacctttacg ctgccagaag atgaataacc gcatgcctca     15780
     ctccgcaatc tgaattatcc tgccactttt ctccatctaa ttgaactcgt gtaatttgtg     15840
     acaatgtaat tgcccgttgg aggagataag cgcctttaat ttgactgaaa tcgtggatct     15900
     cctccaggga atcagtgcgg ttgctatgat ggcggatatt tagtttgacg ttctcgctga     15960
     ccttgtcact cggcaacagc tcacctgaaa aacaatcaca gcttgttttg agtcctcacc     16020
     cctgtgggta tgagagggga ggtgtttatg acacactgaa gtaaaagaag ctattgagtc     16080
     gctatgagct ttatttagtt tctttcctta aagtccacat gaaatctaag acccaatctc     16140
     aattgtaccc cttaccccta ctttttattt tgcgtgttta cgtgaagggc taggggtgtc     16200
     ccaattattt gttgctatct attgacctta ttctaaaatg cggaagtgcg cctgttttcg     16260
     cgattgtttt agaacttccg atttagtcgc ctatgggaga aattacttga aacggcagaa     16320
     aacggtcaaa ctacttgctc tacaaacaca tgtttgcatg actatataga ccaagtagaa     16380
     taataaatat cagtttgcaa catcaaacag cgaaacgagc agtttttaat gtctaaaaat     16440
     taatggaagt gaatgagacc ggaagtctca agccaaaaag atttaaatag ctgcgcccgc     16500
     ccgtcggtga agaataaggt gaataatcca taataataac tcttataaag tccactcagg     16560
     ctcattctga aaacgtaccc ttatatacat ttctggagag cgccaaatac atgccaggag     16620
     ctacattttt tttgcagttt ttgttttcgt gaatccatca gaggctgctg tgtatgtttt     16680
     ttgagatctt aaatttctct cacaagtgtc aaacacccat gggtccacaa agtggcgcaa     16740
     atgtatttgc tatttaaaca atgtggtgaa aaacgggaaa attaaggttg cgctggtctg     16800
     aaaataacaa cacgttgagg caaaccaaga tgccttgttg atacatacat gtagtgtatg     16860
     atagggtcca aaacaattaa gttgttcgaa tcaataagta ttttgaaaaa aaaaaacata     16920
     aaaacagcaa acatcattta tttttagtct agactcaaaa aaaaaaaaat ttgttgatgc     16980
     ttgtctaaac tgcctaaaat gagctgaatc aacacaattc tagatttttt ttttcaggac     17040
     aacttaattg ttttatgttg aattcacttt aatttgcaaa aacaattaag ttaccttaat     17100
     tgatttgtgt tgggacacct tgaaggaaaa ttgtgtggag ccctgcattt tttatatgat     17160
     cgggaattat tttgatagtg ttattgtccc ttagcacatt tttaagtaca atattttcaa     17220
     cacaatcgta cggcaattcg taactttttc atttagtggc taattcgtat gaattcgtac     17280
     gatctaattc gtacaattta gtacgatttg ctttccccca atgacggttg gggttagggg     17340
     tggggtcagg tgccacgcct ccttttaaaa atcgtaccat ttcgtacgac taacctcata     17400
     cgaattcgta cgaattagcc actaaactgg caaaacgtaa aatacttacg tttttacgtg     17460
     agatcaggct gttttttttt tgtgtaaaca taccttttta aaatagcaac cactgcaaaa     17520
     tattagcatc agtcactgaa ttaacctttt actcacagtt ttgtggaaat gtagatatat     17580
     ttacaggcat ttttgcagtt ttattacatt cctgagatga tgttgttgtt ttgttgacct     17640
     aatatgtcat ccaattaaat gttcactgta actgatacta cctgcaaaca ttacataatt     17700
     gtcatttgcg tgttcttggc agagtcgagc agctgctgac tgaagaagcc tctgtgtttt     17760
     ggtcaggtcg ggttatgttg tgtctcctct gcagggaacc gagggaaacc atcagcagat     17820
     ctgaggctgc aaacaggcag tgggatccgt ctgaccttca cttcaactga tacctcctgc     17880
     ttaaacacaa acaaacacat ctatccttta aatacacttg aagaatagcc cagttttatc     17940
     aagcagcagt agaacacctg tgacattttg ttaaagcaaa gatctgttat tttaagctca     18000
     agctgaaggg agctcacggg aagcagtgtg tggatatttt acactctcct ctgtgagatc     18060
     ttgaggcact cttgctatgt acaatttcaa aatgtgttat aaaaatgtaa ccggaccagt     18120
     caaaaacatg agtagcaatg cactgtgagg taaaacccag agcttaaggt ttacactgtg     18180
     tttccatatt tagtgattca caagtgtttt ccatttattt acggttgtaa attgcattat     18240
     gttgatgttg ggatgatggg atgttgattt ctgctctgtc gactttagat gttgaaaatt     18300
     ttacttcaca ctttagcaaa gagacttcta ttgacatttt agtagttttg atataatgta     18360
     ttagaaataa tatatagaag aataagtctg taaaataaca gaaaatgtac tgtcagctta     18420
     ttacagggtg tttgttttat gcaacaccaa cccagacaat acatcacttt aaactattaa     18480
     aaatgtgatc ccactttata ttaagtgtcc ctaactacta tgtacttaca tcaaaaaaaa     18540
     ataaatacaa tgtacttact gtgtttataa tgtatttgag aacacttgtg gtgcttttag     18600
     gttggaaaag aggttgggtt atggacaggt ttggtggcat gggtaggttt aagggtgggt     18660
     taaggtgtaa gggatggtca acagtgtatt tacaaatgta actacaaaag gtaattacag     18720
     atgtaattac atacatgtat ttaatcaagc ataagtacac agtgaataca tgtatttaca     18780
     caattagtac attgtaacaa actattagtt cctatgtaag tacatattag ttaaggccac     18840
     ttaatataaa gtggaaccaa aaatgttaat aaaagtccat tttcaagctt tttgtttaag     18900
     gttaaacatt gttagaagaa agattaaggt cccataatgc aattcaaaag cataaaaaac     18960
     catgaatctc aaaatacggt taatctacag atatttttta cagtgtacat aatataatat     19020
     ttatatcaaa aaagtcacag tctatcaaaa ttctttcctc tagatggcaa caaaagtcac     19080
     aaattagaat tttagatcaa ctttggatca aattgggtta tagtcaggac taaaactaaa     19140
     accatttttg ttgctttcaa taaattatag gcctaagtta tactatactt cagttaattg     19200
     taactgccag gcctggctct ctcattgact acgtttacat ggacaccaat aatttaattt     19260
     taatgctata aagacaacac tctgattaag agttaaccat gtaaacagct acttttgatt     19320
     aatttaatca gattaaggtc ataatcgaac taaagagtaa tcgaattaag acgtttggag     19380
     tatgccgata ttagtcgcat tattgaagtg cattactgac atgtaaacac cttaatcgaa     19440
     ttatttccgt catgtaggac ttttcgccgc gttttgcgac aggatagtcc gcgcgcatgg     19500
     ctgtttgaca ttttgcaaat tgcacttacc cagtcagtgc agaccacaga cacctgcatc     19560
     gtgaaatgca gagggttttt tttcttccaa tcagcatgct gtatgaactt tcattaaaac     19620
     atcactcttc cagcagttca tagttgcatc cattatctcg tttgtcacgg agagcatgca     19680
     tgaaacgttt tgtgaatgaa agtgaaagtg ccaaactgca gttaaagtca acaaattaaa     19740
     aatgaaacac ccgaaattac atgaaactcc ggaggaaatg cggatagcgt ggtgataaat     19800
     gggttgaagt gctataacat gtaaaacggg atcatgaaat gaacactcaa aaagcaactg     19860
     atgtaaacag ctaagtctta ttttatctca cagtcacccc gatctctctg atcaccctca     19920
     cctgagtctt gattagccct ggatgtcatc ctcagacatt cccgccagcc cataaaactg     19980
     gcctcgccaa tagacagaag gaccaacgct catggtcaaa gttttcatag cgcttcccgt     20040
     tttccacatt tttttatgtt ataaatgcat ttatttcctc aaacttctac acacaatacc     20100
     ccataatgac tacactgtaa aaaaaattcc gttgttttta caaaaaaaat ttggcagctg     20160
     tggttgccag aataattttg taaaaaatac aataaaattg taaacctgtt tacaatttaa     20220
     aactgtttat gtacagaata attatgtaaa aaactattta ataatatgta aaatttttca     20280
     gaaattttgt gtaagaaata attaaatttt ttgtatttta acaaaaaaat cttgttgttt     20340
     ttacaaaaaa aatttggcag ctgtggttgc cagaataatt ttgtaaaaaa tacaataaaa     20400
     ttgtaaaccg gtttacaatt taaaactgtt tatgtacaga ataattatgt aaaaacaaat     20460
     taatattatg taaaatttac agaaagtttg tgtaagaaat aattacattt ttacaattta     20520
     aaactgttga acatacagaa ttactaatct ggcagctgtg gttgctacaa taattatgta     20580
     acaaaattac attgtaaaat gtaaacaact taacagcata aaatcatcac tttagtcaat     20640
     tgtgtttatt cataattatc aaaaagtaaa caagtaaatc ttttctgaaa tggcacaact     20700
     acacctaaac caattatttt gggaagacca ctgttgtttc gtatactgaa catagtttga     20760
     tttcagtagc aactgtaaat catttgcttt acccttgacc attaatacga taacttgtat     20820
     gttacacatt acttatgtaa aaaaaaaatt ttttttgaaa tttttgcaaa tttattaaaa     20880
     ataataaacc tgaaaaatca catctaataa aattaaatat aactaaaata ttaaccaaac     20940
     tagtaaaaac aaagcacttt acaataacag tacatgaatg atgatgtatt aatatgtaaa     21000
     ctaaacatta ttaggaatta acgatgagtt aaggtatgca ctaatcacga attaacttta     21060
     acaacaacat gagtcacatg agttcatgtg taaataacga ctaccttaat tagtacatgt     21120
     tgttaattaa tgtattaatt aacatttaag tttaagctaa atgtaaccaa catgaactct     21180
     atgacatgac tttgtcatga ctttacttgg aggagcacat catcattaac tcatccttaa     21240
     ctactcatga actcctgttc atgttgatgt tgacagaaca cttttctatt gttattcagt     21300
     gtaaactcac tagttggacg tgcataagga gttcattagt agttaagaat gggttaatga     21360
     tgatgtgccc ctccaagtaa attcacaaca taattataca ttaacatatc acgagttcat     21420
     gatggttaaa ttaagcataa actaacgtgg taattaatac attaattaac aacatgtact     21480
     aacaagtaat taaggcagcc gtcattcaca catgaactca tgtgactcat gttgtagtta     21540
     aagttaattc atgattagtg cataccttaa ctcatcatta attcataata aagtaatgtt     21600
     tagtttacat attaatacat cattattcat gtactgttat tgtaaagtgt tacctaaatc     21660
     ctattcaaaa acacacacta taaagcttca tctctcaaaa ccgcacctaa tctgaacaca     21720
     tttctccaat atccgctgga ggtcgctgac ttttcaggcc cttccaataa catgcatctt     21780
     taatgtgctc acctcctgac ctccagcatc tctcaaaatg attcttgcag agtgatgttt     21840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatggtg tttgggaagt taatgggaaa acaaaaggct     21900
     attggtcagc tgttaaaaaa gtttagtagc cggagccctc cctgttgaat ataaagaccc     21960
     ttcggcagac ggttccagtc cagattcacc aaatcactca ttcctgactt ttctgtgcat     22020
     ttgaactcat aaaaatgggt agtatggcaa cagagatcgt tgcttttctt cttaccattt     22080
     ccggatggat tctggtgtcc tcaacactcc ccaccgacta ctggaaagtg tcgtctgtag     22140
     atggaacggt catcacaacg gccacctttt ggtccaatct gtggaagacg tgtgtcacag     22200
     actcaaccgg agtctccaac tgcaaggact ttccttcaat gctcgcactg gatggtactt     22260
     cattgctttt ttggtctaag taaacgctct gagggtttac aggaattgct gattatgtac     22320
     tggtctcttg tattttcgcc agagagtgca gatgtctaat agtttgaaaa aaagagtagc     22380
     acagtgttgg attgctctaa tggtgttttg gcacaataaa tcgaagccaa atcgatctct     22440
     tgaccattta agcaaggtgt ttattgtgct taatgccttt aaaaaatgat cgttcatcca     22500
     aaattgagaa tgtattcacc atttgcaccc tctagtggat tcaaaccttt attagtgaac     22560
     accaacgaag atattttgaa gaattttgga aaatggtaga cattgacttc catagtattt     22620
     ttcagactgt tattagtttt cttctgttga aagcaaaaga agatattttg aagtatgttg     22680
     gaaaccagta gccattgact tccataatat tttcccccaa tatagttttc agtggctaat     22740
     agtttccaac attctttaaa taatcttcct ttgtgttgtc taaacaggtt tagaacccct     22800
     aaggggatta caaagcaagt aattttggtc tttggtgtga agcaaaggga tgttttaccc     22860
     aaaatgaaaa tttactcacg ttcaagtggt cccaaacctt tatgagcttc attcttctga     22920
     tgaacacaaa agaagatatt ttgaagaatg ttggaaacca gtagcctcga ccttcattgt     22980
     aaccccccca cccaatattg ttgccactgg ctaatagttt tcaacattct tcaaaaaaat     23040
     cttccttcat gttgtctaaa ccggtttaga acacctaagg gggagtgaaa agcaagttat     23100
     ttggtttttg ggtgggaact aaagtcatat ttcaccccga aatgatgtac tcaccctcaa     23160
     atgtttccaa acctttatga gttgaacaca aaagaagata ctttgaagaa tgctggaaaa     23220
     atgttaccaa ctgttcttct gttgaaccag tagccatcga cttccatagc atgtaatagt     23280
     ttccaacatt cttcaaaata tcttccttca tgttgtctga gcaggtttaa aatacctaag     23340
     gggagtaaaa agcaagtaat tttagttttt ggtgttttgg agtttttttc cctcttgaac     23400
     acaagagaag atattttgaa gaatgttgaa aaatggtagc catcagcgat agtactttaa     23460
     aaaaaccttt attagtttcc ttcttttatt aaatgcaaaa gaagttattt tgaagaatgt     23520
     tggagaccag cagccatcga cttctatagt actttttccc ttaatatggt tgtcagtggc     23580
     agttttcaac attatttaaa taatcttcct ttgtgttgtc tatacagctt tagaatgcct     23640
     aaggggagaa aattttaatg aaaatttact tgaaaataaa gtgtttccaa acctttttct     23700
     ttcttctgtt gaacacataa caagatattt tgaagaatgt tggaaactgg tagcgaatcc     23760
     atcacacccc caccccaccc caccctaaca tagtcagcgc catgtccttg gctaatagtt     23820
     tccaacgttc ttcaaaagaa tcttccttca tgttgtctaa acaggtttag aacacctaaa     23880
     tatttaaggg ggagtgaaaa gcaagtaatt ctaaagggat atttcaccct aaaacgaaaa     23940
     catactcacc ctccagtggt tccaaaccat tagttcttcc ttctattaaa cacaagagag     24000
     gatattttaa agaatgttgg aaaatggaag ccattgacct ctatagtatt ttttttaaac     24060
     cttggactcc tacttctgtt gaacgcaaaa gaagatattt tgaaaaatgt tgtgaaccgg     24120
     aagccatcgg cttccatagt atttttttat attgtctcac ccataagtgt ttccaaacct     24180
     ttatgagttt tgttcttctg ttgaacgcaa aggaagatat tttgaagaat gttggaaagc     24240
     cattgagttt tatagtattt gtttctctta ttatagttgt taatggctac cactttccag     24300
     cattcttcaa aaaatcttcc tccatgttgt ctaaacagag gctaaattgt ccatagtgta     24360
     gtgtatgtgt gcgaatgagg gtgtatgggt ttcccaggga tgggttgcag ctggaagggc     24420
     atccgctgtg taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggcgacccca     24480
     gattgctaaa gggactaagt cgaaaagaaa atgaatggat gaatgttgtc aaaacaggtt     24540
     tacaacacct aagggggatt agaaacttta gatcagggat gtcaacctca attcctggag     24600
     ggctccacac cctgcacagt ttagttccaa ccctgctcca acacaaattt ctgtaggttt     24660
     caaacaagcc tgaaggactc aattagtttg atcaggtgtg tttaattagg gttggaacta     24720
     aactgtgcag agctgcggcc ctccaggaac tgaatttgac atccctgctt tagattcttg     24780
     gtgtgaacta aaggaatatt tcagcctgaa atgaaaattt cttttgaaca caagagaaga     24840
     tattttgaag aaaagctgaa aaatggaaac catttgacat tcaaagtaag aaaagctatg     24900
     aatactaatg aagtcaatgt ggtcagaggt ttccagttta gattccctcc tgtatatgtt     24960
     attttgtgtt taacaggaga aagaaagtca aacaggtttg gaacatgtgg agtaaataat     25020
     gacatgtttg tttgttgtct cttgaatacc agctgtaagc agtaaaagcg gttaaaaaat     25080
     caaaagtggc caaactcaaa atgtttctga ccctgtttgt gctagtcttt agtgttgtcc     25140
     acttgtgatc agatcaacaa aaattgcatc tggataccaa gtgtaatcag gcccttaaac     25200
     tgtatttctt ggctcatgac ttcagttaca acctgcagga atgtttaacc ccgaggaaag     25260
     taggaaaata gggtttaata agcgtgcgtc gacttaatta agtctggatg gcacaccttc     25320
     acacaggagg aagttttagg gtagggaatc tccctcaatc ctgcatttta catgtctctc     25380
     ttgggtgtgc cattcatatg caaaattcag ggagtctaat ttgggaatct gtgcttcggg     25440
     gcacacagaa cagggtgttg ttaaagtctc tttatggcaa atcagccctc tttgaaagcc     25500
     ttctggttat ctattttagt catgcaaatt gaactccagg attttaacag ttattagcat     25560
     gttgctaacg tgctattatt gctaataagt tcagagctgt tgttggcatg ttgatatttg     25620
     gttgctaatg tgttgagaca gtaccatgtt tttatgtatt gttaaggttt tctgatcggt     25680
     tattctgacg ctatataatt atcaagttgt ttgagtggtt gttagcatgt tgataagtgg     25740
     ttactaaggt gtttgagtgg ttagtatgtt gatgtgtggt tactaaagtg ttgtagttat     25800
     gtcgctatag tggttgttag catgttgatg tgggtactac tacctgcaga aaaaacagct     25860
     caagcctagg ccggttggtt ggttttagct ggtcgaccag ttttagaagt attttggcca     25920
     tttacaggct ggtttccaat ttcttgcctg gtcttagctg gtcaggctgg aaaatgacct     25980
     ggacttagct gaaaattaac tggacctagc tgggtttgac tggacaccca gattggctag     26040
     gattgtcaag ctggtttcag ctggtcatct tccagtctga ccagctaaaa ccagcttgta     26100
     aatggccaaa acccctctaa aaccaggctg gtcgaccagc taaaaccaac caaccagcgt     26160
     ttttagcagg aaggtgttct gattggttgt tattatgtca ctgtggttac taagctgttt     26220
     gattggtttt tagcatgttg atgtggttat taaggtgttc tgattggttg ttactatgtc     26280
     actgtggtta ctaagctgtt taagtggtta gcatgttgat gtggttatta aggtgttctg     26340
     attggttgtc attatgtcac tgtggttact aagctgtttg agtggttgtt agcatgtaga     26400
     tgtggttact aaggtgttct gattggttgt tcttaagtca ctatgtggtt actaaggtgt     26460
     ttgagtggtt agcatgttga tgtgtggtta ttaataacac tgattggttg tttttatgtt     26520
     gctatttaat tactaagttg ttggcgtgat gattagcatc ttgatatatg gttactaatg     26580
     tgctgtggtt gttattttgt cgatttgtgg ttactaaatt gttttagtgg ttgtcagcat     26640
     gttgatacat ggttactaag atgttctcaa tggttgttat cgcattactg tttggtgcta     26700
     aggcattttc ggtggtctga ccagatttct gtttatgcta ttattacatc tttctcatca     26760
     aaaaaatctg tcctctgctt tcctgttcct gcagcttata tccaagtgtg tcgtggcctg     26820
     atgatctcag ctgtatgttt gggctttttt ggagccagcc tggcactagt gggcatgaag     26880
     tgcaccagaa taggaggatc agagaccacc aaagcccgca tcacctgtct gtgtggacta     26940
     cactttattc tgagtggtaa atgtttcctg tgacccaggt gaggctttct tcttttttta     27000
     aagcactttt cctgtaaccg tatctcatcc tctttccagg aatctgctct attactgcct     27060
     gttccctcta tgcacaccgg atcacatcag agttttttga ccccttattt gtgaaacaga     27120
     agtaagaaat atcagtcaaa tatcacattc tccttgaact ttctacagcg caggctcatt     27180
     ctgaaaatgt agccctacat acatttctgg aggttgcgaa tttggtagcc aaagctacaa     27240
     atggctgcat ttcgtttttt aaaacaaact ctagagggcg atatgacgct gttcctttcc     27300
     atgcttacca gctgaccgct tacctccata cggacagctt tcccgctgta acaagtttgt     27360
     cgagtagccc accatgtacg ttagtggact tgagacgcag agaggagttg accacgagga     27420
     tgggattcga gtccagtgga gaatggtttt agaaagcagg taaaacaaaa aagcagaagc     27480
     caaaaaataa cgtggtaaaa atcaggcagt cattcagtca gtcaacagca acctctggtg     27540
     gatttacaca agaaaagcag acgcaaatgg cactcctgag agaaatatga gagctcaaaa     27600
     agtgtataca gcggccactg gtggatttac gcgagaacag caagcgcgaa cagcactcct     27660
     aagagaaata tgagaactca aaaagtgtat acagcggcct ctggtggatt tacgcgagaa     27720
     cagcaagcgc gaaaggcact gctgagagaa atatgagaac gcaaaaagtg tatacagcgg     27780
     cctctggtgg atttacacaa gaacagcagg cgcaaatggc actcctgaga gaaatatgag     27840
     aactcaaaaa gtgtatacag cggccactgg tggatttacg cgagaacagc aagcgcgaaa     27900
     ggcactcctg agagaaatat gagaactcaa aaagtgtata cagcggcctc tggtggattt     27960
     acgcgagaac agcaagcgca aatggcactc ctgagagaaa tatgggagct caaaaagtgt     28020
     atacagcggc cactggtgga tttacgcgag aacagcaagc gcgaacggca ctcctgagag     28080
     aaatatgaga actcaaaaag tgtatacagc ggccactggt ggatttatgc gagaacagca     28140
     agcgcgaaca gcactcctga gagaaatatg agaactcaaa aagtgtatac agcgacctct     28200
     ggtggattta cgcgagaaca gcaagcgcga aaggcactcc tgagagaaat atgagaactc     28260
     acaaagtgta tacagcggcc tctggtggat ttacacaaga acagcaggcg cgaatggcaa     28320
     tcctgagaaa aatatgagaa ctcaaaaagt gtaaacagcg gcctctggtg gatttacgcg     28380
     agaacagcaa gcgcgaacag cactcctgag agaaatatga gatctccaaa agtgtacaca     28440
     gcgacctctg gtggatttac acatgaacag caggaactaa cggcactaac gagagaaatt     28500
     tgagatctta agcgtacaca gcagcctctg gtgcattcgc gaaaacaaaa actgcaaata     28560
     atattggcaa tctccagaga tgtacatagg ggtacatttt cagaatgagt ctgggttgac     28620
     tatcaagcat gtgtaatgct tgtttatttt gcctcttttt ttttagattt gaacttggtg     28680
     cggctttgtt catcggctgg gcaggatctg tgctgagtat tctaggagga ttaatctttt     28740
     gtttttccat gacagaggga ttcagcatca ggtttgattc ttcatttgca tgtcagtcag     28800
     tcagtcagtc agtcgatcga tcgatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa     28860
     tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa     28920
     tcattttgat ctttgacagg gaatactcct acaatggtgc cacatctgtc atatcaacaa     28980
     gaaccaagat cacaaagaca aacaaaagca ccaagtctca aaaagacccc tcagaccaga     29040
     tgttctctgg cagacggttt ggcaggaacg catatgtctg atttcaactt cctgtgtaaa     29100
     gctggaaacg ataacaagtg aaggtcaaca catatacact gtgtacagtc agctatcaaa     29160
     caaatccttc catggagagc cttaggtcat agggcaaatg gtgttaatta tatttacata     29220
     ccgatgtgcc attacagtat gatgccctct tgggcctgga gcaatgagca tgtttggcaa     29280
     ccaaacaata tttgtataac ccaaggactg gctttcagta agtcctatgt tcggtatcag     29340
     aatgtgaaat actgctgatt tatcggagtt tgatgatgga caaattgtga tggcaacgca     29400
     cctctgagct cagctccaag aaagagtgct ccttgtgggt tgttcaaggg cattcgcaat     29460
     aagtacttat taaaagtgat ccacagattt gtgtctactg atgccaaaca ggacgggaga     29520
     ctggtgttga gcattgatcc aaagtccctt tagaggaaag tctgttcact tggcacacct     29580
     ccgggcaggt catccaagac taaaaccctg acctgcacta atttggttga taacctgcta     29640
     tttacagttt gatttggcta ctgtgaataa ataaattggc atgttgcttt tatgaccaga     29700
     agacggggta aaacactggg agaacagaga ctgaaccctg aacaaagact acaagaagac     29760
     actgtagtca tatagtcaaa taatatatag agaaataaaa taacagaaaa tgtactctca     29820
     gtttattaca aggttattag cccctttcac acatacagac ctttccggaa aattaccggc     29880
     aattttccgg aaaggttgta tgtgtgaaca ggtccttttt gaaaataccg gtaaattcgt     29940
     tctggctatt ttccaaaaag agaagttgta acattaccgg caatttgccg gaatgctgcg     30000
     ctgtgtgaat gcagaaggaa gattgccgta ataagcgagt gcatgtctag aacgtgctga     30060
     cgtgagacgt ctgctttagc caatcacaac agtcagacgc atttacgtcc gcgcggttta     30120
     tgagaataaa agcctttgaa tatttttcca gacacattta gctgctagaa gttagtcaga     30180
     tcacgtttat atgttcttct taatgccaac tgtgtaaata atcatcgatg agatgcttat     30240
     gataagccgt tgtttgttta ccttcaagct ttgcgtgtgc ctgtgaaaca gcctgtgagc     30300
     gcctgcacac gcacatatca tgaacatctc gacatgcgaa agggatcctg cgaaagttgt     30360
     tcacaatatt gatcatccac agagtttgta atttagtcaa atgtttacaa acacaagcgc     30420
     agccgtttaa agctcacttg tggtgaatga tgtcagaatt taccggtatt ttggaatgga     30480
     tgtgtgaatg ctcttttccg gaaaatttcc gtaacgtcct cgcctgtgtg aacagcgctt     30540
     ttttgaatat accggtaaag tcgttccgga aattttccag atatttaccc tcatcactgt     30600
     gtgaaagggg ctatatagtc aaataatata tagagaaata aaataacaga aaatttactc     30660
     tcagtttatt acaaggttat tagccccttt cactcataca cacctttcca caaaattacc     30720
     tgcaattttc cgcaaaggtg tgtatgtgtg aacaggcact ttttgaaaat accggtaaat     30780
     tcgttctggc tattttccag aaagagaagt tgtaacatta ccggcaattt gccggaatgc     30840
     tgcgctgtgt gaatgcagaa ggaagattac cggaaagagc acatgcacgt ctagaacgtg     30900
     ctgacgtgag acgtctgctt tagccaatca gaacagtcag acgcattcac gtacgcgcgg     30960
     tttatgagaa taaaagcctt taaatatttt accagacata tttagctgtt agaaattagt     31020
     cagttaacgt ttatatgttt atcttaatgc caaccgtgta attaattatt gataagatgc     31080
     ttatgataag ccgttgtttg tttaccttca agctttgcgt gtgcccttga agcagcctgt     31140
     gagcgcctgc acacaaatat catgtacatc tcgacatgcg aaagtgtttc tctatatgtt     31200
     ttcatcgaag ttgttcacaa tactgatcca tccacagagc ttgtgatgta gtcaaatgtt     31260
     tacaaacaca agcgcagccg tttagagctc atttctggtt aatgatgtca gaatttactg     31320
     gtattttgga gtggatgtgt gaatgctctt ttccggaaaa attccgtaac gtcctcgcct     31380
     gtgtgaacag cgctttttta aatataccgg taaagtcgtt ccggaaattt tctatatatt     31440
     taccggtatc actgtgtgaa aggggctatt gataaaattt acaacttcac aagtttaaaa     31500
     gttattgaaa gaaagatcaa ggtactgtaa agccatttta aaccataaat attccaataa     31560
     aaataaataa tcaaataaaa atgttaatca cgaaatatga aaaactgaaa ttttttacag     31620
     tgtgaatatg attgtttgtt ttacccacaa acaataattc aaagcattag tcaatgctat     31680
     caaaagaaag ctctccagga aaggtgaact gctgagagag aggactgttg cgctccagca     31740
     accataggaa cacactgtct ccgctcggaa attgagtcgg aaactcgcat gggcctgtgt     31800
     agctgaagtc tctcttcacc tcctgatcag tggaaactgg agacgcggag ctcagtcttc     31860
     agagcgtctg ccagagtcca cttctcccgt cacattcctc ctcacatata gtgctattga     31920
     agtattttat gacataataa aagatgtatt tgtgaacttt gcttcagaat ttgggagttt     31980
     ttattaaagg gaagggatcc ctatttactc tccctcaagt ggttgtaaaa cacaaaagag     32040
     gatattttgt agaatgctga aaaactgtaa ccatcaactt acatggtagg aaaaacatac     32100
     tatggaagtc agtggttggt tttcagcatt ttggtaattt ccaacaaaca gaccaatggc     32160
     tttcaagaat ctaaaactga ccaccagagg gcatcatgag cctgctttag actaaaaagc     32220
     aagaaccata atgattgttt tttttaaaga atcatttaga caacagctga tgctctccca     32280
     gtaatggtgt aaatagacac tcctgccctg gcttcatcat gtcaaaccct tagtaaaacc     32340
     gcgaataaag cactgatctt ctttttctca gacgctctct caccttgtcc aggagatgga     32400
     acaagcaaga ccttcaaaag ctgatcaaca tcaaacgcac acacacacac acacacacac     32460
     acacacacac acacctaata gcattgtgtt aagtaagtcc tttgaacaca catgcacact     32520
     cacacacaca cactttcaca aaattaataa tgttatgacc cctgaggctg ttttctggga     32580
     aaataaaggc tctttatgaa cttatgaaac cccttgggga aaagatgtgt gcttagtcat     32640
     gttccttaca gtttactttc atgacaatta aaagaaaact gctacagatt atagacaagt     32700
     attgcaaata aaaaggagtg ataacttact ggaagctcta tgattattaa ctaaaatgat     32760
     caataaattc tgtaataaat gtattcctca ttgtttcatt gtactggacc tgatcattca     32820
     ttcattcatt ttcttttcgg cttagtgcct ttactaatca ggggtcgcca cagtggactg     32880
     aaccgctaac ttatccagcg tatgttttac acagcagatt cccctccagc tgcaacccat     32940
     aactggcaag cacccatata cttttattca cacacataca ctatggacaa tttagcttac     33000
     ccaattcacc tatagcgcat gtctttggaa tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccagaggaaa     33060
     ctcacgccaa catggggaga acatgcaaac tcaacacaga aatgccaact gacccagtcg     33120
     aggctcgaac cagcaacctt cttgctgtga ggcaattgtg ctacccacgg ctccactgtg     33180
     acaccctaga ccttataaat atttcaaagt tggcatttaa agggcaccta ggttacccct     33240
     tttttcagat ttaatataag tcttttgcgt ctctacaatg tgtatataag gtttcagatc     33300
     aaaataccca tcagattttt cattatacct tttacaagat gctgttttat actgatttcc     33360
     agcagggggt ggttttgtcg tactgcgcct ttaagacgag tctttcccgc ctactatttc     33420
     tacatgcctc ctccctcagc tgcgtccgac aacagacaga cttaaaggaa gaaggtctca     33480
     cgtagcgttt gtgagatact acagtaagaa ctaaccttta ctaatcagta ttgtgaagtt     33540
     gcattgatga gtcacacaca atatcgttac atagttaacg cacgcacgca cgcacgcagg     33600
     caggcagaca gacagagcgc gcttagctta gttaaggcta acctcaagta ctgtgtggat     33660
     atctgttatg ctaatgtaca aaataaacct gatttgactt ccacaaaccg ggattgaagc     33720
     gtcttctttt ataattgttc tgacacgcgg ctgtgctgat gaagtaaagc tgaagtaaaa     33780
     cgctgtaatt aattacacac atactctgtt ttaaaaatac tttaaacatg tgaaacttac     33840
     tcttcttaat cacatttgat gatgattgct gatcctagcg aacagaacag accttttatt     33900
     cccggttgct ttgcgtatgt ctgcctggtc ttgttgacat atacacatga ctaccggaac     33960
     atgttaatgc gcgcagctgt caatcaattc ggtgggcggg gggatcgcac acctacgtaa     34020
     tggtgcgatc gatttgaaaa cagctccaat tggccgaccc tttttttgta gttaaattga     34080
     aaaaaaagga ctgggtgtgt tcatatcacc ccagtatgac ggtctacaca ctataccaac     34140
     acacagatct gtccaaacag cttgaaaagt agatttttta ccataggtgc cctttaaatt     34200
     atttttatag actccaattg tggcgtgttt gagggaactg tcccattaat ttaattggta     34260
     ctgaaatcta cttatttatt aggggtcgca acagcggaat gaaccaccaa ctattctggc     34320
     atatgtttta catagcggat ggccttccag ctgcaaccca gaggaaatat cagtatgtca     34380
     cttccaatga acagaccaat ggctgggcga tgcagtggtg cagtaggtag tgctgtcgcc     34440
     tcccaacaag tagattgctg ggttgctggt tcgaacctcg gctcggttgg cgtttctgtg     34500
     tggagtttgc atgtgcaaag tttgaatccg gattccacca cagtccaaag acatgaagta     34560
     caggtgaatt gggtaggcta aattgtctgt agtgtaaaaa atttaccatt agaagctggc     34620
     tatattcata cattgttgcc acacaactgt gtttaaaacc ccttataaaa gtgatttttt     34680
     gcataatagg tccctttaaa gtatataatt cccacaataa gcactctttt aaagtgtaca     34740
     tcatcacaag ggccctttta gcttaaaaat aaataagata attttaaatt agacatatta     34800
     gtcagcccag catgcatgta gtgtgatcct ccctgggatg tttatgtatg aaatctgagc     34860
     tgaaagccag gtaagcagtc atcggactta ccgaaactta aaaacaaggc cctgggaata     34920
     tggagagtca tagattcaca cgaccgatcg gtgagtttcc tgaccggtcc caggcagagc     34980
     agtctcgctt cacggaccac gaaccaacat gttgatgctg caagagaaag aaactttagt     35040
     atattttaga taagtaacaa agttttgaaa agaaaaaaaa ggggagaaga aagaatctgg     35100
     gtaaggatga acattcgtac aatgcagatc tgggggtttc tgttgtcggt gacgggatgg     35160
     atctttgtgt cctgttcaat ggccatggaa gcctggaagg tcgctcctat tggaggggtc     35220
     ggtgggagca acatcatatc ggtgggctgg cactggtcca gtctgtggag agaatgcttc     35280
     accgactctg cttccacaac cagatgctac gatttccccg tgctgtgggc tgtcaaaggt     35340
     atgaacatta ctagcgtttg ttttacaacc tctaactctc ttgcatcaat gttgatattc     35400
     aataattcaa tatatcatca tattagcatt gtagcatcac aaagtggctg cagattgcac     35460
     atatgtcatg caaatctcct gtttagccat tccaaagagg ctctactggc ctgagatctg     35520
     tgttgatttg agctttgaga tatggtatta ccctgctagt atgaccatgg tcaaaaaaat     35580
     acatgaaaac acagcttgaa attcatttta ccctcataag aagagaacac aaaatacgtt     35640
     ttttaagtta ttggcaactt ttcactccag aaaaatcaca gaaagagctg agtgatatga     35700
     cacgatgcat aaacgtgctt taaatataca aattccaacg ctatctcaag gcaatttgta     35760
     actttttgat ttattgtatg aaatcataca cctcatttat actatttagt atggtttgct     35820
     tataccctaa tgattgttgg atttaggggt ggggtttggt gccacgcctc cttttaaaaa     35880
     tcgtaagatt gaactcaatg aatttgtacg aattaagctg cggttacact ggacttttct     35940
     ccccatagac ttccattcat acacatgcga atgcgtcaga ctgtaaacgc aagtttgtgc     36000
     gttaagtttc gcagtttact gcattgcaaa gttcaagctt ggtgaactct gacctgcgaa     36060
     atcacatcac ttgactgaaa tttaaaacat ggaccaatcg catgcttttt taatgtctaa     36120
     tcatcttgtt taatcccgcc cattgttgct gagccgtaca acagaatttc gcaagcttaa     36180
     actccagtgt gactgcggcc ttagctacta aactgataaa actgaaaaaa tagttacgtt     36240
     atctcgtgag gtcaagctgc atactcaaat gttcatgcat ttttgccttg ttataaacgt     36300
     gttttttgcc tcattacaaa gcaaatttta caatatacat gttaaacaga caatagatac     36360
     atttaaacag acctttatga tgccactgaa ttaattcata atgtttatcc cgcaatttgc     36420
     attaaagttg atattcagag atacacttct caagaagttg tcagttgtgt tagttgcctt     36480
     tctggcaaaa accagttcta accagttcag tttgtatata tttccatagt tgttgtacta     36540
     ccatagcaac tatacagtaa aaagcatgta atttacttta aaaagtgagt aaacacattg     36600
     gggttgcctt aaatccaaca aattcacatt acttaaaaaa agtcagtaaa tctgttgtaa     36660
     ctccccagca tacacacaac attataagac gttattatta gattatggtc accagtgtct     36720
     aagtacaatt ttattttaga tgtccaataa cgaatgacat tgatatattg ttgatttagg     36780
     tttgtgttgg aaagtgacta aaattcaatg tagagccaac atcctaaacc aacgtcatat     36840
     tgttgtcaaa cactgacatt tattcgttag gtatggcaac taaaatccaa cgtctgatag     36900
     acgtcatagt ggtaatgtcc acacaacttc aaactataac atcattagat gctgatattt     36960
     tgttattttt aggttgtgtt ggaaagtaac caaaatgcaa cgtttgtcca acattggaca     37020
     ttgacattgt tctgacgttg gtttttgaca tcaatccgat tttcatttcc aaacaaaatg     37080
     caatatccta cgacattgga gtagggccta cagcagcaat ctgacgtcat gttgacatcc     37140
     tgcttctgct gtgttggaac tattacgttt atttttaaat atgtagttta tatgttcaat     37200
     acaatgggtt tacacacttt ccttttaaaa gtcaactagt tttactcact ttttagtgta     37260
     taaataccac aagaaaattg ttcaagtaat tttacctgta aatttaaata attatctgaa     37320
     taaaaaaaca tttcattata tttttaaaat aatatttaga ctaatgaatc attttaaagt     37380
     atttttctta taggtcatat atagtcagtt ttttttacct caatattgtg cagcccaaaa     37440
     aagtagatac cgacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagatagat agatagatag     37500
     atagatagat agacagatag atagaaggac agatggacgg acagagatag atagatagat     37560
     agatagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     37620
     agacagacag acagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     37680
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     37740
     agaaggacag atggacggac agagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     37800
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     37860
     atagatagat agatagatag atagagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     37920
     agatagatag atagatagat agacggatgg tgtttgagga atgtagagaa agagattata     37980
     atattaaagt ttatctaata ataagtgctc tggatcttga ctgcccaggt tatcttcaga     38040
     tcgtgagagc tctgctgatg gccggcatgg gtgtcggagt tctcgctatt atcctcagcc     38100
     ttgtagggat ggagtgcacc tacatcggag gaaacgacaa tgagaagaac cgatctgtgc     38160
     gtgcagcagg catctgtcac gtatcaggcg gtaaaagtct tcacaatgtt attgtaagag     38220
     agttcagcgt gtctgtgtgt gtgtatttga ctgaccgtgt tcctgtctca ggtttgctgg     38280
     cgtctgctgg ttatgctgtt tatgctgagc gtatttatac agagtattac aaccctacaa     38340
     ttgctggctt gcagtaagtc ctacatgaag ttttactata cactcttgga aataaaggta     38400
     tgcgagctgt ctctgggatc aagatacctt ttcaaaaggt acaaatttct gcctaaaagg     38460
     ttcatattaa ttactcaaga gtacatatta gtacctaaaa agtccaaaag tgttcctcct     38520
     aaaatttgta agtactaata tatacttctg aggaaccaat atggaccctt taagtacaaa     38580
     tgtgtacctt ttgaaaagat accacaggga cagctcgcat acctacggaa ccccggaagg     38640
     gacgtagtgg aggagaaaaa aaatgggtgg gtgaaaaaaa taatgggtga aagaaaaaaa     38700
     atgggtggga ggaaaatata tatttctaag ttttttgcgt tctctcgcaa agttttgcgt     38760
     tccctcgcaa agatgttttg cgttccctcg caaagatgtt ttgcgttccc tcgcaaagat     38820
     gttttgcgtt ccctcgcaaa gatgttttgc gttatctcgc aaagatgttt tgcgttccct     38880
     cgcaaagatg ttttgcgtta tctcgcaaaa ctgtttctcc acaaacactt cctgttcact     38940
     gcactcacgt aaaccctccc gtttttgctg aaattctccc atattttacc attctatccc     39000
     actttcttta cattactgtg cgctgattgt cgcctttcac tttgcaacct ctgaaccagt     39060
     gaatgcatgt ttaagcgctg actgatagac gcgctccata caataaactg atcccagatc     39120
     agcgtctgta cgcgccattt aaagggacac ttctgttatc aaacaagtgc gcagcaaatg     39180
     aatctcatgt tttgtttagt ttgataacag aggtgtctct gtaagaatgc acagatctat     39240
     aatgaaagca gtccattact ttagaaactt catattattc agtgtatttg tctgtttaaa     39300
     catacacccg ctcctctgta aatggcgtgt acagacgctg atctgggatc agtttattgt     39360
     acgaagcgcg tctgtcagtc agcgcttata catgcattca ctggttcata ggtagcatac     39420
     gcacagtaat gtaaagaaag tgggatagaa tggtaaaata cgggagaatt tcggcaaaaa     39480
     cgggagggtt tacgtgagtg cagtgaacag gaagtgtttg tggagaaaca gttttgcgag     39540
     agaacgcaaa acatctttgc gagggaacgc aaaacatctt tgcgagataa cgcaaaacat     39600
     ctttgcgagg gaacgcaaaa catctttgcg agataacgca aaacatcttt gcgagggaac     39660
     gcaaaacttt gcgagagaac gcaaaaaact tagaaatata tattttcctc ccacccattt     39720
     tttttttctt tcacccatta tttttttttc acccacccat tttttttctc ctccactacg     39780
     tcccttccgg ggtacatacc tttatttctg aaagtgtaca atacaattct atcttttcat     39840
     gagatgtcag ggtttgtgag gtgaaaaagc aagacaagag cagtaccaga ctccaaaaca     39900
     aaaaatttaa tcttaacaaa gggtgttcat gttttcagat atgaattggg agttccgttg     39960
     tttcttggat ggtcgggatg tgctgttcag atcactggag gggctttctt tctagtttca     40020
     gtctccagac tctcatctca gacctacatt cagtaagtgt ttaactaata ataataataa     40080
     tatacagttg aagagttatt agcccccttt aaattttttt cttctttttt caatatttcc     40140
     caaatgatgt ttaacagagc aaggaaattt tcacagtatg tctgataatt ttttttcttc     40200
     tggggaaagt cttatttttc tattattttt atttcgccta gaataaaagc agttatacat     40260
     tttttaaaca ccattatagg gacaaaatta ttagcccctt taagctttaa gcctttaaat     40320
     gtcactttaa gctgtataga agtgtcttga aaaaatatag ttaaatatta tttacagtca     40380
     tcatggtaaa gataaaataa accagttatt agaaattagt tattaaaact atcattttta     40440
     gaaatgtgtt gatttttttt tctctccgtt aaacagaaat tgggggaaaa ataaacaagc     40500
     agtctaataa ttcagggggg ctaataattc tgacttcaac tgtatgtatt atattattta     40560
     tgaatattgc agagcttggg ggtgacaagt tagctcagtg attagttgtc gcctcacagc     40620
     aagaaagtcg ctggttcgag tcccggctgg gccagttggc atttctgtgt ggagtttgca     40680
     tgttctcccc gtgttggcgt ggtttcctat gcctgctccg gtttcccctg caattcaaag     40740
     acatgcggta taggtcaatt gaattaacta aattggccgt agtgtgtaaa tgaaagtgta     40800
     tgtgtgtttc cctatagtgg gttgcagctg gaagggcatc cgctgcgtaa aacatatgct     40860
     ggaatagttg gtggttcatt ccactgtggc gacccctaat aaataaggga gtaacctaag     40920
     gaaaatgaat gcactattgc ttttcatcaa ctttttctta tgtttcatcc tcagtgcgcc     40980
     gactctcagc gttcctgttg tggaggccaa tgctttgcgt tcctctcgca caaacatttc     41040
     catcatctcc gaacattcca caaactccaa aacgtcagcg gtgtccgcgc tctcctcgaa     41100
     gtctgagata acagccgtgt ccaaagcccc atcaaagaag tctcgtgcct ccagaagcga     41160
     acgcccctca agacctcgac gctccgataa accgcgagac tctgtcagat ctgaagtgtc     41220
     agagtctgtg agcttctcgc gatcctcagg aaccagcaga caacatatca acaataaggc     41280
     gtcttcaaca tccagaggca cctcacgtca gttcattaag agctcttacc tctgaaataa     41340
     cagtggatct ggaaaaacaa aggttctgga aaacagaaag agacggacag aatgggttgg     41400
     tggatgacat ctaaagcaaa gactatagaa tacacaagac atattacttg tatggttttg     41460
     aatggggaaa ggtgtaatgg tcaatatggc gaatgaagcc ccgtctccta atacaggagc     41520
     caatcagtga tcgctataga ctgacgatac tctgggggag gggcttagac cagaccagtt     41580
     tctgcagatt ttgtatgatt tggaagttta gaaattaaac taatgagacg gttgttgttt     41640
     aattttattg gtgatttcca atgtgacatt aaatcgtaag cttggcgagc aatcttggag     41700
     aatttgatgt ttccccattc aagttaaatg ccatttcaaa gatgagcgcc gagtgaaaaa     41760
     acttacctta aggggacttt gtcttaagtt atacaaaact gtgatgtcta ggcaaggtag     41820
     gtggcatttt ggttgttctg gcttaaagtc tctttactcc tctatagcac tcaactcttt     41880
     acgaggtcta gggctgcatt tacactgtat gattcaaata acccaatttc atcggcgcaa     41940
     tagcctagtg gttagtgtgc caacatatag catgtcaggg catcccgagt tcgaatcctg     42000
     gctcgaggac atttccctgc cgtaccctgc tctctctctc tccaacttcg cttcctctct     42060
     caaatactgc cctatctaat aaaggcaaaa aggataaaaa taaatctaaa aaaaaagtaa     42120
     tctaatgttg atcatggatt tcagtttact cagatcagat tcaggccttg ttcatatgag     42180
     gatatttatc cgttatggat tggatacgtg cccttgtgtc tgcagtgtaa tcaggtagat     42240
     cagatttgca atgtgagtcg cacgtcatta aaaaaaatgg tagcgaatga catcaattgt     42300
     gacggttaca tctagaaata gagttctgca tttaagtccc ataccttaaa tctcatatat     42360
     agaccaaaaa aacttttata taatcaggat gcacaggtta aatgcatttg aaaagaacca     42420
     aaattgaaca tttactccct caagtgattc caatccagtg tttctttcct cagcagaatg     42480
     ctgaaaacct gtaacaattg acgtctatag tatatttgtt tttctacaat ggaggtctat     42540
     ggttagagca cacatgtcaa gccagtgcct ggagggccgc aactctgcag tttagttcca     42600
     accctaatta aacacaccta aacaaactaa atgaggcctt taggcttgtt tgacacctac     42660
     aggtagtttt gttgaagcag ggtaggaact aaactgtgta gggctgcggc cctccaggaa     42720
     ctgactttga cacccctggg ttacaggttg ggggcagcac ctgtaaagtg acttttcgtt     42780
     tttggatgaa ctatcccttt tagcatgtta acgagagcaa gagggagcga gggagagata     42840
     gtgtgcacaa acacagacta aagaatacac aagaccagtc actcgtatac ttttgaatag     42900
     gaaaaagtat aactgtcaat atggcgaata aagccgcgcc ttctagtaaa ggagccaatc     42960
     agtgatcgct atatggcaaa taaagcctgc cttctagtac ataagccaat cagcaatcgc     43020
     tatagaatga cagttctctg ggggagggga ttggaccaga tgtgagtttc tgcagatttt     43080
     gtgtgagaca aacatttaga aataaaacta agggtgcttt cacacctgcc ttatttaggg     43140
     tgctttcaca cctgtgaatc gattcagttg ttccgaaaca gagattacaa atgttacatt     43200
     gttgctcttt gctcttggag cggttcgctt tcacactgaa aagtttctaa tcggaccaaa     43260
     atagctaaaa caagtcacgt gcgagtaaac tctcctcaca ttggtcagag tgtcagggtt     43320
     tattttgcag cgtcccgctc agctgtcaga agaggtggtg gtttgatggt gattgacagg     43380
     gtgcacgcgc gcgatgtgtc tgaggagaga tgcggtgggg aggggtgaga agggtgtgcg     43440
     acgatgccta tttgaggact gggagggaca cgcgagatta ccgggagatc atcactcgtt     43500
     tgcgggcatc cggagactcg cgaaacttcc cgccatactc ataattctct ctttatatgg     43560
     ccgtgagcct attacatatc cataaaacac tgtgatataa ccacgctcgg attggatcgc     43620
     tttctcactg caatcgaacc gctccagggt tcgtttcaat cgagccgaga ccacctcatt     43680
     caagcaatct cggagcgatt actttggcgc ggaacagagt gcgattgccc tgttcacata     43740
     tgccaatcga accgcgctaa ctgggcaatc gagacacgtt ccgaaacaaa agtgtaggtg     43800
     tgaaagcacc cttagttcga ttgaatcgca cttgagttcg ttttcccttt tggtgcggtt     43860
     cgtttgggca ggtgagaatg cagcagtcgt actcaagtgc gcaccaaaag cggaccaaat     43920
     aagcgtactg tgacctgctt gaagaagtgg tcttggtatg ctttcaaacg aaccctggag     43980
     ctgttcgttt gtggtgagaa tatgatccga actaaaacag gtctaaccgc aaaaagtact     44040
     gcagactttt ggactaatcc agctgccgta ggccgatgcg ctgtgcatta tggcatatgg     44100
     aggaaaaata tttgttgaca gcgctttacc tacagagaga gagaggggaa aacatgacct     44160
     aatggatcgt tggtaatatt tccgcaaaat gaccatgtcg cagtttagct aaattaatac     44220
     acgcctcctc ctgaagtgat gagcaatgca ttaaaatatt gttttccagc cgcagccgca     44280
     cttcattctc gaaatgtata gtttgtctaa agcaggcata caatcagtca gtgcagtcgt     44340
     ccctccaatg taaaaacgtc attttgtgtc tgccggtttg tttacttgcg ggagttcatt     44400
     gactttttcc cgcacgtgaa atctgaccaa tcaataagca gtttagaaaa tatgttcaac     44460
     aacatctgcc caatgagaga tgtggatttt gtcagatgac tgcattttgg ttcgtttcaa     44520
     ctggttcgga ccaaagccag cagtgtggtg tgaaaacgac ccaaagacgg tagaaaatgc     44580
     aacaatgtat tatttattgc cctgggtcca gaccaaatga agcgaactac agatgtgaaa     44640
     gcaccctaaa tagacaggtg tttaatttta ttggttattc gtaatatgaa atgaaattgc     44700
     aagcttggca tgtagtcttg gagagtttga tgcttcccca ttcaaactga atgcaggagc     44760
     atactgccaa agaggccttt catagatagg ccgccgagtg aaatgactta acttaaaggg     44820
     actttggcac aacgtccgcc atgtaaacaa tataaagcta tttcatacat aaagtaacaa     44880
     tggacatgac attaaaatgc ttactaatca aaaaattact tctaattctc tactttaaat     44940
     gaagatggct aaatgtgaat tttctcttat agactataac aaatcaactt atccaaaaat     45000
     tggcagcagt gtctaagaga gagaaataac agtgtttaag gatgctatgc acagttgaag     45060
     tcagaattca aagccccctt catttttttc ccctcttttt tcaatatttc ccaaatgatg     45120
     tttaacagag caaggacaat ttcacagtat gtctgttaat attttttctt atggggaaag     45180
     tcttatttgt tttattttgg ctagaataaa agcagtttta aatttttaaa caccattttt     45240
     gggacaaaat tattacccct ttaagctttt ttttcttgat aatctacaga acaaaccatc     45300
     gttatacaat aacttgccaa attaccataa cctgcctagt taacctaaat aacccagtta     45360
     agcccttaaa tgtcacttta agctgtatag aagtgtcttg aaaaatatct agtctaatat     45420
     tatctactgt catcatgaca aagataaaat aaatcagtta ttagaaatga gttattaaaa     45480
     ctattatgtt tagaaaagtg ttgaaatttt tttttctctc tgttaaacag aaattgggga     45540
     aaaataaaca agcagtcaaa taattcaggg gggctaatat ttctgacttc aactgtatga     45600
     aaaaattcaa ccctgcaaac agattaaaat acaggaatga agaatagaga gctattttat     45660
     tatcaaagca actgctttat tctttgccag gttgttgcat atttgcatgt gcggtgtaaa     45720
     tgcacgcatc gagtcacttt taaaagaaga tgtaagcgga taatccaaaa agtcagatac     45780
     agatcacaaa actgaaactg accataaaga tctgcagtgt atattcagcc tagatgtatt     45840
     tataccatct gtggtagaaa gaaaccttcg tccactcaga acgcttggtc caaacattag     45900
     catcagcttt cttacctgca tgtcaagaag tggatttgca tacctctgct caccccgttt     45960
     gcacagacgt cacattatca tcagattact gaaaaggtgt gtgtccagct gaaaattcca     46020
     ctgtaagcac ttctgtcttt gtgtcgtgtc ctttggaagc tcaaatacag aaacagaaca     46080
     agctctgtgg aaaagcagca tttgacgcta ttttagcttt ctctgctaca ttacagcgaa     46140
     aaggatttgg atttctgctt tccaatccgt ctcatcatgg accaacaatt atccttttca     46200
     tcatcctgtt tctcagtatt taactgtgaa ttgattttaa ttaatgaata agttaacaca     46260
     ctgcttaata taagaatgtt cagtgcattt gctgaggtgg aactgagggt tgaggactgg     46320
     aagcaactgt ttctattgtt atttctatga gtaatactat ctaaaatgtc aaaagtgatt     46380
     ttgcaatttt tacggttaat tattttaaag tgattctact ttttattcaa gatagacttt     46440
     gtgtagtaag gaattataac tgcctgaatg tagattatac cggtttttaa ccagttttga     46500
     taaagacggc tgagagtaca ctcagccttg gataagaaac agattatact ttaagtgtgt     46560
     gtgttctatt tgatttttga tccgtttcac aggtctggag ccagctctaa tcagtctaag     46620
     ggatgtctga cgtttatgct taagatattg ttcagaatat acgcacaaac cccacgtgaa     46680
     aatttcctag tctatctgtg ttttaaccaa tcaggttaga acacctgtat gtgtgacaca     46740
     gttaatgacg ttatgtgaga gtataattgt tattgattgg tgattgtaag cagagcgtcc     46800
     taggaactca ttgcgagtgt tgaagctggc ttctgttgat gtaacttcaa actatcttta     46860
     gtaaacttga tttatttatt taaatctctg actccggctc ttcttcatct actagactgg     46920
     tcattctttg ggtcaaactg taaactatcc ctacaagcgc ctctggccac gccccttcgc     46980
     tgcatggggt gaaagcgcat aacctgaaag gtttatgatt tcatttaccc agattttttt     47040
     tgtagtccca aaattcgttc actgtaggct tttctaagct aactctgtaa aagtcctttg     47100
     catcgaactg agcaaacttt gattacattc agagatgttg tttatgttca cacaactaca     47160
     ttacacatca aagtttgaaa tataatatcg tagtggacca ccgctttaat tattatcaat     47220
     gtttttgcag ttttatattt ttgtggaaat tgtaatactt gtgtcagtta ccacaaacca     47280
     gatggacaac atgaagagct catccagacc tgcaacagta gtgatcattc ctccatcaca     47340
     gcagtcgcac attaacaaca gagaacaatc agacataata tacaccatga agaaacgatt     47400
     taaaaacaaa taatcgttta aatgttaaaa aattcatttt aataaatcat tactcattat     47460
     acattacaaa aacctctata ttttatataa actatcaaaa aagtatgagg caatcatttt     47520
     attttaaagt gcaacaccct ctggatgttt cctagcatca ggtgtacctt tatatctgat     47580
     ataaagtacc gttaacactg tggatatgtt aaactcatag agtgaaaggc tgtttttgca     47640
     ctgctgtccc tgaatcaaca ctaatcctga gctacaacac gtcctggatt ttacagtgag     47700
     ataggatatt agcatgagga tgtttttggt attgctttgt tgtgtttgat taaatctcat     47760
     ctgaatcgtc ccagtcactg acggtcacga gactgctctt caatgtgctg gccgttcctg     47820
     cgtctgtgag gcctgcaaaa cacagaaaag caggtcagtt gtcatttcat tatgtggagt     47880
     ttgctcgtgt tggcgtggcg ttgacgtgct ataggtgaat tggatgaact aaattggtca     47940
     tagtgaatga gtgtgtgaat gccagagtgt atgggtgttt cccagcactg ggttgcagct     48000
     ggaagggcat ccaatgcata atatttatgc tggaatagtt ggtggttcat tccgtggtgg     48060
     cgatcccaga ttaataaaag aactaagccg aaaatgaatt aataagttag cggttcattc     48120
     tgctgtggcg accctttgat aaacacagga ctgagccgaa gaaaaattaa ttaaaatata     48180
     ttttgagtta aaaaatgtga atcacaagtg ttcgtcattt cgcttcagga gtcccgagtt     48240
     caagtcccag cttgcagacc tttgtcgatc ccttcaactt ctctctttac agcttagctt     48300
     cctgtttaac taatgtccta tcacaatgaa gtaaaaacat tttttaaagt acctggcttg     48360
     tgtcctttgc cagttgagga gccccagaca cttgtgctgg tgtcttgact cttgtccagg     48420
     ctctttctga cgggtacagg acactgagtg ggtttggcca cagcgggcac atcttccaga     48480
     gaggagatat cccagtcatc atcatcatca tcatcatcat ctgagtactg agacacagca     48540
     gagaaacact cattacaaat ttggtataga gacgaaaatg aacaaatgta accaattaac     48600
     taatgcagaa ataaaaaaaa atcaattctg gaaactagga atgattgatg aaaatggctt     48660
     tttggttttt gcctgaaaga aaaaaaggct gaaaaatgta agtcattaaa attgaactta     48720
     atttaagtta aatcataaag tcttacttta tattacccaa taaaatatta tatatagatg     48780
     atataaatat aaaaaaatat atttatattt tatattcaaa tataaatata aaataatgat     48840
     agaaaacgac tttgtaaaaa aagaatgtat aactttccaa tagggatgca ctgaaataaa     48900
     gttctaggtc agaaccaaca aagcaaagtg ggtagcacca tcgcctcaca gcaagaaggt     48960
     cacttgttcg agccccggct aggtcagttg gcatttccgt gtggagtttg catgttctct     49020
     ccgtgattgt gttggtttcc tccaggtgct ccggtttccc cccaaagaca tgcggcatag     49080
     atgaattgaa taggctaaat tggccatagt gtatgtgtgt gaatgagtgt gtatggcttt     49140
     ttcccagtga tgggttgtgg ctagaagggc atctgttgca taaaacatat gctggataag     49200
     ttggcaaccc cagattaata aagaaaatga atgaataaat ataaatataa aagtaatgat     49260
     agaaaagtac tttgtaaaaa acattagttc gtttcccggg ggaatacact aaaatgaaag     49320
     ttctaggtca ataccaaaaa gccttaaaat aatacttttt tatataataa ttatattaat     49380
     aattatataa ataattataa aaatatttaa taataattac atgaaaatat aaagtaattt     49440
     tgtaggactt tttatattga atttaattta agttattacg ataaatcaaa aaagtcttac     49500
     aaaattactt ttatacttta ctatattatc ttgtaaaaac aataaataat tattactatg     49560
     cagttttgtt attggggcaa cacggtggct cagtagttat cactgtcgcc ccacagcaag     49620
     aaggtcgctg gtttgagtcc cagctcggcc aattggcatt tttgtgtgga gtttgcatgt     49680
     tctccctaca gtcaaaagac atgtgctata ggtgaatttt agaaattaaa ttggacatag     49740
     tgcgtgtgtg taaatgagtg tgtgtggatg tttcccagtg ctgggttgca gctggaatgg     49800
     cgttcgctgt gtaaaacaca tgctgcatga gctgacccct gatgaataaa gggactaagc     49860
     taaaggaaaa taaataaatt gattgttgtt attaattttt ggttatttta ttttttttgg     49920
     tttatcttca gtgtattcct aaactgtaat acattttttt aaaagtcatt ttttaatatc     49980
     atactaaaaa atgttgttac tgtcactttt gttttctgta agtttgcttg ctgcataaat     50040
     gtattaattt cttaacttca aagatttgaa agttgttgga atttactgaa aataagtaca     50100
     ttgtaacaag ccccataact agggccagac ggaatctgaa gacatttttt gctgtttctg     50160
     cgcagaattt tgctaaaaat cagcagattc atgcaaaatg attttggtag tatcataagt     50220
     aaaaccttaa tatatgaact aaatagtaat acctttttaa cttgtattta atgtttacaa     50280
     tgcaaatcca attagatctt ttatttgtta aacaaatcaa ctcttctata taatgaatgt     50340
     aaaatacaga aaatatcact ttacaaactg tattctaaat aaattatatg atcattttaa     50400
     tatcagtcaa tatttattac tgaaattaat ttgaaaactg aataaatata aatttacaca     50460
     catttacaca agtaaataaa cagaattaat gatgggctaa aaatccgcag aaatctgcgg     50520
     aattctaagc gtagttactg acagttcccc taaaaatgac aattctgtca tcatttattt     50580
     gtttacaaac ttttcattca cctttttgag gttctttttt ctgctgaaca catgaaagca     50640
     ttcattgact tccaatgctt cccactatgg atgtcaatgc ttttccgccc ccaaaattcc     50700
     tcacaatatc ttttttgtgt tcaacagaag taagctgaga acctcttgag tgtgggtaaa     50760
     tggtgaggaa atgttcattt tgagtgaact atccctttaa atacacattt tttaaagggc     50820
     cagctcttac tttaagctct ttctttgcgt tctgccttgt atttctgacg tctgttggct     50880
     tttccagaaa tgtattaacg ccccctgctg gtttcttagg acctcgagcc gccagctgtt     50940
     tttcaaggct tttgccaaga gctttgacat tacctacaga aaacagagag agcacataat     51000
     attttaccag atattttttt aagatgctag tattcagctt aaagtgacat ttaacagctt     51060
     aactaggtta attaggcaag ttagggtaat taggcaagtc attgtatatc gatggccaaa     51120
     ataaaacaag actttcaaca gaagaaaaat acaggaaata ctgtaaaaag taataataat     51180
     aatacaatat tataataata atattgactt caactgtata tataacaata tatctggagt     51240
     ttattttgtt cccgtttcaa cacattagct gacgcgagtc ttactgtgag tgacgttctt     51300
     caggtttcca ttctggtcgg tgtgtttgtg cagctgtgag aggttgatct cctccatctc     51360
     gctgccgtcg gtccagtcgc tgtcgctcag tgtggtcacg tttgttggtt ctgcgctggt     51420
     cagggccaca gcggaacgca ccgactgagc cgtcgactgt gttttagctg tgttttgagc     51480
     tttggctgtg ctgctgttga ccaggacagt tttcttctgc atttgagggg attcttcatc     51540
     agatgattct tcttcctctt cctcttcttc ttcttcttca gacgagtctt cgtcagagct     51600
     gaatggagga gttctgcaag ttggacacaa ttggtgcatg tgtatgagtc gatgatgaac     51660
     agaggtttat attaaggctg cacaaaatat tgttttaaag tcattttaaa gtagacatga     51720
     aatcaaaact aacatattga ttttgttggc tcacattgct agttttgtgt tgaaaaatta     51780
     atctgtgcat gtcattgaga aaaaaaatgt tcgcccttgt aatctttgaa atctgaaaat     51840
     gctcttccag tttgttttca gtttaattct cagtttacgt ctgcctgagg tattgggcgt     51900
     ggctaacatg cttaaccaca cccctccaac tgtcagtttt gacaaccgaa atggtgagga     51960
     ggaggaatct gttagggtgt aattactcta ctgaaacctt ttccccaatc ttttctgaat     52020
     gaaacgccta ctttaataca tccaatcaca acgcagtaga atcataagcc acgcccacta     52080
     ctttctcatt taatattcca tttctctagg aactgtgtca caatatgaaa aaaaaaaaac     52140
     ggtcacagct tccggttcat gcgcacttta aggcatttct ctcggccagt acgctgtttg     52200
     catggggaaa cttcaaattc tcgaaaactc tttgataagc ttccgattaa atttcttatt     52260
     tgaaatcacc aataaaatta aacaactgtc tgtttacttt tgtttctaaa tgttcaaata     52320
     acataaaatc tgcagaaact gttgtagaaa ctcacatctg gtccgaaccc ctcccctgga     52380
     ggtccatcag tttatagaga tcgatggttg gctcttgtac taaaaggcgg ggcttcattc     52440
     gccttatccg cttcttaagt gtgacgtcac gctaagcggc ttccgggtcc aagcgctcta     52500
     ttcaactgaa tggggaggct cgtaaaatgg tagtaataaa cgtttacaaa gcgatttaat     52560
     actttcgaaa attacagtac gatcgcaata tatatgtcca tgcctaatat ccaatggcca     52620
     gaatgtgatt cttttattat aaattgttaa aattttggta tttgtgatgc agcaagccca     52680
     gagattgttg tgtacactat gactttatct aaaattaact ttaatgtgtg atgagttcaa     52740
     atgaatggtg gcttggaccc ggaaacagta ttacatacgt caccaacacg tcaccactta     52800
     tcaagcggat tgaccattac acttttcccc attcaaaact atacaagtga catgtcgtgt     52860
     attctaagat tttttaaata taaatattgc attgggcaca tctgcaattt ttgcattgtg     52920
     aaatcggaaa tgtcgagttg ggataatagt acaccaggaa ctacagttca gaacattgtg     52980
     gtgccattgc gaagtttaac cttaatagag gacatttttt tatttgcttg tgttttaagg     53040
     cttttgacta aacgatttta agcaaattca aaccatttat gtatgagaaa ttgtacagtt     53100
     tgtagcttta acaaagttta atcatattaa tttttacact atgaagactt taaactatac     53160
     agtgttattt atttacattc agattctgca ccttaataca gttaggctct ccagaaaacc     53220
     ataaaaaaac gcacatttta tttgctttct tttcatatag agctatacac gtaatgaaat     53280
     tatattctta tcacatcatt tcaagagttc acacttagca gatgatttac aaagcttatt     53340
     tggcatgctg tcccaggaga gagccccgag ctcaagggct cctcgagccc ggggcttcct     53400
     cccgttggca gagcaagagg ggagcccgag ctcagtggat ctcagaactc ccctgccgct     53460
     gtagctaagg gaacgtaagg gattagacaa gcttgattgt tatgtatgtt gaatgtcttt     53520
     gtatggtggg aggaaaccgg agaacctggg gaaaacccac gcggacacgg ggaggacata     53580
     caaactcctc acagaaacac ccaccgaacc tatggaacta gggccggcag tattcttgct     53640
     gtgtggctcg cagtgctaac cactggaccg ccgtgccgcc caatcacagg taaaggagga     53700
     gaataggggt ggaggggggt ttcttccaaa cgaagataaa gtgaactgaa aactgaggct     53760
     atttatagta gcttagggct catatgattg gaagatagtg attagcaaat gcgagactgg     53820
     ccgtgataaa tcataagcac gtgatcctct cgaaattagt ttatgaataa acttcacata     53880
     gcacagaaaa acaaaacatt gcaatgtcag ttttttccaa cattgcacag ccatagttta     53940
     catgccaaaa aatctcatct ttgatgacaa agtaaaagga tcagaactgt cacttttaat     54000
     ctgtcgctat tcctcaaagc acaagacttt acacataatt tttgaaacag tttttaaaat     54060
     tgactatgat cactgatatt gtcctgaaca cttcagtcct gtacctgcga tgctgcagtg     54120
     gtgtggaggt cttgtgtggg acgttggttc tgctgcgtgg gacaggctga ggggttcttt     54180
     gctgtttaga agcagggcca gacatcactc gagttactgt cgatggaaaa ctgctggatc     54240
     tgggtctgga ctgaaccact gtaagaaaac aagacattag ctttactgta aaaataagaa     54300
     gcaacccagc agtcacctaa atgtcaaaac gtcataaaac tgacatcaag tacatccaaa     54360
     aaaacatata aaaaaacagc taataatatc ctcctttata ttaattgtcc ttaactaaca     54420
     tgtaattaca ctaaaattaa tcaatacaat gtacttattg tgtacattaa atatatgttt     54480
     ttacattgta caggtggaga gaaaattaaa tgcaatgttt actctatttg ttttaataac     54540
     agataaacct gttaagaaga accaaaaaaa aatctctcag ctttgatact gtgtgtgaaa     54600
     tcaaagatcc tgaccttgtt catgtagttt ggatttgaca ggctgctccg tgttcctctc     54660
     cttcaccctc tgctccagtt tatggctgat ctccttcagt gcccttcgat aaacaggatc     54720
     ctcctccagt tttttccgcc gatcgctgat aatctgggtc atgctgctct tatagaggtt     54780
     tttagacaga ccactgactc cctgaacagc acaacagaaa ctgaggttac tctttttgtt     54840
     tacatcatgt ttttgttcat tcgggtggtc atgtaccccc ttcagagttt cccctaccat     54900
     tatattatag ggctcgaaat taaccttttt gcttggtagg accggtgctc cgaactttac     54960
     aaatttaggc gcatcaggca aaatttagtc acacccaaca attatgagca ccgttactac     55020
     aagttttata caaacatatt tatagcattt gaaatcaaca ctaatcaaac taacaagcaa     55080
     aaaaatatat atgcaagtgt gaggaaaata tgtttcaaca aaatcccgtt atcacaaaaa     55140
     aaattgattt ttaaaacgta acttatgcat tatgcgttat gcacaacgtt acatcatgtt     55200
     aatagccata ccggtcttca tgagtagcaa tattaccatt ctggaaacgt agccccgcgg     55260
     acgtttctgg agaccgcgat ttacgtggcc ggaggtacgt acggccacgt ttagtttttt     55320
     tcgagcgaac gctgcggggc ggtgtggcgc cgctccgctc ctcctctcct cccgagaggc     55380
     gcccgagacg tgaaaaagca tgcacagcgg cctctcgcgg atccgcgaaa aaaaccccgc     55440
     acgaatatgt acctcccggg acgaaatgct gcggggctac gtttccacaa tgagcccggg     55500
     ttggatatta ctttactcag tgtaagcata tatttatttt atttcatgca ttgttcacta     55560
     atggagctgt attctccatg cattctgtct tctcactgtt taagcaaagg gcactgatta     55620
     aaaaaaaact ggcagatagc attttatgta aaagcaaaag tactttttta tttagttact     55680
     attatctatt taagaacaaa atttgacagc agaattacaa ataaaatttt aaggacattt     55740
     ttcaaaatca aaaattcaag cattgtcaag gatatccagc acccgtaaga gccctgtatg     55800
     tcacacttac tgctgcaaca tttgagaaaa gatgccattt aatagtaggt tgcccaacac     55860
     cgcccccccc ccccctcccc aaaaaatgtg taaacactga ccttgatgcc taagctctgc     55920
     agtctatcat ccaggttgtg ctgagctgcc agacgcatgt ctctcctcaa acccgggttc     55980
     ttcagcagct cttgcacctc cttctgccaa gacctgtttt ccgtcggact ttcagagatg     56040
     cttgaggaat ctgaaaaaaa aaagaatagg aatgatcatg gtagtctgtg ttccacatac     56100
     aaaatggcac attttttgtc attctccaat tgcagtggca gattcagcat cacgttccaa     56160
     aaaacttctt agtcagaaga aaatacacag ctcgattatg gaggactgaa tggaattgtt     56220
     ttataaaacc gccattataa tgctgcaaag tgacaaagtt ttaattatat gcacgcttgc     56280
     atctccaatc aagttacttt ttcaaatcaa aactacagga aaagacatgt gaaagtatca     56340
     caatttaaaa taatcatttt cttgattggt gacttaaaaa aaagttattt attccagtga     56400
     tacatgatcc ttcataaatc atccagaaaa gctgatttgg agctcgggga gcatttcttc     56460
     ttcttattat tattaaataa gctgcttaat tcattatgtg tactacagca ggggagtttt     56520
     cgagatctac ctgagctcaa actcccctct cgccctgcaa caggagggag cctcgggctc     56580
     gaggatctta tgagctcagg gctcactcct gggacatcat gccaaacacg ctttataatc     56640
     aatcatcagc taagtgtgaa ctcttgaaat gagctttagt atagttttta gataatacaa     56700
     atgctcccat tatttattgt tgtttcaaat acaacaaacg aagatattaa aaagccacat     56760
     gagggagaat aaattacatg tattatgtat tcgtcattta tgggtgaact atccctttaa     56820
     gtaagattca aatgattcaa atgttactgc tagatagtag caacagaggg ttaaacgtga     56880
     gattttttaa attatttagt ctgactttgt ataaagaaag aacggataag ccactgcaat     56940
     tgtatggcaa ctttcaaaca tataatcatc aaggaacatc aattaaaacc catacattcc     57000
     ctgtagctcc acactgacat attcattctc ttactctgag ctgcccactg atcacacgca     57060
     tgctgtaact tgcatttccc cgctcatgct aaagttacga cacactcaaa taatgcacgc     57120
     cgagctgagc gacagatcca tcatgcagac aggatacgtt catgccacag actacactgt     57180
     actcaatgat tacctttgtc ctcttctgac agctccacta taggatccag cttatgcact     57240
     gagttggact gctctgatag gacagcgcgg agaggtcaga gaagagtaaa ggggttacac     57300
     cataattcag atctaactct tttattctga actgatatta cccatactga ccccatgctt     57360
     gcttaagagc tgattaaaac acatttttta atgtatgtaa aaaaggtcct gaagccatct     57420
     acatttaaag taaaaaatat tagcccccct ttatagtttt tgcccaattt ctgttaaacg     57480
     aatagaagat ttcaaagcac atttctaaac ataaatataa ctcatttcta ataactgatt     57540
     ccttttgtct tttgacagta catcatattt tattacatat ttttcaagat actagtattc     57600
     agcttaaaga gcaatttaaa gacttaacta ggagagttag aggaattagg caagacattg     57660
     tataaccgtg gtttgttctg tagacaatta attgcttata ggggctaata atattgacct     57720
     taacatatat ataacagttt ccacaaaaat atgaagcagt gcatttttaa tgtttttatt     57780
     agaagattct tcagctcaac aagcctgcat ttatttgatc caaacagcaa agacagtaac     57840
     actctgaaaa tgtcatttat ggttgtgact tcaaagctga ataactttta gcaatattac     57900
     tccagtcaca ttatactttg taaattgttc taatatactg atttgctgct taagaaacat     57960
     ttattattat tatgaatatt attataaatt tttgttaaca atagagtaat ttgttttagg     58020
     actctttcat gaacagaaag atcagcattt ttctgaaata aaaaaacaca tttgcagcat     58080
     tatacactat ttaaaaacta ctgttagatt catgtttttg caaagaaaat aaagaaatta     58140
     atcattttac ttcacaaaag tgaagataaa gacatttatc ttagatttct atttcagaca     58200
     aatgatgttc ttctaaactt tacattcatc caaaagctga ataagaaagc tgttttaata     58260
     tttttcataa tattaactgg gtttttttga gcagcaaacc aaatattaga acaatttctg     58320
     atggatcatg tgactggagt aattatgcta aaaattcagc tttaaaattt caggaggaaa     58380
     tttactaaat tagtaaaata aaaaaataaa aacattttaa aacattaaaa tagaaaacag     58440
     ttattttaaa taatagaact atttattttt ttttgttttt gttttgctgc actttggatc     58500
     aaaaaacacg ctttttgctt gtgcaaagaa gtgactaata tttttggcca gtggtgtatc     58560
     tttggaaaca tccgaataaa ttcaaattca aaacattata taacaaaata tacaattctg     58620
     ttaatataat tgtcacagtc accagcaatc tagctcatgc agattgctgg agaactacaa     58680
     atctgccagc aaaagaacta caggatccag tcatgcagca ctcacaaacc tggcctagat     58740
     tgtgtcttat tgcaaacact cacagctgaa gccgctcatg aactgattac atgggctata     58800
     aagtcagcac acaaacacac agtagttgcc gagtcttgtt aaacagtttt gtgaacatta     58860
     catttccttt ccgtgttttt tttttgaccc tcgccttgtt tgtttgttta cgttgcctgc     58920
     tgcctgcctg tactatttat cgcctgtgta tttgactacg actctggatt ttcctgcata     58980
     cctctgtttg ttcctgattg tgactgacct atataaaaga aaatcctgcg tttggatcct     59040
     cactccctga tgtccagcat ccattcacat tacaataata aaaagttaga tctttactgt     59100
     ttattccaca atatgcacaa caatatgcta accatgaact tttaacagta gtgttctcga     59160
     gttgttgtcc tacttaaaca ttaaatgtgt ttagtaaaac gtctgccctc actgacatta     59220
     aataaagaat caaaatatct gtaaatatat tttattgtct gaattattag ccctcctaaa     59280
     ttattagccc cccaagtatg ttttttcctc aatgtctgtt caacagagag aagatttttt     59340
     ttaaacacat ttctaaacat aatagtttta ataactcatt tctaataact gatttatttt     59400
     atctcttcca tgatgacagt aaaaaatatt ttactagata ttagtattca gcttaaagtg     59460
     acatttaaac ttggtcaatt acacaagtta gggtaaatag gaaagtcatt gtataattat     59520
     gctttgttct gtagacaata aaaaattaat actgattaag aggctaataa tattgacttt     59580
     aaaatggtta aaaaaaaaat taaaactgct tttattctag ccaaaataaa acaaataaga     59640
     ctttcttcag aagaaaaaat attataggaa atactgtgga aaaattcctt gctctcttaa     59700
     acataatttg tgaaatatct taaaatgaaa aaaataaatt aattaaaagg agggcgaata     59760
     attttaactt taactggacc tatgatgttt tacccaacat cctacaataa ggaataaaac     59820
     acaaaaataa atgaactcac cactgaccac caccttcgct ttagtttcag gagaaggggt     59880
     ggaaacccct gaaacaaaaa cacaattact ttttaaaaag tctgttttta ttacagtatg     59940
     gggacagttt tgctcagata cgatgtttat atgatattat tgactaaaac tgtaaaatcc     60000
     acaaaccttc gcgctgtact gttattgttg gcggctttga cgagatctgt ttcatctgtc     60060
     aaataaacaa acccatatgt tattggttac aacaacaaca aaaatctgca gtcggcaaca     60120
     cattatctaa gctgttgctt caaacttaaa atacaacccg cataaacgac aagctgacaa     60180
     cataatcagc gtaatgataa ttgctcaaaa tgtgcggatg tgttcacacc cgtacactcc     60240
     ttcagctcga gctgctgcgc taatacagga tatcctgaac aatggagcct cttcctgtgc     60300
     tggcatccaa gactgacctg cttgttttgg gaggtaatga tctgctgctg ctcctgcagt     60360
     ctgtggctca gttcctgcac ctgccgtcgc gattcctcca ttccttcaga cacggccgag     60420
     ctcactttac acagctcctc ctgaagctga cggtgcacag agagacgtgt gggtgactat     60480
     gtggacatat agttgaagtc aaatagtttt ttttcaaata ttaagcaaaa aatgaaaagg     60540
     acattttcac agtatttcct ataatatttc tttcttctgg agaaagtctt atatgtatta     60600
     ttccagctag aattaaagca gttttacatt tttaaaaaca cattttaagg tcaatatcat     60660
     gagttctctt aagctatatt attttctcac tgtctacaga acaaatcatc attatacaat     60720
     gatttgccta attaccctaa gctgcctaat tagcctagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt     60780
     tagctgtata gaagtgtctt aaaaaatatc tagtaaatta gaagttatta aaactaatat     60840
     gtttagaaat gtgttgaaaa aatctaaaca gaaatcgggg gaaaaaaata aacagggggg     60900
     gctaataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtattagc taatgctatg tttaataggc ttcacgatgc     60960
     ctgtgataca taccagactc ttttctctgt cgtggtcctc cttcattttt tgcattttcc     61020
     cagtccattt cacctcctgt gtgaaataaa aactcattca gcttctaaca ggttgttagg     61080
     ggtgtcaaaa ttacttgttt cttcggtgca ccgcgatgca gatgtggaca attcagtatc     61140
     ggttcataat taggtcatca ccagtgatta cgaactgaca tcatttgtct catatgtgct     61200
     atgtcgcagt agaatactat tcgaacgagg tgaggccaag ctattaaaat gctccaacta     61260
     cttaaaaagt actgtgcaac tgtgcacagt tcattgcatg cattgctgga cagtctttca     61320
     ctgacactga agtgaagcag aacactattt cattgctagg gagaaaatga aagctctctc     61380
     tctgcacctc tctctctctc actttggact gttgaactgc tggcatgttt ataagataaa     61440
     ttttcctcta tccctattga agtaatactt gtggatcctg acacgagttt gtgtgtgtag     61500
     agcaagtttt ctccacggcg tctatcacga atatgctgtg atagctgtgc gaaacatgtt     61560
     ttgtttgtgt tttgtttgaa acattcaaaa agagtgtttt ttgagcaggt aaaattaaaa     61620
     gtacacttcg ttttgtcatt tattcattca ttcattttcg ggtcgcgggg gcagcagtct     61680
     tagaaaacta tcccagtctt ccctctcacc agacacttcc tccagctctt ccaggggtat     61740
     cccaaggcgt tcccaggcca gccgagagac atagtccctc cagcgtgtcc tgggtcttcc     61800
     ccgaggcctc ctccgggtgg gacatagctg gaacacctcc ctaggtaggc gtcctgaaga     61860
     catccaaaac agatgcccga gccacctcag ctgacttctc ttgatgtgga ggagcaactc     61920
     ttctactccg agctcctcct gggtgacaga gcttctcact ctgtctataa gggtgtgccc     61980
     tatcaccctg agaaggaaac tcatttcggc cgcttatata cgagatcttg aactttcggt     62040
     catgacccaa agctcatgac aatttgtgag agtaggaacg tagactgacc ggtaaatcaa     62100
     gagctttgct tttcagctca gcttcttctt taccacaacg gaccaataca tcaaccgcat     62160
     cactgctgcc gctgcaccaa tccgcctgtc aatctcacac tccatccttc cctcactcgt     62220
     aaacaaaact ccaagatact tgaaccctgg ggtaaagact ttcctccact tcgtattgtg     62280
     aagaaaaaaa tataattatg gatgaaaagc atcgtcaatg caccttgatg cacagagata     62340
     ttgaattgaa ctgaatcgat gacatgataa tcataaccaa accgaaccgt gagaccagtg     62400
     taggttcata cccctacagg ccatgttata gataaaacat agattactat acatagattt     62460
     ctatatgggt atacatgtat aagatctgca aattttcaga cctctctaaa acaaacaaat     62520
     tcaagtccag atattagcaa atgcatagtg atcaagacat ttcatctgaa cgttgtatat     62580
     cttacctgtt tgtggagttt ttgttggagt ttaacgactt cctgccagtg ttcattgctg     62640
     gttgatgcat tgggctgtgt ctgtaccgac tgcatgcttt cctgtatatt tttctgctgc     62700
     agtttcagca gctcctataa agagagaagt acaaagtgat tatgtggata gagcataacc     62760
     acattatatc cacgattttg gtaaatatat tgtatgtgtt aaatttaaat tcagcaaagt     62820
     tcaacccagg cttattgtga aaacgtagtc ccgcggacgt tttctggaga acacggaata     62880
     tgtcccggcg ggtacgtacg gctgcagttt ttgtttttgc aaatccgcga gaggccgctg     62940
     ttgtgcactt tttcgcacct cagacgcctc tcgcgagtgc ggttcgcgcc cgcgctgttc     63000
     tcgcgtgaac ccaccagagg ccgatgtcag actgaccgga tgattgactg cgcgaccggc     63060
     caatcggccg acctgccctc ctccttccct gaactcaacc aattttactg atcgacccgc     63120
     ccgcccgctc gcttccctaa acccgagcaa cagtttacaa aaagccgtcc aaaaaaataa     63180
     aagccctgat tttttttttc taccgcgttt tcagatttca ccgcgttctc accctgttac     63240
     gaaattctgt ttttgtctta cctgattgct ggaactgctc ttccccggtc tcgaaaccgg     63300
     tcaccgtggt ctactcatct ctgcatctcg agcctgccga cgtacacggt gagctgagtg     63360
     gacaaatggg ttgcagcggg gaagccctcg acaaagaggt aaggcaagcg cgaaagggaa     63420
     cagcgtcaca ccgccccgca gcgttcgctt gaaaaaaata aacgcggtcg tacgtacccc     63480
     ccggaacgta ttccgctgtc tccagaaacg tccgcgggac tacgttttca gaatgagctt     63540
     gggttggcaa agttccatta aatttaaata gctattacat tagaactaca ttaattactg     63600
     gaaataaaaa agtgcagaat aaatctgtgg caaatactag agtgtaattt aaaaaaataa     63660
     ataaaaacgt actgtttcga ggtttctgtt cctttgattt attgaatcca tgtcccgctg     63720
     acaagcttgc ttgacttcat ctattttgct gttcatccgc attttctctt cttctttcca     63780
     gatttccagc tgcctcttaa actcttcctg cctttgaatg agctctttct ccttaagaaa     63840
     acagattatg aaatatttag tttacacaac aaaaagaaaa tgtgttaatt taaacaacaa     63900
     agcactgtaa gagagtaacc tctaacctgt tttgcagtgt agtctttctg ctgggtctcc     63960
     atctgggacg tgaccagtgt cagctgctct tgcagtttgt tgatctcgtc ttgtaacttc     64020
     acggtctgaa tttttttctg attatctgtc atcagttctg gaaaaaaatg agatgctcga     64080
     atcacccttg tgaaaaagac atgtgcttac ctgtattaaa cacacacatt tggtgtactt     64140
     caagtctcct tctagtataa ttgtagatca aataatatta attacataaa ctgtcgcttc     64200
     actataataa aagtacactt ttagtaataa ggtatactta ataaactaga ttttaaatca     64260
     gttttaatat tcagtcactc aattttttta tgactaacat tccaaagcac atgcaaagta     64320
     cttgattatt taaatataat tcatttgaac tgtagtgtgt tttccagtat tacattattt     64380
     aatagaagtt tgtaaataaa ttgtaaaaaa caatattttt atttatctta tatgcttggc     64440
     agtacacttt actgtgtatc tcaaatacaa attaatctaa aactatacat acatatctag     64500
     tcctgcttga gtagtttaaa agatcagcca atagaattta ataacaagta aacttctaat     64560
     acaaactcat tcaatttcaa ataatggtca aaattgaaca ttacgttttt atatacatta     64620
     attgtattta catattttaa agattatttt tcagtaataa tattttcgtg tcggcgcagt     64680
     ggcctggtgg ttagcatgcc gacatgtggt gcagtggcac gtcagggcgt cgtgagtttg     64740
     aatcccggct cgacgacatt tccctactct accccctctc tctctctctc ccacttcgct     64800
     tcctgtctca atactgtcct atccagcaaa aaaggccaaa aataaatctt taaaaaataa     64860
     taataatatt aatattttcg taaacacaac agacacccac tttgaactgc acacagattg     64920
     aactcactca tgtcgaattc tgacggatgt ctgcgctgca tgtgactttg aaggaaagag     64980
     gcgttcatga aggccttttc acaatgttgg cactgaaaca caaacaaata aagaacttta     65040
     ttaaagtcag catgaaatgg aagttgcaag agcttgtttt gttgcaaatg ttggcgtcaa     65100
     accctttact cacattacac cctgctttta aaagacctac aggataaagt tgtagaaaag     65160
     cagaggttaa taaaaggcta caaaaacatt ttaagggctg gaaaagttat ttggaaggtc     65220
     atttgatttc aggctgtatg attaataatt aaaaggggaa tgctcatttt tctataggca     65280
     cggtatatcc tattaaaaga attcatattg cttctgagaa gtaaaaaaat atagggctaa     65340
     aattggttgc tattcgttaa tcatatgcga gtgacaggtt gaccccgccc ccacacgatt     65400
     aaacaagcac attaccaaac aaacaagata agctatgagg aaatataagt aaaaacactg     65460
     atgtgcatgt attattaaaa taaatactaa taaatactgt gctattccat aaatgaaaca     65520
     attgtctttt ttttttacat caaaatgact ttgtgtgtaa aggaacatta ttcaatttta     65580
     gccactagag ggtgagtatt cacaacaaac aaaggcctaa tttgatgacg cagtaaaaga     65640
     gtaaggaatc attgcagttg tggttttcgt tacatcctac atgactgcag gaatcaagtt     65700
     catggattaa caaaaaaagt attcaaaact tattatgaag aattgcttat ttctctagat     65760
     ttgaacattc ttcgaaacat ttgggataat gtaagcacaa aaatctgcaa gatatataac     65820
     actattctat tggtttttgg atatttgaac gaaagaaatc ttcagtaata agtaataagg     65880
     ggatgttcat atattgcaca gctcaagctc aatttatcaa atggagatgt gcagtttgtg     65940
     catgcaaata gggagcggtg caaacgcaat gtaaaacgct tatgttttct aggtgctgtt     66000
     ccagcgcagc aaggtgaaac ctaaactgcg aaaactcaag acacacaagc aactattaaa     66060
     gctcttaaaa ctaatagaaa acagctttaa aaaggcctct aacctcaaat aacacgttca     66120
     ctgtggtcag gctcaaagca acaataatat tataattttg tttatatatt tattattgtt     66180
     ttaacattta ttattattgt taataatatt tttacagctc ataaataatt tacctttttt     66240
     ttaatcaacc ttttttcccc aaattttcat ccaggtgcat tgacatacag tcgaagtcag     66300
     aattattggc cctcctgaat tattagcccc cctgtttatt tttttctcca atgtctgttt     66360
     tacaggggag aagattttgt caacatattt ctaagctaat acagttgatt tcagaattat     66420
     tagcccccct gtttattttt ttccctgatt tctgtttaga ttttttcaac acatttctaa     66480
     acataatagt tttaataact catttctaat aactgatttc ttttatgttt gccatgatga     66540
     cagaaaataa tattttacta gatatttttc aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgactt     66600
     taaatgcgta actaggttaa caagttaact agacaggtta gggtaataag gcaagttatt     66660
     gtataatgat ggtttgttct gtagaccagg ggtcatcaat ctcggtcctg gagggccggt     66720
     gtccctacag ggtttagctc caacttgcct caacacacct gcctgggtgt ttcaagtata     66780
     cctagtaaca ccttgattag ctagttcagg tgtgtttcat tagggttggg gctaaaaatc     66840
     tgctggacac cggccttaag acccacacaa acaggctaag gagcagcttc ttccccagag     66900
     ctgtagcctg tgccacccct cctcttcgta cacattaaca gtcccccccc cactccctat     66960
     cttcctgatg ttctgctgct aatgcacaaa gacacttgat gaatattaat ttttgcactc     67020
     atttgccaca atgtaaacac tgtgactgat tacatttagt attttttatc ttacatctta     67080
     tatttttagt attatgtcta ttgtttgttt tataagactt attacattta gtatatttta     67140
     tcttgcatct tatattttat tattatgtct attgtttgtt ttctctcttt ttagattgct     67200
     gctggtctct gtgagttacc aaacaaattt cgttgtataa ctacaatgac aataaaagtt     67260
     ctttactctt tactccagga acaagtttgg tgatccctgt tgtagactat cgaaaaaaat     67320
     atagcttaaa gggctaataa ttttgacctt aaaatgtttt ttaaaaaatt aagaactgct     67380
     tttattcgtt gtgtcaataa aaaaaatata gaagattaaa cttgtgcttt ttacaatgtt     67440
     taaaaatgtt gaaattaaag gtctcaaact aaaaatgcaa atgaaaaatg cagctttatt     67500
     tttctgtaag tttttgatgg atatatcttg ccttacagca aagcagaggt gagagatctt     67560
     gggctaaaaa tggttggtga ccactggttt agagaaatat gacagctgag aaaatgctga     67620
     cataaatgat attttctatc atttaaataa atcatatttc ttcagtggaa agcatgcaac     67680
     atgggtcaaa aacaggcaat tgtgcccatg agagtcatcg ctgaaggtca gagcgaaggc     67740
     gagcggcgct caggtgacga gctggtgccg gtggagctca acacagctgt caatcacact     67800
     ccactcaaga atgataccca gagacagtat gagcatgttg ccatggaaac accgggtggt     67860
     gcagggttga tgttgcatct ttttttgctc gctccagttc actgacgtgc agaaaatcta     67920
     cagagctgca catcacacac cagatttagc agccaaaaca tcagtctagt gctctcattc     67980
     aaatttaacc acactgccac tgatacccat caaaaacaca tgcactgcat ttgcattttc     68040
     caccagggta gactgtcgct gtaaagcgcc cactgtgtga cataactgca ttactgcact     68100
     aacacaacct atcaaatcaa ctgtgaaatg caattatgtg tttagcatgc aggcaaacaa     68160
     gcattcaatg gtgtcaatct gcagcctcag caggtcttgt atgaagacca ggacaatgta     68220
     ttatagaact ggaggaacat caagaacact gctgagactg ggccattttt aaccccaaag     68280
     aaaaatggct agttttagat caagttagat atagtgctta gcatttttga gtatctctca     68340
     tttaagttaa tatttccaac acacagcttt aaaatattat gtttgtccgt acacattcaa     68400
     ttaggcccgg tttacactgt caggtcttga tgcccaattc cgatttgttg cctatatctg     68460
     atttgtttgc ctgtctgttt acacgttgtt gtaattgtga cccatatcca attcatgcgt     68520
     ttatacttcc catacaattt acgatgccgt gcatgcataa aggtgcattc tagcatcttt     68580
     gccatgatga catgtataat ccatttataa ataatattgt tttgtttgcg tctaaccatc     68640
     cacacaaaat attcttatta atttgttgct gtcgtaccat ggatattatc tcaaattgtt     68700
     tttaaacgtg gagctaacaa atgactagat aaaataagaa tttaattgct tgtcatcagt     68760
     taaacaagcc gagtccttga cagaagcggc ccggactcta cacagactcg ggccaaatat     68820
     ggttaaaagg aatcatcaca aacggatgtg cgtgatgggc catactctgt atggataaca     68880
     ctcgccgatg ccgagtcaga gccagaggcc ccgacagacc agtgtttggt gtgcgctctg     68940
     cctcggcgta ctatttgtgc tccacgcaat ttgtttgtgc tatgctccgt ctattcagtg     69000
     atttattatt tcagtttact gtggtaattt gagtttgctt gttgaacttc gttggtttta     69060
     agtaacataa tgtgatggtt gttgtgtgat tctaaactaa gctttgacgg acttatacag     69120
     tttgtttaag tttagattga tgttttgtta gattagtttg agtgttttgc cacctgtgta     69180
     cgttgcaacc caagctcatt ctgaaaacgt agtcccgtgg acgtttctgg aggccgcgaa     69240
     atacgccccg ggagatacga atggctgcat ttaatttttt taatccgatt ggccggatgc     69300
     gcagtcaatc attcggtcag tcagacagcg gtctctcgtg ggttgacgcg agaacagcgc     69360
     gggcttcgct gttcttcgct gttcttcgct gtagcgttcg cttaaaaaac caaacactgg     69420
     tctgtcaggg cctctggctc tgactcggca tcggcgagtg ttatccgggc cgagtatggc     69480
     ctgttgcgca catccgtttg tgatggcact cgtgagaggc gttcgagata caaaaaagca     69540
     cacacagcgg cctctcgcgg attcgcgaaa acaaaaaatg cacaaatacg tacctcctgg     69600
     gacgtatttt gcagtctcca gaaacgtccg ctggactacg ttttcagaat gagcctgggt     69660
     tggtactttg agttttgtag ttaaattagt ttagttcggt gtcgtataca ctgaagacta     69720
     gatctcggtt tttatttgtg tttctttttg acgcctagtt tagactttaa atttaaagat     69780
     tgttttgttt agttaatttc tttgatttgg tcttacactc gttgtttttg tttgaagata     69840
     ataattgtaa atgtttattt cttttttgtc cgatttatta ttgttacata ttgtttcaac     69900
     tattgagtaa aaagcttaaa taagagaatt gattcttgcc tcattcttga tctgtcgcac     69960
     ccattacacc agtctcacct aaatgttaca gcatcccact tcaacatctt aaacacgtaa     70020
     caaatagcaa acaaaatgtc cacagattct ctctggccct tattactaac ataaactaac     70080
     aatgaagaat acttgtacag cattttccat tcatatttcg acatttacta gtataaataa     70140
     attaacttgt taactagaac ttacattaaa caactttata tttattaact aacttaaaga     70200
     tgaataaata ctgtaataaa tgtgtagttc ctttttgttc acgttatagt aaacacgtta     70260
     acaaacggaa cctaattaag tgttaccaat gcaatgactt caattgtgaa ttaaacagta     70320
     aactatgagc agtacttttc attcagttct gctgtcaggt gcctgcgctt ctcctagcaa     70380
     cggcatgaaa caccgggtgt tttcttggta acagcaggtc acaatcaagg ctcacagaaa     70440
     cattattaca aatgagcaaa caattgataa agctacagga caaagactga accgtatgtc     70500
     agagaatttc ctaaaatgat gaaaggatgc tattttcttt cactgttaaa atgaatggga     70560
     gggaatgatg ggggataaag agggggaagg gcgctttgat ttgtttcctc cacttaaggc     70620
     tcttttataa gtggagaaca agtcatcgtc accatctgac accatctgct ctattcgcca     70680
     aatcctgaat gccacatcca aaaaaacaca gcgactggtg attagctaat cctgtcctgg     70740
     cctgcaggtc tgattataga tttagaagtg tggacaacac ttcacttagg atgaattcta     70800
     aattcaaata cctcctctag acatgagaaa cgcatataac aatagtgttc acggtaaagt     70860
     gtgcactatg aaagacatta tgaaatcagg attagagttt tgtgggtttt tttccatggt     70920
     tagtattttt aaacagcatc tatatgctta tatactacta aaaattaact caatttactt     70980
     ttttatattt agctggctat tacaaaatct tcccatttca atagaagtta atattttatt     71040
     caggataaat acattaaatt tgttgacaag tcactgcaaa gatgtttata gtgctacata     71100
     agattgctaa ttcaccttca tatcatcaaa tccattttag aatgatgtgt gaaggattgt     71160
     gtgatgctgg atactaaagc tatgatgctg aaaactcagc tttgcttcac cggtattaat     71220
     tacatatttt tgtatacaat atattaaaaa cagttataca aggttaaata attaatcaaa     71280
     aatatgtatt aattattaaa tagcatttaa caacatcaaa ttttttctgt attttaaaca     71340
     tgcagcatga cattaaatac tgaataaata atttatcata tattttagtt ttagatatgc     71400
     attttatctt gactttttat tacatgctta gcattttact ttgaagtttg gtaattttat     71460
     aaagtgtttt agttgtttct tttattagtt tttatatttt taatattcct ttttctaaat     71520
     tattttagtg cctttagtag ttttaaaggt atttttttct tttccatttt tcatctaaca     71580
     actttatggt ttaatcaact aaaaactata attttcagta cttttaggcc aggtttacct     71640
     gaccagtttt aagttacaat tttgttattt taattcaaat ccacaatgga gaatgcctaa     71700
     aaaaggtgtg aatttctaac atgttctaag cttgtctaca ttcctccaaa aaaaaagttg     71760
     atttaactta aaattttaag gcaaccagct ttaggacatt tttgagttga ctcaactttc     71820
     aatccaagta cagcacttga ctagatttaa gttgagtcaa ctcaaaaatg tccagaagct     71880
     agttgcctta aaattttaag ttgaatcaac ttttatttta cagtgcactt tcagaggctg     71940
     tcaacaatgc aacaatgcac tggatcagat aaacagccac aagtgccttc cgtaccctcc     72000
     acctactgtc gaacacattc aaaatattac cacatgttgt gagaaagcac atcaaaataa     72060
     agtattatat tcgctccgct gtaccaaaac acaaaaatta taattgaaat tgtagttagc     72120
     atcaacatcc ttttgcttgc ttataagcag ggccaggcag aatctgctgg cattttttgc     72180
     tattttagat tataaatctg caaactatgt tgtatataaa atatatatta ttctatatta     72240
     ttaactgcaa ctgcaactaa tataaaaact gaataaatat atttttacac tcatataaat     72300
     aaataaataa ataaataaac tcagtgattg gctaaagaat cagcagactt cagggggcac     72360
     agattccata gactatccct acagcacata gatatgaaat aaaagaaatt acattttaaa     72420
     taaaagctag acaatttgtg gtttgaggca ggctgctttt ttattttgac ggaagaagaa     72480
     aaaacttggt ataattggaa aaaatagcag acaatgtttt cggtttgtaa tctaaatttt     72540
     ataattgaat gaagtgaaaa atatttagtg caggccattt attttattct gtttcctcta     72600
     tttagtacat tctttttttg tcacttttgg aaacgctgca tgtgcatgaa aatttggcaa     72660
     tgtatccagg ttctgtctgt tgttgatatg ttctgtattt tactattcac atatgttaaa     72720
     ataaatctgt taaaaatgca atatttaatg tgtcagacac tcgtcaattc ttttttcatt     72780
     aattgatcat ttaatactaa tcattctttc attcattttc ctttggctta gtcactttaa     72840
     taatcagggg tcgccacagc agaatgaacc gtcaacttat tcagcatatg ttatacacag     72900
     cagatgccct tccagctgca acccagtact gggaaacatc catacatatt aattcacact     72960
     acaaccaatt tagtttattc aattcaccga gtgcgcatgt ctttggactg gataaaccag     73020
     agcaccatga ggaaacctac gccaacacaa agagaacatg caaactttac acagaaatgc     73080
     caactgaccc agtcgggact caaaccagcg accttcttgc tctgaggcaa cagtgctaac     73140
     cactgagcca ctgtgccgcc cctgatatta atcagttaag ggttaatatt tacataacga     73200
     gcagcggttg tctgttggaa aaataaatca aaatgagcat gcctacttat aagtagaccc     73260
     acactaaatc tgtgcgtgca aaattctgca gatttttagc ccattattga gtctgtttat     73320
     ttacttgtgt aaatgtgtgt aattttctat ttattccgtt tttttattca tttcagtata     73380
     attattgact aatatgaaaa tattcatttg attaatttac aatacagttt gtaaagtaat     73440
     attttctgtc atttagtaga tatattatac gagagacttt ttttttacca aataaagtgg     73500
     atctgattgg atttgcattg taaacattaa atataaatta aaaaggtatt actttttatt     73560
     tcatatatta gggttttagc tatgatactt acaaaatatt ctgcataaat ccgcagatta     73620
     tgtcagattc catccggcct tacttatccg cttaagtggt gacgtgtttg tgacgtgtgt     73680
     atactgtttc cgggtccaag ccgccattca tttgagtgga caaatcattc gtttatgatc     73740
     atattttatt catatcacac attaaagtta attttatata aagtcatagt gtacacaata     73800
     atctctgggc ttgctgcata tcaaatacca aaaatttaac aatttataaa aaaataatca     73860
     ctttctggcc atcggatatt aggcatggac atatatactg cgatcgtgat ttttgaaagc     73920
     attaaatcgc tttgtaaacg tttattatta ccatttcatg agtctcccca ttcagttgaa     73980
     tagagcgctt ggacccggaa gctgcttcgc gtgacgtcac acttaacaag cggataagcc     74040
     acataacatg ggtttgttca cccaatatta cttgtcatga acccaggtgc atctgaatgc     74100
     acgttaaaac atttggtaac acatctggat tggattgctg aaaatgcatg ttaatactag     74160
     gtgtgaacat ggctttagtt ttagttaaca atacgtaccc tgataaaaga gtatgcaaat     74220
     aaggattcag cctaaatatt gcctccttca cgccaacaaa tgtgtgaaaa gcacacgtta     74280
     cattcactag gatcaatgaa ttgtgatatg gcctggaata gagagtctgg ccatggggga     74340
     aggtgaaggc gacaatgaaa atgctaatac acacacattc acactccagc atggggctgt     74400
     acagaccttg tggtaattgg cactgatccc cgcgctgaac atagcttgct gggaagcaat     74460
     gatcttcttc ctctgcttca gctcctcctt taacgccttg gcgtcctggg ttttcttctg     74520
     cagctggacg cagatctgct ctctctccct cgcctctgcc agcagcctct cttcggctgc     74580
     ctgcagactg atgctgaggc aatcctggga gtgcagcagg tactccacgg tgagctgggc     74640
     cagccgaaaa agcttaatca atgctgggtc tacggggctt tgacagcgat ggcatcgctc     74700
     gccctccacg ctacagaacg tcaccgcatt gatgtgctcc tgcaacgcct ggaagtccat     74760
     ttcgcatgca acccggtcca catccacggc attgatgcgc cgccagtcca cattttcacg     74820
     ccgggatctg aatttaaagg gaggagggat gctggtgctg gctccggaag aagtgagcgg     74880
     tccggacatg gtggatggag ccggtctgct ctggctgccg gatgaaggct gactctgcgg     74940
     agagctcaga agagatggga tccctgctga ggaatgagtt cccgggggat ctgacgggta     75000
     ggggtagtaa acgttgtcat aaaatggctg caggggggga aacaaagagc aaggtgattt     75060
     ctagagactt ccagcaacat gaggtcaaca aaccagctca tttctgaagg tcacacaaga     75120
     aaacattgat gattgatttc ctccactgca agctaatcgt taccggctaa cagcaaacaa     75180
     acacaggttc acatggctgc gagaggtcat tcagcaggta aaacgttaga gtagaaacat     75240
     aaaatcgtcg acatgcttaa taaaatccac cttattttgt tgaaatgtgc tgtcgcttgt     75300
     ctccttacca tcttgcgtgt tttgtgaagt cttaatgtat gatcggagcg gcgcgcgggc     75360
     acagcagtat caaggcgtcc tgcgcgtttc tatggaaaca agagcgcgtg ccccagtttg     75420
     cacaacacac tggacaggaa cagaggaaag agcacgagtg ttaaaggtct cataattatt     75480
     catttattga aacgaatatg agttgtcatt caagacagaa caaaacatca cgttattaat     75540
     tcacaaaact catttgttta tttcacattg gcgatctttg aagcaaaata cattctacaa     75600
     tcaatcaaca gattatagtt aagtagaata ttaagatatt atccaaaaca catttcagat     75660
     acatttttgt gcgtgattat catcaaaagc tattaattga acaatactaa aacgcgctaa     75720
     atagtaaaaa ttgccttagt tttatattgc aatatgttta aatatgttgt ggtaagttaa     75780
     acttgtgttt gcaatacctt tgatttaatt gaaaggagtt aaattgtgat ttagtttttt     75840
     ttaatctatc gagtttaaaa ttaaacttga gttgcaaatt taattttttc ttatttaacg     75900
     ttacgtagga caaatcaaat atggataacg ccaactaagt tactcaacaa ccactacttt     75960
     ggcataacaa ctatgtaata gaatgttaac aatacagtaa gaggtttggg tgttcaaatc     76020
     ctccaataat tctgtcaaaa ttcaagaaac aaaacttaaa tggcctttac tgcgttcgta     76080
     gaaaacaaag tatgtttatt tttatattaa tttcgtacct ttttgtttgt tctcactgac     76140
     aaactagacc ccaaagctct tgacaggtgc catacaatta tatttttact ataagctaaa     76200
     cctgaacgtt ttctctctag tctgcagtta tttcagcaat cttcttctca gattactgcc     76260
     cctccaaaac atctcaagtt gggacaagct cagtggcgaa caaaaggggg gcgcgtgcat     76320
     aaaaacgaga ataattaaac cagaagtcta acttaagttt tatttaaggt cttaaaaccc     76380
     gaaagaggcg cataaatacg acattaatct tcgttttcag ccattttcac aaagttttcg     76440
     atcatcggcc gctgagtaac gggaatggac agatgccacg gcgtttacct cagtttttgc     76500
     caagaatcca tgaaagagtt cgtcaaaacc gaaaatccgc ccccgtctgt gctgcaaatc     76560
     gaaagaatcc tttcacaaac ttcagttaat cgcaggttta cgcaaacccc gacgagaaga     76620
     ttcccccaaa agtgcgagag atccagtgcg ccgtgacgtc acagcgcatt cctggcgcga     76680
     ggagcctcat ctcctctgcg gagtgcgggt ttgaggaggg ggaggggcgg agatttggag     76740
     aaaccccaca ggacacacat ccacaggccc accgatggct cagaatacca gtcatcgact     76800
     aaagcagttt atattttcct tcaaaccgtt tagtctaata taagatatta tccataatgc     76860
     ttcaacttct gcgttaatat ctgatttgtg aaaactacaa caaagaaaac taaaggtgta     76920
     tattcctaaa aaggcagcta acaggatgga aataactgaa tgcaaaacag gatggaagct     76980
     gacaggaaat aaacaactaa tgtttgctca gggctcgatt attggagagt aattctgtgg     77040
     tttagcaaac aatcattaag gtgagacaga aaaaagaata tacaacgtat gagtttagtg     77100
     ttttatgtac tgttatattt agaaaaatga aaatatcata ataataaaaa caactttttc     77160
     ctatggaggg cccaaaacca aattgattaa gggtggtggg cccagaggta aacatatcaa     77220
     actatattac gttaaaactg tcacggtaat ttcctaattt attcattcat tttcttttag     77280
     gcttagtccc tttattaatt aggagtcgcc acagcggaat gaaccaccaa cttatccagt     77340
     gtatgtttta cacagcagat gcccagccac aacccatcat tgggaaacac ccatacactc     77400
     tcattcacac atacacaggg acagatttaa ccaacaaata ggcccagatg gaatccgcag     77460
     atttcctcag atttttagac catcattaag tctgtttatt tacttgagta aatgtgtgta     77520
     aatctatatt tattcagttt ttaagttaat tacagtaaca ttattgacta atgtgaaaat     77580
     gttcatctga tttatgtaaa atggagtttg tatggtaata ttttctgtct tttagtagag     77640
     atattataag agaggcttgc tttgtttacc aaataaagtg aatctaattg gatttacatt     77700
     ttaaacatta aataaaagtt ttaaaaaaat atatattttt ttcccatatt aagattttag     77760
     ttatgatact cccaaaataa ttctgctgaa atctgcagat ttttaccaaa attctcagca     77820
     gaatataaat agcagaatag caaaaaacgt ccgcagattc catctggccc taccaataag     77880
     caaggtaagt ggccgcttag ggccccggga aatctgaggg cccctaaata aatacctaga     77940
     ggtataaatc atacctataa atattaaact aataataata tttaggaaaa caaatcattt     78000
     taaaagtttt acaatatgct taacatgttg ttattattat tttgaattaa ggcaaaatat     78060
     agaaaaggag ataaaacagc aaaataaatc aataaagaat aaattaaaat acaaactttt     78120
     gggccccatg gttggaattg cccctgcaca aacatacact agagacaatt tagctcaccc     78180
     agttcactta tagcacatgt gtttggactg tgggggaaac cagagcaccc ggaaacccac     78240
     accaacatag ggagaacatg caaactccac aaagaaatgc caattgcccc aactgaggct     78300
     taaaccagca accttcttgc tgtgaggcga cagtgccact cactgtgcca tcgtgacgcc     78360
     ctaatttgcc aatgtattat tttaaaaaaa ctttatagta aaacacataa ttgaattgca     78420
     ttaatagtga tacatttgtg tacattttat aataaacttc ttacaataaa aaaaaaacat     78480
     ggagttcaat gttgaataca catgaaagct gcacgatgtc ttctgtcgag tttcagttta     78540
     aataaaaaaa aaatctgaat tattcacaac atttattaga tacattttat ttgaattagc     78600
     tttttatgta tttgctttat aaactatgtt tgtttgtact gaaaatgtat tatttcttag     78660
     tacaaatttc caaaagagtt ttttgttcac tcaacttcag acagtaggtc agtgcatctg     78720
     atattttcaa aagttgagta caacttcagg cattcaagtt ctgcagacaa aaaaacaaaa     78780
     aaaaaaaaca atcagttggc aaaacttaaa aagattcgat acagagtagt tcacctttcc     78840
     agaaaactaa taatcttatg ttagctcaac taaatgtttt ttgtattact gacacataat     78900
     tttaggtcag tacagctgat tgtttcaaaa gttgtgtgaa caagaaaaag cgaaagaaaa     78960
     taagaataat gttttttttt tgttgttgtt gttgttgtac agacttattt ttttttacag     79020
     tgcattcccc tcaaatattc caatacttgt gctcatcata tatgagaaca cccctcacaa     79080
     atcactcttt taaattaaaa tttttaatag gaagctatac aatattatat ttgtacacat     79140
     tgcactagat tagtcagcac tgaagccaaa cctagagctt atctaacaaa ataacctacg     79200
     aaaacggttc aaaaactagt acacccaaat ttatatgtta tagaaaaata ataaatacaa     79260
     attttaaatg aggaaaaatt aagagaaaca aaaatgttta tgtttaatct catttgaaat     79320
     tttgtaggtt gtatttttta tttttttgca atattttgct tgaatttaat tgtattatct     79380
     ttacattttt aaatatgttt ggtgactaaa atattatttt aaaacggtga tccagagtgc     79440
     atttttaaag ctaggttgtg tttatgggac gcaaagcagt gtgtgctcaa gcttcatttg     79500
     tgaaaaatca cgttaatttt tcatatgtct tactttaatt ataccactac tcagctaaca     79560
     tgaaaacgtc atatttccta gtttctccaa aaagcccgcc ctcaagagac ttgattggtg     79620
     aactaacata atgttgagat tcgagtatcg gtgataaact gttaatttaa agtgtatgca     79680
     cataaagatg tgctatttat gacttgtcct tatccttttg tatatcatgg ggtgcttaaa     79740
     atcacaaagc aggctttact ttggacaaaa ccattttgat ggtgttgaaa gcactcaggt     79800
     aaacctcatt ttcaagtgga tgacttgcta aatacctaaa aataaaagta tttatctaat     79860
     aaatacacct ttttctagtt ttcctaagtc tgtaaaatgt ttttagcaag tagacattga     79920
     gagtaaaaat ataattatct ttaaacctgc gttcaatata gtcaggaaaa tattttcaac     79980
     aatcagttca tcagaaatct tcctgacatg atcagttagt gaaggactcc atccagtggt     80040
     gtttattagt agtgtttcac ctctgaagat cccagttctg tgattcctca gttgattgag     80100
     gttcctcaga tgttccttta caatcttttg cagcttttta ttgttgtcag ggttggtgag     80160
     gggaaatggg gaaaaaggag cgaggactca agtgcagaat aaatgggaat ttattaaata     80220
     ataaaaataa aataaaatgc aaaataaact accccgaggg ggaaaacatt aacaaaacaa     80280
     atacatacac aaacaaactt cactggctgg taaggaacag gaccggaaac atgacaagac     80340
     aaggggtcaa acaacaacat gtgatgacga actggcacag gacagcaaaa gtgaggggta     80400
     tataaactgt agaaaattaa cacacaaaca ggtgaacaca attaactaat aatgggttaa     80460
     caaggagggt gggataagac aatagacggg agagcgcatg acacagagag acacacaagc     80520
     catgcgctca cttaacagga caagaacatg cagccaatga gagaactcat taaccgcatg     80580
     ttcatgacaa caaacactga aacacacgac aaaagcacgt gaccacaatg taaacaccaa     80640
     gccacgtgct ttgacaagag acacaagaca cgagcacacg atagataaac accttaccgt     80700
     gcgctcacac ataagcaacg cgcatgcttc atctcagcgc caaccaaaac tgaaaccaac     80760
     tagacggagg cgccgagaat aaagcagcgc gctgctgaca gaacaaacac tagtacaaga     80820
     gcgcgcgcgt ctgagggacg cagagcgtgc gcggccacat caagtggcag cgcgcacact     80880
     ctgcgtacac ccacgacggc gcgcgcgcgc acacagacac agaaacagga ccagacatgg     80940
     aggagtagtg tcagagctct gccaccaaaa caagaattta caagaccaaa gtggcagaac     81000
     cctgacaatt gtagcctgtt tacatttatt gtagcattaa cactgcaatg taatgtttag     81060
     accagtgaat ggaaagctgt atgcaaagac tgtgaggtgc aaatcgacat tttcaatgca     81120
     gccacaatat ttagtttgaa tacacatgaa caatcaaata atgagaccat caaagcccct     81180
     atgcctggat tctttaattg ttcttaatag caataatatt ttttgtatcc atagaatttt     81240
     taccccacag tgtattatat ttaataatta aaaattgtat atttctttca cacacaaaaa     81300
     tgcacataca aatccacagg aaataaaaat catttttaaa tctaggttaa ttaaaacaat     81360
     tcaattgata taaattgtcc attgtgtatg tgtgtgaatg agtgtgtatg gttgtttcct     81420
     agtgatgggt tgcagctgga aggtcagcgt aaaacatatg ctggataagt tggtggttca     81480
     ttctgctgtg gtgaccccag attaataaag ggactaagct gaaaagaaaa tgaatgaatg     81540
     aatggctact tcactgaacc tgattttcct atatgtgcta ctttattttt tcttagttat     81600
     gttttgttga tctttgacca tcattcctat gcgagaatta aatccaaact taactccaac     81660
     ccctaaacct caccctatat attgctaaaa tcagagggaa ataacaggtg aataacaata     81720
     atgaagcact aatccttatt tttattgaga agtaactgtt tactgtccct ctactgtccc     81780
     aggccgaatg gaaagctgtt caaggaagaa taaagatgtt gatccagaaa catattgcat     81840
     tgtaaaggtc aaacaacaga gtctagaaga ggccaggcag gccgaacaga tcttgaagac     81900
     tgagtttctt gagtttctgt cctccctcga ctggctctgc tcactctgct ggctctcctc     81960
     ttgctgtagg actgctgcga tggaggaatc accactgttg tgggtctgga gcccatcatg     82020
     tatgtccgtc tggtccgagc tgtcaaatag gttggtggtt ttctgaattg tttactaaaa     82080
     ctgattggag aaaatggaag acaaacaatt attaatgtaa ccacattttt atgcttggca     82140
     aatagtatct tgtcattgca ttgtcgccat gatgttaata aaccagacct ttggggaaaa     82200
     gcctcttttc cagagaaata gcccatgact ccacttcctc ctataatcag acacgagcct     82260
     ccccagccga tgaagagagc tgcaccaagc tcatacctga gaaataaggg taaaaaggca     82320
     gcacatcttt tgaaacataa ttgacatttt tcatattata attaaaaaaa attataatat     82380
     gaaatataaa aatgaaggaa taaattgtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     82440
     atatatatat acagttgagg tcagaattat tagcctcact ttgatttttt ttttaaaaat     82500
     gtttcccaaa tgatgtttaa cagagcaaga aaattttcac tgtatgtctg ataatatttt     82560
     ttcttctggg caaagtctta tttgttttag tttggctaga attaaaagca gttcagttta     82620
     gaattaaaaa aaaaaaacta ttttaaggac gaaattatta gcccctttaa gctatttttt     82680
     ttctgataat cttcaaaaca aaccatcatt acaataactt gcctaattac cctaacctgc     82740
     ctagttaacc taattaacct attaagcctt taaatgtcac tttaagctgt atagaagtgt     82800
     cttgaaaaat atctagtcaa atattattta ctgtcatcat ggccaatata aaagtaaatc     82860
     agttattaga aattagttat taaaactatt attggggaaa taaataaaca gctgggctaa     82920
     taattctact gtatatattt tacattttac ttaattgtgg atgcatttct aaaagaaaac     82980
     tgctattaca caaaaaatat tttttcatag tttaaaaatc atcaaatttc tatttataaa     83040
     atgcagaatt aaatgtaatg agataattaa atgtaaaatt aatacaaata tcagtttaat     83100
     attgaattaa aatcaagaag ttgtattaac caaactatat acattttaat acataacatt     83160
     ttattttatt gaggaccaca aaaactacta ttgaaattta tttttaagat taagaatttt     83220
     ctgttcaatt gaattaatta aaaaacaaat gtaaaaagga ttaaaaatgt attattaaat     83280
     taaatgaaat tgattgaagt aaattagtaa attagattta ttaaaatgaa tttaaatgct     83340
     gaaattttta aaaggtcatc agtaacaaat gtattagatc acctgataaa agagaaaagt     83400
     gttcaagtaa tctgtcaaaa actaaactaa aaatatattt tgtttatttg gcaataacaa     83460
     attttaaaaa atgtaattgt ttatgaatta tattcaagtt tgagcccata cattcaactt     83520
     tacttagaag taataaatcg agtgccgaaa taagaaaata aattgaagaa gaaaaagaat     83580
     aaatcgagtg aaacattcat tcattcattt tcctttgact tagtccttta tttatcaggg     83640
     gtcgccacag tggaatgaac cgccaactat gttttatgca gcagatggcc ttccagcagc     83700
     aacccagtac tgggaaacac ccataaaccc atactctcac attcacaaga cacaaatgtt     83760
     tacccaattt gcctataccg catgtgtttg gattgtgggg gaaactggag ggggagaaca     83820
     tgcaaactcc ccacagaaat gccaactggc ccagccagga ctcgaaccag cgaccttctt     83880
     gctatgaggt gacggtgcta atcactgagc ctctgtgctg ccgcaacatt cagcaaataa     83940
     agcttatttt tctgctaata ctgtaaaaat gacctcaact gtaaaacttt tcttctacta     84000
     ctgcataagt aatgcttaat tacgtacttt aaatccaaat aatatggatc cagatattca     84060
     gagcgtgatt tctctcccca ccaggagtaa actgtcattc cagaaagccc tgtgtaacac     84120
     accagtaaat cagcgtatga ggatcaattg atgaatcaag caagaatccc ctcaaaaaaa     84180
     gttcatacct gatgccatgt atgtcaatgc tgcagcaaat gtgattctgg cgttgaccag     84240
     ttcagatcct ccgattttgg tacatttcat cccaatgaga gtaagaacag ccccccaaaa     84300
     gccaaagatc acagcgatga cagcaagagc cctggagatg tggaggaaag ctaacaaaca     84360
     cacagagata atgttgattt cacaacaatc tctcaatctc ctggttgaga cactgcttta     84420
     tacaaagtat atatgacttt tactgttcaa aaatagtaaa aacagcacta ctacacaatg     84480
     taaaaagttt tatgtaaaaa taatttgatc aataagtcat gacaacatat ttgttcatgt     84540
     tttaagtaag tttttatcta atttaagttt aaatgatttg tatagtacac tgtaaaaaat     84600
     acattatttt attatagaat aaaaaaaacg taaaataaca gctgttaaat tatagaaatt     84660
     tacagtaaaa tagtgaacgt aaattacaga aatgtacagt aaaataatgg acgttaaatt     84720
     acagaaattg acagtaaaat gactgacgtt aaattacaga aatgtacagt agaataatga     84780
     acgttaaatt acagaaattg acagtaaaat gactgacgtt aaattacaga aatgtacagt     84840
     agaataatga acgttaaatt acagaaattg acagtaaaat gactgacgtt aaattacaga     84900
     aatgtacagt agaataatga acgttaaatt acagaaattg acagtaaaat gactgacgtt     84960
     aaattacaga aatttacagt agaataatgg acgttaaatt acagaaattg acagtaaaat     85020
     gactgacgtt aaattacaga aattgacagt aaaatgttgg acattaaatt acggaaattg     85080
     ccagtaaaat aatggatgtt aaattacaaa aagttacagt aaaataatga aagttaaatt     85140
     acaaaattgt acagttgtct gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccccatgttc gtgtggcttt     85200
     ccttcgggtg ctctggtttc ccctacaaac caatggcatg cagtatgggt aaattgaata     85260
     agctaaattg gccatagact aagtaagtgt gtgcaggagt gtgtggtggg tgtttcccag     85320
     tgttgggttc cactgcgtaa actatgtgct ggataagtta aagtttctgt ctgctgtggc     85380
     gacctcagat taataaagga actaagccga aaagaaaatg aataattgta ttaatattat     85440
     tctatttaag atcaatatct attgtaatta gggttgcaat tgtattgtaa tcccaggatt     85500
     ccaggaattt tttatagctg gaaactttcc atgcatggta gtttatgatg gaatatatgg     85560
     gaattaacag gaattaatgt gaataaactg gtaatttatt aaatcgaagg ttaacctatg     85620
     acgcggtact tcattgtaat ggaaaaaaat atcttactgc ttaatttaaa ttaaataaca     85680
     accaattcta ttgctattgt ctcaaatcac atgcacacag gaccgcatgc accagtatat     85740
     tcttgaatcc tgcacacaac atttttagaa atgtctatct gtccatttaa attacataaa     85800
     tgtatttttt aaacataaaa aatgcttgtg ctgtgcacca acatttaccg ttgtaataac     85860
     aaatacactg actaagaaaa taggtggaaa aaaaaacatg cacactagaa aaataatgtt     85920
     ttcttacatg tagcacttaa acttttgtat tgatctgtga cagaataaaa gttccactta     85980
     caattaaatt ggtcaaaaat gttgttttta atgtgtcatt tgtgtttaca ctgtaataac     86040
     ttcttgctac attaactttt tagttgaatc aaatgaactt ttctcaactt acatcaatta     86100
     aactgactaa aatattaagt taaacatcgt ataacttaaa aaaatgagtt gaaatctgat     86160
     taattaaagt taaagcaaca taaaaacatt tgttgtcttg agtttttgcc attatgtttt     86220
     ttttacattg tagagttaag cttgtatcta cagtaatttc tctacatttc taagtaattt     86280
     aaataaattt tgccataaat tccagtaaat ttttccaaaa ttcctaagac gaagttccca     86340
     cggaacatca ccagattttt tcctcccctt tgaaccttac caggcaggtc catcatggag     86400
     ggaaagtatt tacagtctga agctcctgta gcgtctgaaa cacagtccat ccaaaggttc     86460
     gagtaaaaat caccggcggc gaggaccact tcagcacttt ctgacacgat ccagtattca     86520
     gtgaccatag tggagcagat taaaacccag ccactcagac aggacacaaa acaggcgatc     86580
     tccacataca tgatcactgt tcgactggcc attctgccgg cacgagctta atgagcagag     86640
     aaaagtccaa aacagagagt gagatgtgtg aaatgctgag ggctttctcc tcccatttcc     86700
     agtgccttca tttgacattt cacagcttca aactggtaaa acaacatgac ttcacttcat     86760
     cagcagtttt tcattcccag aggttttctc acagtcctga tttatgttag aaaaaagaat     86820
     aacataaagt gagcgtttct taatcaagca aatataaata gaatttttta gatagataga     86880
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tggatggatg gatggatgga     86940
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga     87000
     tggatggatg gatggatgga taggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg     87060
     atagatagat actgtgtaag tatatatata tatatatata tatatataga tagatagata     87120
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     87180
     gatagatagg tgggtgggtg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggata     87240
     gatatatact gtgtaaatat atatatatat attcctccca ccagtgccga tatacagcca     87300
     tatcgctctg ctacgagtgt gatgttgcgt ttatacaaca gtttgcagca taattattta     87360
     aaaacaaaat caaacatgga gagtctcaaa aacccttttg tatgagggac ttctttcttc     87420
     cctgttgaat tcaaattata agctgacagt taaacagctg agcaagcatc ttttaaactt     87480
     tagatctgta atgtctgctt tttgctggtt gtatgtgggc ggagtaatac acaaagggta     87540
     aagaagctct acgggtgctg atattactga aatatatcac ggctatcagc caatcagatt     87600
     cgagaaccag acagaactgt tgtataaata tattacatca ttgaggaagt ctttgcttcc     87660
     agtggaaatg tacattcatt taaagatggc attgagctgc tgtctaatca agtcccaaaa     87720
     atgctgcaaa gaggacaact ccacatacaa tgatagaaag ttccaatgtc tgatttacat     87780
     ttcacacaca gctcagacag acctcgatta attttatgtc taacctcagg tgtgataaac     87840
     agtctatgta aaattttaaa ttgtctttcc caagcagaat atgaagctaa cacaccaaga     87900
     gggttgctac atccaaccag gaatcattag ccgcgtttcc actatcgtgc ctaaagcgag     87960
     cgagccaggg agagccaagg ccagtcgcct ttccgctgtc aattccgtgg cctaattggg     88020
     ccaaatcgag gctttcttgg ggccagcggc cggccttttt cggcccgccg aataccttgg     88080
     gccaaagagg gccacctggg gcttcggggc ggagtgaaag gagaggcgga gtgcggacac     88140
     agttgtcaac actatccaga gcagctaccc atttacactt aagtgagtca aggttctcag     88200
     ttttacagta atattattta cagcagttta aaaagtttga gcatttatag agctgataaa     88260
     acatcacagc atggttataa tgatattgta ttgctgtgga cactagttat cattattatt     88320
     atagttgttt gtgtgtactg ttttctttct tttaaacaaa ttgtgttttg tttagtacgt     88380
     ttgtgaagca gttgctactg aagcatgtgt tattcactgt acccatgttg tcatacaggt     88440
     caacttgttt ttgaaatata atctccgaca gaatgtcagc tggtgattgg atgggaaaac     88500
     tgggagccca ttataattaa gatactgatc taacacacaa aggttcatgt gacatgaaaa     88560
     gtgtgcacta tttatgtata aacagtgttc ggctgtttca gtgtgtaaaa aatgaaaatt     88620
     aaagattaac aagtatacat gaagaaatca ggaccagtgt taatttgact catctttatt     88680
     atttttattc aatttttatt ttatttacta cttttactat atttaacaga gcaaggaaat     88740
     tttcaaagta tgtctgataa tattttttct tctggagaaa gttttatttg tttaatttca     88800
     tttaaaataa aagcagtttt acatttttaa aataaacatt taatggtcaa aattattagc     88860
     cccttcaagc tatatttttt ttttcgcagt ctacggaaca aaccattgtt atacaataat     88920
     tttcctaatt gtggggttgg ggctaataat tatgacttca actgtatgaa agaccattac     88980
     caggtcataa gacataaaaa agtaataatt attaatagta ataataataa atgtgtaaat     89040
     aaataacaat atttagtcaa gacttaaact tacttaatta attaattttc taccagagat     89100
     gacactggct tctattaaaa gataataaga cgatctacaa gaggcatatt ggggattttt     89160
     ttcccccagc atttatttac attaaaacta aactttaagt cagagtttgc caggggtatg     89220
     aattatttca ggcttgactg tatgtaaaat acatttatgg catacagtgt tcagcataat     89280
     tgagtactcc cactttgaaa aggaatattt tcatccattt ccaggcaata tattttggtg     89340
     catttaaaca aaacaggttt attaaacaga tatatttatt aaaataatat ttaagtcacc     89400
     aaacatattt agaaatagaa agataataca attgaattca agcaaaatat tgcaaaaaat     89460
     aaataaataa ataaataaat acaacctaca aaatatcaac agtttatttt atcttattta     89520
     ttttttttgc ttctcttaat ttttcctcat ttaaaatttg tattaaatat ttttctataa     89580
     catataaatt tgggtgtact agttttttgg agttattaag ttgttttgtt agataagctc     89640
     taggtttggc tttgataatg acttatctaa tgtttatgca caaatataat attgtatagc     89700
     ttcctattaa aaatatgaat ttaaaagaga gatttgtgaa gggtgtactc atatatgcta     89760
     agcactgtac atgggagcat aatttaaaaa atcatgcttt ggttaaggat aattatgact     89820
     cactatgttt taattgtagg atattaattc acaattattg aacaacaggt caaaatgatg     89880
     tcagtgagat atagtttgtt ataatgtgct aaaaatttgt catttatgcc attcatttta     89940
     ggaatttata tcttaatttt aacatgtcac ttttaaaatt attttatgta ggaaataaat     90000
     ccgtcagtga attcccacaa cacaatacat taaatgcgta tgaattcacc ggcagatggc     90060
     gcaattccac ttccgttcaa atgttaattt cttaccagcc ggatgagaaa agtgttggtt     90120
     ttgctgatga tgtcgcattg aacataaata tgataacttt agtagggcta tgtaacatta     90180
     atacgtcgca cttatgctgt tttagaagag cagtgtatac aaacagtcgt ttactttaga     90240
     aaacacaatg gcaactcaga agagaagagg acaaactgac acccgtaatg catccaccta     90300
     acgttaagct ttcctttttt ttacaactac agctttttac aactttttta caactgtgat     90360
     caaattacat acatttaaaa tataattcgt tagattactg cattcctcaa aaatgtcatt     90420
     agaatacagt aaagtgttac tgaggaacac gttactccca aatttgttga caacgctata     90480
     acttgtttaa cacaatcatc tcaaatgaaa gtgcaaatga aatcaaatct aaccatatga     90540
     ttttgtttgc tcacattgct tgttttgtgg tgaacaacta atctgtgcat gtcatgaaaa     90600
     aatgtcaaat tacatttgtc tgaggtgttg ggcgtggctt acatatttag cccattacgc     90660
     agctgtaata actctcctga aacctatttc cagaactttc tgaatgtaat gcctactttg     90720
     ctacatacaa tcgcagtaga tgaaaacaag ccacgcccag tgttttctaa tttcatattc     90780
     tgtttctagg gactgcatca caacgtgaaa aaaatggttg cagcttccag ctcatgatta     90840
     cttaaattca gaaaaacaaa agggacttac agtactcctg tagatccagg taagatccgg     90900
     gtcatcattg tagagatttt tttgtcctta atcgcttctg aatctcctac agtgcaaacc     90960
     taaagttcac tcaggcagaa tttcacgagc tcttttctgg atctgctcca gccagctaaa     91020
     gtgttcccat taaaaccaaa cagacatcag cggccaacca tcatttctca aacggctctt     91080
     cccgttctcc cttcctggaa tactcaatta tccggcccct tatttaataa aacacagctt     91140
     taaaatgatc aatctcaatg tgaggccgcc cagattcctc tccagcactt cagccaccgt     91200
     tacactgaca tttacgcacc atttactcac agcgcacact actctatggc cacatttagg     91260
     tcgtcattta ggccgtttcc tctttaaagg cttgcaaaag cttctttgtg tggaaaattg     91320
     tggaaaagaa acattgtccg ttatgttcgg tgtaatgaca gcatgaatca aactcaatga     91380
     gggaattggg ctgatggtgc cagcaaagaa tccgtaatta ttacataagg tctgacctta     91440
     ctgagatcca gatacttcat tcttattcac tcgttgattc tgccttgaac ttattgaaac     91500
     taccccttta ggctttgatc caaatagtgt cattttgttg actgtcacat taaattcaaa     91560
     tgatattgtg ctctttaaaa aaaaagcgga gctacaacgg cctgtgcatc aacatagtgg     91620
     cagattaaaa acaggactaa tgtttgtgct tcaattatgc gtcctaaaac tccatatttc     91680
     taactctctt atggtgcgtt cacaccagaa acaacttgaa catgaacatt ttacgtgttc     91740
     aacttcattc gcatgtgaaa ttagcttcac aatagatgca gattcacgtc atgggcaggg     91800
     cttctgcctg tccagtgact ctagttttgt tgctaaatgg ctaacatgta ttttattgag     91860
     agagaagctg tgctttatgt gctttaagaa ggctgaaaaa cagcatagat tcattcagcg     91920
     ccgtgtctga gtccactcaa tcgtgatttc agaggtgcac tcagctctgt gagtttataa     91980
     actcctccag aaactatacc tgcatgatgg aagcttacac cggtgctttt gactgaaccg     92040
     agtccagttt catgagctgt tgtccggtgt cagcagcagg atttttcctc gggacaccaa     92100
     caacaggcag tttgtaatac tcacgccata ctagagcggg ctcctgagtg gttaacacag     92160
     ctcgaatgtc agctaaagtt ctaagtttcc aatcaactgt taagcacacc aaataagcaa     92220
     aacattcaat tcacaccgat tcatatgcgc gaattgcgtc atttgtgctg cctcgtttgt     92280
     gctgactcat ttgtgcgaat cttgtcattc gtgccgcccc atttgtgcga cttgcgggat     92340
     tcgtgccacc tcattcgcgc aaatgtcgtc attcgtgcag ctttatttgc acgaatctgg     92400
     tcattcgtgc tgcctcaatc gtgcaaatcg cagcatttat gatgtctcat tcatgcgaat     92460
     ctcatcattc atgccgcctc attcgtgcaa atctcgtcat ttgtgcgaat cacgttatta     92520
     gtgacgccac attcgcacaa atcttgtcat tcgtgcatga ttttgcgaat aataccaaat     92580
     ttttatattc gattttgtga atgatacaaa atattcgtta gagattttgg tccatgggaa     92640
     taaggcggca cgaatgacac gatttatgca aatgaaacgg aaaatgaaag tgtttctgca     92700
     gaatgtgttt atcaagtgtg attttttttt ggcttttttt ggaacttagt tcctttattc     92760
     atcaggggtc gccacagtaa aatcacgtca tttgtgctgc ctcattctcg cgaatcgctt     92820
     tgttcgtgcc gcctcattgg ggtaaatcgc atcatttatg ccacctcatt ggggtgaatc     92880
     gcctaatttg tgccgcctca ttggggtgaa tcacatcatt catgccgcct ctttcgcatg     92940
     aatcgtgtca tttgtgtcac cttattcatg cgaattgcgt gatttgtgcc gcctcattgg     93000
     ggcgaatcgc ttcattcatg gcgcctcatt cgcgtgaatc gtgtcatttg tgccacctta     93060
     tttgcgcaaa ttgcgtcatt cgtgatacct catttgcgtg aatcgagtaa ttcatgccac     93120
     ctcattagca tgaataatgt tatttgtgct gcctcatttg tgcgaatcga gtactttgtg     93180
     ccgattcatt tatgggcaca gttttaatca agtgtgatta taaaaaatac aatgtatcaa     93240
     tttttaccat tagaggttgg ctatattcac acactttggc cacacaactg tgtttaaacc     93300
     ctttataaaa gtgatttttg cacaataggt ctcttttaac tgaatgctaa ggggttaaaa     93360
     aaggcacttt acctctgtta agaaaacttc gaataggact aaagcaatga ccttgacaaa     93420
     tggaaaactg taggttgccc tctaattttg tgctccactg tatatattaa actgttggag     93480
     cagtttgcag tgaaagagct taatttggag gaaaggaacg cttcagtaac cacatcacag     93540
     ttcacctgag ctgttctcag acacacacac tataagcaac aggtgtctta ttatgaatga     93600
     ctttggtctt gtcaagcaag aaaagaagca ataaggacaa aagcagtgca tgctgactag     93660
     tttaacaaaa accttttcat ttcccttagt acttaaaatg tttttaaatg catcgctgta     93720
     aaaataaagc atttttcata tcttgaagtg agtcacatca tggaagaaga ttttaatatc     93780
     catgtgacaa caacagaaat caatatttca ttaagatgac cataggctat ggtctagaaa     93840
     tgtcccacga tacggtggcg tatatgaaat aaaacaagat gtgcagacgg acactgaatg     93900
     acctgctctg cctcacaagc actgatgaga gaaatattat ccagagccgt caagatcata     93960
     tcgctgctga cactcgcaca cacacatcct cacacacacc acaccaatgg cgactttgaa     94020
     gaagagaaga tgaagcgtct actgctgtca ccaatgagaa atgtacttgt ccgtcttgat     94080
     aaactgaaaa tgagtcttac cttcaagaag agacacagac caataacttt ttctggtctc     94140
     ttctctgtaa actgagggaa gaggaattgt tgtattgcac tcaagaaaga aacagtgttg     94200
     actttgctgt tccaactctc tgaagatgat cagtttgaca taaagtgcaa caaaaaaatt     94260
     aaatataaat cacatatgga ctctcaaacc tctaaaatgg gtaattaata ccacaacaaa     94320
     cataataagt gcattagcgg tcctgagagc tttagacgga gtttgatttg cataataaat     94380
     ggagtctctt ttcccttgtt tcgctttgtg tatccatcca agacaaatat ctgtttatcc     94440
     gttttatctg atcagctgga ttttcttaat gtgaattgag ataagaggga ctcatggttt     94500
     aaatcccctc tggtatctcc aatgagcgaa agcaatgatc tcagagtcag tttatcaaac     94560
     aagaaattgc tatcaaataa ctcgcgtttc taacacatta ttgcaagtga cttattccaa     94620
     ttcttattgt tccacttgag aaatacagaa gtacactgtt aacaatctcc tgtacaatct     94680
     acagtaaatc acttacatca agaatgctgt atttgtagtt acagcgccat ttatcttgct     94740
     ctgtgtgtgt atgtatatat atatatttaa ttaaattcag ctttatttgt atagcgcttt     94800
     tacaatgtag attgtgattg tgtcaaagca gcttcacata aatggtcata gtaactggaa     94860
     cagtgtagtt cagtttttag tgtttaagtt cagttcagtt tagctcagtt cagtgtgatt     94920
     taaaatcatt actgagagtt caaacactga agagcaaatt catcgatgcg tagctctacc     94980
     aatcctcaac catgcgagcc agtggcgaca gcggagaggg aaaaaaaact tcacctgata     95040
     ggagtgaaga aaaaaaacct tgagagaacc agactcagtt gggcacgacc attttaattt     95100
     ctccgctggc caaaagtctt gtgcagagct tcagtcaccg cggtggaggc tggaagctgg     95160
     cctcagcgaa gactcgtctg tccctggagc gtcgctggaa tcaaactcat gttctccact     95220
     ccccatgacc atcagcgcag cagcagctca ggatatggcc tggtcccgga tatggaaacc     95280
     ttgagatcat cttgtcgctg gtcttggatc caatcagtga ctccgcttaa tctgaggacc     95340
     tcgggatgag tatccccagg tgaaaatata tgtatatgta tatatatgta tatatatata     95400
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacacacagc     95460
     accacagcgt atatacataa aatgatgttg actgaaactt tctgtcaaac accaatccat     95520
     gcttggcatt ggaaaagcaa gcctgaccat tagaaacaac tcagcaaagc aaaatttggg     95580
     gggagtttgt ttttggctcc taaacacctt ttctttatgc tgtcagtggg tgtgttctgg     95640
     aactccacct tcttagacat gcgactgata tttataccgt gcatgtagtt cctcaataac     95700
     agaggttttg atacgtacaa acaactcttt ctgtctcaaa cattaaagca agtaaaacgt     95760
     gggcactctg cagtatctgc aaagggaata ctttattgac agagcagttt acagagcaaa     95820
     gaaattgtca ctagtcggat ataatgaata tttcactgct gggtggaaaa gaaaaaaaaa     95880
     gatcttaaat caatctctta ccacaaactc aatcttgcac attatgcacg aaatattgaa     95940
     gtataacaca gttatgggtc acaaacaggt gaaattgaaa catttagggc tcgtaagctg     96000
     tacgtttcag tgtttcctca gtaattgagc atttgcaggc tttgatgcac ggttgtctgc     96060
     tgaagttacc aaagctagtc tgacataaca agcgttttga ttgtgaaagc cacactccac     96120
     aacgctctgt ctcatgaatg tgcgcctgtg ctcagtgaaa aggtttttgg tttaaagaac     96180
     tcccttagga aaggaaaaac ccaatgtgtt tttctccgat aatgatttat agggattcat     96240
     tctcaacctt ctggcggctc accttgcctg ccgtggcctt tgtaatcttc tgaaactttc     96300
     tgaaattctt catataaaca ttcatgagac aaaataatga ctcatagctg agttttgaca     96360
     gtctacttct tattcagcgg agcacaaatt ttaggcgtga tgatacagtc ttgacatgct     96420
     gttagactga acgtttttaa tgatacttgg tgaaagccgc aaaggagttt ctgtgacata     96480
     aatgggatga cagaattttt tttatatata acaaatgctt actggaggac aggattactg     96540
     gagctacagc tggagcacaa atcattctga aaggcatcaa ataaatttct gaaggggaaa     96600
     aaaaatttgc atttgtgaac ctaaagtgaa ttttaaaggg tttttaatgg aaatacacca     96660
     gtgaactgct tttttctatt gttgtttatg ttgttgatgt atttcctttt gcattttctt     96720
     agtttgaagt ttaagtaaat gagttcaaat agaaaaactc atcctccctg cagacactgg     96780
     aagtcaacat gatctcggca ccccaacgta ccccaacatc atagggatgt tggtttttgt     96840
     tttgaaataa aaatcaggtc aatttagctt aaaaaaatta aggcgaccgg tatttttaca     96900
     atataaacat ggcttgaact atatttcttt aataagtgta atttatgtat tactaaaacg     96960
     tcttcctcaa taacagtttt aataaaacaa aataaacatt ttcaccaatg tttttataca     97020
     gctatggaat aaatgaagac cgattgaaat ttttctggaa tttaatttaa ttttaagtta     97080
     aatatgtacc cgagctgcac aggtatatac cgttgaagtc agaattatta gaacctctgt     97140
     ttattttttc ccagtttctg tttaatggaa agaagaattt ttcaacacat ttctaatcat     97200
     aatagtttta ataactcatt tctaatagct gattaacttt atcttggcca tgatgacagt     97260
     aaacaatatt ttactagata tttttcaaga cacttctata cagcttaaag tgacatttaa     97320
     agacttaact aggttaatta ggttatttgt ggtccatggt cgcatacatc tgaataaaaa     97380
     aagaagtaat ttatgattta ttttgtaaat tactattgat tttttttctt gataaaataa     97440
     gataagataa atctttttca tttagaaagt gttttgtata caataagaaa aaagtgccat     97500
     tttttcaggc atatttttat ttacttttaa gttttaactt tagaaatgtc aatcataaga     97560
     aatcataatt cgttgaagtt cattaattca atcacaatat atatatgaat aaaatgaata     97620
     aatccaaaaa ctgcaaaaat tcaagtggtc ttttaatcct tttccacaac tgcatatttt     97680
     agatcagggg tcaccaatct cggtcctgga gggccggtgt ccctgcaggg ttcagctcca     97740
     acttgcctca acacacctgc ctggatgttt taagtatacc tagtaagacc ttgattagct     97800
     tgttcaggtg tgtttgatta gggttggaag gaaaatctgc aggacaccgg ccctccagga     97860
     acaagtttgg tgacccctgt tttagataaa cagactgtaa taaggtttgc atgatgtgtg     97920
     gtcagtttgc tcggtagctc accttgtacg gtgttatact tgtgatgcag agcactcaga     97980
     ttcgagtatg gtaaagcacg ttttcacaaa agagataaaa gcaatgtaaa atcaaggtaa     98040
     acctatgtgt ttgcagagcg catttctttt aggtttatga catggtgcat tatcctgctg     98100
     gaagtagcca tcagaattta agttcactat gttcacaaaa ggtcatatgt cacttgcatt     98160
     cattgttttc tgacctaaaa tgaaacaaat aacaaacctt tactcaaacc caatcttaat     98220
     aaaagcaaaa actgcaaaaa agaaagaaat tttcaagtgg tctcttaatc cttttccata     98280
     gctgcatgtt tttgataaac caactgcaat aagattttta tgatgttatc caataataat     98340
     ttattatttt ctcagaaact cctcaagcta ataagcttcc cacaagcctt aaaaaaaaaa     98400
     aaacttttgc agacgatccc ataagaaccc gtctgcatta gattcaaagg aggagggcaa     98460
     aatgccatgc gagttattaa gacatactca agaggataga gagtgcactt acaacactta     98520
     ggctctgcac tccagcaatc tcacggcatc aaatatagca caagcatgtg tagagcatgt     98580
     catttgttaa aggcttgatc ctctctggct cgctgctctt ggtgtgtgcc tcagttcaga     98640
     gctatgataa taatgcagtg cgcagccaag ctaaaagcaa gacatggttg cagaactgca     98700
     gacaccttca atgtgtgtgt aatattgaag gccacaatga tgatggatag actagggtca     98760
     tggatgggca tggtcagcaa caatgcccag gctgctgtgt ttaaatgacg ctctgttggt     98820
     actaaggggc caagaaaaaa tccaacagtg gctcattaga aatacgtgct tcagcctaca     98880
     ttcatacgta cttcaacata cgcttgactg acgtttttag gttaatgaac tctacgccaa     98940
     cagcacacta ataatagtta caggaacaaa ttatcgacta ataaaagttt attttcatgt     99000
     agttctttaa acaaccctaa ataaatgctg taaaacaact taacaatgtc taagattgaa     99060
     tcgaatatat ctccatttgg atgacttttc ttgcgtggtc agtttgctca gtagctcacc     99120
     ttgtacagtg ttatacttgt gagtgctctg gtttgagtcc agtgaagcac ggattcacaa     99180
     aggagataaa agcaatgtaa aatcaaagta aacctacatg attgcagtgc acttttctat     99240
     ttggttagct ttcgaaaaca ctattggttg ggtttaggga aggattttta tgtcagtgtt     99300
     tcaatagttg atctgtatga caagctagaa gagtcaagga catgtttctg aaacgtataa     99360
     caaaacctac cctaagtggc ttaataatgt actctaagtg agcataataa gattagcata     99420
     aatagacagc gccctctagt ggaattgcat taggaaatat gcaacgaaac atgccctgtt     99480
     ttaacaaaat gtaggtctaa aatgagcctg tgctgaccaa ttaacccacc gcattacatc     99540
     cgcagcggtc tgaaccactg atacaagaca ggacggatc                            99579